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  1. The Challenges of Supreme Command

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Barfoed, Jacob


    a model highlighting three central presidential roles together constituting supreme command: the supreme political leader, the supreme leader of the military, and the supreme grand strategist. In short, central is the president’s ability to act in all three roles to provide the right balance of strategic...... advisers to assist him as required. The model’s centerpiece – the unequal dialogue – is a close, continuous dialogue between the president and his civilian and military advisers, characterized by mutual respect and trust and with the president encouraging and the advisers offering candid advice, but always...

  2. Applicability of SEI's Capability Maturity Model in Joint Information Technology, Supreme Command Headquarters


    Thongmuang, Jitti.


    The Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is analyzed to identify its technological and economic applicability for the Joint Information Technology (JIT), Supreme Command Headquarters, Royal Thai Ministry of Defense. Kurt Lewin's force field theory was used to analyze different dimensions of CMM's applicability for JIT's organizational environment (defined by the stakeholder concept). It suggests that introducing CMM technology into JIT is unwarranted at this ...

  3. The Challenges of Supreme Command

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Barfoed, Jacob


    understanding of strategy that downplays its dynamic and human nature. Consequently, the dissertation presents a classical strategic model of political-military integration in grand strategy. The classical strategic model builds and expands on the unequal dialogue model of civil-military relations to present...... preference divergence among the actors in the strategy process, by promoting the good type that represents the presence of innovative strategists, by minimizing the bad type that represents stovepiped strategy making, while managing the ugly type, the political struggle over strategy, using his senior...... without questioning the president’s authority as the final decision-maker. The dissertation then uses the model to examine the Gulf War 1990-1991 as a critical case. This serves two research objectives. First, it serves as a plausibility probe for the dissertation’s classical strategic model...

  4. Supreme Court Update (United States)

    Taylor, Kelley R.


    "Chief Justice Flubs Oath." "Justice Ginsburg Has Cancer Surgery." At the start of this year, those were the news headlines about the U.S. Supreme Court. But January 2009 also brought news about key education cases--one resolved and two others on the docket--of which school administrators should take particular note. The Supreme Court updates on…

  5. Supreme Court's New Term. Supreme Court Roundup. (United States)

    Williams, Charles F.


    Discusses the issues addressed in the 2002 U.S. Supreme Court term, such as the First, Fourth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments, cruel and unusual punishment, sex offender registries, fair housing, cross burning, jury selection, affirmative action, abortion protests, and copyrights and the public domain. (CMK)

  6. Comparative Supreme Justice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ditlev Tamm


    Full Text Available This article deals with the great variety of Supreme Courts in the world today and presents some selected courts. Supreme Courts are found in most countries both as only apex courts or in a courts’ system where also supreme administrative courts or constitutional courts are found. The starting point is the variation of supreme justice in the Nordic countries where one apex court is the system of Denmark and Norway whereas administrative courts are found in Sweden and Finland. Constitutional courts stem from the European tradition and are most abundant in Europe and in countries with a civil law system but especially in Africa they are also found in common law countries. Mexico is mentioned as a specific example of a Supreme Court that has taken upon itself to be a main player in the endeavour to communicate the law to a general audience. The article is a presentation with samples of what is going to be a project on comparative supreme justice in which the position of supreme courts in the various states, the recruitment scheme and competence of the courts and other such factors will be analyzed on a global basis.

  7. Toward Unity of Command for Multinational Air Forces

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Asjes, David


    To assure unity of command in future multinational air operations, combatant commanders must embrace the necessity of multinational air forces, maximize the integration of allied officers within air...

  8. At the Supreme Court. (United States)

    Williams, Charles F.


    States that in the past juvenile courts afforded children with fewer rights than criminal courts accorded to adults accused of the same crimes. Reviews three U.S. Supreme Court cases that affirmed the constitutional rights of juvenile offenders and changed juvenile court proceedings. Discusses whether the juvenile death penalty violates…

  9. Supreme Court Review (United States)

    Williams, Charles F.


    By the end of the 2008-2009 term, Justice David Souter's decision to return to New Hampshire and President Obama's nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to replace him on the bench had taken over the Supreme Court news cycle. In the end, the consensus has been that, with the possible exception of criminal justice issues, swapping out Souter for Sotomayor…

  10. Supreme Court Review (United States)

    Williams, Charles F.; Hawke, Catherine


    Of the three branches of government, the Supreme Court usually receives the least national attention. Not so this year. In addition to another changing of the guard with the retirement of Justice Stevens and the nomination of Elena Kagan, the 2009-2010 term generated a great deal of controversy. And in a number of instances, the public's keen…

  11. Ernest Rutherford: scientist supreme

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Campbell, J.


    One hundred years ago this month, Ernest Rutherford a talented young New Zealander who had just spent three years as a postgraduate student in Britain left for Canada, where he was to do the work that won him a Nobel prize. All three countries can justifiably claim this great scientist as their own. Ernest Rutherford is one of the most illustrious scientists that the world has ever seen. He achieved enduring international fame because of an incredibly productive life, during which he altered our view of nature on three separate occasions. Combining brilliantly conceived experiments with much hard work and special insight, he explained the perplexing problem of naturally occurring radioactivity, determined the structure of the atom, and was the world's first successful alchemist, changing nitrogen into oxygen. Rutherford received a Nobel prize for the first discovery, but the other two would have been equally worthy candidates, had they been discovered by someone else. Indeed, any one of his other secondary achievements many of which are now almost forgotten would have been enough to bring fame to a lesser scientist. For example, he invented an electrical method for detecting individual ionizing radiations, he dated the age of the Earth, and briefly held the world record for the distance over which wireless waves could be detected. He predicted the existence of neutrons, he oversaw the development of large-scale particle accelerators, and, during the First World War, he led the allied research into the detection of submarines. In this article the author describes the life and times of Ernest Rutherford. (UK)

  12. Editorial Coverage of Reagan Supreme Court Nominees. (United States)

    Hale, F. Dennis

    To measure the editorial advocacy of influential newspapers concerning the membership of the Supreme Court, a study analyzed editorials from such newspapers concerning the last five Supreme Court nominees of President Ronald Reagan (William Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia, Robert Bork, Douglas Ginsburg, and Anthony Kennedy). A telephone survey of 100…

  13. The Supreme Court in the Culture Wars. (United States)

    Rabkin, Jeremy


    Argues that the U.S. Supreme Court has been an active and liberally biased participant in the U.S. culture war. Historical evidence is presented, including areas of tuition tax credit and segregated private schools, abortion and the Right-to-Life movement, and prayer in public schools. The author discusses how the Supreme Court has strengthened…

  14. Unity of Command and Interdiction (United States)


    German resistance.2 Lack of surprise was not the only Allied shortfall. The Luftwaffe maintained superiority over the Tunisian battlefield with...night. F-Ills used a similar infrared system, known as Pave Tack, and blew up an oil pumping station to stop an ecological disaster. That was truly a...Air-Land Synchroniza- tion at the Operational LeveL Fort Leavenworth, Kans.: Command and General Staff College, 8 May 1989. Lorenz, Oliver E. TACAIR

  15. Command World

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wong, Leah Y; Lange, Douglas S; Sebastyn, Jerome T; Roof, William H


    .... The Command World scenario was expressly designed as a crisis action planning exercise in order to replicate the communications, collaboration, and information requirements inherent in a military...

  16. Minnesota in the Supreme Court. Lessons on Supreme Court Cases Involving Minnesotans. (United States)

    Bloom, Jennifer

    This document focuses on cases brought by Minnesotans to the U.S. Supreme Court. The five lessons featured are designed to provide secondary classroom teachers with material needed to teach each unit. Lessons cover Supreme Court proceedings, free press issues, freedom of religion, abortion rights, and privilege against self-incrimination.…

  17. Real-Time, General-Purpose, High-Speed Signal Processing Systems for Underwater Research. Proceedings of a Working Level Conference held at Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic, Anti-Submarine Warfare Research Center (SACLANTCEN) on 18-21 September 1979. Part 1. Sessions I to III. (United States)


    receiver. The receiver outputs a binary 8-bit parallel signal with a resolution of degree Farenheit . D. Nairn With reference to use of non-rugged gear in...specified input/output devices. MEMO No 451 VOL I. EMI Electronics Ltd, Systems and Weapons Division, Feltham, Middlesex, England, 1978. i. SACLANTCEN CP-25

  18. U.S. Supreme Court Trends. (United States)

    Williams, Charles F.; Leiterman, Hannah


    Provides summaries of U.S. Supreme Court case decisions during its 1998-99 term on the following issues: (1) sexual harassment; (2) street gangs; (3) search and seizure; (4) welfare; (5) immigration; and (6) census. Previews the 1999-2000 term. Includes the article "Teaching Activities and Discussion Questions" by Hannah Leiterman. (CMK)

  19. The Strategic Options of Supreme Audit Institutions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Klarskov Jeppesen, Kim; Carrington, Thomas; Catasús, Bino


    Based on the theory of professional competition, this paper identifies and investigates four strategic options of supreme audit institutions (SAIs) through a case study of four Nordic national audit offices: a performance auditing strategy; a financial auditing strategy; a portfolio strategy...... options for public sector auditing....

  20. Features and Functions of Supreme Audit Institutions


    Rick Stapenhurst; Jack Titsworth


    Supreme audit institutions are national agencies responsible for auditing government revenue and spending. Their legal mandates, reporting relationships, and effectiveness vary, reflecting different governance systems and government policies. But their primary purpose is to oversee the management of public funds and the quality and credibility of governments' reported financial data. In th...

  1. Medicine, eugenics, and the Supreme Court: from coercive sterilization to reproductive freedom. (United States)

    Lombardo, P A


    This article shows how the current language of reproductive rights, including the determination of US constitutional protections, can be traced to three cases heard by the US Supreme Court that challenged eugenic state legislation written between 1924 and 1935. The introduction defines "eugenics" as the notion that the human race can be improved and social ills gradually eliminated by selective procreation and notes that eugenicists were extremely effective in using the law as their ally and effected the adoption of nearly 100 eugenic statutes by the states between 1900 and 1970. Part 2 examines the classification of social deviance as a social ill that could be overcome by the application of eugenic principles bolstered by scientific explanations about defective "germ-plasm." The third part of the article illustrates the legal impact of US eugenicists in 1924 when the Federal Immigration Restriction Act was adopted with national origin quotas that remained in place until 1965. This year also saw adoption of two eugenic laws enacted in Virginia that would be later challenged in the Supreme Court. Part 4 details one of these cases, Buck vs. Bell, that challenged Virginia's Eugenical Sterilization Act. In upholding the Virginia statute, the Supreme Court allowed the forced sterilization of a young woman in the first and only instance in which the Court allowed a physician to act as an agent of state government in the performance of an undesired and unnecessary operation. Part 5 describes how the Supreme Court overturned Oklahoma's law mandating the sterilization of "hereditary criminals" in Skinner vs. Oklahoma. The 1967 ruling in Loving vs. Virginia overturning Virginia's Racial Integrity Act preventing interracial marriage is presented in part 6. The article ends by tracing the impact of these cases on the constitutionalization of reproductive rights in the US.

  2. Operational Command and Control: Lessons for Today's Joint Force from Grenada, Somalia, and Kosovo

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Foraker III, Joseph C


    This paper examines operational command and control issues encountered during Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada, the deployment of Task Force Ranger in Mogadishu, Somalia, and Operation Allied Force in Kosovo...

  3. Joint Command & Control Ship: Literature Survey on Motion Effects and Related Environmental Effects on Personnel

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    .... The command staff will be composed of military and civilian personnel from the armed services of the United States and its allies, as well as personnel from other international agencies and organizations...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dobre Cornelia


    Full Text Available Overall progress recorded in contemporary society, has increased at the same time the aspirations and expectations of the population, marked by phenomena which are based on the financial policy of the Executive. Of course, for the legislature to know the financial activity carried out by the Executive Board, in each State was established a Supreme Audit Institution (SAI, whose independence is guaranteed by the Constitution, as it is in Germany, or by law, as is the case of the United Kingdom. The variety of powers of supreme audit, is the result of various economic areas, each demonstrations through specific activities and suitable approaches to organizational cultures, which gives them their distinct identities. The work is conducted under the public responsibility with an emphasis on developing and improving continuously audit methodologies to present best practices. The two supreme institutions operate according to an annual plan of action which includes financial audit or regularity and performance auditing actions, and additional Federal Court of Audit of Germany practice preventive control institutions contained in its area of activity. By tradition, the role of supreme consists of the evaluation as regards the legality and regularity of financial management and accounting, but since the 80's but it was noticeable trend internationally to audit performance or "value for money" (United Kingdom, since the latter refers to the essence of the problem and is the final attainment of the envisaged at the time of allocation of resources. The topic researched is distinguished by originality, marked being the fact that a area so important as that of external public audit is least known works, and I wish to point out the vacuum bibliographic Supreme Audit Institutions experience in the international arena and beyond. Research methodology consists in the evaluation of resources in the area, using foreign literature. For the study of the subject of

  5. Commanders' Survey: School for Command Preparation Feedback

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Frame, Adela


    .... All command designees attend the PreCommand Course (PCC). PCC provides common understanding of current doctrine, and up-to-date information on Army-wide policy, programs and special items of interest...

  6. Turning gadflies into allies. (United States)

    Yaziji, Michael


    Multinational companies are the driving force behind globalization, but they are also the source of many of its most painful consequences, including currency crises, cross-border pollution, and overfishing. These problems remain unsolved because they are beyond the scope of individual governments; transnational organizations have also proved unequal to the task. Nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations have leaped into the breach. To force policy changes, they have seized on all forms of modern persuasion to influence public sentiment toward global traders, manufacturers, and investors. By partnering with NGOs instead of opposing them, companies can avoid costly conflict and can use NGOs' assets to gain competitive advantage. So far, however, most companies have proved ill equipped to deal with NGOs. Large companies know how to compete on the basis of product attributes and price. But NGO attacks focus on production methods and their spillover effects, which are often noneconomic. Similarly, NGOs are able to convert companies' standard competitive strengths--such as size and wide market awareness of their brands--into liabilities. That's because the wealthier and better known a company is, the juicier the target it makes. Emboldened by their successes, NGOs continue to take on new causes. By partnering with NGOs instead of reflexively opposing them, companies could draw on NGOs' key strengths--legitimacy, awareness of social forces, distinct networks, and specialized technical expertise--which most companies could use more of. And with NGOs as allies and guides, companies should also be able to accelerate innovation, foresee shifts in demand, shape legislation affecting them, and, in effect, set technical and regulatory standards for their industries.

  7. Development of the Law by Supreme Courts in Europe

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maarten Feteris


    Full Text Available It is generally recognised in many countries that law-making is not exclusively a task for the legislator, but also for the courts, especially supreme courts. In fact, in many European countries, a tendency seems to be emerging towards an even greater focus on the law-making task of the supreme courts. The author of this paper, the President of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, addresses various topics regarding this law-making task of European supreme courts, such as the question to what extent (supreme courts make and develop law, whether there is a statutory basis for this activity and what kind of techniques these courts can use. The author also addresses the limits to the power of the supreme courts to develop new rules (especially in relation to the legislator and what is to be expected in the near future regarding law-making by supreme courts. The article is partly inspired by the answers to a questionnaire on this subject, which was sent to the Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union.

  8. Indian Supreme Court demands cleaner blood supply. (United States)

    Kumar, S


    The government of India recently admitted in parliament that 25% of the country's blood banks remain unlicensed. The Supreme Court has directed the government to establish a National Council for Blood Transfusion in an attempt to curb malpractice, malfunctioning, and corruption in the national blood banking system, and to ensure a safe blood supply. Furthermore, the Court advised the government to enact separate legislation for regulating the collection, processing, storage, distribution, and transportation of blood and the operation of blood banks. Legal action will be taken if any blood banks remain ill equipped or unlicensed after the period of one year. Agencies have been directed to take steps to eliminate professional blood selling within two years. They have also been asked to ensure that there are trained drug inspectors to check upon the banks. To boost funding for the councils, the government has been advised to allow 100% exemption upon income tax to those who donate money to the organizations. The Director General of Health Services has been asked to submit a report on action taken by July 16, 1996, to ensure compliance.

  9. The New 2001-2002 Term. Supreme Court Roundup. (United States)

    Williams, Charles F.


    Discusses the issues addressed during the 2001-2002 term of the U.S. Supreme Court, which convened on October 1, 2001: (1) school vouchers; (2) affirmative action; (3) online pornography; and (4) the death penalty. (CMK)

  10. [Rets. rmt. : Eliot A. Cohen. Supreme Command - Soldiers, Statesmen and Leadership in Wartime. 2003] / Margus Kolga

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kolga, Margus


    Raamat analüüsib tsiviil-militaarsuhteid ning sõjaväe tsiviiljuhtimist, kui palju peab tsiviilvõim sekkuma sõjapidamisse ja kaitseväe arendamisse, et strateegilised eesmärgid oleksid saavutatavad

  11. US command improvements and command vulnerability

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ball, D.; Bethe, H.A.; Blair, B.G.; Bracken, P.; Carter, A.B.; Dickinson, H.; Garwin, R.L.; Holloway, D.; Kendall, H.W.


    In essence, the United States still relies on the strategic command system erected during the 1960s and 1970s, but as we have seen, this system suffers from a number of serious weaknesses. Among these the authors emphasized the vulnerability of vital communications even before any warheads impact directly on U.S. targets, as well as the systems; heavy reliance on a relatively small number of limited-endurance aircraft as command posts and radio relays. This paper focuses on the committed improvement program, assess its impact on command vulnerability, and offer suggestions for further command improvements designed to enhance crisis stability and to facilitate ware termination should deterrence fail. The reader should note that this chapter is rather more technical than the remainder of this book

  12. Will the UK Supreme Court allow assisted dying? (United States)

    Griffith, Richard

    MPs overwhelmingly voted against passing the Assisted Dying Bill into law in September 2015. The Bill was defeated by a majority of 212, despite the heartfelt pleas of many MPs to pass it into law. The size of the defeat means that it is unlikely that Parliament will consider a similar law for many years. Yet many considered the Bill their last opportunity to make assisted dying lawful. There is, however, one further possible way assisted dying could become lawful in the UK--and that would be where the Supreme Court allowed it. In this article, the author reviews the Supreme Court's decision in R (on the application of Nicklinson v Ministry of Justice [2014] and considers how likely it is that the Supreme Court will now sanction assisted dying following Parliament's refusal to enact an assisted dying law.

  13. NATO Commander to Commander-in-Chief: The Influence of Dwight Eisenhower’s Experiences as NATO Supreme Commander on the ’New Look’ Defense Policy (United States)


    troops back to the United States from their overseas stations, and relying on nuclear weapons to deter aggression offered Eisenhower ways to save money ...planned to supply over 12,000 tanks and combat vehicles, 3,725 ,4 Condit History of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Volume H: The Test of War...a higher standard of living." 92 NSC-68, along with further arguments from Leon Keyserling, a prominent economist who espoused the Keynesian economic

  14. Canada's Supreme Court abolishes 'promise of the patent'. (United States)

    Norman, John; Gloor, Alex


    The Supreme Court of Canada has done away with the 'promise of the patent' doctrine. This doctrine invalidated patents to numerous otherwise useful inventions from 2005 to 2016. The Supreme Court of Canada has clarified that the statutory utility requirement requires only a scintilla of utility related to the subject matter of the invention. This utility must have been demonstrated or soundly predicted as of the Canadian filing date. The decision brings increased certainty to Canada's patent system and more closely aligns it with international norms.

  15. The US Supreme Court, its, formation and first key decisions


    Červinková, Zuzana


    The US Supreme Court, its formation and first key decisions The thesis offers an insight of an era in which the Supreme Court of United States was founded and established itself as one of the major government institutions as well as a strong powerhouse of American politics. Essential for understanding of the future importance and role of the Court is to perceive not only its own early history but also an understanding of broader context concerning a development of the early American society a...

  16. Detonation command and control

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mace, Jonathan Lee; Seitz, Gerald J.; Echave, John A.; Le Bas, Pierre-Yves


    The detonation of one or more explosive charges and propellant charges by a detonator in response to a fire control signal from a command and control system comprised of a command center and instrumentation center with a communications link therebetween. The fire control signal is selectively provided to the detonator from the instrumentation center if plural detonation control switches at the command center are in a fire authorization status, and instruments, and one or more interlocks, if included, are in a ready for firing status. The instrumentation and command centers are desirably mobile, such as being respective vehicles.

  17. A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Supreme Court's "Forest Grove" Decision? (United States)

    Zirkel, Perry A.


    The article by Dixon, Eusebio, Turton, Wright, and Hale is entitled "Forest Grove School District v. T.A. Supreme Court Case: Implications for School Psychology Practice." Its implications are that a "comprehensive evaluation" under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires assessment of the child's…

  18. Finding Vredo: the Dutch Supreme Court decision on escitalopram

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Tsoutsanis, A.


    This article is about the pharma patent litigation sparked by Lundbeck's blockbuster drug for escitalopram. The article focuses on the trials and tribulations before the Dutch Patent Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, while also briefly contrasting and comparing this with the decisions in

  19. Supreme Court Strikes Down NCAA Control of Football on Television. (United States)

    Farrell, Charles S.


    The Supreme Court ruling that the National Collegiate Athletic Association's control of televised intercollegiate football violated antitrust law is discussed. At the heart of the restraint of trade are the limitations placed on the money an institution can receive, the times a team can appear, and the number of games telecast. (MLW)

  20. Double Exposure: The Supreme Court and Sex Discrimination Claims (United States)

    Russo, Charles J.; Thro, William E.


    The Supreme Court's recent decision in "Fitzgerald v. Barnstable School Committee" (2009) expands the opportunities for students and their parents to sue school boards for alleged sex discrimination. Even so, as discussed here, "Fitzgerald" should have little effect on the day-to-day operations of school systems. This column…

  1. Supreme matters: tea parties and the activism of restraint

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kurzbauer, H.


    An essay on the impact of Tea Parties on the appointment of Supreme Court Justices. According to recently released statistics, one-fifth of all US citizens are Tea Party Supporters: predominately white conservatives convinced of the 'evils' of the Obama administration. Taking their cue from the

  2. Legal hermeneutics of the supreme court decision in Akintokun v ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The Court, presumably, in order to defend its latter position went against all known positive and sociological approach in the exercise of judicial powers. The judgment in Akintokun's case is capable of ... as it is not 21st century oriented. Keywords: Legal Practitioner, Discipline, Appeals, Supreme Court and Amendment ...

  3. Legalization in the Academy: Higher Education and the Supreme Court. (United States)

    Olivas, Michael A.; Denison, Kathleen McCartan


    Six of the 22 Supreme Court decisions in the 1981-82 term concerning or affecting higher education are discussed. The cases concerned sex discrimination, tuition-free public schooling for undocumented children, residency status, dormitory drug search, student religious groups using school facilities, and the scope of Title IX. (MSE)

  4. Siim Nestor soovitab : Supreme 7aastane. White Stripes / Siim Nestor

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Kolmik Supreme tähistab oma 7. tegutsemisaastat 24. juunil Von Krahlis, kus toimub ka Krecki debüütalbumi "If You Live" (väljaandjaks ettevõte Umblu) esitlus. Detroidi blues-rock duo White Stripes esitleb oma uut albumit "Get Behind Me Satan" 29. juunil Tallinnas klubis Hollywood

  5. Crossing the Line of Departure. Battle Command on the Move A Historical Perspective (United States)


    assembled his army in central Germany when the Prussians invaded the buffer state of Saxony and forcibly made it an ally. Figure 4. The Advance on...that their knowledge of the bigger picture trumped their subordinates’ knowledge of the local situation facing their own troops and accordingly gave... picture as further complications. Different levels of command had different expectations of the campaign. The armored division commanders expected

  6. The Next Step: A Study on Resiliency in Command and Control (United States)


    singular air strategy developed by the allies by war’s end. 15 Korea and Vietnam – The Interservice Hurdle After World War II, airmen cemented the...command of airpower from the past will help provide solutions for the next challenge...personnel for forward AOCs come from either existing operational staff that must be backfilled or from AOC staff from a separate command

  7. Archives: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 1 - 34 of 34 ... Archives: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences. Journal Home > Archives: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads. Username, Password, Remember me, or Register · Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search ...

  8. Measuring the impact of allied health research

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heath J


    Full Text Available Jan Heath, Karen Grimmer-Somers, Steve Milanese, Susan Hillier, Ellena King, Kylie Johnston, Kylie Wall, Olivia Thorpe, Alexandra Young, Saravana KumarSchool of Health Sciences, University of South Australia, Adelaide, SA, AustraliaBackground: Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA rankings are given to academic journals in which Australian academics publish. This provides a metric on which Australian institutions and disciplines are ranked for international competitiveness. This paper explores the issues surrounding the ERA rankings of allied health journals in Australia.Methods: We conducted a broad search to establish a representative list of general allied health and discipline-specific journals for common allied health disciplines. We identified the ERA rankings and impact factors for each journal and tested the congruence between these metrics within the disciplines.Results: Few allied health journals have high ERA rankings (A*/A, and there is variability in the impact factors assigned to journals within the same ERA rank. There is a small group of allied health researchers worldwide, and this group is even smaller when divided by discipline. Current publication metrics may not adequately assess the impact of research, which is largely aimed at clinicians to improve clinical practice. Moreover, many journals are produced by underfunded professional associations, and readership is often constrained by small numbers of clinicians in specific allied health disciplines who are association members.Conclusion: Allied health must have a stronger united voice in the next round of ERA rankings. The clinical impact of allied health journals also needs to be better understood and promoted as a research metric.Keywords: allied health, research impact, publication metrics

  9. Prometheus: the Supreme Court redefines the patentability of diagnostic inventions. (United States)

    Kumamoto, Andrew; Schmid, Cora L


    The United States Supreme Court recently issued an opinion regarding the patentability of claims directed to diagnostic methods in Mayo Collab. Service v. Prometheus Lab., Inc. In this opinion, the Supreme Court held that correlations between metabolite levels in the human body and either therapeutic efficacy or adverse effects are unpatentable laws of nature. It further found that a patent claim to a method including such a correlation is unpatentable if the remainder of the claim contains only conventional and well-known steps. The Prometheus decision creates uncertainty regarding the scope of patentable subject matter, particularly in the fields of diagnostic and personalized medicine, that will remain until future cases apply this new doctrine.

  10. Japan’s Supreme Court Discourse and Lifetime Employment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tackney, Charles T.; Sato, Toyoko

    Our study explores cultural cognition in comparative U.S. – Japan employment relations through interdisciplinary analysis of Japanese Supreme Court regulation of the post-World War II lifetime employment system and the latest data available on Japan's collective bargaining-based approach...... to employee participation in managerial prerogative. The comparative social policy aim is to examine and account for observed employment relations variance in the U.S. and Japan, given their similar labor legislation. Japan’s Supreme Court recognizes lifetime employment as an institutionalized practice and we...... on the Court's discourse. Causally related to this recognition, management councils (a form of employee participation in managerial prerogative) are also a defining feature of Japanese employment relations at the enterprise level. Despite unionization rate declines in both nations, the persistence of Japan...

  11. How to Read a U.S. Supreme Court Opinion (United States)

    Middleton, Tiffany


    Reading U.S. Supreme Court opinions can be intimidating. Yet, in the digital age, it has never been easier to access them. The average opinion is about 4,750 words, and is one of approximately 75 issued by the Court each year. It might be reassuring to know that opinions contain similar parts and tend to follow a similar format. There are also…

  12. Unanimous Supreme Court finds for actions by whistleblowers

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Norris, J.E.


    This article reports on a case before the United States Supreme Court where they have unanimously ruled that the Energy Reorganization Act of 1976 did not preclude a state law claim by an nuclear industry employee for intentional infliction of emotional distress. In addition the court held that federal law did not reflect a congressional desire to preclude all relief to a whistleblower who deliberately committed a safety violation

  13. Irish Supreme Court finds abortion information law constitutional. (United States)


    On May 12, 1995, the Irish Supreme Court upheld constitutional legislation governing the provision of information regarding legal abortion services abroad. The measure, which was adopted, 85-67, on March 8 by the lower House (Dail) and approved on March 14 by the Senate (Seanad), permits Irish family planning groups, physicians, health advisory services, and counseling centers to continue informing women about abortion within the context of a comprehensive discussion of pregnancy options. Making direct referrals or appointments for abortion services, writing letters of introduction for patients or clients, and advocating or promoting the procedure are prohibited. Medical records may be forwarded once a woman has made her own appointment. The law bans dissemination of the information to the general public and any financial connection between the groups providing counseling and those performing abortions. Irish President Mary Robinson sent the measure to the Supreme Court for review, rather than signing it. The measure was initially intended to implement one portion of a three-part 1992 constitutional referendum on abortion, which occurred in the wake of a case of a pregnant 14-year-old rape survivor who sought to travel to England for an abortion. A lower court decision which had prevented the woman from leaving the country was overturned by the Irish Supreme Court, based on her suicidal state. That year, nearly 60% of the electorate supported a measure making information about abortion in other countries available to Irish women. 65% rejected a proposal limiting abortion to cases where the mother's life, not health, was in danger. The rejected proposal would not have allowed abortions in cases where self-destruction was an issue. 62% approved an amendment guaranteeing an unambiguous constitutional right to travel, including for abortion services. More than 4000 women travel to England for abortions annually. After the Supreme Court ruling, the measure was signed

  14. Perceived Masculinity Predicts U.S. Supreme Court Outcomes. (United States)

    Chen, Daniel; Halberstam, Yosh; Yu, Alan C L


    Previous studies suggest a significant role of language in the court room, yet none has identified a definitive correlation between vocal characteristics and court outcomes. This paper demonstrates that voice-based snap judgments based solely on the introductory sentence of lawyers arguing in front of the Supreme Court of the United States predict outcomes in the Court. In this study, participants rated the opening statement of male advocates arguing before the Supreme Court between 1998 and 2012 in terms of masculinity, attractiveness, confidence, intelligence, trustworthiness, and aggressiveness. We found significant correlation between vocal characteristics and court outcomes and the correlation is specific to perceived masculinity even when judgment of masculinity is based only on less than three seconds of exposure to a lawyer's speech sample. Specifically, male advocates are more likely to win when they are perceived as less masculine. No other personality dimension predicts court outcomes. While this study does not aim to establish any causal connections, our findings suggest that vocal characteristics may be relevant in even as solemn a setting as the Supreme Court of the United States.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Максим Викторович Оськин


    Full Text Available This article considers the problem of food supply to the Eastern front in the winter of 1917 during World War I. In the conditions of the food supply crisis the military authorities managed to avoid the famine in the army. The Front Command and the Supreme Command took some measures to resolve this problem. Attracting extra workers for harvesting, clarity of the resources allocation, calculations of the government funds allocation- all these actions bolstered the army's efforts on the home front. A considerable role in this work was played by Emperor Nicholas II, who timely and positively reacted to the suggestions of the military commanders on the issue. Overall, the Russian military command coped with this problem in the conditions of the general crisis of supplies.

  16. Men as Allies Against Sexism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sezgin Cihangir


    Full Text Available Sexism is often expressed in subtle and ambiguous ways, causing targets to doubt their own capabilities or to show stereotype-confirming behavior. This research examines whether the self-confidence and stereotype (dis-confirming behavior of targets of sexism can be bolstered when other male versus female sources suggest that sexism may have played a role. Both Study 1 (N = 78 and Study 2 (N = 90 show that a suggestion of sexism has more beneficial effects when it is made by male sources than when it is made by female sources. When males suggested that sexism had taken place, targets reported more self-confidence (less self-handicapping and higher personal performance state self-esteem and showed less stereotype confirmation (less self-stereotyping and better task performance than when sexism was suggested by a female source. Study 2 additionally revealed that targets are more likely to file a complaint when men suggest that sexism took place than when this same suggestion was made by women. These results indicate that men can constitute important allies against sexism if they speak out when sexist treatment takes place.

  17. Instructional games in allied health education. (United States)

    Meyer, M A


    A theoretical framework and practical suggestions for incorporating games and simulation into allied health instruction are presented. Research findings that support the use of educational simulation/games as a tool for higher cognitive learning are discussed. Examples and step-by-step instructions are given to help allied health educatiors and students write their own simulation games, try them out, evaluate them, and incorporate them into classroom use to stimulate interaction. Advantages of using educational simulation/games in allied health education as well as possible disadvantages of this teaching strategy are discussed. Use of instructional games to enhance teaching effectiveness as measured by student achievement in the allied health fields is emphasized.

  18. AFRICOM: Combatant Command for the 21st Century

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Juergens, Jr., Richard A


    ...: European Command, Southern Command, Northern Command, Central Command, and Pacific Command, as the Department of Defense's unified command structure responsible for specific geographical regions of the world...

  19. Allied health: integral to transforming health. (United States)

    Lizarondo, Lucylynn; Turnbull, Catherine; Kroon, Tracey; Grimmer, Karen; Bell, Alison; Kumar, Saravana; McEvoy, Maureen; Milanese, Steve; Russell, Mary; Sheppard, Lorraine; Walters, Julie; Wiles, Louise


    Objective South Australia is taking an innovative step in transforming the way its healthcare is organised and delivered to better manage current and future demands on the health system. In an environment of transforming health services, there are clear opportunities for allied health to assist in determining solutions to various healthcare challenges. A recent opinion piece proposed 10 clinician-driven strategies to assist in maximising value and sustainability of healthcare in Australia. The present study aimed to seek the perspectives of allied health clinicians, educators, researchers, policy makers and managers on these strategies and their relevance to allied health. Methods A survey of allied health practitioners was undertaken to capture their perspectives on the 10 clinician-driven strategies for maximising value and sustainability of healthcare in Australia. Survey findings were then layered with evidence from the literature. Results Highly relevant across allied health are the strategies of discontinuation of low value practices, targeting clinical interventions to those getting greatest benefit, active involvement of patients in shared decision making and self-management and advocating for integrated systems of care. Conclusions Allied health professionals have been involved in the South Australian healthcare system for a prolonged period, but their services are poorly recognised, often overlooked and not greatly supported in existing traditional practices. The results of the present study highlight ways in which healthcare services can implement strategies not only to improve the quality of patient outcomes, but also to offer innovative solutions for future, sustainable healthcare. The findings call for concerted efforts to increase the utilisation of allied health services to ensure the 'maximum value for spend' of the increasingly scarce health dollar. What is known about the topic? In medicine, clinician-driven strategies have been proposed to

  20. Cost efficient command management (United States)

    Brandt, Theresa; Murphy, C. W.; Kuntz, Jon; Barlett, Tom


    The design and implementation of a command management system (CMS) for a NASA control center, is described. The technology innovations implemented in the CMS provide the infrastructure required for operations cost reduction and future development cost reduction through increased operational efficiency and reuse in future missions. The command management design facilitates error-free operations which enables the automation of the routine control center functions and allows for the distribution of scheduling responsibility to the instrument teams. The reusable system was developed using object oriented methodologies.

  1. Utilities, marketers identify with tax issures in Supreme Court case

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Warkentin, D. [ed.


    A recent US Supreme Court decision effectively highlights the continuing disparity that exists in the taxation of regulated vs. nonregulated energy companies that engage in similar activities. While the federal case (General Motors Corp., vs. Tracy) and its decision involved natural gas utilities and natural gas marketers and how they are taxed locally, some noted electric utility industry professionals said the ruling has the potential of impacting the electric utility industry as it deregulates and works through the tax inequities that exist between it and independent unregulated power marketers. According to the Washington, DC-based law firm Chadbourne & Park LLP, under the Supreme Court ruling, which was handed down in late February and favored gas utilities, {open_quotes}a state can discriminate in favor of regulated utilities by exempting natural gas purchased from local distribution companies from sales taxes while collecting taxes on so-called selfhelp gas bought from gas producers at the wellhead or from independent marketers.{close_quotes} The US Supreme Court ruling appears to be important for the electric utility industry and independent power marketers in that there currently exists similar disparities with respect to taxation. The case involved Ohio and a tax it levies on natural gas. Ohio collects a 5 percent sales or use tax on gas purchased for consumption. According to Chadbourne & Park, in Ohio this tax can be as much as 7 percent when local taxes are tacked on to the state`s 5 percent tax. However, local distribution companies (LDC) are exempt from this tax. LDCs are essentially the local natural gas company or companies that many states, such as Ohio, have. In Ohio, these natural gas companies, which have generally been interpreted as those companies that produce, transport and deliver natural gas to Ohio consumers, are fully exempt from sales and use taxes.

  2. The Problem of Emergency in the American Supreme Court

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hartz, Emily; ugilt, rasmus


    Sixty years before Carl Schmitt wrote his Political Theology, and more than a 100 years before President Bush announced a ‘war on terrorism’ the American Supreme Court grappled with the difficult issue of emergency powers in connection with issues arising out of the American Civil War (1861......–1865). The question confronting the Court in a set of cases named the Prize Cases was whether President Lincoln’s decision to respond to acts of aggression by the secessionist Southern states with measures of war was lawful. The legal problem was that Lincoln had made this decision unilaterally although the American...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    camp. Capt Saunders and the two companies. (58th Regiment) under his command resisted a strong attack on 22 February in which one of his. men, Private Osborne, gallantly saved a fellow- soldier (he was awarded the Victoria Cross afterwards). Saunders, who was promoted to. Major in July 1881, received the brevity ...

