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  1. Survival Rates of Juvenile Salmonids Passing Through the Bonneville Dam and Spillway in 2008

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ploskey, Gene R.; Weiland, Mark A.; Faber, Derrek M.; Deng, Zhiqun; Johnson, Gary E.; Hughes, James S.; Zimmerman, Shon A.; Monter, Tyrell J.; Cushing, Aaron W.; Wilberding, Matthew C.; Durham, Robin E.; Townsend, R. L.; Skalski, J. R.; Buchanan, Rebecca A.; Kim, Jina; Fischer, Eric S.; Meyer, Matthew M.; McComas, Roy L.; Everett, Jason


    This report describes a 2008 acoustic telemetry survival study conducted by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the Portland District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The study estimated the survival of juvenile Chinook salmon and steelhead passing Bonneville Dam (BON) and its spillway. Of particular interest was the relative survival of smolts detected passing through end spill bays 1-3 and 16-18, which had deep flow deflectors immediately downstream of spill gates, versus survival of smolts passing middle spill bays 4-15, which had shallow flow deflectors.

  2. Survival of Juvenile Chinook Salmon Passing the Bonneville Dam Spillway in 2007

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ploskey, Gene R.; Weiland, Mark A.; Hughes, James S.; Zimmerman, Shon A.; Durham, Robin E.; Fischer, Eric S.; Kim, Jina; Townsend, R. L.; Skalski, J. R.; Buchanan, Rebecca A.; McComas, Roy L.


    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Portland District (CENWP) funds numerous evaluations of fish passage and survival on the Columbia River. In 2007, the CENWP asked Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to conduct an acoustic telemetry study to estimate the survival of juvenile Chinook salmon passing the spillway at Bonneville Dam. This report documents the study results which are intended to be used to improve the conditions juvenile anadromous fish experience when passing through the dams that the Corps operates on the river.

  3. Survival and Passage of Juvenile Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Passing through Bonneville Dam, 2011

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ploskey, Gene R. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Batten, G. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Cushing, Aaron W. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Kim, Jin A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Johnson, Gary E. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Skalski, J. R. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Townsend, Richard L. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Seaburg, Adam [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Weiland, Mark A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Woodley, Christa M. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Hughes, James S. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Carlson, Thomas J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Carpenter, Scott M. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Deng, Zhiqun [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Etherington, D. J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Fischer, Eric S. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Fu, Tao [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Greiner, Michael J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Hennen, Matthew J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Martinez, Jayson J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Mitchell, T. D. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Rayamajhi, Bishes [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Zimmerman, Shon A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and subcontractors conducted an acoustic-telemetry study of juvenile salmonid fish passage and survival at Bonneville Dam in 2011. The study was conducted to assess the readiness of the monitoring system for official compliance studies under the 2008 Biological Opinion and Fish Accords and to assess performance measures including route-specific fish passage proportions, travel times, and survival based upon a virtual/paired-release model. The study relied on releases of live Juvenile Salmon Acoustic Telemetry System tagged smolts in the Columbia River and used acoustic telemetry to evaluate the approach, passage, and survival of passing juvenile salmon using a virtual release, paired reference release survival model. This study supports the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ continual effort to improve conditions for juvenile anadromous fish passing through Columbia River dams.

  4. Survival and Passage of Juvenile Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Passing through Bonneville Dam, 2010

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ploskey, Gene R.; Weiland, Mark A.; Hughes, James S.; Woodley, Christa M.; Deng, Zhiqun; Carlson, Thomas J.; Kim, Jin A.; Royer, Ida M.; Batten, George W.; Cushing, Aaron W.; Carpenter, Scott M.; Etherington, D. J.; Faber, Derrek M.; Fischer, Eric S.; Fu, Tao; Hennen, Matthew J.; Mitchell, Tyler; Monter, Tyrell J.; Skalski, John R.; Townsend, Richard L.; Zimmerman, Shon A.


    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and subcontractors conducted an acoustic-telemetry study of juvenile salmonid fish passage and survival at Bonneville Dam in 2010. The study was conducted to assess the readiness of the monitoring system for official compliance studies under the 2008 Biological Opinion and Fish Accords and to assess performance measures including route-specific fish passage proportions, travel times, and survival based upon a single-release model. This also was the last year of evaluation of effects of a behavioral guidance device installed in the Powerhouse 2 forebay. The study relied on releases of live Juvenile Salmon Acoustic Telemetry System tagged smolts in the Columbia River and used acoustic telemetry to evaluate the approach, passage, and survival of passing juvenile salmon. This study supports the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continual effort to improve conditions for juvenile anadromous fish passing through Columbia River dams.

  5. Survival and Passage of Juvenile Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Passing Through Bonneville Dam, 2010

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ploskey, Gene R.; Weiland, Mark A.; Hughes, James S.; Woodley, Christa M.; Deng, Zhiqun; Carlson, Thomas J.; Kim, Jin A.; Royer, Ida M.; Batten, George W.; Cushing, Aaron W.; Carpenter, Scott M.; Etherington, D. J.; Faber, Derrek M.; Fischer, Eric S.; Fu, Tao; Hennen, Matthew J.; Mitchell, T. D.; Monter, Tyrell J.; Skalski, J. R.; Townsend, Richard L.; Zimmerman, Shon A.


    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and subcontractors conducted an acoustic-telemetry study of juvenile salmonid fish passage and survival at Bonneville Dam in 2010. The study was conducted to assess the readiness of the monitoring system for official compliance studies under the 2008 Biological Opinion and Fish Accords and to assess performance measures including route-specific fish passage proportions, travel times, and survival based upon a single-release model. This also was the last year of evaluation of effects of a behavioral guidance device installed in the Powerhouse 2 forebay. The study relied on releases of live Juvenile Salmon Acoustic Telemetry System tagged smolts in the Columbia River and used acoustic telemetry to evaluate the approach, passage, and survival of passing juvenile salmon. This study supports the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continual effort to improve conditions for juvenile anadromous fish passing through Columbia River dams.

  6. Challenges in conducting post-authorisation safety studies (PASS): A vaccine manufacturer's view. (United States)

    Cohet, Catherine; Rosillon, Dominique; Willame, Corinne; Haguinet, Francois; Marenne, Marie-Noëlle; Fontaine, Sandrine; Buyse, Hubert; Bauchau, Vincent; Baril, Laurence


    Post-authorisation safety studies (PASS) of vaccines assess or quantify the risk of adverse events following immunisation that were not identified or could not be estimated pre-licensure. The aim of this perspective paper is to describe the authors' experience in the design and conduct of twelve PASS that contributed to the evaluation of the benefit-risk of vaccines in real-world settings. We describe challenges and learnings from selected PASS of rotavirus, malaria, influenza, human papillomavirus and measles-mumps-rubella-varicella vaccines that assessed or identified potential or theoretical risks, which may lead to changes to risk management plans and/or to label updates. Study settings include the use of large healthcare databases and de novo data collection. PASS methodology is influenced by the background incidence of the outcome of interest, vaccine uptake, availability and quality of data sources, identification of the at-risk population and of suitable comparators, availability of validated case definitions, and the frequent need for case ascertainment in large databases. Challenges include the requirement for valid exposure and outcome data, identification of, and access to, adequate data sources, and mitigating limitations including bias and confounding. Assessing feasibility is becoming a key step to confirm that study objectives can be met in a timely manner. PASS provide critical information for regulators, public health agencies, vaccine manufacturers and ultimately, individuals. Collaborative approaches and synergistic efforts between vaccine manufacturers and key stakeholders, such as regulatory and public health agencies, are needed to facilitate access to data, and to drive optimal study design and implementation, with the aim of generating robust evidence. Copyright © 2017 GSK Biologicals SA. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.

  7. 26 CFR 20.2056(c)-3 - Marital deduction; definition of “passed from the decedent to a person other than his surviving... (United States)


    ... the decedent to a person other than his surviving spouseâ. 20.2056(c)-3 Section 20.2056(c)-3 Internal...; definition of “passed from the decedent to a person other than his surviving spouse”. The expression “passed from the decedent to a person other than his surviving spouse” refers to any property interest which...

  8. Survival of metastable hydrogen atoms passing through crossed electric and magnetic fields

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robert, J.; Miniatura, C.; Perales, F.; Vassilev, G.; Reinhardt, J.; Baudon, J. (Paris-13 Univ., 93 - Villetaneuse (FR)); Bocvarski, V. (Belgrade Univ. (YU) Inst. Za Fiziku); Lorent, V. (Louvain Univ., Louvain-La-Neuve (BE). Inst. de Physique)


    In the present experiment, the motional electric field responsible for the quenching (and polarization) of metastable hydrogen atoms passing through a magnetic field, is compensated, for a prescribed atomic velocity, by a static electric field. The resulting continuous velocity selection has been tested over a wide range of velocities ((5/40) km/s). The relative velocity dispersion ranges from 5% at 40 km/s, to 22% at 5 km/s. As is confirmed by a calculation, the resolution is mainly determined by the quality of the matching of the two field profiles.

  9. Challenges in the estimation of Net SURvival: The CENSUR working survival group. (United States)

    Giorgi, R


    Net survival, the survival probability that would be observed, in a hypothetical world, where the cancer of interest would be the only possible cause of death, is a key indicator in population-based cancer studies. Accounting for mortality due to other causes, it allows cross-country comparisons or trends analysis and provides a useful indicator for public health decision-making. The objective of this study was to show how the creation and formalization of a network comprising established research teams, which already had substantial and complementary experience in both cancer survival analysis and methodological development, make it possible to meet challenges and thus provide more adequate tools, to improve the quality and the comparability of cancer survival data, and to promote methodological transfers in areas of emerging interest. The Challenges in the Estimation of Net SURvival (CENSUR) working survival group is composed of international researchers highly skilled in biostatistics, methodology, and epidemiology, from different research organizations in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Slovenia, and Canada, and involved in French (FRANCIM) and European (EUROCARE) cancer registry networks. The expected advantages are an interdisciplinary, international, synergistic network capable of addressing problems in public health, for decision-makers at different levels; tools for those in charge of net survival analyses; a common methodology that makes unbiased cross-national comparisons of cancer survival feasible; transfer of methods for net survival estimations to other specific applications (clinical research, occupational epidemiology); and dissemination of results during an international training course. The formalization of the international CENSUR working survival group was motivated by a need felt by scientists conducting population-based cancer research to discuss, develop, and monitor implementation of a common methodology to analyze net survival in order

  10. Survival tactics within thermally-challenging roosts: heat tolerance ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Survival tactics within thermally-challenging roosts: heat tolerance and cold sensitivity in the Angolan free-tailed bat, Mops condylurus. ... This presumably allowed them to minimize energy costs of thermoregulation without compromising reproductive activity or their ability to avoid predators. Bats displayed pronounced heat ...


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Romero Gomez, Pedro DJ; Richmond, Marshall C.


    Evaluating the consequences from blade-strike of fish on marine hydrokinetic (MHK) turbine blades is essential for incorporating environmental objectives into the integral optimization of machine performance. For instance, experience with conventional hydroelectric turbines has shown that innovative shaping of the blade and other machine components can lead to improved designs that generate more power without increased impacts to fish and other aquatic life. In this work, we used unsteady computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations of turbine flow and discrete element modeling (DEM) of particle motion to estimate the frequency and severity of collisions between a horizontal axis MHK tidal energy device and drifting aquatic organisms or debris. Two metrics are determined with the method: the strike frequency and survival rate estimate. To illustrate the procedure step-by-step, an exemplary case of a simple runner model was run and compared against a probabilistic model widely used for strike frequency evaluation. The results for the exemplary case showed a strong correlation between the two approaches. In the application case of the MHK turbine flow, turbulent flow was modeled using detached eddy simulation (DES) in conjunction with a full moving rotor at full scale. The CFD simulated power and thrust were satisfactorily comparable to experimental results conducted in a water tunnel on a reduced scaled (1:8.7) version of the turbine design. A cloud of DEM particles was injected into the domain to simulate fish or debris that were entrained into the turbine flow. The strike frequency was the ratio of the count of colliding particles to the crossing sample size. The fish length and approaching velocity were test conditions in the simulations of the MHK turbine. Comparisons showed that DEM-based frequencies tend to be greater than previous results from Lagrangian particles and probabilistic models, mostly because the DEM scheme accounts for both the geometric

  12. 26 CFR 20.2056(c)-2 - Marital deduction; definition of “passed from the decedent to his surviving spouse.” (United States)


    ... the decedent to his surviving spouse.â 20.2056(c)-2 Section 20.2056(c)-2 Internal Revenue INTERNAL... from the decedent to his surviving spouse.” (a) In general. In general, the definition stated in § 20.2056(c)-1 is applicable in determining the property interests which “passed from the decedent to his...

  13. Route-Specific Passage Proportions and Survival Rates for Fish Passing through John Day Dam, The Dalles Dam, and Bonneville Dam in 2010 and 2011

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ploskey, Gene R.; Weiland, Mark A.; Carlson, Thomas J.


    This report fulfills a request of the U.S. Army Engineer District, Portland, Oregon, to produce an interim report of estimates of route-specific fish passage proportions and survival rates for lower Columbia River dams in 2010 and 2011. The estimates are needed to update the Compass Model for the Columbia River Treaty and the new Biological Opinion before detail technical reports are published in late 2012. This report tabulates route-specific fish-passage proportions and survival rates for steelhead and Chinook salmon smolts passing through various sampled routes at John Day Dam, The Dalles Dam, and Bonneville Dam in 2010 and 2011. Results were compiled from analyses of data acquired in spring 2010 and 2011 studies that were specifically designed to estimate dam-passage and forebay-to-tailrace survival rates, travel time metrics, and spill passage efficiency, as stipulated by the 2008 Federal Columbia River Power System Biological Opinion and the Columbia Basin Fish Accords. The study designs allowed for estimation of route-specific fish passage proportions and survival rates as well as estimation of forebay-passage survival, all of which are summarized herein.

  14. Beyond survival: Challenges facing South African automotive component exporters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. J. Naude


    Full Text Available Purpose and Objective: The South African automotive component industry faces huge challenges in a very competitive global market. The primary focus of this research article is to determine the challenges facing exporters within this industry with special reference to selected sub-sectors. The challenges are approached from a supply chain perspective only. Problem Investigated: The research problem of this study was to identify these unique challenges and ascertain whether the implementation of a 'philosophy of continuous improvement' could be used as a strategic tool to address the challenges they face in the market. Methodology: This study included a combination of literature review, interviews with managers in the selected sub-groups and questionnaires sent out to determine the challenges facing automotive component exporters. In order to test the content validity and the reliability of the questionnaire, a pilot study was conducted at two organisations that are the main suppliers of automotive filters for passenger vehicles. The non-probability convenience sample technique was used to select the sample and consisted of selected sub-sectors that contribute 64,1% of the total value of automotive component exports in South Africa. Out of twenty-seven questionnaires sent out, twenty (74% response rate were duly completed by the respondents and returned to the researcher. Findings: South Africa faces unique challenges and these are listed and ranked according to priority from most to least important as follows: 1. The reduction of production costs; 2. R/US$ exchange rate effect on the respondent's export sales and profit margin; 3. Exchange rate fluctuations; 4. Threats to the local automotive component market; and 5. Increased competition by way of manufactured imports being sold in the South African market. Value of Research: The study provides recommendations that can be used within the automotive component industry.

  15. Pathological and immunological responses associated with differential survival of Chinook salmon following Renibacterium salmoninarum challenge (United States)

    Metzger, David C.; Elliott, Diane G.; Wargo, Andrew; Park, Linda K.; Purcell, Maureen K.


    Chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha are highly susceptible to Renibacterium salmoninarum, the causative agent of bacterial kidney disease (BKD). Previously we demonstrated that introduced Chinook salmon from Lake Michigan, Wisconsin (WI), USA, have higher survival following R. salmoninarum challenge relative to the progenitor stock from Green River, Washington, USA. In the present study, we investigated the pathological and immunological responses that are associated with differential survival in the 2 Chinook salmon stocks following intra-peritoneal R. salmoninarum challenge of 2 different cohort years (2003 and 2005). Histological evaluation revealed delayed appearance of severe granulomatous lesions in the kidney and lower overall prevalence of membranous glomerulopathy in the higher surviving WI stock. The higher survival WI stock had a lower bacterial load at 28 d post-infection, as measured by reverse-transcriptase quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR). However, at all other time points, bacterial load levels were similar despite higher mortality in the more susceptible Green River stock, suggesting the possibility that the stocks may differ in their tolerance to infection by the bacterium. Interferon-γ, inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), Mx-1, and transferrin gene expression were up-regulated in both stocks following challenge. A trend of higher iNOS gene expression at later time points (≥28 d post-infection) was observed in the lower surviving Green River stock, suggesting the possibility that higher iNOS expression may contribute to greater pathology in that stock.

  16. Survival (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — These data provide information on the survival of California red-legged frogs in a unique ecosystem to better conserve this threatened species while restoring...

  17. Passing excellence (United States)

    Tsoupikova, Daria


    This paper describes the research and development of a virtual reality visualization project "Passing excellence" about the world famous architectural ensemble "Kizhi". The Kizhi Pogost is located on an island in Lake Onega in northern Karelia in Russia. It is an authentic museum of an ancient wood building tradition which presents a unique artistic achievement. This ensemble preserves a concentration of masterpieces of the Russian heritage and is included in the List of Most Endangered Sites of the World Monuments Watch protected by World Heritage List of UNESCO. The project strives to create a unique virtual observation of the dynamics of the architectural changes of the museum area beginning from the 15th Century up to the 21st Century. The visualization is being created to restore the original architecture of Kizhi island based on the detailed photographs, architectural and geometric measurements, textural data, video surveys and resources from the Kizhi State Open-Air Museum archives. The project is being developed using Electro, an application development environment for the tiled display high-resolution graphics visualization system and can be shown on the virtual reality systems such as the GeoWall TM and the C-Wall.

  18. Passing a seawater challenge test is not indicative of hatchery-reared Atlantic salmon Salmo salar smolts performing as well at sea as their naturally produced conspecifics. (United States)

    Jensen, A J; Berg, M; Bremset, G; Finstad, B; Hvidsten, N A; Jensås, J G; Johnsen, B O; Lund, E


    Despite satisfactory reactions to seawater challenge tests indicative of appropriate physiological state, hatchery-reared Atlantic salmon Salmo salar smolts stocked in the Eira River in Norway between 2001 and 2011 performed less well at sea in terms of growth, age at maturity and survival than smolts of natural origin. The mean rates of return to the river for hatchery-reared and naturally produced S. salar were 0·98 and 2·35%. In the Eira River, c. 50 000 hatchery-reared S. salar smolts of local origin were stocked annually to compensate for reduced natural smolt production following regulation for hydroelectric purposes, while a mean of 17 262 smolts were produced naturally in the river. This study demonstrates that, although captive S. salar perform well in seawater challenge tests, hatchery-reared smolts are not necessarily as adaptable to marine life as their naturally produced counterparts. These findings suggest that production of hatchery-reared smolts more similar to naturally produced individuals in morphology, physiology and behaviour will be necessary to improve success of hatchery releases. Where possible, supplementary or alternative measures, including habitat restoration, could be implemented to ensure the long-term viability of wild stocks. © 2016 The Fisheries Society of the British Isles.

  19. Survival of radio-tagged Atlantic salmon ( Salmo salar L.) and trout ( Salmo trutta L.) smolts passing a reservoir during seaward migration

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jepsen, Niels; Aarestrup, Kim; Økland, F.


    High mortality-rates of seaward migrating salmonid smelts when passing reservoirs and lakes have earlier been found in the Danish River Gudena watershed. To reveal the causes of mortality of migrating smelts in Lake Tange, a 12 km long, shallow reservoir, 50 salmon smelts and 24 trout smelts were...... of death was determined. During the 3-week period, 90% of the tagged smelts died. The main cause of death for both trout and salmon was predation from fish and birds. The most important predator was pike (Esox lucius L.), being responsible for 56% of the observed mortality. Avian predators were assumed...... to be responsible for 31% of the observed mortality. No trout smelts left the reservoir, but 5 salmon-smelts got out through the turbines. Others did traverse the reservoir, but were unable to enter the river downstream, and were later eaten. The present results suggest that mortalities for migrating smolts through...

  20. Immunization with Toxoplasma gondii GRA17 Deletion Mutant Induces Partial Protection and Survival in Challenged Mice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jin-Lei Wang


    Full Text Available Toxoplasmosis remains a world-threatening disease largely because of the lack of a fully effective vaccine. Here, we created a ΔGRA17 mutant by disrupting the virulence factor GRA17 using CRISPR-Cas9 method. Then, we tested whether ΔGRA17 tachyzoites can be used as a live-attenuated vaccine against acute, chronic, and congenital Toxoplasma gondii infection in mice. Immune response evoked by ΔGRA17 immunization suggested a sequential Th1 and Th2 T cell response, indicated by high levels of Th1 and a mixed Th1/Th2 cytokines at 28 and 70 days after immunization, respectively. ΔGRA17-mediated immunity fully protected mice against lethal infection with wild-type (wt RH strain, heterologous challenge with PYS, and TgC7 strains of the Chinese ToxoDB#9 genotype, and T. gondii Pru strain. Although parasite cysts were detected in 8 out of 10 immunized mice, cyst burden in the brain was significantly reduced (P < 0.05 in immunized mice (53 ± 15 cysts/brain compared to non-immunized mice (4,296 ± 687 cysts/brain. In respect to congenital infection, the litter size, survival rate, and body weight (BW of pups born to ΔGRA17-immunized dams were not different compared to pups born to naïve control dams (P = 0.24. However, a marked reduction in the litter size (P < 0.001, survival rate, and BW (P < 0.01 of pups born to non-immunized and infected dams was detected. Also, immunized dams infected with type II Pru strain had significantly (P < 0.001 less cyst burden in the brain compared with non-immunized and infected dams. These findings show that immunization with ΔGRA17 strain evokes cell-mediated and neutralizing antibody responses and confers some degree of protection against challenge with homologous and heterologous virulent T. gondii strains.

  1. Academic Training: Surviving in space: the challenges of a manned mission to Mars

    CERN Multimedia

    Françoise Benz


    2005-2006 ACADEMIC TRAINING PROGRAMME LECTURE SERIES 26, 27, 28 October from 11:00 to 12:00 - Main Auditorium, bldg. 500 Surviving in space: the challenges of a manned mission to Mars by L. S. Pinsky / Univ. Houston, USA Program : Lecture I: Understanding the Space Radiation Environment Lecture II: Dosimetry and the Effects of the Exposure of Human Tissue to Heavily Ionizing Radiation Lecture III: Modelling the Interaction of the Space Radiation in Spacecraft & Humans, and Assessing the Risks on a Mission to Mars... ENSEIGNEMENT ACADEMIQUE ACADEMIC TRAINING Françoise Benz 73127 If you wish to participate in one of the following courses, please tell to your supervisor and apply electronically from the course description pages that can be found on the Web at: or fill in an 'application for training' form available from your Departmental Secretariat or from your DTO (Departmental Training Officer). Applications will be accepted in the order ...

  2. Outcomes, Approaches, and Challenges to Developing and Passing a Countywide Mandatory Vaccination Policy: St. Louis County’s Experience with Hepatitis A Vaccine for Food Service Personnel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kristin D. Wilson


    Full Text Available In the early 1990s, St. Louis County had multiple foodservice worker-related hepatitis A outbreaks uncontrolled by standard outbreak interventions. Restaurant interest groups and the general public applied political pressure to local public health officials for more stringent interventions, including a mandatory vaccination policy. Local health departments can enact mandatory vaccination policies, but this has rarely been done. The study objectives were to describe the approach used to pass a mandatory vaccination policy at the local jurisdiction level and illustrate the outcome from this ordinance 15 years later. A case study design was used. In-depth, semi-structured interviews using guided questions were conducted in spring, 2015, with six key informants who had direct knowledge of the mandatory vaccination policy process. Meeting minutes and/or reports were also analyzed. A Poisson distribution analysis was used to calculate the rate of outbreaks before and after mandatory vaccination policy implementation. The policy appears to have reduced the number of hepatitis A outbreaks, lowering the morbidity and economic burden in St. Louis County. The lessons learned by local public health officials in passing a mandatory hepatitis A vaccination policy are important and relevant in today’s environment. The experience and lessons learned may assist other local health departments when faced with the potential need for mandatory policies for any vaccine preventable disease.

  3. Effect of dietary supplementation with butyrate and probiotic on the survival of Pacific white shrimp after challenge with Vibrio alginolyticus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Norha Constanza Bolívar Ramírez

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT This study evaluated the performance, immunology, and survival of the Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei to experimental challenge to Vibrio alginolyticus based on the use of the probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum and the combined use of probiotic and butyrate. Four different diets resulted from the addition of additives: butyrate, probiotic, butyrate + probiotic, and control (no additives. The attractiveness of the diets was assessed by the percentage of positive choices and rejections, using a dual-choice Y-maze format aquarium. The shrimps were fed during four weeks and performance parameters, intestinal microbiota, and immunological parameters were all evaluated. Subsequently, the shrimps were challenged with V. alginolyticus and after 48 h, survival and immunological parameters were evaluated. The results showed increased attractiveness and intake, but only with diets supplemented with sodium butyrate. However, other diets were not rejected. No difference in performance or immunological parameters was observed among the different diets. Also, among the treatments, no difference in Vibrio spp., or total heterotrophic bacteria counts, was found in the intestinal tract. However, the lactic acid bacteria count was higher in the intestinal tract of shrimps fed diets supplemented with probiotic. After bacterial challenge, shrimp fed all diets had a greater survival when compared with the control group. Lactobacillus plantarum and sodium butyrate increase the resistance of shrimp to infection with V. alginolyticus, but do so without affecting performance, immunological parameters, or Vibrio spp., and total heterotrophic bacteria counts in the intestinal tract.

  4. Small Numbers, Big Challenges: Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Incidence and Survival in New Zealand. (United States)

    Ballantine, Kirsten R; Watson, Heidi; Macfarlane, Scott; Winstanley, Mark; Corbett, Robin P; Spearing, Ruth; Stevanovic, Vladimir; Yi, Ma; Sullivan, Michael J


    This study was undertaken to determine cancer survival and describe the unique spectrum of cancers diagnosed among New Zealand's adolescents and young adult (AYA) population. Registrations for 1606 15-24 year olds diagnosed with a new primary malignant tumor between 2000 and 2009 were obtained from the New Zealand Cancer Registry and classified according to AYA diagnostic group and subgroup, age, sex, and prioritized ethnicity. Age-standardized incidence rates (IRs) per million person years and 5-year relative survival ratios were calculated. Cancer incidence was 228.6 per million for adolescents aged 15-19 years and 325.7 per million for young adults aged 20-24 years. Overall IRs were consistent across all ethnic groups but there were unique ethnic differences by tumor group including a higher incidence of bone tumors, carcinoma of the gastrointestinal tract, and gonadal germ cell tumors among Maori, a higher incidence of leukemia among Pacific peoples, and a higher incidence of melanoma among non-Maori/non-Pacific peoples. Five-year relative survival for adolescents (75.1%) and AYA overall (80.6%) appeared poorer than had been achieved in other high-income countries. Maori (69.5%) and Pacific (71.3%) AYA had lower 5-year survival compared to non-Maori/non-Pacific peoples (84.2%). The survival disparities observed require further investigation to identify and address the causes of these inferior outcomes. The newly established AYA Cancer Network Aotearoa has been tasked with improving cancer survival and care and ensuring equality of access for New Zealand AYAs with cancer.

  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Rural Communities: Early Business Survival Challenges for the Agribusiness Entrepreneur


    Escalante, Cesar L.; Turvey, Calum G.


    Barriers and strategies for survival of agribusiness and non-agribusiness entrepreneurs during early business stages are analyzed under case-study approach. Results confirm qualitative differences in skill and execution deficiencies, market structure, and resource endowments. Moreover, agribusiness entrepreneurs tend to adopt different strategies to address similar barriers faced by non-agribusiness entrepreneurs.

  6. Treatment Challenges and Survival Analysis of Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-positive Breast Cancer in Real World. (United States)

    Adusumilli, Praveen; Konatam, Meher Lakshmi; Gundeti, Sadashivudu; Bala, Stalin; Maddali, Lakshmi Srinivas


    Advent of trastuzumab has brought tremendous changes in the survival of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (Her2)-positive breast cancer patients. Despite the availability of the drug, it is still out of reach for many patients. There is very limited real world data regarding treatment challenges and survival analysis of these patients. Primary objective is disease-free survival (DFS) and secondary objective is overall survival (OS) and toxicity profile. Statistical analysis is done using GraphPad Prism 7.02. This is a retrospective study of all patients diagnosed with Her2-positive (Her2+) nonmetastatic invasive breast cancer from January 2007 to December 2013. In the period of this study, 885 patients are diagnosed with carcinoma breast, of which 212 are Her2/neu positive (23.9%). Of the 212 patients, only 76 (35.8%) patients received trastuzumab along with chemotherapy. Patients receiving trastuzumab with chemotherapy have longer 5-year DFS compared to those receiving chemotherapy alone, 92% and 52.6%, respectively (P = 0.0001). Five-year OS is 90.5% and 41.7% in those patients who received chemotherapy with and without trastuzumab, respectively (P = 0.0001). Seven patients (9.45%) developed Grade II reversible diastolic dysfunction. Grade II/III peripheral neuropathy due to paclitaxel is the main adverse effect seen in 21 patients. In spite of improvement in DFS and OS with trastuzumab, the number of patient receiving targeted therapy is very low due to financial constraints which need to be addressed to bridge the gap in survival of Her2+ patients.

  7. Struggling to survive: early life challenges in relation to the backtest in pigs

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Camerlink, I.; Ursinus, W.W.; Bolhuis, J.E.


    Intensively reared piglets may face many early life challenges and these may affect behavior. The objective of this study was to examine the relationship between piglets’ early life circumstances and their behavioral response in a backtest. Hereto, 992 piglets of 14 d of age were subjected to a

  8. TPG bus passes

    CERN Multimedia

    Staff Association


    The CERN Staff Association will stop selling TPG bus passes. All active and retired members of the CERN personnel will be able to purchase Unireso bus passes from the CERN Hostel - Building 39 (Meyrin site) from 1st February 2013. For more information:

  9. Future-based Static Analysis of Message Passing Programs

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Orchard, Dominic; Oortwijn, Wytse Hendrikus Marinus; Yoshida, Nobuko; Blom, Stefan; Huisman, Marieke

    Message passing is widely used in industry to develop programs consisting of several distributed communicating components. Developing functionally correct message passing software is very challenging due to the concurrent nature of message exchanges. Nonetheless, many safety-critical applications

  10. Starvation physiology: reviewing the different strategies animals use to survive a common challenge. (United States)

    McCue, Marshall D


    All animals face the possibility of limitations in food resources that could ultimately lead to starvation-induced mortality. The primary goal of this review is to characterize the various physiological strategies that allow different animals to survive starvation. The ancillary goals of this work are to identify areas in which investigations of starvation can be improved and to discuss recent advances and emerging directions in starvation research. The ubiquity of food limitation among animals, inconsistent terminology associated with starvation and fasting, and rationale for scientific investigations into starvation are discussed. Similarities and differences with regard to carbohydrate, lipid, and protein metabolism during starvation are also examined in a comparative context. Examples from the literature are used to underscore areas in which reporting and statistical practices, particularly those involved with starvation-induced changes in body composition and starvation-induced hypometabolism can be improved. The review concludes by highlighting several recent advances and promising research directions in starvation physiology. Because the hundreds of studies reviewed here vary so widely in their experimental designs and treatments, formal comparisons of starvation responses among studies and taxa are generally precluded; nevertheless, it is my aim to provide a starting point from which we may develop novel approaches, tools, and hypotheses to facilitate meaningful investigations into the physiology of starvation in animals. Copyright 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  11. Bighorn sheep × domestic sheep hybrids survive Mannheimia haemolytica challenge in the absence of vaccination. (United States)

    Subramaniam, R; Shanthalingam, S; Bavananthasivam, J; Kugadas, A; Raghavan, B; Batra, S A; Herndon, C N; Rodriguez, J; Tibary, A; Nelson, D; Potter, K A; Foreyt, W J; Srikumaran, S


    Bighorn sheep (BHS, Ovis canadensis) are much more susceptible than domestic sheep (DS, Ovis aries) to pneumonia caused by leukotoxin (Lkt)-producing members of the Family Pasteurellaceae, particularly Mannheimia haemolytica and Bibersteinia trehalosi. Leukotoxin is widely accepted as the critical virulence factor of these bacteria since Lkt-negative mutants do not cause death of BHS. Typically, DS carry Lkt-positive M. haemolytica and/or B. trehalosi as commensal bacteria in their nasopharynx. In contrast, most BHS do not carry Lkt-positive M. haemolytica or B. trehalosi, or carry Lkt-negative strains in their nasopharynx. In previous studies, we demonstrated that unimmunized DS resist M. haemolytica challenge while BHS succumb to it. We hypothesized that Lkt-neutralizing antibodies, induced by Lkt-positive M. haemolytica and/or B. trehalosi innately carried by DS in their nasopharynx, render them less susceptible to infection by these bacteria. In this study we developed BHS×DS F1 hybrids by artificial insemination of domestic ewes with BHS semen. F1 hybrids were fertile, and produced F2 hybrids and back-crosses. The F1, F2, and back-crosses were raised together with domestic ewes. All these animals acquired Lkt-positive M. haemolytica and/or B. trehalosi, and developed high titers of Lkt-neutralizing antibodies in the absence of vaccination. Furthermore, all of these animals resisted challenge with lethal dose of M. haemolytica. These results suggest that lack of previous exposure to Lkt is at least partially responsible for fatal pneumonia in BHS when they acquire Lkt-positive M. haemolytica and/or B. trehalosi from DS when the two species commingle. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  12. Passing and Catching in Rugby. (United States)

    Namudu, Mike M.

    This booklet contains the fundamentals for rugby at the primary school level. It deals primarily with passing and catching the ball. It contains instructions on (1) holding the ball for passing, (2) passing the ball to the left--standing, (3) passing the ball to the left--running, (4) making a switch pass, (5) the scrum half's normal pass, (6) the…

  13. Niger's Child Survival Success, Contributing Factors and Challenges to Sustainability: A Retrospective Analysis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Donela Besada

    Full Text Available Household surveys undertaken in Niger since 1998 have revealed steady declines in under-5 mortality which have placed the country 'on track' to reach the fourth Millennium Development goal (MDG. This paper explores Niger's mortality and health coverage data for children under-5 years of age up to 2012 to describe trends in high impact interventions and the resulting impact on childhood deaths averted. The sustainability of these trends are also considered.Estimates of child mortality using the 2012 Demographic and Health Survey were developed and maternal and child health coverage indicators were calculated over four time periods. Child survival policies and programmes were documented through a review of documents and key informant interviews. The Lives Saved Tool (LiST was used to estimate the number of child lives saved and identify which interventions had the largest impact on deaths averted. The national mortality rate in children under-5 decreased from 286 child deaths per 1000 live births (95% confidence interval 177 to 394 in the period 1989-1990 to 128 child deaths per 1000 live births in the period 2011-2012 (101 to 155, corresponding to an annual rate of decline of 3.6%, with significant declines taking place after 1998. Improvements in the coverage of maternal and child health interventions between 2006 and 2012 include one and four or more antenatal visits, maternal Fansidar and tetanus toxoid vaccination, measles and DPT3 vaccinations, early and exclusive breastfeeding, oral rehydration salts (ORS and proportion of children sleeping under an insecticide-treated bed net (ITN. Approximately 26,000 deaths of children under-5 were averted in 2012 due to decreases in stunting rates (27%, increases in ORS (14%, the Hib vaccine (14%, and breastfeeding (11%. Increases in wasting and decreases in vitamin A supplementation negated some of those gains. Care seeking at the community level was responsible for an estimated 7,800 additional deaths

  14. Tracking progress towards equitable child survival in a Nicaraguan community: neonatal mortality challenges to meet the MDG 4

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Persson Lars-Åke


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Nicaragua has made progress in the reduction of the under-five mortality since 1980s. Data for the national trends indicate that this poor Central American country is on track to reach the Millennium Development Goal-4 by 2015. Despite this progress, neonatal mortality has not showed same progress. The aim of this study is to analyse trends and social differentials in neonatal and under-five mortality in a Nicaraguan community from 1970 to 2005. Methods Two linked community-based reproductive surveys in 1993 and 2002 followed by a health and demographic surveillance system providing information on all births and child deaths in urban and rural areas of León municipality, Nicaragua. A total of 49 972 live births were registered. Results A rapid reduction in under-five mortality was observed during the late 1970s (from 103 deaths/1000 live births and the 1980s, followed by a gradual decline to the level of 23 deaths/1000 live births in 2005. This community is on track for the Millennium Development Goal 4 for improved child survival. However, neonatal mortality increased lately in spite of a good coverage of skilled assistance at delivery. After some years in the 1990s with a very small gap in neonatal survival between children of mothers of different educational levels this divide is increasing. Conclusions After the reduction of high under-five mortality that coincided with improved equity in survival in this Nicaraguan community, the current challenge is the neonatal mortality where questions of an equitable perinatal care of good quality must be addressed.

  15. Survival to different acid challenges and outer membrane protein profiles of pathogenic Escherichia coli strains isolated from pozol, a Mexican typical maize fermented food. (United States)

    Sainz, Teresita; Pérez, Julia; Villaseca, Jorge; Hernández, Ulises; Eslava, Carlos; Mendoza, Guillermo; Wacher, Carmen


    In this study, the acid resistance and the changes in outer membrane protein (Omps) profiles of Escherichia coli strains isolated from pozol, an acid-fermented maize beverage consumed in Southeastern Mexico, were determined. Results showed that adaptation to acid by these E. coli strains significantly enhances their survival in acid conditions. Changes in Omp profiles were found in non-adapted acid challenged cells compared with non-challenged cells that had not been adapted to acid. Challenged adapted cells showed no significant changes in these profiles when compared with the acid adapted non-challenged strains. N-terminal sequences of some of the Omps were determined. The intensity of the main porins OmpC and OmpA was lower in the acid challenged strains, than in the non-challenged ones. The OmpF porin was identified in non-challenged K12 strain, but did not appear in adapted or non-adapted pozol strains nor in E. coli O157:H7. A protein band with an approximate molecular mass of 22 kDa corresponds to OmpW and its expression decreased in pozol strains challenged with HCl and lactic acid. OmpX was one of the main proteins expressed when strains were acid challenged with organic acids. Seventy out of seventy-three E. coli strains isolated from pozol in a previous work [Sainz, T., Wacher, C., Espinoza, J., Centurion, D., Navarro, A., Molina, J., Cravioto, A., Eslava, C., 2001. Survival and characterization of Escherichia coli strains in a typical Mexican acid-fermented food. International Journal of Food Microbiology 71, 169-176] carry this gene and belong to a reported pathogenic class of E. coli strains, or have virulence factors or survived at pH values less than 4.8. We suggest this protein could be involved in survival to stress conditions.

  16. The Procalcitonin And Survival Study (PASS – A Randomised multi-center investigator-initiated trial to investigate whether daily measurements biomarker Procalcitonin and pro-active diagnostic and therapeutic responses to abnormal Procalcitonin levels, can improve survival in intensive care unit patients. Calculated sample size (target population: 1000 patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fjeldborg Paul


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Sepsis and complications to sepsis are major causes of mortality in critically ill patients. Rapid treatment of sepsis is of crucial importance for survival of patients. The infectious status of the critically ill patient is often difficult to assess because symptoms cannot be expressed and signs may present atypically. The established biological markers of inflammation (leucocytes, C-reactive protein may often be influenced by other parameters than infection, and may be unacceptably slowly released after progression of an infection. At the same time, lack of a relevant antimicrobial therapy in an early course of infection may be fatal for the patient. Specific and rapid markers of bacterial infection have been sought for use in these patients. Methods Multi-centre randomized controlled interventional trial. Powered for superiority and non-inferiority on all measured end points. Complies with, "Good Clinical Practice" (ICH-GCP Guideline (CPMP/ICH/135/95, Directive 2001/20/EC. Inclusion: 1 Age ≥ 18 years of age, 2 Admitted to the participating intensive care units, 3 Signed written informed consent. Exclusion: 1 Known hyper-bilirubinaemia. or hypertriglyceridaemia, 2 Likely that safety is compromised by blood sampling, 3 Pregnant or breast feeding. Computerized Randomisation: Two arms (1:1, n = 500 per arm: Arm 1: standard of care. Arm 2: standard of care and Procalcitonin guided diagnostics and treatment of infection. Primary Trial Objective: To address whether daily Procalcitonin measurements and immediate diagnostic and therapeutic response on day-to-day changes in procalcitonin can reduce the mortality of critically ill patients. Discussion For the first time ever, a mortality-endpoint, large scale randomized controlled trial with a biomarker-guided strategy compared to the best standard of care, is conducted in an Intensive care setting. Results will, with a high statistical power answer the question: Can the survival

  17. TRT Barrel milestones passed

    CERN Multimedia

    Ogren, H


    The barrel TRT detector passed three significant milestones this spring. The Barrel Support Structure (BSS) was completed and moved to the SR-1 building on February 24th. On March 12th the first module passed the quality assurance testing in Building 154 and was transported to the assembly site in the SR-1 building for barrel assembly. Then on April 21st the final production module that had been scanned at Hampton University was shipped to CERN. TRT Barrel Module Production The production of the full complement of barrel modules (96 plus 9 total spares) is now complete. This has been a five-year effort by Duke University, Hampton University, and Indiana University. Actual construction of the modules in the United States was completed in the first part of 2004. The production crews at each of the sites in the United States have now completed their missions. They are shown in the following pictures. Duke University: Production crew with the final completed module. Indiana University: Module producti...

  18. Passing the baton

    CERN Multimedia


    It was not only in South Korea that batons were being passed last week. While the cream of the world’s athletes were competing in the World Athletics Championships, the cream of the world’s accelerator scientists were on their way to San Sebastian in Spain for the International Particle Accelerator Conference.  One of them was carrying a rather special baton for a handover of a different kind.   When Fermilab’s Vladimir Shiltsev handed the high-energy frontier baton to CERN’s Mike Lamont on Tuesday, it marked the end of an era: a time to look back on the phenomenal contribution the Tevatron has made to particle physics over its 25-year operational lifetime, and the great contribution Fermilab has made over that period to global collaboration in particle physics. There’s always a lot of emotion involved in passing the baton. In athletics, it’s the triumph of wining or the heartbreak of losing. But for this special baton, the...

  19. Introduction: Mirrors of Passing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Seebach, Sophie Hooge; Willerslev, Rane

    How is death, time, and materiality interconnected? How to approach an understanding of the world of the dead? In this introduction, we seek to understand how the experience of material decay, of the death of those around us, makes us aware of the passing of time. Through the literary lens of Neil...... Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, we explore how the world of the dead and the world of the living can intersect; how time and materiality shifts and changes depending on who experiences it. These revelations, based on fiction, provide a mirror through which the reader can experience the varied chapters...... of the book, which each presents a different perspective on death, materiality, and time....

  20. Challenge.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    René-Éric Dagorn


    Full Text Available Sous le titre « The Hispanic Challenge », Samuel P. Huntington propose dans le numéro de Foreign Policy de mars-avril 2004 une nouvelle démonstration du danger de sa pseudo-théorie du « choc des civilisations ». Quel est donc ce «  challenge  » auquel, d'après Huntington, la société américaine serait aujourd'hui confrontée ? C'est celui de l'immigration « hispanique » qui « menace l'identité américaine, ses valeurs et son mode de vie » ...

  1. Important Role of FTO in the Survival of Rare Panresistant Triple-Negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer Cells Facing a Severe Metabolic Challenge.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Balraj Singh

    Full Text Available We have previously shown that only 0.01% cells survive a metabolic challenge involving lack of glutamine in culture medium of SUM149 triple-negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer cell line. These cells, designated as SUM149-MA for metabolic adaptability, are resistant to chemotherapeutic drugs, and they efficiently metastasize to multiple organs in nude mice. We hypothesized that obesity-related molecular networks, which normally help in cellular and organismal survival under metabolic challenges, may help in the survival of MA cells. The fat mass and obesity-associated protein FTO is overexpressed in MA cells. Obesity-associated cis-acting elements in non-coding region of FTO regulate the expression of IRX3 gene, thus activating obesity networks. Here we found that IRX3 protein is significantly overexpressed in MA cells (5 to 6-fold as compared to the parental SUM149 cell line, supporting our hypothesis. We also obtained evidence that additional key regulators of energy balance such as ARID5B, IRX5, and CUX1 P200 repressor could potentially help progenitor-like TNBC cells survive in glutamine-free medium. MO-I-500, a pharmacological inhibitor of FTO, significantly (>90% inhibited survival and/or colony formation of SUM149-MA cells as compared to untreated cells or those treated with a control compound MO-I-100. Curiously, MO-I-500 treatment also led to decreased levels of FTO and IRX3 proteins in the SUM149 cells initially surviving in glutamine-free medium as compared to MO-I-100 treatment. Interestingly, MO-I-500 treatment had a relatively little effect on cell growth of either the SUM149 or SUM149-MA cell line when added to a complete medium containing glutamine that does not pose a metabolic challenge. Importantly, once selected and cultured in glutamine-free medium, SUM149-MA cells were no longer affected by MO-I-500 even in Gln-free medium. We conclude that panresistant MA cells contain interconnected molecular networks that govern

  2. Survival of Litopenaeus vannamei shrimp fed on diets supplemented with Dunaliella sp. is improved after challenges by Vibrio parahaemolyticus. (United States)

    Medina Félix, Diana; López Elías, José Antonio; Campa Córdova, Ángel Isidro; Martínez Córdova, Luis Rafael; Luna González, Antonio; Cortes Jacinto, Edilmar; Huerta Aldaz, Nolberta; Cano Mendoza, Fernando; Burboa Zazueta, María Guadalupe


    Survival of Litopenaeus vannamei was evaluated during a Vibrio parahaemolyticus infection. This bacteria has been causing significant economic losses in the shrimp industry due to the appearance of early mortality syndrome (EMS), also known as acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND). Control of bacteria in ponds is difficult to achieve with antibiotics due to environmental infections and antibiotic resistance. New methods have been proposed to control and prevent the impact of bacterial infections. The physiological response indicated by plasma biochemical parameters in shrimp can determine their health and stress status. Meanwhile, shrimp immunology is the key factor in establishing strategies to control diseases. Immunostimulants are the best alternative to antibiotics to prevent or minimize disease damage, and at the same time, these stimulants improve the immune system in shrimp. Four diets containing 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3% of Dunaliella sp. with high β-carotene content were tested in the present study. After 20days of feeding, organisms were infected with V. parahaemolyticus. Protein, glucose, lactate, triglyceride and cholesterol levels, as well as activity of prophenoloxidase and phenoloxidase, were determined 48 h post-infection (hpi). Shrimp fed a diet with 3% Dunaliella sp. showed the highest survival. Glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, as well as prophenoloxidase and phenoloxidase activity, were not observed to be suitable indicators during this bacterial infection. The results indicated that the inclusion of Dunaliella sp. in diet increases survival in L. vannamei infected with V. parahaemolyticus. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Inc.


    Hausmann, Jennifer C; Wack, Allison N; Allender, Matthew C; Cranfield, Mike R; Murphy, Kevin J; Barrett, Kevin; Romero, Jennell L; Wellehan, James F X; Blum, Stella A; Zink, M Christine; Bronson, Ellen


    The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore experienced an outbreak of Frog virus-3 (FV3)-like ranavirus during the summer of 2011, during which 14 of 27 (52%) of its captive eastern box turtles (Terrapene carolina carolina) survived. To assess survival, immunity, and viral shedding, an experimental challenge study was performed in which the surviving, previously infected turtles were reinfected with the outbreak strain of FV3-like ranavirus. Seven turtles were inoculated with virus intramuscularly and four control turtles received saline intramuscularly. The turtles were monitored for 8 wk with blood and oral swabs collected for quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR). During that time, one of seven (14%) inoculated turtles and none of the controls (0%) died; there was no significant difference in survival. Clinical signs of the inoculated turtles, except for the turtle that died, were mild compared to the original outbreak. Quantitative PCR for FV3-like ranavirus on blood and oral swabs was positive for all inoculated turtles and negative for all controls. The turtle that died had intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies in multiple organs. Three inoculated and two control turtles were euthanized at the end of the study. No inclusion bodies were present in any of the organs. Quantitative PCR detected FV3-like ranavirus in the spleen of a control turtle, which suggested persistence of the virus. The surviving five turtles were qPCR-negative for FV3-like ranavirus from blood and oral swabs after brumation. Quantitative PCR for Terrapene herpesvirus 1 found no association between ranavirus infection and herpesvirus loads. In conclusion, previously infected eastern box turtles can be reinfected with the same strain of FV3-like ranavirus and show mild to no clinical signs but can shed the virus from the oral cavity.

  4. WebPASS PP (HR Personnel Management) (United States)

    US Agency for International Development — WebPass Explorer (WebPASS Framework): USAID is partnering with DoS in the implementation of their WebPass Post Personnel (PS) Module. WebPassPS does not replace...

  5. WebPASS Explorer (HR Personnel Management) (United States)

    US Agency for International Development — WebPass Explorer (WebPASS Framework): USAID is partnering with DoS in the implementation of their WebPass Post Personnel (PS) Module. WebPassPS does not replace...

  6. Multi-pass spectroscopic ellipsometry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stehle, Jean-Louis [Sopralab, 7 rue du Moulin des Bruyeres, 92400 Courbevoie (France); Samartzis, Peter C., E-mail: [Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas, Vassilika Vouton 71110, Heraklion Crete (Greece); Stamataki, Katerina [Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas, Vassilika Vouton 71110, Heraklion Crete (Greece); Department of Chemistry, University of Crete, Voutes, 71003, Heraklion (Greece); Piel, Jean-Philippe [Sopralab, 7 rue du Moulin des Bruyeres, 92400 Courbevoie (France); Katsoprinakis, George E.; Papadakis, Vassilis [Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas, Vassilika Vouton 71110, Heraklion Crete (Greece); Schimowski, Xavier [Sopralab, 7 rue du Moulin des Bruyeres, 92400 Courbevoie (France); Rakitzis, T. Peter [Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas, Vassilika Vouton 71110, Heraklion Crete (Greece); Department of Physics, University of Crete, Voutes, 71003, Heraklion (Greece); Loppinet, Benoit [Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas, Vassilika Vouton 71110, Heraklion Crete (Greece)


    Spectroscopic ellipsometry is an established technique, particularly useful for thickness measurements of thin films. It measures polarization rotation after a single reflection of a beam of light on the measured substrate at a given incidence angle. In this paper, we report the development of multi-pass spectroscopic ellipsometry where the light beam reflects multiple times on the sample. We have investigated both theoretically and experimentally the effect of sample reflectivity, number of reflections (passes), angles of incidence and detector dynamic range on ellipsometric observables tanΨ and cosΔ. The multiple pass approach provides increased sensitivity to small changes in Ψ and Δ, opening the way for single measurement determination of optical thickness T, refractive index n and absorption coefficient k of thin films, a significant improvement over the existing techniques. Based on our results, we discuss the strengths, the weaknesses and possible applications of this technique. - Highlights: • We present multi-pass spectroscopic ellipsometry (MPSE), a multi-pass approach to ellipsometry. • Different detectors, samples, angles of incidence and number of passes were tested. • N passes improve polarization ratio sensitivity to the power of N. • N reflections improve phase shift sensitivity by a factor of N. • MPSE can significantly improve thickness measurements in thin films.

