Sample records for surface des continents

  1. CYGNSS Surface Wind Validation and Characteristics in the Maritime Continent (United States)

    Asharaf, S.; Waliser, D. E.; Zhang, C.; Wandala, A.


    Surface wind over tropical oceans plays a crucial role in many local/regional weather and climate processes and helps to shape the global climate system. However, there is a lack of consistent high quality observations for surface winds. The newly launched NASA Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) mission provides near surface wind speed over the tropical ocean with sampling that accounts for the diurnal cycle. In the early phase of the mission, validation is a critical task, and over-ocean validation is typically challenging due to a lack of robust validation resources that a cover a variety of environmental conditions. In addition, it can also be challenging to obtain in-situ observation resources and also to extract co-located CYGNSS records for some of the more scientifically interesting regions, such as the Maritime Continent (MC). The MC is regarded as a key tropical driver for the mean global circulation as well as important large-scale circulation variability such as the Madian-Julian Oscillation (MJO). The focus of this project and analysis is to take advantage of local in-situ resources from the MC regions (e.g. volunteer shipping, marine buoys, and the Year of Maritime Continent (YMC) campaign) to quantitatively characterize and validate the CYGNSS derived winds in the MC region and in turn work to unravel the complex multi-scale interactions between the MJO and MC. This presentation will show preliminary results of a comparison between the CYGNSS and the in-situ surface wind measurements focusing on the MC region. Details about the validation methods, uncertainties, and planned work will be discussed in this presentation.

  2. The European Continent : Surface Expression of Upper Mantle Dynamics (United States)

    Tondi, M. R.; Schivardi, R.; Molinari, I.; Morelli, A.


    The surface topography of Europe shows important variations, most of which are relatively well explained by isostatic compensation of density contrasts within the crust and lithosphere. However, not all of the density contrasts leading to topography reside within the lithosphere. The crucial problem is how to detect the extra topography signal, in addition to that associated with both crustal and lithospheric anomalies. Forte and Perry, 2000 estimate the amplitude of the dynamic topography by removal of the crustal isostatic topography signal from the surface of the Earth. Faccenna and Becker, 2010 infer the equivalent dynamic topography from the normal stress generated at the surface by mantle viscous flow driven by thermal anomalies. Here we consider the correlation between residual topography and mantle residual gravity anomalies. As shown by Pekeris, 1935 and Hager et al., 1985, the viscous mantle flow that is driven by the thermal density contrasts is responsible for the long-wavelength gravity anomalies observed at the surface. They have demonstrated that the gravitational effects of surface deformation caused by the flow is opposite in sign and comparable in magnitude to that of the driving density contrast. The 1°x1° recently assembled European crustal model, EPCrust (Molinari and Morelli, 2011) is used to estimate the effects of the isostatic crust and the mantle residual gravity anomalies. We calculate the correlation matrix between the residual topography and the mantle residual gravity anomalies and we define the regions where the sublithospheric mantle density, below the European continent, contributes to surface topography. To recover the residual topography, the effects of the isostatic crust is estimated with the Panasyuk and Hager (2000) algorithm and subtracted from the observed elevation (ETOPO-1). The mantle residual gravity anomalies are estimated as the differences between the produced gravity field of EPCrust and the observations. 3-D

  3. A Surface Wave's View of the Mid-Continent Rift (United States)

    Foster, A. E.; Darbyshire, F. A.; Schaeffer, A. J.


    The presence of the Mid-Continent Rift (MCR), a 1.1Ga failed rift in central North America, raises many questions. We address the following: what lasting effects has it had on the continental lithosphere? Though many studies have looked at the area with a variety of data types, the combination of USArray Transportable Array stations to the south, permanent and temporary Canadian stations to the north, and SPREE stations in strategic locations crossing the rift provide a new opportunity for a regional surface-wave study. We select 80 stations with roughly 200 km spacing, resulting in dense path coverage of a broad area centered on the MCR. We use teleseismic data for all earthquakes from January 2005-August 2016 with a magnitude greater than 6.0, amounting to over 1200 events, and we make Rayleigh wave two-station dispersion measurements for all station pairs with suitable event-station geometry. We invert these measurements for anisotropic phase-velocity maps at periods of 20-200 s, yielding information not only on the wave speed but also the current fabric of the lithosphere, a complicated record of strain from formation, through modification from orogeny, attempted rifting, and hotspot interaction, to present day plate motion. We observe a clear signature of the MCR at short (20-25 s) periods, with the slowest phase-velocity anomaly in the region aligning with the strongest gravity anomaly. At increasing periods, and thus greater depths, this slowest anomaly shifts to beneath the center of Lake Superior (30-40 s). Eventually, it appears to merge with a slow anomaly to the north associated with the Nipigon Embayment, and contrasts sharply with an adjacent fast anomaly in the western Superior Province. In our preliminary anisotropy results, we observe weak anisotropy at the latitude of the MCR and to the south, whereas to the north of the MCR we find strong anisotropy. This is similar to the spatial variations in magnitude of delay times from shear-wave splitting

  4. Geologic investigations of Australian earthquakes: Paleoseismicity and the recurrence of surface faulting in the stable regions of continents (United States)

    Machette, Michael; Crone, Anthony


    Earthquakes that occur in the stable regions of continents are very rare compared to those that occur along plate margins, such as the San Andreas fault system of western California. Worldwide, only 11 historic earthquakes in stable continental regions are known to have produced surface ruptures. Five of these have occurred in Australia since 1968 (see map, next page).

  5. Relationship of multispectral satellite data to land surface evaporation from the Australian continent (United States)

    Smith, R. C. G.; Choudhury, B. J.


    Based on NOAA-9 AVHRR and Nimbus-7 SMMR satellite data, satellite indices of vegetation from the Australian continent are calculated for the period of May 1986 to April 1987. Visible (VIS) and near infrared (NIR) reflectances and the normalized difference (ND) vegetation index are calculated from the AVHRR sensor. The microwave polarization difference (PD) is also calculated as the difference between the vertically and horizontally polarized brightness temperatures at 37 GHz. ND, PD, VIS, and NIR indices were plotted against rainfall and water balance estimates of evaporation. It is concluded that direct satellite monitoring of annual evaporation across the Australian continent using PD or VIS satellite indices of vegetation biomass appears possible for areas with evaporation less than 600 mm/y and that use of the ND relationship at continental scale may underpredict monthly evaporation of forests relative to agriculture.

  6. Decontamination of surfaces (1961); La decontamination des surfaces (1961)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mestre, E. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The continued expansion of atomic Energy has led the S.C.R.G.R. to extend simultaneously the recovery of materials contaminated by use in radio-active media. The importance of this aspect of atomic Energy was not immediately obvious to those concerned but is now fully recognized due to the cost of the materials and installations, and also to the time required for the construction of special equipment for the C.E.A. Another very important reason is the dangers associated with the handling of contaminated material. The S.C.R.G.R. attacked this problem from the point of view of these dangers. It later became apparent to the users, once the decontamination methods had proved their worth, that the process presented advantages from the material and cost-saving point of view. (author) [French] Le developpement toujours croissant de l'Energie atomique a conduit le S.C.R.G.R. a developper parallelement la recuperation des materiels contamines par leur emploi en milieu radioactif. Cet aspect de l'Energie atomique n'est pas apparu des le debut aux utilisateurs mais s'est tres vite impose etant donne, d'une part, le cout des installations et du materiel, d'autre part le temps necessaire a la fabrication d'un materiel special aux travaux du C.E.A., enfin et surtout, les risques associes a la manipulation d'un materiel contamine. Les risques seuls ont ete pris comme point de depart a l'examen de ce probleme par le S.C.R.G.R. puis avec le temps, les methodes de decontamination ayant fait leur preuve, les utilisateurs ont alors apercu les aspects materiels et la rentabilite de la decontamination. (auteur)

  7. Impact of Land Surface and Forcing Parameters on the Spin-up Behaviour of Noah Land Surface Model over the Indian Sub-Continent (United States)

    Bhattacharya, A.; Satyanarayana, A. N. V.; Mandal, M.


    In the present study, an attempt is made to understand the influence of land surface parameters (such as soil moisture conditions, soil type and vegetation type) and forcing parameters on the model spin-up behaviour of a land surface model (LSM), namely Noah LSM, over the Indian sub-continent. The work presented here primarily aims to understand the optimum initial conditions to achieve the least spin-up time over the subtropical conditions that exist over the region of interest. The study is presented in three major parts. In the first part, a multivariate statistical analysis, namely principle component analysis is employed to investigate how parameters such as precipitation, air temperature, soil moisture, radiation components as well as various parameters that characterize soil and vegetation types influence the model spin-up. The second part deals with the study of the impact of soil and vegetation parameters in different seasons on the model spin-up behaviour. Finally, the third part looks into the influence of initial soil moisture condition and precipitation forcing on the spin-up behaviour of the model in different seasons to obtain the optimum initial conditions for the minimum spin-up time of the model. From the study, it is seen that the soil and vegetation type, as well as the soil moisture content influence the model spin-up significantly. The present study reports that the experiments initialized just before a continuous rainfall event has the least spin-up unless the initial soil is saturated.

  8. La dérive des continents, son accueil à Neuchâtel et parmi les géologues alpins


    Schaer, Jean-Paul


    International audience; At the beginning of the XX th century, a majority of geologists believe that the Earth is cooling.To adapt to its contraction, its crust must fold itself, forming mountains ranges who take birthin geosynclines, equally produced by the effects of contraction. In 1912, the meteorologist Alfred Wegener proposed that mountains ranges spring out through the confrontation of drifting continents floating on the top of the heavier rocks of the sima, also present under the ocea...

  9. Modelisations des effets de surface sur les jets horizontaux subsoniques d'hydrogene et de methane (United States)

    Gomez, Luis Fernando

    Le developpement des codes et de normes bases sur une methodologie scientifique requiert la capacite de predire l'etendue inflammable de deversements gazeux d'hydrogene sous differentes conditions. Des etudes anterieures ont deja etabli des modeles bases sur les lois de conservation de la mecanique des fluides basees sur des correlations experimentales qui permettent de predire la decroissance de la concentration et de la vitesse d'un gaz le long de l'axe d'un jet libre vertical. Cette etude s'interesse aux effets de proximite a une surface horizontale parallele sur un jet turbulent. Nous nous interessons a son impact sur l'etendue du champ de la concentration et sur l'enveloppe inflammable en particulier. Cette etude est comparative : l'hydrogene est compare au methane. Ceci permet de degager l'influence des effets de difference de la densite sur le comportement du jet, et de comparer le comportement de l'hydrogene aux correlations experimentales, qui ont ete essentiellement etablies pour le methane. Un modele decrivant l'evolution spatio-temporelle du champ de concentration du gaz dilue est propose, base sur la mecanique des fluides computationnelle. Cette approche permet de varier systematiquement les conditions aux frontieres (proximite du jet a la surface, par exemple) et de connaitre en detail les proprietes de l'ecoulement. Le modele est implemente dans le code de simulations par volumes finis de FLUENT. Les resultats des simulations sont compares avec les lois de similitudes decoulant de la theorie des jets d'ecoulements turbulents libres ainsi qu'avec les resultats experimentaux disponibles. L'effet de la difference des masses molaires des constituantes du jet et des constituantes du milieu de dispersion est egalement etudie dans le contexte du comportement d'echelle de la region developpee du jet.

  10. Combining floating continents and a free surface in a 3D spherical mantle convection model with self-consistent plate tectonics (United States)

    Rolf, T.; Crameri, F.; Tackley, P. J.


    The dynamics of the Earth's lithosphere and mantle are strongly influenced by its upper mechanical boundary condition. For instance, our previous work has shown that a necessity for the evolution of Earth-like, single-sided subduction is a free surface, which allows for vertical movement of the two converging plates, i.e. the development of surface topography [Crameri et al (2012), in press]. Single-sided subduction has an important effect on the evolution of self-consistent plate tectonics, e.g. by shaping subduction trenches. However, due to the usage of a homogeneous, i.e. purely oceanic, lithosphere these models tend to favour the rigid lid mode of plate tectonics for a realistic strength of the lithosphere, which is in contradiction to the present-day Earth. In contrast, our previous work with a pre-existing heterogeneous structure of the lithosphere has shown that the presence of continents floating at the top of the mantle may play an important role in the evolution of plate tectonics. Convective stresses may be focussed at the rheological boundary between continent and ocean, which facilitates the formation of plate boundaries and makes the Earth-like, mobile lid mode of plate tectonics easier to observe [Rolf & Tackley (2011)]. However, in these models subduction is single-sided when one oceanic and one continental plate converge, but double-sided in the case of two converging oceanic plates. Taking the previous findings as a motivation, we now combine both ingredients: the free surface and the heterogeneous lithosphere, in one self-consistent model. We approximate the free surface by using a "sticky air" layer [Schmeling et al, 2008; Crameri et al., submitted] and the continents by strong Archaean cratons, which can resist recycling on long timescales [Rolf & Tackley (2011)]. Such a model might produce single-sided subduction that is continuously evolving supported by the presence of continents. Performing global-scale self-consistent mantle convection

  11. Mécanismes d'écoulement des charges à la surface des polymères granulaires

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Kachi


    Full Text Available Les forces électriques s’exerçant sur des polymères granulaires chargés sont mises à profit dans plusieurs processus électrostatiques. La dynamique de charges de surface de ces matériaux est très importante pour ce type de processus. Le but de ce papier est d’analyser l’écoulement des charges à la surface de couches compactes de polymères granulaires, en interprétant les mesures sans contact réalisées par trois sondes de potentiel, de champ et de charge, ayant chacune une taille différente. Des mesures du profile de potentiel à différents instants sont également réalisées afin d’expliquer les différences entre les vitesses de déclin de potentiel, de champ et de charge mesurées par les trois sondes. Les résultats mettent en évidence un écoulement transversal et longitudinal de la charge surfacique.

  12. Recovery of surface mass redistribution from a joint inversion of GPS and GRACE data - A methodology and results from the Australian and other continents (United States)

    Han, S. C.; Tangdamrongsub, N.; Razeghi, S. M.


    We present a methodology to invert a regional set of vertical displacement data from Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine surface mass redistribution. It is assumed that GPS deformation is a result of the Earth's elastic response to the surface mass load of hydrology, atmosphere, and ocean. The identical assumption is made when global geopotential change data from Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment (GRACE) are used to determine surface mass changes. We developed an algorithm to estimate the spectral information of displacements from "regional" GPS data through regional spherical (Slepian) basis functions and apply the load Love numbers to estimate the mass load. We rigorously examine all systematic errors caused by various truncations (spherical harmonic series and Slepian series) and the smoothing constraint applied to the GPS-only inversion. We demonstrate the technique by processing 16 years of daily vertical motions determined from 114 GPS stations in Australia. The GPS inverted surface mass changes are validated against GRACE data, atmosphere and ocean models, and a land surface model. Seasonal and inter-annual terrestrial mass variations from GPS are in good agreement with GRACE data and the water storage models. The GPS recovery compares better with the water storage model around the smaller coastal basins of Australia than two different GRACE solutions. The sub-monthly mass changes from GPS provide meaningful results agreeing with atmospheric mass changes in central Australia. Finally, we integrate GPS data from different continents with GRACE in the least-square normal equations and solve for the global surface mass changes by jointly inverting GPS and GRACE data. We present the results of surface mass changes from the GPS-only inversion and from the joint GPS-GRACE inversion.

  13. Mapping the upper mantle beneath North American continent with joint inversion of surface-wave phase and amplitude (United States)

    Yoshizawa, K.; Hamada, K.


    A new 3-D S-wave model of the North American upper mantle is constructed from a large number of inter-station phase and amplitude measurements of surface waves. A fully nonlinear waveform fitting method by Hamada and Yoshizawa (2015, GJI) is applied to USArray for measuring inter-station phase speeds and amplitude ratios of the fundamental-mode Rayleigh and Love waves. We employed the seismic events from 2007 - 2014 with Mw 6.0 or greater, and collected a large-number of inter-station phase speed data (about 130,000 for Rayleigh and 85,000 for Love waves) and amplitude ratio data (about 75,000 for Rayleigh waves) in a period range from 30 to 130 s for fundamental-mode surface waves. Typical inter-station distances are mostly in a range between 300 and 800 km, which can be of help in enhancing the lateral resolution of a regional tomography model. We first invert Rayleigh-wave phase speeds and amplitudes simultaneously for phase speed maps as well as local amplification factors at receiver locations. The isotropic 3-D S-wave model constructed from these phase speed maps incorporating both phase and amplitude data exhibits better recovery of the strength of velocity perturbations. In particular, local tectonic features characterized by strong velocity gradients, such as Rio Grande Rift, Colorado Plateau and New Madrid Seismic Zone, are more enhanced than conventional models derived from phase information only. The results indicate that surface-wave amplitude, which is sensitive to the second derivative of phase speeds, can be of great help in retrieving small-scale heterogeneity in the upper mantle. We also obtain a radial anisotropy model from the simultaneous inversions of Rayleigh and Love waves (without amplitude information). The model has shown faster SH wave speed anomalies than SV above the depth of 100 km, particularly in tectonically active regions in the western and central U.S., representing the effects of current and former tectonic processes on

  14. Paleomagnetism continents and oceans

    CERN Document Server

    McElhinny, Michael W; Dmowska, Renata; Holton, James R; Rossby, H Thomas


    Paleomagnetism is the study of the fossil magnetism in rocks. It has been paramount in determining that the continents have drifted over the surface of the Earth throughout geological time. The fossil magnetism preserved in the ocean floor has demonstrated how continental drift takes place through the process of sea-floor spreading. The methods and techniques used in paleomagnetic studies of continental rocks and of the ocean floor are described and then applied to determining horizontal movements of the Earth''s crust over geological time. An up-to-date review of global paleomagnetic data enables 1000 millionyears of Earth history to be summarized in terms of the drift of the major crustal blocks over the surface of the Earth. The first edition of McElhinny''s book was heralded as a "classic and definitive text." It thoroughly discussed the theory of geomagnetism, the geologicreversals of the Earth''s magnetic field, and the shifting of magnetic poles. In the 25 years since the highly successful first editio...

  15. Spécification géométrique des produits (GPS) -- Indication des états de surface dans la documentation technique de produits

    CERN Document Server

    International Organization for Standardization. Geneva


    La présente Norme internationale spécifie les règles pour l'indication des états de surface dans la documentation technique de produits (par exemple dessins, spécifications, contrats, rapports) au moyen de symboles graphiques et d'indications textuelles. Elle est applicable à l'indication des exigences sur les surfaces au moyen de paramètres de profil conformément à l'ISO 4287, relatifs au profil R (paramètres de rugosité), au profil W (paramètres d'ondulation) et au profil P (paramètres de structure), de paramètres liés aux motifs conformément à l'ISO 12085, relatifs au motif de rugosité et au motif d'ondulation, et de paramètres relatifs à la courbe du taux de longueur portante conformément à l'ISO 13565-2 et à l'ISO 13565-3. NOTE Quant à l'indication des exigences concernant les imperfections de surface (pores, stries, etc.), qui ne peuvent pas être spécifiées à l'aide des paramètres d'état de surface, référence est faite à l'ISO 8785 qui couvre les imperfections de surface...

  16. Physical and chemical characterization methods of surfaces and interfaces; Methodes de caracterisation physico-chimique des surfaces et des interfaces

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barthes-Labrousse, M.G. [Centre d`Etudes de Chimie Metallurgique, 94 - Vitry-sur-Seine (France)


    The main physical and chemical characterization techniques of surfaces and interfaces are presented. There are: Auger electron spectroscopy, photoelectron spectroscopies (XPS and UPS), secondary ions mass spectroscopy (SIMS), infrared and Raman spectroscopies, electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS and HREELS) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). For each method is given the theoretical principle, the apparatus and the main uses of the techniques. (O.M.) 27 refs.

  17. Adjustable continence balloons

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjær, Line; Fode, Mikkel; Nørgaard, Nis


    . Fourteen patients (12%) ended up with an artificial sphincter or a urethral sling. Sixty patients (63%) experienced no discomfort and 58 (61%) reported being dry or markedly improved. Overall, 50 patients (53%) reported being very or predominantly satisfied. Conclusions. Adjustable continence balloons seem...

  18. Ignition of dust clouds by sparks and heated surfaces; Inflammation des nuages de poussieres par des etincelles et des surfaces chauffees

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Proust, C.; Boudalaa, M. [Institut National de l' Environnement Industriel et des Risques, 60 - Verneuil en Halatte (INERIS) (France)


    The three types of ignition sources described in this article are the sources of mechanical origin, the heated surfaces and the sparks of electrostatic origin. These 3 categories should be at the origin of 75% of the referenced dust explosions. The approach retained is mainly experimental. Hot spots are produced by the impact of a laser beam (Nd-YAG) on a target located inside the cloud. For relatively long delays of ignition (1 to 2 mn), the characteristic ignition parameter is the thermal power supplied by the target to the mixture, at least when the hot-spot size is small enough (less than 2 or 3 mm). Above this size, the ignition parameter would rather be a critical temperature of the hot spot which can be linked to the 'standard' ignition temperature of the cloud. For electrostatic sparks, measurements of current-voltage characteristics have been performed with some measurements of dimensions. Most possible types have been examined, like the discharges between conductive materials (A), between a conductive material and an insulating material (B), and between a conductive material and an insulating material lined with a conductor connected to the ground (C). It appears that the most powerful sparks (several joules) encountered in the industrial environment are those of type A and C. Measurements have shown that the efficiency of the conversion of the energy stored on the surface of the material into electrical energy inside the spark is very high. Finally, a first approach of the examination of the ignition risk has been tempted with a hot spot created during a lapse of time compatible with a mechanical impact. This leads to an ignition criterion in the form of energy. This energy remains at least two scales of size greater than the minimum spark ignition energy. This difference should come from the absorption of heat by solid materials. (J.S.)

  19. Architecture, des normes et des systèmes d'information libres, phase ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Architecture, des normes et des systèmes d'information libres, phase II (OASIS II) - Renforcement des capacités dans l'ensemble de l'Afrique. Sur presque tout le continent africain, la prestation des services de santé est limitée en raison des maigres ressources disponibles et de la charge de morbidité de plus en plus ...

  20. Pelvic-floor rehabilitation, Part 1: Comparison of two surface electrode placements during stimulation of the pelvic-floor musculature in women who are continent using bipolar interferential currents. (United States)

    Dumoulin, C; Seaborne, D E; Quirion-DeGirardi, C; Sullivan, S J


    of urinary stress incontinence in women postpartum. [Dumoulin C, Seaborne DE, Quirion-DeGirardi C, Sullivan SJ. Pelvic-floor rehabilitation, part 1: comparison of two surface electrode placements during stimulation of the pelvic-floor musculature in women who are continent using bipolar interferential currents.



    Thomassin, J.; Baillif, P.; Touray, J.


    L'étude de la composition superficielle des verres soumis à altération a été abordée par spectrométrie XPS (ou ESCA), sonde ionique (SIMS) et microscopie électronique (transmission et balayage). Les matériaux choisis sont des verres industriels et naturels ; les milieux de corrosion sont l'eau douce, l'eau de mer et des solutions d'ions métalliques. La température est de 90°C, le milieu est non agité et non renouvelé. Tous les essais ont été réalisés sur des esquilles. Les principaux résultat...

  2. Water-surface profiles of Raccoon River at Des Moines, Iowa (United States)

    Carpenter, Philip J.; Appel, David H.


    This investigation was undertaken as a part of the cooperative program with the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research, the City of Des Moines, and the U.S. Geological Survey.  The purpose of this report is twofold:

  3. Capteurs routiers equipant les stations météoroutières : Evaluation de la qualité des informations des états de surface "sec, humide, mouillé"




    Les capteurs routiers équipant les stations météoroutières implantées sur les réseaux autoroutiers et routiers, délivrent des informations d'état de surface de chaussées plus ou moins riches - sec, humide, mouillé ruisselant, etc -Dans le cadre des travaux PREDIT -accident par temps de pluie- et plus particulièrement le sujet 3 -statistique des hauteurs d'eau sur chaussées-, il a paru intéressant de qualifier ces informations. L'opportunité des essais préalables à la délivrance de l'homologat...

  4. Capteurs routiers équipant les stations météoroutières : Evaluation de la qualité des informations des états de surface "sec, himide, mouillé"




    Les capteurs routiers équipant les stations météoroutières implantées sur les réseaux autoroutiers et routiers, délivrent des informations d'état de surface de chaussées plus ou moins riches - sec, humide, mouillé ruisselant, etc -Dans le cadre des travaux PREDIT -accident par temps de pluie- et plus particulièrement le sujet 3 -statistique des hauteurs d'eau sur chaussées-, il a paru intéressant de qualifier ces informations. L'opportunité des essais préalables à la délivrance de l'homologat...

  5. Hydrochimie des eaux de surface de la région d'Adiaké (sud-est ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    31 mars 2014 ... RESUMÉ. Objectif : Évaluer la qualité physicochimique des eaux de surface de la région d'Adiaké (sud-est côtier de la. Côte d'Ivoire) et expliquer les phénomènes à l'origine de la minéralisation de ces eaux. Méthodologie and résultats : Dix-sept paramètres physico-chimiques sont déterminés pour chacun ...

  6. Surface Water Qualit: Revisiting Nitrate Concentrations in the Des Moines River: 1945 and 1976-2001 (United States)

    McIsaac, G.F.; Libra, R.D.


    Recent compilations of historical and contemporary riverine nitrate (NO3) concentrations indicate that concentrations in many rivers in the north-central USA increased during the second half of the 20th century. The Des Moines River near Des Moines, Iowa, however, was reported to have had similar NO3 concentrations in 1945 and the 1980s, in spite of substantially greater N input to the watershed during the latter period. The objective of this study was to reconsider the comparison of historical and contemporary NO3 concentrations in the Des Moines River near Des Moines in light of the following: (i) possible errors in the historical data used, (ii) variations in methods of sample collection, (iii) variations in location of sampling, and (iv) additional data collected since 1990. We discovered that an earlier study had compared the flow-weighted average concentration in 1945 to arithmetic annual average concentrations in the 1980s. The intertemporal comparison also appeared to be influenced by differences in sample collection methods and locations used at different times. Depending on the model used and the estimated effects of composite sample collection, the 1945 arithmetic average NO3 concentration was between 44 and 57% of the expected mean value at a similar water yield during 1976-2001. The flow-weighted average NO3 concentration for 1945 was between 54 and 73% of the expected mean value at a similar water yield during 1976-2001. The difference between NO3 concentrations in 1945 and the contemporary period are larger than previously reported for the Des Moines River.

  7. Étude de la contamination de surface des carcasses de bovins dans ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    30 juin 2017 ... la flore bactérienne pendant le refroidissement, le stockage et la distribution. Les zones d'abattage sont l'un des principaux points critiques dans l'hygiène de la viande. L'abattage est la principale phase de contamination. Ainsi, 80 à 90 % de la microflore trouvés dans la viande provenant d'abattoirs (Jouve ...

  8. 35 Typologie des eaux de surface du bassin du Sebou par multi ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    2Service de protection de la qualité de l'eau, Agence du Bassin Hydraulique du sebou (ABHS), Fès, Maroc ..... foyers de pollution les plus nocifs, à savoir les rejets domestiques, les projets d'assainissement et les rejets ... [5] - S.E.M.E.M.E.E.D.E Secrétariat d'Etat auprès du Ministère de l'Energie, des Mines, de l'Eau et de.

  9. Surfaces: processing, coating, decontamination, pollution, etc. Surface mastering to prevent component corrosion; Surfaces: traitement, revetements, decontamination, pollution, etc. Maitrise de la surface pour prevenir la corrosion des composants

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Foucault, M. [Departement Corrosion Chimie, AREVA Centre Technique, BP 181, 71205 Le Creusot (France)


    In the primary and secondary circuits of nuclear Pressurized Water Reactors, AREVA uses several nickel-based alloys or austenitic stainless steels for the manufacture of safety components. The experience feedback of the last twenty years allows us to point out the major role hold by the component surface state in their life duration. In this paper, we present four examples of problem encountered and solved by a surface study and the definition and implementation of processes for the surface control of the repaired components. Then, we propose some ideas about the present needs in term of analysis means to improve the surface knowledge and control of the manufactured components. (author)

  10. Contribution to the study of physico-chemical properties of surfaces modified by laser treatment. Application to the enhancement of localized corrosion resistance of stainless steels; Contribution a l'etude des proprietes physico-chimiques des surfaces modifiees par traitement laser. Application a l'amelioration de la resistance a la corrosion localisee des aciers inoxydables

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pacquentin, W.


    Metallic materials are more and more used in severe conditions with particularly strong request for improving their behavior in aggressive environment and especially over long periods. The objective of this PhD work is to estimate the potentiality of a laser surface melting treatment on the improvement of the stainless steel 304L corrosion resistance, surface treatments by laser can be revisited on the basis of a recent change in the laser technology. In the frame of this work, a nano-pulsed laser fiber was chosen: it allows the treated surface to be melted for few microns in depth, followed by an ultra-fast solidification occurring with cooling rates up to 1011 K/s. The combination of these processes leads to the elimination of the surface defects, the formation (trapping) of metastable phases, the segregation of chemical elements and the growth of a new oxide layer which properties are governed by the laser parameters. To correlate these latter to the electrochemical reactivity of the surface, the influence of two laser parameters on the physico-chemical properties of the surface was studied: the laser power and the overlap of the laser impacts. To support this approach, the pitting corrosion resistance of the samples was determined by standard electrochemical tests. For specific laser parameters, the pitting potential of a 304L stainless steel was increased by more than 500 mV corresponding to an important enhancement in localized corrosion resistance in chloride environment. The interdependence of the different phenomena resulting from the laser treatment lead to a quite complex prioritization of their role on the sensibility of the 304L. However, it was demonstrated that the nature of the thermal oxide formed during the laser surface melting and the induced defects are first-order parameters for the initiation of pits. (author) [French] Les materiaux metalliques sont utilises dans des conditions de plus en plus severes et doivent presenter une parfaite

  11. Stress corrosion cracking of Ni-based alloys in PWR primary water. Component surface control; Corrosion sous contrainte des alliages a base nickel en milieu primaire des reacteurs a eaux pressurisee. Maitrise de la surface des composants

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Foucault, M. [AREVA, Centre Technique Framatome ANP, Dept. Corrosion Chimie, 71 - Le Creusot (France)


    In the PWR plant primary circuit, FRAMATOME-ANP uses several nickel-base alloys or austenitic stainless steels for the manufacture of safety components. The experience feedback of the last twenty years allows us to point out the major role played by the surface state of the components in their life duration. In this paper, we present two examples of problems encountered and solved by a surface study and the definition and implementation of a process for the surface control of the repair components. Then, we propose some ideas about the present needs in terms of analysis methods to improve the surface knowledge and the control of the manufactured components. (author)

  12. Circular structures of the earth's continents (United States)

    Briukhanov, Vladimir Nikolaevich; Bush, Vil'iam Arturovich; Glukhovskii, Marat Zinov'evich; Zverev, A. T.; Kats, Ia. G.

    The relationship between the composition of the lithosphere and the circular structures (CSs) visible on remote images of the earth surface is investigated using space observations and geological, geophysical, geomorphological, and mapping data. The CSs are divided into classes according to their structural, or size, parameters (megastructures, macrostructures, mesostructures, ministructures, and microstructures) and their genetic types (e.g., nuclear, abyssal, metagenic, and exogenic). The distribution of these structural-genetic CS types on the earth's continents (with the exception of the Antarctic) is discussed, and the specificity of the features of these CS types is examined. Special attention is given to the correlations between the distribution of CSs and the regional distribution of metallogenic rocks.

  13. Examen des répercussions des acquisitions massives de terres sur ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Examen des répercussions des acquisitions massives de terres sur les femmes en Afrique subsaharienne. Malgré le rôle déterminant qu'elles jouent pour assurer la sécurité alimentaire sur le continent, les femmes africaines demeurent marginalisées en ce qui concerne la répartition et l'affectation des terres.

  14. Amélioration des méthodes de protection anticorrosion des structures métalliques : Sous-sujet : Application des systèmes dits de "maintenance" sur préparation de surface UHP




    Le problème actuel de l'entretien de la protection anticorrosion des structures métalliques est l'augmentation du coût découlant des contraintes règlementaires récentes sur l'évacuation et le traitement des déchets. Lors d'un chantier d'entretien, le principal poste générateur de déchets est le décapage. Toutes les solutions techniques permettant de diminuer la quantité et/ou la nocivité des déchets de décapage sont donc intéressantes aussi bien du point de vue économique que de celui de la p...

  15. Développement méthodologique pour estimer la température de surface terrestre à partir des données infrarouge thermique hyperspectrales


    Zhong , Xinke


    Land surface temperature (LST) is an important parameter in climate systems. Hyperspectral thermal infrared (TIR) data, containing large information about the surface and the atmosphere, is an important source of information for retrieving LST by remote-sensing.; La température de surface terrestre (LST) est un paramètre important dans les systèmes climatiques. Les données infrarouge thermique (TIR) contiennent un nombre d'information de la surface terrestre et de l'atmosphère sont des source...

  16. Modelling Adsorption of Foam-Forming Surfactants on Heterogeneous Surfaces Using the Surface Excess Formalism Conception de modèle pour l'adsorption des agents tensio-actifs moussants sur des surfaces hétérogènes en faisant appel au formalisme de l'excès de surface

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mannhardt K.


    Full Text Available Adsorption at the solid/liquid interface is detrimental to most enhanced oil recovery processes that make use of surfactants. This paper describes several extensions to a previously described surface excess model of adsorption in flow through porous media [7, 8]. It is shown that two parameters of the model, the monolayer coverages of surfactant and water, can be determined independently, thus reducing the number of adjustable parameters in the model from six to four. Experimental evidence suggests that the selectivity, previously assumed constant, should be a function of concentration. A functional form of selectivity that is derived from thermodynamic principles is incorporated into the model. Finally, adsorption on heterogeneous surfaces is discussed, and a simple form of surface heterogeneity (a bimodal distribution of selectivities is incorporated into the model and its benefits in determining adsorption isotherms from core flood data are demonstrated. L'adsorption à l'interface solide/liquide nuit aux procédés de RAH qui utilisent des tensio-actifs. Pour la réussite de ces procédés, il est par conséquent impératif de connaître les niveaux d'adsorption et de bien en comprendre les mécanismes. Le modèle qui fait appel au concept d'excès de surface pour décrire l'adsorption dans les écoulements traversant un milieu poreux a été décrit dans des articles précédents et a été utilisé pour évaluer l'adsorption d'un certain nombre d'agents tensioactifs moussants [7,8]. Le présent article étudie trois développements de ce modèle. Le modèle d'adsorption comporte un ensemble de paramètres ajustables qui sont utilisés pour faire correspondre les concentrations d'effluents simulées et expérimentales lors d'une injection en milieu poreux. Ces paramètres peuvent ensuite être utilisés pour calculer les isothermes d'adsorption de certains systèmes. Deux des paramètres du modèle, les revêtements monocouche de

  17. Importance of the carbon surface chemistry: methods of characterization; Importance de la chimie de surface des materiaux carbones

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Burg, Ph. [Universite Paul Verlaine, Lab. de Chimie et Applications, UFR Sciences, 57 - Metz (France); Vix-Guterl, C. [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Institut de Chimie des Surfaces et Interfaces (ICSI) UPR CNRS 9069, 68 - Mulhouse (France)


    The diversity of the carbonaceous materials in terms of chemical composition and porous texture explains their large field of applications. The performances of such materials are often influenced by their surface chemistry that is not easy to investigate. Thus a large range of complementary analytical methods is necessary. (authors)

  18. An ab initio study of plutonium oxides surfaces; Etude ab initio des surfaces d'oxydes de Pu

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jomard, G.; Bottin, F.; Amadon, B


    By means of first-principles calculations, we have studied the atomic structure as well as the thermodynamic stability of various plutonium dioxide surfaces in function of their environment (in terms of oxygen partial pressure and temperature). All these simulations have been performed with the ABINIT code. It is well known that DFT fails to describe correctly plutonium-based materials since 5f electrons in such systems are strongly correlated. In order to go beyond DFT, we have treated PuO{sub 2} and {beta}-Pu{sub 2}O{sub 3} in a DFT+U framework. We show that the couple of parameters (U,J) that works well for pure Pu is also well designed for describing ground state (GS) properties of these two oxides. The major improvement with respect with DFT is that we are able to predict an insulating GS in agreement with experiments. The presence of a gap in the DOS (Density of States) of plutonium oxides should play a significant role in the predicted surface reactivity. However, performing DFT+U calculations on surfaces of plutonium oxide from scratch was too ambitious. That is why we decided, as a first step, to study the stability of the (100), (110) and (111) surfaces of PuO{sub 2} in a DFT-GGA framework. For each of these orientations, we considered various terminations. These ab initio results have been introduced in a thermodynamic model which allows us to predict the relative stability of the different terminations as a function of temperature and oxygen partial pressure (p{sub O{sub 2}}). We conclude that at room temperature and for p{sub O{sub 2}}{approx}10 atm., the polar O{sub 2}-(100) termination is favoured. The stabilization of such a polar stoichiometric surface is surprising and should be confirmed by DFT+U calculations before any final conclusion. (authors)

  19. Utilisation industrielle actuelle et potentielle des plasmas : synthèses, traitement des poudres, traitements métallurgiques, traitements de surface


    Fauchais , Pierre


    Après un bref historique de l'évolution de l'utilisation des plasmas au cours des 20 dernières années, nous nous proposons de rappeler sommairement ce qu'est un plasma en précisant notamment la notion d'équilibre et de décrire rapidement les différents types de plasmas utilisés ; arc électrique, haute fréquence, micro-ondes, décharges couronnes, décharges luminescentes, décharges ioniques en indiquant leurs caractéristiques principales, leurs coûts et les quantités de produits que l'on peut t...

  20. Mise au point d'un Système d'Information Géographique (SIG), à l'échelle de la parcelle, pour l'évaluation du risque de pollution des eaux de surface et souterraines par l'usage des pesticides.


    Bah, Boubacar Billo; Limbourg, Quentin; Vandendael, Laurent; Huyghebaert, Bruno; Oger, Robert


    L’étude aborde la mise au point d’un outil SIG décisionnel, basé sur une approche « expert » par logique floue, pour l’évaluation du risque de pollution des eaux de surface et souterraines par les pesticides. Une enquête de terrain combinée aux propriétés physico-chimiques des pesticides, a permis d’identifier la pression polluante agricole liée aux propriétés des pesticides et aux activités anthropiques. La sensibilité des sols au transfert des pesticides vers les eaux de surface et soute...

  1. Qualité géométrique & aspect des surfaces : approches locales et globales


    Le Goïc , Gaëtan


    Accounting for customers' perception of manufactured goods has become a major challenge for the industry. This process is to be established from early design to retail. Customers are nowadays more aware and detail oriented about perceived quality of products. This allows one to set not only an estimated price but also the expected quality of the product. Surface appearance analysis has therefore become a key industrial issue. Two approaches are proposed here to formalize the detection methodo...

  2. Étude préliminaire des communautés ichtyofauniques de la lagune ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    31 août 2016 ... Conclusion et application : Cette étude a permis de connaitre la communauté ichtyologique de la lagune. Ono. Face à l'eutrophisation ... rares continents pour lesquels nous disposons d'un inventaire des espèces d'eau douce ... (SCB) et des eaux de lessivage des terres agricoles avoisinantes sont source ...

  3. The origin of continents and oceans

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wegener, Alfred 1880-1930; Biram, John


    .... Wegener proposed that in the remote past the earth's continents were not separate (as now), but formed one supercontinent which later split apart, the fragments gradually drifting away from one another...

  4. Continence care is every nurse's business. (United States)

    Booth, Joanne

    Maintaining continence lies at the heart of a sense of adulthood and is essential to preserving dignity, a core and universal nursing value. This article explores the reasons why poor continence care was found at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust, the changes to the culture of the health service that led to it, and why it is so important for nurses to maintain patients' dignity. Recommendations for changing this culture in the future are discussed.

  5. Wetting Alteration of Solid Surfaces by Crude Oils and Their Asphaltenes Modification de la mouillabilité des surfaces solides par les pétroles bruts et leurs asphaltènes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Buckley J. S.


    Full Text Available Crude oils contain a variety of components - including asphaltenes - that can adsorb onto mineral surfaces and alter wetting. What distinguishes the asphaltenes from other constituents of an oil is their tendency to aggregate and even separate from the oil in response to changes in oil solvency. Because they change in size, asphaltenes can be viewed as both macromolecules and colloids. Their influence on wettability can change with this shift from molecular to colloidal regimes. As macromolecules, asphaltenes and other crude oil components with polar functionality can adsorb on mineral surfaces. Many different crude oils have been shown to have similar effects on wetting of dry silicate surfaces. When water is present, however, the results of exposing surfaces to different oils can be quite complex, depending on the distribution of water, the compositions of oil and brine, and mineralogy of rock surfaces. Acid and base numbers and the relationship between them provide a measure of the potential for a particular oil to alter wetting through ionic interactions. As colloids, asphaltenes can alter wetting by an additional mechanism. Near the onset of precipitation, wetting alteration occurs by surface precipitation because of the interfacial aggregation of the colloidal asphaltenes, which can precede flocculation in bulk. The influence of asphaltenes on wetting is thus strongly dependent on the environment in which they are found. Mixture refractive index is a useful measure for quantifying the stability of asphaltenes in a crude oil and thus in differentiating between macromolecular and colloidal contributions of asphaltenes to wetting alteration. Les pétroles bruts contiennent de nombreux constituants - dont les asphaltènes - qui peuvent être adsorbés sur les surfaces minérales et modifier leurs caractéristiques de mouillage. Ce qui distingue les asphaltènes des autres constituants de l'huile est leur tendance à s'agréger et même à se s

  6. Evaluation de l'efficacité vis-à-vis du ruissellement de surface et des transferts latéraux dans le sol de différentes options de gestion utilisant (ou non) un couvert enherbé : Application en vue de limiter la contamination des eaux par les pesticides dans le contexte du Beaujolais viticole de coteaux


    Gouy, V.; Peyrard, X.; Liger, L.


    / Cette étude apporte des éléments de réponse aux questions suivantes dans le contexte du Nord Beaujolais : - dans quelle mesure une zone tampon enherbée rivulaire recevant un ruissellement concentré de surface est-elle capable de réduire significativement le transfert des pesticides associés sans engendrer une contamination de nappe sous-jacente ? - dans quelle mesure une infiltration en amont en parcelle de vigne peut-elle contribuer à l'atténuation des transferts de pesticides ou engendrer...

  7. USINABILITE ET QUALIFICATION DES ETATS DE SURFACE DU CHENE ZEEN ALGERIEN (Quercus canariensis Willd.: cas de la station de Beni Ghobri, wilaya de Tizi Ouzou

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available L’objet de notre étude porte sur la caractérisation technologique du chêne Zeen (Quercuscanariensis Willd. dont l’utilisation actuelle, peu valorisante, est la réalisation de traverses de chemin de fer et bois de trituration. La recherche des paramètres a été axée  sur le matériau à usiner par l’étude de ses propriétés physico-chimiques, mécaniques et anatomiques; son usinabilité par la combinaison de trois facteurs de coupe: vitesse d’entraînement, vitesse de rotation, profondeur de passe et enfin, son état de surface où différentes méthodes ont permis son exploration. Concernant l’analyse topographique des surfaces usinées, moyennant un système de vision artificielle, il est apparu une corrélation significative entre les critères d’analyse d’image et l'épaisseur moyenne du copeau. Dans l’ensemble, les méthodes précitées s’accordent pour classer les éprouvettes d’autant plus rugueuses que l’épaisseur moyenne du copeau est importante. Au terme de ce travail, nous avons mesuré la contrainte d’arrachement d’un vernis nitrocellulosique appliqué sur les surfaces usinées. L’analyse des résultats a montré que la force d’arrachement augmente avec la rugosité.

  8. Influence des états d'interface et de la température sur l'inefficacité de transfert des dispositifs à transfert de charge en surface ll SCCD gg (United States)

    Bouhdada, A.; Touhami, A.


    Two phenomena are on the degradation base of the charge transfer inefficiency in the C.C.D. devices : the incomplet transfer of the free charges because of the insuffisance of the transfer time and the charge trapping by the interface state, whose effect is negligible at high frequencies. The aim of this paper is the transfer inefficiency analyze on the absence and presence of interface states. The charges transfer from a potential well to another, is described by a nonlinear differential equation, that introduces all the transfer major mechanisms : self-induced drift E_s (x, t ), fringing field drift E_ff, the thermal diffusion and the recombination-generation phenomenon at the interface described by Shockley-Read-Hall. The numerical method proposed for this equation resolution is based on the implicit fined difference method, which leads to a discretized system of equations, which we solve by using the algorithm Gauss by elimination. In the last stage, we shall discuss the temperature influence on the transfer inefficiency, while introducing in the differential equation all the parameter expressions dependent on the temperature (captor cross section σ_n, thermal velocity V_th, acceptor density N_A, conduction band density of states N_c and the surface mobility of electrons μ_n). La dégradation de l'inefficacité de transfert dans les dispositifs à transfert de charge " CCD " est liée principalement à l'insuffisance du temps de transfert, et au piégeage de charges par les états d'interface dont l'effet est négligeable en hautes fréquences. Le but de cet article est de montrer l'influence des états d'interface et de la température sur l'inefficacité de transfert. Pour cela nous avons résolu l'équation différentielle non linéaire qui décrit le transfert de charge d'un puits à un autre en introduisant le champ self-induit, le champ de bord, la diffusion thermique et le phénomène de recombinaison-génération au niveau de la surface décrit par

  9. Fission track imaging of the Australian continent

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gleadow, A.; Kohn, B.; O'Sullivan, P.; Brown, R.; Gallagher, K.


    Full text: Techniques to reconstruct the thermal histories of rocks in the low-temperature environment of the upper crust have previously found important applications in such areas as sedimentary basin analysis, the evolution of convergent orogenic belts and studies of extensional tectonic environments. Increasingly large sets of thermochronology data are now becoming available on an even larger scale from the apatite fission-track system (for temperatures <∼110 deg C). Additional information is also now starting to emerge at even lower temperatures (<∼75 deg C) from the apatite (U-Th)/He system. The results from such systems can be used in novel ways to examine and visualise the evolution of the upper part of the continental crust. Quantitative modelling has brought a new dimension to this work and forward-modelling procedures are now well established which give 'best fit' thermal histories for temperatures less than about 110 deg C. In many cases the modelled thermal histories provide a proxy for rock transport towards the surface as overlying material is removed by denudation. Such information allows a reconstruction of the denudation history of the land surface. Applying these modelling procedures to large regional arrays of fission-track data means that the thermal history information can now be integrated with other regional data sets to provide an important new perspective on crustal and surface evolution. Apatite fission track analysis has now been completed on nearly 3000 surface outcrop samples across Australia under an AGCRC project to image the thermotectonic evolution of the exposed basement rocks of the continent. The samples analysed are mostly from rocks of broadly granitic composition and the apatites separated from these are overwhelmingly fluorapatites, which are consistent in their fission-track annealing properties with those on which the numerical annealing models are based. By interpolating the calculated thermal histories a series of

  10. Modification et caractérisation de la surface de fibres de verre pour son insertion postérieure dans des matériaux cimentaires (United States)

    Bismarck, A.; Ajuriagojeaskoa, E. E.; Springer, J.; Habel, W. R.


    Optical fibres are widely used as physical and mechanical sensors in various matrices. Those commercial available fibres are mostly coated with different polymers (e.g. polyimide). The problem of using such coatings is the undefined adhesion and the stress transmission from the matrix material into the fibre as well as the alkaline attack from the cementitious environments onto the glass surface. Therefore the known silanisation process with alkylsilanes for surface modification was studied. To achieve a silane film onto the fibre surface as close as possible a fibre pre-treatment in oxygen plasma was applied. The wetting behaviour of the oxygen plasma treated fibres as well as the silanized fibres were studied using the Wilhelmy-method. The influence of the silane concentration and the time of the pre-treatment on the wetting properties was investigated. By scanning electron microscopy, changes of the surface morphology were detected. Additionally, the mechanical properties of the oxygen plasma treated fibres, and silanized fibres exposed to a highly alkaline pore solution were measured. For selected fibre samples (decoated and untreated as well as silanized fibres) the adhesion to a concrete matrix was studied using the indention test. Les fibres optiques sont de plus en plus utilisées comme capteurs des propriétés physiques et mécaniques de nombreuses matrices. Ces fibres commerciales sont généralement enrobées avec différents polymères (par exemple polyimide). Les problèmes dus à l'enrobage des fibres optiques sont une adhésion et une transmission de charge de la matrice du béton à la fibre non définies. Un autre problème majeur est l'alcalinité du béton et son influence sur la surface de la fibre. Nous avons utilisé le procédé de silanisation. Pour obtenir un film de silane le plus homogène possible sur la surface, les fibres sont pré-traitées par le plasma d?oxygène. Le mouillage de fibres traitées par le plasma d?oxygène, ainsi que

  11. What is important for continent catheterizable stomas: angulations or extension?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcelo L. Vilela


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: We developed an experimental ex-vivo model to define factors that may influence continence of catheterizable channels by urinary and colonic stomas based on the principle of imbrication of the outlet tube. MATERIALS AND METHODS: From 20 pigs, colon specimens with 25 cm length were obtained and a transverse flap with 3.0 cm length x 1.5 cm width in the average point of the intestine was tubulated to create an efferent tube. With the tube configured, it was embedded by 3 seromuscular stitches far 0.5 cm each other. A pressure study of both intra-luminal surface and channel was then conducted during the filling of the submerse piece with environmental air in a water container, to define the efferent channel continence. The study was repeated after the progressive release of suture stitches until only one stitch remains. RESULTS: Channel continence analyzed in each segment in three different valve length situations, making a total of 20 segments, revealed that with 3 stitches (1.5 cm valve the maximum average pressure prior to overflow was 54 cm H2O; 53.65 cm H2O with 2 stitches (1.0 cm of valve, and 55.45 cm H2O with only one stitch (0.5 cm of valve, which are the same values. The record at the segment explosion pressure was 67.87 cm H2O. CONCLUSION: The study showed that angulation of channel with colon, maintained by only one stitch (0.5 cm imbrication was more important than a larger extension of the valve, represented by 3 suture stitches (1.5 cm imbrication in order to allow continence to the efferent channel.

  12. The tale of two continents

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ednie, H.


    This article discussed the development of coal resources in Mongolia by Vancouver-based Ivanhoe Mines. SouthGobi Energy Resources is the largest holder of coal lands under exploration in Mongolia, with 2.3 million hectares, comprising 54 exploration licenses. The properties are located in the southern part of Mongolia in the Gobi Desert bordering China. The opportunities for developing coal from Mongolia to be sold to China were summarized. Ovoot Tolgoi is the most advanced of SouthGobi's projects, with 150 million tonnes of coal resources measured and indicated. The initial plan is for the development of a surface mine. A detailed environmental assessment has been completed and approved. The development plans have also been accepted by local communities. Mining equipment will be purchased once the mining license is granted. The operation will start at 1 million tonnes per year, then increase to 5 million tonnes per year in 5 years. The coal is continuous at depth, and plans for an underground operation have already begun. This article also discussed the challenges of conducting business in Mongolia and improving the infrastructure to support the development of mining operations. 3 figs

  13. On the History of the Continents

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bo Pedersen, Flemming

    . Tech. Flemming Bo Pedersen research and findings on plate tectonics during the last fifteen years. A new theory for plate tectonics and the evolution of Earth is introduced in the monograph. The governing force for the movement of the continents is concluded to be the long period earth tides....

  14. Continence advice by telehealth for young people. (United States)

    McAlpine, Caroline; Henderson, Lisa; Levy, Sharon

    Children and young people operate in an advanced technological world where new, exciting opportunities exist for remote interactions. To engage with these service users, we set up a nurse-led telehealth facility that enabled young people with spina bifida to access specialist continence service from home. This article describes efforts to embed this innovation into practice and offer insight to some of the challenges we faced in the process. It offers practical guidance on setting up similar services.

  15. Polyps in continent catheterizable bladder channels. (United States)

    Groth, Travis W; Mitchell, Michael E; Balcom, Anthony H


    We describe our experience with polyps encountered in bladder continent catheterizable channels. An IRB-approved retrospective study was conducted on all patients at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin with continent catheterizable channels managed by a single physician over a 16-year time period. Fifty-five patients were identified with bladder channels. During a median follow-up of 7 years (range 3-16 years), 20% (11/55) of bladder channels developed polyps. The time to diagnosis of a polyp in bladder channels from initial surgery ranged from 3 months to 8 years (median of 29 months). Fifty-five percent (6/11) of patients who developed bladder polyps were symptomatic. All patients' symptoms resolved after treatment by endoscopic resection. Forty-five percent (5/11) of polyps recurred after resection. The time of recurrence ranged from 4 months to 7 years (median of 19 months). Polyps were universally benign inflammatory granulomatous tissue. This is the first series reporting the incidence of polyps in bladder catheterizable channels. Patients with continent catheterizable bladder channels can develop symptomatic polyps in their channels, of unknown long-term significance and risk. Copyright © 2011 Journal of Pediatric Urology Company. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  16. Hadean Earth and primordial continents: The cradle of prebiotic life

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Santosh


    Full Text Available The Hadean history of Earth is shrouded in mystery and it is considered that the planet was born dry with no water or atmosphere. The Earth-Moon system had many features in common during the birth stage. Solidification of the dry magma ocean at 4.53 Ga generated primordial continents with komatiite. We speculate that the upper crust was composed of fractionated gabbros and the middle felsic crust by anorthosite at ca. 21 km depth boundary, underlain by meta-anorthosite (grossular + kyanite + quartz down to 50–60 km in depth. The thickness of the mafic KREEP basalt in the lower crust, separating it from the underlying upper mantle is not well-constrained and might have been up to ca. 100–200 km depending on the degree of fractionation and gravitational stability versus surrounding mantle density. The primordial continents must have been composed of the final residue of dry magma ocean and enriched in several critical elements including Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, P, K, and Cl which were exposed on the surface of the dry Earth. Around 190 million years after the solidification of the magma ocean, “ABEL bombardment” delivered volatiles including H2O, CO2, N2 as well as silicate components through the addition of icy asteroids. This event continued for 200 Myr with subordinate bombardments until 3.9 Ga, preparing the Earth for the prebiotic chemical evolution and as the cradle of first life. Due to vigorous convection arising from high mantle potential temperatures, the primordial continents disintegrated and were dragged down to the deep mantle, marking the onset of Hadean plate tectonics.

  17. Table des tableaux



    Tableau 1 : Production nationale d'alcool avant 1919 68 Tableau 2 : Production nationale d'alcool après 1939 (Source : Martraire, 1955, A.D. 77 : Az 7086) 71 Tableau 3 : Les surfaces agricoles disponibles en France en 2004 123 Tableau 4 : Le régime fiscal des carburants et des biocarburants en 2005 et 2006 (source : ADEME) 175 Tableau 5 : Exemple de coût de production de biocarburants (Source : Stéphane His (IFP), Les biocarburants en Europe, 2004) 176 Tableau 6 : L’application de la directiv...