  4. Command History for 1990 (United States)


    Marine Corps Tiaining Systems (CBESS) memorization training Inteligence Center, Dam Neck Threat memorization training Commander Tactical Wings, Atlantic...News Shipbuilding Technical training AEGIS Training Center, Dare Artificial Intelligence (Al) Tools Computerized firm-end analysis tools NETSCPAC...Technology Department and provides computational and electronic mail support for research in areas of artificial intelligence, computer-assisted instruction

  5. Command Wire Sensor Measurements (United States)


    CFAR Constant False Alarm Rate CWIE Command Wire-Improvised Explosive Device EMI Electromagnetic Induction GPR Ground Penetrating Radar...this, some type of constant false alarm rate ( CFAR ) receiver is required. CFAR automatically raises the threshold level to keep clutter echoes and

  6. Transformational leadership behaviors in allied health professions. (United States)

    Wylie, David A; Gallagher, Helen L


    The aim of this study was to explore self-reported transformational leadership behavior profiles within the six largest allied health profession groups in the National Health Service in Scotland and to determine whether factors such as seniority of grade, locus of employment, and/or leadership training have a positive influence on transformational leadership behaviors. A postal survey comprising the shorter version of the Multifactorial Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) and contextual demographic information was completed by 753 allied health professionals from four Health Board areas across Scotland who were randomly selected through a modified cluster sampling technique. The MLQ contains 36 items that measure nine identified leadership factors; however, only the responses to the five transformational leadership factors are reported here. The study identified significant differences in transformational leadership behaviors between individual allied health professions. Radiographers and podiatrists scored consistently lower than the other professional groups across the range of transformational behaviors. Seniority of grade significantly influenced the scores, with higher-graded staff reporting greater leadership behaviors (p leadership training also positively influenced transformational behaviors (p transformational leadership behaviors between individual allied health professions, indicating that some professional groups are inherently advantaged in embracing the modernization agenda. This highlights an as-yet missed opportunity for effectively targeting and evaluating multidisciplinary leadership training programs across the allied health professions.

  7. Japan’s Supreme Court Discourse and Lifetime Employment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tackney, Charles T.; Sato, Toyoko

    Our study explores cultural cognition in comparative U.S. – Japan employment relations through interdisciplinary analysis of Japanese Supreme Court regulation of the post-World War II lifetime employment system and the latest data available on Japan's collective bargaining-based approach to emplo......Our study explores cultural cognition in comparative U.S. – Japan employment relations through interdisciplinary analysis of Japanese Supreme Court regulation of the post-World War II lifetime employment system and the latest data available on Japan's collective bargaining-based approach...... on the Court's discourse. Causally related to this recognition, management councils (a form of employee participation in managerial prerogative) are also a defining feature of Japanese employment relations at the enterprise level. Despite unionization rate declines in both nations, the persistence of Japan......'s participatory employee relations system contrasts sharply with recent U.S. state-based legislative assaults on long-standing collective bargaining, particularly for public sector unions. The concept of cultural cognition, recently deployed in legal studies to account for domestic U.S. risk, public policy...

  8. 32 CFR 724.406 - Commander, Naval Medical Command. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 5 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Commander, Naval Medical Command. 724.406 Section 724.406 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY PERSONNEL NAVAL DISCHARGE REVIEW BOARD Principal Elements of the Navy Department Discharge Review System § 724.406 Commander...

  9. Command and motivation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jacobsen, Christian Bøtcher; Hvidtved, Johan; Andersen, Lotte Bøgh


    Motivated employees are crucial to organizations, but external interventions such as command systems and financial incentives may decrease motivation. If these external interventions are perceived to be controlling, they are expected to crowd out intrinsic motivation, and this may also apply...... to other types of autonomous motivation such as public service motivation. The perception of external interventions is thus expected to be vital. This article investigates how the perception of a specific command system (obligatory student plans) is associated with intrinsic motivation and public service...... motivation. Using a dataset with 3,230 school teachers in Denmark, a structural equation model shows that the perception of obligatory student plans as controlling is negatively associated with all of the investigated types of employee motivation, supporting that motivation crowding can occur....

  10. Speaking American: Comparing Supreme Court and Hollywood Racial Interpretation in the Early Twenty-First Century (United States)

    Hawkins, Paul Henry


    Apprehending that race is social, not biological, this study examines U.S. racial formation in the early twenty-first century. In particular, Hollywood and Supreme Court texts are analyzed as media for gathering, shaping and transmitting racial ideas. Representing Hollywood, the 2004 film "Crash" is analyzed. Representing the Supreme Court, the…

  11. Dutch Supreme Court 2012: Virtual Theft Ruling a One-Off or First in a Series?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lodder, A.R.


    In January 2012 the Dutch Supreme Court decided that virtual objects and pre-paid accounts can be stolen. This paper examines the Supreme Court’s Runescape decision and discusses virtual theft. Virtual theft is legally interesting from various perspectives. First, the rules of Runescape do not allow

  12. "Woman's Place" in the Constitution: The Supreme Court and Gender Discrimination (United States)

    Levin, Betsy


    Article discussed the Supreme Court's response to constitutional attacks from state and federal laws on women's rights, the judicial treatment of racially-based discrimination versus that of gender-based discrimination, and the most recent Supreme Court decisions on gender-based discrimination. (Author/RK)

  13. Courtside: The Supreme Court's View of Drug Testing High School Athletes. (United States)

    Carpenter, Linda J.


    The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard a case about mandatory drug tests for student athletes. This article discusses the case, in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the school district's right to conduct drug tests, noting its relevance to the 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments. (SM)

  14. Sonographic ally Detected Architectural Distortion: Clinical Significance

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Shin Kee; Seo, Bo Kyoung; Yi, Ann; Cha, Sang Hoon; Kim, Baek Hyun; Cho, Kyu Ran; Kim, Young Sik; Son, Gil Soo; Kim, Young Soo; Kim, Hee Young [Korea University Ansan Hospital, Ansan (Korea, Republic of)


    Architectural distortion is a suspicious abnormality for the diagnosis of breast cancer. The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical significance of sonographic ally detected architectural distortion. From January 2006 to June 2008, 20 patients were identified who had sonographic ally detected architectural distortions without a history of trauma or surgery and abnormal mammographic findings related to an architectural distortion. All of the lesions were pathologically verified. We evaluated the clinical and pathological findings and then assessed the clinical significance of the sonographic ally detected architectural distortions. Based on the clinical findings, one (5%) of the 20 patients had a palpable lump and the remaining 19 patients had no symptoms. No patient had a family history of breast cancer. Based on the pathological findings, three (15%) patients had malignancies. The malignant lesions included invasive ductal carcinomas (n = 2) and ductal carcinoma in situ (n = 1). Four (20%) patients had high-risk lesions: atypical ductal hyperplasia (n = 3) and lobular carcinoma in situ (n = 1). The remaining 13 (65%) patients had benign lesions, however, seven (35%) out of 13 patients had mild-risk lesions (three intraductal papillomas, three moderate or florid epithelial hyperplasia and one sclerosing adenosis). Of the sonographic ally detected architectural distortions, 35% were breast cancers or high-risk lesions and 35% were mild-risk lesions. Thus, a biopsy might be needed for an architectural distortion without an associated mass as depicted on breast ultrasound, even though the mammographic findings are normal

  15. Nursing and Allied Health Shortages: TBR Responds. (United States)

    Berryman, Treva

    Staff members of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission worked jointly to establish a task force to investigate and develop recommendations for addressing the workforce shortages in nursing and allied health in Tennessee. The investigation established that Tennessee already has a workforce shortage of…

  16. Allied, MGC link on cyanate esters

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wood, A.


    In the latest of a line of joint ventures in its plastics business, Allied Signal has reached agreement with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) to jointly develop thermoset cyanate ester resins and blends. The deal will involve further development of Allied Signal's Primaset phenol-formaldehyde cyanate ester resins, a new entrant in the thermoset arena. Although the Primaset resins were discovered in the 1960s, this would be the first time they are available commercially. The deal will marry Primaset technology with MGC's Skylex bisphenol A cyanate ester resins, says Fred DiAntonis, director/advanced materials at Allied Signal. The two firms are looking at marketing blends of the two materials. The potential market for these resins, used commercially by the electronics industry in printed circuit boards and by the aerospace industry in composites, is significant, says Robert P. Viarengo, Allied Signal president/performance materials. By aligning ourselves with MGC, the world leader in cyanate ester resin, we anticipate moving forward aggressively. The main competitor is Ciba, which acquired bisphenol A cyanate ester resins with its purchase of Rhone-Poulenc's high temperature resins business. DiAntonis estimates the market for cyanate ester resins could be worth $150 million by the end of the decade, although development costs have been in the tens of millions of dollars range

  17. Study of the Division of Allied Health. (United States)

    Perelle, Ira B.

    This study examines student outcomes in the seven curriculum programs (chemical technology, dental hygiene, dental laboratory, medical laboratory, nursing, opthalmic dispensing, and radiologic technology) of the Division of Allied Health and Natural Sciences at New York City Community College. The following variables are examined: student…

  18. Sonographic ally Detected Architectural Distortion: Clinical Significance

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kim, Shin Kee; Seo, Bo Kyoung; Yi, Ann; Cha, Sang Hoon; Kim, Baek Hyun; Cho, Kyu Ran; Kim, Young Sik; Son, Gil Soo; Kim, Young Soo; Kim, Hee Young


    Architectural distortion is a suspicious abnormality for the diagnosis of breast cancer. The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical significance of sonographic ally detected architectural distortion. From January 2006 to June 2008, 20 patients were identified who had sonographic ally detected architectural distortions without a history of trauma or surgery and abnormal mammographic findings related to an architectural distortion. All of the lesions were pathologically verified. We evaluated the clinical and pathological findings and then assessed the clinical significance of the sonographic ally detected architectural distortions. Based on the clinical findings, one (5%) of the 20 patients had a palpable lump and the remaining 19 patients had no symptoms. No patient had a family history of breast cancer. Based on the pathological findings, three (15%) patients had malignancies. The malignant lesions included invasive ductal carcinomas (n = 2) and ductal carcinoma in situ (n = 1). Four (20%) patients had high-risk lesions: atypical ductal hyperplasia (n = 3) and lobular carcinoma in situ (n = 1). The remaining 13 (65%) patients had benign lesions, however, seven (35%) out of 13 patients had mild-risk lesions (three intraductal papillomas, three moderate or florid epithelial hyperplasia and one sclerosing adenosis). Of the sonographic ally detected architectural distortions, 35% were breast cancers or high-risk lesions and 35% were mild-risk lesions. Thus, a biopsy might be needed for an architectural distortion without an associated mass as depicted on breast ultrasound, even though the mammographic findings are normal

  19. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The Journal of Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences (JOPHAS) publishes original scientific and technical research works carried out on drugs and drug-related products, within and outside Nigeria in the fields of pharmacy, microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacology, medical sciences and veterinary medicine.

  20. Mum's the word: the Supreme Court and family planning. (United States)

    Mariner, W K


    On May 23, 1991, the US Supreme Court upheld federal regulations that prohibit federally funded family planning programs from counseling about or referring for abortion. As a result, government benefits may now entail substantial costs. The regulations changed the nature of government-assisted family planning from comprehensive care and counseling to limited services and government-prescribed information. The reasoning in Rust v Sullivan allows government to limit freedom of speech in federally funded programs. The decision may have been influenced by antiabortion sentiment, but it does not affect the legality of abortion. Instead, it sets a precedent for government control of whether and how health care can be discussed wherever government pays some of the bills. PMID:1739169

  1. Sustainability for Governance, Brazilian Supreme Court and Conflict of Interest

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Magno Federici Gomes


    Full Text Available This paper intends to approach the theme involving the formation of the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF and the conflict of interest. The method used for accomplishment this work was the theoretician-documentary. In that context the currently constitutional rules to form the STF, having as parameter the rules involving the good governance practices, seems not to comply to the principals of Corporate Governance. The creation of public alliances between the applicants to the Justice position with the Executive and Legislative branches implies in a relation known as conflict of interest, causing prejudices to the independence of judicial decisions and to the sustainable.

  2. Forecasting the Senate vote on the Supreme Court vacancy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Scott J. Basinger


    Full Text Available This paper forecasts current senators’ votes on Merrick Garland’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, in the unlikely case that a vote actually takes place. The forecasts are necessarily conditional, awaiting measurement of the nominee’s characteristics. Nonetheless, a model that combines parameters estimated from existing data with values of some measurable characteristics of senators—particularly their party affiliations, party loyalty levels, and ideological positions—is sufficient to identify potential swing voters in the Senate. By accounting for a more nuanced and refined understanding of the confirmation process, our model reveals that if President Obama were to nominate almost any nominee (conservative or liberal today, that nominee would be rejected if a vote was allowed to take place. So why nominate anyone at all? Obama’s hope for a successful confirmation must come from the stochastic component, that is, from outside the traditional decision-making calculus.

  3. Implications of the Supreme Court's ACA Medicaid decision. (United States)

    Perkins, Jane


    In the typical case, states are expected to act like independent sovereigns and reject federal funding conditions they do not like. In National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius (NFIB), however, the Supreme Court found that Congress unduly coerced states when it enacted the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion provision. This article provides an overview to NFIB and discusses its implications. Focusing on Chief Justice Roberts' plurality opinion, the article explains that undue coercion may occur when the following four elements come together: (1) Congress enacts a new spending program; (2) Congress seeks to induce state participation in the new program by threatening to terminate all federal funding to an existing program; (3) the federal funding to the existing program is significant; and (4) the requirements of the new program are not related to the old program and, thus, could not have been anticipated by the state. © 2013 American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Inc.

  4. Army Attack Aviation and Joint Air Operations: Doctrinal and Institutional Barriers

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Holmes, Sharon


    ... operations in the Serbian province of Kosovo. Since political constraints precluded a ground option to resolve the conflict, the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe requested a wide range of aerospace assets to accomplish campaign objectives...

  5. Studies in Battle Command (United States)


    elephant grass . Local Montagnard tribesmen called Ap Bia “the mountain of the crouching beast.“” Lieutenant Colonel Weldon Honeycutt, commander of the...for an orchestral composition .“35 In asserting this, Monash brought to bear his extensive experience as a civil engineer. He valued detailed...ould stioned f they alistic i se unist neral, n V er 8, i i se l r, n d i sar, , stioned r i se nist nd se nist rt ’ tral litary i sion

  6. Functional Alignment of the Wing-Level Logistics Plans Division in the Strategic Air Command. (United States)


    PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER(S) S. MONITORING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER(S) 87-2250 6a. NAME OF PERFORMING ORGANIZATION 6b. OFFICE SYMBOL 7a. NAME...THIS PA(:4___ TTNC LASSI FIZD PREFACE What’s to be gained, or lost, if the Strategic Air Command (SAC) function- ally realigned Its wing-level...product as meeting academic requirements for graduation, the views and opinions expressed or implied are solely those of the author and should , not be

  7. A clinical trial evaluating the laryngeal mask airway-Supreme in obese children during general anesthesia. (United States)

    Tian, Yue; Wu, Xiu-Ying; Li, Lu; Ma, Ling; Li, Yun-Feng


    The laryngeal mask airway (LMA)-Supreme is a disposable double-lumen laryngeal mask airway that is widely used in clinical practice. However, its use in obese children has not been evaluated. The aim of this study was to determine whether the LMA-Supreme could perform equally as well as endotracheal intubation in obese children having a minor surgical procedure. After ethical board approval, 100 obese male children receiving non-emergent appendectomy for chronic appendicitis or surgery to correct concealed penis were randomly divided into an endotracheal intubation group and an LMA-Supreme group. Endotracheal intubation was performed under direct vision laryngoscopy. In the LMA group, a size-3 LMA-Supreme was placed and a stomach tube inserted via the drainage tube of the mask. Cardiovascular and respiratory parameters, time taken for placement, placement attempts, time to removal of the endotracheal tube/LMA, length of stay in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), and complications were recorded. Insertion time was significantly longer ( p airway pressure was significantly higher, and pulmonary compliance and PACU stay time lower in the LMA-Supreme group. No significant differences between endotracheal intubation and the LMA-Supreme were seen in other parameters, except for a higher incidence of coughing in the endotracheal intubation group. The LMA-Supreme can be easily inserted and effectively used for airway management in obese children undergoing minor surgery.

  8. How did the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA affect astronomers? (United States)

    Rigby, Jane R.; The AAS Working Group on LGBTIQ Equality


    In June 2013, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional. Section 3 had barred the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages. The decision in United States v. Windsor, made headlines around the world, and particularly affected astronomers, since astronomers in the US are more likely than the general population to be foreign nationals, to have a foreign-born spouse, or to work for the federal government. In this poster, we highlight some of the real-world ways that the Windsor case has affected US astronomers and our profession. Bi-national couples can now apply for green cards granting permanent residency. Scientists who work for the federal government, including NASA and the NSF, can now obtain health insurance for a same-sex spouse. From taxes to death benefits, health insurance to daycare, immigration to ethics laws, the end of S3 of DOMA has had profoundly improved the lives of US scientists who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). Here we, highlight several real-world examples of how DOMA's demise has improved the lives and careers of US astronomer.

  9. Proceedings of the 39. Science week of the Supreme Council of Sciences

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    These publications include the papers presented at the 39th science week of the Supreme Council of Sciences, held in Damascus (Syria) from 7-11 November 1999. This proceeding is published in five books covering basic and applied sciences

  10. Implications and reflections on the 2010 Supreme Court ruling on Canada's AHR Act. (United States)

    Deonandan, Raywat; Rahman, Tarun


    In December, 2010, Canada's 6 year old Assisted Human Reproduction Act was successfully challenged in the Supreme Court of Canada. There may be important implications for public health and the evolution of reproductive technologies in this country.

  11. The Supreme Court Upholds Drug Testing of Student Participants in Extracurricular Activities. (United States)

    Mawdsley, Ralph D.; Russo, Charles J.


    Analysis of 2001 United States Supreme Court decision in "Earls v. Board of Education of Tecumseh Public Schools," upholding random drug testing for students participating in extracurricular activities. Discusses implications for school policy and practice. (Contains 15 references.) (PKP)

  12. Text of Supreme Court's Majority Opinion Striking Down NCAA's Control of College Football Telecasts. (United States)

    Stevens, John Paul; And Others


    The text of the Supreme Court's decision in National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma, in which the Court struck down the NCAA's control of televised college football, is provided. (Author/MLW)

  13. In the public interest: intellectual disability, the Supreme Court, and the death penalty. (United States)

    Abeles, Norman


    This article deals with a case that recently came before the U.S. Supreme Court. The issues involved whether attorneys provided effective assistance to a person convicted of murder when no mitigating evidence was presented (either strategically or by neglect) to the jury concerning the intellectual disabilities of their client during the death penalty phase of the trial. The Supreme Court had previously ruled that the death penalty for intellectually disabled individuals (mentally retarded) constituted cruel and unusual punishment. In this case the attorneys made a strategic decision not to present possibly mitigating evidence for the death penalty phase. The Supreme Court considered whether the appeals court abdicated its judicial review responsibilities. The results of psychological evaluations are presented, and the decisions of the Supreme Court are discussed. PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved.

  14. Supreme Court Appointment Process: Roles of the President, Judiciary Committee, and Senate

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Rutkus, Denis S


    .... Under the Constitution, Justices on the Supreme Court receive lifetime appointments. Such job security in the government has been conferred solely on judges and, by constitutional design, helps insure the Court's independence from the President...

  15. Labor and the Supreme Court: Significant Issues of 1991-92. (United States)

    Hukill, Craig


    Labor-related issues to be considered by the Supreme Court include veterans' rights to reemployment, union organizing practices, pension entitlements, and the taxability of back pay recovered in damage suits. (JOW)

  16. The Supreme Court of Mauritius and the Objectives of Punishment in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The Supreme Court of Mauritius and the Objectives of Punishment in Sentencing Offenders to Penal Servitude for Life and to Other Lengthy Prisons Terms in Drugs- Related Cases: A Look at Recent Case Law.

  17. A randomized equivalence trial comparing the i-gel and laryngeal mask airway Supreme in children. (United States)

    Jagannathan, Narasimhan; Sommers, Katherine; Sohn, Lisa E; Sawardekar, Amod; Shah, Ravi D; Mukherji, Isabella I; Miller, Steven; Voronov, Polina; Seraphin, Sally


    The laryngeal mask airway Supreme (Supreme) is a new single-use supraglottic device with gastric access capability now available in all sizes for children. To compare the i-gel with the Supreme in children for routine airway maintenance. One hundred and seventy children, aged 3 months to 11 years, 5-50 kg in weight, were randomly assigned to receive either the i-gel or the Supreme. The primary outcome measured was airway leak pressure. Secondary outcomes included the following: ease and time for insertion, insertion success rate, fiberoptic grade of view, ease of gastric tube placement, number of airway manipulations, quality of airway during anesthetic maintenance, and complications. A total of 168 patients were assessed for the outcomes. The median (IQR [range]) airway leak pressure for the i-gel was higher than with the Supreme, 20 (18-25 [9-40]) cm H(2)O vs 17 (14-22 [10-40]) cm H(2)O, respectively (P = 0.001). There were no differences in the time for device insertion, fiberoptic grade of view, quality of airway, and complications. Median (IQR[range]) time of successful insertion of a gastric tube was faster with the Supreme, 12 (9.2-14.3 [5.2-44.2]) s than with the i-gel, 14 (11.9-19 [6.9-75]) s; P = 0.01. The number of airway manipulations during placement was higher with the i-gel than with the laryngeal mask airway Supreme (12 vs 13 patients), P = 0.02. In infants and children, when a single-use supraglottic device with gastric access capabilities is required, the i-gel demonstrated higher airway leak pressures and can be a useful alternative to the Supreme. © 2012 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  18. Seals Research at AlliedSignal (United States)

    Ullah, M. Rifat


    A consortium has been formed to address seal problems in the Aerospace sector of Allied Signal, Inc. The consortium is represented by makers of Propulsion Engines, Auxiliary Power Units, Gas Turbine Starters, etc. The goal is to improve Face Seal reliability, since Face Seals have become reliability drivers in many of our product lines. Several research programs are being implemented simultaneously this year. They include: Face Seal Modeling and Analysis Methodology; Oil Cooling of Seals; Seal Tracking Dynamics; Coking Formation & Prevention; and Seal Reliability Methods.

  19. Theatre of Presence - Antero Alli's Paratheatrical ReSearch Lab

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Isar, Nicoletta

    the oppression, decadence and corruption that has crucified and buried the poetic Imagination" (Antero Alli) This paper will try to unveil one of Antero Alli's paratheatrical experiments in overcoming the death of ritual in theatre. Orphans of Delirium is an intense, living ritual experience, "fluid" in its...... approach, yet almost unbearable by its radicalism. "Our intent is not to entertain or educate but to fascinate, to fasten attention to an ever-changing terrain of the human condition incite our most visceral and spiritual resonances." (Alli) As I hope to show in this paper, Alli's paratheatrical labs...

  20. Paramount Interest: Command Relationships in Amphibious Warfare

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Peabody, Hitch


    In 2001, U.S. amphibious forces abandoned sixty years of established command and control doctrine, replacing the traditional senior-subordinate relationship between Navy and Marine commanders with coequal command. Why did it change...

  1. Command and Control of Joint Air Operations through Mission Command (United States)


    and outlines the C2 architecture systems, processes, and philosophy of com- mand required to enable mission command effectively. Mission Command...General Dempsey highlights the fact that “trust is the moral sinew that binds the distributed Joint Force 2020 together” and observes that “unless...con- fident about how their subordinates will make decisions and adapt to the dynamic battlespace environment. Processes, Systems, and Philosophy of

  2. Command in the Objective Force

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wilbeck, Christopher


    This paper seeks to answer what type of command will best serve the Army's Objective Force in gaining the initiative, building momentum, and exploiting success to achieve land dominance in the future...

  3. Media Politicization of the United States Supreme Court

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    RonNell Andersen Jones


    Full Text Available Both media scholars and Justices of the United States Supreme Court have suggested that press coverage of the Court increasingly politicizes the Court as an institution, by characterizing the Court’s Justices as ideological actors and by depicting the outputs of the Court as political decisions driven by personal preference rather than apolitical outcomes driven by constitutional doctrine and legal precedent. This study builds upon earlier efforts to investigate the veracity of this assumption, using a corpus linguistics methodology to track the use of several linguistic signals that are widely regarded as politicizing. A case study investigation of the full corpus of New York Times articles from the 1950s through the 2000s suggests an increase in the use of explicitly ideological descriptors of the Justices; an increase in references to the appointing presidents of the Justices; and an increase in the disparity of coverage of 5-4 decisions and unanimous decisions. Tanto los académicos dedicados a la comunicación como los magistrados de la Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos han sugerido que la cobertura de la prensa de la Corte politiza cada vez más la Corte como institución, ya que representa a los magistrados como actores ideológicos, y presenta las decisiones del tribunal como decisiones políticas tomadas por preferencias personales en lugar de resultados apolíticos fruto de una doctrina constitucional y un precedente legal. Este estudio se basa en intentos anteriores de investigar la veracidad de esta hipótesis, utilizando una metodología de corpus lingüístico, para rastrear el uso de diversos signos lingüísticos comúnmente considerados politizadores. Una investigación de casos prácticos del corpus completo de los artículos del New York Times desde la década de 1950 hasta la década de 2000 sugiere un aumento en el uso de descriptores de los jueces explícitamente ideológicos; un aumento en las referencias a los

  4. Command Process Modeling & Risk Analysis (United States)

    Meshkat, Leila


    Commanding Errors may be caused by a variety of root causes. It's important to understand the relative significance of each of these causes for making institutional investment decisions. One of these causes is the lack of standardized processes and procedures for command and control. We mitigate this problem by building periodic tables and models corresponding to key functions within it. These models include simulation analysis and probabilistic risk assessment models.

  5. Command and Data Handling Processor


    Perschy, James


    This command and data handling processor is designed to perform mission critical functions for the NEAR and ACE spacecraft. For both missions the processor formats telemetry and executes real-time, delayed and autonomy-rule commands. For the ACE mission the processor also performs spin stabilized attitude control. The design is based on the Harris RTX2010 microprocessor and the UTMC Summit MIL-STD-1553 bus controller. Fault tolerant features added include error detection, correction and write...

  6. The Double Love Commandment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francois P. Viljoen


    Full Text Available The Gospel of Matthew was written during a period of dispute between the Matthean community and their fellow Jews, with the Pharisees playing a leading role. The Matthean community was heir to the same scriptures as its opponents. They continued to have a firm commitment to the Torah, but they developed a distinctive understanding of it based on Jesus’ teaching. The formation of this community is investigated in this article, considering the Mediterranean perspectives of group-oriented societies prevalent in the first century. Such a group provided a sense of self and an interactive support system, where love functioned to bind the group together. The subordinates showed their undivided loyalty towards their superiors because of the favours they received from them, whilst they supported and cared for other members within the group as they care for themselves. Reading the double love commandment of Matthew 22:34−40 from this perspective reveals significant aspects of the community’s identity with regard to their commitment to God and their view of their neighbours. Die Dubbele Liefdesgebod. Die Matteusevangelie is gedurende ’n periode van konfliktussen die Matteusgemeenskap en mede-Jode geskryf met die Fariseërs in ’n leidende rol. Die Matteusgemeenskap het van dieselfde geskrifte as hulle opponente gebruik gemaak. Hulle was steeds aan die Torah lojaal, maar het ’n unieke interpretasie daarvan gehuldig, gebaseer op die onderrig van Jesus. In hierdie artikel word die vorming van die Matteusgemeenskap ondersoek met inagneming van die Mediterreense beskouing van die groepgeoriënteerde gemeenskappe wat tipies van die eerste eeu was. So ’n groep het aan individue ’n bewustheid van eie waarde verskaf te midde van ’n interaktiewe ondersteuningsisteem waarin liefde as samebindende faktor gefunksioneer het. Ondergeskiktes het onverdeelde lojaliteit teenoor hulle meerderes betoon vanweë die gunste wat hulle van die meerderes geniet het

  7. Mapping the Terrain of Continuing Allied Health Education. (United States)

    Temkin, Terrie

    A number of factors make continuing education in the allied health professions a unique category of adult education. The mandatory nature of continuing allied health education violates two of the basic tenets of adult learning theory--that adults voluntarily participate in learning to satisfy personal needs and that adults are generally not…

  8. Allies and Competitors as Enscripted Audiences in Scientific Writing. (United States)

    Perry, Susan

    A set of much examined scientific papers which specifically portray a controversial topic and also manifest ally-peer and competitor-peer enscripted audiences are those written by James Watson and Francis Crick concerning their discovery of the structure of deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA). The theoretical perspective of an ally-peer and…

  9. Stigma and Stigma by Association in Perceptions of Straight Allies (United States)

    Goldstein, Susan B.


    As evidence builds for straight allies' contributions to battling sexual prejudice, barriers to assuming this role must be identified and dismantled. This study investigated stigma and stigma by association in perceptions of straight allies in a college population. Adjective rating items were completed by 505 participants who identified as…

  10. Standing "Straight" up to Homophobia: Straight Allies' Involvement in GSAs (United States)

    Lapointe, Alicia Anne


    This qualitative study captures the experiences of four straight allies' and one gay youth involvement in gay--straight alliances (GSAs) at their Ontario, Canada, high schools. Participants' motivations for becoming GSA members and their roles as allies are examined. Queer theoretical perspectives, as espoused by Britzman (1995, 1998) and Linville…

  11. Utilization of Leisure Hours among Students of Ambrose Alli ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The purpose of this study is to find out the utilization of leisure hours among students of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria. The researchers attempted to find out whether the students of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma creates time for their leisure activities, the factors that affect the participation in leisure activities, the ...

  12. Watermelon lycopene and allied health claims. (United States)

    Naz, Ambreen; Butt, Masood Sadiq; Sultan, Muhammad Tauseef; Qayyum, Mir Muhammad Nasir; Niaz, Rai Shahid


    Presently, functional foods and nutraceuticals are gaining immense importance in the prevention of various maladies through dietary regimen module. Consumption of fruits and vegetables based diet has pursuit a range of bioactive components, especially phytochemicals targeting life threatening ailments. In this context, lycopene is an extensively studied antioxidant potentially present in watermelon, tomato, pink guava etc. Watermelon is one of the unique sources having readily available cis-isomeric lycopene. The distinctive aroma of watermelon is imparted by medium- and short-chain fatty acids along with geranial, ß-ionone and neral. Its consumption has been escalated owing to rich nutritional profile and allied health benefits. It is effective in reducing the extent of cancer insurgence, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and macular diseases. The structural characteristics, physiochemical properties and therapeutic effects of lycopene are the limelight of the manuscript. However, further research investigations are still needed to address the health enhancing potential of watermelon lycopene.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ovidiu-Horia Maican


    Full Text Available The US Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice are coordinating constitutional review. Although the European Union does not have a constitution, the European Court often engages in what functionally amounts to constitutional review, particularly in relation to the quasi-federal structure of the EU. Both courts have engaged in the constitutionalization of politics and seem in risk of politicizing the constitution. The threats to their respective powers and legitimacy are different. The US Supreme Court is vulnerable to internal forces (the President, Congress, national public opinion whereas the European Court is vulnerable to external forces (the member states and, in particular, theirs constitutional courts.

  14. Factors affecting allied health faculty job satisfaction: a literature review. (United States)

    Romig, Barbara; O'Sullivan Maillet, Julie; Denmark, Robert M


    Evidence in the literature suggests job satisfaction can make a difference in keeping qualified workers on the job, but little research has been conducted focusing specifically on allied health faculty. In order to attract and retain top quality faculty, colleges and universities should understand the variables impacting faculty satisfaction and develop a plan to enhance satisfaction. An integrative literature review (CINHAL, ERIC, Journal of Allied Health, Chronicle of Higher Education, Research in Higher Education, and current books on job satisfaction) of faculty job satisfaction and dissatisfaction produced a variety of publications presenting the key determinants of job satisfaction by allied health faculty in the United States. The purpose of the analysis was to examine the various factors that influence job satisfaction, especially by allied health faculty, in institutions of higher education in the U.S. The procedure used for this analysis consisted of reviewing allied health and higher education faculty studies to identify factors influencing job satisfaction, research questions, sample size reported, instruments used for measurement of job satisfaction, and job satisfaction results. While the theoretical models of allied health and higher education faculty job satisfaction exist separately in the literature, their remarkable similarities permit the prospect of a contemporary framework of the essential components of job satisfaction. Potential opportunities for continuing research on the personal and professional variables impacting job satisfaction of allied health faculty and similar disciplines are presented.

  15. Research culture in allied health: a systematic review. (United States)

    Borkowski, Donna; McKinstry, Carol; Cotchett, Matthew; Williams, Cylie; Haines, Terry


    Research evidence is required to guide optimal allied health practice and inform policymakers in primary health care. Factors that influence a positive research culture are not fully understood, and nor is the impact of a positive research culture on allied health professionals. The aim of this systematic review was to identify factors that affect allied health research culture and capacity. An extensive search of 11 databases was conducted in June 2015. Studies were included if they were published in English, had full-text availability and reported research findings relating to allied health professions. Study quality was evaluated using the McMaster Critical Review Forms. Fifteen studies were eligible for inclusion. A meta-analysis was not performed because of heterogeneity between studies. Allied health professionals perceive that their individual research skills are lower in comparison to their teams and organisation. Motivators for conducting research for allied health professionals include developing skills, increasing job satisfaction and career advancement. Barriers include a lack of time, limited research skills and other work roles taking priority. Multilayered strategies, such as collaborations with external partners and developing research leadership positions, aimed at addressing barriers and enablers, are important to enhance allied health research culture and capacity.

  16. Theatre of Presence - Antero Alli's Paratheatrical ReSearch Lab

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Isar, Nicoletta

    Nicoletta Isar: Theatre of Presence - Antero Alli's Paratheatrical ReSearch Lab "When the ritual of theatre has died it's time to return to the vital sources underlying the creation of culture itself and, with the stealth of devoted ninjas, start inciting a series of benevolent attacks to expose...... the oppression, decadence and corruption that has crucified and buried the poetic Imagination" (Antero Alli) This paper will try to unveil one of Antero Alli's paratheatrical experiments in overcoming the death of ritual in theatre. Orphans of Delirium is an intense, living ritual experience, "fluid" in its...

  17. Influencers of career choice among allied health students. (United States)

    Brown-West, A P


    This study focused on the factors that influence students' choice of an allied health profession. A survey of 153 students in three allied health programs at the University of Connecticut revealed that "the need to help others," "prestige," "professional autonomy," "opportunities for advancement," "income potential," and "the effect of the specialty on family and personal life," were the major influencers of career choice among allied health students. Only a few students regarded malpractice suits and AIDS as negative influencers. While medical laboratory science majors regarded these as important factors, dietetics and physical therapy majors did not. The article suggests further use of these findings by program directors and career counselors.

  18. Amicus Curiae Brief for the United States Supreme Court on Mental Health Issues Associated with "Physician-Assisted Suicide" (United States)

    Werth, James L., Jr.; Gordon, Judith R.


    After providing background material related to the Supreme Court cases on "physician-assisted suicide" (Washington v. Glucksberg, 1997, and Vacco v. Quill, 1997), this article presents the amicus curiae brief that was submitted to the United States Supreme Court by 2 national mental health organizations, a state psychological association, and an…

  19. The Unspoken Consequence of Command, Control Communications Technology: Enhanced Micromanagement by Risk-Averse Commanders

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Carozza, John


    .... However, along with its benefits, this command, control and communications (C3) network includes the dangerous consequence of eroding the autonomy of tactical command through enhanced micromanagement by risk-averse operational commanders...

  20. Allied-General operator training program

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ayers, A.L.; Ebel, P.E.


    All operators at Allied-General Nuclear Services are initially trained in the basic concepts of radiation and radiation protection, they are drilled in the basic technical tools needed for further training, they are instructed in the design and operation of the Barnwell Nuclear Fuel Plant, and they are introduced to the actual operations via operating procedures. This all occurs during the Before-the-Baseline training phase and then the operators move on Beyond-the-Baseline. There they physically learn how to do their job at their own pace using checklists as a guide. All operators are then internally certified. Progression is based on demonstrated ability and those that qualify go on to jobs requiring NRC licenses. Upon internal certification, retraining commences immediately and will continue in its four month, one year, and two year cycles. Current feedback from the various classes that have completed the courses and are now in the retraining program indicates that this combination of initial technical training, on-the-job training, and retraining will produce and maintain effective, safe, and efficient operators

  1. Company Command: The Bottom Line (United States)


    officer to explain how she knows when equipment needs calibration. If she stutters and shifts her feet, your calibration program Tip may be non...Important Command Matters quizzes. Remember the sinking feeling in your stomach when a teacher popped an unannounced quiz on you? Well, your platoon

  2. 10 commandments of smile esthetics. (United States)

    Machado, Andre Wilson


    The search for esthetic treatment has persisted in the routine of dental professionals. Following this trend, dental patients have sought treatment with the primary aim of improving smile esthetics. The aim of this article is to present a protocol to assess patient's smile: The 10 Commandments of smile esthetics.

  3. Gettysburg: A Study in Command (United States)


    Union army commander Major General Meade arrives on the field after midnight and decides to defend his position on Cemetery Ridge. 0600 Meade orders...returning, and I hope the earnest and beautiful appeal made to the country in your proclamation may stir up the virtue of the whole people, and that they

  4. 10 commandments of smile esthetics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andre Wilson Machado


    Full Text Available The search for esthetic treatment has persisted in the routine of dental professionals. Following this trend, dental patients have sought treatment with the primary aim of improving smile esthetics. The aim of this article is to present a protocol to assess patient's smile: The 10 Commandments of smile esthetics.

  5. The Many Faces of Compliance: The Supreme Court's Decision in "Horne v. Flores" (United States)

    Thro, William E.