  7. Prediction of overall survival for patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: development of a prognostic model through a crowdsourced challenge with open clinical trial data. (United States)

    Guinney, Justin; Wang, Tao; Laajala, Teemu D; Winner, Kimberly Kanigel; Bare, J Christopher; Neto, Elias Chaibub; Khan, Suleiman A; Peddinti, Gopal; Airola, Antti; Pahikkala, Tapio; Mirtti, Tuomas; Yu, Thomas; Bot, Brian M; Shen, Liji; Abdallah, Kald; Norman, Thea; Friend, Stephen; Stolovitzky, Gustavo; Soule, Howard; Sweeney, Christopher J; Ryan, Charles J; Scher, Howard I; Sartor, Oliver; Xie, Yang; Aittokallio, Tero; Zhou, Fang Liz; Costello, James C


    Improvements to prognostic models in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer have the potential to augment clinical trial design and guide treatment strategies. In partnership with Project Data Sphere, a not-for-profit initiative allowing data from cancer clinical trials to be shared broadly with researchers, we designed an open-data, crowdsourced, DREAM (Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessments and Methods) challenge to not only identify a better prognostic model for prediction of survival in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer but also engage a community of international data scientists to study this disease. Data from the comparator arms of four phase 3 clinical trials in first-line metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer were obtained from Project Data Sphere, comprising 476 patients treated with docetaxel and prednisone from the ASCENT2 trial, 526 patients treated with docetaxel, prednisone, and placebo in the MAINSAIL trial, 598 patients treated with docetaxel, prednisone or prednisolone, and placebo in the VENICE trial, and 470 patients treated with docetaxel and placebo in the ENTHUSE 33 trial. Datasets consisting of more than 150 clinical variables were curated centrally, including demographics, laboratory values, medical history, lesion sites, and previous treatments. Data from ASCENT2, MAINSAIL, and VENICE were released publicly to be used as training data to predict the outcome of interest-namely, overall survival. Clinical data were also released for ENTHUSE 33, but data for outcome variables (overall survival and event status) were hidden from the challenge participants so that ENTHUSE 33 could be used for independent validation. Methods were evaluated using the integrated time-dependent area under the curve (iAUC). The reference model, based on eight clinical variables and a penalised Cox proportional-hazards model, was used to compare method performance. Further validation was done using data from a

  8. Message-passing multiprocessor simulator

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dunigan, T.H.


    The structure and use of a message-passing multiprocessor simulator are described. The simulator provides a multitasking environment for the development of algorithms for parallel processors using either shared or local memories. The simulator may be used from C or FORTRAN and provides a library of subroutines for task control and message passing. The simulator produces a trace file that can be used for debugging, performance analysis, or graphical display. 9 refs., 7 figs.

  9. Gene-network inference by message passing (United States)

    Braunstein, A.; Pagnani, A.; Weigt, M.; Zecchina, R.


    The inference of gene-regulatory processes from gene-expression data belongs to the major challenges of computational systems biology. Here we address the problem from a statistical-physics perspective and develop a message-passing algorithm which is able to infer sparse, directed and combinatorial regulatory mechanisms. Using the replica technique, the algorithmic performance can be characterized analytically for artificially generated data. The algorithm is applied to genome-wide expression data of baker's yeast under various environmental conditions. We find clear cases of combinatorial control, and enrichment in common functional annotations of regulated genes and their regulators.

  10. Message Passing in computational fluids

    CERN Document Server

    Argentini, G


    In this paper we present the concept of MPF, Message Passing Fluid, an abstract fluid where the molecules move by mean of the informations that they exchange each other, on the basis of rules and methods of a generalized Cellular Automaton. The model is intended for a simulation by mean of message passing libraries on the field of parallel computing, which seems to offer a natural environment for this subject. The first results show that by mean of simple mathematical models it's possible to obtain realistic simulations of fluid motion, in the case of a general geometry too.

  11. Exposure to bacterial signals does not alter pea aphids' survival upon a second challenge or investment in production of winged offspring.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bas ter Braak

    Full Text Available Pea aphids have an obligate nutritional symbiosis with the bacteria Buchneraaphidicola and frequently also harbor one or more facultative symbionts. Aphids are also susceptible to bacterial pathogen infections, and it has been suggested that aphids have a limited immune response towards such pathogen infections compared to other, more well-studied insects. However, aphids do possess at least some of the genes known to be involved in bacterial immune responses in other insects, and immune-competent hemocytes. One possibility is that immune priming with microbial elicitors could stimulate immune protection against subsequent bacterial infections, as has been observed in several other insect systems. To address this hypothesis we challenged aphids with bacterial immune elicitors twenty-four hours prior to live bacterial pathogen infections and then compared their survival rates to aphids that were not pre-exposed to bacterial signals. Using two aphid genotypes, we found no evidence for immune protection conferred by immune priming during infections with either Serratia marcescens or with Escherichia coli. Immune priming was not altered by the presence of facultative, beneficial symbionts in the aphids. In the absence of inducible immune protection, aphids may allocate energy towards other defense traits, including production of offspring with wings that could escape deteriorating conditions. To test this, we monitored the ratio of winged to unwinged offspring produced by adult mothers of a single clone that had been exposed to bacterial immune elicitors, to live E. coli infections or to no challenge. We found no correlation between immune challenge and winged offspring production, suggesting that this mechanism of defense, which functions upon exposure to fungal pathogens, is not central to aphid responses to bacterial infections.

  12. Differential expression of TRAIL and TRAIL receptors in allergic asthmatics following segmental antigen challenge: evidence for a role of TRAIL in eosinophil survival. (United States)

    Robertson, Noreen M; Zangrilli, James G; Steplewski, Andrzej; Hastie, Annette; Lindemeyer, Rochelle G; Planeta, Maria A; Smith, Mary K; Innocent, Nathalie; Musani, Ali; Pascual, Rodolfo; Peters, Stephen; Litwack, Gerald


    Asthma is a chronic lung disease exhibiting airway obstruction, hyperresponsiveness, and inflammation, characterized by the infiltration of eosinophils into the airways and the underlying tissue. Prolonged eosinophilic inflammation depends on the balance between the cell's inherent tendency to undergo apoptosis and the local eosinophil-viability enhancing activity. TRAIL, a member of the TNF family, induces apoptosis in most transformed cells; however, its role in health and disease remains unknown. To test the hypothesis that Ag-induced inflammation is associated with TRAIL/TRAIL-R interactions, we used a segmental Ag challenge (SAC) model in ragweed-allergic asthmatics and nonasthmatic patients and analyzed bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) material for 2 wk. In asthmatic patients, the level of TRAIL in BAL fluid dramatically increased 24 h after SAC, which significantly correlated with BAL eosinophil counts. Immunohistochemical analysis of bronchial biopsies from asthmatic patients demonstrated that TRAIL staining was increased in epithelial, airway smooth muscle, and vascular smooth muscle cells and throughout the interstitial tissue after SAC. This was confirmed by quantitative immunocytochemical image analysis of BAL eosinophils and alveolar macrophages, which demonstrated that expression levels of TRAIL and DcR2 increased, whereas expression levels of the TRAIL-Rs DR4 and DR5 decreased in asthmatic subjects after SAC. We also determined that TRAIL prolongs eosinophil survival ex vivo. These data provide the first in vivo evidence that TRAIL expression is increased in asthmatics following Ag provocation and suggest that modulation of TRAIL and TRAIL-R interactions may play a crucial role in promoting eosinophil survival in asthma.

  13. The Procalcitonin And Survival Study (PASS) - a randomised multi-center investigator-initiated trial to investigate whether daily measurements biomarker Procalcitonin and pro-active diagnostic and therapeutic responses to abnormal Procalcitonin levels, can improve survival in intensive care unit

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Jens-Ulrik; Lundgren, Bettina; Hein, Lars


    . Complies with, "Good Clinical Practice" (ICH-GCP Guideline (CPMP/ICH/135/95, Directive 2001/20/EC)). Inclusion: 1) Age > or = 18 years of age, 2) Admitted to the participating intensive care units, 3) Signed written informed consent.Exclusion: 1) Known hyper-bilirubinaemia. or hypertriglyceridaemia, 2......-guided strategy compared to the best standard of care, is conducted in an Intensive care setting. Results will, with a high statistical power answer the question: Can the survival of critically ill patients be improved by actively using biomarker procalcitonin in the treatment of infections? 700 critically ill......) Likely that safety is compromised by blood sampling, 3) Pregnant or breast feeding.Computerized Randomisation: Two arms (1:1), n = 500 per arm: Arm 1: standard of care. Arm 2: standard of care and Procalcitonin guided diagnostics and treatment of infection.Primary Trial Objective: To address whether...

  14. Supercomputing "Grid" passes latest test

    CERN Multimedia

    Dumé, Belle


    When the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) comes online at the CERN in 2007, it will produce more data than any other experiment in the history of physics. Particle physicists have now passed another milestone in their preparations for the LHC by sustaining a continuous flow of 600 megabytes of dat per second (MB/s) for 10 days from the Geneva laboratory to seven sites in Europe and the US (1/2 page)

  15. WebPASS ICASS (HR Personnel Management) (United States)

    US Agency for International Development — WebPASS Joint Administrative Support Platforms Post Administrative Software Suite - U.S. Department of State Executive Officers application suite. Web.PASS is the...

  16. Senate passes clean air bill (United States)

    In an 89 to 11 vote the Senate passed a clean air bill aimed at reducing pollution by the turn of the century by imposing tougher controls on American industry. The bill is the first revision of the Clean Air Act of 1970 in 13 years and calls for new limits on auto pollution to clean up smog in most U.S. cities, decreasing by half emissions by power plants that cause acid rain to protect the ecology, and increasing technological controls on factories to protect against cancer-causing and toxic substances. The bill will add about $20 billion per year to the estimated $33 billion cost of complying with current pollution laws.

  17. Future-based Static Analysis of Message Passing Programs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wytse Oortwijn


    Full Text Available Message passing is widely used in industry to develop programs consisting of several distributed communicating components. Developing functionally correct message passing software is very challenging due to the concurrent nature of message exchanges. Nonetheless, many safety-critical applications rely on the message passing paradigm, including air traffic control systems and emergency services, which makes proving their correctness crucial. We focus on the modular verification of MPI programs by statically verifying concrete Java code. We use separation logic to reason about local correctness and define abstractions of the communication protocol in the process algebra used by mCRL2. We call these abstractions futures as they predict how components will interact during program execution. We establish a provable link between futures and program code and analyse the abstract futures via model checking to prove global correctness. Finally, we verify a leader election protocol to demonstrate our approach.

  18. Cytosolic delivery: Just passing through (United States)

    Sánchez-Navarro, Macarena; Teixidó, Meritxell; Giralt, Ernest


    Intracellular protein delivery has been a major challenge in the field of cell biology for decades. Engineering such delivery is a key step in the development of protein- and antibody-based therapeutics. Now, two different approaches that enable the delivery of antibodies and antibody fragments into the cytosol have been developed.

  19. Triplets pass their pressure test

    CERN Multimedia


    All the LHC inner triplets have now been repaired and are in position. The first ones have passed their pressure tests with flying colours. The repaired inner triplet at LHC Point 1, right side (1R). Ranko Ostojic (on the right), who headed the team responsible for repairing the triplets, shows the magnet to Robert Zimmer, President of the University of Chicago and of Fermi Research Alliance, who visited CERN on 20th August.Three cheers for the triplets! All the LHC inner triplets have now been repaired and are in position in the tunnel. Thanks to the mobilisation of a multidisciplinary team from CERN and Fermilab, assisted by the KEK Laboratory and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), a solution has been found, tested, validated and applied. At the end of March this year, one of the inner triplets at Point 5 failed to withstand a pressure test. A fault was identified in the supports of two out of the three quadruple magne...

  20. Try, Try, Again: A Two-Step Strategy for Passing School Levies (United States)

    Johnson, Paul A.


    Passing property tax issues is an increasing challenge for many school districts. This article examines 21 school levy strategies identified through a literature review associated with successful school levy campaigns. These strategies were then used as a framework to evaluate one district's attempts to pass a school bond levy. Whereas the study…

  1. Tracking particles by passing messages between images

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chertkov, Michael [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Kroc, Lukas [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Zdeborova, Lenka [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Krakala, Florent [ESPCI; Vergassola, M [CNRS


    Methods to extract information from the tracking of mobile objects/particles have broad interest in biological and physical sciences. Techniques based on the simple criterion of proximity in time-consecutive snapshots are useful to identify the trajectories of the particles. However, they become problematic as the motility and/or the density of the particles increases because of the uncertainties on the trajectories that particles have followed during the acquisition time of the images. Here, we report efficient methods for learning parameters of the dynamics of the particles from their positions in time-consecutive images. Our algorithm belongs to the class of message-passing algorithms, also known in computer science, information theory and statistical physics under the name of Belief Propagation (BP). The algorithm is distributed, thus allowing parallel implementation suitable for computations on multiple machines without significant inter-machine overhead. We test our method on the model example of particle tracking in turbulent flows, which is particularly challenging due to the strong transport that those flows produce. Our numerical experiments show that the BP algorithm compares in quality with exact Markov Chain Monte-Carlo algorithms, yet BP is far superior in speed. We also suggest and analyze a random-distance model that provides theoretical justification for BP accuracy. Methods developed here systematically formulate the problem of particle tracking and provide fast and reliable tools for its extensive range of applications.

  2. Photoacoustic Soot Spectrometer (PASS) Instrument Handbook

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dubey, M [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Springston, S [Brookhaven National Laboratory; Koontz, A [Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Aiken, A [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    The photoacoustic soot spectrometer (PASS) measures light absorption by aerosol particles. As the particles pass through a laser beam, the absorbed energy heats the particles and in turn the surrounding air, which sets off a pressure wave that can be detected by a microphone. The PASS instruments deployed by ARM can also simultaneously measure the scattered laser light at three wavelengths and therefore provide a direct measure of the single-scattering albedo. The Operator Manual for the PASS-3100 is included here with the permission of Droplet Measurement Technologies, the instrument’s manufacturer.

  3. Bacillus sp. LT3 improves the survival of gnotobiotic brine shrimp (Artemia franciscana) larvae challenged with Vibrio campbellii by enhancing the innate immune response and by decreasing the activity of shrimp-associated vibrios. (United States)

    Niu, Yufeng; Defoirdt, Tom; Baruah, Kartik; Van de Wiele, Tom; Dong, Shuanglin; Bossier, Peter


    Bacteria belonging to the genus Bacillus are amongst the most intensively studied group of bacteria for use as probiotics in aquaculture. However, the exact mechanism of action of these bacteria is often not well described, and the microbiota that are naturally present in cultures of test organisms often compromise the interpretation of the results. The present study aimed to evaluate the putative probiotic effect of Bacillus sp. LT3 in a model system with gnotobiotic brine shrimp Artemia franciscana larvae. The strain significantly increased the survival of brine shrimp larvae challenged with Vibrio campbellii when administered 6h before the challenge. Under these conditions, LT3 was able to colonize the brine shrimp gastrointestinal tract and to decrease the in vivo pathogen activity as indicated by the bioluminescence of the V. campbellii associated with brine shrimp larvae. In order to investigate the effect of the Bacillus strain on the innate immune system of the brine shrimp larvae, prophenoloxidase and transglutaminase mRNA levels were monitored, while heat shock protein 70 mRNA levels were measured as an indicator of physiological stress. Interestingly, 12h after challenge, the prophenoloxidase mRNA level in the larvae pre-treated with LT3 and challenged with V. campbellii was approximately 8-fold higher than in the other treatments. Further, a decreased mRNA level of transglutaminase gene and heat shock protein 70 gene suggested that pretreatment with LT3 results in less stress and tissue damage in the brine shrimp larvae upon V. campbellii challenge. These results indicated that Bacillus sp. LT3 could improve the survival of brine shrimp larvae when challenged with pathogenic V. campbellii, both by decreasing the in vivo activity of the pathogen and by priming the innate immune response through activating the prophenoloxidase system. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  4. Dietary Administration of Yeast β 1,3 1,6 Glucan on Immunity and Survival Rate of White Indian Shrimp, Fennerpenaeus indicus Challenged with White Spot Syndrome Disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Babak Ghaednia


    Full Text Available The potency of dietary β 1,3 1,6 glucan (BG, derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, in stimulating the non-specific immunity of white Indian shrimp, Fennerpenaeus indicus (Milne-Edwards, 1837 and improving its resistance to white spot syndrome disease were investigated. F. indicus (11.32±1.20 g were fed for 20 days on a series of treatment diets containing graded levels of BG (blank control, 0 as control, 2, 10, 20 g kg-1 feed and were then challenged by injection of WSSV virus. Total haemocyte count (THC, total plasma protein (TPP, phagocytic activity (PA and Bacterial Clearance activity (BC were measured at days 0, 7, 14, 21 after BG feeding, and shrimp survival rate was also recorded daily after challenge. THC, TPP, PA and BC of the 10 and 20 g kg-1 BG treatments were significantly higher (P<0.05 by day 14 than control and 2 g kg-1 treatment shrimp. Survival rate of shrimp fed with the diet containing 10 and 20 g kg-1 BG after 21 days, were 53.32±5.77 and 48.32±5.77%, respectively. Accordingly, oral administration of BG at an optimal level of 10 g kg-1 diet for 20 days efficaciously stimulate the immune defense and improve the survival rate of WSV-infected F. indicus.

  5. Loss of European silver eel passing a hydropower station

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Michael Ingemann; Jepsen, Niels; Aarestrup, Kim


    The aim of this study was to assess escapement success of silver eels, Anguilla anguilla (L.), in a lowland river while passing a reservoir and a hydropower station. It was hypothesized that passage success would be lowest at the hydropower station and that survival and migration speed would...... be highest in the free-flowing river section upstream the reservoir. Forty-five female silver eels 56–86 cm in length were tagged with acoustic transmitters and released in November 2006. Their migration was monitored via automatic listening stations (ALS) in various sections of the river, covering a total...

  6. Low-Noise Band-Pass Amplifier (United States)

    Kleinberg, L.


    Circuit uses standard components to overcome common limitation of JFET amplifiers. Low-noise band-pass amplifier employs JFET and operational amplifier. High gain and band-pass characteristics are achieved with suitable choice of resistances and capacitances. Circuit should find use as low-noise amplifier, for example as first stage instrumentation systems.

  7. Transfer of in vitro expanded T lymphocytes after activation with dendritomas prolonged survival of mice challenged with EL4 tumor cells. (United States)

    Li, Jinhua; Theofanous, Leigh; Stickel, Sara; Bouton-Verville, Hilary; Burgin, Kelly E; Jakubchak, Susan; Wagner, Thomas E; Wei, Yanzhang


    Adoptive T cell transfer after in vitro expansion represents an attractive cancer immunotherapy. The majority of studies so far have been focusing on the expansion of tumor infiltrated lymphocytes (TIL) and some have shown very encouraging results. Recently, we have developed a unique tumor immune response activator, dendritomas, by fusion of dendritic cells and tumor cells. Animal studies and early clinical trials have shown that dendritomas are able to activate tumor specific immune responses. In this study, we hypothesized that naïve T cells can be primed with dendritomas and expanded in vitro to develop an adoptive transfer therapy for patients who do not have solid tumors, such as leukemia. T cells were isolated and purified from lymph nodes of mice. The cells were then incubated with dendritomas made from syngeneic DCs and tumor cells and expanded in vitro using Dynabeads mouse CD3/CD28 T cell expander for approximately three weeks. The in vitro primed and expanded T cells showed tumor cell specific CTL activity and increased secretion of IFN-gamma. Tumor bearing mice receiving the in vitro expanded T cells survived significantly longer than control mice. Furthermore, the depletion of regulator T cells enhanced the survival of the mice that received the adoptive transfer therapy.

  8. Commemorating the passing of Prof. Kazuo Akiyama

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Masami Taniguchi


    On November 3, 2014, Prof. Kazuo Akiyama, who was the Director of Sagamihara National Hospital, Kanagawa, Japan and had served as the President of the Japanese Society of Allergology for two terms, passed away...

  9. How to pass higher English colour

    CERN Document Server

    Bridges, Ann


    How to Pass is the Number 1 revision series for Scottish qualifications across the three examination levels of Standard Grade, Intermediate and Higher! Second editions of the books present all of the material in full colour for the first time.

  10. House Passes AHCA; HHS Acts On Regulations. (United States)

    Jost, Timothy Stoltzfus


    As the GOP worked to pass ACA repeal legislation, HHS finalized a market stabilization rule, and the debate over cost-sharing reduction payments continued. Project HOPE—The People-to-People Health Foundation, Inc.

  11. Prediction of overall survival for patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: development of a prognostic model through a crowdsourced challenge with open clinical trial data


    Guinney, Justin; Tao WANG; Laajala, Teemu D; Winner, Kimberly Kanigel; Bare, J. Christopher; Neto, Elias Chaibub; Khan, Suleiman A.; Peddinti, Gopal; Airola, Antti; Pahikkala, Tapio; Mirtti, Tuomas; Yu, Thomas; Bot, Brian M.; Shen, Liji; Abdallah, Kald


    Background: Improvements to prognostic models in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer have the potential to augment clinical trial design and guide treatment strategies. In partnership with Project Data Sphere, a not-for-profit initiative allowing data from cancer clinical trials to be shared broadly with researchers, we designed an open-data, crowdsourced, DREAM (Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessments and Methods) challenge to not only identify a better prognostic model for ...

  12. Message Passing Framework for Globally Interconnected Clusters (United States)

    Hafeez, M.; Asghar, S.; Malik, U. A.; Rehman, A.; Riaz, N.


    In prevailing technology trends it is apparent that the network requirements and technologies will advance in future. Therefore the need of High Performance Computing (HPC) based implementation for interconnecting clusters is comprehensible for scalability of clusters. Grid computing provides global infrastructure of interconnecting clusters consisting of dispersed computing resources over Internet. On the other hand the leading model for HPC programming is Message Passing Interface (MPI). As compared to Grid computing, MPI is better suited for solving most of the complex computational problems. MPI itself is restricted to a single cluster. It does not support message passing over the internet to use the computing resources of different clusters in an optimal way. We propose a model that provides message passing capabilities between parallel applications over the internet. The proposed model is based on Architecture for Java Universal Message Passing (A-JUMP) framework and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) named as High Performance Computing Bus. The HPC Bus is built using ActiveMQ. HPC Bus is responsible for communication and message passing in an asynchronous manner. Asynchronous mode of communication offers an assurance for message delivery as well as a fault tolerance mechanism for message passing. The idea presented in this paper effectively utilizes wide-area intercluster networks. It also provides scheduling, dynamic resource discovery and allocation, and sub-clustering of resources for different jobs. Performance analysis and comparison study of the proposed framework with P2P-MPI are also presented in this paper.

  13. Education for Survival (United States)

    Aldrich, Richard


    This article provides a brief overview of current approaches to education and concludes that none of these is sufficient to meet the challenges that now face the human race. It argues instead for a new concept of education for survival. (Contains 1 note.)

  14. Improved multiple-pass Raman spectrometer (United States)

    Kc, Utsav; Silver, Joel A.; Hovde, David C.; Varghese, Philip L.


    An improved Raman gain spectrometer for flame measurements of gas temperature and species concentrations is described. This instrument uses a multiple-pass optical cell to enhance the incident light intensity in the measurement volume. The Raman signal is 83 times larger than from a single pass, and the Raman signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in room-temperature air of 153 is an improvement over that from a single-pass cell by a factor of 9.3 when the cell is operated with 100 passes and the signal is integrated over 20 laser shots. The SNR improvement with the multipass cell is even higher for flame measurements at atmospheric pressure, because detector readout noise is more significant for single-pass measurements when the gas density is lower. Raman scattering is collected and dispersed in a spectrograph with a transmission grating and recorded with a fast gated CCD array detector to help eliminate flame interferences. The instrument is used to record spontaneous Raman spectra from N2, CO2, O2, and CO in a methane--air flame. Curve fits of the recorded Raman spectra to detailed simulations of nitrogen spectra are used to determine the flame temperature from the shapes of the spectral signatures and from the ratio of the total intensities of the Stokes and anti-Stokes signals. The temperatures measured are in good agreement with radiation-corrected thermocouple measurements for a range of equivalence ratios.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N.A.A. Sathari


    Full Text Available The aim of this research is to study the effects of single-pass/ double-pass techniques on friction stir welding of aluminium. Two pieces of AA1100 with a thickness of 6.0 mm were friction stir welded using a CNC milling machine at rotational speeds of 1400 rpm, 1600 rpm and 1800 rpm respectively for single-pass and double-pass. Microstructure observations of the welded area were studied using an optical microscope. The specimens were tested by using a tensile test and Vickers hardness test to evaluate their mechanical properties. The results indicated that, at low rotational speed, defects such as ‘surface lack of fill’ and tunnels in the welded area contributed to a decrease in mechanical properties. Welded specimens using double-pass techniques show increasing values of tensile strength and hardness. From this investigation it is found that the best parameters of FSW welded aluminium AA1100 plate were those using double-pass techniques that produce mechanically sound joints with a hardness of 56.38 HV and 108 MPa strength at 1800 rpm compared to the single-pass technique. Friction stir welding, single-pass/ double-pass techniques, AA1100, microstructure, mechanical properties.

  16. Verification of Faulty Message Passing Systems with Continuous State Space in PVS (United States)

    Pilotto, Concetta; White, Jerome


    We present a library of Prototype Verification System (PVS) meta-theories that verifies a class of distributed systems in which agent commu nication is through message-passing. The theoretic work, outlined in, consists of iterative schemes for solving systems of linear equations , such as message-passing extensions of the Gauss and Gauss-Seidel me thods. We briefly review that work and discuss the challenges in formally verifying it.

  17. Over-under double-pass interferometer (United States)

    Schindler, Rudolf A. (Inventor)


    An over-under double-pass interferometer in which the beamsplitter area and thickness can be reduced to conform only with optical flatness considerations is achieved by offsetting the optical center line of one cat's-eye retroreflector relative to the optical center line of the other in order that one split beam be folded into a plane distinct from the other folded split beam. The beamsplitter is made transparent in one area for a first folded beam to be passed to a mirror for doubling back and is made totally reflective in another area for the second folded beam to be reflected to a mirror for doubling back. The two beams thus doubled back are combined in the central, beam-splitting area of the beamsplitter and passed to a detector. This makes the beamsplitter insensitive to minimum-thickness requirements and selection of material.

  18. Crossing and Passing: Discursive Borders in Off Shoring

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sanae Elmoudden


    Full Text Available As a term in popular discourse, globalisation marks a celebrated openness of global spaces. Critics of globalisation argue that a global economy creates borders that are more discursive than territorial. A current challenge to globalisation scholars is reaching an understanding of how the many configurations of context, space, time and place created by globalisation result in new ways of organizing space and identity. Based on rich ethnographic data from an off shore call centre in Morocco and informed by interdisciplinary research on space, this paper bridges the links between territorial and discursive borders in the global social network of off shoring. Metaphorical spaces come about when dynamic configurations of contexts at territorial borders relate or are made to relate. Call centre agents use metaphorical spaces to fix the meaning of space. In this article, I identify two different metaphorical spaces: crossing and passing that help agents organize and negotiate their spaces and subsequently their identities and power relations. I suggest that agents negotiate place through space. This crossing takes place as they imbricate the Moroccan context of “L’hrig” within the continuum of the call centre. I also suggest that agents negotiate space through place. This passing occurs via the imbrication of metaphorical space of polyvalence. Crossing and passing inscribe not only a literal meaning of “movement” and “disembodiment”, but also the nuanced meaning of “movement and staying” and “disembodiment and re-embodiment” in a place where conjunctions of space, time, place and context collide. The creation of metaphorical spaces of crossing and passing suggests modification of our understanding of diaspora: attaining the diasporic space can no longer depend on physical borders alone; it must also rely on discursive borders.

  19. Modeling drivers' passing duration and distance in a virtual environment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Haneen Farah


    The main contribution of this paper is in the empirical models developed for passing duration and distance which highlights the factors that affect drivers' passing behavior and can be used to enhance the passing models in simulation programs.

  20. Generalizing Galileo's Passe-Dix Game (United States)

    Hombas, Vassilios


    This article shows a generalization of Galileo's "passe-dix" game. The game was born following one of Galileo's [G. Galileo, "Sopra le Scoperte dei Dadi" (Galileo, Opere, Firenze, Barbera, Vol. 8). Translated by E.H. Thorne, 1898, pp. 591-594] explanations on a paradox that occurred in the experiment of tossing three fair "six-sided" dice.…

  1. EMISAR single pass topographic SAR interferometer modes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Madsen, Søren Nørvang; Skou, Niels; Woelders, Kim


    The Danish Center for Remote Sensing (DCRS) has augmented its dual-frequency polarimetric synthetic aperture radar system (EMISAR) with single pass across-track interferometric (XTI) modes. This paper describes the system configuration, specifications and the operating modes. Analysis of data...

  2. Message-passing performance of various computers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dongarra, J.J.; Dunigan, T.H.


    This report compares the performance of different computer systems message passing. Latency and bandwidth are measured on Convex, Cray, IBM, Intel, KSR, Meiko, nCUBE, NEC, SGI, and TMC multiprocessors. Communication performance is contrasted with the computational power of each system. The comparison includes both shared a memory computers as well as networked workstation cluster.

  3. Message passing with parallel queue traversal (United States)

    Underwood, Keith D [Albuquerque, NM; Brightwell, Ronald B [Albuquerque, NM; Hemmert, K Scott [Albuquerque, NM


    In message passing implementations, associative matching structures are used to permit list entries to be searched in parallel fashion, thereby avoiding the delay of linear list traversal. List management capabilities are provided to support list entry turnover semantics and priority ordering semantics.

  4. Continuous veno-venous single-pass albumin hemodiafiltration in children with acute liver failure. (United States)

    Ringe, Hannelore; Varnholt, Verena; Zimmering, Miriam; Luck, Werner; Gratopp, Alexander; König, Kai; Reich, Susanne; Sauer, Igor M; Gaedicke, Gerhard; Querfeld, Uwe


    To investigate the applicability, efficacy, and safety of single-pass albumin dialysis in children. Retrospective data review of uncontrolled clinical data. University-based pediatric intensive care unit collaborating with a local center for liver transplantation. Nine children, aged 2 to 15 yrs, who were treated with single-pass albumin dialysis for acute liver failure of various origins under a compassionate-use protocol between 2000 and 2006. All patients met high-urgency liver transplantation criteria. Single-pass albumin dialysis was performed as rescue therapy for children with acute liver failure. The decrease in hepatic encephalopathy (grades 1-4) and the serum levels of bilirubin, bile acids, and ammonium were measured to assess the efficacy of detoxification. As a measure of liver synthesis function, thromboplastin time and fibrinogen were analyzed. The safety of the procedure was assessed by documenting adverse effects on mean arterial blood pressure, platelet count, and clinical course. Seven out of nine patients were bridged successfully to either native organ recovery (n = 1) or liver transplantation (n = 6), one of them twice. Six out of nine patients undergoing single-pass albumin dialysis (ten treatments) survived. In six patients, hepatic encephalopathy could be reduced at least by one degree. Ammonium, bilirubin, and bile acid levels decreased in all patients. One patient had an allergic reaction to albumin. In childhood acute liver failure, treatment with single-pass albumin dialysis was generally well tolerated and seems to be effective in detoxification and in improving blood pressure, thus stabilizing the critical condition of children before liver transplantation and facilitating bridging to liver transplantation. It may be beneficial in avoiding severe neurologic sequelae after acute liver failure and thereby improve survival. Single-pass albumin dialysis is an inexpensive albumin-based detoxification system that is easy to set up and

  5. Immunization with DNA Plasmids Coding for Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus Capsid and Envelope Proteins and/or Virus-Like Particles Induces Protection and Survival in Challenged Mice. (United States)

    Hinkula, Jorma; Devignot, Stéphanie; Åkerström, Sara; Karlberg, Helen; Wattrang, Eva; Bereczky, Sándor; Mousavi-Jazi, Mehrdad; Risinger, Christian; Lindegren, Gunnel; Vernersson, Caroline; Paweska, Janusz; van Vuren, Petrus Jansen; Blixt, Ola; Brun, Alejandro; Weber, Friedemann; Mirazimi, Ali


    Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV) is a bunyavirus causing severe hemorrhagic fever disease in humans, with high mortality rates. The requirement of a high-containment laboratory and the lack of an animal model hampered the study of the immune response and protection of vaccine candidates. Using the recently developed interferon alpha receptor knockout (IFNAR(-/-)) mouse model, which replicates human disease, we investigated the immunogenicity and protection of two novel CCHFV vaccine candidates: a DNA vaccine encoding a ubiquitin-linked version of CCHFV Gc, Gn, and N and one using transcriptionally competent virus-like particles (tc-VLPs). In contrast to most studies that focus on neutralizing antibodies, we measured both humoral and cellular immune responses. We demonstrated a clear and 100% efficient preventive immunity against lethal CCHFV challenge with the DNA vaccine. Interestingly, there was no correlation with the neutralizing antibody titers alone, which were higher in the tc-VLP-vaccinated mice. However, the animals with a lower neutralizing titer, but a dominant cell-mediated Th1 response and a balanced Th2 response, resisted the CCHFV challenge. Moreover, we found that in challenged mice with a Th1 response (immunized by DNA/DNA and boosted by tc-VLPs), the immune response changed to Th2 at day 9 postchallenge. In addition, we were able to identify new linear B-cell epitope regions that are highly conserved between CCHFV strains. Altogether, our results suggest that a predominantly Th1-type immune response provides the most efficient protective immunity against CCHFV challenge. However, we cannot exclude the importance of the neutralizing antibodies as the surviving immunized mice exhibited substantial amounts of them.IMPORTANCE Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV) is responsible for hemorrhagic diseases in humans, with a high mortality rate. There is no FDA-approved vaccine, and there are still gaps in our knowledge of the immune

  6. Contact conditions in skin-pass rolling

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kijima, Hideo; Bay, Niels


    upsetting. This sticking region causes a highly inhomogeneous elasto-plastic deformation with large influence of work-hardening and friction. A numerical analysis of skin-pass rolling shows the same contact conditions, i.e. an extended sticking region around the center of the contact zone. The calculated......The special contact conditions in skin-pass rolling of steel strip is analysed by studying plane strain upsetting of thin sheet with low reduction applying long narrow tools and dry friction conditions. An extended sticking region is estimated by an elasto-plastic FEM analysis of the plane strain...... size of the sticking region with varying contact length and pressure/reduction is experimentally verified by plane strain upsetting tests measuring the local surface deformation of the work pieces after unloading....

  7. Heavy multi-pass TIG welding


    Maske, Tomas


    This study aims to find the maximum, usable, feed limit at different arc-energies and use the findings in multi-pass welding planning for robotic welding, taking into consideration the high controllability of robot movements. A combined studies using numerical analyses and practical experiments to calculate the feed limits for different arc energies. Each weld where analysed both mathematical, physical and thru observation. The combined results for one experiment will form the bases for th...

  8. Continuation Passing Combinators for Parsing Precedence Grammars


    Hill, Steve


    We describe a scheme for constructing parsers for precedence grammars based on the combinators described by Hutton. The new combinators provide a robust method for building parsers and help avoid the possibility of a non-terminating parser. Efficiency is improved via an optimisation to the grammar. A number of approaches to the problem are described - the most elegant and efficient method is based on continuation passing. A parser for the expression part of the C programming language is prese...

  9. Steam by-pass reciprocating rod pump

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Waterhouse, B. [Weatherford, Edmonton, AB (Canada)


    This article presented the design details of Weatherford's steam by-pass reciprocating rod rod pump which was designed to work under specific well conditions and individual applications, including Imperial Oil's Cold Lake bitumen recovery project located 230 km northeast of Edmonton, Alberta. Imperial Oil uses a cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) process to enhance bitumen recovery from the Clearwater oil sand reservoir. A typical wellbore reach can be up to 700 m and 80 degrees deviation at a target depth of 455 m TVD. These long well bore reaches along with high bottomhole angles and high produced fluid viscosities complicate the design of the artificial lift, which is essentially a modified conventional API pump. The hold-down section is a friction ring design incorporating stainless steel friction rings to provide positive holding force. The steam by-pass coupling is a reduced-diameter tube fitting between the API pump and the friction ring hold-down section. Three stages of the Imperial Cold Lake operation were described, namely the steam injection stage, soak phase stage and production stage. Typically, the steam by-pass pump is suspended in the tubing for the entire cycle. This presentation reviewed the operating steps of the pump, whose average run time in the field is about 15 months, depending on the potential for scaling or sand influx. tab., figs.

  10. The Effect of Examinee Pass/Fail Information on the Level of Passing Score Set by Expert Judges. (United States)

    Saunders, Joseph C.; Linton, Dan L.


    The effect on passing scores of providing judges with pass/fail data for the various possible cut-off score levels was studied. Passing scores produced by individual judges using a modified version of the procedure of W. H. Angoff (1971) were compared with the same judges' passing scores as revised after considering information on the number of…

  11. Survival Analysis

    CERN Document Server

    Miller, Rupert G


    A concise summary of the statistical methods used in the analysis of survival data with censoring. Emphasizes recently developed nonparametric techniques. Outlines methods in detail and illustrates them with actual data. Discusses the theory behind each method. Includes numerous worked problems and numerical exercises.

  12. Modelling survival

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ashauer, Roman; Albert, Carlo; Augustine, Starrlight


    well GUTS, calibrated with short-term survival data of Gammarus pulex exposed to four pesticides, can forecast effects of longer-term pulsed exposures. Thirdly, we tested the ability of GUTS to estimate 14-day median effect concentrations of malathion for a range of species and use these estimates...

  13. Small Colleges Can Survive Despite Challenging Circumstances (United States)

    van Rooijen, Maurits


    It looks like the fate of many small colleges is closure, "merger" (meaning effectively being swallowed up by a stronger institution) or even-subject to regulatory complexities-acquisition. That is not good news for the colleges, their staff, students, alumni, surrounding communities-nor for the higher education sector as a whole.…

  14. Dialog Antropologis Antaragama dengan Spiritualitas Passing Over

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephanus Turibius Rahmat


    Full Text Available Inter-religious dialogue is very important discourse in the context of many religions in Indonesia. Inter-religious dialogue is the efforts to solve the difficulty of a relationship among each other followers of religions in which some conflicts and strained situations often happened. This article is a theoretical study in the purpose to describe the matter of inter-religious dialogue and formulate the model of inter-religious dialogue for creating the tolerance, the harmony, the safeness, and the peace in the religious life. By using the librarian research, the resulting study discovered that any models of inter-religious dialogue can be categorized into two models of inter-religious dialogue that are ‘theological-spiritual dialogue’ and ‘social humanity dialogue’. Theologically and spiritually, all religions have a universal message and passing over spirit (out of the border of religions in greatly committing to the human values. Anthropologically, the presence of all religion aims to bring the enlightenment and the enthusiasm of life among their adherents. It can be concluded that anthropological dialogue based on passing over spirituality is one of the interaction model in inter-religious dialogue, or positive and constructive communication which is oriented to create the safeness and the peace in the religious life, based on passing over spirituality, in which all religions have the initial spirit of the presence that religion plays a role to illuminate (illuminative, save (prophetic, liberate (liberative and transform (transformative. Here, religion has a self-image as rahmatan lil ‘alamīn.

  15. A Review of Indirect Bridge Monitoring Using Passing Vehicles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdollah Malekjafarian


    Full Text Available Indirect bridge monitoring methods, using the responses measured from vehicles passing over bridges, are under development for about a decade. A major advantage of these methods is that they use sensors mounted on the vehicle, no sensors or data acquisition system needs to be installed on the bridge. Most of the proposed methods are based on the identification of dynamic characteristics of the bridge from responses measured on the vehicle, such as natural frequency, mode shapes, and damping. In addition, some of the methods seek to directly detect bridge damage based on the interaction between the vehicle and bridge. This paper presents a critical review of indirect methods for bridge monitoring and provides discussion and recommendations on the challenges to be overcome for successful implementation in practice.

  16. Using Student Ability and Item Difficulty for Making Defensible Pass/Fail Decisions for Borderline Grades (United States)

    Shulruf, Boaz; Jones, Phil; Turner, Rolf


    The determination of Pass/Fail decisions over Borderline grades, (i.e., grades which do not clearly distinguish between the competent and incompetent examinees) has been an ongoing challenge for academic institutions. This study utilises the Objective Borderline Method (OBM) to determine examinee ability and item difficulty, and from that…

  17. Improving Classroom Engagement among High School Students with Disruptive Behavior: Evaluation of the Class Pass Intervention (United States)

    Collins, Tai A.; Cook, Clayton R.; Dart, Evan H.; Socie, Diana G.; Renshaw, Tyler L.; Long, Anna C.


    Off-task and disruptive classroom behaviors have a negative impact on the learning environment and present a unique challenge for teachers to address. The aim of this study was to evaluate the Class Pass Intervention (CPI) as a behavior management strategy for secondary students with disruptive classroom behavior. The CPI consists of providing…

  18. Predictors of Retention and Passing National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (United States)

    Elkins, Nancy


    The current nursing shortage has challenged colleges to educate nurses at a faster pace than in previous times. Successful completion of the nursing programs and passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) exam is important for the students, faculty, and nursing programs. The purpose of this retrospective…

  19. A novel design methodology for low pass filter stage of a voltage ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    A low pass filter, an invariable constituent of a PWM based voltage source inverter, poses several challenges in its design. With a higher rating of the inverter, the volume as well as the cost of the components increases. With time, the filter design has evolved from the simpler first order filter to higher orders, the most popular ...

  20. Two-pass greedy regular expression parsing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Grathwohl, Niels Bjørn Bugge; Henglein, Fritz; Nielsen, Lasse


    We present new algorithms for producing greedy parses for regular expressions (REs) in a semi-streaming fashion. Our lean-log algorithm executes in time O(mn) for REs of size m and input strings of size n and outputs a compact bit-coded parse tree representation. It improves on previous algorithms...... by: operating in only 2 passes; using only O(m) words of random-access memory (independent of n); requiring only kn bits of sequentially written and read log storage, where k

  1. Polymorphic Endpoint Types for Copyless Message Passing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Viviana Bono


    Full Text Available We present PolySing#, a calculus that models process interaction based on copyless message passing, in the style of Singularity OS. We equip the calculus with a type system that accommodates polymorphic endpoint types, which are a variant of polymorphic session types, and we show that well-typed processes are free from faults, leaks, and communication errors. The type system is essentially linear, although linearity alone may leave room for scenarios where well-typed processes leak memory. We identify a condition on endpoint types that prevents these leaks from occurring.

  2. Droplets passing through a soap film (United States)

    Zou, Jun; Wang, Wei; Ji, Chen; Pan, Min


    Here, we report an experimental study of droplets colliding with a soap film. The behavior of the droplet is found to be dependent on the impact velocity. The threshold for a droplet to pass through the soap film is influenced by the droplet diameter. The contact time decreases with increasing impact velocity. Emphasis is placed on whether the outer shell remains intact. When the dimensionless contact time approaches 1, collapse of the shell begins. However, the shell does not collapse with further increasing impact velocity.

  3. An experimental evaluation of multi-pass solar air heaters

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Satcunanathan, S.; Persad, P.


    Three collectors of identical dimensions but operating in the single-pass, two-pass and three-pass modes were tested simultaneously under ambient conditions. It was found that the two-pass air heater was consistently better than the single-pass air heater over the day for the range of mass flow rates considered. It was also found that at a mass flow rate of 0.0095 kg s/sup -1/ m/sup -2/, the thermal performances of the two-pass and three-pass collectors were identical, but at higher flow rates the two-pass collector was superior to the three-pass collector, the superiority decreasing with increasing mass flow rate.

  4. Comparison of cryogenic low-pass filters (United States)

    Thalmann, M.; Pernau, H.-F.; Strunk, C.; Scheer, E.; Pietsch, T.


    Low-temperature electronic transport measurements with high energy resolution require both effective low-pass filtering of high-frequency input noise and an optimized thermalization of the electronic system of the experiment. In recent years, elaborate filter designs have been developed for cryogenic low-level measurements, driven by the growing interest in fundamental quantum-physical phenomena at energy scales corresponding to temperatures in the few millikelvin regime. However, a single filter concept is often insufficient to thermalize the electronic system to the cryogenic bath and eliminate spurious high frequency noise. Moreover, the available concepts often provide inadequate filtering to operate at temperatures below 10 mK, which are routinely available now in dilution cryogenic systems. Herein we provide a comprehensive analysis of commonly used filter types, introduce a novel compact filter type based on ferrite compounds optimized for the frequency range above 20 GHz, and develop an improved filtering scheme providing adaptable broad-band low-pass characteristic for cryogenic low-level and quantum measurement applications at temperatures down to few millikelvin.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amy Marie GREENE


    Full Text Available Introduction: No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 mandates that all students perform at a level of proficient on state assessments. This includes students with learning and intellectual disabilities who are inherently performing below grade level. Given that schools are held accountable for meeting these goals and some states are not allowing students to graduate if they do not pass the assessments, this is a large concern for students, parents, teachers, and administration Method: Forty-five students with a disability in writing or an intellectual disability participated in this quasi-experimental, single-group, pretest-posttest design that evaluated the effectiveness of the Fading Prompts through Graphic Organizers method for students with learning and intellectual disabilities in written expression as measured according to the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment. Results: Data analyses were conducted through the use of four dichotomies for percent differences, which compared teacher administered pretests and posttests, pretests and the state administered PSSA, teacher administered posttests and the PSSA, and the participants’ PSSA and the average state PSSA score. All forty-five students performed at a below basic level during baseline and a proficient level on the posttest. The learned skills generalized to the PSSA with forty-three students earning a passing score of proficient, while two students advanced to basic. Conclusion: Based on the outcomes of this study, it is highly recommended that this program be utilized at least for students with learning and intellectual disabilities until further research can be done.

  6. The effect of Medicaid wage pass-through programs on the wages of direct care workers. (United States)

    Baughman, Reagan A; Smith, Kristin


    Despite growing demand for nursing and home health care as the US population ages, compensation levels in the low-skill nursing labor market that provides the bulk of long-term care remain quite low. The challenge facing providers of long-term care is that Medicaid reimbursement rates for nursing home and home health care severely restrict the wage growth that is necessary to attract workers, resulting in high turnover and labor shortages. Almost half of US states have responded by enacting "pass-through" provisions in their Medicaid programs, channeling additional long-term care funding directly to compensation of lower-skill nursing workers. We test the effect of Medicaid wage pass-through programs on hourly wages for direct care workers. We estimate several specifications of wage models using employment data from the 1996 and 2001 panels of the Survey of Income and Program Participation for nursing, home health, and personal care aides. The effect of pass-through programs is identified by an indicator variable for states with programs; 20 states adopted pass-throughs during the sample period. Workers in states with pass-through programs earn as much as 12% more per hour than workers in other states after those programs are implemented. Medicaid wage pass-through programs appear to be a viable policy option for raising compensation levels of direct care workers, with an eye toward improving recruitment and retention in long-term care settings.

  7. A Multifunction Filter for Realizing Gain Variable Low-Pass and Band-Pass Responses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Halil ALPASLAN


    Full Text Available The second generation current conveyors (CCIIs as active circuit devices are widely used for designing current-mode (CM filters. In this paper, a single input multi output filter employing only plus-type CCIIs (CCII+s and grounded capacitors, and for providing variable gain low-pass and band-pass responses, is suggested. The proposed filter is free from critical passive component matching conditions. Therefore, it is suitable for integrated circuit (IC technology. Further, developed filter configuration can be easily realized with commercially available active devices such as AD844s. The circuit performance is demonstrated by means of SPICE simulation and experimental test results.

  8. Operational slack and venture survival


    Azadegan, Arash; Patel, Pankaj; Parida, Vinit


    Slack can act as a double-edged sword. While it can buffer against environmental threats to help ensure business continuity, slack canalso be costly and reduce profitability. In this study, we focus on operational slack, the form related to the firm’s production processes. We investigate the role of operational slack on firm survival during its venture stage, when its survival is significantly challenged by environmental threats. Specifically, we explore how change in three types of environme...

  9. Effects of temperature on development, survival and reproduction of insects: experimental design, data analysis and modeling. (United States)

    Régnière, Jacques; Powell, James; Bentz, Barbara; Nealis, Vincent


    The developmental response of insects to temperature is important in understanding the ecology of insect life histories. Temperature-dependent phenology models permit examination of the impacts of temperature on the geographical distributions, population dynamics and management of insects. The measurement of insect developmental, survival and reproductive responses to temperature poses practical challenges because of their modality, variability among individuals and high mortality near the lower and upper threshold temperatures. We address this challenge with an integrated approach to the design of experiments and analysis of data based on maximum likelihood. This approach expands, simplifies and unifies the analysis of laboratory data parameterizing the thermal responses of insects in particular and poikilotherms in general. This approach allows the use of censored observations (records of surviving individuals that have not completed development after a certain time) and accommodates observations from temperature transfer treatments in which individuals pass only a portion of their development at an extreme (near-threshold) temperature and are then placed in optimal conditions to complete their development with a higher rate of survival. Results obtained from this approach are directly applicable to individual-based modeling of insect development, survival and reproduction with respect to temperature. This approach makes possible the development of process-based phenology models that are based on optimal use of available information, and will aid in the development of powerful tools for analyzing eruptive insect population behavior and response to changing climatic conditions. Crown Copyright © 2012. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  10. The Pension Fund passes important milestones

    CERN Multimedia


    In this column, the Chairman of the Pension Fund Governing Board (PFGB) presents the Board's latest main decisions, initiatives and accomplishments to the Fund's members and beneficiaries.   Since my last report in October, the PFGB has passed several milestones in actuarial, technical and investment matters. The PFGB has completed an analysis of a request by the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere (ESO) to reduce the increased cost of pension insurance for new ESO recruits that has been caused by the increased CHF/€ exchange ratio. Currently the staff of ESO are admitted to the CERN Pension Fund, pursuant to a co-operation agreement between CERN and ESO dating back to 1968. This analysis assessed the actuarial, financial, administrative and legal implications, and is scheduled to be presented to the CERN Council and the Finance Committee in December. After an open tendering process the PFGB has selected Buck Consultants Limited...

