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  1. Susan Smith

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Soveel lesers soveel lokmiddele soveel re- sponse kan gelys word om toegang tot die lees van poësie te registreer. 'n Resep om ge- trou of in ontrou na te volg, bestaan nie. Ge- lukkig nie. Susan Smith se (debuut)bundel lok my helaas nie deur die voorblad as vertrek- punt te neem nie. Aan visuele prikkelkrag gaan.

  2. Dedication - Susan L Greenblatt (United States)

    Guberman, Steven L.


    Photo of Susan L Greenblatt Figure 1. Susan in May, 1994 This volume is dedicated to the memory of Susan L Greenblatt, the wife of Steven L Guberman. Susan attended 6 of the 8 dissociative recombination (DR) meetings. Her advice and wise counsel played a vital role in the organization of several of these meetings. The fifth meeting in Chicago in 2001 was her idea and it would not have occurred without her encouragement. Susan was always amused by the memory of the first group dinner at the second DR meeting at St Jacut in 1992. As we went around the dinner table identifying ourselves, it soon became her turn. Susan was a sociologist and after introducing herself she said: "I am not a chemist". A spontaneous chorus of attendees proclaimed "Neither are we!". Her husband and a few other chemists abstained. In 1983, Susan and I established the Institute for Scientific Research (ISR). The name was chosen so as to span sociology and chemical physics. Four years prior, an ophthalmologist had diagnosed a rare retinal condition of unknown origin and advised her to change her profession to one that did not involve reading. (She was able to read for the rest of her life.) Twenty years later we learned that the cause of the retinal and all her other health problems was a recently discovered rare mitochondrial mutation. Her experience with ophthalmologists and her life-long keen sense of injustice, led her to write a grant proposal to the US Department of Education to survey all ophthalmologists in the US to determine whether they were aware of and whether they told their patients about resources and aids that could help them to continue reading and participating in everyday activities. As part of the grant and based upon the survey results, she proposed to set up low-vision training programs for ophthalmology residents. We knew that the competition for funding was intense and included several well-known and more established organizations. Nevertheless, the proposal was funded

  3. Slipstream cinema: Dick without the Dick


    Bould, M.


    This essay proposes a slipstream cinema along the lines of slipstream fiction proposed by Bruce Sterling - and suggests that it is where we might find the cinematic legacy of Philip K Dick, rather than in the typically disappointing adaptations of his work. It then considers two superhero movies - Special (2006) and Dai-Nihonjin/Big Man Japan (2007) as potential examples of a Dickian slipstream cinema.

  4. Susan Flannery lahkub? / Harro Puusild

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Puusild, Harro


    Ameerika teleseriaali "Vaprad ja ilusad" Stephanie Forresteri osatäitja Susan Flannery (1943) on seriaalis mänginud algusest peale s.o. 21 aastat. Lisatud intervjuu näitlejatariga. Sama ka Teleleht nr. 15, lk. 8-9 : ill

  5. Louis Dick (1921 - 2014)

    CERN Document Server


    Louis Dick, a CERN experimental physicist of international renown, passed away on 14 July.   Louis in his office, a veritable archaeological wonder with strata of documents corresponding to various eras of physics. Born in Geneva on 27 April 1921, Louis obtained a physics degree at ETH-Zurich in 1946 before moving to the Institut du Radium in Paris, where he joined the group led by Frédéric and Irène Joliot-Curie. He took a leave of absence in 1957 to go to CERN, where he remained until well beyond his retirement in 1986. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Louis worked at CERN’s Synchrocyclotron (SC) and later on studies at the Proton Synchrotron (PS). When the first polarised proton target arrived at CERN from Saclay in 1963, Louis proposed using it for studies of spin effects in pion-proton elastic scattering at the PS, and between 1964 and 1966 sizeable spin effects were found. Louis and his collaborators then continued these studies wi...

  6. Robert Dicke and Atomic Physics

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 16; Issue 4. Robert Dicke and Atomic Physics. Vasant Natarajan. General Article Volume 16 Issue 4 April 2011 pp 322-332. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link: Keywords.

  7. In Conversation with Susan Holtz | IDRC - International ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    Nov 26, 2010 ... Susan Holtz is a private consultant and Adjunct Professor in the Environmental Planning Department of the Nova Scotia College for Art and Design. As a consultant, Ms. Holtz specializes in energy, environment, and sustainable development policy, and works on related issues as a mediator and facilitator.

  8. Roberts, Dennis C. & Komives, Susan R.

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Enhancing Student Learning and Development in Cross-Border Higher Education, edited by. Dennis C. Roberts and Susan R. Komives, is a book that resulted from a short-term study-abroad experience between the Universities of Maryland and San Diego with the Qatar Foundation's Education City in Doha in 2010.

  9. Design package lazy susan for the fuel retrieval system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This is a design package that contains the details for a Lazy Susan style small tool for the Fuel Retrieval System. The Lazy Susan tool is used to help rotate an MCO Fuel Basket when loading it. This document contains requirements, development design information, tests and test reports that pertain to the production of Lazy Susan small tool.

  10. Mass Inflation in Brans-Dicke gravity


    Avelino, P. P.; Hamilton, A. J. S.; Herdeiro, C. A. R.


    A detailed non-linear analysis of the internal structure of spherical, charged black holes that are accreting scalar matter is performed in the framework of the Brans-Dicke theory of gravity. We choose the lowest value of the Brans-Dicke parameter that is compatible with observational constraints. First, the homogeneous approximation is used. It indicates that mass inflation occurs and that the variations of the Brans-Dicke scalar inside the black hole, which could in principle be large in th...

  11. Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Blueberries by Susan Gibb


    Zalbidea Paniagua, Maya


    [ES] La obra de ficción digital titulada Blueberries (2009) de Susan Gibb, publicada en la ELO (Organización de literatura electrónica) invita al lector/a a viajar dentro de la mente de la protagonista para descubrir sus experiencias reales e imaginarias en las que se examinan las nociones de género, sexo, cuerpo e identidad de una mujer traumatizada. En este artículo se exploran los modos verbales y visuales en esta ficción digital breve siguiendo patrones semióticos así como se interpretan ...

  12. 75 FR 38837 - Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, FY 2010 (United States)


    ...: Notification of Funding Opportunity for Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, FY 2010. Funding Opportunity No... project performance period is $250,000. DATES: Targeted Topic training grant applications must be received... Links section, and then select ``Susan Harwood Training Grant Program''. Please note that on the Harwood...

  13. Susan Lindquist: Visionary scientist and peerless mentor. (United States)

    Bevis, Brooke J


    The science universe is dimmer after one of our brightest stars, Susan Lee Lindquist, was taken by cancer on October 27, 2016. Sue was an innovative, creative, out-of-the-box scientific thinker. She had unique biological intuition-an instinct for both the way things worked and the right questions to ask to uncover new research insights. Her wide-ranging career began with the study of protein folding and molecular chaperones, and she went on to show that protein folding can have profound and unexpected biological effects on such diverse processes as cancer, evolution, and neurodegenerative disease. As Sue's laboratory manager, I would like to offer a ground-floor perspective on what made her an exceptional scientist, mentor, and leader. She created a harmonious, collegial environment where collaborative synergy fueled meaningful progress that will impact science for decades to come. © 2017 Bevis.

  14. The complete Brans–Dicke theories

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kofinas, Georgios, E-mail:


    Given that the simple wave equation of Brans–Dicke theory for the scalar field is preserved, we have investigated, through exhaustively analyzing the Bianchi identities, the consistent theories which violate the exact energy conservation equation. It is found that only three theories exist which are unambiguously determined from consistency, without imposing arbitrary functions by hand. Each of these theories possesses a specific interaction term which controls the energy exchange between the scalar field and ordinary matter. The theories contain new parameters (integration constants from the integration procedure) and when these are switched-off, Brans–Dicke theory emerges. As usually, the vacuum theories can be defined from the complete Brans–Dicke theories when the matter energy–momentum tensor vanishes.

  15. Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Blueberries by Susan Gibb

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maya Zalbidea Paniagua


    Full Text Available Blueberries (2009 by Susan Gibb, published in the ELO (Electronic Literature Organization, invites the reader to travel inside the protagonist’s mind to discover real and imaginary experiences examining notions of gender, sex, body and identity of a traumatised woman. This article explores the verbal and visual modes in this digital short fiction following semiotic patterns as well as interpreting the psychological states that are expressed through poetical and technological components. A comparative study of the consequences of trauma in the protagonist will be developed including psychoanalytic theories by Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan and the feminist psychoanalysts: Melanie Klein and Bracha Ettinger. The reactions of the protagonist will be studied: loss of reality, hallucinations and Electra Complex, as well as the rise of defence mechanisms and her use of the artistic creativity as a healing therapy. The interactivity of the hypermedia, multiple paths and endings will be analyzed as a literary strategy that increases the reader’s capacity of empathizing with the speaker.

  16. Susan Sontag — A Forgotten Mother?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kludia Ziewiec


    Full Text Available The article discusses new and republished translations of Susan Sontag’s work, recently launched by the Karakter publishing house: Regarding the Pan of Others, On Photography, and Against Interpretation and Other Essays. The article focuses on the elements of Sontag’s thought that make her a forgotten mother of feminist and gender theoreticians, as well as such influential critics as Michel Foucault and Roland Barthes. The article points out to continuations of Sontag’s thought in contemporary theoretical and social projects, and to the pertinence of her critical observations on theories based on metaphysics of presence: psychoanalysis, Marxism, or hermeneutics. The article also touches upon history of war photography and related war journalism, and upon the ambivalent quality of imaging of the misery of war. It also present historical and cultural circumstances of the development of Sontag’s thought in the intellectual milieu of New York in the 1960s. The discussion recapitulates the main statements of Sontag’s essays, relating them to a wider theoretical context, which is aimed at a reappraisal of the forgotten intelectual in the history of literature.

  17. Robert H Dicke – Physicist Extraordinaire

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    matter (see the article on atomic physics by VN for details). In 1960, along with his former student, James P Wittke, he wrote a book titled Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, which remains a standard textbook in the field. After a sabbatical year at Harvard in 1954–55, Dicke turned his attention to cosmology and gravitation.

  18. Meet EPA Scientist Susan Yee, Ph.D. (United States)

    Susan Yee, Ph.D., is an ecologist at EPA's Gulf Ecology Division. She is working on the Puerto Rico Sustainable Communities program, developing decision support tools to evaluate how alternative decisions impact coastal ecosystem goods and services

  19. Susan swan and the female grotesque Susan swan and the female grotesque

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suzana Bornéo Funck


    Full Text Available Introduced to readers as “the tallest woman freelance writer in Canada”, Susan Swan belongs to a generation of writers whose experimental, innovative fiction has proved vital in the contemporary project of de/re/constructing narrative practice. Her 1983 novel The Biggest Modern Woman of the World constitutes an excellent example of what critic Linda Hutcheon has termed “historiographic metafiction”—”fiction that is intensely, self-reflexively art, but is also grounded in historical, social, and political realities” (Canadian 13. As a conscious engagement with social and historical contexts, such fiction aims at destabilizing and subverting accepted patterns of belief by reconceptualizing and narrating possible subjectivities. By means of intertextuality, especially parody, it engages in an ideological critique in terms of both sexual and national politics. Introduced to readers as “the tallest woman freelance writer in Canada”, Susan Swan belongs to a generation of writers whose experimental, innovative fiction has proved vital in the contemporary project of de/re/constructing narrative practice. Her 1983 novel The Biggest Modern Woman of the World constitutes an excellent example of what critic Linda Hutcheon has termed “historiographic metafiction”—”fiction that is intensely, self-reflexively art, but is also grounded in historical, social, and political realities” (Canadian 13. As a conscious engagement with social and historical contexts, such fiction aims at destabilizing and subverting accepted patterns of belief by reconceptualizing and narrating possible subjectivities. By means of intertextuality, especially parody, it engages in an ideological critique in terms of both sexual and national politics.

  20. Generalized Dicke Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Trapped Ions (United States)

    Genway, Sam; Li, Weibin; Ates, Cenap; Lanyon, Benjamin P.; Lesanovsky, Igor


    We explore trapped ions as a setting to investigate nonequilibrium phases in a generalized Dicke model of dissipative spins coupled to phonon modes. We find a rich dynamical phase diagram including superradiantlike regimes, dynamical phase coexistence, and phonon-lasing behavior. A particular advantage of trapped ions is that these phases and transitions among them can be probed in situ through fluorescence. We demonstrate that the main physical insights are captured by a minimal model and consider an experimental realization with Ca+ ions trapped in a linear Paul trap with a dressing scheme to create effective two-level systems with a tunable dissipation rate.

  1. Brans-Dicke classical cosmology in Einstein frame and metric

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H Ghaffarnejad


    Full Text Available Pauli (or Einstein frame is used to study the Brans-Dicke gravity theory, minimally coupled with dilatonic Brans-Dicke scalar field, whose solutions involve degenerate metrics. Some of these solutions exhibit transitions from an Euclidean domain to a Lorentzian space-time corresponding to a spatially flat Robertson-Walker cosmology.

  2. Density Perturbations in the Brans-Dicke Theory


    Baptista, J. P.; Fabris, J. C.; Goncalves, S. V. B.


    We analyse the fate of density perturbation in the Brans-Dicke Theory, giving a general classification of the solutions of the perturbed equations when the scale factor of the background evolves as a power law. We study with details the cases of vacuum, inflation, radiation and incoherent matter. We find, for the a negative Brans-Dicke parameter, a significant amplification of perturbations.

  3. Collaborative Internet Projects: An Interview with Susan Silverman about Her Passion and Hobby. (United States)

    Strangman, Nicole


    Outlines an interview with Susan Silverman, an instructional technology integration teacher in the Comsewogue school district in Port Jefferson Station, New York. Describes Susan's transformation from technophobe to an innovator of collaborative Internet projects. (PM)

  4. Susan Dicklitch. The Elusive Promise of NGO's | Heck | Uganda ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Susan Dicklitch. The Elusive Promise of NGO's. Simon Heck. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT · · AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about ...

  5. Non-static local string in Brans–Dicke theory

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    minimally coupled scalar tensor theories such as Brans–Dicke the- ory, in the context of inflationary scenario has generated considerable interest in the gravi- tational field of certain topological defects, particularly cosmic strings [1–6]. Very recently.

  6. Dick Jewell’s Found Photos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ian Walker


    Full Text Available

    Abstract (E:

    In 1977, the young British artist Dick Jewell self-published a small book Found Photos, a collection of photobooth images that had been thrown away or torn up by the people in the photos. This essay places that book in the context of the development of interest in vernacular photography during the 1970s, and relates it to other projects using pictures made in photobooths, both before and since.


    Abstract (F:

    Aspects of a supersymmetric Brans-Dicke theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Catena, R.


    We consider a locally supersymmetric theory where the Planck mass is replaced by a dynamical superfield. This model can be thought of as the Minimal Supersymmetric extension of the Brans-Dicke theory (MSBD). The motivation that underlies this analysis is the research of possible connections between Dark Energy models based on Brans-Dicke-like theories and supersymmetric Dark Matter scenarios. We find that the phenomenology associated with the MSBD model is very different compared to the one of the original Brans-Dicke theory: the new scalar and fermionic degrees of freedom do not couple to matter in a universal metric way, i.e. they can not be removed from the matter sector by a Weyl rescaling of the metric. This feature could make the minimal supersymmetric extension of the BD idea phenomenologically inconsistent. (orig.)

  7. Conformal Relativity versus Brans–Dicke and Superstring Theories

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David B. Blaschke


    Full Text Available We show how conformal relativity is related to Brans–Dicke theory and to low-energy-effective superstring theory. Conformal relativity or the Hoyle–Narlikar theory is invariant with respect to conformal transformations of the metric. We show that the conformal relativity action is equivalent to the transformed Brans–Dicke action for ω = -3/2 (which is the border between standard scalar field and ghost in contrast to the reduced (graviton-dilaton low-energy-effective superstring action which corresponds to the Brans–Dicke action with ω = -1. We show that like in ekpyrotic/cyclic models, the transition through the singularity in conformal cosmology in the string frame takes place in the weak coupling regime. We also find interesting self-duality and duality relations for the graviton-dilaton actions.

  8. Unwrapping the Thick Coat of Armor: A Conversation with Susan Albrecht (United States)

    Kaff, Marilyn; Teagarden, Jim; Zabel, Robert


    Susan Albrecht's career has spanned more than 40 years. During those years she has served as an English teacher, school psychologist, behavior consultant, coordinator of services, and special education faculty member. Her contributions to the field include leadership positions with the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders. Susan shared…

  9. Practitioner Profile: An Interview with Susan Bross, AFC®

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susan Bross


    Full Text Available

    Susan Bross is a nationally accredited financial counselor who established her private practice in 1992. She currently lives in San Rafael, California. She brings a multi-faceted background and a combination of skills to her work. As a financial counselor, she works with individuals, couples, and entrepreneurs throughout the nation to help clients develop a practical and emotionally healthy relationship with money. When asked, she will tell you that she is passionate about her work because it mirrors her own hard-won path with money. Readers of the Journal will find Ms. Bross’s approach to financial therapy inspiring. She teaches simple tools for effortless and sustainable cash flow and money management. She also guides her clients to balanced attitudes and beliefs about money and success.

  10. [The Durkheim Test. Remarks on Susan Leigh Star's Boundary Objects]. (United States)

    Gießmann, Sebastian


    The article reconstructs Susan Leigh Star's conceptual work on the notion of 'boundary objects'. It traces the emergence of the concept, beginning with her PhD thesis and its publication as Regions of the Mind in 1989. 'Boundary objects' attempt to represent the distributed, multifold nature of scientific work and its mediations between different 'social worlds'. Being addressed to several 'communities of practice', the term responded to questions from Distributed Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science, Workplace Studies and Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), and microhistorical approaches inside the growing Science and Technology Studies. Yet the interdisciplinary character and interpretive flexibility of Star’s invention has rarely been noticed as a conceptual tool for media theory. I therefore propose to reconsider Star's 'Durkheim test' for sociotechnical media practices.

  11. Using Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick" to Explore Geographic Themes (United States)

    Gesler, Wil


    The classic American novel, Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick", can be used in geography and English classes at the high school and college levels to explore five themes that have a geographic component or are of interest to geography students: (1) the journey, (2) human/environment interactions, (3) social relationships in space, (4) acquiring…

  12. Dynamical squeezing enhancement in the off-resonant Dicke model

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shindo, D; Chavez, A; Chumakov, S M; Klimov, A B [Departamento de FIsica, Universidad de Guadalajara, Revolucion 1500, 44420, Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico)


    We show that the maximum atomic squeezing that can be achieved in the vacuum off-resonant Dicke model (governed by the effective Hamiltonian {approx} S{sub z}{sup 2}) can be essentially enhanced by applying a sequence of {pi}/2 pulses at certain time moments. The major effect is obtained after the first pulse.

  13. Non-static local string in Brans–Dicke theory

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ... phenomenological energy momentum tensor, as prescribed by Vilenkin, is inconsistent in Brans–Dicke theory. In this work it has been shown that such a string is indeed consistent if one introduces time dependences in the metric. A set of solutions of full non-linear Einstein's equations for the interior region of such a string ...

  14. Digital quantum Rabi and Dicke models in superconducting circuits

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mezzacapo, A.; Las Heras, U.; Pedernales, J.S.; Di Carlo, L.; Solano, E.; Lamata, L.


    We propose the analog-digital quantum simulation of the quantum Rabi and Dicke models using circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED). We find that all physical regimes, in particular those which are impossible to realize in typical cavity QED setups, can be simulated via unitary decomposition into

  15. Dick receives 2011 Harry H. Hess Medal: Citation (United States)

    Niu, Yaoling


    Henry J. B. Dick was awarded the 2011 Harry H. Hess Medal at the AGU Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony, held on 7 December 2011 in San Francisco, Calif. The medal is for "outstanding achievements in research on the constitution and evolution of Earth and other planets."

  16. Dick receives 2011 Harry H. Hess Medal: Response (United States)

    Dick, Henry J. B.


    Henry J. B. Dick was awarded the 2011 Harry H. Hess Medal at the AGU Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony, held on 7 December 2011 in San Francisco, Calif. The medal is for "outstanding achievements in research on the constitution and evolution of Earth and other planets."

  17. The Truth of the Thing: Nonfiction in "Moby Dick" (United States)

    Hilbert, Betsy


    Looks at Melville's narrative construction of "onion-like...layers of truth" that combine romance and textbook, presents critics' discussion and scholars' treatment of the cetological information present in the text, offers an explanation for the lack of recognition due to the nonfictional parts of "Moby Dick." (JK)

  18. Author! Author! The Gallant Children's Author: Dick King-Smith (United States)

    Brodie, Carolyn S.


    This column presents a brief biography of Dick King-Smith. Born on March 27, 1922 and raised in Gloucestershire, England, he grew up with animals of all kinds. King-Smith was a farmer for twenty years and then became a school teacher. He was also a soldier during wartime, a traveling salesman, shoe factory worker, and television presenter. He…

  19. Susan J. Quaal: the global and local impact of a transformational leader. (United States)

    Finlay, L D


    To be a transformational leader in nursing, one must have forever changed the course of our practice. This article highlights the qualities of a great leader, Susan J. Quaal, PhD, APRN, CVS, CCRN. Described are examples of Susan's incredible clinical expertise and also the attributes that make her such a dynamic leader in all domains of the clinical nurse specialist role: Practitioner, educator/mentor, consultant, leader/administrator, and researcher. Interwoven in this article, you will also find the threads of humility and charity that make Susan such an extraordinary human being and a blessing to all the lives she touches.

  1. Dicke Simulators with Emergent Collective Quantum Computational Abilities (United States)

    Rotondo, Pietro; Cosentino Lagomarsino, Marco; Viola, Giovanni


    Using an approach inspired from spin glasses, we show that the multimode disordered Dicke model is equivalent to a quantum Hopfield network. We propose variational ground states for the system at zero temperature, which we conjecture to be exact in the thermodynamic limit. These ground states contain the information on the disordered qubit-photon couplings. These results lead to two intriguing physical implications. First, once the qubit-photon couplings can be engineered, it should be possible to build scalable pattern-storing systems whose dynamics is governed by quantum laws. Second, we argue with an example of how such Dicke quantum simulators might be used as a solver of "hard" combinatorial optimization problems.

  2. Unified dark fluid in Brans-Dicke theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tripathy, Sunil K. [Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Department of Physics, Dhenkanal, Odisha (India); Behera, Dipanjali [Government College of Engineering, Department of Physics, Kalahandi, Odisha (India); Mishra, Bivudutta [Birla Institute of Technology and Science-Pilani, Department of Mathematics, Hyderabad (India)


    Anisotropic dark energy cosmological models are constructed in the frame work of generalised Brans-Dicke theory with a self-interacting potential. A unified dark fluid characterised by a linear equation of state is considered as the source of dark energy. The shear scalar is considered to be proportional to the expansion scalar simulating an anisotropic relationship among the directional expansion rates. The dynamics of the universe in the presence of a unified dark fluid in anisotropic background have been discussed. The presence of an evolving scalar field makes it possible to get an accelerating phase of expansion even for a linear relationship among the directional Hubble rates. It is found that the anisotropy in expansion rates does not affect the scalar field, the self-interacting potential, but it controls the non-evolving part of the Brans-Dicke parameter. (orig.)

  3. Digital quantum Rabi and Dicke models in superconducting circuits. (United States)

    Mezzacapo, A; Las Heras, U; Pedernales, J S; DiCarlo, L; Solano, E; Lamata, L


    We propose the analog-digital quantum simulation of the quantum Rabi and Dicke models using circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED). We find that all physical regimes, in particular those which are impossible to realize in typical cavity QED setups, can be simulated via unitary decomposition into digital steps. Furthermore, we show the emergence of the Dirac equation dynamics from the quantum Rabi model when the mode frequency vanishes. Finally, we analyze the feasibility of this proposal under realistic superconducting circuit scenarios.

  4. Brans-Dicke type teleparallel scalar-tensor theory (United States)

    Salti, Mustafa; Aydogdu, Oktay; Yanar, Hilmi; Binbay, Figen


    The teleparallel alternative of general relativity which is based on torsion instead of curvature is considered as the gravitational sector to explore the dark universe. Inspired from the well-known Brans-Dicke gravity, here, we introduce a new proposal for the galactic dark energy effect. The new model includes a scalar field with self-interacting potential and a non-minimal coupling between the gravity and scalar field. Additionally, we analyze the idea via the Noether symmetry approach and thermodynamics.

  5. Obituary: Richard L. (Dick) Walker, Jr., 1938-2005 (United States)

    Pier, Jeffrey R.; Mason, Brian


    Dick Walker, 67, died 30 March 2005 in Flagstaff, AZ, following a long illness. He was born on 9 March 1938 in Hampton, Iowa and grew up in Waterloo, Iowa. As a child, Dick was fascinated with astronomy and built his own telescope. He saved his pennies and bought and read every book on the subject he could find. He also raised pigeons, naming four of them Hertzsprung, Hoyle, Gamow, and Kron. In 1957, the year Sputnik was launched, Dick began his college studies at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. In 1959, he transferred to the State University of Iowa (subsequently renamed the University of Iowa) in Iowa City, where he earned a BA degree in astronomy and physics in 1963. He joined the staff of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, where he worked in the Time Service Division for a year before his assignment to the Astrometry and Astrophysics Division. Dick relocated to Flagstaff, AZ, in 1966 to continue his Naval Observatory service at the Flagstaff Station. His retirement in May 1999, ended a thirty-six-year career with USNO. Dick was first and foremost an observational astronomer. From the mid 1960s through the late 1970s, much of Dick's time was devoted to the measurement of binary stars, observing with the 12-inch and 26-inch refractors in Washington and later the 40-inch and 61-inch reflectors in Flagstaff. He also made many trips to Lick Observatory to work with the 36-inch Clark Refractor there. During this time he consulted with Charles Worley, who was observing on the 26-inch, to make sure time was well-spent examining doubles that could not be observed in Washington. This period of observing overlapped with the early years of speckle interferometry, and Dick's observations, made with the largest telescope used for micrometry at the time, were very important for ascertaining the veracity of this new technique. He was a studious and very careful observer of doubles and made over 8,000 measures, resulting in almost 3,000 mean positions

  6. Antigravity in F( R) and Brans-Dicke theories (United States)

    Oikonomou, V. K.; Karagiannakis, N.


    We study antigravity in F( R)-theory originating scalar-tensor theories and also in Brans-Dicke models without cosmological constant. For the F( R) theory case, we obtain the Jordan frame antigravity scalar-tensor theory by using a variant of the Lagrange multipliers method and we numerically study the time dependent effective gravitational constant. As we shall demonstrate in detail by using some viable F( R) models, although the initial F( R) models have no antigravity, their scalar-tensor counterpart theories might or not have antigravity, a fact mainly depending on the parameter that characterizes antigravity. Similar results hold true in the Brans-Dicke model, which we also studied numerically. In addition, regarding the Brans-Dicke model we also found some analytic cosmological solutions. Since antigravity is an unwanted feature in gravitational theories, our findings suggest that in the case of F( R) theories, antigravity does not occur in the real world described by the F( R) theory, but might occur in the Jordan frame scalar-tensor counterpart of the F( R) theory, and this happens under certain circumstances. The central goal of our study is to present all different cases in which antigravity might occur in modified gravity models.

  7. Dicke phase transition with multiple superradiant states in quantum chaotic resonators

    KAUST Repository

    Liu, C.


    We experimentally investigate the Dicke phase transition in chaotic optical resonators realized with two-dimensional photonics crystals. This setup circumvents the constraints of the system originally investigated by Dicke and allows a detailed study of the various properties of the superradiant transition. Our experimental results, analytical prediction, and numerical modeling based on random-matrix theory demonstrate that the probability density P? of the resonance widths provides a new criterion to test the occurrence of the Dicke transition.

  8. Magnetic point sources in three dimensional Brans-Dicke gravity theories


    Dias, Oscar J. C.; Lemos, Jose' P. S.


    We obtain geodesically complete spacetimes generated by static and rotating magnetic point sources in an Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton theory of the Brans-Dicke type in three dimensions (3D). The theory is specified by three fields, the dilaton, the graviton and the electromagnetic field, and two parameters, the cosmological constant and the Brans-Dicke parameter, w. When the Brans-Dicke parameter is infinity, our solution reduces to the magnetic counterpart of the BTZ solution, while the w=0 case...

  9. Do massive Brans-Dicke theories of gravitation imitate Brans-Dicke theories with nonzero divergence of energy-momentum tensor (United States)

    Smalley, L. L.


    Acharya and Hogan (1973) have introduced a massive scalar field into the usual Brans-Dicke (1961) theory of gravitation. Formally they obtain certain field equations. The assumption of a nonzero divergence for T mu nu (or equivalently the introduction of sources) formally imitates a massive Brans-Dicke and satisfies the condition of Acharya and Hogan that the theory be indistinguishable with the classical test of the Einstein theory. Although it was shown elsewhere that the modified Brans-Dicke theory agrees with the classical test under certain conditions, there were no specified limits on omega, a similar circumstance discovered by Acharya and Hogan for the massive scalar field.

  10. Cosmological constant in the Bianchi type-I-modified Brans–Dicke ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Abstract. In 1961, Brans and Dicke [1] provided an interesting alternative to general relativity based on Mach's principle. To understand the reasons leading to their field equations, we first con- sider homogeneous and isotropic cosmological models in the Brans–Dicke theory. Accordingly we start with the Robertson–Walker ...

  11. Tilted Kantowski-Sachs cosmological model in Brans-Dicke theory of gravitation (United States)

    Pawar, D. D.; Shahare, S. P.; Dagwal, V. J.


    Tilted Kantowski-Sachs cosmological model in Brans-Dicke theory for perfect fluid has been investigated. The general solution of field equations in Brans-Dicke theory for the combined scalar and tensor field are obtained by using power law relation. Also, some physical and geometrical parameters are obtained and discussed.

  12. A critique of phrenology in Moby-Dick. (United States)

    de Souza, Leonardo Cruz; Teixeira, Antônio Lúcio; de Oliveira, Guilherme Nogueira M; Caramelli, Paulo; Cardoso, Francisco


    Phrenology has a fascinating, although controversial, place in the history of localizationism of brain and mental functions. The 2 main proponents of phrenology were 2 German-speaking doctors, Joseph Gall (1758-1828) and Johann Spurzheim (1776-1832). According to their theory, a careful examination of skull morphology could disclose personality characters. Phrenology was initially restricted to medical circles and then diffused outside scientific societies, reaching nonscientific audiences in Europe and North America. Phrenology deeply penetrated popular culture in the 19th century and its tenets can be observed in British and American literature. Here we analyze the presence of phrenologic concepts in Moby-Dick; or, The Whale, by Herman Melville (1819-1891), one of the most prominent American writers. In his masterpiece, he demonstrates that he was familiarized with Gall and Spurzheim's writings, but referred to their theory as "semi-science" and "a passing fable." Of note, Melville's fine irony against phrenology is present in his attempt to perform a phrenologic and physiognomic examination of The Whale. Thus, Moby-Dick illustrates the diffusion of phrenology in Western culture, but may also reflect Melville's skepticism and criticism toward its main precepts. © 2017 American Academy of Neurology.

  13. Robert Dicke and the Naissance of Experimental Gravity Physics

    CERN Document Server

    Peebles, P J E


    The experimental study of gravity became much more active in the late 1950s, a change pronounced enough be termed the naissance of empirical gravity physics. A review of the developments since 1915, and up to the transition to what might be termed a normal and accepted part of physical science in the late 1960s, shows the importance of advances in technologies, here as in all branches of science. The role of contingency is illustrated by Robert Dicke's decision to change directions in mid-career, to lead a research group dedicated to the experimental study of gravity. One sees the power of nonempirical evidence, which led some in the 1950s to feel that general relativity theory is so logically sound as to be scarcely worth the testing, while Dicke and others argued that a poorly tested theory is only that, and that other nonempirical arguments, based on Mach's Principle and Dirac's Large Numbers, suggested it was worth looking for a better theory of gravity. I conclude by offering lessons from this history, s...

  14. Dynamical complexity of the Brans-Dicke cosmology (United States)

    Hrycyna, Orest; Szydłowski, Marek


    The dynamics of the Brans-Dicke theory with a quadratic scalar field potential function and barotropic matter is investigated. The dynamical system methods are used to reveal complexity of dynamical evolution in homogeneous and isotropic cosmological models. The structure of phase space crucially depends on the parameter of the theory ωBD as well as barotropic matter index wm. In our analysis these parameters are treated as bifurcation parameters. We found sets of values of these parameters which lead to generic evolutional scenarios. We show that in isotropic and homogeneous models in the Brans-Dicke theory with a quadratic potential function the de Sitter state appears naturally. Stability conditions of this state are fully investigated. It is shown that these models can explain accelerated expansion of the Universe without the assumption of the substantial form of dark matter and dark energy. The Poincare construction of compactified phase space with a circle at infinity is used to show that phase space trajectories in a physical region can be equipped with a structure of a vector field on nontrivial topological closed space. For ωBD < -3/2 we show new types of early and late time evolution leading from the anti-de Sitter to the de Sitter state through an asymmetric bounce. In the theory without a ghost we find bouncing solutions and the coexistence of the bounces and the singularity. Following the Peixoto theorem some conclusions about structural stability are drawn.

  15. On the action of the complete Brans-Dicke theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kofinas, Georgios [University of the Aegean, Research Group of Geometry, Dynamical Systems and Cosmology, Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, Karlovassi, Samos (Greece); Tsoukalas, Minas [Bogazici University, Physics Department, Istanbul (Turkey); National Technical University of Athens, Physics Division, Athens (Greece)


    Recently the most general completion of Brans-Dicke theory has appeared with energy exchanged between the scalar field and ordinary matter, given that the equation of motion for the scalar field keeps the simple wave form of Brans-Dicke. This class of theories contain undetermined functions, but there exist only three theories which are unambiguously determined from consistency. Here, for the first such theory, the action of the vacuum theory is found, which arises as the limit of the full matter theory. A symmetry transformation of this vacuum action in the Jordan frame is found which consists of a conformal transformation of the metric together with a redefinition of the scalar field. Since the general family of vacuum theories is parametrized by an arbitrary function of the scalar field, the action of this family is also found. As for the full theory with matter the action of the system is only found when the matter Lagrangian vanishes on-shell, as for example for pressureless dust. Due to the interaction, the matter Lagrangian is non-minimally coupled either in the Jordan or the Einstein frame. (orig.)

  16. Textual Rhetorics and Textual Carnivals: Susan Miller and the "Subjects" of Rhetoric and Composition. (United States)

    Reynolds, Nedra


    Reviews two books by Susan Miller: "Rescuing the Subject: A Critical Introduction to Rhetoric and the Writer" (1989) and "Textual Carnivals: The Politics of Composition" (1991). Notes how she rereads dominant histories of rhetoric and writing instruction, argues for a theory of textuality, and illustrates how attention to…

  17. Don't Take Touch for Granted: An Interview with Susan Lederman. (United States)

    Verry, Rene


    Presents an interview with Susan Lederman that contains a fascinating and informative overview of the recent developments in neuropsychological research concerning the sense of touch. Discusses the physiological processes that support this sensory experience and reveals them to be much more flexible, intricate, and adaptive than previously…

  18. Re-Establishing Social Studies as a Core Subject: An Interview with Susan Griffin (United States)

    Griffin, Susan


    NCSS Executive Director Susan Griffin was chair of the Task Force of Professional Organizations that worked with the Social Studies Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction Collaborative (SSACI) of the Council of Chief State School Officers to initiate and guide the development of the "College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social…

  19. Teaching Students About Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination: An Interview with Susan Fiske (United States)

    Hackney, Amy


    Susan T. Fiske is professor of psychology, Princeton University (PhD, Harvard University; honorary doctorate, Universite Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium). She wrote Social Cognition (with Taylor) on how people make sense of each other. Currently, she investigates emotional prejudices (pity, contempt, envy, and pride) at cultural,…

  20. Inside the Sex Ed Studio: An Interview with Susan N. Wilson (United States)

    Taverner, William J.


    "Inside the Sex Ed Studio" profiles leaders in the field of sexuality education. Susan N. Wilson, former Executive Coordinator of the Network for Family Life Education, long-time advocate for sexuality education, and the driving force behind New Jersey's K-12 mandate for comprehensive sexuality education was the first such leader to be…

  1. Cosmological implications of a supersymmetric extension of the Brans-Dicke theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Catena, R.


    In the Brans-Dicke theory the Planck mass is replaced by a dynamical scalar field. We consider here the supersymmetric analogous of this mechanism replacing in the supergravity Lagrangian the Planck mass with a chiral superfield. This analysis is motivated by the research of possible connections between supersymmetric Dark Matter scenarios and Dark Energy models based on Brans-Dicke-like theories. We find that, contrary to the original Brans-Dicke theory, in its supersymmetric analogous the gravitational sector does not couple to the matter sector in a universal metric way. As a result, violations of the weak equivalence principle could be present in such a scenario. (orig.)

  2. Dicke Phase Transition with Multiple Superradiant States in Quantum Chaotic Resonators

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. Liu


    Full Text Available We experimentally investigate the Dicke phase transition in chaotic optical resonators realized with two-dimensional photonics crystals. This setup circumvents the constraints of the system originally investigated by Dicke and allows a detailed study of the various properties of the superradiant transition. Our experimental results, analytical prediction, and numerical modeling based on random-matrix theory demonstrate that the probability density P(Γ of the resonance widths provides a new criterion to test the occurrence of the Dicke transition.