    At first blush, the Supreme Court's recent decision in "Horne v. Flores" (2009) appears to be about the proper standard for determining when to modify a previous judgment, a topic that would interest only civil procedure geeks. Yet, on closer examination, "Horne" is about giving local and state officials discretion to solve education problems and,…

  6. "Forest Grove School District v. T.A.": The Supreme Court and Unilateral Private Placements (United States)

    Yell, Mitchell L.; Katsiyannis, Antonis; Collins, Terri S.


    On June 22, 2009, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in the case "Forest Grove School District v. T.A." (hereafter "Forest Grove"). In "Forest Grove," the High Court answered the question of whether the parents of students with disabilities are entitled to reimbursement for the costs associated with placing…

  7. The Supreme Court of Mauritius and the Objectives of Punishment in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    reformed enough to be released (von Hirsch and Ashworth, 1998;. Terblanche, 2007; and Schabas 2006). It is worth noting that research has shown that there is no or limited evidence to suggest that deterrent sentences are effective in reducing serious or organised crime (Tonry, 2008). 3. The Supreme Court and objectives ...

  8. Forum: Reconsidering the Supreme Court's "Rodriguez" Decision--Is There a Federal Constitutional Right to Education? (United States)

    Ogletree, Charles J., Jr.; Robinson, Kimberly Jenkins; Lindseth, Alfred A.; Testani, Rocco E.; Peifer, Lee A.


    Does the U.S. Constitution guarantee a right to education? The Supreme Court declared that it does not in "San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez," a 1973 case alleging that disparities in spending levels among Texas school districts violated students' constitutional rights. This issue's forum contains two essays. The first…

  9. The Supreme Court, "Endrew", and the Appropriate Education of Students with Disabilities (United States)

    Turnbull, H. Rutherford; Turnbull, Ann P.; Cooper, David H.


    In this article, we analyze the Supreme Court's decision in "Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District RE-1" (2017), interpreting the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and its provisions creating a right of every student with a disability to have an appropriate education. We compare the "Endrew" decision with…

  10. Media Agendas and Human Rights: The Supreme Court Decision on Abortion. (United States)

    Pollock, John Crothers; And Others


    Examines coverage of the abortion issue prior to, during, and after the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing elective abortion in daily newspapers in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C. Considers the effect on news coverage of local religious composition, income levels, race, and abortion rate. (GW)

  11. "Forest Grove School District v. T.A." Supreme Court Case: Implications for School Psychology Practice (United States)

    Dixon, Shauna G.; Eusebio, Eleazar C.; Turton, William J.; Wright, Peter W. D.; Hale, James B.


    The 2009 "Forest Grove School District v. T.A." United States Supreme Court case could have significant implications for school psychology practice. The Court ruled that the parents of a student with a disability were entitled to private school tuition reimbursement even though T.A. had not been identified with a disability or previously…

  12. Using Conceptual Tensions and Supreme Court Cases to Increase Critical Thinking in Government and Civics Classrooms (United States)

    Magwood, Ayo; Ferraro, Krista Fantin


    Each week, U.S. government classes at the authors' school eagerly organize and participate in moot courts. When they began a search for a Supreme Court case study on substantive due process, they found that the only appropriate brief on the StreetLaw website--a treasure trove of student-accessible court case summaries--"Lawrence v.…

  13. No one 'owns' the genome: The United States Supreme Court rules ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In a decision that looks set to shape the future, the United States Supreme Court recently ruled that isolated human DNA cannot be patented. It is argued that this decision will have a potentially serious negative impact on future biotechnological innovation and discovery, and that the more expansive European approach to ...

  14. Two Important Supreme Court Decisions Extending Gay Rights and Their Significance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ashbee, Edward


    The US Supreme Court has often and rightly been described as the most powerful court in the world. This is because its rulings have such breadth that they can reshape US society and politics. The cout's June 2013 rulings provided further reminders of this. Two related rulings extended gay rights....

  15. Freeing France: The Allies, the Resistance, and the JEDBURGHs

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Jones, Benjamin F


    .... The study below examines the Allied politics, the nature and the development of the French Resistance, and the actions of the German forces in France to evaluate how useful the deployment of 93...

  16. A scoping review of Australian allied health research in ehealth


    Iacono, Teresa; Stagg, Kellie; Pearce, Natalie; Hulme Chambers, Alana


    Background Uptake of e-health, the use of information communication technologies (ICT) for health service delivery, in allied health appears to be lagging behind other health care areas, despite offering the potential to address problems with service access by rural and remote Australians. The aim of the study was to conduct a scoping review of studies into the application of or attitudes towards ehealth amongst allied health professionals conducted in Australia. Methods Studies meeting inclu...

  17. Ready...Set... Command! Rethinking Training for Squadron Commanders (United States)


    commanders must develop methods and processes to leverage the innovative thinking of all personnel, regardless of rank or position . “The...those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the US government, the Department of Defense, or Air University. In...maintenance officer and has served in numerous positions maintaining C-141B, HC-130P, F-15C/E, E-3B, F-22A, and B-1 aircraft. He served as a

  18. Exploration of an allied health workforce redesign model: quantifying the work of allied health assistants in a community workforce. (United States)

    Somerville, Lisa; Davis, Annette; Milne, Sarah; Terrill, Desiree; Philip, Kathleen


    The Victorian Assistant Workforce Model (VAWM) enables a systematic approach for the identification and quantification of work that can be delegated from allied health professionals (AHPs) to allied health assistants (AHAs). The aim of the present study was to explore the effect of implementation of VAWM in the community and ambulatory health care setting. Data captured using mixed methods from allied health professionals working across the participating health services enabled the measurement of opportunity for workforce redesign in the community and ambulatory allied health workforce. A total of 1112 AHPs and 135 AHAs from the 27 participating organisations took part in the present study. AHPs identified that 24% of their time was spent undertaking tasks that could safely be delegated to an appropriately qualified and supervised AHA. This equates to 6837h that could be redirected to advanced and expanded AHP practice roles or expanded patient-centred service models. The VAWM demonstrates potential for more efficient implementation of assistant workforce roles across allied health. Data outputs from implementation of the VAWM are vital in informing strategic planning and sustainability of workforce change. A more efficient and effective workforce promotes service delivery by the right person, in the right place, at the right time. What is known about this topic? There are currently workforce shortages that are predicted to grow across the allied health workforce. Ensuring that skill mix is optimal is one way to address these shortages. Matching the right task to right worker will also enable improved job satisfaction for both allied health assistants and allied health professionals. Workforce redesign efforts are more effective when there is strong data to support the redesign. What does this paper add? This paper builds on a previous paper by Somerville et al. with a case study applying the workforce redesign model to a community and ambulatory health care

  19. On Preparing for Squadron Command (United States)


    Management Control System (AINCS) Briefing 19, Records Management Briefing 20. PCS Funding e.nd PCS Policy Changes Briefing 21. Channels for Assignment...Parsonnel (Dr) S.1 A3signment Policy Changes 2. Civilian Performance Appraisals and Awards 3, Enllisted Retention and Recruitment Programs 4, Family...3. Officer Force Manangement 14. Quality Control (QC) for Enlisted Personnel on Assignment 10. Rated Officer Retention 11. Squadron Commander

  20. Company Command: The Bottom Line (United States)


    PHILOSOPHY-After you publish your command philosophy (your overall modus operandi ), publish your training philosophy. It will estab- lish your guidelines... killer for the soldier and damages unit mo- rale. A good first sergeant will handle PLDC preparation for Vou. 126 Trraii ig Develop, where necessary. serial numbers. Sub-hand receipt all weapons to your unit armorer. En- sure no soldier in your unit can draw a weapon from the arms room unless he

  1. Violence against women and the U.S. Supreme Court: recent challenges and opportunities for advocates and practitioners. (United States)

    Rutkow, Lainie; Vernick, Jon S; Webster, Daniel W; Lennig, Dorothy J


    The U.S. Supreme Court has frequently grappled with violence against women, with three major cases decided since 2000. Although the law can be a powerful tool to minimize the risk of violence against women, it can also be an obstacle to interventions. As legislators, prosecutors, and advocates implement legal interventions to respond to violence against women, the Supreme Court has increasingly been called on to interpret these laws and assess their constitutionality. This legal note examines recent Supreme Court jurisprudence that addresses interventions to prevent violence against women and explain how practitioners can tailor interventions to respond to these decisions.

  2. Windows Command Line Administration Instant Reference

    CERN Document Server

    Mueller, John Paul


    The perfect companion to any book on Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7, and the quickest way to access critical information. Focusing just on the essentials of command-line interface (CLI), Windows Command-Line Administration Instant Reference easily shows how to quickly perform day-to-day tasks of Windows administration without ever touching the graphical user interface (GUI). Specifically designed for busy administrators, Windows Command-Line Administration Instant Reference replaces many tedious GUI steps with just one command at the command-line, while concise, easy to access answers provid

  3. A design proposal of a certain missile tactical command system based on Beidou satellite communication and GPS positioning techniques (United States)

    Ma, Jian; Hao, Yongsheng; Miao, Jian; Zhang, Jianmao


    This paper introduced a design proposal of tactical command system that applied to a kind of anti-tank missile carriers. The tactical command system was made up of embedded computer system based on PC104 bus, Linux operating system, digital military map, Beidou satellite communication equipments and GPS positioning equipments. The geographic coordinates was measured by the GPS receiver, the positioning data, commands and information were transmitted real-time between tactical command systems, tactical command systems and command center, by the Beidou satellite communication systems. The Beidou satellite communication equipments and GPS positioning equipments were integrated to an independent module, exchanging data with embedded computer through RS232 serial ports and USB ports. The decision support system software based on information fusion, calculates positioning data, geography information and battle field information synthetically, shows the position of allies and the position of enemy on the military map, and assesses the various threats of different enemy objects, educes a situation assessment and threat assessment.

  4. Research culture in a regional allied health setting. (United States)

    Borkowski, Donna; McKinstry, Carol; Cotchett, Matthew


    Research evidence is required to guide best practice, inform policy and improve the health of communities. Current indicators consider allied health research culture to be low. This study aimed to measure the allied health research culture and capacity in a Victorian regional health service. The Research Capacity and Culture tool was used to evaluate research capacity and culture across individual, team and organisation domains. One-way ANOVA was used to determine differences between allied health professions, whereas responses to open-ended questions were themed using open coding. One hundred thirty-six allied health professionals completed the survey. There were statistically significant differences in the organisation domain between social work, physiotherapy and occupational therapy professions; in the team domain, between social work and all other professions. Motivators for conducting research included providing a high-quality service, developing skills and increasing job satisfaction. Barriers included other work roles taking priority, a lack of time and limited research skills. Multi-layered strategies including establishing conjoint research positions are recommended to increase allied health research culture in this regional area.

  5. Public mood in day of the first elections in the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR


    Salogubov, Dmitriy Yurevich


    On the basis of archival materials of Department of popularization and propaganda of Tambov region committee of The All-Union communist party (Bolsheviks) the public mood in the election day in the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR of the first convocation (June, 26th, 1937) is investigated in the article. The public mood is considered as the indicator of the relation of the population to the power: the concrete facts of positive and negative attitude of different levels of popul...

  6. Runtuhnya Institusi Mahkamah Agung (The Indonesian Supreme Court: A Study of Institutional Collapse

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anugerah Rizki Akbari


    Full Text Available Since the fall of Indonesian president Soeharto, a major focus of the reformers has been the corrupt and inefficient judicial system. Within the context of a history of the Supreme Court in post-independence Indonesia, Sebastiaan Pompe analyzes the cause of the judiciary’s failure over the past decades. This book provides an essential background for those seeking to understand why legal reform has been so slow and frustrating in the post-1998 period.

  7. [Chakrabarty today: 30 years after the United States Supreme Court Resolution]. (United States)

    Bergel, Salvador Darío


    The decision of the United States Supreme Court in the Chakrabarty case marked the beginning of a far reaching process, the development of which considerably extended the field of patentabiltiy of humans, their body parts and genetic information. The author believes that a period of three decades is sufficient to draw conclusions. A critical point has been reached from a debatable decision, which had more economic support than legal, which requires serious recapitulation of the scope and the purpose of industrial property rights.

  8. Is the United States Supreme Court an Undemocratic Institution? An Outsider’s Perspective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Łukasz Machaj


    Full Text Available The United States Supreme Court has often been accused of engaging in judicial activism, of subverting legislatures’ will and of undermining the basic principles of the democratic system. This article maintains that such charges are generally unfounded. The author claims that the Supreme Court’s detractors ignore five fundamental issues. First, they misunderstand the very nature and basic rules of a constitutional democracy. Second, they tend to ignore the role played by constitutions in general and the American Constitution in particular in social reality, effectively forgetting the reasons for the latter’s hallowed place in the United States national psyche. Third, they ignore the presence of political factors (and even partisan calculations in the process of appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court. Fourth, they misconceive the realities of the process of legal reasoning and of constitutional interpretation. Fifth, they underestimate or even fail to recognize the influence of public opinion on the basic trends of judicial decision-making.

  9. Innovation, informed consent, health research and the Supreme Court: Montgomery v Lanarkshire - a brave new world? (United States)

    Mchale, Jean V


    The Supreme Court decision in Montgomery v Lanarkshire ([2015] UKSC11) has been hailed as a landmark not least because the Court enshrines the doctrine of informed consent formally into English law for the first time in relation to medical treatment. This paper explores the decision in Montgomery. It examines what its implications may be in the future for the consent process in relation to health research and innovative treatment and whether it may prove a watershed moment leading to changing dialogues and expectations in relation to consent. First, the paper explores the concept of 'informed consent' in clinical research as seen through international, Council of Europe and EU instruments. Second, it considers how English law currently governs the provision of information to research participants in the context of clinical research. It questions whether such an approach will be sustainable in the future. Third, it discusses the decision of the UK Supreme Court in Montgomery v Lanarkshire and asks what might be the impact of this Supreme Court decision in the health research context. It asks whether Montgomery may result in new approaches to consent in health research and innovative treatment.

  10. How judges think in the Brazilian Supreme Court: Estimating ideal points and identifying dimensions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro Fernando Almeida Nery Ferreira


    Full Text Available We use NOMINATE (Nominal Three Step Estimation (Poole and Rosenthal, 1983, 1997 to estimate ideal points for all Supreme Court Justices in Brazil from 2002 to 2012. Based on these estimated preferences we identify the nature of the two main dimensions along which disagreements tend to occur in this Court. These estimates correctly predict over 95% of the votes on constitutional review cases in each of the compositions of the Court which we analyze. The main contribution of the paper is to identify that the main dimension along which preferences align in the Brazilian Supreme Court is for and against the economic interest of the Executive. This is significantly different than the conservative-liberal polarization of the US Supreme Court. Our estimates show that along this dimension the composition of the Court has been clearly favorable to the Executive's economic interests, providing the setting in which the dramatic transformation in institutions and policies that the country has undergone in last two decades could take place.

  11. Medication Abortion Through Telemedicine: Implications of a Ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court. (United States)

    Yang, Y Tony; Kozhimannil, Katy B


    In summer 2015, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously struck down a restriction that would have prevented physicians from administering a medication abortion remotely through video teleconferencing. In its ruling, the Iowa Supreme Court stated that the restriction would have placed an undue burden on a woman's right to access abortion services. It is crucially important for clinicians--especially primary care clinicians, obstetrician-gynecologists (ob-gyns), and all health care providers of telemedicine services--to understand the implications of this recent ruling, especially in rural settings. The Court's decision has potential ramifications across the country, for both women's access to abortion and the field of telemedicine. Today telemedicine abortion is available only in Iowa and Minnesota; 18 states have adopted bans on it. If telemedicine abortions are indeed being unconstitutionally restricted as the Iowa Supreme Court determined, court decisions reversing these bans could improve access to abortion services for the 21 million reproductive-age women living in these 18 states, which have a limited supply of ob-gyns, mostly concentrated in urban, metropolitan areas. Beyond the potential effects on abortion access, we argue that the Court's decision also has broader implications for telemedicine, by limiting the role of state boards of medicine regarding the restriction of politically controversial medical services when provided through telemedicine. The interplay between telemedicine policy, abortion politics, and the science of medicine is at the heart of the Court's decision and has meaning beyond Iowa's borders for reproductive-age women across the United States.

  12. 10 commandments of smile esthetics


    Machado, Andre Wilson


    The search for esthetic treatment has persisted in the routine of dental professionals. Following this trend, dental patients have sought treatment with the primary aim of improving smile esthetics. The aim of this article is to present a protocol to assess patient's smile: The 10 Commandments of smile esthetics. Pacientes em busca de tratamentos estéticos são uma constante na rotina de todos os profissionais que oferecem este tipo de serviço. Seguindo esta tendência, os pacientes odontoló...

  13. The Command of the Air, (United States)


    moving bodies of forces, it offered a wide field for tactical and strategic moves; but as the masses engaged grew larger, the playground diminished in...completely prevent enemy traffic, defending ?itself and its own traffic from the submarine menace. Nowadays the command of the sea is to be understood only as...the winds of war. A man who is fighting a life-and-death fight-as all wars are nowadays -has the right to use any means to keep his life. War means

  14. AlliedSignal solid oxide fuel cell technology

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Minh, N.; Barr, K.; Kelly, P.; Montgomery, K. [AlliedSignal Aerospace Equipment Systems, Torrance, CA (United States)


    AlliedSignal has been developing high-performance, lightweight solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology for a broad spectrum of electric power generation applications. This technology is well suited for use in a variety of power systems, ranging from commercial cogeneration to military mobile power sources. The AlliedSignal SOFC is based on stacking high-performance thin-electrolyte cells with lightweight metallic interconnect assemblies to form a compact structure. The fuel cell can be operated at reduced temperatures (600{degrees} to 800{degrees}C). SOFC stacks based on this design has the potential of producing 1 kW/kg and 1 ML. This paper summarizes the technical status of the design, manufacture, and operation of AlliedSignal SOFCs.

  15. Assisting allied health in performance evaluation: a systematic review. (United States)

    Lizarondo, Lucylynn; Grimmer, Karen; Kumar, Saravana


    Performance evaluation raises several challenges to allied health practitioners and there is no agreed approach to measuring or monitoring allied health service performance. The aim of this review was to examine the literature on performance evaluation in healthcare to assist in the establishment of a framework that can guide the measurement and evaluation of allied health clinical service performance. This review determined the core elements of a performance evaluation system, tools for evaluating performance, and barriers to the implementation of performance evaluation. A systematic review of the literature was undertaken. Five electronic databases were used to search for relevant articles: MEDLINE, Embase, CINAHL, PsychInfo, and Academic Search Premier. Articles which focussed on any allied health performance evaluation or those which examined performance in health care in general were considered in the review. Content analysis was used to synthesise the findings from individual articles. A total of 37 articles were included in the review. The literature suggests there are core elements involved in performance evaluation which include prioritising clinical areas for measurement, setting goals, selecting performance measures, identifying sources of feedback, undertaking performance measurement, and reporting the results to relevant stakeholders. The literature describes performance evaluation as multi-dimensional, requiring information or data from more than one perspective to provide a rich assessment of performance. A range of tools or instruments are available to capture various perspectives and gather a comprehensive picture of health care quality. Every allied health care delivery system has different performance needs and will therefore require different approaches. However, there are core processes that can be used as a framework to evaluate allied health performance. A careful examination of barriers to performance evaluation and subsequent tailoring of

  16. DolphinAtack: Inaudible Voice Commands


    Zhang, Guoming; Yan, Chen; Ji, Xiaoyu; Zhang, Taimin; Zhang, Tianchen; Xu, Wenyuan


    Speech recognition (SR) systems such as Siri or Google Now have become an increasingly popular human-computer interaction method, and have turned various systems into voice controllable systems(VCS). Prior work on attacking VCS shows that the hidden voice commands that are incomprehensible to people can control the systems. Hidden voice commands, though hidden, are nonetheless audible. In this work, we design a completely inaudible attack, DolphinAttack, that modulates voice commands on ultra...

  17. Command and Control for Homeland Security

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Greene, Marjorie


    ... Analysis of the Toronto SARS Outbreak, Vertical Integration, Vertical Integration in a Military Command Hierarchy, Information flows for a domestic incident, C2 for Homeland Security will benefit...

  18. Structured multi-stream command language

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Glad, A.S.


    A multi-stream command language was implemented to provide the sequential and decision-making operations necessary to run the neutral-beam ion sources connected to the Doublet III tokamak fusion device. A multi-stream command language was implemented in Pascal on a Classic 7870 running under MAX IV. The purpose of this paper is threefold. First, to provide a brief description of the programs comprising the command language including the operating system interaction. Second, to give a description of the language syntax and commands necessary to develop a procedure stream. Third, to provide a description of the normal operating procedures for executing either the sequential or interactive streams

  19. Blossom Point Satellite Tracking and Command Station (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — FUNCTION: The Blossom Point Satellite Command and Tracking Facility (BP) provides engineering and operational support to several complex space systems for the Navy...

  20. International Allied Health Education and Cross-Cultural Perspectives. (United States)

    Shah, Makhdoom A.; Robinson, Thomas C.; Al Enezi, Naser


    Three issues in global relations should be addressed in international education: societal and academic interdependence, global-centric perspectives, and cultural respect. A model for international allied health education exchange includes the following aspects of both advisors and advisees: history, politics, economics, sociocultural environment,…

  1. Processes in widening access to undergraduate allied health ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The purpose of this manuscript is to describe the processes followed in initiating and managing widening access to allied health sciences education at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. In response to national higher education policy imperatives in South Africa and in anticipation of the first cohort of Outcome Based ...

  2. Advice to White Allies: Insights from Faculty of Color (United States)

    Boutte, Gloria S.; Jackson, Tambra O.


    This article interweaves discussions of successes and tensions surrounding cross-racial collaborative social justice efforts in teacher education. It addresses frustrations that often occur for faculty of Color when working with White allies in P-12 settings and schools of education at Predominantly White Institutions. Advice is offered with the…

  3. inventory management in delta allied wire industries limited asaba

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dr Obe

    Optimum management of inventory in the Delta – Allied Wire Industries Limited was studied in this research. The information needed was obtained through questionnaire and interviews of key staff of the company. Data collated were recorded for the operational 5 years period (1997 – 2001) under review and customers' ...

  4. Inventory Management in Delta Allied Wire Industries Limited Asaba ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A good inventory system reduces production cost and consequently increases profit. Optimum management of inventory in the Delta – Allied Wire Industries Limited was studied in this research. The information needed was obtained through questionnaire and interviews of key staff of the company. Data collated were ...

  5. The availability of allied health care in Dutch nursing homes.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boer, M.E. de; Leemrijse, C.J.; Ende, C.H.M. van den; Ribbe, M.W.; Dekker, J.


    Purpose. To determine the availability of allied health care in nursing homes in the Netherlands, and its dependency on characteristics of the nursing home. Methods. Structured surveys by telephone were carried out in a sample of 100 from a country total of 286 somatic (for somatic patients only)

  6. Arthritis and allied conditions: a textbook of rheumatology

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Moreland, Larry W; Koopman, William J


    ... are not covered by the above-mentioned copyright. Printed in the USA Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Arthritis and allied conditions : a textbook of rheumatology.-15th ed. / [edited by] William J. Koopman, Larry W. Moreland. p. ; cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-7817-4671-X 1. Arthritis. 2. Rheumatis...

  7. Command and Control Software Development (United States)

    Wallace, Michael


    The future of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) depends on its innovation and efficiency in the coming years. With ambitious goals to reach Mars and explore the vast universe, correct steps must be taken to ensure our space program reaches its destination safely. The interns in the Exploration Systems and Operations Division at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) have been tasked with building command line tools to ease the process of managing and testing the data being produced by the ground control systems while its recording system is not in use. While working alongside full-time engineers, we were able to create multiple programs that reduce the cost and time it takes to test the subsystems that launch rockets to outer space.

  8. Modeling-Based Processing of Al-Li Alloys for Delamination Resistance Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Al-Li alloys are of interest for use in aerospace structures due to the desirable combination of high strength and low density. However, high strength Al-Li alloys...

  9. Examination of E-3 AWACS Readiness Spares Kit Adequacy During Operation Allied Force

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    McCormick, David


    ... readiness spares kits during Operation ALLIED FORCE. Also, FY 1999 summary readiness indicator statistics for the E-3 fleet, at different deployed locations and home station, before, during, and after ALLIED FORCE are presented...

  10. The Battle of Kasserine Pass: An Examination of Allied Operational Failings

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Carr, Vincent


    .... The defeat of the Allied forces in the battle put doubt into the minds of many all of whom assumed the righteous democracies of the western Allies could not be defeated in the field by the armies of Fascism...

  11. Candor in the U.S. Army s Mission Command Philosophy of Command (United States)


    and leader development processes. Further research could also explore the role of the individual Myers - Briggs Type Indicator in an individual’s...Platoon; Captain (CPT) Matthew Myer , Commander of Chosen Company; Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) William Ostlund, Commander of Second Battalion, 503rd...the chain of command for second platoon, and the direct link between the platoon and their company commander, CPT Myer . In a 2011 Vanity Fair article

  12. 32 CFR 536.12 - Commanding General, U.S. Army Medical Command. (United States)


    ... process medical malpractice claims arising at Army medical centers under the Commander's control. In... investigate and process medical malpractice claims and affirmative claims and will be provided with the... 32 National Defense 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Commanding General, U.S. Army Medical Command...

  13. 49 CFR 583.11 - Allied suppliers of passenger motor vehicle equipment. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Allied suppliers of passenger motor vehicle... CONTENT LABELING § 583.11 Allied suppliers of passenger motor vehicle equipment. (a) For each unique type of passenger motor vehicle equipment which an allied supplier supplies to the manufacturer with which...

  14. 78 FR 77597 - Safety Zone; Allied PRA-Solid Works, San Diego Bay; San Diego, CA (United States)


    ... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Allied PRA-Solid Works, San Diego Bay; San... the Allied PRA--Solid Works fireworks display, which will be conducted from a barge located southwest....T11-612 Safety zone; Allied PRA-Solid Works; San Diego, CA. (a) Location. The limits of the safety...

  15. Jurisdiction of courts with a focus on the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mr.Sc. Sabri Halili


    Full Text Available The legal solution offered by the Law establishing the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo is rather challenging for practical implementation. Due to this fact, the decisions of the Special Chamber contain various dilemmas of judges on the jurisdiction of the Chamber on the matters related to natural persons sued by the PAK, which are related to various liabilities of these persons to socially-owned enterprises, namely to the PAK. Since the PAK administers and represents socially owned property in general, it is naturally bound to seek for legal resolutions for all legal contests before a competent court. Naturally, the PAK would seek for such a solution before the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo on PAK-related matters, which is already bound by the title itself, “on PAK-related matters”. Comparisons of remedies by various laws related to subject competence are based on legal literature used in higher education in Kosovo. Analysis of subject competences of regular and special courts is two-fold: the Commercial Court and the Military Court, while the competence of the Special Chamber is only analysed in relation with the Law on Courts, and the Law on the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court, comparing it with the Law on Contested Procedure and the Law on the PAK. The Special Chamber has before and still continues to avoid jurisdiction of this Court, which is sanctioned by Articles 4 and 5 of the Law on the Special Chamber, due to the fact that in cases in which the PAK has sued a natural or legal person, due to debts, occupation of socially owned property, or any other disputed matter, which is directly related to socially owned properties, the Special Chamber proclaims itself incompetent, and transfers the case to regular courts, although the Special Chamber adjudicates “on PAK-related matters”, but in this case only when the PAK is respondent, not when it is claimant.

  16. The Indultados of Tescua: Criminal Rebellion and Judicial Reckoning during the War of the Supremes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joshua M. Rosenthal


    Full Text Available In 1841 the public of Bogota followed the trial of 22 prisoners charged with the crime of rebellion during the War of the Supremes. Captured while serving as officers at the battle of Tescua, the accused claimed they had been forced to serve in the rebel army. This excuse was ignored and 21 of the defendants were sentenced to death, only to be spared by decrees of indulto in the following months. This article examines the logic behind such judicial reckoning, the narrative strategies employed by the accused in their defense, and the meaning of clemency in the early republic.

  17. Taxing the Establishment Clause: —Revolutionary Decision of the Arizona Supreme Court

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kevin G. Welner


    Full Text Available This article explores the nature and implications of a 1999 decision of the Arizona Supreme Court, upholding the constitutionality of a state tax credit statute. The statute offers a $500 tax credit to taxpayers who donate money to non-profit organizations which, in turn, donate the money in grants to students in order to help defray the costs of attending private and parochial schools. The author concludes that the Arizona decision elevates cleverness in devising a statutory scheme above the substance of long-established constitutional doctrine.

  18. The Swiss Federal Supreme Court: A Constitutional Assessment of Control and Management Mechanisms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreas Lienhard


    Full Text Available Even the highest courts are under pressure to perform effectively and efficiently. In some instances, the pressure comes from supervisory and elected authorities, such as parliaments, which demand information regarding judicial output. In Switzerland a decision has been made by the Parliament to apply “steering instruments”, which were introduced as part of general administrative reforms. These procedures also include mechanisms for “controlling” 2 judicial activity. In this article, we examine reforms relating to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court , and the compatibility of those reforms with separation of powers principles.

  19. Supreme Court of India approves government commitments on health care for people living with HIV. (United States)

    Symington, Alison


    In August 2008, the Government of India issued a list of directives with respect to its national response to HIV/AIDS. A panel of the Supreme Court approved the directives on 1 October 2008 and directed that all state governments comply with them. The panel's order also directed that the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) submit a progress report on compliance within four months. As a result, a legally binding framework for healthcare and treatment of people living with HIV now exists for all of India.

  20. 32 CFR 215.7 - Command relationships. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Command relationships. 215.7 Section 215.7 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE (CONTINUED) MISCELLANEOUS EMPLOYMENT OF MILITARY RESOURCES IN THE EVENT OF CIVIL DISTURBANCES § 215.7 Command relationships...

  1. Capturing a Commander's decision making style (United States)

    Santos, Eugene; Nguyen, Hien; Russell, Jacob; Kim, Keumjoo; Veenhuis, Luke; Boparai, Ramnjit; Stautland, Thomas Kristoffer


    A Commander's decision making style represents how he weighs his choices and evaluates possible solutions with regards to his goals. Specifically, in the naval warfare domain, it relates the way he processes a large amount of information in dynamic, uncertain environments, allocates resources, and chooses appropriate actions to pursue. In this paper, we describe an approach to capture a Commander's decision style by creating a cognitive model that captures his decisionmaking process and evaluate this model using a set of scenarios using an online naval warfare simulation game. In this model, we use the Commander's past behaviors and generalize Commander's actions across multiple problems and multiple decision making sequences in order to recommend actions to a Commander in a manner that he may have taken. Our approach builds upon the Double Transition Model to represent the Commander's focus and beliefs to estimate his cognitive state. Each cognitive state reflects a stage in a Commander's decision making process, each action reflects the tasks that he has taken to move himself closer to a final decision, and the reward reflects how close he is to achieving his goal. We then use inverse reinforcement learning to compute a reward for each of the Commander's actions. These rewards and cognitive states are used to compare between different styles of decision making. We construct a set of scenarios in the game where rational, intuitive and spontaneous decision making styles will be evaluated.

  2. XTCE. XML Telemetry and Command Exchange Tutorial (United States)

    Rice, Kevin; Kizzort, Brad; Simon, Jerry


    An XML Telemetry Command Exchange (XTCE) tutoral oriented towards packets or minor frames is shown. The contents include: 1) The Basics; 2) Describing Telemetry; 3) Describing the Telemetry Format; 4) Commanding; 5) Forgotten Elements; 6) Implementing XTCE; and 7) GovSat.

  3. 32 CFR 552.65 - Command supervision. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Command supervision. 552.65 Section 552.65 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY MILITARY RESERVATIONS AND....65 Command supervision. (a) All insurance business conducted on Army installation will be by...

  4. Allies in the Shadows: Why We Need Operational Deception

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Edwards, Rem


    This paper is aimed at convincing the joint task force commander that deception offers distinct advantages to even today's military that relies upon the idea of overwhelming combined arms force to achieve objectives...

  5. Survey article: the legitimacy of Supreme Courts in the context of globalisation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sidney W. Richards


    Full Text Available The objective of this article is to present an overview of the state of the art concerning the legitimacy of Supreme Courts in the context of globalisation. In recent years, there has been much discussion about the observed increase in both the references to foreign decisions in matters of domestic adjudication, as well as the alleged and precipitate rise of ‘transjudicial dialogue’, or formal and informal communication between the domestic courts of various national jurisdictions. A central concern is whether Supreme Courts possess the necessary authority, and thus the legitimacy, to adopt a more ‘internationalist’ disposition. This article will demonstrate how there are various coexisting discourses of legitimacy, each with their own particular features. These various discourses are not always compatible or easily commensurable. It will argue, moreover, that the basic dilemma regarding judicial legitimacy in a globalised world is a species of a more general problem of globalisation studies, namely how to reconcile a conceptual vernacular which is permeated by domestic, state-centric notions with a political reality which is increasingly non-national in its outlook.

  6. The Negative Theology of Wallace Stevens’s “Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    William Franke


    Full Text Available The supreme fiction is the one that cannot be said or represented at all. Like a negative theologian; Stevens starts from a position of critical reflection that can no longer naively believe in the myths of the gods. They have become fiction rather than revelation. And yet this supreme fiction; now become nameless; nevertheless animates all his desire: “For what; except for you; do I feel love?” These myths or fictions bring him peace of mind in vivid transparence; even though he can assign them no definite reference in reality. What becomes transparent in this late age of critical reflection is that the world we see and talk about is an “invented world,” the product of our own imagination and language. This destroys our naive belief in the myths projected by our language. Our gods die. Yet precisely this realization can open us to that “heaven/That has expelled us and our images,” the heaven that we do not perceive and cannot conceive—since it is beyond the reach of language.

  7. Unilateral Hypoglossal Nerve Palsy after Use of the Laryngeal Mask Airway Supreme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kenichi Takahoko


    Full Text Available Purpose. Hypoglossal nerve palsy after use of the laryngeal mask airway (LMA is an exceptionally rare complication. We present the first case of unilateral hypoglossal nerve palsy after use of the LMA Supreme. Clinical Features. A healthy 67-year-old female was scheduled for a hallux valgus correction under general anesthesia combined with femoral and sciatic nerve blocks. A size 4 LMA Supreme was inserted successfully at the first attempt and the cuff was inflated with air at an intracuff pressure of 60 cmH2O using cuff pressure gauge. Anesthesia was maintained with oxygen, nitrous oxide (67%, and sevoflurane under spontaneous breathing. The surgery was uneventful and the duration of anesthesia was two hours. The LMA was removed as the patient woke and there were no immediate postoperative complications. The next morning, the patient complained of dysarthria and dysphasia. These symptoms were considered to be caused by the LMA compressing the nerve against the hyoid bone. Conservative treatment was chosen and the paralysis recovered completely after 5 months. Conclusion. Hypoglossal nerve injury may occur despite correct positioning of the LMA under the appropriate intracuff pressure. A follow-up period of at least 6 months should be taken into account for the recovery.

  8. The next generation of command post computing (United States)

    Arnold, Ross D.; Lieb, Aaron J.; Samuel, Jason M.; Burger, Mitchell A.


    The future of command post computing demands an innovative new solution to address a variety of challenging operational needs. The Command Post of the Future is the Army's primary command and control decision support system, providing situational awareness and collaborative tools for tactical decision making, planning, and execution management from Corps to Company level. However, as the U.S. Army moves towards a lightweight, fully networked battalion, disconnected operations, thin client architecture and mobile computing become increasingly essential. The Command Post of the Future is not designed to support these challenges in the coming decade. Therefore, research into a hybrid blend of technologies is in progress to address these issues. This research focuses on a new command and control system utilizing the rich collaboration framework afforded by Command Post of the Future coupled with a new user interface consisting of a variety of innovative workspace designs. This new system is called Tactical Applications. This paper details a brief history of command post computing, presents the challenges facing the modern Army, and explores the concepts under consideration for Tactical Applications that meet these challenges in a variety of innovative ways.

  9. Report on Allied Contributions to the Common Defense (United States)


    KORFA facilities, for example, the market value of Ba, anNATO ,-,o fdefm-,p d eit.. ,,•smp, German real estate made available to the allies CHART 11-5 was...crept downward, 97 1 falling from 3.5 percent in 1982 to 2.9 Bawd anNATO tam ori .Wespenia. percent in 1990. By comparison, the U.S. GDP percentage fell

  10. ASC Addresses Unit Commanders' Concerns through LBE and Reset Programs

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Young, Mark E


    .... Army Sustainment Command (ASC), part of the U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) team, is available to assist, identify, and resolve equipment and maintenance problems as well as materiel readiness issues for combatant commanders...

  11. LP MOON UPLINK COMMAND V1.0 (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The command file data set contains a record of all commands sent to the Lunar Prospector spacecraft. The command files document any changes in spacecraft and science...