  11. The baton passes to the LHC

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN Bulletin


    Held in the picturesque mountain setting of La Thuile in the Italian Alps, the international conference “Rencontres de Moriond” showed how the baton of discovery in the field of high-energy physics is definitely passing to the LHC experiments. In the well-known spirit of Moriond, the conference was an important platform for young students to present their latest results. The Higgs boson might well be within reach this year and the jet-quenching phenomenon might reveal new things soon…   New physics discussed over the Italian Alps during the "Les rencontres de Moriond" conference.  (Photographer: Paul Gerritsen. Adapted by Katarina Anthony) Known by physicists as one of the most important winter conferences, “Les rencontres de Moriond” are actually a series of conferences spread over two weeks covering the main themes of electroweak interactions, QCD and high-energy interactions, cosmology, gravitation, astropar...

  12. 36 CFR 13.918 - Sable Pass Wildlife Viewing Area. (United States)


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Sable Pass Wildlife Viewing... Preserve General Provisions § 13.918 Sable Pass Wildlife Viewing Area. (a) Entry into the Sable Pass Wildlife Viewing Area is prohibited from May 1 to September 30 unless authorized by the Superintendent. (b...

  13. Nonminimum-phase channel equalization using all-pass CMA

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Blom, K.C.H.; Gerards, Marco Egbertus Theodorus; Kokkeler, Andre B.J.; Smit, Gerardus Johannes Maria


    A nonminimum-phase channel can always be decomposed into a minimum-phase part and an all-pass part. In our approach, called all-pass CMA, the dimensionality of the CMA algorithm has been reduced to improve blind equalization of a nonminimum-phase channel's all-pass part. The dimensionality reduction

  14. Innovations’ Survival

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jakub Tabas


    Full Text Available Innovations currently represent a tool of maintaining the going concern of a business entity and its competitiveness. However, effects of innovations are not infinite and if an innovation should constantly preserve a life of business entity, it has to be a continual chain of innovations, i.e. continual process. Effective live of a single innovation is limited while the limitation is derived especially from industry. The paper provides the results of research on innovations effects in the financial performance of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic. Objective of this paper is to determine the length and intensity of the effects of technical innovations in company’s financial performance. The economic effect of innovations has been measured at application of company’s gross production power while the Deviation Analysis has been applied for three years’ time series. Subsequently the Survival Analysis has been applied. The analyses are elaborated for three statistical samples of SMEs constructed in accordance to the industry. The results obtained show significant differences in innovations’ survival within these three samples of enterprises then. The results are quite specific for the industries, and are confronted and discussed with the results of authors’ former research on the issue.

  15. Global HRSC Image Mosaics of Mars: Dodging for High-Pass Filtering, Combined with Low-Pass-Filtered OMEGA Mosaics (United States)

    McGuire, P. C.; Walter, S. H. G.; van Gasselt, S.; Dumke, A.; Dunker, T.; Gross, C.; Michael, G.; Wendt, L.; Audouard, J.; Ody, A.; Poulet, F.


    We discuss our approach towards automatically mosaicking hundreds of the HRSC panchromatic or RGB images together. Our best results consist of adding a high-pass-filtered HRSC mosaic to a low-pass-filtered OMEGA global mosaic.

  16. Multiple-pass trajectories for an aeroassisted orbital transfer vehicle (United States)

    Rehder, J. J.


    This paper investigates the use of multiple-pass trajectories for aeroassisted orbital transfer vehicles (AOTV) as a means of reducing the severe aeroheating environment and the extreme sensitivity to off-nominal trajectory and atmospheric conditions. One-, two-, and three-pass trajectories were calculated for AOTV's with ballistic coefficients ranging from 5 to 150 psf. Compared to the single-pass case, the maximum heat rate was reduced by 30 percent for two passes and 45 percent for three passes, while the maximum acceleration was reduced by 40 percent and 55 percent, respectively. The sensitivity of the trajectories to variations in atmospheric and orbital parameters was not significantly reduced.

  17. Nanomechanical characterization by double-pass force-distance mapping

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dagdas, Yavuz S; Tekinay, Ayse B; Guler, Mustafa O; Dana, Aykutlu [UNAM Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Bilkent University, 06800 Ankara (Turkey); Necip Aslan, M, E-mail: [Department of Physics, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul (Turkey)


    We demonstrate high speed force-distance mapping using a double-pass scheme. The topography is measured in tapping mode in the first pass and this information is used in the second pass to move the tip over the sample. In the second pass, the cantilever dither signal is turned off and the sample is vibrated. Rapid (few kHz frequency) force-distance curves can be recorded with small peak interaction force, and can be processed into an image. Such a double-pass measurement eliminates the need for feedback during force-distance measurements. The method is demonstrated on self-assembled peptidic nanofibers.

  18. Astor Pass Seismic Surveys Preliminary Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Louie, John [UNR; Pullammanappallil, Satish [Optim; Faulds, James; Eisses, Amy; Kell, Annie; Frary, Roxanna; Kent, Graham


    In collaboration with the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe (PLPT), the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and Optim re-processed, or collected and processed, over 24 miles of 2d seismic-reflection data near the northwest corner of Pyramid Lake, Nevada. The network of 2d land surveys achieved a near-3d density at the Astor Pass geothermal prospect that the PLPT drilled during Nov. 2010 to Feb. 2011. The Bureau of Indian Affairs funded additional seismic work around the Lake, and an extensive, detailed single-channel marine survey producing more than 300 miles of section, imaging more than 120 ft below the Lake bottom. Optim’s land data collection utilized multiple heavy vibrators and recorded over 200 channels live, providing a state-of-the-art reflection-refraction data set. After advanced seismic analysis including first-arrival velocity optimization and prestack depth migration, the 2d sections show clear fault-plane reflections, in some areas as deep as 4000 ft, tying to distinct terminations of the mostly volcanic stratigraphy. Some lines achieved velocity control to 3000 ft depth; all lines show reflections and terminations to 5000 ft depth. Three separate sets of normal faults appear in an initial interpretation of fault reflections and stratigraphic terminations, after loading the data into the OpendTect 3d seismic visualization system. Each preliminary fault set includes a continuous trace more than 3000 ft long, and a swarm of short fault strands. The three preliminary normal-fault sets strike northerly with westward dip, northwesterly with northeast dip, and easterly with north dip. An intersection of all three fault systems documented in the seismic sections at the end of Phase I helped to locate the APS-2 and APS-3 slimholes. The seismic sections do not show the faults connected to the Astor Pass tufa spire, suggesting that we have imaged mostly Tertiary-aged faults. We hypothesize that the Recent, active faults that produced the tufa through hotspring

  19. Disadvantage passed down through the generations. (United States)


    Heather Henry talks about the role public health nurses can play bridging the gaps in a broken community. She reflects on her own experiences working with a market town community, which she quickly realised was divided by prejudice. Young people's voices were not heard, and many mothers spoke about disadvantaged children, so she sought to challenge the troubling situations that continued to be ignored.

  20. Cambodia passes new limits on abortion. (United States)


    According to international news sources, Cambodia's parliament approved a law limiting the circumstances under which abortions can be performed on October 6 [1997]. Members of parliament say the new law, the first ever passed regulating abortion in Cambodia, is intended to reduce maternal morality rates from abortions performed by unlicensed health practitioners under unsanitary conditions. Local news outlets report that the Cambodian Health Ministry estimates the maternal mortality at 4.7 deaths per 1000 live births. The rate in the US is 0.12 deaths per 1000 live births. The law requires that abortions be performed by licensed health professionals in hospitals and certified clinics within the first trimester of pregnancy, and that women under the age of 18 must obtain parental consent. The new law also sets harsh penalties for those who harm women during illegal procedures--up to 5 years in prison if a woman is injured and up to 10 years if she dies. Opponents of the law say they fear that the new restrictions will push abortion even further underground, as the hospital system cannot handle the current demand for abortion. full text

  1. Distributed Programming via Safe Closure Passing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Philipp Haller


    Full Text Available Programming systems incorporating aspects of functional programming, e.g., higher-order functions, are becoming increasingly popular for large-scale distributed programming. New frameworks such as Apache Spark leverage functional techniques to provide high-level, declarative APIs for in-memory data analytics, often outperforming traditional "big data" frameworks like Hadoop MapReduce. However, widely-used programming models remain rather ad-hoc; aspects such as implementation trade-offs, static typing, and semantics are not yet well-understood. We present a new asynchronous programming model that has at its core several principles facilitating functional processing of distributed data. The emphasis of our model is on simplicity, performance, and expressiveness. The primary means of communication is by passing functions (closures to distributed, immutable data. To ensure safe and efficient distribution of closures, our model leverages both syntactic and type-based restrictions. We report on a prototype implementation in Scala. Finally, we present preliminary experimental results evaluating the performance impact of a static, type-based optimization of serialization.

  2. How My Program Passed the Turing Test (United States)

    Humphrys, Mark

    In 1989, the author put an ELIZA-like chatbot on the Internet. The conversations this program had can be seen - depending on how one defines the rules (and how seriously one takes the idea of the test itself) - as a passing of the Turing Test. This is the first time this event has been properly written. This chatbot succeeded due to profanity, relentless aggression, prurient queries about the user, and implying that they were a liar when they responded. The element of surprise was also crucial. Most chatbots exist in an environment where people expectto find some bots among the humans. Not this one. What was also novel was the onlineelement. This was certainly one of the first AI programs online. It seems to have been the first (a) AI real-time chat program, which (b) had the element of surprise, and (c) was on the Internet. We conclude with some speculation that the future of all of AI is on the Internet, and a description of the "World- Wide-Mind" project that aims to bring this about.

  3. Anon-Pass: Practical Anonymous Subscriptions (United States)

    Lee, Michael Z.; Dunn, Alan M.; Katz, Jonathan; Waters, Brent; Witchel, Emmett


    We present the design, security proof, and implementation of an anonymous subscription service. Users register for the service by providing some form of identity, which might or might not be linked to a real-world identity such as a credit card, a web login, or a public key. A user logs on to the system by presenting a credential derived from information received at registration. Each credential allows only a single login in any authentication window, or epoch. Logins are anonymous in the sense that the service cannot distinguish which user is logging in any better than random guessing. This implies unlinkability of a user across different logins. We find that a central tension in an anonymous subscription service is the service provider’s desire for a long epoch (to reduce server-side computation) versus users’ desire for a short epoch (so they can repeatedly “re-anonymize” their sessions). We balance this tension by having short epochs, but adding an efficient operation for clients who do not need unlinkability to cheaply re-authenticate themselves for the next time period. We measure performance of a research prototype of our protocol that allows an independent service to offer anonymous access to existing services. We implement a music service, an Android-based subway-pass application, and a web proxy, and show that adding anonymity adds minimal client latency and only requires 33 KB of server memory per active user. PMID:24504081

  4. Notes on basis band-pass circuits; Notes sur les circuits de base passe-bande

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ailloud, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Resistor load amplifier stages, basic band-pass RC networks, conventional single-tuned circuits, have the same transfer function. Common properties and differences because diverse magnitude of parameters with proposed problems are exposed. Next the case of several cascaded stages (or networks) is examined when there is no reaction ones to another. (author) [French] Les etages amplificateurs a resistances, les circuits passe-bande RC elementaires, le circuit resonnant classique possedent la meme fonction de transfert. On fait ressortir les proprietes communes et les differences de comportement dues aux ordres de grandeur qu'il est possible de donner aux parametres en fonction des problemes a resoudre. On examine ensuite le cas de plusieurs etages (ou de plusieurs circuits) en cascade lorsqu'ils ne reagissent pas les uns sur les autres. (auteur)

  5. 26 CFR 20.2056(b)-4 - Marital deduction; valuation of interest passing to surviving spouse. (United States)


    ... statutory estate created in lieu of dower or curtesy, or of other marital rights in the decedent's property... estate tax, or any estate, succession, legacy, or inheritance tax, has upon the net value to the... spouse is $100,000 and the spouse is required to pay a State inheritance tax in the amount of $1,500. If...

  6. Survival and growth of juvenile lost river suckers (Deltistes luxatus) challenged with a bacterial pathogen (Flavobacterium columnaris) during exposure to sublethal ammonia concentrations at pH 9.5 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — From 30 September to 1 December 1999, we tested survival and growth of Lost River suckers (Deltistes luxatus) that were exposed for 62 days to sublethal ammonia...

  7. A Privacy-Preserving NFC Mobile Pass for Transport Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ghada Arfaoui


    Full Text Available The emergence of the NFC (Near Field Communication technology brings new capacities to the next generation of smartphones, but also new security and privacy challenges. Indeed through its contactless interactions with external entities, the smartphone of an individual will become an essential authentication tool for service providers such as transport operators. However, from the point of view of the user, carrying a part of the service through his smartphone could be a threat for his privacy. Indeed, an external attacker or the service provider himself could be tempted to track the actions of the user. In this paper, we propose a privacy-preserving contactless mobile service, in which a user’s identity cannot be linked to his actions when using the transport system. The security of our proposition relies on the combination of a secure element in the smartphone and on a privacy-enhancing cryptographic protocol based on a variant of group signatures. In addition, although a user should remain anonymous and his actions unlinkable in his daily journeys, we designed a technique for lifting his anonymity in extreme circumstances. In order to guarantee the usability of our solution, we implemented a prototype demonstrating that our solution meets the major functional requirements for real transport systems: namely that the mobile pass can be validated at a gate in less than 300 ms, and this even if the battery of the smartphone is exhausted.

  8. Multiple-pass amplifiers for high-power laser systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jackel, S.; Givon, M.; Ludmirsky, A.; Eliezer, S.; Borowitz, J.L.; Arad, B.; Zigler, A.; Gazit, Y.


    Multiple-pass amplifiers were configured from Nd:glass rods using polarization and angular coupling techniques. Very high gain (>600) single beam triple-pass booster stages and high gain (30 or 15) single or double-beam double-pass amplifiers were combined to construct a very cost effective high-power (50 GW) pulsed laser system. These techniques were also effectively applied to smaller compact high repetition-rate systems.

  9. Calculation of trajectory parameters of long pass in basketball.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Charikova K.M.


    Full Text Available Values of a ball's flight trajectory parameters depending on a distance of long pass, a corner of a ball's start and height of a throwing point are submitted in article. Coordinates of reference points installation for training to long pass with an optimum trajectory of a ball's flight are designed. Requirements to simulators design are determined. Corners of ball's long pass performance in various game situations are recommended.

  10. Chelyabinsk fireball and Dyatlov pass tragedy (United States)

    Kochemasov, G. G.


    The Chelyabinsk bolide as well as the Kunashak meteorite in 1949 (Fig. 3, black square) hit ground in ectonically peculiar place in the Ural Mountains. The main explosion was followed by a series of weaker bangs. The long Uralian fold belt (Pz) separates two subsectors (1 & 2, Fig. 1) of the Eurasian sector (1+2) of the Eastern hemisphere sectoral structure (Fig. 1). At the Pamirs-Hindukush massif (the "Pamirs' cross") meet four tectonic sectors of this structure: two opposite differently uplifted (Africa-Mediterranean ++ and Asian +) and separating them two opposite differently subsided (Eurasian - and Indooceanic - -). Tectonic bisectors divide the sectors into two differently tectonically elevated subsectors. The Ural Mountains is one of these bisectors dividing the somewhat risen East-European subsector and the relatively fallen West-Siberian one. Even more important is the sharp tectonic boundary between subsided Eurasian sector and uplifted Asian one (between 2 and 3, Fig. 1). Fig. 3 shows distribution of electrophonic bolides over USSR [1]. Observations numbers are in circles. The total of 343 observations is distributed at relevant districts; accompanied meteorites were found only in 23-24 cases; in the chart are excluded background values of 1-2 observations per district. Two areas are obviously anomalous. These of the Urals, and the Eurasia-Asia sectoral contact (Novosibirsk - Yenisei R. - Tunguska). A location in the long Uralian belt is determined by its intersection with the Timan fold belt coming from the northwest (Fig. 3). The catastrophic Dyatlov pass where nine people mysteriously died at once occurs there (triangle in Fig. 3). Mancy aborigines know this place as deadly where killing white shining spheres appear. Moreover this belt intersection is well known among hunters for UFO as the Permian triangle (Fig. 2). They meet there to observe unusual atmospheric shining and other anomalous phenomena. In the Yenisei-Tunguska-Baikal region lightning

  11. The Single Pass Multi-component Harvester

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reed Hoskinson; John R. Hess


    collection must be economically advantageous to the producer. To do all that, a single pass multi-component harvester system is most desirable. Results from our first prototype suggest that current combines probably do adequate threshing and that a separate chassis can be developed that does additional separation and that is economically feasible.



    Sudjatmiko, Agung


    The trademark has an exclusive right. The rights are to use the trademarks and to give license to other people/party to use the trademarks. Without the license from trademarks owner, if someone else use the trademarks, it’s infringement. There are many kinds of infringement of trademarks that are similarity, passing off. Passing off is to use the trademarks wrongly and it’s has impact to loose other people. Passing off is one of the infringement of trademarks in a common law system. Passing o...

  13. Second Order Low-Pass and High-Pass Filter Designs Using Method of Synthetic Immitance Elements

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavel Brandstetter


    Full Text Available The paper briefly describes the basics of frequency filter design method using synthetic immittance elements with current conveyors. An introduction of the paper explains the advantages and also disadvantages of using this method. Other chapters briefly introduce a design process of simple second order low-pass and high-pass filter. A theory of current conveyors is discussed too, because they are the basic building blocs of proposed synthetic element and also active frequency filters. Finally, the particular solutions of low-pass and high-pass filters are given and verified by OrCAD PSpice simulations.

  14. Access, pass, throughput and dropout rates: Review of a problem ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Access, pass, throughput and dropout rates: Review of a problem-based learning BPharm curriculum at a previously disadvantaged university in South Africa. ... Access, pass and throughput rates, and failure to complete the course, were determined for a cohort of students (n=458). Results. All applications from 1999 to ...

  15. Exchange Rate Pass-Through And Monetary Policy


    Frederic S. Mishkin


    This paper discusses what recent economic research tells us about exchange rate pass-through and what this suggests for the control of monetary policy. It first focuses on exchange rate pass-through from a macroeconomic perspective and then examines the microeconomic evidence. In light of this evidence, it then discusses the implications of exchange rate movements on the conduct of monetary policy.

  16. Safety analysis of passing maneuvers using extreme value theory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Haneen Farah


    The results indicate that this is a promising approach for safety evaluation. On-going work of the authors will attempt to generalize this method to other safety measures related to passing maneuvers, test it for the detailed analysis of the effect of demographic factors on passing maneuvers' crash probability and for its usefulness in a traffic simulation environment.

  17. Teaching Strategies for the Forearm Pass in Volleyball (United States)

    Casebolt, Kevin; Zhang, Peng; Brett, Christine


    This article shares teaching strategies for the forearm pass in the game of volleyball and identifies how they will help students improve their performance and development of forearm passing skills. The article also provides an assessment rubric to facilitate student understanding of the skill.

  18. Value passing for Communicating Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Strubbe, Stefan; Schaft, Arjan van der; Julius, Agung


    In this paper we extend the CPDP model, which is used for compositional specification of PDP-type stochastic hybrid systems, to the value passing CPDP model. With value passing we can express communication of values of continuous variables between CPDP components. We show that the class of value

  19. On the expressiveness of single-pass instruction sequences

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bergstra, J.A.; Middelburg, C.A.


    We perceive programs as single-pass instruction sequences. A single-pass instruction sequence under execution is considered to produce a behaviour to be controlled by some execution environment. Threads as considered in basic thread algebra model such behaviours. We show that all regular threads,

  20. On the expressiveness of single-pass instruction sequences

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bergstra, J.A.; Middelburg, C.A.


    We perceive programs as single-pass instruction sequences. A single-pass instruction sequence under execution is considered to produce a behaviour to be controlled by some execution environment. Threads as considered in basic thread algebra model such behaviours. We show that all regular threads,

  1. 33 CFR 117.436 - Chef Menteur Pass. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Chef Menteur Pass. 117.436 Section 117.436 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY BRIDGES DRAWBRIDGE OPERATION REGULATIONS Specific Requirements Louisiana § 117.436 Chef Menteur Pass. The draw of the...

  2. Analysis of Biomechanical Structure and Passing Techniques in Basketball

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo E. Izzo


    Full Text Available The basketball is a complex sport, which these days has become increasingly linked to its’ psychophysical aspects rather than to the technical ones. Therefore, it is important to make a through study of the passing techniques from the point of view of the type of the pass and its’ biomechanics. From the point of view of the type of the used passes, the most used is the two-handed chest pass with a frequency of 39.9%. This is followed, in terms of frequency, by one-handed passes – the baseball, with 20.9 % – and by the two-handed over the head pass, with 18.2 %, and finally, one- or two-handed indirect passes (bounces, with 11.2 % and 9.8 %. Considering the most used pass in basketball, from the biomechanical point of view, the muscles involved in the correct movement consider all the muscles of the upper extremity, adding also the shoulder muscles as well as the body fixators (abdominals, hip flexors, knee extensors, and dorsal flexors of the foot. The technical and conditional analysis considers the throwing speed, the throw height and the air resistance. In conclusion, the aim of this study is to give some guidelines to improve the mechanical execution of the movements in training, without neglecting the importance of the harmony of the movements themselves.

  3. Characteristic of passes of ball games team qualifications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrii Pertsukhov


    Full Text Available Purpose: to define quantity and efficiency of passes in games of participating teams of world championship 2014. Material & Methods: analysis of scientific-methodical literature, registration of technical-tactical actions, methods of mathematical statistics. The study of competitive activities was conducted with participating teams of world championship 2014. Results: the article shows the quantitative and qualitative indicators of passes in games of high teams qualification. Conclusions: the total of passes of the commands executed by football players in games of world championship 2014, it varies in the range from 242 to 819 where average value is 499,7 passes. Victorious teams surpass losers teams almost in all the quantitative and qualitative indicators of passes.

  4. 78 FR 62319 - Golden Pass Products, LLC, Golden Pass Pipeline, LLC; Notice of Intent To Prepare an... (United States)


    ... refer to the Environmental Review Process flow chart Appendix 1.\\1\\ \\1\\ The appendices referenced in... operation of the Golden Pass Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project and Golden Pass Export Pipeline Project... EA will be used by the Commission in its decision-making process to determine whether construction...

  5. Design and analysis methods for fish survival experiments based on release-recapture

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Burnham, Kenneth P


    .... The application of the methods developed here is more general, however, as it includes experiments to estimate survival of fish as they pass over spillways or through bypass systems and several dams...

  6. Effects of Passing Lanes on Highway Traffic Flow (United States)

    Wang, Ruili; Jiang, Rui; Liu, Mingzhe

    In this paper, the effects of passing lanes on traffic flow on a single-lane highway are investigated based on a cellular-automaton (CA) model proposed by Lee et al. (2004) with periodic boundary conditions. A new driving strategy for the diverging and interacting processes are proposed by considering dual-time-headways (an interaction headway and a safe headway) as the criteria for a vehicle to select a lane or change lane. The proposed dual-headway rule has a clear physical sense and can be calibrated in the real world. We can see that (i) At low- (or high-) densities, there are no obvious increases of flux due to very weak (or very strong) interactions between vehicles. However, flux has an obvious increase at intermediate-density regions with the increase of the length of a passing lane; (ii) the space-time patterns before a passing lane are different from that after a passing lane, which is caused from vehicular reconfigurations on a passing zone; (iii) passing lanes can merge several narrow jams into one or few wide jams when increasing the length of passing lanes; (iv) if vehicles are allowed to travel with even higher speed, traffic can be further improved.

  7. Spanish validation of the Premorbid Adjustment Scale (PAS-S). (United States)

    Barajas, Ana; Ochoa, Susana; Baños, Iris; Dolz, Montse; Villalta-Gil, Victoria; Vilaplana, Miriam; Autonell, Jaume; Sánchez, Bernardo; Cervilla, Jorge A; Foix, Alexandrina; Obiols, Jordi E; Haro, Josep Maria; Usall, Judith


    The Premorbid Adjustment Scale (PAS) has been the most widely used scale to quantify premorbid status in schizophrenia, coming to be regarded as the gold standard of retrospective assessment instruments. To examine the psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the PAS (PAS-S). Retrospective study of 140 individuals experiencing a first episode of psychosis (n=77) and individuals who have schizophrenia (n=63), both adult and adolescent patients. Data were collected through a socio-demographic questionnaire and a battery of instruments which includes the following scales: PAS-S, PANSS, LSP, GAF and DAS-sv. The Cronbach's alpha was performed to assess the internal consistency of PAS-S. Pearson's correlations were performed to assess the convergent and discriminant validity. The Cronbach's alpha of the PAS-S scale was 0.85. The correlation between social PAS-S and total PAS-S was 0.85 (pPAS-S and total PAS-S it was 0.53 (pPAS-S scale, with a significance value less than 0.001. There was a relationship between negative symptoms and social PAS-S (0.20, pPAS-S (0.22, pPAS-S. However, there was a correlation between academic PAS-S and general subscale of the PANSS (0.19, pPAS-S was related to disability measures (DAS-sv); and academic PAS-S showed discriminant validity with most of the variables of social functioning. PAS-S did not show association with the total LSP scale (discriminant validity). The Spanish version of the Premorbid Adjustment Scale showed appropriate psychometric properties in patients experiencing a first episode of psychosis and who have a chronic evolution of the illness. Moreover, each domain of the PAS-S (social and academic premorbid functioning) showed a differential relationship to other characteristics such as psychotic symptoms, disability or social functioning after onset of illness. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  8. Clinton and the Process to Pass NAFTA: Making Sausage (United States)



  9. DC-pass filter design with notch filters superposition for CPW rectenna at low power level (United States)

    Rivière, J.; Douyère, A.; Alicalapa, F.; Luk, J.-D. Lan Sun


    In this paper the challenging coplanar waveguide direct current (DC) pass filter is designed, analysed, fabricated and measured. As the ground plane and the conductive line are etched on the same plane, this technology allows the connection of series and shunt elements to the active devices without via holes through the substrate. Indeed, this study presents the first step in the optimization of a complete rectenna in coplanar waveguide (CPW) technology: key element of a radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting system. The measurement of the proposed filter shows good performance in the rejection of F0=2.45 GHz and F1=4.9 GHz. Additionally, a harmonic balance (HB) simulation of the complete rectenna is performed and shows a maximum RF-to-DC conversion efficiency of 37% with the studied DC-pass filter for an input power of 10 µW at 2.45 GHz.

  10. Iterative deblending of simultaneous-source data using a coherency-pass shaping operator (United States)

    Zu, Shaohuan; Zhou, Hui; Mao, Weijian; Zhang, Dong; Li, Chao; Pan, Xiao; Chen, Yangkang


    Simultaneous-source acquisition helps greatly boost an economic saving, while it brings an unprecedented challenge of removing the crosstalk interference in the recorded seismic data. In this paper, we propose a novel iterative method to separate the simultaneous source data based on a coherency-pass shaping operator. The coherency-pass filter is used to constrain the model, that is, the unblended data to be estimated, in the shaping regularization framework. In the simultaneous source survey, the incoherent interference from adjacent shots greatly increases the rank of the frequency domain Hankel matrix that is formed from the blended record. Thus, the method based on rank reduction is capable of separating the blended record to some extent. However, the shortcoming is that it may cause residual noise when there is strong blending interference. We propose to cascade the rank reduction and thresholding operators to deal with this issue. In the initial iterations, we adopt a small rank to severely separate the blended interference and a large thresholding value as strong constraints to remove the residual noise in the time domain. In the later iterations, since more and more events have been recovered, we weaken the constraint by increasing the rank and shrinking the threshold to recover weak events and to guarantee the convergence. In this way, the combined rank reduction and thresholding strategy acts as a coherency-pass filter, which only passes the coherent high-amplitude component after rank reduction instead of passing both signal and noise in traditional rank reduction based approaches. Two synthetic examples are tested to demonstrate the performance of the proposed method. In addition, the application on two field data sets (common receiver gathers and stacked profiles) further validate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

  11. Practical operational implementation of Teton Pass avalanche monitoring infrasound system. (United States)


    Highway snow avalanche forecasting programs typically rely on weather and field observations to make road closure and hazard : evaluations. Recently, infrasonic avalanche monitoring technology has been developed for practical use near Teton Pass, WY ...

  12. Number of Migration Scenarios Passing through each HUC (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Forest dwelling neotropical migratory birds require intact forested stopovers during migration. The number of paths that pass through a HUC highlight that huc's...

  13. NMFS Prioritization, Allocation & Scheduling System (NMFS Asset PASS) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NMFS Asset PASS is a web-based enterprise application and ORACLE database that collects research platform requests. The first release initially focused on line...

  14. Number of Migration Scenarios Passing through each HUC (future) (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Forest dwelling neotropical migratory birds require intact forested stopovers during migration. The number of paths that pass through a HUC highlight that huc's...

  15. Some Psychoacoustical Experiments with All-Pass Networks. (United States)

    Hartmann, W. M.


    All-pass filter systems can be used in laboratory experiments in the physics and psychophysics of sound and music. Particular applications, such as lateralization of sounds in headphone listening, are presented. (BB)

  16. One-pass tillage equipment outstrips conventional tillage method


    Upadhyaya, Shrinivasa K; Lancas, Kleber P.; Santos-Filho, Abilio G.; Raghuwanshi, Narendra S.


    For this study, we compared a new one-pass tillage implement called the Incorpramaster with a conventional tillage practice of stubble disking and land planing. Our randomized block experiment on the UC Davis campus evaluated the equipment's energy and time savings. We found that the one-pass tillage equipment (OPTE) outperformed conventional land preparation methods in fuel consumption and speed. Fuel savings ranged from 19% to 81% with a mean savings of 50%. Time savings ranged from 67% to ...

  17. Proposal of a sluice-type fish pass


    Haselbauer, Matthias A.; Martinez,Carlos Barreira


    One-dimensional design of fish passes often leads to an unsatisfying solution. The problems are due to insufficient, if not completely missing, collaboration between biologists and civil engineers. In the present paper, a new type of fish pass is presented. A labyrinth flux develops in a system of sequential sluices and baffles in between, which uncouple the supercritical flow of the single sluices. A series of biological, hydraulic and numerical experiments was carried out in order to invest...

  18. Gestalt-like representations hijack Chunk-and-Pass processing. (United States)

    Dumitru, Magda L


    Christiansen & Chater (C&C) make two related and somewhat contradictory claims, namely that the ever abstract language representations built during Chunk-and-Pass processing allow for ever greater interference from extra-linguistic information, and that it is nevertheless the language system that re-codes incoming information into abstract representations. I analyse these claims and discuss evidence suggesting that Gestalt-like representations hijack Chunk-and-Pass processing.

  19. Terrorismihirm sunnib muretsema kalleid mikrokiibiga passe / Andrus Karnau

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Karnau, Andrus


    Alates 1. septembrist 2006 peavad kõik EL-i liikmesriigid hakkama väljastama mikrokiibiga varustatud passe, mille hinnaks võib kujuneda kuni 1000 krooni ja kehtivus lüheneb viiele aastale. Mikrokiip sisaldab inimese biomeetrilisi andmeid - esialgu vaid näokujutist, alates 2008. aastast näpujälgi ning hiljem ka andmeid silmaiirise ja juuksevärvi kohta. Lisa: Biomeetriline pass peidab intiimseid isikuandmeid. Kommenteerib Kohtuekspertiisi ja Kriminalistika Keskuse infojuht Aivar Pau

  20. Genetic architecture of rainbow trout survival from egg to adult

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vehvilainen, H.; Kause, A.; Quiton, C.; Kuukka-Anttila, H.; Koskinen, H.; Paananen, T.


    Survival from birth to a reproductive adult is a challenge that only robust individuals resistant to a variety of mortality factors will overcome. To assess whether survival traits share genetic architecture throughout the life cycle, we estimated genetic correlations for survival within fingerling

  1. Immunization with DNA plasmids coding for crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever virus capsid and envelope proteins and/or virus-like particles induces protection and survival in challenged mice

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hinkula, Jorma; Devignot, Stéphanie; Åkerström, Sara


    Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV) is a bunyavirus causing severe hemorrhagic fever disease in humans, with high mortality rates. The requirement of a high-containment laboratory and the lack of an animal model hampered the study of the immune response and protection of vaccine...... transcriptionally competent virus-like particles (tc-VLPs). In contrast to most studies that focus on neutralizing antibodies, we measured both humoral and cellular immune responses. We demonstrated a clear and 100% efficient preventive immunity against lethal CCHFV challenge with the DNA vaccine. Interestingly......, there was no correlation with the neutralizing antibody titers alone, which were higher in the tc-VLP-vaccinated mice. However, the animals with a lower neutralizing titer, but a dominant cell-mediated Th1 response and a balanced Th2 response, resisted the CCHFV challenge. Moreover, we found that in challenged mice...

  2. 2006 United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Post Hurricane Wilma Lidar: Hurricane Pass to Big Hickory Pass, FL (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The data contained in these files contain hydrographic and topographic data collected by the CHARTS system along the west coast of Florida from Hurricane Pass to Big...

  3. Cognitive Challenges (United States)

    ... Privacy Policy Sitemap Learn Engage Donate About TSC Cognitive Challenges Approximately 45% to 60% of individuals with TSC develop cognitive challenges (intellectual disabilities), although the degree of intellectual ...

  4. The impact of avoiding cardiopulmonary by-pass during coronary artery bypass surgery in elderly patients: the Danish On-pump Off-pump Randomisation Study (DOORS)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Houlind, Kim; Juel Kjeldsen, Bo; Madsen, Susanne Nørgaard


    BACKGROUND: Coronary Artery Bypass Graft operation for ischemic heart disease provides improved quality of life and, in some patients, prolonged survival. Concern has, however, been raised about complications that may be related to the use of cardiopulmonary by-pass (CPB) and aortic cross...

  5. Regenerative Beam Breakup in Multi-Pass Electron Accelerators. (United States)

    Vetter, Arthur Malcolm, Jr.


    Important electron coincidence experiments in the 1 to 2 GeV range require electron beams of high intensity and high duty factor. To provide such beams, multi-pass electron accelerator systems are being developed at many laboratories. The beam current in multi-pass electron machines is limited by beam breakup which arises from interaction of the electron beam with deflection modes of the accelerator structure. Achieving high beam intensity (50 to 100 (mu)A) will require detailed understanding and careful control of beam breakup phenomena, and is the subject of this thesis. The TM(,11)-like traveling wave theory is applied to obtain a physical understanding of beam-mode interactions and the principles of focussing in simple two-pass systems, and is used as a basis for general studies of the dependence of starting current on accelerator parameters in systems of many passes. The concepts developed are applied in analyzing beam breakup in the superconducting recyclotron at Stanford. Measurements of beam interactions with selected breakup modes are incorporated in a simple model in order to estimate relative strengths of breakup modes and to predict starting currents in five-pass operation. The improvement over these predicted currents required in order to obtain 50 to 100 (mu)A beams is shown to be achievable with a combination of increased breakup mode loading and improved beam optics.

  6. Security analysis and improvements to the PsychoPass method. (United States)

    Brumen, Bostjan; Heričko, Marjan; Rozman, Ivan; Hölbl, Marko


    In a recent paper, Pietro Cipresso et al proposed the PsychoPass method, a simple way to create strong passwords that are easy to remember. However, the method has some security issues that need to be addressed. To perform a security analysis on the PsychoPass method and outline the limitations of and possible improvements to the method. We used the brute force analysis and dictionary attack analysis of the PsychoPass method to outline its weaknesses. The first issue with the Psychopass method is that it requires the password reproduction on the same keyboard layout as was used to generate the password. The second issue is a security weakness: although the produced password is 24 characters long, the password is still weak. We elaborate on the weakness and propose a solution that produces strong passwords. The proposed version first requires the use of the SHIFT and ALT-GR keys in combination with other keys, and second, the keys need to be 1-2 distances apart. The proposed improved PsychoPass method yields passwords that can be broken only in hundreds of years based on current computing powers. The proposed PsychoPass method requires 10 keys, as opposed to 20 keys in the original method, for comparable password strength.

  7. CMOS-based carbon nanotube pass-transistor logic integrated circuits (United States)

    Ding, Li; Zhang, Zhiyong; Liang, Shibo; Pei, Tian; Wang, Sheng; Li, Yan; Zhou, Weiwei; Liu, Jie; Peng, Lian-Mao


    Field-effect transistors based on carbon nanotubes have been shown to be faster and less energy consuming than their silicon counterparts. However, ensuring these advantages are maintained for integrated circuits is a challenge. Here we demonstrate that a significant reduction in the use of field-effect transistors can be achieved by constructing carbon nanotube-based integrated circuits based on a pass-transistor logic configuration, rather than a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor configuration. Logic gates are constructed on individual carbon nanotubes via a doping-free approach and with a single power supply at voltages as low as 0.4 V. The pass-transistor logic configurarion provides a significant simplification of the carbon nanotube-based circuit design, a higher potential circuit speed and a significant reduction in power consumption. In particular, a full adder, which requires a total of 28 field-effect transistors to construct in the usual complementary metal-oxide semiconductor circuit, uses only three pairs of n- and p-field-effect transistors in the pass-transistor logic configuration. PMID:22334080

  8. Attributes of Candidates Passing the ABS Certifying Examination on the First Attempt-Program Directors׳ Perspective. (United States)

    Sheikh, Mohd Raashid; Hulme, Michael


    The American Board of Surgery Certifying Examination (CE) is a pivotal event in a surgeon's career development, as it is the last challenge before achieving Board certification. First-time pass rate on the CE is one of the key metrics of surgery residency programs. The overall pass rate on the CE has declined significantly in recent years. The goal of this study was the identification of attributes of general surgery residents that are associated with passing the CE at the first attempt. The modified Delphi process was used to survey general surgery program directors. The study was conducted in 2 rounds in the interest of time available for surgical education research fellowship project. All 259 program directors were contacted in each round of surveys. In all, 49 (19%) responded to the first round and 54 (21%) responded to the second round of survey. The characteristics of a successful resident on CE include confidence, self-motivation, sound knowledge base, strong performance on the Board's training examination (American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination), and mock orals, and good communication skills. Postgraduate years 4 and 5 are the most likely resident levels at which failure could be predicted. Copyright © 2015 Association of Program Directors in Surgery. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. Waterfront Challenges

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kiib, Hans


    An overall view on the waterfront transformation and the planning challenges related to this process. It contributes to the specific challenges and potentials related to Aalborg Waterfront.......An overall view on the waterfront transformation and the planning challenges related to this process. It contributes to the specific challenges and potentials related to Aalborg Waterfront....

  10. A First-Order One-Pass CPS Transformation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Danvy, Olivier; Nielsen, Lasse Reichstein


    We present a new transformation of λ-terms into continuation-passing style (CPS). This transformation operates in one pass and is both compositional and first-order. Previous CPS transformations only enjoyed two out of the three properties of being first-order, one-pass, and compositional......, but the new transformation enjoys all three properties. It is proved correct directly by structural induction over source terms instead of indirectly with a colon translation, as in Plotkin's original proof. Similarly, it makes it possible to reason about CPS-transformed terms by structural induction over...... source terms, directly.The new CPS transformation connects separately published approaches to the CPS transformation. It has already been used to state a new and simpler correctness proof of a direct-style transformation, and to develop a new and simpler CPS transformation of control-flow information....

  11. A First-Order One-Pass CPS Transformation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Danvy, Olivier; Nielsen, Lasse Reichstein


    We present a new transformation of call-by-value lambdaterms into continuation-passing style (CPS). This transformation operates in one pass and is both compositional and first-order. Because it operates in one pass, it directly yields compact CPS programs that are comparable to what one would...... write by hand. Because it is compositional, it allows proofs by structural induction. Because it is first-order, reasoning about it does not require the use of a logical relation. This new CPS transformation connects two separate lines of research. It has already been used to state a new and simpler...... correctness proof of a direct-style transformation, and to develop a new and simpler CPS transformation of control-flow information....

  12. A First-Order One-Pass CPS Transformation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Danvy, Olivier; Nielsen, Lasse Reichstein


    We present a new transformation of λ-terms into continuation-passing style (CPS). This transformation operates in one pass and is both compositional and first-order. Previous CPS transformations only enjoyed two out of the three properties of being first-order, one-pass, and compositional......, but the new transformation enjoys all three properties. It is proved correct directly by structural induction over source terms instead of indirectly with a colon translation, as in Plotkin's original proof. Similarly, it makes it possible to reason about CPS-transformed terms by structural induction over...... source terms, directly.The new CPS transformation connects separately published approaches to the CPS transformation. It has already been used to state a new and simpler correctness proof of a direct-style transformation, and to develop a new and simpler CPS transformation of control-flow information....

  13. Efficiently passing messages in distributed spiking neural network simulation. (United States)

    Thibeault, Corey M; Minkovich, Kirill; O'Brien, Michael J; Harris, Frederick C; Srinivasa, Narayan


    Efficiently passing spiking messages in a neural model is an important aspect of high-performance simulation. As the scale of networks has increased so has the size of the computing systems required to simulate them. In addition, the information exchange of these resources has become more of an impediment to performance. In this paper we explore spike message passing using different mechanisms provided by the Message Passing Interface (MPI). A specific implementation, MVAPICH, designed for high-performance clusters with Infiniband hardware is employed. The focus is on providing information about these mechanisms for users of commodity high-performance spiking simulators. In addition, a novel hybrid method for spike exchange was implemented and benchmarked.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Agung Setiawan


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to determine the learning outcome approach passing through playing soccer Beast Hunter on fourth grade students of SD Negeri Batuagung 1 Balapulang District of Tegal 2014. This study was conducted in PTK SD Negeri Batuagung 1 Balapulang District of Tegal, the samples in this study were fourth graders, amounting to 24 students. This research method is Classroom Action Research. This study uses 2 cycles. The results showed that the learning outcomes passing football played by using the approach of animals hunters have a positive impact as seen on mastery learning outcomes of students who exceed the predetermined KKM 75 has increased the mastery learning in the first cycle reaches 70.83%, while the second cycle mastery learning reaches 95.83%. It is concluded that learning football passing play tracker approach has a positive impact, which can improve learning outcomes, interest and motivation to learn.

  15. To pass or not to pass: a mathematical model for competitive interactions in rugby union. (United States)

    Diniz, Ana; Barreiros, João; Passos, Pedro


    Predicting behavior has been a main challenge in human movement science. An important step within the theory of coordination dynamics is to find out the rules that govern human behavior by defining order parameters and control parameters that support mathematical models to predict the behavior of a system. Models to describe human coordination have been focused on interlimb coordination and on interpersonal coordination in affiliative tasks but not on competitive tasks. This article aims to present a formal model with two attractors to describe the interactive behavior on a 2v1 system in rugby union. Interpersonal distance and relative velocity critical values were empirically identified and were included as task constraints that define the attractor landscape. It is shown that using relative velocity as a control parameter the model offers reasonable prediction concerning the decision-making process. The model has the plasticity to adapt to other settings where interpersonal distances and relative velocities amongst system components act as significant task constraints.

  16. Will the olympics survive?. (United States)

    Khosla, T.


    The United States of America dominated 58 events in athletics, field and swimming, which between them accounted for 35 per cent of all events in the Munich Olympiad. 1972; these events favour taller individuals. But, in 25 per cent of other events (1) cycling, (2) fencing, (3) gymnastics, (4) judo, (5) weightlifting and (6) Graeco Roman wrestling the U.S.A. did not win a single medal. The failure of the U.S.A. to maintain her lead in Munich was largely due to weaknesses in these other events in many of which the potential medallists can be derived from the lower half of the height distribution (events 3 to 6). These weaknesses are Russia's strength and they continued to remain unstrengthened at Montreal. Also, the domination held by the U.S.A. in swimming was seriously challenged by East Germany. The present trends indicate that the U.S.A.'s ranking is likely to slip further to the third position in Moscow 1980. Factors inhibiting the survival of the Olympics are pointed. PMID:861436

  17. The serial message-passing schedule for LDPC decoding algorithms (United States)

    Liu, Mingshan; Liu, Shanshan; Zhou, Yuan; Jiang, Xue


    The conventional message-passing schedule for LDPC decoding algorithms is the so-called flooding schedule. It has the disadvantage that the updated messages cannot be used until next iteration, thus reducing the convergence speed . In this case, the Layered Decoding algorithm (LBP) based on serial message-passing schedule is proposed. In this paper the decoding principle of LBP algorithm is briefly introduced, and then proposed its two improved algorithms, the grouped serial decoding algorithm (Grouped LBP) and the semi-serial decoding algorithm .They can improve LBP algorithm's decoding speed while maintaining a good decoding performance.

  18. Just passing through: the effect of the Master Settlement Agreement on estimated cigarette tax price pass-through. (United States)

    Lillard, Dean R; Sfekas, Andrew


    In 1998, cigarette manufacturers and state attorneys general in the United States settled a group of lawsuits in an agreement known as the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA). Among the provisions of this agreement were a set of mandated escrow payments to the states that would be based on cigarette sales. The result of these provisions is that the apparent relationship between taxes and prices changed substantially following implementation of the MSA. This article estimates whether the MSA escrow amounts are reflected in prices and compares the pass-through rate of state and federal cigarette taxes only and the rate when one adds escrow payments. We find much different pass-through rates for the two measures. State and federal taxes are not fully passed to smokers. In years that escrow payments were made, cigarette prices increased by more than the sum of the state and federal taxes and the escrow payments.

  19. Le passé simple et le passé composé dans la langue des troubadours

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mitja Skubic


    Full Text Available E. Bourciez constate que l'ancien français et l'ancien provençal se servent assez librement du passé composé et du passe simple. Cela signifie que les deux formes verbales ne sont pas, ou mieux, ne sont plus différenciées parleur valeur, comme elles l'étaient sans doute à la naissance de la forme périphrastique. Une analyse plus détaillée de l'emploi des deux passés, simple et composé, dans la poésie lyrique en ancien provençal montre toutefois que les deux formes verbales possèdent chacune une valeur propre et que, par conséquent, elles ne sont pas interchangeables.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana Almeida Sales de Melo


    Full Text Available In discussing the theme Imperialism, Crisis and education, the essay points out aspects of our historical totality in relation to recent crises through which it passed capitalism, and its relationship to changes in Brazilian educational policies. Education remains at the heart of development projects, as a producer of knowledge, as well as guiding the processes of social conformation. They also discussed the aftermath of the crisis: the rise of social inequality and the increase of labor exploitation. Make clear our project of society and education, as resistance movements to the survival of capitalism is a necessity in building movements of counter-hegemony.

  1. 36 CFR 72.37 - Pass-through funding. (United States)


    ... which has provided other social services to the community, or a newly formed, but reliable and capable... and Innovation § 72.37 Pass-through funding. Section 1006(a)(1) of the Act states that at the... Innovation grants may be transferred in whole or in part to independent special purpose local governments...

  2. Standardized Testing Practices: Effect on Graduation and NCLEX® Pass Rates. (United States)

    Randolph, Pamela K

    The use standardized testing in pre-licensure nursing programs has been accompanied by conflicting reports of effective practices. The purpose of this project was to describe standardized testing practices in one states' nursing programs and discover if the use of a cut score or oversight of remediation had any effect on (a) first time NCLEX® pass rates, (b) on-time graduation (OTG) or (c) the combination of (a) and (b). Administrators of 38 nursing programs in one Southwest state were sent surveys; surveys were returned by 34 programs (89%). Survey responses were compared to each program's NCLEX pass rate and on-time graduation rate; t-tests were conducted for significant differences associated with a required minimum score (cut score) and oversight of remediation. There were no significant differences in NCLEX pass or on-time graduation rates related to establishment of a cut score. There was a significant difference when the NCLEX pass rate and on-time graduation rate were combined (Outcome Index "OI") with significantly higher program outcomes (P=.02.) for programs without cut-scores. There were no differences associated with faculty oversight of remediation. The results of this study do not support establishment of a cut-score when implementing a standardized testing. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  3. exchange rate pass-through to import and consumer prices

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    (1) Supply shocks are identified from the dynamics of oil price inflation denominated in the .... except oil prices. The exchange rate is ordered third followed by domestic prices which are ordered according to the distribution chain (i.e. MPI, WPI, and CPI). ..... Exchange Rate Pass-Through to Domestic Prices in Pakistan.

  4. 75 FR 62690 - Radio Broadcasting Services; Grants Pass, Oregon (United States)


    ... COMMISSION 47 CFR Part 73 Radio Broadcasting Services; Grants Pass, Oregon AGENCY: Federal Communications Commission. ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY: The Audio Division, at the request of Three Rivers Broadcasting LLC...(a)(1)(A). List of Subjects in 47 CFR Part 73 Radio, Radio broadcasting. 0 For the reasons discussed...

  5. Exploring Arthur's Pass Topographic Map and Model Interpretation. (United States)

    Fastier, Murray; Macaulay, John


    Provides instructional materials, tasks, and activities to supplement a unit on map reading. Presents a two-page color topographical map of Arthur's Pass (New Zealand). Includes learning activities covering reading grid references, estimating distances, cross-sections, and sketch mapping. Briefly discusses and illustrates digital terrain models.…

  6. PASS theory and special educational needs: A European perspective

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kroesbergen, E.H.; Luit, J.E.H. van; Viersen, S. van


    This chapter gives an overview of European studies that have investigated the cognitive profiles of students with special educational needs within the context of the PASS (Planning, Attention, Simultaneous, and Successive) theory of intelligence. Several studies from the Netherlands, Italy, and

  7. Plants profile of Malakand Pass Hills, District Malakand, Pakistan

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Nov 21, 2011 ... An ethnobotanical survey was conducted in Malakand Pass Hills, District Malakand, Pakistan, during. 2010, in order to document vegetation information and indigenous knowledge about plant use. The area has rich vegetation and a high potential for ethnobotanical utilization. Information was collected.

  8. A New One-Pass Transformation into Monadic Normal Form

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Danvy, Olivier


    We present a translation from the call-by-value λ-calculus to monadic normal forms that includes short-cut boolean evaluation. The translation is higher-order, operates in one pass, duplicates no code, generates no chains of thunks, and is properly tail recursive. It makes a crucial use of symbol...

  9. Message Passing on a Time-predictable Multicore Processor

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Rasmus Bo; Puffitsch, Wolfgang; Schoeberl, Martin


    Real-time systems need time-predictable computing platforms. For a multicore processor to be time-predictable, communication between processor cores needs to be time-predictable as well. This paper presents a time-predictable message-passing library for such a platform. We show how to build up...