  3. Testing Brans-Dicke gravity using the Einstein telescope (United States)

    Zhang, Xing; Yu, Jiming; Liu, Tan; Zhao, Wen; Wang, Anzhong


    Gravitational radiation is an excellent field for testing theories of gravity in strong gravitational fields. The current observations on the gravitational-wave (GW) bursts by LIGO have already placed various constraints on the alternative theories of gravity. In this paper, we investigate the possible bounds which could be placed on the Brans-Dicke gravity using GW detection from inspiraling compact binaries with the proposed Einstein Telescope, a third-generation GW detector. We first calculate in detail the waveforms of gravitational radiation in the lowest post-Newtonian approximation, including the tensor and scalar fields, which can be divided into the three polarization modes, i.e., "plus mode," "cross mode," and "breathing mode." Applying the stationary phase approximation, we obtain their Fourier transforms, and derive the correction terms in amplitude, phase, and polarization of GWs, relative to the corresponding results in general relativity. Imposing the noise level of the Einstein Telescope, we find that the GW detection from inspiraling compact binaries, composed of a neutron star and a black hole, can place stringent constraints on the Brans-Dicke gravity. The bound on the coupling constant ωBD depends on the mass, sky position, inclination angle, polarization angle, luminosity distance, redshift distribution, and total observed number NGW of the binary systems. Taking into account all the burst events up to redshift z =5 , we find that the bound could be ωBD≳1 06×(NGW/1 04)1/2. Even for the conservative estimation with 1 04 observed events, the bound is still more than one order tighter than the current limit from Solar System experiments. So, we conclude that the Einstein Telescope will provide a powerful platform to test alternative theories of gravity.

  4. Static and rotating electrically charged black holes in three-dimensional Brans-Dicke gravity theories


    Dias, Oscar J. C.; Lemos, Jose' P. S.


    We obtain static and rotating electrically charged black holes of a Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton theory of the Brans-Dicke type in (2+1)-dimensions. The theory is specified by three fields, the dilaton, the graviton and the electromagnetic field, and two parameters, the cosmological constant and the Brans-Dicke parameter. It contains eight different cases, of which one distinguishes as special cases, string theory, general relativity and a theory equivalent to four dimensional general relativity ...

  5. Experimental violation of the local realism for four-qubit Dicke state. (United States)

    Zhao, Yuan-Yuan; Wu, Yu-Chun; Xiang, Guo-Yong; Li, Chuan-Feng; Guo, Guang-Can


    Dicke state is an widely used type of multi-particle entangled state in quantum information. However, very few works have been done on its nonlocality. Here we prepare a four-photon symmetric Dicke state, whose fidelity is as high as 0.904 ± 0.004, and devise a simple Bell-type inequality to demonstrate that it violates the local realism with 12 standard deviation.

  6. [A legend of tropical veterinary medicine: Dick Zwart]. (United States)

    Dwinger, Ron; Uilenberg, Gerrit


    An overview is given of the achievements of Professor Dr. D. Zwart (1930-2005). Following a brief introduction dealing with his background, his first eleven years of working in tropical countries are reviewed. Initially he was employed as a government veterinarian in Dutch New Guinea, followed by five years as a scientist at the agricultural faculty in Kumasi, Ghana, where he completed his PhD on liver cirrhosis in local pigs. He was seconded by the Department of Tropical Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University to work as a virologist in Vom, Nigeria. Once back in The Netherlands, he was selected to take over the position of head of the Department due to the unexpected death of Professor S. G. Wilson. He stayed for 20 years at Utrecht University and was for another nine years department head at the Agricultural University of Wageningen. He was an influential man during this long period as department head, not only for his students, but also in the international field. Four aspects of the achievements by Dick are highlighted in detail: as a scientist, as an educator, as a stimulating figure, and as a visionary.

  7. The Critical Point Entanglement and Chaos in the Dicke Model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lina Bao


    Full Text Available Ground state properties and level statistics of the Dicke model for a finite number of atoms are investigated based on a progressive diagonalization scheme (PDS. Particle number statistics, the entanglement measure and the Shannon information entropy at the resonance point in cases with a finite number of atoms as functions of the coupling parameter are calculated. It is shown that the entanglement measure defined in terms of the normalized von Neumann entropy of the reduced density matrix of the atoms reaches its maximum value at the critical point of the quantum phase transition where the system is most chaotic. Noticeable change in the Shannon information entropy near or at the critical point of the quantum phase transition is also observed. In addition, the quantum phase transition may be observed not only in the ground state mean photon number and the ground state atomic inversion as shown previously, but also in fluctuations of these two quantities in the ground state, especially in the atomic inversion fluctuation.

  8. Self-similar chameleon Jordan-Brans-Dicke cosmological models (United States)

    Belinchón, J. A.


    In this paper we study the chameleon Jordan-Brans-Dicke (JBD) cosmological models under the hypothesis of self-similarity. Since there are several ways to define the matter Lagrangian for a perfect fluid: L m =- ρ and L m = γρ, we show that they bring us to obtain two completely different cosmological models. In the first approach, L m =- ρ, there is ordinary matter conservation, while in the second approach, L m = γρ, we get matter creation processes. We deduce for each approach the behaviour of each physical quantity, under the self-similar hypothesis, by employing the Lie group method. The results are quite general and valid for any homogeneous geometry (FRW, Bianchi types, etc.). As example, we calculate exact solutions for each approach by considering the case of a Bianchi II geometry. In this way we can determine the exact behaviour of each physical quantity and in particular of G eff and U (the potential that mimics the cosmological constant).We compare the solutions with the obtained ones in the framework of the usual JBD models.

  9. Dicke subradiance in a large cloud of cold atoms

    CERN Document Server

    Guerin, William; Kaiser, Robin


    More than 60 years ago, Dicke published a seminal paper on coherence in spontaneous radiation process by a collection of atoms. Superradiance has since attracted a lot of interest, from its first experimental observation in a fully inverted system in the 1970s to single photon superradiance in the 2000s. Subradiance, on the contrary, has remained elusive, mainly because subradiant states are weakly coupled to the environment and are very sensitive to non radiative decoherence processes. They are thus much harder to populate and to observe. Avoiding decoherence effects by using a dilute cloud of laser-cooled atoms containing a large number of atoms, we report on direct observation of subradiance. In our experiment, we use a far detuned laser to avoid multiple scattering and detect the temporal decay after a sudden switch-off of the laser beam. After the fast decay of most of the fluorescence, we observe a very slow decay, with time constants as long as 100 times the natural lifetime of the excited state of ind...

  10. Comparison between Jordan and Einstein frames of Brans-Dicke gravity a la loop quantum cosmology (United States)

    Artymowski, Michał; Ma, Yongge; Zhang, Xiangdong


    It is well known that the Jordan and Einstein frames are equivalent to each other in classical Brans-Dicke theory, provided that one and the same metric is employed for the physical space-time. Nevertheless, it is shown in this paper that by cosmological models the loop quantization in the two different frames leads to inequivalent effective theories. Analytical solutions are found in both frames for the effective loop quantum Brans-Dicke cosmology without potential in (i) the vacuum case and (ii) the additional massless scalar field case. In the Einstein frame, the analytical solution for the Brans-Dicke potential ∝φ2 is found. In all of those solutions, the bouncing evolution of the scale factor is obtained around the Planck regime. The differences between the loop quantization of the two frames are reflected by (i) the evolution of the scale factor around the bounce and (ii) the scale of the bounce in the physical Jordan frame.

  11. Thermodynamics of charged rotating solutions in Brans-Dicke gravity with Born-Infeld field (United States)

    Pakravan, J.; Takook, M. V.


    We derive new exact charged rotating solutions of (n+1)-dimensional Brans-Dicke theory in the presence of Born-Infeld field and investigated their properties. Because of the coupling between scalar field and curvature, the field equations cannot to be solved directly. Using a new conformal transformation, which transforms the Einstein-dilaton-Born-Infeld gravity Lagrangian to the Brans-Dicke-Born-Infeld gravity one, the field equations are solved. We also compute temperature, charge, mass, electric potential, and entropy; entropy, however, does not obey the area law. These quantities are invariant under conformal transformation and satisfy the first law of thermodynamics.

  12. Hamiltonian Formulation of Palatini f(R) theories a la Brans-Dicke


    Olmo, Gonzalo J.; Sanchis-Alepuz, Helios


    We study the Hamiltonian formulation of f(R) theories of gravity both in metric and in Palatini formalism using their classical equivalence with Brans-Dicke theories with a non-trivial potential. The Palatini case, which corresponds to the w=-3/2 Brans-Dicke theory, requires special attention because of new constraints associated with the scalar field, which is non-dynamical. We derive, compare, and discuss the constraints and evolution equations for the ww=-3/2 and w\

  13. "A hint of it, with initials": adultery, textuality and publicity in Jane Austen's Lady Susan. (United States)

    Russell, Gillian


    In spite of Jane Austen's professed “eye” for an adulteress, comparatively little attention has been paid to adultery and divorce as themes and contexts of her fiction. Her unpublished epistolary novel Lady Susan has a distinctive status in Austen's oeuvre, recognized as being exemplary of her “style” and yet atypical of her later achievement. A neglected context for the novel is the extensive reporting of adultery trials in contemporary print culture and the moral panic concerning adultery in the 1780s and 1790s, focusing initially on the adulteress as the brazen woman of fashion and later as a figure of sentimentalized abjection. A particularly notorious case, that involving Lady Henrietta Grosvenor and George III's brother, the Duke of Cumberland, is directly alluded to in Lady Susan. The textual strategies of adultery trial literature, particularly its emphasis on indirection through the use of detail or “hint”, had a long-term influence on the development of Austen's fiction and her positioning of herself as a professional writer after the 1790s.

  14. Teaching Psychology and Literature: Melancholia as Motivation in the Novels of Dick Francis (United States)

    Wagner, Elaine


    Teaching literature from a psychological perspective provides a basis for the study and analysis of human motivation and behavior, as psychology and literature make mutual contributions to the study of both disciplines. Melancholia is a recurring theme in the novels of Dick Francis, and the first-person accounts of despair and depression are…

  15. In the postmodern mirror: intertextuality in Angels and Insects by Antonia Susan Byatt

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Buda Agata


    Full Text Available The aim of the paper is to analyse the novel Angels and Insects by Antonia Susan Byatt in terms of intertextual references. The author’s assumptions are based on the categorisation by Ryszard Nycz, who distinguishes three major types of intertexts: text versus text, text versus literary genre and text versus mimesis. Byatt uses intertextuality mainly to comment on the role of nature in the world, as well as to enhance the importance of human relationship with nature. Moreover, the writer moves towards literary criticism, discussing poems by famous artists, such as Alfred Tennyson or John Milton. In this way, the novel by Byatt is also an example of metafiction. All the narration techniques used by the English writer make the novel a typically postmodern work of art.

  16. Intermittent large amplitude internal waves observed in Port Susan, Puget Sound (United States)

    Harris, J. C.; Decker, L.


    A previously unreported internal tidal bore, which evolves into solitary internal wave packets, was observed in Port Susan, Puget Sound, and the timing, speed, and amplitude of the waves were measured by CTD and visual observation. Acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) measurements were attempted, but unsuccessful. The waves appear to be generated with the ebb flow along the tidal flats of the Stillaguamish River, and the speed and width of the resulting waves can be predicted from second-order KdV theory. Their eventual dissipation may contribute significantly to surface mixing locally, particularly in comparison with the local dissipation due to the tides. Visually the waves appear in fair weather as a strong foam front, which is less visible the farther they propagate.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Camacho


    Full Text Available Looking at susan pui san lok's projects News (2005 and RoCH (2013, this paper contemplates the notions put forward by Michel-Rolph Trouillot and Jacques Derrida on the power of archivists, not solely as guardians of documents but also as their interpreters. Taking into consideration that photographic and moving image archives present unique difficulties in their cataloguing processes, I examine silences that might be generated by a thematic classification that is not impervious to archivists' biases. Moreover, I consider if the silences created by manual processes of classification and retrieval might be surpassed through digital technologies, or if it is possible that new technologies simply create different types of silencing.

  18. "I Am Not a Fairy Tale": Contextualizing Sioux Spirituality and Story Traditions in Susan Power's "The Grass Dancer" (United States)

    Diana, Vanessa Holford


    Standing Rock Sioux writer Susan Power's best-selling novel "The Grass Dancer" (1994) includes depictions of the supernatural and spiritual that do not conform to the Judeo-Christian or, in some cases, the atheist or rationalist worldviews of many readers. Power writes of ghost characters and haunted places, communication between the living and…

  19. 78 FR 75676 - Mark W. Dobronski and Susan K. Dobronski-Acquisition of Control Exemption-Adrian & Blissfield... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Surface Transportation Board Mark W. Dobronski and Susan K. Dobronski--Acquisition of Control Exemption... Company, Lapeer Industrial Railroad Company and Jackson & Lansing Railroad Company Mark W. Dobronski and...

  20. Dynamics of cosmological perturbations in modified Brans-Dicke cosmology with matter-scalar field interaction (United States)

    Kofinas, Georgios; Lima, Nelson A.


    In this work we focus on a novel completion of the well-known Brans-Dicke theory that introduces an interaction between the dark energy and dark matter sectors, known as complete Brans-Dicke (CBD) theory. We obtain viable cosmological accelerating solutions that fit supernovae observations with great precision without any scalar potential V (ϕ ). We use these solutions to explore the impact of the CBD theory on the large scale structure by studying the dynamics of its linear perturbations. We observe a growing behavior of the lensing potential Φ+ at late-times, while the growth rate is actually suppressed relatively to Λ CDM , which allows the CBD theory to provide a competitive fit to current RSD measurements of f σ8. However, we also observe that the theory exhibits a pathological change of sign in the effective gravitational constant concerning the perturbations on subhorizon scales that could pose a challenge to its validity.

  1. Improvement of the frequency stability below the Dick limit with a continuous atomic fountain clock. (United States)

    Devenoges, Laurent; Stefanov, André; Joyet, Alain; Thomann, Pierre; Di Domenico, Gianni


    The frequency instability of a shot-noise limited atomic fountain clock is inversely proportional to its signal-tonoise ratio. Therefore, increasing the atomic flux is a direct way to improve the stability. Nevertheless, in pulsed operation, the local oscillator noise limits the performance via the Dick effect. We experimentally demonstrate here that a continuous atomic fountain allows one to overcome this limitation. In this work, we take advantage of two-laser optical pumping on a cold cesium beam to increase the useful fountain flux and, thus, to reduce the frequency instability below the Dick limit. A stability of 6 × 10(-14)τ(-1/2) has been measured with the continuous cesium fountain FOCS-2.

  2. Engineering a Trapped Ion Open-System Dicke Model with Dissipative Phase Transitions (United States)

    Reiter, Florentin; Dueholm, Malte D.; Sorensen, Anders S.; Yelin, Susanne F.


    The Dicke model is a paradigmatic model in quantum optics known to exhibit a quantum phase transition between a normal and a superradiant phase. Such superradiant phase transitions have recently been observed experimentally using cavity systems. These implementation have, however, conserved the total spin and thus restricted the dynamics. To overcome such restrictions, we consider implementation of an open-system Dicke model using systems of trapped ions. Here spontaneous emission breaks the symmetry and thereby allows the system to explore richer driven-dissipative dynamics. We observe phase transitions in the steady state with respect to both Hamiltonian and dissipative parameters, as well as novel phases which do not appear in closed systems and cavity realizations.

  3. Superradiant to subradiant phase transition in the open system Dicke model: dark state cascades (United States)

    Gegg, Michael; Carmele, Alexander; Knorr, Andreas; Richter, Marten


    Collectivity in ensembles of atoms gives rise to effects like super- and subradiance. While superradiance is well studied and experimentally accessible, subradiance remains elusive since it is difficult to track experimentally as well as theoretically. Here we present a new type of phase transition in the resonantly driven, open Dicke model that leads to a deterministic generation of subradiant states. At the transition the system switches from a predominantly superradiant to a predominantly subradiant state. Counterintuitively, the cavity decay is the crucial parameter for subradiant state generation and not the individualizing process of spontaneous decay. The observed effect is thus a cavity assisted generation of subradiant quantum coherences. Clear experimental signatures for the effect are presented and entanglement properties are discussed. Letting the system relax into the ground state generates a cascade of dark Dicke states, with dark state populations up to unity. Furthermore we introduce a collectivity measure that allows to quantify collective behaviour.

  4. Generation of symmetric Dicke states of remote qubits with linear optics. (United States)

    Thiel, C; von Zanthier, J; Bastin, T; Solano, E; Agarwal, G S


    We propose a method for generating all symmetric Dicke states, either in the long-lived internal levels of N massive particles or in the polarization degrees of freedom of photonic qubits, using linear optical tools only. By means of a suitable multiphoton detection technique, erasing Welcher-Weg information, our proposed scheme allows the generation and measurement of an important class of entangled multiqubit states.

  5. Gödel and Gödel-type universes in Brans–Dicke theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Agudelo, J.A., E-mail: [Instituto de Física, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, 78060-900, Cuiabá, Mato Grosso (Brazil); Nascimento, J.R., E-mail: [Departamento de Física, Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Caixa Postal 5008, 58051-970, João Pessoa, Paraíba (Brazil); Petrov, A.Yu., E-mail: [Departamento de Física, Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Caixa Postal 5008, 58051-970, João Pessoa, Paraíba (Brazil); Porfírio, P.J., E-mail: [Departamento de Física, Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Caixa Postal 5008, 58051-970, João Pessoa, Paraíba (Brazil); Santos, A.F., E-mail: [Instituto de Física, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, 78060-900, Cuiabá, Mato Grosso (Brazil); Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria, 3800 Finnerty Road Victoria, BC (Canada)


    In this paper, conditions for existence of Gödel and Gödel-type solutions in Brans–Dicke (BD) scalar–tensor theory and their main features are studied. The consistency of equations of motion, causality violation and existence of CTCs (closed time-like curves) are investigated. The role which cosmological constant and Mach principle play to achieve the consistency of this model is studied.

  6. G\\"odel and G\\"odel-type universes in Brans-Dicke theory


    Agudelo, J. A.; Nascimento, J. R.; Petrov, A. Yu.; Porfírio, P. J.; Santos, A. F.


    In this paper, conditions for existence of G\\"{o}del and G\\"{o}del-type solutions in Brans-Dicke (BD) scalar-tensor theory and their main features are studied. The consistency of equations of motion, causality violation and existence of CTCs (closed time-like curves) are investigated. The role which cosmological constant and Mach principle play to achieve the consistency of this model is studied.

  7. Constraining red-shift parametrization parameters in Brans-Dicke theory: evolution of open confidence contours (United States)

    Biswas, Ritabrata; Debnath, Ujjal


    In Brans-Dicke theory of gravity, from the nature of the scalar field-potential considered, the dark energy, dark matter, radiation densities predicted by different observations and the closedness of the universe considered, we can fix our ω BD , the Brans-Dicke parameter, keeping only the thing in mind that from different solar system constrains it must be greater than 5×105. Once we have a value, satisfying the required lower boundary, in our hand we proceed for setting unknown parameters of the different dark energy models' EoS parameter. In this paper we work with three well known red shift parametrizations of dark energy EoS. To constrain their free parameters for Brans Dicke theory of gravity we take twelve point red shift vs Hubble's parameter data and perform χ 2 test. We present the observational data analysis mechanism for Stern, Stern+BAO and Stern+BAO+CMB observations. Minimising χ 2, we obtain the best fit values and draw different confidence contours. We analyze the contours physically. Also we examine the best fit of distance modulus for our theoretical models and the Supernovae Type Ia Union2 sample. For Brans Dicke theory of gravity the difference from the mainstream confidence contouring method of data analysis id that the confidence contours evolved are not at all closed contours like a circle or a ellipse. Rather they are found to be open contours allowing the free parameters to float inside a infinite region of parameter space. However, negative EoSs are likely to evolve from the best fit values.

  8. Holographic dark energy in Brans-Dicke theory with logarithmic form of scalar field

    CERN Document Server

    Singh, C P


    In this paper, an interacting holographic dark energy model with Hubble horizon as an infra-red cut-off is considered in the framework of Brans-Dicke theory. We propose a logarithmic form $\\phi \\propto ln(\\alpha+\\beta a)$ of the Brans-Dicke scalar field to alleviate the problems of interacting holographic dark energy models in Brans-Dicke theory. We find that the equation of state parameter $w_h$ and deceleration parameter $q$ are negative in the early time which shows the early time inflation. During the evolution the sign of parameter $q$ changes from negative to positive which means that the Universe expands with decelerated rate whereas the sign of $w_h$ may change or remain negative throughout the evolution depending on the values of parameters. It is also observed that $w_h$ may cross the phantom divide line in the late time evolution. The sign of $q$ changes from positive to negative during late time of evolution which explains the late time accelerated expansion of the Universe. Thus, we present a uni...

  9. Regular Solutions in Vacuum Brans-Dicke Theory Compared to Vacuum Einstein Theory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alina Khaybullina


    Full Text Available We will confront some static spherically symmetric vacuum Brans-Dicke solutions in the Jordan and Einstein Frames with the Robertson parameters. While the regular solution in the vacuum Einstein theory is just the Schwarzschild black hole, the same in the Jordan frame Brans-Dicke theory is shown to represent not a black hole but a traversable wormhole. But, in this case, the valid range of ω becomes too narrow to yield the observed weak field Robertson parameters at the positive mass mouth. The corresponding solution in the Einstein frame also provides a regular wormhole, and it yields the correct parametric values but only up to “one and half order.” We argue that a second-order contribution can in principle distinguish between the signatures of the regular wormhole and the singular Buchdahl solution in the Einstein frame. Thus, at the level of regular solutions, Brans-Dicke theory in each frame predicts effects very different from those of Einstein's theory. To our knowledge, these theoretical distinctions seem not to have received adequate attention so far.

  10. Brans-Dicke Theory with Λ>0: Black Holes and Large Scale Structures. (United States)

    Bhattacharya, Sourav; Dialektopoulos, Konstantinos F; Romano, Antonio Enea; Tomaras, Theodore N


    A step-by-step approach is followed to study cosmic structures in the context of Brans-Dicke theory with positive cosmological constant Λ and parameter ω. First, it is shown that regular stationary black-hole solutions not only have constant Brans-Dicke field ϕ, but can exist only for ω=∞, which forces the theory to coincide with the general relativity. Generalizations of the theory in order to evade this black-hole no-hair theorem are presented. It is also shown that in the absence of a stationary cosmological event horizon in the asymptotic region, a stationary black-hole horizon can support a nontrivial Brans-Dicke hair. Even more importantly, it is shown next that the presence of a stationary cosmological event horizon rules out any regular stationary solution, appropriate for the description of a star. Thus, to describe a star one has to assume that there is no such stationary horizon in the faraway asymptotic region. Under this implicit assumption generic spherical cosmic structures are studied perturbatively and it is shown that only for ω>0 or ω≲-5 their predicted maximum sizes are consistent with observations. We also point out how, many of the conclusions of this work differ qualitatively from the Λ=0 spacetimes.

  11. A Journey, the Pain of Others, and Historical Experience: Susan Silas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sendyka, Roma


    Full Text Available The author interprets Susan Silas' Helmbrechts walk (1998-2003, a unique series of forty-five photographs and supplementing visual and textual materials collected during the walk along the route of two hundred and twenty-five miles. The walk repeats the route which in 1945 had to undertake women prisoners from the concentration camp in Helmbrechts near Flossenbürg in their death march to Prachatice in Czech Republic. The pictures Silas takes, the people she meets, and finally the trees, the very materiality of the road become the factors of creating her own, individual memory of the event from the past. Silas selects an object from "the margins of the Holocaust" – a forgotten event that she re-presents by reacting to contemporary objects placed along the route of the event. Silas' work offers an opportunity to critically review the concept of memory landscapes (where is memory located in a landscape? and the phenomenon of dark tourism (is following in the footsteps of the prisoners a kind of pilgrimage, tourism, or therapy?. Silas problematises the question of memory, as well as examines different kinds of non-memory. Her camera is directed at locations that can be termed "the non-sites of memory."


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Throughout history of thought, there have been many views about the women, their status in society, their struggle with patriarchy, and inequality  applied to them in all areas. There are different ways of oppression on women, such as confinement to home, inequality in wages between both sexes.  However, few scholars have written and declared their own views about how the patriarchal world and companies form women as they wish. Susan Bordo is one of  the most outstanding and distinguished feminist writers in the world who focuses on  how patriarchal capitalist understanding works on women’s body in terms of weight and weakness. According to Susan Bordo, male dominated capital world decides on women about what to wear and what to eat and women try to lose weight to be in the form men wish. State of  starving all the time leads to an illness called anorexia. The writer bases her views on the thoughts of literary critic and thinker, Foucault. The  objective of this article is to help the readers understand Susan Bordo’s views and analyse her impressive work; Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture and  the Body  and make her known in academic world.

  13. Bárbara Mujica, ed., Shakespeare and the Spanish «Comedia». Translation, Interpretation, Performance. Essays in Honor of Susan L. Fischer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alejandro García-Reidy


    Full Text Available Reseña de Bárbara Mujica, ed., Shakespeare and the Spanish «Comedia». Translation, Interpretation, Performance. Essays in Honor of Susan L. Fischer, Bucknell University Press, Lewisburg, 2013, 298 pp. ISBN 9781611485172.

  14. Aprendizagem do naufrágio: Moby Dick, Ahab, um leitor e o muro The wreck learning: Moby Dick, ahab, a reader and the wall

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ronie Von Martins


    Full Text Available Este texto apresenta uma experiência de aprendizagem com uma obra literária e com ideias filosóficas. Ele é narrado por um Leitor, personagem fascinada pelo encontro com Moby Dick de Melville, que conta uma experiência de perda de sentido com o universo educativo, com o universo do ensinar e aprender. Para enfrentar tal experiência, ele busca aliar-se a alguns conceitos, especialmente, de Deleuze e Guattari. Entende, então, que o pensamento filosófico não dá apenas referências, mas o impulsiona também em direções não pensadas, não previstas por ele. Com personagens literários e filosóficos, ele vive e busca expressar uma experiência de aprendizagem: uma "aprendizagem do naufrágio". Entende que uma aprendizagem não se encerra na conquista de um saber, mas tem uma íntima relação com um desprender-se de si próprio.This paper presents a learning experience through a literary work and some philosophical ideas. It is narrated by a reader - a character fascinated by the encounter with Melville's Moby Dick - who tells the experience of loss of meaning with the educational universe and with the universe of teaching and learning. To face such an experience, he seeks to ally with some of Deleuze and Guattari's concepts. Thus he understands that philosophical thinking not only provides references, but also pushes him towards directions he himself had not even thought about. Along with literary and philosophical characters, he lives and seeks to express an experience of learning: 'learning from the wreck'. He realizes that learning does not end with the conquest of a piece of knowledge, but rather, it has an intimate relationship with the letting go of oneself.

  15. Podróż, cudze cierpienie i doświadczenie historyczne: Susan Silas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sendyka, Roma


    Full Text Available Autorka interpretuje pracę Susan Silas Helmbrechts walk (1998-2003, szczególny cykl czterdziestu pięciu zdjęć i dołączonych do nich materiałów wizualnych oraz tekstowych zbudowany podczas przejścia trasy dwustu dwudziestu pięciu mil, które w 1945 roku musiały przebyć kobiety pędzone w marszu śmierci z Helmbrecht koło Flossenbürga do czeskich Prachatic. Wykonywane zdjęcia, napotykani ludzie, w końcu – drzewa, sama materialność drogi stają się czynnikami wytwarzania własnej, indywidualnej pamięci wydarzenia sprzed lat. Silas wybiera szczególny obiekt "z marginesów Zagłady" – zapomniane zdarzenie, które przedstawia obserwując współczesne obiekty położone wzdłuż trasy tego zdarzenia. Praca Silas pozwala przyjrzeć się krytycznie koncepcji memory landscapes (gdzie w krajobrazie umiejscawia się pamięć? i zjawisku dark tourism (czy podążanie śladami więźniarek to pielgrzymka, turystyka czy terapia?. Silas problematyzuje nie tylko kwestię pamięci, bada również rodzaje nie-pamiętania. Jej kamera zostaje zwrócona ku lokalizacjom, które można nazwać "nie-miejscami pamięci".

  16. Treasure Your Exceptions: An Interview with 2017 George Beadle Award Recipient Susan A. Gerbi. (United States)

    Gerbi, Susan A


    THE Genetics Society of America's (GSA) George W. Beadle Award honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the community of genetics researchers and who exemplify the qualities of its namesake. The 2017 recipient is Susan A. Gerbi, who has been a prominent leader and advocate for the scientific community. In the course of her research on DNA replication, Gerbi helped develop the method of Replication Initiation Point (RIP) mapping to map replication origins at the nucleotide level, improving resolution by two orders of magnitude. RIP mapping also provides the basis for the now popular use of λ-exonuclease to enrich nascent DNA to map replication origins genome-wide. Gerbi's second area of research on ribosomal RNA revealed a conserved core secondary structure, as well as conserved nucleotide elements (CNEs). Some CNEs are universally conserved, while other CNEs are conserved in all eukaryotes but not in archaea or bacteria, suggesting a eukaryotic function. Intriguingly, the majority of the eukaryotic-specific CNEs line the tunnel of the large ribosomal subunit through which the nascent polypeptide exits. Gerbi has promoted the fly Sciara coprophila as a model organism ever since she used its enormous polytene chromosomes to help develop the method of in situ hybridization during her Ph.D. research in Joe Gall's laboratory. The Gerbi laboratory maintains the Sciara International Stock Center and manages its future, actively spreading Sciara stocks to other laboratories. Gerbi has also served in many leadership roles, working on issues of science policy, women in science, scientific training, and career preparation. This is an abridged version of the interview. The full interview is available on the Genes to Genomes blog, at Copyright © 2017 by the Genetics Society of America.

  17. Inflationary phase in Brans-Dicke cosmology with a cosmological constant (United States)

    Berman, Marcelo Samuel


    It has been shown earlier that, for a perfect fluid, a perfect gas law of state, and the Robertson-Walker metric, an exponential phase in Brans-Dicke cosmology is possible, with both positive pressure and density, but not with the violated energy condition p = -ρ. We demonstrate in this paper that the inclusion of a cosmological constant into the theory does not change that picture. Permanent address: Departamento de Ciencias Exatas da Faculdade de Filosofia, Ceincias e Letras da FURJ, Joinville, SC 89200, Brazil.

  18. Observation of a Superradiant Mott Insulator in the Dicke-Hubbard Model. (United States)

    Klinder, J; Keßler, H; Bakhtiari, M Reza; Thorwart, M; Hemmerich, A


    It is well known that the bosonic Hubbard model possesses a Mott insulator phase. Likewise, it is known that the Dicke model exhibits a self-organized superradiant phase. By implementing an optical lattice inside of a high-finesse optical cavity, both models are merged such that an extended Hubbard model with cavity-mediated infinite range interactions arises. In addition to a normal superfluid phase, two superradiant phases are found, one of them coherent and hence superfluid and one incoherent Mott insulating.

  19. Controlled Dicke subradiance from a large cloud of two-level systems. (United States)

    Bienaimé, Tom; Piovella, Nicola; Kaiser, Robin


    Dicke superradiance has been observed in many systems and is based on constructive interferences between many scattered waves. The counterpart of this enhanced dynamics, subradiance, is a destructive interference effect leading to the partial trapping of light in the system. In contrast to the robust superradiance, subradiant states are fragile, and spurious decoherence phenomena hitherto obstructed the observation of such metastable states. We show that a dilute cloud of cold atoms is an ideal system to look for subradiance in free space and study various mechanisms to control this subradiance.

  20. Deterministic distribution of four-photon Dicke state over an arbitrary collective-noise channel with cross-Kerr nonlinearity. (United States)

    Wang, Mei-Yu; Yan, Feng-Li; Gao, Ting


    We present two deterministic quantum entanglement distribution protocols for a four-photon Dicke polarization entangled state resorting to the frequency and spatial degrees of freedom, which are immune to an arbitrary collective-noise channel. Both of the protocols adopt the X homodyne measurement based on the cross-Kerr nonlinearity to complete the task of the single-photon detection with nearly unit probability in principle. After the four receivers share the photons, they add some local unitary operations to obtain a standard four-photon Dicke polarization entangled state.

  1. Translation, Adaptation or Amputation? Arctic Explorer-Writer-Anthropologist Peter Freuchen's Little-Known Danish Translation of Moby Dick

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Klitgård, Ida


    This article discusses how the simplification of adaptation can actually empower a translation with a historically and culturally significant function. The study analyses and discusses the fairly unknown first Danish translation of Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick made in 1942. The trans......This article discusses how the simplification of adaptation can actually empower a translation with a historically and culturally significant function. The study analyses and discusses the fairly unknown first Danish translation of Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick made in 1942...

  2. Stellar explosion in the weak field approximation of the Brans-Dicke theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hamity, Victor H; Barraco, Daniel E [FaMAF, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Ciudad Universitaria, Cordoba 5000 (Argentina)


    We treat a very crude model of an exploding star, in the weak field approximation of the Brans-Dicke theory, in a scenario that resembles some characteristic data of a type Ia supernova. The most noticeable feature, in the electromagnetic component, is the relationship between the absolute magnitude at maximum brightness of the star and the decline rate in one magnitude from that maximum. This characteristic has become one of the most accurate methods to measure luminosity distances to objects at cosmological distances (Phillips M M 1993 Astrophys. J. 413 L105; see science{sub f}air{sub p}rojects{sub e}ncyclopedia/Supernova, for a brief description of supernovae types). An interesting result is that the active mass associated with the scalar field is totally radiated to infinity, representing a mass loss in the ratio of the 'tensor' component to the scalar component of 1 to (2{omega} + 3) ({omega} is the Brans-Dicke parameter), in agreement with a general result of Hawking (1972 Commun. Math. Phys. 25 167). Then, this model shows explicitly, in a dynamical case, the mechanism of the radiation of a scalar field, which is necessary to understand the Hawking result.

  3. First-Order Quantum Phase Transition for Dicke Model Induced by Atom-Atom Interaction (United States)

    Zhao, Xiu-Qin; Liu, Ni; Liang, Jiu-Qing


    In this article, we use the spin coherent state transformation and the ground state variational method to theoretically calculate the ground function. In order to consider the influence of the atom-atom interaction on the extended Dicke model’s ground state properties, the mean photon number, the scaled atomic population and the average ground energy are displayed. Using the self-consistent field theory to solve the atom-atom interaction, we discover the system undergoes a first-order quantum phase transition from the normal phase to the superradiant phase, but a famous Dicke-type second-order quantum phase transition without the atom-atom interaction. Meanwhile, the atom-atom interaction makes the phase transition point shift to the lower atom-photon collective coupling strength. Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant Nos. 11275118, 11404198, 91430109, 61505100, 51502189, and the Scientific and Technological Innovation Programs of Higher Education Institutions in Shanxi Province (STIP) under Grant No. 2014102, and the Launch of the Scientific Research of Shanxi University under Grant No. 011151801004, and the National Fundamental Fund of Personnel Training under Grant No. J1103210. The Natural Science Foundation of Shanxi Province under Grant No. 2015011008

  4. Digital-analog quantum simulation of generalized Dicke models with superconducting circuits. (United States)

    Lamata, Lucas


    We propose a digital-analog quantum simulation of generalized Dicke models with superconducting circuits, including Fermi- Bose condensates, biased and pulsed Dicke models, for all regimes of light-matter coupling. We encode these classes of problems in a set of superconducting qubits coupled with a bosonic mode implemented by a transmission line resonator. Via digital-analog techniques, an efficient quantum simulation can be performed in state-of-the-art circuit quantum electrodynamics platforms, by suitable decomposition into analog qubit-bosonic blocks and collective single-qubit pulses through digital steps. Moreover, just a single global analog block would be needed during the whole protocol in most of the cases, superimposed with fast periodic pulses to rotate and detune the qubits. Therefore, a large number of digital steps may be attained with this approach, providing a reduced digital error. Additionally, the number of gates per digital step does not grow with the number of qubits, rendering the simulation efficient. This strategy paves the way for the scalable digital-analog quantum simulation of many-body dynamics involving bosonic modes and spin degrees of freedom with superconducting circuits.

  5. Robert Dicke and the naissance of experimental gravity physics, 1957-1967 (United States)

    Peebles, Phillip James Edwin


    The experimental study of gravity became much more active in the late 1950s, a change pronounced enough be termed the birth, or naissance, of experimental gravity physics. I present a review of developments in this subject since 1915, through the broad range of new approaches that commenced in the late 1950s, and up to the transition of experimental gravity physics to what might be termed a normal and accepted part of physical science in the late 1960s. This review shows the importance of advances in technology, here as in all branches of natural science. The role of contingency is illustrated by Robert Dicke's decision in the mid-1950s to change directions in mid-career, to lead a research group dedicated to the experimental study of gravity. The review also shows the power of nonempirical evidence. Some in the 1950s felt that general relativity theory is so logically sound as to be scarcely worth the testing. But Dicke and others argued that a poorly tested theory is only that, and that other nonempirical arguments, based on Mach's Principle and Dirac's Large Numbers hypothesis, suggested it would be worth looking for a better theory of gravity. I conclude by offering lessons from this history, some peculiar to the study of gravity physics during the naissance, some of more general relevance. The central lesson, which is familiar but not always well advertised, is that physical theories can be empirically established, sometimes with surprising results.

  6. Acoustics and its relation to language: The influence of Dick Bolt (United States)

    Stevens, Kenneth N.


    Under the mentoring of Dick Bolt, and the stimulation he provided in the Acoustics Laboratory at MIT, many students were exposed to a range of topics in acoustics, including mechanisms of sound generation, radiation, and propagation, noise control, acoustics of resonators and rooms, human responses to sound, and speech perception under various adverse conditions. As someone who became interested in speech communication, I have recognized that this kind of quantitative background in acoustics is an important requirement for developing models of how humans produce speech, how they perceive and understand speech, and how children acquire these skills. Speech production involves sound sources produced by a nonlinear mechanical system and by noise arising from turbulent airflow. Sound is propagated in a vocal tract with yielding walls, and acoustic coupling is introduced by lossy resonators attached to the vocal tract, including the trachea and the nasal cavity. These acoustic principles of sound generation create an inventory of sound types that give rise to distinctive responses in the ears and brains of listeners. The solid grounding in acoustics provided by Dick Bolt and his leadership have helped in the formation of this linkage between acoustics, speech physiology, linguistics, and human perception.

  7. Big-Bang nucleosynthesis: Constraints on nuclear reaction rates, neutrino degeneracy, inhomogeneous and Brans-Dicke models (United States)

    Nakamura, Riou; Hashimoto, Masa-Aki; Ichimasa, Ryotaro; Arai, Kenzo

    We review the recent progress in the Big-Bang nucleosynthesis which includes the standard and nonstandard theory of cosmology, effects of neutrino degeneracy, and inhomogeneous nucleosynthesis within the framework of a Friedmann model. As for a nonstandard theory of gravitation, we adopt a Brans-Dicke theory which incorporates a cosmological constant. We constrain various parameters associated with each subject.