  12. Ferns and fern allies of District Shopian, Kashmir Valley, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Abstract. Mir SA, Mishra AK, Pala SA, Reshi ZA, Sharma MP. Ferns and fern allies of District Shopian, Kashmir Valley, India Biodiversitas 16: 27-43. Shopian, recently created hilly district of Kashmir valley, Jammu and Kashmir is surrounded by the lofty mountains of Pir-Panjal range. More than half area of district is occupied by different forests, subalpine, alpine and mountainous zones. Great altitudinal variation, adequate rainfall, high forest cover, large number of streams, springs and topographic variations render the district worthy for supporting rich fern flora. Therefore, the current study was aimed to undertake in-depth systematic survey of different habitats of Shopian for the collection of diversity of pteridophytes. Specimens were collected during 2010, 2011 and 2012 growing seasons from June to November. A total 81 species of ferns and fern allies belonging 27 genera and 11 families were reported. The dominant families of the region are Dryopteridaceae (25 species followed by Woodsiaceae (16 species, Aspleniaceae (13 species and Pteridaceae (12 species. Similarly, the dominant genera collected from here are Dryopteris (14 species, Asplenium (13, Polystichum (11 species and Athyrium (6 species. A list of the fern and fern allies, along with update nomenclature, their selected Synonym, diagnostic features, distributional and ecological notes have been provided here.

  13. Student criminal background checks in colleges of allied health. (United States)

    Wyatt, Diane; Aziz, Hassan; Mahoney, Sherry; Gilman, Frances H


    The demand that criminal background checks be performed for students in allied health schools and programs has soared in recent years. The need for criminal background checks on students entering the health care professions has emerged as a critical issue largely due to requirements by clinical affiliate training sites. The Joint Commission published a standard stating, "for staff, students and volunteers who work in the same capacity as staff who provide care, treatment, and services, at Elements of Performance 5 states criminal background checks are verified when required by law and regulation and organization policy." More simply stated, this means that criminal background check records must be verifiable if required by some authoritative entity such as state law. However, whether by misinterpretation of the standard or through conscious decision by organization policy makers, many health care organizations suddenly began to require criminal background checks as part of their affiliation agreements with health related schools or programs. The focus of this study was to identify current practices of allied health institutions regarding their conduct of criminal background checks on students entering the allied health professions.

  14. Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible

    CERN Document Server

    Blum, Richard


    The authoritative guide to Linux command line and shell scripting?completely updated and revised [it's not a guide to Linux as a whole ? just to scripting] The Linux command line allows you to type specific Linux commands directly to the system so that you can easily manipulate files and query system resources, thereby permitting you to automate commonly used functions and even schedule those programs to run automatically. This new edition is packed with new and revised content, reflecting the many changes to new Linux versions, including coverage of alternative shells to the default bash shel

  15. Literature review on medical incident command. (United States)

    Rimstad, Rune; Braut, Geir Sverre


    It is not known what constitutes the optimal emergency management system, nor is there a consensus on how effectiveness and efficiency in emergency response should be measured or evaluated. Literature on the role and tasks of commanders in the prehospital emergency services in the setting of mass-casualty incidents has not been summarized and published. This comprehensive literature review addresses some of the needs for future research in emergency management through three research questions: (1) What are the basic assumptions underlying incident command systems (ICSs)? (2) What are the tasks of ambulance and medical commanders in the field? And (3) How can field commanders' performances be measured and assessed? A systematic literature search in MEDLINE, PubMed, PsycINFO, Embase, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, Cochrane Library, ISI Web of Science, Scopus, International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center, Current Controlled Trials, and PROSPERO covering January 1, 1990 through March 1, 2014 was conducted. Reference lists of included literature were hand searched. Included papers were analyzed using Framework synthesis. The literature search identified 6,049 unique records, of which, 76 articles and books where included in qualitative synthesis. Most ICSs are described commonly as hierarchical, bureaucratic, and based on military principles. These assumptions are contested strongly, as is the applicability of such systems. Linking of the chains of command in cooperating agencies is a basic difficulty. Incident command systems are flexible in the sense that the organization may be expanded as needed. Commanders may command by direction, by planning, or by influence. Commanders' tasks may be summarized as: conducting scene assessment, developing an action plan, distributing resources, monitoring operations, and making decisions. There is considerable variation between authors in nomenclature and what tasks are included or highlighted

  16. The Linux command line a complete introduction

    CERN Document Server

    Shotts, William E


    You've experienced the shiny, point-and-click surface of your Linux computer—now dive below and explore its depths with the power of the command line. The Linux Command Line takes you from your very first terminal keystrokes to writing full programs in Bash, the most popular Linux shell. Along the way you'll learn the timeless skills handed down by generations of gray-bearded, mouse-shunning gurus: file navigation, environment configuration, command chaining, pattern matching with regular expressions, and more.

  17. The impact of the Supreme Court judgment in Cheshire West v P on the human rights of vulnerable patients. (United States)

    Griffith, Richard


    The UK Supreme Court's judgment in Cheshire West and Chester Council v P [2014] has had a huge impact on the promotion of human rights of vulnerable patients. The ruling emphasises the positive duty on the state and its organisations, such as the NHS, to have in place procedures that independently confirm that the human rights of those vulnerable patients are being applied in the same way as any other human being. This article discusses the background and basis for the Supreme Court's decision in Cheshire West and its impact on vulnerable patients.

  18. Allied health research positions: a qualitative evaluation of their impact. (United States)

    Wenke, Rachel J; Ward, Elizabeth C; Hickman, Ingrid; Hulcombe, Julie; Phillips, Rachel; Mickan, Sharon


    Research positions embedded within healthcare settings have been identified as an enabler to allied health professional (AHP) research capacity; however, there is currently limited research formally evaluating their impact. In 2008, a Health Practitioner industrial agreement funded a research capacity building initiative within Queensland Health, Australia, which included 15 new allied health research positions. The present project used a qualitative and realist approach to explore the impact of these research positions, as well as the mechanisms which facilitated or hindered their success within their respective organisations. Forty-four AHP employees from six governmental health services in Queensland, Australia, participated in the study. Individual interviews were undertaken, with individuals in research positions (n = 8) and their reporting line managers (n = 8). Four stakeholder focus groups were also conducted with clinicians, team leaders and professional heads who had engaged with the research positions. Nine key outcomes of the research positions were identified across individual, team/service and organisational/community levels. These outcomes included clinician skill development, increased research activity, clinical and service changes, increased research outputs and collaborations, enhanced research and workplace culture, improved profile of allied health, development of research infrastructure, and professional development of individuals in the research positions. Different mechanisms that influenced these outcomes were identified. These mechanisms were grouped by those related to the (1) research position itself, (2) organisational factors and (3) implementation factors. The present findings highlight the potential value of the research positions for individuals, teams and clinical services across different governmental healthcare services, and demonstrate the impact of the roles on building the internal and external profile of allied health

  19. Command and Control of Private Security Contractors: Are They a Viable Force Option for the Combatant Commander?

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sherard, Scott H


    If a Combatant Commander (CCDR) or Joint Force Commander (JFC) were to take command of the approximately 25,000 security contractors in Iraq, a force of such size and capability would prove to be a valuable operational asset...

  20. The Worried Well: Strategies for Installation Commanders

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Pilch, Fran


    The question concerning the most effective strategies that should be employed by base commanders to mitigate problems involving the worried well in the event of a biological weapons attack is important and critical...

  1. Spacecraft command and control using expert systems (United States)

    Norcross, Scott; Grieser, William H.


    This paper describes a product called the Intelligent Mission Toolkit (IMT), which was created to meet the changing demands of the spacecraft command and control market. IMT is a command and control system built upon an expert system. Its primary functions are to send commands to the spacecraft and process telemetry data received from the spacecraft. It also controls the ground equipment used to support the system, such as encryption gear, and telemetry front-end equipment. Add-on modules allow IMT to control antennas and antenna interface equipment. The design philosophy for IMT is to utilize available commercial products wherever possible. IMT utilizes Gensym's G2 Real-time Expert System as the core of the system. G2 is responsible for overall system control, spacecraft commanding control, and spacecraft telemetry analysis and display. Other commercial products incorporated into IMT include the SYBASE relational database management system and Loral Test and Integration Systems' System 500 for telemetry front-end processing.

  2. An Operational Commander's Guide to the Media

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    McCartney, Michael


    ... of the embedded reporter . The Operational Commander is wise to review media relations and the successes and pitfalls of past conflicts, and to examine closely the results of Operation Iraqi Freedom so as to...

  3. Introduction to the Bash Command Line

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ian Milligan


    Full Text Available This lesson uses a Unix shell, which is a command-line interpreter that provides a user interface for the Unix operating system and for Unix-like systems. This lesson will cover a small number of basic commands. By the end of this tutorial you will be able to navigate through your file system and find files, open them, perform basic data manipulation tasks such as combining and copying files, as well as both reading them and making relatively simple edits. These commands constitute the building blocks upon which more complex commands can be constructed to fit your research data or project. Readers wanting a reference guide that goes beyond this lesson are recommended to read Deborah S. Ray and Eric J. Ray, Unix and Linux: Visual Quickstart Guide, 4th edition (2009.

  4. Focused Logistics: Time for Functional Command

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Mintzlaff, Jeffrey G


    .... Military's distribution system -- the parts of the Department of Defense (DoD) that manage and execute the storage and movement of supplies to military customers -- consists of multiple entities and agencies made up of separate Services and commands...

  5. Basic interrupt and command structures and applications

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Davies, R.C.


    Interrupt and command structures of a real-time system are described through specific examples. References to applications of a real-time system and programing development references are supplied. (auth)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rerisson Cavalcante de Araújo


    Full Text Available In this paper, I analyze negative scope ambiguity in sentences with cause, temporal and purpose adjuncts, in which negation can take scope either over the predicate or over the adjunct. I discuss Huang (1982, Takubo (1985 and Johnston’s (1994 analyses, which propose that the ambiguity is derived from different c-command relations between negation and adjunct, due to an optionality of adjunction to VP or IP. Against this view, I show a set of facts which are problematic for any analysis based only in c-command, i.e., several syntactic contexts where negation should c-command the adjunct, but where the ambiguity surprisingly still holds. Based on this, I argue that c-command is a necessary, but not sufficient condition to establish negative scope. And I suggest that the availability of predicate negation and adjunct negation results from an optionality of the operation of Labeling in adjunction, according Hornstein and Nunes (2008.

  7. Abortion foes get turn to ask Supreme Court for constitutional protection. (United States)

    Denniston, L


    The US Supreme Court began hearing arguments on the constitutionality of a Florida judge's order which placed limits on anti-abortion protesting. This case will be the last abortion--related decision for Justice Harry A. Blackmun, who was the author of the original decision granting the right to abortion in Roe vs. Wade, before retiring from the Court in September 1994. Anti-abortion activists claim 1st Amendment protection, much the same as Dr. Martin Luther King's marches in advancing Blacks' civil rights. The case involved a Melbourne abortion clinic. The murder of Dr. Gunn outside an abortion clinic in Pensacola, Florida, will be used to support the need for protection from extremist violence. The conflict appears to be over the right to save women's right to abortion and over simple, peaceful protests and prayers against abortion. One anti-abortion foe, affiliated with Operational Rescue and initiating the appeal to the Supreme Court, is scheduled to testify before the Court: Judy Madsen, a protester who has counseled outside clinics. Ms. Madsen says she is exercising her freedom to protect human life. Other testimony will come from Reverend Ed Martin of Ocala, Rescue America's founder, and Shirley Hobbs, a homemaker from Orlando. Representation will be made by lawyer Matthew Staver, who will argue that the ruling was directed to a political position. Other support will come from religious and anti-abortion groups and the AFL-CIO. Testifying for the clinic, the Aware Women's Center for Choice, will be the owner and operator Patricia Baird Windle. Over the past 5 years, the Melbourne Clinic had been a target for the nationwide anti-abortion campaign by Operation Rescue. Because of the conflicting rulings between the Florida Supreme Court, which ruled to keep protesters away from clinic grounds and staff homes, and 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruling of unconstitutionality, no protection is afforded the clinic. Previous protection had occurred due to a 1992

  8. Implementing the Battle Command Training Program (United States)


    comprises: • The CG of the unit, * The assistant commander(s), 2 * The Chief of Staff (CoS), " The Asistant Chiefs of Staff for Personnel (G1...operations orders. Items on the "Suggested Reading" list were virtually certain to remain unread. For the material that was read, the primary...Joint and Combined Warfare. At echelons above brigade, virtually all operations will be in large part joint ones, involving at least the Air Force and

  9. Securing the U.S. Transportation Command (United States)


    unified commands for the Department of Defense, providing air, land , and sea transportation in times of peace and war. USTRANSCOM, established in 1987...Commands [7, 8]. This plan is developed through an iterative process that evolves on the basis of the availability of the planes , ships, trains, and...targeted by cyber attackers includes cleared defense contractors that build and maintain applica- tions used by USTRANSCOM. Adversaries hope that if they

  10. 15 years of constitutional review in the Supreme Court of Estonia : systematized extracts of constitutional review judgments and rulings of the Supreme Court en banc and the Constitutional Review Chamber in 1993-2008 / Riigikohus ; toim. ja eess.: Ge

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Sisaldab ka: The outset of judicial constitutional review / Rait Maruste. Judicial constitutional review at the turn of the century / Uno Lõhmus. Judicial constitutional review through the eyes of Chancellor of Justice / Eerik-Juhan Truuväli. The courts and the Supreme Court in concrete norm control / Madis Ernits

  11. Violent Video Games and the Supreme Court: Lessons for the Scientific Community in the Wake of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association (United States)

    Ferguson, Christopher J.


    In June 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that video games enjoy full free speech protections and that the regulation of violent game sales to minors is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court also referred to psychological research on violent video games as "unpersuasive" and noted that such research contains many methodological flaws.…

  12. Ranchi Institute of Neuro-Psychiatry and Allied Sciences: A pioneer in the field of psychiatry in India. (United States)

    Chaudhury, Suprakash; Bakhla, Ajay Kumar; Soren, Subhas


    Ranchi Institute of Neuro-Psychiatry and Allied Sciences (RINPAS; Ranchi Indian Mental Hospital; Ranchi Manasik Aryogyashala) traces its origin from a lunatic asylum for Indian soldiers established at Munghyr in Bihar in 1795 and thus is the first mental hospital in India established by the British purely for Indian patients as well as the second oldest functioning mental hospital in India. The hospital made great strides in improving patients care and using modern methods of assessment and treatment as well as education and research during the tenure of Dr J E Dhunjibhoy the first Indian medical superintendent. As a result the mortality rate was the lowest among the mental hospitals in Indian. There was a shift from custodial care to curative treatment. Since 1930s psychiatric training was given to undergraduate medical students of Patna Medical College and subsequently from Darbhanga and Cuttack. The Institute was affiliated to Universities of London and Edinburgh for Diploma in Psychological Medicine in 1936. The thesis work of the first Indian MD (Psychiatry) was done at this institute. Subsequently many psychiatrists completed their MD (Psychiatry) under the guidance of Dr L.P. Verma at this institute. A number of staff and alumini of the institute held the post of President and office bearers of Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS), starting with Dr J.E. Dhunjibhoy, the first president of the IPS. The Institute declined in the 1980s but after intervention of the Supreme Court it was transformed into an autonomous institute. Under the new dispensation the institution is regaining its vitality. Care and facilities for inpatients has greatly improved. Laboratory and imaging services have been updated. Modern facilities for eye and dental surgery are available. Attendance in outpatient department and especially in satellite clinics is increasing. Postgraduate training in psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychiatric social work and psychiatric nursing has started and

  13. Health: Policy or Law? A Population-Based Analysis of the Supreme Court's ACA Cases. (United States)

    Parmet, Wendy E


    This essay argues that it matters for the fate of health policies challenged in court whether courts consider health merely as a policy goal that must be subordinate to law, or as a legal norm warranting legal weight and consideration. Applying population-based legal analysis, this article demonstrates that courts have traditionally treated health as a legal norm. However, this norm appears to have weakened in recent years, a trend evident in the Supreme Court's first two decisions concerning the Affordable Care Act, NFIB v. Sebelius and Burwell v. Hobby Lobby However, in its more recent Affordable Care Act decision, King v. Burwell , the health legal norm is once again evident. Whether the Court will continue to treat health as a legal norm will prove critical to the deference and weight it grants health policies in the future. Copyright © 2016 by Duke University Press.

  14. Changing the constitutional landscape for firearms: the US Supreme Court's recent Second Amendment decisions. (United States)

    Vernick, Jon S; Rutkow, Lainie; Webster, Daniel W; Teret, Stephen P


    In 2 recent cases-with important implications for public health practitioners, courts, and researchers-the US Supreme Court changed the landscape for judging the constitutionality of firearm laws under the Constitution's Second Amendment. In District of Columbia v Heller (2008), the court determined for the first time that the Second Amendment grants individuals a personal right to possess handguns in their home. In McDonald v City of Chicago (2010), the court concluded that this right affects the powers of state and local governments. The court identified broad categories of gun laws-other than handgun bans-that remain presumptively valid but did not provide a standard to judge their constitutionality. We discuss ways that researchers can assist decision makers.

  15. The influence of neuroscience on US Supreme Court decisions about adolescents' criminal culpability. (United States)

    Steinberg, Laurence


    In the past 8 years, the US Supreme Court has issued landmark opinions in three cases that involved the criminal culpability of juveniles. In the most recent case, in 2012, a ruling prohibited states from mandating life without parole for crimes committed by minors. In these cases, the Court drew on scientific studies of the adolescent brain in concluding that adolescents, by virtue of their inherent psychological and neurobiological immaturity, are not as responsible for their behaviour as adults. This article discusses the Court's rationale in these cases and the role of scientific evidence about adolescent brain development in its decisions. I conclude that the neuroscientific evidence was probably persuasive to the Court not because it revealed something new about the nature of adolescence but precisely because it aligned with common sense and behavioural science.

  16. Retirement and death in office of U.S. Supreme Court justices. (United States)

    Stolzenberg, Ross M; Lindgren, James


    We construct demographic models of retirement and death in office of U.S. Supreme Court justices, a group that has gained demographic notice, evaded demographic analysis, and is said to diverge from expected retirement patterns. Models build on prior multistate labor force status studies, and data permit an unusually clear distinction between voluntary and "induced" retirement. Using data on every justice from 1789 through 2006, with robust, cluster-corrected, discrete-time, censored, event-history methods, we (1) estimate retirement effects of pension eligibility, age, health, and tenure on the timing of justices' retirements and deaths in office, (2) resolve decades of debate over the politicized departure hypothesis that justices tend to alter the timing of their retirements for the political benefit or detriment of the incumbent president, (3) reconsider the nature of rationality in retirement decisions, and (4) consider the relevance of organizational conditions as well as personal circumstances to retirement decisions. Methodological issues are addressed.

  17. Citizens United, public health, and democracy: the Supreme Court ruling, its implications, and proposed action. (United States)

    Wiist, William H


    The 2010 US Supreme Court Citizens United v Federal Election Commission 130 US 876 (2010) case concerned the plans of a nonprofit organization to distribute a film about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The Court ruled that prohibiting corporate independent expenditures for advocacy advertising during election campaigns unconstitutionally inhibits free speech. Corporations can now make unlimited contributions to election advocacy advertising directly from the corporate treasury. Candidates who favor public health positions may be subjected to corporate opposition advertising. Citizen groups and legislators have proposed remedies to ameliorate the effects of the Court's ruling. The public health field needs to apply its expertise, in collaboration with others, to work to reduce the disproportionate influence of corporate political speech on health policy and democracy.

  18. The judgment on the phosphoethanolamine case and the jurisprudence of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zebulum J. C.


    Full Text Available Widespread use of the synthetic substance phosphoethanolamine, known as the cancer pill, was recently reported among patients with malignant neoplasm. However, the substance was not registered in the Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency and the clinical studies necessary to guarantee its effectiveness and safety had not even been completed. Neverthe-less, the federal government enacted Law number 13.269/2016, authorizing provision by the Brazilian National Public Health System under certain conditions, and various injunctions were granted that forced the state to provide it. The question was considered by the Supreme Court in two important judgments in which the Court suspended all injunctions granted and suspended the effectiveness of the law based on evidence of unconstitutionality. In this article, we analyze the legal grounds of the decisions in the context of previous positions of the Court and the guidelines established in judgment of STA 175-AgR/CE.

  19. Command History. 1969. Volume 1. Sanitized (United States)


    as protection of the family from VC pressure, hatred of the GVN, avoidance of the GVN draft, revenge , and promises of financial betterment appeared to...have stemmed from VC sensitivity to Allied claims of indis- criminate terrorism at the Paris talks. A lack of security discipline appeared within the sap...destroyed with a comparable amount listed as damaged. (C) As with so many battles in RVN. air support at Porn Het was not to be measured in sorties

  20. Supreme Court Coverage in Canada: A Case Study of Media Coverage of the Whatcott Decision

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lydia Anita Miljan


    Full Text Available Do Canadian media outlets report Supreme Court decisions in a legal or political frame? Starting with a review of how the media amplify court decisions, the study focuses on a case study regarding a freedom of speech decision of the Court. This study finds that although the media critically evaluated the freedom of speech case of William Whatcott, it did so from a legal frame. Unlike American research that shows the media increasingly interprets Supreme Court decisions from a political frame, this study on Whatcott finds that the media focused on the legal arguments of the case. ¿Los medios de comunicación canadienses informan sobre las decisiones de la Corte Suprema en un marco legal o político? A partir de una revisión de cómo los medios de comunicación amplifican las decisiones judiciales, el estudio se centra en un caso práctico sobre la libertad de expresión de las decisiones del tribunal. Este estudio revela que aunque los medios evaluaron críticamente la libertad de expresión en el caso de William Whatcott, se hizo en un marco legal. A diferencia de investigaciones estadounidenses que prueban que los medios de comunicación interpretan cada vez con mayor frecuencia las decisiones de la Corte desde un marco político, este estudio sobre Whatcott demuestra que los medios de comunicación se centraron en los argumentos legales del caso. DOWNLOAD THIS PAPER FROM SSRN:

  1. A Plea for Caution: Violent Video Games, the Supreme Court, and the Role of Science (United States)

    Hall, Ryan C. W.; Day, Terri; Hall, Richard C. W.


    On November 2, 2010, the US Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Schwarzenegger v Entertainment Merchants Association, with a ruling expected in 2011. This case addressed whether states have the right to restrict freedom of speech by limiting the sale of violent video games to minors. To date, 8 states have tried to pass legislation to this effect, with all attempts being found unconstitutional by lower courts. In large part, the Supreme Court's decision will be determined by its review and interpretation of the medical and social science literature addressing the effects of violent video games on children. Those on both sides of the violent video game debate claim that the scientific literature supports their opinions. Some involved in the debate have proclaimed that the debate is scientifically settled and that only people holding personal interests and biases oppose these “established truths.” We review the historical similarities found in the 1950s comic book debate and studies identified from a PubMed search of the term violent video games showing both the harmful and beneficial effects of these video games. We define factors that physicians need to consider when reading and stating opinions about this literature. Opinions from past court rulings are discussed to provide insight into how judges may approach the application of these social science studies to the current legal issue. Although on the surface the case of Schwarzenegger v Entertainment Merchants Association pertains only to the restriction of violent video games, it may establish principles about how medical and public health testimony can affect fundamental constitutional rights and how much and on what basis the courts will defer to legislators' reliance on unsettled science. PMID:21454733

  2. A plea for caution: violent video games, the Supreme Court, and the role of science. (United States)

    Hall, Ryan C W; Day, Terri; Hall, Richard C W


    On November 2, 2010, the US Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Schwarzenegger v Entertainment Merchants Association, with a ruling expected in 2011. This case addressed whether states have the right to restrict freedom of speech by limiting the sale of violent video games to minors. To date, 8 states have tried to pass legislation to this effect, with all attempts being found unconstitutional by lower courts. In large part, the Supreme Court's decision will be determined by its review and interpretation of the medical and social science literature addressing the effects of violent video games on children. Those on both sides of the violent video game debate claim that the scientific literature supports their opinions. Some involved in the debate have proclaimed that the debate is scientifically settled and that only people holding personal interests and biases oppose these "established truths." We review the historical similarities found in the 1950s comic book debate and studies identified from a PubMed search of the term violent video games showing both the harmful and beneficial effects of these video games. We define factors that physicians need to consider when reading and stating opinions about this literature. Opinions from past court rulings are discussed to provide insight into how judges may approach the application of these social science studies to the current legal issue. Although on the surface the case of Schwarzenegger v Entertainment Merchants Association pertains only to the restriction of violent video games, it may establish principles about how medical and public health testimony can affect fundamental constitutional rights and how much and on what basis the courts will defer to legislators' reliance on unsettled science.

  3. 32. science week of the Supreme Council of Sciences, Damascus (SY), 7-13 Nov 1992, Book 3, Pt. 2

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    This publication is part 2 of book 3 of the 32nd science week of the Supreme Council of Sciences, held in Damascus (Syria) from 7-13 Nov 1992. This part contains papers presented at this meeting on agricultural science: Animal production, insects, crops, feeds, pastures, food sciences

  4. Modernizing "San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez": How Evolving Supreme Court Jurisprudence Changes the Face of Education Finance Litigation (United States)

    Saleh, Matthew


    This article aims to "modernize" the current legal debate over inequitable public school funding at the state and local level. The 1973 Supreme Court case of "San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez" established precedent, allowing for property-tax based education funding programs at the state-level--a major source…

  5. The Three Faces of Power: The U.S. Supreme Court's Legitimization of School Authority's Parental, Police, and Pedagogic Roles. (United States)

    Ehrensal, Patricia A.


    Examines legal and ethical ramifications of three roles of school authorities (agents-of-state, custodial, tutelary) legitimated in two Supreme Court decisions: "New Jersey v. T.L.0." (search and seizure) and "Vernonia v. Action" (drug use testing). (Contains 34 references.)(PKP)

  6. The Roles of the Supreme Court of the Republic Indonesia in Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards in Indonesia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mutiara Hikmah


    Full Text Available Indonesia has been being a member of the 1958 New York Convention since 1981, namely upon issuance of the Presidential Decree No. 34 of 1981. Prior to taking into force of the Regulation of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia No. 1 of 1990 on Procedures for Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral awards, there were still constraints for the foreign business players in term of enforcement of arbitral awards in Indonesia. The Supreme Court as the highest judicial institution in Indonesia holds that international arbitral awards can not be enforced in Indonesia. After the Indonesian Supreme Court has issued such a regulation, enforcement of international arbitral awards in Indonesia began to be enforceable, because the procedural law that governs the procedures for execution of arbitral awards has been clear. In order to regulate better the international arbitral award problems in the hierarchy of legislation, on October 12, 1999, the Law on Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution was promulgated. In that Law, there is a special part discussing the International Arbitration. This study examines the development of international arbitral award enforcement in Indonesia before Indonesia becoming member of the 1958 New York Convention, until nowadays, by analyzing the international arbitral awards that were decided by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia after the coming into effect of the Arbitration Law.

  7. Accommodation and Adjudication in Student-Administration Conflicts: The Difficult Legacy of the U.S. Supreme Court (United States)

    Meyer, Heinz-Dieter; Bratge, Katrina


    In this article, we consider a series of U.S. Supreme Court rulings that place public school students under an expansive shield of constitutional rights while often hampering the ability of administrators to engage in flexible and creative conflict resolution in the context of the school's mission. The court's readiness to adjudicate a large range…

  8. [Comparison of efficacy for laryngeal mask airway-Supreme(TM) versus common laryngeal mask airway in children]. (United States)

    Shangguan, Wang-ning; You, Shan; He, Wei; DI, Mei-qin; Xu, Jian; Li, Jun; Lian, Qing-quan


    To compare the efficacy of laryngeal mask airway-Supreme(TM) versus common laryngeal mask airway in children with general anesthesia. With local research ethics committee's approval and written informed parental consent, 100 children were randomly divided into groups L (size 2.0 common laryngeal mask airway) and S (size 2.0 laryngeal mask airway-Supreme(TM)) according to random number (n = 50 each). After anesthesia induction, a common laryngeal mask airway or laryngeal mask airway-Supreme(TM) was inserted and mechanically ventilated. Time and ease for insertion, insertion success rate, airway leak pressure, success rate and ease of disposal sputum collecting tube insertion in group S, quality of airway during anesthetic maintenance, abdominal circumference changes and complications within 24 h post-operation were measured. Compared with group L, abdominal circumference increased less in group S (0.90 ± 0.35 vs 0.43 ± 0.18 cm, n = 46, P children with mechanical ventilation, laryngeal mask airway-Supreme(TM) can be effectively applied to maintain a good airway. And the incidence of gastric insufflation is lower. It is particularly useful for those requiring evacuation of gastric contents during general anesthesia.

  9. Neutrality, Proselytism and Religious Minorities at the European Court of Human Rights and the US Supreme Court


    Hatzis, N.


    The paper examines the way the US Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights have dealt with the discriminatory treatment of religious minorities in relation to proselytism, and the role played by the principle of neutrality in arguments supporting the invalidation of statutes which restrict religious canvassing.

  10. 32. science week of the Supreme Council of Sciences, Damascus (SY), 7-13 Nov 1992, Book 2, Pt. 3

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    This publication is part 3 of book 2 of the 32nd science week of the Supreme Council of Sciences, held in Damascus (Syria) from 7-13 Nov. 1992. This part contains papers presented at this meeting on basic sciences: physics and mathematics

  11. Dosimetric aspects of radiation processing of food and allied products

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sharma, G.; Bhat, R.M.; Bhatt, B.C.


    Full text: Gamma radiation processing in the last 4-5 decades is continuously gaining importance in processing of a wide variety of products, as it can modify physical, chemical and biological properties of the materials, including food and allied products on industrial scale due its inherent qualities like ease of processing in finally packaged form, eco-friendly nature and other obvious reasons over conventional means of processing. Food and allied products are either from agricultural produce or animal origin; they get easily contaminated from soil during harvesting, handling, processing, environment conditions, storage and transport from various types of micro-organisms including pathogens. In many countries it is mandatory to bring down the population of micro-organisms to an acceptable level and complete elimination of pathogens before such products are accepted for human or animal consumption. Processing of food and allied products by radiation has its own challenges due to wider public acceptance of irradiated food, a wide range, 0.25-50kGy, of absorbed dose requirements for different category of such products and purposes, use of a variety of packaging materials in different shapes and sizes and because of its perishable nature. More than 50 countries including India in the world have accepted radiation processing of food and allied products by radiation. Dosimetry is an important aspect of radiation processing, whether it is food or allied product. Uniformity in dose delivered to these products depends on several factors such as product carrier to source frame alignment, product carrier and product/tote box design, product loading pattern, attenuation due to product thickness, product bulk density that varies from 0.1-1.0 kg/l and the plant design whether during processing product overlaps the source or otherwise. In this presentation dosimetric aspects of radiation processing of food and allied products and problems associated with dosimetry of such

  12. A scoping review of Australian allied health research in ehealth. (United States)

    Iacono, Teresa; Stagg, Kellie; Pearce, Natalie; Hulme Chambers, Alana


    Uptake of e-health, the use of information communication technologies (ICT) for health service delivery, in allied health appears to be lagging behind other health care areas, despite offering the potential to address problems with service access by rural and remote Australians. The aim of the study was to conduct a scoping review of studies into the application of or attitudes towards ehealth amongst allied health professionals conducted in Australia. Studies meeting inclusion criteria published from January 2004 to June 2015 were reviewed. Professions included were audiology, dietetics, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, social work, and speech pathology. Terms for these professions and forms of ehealth were combined in databases of CINAHL (EBSCO), Cochrane Library, PsycINFO (1806 - Ovid), MEDLINE (Ovid) and AMED (Ovid). Forty-four studies meeting inclusion criteria were summarised. They were either trials of aspects of ehealth service delivery, or clinician and/or client use of and attitudes towards ehealth. Trials of ehealth were largely from two research groups located at the Universities of Sydney and Queensland; most involved speech pathology and physiotherapy. Assessments through ehealth and intervention outcomes through ehealth were comparable with face-to-face delivery. Clinicians used ICT mostly for managing their work and for professional development, but were reticent about its use in service delivery, which contrasted with the more positive attitudes and experiences of clients. The potential of ehealth to address allied health needs of Australians living in rural and remote Australia appears unrealised. Clinicians may need to embrace ehealth as a means to radicalise practice, rather than replicate existing practices through a different mode of delivery.

  13. ADEA/AAL Institute for Allied Health Educators: Program Evaluation. (United States)

    Gadbury-Amyot, Cynthia C; Overman, Pamela R; Grzesikowski, Tami; Tucker-Lively, Felicia; Weinstein, George; Haden, N Karl


    Revised accreditation standards for dental and dental hygiene education programs have increased emphasis on faculty development that can improve teaching and learning, foster curricular change including use of teaching and learning technologies, and enhance retention and satisfaction of faculty. The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) and Academy for Academic Leadership (AAL) established the Institute for Allied Health Educators (IAHE) in 2007 to address faculty development needs for allied dental and allied health educators. In 2009, it was transitioned to an online program, which resulted in increased enrollment and diversity of participants. After seven years, a comprehensive program evaluation was warranted. The authors developed an online questionnaire based on Kirkpatrick's four-level model of training evaluation; for this study, levels one (satisfaction), two (knowledge and skill acquisition), and three (behavior change) were examined. Of the 400 program participants invited to take part in the study, a 38% response rate was achieved, with the majority indicating full-time faculty status. Nearly all (95-97%) of the respondents agreed or strongly agreed the program contributed to their teaching effectiveness, and 88-96% agreed or strongly agreed it enhanced their knowledge of educational concepts and strategies. In addition, 83% agreed or strongly agreed the program helped them develop new skills and confidence with technology, with 69% agreeing or strongly agreeing that it helped them incorporate technology into their own educational setting. Nearly 90% were highly positive or positive in their overall assessment of the program; 95% indicated they would recommend it to a colleague; and 80% agreed or strongly agreed they had discussed what they learned with faculty colleagues at their home institutions who had not attended the program. Positive findings from this evaluation provide evidence that the IAHE has been able to meet its goals.

  14. India China Encounters-Allies and Competitors. A global perspective

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schmidt, Johannes Dragsbæk

    The aim of this contribution is to explore the comparative political economic relations between India and China in a critical framework focusing on the bilateral and strategic foreign policy ties. The intention is then to discuss the intertwined geo-political and geoeconomic foreign policy alignm...... as potential allies especially when it comes to getting energy resources. As a con-clusion to the paper, a discussion of possible perspectives is provided by pointing to the soft versus hard power diplomatic relationship between the two countries....

  15. Comparison of laryngeal mask airway supreme and laryngeal mask airway proseal for laryngopharyngeal trauma and postoperative morbidity in children. (United States)

    Aydogmus, Meltem Turkay; Eksioglu, Birsen; Oba, Sibel; Unsal, Oya; Türk, Hacer Sebnem Yeltepe; Sinikoglu, Sitki Nadir; Tug, Aslihan


    Laryngeal mask airway (LMA), which has been used frequently in airway management, can cause laryngopharyngeal injury and morbidity. In this trial, we compare the macroscopic changes on laryngopharyngeal structures and the postoperative laryngopharyngeal morbidity by using LMA supreme with LMA proseal in children. We divided patients into two groups. We inserted size three LMA proseal into the first group and size three LMA supreme into the second group. Before LMA insertion and after LMA removal, we performed direct laryngoscopy on the patients. We compared hyperemia, mucosal injury and blood staining on LMA removal, as well as insertion time, rate of success in gastric tube insertion on the first attempt, nausea, vomiting, and sore throat between the two groups. We recorded no significant differences between the two groups for mean operation time, sex, age, weight, rate of success in gastric tube insertion on first attempt, nausea, vomiting, sore throat and mucosal injury. Mean insertion time for the LMA proseal group was significantly longer than the LMA supreme group (p = 0.0001). The ratio of blood staining on LMA removal was significantly higher in the LMA proseal group than the LMA supreme group (p = 0.034). The patients with blood staining on LMA removal exhibited significantly more mucosal hyperemia and injury than the patients with clear LMA (p = 0.0001, p = 0.020). LMA supreme insertion is faster and easier than LMA proseal and causes less laryngopharyngeal injury than LMA proseal in children. Copyright © 2013 Sociedade Brasileira de Anestesiologia. Published by Elsevier Editora Ltda. All rights reserved.

  16. 32 CFR 700.1058 - Command of a submarine. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 5 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Command of a submarine. 700.1058 Section 700... Command Detail to Duty § 700.1058 Command of a submarine. The officer detailed to command a submarine... submarines. ...

  17. 14 CFR 1214.703 - Chain of command. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 5 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Chain of command. 1214.703 Section 1214.703 Aeronautics and Space NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION SPACE FLIGHT The Authority of the Space Shuttle Commander § 1214.703 Chain of command. (a) The Commander is a career NASA astronaut who has been...

  18. 32 CFR 700.1054 - Command of a naval base. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 5 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Command of a naval base. 700.1054 Section 700.1054 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY UNITED STATES NAVY... Command Detail to Duty § 700.1054 Command of a naval base. The officer detailed to command a naval base...

  19. Globalized Security: An Allied Industrial Base for the 21st Century (United States)


    Globalized Security: An Allied Industry Base for the 21st Century 151 OP NION GLOBALIZED SECURITY: AN ALLIED INDUSTRIAL BASE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY Lt...Col Shannon Sullivan, USAF During the Cold War, the United States maintained an extensive industrial base in the event of a global war with the Soviet...2002 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Globalized Security: An Allied Industrial Base for the 21st Century 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM

  20. Return of the Bear Russia’s Ties with Former Soviet Allies in Latin America (United States)


    RUSSIA’S TIES WITH FORMER SOVIET ALLIES IN LATIN AMERICA by David M. Cox March 2016 Thesis Advisor: Thomas Bruneau Second Reader...DATES COVERED Master’s Thesis 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE RETURN OF THE BEAR? RUSSIA’S TIES WITH FORMER SOVIET ALLIES IN LATIN AMERICA 5. FUNDING NUMBERS...the Cold War to Russian ties with Cuba and Nicaragua today, this thesis finds that Russia’s reengagement with former Soviet allies in Latin America

  1. SOA approach to battle command: simulation interoperability (United States)

    Mayott, Gregory; Self, Mid; Miller, Gordon J.; McDonnell, Joseph S.