  10. EXIT Chart Analysis of Binary Message-Passing Decoders

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lechner, Gottfried; Pedersen, Troels; Kramer, Gerhard


    Binary message-passing decoders for LDPC codes are analyzed using EXIT charts. For the analysis, the variable node decoder performs all computations in the L-value domain. For the special case of a hard decision channel, this leads to the well know Gallager B algorithm, while the analysis can...

  11. Complete genes may pass from food to human blood

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Spisák, Sándor; Solymosi, Norbert; Ittzés, Péter


    Our bloodstream is considered to be an environment well separated from the outside world and the digestive tract. According to the standard paradigm large macromolecules consumed with food cannot pass directly to the circulatory system. During digestion proteins and DNA are thought to be degraded...

  12. Vehicle dynamic effects in the course of passing over turnouts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zelenka J.


    Full Text Available For the quantification of vehicle dynamic effects at passing over turnouts at a higher speed there was developed a methodology for evaluating of acceleration measured on vehicle axle boxes in the year 2003. The methodology is based on statistical evaluation of lateral and vertical acceleration measured values at passing over both critical parts of a turnout (tongue, frog. The created methodology was used for investigation of vehicle dynamic effects by running at speed up to 230 km/h in the year 2004 in terms of high speed tests of tilting-body unit class 680 CD. There was found relatively high values of dynamic effects already at a speed 160 km/h. In terms of tilting-body unit class 680 tests at a higher speed in curves of chosen track lines of 1st and 2nd corridor of Czech Railways there was carried out also verification of curved turnouts state according to methodology mentioned above with a view to possibility of speed increasing at curved throats of chosen stations. Lateral vehicle dynamic effects at passing over a curved turnout frog area were evaluated. There were carried out simulation calculations of vehicle passing over a turnout based on measured geometric parameters of wheelset as well as chosen turnouts. Results of the calculations were compared with measurements. The increased vehicle dynamic effects found in pulsed beats character influence negatively the turnouts part (not only wheel contacting parts as well as operating life all unsuspended parts of vehicles.

  13. Evaluating low pass filters on SPECT reconstructed cardiac orientation estimation (United States)

    Dwivedi, Shekhar


    Low pass filters can affect the quality of clinical SPECT images by smoothing. Appropriate filter and parameter selection leads to optimum smoothing that leads to a better quantification followed by correct diagnosis and accurate interpretation by the physician. This study aims at evaluating the low pass filters on SPECT reconstruction algorithms. Criteria for evaluating the filters are estimating the SPECT reconstructed cardiac azimuth and elevation angle. Low pass filters studied are butterworth, gaussian, hamming, hanning and parzen. Experiments are conducted using three reconstruction algorithms, FBP (filtered back projection), MLEM (maximum likelihood expectation maximization) and OSEM (ordered subsets expectation maximization), on four gated cardiac patient projections (two patients with stress and rest projections). Each filter is applied with varying cutoff and order for each reconstruction algorithm (only butterworth used for MLEM and OSEM). The azimuth and elevation angles are calculated from the reconstructed volume and the variation observed in the angles with varying filter parameters is reported. Our results demonstrate that behavior of hamming, hanning and parzen filter (used with FBP) with varying cutoff is similar for all the datasets. Butterworth filter (cutoff > 0.4) behaves in a similar fashion for all the datasets using all the algorithms whereas with OSEM for a cutoff < 0.4, it fails to generate cardiac orientation due to oversmoothing, and gives an unstable response with FBP and MLEM. This study on evaluating effect of low pass filter cutoff and order on cardiac orientation using three different reconstruction algorithms provides an interesting insight into optimal selection of filter parameters.

  14. Academic performance and pass rates: Comparison of three first ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    First year students' academic performance in three Life Science courses (Botany, Zoology and Bioscience) was compared. Pass rates, as well as the means and distributions of final marks were analysed. Of the three components (coursework, practical and theory examinations) contributing to the final mark of each course, ...

  15. Single Pass Collider Memo: Gradient Perturbations of the SLC arc

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weng, W.T.; Sands, M.; /SLAC


    As the beam passes through the arcs, the gradient it encounters at each magnet differs from the design value. This deviation may be in part random and in part systematic. In this note we make estimates of the effects to be expected from both kinds of errors.

  16. 36 CFR 1193.37 - Information pass through. (United States)


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Information pass through. 1193.37 Section 1193.37 Parks, Forests, and Public Property ARCHITECTURAL AND TRANSPORTATION BARRIERS COMPLIANCE BOARD TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT ACCESSIBILITY GUIDELINES Requirements for Accessibility and Usability...

  17. Novel technique for passing tendon grafts through bone tunnels. (United States)

    Levy, Jeffrey A; Farber, Gerald L; Taylor, Kenneth F


    Anatomic reconstruction in orthopedic surgery often requires the passage of soft tissue through bone tunnels. Difficulties may arise due to anatomic constraints surrounding the bone tunnels or the graft size. The authors present a novel technique for passing tendon grafts through bone tunnels that is simple, readily available, effective, and comparatively inexpensive. Copyright 2012, SLACK Incorporated.

  18. Plants profile of Malakand Pass Hills, District Malakand, Pakistan ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The area is under intense pressure of deforestation and overgrazing, which has reduced the renewal of woody plants. Proper ecological management is necessary to protect the wildlife and ethnobotanical resources for the future generations. Key words: Malakand Pass, ethnobotanical profile, part used, deforestation.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Herti Yunita Putri


    Full Text Available In cyber world we often hear about domain name’s term. Domain name is a unique name to identify the server computer’s name like a web server or email server on a computer network or Internet. Passing off also make causes confusion in using merk from a famous brand or merk on the goods and services. Selected domain name in the internet media often creates the similar domain name with the other parties. This similar domain name are often used by people who are not responsible to take advantages of the domain name for themself. This can be caused by the presence of competition from Internet media business. This things called passing off. This research is a normative juridical research with a qualitative analysis. The legal materials include primary legal, secondary law and tertiary legal materials. Collection technique applied is literary study. Legal materials were analyzed to see the argument implementation of the definition of merk, the definition of domain name, definition of passing off, passing off in use related by merk and domain name and the rules of law in Indonesia related by merk, domain name and passing off. Big wishes in the future it can assist as a basic reference and legal considerations which are useful in Indonesian law practice. There are two passing off related to the merk and domain name, called Crybersquatting and Tiposquatting. Domain name rules are not regulated clearly in merk regulation named Act No. 15 of 2001. It regulated in PP 24 Year 1993 about The Class List of Goods or Services In Merk, Telecommunications are included in the goods or services in merk. Domain name are regulated in UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy with competent institutions called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Dalam dunia maya (cyber world, kita sering mendengar istilah domain name. Domain name adalah nama unik yang diberikan untuk mengidentifikasi nama server komputer seperti web server atau email server di

  20. Penetrators for delivering Scientific equipment to minor bodies by flying-pass missions. (United States)

    Bagrov, Alexander; Martynov, Maxim; Pichkhadze, Konstantin M.; Dolgopolov, Vladimir; Sysoev, Valentin

    Many space missions are planned to have close encounters with Solar system minor bodies as a pass-fly. Short time of such close encounters were effectively used for photographing of these bodies, i.e. for distant investigations only because of large velocities of the encounter. We propose to use high-velocity penetrators to provide contact investigations of the minor bodies in situ. These devices were designed by Lavochkin Association for lunar missions. They were designed for long lived scientific equipment to be placed under surface up to depth 2...3 m. Penetrators could survive under 500 g shock, so the contact velocity was from 90 to 250 m/s, so each of them had booster engine to decelerate orbital velocity. As flying-pass velocity near minor body can be more then 10 km/s, penetrators would hit target at speed above 1 km/s and successfully bear 1500 g. To do so we propose to fulfill whole internal space inside penetrator with distilled water and froze it to temperature - 80°C or lower. At this temperature water ice is as hard as steel, so penetrator will plunge into target like armour-piercing shell. After landing protective ice will be evaporated (particularly due to heating from collision) and all sensitive mechanics will be set free.

  1. To Pass or Not to Pass: Modeling the Movement and Affordance Dynamics of a Pick and Place Task

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maurice Lamb


    Full Text Available Humans commonly engage in tasks that require or are made more efficient by coordinating with other humans. In this paper we introduce a task dynamics approach for modeling multi-agent interaction and decision making in a pick and place task where an agent must move an object from one location to another and decide whether to act alone or with a partner. Our aims were to identify and model (1 the affordance related dynamics that define an actor's choice to move an object alone or to pass it to their co-actor and (2 the trajectory dynamics of an actor's hand movements when moving to grasp, relocate, or pass the object. Using a virtual reality pick and place task, we demonstrate that both the decision to pass or not pass an object and the movement trajectories of the participants can be characterized in terms of a behavioral dynamics model. Simulations suggest that the proposed behavioral dynamics model exhibits features observed in human participants including hysteresis in decision making, non-straight line trajectories, and non-constant velocity profiles. The proposed model highlights how the same low-dimensional behavioral dynamics can operate to constrain multiple (and often nested levels of human activity and suggests that knowledge of what, when, where and how to move or act during pick and place behavior may be defined by these low dimensional task dynamics and, thus, can emerge spontaneously and in real-time with little a priori planning.

  2. Statistics of Epidemics in Networks by Passing Messages (United States)

    Shrestha, Munik Kumar

    Epidemic processes are common out-of-equilibrium phenomena of broad interdisciplinary interest. In this thesis, we show how message-passing approach can be a helpful tool for simulating epidemic models in disordered medium like networks, and in particular for estimating the probability that a given node will become infectious at a particular time. The sort of dynamics we consider are stochastic, where randomness can arise from the stochastic events or from the randomness of network structures. As in belief propagation, variables or messages in message-passing approach are defined on the directed edges of a network. However, unlike belief propagation, where the posterior distributions are updated according to Bayes' rule, in message-passing approach we write differential equations for the messages over time. It takes correlations between neighboring nodes into account while preventing causal signals from backtracking to their immediate source, and thus avoids "echo chamber effects" where a pair of adjacent nodes each amplify the probability that the other is infectious. In our first results, we develop a message-passing approach to threshold models of behavior popular in sociology. These are models, first proposed by Granovetter, where individuals have to hear about a trend or behavior from some number of neighbors before adopting it themselves. In thermodynamic limit of large random networks, we provide an exact analytic scheme while calculating the time dependence of the probabilities and thus learning about the whole dynamics of bootstrap percolation, which is a simple model known in statistical physics for exhibiting discontinuous phase transition. As an application, we apply a similar model to financial networks, studying when bankruptcies spread due to the sudden devaluation of shared assets in overlapping portfolios. We predict that although diversification may be good for individual institutions, it can create dangerous systemic effects, and as a result

  3. Multinationals and plant survival

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bandick, Roger


    The aim of this paper is twofold: first, to investigate how different ownership structures affect plant survival, and second, to analyze how the presence of foreign multinational enterprises (MNEs) affects domestic plants’ survival. Using a unique and detailed data set on the Swedish manufacturing...... sector, I am able to separate plants into those owned by foreign MNEs, domestic MNEs, exporting non-MNEs, and purely domestic firms. In line with previous findings, the result, when conditioned on other factors affecting survival, shows that foreign MNE plants have lower survival rates than non......-MNE plants. However, separating the non-MNEs into exporters and non-exporters, the result shows that foreign MNE plants have higher survival rates than non-exporting non-MNEs, while the survival rates of foreign MNE plants and exporting non-MNE plants do not seem to differ. Moreover, the simple non...

  4. Surviving the War--And the Peace (United States)

    Thompson, Doug


    This article presents the author's response to "Surviving the War: A College Counselor's Journal" by Philip Clinton. He argues that Clinton's engrossing account of the 1990-91 school year at Cairo American College (CAC) gives individuals wonderful insights into the unusual challenges occasionally encountered by an international…

  5. Relationship between High School Mathematics Grade and Number of Attempts Required to Pass the Medication Calculation Test in Nurse Education: An Explorative Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Johanne Alteren


    Full Text Available In Norwegian nurse education, students are required to achieve a perfect score in a medication calculation test before undertaking their first practice period during the second semester. Passing the test is a challenge, and students often require several attempts. Adverse events in medication administration can be related to poor mathematical skills. The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between high school mathematics grade and the number of attempts required to pass the medication calculation test in nurse education. The study used an exploratory design. The participants were 90 students enrolled in a bachelor’s nursing program. They completed a self-report questionnaire, and statistical analysis was performed. The results provided no basis for the conclusion that a statistical relationship existed between high school mathematics grade and number of attempts required to pass the medication calculation test. Regardless of their grades in mathematics, 43% of the students passed the medication calculation test on the first attempt. All of the students who had achieved grade 5 had passed by the third attempt. High grades in mathematics were not crucial to passing the medication calculation test. Nonetheless, the grade may be important in ensuring a pass within fewer attempts.

  6. Proposal of a sluice-type fish pass

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matthias A. Haselbauer

    Full Text Available One-dimensional design of fish passes often leads to an unsatisfying solution. The problems are due to insufficient, if not completely missing, collaboration between biologists and civil engineers. In the present paper, a new type of fish pass is presented. A labyrinth flux develops in a system of sequential sluices and baffles in between, which uncouple the supercritical flow of the single sluices. A series of biological, hydraulic and numerical experiments was carried out in order to investigate the optimum configuration in terms of geometric issues, regarding the biological needs and performances of organisms to be transported. Following this optimization, fish can control the prevailing flow conditions quite well. Because the air entrainment into the water is avoided, fish perception is not affected. A geometric extension regarding the needs of small fish, bottom fish, and macrozoobenthos decreases the selectivity and predation pressure on them.

  7. Single pass image warping method with anisotropic filter (United States)

    Lachine, Vladimir; Smith, Gregory; Lee, Louie


    Conventional image capture and display devices are prone to various form of optical artifacts. These artifacts are inherent to the non-ideal behavior of the various optical elements such as sensors, displays, lens, prisms, mirrors, light sources. These optical distortions may be corrected digitally by image warping technology. Image warping may be defined as a process of dynamically resampling a regularly spaced input image to produce a nonregular spacing output image. In this paper, one-pass algorithm for digital image warping is presented. It is based on anisotropic circularly symmetric antialiasing filtering over elliptical or rectangular footprint. It is shown that developed design provides flexibility and better image quality than known two-pass methods. The proposed algorithm has been embedded into a few display processors for optical distortion corrections both at image acquisition and displaying sides.

  8. Regulation of information passing by synaptic transmission: a short review. (United States)

    Di Maio, Vito


    The largest part of information passed among neurons in the brain occurs by the means of chemical synapses connecting the axons of presynaptic neurons to the dendritic tree of the postsynaptic ones. In the present paper, the most relevant open problems related to the mechanisms of control of the information passing among neurons by synaptic transmission will be shortly reviewed. The "cross talking" between synapses, their mutual interactions and the control of the information flow between different areas of the dendritic tree will be also considered. The threshold mechanism based on the "reversal potential" will be considered for its role in the control of information transfer among neurons and also for its contribution to the information flow among different areas of the dendritic tree and to the computational ability of the single neuron. The concept of "competition for plasticity" will be proposed as a mechanism of competition based on the synaptic activation time.

  9. New Coplanar Low-Pass Defected Ground Structure (DGS) Filter (United States)

    Batmanov, A.; Boutejdar, A.; Balalem, A.; Omar, A.; Burte, E.

    This chapter presents the design of a new compact low-pass defected ground structure filter (DGS LPF). The proposed structure is based on coplanar waveguide (CPW) lines and λ/4 resonators. The filter provides three transmission zeros within the stop-band and offers bandwidth of 8.3 GHz, namely from 3.1 to 11.4 GHz. The stop-band rejection is more than -20 dB. Filter dimension is as low as 4 × 23.4 mm2. An equivalent circuit model is used to investigate the filter characteristics. The proposed low-pass filter has been fabricated and its characteristics measured. Good agreement between electromagnetic simulation, equivalent circuit simulation, and measurements has been obtained.

  10. Finite element simulation of sink pass round tubes using Ansys

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nagarkar M.P.


    Full Text Available Modeling and simulation of metal forming processes are increasingly in demand from the industry as the resulting models are found to be valuable tools considering the optimization of the existing and development of new processes. By the application of modeling and simulation techniques, it is possible to reduce the number of time-consuming experiments such as prototyping. Seamless tubes of various sizes and shapes are manufactured by various processes like sinking, fixed plug, floating plug, moving mandrel, cold working and hot working. The present work deals with the simulation of round tubes while passing through the sink pass, using ANSYS software. The simulation results are the displacement and von Mises stresses. The procedure can be used to improve the product quality and to study the effect of various parameters like die angle on the product quality.

  11. Beam dynamics simulation of a double pass proton linear accelerator (United States)

    Hwang, Kilean; Qiang, Ji


    A recirculating superconducting linear accelerator with the advantage of both straight and circular accelerator has been demonstrated with relativistic electron beams. The acceleration concept of a recirculating proton beam was recently proposed [J. Qiang, Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., Sect. A 795, 77 (2015, 10.1016/j.nima.2015.05.056)] and is currently under study. In order to further support the concept, the beam dynamics study on a recirculating proton linear accelerator has to be carried out. In this paper, we study the feasibility of a two-pass recirculating proton linear accelerator through the direct numerical beam dynamics design optimization and the start-to-end simulation. This study shows that the two-pass simultaneous focusing without particle losses is attainable including fully 3D space-charge effects through the entire accelerator system.

  12. Beam dynamics simulation of a double pass proton linear accelerator

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kilean Hwang


    Full Text Available A recirculating superconducting linear accelerator with the advantage of both straight and circular accelerator has been demonstrated with relativistic electron beams. The acceleration concept of a recirculating proton beam was recently proposed [J. Qiang, Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., Sect. A 795, 77 (2015NIMAER0168-900210.1016/j.nima.2015.05.056] and is currently under study. In order to further support the concept, the beam dynamics study on a recirculating proton linear accelerator has to be carried out. In this paper, we study the feasibility of a two-pass recirculating proton linear accelerator through the direct numerical beam dynamics design optimization and the start-to-end simulation. This study shows that the two-pass simultaneous focusing without particle losses is attainable including fully 3D space-charge effects through the entire accelerator system.

  13. Continuum Mechanical Modelling of Skin-pass Rolling

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kijima, Hideo; Bay, Niels


    The special contact conditions in skin-pass rolling of steel strip is analyzed by studying plane strain upsetting of thin sheet with low reduction applying long narrow tools and dry friction conditions. An extended sticking region is estimated by an elasto-plastic FEM analysis of the plane strain...... upsetting. This sticking region causes a highly inhomogeneous elasto-plastic deformation with large influence of work-hardening and friction. A numerical analysis of skin-pass rolling shows the same contact conditions, i.e. an extended sticking region around the center of the contact zone. The calculated...... size of the sticking region with varying contact length and pressure/reduction is experimentally verified by plane strain upsetting tests measuring the local surface deformation of the workpieces after unloading....

  14. Belief propagation decoding of quantum channels by passing quantum messages (United States)

    Renes, Joseph M.


    The belief propagation (BP) algorithm is a powerful tool in a wide range of disciplines from statistical physics to machine learning to computational biology, and is ubiquitous in decoding classical error-correcting codes. The algorithm works by passing messages between nodes of the factor graph associated with the code and enables efficient decoding of the channel, in some cases even up to the Shannon capacity. Here we construct the first BP algorithm which passes quantum messages on the factor graph and is capable of decoding the classical-quantum channel with pure state outputs. This gives explicit decoding circuits whose number of gates is quadratic in the code length. We also show that this decoder can be modified to work with polar codes for the pure state channel and as part of a decoder for transmitting quantum information over the amplitude damping channel. These represent the first explicit capacity-achieving decoders for non-Pauli channels.

  15. CMS Distributed Data Analysis Challenges

    CERN Document Server

    Grandi, C


    In Spring 2004 CMS will undertake a 100 TeraByte-scale Data Challenge (DC04) as part of a series of challenges in preparation for running at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. During 1 month, DC04 must demonstrate the ability of the computing and software to cope with a sustained event data-taking rate of 25 Hz, for a total of 50 million events. The emphasis of DC04 is on the validation of the first pass reconstruction and storage systems at CERN and the streaming of events to a distributed system of Tier-1, and Tier-2 sites worldwide where typical analysis tasks will be performed. It is expected that the LHC Computing Grid project will provide a set of grid services suitable for use in a real production environment, as part of this data challenge. The results of this challenge will be used to define the CMS software and computing systems in their Technical Design Report.

  16. One pass learning for generalized classifier neural network. (United States)

    Ozyildirim, Buse Melis; Avci, Mutlu


    Generalized classifier neural network introduced as a kind of radial basis function neural network, uses gradient descent based optimized smoothing parameter value to provide efficient classification. However, optimization consumes quite a long time and may cause a drawback. In this work, one pass learning for generalized classifier neural network is proposed to overcome this disadvantage. Proposed method utilizes standard deviation of each class to calculate corresponding smoothing parameter. Since different datasets may have different standard deviations and data distributions, proposed method tries to handle these differences by defining two functions for smoothing parameter calculation. Thresholding is applied to determine which function will be used. One of these functions is defined for datasets having different range of values. It provides balanced smoothing parameters for these datasets through logarithmic function and changing the operation range to lower boundary. On the other hand, the other function calculates smoothing parameter value for classes having standard deviation smaller than the threshold value. Proposed method is tested on 14 datasets and performance of one pass learning generalized classifier neural network is compared with that of probabilistic neural network, radial basis function neural network, extreme learning machines, and standard and logarithmic learning generalized classifier neural network in MATLAB environment. One pass learning generalized classifier neural network provides more than a thousand times faster classification than standard and logarithmic generalized classifier neural network. Due to its classification accuracy and speed, one pass generalized classifier neural network can be considered as an efficient alternative to probabilistic neural network. Test results show that proposed method overcomes computational drawback of generalized classifier neural network and may increase the classification performance. Copyright

  17. Battle of Kasserine Pass: Defeat is a Matter of Scale (United States)


    Sofft, William A. America’s First Battles 1776-1965. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 1986. Kelly, Orr. Meeting the Fox : The Allied...Military Studies Henry A. Arnold III, COL Accepted this 26th day of May 2016 by...Kasserine Pass: An Epic Saga of Desert War (New York: Berkley Publishing Group, 1966), 283-287. 2 Charles E. Heller, William A. Stofft. America’s

  18. Thermal efficiency of single-pass solar air collector

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ibrahim, Zamry; Ibarahim, Zahari; Yatim, Baharudin [School of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan (Malaysia); Ruslan, Mohd Hafidz [Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan (Malaysia)


    Efficiency of a finned single-pass solar air collector was studied. This paper presents the experimental study to investigate the effect of solar radiation and mass flow rate on efficiency. The fins attached at the back of absorbing plate to improve the thermal efficiency of the system. The results show that the efficiency is increased proportional to solar radiation and mass flow rate. Efficiency of the collector archived steady state when reach to certain value or can be said the maximum performance.

  19. Maximizing First-Pass Complete Reperfusion with SAVE. (United States)

    Maus, Volker; Behme, Daniel; Kabbasch, Christoph; Borggrefe, Jan; Tsogkas, Ioannis; Nikoubashman, Omid; Wiesmann, Martin; Knauth, Michael; Mpotsaris, Anastasios; Psychogios, Marios Nikos


    Endovascular techniques for treatment of large vessel occlusions (LVO) in patients with acute ischemic stroke (AIS) have advanced in recent years. We report a multicenter experience using a combined aspiration and stent retriever technique for mechanical thrombectomy (MT). We retrospectively analyzed 32 consecutive MT patients using a novel, combined approach of Stent retriever Assisted Vacuum-locked Extraction (SAVE) by 3 operators at 3 stroke centers. Primary endpoint was successful first-pass reperfusion with a modified Thrombolysis in Cerebral Infarction (mTICI) score of 3. Secondary endpoints were number of passes, time from groin puncture to reperfusion, embolization to new territories (ENT), postinterventional symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage (sICH) and clinical outcome at discharge. First-pass mTICI 3 reperfusion was achieved in 23 out of 32 patients (72%) with a mean groin puncture to reperfusion time of 36.0 min ± 15.8 and mTICI 3 was accomplished in 25 out of 32 cases (78%) with a maximum of 3 attempts. Successful reperfusion (mTICI ≥ 2b) was achieved in all patients (100%) with a mean time from groin puncture to reperfusion of 44.5 min ± 25.8 and an average of 1.2 ± 0.7 attempts. The rate of ENT was 0% and 1 patient with sICH after MT died on postoperative day 4. At discharge, the median National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) score was 4 (range 0-17) and favorable neurological outcome by the modified Rankin score (mRS ≤ 2) was achieved in 19 out of 32 patients (59%). SAVE is fast and appears to be very effective in terms of first-pass complete reperfusion in patients with LVO.

  20. Verification-Based Interval-Passing Algorithm for Compressed Sensing


    Wu, Xiaofu; Yang, Zhen


    We propose a verification-based Interval-Passing (IP) algorithm for iteratively reconstruction of nonnegative sparse signals using parity check matrices of low-density parity check (LDPC) codes as measurement matrices. The proposed algorithm can be considered as an improved IP algorithm by further incorporation of the mechanism of verification algorithm. It is proved that the proposed algorithm performs always better than either the IP algorithm or the verification algorithm. Simulation resul...

  1. Token-passing Optimal Reduction with Embedded Read-back

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anton Salikhmetov


    Full Text Available We introduce a new interaction net implementation of optimal reduction for the pure untyped lambda calculus. Unlike others, our implementation allows to reach normal form regardless of the interaction net reduction strategy using the approach of so-called token-passing nets and a non-deterministic extension for interaction nets. Another new feature is the read-back mechanism implemented without leaving the formalism of interaction nets.

  2. Incentive Pass-through for Residential Solar Systems in California

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dong, C. G. [Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX (United States); Wiser, Ryan [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Rai, Varun [Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX (United States)


    The deployment of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems has grown rapidly over the last decade, partly because of various government incentives. In the United States, among the largest and longest-running incentives have been those established in California. Building on past research, this report addresses the still-unanswered question: to what degree have the direct PV incentives in California been passed through from installers to consumers? This report helps address this question by carefully examining the residential PV market in California (excluding a certain class of third-party-owned PV systems) and applying both a structural-modeling approach and a reduced-form regression analysis to estimate the incentive pass-through rate. The results suggest an average pass-through rate of direct incentives of nearly 100%, though with regional differences among California counties. While these results could have multiple explanations, they suggest a relatively competitive market and well-functioning subsidy program. Further analysis is required to determine whether similar results broadly apply to other states, to other customer segments, to all third-party-owned PV systems, or to all forms of financial incentives for solar (considering not only direct state subsidies, but also utility electric bill savings and federal tax incentives).

  3. One pass core design of a super fast reactor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Liu, Qingjie; Oka, Yoshiaki [Cooperative Major in Nuclear Energy, Waseda University, Tokyo 169-8555 (Japan)


    One pass core design for Supercritical-pressure light water-cooled fast reactor (Super FR) is proposed. The whole core is cooled with upward flow in one through flow pattern like PWR. Compared with the previous two pass core design; this new flow pattern can significantly simplify the core concept. Upper core structure, coolant flow scheme as well as refueling procedure are as simple as in PWR. In one pass core design, supercritical-pressure water is at approximately 25.0 MPa and enters the core at 280 C. degrees and is heated up in one through flow pattern upwardly to the average outlet temperature of 500 C. degrees. Great density change in vertical direction can cause significant axial power offset during the cycle. Meanwhile, Pu accumulated in the UO{sub 2} fuel blanket assemblies also introduces great power increase during cycle, which requires large amount of flow for heat removal and makes the outlet temperature of blanket low at the beginning of equilibrium cycle (BOEC). To deal with these issues, some MOX fuel is applied in the bottom region of the blanket assembly. This can help to mitigate the power change in blanket due to Pu accumulation and to increase the outlet temperature of the blanket during cycle. Neutron transport and thermohydraulics coupled calculation shows that this design can satisfy the requirement in the Super FR principle for both 500 C. degrees outlet temperature and negative coolant void reactivity. (authors)

  4. Tropical field performance of dual-pass PV tray dryer (United States)

    Iskandar, A. Noor; Ya'acob, M. E.; Anuar, M. S.


    Solar Photovoltaic technology has become the preferable solution in many countries around the globe to solve the ever increasing energy demand of the consumers. In line with the consumer need, food processing technology has huge potentials of integration with the renewable energy resources especially in drying process which consumes the highest electricity loads. Traditionally, the solar dryer technology was applied in agriculture and food industries utilizing the sun's energy for drying process, but this is highly dependable on the weather condition and surrounding factors. This work shares some field performance of the new design of portable dual-pass PV tray dryer for drying crops in an enclosed system. The dual-pass PV tray dryer encompass a lightweight aluminium box structure with dimensions of 1.1m (L) x 0.6m (W) x 0.2m (H) and can hold a load capacity of 300g - 3kg of crop depending on the types of the crops. Experiments of field performance monitoring were conducted in October -November 2016 which justifies a considerable reduction in time and crops quality improvement when using the dual-pass PV tray dryer as compared to direct-sun drying.

  5. Frequency and Severity of Trauma in Fishes Subjected to Multiple-pass Depletion Electrofishing (United States)

    Panek, Frank; Densmore, Christine L.


    The incidence and severity of trauma associated with multiple-pass electrofishing and the effects on short-term (30-d) survival and growth of Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss, Brook Trout Salvelinus fontinalis, and five representative co-inhabiting nontarget or bycatch species were examined. Fish were held in four rectangular fiberglass tanks (190 × 66 cm) equipped with electrodes, a gravel–cobble stream substrate, and continuous water flow. Fish were exposed to one, two, or three electroshocks (100-V, 60-Hz pulsed DC) spaced 1 h apart or were held as a control. The heterogeneous field produced a mean (±SD) voltage gradient of 0.23 ± 0.024 V/cm (range = 0.20–0.30 V/cm) with a duty cycle of 30% and a 5-s exposure. Radiographs of 355 fish were examined for evidence of spinal injuries, and necropsies were performed on 303 fish to assess hemorrhagic trauma in soft tissue. Using linear regression, we demonstrated significant relationships between the number of electrical shocks and the frequency and severity of hemorrhagic and spinal trauma in each of the nontarget species (Potomac Sculpin Cottus girardi, Channel Catfish Ictalurus punctatus, Fathead Minnow Pimephales promelas, Green Sunfish Lepomis cyanellus, and Largemouth Bass Micropterus salmoides). Most of the injuries in these species were either minor or moderate. Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout generally sustained the highest incidence and severity of injuries, but those injuries were generally independent of the number of treatments. The 30-d postshock survival for the trout species was greater than 94%; survival for the bycatch species ranged from 80% (Fathead Minnow) to 100% (Green Sunfish and Channel Catfish). There were no significant differences in 30-d postshock condition factors despite observations of altered feeding behavior lasting several days to 1 week posttreatment in several of the study species.

  6. Inclusive Education in Thailand: Practices and Challenges (United States)

    Vorapanya, Sermsap; Dunlap, Diane


    In 2008, Thailand passed legislation on the educational provisions for students with disabilities to mandate the implementation of inclusive education. This article provides a historical overview of special education in Thailand and the emergence of inclusive education as it moves from policy to practice. To further identify the challenges faced…

  7. UAS-based assessment and monitoring of protective constructions in alpine areas, Lueg Pass, Austria (United States)

    Delleske, Robert; Keuschnig, Markus; Schober, Andreas


    Protective structures against natural hazards such as rockfall or avalanches are essential for safe infrastructure operation in alpine regions. In order to preserve its protection function, protective structures have to be constantly monitored and inspected, frequently under extreme environmental conditions. Advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS) allow the detailed detection and monitoring of protective structures. The quick, targeted UAS-based generation of photos, videos, orthophotos and digital terrain models reduces risks for supervising personnel and enables systematic documentation. This contribution investigates new technical opportunities for a systematic monitoring of protective structures in consideration of the Austrian standard rule "Permanent Technical Protection against Rockfall" (ONR 24810). Our study explicitly integrates the entire lifecycle of a protective structure which encompasses planning, inventory and measures during the operational phase (constant monitoring, supervision and evaluation). The study site of this contribution is located near the Lueg Pass, in a deeply incised section of the Salzach valley, situated in the province of Salzburg, Austria. Railways, motorways, federal main roads and high-voltage power lines pass through the study site. Due to the valley's narrowness, air space is limited and light conditions change rapidly, creating a challenging setting for safe and successful UAS operation. The present amount of critical infrastructure combined with complex environmental conditions make for an ideal setting to test the limits of advanced UAS systems for infrastructure inspection.

  8. Understanding single-pass transmembrane receptor signaling from a structural viewpoint—what are we missing?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bugge, Katrine Østergaard; Lindorff-Larsen, Kresten; Kragelund, Birthe Brandt


    Single-pass transmembrane receptors are involved in essential processes of both physiological and pathological nature and represent more than 1300 proteins in the human genome. Despite the high biological relevance of these receptors, the mechanisms of the signal transductions they facilitate...... are incompletely understood. One major obstacle is the lack of structures of the transmembrane domains that connect the extracellular ligand-binding domains to the intracellular signaling platforms. Over a period of almost 20 years since the first structure was reported, only 21 of these receptors have become...... associated with their characterization and the challenges left to be overcome. Without an increased and focused effort to bring this class of proteins on par with the remaining membrane protein field, a serious lag in their biological understanding looms. Design of pharmaceutical agents, prediction...

  9. Modelling of a one pass smoke tube boiler

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Karstensen, Claus M. S.; Sørensen, Kim


    A nonlinear state-space model with five states describing a one pass smoke tube boiler has been formulated. By means of mass- and energy-balance the model describes the dynamics of the Furnace, the Convection Zone and the Water/Steam Part and the three sub models are merged into an overall model....... The model is further linearized for use in a linear control design. The simulations have been carried out by means of MATLAB/SIMULINK and the models have been verified with measurements from a full scale boiler plant. Parameters in the model that are difficult to calculate have been estimated and the method...

  10. Fault-tolerant Agreement in Synchronous Message-passing Systems

    CERN Document Server

    Raynal, Michel


    The present book focuses on the way to cope with the uncertainty created by process failures (crash, omission failures and Byzantine behavior) in synchronous message-passing systems (i.e., systems whose progress is governed by the passage of time). To that end, the book considers fundamental problems that distributed synchronous processes have to solve. These fundamental problems concern agreement among processes (if processes are unable to agree in one way or another in presence of failures, no non-trivial problem can be solved). They are consensus, interactive consistency, k-set agreement an

  11. S-AMP: Approximate Message Passing for General Matrix Ensembles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cakmak, Burak; Winther, Ole; Fleury, Bernard H.


    We propose a novel iterative estimation algorithm for linear observation models called S-AMP. The fixed points of S-AMP are the stationary points of the exact Gibbs free energy under a set of (first- and second-) moment consistency constraints in the large system limit. S-AMP extends...... the approximate message-passing (AMP) algorithm to general matrix ensembles with a well-defined large system size limit. The generalization is based on the S-transform (in free probability) of the spectrum of the measurement matrix. Furthermore, we show that the optimality of S-AMP follows directly from its...

  12. Le cannabis dans les armees : entre passe et actualite


    Gheorghiev, C.; Arvers, P.; De Montleau, F.; Fidelle, G.


    Resume Le cannabis dans les armees est une realite que nous avons choisi d?inscrire ici dans une temporalite ; le passe tout d?abord, depuis le concept d?hygiene mentale a l?histoire du cannabis et de sa diffusion dans la population francaise comme prealable a une tentative de comprehension de l?interet actuel pour le cannabis dans les armees. Son actualite s?est declinee en celle du contexte epidemiologique de son usage en milieu militaire pour lequel nous avons rappele les princi...

  13. The ISO 5-pass authentication in χ-Spaces

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cáccamo, Mario J.; Crazzolara, Federico; Milicia, Giuseppe


    We implement the ISO 5-pass authentication protocol and study its correctness using the χ-Space framework. χ-Spaces is a novel domain specific programming language designed for developing protocols and in particular security protocols. χ-Spaces programming language is an implementation of SPL...... (Security Protocol Language), a calculus for the description and formal verification of security protocols. χ-Spaces is meant to fill in the gap between a formal specification of a protocol and its implementation, ideally resulitng in the preservation in the implementation of the properties proved...

  14. Control Chaotic Diffusion in a Single Pass Free Electron Laser

    CERN Document Server

    Antoniazzi, A


    We apply an innovative strategy to control chaotic diffusion in conservative systems to the case of a single pass Free Electron Laser. The core of our approach is a small apt modification of the system which channels chaos by building barriers to diffusion. By confining the electrons in phase space and limiting the oscillations of the dense core, we aim at stabilizing the laser intensity. Calculations are perfomed within the framework of a simplified Hamiltonian picture. Further extensions and future experimental applications are also discussed.

  15. UAVSAR: Airborne L-band Radar for Repeat Pass Interferometry (United States)

    Moes, Timothy R.


    The primary objectives of the UAVSAR Project were to: a) develop a miniaturized polarimetric L-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for use on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or piloted vehicle. b) develop the associated processing algorithms for repeat-pass differential interferometric measurements using a single antenna. c) conduct measurements of geophysical interest, particularly changes of rapidly deforming surfaces such as volcanoes or earthquakes. Two complete systems were developed. Operational Science Missions began on February 18, 2009 ... concurrent development and testing of the radar system continues.

  16. A Calculus of Communicating Systems with Label Passing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engberg, Uffe Henrik; Nielsen, Mogens

    Milner's Calculus of Communicating Systems (CCS) is extended with a mechanism for label passing - as an attempt to remedy some of the shortcomings of CCS w.r.t. dynamic change of agent interconnections. In the extended calculus, restriction is viewed formally as a binder, and the calculus allows...... dynamic change of scope (of label) in connection with communication. It is proved that algebraic properties of strong (and observational) equivalence for CCS are preserved by the extension. Examples illustrating the expressive power of the calculus and its methods for reasoning are given....

  17. PENN PASS: a program for graduates of foreign dental schools. (United States)

    Berthold, P; Lopez, N


    An increasing number of graduates of foreign dental schools who enroll in advanced standing programs to qualify for licensure calls for dental schools to be prepared to handle not only the curricular demands but also the growing cultural diversity among its student population. The "reeducation" of this student group not only meets the need of foreign dentists for an American degree but may also provide health professionals to service various ethnic populations whose language and culture they are able to understand and identify with. A survey of students and graduates of a two-year Program for Advanced Standing Students (PASS) for graduates of foreign dental schools representing 34 countries aimed to arrive at an understanding of this student group through characterization of the foreign dentists and identification of their attitudes and feelings toward various aspects of the program, the school and faculty and their experience of stress. This report includes description of the distinctive features of the program which cater to specific needs and concerns of this non-traditional group of dental students. PASS students are accepted on the basis of their grades in dental school in home country, scores in the National Dental Board Examination Part I, Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL), and ratings in personal interviews. They complete an intensive summer program consisting of didactic and laboratory courses which prepares them for integration with four-year students for the last two years of didactic and clinical curriculum. Cultural diversity seminars, a special English class, PASS class meetings and seminars are unique additions to their program and aim to assist them adjust to the educational, social and cultural systems in an American school. Results of the survey show a majority of the PASS students feel that they are part of the school and that there is someone in the school whom they can approach for problems. An understanding of their ethnic and

  18. Low-pass sequencing for microbial comparative genomics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kennedy Sean


    Full Text Available Abstract Background We studied four extremely halophilic archaea by low-pass shotgun sequencing: (1 the metabolically versatile Haloarcula marismortui; (2 the non-pigmented Natrialba asiatica; (3 the psychrophile Halorubrum lacusprofundi and (4 the Dead Sea isolate Halobaculum gomorrense. Approximately one thousand single pass genomic sequences per genome were obtained. The data were analyzed by comparative genomic analyses using the completed Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 genome as a reference. Low-pass shotgun sequencing is a simple, inexpensive, and rapid approach that can readily be performed on any cultured microbe. Results As expected, the four archaeal halophiles analyzed exhibit both bacterial and eukaryotic characteristics as well as uniquely archaeal traits. All five halophiles exhibit greater than sixty percent GC content and low isoelectric points (pI for their predicted proteins. Multiple insertion sequence (IS elements, often involved in genome rearrangements, were identified in H. lacusprofundi and H. marismortui. The core biological functions that govern cellular and genetic mechanisms of H. sp. NRC-1 appear to be conserved in these four other halophiles. Multiple TATA box binding protein (TBP and transcription factor IIB (TFB homologs were identified from most of the four shotgunned halophiles. The reconstructed molecular tree of all five halophiles shows a large divergence between these species, but with the closest relationship being between H. sp. NRC-1 and H. lacusprofundi. Conclusion Despite the diverse habitats of these species, all five halophiles share (1 high GC content and (2 low protein isoelectric points, which are characteristics associated with environmental exposure to UV radiation and hypersalinity, respectively. Identification of multiple IS elements in the genome of H. lacusprofundi and H. marismortui suggest that genome structure and dynamic genome reorganization might be similar to that previously observed in the

  19. Network ties and survival

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Acheampong, George; Narteh, Bedman; Rand, John


    Poultry farming has been touted as one of the major ways by which poverty can be reduced in low-income economies like Ghana. Yet, anecdotally there is a high failure rate among these poultry farms. This current study seeks to understand the relationship between network ties and survival chances...... of small commercial poultry farms (SCPFs). We utilize data from a 2-year network survey of SCPFs in rural Ghana. The survival of these poultry farms are modelled using a lagged probit model of farms that persisted from 2014 into 2015. We find that network ties are important to the survival chances...... but this probability reduces as the number of industry ties increases but moderation with dynamic capability of the firm reverses this trend. Our findings show that not all network ties aid survival and therefore small commercial poultry farmers need to be circumspect in the network ties they cultivate and develop....

  20. Efficacy of selected coccidiostats in sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis) following challenge (United States)

    Carpenter, J.W.; Novilla, M.N.; Hatfield, J.S.


    The anticoccidial efficacy of amprolium, clazuril, and monensin were studied in sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis) infected with a mixture of Eimeria spp. oocysts. Five groups of four 1-day-old sandhill crane chicks were maintained on a crumbled ration containing no coccidiostat, amprolium at 2.2 ppm, clazuril at 1.1 ppm, clazuril at 5.5 ppm, or monensin at 99 ppm. After 2 wk on their respective feeding regimens, birds in each of the five groups were administered 25 ? 103 pooled sporulated Eimeria spp. oocysts per os and observed for another 3 wk. A sixth group of four chicks served as nonmedicated, nonchallenged control during the study. Clinical signs and lesions consistent with disseminated visceral coccidiosis were observed in all challenged controls and birds fed amprolium and clazuril. Birds in these groups died 9?10 days after challenge. In contrast, only one monensin-medicated bird had clinical signs of disseminated visceral coccidiosis, and it died 13 days after challenge (DAC). This and an asymptomatic bird that were necropsied at study termination had less-severe gross and microscopic lesions of disseminated visceral coccidiosis. Two of three monensin-treated birds that survived challenge passed from 50 to 500 coccidial oocysts 11 to 18 DAC but were negative at study termination. Of the coccidiostats tested, monensin, at the dietary level of 99 ppm, was the only anticoccidial drug that provided protection against experimentally induced disseminated visceral coccidiosis in sandhill cranes.

  1. Soil Geochemical Control Over Nematode Populations in Bull Pass, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica (United States)

    Poage, M. A.; Barrett, J. E.; Virginia, R. A.; Wall, D. H.


    The McMurdo Dry Valleys occupy the largest ice-free region of Antarctica and are characterized by climatic conditions among the most extreme on Earth. Despite the harsh environmental conditions, some soils of the dry valleys host simple low-diversity ecosystems dominated by microbes and several taxa of metazoans, predominantly nematodes. Distributions, abundance, and diversity of these biota appear to be related to the highly variable soil geochemistry (pH, conductivity, nitrate, sulfate, chloride) of the dry valleys. Bull Pass is a glacially carved valley within the dry valleys. An ancient lake margin near the valley floor creates a continuous gradient spanning the full range of geochemical parameters found across the entire McMurdo Dry Valleys system. This unique setting provides the opportunity to systematically investigate the soil geochemical control on local biodiversity and establish, on the spatial scale of hundreds of meters, correlations between nematode populations and individual geochemical parameters that have application at the regional scale. We measured soil geochemistry and nematode population data from a 1500-meter transect across this ancient lake margin. There were significant negative correlations between live nematode abundance and concentrations of soil nitrate, sulfate and chloride as well as total soil salinity, consistent with recent laboratory experiments showing strong salinity inhibition of nematode survival. A logistical regression analysis based on a compilation of published datasets from across the dry valleys was designed to calculate the probably of live nematode populations occurring given a particular soil chemistry, using the dataset from the Bull Pass transect as a case study to field-test the model. Small-scale chemical and biological gradients can provide insights on the distribution of soil biota at much larger regional scales.

  2. Challenging Identities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    , cultural, and political practices. Notions of national identity and national politics are challenged by European integration, as well as by increasing demographic heterogeneity due to migration, and migrants experience conflicts of identification stemming from clashes between cultural heritage...

  3. Ordering Traces Logically to Identify Lateness in Message Passing Programs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Isaacs, Katherine E.; Gamblin, Todd; Bhatele, Abhinav; Schulz, Martin; Hamann, Bernd; Bremer, Peer-Timo


    Event traces are valuable for understanding the behavior of parallel programs. However, automatically analyzing a large parallel trace is difficult, especially without a specific objective. We aid this endeavor by extracting a trace's logical structure, an ordering of trace events derived from happened-before relationships, while taking into account developer intent. Using this structure, we can calculate an operation's delay relative to its peers on other processes. The logical structure also serves as a platform for comparing and clustering processes as well as highlighting communication patterns in a trace visualization. We present an algorithm for determining this idealized logical structure from traces of message passing programs, and we develop metrics to quantify delays and differences among processes. We implement our techniques in Ravel, a parallel trace visualization tool that displays both logical and physical timelines. Rather than showing the duration of each operation, we display where delays begin and end, and how they propagate. We apply our approach to the traces of several message passing applications, demonstrating the accuracy of our extracted structure and its utility in analyzing these codes.

  4. Quantitative modelling in cognitive ergonomics: predicting signals passed at danger. (United States)

    Moray, Neville; Groeger, John; Stanton, Neville


    This paper shows how to combine field observations, experimental data and mathematical modelling to produce quantitative explanations and predictions of complex events in human-machine interaction. As an example, we consider a major railway accident. In 1999, a commuter train passed a red signal near Ladbroke Grove, UK, into the path of an express. We use the Public Inquiry Report, 'black box' data, and accident and engineering reports to construct a case history of the accident. We show how to combine field data with mathematical modelling to estimate the probability that the driver observed and identified the state of the signals, and checked their status. Our methodology can explain the SPAD ('Signal Passed At Danger'), generate recommendations about signal design and placement and provide quantitative guidance for the design of safer railway systems' speed limits and the location of signals. Practitioner Summary: Detailed ergonomic analysis of railway signals and rail infrastructure reveals problems of signal identification at this location. A record of driver eye movements measures attention, from which a quantitative model for out signal placement and permitted speeds can be derived. The paper is an example of how to combine field data, basic research and mathematical modelling to solve ergonomic design problems.

  5. Some Difficult-to-pass Tests of Randomness

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    George Marsaglia


    Full Text Available We describe three tests of randomness-- tests that many random number generators fail. In particular, all congruential generators-- even those based on a prime modulus-- fail at least one of the tests, as do many simple generators, such as shift register and lagged Fibonacci. On the other hand, generators that pass the three tests seem to pass all the tests in the Diehard Battery of Tests. Note that these tests concern the randomness of a generator's output as a sequence of independent, uniform 32-bit integers. For uses where the output is converted to uniform variates in [0,1, potential flaws of the output as integers will seldom cause problems after the conversion. Most generators seem to be adequate for producing a set of uniform reals in [0,1, but several important applications, notably in cryptography and number theory-- for example, establishing probable primes, complexity of factoring algorithms, random partitions of large integers-- may require satisfactory performance on the kinds of tests we describe here.

  6. Omnibus Science R&D Bill passes House (United States)

    Carlowicz, Michael

    In a largely symbolic action that presages other initiatives in the management of federal science programs, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed H.R. 2405, the Omnibus Civilian Science Authorization Act of 1995. The immediate future of the bill remains clouded, as the Senate has not yet taken up the measure, and President Bill Clinton has threatened a veto.In a largely partisan vote—248 to 161— on October 13, the House formally adopted the bill sponsored by Rep. Robert Walker (R-Pa.) and the leadership of the House Science Committee. H.R. 2405 bundles seven traditionally separate authorization bills for research funding into one broad package. Each of the constituent parts of the omnibus bill has been passed in the House, and those individual authorizations will apply to current science appropriations under consideration by Congress. Those bills establish spending levels for the National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA, the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  7. Multi-Pass Approach for Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning (United States)

    Nolan, J.; Eckels, R.; Evers, M.; Singh, R.; Olsen, M. J.


    Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning (MTLS) has been utilised for an increasing number of corridor surveys. Current MTLS surveys require that many targets be placed along the corridor to monitor the MTLS trajectory's accuracy. These targets enable surveyors to directly evaluate the magnitude of GNSS errors at regular intervals and can also be used to adjust the trajectory to the survey control. However, this "Multi-Target" approach (MTA) is an onerous task that can significantly reduce efficiency. It also is inconvenient to the travelling public, as lanes are often blocked and traffic slowed to permit surveyors to work safely along the road corridor. This paper introduces a "Multi-Pass" approach (MPA), which minimises the number of targets required for monitoring the GNSS-controlled trajectory while still maintaining strict engineering accuracies. MPA uses the power of multiple, independent MTLS passes with different GNSS constellations to generate a "Control Polyline" from the point cloud for the corridor. The Control Polyline can be considered as a statistically valid survey measurement and be incorporated in a network adjustment to strengthen a control network by identifying outliers. Results from a test survey at the MTLS course maintained by the Oregon Department of Transportation illustrate the effectiveness of this approach.

