Sample records for suralis-skade arsager anerkendelsespraksis

  1. Arsager til kraeft i Norden og muligheder for forebyggelse

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Winther, J F; Dreyer, L; Olsen, J H


    The purpose of this work is to address future possibilities for avoiding cancer. We elucidate the most important known causes of cancer in the Nordic countries during the second half of this century and provide estimates of the numbers of cancer cases that might be avoided by the year 2000 if those...... with the associated population attributable risk percent, PAR%, i.e. the proportion of a given cancer that can be avoided upon elimination of the causative factor. The main causes of cancer include smoking, alcohol consumption, exposure to occupational carcinogens, radiation, obesity and infection with human...... the year 2000. Smoking habits account for a little more than half of these avoidable cases. Exposure to solar radiation, HPV and Helicobacter pylori, diagnostic and therapeutic radiation and consumption of alcohol play important roles in the causation of cancer, as each of these factors is linked with 1...

  2. Automated Aerial Refueling Presentation to 2007 ARSAG Conference (Preprint) (United States)


    this technology allows manned or unmanned platforms to fly formation in IFR conditions. 3 3Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited...conducted in conjunction with the DARPA TTNT China Lake test It was determine that TTNT needed slight modifications which have been incorporated. Station

  3. Standardized Technical Data Survey (STDS) for Aerial Refueling (United States)


    enter text. c Distance (from nozzle tip) where measured (Inches) Click here to enter text. d Provide a fuel flow versus pressure curve for all pumping ...AUTHORIZED FUELS 9. MAXIMUM FUEL ONLOAD RATE (WHERE MEASURED) Ref. 2 (ARSAG Doc 03-00-03R) 10. MAXIMUM RATE OF FUEL DUMP (Optional) 11. FUEL VENT CAPABILITY...tank and all tanks filling. ☐Attached to Survey ☐ Not Available a Maximum rate of fuel dump (GPM) Click here to enter text. a Has the vent be certified

  4. Aerial Refueling Clearance Process Guide (United States)


    using multinational/bi-lateral agreements such as the ATARES Agreement, cross servicing agreements, replacement in kind agreements, Foreign Military...Lighting 8.7.8 External Paint Scheme 8.8 External Weapons/Drop Tanks 9.0 Physical /Aerodynamic Influences 9.1 Boom Clear Path To Receptacle dhkARSAG DOC...Cold Nose Sw. 8.5 External Fuel Tanks 9.0 Physical /Aerodynamic Influence R. 9.1 Probe Clear Path ie: Obstructions, Instruments etc. 9.2 Drogue Hookup