  18. Fonctionnalisation de surface et intégration de colloïdes par assemblage dirigé


    Delapierre , François-Damien


    We present here a surface patterning process based on the directed assembly of colloids in a suspension. The technique uses a suspension drop which is dragged along a surface with or without structures. Due to capillary or hydrodynamic forces, colloids self-organize on the surfaces. This directed assembly process has been successfully used for the organization of particles at high speed. We focused our interest on the capture of magnetic particles that can be used as anchor points for the for...

  19. Evaluation of urinary and faecal continent stomas. (United States)

    Boemers, T; Schimke, C; Ardelean, M; Ludwikowski, B


    To evaluate the outcome and complications of urinary and faecal continent catheterizable stomas. Retrospective record review of all patients operated on in our institution within the last 6 years. Fifty-five children received 63 stomas. The mean age at operation was 9.2 years and the mean follow-up period was 2.8 years. The diagnoses were: neurogenic bladder (n=22), bladder or cloacal exstrophy (n=20), anorectal malformation (n=6), persistent cloaca (n=3), Hirschsprung's disease (n=2), posterior urethral valves (n=1) and prune belly syndrome (n=1). There were 35 urinary stomas and 28 faecal stomas. Eight patients received both stomas. Both the appendix and a transverse tubularized intestinal segment (Yang-Monti technique) were used; in some cases a caecal flap was created. In three patients the appendix was divided and used to construct two stomas. The implantation of urinary stomas was into the native bladder in 24 patients and into the intestinal segment of an augmented bladder in 11 cases. The location of the stoma was umbilical in 20 cases, right lower quadrant of the abdomen in 35, neo-umbilicus in five and left lower quadrant in three. When an extra-umbilical location was chosen skin flaps were used. Excellent cosmetic and functional results were achieved in 53 (84.2%) of the 63 stomas, which are continent and easy to catheterize. Two had acceptable results with minor problems. There were eight re-operations (12.6% of stomas, 14.5% of patients). The reasons for the re-operations were difficult catheterization in two, incontinence in three, and mucosal prolapse in three patients in whom skin flaps were not used. Of the eight re-operations, seven were in urinary stomas and one in a faecal stoma. Urinary incontinence was attributed to shortening of the intravesical tunnel. No difference in results was observed between the different techniques used, with the exception that cutaneous anastomosis without skin flaps had to be revised because of prolapse, and two out

  20. Afrique Science: Revue Internationale des Sciences et Technologie ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Influence du traitement thermique sur quatre éléments métalliques (Cu, Cd, Pb et Zn) des boues résiduaires. S Bounit, M El Meray, A Chehbouni ... Influence des rejets des eaux usées sur la composition des eaux de surface et des sédiments superficiels du lac Merja Fouarate au Maroc. H Nassali, H Ben Bouih, A Srhiri, ...

  1. Coupling between different superficial kinetics: segregation, precipitation and dissolution; Cinetiques couplees au voisinage des surfaces: segregation, precipitation et dissolution

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Delage, St


    In most of alloys, the surface composition is different from bulk one. This phenomenon, called `surface segregation` have drawn up to now much attention in this case of alloys which have reached thermodynamic equilibrium in the solid solution. Using a kinetic model including bulk and surface driving forces, we study segregation phenomenon during dissolution and precipitation kinetics, in the case of the Fe-Cu alloy. Within a mean field approximation, we point out the dissolution modes for Fe/Cu and Cu/Fe deposit. If the substrate surface energy is lower than the deposit one (case of Fe/Cu deposit) the substrate element climbs through the deposit to reach the surface and forms a layer of the substrate element floating on the deposit. In the case of thick deposit (typically 10 monolayers), a competition between two layer by layer dissolution modes leads to a wide range of behaviours, depending on temperature and deposit thickness. Furthermore, the major part of the concentration profiles obtained during kinetics is at local equilibrium in a region near the surface. In the second part of this work, we study the surface influence during phase separation kinetics in thin layers using Monte-Carlo simulations. A surface directed spinodal decomposition occurs, leading to the appearance of a Cu-rich layer at the surface, which goes toward the layer`s core with time. This process is linked with bulk precipitation in layer`s core, and leads to different behaviours depending on average concentration and layer thickness. (authors) 125 refs.

  2. Continent-Ocean Interactions Within East Asian Marginal Seas (United States)

    Clift, Peter; Kuhnt, Wolfgang; Wang, Pinxian; Hayes, Dennis

    The study of the complex interactions between continents and oceans has become a leading area for 21st century earth cience. In this volume, continent—ocean interactions in tectonics, arc-continent collision, sedimentology, and climatic volution within the East Asian Marginal Seas take precedence. Links between oceanic and continental climate, the sedimentology of coastal and shelf areas, and the links between deformation of continental and oceanic lithosphere are also discussed. As an introduction to the science presented throughout the volume, Wang discusses many of the possible interactions between the tectonic evolution of Asia and both regional and global climate. He speculates that uplift of central Asia in the Pliocene may have triggered the formation of many of the major rivers that drain north through Siberia into the Arctic Ocean. He also argues that it is the delivery of this fresh water that allows the formation of sea ice in that area and triggered the start of Northern Hemispheric glaciation. This may be one of the most dramatic ways in which Asia has shaped the Earth's climate and represents an alternative to the other competing models that have previously emphasized the role of oceanic gateway closure in Central America. Moreover, his proposal for major uplift of at least part of Tibet and Mongolia as late as the Pliocene, based on the history of drainage evolution in Siberia, supports recent data from the southern Tarim Basin and from the Qilian Shan and Qaidam and Jiuxi Basins in northeast Tibet that indicate surface uplift at that time. Constraining the timing and patterns of Tibetan surface uplift is crucial to testing competing models for strain accommodation in Asia following India—Asia collision.

  3. Les différentes formes tribologiques d'usure des surfaces méttaliques (première partie Different Tribological Forms of Metal Surface Wear. (Part One

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ayel J.


    Full Text Available Les surfaces métalliques, soumises à un frottement solide ou fluide, en présence ou non de lubrifiants, sont affectées par des formes d'usure qui peuvent aller de l'usure douce régulière et contrôlable (usure normale à la détérioration brutale entraînant la mise hors service du mécanisme. Ces types d'usure, que l'on a classés en quatre types fondamentaux : usure adhésive, usure abrasive, usure corrosive, usure par fatigue et en un certain nombre de formes d'usure secondaires telles que les corrosions de contacts, les usures d'origines électriques et l'érosion par cavitation, sont analysés des points de vue théorique et pratique en considérant essentiellement les aspects tribologiques et métallurgiques. De plus, les moyens de combattre chacune de ces formes d'usure sont proposés. Le présent article fait le point des connaissances actuelles sur le sujet considéré, étayées par l'expérience acquise à l'Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP dans le domaine de l'usure. Metal surfaces subjected to solid or fluid friction, in the présence of lubricants or not, are affected by forms of wear that may range from regular and controlable mild wear (normal wear to sudden deterioration resulting in the breakdown of the mechanism. These types of wear have been classified into four basic types : adhesive wear, abrasive wear, corrosive wear and fatigue wear. There are also various forms of secondary wear such as fretting corrosion, wear of electrical origin and erosion by cavitation. All these different forms are analyzed from theoretical and proctical standpoints, with emphasis mainly on the tribological and metallurgical aspects. In addition, the ways of fighting against these forms of wear are explained. The present article sums up current knowledge in the field, with the support of experience acquired at Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP in the field of wear.

  4. Spatial and temporal variability of stable isotope composition of precipitation over the south american continent

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available VARIABILITE SPATIALE ET TEMPORELLE DE LA COMPOSITION EN ISOTOPES STABLES DE LA PRECIPITATION SUR LE CONTINENT SUDAMERICAIN. L’Agence Internationale de l’Energie Atomique, en coopération avec l’Organisation Météorologique Mondiale, exploite un réseau mondial de stations pour la prise d’échantillons mensuels de précipitation. Actuellement, à peu près 60 stations fournissent des informations sur la composition isotopique de la précipitation sur le continent sudaméricain. Ces dernières années plusieurs réseaux d’échantillonnage d’un caractère national (Argentine, Brésil, Chili, Equateur, Pérou ont été initiés. Les données apportées par ces réseaux contribuent au réseau mondial de l’AIEA/OMM. Ces travaux se concentrent sur l’étude de la variabilité spatiale et temporelle de la composition isotopique stable de la précipitation sur le continent. Dans cette étude, est examinée en détail la relation entre la composition isotopique de la précipitation dans la région et quelques paramètres climatiques, tels que la quantité de précipitation et la température de l’air. VARIABILIDAD ESPACIAL Y TEMPORAL DE LA COMPOSICIÓN DE ISÓTOPOS ESTABLES DE LA PRECIPITACIÓN EN EL CONTINENTE SUDAMERICANO. El Organismo Internacional de Energía Atómica (OIEA, en colaboración con la Organización Meteorológica Mundial (OMM, está llevando a cabo un estudio a escala global de la composición isotópica de la precipitación a partir de muestras mensuales de lluvia recogidas en estaciones meteorológicas. En la actualidad alrededor de 60 estaciones proporcionan información sobre la composición isotópica de la precipitación en el continente sudamericano. Durante los últimos años se han establecido en la región varias redes de control con carácter nacional (Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Ecuador, Perú. Los datos aportados por estas redes representan una valiosa contribución a la red mundial del OIEA/OMM. Este trabajo se

  5. A Contribution to Turbulent Combustion: Premixed Flames and Material Surfaces Une contribution à la combustion turbulente : flammes prémélangées et surfaces des matériaux

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicolleau F.


    from each other. The turbulent diffusion process is very active to create new burning zones. This diffusion process is closely related to both the intensity and the length scale of the turbulent field. That explains the dominant role of turbulence and the adaptation of the burning rate to the rotation speed in combustion engines. Additional information useful for the reader is reported in Appendices I and II. Le comportement des flammes de prémélange a été examiné par de nombreux auteurs. En fait, le problème de la combustion en milieu turbulent repose pour beaucoup sur des comparaisons d'échelles. Dans le présent article, une première étude porte sur l'évolution d'une surface matérielle (qui peut être assimilée sous certaines conditions à une surface de flamme. On utilise successivement une démarche analytique et une démarche numérique. On constate alors la rapidité d'extension de la surface et le rôle prépondérant des petites échelles ce que confirme l'étude analytique. Les risques d'extinction sont prédits en général par comparaison d'échelles. D'une simulation directe conduite sur un cas spécifique, Poinsot confirme l'idée que ce ne sont pas les structures ayant les échelles caractéristiques de la flamme qui sont les plus redoutables, mais des structures de taille quelque peu plus grande. Dans un précédent article, le rôle cumulé des gradients locaux avait été signalé. Nous donnons à ce concept une forme quantitative en utilisant le ß modèle lequel définit un taux d'occupation de l'espace en fonction du rang (et donc de la dimension de structures. Un calcul de gradient cumulé redonne la prédiction de Poinsot. Enfin, le même ß modèle est utilisé pour définir une nouvelle zone dans la région de combustion distribuée. Des balles fluides brûlent isolément tandis qu'un processus de diffusion lié très étroitement au champ turbulent et à son intensité crée d'autres points d'allumage. Le mécanisme explique l

  6. Theme day: corrosion and surface treatments in nuclear facilities. Proceedings; Journee Thematique: Corrosion et Traitements de surface dans les Installations Nucleaires. Recueil des presentations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This document brings together the available presentations given at the theme day organized by the Bourgogne Nuclear Pole on the topic of corrosion and surface treatments in nuclear facilities. Eleven presentations (slides) are compiled in this document: 1 - Introduction - PNB centre of competitiveness and R and D activities (A. Mantovan, PNB); 2 - Corrosion damage (M. Foucault, Areva NP - Centre Technique Le Creusot); 3 - Corrosion mechanisms (R. Oltra, UB-ICB); 4 - Examples of expertise management (C. Duret-Thual, Institut de la corrosion/Corrosion Institute); 5 - General framework of surface treatments (C. Nouveau, ENSAM Cluny Paris Tech); 6 - Surfaces et interfaces characterisation - Part A (C. Langlade, Y. Gachon, UTBM and HEF); 7 - Surfaces et interfaces characterisation - Part B (C. Langlade, Y. Gachon, UTBM and HEF); 8 - Ion beam surface treatment (Y. Le Guellec, Quertech Ingenierie); 9 - Impact surface treatment (G. Saout, Sonats); 10 - Metal oxides Characterisation by US laser (R. Oltra, UB-ICB); 11 - Detection and Characterisation of intergranular corrosion (Y. Kernin, Stephane Bourgois, Areva Intercontrole)

  7. Simulating the impacts of future land use and climate changes on surface water quality in the Des Plaines River watershed, Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area, Illinois. (United States)

    Wilson, Cyril O; Weng, Qihao


    Modeling the effects of past and current land use composition and climatic patterns on surface water quality provides valuable information for environmental and land planning. This study predicts the future impacts of urban land use and climate changes on surface water quality within Des Plaines River watershed, Illinois, between 2010 and 2030. Land Change Modeler (LCM) was used to characterize three future land use/planning scenarios. Each scenario encourages low density residential growth, normal urban growth, and commercial growth, respectively. Future climate patterns examined include the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Emission Scenario (SRES) B1 and A1B groups. The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) was employed to estimate total suspended solids and phosphorus concentration generated at a 10 year interval. The predicted results indicate that for a large portion of the watershed, the concentration of total suspended solids (TSS) would be higher under B1 and A1B climate scenarios during late winter and early spring compared to the same period in 2010; while the summer period largely demonstrates a reverse trend. Model results further suggest that by 2020, phosphorus concentration would be higher during the summer under B1 climate scenario compared to 2010, and is expected to wane by 2030. The projected phosphorus concentrations during the late winter and early spring periods vary across climate and land use scenarios. The analysis also denotes that middle and high density residential development can reduce excess TSS concentration, while the establishment of dense commercial and industrial development might help ameliorate high phosphorus levels. The combined land use and climate change analysis revealed land use development schemes that can be adopted to mitigate potential future water quality impairment. This research provides important insights into possible adverse consequences on surface water quality and resources

  8. Young Africans Tackle Their Continent's Environmental Issues (United States)

    Olwoch, Jane Mukarugwiza


    Young African Scientists Session at the Fourth International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Congress; Cape Town, South Africa, 7 May 2008; Africa is often described as a unique and diverse continent. This is reflected in its biodiversity, economic and social circumstances, and diversity in culture and environment. The Young African Scientists (YAS) session at the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Congress was one of the congress's highlights. Global environmental change research in Africa was presented to an audience that included visiting international and national scientists, policy makers, and a group of schoolchildren. From the uniqueness of Africa's paleoclimate to the diversity and complexity of current and future impacts of environmental change on Africa, the session not only provided an overview of current projects but also highlighted the problems that are intertwined with poverty. This session was sponsored by the Global Change System for Analysis, Research, and Training (START).

  9. Examen des répercussions des acquisitions massives de terres sur ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Malgré le rôle déterminant qu'elles jouent pour assurer la sécurité alimentaire sur le continent, les femmes africaines demeurent marginalisées en ce qui concerne la répartition et l'affectation des terres. Les répercussions sur la survie des familles et sur la sécurité alimentaire à l'échelle nationale sont profondes. Le présent ...

  10. Evaluation des dommages des punaisese( Heteroptera ) et des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    L'analyse statistique des résultats dans les blocs témoins montre que les punaises occasionnent plus de dommages aux boutons floraux et aux capsules vertes immatures que les chenilles. Sur les jeunes capsules, la moyenne des dommages des punaises et des chenilles reste statistiquement identique. Les traitements ...



    Phan, Hai Trieu


    Septembre 2010; This work investigates the flow boiling heat transfer in microchannels with the aim of developing compact cooling systems which can be adapted to miniaturized power components. Nano and micro-surface treatments were used as innovative techniques to improve the heat transfer performance as well as to delay the intermittent dryout. Initially, pool-boiling experiments were performed to highlight the impact of nanocoatings on nucleate-boiling mechanisms. It was observed that the s...

  12. Heat Budget of the World Continents Over the Past 154 Years (United States)

    Huang, S.


    Changing climate is accompanied by changing energy in various climate system components including the continental landmasses. The heat content (thermal energy) of a rock is proportional to its temperature. At the annual to centennial time scales, the temperature and, therefore, the heat content of the uppermost layer of the crust are dominantly controlled by the temperature at the ground surface. When ground surface temperature rises, more heat will be deposited to the rocks, whereas when ground surface temperature falls, certain amount of heat will escape from the ground into the atmosphere. Based on global meteorological records, I analyze the annual heat budget of the world continents except for Antarctica. I assemble continental surface temperature anomaly time series from the variance adjusted version of the 5-deg by 5-deg grid-box basis land-only air temperature anomaly dataset of the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia. Although there is regional variability in the continental surface air temperature, all six continents demonstrate a strong warming trend in the second half of the 20th century. With no exception, the mean 1951-2000 surface heat fluxes in all six continents are downward into the lithosphere. I estimate that between the period from 1851 to 2000 a total of 10.4 1021 J of thermal energy had been absorbed by Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America landmasses, over 65 percent of which was acquired during the second half of the 20th century. The build up of the landmass heat content has been intensified recently. In just four years from 2000 to 2004, another 1.34 1021 J energy had penetrated beneath the ground surface of these continents. The recent global warming has speeded up the heating of the continental landmasses.

  13. Quantitative analysis of hydrogen and hydrogen isotopes at the solid surface; Analyse quantitative de l'hydrogene et de ses isotopes a la surface des solides

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Trocellier, P. [CEA Saclay, Dept. des Materiaux pour le Nucleaire (DEN/DANS/DMN/SEMI), Service de Recherches de Metallurgie Physique, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France)


    Because of the importance of the effects bound to the hydrogen presence in materials it is particularly important to determine with accuracy the surface and volume distribution of hydrogen. Meanwhile the electronic structure of the hydrogen (one electron) do not allow to use many characterization techniques as the electrons spectroscopies or the X micro analysis. The author presents other possible techniques. (A.L.B.)

  14. Developpement D'un Modele Climatique Regional: Fizr Simulation des Conditions de Janvier de la Cote Ouest Nord Americaine (United States)

    Goyette, Stephane


    . Cette nouvelle gamme de modeles-interpolateurs imbriques qualifies d'"intelligents" fait partie de la famille des modeles dits "pilotes". L'hypothese directrice de notre etude est fondee sur la supposition que le climat de fine echelle est souvent gouverne par des forcages provenant de la surface plutot que par des transports atmospheriques de grande echelle spatiale. La technique que nous proposons vise donc a guider FIZR par la Dynamique echantillonnee d'un MCG et de la forcer par la Physique du MCG ainsi que par un forcage orographique de meso-echelle, en chacun des noeuds de la grille fine de calculs. Afin de valider la robustesse et la justesse de notre modele climatique regional, nous avons choisi la region de la Cote Ouest du continent nord americain. Elle est notamment caracterisee par une distribution geographique des precipitations et des temperatures fortement influencee par le relief sous-jacent. Les resultats d'une simulation d'un mois de janvier avec FIZR demontrent que nous pouvons simuler des champs de precipitations et de temperatures au niveau de l'abri beaucoup plus pres des observations climatiques comparativement a ceux simules a partir d'un MCG. Ces performances sont manifestement attribuees au forcage orographique de meso-echelle de meme qu'aux caracteristiques de surface determinees a fine echelle. Un modele similaire a FIZR peut, en principe, etre implante sur l'importe quel MCG, donc, tout organisme de recherche implique en modelisation numerique mondiale de grande echelle pourra se doter d'un el outil de regionalisation.

  15. A continent in chaos: Africa's environmental issues. (United States)

    Clay, R


    Half of Africa's almost 450 million inhabitants have no access to health services, while two-thirds lack safe drinking water, according to a 1991 report by the World Bank. Most Africans are also seriously affected by poverty, civil war, indoor and outdoor pollutants, diarrhea-causing microbes, tropical diseases such as malaria, rapid population growth, inadequate sanitation and sewage treatment, poor environmental management, corrupt government policies, desertification and deforestation, mining, and the overuse of pesticides and insecticides. Environmentally-related diseases compromise the continent's productivity, making it more difficult to generate revenue to fight the environmental health problems. Industrial pollutants remain rare, however, since almost 80% of sub-Saharan Africa remains pastoral or agro-pastoral. Even so, urbanization is exposing growing numbers of sub-Saharan Africans to hazardous and toxic wastes. Developing countries ship their most dangerous wastes to Africa because their own domestic environmental laws and the high costs of disposal make it difficult and expensive to dispose of them at home. The author discusses population growth in Africa; the lack of good data on the environment and health in Africa; infant and child mortality; water, sewage, and garbage; agriculture, mining, and industry; and sustainable development and the future.

  16. 21 CFR 876.5270 - Implanted electrical urinary continence device. (United States)


    ... Implanted electrical urinary continence device. (a) Identification. An implanted electrical urinary device is a device intended for treatment of urinary incontinence that consists of a receiver implanted in... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Implanted electrical urinary continence device...

  17. Our Continent, Our Future: African Perspectives on Structural ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Finally, they stress that Africa must, and can, compete in an increasingly globalized world and, perhaps most importantly, that Africans must assume the leading role in defining the continent's development agenda. Our Continent, Our Future is the very first publication to present the African perspective on the Bretton Woods ...

  18. OxyContin: Prescription Drug Abuse. CSAT Advisory. (United States)

    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (DHHS/PHS), Rockville, MD. Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.

    Recently, the media have issued numerous reports about the apparent increase in OxyContin abuse and addiction. OxyContin has been heralded as a miracle drug that allows patients with chronic pain to resume a normal life. It has also been called pharmaceutical heroin and is thought to have been responsible for a number of deaths and robberies in…

  19. Awatef Ketiti : Jeter des ponts entre TIC, sexospécificités et sociétés ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    18 sept. 2014 ... Au cours de sa carrière, Awatef Ketiti a parcouru deux continents et exploré plusieurs champs des sciences sociales, ce qui l'a amenée à travailler tant dans le domaine des technologies de l'information et de la communication (TIC) que dans ceux des sexospécificités et de l'aide aux réfugiés. Une chose ...

  20. Hydrology of surface waters and thermohaline circulation during the last glacial period; Hydrologie des eaux de surface et circulation thermohaline au cours de la derniere periode glaciaire

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vidal, L.


    Sedimentological studies on oceanic cores from the north Atlantic have revealed, over the last glacial period, abrupt climatic changes with a periodicity of several thousand years which contrasts strongly with the glacial-interglacial periodicity (several tens of thousand years). These periods of abrupt climate changes correspond to massive icebergs discharges into the north Atlantic. The aim of this work was to study the evolution of the thermohaline circulation in relation to these episodic iceberg discharges which punctuated the last 60 ka. To reconstruct the oceanic circulation in the past, we have analysed oxygen and carbon stable isotopes on benthic foraminifera from north Atlantic deep-sea cores. First of all, the higher temporal resolution of sedimentary records has enabled us to establish a precise chrono-stratigraphy for the different cores. Then, we have shown the close linkage between surface water hydrology and deep circulation, giving evidence of the sensibility of thermohaline circulation to melt water input in the north Atlantic ocean. Indeed, changes in deep circulation are synchronous from those identified in surface waters and are recorded on a period which lasted {approx} 1500 years. Deep circulation reconstructions, before and during a typical iceberg discharge reveal several modes of circulation linked to different convection sites at the high latitudes of the Atlantic basin. Moreover, the study of the last glacial period gives the opportunity to differentiate circulation changes due to the external forcing (variations of the orbital parameters) and those linked to a more local forcing (icebergs discharges). 105 refs., 50 figs., 14 tabs., 4 appends.

  1. The progression of the boreal winter monsoon through the western Maritime Continent as differentiated by ENSO phase

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S.-Y. Lee


    Full Text Available The impact of global ENSO on the regional monsoon onset over the Maritime Continent is examined, using satellite-derived scatterometer surface winds over the sea channel from the South China Sea, through the Karimata Strait into the Java Sea. An index of monsoon onset, fracsign, is defined based on a positive dot-product between the monthly wind at each gridpoint and the "basis-wind" or climatological wind at the peak of the relevant monsoon season.Rather than being delayed throughout the Maritime Continent during El Niño years, the monsoon is seen to arrive faster at and remain longer over the western Maritime Continent, and therefore delayed for the eastern Maritime Continent. The wind-based diagnostic can be further decomposed into two components that reflect the monsoon wind strength and the location of the wind convergence zone, respectively. During El Niño years, the monsoon strength post-onset is weaker than normal over the eastern maritime continent. However, there is no ENSO-related differentiation in monsoon strength post-onset over the western Maritime Continent.

  2. Mycotrophie Et Connaissances Paysannes Des Essences ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dacryodes edulis, Elaesis guineensis, Citrus sinensis, Citrus reticulata, Mangifera indica et Persea americana sont plus fréquentes dans les deux sites. La classification des paysans des essences fertilitaires est basée sur certains attributs fonctionnels tels que le système racinaire et la surface foliaire. La comparaison entre ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. A. Perepechay


    Full Text Available The paper presents the technical characteristics of radical prostatectomy (RPE for early continence recovery in patients with prostate cancer. Restoration of the fascial structures of the small pelvis after RPE has been found to promote early urinary continence recovery. A method for total restoration of the fascial structures of the small pelvis (an operation after A. Tewari and a procedure for performing posterior suspension of urethrocystic neoanastomosis in Denonvilliers’ fascia length deficit are considered, which show the similar results in the time of continence recovery.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. A. Perepechay


    Full Text Available The paper presents the technical characteristics of radical prostatectomy (RPE for early continence recovery in patients with prostate cancer. Restoration of the fascial structures of the small pelvis after RPE has been found to promote early urinary continence recovery. A method for total restoration of the fascial structures of the small pelvis (an operation after A. Tewari and a procedure for performing posterior suspension of urethrocystic neoanastomosis in Denonvilliers’ fascia length deficit are considered, which show the similar results in the time of continence recovery.

  5. Evaluation de la mise en oeuvre des mesures de radioprotection ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Résultats : Sur les 62 services de radiologie recensés, 27.4% avaient des surfaces des salles comprises entre 10-20 m2 et 87.6% avaient des parois en briques pleines. Les portes des services étaient en bois dans 67.7% et en aluminium dans 32.3%. La grande majorité (95.2%) de ses portes étaient plombées.

  6. Equatorial Electrojet Observations in the African Continent (United States)

    Yizengaw, E.; Moldwin, M. B.; Mebrahtu, A.; Damtie, B.; Pfaff, R.; Zesta, E.


    Although Satellite observations in the African sector show unique equatorial ionospheric structures that can severely impact navigation and communication systems, the study of ionospheric disturbances in this region is difficult due to the lack of ground-based instruments. This has created a gap in global understanding of the physics behind the evolution and formation of plasma irregularities in the equatorial region, which imposes limitations on ionospheric density modeling efforts. Therefore, in order to have a more complete global understanding of equatorial ionosphere motion, the international space science community has begun to develop an observational infrastructure in the African sector. This includes the deployment of a number of arrays of small instruments, including the AMBER magnetometer array, through the International Heliophysical Year (IHY) cooperative program with the United Nations Basic Space Science (UNBSS) program. Two AMBER magnetometers have been deployed successfully at Adigrat (~6°N magnetic) in Ethiopia and at Medea in Algeria (28°N magnetic), and became fully operational on 03 August 2008. The remaining two AMBER magnetometers will be deployed soon in Cameroon and Namibia. One of the prime scientific objectives of AMBER is to understand the processes governing electrodynamics of the equatorial ionosphere as a function of latitude, local time, magnetic activity, and season in the African region. The most credible driving mechanism of ionospheric plasma (E × B drift) can be estimated using two magnetometers, one right at the equator and the other about 6 off the equator. Therefore, using the AMBER magnetometer at Adigrat and the INTERMAGNET magnetometer located at Addis Ababa (0.9°N magnetic) in Ethiopia, the equatorial electrojet (E × B drift) activities in that longitudinal sector of the African continent is estimated. The paper also presents the comparison between the estimated vertical drift and the drift values obtained from the

  7. African Cenozoic hotpot tectonism: new insights from continent-scale body-wave tomography (United States)

    Bastow, I. D.; Boyce, A.; Caunt, E.; Guilloud De Courbeville, J.; Desai, S.; Kounoudis, R.; Golos, E. M.; Burdick, S.; van der Hilst, R. D.


    The African plate is an ideal study locale for mantle plumes and Cenozoic hotspot tectonism. On the eastern side of the continent, the uplifted East African and Ethiopian plateaus, and the 30Ma Ethiopian Traps, are widely considered to be the result of the African Superplume: a broad thermochemical anomaly that originates below southern Africa. Precisely where and how the superplume traverses the mantle transition zone is debated however. On the western side of the continent, the Cameroon Volcanic Line is a hotspot track with no age-progression; it is less easily attributed to the effects of a mantle plume. Central to our understanding of these issues is an improved picture of mantle seismic structure. Body-wave studies of African mantle wave-speed structure are typically limited to regional relative arrival-time studies that utilize data from temporary seismograph networks of aperture less than 1000km. The resulting tomographic images are higher resolution than continent-scale surface-wave models, but anomaly amplitudes cannot be compared from region to region using the relative arrival-time approach: the 0% contour in each region refers to the regional, not global mean. The challenge is thus to incorporate the often-noisy body-wave data from temporary seismograph networks into a continent-scale absolute delay-time model. We achieve this using the new Absolute Arrival-time Recovery Method (AARM) method of Boyce et. al., (2017) and the tomographic inversion approach described by Li et. al., (2008). We invert for mantle wavespeed structure using data recorded since 1990 by temporary networks in the Atlas Mountains, Cameroon, South Africa, East African Rift system, Ethiopia and Madagascar. Our model is well resolved to lower mantle depths beneath these temporary networks, and offers the most detailed picture yet of mantle wavespeed structure beneath Africa. The contrast between East African and Cameroon mantle structure suggests multiple development mechanisms for

  8. Caring for continence in stroke care settings: a qualitative study of patients' and staff perspectives on the implementation of a new continence care intervention. (United States)

    Brady, M C; Jamieson, K; Bugge, C; Hagen, S; McClurg, D; Chalmers, C; Langhorne, P


    Investigate the perspectives of patients and nursing staff on the implementation of an augmented continence care intervention after stroke. Qualitative data were elicited during semi-structured interviews with patients (n = 15) and staff (14 nurses; nine nursing assistants) and analysed using thematic analysis. Mixed acute and rehabilitation stroke ward. Stroke patients and nursing staff that experienced an enhanced continence care intervention. Four themes emerged from patients' interviews describing: (a) challenges communicating about continence (initiating conversations and information exchange); (b) mixed perceptions of continence care; (c) ambiguity of focus between mobility and continence issues; and (d) inconsistent involvement in continence care decision making. Patients' perceptions reflected the severity of their urinary incontinence. Staff described changes in: (i) knowledge as a consequence of specialist training; (ii) continence interventions (including the development of nurse-led initiatives to reduce the incidence of unnecessary catheterisation among patients admitted to their ward); (iii) changes in attitude towards continence from containment approaches to continence rehabilitation; and (iv) the challenges of providing continence care within a stroke care context including limitations in access to continence care equipment or products, and institutional attitudes towards continence. Patients (particularly those with severe urinary incontinence) described challenges communicating about and involvement in continence care decisions. In contrast, nurses described improved continence knowledge, attitudes and confidence alongside a shift from containment to rehabilitative approaches. Contextual components including care from point of hospital admission, equipment accessibility and interdisciplinary approaches were perceived as important factors to enhancing continence care. © The Author(s) 2015.

  9. The utilization and valuation of the program CONTIN

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Yu Weizhong; Sun Yizhan


    The updated analysis program CONTIN(PALS2) based on the Laplace inversion of positron annihilation spectra has been studied comprehensively. The principle and utilization of the program have been explained exhaustively. Three auxiliary programs have been made to help the transportation of data and adjustment of the data's pattern. Four experiments have been made, the results computed by program CONTIN(PALS2) have been analyzed, and compared with those by POSIREONFIT program

  10. Development of a test system for the determination of biodegradability in surface waters; Entwicklung eines Testsystems fuer die Pruefung des biologischen Abbaus in Oberflaechengewaessern

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kalsch, W.; Knacker, T.; Robertz, M.; Schallnass, H.J.


    The study presented here describes the development of a laboratory test system for the determination of aerobic biodegradability of substances at low concentrations in surface water. It was aimed to prepare a draft guideline for a biodegradation simulation test according to OECD format. The experimental approach was based on a literature study conducted within the frame of this project. Further useful information on the possible test design was derived from the German BBA guideline 5-1. Natural water and sediments were collected. Radiolabelled Lindane or 4-Nitrophenol was added. The test vessels (reactors) were aerated and incubated under controlled conditions for up to 92 days. The results showed biological stability of the sediment/water systems even without addition of nutrients and adherence to non-reducing conditions. Mineralisation of 4-Nitrophenol was influenced by the sediment type, the method of aeration and temperature. Factors affecting the mineralisation of Lindane were the method of application and again, the sediment type and temperature. Considerable amounts of the radioactivity were bound to the sediment and were to a large extent unextractable. The potential of a reactor to mineralise a test substance could not be correlated with the biological parameters measured. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die vorliegende Studie beschreibt die Entwicklung eines Labortestverfahrens zur Pruefung des aeroben Abbaus niedrig konzentrierter Stoffe in Oberflaechengewaessern. Dabei war es ein Ziel, das Verfahren so weit abzusichern, dass ein Entwurf fuer eine Pruefrichtlinie als Simulationstest im Format der OECD-Richtlinien abgefasst werden konnte. Grundlage fuer die Konzeption war eine zuvoerderst durchgefuehrte Literaturstudie. Hinweise auf ein moegliches Testdesign ergaben sich auch aus der BBA-Richtlinie 5-1. Wasser und Sediment wurden der Natur entnommen und nach Zugabe der radioaktiven Pruefsubstanz Lindan oder 4-Nitrophenol in einem beluefteten Gefaess unter

  11. Warm arctic continents during the Palaeocene Eocene thermal maximum (United States)

    Weijers, Johan W. H.; Schouten, Stefan; Sluijs, Appy; Brinkhuis, Henk; Sinninghe Damsté, Jaap S.


    The Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM; ˜55.5 Ma) is a geologically relatively brief episode of extreme warmth. Both deep and surface ocean temperatures increased by up to 5 °C in equatorial waters and up to 8 °C in mid and high latitude waters. From the continents, the annual mean air temperature response during the PETM is still largely unknown, mainly due to a lack of quantitative temperature proxies and sufficient suitable, continuous high resolution records. Recently, a new proxy for continental temperature reconstructions has been proposed, based on the distribution of membrane lipids of bacteria in present-day soils [ J.W.H. Weijers, S. Schouten, J.C. van den Donker, E.C. Hopmans, J.S. Sinninghe Damsté (2007) Environmental controls on bacterial tetraether membrane lipid distribution in soils, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71, 703-713] and shown to reconstruct annual mean air temperature. In this study we applied this new proxy in an attempt to reconstruct the air temperature in high latitude continental areas during the PETM by analysis of a marine sedimentary sequence obtained from the Lomonosov Ridge in the central Arctic Ocean (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 302, Site 004, Hole A). The results indicate a warming of ˜8 °C above background values of ˜17 °C. This warming is coincident with a similar rise in sea surface temperatures documented earlier. Our results thus further confirm the warm conditions in the Arctic, and point to a strongly reduced latitudinal temperature gradient during the PETM.

  12. Traitement des conditions aux limites intérieures et extérieures pour la simulation numérique unidimensionnelle de l'écoulement de l'eau dans les canaux à surface libre (United States)

    Abdallah, M.; Vazquez, J.; Mose, R.; Zoaeter, M.


    Dans ce papier, on décrit le traitement des conditions aux limites intérieures et extérieures couplé avec la méthode explicite aux différences finies de Roe pour le développement d'une modélisation unidimensionnelle qui sert à résoudre les équations de Saint-Venant décrivant l'écoulement de l'eau à surface libre. Les deux méthodes les plus utilisées pour trouver la solution aux nœuds intérieurs et extérieurs définissant les conditions aux limites intérieures et extérieures d'un schéma numérique sont décrites et comparées dans deux exemples: Le premier traite le problème du ressaut hydraulique et le second décrit l'écoulement de l'eau au dessus des seuils. Deux types de discrétisation du terme source, pointwise et upwind, sont considérés et comparés aussi. Les résultats obtenus et comparés avec la solution analytique dans le cas du ressaut, et avec les résultats numériques déjà publiés dans le cas des seuils, montrent l'avantage de la méthode des caractéristiques sur la méthode de l'extrapolation pour les conditions aux limites, et la discrétisation upwind du terme source sur la discrétisation pointwise.

  13. Striking Seasonality in the Secular Warming of the Northern Continents: Structure and Mechanisms (United States)

    Nigam, S.; Thomas, N. P.


    The linear trend in twentieth-century surface air temperature (SAT)—a key secular warming signal— exhibits striking seasonal variations over Northern Hemisphere continents; SAT trends are pronounced in winter and spring but notably weaker in summer and fall. The SAT trends in historical twentieth-century climate simulations informing the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change's Fifth Assessment show varied (and often unrealistic) strength and structure, and markedly weaker seasonal variation. The large intra-ensemble spread of winter SAT trends in some historical simulations was surprising, especially in the context of century-long linear trends, with implications for the detection of the secular warming signal. The striking seasonality of observed secular warming over northern continents warrants an explanation and the representation of related processes in climate models. Here, the seasonality of SAT trends over North America is shown to result from land surface-hydroclimate interactions and, to an extent, also from the secular change in low-level atmospheric circulation and related thermal advection. It is argued that the winter dormancy and summer vigor of the hydrologic cycle over middle- to high-latitude continents permit different responses to the additional incident radiative energy from increasing greenhouse gas concentrations. The seasonal cycle of climate, despite its monotony, provides an expanded phase space for the exposition of the dynamical and thermodynamical processes generating secular warming, and an exceptional cost-effective opportunity for benchmarking climate projection models.

  14. 24 avril 2012 Sommaire des réductions de dépenses

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    24 avr. 2012 ... La fusion des bureaux de sorte qu'il y aura un seul bureau par continent permettra au Centre d'assurer une présence suivie, tout en rationalisant ses coûts de fonctionnement. La stratégie tirera parti des synergies et de la collaboration qui existent déjà entre les bureaux qui sont fusionnés, ce qui facilitera ...

  15. Examen des liens entre la vulnérabilité socioéconomique, l ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    30 mars 2017 ... L'Afrique est le continent le plus « jeune » au monde — plus des deux tiers de la population sont âgés de moins de 35 ans. La hausse de la population de jeunes et la crise de chômage qui perdure démontrent clairement le besoin de placer les jeunes au centre des discussions publiques sur les politiques ...

  16. Responses of Mean and Extreme Precipitation to Deforestation in the Maritime Continent (United States)

    Chen, C. C.; Lo, M. H.; Yu, J. Y.


    Anthropogenic land use and land cover change, including tropical deforestation, could have substantial effects on local surface energy and water budgets, and thus on the atmospheric stability which may result in changes in precipitation. Maritime Continent has undergone severe deforestation in recent decades but has received less attention than Amazon or Congo rainforests. Therefore, this study is to decipher the precipitation response to deforestation in the Maritime Continent. We conduct deforestation experiments using Community Earth System Model (CESM) and through converting the tropical rainforest into grassland. The results show that deforestation in Maritime Continent leads to an increase in both mean temperature and mean precipitation. Moisture budget analysis indicates that the increase in precipitation is associated with the vertically integrated vertical moisture advection, especially the dynamic component (changes in convection). In addition, through moist static energy (MSE) budget analysis, we find the atmosphere among deforested areas become unstable owing to the combined effects of positive specific humidity anomalies at around 850 hPa and anomalous warming extended from the surface to 750 hPa. This instability will induce anomalous ascending motion, which could enhance the low-level moisture convergence, providing water vapor from the surrounding warm ocean. To further evaluate the precipitation response to deforestation, we examine the precipitation changes under La Niña events and global warming scenario using CESM Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project (AMIP) simulations and Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 8.5 simulations. We find that the precipitation increase caused by deforestation in Maritime Continent is comparable in magnitude to that generated by either natural variability or global warming forcing. Besides the changes in mean precipitation, preliminary results show the extreme precipitation also increases. We will further

  17. First results from a full-waveform inversion of the African continent using Salvus (United States)

    van Herwaarden, D. P.; Afanasiev, M.; Krischer, L.; Trampert, J.; Fichtner, A.


    We present the initial results from an elastic full-waveform inversion (FWI) of the African continent which is melded together within the framework of the Collaborative Seismic Earth Model (CSEM) project. The continent of Africa is one of the most geophysically interesting regions on the planet. More specifically, Africa contains the Afar Depression, which is the only place on Earth where incipient seafloor spreading is sub-aerially exposed, along with other anomalous features such as the topography in the south, and several smaller surface expressions such as the Cameroon Volcanic Line and Congo Basin. Despite its significance, relatively few tomographic images exist of Africa, and, as a result, the debate on the geophysical origins of Africa's anomalies is rich and ongoing. Tomographic images of Africa present unique challenges due to uneven station coverage: while tectonically active areas such as the Afar rift are well sampled, much of the continent exhibits a severe lack of seismic stations. And, while Africa is mostly surrounded by tectonically active spreading plate boundaries, the interior of the continent is seismically quiet. To mitigate such issues, our simulation domain is extended to include earthquakes occurring in the South Atlantic and along the western edge of South America. Waveform modelling and inversion is performed using Salvus, a flexible and high-performance software suite based on the spectral-element method. Recently acquired recordings from the AfricaArray and NARS seismic networks are used to complement data obtained from global networks. We hope that this new model presents a fresh high-resolution image of African geodynamic structure, and helps advance the debate regarding the causative mechanisms of its surface anomalies.

  18. Theoretical and experimental study of heat transfers and pressure drops along surfaces fitted with herring-bone fins: correlation between geometric and aero thermal parameters; Etudes theorique et experimentale du transfert de chaleur et des pertes de charge de surfaces munies d'ailettes disposees en chevron - correlation entre parametres geometriques et aerothermiques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pelce, J.; Malherbe, J.; Pierre, B. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Principal results are given of experimental research which has been carried out on the flow of a fluid along a surface fitted with herringbone fins. Aero-thermal tests have been effected on a large number of these surfaces whose geometrical parameters have been made to vary systematically. In particular, work on a large scale model has made it possible to analyse the mechanisms of heat transfer and of pressure drops. On this basis a theoretical study has led to the establishment of a correlation between the geometric configuration and the aero-thermal performances of these surfaces. Experimental results are in good agreement with the theoretical relationships. An expression has thus been derived applicable to this type of herring-boned surface in a wide zone. (authors) [French] L'ecoulement d'un fluide au voisinage d'une surface munie d'ailettes disposees en chevron a fait l'objet de recherches experimentales dont on a rappele les principaux resultats. Des essais aerothermiques ont ete effectues sur un grand nombre de ces surfaces dont a fait varier les parametres geometriques de facon systematique. En particulier, des etudes sur une maquette a grande echelle ont permis d'analyser les mecanismes de transfert de chaleur et de perte de charge. Sur ces bases, une etude theorique a conduit a des correlations entre la geometrie et les performances aerothermiques de ces surfaces. Les resultats experimentaux sont en bon accord avec les relations theoriques. On possede ainsi une formulation pour ce type de surface ailettee valable dans un domaine etendu. (auteurs)

  19. 127 Impact des rejets urbains et industriels sur la qualité des eaux ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    scour of surfaces and underground. Keywords :aquifer, hydrochimy, rejections, pollution, El Kantara, Biskra, Algeria. 1. Introduction. La qualité des ..... A case study: Suquıa River Basin Au vue des résultats d'analyses hydrochimique, les concentrations en sulfates dépassent la norme (200-400mg/L). (Cordoba-. Argentina).

  20. Etude de la pollution des eaux des oueds Seybouse et Mellah ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    L'objet de cette étude est d'expérimenter un protocole de travail base sur des prélèvements de surface et de puits de particuliers en vue d'établir la qualité des eaux et d'assoir des bases de données relatives à la pollution hydrique en Algérie. Les résultats des analyses chimiques montrent pour les deux oueds un facies ...

  1. Cahiers des Amériques Latines (L’autre continent du football)



    Si bien es cierto que el futbol nació en Europa, también dio origen a una cultura de masas específica en Latinoamérica, de envergadura tal que el objeto transferido salió de ella profundamente transformado. Las condiciones de su recepción y desarrollo fundadas sobre un antagonismo con el Viejo continente que se actualiza sin cesar, conllevó a la aparición de estructuras originales en el Nuevo continente, tanto en lo que concierne a clubes y organizaciones de aficionados como a las federacione...

  2. Polluants émergents; stratégie de surveillance de la contamination des eaux de surface et implications pour le traitement des eaux potables - Cas du Léman


    Ramseier Gentile, Stéphan; Edder, Patrick; Loizeau, Jean-Luc


    Les récents progrès de la chimie analytique instrumentale (chromatographie liquide couplée à la spectrométrie de masse en tandem ; LC MS-MS) permettent de mettre en évidence plusieurs composés xénobiotiques à l’état de trace (du ng/L à quelques centaines de ng/L) dans les eaux du Léman ainsi que dans la chair des poissons. Ces substances proviennent en partie d’un usage médical, mais également d’une production industrielle dans le bassin versant, de leur utilisation en agriculture (phytosanit...

  3. Finite-Frequency Seismic Imaging of Upper-Mantle Velocity Structures Beneath the South China Continent (United States)

    Qu, P.; Chen, Y. J.; Yu, Y.


    South China Continent is major formed from the Paleo-South China plate. The continent has experienced complicated tectonic history after Neoproterozoic. Previous studies suggested some possible model for the collision between South China Continent and North China Continent. Body wave tomography and surface wave tomography are widely used to inverse upper mantle velocity structure. In our study, finite frequency tomography were carried on to get explanation more correctly. We gathered nearly 60000 pieces of teleseismic event records by 166 broad band seismic stations with Mw > 5.5. Here sensitive kernel of ak135 velocity structure was calculated, which is based on Born approximation, and then we applied multi-channel cross-correlation to pick arrival time difference under 3 frequency band. Combining with crust thickness correct from receiver function, we solve the inversion matrix by LSQR method, and get accurate upper mantle structure of P, S velocity. For more accurate results, we apply a method to calculate Vp/Vs ratio, to help to verify the velocity anomaly. The result in this research shows: 1. A strong velocity anomaly exists in the northern of South China Continent, in an area 31°N between 112°-118°E. The anomaly is about . We suggest that, this anomaly is related to the collision from North China Continent. It implies the collision underthrusted to southward. 2. A clearly slow velocity anomaly exists in the northern of Cathaysia block. This low velocity anomaly exist on the boundary of Yangtz block and Cathysian block, it is related to the left over of block collision in early phanerozoic. 3. We recognized some little velocity anomaly exit in the research area. Comparing these velocity anomaly with U-Pb zircon ages, we suggest complicated orogenesis in Phanerozoic is the cause of the formation of these little anomaly. The result in our study support the collision model, which shows the underthrust direction is southward, on the south of Qinling

  4. Des Connaissances Aux Politiques

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Dans beaucoup de pays en développement, la faible capacité du gouvernement est pratiquement la définition des problèmes de développement du pays. ...... Promouvoir l'échange des connaissances émanant des recherches ainsi que des outils et des résultats, et le dialogue entre les pays, institutions et donateurs.

  5. Seismic multiple attenuation in the northern continent-ocean transition zone of the South China Sea (United States)

    Chen, N.; Li, C. F.


    In seismic exploration, especially in marine oil and gas exploration, presence of multiple reflections lowers signal-to-noise ratio of seismic data and makes it difficult to analyze seismic velocity. In northern continent-ocean transition zone of the South China Sea (SCS), low-velocity Cenozoic strata cover sets of high-velocity carbonate strata directly, and over 1000 m thick of sediments were deposited on the igneous basement in the northwest SCS. These sedimentary boundaries generate quite strong impedance interfaces and strong internal multiples. Diffractions as a result of variation of seabed topography, coupled with the vibration, free surface multiples and refraction multiples, cause a variety of strong energy disturbances and missing of frequency component. In this study, we process four recently acquired multichannel reflection seismic profiles from the northern continent-ocean transition zone of the SCS with a new combination of demultiple techniques. There is a variety of strong multiples in the raw data, and the seabed multiple occurs between 9 to 11 seconds in two-way travel time (TWTT), and we apply Surface-related Multiple Elimination (SRME) to attenuate the free surface multiples. After SRME, we use high-resolution Radon transform (RAMUR) to attenuate deep multiples concentrating below 10 seconds in TWTT. Normal moveout correction (NMO) is necessary to flatten true reflections and turn multiples into a parabola before RAMUR, and we can attenuate the deep multiples in theτ-p domain. The seabed topography varies greatly in the continent-ocean transition zone, so the diffractions are well developed. However, SRME and RAMUR are not effective in attenuating diffractions and internal multiples. We select diffracted multiple attenuation (DIMAT) after many trials and detailed analysis. The diffractions are extracted in decomposed frequency bands. The internal multiples below 11 seconds in TWTT and high-amplitude noises are successfully suppressed while


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D Slimani


    Full Text Available Des couches minces du titane pur ont été déposées avec la méthode de pulvérisation cathodique sur des substrats en acier, type FF80 K-1 contenants ~1% mass. en carbone. La réaction entre les deux parties du système substrat-couche mince est activée avec des traitements thermiques sous vide dans l’intervalle de températures de 400 à900°Cpendant 30 minutes. Les Spectres de diffraction de rayons x confirment l’inter- diffusion des éléments  chimiques du système résultants la formation et la croissance des nouvelles phases en particulier le carbure binaire TiC ayant des caractéristiques thermomécaniques importantes. L’analyse morphologique des échantillons traités  avec le microscope électronique à balayage (MEB montre l’augmentation du flux de diffusion atomique avec la température de recuit, notamment la diffusion du manganèse et du fer vers la surface libre des échantillons aux températures élevées provoquant la dégradation des propriétés mécaniques des revêtements contrairement au premiers stades d’interaction où on a obtenu des bonnes valeurs de la microdureté.

  7. Variabilite des productions et des revenus des exploitations ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... sont à dominance céréale et coton avec environ 75 % des assolements. Les revenus nets des EAF montrent en moyenne une prédominance des productions végétales (1 394 976 Fcfa) et animales, (1 420 430 Fcfa) sur les activités de diversification (358 449 Fcfa). Mots clés : production, revenu, économie, performance, ...

  8. 184 Évaluation du niveau de pollution par les métaux lourds des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Afrique Sciences

    La présente étude a pour objectif principal d'évaluer le niveau de pollution métallique des lacs Bini et Dang. (Ngaoundéré, Cameroun) à travers l'analyse des eaux et des sédiments de surface. La concentration des métaux lourds (Ni, Cr, Fe, Pb, Cd, Zn) a été mesurée par spectrophotométrie d'absorption atomique. Des.

  9. Le role du phytoplancton de petite taille (<20 mum) dans les variations des proprietes optiques des eaux du Saint-Laurent (United States)

    Mas, Sebastien

    Les mesures satellitaires de couleur des oceans sont largement determinees par les proprietes optiques inherentes (IOPs) des eaux de surface. D'autre part, le phytoplancton de petite taille (la contribution du phytoplancton (la variabilite des proprietes optiques observee en milieu naturel. D'autres experiences ont, quant a elles, mis en evidence que les variations des proprietes optiques des cellules phytoplanctoniques dues aux phases de croissance peuvent alterer les IOPs des oceans, particulierement pendant les periodes de floraison. De plus, la presence de bacteries et de particules detritiques peut egalement affecter la variabilite des IOPs totales, notamment la diffusion. Au printemps, dans l'Estuaire et le Golfe du Saint-Laurent, la contribution du phytoplancton la variabilite spatiale, les proprietes optiques cellulaires presentaient des variations journalieres, et ce particulierement pour le picophytoplancton. Enfin, la plupart des differences observees dans les proprietes biooptiques, particulierement l'absorption, etaient attribuables a la contribution du phytoplancton la structure de taille des communautes phytoplanctoniques dans les modeles bio-optiques appliques au Saint-Laurent. L'ensemble des resultats a permis de mettre en evidence l'importance des mecanismes de photoacclimatation et de synchronisation du cycle cellulaire du phytoplancton sur les variations journalieres des IOPs, ainsi que de l'etat physiologique relie au stade de croissance sur les variations temporelles a long terme des IOPs. De plus, le phytoplancton la variabilite des IOPs des oceans.

  10. Modelisation des effets physico-techniques pour la conception des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    automatisation dans les installations industrielles a besoin d'une régulation automatique des commandes des processus technologiques pour lesquelles certaines contraintes sont à relever compte tenu des exigences des innovations scientifiques de ...

  11. Impact de la preparation des anodes crues et des conditions de cuisson sur la fissuration dans des anodes denses (United States)

    Amrani, Salah

    La fabrication de l'aluminium est realisee dans une cellule d'electrolyse, et cette operation utilise des anodes en carbone. L'evaluation de la qualite de ces anodes reste indispensable avant leur utilisation. La presence des fissures dans les anodes provoque une perturbation du procede l'electrolyse et une diminution de sa performance. Ce projet a ete entrepris pour determiner l'impact des differents parametres de procedes de fabrication des anodes sur la fissuration des anodes denses. Ces parametres incluent ceux de la fabrication des anodes crues, des proprietes des matieres premieres et de la cuisson. Une recherche bibliographique a ete effectuee sur tous les aspects de la fissuration des anodes en carbone pour compiler les travaux anterieurs. Une methodologie detaillee a ete mise au point pour faciliter le deroulement des travaux et atteindre les objectifs vises. La majorite de ce document est reservee pour la discussion des resultats obtenus au laboratoire de l'UQAC et au niveau industriel. Concernant les etudes realisees a l'UQAC, une partie des travaux experimentaux est reservee a la recherche des differents mecanismes de fissuration dans les anodes denses utilisees dans l'industrie d'aluminium. L'approche etait d'abord basee sur la caracterisation qualitative du mecanisme de la fissuration en surface et en profondeur. Puis, une caracterisation quantitative a ete realisee pour la determination de la distribution de la largeur de la fissure sur toute sa longueur, ainsi que le pourcentage de sa surface par rapport a la surface totale de l'echantillon. Cette etude a ete realisee par le biais de la technique d'analyse d'image utilisee pour caracteriser la fissuration d'un echantillon d'anode cuite. L'analyse surfacique et en profondeur de cet echantillon a permis de voir clairement la formation des fissures sur une grande partie de la surface analysee. L'autre partie des travaux est basee sur la caracterisation des defauts dans des echantillons d'anodes crues

  12. Early reported rectal sensation predicts continence in anorectal anomalies. (United States)

    Skerritt, Clare; Tyraskis, Athanasios; Rees, Clare; Cockar, Iram; Kiely, Edward


    Straining at stool is an automatic reflex in babies and implies the presence of rectal sensation. We hypothesised that early reported rectal sensation would predict future continence in children with anorectal anomalies. The aim of this study is to determine if early straining at stool was a useful predictor of future continence in infants born with high anorectal malformations. A retrospective case note review of prospectively collected clinical information was performed with institutional review board approval. All patients with intermediate/high anorectal malformation operated on by a single surgeon from 1984 to 2010 were included. After stoma closure, parents were asked: The responses were noted within the first year of stoma closure and then all patients were followed up until they were at least 3 ½years old and continence could be assessed using the Krickenbeck outcome classification. Data were compared using Fisher's exact test and sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive value (PPV) were calculated. Forty-eight patients were included in the study. Sixteen (33%) were female (12 cloacal malformation, 3 rectovaginal fistula, 1 rectal atresia) and 32 (66%) were male (6 rectovesical fistulae, 22 rectourethral fistulae, 4 no fistula). Median follow-up was 9.7years (range 3.5-17.9). Twenty-one children were noted by their parents to exhibit early straining at stool after stoma closure. Twenty of them achieved long term continence. The sensitivity of early straining as a predictor for long term continence was 77%, specificity 95% and positive predictive value 95%. The presence of early rectal sensation reported by parents is a good predictor of long term continence. This allows more informed discussion with families in the early years of life. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. variabilite des productions et des revenus des exploitations

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    3Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement (CIRAD), UMR Innovation,. Montpellier, France. Doubangolo COULIBALY, Email RESUME. La durabilité des systèmes de production à base de coton dans un contexte de variabilité des prix aux producteurs et de ...