  8. Aircraft Survivability: Rotorcraft Survivability. Summer 2010 (United States)


    protect those who serve to protect us?” The answer is a mixed bag. I am fortunate to have joined a group of dedicated men and women who represent this...and Service subject matter experts on rotorcraft safety and survivability to complete the study and report the results to the Joint Chiefs of...Operations and Support CDD TEMP DT DT/OT LUT IOT &E BLRIP TEMP TEMP LRIP Acquisition & LFT Strategies B C LFT&E Review Requirements Approve TEMPs

  9. Controllable wave propagation of hybrid dispersive media with LC high-pass and band-pass networks (United States)

    Flores Parra, Edgar A.; Bergamini, Andrea; Van Damme, Bart; Ermanni, Paolo


    This paper reports on the wave transmission characteristics of two configurations of a hybrid one dimensional (1D) medium. The hybrid characteristic is the result of the coupling between a 1D mechanical waveguide in the form of an elastic beam and an electrical network. The first configuration investigated is based on an LC high-pass network, while the second configuration is based on an LC band-pass network. For both networks, the capacitors are represented by a periodic array of piezoelectric elements that are bonded to the beam coupling, the mechanical and electrical domains, and thus the two waveguides. The coupling is characterized by a coincidence in frequency/wavenumber corresponding to the intersection of the dispersion curves. At this coincidence frequency, the hybrid medium features attenuation of wave motion as a result of the energy transfer to the electrical network. This energy exchange is depicted in the dispersion curves by eigenvalue crossing, a particular case of eigenvalue veering. This paper presents the numerical investigation of the wave propagation in the considered media along with experimental evidence of the wave transmission characteristics. The ability to conveniently tune the dispersion properties of the electrical network by varying the inductance is exploited to adapt the periodicity of the domain, i.e., monoatomic and diatomic unit cell configurations.

  10. Survival tactics within thermally-challenging roosts: heat tolerance ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    We studied roost microclimates, thermal preferences and temperature-related variation in body tem- peratures and flight abilities of M. condylurus from three roosts in man-made structures in South. Africa. Roosts were characterized by marked spatio-temporal variability in ambient temperature and relative humidity on a ...

  11. Challenges to Improving Combat Casualty Survivability on the Battlefield (United States)


    Department, for ex- ample, brigadier generals lead veterinary medicine and warrior transition care. Dentistry and nursing are both led by major generals...Active duty. By comparison, the Army has roughly the same number of radiation oncologists and nearly three times the number of pediatric psychia

  12. Surviving as Indians: the challenge of self-government

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Boldt, Menno


    ... Canadians; Indian leadership that is committed to eliminating the colonial political and bureaucratic structures on their reserves, and returning Indian government into the hands of their people...

  13. Survival tactics within thermally-challenging roosts: heat tolerance ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ured ambient dry bulb temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation levels and windspeed. Data were ... their location(s) in the roost was determined in- directly using a stethoscope placed against the wooden panel- ling. .... ing the peak of the day (10:00-14:00), external solar radiation levels were highly variable owing to ...

  14. Hegemony or Survival: South Africa's Soft Power and the Challenge ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The article concludes that consciously framed policies as well as constructive and positive media reporting are required to mitigate the possibly devastating effects of xenophobia on South Africa's soft power within its region and globally. Keywords: hegemony, regional hegemony, foreigners, soft power, South Africa, ...

  15. Population ageing and survival challenges in rural Ghana | Mba ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The significant achievements of global declines in infant and maternal mortality, reductions in fertility, decreases in infectious and parasitic diseases and ... Because of modernization and urbanization, the traditional solidarity network, particularly the extended family system, is disintegrating, leaving the elderly with little or no ...

  16. The Challenges Facing Accounting Education: The Nigerian ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The need of the accounting profession to effectively and continuously meet new challenges confronting it and adapt its services to changing conditions and circumstances has become a necessity to the survival of the profession and the society. The challenges confronting the accountant on his role to the society at large in a ...

  17. The effect of a balance and proprioception training program on amateur basketball players' passing skills

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kostopoulos Nikolaos; Bekris Evangelos; Apostolidis Nikolaos; Kavroulakis Emmanouil; Kostopoulos Panagiotis


    .... Passing is a frequent and decisive skill regarding the outcome of the game. The purpose of the present study was to determine the effect of a 12-week balance and proprioception training program on amateur basketball players' passing skills...

  18. Ionospheric effects on repeat-pass SAR interferometry (United States)

    Feng, Jian; Zhen, Weimin; Wu, Zhensen


    InSAR measurements can be significantly affected by the atmosphere when the radar signal propagates through the atmosphere since it varies with space and time. Great efforts have been made in recent years to better understand the properties of the tropospheric effects and to develop methods for mitigating these effects. By using the basic principles of InSAR, the quantitative analysis of ionospheric delay effects on topography and surface deformation have been introduced for the first time. The measurement errors can be related to the vertical ionospheric total electron content (vTEC). By using the ionospheric observations, the effects of temporal ionospheric variations on InSAR have been analyzed. The results indicate that the ionospheric variations with time, season, solar cycle and geomagnetic activities can compromise the effectiveness of InSAR for both the measurement of topography and surface determination. The repeat-pass SAR interferometry errors induced by ionosphere should be corrected by actual measurements.

  19. Solidify, An LLVM pass to compile LLVM IR into Solidity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The software currently compiles LLVM IR into Solidity (Ethereum’s dominant programming language) using LLVM’s pass library. Specifically, his compiler allows us to convert an arbitrary DSL into Solidity. We focus specifically on converting Domain Specific Languages into Solidity due to their ease of use, and provable properties. By creating a toolchain to compile lightweight domain-specific languages into Ethereum's dominant language, Solidity, we allow non-specialists to effectively develop safe and useful smart contracts. For example lawyers from a certain firm can have a proprietary DSL that codifies basic laws safely converted to Solidity to be securely executed on the blockchain. In another example, a simple provenance tracking language can be compiled and securely executed on the blockchain.

  20. IMP: A Message-Passing Algorithmfor Matrix Completion

    CERN Document Server

    Kim, Byung-Hak; Pfister, Henry D


    A new message-passing (MP) method is considered for the matrix completion problem associated with recommender systems. We attack the problem using a (generative) factor graph model that is related to a probabilistic low-rank matrix factorization. Based on the model, we propose a new algorithm, termed IMP, for the recovery of a data matrix from incomplete observations. The algorithm is based on a clustering followed by inference via MP (IMP). The algorithm is compared with a number of other matrix completion algorithms on real collaborative filtering (e.g., Netflix) data matrices. Our results show that, while many methods perform similarly with a large number of revealed entries, the IMP algorithm outperforms all others when the fraction of observed entries is small. This is helpful because it reduces the well-known cold-start problem associated with collaborative filtering (CF) systems in practice.

  1. Approximate Message Passing with Restricted Boltzmann Machine Priors

    CERN Document Server

    Tramel, Eric W; Krzakala, Florent


    Approximate Message Passing (AMP) has been shown to be an excellent statistical approach to signal inference and compressed sensing problem. The AMP framework provides modularity in the choice of signal prior; here we propose a hierarchical form of the Gauss-Bernouilli prior which utilizes a Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) trained on the signal support to push reconstruction performance beyond that of simple iid priors for signals whose support can be well represented by a trained binary RBM. We present and analyze two methods of RBM factorization and demonstrate how these affect signal reconstruction performance within our proposed algorithm. Finally, using the MNIST handwritten digit dataset, we show experimentally that using an RBM allows AMP to approach oracle-support performance.

  2. Public-channel cryptography based on mutual chaos pass filters. (United States)

    Klein, Einat; Gross, Noam; Kopelowitz, Evi; Rosenbluh, Michael; Khaykovich, Lev; Kinzel, Wolfgang; Kanter, Ido


    We study the mutual coupling of chaotic lasers and observe both experimentally and in numeric simulations that there exists a regime of parameters for which two mutually coupled chaotic lasers establish isochronal synchronization, while a third laser coupled unidirectionally to one of the pair does not synchronize. We then propose a cryptographic scheme, based on the advantage of mutual coupling over unidirectional coupling, where all the parameters of the system are public knowledge. We numerically demonstrate that in such a scheme the two communicating lasers can add a message signal (compressed binary message) to the transmitted coupling signal and recover the message in both directions with high fidelity by using a mutual chaos pass filter procedure. An attacker, however, fails to recover an errorless message even if he amplifies the coupling signal.

  3. A Message-Passing Algorithm for Wireless Network Scheduling. (United States)

    Paschalidis, Ioannis Ch; Huang, Fuzhuo; Lai, Wei


    We consider scheduling in wireless networks and formulate it as Maximum Weighted Independent Set (MWIS) problem on a "conflict" graph that captures interference among simultaneous transmissions. We propose a novel, low-complexity, and fully distributed algorithm that yields high-quality feasible solutions. Our proposed algorithm consists of two phases, each of which requires only local information and is based on message-passing. The first phase solves a relaxation of the MWIS problem using a gradient projection method. The relaxation we consider is tighter than the simple linear programming relaxation and incorporates constraints on all cliques in the graph. The second phase of the algorithm starts from the solution of the relaxation and constructs a feasible solution to the MWIS problem. We show that our algorithm always outputs an optimal solution to the MWIS problem for perfect graphs. Simulation results compare our policies against Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) and other alternatives and show excellent performance.

  4. Protocol-Based Verification of Message-Passing Parallel Programs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    López-Acosta, Hugo-Andrés; Eduardo R. B. Marques, Eduardo R. B.; Martins, Francisco


    We present ParTypes, a type-based methodology for the verification of Message Passing Interface (MPI) programs written in the C programming language. The aim is to statically verify programs against protocol specifications, enforcing properties such as fidelity and absence of deadlocks. We develo......, that suffer from the state-explosion problem or that otherwise depend on parameters to the program itself. We experimentally evaluated our approach against state-of-the-art tools for MPI to conclude that our approach offers a scalable solution....... translated into a representation read by VCC, a software verifier for C. We successfully verified several MPI programs in a running time that is independent of the number of processes or other input parameters. This contrasts with alternative techniques, notably model checking and runtime verification...

  5. Establishing Pass/Fail Criteria for Bronchoscopy Performance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Konge, Lars; Clementsen, Paul; Larsen, Klaus Richter


    Background: Several tools have been created to assess competence in bronchoscopy. However, educational guidelines still use an arbitrary number of performed procedures to decide when basic competency is acquired. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to define pass/fail scores for two...... bronchoscopy assessment tools, and investigate how these scores relate to physicians' experience regarding the number of bronchoscopy procedures performed. Methods: We studied two assessment tools and used two standard setting methods to create cut scores: the contrasting-groups method and the extended Angoff...... method. In the first we compared bronchoscopy performance scores of 14 novices with the scores of 14 experienced consultants to find the score that best discriminated between the two groups. In the second we asked an expert group of 7 experienced bronchoscopists to judge how a borderline trainee would...

  6. Parallelization of a hydrological model using the message passing interface (United States)

    Wu, Yiping; Li, Tiejian; Sun, Liqun; Chen, Ji


    With the increasing knowledge about the natural processes, hydrological models such as the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) are becoming larger and more complex with increasing computation time. Additionally, other procedures such as model calibration, which may require thousands of model iterations, can increase running time and thus further reduce rapid modeling and analysis. Using the widely-applied SWAT as an example, this study demonstrates how to parallelize a serial hydrological model in a Windows® environment using a parallel programing technology—Message Passing Interface (MPI). With a case study, we derived the optimal values for the two parameters (the number of processes and the corresponding percentage of work to be distributed to the master process) of the parallel SWAT (P-SWAT) on an ordinary personal computer and a work station. Our study indicates that model execution time can be reduced by 42%–70% (or a speedup of 1.74–3.36) using multiple processes (two to five) with a proper task-distribution scheme (between the master and slave processes). Although the computation time cost becomes lower with an increasing number of processes (from two to five), this enhancement becomes less due to the accompanied increase in demand for message passing procedures between the master and all slave processes. Our case study demonstrates that the P-SWAT with a five-process run may reach the maximum speedup, and the performance can be quite stable (fairly independent of a project size). Overall, the P-SWAT can help reduce the computation time substantially for an individual model run, manual and automatic calibration procedures, and optimization of best management practices. In particular, the parallelization method we used and the scheme for deriving the optimal parameters in this study can be valuable and easily applied to other hydrological or environmental models.

  7. Le survivant sans le syndrome Schreber

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard Figuier


    Full Text Available On a pensé la catastrophe, mais a-t-on suffisamment pensé la survivance et la figure du survivant ? Ce n'est pas un hasard si celle-ci est au centre de Masse et puissance, oeuvre dans laquelle Canetti interroge la « mauvaise » survivance responsable de la poursuite de la logique de guerre. Mais où trouver la « bonne » ? Revenir de la catastrophe ne suffit pas pour être un « survivant authentique », selon l'expression de Kafka. Il faut avoir dépassé, avec Primo Levi et Robert Antelme, l'opposition de la vie comme croissance continue et de la mort comme son horrible contraire, par le don, dans la pauvreté solidaire, de cette vie retrouvée.Hemos reflexionado acerca de la catástrofe, pero ¿hemos meditado lo suficiente sobre la supervivencia y el superviviente? No es una coincidencia si el superviviente es el tema principal de Masse et puissance, obra en la cual Canetti analiza la «mala» supervivencia responsable de la persistencia de la lógica de guerra ¿Dónde sin embargo podemos encontrar la «buena» supervivencia? Superar la catástrofe no es suficiente para ser un «auténtico superviviente», según Kafka. Es fundamental ir más allá, con Primo Levi y Robert Antelme, de la oposición entre la vida, como crecimiento continuo, y la muerte, como su espantoso contrario, mediante la donación de forma solidaria de esta vida reencontrada.Disaster is the theme of many studies, but what about survival and of the figure of the survivor? This issue is central in Mass and power, work in which Canetti questions the “bad” survival, responsible for the continuation of the logic of war. But is there any “good” survival? Coming back from the catastrophe is not enough to be an “authentic survivor”, according to Kafka’s expression. To achieve this, it is necessary to have exceeded, with PrimoLevi and Robert Antelme, the opposition of life as a continuous growth and of death as its horrible opposite, by the gift, in a

  8. 9 CFR 312.3 - Official marks and devices to identify inspected and passed equine products. (United States)


    ... inspected and passed equine products. 312.3 Section 312.3 Animals and Animal Products FOOD SAFETY AND... § 312.3 Official marks and devices to identify inspected and passed equine products. (a) The official... § 317.2 of this subchapter to identify inspected and passed mule and other (nonhorse) equine carcasses...

  9. Fabrication of nanofiber non-wovens on the melt blowing die with air by-passes


    Chen Ting; Yang Kang; Wu Li-Li


    The air flow field of the melt blowing die with air by-passes is simulated. The results show that fibers fabricated on the die with air by-passes are much finer than those without air by-passes, which indicates an energy-saving approach to fabricating nanofibers on the melt blowing equipment.

  10. Shaping decisions in volleyball An ecological approach to decision-making in volleyball passing

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Barsingerhorn, Annemiek D.; Zaal, Frank T. J. M.; De Poel, Harjo J.; Pepping, Gert-Jan


    To extend research on decision-making in sport we addressed the choices volleyball-players are faced with in a simple volleyball pass-return task. We manipulated the distance that eight experienced volleyball players had to cover for successful ball passing, and mapped their passing technique (i.e.,

  11. Affordances shape pass kick behavior in association football : effects of distance and social context

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pepping, Gert-Jan; Heijmerikx, Johan; de Poel, Harjo J.


    A prerequisite for accurate passing in association football is that a player perceives the affordances, that is, the opportunities for action, of a given situation. The present study examined how affordances shape passing in association football by comparing the performance of pass-kicks in two task

  12. Fabrication of nanofiber non-wovens on the melt blowing die with air by-passes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chen Ting


    Full Text Available The air flow field of the melt blowing die with air by-passes is simulated. The results show that fibers fabricated on the die with air by-passes are much finer than those without air by-passes, which indicates an energy-saving approach to fabricating nanofibers on the melt blowing equipment.

  13. 78 FR 57372 - Northern Pass Transmission Line Project Environmental Impact Statement: Announcement of Change in... (United States)


    ... Northern Pass Transmission Line Project Environmental Impact Statement: Announcement of Change in Public... amended Notice of Intent (NOI) to modify the scope of the Northern Pass Transmission Line Project... information on the Northern Pass Transmission Line Project EIS is available on the EIS Web site at http://www...

  14. The Effects on Soccer Passing Skills When Warming Up with Two Different Sized Soccer Balls (United States)

    Burcak, Keskin


    The purpose of the present research is studying the effects of warm-up with two different sizes of balls on passing skills. Loughborough Soccer Passing Test (LSPT) was conducted on 28 non-elite football players, who participated in the present research for 10 training days. LSPT is a passing skill protocol established on completing 16 passes…

  15. PASSE.psi - Dinâmicas de grupos : boas práticas


    Tinoco, Rui; Cláudio, Débora; Pereira de Sousa, Nuno


    Programa Alimentação Saúdavel em Saúde Escolar (PASSE) Manual PASSE com listagem de boas práticas e opções a serem tomadas quando os dinamizadores estiverem a trabalhar com grupos de alunos ou de adultos em contexto do programa PASSE.

  16. 78 FR 18480 - Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Chef Menteur Pass, at Lake Catherine, LA (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 117 Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Chef Menteur Pass, at Lake Catherine.... Highway 90 swing highway bridge across the Chef Menteur Pass, mile 2.8, at Lake Catherine, Orleans Parish... approved the request for the closure of the U.S. Highway 90 swing bridge crossing the Chef Menteur Pass...

  17. Effects of multi-pass arc welding on mechanical properties of carbon ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... from the weld line. The tensile strength of 347 N/mm2 under multi-pass weld was higher than single pass weld with value of 314 N/mm2. Therefore, the temperature distrib-ution and apparent pre-heating during multi-pass welding increased the toughness and tensile strength of the weldments, but reduced the hardness.

  18. Proof-Carrying Survivability (United States)


    pp.289-302 ( Impact factor : 2.09). 2. Julic, J. and Zuo, Y. (2012). “An RFID Survivability Impact Model in the Military Domain”, Proc. of 18 th...Availability, Reliability and Security, 40(4), pp. 406-418 ( Impact factor : 2.016). 10. Zuo, Y. (2010). “A Holistic Approach for Specification of Security... Impact factor : 1.596). 20. Zuo, Y., Pimple, M. and Lande, S. (2009). “A Framework for RFID Survivability Requirement Analysis and Specification”, Proc

  19. Survivability via Control Objectives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Control objectives open an additional front in the survivability battle. A given set of control objectives is valuable if it represents good practices, it is complete (it covers all the necessary areas), and it is auditable. CobiT and BS 7799 are two examples of control objective sets.

  20. Artists’ Survival Rate

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bille, Trine; Jensen, Søren


    The literature of cultural economics generally finds that an artistic education has no significant impact on artists’ income and careers in the arts. In our research, we have readdressed this question by looking at the artists’ survival in the arts occupations. The results show that an artistic...... education has a significant impact on artists’ careers in the arts and we find important industry differences....

  1. Flexible survival regression modelling

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cortese, Giuliana; Scheike, Thomas H; Martinussen, Torben


    Regression analysis of survival data, and more generally event history data, is typically based on Cox's regression model. We here review some recent methodology, focusing on the limitations of Cox's regression model. The key limitation is that the model is not well suited to represent time-varyi...

  2. Seeds to survive

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Groot, S.P.C.


    Seeds are important for man, either as propagation material of crops or directly for the production of foods, fodder and drinks. The natural function of seeds is dispersal of its genes to successive generations. Survival mechanisms seed have evolved sometimes interfere with those preferred by

  3. Survival After Retirement. (United States)

    Holloway, Clark; Youngblood, Stuart A.


    Examined survival rates after retirement in a large corporation. A regression analysis was performed to control for age, sex, job status, and type of work differences that may influence longevity. Short-term suvivors seemed to undergo a different adjustment process than long-term survivors. (Author/ABL)

  4. The Cushing OK Crude Oil Futures Price Pass - Through to New York Harbor Reformulated RBOB Regular Gasoline Futures Price

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chu V. Nguyen


    Full Text Available This study utilizes an Autoregressive Distributed Lag model to investigate the nature of crude oil futures price pass-through since 2006. The empirical results reveal a very high but incomplete short-run pass-through rate from the crude oil futures price to the gasoline futures price of 0.849298 with a corresponding negative long-run pass-through rate of -0.2440894. These empirical findings suggest that traders in the U.S. oil and gasoline futures markets overreact to fluctuations in the crude oil futures price as evidenced by subsequent corrections made over the sample period. The result of the bounds test for a long-term relationship between these two futures prices is inconclusive. The empirical findings further suggest that U.S. futures market traders considered futures prices of gasoline three weeks earlier in determining the current trading price while taking only one week to respond completely to the shock in the crude oil futures price.  The empirical findings of this investigation may address the core elements of the price dynamics of the crude oil and gasoline futures markets and advance inquiry into assessment tools that could manage a very complex market challenge, especially for policy makers in countries with transitional economies in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Masoud Asgharian


    Full Text Available When survival data are colleted as part of a prevalent cohort study, the recruited cases have already experienced their initiating event. These prevalent cases are then followed for a fixed period of time at the end of which the subjects will either have failed or have been censored. When interests lies in estimating the survival distribution, from onset, of subjects with the disease, one must take into account that the survival times of the cases in a prevalent cohort study are left truncated. When it is possible to assume that there has not been any epidemic of the disease over the past period of time that covers the onset times of the subjects, one may assume that the underlying incidence process that generates the initiating event times is a stationary Poisson process. Under such assumption, the survival times of the recruited subjects are called “lengthbiased”. I discuss the challenges one is faced with in analyzing these type of data. To address the theoretical aspects of the work, I present asymptotic results for the NPMLE of the length-biased as well as the unbiased survival distribution. I also discuss estimating the unbiased survival function using only the follow-up time. This addresses the case that the onset times are either unknown or known with uncertainty. Some of our most recent work and open questions will be presented. These include some aspects of analysis of covariates, strong approximation, functional LIL and density estimation under length-biased sampling with right censoring. The results will be illustrated with survival data from patients with dementia, collected as part of the Canadian Study of Health and Aging (CSHA.


    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lexmond, A. J.; Hagedoorn, P.; Frijlink, H. W.; de Boer, A. H.


    Background: In the adenosine 5'-monophosphate (AMP) bronchial challenge test, AMP is usually administered according to dosing protocols developed for histamine/methacholine. It has never been thoroughly investigated whether these protocols are suitable for AMP as well. Methods: The setup of the

  7. Mobility Challenges

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Ole B.; Lassen, Claus


    This article takes point of departure in the challenges to understand the importance of contemporary mobility. The approach advocated is a cross-disciplinary one drawing on sociology, geography, urban planning and design, and cultural studies. As such the perspective is to be seen as a part...... mobilities. In particular the article discusses 1) the physical city, its infrastructures and technological hardware/software, 2) policies and planning strategies for urban mobility and 3) the lived everyday life in the city and the region....... of the so-called ‘mobility turn’ within social science. The perspective is illustrative for the research efforts at the Centre for Mobility and Urban Studies (C-MUS), Aalborg University. The article presents the contours of a theoretical perspective meeting the challenges to research into contemporary urban...

  8. Challenging Identities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Identity is a keyword in a number of academic fields as well as in public debate and in politics. During the last decades, references to identity have proliferated, yet there is no simple definition available that corresponds to the use of the notion in all contexts. The significance of the notion...... depends on the conceptual or ideological constellation in which it takes part. This volume on one hand demonstrates the role of notions of identity in a variety of European contexts, and on the other hand highlights how there may be reasons to challenge the use of the term and corresponding social......, cultural, and political practices. Notions of national identity and national politics are challenged by European integration, as well as by increasing demographic heterogeneity due to migration, and migrants experience conflicts of identification stemming from clashes between cultural heritage...

  9. The PASS model for the assessment of cognitive functioning in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    An alternative mod el of intelligence and cognitive functioning developed in previous work is explored for possible application within the South African context. ... The need for additional research to exp lore the diagnostic value of the CAS in the wider community is on e of the challenges emanating from this probe.

  10. Challenging Identities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    , cultural, and political practices. Notions of national identity and national politics are challenged by European integration, as well as by increasing demographic heterogeneity due to migration, and migrants experience conflicts of identification stemming from clashes between cultural heritage...... Rask Madsen, JUR Center for International CourtsOrganisation ; Henning Koch, JUR Center for retskulturelle studierOrganisation ; Peter E. Nielsen ; Catharina Raudvere, Institut for Tværkulturelle og Regionale StudierOrganisation: Institut ; Barbara Törnqvist-Plewa, University of Lund, Sweden ; Karl...

  11. A Population Study of Golden Eagles in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area: Population Trend Analysis, 1994-1997

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hunt, W. G.; Jackman, R. E.; Hunt, T. L.; Driscoll, D. E.; Culp, L.


    The wind industry has annually reported 28-43 turbine blade strike casualties of golden eagles in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area, and many more carcasses have doubtless gone unnoticed. Because this species is especially sensitive to adult survival rate changes, we focused upon estimating the demographic trend of the population. In aerial surveys, we monitored survival within a sample of 179 radio-tagged eagles over a four-year period. We also obtained data on territory occupancy and reproduction of about 65 eagle pairs residing in the area. Of 61 recorded deaths of radio-tagged eagles during the four-year investigation, 23 (38%) were caused by wind turbine blade strikes. Additional fatalities were unrecorded because blade strikes sometimes destroy radio transmitters. Annual survival was estimated at 0.7867 (SE=0.0263) for non-territorial eagles and 0.8964 (SE=0.0371) for territorial ones. Annual reproduction was 0.64 (SE=0.08) young per territorial pair (0.25 per female). These parameters were used to estimate population growth rates under different modeling frameworks. At present, there are indications that a reserve of non-breeding adults still exists, i.e., there is an annual territorial reoccupancy rate of 100% and a low incidence (3%) of subadults as members of breeding pairs.

  12. Performance Evaluation Tools for Message-Passing Parallel Problems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wlodzimierz Funika


    Full Text Available The article presents a number of issues of designing and implementing performance evolution tools for message-passing parallel programs, eg. MPI and PVM. There is at number ofspecial techniques for investigating parallel programs, whose implementations are tools presented, A concept of performance observability is introduced. Although a number of interesting solutions of performance tools was developed in the course of last decade, there is a great demand for portable and integrated tools. Understanding the reason for this situation requires evaluating the state of art of existing tools, their advantages and drawbacks. Due to a complicated mechanism of interactions between a tool and operating system, computer architecture and application, evaluating the tool includes taking into account a large number of features. There is introduced a set of criteria, which enable a thorough evaluation of tools. based on the work of HPC standardizing organizations as well as the author's work. The second part of the article presents the review of features of the particular tools developed over last decade. The tools are being evaluated on the base of the criteria introduced. The features of the PARNAS performance tool project and its implementation are presented. The summary presents further avenues of inquiry in parallel performance evaluation tools.

  13. Single Pass Stripline Beam Position Monitor Design, Fabrication and Commissioning

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    McKinlay J.


    Full Text Available To monitor the position of the electron beam during transport from the Booster Synchrotron to the Storage Ring at the Australian Synchrotron, a stripline Beam Position Monitor (BPM has been designed, fabricated and installed in-house. The design was based on an existing stripline in the Booster and modified for the transfer line with a particular emphasis on ensuring the line impedance is properly matched to the detector system. The initial bench tests of a prototype stripline showed that the fabrication of the four individual striplines in the BPM was made precisely, each with a measured standing wave ratio (SWR of 1.8 at 500 MHz. Further optimization for impedance matching will be done for new stripline BPMs. The linearity and gain factor was measured with the detector system. The detector system that digitizes the signals is an Instrumentation Technologies Brilliance Single Pass [1]. The results show an error of 1 mm at an offset (from the electrical centre of 10 mm when a linear gain factor is assumed and an RMS noise of ~150 um that decreases to < 10 um with increasing signal intensity. The results were under our requirements for the transport line. The commissioning results of the stripline will also be presented showing a strong signal for an electron beam with an estimated integrated charge of ~50 nC with a position stability of 28 um (horizontal and 75 um (vertical.

  14. Containing epidemic outbreaks by message-passing techniques

    CERN Document Server

    Altarelli, F; Dall'Asta, L; Wakeling, J R; Zecchina, R


    The problem of targeted network immunization can be defined as the one of finding a subset of nodes in a network to immunize or vaccinate in order to minimize a tradeoff between the cost of vaccination and the final (stationary) expected infection under a given epidemic model. Although computing the expected infection is a hard computational problem, simple and efficient mean-field approximations have been put forward in the literature in recent years. The optimization problem can be recast into a constrained one in which the constraints enforce local mean-field equations describing the average stationary state of the epidemic process. For a wide class of epidemic models, including the susceptible-infected-removed and the susceptible-infected-susceptible models, we define a message-passing approach to network immunization that allows us to study the statistical properties of epidemic outbreaks in the presence of immunized nodes as well as to find (nearly) optimal immunization sets for a given choice of parame...


    Gaivoronskiy, I V; Kotiv, B N; Alekseyev, V S; Nichiporuk, G I


    The research was performed on 15 non embalmed bodies and 32 abdominal complexes of adult individuals. The comparative study of variant anatomy of splenic ligaments and architectonics of arteries passing through them was carried out to substantiate the mobilization of splenopancreatic complex. Anatomical and angiographic restudied were carried out using preparation, morphometry, injection of gastric, pancreatic and splenic vascular bed with red lead suspension. It was established that the form and sizes of splenic ligaments and their interrelation with the branches of the splenic artery were variable. The minimal and maximal sizes of gastrolienal, phrenicosplenic and splenocolic ligaments differed 2-3 times. In most cases, spleen was fixed in abdominal cavity by many short ligaments. It was shown that architectonics and topography of main branches of spleen artery were determined by morphometric characteristics of the spleen proper and its ligaments. The knowledge of splenic ligament variant anatomy allows a new perspective to approach to substantiate different methods of the mobilization of spleno-pancreatic complex during surgical operations on organs of the upper part of the peritoneal cavity and organ-preserving surgery of the spleen.

  16. Message passing with a limited number of DMA byte counters

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Blocksome, Michael [Rochester, MN; Chen, Dong [Croton on Hudson, NY; Giampapa, Mark E [Irvington, NY; Heidelberger, Philip [Cortlandt Manor, NY; Kumar, Sameer [White Plains, NY; Parker, Jeffrey J [Rochester, MN


    A method for passing messages in a parallel computer system constructed as a plurality of compute nodes interconnected as a network where each compute node includes a DMA engine but includes only a limited number of byte counters for tracking a number of bytes that are sent or received by the DMA engine, where the byte counters may be used in shared counter or exclusive counter modes of operation. The method includes using rendezvous protocol, a source compute node deterministically sending a request to send (RTS) message with a single RTS descriptor using an exclusive injection counter to track both the RTS message and message data to be sent in association with the RTS message, to a destination compute node such that the RTS descriptor indicates to the destination compute node that the message data will be adaptively routed to the destination node. Using one DMA FIFO at the source compute node, the RTS descriptors are maintained for rendezvous messages destined for the destination compute node to ensure proper message data ordering thereat. Using a reception counter at a DMA engine, the destination compute node tracks reception of the RTS and associated message data and sends a clear to send (CTS) message to the source node in a rendezvous protocol form of a remote get to accept the RTS message and message data and processing the remote get (CTS) by the source compute node DMA engine to provide the message data to be sent.

  17. Is the mandibular nerve block passé? (United States)

    Malamed, Stanley F


    Providing effective pain control is a critical part of dental treatment, yet achieving consistently reliable anesthesia in the mandible has proved elusive. The traditional inferior alveolar nerve block (IANB) has a high failure rate; for example, the failure rate in lateral incisors is 81 percent. As a consequence, new approaches and techniques have been developed. The purpose of this supplement to The Journal of the American Dental Association is to determine whether the mandibular nerve block has become passé. The high failure rate of the IANB can be frustrating for dentists and lead to discomfort for the patient during treatment. The reasons for this high failure rate include thickness of the cortical plate of bone in adults, thickness of the soft tissue at the injection site leading to increased needle deflection, the difficulty of locating the inferior alveolar nerve and the possibility of accessory innervation. Although the IANB can be unreliable, it is used commonly to provide mandibular anesthesia. Pain control is an essential part of dental treatment. Alternative injection techniques and devices that can help increase the success rate of mandibular anesthesia are available.

  18. Stopping dynamics of ions passing through correlated honeycomb clusters (United States)

    Balzer, Karsten; Schlünzen, Niclas; Bonitz, Michael


    A combined nonequilibrium Green functions-Ehrenfest dynamics approach is developed that allows for a time-dependent study of the energy loss of a charged particle penetrating a strongly correlated system at zero and finite temperatures. Numerical results are presented for finite inhomogeneous two-dimensional Fermi-Hubbard models, where the many-electron dynamics in the target are treated fully quantum mechanically and the motion of the projectile is treated classically. The simulations are based on the solution of the two-time Dyson (Keldysh-Kadanoff-Baym) equations using the second-order Born, third-order, and T -matrix approximations of the self-energy. As application, we consider protons and helium nuclei with a kinetic energy between 1 and 500 keV/u passing through planar fragments of the two-dimensional honeycomb lattice and, in particular, examine the influence of electron-electron correlations on the energy exchange between projectile and electron system. We investigate the time dependence of the projectile's kinetic energy (stopping power), the electron density, the double occupancy, and the photoemission spectrum. Finally, we show that, for a suitable choice of the Hubbard model parameters, the results for the stopping power are in fair agreement with ab initio simulations for particle irradiation of single-layer graphene.

  19. Passing the NBCOT Examination: Preadmission, Academic, and Fieldwork Factors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sharon D. Novalis


    Full Text Available All occupational therapy students are required to successfully complete the certification examination administered by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT before they can practice independently. The need to repeat the examination can result in stress, anxiety, and financial hardship. This paper explores the relationship of preadmission factors, academic and fieldwork performance, and demographic variables to successful first-time attempts on the certification examination for occupational therapists. Data were gathered from 144 student files in a Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT Program at a single university. Of the sample, 82% passed and 18% failed their first NBCOT test trial. Considered independently, preadmission recommendation letters and writing sample scores, graduate MOT program GPA, lack of MOT program difficulty, fieldwork self-reports, and gender predicted NBCOT certification examination outcomes. When considered together in logistic regression models predicting outcome, this combination of factors correctly predicted 86.2% of student outcomes (or 20% to 32% of the variance in certification examination success, with OT program GPA and preadmission recommendation scores predicting unique outcome variance. This information may be helpful to admissions committees as well as to occupational therapy faculty as they identify strategies and practices to facilitate first-time test taking success on the NBCOT certification examination

  20. When will I succeed in my first-year diploma? Survival analysis in Dutch higher education

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bruinsma, Marjon; Jansen, Ellen P. W. A.


    The goal of this study was to illustrate survival analysis with higher education data and gain insight into a limited set of factors that predict when students passed their first-year examination at a Dutch university. Study participants consisted of 565 first-year students in four departments. Data

  1. Surviving Sepsis Campaign

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rhodes, Andrew; Evans, Laura E; Alhazzani, Waleed


    OBJECTIVE: To provide an update to "Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2012". DESIGN: A consensus committee of 55 international experts representing 25 international organizations was convened. Nominal groups were assembled at key international meetings......, and to formulate recommendations as strong or weak, or best practice statement when applicable. RESULTS: The Surviving Sepsis Guideline panel provided 93 statements on early management and resuscitation of patients with sepsis or septic shock. Overall, 32 were strong recommendations, 39 were weak recommendations...... of care have relatively weak support, evidence-based recommendations regarding the acute management of sepsis and septic shock are the foundation of improved outcomes for these critically ill patients with high mortality....

  2. Surviving Sepsis Campaign

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rhodes, Andrew; Evans, Laura E; Alhazzani, Waleed


    OBJECTIVE: To provide an update to "Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2012." DESIGN: A consensus committee of 55 international experts representing 25 international organizations was convened. Nominal groups were assembled at key international meetings......, and to formulate recommendations as strong or weak, or best practice statement when applicable. RESULTS: The Surviving Sepsis Guideline panel provided 93 statements on early management and resuscitation of patients with sepsis or septic shock. Overall, 32 were strong recommendations, 39 were weak recommendations...... of care have relatively weak support, evidence-based recommendations regarding the acute management of sepsis and septic shock are the foundation of improved outcomes for these critically ill patients with high mortality....

  3. Cracking the survival code (United States)

    Füllgrabe, Jens; Heldring, Nina; Hermanson, Ola; Joseph, Bertrand


    Modifications of histones, the chief protein components of the chromatin, have emerged as critical regulators of life and death. While the “apoptotic histone code” came to light a few years ago, accumulating evidence indicates that autophagy, a cell survival pathway, is also heavily regulated by histone-modifying proteins. In this review we describe the emerging “autophagic histone code” and the role of histone modifications in the cellular life vs. death decision. PMID:24429873

  4. Artillery Survivability Model (United States)


    experiment mode also enables users to set their own design of experiment by manipulating an editable CSV file. The second one is a real-time mode that...renders a 3D virtual environment of a restricted battlefield where the survivability movements of an artillery company are visualized . This mode...provides detailed visualization of the simulation and enables future experimental uses of the simulation as a training tool. 14. SUBJECT TERMS

  5. Challenging Identities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    , cultural, and political practices. Notions of national identity and national politics are challenged by European integration, as well as by increasing demographic heterogeneity due to migration, and migrants experience conflicts of identification stemming from clashes between cultural heritage...... and the cultures of the new habitat. European horizons—frames of mind, historical memories, and expectations at the level of groups or communities, at the national level, and at the general European level—are at odds. Analyzing a series of issues in European countries from Turkey to Spain and from Scandinavia...

  6. The challenge (United States)

    Freeman, Roger L.


    Radio systems in space are on the brink of achieving throughout data rates in the hundred of megabits. At present, radio systems operate below 60 GHz and are the traditional workhorses of satellite communications. Legal constraints and the laws of physics limit data rates on the systems. It is maintained that the challenge to provide high technology tools to develop viable high-data-rate space transmission systems can be met before the next century if three optical system and technology issues are overcome. In declining order of importance, the issues are: precise optical pointing, acquisition, and tracking; efficient laser diode optical sources producing sufficient output power; and advanced optical detector technology.

  7. Challenged Pragmatism

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christoffersen, Lisbet; Vinding, Niels Valdemar


    Against the backdrop of a well-regulated and pragmatic Danish labour market, the question of reasonable accommodation is discussed on the basis of current legislation, recent legal cases and substantial interview material drawn from the RELIGARE sociolegal research done in Denmark. Employees...... of religious faith have made religious claims and thereby challenged a secular understanding of the Danish labour market. This raises the question of the extent to which the religion of the individual can be accepted in the general public sphere. At the same time, religious ethos organisations have argued...

  8. Survival analysis models and applications

    CERN Document Server

    Liu, Xian


    Survival analysis concerns sequential occurrences of events governed by probabilistic laws.  Recent decades have witnessed many applications of survival analysis in various disciplines. This book introduces both classic survival models and theories along with newly developed techniques. Readers will learn how to perform analysis of survival data by following numerous empirical illustrations in SAS. Survival Analysis: Models and Applications: Presents basic techniques before leading onto some of the most advanced topics in survival analysis.Assumes only a minimal knowledge of SAS whilst enablin

  9. Creep Deformation and Rupture Behavior of Single- and Dual-Pass 316LN Stainless-Steel-Activated TIG Weld Joints (United States)

    Vijayanand, V. D.; Vasudevan, M.; Ganesan, V.; Parameswaran, P.; Laha, K.; Bhaduri, A. K.


    Creep deformation and rupture behavior of single-pass and dual-pass 316LN stainless steel (SS) weld joints fabricated by an autogenous activated tungsten inert gas welding process have been assessed by performing metallography, hardness, and conventional and impression creep tests. The fusion zone of the single-pass joint consisted of columnar zones adjacent to base metals with a central equiaxed zone, which have been modified extensively by the thermal cycle of the second pass in the dual-pass joint. The equiaxed zone in the single-pass joint, as well as in the second pass of the dual-pass joint, displayed the lowest hardness in the joints. In the dual-pass joint, the equiaxed zone of the first pass had hardness comparable to the columnar zone. The hardness variations in the joints influenced the creep deformation. The equiaxed and columnar zone in the first pass of the dual-pass joint was more creep resistant than that of the second pass. Both joints possessed lower creep rupture life than the base metal. However, the creep rupture life of the dual-pass joint was about twofolds more than that of the single-pass joint. Creep failure in the single-pass joint occurred in the central equiaxed fusion zone, whereas creep cavitation that originated in the second pass was blocked at the weld pass interface. The additional interface and strength variation between two passes in the dual-pass joint provides more restraint to creep deformation and crack propagation in the fusion zone, resulting in an increase in the creep rupture life of the dual-pass joint over the single-pass joint. Furthermore, the differences in content, morphology, and distribution of delta ferrite in the fusion zone of the joints favors more creep cavitation resistance in the dual-pass joint over the single-pass joint with the enhancement of creep rupture life.

  10. Data Challenges

    CERN Multimedia

    McCubbin, N A

    Some two years ago we planned a series of Data Challenges starting at the end of 2001. At the time, that seemed to be comfortingly far in the future... Well, as the saying goes, doesn't time fly when you are having fun! ATLAS Computing is now deep in the throes of getting the first Data Challenge (DC0) up and running. One of the main aims of DC0 is to have a software 'release' in which we can generate full physics events, track all particles through the detector, simulate the detector response, reconstruct the event, and study it, with appropriate data storage en route. As all software is "always 95% ready" (!), we have been able to do most of this, more or less, for some time. But DC0 forces us to have everything working, together, at the same time: a reality check. DC0 should finish early next year, and it will be followed almost immediately afterwards by DC1 (DC0 was foreseen as the 'check' for DC1). DC1 will last into the middle of 2002, and has two major goals. The first is generation, simulation, and r...

  11. Applied survival analysis using R

    CERN Document Server

    Moore, Dirk F


    Applied Survival Analysis Using R covers the main principles of survival analysis, gives examples of how it is applied, and teaches how to put those principles to use to analyze data using R as a vehicle. Survival data, where the primary outcome is time to a specific event, arise in many areas of biomedical research, including clinical trials, epidemiological studies, and studies of animals. Many survival methods are extensions of techniques used in linear regression and categorical data, while other aspects of this field are unique to survival data. This text employs numerous actual examples to illustrate survival curve estimation, comparison of survivals of different groups, proper accounting for censoring and truncation, model variable selection, and residual analysis. Because explaining survival analysis requires more advanced mathematics than many other statistical topics, this book is organized with basic concepts and most frequently used procedures covered in earlier chapters, with more advanced topics...

  12. The thermal performance of the two-pass, two-glass-cover solar air heater

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Persad, P.; Sateunanathan, S.


    Analytic models are developed for the performance prediction of a two-glass-cover solar air heater operated in both the single-pass and two-pass modes. It is shown that the two-pass mode of operation is superior to the single-pass mode of operation over the range of collector inlet temperatures considered. This is seen to be mainly due to the fact that, in the two-pass mode of operation, the outer glass cover is cooled by the working fluid, thereby reducing the top losses. It is also shown that the performance in the two-pass mode of operation is independent of length, over the range of collector lengths considered, and that a critical plate spacing, dependent on the temperature level of operation of the collector, is indicated. Predicted values of performance are in good agreement with experimental results.

  13. Energy savings from transit passes : an evaluation of the University at Buffalo NFTA transit pass program for students, faculty, and staff. (United States)


    The University Transportation Research Center Region 2 supported a study entitled Connections Beyond Campus: An Evaluation of the Niagara Frontier Transportation : Authority University at Buffalo Transit Pass Program. Unlimited Access t...

  14. Challenging makerspaces

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sandvik, Kjetil; Thestrup, Klaus

    . The Danish part of the project will be undertaken by a small network of partners: DOKK1, a public library and open urban space in Aarhus, that is experimenting with different kind of makerspaces, spaces and encounters between people, The LEGO-LAB situated at Computer Science, Aarhus University, that has......-8 will be developed through participation in creative activities in specially-designed spaces termed ‘makerspaces’. This paper discusses, develops and challenges this term in relation to Danish pedagogical traditions, to expanding makerspaces onto the internet and on how to combine narratives and construction...... developed a number of work space activities on children and technology and finally Katrinebjergskolen, a public school that has built a new multi-functional room, that among other things are meant for makerspaces and new combinations of media and materials. This group will work with the notion of Next...

  15. Challenges of the 21st Century Ghanaian Universities | Braimah ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    After going through a period of higher educational reforms, Ghanaian public Universities are now being challenged to determine their future survival. Understanding the challenges facing the Universities is one step forward in the development of the right strategic decisions. These challenges, which include Revenue ...

  16. Survival by Dialysis Modality-Who Cares? (United States)

    Lee, Martin B; Bargman, Joanne M


    In light of the recent emphasis on patient-centered outcomes and quality of life for patients with kidney disease, we contend that the nephrology community should no longer fund, perform, or publish studies that compare survival by dialysis modality. These studies have become redundant; they are methodologically limited, unhelpful in practice, and therefore a waste of resources. More than two decades of these publications show similar survival between patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis and those receiving thrice-weekly conventional hemodialysis, with differences only for specific subgroups. In clinical practice, modality choice should be individualized with the aim of maximizing quality of life, patient-reported outcomes, and achieving patient-centered goals. Expected survival is often irrelevant to modality choice. Even for the younger and fitter home hemodialysis population, quality of life, not just duration of survival, is a major priority. On the other hand, increasing evidence suggests that patients with ESRD continue to experience poor quality of life because of high symptom burden, unsolved clinical problems, and unmet needs. Patients care more about how they will live instead of how long. It is our responsibility to align our research with their needs. Only by doing so can we meet the challenges of ESRD patient care in the coming decades. Copyright © 2016 by the American Society of Nephrology.

  17. Computational Methods to Work as First-Pass Filter in Deleterious SNP Analysis of Alkaptonuria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Magesh


    Full Text Available A major challenge in the analysis of human genetic variation is to distinguish functional from nonfunctional SNPs. Discovering these functional SNPs is one of the main goals of modern genetics and genomics studies. There is a need to effectively and efficiently identify functionally important nsSNPs which may be deleterious or disease causing and to identify their molecular effects. The prediction of phenotype of nsSNPs by computational analysis may provide a good way to explore the function of nsSNPs and its relationship with susceptibility to disease. In this context, we surveyed and compared variation databases along with in silico prediction programs to assess the effects of deleterious functional variants on protein functions. In other respects, we attempted these methods to work as first-pass filter to identify the deleterious substitutions worth pursuing for further experimental research. In this analysis, we used the existing computational methods to explore the mutation-structure-function relationship in HGD gene causing alkaptonuria.

  18. Estimating forest biomass using repeat-pass polarimetric radar interferometry (United States)

    Lavalle, M.; Simard, M.; Hensley, S.


    Biomass is identified by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as an essential climate variable needed to reduce uncertainties in our knowledge of the climate system [1]. Radar remote sensing is the most suitable tool to measure and map Earth's forest biomass, but current methods are limited by saturation issues (backscatter-based methods) or by large uncertainties (interferometric volumetric correlation-based methods) [2]. Here, we developed a new method for estimating forest biomass, which overcomes these limitations. The method utilizes a repeat-pass polarimetric radar interferometer that measures the temporal-volumetric correlation between consecutive radar acquisitions. Using our physical model [3], we are able to relate a set of temporal-volumetric correlation samples (obtained for several combinations of wave polarizations) to important biophysical parameters of forests. We designed a model-based algorithm for parameters estimation that gives maps of forest tree height, using all available information returned by the polarimetric interferometer, including radar backscatter. Forest height estimated from simulated and actual radar UAVSAR data is found in agreement with forest height derived from lidar LVIS data. Height-biomass allometric equations, previously validated with ground observations, are used to estimate the aboveground biomass [4]. Our method allows quantifying the worldwide biomass distribution and monitoring biomass dynamic changes (e.g., deforestation). Future radar missions, such as the NASA/DESDynI, JAXA/ALOS-2 and ESA/BIOMASS can exploit this method [5]. Moreover, our theoretical modeling has unveiled new insights into the temporal decorrelation, such as the dependence on wave polarization and target structure [3], bringing benefits to all techniques exploiting radar time series, beyond the remote sensing of vegetated lands. [1] Second report on the Adequacy of the Global Observing System for Climate in Support of

  19. Hydrology of two Hillslope Streams, Polar Bear Pass, Nunavut, Canada (United States)

    de Miranda, N.; Young, K. L.


    Polar Bear Pass (PBP) is a large low-gradient wetland which spans east-west across the central part of Bathurst Island, in the Canadian High Arctic (75o44'N, 98o25'W). It is about 20 km long and about 4 km wide, dotted by ponds, two large lakes and is bordered by low-lying hills with an elevation of about 90 m. Valleys and incised streams ranging from single order to higher dissect the hills and act to channel meltwater, rainwater and nutrients into the low-lying wetland. While the biology of PBP is well known, its hydrology and future sustainability in response to climate warming is not clear. In 2007, we investigated the hydrology of channel snow in a single-order stream near base camp and in 2008; we expanded our study to include a 2nd order hillslope stream. In this study, we investigate the seasonal hydrology of two hillslope streams (small-0.2 km2, large-4.2 km2) from the end of winter to freeze-back. Eventually, we want to assess the importance of these lateral water sources in the resilience of this High Arctic wetland. Snowcover was thin in 2008 but summer precipitation was higher than normal for this polar desert environment (> 90 mm). Air temperatures were lower than in 2007 but above average for the area. The two hillslope watersheds depict nival regimes where snowmelt is a major component of the streamflow pattern, with diurnal pulses driven by meteorologic conditions (e.g. radiation receipt, Ta > 0oC). In the post- snowmelt period, streamflow was maintained in the large basin but not in the smaller one. The large basin had zones within its tributaries with thick organic material, ground ice and thin frost tables (ca. 0.40 m), which likely limited infiltration and water storage, prolonging streamflow. The small basin was largely devoid of vegetation and had a deep frost table (ca. 0.7 m). Streamflow did not occur until basin storage (e.g. soil moisture) was satisfied. Consequently, seasonal water budgets and runoff ratios for the two hillslope

  20. Intra- and intersession repeatability of a double-pass instrument. (United States)

    Vilaseca, Meritxell; Peris, Elvira; Pujol, Jaume; Borras, Rosa; Arjona, Montserrat


    To evaluate the intra- and intersession repeatability of the optical quality parameters provided by the Optical Quality Analysis System (OQAS), which is based on the double-pass technique. We performed optical quality measurements using the OQAS on 20 eyes of 10 healthy subjects who had best spectacle-corrected visual acuity of 20/20 or better. Measurements were performed by the same examiner in three different sessions that were separated by 10-min intervals. The subject's eye was realigned at the beginning of each session. During each session, three consecutive measurements were taken without realignment. The following optical quality parameters were analyzed: the modulation transfer function cutoff frequency (MTFcutoff), the Strehl ratio, the OQAS values (OV) at contrasts of 100%, 20%, and 9%, and the objective scatter index (OSI). The mean coefficients of repeatability obtained for the first session were 4.51 (MTFcutoff), 0.049 (Strehl ratio), 0.15 (OV 100%), 0.21 (OV 20%), 0.28 (OV 9%), and 0.11 (OSI), which were similar to those found in the second and third sessions. The confidence limits in the Bland and Altman charts when the intrasession repeatability was assessed (in a comparison of the first and second measurements of the first session) ranged from -3.16 to 3.94 (MTFcutoff), -0.060 to 0.069 (Strehl ratio), -0.12 to 0.18 (OV 100%), -0.20 to 0.23 (OV 20%), -0.29 to 0.27 (OV 9%), and -0.12 to 0.13 (OSI). The same limits when the intersession repeatability was assessed (in a comparison of the first and second sessions) ranged from -5.30 to 5.49 (MTFcutoff), -0.054 to 0.050 (Strehl ratio), -0.17 to 0.17 (OV 100%), -0.22 to 0.19 (OV 20%), -0.26 to 0.29 (OV 9%), and -0.12 to 0.13 (OSI). Our findings showed that OQAS is a clinical instrument with a good intra- and intersession repeatability and that the realignment of the eye does not introduce any additional variability in the measurements.