  8. USA asepresident: Venemaa kahjustas tõsiselt oma usaldusväärsust ja mainet / Dick Cheney

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Cheney, Dick


    USA asepresident Dick Cheney ütles Itaalias Ambrosetti foorumil peetud kõnes, et Venemaa agressiivsed sammud on õõnestanud suhteid Ühendriikidega ja tugevdanud muret, mida paljud tunnevad Venemaa üldisemate eesmärkide pärast

  9. A path integral approach to the full Dicke model with dipole-dipole interaction

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alcalde, M Aparicio [Instituto de Fisica Teorica, UNESP, Sao Paulo State University, Caixa Postal 70532-2, 01156-970 Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Stephany, J [Departamento de Fisica, Seccion de Fenomenos Opticos, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Apartado Postal 89000, Caracas 1080-A (Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of); Svaiter, N F, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas, Rua Dr Xavier Sigaud 150, 22290-180, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    We consider the full Dicke spin-boson model composed by a single bosonic mode and an ensemble of N identical two-level atoms with different couplings for the resonant and anti-resonant interaction terms, and incorporate a dipole-dipole interaction between the atoms. Assuming that the system is in thermal equilibrium with a reservoir at temperature {beta}{sup -1}, we compute the free energy in the thermodynamic limit N {yields} {infinity} in the saddle-point approximation to the path integral and determine the critical temperature for the super-radiant phase transition. In the zero temperature limit, we recover the critical coupling of the quantum phase transition, presented in the literature. (paper)

  10. Orbiting naked singularities in large-ω Brans-Dicke gravity (United States)

    Chauvineau, Bertrand


    Brans-Dicke gravity admits spherical solutions describing naked singularities rather than black holes. Depending on some parameters entering such a solution, stable circular orbits exist for all radii. One shows that, despite the fact a naked singularity is an infinite redshift location, the far observed orbital motion frequency is unbounded for an adiabatically decreasing radius. We then argue that this feature remains true in a wide set of scalar(s)-tensor theories if gravity. This is a salient difference with general relativity, and the repercussion on the gravitational radiation by EMRI systems is stressed. Since this behaviour survives the ω \\longrightarrow ∞ limit, the possibility of such solutions is of utmost interest in the new gravitational wave astronomy context, despite the current constraints on scalar-tensor gravity.

  11. O absurdo em «Caieira», de Ricardo Guilherme Dicke

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hilda Gomes Dutra Magalhães


    Full Text Available Resumo: Nosso objetivo neste artigo consiste em analisar o espaço do absurdo no romance Caieira, do escritor matogrossense Ricardo Guilherme Dicke. Como suporte teóricometodológico, utilizamos as ideias sobre o absurdo de Camus. Durante a análise, percebemos que o espaço em que se desenvolvem as ações narradas em Caieira representa uma relação de dominação, em que os personagens são reduzidas a fantasmas ou objetos, presas num mundo de cal, árido de humanidade. Mesmo quando o personagem principal tenta reverter o quadro, acaba se transformando num reverso da mesma moeda, repetindo o modelo de dominação contra o qual se insurge, reeditando um ciclo de poder e dominação. Palavras-chave: Literatura brasileira; análise literária; absurdo; espaço.Abstract: Our aim in this paper is to analyze the space of the absurd at the novel Caieira, by Ricardo Guilherme Dicke, writer from Mato Grosso. As a theoretical-methodological support, we use the ideas of on the absurd presented by Camus. During the analysis, we find that the space in which the actions narrated in Caieira develop represents a relationship of domination, in which the characters are reduced to objects or ghosts, trapped in a world of lime, arid of humanity. Even when the main character tries to reverse the situation, eventually becoming a reverse of the same coin, repeating the pattern of domination against which it protests, reissuing a cycle of power and domination. Keywords: Brazilian literature; literary analysis; absurd; space.

  12. Notes on the post-Newtonian limit of the massive Brans-Dicke theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Roshan, Mahmood; Shojai, Fatimah, E-mail: [Department of Physics, University of Tehran, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    We consider the post-Newtonian limit of the massive Brans-Dicke theory and make some notes about the post-Newtonian limit of the case {omega} = 0. This case is dynamically equivalent to the metric f(R) theory. It is known that this theory can be compatible with the solar system tests if the Chameleon mechanism occurs. Also, it is known that this mechanism is because of the nonlinearity in the field equations produced by the largeness of the local curvature relative to the background curvature. Thus, the linearization of the field equations breaks down. On the other hand, we know that the Chameleon mechanism exists when a coupling between the matter and the scalar field exists. In the Jordan frame of the Brans-Dicke theory, we have no such coupling. But in the Einstein frame, this theory behaves like a Chameleon scalar field. By confining ourselves to the case {omega} = 0, we show that 'Chameleon-like' behaviour can exist also in the Jordan frame, but it has an important difference compared with the Chameleon mechanism. Also we show that the conditions which lead to the existence of a 'Chameleon-like' mechanism are consistent with the conditions in the post-Newtonian limit which correspond to a heavy scalar field at the cosmological scale and a small effective cosmological constant. Thus, one can linearize field equations to the post-Newtonian order, and this linearization has no contradiction with the existence of 'Chameleon-like' behaviour.

  13. Room-temperature cavity quantum electrodynamics with strongly coupled Dicke states (United States)

    Breeze, Jonathan D.; Salvadori, Enrico; Sathian, Juna; Alford, Neil McN.; Kay, Christopher W. M.


    The strong coupling regime is essential for efficient transfer of excitations between states in different quantum systems on timescales shorter than their lifetimes. The coupling of single spins to microwave photons is very weak but can be enhanced by increasing the local density of states by reducing the magnetic mode volume of the cavity. In practice, it is difficult to achieve both small cavity mode volume and low cavity decay rate, so superconducting metals are often employed at cryogenic temperatures. For an ensembles of N spins, the spin-photon coupling can be enhanced by √{N } through collective spin excitations known as Dicke states. For sufficiently large N the collective spin-photon coupling can exceed both the spin decoherence and cavity decay rates, making the strong-coupling regime accessible. Here we demonstrate strong coupling and cavity quantum electrodynamics in a solid-state system at room-temperature. We generate an inverted spin-ensemble with N 1015 by photo-exciting pentacene molecules into spin-triplet states with spin dephasing time T2* 3 μs. When coupled to a 1.45 GHz TE01δ mode supported by a high Purcell factor strontium titanate dielectric cavity (Vm 0.25 cm3, Q 8,500), we observe Rabi oscillations in the microwave emission from collective Dicke states and a 1.8 MHz normal-mode splitting of the resultant collective spin-photon polariton. We also observe a cavity protection effect at the onset of the strong-coupling regime which decreases the polariton decay rate as the collective coupling increases.

  14. Susan Magoffin’s Santa Fe Days in 1846: The Value of Testimony Les journées de Santa Fé en 1846 de Susan Magoffin : la valeur du témoignage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susanne Berthier-Foglar


    Full Text Available Susan Magoffin, la jeune épouse d’un commerçant de la piste de Santa Fe, accompagna son mari en 1846 pour un voyage où la caravane suivait de près l’Armée de l’Ouest et pendant lequel elle tint un journal. Cet article traite des 37 jours que dura la pause de la caravane à Santa Fe et aborde plus spécifiquement la façon dont l’auteur appréhendait l’altérité dans un environnement inhabituel et parfois dangereux. Pour apprécier la valeur du témoignage, je combine une analyse du discours avec une évaluation statistique du contenu. La description, parfois naïve, de Santa Fe sous l’occupation américaine illustre les raisons de la guerre contre le Mexique. En tant qu’agent de la destinée manifeste, Susan Magoffin admirait le général Kearny en lui attribuant des qualités surhumaines et en participant à ses efforts de propagande. Alors qu’elle était enracinée dans sa classe et sa culture, elle voyait la population mexicaine et les Amérindiens avec un esprit ouvert bien que ses motifs pour apprendre l’espagnol, ainsi que le métier de commerçante, avaient une fonction plus prosaïque.

  15. Transactions en eaux troubles : résurgences de la voix shakespearienne dans Moby-Dick Defamiliarising the Bard: The Resurgence of Shakespeare in Moby-Dick

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ronan Ludot-Vlasak


    Full Text Available This article explores the way Herman Melville appropriates William Shakespeare’s work in Moby-Dick. Its argument is that by defamiliarising some of Shakespeare’s lines—a corpus that was both alien and familiar to nineteenth-century writers— Melville turns them into his own idiom. This resurgence of the Shakespearean voice is double: although the dramatic element in the novel is often associated with the figure of Ahab, Ishmael also incorporates Shakespearean lines into his narrative. What characterises these (intertextual transactions is that instead of quoting directly from Shakespeare’s plays, Melville often blurs references in order to appropriate the works of his predecessor. More than the mere imitation of a model, this complex process reveals Shakespeare’s seminal role in Moby-Dick as well as Melville’s poetics of reinvention. Ultimately, it enables the author to explore the dark forces lying beneath the surface of things.

  16. Anisotropic string cosmological model in Brans-Dicke theory of gravitation with time-dependent deceleration parameter (United States)

    Maurya, D. Ch.; Zia, R.; Pradhan, A.


    We discuss a spatially homogeneous and anisotropic string cosmological models in the Brans-Dicke theory of gravitation. For a spatially homogeneous metric, it is assumed that the expansion scalar θ is proportional to the shear scalar σ. This condition leads to A = kB m , where k and m are constants. With these assumptions and also assuming a variable scale factor a = a( t), we find solutions of the Brans-Dicke field equations. Various phenomena like the Big Bang, expanding universe, and shift from anisotropy to isotropy are observed in the model. It can also be seen that in early stage of the evolution of the universe, strings dominate over particles, whereas the universe is dominated by massive strings at the late time. Some physical and geometrical behaviors of the models are also discussed and observed to be in good agreement with the recent observations of SNe la supernovae.

  17. Exact solution for the inhomogeneous Dicke model in the canonical ensemble: Thermodynamical limit and finite-size corrections

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pogosov, W.V., E-mail: [N.L. Dukhov All-Russia Research Institute of Automatics, Moscow (Russian Federation); Institute for Theoretical and Applied Electrodynamics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (Russian Federation); Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny (Russian Federation); Shapiro, D.S. [N.L. Dukhov All-Russia Research Institute of Automatics, Moscow (Russian Federation); Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny (Russian Federation); V.A. Kotel' nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (Russian Federation); National University of Science and Technology MISIS, Moscow (Russian Federation); Bork, L.V. [N.L. Dukhov All-Russia Research Institute of Automatics, Moscow (Russian Federation); Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow (Russian Federation); Onishchenko, A.I. [Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna (Russian Federation); Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny (Russian Federation); Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow (Russian Federation)


    We consider an exactly solvable inhomogeneous Dicke model which describes an interaction between a disordered ensemble of two-level systems with single mode boson field. The existing method for evaluation of Richardson–Gaudin equations in the thermodynamical limit is extended to the case of Bethe equations in Dicke model. Using this extension, we present expressions both for the ground state and lowest excited states energies as well as leading-order finite-size corrections to these quantities for an arbitrary distribution of individual spin energies. We then evaluate these quantities for an equally-spaced distribution (constant density of states). In particular, we study evolution of the spectral gap and other related quantities. We also reveal regions on the phase diagram, where finite-size corrections are of particular importance.

  18. Exact solution for the inhomogeneous Dicke model in the canonical ensemble: Thermodynamical limit and finite-size corrections

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    W.V. Pogosov


    Full Text Available We consider an exactly solvable inhomogeneous Dicke model which describes an interaction between a disordered ensemble of two-level systems with single mode boson field. The existing method for evaluation of Richardson–Gaudin equations in the thermodynamical limit is extended to the case of Bethe equations in Dicke model. Using this extension, we present expressions both for the ground state and lowest excited states energies as well as leading-order finite-size corrections to these quantities for an arbitrary distribution of individual spin energies. We then evaluate these quantities for an equally-spaced distribution (constant density of states. In particular, we study evolution of the spectral gap and other related quantities. We also reveal regions on the phase diagram, where finite-size corrections are of particular importance.

  19. Anisotropic string cosmological model in Brans–Dicke theory of gravitation with time-dependent deceleration parameter

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Maurya, D. Ch., E-mail:; Zia, R., E-mail:; Pradhan, A., E-mail: [GLA University, Department of Mathematics, Institute of Applied Sciences and Humanities (India)


    We discuss a spatially homogeneous and anisotropic string cosmological models in the Brans–Dicke theory of gravitation. For a spatially homogeneous metric, it is assumed that the expansion scalar θ is proportional to the shear scalar σ. This condition leads to A = kB{sup m}, where k and m are constants. With these assumptions and also assuming a variable scale factor a = a(t), we find solutions of the Brans–Dicke field equations. Various phenomena like the Big Bang, expanding universe, and shift from anisotropy to isotropy are observed in the model. It can also be seen that in early stage of the evolution of the universe, strings dominate over particles, whereas the universe is dominated by massive strings at the late time. Some physical and geometrical behaviors of the models are also discussed and observed to be in good agreement with the recent observations of SNe la supernovae.

  20. Study of Antigravity in an F(R Model and in Brans-Dicke Theory with Cosmological Constant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. K. Oikonomou


    Full Text Available We study antigravity, that is, having an effective gravitational constant with a negative sign, in scalar-tensor theories originating from F(R theory and in a Brans-Dicke model with cosmological constant. For the F(R theory case, we obtain the antigravity scalar-tensor theory in the Jordan frame by using a variant of the Lagrange multipliers method and we numerically study the time dependent effective gravitational constant. As we will demonstrate by using a specific F(R model, although there is no antigravity in the initial model, it might occur or not in the scalar-tensor counterpart, mainly depending on the parameter that characterizes antigravity. Similar results hold true in the Brans-Dicke model.

  1. Stationary axially symmetric exterior solutions in the five-dimensional representation of the Brans-Dicke-Jordan theory of gravitation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bruckman, W.


    The inverse scattering method of Belinsky and Zakharov is used to investigate axially symmetric stationary vacuum soliton solutions in the five-dimensional representation of the Brans-Dicke-Jordan theory of gravitation, where the scalar field of the theory is an element of a five-dimensional metric. The resulting equations for the spacetime metric are similar to those of solitons in general relativity, while the scalar field generated is the product of a simple function of the coordinates and an already known scalar field solution. A family of solutions is considered that reduce, in the absence of rotation, to the five-dimensional form of a well-known Weyl-Levi Civita axially symmetric static vacuum solution. With a suitable choice of parameters, this static limit becomes equivalent to the spherically symmetric solution of the Brans-Dicke theory. An exact metric, in which the Kerr-scalar McIntosh solution is a special case, is given explicitly.

  2. New holographic reconstruction of scalar-field dark-energy models in the framework of chameleon Brans-Dicke cosmology

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chattopadhyay, Surajit [Pailan College of Management and Technology, Kolkata (India); Pasqua, Antonio [University of Trieste, Department of Physics, Trieste (Italy); Khurshudyan, Martiros [Yerevan State University, Department of Theoretical Physics, Yerevan (Armenia); Potsdam-Golm Science Park, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam (Germany)


    Motivated by the work of Yang et al. (Mod. Phys. Lett. A 26:191, 2011), we report on a study of the new holographic dark energy (NHDE) model with energy density given by ρ{sub D} = (3φ{sup 2})/(4ω)(μH{sup 2} + νH) in the framework of chameleon Brans-Dicke cosmology. We have studied the correspondence between the quintessence, the DBI-essence, and the tachyon scalar-field models with the NHDE model in the framework of chameleon Brans-Dicke cosmology. Deriving an expression of the Hubble parameter H and, accordingly, ρ{sub D} in the context of chameleon Brans-Dicke chameleon cosmology, we have reconstructed the potentials and dynamics for these scalar-field models. Furthermore, we have examined the stability for the obtained solutions of the crossing of the phantom divide under a quantum correction of massless conformally invariant fields, and we have seen that the quantum correction could be small when the phantom crossing occurs and the obtained solutions of the phantom crossing could be stable under the quantum correction. It has also been noted that the potential increases as the matter. chameleon coupling gets stronger with the evolution of the universe. (orig.)

  3. Non-singular Brans–Dicke collapse in deformed phase space

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rasouli, S.M.M., E-mail: [Departamento de Física, Universidade da Beira Interior, Rua Marquês d’Avila e Bolama, 6200 Covilhã (Portugal); Centro de Matemática e Aplicações (CMA - UBI), Universidade da Beira Interior, Rua Marquês d’Avila e Bolama, 6200 Covilhã (Portugal); Physics Group, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Ziaie, A.H., E-mail: [Department of Physics, Shahid Beheshti University, G. C., Evin, 19839 Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Department of Physics, Shahid Bahonar University, PO Box 76175, Kerman (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Jalalzadeh, S., E-mail: [Federal University of Latin-American Integration, Technological Park of Itaipu PO box 2123, Foz do Iguaçu-PR, 85867-670 (Brazil); Moniz, P.V., E-mail: [Departamento de Física, Universidade da Beira Interior, Rua Marquês d’Avila e Bolama, 6200 Covilhã (Portugal); Centro de Matemática e Aplicações (CMA - UBI), Universidade da Beira Interior, Rua Marquês d’Avila e Bolama, 6200 Covilhã (Portugal)


    We study the collapse process of a homogeneous perfect fluid (in FLRW background) with a barotropic equation of state in Brans–Dicke (BD) theory in the presence of phase space deformation effects. Such a deformation is introduced as a particular type of non-commutativity between phase space coordinates. For the commutative case, it has been shown in the literature (Scheel, 1995), that the dust collapse in BD theory leads to the formation of a spacetime singularity which is covered by an event horizon. In comparison to general relativity (GR), the authors concluded that the final state of black holes in BD theory is identical to the GR case but differs from GR during the dynamical evolution of the collapse process. However, the presence of non-commutative effects influences the dynamics of the collapse scenario and consequently a non-singular evolution is developed in the sense that a bounce emerges at a minimum radius, after which an expanding phase begins. Such a behavior is observed for positive values of the BD coupling parameter. For large positive values of the BD coupling parameter, when non-commutative effects are present, the dynamics of collapse process differs from the GR case. Finally, we show that for negative values of the BD coupling parameter, the singularity is replaced by an oscillatory bounce occurring at a finite time, with the frequency of oscillation and amplitude being damped at late times.

  4. Eternal extended inflation and graceful exit from old inflation without Jordan-Brans-Dicke (United States)

    Linde, Andrei


    Recently a possible solution to the graceful exit problem of the old inflation was proposed in the context of the Jordan-Brans-Dicke theory (extended inflation). In this paper we will argue that inflation in this theory occurs in a most natural way if it starts near the Planck density, as in the standard version of chaotic inflation. With most natural initial conditions, the inflationary universe in the JBD theory enters the stage of permanent reproduction of new inflationary domains (eternal extended inflation). In order to realize the extended inflation scenario at least two classical scalar fields driving inflation are necessary, as distinct from the simplest versions of new and chaotic inflation. It is shown that in the theory of two scalar fields one can solve the graceful exit problem even without modifying the Einstein gravity theory, due to the possibility that the decay rate of the false rate vacuum in old inflation depends on the value of the second scalar field and hence on time. Address after 1 September 1990: Physics Department, Stanford University, Varian Building, Stanford, CA 94305, USA.

  5. Quantum phase transitions of light in a dissipative Dicke-Bose-Hubbard model (United States)

    Wu, Ren-Cun; Tan, Lei; Zhang, Wen-Xuan; Liu, Wu-Ming


    The impact that the environment has on the quantum phase transition of light in the Dicke-Bose-Hubbard model is investigated. Based on the quasibosonic approach, mean-field theory, and perturbation theory, the formulation of the Hamiltonian, the eigenenergies, and the superfluid order parameter are obtained analytically. Compared with the ideal cases, the order parameter of the system evolves with time as the photons naturally decay in their environment. When the system starts with the superfluid state, the dissipation makes the photons more likely to localize, and a greater hopping energy of photons is required to restore the long-range phase coherence of the localized state of the system. Furthermore, the Mott lobes depend crucially on the numbers of atoms and photons (which disappear) of each site, and the system tends to be classical with the number of atoms increasing; however, the atomic number is far lower than that expected under ideal circumstances. As there is an inevitable interaction between the coupled-cavity array and its surrounding environment in the actual experiments, the system is intrinsically dissipative. The results obtained here provide a more realistic image for characterizing the dissipative nature of quantum phase transitions in lossy platforms, which will offer valuable insight into quantum simulation of a dissipative system and which are helpful in guiding experimentalists in open quantum systems.

  6. Gravity-Driven Acceleration and Kinetic Inflation in Noncommutative Brans-Dicke Setting (United States)

    Rasouli, S. M. M.; Vargas Moniz, Paulo

    By assuming the spatially flat FLRW line-element and employing the Hamiltonian formalism, a noncommutative (NC) setting of the Brans-Dicke (BD) theory is introduced. We investigate gravity-driven acceleration and kinetic inflation in this NC BD cosmology. Despite to the commutative case, in which both the scale factor and BD scalar field are obtained in power-law forms (in terms of the cosmic time), in our herein NC model, we see that the power-law scalar factor is multiplied by a dynamical exponential warp factor. This warp factor depends on not only the noncommutative parameter but also the momentum conjugate associated to the BD scalar field. For very small values of this parameter, we obtain an appropriate inflationary solution, which can overcome problems within standard BD cosmology in a more efficient manner. Moreover, we see that a graceful exit from an early acceleration epoch towards a decelerating radiation epoch is provided. For late times, due to the presence of the NC parameter, we obtain a zero acceleration epoch, which can be interpreted as the coarse-grained explanation.

  7. Non-singular Brans-Dicke collapse in deformed phase space

    CERN Document Server

    Rasouli, S M M; Jalalzadeh, S; Moniz, P V


    We study the collapse process of a homogeneous perfect fluid (in FLRW background) with a barotropic equation of state in Brans-Dicke (BD) theory in the presence of phase space deformation effects. Such a deformation is introduced as a particular type of non-commutativity between phase space coordinates. For the commutative case, it has been shown in the literature [M.A. Scheel, S.L. Shapiro and S.A. Teukolsky, Phys. Rev. D. 51, 4236 (1995)], that the dust collapse in BD theory leads to the formation of a spacetime singularity which is covered by an event horizon. In comparison to general relativity (GR), the authors concluded that the final state of black holes in BD theory is identical to the GR case but differs from GR during the dynamical evolution of the collapse process. However, the presence of non-commutative effects influences the dynamics of the collapse scenario and consequently a non-singular evolution is developed in the sense that a bounce emerges at a minimum radius, after which an expanding pha...

  8. Shear-free axial model in massive Brans–Dicke gravity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sharif, M., E-mail: [Department of Mathematics, University of the Punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, Lahore-54590 (Pakistan); Manzoor, Rubab, E-mail: [Department of Mathematics, University of the Punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, Lahore-54590 (Pakistan); Department of Mathematics, University of Management and Technology, Johar Town Campus, Lahore-54782 (Pakistan)


    This paper explores the influences of dark energy on the shear-free axially symmetric evolution by considering self-interacting Brans–Dicke gravity as a dark energy candidate. We describe energy source of the model and derive all the effective dynamical variables as well as effective structure scalars. It is found that scalar field is one of the sources of anisotropy and dissipation. The resulting effective structure scalars help to study the dynamics associated with dark energy in any axial configuration. In order to investigate shear-free evolution, we formulate a set of governing equations along with heat transport equation. We discuss consequences of shear-free condition upon different SBD fluid models like dissipative non-geodesic and geodesic models. For dissipative non-geodesic case, the rotational distribution turns out to be the necessary and sufficient condition for radiating model. The dissipation depends upon inhomogeneous expansion. The geodesic model is found to be irrotational and non-radiating. The non-dissipative geodesic model leads to FRW model for positive values of the expansion parameter.

  9. Sous l’empire de la folie : Moby-Dick, Shakespeare & compagnie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michel Imbert


    Full Text Available This article aims at translating Moby-Dick back into Shakespeare’s ornate lingo, and back again into a Swiftian or Sternian brand of “jabberwocky,” in order to expose the sheer nonsense that underlies lame attempts at standing for the Body Politic called Leviathan, understanding it, or making sense of the whale as a whole.Melville emprunte à Shakespeare le motif de la volonté de puissance, du rêve d’empire sous l’emprise de la folie du pouvoir. Le drame d’Achab est de s’ériger en maître absolu face au Leviathan et de s’ignorer possédé par la folle du logis, l’hysterica passio qui habite Lear et qui lui souffle, dans tous les sens du terme, son rêve dément de domination. L’histoire cherche à se répéter sur le modèle des tragédies de Shakespeare mais finit par dégénérer en farce. Le délire de Pip achève de la faire sombrer dans le non-sens.

  10. ‘Speaking Kleinian’: Susan Isaacs as Ursula Wise and the Inter-War Popularisation of Psychoanalysis (United States)

    Shapira, Michal


    How did the complex concepts of psychoanalysis become popular in early twentieth-century Britain? This article examines the contribution of educator and psychoanalyst Susan Isaacs (1885–1948) to this process, as well as her role as a female expert in the intellectual and medical history of this period. Isaacs was one of the most influential British psychologists of the inter-war era, yet historical research on her work is still limited. The article focuses on her writing as ‘Ursula Wise’, answering the questions of parents and nursery nurses in the popular journal Nursery World, from 1929 to 1936. Researched in depth for the first time, Isaacs’ important magazine columns reveal that her writing was instrumental in disseminating the work of psychoanalyst Melanie Klein in Britain. Moreover, Isaacs’ powerful rebuttals to behaviourist, disciplinarian parenting methods helped shift the focus of caregivers to the child’s perspective, encouraging them to acknowledge children as independent subjects and future democratic citizens. Like other early psychoanalysts, Isaacs was not an elitist; she was in fact committed to disseminating her ideas as broadly as possible. Isaacs taught British parents and child caregivers to ‘speak Kleinian’, translating Klein’s intellectual ideas into ordinary language and thus enabling their swift integration into popular discourse. PMID:28901872

  11. A new holographic dark energy model in Brans-Dicke theory with logarithmic scalar field (United States)

    Sadri, Ehsan; Vakili, Babak


    We study a holographic dark energy model in the framework of Brans-Dicke (BD) theory with taking into account the interaction between dark matter and holographic dark energy. We use the recent observational data sets, namely SN Ia compressed Joint Light-Analysis (cJLA) compilation, Baryon Acoustic Oscillations (BAO) from BOSS DR12 and the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) of Planck 2015. After calculating the evolution of the equation of state as well as the deceleration parameters, we find that with a logarithmic form for the BD scalar field the phantom crossing can be achieved in the late time of cosmic evolution. Unlike the conventional theory of holographic dark energy in standard cosmology (ωD=0), our model results in a late time accelerated expansion. It is also shown that the cosmic coincidence problem may be resolved in the proposed model. We execute the statefinder and Om diagnostic tools and demonstrate that interaction term does not play a significant role. Based on the observational data sets used in this paper it seems that the best value with 1σ and 2σ confidence interval are Ωm=0.268^{+0.008 +0.010}_{-0.007 -0.009}, α =3.361^{+0.332 +0.483} _{-0.401 -0.522}, β =5.560^{+0.541 +0.780}_{-0.510 -0.729}, c=0.777^{+0.023 +0.029}_{-0.017 -0.023} and b2 =0.045, according to which we find that the proposed model in the presence of interaction is compatible with the recent observational data.

  12. The Former Miss Barstow with every Tom, Dick and Harry in a doll's house

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard Newton


    Full Text Available Julie Holledge, panel chairperson and member of the International Ibsen Committee, invited myself along with 3 others to participate in the Inaugural Artists’ Keynote Panel: Applied Ibsen on Four Continents: The Artists’ Intentions. My presentation focused on “The Former Miss Barstow with every Tom, Dick and Harry in a doll’s house.” This was an adaptation of Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” produced and staged in Los Angeles, California, 1987.  For the XIIIth International Ibsen Conference at the University of Tromsø, Norway, I projected images; a few found on the internet, and many from the production itself, as well as a video clip shown streaming live from YouTube. The article describes the social context of the 80s, analyzes the reinterpretation of Ibsen’s characters, and sets out to explain the symbology of the sets and costumes. I also touch on the differences between this production and Ibsen’s original in four important aspects. These would be the macaroons, the Tarantella, the silk stockings and the end of the play. Finally, I explain my decision to upload this version of “A Doll’s House,’ scene by scene, to my page on YouTube. Having shown films and videos for many years at festivals around the globe, I was looking for a way to step outside that box and reach an international audience just beyond my keyboard. In all of these ways, the goal has been to illuminate the ways in which an artist takes Ibsen’s text and applies it to the specific social context of their time and culture.

  13. The \\gamma\\ parameter in Brans-Dicke-like (light-)Scalar-Tensor theory with a universal scalar/matter coupling

    CERN Document Server

    Minazzoli, Olivier


    The post-Newtonian parameter \\gamma\\ resulting from a universal scalar/matter coupling is investigated in Brans-Dicke-like Scalar-Tensor theories where the scalar potential is assumed to be negligible. Conversely to previous studies, we use a perfect fluid formalism in order to get the explicit scalar-field equation. It is shown that the metric can be put in its standard post-Newtonian form. However, it is pointed out that 1-\\gamma\\ could be either positive, null or negative for finite value of \\omega_0, depending on the coupling function; while Scalar-Tensor theories without coupling always predict \\gamma<1 for finite value of \\omega_0.

  14. Study of Antigravity in an F(R) Model and in Brans-Dicke Theory with Cosmological Constant


    Oikonomou, V. K.; Karagiannakis, N.


    We study antigravity, that is having an effective gravitational constant with a negative sign, in scalar-tensor theories originating from $F(R)$-theory and in a Brans-Dicke model with cosmological constant. For the $F(R)$ theory case, we obtain the antigravity scalar-tensor theory in the Jordan frame by using a variant of the Lagrange multipliers method and we numerically study the time dependent effective gravitational constant. As we shall demonstrate by using a specific $F(R)$ model, altho...

  15. Population structure of the wood-decay fungus Trichaptum abietinum (J. Dicks. Ryvarden in the Carpathian National Nature Park (Ukraine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boiko Sergey M.


    Full Text Available This paper provides a list of intracellular isozyme systems of Trichaptum abietinum (J. Dicks. Ryvarden (Basidiomycetes that can be used for population studies. Population structure of the fungus within the Carpathian National Nature Park (CNNP was established. Percent of polymorphic loci in general was 83.3%. Groups of rare alleles were assigned Sod88, Sod138, Sdh191, and Est111. Calculated Wright's fixation index allowed establishing privilege of the heterozygotes on locus Acp and homozygotes on locus Sod. The population of T. abietinum in the CNNP was in equilibrium state.

  16. Diasporic Reconciliations of Politics, Love and Trauma: Susan Abulhawa’s Quest for Identity in Mornings in Jenin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ayman M Abu-Shomar


    Full Text Available Negotiating human conditions is an emblematic critical impetus of diaspora informed by multiple cultural possibilities practiced through the creation of multiple spaces that cross the realm of the ‘self’ to that of the ‘other’. It offers a locale to cross from the oppressed ‘self’ to an understanding of an oppressor ‘other’. Yet, diasporic negotiation is politically involved in the most responsible manner; it engages the contextual social realities in order to enable creative possibilities for overcoming the logic of the politics altogether. It invites a kind of political involvement that assures the ‘situatedness of the ethical’ in a framework of moral humanistic realisations. The realisation of diasporic negotiations is dialogically engaged in manners that will give birth to new possibilities for human togetherness. In this essay, I trace the signs of diasporic negotiations of politics, love and trauma in Susan Abulhawa’s Mornings in Jenin by focusing on the Diasporic identity of Amal (the central character. I consider the intersections between diaspora, dislocation of identity and the creation of negotiating spaces that qualify an 'epistemology of Diaspora' against essentialised and ethnocentric construction of realities. I argue that Abulhawa creates diasporic spaces and immense moral scenes to transcend a particular stance of politics via transcending love in opposition to suffering and tribulation. I contend that Abulhawa’s conceptualisation of Diasporic negotiations enables her to depict and gauge two extreme human sentiments: love and trauma, yet, without yielding or compromising the right of just resistance and dissent. Keywords: Diaspora, humanism, Trauma, identity, negotiating difference, and 'Otherness'

  17. Vozvrashtshenije "Ekzorsista" / Susan Howard

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Howard, Susan


    William Friedkini 1973.a. valminud õudusfilm "Exorcist", selle järjed ja selle hiljuti restaureeritud ja taas ekraanile paisatud versioon ning nende mõju näitlejanna Linda Blair'i elukäigule, kes filmis mängis saatanast vaevatud teistmelist

  18. Implications of Two Well-Known Models for Instructional Designers in Distance Education: Dick-Carey versus Morrison-Ross-Kemp (United States)

    Akbulut, Yavuz


    This paper first summarizes, and then compares and contrasts two well-known instructional design models: Dick and Carey Model (DC) and Morrison, Ross and Kemp model (MRK). The target audiences of both models are basically instructional designers. Both models have applications for different instructional design settings. They both see the…

  19. Dennis C. Roberts & Susan R. Komives (Eds. (2016. Enhancing Student Learning and Development in Cross-Border Higher Education. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Munita Dunn-Coetzee


    Full Text Available Enhancing Student Learning and Development in Cross-Border Higher Education, edited by Dennis C. Roberts and Susan R. Komives, is a book that resulted from a short-term study-abroad experience between the Universities of Maryland and San Diego with the Qatar Foundation’s Education City in Doha in 2010. This partnership challenged the way in which higher education internalisation was viewed – in such a way that the visit was replicated in 2012 and this book was authored.

  20. Existence of naked singularities in the Brans-Dicke theory of gravitation. An analytical and numerical study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bedjaoui, Nabil [LMFA and INSSET, Universite de Picardie Jules Verne, 48 rue Raspail, 02100 St Quentin (France); LeFloch, Philippe G [Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), 4 Place Jussieu, 75252 Paris (France); Martin-Garcia, Jose M [Institut d' Astrophysique de Paris and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, 98bis Boulevard Arago, 75014 Paris (France); Novak, Jerome, E-mail: Bedjaoui@u-picardie.f, E-mail:, E-mail: Garcia@iap.f, E-mail: Jerome.Novak@obspm.f [Laboratoire Univers et Theories, Observatoire de Paris and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Universite Paris Diderot, 5 Place Jules Janssen, 92190 Meudon (France)


    Within the framework of the scalar-tensor models of gravitation and by relying on analytical and numerical techniques, we establish the existence of a class of spherically symmetric spacetimes containing a naked singularity. Our result relies on and extends a work by Christodoulou on the existence of naked singularities for the Einstein-scalar field equations. We establish that a key parameter in Christodoulou's construction couples to the Brans-Dicke field and becomes a dynamical variable, which enlarges and modifies the phase space of solutions. We recover analytically many properties first identified by Christodoulou, in particular the loss of regularity (especially at the center), and then investigate numerically the properties of these spacetimes.

  1. A Study of Cosmic Expansion Generated by Non-conservation of Matter in the Framework of Brans-Dicke Theory

    CERN Document Server

    Roy, Sudipto


    The present study, on the expansion of universe, is based on an assumption regarding the possibility of inter-conversion between matter and dark energy, through some interaction of matter with the scalar field in the framework of Brans-Dicke theory. The field equations for a spatially flat space-time have been solved using an empirical dependence of scalar field parameter upon the scale factor. To represent the behaviour regarding the non-conservation of matter, a function, expressed in terms of the Hubble parameter, has been empirically incorporated into the field equations. Their solution shows that, this function, whose value is proportional to the matter content of the universe, decreases monotonically with time. This matter-field interaction generates late time acceleration, causing the deceleration parameter to change its sign from positive to negative. Time dependence of the proportion of dark energy component of the universe has been determined and shown graphically. Time variation of gravitational co...

  2. Influence of counter-rotating interaction on quantum phase transition in Dicke-Hubbard lattice: an extended coherent-state approach (United States)

    Lu, Yongchuan; Wang, Chen


    We investigate the ground-state behavior of the Dicke-Hubbard model including counter-rotating terms. By generalizing an extended coherent-state approach within mean-field theory, we self-consistently obtain the ground-state energy and delocalized order parameter. Localization-delocalization quantum phase transition of photons is clearly observed by breaking the parity symmetry. Particularly, Mott lobes are fully suppressed, and the delocalized order parameter shows monotonic enhancement by increasing qubit-cavity coupling strength, in sharp contrast to the Dicke-Hubbard model under rotating-wave approximation. Moreover, the corresponding phase boundaries are stabilized by decreasing photon hopping strength, compared to the Rabi-Hubbard model.

  3. Implications of Two Well-Known Models For Instructional Designers In Distance Education:Dick-Carey Versus Morrison-Ross-Kemp


    AKBULUT, Yavuz


    This paper first summarizes, and then compares and contrasts two well-known instructional design models: Dick and Carey Model (DC) and Morrison, Ross and Kemp model (MRK). The target audiences of both models are basically instructional designers. Both models have applications for different instructional design settings. They both see the instructional design as a means to problem-solving. However, there are also differences between the two models. Applications of each model for instructional ...

  4. Time-resolving experiments on Dicke superfluorescence of O2- centers in KCl. Two-color superfluorescence (United States)

    Florian, Reinhold; Schwan, Lothar O.; Schmid, Dankward


    Single crystals of KCl containing O2- centers (8×1016-7×1017 cm-3) were excited at low temperatures (Tintensities above 20 GW/cm2 a spontaneous emission of coherent light was observed which could be identified as Dicke superfluorescence. This superfluorescence was observed on two of the zero-phonon lines in the vibrational progression of the O2- fluorescence spectrum (0-10 and 0-11 at 592.8 and 629.1 nm, respectively). We have studied the time dependence, the statistics of the delay times, and the intensities. The observed delay times vary between 0.5 and 10 ns, the observed pulse widths between 0.5 and 6 ns, and the coherence time was found to be longer than 100 ps. The observed linewidths of the superfluorescence (0.016nm≅14GHz) is a factor of 2.5 smaller than that of the spontaneous fluorescence (0.042 nm at 4.2 K). The superfluorescence is observed only below a critical temperature which depends on the O2- concentration (8 to 28 K for concentrations between 8×1016 and 7×1017 cm-3).