  14. La metamorphose des cypris femelles des Rhizocephales

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Veillet, A.


    Depuis la découverte de la métamorphose des cypris de Sacculina carcini Thompson par Delage, peu de biologistes se sont intéressés au développement des Rhizocéphales. On admet aujourd'hui que tous les Cirripèdes parasites ont, comme Sacculina carcini, une forme kentrogone qui inocule le parasite au

  15. Imaging the North American continent using waveform inversion of global and USArray data (United States)

    Schaeffer, A. J.; Lebedev, S.


    The deployment of USArray during the last decade has produced dense sampling of the central part of the North American continent with broadband seismic data. Regional tomography is now mapping the deep structure of the continent in great detail, in particular beneath the western US where USArray initiated. At the scale of the entire continent, however, the resolution of seismic imaging is uneven, much poorer away from the footprint of the array than beneath it. Important questions regarding the deep structure, lateral extent and evolution of the North American Craton, most of it not covered by USArray, thus remain difficult to answer. Here we present a new model of the upper mantle beneath North America constrained by waveform fits of 717 thousand vertical-component, broadband seismograms, of which over 228 thousand are from the Transportable Array component of USArray, a few tens of thousands from other USArray-affiliated stations, and the rest from global networks and arrays. Automated, multimode waveform inversion was used to extract structural information from surface and S waveforms, yielding resolving power from the crust down to the transition zone. Our unprecedentedly large waveform dataset, with highly complementary USArray and global-network subsets within it, produces improved resolution for a variety of features in North American upper mantle, compared to other available models. The internal structure of the North American Craton is resolved in detail. The lithosphere beneath the 1 Ga failed Mid-Continental Rift shows wavespeeds not as high as beneath surrounding cratons; it was probably altered. The sharp northern boundaries of the cratonic lithosphere closely follow the coastlines, with North America's and Greenland's lithospheric roots clearly separate. Sharp velocity gradients in western Canada indicate that the craton boundary at depth closely follows the Rocky Mountain Front at the surface. High velocities between the Great Bear Arc and Beaufort

  16. Continent-continent collision at the Pacific/Australian plate boundary: Lithospheric deformation, mountain building, and subsequent scientific endeavors (United States)

    Okaya, D. A.; Stern, T. A.; Davey, F. J.


    Continental collision occurs at strike-slip plate boundaries where transform motion and oblique convergence create processes of surficial mountain building and deformation within the deeper crust and lithospheric mantle. The Pacific/Australian transform plate boundary in South Island, New Zealand, is characterized by active oblique continent-continent collision with an associated Southern Alps orogen that exhibits both high exhumation rates and rapid strike-slip movement. Beginning in the 1990s, this system was the focus of a decade-long collaborative USA-New Zealand multi-disciplinary study to understand lithospheric structure and processes involved in this transpression. Funded primarily by the NSF Continental Dynamics program and the New Zealand Science Foundation, this project known as SIGHT (South Island Geophysical Transect) with its companion SAPSE (Southern Alps Passive Seismic Experiment) included the following disciplines that involved substantial field observation experiments: seismic reflection, explosion refraction, onshore-offshore wide-angle reflection/refraction, regional and teleseismic passive seismology, magnetotellurics, laboratory petrophysics, gravity, regional geological investigations, and rheological analyses. More than fifty scientists and students from both nations participated in the combined set of studies that have led to over forty-five journal publications, an AGU Monograph, and a dozen graduate theses. Primary results of the project indicate the Pacific-Australian strike-slip plate boundary (Alpine fault) is not vertical but is eastward dipping and rheologically weak based on diverse geophysical data. Most deformation is within the Pacific plate that hosts the Southern Alps orogen. High mantle seismic velocities vertically disposed beneath the orogen suggest Pacific and perhaps Australian mantle lithosphere contribute to a zone of plate-boundary-parallel distributed mantle shortening. The crustal root of the overlying Southern Alps

  17. Mapping of fuels and fire potentials in the African Continent using FCCS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.L. Pettinari


    Full Text Available This paper presents the methodology used for the development of a fuel map for the African Continent, using FCCS (Fuel Characteristic Classification System. The cartography of the fuelbeds was based on global cartographic information obtained from remote sensing imaging, and the variables associated to each fuelbed were extracted from existing vegetation databases. A total of 75 fuelbeds were developed, and from the variables assigned to each of them, different Fire Potentials were calculated using default environmental variables. These potentials allow the estimation of surface fire behavior, crown fire and available fuel, depending on the characteristics of the existing vegetation.

  18. Continent cutaneous diversion for bladder exstrophy in adults ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Thus far, all these patients have achieved complete daytime and night time continence, Complications consisted of pouch cutaneous fistula which was successfully repaired with interposition of a rectus abdominis flap and one case of urosepsis. All upper urinary tract imaging studies have shown stable function. All the ...

  19. Choosing and using disposable body-worn continence pads. (United States)

    Gilbert, Rachel

    Disposable, body-worn pads are the product most commonly chosen to contain and absorb urine and faeces (Pomfret, 2000). The cost to the NHS of supplying continence pads has been estimated at 80 million pounds per annum (Euromonitor, 1999) and is a huge financial burden on local services.

  20. Impact of aerosols from the Asian Continent on the adjoining ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Making use of the wind speed dependence of sea-salt AOD at far-oceanic environments and monthly mean wind speeds at small grids of size 5. ◦ × 5 ...... nents. To make a more quantitative assessment of this, the monthly mean fire counts over the relevant continents are examined from ATSR world fire atlas. Figure 7 shows ...

  1. Farming Systems of the African Savanna : A Continent in Crisis ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Couverture du livre Farming Systems of the African Savanna : A Continent in Crisis. Auteur(s) : Andrew ... Le CRDI et le Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, ont conclu un accord en vue d'un nouvel investissement de 25 millions de dollars canadiens à l'occasion du lancement de la... Voir davantageLe ...

  2. Family Planning in Five Continents: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania. (United States)

    International Planned Parenthood Federation, London (England).

    Population growth trends and family planning activities in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania are summarized in this booklet developed by the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Narrative information for each continent gives a resume of population growth trends, reasons for the trends, population problems, policy formation, family…

  3. Surgical procedure to improve on continence in children | Archibong ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Operational repair of anorectal malformations frequently present with, faecal soilage as the dominant complication. Series of operations have been attempted but none fully satisfies the criteria for continence. A child that present with faecal soilage is a societal problem especially when he is away from the home environment.

  4. Impact of aerosols from the Asian Continent on the adjoining ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    variations as well as to understand the impact of aerosols advecting from the continent. Depending ...... on the past wind speed because of their finite res- ..... Africa (10–25. ◦. S; 30. ◦. E–40. ◦. E), which are adjacent to the above-referred grids. A good correspondence between fire counts and AOD is observable in these.

  5. Direction des Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    37. Taux des lipides et des protéines et composition en acides gras du tissu comestible des crustacés et des mollusques pêchés en Algérie : Effet du halofénozide (RH-0345) sur la composition en acides gras de. Penaeus kerathurus (Crustacé, Décapode). Samira Gheid. 1. , Safia Nadji. 2 et Mohamed El Hadi Khebbeb. 3.

  6. Methoden Des Fremdsprachenunterrichts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rasa Sklizmantaitė


    Full Text Available Beim Unterrichten einer Fremdsprache ist es wichtig, Methoden des Fremdsprachenunterrichts zu kennen, um eine Methode des Unterrichts nach dem Niveau und Bedürfnissen der entsprechenden Gruppe opti-mal zu wählen. Im Artikel wird der Überblick des Fremdsprachenunterrichts im Hinblick auf historische Entwicklung dargeboten sowie die Hauptmerkmale einiger Methoden des Fremdsprachenunterrichts aufgezählt.

  7. Quaternary Reorganization of North American Mid-continent Drainage Systems (United States)

    Carson, E. C.; Rawling, J. E., III; Attig, J. W.; Bates, B. R.


    Identification of ancestral drainage systems in the North American mid-continent has been a topic of research and debate among geologists since the middle of the 19th Century. Over time our understanding of the significance of Quaternary glaciations in reshaping drainage patterns has grown. The ancestral Teays River, which drained large areas of the central Appalachians and flowed westward across Indiana and western Illinois, was dammed multiple times by Quaternary glaciers before finally being rerouted to the course of the modern central Ohio River. Similarly, the northward-flowing ancestral Pittsburgh River was dammed by pre-Illinoian glaciers; subsequent stream piracy converted this river system into the modern Allegheny, Monongahela and uppermost Ohio Rivers. Deposits and geomorphic features along the westward-flowing lower Wisconsin River indicate that the modern upper Mississippi River and Wisconsin River may have experienced a similar history of ice blockage, stream piracy, and radical rerouting. Coring into the Bridgeport strath terrace along the lower Wisconsin River reveals that the bedrock surface dips to the east, indicating the valley was cut by an eastward-flowing river. We believe the most likely scenario following this interpretation is that an ancestral river flowing along the modern upper Mississippi River valley made a sharp bend at Prairie du Chien, WI, and flowed eastward along the valley occupied by the modern lower Wisconsin River. This river, referred to here as the Wyalusing River, likely flowed northeastward into the Great Lakes (St. Lawrence) drainage until that path was blocked by ice advancing from the northwest. Subsequent stream piracy immediately south of the modern confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers rerouted these streams, converting them to the headwaters of the greater Mississippi drainage. The combined rerouting of these river systems into entirely different drainage basins necessitates significant fundamental

  8. Des racines et des ailes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stéphanie Vincent-Geslin


    Full Text Available Les mobilités pendulaires semblent être en augmentation en Europe depuis une dizaine d’années. Cette croissance du temps passé à se déplacer amène à remettre en question la conjecture de Zahavi et apparaît relativement inexplicable en regard du paradigme classique de l’acteur rationnel traditionnellement utilisé dans le champ des transports. Si, dans la littérature, les temps de déplacements sont principalement expliqués par le contexte résidentiel, la forme urbaine et le travail, ce cadre explicatif ne dit rien des processus de décision eux-mêmes qui amènent aux pendularités intensives.À partir d’une enquête qualitative menée auprès de pendulaires français, suisses et belges, cette contribution propose d’analyser les arbitrages et les éléments déterminants des processus de la grande pendularité. Les mobilités quotidiennes pendulaires apparaissent comme le résultat de compromis entre activité professionnelle, attachement résidentiel et choix de vie et prennent ainsi la forme de stratégies de conciliation entre vie privée et vie professionnelle. Ces mobilités spatiales permettent alors paradoxalement la préservation des ancrages résidentiels, sociaux et familiaux.Roots and wings. Long-distance commuting patterns, or how to conciliate professional and personal lifeLong-distance commuting patterns appear to be increasing in Europe over the last ten years. These raising mobility patterns lead to reappraise the Zahavi conjecture and appear largely inexplicable by the classical rational actor paradigm traditionally used in transportation research. In literature, commuting is mainly explained by residential contexts, urban forms and job. Nevertheless this theoretical frame says little about the decision-making processes themselves. Based on a qualitative survey conducted in three European countries - France, Belgium and Switzerland – among a population of high commuters, this paper proposes an analysis of

  9. Civili, langue des Baloango

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mavoungou, Paul Achille; Ndinga-Koumba-Binza, Hugues Steve

    , Congo, Angola, etc.) issus de la décolonisation. Il présente de façon succincte quelques phénomènes historiques, phonologiques, morphosyntaxiques, homonymiques et analogiques de la langue. Des faits sémantiques des emprunts linguistiques y sont également décrits dans le cadre des changements...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    haies vives) et la valorisation des produits forestiers tels que l'utilisation des tourteaux comme engrais organiques (Francis et al.,. 2005). Plusieurs études ont montré que les perceptions paysannes d'une technologie ou d'une innovation sont déterminantes pour son adoption. (Adesina et Baidu-forson, 1996). Les travaux.

  11. Sur le nombre de points rationnels des variétés abéliennes et des Jacobiennes sur les corps finis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Aubry, Yves; Haloui, Safia; Lachaud, Gilles


    Nous établissons de nouvelles majorations et minorations pour le nombre de points rationnels des variétés abéliennes et des Jacobiennes sur un corps fini. Nous déterminons de plus les nombres maximum et minimum de points rationnels des surfaces Jacobiennes sur un corps fini donné. We give upper a...

  12. Development of a measuring and evaluation method for X-ray analysis of residual stresses in the surface region of polycrystalline materials; Entwicklung eines Mess- und Auswerteverfahrens zur roentgenographischen Analyse des Eigenspannungszustandes im Oberflaechenbereich vielkristalliner Werkstoffe

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Genzel, C.


    The topic of the habilitation thesis is the development of an X-ray diffraction method for measurement and depth-resolved analysis of internal stresses in the surface region of polycrystalline materials. The method relies on the basic approach of varying {tau}, the penetration depth of the X-rays in the materials, by the scattering vector g{sub theta{psi}} via stepwise specimen rotation. Thus, depth profiles of the interlattice plane distances d(hkl) in the specimen system can be derived for given direction and inclination angles {theta} and {psi} of the scattering vector. This offers the possibility to identify individual components of the stress tensors of the basic equation of the X-ray diffraction analysis, and to perform separate analyses of those components. For calculation of the relevant internal stress distributions {sigma}{sub ij}({tau}) using the interlattice plane distance profiles, a self-consistent method is established which takes into account the high sensitivity of the derived internal stresses in relation to the interlattice plane distance d{sub 0}(hkl) in the stress-free crystal lattice. The evaluation yields results describing the depth profiles as well as the strain-free interlattice plane distance d{sub 0}(hkl), so that a quantitative analysis is possible of tri-axial internal stress states in the surface region of the materials. (orig./CB) [German] Den Gegenstand der vorliegenden Arbeit bildet die Entwicklung eines roentgenographischen Mess- und Auswerteverfahrens zur tiefenaufgeloesten Analyse des oberflaechennahen Eigenspannungszustandes in vielkristallinen Werkstoffen. Der Grundgedanke der Methode besteht darin, die Eindringtiefe {tau} der Roentgenstrahlung in den Werkstoff durch schrittweise Drehung der Probe um den Streuvektor g{sub {theta}}{sub {psi}} zu variieren. Damit koennen Tiefenprofile der Netzebenenabstaende d(hkl) fuer fest vorgegebene Azimut- und Neigungswinkel {theta} und {psi} des Streuvektors im Probensystem ermittelt

  13. The problem of early continence recovery after radical prostatectomy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. A. Kachmazov


    Full Text Available Background. The highest rate of incontinence after radical prostatectomy (RP is observed in the first 2–6 months after surgery. In order  to decrease the period of incontinence, virous surgical methods aimed at preservation and reconstruction of structures participating  in the mechanism of urine retention has been developed and improved.The study objective is to evaluate effectiveness of an original method of formation of an urethral anastomosis in the early continence recovery.Materials and methods. Data on 126 patients who underwent retropubic RP were analyzed. Depending on the method of urethral anastomosis formation, patients were divided into 2 groups: in the 1st group (n = 52 the patients underwent PR with urethra suspension m. levator ani, in the 2nd (n = 74 – standard RP. In the 1st group, 6 ligatures were applied to the anterior and posterior urethra walls: at the 12 and 6 hour projections through the mucosa, submucosa, and smooth muscle; at the 10, 2, 4, and 8 hour projections – more laterally with capture of the m. levator ani medial margins. Continence recovery was evaluated on days 1, 7, and 14 after urinary catheter removal and then at days 30, 90, 180, and 365 after RP. The criteria of continence were absence of urine leakage at rest and during physical activity and a necessity of using a safety liner.Results. There weren’t any significant differences at day 1 after urinary catheter removal between the two groups (р > 0.05. In the 1st group, continence values at days 30, 90, and 180 after RP were significantly higher (57.7, 69.2, and 71.1 %, respectively compared to the 2nd group (35.1, 41.9, and 51.3 %, respectively (р <0.05.Conclusion. Results of this work show significant benefits of RP with urethra suspension m. levator ani compared to standard RP per continence recovery criteria at days 7, 14, 30, 90, and 180 after the surgery. The technique of urethra suspension m. levator ani is easy to perform and ensures

  14. Phototransformation de matières actives à la surface des végétaux . Mécanismes des réactions directes et sensibilisées


    Mohammad Ali Monadjemi, Shirin


    The phototransformation of active ingredients on plant surfaces after spraying has a significant impact on the treatment efficiency. In this work, the photochemical reactions taking place on leaf models and environmental conditions close to real ones have been overviewed for two pesticides: chlorothalonil and cycloxydim. We considered the photochemical reactions induced by light absorption by the compounds themselves and the reactions involving natural sensitizers such as plants secondary met...

  15. The Influence of a Substellar Continent on the Climate of a Tidally Locked Exoplanet (United States)

    Lewis, Neil T.; Lambert, F. Hugo; Boutle, Ian A.; Mayne, Nathan J.; Manners, James; Acreman, David M.


    Previous studies have demonstrated that continental carbon-silicate weathering is important to the continued habitability of a terrestrial planet. Despite this, few studies have considered the influence of land on the climate of a tidally locked planet. In this work we use the Met Office Unified Model, coupled to a land-surface model, to investigate the climate effects of a continent located at the substellar point. We choose to use the orbital and planetary parameters of Proxima Centauri B as a template, to allow comparison with the work of others. A region of the surface where T s > 273.15 K is always retained, and previous conclusions on the habitability of Proxima Centauri B remain intact. We find that substellar land causes global cooling and increases day–night temperature contrasts by limiting heat redistribution. Furthermore, we find that substellar land is able to introduce a regime change in the atmospheric circulation. Specifically, when a continent offset to the east of the substellar point is introduced, we observe the formation of two mid-latitude counterrotating jets, and a substantially weakened equatorial superrotating jet.

  16. Lithospheric Structure of the North American Continent Imaged With Earthscope USArray and Global Data (United States)

    Lebedev, S.; Schaeffer, A. J.


    The deployment of the Earthscope USArray during the last decade has produced an unprecedentedly dense sampling of the central part of the North American continent (within the United States) with broadband seismic data. Regional tomography is now mapping the deep structure of the continent in great detail, in particular beneath the western US where the USArray deployment began. At the scale of the entire continent, however, the resolution of seismic imaging remains uneven, with much poorer coverage away from the footprint of the array than beneath it. Important questions regarding the deep structure, lateral extent and evolution of the North American Craton, most of it not covered by USArray, thus remain difficult to answer. We present a new model of the upper mantle beneath the entire North America computed by inversion of multimode waveform fits of 3/4 of a million vertical-component, broadband seismograms. Of these, almost 230 thousand are from the Transportable Array component of USArray, several tens of thousands from other USArray-affiliated stations, and the rest from global networks and other arrays. Automated multimode waveform inversion was used to extract accurate structural information from surface and S wave forms, yielding resolving power from the crust down to the transition zone. Our unprecedentedly large waveform dataset, with highly complementary USArray and global-network sub-sets within it, produces improved resolution for a variety of features in North American upper mantle, compared to other available models. The internal structure and boundaries of the North American Craton are resolved in more detail than previously. Sharp northern boundaries of the cratonic lithosphere are observed to closely follow the coastline, with North America's and Greenland's lithospheric roots clearly separated. The boundary of the craton in western Canada closely follows the Rocky Mountain Front, whereas in eastern North America, where multiple episodes of

  17. Commissioning continence services--turning policy into action. (United States)

    Thomas, Sue


    Incontinence of urine and faeces is a major issue in health care today. The financial cost is enormous with the NHS purchasing an annual 80 m Pounds worth of absorbent products alone (Euromonitor, 1999). But the financial cost is only part of the equation. Incontinence also has a considerable impact on the quality of life of those who experience it. The nature and impact on quality of life varies among individuals. However, where expert services are available cure rates can exceed 50 per cent (Royal College of Physicians, 1995). This suggests that specialist continence services have a vital role to play in helping patients improve their incontinence or manage their continence problems more effectively.

  18. Appropriation des Tic et performance des entreprises


    Lethiais , Virginie; Smati , Wided


    Quatre pages Marsouin; L'utilisation des TIC (Technologies de l'information et de la Communication) se développe dans les entreprises pour assurer des tâches de plus en plus nombreuses : la communication, la recherche d'informations, la commercialisation des produits et services, le travail en groupe, la gestion de l'entreprise, la prospection, etc. Les équipements en TIC ainsi que l'usage qui en est fait diffèrent d'une entreprise à une autre selon de nombreux critères. L'objet de ce quatre ...

  19. Géographie des interfaces. Une nouvelle vision des territoires

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marie Redon


    Full Text Available Littéralement, une interface est une surface de séparation entre deux états distincts de la matière. Le terme, ayant cheminé de la physique à la biologie, et aussi désormais d’usage répandu en informatique. En géographie, l’usage du mot s’est développé dans les années 1980 et peut être défini comme un espace permettant la mise en relation de deux espaces/territoires différents, influencé par des échanges entre l’un et l’autre, et se distinguant par là-même des deux espaces contigus. Intégrant...

  20. Développement des procédés "verts" pour modifier la surface d'ABS avant sa métallisation


    Magallon Cacho , Lorena


    The ABS is a copolymer formed by Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene used in industry whose surface can be coated with a metallic deposit. The traditional process for depositing metallic films in an auto-catalytic way is know as "Electroless", However, this process uses a sulfo-chromic mixture in the preliminary stage of the surface treatment containing Cr (VI) which is a toxic, polluting agent that needs to be replaced. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new surface modification procedures wi...

  1. Notre continent, notre avenir : Perspectives africaines sur l ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Thandika Mkandawire est directeur de l'Institut de recherche des Nations Unies pour le développement social (UNRISD) à Genève. De 1986 à 1996, il a été ... Un numéro spécial de la revue met en lumière les conclusions d'une étude financée par le CRDI sur le travail rémunéré des femmes. Policy in Focus publie un ...

  2. Effets des electrons secondaires sur l'ADN (United States)

    Boudaiffa, Badia

    Les interactions des electrons de basse energie (EBE) representent un element important en sciences des radiations, particulierement, les sequences se produisant immediatement apres l'interaction de la radiation ionisante avec le milieu biologique. Il est bien connu que lorsque ces radiations deposent leur energie dans la cellule, elles produisent un grand nombre d'electrons secondaires (4 x 104/MeV), qui sont crees le long de la trace avec des energies cinetiques initiales bien inferieures a 20 eV. Cependant, il n'y a jamais eu de mesures directes demontrant l'interaction de ces electrons de tres basse energie avec l'ADN, du principalement aux difficultes experimentales imposees par la complexite du milieu biologique. Dans notre laboratoire, les dernieres annees ont ete consacrees a l'etude des phenomenes fondamentaux induits par impact des EBE sur differentes molecules simples (e.g., N2, CO, O2, H2O, NO, C2H 4, C6H6, C2H12) et quelques molecules complexes dans leur phase solide. D'autres travaux effectues recemment sur des bases de l'ADN et des oligonucleotides ont montre que les EBE produisent des bris moleculaires sur les biomolecules. Ces travaux nous ont permis d'elaborer des techniques pour mettre en evidence et comprendre les interactions fondamentales des EBE avec des molecules d'interet biologique, afin d'atteindre notre objectif majeur d'etudier l'effet direct de ces particules sur la molecule d'ADN. Les techniques de sciences des surfaces developpees et utilisees dans les etudes precitees peuvent etre etendues et combinees avec des methodes classiques de biologie pour etudier les dommages de l'ADN induits par l'impact des EBE. Nos experiences ont montre l'efficacite des electrons de 3--20 eV a induire des coupures simple et double brins dans l'ADN. Pour des energies inferieures a 15 eV, ces coupures sont induites par la localisation temporaire d'un electron sur une unite moleculaire de l'ADN, ce qui engendre la formation d'un ion negatif transitoire

  3. Etude des capacités photodégradantes des substances humiques ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Ces réactions interviennent dans l'environnement aquatique et à la surface des sols. Au cours de cette étude, nous nous sommes intéressés aux propriétés photodégradantes des acides humiques extraits de deux sols cultivables du Togo. A cet effet, nous avons utilisé les solutions aqueuses d'un tampon phosphate à pH ...

  4. Impact des rejets urbains et industriels sur la qualité des eaux ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Les résultats obtenus montrent des concentrations importantes en chlore, sulfates, matière organique (la DBO5, la DCO, PO43-, NO2 -, NO3 - et NH+4), et métaux lourds (chrome, plomb, cuivre et le fer) confirmant ainsi la forte dégradation des eaux de surfaces et souterraines. Mots-clés : aquifère, hydrochimie, rejets, ...

  5. 21 CFR 876.5280 - Implanted mechanical/hydraulic urinary continence device. (United States)


    ....5280 Implanted mechanical/hydraulic urinary continence device. (a) Identification. An implanted mechanical/hydraulic urinary continence device is a device used to treat urinary incontinence by the... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Implanted mechanical/hydraulic urinary continence...

  6. How Do People Make Continence Care Happen? An Analysis of Organizational Culture in Two Nursing Homes (United States)

    Lyons, Stacie Salsbury


    Purpose: Although nursing homes (NHs) are criticized for offering poor quality continence care, little is known about the organizational processes that underlie this care. This study investigated the influence of organizational culture on continence care practices in two NHs. Design and Methods: This ethnographic study explored continence care…

  7. Corynébactériose des salmonidés : première observation en France

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Un petit germe Gram positif, immobile, a été mis en évidence en quantités importantes (fig. 2, dans des lésions de nécrose rénale (fig. 1 et 3 survenant chez des Saumons Coho d'élevage. La morphologie de la bactérie et les lésions permettent de diagnostiquer la corynebactériose des Salmonidés, dont l'existence n'avait pas été signalée jusqu'à présent sur le continent européen.

  8. Cartographie des directions dominantes des vents au Benin : Outil ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Cartographie des directions dominantes des vents au Benin : Outil de conception et de dimensionnement des ouvrages. ... nous avons, après la collecte des informations météorologiques, procédé : - à l'analyse des données (directions) des six stations météorologiques principales conformément aux méthodes statistiques.

  9. Spatiotemporal variability of snow depth across the Eurasian continent from 1966 to 2012 (United States)

    Zhong, Xinyue; Zhang, Tingjun; Kang, Shichang; Wang, Kang; Zheng, Lei; Hu, Yuantao; Wang, Huijuan


    Snow depth is one of the key physical parameters for understanding land surface energy balance, soil thermal regime, water cycle, and assessing water resources from local community to regional industrial water supply. Previous studies by using in situ data are mostly site specific; data from satellite remote sensing may cover a large area or global scale, but uncertainties remain large. The primary objective of this study is to investigate spatial variability and temporal change in snow depth across the Eurasian continent. Data used include long-term (1966-2012) ground-based measurements from 1814 stations. Spatially, long-term (1971-2000) mean annual snow depths of >20 cm were recorded in northeastern European Russia, the Yenisei River basin, Kamchatka Peninsula, and Sakhalin. Annual mean and maximum snow depth increased by 0.2 and 0.6 cm decade-1 from 1966 through 2012. Seasonally, monthly mean snow depth decreased in autumn and increased in winter and spring over the study period. Regionally, snow depth significantly increased in areas north of 50° N. Compared with air temperature, snowfall had greater influence on snow depth during November through March across the former Soviet Union. This study provides a baseline for snow depth climatology and changes across the Eurasian continent, which would significantly help to better understanding climate system and climate changes on regional, hemispheric, or even global scales.

  10. Évaluation du niveau de pollution par les métaux lourds des lacs ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    La présente étude a pour objectif principal d'évaluer le niveau de pollution métallique des lacs Bini et Dang (Ngaoundéré, Cameroun) à travers l'analyse des eaux et des sédiments de surface. La concentration des métaux lourds (Ni, Cr, Fe, Pb, Cd, Zn) a été mesurée par spectrophotométrie d'absorption atomique.

  11. 357 Datation des carbonates impurs au Maroc à l'aide de la ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    alpha utilisant un détecteur semi-conducteur à barrière de surface. 3. Résultats. Le tableau 1 regroupe les résultats des datations qui ont été effectuées sur plusieurs types de carbonates impurs provenant des dépôts continentaux des régions des Abdda-Doukalla et du Plateau Central. Marocain. Un exemple de correction, ...

  12. Frozen soil and snow cover with respect to the hydrological land-surface behaviour; Gefrorener Boden und Schneebedeckung unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung des hydrologischen Verhaltens der Landoberflaeche

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Warrach, K. [GKSS-Forschungszentrum Geesthacht GmbH (Germany). Inst. fuer Atmosphaerenphysik


    Investigations of the water and energy cycle in the climate system using atmospheric circulation models require a proper representation of the land surface. The land-surface model SEWAB calculates the vertical exchange of water and energy between the atmosphere and the land-surface. This includes the calculation of runoff from the land-surface into the rivers and of the vertical heat and water fluxes within the soil. The inclusion of soil freezing and thawing and the accumulation and ablation of a snow cover in SEWAB is introduced. Additionally changes in the runoff calculation such as the inclusion of the TOPMODEL-approach to consider orographic effects are made. Applications carried out for various regions of North America show good agreement between model results and measurements. (orig.)

  13. Manipulation d’énergie thermique avec des ondes de surface électromagnétique aux échelles micro- et anoscopiques


    Gluchko , Sergei


    Surface phonon-polaritons (SPhPs) are evanescent electromagnetic surface waves generated by the phononphoton coupling and that propagate along the interface of a polar medium (such as SiO2 and SiC) and a dielectric one. In this work, we investigate possible applications of SPhPs for enhancing the thermal performance of micro- and nanoscale devices, focusing of thermal energy with micro-structures, decreasing the diffraction angles of infrared radiation on subwavelength apertures, and demonstr...

  14. Applications biotechnologiques des mycorhizes


    Redecker, Dirk


    La symbiose mycorhizienne est une association entre un champignon mycorhizogène et une racine de plante-hôte. La mycorrhize à arbuscules (MA) est extrêmement ancienne puisqu’elle est datée de la même époque que l’apparition des plantes terrestres, il y a 460 millions d’années. Elle s’effectue entre un champignon mycorhizogène à arbuscules (CMA, phylum Glomeromycota) et plus de 80% des plantes terrestres. Les CMA sont des microorganismes ubiquitaires du sol et sont des biotrophes obligatoires ...

  15. Fecal continence following complex anorectal trauma in children. (United States)

    Russell, Katie W; Soukup, Elizabeth S; Metzger, Ryan R; Zobell, Sarah; Scaife, Eric R; Barnhart, Douglas C; Rollins, Michael D


    Complex injuries involving the anus and rectum are uncommon in children. We sought to examine long-term fecal continence following repair of these injuries. We conducted a retrospective review using our trauma registry from 2003 to 2012 of children with traumatic injuries to the anus or rectum at a level I pediatric trauma center. Patients with an injury requiring surgical repair that involved the anal sphincters and/or rectum were selected for a detailed review. Twenty-one patients (21/13,149 activations, 0.2%) who had an injury to the anus (n=9), rectum (n=8), or destructive injury to both the anus and rectum (n=4) were identified. Eleven (52%) patients were male, and the median age at time of injury was 9 (range 1-14) years. Penetrating trauma accounted for 48% of injuries. Three (14%) patients had accompanying injury to the urinary tract, and 6 (60%) females had vaginal injuries. All patients with an injury involving the rectum and destructive anal injuries were managed with fecal diversion. No patient with an isolated anal injury underwent fecal diversion. Four (19%) patients developed wound infections. The majority (90%) of patients were continent at last follow-up. One patient who sustained a gunshot injury to the pelvis with sacral nerve involvement is incontinent, but remains artificially clean on an intense bowel management program with enemas, and one patient with a destructive crush injury still has a colostomy. With anatomic reconstruction of the anal sphincter mechanism, most patients with traumatic anorectal injuries will experience long-term fecal continence. Follow-up is needed as occasionally these patients, specifically those with nerve or crush injury, may require a formal bowel management program. © 2014.

  16. Climate control of terrestrial carbon exchange across biomes and continents

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Yi, Chuixiang; Ricciuto, Daniel; Li, Runze


    Understanding the relationships between climate and carbon exchange by terrestrial ecosystems is critical to predict future levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide because of the potential accelerating effects of positive climate–carbon cycle feedbacks. However, directly observed relationships between...... climate and terrestrial CO2 exchange with the atmosphere across biomes and continents are lacking. Here we present data describing the relationships between net ecosystem exchange of carbon (NEE) and climate factors as measured using the eddy covariance method at 125 unique sites in various ecosystems...

  17. Savanna vegetation-fire-climate relationships differ among continents. (United States)

    Lehmann, Caroline E R; Anderson, T Michael; Sankaran, Mahesh; Higgins, Steven I; Archibald, Sally; Hoffmann, William A; Hanan, Niall P; Williams, Richard J; Fensham, Roderick J; Felfili, Jeanine; Hutley, Lindsay B; Ratnam, Jayashree; San Jose, Jose; Montes, Ruben; Franklin, Don; Russell-Smith, Jeremy; Ryan, Casey M; Durigan, Giselda; Hiernaux, Pierre; Haidar, Ricardo; Bowman, David M J S; Bond, William J


    Ecologists have long sought to understand the factors controlling the structure of savanna vegetation. Using data from 2154 sites in savannas across Africa, Australia, and South America, we found that increasing moisture availability drives increases in fire and tree basal area, whereas fire reduces tree basal area. However, among continents, the magnitude of these effects varied substantially, so that a single model cannot adequately represent savanna woody biomass across these regions. Historical and environmental differences drive the regional variation in the functional relationships between woody vegetation, fire, and climate. These same differences will determine the regional responses of vegetation to future climates, with implications for global carbon stocks.

  18. Savanna vegetation-fire-climate relationships differ among continents

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Lehmann, CER


    Full Text Available as compared with South America or Australia, with only a very weak effect of fire on TBA is in Australia (Fig. 3). Our findings are consistent with studies that have shown that the importance of the effect of fire on TBA is conditional on seedling and sapling... frequency), and their effects on TBA either directly or indirectly as mediated by fire frequency. (B to D) The final model for each continent. Values associated with arrows are absolute path strengths, which combine positive and negative effects...

  19. Perspectives de production et de commercialisation des prunes et des pruneaux au Maroc à l’horizon 2025

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Issam Eddine Sellika


    Full Text Available La filière de production de prunes et pruneaux au Maroc a connu un développement important du fait de coûts de production relativement faibles comparativement à d’autres rosacées. Cet article propose une réflexion globale sur la situation actuelle de la production et commercialisation des prunes et pruneaux au niveau des exploitations agricoles, et leur possible évolution future. Il présente les principales caractéristiques actuelles de la filière, les principaux facteurs d’évolution et deux scénarios à l’horizon 2025. La filière connait déjà des tensions fortes sur les prix au champ, avec des différences importantes liées à la qualité des productions. Trois facteurs de changement ont été identifiés : 1 l’augmentation des coûts de production ; 2 l’augmentation des surfaces plantées induite par le Plan Maroc Vert ; 3 la baisse des prix de vente. Un premier scénario tendanciel prévoit une faible augmentation des superficies, mais une différenciation forte entre les exploitations en fonction de leurs capacités à maitriser les coûts de production, à produire des prunes de qualité, et à prendre des marges en aval en investissant dans la transformation des prunes et la commercialisation des pruneaux. Cette filière restera ainsi rentable pour certaines exploitations tandis que d’autres opteront pour l’arrachage. Un second scénario prévoit des actions publiques pour promouvoir l’export et améliorer la rentabilité sur le marché intérieur, par une baisse des coûts de production, une augmentation de la qualité des prunes et une organisation collective de la transformation des prunes et la commercialisation des pruneaux. Ces activités, menées dans le cadre de coopératives pour les exploitations de petite taille, permettraient à ces exploitations de maintenir voire d’améliorer la rentabilité de cette production.

  20. The development and application of mass spectrometry methods for trace-, ultratrace-, isotope- and surface analysis for research tasks of the Juelich Research Centre; Entwicklung und Anwendung massenspektrometrischer Methoden zur Spuren-, Ultraspuren-, Isotopen- und Oberflaechenanalytik fuer Forschungsaufgaben des Forschungszentrums Juelich

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Becker, J.S. [ed.; Dietze, H.J. [ed.


    This volume contains 15 reports of results of the Central Department for Chemical Analysis of the Juelich Research Centre in the field of mass spectrometry methods of analysis. The individual contributions are (selection): Analysis of GaAs using a combined rf glow discharge and inductively coupled plasma source mass spectrometer; development of an rf GDMS technique for depth profiling analysis of thick Ni- and Co-doped oxide layers on Cr-based alloys of the interconnector of a solid oxide fuel cell; analysis of ceramic layers of high temperature fuel cell by means of LA-IC P-MS; MCS-SIMS studies concerning the effect of Y surface modification on the oxidation behaviour of Cr based ODS alloys; quantitative SIMS analysis on ecbium-doped components of integrated optics; the use of SIMS in process development of high resistance in P buffer layers by means of metal organic gas phase epitaxy; ultratrace and isotope analysis of uranium by means of sector field ICP mass spectrometry; determining of long life radionuclides by means of sector field ICP mass spectrometry; lithium analysis by means of ICP-MS in connection with investigations on the transport of lithium in groundwater. 8 separate abstracts were prepared. (orig./MM) [Deutsch] Dieser Band enthaelt 15 Ergebnisberichte der Zentralabteilung fuer chemische Analysen des Forschungszentrums Juelich auf dem Gebiet der massenspektrometrischen Analysenmethoden. Die einzelnen Beitraege sind (Auswahl): Analysis of GaAs using a Combined rf Glow Discharge and Inductively Coupled Plasma Source Mass Spectrometer; Development of an rf GDMS technique for depth profiling analysis of thick Ni- and Co-doped oxide layers on Cr-based alloys of the interconnector of a solid oxide fuel cell; Analyse von keramischen Schichten der Hochtemperatur-Brennstoffzelle mittels LA-ICP-MS; MCs{sup +}-SIMS-Studies Concerning the Effect of Y-Surface Modification on the Oxidation Behaviour of Cr-Based ODS Alloys; Quantitative SIMS-Analytik an Erbium

  1. Climate control of terrestrial carbon exchange across biomes and continents

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Yi Chuixiang; Wolbeck, John; Xu Xiyan; Ricciuto, Daniel; Li Runze; Nilsson, Mats; Aires, Luis; Albertson, John D; Ammann, Christof; Arain, M Altaf; De Araujo, Alessandro C; Aubinet, Marc; Aurela, Mika; Barcza, Zoltan; Barr, Alan; Berbigier, Paul; Beringer, Jason; Bernhofer, Christian


    Understanding the relationships between climate and carbon exchange by terrestrial ecosystems is critical to predict future levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide because of the potential accelerating effects of positive climate-carbon cycle feedbacks. However, directly observed relationships between climate and terrestrial CO 2 exchange with the atmosphere across biomes and continents are lacking. Here we present data describing the relationships between net ecosystem exchange of carbon (NEE) and climate factors as measured using the eddy covariance method at 125 unique sites in various ecosystems over six continents with a total of 559 site-years. We find that NEE observed at eddy covariance sites is (1) a strong function of mean annual temperature at mid- and high-latitudes, (2) a strong function of dryness at mid- and low-latitudes, and (3) a function of both temperature and dryness around the mid-latitudinal belt (45 deg. N). The sensitivity of NEE to mean annual temperature breaks down at ∼ 16 deg. C (a threshold value of mean annual temperature), above which no further increase of CO 2 uptake with temperature was observed and dryness influence overrules temperature influence.

  2. Climate control of terrestrial carbon exchange across biomes and continents

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yi Chuixiang; Wolbeck, John; Xu Xiyan [School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Queens College, City University of New York, NY 11367 (United States); Ricciuto, Daniel [Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831 (United States); Li Runze [Department of Statistics, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802 (United States); Nilsson, Mats [Department of Forest Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SE-901 83 Umeaa (Sweden); Aires, Luis [CESAM and Department of Environmental Engineering, School of Technology and Management, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Portugal); Albertson, John D [Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University, Durham, NC 22708-0287 (United States); Ammann, Christof [Federal Research Station Agroscope Reckenholz-Taenikon, Reckenholzstrasse 191, 8046 Zuerich (Switzerland); Arain, M Altaf [School of Geography and Earth Sciences, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, L8S 4K1 (Canada); De Araujo, Alessandro C [Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia, Programa LBA, Campus-II, Manaus-Amazonas 69060 (Brazil); Aubinet, Marc [University of Liege, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Unit of Biosystem Physics, 2 Passage des Deportes, 5030 Gembloux (Belgium); Aurela, Mika [Finnish Meteorological Institute, Climate Change Research, FI-00101 Helsinki (Finland); Barcza, Zoltan [Department of Meteorology, Eoetvoes Lorand University, H-1117 Budapest, Pazmany setany 1/A (Hungary); Barr, Alan [Climate Research Division, Environment Canada, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 3H5 (Canada); Berbigier, Paul [INRA, UR1263 EPHYSE, Villenave d' Ornon F-33883 (France); Beringer, Jason [School of Geography and Environmental Science, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria 3800 (Australia); Bernhofer, Christian [Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology, Dresden University of Technology, Pienner Strasse 23, D-01737, Tharandt (Germany)


    Understanding the relationships between climate and carbon exchange by terrestrial ecosystems is critical to predict future levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide because of the potential accelerating effects of positive climate-carbon cycle feedbacks. However, directly observed relationships between climate and terrestrial CO{sub 2} exchange with the atmosphere across biomes and continents are lacking. Here we present data describing the relationships between net ecosystem exchange of carbon (NEE) and climate factors as measured using the eddy covariance method at 125 unique sites in various ecosystems over six continents with a total of 559 site-years. We find that NEE observed at eddy covariance sites is (1) a strong function of mean annual temperature at mid- and high-latitudes, (2) a strong function of dryness at mid- and low-latitudes, and (3) a function of both temperature and dryness around the mid-latitudinal belt (45 deg. N). The sensitivity of NEE to mean annual temperature breaks down at {approx} 16 deg. C (a threshold value of mean annual temperature), above which no further increase of CO{sub 2} uptake with temperature was observed and dryness influence overrules temperature influence.

  3. Gestion des risques

    CERN Document Server

    Louisot, Jean-Paul


    Depuis le début du lie siècle, la gestion des risques connaît une véritable révolution culturelle. Jusqu'alors fonction technique, centrée autour de l'achat de couverture d'assurances, elle est devenue une discipline managériale et transversale : une valise d'instruments que chaque manager doit connaître et appliquer quels que soient son domaine de compétence et ses missions au sein de l'organisation. En effet, la gestion des risques est une culture qui doit être assimilée par chacun des acteurs. C'est précisément l'ambition des 101 questions rassemblées dans cet ouvrage : apporter à chaque manager d'entreprise, de collectivité, d'établissement de santé..., des réponses claires au " pourquoi " et au " comment " : Comment identifier les risques ? Comment analyser les risques ? Quels sont les objectifs de la gestion des risques ? Une carte des risques pour quoi faire ? Pourquoi faut-il financer les risques ? Les entreprises ont-elles des responsabilités pénales ? En quoi consiste la gestion...

  4. Notre Continent, Notre Avenir: Perspectives africaines sur l ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Bien que les nouvelles théories de la croissance nous rappellent les nombreux déterminants de la croissance économique autres que le capital physique, ...... La Banque mondiale joue un rôle de premier plan dans la définition des politiques d'éducation en Afrique, non seulement en apportant le financement direct et en ...

  5. La gouvernance des risques naturels et la problematique des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Depuis quelques années, la gouvernance des risques naturels dus aux inondations remet en cause les processus de mise en oeuvre des politiques urbaines et la qualité de la structure des aménagements dans les grandes villes du Golfe de Guinée. La perception de la gouvernance et l'application des politiques de ...

  6. La pérennité des conflits en Afrique du Sud et Australe


    Chapleau, Philippe


    Alors que beaucoup d'observateurs envisageaient une pacification des conflits d'Afrique Australe et une normalisation de la situation en République Sud-Africaine où les différentes parties étaient parvenues à dialoguer, l'analyse des conséquences de la politique de De Klerk montre que l'instabilité reste chronique dans le sous-continent et que l'on assiste en Afrique du Sud même à l'émergence d'une conflictualité nouvelle qui s'adjoint aux formes plus anciennes de conflit. Ces dernières se so...

  7. Applications de ligands diphosphines fonctionnelles et de zwitterions quinonoïdes à la chimie de coordination et à la fonctionalisation de surfaces


    Ghisolfi , Alessio


    The aim of this thesis was to develop new families of polyfunctional ligands to study their coordination chemistry towards transition metals and, depending on the products formed, to investigate their physical (e.g. magnetic) and / or catalytic properties. The evaluation of their potential for the formation of new materials as well as for the functionalization of metal surfaces was also part of the objective of this thesis. Therefore, each ligand has been functionalized with groups suitable f...

  8. Domestication de Vitex doniana Sweet. (Verbenaceae: influence du type de substrat, de la stimulation hormonale, de la surface foliaire et de la position du nœud sur l’enracinement des boutures uninodales.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mapongmetsem Pierre Marie


    Full Text Available  Résumé: La zone des hautes savanes guinéennes du Cameroun regorge de nombreux produits forestiers non ligneux de haute valeur ajoutée au rang desquels Vitex doniana Sweet. est une essence fruitière très valorisés par les populations locales. Malgré son importance dans le milieu paysan, elle vit encore à l’état sauvage et rares sont les travaux scientifiques qui se sont intéressés à sa domestication et sa culture. Afin de contribuer à sa domestication, une série de trois essais en pépinière ont été conduits pour évaluer l’effet du substrat (mélange terre noire/Sciure, terre noire/sable et sable sciure, de l’auxine (Contrôles, les boutures traitées à l’AIB, de la surface foliaire(0, 183, 214, 234 et 642 cm2 et de la position du nœud (N1,N2, N3, N4 et N5 sur l’enracinement des boutures juvéniles de V. doniana. Les résultats montrent que les substrats terre noire/sable et terre noire/sciure sont les plus performants pour l’enracinement à la sixième (0,0204<0,05, septième (0,0066<0,01 et huitième semaines (0,0248<0,05. La surface foliaire ainsi que la position du nœud influencent significativement (0,000 < 0,001 l’aptitude d’enracinement des boutures. L’enracinement le plus élevé (65,57% est enregistré chez les boutures ayant une surface foliaire égale à 234 cm2. S’agissant des boutures prélevées aux positions 2 et 3, le taux d’enracinement est de 68,31 % et 61,32% respectivement. Le plus important nombre de racines (5 par bouture est obtenu avec la même surface foliaire et du nœud de la position 2 (7 racines tandis que la plus longue racine est enregistrée chez les boutures ayant 182 cm2 (5,7cm et à la position 2 (4,58 cm. Ces résultats suggèrent qu’il est possible de développer les clones génétiquement supérieurs de Vitex doniana pour une utilisation en agroforesterie comme source potentiel de produits forestiers non ligneux. Mots clés: Domestication, Fruitier local

  9. Les femmes prennent part à la lutte contre les maladies des bovins

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    au Kenya. Quant aux pertes de production et aux dépenses effectuées pour lutter contre la maladie sur ce continent, elles sont estimées à 61,4 millions USD par année (Tambi et coll., 2006). À l'heure actuelle, la lutte contre la PPCB se fait principalement par la vaccination, quoique celle-ci ne soit adoptée que par 20 % des ...

  10. Observation directe de la croissance d'hydrosilicate de calcium sur des surfaces d'alité et de silice par microscopie à force atomique (United States)

    Gauffinet, Sandrine; Finot, Éric; Lesniewska, Eric; Nonat, André


    Direct observation of the growth of calcium silicate hydrates, the tricalcium silicate hydration products, at the solid-solution interface were performed by atomic force microscopy. The covering of the surface of alite or silica by a three-dimensional oriented aggregation of nano particles of calcium silicate hydrate is always observed whatever the sample. All observations and quantifications made on calcium silicate growth at the submicronic level are in agreement with the data deduced from the study of the system evolution at the macroscopic level.

  11. Photonique des Morphos

    CERN Document Server

    Berthier, Serge


    La photonique est déjà présente dans notre vie quotidienne, et on attend maintenant que la manipulation des photons permette aussi le traitement logique des informations. Cependant, l’élément de base qui permet cette manipulation de la lumière, le cristal photonique, est d’une réalisation complexe et mal contrôlée. Dans la course à la maîtrise de la lumière, les structures photoniques naturelles ont beaucoup à nous apprendre. C’est ce que nous montre Serge Berthier qui étudie dans ce livre la structure des écailles des Morphos. Tenant compte de l’essor récent des approches biomimétiques, il présente de manière détaillée plus de dix-huit techniques expérimentales utilisées pour ses analyses, ainsi que les diverses approches théoriques développées pour la modélisation de structures multi-échelles complexes. Première étude quasi-exhaustive des structures fines d’un genre et des propriétés optiques ainsi que colorimétriques générées, ce livre fournit aux entomologiste...

  12. Droit des organisations internationales

    CERN Document Server

    Sorel, Jean-Marc; Ndior, Valère


    Cet ouvrage collectif offre aux enseignants et chercheurs en droit international, aux praticiens et aux étudiants, une analyse actualisée du droit des organisations internationales. Il dresse en cinq parties un tableau, illustré par des exemples variés, des problématiques que soulève le phénomène polymorphe d institutionnalisation de la société internationale. La première partie est consacrée au phénomène des « organisations internationales », sous l angle à la fois de l institutionnalisation progressive des relations internationales et de la difficulté à cerner une catégorie unifiée. La deuxième partie rend compte de la création, de la disparition et des mutations des organisations internationales, ici envisagées comme systèmes institutionnels et ordres juridiques dérivés. La troisième partie analyse l autonomie que l acquisition de la personnalité juridique et de privilèges et immunités, un organe administratif intégré, un personnel ou un budget propres confèrent aux organi...

  13. Social Work in a Developing Continent: The Case of Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christopher Chitereka


    Full Text Available Social work is a professional approach to ameliorating social problems. It is generally understood as a helping profession that utilizes professionally qualified personnel who use its knowledge base to help people tackle their social problems (Mupedziswa, 2005. Nevertheless, in developing countries, social work is a relatively young profession which was influenced by colonialism in its formation. The type of social work practiced in these countries largely mirrors the one that is being practiced in Britain, France and Portugal among others. Utilizing the continent of Africa as a case study, this article argues that social work practice in Africa tends to be curative or remedial in nature and is not adequately addressing people’s problems. It therefore proposes a paradigm shift from remedial to a social development paradigm if it is to make an impact in the 21st century.

  14. [Chiroptera and zoonosis: an emerging problem on all five continents]. (United States)

    Hance, P; Garnotel, E; Morillon, M


    Zoonosis is the cause of the vast majority of emerging diseases. Bats that occupy the second place in the mammal class play an important role. Whether they belong to the microchiroptera suborder or to the megachiroptera suborder, bats on all five continents have been implicated in transmission of numerous pathogens including not only viruses such as Lyssavirus (e.g. rabies), Hepanivirus (e.g. Hendra and Nipah virus) and recently coronavirus (e.g. SARS-like coronavirus and Ebola virus) but also fungus such as histoplasmosis. By modifying environmental conditions and encroaching on their biotope, human intervention has probably contributed to the introduction of chiropteras into an epidemiologic chain in which they previously had no place, thus promoting the emergence of new pathogens.

  15. Electricity in Africa or the continent of paradoxes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Heuraux, Christine


    This article first proposes an overview of the present situation of the electricity sector in Africa: the continent is an energy giant because of all the resources it possesses, but an electricity dwarf regarding its present and actual capacities. The author outlines the differences between potential and actual productions, gives an overview of the current status of supply and of production capacities. She comments the status of electricity demand, electricity consumption and electricity markets in the different parts of Africa (data of electricity consumption, of global, urban and rural electrification in Northern Africa, Western Africa, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa with or without South Africa), and issues related to costs and tariffs. She proposes some explanations for the observed discrepancies between African regions and countries: history, too small markets supported by too fragile economies, political and economic failures. Then, she discusses how to favour a durable development of the African electricity sector

  16. Radon at the Mauna Loa Observatory: transport from distant continents

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Whittlestone, S.; Robinson, E.; Ryan, S.


    Continuous measurements of radon have been made at an altitude of 3400m at the Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii. Concentrations ranged from about 20 to more than 700mBq m -3 . These were similar to values at remote Macquarie I., some 2000 km south of Australia in the Southern Ocean. At Mauna Loa, the radon concentrations could usually be separated into free tropospheric and island influenced categories on the basis of local meteorological observations. On one occasion a long range transport event from Asia brought relatively high radon concentrations to Mauna Loa and persisted for several days. The Asian origin of this event was supported by wind trajectories. This measurement program demonstrates the value of radon data in evaluating air transport models and the influence of transport from distant continents on baseline atmospheric measurements. (author)

  17. Plants of the American continent with antimalarial activity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ingrid R. Mariath

    Full Text Available Malaria is a human parasitic disease caused by protozoa species of the Plasmodium genus. This disease has affected populations of the tropical and subtropical regions. About 500 million new cases occur annually on the world and therefore it is considered an emerging disease of important public health problem. In this context, the natural products as vegetables species have their bioactive molecules as targets for pharmacological, toxicological and phytochemical studies towards the development of more effective medicines for the treatment of many diseases. So this work intends to aid the researchers in the study of natural products to the treatment of malaria. In this review, 476 plants of the American continent were related for the antimalarial activity and of these vegetables species 198 were active and 278 inactive for some type of Plasmodium when they were evaluated through of in vitro or in vivo bioassays models.