  1. Survival after blood transfusion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kamper-Jørgensen, Mads; Ahlgren, Martin; Rostgaard, Klaus


    of transfusion recipients in Denmark and Sweden followed for up to 20 years after their first blood transfusion. Main outcome measure was all-cause mortality. RESULTS: A total of 1,118,261 transfusion recipients were identified, of whom 62.0 percent were aged 65 years or older at the time of their first...... the SMR remained significantly 1.3-fold increased. CONCLUSION: The survival and relative mortality patterns among blood transfusion recipients were characterized with unprecedented detail and precision. Our results are relevant to assessments of the consequences of possible transfusion-transmitted disease...... as well as for cost-benefit estimation of new blood safety interventions....

  2. Nuclear War Survival Skills

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kearny, C.H.


    The purpose of this book is to provide Americans with information and instructions that will significantly increase their chances of surviving a possible nuclear attack. It brings together field-tested instructions that, if followed by a large fraction of Americans during a crisis that preceded an attack, could save millions of lives. The author is convinced that the vulnerability of our country to nuclear threat or attack must be reduced and that the wide dissemination of the information contained in this book would help achieve that objective of our overall defense strategy.

  3. Design of survivable networks

    CERN Document Server

    Stoer, Mechthild


    The problem of designing a cost-efficient network that survives the failure of one or more nodes or edges of the network is critical to modern telecommunications engineering. The method developed in this book is designed to solve such problems to optimality. In particular, a cutting plane approach is described, based on polyhedral combinatorics, that is ableto solve real-world problems of this type in short computation time. These results are of interest for practitioners in the area of communication network design. The book is addressed especially to the combinatorial optimization community, but also to those who want to learn polyhedral methods. In addition, interesting new research problemsare formulated.

  4. Static thermo-optic instability in double-pass fiber amplifiers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lægsgaard, Jesper


    A coupled-mode formalism, earlier used to describe transverse mode instabilities in single-pass optical fiber amplifiers, is extended to the case of double-pass amplifiers. Contrary to the single-pass case, it is shown that the thermo-optic nonlinearity can couple light at the same frequency...... for the static deformation is found to be several times lower than what is typically found for the dynamic modal instabilities observed in single-pass amplifiers. (C) 2016 Optical Society of America...

  5. Pengaruh metode pembelajaran drill, bermain, dan kelincahan terhadap kemampuan passing dalam permainan bola voli

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samsudin Samsudin


    This study aimed to determine: (1 the differences in the effect of drill learning methods and games learning methods on the increase of voleyball passing ability, (2 the differencess of the increase of the ability of passing volleyball between drill learning method students that have high agility and the games learning methods students who have high agility, (3 the differencess of the increase of the ability of passing volleyball between drill learning methods of students who have low agility and games learning methods of students who have low agility, and (4 the interaction between learning method and agility of the volleyball passing ability. This study was a quasi-experimental study with a quantitative approach. The population in this research is SMP Negeri I Ngaglik students who take part in extracurricular volleyball as many as 38 students. The research results show that: (1 there is a difference between the effect of drill learning methods and games learning methods in the ability to volleyball passing, (2 there is a differences in the increase of volleyball passing ability between drill learning methods students who have high agility and games learning methods that have high agility, (3 there is a difference in the increase of volleyball passing ability between drill learning methods students who have low agility and games learning methods that have low agility. (4 there is an interaction between learning method and agility of the volleyball passing ability. Keywords: drill learning methods, games learning methods, agility, the ability to passing, volleyball.

  6. Passing Success Percentages and Ball Possession Rates of Successful Teams in 2014 FIFA World Cup

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kemal GÖRAL


    Full Text Available This study was conducted to examine the ball possession and passing success percentage of successful teams in 2014 FIFA World Cup. The data were obtained from international TV channels publishing competitions and the database of the website of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association - FIFA through official overviews of the games. So the parameters such as ball possession percentages, passing attempted, passing success percentages, accurate and non-accurate passes of successful teams in matches were analyzed. These performance indicators were analyzed by e-Analyze Soccer computer program. The data obtained in this study was recorded in SPSS 16.0 program and interpreted by calculating frequency and percentage values. Ball possession percentages of the successful teams vary between 50.32% and 56.71%. Among 17102 passing attempts of successful teams, it was determined that 133378 were successful having a high rate of passing success such as 78.22%. As a result, in the organizations such as World Cup which elite athletes participated, while successful teams had high rates of the ball possession it can be said that having the ball in midfield and offensive region and passing attempt, successful passing scores, passing success percent at a high level are the most basic principles that bring success.

  7. Staff Specialist Survival Course (United States)


    The syllabus for this 4.5-day course addresses the challenges for today’s staff specialists and provides not only hands-on review of actual artifacts...but also case studies to enhance learners’ actual experiences. Background The course was designed to magnify the staff specialist’s skills in

  8. Surviving the deepening downturn (United States)

    Urs Buehlmann; Matt Bumgardner; Al Schuler; Jeff Crissey


    With the housing crisis having spread to the entire economy, woodworking companies face challenges to position themselves for future opportunities for profits and growth. What is the industry doing to sustain itself? As a follow-up to last year's survey, an exclusive study by Virginia Tech, the U.S. Forest Service and Modern Woodworking took an updated look at the...

  9. Scrapheap Challenge

    CERN Document Server


    Three British guys at CERN recently took a break from work to try their hand at Scrapheap Challenge. Shown on Channel 4 in the UK, it is a show where two teams must construct a machine for a specific task using only the junk they can scavenge from the scrap yard around them. And they have just 10 hours to build their contraption before it is put to the test. The first round, aired 19 September, pitted a team of three women, from the British Army's Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, against the CERN guys - the Up 'n Atoms: Ali Day, David McFarlane and James Ridewood. Each team, with the help of an appointed expert, had the task of making a giant, 3-metre self-propelled "bowling ball", to roll down a 50 metre bowling alley at skittles 4 metres high. The Up 'n Atoms' contraption featured a small car with a huge wheel on its back. Once up to speed, slamming on the brakes caused the wheel to roll over and take the car with it. On their very last run they managed to take out seven pins. Luckily, though, ...

  10. More efficient by-passes[in district heating networks]; Effektivare rundgaangar

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Naesholm, Karolina; Walletun, Haakan [ZW Energiteknik, Nykoeping (Sweden)


    In a majority of district heating distribution networks by-passes (between supply and return pipe) are installed in order to avoid system stops or risk for freezing in low flow sections in wintertime on one hand and for reason of supplying minimum design temperatures on the other hand. However, the choice of the by-pass valve type can influence the costs caused by the by-pass. Manually operated valves very often deliver higher flows than necessary for the intended service function. Too high by-pass flows result in unwanted high system temperatures, implying higher heat losses. Different local investigations have shown that it is possible to use instead thermostat-controlled valves resulting in important reductions of operating costs. The objective of this project was to elaborate a method for investigating by-passes in a systematic and methodical way, similarly how it is done for substations. Another objective was to raise the technical 'status' of the by-pass as a component. By-passes have a big impact on the distribution capacity of a network and hence should get more attention than normally is the case. In this report, different types of by-passes are described. Furthermore, also the way how different energy companies operate them is analysed. The project has among others resulted in a proposed operation and maintenance method for by-passes. This method can be summarised as follows: Make an inventory and documentation of all by-passes in a district heating network. Question the need for by-passes in every case, make flow calculations for the given point. To each motivated by-pass, a calculated design flow value should be assigned. Adjust the flow by means of a correct valve dimension. Install temperature sensors in fixed by-passes. Control each by-pass at least twice a year. Operate the system for periods with changed supply temperature and/or changed differential pressure and log the temperatures in different sections. Analyse sections in more detail

  11. A Study of Single Pass Ion Effects at the ALS

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Byrd, J.M.; Thomson, J.; /LBL, Berkeley; Chao, A.W.; Heifets, S.; Minty, M.G.; Seeman, J.T.; Stupakov, G.V.; Zimmermann, F.; /SLAC; Raubenheimer, T.O.; /CERN


    We report the results of experiments on a 'fast beam-ion instability' at the Advanced Light Source (ALS). This ion instability, which can arise even when the ions are not trapped over multiple beam passages, will likely be important for many future accelerators. In our experiments, we filled the ALS storage ring with helium gas, raising the pressure approximately two orders of magnitude above the nominal pressure. With gaps in the bunch train large enough to avoid conventional (multi-turn) ion trapping, we observed a factor of 2-3 increase in the vertical beam size along with coherent beam oscillations which increased along the bunch train. Ion trapping has long been recognized as a potential limitation in electron storage rings. The ions, generated by beam-gas collisions, become trapped in the negative potential of the beam and accumulate over multiple beam passages. The trapped ions are then observed to cause a number of deleterious effects such as an increasing beam phase space, a broadening and shifting of the beam transverse oscillation frequencies (tunes), collective beam instabilities, and beam lifetime reductions. All of these effects are of concern for the next generation of accelerators, such as the B-factories or damping rings for future linear colliders, which will store high beam currents with closely spaced bunches and ultra-low beam emittances. One of the standard solutions used to prevent ion trapping is to include a gap in the bunch train which is long compared to the bunch spacing. In this case, the ions are first strongly-focused by the passing electron bunches and then over-focused in the gap. With a sufficiently large gap, the ions can be driven to large amplitudes where they form a diffuse halo and do not affect the beam. In this paper, we describe experiments that study a new regime of transient ion instabilities predicted to arise in future electron storage rings, and linacs with bunch trains. These future rings and linacs, which


    Parekh, Niyati; Chandran, Urmila; Bandera, Elisa V.


    Although obesity is a well known risk factor for several cancers, its role on cancer survival is poorly understood. We conducted a systematic literature review to assess the current evidence evaluating the impact of body adiposity on the prognosis of the three most common obesity-related cancers: prostate, colorectal, and breast. We included 33 studies of breast cancer, six studies of prostate cancer, and eight studies of colorectal cancer. We note that the evidence over-represents breast cancer survivorship research and is sparse for prostate and colorectal cancers. Overall, most studies support a relationship between body adiposity and site-specific mortality or cancer progression. However, most of the research was not specifically designed to study these outcomes and, therefore, several methodological issues should be considered before integrating their results to draw conclusions. Further research is urgently warranted to assess the long-term impact of obesity among the growing population of cancer survivors. PMID:22540252

  13. Surviving relatives after suicide

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nørrelykke, Helle; Cohrt, Pernille

    suicide in Denmark. This means that at least 400 people undergo the trauma it is when one of their near relatives commits suicide. We also know that the loss from suicide involves a lot of conflicting feelings - like anger, shame, guilt and loss and that the lack of therapy/treatment of these difficult...... and conflicting feelings may result in pathological expansion of grief characterized by extremely reduced quality of life involving severe psychical and social consequences. Suicide a subject of taboo In the 1980s WHO drafted a health policy document (‘Health for all year 2000’) with 38 targets for attaining......We would like to focus on the surviving relatives after suicides, because it is generally accepted that it is especially difficult to recover after the loss from suicide and because we know as a fact that one suicide affects five persons on average. Every year approximately 700 people commit...

  14. Obesity in cancer survival. (United States)

    Parekh, Niyati; Chandran, Urmila; Bandera, Elisa V


    Although obesity is a well-known risk factor for several cancers, its role on cancer survival is poorly understood. We conducted a systematic literature review to assess the current evidence evaluating the impact of body adiposity on the prognosis of the three most common obesity-related cancers: prostate, colorectal, and breast. We included 33 studies of breast cancer, six studies of prostate cancer, and eight studies of colo-rectal cancer. We note that the evidence overrepresents breast cancer survivorship research and is sparse for prostate and colorectal cancers. Overall, most studies support a relationship between body adiposity and site-specific mortality or cancer progression. However, most of the research was not specifically designed to study these outcomes and, therefore, several methodological issues should be considered before integrating their results to draw conclusions. Further research is urgently warranted to assess the long-term impact of obesity among the growing population of cancer survivors.

  15. Candida survival strategies. (United States)

    Polke, Melanie; Hube, Bernhard; Jacobsen, Ilse D


    Only few Candida species, e.g., Candida albicans, Candida glabrata, Candida dubliniensis, and Candida parapsilosis, are successful colonizers of a human host. Under certain circumstances these species can cause infections ranging from superficial to life-threatening disseminated candidiasis. The success of C. albicans, the most prevalent and best studied Candida species, as both commensal and human pathogen depends on its genetic, biochemical, and morphological flexibility which facilitates adaptation to a wide range of host niches. In addition, formation of biofilms provides additional protection from adverse environmental conditions. Furthermore, in many host niches Candida cells coexist with members of the human microbiome. The resulting fungal-bacterial interactions have a major influence on the success of C. albicans as commensal and also influence disease development and outcome. In this chapter, we review the current knowledge of important survival strategies of Candida spp., focusing on fundamental fitness and virulence traits of C. albicans. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Psychology and survival. (United States)

    Phillips, D P; Ruth, T E; Wagner, L M


    We examined the deaths of 28,169 adult Chinese-Americans, and 412,632 randomly selected, matched controls coded "white" on the death certificate. Chinese-Americans, but not whites, die significantly earlier than normal (1.3-4.9 yr) if they have a combination of disease and birthyear which Chinese astrology and medicine consider ill-fated. The more strongly a group is attached to Chinese traditions, the more years of life are lost. Our results hold for nearly all major causes of death studied. The reduction in survival cannot be completely explained by a change in the behaviour of the Chinese patient, doctor, or death-registrar, but seems to result at least partly from psychosomatic processes.

  17. Energy and exergy analysis in double-pass solar air heater

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Abstract. In this study, an attempt is made to improve the energy and exergy performance of solar air heater by employing double pass with different absorber surface geometries (roughened, finned, and v-corrugated wire mesh) in the second pass, and also by mounting longitudinal fins in the back side of the absorber plate ...

  18. Reading Comprehension in University Students: Relevance of PASS Theory of Intelligence (United States)

    Georgiou, George K.; Das, J. P.


    We examined how Planning, Attention, Simultaneous and Successive (PASS) processes predict reading comprehension in a sample of university students (Study 1) and what PASS processes distinguish adults with and without reading difficulties (Study 2). In Study 1, 128 university students were tested on Das-Naglieri Cognitive Assessment System, reading…

  19. Impact of Online Summer Mathematics Bridge Program on Placement Scores and Pass Rates (United States)

    Frost, Jodi L.; Dreher, J. P.


    An online four-week summer mathematics bridge program was implemented at a Midwest university with historically low pass rates in College Algebra and Remedial Mathematics. Students who completed the four week program significantly increased their mathematics placement exam scores. These students also had a higher pass rate in their initial college…

  20. Audibility of high Q-factor all-pass components in HRTFs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Toledo, Daniela; Møller, Henrik


    Head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) can be decomposed into minimum phase, linear phase and all-pass components.  It is known that low Q-factor all-pass sections in HRTFs are audible as lateral shifts when the interaural group delay at low frequencies exceeds 30usec.  The goal of our investiga...

  1. Effect of pass schedule and groove design on the metal deformation ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    111–124 c Indian Academy of Sciences. Effect of pass schedule and groove design on the metal deformation of ... best product quality and yield. Keywords. Hot rolling; groove geometry; pass design; rolling load; FEM simulation. ..... the bloom were modelled using the Solid Edge software. The input parameters are given in ...

  2. Behavioral Coaching to Improve Offensive Line Pass-Blocking Skills of High School Football Athletes (United States)

    Stokes, John V.; Luiselli, James K.; Reed, Derek D.; Fleming, Richard K.


    We evaluated several behavioral coaching procedures for improving offensive line pass-blocking skills with 5 high school varsity football players. Pass blocking was measured during practice drills and games, and our intervention included descriptive feedback with and without video feedback and teaching with acoustical guidance (TAG). Intervention…

  3. The Grading Nemesis: An Historical Overview and a Current Look at Pass/Fail Grading. (United States)

    Weller, L. David


    A brief history of grading practices at American colleges and universities is given, along with results of a survey of the current uses of pass/fail grading. The pass/fail system is widely used for a limited number of elective courses. Its adoption peaked during the mid-1970s. (PP)

  4. Do cold, low salinity waters pass through the Indo-Sri Lanka Channel during winter?

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Rao, R.R.; Girishkumar, M.S.; Ravichandran, M.; Gopalakrishna, V.V.; Pankajakshan, T.

    as tracers to track any southward water flow through the Pamban Pass and Adam's Bridge in the ISLC. The analysis suggests that both the non-navigable shallow Pamban Pass and the Adam's Bridge in the ISLC act as barriers and limit the southward flow of cooler...

  5. South Africa?s Increased Matriculation Passes: What Skunks behind the Rose? (United States)

    Monyooe, Lebusa; Tjatji, Martin; Mosese, Eulenda


    This article argues that the exponential increases in the Grade 12 (Matriculation) passes post 1994 do not necessarily translate to quality because of the low performance norms and standards set for passing Grade 12. It further calls for a serious reflection and interrogation of existing policies on performance, benchmarks, teacher education…

  6. The effects of the Dutch museum pass on museum visits and museum revenues

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Werff, S.; Koopmans, C.; Boyer, C.


    The Dutch museum pass gives unlimited access for a year to most major Dutch museums and around the half of all Dutch museums for a fixed fee. The fee revenues are distributed among participating museums in proportion to the amount of visits by pass holders and their ticket prices. In this paper, it

  7. 76 FR 21338 - Reopening of Scoping Period for the Northern Pass Transmission Line Project Environmental Impact... (United States)


    ... Reopening of Scoping Period for the Northern Pass Transmission Line Project Environmental Impact Statement... (DOE) is reopening the public scoping period for the Northern Pass Transmission Line Project... construct, operate, maintain, and connect a new electric transmission line across the U.S.-Canada border in...

  8. 76 FR 34969 - Extension of Scoping Period for the Northern Pass Transmission Line Project Environmental Impact... (United States)


    ... Extension of Scoping Period for the Northern Pass Transmission Line Project Environmental Impact Statement... (DOE) is reopening the public scoping period for the Northern Pass Transmission Line Project..., operate, maintain, and connect a new electric transmission line across the U.S.-Canada border in northern...

  9. The aerodynamic effects of passing trains to surrounding objects and people (United States)


    Two safety issues are raised on the aerodynamic effects of a passing train on its surroundings. First, a high-speed train passing other trains on an adjacent track exerts aerodynamic pressure that can affect the structural integrity of window mount a...

  10. Effect of pass schedule and groove design on the metal deformation ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ... Refresher Courses · Symposia · Live Streaming. Home; Journals; Sadhana; Volume 41; Issue 1. Effect of pass schedule and groove design on the metal deformation of 38MnVS6 in the initial passes of hot rolling. R S Nalawade V R Marje G Balachandran V Balasubramanian. Volume 41 Issue 1 January 2016 pp 111-124 ...

  11. A Short Note on the Relationship between Pass Rate and Multiple Attempts (United States)

    Cheng, Ying; Liu, Cheng


    For a certification, licensure, or placement exam, allowing examinees to take multiple attempts at the test could effectively change the pass rate. Change in the pass rate can occur without any change in the underlying latent trait, and can be an artifact of multiple attempts and imperfect reliability of the test. By deriving formulae to compute…

  12. 78 FR 64531 - Notice of Proposed Withdrawal Extension, Sacramento Pass Recreation Area; Nevada (United States)


    ... Bureau of Land Management Notice of Proposed Withdrawal Extension, Sacramento Pass Recreation Area..., but not from leasing under the mineral leasing laws, to protect the Sacramento Pass Recreation Area... recreation opportunities such as hiking, horseback riding, and low-impact camping. The use of a right-of-way...

  13. 78 FR 72817 - Drawbridge Operation Regulation; Chef Menteur Pass, New Orleans, LA (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 117 Drawbridge Operation Regulation; Chef Menteur Pass, New Orleans, LA... across Chef Menteur Pass, mile 2.8, at New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. The deviation is necessary...

  14. Respectful Alignment of Programs as a Possible Factor in Remedial Writers' Pass Rates (United States)

    McDonald, Mary


    For over four years, students enrolled in remedial writing classes who attended eight writing center tutorials directly linked to their assignments had an average pass rate of 95.6 percent, whereas students who did not attend any writing center tutorials had an average pass rate of 39.4 percent. These correlations are just that--correlations that…

  15. Topical perfluorodecalin resolves immediate whitening reactions and allows rapid effective multiple pass treatment of tattoos. (United States)

    Reddy, Kavitha K; Brauer, Jeremy A; Anolik, Robert; Bernstein, Leonard; Brightman, Lori; Hale, Elizabeth; Karen, Julie; Weiss, Elliot; Geronemus, Roy G


    Laser tattoo removal using multiple passes per session, with each pass delivered after spontaneous resolution of whitening, improves tattoo fading in a 60-minute treatment time. Our objective was to evaluate the safety and efficacy of topical perfluorodecalin (PFD) in facilitating rapid effective multiple-pass tattoo removal. In a randomized, controlled study using Q-switched ruby or Nd:YAG laser, 22 previously treated tattoos were treated with 3 passes using PFD to resolve whitening after each pass ("R0 method"). In previously untreated symmetric tattoos, seven were treated over half of the tattoo with the R20 method, and the opposite half with 4 passes using PFD (R0 method); two were treated over half with a single pass and the opposite half with 4 passes using PFD (R0 method); and six treated over half with a single pass followed by PFD and the opposite half with a single pass alone. Blinded dermatologists rated tattoo fading at 1-3 months. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging of whitening was performed in two tattoos. Topical PFD clinically resolved immediate whitening reactions within a mean 5 seconds (range 3-10 seconds). Tattoos treated with the R0 method demonstrated excellent fading in an average total treatment time of 5 minutes. Tattoo areas treated with the R0 method demonstrated equal fading compared to the R20 method, and improved fading compared to a single pass method. OCT imaging of whitening demonstrated epidermal and dermal hyper-reflective "bubbles" that dissipated until absent at 9-10 minutes after PFD application, and at 20 minutes without intervention. Multiple-pass tattoo removal using PFD to deliver rapid sequential passes (R0 method) appears equally effective as the R20 method, in a total treatment time averaging 5 minutes, and more effective than single pass treatment. OCT-visualized whitening-associated "bubbles," upon treatment with PFD, resolve twice as rapidly as spontaneous resolution. Copyright © 2012 Wiley

  16. Residual stress reduction and fatigue strength improvement by controlling welding pass sequences

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mochizuki, Masahito; Hattori, Toshio; Nakakado, Kimiaki


    The effects of residual stress on fatigue strength at a weld toe in a multi-pass fillet weld joint were evaluated. The residual stresses in the weld joints were varied by controlling the sequence of welding passes. The residual stress at the weld toe was 80 MPa in the specimen whose last welding pass was on the main plate side, but it was 170 MPa in the specimen whose last pass was on the attachment side. The fatigue strength was nearly the same at high stress amplitude for both specimens, but the fatigue strength of the specimen whose last weld pass on the main plate was higher than that of the other specimen at low stress amplitude. This difference is due to the magnitude of the initial residual stress and the relaxation of the residual stress under fatigue cycling. The effects of the residual stress were shown in a modified Goodman diagram, in which residual stress is treated as a mean stress.

  17. Succession and survival in psychotherapy organizations. (United States)

    Khaleelee, Olya


    This paper examines the world of psychotherapy by applying a systemic and psychodynamic understanding of the family business as a way of understanding the dilemmas and challenges of leadership succession. Oedipal factors are explored as an important theme within the succession process. This exploration is set within the context of what function psychotherapy has performed in society over the last thirty years. The hypothesis is that the first generation of leaders aimed to provide containment for the individual citizen at a time of failed dependency in society. The suggestion is that this gave way to the primary task for the second generation, which has been to focus on the therapist in training. The challenge for the third generation is to develop a meaningful role for psychotherapy today and to ensure survival at a time when other shorter therapies such as CBT are gaining ascendancy over longer term psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

  18. A swath across the great divide: Kelp forests across the Samalga Pass biogeographic break (United States)

    Konar, Brenda; Edwards, Matthew S.; Bland, Aaron; Metzger, Jacob; Ravelo, Alexandra; Traiger, Sarah; Weitzman, Ben


    Biogeographic breaks are often described as locations where a large number of species reach their geographic range limits. Samalga Pass, in the eastern Aleutian Archipelago, is a known biogeographic break for the spatial distribution of several species of offshore-pelagic communities, including numerous species of cold-water corals, zooplankton, fish, marine mammals, and seabirds. However, it remains unclear whether Samalga Pass also serves as a biogeographic break for nearshore benthic communities. The occurrence of biogeographic breaks across multiple habitats has not often been described. In this study, we examined if the biogeographic break for offshore-pelagic communities applies to nearshore kelp forests. To examine whether Samalga Pass serves as a biogeographic break for kelp forest communities, this study compared abundance, biomass and percent bottom cover of species associated with kelp forests on either side of the pass. We observed marked differences in kelp forest community structure, with some species reaching their geographic range limits on the opposing sides of the pass. In particular, the habitat-forming kelp Nereocystis luetkeana, and the predatory sea stars Pycnopodia helianthoides and Orthasterias koehleri all occurred on the eastern side of Samalga Pass but were not observed west of the pass. In contrast, the sea star Leptasterias camtschatica dispar was observed only on the western side of the pass. We also observed differences in overall abundance and biomass of numerous associated fish, invertebrate and macroalgal species on opposing sides of the pass. We conclude that Samalga Pass is important biogeographic break for kelp forest communities in the Aleutian Archipelago and may demark the geographic range limits of several ecologically important species.

  19. A swath across the great divide: Kelp forests across the Samalga Pass biogeographic break (United States)

    Konar, Brenda H.; Edwards, Matthew S.; Bland, Aaron; Metzger, Jacob; Ravelo, Alexandra; Traiger, Sarah; Weitzman, Ben P.


    Biogeographic breaks are often described as locations where a large number of species reach their geographic range limits. Samalga Pass, in the eastern Aleutian Archipelago, is a known biogeographic break for the spatial distribution of several species of offshore-pelagic communities, including numerous species of cold-water corals, zooplankton, fish, marine mammals, and seabirds. However, it remains unclear whether Samalga Pass also serves as a biogeographic break for nearshore benthic communities. The occurrence of biogeographic breaks across multiple habitats has not often been described. In this study, we examined if the biogeographic break for offshore-pelagic communities applies to nearshore kelp forests. To examine whether Samalga Pass serves as a biogeographic break for kelp forest communities, this study compared abundance, biomass and percent bottom cover of species associated with kelp forests on either side of the pass. We observed marked differences in kelp forest community structure, with some species reaching their geographic range limits on the opposing sides of the pass. In particular, the habitat-forming kelp Nereocystis luetkeana, and the predatory sea stars Pycnopodia helianthoides and Orthasterias koehleri all occurred on the eastern side of Samalga Pass but were not observed west of the pass. In contrast, the sea star Leptasterias camtschatica dispar was observed only on the western side of the pass. We also observed differences in overall abundance and biomass of numerous associated fish, invertebrate and macroalgal species on opposing sides of the pass. We conclude that Samalga Pass is important biogeographic break for kelp forest communities in the Aleutian Archipelago and may demark the geographic range limits of several ecologically important species.

  20. A population study of golden eagles in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource area. Second-year progress report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Since January 1994, the Predatory Bird Research Group, University of California, Santa Cruz, has been conducting a field investigation of the ecology of golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in the vicinity of the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area (WRA). The 190 km{sup 2} facility lies just east of San Francisco Bay in California and contains about 6,500 wind turbines. Grassland and oak savanna habitats surrounding the WRA support a substantial resident population of golden eagles. Each year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service receivers reports from the wind industry of about 30 golden eagle casualties occurring at the WRA, and it is probable that many more carcasses go unnoticed. Over 90 percent of the casualties are attributed to collisions with wind turbines. The main purpose of this study is to estimate the effect of turbine-related mortality on the golden eagle population of the area. Assessing the impact of the WRA kills on the population requires quantification of both survival and reproduction. To estimate survival rates of both territorial and non-territorial golden eagles, we tagged 179 individuals with radio-telemetry transmitters expected to function for about four years and equipped with mortality sensors. Population segments represented in the tagged sample include 79 juveniles, 45 subadults, 17n floaters (non-territorial adults), and 38 breeders. Effective sample sizes in the older segments increase as younger eagles mature or become territorial. Since the beginning of the study, we have conducted weekly roll-call surveys by airplane to locate the tagged eagles in relation to the WRA and to monitor their survival. The surveyed area extends from the Oakland Hills southeast through the Diablo Mountain Range to San Luis Reservoir about 75 km southeast of the WRA. The surveys show that breeding eagles rarely enter the WRA while the non-territorial eagles tend to move about freely throughout the study area and often visit the WRA.

  1. Unix Survival Guide. (United States)

    Stein, Lincoln D


    Most bioinformatics software has been designed to run on Linux and other Unix-like systems. Unix is different from most desktop operating systems because it makes extensive use of a text-only command-line interface. It can be a challenge to become familiar with the command line, but once a person becomes used to it, there are significant rewards, such as the ability to string a commonly used series of commands together with a script. This appendix will get you started with the command line and other Unix essentials. Copyright © 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  2. Performance of a surface bypass structure to enhance juvenile steelhead passage and survival at Lower Granite Dam, Washington (United States)

    Adams, Noah S.; Plumb, John M.; Perry, Russell W.; Rondorf, Dennis W.


    An integral part of efforts to recover stocks of Pacific salmon Oncorhynchus spp. and steelhead O. mykiss in Pacific Northwest rivers is to increase passage efficacy and survival of juveniles past hydroelectric dams. As part of this effort, we evaluated the efficacy of a prototype surface bypass structure, the removable spillway weir (RSW), installed in a spillbay at Lower Granite Dam, Washington, on the Snake River during 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2006. Radio-tagged juvenile steelhead were released upstream from the dam and their route of passage through the turbines, juvenile bypass, spillway, or RSW was recorded. The RSW was operated in an on-or-off condition and passed 3–13% of the total discharge at the dam when it was on. Poisson rate models were fit to the passage counts of hatchery- and natural-origin juvenile steelhead to predict the probability of fish passing the dam. Main-effect predictor variables were RSW operation, diel period, day of the year, proportion of flow passed by the spillway, and total discharge at the dam. The combined fish passage through the RSW and spillway was 55–85% during the day and 37–61% during the night. The proportion of steelhead passing through nonturbine routes was 95% when the RSW was on during the day. The ratio of the proportion of steelhead passed to the proportion of water passing the RSW was from 6.3:1 to 10.0:1 during the day and from 2.7:1 to 5.2:1 during the night. Steelhead passing through the RSW exited the tailrace about 15 min faster than fish passing through the spillway. Mark–recapture single-release survival estimates for steelhead passing the RSW ranged from 0.95 to 1.00. The RSW appeared to be an effective bypass structure compared with other routes of fish passage at the dam.

  3. Survival and Passage of Yearling and Subyearling Chinook Salmon and Juvenile Steelhead at McNary Dam, 2012

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hughes, James S. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Weiland, Mark A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Woodley, Christa M. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Ploskey, Gene R. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Carpenter, Scott M. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Hennen, Matthew J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Fischer, Eric S. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Batton, George [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Carlson, Thomas J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Cushing, Aaron W. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Deng, Zhiqun [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Etherington, D. J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Fu, Tao [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Greiner, Michael J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Ingraham, John M. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Kim, Jin A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Li, Xi [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Martinez, Jayson J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Mitchell, T. D. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Rayamajhi, Bishes [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Seaburg, Adam [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Skalski, J. R. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Townsend, Richard L. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Wagner, Katie A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Zimmerman, Shon A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    The study was designed to evaluate the passage and survival of yearling and subyearling Chinook salmon and juvenile steelhead at McNary Dam as stipulated by the 2008 Biological Opinion and Fish Accords and to assess performance measures including route-specific fish passage proportions, travel times, and survival based upon a virtual/paired-release model. This study supports the USACE’s continual effort to improve conditions for juvenile anadromous fish passing through Columbia River dams.

  4. Survival assays using Caenorhabditis elegans. (United States)

    Park, Hae-Eun H; Jung, Yoonji; Lee, Seung-Jae V


    Caenorhabditis elegans is an important model organism with many useful features, including rapid development and aging, easy cultivation, and genetic tractability. Survival assays using C. elegans are powerful methods for studying physiological processes. In this review, we describe diverse types of C. elegans survival assays and discuss the aims, uses, and advantages of specific assays. C. elegans survival assays have played key roles in identifying novel genetic factors that regulate many aspects of animal physiology, such as aging and lifespan, stress response, and immunity against pathogens. Because many genetic factors discovered using C. elegans are evolutionarily conserved, survival assays can provide insights into mechanisms underlying physiological processes in mammals, including humans.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This report highlights the challenges posed by the management of the second surviving quintuplet delivery in Nigeria at the. University of Benin Teaching ... But with subsequent poor political leadership in the country, these infrastructures .... We had to fall back to doing what we were able to do in the circumstances we found ...

  6. Surviving a Suicide Attempt

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmed Al-Harrasi


    Full Text Available Suicide is a global phenomenon in all regions of the world affecting people of all age groups. It has detrimental consequences on patients, their families, and the community as a whole. There have been numerous risk factors described for suicide including mental illness, stressful life situations, loss of social support, and general despair. The association of suicide with Islam has not been extensively studied. The common impression from clinical practice is that being a practicing Muslim reduces the risk of suicide. Another factor associated with suicide is starting a patient on antidepressants. However, this has been questioned recently. This report describes a middle-aged man with depression and multiple social stressors who survived a serious suicide attempt. The discussion will focus on the factors that lead him to want to end his life and the impact of the assumed protective factors such as religious belief and family support on this act of self-harm. Such patients can be on the edge when there is an imbalance between risk factors (such as depression, insomnia, and psychosocial stressors and protective factors (like religious affiliation and family support. All physicians are advised to assess the suicide risk thoroughly in patients with depression regardless of any presumed protective factor.

  7. Surviving a Suicide Attempt. (United States)

    Al-Harrasi, Ahmed; Al Maqbali, Mandhar; Al-Sinawi, Hamed


    Suicide is a global phenomenon in all regions of the world affecting people of all age groups. It has detrimental consequences on patients, their families, and the community as a whole. There have been numerous risk factors described for suicide including mental illness, stressful life situations, loss of social support, and general despair. The association of suicide with Islam has not been extensively studied. The common impression from clinical practice is that being a practicing Muslim reduces the risk of suicide. Another factor associated with suicide is starting a patient on antidepressants. However, this has been questioned recently. This report describes a middle-aged man with depression and multiple social stressors who survived a serious suicide attempt. The discussion will focus on the factors that lead him to want to end his life and the impact of the assumed protective factors such as religious belief and family support on this act of self-harm. Such patients can be on the edge when there is an imbalance between risk factors (such as depression, insomnia, and psychosocial stressors) and protective factors (like religious affiliation and family support). All physicians are advised to assess the suicide risk thoroughly in patients with depression regardless of any presumed protective factor.

  8. Investigation of the effects of sleeper-passing impacts on the high-speed train (United States)

    Wu, Xingwen; Cai, Wubin; Chi, Maoru; Wei, Lai; Shi, Huailong; Zhu, Minhao


    The sleeper-passing impact has always been considered negligible in normal conditions, while the experimental data obtained from a High-speed train in a cold weather expressed significant sleeper-passing impacts on the axle box, bogie frame and car body. Therefore, in this study, a vertical coupled vehicle/track dynamic model was developed to investigate the sleeper-passing impacts and its effects on the dynamic performance of the high-speed train. In the model, the dynamic model of vehicle is established with 10 degrees of freedom. The track model is formulated with two rails supported on the discrete supports through the finite element method. The contact forces between the wheel and rail are estimated using the non-linear Hertz contact theory. The parametric studies are conducted to analyse effects of both the vehicle speeds and the discrete support stiffness on the sleeper-passing impacts. The results show that the sleeper-passing impacts become extremely significant with the increased support stiffness of track, especially when the frequencies of sleeper-passing impacts approach to the resonance frequencies of wheel/track system. The damping of primary suspension can effectively lower the magnitude of impacts in the resonance speed ranges, but has little effect on other speed ranges. Finally, a more comprehensively coupled vehicle/track dynamic model integrating with a flexible wheel set is developed to discuss the sleeper-passing-induced flexible vibration of wheel set.

  9. Adapting the I-PASS Handoff Program for Emergency Department Inter-Shift Handoffs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James A Heilman


    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION: Academic emergency department (ED handoffs are high-risk transfer of care events. Emergency medicine residents are inadequately trained to handle these vital transitions. We aimed to explore what modifications the I-PASS (illness severity, patient summary, action list, situation awareness and contingency plans, and synthesis by receiver handoff system requires to be effectively modified for use in ED inter-shift handoffs. METHODS: This mixed-method needs assessment conducted at an academic ED explored the suitability of the I-PASS system for ED handoffs. We conducted a literature review, focus groups, and then a survey. We sought to identify the distinctive elements of ED handoffs and discern how these could be incorporated into the I-PASS system. RESULTS: Focus group participants agreed the patient summary should be adapted to include anticipated disposition of patient. Participants generally endorsed the order and content of the other elements of the I-PASS tool. The survey yielded several wording changes to reflect contextual differences. Themes from all qualitative sources converged to suggest changes for brevity and clarity. Most participants agreed that the I-PASS tool would be well suited to the ED setting. CONCLUSION: With modifications for context, brevity, and clarity, the I-PASS system may be well suited for application to the ED setting. This study provides qualitative data in support of using the I-PASS tool and concrete suggestions for how to modify the I-PASS tool for the ED. Implementation and outcome research is needed to investigate if the I-PASS tool is feasible and improves patient outcomes in the ED environment.

  10. Pass Completion Rate and Match Outcome at the World Cup in Brazil in 2014

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Król Michał


    Full Text Available Introduction. Having possession of the ball makes it possible for the players of a team to undertake a greater number of actions that can help the team win the match. The aim of the current study was to determine the number and completion rate of passes made from different distances in relation to percentage ball possession and the outcome of the match in the group stage of the FIFA World Cup held in Brazil in 2014. Material and methods. The study included 32 teams who participated in the final tournament. The performance of 266 players (682 observations who played 48 matches in the group stage was examined. Only players who took part in the entire match were included in the research, and goal-keepers were excluded. The data used in the study, which had been recorded by means of the Castrol Performance Index system, were obtained from the FIFA official website. The total number of passes and the percentage of completed passes were analysed, which were classified as short, medium, and long, in relation to the team’s percentage possession of the ball (over and below 50% and the outcome of the match (win, loss, or draw. Results. Out of the three types of passes which were examined in the study, teams playing in the World Cup in Brazil most often made medium passes. The number of these passes was the highest in matches won. These matches were also characterised by a significantly higher percentage of completed long passes. Conclusions. Players from teams who were in possession of the ball more than 50% of the time performed a higher number of all types of passes, regardless of the outcome of the match. The completion rate for these players was significantly higher only for short and medium passes.

  11. Pressure drop and mass transfer in two-pass ribbed channels (United States)

    Chandra, P. R.; Han, J. C.


    The combined effects of the sharp 180-deg turn and of the rib configuration on the pressure drop and mass transfer characteristics in a two-pass square channel with a pair of opposite rib-roughened walls (to simulate turbine airfoil cooling passages) were determined for a Reynolds number range of 10,000-60,000. Heat transfer enhancements were compared for the first pass and for the two-pass channel with the sharp 180-deg turn. Correlations for the fully-developed friction factors and loss coefficients were obtained.

  12. By-Pass Diode Temperature Tests of a Solar Array Coupon under Space Thermal Environment Conditions (United States)

    Wright, Kenneth H.; Schneider, Todd A.; Vaughn, Jason A.; Hoang, Bao; Wong, Frankie; Wu, Gordon


    By-Pass diodes are a key design feature of solar arrays and system design must be robust against local heating, especially with implementation of larger solar cells. By-Pass diode testing was performed to aid thermal model development for use in future array designs that utilize larger cell sizes that result in higher string currents. Testing was performed on a 56-cell Advanced Triple Junction solar array coupon provided by SSL. Test conditions were vacuum with cold array backside using discrete by-pass diode current steps of 0.25 A ranging from 0 A to 2.0 A.

  13. Pulse propagation in a two-pass optical amplifier with arbitrary laser beams overlap

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    AH Farahbod


    Full Text Available An analytical model for two-pass optical amplifier with arbitrary beams overlap has been developed which generalized the classical theory of Frantz-Nodvik for single pass amplifier. The effect of counterpropagating beams on gain and output energy fluence included in the model. Moreover, the appropriate limiting relations for two special cases of weak input signal and saturation state of the amplifier gain have been derived. The results indicate that for complete beams overlap, the gain and output energy have the least values. The model predictions are consistent with experimental observations and exact analytical model for two-pass amplifier when beam propagation paths are coincided.

  14. Blind Demodulation of Pass Band OFDMA Signals and Jamming Battle Damage Assessment Utilizing Link Adaptation (United States)


    declared a work of the U.S. Government and is not subject to copyright protection in the United States. AFIT-ENG-14-M-65 BLIND DEMODULATION OF PASS BAND...ratio of the required pass band sampling period and base band sampling period. The pass band sampling period can be defined as TPB = 1 fc + OFDMABW2...sampling rate, L, is L = ⌈ TPB TS ⌉ . (2.15) where ⌈·⌉ is the ceiling operator. Given the up sampling rate the base band OFDMA time sequence x[n], sampled

  15. High-level message-passing constructs for Zipcode 1.0: Design and implementation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Smith, S.G.; Falgout, R.D.; Still, C.H. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab., CA (United States); Skjellum, A. [Mississippi State Univ., MS (United States). Dept. of Computer Science


    Zipcode is a message passing system that was initially designed for multicomputers and homogeneous networks of computers. This paper describes Zipcode ``invoices,`` which raise the message-passing interface of Zipcode to a higher level of abstraction. The ``gather-send`` and ``receive-scatter`` semantics enable heterogeneous communication. The higher level of abstraction also simplifies message passing and reveals more optimizations. We explain the utility of these features and give examples of the calling sequences that implement them. All of these features are seen as enablers for parallel library development and large applications.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuli Fajaryani


    Full Text Available Classroom Action Research was conducted in order to determine Improved learning outcomes through learning Passing on Heat ball game on fourth grade students of SDN 02 Jajarwayang Bojong District of Pekalongan in the Academic Year 2013/2014. This study uses action research. The results showed that the learning outcomes through a learning game passing over hot ball can attract students so not boring, it is seen on mastery learning outcomes of students who exceed a predetermined KKM has increased by 70 in the first cycle in the form of mastery learning reached 37% while on cycle II passing grade is 86%.

  17. The impact of avoiding cardiopulmonary by-pass during coronary artery bypass surgery in elderly patients: the Danish On-pump Off-pump Randomisation Study (DOORS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schmidt Thomas


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Coronary Artery Bypass Graft operation for ischemic heart disease provides improved quality of life and, in some patients, prolonged survival. Concern has, however, been raised about complications that may be related to the use of cardiopulmonary by-pass (CPB and aortic cross-clamping. It has been hypothesized that when coronary artery by-pass grafting is performed without the use of CPB, the rate of serious complications is reduced. Methods/Design The trial is designed as an open, randomized, controlled, clinical trial with blinded assessment of end-points. Patients at or above 70 years of age, referred for surgical myocardial revascularisation, are included and randomised to receive coronary artery by-pass grafting either with or without the use of CPB and aortic cross-clamping. Follow-up is performed by clinical, biochemical, electrocardiographic, and angiographic data that are evaluated by independent committees that are blinded with respect to the result of the randomisation. End points include mortality, stroke, myocardial infarction, graft patency, quality of life, and cost-effectiveness. The trial is performed in four different Danish, cardiac surgery centres. Trial registration NCT00123981

  18. Soil Moisture Active and Passive (SMAP) White-Painted Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Radome Survivability Test (United States)

    Mikhaylov, Rebecca; Kwack, Eug; Stegman, Matthew; Dawson, Douglas; Hoffman, Pamela


    NASA's SMAP Mission launched in January 2015 into a 685 km near-polar, sun-synchronous orbit. The SMAP instrument architecture incorporates an L-band radar and radiometer which share a common feedhorn and mesh reflector. The instrument rotates about the nadir axis at approximately 15 rpm, thereby providing a conically scanning wide swath antenna beam that is capable of achieving global coverage within three days. The radiometer and its associated electronics have tight thermal stability requirements in order to meet the required surface emittance measurement precision from space. Maintaining the thermal stabilities is quite challenging because the radiometer is located on a spinning platform that can either be in full sunlight or eclipse, and thus exposed to a highly transient environment. Stability requirements were met by integrating a light-weight Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) radome into the design to prevent solar illumination of the feed horn interior. The radome was painted white since the thermo-optical properties of bare sunlit EPS degrade rapidly over the three-year mission. Milling of the EPS and solvent within the white paint created cavities on the EPS surface which may introduce localized hot spots possibly violating the EPS glass transition temperature of 96degC and leading to structural integrity concerns. A three-day thermal test was conducted in a vacuum chamber to verify survivability of the radome during a simulated non-spin fault condition at end of mission. A portable solar simulator illuminated the test article and the beam irradiance was kept nearly constant during the entire 50 hour test, except during the first hour which simulated the expected 79degC on-orbit surface temperature of the radome. The test article survived based on the established pass criteria for three separate metrics: dimensional, optical property, and color. If any hot spots exist locally, they did not cause any observable permanent deformation when compared to pre- and

  19. Survival After Relapse of Medulloblastoma. (United States)

    Koschmann, Carl; Bloom, Karina; Upadhyaya, Santhosh; Geyer, J Russell; Leary, Sarah E S


    Survival after recurrence of medulloblastoma has not been reported in an unselected cohort of patients in the contemporary era. We reviewed 55 patients diagnosed with medulloblastoma between 2000 and 2010, and treated at Seattle Children's Hospital to evaluate patterns of relapse treatment and survival. Fourteen of 47 patients (30%) over the age of 3 experienced recurrent or progressive medulloblastoma after standard therapy. The median time from diagnosis to recurrence was 18.0 months (range, 3.6 to 62.6 mo), and site of recurrence was metastatic in 86%. The median survival after relapse was 10.3 months (range, 1.3 to 80.5 mo); 3-year survival after relapse was 18%. There were trend associations between longer survival and having received additional chemotherapy (median survival 12.8 vs. 1.3 mo, P=0.16) and radiation therapy (15.4 vs. 5.9 mo, P=0.20). Isolated local relapse was significantly associated with shorter survival (1.3 vs. 12.8 mo, P=0.009). Recurrence of medulloblastoma is more likely to be metastatic than reported in previous eras. Within the limits of our small sample, our data suggest a potential survival benefit from retreatment with cytotoxic chemotherapy and radiation even in heavily pretreated patients. This report serves as a baseline against which to evaluate novel therapy combinations.

  20. Factors Affecting Route Selection and Survival of Steelhead Kelts at Snake River Dams in 2012 and 2013

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Harnish, Ryan A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Colotelo, Alison HA [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Li, Xinya [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Ham, Kenneth D. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Deng, Zhiqun [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    In 2012 and 2013, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory conducted a study that summarized the passage proportions and route-specific survival rates of steelhead kelts that passed through Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS) dams. To accomplish this, a total of 811 steelhead kelts were tagged with Juvenile Salmon Acoustic Telemetry System (JSATS) transmitters. Acoustic receivers, both autonomous and cabled, were deployed throughout the FCRPS to monitor the downstream movements of tagged-kelts. Kelts were also tagged with Passive Integrated Transponder tags to monitor passage through juvenile bypass systems and detect returning fish. The current study evaluated data collected in 2012 and 2013 to identify individual, behavioral, environmental and dam operation variables that were related to passage and survival of steelhead kelts that passed through FCRPS dams. Bayesian model averaging of multivariable logistic regression models was used to identify the environmental, temporal, operational, individual, and behavioral variables that had the highest probability of influencing the route of passage and the route-specific survival probabilities for kelts that passed Lower Granite (LGR), Little Goose (LGS), and Lower Monumental (LMN) dams in 2012 and 2013. The posterior probabilities of the best models for predicting route of passage ranged from 0.106 for traditional spill at LMN to 0.720 for turbine passage at LGS. Generally, the behavior (depth and near-dam searching activity) of kelts in the forebay appeared to have the greatest influence on their route of passage. Shallower-migrating kelts had a higher probability of passing via the weir and deeper-migrating kelts had a higher probability of passing via the JBS and turbines than other routes. Kelts that displayed a higher level of near-dam searching activity had a higher probability of passing via the spillway weir and those that did less near-dam searching had a higher probability of passing via the JBS and

  1. First results of electron temperature measurements by the use of multi-pass Thomson scattering system in GAMMA 10

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yoshikawa, M., E-mail:; Nagasu, K.; Shimamura, Y.; Shima, Y.; Kohagura, J.; Sakamoto, M.; Nakashima, Y.; Imai, T.; Ichimura, M. [Plasma Research Center, University of Tsukuba, 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8577 (Japan); Yasuhara, R.; Yamada, I.; Funaba, H.; Kawahata, K. [National Institute for Fusion Science, 322-6 Oroshi-cho, Toki, Gifu 509-5292 (Japan); Minami, T. [Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University, Gokasho, Uji, Kyoto 611-0011 (Japan)


    A multi-pass Thomson scattering (TS) has the advantage of enhancing scattered signals. We constructed a multi-pass TS system for a polarisation-based system and an image relaying system modelled on the GAMMA 10 TS system. We undertook Raman scattering experiments both for the multi-pass setting and for checking the optical components. Moreover, we applied the system to the electron temperature measurements in the GAMMA 10 plasma for the first time. The integrated scattering signal was magnified by approximately three times by using the multi-pass TS system with four passes. The electron temperature measurement accuracy is improved by using this multi-pass system.