  5. Nonvolatile taste components of culinary-medicinal maitake mushroom, Grifola frondosa (Dicks.:Fr.) S.F. Gray. (United States)

    Huang, Shih-Jeng; Tsai, Shu-Yao; Lin, Shin-Yi; Liang, Chih-Hung; Mau, Jeng-Leun


    Culinary-medicinal maitake mushroom Grifola frondosa (Dicks.: Fr.) S.F. Gray mycelium was inoculated into wheat, a new product was formed after fungal fermentation, and its nonvolatile taste components were studied. Contents of crude ash, fat, fiber, and protein were higher in fruit bodies and mycelia, whereas carbohydrate contents were higher in the uninoculated and fermented wheat. Contents of total soluble sugars and polyols were 234.06, 111.70, 88.58, and 28.83 mg/g for fermented wheat, fruiting bodies, mycelia, and wheat, respectively. Contents of total free amino acids were in the descending order of mycelia > fermented wheat > fruiting bodies > wheat. Contents of total 5'-nucleotides were in the descending order: fruiting bodies > mycelia > fermented wheat > wheat. Based on the results obtained, fruiting bodies and mycelia possessed highly intense umami taste. Overall, as a result of solid-state fermentation, fermented wheat contained more taste components and a higher equivalent umami concentration than wheat did.

  6. Lágrimas nas profundezas: alegorias utópicas em Moby Dick e o nominalismo na obra de William de Ockham

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Estevan de Negreiros Ketzer


    Full Text Available A obra de Herman Melville, Moby Dick, é constituída como uma utopia dentro das circunstâncias condensadas nas personagens da Baleia e do capitão Ahab. A psicanálise, em sua compreensão semântica, cuja implicação envolve o sujeito psíquico, potencializa as singularidades e o coloca ao desafio que extrapola o tempo lógico quando há um encontro na criação utópica. O nominalismo do filósofo inglês Ockham problematiza a dinâmica do conhecimento ao formular um método que corta as explicações excessivas (a navalha e indaga qual o caminho da apropriação humana no que diz respeito ao campo da discernibilidade dos saberes, trilha esta buscada na obra de Melville.Cries in the deepness: utopical allegories in Moby Dick and the nominalism in the William of Ockham's work. The Herman Melville's work, Moby Dick, is a constituted utopia inside condensed circumstances in the whale and in captain Ahab figures. The psychoanalysis in its semantic understanding, in which implication involves the psychological subject, potentiates the singularity and puts it to a challenge that oversteps the logic time when there is a meeting on the utopian creation. The nominalism from the Brittan philosophy Ockham problematizes the knowledge dynamic to formulate a method that cuts the excessive explanations (the razor and inquires what the pathway to the human ownership making sense of discern field of knowledge, this trail is being searched in the Melville's work.

  7. Reificação na ficção científica norte-americana dos anos 60: uma análise do foco narrativo de Do Androids dream of electric sheep? de Philip K. Dick


    Gustavo Piacentini


    Esta dissertação busca investigar os materiais sócio-históricos dos anos 60 norte-americanos materializados no romance de ficção científica Do androids dream of electric sheep? de Philip K. Dick por meio da análise do foco narrativo, especialmente. Embora não seja considerado um dos mais refinados romances de Dick, a obra apresenta um diagnóstico bastante apurado dos limites de experiência disponíveis da década. This dissertation aims to investigate the socio-historical material...

  8. "If you thought this story sour, sweeten it with your own telling" - a feminist poetics of rewriting in Susan Price's Ghost dance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sanna Lehtonen


    Full Text Available The attempts to challenge conventional gendered discourses in children's fantasy have often resulted in feminist rewritings of earlier stories. Ghost dance (1994 by the English author Susan Price is a novel that reflects a specific feminist poetics of rewriting: metafictional passages highlight the constructedness of the narrative and at the end readers are invited to tell their own versions of the story. Moreover, the rewriting freely combines and recontextualises elements from different source texts and reformulates them to create a narrative that challenges conventional discourses of gender. While this poetics has an appeal from a feminist perspective, the play with cross-cultural intertexts and gender becomes more complex when the novel is examined in a postcolonialist framework in relation to ethnicity and the issue of cultural appropriation. Ghost dance is situated in a setting that has a real-world equivalent (Russia, involves characters that are identified with names of real-world ethnic groups (Lapps (Sámi, Russian, and mixes elements from Russian wonder tales, Nordic mythology and an Ojibwe legend. The novel does not aim at historical accuracy in its representations nor is it a direct retelling of any of the pre-texts but combines motifs, themes, names, characters and settings freely from each source. In this textual melting pot, the protagonist Shingebiss is, on one level, a revision of the witch Baba Yaga, but also described as a Lappish shaman with an Ojibwe name. To rewrite gendered discourses, certain elements from the pretexts are chosen and others left out – the question is, then, what effects does this recontextualisation have on the representation of ethnicity? Or, are the feminist rewriting strategies actually a form of cultural appropriation?

  9. Moby-Dick

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Melville, Herman


    On board the whaling ship Pequod a crew of wise men and fools, renegades and seeming phantoms is hurled through treacherous seas by a crazed captain hell-bent on hunting down the mythic White Whale. Melville transforms the little world of the whale-ship into a crucible where mankind's fears, faith

  10. Idufirma Silicon Valleyta / Susan Adams

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Adams, Susan


    Tarkvarafirma Apprenda toodab teenindusplatvormi tarkvara, mis võimaldab klientidel luua ja hoida käigus uusi mobiilseid ja pilvetehnoloogiapõhiseid rakendusi. Oma töötajatele pakub odavaid elamispindu ja madalaid makse

  11. Methods to recover the narrow Dicke sub-Doppler feature in evacuated wall-coated cells without restrictions on cell size (United States)

    Robinson, H. G.


    The hyperfine resonance observed in evacuated wall-coated cells with dimensions lambda/2 (lambda is the hyperfine resonance wavelength) consists of a narrow Dicke sub-Doppler linewidth feature, the spike, superimposed on a broad pedestal. The hydrogen maser provides a classic example of this lineshape. As cell size is increased, an effect unique to evacuated wall-coated cells occurs. Certain combinations of microwave field distribution and cell size result in a lineshape having a pedestal with a small spike feature or only the broad pedestal with no spike. Such conditions are not appropriate for atomic frequency standard applications. The cause of the evacuated wall-coated cell lineshape is reviewed and methods to recover the narrow spike feature without restrictions on cell size is discussed. One example is a cell with dimensions having equal volumes of exposure to opposite phases of the microwave magnetic field.

  12. A Bianchi type-II dark-energy cosmology with a decaying Λ-term in the Brans-Dicke theory of gravity (United States)

    Singh, J. K.; Sharma, N. K.; Beesham, A.


    We present a sequence of anisotropic Bianchi type-II dark-energy models in the framework of the Brans-Dicke theory of gravity with a variable equation of state (EoS) parameter and a constant deceleration parameter. We use power-law relations between the scalar field φ and the scale factor A and between the average Hubble parameter H and the average scale factor A to obtain most of the analytic solutions. The dark-energy EoS parameter ω and its range admitted by the models agrees well with the most recent observational data. It has been observed that the cosmological constant Λ is decreasing with time, which is consistent with recent cosmological observations. We study the dynamical stability and physical features of the models.

  13. Parallel editing, multi-positionality and maximalism – cosmopolitan effects as explored in some art works by Melanie Jackson and Vivienne Dick

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rachel Garfield


    Full Text Available Garfield produces a critique of minimalist art practice by demonstrating how the artist Melanie Jackson’s Some things you are not allowed to send around the world (2003 and 2006 and the experimental film-maker Vivienne Dick’s Liberty’s booty (1980 – neither of which can be said to be about feeling ‘at home’ in the world, be it as a resident or as a nomad – examine global humanity through multi-positionality, excess and contingency, and thereby begin to articulate a new cosmopolitan relationship with the local – or, rather, with many different localities – in one and the same maximalist sweep of the work. ‘Maximalism’ in Garfield’s coinage signifies an excessive overloading (through editing, collage, and the sheer density of the range of the material that enables the viewer to insert themselves into the narrative of the work. In the art of both Jackson and Dick Garfield detects a refusal to know or to judge the world; instead, there is an attempt to incorporate the complexities of its full range into the singular vision of the work, challenging the viewer to identify what is at stake.

  14. The Usage of E-Learning Model To Optimize Learning System In Higher Education by Using Dick and Carey Design Approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anak Agung Gde Satia Utama


    Full Text Available Nowadays many universities in the world apply technology enhanced learning in order to help learning activities. Due to the potentials technology enhanced learning offers, recent education using it and universities in particular are trying to apply it. One of the subjects of this research is The Accounting Department of Airlangga University in Surabaya. The idea of this research is to investigate the students about how they know deeply about e-learning system and learning objectives as a first step to conduct e-learning model. After the model completed, the next step is to prepare database learning. Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD can help to explain the model. The purpose of this research was done by using Dick and Carey Design Model. There are nine steps to conduct e-learning model. All steps can be categorized into three steps research: first is the introduction or empirical study, the next step is the design and the last is the feedback after the implementation. The methodology used in this research is using Qualitative Exploratory, by using questionnaire and interviews as data collection techniques. The analysis of the data shows organization requires information about e-learning content, user as a learning subject and information technology infrastructures. E-learning model as one of the alternative learning can help users to optimized learning.

  15. Reduction of Systematic Errors in Diagnostic Receivers Through the Use of Balanced Dicke-Switching and Y-Factor Noise Calibrations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    John Musson, Trent Allison, Roger Flood, Jianxun Yan


    Receivers designed for diagnostic applications range from those having moderate sensitivity to those possessing large dynamic range. Digital receivers have a dynamic range which are a function of the number of bits represented by the ADC and subsequent processing. If some of this range is sacrificed for extreme sensitivity, noise power can then be used to perform two-point load calibrations. Since load temperatures can be precisely determined, the receiver can be quickly and accurately characterized; minute changes in system gain can then be detected, and systematic errors corrected. In addition, using receiver pairs in a balanced approach to measuring X+, X-, Y+, Y-, reduces systematic offset errors from non-identical system gains, and changes in system performance. This paper describes and demonstrates a balanced BPM-style diagnostic receiver, employing Dicke-switching to establish and maintain real-time system calibration. Benefits of such a receiver include wide bandwidth, solid absolute accuracy, improved position accuracy, and phase-sensitive measurements. System description, static and dynamic modelling, and measurement data are presented.

  16. Preparation of culinary-medicinal maitake mushroom, Grifola frondosa (Dicks.: Fr.) S.F. Gray (Aphyllophoromycetideae)-fermented wheat and its antioxidant properties. (United States)

    Huang, Shih-Jeng; Tsai, Shu-Yao; Lin, Shin-Yi; Liang, Chih-Hung; Lian, Pei-Ying; Mau, Jeng-Leun


    The optimization of solid-state fermentation conditions for mycelial growth in wheat by culinary-medicinal maitake mushroom, Grifola frondosa (Dicks.: Fr.) S.F. Gray was studied. The results from the center of the design analysis showed that the recommended optimal conditions for carbon, nitrogen sources, and temperature were 19 mg lactose/g, 2.0 mg malt extract/g, and 30 degrees C, respectively. Under these conditions, the mycelial biomass of 533.1 mg/g was obtained in fermented wheat, comparable to that (545.7 mg/g) obtained using the one-factor-at-a-time method. Based on the results obtained, EC50 values of ethanolic and hot water extracts from fermented wheat were 1.13-15.27 mg/mL, indicating that fermented wheat was effective in antioxidant activity, reducing power, scavenging ability on 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl radicals, and chelating ability on ferrous ions. Total phenol contents of both extracts were 13.35 and 23.01 mg/g, respectively. Accordingly, the information obtained would be applicable for the cultivation and consumption of G. frondosa-fermented wheat to provide its beneficial health effects.

  17. Maja "Moby Dick" = House Moby Dick / Jyrki Tasa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tasa, Jyrki


    2003. a. valminud eramu projekteeris arhitekt Jyrki Tasa. Kivist trepp ja terasest sild viivad teisel korrusel valges seinas asuva peasissekäigu juurde. Talveaed ulatub läbi kahe korruse. Ruume liidavad ka kolm läbipaistvast klaasist ja terasest silda. Fassaadid on kaetud peamiselt vineeriga ning männilattide ja -laudadega. I, II, III korruse plaan, lõige, 3 välis- ja 7 sisevaadet

  18. Dick and Jane in 1989. (United States)

    Purcell, Piper; Stewart, Lara


    A study of 62 children's readers in use in three Texas cities demonstrated that such books are less male-focused than they appeared to be in a similar 1972 survey. Contends that both boys and girls would benefit from a still more equitable representation. (DM)

  19. Demokraatia taganemine Venemaal / Dick Lugar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lugar, Dick


    17. veebruaril USA Senatis esitatud Senati väliskomisjoni esimehe ettekanne, milles ta käsitles olukorda Venemaal, Venemaa katset sekkuda Ukraina valimistesse, toetust Gruusia separatistlikele regioonidele. Komisjoni esimehe sõnul peab USA jätkama Venemaale surve avaldamist, et seal hakkaks kehtima vaba ja õiglane poliitiline ning õiguslik süsteem

  20. Robert Dicke and Atomic Physics

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Line broadening mechanisms are broadly classified into two, homogeneous and inhomogeneous, depending on whether the mechanism affects the line shape in a simi- lar way for each particle (homogeneous) or whether the broadening arises from a random shift in the resonance frequency for different particles causing a ...

  1. Brans-Dicke Wormhole Revisited


    Bhattacharya, Amrita; Nigmatzyanov, Ilnur; Izmailov, Ramil; Nandi, Kamal K.


    A basic constraint to be satisfied by Brans class I solution for being a traversible wormhole is derived. It is argued that the solution could be a wormhole analogue of the Horowitz-Ross naked black hole. It is further demonstrated that the wormhole is traversible only "in principle", but not in practice. Using a recently proposed measure of total gravitational energy inside a static wormhole configuration, it is shown that the wormhole contains repulsive gravity required for the defocussing ...

  2. En camino hacia el Moby Dick de Herman Melville, encontré… Algunas notas preliminares de un libro sin escribir On My Way to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, I Found … Some Preliminary Remarks from an Unwritten Book

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Burkard Sievers


    Full Text Available Propósito: El autor está revisitando el cuerpo de sus manuscritos sobre el Moby Dick de Herman Melville, que comenzó a escribir hace unos 15 años. Aunque estos escritos siguen constituyendo un “libro sin escribir”, las obras de Melville tuvieron un impacto duradero sobre su pensamiento - abrieron nuevo caminos de inspiración- y escritura hasta el presente. El objetivo del documento es revelar algunas experiencias, estímulos, dificultades y emociones concomitantes con la escritura académica que siguen estando en su mayoría, escondidas del lector. Diseño/ metodología/acercamiento: Este artículo es una reminiscencia personal sobre la experiencia de la escritura académica de unas cuatro décadas. Es una historia de cómo un académico se familiariza con, y luego es influenciado/inspirado por una obra literaria, y descubre cuántos tópicos organizacionales pueden ser iluminados por trabajos literarios. Descubrimientos: Ni siquiera un libro sin escribir lleva necesariamente a descuidar completamente lo que había sido escrito. Esto podría ser un alivio y un estímulo para otros, quienes se dan cuenta de que no están solos en este sentido. Originalidad/valor: el artículo aporta un poco más de entendimiento sobre la experiencia no-tan-obvia y generalmente escondida, del “proceso de producción” de la escritura académica, e ilustra la relevancia e importancia de la literatura para pensar más allá, tópicos tales como la Administración y la organización.Purpose: The author is revisiting the body of his manuscripts on Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, which he began writing some 15 years ago. Though these writings have remained an ‘unwritten book’, Melville’s works had a lasting impact on his thinking and writing up to the present. He reveals some of the experiences and emotions concomitant with academic writing that remain more often than not hidden from the reader. Design/methodology/approach: This paper is a personal

  3. Britain at CERN'98 (20-23 October 1998) : Dr Dick Wakelin (right), Chairman of Lancashire Fittings Limited, explains his company's products to the Director General C.H. Llewellyn Smith and to the British Ambassador of Switzerland, H.E. Mr C. Hulse

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loiez


    Britain at CERN'98 (20-23 October 1998) : Dr Dick Wakelin (right), Chairman of Lancashire Fittings Limited, explains his company's products to the Director General C.H. Llewellyn Smith and to the British Ambassador of Switzerland, H.E. Mr C. Hulse

  4. Susan G. Komen for the Cure (United States)

    ... de sus senos:Consejos útiles para mujeres El Cancer de Mama y el Medio Ambiente: Preguntas y Respuestas Guía de herramientas de educación sobre el cancer de seno para comunidades hispanas/Latinas About Us ...

  5. Entretien avec Susan Holtz | IDRC - International Development ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Au seuil du prochain millénaire, le développement planétaire durable pose des défis complexes et d'envergure. Partout dans le monde, on cherche à relever ces défis en intégrant les politiques environnementales, sociales et économiques.

  6. Reported school experiences of young people living with sickle cell disorder in England.


    Dyson, Simon; Abuateya, Hala; Atkin, Karl; Culley, Lorraine; Dyson, Sue; Rowley, David T.


    We are grateful to all the young people and their families for their time in replying to the survey. We would like to acknowledge the work of the Sickle Cell and Education group (SCED) in helping with the survey, including David Rees, Moira Dick, Susan Height, Sandra O’Driscoll, Shirley Samuel, Baba Inusa, Jo Howard, Helen Appleby, Neil Westerdale, Lola Oni, Elizabeth Okuyiga, Vesna Graham, Beatrice Barbola, Gavin Cho, Michele Afif, Lurieteen Miller, Susan Crawford, Maureen Williams, Janet L...

  7. Disclosure and sickle cell disorder: a mixed methods study of the young person with sickle cell at school.


    Dyson, Simon; Atkin, Karl; Culley, Lorraine; Dyson, Sue; Evans, Hala; Rowley, David T.


    We are grateful to all the young people and their families for their time in replying to the questionnaires and the interviews. We would like to acknowledge the work of the Sickle Cell and Education group (SCED) in helping with the survey, including David Rees, Moira Dick, Susan Height, Sandra O’Driscoll, Shirley Samuel, Baba Inusa, Jo Howard, Helen Appleby, Neil Westerdale, Lola Oni, Elizabeth Okuyiga, Vesna Graham, Beatrice Barbola, Gavin Cho, Michele Afif, Lurieteen Miller, Susan Crawford...

  8. The Brans-Dicke-Rastall theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carames, Thiago R.P.; Fabris, Julio C.; Piattella, Oliver F. [UFES, Departamento de Fisica, Vitoria, ES (Brazil); Daouda, Mahamadou H. [Universite Abdou Moumouni, Niamey (Niger); Oliveira, Adriano M. [IFES, Guarapari, ES (Brazil); Strokov, Vladimir [UFES, Departamento de Fisica, Vitoria, ES (Brazil); Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow (Russian Federation)


    We formulate a theory combining the principles of scalar-tensor gravity and Rastall's proposal of a violation of the usual conservation laws. We obtain a scalar-tensor theory with two parameters ω and λ, the latter quantifying the violation of the usual conservation laws (λ = 1 corresponding to the General Relativity limit). The only exact spherically symmetric solution is that of Robinson-Bertotti besides the Schwarzschild solution. A PPN analysis reveals that General Relativity results are reproduced when λ = 0. The cosmological case displays a possibility of deceleration/acceleration or acceleration/deceleration transitions during the matter dominated phase depending on the values of the free parameters. (orig.)

  9. Contravene, write ... About the pain of others of Susan Sontag

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucía Belén Couso


    Full Text Available Regarding the pain of others challenges our knowledge, challenges what is held as true. We appreciate this attitude condensed in the verb “to defy”. We analyze how Sontag develops her hypothesis and, from that point onward, which is the idea of criticism that emerges from the writing of Regarding the pain of others. Our analysis focuses on three of its topics: the reviewing of the ideas about the war that Virginia Woolf establishes on Three Guineas, the discussion of her own text On photography, and the criticism about Sebastião Salgado’s photography.

  10. From Estonian Exile to Executive Office / Susan Frith

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Frith, Susan


    Eesti Vabariigi Presidendi Toomas Hendrik Ilvese elukäigust, haridusteest, poliitilistest vaadetest. T. H. Ilves lõpetas Pennsylvania ülikooli psühholoogia alal magistrikraadiga 1978. a. Artiklis on kasutatud telefoniintervjuud presidendiga. T. H. Ilvese kohta avaldavad arvamust ülikoolikaaslane Brian Wandell ja Eesti Rahvuskomitee Ühendriikides endine president Juhan Simonson. Ülevaade artiklist ilmunud ka: Vaba Eesti Sõna, 24. jaan. 2008, lk. 7, 10: Vaga, Airi. Eesti president Toomas H. Ilves Pennsylvania ülikooli ajakirjas

  11. Reading Susan Isaacs: toward a radically revised theory of thinking. (United States)

    Ogden, Thomas H


    The author views Isaacs's (1952) paper, The nature and function of phantasy, as making an important contribution to the development of a radically revised psychoanalytic theory of thinking. Perhaps Isaacs's most important contribution is the notion that phantasy is the process that creates meaning, and that phantasy is the form in which all meanings - including feelings, defense 'mechanisms,' impulses, bodily experiences, and so on - exist in unconscious mental life. The author discusses both explicit formulations offered by Isaacs as well as his own extensions of her ideas. The latter include (1) the idea that phantasying generates not only unconscious psychic content, but also constitutes the entirety of unconscious thinking; (2) the notion that transference is a form of phantasying that serves as a way of thinking for the first time (in relation to the analyst) emotional events that occurred in the past, but were too disturbing to be experienced at the time they occurred and (3) a principal aim and function of phantasy is that of fulfilling the human need to get to know and understand the truth of one's experience. The author concludes by discussing the relationship between Isaacs's concept of phantasy and Bion's concepts of alpha function and the human need for the truth, as well as the differences between Fairbairn's and Isaacs's conceptions of the nature of unconscious internal object relationships. Copyright © 2011 Institute of Psychoanalysis.

  12. A polarised SUSANS facility to study magnetic systems

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    magnet, at a small angle to the diagonal of the rectangle. Neutrons were thus de- flected by the 'magnetic air prism' [5] of 90◦ apex angle. The magnet was fabricated by attaching eight rare earth permanent magnet slabs (2 cm wide, 5 cm long and. 1.25 cm high, maximum energy product BHmax > 30 MGOe) each, just ...

  13. A polarised SUSANS facility to study magnetic systems

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Spatial pair-distribution functions for the up- and down-spins as well as the nuclear and magnetic scattering length density distributions in the micrometer domain, have ... Solid State Physics Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai 400 085, India; Berlin Neutron Scattering Center, Hahn-Meitner-Institut, Glienicker ...

  14. Entretien avec Susan Holtz | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour le ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    26 nov. 2010 ... À l'échelle planétaire, toutes les institutions continueront d'évoluer et de changer, c'est sûr. C'est ce qui se passe présentement étant donné la conjugaison d'une intégration plus poussée de l'économie planétaire à l'évolution rapide des technologies, particulièrement dans le monde des communications.

  15. In Conversation with Susan Holtz | CRDI - Centre de recherches ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    In response to Chapter 8 of Agenda 21, "Integrating environment and development in decision making," IDRC undertook to research and document the practical, policy integration problems encountered in its development work. The Cornerstone of Development: Integrating Environmental, Social, and Economic Policies, ...

  16. Rene Valner ja Mikk Suursild - lihtsa elu tegelased / Susan Lahesalu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lahesalu, Susan


    Arhitekt Rene Valner ja Mikk Suursild - tandem nimega UNITe - ehitavad ökonoomseid ja ökoloogilisi looduslikest materjalidest maju. Nende koostöös on valminud ka Peipsi ääres Nina külas 3 põhumaja. Ott Kadariku, Margit Mutso ja Kuido Kartau kommentaarid

  17. Preparation of entangled Dicke states using atomic ensembles


    Franquet González, Albert


    Treball final de màster oficial fet en col·laboració amb Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Universitat de Barcelona (UB) i Institut de Ciències Fotòniques (ICFO) [ANGLÈS] Phenomena associated with collective interactions in atom-nanofiber interfaces have been of great interest. Here, we show how multipartite entanglement in atomic ensembles can emerge from collective emission in combination with photon detection. We present a novel group theoretical technique to efficiently calculat...

  18. Higher dimensional global monopole in Brans–Dicke theory

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ories to unify gravity with other fundamental forces in nature. Solutions of ... The general five dimensional static metric admitting spherical symmetry in the usual ... (3), we obtain the follow- ing set of equations: e β. µ. ¼¼. 2. +. µ. ¼2. 4 β. ¼. µ. ¼. 4 β. ¼ r. +. µ. ¼ r. + 1 r2. + 1 r2 = 16πη2ω φ(2ω +3)r2 φ. ¼ γ. ¼e β. 2φ. ,. (5) e β.

  19. Dick Lord Covos Books: Johannesburg, 1998 215 pagcs illustrated ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    of Namibia and Angola; from persistent airport officials who desperately try to enforce customs regulations to laws broken by aviators simply because not to could have results too ghastly to contemplate; from highly publicised and recognised rescue efforts to obscure ones that few have ever heard of; from the joy of another ...

  20. Corruption, librarians and building a new South Africa | Dick ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    libraries can combat corruption by monitoring measures to promote free access to information and freedom of expression. It maintains also that cultures of access to information and anti-corruption should be connected. Using a twofold view that information is power and that power is information, the article documents ...

  1. Comparison between Kemp, Smith & Ragan, Dick & Carey's Instructional Design Models (United States)

    Birgili, Bengi


    Instructional design (ID) is systematic way of suggesting a structure and giving meaning to an instructional problem by helping to visualize the problem and breaking into discrete and manageable units. In addition, ID is a systematic reflective process of applying instructional principles into plans by material, activity, resources and evaluation…

  2. In Appreciation of Claude Warren and Susan Rose's "William Pengelly's Techniques of Archaeological Excavation"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David L. Browman


    Full Text Available The short (40 pages pamphlet by Warren and Rose (1994 provides the answer to a complex question regarding credit for an important archaeological methodology, stratigraphic excavation. Let me set the stage for this appreciation. Continuing research on the beginnings of stratigraphic excavations in North America (Browman and Givens 1996, I sought the origins of the idea of actually excavating by strata, rather than post-facto interpretation, seen in North American as early as 1895 in the work of Henry Chapman Mercer, but not really introduced into the repertoire of American techniques until the work of Gamio, Kidder and Nelson between 1911 and 1914. The roots of the latter three seemed to lie with individuals such as Reisner, Boas, Uhle, who in turn seemed to rely on Hugo Obennaier, Gabriel de Mortillet, Marcellin Boule, and perhaps Pitt-Rivers, while Mercer's work could be traced to Boule and Albert Gaudry. Doggedly following back the roots, I found that Chapman (1989 could make a reasonable case that Pitt-Rivers had actually learned of the idea of strati­graphic excavation from Evans, Prestwich, and Lubbock, from the British scientists working with the Upper and Middle Paleolithic excavations during 1858-1868.

  3. Nõukogude "kaasaegne stiil" : sotsialistlik modernism = The Soviet "contemporary style" : a socialist modernism / Susan E. Reid

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Reid, Susan E., 1959-


    Modernismile lähenemisest nõukogude kunstis. Nõukogude kunstikriitikast ja -praktikast. Kaasaegne stiil sünteesis arhitektuuriga. Nõukogude Palee teostamata projektist Moskvas. 1962. aastal valminud Moskva Pioneeride Paleest kui stalinistliku praktika hülgamise näitest

  4. Comment on "Revisiting the 1872 owens valley, California, earthquake" by Susan E. Hough and Kate Hutton (United States)

    Bakun, W.H.


    Bakun (2009) argues that the conclusions of Hough and Hutton (2008) are wrong because the study failed to take into account the Sierra Nevada attenuation model of Bakun (2006). In particular, Bakun (2009) argues that propagation effects can explain the relatively high intensities generated by the 1872 Owens Valley earthquake. Using an intensity attenuation model that attempts to account for attenuation through the Sierra Nevada, Bakun (2006) infers the magnitude estimate (Mw 7.4–7.5) that is currently accepted by National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC).

  5. David Brailer on a private-public health information technology infrastructure. Interview by Susan V. White. (United States)

    Brailer, David


    David Brailer, MD PhD, was appointed the first National Health Information Technology Coordinator by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson on May 6, 2004. As National Coordinator he is to execute President Bush's Executive Order of April 27, 2004, calling for widespread deployment of health information technology (HIT) within 10 years. Dr. Brailer is an authority on clinical data sharing, local health information exchanges, and the use of peer-to-peer technologies in healthcare. He is a leader in the strategy and financing of quality and efficiency in healthcare, with a particular emphasis on HIT and health systems management. Previously, Dr. Brailer was a Senior Fellow at the Health Technology Center in San Francisco, advising a variety of regional and national data-sharing projects and several major corporations about the role of IT in improving the quality of healthcare. Dr. Brailer recently completed 10 years as Chairman and CEO of CareScience, Inc., a provider of care management services and Internet-based solutions that help reduce medical errors and improve physician and hospital-based performance. Dr. Brailer holds doctoral degrees in both medicine and economics. While in medical school, he was a Charles A. Dana Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the first recipient of the National Library of Medicine Martin Epstein Award for his work in expert systems. Dr. Brailer was among the first medical students to serve on the Board of Trustees of the American Medical Association.

  6. 77 FR 73663 - Susan F. Knott; Denial of Hearing; Final Debarment Order (United States)


    ... seeking treatment with BOTOX/BOTOX Cosmetic (BOTOX) with a product, TRI-toxin, distributed by Toxic Research International, Inc. (TRI). BOTOX is a biological product derived from botulinum toxin type A that... approved for use, to be offered for sale as an approved drug product, BOTOX. This conduct clearly relates...

  7. Cracking the finger code: an interview with CCR’s Susan Mackem | Center for Cancer Research (United States)

    The creation of the digits in our hand—the thumb, index-middle-ring fingers and pinky—begins early in development, but little is known about the exact programming that occurs to produce the different digit types. Investigators in the Cancer and Developmental Biology Laboratory, (CDBL), provide the first genetic evidence of how the tuning of signals sets digit identity by studying the effects of dysregulation (abnormal regulation) in several mutations. Read more…

  8. "Dicks are for Chicks": Latino Boys, Masculinity, and the Abjection of Homosexuality (United States)

    Mora, Richard


    Employing social constructivist theories and the concept of abjection from gender studies, this article examines how and why a group of low-income, USA-born Dominican and Puerto Rican middle-school boys constructed masculine identities by invoking and repudiating homosexuality. Ethnographic data from a 2.5-year study indicate that the abjection of…

  9. BKR 27(1) pp. xx-xx (Dick et al)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Femi J. Olorunniji


    Mar 31, 2015 ... ABSTRACT: The antibiotic sensitivity pattern and plasmid profile of Escherichia coli, Vibrio and. Salmonella species isolated from well ... The emergence of antibiotic resistant pathogenic bacteria in clinical environments has ..... Multiple Drug Resistant. Bacteria. Horizon Scientific Press, Wiltshire, UK. pp.

  10. Dick and Jane Are Dead: Basal Reader Takes a Back Seat to Student Writings. (United States)

    Oxendine, Linda

    A second grade teacher in a rural Appalachian school draws heavily on familiar regional literature and the children's own rich mountain heritage and culture to teach reading to her students, covering the required basal readings in only one day per week. Students use the basals on Mondays and retell the texts on paper. They spend the rest of the…

  11. Lamb-Dicke spectroscopy of atoms in a hollow-core photonic crystal fibre (United States)

    Okaba, Shoichi; Takano, Tetsushi; Benabid, Fetah; Bradley, Tom; Vincetti, Luca; Maizelis, Zakhar; Yampol'skii, Valery; Nori, Franco; Katori, Hidetoshi


    Unlike photons, which are conveniently handled by mirrors and optical fibres without loss of coherence, atoms lose their coherence via atom–atom and atom–wall interactions. This decoherence of atoms deteriorates the performance of atomic clocks and magnetometers, and also hinders their miniaturization. Here we report a novel platform for precision spectroscopy. Ultracold strontium atoms inside a kagome-lattice hollow-core photonic crystal fibre are transversely confined by an optical lattice to prevent atoms from interacting with the fibre wall. By confining at most one atom in each lattice site, to avoid atom–atom interactions and Doppler effect, a 7.8-kHz-wide spectrum is observed for the 1S0−3P1(m=0) transition. Atoms singly trapped in a magic lattice in hollow-core photonic crystal fibres improve the optical depth while preserving atomic coherence time. PMID:24934478

  12. Non-Linearly Interacting Ghost Dark Energy in Brans-Dicke Cosmology

    CERN Document Server

    Ebrahimi, E


    In this paper we extend the form of interaction term into the non-linear regime in the ghost dark energy model. A general form of non-linear interaction term is presented and cosmic dynamic equations are obtained. Next, the model is detailed for two special choice of the non-linear interaction term. According to this the universe transits at suitable time ($z\\sim 0.8$) from deceleration to acceleration phase which alleviate the coincidence problem. Squared sound speed analysis revealed that for one class of non-linear interaction term $v_s^2$ can gets positive. This point is an impact of the non-linear interaction term and we never find such behavior in non interacting and linearly interacting ghost dark energy models. Also statefinder parameters are introduced for this model and we found that for one class the model meets the $\\Lambda CDM$ while in the second choice although the model approaches the $\\Lambda CDM$ but never touch that.

  13. Quantitative characterization of nonstructural carbohydrates of mezcal Agave (Agave salmiana Otto ex Salm-Dick). (United States)

    Michel-Cuello, Christian; Juárez-Flores, Bertha Irene; Aguirre-Rivera, Juan Rogelio; Pinos-Rodríguez, Juan Manuel


    Fructans are the reserve carbohydrates in Agave spp. plants. In mezcal factories, fructans undergoes thermal hydrolysis to release fructose and glucose, which are the basis to produce this spirit. Carbohydrate content determines the yield of the final product, which depends on plant organ, ripeness stage, and thermal hydrolysis. Thus, a qualitative and quantitative characterization of nonstructural carbohydrates was conducted in raw and hydrolyzed juices extracted from Agave salmiana stems and leaves under three ripeness stages. By high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), fructose, glucose, sucrose, xylose, and maltose were identified in agave juice. Only the plant fraction with hydrolysis interaction was found to be significant in the glucose concentration plant. Interactions of the fraction with hydrolysis and ripeness with hydrolysis were statistically significant in fructose concentration. Fructose concentration rose considerably with hydrolysis, but only in juice extracted from ripe agave stems (early mature and castrated). This increase was statistically significant only with acid hydrolysis.

  14. Lessons learned from the design of a mobile multimedia system in the Moby Dick project

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Smit, Gerardus Johannes Maria; Havinga, Paul J.M.

    Recent advances in wireless networking technology and the exponential development of semiconductor technology have engendered a new paradigm of computing, called personal mobile computing or ubiquitous computing. This offers a vision of the future with a much richer and more exciting set of


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. G. Polyakova


    Full Text Available Goal of research: analysis of the effectiveness of Biofeedback therapy is differentiated depending on the clinical forms of autonomic dysfunction. Exchange rate control efficacy of biofeedback hardware was conducted on the dynamics of clinical andl aboratory data, surveys and assessment of the functional State of the SNC using heart rate variability, vegetative resonance test, Kerdo index definition, as well as èlektrokardiografiče applications and questionnaires, characterizing the State of psychoemotional sphere (Spilbergera–Hanina, test, Luscher. Laboratory tests include a complete blood count with evaluation of Adaptive reactions of the organism. The results of the rehabilitation complex of the patients with the use of biofeedback have confirmed its effectiveness.

  16. Congenital clubhand: a clinical study in Cote D'Ivoire | Dick | African ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background: Congenital clubhand has severe functional and aesthetic impact and requires complex cares. Patients and Methods: From 1990-2004, a retrospective study of 29 congenital clubhands (20 patients) was performed at Yopougon teaching hospital and Don Orione Center, Bonoua, Cte d'ivoire. Data obtained from ...

  17. Soli o accompagnati. Riflessioni da uno sportello pubblico (passando per Philip K. Dick

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicola Messina


    Full Text Available Nell'attimo in cui il mio cervello percepì la consistenza del viale su cui ero uscito, preso da sconforto, misi a fuoco l'idea dell'esistenza di uno spazio temporale. La conoscenza/comprensione di altre entità: questo sta alla base della differenza tra essere soli o accompagnati.

  18. Do Cyborg Dreams Emancipate Sheep? (with Apologies to Philip K. Dick). (United States)

    Bromley, Hank

    A full investigation into how and why the expression of potential benefits of computers in schools is hindered would need to consider many aspects, but one point that should be considered is the ever-tightening integration of educational institutions into the global economy. Evidence of the accelerating assimilation of schools into the economy…

  19. Chasing Moby Dick Across Every Sea and Ocean? Contextual Choices in Fighting Corruption

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mungiu-Pippidi, Alina; Jensen, Mette Frisk


    Draft report commissioned by Norad, c/o ANKOR (the Anti-corruption Project) in cooperation with the Evaluation Department ("Contextual Choices for Results in Fighting Corruption", Referende number 1001232)......Draft report commissioned by Norad, c/o ANKOR (the Anti-corruption Project) in cooperation with the Evaluation Department ("Contextual Choices for Results in Fighting Corruption", Referende number 1001232)...

  20. Understanding Unlikeness, in John Chamberlain: Choices, Susan Davidson, ed. (New York: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 2012), pp. 45–55


    Adrian Kohn


    ere is just some of what we are given to understand John Chamberlain’s art as being like: car wrecks and dancers, artichokes and mummies and giant phalluses, drapery, a football player, ornaments for an immense Christmas tree and monstrous jungle-gyms, a sucked egg, and Titans beside themselves with rage. Next, a long list of the art-historical movements that his pieces have brought to mind: the baroque and rococo, neoclassicism, Cubism, Dada and Surrealism, both Abstract Expressionism and Po...