  18. Clustered and transient earthquake sequences in mid-continents (United States)

    Liu, M.; Stein, S. A.; Wang, H.; Luo, G.


    Earthquakes result from sudden release of strain energy on faults. On plate boundary faults, strain energy is constantly accumulating from steady and relatively rapid relative plate motion, so large earthquakes continue to occur so long as motion continues on the boundary. In contrast, such steady accumulation of stain energy does not occur on faults in mid-continents, because the far-field tectonic loading is not steadily distributed between faults, and because stress perturbations from complex fault interactions and other stress triggers can be significant relative to the slow tectonic stressing. Consequently, mid-continental earthquakes are often temporally clustered and transient, and spatially migrating. This behavior is well illustrated by large earthquakes in North China in the past two millennia, during which no single large earthquakes repeated on the same fault segments, but moment release between large fault systems was complementary. Slow tectonic loading in mid-continents also causes long aftershock sequences. We show that the recent small earthquakes in the Tangshan region of North China are aftershocks of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake (M 7.5), rather than indicators of a new phase of seismic activity in North China, as many fear. Understanding the transient behavior of mid-continental earthquakes has important implications for assessing earthquake hazards. The sequence of large earthquakes in the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) in central US, which includes a cluster of M~7 events in 1811-1812 and perhaps a few similar ones in the past millennium, is likely a transient process, releasing previously accumulated elastic strain on recently activated faults. If so, this earthquake sequence will eventually end. Using simple analysis and numerical modeling, we show that the large NMSZ earthquakes may be ending now or in the near future.

  19. Terminologie des indices boursiers


    Van der Yeught, Michel


    Les indices boursiers sont omniprésents en anglais financier. Les plus importants sont universellement familiers mais leur nature et leur fonctionnement restent largement méconnus. Des distinctions (average/index, narrow index/broad index, price-weighted/market value-weighted, all share/ composite/ subindex) permettront à l’angliciste de spécialité d’adapter à chaque indice la terminologie française ou anglaise qui lui correspond. Des remarques sur des erreurs courantes, un mini-glossaire, un...

  20. Sorption of pollutants on crystal surfaces studied by second-harmonic generation spectroscopy; Sorption de polluants sur des surfaces cristallines etudiee par spectroscopie de generation de seconde harmonique (GSH)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cremel, S.; Dossot, M.; Grausem, J.; Ehrhardt, J.J. [Universite Henri Poincare, UMR CNRS 7564, 54 - Villers les Nancy (France)


    Sorption of pollutants on crystalline surfaces studied by second harmonic generation spectroscopy (SHG) This article enlightens a non linear spectroscopy that reveals to be useful to study the sorption of molecules of pollutants in solution onto crystalline surfaces. The capabilities of second harmonic generation (SHG) spectroscopy are illustrated by two experimental examples: the monitoring of a kinetics of adsorption of dodecane-thiol on polycrystalline gold, and the change of surface symmetry of a rutile TiO{sub 2} (110) face after absorption of uranyl cations UO{sub 2}{sup 2+}. (authors)

  1. Les Surfaces des corps ou la promesse de l'empreinte dans Pèlerinage d'un artiste amoureux, de Abdelkébir Khatibi


    Gendre , Annick


    17 pages ; bibliographie incluse ; texte de travail, en date du 14 mars 2010, pour la conférence donnée à Kenitra le 16 mars 2010, en tant que document complémentaire ; en attente de publication; Stucs, images, apparences, mirages, pages et peau : à la fois malléables et évanescentes, pourtant ni malléables, ni évanescentes, ces surfaces explorées prennent en otage l'artiste amoureux de Abdelkébir Khatibi. En effet, elles semblent initier la khôra qui fonde une anatomie du désir singulière. D...

  2. L'amelioration potentielle des sciages d'epinette noire en tenant compte des noeuds (United States)

    Lemieux, Hugo

    Cette recherche a pour but de determiner l'amelioration potentielle de la resistance mecanique des sciages d'epinette noire. Un echantillon de billes a ete mesure afin de caracteriser les noeuds en surface. Un sous-echantillon a ete disseque afin de caracteriser les noeuds. Ces mesures ont servi dans un modele de debitage de billes et de classement des planches qui prend en compte les noeuds. Des simulations de sciage et de classement ont ete effectuees sur toutes les billes en faisant des rotations de celles-ci. Les simulations ont determine les positions qui donnent un meilleur et un pire rendement au niveau du classement. La moitie des billes a ensuite ete sciee par rapport a une meilleure position et l'autre moitie par rapport a la pire solution. Les sciages ont ete classes visuellement par rapport aux noeuds seulement et par rapport a tous les defauts. Ils ont ensuite ete testees a destruction. L'analyse a determine que les noeuds n'ont pas d'effet sur le classement visuel des sciages mais qu'ils ont eu un effet marque sur la resistance mecanique.

  3. Continent at a Crossroads: Prosperity, Justice, and Security in South America

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Scott, Frances K


    This Special Bibliography Series, Number 107, "Continent at the Crossroads: Prosperity, Justice, and Security in South America," was developed by Social Sciences Bibliographer and Reference Librarian Frances K...

  4. Contribution à l'étude des propriétés physico-chimiques des surfaces modifiées par traitement laser : application à l'amélioration de la résistance à la corrosion localisée des aciers inoxydables


    Pacquentin, Wilfried


    Metallic materials are more and more used in severe conditions with particularly strong request for improving their behavior in aggressive environment and especially over long periods. The objective of this PhD work is to estimate the potentiality of a laser surface melting treatment on the improvement of the stainless steel 304L corrosion resistance, surface treatments by laser can be revisited on the basis of a recent change in the laser technology. In the frame of this work, a nano-pulsed ...

  5. Anisotropic tomography of the Indian continent and the geodynamic role of its keel (United States)

    Montagner, J. P.; Maurya, S.; Sibrant, A.; Davaille, A.; Stutzmann, E.; Kumar, R.; Jean, B.


    The Indian moved at an exceptional high rate (18-20cm/year) after the birth of La Réunion hotspot, ≈65Ma ago and the Deccan volcanic province before the collision with the Asian continent. Other older plumes Marion, Kerguelen located in the Indian ocean are also associated with very fast plate motion. We present a high-resolution 3D anisotropic model of the Indian plate region down to 300 km depth, obtained by inverting a new massive database of surface-wave observations. The Rayleigh and Love wave dispersion measurements along 14,000 paths are made in a broad frequency range (16-250s). Our estimates of the depth to the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary (LAB) derived from seismic velocity Vsv variations at depth reveal large variations (120-250 km) beneath the different cratonic blocks. A low velocity layer associated with the Mid-lithospheric discontinuity is present when the root of the lithosphere is deep. This extensive anisotropic tomographic investigation of the Indian continent displays an almost north-south keel, 600km long and 300km wide, down to 250km depth. The keel is characterized by fast velocities, smaller than average radial and azimuthal anisotropies. The distribution of azimuthal anisotropy defines the flow lines around the keel, and, at the LAB, coincides with the APM direction of the Indian plate. The fast axis azimuths at 250 km depth are also in accordance with the results from SK(K)S splitting. Such a keel could probably perturb plume-induced flow in the asthenosphere. To determine the influence of such a keel on the interaction of India with several mantle plumes (Marion, Crozet, Kerguelen, La Réunion), we used laboratory experiments. Some preliminary results will be presented on the comparison between the laboratory flowlines and the direction of seismic anisotropy.

  6. Dental Encounter System (DES) (United States)

    Department of Veterans Affairs — Dental Encounter System (DES) is an automated health care application designed to capture critical data about the operations of VA Dental Services. Information on...

  7. Die Wahrheit des Holocaust

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Stolleis


    Full Text Available Rezensiertes Werk: Raul Hilberg, Die Quellen des Holocaust. Entschlüsseln und Interpretieren. Deutsch von Udo Rennert, Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer 2002, 256 S., ISBN 3-10-033626-7

  8. Etude des phenomenes de penetration des especes chimiques dans les revetements cathodiques des cuves d'electrolyse de l'aluminium (United States)

    Brisson, Pierre-Yves

    Cette these decrit l'etude effectuee sur les phenomenes d'insertion du sodium et de penetration du bain electrolytique dans les revetements cathodiques des cuves d'electrolyse de l'aluminium. L'etude fut effectuee a l'aide d'un montage permettant d'effectuer l'electrolyse en laboratoire. Trois types de revetement cathodiques furent etudies : des blocs semi-graphitique, des blocs graphitiques et des blocs graphitises. L'insertion du sodium dans les trois differents types de blocs fut etudiee a l'aide de la spectrometrie des photoelectrons X (XPS). L'analyse a permis de mettre en evidence deux formes de sodium dans l'anthracite et la phase liante des materiaux semi-graphitiques et graphitiques, indiquant qu'une fraction du sodium se retrouve sous forme adsorbee dans les micropores des materiaux alors que l'autre fraction est inseree dans la structure cristalline du carbone. Dans les phases graphitiques (materiaux graphitises et graphitiques), seuls les micropores sont occupes par le sodium Ce resultat explique la tendance observee selon laquelle l'ajout de graphite dans les blocs permet d'abaisser le gonflement sodique. Les mecanismes de penetration du bain dans le reseau poreux des materiaux furent etudies en microscopie electronique et en diffraction des rayons X sur des echantillons apres differents temps d'electrolyses et en variant l'atmosphere (soit sous argon ou sous azote). Ces analyses ont permis d'identifier le mecanisme conduisant a la mouillabilite du bain sur le carbone en fonction de l'atmosphere entourant l'electrolyse. Ainsi, sous azote, la formation de NaCN dans les pores des materiaux par reactions entre le sodium et l'azote permet une mouillabilite accrue du bain alors qu'en absence d'azote (sous argon), le carbure d'aluminium, formes a la surface des pores, joue un role similaire. Dans ce dernier cas, la penetration du bain est moins rapide etant donnee la necessite de toujours amener des especes contenant de l'aluminium en tete du front de

  9. Study of the Pierre Auger Observatory ground detectors: tests, simulation and calibration; Etude des detecteurs de surface de l'observatoire Pierre Auger: tests, simulation et etalonnage

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Creusot, A


    The Pierre Auger Observatory is intended to the ultra high energy cosmic rays study. This study is realized through the particles showers coming from the interaction between the cosmic rays and the atmosphere. The ground detection of these showers requires a comprehensive understanding of the detectors. Several test tanks have been elaborated for this purpose, especially the Orsay one. The first chapter is dedicated to the presentation of the cosmic rays and of the Pierre Auger Observatory. The second one describes the detectors used for the Observatory surface array. The Orsay test tank is then presented and detailed. We study the results we have got with the Orsay test tank in the fourth chapter and compare these results with those of the Observatory detectors in the fifth chapter. The sixth chapter is dedicated to the validation of the results set through the simulation (GEANT4 software). Finally, the first detected particles showers are presented in the seventh chapter. The data acquisition has begun this year. The construction will be finished by end of 2005. From this moment, The Pierre Auger Observatory will allow us to contribute to solving the cosmic rays puzzle. (author)

  10. Direction des Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Key words: cathode sputtering magnetron; thin films; nanostructure; corrosion; alloys Fe-Si. 1. INTRODUCTION. Les alliages de fer–Silicium (FexSiy) sont des matériaux importants, largement répandus dans des circuits électroniques et magnétiques, et jouissent d‟un excellent rapport qualité/prix. Ce succès est lie aux.

  11. typologie des parcs agroforestiers

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    AU SENEGAL : TYPOLOGIE DES PARCS AGROFORESTIERS. I. COLY1, L. E. AKPO1, D. SARR1, R. MALOU2, H. DACOSTA3 et F. DIOME4. 1Faculté des Sciences et ... Mots clés : Agro-écologie, parcs agro forestiers, typologie, Bas fonds de la Néma, Sénégal. .... afin d'en distinguer les sous unités, et d'en établir.

  12. Direction des Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    1 mai 2011 ... microscopie électronique à balayage (MEB) et la diffraction des rayons X (DRX). Nous avons effectué des essais d‟oxydation à haute température sur trois alliages binaires FeAl à 1 000 oC, dans une atmosphère d'air de laboratoire et à pression atmosphérique. Les essais d‟oxydation menés à 1000 °C ...

  13. Direction des Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    déclin avec le développement de la chimie de synthèse, toutefois les effets indésirables des médicaments ont ravivé l‟intérêt des scientifiques pour les plantes médicinales. C‟est ainsi que de nouvelles recherches ont vu le jour, notamment de l‟espoir de traiter certaines maladies infectieuses par les huiles essentielles.

  14. Direction des Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    profondes aux fosses abyssales représentant ainsi un important réservoir de biodiversité. .... des animaux menacés de l‟IUCN (Union. Internationale pour la Conservation de la. Nature) comporte plus de 100 ..... lacunes de notre compréhension des capacités de réponses et d‟adaptation de la biodiversité. Jackson et al.

  15. La revolution des savants

    CERN Document Server

    Chavanne, A


    Premiere cassette : - 1666 : impact de la creation de l'Academie des Sciences par Colbert, trente ans apres le proces de Galile, et au moment des disparitions de Pascal, Descartes et Fermat. Elle dirigee par le hollandais Huyggens jusqu'a sa fuite de France au moment de la revocation de l'Edit de Nantes. - 1750 : l'Encyclopedie (ou "Dictionnaire raisonne des Sciences, des Arts et des Metiers") de Diderot et d'Alembert, soutenus par Malherbes, Buffon, Condorcet et Rousseau. - 1789 : Revolution francaise. - 8 aout 1793 : l'Assemblee, par une declaration de Marat, dissout l'Academie des Sciences. Celle-ci continue cependant ses travaux pour les poids et mesures jusqu'en 1795. - la Terreur : la condamnation a mort, pas au nom d'une "Revolution qui n'a pas besoin de savants" mais pour d'autres raisons, de trois grands hommes de science : Lavoisier, Bailly et Condorcet. - 1793-1794 : Au printemps 93, le Comite de Salut Publique s'inquiete du demi-million de soldats etrangers de toutes les pays frontaliers qui essai...

  16. Identification des facteurs environnementaux responsables de la presence de Campylobacter Jejuni dans les eaux de surface de l'Estrie (Quebec) (United States)

    Bonfils, Djoan

    Background: The sources and the epidemiology of Campylobacter jejuni (CJ) in environmental water are not well understood. We developed a spatial analysis methodology able to identify the main environmental factors predicting the presence and quantity of Campylobacter in river water. Methods: For two years, water samples were collected weekly and scanned for CJ and fecal coliforms at 32 sampling sites of Estrie hydrographic network, Québec. The quantity of CJ in water was estimated using the Most Probable Number method (MPN). The 32 sampling sites were linked to their catchment area; 10 of them were excluded from the analysis, because their hydrographic basin was not independent from the other sites. For each site, the following environmental variables were included: Water flow, slope, land-cover, land-use including type of farming, animal density, total precipitation in the 3 days prior to water sampling. A stepwise multivariate regression was realized across the different analysis windows to define the size of the area upstream from the sampling sites (from 1.5 to 24 km) which was the most closely associated with the mean quantity of CJ, and which environmental factors were associated with a higher mean quantity of CJ in water. Results: Preliminary results show that an area defined by a radius of 14 km upstream of the sample site was the most contributing zone for the bacteria (r2=0.38, p=0.002). Within this 14 km area, the only significant variable associated with a higher mean quantity of CJ was bovine density (p=0.002). When analyzing the data within a 120 m buffer zone across 14 km upstream of the sampling sites (r2=0.40, p=0.001), the only significant variable associated with a higher mean quantity of CJ was the percentage of agricultural surface (p=0.001). Conclusions: These results suggest a strong implication of bovine density in conjunction with crops and associated manure spreading on the quantity of CJ in environmental water. Keywords: Campylobacter

  17. Analyse pédologique de la région des Niayes au Sénégal | Ndoye ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    L'érosion éolienne des dunes combinée au ruissellement apportent régulièrement des particules fines (argile et limons) dans les points bas des dépressions inter dunaires. Ainsi les sols des Niayes présentent un horizon de surface de texture sablo-limoneux avec une perméabilité variable de 20 à 150 cm/h. Les résultats ...

  18. Mesoscale modeling of smoke transport over the South Asian maritime continent: vertical distributions and topographic effect (United States)

    Ge, C.; Wang, J.; Yang, Z.; Hyer, E. J.; Reid, J. S.; Chew, B.; Mahamod, M.


    The online-coupled Weather Research and Forecasting model with Chemistry (WRF-Chem) is used in conjunction with the FLAMBE MODIS-based biomass burning emissions to simulate the transport of smoke particles over the southeast Asian Maritime Continent (MC, 10°S - 10°N, 90°E-150°E) during September - October 2006 when the moderate El Nino event caused the largest region biomass burning outbreak since 1998. The modeled smoke transport pathway is found to be consistent with the MODIS true color images. Quantitatively, the modeled smoke particle mass can explain ~50% of temporal variability in 24-hour average observed PM10 at most ground stations, with linear correlation coefficients often larger than 0.7. Analysis of CALIOP data shows that smoke aerosols are primarily located within 3.5 km above the surface, and we found that smoke injection height in the model should be at ~800 m above surface to best match CALIOP observations downwind, instead of 2 km as used in the past literature. Comparison of CALIOP data in October 2006 with that in other years (2007-2010) reveals that the peak of aerosol extinction always occurs at ~1 km above surface, but smoke events in 2006 doubled the aerosol extinction from the surface to 3.5 km. Numerical experiments further show that the Tama Abu topography in Malaysia Peninsula has a significant impact on smoke transport and the surface in the vicinity. A conceptual model, based upon our analysis of two-month WRFchem simulation and satellite data, is proposed to explain the meteorological causes for smoke layers above the clouds as seen in the CALIOP data.

  19. Mid-Continent Rift: Rift, LIP, or Both? (United States)

    Stein, C. A.; Stein, S. A.; Kley, J.; Hindle, D.; Keller, G. R., Jr.


    North America's Midcontinent Rift (MCR) is traditionally considered to have formed by midplate extension and volcanism ~1.1 Ga that ended due to compression from the Grenville orogeny, the ~1.3 - ~0.98 Ga assembly of Amazonia (Precambrian northeast South America), Laurentia (Precambrian North America), and other continents into the supercontinent of Rodinia. We find that a more plausible scenario is that it formed as part of the rifting of Amazonia from Laurentia and became inactive once seafloor spreading was established. The MCR has aspects both of a continental rift - a segmented linear depression filled with sedimentary and igneous rocks - and a large igneous province (LIP). Comparison of areas and volumes for a range of continental LIPS shows that the MCR volcanic rocks are significantly thicker than the others. The MCR flood basalts have steeper dips and thicker overlying sediments than other continental flood basalts, and were deposited in a subsiding basin after most extension ended, indicating that they are better viewed as post-rift than syn-rift rocks. Hence we view the MCR as a LIP deposited in crust weakened by rifting, and thus first a rift and then a LIP.

  20. Volcanic passive margins: another way to break up continents. (United States)

    Geoffroy, L; Burov, E B; Werner, P


    Two major types of passive margins are recognized, i.e. volcanic and non-volcanic, without proposing distinctive mechanisms for their formation. Volcanic passive margins are associated with the extrusion and intrusion of large volumes of magma, predominantly mafic, and represent distinctive features of Larges Igneous Provinces, in which regional fissural volcanism predates localized syn-magmatic break-up of the lithosphere. In contrast with non-volcanic margins, continentward-dipping detachment faults accommodate crustal necking at both conjugate volcanic margins. These faults root on a two-layer deformed ductile crust that appears to be partly of igneous nature. This lower crust is exhumed up to the bottom of the syn-extension extrusives at the outer parts of the margin. Our numerical modelling suggests that strengthening of deep continental crust during early magmatic stages provokes a divergent flow of the ductile lithosphere away from a central continental block, which becomes thinner with time due to the flow-induced mechanical erosion acting at its base. Crustal-scale faults dipping continentward are rooted over this flowing material, thus isolating micro-continents within the future oceanic domain. Pure-shear type deformation affects the bulk lithosphere at VPMs until continental breakup, and the geometry of the margin is closely related to the dynamics of an active and melting mantle.

  1. International Continence Society supported pelvic physiotherapy education guideline. (United States)

    Bakker, Els; Shelly, Beth; Esch, Fetske H; Frawley, Helena; McClurg, Doreen; Meyers, Peter


    To provide a guideline of desired knowledge, clinical skills and education levels in Pelvic Physiotherapy (PT). Physiotherapy (PT) involves "using knowledge and skills unique to physiotherapists" and, "is the service only provided by, or under the direction and supervision of a physiotherapist." 1 METHODS: The PT Committee, within the body of the International Continence Society (ICS), collected information regarding existing educational levels for pelvic floor PT. Through face to face and on on-line discussion consensus was reached which was summarized in three progressive educational levels based on knowledge and skills and brought together in a guideline. The guideline was submitted to all physiotherapists and the Educational Committee of the ICS, and after approval, submitted to the Executive Board of the ICS. The guideline lists, in a progressive way, knowledge areas and skills to be achieved by education. It is broad and allows for individual interpretation based on local situations regarding education and healthcare possibilities. It is intended to be dynamic and updated on a regular basis. The proposed Pelvic PT education guideline is a dynamic document that allows course creators to plan topics for continuing course work and to recognize educational level of a therapist in the field of Pelvic PT. This education guideline can be used to set minimum worldwide standards resulting in higher skill levels for local pelvic physiotherapists and thereby better patient care outcome. © 2018 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  2. Continent Idiopathic Vesicovaginal Fistula Coexisting with Moyamoya Disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    İbrahim Güven Kartal


    Full Text Available Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF is the abnormal anatomic communication between the female bladder and vagina. Usually presents itself as continuous urinary incontinence. There are many etiologic risk factors such as obstetric trauma, pelvic surgery, infections, congenital abnormalities, foreign materials, malignancy and pelvic radiation (1. Due to high education and sociocultural levels, the incidence seems to be low in the developed countries. On the other hand, in the developing countries, there is an obviously high incidence and prevalence. Considering the low level of medical informative feed-back mechanisms and poor obstetrics health care services, it seems very hard to keep VVF patient data that can be used for epidemiological research studies. In those areas, due to high maternal mortality and obstetric complications, the incidence of VVF is significantly increased (2. In this paper, we report a female patient with known moyamoya disease and a stable right ovarian cyst who was regularly followed up by the departments of neurology, gynecology and presented with radiological and cystoscopy findings of incidentally diagnosed asymptomatic continent VVF.

  3. Antegrade continence enemas in the management of intractable faecal incontinence. (United States)

    Kiely, E M; Ade-Ajayi, N; Wheeler, R


    The introduction of the Malone procedure has improved the outlook for children with severe faecal incontinence. Phosphate and saline enemas are administered through the exteriorized appendix in antegrade fashion to achieve evacuation and ensure cleanliness. The appendix functions as a non-refluxing catheterizable channel: If it is not available for use, a tubularized caecal flap is a safe alternative. We have constructed Malone stomas using the appendix in 20 patients and another seven patients have undergone the caecal flap modification. The mean age was 8.6 years. Eleven of the patients were boys and 16 (59%) were girls. Six children required dilatation or revision of their stomas for stenosis. One developed small bowel obstruction and another has stopped using the stoma. The results of the continence enemas were considered to be very good by the vast majority of patients and their carers. Our recent experience suggests that bisacodyl may be a valuable adjunct to the antegrade enemas of phosphate and saline. We believe that this procedure may be extended with benefit to adults with serious faecal incontinence in whom standard measures have failed. PMID:7769583

  4. Etude des comportements rheologiques des melanges de farine ble ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Etude des comportements rheologiques des melanges de farine ble/sorgho sans tanins issue de trois nouvelles varietes cultivees au Senegal et mise au point de pains a base de farines composees (ble/sorgho)

  5. Effets des biomasses vertes de Tithonia diversifolia et des engrais ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Effets des biomasses vertes de Tithonia diversifolia et des engrais minéraux sur la croissance, le développement et le rendement du manioc ( Manihot esculenta Crantz) en zone forestière du Cameroun.

  6. Family Planning in Five Continents: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania. December 1976 Update. (United States)

    International Planned Parenthood Federation, London (England).

    This document gives highlights of the family planning situation in many countries of the world. Its purpose is to provide a quick reference source for those who work in family planning. Population statistics are included for five continents and many countries. Data for the continents include population in 1976, projected population in 2000,…

  7. Variation in bowel and bladder continence across US spina bifida programs: A descriptive study. (United States)

    Freeman, Kurt A; Castillo, Heidi; Castillo, Jonathan; Liu, Tiebin; Schechter, Michael; Wiener, John S; Thibadeau, Judy; Ward, Elisabeth; Brei, Timothy


    Continence is low in individuals with spina bifida, but published prevalence varies markedly across studies. The objective of this study was to examine bladder and bowel continence among patients served by multidisciplinary clinics participating in the National Spina Bifida Patient Registry and to examine whether variation in prevalence exists across clinics. Data were obtained from patients 5 years and older from March 2009 to December 2012. Data were gathered at clinic visits using standardized definitions. Data from 3252 individuals were included. Only 40.8% of participants were continent of urine; 43% were continent of stool. Bladder and bowel continence differed by spina bifida type, with those with myelomeningocele having significantly lower reported prevalence of continence than those with other forms of spina bifida. Bladder and bowel continence varied across registry sites. Adjustment based on demographic and condition-specific variables did not make substantive differences in prevalence observed. Less than half of spina bifida patients served in multidisciplinary clinics report bladder or bowel continence. Variability in prevalence was observed across clinics. Further research is needed to examine if clinic-specific variables (e.g., types of providers, types of interventions used) account for the observed variation.

  8. À propos des occasionnalismes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dal Georgette


    Full Text Available Les occasionnalismes (nonce formations ou contextual formations dans la terminologie anglo-saxonne, qu’on définira provisoirement comme de “new complex word[s] created by a speaker/writer on the spur of the moment to cover some immediate need” (Bauer, 1983 : 45 ont, à notre connaissance, peu retenu l’attention des morphologues du domaine francophone. Pourtant, toutes les conditions sont désormais réunies pour que cet objet, invisible lorsqu’il s’agissait de décrire le système morphologique du français (ou d’autres langues à partir de ressources dictionnairiques, émerge en tant qu’observable dans une morphologie puisant ses données dans le réel langagier des locuteurs. Par définition en effet, on s’attend à ce qu’un occasionalisme soit absent des dictionnaires (nous verrons que, dans les faits, la situation est plus complexe que cela, et que ces contextual formations ne puissent pas être étudiées en dehors du contexte dans lequel elles ont été produites. À cet égard, la Toile et les produits qui en dérivent constituent des ressources de choix. C’est particulièrement vrai des forums, dans lesquels les internautes s’expriment librement, laissant libre cours à leur potentiel créatif (ou ce qu’ils pensent tel. Dans la présente communication, après avoir défini la notion d’occasionalisme, nous utiliserons un corpus constitué au fil d’autres recherches pour dégager des motifs récurrents propices à leur apparition, autrement dit pour établir une grammaire des occasionnalismes.

  9. Japan Tsunami Current Flows Observed by HF Radars on Two Continents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Toshiyuki Awaji


    Full Text Available Quantitative real-time observations of a tsunami have been limited to deep-water, pressure-sensor observations of changes in the sea surface elevation and observations of sea level fluctuations at the coast, which are essentially point measurements. Constrained by these data, models have been used for predictions and warning of the arrival of a tsunami, but to date no detailed verification of flow patterns nor area measurements have been possible. Here we present unique HF-radar area observations of the tsunami signal seen in current velocities as the wave train approaches the coast. Networks of coastal HF-radars are now routinely observing surface currents in many countries and we report clear results from five HF radar sites spanning a distance of 8,200 km on two continents following the magnitude 9.0 earthquake off Sendai, Japan, on 11 March 2011. We confirm the tsunami signal with three different methodologies and compare the currents observed with coastal sea level fluctuations at tide gauges. The distance offshore at which the tsunami can be detected, and hence the warning time provided, depends on the bathymetry: the wider the shallow continental shelf, the greater this time. Data from these and other radars around the Pacific rim can be used to further develop radar as an important tool to aid in tsunami observation and warning as well as post-processing comparisons between observation and model predictions.

  10. Experimental studies of ions and atoms interaction with insulating surface; Etude experimentale de l'interaction rasante d'atomes et d'ions sur des surfaces isolantes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Villette, J


    Grazing collisions (<3 deg.) of keV ions and atoms: H{sup +}, Ne{sup +}, Ne{sup 0}, Na{sup +} on LiF (001) single crystal, an ionic insulator, are investigated by a time of flight technique. The incident beam is chopped and the scattered particles are collected on a position sensitive detector providing differential cross section while the time of flight gives the energy loss. Deflection plates allow the charge state analysis. Secondary electrons are detected in coincidence allowing direct measurements of electron emission yield, angular and energetic distribution through time of flight measurements. The target electronic structure characterized by a large band gap, governs the collisional processes: charge exchange, electronic excitations and electron emission. In particular, these studies show that the population of local target excitations surface excitons is the major contribution to the kinetic energy transfer (stopping power). Auger neutralization of Ne{sup +} and He{sup +} ions reveals the population of quasi-molecular excitons, an exciton bound on two holes. Referenced in the literature as trion. A direct energy balance determines the binding energy associated with these excited states of the surface. Besides these electronic energy loss processes, two nuclear energy loss mechanisms are characterized. These processes imply momentum transfer to individual target atoms during close binary collisions or, if the projectile is charged, to collective mode of optical phonons induced by the projectile coulomb field. The effect of the temperature on the scattering profile, the contribution of topological surface defects to the energy loss profile and to skipping motion on the surface are analyzed in view of classical trajectory simulations. (author)

  11. Reseau des polygones de bord des indicateurs de performance d ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    La fonction maintenance hospitalière a des composantes spécifiques qui la rendent de plus en plus complexe et fastidieuse. La politique d'une maintenance biomédicale repose sur des piliers et des leviers propres à une meilleure exploitation des dispositifs médicaux dans un système de santé. Trois niveaux de leviers ...

  12. Impact des microcredits sur les conditions sociosanitaires des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Cependant, très peu d'étude se focalisent sur leurs impacts réels sur les conditions de vies des bénéficiaires de leurs services. C'est à ce propos que la présente recherche se donne comme objectif de contribuer à une meilleure connaissance des impacts des microcrédits - un des services offert par les IMF - sur les ...

  13. Promouvoir l'entrepreneuriat inclusif des jeunes et des femmes ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Le projet vise à analyser la contribution réelle et potentielle de l'entrepreneuriat inclusif au bien-être des jeunes et des femmes en Côte d'Ivoire, au Burkina Faso et au Kenya. Après un état des lieux de la pratique de l'entrepreneuriat inclusif dans chacun des pays ciblés, l'équipe de recherche étudiera son incidence sur ...

  14. Connaissances et perceptions locales de la dynamique des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    chlorhydrique) et pH eau, par la méthode électrométrique au pH mètre à électrode de verre (AFNOR, 1999) . Une analyse diachronique des surfaces gravillonnaires a été réalisée à partir de la classification supervisée des images de type Landsat sur trois dates différentes : images Landsat ETM+ pour les périodes 1987 et.

  15. Representations of OxyContin in North American Newspapers and Medical Journals

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emma Whelan


    Full Text Available Following the approval of OxyContin (Purdue Pharma, Canada for medical use, the media began to report the use of OxyContin as a street drug, representing the phenomenon as a social problem. Meanwhile, the pain medicine community has criticized the inaccurate and one-sided media coverage of the OxyContin problem. The authors of this study aimed to contribute to an understanding of both sides of this controversy by analyzing the coverage of OxyContin in newspapers and medical journals. The analyses revealed inconsistent messages about the drug from physicians in the news media and in medical journals, which has likely contributed to the drug’s perception as a social problem. The authors suggest ways to address the lack of medical consensus surrounding OxyContin. The results of this study may help resolve the concerns and conflicts surrounding this drug and other opioids.

  16. La fabrique des sciences des institutions aux pratiques

    CERN Document Server

    Benninghoff, Martin; Crettaz von Roten, Fabienne; Merz, Martina


    Aujourd'hui, les façons de produire, d'organiser, d'évaluer et d'utiliser les savoirs sont en profond débat. De plus en plus, l'Etat, la société civile et l'économie tentent d'influencer les activités des universités et des laboratoires de recherche. Ces développements mettent à l'épreuve tout à la fois les fondements des systèmes d'enseignement supérieur et de recherche, l'autonomie des institutions scientifiques, la définition des frontières des savoirs et l'acceptation des sciences. Dans des contextes suisses et européens, cet ouvrage s'intéresse aux manières dont les sciences et les technologies sont fabriquées, en analysant leurs institutions et les pratiques. A partir d'une approche relationnelle, les sciences et les technologies sont conçues comme des phénomènes profondément sociaux, culturels et politiques. Une telle démarche déstabilise les visions parfois idéalisées et stéréotypées de la construction des savoirs. Des études de cas détaillées décrivent des phénomè...

  17. Effets des extraits vegetaux sur la dynamique de populations des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    La présente étude se propose de trouver une alternative de l'utilisation des pesticides chimiques en testant l'effet insecticide des extraits aqueux des feuilles de Hyptis suaveolens, graines de Ricinus communis et de Azadirachta indica contre les ravageurs du niébé en conditions de champ en utilisant le cyperméthrine ...

  18. Prédiction des structures convectives terrestres


    Bello , Léa


    Since its formation, the Earth is slowly cooling. The heat produced by the core and the radioactive decay in the mantle is evacuated toward the surface by convection. The evolving convective structures thereby created control a diversity of surface phenomena such as vertical motion of continents or sea level variation. The study presented here attempts to determine which convective structures can be predicted, to what extent and over what timescale. Because of the chaotic nature of convection...

  19. Applying of the array transducers' technology for surface acoustic waves materials characterization in the transient regime; Application de la technologie multi-elements a la caracterisation des materiaux par ondes acoustiques de surface en regime impulsionnel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Frenet, D


    In this document we present a theoretical and experimental study which has been led to design a surface acoustic wave device for local characterisation (relatively to the wavelength) of isotropic or anisotropic materials. The device is based on a phased-array transducer of conical shape we have specifically designed for this purpose. It operates in the impulsive mode, in the frequency range of 1-5 MHz. In order to deduce mechanical properties of the material, it is possible to measure the surface wave characteristics (velocity, attenuation,...). Different methods for measuring the wave velocity have been developed taking advantage of from the phased-array technology. The originality of theses methods relies on the fact that the measures are performed without moving the transducer. Consequently, the device requires no additional mechanical system and it is quite compact. In addition, this shortens the characterisation process duration comparatively to the usually available methods (e. g. the V(z) technique). In the theoretical section of this study, a versatile model allowing to simulate in the time harmonic regime as well as in the transient regime, the transmitted field, the field reflected on isotropic or anisotropic planar samples and the output voltage for transducers of arbitrary shapes has been developed. The model has been applied to the phased-array conical transducer as well as to more classical transducers such as planar (rectangular) or focusing (spherically or cylindrically shaped) transducers. It predicts not only the geometrical contributions of the reflected field and signal but also the leaky contributions related to the surface acoustic waves. (author)

  20. Developpement des betons semi autoplacants a rheologie adaptee pour des infrastructures (United States)

    Sotomayor Cruz, Cristian Daniel

    BSAP-I optimisés à travers une caractérisation complète des propriétés mécaniques et de la durabilité a été réalisée. A la suite de cette étude, les résultats obtenus nous permettent de conclure que : (1) L'utilisation d'un BSAP-I avec un gros granulat de 5 - 14 mm, des rapports E/L = 0,37 et S/G = 0,52 et une teneur en air de 6 à 9% a été possible en conférant un équilibre optimal fluidité / stabilité à l'état frais, ainsi qu'un niveau de thixotropie adéquate au chantier permettant d'optimiser la conception du coffrage des piliers de pont et de conférer des qualités de surfaces très acceptables de ces infrastructures. (2) La méthode adaptée pour l'essai L-Box contenant 2 barres et une vibration de 5 secondes a permis de bien caractériser la capacité de remplissage d'un BSAP-I. (3) L'utilisation d'un plan factoriel 23 a permis d'obtenir des modèles statistiques fiables, capables de prédire les propriétés rhéologiques à l'état frais et les résistances en compression des BSAP-I avec des dosages en liant entre 370 et 420 kg/m3, des rapports E/L entre 0,34 et 0,40 et S/G entre 0,47 et 0,53. (4) Des mesures de vitesse d'écoulement T40 d'un BSAP-I sont très semblables à celles d'un BAP. En plus, des valeurs T40 montrent une bonne corrélation linéaire avec celles de T400 mesurés dans la boîte L-Box. (5) À la frontière du BAP et du BCV, une bande rhéologique possédant un τ0 entre 30 et 320 Pa et un η entre 10 et 140 Pa.s a été trouvée pour la conception optimale des BSAP-I. (6) Les BSAP-I optimisés ont également conféré une très bonne performance à l'état frais, en permettant maintenir un bon équilibre entre la rhéologie et la stabilité dans le temps, lorsqu'on utilise une énergie de vibration minimale pour amorcer son écoulement. (7) À l'état durci Les BSAP-I ont conféré une bonne performance présentant des résistances mécaniques élevées et des niveaux négligeables de pénétration aux ions chlores

  1. Numerical analysis of three-dimensional flow and thermal behaviour in a scraped-surface heat exchanger; Analyse numerique tridimensionnelle des comportements hydrodynamique et thermique d`un echangeur de chaleur a surface raclee

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baccar, M.; Salah Abid, M. [Ecole Nationale d`ingenieurs de Sfax (Tunisia)


    In the present work, heat transfer from a jacketed wall of a scraped-surface heat exchanger (SSHE) is numerically simulated. With the purpose to analyse the hydrodynamic and thermal behaviour under various operating and geometrical conditions, the three-dimensional form of the Navier-Stockes and energy equations are discretized using the controlled-volume method. The hydrodynamic and thermal behaviour can take a variety of possible configurations depending on the number, shape, size of the scrapers and the ratio of rotation to the axial Reynolds numbers. The rate of heat transfer is also numerically determined in order to optimize operating and geometrical conditions. (authors) 20 refs.

  2. Etude theorique et experimentale des evaporateurs de dioxyde de carbone operant dans des conditions de givrage (United States)

    Bendaoud, Adlane Larbi

    . Dans la partie theorique, un modele traitant les aspects thermique, hydrodynamique et massique a ete elabore. Sur la base de ce modele a ete ecrit un programme informatique en langage FORTRAN 6.6. Il est base sur la discretisation du serpentin en volumes de controle, est entierement automatise et peut traiter des echangeurs de chaleur avec des circuits de refrigerant complexes pouvant avoir des entrees et sorties multiples ainsi que des bifurcations. La presence simultanee des trois phases thermodynamiques du refrigerant (liquide sous refroidi, fluide sature, vapeur surchauffee) dans le serpentin est aussi prise en charge. Le modele a ete valide pour un fonctionnement avec et sans formation de givre en utilisant des donnees experimentales disponibles dans la litterature et celles obtenues sur le banc d'essai de CanmetENERGIE. Celui-ci a ete mis a jour pour les besoins de la presente recherche et pour cela, un systeme de surchauffe et d'injection de la vapeur d'eau dans une enceinte a tres basse temperature a ete dimensionne, fabrique et installe. Un dispositif de visualisation de la formation de givre, ainsi qu'un equipement de mesure de la temperature, de la pression et de l'humidite relative de l'air ont aussi ete ajoutes. Une fois le modele valide, des simulations numeriques sur le serpentin avec et sans formation de givre ont ete effectuees. Un premier cas de base a servi comme reference pour d'autres cas pour lesquels une etude parametrique sur la geometrie et le fonctionnement a ete menee. Il a ete montre par rapport au cas de base que : 1. la diminution de la densite des ailettes sur des rangees specifiques du serpentin donne une surface minimale (Amin) plus grande, retardant ainsi l'obstruction totale du serpentin par le givre et permet donc un temps de fonctionnement plus grand et une frequence de degivrage plus faible. 2. une bonne configuration de circuit de refrigerant augmente le temps de fonctionnement du serpentin de 200 % et delivre une puissance

  3. Contribution au dimensionnement des barrages flottants antipollution marine. Etude expérimentale de l'écoulement, à surface libre, de l'eau et de la couche d'hydrocarbure, autour de maquettes de barrages antipollution marine.


    Abed-Meraïm , Kamel; Joubert , Patrice


    National audience; alors que la fréquence des catastrophes dues aux naufrages des pétroliers s'est intensifiée ces dernières années, les technologies de récupération des déchets en mer et les méthodes utilisées lors de la lutte contre les dernières marées noires avec plus ou moins de réussite restent moyennement efficaces face à l'ampleur et à la difficulté de la tâche. Constatant que la corrélation entre la conception d'un barrage et ses performances dans la lutte contre la pollution par hyd...

  4. Model calculations of the age of firn air across the Antarctic continent

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. A. Kaspers


    Full Text Available The age of firn air in Antarctica at pore close-off depth is only known for a few specific sites where firn air has been sampled for analyses. We present a model that calculates the age of firn air at pore close-off depth for the entire Antarctic continent. The model basically uses four meteorological parameters as input (surface temperature, pressure, accumulation rate and wind speed. Using parameterisations for surface snow density, pore close-off density and tortuosity, in combination with a density-depth model and data of a regional atmospheric climate model, distribution of pore close-off depth for the entire Antarctic continent is determined. The deepest pore close-off depth was found for the East Antarctic Plateau near 72° E, 82° S, at 150±15 m (2σ. A firn air diffusion model was applied to calculate the age of CO2 at pore close-off depth. The results predict that the oldest firn gas (CO2 age is located between Dome Fuji, Dome Argos and Vostok at 43° E, 78° S being 148±23 (1σ or 38 for 2σ years old. At this location an atmospheric trace gas record should be obtained. In this study we show that methyl chloride could be recorded with a predicted length of 125 years as an example for trace gas records at this location. The longest record currently available from firn air is derived at South Pole, being 80 years. Sensitivity tests reveal that the locations with old firn air (East Antarctic Plateau have an estimated uncertainty (2σ for the modelled CO2 age at pore close-off depth of 30% and of about 40% for locations with younger firn air (CO2 age typically 40 years. Comparing the modelled age of CO2 at pore close-off depth with directly determined ages at seven sites yielded a correlation coefficient of 0.90 and a slope close to 1, suggesting a high level of confidence for the modelled results in spite of considerable remaining uncertainties.

  5. Ecosystem modelling, scaling, benchmarking and data assimilation for the Australian continent (United States)

    Evans, B. J.


    Modelling terrestrial biosphere processes in the world's driest inhabited continent presents some unique challenges, but also excellent opportunities to capitalize on major data infrastructure projects led by the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN). TERN, Australia's counterpart to NEON, has charged its ecosystem Modelling And Scaling InfrasTructure facility (e-MAST) with enhancing the national capacity for model benchmarking, data assimilation and data-model integration. e-MAST models the Australian terrestrial biosphere in space and time from various disciplinary perspectives. The foundation for all e-MAST modelling is ANUCLIMATE, a set of well-founded, high-resolution estimates of key climate variables (minimum and maximum temperature, precipitation, vapour pressure) from the 1970s up to near the present. Using all reliable meteorological measurements, we have enhanced the standard (ANUSPLIN) approach to allow interpolation of all variables at daily time resolution to a common 0.01 degree grid. Satellite data assimilation is used to provide continent-wide fields of derived variables including stomatal conductance, evapotranspiration and soil moisture. Plant productivity has been modelled by fusion of eddy-covariance CO2 flux measurements with satellite reflectance data, exploiting the well-tested light-use-efficiency modelling approach. Working towards the next generation of robust, process-based ecosystem models, we are synthesizing observations of plant biophysical and physiological traits; developing gridded surfaces of these traits; and working with TERN's MultiScale Plot Network to improve national coverage of trait measurements. Evaluation and benchmarking of models is based on the Protocol for the Analysis of Land Surface Models (PALS), which is being extended from its original core of flux data-model comparison ';experiments' to encompass more data types, including remote atmospheric CO2¬ concentrations and streamflow measurements, which (when

  6. Wetland dynamics influence mid-continent duck recruitment (United States)

    Anteau, Michael J.; Pearse, Aaron T.; Szymankski, Michael L.


    Recruitment is a key factor influencing duck population dynamics. Understanding what regulates recruitment of ducks is a prerequisite to informed habitat and harvest management. Quantity of May ponds (MP) has been linked to recruitment and population size (Kaminski and Gluesing 1987, Raveling and Heitmeyer 1989). However, wetland productivity (quality) is driven by inter-annual hydrological fluctuations. Periodic drying of wetlands due to wet-dry climate cycles releases nutrients and increases invertebrate populations when wet conditions return (Euliss et al. 1999). Wetlands may also become wet or dry within a breeding season. Accordingly, inter-annual and intra-seasonal hydrologic variation potentially influence duck recruitment. Here, we examined influences of wetland quantity, quality, and intra-seasonal dynamics on recruitment of ducks. We indexed duck recruitment by vulnerability-corrected age ratios (juveniles/adult females) for mid-continent Gadwall (Anas strepera). We chose Gadwall because the majority of the continental population breeds in the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR), where annual estimates of MP exist since 1974. We indexed wetland quality by calculating change in MP (?MP) over the past two years (?MP = 0.6[MPt – MPt-1] + 0.4[MPt – MPt-2]). We indexed intra-seasonal change in number of ponds by dividing the PPR mean standardized precipitation index for July by MP (hereafter summer index). MP and ?MP were positively correlated (r = 0.65); therefore, we calculated residual ?MP (?MPr) with a simple linear regression using MP, creating orthogonal variables. Finally, we conducted a multiple regression to examine how MP, ?MPr, and summer index explained variation in recruitment of Gadwall from 1976–2010. Our model explained 67% of the variation in mid-continent Gadwall recruitment and all three hydrologic indices were positively correlated with recruitment (Figure 1). Type II semi-partial R2 estimates indicated that MP accounted for 41%, ?MPr

  7. Les lueurs des sables

    CERN Multimedia

    Les lueurs des sables


    Two CERN ladies are getting ready for the “Trophée Roses des Sables” rally adventure: Julie and Laetitia are finalizing the last details before setting off on Monday 7th October 2013. Julie from EN-MEF group and Laetitia from DGS-SEE group, met at the CERN Rugby club. This year, they are participating in the 100 % female rally which will take place in Morocco from 10 to 20 October. They will be carrying along 100 kg of humanitarian donation for children such as some clothes, books and medical material. Do not hesitate to show your support at their farewell party to be held on Monday 7 October, from 4 to 6 pm in front of the St Genis-Pouilly Mairie (city Hall). Follow their exciting adventure on the blog and on their association’s Facebook page Les Lueurs des Sables.

  8. Screening phytochimique et identification spectroscopique des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Le screening phytochimique des feuilles et des fleurs de cette plante, effectuée pour la première fois, a révélé la présence des alcaloïdes, des flavonoïdes, des tanins catéchiques, des terpènes, des coumarines et des composés cyanogénétiques. Quant aux saponines et les quinones libres, ils sont présents chez les fleurs ...

  9. Prévalence des entérobactéries productrices de bêtalactamases à ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Prévalence des entérobactéries productrices de bêtalactamases à spectre étendu isolées des hémocultures sur le continent Africain et les gènes impliqués chez les souches ... Journal de la Recherche Scientifique de l'Université de Lomé ... Matériel et méthodes: Une recherche de la littérature a été effectuée sur PubMed.

  10. Evolution of surfaces properties for 100Cr6 steel by implantation and ionic mixing; Evolution des proprietes de surface de l`acier 100Cr6 par implantation et melange ioniques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Faussemagne, A.


    Physico-chemical characterizations performed on samples of 100Cr6 steel implanted both with boron and nitrogen revealed the formation of boron nitride along with the following new phases: Fe{sub 1-x}(B, N), Fe{sub 2-x}(B, N) and Fe{sub 3-x}(B, N). A thorough analysis of boron NITRIDE (5BN) indicates that a low ion current density (3 {mu}{sup -2}) in the case of the boron plus nitrogen sequence favours the formation of sp{sup 2} bonds (hexagonal-BN) while a higher ion current density (6{mu}{sup -2}) promotes sp{sup 3} bonds (cubic-BN) in the opposite sequence. Tribological tests carried out on these samples revealed that nitrogen and boron implantations do not lead to any significant improvement of friction and wear at variance with the results obtained by others authors. However, on a set samples accidentally contaminated with carbon during implantation, we noticed a considerable improvement of these tribological parameters. As this pollution is commonly encountered in surface treatment by ion beams, one can invoke this phenomenon to explain the origin of the discrepancy reported by the literature. Extensive investigations allowed us to conclude that surface carbon, whatever its origin (contamination, ion implantation or ion beam mixed coating), provided that its amount is sufficiently high ({>=}2 x 10{sup 16}{sup -2}), decreases the coefficient of friction by a factor 5 and reduces drastically ({approx} 100) the wear. A careful examination of the whole results led us to propose a theoretical model, based on the role of the asperities of the two bodies in contact, to explain the evolution of the coefficient of friction and wear with the amount of surface carbon. This analysis revealed that in order to improve friction and wear of 100Cr6 steel, one needs to coat this material with a well adherent carbon layer having a thickness higher than the asperity heights of the two bodies in contact. Finally, this study allowed us to develop a simple lower

  11. Direction des Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Résumé. Dans ce travail, on s‟intéresse à l‟effet des concentrations du xanthane, du caséinate de sodium et du tween 20 sur les propriétés rhéologiques, ... macromolécules des deux biopolymères, par effet du volume exclu, auquel cas, les ..... 25 (4), 743-749. [8] Gast A.P., Hall C.K., Russel W.B.,. 1983. Polymer-induced ...

  12. Liste des tableaux



    1 – Importations en charbon américain en Europe de l’Ouest de 1946 à 1958 .47 2 – Organisation des demandes d’allocations de charbon allemand auprès de l’eco. 75 3 – Consommations de charbon allemand dans les zones occidentales de l’Allemagne d’octobre à décembre 1945. 86 4 – Production, exportations et consommation nationale apparente du charbon allemand dans la zone britannique en 1945 et 1946. 90 5 – Total des importations de charbons allemand et américain de janvier à avril 1946. 99 6 – I...

  13. Comparison and Validation of Long Time Serial Global GEOV1 and Regional Australian MODIS Fractional Vegetation Cover Products Over the Australian Continent


    Ding, Yanling; Zheng, Xingming; Jiang, Tao; Zhao, Kai


    Fractional vegetation cover (FVC) is one of the most critical parameters in monitoring vegetation status. Comprehensive assessment of the FVC products is critical for their improvement and use in land surface models. This study investigates the performances of two major long time serial FVC products: GEOV1 and Australian MODIS. The spatial and temporal consistencies of these products were compared during the 2000–2012 period over the main biome types across the Australian continent. Their acc...

  14. Évaluation des pratiques agricoles des légumes feuilles : le cas des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Face à ce constat, le défi de la recherche serait la détermination du niveau actuel de contamination des légumes feuilles et des eaux du barrage et celui de l'État serait l'initiation de programmes de sensibilisation des producteurs par rapport à une gestion plus rigoureuse des pesticides. Mots-clés : pratiques paysannes, ...

  15. MONTI as continent catheterized stoma using serosal-lined trough "Ghoneim Abolenin" technique in ileocystoplasty

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammed T Sammour


    Full Text Available It is a great challenge to select and perform continent mechanism in a stoma for urinary reservoir. A new technique by combining MONTI ileal conduit with the serosal lined trough in order to achieve continent catheterizable stoma to the umbilicus as a part of augmentation ileocystoplasty. We applied serosal-lined trough as a continent mechanism with MONTI ileal tube in 12 years smart girl underwent ileocystoplasty for neuropathic bladder due to meylomeningocele in whom continence failed to be achieved by using Mitrofanoff with submucosal tunnel of the bladder as continent mechanism before, also the previous operation included left to right transuretero-ureterostomy, ureterocystoplasty and reimplantation of the right ureter. The patient became completely continent; she was able to do self-catheterization easily through the umbilical stoma using 16-French catheter and was able to wash the mucous easily. The capacity of the augmented bladder was 300ccs. She became independent from her mother and stopped using diapers, anticholinergic and antibiotics. Combining MONTI conduit with serosal-lined extramural valve trough (The Ghoneim technique is an effective continent technique and gives wider channel for catheterization and washing out the mucous.

  16. Development of Methods for Gaseous Phase Geochemical Monitoring on the Surface and in the Intermediate Overburden Strata of Geological CO2 Storage Sites Développement de méthodes de suivi géochimique en phase gazeuse à la surface et dans la couverture intermédiaire des sites de stockage géologique du CO2

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pokryszka Z.


    detecting and monitoring gas leaks through intermediate cap rock strata. This system will largely comprise conventional industrial gas sensors which are available off the shelf. The direct measurement of gas flows emanating from the ground is one of the most effective ways to monitor a storage site. The INERIS accumulation chamber method has been improved to measure low and very low CO2 flux rates. It can now be used to measure a wide range of CO2 flux rates, from very low emission levels of 0.05 to 0.2 cm3.min−1.m−2 up to extremely high flux rates of some 3000 cm3.min−1.m−2. The accuracy and operational characteristics of chamber method have been checked and validated by tests performed in a laboratory and on a test rig, as well as through field measurements taken under real conditions at sites that naturally release CO2. These tests have shown that the method has reached full technical maturity and that it can be applied on a practical level to detect and monitor CO2 and methane emissions on the ground’s surface. The two methods which have been tested are now operational and ready for integration into the surveillance strategy applied at future CO2 storage sites. They can be used at every stage of a storage site’s life: site reconnaissance, definition of the initial state, injection, post-injection phase, and residual monitoring after the site has been abandoned. Les développements et les résultats présentés sont issus des travaux réalisés dans le cadre du programme Géocarbone-Monitoring cofinancé par l’Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR. Une partie importante de ce programme a porté sur des méthodes de suivi géochimique en phase gazeuse à la surface et dans la couverture intermédiaire des sites de stockage géologique du CO2. Le travail effectué par l’INERIS a été ciblé sur deux approches particulières, souvent préconisées comme incontournables dans la surveillance des futurs sites de stockage : une détection précoce (pr

  17. Évaluation de la contamination parasitologique des eaux usées ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    30 sept. 2013 ... l'équilibre écologique du milieu naturel, surtout par la pollution des eaux de surface et des nappes phréatiques et un risque sanitaire par contamination microbiologique ou parasitaire (Diop, 1994 ;. Khallaayoune, 2005 ; Sawadogo et al., 2005). Pour atténuer ces impacts négatifs des eaux usées brutes sur ...