  2. Analysis of CMOS Compatible Cu-Based TM-Pass Optical Polarizer

    KAUST Repository

    Ng, Tien Khee


    A transverse-magnetic-pass (TM-pass) optical polarizer based on Cu complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technology platform is proposed and analyzed using the 2-D method-of-lines numerical model. In designing the optimum configuration for the polarizer, it was found that the metal-insulator-metal (MIM) polarizer structure is superior compared to the insulator-metal-insulator polarizer structure due to its higher polarization extinction ratio (PER) and low insertion loss. An optimized MIM TM-pass polarizer exhibits simulated long wavelength pass filter characteristics of > ?1.2 ?m, with fundamental TM 0 and TE 0 mode transmissivity of >70% and <5%, respectively, and with PER ?11.5 dB in the wavelength range of 1.2-1.6 ?m. The subwavelength and submicrometer features of this TM-polarizer are potentially suitable for compact and low power photonics integrated circuit implementation on silicon-based substrates. © 1989-2012 IEEE.

  3. Single and double pass solar air heaters with wire mesh as packing bed

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aldabbagh, L.B.Y.; Egelioglu, F. [Mechanical Engineering Department, Eastern Mediterranean University, Magosa, Mersin 10 (Turkey); Ilkan, M. [School of Computing and Tecnology, Eastern Mediterranean University, Magosa, Mersin 10 (Turkey)


    The thermal performances of single and double pass solar air heaters with steel wire mesh layers are used instead of a flat absorber plate are investigated experimentally. The effects of mass flow rate of air on the outlet temperature and thermal efficiency were studied. The results indicate that the efficiency increases with increasing the mass flow rate for the range of the flow rate used in this work between 0.012 and 0.038 kg/s. For the same flow rate, the efficiency of the double pass is found to be higher than the single pass by 34-45%. Moreover, the maximum efficiencies obtained for the single and the double pass air collectors are 45.93 and 83.65% respectively for the mass flow rate of 0.038 kg/s. Comparison of the results of a packed bed collector with those of a conventional collector shows a substantial enhancement in the thermal efficiency. (author)

  4. I-90 Snowqualmie Pass to Vantage : traveling through 2016 construction on I-90. (United States)


    Its going to be another busy construction season on I-90. Crews are improving the : highway in several different locations between Snoqualmie Pass and Vantage. Crews are : building, repairing and painting bridges, adding lanes, repaving deteriorat...

  5. Multilayer Stepped-Impedance Resonator Band-Pass Filter Implementing Using Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic Structure (United States)

    Chen, Lih-Shan; Weng, Min-Hung; Huang, Tsung-Hui; Chen, Han-Jan; Su, Sheng-Fu; Houng, Mau-Phon


    A tapped-line stepped-impedance resonator band-pass filter was implemented using a low temperature cofired multilayer-ceramic structure. By constructing a multilayer structure, a compact band-pass filter was realized. Moreover, the multilayer structure demonstrated an extra cross-coupling effect that produced extra transmission zeros in the stopband and, hence, realized a highly steep passband skirt. The center frequency of the fabricated band-pass filter was 6.075 GHz and the 3 dB fractional bandwidth was 18%. The measured insertion loss and return loss of the filter were -0.31 dB and -28 dB, respectively. The measured response of the fabricated band-pass filter was in good agreement with simulated results.

  6. Pine Island, Matlacha Pass, Island Bay, and Caloosahatchee National Wildlife Refuges: Comprehensive Conservation Plan (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) was written to guide management on Pine Island, Matlacha Pass, Island Bay, and Caloosahatchee NWRs for the next 15 years....

  7. Unimak Pass vessel analysis. Social and economic studies program technical report number 108. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gibson, K.; Cook, P.; Pederson, J.; Hennigh, G.


    The report identifies present and future marine traffic and related characteristics of vessels using Unimak Pass. Present and future vessel traffic estimates through the year 2000 are developed for four categories: fishing; natural resources; commercial shipping; and Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) activities. Total annual vessel traffic for the year 2000 is estimated to increase approximately 100% over the base year from approximately 2290 trips to 4600 trips in 2000. The report assesses the impact, i.e., increase in collisions, of additional vessel traffic using Unimak Pass as a result of future OCS activities in northern and western Alaska. The OCS traffic almost doubles the likelihood of a collision in the pass by the year 2000. The collision rate in the Pass without OCS activity is estimated at one collision every 57 years, while the collision rate with OCS activity is estimated at one collision every 33 years in the year 2000.

  8. Passing particle toroidal precession induced by electric field in a tokamak

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Andreev, V. V. [Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Ordzhonikidze St. 3, Moscow 117198 (Russian Federation); Ilgisonis, V. I.; Sorokina, E. A. [Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Ordzhonikidze St. 3, Moscow 117198 (Russian Federation); NRC “Kurchatov Institute”, Kurchatov Sq. 1, Moscow 123182 (Russian Federation)


    Characteristics of a rotation of passing particles in a tokamak with radial electric field are calculated. The expression for time-averaged toroidal velocity of the passing particle induced by the electric field is derived. The electric-field-induced additive to the toroidal velocity of the passing particle appears to be much smaller than the velocity of the electric drift calculated for the poloidal magnetic field typical for the trapped particle. This quantity can even have the different sign depending on the azimuthal position of the particle starting point. The unified approach for the calculation of the bounce period and of the time-averaged toroidal velocity of both trapped and passing particles in the whole volume of plasma column is presented. The results are obtained analytically and are confirmed by 3D numerical calculations of the trajectories of charged particles.

  9. Integrated Cu-based TM-pass polarizer using CMOS technology platform

    KAUST Repository

    Ng, Tien Khee


    A transverse-magnetic-pass (TM-pass) copper (Cu) polarizer is proposed and analyzed using the previously published two-dimensional Method-of-Lines beam-propagation model. The proposed polarizer exhibits a simulated high-pass filter characteristics, with TM0 and TE0 mode transmissivity of >70% and <5%, respectively, in the wavelength regime of 1.2-1.6 μm. The polarization extinction ratio (PER) given by 10 log10 (PTM0)/(PTE0) is +11.5 dB across the high-pass wavelength regime. To the best of the authors\\' knowledge, we report here the smallest footprint CMOS-platform compatible TM-polarizer.

  10. How we pass from fuzzy $po$-semigroups to fuzzy $po$-$\\Gamma$-semigroups


    Kehayopulu, Niovi


    The results on fuzzy ordered semigroups (or on fuzzy semigroups) can be transferred to fuzzy ordered gamma (or to fuzzy gamma) semigroups. We show the way we pass from fuzzy ordered semigroups to fuzzy ordered gamma semigroups.

  11. [Hemihepatectomy with I.V.C. by-pass. Experience of 11 cases (author's transl)]. (United States)

    Monereo, J; Utrilla, J G; Jaureguizar, E; Domínguez, J; Queizán, A


    22 malignant tumors of the liver in children have been treated so far at the "La Paz" Childrens Hospital. 11 cases underwent hemihepatectomy with intracaval by-pass. This technique is described and its advantages underlined.

  12. High peak-power kilohertz laser system employing single-stage multi-pass amplification (United States)

    Shan, Bing; Wang, Chun; Chang, Zenghu


    The present invention describes a technique for achieving high peak power output in a laser employing single-stage, multi-pass amplification. High gain is achieved by employing a very small "seed" beam diameter in gain medium, and maintaining the small beam diameter for multiple high-gain pre-amplification passes through a pumped gain medium, then leading the beam out of the amplifier cavity, changing the beam diameter and sending it back to the amplifier cavity for additional, high-power amplification passes through the gain medium. In these power amplification passes, the beam diameter in gain medium is increased and carefully matched to the pump laser's beam diameter for high efficiency extraction of energy from the pumped gain medium. A method of "grooming" the beam by means of a far-field spatial filter in the process of changing the beam size within the single-stage amplifier is also described.

  13. Model for Estimation of Thermal History Produced by a Single Pass Underwater Wet Weld

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Dill, Jay


    Thermal history calculations for single pass underwater wet weldments were made by solving the appropriate beat transfer equations using the three-dimensional Crank-Nicholson finite difference method...

  14. Analysis of the NASA/MSFC airborne Doppler lidar results from San Gorgonio Pass, California (United States)

    Cliff, W. C.; Skarda, J. R.; Renne, D. S.; Sandusky, W. F.


    The NASA/MSFC Airborne Doppler Lidar System was flown in July 1981 aboard the NASA/Ames Convair 990 on the east side of San Gorgonio Pass California, near Palm Springs, to measure and investigate the accelerated atmospheric wind field discharging from the pass. At this region, the maritime layer from the west coast accelerates through the pass and spreads out over the valley floor on the east side of the pass. The experiment was selected in order to study accelerated flow in and at the exit of the canyon. Ground truth wind data taken concurrently with the flight data were available from approximately 12 meteorological towers and 3 tala kites for limited comparison purposes. The experiment provided the first spatial data for ensemble averaging of spatial correlations to compute lateral and longitudinal length scales in the lateral and longitudinal directions for both components, and information on atmospheric flow in this region of interest from wind energy resource considerations.

  15. Statistical variability and confidence intervals for planar dose QA pass rates

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bailey, Daniel W.; Nelms, Benjamin E.; Attwood, Kristopher; Kumaraswamy, Lalith; Podgorsak, Matthew B. [Department of Physics, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York 14260 (United States) and Department of Radiation Medicine, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York 14263 (United States); Canis Lupus LLC, Merrimac, Wisconsin 53561 (United States); Department of Biostatistics, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York 14263 (United States); Department of Radiation Medicine, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York 14263 (United States); Department of Radiation Medicine, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York 14263 (United States); Department of Molecular and Cellular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York 14263 (United States) and Department of Physiology and Biophysics, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York 14214 (United States)


    Purpose: The most common metric for comparing measured to calculated dose, such as for pretreatment quality assurance of intensity-modulated photon fields, is a pass rate (%) generated using percent difference (%Diff), distance-to-agreement (DTA), or some combination of the two (e.g., gamma evaluation). For many dosimeters, the grid of analyzed points corresponds to an array with a low areal density of point detectors. In these cases, the pass rates for any given comparison criteria are not absolute but exhibit statistical variability that is a function, in part, on the detector sampling geometry. In this work, the authors analyze the statistics of various methods commonly used to calculate pass rates and propose methods for establishing confidence intervals for pass rates obtained with low-density arrays. Methods: Dose planes were acquired for 25 prostate and 79 head and neck intensity-modulated fields via diode array and electronic portal imaging device (EPID), and matching calculated dose planes were created via a commercial treatment planning system. Pass rates for each dose plane pair (both centered to the beam central axis) were calculated with several common comparison methods: %Diff/DTA composite analysis and gamma evaluation, using absolute dose comparison with both local and global normalization. Specialized software was designed to selectively sample the measured EPID response (very high data density) down to discrete points to simulate low-density measurements. The software was used to realign the simulated detector grid at many simulated positions with respect to the beam central axis, thereby altering the low-density sampled grid. Simulations were repeated with 100 positional iterations using a 1 detector/cm{sup 2} uniform grid, a 2 detector/cm{sup 2} uniform grid, and similar random detector grids. For each simulation, %/DTA composite pass rates were calculated with various %Diff/DTA criteria and for both local and global %Diff normalization

  16. Quiz: Does Your Blood Pressure Pass the Test? | NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine (United States)

    ... page please turn Javascript on. Special Section: Healthy Blood Pressure Quiz: Does Your Blood Pressure Pass the Test? Past Issues / Winter 2010 Table of Contents Blood pressure changes throughout the day. It is highest while ...

  17. Marketing child survival. (United States)

    Grant, J P


    Growth monitoring charts, packets of oral rehydration salts (ORS), and vaccines, are inexpensive, life-saving, growth-protecting technologies which can enable parents to protect their children against the worst effects of poverty. Similarly, a matrix of current and easily understandable information about pregnancy, breast feeding, weaning, feeding during and immediately after illness, child spacing, and preparing and using home-made oral rehydration solutions, also could empower parents to protect the lives and the health of their children. The question arises as to how can these technologies and this information be put at the disposal of millions of families in the low-income world. The initial task of the Child Survival and Development Revolution is the communication of what is now possible, yet little is known about how to communicate information whose principal value is to the poor. There are 2 large-scale precedents: the Green Revolution, which in many instances succeeded in putting into the hands of thousands of small and large farmers the techniques and the knowledge which enabled them to double and treble the yields from their lands; and the campaign to put the knowledge and the means of family planning at the disposal of many millions of people. There are 2 lessons to be learned from these precedents: they have shown that the way to promote a people's technology and to put information at the disposal of the majority is by mobilizing all possible resources and working through all possible channels both to create the demand and to meet it; and neither the Green Revolution nor the family planning movement rally took off until they were viewed as political and economic priorities and given the full support of the nation's political leadership. Nowhere are these 2 lessons more clearly illustrated than in present-day Indonesia. Because the campaign for family planning was given high personal and political priority by the President, and because 85% of all family

  18. Exchange Rate Pass Throught: an Analysis for the Costarican Economy from 1991 to 2001


    Leon, Jorge; Morera, Ana Patricia; Ramos, Welmer


    This paper estimates a coefficient of pass through for Costa Rica and tries to determine the importance of some factors that had been pointed out by several empiric studies as probable determinants (GDP gap, real exchange rate deviation from equilibrium, economy openness, and inflationary lag). The coefficient is estimated by OLS. In order to estimate the dynamic between exchange rate and inflation rate a VAR analysis is conducted. In the short run the pass through coefficient is 16% with two...

  19. Multiple biopsy passes and the risk of complications of percutaneous liver biopsy. (United States)

    Chi, Heng; Hansen, Bettina E; Tang, Wing Yin; Schouten, Jeoffrey N L; Sprengers, Dave; Taimr, Pavel; Janssen, Harry L A; de Knegt, Robert J


    To minimize the sample variability of liver biopsy, the tissue length should be at least 25 mm. Consequently, more than one biopsy pass is needed with cutting biopsy needles. We aimed to investigate the risk factors of biopsy-related complication, including the number of biopsy passes. All consecutive liver biopsies performed between 2005 and 2014 were included. Biopsies were ultrasound assisted and performed with cutting biopsy needles. A complication was an event where the patient visited a healthcare provider because of biopsy-related complaints. Complications followed by hospitalization 2 or more days or intervention were considered severe. In total, 1806 liver biopsies were analyzed. Overall, 102 (5.6%) complications were observed, of which 31 (1.7%) were severe. One (0.06%) patient died. Common complications were pain (n=75/102; 74%) and bleeding (n=34/102; 33%). Two biopsy passes were not associated with an increased risk of complications compared with one biopsy pass [odds ratio (OR): 1.59; 95% confidence interval (CI): 0.83-3.04; P=0.16], whereas three or more biopsy passes increased this risk compared with one (OR: 2.97; 95% CI: 1.38-6.42; P=0.005) or two biopsy passes (OR: 1.87; 95% CI: 1.10-3.19; P=0.021). The risk of severe complications was not influenced by the number of biopsy passes (P>0.24). Hepatic malignancy (OR: 3.21; 95% CI: 1.18-8.73; P=0.022) and international normalized ratio 1.4 or more (OR: 7.03; 95% CI: 2.74-18.08; Pbiopsy passes was not associated with severe complications, whereas hepatic malignancy or elevated international normalized ratio were associated with an increased risk.

  20. Comparison of noise redistribution in an SOA in pass-through and wavelength conversion mode

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Öhman, Filip; Tromborg, Bjarne; Mørk, Jesper


    We use numerical simulations to investigate the redistribution of noise in a saturated SOA. A comparison of cross-gain modulation and self-modulation pass-through mode shows fundamental differences relevant to all-optical wavelength converters and regenerators.......We use numerical simulations to investigate the redistribution of noise in a saturated SOA. A comparison of cross-gain modulation and self-modulation pass-through mode shows fundamental differences relevant to all-optical wavelength converters and regenerators....

  1. Passing the buck in the garbage can model of organizational choice


    Fioretti, Guido


    We reconstruct Cohen, March and Olsen's Garbage Can model of organizational choice as an agent-based model. In the original model, the members of an organization can postpone decision-making. We add another means for avoiding making decisions, that of buck-passing difficult problems to colleagues. We find that selfish individual behavior, such as postponing decision-making and buck-passing, does not necessarily imply dysfunctional consequences for the organizational level. The simulation...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dubravko Filipović


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper was to quantify soil compaction induced by tractor traffic on untilled wet silty loam soil (Mollic Fluvisol. Changes in penetration resistance, bulk density and total porosity were measured for detecting the soil compaction. Treatments include ten passes of a four-wheel drive tractor with the engine power of 54.0 kW and weight of 3560 kg (1580 kg on the front axle and 1980 kg on the rear axle, 2.41 m distance between axles. The tyres on the tractor were cross-ply, front 11.2-24 and rear 16.9-30, with the inflation pressure of 160 kPa and 100 kPa, respectively. The speed of tractor during passes over experimental plots was 5.0 km h-1. In comparison to control, each tractor pass induced an increase in soil penetration resistance at all depths, and the average increment ratios, determined as the average of all layers, were 9.8, 18.5 and 26.1% after one, five and ten passes, respectively. The bulk density also increased with number of tractor passes, but with less percentage increasing. The increment ratios comparison to the control were 3.6, 9.5 and 12.9% after one, five and ten passes, respectively. The total porosity decreased with the number of passes, and the decrement ratios were 4.5, 16.5 and 20.8% after one, five and ten passes, respectively.

  3. Space Shuttle Program Primary Avionics Software System (PASS) Success Legacy - Quality and Reliability Date (United States)

    Orr, James K.; Peltier, Daryl


    Thsi slide presentation reviews the avionics software system on board the space shuttle, with particular emphasis on the quality and reliability. The Primary Avionics Software System (PASS) provides automatic and fly-by-wire control of critical shuttle systems which executes in redundant computers. Charts given show the number of space shuttle flights vs time, PASS's development history, and other charts that point to the reliability of the system's development. The reliability of the system is also compared to predicted reliability.

  4. Decision-Making in Adolescents According to reaction Time, HEG and PASS


    Pérez Álvarez, Frederic; Serra Sala, Mireia; Timoneda Gallart, Carme


    Background: The Planning, Attention, Simultaneous and Successive (PASS) theory of intelligence allows us cognitive assessment. Hemoencephalography (HEG) allows us to assess cortical prefrontal activity. Reaction time (RT) allows us to assess decision-making. We aim to find teenager profile according to the PASS, HEG, and RT. Methods and findings: 59 secondary education adolescent students (30 females and 29 males, 14-16- year-old, mean=15.29, SD=0.67) were tested by two RT + HEG expe...

  5. Ultra-compact Higher-Order-Mode Pass Filter in a Silicon Waveguide

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Guan, Xiaowei; Frandsen, Lars Hagedorn; Ding, Yunhong


    An 3.7 μm long higher-order-mode pass filter with an extinction ratio larger than 20 dB is demonstrated in a 1D corrugated silicon multimode waveguide......An 3.7 μm long higher-order-mode pass filter with an extinction ratio larger than 20 dB is demonstrated in a 1D corrugated silicon multimode waveguide...

  6. Optics correction for the multi-pass FFAG ERL machine eRHIC

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Liu, C. [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Brooks, S. [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Litvinenko, V. [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Minty, M. [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Ptitsyn, V. [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States); Trbojevic, D. [Brookhaven National Lab. (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)


    Gradient errors in the multi-pass Fixed Field Alternating Gradient (FFAG) Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) machine, eRHIC, distort the beam orbit and therefore cause emittance increase. The localization and correction of gradient errors are essential for an effective orbit correction and emittance preservation. In this report, the methodology and simulation of optics correction for the multi-pass FFAG ERL machine eRHIC will be presented.

  7. Degree distribution of position-dependent ball-passing networks in football games


    Narizuka, Takuma; Yamamoto, Ken; Yamazaki, Yoshihiro


    We propose a simple stochastic model describing the position-dependent ball-passing network in football games. In this network, a player on a certain area in the divided fields is a node, and a pass between two nodes corresponds to an edge. Our model is characterized by the consecutive choice of a node dependent on its intrinsic fitness. We derive the explicit expression of the degree distribution, and find that the derived distribution reproduces the real data quit well.

  8. Global Identification of Protein Post-translational Modifications in a Single-Pass Database Search. (United States)

    Shortreed, Michael R; Wenger, Craig D; Frey, Brian L; Sheynkman, Gloria M; Scalf, Mark; Keller, Mark P; Attie, Alan D; Smith, Lloyd M


    Bottom-up proteomics database search algorithms used for peptide identification cannot comprehensively identify post-translational modifications (PTMs) in a single-pass because of high false discovery rates (FDRs). A new approach to database searching enables global PTM (G-PTM) identification by exclusively looking for curated PTMs, thereby avoiding the FDR penalty experienced during conventional variable modification searches. We identified over 2200 unique, high-confidence modified peptides comprising 26 different PTM types in a single-pass database search.

  9. Supplementary First-Order All-Pass Filters with Two Grounded Passive Elements Using FDCCII

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Pal


    Full Text Available In this study, two novel first-order all-pass filters are proposed using only one grounded resistor and one grounded capacitor along with a fully differential current conveyor (FDCCII. There is no element-matching restriction. The presented all-pass filter circuits can be made electronically tunable due to the electronic resistors. Furthermore, the presented circuits enjoy high-input impedance for easy cascadability. The theoretical results are verified with SPICE simulations.

  10. Investigation of Compact Low Pass Filter with Sharp Cut–Off using Metamaterial


    Annaram, K.; S Nithya


    In this paper a new compact microstrip Bessel low pass filter (LPF) is experimentally validated using complementary split ring resonator (CSRR) which has sharper cut-off and improved spurious band suppression characteristics. The Richard’s transformation and Kuroda’s identities are used for realizing distributed Bessel LPF from the lumped element Bessel LPF. Traditionally Butterworth and Chebyshev LPFs are used in communication systems. Those LPFs exhibits high reflection in the pass-band and...

  11. Exchange rate pass-through to various price indices: Empirical estimation using vector error correction models


    Bachmann, Andreas


    The extent to which exchange rate fluctuations are passed through to domestic prices is of high relevance for open economies and for monetary authorities targeting price stability. Existing empirical studies estimating the exchange rate pass-through for Switzerland are based on either single equation estimation or on VAR models. However, these approaches feature some major drawbacks. The former cannot account for dynamic interactions between the time series and both methods disregard long-run...

  12. Low-Pass Parabolic FFT Filter for Airborne and Satellite Lidar Signal Processing


    Zhongke Jiao; Bo Liu; Enhai Liu; Yongjian Yue


    In order to reduce random errors of the lidar signal inversion, a low-pass parabolic fast Fourier transform filter (PFFTF) was introduced for noise elimination. A compact airborne Raman lidar system was studied, which applied PFFTF to process lidar signals. Mathematics and simulations of PFFTF along with low pass filters, sliding mean filter (SMF), median filter (MF), empirical mode decomposition (EMD) and wavelet transform (WT) were studied, and the practical engineering value of PFFTF for l...

  13. Acoustic Telemetry Evaluation of Juvenile Salmonid Passage and Survival at John Day Dam with Emphasis on the Prototype Surface Flow Outlet, 2008

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weiland, Mark A.; Ploskey, Gene R.; Hughes, James S.; Deng, Zhiqun; Fu, Tao; Monter, Tyrell J.; Johnson, Gary E.; Khan, Fenton; Wilberding, Matthew C.; Cushing, Aaron W.; Zimmerman, Shon A.; Faber, Derrek M.; Durham, Robin E.; Townsend, Richard L.; Skalski, John R.; Kim, Jina; Fischer, Eric S.; Meyer, Matthew M.


    The main purpose of the study was to evaluate the performance of Top Spill Weirs installed at two spillbays at John Day Dam and evaluate the effectiveness of these surface flow outlets at attracting juvenile salmon away from the powerhouse and reducing turbine passage. The Juvenile Salmonid Acoustic Telemetry System (JSATS) was used to estimate survival of juvenile salmonids passing the dam and also for calculating performance metrics used to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the dam at passing juvenile salmonids.

  14. Practical aspects of single-pass scan Kelvin probe force microscopy (United States)

    Li, Guangyong; Mao, Bin; Lan, Fei; Liu, Liming


    The single-pass scan Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM) in ambient condition has a few advantages over the dual-pass lift-up scan KPFM. For example, its spatial resolution is expected to be higher; and its topographical errors caused by electrostatic forces are minimized because electrostatic forces are actively suppressed during the simultaneous topographical and KPFM measurement. Because single-pass scan KPFM in ambient condition is relatively new, it received little attention in the literature so far. In this article, we discuss several major practical aspects of single-pass scan KPFM especially in ambient condition. First, we define the resolution using a point spread function. With this definition, we analyze the relation between the resolution and the scanning parameters such as tip apex radius and tip-surface distance. We further study the accuracy of KPFM based on the point spread function. Then, we analyze the sensitivity of KPFM under different operation modes. Finally, we investigate the crosstalk between the topographical image and the surface potential image and demonstrate the practical ways to minimize the crosstalk. These discussions not only help us to understand the single-pass scan KPFM but also provide practical guidance in using single-pass scan KPFM.

  15. An empirical study of exchange rate pass-through in China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jin Xiaowen


    Full Text Available This paper seeks to estimate exchange rate pass-through in China and investigate its relationship with monetary policy. Linear and VAR models are applied to analyze robustness. The linear model shows that, over the long run, a 1% appreciation of NEER causes a decline in the CPI inflation rate of 0.132% and PPI inflation rate of 0.495%. The VAR model supports the results of the linear model, suggesting a fairly low CPI pass-through and relatively higher PPI pass-through. Furthermore, this paper finds that, with the fixed exchange rate regime, CPI pass-through remains higher. The exchange rate regimes influence on CPI pass through, combined with the fact that appreciation diminishes inflation, suggests that the Chinese government could pursue a more flexible exchange rate policy. In addition, reasons for low exchange rate pass-through for CPI are analyzed. The analysis considers price control, basket and weight of Chinese price indices, distribution cost, and imported and non-tradable share of inputs.

  16. Passing a Technical Skills Examination in the First Year of Surgical Residency Can Predict Future Performance. (United States)

    de Montbrun, Sandra; Louridas, Marisa; Grantcharov, Teodor


    The ability of an assessment to predict performance would be of major benefit to residency programs, allowing for early identification of residents at risk. We sought to establish whether passing the Objective Structured Assessment of Technical Skills (OSATS) examination in postgraduate year 1 (PGY-1) predicts future performance. Between 2002 and 2012, 133 PGY-1 surgery residents at the University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) completed an 8-station, simulated OSATS examination as a component of training. With recently set passing scores, residents were assigned a pass/fail status using 3 standards setting methods (contrasting groups, borderline group, and borderline regression). Future in-training performance was compared between residents who had passed and those who failed the OSATS, using in-training evaluation reports from resident files. A Mann-Whitney U test compared performance among groups at PGY-2 and PGY-4 levels. Residents who passed the OSATS examination outperformed those who failed, when compared during PGY-2 across all 3 standard setting methodologies (P technical skills examination was associated with future performance on in-training evaluation reports in later years. This provides validity evidence for the current PGY-1 pass/fail score, and suggests that this technical skills examination may be used to predict performance and to identify residents who require remediation.

  17. Shelf-basin Exchange in the Bering Canyon in Southeastern Bering Sea: Role of Unimak Pass (United States)

    Cheng, W.; Ladd, C. A.; Hermann, A. J.; Stabeno, P. J.


    Shelf-basin exchanges in the southeastern Bering Sea have significant implications for primary production on the Bering Sea shelf; yet, the mechanisms controlling such exchange are not well understood. One area with potentially enhanced cross-shelf transport is the Bering Canyon, where flow through the relatively shallow Unimak Pass meets and interacts with the Aleutian North Slope Current (ANSC). As a result, the ocean circulation and water properties in the area are influenced by local as well as remote wind forcing, ocean bathymetry, tides, and exhibit high spatial and temporal variability on multiple scales. In this study, we use ocean in situ measurement and numerical modeling to examine processes influencing shelf-basin exchange in the Bering Canyon. Results thus far suggest that on seasonal and longer time scales, the onshore flow across the Bering Canyon left rim is influenced by the Unimak pass transport, and to a lesser extent by the transport associated with the ANSC. Both Unimak Pass transport and ANSC transport are highly correlated with the along-shore wind stress south of the Aleutian Island Chain, but the Unimak Pass transport responds faster to the along-shore wind forcing by a month. These results highlight the importance of Unimak Pass in influencing the regional circulation and on-shelf transport. Numerical experimentation will be used to further elucidate the effects of tidal mixing and advection associated with Unimak Pass.

  18. Global Activities and Plant Survival

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bandick, Roger


    This chapter provides an extensive review of the empirical evidence found for Sweden concerning plant survival. The result reveals that foreign MNE plants and exporting non-MNE plants have the lowest exit rates, followed by purely domestic-oriented plants, and that domestic MNE plants have...... the highest exit rates. Moreover, the exit rates of globally engaged plants seem to be unaffected by increased foreign presence, whereas there appears to be a negative impact on the survival rates of non-exporting non-MNE plants. Finally, the result reveals that the survival ratio of plants of acquired...... exporters, but not other types of plants, improves post acquisition....

  19. Cardiovascular disease incidence and survival

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Byberg, Stine; Agyemang, Charles; Zwisler, Ann Dorthe


    Studies on cardiovascular disease (CVD) incidence and survival show varying results between different ethnic groups. Our aim was to add a new dimension by exploring the role of migrant status in combination with ethnic background on incidence of-and survival from-CVD and more specifically acute...... of some types of cardiovascular disease compared to Danish-born. Family-reunified migrants on the other hand had lower rates of CVD. All migrants had better survival than Danish-born indicating that migrants may not always be disadvantaged in health....

  20. [Physical activity and cancer survival]. (United States)

    Romieu, Isabelle; Touillaud, Marina; Ferrari, Pietro; Bignon, Yves-Jean; Antoun, Sami; Berthouze-Aranda, Sophie; Bachmann, Patrick; Duclos, Martine; Ninot, Grégory; Romieu, Gilles; Sénesse, Pierre; Behrendt, Jan; Balosso, Jacques; Pavic, Michel; Kerbrat, Pierre; Serin, Daniel; Trédan, Olivier; Fervers, Béatrice


    Physical activity has been shown in large cohort studies to positively impact survival in cancer survivors. Existing randomized controlled trials showed a beneficial effect of physical activity on physical fitness, quality of life, anxiety and self-esteem; however, the small sample size, the short follow-up and the lack of standardization of physical activity intervention across studies impaired definite conclusion in terms of survival. Physical activity reduces adiposity and circulating estrogen levels and increases insulin sensitivity among other effects. A workshop was conducted at the International Agency for Research on Cancer in April 2011 to discuss the role of physical activity on cancer survival and the methodology to develop multicentre randomized intervention trials, including the type of physical activity to implement and its association with nutritional recommendations. The authors discuss the beneficial effect of physical activity on cancer survival with a main focus on breast cancer and report the conclusions from this workshop.

  1. 77 FR 29254 - Safety Zones, Large Cruise Ships; Lower Mississippi River, Southwest Pass Sea Buoy to Mile Marker... (United States)


    ... River, Southwest Pass Sea Buoy to Mile Marker 96.0; New Orleans, LA AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION... transit the Lower Mississippi River between mile marker 96.0, New Orleans, LA and the Southwest Pass Sea...; Large Cruise Ships; Lower Mississippi River, Southwest Pass Sea Buoy to Mile Marker 96.0, New Orleans...

  2. Evaluation of Behavioral Guidance Structure on Juvenile Salmonid Passage and Survival at Bonneville Dam in 2009

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Faber, Derrek M.; Ploskey, Gene R.; Weiland, Mark A.; Deng, Zhiqun; Hughes, James S.; Kim, Jin A.; Fu, Tao; Fischer, Eric S.; Monter, Tyrell J.; Skalski, J. R.


    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) conducted an acoustic-telemetry study at Bonneville Dam in 2009 to evaluate the effects of a behavioral guidance structure (BGS) in the Bonneville Dam second powerhouse forebay on fish passage and survival through the second powerhouse (B2), the dam as a whole, and through the first powerhouse and spillway combined. The BGS was deployed to increase the survival of fish passing through B2 by increasing the percentage of outmigrating smolts entering the B2 Corner Collector (B2CC)—a surface flow outlet known to be a relatively benign route for downstream passage at this dam. The study relied on releases of live Juvenile Salmon Acoustic Telemetry System tagged smolts in the Columbia River and used acoustic telemetry to evaluate the approach, passage, and survival of passing juvenile salmon. Study results indicated that having turbine 11 in service is important for providing flow conditions that are comparable to those observed in pre-BGS years (2004 and 2005) and in 2008. This study supports the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continual effort to improve conditions for juvenile anadromous fish passing through Columbia River dams.

  3. [Impact of passing items above the ceiling on the assessment results of Peabody developmental motor scales]. (United States)

    Zhao, Gai; Bian, Yang; Li, Ming


    To analyze the impact of passing items above the roof level in the gross motor subtest of Peabody development motor scales (PDMS-2) on its assessment results. In the subtests of PDMS-2, 124 children from 1.2 to 71 months were administered. Except for the original scoring method, a new scoring method which includes passing items above the ceiling were developed. The standard scores and quotients of the two scoring methods were compared using the independent-samples t test. Only one child could pass the items above the ceiling in the stationary subtest, 19 children in the locomotion subtest, and 17 children in the visual-motor integration subtest. When the scores of these passing items were included in the raw scores, the total raw scores got the added points of 1-12, the standard scores added 0-1 points and the motor quotients added 0-3 points. The diagnostic classification was changed only in two children. There was no significant difference between those two methods about motor quotients or standard scores in the specific subtest (P>0.05). The passing items above a ceiling of PDMS-2 isn't a rare situation. It usually takes place in the locomotion subtest and visual-motor integration subtest. Including these passing items into the scoring system will not make significant difference in the standard scores of the subtests or the developmental motor quotients (DMQ), which supports the original setting of a ceiling established by upassing 3 items in a row. However, putting the passing items above the ceiling into the raw score will improve tracking of children's developmental trajectory and intervention effects.

  4. Effect of Spiritist "passe" (Spiritual healing) on growth of bacterial cultures. (United States)

    Lucchetti, Giancarlo; de Oliveira, Renata Ferreira; Gonçalves, Juliane Piasseschi de Bernardin; Ueda, Suely Mitoi Ykko; Mimica, Lycia Mara Jenne; Lucchetti, Alessandra Lamas Granero


    Biofield therapies are approaches that harness energy fields to influence the human body. These therapies encompass Reiki, Qigong, Therapeutic Touch, Johrei and Spiritist "passe", among others. The aim of this study was to evaluate bacterial growth in two groups of cultures subjected to biofield therapy (Spiritist "passe" and laying on of hands (LOH)) in four situations (no intention, intention to inhibit bacterial growth, intention to promote growth, and influence of a negative factor) and compare them with a "no LOH/no treatment" group. Bacterial cultures (Escherichia coli ATCC) were randomized and allocated into three groups: Spiritist "passe", "LOH", and "no LOH". Bacterial growth was assessed using the McFarland Nephelometer Scale. A One-way ANOVA was performed to determine group differences in bacterial growth at 48h, and at 1 week after each situation. A total of 11 Spiritist "passe" healers, 10 LOH laymen and "no LOH" tubes were assessed. Under the intention to inhibit bacterial growth condition, statistically significant differences were found between the Spiritist "passe" and "no LOH" Groups (p=0.002 after 48h, and p=0.008 after one week) and also between the Spiritist "passe" and "LOH" Groups (p=0.005 after 48h, and p=0.009 after one week). No statistically significant difference was detected for the other situations tested (no intention, intention to promote growth and influence of a negative factor). We concluded that Spiritist "passe" effectively inhibited growth in bacterial cultures compared to LOH with intention or no LOH. Further studies comparing different intentions and types of LOH in cultures of cells and microorganisms are warranted. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. Driver behavior during bicycle passing maneuvers in response to a Share the Road sign treatment. (United States)

    Kay, Jonathan J; Savolainen, Peter T; Gates, Timothy J; Datta, Tapan K


    The interaction of motorists and bicyclists, particularly during passing maneuvers, is an area of concern to the bicycle safety community as there is a general perception that motor vehicle drivers may not share the road effectively with bicyclists. This is a particular concern on road sections with centerline rumble strips where motorists are prone to crowd bicyclists during passing events. One potential countermeasure to address this concern is the use of a bicycle warning sign with a "Share the Road" plaque. This paper presents the results of a controlled field evaluation of this sign treatment, which involved an examination of driver behavior while overtaking bicyclists. A series of field studies were conducted concurrently on two segments of a high-speed, rural two-lane highway. These segments were similar in terms of roadway geometry, traffic volumes, and other relevant factors, except that one of the segments included centerline rumble strips while the other did not. A before-and-after study design was utilized to examine changes in motor vehicle lateral placement and speed at the time of the passing event as they relate to the presence of centerline rumble strips and the sign treatment. Centerline rumble strips generally shifted vehicles closer to the bicyclists during passing maneuvers, though the magnitude of this effect was marginal. The sign treatment was found to shift motor vehicles away from the rightmost lane positions, though the signs did not significantly affect the mean buffer distance between the bicyclists and passing motorists or the propensity of crowding events during passing. The sign treatment also resulted in a 2.5miles/h (4.0km/h) reduction in vehicle speeds. Vehicle type, bicyclist position, and the presence of opposing traffic were also found to affect lateral placement and speed selection during passing maneuvers. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  6. Per-beam, planar IMRT QA passing rates do not predict clinically relevant patient dose errors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nelms, Benjamin E.; Zhen Heming; Tome, Wolfgang A. [Canis Lupus LLC and Department of Human Oncology, University of Wisconsin, Merrimac, Wisconsin 53561 (United States); Department of Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 53705 (United States); Departments of Human Oncology, Medical Physics, and Biomedical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 53792 (United States)


    Purpose: The purpose of this work is to determine the statistical correlation between per-beam, planar IMRT QA passing rates and several clinically relevant, anatomy-based dose errors for per-patient IMRT QA. The intent is to assess the predictive power of a common conventional IMRT QA performance metric, the Gamma passing rate per beam. Methods: Ninety-six unique data sets were created by inducing four types of dose errors in 24 clinical head and neck IMRT plans, each planned with 6 MV Varian 120-leaf MLC linear accelerators using a commercial treatment planning system and step-and-shoot delivery. The error-free beams/plans were used as ''simulated measurements'' (for generating the IMRT QA dose planes and the anatomy dose metrics) to compare to the corresponding data calculated by the error-induced plans. The degree of the induced errors was tuned to mimic IMRT QA passing rates that are commonly achieved using conventional methods. Results: Analysis of clinical metrics (parotid mean doses, spinal cord max and D1cc, CTV D95, and larynx mean) vs IMRT QA Gamma analysis (3%/3 mm, 2/2, 1/1) showed that in all cases, there were only weak to moderate correlations (range of Pearson's r-values: -0.295 to 0.653). Moreover, the moderate correlations actually had positive Pearson's r-values (i.e., clinically relevant metric differences increased with increasing IMRT QA passing rate), indicating that some of the largest anatomy-based dose differences occurred in the cases of high IMRT QA passing rates, which may be called ''false negatives.'' The results also show numerous instances of false positives or cases where low IMRT QA passing rates do not imply large errors in anatomy dose metrics. In none of the cases was there correlation consistent with high predictive power of planar IMRT passing rates, i.e., in none of the cases did high IMRT QA Gamma passing rates predict low errors in anatomy dose metrics or vice versa

  7. Apes in the Anthropocene: flexibility and survival. (United States)

    Hockings, Kimberley J; McLennan, Matthew R; Carvalho, Susana; Ancrenaz, Marc; Bobe, René; Byrne, Richard W; Dunbar, Robin I M; Matsuzawa, Tetsuro; McGrew, William C; Williamson, Elizabeth A; Wilson, Michael L; Wood, Bernard; Wrangham, Richard W; Hill, Catherine M


    We are in a new epoch, the Anthropocene, and research into our closest living relatives, the great apes, must keep pace with the rate that our species is driving change. While a goal of many studies is to understand how great apes behave in natural contexts, the impact of human activities must increasingly be taken into account. This is both a challenge and an opportunity, which can importantly inform research in three diverse fields: cognition, human evolution, and conservation. No long-term great ape research site is wholly unaffected by human influence, but research at those that are especially affected by human activity is particularly important for ensuring that our great ape kin survive the Anthropocene. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  8. Development, implementation, and dissemination of the I-PASS handoff curriculum: A multisite educational intervention to improve patient handoffs. (United States)

    Starmer, Amy J; O'Toole, Jennifer K; Rosenbluth, Glenn; Calaman, Sharon; Balmer, Dorene; West, Daniel C; Bale, James F; Yu, Clifton E; Noble, Elizabeth L; Tse, Lisa L; Srivastava, Rajendu; Landrigan, Christopher P; Sectish, Theodore C; Spector, Nancy D


    Patient handoffs are a key source of communication failures and adverse events in hospitals. Despite Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education requirements for residency training programs to provide formal handoff skills training and to monitor handoffs, well-established curricula and validated skills assessment tools are lacking. Developing a handoff curriculum is challenging because of the need for standardized processes and faculty development, cultural resistance to change, and diverse institution- and unit-level factors. In this article, the authors apply a logic model to describe the process they used from June 2010 to February 2014 to develop, implement, and disseminate an innovative, comprehensive handoff curriculum in pediatric residency training programs as a fundamental component of the multicenter Initiative for Innovation in Pediatric Education-Pediatric Research in Inpatient Settings Accelerating Safe Sign-outs (I-PASS) Study. They describe resources, activities, and outputs, and report preliminary learner outcomes using data from resident and faculty evaluations of the I-PASS Handoff Curriculum: 96% of residents and 97% of faculty agreed or strongly agreed that the curriculum promoted acquisition of relevant skills for patient care activities. They also share lessons learned that could be of value to others seeking to adopt a structured handoff curriculum or to develop large-scale curricular innovations that involve redesigning firmly established processes. These lessons include the importance of approaching curricular implementation as a transformational change effort, assembling a diverse team of junior and senior faculty to provide opportunities for mentoring and professional development, and linking the educational intervention with the direct measurement of patient outcomes.

  9. On exchange of water between the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea through Unimak Pass (United States)

    Schumacher, J. D.; Pearson, C. A.; Overland, J. E.


    We present the first long-term current and bottom pressure observations from Unimak Pass, Alaska, and adjacent locations on the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea shelves. Vector mean current recorded between March and August 1980 was ˜12 cm/s toward 284°T or onto the Bering Sea shelf, however, magnitude decreased from ˜20 cm/s to ˜6 cm/s between the first and second halves of the record. At shorter periods (3-10 days), current fluctuations in the pass were strongly coherent (K2 ≧ 0.7) with the pressure difference measured along the axis of the pass, and this was coherent with geostrophic wind estimates. The results indicated that wind-induced sea level perturbation was the dominant forcing mechanism for fluctuations. Relations among current, bottom pressure, pressure difference, and geostrophic wind time series also showed that dynamic variaton on the Gulf of Alaska shelf was primarily responsible for current fluctuations in the pass. Hydrographic data indicated that a baroclinic current existed along the Gulf of Alaska coast, and this flow became the long-term mean flow through the pass. We suggest that this feature was the extension of the Kenai Current. The historic supposition that water is transported from the Gulf of Alaska into the Bering Sea was verified; however, the waters are of coastal origin rather than from the Alaskan Stream.

  10. Exchange of water between the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea through Unimak Pass

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schumacher, J.D.; Pearson, C.A.; Overland, J.E.


    We present the first long-term current and bottom pressure observations from Unimak Pass, Alaska, and adjacent locations on the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea shelves. Vector mean current recorded between March and August 1980 wasapprox.12 cm/s toward 284 /sup 0/T or onto the Bering Sea shelf, however, magnitude decreased from approx.20 cm/s to approx.6 cm/s between the first and second halves of the record. At shorter periods (3--10 days), current fluctuations in the pass were strongly coherent (K/sup 2/> or =0.7) with the pressure difference measured along the axis of the pass, and this was coherent with geostrophic wind estimates. The results indicated that wind-induced sea level perturbation was the dominant forcing mechanism for fluctuations. Relations among current, bottom pressure, pressure difference, and geostrophic wind time series also showed that dynamic variation on the Gulf of Alaska shelf was primarily responsible for current fluctuations in the pass. Hydrographic data indicated that a baroclinic current existed along the Gulf of Alaska coast, and this flow became the long-term mean flow through the pass. We suggest that this feature was the extension of the Kenai Current. The historic supposition that water is transported from the Gulf of Alaska into the Bering Sea was verified; however, the waters are of coastal origin rather than from the Alaskan Stream.

  11. The flight test of Pi-SAR(L) for the repeat-pass interferometric SAR (United States)

    Nohmi, Hitoshi; Shimada, Masanobu; Miyawaki, Masanori


    This paper describes the experiment of the repeat pass interferometric SAR using Pi-SAR(L). The air-borne repeat-pass interferometric SAR is expected as an effective method to detect landslide or predict a volcano eruption. To obtain a high-quality interferometric image, it is necessary to make two flights on the same flight pass. In addition, since the antenna of the Pi-SAR(L) is secured to the aircraft, it is necessary to fly at the same drift angle to keep the observation direction same. We built a flight control system using an auto pilot which has been installed in the airplane. This navigation system measures position and altitude precisely with using a differential GPS, and the PC Navigator outputs a difference from the desired course to the auto pilot. Since the air density is thinner and the speed is higher than the landing situation, the gain of the control system is required to be adjusted during the repeat pass flight. The observation direction could be controlled to some extent by adjusting a drift angle with using a flight speed control. The repeat-pass flight was conducted in Japan for three days in late November. The flight was stable and the deviation was within a few meters for both horizontal and vertical direction even in the gusty condition. The SAR data were processed in time domain based on range Doppler algorism to make the complete motion compensation. Thus, the interferometric image processed after precise phase compensation is shown.

  12. First-Pass Meconium Samples from Healthy Term Vaginally-Delivered Neonates: An Analysis of the Microbiota.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard Hansen

    Full Text Available Considerable effort has been made to categorise the bacterial composition of the human gut and correlate findings with gastrointestinal disease. The infant gut has long been considered sterile at birth followed by rapid colonisation; however, this view has recently been challenged. We examined first-pass meconium from healthy term infants to confirm or refute sterility.Healthy mothers were approached following vaginal delivery. First-pass meconium stools within 24 hours of delivery were obtained from healthy, breastfed infants with tight inclusion/exclusion criteria including rejecting any known antibiotic exposure - mother within 7 days preceding delivery or infant after birth. Stools were processed in triplicate for fluorescent in-situ hybridisation (FISH with 16S rRNA-targeted probes including Bifidobacterium; Bacteroides-Prevotella; Lactobacillaceae/Enterococcaceae; Enterobacteriaceae; Streptococcaceae; Staphylococcaceae and Enterococcaceae. Absolute counts of all bacteria and proportional identification of each bacterial group were calculated. Confirmation of bacterial presence by PCR was undertaken on FISH-positive samples.The mothers of 31 newborn infants were recruited, 15 met inclusion/exclusion criteria and provided a sample within 24 hours of birth, processed in the lab within 4 hours. All babies were 37-40 weeks gestation. 8/15 were male, mean birth weight was 3.4 kg and mean maternal age was 32 years. Meconium samples from 10/15 (66% infants had evidence of bacteria based on FISH analysis. Of these, PCR was positive in only 1. Positive FISH counts ranged from 2.2-41.8 x 10(4 cells/g with a mean of 15.4 x 10(4 cells/g. (The limit of detection for automated counting is 10(6 cells/g. Cell counts were too low to allow formal diversity analysis. Amplification by PCR was not possible despite positive spiked samples demonstrating the feasibility of reaction. One baby was dominated by Enterobacteriaceae. The others contained 2-5 genera

  13. Statistical Survival Analysis of Fish and Wildlife Tagging Studies; SURPH.1 Manual - Analysis of Release-Recapture Data for Survival Studies, 1994 Technical Manual.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Smith, Steven G.; Skalski, John R.; Schelechte, J. Warren [Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA (United States). Center for Quantitative Science


    Program SURPH is the culmination of several years of research to develop a comprehensive computer program to analyze survival studies of fish and wildlife populations. Development of this software was motivated by the advent of the PIT-tag (Passive Integrated Transponder) technology that permits the detection of salmonid smolt as they pass through hydroelectric facilities on the Snake and Columbia Rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Repeated detections of individually tagged smolt and analysis of their capture-histories permits estimates of downriver survival probabilities. Eventual installation of detection facilities at adult fish ladders will also permit estimation of ocean survival and upstream survival of returning salmon using the statistical methods incorporated in SURPH.1. However, the utility of SURPH.1 far exceeds solely the analysis of salmonid tagging studies. Release-recapture and radiotelemetry studies from a wide range of terrestrial and aquatic species have been analyzed using SURPH.1 to estimate discrete time survival probabilities and investigate survival relationships. The interactive computing environment of SURPH.1 was specifically developed to allow researchers to investigate the relationship between survival and capture processes and environmental, experimental and individual-based covariates. Program SURPH.1 represents a significant advancement in the ability of ecologists to investigate the interplay between morphologic, genetic, environmental and anthropogenic factors on the survival of wild species. It is hoped that this better understanding of risk factors affecting survival will lead to greater appreciation of the intricacies of nature and to improvements in the management of wild resources. This technical report is an introduction to SURPH.1 and provides a user guide for both the UNIX and MS-Windows{reg_sign} applications of the SURPH software.

  14. Survival time of direct dental restorations in adults

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thaís Torres Barros Dutra

    Full Text Available AbstractIntroductionThe presence of dental caries is the main reason for the placement and replacement of restorations. Maintaining restorations to a satisfactory clinical condition is a challenge, despite the evolution of materials and surgical operative techniques.ObjectiveTo investigate the survival time and technical-operatory characteristics of dental restorations among adults in Teresina-PI.Material and methodData collection was carried out from September 2009 to January 2010 at a non-profit dental service. Data were collected at the moment of restoration replacement. The sample consisted of 262 defective restorations in 139 individuals. Survival time was calculated using the placement date that was registered on the individual’s dental form. Kruskal-Wallis and Mann-Whitney tests were used to compare the survival time of the different types of restorations and the chi-square test was used to assess the association between qualitative variables, at a 5% significance level.ResultThe median survival time of the restorations was 2 years. The survival time for amalgam was higher than for composite and glass ionomer cement (p=0.004. The most replaced dental material was the composite (66.4%. The majority of the replaced restorations had been placed in anterior teeth, in proximal surfaces.ConclusionAmalgam restorations have a longer survival time than composite resin. Technical and operatory variables had no influence on the survival time of restorations. Dental restorations have a low survival time and this fact might be associated with the decion-making process that is adopted by the professionals.