  1. Uncovering Our History, Teaching Primary Sources (Tarihimizi Keşfetme, Birincil Kaynaklarla Öğretim - Susan H. Veccia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Duygu Alphan Şentuna


    Full Text Available Okul yıllarından bahseden insanların büyük bir çoğunluğu için tarih dersi, not almak için isimlerin ve tarihlerin ezberlendiği, sınavdan sonra ise unutulduğu bir ders olarak hatıralarda yer alır. Günümüzde tarih öğretiminde önemli gelişmeler olmasına rağmen hala derslerde öğretmenlerin isim, tarih ve ders kitabı merkezli bir öğretim izledikleri görülmektedir. Öğrencilerin eleştirel ve tarihsel düşünme becerisi elde etmeleri için ilk önce bilgiye sahip olmaları gerektiği inancı, öğretmenlerin derslerde yenilikçi yöntemlere yeterli zaman ayırmalarını engellemektedir. Bu durum öğrencilerin tarih dersinden soğumalarına ve dersi zaman kaybı olarak görmelerine neden olmaktadır.

  2. 75 FR 22012 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; 12-Month Finding on a Petition to List Susan's... (United States)


    ... that incidental dispersal via wind or adhesion to animals or humans could occur, but neither dispersal... species is imperiled (at a high risk of extinction) globally due to a very restricted range, very few... Spring may be impacted by poor water quality because of large amounts of filamentous algae in Trout Creek...

  3. Separated by Sex: A Critical Look at Single-Sex Education for Girls (edited by Susan Morse) (United States)

    Ceraulo, Reviewed By Sandra C.


    As Cornelius Riordan states in his round-table paper, "The challenge of effective and equitable schooling in the next century is to overcome the resistance and recalcitrance of youth cultures in and out of school" (p 58). While this is admittedly not a new problem, it is more complex in its modern form and innovative ways to solve it are needed. In an old tradition, one such attempt has been single-sex schools, which have had particular success with the disadvantaged and white females in American society, with the notable involvement of Catholic religious communities. The report does not make clear whether their successes can be reproduced in some modification of the public school format. However, the AAUW report on single-sex schools sheds light on some of the characteristics that make true learning communities out of ordinary schools and on what it takes to reach disadvantaged girls. For these reasons, the AAUW report is good reading for educators at all levels.

  4. COMMITTEES: Proceedings of the 13th Gravitational Waves Data Analysis Workshop (GWDAW13), San Juan, Puerto Rico, 19-22 January 2009 Proceedings of the 13th Gravitational Waves Data Analysis Workshop (GWDAW13), San Juan, Puerto Rico, 19-22 January 2009 (United States)


    Science Organising Committee (SOC) Bruce Allen, AEI, Germany Patrick Brady, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, USA Deepto Chakrabarty, MIT, USA Eugenio Coccia, INFN, Gran Sasso, Italy James Cordes, Cornell University, USA Mario Díaz (Chair), University of Texas Brownsville, USA Sam Finn, Penn State, USA Neil Gehrels, NASA GSFC, USA Fredrick A Jenet, University of Texas Brownsville, USA Nobuyuki Kanda, Osaka City University, Japan Erik Katsavounides, MIT, USA Dick Manchester, ATNF, Australia Soumya Mohanty, University of Texas Brownsville, USA Benoit Mours, LAPP-Annecy, France Maria Alessandra Papa, AEI, Germany Kate Scholberg, Duke University, USA Susan Scott, The Australian National University Alberto Vecchio, University of Birmingham, UK Andrea Vicere, INFN - Sezione di Firenze, Italy Stan Whitcomb, LIGO CALTECH, USA Local Organising Committee (LOC) Paulo Freire (Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico) Murray Lewis (Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico) Wanda Wiley (University of Texas Brownsville, USA)

  5. "Moby-dick is my favorite:" evaluating a cognitively accessible portable reading system for audiobooks for individuals with intellectual disability. (United States)

    Davies, Daniel K; Stock, Steven E; King, Larry R; Wehmeyer, Michael L


    Significant barriers exist for individuals with intellectual disability to independently access print-based content. It is regrettable that, while the amount of content now available electronically increases, tools to access these materials have not been developed with individuals with intellectual disability in mind. This article reports the results of research evaluating the use of a palmtop PC-based application designed to enable individuals with intellectual disability to access electronic books and documents. Participants with intellectual disability were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 groups, each group differing in the type of audio player used. Participants who used the specially designed reader made significantly fewer errors accessing electronic books and required significantly fewer prompts than did participants using either of 2 mainstream audiobook readers.

  6. ""Moby-Dick" Is My Favorite:" Evaluating a Cognitively Accessible Portable Reading System for Audiobooks for Individuals with Intellectual Disability (United States)

    Davies, Daniel K.; Stock, Steven E.; King, Larry R.; Wehmeyer, Michael L.


    Significant barriers exist for individuals with intellectual disability to independently access print-based content. It is regrettable that, while the amount of content now available electronically increases, tools to access these materials have not been developed with individuals with intellectual disability in mind. This article reports the…

  7. The epiphytic Cactaceae Hylocereus setaceus (Salm-Dick ex DC. ralf bauer seed germination is controlled by light and temperature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edson Simão


    Full Text Available The effect of light and temperature on seed germination in Hylocereus setaceus was analyzed by isothermic incubations under continuous white light and darkness. The minimum temperature for germination was between 5 to 10°C and the maximum between 45 to 50°C. The optimum temperaturewais between 25 and 30°C. The involvement of phytochrome, by very low fluence response, in controlled seed germination was attained by incubation in a gradient of photoequilibrium of phytochrome. The results indicated that seeds of H. setaceus germinated in a wide range of temperature, under canopy and in open areas, but in complete darkness they did not germinate.O efeito da luz e da temperatura sobre a germinação de sementes de Hylocereus setaceus foi analisado sob condições de incubações isotérmicas. Hylocereus setaceus é uma espécie ameaçada de extinção, que ocorre na Mata Atlântica e florestas estacionais semideciduais. A temperatura mínima para a germinação está entre 5 e 10°C e a máxima entre 45 e 50°C. A temperatura ótima está entre 25ºC e 30°C. A participação do fitocromo, através da resposta de fluência muito baixa, no controle da germinação de sementes foi determinada através de incubações das sementes em um gradiente de fotoequilíbrio do fitocromo. Os resultados apresentados no presente trabalho indicam que sementes de Hylocereus setaceus germinam em uma ampla faixa de temperatura, sob a sombra de vegetação e em áreas abertas, embora não germinem em condições de ausência completa de luz.

  8. Cunts, Dicks, and Postfeminist Politics: Torture-Porn, the Horror Heroine, and Hostel II

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schubart, Rikke


    about the new horror heroine in contemporary horror and the torture porn aesthetics, espcially in Hostel II......about the new horror heroine in contemporary horror and the torture porn aesthetics, espcially in Hostel II...

  9. En camino hacia el Moby Dick de Herman Melville, encontre ... algunas notas preliminares de un libro sin escribir

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sievers, Burkard


    .... Aunque estos escritos siguen constituyendo un "libro sin escribir", las obras de Melville tuvieron un impacto duradero sobre su pensamiento -- abrieron nuevo caminos de inspiracion- y escritura hasta el presente...

  10. Supplementary notes to the biology of Cordyceps entomorrhiza (Dicks. ex Fr. Link and the morphology of its conidial stages

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stanisław Bałazy


    Full Text Available Cordyceps entomorrhiza develops on the larvae, pupae and adults on the ground beetles Carabus spp. (Coleoptera, Carabidae and on the bugs (Heteroptera, Nabidae ot the genera Himacerus Wolff et Nabis Latr. There are two forms of the conidial sporulation of this fungus with an identical sporogenesis type (Phialosporae but different as to the arrangement of sporogenous cells (Tilachiadtopsis and Hymenostilbe-like The names Tilachlidiopsis hippotrichoides (Lindau Keisler and T. nigra Yakushiji et Kumazawa should be treated as synonymous; they refer to the conidial stage of C. entomorrhiza, Hirsutella dla eleutheratorum (Nees ex Fr. Petch — contrary to the hitherto existing notion — is not connected with the above mentioned fungus. It constitutes a separate species, close to or identical with H. entomophila Pat.

  11. Maarjamäe loss (Marienberg) / Robert Gödicke, Nikolai vanem Thamm, Jüri Renter

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Gödicke, Robert


    5 välisvaadet, üks 1930. aastast; mõisa ajaloost, omanikest, lossi arhitektuurist, interjöörist, pargist; 1975. a. anti loss üle Eesti Ajaloomuuseumile; hoone restaureeriti aastatel 1983-88 (arhitekt Jüri Renter, sisearhitekt Helle Gans)

  12. Resonances of the confined hydrogen atom and the Lamb-Dicke effect in non-relativistic qed

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Faupin, Jeremy


    We study a model describing a system of one dynamical nucleus and one electron confined by their center of mass and interacting with the quantized electromagnetic field. We impose an ultraviolet cutoff and assume that the fine-structure constant is sufficiently small. Using a renormalization group...

  13. Institut dědického práva v České republice


    Hlaváčková, Lucie


    This bachelor thesis deals with the inheritance law governing transfer of deceased's ownership rights and obligations to his legal successors. There are desribed rights variations of individual groups of inheritors with focus on inheritance legislation of persons without matrimony. The subject of this thesis is also inheritance proceedings, inheritance refusal, inheritance disability or disinheritance, including example of both local proceedings and Czech Supreme Court jurisprudence.

  14. Problematika dědického řízení v ČR


    Répal, Lukáš


    This master dissertation (diploma) is committed to inheritance, inheritance law and inheritance with a focus on properties and also inheritance with international subject in the inheritance procedure. The goal of this work is to give sufficient information so that even the uninformed reader will know what is associated with inheritance, what are the basic terms from this area of law and also the questions of inheritance's inter-family relations because inheritance will be a subject everyone d...

  15. Interview with a quality leader. Linda Aiken on the healthcare industry and workplace issues. Interview by Susan V. White and Colleen J. Hewes. (United States)

    Aiken, Linda


    Linda Aiken, PhD MSN, is director of the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research and The Claire M. Fagin Leadership Professor of Nursing and Professor of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Dr. Aiken's other appointments at the University of Pennsylvania include senior fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics and research associate in the Population Studies Center. Before joining the University of Pennsylvania faculty in 1988, Dr. Aiken served as vice president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She is a member of the Institute of Medicine, a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the National Academy of Social Insurance, a former president of the American Academy of Nursing, a distinguished fellow of the Academy for Health Services Research and Health Policy (now AcademyHealth), and a member of the Council on the Economic Impact of Health System Change. Dr. Aiken served on the Medicare Physician Payment Review Commission for 6 years and was a member of the 1982 Social Security Advisory Council and of President Clinton's National Health Reform Task Force. Her recent work, for which she received the Sigma Theta Tau International Clinical Research Award in 1999, has focused on accounting for variation in hospital patient outcomes in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Dr. Aiken received her bachelor's and master's degrees in nursing from the University of Florida, Gainesville, and her doctorate in sociology and demography from the University of Texas at Austin.

  16. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center: a unique resource for defining the "molecular histology" of the breast

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sherman, Mark E; Figueroa, Jonine D; Henry, Jill E; Clare, Susan E; Rufenbarger, Connie; Storniolo, Anna Maria


    "Molecular histology" of the breast may be conceptualized as encompassing the normative ranges of histologic structure and marker expression in normal breast tissues in relation to a woman's age and life experiences...

  17. The Greek Life of St. Leo bishop of Catania (BHG 981b), Text and Notes by Alexandros G. Alexakis, Translation by Susan Wessel


    Peters-Custot, Annick


    Le dossier hagiographique de Léon, évêque de Catane en Sicile, est un des plus originaux et des plus complexes de l’hagiographie médiévale en langue grecque. Logiquement, les débats savants qui entourent le dossier sont intenses et stimulés par chaque nouvelle publication. Toutefois, l’intérêt du dossier hagiographique de Léon dépasse largement le cercle restreint des spécialistes de l’hagiographie iconoclaste, crypto-iconoclaste et iconodoule, tant le contenu de cette Vie et les mystères de ...

  18. Interview with a quality leader: Kent Bottles, MD, president of ICSI, on transforming care for the future. Interview by Susan V. White. (United States)

    Bottles, Kent


    Kent Bottles, MD, President of the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI). Dr. Bottles is a board-certified pathologist who specialized in surgical and cyto-pathology. He earned a medical degree from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. He has extensive experience in integrated healthcare delivery systems, research, academia, commercial laboratories, genomics, proteomics, and management of biotech start-up companies. Dr. Bottles was vice president and chief medical officer of the Iowa Health System. Before that, he served as president and CEO of Grand Rapids Medical Education and Research Center for Health Professions, a multi-institutional consortium of healthcare organizations, and as president of Genomics Repository and chief knowledge officer, Genomics Collaborative Inc. Dr. Bottles has extensive academic experience, serving as Professor and Acting Head, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Iowa. He was also the founding medical director of managed care plans for University of Iowa employees. Dr. Bottles has addressed topics ranging from quality and patient safety and disruptive technology to patient-physician relationships and the future of medicine. He has received numerous honors, including the Rodney T. West Literary Achievement Award for the most important article on medical management presented by the American College of Physician Executives. He has broad clinical experience with the University of Iowa and the San Francisco General Hospital, and has been a national leader in changing the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine to meet the challenges of managed care.

  19. Gender Role Stereotypes in the "Dick and Jane" Basal Reader Series and Sustained Impression upon Women of the Baby Boom Generation (United States)

    Hutchinson, Mary Louise


    This study explored the perceptions of women of the Baby Boom generation regarding the potential impact of gender role stereotypes contained in the children's reading series utilized in elementary school classrooms from 1946 through 1964. Particular emphasis was placed upon the prominent reading series of the Baby Boom Era, the Scott, Foresman and…

  20. Lágrimas nas profundezas: alegorias utópicas em Moby Dick e o nominalismo na obra de William de Ockham

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Estevan deNegreiros Ketzer; Edson Luiz André deSousa


    .... The psychoanalysis in its semantic understanding, in which implication involves the psychological subject, potentiates the singularity and puts it to a challenge that oversteps the logic time when...

  1. Lágrimas nas profundezas: alegorias utópicas em Moby Dick e o nominalismo na obra de William de Ockham

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Estevan deNegreiros Ketzer; Edson Luiz André deSousa


    ... there is a meeting on the utopian creation. The nominalism from the Brittan philosophy Ockham problematizes the knowledge dynamic to formulate a method that cuts the excessive explanations (the razor...

  2. The thickened left ventricle: etiology, differential diagnosis and implications for cardiovascular radiology; Der dicke linke Ventrikel. Ursachen und Differenzialdiagnose der linksventrikulaeren Hypertrophie und Implikationen fuer die kardiovaskulaere Radiologie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bischoff, P.; Barkhausen, J.; Hunold, P. [Universitaetsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Luebeck (Germany). Klinik fuer Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin; Radke, P.W. [Universitaetsklinikum Schleswig Holstein, Luebeck (Germany). Medizinische Klinik II


    Hypertrophy of the left ventricular myocardium is a common finding and can be reliably detected by echocardiography, CT and MRI. Common causes include diseases associated with increased cardiac afterload as well as primary and secondary cardiomyopathy. With the opportunity to determine functional parameters and myocardial mass precisely as well as to detect structural changes of the cardiac muscle simultaneously, cardiac MRI is the most precise imaging method for quantifying left ventricular hypertrophy as well as determining the cause and the exact characterization of the myocardial changes. It is mandatory, however, to create a flexible, individually adapted examination protocol. This review presents useful diagnostic algorithms in relation to different underlying pathologies in patients with left ventricular hypertrophy. (orig.)

  3. Solid-state cultivation of Grifola frondosa (Dicks: Fr) S.F. Gray biomass and immunostimulatory effects of fungal intra- and extracellular beta-polysaccharides. (United States)

    Svagelj, Mirjan; Berovic, Marin; Boh, Bojana; Menard, Anja; Simcic, Sasa; Wraber, Branka


    Grifola frondosa strain GF3, was cultivated on solid-state substrate consisting of milled whole corn plant (Zea mays) and olive press cake supplemented with mineral additives and olive oil. Maintenance of the moisture content in the solid substrate is of crucial importance. Moistures higher than 70% promote growth of G. frondosa mycelium and polysaccharide production. Four fractions of pure extracellular beta-D-glucans with total mass 127.2mg and four fractions of intracellular polysaccharides with total mass 47.2mg were isolated. Polysaccharides were further separated by ion-exchange, gel and affinity chromatography. Isolated polysaccharide fractions from fungal mycelium proved to induce moderate amounts of TNF-alpha in PBMC cells in vitro. The extent of TNF-alpha induction was up to 322pgmL(-1) at a polysaccharide concentration of 200microgmL(-1) for the intracellular fraction. The TNF-alpha inducing activity is comparable to romurtide, which has been used as a supporting therapy in cancer patients treated with radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy.

  4. Immunomodulating activities of cultivated maitake medicinal mushroom Grifola frondosa (Dicks.: Fr.) S.F. Gray (higher Basidiomycetes) on peripheral blood mononuclear cells. (United States)

    Svagelj, Mirjan; Berovic, Marin; Gregori, Andrej; Wraber, Branka; Simcic, Sasa; Boh, Bojana


    Grifola frondosa is a culinary-medicinal mushroom that contains several physiologically active compounds, of which polysaccharides, specifically β-glucans, are known to possess immunomodulating properties. Its extracts are studied for application as adjuncts for chemotherapy, and experiments in animal models support the use of this mushroom for cancer treatment. The effect of extracts obtained from mushrooms cultivated on different substrates and their capacity of inducing the secretion of cytokines from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells were studied. The activity of extracts at concentrations 12.5, 100, and 200 μg/mL on induction of TNF-α, IFN-γ, and IL-12 was screened. Two extracts from substrates fortified with olive oil press cakes showed appreciable activity and induced the secretion of TNF-α, IL-12, and INF-γ. The extracts differed from the others in the amount of sugar, protein, and β-glucans, which can explain their higher activity. Present results show that different substrates and different source materials can reasonably modify the bioactivity of cultivated G. frondosa.

  5. Horloge réseau optique à mercure : de la spectroscopie Lamb-Dicke à une opération horloge stable


    Tyumenev, Rinat


    The first two chapters of thesis describe the basics of optical standards and its applications. Highlight advantages of mercury as a frequency reference in optical lattice clock and give theoretical background about atom-light interaction, origins of systematic shifts and their influence on stability of a clock. The third chapter describes the experimental setup. It includes the schemes and operation of the main laser systems and their characteristics, the vacuum chamber and magneto-optical t...

  6. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center: A Unique Resource for Defining the “Molecular Histology” of the Breast (United States)

    Sherman, Mark E.; Figueroa, Jonine D.; Henry, Jill E.; Clare, Susan E.; Rufenbarger, Connie; Storniolo, Anna Maria


    “Molecular histology” of the breast may be conceptualized as encompassing the normative ranges of histological structure and marker expression in normal breast tissues in relation to a woman’s age and life experiences. Studies of molecular histology can aid our understanding of early events in breast carcinogenesis and provide data for comparison with diseased breast tissues. Until recently, lack of epidemiologically annotated, optimally prepared normal breast tissues obtained from healthy women presented a barrier to breast cancer research. The Komen Tissue Bank at Indiana University is a unique biorepository that was developed to overcome this limitation. The Bank enrolls healthy donors who provide questionnaire data, blood, and up to four breast biopsies, which are prepared as both formalin fixed paraffin embedded and frozen tissues. The resource is accessible to researchers worldwide through a proposal submission, review, and approval process. As of November 2010, the Bank had collected specimens and information from 1,174 donors. In this review, we discuss the importance of studying normal breast tissues, assess the strengths and limitations of studying normal tissues obtained from different sources, and summarize the features of the Komen Tissue Bank. As research projects are completed, results will be posted on the Bank’s website. PMID:22345117

  7. Shoot winter injury and nut cold tolerance: Possible limitations for American chestnut restoration in cold environments? In: Sniezko, Richard A.; Yanchuk, Alvin D.; Kliejunas, John T.; Palmieri, Katharine M.; Alexander, Janice M.; Frankel, Susan J., tech (United States)

    Thomas M. Saielli; Paul G. Schaberg; Gary J. Hawley; Joshua M. Halman; Kendra M. Gurney


    Approximately 100 years ago, American chestnut (Castanea dentata (Marsh.) Borkh.) was rapidly removed as an overstory tree by the fungal pathogen Cryphonectria parasitica (the causal agent of chestnut blight). Currently, the most effective method of restoration involves the hybridization of American chestnut with the...

  8. A Book Review of Arts-Based and Contemplative Practices in Research and Teaching: Honoring Presence Edited by Susan Walsh, Barbara Bickel, and Carl Leggo, Published by Routledge, 2015

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John J Guiney Yallop


    Full Text Available This book review of Arts-Based and Contemplative Practices in Research and Teaching: Honoring Presence is both a review of the work as well as a contemplation on the work. The reader is invited into the book through witnessing the impact reading the book had on this reviewer. Attention is given to each author’s contributions to the publication, noting how each chapter and each Lectio Divina (opportunities for contemplation between chapters calls us to pay attention.

  9. The Practice of Nursing Research: Appraisal, Synthesis, and Generation of Evidence - Seventh edition Grove Susan K The Practice of Nursing Research: Appraisal, Synthesis, and Generation of Evidence - Seventh edition 752pp Elsevier 9781455707362 1455707368 [Formula: see text]. (United States)


    This classic research text has been updated for nursing students and those in nursing practice. Though a substantial book, it is easy to dip in and out of, covering a wide range of topics from the research process and analysing data to sampling and seeking funding.

  10. The Impact of Discovering Life beyond Earth (United States)

    Dick, Steven J.


    Introduction: astrobiology and society Steven J. Dick; Part I. Motivations and Approaches. How Do We Frame the Problems of Discovery and Impact?: Introduction; 1. Current approaches to finding life beyond earth, and what happens if we do Seth Shostak; 2. The philosophy of astrobiology: the Copernican and Darwinian presuppositions Iris Fry; 3. History, discovery, analogy: three approaches to the impact of discovering life beyond earth Steven J. Dick; 4. Silent impact: why the discovery of extraterrestrial life should be silent Clément Vidal; Part II. Transcending Anthropocentrism. How Do We Move beyond our Own Preconceptions of Life, Intelligence and Culture?: Introduction; 5. The landscape of life Dirk Schulze-Makuch; 6. The landscape of intelligence Lori Marino; 7. Universal biology: assessing universality from a single example Carlos Mariscal; 8. Equating culture, civilization, and moral development in imagining extraterrestrial intelligence: anthropocentric assumptions? John Traphagan; 9. Communicating with the other: infinity, geometry, and universal math and science Douglas Vakoch; Part III. Philosophical, Theological, and Moral Impact. How Do We Comprehend the Cultural Challenges Raised by Discovery?: Introduction; 10. Life, intelligence and the pursuit of value in cosmic evolution Mark Lupisella; 11. 'Klaatu barada nikto' - or, do they really think like us? Michael Ruse; 12. Alien minds Susan Schneider; 13. The moral subject of astrobiology: guideposts for exploring our ethical and political responsibilities towards extraterrestrial life Elspeth Wilson and Carol Cleland; 14. Astrobiology and theology Robin Lovin; 15. Would you baptize an extraterrestrial? Guy Consolmagno, SJ; Part IV. Practical Considerations: How Should Society Prepare for Discovery - and Non-Discovery?: Introduction; 16. Is there anything new about astrobiology and society? Jane Maienschein; 17. Evaluating preparedness for the discovery of extraterrestrial life: considering potential

  11. The United States Air Force Academy: A Bibliography - 1983-1989 (United States)


    251 Dicks, Norman D ....................................... ..................... 58 Dining hall...160 see also subject in text Ethics................................................ 118, 137, 264, 266, 267 Etiquette

  12. Iron-Deficiency Anemia

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... coped with having iron-deficiency anemia. Prior to her diagnosis, Susan had symptoms such as tiredness, poor skin tone, dizziness, and depression. After her doctor diagnosed her with iron-deficiency anemia, Susan ...

  13. Program Development and Evaluation - Finance / Money Management



    Karen Biers: Ca$hing in on Business Opportunities: A Curriculum for Building an Effective Home-Based and Micro Business Educational Program. Susan E. Cosgrove: Statewide Personal Financial Literacy Campaign. Susan Shockey: Financial Education Helps IDA Participants Save Money.

  14. Evolutionary algorithms and synthetic biology for directed evolution: commentary on "on the mapping of genotype to phenotype in evolutionary algorithms" by Peter A. Whigham, Grant Dick, and James Maclaurin. (United States)

    Kell, Douglas B


    I rehearse two issues around the commentary of Whigham and colleagues. (1) There really are many more reasons than those given as to why natural evolution cannot reasonably find or select the 'optimal' individual. (2) A series of experimental molecular biology programmes, known generically as directed evolution, can use operators and selection schemes that natural evolution cannot. When developed further using the methods of synthetic biology, there are no operators or schemes for in silico evolution that cannot be applied precisely to directed evolution. The issues raised apply only to natural evolution but not to directed evolution.

  15. Cuando Oliver se dio un beso con otro niño, con su mejor amigo, Dick: lenguajes literarios y lenguajes violentos dirigidos a jóvenes LGBTQ en el sistema escolar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauricio Pulecio


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se analiza la forma en la que el lenguaje ofensivo contribuye al mantenimiento de la discriminación contra jóvenes LGBTQ en el sistema de educación básica. Se argumenta que este problema es global, aunque se analiza el caso colombiano como forma de articular una respuesta local. Se muestran los resultados de un trabajo de campo realizado en colegios de estratos altos de Bogotá, para ejemplificar las expresiones de odio que circulan en el entorno educativo. También, se estudian piezas literarias, especialmente del escritor homosexual Fernando Molano Vargas, y se aboga por su inclusión dentro de los currículos educativos. De esta forma, se intenta contraponer, a un lenguaje ofensivo, un lenguaje literario en el que se expresan formas de resistencia capaces de legitimar afectos no heterosexuales.

  16. 2011 Women in Defense (WID) National Fall Conference (United States)


    PANEL: “RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN ACQUISITION: NEW LAWS, REGULATIONS AND DIRECTIVES” Moderator: Ms. Susan Ebner , Counsel, Buchanan Ingersoll...ACQUISITION: NEW LAWS, REGULATIONS AND DIRECTIVES” Moderator: u Ms. Susan Ebner , Counsel, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC Panelists: u Ms. Jennifer Schaus...Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal with gold star and various unit citations, campaign medals and service medals. MS. SUSAN EBNER Counsel

  17. Reply to “Comment on ‘Ground motions from the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha, Nepal, earthquake constrained by a detailed assessment of macroseismic data’ by Stacey S. Martin, Susan E. Hough, and Charleen Hung” by Andrea Tertulliani, Laura Graziani, Corrado Castellano, Alessandra Maramai, and Antonio Rossi (United States)

    Martin, Stacey S.; Hough, Susan E.


    We thank Andrea Tertulliani and his colleagues for their interest in our article on the 2015 Gorkha earthquake (Martin, Hough, et al., 2015), and for their comments pertaining to our study (Tertulliani et al., 2016). Indeed, as they note, a comprehensive assessment of macroseismic effects for an earthquake with far‐reaching effects as that of Gorkha is not only critically important but is also an extremely difficult undertaking. In the absence of a widely known web‐based system, employing a well‐calibrated algorithm with which to collect and systematically assess macroseismic information (e.g., Wald et al., 1999; Coppola et al., 2010; Bossu et al., 2015) in the Indian subcontinent, one is left with two approaches to characterize effects of an event such as the Gorkha earthquake: a comprehensive ground‐based survey such as the one undertaken in India following the 2001 Bhuj earthquake (Pande and Kayal, 2003), or an assessment such as Martin, Hough, et al. (2015) akin to other contemporary studies (e.g., Nuttli, 1973; Sieh, 1978; Meltzner and Wald, 1998; Martin and Szeliga, 2010; Ambraseys and Bilham, 2012; Mahajan et al., 2012; Gupta et al., 2013; Singh et al., 2013; Hough and Martin, 2015; Martin and Hough, 2015; Martin, Bradley, et al., 2015; Ribeiro et al., 2015), based primarily upon media reports and other available documentary accounts.

  18. Human Resource Management, 11th Edition International Student Version. By David A. DeCenzo, Stephen P. Robbins and Susan L. Verhulst, Wiley, 2013; 448 Pages. Price £54.99 / €66.00, ISBN 978-1-1183-7971-4

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shu-Kun Lin


    Full Text Available The 11th Edition of Human Resource Management helps students understand and remember concepts through a straightforward and conversational writing style and a wealth of examples to clarify ideas and build interest. The authors provide a strong foundation of essential elements of Human Resource Management (HRM as well as a clear understanding of how Human Resource Management links with business strategy. Through practical applications, the authors illustrate the importance of employees on every level of the organization, helping students understand HRM elements such as recruitment, training, motivation, retention, safety, the legal environment, and how they support successful business strategies.

  19. Staffing an Academic Reference Desk with Librarians is not Cost-effective. A Review of: Ryan, Susan M. “Reference Transactions Analysis: The Cost-effectiveness of Staffing a Traditional Academic Reference Desk.” Journal of Academic Librarianship 34.5 (2008: 389-99.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cari Merkley


    Full Text Available Objective – To determine whether it is cost effective to staff an academic reference desk with librarians through an examination of the types of reference questions being asked and the qualifications required to answer them.Design – Content analysis of reference transaction logs and activity-based costing for reference services based on quantitative data derived from the logs.Setting – Stetson University, a private institution in the United States with an FTE of approximately 2500.Subjects – 6959 phone, email, and in-person reference transactions logged at the reference desk by four full-time and two part-time librarians.Methods – This study repurposes data originally collected to determine the frequency with which librarians turned to online versus print sources when responding to questions at the reference desk. Librarians working at the Stetson University library reference desk recorded all reference queries received in person, by phone, or by email for a total of eight months between 2002 and 2006. Data collection took place in two month intervals in fall 2002, spring 2003, spring 2006, and fall 2006. Each question and the sources used to address it were logged by the librarian. Directional questions that were not related to the library’s collections and technical questions dealing with printer or copier mechanical problems were counted, but the specifics of these questions were not recorded. It was felt that these queries would not yield data relevant to the original research question on sources used as they “did not directly relate to an information need” (391. A total of 6959 questions were logged by librarians during the four collection periods. Questions were recorded for only 4431 transactions; the remaining 2528 queries related to printer/copier problems or non-library specific directions and were described as “direction and machine: non- informational” (394. The 4431 recorded questions were then divided into four categories derived by the researcher: look-up (a search for a known item, directional (library-specific orientation to the space and collections, technology (assistance with using library technology and electronic resources, and reference. The category of reference was further subdivided into eight additional categories: catalogue search, citation help, database help, “guide to correct databases,” “personal knowledge or referral,” “quick internet search,” research, and Serials Solutions (392. “Guide to correct databases” referred to advice on the appropriate database to answer a question and serials solutions included questions that could be answered using the Serials Solutions product, such as the availability of a particular journal or article in the collection (392. Questions were assigned to the single most appropriate category by the researcher. Question categories were then mapped to “suggested staffing levels” (396. This determination was made by the researcher, and no details were given as to how the decision was made for each category. The three levels of staffing discussed were librarian, “trained student or staff,” and “well-trained staff/occasional librarian referral” (396. The cost of staffing the reference desk during the eight months captured in this study was calculated by multiplying the hours worked by each librarian by his/her individual average rate of pay across the four data collection periods. Indirect staff costs such as benefits were not included in this calculation. The average cost per reference transaction was determined by dividing the total salary costs by the total number of reference queries during the periods of study. Costs for those categories of questions best addressed by a librarian could then be determined. The actual number of librarians who participated in the study is unclear. The methodology refers to four full-time and two part-time librarians (391. However, later in the article there is reference to five full-time and three part-time librarians rather than the numbers initially stated (396. This may reflect staffing changes during the study period, with the first set of numbers referring to positions rather than individuals, but this cannot be verified with the evidence presented in the article.Main Results – It was determined that most questions asked at the reference desk during the study period could have been addressed by trained student and staff member rather than librarians. Only 11% (784 of questions logged were deemed sufficiently complex by the researcher to require the attention of a librarian. The remaining 6175 transactions (89% of all those logged could most likely be handled by a different staffing complement. According to Ryan, approximately 74% of the reference transactions, including directional, technology, “quick internet,” and known item searching questions could have been answered by “trained student and staff” (396. Questions on catalogue searching, databases, citations, Serial Solutions, and personal knowledge/referrals, representing approximately 15% of all questions, could have been handled by experienced and knowledgeable staff with limited librarian intervention. The complexity of the question was in part judged by the number of sources required to answer it, with most (75% answerable with just one source. The total cost of staffing the reference desk with librarians for the eight months studied was approximately US$49,328.00. A total of 6959 questions were logged during this period, resulting in an average cost of US$7.09 per reference transaction. This cost is approximate, as the exact time spent on each question was not recorded. The cost of answering “non-informational” directional and technical questions was the most significant (396. This category represented 36.3% of all questions received at the reference desk, with a total staffing cost of $17, 919.41 ($7.09 x 2528. “Information-orientated” directional and technology questions followed at 15.4% (US$7,620 and 12.4% (US$6,110.18 respectively (396. According to Ryan, questions in all three categories could be addressed by students and staff. The cost of addressing research questions, the only category requiring librarians, was US$5557.29. Research transactions were greatly outnumbered by directional and technology related questions. An average of 3.6 research questions were asked at the reference desk during the 12 hours it was open each day, compared to 20.8 directional/technical questions.Conclusion – The nature of questions logged at the Stetson University library reference desk suggests that it is inefficient to staff the desk with librarians, given the salary costs of such a staffing model and the fact that librarian’s skills may not be required to answer most of the questions posed. Since the number of questions that need a librarian is so low, Ryan suggests that alternative staffing and service models be considered, so the energies of librarians could be more effectively employed elsewhere in the organization in areas such as information literacy instruction and the development of enhanced web services. It is noted that any reorganization of reference services should be done in concert with user surveys, consultation with staff, and extensive training to prepare staff for new roles. Suggested areas for further research identified by the researcher include the quality of reference transactions in an increasingly online environment.

  20. Online Programs and Geographic Proximity are Key Determinants of Information Professionals’ Interest in Pursuing Post-Master’s Education at the Doctoral Level. A Review of: Powell, Ronald R. and Susan E. Boling. “Post-Master’s Educational Needs of Information Professionals.” Journal of Access Services 3.4 (2005: 29-43.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martha Ingrid Preddie


    Full Text Available Objective – To investigate post-master’s educational needs and interests of information professionals.Design – Survey research using print and electronic questionnaires.Setting – The geographic area surrounding Wayne State University in Michigan, United States of America.Subjects – Members of the library associations of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Southwestern Ontario, Canada.Methods – Systematic random samples were derived from the membership lists of the library associations in Ohio, Indiana, and Southwestern Ontario. Paper questionnaires were mailed to those selected. Michigan Library Association’s official policy barred the release of its membership list to researchers. Consequently, announcements of the survey were placed in three successive issues of the Association’s electronic newsletter. Interested members were directed to a website to complete an electronic version of the questionnaire. This option was also extended to members of the other three library associations. The overall research question was investigated through specific questions that sought to ascertain the overall level of interest in professional library and information studies (LIS education, levels of interest in specific types of programs, factors that favoured or deterred enrolment in doctoral programs, as well as the fields of study that were preferred for combination with LIS in doctoral programs. With the exception of demographic type questions (e.g., place of residence and educational qualifications and two questions that required open ended responses, the questionnaire design encompassed questions with Likert scale type responses. Analysis of the responses included descriptive statistics, the use of Pearson chi square to determine statistically significant relationships, and, to a lesser extent, content analysis.Main Results – A total of 270 questionnaires(33% were returned from three populations: Ohio, Indiana, and Ontario. A self-selected sample of 101 members (6% of the Michigan Library Association responded. In general, almost 80% of the respondents admitted some importance to adding to their LIS qualification. However, only 41% felt that this was important or extremely important. From a choice of six educational offerings, namely, continuing education activities, non-degree master’s coursework, a second master’s degree, post-master’s certification, doctoral programs, and other, continuing education activities was the most valued, by 65.5% of the respondents. Participants were asked about their reasons, and the importance of these, for considering or deciding to enrol in an LIS doctoral program. The yearning to acquire knowledge was reported by 69.7% as the major reason, followed by 45.8% of the respondents who cited the wish to increase their income potential. In terms of major factors, prestige received the lowest rating, 21.1%. The time involved (73.8%, cost(66.3%, and distance from the program (63.2% were cited as the major deterrents to enrolling in doctoral programs. When asked about the likelihood of pursuing a doctoral LIS program in combination with business administration, computer science, or without any combination, “not likely” was the most popular choice. Those who were very likely or likely to pursue a joint program totalled approximately 30% of the respondents, while 37% indicated an interest in undertaking a doctorate in LIS only. The most frequent reasons proffered by those who selected “not likely” or “definitely not” for any of the three doctoral offerings included lack of interest, mitigating factors (e.g. time, cost, age, and program location, unfavourable cost/benefit analysis, preference for another area of knowledge,and the view that Ph.D.s were only useful for university faculty. Given the option to name subject areas that they desired to see combined with LIS in a doctoral program, 23 of 101 respondents proposed education, while 19 opted for public administration. A question inviting any other comments on the issue of post-master’s education yielded a predominant desire for “non traditional instruction,” particularly online courses as well as classes held in convenient locations. In terms of relationships between geographic location and factors that influenced interest in enrolling in a doctoral program, the desire “to become a more effective manager,” and “other” were statistically significant. The analysis also revealed a strong positive relationship between willingness to pursue an LIS-only doctoral program and the availability of such a program in geographic proximity. Similarly, there was a strong relationship between willingness to pursue an LIS program in close vicinity and the importance that was given to further LIS education.Conclusion – Online instruction and geographic proximity are key determinants of information professionals’ interest in pursuing post-master’s education at the doctoral level. Continuing education activities, non-degree coursework, and certificate programs are preferred over doctoral LIS programs, despite the finding that the major reason for enrolling in doctoral LIS programs is to fulfill the desire for knowledge acquisition. Schools offering Library and Information Science studies need to explore options for providing distance-education doctoral LIS programs as a means of reversing the current shortage of LIS faculty.