  18. A systemwide formula for continence care: overcoming barriers, clarifying solutions, and defining team members' roles. (United States)

    Etheridge, Francis; Tannenbaum, Cara; Couturier, Yves


    To seek input from long-term care (LTC) administrators and staff on solutions for overcoming established barriers to continence care and the roles each team member must play in implementing them. Cross-sectional, qualitative study using in-depth semi-structured individual interviews. Four LTC institutions in Montreal, Quebec. Sixteen health administrators, including the general director, the medical director, the director of nursing and the head nurse of the 4 institutions were interviewed. As well, 16 front-line health care workers including 8 nurses and 8 nursing assistants participated in the interviewing process. During the interviews, participants were asked to comment on a list of established barriers to continence care and to recommend solutions, involving themselves or other members of the LTC team, for overcoming these barriers. The interviews were recorded and transcribed verbatim. Data obtained during the interviews were analyzed and specific solutions to each barrier were identified, as well as the roles each team member should play in implementing them. Analysis of our data revealed 10 solutions, involving administrators as well as staff members: (1) setting continence care as an institutional priority; (2) establishing a continence committee; (3) involving the staff from the onset; (4) tailoring the continence program to each institution and resident; (5) providing training on incontinence; (6) elevating the standard of care for incontinence; (7) creating an incontinence-efficient working environment; (8) improving communication around continence care; (9) supervision, feedback and accountability; (10) championing the effectiveness of continence care. Typically, top-down solutions were proposed, but the value of bottom-up processes was included as part of the systemwide approach. Implementing and maintaining a continence program in LTC requires a systemwide approach involving LTC administrators and staff. The results of our research provide guidance

  19. Identification et surveillance des individus


    Aghroum, Christian; Alberganti, Michel; Bonelli, Laurent; Ceyhan, Ayse; Denis, Vincent; Dufief, Vincent; Laurent, Sébastien; Piazza, Pierre; Preuss-Laussinotte, Sylvia; Rousselin, Thierry; Thorel, Jérôme; Tsoukala, Anastassia; Vitran, Jean-Claude; Alberganti, Michel; Alberganti, Michel


    « Big Brother is watching you ! » Cet avertissement placardé sur les murs de la cité imaginaire d'Océania dans le roman 1984 de Georges Orwell peut-il s'appliquer à nos sociétés contemporaines ? Passeport biométrique, fichage informatisé des individus, multiplication des caméras de surveillance, utilisation de puce dans des objets de la vie quotidienne, ou pour suivre les criminels en liberté surveillée, les mesures d'identification, de fichage et de surveillance des individus par des techniq...

  20. Surface integral formulation of Maxwell's equations for simulation of non-destructive testing by eddy currents. Preliminary study on the implementation of the fast multipole method; Formulation integrale surfacique des equations de Maxwell pour la simulation de controles non destructifs par courant de Foucault. Etude preliminaire a la mise en oeuvre de la methode multipole rapide.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lim, T.


    To simulate numerically a non-destructive by eddy current testing (NDT-CF), the sensor response can be modeled through a semi-analytical approach by volume integral equations. Faster than the finite element method, this approach is however restricted to the study of plane or cylindrical parts (without taking into account the edge effects) because of the complexity of the expression of the dyadic Green function for more general configurations. However, there is an industrial demand to extend the capabilities of the CF model in complex configurations (deformed plates, edges effects...). We were thus brought to formulate the electromagnetic problem differently, by setting ourselves the goal of maintaining a semi-analytical approach. The surface integral equation (SIE) expresses the volume problem by an equivalent transmission one at the interfaces (2D) between homogeneous sub-domains. This problem is approached by a linear system (by the method of moments), whose number of unknowns is reduced due to the nature of the surfacic mesh. Therefore, this system can be solved by a direct solver for small configurations. That enabled us to treat several various positions of the sensor for only one inversion of the impedance matrix. The numerical results obtained using this formulation involve plates with consideration of edge effects such as edge and corner. They are consistent with results obtained by the finite element method. For larger configurations, we conducted a preliminary study for the adaptation of an acceleration method of the matrix vector product involved in an iterative solver (fast multipole method or FMM) to define the conditions under which the FMM calculation works correctly (accuracy, convergence...) in the NDT's domain. A special attention has been given to the choice of basis functions (which have to satisfy an Hdiv conforming property) and on the evaluation of near interactions (which are weakly singular). (author) [French] Pour simuler

  1. Early biochemical recurrence, urinary continence and potency outcomes following robot-assisted radical prostatectomy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Berg, Kasper Drimer; Thomsen, Frederik Birkebæk; Hvarness, Helle


    OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to describe recovery of urinary continence and potency and report oncological and functional outcomes using the survival, continence and potency (SCP) system for patients undergoing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP). MATERIAL AND METHODS: From 2009...... to 2012, 232 patients underwent RARP. Self-reported continence, erection sufficient for intercourse (ESI) and scores on the five-item version of the International Index of Erectile Function-5 (IIEF-5) were registered by questionnaire and physician's interview preoperatively and at 3, 6 and 12 month follow...

  2. Study of electronic field emission from large surfaces under static operating conditions and hyper-frequency; Etude de l'emision electronique par effet de champ sur des surfaces larges en regime statique et hyperfrequence

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Luong, M


    The enhanced electronic field emission from large area metallic surfaces lowers performances of industrial devices that have to sustain high electric field under vacuum. Despite of numerous investigations in the past, the mechanisms of such an emission have never been well clarified. Recently, research in our laboratory has pointed out the importance played by conducting sites (particles and protrusions). A refined geometrical model, called superposed protrusions model has been proposed to explain the enhanced emission by local field enhancement. As a logical continuation, the present work aims at testing this model and, in the same time, investigating the means to suppress the emission where it is undesirable. Thus, we have showed: the cause of current fluctuations in a continuous field regime (DC), the identity of emission characteristics ({beta}, A{sub e}) in both radiofrequency (RF) and DC regimes, the effectiveness of a thermal treatment by extern high density electronic bombardment, the effectiveness of a mechanical treatment by high pressure rinsing with ultra pure water, the mechanisms and limits of an in situ RF processing. Furthermore, the electronic emission from insulating particles has also been studied concurrently with a spectral analysis of the associated luminous emission. Finally, the refined geometrical model for conducting sites is reinforced while another model is proposed for some insulating sites. Several emission suppressing treatments has been explored and validated. At last, the characteristic of a RF pulsed field emitted electron beam has been checked for the first time as a possible application of such a field emission. (author)

  3. Climate controls on fire pattern in African and Australian continents (United States)

    Zubkova, M.; Boschetti, L.; Abatzoglou, J. T.


    Studies have primarily attributed the recent decrease in global fire activity in many savanna and grassland regions as detected by the Global Fire Emission Database (GFEDv4s) to anthropogenic changes such as deforestation and cropland expansion (Andela et al. 2017, van der Werf et al. 2008). These changes have occurred despite increases in fire weather season length (Jolly et al. 2015). Efforts to better resolve retrospective and future changes in fire activity require refining the host of influences on societal and environmental factors on fire activity. In this study, we analyzed how climate variability influences interannual fire activity in Africa and Australia, the two continents most affected by fire and responsible for over half of the global pyrogenic emissions. We expand on the analysis presented in Andela et al. (2017) by using the most recent Collection 6 MODIS MCD64 Burned Area Product and exploring the explanatory power of a broader suite of climate variables that have been previously shown to explain fire variability (Bowman et al. 2017). We examined which climate metrics show a strong interannual relationship with the amount of burned area and fire size accounting for antecedent and in-season atmospheric conditions. Fire characteristics were calculated using the 500m resolution MCD64A1 product (2002-2016); the analysis was conducted at the ecoregion scale, and further stratified by landcover using a broad aggregation (forest, shrublands and grasslands) of the Landcover CCI maps (CCI-LC, 2014); all agricultural areas fires were excluded from the analysis. The results of the analysis improve our knowledge of climate controls on fire dynamics in the most fire-prone places in the world which is critical for statistical fire and vegetation models. Being able to predict the impact of climate on fire activity has a strategic importance in designing future fire management scenarios, help to avoid degradation of biodiversity and ecosystem services and improve

  4. BRICS: challenges of cooperation on the African continent

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vladimir Ivanovich Yurtaev


    Full Text Available The happening paradigm shift of development both the kernel of world economy, and its periphery appearing by the hostage of limitation of financial resources updates task of judgment of the happening processes, especially with participation of the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS or the countries of the “big economies” which are looking for new formats of entry into worldwide policy. Also the problem of correlation of the monopolar structure of a world economic system which has arisen in the conditions of globalization of economies at the end of the 20th century with processes of forming of the new centers of world economic power is actual, including - in Africa, under the influence of an exit to the world scene of China and other countries of BRICS, disappearance of the so-called “second world”, opposition mitigation “East-West” and increase of contradictions on an axis “North-South”. The countries of Africa at the beginning of the second decade of the third millennium are more and more considerably involved in process of globalization which signs can be found everywhere on the African continent. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention on much the increased dynamics of political process, especially in North Africa where under the influence of “the Arab spring” scales and depth of the happened transformation of a socio-political context were shown, civilization breaks and perspective scenarios of development were more accurately designated. To conformably new challenges questions of regional integration have come under the spotlight in Africa, search of solutions of global problems of mankind in Africa is conducted (poverty, hunger, diseases, refugees, etc. new formats of interaction of the states for the benefit of effective development are developed. It is possible that in so dynamic and turbulent socio-political and economic situation regional vector of interaction and interregional international

  5. New Zealand phylogeography: evolution on a small continent. (United States)

    Wallis, Graham P; Trewick, Steven A


    New Zealand has long been a conundrum to biogeographers, possessing as it does geophysical and biotic features characteristic of both an island and a continent. This schism is reflected in provocative debate among dispersalist, vicariance biogeographic and panbiogeographic schools. A strong history in biogeography has spawned many hypotheses, which have begun to be addressed by a flood of molecular analyses. The time is now ripe to synthesize these findings on a background of geological and ecological knowledge. It has become increasingly apparent that most of the biota of New Zealand has links with other southern lands (particularly Australia) that are much more recent than the breakup of Gondwana. A compilation of molecular phylogenetic analyses of ca 100 plant and animal groups reveals that only 10% of these are even plausibly of archaic origin dating to the vicariant splitting of Zealandia from Gondwana. Effects of lineage extinction and lack of good calibrations in many cases strongly suggest that the actual proportion is even lower, in keeping with extensive Oligocene inundation of Zealandia. A wide compilation of papers covering phylogeographic structuring of terrestrial, freshwater and marine species shows some patterns emerging. These include: east-west splits across the Southern Alps, east-west splits across North Island, north-south splits across South Island, star phylogenies of southern mountain isolates, spread from northern, central and southern areas of high endemism, and recent recolonization (postvolcanic and anthropogenic). Excepting the last of these, most of these patterns seem to date to late Pliocene, coinciding with the rapid uplift of the Southern Alps. The diversity of New Zealand geological processes (sinking, uplift, tilting, sea level change, erosion, volcanism, glaciation) has produced numerous patterns, making generalizations difficult. Many species maintain pre-Pleistocene lineages, with phylogeographic structuring more similar to

  6. Le rôle des universités africaines dans l'innovation au service du ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Le rôle des universités africaines dans l'innovation au service du développement inclusif. Un nouveau réseau de recherche s'intéressera aux façons dont les universités africaines peuvent contribuer à stimuler l'innovation sur le continent noir. Le projet de recherche permettra d'examiner dans quelle mesure les universités ...

  7. Un produit emblématique à la dérive des continents et des consommateurs : l’huile d’olive

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Palma Giulia


    Full Text Available Mediterranean countries, in particular Spain, Italy and Tunisia, rule the international market of olive oil, in terms of land, production and exports. However, several new countries, such as Argentina, Chile, the United States and Australia have entered the market and are becoming important actors: their production, as well as imports of olive oil, are growing fast. Thanks to the positive image that it acquired due to its health benefits, olive oil is more and more appreciated in countries where its consumption is recent and non traditional. On the contrary, in Mediterranean countries, namely in Tunisia, other vegetable oils and fats tend to substitute olive oil, which is more expensive. However, such oils and fats could be responsible for the increase of cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

  8. La structure des solutions aqueuses (United States)

    Powell, D. H.


    En commençant par l'étude par diffraction neutronique de la structure des liquides moléculaires puis de l'hydratation des ions en solution, ce cours montrera comment les principes présentés lors des cours précédents peuvent être appliqués à des systèmes aqueux. Des exemples tirés de la littérature seront utilisés pour illustrer les considérations expérimentales propre à ce domaine et le genre d'informations que nous pouvons obtenir. Ce cours montrera également l'applicaton de la diffraction neutronique à des systèmes d'intérêt biologique et environnemental et se terminera par un examen de la complémentarité fournie par la diffraction des rayons X, l'EXAFS et la RMN.

  9. peste des petits ruminants

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Diallo A, Minet C, Le Goff C, Berhe G, Albina E, Libeau. G, Barrett T (2007). The threat of peste des petits ruminants: progress in vaccine development for disease control. Vaccine. 25:5591–5597. Esuruoso GO (1995). The practice of preventive veterinary medicine in a devastated national economy. Being the text of an.

  10. Investir dan des solutions

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Gestion du risque. La gestion du risque est une responsabilité partagée entre les gestionnaires du Centre qui est intégrée à tous les processus administratifs importants. .... que préconisent les Normes internationales d'information financière (normes IFRS). TABLEAU 2. RÉPARTITION DES PRODUITS. Crédit parlementaire.

  11. Direction des Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Plusieurs études cliniques et épidémiologiques ont montré que le diabète est associé à cette ... CMLs responsables de la modulation des fibroblastes en ..... Pagano P.J., 2004. Gene transfer of. NAD(P)H oxidase inhibitor to the vascular adventitia attenuates medial smooth muscle hypertrophy. Circ. Res., 95, 587-. 594.

  12. Praxis des Klebens

    CERN Document Server

    Theuerkauff, Petra


    Bei diesem Buch handelt es sich um einen Leitfaden fur Klebepraktiker. Es werden die verschiedenen Einzelschritte beim kleben beschrieben, als auch die vorbereitenden Massnahmen und anschliessenden Prufverfahren auf Festigkeit behandelt. Das Buch sollte an keinem Arbeitsplatz fehlen, wo man sich mit Problemen der Fugetechnik des Klebens beschaftigt.

  13. La physique des infinis

    CERN Document Server

    Bernardeau, Francis; Laplace, Sandrine; Spiro, Michel


    Écrire l'histoire de l'Univers, tel est l'objectif commun des physiciens des particules et des astrophysiciens. Pour y parvenir, deux approches s'épaulent : la voie de l'infiniment petit, que l'on emprunte via de gigantesques accélérateurs de particules, et celle de l'infiniment grand, dont le laboratoire est l'Univers. Un Univers qui est bien loin d'avoir livré tous ses secrets. On connaît à peine 4,8 % de la matière qui le constitue, le reste étant composé de matière noire (25,8 %) et d'énergie noire (69,4 %), toutes deux de nature inconnue. Et si la récente découverte du boson de Higgs valide le Modèle standard de la physique des particules, celui-ci est toujours incomplet et doit être étendu à ou dépassé. Est-on arrivé au bout du jeu de poupées russes de la matière ? Quelles sont les particules manquantes ? Faut-il revoir les lois fondamentales ? Quels instruments faut-il mettre en œuvre pour accéder à cette « nouvelle physique » ? Comment parler de Super Big Science aux citoye...


    CERN Multimedia

    Club de Yoga


    REPRISE DES COURS – Venez nombreux ! Yoga, Sophrologie, Tai Chi La liste des cours pour le semestre allant du 1er septembre 2015 au 31 janvier 2016 est disponible sur notre site web : Lieu Les cours ont lieu dans la salle des clubs, à l’entresol du restaurant No 2, Bât. 504 (dans la salle no 3 pour la Sophrologie). Prix des cours Le prix pour le semestre (environ 18 leçons) est fixé à 220 CHF plus 10 CHF d’adhésion annuelle au Club. Couple : 200 CHF par personne. 2 cours par semaine : 400 CHF. Inscriptions Les inscriptions aux cours seront prises directement auprès du professeur, lors de la 1ère séance. Avant de s’inscrire pour le semestre, il est possible d’essayer une séance gratuitement. Informations : -----------------------------------------

  15. Present-day groundwater recharge estimation in parts of the Indian Sub-Continent (United States)

    Bhanja, S. N.; Mukherjee, A.; Wada, Y.; Scanlon, B. R.; Taylor, R. G.; Rodell, M.; Malakar, P.


    Large part of global population has been dependent on groundwater as a source of fresh water. The demand would further increase with increasing population and stress associated with climate change. We tried to provide regional-scale groundwater recharge estimates in a large part of Indian Sub-Continent. A combination of ground-based, satellite-based and numerical model simulated recharge estimates were presented in the densely populated region. Three different methods: an intense network of observational wells (n>13,000 wells), a satellite (TRMM) and global land-surface model (CLM) outputs, and a global-scale hydrological model (PCR GLOBWB) were employed to calculate recharge estimates. Groundwater recharge values exhibit large spatial variations over the entire region on the basis of aquifer hydrogeology, precipitation and groundwater withdrawal patterns. Groundwater recharge estimates from all three estimation techniques were found to be higher (>300 mm/year) in fertile planes of Indus-Ganges-Brahmaputra (IGB) river basins. A combination of favorable hydrogeologic conditions (porosity, permeability etc.), comparatively higher rates of precipitation, and return flow from rapidly withdrawn irrigation water might influence occurrence of high recharge rates. However, central and southern study area experiences lower recharge rates (policy makers to understand groundwater recharge process over the densely populated region and finally would facilitate to implement sustainable policy for securing water security.

  16. Bioelectrical activity of the pelvic floor muscles after 6-week biofeedback training in nulliparous continent women. (United States)

    Chmielewska, Daria; Stania, Magdalena; Smykla, Agnieszka; Kwaśna, Krystyna; Błaszczak, Edward; Sobota, Grzegorz; Skrzypulec-Plinta, Violetta


    The aim of the study was to evaluate the effects of a 6-week sEMG-biofeedback-assisted pelvic floor muscle training program on pelvic floor muscle activity in young continent women. Pelvic floor muscle activity was recorded using a vaginal probe during five experimental trials. Biofeedback training was continued for 6 weeks, 3 times a week. Muscle strenghtening and endurance exercises were performed alternately. SEMG (surface electromyography) measurements were recorded on four different occasions: before training started, after the third week of training, after the sixth week of training, and one month after training ended. A 6-week sEMG-biofeedback-assisted pelvic floor muscle training program significantly decreased the resting activity of the pelvic floor muscles in supine lying and standing. The ability to relax the pelvic floor muscles after a sustained 60-second contraction improved significantly after the 6-week training in both positions. SEMG-biofeedback training program did not seem to affect the activity of the pelvic floor muscles or muscle fatigue during voluntary pelvic floor muscle contractions. SEMG-biofeedback-assisted pelvic floor muscle training might be recommended for physiotherapists to improve the effectiveness of their relaxation techniques.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Les liens entre les facteurs environnementaux et l’organisation des assemblages piscicoles lacustres ont été essentiellement étudiés sur le continent nord-américain. Nous présentons ici une analyse des communautés piscicoles des plans d’eau français. Les abondances relatives des espèces déterminées sur 98 sites ont été étudiées par analyses factorielles. Une distinction entre les communautés de poissons des plans d’eau « d’altitude » (> 1 500 m et celles des retenues et lacs naturels de « plaine » (< 1 500 m a été mise en évidence, conduisant à une analyse distincte de ces deux types de milieux. Les communautés piscicoles des plans d’eau de montagne sont peu diversifiées (2 espèces en moyenne et peuvent schématiquement se caractériser par 5 types en fonction de l’espèce de Salmonidé dominante. L’abondance de ces espèces est peu corrélée aux descripteurs de milieu étudiés et reflète plutôt les pratiques de gestion.

  18. Recevabilité des communications par la Commission africaine des droits de l’homme et des peuples


    Nguema, Nisrine Eba


    La Commission africaine des droits de l’homme et des peuples constitue le principal organe de protection des droits de l’homme en Afrique. Mise en place en 1987, elle a pour mission principale de recevoir les communications des victimes des violations des droits de l’homme. L’ouverture de la procédure de traitement des communications individuelles devant la Commission africaine est conditionnée par le respect des conditions posée par l’article 56 de la Charte africaine des droits de l’homme e...

  19. Caractérisation multi-échelle des bandes riveraines des cours d’eau wallons par télédétection active et passive


    Michez, Adrien


    Les bandes riveraines des cours d’eau constituent des milieux d’une richesse exceptionnelle aux multiples facettes, comportant les habitats parmi les plus variés, dynamiques et complexes de la surface terrestre. Elles sont au cœur des stratégies des politiques de préservation et de restauration de l’environnement qui impliquent la mise en place de suivis multi-échelles devant être répétés dans le temps. La télédétection peut fournir des informations fines tant sur la végétation qui compose le...

  20. Injectabilite des coulis de ciment dans des milieux fissures (United States)

    Mnif, Thameur

    Le travail presente ici est un bilan du travaux de recherche effectues sur l'injectabilite des coulis de ciment dans lu milieux fissures. Un certain nombre de coulis a base de ciment Portland et microfin ont ete selectionnes afin de caracteriser leur capacite a penetrer des milieux fissures. Une partie des essais a ete menee en laboratoire. L'etude rheologique des differents melanges a permis de tester l'influence de l'ajout de superplastifiant et/ou de fumee de silice sur la distribution granulometrique des coulis et par consequent sur leur capacite a injecter des colonnes de sable simulant un milieu fissure donne. La classe granulometrique d'un coulis, sa stabilite et sa fluidite sont apparus comme les trois facteurs principaux pour la reussite d'une injection. Un facteur de finesse a ete defini au cours de cette etude: base sur la classe granulometrique du ciment et sa stabilite, il peut entrer dans la formulation theorique du debit d'injection avant application sur chantier. La deuxieme et derniere partie de l'etude presente les resultats de deux projets de recherche sur l'injection realises sur chantier. L'injection de dalles de beton fissurees a permis le suivi de l'evolution des pressions avec la distance au point d'injection. L'injection de murs de maconnerie a caractere historique a montre l'importance de la definition de criteres de performance des coulis a utiliser pour traiter un milieu donne et pour un objectif donne. Plusieurs melanges peuvent ainsi etre predefinis et mis a disposition sur le chantier. La complementarite des ciments traditionnels et des ciments microfins devient alors un atout important. Le choix d'utilisation de ces melanges est fonction du terrain rencontre. En conclusion, cette recherche etablit une methodologie pour la selection des coulis a base de ciment et des pressions d'injection en fonction de l'ouverture des fissures ou joints de construction.

  1. Bibliography of sandy beaches and sandy beach organisms on the African continent

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Bally, R


    Full Text Available This bibliography covers the literature relating to sandy beaches on the African continent and outlying islands. The bibliography lists biological, chemical, geographical and geological references and covers shallow marine sediments, surf zones off...

  2. AfricaArray seismological studies of the structure and evolution of the African continent

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Durrheim, RJ


    Full Text Available The AfricaArray programme seeks to build geoscience capacity and conduct research that supports development in Africa. This paper reports on investigations of the structure and evolution of the African continent that have been concluded since...

  3. The dual influences of age and obstetric history on fecal continence in parous women.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Eogan, Maeve


    To assess whether women who underwent forceps delivery were more likely than those who delivered either normally (spontaneous vaginal delivery [SVD]) or by cesarean to experience deterioration in fecal continence as they aged.

  4. Utilisation des cahiers d'activites dans l'enseignement des sciences ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Les résultats des entretiens ont mis en exergue des sujets comme l'utilisation abusive des CA par certains enseignants, l'imposition des CA aux apprenants et leur coût, la qualité des contenus des CA et le maintien ou la suppression de la production des CA. D'autre part, le rendement scolaire des apprenants a été ...

  5. Long-wavelength tilting of the Australian continent since the Late Cretaceous


    DiCaprio, Lydia; Gurnis, Michael; Müller, R. Dietmar


    Global sea level and the pattern of marine inundation on the Australian continent are inconsistent. We quantify this inconsistency and show that it is partly due to a long wavelength, anomalous, downward tilting of the continent to the northeast by 300 m since the Eocene. This downward tilting occurred as Australia approached the subduction systems in South East Asia and is recorded by the progressive inundation of the northern margin of Australia. From the Oligocene to the Pliocene, the long...

  6. Impact of metabolic syndrome on early recovery of continence after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. (United States)

    Nishikawa, Masatomo; Watanabe, Hiromitsu; Kurahashi, Toshifumi


    To evaluate the impact of metabolic syndrome on the early recovery of urinary continence after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. The present study included a total of 302 consecutive Japanese patients with clinically localized prostate cancer who underwent robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. In this study, postoperative urinary continence was defined as no leak or the use of a security pad. The continence status was assessed by interviews before and 1 and 3 months after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. Metabolic syndrome was defined as follows: body mass index ≥25 kg/m 2 and two or more of the following: hypertension, diabetes mellitus and dyslipidemia. The effect of the presence of metabolic syndrome on the continence status of these patients was retrospectively examined. A total of 116 (38.4%) and 203 (67.2%) of the 302 patients were continent at 1 and 3 months after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy, respectively. A total of 31 (10.3%) patients were judged to have metabolic syndrome. Despite the operative time being longer in patients with metabolic syndrome, no significant differences were observed in the remaining preoperative, intraoperative or postoperative variables between patients with or without metabolic syndrome. On multivariate logistic regression analysis, metabolic syndrome and the duration of hospitalization were significantly correlated with the 1-month continence status. Similarly, metabolic syndrome and estimated blood loss during surgery were independent predictors of continence rates at 3 months after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. These findings suggest that the presence of metabolic syndrome could have a significant impact on the early recovery of urinary continence after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. © 2017 The Japanese Urological Association.

  7. Étude hydrochimique et microbiologique des eaux de source de l ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    30 mars 2013 ... La consommation de ces eaux en dehors de tout traitement présente des risques sanitaires pour les populations. .... et du risque de pollution des eaux depuis la surface. Cependant, les ressources en eau de la .... arsenic (As) ont également fait l'objet d'analyse. Aussi, la. Demande Biologique en Oxygène ...

  8. Efficacité des néonicotinoïdes et des pyréthrinoïdes utilisés contre le ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Efficacité des néonicotinoïdes et des pyréthrinoïdes utilisés contre le foreur des tiges du cacaoyer ( Eulophonotus myrmeleon Felder : Lepidoptera, Cossidae). Implications dans la stratégie de protection de la cacaoculture en Côte d'Ivoire.

  9. Risques et incertitudes sur le marché mondial des huiles de palme, palmiste et coprah

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Voituriez Tancrède


    Full Text Available Nous essayons dans cet article de fournir les grandes caractéristiques du marché mondial des huiles végétales, avec l’intention tout d’abord de décrire la contribution des oléagineux pérennes et son évolution dans la production et le commerce mondial des huiles, puis de comprendre la nature particulière des risques attachés à ces cultures. À partir de données historiques couvrant la presque totalité du siècle, nous verrons que la situation actuelle est une situation d’incertitude : la part des oléagineux pérennes dans l’échange stagne après avoir connu un cycle de vingt années de croissance, tandis que les deux risques fondamentaux que sont l’exposition aux fluctuations des prix mondiaux (on n’arrache pas ses arbres au gré des baisses de cours et la rigidité de la productivité du travail (on ne sait pas mécaniser de manière satisfaisante la collecte des fruits ne trouvent pas de solution satisfaisante. La première partie aborde ces points. Nous reviendrons dans un deuxième temps sur un exemple réussi de couverture du risque, dans le cas de l’huile de palme, avec l’exemple malaysien qui prouvera que des stratégies nationales de gestion de risque peuvent être efficaces, sinon indispensables, et complémentaires du développement d’initiatives privées. Qu’en est-il de l’Afrique et quelle est l’ampleur des risques et des contraintes qu’y rencontrent les cultures oléagineuses pérennes : ce sont les deux questions qui occuperont notre troisième et dernière partie, en réponse desquelles seront décrits la convention de Lomé et ses effets sur la production et le commerce oléagineux sur le continent africain. Nous conclurons sur l’opportunité pour l’Afrique d’augmenter ses parts de marché nationales et internationales à la lumière des éléments apportés dans les trois parties de cet article.

  10. Precipitation over urban areas in the western Maritime Continent using a convection-permitting model (United States)

    Argüeso, Daniel; Di Luca, Alejandro; Evans, Jason P.


    This study investigates the effects of urban areas on precipitation in the western Maritime Continent using a convection-permitting regional atmospheric model. The Weather Research and Forecasting model was used to simulate the atmosphere at a range of spatial resolutions using a multiple nesting approach. Two experiments (with and without urban areas) were completed over a 5-year period (2008-2012) each to estimate the contribution of cities to changes in local circulation. At first, the model is evaluated against two satellite-derived precipitation products and the benefit of using a very high-resolution model (2-km grid spacing) over a region where rainfall is dominated by convective processes is demonstrated, particularly in terms of its diurnal cycle phase and amplitude. The influence of cities on precipitation characteristics is quantified for two major urban nuclei in the region (Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur) and results indicate that their presence locally enhances precipitation by over 30 %. This increase is mainly due to an intensification of the diurnal cycle. We analyse the impact on temperature, humidity and wind to put forward physical mechanisms that explain such changes. Cities increase near surface temperature, generating instability. They also make land-sea temperature contrasts stronger, which enhances sea breeze circulations. Together, they increase near-surface moisture flux convergence and favour convective processes leading to an overall increase of precipitation over urban areas. The diurnal cycle of these effects is reflected in the atmospheric footprint of cities on variables such as humidity and cloud mixing ratio and accompanies changes in precipitation.

  11. Dopage et protection des jeunes sportifs : Loin des affaires


    Guy, Daniel


    National audience; Loin des affaires et des révélations polémiques de la presse, les jeunes plébiscitent massivement les activités sportives. Sport compétition, sport participation, sport détente... Pourtant, quand la pratique devient intense, que les entraînements et les compétitions s'enchaînent à un rythme soutenu, l'ombre des conduites dopantes vient déchirer la quiétude des uns et des autres. Or, que savons-nous réellement de la pratique des jeunes sportifs ? Comment préparent-ils les co...

  12. Aspects des Onychomycoses chez des patients camerounais de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... biologiques et évolutifs des onychomycoses chez des patients camerounais. Méthode : Il s'agit d'une étude rétrospective et descriptive menée de mars 2011 à mars 2014 dans l'unité de dermatologie de l'hôpital général de Douala (HGD), incluant des patients chez lesquels le diagnostic d'onychomycose avait été posé.

  13. Des dispositions responsables à prendre pour la protection des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    En considérant l'effet néfaste des maladies, des parasites, du changement climatique et d'autres facteurs environnementaux (les OGM par exemple) sur la survie des abeilles, la baisse de leurs populations dans certaines parties du monde ne saurait être attribuée aux seules pesticides. En plus, l'impact de ces derniers sur ...

  14. Collection d'entretiens avec des chercheurs participant à des ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    Jul 7, 2014 ... Entretien avec…propose des entrevues vidéos avec des chercheurs participant à des projets portant sur l'adaptation aux changements climatiques réalisés en Afrique, en Asie ainsi qu'en Amérique latine et dans les Caraïbes que le CRDI subventionne par le truchement de son programme Changements ...

  15. Etat des controverses des approches cognitive et ecologique en ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Cette revue de question vise à présenter dans le champ de l'apprentissage moteur, le sens des postulats des approches cognitive et écologique de même que les critiques formulées à leur encontre. Des documents scientifiques et articles de revues indexées et publiés dans la banque de données MEDLINE, ont été ...

  16. Étude phénotypique de la résistance des bactéries isolées des eaux ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    30 nov. 2017 ... maladies avec des risques élevés lorsque les bactéries sont résistantes aux antibiotiques. (Servais and Passerat 2009). Les eaux de surface sont les réceptacles des eaux usées aussi bien industrielles, agricoles, hospitalières que domestiques. Ces eaux de surface polluées, dans certains pays peuvent ...

  17. Fourrages ligneux des savanes du Tchad : Etat actuel des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Une meilleure méthode d'aménagement et de gestion des ligneux fourragers en vue de leur utilisation optimale a été proposée. Mots clés ...... Toutefois, la présence massive des rejets de souches observée au niveau des classes supérieures à [0-0,5 m[ est une forme d'adaptation et une stratégie de survie des espèces ...

  18. Direction des Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Unité de Recherche des Matériaux et des Energies Renouvelables (U.R.M.E.R). Université Abou –Baker Belkaid B.p : 119 Tlemcen 13000 Algerie. 2. Unité de Développement de la Technologie Du Silicium. UDTS, BP 399, Alger, Algérie. Accepté le : 08/06/2011. صخلم. داوﻣﻟا نﻣ ﻲﺗﻟا ﺔﺻﺎﺧو ،ﺔﻋﺎﻧﺻ يأ رﯾوطﺗ ﻲﻓ ﺎﯾﺳﯾﺋر ﻼﻣﺎﻋ ةرﯾﺧﻷا تاوﻧﺳﻟا ...

  19. Table des tableaux



    1. District de l’Inquisition de Tolède. Distances depuis le siège 19 2. District de l’Inquisition de Tolède. Répartition de la population par régions géographiques en 1591 24 3. District de l’Inquisition de Tolède. Évolution de la population au XVIe siècle par régions géographiques 25 4. Inquisition de Tolède. Origine des étrangers vieux-chrétiens jugés par le tribunal 27 5. Inquisition de Tolède. Répartition des clercs selon le type d’agglomération 55 6. District de l’Inquisition de Tolède, ...

  20. Development and featuring of hemispherical photomultipliers for cosmic ray detection - calibration of surface detectors and analysis of horizontal showers at the Pierre Auger Observatory; Developpement et caracterisation de photomultiplicateurs hemispheriques pour les experiences d'astroparticules - etalonnage des detecteurs de surface et analyse des gerbes horizontales de l'Observatoire Pierre Auger

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dornic, D


    The large photomultipliers (PMT) are currently used in astro-particle and neutrino experiments where they have to detect low levels of light. We have studied and characterised large PMTs developed by the PHOTONIS Group Company. The first part of this thesis is dedicated to the full characterization of two types of multipliers currently used in large PMTs. Then, we present results of a new photocathode process, applied on the XPI805 (PMT used in the Pierre Auger Observatory) in order to improve the quantum efficiency. Finally, we study the PMT diameter influence on main parameters (5, 8 and 10 inches). The second part is devoted to the study of the water Cerenkov tank (WCD) response to the shower particles and the horizontal air showers analysis with the Pierre Auger Observatory. The main parameters of a WCD simulation developed in the Auger IPN group were calibrated with several measurements on vertical and inclined muons, performed on dedicated test tanks. The kind of detector used in the surface detector allows detecting very inclined events with a good sensitivity (zenith angle superior to 70 degrees). We have established specific methods to analyze these events (selection and reconstruction). These methods were applied to the Auger data in order to obtain the energy spectrum of the horizontal events. Finally, we detailed two methods to test directly the hadronic models predictions by studying the air showers muonic component. (author)

  1. Liste des figures



    Claudine Fabre-Vassas, Identification d'un rite 1. Ordonnance de 1779 interdisant «la méthode de guérir les hernies par la castration» 66 Christian Bromberger, Pour une ethnologie du spectacle sportif 1. La popularité relative de deux vedettes de l'Olympique de Marseille 228 2. Répartition des spectateurs marseillais dans le stade d'après leur origine résidentielle 232

  2. Direction des Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    7 sept. 2011 ... D‟autre part une approche statistique sera menée à partir de l‟analyse en composantes principales (ACP) afin de déterminer les processus géochimiques responsables de l‟évolution de la salinité des sols. 2. Matériel et méthodes. 2.1 Cadre physique. Le lac Fetzara est situé à 18 km au Sud-. Ouest de ...

  3. Direction des Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Notre objectif est d‟élaborer des couches minces en Fe-Si par copulvérisation cathodique magnétron à différent pourcentage de silicium dans une atmosphère inerte d‟Argon et de les caractériser du point de vue physique. (composition chimique, microstructure…). Ces couches peuvent servir comme capteur magnétique.

  4. Des Ogle's old stump

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Jones, M.; Sutton, D.; Wallace, R.


    On 17 October 1997 Sylvia Bryan of RD4 Kaitaia wrote to 'Dear Somebody-Everybody' at the Anthropology Department, University of Auckland, urging further examination of an adzed stump found by Des Ogle during planting out of the Te Aupouri forest. The authors have since sought out relevant information and present it here for the interests of our readers. (author). 7 refs., 1 fig

  5. Long-term followup and outcome of continent catheterizable vesicocstomy using the Rink modification. (United States)

    Cain, Mark P; Rink, Richard C; Yerkes, Elizabeth B; Kaefer, Martin; Casale, Anthony J


    Multiple techniques have been described to create a Mitrofanoff channel in the pediatric population. A small subset of patients only requires creation of a catheterizable channel without bladder augmentation. These patients are ideal candidates for a procedure that avoids the use of intestine, especially in the absence of a suitable appendix. We used a modification of the Casale vesicostomy, as described by Rink, to create a continent vesicostomy in these children. We report our long-term experience with this technique. We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of all patients who underwent continent vesicostomy at our institution between 1992 and 2000. Patient diagnosis, stomal site, associated bladder procedures, stomal continence, followup and complications associated with continent vesicostomy were documented. Of the 31 patients who underwent continent vesicostomy, as described by Rink, 14 were female and 17 were male. Average age was 9 years (range 2.5 to 22). Primary diagnosis included neuropathic bladder in 15 cases, the prune-belly syndrome in 6, cloacal exstrophy/anomaly in 5 and other in 5. The stoma was placed in the lower abdomen in 17 patients, in the umbilicus in 7 and in a neoumbilicus in 7. Simultaneous procedures included ureteral reimplantation in 8 cases, bladder augmentation in 5, bladder neck surgery in 4 and reduction cystoplasty in 2. Mean followup was 41 months. All patients achieved excellent stomal continence. Complications included stomal stenosis requiring revision in 14 cases (45%). Stenosis developed in 60% of the patients with neuropathic bladder and in 86% with an umbilical stoma. Eventually 6 patients underwent conversion to an alternative catheterizable channel. Continent vesicostomy can be performed successfully when there is any underlying bladder pathology with 100% stomal continence. Despite the higher rate of stomal problems with this type of Mitrofanoff channel we think that continent vesicostomy is a reasonable

  6. Dictionnaire des risques psychosociaux

    CERN Document Server

    Zawieja, Philippe


    Stress, suicide, harcèlement, épuisement professionnel, workaholism... Au-delà de la souffrance qu'elles désignent, ces notions souvent récentes constituent une approche inédite, et demandent à mieux être comprises, dans leur ensemble et isolément. C'est tout l'enjeu de ce dictionnaire, pionnier en son genre. Le lecteur y trouvera représentés, avec les 314 entrées (rédigées par 251 contributeurs) qui le composent, tous les champs disciplinaires s'intéressant à la souffrance au travail : psychologie du travail et des organisations, psychologie sociale et psychosociologie, psychanalyse, psychopathologie et psychiatrie, ergonomie, sociologie du travail et des organisations, médecine du travail, droit du travail et de la sécurité sociale, sciences de gestion, philosophie... Y sont détaillés les principaux concepts, notions, approches, méthodes, théories, outils, études, etc., ayant cours dans l'étude des risques psychosociaux, mais aussi certaines professions emblématiques (infirmières,...

  7. Administrateur de programme, Application des connaissances ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Supervision. Supervision directe : Consultants et personnel temporaire, au besoin. Supervision indirecte : Consultants chargés de préparer des sommaires des résultats de recherche et des communications internes, et personnel temporaire au besoin.

  8. How the continents deform: The evidence from tectonic geodesy (United States)

    Thatcher, Wayne R.


    Space geodesy now provides quantitative maps of the surface velocity field within tectonically active regions, supplying constraints on the spatial distribution of deformation, the forces that drive it, and the brittle and ductile properties of continental lithosphere. Deformation is usefully described as relative motions among elastic blocks and is block-like because major faults are weaker than adjacent intact crust. Despite similarities, continental block kinematics differs from global plate tectonics: blocks are much smaller, typically ∼100–1000 km in size; departures from block rigidity are sometimes measurable; and blocks evolve over ∼1–10 Ma timescales, particularly near their often geometrically irregular boundaries. Quantitatively relating deformation to the forces that drive it requires simplifying assumptions about the strength distribution in the lithosphere. If brittle/elastic crust is strongest, interactions among blocks control the deformation. If ductile lithosphere is the stronger, its flow properties determine the surface deformation, and a continuum approach is preferable.

  9. Projektmanagement in Zeiten des Wandels


    Papesch, Gerti


    Projektmanagement in Zeiten des Wandels : 2. Fachtagung Projektmanagement, 1. Oktober 2003 / ZWW, Zentrum für Weiterbildung und Wissenstransfer. Gerhard Wilhems ... - Augsburg : ZWW, 2003. - VI, 190 S.

  10. Meconnaissance des traumatismes des voies urinaires dans un ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Meconnaissance des traumatismes des voies urinaires dans un contexte de poly traumatisme: a propos de deux observations. ... They insist on good clinical assessment of abdominal trauma doubled the achievement of imaging tests to not overlook lesions of the urinary tract that can put patient's life threatening. Keywords: ...

  11. Composition chimique et effet Acaricide des huiles essentielles des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    La composition chimique et l\\'effet acaricide des huiles essentielles des feuilles de Chenopodium ambrosioides et Eucalyptus saligna vis-à-vis de Rhipicephalus lunulatus ont été évalués au Laboratoire de Chimie Appliquée et Environnementale de l\\'Université de Dschang dans l\\'Ouest du Cameroun. Cinq doses de ...

  12. Culture du bambou : diversification des moyens de subsistance des ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Culture du bambou : diversification des moyens de subsistance des petits producteurs de tabac du sud de la province de Nyanza, au Kenya - phase II. Au cours de la première phase du projet (projet no 103765), les chercheurs ont effectué une analyse de marché pour le bambou et les produits du bambou, comparé les ...

  13. Diversification des moyens de subsistance des petits producteurs de ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    L'économie du Malawi repose essentiellement sur la culture du tabac, qui représente plus de 70 % des revenus d'exportation. Pour 60 % des 100 000 membres de la National Smallholder Farmers' Association of Malawi (NASFAM), le tabac est la seule et unique source de revenus. Les cultivateurs de tabac, au Malawi ...

  14. Etude des interactions entre les differents acteurs des interventions ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Etude des interactions entre les differents acteurs des interventions sous directives communautaires et changements obtenus au Benin et au Togo. P.V. Malou Adom, Ch. P. Makoutode, T Gnaro, A.R. Ouro-Koura, E.M. Ouendo, G Napo-Koura, M Makoutode ...

  15. Effets des biomasses vertes de Tithonia diversifolia et des engrais ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Innovation (MINRESI) pour avoir financé l'intégralité des activités relatives à cette étude. RESUME. L'amélioration de la productivité des sols ferralitiques en zone forestière peut être possible grâce aux intrants locaux en complément à la fertilisation ...

  16. Gestion des ressources naturelles : des solutions avantageuses à ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    environnement et l'accès aux ressources naturelles est un enjeu crucial. Ces 40 dernières années, des chercheurs appuyés par le CRDI ont trouvé des moyens novateurs de réduire la pauvreté tout en protégeant les ressources naturelles dont ...

  17. La recherche en action : des solutions locales, des effets durables ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    15 déc. 2010 ... Le Centre de recherches pour le développement international (CRDI) appuie la production et l'application de connaissances qui améliorent de façon notable la situation des habitants des pays en développement.

  18. Roles et taches des accompagnateurs des patients hospitalises ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Roles et taches des accompagnateurs des patients hospitalises dans le service de pneumo-phtysiologie au Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Yalgado Ouedraogo de ... Logistical support represented by material support, drug supply, cleaning of premises, and littering occupied respectively 100%, 91%, 42% and 73%.

  19. An assessment of stressor extent and biological condition in the North American mid-continent great rivers (USA) (United States)

    Angradi, Ted R.; Bolgriend, David W.; Jicha, Terri M.; Pearson, Mark S.; Taylor, Debra L.; Moffett, Mary F.; Blocksom, Karen A.; Walters, David M.; Elonen, Colleen M.; Anderson, Leroy E.; Lazorchak, James M.; Reavie, Euan D.; Kireta, Amy R.; Hill, Brian H.


    We assessed the North American mid-continent great rivers (Upper Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio). We estimated the extent of each river in most- (MDC) or least-disturbed condition (LDC) based on multiple biological response indicators: fish and macroinvertebrate, trophic state based on chlorophyll a, macrophyte cover, and exposure of fish-eating wildlife to toxic contaminants in fish tissue (Hg, total chlordane, total DDT, PCBs). We estimated the extent of stressors on each river including nutrients, suspended solids, sediment toxicity, invasive species, and land use (agriculture and impervious surface). All three rivers had a greater percent of their river length in MDC than in LDC based on fish assemblages. The Upper Mississippi River had the greatest percent of river length with eutrophic status. The Ohio River had the greatest percent of river length with fish with tissue contaminant levels toxic to wildlife. Overall, condition indices based on fish assemblages were more sensitive to stress than macroinvertebrate indices. Compared to the streams in its basin, more of the Upper Mississippi and Missouri Rivers were in MDC for nutrients than the Ohio River. Invasive species (Asian carp and Dreissenid mussels) were less widespread and less abundant on the Missouri River than on the other great rivers. The Ohio River had the most urbanized floodplains (greatest percent impervious surface). The Missouri River had the most floodplain agriculture. The effect of large urban areas on river condition was apparent for several indicators. Ecosystem condition based in fish assemblages, trophic state, and fish tissue contamination was related to land use on the floodplain and at the subcatchment scale. This is the first unbiased bioassessment of the mid-continent great rivers in the United States. The indicators, condition thresholds, results, and recommendations from this program are a starting point for improved future great river assessments.

  20. La diffraction des neutrons et des rayons X pour l'étude structurale des liquides et des verres (United States)

    Fischer, H. E.; Salmon, P. S.; Barnes, A. C.


    La compréhension de mainte propriété physique d'un verre ou d'un liquide nécessite la connaissance des facteurs de structure partiels (PSFs) qui décrivent chacun la distribution d'une espèce atomique autour d'une autre. La technique de diffraction des neutrons avec substitution isotopique (NDIS) [1,2,3], ayant bien réussi a déterminer les PSFs de certains composés [4,5], est pourtant restreinte aux isotopes présentant un contraste suffisant en longueur de diffusion. D'un autre cote, la technique de diffusion anomale des rayons X (AXS ou AXD) [6] permet de faire varier la longueur de diffusion d'une espèce atomique pourvu que son énergie d'absorption soit à la fois accessible et suffisamment élevée pour donner un assez grand transfert du moment. La combinaison des techniques de diffraction des neutrons (avec ou sans substitution isotopique) et de diffraction des rayons X (avec ou sans diffusion anomale) peut donc permettre d'obtenir un meilleur contraste en longueurs de diffusion pour un système donné, mais exige une analyse de données plus soignée pour pouvoir bien tenir compte des erreurs systématiques qui sont différentes pour les 2 techniques [7]. Pour les atomes ayant des distributions électroniques quasi-sphériques, e.g. dans le cas d'un alliage liquide, la combinaison des techniques de NDIS et de diffraction des rayons X s'est déjà montrée très avantageuse pour la détermination des PSFs [8,9]. Dans le cas des verres ayant d'importantes liaisons covalentes, l'effective combinaison des 2 techniques peut être moins directe mais facilitée lorsqu'il s'agit des atomes de grand Z [10,11]. Nous présentons ici un sommaire du méthode et quelques exemples des résultats.

  1. La microscopie ionique analytique des tissus biologiques (United States)

    Galle, P.

    Proposed in 1960 by R. Castaing and G. Slodzian, secondary ion emission microanalysis is a microanalytical method which is now largely used for the study of inert material. The instrument called the analytical ion microscope can also be used for the study of biological spécimens ; images representing the distribution of a given stable or radioactive isotope in a tissue section are obtained with a resolution of 0.5 μm. Among the characteristics of this method, two are of particular interest in biological research : its capacity for isotopic analysis and its very high sensitivity which makes possible for the first time a chemical analysis of element at a very low or even at a trace concentration in a microvolume. Proposé en 1960 par R. Castaing et G. Slodzian, la microanalyse par émission ionique secondaire est une méthode qui permet, entre autre, d'obtenir des images représentant la distribution des isotopes présents à la surface d'un échantillon solide avec une résolution de 0,5 μm. D'intérêt très général, cette méthode a été d'abord largement utilisée pour l'étude des matériaux inertes. Elle offre en outre des possibilités entièrement nouvelles dans le domaine de la recherche biomédicale. L'instrument réalisé, le microscope ionique analytique présente deux caractéristiques particulièrement intéressantes pour la biologie : la possibilité d'analyse isotopique, et l'extrême sensibilité permettant de détecter et de localiser dans une coupe histologique des éléments à des concentrations très faibles voire à l'état de trace.

  2. Spatiotemporal Variability of Snow Depth across Eurasian Continent from 1966 to 2008 (United States)

    Zhong, X.; Zhang, T.; Wang, K.


    Snow depth is one of the important parameters of snow cover, and it affects the surface energy balance, assessment of snow water equivalent, ecosystem, soil temperatures, and water cycle as a whole. In this study, the long-term observed snow depth from 1972 meteorological stations and snow course sites were used to investigate snow depth climatology and its spatiotemporal variations over Eurasian Continent from 1966 to 2008. Preliminary results showed that snow depth was affected by latitude, which in general snow depth increased with the increasing latitude. The higher values of snow depth were found in the northeastern European Russia, the east of western Siberia, the west of central Siberia, Kamchatka Peninsula, and some areas of Sakhalin. While the lower snow accumulation occurred in most areas of China except for the north of Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China, Northeast China, and some regions of the southwestern Tibet. Both of the trends in inter-annual variability of annual mean snow depth and annual maximum snow depth were not significant. However, the long-term monthly mean snow depth had obvious increasing trends from February to May. There were similar spatial distributions of linear trend coefficients of annual mean snow depth and annual maximum snow depth across the former Soviet Union (USSR). The most significant trends of changes in annual mean snow depth and annual maximum snow depth were found between 40° to 70°N. The obvious trends of variability in monthly mean snow depth appeared in the areas between 50° to 60°N. The significant decreasing trends in monthly mean snow depth were observed in most areas of China from February to March. This may be largely influenced by climate change, which leads to an advancing of the end date of snow cover.

  3. Quality audit--a review of the literature concerning delivery of continence care. (United States)

    Swaffield, J


    This paper outlines the role of quality audit within the framework of quality assurance, presenting the concurrent and retrospective approaches available. The literature survey provides a review of the limited audit tools available and their application to continence services and care delivery, as well as attempts to produce tools from national and local standard setting. Audit is part of a process; it can involve staff, patients and their relatives and the team of professionals providing care, as well as focusing on organizational and management levels. In an era of market delivery of services there is a need to justify why audit is important to continence advisors and managers. Effectiveness, efficiency and economics may drive the National Health Service, but quality assurance, which includes standards and audit tools, offers the means to ensure the quality of continence services and care to patients and auditing is also required in the purchaser/provider contracts for patient services. An overview and progress to date of published and other a projects in auditing continence care and service is presented. By outlining and highlighting the audit of continence service delivery and care as a basis on which to build quality assurance programmes, it is hoped that this knowledge will be shared through the setting up of a central auditing clearing project.

  4. Avancement des travaux électriques LHC point 1

    CERN Document Server

    Delidais, M


    Après la première phase d'analyse des principes de la distribution en électricité de la zone 1 du LHC et de l'expérience ATLAS, les études sont à présent orientées vers la définition des implantations des principaux équipements tels que transformateurs, tableaux basse tension, alimentations statiques de sécurité, ainsi que vers la détermination du cheminement des câbles dans les ouvrages de surface et à travers les ouvrages souterrains USA15, UX15 et les galeries de liaison. Les études des services généraux sont également menées pour les bâtiments de surface qui seront mis prochainement à disposition par le génie civil, en particulier la station de refroidissement SF1 ainsi que le bâtiment SUX1 pour lesquels les travaux d'installation devraient débuter sous peu pour être achevés dans le premier trimestre 2001.

  5. GPS Recovery of Daily Hydrologic and Atmospheric Mass Variation: A Methodology and Results From the Australian Continent (United States)

    Han, Shin-Chan; Razeghi, S. Mahdiyeh


    We present a methodology to invert a regional set of vertical displacement data from Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the surface mass redistribution. It is assumed that GPS deformation is a result of the Earth's elastic response to the surface mass load of hydrology, atmosphere, and/or ocean. We develop an algorithm to estimate the spectral information of displacements from "regional" GPS data through regional spherical (Slepian) basis functions and apply the load Love numbers to estimate the mass load. The same approach is applied to determine global mass changes from "global" geopotential change data of Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE). We rigorously examine all systematic errors caused by various truncations (spherical harmonic series and Slepian series) and the smoothing constraint applied to the GPS inversion. We demonstrate the technique by processing 16 years of daily vertical motions determined from 114 GPS stations in Australia. The GPS-inverted surface mass changes are validated against GRACE data, atmosphere and ocean models, and a land surface model. Seasonal and interannual terrestrial mass variations from GPS are in good agreement with GRACE data and the water storage models. The GPS recovery compares better with the water storage model around the smaller coastal basins than two different GRACE solutions. The submonthly mass changes from GPS provide meaningful results agreeing with atmospheric mass changes in central Australia. Finally, it is suggested to integrate GPS and GRACE data to draw a comprehensive picture of daily mass changes on different continents.

  6. Apprivoiser le lion blessé — La transformation des forces de ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    1 févr. 2011 ... On y trouve des exemples de bonnes et de mauvaises pratiques glanés aux quatre coins du continent, de même qu'un exposé de nouvelles valeurs telles que l'approche de la « sécurité humaine » défendue par le Canada aux Nations Unies. Ce guide vise à faciliter la prise de décisions éclairées en ...

  7. Compréhension des traumatismes et du processus de réconciliation ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Compréhension des traumatismes et du processus de réconciliation à la suite de violences collectives de nature politique (Inde). Peu d'études ont été menées sur le problème de la réconciliation et de la justice sur le sous-continent indien après les émeutes consécutives à la partition de l'Inde en 1947, émeutes qui ...

  8. Comparison and Validation of Long Time Serial Global GEOV1 and Regional Australian MODIS Fractional Vegetation Cover Products Over the Australian Continent

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yanling Ding


    Full Text Available Fractional vegetation cover (FVC is one of the most critical parameters in monitoring vegetation status. Comprehensive assessment of the FVC products is critical for their improvement and use in land surface models. This study investigates the performances of two major long time serial FVC products: GEOV1 and Australian MODIS. The spatial and temporal consistencies of these products were compared during the 2000–2012 period over the main biome types across the Australian continent. Their accuracies were validated by 443 FVC in-situ measurements during the 2011–2012 period. Our results show that there are strong correlations between the GEOV1 and Australian MODIS FVC products over the main Australian continent while they exhibit large differences and uncertainties in the coastal regions covered by dense forests. GEOV1 and Australian MODIS describe similar seasonal variations over the main biome types with differences in magnitude, while Australian MODIS exhibit unstable temporal variations over grasslands and shifted seasonal variations over evergreen broadleaf forests. The GEOV1 and Australian MODIS products overestimate FVC values over the biome types with high vegetation density and underestimate FVC in sparsely vegetated areas and grasslands. Overall, the GEOV1 and Australian MODIS FVC products agree with in-situ FVC values with a RMSE around 0.10 over the Australian continent.