    NVESD is developing a Sensor Data and Management Services (SDMS) Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that provides an innovative approach to achieve seamless application functionality across simulation and battle command systems. In 2010, CERDEC will conduct a SDMS Battle Command demonstration that will highlight the SDMS SOA capability to couple simulation applications to existing Battle Command systems. The demonstration will leverage RDECOM MATREX simulation tools and TRADOC Maneuver Support Battle Laboratory Virtual Base Defense Operations Center facilities. The battle command systems are those specific to the operation of a base defense operations center in support of force protection missions. The SDMS SOA consists of four components that will be discussed. An Asset Management Service (AMS) will automatically discover the existence, state, and interface definition required to interact with a named asset (sensor or a sensor platform, a process such as level-1 fusion, or an interface to a sensor or other network endpoint). A Streaming Video Service (SVS) will automatically discover the existence, state, and interfaces required to interact with a named video stream, and abstract the consumers of the video stream from the originating device. A Task Manager Service (TMS) will be used to automatically discover the existence of a named mission task, and will interpret, translate and transmit a mission command for the blue force unit(s) described in a mission order. JC3IEDM data objects, and software development kit (SDK), will be utilized as the basic data object definition for implemented web services.

  2. Predictors of student satisfaction with allied health educational program courses. (United States)

    Anderson, Matthew M; Shelledy, David C


    Little information is available regarding the effectiveness of various teaching methods and styles on student learning and satisfaction in allied health educational programs. We used the IDEA Center's course evaluation system to determine which teaching competencies were most predictive of students' satisfaction and progress on objectives. At the conclusion of each quarter, all students in 13 different allied health programs were asked to complete standardized course evaluations. Students responded to 20 questions grouped into five teaching competencies. Student satisfaction was assessed using survey questions to rate course and instructor excellence. All questions used a 5-point Likert scale. There were 2,924 student evaluations returned (72.5% response). Teaching competencies predicted 62% of the variation in course satisfaction, 67% of the variation in teacher satisfaction, and 58% of the variation in progress on relevant objectives (pEducational institutions may also be able to utilize this information to create faculty developments plans in an effort to improve teaching and student satisfaction levels.

  3. Robot Task Commander with Extensible Programming Environment (United States)

    Hart, Stephen W (Inventor); Yamokoski, John D. (Inventor); Wightman, Brian J (Inventor); Dinh, Duy Paul (Inventor); Gooding, Dustin R (Inventor)


    A system for developing distributed robot application-level software includes a robot having an associated control module which controls motion of the robot in response to a commanded task, and a robot task commander (RTC) in networked communication with the control module over a network transport layer (NTL). The RTC includes a script engine(s) and a GUI, with a processor and a centralized library of library blocks constructed from an interpretive computer programming code and having input and output connections. The GUI provides access to a Visual Programming Language (VPL) environment and a text editor. In executing a method, the VPL is opened, a task for the robot is built from the code library blocks, and data is assigned to input and output connections identifying input and output data for each block. A task sequence(s) is sent to the control module(s) over the NTL to command execution of the task.

  4. Battalion Command Group Performance in Simulated Combat (United States)


    mand group as a whole. These ratings and observations were analyzed to answer the following questions : 1. Which subtasks were rated relatively, or of the staff member that was observed, on a 5-point scale. For the company commanders and the j• TOC monitor, the question was: "Overall, how...U S• Pepare General c6naitions Command group prepares and organizes the and for Tasks 10-1"and battlefield in such a way as to maximize orga- 10-2

  5. Communication for command and control systems

    CERN Document Server

    Morris, D J


    Communication for Command and Control Systems provides a thorough exposition of the basic theoretical and practical features involved in the design of communication networks for command and control systems. This book focuses primarily on the practical side of computer-controlled communication. This text concentrates on the communication sides of the subject by surveying the means of transferring data between the various processing points and by appraising their potential advantages and possible defects in implementation. In this respect, this book should prove useful for the practicing enginee

  6. Linux command line and shell scripting bible

    CERN Document Server

    Blum, Richard


    Talk directly to your system for a faster workflow with automation capability Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible is your essential Linux guide. With detailed instruction and abundant examples, this book teaches you how to bypass the graphical interface and communicate directly with your computer, saving time and expanding capability. This third edition incorporates thirty pages of new functional examples that are fully updated to align with the latest Linux features. Beginning with command line fundamentals, the book moves into shell scripting and shows you the practical application

  7. Effectiveness of Two Training Methods for Avoiding Excessive Inflation of Laryngeal Mask Airway Supreme. (United States)

    Gong, Ya-Hong; Cheng, Si; Zhang, Zhi-Yong; Huang, Yu-Guang


    To evaluate the effectiveness of two training methods for avoiding excessive inflation of laryngeal mask airway(LMA)Supreme. Totally 41 anesthesiologists were randomly divided into hand touch group(H group,n=20)and short-term pressure gauge training group(G group,n=21). Before training,subjects were asked to inflate the cuff of LMA Supreme to two target pressures,30 cmH(2)O and 60 cmH(2)O, according to their own experiences. The actual cuff pressures were recorded as baseline pressures. Subjects in H group then received the training of hand touch:touch the vermilion of the lip and apex nasi with the left ring finger and feel the hardness. A cuff pressure with hardness similar to the vermilion of the lip was defined as 30 cmH(2)O, and similar to the apex nasi as 60 cmH(2)O. Subjects in G group were asked to inflate the cuff with a pressure gauge and feel the hardness of the cuff when the pressure reached 30 cmH(2)O and 60 cmH(2)O. After one-week training,two groups of subjects repeated the cuff inflation test. Actual cuff pressures after training were also recorded and compared with the baseline pressures. Results Actual cuff pressures after training[Group H:(39.7±15.7) cmH(2)O(P=0.00);Group G:(26.2±13.2) cmH(2)O(P=0.03)]were significantly lower than baseline pressures in both groups when the target cuff pressure was 30 cmH(2)O, and the differences were not statistically significant between these two groups(P=0.06). When the target pressure was 60 cmH(2)O,the actual cuff pressure of H group [(91.1±24.3)cmH(2)O] was significantly higher than that of G group [(58.1±15.4) cmH(2)O (P=0.01)]. However,the actual cuff pressure of G group was similar to the target pressure. The two training methods are equally effective when the target pressure is 30 cmH(2)O, while short-term pressure gauge training method is superior when the target pressure is 60 cmH(2)O.

  8. Apostle Battery Table Bay Fire Command

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    power of Adolf Hitler in Germany. Germany's subsequent withdrawal from the Disarmament. Conference and the League of Nations gave impetus to the modernisation of British naval bases throughout the world.3. On 9 December, 1938, the British Admiralty ad- vised the Commander-in-Chief,. South Atlantic that it had been ...

  9. General Troy H. Middleton: Steadfast in Command (United States)


    situations than the one he faced in Brittany. He commanded the corps through its transition from a defensive stalemate of hedgerow fighting in...and controlled progress… the exigencies that emerged from rapid succession as a result of the changes from the positional hedgerow warfare in the

  10. Dental Considerations in a Unified Medical Command (United States)


    the wire diagram included in the draft organizational chart failed to include a UMC Commander, it did identify many areas to consolidate common...educations, while contributing to the dental readiness of their respective populations. The Orthodontic program at Wilford Hall is an example of a joint

  11. iTOUGH2 Command Reference

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Finsterle, Stefan


    iTOUGH2 is a program for parameter estimation, sensitivity analysis, and uncertainty propagation analysis. It is based on the TOUGH2 simulator for non-isothermal multiphase flow in fractured and porous media. This report contains a detailed description of all iTOUGH2 commands.

  12. CSS Teams -- Effective Practice of Mission Command (United States)


    their supporting Standard Army Information Management System and further enhance the practice of mission command. As one Soldier commented, “ VSAT is...communications up and running] and get combat ready faster. During lulls, they can order what they’ll need during the fight. 17 We’re using VSAT

  13. Commandants' Managerial Capacity and Workers Productivity in ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the commandant's managerial capacity as if relates to workers productivity with a view to determining whether their calling to the education terrain has been justified and to correct certain areas in need of improvement in the Nigeria Police Education set up. In doing this, the study took ...



    Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong is going through flight training in the lunar module simulator situated in the flight crew training building at KSC. Armstrong will pilot the lunar module to a moon landing on July 20, following launch from KSC on July 16.

  15. Intelligence: A Personal, Inherent, Function of Command (United States)


    intelligence in general, and DSE !RT STORN in particular-" If one measure6 tbe. ’gap t .r ren comm~anders and intelligence ofticers by what is ~un ii p...intelligence process, or "cycle," is not a rigid procedural checklist , blindly adhered to under all circum- stances; it is simply a description of sequential

  16. Command Algebras, Recursion and Program Transformation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hesselink, Wim H.


    Dijkstra's language of guarded commands is extended with recursion and transformed into algebra. The semantics is expressed in terms of weakest preconditions and weakest liberal preconditions. Extreme fixed points are used to deal with recursion. Unbounded nondeterminacy is allowed. The algebraic

  17. Simulating Mission Command for Planning and Analysis (United States)


    Path on Task Network Box Diagram ...................................... 18 Figure 15. Slack Time on a Gantt Chart...Headquarters JMP Statistical Software MC Mission Command PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique R Statistical Programming Language RPG-7 Rocket... software package designed to create DES by implementing event graph models as Java codes. This application is designed and is still being developed by

  18. 75 FR 60865 - Surety Companies Acceptable on Federal Bonds: Allied World Reinsurance Company (United States)


    ... Fiscal Service Surety Companies Acceptable on Federal Bonds: Allied World Reinsurance Company AGENCY.... 9305 to the following company: Allied World Reinsurance Company (NAIC 22730). Business Address: 199... subsequent annual renewal as long as the companies remain qualified (see 31 CFR part 223). A list of...

  19. DREAMer-Ally Competency and Self-Efficacy: Developing Higher Education Staff and Measuring Lasting Outcomes (United States)

    Cisneros, Jesus; Cadenas, German


    DREAMzone is an educational intervention designed to increase higher education professionals' competency and self-efficacy for working with undocumented students. Grounded in social learning theory, we developed the DREAMer-ally instrument to investigate the effects of DREAMzone on DREAMer-ally competency and self-efficacy. Findings support the…

  20. Positive aspects of being a heterosexual ally to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. (United States)

    Rostosky, Sharon S; Black, Whitney W; Riggle, Ellen D B; Rosenkrantz, Dani


    Research on heterosexual allies has focused on heterosexual identity development models and pathways to ally activism. The positive aspects or positive experiences of identifying as an ally to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) identified individuals and communities have received little attention. Using an online survey of participants recruited from LGBT ally related social media, we collected open-ended responses to a question about the positive aspects of self-identifying as a heterosexual ally. A final analytic sample of 292 self-identified male and female heterosexual adults (age 18-71, M = 33.47, SD = 13.32) provided responses that generated 8 themes. Positive aspects of being a heterosexual ally were: (a) increased knowledge and awareness, (b) upholding values of justice, (c) beneficial individual relationships, (d) community belonging, (e) educating others, (f) being a role model, (g) using social privilege, and (h) speaking out and taking a stand. The findings suggest that being a heterosexual ally is rewarding and may enhance individual well-being. These findings provide information that may contribute to effective ally development efforts. (c) 2015 APA, all rights reserved).

  1. Examining the importance of incorporating emergency preparedness and disaster training core competencies into allied health curricula. (United States)

    Curtis, Tammy


    Preparation for responding to emergency events that does not warrant outside help beyond the local community resources or responding to disaster events that is beyond the capabilities of the local community both require first responders and healthcare professionals to have interdisciplinary skills needed to function as a team for saving lives. To date, there is no core emergency preparedness and disaster planning competencies that have been standardized at all levels across the various allied health curricula disciplines. To identify if emergency preparedness and disaster training content are currently being taught in allied health program courses, to identify possible gaps within allied health curricula, and to explore the perceptions of allied health college educators for implementing emergency preparedness and disaster training core competencies into their existing curricula, if not already included. A quantitative Internet-based survey was conducted in 2013. Convenient sample. Fifty-one allied health college educators completed the survey. Descriptive statistics indicated that the majority of allied health college instructors do not currently teach emergency preparedness and disaster training core competency content within their current allied health discipline; however, their perceived level of importance for inclusion of the competencies was high. The results of this study supported the need for developing and establishing a basic national set of standardized core emergency preparedness and disaster planning competencies at all levels across various allied health curricula disciplines to ensure victims receive the best patient care and have the best possible chance of survival.

  2. Allied health care in Parkinson's disease: referral, consultation, and professional expertise.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nijkrake, M.J.; Keus, S.H.J.; Oostendorp, R.A.B.; Overeem, S.; Mulleners, W.; Bloem, B.R.; Munneke, M.


    There is evidence for the efficacy of allied health care in Parkinson's disease (PD). However, barriers exist that hamper implementation of evidence into daily practice. We conducted a survey to investigate: (1) to what extent PD patients currently utilize allied health care for relevant problems in

  3. Child health in the workplace: the Supreme Court in Hammer v. Dagenhart (1918). (United States)

    Berger, L R; Johansson, S R


    Exploitation of children in the labor force at the beginning of this century gave rise to a national campaign leading to congressional passage of the Keating-Owen Act in 1916. The act prohibited from interstate commerce goods produced in factories or mines that employed children who either were under fourteen years of age or who were under sixteen years of age and worked more than eight hours a day. Despite its popular support, the Act was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in Hammer v. Dagenhart (1918). The Court's decision involved several major issues: interpretation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution, freedom of contract, police power of the states, and the interstate commerce clause. Review of previous Court decisions suggests that the justices were on less than solid legal ground in reaching their decision. Examination of the historical context of the decision, however, suggests other factors that may have played a more important role than judicial precedents. The debate prompted by Hammer v. Dagenhart has much relevance to such current issues as young agricultural workers, sex discrimination in industry, and the powers of the federal government vis-a-vis states and individual citizens.

  4. Connecting Climate Science to Policy: from Global Food Production to the US Supreme Court (United States)

    Battisti, D. S.


    There are myriad ways climate science has been used to inform on global food security, and to affect law and policy. In this talk, I will summarize examples that include the application of the El Nino - Southern Oscillation science to improve food security in Indonesia and provide water forecasts for agriculture in northwest Mexico, as well as the application of climate change science to project changes in global grain production. In the latter case, reliable information on the impact of increasing greenhouse gases on growing season temperature is applied to assess the impact of climate change on average crop yields, on the volatility in crop yields, and on the loss of yield due to increasing pest pressure - all of which have acute implications for agricultural policy. In the US, climate change science was of paramount importance for the Supreme Court decision in the case "Massachusetts vs. EPA," which to this day greatly shapes US policy related to climate change - most notably in setting emission standards for vehicles. My colleagues and I have learned several lessons from our experiences in these applications of climate science that I will share, including some thoughts on the nature of interdisciplinary teams for producing reliable and effective products, and the on the professional pros and cons of pursuing applied work.

  5. Supreme Laryngeal Mask Airway versus Face Mask during Neonatal Resuscitation: A Randomized Controlled Trial. (United States)

    Trevisanuto, Daniele; Cavallin, Francesco; Nguyen, Loi Ngoc; Nguyen, Tien Viet; Tran, Linh Dieu; Tran, Chien Dinh; Doglioni, Nicoletta; Micaglio, Massimo; Moccia, Luciano


    To assess the effectiveness of supreme laryngeal mask airway (SLMA) over face mask ventilation for preventing need for endotracheal intubation at birth. We report a prospective, randomized, parallel 1:1, unblinded, controlled trial. After a short-term educational intervention on SLMA use, infants ≥34-week gestation and/or expected birth weight ≥1500 g requiring positive pressure ventilation (PPV) at birth were randomized to resuscitation by SLMA or face mask. The primary outcome was the success rate of the resuscitation devices (SLMA or face mask) defined as the achievement of an effective PPV preventing the need for endotracheal intubation. We enrolled 142 patients (71 in SLMA and 71 in face mask group, respectively). Successful resuscitation rate was significantly higher with the SLMA compared with face mask ventilation (91.5% vs 78.9%; P = .03). Apgar score at 5 minutes was significantly higher in SLMA than in face mask group (P = .02). Neonatal intensive care unit admission rate was significantly lower in SLMA than in face mask group (P = .02). No complications related to the procedure occurred. In newborns with gestational age ≥34 weeks and/or expected birth weight ≥1500 g needing PPV at birth, the SLMA is more effective than face mask to prevent endotracheal intubation. The SLMA is effective in clinical practice after a short-term educational intervention. Registered with NCT01963936. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Understanding the failure of health-care exceptionalism in the Supreme Court's Obamacare decision. (United States)

    Moncrieff, Abigail R


    On June 28, 2012, a mere century after the first presidential proposal for national health insurance, the Supreme Court issued a resounding victory for President Obama and for health-care reform generally, upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act against a serious constitutional challenge. Nevertheless, the Court also struck a potential blow to future health-care reform efforts in refusing to accept the solicitor general's argument that health care is a unique market with unique regulatory needs that justify special constitutional treatment. The failure of health-care exceptionalism in the Court's opinion might render future reform efforts more difficult than they would have been if the solicitor general's argument had carried the day. This commentary seeks to shed light on the Court's hesitation to recognize the uniqueness of health insurance and health care, noting that market-based exceptionalism in constitutional law has a long, dark history that the Court was understandably loath to repeat. Although the result of Chief Justice John Roberts' one-size-fits-all approach to constitutional analysis in this case is an odd holding that elides some genuine uniqueness of American health care, the alternative of health-care exceptionalism might have been much worse for our overall constitutional system.

  7. The embryo research debate in Brazil: from the National Congress to the Federal Supreme Court. (United States)

    Cesarino, Letícia; Luna, Naara


    New forms of life produced by biomedical research, such as human embryonic stem cells (hESC), have been the object of public debate beyond the scientific fields involved. This article brings to light the case of Brazil, where recently passed federal legislation has authorized research with in vitro human embryos. It focuses on the legislative debate in the Brazilian National Congress between 2003 and 2005 on the Biosafety Bill of Law, which cleared for hESC research a certain share of supernumerary and unviable human embryos frozen in the country's assisted reproduction clinics. The passing of this Bill triggered other public reactions, chiefly a Direct Action of Unconstitutionality in Brazil's Federal Supreme Court. This study adopts an anthropological perspective for describing and analyzing the chief arguments in both debates, in terms of how the notion of 'life' was deployed and negotiated by contending parties. If, on the one hand, the definition of life appeared firmly attached to a conception of both the in vitro embryo and the fetus as a human person, on the other a movement towards breaking down life along utilitarian lines was found when the potential beneficiaries of stem cell therapy came into the equation. In all cases, however, notions of life were negotiated from a hybrid continuum of (biological) facts and (religious, moral and juridical) values, and resonated in different ways with the idea of the individual as privileged mode of constructing personhood in the context of modern nation states.

  8. Justice blocks and predictability of U.S. Supreme Court votes.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roger Guimerà

    Full Text Available Successful attempts to predict judges' votes shed light into how legal decisions are made and, ultimately, into the behavior and evolution of the judiciary. Here, we investigate to what extent it is possible to make predictions of a justice's vote based on the other justices' votes in the same case. For our predictions, we use models and methods that have been developed to uncover hidden associations between actors in complex social networks. We show that these methods are more accurate at predicting justice's votes than forecasts made by legal experts and by algorithms that take into consideration the content of the cases. We argue that, within our framework, high predictability is a quantitative proxy for stable justice (and case blocks, which probably reflect stable a priori attitudes toward the law. We find that U.S. Supreme Court justice votes are more predictable than one would expect from an ideal court composed of perfectly independent justices. Deviations from ideal behavior are most apparent in divided 5-4 decisions, where justice blocks seem to be most stable. Moreover, we find evidence that justice predictability decreased during the 50-year period spanning from the Warren Court to the Rehnquist Court, and that aggregate court predictability has been significantly lower during Democratic presidencies. More broadly, our results show that it is possible to use methods developed for the analysis of complex social networks to quantitatively investigate historical questions related to political decision-making.

  9. Allied health weekend service provision in Australian rehabilitation units. (United States)

    Caruana, Erin L; Kuys, Suzanne S; Brauer, Sandra G


    To determine current Australian allied health rehabilitation weekend service provision and to identify perceived barriers to and facilitators of weekend service provision. Senior physiotherapists from Australian rehabilitation units completed an online cross-sectional survey exploring current service provision, staffing, perceived outcomes, and barriers and facilitators to weekend service provision. A total of 179 (83%) eligible units responded, with 94 facilities (53%) providing weekend therapy. A Saturday service was the most common (97%) with the most frequent service providers being physiotherapists (90%). Rehabilitation weekend service was perceived to increase patient/family satisfaction (66%) and achieve faster goal attainment (55%). Common barriers were budgetary restraints (66%) and staffing availability (54%), with facilitators including organisational support (76%), staff availability (62%) and staff support (61%). Despite increasing evidence of effectiveness, only half of Australian rehabilitation facilities provide weekend services. Further efforts are required to translate evidence from clinical trials into feasible service delivery models. © 2018 AJA Inc.

  10. Organisational governance structures in allied health services: a decade of change. (United States)

    Boyce, R A


    A ten year review of developments in the organisation and management of allied health services in Australian acute care public hospitals reveals a steady transformation away from a medically managed universal model towards more complex and contested models of governance. This article revisits early observations about the reorganisation of allied health services and presents more recent research findings to guide managerial decision-making about restructuring the diverse disciplines that constitute allied health. A new organisational model "integrated decentralization" is presented as an approach to managing allied health services which accommodates multiple stakeholder demands in the context of New Public Management (NPM) related reforms. The focus on the institutional level is complemented by examining developments in the profile and activity of allied health at the regional, state and national levels to present a more comprehensive picture of change over the decade of the 1990s.

  11. [Critical Study of the last jurisprudence of the Supreme Court on requirements and guarantees regarding DNA sampling from suspects]. (United States)

    de Hoyos Sancho, Montserrat


    A critical study will be made of recent jurisprudence of Spanish Supreme Court in relation to the principal requirements that current legislation establishes for so-called "DNA testing", specially in connection with the rules on lawful evidence. In particular, the various hypotheses and circumstances that might concur in the collection of tissue samples from the suspect will be analyzed, as well as questions relating to the need, or otherwise, of legal assistance during such an act.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hjalmar Punla Hernandez


    Full Text Available Contemporarily, stylistics today has developed into its multiplicity – one of which is forensic stylistics. Being a powerfully legal written discourse, Supreme Court decisions are a rich corpus in which linguistic vis-a-vis stylistic choices of Court justices could be examined. This study is a humble attempt at stylistically analyzing Supreme Court decisions in Philippine English (PhE drafted by two Filipino justices. Specifically, it sought to investigate on the classes, placements, and environments of adverbials of attitude and emphasis employed by the two justices, and drew their implications to teaching and learning English for Legal Purposes (ELP. Using McMenamin (2012, Quirk, Greenbaum, Leech, and Svartvik (1985, and Dita’s (2011 frameworks, 54 randomly selected Supreme Court decisions as primary sources of legal language were analyzed. Results are the following. Firstly, the classes of adverbials of attitude in Supreme Court decisions in PhE used by the two judges were the evaluation to the subject of the clause, judgment to the whole clause, and evaluation to an action performed by the subject of the clause, while those adverbials of emphasis were adverbials of conviction and doubt. Secondly, both adverbials they used have placements that were frequently medial and less initial in sentences where they belonged. Thirdly, the two justices put their adverbials within two principal environments, i.e. within functor, and before/after the verb among others. In these regards, legal and stylistic explanations with respect to these recurrent linguistic features in the two justices’ Court decisions were revealed. Implications of the study to ELP are explained. Lastly, trajectories for future (forensic stylistic analyses have been recommended.

  13. Using the Primary Literature in an Allied Health Microbiology Course

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Donald P. Breakwell


    Full Text Available A strategy was adapted for using the primary literature to foster active learning in an allied health microbiology course. Recent journal articles were selected that underscored the fundamental microbiological principles to be learned in each course unit. At the beginning of the semester, students were taught the relationship between the layout of scientific articles and the scientific method. During the rest of the semester, students were oriented to the topic of each paper by viewing videos from Unseen Life on Earth: an Introduction to Microbiology, reading assigned pages from the text, and participating in mini-lectures and discussions. After all preparatory material was completed, a paper was read and discussed in small groups and as a class. Students were assessed using daily reading quizzes and end-of-unit concept quizzes. While reading quizzes averaged approximately 93%, concept quiz grades averaged approximately 82%. Student recognition of the terms used in each unit’s scientific article was assessed with pre-read and post-read wordlists. For the self-assessment, the percent change between pre-read and post-read word cognition was, as expected, highly significant. Approximately 80% of students agreed that reading the scientific articles was a valuable part of the class and that it provided meaning to their study of microbiology. Using the primary scientific literature facilitated active learning in and out of the classroom. This study showed that introducing the scientific literature in an allied health microbiology class can be an effective way of teaching microbiology by providing meaning through the current literature and understanding of the scientific method.

  14. Characteristics of patients with measles admitted to allied hospital rawalpindi

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sultana, A.; Sabir, S.A.; Awan, A.


    Measles, a virus borne droplet infection, is one of the leading causes of death among young children worldwide despite presence of a safe and cost-effective vaccine. Objective of our study was to identify the characteristics of measles patients admitted to Allied Hospitals, Rawalpindi. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted amongst patients admitted with measles in paediatric units of Rawalpindi Medical College Allied Hospitals, Rawalpindi. A standard proforma was used to collect data from the respondents. Results: A total of 55 patients (mean age-29.36 months) with measles were included in the study. 65.5% children were vaccinated while 34.5% were not vaccinated. Among those vaccinated 14 were male. Out of the vaccinated children 52.6% were residents of middle class areas, 31.6% lower middle class area, 10.5% upper middle class areas and 5.3% rural areas. In 55.0% of patients who were vaccinated with at least one dose of measles at nine month of age the estimated calendar months of vaccination was March to April while in 30% the overall climatic period of vaccination was of summer (May to September). Twenty one study subjects were exposed to a case of measles in the family and thirty five out of all developed at least one known complication of the disease. Pneumonia was the most common complication reported in patients (63.6%) followed by diarrhoea (27.3%). Conclusion: Majority of the patients suffering from measles were not vaccinated and the most common reason for failure to immunize children was lack of awareness. Educated and well off fathers were more likely to get their children immunized. The vaccinated children who developed measles majority were vaccinated during months of March, April and May. (author)

  15. USCYBERCOM: The Need for a Combatant Command versus a Subunified Command (United States)


    physical infrastructure (transport layer), massed data/information (storage, transmittal, and transaction), and the result- ing critical...SCADA, physical infrastructure , and so forth. The cyber domain is suf- ficiently different from other warfighting domains that it requires a command

  16. Atomic Army: The Roles of the U.S. Army in America’s Nuclear Endeavors (United States)


    ROAD Reorganization Objectives Army Division ROK Republic of Korea SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander, Europe SADM Special Atomic Demolition Munitions...been able to construct a nuclear bomb without the contributions of dedicated and ingenious civilian scientists, engineers, and technicians or the...Reorganization Objectives Army Division ( ROAD ).369 ROADs typically consisted of three brigades armed with both nuclear and conventional weapons, and they

  17. 22 CFR 123.27 - Special licensing regime for export to U.S. allies of commercial communications satellite... (United States)


    .... allies of commercial communications satellite components, systems, parts, accessories, attachments and... export to U.S. allies of commercial communications satellite components, systems, parts, accessories... associated technical data for commercial communications satellites, and who are so registered with the...

  18. A Multidisciplinary Allied Health Faculty Team: Formation and First Year Production of Problem-Based Learning in Gerontology/Geriatrics. (United States)

    Silver, Sylvia


    Describes how a multidisciplinary team developed problem-based cases related to older adults for allied health students to explore gerontology/geriatrics issues in the Mid-Atlantic Allied Health Geriatric Education Center. (SK)

  19. Pilot implementation of allied health assistant roles within publicly funded health services in Queensland, Australia: results of a workplace audit


    Stute, Michelle; Hurwood, Andrea; Hulcombe, Julie; Kuipers, Pim


    Background Allied health assistants provide delegated support for physical therapists, occupational therapists and other allied health professionals. Unfortunately the role statements, scope of practice and career pathways of these assistant positions are often unclear. To inform the future development of the allied health assistant workforce, a state-wide pilot project was implemented and audited. Methods New allied health assistant positions were implemented in numerous settings at three le...

  20. U.S. Africa Command: Shaping Africa for the Future

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sholley, Hans


    .... It is argued the current Unified Command Plan is ill designed to address the complexities of the continent of Africa and that a proposed United States Africa Command would be better positioned...

  1. The Warfighting Capacity of Air Combat Command's Numbered Air Forces

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hanser, Lawrence


    ...) of the Air Combat Command (ACC), General Richard E. Hawley, the ACC Commander, asked if RAND could offer an analysis of the number of NAFs that were needed by ACC to meet warfighting requirements...

  2. Intelligent Tutoring System for Teaching Battlefield Command Reasoning Skills

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Domeshek, Eric


    .... Achieving expert levels of proficiency in high-level command reasoning skills-whether for battlefield commanders or for executives in industry-requires extensive practice, coaching, and feedback...

  3. Maritime Coalitions: When is Unity of Command Required

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Gahlinger, Gregory J


    .... The concepts of Unity of Command, Unity of Effort and Parallel, Lead Nation, or Integrated coalition command structures are viable across a broad spectrum of maritime coalition operations but do have...

  4. Air Mobility Command Global Reach to Africa: Sustained Rapid Global Mobility to United States Africa Command (United States)


    administration was in the midst of the Watergate scandal . This turmoil complicated the problem of assisting Israel with their defense. The US could not...providing to Egyptian and Syrian forces. Israel was a vital ally in the region. However, President Nixon wanted to avoid triggering a significant...War in October 1973. Within hours of President Richard M. Nixon‘s order, MAC was flying supplies east from the CONUS to overseas bases to help Israel

  5. Command and Control Across Space and Cyberspace Domains (United States)


    Command based on mission origin point Another option for command and control when space and cyberspace operations meet is for the geographic...commander to assume C2 where the mission originates . This would likely be at the GCC level since neither space nor cyberspace is frequently delegated...AIR WAR COLLEGE AIR UNIVERSITY COMMAND AND CONTROL ACROSS SPACE AND CYBERSPACE DOMAINS by Jason A. Parish, CDR, USN A Research Report

  6. Soviet command and control in a historical context


    Kern, Jeffrey A.


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited An examination is made of the historical antecedents of present day command and control doctrine in the Soviet Union. The continuity of principal characteristics is demonstrated. The ideological determinants shaping the command and control system are first developed. These include centralism, collective decision-making, unity of command, and redundancy. Practical consequences of these are explored. The functioning of Soviet command...

  7. Commande adaptive d'une machine asynchrone


    Slama-Belkhodja, I.; De Fornel, B.


    Cat article décrit une stratégie de commande adaptive indirecte à Placement de Pôles (PP), appliquée à la commande en vitesse d'une machine asynchrone alimentée par un ensemble hacheur-filtre-onduleur de tension. L'algorithme des Moindres Carrés Récursifs (MCR) est utilisé pour l'identification des modèles de comportement type entrées/sorties. Un intérêt particulier est porté à la mise en oeuvre de cet algorithme et à la discussion de ses résultats, tenant compte des erreurs de modélisation e...

  8. Metadata Analysis at the Command-Line

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mark Phillips


    Full Text Available Over the past few years the University of North Texas Libraries' Digital Projects Unit (DPU has developed a set of metadata analysis tools, processes, and methodologies aimed at helping to focus limited quality control resources on the areas of the collection where they might have the most benefit. The key to this work lies in its simplicity: records harvested from OAI-PMH-enabled digital repositories are transformed into a format that makes them easily parsable using traditional Unix/Linux-based command-line tools. This article describes the overall methodology, introduces two simple open-source tools developed to help with the aforementioned harvesting and breaking, and provides example commands to demonstrate some common metadata analysis requests. All software tools described in the article are available with an open-source license via the author's GitHub account.

  9. Automated constraint checking of spacecraft command sequences (United States)

    Horvath, Joan C.; Alkalaj, Leon J.; Schneider, Karl M.; Spitale, Joseph M.; Le, Dang


    Robotic spacecraft are controlled by onboard sets of commands called "sequences." Determining that sequences will have the desired effect on the spacecraft can be expensive in terms of both labor and computer coding time, with different particular costs for different types of spacecraft. Specification languages and appropriate user interface to the languages can be used to make the most effective use of engineering validation time. This paper describes one specification and verification environment ("SAVE") designed for validating that command sequences have not violated any flight rules. This SAVE system was subsequently adapted for flight use on the TOPEX/Poseidon spacecraft. The relationship of this work to rule-based artificial intelligence and to other specification techniques is discussed, as well as the issues that arise in the transfer of technology from a research prototype to a full flight system.

  10. ARAC: A unique command and control resource

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bradley, M.M.; Baskett, R.L.; Ellis, J.S.


    The Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability (ARAC) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is a centralized federal facility designed to provide real-time, world-wide support to military and civilian command and control centers by predicting the impacts of inadvertent or intentional releases of nuclear, biological, or chemical materials into the atmosphere. ARAC is a complete response system consisting of highly trained and experienced personnel, continually updated computer models, redundant data collection systems, and centralized and remote computer systems. With over 20 years of experience responding to domestic and international incidents, strong linkages with the Department of Defense, and the ability to conduct classified operations, ARAC is a unique command and control resource

  11. The physician expert witness and the U.S. Supreme court--an epidemiologic approach. (United States)

    Norton, Martin L


    It is a fact of life that the physician is occasionally called upon to provide Expert Witness evidence. This is clearly distinct from evidence of a participatory nature where the physician is a party to the act by virtue of the doctor-patient relationship. The purpose of this presentation is to alert the physician to new criteria, imposed by the court, for acceptance of Expert Testimony. Prior to March 23, 1999, expert witness testimony fell into three categories, Scientific, technical, and other specialized knowledge. Scientific knowledge included the conclusions that could be subjected to analysis of a statistical nature, or could be validated by methodology such as epidemiologic criteria. Technical knowledge was based on factors such as mechanical or stress analysis utilized in engineering. Other "specialized knowledge" could be based on experiential data and information not necessarily subject to epidemiologic or other scientific analysis. Therefore, the physician presented his reasoning often based on years of professional practice and publication in journals of clinical practice. On March 23rd 1999, the Supreme Court of the United States changed the criteria for all categories stating that there is "no relevant distinction between 'scientific' knowledge' and 'technical' or 'other specialized knowledge' in Federal Rule of Evidence 702. This momentous decision [Kumho Tire Co. v. Carmichael, (97-1709), 131 F.3d 1433) reversed.] referred back to a previous case [Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals Inc., 509 US. 579,589], which established four criteria based on methods of analysis for t he courts, and was now extended for all expert evidence. Thus the area of expert witness evidence was changed by this momentous act placing the judge as arbiter of all expert evidence, including that of the physician. This paper will offer a brief review and an analysis of the significance of this for the professional involved in the legal system as an expert witness.

  12. Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command exhibit (United States)


    Designed to entertain while educating, StenniSphere at the John C. Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Miss., includes informative displays and exhibits from NASA and other agencies located at Stennis, such as this one from the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command. Visitors can 'travel' three-dimensionally under the sea and check on the weather back home in the Weather Center. StenniSphere is open free of charge from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

  13. Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command exhibit entrance (United States)


    StenniSphere at NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Miss., invites visitors to discover why America comes to Stennis Space Center before going into space. Designed to entertain while educating, StenniSphere includes informative displays and exhibits from NASA and other agencies located at Stennis, such as this one from the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command. Visitors can 'travel' three-dimensionally under the sea and check on the weather back home in the Weather Center.

  14. Coding Military Command as a Promiscuous Practice

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ashcraft, Karen Lee; Muhr, Sara Louise


    by translating the vague promise of queering leadership into a tangible method distinguished by specific habits. The article formulates this analytical practice out of empirical provocations encountered by the authors: namely, a striking mismatch between their experiences in military fields and the dominant...... metaphor of leading as military command. Ultimately, the article seeks to move scholarly practices of leadership toward queer performativity, in the hopes of loosening other leadership practices from a binary grip and pointing toward new relational possibilities...

  15. Command and Control for Distributed Lethality (United States)


    communications over vast distances, and the need for near-real-time coordination means that stakeholders for the distributed lethality concept can encompass a...and methods of effective communication systems. 14. SUBJECT TERMS command and control (C2) distributed lethality system of systems (SOS) model...refinement through simulations of the C2 structure and further research into technologies and methods of effective communication systems. vi THIS PAGE

  16. The Battalion Commander’s Handbook 1984 (United States)


    soldiers for doing something well is a superb, inexpensive, method of building morale and self - esteem . The division was very supportive of awards and...battalion runs and annual PRT’s validated fitness. There are no shortcuts to unit fitness. Soldiers have to exercise aerobically and anaerobically zo...on pride in self and unit. It is nurtured by a mutual trust and respect between the soldier and the chain of command. Exercising the NCO chain of

  17. Tools virtualization for command and control systems (United States)

    Piszczek, Marek; Maciejewski, Marcin; Pomianek, Mateusz; Szustakowski, Mieczysław


    Information management is an inseparable part of the command process. The result is that the person making decisions at the command post interacts with data providing devices in various ways. Tools virtualization process can introduce a number of significant modifications in the design of solutions for management and command. The general idea involves replacing physical devices user interface with their digital representation (so-called Virtual instruments). A more advanced level of the systems "digitalization" is to use the mixed reality environments. In solutions using Augmented reality (AR) customized HMI is displayed to the operator when he approaches to each device. Identification of device is done by image recognition of photo codes. Visualization is achieved by (optical) see-through head mounted display (HMD). Control can be done for example by means of a handheld touch panel. Using the immersive virtual environment, the command center can be digitally reconstructed. Workstation requires only VR system (HMD) and access to information network. Operator can interact with devices in such a way as it would perform in real world (for example with the virtual hands). Because of their procedures (an analysis of central vision, eye tracking) MR systems offers another useful feature of reducing requirements for system data throughput. Due to the fact that at the moment we focus on the single device. Experiments carried out using Moverio BT-200 and SteamVR systems and the results of experimental application testing clearly indicate the ability to create a fully functional information system with the use of mixed reality technology.