  15. Analysis of Al-Cu Bimetallic Bars Properties After Explosive Welding and Rolling in Modified Passes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mróz S.


    Full Text Available The paper presents the results of the experimental tests of Al-Cu bimetallic bars rolling process in multi-radial modified passes. The bimetallic bars consist of aluminium core, grade 1050A and copper outer layer, grade M1E. The stocks were round bars with diameter 22 mm with a copper layer share of 15 and 30%. As a result of rolling in four passes, bars of a diameter of about 16.0 mm were obtained. A bimetallic stock was manufactured using an explosive welding method. The use of the designed arrangement of multi-radial modified stretching passes resulted in obtaining Al-Cu bimetallic bars with the required lateral dimensions, an uniform distribution of the cladding layer over the bar perimeter and high quality of shear strength between individual layers.

  16. DPDC (double-pass donor cell): A second-order monotone scheme for advection

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Beason, C W; Margolin, L G


    We are developing a new, second-order, monotone scheme for advection. DPDC (i.e., double-pass donor cell) is based on Smolarkiewicz' simple, positive definite method. Both schemes are multipass methods in which upstream approximations to the truncation error are subtracted from the equations. We describe two significant improvements to Smolarkiewicz' method. First, we use a local gauge transformation to convert the method from being positive definite to the stronger condition of being monotone. Second, we analytically approximate the sum of the corrections of all the passes to use in a single corrective pass. This increases the accuracy of the method, but does not increase the order of accuracy. We compare DPDC with van Leer's method for advection of several different pulses in a constant velocity field. 5 refs., 4 figs.

  17. High performance message passing for the ATLAS DAQ/EF-1 project

    CERN Document Server

    Mornacchi, Giuseppe


    Summary form only. A message passing library has been developed in the context of the ATLAS DAQ/EF-1 project. It is used for time critical applications within the front-end part of the DAQ system, mainly to exchange data control messages between I/O processors. Key objectives of the design were low message overheads, efficient use of the data transfer buses, provision of broadcast functionality and a hardware and operating system independent implementation of the application interface. The design and implementation of the message passing library are presented. As required by the project, the implementation is based on commercial components, namely VMEbus, PCI, the Lynx-OS real-time operating system and an additional inter- processor link, PVIC. The latter offers broadcast functionality identified as being important to the overall performance of the message passing. In addition, performance benchmarks for all implementing buses are presented for both simple test programs and the full DAQ applications. (0 refs)...

  18. A proposal for a user-level, message passing interface in a distributed memory environment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dongarra, J.J. (Tennessee Univ., Knoxville, TN (United States). Dept. of Computer Science Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States)); Hempel, R. (Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung mbH Bonn, Sankt Augustin (Germany)); Hey, A.J.G. (Southampton Univ. (United Kingdom). Dept. of Electronics and Computer Science); Walker, D.W. (Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States))


    This paper describes Message Passing Interface 1 (MPI1), a proposed library interface standard for supporting point-to-point message passing. The intended standard will be provided with Fortran 77 and C interfaces, and will form the basis of a standard high level communication environment featuring collective communication and data distribution transformations. The standard proposed here provides blocking, nonblocking, and synchronized message passing between pairs of processes, with message selectivity by source process and message type. Provision is made for noncontiguous messages. Context control provides a convenient means of avoiding message selectivity conflicts between different phases of an application. The ability to form and manipulate process groups permits task parallelism to be exploited, and is a useful abstraction in controlling certain types of collective communication.

  19. A novel SFG structure for C-T high-pass filters

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Ivan Riis


    and has good stability properties, but it leads to a relatively high circuit complexity and a high noise level. However, the incremental integration structure inherits the low-noise properties of the leapfrog structure and the good stability of the direct SFG simulation method. A sixth-order elliptic high-pass....... The incremental integration structure is compared to the leapfrog and direct SFG simulation structures. Leapfrog high-pass filters are relatively simple and show good noise properties, but they are based on differentiators and thus stability problems exist. The direct SFG simulation method is based on integrators......A signal flow graph (SFG) structure for simulating passive high-pass ladder filters, called the incremental integration structure, is proposed. The structure requires the use of integrators with nonintegrating inputs, and an implementation based on the MOSFET-C technique is discussed...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arintoko Arintoko


    Full Text Available This research estimates the exchange rate pass-through (ERPT into import prices by applying an extension of the basic model of ERPT on Indonesia. It estimates models of cointegration and error-correction mechanism (ECM, with and without structural breaks. It uses the techniques of Zivot-Andrews and of Gregory-Hansen to test for structural breaks and cointegration with the structural breaks, respectively. The results show that with the control variables, inflation affects import prices and lower the pass-through for short term, in a condition of free floating exchange rate. In the short term, with the inclusion of structural breaks, significant inflation affects import prices and lowers the ERPT coefficient.  Keywords:    Exchange rate pass-through, inflation, structural breaks, cointegration, error-correction mechanismJEL classification numbers: C22, C32, E31, F41

  1. Detecting the severity of perinatal anxiety with the Perinatal Anxiety Screening Scale (PASS). (United States)

    Somerville, Susanne; Byrne, Shannon L; Dedman, Kellie; Hagan, Rosemary; Coo, Soledad; Oxnam, Elizabeth; Doherty, Dorota; Cunningham, Nadia; Page, Andrew C


    The Perinatal Anxiety Screening Scale (PASS; Somerville et al., 2014) reliably identifies perinatal women at risk of problematic anxiety when a clinical cut-off score of 26 is used. This study aimed to identify a severity continuum of anxiety symptoms with the PASS to enhance screening, treatment and research for perinatal anxiety. Antenatal and postnatal women (n=410) recruited from the antenatal clinics and mental health services at an obstetric hospital completed the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS), the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS-21), the Spielberg State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI), the Beck Depression Inventory II (BDI), and the PASS. The women referred to mental health services were assessed to determine anxiety diagnoses via a diagnostic interview conducted by an experienced mental health professional from the Department of Psychological Medicine - King Edward Memorial Hospital. Three normative groups for the PASS, namely minimal anxiety, mild-moderate anxiety, and severe anxiety, were identified based on the severity of anxiety indicated on the standardised scales and anxiety diagnoses. Two cut-off points for the normative groups were calculated using the Jacobson-Truax method (Jacobson and Truax, 1991) resulting in three severity ranges: 'minimal anxiety'; 'mild-moderate anxiety'; and 'severe anxiety'. The most frequent diagnoses in the study sample were adjustment disorder, mixed anxiety and depression, generalised anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. This may limit the generalisability of the severity range results to other anxiety diagnoses including obsessive compulsive disorder and specific phobia. Severity ranges for the PASS add value to having a clinically validated cut-off score in the detection and monitoring of problematic perinatal anxiety. The PASS can now be used to identify risk of an anxiety disorder and the severity ranges can indicate developing risk for early referrals for further assessments

  2. Association between EMS Question Bank Completion and Passing Rates on the EMS Certification Examination. (United States)

    Clemency, Brian; Martin-Gill, Christian; Rall, Nicole; May, Paul; Lubin, Jeffrey; Cooley, Craig; Van Dillen, Christine; Silvestri, Salvatore; Portela, Roberto; Cooney, Derek; Knutsen, Christian; March, Juan


    A board review question bank was created to assist candidates in their preparation for the 2015 EMS certification examination. We aimed to describe the development of this question bank and evaluate its successes in preparing candidates to obtain EMS subspecialty board certification. An online question bank was developed by 13 subject matter experts who participated as item writers, representing eight different EMS fellowship programs. The online question bank consisted of four practice tests, with each of the tests comprised of 100 questions. The number of candidates who participated in and completed the question bank was calculated. The passing rate among candidates who completed the question bank was calculated and compared to the publicly reported statistics for all candidates. The relationship between candidates' performance on the question bank and subspecialty exam pass rates was determined. A total of 252 candidates took at least one practice test and, of those, 225 candidates completed all four 100-question practice tests. The pass rate on the 2015 EMS certification exam was 79% (95%CI 74-85%) among candidates who completed the question bank, which is 12% higher than the overall pass rate (p = 0.003). Candidates' performance on the question bank was positively associated with overall success on the exam (X(2) = 75.8, p question bank was associated with a higher likelihood of passing the exam (OR = 17.8; 95% CI: 8.0-39.6). Completing the question bank program was associated with improved pass rates on the EMS certification exam. Strong performance on the question bank correlated with success on the exam.

  3. Reliability and construct validity of soccer skills tests that measure passing, shooting, and dribbling. (United States)

    Russell, Mark; Benton, David; Kingsley, Michael


    In this study, we examined the reliability and construct validity of new soccer skills tests. Twenty soccer players (10 professional and 10 recreational) repeated trials of passing, shooting, and dribbling skills on different days. Passing and shooting skills required players to kick a moving ball, delivered at constant speed, towards one of four randomly determined targets. Dribbling required players to negotiate seven cones over 20 m. Each trial consisted of 28 passes, 8 shots, and 10 dribbles. Ball speed, precision, and success were determined for all tests using video analysis. Systematic bias was small (Test-retest reliability statistics were as follows: ball speed (passing, shooting, dribbling; coefficient of variation [CV]: 6.5%, 6.9%, 2.4%; ratio limits of agreement [RLOA]: 0.958 ×/÷ 1.091, 0.990 ×/÷ 1.107, 0.993 ×/÷ 1.039), precision (passing, shooting, dribbling; CV: 10.0%, 23.5%, 4.6%; RLOA: 0.956 ×/÷ 1.147, 1.030 ×/÷ 1.356, 1.000 ×/÷ 1.068), and success (passing, shooting, dribbling; CV: 11.7%, 14.4%, 2.2%; RLOA: 1.017 ×/÷ 1.191, 0.913 ×/÷ 1.265, 0.996 ×/÷ 1.035). Professional players performed better than recreational players in at least one outcome measure for all skills. These findings demonstrate the reliability and validity of new soccer skill protocols.

  4. High-pass filtering to remove electrocardiographic interference from torso EMG recordings. (United States)

    Redfern, M; Hughes, R; Chaffin, D


    Removal of electrocardiographic (ECG) contamination of electromyographic (EMG) signals from torso muscles is often attempted by high-pass filtering. This study investigated the effects of the cut-off frequency used in this high-pass filtering technique on the resulting EMG signal. Surface EMGs were recorded on five subjects from the rectus abdominis, external oblique, and erector spinae muscles. These signals were then digitally high-pass filtered at cut-off frequencies of 10, 30, and 60 Hz. Integration and power analyses of the filtered EMGs were subsequently performed. It was found that an increase in the cut-off frequency affects the integrated EMG signal by (1) reducing the ECG contamination, (2) decreasing the amplitude, and (3) smoothing the signal. It was concluded that the use of a high-pass filter is effective in reducing ECG interference in integrated EMG recordings, and a cut-off frequency of approximately 30 Hz was optimal. Electromyographic recordings of torso muscles are often used in the development of low-back biomechanical models. Unfortunately, these recordings are usually contaminated by electrocardiographic interference. High-pass filtering methods are sometimes used to diminish the influence of ECG from surface EMGs; however, the effects of these filters on the recorded and processed EMG have not been reported. The findings show that high-pass filtering is effective in reducing ECG contamination and motion artefact from integrated EMGs when the appropriate cut-off frequency is used. Inappropriate cut-off frequencies lead to either incomplete ECG removal or excess filtering of the EMG signal. Copyright © 1993. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  5. A nomogram to predict the probability of passing the American Board of Internal Medicine examination

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrei Brateanu


    Full Text Available Background : Although the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM certification is valued as a reflection of physicians’ experience, education, and expertise, limited methods exist to predict performance in the examination. Purpose : The objective of this study was to develop and validate a predictive tool based on variables common to all residency programs, regarding the probability of an internal medicine graduate passing the ABIM certification examination. Methods : The development cohort was obtained from the files of the Cleveland Clinic internal medicine residents who began training between 2004 and 2008. A multivariable logistic regression model was built to predict the ABIM passing rate. The model was represented as a nomogram, which was internally validated with bootstrap resamples. The external validation was done retrospectively on a cohort of residents who graduated from two other independent internal medicine residency programs between 2007 and 2011. Results : Of the 194 Cleveland Clinic graduates used for the nomogram development, 175 (90.2% successfully passed the ABIM certification examination. The final nomogram included four predictors: In-Training Examination (ITE scores in postgraduate year (PGY 1, 2, and 3, and the number of months of overnight calls in the last 6 months of residency. The nomogram achieved a concordance index (CI of 0.98 after correcting for over-fitting bias and allowed for the determination of an estimated probability of passing the ABIM exam. Of the 126 graduates from two other residency programs used for external validation, 116 (92.1% passed the ABIM examination. The nomogram CI in the external validation cohort was 0.94, suggesting outstanding discrimination. Conclusions : A simple user-friendly predictive tool, based on readily available data, was developed to predict the probability of passing the ABIM exam for internal medicine residents. This may guide program directors’ decision

  6. The Canal da Piracema at Itaipu Dam as a fish pass system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sérgio Makrakis

    Full Text Available The Canal da Piracema is the longest (nearly 10 km fish pass system in the world. The construction of this fish pass was somehow controversial, because it connected two distinct ichthyofaunistic provinces. This study evaluated the ichthyofauna present in the Canal da Piracema and the abundance and distribution of long-distance migratory fish species along this fish pass system (evaluated possible selectivity. The Canal da Piracema was shown to be difficult to sample because of its environmental heterogeneity: artificial ponds, ladders and nature-like fish pass. To solve this problem, we used several fishing gears, adequate for the several biotopes present (unstructured and structured littoral were sampled with seining nets and electrofishing; lentic were sampled with gillnets and longlines (deeper areas; and rapid water areas were sampled with cast nets. The ichthyofauna of the Canal da Piracema followed the pattern for South America and the Paraná River, with a predominance of Characiformes and Siluriformes. The most representative families were Characidae, Anostomidae, Pimelodidae and Loricariidae. We captured 116 species (17 were long-distance migratory during the period studied. Small-sized species were predominant in unstructured and structured littoral areas, especially Bryconamericus exodon and Apareiodon affinis.The most abundant species was Hypostomus spp. in lentic areas, followed by Iheringichthys labrosus. Hoplias aff. malabaricus predominated in deeper lentic areas. Long-distance migratory species were abundant in rapid waters; they were Prochilodus lineatus and Leporinus elongatus. The sharp reduction in the number of species, including migratory ones, is an indication that the Canal da Piracema is selecting the species that ascend it. Therefore, the search for information on the efficiency of the various fish passes present in the Canal da Piracema is fundamental, to facilitate upward movements of fish. If this is reached, this

  7. Passed without a stroke: a UK mixed method study exploring student nurses' knowledge of stroke. (United States)

    Mason-Whitehead, Elizabeth; Ridgway, Victoria; Barton, Janet


    To evaluate third year student nurses' knowledge and experiences of stroke education. To identify how student nurses can develop their understanding of stroke and its application to clinical nursing practice. Stroke is an international health issue and a major cause of morbidity and mortality in many countries throughout the world. Nurses have a significant role to play in reducing death and disability in people who have suffered a stroke and it has been suggested that some nurses may not be educationally prepared to meet the challenges of this complex condition. This evaluative study was based on a mixed method evaluative design. These quantitative and qualitative approaches involved the implementation of focus groups and questionnaires. The following outcomes were measured during students' final year of their nursing studies: students' profiles and an assessment of students' knowledge of stroke. There was a mixed picture of student nurses' knowledge of stroke; a lack of awareness of some fundamental aspects of stroke including common symptoms, complications, risk factors and the long term treatment. Reassuringly, students expressed decisively the importance for nurses to be equipped with a sound foundation of stroke knowledge for clinical practice. All nursing students should have experience of being in contact with people who have had a stroke - and at present this does not always happen. A national intervention study is now suggested with a view to providing stroke education which is proportionate to its significance as a major health issue. Nurses draw upon their fundamental clinical skills to care and treat patients who have survived a stroke. Additionally, stroke survivors also require enhanced knowledge and this is recognised in the growth of specialist stroke nurses. Improving stroke mortality and morbidity is the responsibility of all of us involved in nurse education - introducing creative evaluative interventions could hold the most promising way

  8. A Novel Second-Order All-Pass Filter Using Square-Root Domain Blocks


    Surav Yilmaz, S.; Tola, A. T.; Arslanalp, R.


    In this study, a new second order all-pass filter is synthesized in the square-root domain by using the state-space method. The proposed second order all-pass filter is constituted by current mirrors, current sources, current-mode square-root circuits and capacitors. The pole frequency of the filter can be tuned electronically by varying the values of the current sources of this circuit. The filter is simulated in PSpice using 0.35um CMOS technology parameters. Quality factor of the circuit i...

  9. Horizontal distributions of surface chlorophyll a and nitrogenous nutrients near Bering Strait and Unimak Pass (United States)

    Koike, Isao; Furuya, Ken; Otobe, Hirotake; Nakai, Toshisuke; Memoto, Takahisa; Hattori, Akihiko


    Surface temperature, salinity, nitrate,aammonium, and chlorophyll a were continuously monitored along a north-south transect across the Bering Strait and Unimak Pass region of the southeastern Bering Sea in July 1978. A cold water mass, rich in nitrate and chlorophyll a, north of the Bering Strait, was examined over a distance of 40 km; it was probably associated with local upwelling. Near Unimak Pass, chlorophyll a was inversely correlated with nitrate, suggesting rapid growth of phytoplankton in nutrient-rich Alaskan Stream water during its travel into the Bering Sea. Phytoplankton species composition was consistent with this inference.

  10. Evaluation of environmental information for the Unimak Pass Area, Alaska. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Truett, J.C.; Craig, P.C.


    This report identifies and describes the important biological resources of the marine environment of the eastern Aleutian Island, Alaska, between 164 and 170/sup 0/W, and discusses the physical and chemical processes and components that support these resources. It evaluates the potential effects of oil and gas activities on the biota and identifies information needs. It is based solely on a review and analysis of existing information. The eastern Aleutian Islands passes are a major migration corridor between the North Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea for marine mammals, birds, and some fishes. Plankton is transported into the Bering Sea via island passes.

  11. Degree Distribution of Position-Dependent Ball-Passing Networks in Football Games (United States)

    Narizuka, Takuma; Yamamoto, Ken; Yamazaki, Yoshihiro


    We propose a simple stochastic model describing the position-dependent ball-passing network in football (soccer) games. In this network, a player in a certain area in a divided field is a node, and a pass between two nodes corresponds to an edge. Our stochastic process model is characterized by the consecutive choice of a node depending on its intrinsic fitness. We derive an explicit expression for the degree distribution and find that the derived distribution reproduces that for actual data reasonably well.

  12. MPWide: a light-weight library for efficient message passing over wide area networks (United States)

    Groen, D.; Rieder, S.; Portegies Zwart, S.


    We present MPWide, a light weight communication library which allows efficient message passing over a distributed network. MPWide has been designed to connect application running on distributed (super)computing resources, and to maximize the communication performance on wide area networks for those without administrative privileges. It can be used to provide message-passing between application, move files, and make very fast connections in client-server environments. MPWide has already been applied to enable distributed cosmological simulations across up to four supercomputers on two continents, and to couple two different bloodflow simulations to form a multiscale simulation.

  13. MPWide: a light-weight library for efficient message passing over wide area networks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Derek Groen


    Full Text Available We present MPWide, a light weight communication library which allows efficient message passing over a distributed network. MPWide has been designed to connect application running on distributed (supercomputing resources, and to maximize the communication performance on wide area networks for those without administrative privileges. It can be used to provide message-passing between application, move files, and make very fast connections in client-server environments. MPWide has already been applied to enable distributed cosmological simulations across up to four supercomputers on two continents, and to couple two different bloodflow simulations to form a multiscale simulation.

  14. Optimum design of low-pass switched-capacitor ladder filters (United States)

    Davis, R. D.; Trick, T. N.


    A general technique for realizing Bruton's LDI transformation in low-pass switched-capacitor ladder filters is presented, which results in switched-capacitor integrators that are insensitive to parasitic capacitances. It is shown that the correct filter response may be obtained by realizing only the stable poles of the LDI transformed LC network. Realization of these 'stable' poles is reduced to the problem of solving a system of nonlinear equations. The design of a third-order Chebyshev low-pass filter is presented as an example.

  15. Speckle Reduction in Double-Pass Retinal Images Using Variable-Focus Lenses (United States)

    García-Guerra, C. E.; Aldaba, M.; Arjona, M.; Pujol, J.


    Speckle arises in double-pass images when coherent light is scattered by the retina. Since this noise degrades the images that are used to characterize the eye, there is special attention in reducing speckle when working with instruments based on retina reflections. In this work, we present a method for speckle reduction in double-pass retinal images by producing minor periodic variations in the vergence of the beam entering the eye with a variable-focus lens during image recording. Measurements in an artificial and a real eye following the implementation of the method corroborate the speckle reduction.

  16. Combined first pass and equilibrium radionuclide cardiographic determination of stroke volume for quantitation of valvular regurgitation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kelbaek, H; Aldershvile, J; Svendsen, J H


    A new noninvasive procedure for quantitation of cardiac valve regurgitation was evaluated using a combination of first pass and gated equilibrium radionuclide cardiography in 38 subjects with and without cardiac valve disease. Left-sided cardiac catheterization was performed to determine the seve......A new noninvasive procedure for quantitation of cardiac valve regurgitation was evaluated using a combination of first pass and gated equilibrium radionuclide cardiography in 38 subjects with and without cardiac valve disease. Left-sided cardiac catheterization was performed to determine...... cardiography, being insensitive to intracardiac shunts and right-sided valve disorders, constitutes a valid noninvasive technique for quantitation of left-sided cardiac valve regurgitation....

  17. Closed-Form Equation of Data Dependent Jitter in First Order Low Pass System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sangjin Byun


    Full Text Available This paper presents a closed-form equation of data dependent jitter (DDJ in first order low pass systems. The DDJ relates to the system bandwidth, the bit rate, the input rise/fall time, and the number of maximum consecutive identical bits of the data pattern. To confirm the derived equation, simulations have been done with a first order RC low pass circuit for various system bandwidths, bit rates, input rise/fall times, and data patterns. The simulation results agree well with the calculated DDJ values by the derived equation.

  18. Integrating marker passing and problem solving a spreading activation approach to improved choice in planning

    CERN Document Server

    Hendler, James A


    A recent area of interest in the Artificial Intelligence community has been the application of massively parallel algorithms to enhance the choice mechanism in traditional AI problems. This volume provides a detailed description of how marker-passing -- a parallel, non-deductive, spreading activation algorithm -- is a powerful approach to refining the choice mechanisms in an AI problem-solving system. The author scrutinizes the design of both the algorithm and the system, and then reviews the current literature and research in planning and marker passing. Also included: a comparison of this

  19. Survival Processing Eliminates Collaborative Inhibition. (United States)

    Reysen, Matthew B; Bliss, Heather; Baker, Melissa A


    The present experiments examined the effect of processing words for their survival value, relevance to moving, and pleasantness on participants' free recall scores in both nominal groups (non-redundant pooled individual scores) and collaborative dyads. Overall, participants recalled more words in the survival processing conditions than in the moving and pleasantness processing conditions. Furthermore, nominal groups in both the pleasantness condition (Experiment 1) and the moving and pleasantness conditions (Experiment 2) recalled more words than collaborative groups, thereby replicating the oft-observed effect of collaborative inhibition. However, processing words for their survival value appeared to eliminate the deleterious effects of collaborative remembering in both Experiments 1 and 2. These results are discussed in the context of the retrieval strategy disruption hypothesis and the effects of both expertise and collaborative skill on group remembering.

  20. Survival in Women with NSCLC (United States)

    Katcoff, Hannah; Wenzlaff, Angela S.; Schwartz, Ann G.


    Introduction Although lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women, few studies have investigated the hormonal influence on survival after a lung cancer diagnosis and results have been inconsistent. We evaluated the role of reproductive and hormonal factors in predicting overall survival in women with non–small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Methods Population-based lung cancer cases diagnosed between November 1, 2001 and October 31, 2005 were identified through the Metropolitan Detroit Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Registry. Interview and follow-up data were collected for 485 women. Cox proportional hazard regression models were used to determine hazard ratios (HRs) for death after an NSCLC diagnosis associated with reproductive and hormonal variables. Results Use of hormone therapy (HT) was associated with improved survival (HR, 0.69; 95% confidence interval, 0.54–0.89), adjusting for stage, surgery, radiation, education level, pack-years of smoking, age at diagnosis, race, and a multiplicative interaction between stage and radiation. No other reproductive or hormonal factor was associated with survival after an NSCLC diagnosis. Increased duration of HT use before the lung cancer diagnosis (132 months or longer) was associated with improved survival (HR, 0.54; 95% confidence interval, 0.37–0.78), and this finding remained significant in women taking either estrogen alone or progesterone plus estrogen, never smokers, and smokers. Conclusion These findings suggest that HT use, in particular use of estrogen plus progesterone, and long-term HT use are associated with improved survival of NSCLC. PMID:24496005

  1. Survival of Sami cancer patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leena Soininen


    Full Text Available Objectives. The incidence of cancer among the indigenous Sami people of Northern Finland is lower than among the Finnish general population. The survival of Sami cancer patients is not known, and therefore it is the object of this study. Study design. The cohort consisted of 2,091 Sami and 4,161 non-Sami who lived on 31 December 1978 in the two Sami municipalities of Inari and Utsjoki, which are located in Northern Finland and are 300–500 km away from the nearest central hospital. The survival experience of Sami and non-Sami cancer patients diagnosed in this cohort during 1979–2009 was compared with that of the Finnish patients outside the cohort. Methods. The Sami and non-Sami cancer patients were matched to other Finnish cancer patients for gender, age and year of diagnosis and for the site of cancer. An additional matching was done for the stage at diagnosis. Cancer-specific survival analyses were made using the Kaplan–Meier method and Cox regression modelling. Results. There were 204 Sami and 391 non-Sami cancer cases in the cohort, 20,181 matched controls without matching with stage, and 7,874 stage-matched controls. In the cancer-specific analysis without stage variable, the hazard ratio for Sami was 1.05 (95% confidence interval 0.85–1.30 and for non-Sami 1.02 (0.86–1.20, indicating no difference between the survival of those groups and other patients in Finland. Likewise, when the same was done by also matching the stage, there was no difference in cancer survival. Conclusion. Long distances to medical care or Sami ethnicity have no influence on the cancer patient survival in Northern Finland.

  2. Survival following spinal cord infarction. (United States)

    New, P W; McFarlane, C L


    Retrospective open cohort. To calculate the survival of patients with spinal cord infarction and to compare the cause of death in patients with different mechanisms of ischaemic injury. Spinal Rehabilitation Unit, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Consecutive admissions between 1 January 1995 and 31 December 2008 with recent onset of spinal cord infarction. Linkage to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (Victoria) was used to determine survival following discharge from in-patient rehabilitation and cause of death. A total of 44 patients were admitted (males=26, 59%), with a median age of 72 years (interquartile range (IQR) 62-79). One patient died during their in-patient rehabilitation programme. In all, 14 patients (n=14/44; 33%) died during the follow-up period. The median survival after diagnosis was 56 months (IQR 28-85) and after discharge from in-patient rehabilitation was 46 months (IQR 25-74). The 1- and 5-year mortality rates were 7.0% (n=3/43; 95% confidence interval (CI)=2.4-18.6%) and 20.9% (n=9/43; 95% CI=11.4-35.2%). There was no statistically significant difference in survival between patients with the different aetiologies of spinal cord infarction (other vs idiopathic: χ(2)=0.6, P=0.7; other vs vascular: χ(2)=1.9, P=0.3). There was no relationship between survival and gender (χ(2)=0.2, P=0.6), age (χ(2)=3.0, P=0.08), level of injury (χ(2)=0.0, P=1) or American Spinal Cord Society Impairment Scale grade of spinal cord injury (χ(2)=0.02, P=0.9). Patients with spinal cord infarction appear to have a fair survival after discharge from in-patient rehabilitation, not withstanding the occurrence of risk factors of vascular disease in many patients.

  3. Genetic aspects of piglet survival


    Knol, E.F.


    Piglet mortality is high. In the USA nearly 20% of the piglets do not survive between late gestation and weaning; 7% of the piglets die during farrowing and some 13% are lost during lactation. These statistics from the USA are no exception to the norm. Selection for increased piglet survival, if possible, could have an important economic impact.

    Litters and sows

    Data on some 33.000 litters and some 400.000 piglets from a commercial breeding progr...

  4. Frailty Models in Survival Analysis

    CERN Document Server

    Wienke, Andreas


    The concept of frailty offers a convenient way to introduce unobserved heterogeneity and associations into models for survival data. In its simplest form, frailty is an unobserved random proportionality factor that modifies the hazard function of an individual or a group of related individuals. "Frailty Models in Survival Analysis" presents a comprehensive overview of the fundamental approaches in the area of frailty models. The book extensively explores how univariate frailty models can represent unobserved heterogeneity. It also emphasizes correlated frailty models as extensions of

  5. A comparison of two 810 diode lasers for hair removal: low fluence, multiple pass versus a high fluence, single pass technique. (United States)

    Koo, Bonnie; Ball, Kaity; Tremaine, Anne-Marie; Zachary, Christopher B


    Laser hair removal has become an increasingly popular method to remove unwanted or excessive hair. We have assessed the relative efficacy and discomfort associated with competing hair removal techniques, namely a high average power 810 nm diode laser using an “in-motion” technique with a market-leading 810 nm device with a single-pass vacuum-assisted technique. This study has determined the long-term (6-12 months) hair reduction efficacy and the relative pain induction intensities of these devices. Prospective, randomized, side-by-side comparison of either the legs or axillae was performed comparing the Soprano XL 810 nm diode in super hair removal (SHR) mode (Alma Lasers, Buffalo Grove, IL) hereafter known as the “in-motion” device vs. the LightSheer Duet 810 nm diode laser (Lumenis) hereafter known as the “single pass” device. Five laser treatments were performed 6 to 8 weeks apart with 1, 6, and 12 months follow-ups for hair counts. Pain was assessed in a subjective manner by the patients on a 10-point grading scale. Hair count analysis was performed in a blinded fashion. There was a 33.5% (SD 46.8%) and 40.7% (SD 41.8%) reduction in hair counts at 6 months for the single pass and in-motion devices respectively (P = 0.2879). The average pain rating for the single pass treatment (mean 3.6, 95% CI: 2.8 to 4.5) was significantly (P = 0.0007) greater than the in-motion treatment (mean 2.7, 95% CI 1.8 to 3.5). This data supports the hypothesis that using diode lasers at low fluences and high average power with a multiple pass in-motion technique is an effective method for hair removal, with less pain and discomfort, while maintaining good efficacy. The 6 month results were maintained at 12 month for both devices.

  6. Oral food challenges in children: review and future perspectives. (United States)

    Greenhawt, Matthew


    Food allergy is a lifelong condition with no known treatment or cure. Allergy tests such as skin tests and blood tests are not always accurate when positive and are not necessarily diagnostic of a food allergy. A food allergy takes into consideration both the history of exposure and the testing. The food challenge is considered the diagnostic gold standard for food allergy. However, recent evidence suggests that not enough challenges are being performed. Several techniques exist with which clinicians can challenge patients. Providers who perform challenges should be familiar with assessing signs and symptoms of a potential reaction and must be prepared to treat anaphylaxis. The magnitude of the serum and skin tests may be of assistance in stratifying a patient's risk of passing a challenge, and newer diagnostic tests may help better stratify such risk of based on particular epitope recognition.

  7. Patriarchy, Women and HIV/AIDS in Mapalala's "passed Like a ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The purpose of this paper is to examine Bernard Mapalala's short story “Passed like a Shadow” in relation to the HIV/AIDS scourge, focusing on how the story represents the women's vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. The paper argues that the story identifies patriarchy and its attendant problems as the primary contributing factor to ...

  8. Energy and exergy analysis in double-pass solar air heater

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    In this study, an attempt is made to improve the energy and exergy performance of solar air heater by employing double pass with different absorber surface geometries (roughened, finned, and v-corrugated wire ... Department of Mechanical Engineering, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar 608002, Tamilnadu, India ...

  9. Structural Controls of the Emerson Pass Geothermal System, Washoe County, Nevada

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Anderson, Ryan B [Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, University of Nevada, Reno; Faulds, James E [Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, University of Nevada, Reno


    We have conducted a detailed geologic study to better characterize a blind geothermal system in Emerson Pass on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Reservation, western Nevada. A thermal anomaly was discovered in Emerson Pass by use of 2 m temperature surveys deployed within a structurally favorable setting and proximal to surface features indicative of geothermal activity. The anomaly lies at the western edge of a broad left step at the northeast end of Pyramid Lake between the north- to north-northeast-striking, west-dipping, Fox and Lake Range normal faults. The 2-m temperature surveys have defined a N-S elongate thermal anomaly that has a maximum recorded temperature of ~60°C and resides on a north- to north-northeaststriking fault. Travertine mounds, chalcedonic silica veins, and silica cemented Pleistocene lacustrine gravels in Emerson Pass indicate a robust geothermal system active at the surface in the recent past. Structural complexity and spatial heterogeneities of the strain and stress field have developed in the step-over region, but kinematic data suggest a WNW-trending (~280° azimuth) extension direction. The geothermal system is likely hosted in Emerson Pass as a result of enhanced permeability generated by the intersection of two oppositely dipping, southward terminating north- to north-northwest-striking (Fox Range fault) and northnortheast- striking faults.

  10. 75 FR 69990 - Application for Presidential Permit; Northern Pass Transmission LLC (United States)


    ... Pass) has applied for a Presidential permit to construct, operate, maintain, and connect an electric... States for the transmission of electric energy between the United States and a foreign country is... terminal to be constructed at the Des Canton Substation in Quebec, Canada, from which a single circuit 300...

  11. A Vondrak low pass filter for IMU sensor initial alignment on a disturbed base. (United States)

    Li, Zengke; Wang, Jian; Gao, Jingxiang; Li, Binghao; Zhou, Feng


    The initial alignment of the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is an important process of INS to determine the coordinate transformation matrix which is used in the integration of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) with Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). In this paper a novel alignment method for a disturbed base, such as a vehicle disturbed by wind outdoors, implemented with the aid of a Vondrak low pass filter, is proposed. The basic principle of initial alignment including coarse alignment and fine alignment is introduced first. The spectral analysis is processed to compare the differences between the characteristic error of INS force observation on a stationary base and on disturbed bases. In order to reduce the high frequency noise in the force observation more accurately and more easily, a Vondrak low pass filter is constructed based on the spectral analysis result. The genetic algorithms method is introduced to choose the smoothing factor in the Vondrak filter and the corresponding objective condition is built. The architecture of the proposed alignment method with the Vondrak low pass filter is shown. Furthermore, simulated experiments and actual experiments were performed to validate the new algorithm. The results indicate that, compared with the conventional alignment method, the Vondrak filter could eliminate the high frequency noise in the force observation and the proposed alignment method could improve the attitude accuracy. At the same time, only one parameter needs to be set, which makes the proposed method easier to implement than other low-pass filter methods.

  12. Fuel-element failures in Hanford single-pass reactors 1944--1971

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gydesen, S.P.


    The primary objective of the Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction (HEDR) Project is to estimate the radiation dose that individuals could have received as a result of emissions since 1944 from the US Department of Energy`s (DOE) Hanford Site near Richland, Washington. To estimate the doses, the staff of the Source Terms Task use operating information from historical documents to approximate the radioactive emissions. One source of radioactive emissions to the Columbia River came from leaks in the aluminum cladding of the uranium metal fuel elements in single-pass reactors. The purpose of this letter report is to provide photocopies of the documents that recorded these failures. The data from these documents will be used by the Source Terms Task to determine the contribution of single-pass reactor fuel-element failures to the radioactivity of the reactor effluent from 1944 through 1971. Each referenced fuel-element failure occurring in the Hanford single-pass reactors is addressed. The first recorded failure was in 1948, the last in 1970. No records of fuel-element failures were found in documents prior to 1948. Data on the approximately 2000 failures which occurred during the 28 years (1944--1971) of Hanford single-pass reactor operations are provided in this report.

  13. 78 FR 44937 - Sabine Pass Liquefaction, LLC; Application for Long-Term Authorization To Export Liquefied... (United States)


    ... Pass Liquefaction, LLC; Application for Long-Term Authorization To Export Liquefied Natural Gas... trade in natural gas (non-FTA countries) with which trade is not prohibited by U.S. law or policy. SPL... the date the authorization is granted. The Application was filed under section 3 of the Natural Gas...

  14. 75 FR 62512 - Sabine Pass Liquefaction, LLC; Application for Long-Term Authorization To Export Liquefied... (United States)


    ... Pass Liquefaction, LLC; Application for Long-Term Authorization To Export Liquefied Natural Gas AGENCY... policy. The application was filed under section 3 of the Natural Gas Act (NGA), as amended by section 201... reviewing this LNG export application, DOE will consider any issues required by law or policy. To the extent...

  15. 78 FR 44934 - Sabine Pass Liquefaction, LLC; Application for Long-Term Authorization To Export Liquefied... (United States)


    ... Pass Liquefaction, LLC; Application for Long-Term Authorization To Export Liquefied Natural Gas... natural gas (non-FTA countries) with which trade is not prohibited by U.S. law or policy. SPL requests... date the authorization is granted. The Application was filed under section 3 of the Natural Gas Act...

  16. Design of a folded, multi-pass Fabry–Perot cavity for displacement metrology

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Joo, K.M.; Ellis, J.D.; Spronck, J.W.; Munnig Schmidt, R.H.


    We present a folded, multi-pass cavity design for displacement measuring Fabry–Perot interferometry. The cavity length is designed to be one-quarter of the physical length needed for a typical Fabry–Perot interferometer by using a quarter-wave plate and a retroreflector. This enhances the

  17. Multiple pass and multiple layer friction stir welding and material enhancement processes (United States)

    Feng, Zhili [Knoxville, TN; David, Stan A [Knoxville, TN; Frederick, David Alan [Harriman, TN


    Processes for friction stir welding, typically for comparatively thick plate materials using multiple passes and multiple layers of a friction stir welding tool. In some embodiments a first portion of a fabrication preform and a second portion of the fabrication preform are placed adjacent to each other to form a joint, and there may be a groove adjacent the joint. The joint is welded and then, where a groove exists, a filler may be disposed in the groove, and the seams between the filler and the first and second portions of the fabrication preform may be friction stir welded. In some embodiments two portions of a fabrication preform are abutted to form a joint, where the joint may, for example, be a lap joint, a bevel joint or a butt joint. In some embodiments a plurality of passes of a friction stir welding tool may be used, with some passes welding from one side of a fabrication preform and other passes welding from the other side of the fabrication preform.

  18. Evaluating validity of current criteria for judgment passing ER rotation among internee medical students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hooman Hoseinnejad


    Conclusions: According to association between successfully completions of training in emergency medicine and self-assessment questionnaire, it seems current criteria for judgment passing emergency medicine rotation is valid as well as we recommended using self-assessment for evaluating validity of such testes.

  19. Effectiveness of PETTLEP imager on performance of passing skill in volleyball. (United States)

    Afrouzeh, M; Sohrabi, E; Haghkhan, A; Rowshani, F; Goharrokhi, S


    This study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of PETTLEP-based imagery, and traditional imagery interventions, on performance of passing skill in volleyball. 36 beginners male volleyball players (Mage =13.5 years, SD=0.55 years) with 5-6 months practice experience were randomly assigned to one of three groups: physical practice + PETTLEP imagery (PP+PI) (N.=15), physical practice + traditional imagery (N.=15), and physical practice only (PP; N.=15). Subjects in the PP+PI group applied the seven components of PETTLEP imagery training; whereas subjects in the PP+TI engaged in a relaxation session before imagery and used response laden motor imagery scripts. The two groups completed 15 minutes of imagery training followed immediately by 13 minutes of "passing" practice three times per week. The PP group completed only 13 minutes of "passing" practice three times per week. Each group performed its respective tasks for 7 weeks. A pre-test took place during the first practice session in which "passing" was assessed. After the 7-week practice program, a post-test took place followed by a retention test, one "no-practice" week later. All groups improved significantly (Pvolleyball when combined with physical practice.

  20. Tunable High-Q N-Path Band-Pass Filters: Modeling and Verification

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ghaffari, A.; Klumperink, Eric A.M.; Soer, M.C.M.; Nauta, Bram


    Abstract—A differential single-port switched-RC N-path filter with band-pass characteristic is proposed. The switching frequency defines the center frequency, while the RC-time and duty cycle of the clock define the bandwidth. This allows for high-Q highly tunable filters which can for instance be

  1. Passing the Leadership Test: Strategies for Success on the Leadership Licensure Exam. Second Edition (United States)

    Jones, Leslie; Kennedy, Eugene


    "Passing the Leadership Test: Strategies for Success on the Leadership Licensure Exam" is a study guide for the School Leaders Licensure Examination (SLLA.) The book presents a comprehensive, practical guide for preparing for the SLLA. It is divided into two sections: basic principles of test preparation and the ISLLC standards with implications…

  2. Relationship Between Physician Assistant Program Length and Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination Pass Rates. (United States)

    Colletti, Thomas P; Salisbury, Helen; Hertelendy, Attila J; Tseng, Tina


    This study was conducted to examine the relationship between physician assistant (PA) educational program length and PA programs' 5-year average Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE) first-time pass rates. This was a retrospective correlational study that analyzed previously collected data from a nonprobability purposive sample of accredited PA program Web sites. Master's level PA programs (n = 108) in the United States with published average PANCE scores for 5 consecutive classes were included. Provisional and probationary programs were excluded (n = 4). Study data were not normally distributed per the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, P = .00. There was no relationship between program length and PANCE pass rates, ρ (108) = -0.04, P = .68. Further analyses examining a possible relationship between program phase length (didactic and clinical) and PANCE pass rates also demonstrated no differences (ρ [107] = -0.05, P = .60 and ρ [107] = 0.02, P = .80, respectively). The results of this study suggest that shorter length PA programs perform similarly to longer programs in preparing students to pass the PANCE. In light of rapid expansion of PA educational programs, educators may want to consider these findings when planning the length of study for new and established programs.

  3. Highly efficient single-pass sum frequency generation by cascaded nonlinear crystals

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Anders Kragh; Andersen, Peter E.; Jensen, Ole Bjarlin


    , despite differences in the phase relations of the involved fields. An unprecedented 5.5 W of continuous-wave diffraction-limited green light is generated from the single-pass sum frequency mixing of two diode lasers in two periodically poled nonlinear crystals (conversion efficiency 50%). The technique...

  4. Numerical prediction of hydrodynamic forces on a ship passing through a lock (United States)

    Wang, Hong-zhi; Zou, Zao-jian


    While passing through a lock, a ship usually undergoes a steady forward motion at low speed. Owing to the size restriction of lock chamber, the shallow water and bank effects on the hydrodynamic forces acting on the ship may be remarkable, which may have an adverse effect on navigation safety. However, the complicated hydrodynamics is not yet fully understood. This paper focuses on the hydrodynamic forces acting on a ship passing through a lock. The unsteady viscous flow and hydrodynamic forces are calculated by applying an unsteady RANS code with a RNG k- ɛ turbulence model. User-defined function (UDF) is compiled to define the ship motion. Meanwhile, the grid regeneration is dealt with by using the dynamic mesh method and sliding interface technique. Numerical study is carried out for a bulk carrier ship passing through the Pierre Vandamme Lock in Zeebrugge at the model scale. The proposed method is validated by comparing the numerical results with the data of captive model tests. By analyzing the numerical results obtained at different speeds, water depths and eccentricities, the influences of speed, water depth and eccentricity on the hydrodynamic forces are illustrated. The numerical method proposed in this paper can qualitatively predict the ship-lock hydrodynamic interaction. It can provide certain guidance on the manoeuvring and control of ships passing through a lock.

  5. Skin-pass rolling I – Studies on roughness transfer and elongation under pure normal loading

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kijima, Hideo; Bay, Niels


    The influence of tool roughness in skin-pass or temper rolling of steel strip is investigated focusing on roughness transfer and strip elongation under pure normal loading, i.e. with no tangential shear between tool and workpiece. The process is simulated by an elasto-plastic FE simulation of pla...

  6. Skin-pass rolling II - Studies of roughness transfer under combined normal and tangential loading

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kijima, Hideo; Bay, Niels


    ) simulation of plane strain indentation in authors’ previous paper [H. Kijima, N. Bay, Skin-pass rolling I—studies on roughness transfer and elongation under pure normal loading, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, May 2008, accepted for publication] is verified by experimental...

  7. 33 CFR 110.195 - Mississippi River below Baton Rouge, LA, including South and Southwest Passes. (United States)


    ... descending bank of the river. Caution: A wreck is located within the boundaries of this anchorage. Mariners... the water's edge into the river as measured from the LWRP. Caution: A wreck is located within the... Head of Passes. The width of the anchorage is 800 feet. Caution: A wreck is located within the...

  8. Development of a portable remote sensing system for measurement of diesel emissions from passing diesel trucks. (United States)


    A wireless remote-sensing system has been developed for measurement of NOx and particulate matters (PM) emissions from passing diesel trucks. The NOx measurement system has a UV light source with quartz fiber optics that focused the light source into...

  9. Optimizing of the functionality of fish passes; Optimierung der Auffindbarkeit von Fischaufstiegsanlagen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sobirey, Axel [WAGU GmbH Kassel (Germany)


    An important criterion of the correct operation of fish passes is their ease of localize for fishes and benthos willing to migrate upstream. If in practice an optimal solution can not be realized because of local restrictions, some aids can improve the functionality of fish ladders, such as a supplied tube, a fish attracting pump or a useful positioned fish deflector. (orig.)

  10. A Differential 4-Path Highly Linear Widely Tunable On-Chip Band-Pass Filter

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ghaffari, A.; Klumperink, Eric A.M.; Nauta, Bram


    Abstract A passive switched capacitor RF band-pass filter with clock controlled center frequency is realized in 65nm CMOS. An off-chip transformer which acts as a balun, improves filter-Q and realizes impedance matching. The differential architecture reduces clock-leakage and suppresses selectivity

  11. Legislation imposing mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences passes second reading. (United States)


    Bill C-26, An Act to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, passed second reading in the House of Commons on 16 April 16 2008, and was referred to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights. The legislation has been proposed as a component of the National Anti-Drug Strategy.

  12. Optical Broadband High Pass Transmission Property of Thin Film Hyperbolic Metamaterial

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Tang, Y.; Man, X.; Adam, A.J.L.; Urbach, H.P.


    Here we report the modeling, fabrication and measurement of a type II Hyperbolic Metamaterial (HMM) consisting of 10 pairs Ag/Al2O3 subwavelength layers to demonstrate the high pass filter property of type II HMM. The HMM is deposited on the hypotenuse side of a TiO2 prism and covered with a

  13. All-optical OFDM demultiplexing by spectral magnification and optical band-pass filtering

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Palushani, Evarist; Mulvad, Hans Christian Hansen; Kong, Deming


    We propose spectral magnification of optical-OFDM super-channels using time-lenses, enabling reduced inter-carrier-interference in subcarrier detection by simple band-pass filtering. A demonstration on an emulated 100 Gbit/s DPSK optical-OFDM channel shows improved sensitivities after 4-times...

  14. Gain-clamping techniques in two-stage double-pass L-band EDFA

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    over the conventional single pass amplifier, but one drawback is the higher noise figure. Besides gain improvement, L-band EDFAs for DWDM system must also be able to maintain constant gain during channel add/drop or abrupt failure in the system. To satisfy the requirement of broadband transmission in DWDM systems,.

  15. Visual and skill effects on soccer passing performance, kinematics, and outcome estimations. (United States)

    Basevitch, Itay; Tenenbaum, Gershon; Land, William M; Ward, Paul


    The role of visual information and action representations in executing a motor task was examined from a mental representations approach. High-skill (n = 20) and low-skill (n = 20) soccer players performed a passing task to two targets at distances of 9.14 and 18.29 m, under three visual conditions: normal, occluded, and distorted vision (i.e., +4.0 corrective lenses, a visual acuity of approximately 6/75) without knowledge of results. Following each pass, participants estimated the relative horizontal distance from the target as the ball crossed the target plane. Kinematic data during each pass were also recorded for the shorter distance. Results revealed that performance on the motor task decreased as a function of visual information and task complexity (i.e., distance from target) regardless of skill level. High-skill players performed significantly better than low-skill players on both the actual passing and estimation tasks, at each target distance and visual condition. In addition, kinematic data indicated that high-skill participants were more consistent and had different kinematic movement patterns than low-skill participants. Findings contribute to the understanding of the underlying mechanisms required for successful performance in a self-paced, discrete and closed motor task.

  16. The Passing-on Defence Catapulted Out of State Aid Law

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ølykke, Grith Skovgaard


    situation as well as the possibility that the advantage could have been passed on to the passengers through lower ticket prices. The Commission appealed this judgment and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) found for the Commission; thus, the nominal amount of aid should be recovered...

  17. 42 CFR 419.64 - Transitional pass-through payments: Drugs and biologicals. (United States)


    ... orphan drug under section 526 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act if payment for the drug or... following drugs and biologicals that are furnished as part of an outpatient hospital service: (1) Orphan... 42 Public Health 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Transitional pass-through payments: Drugs and...

  18. Determining Snow Depth Using Airborne Multi-Pass Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (United States)


    The high albedo of snow greatly impacts the local and global scale radiational balance. The snow decreases the absorption of solar energy...NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA DISSERTATION Approved for public release: distribution is unlimited DETERMINING SNOW ...DATES COVERED Dissertation 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE DETERMINING SNOW DEPTH USING AIRBORNE MULTI-PASS INTERFEROMETRIC SYNTHETIC APERTURE RADAR 5

  19. Revised /sup 14/C age for St. Helens Y tephra at Tonquin Pass, British Columbia

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Luckman, B.H.; Kearney, M.S.; King, R.H.; Beaudoin, A.B.


    The age of a Mount St. Helens set Y tephra at Tonquin Pass, British Columbia, previously assumed to be 4300 years BP, is revised to ca. 3400 years BP, based on bracketing /sup 14/C dates of 3140 +/- 70 (Beta 13558) and 3680 +/- 80 years BP (Beta 13559). The implications of this revision for tephrostratigraphy of this area are discussed.

  20. Urban Agriculture: Passing Fad or New Prospects for Agriculture and Cities?


    Moschitz, Heidrun; Kueffer, Christoph


    While urban agriculture might be considered a passing fad, we argue that it is a vehicle to deal with many urgent topics of societal transformation towards a sustainable future. We discuss the potential of urban agriculture to change agriculture and urban life.