  9. La cogestion des Ressources naturelles

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Comprend des réf. bibliogr. ISBN 1-55250-329-1. 1. Cogestion des ressources naturelles—Pays en voie de développement—Cas, Études de. 2. Conservation ...... De fait, les villageois en imputaient la faute aux fonctionnaires nationaux et locaux qui n'avaient pas su mettre efficacement en oeuvre les politiques forestières.

  10. Presentación: La Historia continúa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julio Perez Serrano


    Full Text Available Por fortuna para quienes humildemente cultivamos este conocimiento, la Historia continúa. Las utopías finalistas que hace sólo una década inundaron el mercado de la letra impresa han sido borradas de un plumazo por la tozudez de los hechos. Aunque parezca increíble, en muchos aspectos nuestro futuro es hoy más incierto de lo que lo era hace veinte, treinta o cincuenta años. En lógica correspondencia con ello, el presente ha recobrado un impetuoso protagonismo. Siempre cambiante, punta de flecha del tiempo, el presente no puede dejar de ser visto en nuestros días sino como una angosta ventana hacia el futuro. Por esta ventana se han asomado ya desde antiguo, en tiempos de crisis, literatos y filósofos, y más recientemente lo han hecho periodistas, sociólogos, demógrafos, politólogos, economistas, físicos, bioquímicos, ecólogos y muchos otros científicos. También el ciudadano de la calle vive y entiende su presente como producto del pasado e indicio de lo que habrá de depararle el porvenir. No es más que el reflejo de hasta qué punto carece de sentido fijar fronteras impenetrables en el ámbito temporal.Son todavía pocos, sin embargo, los historiadores que han osado acercarse al presente con esta perspectiva. Algunos más lo han hecho buscando el anclaje con el pasado más próximo, quizá como forma de asegurar una continuidad con lo que hasta hace poco, y aun actualmente, se ha considerado propio de este oficio: el estudio del pasado. La Historia del Tiempo Presente ha ido tomando cuerpo así como un campo específico de la Historia centrado en el análisis del pretérito inmediato, un tiempo que subsiste en la memoria de las generaciones vivas y que, por influencia de éstas, es considerado propio (presente por el conjunto de la sociedad[1]. Ciertamente en este terreno los avances teóricos no son desdeñables, y superan con creces a las realizaciones prácticas, aunque quizá éste no sea el principal obstáculo que se

  11. Analysis of SWOT spatial and temporal samplings over continents (United States)

    Biancamaria, Sylvain; Lamy, Alain; Mognard, Nelly


    The future Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite mission, collaboratively developed by NASA, CNES and CSA, is a joint oceanography/continental hydrology mission planned for launch in 2020. In June 2013, a new SWOT orbit has been selected with a 77.6° inclination, a 21 days repeat cycle and a 891 km altitude. The main satellite payload (a Ka-band SAR Interferometer), will provide 2D maps of water elevation, mask and slope over two swaths, both having a 50 km extent. These two swaths will be separated by a 20 km nadir gap. Most of the studies concerning SWOT published since 2007 have considered a former orbit with a 78° inclination, 22 day repeat orbit and a 970 km altitude and a 60 km extent for each swath. None of them have studied the newly selected orbit and the impact of the 20 km nadir gap on the spatial coverage has not been much explored. The purpose of the work presented here is to investigate the spatial and temporal coverage given this new orbit and the actual swath extent (2*50 km swaths with the 20 km nadir gap in between) and compare it to the former SWOT configuration. It is shown that the new configuration will have almost no impact on the computation of monthly averages, however it will impact the spatial coverage. Because of the nadir gap, the orbit repeatitivity and the swaths extent, 3.6% of the continental surfaces in between 78°S and 78°N will never be observed by SWOT (which was previously equal to 2.2% with the former SWOT configuration). The equatorial regions will be the most impacted, as uncovered area could go up to ~14% locally, whereas it never exceeded 9% with the previous SWOT configuration.

  12. Direction des Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    diabète et le tabagisme sont des facteurs de risque reconnus [2-4]. Les données épidémiologiques recueillies au cours de ces trente dernières années laissent ... réduction d‟expression du gène LOX-1 et de la libération de TNFα stimulée par les. LDL-oxydées [22]. Chez l‟homme, in vivo, Voutilainen et al. [23] ont mis en ...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    1 janv. 2004 ... liquide purulent, sérosanguinolent, ou fécaloïde. Les lésions retrouvées étaient classées en lésions utérines et annexielles (Tableau I), lésions ... femmes par an dans le Monde d'après l'Organisation. Mondiale de la Santé [15]. Leur fréquence élevée dans notre série impose une prise systématique des ...

  14. Direction des Publications

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Revue Synthèse N° 22, Décembre 2010. N. Benrachou et al. 19. Tableau 3. Composition en triglycérides des trois huiles d'olive). Blanquette. Limli. Bouricha. Variétés. Triglycérides. N° pic. NCE. 3,24 ± 0,01. 2,86± 0,02. 1,06 ± 0,03. LLL. 1. 42. 2,97 ± 0,01. 2,15 ± 0,07. 1,71 ± 0,06. OLLn +PoLL. 2. 0,21 ± 0,01. 0,66 ± 0,02.

  15. Liste des auteurs



    Garry Apgar The Voltair Society of America, New York Jean Balcou Université de Bretagne occidentale, Brest Annie Becq Université de Caen Paul Benhamou. Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Reed Benhamou Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Jacqueline Biard-Millerioux Université de Poitiers Françoise Bléchet Bibliothèque nationale de France, département des manuscrits, Paris Nicolas Brucker Université de Metz Else-Marie Bukdahl The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhague Christo...

  16. Gestion des ressources naturelles

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Mais la situation évolue grâce aux travaux du Réseau international sur le bam- bou et le rotin (INBAR), créé par le CRDI dans les années 1990. À Allahabad, en Inde, la culture du bam- bou a permis de rétablir la fertilité des sols dégradés par l'extraction de l'argile nécessaire à la fabrication de briques, et les agriculteurs.

  17. Flux des polluants liés aux activités anthropiques, risques sur les ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Les activités anthropiques interfèrent sur les eaux de surface en créant des problèmes environnementaux et sanitaires. Les activités domestiques, agricoles, industrielles, hospitalières, et les activités de pêche artisanale et de tourisme, sont les plus incriminées. La pollution des eaux de surface par les métaux lourds, les ...

  18. Overactive bladder is a negative predictor of achieving continence after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. (United States)

    Yamada, Yuta; Fujimura, Tetsuya; Fukuhara, Hiroshi; Sugihara, Toru; Miyazaki, Hideyo; Nakagawa, Tohru; Kume, Haruki; Igawa, Yasuhiko; Homma, Yukio


    To investigate predictors of continence outcomes after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. Clinical records of 272 patients who underwent robot-assisted radical prostatectomy were investigated. Preoperative Overactive Bladder Symptom Score, International Prostate Symptom Score and clinicopathological factors were investigated, and relationships between factors and recovery of continence after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy were assessed. The presence of overactive bladder was defined as having urgency for more than once a week and having ≥3 points according to the Overactive Bladder Symptom Score. Age (≤66 years) was significantly associated with continence within 6 months after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (P = 0.033). The absence of overactive bladder and lower Overactive Bladder Symptom Score (robot-assisted radical prostatectomy, Kaplan-Meier curves showed earlier recovery in "age ≤66 years," "prostate weight ≤40 g" and "overactive bladder symptom score robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. © 2017 The Japanese Urological Association.

  19. Le comportement des thons tropicaux autour des objets flottants: de l'étude des comportements individuels et collectifs à l'étude du piège écologique


    Robert, Marianne


    Les recherches en halieutique ont pour objectif d’améliorer les connaissances sur le fonctionnement des populations de poissons afin de transférer celle-ci vers des outils de gestion. Ce travail de thèse repose sur un ensemble d’expériences et de modélisations destinées à approfondir notre compréhension générale du comportement associatif de poissons grands pélagiques avec des objets flottants à la surface de l’océan. Notre objectif est de tester si les milliers d’objets flottants artificiels...

  20. Utilisation sans risque des eaux usées, des excréta et des eaux ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Les responsables de ce projet piloteront l'application et l'adaptation des principes directeurs relatifs à l'utilisation sans risque des eaux usées, des excreta et des eaux grises en agriculture et en aquaculture (Guidelines for the Safe Use of Wastewater, Excreta and Greywater in Agriculture and Aquaculture), que ...

  1. Intégration des matériaux en terre cuite dans la valorisation des sédiments marins

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frar Ikram


    Full Text Available L’objectif de ce travail est de valoriser les sédiments de dragage portuaire non traités des ports de Tanger et de Larache dans des matériaux de construction en terre cuite et plus précisément dans les briques. Une caractérisation complète des sédiments de dragage des ports de Tanger et de Larache a été réalisée à partir d’analyses chimiques, physiques, minéralogiques et environnementales. On a noté l’absence de pollution métallique. La suite de l’étude a consisté à élaborer des échantillons de briques à base de sédiments à l’échelle du laboratoire. Le taux de substitution optimum d’argile entrant dans la formulation des briques par les sédiments a été évalué à l’aide d’essais mécaniques. Les paramètres tels que la surface spécifique des mélanges, la porosité, l’absorption d’eau et la masse volumique apparente influençant le comportement des briques ont été déterminés.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    SEI Joseph

    interfaces entre les solides, une solution aqueuse et un gaz généralement l'air. ... Le but du présent travail est de faire des essais d'adsorption de deux acides gras sur la surface minérale de la calcite .... décanter, on introduit la prise d'essai tout en ajoutant 50 mL d'eau distillée, du sel pour extraire l'acide gras, 40 mL de ...

  3. Fear and overprotection in Australian residential aged-care facilities: The inadvertent impact of regulation on quality continence care. (United States)

    Ostaszkiewicz, Joan; O'Connell, Beverly; Dunning, Trisha


    Most residents in residential aged-care facilities are incontinent. This study explored how continence care was provided in residential aged-care facilities, and describes a subset of data about staffs' beliefs and experiences of the quality framework and the funding model on residents' continence care. Using grounded theory methodology, 18 residential aged-care staff members were interviewed and 88 hours of field observations conducted in two facilities. Data were analysed using a combination of inductive and deductive analytic procedures. Staffs' beliefs and experiences about the requirements of the quality framework and the funding model fostered a climate of fear and risk adversity that had multiple unintended effects on residents' continence care, incentivising dependence on continence management, and equating effective continence care with effective pad use. There is a need to rethink the quality of continence care and its measurement in Australian residential aged-care facilities. © 2015 AJA Inc.

  4. Posterior and anterior fixation of the urethra during robotic prostatectomy improves early continence rates. (United States)

    Koliakos, Nikolaos; Mottrie, Alexandre; Buffi, Nicolo; De Naeyer, Geert; Willemsen, Pieter; Fonteyne, Etienne


    To investigate whether posterior and anterior fixation of the vesicourethral anastomosis during robotic radical prostatectomy (RRP) helps to establish continence earlier. Forty-seven consecutive patients undergoing RRP were randomized into two groups. The first group received a typical Van Velthoven vesicourethral anastomosis and the second group a modified anastomosis with posterior and anterior fixation. In this group the posterior fibrous tissues of the sphincter were sutured to the residual Denonvilliers' fascia. The anastomosis with two running sutures started at the 6 o'clock position on the bladder neck and continued upwards. Two-step stitching was done on the upper half of the anastomosis to ensure good stabilization of the bladder: a small portion of urethral stump followed by a deep haemostatic stitch on the plexus. Continence, as measured by patient self-reporting of the number of pads used per 24 h, was assessed 7 weeks after catheter removal, by telephone interview. The use of no pads or one pad was defined as "continent", two pads as "moderate incontinence" and more than two pads as "severe incontinence". At catheter removal, more patients in the fixation group were continent than in the Van Velthoven group [9/23 (39%) vs 3/24 (12.5%), p = 0.036]. At 7 weeks, continence was even better in the fixation group [15/23 (65%) vs 8/24 (33%), p = 0. 029]. The mean pad usage was less in the fixation group (1.43 vs 2.25, p = 0.032). The posterior and anterior fixation of the vesicourethral anastomosis during RRP results in an intact sphincteric mechanism, because no stretch is applied to the urethra, resulting in earlier continence.

  5. Impact of abuse-deterrent OxyContin on prescription opioid utilization. (United States)

    Hwang, Catherine S; Chang, Hsien-Yen; Alexander, G Caleb


    We quantified the degree to which the August 2010 reformulation of abuse-deterrent OxyContin affected its use, as well as the use of alternative extended-release and immediate-release opioids. We used the IMS Health National Prescription Audit, a nationally representative source of prescription activity in the USA, to conduct a segmented time-series analysis of the use of OxyContin and other prescription opioids. Our primary time period of interest was 12 months prior to and following August 2010. We performed model checks and sensitivity analyses, such as adjusting for marketing and promotion, using alternative lag periods, and adding extra observation points. OxyContin sales were similar before and after the August 2010 reformulation, with approximately 550 000 monthly prescriptions. After adjusting for declines in the generic extended-release oxycodone market, the formulation change was associated with a reduction of approximately 18 000 OxyContin prescription sales per month (p = 0.02). This decline corresponded to a change in the annual growth rate of OxyContin use, from 4.9% prior to the reformulation to -23.8% during the year after the reformulation. There were no statistically significant changes associated with the sales of alternative extended-release (p = 0.42) or immediate-release (p = 0.70) opioids. Multiple sensitivity analyses supported these findings and their substantive interpretation. The market debut of abuse-deterrent OxyContin was associated with declines in its use after accounting for the simultaneous contraction of the generic extended-release oxycodone market. Further scrutiny into the effect of abuse-deterrent formulations on medication use and health outcomes is vital given their popularity in opioid drug development. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  6. Un vasto campo: «Les langues du nouveau continent»

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Trabant Jürgen


    Full Text Available

    Con esta frase de sencillez clásica comienza el bello ensayo en lengua francesa, de Wilhelm von Humboldt, «Essai sur les langues du nouveau continent», texto escrito en 1812 en Viena, que iba a constituirse en epílogo de su obra Voyage aux régions équinoxiales du nouveau continent, pero que quedó inconcluso como muchas otras obras suyas. Vale recordar que el «Gran Libro» sobre las lenguas americanas, tantas veces comenzado, nunca se terminó.

  7. Global Mapping of Oceanic and Continental Shelf Crustal Thickness and Ocean-Continent Transition Structure (United States)

    Kusznir, Nick; Alvey, Andy; Roberts, Alan


    The 3D mapping of crustal thickness for continental shelves and oceanic crust, and the determination of ocean-continent transition (OCT) structure and continent-ocean boundary (COB) location, represents a substantial challenge. Geophysical inversion of satellite derived free-air gravity anomaly data incorporating a lithosphere thermal anomaly correction (Chappell & Kusznir, 2008) now provides a useful and reliable methodology for mapping crustal thickness in the marine domain. Using this we have produced the first comprehensive maps of global crustal thickness for oceanic and continental shelf regions. Maps of crustal thickness and continental lithosphere thinning factor from gravity inversion may be used to determine the distribution of oceanic lithosphere, micro-continents and oceanic plateaux including for the inaccessible polar regions (e.g. Arctic Ocean, Alvey et al.,2008). The gravity inversion method provides a prediction of continent-ocean boundary location which is independent of ocean magnetic anomaly and isochron interpretation. Using crustal thickness and continental lithosphere thinning factor maps with superimposed shaded-relief free-air gravity anomaly, we can improve the determination of pre-breakup rifted margin conjugacy and sea-floor spreading trajectory during ocean basin formation. By restoring crustal thickness & continental lithosphere thinning to their initial post-breakup configuration we show the geometry and segmentation of the rifted continental margins at their time of breakup, together with the location of highly-stretched failed breakup basins and rifted micro-continents. For detailed analysis to constrain OCT structure, margin type (i.e. magma poor, "normal" or magma rich) and COB location, a suite of quantitative analytical methods may be used which include: (i) Crustal cross-sections showing Moho depth and crustal basement thickness from gravity inversion. (ii) Residual depth anomaly (RDA) analysis which is used to investigate OCT

  8. Chirurgie des grassmanniennes

    CERN Document Server

    Lafforgue, Laurent


    Les compactifications diverses de variétés de modules sont un thème important et récurrent des mathématiques modernes, et elles connaissent un grand nombre d'applications. Ce livre traite le cas de cellules de Schubert minces, qui sont de sous-variétés naturelles de grassmanniennes. L'auteur a été amené à traiter ces questions par un cas particulier lié à ses travaux sur le programme de Langlands. Dans cette monographie, il en développe une théorie plus systématique, présentant le fortes similarités avec celle des modules du courbes stables. The various compactifications of moduli spaces are an important recurrent theme of modern mathematics, and they have a large number of applications. This book treats the case of thin Schubert varieties, which are natural subvarieties of Grassmannians. The author was led to these questions by a particular case linked to his work on the Langlands program. In this monograph, he develops the theory in a more systematic way, which exhibits strong similarities...

  9. Mécanique des sols et des roches

    CERN Document Server

    Vullier, Laurent; Zhao, Jian


    La mécanique des sols et la mécanique des roches sont des disciplines généralement traitées séparément dans la littérature. Pour la première fois, un traité réunit ces deux spécialités, en intégrant également les connaissances en lien avec les écoulements souterrains et les transferts thermiques. A la fois théorique et pratique, cet ouvrage propose tout d'abord une description détaillée de la nature et de la composition des sols et des roches, puis s'attache à la modélisation de problèmes aux conditions limites et présente les essais permettant de caractériser les sols et les roches, tant d'un point de vue mécanique qu'hydraulique et thermique. La problématique des sols non saturés et des écoulements multiphasiques est également abordée. Une attention particulière est portée aux lois de comportement mécanique et à la détermination de leurs paramètres par des essais in situ et en laboratoire, et l'ouvrage offre également une présentation détaillée des systèmes de classi...

  10. Perception des producteurs sur l'utilisation des déjections de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Objectif: L'étude vise à analyser la perception des producteurs sur la contribution des chenilles dans la gestion de la fertilité des sols et dans la production des ... Les producteurs enquêtés ont par ailleurs, identifié les facteurs anthropiques, climatiques et édaphiques comme les facteurs pouvant influencer la dynamique des ...

  11. La Flore Des Adventices Des Cultures Cotonnieres De La Region ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A partir de relevés itinérants réalisés dans des cultures cotonnières de la région du Worodougou, en Côte d\\'Ivoire, précisement à Mankono, Dianra et Séguéla, 230 espèces d\\'adventices ont été recensées. Dans chacune des trois localités inventoriées, il apparaît que les familles des Poaceae, Fabaceae et Asteraceae ...

  12. Evaluation de la gestion des dechets issus des activites de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Le moyen d'élimination des déchets utilisé est l'incinération. Tous les agents impliqués dans la vaccination ont une connaissance des risques de contamination liés aux déchets vaccinaux. La gestion des déchets reste un système global dont tous les aspects méritent d'être considérés. Chaque étape de l'élimination est ...

  13. Impact of posterior rhabdosphincter reconstruction during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: retrospective analysis of time to continence. (United States)

    Woo, Jason R; Shikanov, Sergey; Zorn, Kevin C; Shalhav, Arieh L; Zagaja, Gregory P


    Posterior rhabdosphincter (PR) reconstruction during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) was introduced in an attempt to improve postoperative continence. In the present study, we evaluate time to achieve continence in patients who are undergoing RARP with and without PR reconstruction. A prospective RARP database was searched for most recent cases that were accomplished with PR reconstruction (group 1, n = 69) or with standard technique (group 2, n = 63). We performed the analysis applying two definitions of continence: 0 pads per day or 0-1 security pad per day. Patients were evaluated by telephone interview. Statistical analysis was carried out using the Kaplan-Meier method and log-rank test. With PR reconstruction, continence was improved when defined as 0-1 security pad per day (median time of 90 vs 150 days; P = 0.01). This difference did not achieve statistical significance when continence was defined as 0 pads per day (P = 0.12). A statistically significant improvement in continence rate and time to achieve continence is seen in patients who are undergoing PR reconstruction during RARP, with continence defined as 0-1 security/safety pad per day. A larger, prospective and randomized study is needed to better understand the impact of this technique on postoperative continence.

  14. Assessing Climatic Impacts due to Land Use Change over Southeast Asian Maritime Continent base on Mesoscale Model Simulations (United States)

    Feng, N.; Christopher, S. A.; Nair, U. S.


    Due to increasing urbanization, deforestation, and agriculture, land use change over Southeast Asia has dramatically risen during the last decades. Large areas of peat swamp forests over the Southeast Asian Maritime Continent region (10°S~20°N and 90°E~135°E) have been cleared for agricultural purposes. The Center for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (CRISP) Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) derived land cover classification data show that changes in land use are dominated by conversion of peat swamp forests to oil palm plantation, open lowland or lowland mosaic categories. Nested grid simulations based on Weather Research Forecasting Version 3.6 modelling system (WRFV3.6) over the central region of the Sarawak coast are used to investigate the climatic impacts of land use change over Maritime Continent. Numerical simulations were conducted for August of 2009 for satellite derived land cover scenarios for years 2000 and 2010. The variations in cloud formation, precipitation, and regional radiative and non-radiative parameters on climate results from land use change have been assessed based on numerical simulation results. Modelling studies demonstrate that land use change such as extensive deforestation processes can produce a negative radiative forcing due to the surface albedo increase and evapotranspiration decrease, while also largely caused reduced rainfall and cloud formation, and enhanced shortwave radiative forcing and temperature over the study area. Land use and land cover changes, similar to the domain in this study, has also occurred over other regions in Southeast Asia including Indonesia and could also impact cloud and precipitation formation in these regions.

  15. Etude de l'évolution des éléments précurseurs d'eutrophisation des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dans le cadre du suivi de la qualité des eaux de surface destinées à la potabilisation, l'évolution des éléments précurseurs d'eutrophisation (matières azotées et phosphorées) du barrage n°3 de Ouagadougou a été investiguée durant la période de septembre 2012 à décembre 2012. Les paramètres chimiques ont été ...

  16. Evaluation des activites antihyperglycemiantes d'extraits aqueux de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    écorce de Casuarina equisetifolia révèle la présence des alcaloïdes, des tanins, des flavonoïdes, des leucoanthocyanes, des dérivés anthracéniques, des coumarines et des composés réducteurs, composés aux propriétés médicales multiples, ...

  17. Application d'une équation d'état à la simulation du comportement thermodynamique des fluides dans les gisements et dans les installations de surface Application of an Equation of State to Simulating the Thermodynamic Behaviour of Fluids in Reservoirs and Surface Installations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jain C.


    Full Text Available La connaissance des propriétés thermodynamiques des fluides pétroliers, en particulier des masses volumiques et des coefficients d'équilibre liquide-vapeur, intervient à divers stades de la production : primaire, secondaire par in-jection de gaz (C02 ou hydrocarbures miscibles, vapeur d'eau, séparation, réseau de collecte et de transport. L'ampleur du domaine de pression et de température à l'intérieur duquel on a besoin de connaître les propriétés des huiles et des gaz à condensat, et le fait que la compo-sition d'ensemble des mélanges diphasiques ne cesse de varier au cours de leur déplacement soit dans les gisements, soit dans les installations d'exploitation, rendent mani-feste l'intérêt de pouvoir calculer ces propriétés, en évi-tant d'avoir recours à des travaux de laboratoire beaucoup trop importants. Pour résoudre ces problèmes, une nouvelle équation d'état appelée Redlich-Kwong Développée (RKD a été mise au point. Au cours de cet exposé, nous verrons que cette équation restitue les enveloppes diphasiques de l'équilibre liquide-vapeur avec une qualité au moins égale à celles des méthodes de Soave et de Peng-Robinson qui jouissent actuellement d'une grande notoriété. L'avantage de ce modèle sur ces dernières méthodes est l'évaluation simultanée des propriétés volumétriques des phases en présence avec une bonne précision, ce qui est d'une grande utilité pour l'application de ce modèle aux problèmes industriels. Knowing the thermodynamic properties of petroleum fluids, and in particular the density and liquid-vapor equilibrium coefficients, is important at different stages of production, i. e. primary production, secondary production by gas flooding (CO2 or miscible hydrocarbons, steam, separation, gathering network and transportation. The pressure and temperature range within which the oil and gas-condensate properties must be known coupled with the fact that the overall composition of

  18. Surface Gas Geochemistry above the Natural CO2 Reservoir of Montmiral (Drôme, France, Source Tracking and Gas Exchange between the Soil, Biosphere and Atmosphere Échanges gazeux et géochimie des gaz à la surface du réservoir naturel profond de CO2 de Montmiral (Drôme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gal F.


    Full Text Available One of the options considered to mitigate greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere is underground storage of CO2. There is a strong need for enhancing and developing methods that would help throughout the duration life of such underground storage, to ensure the safety and able to monitor the evolution of the injected CO2 plume. Among these, geochemical methods can play an important role. Here, we describe results acquired under the research programme “Géocarbone-Monitoring”, partially funded by the French National Research Agency, on the Montmiral natural analogue in South-Eastern France. Other results obtained under the same research programme in the French Massif Central are reported elsewhere in this volume. Spot sampling methods allowing a great geographical coverage and continuous measurements on selected points were undertaken in 2006 and 2007, in order to determine soil gas concentrations and fluxes as well as carbon isotope ratio determinations. One important result is that without any evidence of deep CO2 leakage, both CO2 concentrations and fluxes appear to be higher than can be explained only by biological activities. Further investigations are thus needed to understand the gas evolution better throughout the year. Une des options envisagées pour réguler les concentrations de gaz à effet de serre dans l’atmosphère est le stockage souterrain du CO2. Dans ce domaine existe un fort besoin de renforcer et de développer des méthodes susceptibles d’être utilisées tout au long de la durée de vie de ces stockages souterrains, afin de s’assurer de leur sécurité et de pouvoir suivre l’évolution du panache de CO2 injecté. Parmi elles, les méthodes géochimiques peuvent jouer un rôle important. Nous décrivons ici les résultats acquis dans le cadre du programme de recherche « Géocarbone-Monitoring » financé en partie par l’Agence Nationale de la Recherche sur l’analogue naturel de Montmiral dans le Sud

  19. Engagements contractuels et performances des organisations de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    amélioration des performances des organisations des producteurs (OP) à l'Ouest Cameroun. Il est basé sur des enquêtes par questionnaires auprès des délégués de 33 OP de maïs bénéficiaires de l'encadrement du Programme d'Amélioration de la ...

  20. Les reformes des systemes de decentralisation dans le cadre des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Subsaharian Africa is reknowmn for its status as a poor parent among the other continents. Be it the process of democratisation or that of decentralisation, African populations have difficulties in understanding the principles, mainly due to the fact that the majority is illiterate. It is therefore, more than urgent that West Africa ...

  1. Médecine des voyages (United States)

    Aw, Brian; Boraston, Suni; Botten, David; Cherniwchan, Darin; Fazal, Hyder; Kelton, Timothy; Libman, Michael; Saldanha, Colin; Scappatura, Philip; Stowe, Brian


    Résumé Objectif Définir la pratique de la médecine des voyages, présenter les éléments fondamentaux d’une consultation complète préalable aux voyages à des voyageurs internationaux et aider à identifier les patients qu’il vaudrait mieux envoyer en consultation auprès de professionnels de la médecine des voyages. Sources des données Les lignes directrices et les recommandations sur la médecine des voyages et les maladies liées aux voyages publiées par les autorités sanitaires nationales et internationales ont fait l’objet d’un examen. Une recension des ouvrages connexes dans MEDLINE et EMBASE a aussi été effectuée. Message principal La médecine des voyages est une spécialité très dynamique qui se concentre sur les soins préventifs avant un voyage. Une évaluation exhaustive du risque pour chaque voyageur est essentielle pour mesurer avec exactitude les risques particuliers au voyageur, à son itinéraire et à sa destination et pour offrir des conseils sur les interventions les plus appropriées en gestion du risque afin de promouvoir la santé et prévenir les problèmes médicaux indésirables durant le voyage. Des vaccins peuvent aussi être nécessaires et doivent être personnalisés en fonction des antécédents d’immunisation du voyageur, de son itinéraire et du temps qu’il reste avant son départ. Conclusion La santé et la sécurité d’un voyageur dépendent du degré d’expertise du médecin qui offre le counseling préalable à son voyage et les vaccins, au besoin. On recommande à ceux qui donnent des conseils aux voyageurs d’être conscients de l’ampleur de cette responsabilité et de demander si possible une consultation auprès de professionnels de la médecine des voyages pour tous les voyageurs à risque élevé.

  2. Self-reported urinary continence outcomes for repeat midurethral synthetic sling placement

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonathan A. Eandi


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To evaluate our experience with tension-free transvaginal tape (TVT placement for the management of stress urinary incontinence (SUI in women who had previously undergone a failed midurethral synthetic sling (MUS procedure. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ten women underwent retropubic TVT insertion for continued or recurrent SUI following a prior MUS procedure. No attempt was made to remove the previously placed sling at the time of surgery. A retrospective chart review was performed to obtain perioperative and follow-up patient information. Post-operatively, each patient completed a mailed incontinence questionnaire to assess self-reported urinary continence outcomes. RESULTS: All 10 women were available for follow-up at a mean period of 16 months (range 6 to 33. Four of the 10 patients achieved complete continence, and another three patients reported significantly improved continence and quality of life. Three women stated that their continence did not improve. CONCLUSIONS: TVT placement may be a viable option for the management of women with persistent or recurrent SUI following an initial MUS procedure.

  3. Normalized difference vegetation index for the South American continent used as a climatic variability indicator

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Liu, W.T.; Massambani, O.; Festa, M.


    The NOAA AVHRR GAC data set was used to produce Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) maps for the South American Continent covering the period from August 1, 1981 to June 30, 1987. A 15-day maximum value composite procedure was used to partially eliminate the cloud contamination and atmospheric attenuation. Monthly evolution of NDVI for a dry and a wet year within the period studied was used to estimate the area covered by NDVI value less than 0.223, This value was used as an indicator of the drought area and the delineation of the Low rainfall areas in the continent. It was observed a well defined regional dependence of the drought area variability for the Northeast, Southwest and Northwest continent and also for the Amazon region. It is shown a relative estimation of the area coverage with NDVI less than 0.223 for the years 1982/83 and 1984/85. The dynamics of the drought area evolution in the continent is discussed. It is also presented a diagnosis of regional variability of the continental distribution of drought area from 1981 to 1987 for the months of May and September. This information is also used to discuss its relationship with the EL-Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the South American Precipitation patterns during this period. It is suggested that the use of NDVI image to identify the dynamics of the drought induced by low rainfall may provide us valuable information to study the large scale climatic variation

  4. High resolution magnetic resonance imaging of urethral anatomy in continent nulliparous pregnant women

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Preyer, Oliver; Brugger, Peter C.; Laml, Thomas; Hanzal, Engelbert; Prayer, Daniela; Umek, Wolfgang


    Introduction: To quantify the distribution of morphologic appearances of urethral anatomy and measure variables of urethral sphincter anatomy in continent, nulliparous, pregnant women by high resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Materials and methods: We studied fifteen women during their first pregnancy. We defined and quantified bladder neck and urethral morphology on axial and sagittal MR images from healthy, continent women. Results: The mean (±standard deviation) total transverse urethral diameter, anterior–posterior diameter, unilateral striated sphincter muscle thickness, and striated sphincter length were 15 ± 2 mm (range: 12–19 mm), 15 ± 2 mm (range: 11–20 mm), 2 ± 1 mm (range: 1–4 mm), and 13 ± 3 mm (range: 9–18 mm) respectively. The mean (±standard deviation) total urethral length on sagittal scans was 22 ± 3 mm (range: 17.6–26.4 mm). Discussion: Advances in MR technique combined with anatomical and histological findings will provide an insight to understand how changes in urethral anatomy might affect the continence mechanisms in pregnant and non-pregnant, continent or incontinent individuals.

  5. Long Aftershock Sequences within Continents and Implications for Earthquake Hazard Assessment (United States)

    Stein, S. A.; Liu, M.


    Recent seismicity in the Tangshan region in North China has prompted concern about a repetition of the 1976 M7.8 earthquake that destroyed the city, killing more than 242,000 people. However, the decay of seismicity there implies that the recent earthquakes are probably aftershocks of the 1976 event. This 37-year sequence is an example of the phenomenon that aftershock sequences within continents are often significantly longer than the typical 10 years at plate boundaries. The long sequence of aftershocks in continents is consistent with a simple friction-based model predicting that the length of aftershock sequences varies inversely with the rate at which faults are loaded. Hence the slowly-deforming continents tend to have aftershock sequences significantly longer than at rapidly-loaded plate boundaries. This effect has two consequences for hazard assessment. First, within the heavily populated continents that are typically within plate interiors, assessments of earthquake hazards rely significantly on the assumption that the locations of small earthquakes shown by the short historical record reflect continuing deformation that will cause future large earthquakes. This assumption would lead to overestimation of the hazard in presently active areas and underestimation elsewhere, if some of these small events are aftershocks. Second, successful attempts to remove aftershocks from catalogs used for hazard assessment would underestimate the hazard, because much of the hazard is due to the aftershocks, and the declustering algorithms implicitly assume short aftershock sequences and thus do not remove long-duration ones.

  6. Projected impacts of climate change on a continent-wide protected area network

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hole, David G; Willis, Stephen G; Pain, Deborah J


    . Using modelled projected shifts in the distributions of sub-Saharan Africa's entire breeding avifauna, we show that species turnover across the continent's Important Bird Area (IBA) network is likely to vary regionally and will be substantial at many sites (> 50% at 42% of IBAs by 2085 for priority...

  7. Rotational inertia of continents: A proposed link between polar wandering and plate tectonics (United States)

    Kane, M.F.


    A mechanism is proposed whereby displacement between continents and the earth's pole of rotation (polar wandering) gives rise to latitudinal transport of continental plates (continental drift) because of their relatively greater rotational inertia. When extended to short-term polar wobble, the hypothesis predicts an energy change nearly equivalent to the seismic energy rate.

  8. Australia going down under : Quantifying continental subduction during arc-continent accretion in Timor-Leste

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Tate, Garrett W.; McQuarrie, Nadine; van Hinsbergen, Douwe J.J.; Bakker, Richard R.; Harris, Ron; Jiang, Haishui


    Models of arc-continent accretion often assume that the period of subduction of continental lithosphere before plate boundary reorganization is fairly short lived, yet the timescale of this period is poorly constrained by observations in the geologic record. The island of Timor is the uplifted

  9. Family Planning in Five Continents: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania. October 1973 Update. (United States)

    International Planned Parenthood Federation, London (England).

    Population growth trends and family planning activities in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania are summarized in this booklet developed by the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Narrative information for each continent gives a resume of population growth trends, reasons for the trends, population problems, policy formation, family…

  10. Manipulation of the Family Photo Album: Esther Parada's Transplant--A Tale of Three Continents (United States)

    Eggemeyer, Valerie


    In this article, the author focuses on Esther Parada's non-traditional use of the Web to communicate her art, and offers a critique of Parada's work, "Transplant: A Tale of Three Continents," and suggestions for critiquing Web art in the school classroom. Parada creates an intersection between this new medium and the more traditional medium of…

  11. Influence des facteurs agro-écologiques et des herbicides sur le ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Influence des facteurs agro-écologiques et des herbicides sur le rendement et les caractéristiques technologiques des grains et farines de blés tendres ( Triticum aestivum L.) et durs ( Triticum durum Desf.)

  12. Evaluation des pratiques de gestion des adventices en riziculture ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Le riz est l'aliment principal pour la quasi-totalité des populations vivant en Côte d'Ivoire. Cependant, les adventices sont considérées comme la contrainte biologique la plus importante faisant obstacle à la production rizicole. L'objectif de cette étude menée en 2015 était d'évaluer différentes techniques de gestion des ...

  13. Des agriculteurs trouvent des moyens d'exploiter les avantages ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    19 sept. 2013 ... Le tout dernier prototype sera adapté en vue de son utilisation dans les collectivités et les villages. On continuera d'y apporter des améliorations pour lui permettre de moudre d'autres mils (le pied de coq et l'herbe à épée ou kodo). Des chercheurs de la Tamil Nadu Agricultural University s'emploient aussi ...

  14. Modernisation des marchés agroalimentaires - inclusion des petits ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Les marchés agroalimentaires connaissent de rapides changements dans les pays en développement et les pays en transition. Sous l'influence de la libéralisation du commerce et des nouvelles technologies de transformation des aliments et de commerce de détail, les marchés agroalimentaires évoluent vers une plus ...

  15. Longitudinal Study of Bladder Continence in Patients with Spina Bifida in the National Spina Bifida Patient Registry. (United States)

    Liu, Tiebin; Ouyang, Lijing; Thibadeau, Judy; Wiener, John S; Routh, Jonathan C; Castillo, Heidi; Castillo, Jonathan; Freeman, Kurt A; Sawin, Kathleen J; Smith, Kathryn; Van Speybroeck, Alexander; Valdez, Rodolfo


    Achieving bladder continence in individuals with spina bifida is a lifetime management goal. We investigated bladder continence status through time and factors associated with this status in patients with spina bifida. We used National Spina Bifida Patient Registry data collected from 2009 through 2015 and applied generalized estimating equation models to analyze factors associated with bladder continence status. This analysis included 5,250 participants with spina bifida in a large, multi-institutional patient registry who accounted for 12,740 annual clinic visit records during the study period. At last followup mean age was 16.6 years, 22.4% of participants had undergone bladder continence surgery, 92.6% used some form of bladder management and 45.8% reported bladder continence. In a multivariable regression model the likelihood of bladder continence was significantly greater in those who were older, were female, were nonHispanic white, had a nonmyelomeningocele diagnosis, had a lower level of lesion, had a higher mobility level and had private insurance. Continence surgery history and current management were also associated with continence independent of all other factors (adjusted OR and 95% CI 1.9, 1.7-2.1 and 3.8, 3.2-4.6, respectively). The association between bladder management and continence was stronger for those with a myelomeningocele diagnosis (adjusted OR 4.6) than with nonmyelomeningocele (adjusted OR 2.8). In addition to demographic, social and clinical factors, surgical intervention and bladder management are significantly and independently associated with bladder continence status in individuals with spina bifida. The association between bladder management and continence is stronger in those with myelomeningocele. Copyright © 2018 American Urological Association Education and Research, Inc. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Therapie des Harnwegsinfekts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stoiser B


    Full Text Available Harnwegsinfektionen gehören zu den häufigsten entzündlichen Erkrankungen im niedergelassenen Bereich. Eine intelligente Therapiestrategie stellt damit nicht nur eine klinische Herausforderung dar, sondern ermöglicht rasche Heilung, Vermeidung von Resistenzbildungen sowie oft unnötiger, teurer diagnostischer Schritte. Der erste entscheidende Schritt ist die genaue Klassifizierung des Harnweginfektes – asymptomatische Bakteriurie bis zur komplizierten Pyelonephritis. Hier entscheiden sich bereits Aggressivität der Behandlung sowie diagnostischer Aufwand. Für die Entwicklung einer empirischen antimikrobiellen Therapie ist die Kenntnis der häufigsten Erreger sowie lokaler Resistenzmuster wichtig. Bei gezieltem Vorgehen können die meisten Harnwegsinfekte ohne erhöhten diagnostischen Aufwand therapiert werden.

  17. Code des baux 2018

    CERN Document Server

    Vial-Pedroletti, Béatrice; Kendérian, Fabien; Chavance, Emmanuelle; Coutan-Lapalus, Christelle


    Le code des baux 2018 vous offre un contenu extrêmement pratique, fiable et à jour au 1er août 2017. Cette 16e édition intègre notamment : le décret du 27 juillet 2017 relatif à l’évolution de certains loyers dans le cadre d’une nouvelle location ou d’un renouvellement de bail, pris en application de l’article 18 de la loi n° 89-462 du 6 juillet 1989 ; la loi du 27 janvier 2017 relative à l’égalité et à la citoyenneté ; la loi du 9 décembre 2016 relative à la transparence, à la lutte contre la corruption et à la modernisation de la vie économique ; la loi du 18 novembre 2016 de modernisation de la justice du xxie siècle

  18. Étude des stades précurseurs del'endommagement en fatigue: expériences etsimulations à l'échelle des dislocations (United States)

    Depres, C.; Fivel, M.; Robertson, Ch.; Fissolo, A.; Verdier, M.


    La tuyauterie des circuits de refroidissement de diverses installations industrielles est sujette à un endommagement par fatigue thermique. Ce phénomène peut être à l'origine de l'apparition de fissures, sous la forme de réseaux ou isolées. L'examen des composants montre qu'il s'agit de fissures transgranulaires, dont l'amorçage se produit en surface. Dans le but de prévenir toute fissuration, une étude des stades précurseurs de l'endommagement des aciers austénitiques alliant expériences et simulations est entreprise. Une des expériences utilisées dans le cadre de cette étude est l'essai CYTHIA qui consiste à chauffer cycliquement par induction à haute fréquence la périphérie d'un tube constamment refroidi sur sa face interne par un écoulement d'eau. Après une centaine de cycles, des observations en microscopie électronique en transmission effectuées sur une lame mince prélevée sur la peau externe du tube montrent des structures de dislocations localisées en bandes d'épaisseur 30nm et distantes de 100nm au minimum. Afin de mieux comprendre les mécanismes à l'origine de cette localisation et de prédire les stades précurseurs de l'endommagement, une modélisation numérique de dynamique des dislocations est conduite. Pour parfaire cette étude numérique, une méthode originale de calcul de la topologie des surfaces libres est développée.

  19. Analysis of the Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001 on the American continent. (United States)

    Neves, Fábio de Oliveira; Salgado, Eduardo G; Beijo, Luiz A


    The American continent is in broad economic and industrial development. Consequently, a more detailed discussion of the impacts generated by such development is needed. Moreover, there is an increase in the number of ISO 14001 certificates issued to this continent. Given the above, no studies were found that bridge the gap to identify the influence of different factors on ISO 14001 in the Americas. Thus, this article has as its main aim to check which economic, environmental and cultural factors have influence on ISO 14001 Certification in the American Continent. The data were collected in the ISO Survey, World Bank, United Nations Development Programme and International Energy Agency. Among the countries of that continent, thirteen were analyzed and only two did not show the economic factors as the influence factor in the multiple regression models fitted with Brazil and the United State. In these models, all presented environmental factors as influencing factors. Only in Brazil the index HDI presented as cultural factor in multiple regression model fitted. The economic factors: Gross Domestic Product and exports of goods and services and environmental: Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ) and fossil fuel consumption were the most influential in ISO 14001 certification. Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia and the United States were countries that had factors dependent on each other, featuring the environmental marketing. Briefly, this study brings up several implications: to the academy, with the proposal of new concepts and guidance on the factors that assist in ISO 14001 certification in the American Continent. Additionally, taking into account the industry, the factors serve as efficiency parameters for the implementation of ISO 14001 standard, and for the Government to improve through factors that do not fit in multiple regression models. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  20. A biomechanical model of the human defecatory system to investigate mechanisms of continence. (United States)

    Stokes, William E; Jayne, David G; Alazmani, Ali; Culmer, Peter R


    This article presents a method to fabricate, measure and control a physical simulation of the human defecatory system to investigate individual and combined effects of anorectal angle and sphincter pressure on continence. To illustrate the capabilities and clinical relevance of the work, the influence of a passive-assistive artificial anal sphincter (FENIX TM ) is evaluated. A model rectum and associated soft tissues, based on geometry from an anonymised computed tomography dataset, was fabricated from silicone and showed behavioural realism to the biological system and ex vivo tissue. Simulated stool matter with similar rheological properties to human faeces was developed. Instrumentation and control hardware were used to regulate injection of simulated stool into the system, automate balloon catheter movement through the anal canal, define the anorectal angle and monitor stool flow rate, intra-rectal pressure, anal canal pressure and puborectalis force. Studies were conducted to examine the response of anorectal angles at 80°, 90° and 100° with simulated stool. Tests were then repeated with the inclusion of a FENIX device. Stool leakage was reduced as the anorectal angle became more acute. Conversely, intra-rectal pressure increased. Overall inclusion of the FENIX reduced faecal leakage, while combined effects of the FENIX and an acute anorectal angle showed the greatest resistance to faecal leakage. These data demonstrate that the anorectal angle and sphincter pressure are fundamental in maintaining continence. Furthermore, it demonstrates that use of the FENIX can increase resistance to faecal leakage and reduce anorectal angles required to maintain continence. Physical simulation of the defecatory system is an insightful tool to better understand, in a quantitative manner, the effects of the anorectal angle and sphincter pressure on continence. This work is valuable in helping improve our understanding of the physical behaviour of the continence mechanism

  1. The surgical procedure is the most important factor affecting continence recovery after laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. (United States)

    Lee, Seungsoo; Yoon, Chang Jin; Park, Hyun Jun; Lee, Jeong Zoo; Ha, Hong Koo


    We analyzed factors associated with early recovery of continence after laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. Among 467 patients treated with laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for localized prostate cancer between 2007 and 2012, 249 patients who underwent a preoperative urodynamic study were enrolled. The patients' age, prostate volume, preoperative serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA), Gleason score, pathologic stage, and preoperative urodynamic parameters were recorded. The preoperative membranous and prostatic urethral length on magnetic resonance image, nerve sparing technique, and type of surgical procedure (extrafascial and intrafascial) were analyzed. Patients were considered to have early recovery of continence when they needed no pad in 3 months or less after surgery. Ninety-two patients were in the early recovery group and 157 were in the late recovery group. The membranous urethral lengths were 12.06±2.56 and 11.81±2.87 mm, and prostatic urethral lengths were 36.39±6.15 and 37.45±7.55 mm in each group, respectively. The membranous-posterior urethral length ratios were 0.25±0.06 and 0.24±0.06, and prostatic-posterior urethral length ratios were 0.75±0.06 and 0.76±0.06, respectively. In and of themselves, the membranous and prostatic urethral lengths were not associated with recovery duration however, the membranous-total and prostatic-total urethral length ratios were related (p=0.024 and 0.024, respectively). None of the urodynamic parameters correlated with continence recovery time. In the multivariate analysis, the type of surgical procedure (odds ratio [OR], 7.032; 95% confidence interval [CI], 2.660 to 18.590; precovery of continence. The current intrafascial surgical procedure is the most important factor affecting early recovery of continence after laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

  2. Evaluation of pelvic floor kinematics in continent and incontinent women during running: An exploratory study. (United States)

    Leitner, Monika; Moser, Helene; Eichelberger, Patric; Kuhn, Annette; Baeyens, Jean-Pierre; Radlinger, Lorenz


    Impact activity like running is associated with an increase in intra-abdominal pressure which needs to be sufficiently countered by pelvic floor muscle (PFM) activity to secure continence. The aim of this study was to investigate and compare PFM kinematics in continent and incontinent women during running.  Three-dimensional position and orientation was measured with the electromagnetic tracking device trakSTAR™. One sensor was attached to the vaginal probe and a second one was secured to the subjects' skin at the height of the second sacral vertebrae. Cranial-caudal and forward-backward displacement of the vaginal probe was measured during 10 sec running on a treadmill at the speeds 7, 11, and 15 km/h. Displacement data from 100 ms before to 300 ms after heel-strike were analyzed.  Nineteen incontinent and twenty-seven continent women were included in this study. Before the foot touched the ground caudal translation and forward rotation of the vaginal probe was detected, whereas after heel-strike a cranial translation and backward rotation was measured. Cranial-caudal translation as well as backward-forward-rotation did not differ significantly between continent and incontinent subjects for the three speeds. Analysis of maximum displacements showed significantly increasing displacement with increasing speeds.   Kinematic measurements during impact activity of running demonstrated caudal translation before and cranial translation after heel-strike. The hypothesis of caudal translation through impact activity was not confirmed. Patterns seem similar between continent and incontinent subjects. Associations between the direction of displacement and muscle action of PFMs remain assumptions. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  3. La prévention des blessures dans les terrains de jeux (United States)

    Fuselli, Pamela; Yanchar, Natalie L


    RÉSUMÉ Dans un climat d’inquiétude croissante à l’égard de l’obésité juvénile et de l’inactivité, les terrains de jeux permettent aux enfants d’être actifs. Ils comportent toutefois aussi des risques, les blessures causées par des chutes étant de loin les plus courants. Les recherches démontrent la possibilité de réduire les blessures dans les terrains de jeux si on abaisse la hauteur des structures de jeu et si on utilise des surfaces molles et profondes pour amortir les chutes. L’Association canadienne de normalisation a publié des normes volontaires qu’elle a mises à jour plusieurs fois pour tenir compte de ces risques. Afin de contribuer à les réduire, les parents peuvent respecter des stratégies simples. Le présent document de principes souligne le fardeau des blessures subies dans les terrains de jeux. Il procure également aux parents et aux dispensateurs de soins des occasions de réduire l’incidence et la gravité des blessures grâce à l’éducation et à la défense d’intérêts, ainsi que de mettre en œuvre des normes de sécurité probantes et des stratégies plus sécuritaires dans les terrains de jeux locaux. Enfin, il remplace le document de principes de la Société canadienne de pédiatrie publié en 2002 sur le sujet.

  4. Prise en compte du gonflement des terrains dans le dimensionnement des revêtements des tunnels


    Bultel, Frédéric


    Travail préparé au Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées (LCPC-Paris) dans le cadre d'une convention CIFRE avec la société Scetauroute,Composition du jury : MM. R. KASTNER professeur à l'Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (rapporteur),I. SHAHROUR professeur à l'Ecole Universitaire Des Ingénieurs de Lille (rapporteur), P. EGGER professeur à l'Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Examinateur), B. GAUDIN expert géotechnique à Scetauroute-DTTS (Examinateur), J.P. MAGNAN D...

  5. Digitalisierung des Kulturellen Erbes (Europas)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gruber, Marion


    Gruber, M. R. (2011, 13 December). Digitalisierung des Kulturellen Erbes (Europas). Guest lecture at the IPMZ - Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research, Devision Media Change & Innovation, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

  6. La cogestion des Ressources naturelles

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Le Liban — les conflits sur les ressources et la modification des moyens de subsistance à Arsaal . 71. Chapitre ..... Ainsi, un seul arbre d'une forêt peut fournir des fruits, du bois de chauffage, du fourrage et de l'ombrage; constituer un stabilisateur du sol et un habitat faunique et représenter un lien avec l'identité ancestrale.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    de labellisation des produits algériens (particulièrement le vin et les dattes) par le biais des indications géographiques et les contraintes institutionnels et territoriales qui contrarient ce processus. Le contexte algérien, très marqué par une économie mono-ex- portatrice et très dépendante à l'égard d'un seul type de produit, ...

  8. La dévalaison des migrateurs : problèmes et dispositifs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Cet article, qui actualise le chapitre 13 du n°326-327 du Bulletin Français de la Pêche et de la Pisciculture des mêmes auteurs, fait le bilan des connaissances actuelles sur la migration de dévalaison au niveau des centrales hydroélectriques, que ce soit sur les dommages induits par le transit des poissons à travers les turbines et par les évacuateurs de crues ou sur la conception des dispositifs spécifiques destinés à éviter l'entraînement dans les prises d'eau. Les divers types de solutions opérationnelles ou prometteuses pour limiter les mortalités (barrières physiques ou comportementales sont abordés essentiellement vis-à-vis des salmonidés migrateurs pour lesquels on dispose d'un retour d'expérience conséquent. On insiste sur la conception et l'utilisation des exutoires de surface associés aux grilles de prises d'eau, qui représentent la solution la plus immédiatement utilisable sur la plupart des microcentrales en France. La problématique relative aux autres espèces est abordée.

  9. Caractérisation Ultrasonore de Plaques PoroViscoElastiques à l'Aide des Termes de Transition


    Derible , Serge; Campistron , Pierre; Freiha , Georges; Franklin , Hervé; Nongaillard , Bertrand


    National audience; Nous présentons les résultats de la mesure des termes de transition, issus des coefficients de réflexion et de transmission d'une onde acoustique par et à travers des plaques poreuses. Ces termes permettent de séparer les contributions symétriques et anti symétriques des vibrations des surfaces de la plaque. Ils ont été modélisés pour des plaques poreuses obéissant à la théorie de Biot. Les plaques utilisées expérimentalement sont constituées d'assemblages de billes de poly...

  10. A detrital record of continent-continent collision in the Early-Middle Jurassic foreland sequence in the northern Yangtze foreland basin, South China (United States)

    Qian, Tao; Liu, Shaofeng; Wang, Zongxiu; Li, Wangpeng; Chen, Xinlu


    The Mesozoic northern Yangtze foreland basin system was formed by continental collision between the North China and South China plates along the Mianlue suture. Synorogenic stratigraphic sequences of Late Triassic to Early-Middle Jurassic age were developed in the northern Yangtze foreland basin. The upper Middle Jurassic Shaximiao Formation consists mainly of thick-bedded terrestrial successions that serve as the main body of the basin-filling sequences, suggesting intense tectonism in the peripheral orogeny of the foreland basin. Laser-ICP-MS U-Pb analysis of 254 detrital zircon grains from sandstone samples and several published Lower-Middle Jurassic samples, detrital compositions, petrofacies, and paleocurrent reconstructions in the northern Yangtze foreland basin indicate that discrete source areas included the Qinling-Dabieshan ranges and the Mianlue suture zone to the north, and the South China plate to the south. The stratigraphic succession and sediment provenance of the foreland basin imply that the early Mianlue oceanic basin, magmatic arc, and nonmarine molasse foreland basin during the period of deposition were modified or buried by the subsequent continent-continent collision between the North China-Qinling-Dabieshan plate and the Yangtze plate during the Jurassic, which followed the oblique amalgamation between these plates during the Middle-Late Triassic.