  18. European Command Hazardous Material Management Program (United States)


    Hazards/ Bioenvironmental engineering/Health Monitoring Environment UNCLASSIFIED United States European Command “Stronger Together” Unclassified EC J4...4.1) - 51 countries in the AOR • Objective 2.1 War Weapon Control • Objective 2.2 Border Crossing • Objective 2.3 Systems; Business Architecture ... Architecture Requirements o Information for users of hazmat – SDS format, additional European HAZCOM o Information for waste generators – HW profile

  19. Chinas Future SSBN Command and Control Structure (United States)


    nuclear command and control and would require the creation of significant new bureaucratic structures and processes. In this model , as with the hy...Artillery, will assume control of the emergent SSBN force, though such a move would entail substantial revision of China’s bureaucratic structures... models implies different requirements for the PLA’s personnel policies, institutional organization, and physical infrastructure. The article then

  20. Commanders’ Perception of Risk: Enabling Boldness (United States)


    Concerning temperament, even in the epic wars of our past, commanders who were well known to countenance high losses to accomplish the mission were...constantly recalls epic battles won at hard cost is less likely to balk at present hardships. However, this association with the past also 12 engenders...go home and write poetry . He learned the art of glass blowing because it seemed interesting and built a computer with only a magazine as his guide

  1. 32 CFR 700.702 - Responsibility and authority of commanders. (United States)


    ... responsibilities. Normally, commanders shall exercise authority through their immediate subordinate commanders, but... the overall efficiency and readiness of naval forces. Commanders shall exercise positive leadership... located, in regard to internal administration and discipline, as to any other ship or shore activity of...

  2. 76 FR 1975 - Disestablishment of United States Joint Forces Command (United States)


    ... Memorandum of January 6, 2011--Disestablishment of United States Joint Forces Command #0; #0; #0... of United States Joint Forces Command Memorandum for the Secretary of Defense Pursuant to my... States Joint Forces Command, effective on a date to be determined by the Secretary of Defense. I direct...

  3. 14 CFR 417.303 - Command control system requirements. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Command control system requirements. 417... control system requirements. (a) General. When initiated by a flight safety official, a command control... receipt of the signal by the onboard vehicle flight termination system. A command control system must...

  4. Air Force Command and Control: The Need for Increased Adaptability (United States)


    Commander, General Michael Moseley, Coalition Forces Land Component Commander, Lieutenant General Da­ 76 vid McKiernan, Coalition Forces Maritime...Command and Control of Space Assets The unique characteristics of systems operating in the ulti­ mate high ground present special considerations for the C2

  5. Mapping Chinese Agricultural and Allied Sciences Journals Indexed in CAB Abstracts Database

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arundhati Kaushik


    Full Text Available CAB Abstracts published by CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International is the premier database for agricultural and allied sciences literature. The purpose of this study is to determine the extent of index coverage in CAB Abstracts and to identify the core journals in the field of agricultural and allied sciences published in China. The study depicts the trend of Chinese agricultural and allied sciences journals, which is successfully proving a gateway of the agricultural research in China to merge into the main stream of the world.

  6. Thermal Exposure Effects on Properties of Al-Li Alloy Plate Products (United States)

    Shah, Sandeep; Wells, Douglas; Wagner, John; Babel, Henry


    The objective of this viewgraph representation is to evaluate the effects of thermal exposure on the mechanical properties of both production mature and developmental Al-Li alloys. The researchers find for these alloys, the data clearly shows that there is no deficit in mechanical properties at lower exposure temperatures in some cases, and a signficant deficit in mechanical properties at higher exposure temperatures in all cases. Topics considered include: Al-Li alloys composition, key characteristics of Al-Li alloys and thermal exposure matrix.

  7. The use of allied health therapies on competition horses in the North Island of New Zealand. (United States)

    Meredith, K; Bolwell, C F; Rogers, C W; Gee, E K


    To obtain data on the use of allied health therapy within competitive equestrian sport in the North Island of New Zealand. Data were collected during January 2010 by survey at show jumping and dressage championships in the North Island, and from racing yards in the Central Districts of New Zealand. The survey consisted of 30 open, closed and multiple-choice questions, and was conducted face-to-face, by the same interviewer. Information on the demographics of riders or trainers and horses in each discipline (show jumping, dressage, and Thoroughbred racing), the use of allied health therapy (physiotherapy, chiropractic and equine sports massage) on horses, and knowledge of training and qualifications of the allied health therapists was obtained. Univariable and multivariable logistic regression were used to examine relationships between demographic variables and the use of allied health therapists. In total, 110 riders or trainers participated in the survey. The relative contribution of responses across disciplines was 39/110 (36%), 41/110 (37%) and 30/110 (27%) for show jumping, dressage, and Thoroughbred racing respectively. Allied health therapists were used by 68/110 (62%) respondents to treat their horses. The most common types of allied health therapy used were chiropractic (25/68; 37%) and physiotherapy (16/68; 24%). The main reasons for using allied health therapies were for back pain (22/68; 32%) and lameness (17/68; 25%). Only 5/68 (7%) respondents chose a type of allied health therapy based on veterinary advice, and 49/68 (72%) stated that their veterinarian and allied health therapist did not work together when treating their horses. The final multivariable model for use of allied health therapists included the explanatory variables discipline of the rider or trainer and the number of horses in training per season. The use of allied health therapies for the treatment of competition and racehorses was widespread. Many riders or trainers perceived allied

  8. Assessing belief in the 10 commandments: the multidimensional 10 commandments questionnaire. (United States)

    Snell, William E; Overbey, Gail A


    Instruments designed to assess various aspects of religion are widespread, but few have been constructed to assess specific religious values and beliefs. The purpose of the present research was to address this limitation by providing preliminary evidence for the reliability and validity of the Multidimensional 10 Commandments Questionnaire (M10CQ), a self-report instrument that measures belief in the 10 Commandments. Data from three separate samples provided evidence supporting the reliability (i.e., internal consistency) of the M10CQ subscales. Other results indicated that women endorsed many of the 10 Commandments more strongly than men, and that various Commandments predicted people's mental health (less hostility), their parenting style (more authoritarian and authoritative parenting), and their interpersonal attachments (a more trusting bond with others). The findings reported in this research help to identify the ways in which religious values and beliefs are integrated with multiple aspects of people's lives. The discussion highlights the usefulness of the Multidimensional 10 Commandments Questionnaire (M10CQ) for studying religious beliefs and values.

  9. How are allied health notes used for inpatient care and clinical decision-making? A qualitative exploration of the views of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. (United States)

    Pain, Tilley; Kingston, Gail; Askern, Janet; Smith, Rebecca; Phillips, Sandra; Bell, Leanne


    Inpatient care is dependent upon the effective transfer of clinical information across multiple professions. However, documented patient clinical information generated by different professions is not always successfully transferred between them. One obstacle to successful information transfer may be the reader's perception of the information, which is framed in a particular professional context, rather than the information per se. The aim of this research was to investigate how different health professionals perceive allied health documentation and to investigate how clinicians of all experience levels across medicine, nursing and allied health perceive and use allied health notes to inform their decision-making and treatment of patients. The study used a qualitative approach. A total of 53 speech pathologists, nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, dieticians and social workers (8 males; 43 females) from an Australian regional tertiary hospital participated in eleven single discipline focus groups, conducted over 4 months in 2012. Discussions were recorded and transcribed verbatim and coded into themes by content analysis. Six themes contributing to the efficacy of clinical information transference emerged from the data: day-to-day care, patient function, discharge and discharge planning, impact of busy workloads, format and structure of allied health documentation and a holistic approach to patient care. Other professions read and used allied health notes albeit with differences in focus and need. Readers searched for specific pieces of information to answer their own questions and professional needs, in a process akin to purposive sampling. Staff used allied health notes to explore specific aspects of patient function but did not obtain a holistic picture. Improving both the relationship between the various health professions and interpretation of other professions' documented clinical information may reduce the frequency of communication errors, thereby

  10. Tempos de espera no Supremo Tribunal Federal Waiting times in the Brazilian Supreme Court

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudio Weber Abramo


    Full Text Available Expõe-se um método de medir o desempenho de magistrados na decisão de processos judiciais. A estratégia é usada para construir uma ferramenta de monitoramento voltada para o Supremo Tribunal Federal brasileiro. A medida de tempos médios de espera na decisão de causas que tramitam na Corte pode ajudar na formulação de intervenções administrativas destinadas a reduzi-los. A comparação entre as médias observadas em diferentes classes processuais e ramos do Direito pode ajudar a compreender melhor os fatores subjetivos em jogo nas decisões judiciais. A comparação dos desempenhos de magistrados individuais ajuda a melhorar o sistema pelo uso de penalidades reputacionais. A partir do método constata-se que juízes reagem a processos judiciais da mesma forma que sistemas biológicos, mecânicos e eletrônicos reagem a estímulos. A forma assumida pelas distribuições de tempo de decisão medidas ajuda a explicar o pessimismo das percepções populares a respeito da celeridade do judiciário.A method for measuring and monitoring the numerical performance of judges in deciding cases is presented. The strategy has been used to build an internet monitoring tool aimed at the members of the Brazilian Supreme Court. Measuring the expectations for judicial cases to be decided permits drafting administrative interventions aimed at reducing waiting times. Comparing expectations according to types of cases may help to better understand the subjective factors that are in play in judicial decisions. Comparing individual magistrates' performances helps to improve the system by using reputational penalties. It is found that judges react to cases in the same general manner as biological, electronic and mechanical systems react to stimuli. The form of the time distributions measured helps to explain popular perceptions (pessimistic, in the case of Brazil about the judiciary's efficiency.

  11. LMA Supreme for neonatal resuscitation: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. (United States)

    Trevisanuto, Daniele; Cavallin, Francesco; Mardegan, Veronica; Loi, Nguyen Ngoc; Tien, Nguyen Viet; Linh, Tran Dieu; Chien, Tran Dinh; Doglioni, Nicoletta; Chiandetti, Lino; Moccia, Luciano


    The most important action in the resuscitation of a newborn in the delivery room is to establish effective assisted ventilation. The face mask and endotracheal tube are the devices used to achieve this goal. Laryngeal mask airways that fit over the laryngeal inlet have been shown to be effective for ventilating newborns at birth and should be considered as an alternative to facemask ventilation or endotracheal intubation among newborns weighing >2,000 g or delivered ≥34 weeks' gestation. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis of supraglottic airways in neonatal resuscitation reported the results of four randomized controlled trials (RCTs) stating that fewer infants in the group using laryngeal mask airways required endotracheal intubation (1.5%) compared to the group using face masks (12.0%). However, there were methodological concerns over all the RCTs including the fact that the majority of the operators in the trials were anesthesiologists.Our hypothesis is based on the assumption that ventilating newborns needing positive pressure ventilation with a laryngeal mask airway will be more effective than ventilating with a face mask in a setting where neonatal resuscitation is performed by midwives, nurses, and pediatricians. The primary aim of this study will be to assess the effectiveness of the laryngeal mask airway over the face mask in preventing the need for endotracheal intubation. This will be an open, prospective, randomized, single center, clinical trial. In this study, 142 newborns weighing >1,500 g or delivered ≥34 weeks gestation needing positive pressure ventilation at birth will be randomized to be ventilated with a laryngeal mask airway (LMA SupremeTM, LMA Company, UK - intervention group) or with a face mask (control group). Proportion of newborns needing endotracheal intubation. Apgar score at 5 minutes, time to first breath, onset of the first cry, duration of resuscitation, death or moderate to severe hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

  12. What constitutes an excellent allied health care professional? : A multidisciplinary focus group study.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Drs. J.S. Wijkamp; Wolter Paans; Dr. Marca Wolfensberger; E. Wiltens


    Background: Determining what constitutes an excellent allied health care professional (AHCP) is important, since this is what will guide the development of curricula for training future physical therapists, oral hygienists, speech therapists, diagnostic radiographers, and dietitians. This also

  13. Globalized Security: An Allied Industrial Base for the 21st Century

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sullivan, Shannon


    .... The new model would be spread across the allies, rather than centrally focused in the United States, with several prime-integrating contractors at the hub, and supporting or niche specialties along the spokes...

  14. A Risk Assessment Methodology for Divesting Military Capabilities to Allied Nations

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Gastelum, Jason A


    .... can sustain such a level of defense investment. One strategy to offset the increasing burden of defense spending is to divest the procurement and/or sustainment of individual defense capabilities to allied nations...

  15. Engaging men and women as allies: a workplace curriculum module to challenge gender norms about domestic violence, male bullying and workplace violence and encourage ally behavior. (United States)

    Wagner, K C; Yates, Diane; Walcott, Quentin


    This post-hoc analysis discusses a replicable workplace behavior change module called Men and Women As Allies, that was designed and implemented by a team of labor, management and community anti-violence educators at a private sector telecommunications employer. A job site-specific educational seminar linked issues of domestic violence to male bullying and workplace violence. It challenged social stereotypes about gender, taught skills to engage ally peer behavior and provided information on how to seek assistance from union, workplace and external community resources.

  16. U.S. Navy Interoperability with its High-End Allies (United States)


    7 Frederic Ruiz-Ramon, “Is There an Interoperability Gap,” Seguridad y Communicaciones, Volume 11 (May...significant assets to support operations in this arena. For example, the French Navy will soon be putting a nuclear carrier, Charles de Gaulle, into...are out of step with many of its allied submarine forces. Many allied submarines use HF communications and do not have the hardware for SATCOM, which

  17. The Civil Registry of Children Born of Surrogacy Pregnancy: An Investigation Based on Recent Spain Supreme Court Judgments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna Cristina de Carvalho Rettore


    Full Text Available In foreign law, there has been intense debates concerning civil registry of children born of surrogacy pregnancy, when such birth disrespects the country’s norms. Thus, based on the analysis of recent Spain Supreme Court judgments – that is, through a juridical-comparative investigation, using primary and secondary sources –, and considering that although Brazil lacks an express federal law about the issue, a Resolution of the Federal Counsel of Medicine establishing parameters is being generally applied, the paper aims to answer whether or not Brazilian registry should be facilitated for births (demonstrated as not uncommon that disregard such parameters.

  18. The Supreme Federal Court of Brazil and the law of oil; O Supremo Tribunal Federal e a Lei do petroleo

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reis, Marcio Monteiro


    The following paper aims to analyze the local oil legal framework and the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court ('STF') footprint pursuant Constitutional Amendment n. 5. Such Amendment allowed local and international companies to act in the Brazilian oil market. This paper also analyses Law 9.478, which created the National Oil Agency ('ANP') with great innovations to the market. Therefore, a historic timeline comparing the enactment of such rules 'vis-a-vis' certain issues raised before STF through Direct Actions of Unconstitutionality will be presented (author)

  19. A Study of Job Satisfaction - Comparison between the Auditors of Supreme Audit Court and CPAs. An Iranian evidence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahdi Salehi


    Full Text Available In the current study, the job satisfaction of the auditors from the supreme audit court and from CPAs in Iran has been compared in terms of welfare factors, development and promotion opportunities, innovation and creativity possibility, manager and colleague behaviour, job security and passing services. Research findings show that job satisfaction of CPAs depends on the promotion and development opportunities, passing services, on the job training and its quality, on the creativity and innovation possibilities and on job diversity. The results illustrates that there is no meaningful differences in terms of welfare factors, manager and colleague behaviour, job security and social position.

  20. The Issue Animal in the Perspective of the Federal Supreme Court and the "Regulatory Aspects Of Legal Status

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mery Chalfun


    Full Text Available The present work aims to analyze the legal nature of nonhuman animals in the doctrine of Animal Law, legal order and position of the Federal Supreme Court based on judgments that deal with conflict between cultural manifestation and cruelty to animals. Brazilian legislation calls for a multiplicity of positions on the legal nature of animals, which may influence positively or negatively the treatment accorded to them. It can be seen that in the STF the predominance of two understandings: anthropocentric, equivalent to good, while of another biocentric, moral consideration as to the animals and possibility of change of the legal nature.

  1. Women’s rights and minorities’ rights in Canada. The challenges of intersectionality in Supreme Court jurisprudence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Scotti Valentina Rita


    Full Text Available After a discussion of the impact of the principle of equality, entrenched in the Charters approved in Canada since the 1867 British North American Act, this essay then focuses on the related Supreme Court’s adjudications. A brief analysis of the case-law concerning gender equality is followed by the discussion of cases of Aboriginal and Muslim women with the aim of assessing whether intersectionality represents for these groups of women a source of double discrimination. Brief concluding remarks discuss the challenges deriving from the different options for accommodating the principle of equality with cultural rights.

  2. 24 Command Fire Improvement Action Program Plan

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    Fluor Hanford (FH) is responsible for providing support to the Department of Energy Richland Operations Office (RL) in the implementation of the Hanford Emergency Preparedness (EP) program. During fiscal year 2000, a number of program improvements were identified from various sources including a major range fire (24 Command Fire). Evaluations of the emergency preparedness program have confirmed that it currently meets all requirements and that performance of personnel involved is good, however the desire to effect continuous improvement resulted in the development of this improvement program plan. This program plan defines the activities that will be performed in order to achieve the desired performance improvements

  3. Spaceport Command and Control System Automation Testing (United States)

    Plano, Tom


    The goal of automated testing is to create and maintain a cohesive infrastructure of robust tests that could be run independently on a software package in its entirety. To that end, the Spaceport Command and Control System (SCCS) project at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Kennedy Space Center (KSC) has brought in a large group of interns to work side-by-side with full time employees to do just this work. Thus, our job is to implement the tests that will put SCCS through its paces.

  4. Incident Command System - Environmental Unit responsibilities

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hillman, S. O.


    The Incident Command System (ICS) for crisis management, used for response to oil spills by the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company throughout its facilities, including the Trans Alaska Pipeline and the Valdez Marine Terminal, was described. Special attention was given to the Environmental Unit within the ICS which functions as a primary support unit for the Incident Operations Section. Details of the Unit's function were provided. These include the collection, evaluation and dissemination of information on all environmental issues concerning the crisis, provision of advice and direction on environmental aspects, and up-front agency interaction. A checklist of tasks is included. 7 refs

  5. Caucasion allied health students' attitudes towards African Americans: implications for instruction and research. (United States)

    Steed, Robin


    In order to determine Caucasian allied health student racial attitudes towards the African American population, students and faculty of a Southern school of allied health professions were surveyed using the Racial Argument Scale (RAS). A one way ANOVA found a significant difference between allied health programs, p = .008, and post hoc testing found the Occupational Therapy Program's scores to be significantly lower (less negative towards Blacks) than the Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant Program's scores (p = .008 and p = .041 respectively). Student scores overall were significantly higher than faculty scores on the RAS (p = .014). The Speech-Language Pathology, Physician Assistant, and Physical Therapy Programs' scores as well the overall allied health student scores were found to be significantly higher than the population mean, thus indicating a higher negativity towards African Americans. The overall results of this study indicate that negative racial bias may be a serious problem in some allied health programs. Future instruction in cultural competency in allied health programs should address racial bias specifically, taking into account cognitive-perceptual errors that may perpetuate negative racial attitudes.

  6. Footnote in History: Sixth Army Group Operations in the Second World War and Lessons for Contemporary Planners (United States)


    landed on the coastal beaches of the French Riviera 15 August, 3 Marshal de Lattre de Tassigny, The...the Supreme Allied Commander for South East Asia Command in August of 1943, he received a letter from General Eisenhower that contained sage French Corps to seize the town of Stuttgart while the other occupied the Black Forest .41 Most of this maneuver did not meet military necessity, but

  7. Command Disaggregation Attack and Mitigation in Industrial Internet of Things. (United States)

    Xun, Peng; Zhu, Pei-Dong; Hu, Yi-Fan; Cui, Peng-Shuai; Zhang, Yan


    A cyber-physical attack in the industrial Internet of Things can cause severe damage to physical system. In this paper, we focus on the command disaggregation attack, wherein attackers modify disaggregated commands by intruding command aggregators like programmable logic controllers, and then maliciously manipulate the physical process. It is necessary to investigate these attacks, analyze their impact on the physical process, and seek effective detection mechanisms. We depict two different types of command disaggregation attack modes: (1) the command sequence is disordered and (2) disaggregated sub-commands are allocated to wrong actuators. We describe three attack models to implement these modes with going undetected by existing detection methods. A novel and effective framework is provided to detect command disaggregation attacks. The framework utilizes the correlations among two-tier command sequences, including commands from the output of central controller and sub-commands from the input of actuators, to detect attacks before disruptions occur. We have designed components of the framework and explain how to mine and use these correlations to detect attacks. We present two case studies to validate different levels of impact from various attack models and the effectiveness of the detection framework. Finally, we discuss how to enhance the detection framework.

  8. Command Disaggregation Attack and Mitigation in Industrial Internet of Things

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peng Xun


    Full Text Available A cyber-physical attack in the industrial Internet of Things can cause severe damage to physical system. In this paper, we focus on the command disaggregation attack, wherein attackers modify disaggregated commands by intruding command aggregators like programmable logic controllers, and then maliciously manipulate the physical process. It is necessary to investigate these attacks, analyze their impact on the physical process, and seek effective detection mechanisms. We depict two different types of command disaggregation attack modes: (1 the command sequence is disordered and (2 disaggregated sub-commands are allocated to wrong actuators. We describe three attack models to implement these modes with going undetected by existing detection methods. A novel and effective framework is provided to detect command disaggregation attacks. The framework utilizes the correlations among two-tier command sequences, including commands from the output of central controller and sub-commands from the input of actuators, to detect attacks before disruptions occur. We have designed components of the framework and explain how to mine and use these correlations to detect attacks. We present two case studies to validate different levels of impact from various attack models and the effectiveness of the detection framework. Finally, we discuss how to enhance the detection framework.

  9. An Analysis of Special Operations Command - South’s Distributive Command and Control Concept (United States)


    Special Ops aviation unit traverses Bermuda Triangle en route to new home”, News Service Release Number 03082525 (August 2003),, 2007). U.S. Army Special Operations Command. “Special Ops Aviation Unit Traverses Bermuda Triangle En Route to New Home.” News Service Release

  10. Allied Health Field, Eighth Grade. Operation TACT [Toward an Allied Health Career Today] Field Test Curriculum 1973-1975 [and Teachers' Handbook]. (United States)

    Connecticut Univ., Storrs. School of Allied Health Professions.

    The two-part set consists of a student handbook and a related teachers' handbook in allied health education for use at the eighth grade level. The student handbook contains four units: (1) investigating health care needs, (2) mental health--study of different types of job roles and their related activities and skills, (3) treatment--diagnosis of…

  11. Allied Health Field, Seventh Grade. Operation TACT [Toward an Allied Health Career Today] Field Test Curriculum 1973-1975 [and Teachers' Handbook]. (United States)

    Connecticut Univ., Storrs. School of Allied Health Professions.

    The two-part set consists of a student handbook and a related teachers' handbook in allied health education for use at the seventh grade level. The student handbook contains four units: (1) investigating health care needs, (2) mental health--study of different types of job roles and their related activities and skills, (3) treatment--diagnosis of…

  12. Allied health assistants and what they do: A systematic review of the literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucylynn Lizarondo


    Full Text Available Lucylynn Lizarondo1, Saravana Kumar1, Lisa Hyde2, Dawn Skidmore21International Centre for Allied Health Evidence, School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia, Adelaide; 2South Australian Health Allied and Scientific Health Office, Adelaide, AustraliaObjective: Allied health assistants (AHAs are an emerging group in allied health practice with the potential to improve quality of care and safety of patients. This systematic review summarizes the evidence regarding the roles and responsibilities of AHAs and describes the benefits and barriers to utilizing AHAs in current health care settings.Methods: A systematic process of literature searching was undertaken. A search strategy which included a range of electronic databases was searched using key terms. Studies which examined the roles and responsibilities of AHAs (across all allied health disciplines were included in the review. Only publications written in the English language were considered, with no restriction on publication date. Two reviewers independently assessed eligibility of the articles. Data extraction was performed by the same reviewers. A narrative summary of findings was presented.Results: Of the initial 415 papers, 10 studies were included in the review. The majority of papers reported roles performed by general health care assistants or rehabilitation assistants who work in multiple settings or are not specifically affiliated to a health discipline. All ­current AHAs duties have elements of direct patient care and indirect support via clerical and ­administrative or housekeeping tasks. Benefits from the introduction of the AHA role in health care include improved clinical outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, higher-level services, and more “free” time for allied health professionals to concentrate on patients with complex needs. ­Barriers to the use of AHAs are related to blurred role boundaries, which raises issues associated with professional status and

  13. Self-Medication Practice Among Allied and Non-Allied Health Students of the University of Santo Tomas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available – Self-medication is presumed to be widely practiced around the world. This can be defined as the use of drugs to treat self-diagnosed disorders or symptoms, or the intermittent or continued use of a prescribed drug for chronic or recurrent disease or symptoms. High level of education and professional status has also been mentioned as predictive factors for self-medication. Students from the allied and nonallied health institutions of the University of Santo Tomas were assessed for the factors of self-medication practices.A total of 66 graduating students were asked to accomplish the questionnaire. To ensure valid responses, the researchers supervised the respondents on accomplishing the questionnaires. Mean and range summarized the age while counts and percentages summarized the gender, school, practice of selfmedication, therapeutic classes, health conditions, reasons and sources of self-medication. A total of 55 reported that they practice self-medication. On the total 66 respondents practicing self-medication is antibiotics, anti-allergic and antihistamine, and decongestants. The 55 respondents documented headache to be the most self-treated health condition followed by cough and cold, toothache, muscle pain pimples, back/chest pain, dizziness, and diarrhea/constipation. Significantly greater percentage of females (p=0.038 use antibiotics. Respondents with high self-care orientation are self-medicating on antibiotics (p=0.027, anti-allergic (p<0.001, and herbal medicine (p=0.001 than respondents with low self-care orientation.

  14. Prescription data mining, medical privacy and the First Amendment: the U.S. Supreme Court in Sorrell v. IMS health Inc. (United States)

    Boumil, Marcia M; Dunn, Kaitlyn; Ryan, Nancy; Clearwater, Katrina


    In 2011, the United States Supreme Court in Sorrell v. IMS Health Inc. struck down a Vermont law that would restrict the ability of pharmaceutical companies to purchase certain physician-identifiable prescription data without the consent of the prescriber. The law's stated purpose was threefold: to protect the privacy of medical information, to protect the public health and to contain healthcare costs by promoting Vermont's preference in having physicians prescribe more generic drugs. The issue before the Supreme Court was whether the Vermont law represented a legitimate, common sense regulatory program or a bold attempt to suppress commercial speech when the "message" is disfavored by the state. Striking down the law, the Supreme Court applied a heightened level of First Amendment scrutiny to this commercial transaction and held that the Vermont law was not narrowly tailored to protect legitimate privacy interests.

  15. Using HMI Weintek in command of an industrial robot arm (United States)

    Barz, C.; Latinovic, T.; Balan, I. B. A.; Pop-Vadean, A.; Pop, P. P.


    The present paper intends to highlight the utility and importance of HMI in the control of the robotic arm, commanding a Siemens PLC. The touch screen HMI Weinteke MT3070a is the user interface in the process command of Siemens PLC, in which the distances and displacement speeds are introduced on the three axes. The interface includes monitoring robotic arm movement but also allows its command by incrementing step by step the motion over axis.

  16. XTCE: XML Telemetry and Command Exchange Tutorial, XTCE Version 1 (United States)

    Rice, Kevin; Kizzort, Brad


    These presentation slides are a tutorial on XML Telemetry and Command Exchange (XTCE). The goal of XTCE is to provide an industry standard mechanism for describing telemetry and command streams (particularly from satellites.) it wiill lower cost and increase validation over traditional formats, and support exchange or native format.XCTE is designed to describe bit streams, that are typical of telemetry and command in the historic space domain.

  17. [The five commandments for preparing the Israeli healthcare system for emergencies]. (United States)

    Adini, Bruria; Laor, Danny; Cohen, Robert; Lev, Boaz; Israeli, Avi


    In the last decade, the Israeli healthcare system dealt with many casualties that resulted from terrorist actions and at the same time maintained preparedness for other potential hazards such as natural disasters, toxicological, chemical, radiological and biological events. There are various models for emergency preparedness that are utilized in different countries. The aim of the article is to present the structure and the methodology of the Israeli healthcare system for emergencies. Assuring emergency preparedness for the different scenarios is based on 5 major components that include: comprehensive contingency planning; control and command of operations; central control of readiness; capacity building; coordination and collaboration among the numerous emergency agencies. CLose working relationships between the military and civilian systems characterize the operations of the emergency system. There is a mutual sharing of information, coordinated operations to achieve risk assessment and determine priorities, and consensual allocation of resources. The ability of the medical system to operate in optimal coordination with interface bodies, including the Israel Defense Forces, is derived from three main elements: the shortage of resources necessitate that all agencies work together to develop an effective response to emergencies; the Israeli society is characterized by transition of personnel from the military to the civilian system which promotes joint operations, whereas in most other countries these systems are completely separated; and also developing mechanisms for continuous and coordinated operation in routine and emergency times, such as the Supreme Health Authority. The Israeli healthcare system was put to the test several times in the Last decade, during the terror wave that occurred between 2001-2006, the 2nd Lebanon War and in operation "Cast Lead". An extensive process of learning lessons, conducted during and following each of these periods, and the

  18. The best breathing command for abdominal PETCT

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Berthold, T.; Goerres, G.; Burger, C.


    Aim: To evaluate the best breathing command for combined PETCT scanning on a in-line system (Discovery LS, GEMS). Material and Methods: Eight patients underwent FDG PET and CT for attenuation correction and image co-registration on a combined PETCT scanner. CT was acquired during maximum inspiration (MaxInsp) with a starting point at the level of the head. Patients kept their breath for approximately 20 seconds. Then, a CT scan was acquired during normal expiration (NormExp), which corresponded to the respiratory level reached when the patient first inhaled and then exhaled without forcing expiration. Again, CT started at the head and patients kept their breath for approximately 20 seconds. In a third run, patients performed again the NormExp breathing manoeuvre but the breathing command was given after the start of the CT scan. Using this respiration protocol, the hold on time for the patients was between 10 and 15 seconds. All PET images were corrected for attenuation using the CT-based attenuation maps acquired with these three respiration protocols and then were reconstructed using an iterative algorithm. Results: In all patients, attenuation correction of the PET image using the CT scan acquired during MaxInsp caused mis-correction, which mimicked a decrease of FDG concentration in the base of the lungs. During MaxInsp the upper abdominal organs change their position and air filling of the lower lung zone is increased, thus, causing an underestimation of correction values. Subtraction images of the CT scans acquired during MaxInsp and NormExp illustrate the range of organ movements. Subtraction images of the attenuation corrected PET scans illustrate the deterioration of the final PET image. CT acquisition during NormExp provides better PET and co-registered PET/CT images. Using the shorter breath hold time the visual image quality was good in all patients. Conclusion: CT based attenuation correction can severely deteriorate PET image quality, if the CT scan

  19. Commander's Decision Aid for Predictive Battlespace Awareness (CDA4PBA)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Calhoun, Christopher S; Fitzhugh, Elisabeth W; Klinger, David W


    ...), was to develop and demonstrate human-centered decision-making technologies to improve processes, performance, tools, and training to support a commander's predictive battlespace awareness ability...

  20. Contractor Support on the Battlefield -- Increased Reliance Requires Commander's Attention

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Maloney, Kathy J


    .... Department of Defense initiatives to adopt a leaner business strategy, increase efficiency, and reduce expenditures have exposed the battlefield commander to additional operational risk centered...

  1. U.S. Special Operations Command Training and Education Program

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Gimble, Thomas


    .... Special Operations Command (USCINCSOC), to train assigned forces to meet special operations mission taskings and to ensure interoperability with conventional forces and other special operations forces (SOF...

  2. When Contractors Deploy: A Guide for the Operational Commander

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Buhler, Carl


    .... Furthermore, this paper also lists four recommendations for operational commanders and the military on how to better integrate contractors into the military effort, especially during hostile combat situations...

  3. Quality improvement – rival or ally of practice development?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gavin Lavery


    Full Text Available The majority of nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and other healthcare staff possess a strong desire to provide the best possible care and experience for their patients. Unfortunately, this sometimes falls short of what was planned or intended (Institute of Medicine, 2001, p 23. The gap between care intended and care delivered can be explained by problems with systems and processes and/or people and culture. The narrowing of this gap is the focus of many strategies, methodologies and approaches. Practice development is described as ‘an activity focused on developing people and practice for the ultimate purpose of achieving high-quality person-centred care’ and a ‘methodology that aims to achieve effective workplace cultures that are person-centred’ (Shaw, 2012; Manley et al., 2014. Practice development undoubtedly has a strong focus on people and culture and the potential to change processes and systems. Another approach, widely referred to as quality improvement, aims to improve safety, effectiveness and person-centredness in healthcare using principles proven effective in other industries such as manufacturing – notably car manufacturing (Toyota, oil production, nuclear power and aviation. The fundamental principles of quality improvement for healthcare include making care reliable (every patient receiving care as intended every time, using well-designed processes and reducing variation (agreeing a consistent way to provide care. At first glance this may appear to be an approach suited only to systems and processes. However, better processes, designed by those who use them, resulting in fewer errors and less re-working or working around problems, can reduce stress on staff, offer greater job satisfaction with improved morale and free up time to provide person-centred care. In his report, A Promise to Learn – a Commitment to Act (2013, p 24, Professor Don Berwick says: ‘Mastery of quality and patient safety sciences and

  4. A spacecraft computer repairable via command. (United States)

    Fimmel, R. O.; Baker, T. E.


    The MULTIPAC is a central data system developed for deep-space probes with the distinctive feature that it may be repaired during flight via command and telemetry links by reprogramming around the failed unit. The computer organization uses pools of identical modules which the program organizes into one or more computers called processors. The interaction of these modules is dynamically controlled by the program rather than hardware. In the event of a failure, new programs are entered which reorganize the central data system with a somewhat reduced total processing capability aboard the spacecraft. Emphasis is placed on the evolution of the system architecture and the final overall system design rather than the specific logic design.

  5. X-57 Power and Command System Design (United States)

    Clarke, Sean; Redifer, Matthew; Papathakis, Kurt; Samuel, Aamod; Foster, Trevor


    This paper describes the power and command system architecture of the X-57 Maxwell flight demonstrator aircraft. The X-57 is an experimental aircraft designed to demonstrate radically improved aircraft efficiency with a 3.5 times aero-propulsive efficiency gain at a "high-speed cruise" flight condition for comparable general aviation aircraft. These gains are enabled by integrating the design of a new, optimized wing and a new electric propulsion system. As a result, the X-57 vehicle takes advantage of the new capabilities afforded by electric motors as primary propulsors. Integrating new technologies into critical systems in experimental aircraft poses unique challenges that require careful design considerations across the entire vehicle system, such as qualification of new propulsors (motors, in the case of the X-57 aircraft), compatibility of existing systems with a new electric power distribution bus, and instrumentation and monitoring of newly qualified propulsion system devices.

  6. Post-Soviet nuclear command and security

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Garwin, R.L.


    Traditionally, any nuclear command system must reckon with conflicting requirements. The system must ensure that weapons will be launched reliably when ordered, a goal known as positive control. But negative control, ensuring that the weapons will not be used without an authentic order, is also essential. These goals are often in tension; steps to make it more difficult to launch without authorization can make it less certain that weapons will be launched when desired, and vice versa. The balance struck between the two naturally shifts, with increased emphasis on negative control in peacetime, and on positive control in a major crisis. Under present circumstances, with virtually no threat of deliberate nuclear attack, both the US and Russia should be putting their emphasis overwhelmingly on ensuring negative control

  7. A multidisciplinary model of rural allied health clinical-academic practice: a case study. (United States)

    Smith, Tony; Brown, Leanne; Cooper, Rodney


    The provision of high-quality health care to rural and remote populations requires recruitment and retention initiatives that target the allied health professions as well as medicine and nursing. This report describes a model of discipline-specific rural allied health practice that has been established in the Northern New South Wales University Department of Rural Health in Tamworth, Australia. Allied health academic staff members have been appointed in nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy, diagnostic radiography, physiotherapy, and pharmacy. The appointees are required to teach in programs managed by the University of Newcastle Faculty of Health, develop and support continuing education opportunities for their professional colleagues, conduct and supervise research, and perform clinical practice in their field. The positions thus integrate both clinical and academic roles. The integration of roles has been successful in increasing the number and quality of student placements by close collaboration with local clinicians. Overlapping of the clinical, research, and education roles has also encouraged clinicians involvement in research and further education and generally promoted collaboration across the health service and tertiary education sectors in the region. The integrated model of allied health clinical-academic practice has been effective in helping the University Department of Rural Health achieve its objectives. The model has great potential to promote collaboration and partnership between health service and academic institutions. Extending the model to other allied health disciplines and other regions could help to improve recruitment and retention.