  1. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Blade Runner : Androids as a Representation of African Americans




    Philip K. Dick is considered to be one of the most unique and visionary talents in the history of American literature. Moreover, postmodern philosopher Jean Baudrillard regards him as "one of the greatest experimental writers of our era." Nevertheless, authoritative literary critics have undervalued Dick for a long time. This study aims at proving that his noteworthy work should be more focused in the field of literary academics. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is one of Dick's maste...

  2. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available Michael Williams; Deforesting the earth; From prehistory to global crisis (Greg Bankoff Alexander Adelaar, Nikolaus P. Himmelmann (eds; The Austronesian languages of Asia and Madagascar (René van den Berg Wim Ravesteijn, Jan Kop (eds; Bouwen in de archipel; Burgerlijke Openbare Werken in Nederlands-Indië en Indonesië 1800-2000 (Freek Colombijn Susan Rodgers; Print, poetics, and politics; A Sumatran epic in the colonial Indies and New Order Indonesia (Bernhard Dahm Robert A. Scebold; Central Tagbanwa; a Philippine language on the brink of extinction; Sociolinguistics, grammar, and lexicon (Aone van Engelenhoven Adrian Vickers; Journeys of desire; A study of the Balinese text Malat (Amrit Gomperts B.J. Terwiel; Thailand’s political history; From the fall of Ayutthaya to recent times (Hans Hägerdal Robert van Niel; Java’s Northeast Coast 1740-1840; A study in colonial encroachment and dominance (Mason C. Hoadley Terence H. Hull (ed.; People, population, and policy in Indonesia (Santo Koesoebjono W.L. Korthals Altes; Tussen cultures en kredieten; Een institutionele geschiedenis van de Nederlandsch-Indische Handelsbank en Nationale Handelsbank, 1863-1964 (Koh Keng Weh William van der Heide; Malaysian cinema, Asian film; Border crossings and national cultures (Benjamin McKay Angela Romano; Politics and the press in Indonesia; Understanding an evolving political culture (Soe Tjen Marching Simon Harrison; Fracturing resemblances; Identity and mimetic conflict in Melanesia and the West (Toon van Meijl Daniel Fitzpatrick; Land claims in East Timor (Johanna van Reenen Susi Moeimam, Hein Steinhauer; Nederlands-Indonesisch Woordenboek (Stuart Robson Terance W. Bigalke; Tana Toraja: a social history of an Indonesian people (Dik Roth K. Alexander Adelaar (with the assistance of Pak Vitus Kaslem; Salako or Badameà; Sketch grammar, texts and lexicon of a Kanayatn dialect in West Borneo (Hein Steinhauer

  3. Fathom Magazine, v. 8, no. 2, Summer 1996 22pp :Florida sharks


    Humphreys, Jay; Sokol, Kelly Marie; Grantham, Susan; Hueter,Robert


    CONTENTS. Protecting the Predators, by Jay Humphrey. Economics Create Responsible Shark Management, by Jay Humphreys. The Healing Power of Sharks, by Kelly Marie Sokol. Shark! by Jay Humphreys. Florida's Sharks. Entering the Sharks' Environment, by Susan Grantham. Regulations Affect the Commercial Shark Fishing Industry, by Susan Grantham. Fishing for Information, by Susan Grantham. Tagging, not Bagging, by Robert Hueter, Mote Marine Laboratory. Shark Sites of In...

  4. A User’s Guide to BISAM (BIvariate SAMple): The Bivariate Data Modeling Program. (United States)


    SU1Sam 842 EN*NE*OSSS :2. C 5 .... !0N SSU A S2S. SZ LUEN............S..A a&:. 55m CUNSSU A C2. 5 LUSENGUT.USYNSUSI SUSAN C21 THE 1S*VANNS*IT SUSAN4...SUSAN 142sS REAL YUNU.Y UA 2427 VUUUSUA 2429. 15. SUSAN 2S2 as TO 20SSA 2422. SD UUP SAN 2425 LP * .WIP I SSA 384 25 UIUU-P.TS sD TD

  5. A Study of Communicating Science and Engineeing (United States)


    language fandom. The club enabled a valuable m6lange of contributions mixing original work with translations from English ( Asimov , P.K. Dick and many...language fandom. The club enabled a valuable m6lange of contributions mixing original work with translations from English ( Asimov , P.K. Dick and many

  6. A question mark on the equivalence of Einstein and Jordan frames

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Narayan Banerjee


    Full Text Available With an explicit example, we show that Jordan frame and the conformally transformed Einstein frames clearly lead to different physics for a non-minimally coupled theory of gravity, namely Brans–Dicke theory, at least at the quantum level. The example taken up is the spatially flat Friedmann cosmology in Brans–Dicke theory.

  7. Lidt for hurtigt igennem slaveriets historie

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjærgård, Jonas Ross


    Trods klar formidling og stor viden skuffer Dick Harrisons ’Slaveriets historie’, fordi den ikke tager sig tid til at udfolde de vigtige problemstillinger, der er i dens materiale.......Trods klar formidling og stor viden skuffer Dick Harrisons ’Slaveriets historie’, fordi den ikke tager sig tid til at udfolde de vigtige problemstillinger, der er i dens materiale....

  8. The influence of breed and dietary molybdenum on the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    BRADLEY, R.E., RADHAKRISHNAN,. C.V.,. PUTIL-KULKARNI, V.G. & LOGGINS, P.E., 1973. Responses in Florida Native and Rambouillet lambs exposed to one and two doses of Haemonchus contortus. Am. J. vet. Res. 34, 729. DICK, A.T. 1944. Aspiration biopsy of the liver in sheep. Aust. vet. J. 20, 298. DICK, A.T., 1956.

  9. ELi eesistujamaa Iirimaa ei tee Moskvale järeleandmisi / Erkki Bahovski

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Bahovski, Erkki, 1970-


    Iiri euroministri Dick Roche'i sõnul laieneb EL-i partnerlus- ja koostööleping Venemaaga kõigile uutele liikmesriikidele ning on oluline jõuda EL-i põhiseadusliku leppe osas üksmeelele. Vt. samas: Dick Roche'ile antakse Maarjamaa Risti I klass

  10. Effect of dietary molybdenum and sulphur on the copper status of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    DICK, A.T., 1956. Molybdenum and copper relationships in animal nutrition. In: Inorganic Nitrogen Metabolism. Eds. McElroy,. W.D. & Glass, B. John Hopkins Press, Baltimore. p.445. DICK, A.T., DEWEY, D.W. & GAWTHORNE, J.M., 1975. Thiomolybdates and the copper-molybdenum-sulphur interaction in ruminant nutrition.

  11. The Handbook for Student Leadership Development. 2nd Edition (United States)

    Komives, Susan R.; Dugan, John P.; Owen, Julie E.; Slack, Craig; Wagner, Wendy


    This is a must-have book for leadership educators and all student affairs professionals who want to develop impactful leadership programs and the leadership capacity of students. This book contains: (1) Advancing Leadership Education (Susan R. Komives); (2) Leadership Theories (John P. Dugan and Susan R. Komives); (3) Research on College Student…

  12. Coping with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis (United States)

    ... regarding the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, quality or non-infringement of any of the materials, products or information provided by the organizations referenced herein. The Running Ribbon is a registered trademark of Susan G. Komen ® . ©2014 Susan G. Komen ® ...

  13. Breast Cancer in Men (United States)

    ... regarding the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, quality or non-infringement of any of the materials, products or information provided by the organizations referenced herein. The Running Ribbon is a registered trademark of Susan G. Komen. © 2016 Susan G. Komen ® ...

  14. Breast Reconstruction and Prosthesis (United States)

    ... regarding the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, quality or non-infringement of any of the materials, products or information provided by the organizations referenced herein. The Running Ribbon is a registered trademark of Susan G. Komen. © 2016 Susan G. Komen ® ...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    By Susan Lightman and Hamish Tawler. Fundamentals ofClinical. Ophthalmology. Series Editor: Susan Lightman. Pp. ix + 163. Illustrated. £42. BM]. 1998. ISBN 0-7279-1201-X. The recognition of the different patterns of uveitis is dependent primarily upon basic clinical skills, relying on the acquisition of a careful ophthalmic ...

  16. The Development of the C3 Framework (United States)

    Social Education, 2013


    Susan Griffin, executive director of NCSS, was chair of the Task Force of Professional Organizations that initiated and guided the development of "The College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards", which will soon be released. In this interview with "Social Education", Susan explains how the…

  17. Schedule Risk Event Driven Methodology (SREDM): FY13 Army Studies Program Project Findings (United States)


    TRADOC Analysis Center ATRC-PR/ Susan Matus 255 Sedgwick Avenue Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-2345 US...Army TRAC- White Sands Missile Range ATRC-W/Dr. Lambert Bldg 1400 Martin Luther King Drive White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002-5502

  18. Army Independent Risk Assessment Guidebook (United States)


    Rd. Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005-5071 US Army TRADOC Analysis Center ATRC-PR/ Susan Matus 255 Sedgwick Avenue Fort Leavenworth, KS...66027-2345 US Army TRAC- White Sands Missile Range ATRC-W/Dr. Lambert Bldg 1400 Martin Luther King Drive White

  19. Sadhana | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Sadhana. SEBA SUSAN. Articles written in Sadhana. Volume 41 Issue 12 December 2016 pp 1393-1406. Image coding based on maximum entropy partitioning for identifying improbable intensities related to facial expressions · SEBA SUSAN NANDINI AGGARWAL SHEFALI CHAND AYUSH GUPTA.

  20. Mitigating Information Overload: The Impact of "Context-Based Approach" to the Design of Tools for Intelligence Analysts (United States)


    Reference Meetings Allen G. Schick, Lawrence A. Gordon, and Susan Haka , “Information overload: A temporal approach,” Accounting Organizations and...conversations Allen G. Schick, Lawrence A. Gordon, and Susan Haka , “Information overload: A temporal approach,” Accounting Organizations and

  1. An Analysis of the Purpose and Development of Management Reserve. (United States)


    first article reviewed was "Participative Budgeting and Managerial Performance" by Peter Chalos and Susan Haka . Their study examined two hypotheses...Susan Haka . "Participative Budgeting and Managerial Performance," Decision Sciences, Vol. 20: 334-347. 3. Department of Defense. Cost/Schedule

  2. Big Data for Education: Data Mining, Data Analytics, and Web Dashboards. Governance Studies at Brookings (United States)

    West, Darrell M.


    Twelve-year-old Susan took a course designed to improve her reading skills. She read short stories and the teacher would give her and her fellow students a written test every other week measuring vocabulary and reading comprehension. A few days later, Susan's instructor graded the paper and returned her exam. The test showed that she did well on…

  3. Iron-Deficiency Anemia

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... shows how Susan, a full-time worker and student, has coped with having iron-deficiency anemia. Prior to her diagnosis, Susan had symptoms such as tiredness, poor skin tone, dizziness, and depression. After her doctor diagnosed her with iron-deficiency ...

  4. Vitamin D, Vitamin D Receptor Polymorphisms and Breast Cancer Aggressiveness in African American and European American Women (United States)


    Ruszczyk, Gregory Ciupak, Warren Davis, Helena Hwang, Susan McCann, Elisa Bandera , Christine Ambrosone Common single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in...Sucheston, Jyoti Shankar, Michelle Roberts, Melanie Ruszczyk, Gregory Ciupak, Warren Davis, Helena Hwang, Susan McCann, Elisa Bandera , Christine Ambrosone

  5. Fed up: winning the war against childhood obesity

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Okie, Susan


    .... Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Okie, Susan. Fed up! : winning the war against childhood obesity / Susan Okie. p. ; cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-309-09310-4 (hardcover) 1. Obesity in children- United States. 2. Obesity in children- United States- Prevention. [DNLM: 1. Obesity- epidemiology- United ...

  6. The Collocation Policy: A Useful Personnel Assignment Policy for Those Who Don’t Understand Counterinsurgencies (United States)


    the Navy, SECNAVINST 1300.12C, December 28, 2005), 4.  12 Susan Dominus. “The War’s Deadliest Day for Women,” Glamour , May 1, 2006. http...January 4, 2009). Dominus, Susan. “The War’s Deadliest Day for Women,” Glamour , May 1, 2006. showthread.php?t

  7. Representing Evil

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holm, Henrik


    Analyse af billedmateriale, der forholder sig til krig, især krigen mod terror, med afsæt i Alain Badiou, Jürgen Habermas og Susan Sontag.......Analyse af billedmateriale, der forholder sig til krig, især krigen mod terror, med afsæt i Alain Badiou, Jürgen Habermas og Susan Sontag....

  8. A 9-Year-Old Girl Discovers That Her Mother Was Murdered. (United States)

    Schonfeld, David J; Shekunov, Julia; Jellinek, Michael; Stein, Martin T

    Susan was a 9-year-old girl living with her mother; she had never met her father. Her mother returned one evening from her job as a cocktail waitress and Susan met her at the apartment door to let her know they had run out of cat food. Her mother said she would go and buy some the next morning because it was late and she was tired, but Susan insisted she go out that evening because the cat had not eaten all day. Her mother was fatally shot in the parking lot of the convenience store shortly thereafter; since there was no robbery involved, the police suspected it was someone that she knew. Susan's extended family had her move out of the apartment that evening and relocate to live with her aunt and uncle out-of-state. The transition happened quickly. Susan was unable to return to her apartment to pick up any additional belongings and never returned to say goodbye to her friends. The family decided she was too young to attend the funeral.Susan had trouble fitting in with her aunt and uncle's family; they had 2 children who were 8 and 6 years old, and Susan felt she was being treated like a baby. She resented having a bedtime (her mother allowed her to stay up as late as she wished), and she complained that the work at school was boring and her classmates were childish. When the family went to a festival in town, she left abruptly without telling them, which frightened Susan's aunt and uncle. They wanted to be supportive but felt that she needed more structure than her mother had provided her. Susan's aunt and uncle sought bereavement support for Susan from her pediatrician and parenting advice for themselves.

  9. Ovarian Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor with Elevated Inhibin B As a Cause of Secondary Amenorrhea in Adolescents with Germline DICER1 Mutation (United States)


    DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE 59TH MEDICAL W ING (AETC) JOINT BASE SAN ANTON IO - LACKLAND TEXAS MEMORANDUM FOR SGOBS A TIN: MAJ SUSAN WHITEW A Y...CLINICAL RESEARCH 2. FROM: (Author’s Name. Rank. Grade, Office Symbol) 3. GMEJGHSE STUDENT: 4. PROTOCOL NUMBER: Susan Whitcway, Maj , 0-4, SGOBS DYES 181...c. Snitchler, A ndrea 0-5/C DR DCSS U S Naval H ospital, Naples d. Whitcway, Susan L 0-4/ Maj 9 59MDOS/959MDG/ SGOBS 59MDW e. 17. IS A 502 ISG/JAC

  10. Inflow Measurements Made with a Laser Velocimeter on a Helicopter Model in Forward Flight. Volume 7. Rectangular Planform Blades at an Advance Ratio of 0.40 (United States)


    IIELICOIPTER MODEL IN FORWARD FLIGH-T Volume VII: RECTANGULAR PLANFORM BLAD)ES AT AN ADVANCI RAIO OF10.40(A( Danny R. -load, Susan L. Althoff , and Joe W...Organization Report No. Danny R. Hoad, Susan L. Althoff , Joe W. Elliott, and Richard H. Sailey 10. Work Unit No. 9. Performing Organization Name and Address...and 14 Sponsoring Agency Code US Army Aviation Systems Comnand St. Louis, INK) 63120-1798 15. Supplementary Notes Danny R. Hoad, Susan L. Althoff , and

  11. Underway - surface and physical data collected in the North Atlantic Ocean on the OCEANUS cruises OC296, OC301 and OC303 as part of the GB project from 1997-01-12 to 1997-05-23 (NODC Accession 0098912) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Oceanus Cruises: 296, 301 and 303 Shipboard meteorology and sea surface measurements along the ship's track Note: I (Jim Manning) suggest that investigators use Dick...

  12. Mao the peoples Emperor, Hutchinson, 1979,


    J.C. Boshoff


    Dick Wilson has written a detailed account of Mao Tse Tung's life, from his beginnings as a peasant's son, to the day he entered Peking to proclaim to China and to the world the beginning of a new order.

  13. Langenud Gorilla / Kertu Ruus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ruus, Kertu, 1977-


    Ilmunud ka: Delovõje Vedomosti 24. sept. lk. 8-9. USA investeerimispanga Lehman Brothers tegevjuhist Dick Fuldist. Vt. samas: Richard S. Fuld: CV; Ameerika unistuste täitja: vendade investeerimispank; Taust; Kommenteerivad: Madis Toomsalu ja Jonathan Well

  14. Shmiguni proovi testil tehti suuri vigu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Maailma antidopinguorganisatsiooni WADA juhataja Dick Pound imestas, miks Kristina Šimuguni dopingutesti uurinud labor ei märganud, et tegu on naissuusatajaga, sel juhul oleks juba A-proov andnud negatiivse vastuse

  15. Look Jane Look. See Sex Stereotypes (United States)

    NJEA Review, 1972


    Article is based on the study, Dick and Jane as Victims; Sex Stereotypes in Children's Readers," by Women on Words and Images, the 25-member task force of the Central New Jersey NOW organization. (RY)

  16. New inhomogeneous universes in scalar-tensor and f (R ) gravity (United States)

    Faraoni, Valerio; Belknap-Keet, Shawn D.


    A new family of spherically symmetric inhomogeneous solutions of Brans-Dicke gravity is generated using conformal transformation techniques and the Fonarev solution of general relativity as a seed. The latter is mapped from the Einstein to the Jordan conformal frame and this Jordan frame version constitutes a new solution of Brans-Dicke theory. The Brans-Dicke scalar field self-interacts with a power-law or inverse power-law potential in the Jordan frame. The new 4-parameter family of geometries thus generated, which is dynamical and asymptotically Friedmann-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker, contains as special cases two previously known classes of solutions and solves also the field equations of f (R )=Rn gravity, which can also be seen as an ω =0 Brans-Dicke theory with a potential.

  17. Cheney and Russia : useful hypocrisy? / Gwynne Dyer

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Dyer, Gwynne


    Ilmunud ka: Molodjozh Estonii 19. mai lk. 8. USA topeltstandardite poliitika, asepresident Dick Cheney kriitika Venemaa ja heasoovlikkus Kasahstani suhtes. President Nursultan Nazarbajevi diktatuur ja USA nafta ning gaasihuvid

  18. Antagonistic effect of brevicin on Gram positive and Gram negative ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    B. Senthil Kumar

    activity on Gram positive and negative food borne bacteria. This is stable at high .... Dicks, 2005) and it was filter sterilized by cellulose nitrate mem- brane (0.45 µm ..... Laemmli UK. (1970). Cleavage of structural proteins during assembly.

  19. Space Shuttle Mission 41-C Official crew photo (United States)


    Space Shuttle Mission 41-C Official crew photo. From left to right: Robert Crippen, crew commander; Terry Hart, mission specialist; James van Hoften, mission specialist; George Nelson, mission specialist; and Francis (Dick) Scobee, pilot.

  20. :telephone::person::sailboat::whale::okhand:; or "Call me Ishmael" - How do you translate emoji?


    Radford, Will; Chisholm, Andrew; Hachey, Ben; Han, Bo


    We report on an exploratory analysis of Emoji Dick, a project that leverages crowdsourcing to translate Melville's Moby Dick into emoji. This distinctive use of emoji removes textual context, and leads to a varying translation quality. In this paper, we use statistical word alignment and part-of-speech tagging to explore how people use emoji. Despite these simple methods, we observed differences in token and part-of-speech distributions. Experiments also suggest that semantics are preserved i...

  1. Minimum-Energy Flight Paths for UAVs Using Mesoscale Wind Forecasts and Approximate Dynamic Programming (United States)


    forecasts, Professor Richard (Dick) Lind , for providing critical data for this thesis from his measurements in the Marina weather station...Dick) Lind , Department of Meteorology, Naval Postgraduate School, 2007. [22] M. Ackley et al., “U.S. Wind Profilers, a Review,” Federal Coordinator...73, pp. 407-411, 1999. [39] M.P. Doukas, “A New Method for GPS-Based Wind Speed Determination during Airborne Volcanic Plume Measurements,” U.S

  2. The theoretical tools of experimental gravitation (United States)

    Will, C. M.


    Theoretical frameworks for testing relativistic gravity are presented in terms of a system for analyzing theories of gravity invented as alternatives to Einstein. The parametrized post-Newtonian (PPN) formalism, based on the Dicke framework and the Eotvos-Dicke-Braginsky experiment, is discussed in detail. The metric theories of gravity, and their post-Newtonian limits are reviewed, and PPN equations of motion are derived. These equations are used to analyze specific effects and experimental tests in the solar system.

  3. The Two-Dimensional Analogue of General Relativity


    Lemos, José P. S.; Sá, Paulo M.


    General Relativity in three or more dimensions can be obtained by taking the limit $\\omega\\rightarrow\\infty$ in the Brans-Dicke theory. In two dimensions General Relativity is an unacceptable theory. We show that the two-dimensional closest analogue of General Relativity is a theory that also arises in the limit $\\omega\\rightarrow\\infty$ of the two-dimensional Brans-Dicke theory.

  4. Heinrich Dieter Holland (1927-2012) (United States)

    Turekian, Karl K.


    Heinrich Dieter "Dick" Holland, who died on 21 May 2012, was responsible for major advances across several fields of geochemistry. He was born on 27 May 1927 and died just short of his 85th birthday. How Dick became a geochemist is an interesting story in itself. I first met Dick when we shared an office as graduate students at Columbia University in New York. He had attended Princeton University in New Jersey and graduated in 1946 with a chemistry major. He had arrived in the United States with his family from Germany in 1940. The family was of Jewish origin, and although Dick and his relatives were not strict practitioners, their fate in Hitler's Germany, dictated by the family's ancestry, would have been undesirable. Dick and his brother first went to England in 1939 to escape the future horrors that were sure to await them if they had remained in Germany. After their parents escaped to the Dominican Republic, Dick and his brother joined them there. With the help of friends, the family came to the United States from the Dominican Republic in 1940 (it was not unusual for immigrants to first come to a landing spot in the western hemisphere prior to admission to the United States).

  5. 77 FR 31216 - Changes in Flood Elevation Determinations (United States)


    ... Honorable Steve February 13, 2012 060017 1235). of Butte County (11- October 14, 2011; Lambert, Chairman... Docket No.: B- Unincorporated areas October 6, 2011; The Honorable Susan February 10, 2012 320003 1235...

  6. Ämbliku jäljed kivimüüril / Sigrid Saarep

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Saarep, Sigrid, 1963-


    Suurbritannia paviljonis 53. Veneetsia kunstibiennaalil esinevad kunstnikud Steve McQueen, John Cale (Wales), Martin Boyce (Šotimaa) ja Susan MacWilliam (Põhja-Iirimaa). Videokunstnik Steve McQueeni filmist "Giardini" (2009)

  7. Iron-Deficiency Anemia

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... red meats, nuts, dried fruits, and beans. Other lifestyle changes, such as getting enough sleep and exercising, ... By following her treatment plan and making smart lifestyle choices, Susan continues to feel better and see ...

  8. 75 FR 25830 - Agency Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection; Comment Request, Supplemental... (United States)


    ... Request, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Regulations, Part 275--Quality Control AGENCY: Food and... collection for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program's Regulations, Part 275--Quality Control... Susan Wilkinson, Program Analyst, Quality Control Branch, Program Accountability and Administration...

  9. Iron-Deficiency Anemia

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... periods. By following her treatment plan and making smart lifestyle choices, Susan continues to feel better and see the benefits of treatment. For more information about living with ...

  10. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Global challenges and local opportunities, Abstract. Susan Malcolm-Smith, Michelle Hoogenhout, Natalia Ing, Kevin GF Thomas, Petrus de Vries. Vol 22, No 2 (2010), Commentary Challenges in international collaboration in ...

  11. 75 FR 28853 - Quarterly Publication of Individuals, Who Have Chosen To Expatriate, as Required by Section 6039G (United States)



  12. Resistance ja Rootsi turvaühiskond / Peeter Linnap

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Linnap, Peeter, 1960-


    "Vastupanukunsti" näitus "The Path of Resistance : MoMa meets Moderna" Stockholmi Moodsa Kunsti Muuseumis, kuraatorid Susan Kismaric ja Joshua Siegel. Resistance'i kunsti raames käsitletakse ka nn. poliitilist kunsti

  13. With Home Testing, Consumers Take Charge of Their Health (United States)

    ... Used in Previous Reviews Mark Hughes and Joseph Keane, Enterprise Analysis Corporation, Stamford, CT. Interviews: 7/3/ ... Emery J. Stephans, MS, Gerard Conti, MS, Michelle Keane, MBA, and Susan Farber, MBA. Does the Economic ...

  14. Õnnelikud kodud kahel pool eesriiet / Triin Ojari

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ojari, Triin, 1974-


    Elukeskkonna konverents "Võistlevad õnned. Elukeskkond külma sõja perioodil" Eesti Kunstiakadeemias. Esinevad David Crowley, Jeremy Morris, Susan E. Reidi, Adrian Forty, Kirsi Saarikangas. Kodumaistel teemadel kõnelevad Liina Jänes ja etnoloog Anu Kannike

  15. Foundations of health psychology

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Friedman, Howard S; Silver, Roxane Cohen


    ... and Effective Treatment 9 Adjustment to Chronic Disease: Progress and Promise in Research Annette L. Stanton and Tracey A. Revenson 203 10 Aging and Health 234 Karen S. Rook, Susan T. Charles, and...

  16. Journal of the Cameroon Academy of Sciences - Vol 11, No 1 (2013)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ) Yields in Meme Division, South West Region of Cameroon · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Martin Keghe Nkobe, Susan Imbolo Mulua, Amougou Joseph Armathée, ...

  17. Layout ppp

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    ) Yields in. Meme Division, South West Region of Cameroon. Martin Keghe Nkobe1, Susan Imbolo Mulua2, Amougou Joseph Armathée3, Samuel Ndonwi. Ayonghe 2. 1 Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD), Barombi Kang ...

  18. 76 FR 41086 - Approval and Promulgation of Air Quality Implementation Plans; Ohio; Volatile Organic Compound... (United States)


    ...) a new rule for the control of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from reinforced plastic..., Reporting and recordkeeping requirements, Volatile organic compounds. Dated: June 24, 2011. Susan Hedman... Organic Compound Reinforced Plastic Composites Production Operations Rule AGENCY: Environmental Protection...

  19. Resources and Information for Parents about Braille (United States)

    ... Nemeth code. Often used in university programs. Exceptional Teaching Aids 3994 Oleander Way Castro Valley, CA 94546 Telephone: (800) 549-6999 E-Mail: ... Visual Impairments , edited by Susan LaVenture AFB Press American ...

  20. Nofretete muumia võib olla leitud / Evelyn Kaldoja

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaldoja, Evelyn, 1980-


    Briti uurija Susan Jamesi väitel võib Nofretete olla 1898. a. prantsuse arheoloogi Victor Lloret' poolt Kuningate orust leitud naisemuumia, mis meenutab hämmastavalt palju skulptuuridena kujutatud vaarao Ehnatoni naist

  1. Practice question. (United States)


    Chris Beech, nurse consultant, Services for Older People, NHS Forth Valley and member of the nurses' and allied health professionals' special interest group, British Geriatrics Society; Susan Nixon, service manager, Services for Older People, Falkirk Council.

  2. Environmental, Health, and Safety Research Needs for Engineered Nanoscale Materials (United States)


    Canady Forest Service (FS/USDA) Christopher Risbrudt Theodore Wegner Intelligence Technology Innovation Center (ITIC) Susan Durham International...particle agglomeration and settling. Some types of nanomaterials could become attached to dust, pollen , or other airborne particulates. Particles larger

  3. EPA Regional Administrator Highlights the Benefits of Reducing Food Waste in South Bend (United States)

    (SOUTH BEND, IND. - November 5, 2015) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regional Administrator Susan Hedman joined South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg today at Ivy Tech Community College's culinary school to highlight the benefits of diverting food waste fr

  4. Kui sulg ei jookse... / Jaanus Noormets

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Noormets, Jaanus


    Kuidas stsenarist Charlie Kaufman kirjutas stsenaariumi oma loomevaevadest Susan Orleani raamatu filmiks kirjutamisel : mängufilm "Kuidas kirjutada kassafilmi" ("Adaptation") : režissöör Spike Jonze : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2002

  5. 77 FR 64819 - New Agency Information Collection Activity Under OMB Review: Office of Law Enforcement/Federal... (United States)


    ... SECURITY Transportation Security Administration New Agency Information Collection Activity Under OMB Review... INFORMATION CONTACT: Susan L. Perkins, TSA PRA Officer, Office of Information Technology (OIT), TSA-11... other forms of information technology. Information Collection Requirement Title: LEO Reimbursement...

  6. The Westray chronicles: a case study in corporate crime

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    McCormick, Christopher


    ..., and Corporate Crime John McMullan and Sherman Hinze 183 Chapter Ten: Unsettled Accounts after Westray Susan Dodd 218 Endnotes 250 References 273 List of IllustrationsLIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Westray ...

  7. Iron-Deficiency Anemia

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Anemia What Is... CAUSES WHO IS AT RISK SIGNS & SYMPTOMS DIAGNOSIS TREATMENTS PREVENTION LIVING WITH CLINICAL TRIALS LINKS Related ... with having iron-deficiency anemia. Prior to her diagnosis, Susan had symptoms such as tiredness, poor skin ...

  8. Eesti president Toomas H. Ilves Pennsylvania ülikooli ajakirjas / Airi Vaga

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vaga, Airi, 1940-


    University of Pennsylvania ajakirjas "The Pennsylvania Gazette" ilmunud artiklist "From Estonian Exile to Executive Office", autor Susan Frith - järjekordsest võimalusest tutvustada Eestit ja eestlasi USA ülikoolide kaudu


    Gene expression profiles in arsenic-treated MCF-7 breast cancer cells expressing different levels of HSP70Gail Nelson, Susan Hester, Ernest Winkfield, Jill Barnes, James AllenEnvironmental Carcinogenesis Division, NHEERL, ORD, US Environmental Protection Agency, Rese...

  10. Web-Based Instruction A Guide for Libraries

    CERN Document Server

    Smith, Susan Sharpless


    Expanding on the popular, practical how-to guide for public, academic, school, and special libraries, technology expert Susan Sharpless Smith offers library instructors the confidence to take Web-based instruction into their own hands.

  11. 1. IV avati Tallinna Kunstihoone galeriis šoti videokunstinäitus "Nähtamatud väljad"

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Kuraatorid Sarah Felton ja Su Grierson, osalevad kunstnikud Victoria Clare Bernie, Samantha Clark, Maria Doyle, S. Felton, S. Grierson, Belinda Guidi, Anne Bjerge Hansen, Metacorpus, Jane McInally, Rosalind Nashashibi, Susannah Silver ja Susan Sloan

  12. Iron-Deficiency Anemia

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... iron-deficiency anemia may require treatment in a hospital, blood transfusions , iron injections, or intravenous iron therapy. ... beans. Other lifestyle changes, such as getting enough sleep and exercising, also have helped Susan feel better. ...

  13. Biographies of Eminent Women in Psychology: Models for Achievement. (United States)

    Furumoto, Laurel; And Others


    In order to recognize women's contributions to the field of psychology, biographies of Margaret Floy Washburn, Mary Cover Jones, Karen Horney, Susan Grey, Edna Heidbreder, Ann Roe, and Mary Whitton Calkins are presented. (BEF)

  14. The Law and the Ladies in "Trifles." (United States)

    Zehfuss, Ruth E.


    Shows how Susan Glaspell's one-act play "Trifles" (when linked to "Antigone") illustrates the difficult moral choices that human beings face. Discusses Glaspell's social and political context; cultural influences; and parallels in situation, setting, and character. (PRA)

  15. Raamatututvustus / Rein Põder

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Põder, Rein, 1943-


    Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. Üksildase uitaja mõtisklused; Hill, Susan. Proua de Winter; Kõrvemaast põhjarannani : Kuusalu kihelkonna kirjanduslik-kodulooline antoloogia / Koost. Helmut Elstrok; Tead.toim. Oskar Kuningas

  16. Injury-related behaviour among South African high-school students ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Injury-related behaviour among South African high-school students at six sites. Alan J Flisher, Catherine L Ward, Holan Liang, Handsome Onya, Nomfundo Mlisa, Susan Terblanche, Arvin Bhana, Charles DH Parry, Carl J Lombard ...

  17. Must Surm võib varitseda viirusena / Tiit Kändler

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kändler, Tiit, 1948-


    Üldlevinud arusaama kohaselt on Must Surm muhkkatk, nüüd on Liverpooli ülikooli arstiteadlased Susan Scott ja Christopher Duncan avaldanud raamatu, milles väidavad, et katk polnud bakteri, vaid hoopis viiruse tekitatud

  18. The Tropenmuseum and the Colonial Heritage : Position paper

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Legêne, Susan


    Policy document outlining the Tropenmuseum's intention to work on the colonial past as an essential aspect of its contemporary policies. Author: Susan Legêne, at the time head of the Curatorial Department of the tropenmuseum.

  19. Investigation of manganese homeostasis in dogs with anaemia and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Investigation of manganese homeostasis in dogs with anaemia and chronic enteropathy. Marisa da Fonseca Ferreira, Arielle Elizabeth Ann Aylor, Richard John Mellanby, Susan Mary Campbell, Adam George Gow ...

  20. A Contributing Listener and Other Composition Wives: Reading and Writing the Feminine Metaphors in Composition Studies. (United States)

    Reichert, Pegeen


    Draws on Susan Miller's distinction between "feminist composition studies" and "feminine composition studies" to raise concerns about the perception, place, and role of composition studies in English departments. Examines the feminine metaphors used in composition theory and research. (TB)

  1. Travelers' Health: Cruise Ship Travel (United States)

    ... Kara Tardivel, Susan A. Lippold, Krista Kornylo Duong INTRODUCTION Cruise ship travel presents a unique combination of ... may include countries where vectorborne diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and Zika are ...

  2. Brazilian physicists take centre stage (United States)

    Curtis, Susan


    With the FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil this month, Susan Curtis travels to South America's richest nation to find out how its physicists are exploiting recent big increases in science funding.

  3. Kui kapital veab alt, siis turvaliselt / Aleksander Tsapov

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tsapov, Aleksander


    Kuraatorinäitus "Kapital (see veab meid alt)" Tallinna Kunstihoones. Kuraator Simon Sheikh. Fia-Stina Sandlundi, Katya Sanderi, Oliver Ressleri, Ashley Hunti ja Susan Kelly&Stephen Mortoni töödest näitusel

  4. Ni rara, ni extraordinaria: política y corporalidad en Eva Perón

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Karina Elizabeth Vázquez


    This essay analyzes images and representations of Eva Perón combining theories of corporeality and affection with theories of the photo-image proposed by WJT Mitchell, Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag...

  5. Preparing Women for Strategic Leadership Roles in the Army (United States)


    USAWC STRATEGY RESEARCH PROJECT PREPARING WOMEN FOR STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP ROLES IN THE ARMY by COL Susan R. Myers U.S. Army CDR Robert Kedney xx-xx-2003 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Preparing Women for Strategic Leadership Roles in the Army Unclassified 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c...ii iii ABSTRACT AUTHOR: COL Susan R. Myers TITLE: Preparing Women for Strategic Leadership Roles in the Army FORMAT: Strategy Research Project DATE: 01

  6. Metal Residue Deposition from Military Pyrotechnic Devices and Field Sampling Guidance (United States)


    PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Jay L. Clausen, Julie Richardson, Nic Korte, Nancy Perron, Susan Taylor, Anthony Bednar, Patricia Tuminello...Julie Richardson1, Nic Korte3, Nancy Perron1, Susan Taylor1, Anthony Bednar2, Andrew Bray2, Patricia Tuminello2, William Jones2, Shawna a warm water bath . Each sample was vacuum-filtered through a Whatman glass microfiber grade GF/A 1.6 µm filter. Several filters were required

  7. Social Media - DoD’s Greatest Information Sharing Tool or Weakest Security Link? (United States)


    OR WEAKEST SECURITY LINK? BY LIEUTENTANT COLONEL SUSAN CAMORODA United States Army National Guard Se ni or S er vi ce C ol le ge F el lo w...SHARING TOOL OR WEAKEST SECURITY LINK? by Lieutenant Colonel Susan Camoroda United States Army National Guard Dr Rahul...CRP is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Senior Serivce College Fellowship. The U.S. Army War College is accredited by the

  8. STS-102 Crew Activity Report/Flight Day 7 Highlights (United States)


    Footage shows STS-102 Mission Specialist Andy Thomas, Expedition 1 crewmember Sergei Krikalev, and Expedition 2 crewmember Susan Helms transferring supplies from the Leonardo Module to the International Space Station (ISS). Then STS-102 Commander Jim Wetherbee joins the crew of Expedition 2 (James Voss, Susan Helms, and Yuriy Usachev) for an on-orbit interview, where they answer questions about the spacewalks performed by Voss and Helms and about living on the ISS.

  9. The Burden of Disability among Active Duty Air Force Members (United States)


    regarding active duty pilots and navigators who experienced a cardiac event, which included myocardial infarctions, angina , and sudden death. The study...a Cohort of Active-Duty U.S. Air Force Members Authors: Anthony S. Robbins, MD, PhD, Susan Y. Chao, MS, Vincent P. Fonseca, MD, MPH, Michael R...Physical Fitness in a Cohort of Active-Duty U.S. Air Force Members Anthony S. Robbins, Susan Y. Chao, Vincent P. Fonseca, Michael R

  10. Possible Regulatory Improvements of the American Housing Finance System

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lunde, Jens


    Book review of: Susan M. Wachter and Joseph Tracy (eds.): Principles of Housing Finance Reform. PENN—University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 282 pp, $65.00s, ISBN: 978-0-8122-4862-3......Book review of: Susan M. Wachter and Joseph Tracy (eds.): Principles of Housing Finance Reform. PENN—University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 282 pp, $65.00s, ISBN: 978-0-8122-4862-3...