  11. Central and peripheral des-acyl ghrelin regulates body temperature in rats. (United States)

    Inoue, Yoshiyuki; Nakahara, Keiko; Maruyama, Keisuke; Suzuki, Yoshiharu; Hayashi, Yujiro; Kangawa, Kenji; Murakami, Noboru


    In the present study using rats, we demonstrated that central and peripheral administration of des-acyl ghrelin induced a decrease in the surface temperature of the back, and an increase in the surface temperature of the tail, although the effect of peripheral administration was less marked than that of central administration. Furthermore, these effects of centrally administered des-acyl ghrelin could not be prevented by pretreatment with [D-Lys3]-GHRP-6 GH secretagogue receptor 1a (GHS-R1a) antagonists. Moreover, these actions of des-acyl ghrelin on body temperature were inhibited by the parasympathetic nerve blocker methylscopolamine but not by the sympathetic nerve blocker timolol. Using immunohistochemistry, we confirmed that des-acyl ghrelin induced an increase of cFos expression in the median preoptic nucleus (MnPO). Additionally, we found that des-acyl ghrelin dilated the aorta and tail artery in vitro. These results indicate that centrally administered des-acyl ghrelin regulates body temperature via the parasympathetic nervous system by activating neurons in the MnPO through interactions with a specific receptor distinct from the GHS-R1a, and that peripherally administered des-acyl ghrelin acts on the central nervous system by passing through the blood-brain barrier, whereas it exerts a direct action on the peripheral vascular system. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. Outcome of antegrade continent enema (ACE) procedures in children and young adults. (United States)

    Masadeh, Maen M; Krein, Michael; Peterson, Joshua; Bauer, Molly; Phearman, Laura; Pitcher, Graeme; Liao, Junlin; Shilyansky, Joel


    Intractable incontinence affects a large number of children and young adults in the US. The goal of this study is to evaluate the long-term outcomes of surgical access for administration of antegrade continence enemas (ACE) in affected children and young adults. Patients who underwent surgical procedure to enable administration of ACE from 1994 to 2011 were retrospectively reviewed. Data collected included patient demographics, primary diagnosis, surgical technique, conduit used, complications, follow-up duration, and social continence. Sixty eighty patients underwent surgery to enable ACE; mean follow up was 61 months. Enteral conduit (EC) was performed in 19 patients, tube cecostomy catheters (CC) in 49. Meningomyelocele was diagnosed in 60% of patients. Mean age was 11 (1.67-53) years. Complications included tube dislodgement (43%), granulation tissue (46%), site infection (13%), leakage (32%), break in the tube (6%) and tract stenosis (6%). Complete social continence was achieved in 68%, partial continence was achieved in 29%, and no benefit was achieved in 3% of patients. The rate of complications and incontinence resolution following CC was 78% and 66%, and following EC 89% and 74%. The differences were not statistically significant. CC patients developed granulation tissue more frequently (53%) and leaks of fecal material less frequently (20%) compared to EC patients (26% and 53%) (p < 0.05 and < 0.01). Although children 7 years or younger developed more overall complications (94%) than older patients (69%; p < 0.05), there was not a significant difference in the frequency of any one complication or in the rate of continence, between the two groups. Multivariate analysis showed that EC is three times more likely to be complicated by fecal leakage. CC patients are at greater risk to develop granulation tissue (p < 0.05). Most patients achieved social continence and improved hygiene with the aid of ACE. Younger children also benefited greatly from institution

  13. Évaluation des pratiques agricoles des légumes feuilles : le cas des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    30 sept. 2017 ... sont le barrage, les puits à faible profondeur (1 à 2 m) et les tranchées creusées dans la cuvette par les maraîchers. 22 % des producteurs utilisent l'eau du barrage directement, 60 % l'eau des puits (figure 2) uniquement et 18 % utilisent les deux types de ressources (figure 3). Toutes les cultures en saison ...

  14. Étude des caractéristiques des peuplements et des noix de Cocos ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Cocos nucifera est l'un des arbres cultivés le plus répandu. Il se propage par graine avec un long cycle biologique. Cette étude qui avait pour objectif de caractériser les populations naturelles de cocotiers des Niayes (Sénégal), notamment leur structure et leur fruit, a montré que les arbres sont âgés et leur régénération ...

  15. L'accumulation des métaux lourds au niveau des cultures : Cas des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Le Bassin de Sebou présente une importance socio-économique pour le Maroc. En effet, il est sujet de diverses utilisations ; eau potable, eau d'irrigation et eau industrielle. Toutefois, ce bassin subit des pressions multiples, notamment par la pollution métallique. Considérant le risque de bioaccumulation des métaux par ...

  16. Informations sur le projet Changement d’ Utilisation et de Couverture des Sols

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alain Podaire


    Full Text Available La communauté travaillant sur les changements de l’environnement global accorde une importance croissante aux modifications d’occupation et d’utilisation des sols et la nécessité d’une approche multidisciplinaire de ce sujet. En effet, ces changements ont un impact significatif sur les intéractions surface terrestre - atmosphère (biogéochimie, chimie de l’atmosphère, eau et énergie, la biodiversité (structure et fonctionnement des écosystèmes, diversité des espèces, fragmentation de la couv...

  17. Aphasie : Contraintes vs Gouvernement, le cas des clusters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Prince Typhanie


    faire surfacer les troubles phonémiques à travers une tâche de dénomination et de répétition. Nous comparons le traitement réalisé par chacun des cadres pour le cas des aphasies confrontant ainsi les notions de Contraintes et de Gouvernement en phonologie. Nous montrons comment le cadre CVCV apporte une solution à la question des clusters consonantiques et de leur rôle dans la définition de la complexité segmentale et syllabique. Ce cadre permet de reconsidérer cette notion de complexité en terme d'opérations conditionnées par le gouvernement et la structure interne des segments. Enfin, ce modèle ouvre de nouvelles perspectives d'analyses des comportements aphasiques : comment rendre compte de la structure interne des segments qui soit compatible avec leur comportement syllabique ?

  18. Les hominoïdes fossiles : une aide pour l’éducation en Afrique Fossil hominoids: an educational help in Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brigitte Senut


    Full Text Available L’Afrique est un continent privilégié pour décrypter notre histoire partagée avec celle des grands singes et comprendre l’émergence de notre famille en rapport avec l’environnement. Aujourd’hui de nombreuses expéditions  internationales mènent des recherches sur le continent et plus spécialement dans les pays d’Afrique orientale. Le riche patrimoine fossile découvert dans des endroits souvent isolés est transféré dans les musées nationaux, (créés le plus souvent par des expatriés et situés dans les capitales où l’accès y est plus facile pour les chercheurs internationaux, mais souvent difficile voire impossible pour les gens qui habitent près des sites fossilifères. Que se passe-t-il au niveau local ? Le plus souvent, les populations ont été marginalisées, des sentiments de frustration sont apparus, notamment en raison de la grande médiatisation des découvertes de laquelle les locaux sont souvent exclus. Or, ce sont ces populations locales qui sont les gardiennes du patrimoine. Les choses changent progressivement et aujourd’hui, de plus en plus de chercheurs de terrain s’impliquent dans la vie locale et les besoins locaux. Notre engagement de scientifique en tant que citoyen est fondamental : l’éducation est un droit pour tous, comme cela est signalé dans la déclaration universelle des droits de l’homme. Dans le cadre des travaux entrepris en Afrique avec l’équipe, des grands singes et des hominidés fossiles ont été découverts dans trois pays africains sur lesquels cet article est focalisé : l’Ouganda, le Kenya et la Namibie ; ces données montrent que l’évolution des grands singes ne s’est pas déroulée exclusivement en Afrique orientale, mais bien sur l’ensemble du continent, comme cela a été confirmé plus récemment par des découvertes en Afrique centrale et occidentale. Ces découvertes ont été réalisées avec des citoyens de chacun de ces pays et ont donné lieu

  19. Poissons Characoïdes des Guyanes. I. Généralités. II. Famille des Serrasalmidae

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Géry, J.


    TABLE DES MATIÈ RES ENGLISH PREFACE AND SUMMARY......... 5 AVANT-PROPOS................. 8 RESUME ................... 9 PREMIERE PARTIE : GENERALITES SUR LES GUYANES ET LES POISSONS CHARACOÏDES................. 12 Chapitre 1. Introduction 1-1. Historique.................. 12 1- 2. Sources et

  20. Onlinespieler abseits des Mainstreams

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Harald Baumgartlinger


    Full Text Available MMO(RPGs „Massively Multiplayer Online (Role-Playing Games“ nehmen einen Sonderstatus unter den Onlinespielen ein, welcher durch den wachsenden wirtschaftlichen Erfolg, insbesondere durch den „breakthrough hit“ (Duchenaut et al. 2006: 407 World of Warcraft (WoW, auch an Bedeutung für die Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft gewinnt (vgl. Inderst 2009: 15; vgl. Seifert/Jöckel 2008: 297. Der Primus des Genres, WoW, repräsentiert gemeinsam mit einigen nahezu identen Titeln insgesamt 85 Prozent der gespielten MMOGs (vgl. Williams et al. 2008: 999. Daher befasst sich auch die Mehrheit der vorliegenden Studien mit eben diesen Spielen. Neue Formen von MMO(Gs können jedoch zu ebenso neuartigen Spielerfahrungen führen und damit unterschiedliche Nutzungsmotive befriedigen (vgl. Seifert/Jöckel 2008: 309 und folglich zu einem gänzlich anderen Spielerleben führen. Während im Mainstream die kooperativen Spielerbeziehungen überwiegen, dominiert in Darkfall Online der soziale Wettbewerb. Der von Williams et al. 2008 verwendete Fragebogen diente als Rohling für die Kreation eines für die speziellen Anforderungen adaptierten Erhebungstools zur Erforschung der Spielertypologie und der Motive der Darkfall-Online-SpielerInnen. Die in der Onlinebefragung (N = 506 gesammelten Daten belegen, dass sich sowohl die Spielerdemographie, als auch die Motive der Spieler von den Mainstream MMOs unterscheiden. Zudem konnten realweltliche Eigenschaften der Spieler als signifikante Einflussfaktoren für die Spielzuwendung identifiziert werden.

  1. Terre des hommes

    CERN Multimedia

    Staff Association


    Transformez votre téléphone portable en geste de solidarité ! Collecte du 12 au 23 novembre 2012   Faites un geste simple et utile en déposant vos téléphones portables inutilisés dans les urnes installées dans les trois restaurants du CERN. En Suisse, une personne change tous les 12 à 18 mois de téléphone portable. La plupart de nos vieux appareils sont simplement laissés à l’abandon avec comme seule fonction de parer une éventuelle panne à venir. On  estime ainsi que 8 millions de portables sont inutilisés, alors qu'entre 30 et 50% peuvent être réutilisés. L'action Solidarcomm leur offre une deuxième vie ! Terre des Hommes Suisse, dans le cadre de la campagne Solidarcomm, collecte et valorise vos téléphones inutilis&...

  2. Effects of adding concentration therapy to Kegel exercise to improve continence after radical prostatectomy, randomized control. (United States)

    Kongtragul, Jaruwan; Tukhanon, Wanvara; Tudpudsa, Piyanuch; Suedee, Kanita; Tienchai, Supaporn; Leewansangtong, Sunai; Nualgyong, Chaiyong


    To compare the efficacy of pelvic floor muscle exercise with the concentration therapy versus pelvic floor muscle exercise alone after radical prostatectomy. One hundred thirty five patients were randomized into the intervention group that concentration therapy was added to Kegel exercise, and control group that was Kegel exercise only, using the stratified randomization (stratified by taking the catheter off before and after discharge) and type of surgery. Incontinence was defined as a loss of urine equal or more than to 2 grams in one-hour pad test, before and after the test in each sample group. Follow-up results were obtained by phone visit at 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12 weeks after surgery In the intervention group, 65 of 68 cases (95.6%) had continence in three months, compared to 48 of 67 (71.6%) in the control group, with significant statistical difference (p-value Kegel exercise had significantly improved continence after radical prostatectomy

  3. Why do we need detailed gravity over continents: Some Australian examples (United States)

    Lambeck, K.


    Geophysical quantities available over a continent are gravity and components of the magnetic field. Direct inferences on crustal structure are difficult to make and strongly dependent on mechanical assumptions the isostatic state. The data for Australia represents one of the best continental scale gravity surveys. The gravity anomalies are generally bland over the continent which confirms that stress relaxation and erosion and rebound were instrumental in reducing nonhydrostatic stresses. In central Australia very large gravity anomalies occur and the region is out of isostatic equilibrium despite the fact that tectonic activity ceased 300 ma ago. The isostatic response functions points to a substantial horizontal compression in the crust. Similar conclusions are drawn for the large anomalies in western Australia. The tectonic implications of these anomalies are examined. In eastern Australia the gravity anomalies are explained in terms of a model of erosion of the highlands and concomitant regional isostatic rebound.

  4. Etude des déterminants de conversion à l'agriculture biologique et production de références économiques


    Sainte-Beuve, Jasmin


    Parmi les agricultures alternatives, l’agriculture biologique s’est imposée depuis peu comme une modèle crédible. L’Etat a fixé en 2007 lors du Grenelle de l’environnement des objectifs ambitieux en terme de surface converties à l’agriculture biologique. Pourtant, l’évolution actuelle des surfaces ne semble pas suffisante pour atteindre ces objectifs. La question des déterminants à la conversion à l’agriculture biologique et des leviers susceptibles de favoriser les conversions se pose donc e...

  5. Recoupement des politiques: renforcer les initiatives de reddition de ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Au cours des dernières années, les acquisitions massives (achats, locations ou autres arrangements) de terres agricoles dans les pays en développement par des particuliers, des entreprises et des gouvernements étrangers ont eu des effets économiques positifs tout comme des effets négatifs sur les moyens de ...

  6. Propriétés physico-chimiques et biologiques des substances humiques en relation avec le développement végétal


    Tahiri, Abdelghani; Destain, Jacqueline; Druart, Philippe; Thonart, Philippe


    Les substances humiques (SH) sont des composés organiques résultant de la transformation physique, chimique et microbiologique des résidus végétaux et animaux. Elles se retrouvent sous forme de macromolécules carbonées hétérogènes et complexes dans tous les écosystèmes au niveau des sols ainsi que des sédiments, des eaux de surface et des lixiviats de décharges. Elles sont issues de processus d’humification déférents, générant ainsi des molécules variables et complexes composées principalemen...

  7. Journal des Sciences Pour l'Ingénieur - Vol 9 (2008)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Programme Fortran 77 d\\'ajustement du modèle de géoïde EGM96 sur la surface de référence de points GPS/nivelés. EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL ... Inhibition de corrosion des échangeurs thermiques en aluminium et des radiateurs de chauffage central. EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT

  8. Technique de traitement des déchets solides ménagers au Lieu d ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    En effet, les eaux potables du secteur ne contiennent que des coliformes totaux de concentration variant de 01 à 6400 coliformes par 100 mL. Dans les eaux de surface la valeur de la DBO5 (5 mg/L de O2 contre 8,54 mg/L de O2 pour la norme) et de la DCO (3 mg/L de O2contre 5 mg/L de O2) sont en dessous des normes ...

  9. 107 Etude des facteurs de variation des prix d'intérêt des matières ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Imen BELHADJ SLIMEN et Taha NAJAR. Etude des facteurs de variation des prix d'intérêt des matières premières de substitution utilisées dans les aliments concentrés des animaux d'élevage. Imen BELHADJ SLIMEN1,2* et Taha NAJAR1,2. 1Institut National Agronomique de Tunisie, Département Ressources Animales, ...

  10. Redi award lecture: clinical studies of snake-bite in four tropical continents. (United States)

    Warrell, David A


    Research is discussed in the areas of venomous snake taxonomy, epidemiology, species diagnosis, defining the clinical phenotype of human envenoming, pathophysiological mechanisms of envenoming, clinical testing of antivenoms and prevention of snake-bite through community education. This work was carried out over the past 40 years in many countries in four tropical continents. The help and friendship of a large number of collaborators is gratefully acknowledged. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  11. Hybrid metaheuristic optimization algorithm for strategic planning of {4D} aircraft trajectories at the continent scale


    Chaimatanan , Supatcha; Delahaye , Daniel; Mongeau , Marcel


    International audience; Global air-traffic demand is continuously increasing. To handle such a tremendous traffic volume while maintaining at least the same level of safety, a more efficient strategic trajectory planning is necessary. In this work, we present a strategic trajectory planning methodology which aims to minimize interaction between aircraft at the European-continent scale. In addition, we propose a preliminary study that takes into account uncertainties of aircraft positions in t...

  12. Globalization in Urology: A Bibliographical Analysis of Cross-Continent Publication between 2002 and 2012. (United States)

    Mani, Jens; Juengel, Eva; Bartsch, Georg; Filmann, Natalie; Ackermann, Hanns; Nelson, Karen; Haferkamp, Axel; Engl, Tobias; Blaheta, Roman A


    Asian scientists have now increasingly begun to contribute to globalization; yet it is not clear whether publishing in the field of urology is paralleled by elevated cross-continental scientific publishing. An exemplary bibliometric analysis of urologic journals from 3 different continents was conducted between 2002 and 2012. Based on the ISI Web of Knowledge Journal Citation Reports, 2 urologic journals with similar impact factors (IFs) in 2013 were selected from Europe ('British Journal of Urology International', 'World Journal of Urology'), Asia ('International Journal of Urology', 'Asian Journal of Andrology') and North America ('Urologic Oncology-Seminars and Original Investigations', 'Urology'). The home continent of the journal, the workplace continental affiliation of the last author, article type (clinical, experimental or review) as well as the IF were documented. Most authors published their manuscripts in journals from the same continent in which they worked. However, a significant increase in cross-continental publishing was apparent from 2002 to 2012. Asians publishing in North America increased from 17% in 2002 to 35% in 2012. Europeans also increased the number of articles they published in North American journals, while publications from North American authors were shifted towards both European and Asian journals. Experimental and clinical articles showed significant increases in cross-continental publishing, while review publishing showed no significant change. The average IF for authors from all 3 continents increased from 2002 to 2012 (p < 0.001). The largest increase in the IF was found for Asian authors (0.11 per year). Cross-continental publication significantly increased during the period from 2002 to 2012. The impact that the Asian authors have experienced was found to be gradually impacting the North American and European colleagues. © 2015 S. Karger AG, Basel.

  13. Intraplate mountain building in response to continent continent collision—the Ancestral Rocky Mountains (North America) and inferences drawn from the Tien Shan (Central Asia) (United States)

    Dickerson, Patricia Wood


    The intraplate Ancestral Rocky Mountains of western North America extend from British Columbia, Canada, to Chihuahua, Mexico, and formed during Early Carboniferous through Early Permian time in response to continent-continent collision of Laurentia with Gondwana—the conjoined masses of Africa and South America, including Yucatán and Florida. Uplifts and flanking basins also formed within the Laurentian Midcontinent. On the Gondwanan continent, well inboard from the marginal fold belts, a counterpart structural array developed during the same period. Intraplate deformation began when full collisional plate coupling had been achieved along the continental margin; the intervening ocean had been closed and subduction had ceased—that is, the distinction between upper versus lower plates became moot. Ancestral Rockies deformation was not accompanied by volcanism. Basement shear zones that formed during Mesoproterozoic rifting of Laurentia were reactivated and exerted significant control on the locations, orientations, and modes of displacement on late Paleozoic faults. Ancestral Rocky Mountain uplifts extend as far south as Chihuahua and west Texas (28° to 33°N, 102° to 109°W) and include the Florida-Moyotes, Placer de Guadalupe-Carrizalillo, Ojinaga-Tascotal and Hueco Mountain blocks, as well as the Diablo and Central Basin Platforms. All are cored with Laurentian Proterozoic crystalline basement rocks and host correlative Paleozoic stratigraphic successions. Pre-late Paleozoic deformational, thermal, and metamorphic histories are similar as well. Southern Ancestral Rocky Mountain structures terminate along a line that trends approximately N 40°E (present coordinates), a common orientation for Mesoproterozoic extensional structures throughout southern to central North America. Continuing Tien Shan intraplate deformation (Central Asia) has created an analogous array of uplifts and basins in response to the collision of India with Eurasia, beginning in late

  14. Gyrodactylidae et Gyrodactylose des Salmonidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Vingt et une espèces de Gyrodactylus de Salmonidae arrangées en six groupes sont présentées. Les observations concernant ces espèces dans les milieux naturels et en pisciculture sont résumées. Sur la base de données générales relatives aux espèces de Gyrodactylus en milieu naturel en Scandinavie et Baltique, les observations biologiques, écologiques et comportementales de G. salaris Malmberg, 1957 et G. derjavini MALMBERG et MALMBERG (1987 des salmonidae sauvages des rivières norvégiennes et suédoises sont présentées. La viviparité unique, la reproduction asexuée et sexuée et le pouvoir de reproduction chez les Gyrodactylus sont développés. La Gyrodactylose à G. salaris est abordée en milieu naturel, dans les rivières norvégiennes et en pisciculture, en Suède et au Danemark. L'étude ultrastructurale des blessures causées par G. salaris ainsi que les résultats expérimentaux sur les espèces norvégiennes et canadiennes sont présentés. La distribution géographique naturelle des Salmonidae, les modifications liées à l'homme et à l'activité économique ainsi que les Salmonidae élevés sont revus. La présence de six groupes d'espèces de Gyrodactylus en Amérique du Nord et Eurasie est discutée en fonction de la distribution géographique des espèces hôtes. Il est souligné qu'une propagation intercontinentale des espèces de Gyrodactylus de Salmonidae a dû être impossible à cause de leur origine limnique d'une part et de la salinité élevée des océans atlantique et pacifique d'autre part. Les exigences micro et macro environnementales des espèces sont discutées dans les conditions naturelles et les variations saisonnières, préférendums et tolérances du parasitisme sont signalés. L'effet des conditions de pisciculture sur les espèces de Gyrocactylus sont discutées : la capacité reproductrice et de propagation ainsi que la spécificité — stricte dans la nature — peuvent être influenc

  15. [Physics of materials and female stress urinary continence: New concepts: I) Elasticity under bladder]. (United States)

    Guerquin, B


    Improving the understanding of the adaptation to stress of urinary continence. A transversal analysis between physics of materials and the female anatomy. Laws of physics of the materials and of their viscoelastic behavior are applied to the anatomy of the anterior vaginal wall. The anterior vaginal wall may be divided into two segments of different viscoelastic behavior, the vertical segment below the urethra and the horizontal segment below the bladder. If the urethra gets crushed on the first segment according to the hammock theory, the crushing of the bladder on the second segment is, on the other hand, damped by its important elasticity. The importance of this elasticity evokes an unknown function: damping under the bladder that moderates and delays the increase of intravesical pressure. This damping function below the bladder is increased in the cystocele, which is therefore a continence factor; on the other hand, it is impaired in obesity, which is therefore a factor of SUI. It is necessary to include in the theory of stress continence, the notion of a damping function below the bladder. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  16. Effects of Obesity on the Perioperative Results and Continence Status in Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Onur Kaygısız


    Full Text Available Objective: To assess the effects of obesity on the surgical success and perioperative results and continence status in laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (LRP. Materials and Methods: The results of 300 consecutive patients undergoing LRP between April 2004 and January 2014 were analyzed retrospectively. Twenty patients were excluded from the study, thus, 280 patients remained. The patients were separated into 3 groups according to their body mass index. Based on this classification, group 1 (30 kg/m2 was obese. The demographic data, intraoperative results, pathological results, and states of continence were compared among the groups. Results: There were 81 patients in group 1, 152 patients in group 2, and 47 patients in group 3. There were no significant differences when the groups were compared according to age and prostate specific antigen values. The intraoperative blood loss was high in group 3 only. Moreover, the estimated blood loss, transfusion, operative time, bilateral nerve-sparing rate, hospitalization days, and complication rate were similar between the groups. There were no significant differences when the pathological results were compared according to the positive surgical margins and Gleason scores. Although the continence rates in group 3 were significantly low 6 months after the operation (p<0.05, the results were similar at 1 year (p=0.738. Conclusion: LRP can be applied confidently in obese patients as well as normal and overweight patients.

  17. A study on the birth and globalization of sports originated from each continent (United States)

    Lee, Byung Jin; Kim, Tae Young


    The purpose of this research is to see how continent specific sports rose to its modern-day status through globalization. This research focuses on the historical background of how England’s football, America’s national pastime, baseball, Japan’s Judo, and Korea’s Taekwondo developed into sports in addition to the reasoning behind its globalization. Promoted by England and the rest of the European continent, Soccer is considered to be one of the world’s most popular sports and has served its function as a form of cultural imperialism. It has also advanced alongside commerce, missionary work and other types of cultural clashes. In America, baseball was used to integrate its multicultural society and developed so that the team captain leads the rest of his team. The sports of Oriental countries were reborn through modernization that was influenced by the modern rationality, education etc. of its Western counterparts. Judo and Taekwondo were introduced globally through the Olympic Games. As mentioned above the birth of sporting events has a close connection to a nation’s cultural background and globalization has taken different forms depending on which continent it originated from. PMID:26933653

  18. A study on the birth and globalization of sports originated from each continent. (United States)

    Lee, Byung Jin; Kim, Tae Young


    The purpose of this research is to see how continent specific sports rose to its modern-day status through globalization. This research focuses on the historical background of how England's football, America's national pastime, baseball, Japan's Judo, and Korea's Taekwondo developed into sports in addition to the reasoning behind its globalization. Promoted by England and the rest of the European continent, Soccer is considered to be one of the world's most popular sports and has served its function as a form of cultural imperialism. It has also advanced alongside commerce, missionary work and other types of cultural clashes. In America, baseball was used to integrate its multicultural society and developed so that the team captain leads the rest of his team. The sports of Oriental countries were reborn through modernization that was influenced by the modern rationality, education etc. of its Western counterparts. Judo and Taekwondo were introduced globally through the Olympic Games. As mentioned above the birth of sporting events has a close connection to a nation's cultural background and globalization has taken different forms depending on which continent it originated from.

  19. Early urinary continence recovery after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in older Australian men. (United States)

    Basto, Marnique Y; Vidyasagar, Chinni; te Marvelde, Luc; Freeborn, Helen; Birch, Emma; Landau, Adam; Murphy, Declan G; Moon, Daniel


    To compare the recovery of urinary continence (UC) after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) in men aged ≥70 and continent and mean pads/day at 4-6 weeks, and 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after RARP. Of the 262 men, 9% (24) were aged ≥70 years. Older men had higher PSA levels (P = 0.007) and clinical stages (P continent (P = 0.08) than their younger counterparts; however, by 3 months and all time-points thereafter there was no difference. The 12-month UC rates were 89% and 92% for men aged <70 and ≥70 years, respectively. Neither age, body mass index, D'Amico risk group, nerve sparing nor use of Rocco suture were predictors of time to UC recovery. UC recovery after RARP in men aged ≥70 years appears comparable to younger men and therefore not a reason to deny older men with a reasonable life-expectancy curative surgical treatment of localised prostate cancer. © 2014 The Authors. BJU International © 2014 BJU International.

  20. Sn-wave velocity structure of the uppermost mantle beneath the Australian continent (United States)

    Wei, Zhi; Kennett, Brian L. N.; Sun, Weijia


    We have extracted a dataset of more than 5000 Sn traveltimes for source-station pairs within continental Australia, with 3-D source relocation using Pn arrivals to improve data consistency. We conduct tomographic inversion for S-wavespeed structure down to 100 km using the FMTOMO method for the whole Australian continent. We obtain a 3-D model with potential resolution of 3.0° 3.0°. The new S wavespeed model provides strong constraints on structure in a zone that was previously poorly characterised. The S velocities in the uppermost mantle are rather fast, with patterns of variation generally corresponding to those for Pn. We find strong heterogeneities of S wavespeed in the uppermost mantle across the entire continent of Australia with a close relation to crustal geological features. For instance, the cratons in the western Australia usually have high S velocities (> 4.70 km/s), while the volcanic regions on the eastern margin of Australia are characterised by low S velocities (continent. We find most of the uppermost mantle has Vp/Vs between 1.65 and 1.85, but with patches in central Australia and in the east with much higher Vp/Vs ratios. Distinctive local anomalies on the eastern margin may indicate the positions of remnants of mantle plumes.

  1. Parallel Evolution of Copy-Number Variation across Continents in Drosophila melanogaster (United States)

    Schrider, Daniel R.; Hahn, Matthew W.; Begun, David J.


    Genetic differentiation across populations that is maintained in the presence of gene flow is a hallmark of spatially varying selection. In Drosophila melanogaster, the latitudinal clines across the eastern coasts of Australia and North America appear to be examples of this type of selection, with recent studies showing that a substantial portion of the D. melanogaster genome exhibits allele frequency differentiation with respect to latitude on both continents. As of yet there has been no genome-wide examination of differentiated copy-number variants (CNVs) in these geographic regions, despite their potential importance for phenotypic variation in Drosophila and other taxa. Here, we present an analysis of geographic variation in CNVs in D. melanogaster. We also present the first genomic analysis of geographic variation for copy-number variation in the sister species, D. simulans, in order to investigate patterns of parallel evolution in these close relatives. In D. melanogaster we find hundreds of CNVs, many of which show parallel patterns of geographic variation on both continents, lending support to the idea that they are influenced by spatially varying selection. These findings support the idea that polymorphic CNVs contribute to local adaptation in D. melanogaster. In contrast, we find very few CNVs in D. simulans that are geographically differentiated in parallel on both continents, consistent with earlier work suggesting that clinal patterns are weaker in this species. PMID:26809315

  2. Integrated Mid-Continent Carbon Capture, Sequestration & Enhanced Oil Recovery Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brian McPherson


    A consortium of research partners led by the Southwest Regional Partnership on Carbon Sequestration and industry partners, including CAP CO2 LLC, Blue Source LLC, Coffeyville Resources, Nitrogen Fertilizers LLC, Ash Grove Cement Company, Kansas Ethanol LLC, Headwaters Clean Carbon Services, Black & Veatch, and Schlumberger Carbon Services, conducted a feasibility study of a large-scale CCS commercialization project that included large-scale CO{sub 2} sources. The overall objective of this project, entitled the 'Integrated Mid-Continent Carbon Capture, Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery Project' was to design an integrated system of US mid-continent industrial CO{sub 2} sources with CO{sub 2} capture, and geologic sequestration in deep saline formations and in oil field reservoirs with concomitant EOR. Findings of this project suggest that deep saline sequestration in the mid-continent region is not feasible without major financial incentives, such as tax credits or otherwise, that do not exist at this time. However, results of the analysis suggest that enhanced oil recovery with carbon sequestration is indeed feasible and practical for specific types of geologic settings in the Midwestern U.S.

  3. The dual influences of age and obstetric history on fecal continence in parous women. (United States)

    Eogan, Maeve; O'Brien, Conor; Daly, Leslie; Behan, Michael; O'Connell, P Ronan; O'Herlihy, Colm


    To assess whether women who underwent forceps delivery were more likely than those who delivered either normally (spontaneous vaginal delivery [SVD]) or by cesarean to experience deterioration in fecal continence as they aged. The study investigated fecal continence assessment among women who gave birth to their first child 10, 20, or 30 years previously. Women who had undergone forceps delivery in the selected years were matched with women who had SVD in the same year. Two additional cohorts (1 premenopausal, 1 postmenopausal), who had only ever delivered by pre-labor cesarean, were identified for comparison. Of the 85 women who participated, 36 had undergone forceps delivery, 35 SVD, and 14 cesarean delivery only. The mode of vaginal delivery had no significant effect on continence scores or manometry pressures. Premenopausal women who had undergone cesarean delivery had significantly higher manometry pressures than those who delivered vaginally, but this protective effect was lost after the menopause. Multivariate analysis of pudendal nerve conduction found that the adverse effect of duration since delivery was greater than the adverse effect of forceps compared with vaginal delivery. Mode of delivery and aging affect pelvic floor function. Women who deliver via cesarean are not immune to age-related deterioration of anal sphincter function. Copyright © 2010 International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics. All rights reserved.

  4. [Are the patients not carrying protections after radical prostatectomy really continent?]. (United States)

    Centi, J; Brakbi, Y; Plainard, X; Romain, J; Gardic, S; Dumas, J-P; Descazeaud, A


    To analyse urinary continence and related quality of life in patients not wearing any pad after robotic assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP). Two hundred and sixteen patients operated consecutively by RARP between January 2009 and June 2011 were evaluated by the ICS (International Continence Society) Male Self-questionnaire. The questionnaires were sent by mail and mailed back by patients with a minimum of 14 months following surgery. The ICS questionnaire contains a symptom score (ICS 1) and a quality of life score (ICS 2). Out of 216 sent questionnaires, 145 (67%) were received. The subgroup of 121 patients who replied that they were not wearing any pad was analysed. Fifty-three (43,8%) of them reported not having leakage when coughing or sneezing, 65 (53,7%) reported not having spontaneous leakage, and 102 (84,3%) reported not having leakage when sleeping. The ICS 1 and ICS 2 scores were strongly correlated (Pearson correlation coefficient 0.96). Within a group of patients not wearing any pad following RARP, the continence as assessed by self-questionnaires remains altered. This analysis might help counselling patients who are about to choose a surgical treatment for their prostate cancer. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  5. Promouvoir l'inclusion économique des jeunes et des femmes par l ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    entrepreneuriat à Madagascar. Le projet vise à promouvoir l'entrepreneuriat des femmes et des jeunes à Madagascar à travers le renforcement des capacités locales de recherche et des analyses pertinentes et utiles. En particulier les objectifs sont de ...

  6. Contamination des moules ( Mytilus galloprovincialis ) des côtes de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dans ce travail, nous avons etudie la contamination par les Hydrocarbures Aromatiques Polycycliques des moules recoltees au niveau des cotes de la region de Dakar. Les sites ont ete choisis en fonction des activites qui y sont developpees. Lfextraction des HAPs a ete faite au moyen dfun extracteur Soxhlet avec un ...

  7. Taux des lipides et des protéines et composition en acides gras du ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Taux des lipides et des protéines et composition en acides gras du tissu comestible des crustacés et des mollusques pêchés en Algérie : Effet du halofénozide (RH-0345) sur la composition en acides gras de Penaeus kerathurus (Crustacé, Décapode).

  8. Étude des impacts écologiques du dynamisme spatio-temporel des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    changement, (iv) élaborer une prospective des changements en 2050 et (v) évaluer les impacts du changement. Le change- ment des habitats naturels s'est déroulé au cours des temps mais il n'a ... assesses the impacts of habitat change on the resident glob- ... La gestion des changements, qui se manifestent presque.

  9. Prognostic factors for long-term maintenance of urinary continence in patients with incontinence managed by diapers or indwelling catheters. (United States)

    Ueda, T; Yoshimura, N; Yoshida, O


    We examined the prognostic factors for longterm maintenance of continence following nonsurgical treatments in hospitalized patients with urinary incontinence. 313 inpatients (average age: 64 years) in whom urinary incontinence had originally been managed with diapers (n = 158) or indwelling Foley catheters (n = 155) first received nonsurgical rehabilitative treatments. The patients who became continent with these treatments were then evaluated for being either continuously continent or recurrently incontinent during the 5-year follow-up period after discharge from hospital. A multivariate logistic regression analysis was then performed to determine significant risk factors for recurrent urinary incontinence. By initial treatments (mean duration: 144 days), 294 of the 313 patients (94%) were continent and free from diapers or catheters. After the 5-year follow-up period, urinary continence was maintained in 103 (66%) and 62 patients (45%) initially managed with diapers (n = 157) and catheters (n = 137), respectively. Multivariate logistic analysis revealed that in both patient groups, poor posttherapeutic activities of daily living or loss of home care service lowered the maintenance rate of continence. Dementia also lowered the maintenance rate in patients with catheters, but not in those with diapers. In addition, a long history of Foley catheter drainage for over 1 year prior to the initial treatment reduced the maintenance rate (highest odds ratio). Physical disability and poor therapeutic assistance at home are more prominent risk factors for long-term maintenance of urinary continence in elderly patients than problems within the urinary tract.

  10. Ostéosynthèse des fractures des métacarpiens et des phalanges de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Ostéosynthèse des fractures des métacarpiens et des phalanges de la main par mini plaque: à propos de 12 cas. Erraji Moncef, Derfoufi Abdelhafid, Kharraji Abdessamad, Agoumi Omar, Abdeljaouad Najib, Daoudi Abdelkrim, Yacoubi Hicham ...

  11. La convergence des rôles respectifs des relationnistes et des journalistes influence-t-elle la perception qu'ils ont les uns des autres?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Valentini, Chiara


    la convergence des rôles respectifs des praticiens des relations publiques et des journalistes a un effet favorable sur la perception qu’ils ont les uns des autres. L’effet est plus marqué chez les praticiens des relations publiques, car leur vision de la profession en journalisme correspond à celle...... profession et de celle de leurs contreparties? Comment perçoivent-ils leurs rôles, leurs méthodes de travail et leurs interactions? Nous avons employé une méthode mixte, comprenant des entretiens en personne et des enquêtes en ligne, afin de recueillir et d’analyser les données. Les résultats indiquent que...

  12. Modélisation de l'intégrité des surfaces usinées : Application au cas du tournage finition de l'acier inoxydable 15-5PH


    Mondelin, Alexandre


    During machining, extreme conditions of pressure, temperature and strain appear in the cutting zone. In this thermo-mechanical context, the link between the cutting conditions (cutting speed, lubrication, feed rate, wear, tool coating...) and the machining surface integrity represents a major scientific target. This PhD study is a part of a global project called MIFSU (Modeling of the Integrity and Fatigue resistance of Machining Surfaces) and it focuses on the finish turning of the 15-5PH (a...

  13. Effets des extraits des feuilles de Alchornea cordifolia ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Faisant suite à deux études préliminaires, le but de cette étude est de rechercher, un effet antioxydant des feuilles de Alchornea cordifolia vis-à-vis du H2O2 relargué par le polynucléaire neutrophile stimulé. Deux extraits ont été préparés à partir des feuilles séchées : un macérât aqueux et un extrait à l'acétate d'éthyle.

  14. Promouvoir l'entrepreneuriat inclusif des jeunes et des femmes ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Un débat d'experts organisé par le CRDI s'attaque au mariage précoce lors du forum sur la condition des femmes à l'ONU. Des chercheurs appuyés par le CRDI parlent de leurs expériences au Comité sur les ONG lors du forum de la Commission de la condition de la femme. Voir davantageUn débat d'experts organisé par ...

  15. Impact des proprietes physicochimiques des sols de culture du ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    La proportion moyenne de spores non-viables (55 %) est élevée. Il a été noté des corrélations positives entre les communautés de CMA et le magnésium (R = 0,65), la CEC (R = 0,69), l'argile (R = 0,74) et le limon grossier (R = 0,79). Par contre des corrélations négatives ont été obtenues avec le sable fin (R = -0,60) et le ...

  16. Evaluation economique des performances des services d'eau ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abstract. En Algérie, le recours à des entreprises spécialisées dans la production et la distribution d'eau potable implique la nécessité de disposer d'évaluations du coût de ces activités. Cet article propose une étude micro-économétrique de la fonction de coût de l'alimentation en eau potable sur des données de panel, ...

  17. Evolution des intensites maximales annuelles des pluies horaires ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Ces résultats ne sont pas suffisants pour établir une relation entre les variations graduelles observées et le phénomène de changement climatique. La complexité du système climatique de l'Afrique de l'Ouest, la variabilité naturelle des données extrêmes et la longueur des séries utilisées suggèrent une prudence en la ...

  18. Evaluation des connaissances des enseignants du secondaire de l ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Evaluation des connaissances des enseignants du secondaire de l'atlantique au Benin sur les facteurs de risques du cancer du col de l'uterus en 2014. ... Les données ont été collectées à l'aide d'un questionnaire auto-administré. Une régression logistique pas à pas descendante a été faite. L'adéquation du modèle a été ...

  19. Comportement des polluants des eaux pluviales urbaines en ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    C'est dans ce contexte que s'inscrit le présent travail qui porte sur la dégradation des paramètres organiques (DBO5, DCO, MES, O2, NO-3, pH, T, Fer, turbidité) dans différents milieux : naturel (rivière), canal artificiel, rivière (aux rives revêtues). Le traitement des données, effectué sur les trois sites d'observation sur deux ...

  20. Labellisation des miels et valorisation des spécifications régionales ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    régionaux qui pilote les activités dénommé « Plate Forme Miel de Boeny ». Des outils ont été également conçus : des guides, des manuels, des supports de communication permettant de mieux gérer et de contrôles la qualité des miels. Des dispositifs de suivis et de contrôle sont en vue, mais aussi la création des ...

  1. Facteurs climatiques et environnementaux des risques palustres ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    La santé des populations est tributaire des conditions climatiques et environnementales dans lesquelles elles vivent. La présente étude analyse les liens entre le climat, l'environnement et la prévalence du paludisme dans le Département des Collines. L'analyse des données pluviométriques, thermométriques et ...

  2. Etude des potentialites germinatives pour une regeneration ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Les différents aspects germinatifs du fruit de Neocarya macrophylla, ressource génétique fruitière spontanée du Niger, ont fait l'objet d'analyses. L'étude des performances germinatives de cette espèce a donc porté sur des graines récentes et des graines conservées à la température ambiante dans des flacons en verre ...

  3. Integration et exclusion des communautes : La curieuse ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Le sport s'est imposé aujourd'hui comme un puissant vecteur d'intégration. C'est par la médiation du sport que des individus et des cultures différentes se rencontrent, communient ensemble au cours des compétitions et finissent par se socialiser ou se « resocialiser ». C'est donc dire que le sport contribue à construire des ...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    SEI Joseph

    déterminé les pourcentages en silice et carbonates. Nous avons aussi mis au point la présence des ions chlorures en pourcentage assez important pouvant être responsable de la corrosion des aciers de frettage des tuyaux en béton précontraint et par conséquent des dégradations affectant ces tuyaux. La présence d'un.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    SEI Joseph

    pollution. L'objectif du présent travail est l'étude de la qualité des eaux superficielles et souterraines pour évaluer le degré de pollution provenant des lixiviats de la décharge et des cours d'eaux dans lesquels les ..... Les métaux lourds dosés ont montré une pollution métallique des eaux souterraine par rapport à la norme.

  6. Zur odonatenfauna des Fintlandsmoores (Landkreis ammerland)


    Gueffroy, Daniel; Liekweg, Tammo


    Zur Untersuchung der Libellenfauna des Fintlandsmoores im Landkreis Ammerland wurden 1999 zehn Exkursionen durchgeführt. Der Untersuchungsschwerpunkt lag im bereich der dystrophen Torfstiche im süden sowie des unabgetorften Hochmoorrestes im Zentrum des Naturschutzgebietes. Insgesamt wurden 15 Libellenarten als bodenständig nachgewiesen. Aufgrund früherer Untersuchungen aus den Jahren 1973-78 und 1986 läßt sich die zunehmende Eutrophierung anhand der Veränderung des Artenspektr...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    SEI Joseph

    D'autre part, à cause de la corrélation directe entre l'étendue des inondations et les quantités de poissons et de pâturages fournies par la plaine, il y a eu dégradation des ... aux changements climatiques en zone sahélienne du Cameroun. Un des objectifs de notre étude était de préciser le comportement des agriculteurs ...

  8. Evolution of the Adria-Europe plate boundary in the northern Dinarides: From continent-continent collision to back-arc extension (United States)

    Ustaszewski, Kamil; Kounov, Alexandre; Schmid, Stefan M.; Schaltegger, Urs; Krenn, Erwin; Frank, Wolfgang; Fügenschuh, Bernhard


    The Sava Zone of the northern Dinarides is part of the Cenozoic Adria-Europe plate boundary. Here Late Cretaceous subduction of remnants of Meliata-Vardar oceanic lithosphere led to the formation of a suture, across which upper plate European-derived units of Tisza-Dacia were juxtaposed with Adria-derived units of the Dinarides. Late Cretaceous siliciclastic sediments, deposited on the Adriatic plate, were incorporated into an accretionary wedge that evolved during the initial stages of continent-continent collision. Structurally deeper parts of the exposed accretionary wedge underwent amphibolite-grade metamorphism. Grt-Pl-Ms-Bt thermobarometry and multiphase equilibria indicate temperatures between 550°C and 630°C and pressures between 5 and 7 kbar for this event. Peak metamorphic conditions were reached at around 65 Ma. Relatively slow cooling from peak metamorphic conditions throughout most of the Paleogene was possibly induced by hanging wall erosion in conjunction with southwest directed propagation of thrusting in the Dinarides. Accelerated cooling took place in Miocene times, when the Sava Zone underwent substantial extension that led to the exhumation of the metamorphosed units along a low-angle detachment. Footwall exhumation started under greenschist facies conditions and was associated with top-to-the-north tectonic transport, indicating exhumation from below European plate units. Extension postdates the emplacement of a 27 Ma old granitoid that underwent solid-state deformation under greenschist facies conditions. The 40Ar/39Ar sericite and zircon and apatite fission track ages from the footwall allow bracketing this extensional unroofing between 25 and 14 Ma. This extension is hence linked to Miocene rift-related subsidence in the Pannonian basin, which represents a back-arc basin formed due to subduction rollback in the Carpathians.

  9. Seismotectonic features of the African plate: the possible dislocation of a continent (United States)

    Meghraoui, Mustapha


    The African continent is made of seismically active structures with active deformation in between main substratum shields considered as stable continental interiors. Seismically active regions are primarily located along rift zones, thrust and fold mountain belts, transform faults and volcanic fields. The active tectonic structures generated large and destructive earthquakes in the past with significant damage and economic losses in Africa. Although some regions of the continent show a low-level of seismic activity, several large earthquakes (with M > 7) have occurred in the past. The presence of major active faults that generate destructive earthquakes is among the most important geological and geophysical hazards for the continent. National and International scientific projects dealing with the seismic hazards assessment are increasing in seismically active regions in Africa. The UNESCO-SIDA/IGCP (Project 601 support the preparation and implementation of the "Seismotectonic Map of Africa". Therefore, new seismotectonic data with the regional analysis of earthquake hazards became necessary as a basis for a mitigation of the earthquake damage. A database in historical and instrumental seismicity, active tectonics, stress tensor distribution, earthquake geology and paleoseismology, active deformation, earthquake geodesy (GPS) and gravity, crustal structure studies, magnetic and structural segmentation, volcanic fields, collision tectonics and rifting processes is prepared to constrain the geodynamic evolution of the continent. Taking into account the geological, tectonic and geophysical characteristics, we define six seismotectonic provinces that characterize the crustal deformation. With the previously identified Somalia tectonic block, the seismotectonic and geophysical framework of the continent reveal the existence of the Cameroon volcanic line, the South African tectonic block with transform faulting and Cape folding system

  10. Étude par diffraction des rayons X des vernis rouges des sigillées du sud de la Gaule. Les ateliers de la Graufesenque (United States)

    Vendier, L.; Sciau, Ph.; Dooryhee, E.


    La Graufesenque (Millau, Aveyron) 1^rst and 2^nd, centuries AC Sigillata red slips have been studied by x-ray diffraction at ESRF and on a conventional diffractometer. Although x-ray diffraction is a non-destructive characterisation technique adapted to surface study, it has not been used so mutch for Sigillata slip characterisation. The poor quality of the slip surface can be an explanation. In this work we demonstrate that it is possible to get good quality diffraction diagrams on 20-120 AC Sigillata slips. The results confirm the productions homogeneity and the hypothesis about a non-local clay used for the slips. On a counterpart, the late (second half of 2^nd century AC) Sigillata study needs because of their crackled surface a high quality beam, which can only be accessible on a synchrotron installation. These productions seems to be more heterogeneous: some Sigillata present similar diffraction diagrams for the slip and ceramic body (same clay?), some others present results similar to the precedent production period ones. Les vernis rouges de poteries sigillées (I^er et II^e siècles) de la Graufesenque (Millau, Aveyron) ont été étudiés par diffraction des rayons X à la fois à l'ESRF et sur une installation classique de laboratoire. Bien que la diffraction des rayons X soit une technique adaptée à l'étude des surfaces, cette technique a jusqu'à présent assez peu servi dans l'examen de ces objets. Ceci peut en partie s'expliquer par le mauvais état de surface de certains vernis. Dans ce travail, nous montrons que moyennant quelques précautions, il est possible d'obtenir sur une installation classique de bons diffractogranunes des vernis des sigillées datés entre 20 et 120 ap. J.C. Les résultats confirment l'homogénéité de ces productions et l'hypothèse selon laquelle ces vernis n'ont pas été fabriqués à partir des argiles locales du jurassique environnant le site. Par contre, l'étude des sigillées tardives de la deuxième moitié du

  11. The key role of hydrogen by reaction behaviour on oxidic catalyst surface to RuO{sub 2}(110); Die Schluesselrolle des Wasserstoffs im Reaktionsverhalten einer oxidischen Katalysatoroberflaeche am Beispiel von RuO{sub 2}(110)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Knapp, M.


    In this work it is demonstrated that there are different ways to deactivate the RuO{sub 2}(110)- surface. All experiments were performed on Ru single-crystals under UHV-conditions by applying the surface science techniques including Low Energy Electron Diffraction (LEED), Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy (TDS), Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM) and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS). An active RuO{sub 2}(110) film was produced by exposing a well-prepared single crystal Ru(0001) surface to high doses of oxygen at elevated temperatures of 600-650 K. An alternative way to deactivate the RuO{sub 2}(110) surface was studied by adsorbing hydrogen. On the bare (stoichiometric) surface hydrogen adsorbs at room temperature dissociatively on the O{sub br} atoms forming hydroxyl groups. The hydroxyl groups are not active in the oxidation of CO. On the other hand the adsorption and desorption process of the CO molecule is not affected by the hydroxyl groups. Therefore it is possible to passivate only one kind of active sites on the RuO{sub 2}(110) surface. The hydroxyl groups are stable up to a temperature around 550 K. Above this temperature water is formed by the recombination of two neighboring OH groups and desorbs into the gas phase, leaving O-vacancies on the surface. To remove the hydrogen from the O{sub br} atoms at lower temperatures one needs to dose oxygen at 300 K. Water molecules are immediately formed on the 1f-cus-Ru atoms and desorb at about 400 K into the gas phase. After this oxidation step the surface is restored. The reason for this behaviour is a hydrogen transfer reaction on the surface: The hydrogen is initially located on the O{sub br} sites whereas the subsequently dosed oxygen adsorbs atomically on the 1f-cus-Ru forming on-topoxygen (O{sub ot}). This O{sub ot} picks up the hydrogen from the O{sub br} and forms water molecules. The hydrogen transfer reaction plays a key role in the interaction of hydrogen with the RuO{sub 2}(110) surface. By


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Deaconu Alecxandrina


    Full Text Available Les préoccupations pour bien comprendre la complexité des organisations sont bien connues dans la théorie et la pratique du management. La motivation la plus fréquente pour toutes les recherches et les investigationes faites a été fondée sur le besoin de savoir gérer les situations diverses en vue de maximiser la performance organisationnelle. En ce qui nous concerne, pour enrichir les informations disponibles, nous voulons élargir, dans notre communication, les approches traditionelles, focaliser l’attention sur la dimension psychologiques des organisations et présenter les mécanismes qui favorisent l’implication des salariés.

  13. Parasites et parasitoses des poissons


    De Kinkelin, Pierre; Morand, Marc; Hedrick, Ronald; Michel, Christian


    Cet ouvrage, richement illustré, offre un panorama représentatif des agents parasitaires rencontrés chez les poissons. S'appuyant sur les nouvelles conceptions de la classification phylogénétique, il met l'accent sur les propriétés biologiques, l'épidémiologie et les conséquences cliniques des groupes d'organismes en cause, à la lumière des avancées cognitives permises par les nouveaux outils de la biologie. Il est destiné à un large public, allant du monde de l'aquaculture à ceux de la santé...

  14. L’Internet des objets


    Benghozi, Pierre-Jean; Bureau, Sylvain; Massit-Folléa, Françoise


    L’ « internet des objets » est une dimension majeure de l’internet du futur. Mais tout le monde ne s’accorde pas encore sur sa définition, ni sur la mesure de son importance économique ou des risques qu’il induit. L’étude de nombreux rapports prospectifs et l’observation des innovations d’ores et déjà engagées a permis de mettre en relief les incertitudes techniques, économiques et socio-politiques qui pèsent sur cette véritable mutation programmée de l’internet et de proposer une approche eu...

  15. Aux origines des Jeux olympiques.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isabelle Debilly


    Full Text Available Si les Jo modernes sont régulièrement sous les feux de l’actualité, soit par la répétition temporelle des Olympiades elle-même, soit par les enjeux économiques féroces qui découlent du choix des lieux, ceux de l’Antiquité sont en général cantonnés au domaine scolaire ou universitaire. Néanmoins, ils bénéficient tous les quatre ans d`un éclairage médiatique. L’ouvrage Olympie. La victoire pour les dieux est au croisement des deux domaines. En effet, écrit par un ...

  16. Agent des projets et des partenariats (h/f) | CRDI - Centre de ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    appuie la coordination des activités de mobilisation de ressources et des bailleurs de fonds (politiques et planification, etc.) et l'appui au Comité de gestion de la haute direction et au Conseil des gouverneurs;; facilite des relations clés entre la DPDA et des clients (programmes et bureaux régionaux), le conseiller juridique ...

  17. Quantification des apports et des exores d'un lac : cas du lac Fetzara ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... permet de déterminer l'impact des facteurs environnementaux sur les variations de la composition chimique des eaux aux entrées et à la sortie du lac. Les résultats des analyses chimiques couplés aux débits mesurés dans différents points des Oueds Zied, Mellah, Hout et Meboudja ont permis le calcul des flux transitant ...

  18. Potentiel en biogaz des résidus agropastoraux et des excréments ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    La potentialité en biogaz des excréments humains et des résidus agropastoraux du bassin versant du fleuve Sassandra (BVS) a été évaluée à partir des statistiques agricoles et de la population, ainsi que des indices de productivité de biogaz. Egalement, la mise en oeuvre des technologies de production de biogaz dans ...

  19. Prise en charge des urgences au service d'accueil des urgences ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Introduction: La prise en charge des patients dans les services d'accueil des urgences est une des meilleures vitrines d'un système de santé. En Afrique subsaharienne, la gestion des urgences se heurte à des difficultés humaines et matérielles. Le but de ce travail était d'évaluer les difficultés de prise en charge au Service ...

  20. Synthèse des faits empiriques et des leçons : Comment l ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)


    5 déc. 2013 ... and Flora Hewlett Foundation, le programme Croissance de l'Économie et Débouchés Économiques des Femmes ... des enseignements tirés au sujet des liens qui existent entre l'autonomisation économique des femmes ..... examens systématiques à l'aide des principes Cochrane/Campbell/3iE. Toutefois ...

  1. Récupération des eaux grises et des eaux pluviales pour l ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Récupération des eaux grises et des eaux pluviales pour l'agriculture urbaine et périurbaine à La Soukra, dans le gouvernorat d'Ariana (Tunisie). Jusqu'à la fin des années 1960, la plaine de la Soukra était une zone de verdure adjacente à Tunis. Au début des années 1970, les agriculteurs utilisaient des eaux usées ...

  2. Kodifikation des Privatrechts in Ungarn und die Tradition des römischen Rechts


    Hamza, Gabor


    Das erste ungarische Zivilgesetzbuch wurde im Jahre 1959 verabschiedet. Das ungarische Zivilgesetzbuch ist am 1. Mai 1960 in Kraft getreten. Das ZGB spiegelt den Einfluss des schweizerischen Zivilgesetzbuches, des schweizerischen Obligationenrechts, des deutschen BGB und des Entwurfes des ungarischen Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuches aus dem Jahre 1928 wider. Das ungarische ZGB hat keinen Allgemeinen Teil, sondern nur in sieben Paragraphen gegliederte einleitende Bestimmungen. Der Kodex gliedert sic...