  8. Expanded function allied dental personnel and dental practice productivity and efficiency. (United States)

    Beazoglou, Tryfon J; Chen, Lei; Lazar, Vickie F; Brown, L Jackson; Ray, Subhash C; Heffley, Dennis R; Berg, Rob; Bailit, Howard L


    This study examined the impact of expanded function allied dental personnel on the productivity and efficiency of general dental practices. Detailed practice financial and clinical data were obtained from a convenience sample of 154 general dental practices in Colorado. In this state, expanded function dental assistants can provide a wide range of reversible dental services/procedures, and dental hygienists can give local anesthesia. The survey identified practices that currently use expanded function allied dental personnel and the specific services/procedures delegated. Practice productivity was measured using patient visits, gross billings, and net income. Practice efficiency was assessed using a multivariate linear program, Data Envelopment Analysis. Sixty-four percent of the practices were found to use expanded function allied dental personnel, and on average they delegated 31.4 percent of delegatable services/procedures. Practices that used expanded function allied dental personnel treated more patients and had higher gross billings and net incomes than those practices that did not; the more services they delegated, the higher was the practice's productivity and efficiency. The effective use of expanded function allied dental personnel has the potential to substantially expand the capacity of general dental practices to treat more patients and to generate higher incomes for dental practices.

  9. Allied Medical Publication AMedP-7.6(A), Commander’s Guide to Medical Operations in Support of CBRN Defensive Operations: Study Draft 1 (United States)


    potential adverse reactions and/or operational degradation. 4. As noted in Chapter 1, a CBRN environment presents a number of unique challenges for...Surveillance Centre (DHSC) National forces— veterinary , public health, occupational health National reach-back capabilities Guidance on issues...countermeasures and seek attack? appropriate authority to use them lmmunise personnel (if suitable vaccine available) ID particularly vulnerable targets

  10. Mission Command: The Historical Roots of Mission Command in the US Army (United States)


    Atlases , Accessed December 26, 2014, / General Taylor’s assistant aide on 8 and 9 May 1846. 13 could not keep pace with the speed of the battle and were of little use for the... speed at which combat took place; General Taylor relied on subordinate commanders to operate in a decentralized manner to seize the initiative when

  11. Joint Force Cyberspace Component Command: Establishing Cyberspace Operations Unity of Effort for the Joint Force Commander (United States)


    expressed herein are those of the student author and do not neces- sarily represent the views of the US Army Command and General Staff college or any...strengths, the United States and DoD knowledge of cyberspace combined with the United States technical prowess and spirit of entrepreneurship provide us...Evera, Stephen. Guide to Methods for Students of Political Science. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1997. Williams, Brett T. “The Joint

  12. Defense Headquarters: Geographic Combatant Commands Rely on Subordinate Commands for Mission Management and Execution (United States)


    knowledgeable officials regarding the authorized personnel at each command and how they meet their assigned missions. We included 5 of the 6 geographic...findings and conclusions based on our audit objectives . We believe that the evidence obtained provides a reasonable basis for our findings and...conclusions based on our audit objectives . In summary, we found data provided by DOD shows that 22,170 total authorized permanent and temporary military and

  13. The Unified Command Plan and Combatant Commands: Background and Issues for Congress (United States)


    along with the Indian Ocean islands of Comoros, Madagascar , Mauritius, and Seychelles. U.S. Central Command maintains its traditional relationship...Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the waters around Central and South America extending into the Pacific to the Galapagos Island . Marine Corps Forces U.S...responsible for U.S. military relations with 54 African countries including the islands of Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, and Sao Tome and Principe

  14. The use of augmented reality in command and control situation ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study identifies possible uses of augmented reality in command and control applications with specific attention to situation awareness in the South African context. Applications across the different command and control functions, as well as at the different levels of military operations are considered. The article concludes ...

  15. Doublet III neutral beam multi-stream command language system

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Campbell, L.; Garcia, J.R.


    A multi-stream command language system was developed to provide control of the dual source neutral beam injectors on the Doublet III experiment at GA Technologies Inc. The Neutral Beam command language system consists of three parts: compiler, sequencer, and interactive task. The command language, which was derived from the Doublet III tokamak command language, POPS, is compiled, using a recursive descent compiler, into reverse polish notation instructions which then can be executed by the sequencer task. The interactive task accepts operator commands via a keyboard. The interactive task directs the operation of three input streams, creating commands which are then executed by the sequencer. The streams correspond to the two sources within a Doublet III neutral beam, plus an interactive stream. The sequencer multiplexes the execution of instructions from these three streams. The instructions include reads and writes to an operator terminal, arithmetic computations, intrinsic functions such as CAMAC input and output, and logical instructions. The neutral beam command language system was implemented using Modular Computer Systems (ModComp) Pascal and consists of two tasks running on a ModComp Classic IV computer. The two tasks, the interactive and the sequencer, run independently and communicate using shared memory regions. The compiler runs as an overlay to the interactive task when so directed by operator commands. The system is succesfully being used to operate the three neutral beams on Doublet III

  16. Development and Validation of Nigerian Army Commanding Officers ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The research adopted an ex-post-facto design based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of data. Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) were conducted with commanding officers. The FGDs were conducted with officers purposively drawn from incumbent commanding officers in the Nigerian ...

  17. Engagement Skills Trainer: The Commander’s Perspective (United States)


    commanders always emphasized SHARP ( Sexual Harassment and Response Program) training, the battery commander may vividly recall those events but not the range...searching existing data sources, gathering and maintaining the data needed, and completing and reviewing this collection of information. Send comments...Question .......................................................................................................... 5 Data Collection Plan

  18. Measuring Command Post Operations in a Decisive Action Training Environment (United States)


    Vowels, C. L., Thomas, J. C., & Getchell, F. G. (2016). Assessing sustainment operations in a Decisive Action Training Environment . (ARI Research...Research Report 2001 Measuring Command Post Operations in a Decisive Action Training Environment Michelle N...September 2014 - September 2015 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Measuring Command Post Operations in a Decisive Action Training Environment 5a

  19. 32 CFR 809a.10 - Military commanders' responsibilities. (United States)


    ... authorities as soon as possible. (c) Military forces will ordinarily exercise police powers previously... 32 National Defense 6 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Military commanders' responsibilities. 809a.10... Disturbance Intervention and Disaster Assistance § 809a.10 Military commanders' responsibilities. (a...

  20. Team Cognition in Experienced Command-and-Control Teams (United States)

    Cooke, Nancy J.; Gorman, Jamie C.; Duran, Jasmine L.; Taylor, Amanda R.


    Team cognition in experienced command-and-control teams is examined in an UAV (Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle) simulation. Five 3-person teams with experience working together in a command-and-control setting were compared to 10 inexperienced teams. Each team participated in five 40-min missions of a simulation in which interdependent team members…

  1. Introduction to Command, Control, and Communications: A Primer (United States)


    CSSE Combat Service Support Element CSSOC Combat Service Support Operations Center CTAPS Contingency TACS Air Planning System CTE Commander Task Element...maker. b. C2 Analogy To illustrate the C2 process, Coakley uses the analogy of a head coach of a football team and compares it to that of a commander

  2. Army Aviation and the Mission Command Warfighting Function (United States)


    23 Figure 3. Planning Cells Time Horizon ...........................................................................34 Figure 4. Mission...understand how the MCIS fits into their mission command process. Additionally, it may prevent an overreliance on the MCIS for over the horizon ...timely, usable, complete, precise, and reliable. Commanders must consider how they configure their MCS to account for the increased volume of

  3. Turn-based gaming for convoy commander training

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boonekamp, R.C.; Muller, T.J.; Vrijer, J.C. de


    With the increasing complexity of current-day military operations, effective education and training of military commanders is of vital importance. Commanders need to perform within a broader range of conflicts; unpredictable threats and civil-military interaction place a great demand on their

  4. American alliances and nuclear non-proliferation. The end of nuclear weapon activities of US allies

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Schneider, Jonas


    Jonas Schneider tackles a question that is of great interest both to scholars of nuclear proliferation and to practitioners of nonproliferation diplomacy: Why do some political leaders of U.S. allies agree to abandon their nation's nuclear weapons activities, while others - who are often members of the same allied government and sometimes even of the same political party - steadfastly reject such a course reversal? Our existing stock of theories does not fare well in accounting for this important variation in leaders' attitudes. To solve this puzzle, Schneider develops an innovative theory that draws on the individual status conceptions of allied political leaders. Subsequently, the author undertakes to test his theory using four thoroughly researched case studies, and he derives important lessons for international nonproliferation diplomacy toward the Middle East and Northeast Asia.

  5. Rethinking policies for the retention of allied health professionals in rural areas: a social relations approach. (United States)

    O'Toole, Kevin; Schoo, Adrian; Stagnitti, Karen; Cuss, Kate


    Retaining allied health professionals in rural areas is a recognised problem. Generally the literature has concentrated on three elements: practitioner needs, community needs and organisational needs. There has been little attempt to focus other types of social relations in which health practitioner retention and recruitment takes place. The aim of this paper is to question the present dominant hierarchical approach taken in relation to the retention of allied health professionals in rural localities. The data derives from a survey in Southwest Victoria, Australia. The sample was purposive rather than representative as it was intended to be exploratory in nature rather than definitive. The data indicates that there is a greater tendency for allied health professionals in private practice to be retained in rural areas than those in the public sector. The paper concludes by raising some questions about the pertinence of present models for regional health initiatives since they are locked into a bureaucratic model where relationships are hierarchical and asymmetrically controlled.

  6. Esperienze estetiche nella quotidianità. Il caso delle tavole da skateboard: Damien Hirst e Supreme, Palace e Tate Britain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matilde Greci


    Full Text Available A reflection on the aesthetic status of some typical objects of everyday life, and the relationship we have with them, may originate from the development of “aesthetic experience” by John Dewey and Neopragmatism. The continuity between the common practices and aesthetic ones determines the significance of ordinary objects if they are linked to a project of enrichment and fulfillment of experience. A case that thematizes the richness of these practices in the contemporary world, and also the related theoretical and critical problems, is the production of skateboards. An established artist like Damien Hirst collaborates with the NYC-based streetwear brand Supreme; a new London-based brand, Palace Skateboards, and Tate realize together a few skateboard and a video.

  7. Reference to Foreign Law in the Supreme Courts of Britain and the Netherlands: Explaining the Development of Judicial Practices

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elaine Mak


    Full Text Available How do judges decide cases in a globalised legal context, characterised by the increased interconnections between legal systems and between actors in these legal systems? In this article, firstly, four types of variables (constitutional, institutional, organisational, and personal which influence judicial practices are described, and it is shown how these variables shape the judicial decision-making of the highest courts in liberal-democratic legal systems. Secondly, the specific development of the use of foreign law in the Supreme Courts of the UK and the Netherlands is analysed in light of the identified variables. In this way, some general insights are provided into the development of judicial decision-making under the effects of globalisation, and it is made clear what the national highest courts can and may do in the specific context in which they are functioning.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Harvey G. Hudspeth


    Full Text Available This paper examines the dramatic rise of the Roosevelt Court between the years 1937 and 1941. Having gone through his first term of office without a single Supreme Court appointment, Franklin Roosevelt was to be given the opportunity during his second term to make no less than five nominations with an additional four coming in his third term. Initially, however, he was to face great controversy; first with his notorious “Court Packing” scheme of 1937, followed quickly by revelations that his first Court appointee, Hugo Black, had once been affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan. Weathering these early defeats, however, Franklin Roosevelt ultimately won his war against the “Nine Old Men” to turn the Court towards economic liberalism. This paper traces the course of Roosevelt’s struggle, his early losses, and his ultimate victory.

  9. Aborto na Suprema Corte: o caso da anencefalia no Brasil Abortion at the Supreme Court: the anencephaly case in Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Debora Diniz


    Full Text Available Este artigo analisa o desafio jurídico e ético imposto pela anencefalia ao debate sobre direitos reprodutivos no Brasil. O fio condutor da análise é a ação de anencefalia apresentada ao Supremo Tribunal Federal em 2004. O artigo demonstra como o debate sobre o aborto provoca os fundamentos constitucionais da laicidade do Estado brasileiro e expõe a fragilidade da razão pública em temas de direitos reprodutivos, em especial sobre o aborto.This paper analyses the ethical and legal challenges of the anencephaly case in Brazil. The case study is the Supreme Court case on anencephaly proposed in 2004. This paper shows how the abortion debate forces the fundamentals of the Brazilian secular state and demonstrates the weakness of the public reason to mediate reproductive rights, mainly abortion, in Brazil.

  10. Suggestive eyewitness identification procedures and the Supreme Court's reliability test in light of eyewitness science: 30 years later. (United States)

    Wells, Gary L; Quinlivan, Deah S


    The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling concerning suggestive eyewitness identification procedures (Manson v. Braithwaite, 1977, 432 U.S. 98) has not been revisited by the Court in the intervening 30+ years. Meanwhile, scientific studies of eyewitnesses have progressed and DNA exonerations show that mistaken identification is the primary cause of convictions of the innocent. We analyzed the two-inquiry logic in Manson in light of eyewitness science. Several problems are discussed. Ironically, we note that suggestive identification procedures (determined in the first inquiry) boost the eyewitnesses' standing on three of the five criteria (used in the second inquiry) that are used to decide whether the suggestive procedures were a problem. The net effect undermines safeguards intended by the Court and destroys incentives to avoid suggestive procedures.

  11. Irrigation and crop management in Gandak Canal command of India

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Singh, S.S.; Khan, A.R.


    The Gandak Project is one of the biggest irrigation projects in India, covering a culturable command area (CCA) of 4.44 lakh ha in U.P., 9.6 lakh ha CCA in Bihar and 0.44 lakh ha in Nepal (Singh and Khan, 2002). The total culturable command areas are 14.44 lakh hectares. The command area is located in between latitude 25 deg 40' to 27 deg 25' and longitude between 83 deg 15' to 85 deg 15'. It is a diversion project through construction of a barrage on the river Gandak. This project area covers up to five districts in the Command of Tirhut Main Canal (TMC) and 3 districts in the Saran Main Canal (SMC) command. The length of main canal is usually long (990 and 650 R.D.'s in eastern and western side, respectively) and the channels are unlined and seepage loss is quite high. (author)

  12. Allie: a database and a search service of abbreviations and long forms. (United States)

    Yamamoto, Yasunori; Yamaguchi, Atsuko; Bono, Hidemasa; Takagi, Toshihisa


    Many abbreviations are used in the literature especially in the life sciences, and polysemous abbreviations appear frequently, making it difficult to read and understand scientific papers that are outside of a reader's expertise. Thus, we have developed Allie, a database and a search service of abbreviations and their long forms (a.k.a. full forms or definitions). Allie searches for abbreviations and their corresponding long forms in a database that we have generated based on all titles and abstracts in MEDLINE. When a user query matches an abbreviation, Allie returns all potential long forms of the query along with their bibliographic data (i.e. title and publication year). In addition, for each candidate, co-occurring abbreviations and a research field in which it frequently appears in the MEDLINE data are displayed. This function helps users learn about the context in which an abbreviation appears. To deal with synonymous long forms, we use a dictionary called GENA that contains domain-specific terms such as gene, protein or disease names along with their synonymic information. Conceptually identical domain-specific terms are regarded as one term, and then conceptually identical abbreviation-long form pairs are grouped taking into account their appearance in MEDLINE. To keep up with new abbreviations that are continuously introduced, Allie has an automatic update system. In addition, the database of abbreviations and their long forms with their corresponding PubMed IDs is constructed and updated weekly. Database URL: The Allie service is available at

  13. Allie: a database and a search service of abbreviations and long forms (United States)

    Yamamoto, Yasunori; Yamaguchi, Atsuko; Bono, Hidemasa; Takagi, Toshihisa


    Many abbreviations are used in the literature especially in the life sciences, and polysemous abbreviations appear frequently, making it difficult to read and understand scientific papers that are outside of a reader’s expertise. Thus, we have developed Allie, a database and a search service of abbreviations and their long forms (a.k.a. full forms or definitions). Allie searches for abbreviations and their corresponding long forms in a database that we have generated based on all titles and abstracts in MEDLINE. When a user query matches an abbreviation, Allie returns all potential long forms of the query along with their bibliographic data (i.e. title and publication year). In addition, for each candidate, co-occurring abbreviations and a research field in which it frequently appears in the MEDLINE data are displayed. This function helps users learn about the context in which an abbreviation appears. To deal with synonymous long forms, we use a dictionary called GENA that contains domain-specific terms such as gene, protein or disease names along with their synonymic information. Conceptually identical domain-specific terms are regarded as one term, and then conceptually identical abbreviation-long form pairs are grouped taking into account their appearance in MEDLINE. To keep up with new abbreviations that are continuously introduced, Allie has an automatic update system. In addition, the database of abbreviations and their long forms with their corresponding PubMed IDs is constructed and updated weekly. Database URL: The Allie service is available at PMID:21498548

  14. The US Supreme Court in Mayo v. Prometheus - Taking the fire from or to biotechnology and personalized medicine?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Minssen, Timo; Nilsson, David


    On 20 March 2012, the US Supreme Court handed down its much awaited patent eligibility- ruling in the dispute between Prometheus Laboratories Inc (“Prometheus”), acting as plaintiffs, and Mayo Medical Laboratories (“Mayo”), as alleged infringers of Prometheus’ licensed patents. This case review w...

  15. Does the U.S. Supreme Court's Recent Activism in Reviewing Educational Disputes Make the Attempt To Implement a Code of Professional Ethics for Educators a Vain Effort? (United States)

    Petronicolos, Loucas

    This paper explores whether or not the recent increase of interest by the U.S. Supreme Court in educational disputes results in a gradual reduction in the role that professional ethics plays in educators' everyday decisions. It is argued that there are links between an educator's professional ethics and constitutional justice. The increase in…

  16. The Nursing & Allied Health (CINAHL) data base: a guide to effective searching. (United States)

    Fishel, C C


    The Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature is now available online through both BRS and DIALOG. Known as the NURSING & ALLIED HEALTH (CINAHL) file, it is the data base of choice for professionals in these fields. Unlike the National Library of Medicine's Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), CINAHL has a strong nursing orientation and a specific, current nursing vocabulary. Search techniques are similar to those used on MEDLINE since CINAHL has adopted the powerful MeSH tree structure format. The arrival of this data base is a significant advance for the nursing profession.

  17. Mechanical properties of ultra-fine grained structure formed in Al-Li alloys

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Adamczyk-Cieslak, B.; Lewandowska, M.; Mizera, J.; Kurzydlowski, K.J.


    This paper describes the mechanical properties (microhardness, yield stress) of two model Al-Li alloys by the Equal-Channel-Angular-Extrusion (ECAE) process. The applied ECAE process reduced the grain size from an initial value of ∼300 μm to a value of ∼0.7 μm leading to profound increase of plastic flow resistance. Such an increase is related to the grain size refinement and strengthening due to Li atoms in solid solution. Microhardness data confirm the Hall - Petch relation for grain sizes not available so far in Al-Li alloys. (author)

  18. The randomized crossover comparison of airway sealing with the laryngeal mask airway Supreme(™) at three different intracuff pressures in children. (United States)

    Choi, Kwan-Woong; Lee, Jeong-Rim; Oh, Jung-Tak; Kim, Dong Wook; Kim, Min-Soo


    An intracuff pressure of 80 cm H2 O in the adult-sized laryngeal mask airway Supreme has been recommended to obtain a higher oropharyngeal leak pressure (OLP). However, the intracuff pressure for the higher OLP in the pediatric laryngeal mask airway Supreme could be different from that in the adult-sized laryngeal mask airway Supreme. Thus, we measured and compared OLP at three intracuff pressures of 40, 60, and 80 cm H2 O in the pediatric laryngeal mask airway Supreme. This study was designed as a randomized crossover study and enrolled 36 children, aged 0-108 months and 5-30 kg in weight. After insertion of the laryngeal mask airway Supreme, oropharyngeal leak pressure (OLP) was measured at intracuff pressures of 40, 60, and 80 cm H2 O according to one of six sequences produced on the basis of 3 × 6 Williams crossover design. During the intraoperative period, the laryngeal mask airway Supreme was maintained using the last intracuff pressure of the allocated sequence. The intraoperative and postoperative complications were compared among three maintenance intracuff pressures. OLP at the intracuff pressure of 60 cm H2 O was significantly higher than that of 40 cm H2 O (17.9 ± 3.9 vs 16.9 ± 4.2 cm H2 O, P = 0.004) and was comparable with that of 80 cm H2 O (17.9 ± 3.9 vs 17.8 ± 4.6 cm H2 O, P = 0.938). There were no significant differences of intraoperative and postoperative complications among the three maintenance intracuff pressures. Our results suggest that the use of an intracuff pressure of 60 cm H2 O in pediatric laryngeal mask airway Supreme provides a higher OLP compared with 40 cm H2 O. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  19. White School Counselors Becoming Racial Justice Allies to Students of Color: A Call to the Field of School Counseling (United States)

    Moss, Lauren J.; Singh, Anneliese A.


    White school counselors must consider how racial identity, and whiteness as a construct, influences their work with students of color. This article addresses opportunities for White school counselors regarding how they may become allies to students of color and suggests way in which counselor educators can support the ally identity development in…

  20. Centralized Command and Control of Theater Missile Defense: The Joint Force Missile Defense Component Coordinator

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Bucey, William H


    .... The numerous commands, decentralized command and control, and limited and expensive resources involved in TMD require changes to the joint doctrine in order to provide unity of command and economy of force...

  1. Commander manipulator scoops prestigious mulit-million pound BNFL contract

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bailey, Andrew.


    Twenty-one Commander robotic arms are on order from INBIS (formerly Ricardo Hitec) and BNFL Engineering Limited (''BEL'', the engineering arm of parent company BNFL). The multi-million pound contract was won amid fierce competition from other well-known names in robotic engineering. The specially designed Commander manipulators will be engaged in remotely handling Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) in a suite of four BNFL ILW plants, which are currently either under construction or planned at Sellafield. The first Commander will delivered to BNFL's Sellafield Silo Emptying Project in January 1998. (Author)

  2. Modern National Historiography оn the Attitude of Russian Society to the Entente Allies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samokhina Galina


    Full Text Available The issues on the diplomacy in public opinion and public consciousness is becoming increasingly important in modern domestic research on the history of Russia’s foreign policy. The article analyzes the works devoted to the social perception of Russia’s relations with allies in the Entente. The attention is paid to the historiography of the foreign political ideas of liberal and conservative leaders represented in political discourse, nonfiction works and periodicals. Liberals and conservatives were not only the object of public judgements – they formed them as well. A significant range of works deals with the problem of the relationship between the Entente allies and the Russian population. The social perception of England and France is considered by researchers both at the level of direct political, economic and military contacts, and based on an abstract image of an ally in the mass consciousness. The evolution of public perceptions of the allies was determined by the situation in the country and on the fronts and by the role of foreign stereotypes. The author analyzes the interconnection of alliance issue with the national interests of Russia, reveals research approaches to the study of the development of Patriotic and revolutionary moods, traces the differences in the estimates of England and France. The present study complements the research on diplomatic history, and yet represents a separate research problem.

  3. Developing Allies to Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Youth: Training for Counselors and Educators (United States)

    Case, Kim A.; Meier, S. Colton


    Lack of training regarding transgender youth leaves K-12 educators unprepared to become allies to this disenfranchised community and attend to their needs. This article explores the pedagogical strategies of two professional workshop models (GLSEN Houston training and the Gender Infinity practitioner training), which provide skills and resources…

  4. Extending the Ally Model of Social Justice to Social Work Pedagogy (United States)

    Gibson, Priscilla Ann


    Social work students, regardless of their multiple social identities in oppressed and oppressor groups, are called upon to take action against social injustice. This conceptual article introduces the Ally Model of social justice and its alignment with social work values and goals and recommends it to social work educators as a pedagogical tool to…

  5. Nutrition/Dietetics Discipline Advisory Group Final Report. Kentucky Allied Health Project. (United States)

    Kentucky Council on Public Higher Education, Frankfort.

    Education in nutrition/dietetics in Kentucky and articulation within the field are examined, based on the Kentucky Allied Health Project (KAHP), which designed an articulated statewide system to promote entry and exit of personnel at a variety of educational levels. The KAHP model promotes articulation in learning, planning, and resource…

  6. A Reaction to: What about Health Educators? Nutrition Education for Allied Health Professionals (United States)

    Turner, Lori W.; Knol, Linda; Meyer, Mary Kay


    "What about Health Educators? Nutrition Education for Allied Health Professionals" describes an important issue in health care that is the provision of nutrition education. Obesity and chronic disease rates are rapidly increasing. Due to increase in the prevalence rates of obesity and nutrition-related chronic diseases, there is a growing need for…

  7. 78 FR 1206 - Notice of Intent To Grant Exclusive Patent License; Allied Communications, LLC (United States)


    ... in the United States, the Government- owned inventions described in U.S. Patent No. 7,685,207: Adaptive Web- Based Asset Control System, Navy Case No. 83634, issued March 23, 2010.//U.S. Patent... Department of the Navy Notice of Intent To Grant Exclusive Patent License; Allied Communications, LLC AGENCY...

  8. The Western Allied project to denazify Third Reich feature film stock

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Eeghen, I.


    The three Allied powers that occupied West Germany from 1945 to 1955 subjected the feature film legacy of the Third Reich to a process of denazification. The origins and implementation of this project are examined here along chronological and comparative lines. Part One looks at British and American

  9. Dislocation Dynamics in Al-Li Alloys. Mean Jump Distance and Activation Length of Moving Dislocations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hosson, J.Th.M. De; Huis in 't Veld, A.; Tamler, H.; Kanert, O.


    Pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance proved to be a complementary new technique for the study of moving dislocations in Al-Li alloys. The NMR technique, in combination with transmission electron microscopy and strain-rate change experiments have been applied to study dislocation motion in Al-2.2 wt% Li

  10. Human Anatomy and Physiology--Syllabi for Allied-Health-Career Courses. (United States)

    Cohen, Richard B.

    The syllabus package was developed for two health-related science courses: a two-semester course designed to fulfill the basic human-biology requirements of students enrolled in two-year allied health careers programs and a condensed one-semester course for students enrolled in one-year programs. Each course requires four hours per week. Contents…

  11. Preparedness for allied health professionals: risk communication training in a rural state. (United States)

    Heideman, Mike; Hawley, Suzanne R


    In times of disaster or crisis, all rural health workers, including allied health professionals, are potential first responders. Allied health professionals must therefore be well equipped to deal with the communication needs of the public during a crisis. To meet this need, the state health department in Kansas, an almost entirely rural state, conducted a risk communication needs assessment and message-mapping workshop in cooperation with the Consortium for Risk and Crisis Communication. Through a series of three focus groups, the state's most pressing communication needs were gathered in regard to agricultural, biological, and chemical/radioactive/explosive threats. Based on these needs, content was developed for a message-mapping workshop for 29 allied health professionals and emergency responders. Participants learned appropriate crisis responses to specific areas of concern. Workshop evaluations using a Likert-type response scale revealed that participants' knowledge of risk communication concepts increased to a significant degree following the message-mapping workshop. The risk communication needs assessment and message-mapping workshop represent an important beginning to addressing rural preparedness at a multiagency, grassroots level. Effective emergency response in a rural area depends on the preparedness skill level of allied health professionals as well as emergency responders.

  12. The Allied Health Care Professional's Role in Assisting Medical Decision Making at the End of Life (United States)

    Lambert, Heather


    As a patient approaches the end of life, he or she faces a number of very difficult medical decisions. Allied health care professionals, including speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and occupational therapists (OTs), can be instrumental in assisting their patients to make advance care plans, although their traditional job descriptions do not…

  13. Cotton and Allied Textiles ITB in Two Areas of Training: Marketing and Sales Training (United States)

    Industrial Training International, 1974


    The cotton and Allied Textiles Industrial Training Board believes that training in marketing and sales is still vital to the prosperity of the industry. It hopes to identify the more specific needs of companies, paying special attention to the needs of smaller companies and ensuring that training meets these needs. (Author)

  14. Self-management: challenges for allied healthcare professionals in stroke rehabilitation--a focus group study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Satink, T.J.; Cup, E.H.; Swart, B.J.M. de; Sanden, M.W. van der


    PURPOSE: Self-management has become an important concept in stroke rehabilitation. This study explored allied healthcare professionals' (AHPs) perceptions and beliefs regarding the self-management of stroke survivors and their knowledge and skills regarding stroke self-management interventions.

  15. Identification of a Core Curriculum in Gerontology for Allied Health Professionals. Final Report. (United States)

    Hedl, John J.; And Others

    The overall goal of this project was to identify a core curriculum in gerontology for seven allied health professions (radiologic technologist, radiation therapist, respiratory therapist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, physical therapy assistant, and occupational therapy assistant). The project also identified the current state of gerontology…

  16. Allied Health Occupations II. Physical Therapy Aide Component. Student Learning Guide. Middletown Public Schools Curriculum Standards. (United States)

    Middletown Public Schools, CT.

    This volume outlines the requirements and content of a second-year course in allied health occupations education that is designed to provide students with a practical understanding of the work done by physical therapists and physical therapy assistants. Addressed in the individual units of the course are the following topics: the health team for…

  17. A Proposed Curriculum on Death and Dying for the Allied Health Student. (United States)

    Dietrich, Marie C.


    This article summarizes the existing curricular models on death education for health professions students. A proposed course design for allied health professions students modified from Bloch's medical education objectives for a thanatology course is presented. The development of listening skills is given special emphasis. (Author/CT)

  18. Men as Allies: The Efficacy of a High School Rape Prevention Intervention (United States)

    Hillenbrand-Gunn, Theresa L.; Heppner, Mary J.; Mauch, Pamela A.; Park, Hyun-joo


    This study investigated the effects of a Men as Allies--based intervention on high school students' rape-supportive attitudes and behaviors. As hypothesized at posttest, the male and female experimental groups demonstrated a significant decrease in rape-supportive attitudes, which was maintained at follow-up. Male participants viewed peers'…

  19. Arthritis Research and Education in Nursing and Allied Health: A Forum. (United States)

    Public Health Service (DHHS), Rockville, MD.

    A summary of proceedings of the Forum on Arthritis Research and Education in Nursing and Allied Health is presented. The keynote address, "The Burden of Arthritis," by Dorothy P. Rice, provides data collected by the National Center for Health Statistics on the prevalence of arthritis, the burden it imposes, and the volume, type, and cost…

  20. Teaching Nursing and Allied Health Care Students How to "Communicate Care" to Older Adults (United States)

    Kluge, Mary Ann; Glick, Linda K.; Engleman, Laura L.; Hooper, Jacqueline Savis


    This study evaluated baccalaureate nursing (n = 35) and allied health care (AHC) (n = 25) students' perceptions of a 5-week Therapeutic Communication (TC) module that was part of their foundations coursework. The module allowed students to practice communication skills using iView[c], an innovative computer-based simulation of clinical encounters.…

  1. 42 CFR 413.85 - Cost of approved nursing and allied health education activities. (United States)


    ... health profession or trade in the actual environment in which these skills will be used by the student... courses relating to the theory and practice of the nursing or allied health profession involved that are... maintenance of payroll records of teaching staff or students, or both (where applicable), and be responsible...

  2. Dynamic Database. Efficiently Convert Massive Quantities of Sensor Data into Actionable Information for Tactical Commanders

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kessler, Otto


    As the number of sensors, platforms, exploitation sites, and command and control nodes continues to grow in response to Joint Vision 2010 information dominance requirements, Commanders and analysts...

  3. Full Spectrum Operations: An Analysis of Course Content at the Command and General Staff College

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Turner, II, Frank L


    .... This monograph examined the Intermediate Level Education, the Advanced Military Studies Program, and the Tactical Commanders Development Program curricula at the Command and General Staff College...

  4. A protocol for a systematic review of knowledge translation strategies in the allied health professions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hartling Lisa


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Knowledge translation (KT aims to close the gap between knowledge and practice in order to realize the benefits of research through (a improved health outcomes, (b more effective health services and products, and (c strengthened healthcare systems. While there is some understanding of strategies to put research findings into practice within nursing and medicine, we have limited knowledge of KT strategies in allied health professions. Given the interprofessional nature of healthcare, a lack of guidance for supporting KT strategies in the allied health professions is concerning. Our objective in this study is to systematically review published research on KT strategies in five allied health disciplines. Methods A medical research librarian will develop and implement search strategies designed to identify evidence that is relevant to each question of the review. Two reviewers will perform study selection and quality assessment using standard forms. For study selection, data will be extracted by two reviewers. For quality assessment, data will be extracted by one reviewer and verified by a second. Disagreements will be resolved through discussion or third party adjudication. Within each profession, data will be grouped and analyzed by research design and KT strategies using the Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Review Group classification scheme. An overall synthesis across professions will be conducted. Significance A uniprofessional approach to KT does not represent the interprofessional context it targets. Our findings will provide the first systematic overview of KT strategies used in allied health professionals' clinical practice, as well as a foundation to inform future KT interventions in allied healthcare settings.

  5. Effects of Thermal Exposure on Properties of Al-Li Alloys (United States)

    Shah, Sandeep; Wells, Douglas; Stanton, William; Lawless, Kirby; Russell, Carolyn; Wagner, John; Domack, Marcia; Babel, Henry; Farahmand, Bahram; Schwab, David; hide


    Aluminum-Lithium (Al-Li) alloys offer significant performance benefits for aerospace structural applications due to their higher specific properties compared with conventional Al alloys. For example, the application of Al-Li alloy 2195 to the space shuffle external cryogenic fuel tank resulted in weight savings of over 7,000 lb, enabling successful deployment of International Space Station components. The composition and heat treatment of 2195 were optimized specifically for strength-toughness considerations for an expendable cryogenic tank. Time-dependent properties related to reliability, such as thermal stability, fatigue, and corrosion, will be of significant interest when materials are evaluated for a reusable cryotank structure. Literature surveys have indicated that there is limited thermal exposure data on Al-Li alloys. The effort reported here was designed to establish the effects of thermal exposure on the mechanical properties and microstructure of Al-Li alloys C458, L277, and 2195 in plate gages. Tensile, fracture toughness, and corrosion resistance were evaluated for both parent metal and friction stir welds (FSW) after exposure to temperatures as high as 300 F for up to 1000 hrs. Microstructural changes were evaluated with thermal exposure in order to correlate with the observed data trends. The ambient temperature parent metal data showed an increase in strength and reduction in elongation after exposure at lower temperatures. Strength reached a peak with intermediate temperature exposure followed by a decrease at highest exposure temperature. Friction stir welds of all alloys showed a drop in elongation with increased length of exposure. Understanding the effect of thermal exposure on the properties and microstructure of Al-Li alloys must be considered in defining service limiting temperatures and exposure times for a reusable cryotank structure.

  6. Speech Understanding in Noise in the Bison Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C3I) Mobile Command Post (MCP) (United States)


    communication et renseignement (C3I) du Bison. Les messages ont été présentés en mode silencieux ou en présence d’un bruit de fond qu’on entend dans...commandement, contrôle, communication et renseignement (C3I) du Bison. L’objectif final de la présente recherche est l’atténuation de la surcharge...soit d’un casque d’écoute dans le poste de commandement mobile (MCP) de commandement, contrôle, communication et renseignement (C3I) du Bison. Les

  7. Design of a hybrid command and control mobile botnet

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Pieterse, H


    Full Text Available The increasing popularity and improvement in capabilities offered by smartphones caught the attention of botnet developers. Now the threat of botnets is moving towards the mobile environment. This study presents the design of a hybrid command...

  8. Systems Engineering Management Training at Naval Air Systems Command

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Rebel, James


    Within the past few years, the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) has undergone several major changes including an engineering reorganization from a matrix organization to an Integrated Program Team/Competency Aligned Organization (IPT/CAO...

  9. Opening the Aperture... Ending Service "Branding" of US Unified Commands

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Handy, Russell


    .... It asserts that over tine, the defense establishment runs the risk of establishing a cultural identity in the command that limits perspectives to aground-, sea-, or air and space-centric viewpoint...

  10. Gesture Commanding of a Robot with EVA Gloves (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Gestures commands allow a human operator to directly interact with a robot without the use of intermediary hand controllers. There are two main types of hand gesture...

  11. The Operational Commander, the Media, and MOOTW: A New Paradigm

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Reynolds, Timothy


    While there will always be a degree of tension in military-media relations, the nature of MOOTW offers the operational commander a new paradigm defined by unprecedented levels of openness and cooperation...

  12. Commanding Officer's Standing Orders: A Powerful and Unique Genre

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Turner, Kyle H


    Commanding Officer's Standing Orders are critical to shipboard watch standing. Written by the captain and used by watch standers, Standing Orders perform many unique and powerful functions aboard ships...

  13. Should the Department of Defense Establish a Joint Corrections Command

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Evans, Thomas P


    ... and control element at the combatant command level. The military and the Coalition Provisional Authority's ability to establish a national penal system, conduct standardized training and effective prison operations to rebuild the Iraqi penal system...

  14. A Commander in Chief's Network-Centric Odyssey

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Copley, E


    .... Each Armed Service has begun training and equipping its force using the tenets of Network-Centric Operations, but those forces come together for the first time under the combatant Commander-in-Chief...

  15. Distributed Command/Control Impacts on NAS Operations, Phase I (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Command and Control (C2) activities abound in the NAS, and significantly influence daily operations and overall NAS efficiency. Since C2 effects are so prominent,...