  11. Sun River (24CA74): A Stratified Pelican Lake and Oxbow Occupation Site near Great Falls, Montana. (United States)


    Oxbow Cascade County Phytoliths Pelican Lake Settlement Flotation 20. A.STIRACT . -u are. dde If n-"e- .. d nden~ff7 by block .- ber) The Sun River...Susan K. Short, Pollen Analyst * Rhoda Owen Lewis, Phytolith Analyst Meg Van Ness, Flotation Analyst Historical Research Associates Missoula, Montana...ANALYSES Susan K. Short, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, Boulder, Colorado D PHYTOLITH RESULTS Rhoda Lewis, Paleoenvironmental Consultants

  12. Design of Small-sized and Low-cost Front End to Medical Microwave Radiometer (United States)

    Klemetsen, O.; Birkelund, Y.; Maccarini, P. F.; Stauffer, P.; Jacobsen, S. K.


    We have investigated the possibility of building a Dicke radiometer that is inexpensive, small-sized, stable, high sensitivity and consists of readily available microwave components. The selected frequency band is at 3–4 GHz and can be used for breast cancer detection, with sufficient spatial resolution. We have found microwave components that are small (radiometers: One is of conventional design with Dicke switch at front end to select antenna or noise rererence and the other with a low noise amplifier before the Dicke Switch. We have tested this concept with simulations and built prototypes. The two designs provide a gain of approximately 50 dB, and bandwidth of about 500 MHz. One of the designs has a stability μ > 1 and the other design provide instability μ < 1 for a part of the pass band. The prototypes are tested for sensitivity after calibration in two different known temperature waterbaths. The results show that the design with the low noise amplifier before the Dicke switch has 36% higher sensitivity than the other design with Dicke switch in front. PMID:25324916

  13. Conceptual radiometer design studies for Earth observations from low Earth orbit (United States)

    Harrington, Richard F.


    A conceptual radiometer design study was performed to determine the optimum design approach for spaceborne radiometers in low Earth orbit. Radiometric system configurations which included total power radiometers, unbalanced Dicke radiometers, and balanced Dicke, or as known as noise injection, radiometers were studied. Radiometer receiver configurations which were analyzed included the direct detection radiometer receiver, the double sideband homodyne radiometer receiver, and the single sideband heterodyne radiometer receiver. Radiometer system performance was also studied. This included radiometric sensitivity analysis of the three different radiometer system configurations studied. Both external and internal calibration techniques were analyzed. An accuracy analysis with and without mismatch losses was performed. It was determined that the balanced Dicke radiometer system configuration with direct detection receivers and external calibrations was optimum where frequent calibration such as once per minute were not feasible.

  14. Modeling of non-rotating neutron stars in minimal dilatonic gravity

    CERN Document Server

    Fiziev, Plamen


    The model of minimal dilatonic gravity (MDG), called also the massive Branse-Dicke model with $\\omega =0$, is an alternative model of gravitation, which uses one Branse-Dicke gravitation-dilaton field $\\Phi$ and offers a simultaneous explanation of the effects of dark energy (DE) and dark matter (DM). Here we present an extensive research of non-rotating neutron star models in MDG with four different realistic equations of state (EOS), which are in agreement with the latest observational data. The equations describing static spherically symmetric stars in MDG are solved numerically. The effects corresponding to DE and DM are clearly seen and discussed.

  15. Retrenchment: General Russell E. Dougherty and the Strategic Air Command During the Age of Detente (United States)


    Latimer , who lived next door to the Dougherty family in Glasgow. One of the judge’s sons, Dick, was a friend of Russell and subsequently played the... Latimer was a strong influence in my life.”57 Dougherty sought the judge’s counsel on where to attend law school. Both agreed that the University of...also put his old dance band back together. Dick Latimer , son of Judge Clyde Latimer , also attended law school with Dougherty and was available to

  16. The Potential Linkage between Emergency Medical Services Systems and Health Systems Agencies to Civil Defense Related Health and Medical Care Plans and Operations. (United States)


    Attendees Madge R. Swann HRA 436-7234 Bob Handy HRA 436-7240 Dick Salamandra HSA-EMS 436-6295 Jonetta Darden PHS 443-1167 Gordon Johnson PHS/FDA/BRH 443...Francsico area. He said all Federal agencies have been working under General Woodward’s leadership to develop a plan. Mr. Salamandra asked Ms. Darden how...Anderson then introduced Dick Salamandra whose topic was Overview of Emergency Medical Services Systems. Mr. Salamandra said the intent of the EMS Act of

  17. El hongo maitake (Grifola frondosa) y su potencial terapéutico.


    Illana Esteban, Carlos


    Grifola frondosa (Dicks.) Gray es un hongo poliporáceo usado en Oriente por sus propiedades medicinales desde hace miles de años. Se hace una revisión de lo publicado sobre este hongo en la literatura, en relación a aspectos etnomicológicos, nutricionales, farmacológicos y médicos. Grifola frondosa (Dicks.) Gray is a polyporaceous fungus and, due to its medical properties, has been used in Eastern cultures for thousands of years. A review of previously published literature o...


    Zhang, Yi; Gong, Yungui; Zhu, Zong-Hong


    Because of the dynamical equivalence between the f(R) gravity and the Brans-Dicke theory, the dynamical equation in the f(R) gravity is suggested to be derived from a view point of thermodynamics here. By a conformal transformation, the Brans-Dicke theory in the Jordan frame could be expressed as a minimal coupling scalar field theory in Einstein frame. Using the entropy-area relation d˜ {S} = d˜ {A}/4 G, the correct Friedmann equations could be gotten in both frames. Furthermore, we also discuss the corresponding generalized Misner-Sharp energies for theoretical consistence.

  19. Scalar-tensor theory of gravitation with negative coupling constant (United States)

    Smalley, L. L.; Eby, P. B.


    The possibility of a Brans-Dicke scalar-tensor gravitation theory with a negative coupling constant is considered. The admissibility of a negative-coupling theory is investigated, and a simplified cosmological solution is obtained which allows a negative derivative of the gravitation constant. It is concluded that a Brans-Dicke theory with a negative coupling constant can be a viable alternative to general relativity and that a large negative value for the coupling constant seems to bring the original scalar-tensor theory into close agreement with perihelion-precession results in view of recent observations of small solar oblateness.

  20. Markets and authorities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lorentzen, Jochen; Cecco, Marcello de

    This text addresses the relationship between market authority and political authority - a favourite theme of Susan Strange, to whom the book is dedicated. From a survey of the bias against capital liberalization in economic thought to an analysis of the US role in global monetary affairs, it disc......This text addresses the relationship between market authority and political authority - a favourite theme of Susan Strange, to whom the book is dedicated. From a survey of the bias against capital liberalization in economic thought to an analysis of the US role in global monetary affairs...

  1. Rehabilitation R&D Progress Reports 1996, Volume 34, May 1997 (United States)


    Cherney LR, Halper AS, Drimmer DP. Brain Lang 1995:51(l):51-3. 129 Head Trauma and Stroke [138] COMORBIDITIES AND COMPLICATIONS IN STROKE...persons with PD. [189] BIOCHEMICAL AND MYOELECTRIC EVENTS DURING FATIGUE Serge H. Roy, ScD; Edward Kupa, MS; Carlo J. De Luca, PhD; Susan C...R&D Progress Reports 1996 [190] EFFECTS OF MUSCLE FIBER SIZE ON EMG PARAMETERS Edward Kupa, MS; Serge H. Roy, ScD; Susan C. Kandarian, PhD; Carlo J

  2. Fantastiske forbindelser relationer i undervisning og læringssamvær

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Antologiens artikler er lavet af en række anerkendte forskere og ide-folk fra Danmark, Norge, Holland, England og USA. Herunder Peter Lang, Daniel Stern, Maria Aarts, Thomas Armstrong, Maria Aarts, Jan Tønnesvang, Stein Bråten, Jesper Juul og Susan Hart......Antologiens artikler er lavet af en række anerkendte forskere og ide-folk fra Danmark, Norge, Holland, England og USA. Herunder Peter Lang, Daniel Stern, Maria Aarts, Thomas Armstrong, Maria Aarts, Jan Tønnesvang, Stein Bråten, Jesper Juul og Susan Hart...

  3. Obituary: Richard B. Dunn, 1927-2005 (United States)

    Keil, Stephen L.; Dooling, David


    Dr. Richard B. Dunn, astronomer emeritus at the National Solar Observatory, died of a heart attack on September 29, 2005. He was recognized as one of the foremost experimental solar physicists. His innovative designs for telescopes and instruments led to many important discoveries in solar physics. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1927 and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dick's parents were Dr. Halbert L. Dunn and Katherine Brandner. Halbert (MD, Ph.D., F.A.P.H.A.) was an physician who became Chief of the National Office of Vital Statistics, Public Health Service. He published a paper "High Level Wellness for Man and Society" that became the founding paper of the field of wellness health care. After their divorce in 1942, Katherine moved to New York and became a social worker. Dick had two older brothers who died before him, Halbert (born in 1921, who became a civil engineer) and Robert (born in 1924, who became an architect). Dick earned a BS in mechanical engineering and an MS in astronomy at the University of Minnesota. At the end of World War II he served in the United States Army in Japan. For his master's degree, Dick undertook the design and construction of a Lyot-type birefringent filter for observations of solar prominences. This early work led to his acceptance at Harvard, where Professor Donald Menzel encouraged him to continue his work with the 15-inch Cambridge telescope. In 1951 he conducted part of his doctoral thesis work at the fledgling Sacramento Peak Observatory in southern New Mexico. The observatory director, Dr. John Evans, was impressed with Dick's outstanding instrumental talents and invited him to join as one of the first scientific staff members. During his first few years at Sac Peak, Dick developed two more birefringent filter systems including one with an integrated coronagraph. With this system, he produced the best prominence and spicule observations ever obtained. Dick's career was dedicated to obtaining solar observations of the

  4. Test particle trajectories near cosmic strings

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    We present a detailed analysis of the motion of test particle in the gravitational field of cosmic strings in different situations using the Hamilton–Jacobi (H–J) formalism. We have discussed the trajectories near static cosmic string, cosmic string in Brans–Dicke theory and cosmic string in dilaton gravity.

  5. Verslag van het onderzoek naar de sterilisatieprocessen, zoals uitgevoerd in het Laboratorium voor Levende Vaccins

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hellings; J.; Asten; J.van; Dorpema; J.W.


    Tijdens de controle d.d. 840222 werd het volgende geconstateerd. - De vacuum lektest voldeed aan de norm. - Het Bowie & Dick programma en het 20 min. 120 graden C rubber programma voldeden niet aan de norm, omdat het voorvacuum niet juist was afgesteld. - Het flessenprogramma voldeed niet

  6. De helixtest in de praktijk

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bruijn de ACP; Drongelen van AW; BMT


    The RIVM performed the helix test in the autoclaves of 20 hospitals. Only 59% of the test results were positive, while the Bowie and Dick test was positive in all cases. The test helix added to a light instrument tray proved to be a particular challenge to the sterilisation process. One of the

  7. United States Air Force Summer Faculty Research Program. Management Report. Volume 1 (United States)


    Dr. E. Friday of TEAS, and Messers Bob Erhart, Dennis Goldstein, Dick Mabry, Bob Erdman, Harris Barker, and Dr. Duane Finello of the laboratory were...Tower ( Marley , Baltimore Air Coil) Roof Ventilation (Green Heck, in-house) Compressed air (Ingersol Rand, in-house) V-bel t Drives ( in house) Motors, 50

  8. Reaction and Transport Processes Controlling In Situ Chemical Oxidation of DNAPLs (United States)


    HydroGeoLogic, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona Dr. Dick Brown – ERM, Ewing, New Jersey Mr. Michael C. Marley - XDD, LLC, Stratham, New Hampshire Mr. Bob Norris...Remediation Journal, 14(2):7-31. Droste, E.X., M.C. Marley , J.M. Parikh, and A.M. Lee (2002). Observed Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination after In Situ

  9. United States Air Force Summer Faculty Research Program. 1988 Program Technical Report. Volume 1 (United States)


    Roy Stables and Dr. E. Friday of TEAS, and Messers Bob Erhart, Dennis Goldstein, Dick Mabry, Bob Erdman, Harris Barker, and Dr. Duane Finello of the... Marley , Baltimore Air Coil) Roof Ventilation (Green Heck, in-house) Compressed air (Ingersol Rand, in-house) V-belt Drives (in house) Motors, 50 hp and

  10. Non-minimal quintessence: Dynamics and coincidence problem

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Brans–Dicke scalar–tensor theory provides a conformal coupling of the scalar field with gravity in Einstein's frame. This model is equivalent to an interacting quintessence in which dark matter is coupled to dark energy. This provides a natural mechanism to alleviate the coincidence problem. We investigate the dynamics of ...

  11. I'll Save the World from Global Warming--Tomorrow: Using Procrastination Management to Combat Global Warming (United States)

    Malott, Richard W.


    In the provocatively titled "I'll Save the World from Global Warming--Tomorrow," Dick Malott says that although we all want to do the right thing to help the environment, whether it's buying and installing compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or replacing an energy-guzzling appliance with a more efficient one, we put it off because there's no…

  12. Entwicklung einer kontaktfreien nichtdestruktiven Methode zur Messung von mechanischen und elastischen Eigenschaften von mikromechanischen Mehrschichtsystemen mit akustischen Oberflächenwellen


    Bennis, Abdelali


    Mit dieser Arbeit wird ein Beitrag zur Weiterentwicklung der akustischen lasermesstechnischen Verfahren zur Ermittlung von mechanischen und elastischen Eigenschaften von mikromechanischen Mehrschichtsystemen geleistet. Zu diesen Eigenschaften zählen das E-Modul, die Dichte, die Dicke sowie die Poissonzahl. Die meisten akustischen lasermesstechnischen Verfahren basieren auf der optischen Erzeugung von breitbandigen akustischen Wellen in einem Schichtsystem und der Ermittlung der Geschwindig...


    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Dicke R H (4) 372 (CL). Drissner Jürgen (2) 180 (CR). Engelmann Wolfgang (8) 776 (BR). Feynman Richard P (9) 860 (RF); 890 (CL). Filarowski Andrew (12) 1140 (RF). Fischer Emil (7) 682 (CL). Furtula Boris (12) 1238 (GA). Gadani Deepak H (11) 1053 (CR). Ghosh Dipanjan (1) 47 (GA). Godbole Rohini (11) 1019 (GA).

  14. JBJ van Ryssen* & AW Lishman JP Kitching & Moss

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Mo plus S feeding in sheep (Dick, 1956; Underwood,. 1977; Bremner & Young, 1978; Van Ryssen & Stielau,. 1981). The level of Mo in the body of ruminants was found to depend on dietary Mo (Lesperance & Bohman,. 1963; Van Ryssen & Stielau, 1981) and dietary S (Grace. & Suttle, 1979; Van Ryssen & Stielau, 1981).

  15. Quality assessment and potential utilization of high amylolytic ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Dec 3, 2008 ... growing demand for usage as a gluten-free cereal. (Sweeny, 2004) in treating celiac disease (Dicke, 1953;. Van De Kamer and Weijer, 1955; Papadopoulos, 2001) leave much to be desired as regards its exploitation in food and allied industries. Hence this study was under-. *Corresponding author. E-mail:.

  16. In vitro reassembly of the malolactic fermentation pathway of Leuconostoc oenos (Oenococcus oeni)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Salema, M; Capucho, [No Value; Poolman, B; SanRamao, MV; Dias, MCL

    The mechanism of metabolic energy generation by malolactic fermentation was studied with artificial membrane vesicles of Leuconostoc oenos (Oenococcus oeni), (Note that although L. oenos was recently reclassified as O. oeni [L. M. T. Dicks, F. Dellaglio, and M. D. Collins, Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol.

  17. Cooperative Excitation and Many-Body Interactions in a Cold Rydberg Gas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Viteau, Matthieu; Huillery, Paul; Bason, Mark George


    on and off resonance, which exhibit sub- and super-Poissonian counting statistics, respectively. We compare our results with numerical simulations using a novel theoretical model based on Dicke states of Rydberg atoms including dipole-dipole interactions, finding good agreement between experiment and theory....

  18. Cosmological singularities in string and M-theory cosmology

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vazquez-Mozo, M.A.; Ibanez, J.


    I discuss the point of view that non-renormalizability in General Relativity is a consequence of dealing with a low-energy effective field theory of the gravitational field, and how Einstein-Brans-Dicke gravity is retrieved from string/M-theory at low energies. After examining the role of stringy

  19. A Systematic Planning for Science Laboratory Instruction: Research-Based Evidence (United States)

    Balta, Nuri


    The aim of this study is to develop an instructional design model for science laboratory instruction. Well-known ID models were analysed and Dick and Carey model was imitated to produce a science laboratory instructional design (SLID) model. In order to validate the usability of the designed model, the views of 34 high school teachers related to…

  20. Integrating Technology into Classroom: The Learner-Centered Instructional Design (United States)

    Sezer, Baris; Karaoglan Yilmaz, Fatma Gizem; Yilmaz, Ramazan


    In this study, to present an instructional model by considering the existing models of instructional design (ARCS, ADDIE, ASSURE, Dick and Carey, Seels and Glasgow, Smith and Ragan etc.) with the nature of technology-based education and to reveal analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation, and to revise levels with lower levels of…


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    IN THE VAAL TRIANGLE, SOUTH AFRICA. W. H. Oldewage-Ther0n*], E. Dicks2 and M. Selepe3. ABSTRACT. This study formed part of a larger project in which food and beverage fortification as a way to address specific micronutrient. deficiencies was evaluated in selected subjects in the Vaal Triangle. The objective of this.

  2. The Fashion Police: Never out of Fashion (United States)

    Barlow, Dudley


    Some readers will recall Newhart, Bob Newhart's television series from 1982 to 1990. In it, he played Dick Ludon, a New Yorker who moved to Vermont with his wife to run an inn. Stephanie Vanderkellen, a snotty, rich, young woman, worked there as a maid to appease her parents. Her boyfriend, Michael, was not rich but was as snobbish as she was.…

  3. High proportion of mosquito vectors in Zika forest, Uganda, feeding ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Apr 22, 2015 ... 1964), Witwatersrand and Germiston (Monath et al.,. 1972), Uganda S virus (Dick and Haddow, 1952) and yellow fever (Kirya et al., 1977) were isolated from mosquitoes. However, mosquito blood-meal studies from forests in. Uganda including Zika, were discontinued after the. 1970's due to instabilities in ...

  4. Market and product assessment of probiotic/prebioticcontaining ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Market and product assessment of probiotic/prebioticcontaining functional foods and supplements manufactured in South Africa. M Brink, M Senekal, IMT Dicks. Abstract. Objectives. Probiotic and prebiotic products manufactured in South Africa were identified and health and content claims stated on the labels were ...

  5. Fifty years of Szigeti's dielectric theory – A review

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    However, the treatment of Born and Huang was qualitative. Lundquist [19] used the Heitler–London approach to evaluate the overlap distortion moment for NaCl. Dick and Overhauser [20] reexamined Szigeti's theory. They pointed out that apart from the electronic polarization and polarization due to displacement of ions.

  6. Cold beam of isotopically pure Yb atoms by deflection using 1D ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Both clock and EDM measurements gain from having a cold continuous beam of atoms that is separated from the cooling laser beams. For atomic clocks, a continuous beam avoids intermodulation or the Dick effect [10], seen in pulsed fountain clocks. For. EDM experiments, the electric-field plates can be brought very close ...

  7. Third Quantization in Bergmann-Wagoner Theory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mora C.


    Full Text Available We present the third quantization of Bergmann-Wagoner scalar-tensor and Brans Dicke solvable toy models. In the first one we used an exponential cosmological term, for the second one we considered vanishing cosmological constant. In both cases, it is found that the number of the universes produced from nothing is very large.

  8. Enne kui Vilniuse vilju maitsta / Toomas Alatalu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Alatalu, Toomas, 1942-


    Autori sõnul on suurriikide poliitika jätkuvalt kõikuv ja kahepalgeline. Viide USA asepresidendi Dick Cheney sõnavõtule Vilniuses, mille mõju tuleks hinnata pärast EL-i ning Venemaa tippkohtumist Sotšis ja G-8 kohtumist Peterburis

  9. Euroopa Nõukogu uuring kinnitas kahtlusi CIA salavanglate kohta / Krister Paris

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Paris, Krister


    Võimalikku salavanglate olemasolu Euroopas uurinud Šveitsi poliitik Dick Marty on seisukohal, et tõenäoliselt väikesed salavanglad olid Euroopas, kuid neis olnud vangid viidi ära kohe pärast meedias esinenud paljastusi. Lisa: Europarlament tahab täit tõde. Vt. samas: Salavanglate skandaali uurimine käib mitmel rindel

  10. Defects in Histone H3.3 Phosphorylation and ATRX Recruitment to Misaligned Chromosomes during Mitosis Contribute to the Development of Pediatric Glioblastomas (United States)


    NY) and MIS5000 piezo-electric micromanipulator (Burleigh/Thorlabs, Newton , NJ) on a Leica IRBE2 inverted microscope with a 40x 0.7NA objective and...and X. Yang (2006). Critical role for DAXX in regulating Mdm2. Nat Cell Biol. 8:855- 862. 37. Ritchie, K., C. Seah, J. Moulin, C. Isaac , F. Dick

  11. Diversity in the Workplace. (United States)


    This document contains three papers presented at a symposium on diversity in the workplace moderated by Sandra Johnson at the 1996 conference of the Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD). "Diversity and Development: An Assessment of Equal Opportunities and the Role of HRD in the Police Service" (Rashmi Biswas, Penny Dick) examines…

  12. Multiparticle entanglement under the influence of decoherence

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gühne, O.; Bodoky, F.; Blaauboer, M.


    We present a method to determine the decay of multiparticle quantum correlations as quantified by the geometric measure of entanglement under the influence of decoherence. With this, we compare the robustness of entanglement in Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ), cluster, W, and Dicke states of four


    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    304 Dawn of Science. The Copernican Revolution. T Padmanabhan. GENERAL ARTICLES. 310 Mach's Principle. J V Narlikar. 322 Robert Dicke and Atomic Physics. Vasant Natarajan. 333 Decoding Non-Coding DNA: Trash or Treasure? Namrata Iyer. 341 Weierstrass's Theorem – Leaving no 'Stone' Unturned. B Sury.

  14. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    pp 322-332 General Article. Robert Dicke and Atomic Physics · Vasant Natarajan · More Details Fulltext PDF. pp 333-340 General Article. Decoding Non-Coding DNA: Trash or Treasure? Namrata Iyer · More Details Fulltext PDF. pp 341-355 General Article. Weierstrass's Theorem – Leaving no `Stone' Unturned · B Sury.

  15. Prion protein gene polymorphisms in Turkish native goat breeds

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics; Volume 96; Issue 2 ... Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, Akdeniz University, 07058, Antalya, Turkey; Department of Animal Sciences, Ankara University, 06110, Ankara, Turkey; The Roslin Institute and Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, EH25 ...

  16. Environmental Analysis of U.S. Navy Submarine Solid Waste Discharges. Report of Findings (United States)


    Sosa. Pollution By Solid Wastes Carried By Marine Currents To The Caribbean Coast ofHonduras. Revista De Biologia Tropical, V38 N2, pp. 339-342...Oceanographic Institution Reference; 72-7. Dicks, B. 1986. Oil and The Black Mangrove, Avicennia Marina in The Northern Red Sea. Marine Pollution Bulletin

  17. land-use and land-use change effects on nitrous oxide emissions

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Prof. Adipala Ekwamu

    over 166 days. 1.6% N) and slow release of mineral N. Similar observations were made by Dick et al.(2008) who reported a 158% increase in N2O emissions following the application of urea compared to. 63% after applying manure in savannas of semi arid Mali. In Zimbabwe, fertiliser application rates range between 15 kg ...

  18. British army commisions by purchase | Usher | Scientia Militaria ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies. Journal Home · ABOUT · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 8, No 4 (1978) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register. British army commisions by purchase. HJ Dick ...

  19. Jüri Tamm: vaid osaledes on võimalik silma vaadata ja mõista oksjoni mõtet / toimetanud Kristi Vahemaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tamm, Jüri, 1937-


    Oksjoni idee autor ja korraldaja Jüri Tamm 4.12.2011 toimuvast 12. heategevuslikust kunstioksjonist, mille tulud lähevad hukkunud sportlaste laste toetuseks. Tänavune väliskülaline on kõrgushüppaja Dick Fosbury. Müügile tulevate taieste nimekiri. Tagasivaade oksjonitele. Koostööd tehakse galeriiga Rios

  20. 77 FR 12629 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; New York Stock Exchange LLC; NYSE Amex LLC; Notice of Filing of... (United States)


    ... November 28, 2011 (``PairCo Letter''); James Angel, Associate Professor of Finance, McDonough School of... Markets Policy, CFA Institute, dated November 30, 2011 (``CFA Letter''); David Green, Bright Trading, dated November 30, 2011 (``Green Letter''); Robert Bright, Chief Executive Officer, and Dennis Dick, CFA...

  1. Bushil lasub lekitamiskäsu kahtlus / Kaarel Kaas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaas, Kaarel, 1978-


    USA asepresidendi Dick Cheney endine kantseleiülem Lewis Libby väitis kohtus, et temale 2003. aastal D. Cheney poolt antud käsk lekitada meediale Iraagi sõjakäiku õigustavad salajased luuredokumendid tuli USA president George W. Bushilt

  2. Development of Fracture Mechanics Maps for Composite Materials. Volume 4. (United States)


    generat d from a f~:t ’t elcmct’t anllvsis was correlated with the observed damage. Then, test data and ant,’ acne uod to derive a lang Lind mindestens 10 mm breit sein und aus 16 Schichten zu je 0,125 mm Dicke be- stehen. Eine Einschrankung fUr den Lagenaufbau besteht in der

  3. Moose censuses in Bristol Bay (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — During last February and March, censuses were made in Units 9 and 17. I asked Dick and Ken to summarize the results of those censuses, and their responses to me are...

  4. Graph-Theoretic Statistical Methods for Detecting and Localizing Distributional Change in Multivariate Data (United States)


    Cunningham, Ron Fricker, Jeff Hyink, Pat Jacobs, Wei Kang, Doug MacKinnon, Guillermo Owen , Javier Salmeron, Rachel Silvestrini, and Danny Solow. My office...mates Christian Klaus, Gary Lazzaro, Dick McGrath, Sofia Miranda, Jesse Pietz, and Austin Wang imparted priceless advice, commiseration, and levity


    Klemetsen, O; Birkelund, Y; Jacobsen, S K; Maccarini, P F; Stauffer, P R


    We have investigated the possibility of building a singleband Dicke radiometer that is inexpensive, small-sized, stable, highly sensitive, and which consists of readily available microwave components. The selected frequency band is at 3.25-3.75 GHz which provides a reasonable compromise between spatial resolution (antenna size) and sensing depth for radiometry applications in lossy tissue. Foreseen applications of the instrument are non-invasive temperature monitoring for breast cancer detection and temperature monitoring during heating. We have found off-the-shelf microwave components that are sufficiently small (water baths. Experiments showed superior sensitivity (36% higher) when implementing the low noise amplifier before the Dicke switch (close to the antenna) compared to the other design with the Dicke switch in front. Radiometer performance was also tested in a multilayered phantom during alternating heating and radiometric reading. Empirical tests showed that for the configuration with Dicke switch first, the switch had to be locked in the reference position during application of microwave heating to avoid damage to the active components (amplifiers and power meter). For the configuration with a low noise amplifier up front, damage would occur to the active components of the radiometer if used in presence of the microwave heating antenna. Nevertheless, this design showed significantly improved sensitivity of measured temperatures and merits further investigation to determine methods of protecting the radiometer for amplifier first front ends.

  6. Combining Performance and Flexibility for RMS with a Hybrid Architecture

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dennis Koole; Arjan Groenewegen; Daniël Telgen; Patrick Wit; Leo van Moergestel; Arjan van Zanten; John-Jules Meyer; Ing. Erik Puik; Dick van der Steen; Pascal Muller


    Author supplied Combining Performance and Flexibility for RMS with a Hybrid Architecture Dani¨el Telgen 12? , Leo van Moergestel 1 , Erik Puik 1 , Pascal Muller 1 , Arjan Groenewegen 1 , Dick van der Steen 1 , Dennis Koole 1 , Patrick de Wit 1 , Arjen van Zanten 1 , and John-Jules

  7. Schrodinger's Cat: Empirical Research into the Radical Subjective solution of the Measurement problem.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bierman, D.; Whitmarsh, S.


    Schrodinger's Cat: Empirical research into the radical subjective solution of the measurement problem Dick J. Bierman & Stephen Whitmarsh The most controversial of all solutions of the measurement problem holds that a measurement is not completed until a conscious observation is made. In other

  8. DNA repair of cancer stem cells

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Mathews, Lesley A; Cabarcas, Stephanie M; Hurt, Elaine M


    ... leukemia by John E. Dick from the University of Toronto. The heterogeneity of human leukemia and the presence of stem cells in cancer was further translated into solid tumors by Al-Hajj et al. when they published a provocative paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences discussing the ability to distinguish tumorigenic (tumor-initi...

  9. Een wonderlijke vondst van een gekweekte kamperfoelie, Lonicera maackii (Rupr.) Max., op Gewone vlier

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boer, de Egbert


    Tijdens het FLORON-kamp op Tiengemeten in 1998 werd door Marjan Reitsema, Dick Kerkhof en de auteur ook een terrein van Natuurmonumenten in de Korendijkse Slikken geïnventariseerd. Langs een slenk was een vogelbosje dat voornamelijk uit Sambucus nigra (Gewone vlier) bestond met een ondergroei van

  10. University Research Instrumentation Program. Equipment for Instrumentation of Bridge Rehabilitation and Geotechnical Explosives Testing. (United States)


    W 7,,, ,,7T.... Centrifuge Modelling of Explosion Induced Craters Carlos H. Serrano Richard D. Dick Deborah J. Goodings William L. Fourney...squares fit Ie tween e, two Ir groups Is What the v-ile or t0J1 ’- .ponent n shoul’d shown on tihat figure as: Le. Chabat (1965) cited theoretical work

  11. Resistance and Component Hull Interactions of a High-Speed Trimaran Sealift Ship (United States)


    collection software were provided by Dennis Mullinix, Don Walker and Jason Carneal. Charles Crump and the rest of Code 5104 provided carriage...1 SEA05D1 Wynn - 1 Consultant Offutt - 1 CSC Clark - 1 DTIC NSWCCD Code - 1 2000 Dicks 1 1 2410 Anderson 3 3 2420 Fung, Kennell , Lamb 1 1 3452

  12. Re-Seeing "The Mighty": Critically Examining One Film's Representations of Disability in the English Classroom (United States)

    Maples, Joellen; Arndt, Katrina; White, Julia M.


    Films portraying characters with disabilities are often shown in the English classroom. Films such as "Of Mice and Men," "Simon Birch," "To Kill a Mockingbird," "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," "The Glass Menagerie," "Moby Dick," "Gattaca," and "A Beautiful Mind" often show simplistic and stereotypical representations of characters and their…

  13. Piitsa ja prääniku Venemaa-poliitika / Jeroen Bult

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Bult, Jeroen


    Samal ajal kui USA on Venemaa suhtes võtmas kriitilisemat seisukohta, mida näitas ka USA asepresidendi Dick Cheney kõne mai alguses Musta mere ja Balti riikide konverentsil, välistavad Saksamaa majandushuvid ja tasakaalukas välispoliitika igasuguse toetuse USA karmistuvale hoiakule Venemaa suhtes. Lisa: Etteheited

  14. Language for Profit: Spanish-English Bilingualism in Lowe's Home Improvement (United States)

    Hepford, Elizabeth A.


    The USA is commonly portrayed as a country dominated by the ideology of monolingualism [Dick, Hilary Parsons. 2011. "Language and Migration to the United States." "Annual Review of Anthropology" 40: 227-240; Silverstein, Michael. 1996. "Monoglot 'Standard' in America: Standardization and Metaphors of Linguistic…

  15. [The fungus maitake (Grifola frondosa) and its therapeutic potential]. (United States)

    Illana-Esteban, Carlos


    Grifola frondosa (Dicks.) Gray is a polyporaceous fungus and, due to its medical properties, has been used in Eastern cultures for thousands of years. A review of previously published literature on this fungus, its ethnomycological, nutritional, pharmacological and medical aspects were investigated.

  16. A Question of Ethics: Themes in the Science Fiction Genre. (United States)

    McNurlin, Kathleen Woitel


    Continues an article that began in the summer 1995 "Interdisciplinary Humanities." Examines ethical concerns about nuclear power, societal control, and prejudice articulated in science fiction literature. Authors studied include Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, and Damon Knight. The earlier article covered literature concerned with ecology…

  17. Do exoskeletons dream of plastic sleep?. Comment on "The embodiment of assistive devices-from wheelchair to exoskeleton" by M. Pazzaglia and M. Molinari (United States)

    Ferrara, Michele; Tempesta, Daniela; De Gennaro, Luigi


    In the science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick ;Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?; [2] Blade Runners used a polygraph-like machine to determine if an individual was a replicant, by measuring his/her empathetic responses. Although made of biological materials and physically indistinguishable from humans, androids were considered to be pieces of machinery.

  18. Browse Title Index - African Journals Online

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 301 - 350 of 488 ... K Krishna, S Chitra, K Seeniraj. Vol 8, No 1 (2011), Outcome of ... BD Kouame, THO Koudou, JB Yaokreh, M Sounkere, S Tembely, KGS Yapo, R Boka, M Koffi, AG Dieth, O Ouattara, A da Silva, R Dick. Vol 8, No 1 (2011) .... Benedict C Nwomeh, Philip M Mshelbwala. Vol 11, No 1 (2014), Peptic ...

  19. 75 FR 29195 - Changes in Flood Elevation Determinations (United States)


    .... Tulsa, OK 74103. Pennsylvania: Chester Borough of West January 4, 2010; The Honorable Dick B. December... Lebanon (10- January 8, 2010; The Honorable Philip May 17, 2010 470208 04-0682P). January 15, 2010... 30, 2010. Sandra K. Knight, Deputy Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administrator, Mitigation...

  20. University Male Students' Responses to Female-Centred Texts: Participation and Non-Participation (United States)

    Chi, Feng-ming


    Although students equipped with the concept of gender equity may be better prepared to participate in a democratic society, gender is not a given but a construct, formalising a discourse in a non-arbitrary way through a matrix of practices. The study reports how two male Taiwanese university students, Jay and Dick, responded to female-centred…

  1. Military Readiness: Opportunities Exist to Improve Completeness and Usefulness of Quarterly Reports to Congress (United States)


    Honorable James Inhofe Ranking Member Committee on Armed Services United States Senate The Honorable Dick Durbin Chairman The Honorable Thad Cochran...named above, Michael Ferren, Assistant Director; Richard Burkard; Randy Neice; Amie Steele; Shana Wallace; Chris Watson ; and Erik Wilkins-McKee made

  2. Dispersal and establishment of new populations of the biological control agent Floracarus perrepae (Acariformes: Eriophyidae) on Old World climbing fern, Lygodium microphyllum (Polypodiales: Lygodiaceae) (United States)

    The mite Floracarus perrepae, a biological control agent of Lygodium microphyllum, Old World climbing fern, was released in south Florida from 2008 to 2010 but did not readily establish in the field. The original release sites were resurveyed in 2013 and the mite has established within Jonathan Dick...

  3. Viron Ilves yöpyi Valkoisessa talossa / Anneli Reigas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Reigas, Anneli


    USA presidendi George W. Bushi kohtumist Valges majas president Toomas Hendrik Ilvesega peetakse USA tugeva toetuse väljenduseks küberrünnakute alla langenud Eestile. T.H. Ilves kohtus ka USA asepresidendi Dick Cheney ja kaitseminister Robert Gates'iga. Vabariigi President töövisiidil Ameerika Ühendriikides 25.-26.06.2007

  4. Survey of electronic payment methods and systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Havinga, Paul J.M.; Smit, Gerardus Johannes Maria; Helme, A.; Verbraeck, A.


    In this paper an overview of electronic payment methods and systems is given. This survey is done as part of the Moby Dick project. Electronic payment systems can be grouped into three broad classes: traditional money transactions, digital currency and creditdebit payments. Such payment systems have

  5. The Study and Teaching of Literature. (United States)

    Long, Maxine M., Ed.; McCleary, William J., Ed.


    The study and teaching of literature is the emphasis of this special journal issue. The nine articles included in the issue discuss the following: (1) time and social class in William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily," (2) Robert Frost's "Yankee Ironist," (3) an approach to teaching "Moby Dick," (4) using games to review…

  6. Communities, Livelihoods and Natural Resources: Action Research ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Brings together an impressive set of action research studies [that] are clearly written and understandable. Both researchers and practitioners concerned with rural development will find the book to be a valuable source of lessons and inspiration.– Ruth Meinzen-Dick (Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy ...

  7. Ambulatory responses of Laricobius nigrinus (Coleoptera: Derodontidae), a hemlock woolly adelgid predator, to odors from prey, host foliage, and feeding conspecifics. (United States)

    Arielle Arsenault; Albert (Bud) Mayfield; Kimberly Wallin


    Behavioral interactions between insects and their environments are often mediated by volatile cues. Plant-produced chemical cues induced by herbivore activity are often more effective at attracting predators than are cues produced by the herbivore alone (Dicke and van Loon 2000). The presence of herbivore-induced plant volatiles makes foraging by predators more...

  8. Feedback og selvreguleret læring i efterskolen

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kirkegaard, Preben Olund

    Nicol og Marfarlane-Dick (2006)48 fokuserer på, hvordan formativ feedback kan bidrage til at udvikle selvreguleret læring (SRL). I 2006 blev den foreliggende forskning om feedback og formativ vurdering gennemgået i et forsøg på at identificere, hvordan disse processer kan bidrage til at udvikle...

  9. 75 FR 11744 - Changes in Flood Elevation Determinations (United States)


    ... 13, 2009; The Honorable Dick Sears, July 17, 2009 370403 (08-04-5834P). March 20, 2009; The Mayor...; April The Honorable Alan August 7, 2009 481048 1052). (09-06-1098P). 9, 2009; Round Rock McGraw, Mayor...