  3. Étude des politiques relatives à l'établissement des prix et à la ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Étude des politiques relatives à l'établissement des prix et à la taxation de l'alcool en Inde. L'Inde est le troisième marché mondial pour les ... Les données proviendront de sources multiples, dont le National Sample Survey Office et les départements des taxes d'accise des dix États. En fonction des résultats obtenus, les ...

  4. Intensifier l'inclusion financière des femmes et des jeunes en Afrique ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Intensifier l'inclusion financière des femmes et des jeunes en Afrique subsaharienne. Bien que d'énormes progrès aient été accomplis en vue d'offrir des services financiers à un plus large éventail de clients dans de nombreux pays de l'Afrique subsaharienne, des femmes et des jeunes marginalisés sont toujours laissés ...

  5. Perceptions locales de la manifestation des changements ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    . PRPR. ERMA. DC. UD cluster 1 cluster 2. Pauvres. Riches et moyens. Figure 4. Positionnement des classes d'impacts socio-économiques des changements climatiques dans un système d'axes de l'analyse factorielle des ...

  6. Die Problematik des Begriffes hebraica veritas

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Nach ihm waren sowohl der Text des Tanak als auch sein Umfang Ausdruck der wahren Offenbarung Gottes an Israel, daher konnte nur diese Form des Alten Testaments die Wahrheit erhalten. Folgerichtig betrachtete er sie als Bibel der Verfasser des Neuen. Testaments und Norm für Lehre und Leben. Untersucht man die.

  7. Pecheries maritimes artisanales Togolaises : analyse des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Pecheries maritimes artisanales Togolaises : analyse des debarquements et de la valeur commerciale des captures. K.M. Sedzro, E.D. Fiogbe, E.B. Guerra. Abstract. Description du sujet : La connaissance scientifique de la pression des pêcheries artisanales sur les ressources marines togolaises s'avère nécessaire pour ...

  8. Migration transnationale des Vietnamiennes en Asie | IDRC ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Souvent, cependant, les pays d'origine ne disposent pas des politiques ni des lois ayant force exécutoire qui permettraient d'assurer des pratiques d'embauche ... Women's movements in India are struggling to address problems arising from rapidly changing social relations and vulnerabilities associated with, among other ...

  9. Double breasting of bladder neck and posterior urethra for continence in isolated peno-pubic epispadias. (United States)

    Bhat, Amilal; Upadhayay, Ravi; Bhat, Mahakshit; Kumar, Rajiv; Kumar, Vinay


    The objectives of surgical repair of epispadias include the achievement of urinary continence, cosmetically acceptable genitalia with correction of curvature and normal genital function. To achieve all the aforementioned objectives, patients usually undergo two- or multiple-stage surgeries. Traditionally, the patients undergo epispadias repair in the first stage through modified Cantwell-Ransley or Mitchell-Bagli procedure. Subsequently, in the second stage, bladder neck repair is performed to achieve continence, the most common procedure being modified Young-Dees-Leadbetter. There is no reported single-stage technique of epispadias repair achieving both cosmesis and continence in isolated incontinent epispadias. The objectives of the study were to assess continence and cosmesis with partial penile disassemble and double breasting of bladder neck and posterior urethra in isolated peno-pubic epispadias. A retrospective analysis of surgical outcome of seven cases of primary isolated incontinent peno-pubic epispadias repair from July 2008 to July 2012 was carried out. Patients' age varied from 10 months to 16 years. Penile de-gloving is done with mobilization of urethral plate from ventrum to dorsum, distally till mid-glans and proximally up to pubic symphysis with preservation of blood supply at both ends. Partial mobilization of corporal bodies from its attachment and division of peno-pubic ligament are done to lengthen the penis. A mucosal strip of 5-7 mm is excised to denude the mucosa for double breasting. Tubularization of urethral plate with double breasting from the region of bladder neck to posterior urethra is done to increase the outlet resistance and then tubularization of distal urethral plate. Approximation of mobilized pelvic floor muscles is done to complete sphincteroplasty. Spongioplasty along the entire length and corporoplasty with medial rotation of corporeal bodies is done. Glanuloplasty with meatoplasty is done to bring the meatus ventrally and

  10. Geophysical constraints on the deep structure of a limited ocean-continent subduction zone at the North Iberian Margin (United States)

    Ayarza, P.; MartíNez CataláN, J. R.; Alvarez-Marrón, J.; Zeyen, H.; Juhlin, C.


    Late Cretaceous to Cenozoic convergence between Iberia and Europe led to the partial closure of the Bay of Biscay with limited southward subduction of oceanic crust below the North Iberian Margin. Inclined sub-Moho reflections and diffractions observed in deep seismic reflection profiles shot across the margin are especially well represented in two reflection profiles: ESCIN-3.2 and ESCIN-3.3. These two profiles have been chosen to test if the sub-Moho reflections correspond to true primary deep events and, provided that they are reflecting off the subduction zone, to investigate its deep structure. Spectral analysis together with travel time estimation and migration allow us to characterize a number of these sub-Moho events as deep-source, low-frequency (˜19 Hz), reflections and diffractions. Synthetic seismograms were generated by three-dimensional seismic modeling of a sub-Moho southward dipping surface, interpreted to correspond to the top of subducted oceanic crust. Comparison between the real and synthetic data show that inclined, low-frequency sub-Moho reflections in both, ESCIN-3.2 and ESCIN-3.3 profiles may correspond to reflections from southward subducted Bay of Biscay oceanic crust. Geoid, free-air gravity, and absolute topography modeling provides additional constraints on the lithospheric-scale structure of this limited ocean-continent subduction zone beneath the North Iberian Margin.

  11. Profil épidemio-clinique et radiologique des atteintes ostéo-articulaires des hémophiles à Madagascar (United States)

    Narindra, Lova Hasina Rajaonarison Ny Ony; Rabemanorintsoa, Feno Hasina; Randrianantenaina, Faralahy Ravelonarivo; Rakoto, Olivat Alson Aimée; Ahmad, Ahmad


    Introduction Déterminer le profil épidémio-clinique et radiologique des atteintes ostéo-articulaires des hémophiles malagasy. Méthodes Une étude prospective, descriptive portant sur 25 patients hémophiles venant de tout Madagascar a été réalisée. Des radiographies numérisées des genoux, des chevilles et des coudes en incidence de face et de profil ainsi qu'une échographie des hanches, des genoux, des chevilles et des coudes ont été réalisées chez ces patients. Le type et la sévérité de la maladie ainsi que l'aspect de la cavité articulaire, la synoviale, les noyaux épiphysaires et les surfaces articulaires ont été analysés. Résultats Soixante-huit pourcent des patients étaient hémophiles de type A et 32 % de type B. Quarante pourcent étaient classés sévères, 28 % modérés et 32 % mineurs. Les atteintes ostéo-articulaires ont été retrouvées chez 56 % des patients. Il n'existait pas de prédominance d'atteinte selon le type ni la sévérité de la maladie. Les plus jeunes étaient les plus atteints et l'articulation du genou et de la cheville étaient les plus touchées. Conclusion Les complications ostéo-articulaire de l'hémophilie sont graves et ne dépendent pas du type ni de la sévérité de l'affection. Elles touchent surtout les enfants d'âge scolaire. Le couple radiographie-échographie permet de diagnostiquer et de surveiller ces lésions. PMID:25870742

  12. Caractérisation des plantes médicinales à flavonoïdes des marchés ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Les plantes à flavonoïdes constituent un atout majeur pour le maintien de la santé. Le présent travail a été conduit dans deux marchés de la ville de Douala afin de valoriser l'utilisation des plantes à flavonoïdes dans la médecine traditionnelle. Des enquêtes ethnobotaniques réalisées auprès de 40 vendeurs des plantes ...

  13. Cardiotoxicité des psychotropes


    TAHIRI, Abdallah


    Même à dose thérapeutique, les médicaments psychotropes sont susceptibles d'engendrer des troubles du rythme cardiaque graves avec risque létal concourant à expliquer la pré valence de la mort subite dans la population psychiatrique. Les situations cliniques à risque telles que poly médication (des psychotropes entre eux ou d'un psychotrope avec un non psychotrope allongeur de QTc), interactions médicamenteuses aussi bien pharmacodynamiques que pharmacocinétiques, traitement pa...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    2Département de Géologie, Faculté des Sciences, Université d'Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. 3Département de Géologie et Sciences de l'Environnement, Université de Buea, Cameroun. ARESUME:- 115 déblais de sondage et des ..... Cette méthode a été appliquée au lieu de la première apparition et de la denière apparition ...

  15. Mesoscale modeling of smoke transport over the Southeast Asian Maritime Continent: Interplay of sea breeze, trade wind, typhoon, and topography (United States)

    Wang, Jun; Ge, Cui; Yang, Zhifeng; Hyer, Edward J.; Reid, Jeffrey S.; Chew, Boon-Ning; Mahmud, Mastura; Zhang, Yongxin; Zhang, Meigen


    The online-coupled Weather Research and Forecasting model with Chemistry (WRFchem) is used to simulate the transport of smoke particles over the Southeast Asian Maritime Continent during September-October 2006. In this period, dry conditions associated with the moderate El Niño event caused the largest regional biomass burning outbreak since 1997. Smoke emission in WRFchem is specified according to the Fire Locating and Modeling of Burning Emissions (FLAMBE) database derived from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) fire products. The modeled smoke transport pathway is found to be consistent with the MODIS true color images and measured mass concentration of surface PM10 (particulate matter with diameter less than 10 μm). The interplay of sea/land breezes, typhoons and storms over the subtropical western Pacific Ocean, trade winds, and topographic effects, can be clearly seen in the model simulation. The most severe smoke events in 1-5 October 2006 are found to be associated with the meteorological responses to the typhoon Xangsane (#18) over the western subtropical Pacific Ocean, which moved smoke from Sumatra eastward in the lower troposphere (below 700 hPa), forming smoke layers mixed with and above the boundary layer clouds over Borneo. In contrast, the second largest week-long smoke transport event of 15-18 October 2006 was associated with the seasonal monsoonal transition period, during which smoke plumes were wide spread over the 5°S-5°N zone as a result of (a) the near surface divergence coupled with the 700 hPa bifurcation of wind (flowing both to the west and to the east), and (b) the near-surface southeasterly and easterly winds along the equator transporting smoke from Borneo to Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia. Analysis of data from the Cloud-Aerosol Lidar with Orthogonal Polarisation (CALIOP) shows that smoke particles in October 2006 were primarily located within 3.5 km above the surface. Smoke particles contributed roughly half

  16. Approche à l’égard des nouveaux anticoagulants oraux en pratique familiale (United States)

    Douketis, James; Bell, Alan David; Eikelboom, John; Liew, Aaron


    Résumé Objectif Comparer les caractéristiques principales des nouveaux anticoagulants oraux (NACO), soit le dabigatran, le rivaroxaban et l’apixaban, et répondre aux questions qui font surface lors de la comparaison de ces agents. Qualité des données Une recherche dans PubMed a été effectuée afin de relever les études cliniques récentes (de janvier 2008 à la semaine 32 de 2013) portant sur l’emploi des NACO pour la prévention des AVC dans les cas de fibrillation auriculaire (FA) et pour le traitement de la thromboembolie veineuse aiguë. Message principal Selon 3 essais d’envergure, tous les NACO sont au moins aussi efficaces que la warfarine dans la prévention des AVC chez les patients atteints d’une FA non valvulaire, et au moins aussi sûrs pour ce qui est du risque de saignement. Des méta-analyses de ces essais ont montré que, comparativement au traitement par la warfarine, les NACO avaient réduit la mortalité totale, la mortalité d’origine cardiovasculaire et les saignements intracrâniens, et était aussi ressortie une tendance vers la réduction des saignements généraux. Du côté pratique, les avantages des NACO par rapport à la warfarine sont : posologie orale fixe uniquotidienne ou biquotidienne sans devoir surveiller la coagulation et peu d’interactions connues ou définies avec d’autres médicaments ou des aliments. Les désavantages potentiels des NACO sont notamment un risque de saignement qui serait accru chez les patients de plus de 75 ans, une hausse des saignements gastro-intestinaux majeurs avec des doses élevées de dabigatran, une hausse des cas de dyspepsie avec le dabigatran, l’absence d’un test de laboratoire de routine visant à mesurer de façon fiable l’effet anticoagulant et l’absence d’antidote pour renverser l’effet anticoagulant. Aucun essai randomisé contrôlé n’a effectué de comparaison directe des NACO, et le choix d’un NACO est influencé par les caract

  17. Contribution des radios communautaires a l'education des ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    TIC » ont sur l'éducation des adolescents. Par une démarche d'étude essentiellement transversale, quantitative et qualitative, nous avons interrogé 160 sujets et les données collectées ont fait découvrir autant d'influences positives que ...

  18. Cartographie des zones d'intervention des partenaires techniques et ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Il s'agit des Communes ayant 7 à 10 partenaires (niveau 1), les. Communes ayant 11 à 14 (niveau 2) et les Communes ayant plus de 15 partenaires (niveau 3). Mots clés : Cartographie, Bénin, zones d'intervention, partenaires techniques et financiers (PTF), taux spatial d'intervention (TSI), taux de population couverte ...

  19. Traits morphologiques des graines et vigueur des jeunes plants de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    écologique du Sénégal afin de pouvoir sélectionner une meilleure semence qui sera destinée aux programmes de développement des énergies renouvelables. Morphological traits of seeds and seedling vigor of two sources of Jatropha curcas L. in ...

  20. Traits morphologiques des graines et vigueur des jeunes plants de ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    écologique du Sénégal afin de pouvoir sélectionner une meilleure semence qui sera destinée aux programmes de développement des énergies renouvelables. Journal of Applied Biosciences 88:8249– 8255. ISSN 1997–5902 ...

  1. Evaluation des conditions de germination des noyaux de Grewia ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    31 janv. 2014 ... 1Laboratoire de Physiologie et Production Végétales, Université Marien NGOUABI,. Faculté des Sciences et Techniques, BP.69. Brazzaville, Republique du Congo. 2Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie et Forestérie, Université Marien NGOUABI,. BP. 69. Brazzaville, Republique du Congo.

  2. Réalité terrain étendue : une nouvelle approche pour l'extraction de paramètres de surface biophysiques et géophysiques à l'échelle des individus


    Gademer, Antoine


    Retrieval of land surface parameters is an essential part of life and Earth sciences activities, as they are the key to understand the complex phenomena that take place in the biosphere. This thesis proposes a new methodology for biophysical and geophysical surface para-meters analysis, that we call Extended Ground Truth, and that mix the advantages of the field ope-rations and those of remote sensing. We have especially focused our work on the benefits of low altitude remote sensing with a m...

  3. Mesohabitat-specific Macroinvertebrate Assemblage Responses to Water Quality Variation in Mid-continent (North America) Great Rivers (United States)

    We compared the responsiveness of macroinvertebrate assemblages to water quality stressors (ions, nutrients, dissolved metals and suspended sediment) in two mesohabitats within the main-channel macrohabitat of three mid-continent North American rivers, the Upper Mississippi, Miss...

  4. About the Mid-Continent Ecology Division (MED) of EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory (United States)

    The Mid-Continent Ecology Division (MED) conducts innovative research and predictive modeling to document and forecast the effects of pollutants on the integrity of watersheds and freshwater ecosystems.

  5. Testing and Evaluation of the IMPACT Instrumentation, Inc. 3O8ME13 Continous Oropharyngeal/Tracheal Suction Apparatus

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Blake, Butch


    The IMPACT Instrumentation, Inc., Continous Oropharyngeal Tracheal Suction, model 308ME13 is a portable self contained, general purpose, medical suction apparatus designed for removing secretions from the upper airway...

  6. Étude de la microstructure de couches minces par diffraction des rayons X : description analytique des profils de raie (United States)

    Boulle, A.; Guinebretière, R.; Dauger, A.


    Nous proposons un modèle cinématique permettant de décrire de façon analytique les profils de raie de diffraction des rayons X de couches minces épitaxiées. Comparé aux modèles analytiques existant, celui-ci permet de prendre en compte plusieurs types de défauts simultanément, notamment la rugosité du substrat, celle de la surface de la couche, et les fluctuations aléatoires (cumulatives ou non) de distance interréticulaire. Cette description peut s'appliquer aux cas de couches minces nanométriques (de quelques dizaines de nanomètres à quelques centaines de nanomètres) ainsi qu'aux couches ultra-minces (quelques Ångstroms). Les profils de raie sont affectés différemment selon la nature des défauts présents, ce qui permet d'envisager l'application de ce modèle pour la détermination quantitative des propriétés microstructurales des couches de façon simple et routinière.

  7. Study of the sulfur mechanism on the formation of coke deposition on iron surfaces; Etude des mecanismes d'action du soufre sur le cokage catalytique du fer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bonnet, F.


    The formation of coke deposition which occurs in a range of temperature 500 deg C-650 deg C is a major problem in many chemical and petrochemical processes where hydrocarbons or other strongly carburizing atmospheres are involved. To reduce the rate of coke deposition, sulfur can be added in the gas phase. The topic of this work is to study the sulfur mechanism on the formation of coke deposition on iron surfaces. Firstly, we study the mechanism of graphitic filament formation on reduced and oxidised iron surfaces. A new mechanism of catalytic particle formation is proposed when the surface is initially oxidised. This mechanism is based on thermodynamic, kinetic and structural considerations. The results show that oxide/carbide transitions are involved in the transformation of the oxide layer in catalytic particles. Although the different iron oxides are precursors for the formation of catalytic particles, wustite (FeO) has a better reactivity than magnetite (Fe{sub 3}O{sub 4}) and hematite (Fe{sub 2}O{sub 3}). Sulfur acts on different steps of the coke formation, preventing phase transformations (carburation, graphitization) which occur during the formation of catalytic particles. Sulfur activity required to prevent these transformations changes with the temperature, the chemical state of iron (reduced or oxidised) and the carbon activity in the gas phase. Sulfur/ethylene co-adsorption studies were performed on mono-crystal of iron (110). The results show that sulfur can prevent adsorption and decomposition of this hydrocarbon on metallic surface (Fe) and on magnetite (Fe{sub 3}O{sub 4}). Then, sulfur prevents the reaction leading to the carburation and graphitization of the surface. (author)

  8. Bowel management and continence in adults with spina bifida: Results from the National Spina Bifida Patient Registry 2009-15. (United States)

    Wiener, John S; Suson, Kristina D; Castillo, Jonathan; Routh, Jonathan C; Tanaka, Stacy; Liu, Tiebin; Ward, Elisabeth; Thibadeau, Judy; Joseph, David; Registry, National Spina Bifida Patient


    Advances in care have allowed most children with spina bifida (SB) to live to adulthood. The majority have neuropathic bowel dysfunction (NBD), resulting in constipation, incontinence, and diminished quality of life. We sought to 1) describe contemporary NBD management and continence outcomes of adults with SB; 2) describe differences from younger patients; and 3) assess for association with socio-economic factors. We analyzed data on NBD management and continence from the National Spina Bifida Patient Registry (NSBPR). Patients were segregated into young children (5-11 years), adolescents (12-19 years), and adults (20 years and older). A strict definition of continence was utilized. Statistical analysis compared cohorts by gender, ethnicity, SB type, lesion level, insurance status, educational attainment, employment status, and continence. A total of 5209 SB patients were included, of whom 1370 (26.3%) were adults. Management and continence varied by age and SB type. Oral medication use did not differ between groups (5.2-6.6%). Suppositories and rectal enemas were used only by 11.5% of adults, which was significantly less than among school-aged children. Antegrade enemas were used by 17.7% of adults which was significantly less than among adolescents (27.2%). Adults were more likely to use digital stimulation or disimpaction or have undergone a colostomy. Bowel continence was reported by 58.3% of overall adult cohort: 55.6% of adults with myelomeningocele and 74.9% with non-myelomeningocele. Bowel continence was significantly associated with employment (p= 0.0002), private insurance (p= 0.0098), non-myelomeningocele type of SB (p= 0.0216) and educational attainment (p= 0.0324) on univariate analysis but only with employment on multivariable logistic regression (p= 0.0027). Bowel management techniques differed between adults and younger patients with SB. Bowel continence was reported by over half of SB adults and was associated with socio-economic factors.

  9. La maison des mathématiques

    CERN Document Server

    Villani, Cédric; Moncorgé, Vincent


    Comment travaillent les mathématiciens ? C'est peut-être en se promenant dans les couloirs de la première des " maisons des mathématiques " de France, l'institut Henri Poincaré, que l'on trouvera quelques réponses. Le mathématicien Cédric Villani et le physicien Jean-Philippe Uzan nous invitent à découvrir cette discipline et ses acteurs. Au fil des pages on suit, à travers de superbes images signées du photographe Vincent Moncorgé, la façon dont se fabrique cette science qui reste souvent mystérieuse. Toutes les dimensions, scientifique, esthétique et poétique, des mathématiques sont convoquées grâce à des regards croisés : la diversité des inspirations des chercheurs, la source de leur créativité, l'imaginaire littéraire et artistique des mathématiques, la drôle de tribu des mathématiciens. Un voyage au cœur de cette " auberge espagnole " des mathématiques, campus " à la française " accueillant des centaines de chercheurs du monde entier, devenu un lieu d'émulation et d'éc...

  10. Etude des erreurs d'estimation des populations par la méthode des captures successives (DeLURY, 2 captures et des captures-recaptures (PETERSEN

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available L'estimation des populations naturelles par capture-recapture et par captures successives est souvent entachée d'erreur car, dans de nombreux cas, l'hypothèse fondamentale d'égalité des probabilités de captures pour tous les individus dans le temps et dans l'espace n'est pas respectée. Dans le cas des populations de poissons envisagés ici, les captures ont lieu par la pêche électrique. On a pu chiffrer l'ordre de grandeur des erreurs systématiques faites sur l'estimation des peuplements, en fonction des conditions particulières, biotiques et abiotiques, des différents milieux inventoriés.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Sur la base des données recoltées, nous avons défini et discuté de la localisation branchiale de ces deux monogènes dans le cas d'infestations monospécifiques et .... et Pyragraphorus hollisae. Monospecific infections of Trachinotus ovatus with Gotocotyla acanthura and. Pyragraphorus hollisae. Nbre = Nombre ...

  12. Les parcs des porcelainiers Haviland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Colette Chabrely


    Full Text Available Les parcs du Reynou et de Mont-Méry en Limousin, anciennes propriétés des porcelainiers Haviland, présentent l’un et l’autre un grand intérêt paysager et botanique. Dans les deux cas, l’attribution de la création est incertaine. Cet article propose pour le Reynou une analyse de documents figurés anciens permettant de préciser la chronologie des travaux du château et du parc. Pour Mont-Méry il s’agit de poser de nouveaux jalons pour une étude plus approfondie des sources et de la composition des jardins afin d’envisager de nouvelles pistes pour leur attribution.The Reynou and Mont-Méry parks near Limoges originally belonged to the city’s porcelain manufacturers, the Havilands. Both parks are of considerable interest in terms of their landscaping and their botany. In both cases, there is some uncertainty as to the identity of their designers. This article offers an analysis of the graphic representations of the Reynou park, clarifying the chronology of the creation of the château and its park. For the Mont-Méry park, the aim is to offer some guidelines for further research in the source material and on the design of the park itself, perhaps allowing for the designer to be identified.

  13. Reduction des effectifs ou licenciements

    CERN Multimedia

    Maiani, Luciano


    "Vous faites un amalgame entre la reduction en cours des effectifs du CERN (organisation europeenne pour la recherche nucleaire) et les economies que le laboratoire doit realiser dans les cinq ans a venir pour financer le projet de grand collisionneur de hadrons (Le Monde du 4 septembre)" (1/2 page).

  14. Neue Lycaeniden des Leiderner Museums

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Fruhstorfer, H.


    Einige Exemplare aus der Lycaena cleotas Guér.-Gruppe des Leidener Museums veranlassten mich das Material meiner Sammlung und meine Übersicht übe die Formen der Gattung Luthrodes, Iris 1915, pp. 47-49, nochmals nachzuprüfen. Bei dieser Gelegenheit fand ich, dass die unbedeutende Chilades laius Cram,

  15. Impacts of the Pacific meridional mode on rainfall over the maritime continent and australia: potential for seasonal predictions (United States)

    Zhang, Wei; Villarini, Gabriele; Vecchi, Gabriel A.


    This study assesses whether, the extent to which and why the Pacific Meridional Mode (PMM) modulates rainfall in Australia and the Maritime Continent. We find a statistically significant time-lagged association between March-to-May (MAM) PMM and September-to-November (SON) rainfall in the Maritime Continent and Australia. The association is largely caused by the contribution of PMM to the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO). Positive (negative) MAM PMM is generally followed by El Niño (La Niña) events in the following SON and December-to-February (DJF), which then suppresses (enhances) rainfall in the Maritime Continent and Australia. The suppression (enhancement) of rainfall is closely tied to the dynamical changes of moisture flux using moisture flux potential and its divergent components. Following the positive (negative) PMM phases, there is a strong moisture flux potential sink (source) in SON over the Maritime Continent and Australia, which act to suppress (enhance) rainfall there. Using MAM PMM as a predictor for SON rainfall in the Maritime Continent and Australia, the prediction skill is comparable to the North American Multimodel Ensemble project (NMME) forecasts initialized in June over the period 1981-2014. This suggests that MAM PMM may be used as a predictor for SON rainfall in the Maritime Continent and Australia.

  16. Globalisation des marchés de capitaux et valorisation des actifs financiers


    Dominique Pepin


    Ce papier examine les effets de la libéralisation ou globalisation des marchés de capitaux sur les prix des actifs financiers. La comparaison des modèles de segmentation (douce) et d'intégration des marchés montre que la libéralisation des marchés a pour effet de favoriser la hausse des prix des actifs. Nous montrons que ce résultat ne résiste pas à une généralisation de l'analyse. La prise en compte du caractère multiple et simultanée des processus de libéralisation des marchés de capitaux a...

  17. Thermodynamic Aspects of Supercritical Fluids Processing: Applications of Polymers and Wastes Treatment Aspects thermodynamiques des procédés mettant en oeuvre des fluides supercritiques : applications aux traitements des polymères et des déchets

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beslin P.


    Full Text Available Supercritical fluid processes are of increasing interest for many fields : in supercritical fluid separation (petroleum-chemistry separation and purification, food industry and supercritical fluid chromatography (analytical and preparative separation, determination of physicochemical properties; as reaction media with continuously adjustable properties from gas to liquid (low-density polyethylene, waste destruction, polymer recycling; in geology and mineralogy (volcanoes, geothermal energy, hydrothermal synthesis; in particle, fibber and substrate formations (pharmaceuticals, explosives, coatings; in drying materials (gels. This paper presents the unusual physicochemical properties of supercritical fluids in relation to their engineering applications. After a short report of fundamental concepts of critical behavior in pure fluids, we develop in more details the tunable physicochemical properties of fluid in the supercritical domain. The second part of this paper describes the engineering applications of supercritical fluids relevant of chemical reactions and polymer processing. Each application presentation is divided in two parts : the first one recalls the basic concepts including general background, physicochemical properties and the second one develops the engineering applications relevant of the advocated domain. La mise en Suvre des fluides supercritiques est d'un intérêt croissant dans de nombreux domaines : pour la séparation (séparation et purification en pétrochimie, industrie alimentaire et la chromatographie par fluides supercritiques (séparation analytique et préparatoire, détermination des propriétés physicochimiques, comme milieux réactifs aux propriétés continûment ajustables allant du gaz au liquide (polyéthylène de faible densité, élimination des déchets, recyclage des polymères, en géologie et en minéralogie (volcanologie, énergie géothermique, synthèse hydrothermique, dans la formation des particules

  18. Future climate change enhances rainfall seasonality in a regional model of western Maritime Continent (United States)

    Kang, Suchul; Im, Eun-Soon; Eltahir, Elfatih A. B.


    In this study, future changes in rainfall due to global climate change are investigated over the western Maritime Continent based on dynamically downscaled climate projections using the MIT Regional Climate Model (MRCM) with 12 km horizontal resolution. A total of nine 30-year regional climate projections driven by multi-GCMs projections (CCSM4, MPI-ESM-MR and ACCESS1.0) under multi-scenarios of greenhouse gases emissions (Historical: 1976-2005, RCP4.5 and RCP8.5: 2071-2100) from phase 5 of the Coupled Model Inter-comparison Project (CMIP5) are analyzed. Focusing on dynamically downscaled rainfall fields, the associated systematic biases originating from GCM and MRCM are removed based on observations using Parametric Quantile Mapping method in order to enhance the reliability of future projections. The MRCM simulations with bias correction capture the spatial patterns of seasonal rainfall as well as the frequency distribution of daily rainfall. Based on projected rainfall changes under both RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 scenarios, the ensemble of MRCM simulations project a significant decrease in rainfall over the western Maritime Continent during the inter-monsoon periods while the change in rainfall is not relevant during wet season. The main mechanism behind the simulated decrease in rainfall is rooted in asymmetries of the projected changes in seasonal dynamics of the meridional circulation along different latitudes. The sinking motion, which is marginally positioned in the reference simulation, is enhanced and expanded under global climate change, particularly in RCP8.5 scenario during boreal fall season. The projected enhancement of rainfall seasonality over the western Maritime Continent suggests increased risk of water stress for natural ecosystems as well as man-made water resources reservoirs.

  19. Urinary continence following repair of intermediate and high urogenital sinus in CAH. Experience with 55 cases.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Marcela Bailez


    Full Text Available Aim :Evaluate postoperative urinary continence in patients withcongenital adrenal hyperplasia(CAHwith intermediate (ITand high urogenital sinus (UGS who underwent a UGS mobilization maneuver .Methods: We called IT to those that although needing an aggressive dissection to get to the vagina, still have enough urethra proximal to the vaginal confluence. Very low variants are excluded from this analysis. Dissection always started in the posterior wall of the UGS with an aggressive separation from the anterior rectal wall. If the wide portion of the vagina was reached dissection stopped and the UGS opened ventrally widening to the introitus. Nineteen patients were treated using this maneuver (Group1. When more dissection was required the anterior wall of the UGS was dissected and carefully freed from the low retropubic space. Then the UGS was opened either ventrally or dorsally. Thirty three patients required this approach (Group 2 .Combined procedures were used in 3 patients with high UGS (Group 3. Results : Mean age at the time of the repair and length of the UGS were 12.2 years (4 months to 18 years and 3.75 cm (3 -8 cmfor G 1; 8 years (5 months to 17 years and 6.34 cm ( 4-12 cm in G2 and 8,3 years (2 -14 y and 11.5cm (11-12cm in G3. All patients had been regularly followed. Mean age at last follow up of 14.3y, 17y and 9.9y for groups 1, 2 and 3 respectively. All patients continue to void normally and are continent. All patients have 2 separate visible orifices in the vulva. Only 3 are sexually active.Conclusion: UGS mobilization for vaginoplasty in girls with CAH does not compromise voiding function or urinary continence,

  20. Continent Catheterizable Vesicostomy: An Alternative Surgical Modality for Pediatric Patients With Large Bladder Capacity. (United States)

    Peard, Leslie; Fox, Patrick J; Andrews, William M; Chen, Roger; McCraw, Casey O; Klaassen, Zachary; Neal, Durwood E


    To present a modified technique and early outcomes of a continent catheterizable vesicostomy in pediatric patients with either flaccid neurogenic bladder or intractable voiding dysfunction and large capacity bladder. Six patients underwent the procedure from October 2014 to December 2015. A 4-cm Pfannenstiel incision was made, avoiding intraperitoneal dissection. After adequate mobilization, a 2-cm vertical flap at the dome of the bladder was identified and tubularized over a 12Fr catheter with 4-0 vicryl suture. The tubularized flap was then intussuscepted into the bladder with four 4-0 polydioxanone sutures, creating a continent mechanism. The catheterizable channel was then tunneled to the umbilicus, the channel ostomy matured, and the cystotomy closed in two layers. The median patient age was 8 (interquartile range [IQR] 12) years. All patients had urinary dysfunction requiring drainage from etiologies that included Eagle-Barrett syndrome (n = 2), Noonan syndrome (n = 1), Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (n = 1), and Spina bifida (n = 2). Median hospital length of stay was 8 (IQR 3) days. One patient had a superficial wound infection treated with antibiotics, and 1 patient required balloon dilation of the catheterizable channel at 3 months postoperatively, secondary to difficulty self-catheterizing. Five patients were successfully self-catheterizing at last follow-up. Median follow-up was 6 (IQR 5) months and there were no intra- or perioperative complications. Continent catheterizable vesicostomy is a novel technique for urinary drainage in patients with large bladder capacity that spares use of the appendix or ileum. Early results are encouraging, providing a catheterizable channel through the umbilicus without urinary leakage between catheterization. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  1. Continent-wide distribution in mycorrhizal fungi: implications for the biogeography of specialized orchids. (United States)

    Davis, Belinda J; Phillips, Ryan D; Wright, Magali; Linde, Celeste C; Dixon, Kingsley W


    Although mycorrhizal associations are predominantly generalist, specialized mycorrhizal interactions have repeatedly evolved in Orchidaceae, suggesting a potential role in limiting the geographical range of orchid species. In particular, the Australian orchid flora is characterized by high mycorrhizal specialization and short-range endemism. This study investigates the mycorrhizae used by Pheladenia deformis, one of the few orchid species to occur across the Australian continent. Specifically, it examines whether P. deformis is widely distributed through using multiple fungi or a single widespread fungus, and if the fungi used by Australian orchids are widespread at the continental scale. Mycorrhizal fungi were isolated from P. deformis populations in eastern and western Australia. Germination trials using seed from western Australian populations were conducted to test if these fungi supported germination, regardless of the region in which they occurred. A phylogenetic analysis was undertaken using isolates from P. deformis and other Australian orchids that use the genus Sebacina to test for the occurrence of operational taxonomic units (OTUs) in eastern and western Australia. With the exception of one isolate, all fungi used by P. deformis belonged to a single fungal OTU of Sebacina. Fungal isolates from eastern and western Australia supported germination of P. deformis. A phylogenetic analysis of Australian Sebacina revealed that all of the OTUs that had been well sampled occurred on both sides of the continent. The use of a widespread fungal OTU in P. deformis enables a broad distribution despite high mycorrhizal specificity. The Sebacina OTUs that are used by a range of Australian orchids occur on both sides of the continent, demonstrating that the short-range endemism prevalent in the orchids is not driven by fungal species with narrow distributions. Alternatively, a combination of specific edaphic requirements and a high incidence of pollination by sexual

  2. Codon usage and expression level of human mitochondrial 13 protein coding genes across six continents. (United States)

    Chakraborty, Supriyo; Uddin, Arif; Mazumder, Tarikul Huda; Choudhury, Monisha Nath; Malakar, Arup Kumar; Paul, Prosenjit; Halder, Binata; Deka, Himangshu; Mazumder, Gulshana Akthar; Barbhuiya, Riazul Ahmed; Barbhuiya, Masuk Ahmed; Devi, Warepam Jesmi


    The study of codon usage coupled with phylogenetic analysis is an important tool to understand the genetic and evolutionary relationship of a gene. The 13 protein coding genes of human mitochondria are involved in electron transport chain for the generation of energy currency (ATP). However, no work has yet been reported on the codon usage of the mitochondrial protein coding genes across six continents. To understand the patterns of codon usage in mitochondrial genes across six different continents, we used bioinformatic analyses to analyze the protein coding genes. The codon usage bias was low as revealed from high ENC value. Correlation between codon usage and GC3 suggested that all the codons ending with G/C were positively correlated with GC3 but vice versa for A/T ending codons with the exception of ND4L and ND5 genes. Neutrality plot revealed that for the genes ATP6, COI, COIII, CYB, ND4 and ND4L, natural selection might have played a major role while mutation pressure might have played a dominant role in the codon usage bias of ATP8, COII, ND1, ND2, ND3, ND5 and ND6 genes. Phylogenetic analysis indicated that evolutionary relationships in each of 13 protein coding genes of human mitochondria were different across six continents and further suggested that geographical distance was an important factor for the origin and evolution of 13 protein coding genes of human mitochondria. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. and Mitochondria Research Society. All rights reserved.

  3. Parallel Evolution of Copy-Number Variation across Continents in Drosophila melanogaster. (United States)

    Schrider, Daniel R; Hahn, Matthew W; Begun, David J


    Genetic differentiation across populations that is maintained in the presence of gene flow is a hallmark of spatially varying selection. In Drosophila melanogaster, the latitudinal clines across the eastern coasts of Australia and North America appear to be examples of this type of selection, with recent studies showing that a substantial portion of the D. melanogaster genome exhibits allele frequency differentiation with respect to latitude on both continents. As of yet there has been no genome-wide examination of differentiated copy-number variants (CNVs) in these geographic regions, despite their potential importance for phenotypic variation in Drosophila and other taxa. Here, we present an analysis of geographic variation in CNVs in D. melanogaster. We also present the first genomic analysis of geographic variation for copy-number variation in the sister species, D. simulans, in order to investigate patterns of parallel evolution in these close relatives. In D. melanogaster we find hundreds of CNVs, many of which show parallel patterns of geographic variation on both continents, lending support to the idea that they are influenced by spatially varying selection. These findings support the idea that polymorphic CNVs contribute to local adaptation in D. melanogaster In contrast, we find very few CNVs in D. simulans that are geographically differentiated in parallel on both continents, consistent with earlier work suggesting that clinal patterns are weaker in this species. © The Author 2016. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:

  4. Biologie des populations des Monogènes Polystomatidae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Les cycles des monogènes polystomatidae montrent une très grande diversité. Parmi ceux qui infestent des amphibiens anoures, on devrait s'attendre à ce que la taille des populations parasites montre des différences prononcées, selon que des réinfestations interviennent régulièrement chaque année, ou qu'il n'y en ait qu'une dans la vie de l'hôte. Toutefois, à quelques exceptions près, les niveaux d'infestation sont généralement bas, quelle que soit la durée de vie de l'hôte. Les facteurs susceptibles de réguler les populations de polystomatidae parasites d'amphibiens anoures sont récapitulés ici, et nous nous penchons plus particulièrement sur les mécanismes contrôlant l'infestation et, par voie de conséquence, la survie post-infestation. Les effets d'un éventail de facteurs sont envisagés, parmi lesquels les contraintes environnementales externes (en particulier, la température, les facteurs liés à l'hôte (dont le comportement et la durée de vie et les facteurs propres au parasite (dont la compétition intraspécifique. Deux genres de Polystomatidae témoignent d'une régulation densité-dépendante des infrapopulations unique, contrôlée par la production de deux types de larves. Il existe des données de terrain et de laboratoire qui permettent de quantifier les effets de ces différents paramètres pour un certain nombre d'espèces de Polystomes. Les résultats obtenus pour Pseudodiplorchis americanus suggèrent que, même lorsqu'ils sont combinés, les effets de ces différents facteurs ne suffisent pas à rendre compte de la puissante régulation que l'on observe dans les populations naturelles où, malgré de massives infestations annuelles, les populations de parasites adultes sont faibles en effectif et remarquablement stables d'une année à l'autre. C'est la preuve indirecte qu'une importante régulation intervient par l'intermédiaire de l'immunité-hôte. Pour pouvoir pousser plus loin l

  5. Modèle analytique pour la résistance thermique due à des contacts circulaires mobiles multiples à la surface d'un solide revêtu (United States)

    Baïri, Abderrahmane


    The heat transfer at the interface of two solids in sliding/rolling contact depends on the constriction phenomenon which occurs at the vicinity of asperities. In order to study this problem, the micro-contacts are represented by multiple moving circular heat sources on the surface of a body. The studied body is constituted of a substrate and a surface coating. The thermal constriction resistance due to those contacts is determined analytically in this paper. The solution is developed by using the integral Fourier transforms, and it is valid regardless of the velocity and the relative contact size values. To cite this article: A. Baïri, C. R. Mecanique 331 (2003).

  6. Evaluating mid-Holocene precipitation over Australasia and the Maritime Continent in climate models (United States)

    Ackerley, Duncan; Reeves, Jessica


    The Australasian INTIMATE (INTegration of Ice-core, Marine and Terrestrial records) initiative (INQUA project #0809) was undertaken to develop a consistent chronological assessment of the climate of the past 30000 years over Australia, New Zealand and the Maritime Continent. Work has continued as part of SHAPE initiative (INQUA project #1302), but there has currently been little use of this comprehensive resource for evaluating the available climate model data. Therefore, this work presents the initial assessment of model simulations of the mid-Holocene over the Australasian and Maritime Continents (taken from the Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project, PMIP) in relation to those available data. The mid-Holocene (6 ka) encompasses a period after sea level stabilisation (around 8-7.5 ka) and before the onset of strong ENSO-related variability (post 4 ka). There is some evidence of possibly drier conditions over northern Australia with increased coastal dune activity, along with slightly wetter conditions over Borneo and Papua New Guinea. Weakening of the Southern Hemisphere mid-latitude westerlies (relative to the early Holocene) is also likely to have occurred, as evidenced by drier conditions in Western Tasmania and Victoria. The modelled results from the mid-Holocene simulations indicate that conditions were approximately 1-6% drier over much of continental Australia than at present. There is also evidence of slightly wetter conditions (1-3%) over the northern tip of Australia and parts of Papua New Guinea and Borneo. The Southern Hemisphere westerlies in the mid-latitudes (around 50S) are also weaker by 1-2 m s-1 in the model simulations. There are also differences in the seasonal cycle of precipitation and circulation in these models in response to the changes in the orbital parameters in the mid-Holocene relative to present day. The precipitation in the early half of the monsoon season (October, November and December-OND) is typically 10% higher in the

  7. Sacral nerve stimulation allows for decreased antegrade continence enema use in children with severe constipation. (United States)

    Lu, Peter L; Asti, Lindsey; Lodwick, Daniel L; Nacion, Kristine M; Deans, Katherine J; Minneci, Peter C; Teich, Steven; Alpert, Seth A; Yacob, Desale; Di Lorenzo, Carlo; Mousa, Hayat M


    Sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) can be beneficial for children with constipation, but no studies have focused on children with constipation severe enough to require antegrade continence enemas (ACEs). Our objective was to evaluate the efficacy of SNS in children with constipation treated with ACE. Using a prospective patient registry, we identified patients constipation dependent on ACE, SNS led to a steady decrease in ACE usage with nearly half of patients receiving cecostomy/appendicostomy closure within 2years. IV. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  8. Osteoporose und Genetik des Knochenstoffwechsels

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Obermayer-Pietsch B


    Full Text Available Osteoporose ist in hohem Maß genetisch determiniert. Neue Wege der molekularbiologischen Forschung haben sich in den letzten Jahren auf diesem Gebiet etabliert. "Gene mapping" mit polymorphen genetischen Markern auf der Suche nach Phänotyp-assoziierten Genen ist ein aufwendiges, aber vielversprechendes Verfahren und wird durch die Erkenntnisse des Human Genome Projects beschleunigt. So wurde jüngst u. a. das Low-density Lipoprotein 5-Gen als wichtig für den Knochenstoffwechsel identifiziert. Kandidaten-gene wie Hormonrezeptor-, Cytokin- oder Kollagen-Gene werden hinsichtlich ihrer Gen-Gen- und Gen-Umwelt- Interaktionen untersucht und erlauben neue funktionelle Einsichten in Erkrankungen des Knochenstoffwechsels. Mutationen der Kollagen-Gene sind bei einigen seltenen Erkrankungen, wie dem Osteoporose-Pseudogliom-Syndrom oder der Osteogenesis imperfecta gefunden worden, könnten aber auch für häufige Varianten von Bindegewebsstörungen wie der congenitalen Hüftdysplasie verantwortlich sein, die etwa 10 % der weiblichen kaukasischen Bevölkerung in unterschiedlichem Ausmaß betrifft. Osteoporose am Schenkelhals und erhöhte Gelenkslaxizität sowie andere generalisierte Veränderungen des Knochen- und Kollagenstoffwechsels können hier möglicherweise ebenfalls durch Störungen des Kollagen I alpha 1-Gens erklärt werden. In Summe können wir zahlreiche neue Einsichten in die Pathophysiologie des Skelettsystems erwarten, die uns auch neue Zugangswege für Diagnostik und Therapie unserer Patienten ermöglichen werden.

  9. Reactivity of palladium nano-particles supported in hydrogenation: role of particles surface density; Reactivite des nanoparticules de palladium supportees en hydrogenation: role de la densite surfacique de particules

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Benkhaled, M.


    The objective of this work is to investigate the influence of the particle surface density on the hydrogenation of polyunsaturated compounds (buta-1,3-diene, ortho-xylene). Highly dispersed Pd/Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} ({gamma} and {delta}-Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}) catalysts were prepared from Pd(nitrite) complexes (size < 7 angstrom, controlled by TEM, HAADF, EXAFS and CO chemisorption). Increasing the particle surface density from 2240 to 12880 particles/{mu}m{sup 2} leads to a modification of the electronic properties as evidenced by CO-FTIR, XPS and XANES. By contrast, the comparison of the supports at iso-density showed no significant difference of the physico-chemical properties of the supported metal particles. In parallel, the catalytic performances in hydrogenation of butadiene and butenes are very sensitive both to the nature of the support for the same density and to the surface density for the same support. It was shown that the reactions of hydrogenation could be controlled at the same time by the electronic properties of the metal nano-particles but also by the phenomenon of hydrogen diffusion around the particles on a zone of support. In this case, the support can play the part of hydrogen tank. (author)

  10. Tirer parti des données massives des réseaux mobiles pour établir ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Tirer parti des données massives des réseaux mobiles pour établir des politiques de développement. Nombre de pays en développement sont dépourvus des capacités et des ressources requises pour recueillir et analyser des données aux fins de l'élaboration de politiques basées sur des données probantes.

  11. The Growing Influence of Al-Qaeda on the African Continent Der wachsende Einfluss von Al-Qaida auf dem afrikanischen Kontinent

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hans Krech


    Full Text Available Al-Qaeda’s influence in Africa is growing. From 2009 to 2011, activity by Al-Qaeda was noted in 19 African nations and regions. Four regional Al-Qaeda organizations operate on the continent, which in turn often have several sub-organizations: the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (with its suborganizations Al-Qaeda in Mali, Al-Qaeda in Mauritania, Al-Qaeda in Morocco and Al-Qaeda in Sudan and Al-Shabab in Somalia. Since Osama bin Laden’s death on 2 May 2011, the influence of African leaders within Al-Qaeda has increased significantly. All three presumed members of the strategic command level originate from Africa. The revolutions of the Arab Spring have not harmed Al-Qaeda. This contribution highlights the potential for further expansion by Al-Qaeda on the African continent, and how this needs to be responded to.Der Einfluss von Al-Qaida in Afrika wächst. In den Jahren 2009 bis 2011 wurden Al-Qaida-Aktivitäten in 19 afrikanischen Staaten und Gebieten registriert. In Afrika gibt es vier Al-Qaida-Regionalorganisationen, die wiederum oft mehrere Unterorganisationen haben: Ägyptischer Islamischer Jihad (EIJ, Libysch-Islamische Kampfgruppe (LIFG, Al-Qaida im Islamischen Maghreb (AQIM, mit den Unterorganisationen Al-Qaida im Sudan, Al-Qaida in Mali, Al-Qaida in Marokko, Al-Qaida in Mauretanien sowie die Al-Shabab in Somalia. Nach dem Tod von Osama bin Laden am 2. Mai 2011 ist der Einfluss von afrikanischen Führern in der Al-Qaida deutlich angewachsen. Alle drei mutmaßlichen Mitglieder der strategischen Führungsebene kommen aus Afrika. Die Revolutionen des “Arabischen Frühlings” haben Al-Qaida nicht geschadet. Diese Entwicklungen könnten zu einer weiteren Ausbreitung von Al-Qaida auf dem Afrikanischen Kontinent beitragen.

  12. Spacecraft Surface Charging Handbook (United States)


    discharges however produce replacement currents that can be global. The local effect of punchthrough is illustrated by a small dipole model for the...St’rap I Farda or TEK7103 Scope Power Dipole -- Line tenna To To PA HP05000 and Spectrum X-Y Analyzer Plotter Figure 61. Test setup for surface...Testing Seminar, Los Angeles, CA, p. 77-82, 19817. Levadou, F., "Proprietes Electriques Des Materiaux." Space Environment: Prevention of Risks Related

  13. Etats des lieux des e-services internes dans les organisations


    Orru, Fiona


    A l’heure actuelle, les techniques de communication interne ont évoluées. Au fil des années, la communication passe des outils dit classiques vers une communication de plus en plus orientée vers des outils virtuels et informatisés tels que l’internet, l’intranet, les réseaux sociaux, … Ce mémoire consistait à faire un « Etat des lieux des e-services internes existants dans les organisations ». La recherche de ce travail, soutenue par une étude quantitative, a permis d’analyser l’impact des e-...

  14. La forêt paysanne en France : état des lieux et perspectives d'évolution


    Normandin , D.


    International audience; Les récentes modifications des politiques agricoles ont suscité un regain d'intérêt pour les activités forestières des agriculteurs. Des recherches sont ainsi conduites pour développer et réorienter les pratiques sylvicoles des exploitants. L'analyse des évolutions passées de la forêt paysanne montre cependant que les surfaces boisées gérées par les agriculteurs se réduisent fortement. Elles occupent une place de moins en moins importante au sein de la forêt privée, ma...

  15. Impact de la dynamique de peuplement sur la distribution des glossines et des trypanosomoses dans la boucle du Mouhoun (Burkina Faso*

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rouamba J.


    Full Text Available Au Burkina-Faso, la boucle du Mouhoun constitue un foyer historique des trypanosomoses humaines africaines (THA et animales africaines (TAA, transmises par les glossines. Aujourd’hui, la THA semble avoir disparu de cette région après quelques soubresauts dans les années 1970, tandis que la TAA continue de sévir. Afin de mieux comprendre ces évolutions divergentes, nous avons mené une étude géographique basée sur l’analyse de photographies aériennes entre 1952 et 2007, ainsi que d’enquêtes de terrain sur les aspects médicaux, entomologiques et vétérinaires des trypanosomoses. Il apparaît que le paysage de cette région a connu en l’espace d’un siècle des modifications intenses, notamment du fait de l’augmentation des densités de population et des surfaces cultivées, qui n’ont pas été sans conséquences sur le nombre et la distribution des mouches tsé-tsé. Associée à la lutte médicale qui avait permis la stérilisation du réservoir humain de trypanosomes dans les années 1940, cette dégradation paysagère, accompagnée du développement des aménagements hydrauliques et d’évolutions des modalités de migration des hommes et des animaux, semble pouvoir expliquer ces disparités THA/TAA. La mise en évidence de ces facteurs, et leur prise en compte lors d’études ultérieures menées dans d’autres régions, devrait permettre de délimiter des zones d’intervention prioritaires contre les trypanosomoses et leurs vecteurs dans un contexte de lutte internationale contre ces pathologies.

  16. Évaluation de la valeur nutritive et recherche des substances ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    30 juin 2016 ... et des lipides. Puis, l'évaluation a été effectuée sur ces échantillons pour rechercher la présence des alcaloïdes, des saponines, des quinones, des stéroïdes, des terpenoïdes, des flavonoïdes, des leucoanthocyanes, des tannoïdes et des hétérosides cyanogénétiques. Les teneurs moyennes en humidité ...

  17. Multistatic Surveillance and Reconnaissance: Sensor, Signals and Data Fusion (Surveillance et Reconnaissance Multistatiques : Fusion des capteurs, des signaux et des donnees) (United States)


    capteurs , des signaux et des données) Research and Technology Organisation (NATO) BP 25, F-92201 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex, France RTO-EN-SET-133...Multistatiques : Fusion des capteurs , des signaux et des données) The material in this publication was assembled to support a Lecture Series under the...Surveillance et Reconnaissance Multistatiques : Fusion des capteurs , des signaux et des données (RTO-EN-SET-133) Synthèse Les systèmes radar

  18. La territorialisation des politiques environnementales

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amédée Mollard


    Full Text Available Le point de départ de cet article est la grande variabilité de la pollution nitrique diffuse de l’eau due à l’agriculture. Celle-ci dépend en particulier du climat, des types de sol et des systèmes de production agricole. Nos recherches réalisées de façon interdisciplinaire à partir de deux sites différents en France, montrent que cette hétérogénéité spatio-temporelle conditionne les pratiques agricoles mises en œuvre pour réduire la pollution au niveau de la norme admise. De ce fait, les pratiques les plus « coût-efficaces » diffèrent d’un territoire à l’autre, en fonction des caractéristiques locales. Ces résultats mettent donc en évidence une efficacité potentielle d’une territorialisation des politiques publiques. En théorie, de telles politiques sont considérées comme optimales par les économistes, car elles incitent les agents à moduler leurs efforts en fonction de la sensibilité du milieu. Mais, selon les études empiriques, cet avantage serait annulé par un coût élevé de mise en œuvre, de contrôle et de surveillance. Pour maintenir leur avantage sur des politiques uniformes, les politiques territorialisées devraient être mises en œuvre à un niveau spatial optimal. Un tel niveau devrait au minimum atteindre un compromis entre l’économie réalisée grâce à une modulation adaptée aux conditions locales et les sur-coûts dus à la décentralisation des solutions mises en œuvre. Cet article analyse la pertinence d’une prise en compte de ces spécificités par des politiques territorialisées. L’efficacité d’une régulation différenciée de la pollution nitrique est étudiée ici en évaluant l’importance de la variabilité spatiale des paramètres physiques et des coûts de la territorialisation.The paper starts with the wide variability of nonpoint water nitrogenous pollution generated by agriculture. This variability depends especially on climate, soil types and farming

  19. Evolution saisonnière des corrélations entre précipitations en Afrique guinéenne et températures de surface de la mer (1945 1994) (United States)

    Janicot, Serge; Fontaine, Bernard


    West African rainfall south of 10∘ N drastically decreased between the 1950s and 1980s, for all months except July and August. An investigation of correlations between sea surface temperatures and precipitations over the period 1945-1994 indicaes that: 1. The long dry season (November to April) as well as the first rainy season (May-June) are associated with a global pattern of correlations, negative/positive in the Southern/Northern hemisphere; 2. The short dry season (July-August) is associated with positive correlations in the South and equatorial Atlantic; 3. The second rainy season (September-October) is associated with positive correlations in the Northern Atlantic.

  20. Détermination de l'albédo des surfaces enneigées par télédétection : application à la reconstruction du bilan de masse du glacier de Saint Sorlin


    Dumont , Marie


    Albedo is defined as the ratio of reflected to incident radiation over the solar spectrum and is a key parameter in the surface energy balance of snow and ice. This parameter is highly variable both temporally and spatially; thus remote sensing is an ideally suited approach for the retrieval of albedo data.The albedo value depends on both physical properties of the target and the characteristics of the incident radiation. Furthermore, the physical parameters linked with the albedo concept vary ...