  10. Mis on elus olulisim / Aita Kivi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kivi, Aita, 1954-


    Sisu : Mitch Albom. Teisipäevad Morrie'ga; Santa Montefiore. Oota mind ombupuu all; Ridley Pearson. Tont teab kus; Sebastian Faulks. Linnulaul; Kerttu Rakke. Iluasjake; Merike Hanni. Kooliraha; Viivi Luik. Ajaloo ilu; Hermann Hesse. Stepihunt; Eesti luulet läbi aegade / [koostanud Marika Vingissar; Philip K. Dick. Ubik; Marion Zimmer Bradley. Avaloni udud; Kuus eesti luuletajat / koostanud Anne Lange

  11. Effect of Environmental Conditions on Group a Streptococcal Pyrogenic Exotoxin Production (United States)


    Characteristics of SPEs The SPEs were first characterized by the Dicks in 1924 in group A streptococcal filtrates , which when applied to human skin...speA was also cloned in both Bacillus subrilis (62). and Streptococcus sanguis (112) and the resultant toxin was also demonstrated to be similar

  12. Investigation of manganese homeostasis in dogs with anaemia and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Ibrahim Eldaghayes


    Nov 21, 2017 ... Adam George Gow. Hospital for Small Animals, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, The University of Edinburgh, UK ... Little is known about how anaemia influences manganese metabolism in veterinary patients and how ...... Veterinary Internal Medicine Forum, pp: 1415. Zentek, J. 2016.

  13. 77 FR 40673 - Self-Regulatory Organizations; New York Stock Exchange LLC; NYSE Amex LLC; Order Granting... (United States)


    ..., Trader, Bright Trading, dated November 29, 2011 (``Koch Letter''); Kurt Schact, CFA, Managing Director, and James Allen, CFA, Head, Capital Markets Policy, CFA Institute, dated November 30, 2011 (``CFA..., Chief Executive Officer, and Dennis Dick, CFA, Market Structure Consultant, Bright Trading LLC, dated...

  14. Non-minimal quintessence: Dynamics and coincidence problem

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Abstract. Brans–Dicke scalar–tensor theory provides a conformal coupling of the scalar field with gravity in Einstein's frame. This model is equivalent to an interacting quintessence in which dark matter is coupled to dark energy. This provides a natural mechanism to alleviate the coincidence problem. We investigate the ...

  15. Integration of pheromones and the entomopathogenic fungus for the ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Integration of pheromones and the entomopathogenic fungus for the management of the banana weevil. W. Tinzaara, C. S. Gold, C. Nankinga, M. Dicke2, Arnold van Huis2, P. E. Ragamaand G.H. Kagezi. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Centre, P. O Box 7878, Kampala, ...

  16. African Crop Science Journal - Vol 16, No 1 (2008)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Effect of mulching on banana weevil movement relative to pheromone traps · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. W Tinzaara, CS Gold, M Dicke, A van Huis, PE Ragama. ...

  17. Beliefs and Attitudes of Secondary Agriculture Teachers about Global Agriculture Issues (United States)

    Hurst, Sara D.; Roberts, T. Grady; Harder, Amy


    The purpose of this study was to explore the beliefs and attitudes of secondary agriculture teachers regarding global agricultural issues. A randomized national sample of 417 teachers were surveyed using a modified version of the International Agricultural Awareness and Understanding Survey (Wingenbach, Boyd, Lindner, Dick, Arispe, & Haba,…

  18. L'accès au savoir en Afrique : Le rôle du droit d'auteur | IDRC ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    12 déc. 2011 ... Dick Kawooya, chercheur principal au projet D2ASA, est chargé d'enseignement à la School of Information Studies de l'Université du Wisconsin à ... Montreal on August 11, 2017 to discuss the potential of child care to benefit women through improved economic opportunities and empowerment as part of a.

  19. Book Reviews

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Redactie KITLV


    Sarawak. London: British Museum Press, 2003, vi + 154 pp. [Occasional paper 143.] -Dick van der Meij, Andrée Jaunay, Exploration dans la presqu île malaise par Jacques de Morgan 1884. Paris: CNRS Éditions, 2003, xiv + 268 pp. Avec les contributions de Christine Lorre, Antonio Guerreiro et Antoine Verney. -Toon van Meijl, Richard Eves, The magical body; Power, fame and meaning in a Melanesian society. Amsterdam: Harwood academic, 1998, xxii + 302 pp. [Studies in Anthropology and History 23.] -Otto van den Muijzenberg, Florentino Rodao ,The Philippine revolution of 1896; Ordinary lives in extraordinary times. Quezon city: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2001, xx + 303 pp., Felice Noelle Rodriguez (eds -Frank Okker, Kees Snoek, Manhafte heren en rijke erfdochters; Het voorgeslacht van E. du Perron op Java. Leiden: KITLV Uitgeverij, 2003, 103 pp. [Boekerij 'Oost en West'.] (met medewerking van Tim Timmers -Oona Thommes Paredes, Greg Bankoff, Cultures of disaster; Society and natural hazard in the Philippines, 2003, xviii + 232 pp. London: RoutledgeCurzon, 2003, xviii + 232 pp. -Angela Pashia, Lake' Baling, The old Kayan religion and the Bungan religious reform. Translated and annotated by Jérôme Rousseau. Kota Samarahan: Unit Penerbitan Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, 2002, xviii + 124 pp. [Dayak studies monographs, Oral literature series 4.] -Anton Ploeg, Susan Meiselas, Encounters with the Dani; Stories from the Baliem Valley. New York: International center of photography, Göttingen: Steidl, 2003, 196 pp. -Nathan Porath, Robert W. Hefner, The politics of multiculturalism; Pluralism and citizenship in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 2001, ix + 319 pp. -Jan van der Putten, Timothy P. Barnard, Multiple centres of authority; Society and environment in Siak and eastern Sumatra, 1674-1827. Leiden: KITLV Press, 2003, xvi + 206 pp. [Verhandelingen 210.] -Jan Piet Puype, David van Duuren, Krisses; A critical bibliography. Wijk en

  20. Race, Feminine Power, and the Vietnam War in Philip Red Eagle's "Red Earth" (United States)

    Andrews, Scott


    In her book "The Remasculinization of America," Susan Jeffords discusses the dynamics of how differences such as race and class are erased in filmic and literary representations of the Vietnam War. She asserts that one difference is not overcome by the battlefield: gender, a barrier that is depicted in the literature as natural and…

  1. Imagining Patriarchy (United States)

    Tubbs, David L.


    If there was one theme essential to the historical scholarship of Stanford professor Susan Moller Okin, it was the oppression of females. In imbuing political theory with feminism, Okin wrote, for instance, that modern American women are "second-class" citizens in a society where biological differences should count for nothing. Such declarations…

  2. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Issue, Title. Vol 70 (2007), UKIMWISHAJI wa Utanzu wa Fashihi: Mifano kutoka Methali za Tanzania, Abstract. Aldin K. Mutembei. Vol 70 (2007), A minimalist approach to Kiswahili Syntax, Abstract. Alice Mwihaki. Vol 80, No 1 (2017), A Morphological Classification of Kiswahili, Abstract. Susan C. Choge. Vol 74, No 1 (2011) ...

  3. The effects of educational context on the understanding of linguistic ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Erna Kinsey

    covering the two OBE learning areas of 1) Language, Literacy & Com- munication, and 2) Mathematical .... 'deep' or rural standard varieties in comparison to the urban variety. Results and discussion. The results ..... This article is dedicated to the memory of the late Susan H. Suzman, with gratitude for her dedication, support ...

  4. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Purchase, Susan. Vol 15, No 3 (2016) - Articles Keeping kids in care: virological failure in a paediatric antiretroviral clinic and suggestions for improving treatment outcomes. Abstract. ISSN: 1608-5906. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors. OTHER RESOURCES.

  5. Human Systems Engineering and Program Success - A Retrospective Content Analysis (United States)


    generic program. It is not intended to reflect the time dedicated to associated phase activity. LEGEND : = Decision Point CDD = Capability Development...Beverly G. Knapp. Also, Dr. Holly A. H. Handley and Jeffrey Thomas provided techniques, data, and advice. Former col- leagues Susan Archer, Chris Plott

  6. 75 FR 60749 - Policy on Payment System Risk (United States)


    ... revisions explicitly recognize the role of the central bank in providing intraday credit to healthy... Director (202) 452-2360, Susan Foley, Deputy Associate Director (202) 452-3596, or Jeffrey Walker, Manager... system, while also helping to mitigate credit exposures of the Federal Reserve Banks (Reserve Banks) from...

  7. Valuing Difference in Students' Culture and Experience in School Science Lessons (United States)

    Banner, Indira


    Susan Harper writes about how a cross-cultural learning community can be formed where people from different cultures are not simply assimilated into a school science community but are seen and heard. This makes learning reciprocal and meaningful for both recent refugees and the dominant population. Although maybe not refugees, students from poorer…

  8. Air Force Space Command Satellite Orbit Predictor Using Parallel Virtual Machines (United States)


    MASTER OF SCIENCE IN APPLIED MXTHZM& TICS from the NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL December 1993 Author: 2/ Susan Kay (blatusiak) Brewer Approved by: \\L ’>C...School Montrey, Califomia 93943 4. Commander U.S. Naval Space Command Dahigtrn, VA 22448-5170 5. Profesor B. Neta, Code MA/Nd 2 Depwtment of

  9. Political Economy in Applied Linguistics Research (United States)

    Block, David


    This state-of-the-art review is based on the fundamental idea that political economy should be adopted as a frame for research and discussion in applied linguistics as part of a general social turn which has taken hold in the field over the past three decades. It starts with Susan Gal's (1989) early call for such a move in sociolinguistics and…

  10. 78 FR 41314 - Review of Foreign Ownership Policies for Common Carrier and Aeronautical Radio Licensees (United States)


    ... Ball, Policy Division, International Bureau, FCC, (202) 418-1460 or via the Internet at Susan.OConnell... document also is available for download over the Internet at voting interests--unless the Commission finds that such ownership is inconsistent with the public...

  11. Nime võimust : naine või artishokk / Leena Kurvet-Käosaar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kurvet-Käosaar, Leena, 1969-


    Tagasivaade naisrežissööride filmifestivalile Helsingis. Lähemalt 4 mängufilmist : itaallanna Monica Stambrini "Benzina" (2001), inglanna Lynne Ramsay "Morvern Callar" (2002), prantslanna Sophie Tatscheffi "Baarilett" (1997) ja iraani päritolu rootsi režissööri Susan Taslimi "All Hell Let Loose" (2002)

  12. USCS and the USDA Soil Classification System: Development of a Mapping Scheme (United States)


    Development of a Mapping Scheme Co ld R eg io ns R es ea rc h an d En gi ne er in g La bo ra to ry Rubén A. García-Gaines and Susan...important to human daily living. A variety of disciplines ( geology , agriculture, engineering, etc.) require a sys- tematic categorization of soil, detailing

  13. hydroprocessing processing processing microalgae derived h

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Hydrothermal Gasification. Bachelor Degree Thesis,. Chemical Engineering Department, University of. Arizona. [28] Fortier, Marie-Odile P.; Roberts, Griffin W.; Stagg-. Williams, Susan M.; Sturm, Belinda S.M. (2014) Life cycle assessment of bio-jet fuel from hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae, Appl.Energy, Vol. 122,.

  14. A guide to innovation in informal settings | CRDI - Centre de ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Rapid economic growth in developing countries has deepened income inequalities, drawing increased attention to the need for equitable development. The concept of Innovation for Inclusive Development explores possible solutions to this problem. Innovation in Informal Settings: A Research Agenda by Susan Cozzens ...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    World report on child injury and prevention. WHO(2008)Global Burden of Disease:2004 update. 2. Michael, Y., Wang, K., Anthony Kim, Pamela, M.,. Griffith, Susan, S. et al. Injuries from fall in pediatric population: An analsis of 729 cases. J Pediat Surg. 2001: 36(10); 1528-1534. 3. Lallier, M., Bouchard, S., Sti-vil, D., Dupont, ...

  16. Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health - Vol 22, No 2 (2010)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. ... Research Paper Bullying boys: the traumatic effects of bullying in male adolescent learners · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Susan Louise Penning, Anil Bhagwanjee, Kaymarlin Govender.

  17. Identification, transmission and genomic characterization of a new member of the family Caulimoviridae causing a flower distortion disease of Rudbeckia hirta (United States)

    A disease of Rudbeckia hirta (Black-eyed Susan), characterized by severe flower deformation, was observed in Minnesota during 20010-2016. A previously undescribed virus, named Rudbeckia flower distortion virus (RuFDV), was determined to be the causal agent of the disease. Symptoms induced by RuFDV i...

  18. Health promotion settings: principles and practice

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Scriven, Angela; Hodgins, Margaret


    ... Hodgins 2012 Chapters 1 and 4 and Introduction to Part I © Angela Scriven Chapter 2 © Mark Dooris Chapter 3 © Margaret Hodgins and John Griffiths Chapters 5 and 11 © Jane South and James Woodall Chapter 6 © Susan Biddle and Martin Seymour Chapter 7 © Sally Fawkes, Colin Fudge and Katrin Engelhardt Chapter 8 © Trevor Hancock Cha...

  19. SubJournal: For Personnel Responsible for Substitute Teaching. Volume 5, Number 2, Fall 2004 (United States)

    Smith, Geoffrey G., Ed.; Tippetts, Zach, Ed.


    This issue of "SubJournal" focuses on research and reports relating to substitute teaching, teacher absenteeism, and classroom management. Articles included within this issue are as follows: (1) No Substitute for Quality: A Time Series Quasi-Experimental Study of the Effects of a Pay for Performance Remedy for Teacher Absenteeism (Susan Lugo); (2)…

  20. Place recognition using color region analysis (United States)

    Zollei, Lilla; Fennema, Claude L., Jr.


    In 1990, Mount Holyoke College began an AI project centered around a mobile robot the students have named 'Susan B.' One of the research threads in this project is what has been called the 'Where am I.' problem, namely, the study of how to determine the robot's location using Computer Vision. This paper describes our current approach to this problem.

  1. ORIGINAL ARTICLE Detection of human telomerase reverse ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    messenger RNA in urine of high risk patients as a non invasive molecular diagnostic tool for urinary bladder cancer in Egyptians. Susan F. Helal1, Heba SH. Kassem1,2, Wael M. Sameh3 and Samar N. El-. Achy1. 1Pathology department, 2Clinical Genomics Centre, 3Urology Department,. Faculty of Medicine, University of ...

  2. Are introverts better at partnership brokering? Exploring brokering skills across the introvert-extrovert continuum

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Brouwer, J.H.


    This article raises the question of whether it matters if a partnership broker is introverted or extroverted[1], [2]. A recent public discussion about Susan Cain’s book ‘Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking’ has highlighted the importance of recognising one’s temperament

  3. 77 FR 41045 - Airworthiness Directives; The Boeing Company Airplanes (United States)


    ... FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Susan Monroe, Aerospace Engineer, Cabin Safety and Environmental Systems... the effectivity that have had certain changes incorporated in production, update warranty information... response to each comment. Support for the NPRM (77 FR 6518, February 8, 2012) The Air Line Pilots...

  4. African Journal of AIDS Research - Vol 13, No 4 (2014)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Effects of an exercise programme with people living with HIV: research in a disadvantaged setting · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Clemens Ley, Lloyd Leach, María Rato Barrio, Susan Bassett. ...

  5. Prolonged Cycle Times and Schedule Growth in Defense Acquisition: A Literature Review (United States)


    Glennan, Thomas K., Susan J. Bodilly, Frank Camm, Kenneth R. Mayer, and Tim Webb, Barriers to Managing Risk in Large Scale Weapons System Development...2020Mar2012.pdf Lapham, Mary Ann, Ray Williams, Charles (Bud) Hammons, Daniel Burton , and Alfred Schenker, Considerations for Using Agile in DoD

  6. Can We Talk? (United States)

    Engel, Susan


    "One of the most powerful educational tools available to students and teachers lies hidden in plain sight, in every classroom--conversation," writes Susan Engel. The conversational exchanges that happen naturally between parents and young children are full of questions that can lead to learning. Within the context of these casual…

  7. characterisation of bacterial isolates from patients wounds and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Dec 12, 2013 ... nurses' station is located in the middle of the unit. There is only one entrance to .... Skin grafting and ankle arthrodesis both accounted for 1.72 % ..... –Surgical Nursing. Susan Beyers. 1977. 2. Kolmos HJ, Svendsen RN, Nielsen SV. The surgical team as a source of postoperative wound infections caused by ...

  8. Book Reviews (United States)

    Holeinger, Philip R.; And Others


    Presents and review six books. Topics include earth science topics (Philip R. Holzinger, 1985), the wild horse controversy (Richard Symanski, 1985), historical Dutch geography (Audrey M. Lambert, 1985), urban geography (Susan L. Cutter, 1985), a geopolitical atlas (Gerard Chaliand and Jean-Pierre Rageau, 1985), and remote sensing (Robert K. Holz,…

  9. Sources and Levels of Stress among 70th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Wing Intelligence Operators and Support Personnel (United States)


    SIGNATURE// //SIGNATURE// _____________________________________ ___________________________________ LT COL SUSAN DUKES DR...Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2005; 62(6):617-627. 17. Lambert MJ, Gregersen AT, Burlingame GM. The Outcome Questionnaire-45. In: Maruish ME, editor. The use...18. Lambert MJ. Administration and scoring manual for the OQ-45.2 (Outcome Questionnaire). Salt Lake City (UT): OQ Measures, LLC; 2011. 19. Ouma

  10. Phenotype-gene: 72 [Arabidopsis Phenome Database[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available iency for trait of male fertility during process named fertilization for AT2G43790 Bush Susan M et al. 2007....fficiency for trait of male fertility during process named fertilization AT2G43790

  11. Sadhana | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Sadhana. NANDINI AGGARWAL. Articles written in Sadhana. Volume 41 Issue 12 December 2016 pp 1393-1406. Image coding based on maximum entropy partitioning for identifying improbable intensities related to facial expressions · SEBA SUSAN NANDINI AGGARWAL SHEFALI CHAND AYUSH ...

  12. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 301 - 325 of 1840 ... Kelly J. Brown, Colleen T. Downs. Vol 46, No 2 (2011), Bee food: the chemistry and nutritional value of nectar, pollen and mixtures of the two, Abstract. Susan W. Nicolson. Vol 8, No 2 (1973), Behaviour and Breeding in Captivity of the Namaqua Gerbil Desmodillus Auricularis (Cricetidae: Gerbillinae) ...

  13. Norms and Mathematical Proficiency (United States)

    Kastberg, Signe E.; Frye, R. Scott


    To challenge students' reasoning and to align with a physical fitness unit that students were studying, teachers and authors, Scott Frye and Signe Kastberg adapted a ratio comparison problem from Susan Lamon, "Ratio and Proportion: Connecting Content and Children's Thinking," (1994) to include athletes and doctors who share…

  14. 77 FR 14766 - Patents for Humanity Program (Formerly Humanitarian Program) (United States)


    ... United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents for Humanity Program (Formerly Humanitarian Program...- 0066 Patents for Humanity Program comment'' in the subject line of the message. Mail: Susan K. Fawcett... Office (USPTO) is conducting a voluntary pilot program to incentivize the distribution of patented...

  15. Uued ja vanad ruumimängud / Reet Varblane

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Varblane, Reet, 1952-


    Inglise-eesti ühisnäitus 'Private views : taas/avastatud ruum Eesti ja Briti kaasaegses kunstis' Rotermanni soolalaos. Kuraatorid Mare Tralla, Pam Skelton. Feminismist kui tähenduslikust ruumist. Eve Kiileri, Mari Koorti, Liina Siibi, Susan Brindi, Ene-Liis Semperi, Anu Juuraku, Naomi Dinesi, rühmituse F.F.F.F., kuraatorite esinemisest.

  16. PDF Modeling of Turbulent Combustion (United States)


    APS/DFD Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, November 18-20, 2007. Delft University, Netherlands, The Burgers Lecture, January 10, 2008. SIAM 12th...he discussed ongoing research with Cam Carter, Mel Roquemore, Doug Davis, Susan Cox-Stouffer, among others. This included discussions on the modeling

  17. Multiple U.S. Agencies Provided Billions of Dollars to Train and Equip Foreign Police Forces (United States)


    Budapest, Hungary; Bangkok, Thailand; Gaborone, Botswana; San Salvador , El Salvador ; and Roswell, New Mexico. The ILEAs received about $16 million...Nevis Barbados Grenada Uruguay Antigua and Barbuda El Salvador Bahamas, The Costa Rica Honduras Trinidad & Tobago Nicaragua Argentina Venezuela Jamaica...Alteriis, Lisa Canini, Susan Czachor, Gena Evans, Etana Finkler, Nicholas Jepson, Maria Mercado , Jaclyn Nelson, Erin Saunders-Rath, and George Taylor

  18. A Study to Determine the Best Model and the Optimal Feasible Method for Reducing No-Show Behavior at a Military Social Work Clinic. (United States)


    Patient-Initiated Phone Confirmation Strategies on Appointment Keeping dt a Hospital Dental Clinic." Journal of Public Health Dentistry 40 (Winter 1980...Susan A. "Attendance Failure at Paediatric Medical Outpatient Clinics." New Zealand Medical Journal 92 (July 1980): 15-17. Lawson, Walter R. "Children

  19. Rootsis tehti maakunsti / Aivi Pargi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pargi, Aivi, 1950-


    Rakvere kunstnik Anne Kokkov oma käigust rootsi kunstniku Christer Lindé korraldatud maakunsti sümpoosionile Bollnäsi väikelinna lähedal (Rootsi), milles osales tosin kunstnikku Saksamaalt, Rootsist, Eestist, Venemaalt s.h. ka nimekas sakslanna Susan Walke, eestlased Üllar Kallau, Kristel Komp, Urmas Uustal, Anne Tootmaa

  20. Part four: The research dissertation: planning, producing and writing a thesis. (United States)

    Quick, J; Hall, S


    Dissertations have become common inclusions to postgraduate degrees in healthcare. To the novice researcher, undertaking an extensive project of this kind can appear daunting. In this final article in the series 'Spotlight on Research', Julie Quick and Susan Hall advise perioperative practitioners on how to plan, produce and write a research dissertation. Guidance is also given on disseminating the results from research studies.

  1. What's Happening in February? (United States)

    Weissman, Ron; And Others

    Brief information is given on 12 February events celebrated by Puerto Ricans: Groundhog Day; Candlemas; St. Valentine's Day; Mardi Gras; Ash Wednesday; Black History; and the birthdays of Thomas Alva Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Julia de Burgos, Luis Munoz Marin, and George Washington. Designed as a teacher resource, the booklet…

  2. Reach for the Stars: Visions for Literacy Coaching Programs (United States)

    DeFord, Diane


    This brief by the Literacy Coaching Clearinghouse is about reaching for the stars--stories of vision and commitment from educators in small and large schools. Everyone knows of people who are held up as "visionaries" throughout history: Leonardo Da Vinci, Mahatma Gandhi, Jules Verne, Thomas Edison, Susan Anthony, or John Dewey, to name a few. The…

  3. The Turn of the Century. Tenth Grade Lesson. Schools of California Online Resources for Education (SCORE): Connecting California's Classrooms to the World. (United States)

    Bartels, Dede

    In this 10th grade social studies and language arts interdisciplinary unit, students research and report on historical figures from the turn of the 20th century. Students are required to work in pairs to learn about famous and common individuals, including Andrew Carnegie, Samuel Gompers, Susan B. Anthony, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, Booker…

  4. The Technology of Unequal Rights for Women: Patent Drawings of a Voting Machine (United States)

    Hussey, Michael


    In 1878, Senator Aaron A. Sargent of California introduced to the Senate an amendment to the Constitution "Conferring upon Women the Right of Suffrage." Drafted by Susan B. Anthony, this same amendment would be introduced on a near-yearly basis until its final passage by Congress on May 19, 1919. Varying degrees of voting rights presented an…

  5. Focusing on Non-Traditional and Underserved Students. (United States)

    Kolvitz, Marcia, Ed.

    These six conference papers from the Biennial Conference on Postsecondary Education for Persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing focus on serving nontraditional students with deafness or hard of hearing. The first paper, "Helping Minority Individuals Navigate through Successful School and Work Transitions" (Glenn B. Anderson and Susan K. McGee),…

  6. When Revision Is Redesign: Key Questions for Digital Scholarship (United States)

    Delagrange, Susan H.


    Q: When the interface of an interactive, digital, scholarly article is designed as an integral part of the article's argument, what are the rhetorical, conceptual, and technical challenges of re-designing the project to better enact that argument? Susan Delagrange offers a behind-the-scenes look at the authorial and editorial processes that led to…

  7. 1 Gender Domination and Domestic Violence in Nigerian Video Films

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    development of children in the Nigerian society. Children raised in violent homes are known to ... and others, sexual abuse of children, marital rape and traditional practices that are harmful to the partner" (1). .... two fighting, beating and hitting each other with hard objects. She. (Susan) had to seek for solution to save her ...

  8. The Current State of Scholarly Journal Publishing in Africa

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Sep 28, 2014 ... This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Susan Murray ...... publishing efforts. However, despite the optimism, serious concerns are evident as well, often tied to bigger development and infrastructure issues outside of the publishing industry.

  9. 1151-IJBCS-Article-Ayuba Samali

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    2,5-Dihydroxy-4,3-di (ß-D-glucopyrano- syloxy)-trans-stilbene from. Morus bombycis Koidzumi root. Phytother. Res.,. 21(7): 605-608. Kathryn LN, Tracy W, Ashley SM, Brown. Susan ED, Graeme JMA. 2010. Hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection without cirrhosis. World J. Gastroenterol.,.

  10. 78 FR 79650 - Definitions and Reporting Requirements for Shareholders of Passive Foreign Investment Companies (United States)


    ... Federal Register. Drafting Information The principal authors of these proposed regulations are Susan E....1291-1 and 1.1291-9 as follows: Sec. 1.1291-0 Passive foreign investment companies--table of contents... a listing of the paragraph headings for Sec. 1.1298-1 as follows: Sec. 1.1298-0 Table of contents...

  11. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Issue, Title. Vol 3, No 2 (2016), Usefulness of problem tree, objective tree and logical framework matrix to fix chal-lenges of unemployment and underemployment of higher education graduates in Rwanda, Kenya and Ghana, Abstract PDF. Irénée Ndayambaje, Philothère Ntawiha, Susan Ngigi, Samuel Yaw Ampofo.

  12. Preparing Graduate Students for Virtual World Simulations: Exploring the Potential of an Emerging Technology (United States)

    Hewitt, Anne M.; Spencer, Susan; Mirliss, Danielle; Twal, Riad


    Anne M. Hewitt, Susan Spencer, Danielle Mirliss, and Riad Twal report on a collaborative team initiative to create a virtual world emergency preparedness simulation that focuses on crisis and emergency risk communication (CERC). CERC is a key competency for students enrolled in Seton Hall University's (SHU) Master of Healthcare Administration…

  13. Relative expression of genes related with cold tolerance in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    For analysis, the Spanish cultivar, Susan, was used as check tolerance and Oryzica 1 as susceptible check. Oxidative stress was measured through lipid peroxidation. To find mechanisms of cold tolerance in Chilean cultivars, we determined the relative expression of genes related with oxidative stress, such as superoxide ...

  14. Synthesis, characterization, ab initio calculations, thermal behaviour ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Author Affiliations. Mozaffar Asadi1 Mohammad Hadi Ghatee1 Susan Torabi1 Khosro Mohammadi2 Fatemeh Moosavi1. Chemistry Department, College of Sciences, Shiraz University, Shiraz 71454, I.R. Iran; Chemistry Department, Faculty of Sciences, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr 75169, I.R. Iran ...

  15. The Australian Education Union's Response to Kevin Donnelly's "The Australian Education Union: A History of Opposing School Choice and School Autonomy Down-Under" (United States)

    Hopgood, Susan


    This article is a response to Kevin Donnelly's article, "The Australian Education Union: A History of Opposing School Choice and School Autonomy Down-Under," and aims to correct specific errors and misrepresentations as found by Susan Hopgood, Federal Secretary of the Australian Education Union. She argues that the article is misleading…

  16. Bodysuites and biodomes: The construction of the sonochronotopia ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In circumscribing this process I have found the work of Susan Buck-Morss and Mikhail Bakhtin useful in approaching the overlapping 'symbolic' and 'material' discourses at play in this research context. Specifically, Bakhtin's formation of the chronotope, ethnographically interpreted via the lens of metapragmatics serves as a ...

  17. Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Omission and other sins: Tracking the quality of online machine translation output over four years · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Susan Lotz, Alta van Rensburg, 77-97. ...

  18. Review article: Ethnomusicology and music education: Continuing ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This review article further explores the nexus between music education and African music/(ethno)musicology that continues the dialogue between the disciplines of musicology and ethnomusicology initiated by Susan Harrop-Allin in SAMUS vol. 25 109-24). Although there has been an explosion of literature over the last five ...

  19. "Culture" and the Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty: The Prevention Paradox (United States)

    Ludwig, Jens; Mayer, Susan


    Many U.S. policymakers support changing the "culture" of poor parents to encourage marriage, work, and religion as a means to end the intergenerational transmission of poverty. In this article Jens Ludwig and Susan Mayer review and evaluate research on how parental work, marriage, and religion affect children's socioeconomic status…

  20. Modernismi tõlgendamine jätkub / Reet Varblane

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Varblane, Reet, 1952-


    Rahvusvaheline kunstiajalookonverents "Erinevad modernismid, erinevad avangardid. Kesk- ja Ida-Euroopa kunstiprobleemid pärast Teist maailmasõda" Kumu Kunstimuuseumis 27. ja 28. IX. Esinejad: Irena Buzhinska, David Crowley, Branislav Dmitrijevic, Sirje Helme, Henry Meyric Hughes, Jaak Kangilaski, Liljana Kolesnik, Andres Kurg, Vojtech Lahoda, Steven Mansbach, Pjotr Piotrowski, Stefanie Reetz, Susan E. Reid, Skaidra Trilupaite, Borut Vogelnik

  1. University of Illinois at Chicago and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Win Top Prizes in EPAs Campus RainWorks Challenge (United States)

    CHICAGO (April 22, 2015) -- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman today awarded the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign first and second prizes in the EPA Campus RainWorks

  2. 75 FR 25763 - Addition to the List of Validated End-Users: Advanced Micro Devices China, Inc. (United States)


    ... valid Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Control Number. This rule involves collections previously... Management and Budget (OMB), by e-mail to [email protected] or by fax to (202) 395-7285. Comments... above. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Susan Kramer, Acting Chairman, End- User Review Committee...

  3. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 101 - 150 of 289 ... Vol 11, No 1 (2013), Impacts of Climate Change and Climate Variability on Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao) Yields in Meme Division, South West Region of Cameroon, Abstract PDF. Martin Keghe Nkobe, Susan Imbolo Mulua, Amougou Joseph Armathée, Samuel Ndonwi Ayonghe. Vol 11, No 2&3 (2013) ...

  4. 78 FR 64234 - Notice of Reinstatement of Customs Broker Licenses; Correction (United States)


    ........... 05773 New York. Palmieri Eugene D 02632 New York. Rea Robert 03980 New York. Reid Derick 15453 New York. Ronan William G 23177 New York. Rowan Susan M 09932 New York. Stettner Robert 05894 New York. Valdes Dorianne 17091 New York. Walsh John X 03979 New York. Wang Chia S 15452 New York. Weinstock Richard 05119...

  5. 78 FR 48458 - Notice of Reinstatement of Revoked Customs Broker Licenses (United States)


    ... Piechota Robert Daniel 23529 New York Rea Robert 03980 New York Reid Derick 15453 New York Ronan William G 23177 New York Rowan Susan M 09932 New York Stettner Robert 05894 New York Valdes Dorianne 17091 New York Walsh John X 03979 New York Wang Chia S 15452 New York Weinstock Richard 05119 New York Pietz Lisa...

  6. Development of Medical Technology for Contingency Response to Marrow Toxic Agents (United States)


    D Ewer, Sharon C. McDonell, David W. Wakaruk, Bridget K Flesch, Susan M. Milius, Robert Waldvogel, Stephanie L. Flickinger, Gail H. Miralles...Navarro, Willis H Wirth, Antone M. Gee, Katherine A Oakes, Jennifer K. Yang, Chia L Gibbens, Ying Y O’Connor, Karen Yarra, Venu G Gomez, Wilmer A

  7. 1986 Program Report on the Army-Navy Initiative in the National Capital Area in Support of The Department of Defense Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program for High School Students (United States)


    0Jkohn j. l𔃺ennedyHigh School thfue static supleti fies ld Hoor o untsy Cuny Mr derogned thet fixtures to3 aest amlifitrostatic fuzesmandfelped lAaffyhoc...101llla, Susan A. Investigated human analogois lltlcl~u $s Dr. Jer’ome E. Singer- type A and type 8 hehavio, ,el Ms. Diane Kunh patterns in an

  8. 78 FR 78726 - Approval and Promulgation of Air Quality Implementation Plans; Indiana; Volatile Organic Compound... (United States)


    ..., Volatile organic compounds. Dated: December 6, 2013. Susan Hedman, Regional Administrator, Region 5. 40 CFR... Organic Compound Emission Control Measures for Industrial Solvent Cleaning for Northwest Indiana AGENCY... approving a request from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to revise its volatile organic...

  9. University/School District Collaboration Changes a Kindergarten Program (United States)

    Kramer-Vida, Louisa; Levitt, Roberta; Kelly, Susan P.


    On their way to a state English board meeting, Susan Kelly, a curriculum director, and Louisa Kramer-Vida, a university professor, used their travel time as an opportunity to converse about pedagogy (McAdamis 2010). Specifically, they reflected about enhancing K-12 writing in a suburban, middle class school district. "We need to introduce a…

  10. Ageing motherhood: private grief and public health concern

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Feb 21, 2007 ... Amita Khanapure, DGO, DFFP, MRCOG. Susan Bewley, MD, MA, FRCOG. Women's Services, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, St Thomas' Hospital, Lambeth .... media messages given by 'success' stories of older celebrity mothers, particularly over 45, which do not tell the full truth about egg ...

  11. Graphing Important People (United States)

    Reading Teacher, 2012


    The "Toolbox" column features content adapted from lesson plans and provides practical tools for classroom teachers. This issue's column features a lesson plan adapted from "Graphing Plot and Character in a Novel" by Lisa Storm Fink and "Bio-graph: Graphing Life Events" by Susan Spangler. Students retell biographic events…

  12. Exploring the world of human development and reproduction. (United States)

    Red-Horse, Kristy; Drake, Penelope M; Fisher, Susan


    Susan Fisher has spent her career studying human development, proteomics, and the intersection between the two. When she began studying human placentation, there had been extensive descriptive studies of this fascinating organ that intertwines with the mother's vasculature during pregnancy. Susan can be credited with numerous major findings on the mechanisms that regulate placental cytotrophoblast invasion. These include the discovery that cytotrophoblasts undergo vascular mimicry to insert themselves into uterine arteries, the finding that oxygen tension greatly effects placentation, and identifying how these responses go awry in pregnancy complications such as preeclamsia. Other important work has focused on the effect of post-translational modifications such as glycosylation on bacterial adhesion and reproduction. Susan has also forayed into the world of proteomics to identify cancer biomarkers. Because her work is truly groundbreaking, many of these findings inspire research in other laboratories around the world resulting in numerous follow up papers. Likewise, her mentoring and support inspires young scientists to go on and make their own important discoveries. In this interview, Susan shares what drove her science, how she continued to do important research while balancing other aspects of life, and provides insights for the next generation.

  13. Author Details

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Penning, Susan Louise. Vol 22, No 2 (2010) - Articles Research Paper Bullying boys: the traumatic effects of bullying in male adolescent learners. Abstract. ISSN: 1728-0583. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors · FAQ's · More about AJOL · AJOL's Partners · Terms ...

  14. School Nurses Make a Difference (United States)

    Kitchell, Susan


    Susan Kitchell decided to become a school-based healthcare provider after working for more than twenty years in pediatrics and pediatric critical care at Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. She needed a position with daytime hours within her field of expertise that allowed her time to spend with her family. She began working as a school nurse in…

  15. Cosmic Education: The Child's Discovery of a Global Vision and a Cosmic Task (United States)

    Stephenson, Susan Mayclin


    Susan Mayclin Stephenson tackles a large subject, Cosmic Education, which Montessori defined as a "unifying global and universal view[s] of the past, present and future." Stephenson takes the reader from birth to the end of the elementary age with examples of how the child grows into an understanding of Cosmic Education through their…

  16. Native Avatars, Online Hubs, and Urban Indian Literature (United States)

    Estrada, Gabriel S.


    Teaching American Indian literature with online resources can help diverse urban Indian and multicultural students connect with American Indian cultures, histories, and Nations. This online-enriched pedagogy adopts Susan Lobo's sense of the city as an "urban hub," or activist community center, an urban area linked to reservations in which Native…

  17. Double Object Constructions in L3 English: An Exploratory Study of Morphological and Semantic Constraints (United States)

    Agirre, Ainara Imaz; García Mayo, María del Pilar


    The present study examines the acquisition of double object constructions (DOCs) ("Susan gave Peter an apple") by 90 Basque/Spanish learners of English as a third language (L3). The aim of this study was to explore whether (i) learners established a distinction when accepting DOCs vs. prepositional phrase constructions (PPCs)…


    Rescue of bromodichloromethane-induced pregnancy loss in the F344 rat by exogenous progesterone and hCG.Susan R. Bielmeier1, Deborah S. Best2 and Michael G. Narotsky21 Curriculum in Toxicology, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA2 Reproductive Toxico...

  19. Working Papers in Art Education, 1992. (United States)

    Zurmuehlen, Marilyn, Ed.


    This publication presents manuscripts and research reports by graduate students. Accompanying papers from their mentors establish a context for the student papers. In this volume the works are organized by the sponsoring university. Student papers presented are: (1) "How Will Moy, Chantale, Susan and Lola Make It through Art School?" (Miriam…

  20. 76 FR 21741 - Emergency Access Advisory Committee; Announcement of Establishment, and of Members and Co... (United States)


    ... National Emergency Number Association's Accessibility Committee--Richard Ray Comcast Cable--Angel Arocho... Telecommunications Industry Association and the Mobile Manufacturers Forum--David J. Dzumba Time Warner Cable... Verizon Communications--Kevin Green, alternate Susan Sherwood Vonage Holding Corp.--Brendan Kasper...