  16. Intelligent Tutoring System for Teaching Battlefield Command Reasoning Skills

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Domeshek, Eric


    ... (ITS) for high-level battlefield command reasoning skills. The ultimate goal of this research is to develop new ITS techniques and technology for teaching skills that cannot he taught as simple methods and procedures to he followed...

  17. The International Criminal Court: Considerations for the Joint Force Commander

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sutton, Michael


    An analysis of the issues and remedies a Joint Force Commander should be concerned about because of the relationship between the United States and the newly-created International Criminal Court (ICC...

  18. Mine Warfare - The Joint Force Commander's Achilles Heel

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Cochran, Bryan


    .... Only then will Joint Force Commanders be able to control the battlespace, operate unfettered in littoral areas, and pass freely through critical choke points to execute operational plans. The U.S...

  19. Implementing UPDM to develop command and control systems

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Oosthuizen, R


    Full Text Available Systems engineering is an established approach to develop systems, including complex sociotechnical systems such as Command and Control (C2) Systems. These systems often occur through introduction of a new technology into an existing system...

  20. Command and Control Planning and Teamwork: Exploring the Future

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Sterling, Bruce S; Lickteig, Carl W


    .... This paper examines how participant ratings of command and control planning and observer assessments of teamwork were related in a series of futuristic missions conducted by the Mounted Maneuver...

  1. Political and Media Factors in the Evolution of the Media’s Role in U.S. Supreme Court Nominations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard Davis


    Full Text Available The selection of U.S. Supreme Court justices has become a highly media-oriented process both in the presidential selection and Senate confirmation stages. In the former stage, the White House uses the media to signal consideration of certain nominees, while interest groups publicly pressure the president to appoint favoured candidates or threaten confirmation fights over unacceptable candidates. In the confirmation stage, the White House, and nominee supporters, battle nominee opponents through image-making strategies intended to shape media coverage of the nominee. This paper will describe and explain the role of the media in the current nomination process, briefly assess why the media’s role has evolved in the past half century, and also predict how those roles would be changed under differing reform scenarios for Supreme Court nominations. La selección de los magistrados de la Corte Suprema de Estados Unidos se ha convertido en un proceso muy influenciado por los medios de comunicación, tanto en la elección presidencial como en las etapas de confirmación del Senado. En la primera etapa, la Casa Blanca utiliza los medios de comunicación para señalar los candidatos que se están considerando, mientras que los grupos de interés presionan públicamente al presidente para que designe a sus candidatos de su preferencia, o amenaza con luchas ante la confirmación de candidatos no afines. En la fase de confirmación, la Casa Blanca y los partidarios del magistrado seleccionados se enfrentan a sus oponentes a través de una estrategia de creación de imagen, para determinar la cobertura mediática del candidato. Este artículo describe y explica el papel de los medios de comunicación en el proceso actual de nombramiento, evalúa brevemente por qué el papel de los medios de comunicación ha evolucionado en el último medio siglo, y también predice cómo cambiaría este papel ante diferentes escenarios de reforma del proceso de nombramiento

  2. Human-Centered Command and Control of Future Autonomous Systems (United States)


    fbo . or·~· .wlw:le ~diffetently!OCIDO’fKI-t Att~to••ncon~ Rn .. ntot.....ln ..... ntaf!Mt~om..,....tlom ~-diffffently(loullv)tocO<TeCtmt~Y...J. M. (2011). Display and Interface Design: Subtle Science, Exact Art. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. Billings, C. E. (1996). Aviation Automation: The... Aviation Psychology. Fleet Forces Command (2008). Fleet Unmanned Aircraft Systems Concept of Operations. Naval Network Warfare Command, 31 July 2008

  3. Improving the Air Force Squadron Command Selection Process (United States)


    units by utilizing predictive analytics and the Person-Environment Fit Theory to aid in selection. Introduction Organizational...most suitable commander candidates with possible units by utilizing predictive analytics and the Person-Environment Fit Theory to better inform the...positive work atmosphere. The commander must keep the long view in mind , not just the short term, first-order effects of a decision. Leading people

  4. The Exercise of Control by Joint Force Commanders (United States)


    holistically. The CJTF staff should include a large number of liaison officers who are trained, equipped and prepared to be embedded with cooperating...procedural recommendations embedded in them. The two are not entirely separable, but others are added here. In order to train commanders and staffs at the...commanders attending multiple orientations. Recognizing that other demands already pull comanders away from their units, we must understand that this

  5. Crisis Communication: A Commanders Guide to Effective Crisis Communication (United States)


    companies and small businesses) the president’s commitment to crisis communication education and unlimited access to training materials were key to...instant communication , it’s essential that Air Force leaders be able to effectively engage the media and tell the Air Force’s story to the public accurately...AU/ACSC/307/1998-04 AIR COMMAND AND STAFF COLLEGE AIR UNIVERSITY CRISIS COMMUNICATION : A COMMANDERS GUIDE TO EFFECTIVE CRISIS COMMUNICATION by

  6. SSC San Diego Command History Calendar Year 2007 (United States)


    networks. James Southerland supported U.S. Joint Forces Command as the deputy program manager for the Homeland Security Command and Control...Scrimpsher, Luis Biaggi, Mitchell Gillette, Chew Hom, Michael Gonzales, Randall Smith, Vivian Chu, James Hlava, Eric Rupert, Ellen Ward, Manuel Silveira...force-level ship. 51 Gregory Jaccard delivered a diverse array of specialized sensors as lead mechanical engineer for the 1092/R and the Radioactive

  7. Deception Recognition: Rethinking the Operational Commander’s Approach (United States)


    direct support of a specific theatre commander. 17 CONCLUSIONS For the operational commander to minimize risk in all phases of war he must be...Strategic Surprise (London, England: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, 1982), 190. 22 Patrick Porter, Good Anthropology , Bad History: The Cultural Turn...of Military Deception. London, England: Leo Cooper, 1997. Porter, Patrick. Good Anthropology , Bad History: The Cultural Turn in Studying War

  8. What It Takes. Air Force Command of Joint Operations (United States)


    Operations Center DNA Defense Nuclear Agency DoD Department of Defense DRAT Disaster Response Assessment Team ENGR engineer EPOC (United States...USEUCOM Training Transformation in Support of C2 Transformation,” briefing, September 2003, p. 6. Command Concepts 35 Center ( EPOC ).35 Contrary to...most expectations of how the SJFHQ (CE) will work, the EPOC plans to deploy only around 20 of its staff to JTF headquarters. U.S. Pacific Command

  9. Air Mobility Command Financial Reporting of Property, Plant, and Equipment. (United States)


    This is the first in a series of reports from our audit of the Property, Plant, and Equipment Accounts in the FY 1996 Financial Statements of the...Transportation Command’s $4 billion in expected revenue. In the beginning balance for FY 1996 Defense Business Operations Fund financial statements, the Air...Mobility Command reported $ 1.1 billion of Property, Plant, and Equipment. The objective of this part of the audit was to determine whether the Air

  10. Wireless Control LEGO NXT robot using voice commands


    David Be; Cinhtia González; Manuel Escalante; Michel García; Carlos Miranda; Sergio Gonzalez


    This paper presents a wireless interface to control a LEGO NXT robot using voice commands through a computer. To perform speech recognition is used CSLU TOOLKIT with a corpus of Mexican Spanish voice, recognized commands are sent via Bluetooth from computer to robot, programming and motion routines to control the motors are done using Java and LeJOS NXJ. The interface consists of two main modules interconnected through the implementation of sockets: the voice recognition module and the wirele...

  11. Integration of Practice Experiences into the Allied Health Curriculum: Curriculum and Pedagogic Considerations Before, during and after Work-Integrated Learning Experiences (United States)

    Nagarajan, Srivalli Vilapakkam; McAllister, Lindy


    Work-integrated learning (WIL) is an essential component of all allied health university courses. In allied health, learning that occurs during WIL experiences and the relationship between academic and WIL experiences are not well understood. Good integration of WIL experiences into the allied health curriculum is key to realizing the full…

  12. Command and Data Handling Branch Internship (United States)

    Billings, Rachel Mae


    Modular Integrated Stackable Layers (MISL) is a computer system designed for simple, fast, and cost effective flexible reconfiguration in space environments such as the ISS and Orion projects for various uses. Existing applications include wireless and wired communications, data acquisition and instrumentation, and camera systems, and potential applications include bus protocol converters and subsystem control. MISL is based on Texas Instruments (TI)' MSP430 16-bit ultra-low-power microcontroller device. The purpose of my project was to integrate the MISL system with a liquid crystal display (LCD) touchscreen. The LCD, manufactured by Crystalfontz and part number CFAF320240F-035T-TS, is a 320 by 240 RGB resistive color screen including an optional carrier board. The vast majority of the project was done with Altium Designer, a tool for printed circuit board (PCB) schematic capture, 3D design, and FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) development. The new PCB was to allow the LCD to directly stack to the rest of MISL. Research was done with datasheets for the TI microcontroller and touchscreen display in order to meet desired hardware specifications. Documentation on prior MISL projects was also utilized. The initial step was to create a schematic for the LCD, power bus, and data bus connections between components. A layout was then designed with the required physical dimensions, routed traces and vias, power and ground planes, layer stacks, and other specified design rules such as plane clearance and hole size. Multiple consultation sessions were held with Hester Yim, the technical discipline lead for the Command and Data Handling Branch, and Christy Herring, the lead PCB layout designer in the Electronic Design and Manufacturing Branch in order to ensure proper configuration. At the moment, the PCB is awaiting revision by the latter-mentioned branch. Afterwards, the board will begin to undergo the manufacturing and testing process. Throughout the internship at

  13. Study protocol for two randomized controlled trials examining the effectiveness and safety of current weekend allied health services and a new stakeholder-driven model for acute medical/surgical patients versus no weekend allied health services. (United States)

    Haines, Terry P; O'Brien, Lisa; Mitchell, Deb; Bowles, Kelly-Ann; Haas, Romi; Markham, Donna; Plumb, Samantha; Chiu, Timothy; May, Kerry; Philip, Kathleen; Lescai, David; McDermott, Fiona; Sarkies, Mitchell; Ghaly, Marcelle; Shaw, Leonie; Juj, Genevieve; Skinner, Elizabeth H


    Disinvestment from inefficient or ineffective health services is a growing priority for health care systems. Provision of allied health services over the weekend is now commonplace despite a relative paucity of evidence supporting their provision. The relatively high cost of providing this service combined with the paucity of evidence supporting its provision makes this a potential candidate for disinvestment so that resources consumed can be used in other areas. This study aims to determine the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and safety of the current model of weekend allied health service and a new stakeholder-driven model of weekend allied health service delivery on acute medical and surgical wards compared to having no weekend allied health service. Two stepped wedge, cluster randomised trials of weekend allied health services will be conducted in six acute medical/surgical wards across two public metropolitan hospitals in Melbourne (Australia). Wards have been chosen to participate by management teams at each hospital. The allied health services to be investigated will include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dietetics, social work and allied health assistants. At baseline, all wards will be receiving weekend allied health services. Study 1 intervention will be the sequential disinvestment (roll-in) of the current weekend allied health service model from each participating ward in monthly intervals and study 2 will be the roll-out of a new stakeholder-driven model of weekend allied health service delivery. The order in which weekend allied health services will be rolled in and out amongst participating wards will be determined randomly. This trial will be conducted in each of the two participating hospitals at a different time interval. Primary outcomes will be length of stay, rate of unplanned hospital readmission within 28 days and rate of adverse events. Secondary outcomes will be number of complaints and compliments, staff absenteeism

  14. Use of Spacecraft Command Language for Advanced Command and Control Applications (United States)

    Mims, Tikiela L.


    The purpose of this work is to evaluate the use of SCL in building and monitoring command and control applications in order to determine its fitness for space operations. Approximately 24,325 lines of PCG2 code was converted to SCL yielding a 90% reduction in the number of lines of code as many of the functions and scripts utilized in SCL could be ported and reused. Automated standalone testing, simulating the actual production environment, was performed in order to generalize and gauge the relative time it takes for SCL to update and write a given display. The use of SCL rules, functions, and scripts allowed the creation of several test cases permitting the detection of the amount of time it takes update a given set of measurements given the change in a globally existing CUI or CUI. It took the SCL system an average 926.09 ticks to update the entire display of 323 measurements.

  15. Using science to influence the Supreme Court on the right to refuse treatment: amicus curiae briefs in Washington v. Harper. (United States)

    Schwartz, H I; Boland, R


    The Supreme Court's use of empirical behavioral science data has grown dramatically in the 40 years since Brown v. Board of Education. Most of these data are submitted in amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs submitted by parties with an interest in the outcome of the significant mental health law cases coming before the court. The increasing use of such briefs raises important questions. Is there evidence that the court is actually influenced by such briefs? Can scientific/professional organizations present scientific data objectively in a clearly adversarial document? A review of the nine amicus briefs filed in Washington v. Harper, a right to refuse treatment case, and a comparison of the Court's opinion with that of the dissent demonstrate that both the majority and the dissent refer to arguments contained in the briefs, incorporate elements of these arguments, and occasionally paraphrase references cited in the briefs. It remains unclear whether the Court uses such arguments to formulate opinions or to justify them. A comparison of the briefs presented by the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association highlights the challenge to scientific objectivity inherent in participation in the amicus process.

  16. Indonesian Automatic Speech Recognition For Command Speech Controller Multimedia Player

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vivien Arief Wardhany


    Full Text Available The purpose of multimedia devices development is controlling through voice. Nowdays voice that can be recognized only in English. To overcome the issue, then recognition using Indonesian language model and accousticc model and dictionary. Automatic Speech Recognizier is build using engine CMU Sphinx with modified english language to Indonesian Language database and XBMC used as the multimedia player. The experiment is using 10 volunteers testing items based on 7 commands. The volunteers is classifiedd by the genders, 5 Male & 5 female. 10 samples is taken in each command, continue with each volunteer perform 10 testing command. Each volunteer also have to try all 7 command that already provided. Based on percentage clarification table, the word “Kanan” had the most recognize with percentage 83% while “pilih” is the lowest one. The word which had the most wrong clarification is “kembali” with percentagee 67%, while the word “kanan” is the lowest one. From the result of Recognition Rate by male there are several command such as “Kembali”, “Utama”, “Atas “ and “Bawah” has the low Recognition Rate. Especially for “kembali” cannot be recognized as the command in the female voices but in male voice that command has 4% of RR this is because the command doesn’t have similar word in english near to “kembali” so the system unrecognize the command. Also for the command “Pilih” using the female voice has 80% of RR but for the male voice has only 4% of RR. This problem is mostly because of the different voice characteristic between adult male and female which male has lower voice frequencies (from 85 to 180 Hz than woman (165 to 255 Hz.The result of the experiment showed that each man had different number of recognition rate caused by the difference tone, pronunciation, and speed of speech. For further work needs to be done in order to improving the accouracy of the Indonesian Automatic Speech Recognition system

  17. NATO Allied Joint Medical Publication 7: Allied Joint Medical Doctrine for Support to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Defensive Operations, Final Draft (United States)


    control techniques. 3. Additionally CBRN incidents may generate confusion, panic, and hysteria . Commanders should coordinate with public affairs order to quickly and effectively communicate agent risk and response information to personnel in order to avoid confusion and hysteria . 4

  18. Supreme Council of Military Justice and the internalization of an Ancien Régime juridical culture in Rio de Janeiro (1808-1831.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana Barreto de Souza


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to reflect on the implementation of a military justice in Brazil, focusing on its main organ, the Supreme Council of Military Justice. The article supports the hypothesis that this implementation was inspired by debates and political experiences that took place in Portugal under d. Maria I. Thus, the creation of the Supreme Council in 1808, and of other organs of the military justice afterwards, contributed to the internalization of an Ancien Régime juridical culture in Rio de Janeiro. In spite of all the criticism that was directed to it throughout the XIX century, this juridical culture will endure without significant changes until the Proclamation of the Republic in 1889.

  19. Amicus brief in Ariosa v. Sequenom: Why the U.S. Supreme Court should grant the petition for a writ of certiorari

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Minssen, Timo


    as amici curiae, adds a European perspective to the many amicus briefs that have been submitted in support of Sequenom’s petition for certiorari to the United States Supreme Court. Sequenom’s petition in Case No. 15-1182 was filed on March 21, 2016 and seeks review of the Federal Circuit’s controversial...... the mitigating effects of other patentability requirements, we fear that the Federal Circuit’s overly rigid approach to claims eligibility decision might jeopardize the development of new therapies in an increasingly important area of modern medicine. As most Bill of Health readers know, the US Supreme Court has......, but these are addressed at different levels. In contrast to Europe, the CAFC has interpreted the uncodified exception as part of a “threshold test” for patent-eligibility applied before other patentability requirements can be assessed. A strict and coherent application of these requirements, however, would invalidate...

  20. Advance Health Care Directives and “Public Guardian”: The Italian Supreme Court Requests the Status of Current and Not Future Inability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesco Paolo Busardò


    Full Text Available Advance health care decisions animate an intense debate in several European countries, which started more than 20 years ago in the USA and led to the adoption of different rules, based on the diverse legal, sociocultural and philosophical traditions of each society. In Italy, the controversial issue of advance directives and end of life’s rights, in the absence of a clear and comprehensive legislation, has been over time a subject of interest of the Supreme Court. Since 2004 a law introduced the “Public Guardian,” aiming to provide an instrument of assistance to the person lacking in autonomy because of an illness or incapacity. Recently, this critical issue has once again been brought to the interest of the Supreme Court, which passed a judgment trying to clarify the legislative application of the appointment of the Guardian in the field of advance directives.

  1. Mathematical modeling of the socalled Allis test: a field study in orthopedic confusion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Haneline Michael


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Chiropractors use a variety of supine and prone leg checking procedures. Some, including the Allis test, purport to distinguish anatomic from functional leg length inequality. Although the reliability and to a lesser extent the validity of some leg checking procedures has been assessed, little is known on the Allis test. The present study mathematically models the test under a variety of hypothetical clinical conditions. In our search for historical and clinical information on the Allis test, nomenclatural and procedural issues became apparent. Methods The test is performed with the subject carefully positioned in the supine position, with the head, pelvis, and feet centered on the table. After an assessment for anatomic leg length inequality, the knees are flexed to approximately 90°. The examiner then sights the short leg side knee sequentially from both the foot and side of the table, noting its relative locations: both its height from the table and Y axis position. The traditional interpretation of the Allis test is that a low knee identifies a short tibia and a cephalad knee a short femur. Assuming arbitrary lengths and a tibio/femoral ratio of 1/1.26, and a hip to foot distance that placed the knee near 90°, we trigonometrically calculated changes in the location of the right knee that would result from hypothetical reductions in tibial and femoral length. We also modeled changes in the tibio/femoral ratio that did not change overall leg length, and also a change in hip location. Results The knee altitude diminishes with either femoral or tibial length reduction. The knee shifts cephalad when the femoral length is reduced, and caudally when the tibial length is reduced. Changes in the femur/tibia ratio also influence knee position, as does cephalad shifting of the hip. Conclusion The original Allis (aka Galeazzi test was developed to identify gross hip deformity in pediatric patients. The extension of this test to

  2. Issues of Exercising the Right to Defence amid the Explanations of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oksana A. Voltornist


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the explanations of the Plenum of the Supreme Court No. 29 dated June 30, 2015 “On application of laws by the courts ensuring the right to defense in criminal proceedings”. The author details the applied aspects of certain provisions of the aforementioned document within the criminal procedure legislation and estimates their significance for the judicial and investigative practice

  3. Violent video games and the Supreme Court: lessons for the scientific community in the wake of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association. (United States)

    Ferguson, Christopher J


    In June 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that video games enjoy full free speech protections and that the regulation of violent game sales to minors is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court also referred to psychological research on violent video games as "unpersuasive" and noted that such research contains many methodological flaws. Recent reviews in many scholarly journals have come to similar conclusions, although much debate continues. Given past statements by the American Psychological Association linking video game and media violence with aggression, the Supreme Court ruling, particularly its critique of the science, is likely to be shocking and disappointing to some psychologists. One possible outcome is that the psychological community may increase the conclusiveness of their statements linking violent games to harm as a form of defensive reaction. However, in this article the author argues that the psychological community would be better served by reflecting on this research and considering whether the scientific process failed by permitting and even encouraging statements about video game violence that exceeded the data or ignored conflicting data. Although it is likely that debates on this issue will continue, a move toward caution and conservatism as well as increased dialogue between scholars on opposing sides of this debate will be necessary to restore scientific credibility. The current article reviews the involvement of the psychological science community in the Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association case and suggests that it might learn from some of the errors in this case for the future. (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved.

  4. Focus groups for allied health professionals and professions allied to technical services in the NHS--marketing opportunities, lessons learnt and recommendations. (United States)

    Chamberlain, David; Brook, Richard


    Worcestershire Health Libraries provides services to all NHS and social care staff in Worcestershire. Despite intensive marketing, statistics showed low usage of the library service for professions allied to technical services and allied health professionals. To discover why there was low usage of the library services using qualitative techniques and to use focus groups as a marketing opportunity. This article also aims to outline the processes involved in delivering focus groups, the results gained, and the actions taken in response to the results. Focus groups were conducted in two departments, Pathology and Occupational Therapy. The Biochemistry department (part of Pathology) had two focus groups. An additional focus group was conducted for all the Pathology education leads. Occupational Therapy had two meetings, one for hospital based staff, and the other for community staff. Issues centred on registration, inductions, time, library ambience, multi-disciplinary service and resources. The findings raised marketing opportunities and the process identified potential candidates for the role of team knowledge officer, to act as library champions within departments. It also identified areas in which the library service was not meeting user needs and expectations, and helped focus service development. Focus groups allowed an opportunity to speak to non-users face to face and to discover, and where appropriate challenge both their, and library staff's pre-conceived ideas about the service. The information revealed gave an opportunity to market services based on user needs. © 2011 The authors. Health Information and Libraries Journal © 2011 Health Libraries Group.

  5. Recommendations from the External Auditors to the CERN Pension Fund Management on the Financial Statements of the Pension Fund for the Financial Year 2014 and Comments from the CERN Pension Fund Management Supreme Audit Office of Poland

    CERN Document Server


    Recommendations from the External Auditors to the CERN Pension Fund Management on the Financial Statements of the Pension Fund for the Financial Year 2014 and Comments from the CERN Pension Fund Management Supreme Audit Office of Poland

  6. 32 CFR 700.723 - Administration and discipline: Separate and detached command. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 5 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Administration and discipline: Separate and... OFFICIAL RECORDS Commanders In Chief and Other Commanders Administration and Discipline § 700.723 Administration and discipline: Separate and detached command. Any flag or general officer in command, any officer...

  7. O Supremo Individual: mecanismos de atuação direta dos Ministros sobre o processo político / The Supreme Individuals: how Brazilian Supreme Court Justices can directly influence the political process

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diego Werneck Arguelhes


    Full Text Available Resumo: Estudos e críticas à participação do Supremo Tribunal Federal na vida política nacional costumam assumir, ainda que implicitamente, que a decisão do tribunal a ser analisada ou criticada é obtida após um processo decisório interno colegiado. Mesmo que esse processo seja imperfeito, ele é visto como condição necessária para que os inputs individuais dos Ministros possam produzir efeitos relevantes sobre o mundo fora do tribunal. Neste trabalho, mostramos que os Ministros do STF podem agir individualmente, sem passar pelo colegiado, de modo a produzir efeitos sobre o comportamento de atores externos ao tribunal. Mapeamos conceitualmente esse tipo de poder individual, a partir de um marco teórico da análise institucional, para então identificar alguns exemplos na prática decisória do tribunal: a antecipação de posições na imprensa, o uso de pedidos de vista de longa duração e o uso de decisões monocráticas para avançar posições jurisprudenciais. Com base nesses três exemplos, apontamos e discutimos algumas implicações da existência desses poderes individuais para estudos sobre judicialização da política e comportamento judicial. Em especial, destacamos os problemas normativos que surgem quando se reconhece a possibilidade de que uma ação judicial internamente minoritária (isto é, uma ação que não expressa a preferência da maioria dos Ministros produza resultados externamente contramajoritários. Palavras-chave: Supremo Tribunal Federal; Poderes Individuais; Comportamento Judicial; Processo Decisório; Análise Institucional.                                                 Abstract: Existing studies on the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court tend to assume, even if implicitly, that decisions they analyze are the outcome of an internal, collective decision-making process. Even when this process is criticized as problematic in itself, it is seen as a necessary condition for the

  8. Allie Abrahamson: APA/APAGS Award for Distinguished Graduate Student in Professional Psychology. (United States)


    The APA/APAGS Award for Distinguished Graduate Student in Professional Psychology is awarded on an annual basis by the APA Board of Professional Affairs (BPA) and the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) to a graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding practice and application of psychology. A qualified candidate must demonstrate exemplary performance in working with an underserved population in an applied setting or have developed an innovative method for delivering health services to an underserved population. This year there are joint recipients of the award, Allie Abrahamson and Rebeccah A. Bernard. Their vision, creativity, courage, and dedication led them to create the Human Rights Forum at Chestnut Hill College to promote human rights education, awareness, and community service opportunities for doctoral students. Allie Abrahamson's award citation, biography, and a selected bibliography are presented here. PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2014 APA, all rights reserved.

  9. Evaluating career values of dietetic students. A model for other allied health professions. (United States)

    Suarez, Vista V; Shanklin, Carol W


    Increased job opportunities in health professions make recruitment of students imperative. Effective recruitment requires a knowledge of what students value when making career decisions. This study of dietetic (n = 514) and other college students (n = 352) showed that achievement and economic security were the most important factors in their career selection regardless of major or race. Dietetic majors rated achievement, economic security, ability utilization, personal development, altruism, and working conditions significantly higher than did nondietetic students (p values important to students in this study are attainable through careers in dietetics and other allied health professions. The results of this study should be examined further with a larger sample of allied health majors to assist educators in recruiting and providing career counseling to students.

  10. Cryogenic mechanical properties of low density superplastically formable Al-Li alloys (United States)

    Verzasconi, S. L.; Morris, J. W., Jr.


    The aerospace industry is considering the use of low density, superplastically formable (SPF) materials, such as Al-Li alloys in cryogenic tankage. SPF modifications of alloys 8090, 2090, and 2090+In were tested for strength and Kahn tear toughness. The results were compared to those of similar tests of 2219-T87, an alloy currently used in cryogenic tankage, and 2090-T81, a recently studied Al-Li alloy with exceptional cryogenic properties (1-9). With decreasing temperature, all materials showed an increase in strength, while most materials showed an increase in elongation and decrease in Kahn toughness. The indium addition to 2090 increased alloy strength, but did not improve the strength-toughness combination. The fracture mode was predominantly intergranular along small, recrystallized grains, with some transgranular fracture, some ductile rupture, and some delamination on large, unrecrystallized grains.

  11. Conference report: 60th American Society for MS Conference on MS and Allied Topics. (United States)

    Touboul, David; Seyer, Alexandre; Becher, François


    The 60th American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference on MS and Allied Topics was held in May 2012 at Vancouver in Canada. This international congress is the largest forum exclusively dedicated to MS through its diverse aspects: fundamental, method development and applications to biomolecules. This 4-day conference is also highly appreciated for discussion with the MS manufacturers presenting their latest instrumental developments.

  12. Trends in traumatic limb amputation in Allied Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan


    Duncan Wallace


    Background: Limb amputation has been a common injury occurring in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Compared to other injuries, less attention has been given to this serious, disabling wound. Purpose: The article describes the Allied military experience of traumatic limb amputation in Iraq and Afghanistan. It intends to inform health care personnel involved in the care of serving military personnel and veterans about the scale of these casualties. Methods: A literature se...

  13. Tackling racism as a "wicked" public health problem: Enabling allies in anti-racism praxis. (United States)

    Came, Heather; Griffith, Derek


    Racism is a "wicked" public health problem that fuels systemic health inequities between population groups in New Zealand, the United States and elsewhere. While literature has examined racism and its effects on health, the work describing how to intervene to address racism in public health is less developed. While the notion of raising awareness of racism through socio-political education is not new, given the way racism has morphed into new narratives in health institutional settings, it has become critical to support allies to make informing efforts to address racism as a fundamental cause of health inequities. In this paper, we make the case for anti-racism praxis as a tool to address inequities in public health, and focus on describing an anti-racism praxis framework to inform the training and support of allies. The limited work on anti-racism rarely articulates the unique challenges or needs of allies or targets of racism, but we seek to help fill that gap. Our anti-racism praxis for allies includes five core elements: reflexive relational praxis, structural power analysis, socio-political education, monitoring and evaluation and systems change approaches. We recognize that racism is a modifiable determinant of health and racial inequities can be eliminated with the necessary political will and a planned system change approach. Anti-racism praxis provides the tools to examine the interconnection and interdependence of cultural and institutional factors as a foundation for examining where and how to intervene to address racism. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. Radical heterosexuality: Straight teacher activism in schools : Does ally-led activism work?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leigh Potvin


    Here, I explore the efficacy of straight teacher allies, the importance of understanding straight privilege, and the significance of radical heterosexuality for straight people doing LGBTQ activism. Relying on queer theory and decolonizing/Indigenous queer theory, I argue that it is necessary for straight teachers to acknowledge their straight privilege in order to challenge homophobia's companions: heterosexism and heteronormativity. In addressing the latter two covert forms of oppression in schools, teachers and students could shift into deeper, more effective resistance measures.

  15. Clinical supervision of allied health professionals in country South Australia: A mixed methods pilot study. (United States)

    Kumar, Saravana; Osborne, Kate; Lehmann, Tanya


    Recent times have witnessed dramatic changes in health care with overt recognition for quality and safety to underpin health care service delivery. In addition to systems-wide focus, the importance of supporting and mentoring people delivering the care has also been recognised. This can be achieved through quality clinical supervision. In 2010, Country Health South Australia Local Health Network developed a holistic allied health clinical governance structure, which was implemented in 2011. This research reports on emergent findings from the evaluation of the clinical governance structure, which included mandating clinical supervision for all allied health staff. A mixed method approach was chosen with evaluation of the impact of clinical supervision undertaken by a psychometrically sound instrument (Manchester Clinical Supervision Scale 26-item version), collected through an anonymous online survey and qualitative data collected through semistructured interviews and focus groups. Overall, 189 allied health professionals responded to the survey. Survey responses indicated allied health professionals recognised the importance of and valued receiving clinical supervision (normative domain), had levels of trust and rapport with, and were supported by supervisors (restorative domain) and positively affected their delivery of care and improvement in skills (formative domain). Qualitative data identified enablers such as profession specific gains, improved opportunities and consistency for clinical supervision and barriers such as persistent organisational issues, lack of clarity (delineation of roles) and communication issues. The findings from this research highlight that while clinical supervision has an important role to play, it is not a panacea for all the ills of the health care system. © 2015 National Rural Health Alliance Inc.

  16. US Effects on Allied Strategic Decision Making during the First World War (United States)


    Davis Highway, Suite 1204, Arlington, VA 22202-4302. Respondents should be aware that notwithstanding any other provision of law , no person shall be... Company , 1936), 396. 4 This thesis builds upon previous histories and writings on the First World War by examining specifically how US...Little, Brown, and Company , 1936), 175. 22 jointly by allied armies often results from divergence of war aims. In pursuit of these aims, governments

  17. ITOUGH2 command reference. Version 3.1

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Finsterle, S. [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., CA (United States). Earth Sciences Div.


    This report contains a detailed description of all ITOUGH2 commands. It complements the ITOUGH2 User`s Guide and the collection of ITOUGH2 sample problems. ITOUGH2 is a program for parameter estimation, sensitivity analysis, and uncertainty propagation analysis. It is based on the TOUGH2 simulator for non-isothermal multiphase flow in fractured and porous media. Extensive experience in using TOUGH2 is a prerequisite for using ITOUGH2. The preparation of an input file for TOUGH2 or its derivatives is described in separate manuals and is not part of this report. The ITOUGH2 user`s guide summarizes the inverse modeling theory pertaining to ITOUGH2, and describes the program output. Furthermore, information about code architecture and installation are given. In Chapter 2 of this report, a brief summary of inverse modeling theory is given to restate the main concepts implemented in ITOUGH2 and to introduce certain definitions. Chapter 3 introduces the basic concepts of the ITHOUGH2 input language and the main structure of an ITOUGH2 input file. Chapter 4, the main part of this report, provides detailed descriptions of each ITOUGH2 command in alphabetical order. It is complemented by a command index in Appendix B in which the commands are given in logical order. The content of Chapter 4 is also available on-line using command it2help. Chapter 5 describes the usage of the UNIX script files for executing, checking, and terminating ITOUGH2 simulations.

  18. A Co-Opetitive Automated Negotiation Model for Vertical Allied Enterprises Teams and Stakeholders

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Taiguang Gao


    Full Text Available Upstream and downstream of supply chain enterprises often form a tactic vertical alliance to enhance their operational efficiency and maintain their competitive edges in the market. Hence, it is critical for an alliance to collaborate over their internal resources and resolve the profit conflicts among members, so that the functionality required by stakeholders can be fulfilled. As an effective solution, automated negotiation for the vertical allied enterprises team and stakeholder will sufficiently make use of emerging team advantages and significantly reduce the profit conflicts in teams with grouping decisions rather than unilateral decisions by some leader. In this paper, an automated negotiation model is designed to describe both the collaborative game process among the team members and the competitive negotiation process between the allied team and the stakeholder. Considering the co-competitiveness of the vertical allied team, the designed model helps the team members making decision for their own sake, and the team counter-offers for the ongoing negotiation are generated with non-cooperative game process, where the profit derived from negotiation result is distributed with Shapley value method according to contribution or importance contributed by each team member. Finally, a case study is given to testify the effectiveness of the designed model.

  19. Information-searching behaviors of main and allied health professionals: a nationwide survey in Taiwan. (United States)

    Weng, Yi-Hao; Kuo, Ken N; Yang, Chun-Yuh; Lo, Heng-Lien; Shih, Ya-Hui; Chiu, Ya-Wen


    There are a variety of resources to obtain health information, but few studies have examined if main and allied health professionals prefer different methods. The current study was to investigate their information-searching behaviours. A constructed questionnaire survey was conducted from January through April 2011 in nationwide regional hospitals of Taiwan. Questionnaires were mailed to main professionals (physicians and nurses) and allied professionals (pharmacists, physical therapists, technicians and others), with 6160 valid returns collected. Among all professional groups, the most commonly used resource for seeking health information was a Web portal, followed by colleague consultations and continuing education. Physicians more often accessed Internet-based professional resources (online databases, electronic journals and electronic books) than the other groups (P < 0.05). In contrast, physical therapists more often accessed printed resources (printed journals and textbooks) than the other specialists (P < 0.05). And nurses, physical therapists and technicians more often asked colleagues and used continuing education than the other groups (P < 0.01). The most commonly used online database was Micromedex for pharmacists and MEDLINE for physicians, technicians and physical therapists. Nurses more often accessed Chinese-language databases rather than English-language databases (P < 0.001). This national survey depicts the information-searching pattern of various health professionals. There were significant differences between and within main and allied health professionals in their information searching. The data provide clinical implications for strategies to promote the accessing of evidence-based information. © 2012 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  20. Tungsten in the Second World War: China, Japan, Germany, the Allies and Iberia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joan Maria Thomàs


    Full Text Available This article studies the production, legal and illegal trade, and provisioning of strategic mineral wolfram/tungsten both by the Allies and the Axis during World War II. It analyzes the case the world’s largest producer of this mineral, China, the trade agreements signed by Chiang Kai-shek before the war with Nazi Germany, the USSR and Britain and their evolution during the global conflict. It also analyzes Japan, its difficulties in obtaining Chinese wolfram and its dependence on Korea. As for Nazi Germany, it studies its supply of Chinese ore until 1941 and later in the Iberian Peninsula, a trade made difficult by the Allied preventive purchases in Spain and Portugal. The article also studies the case of the US, its progressive auto provisioning in the Western Hemisphere, the airlift established between China and India to extract tungsten and distribution of amounts of it in Britain and the USSR. Finally, the article includes an assessment of the importance of tungsten within the set of strategic materials used by the contenders in the war and concludes that the Allied strategy hinder or prevent the provision of the enemy helped to reduce use and negatively affected the effectiveness of its machinery of war.

  1. Clinical trials in allied medical fields: A cross-sectional analysis of World Health Organization International Clinical Trial Registry Platform

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Kannan


    Conclusion: The number of clinical trials done in allied fields of medicine other than the allopathic system has lowered down, and furthermore focus is required regarding the methodological quality of these trials and more support from various organizations.

  2. Reliability Analysis and Standardization of Spacecraft Command Generation Processes (United States)

    Meshkat, Leila; Grenander, Sven; Evensen, Ken


    center dot In order to reduce commanding errors that are caused by humans, we create an approach and corresponding artifacts for standardizing the command generation process and conducting risk management during the design and assurance of such processes. center dot The literature review conducted during the standardization process revealed that very few atomic level human activities are associated with even a broad set of missions. center dot Applicable human reliability metrics for performing these atomic level tasks are available. center dot The process for building a "Periodic Table" of Command and Control Functions as well as Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) models is demonstrated. center dot The PRA models are executed using data from human reliability data banks. center dot The Periodic Table is related to the PRA models via Fault Links.

  3. Skånsomheden af Command CS over for spinat

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mathiassen, Solvejg K


    Betydning af sprøjtetidspunkt, sådybde og nedbør efter sprøjtning for skånsomhed af Command CS i spinat blev undersøgt i potteforsøg. Command CS var mest skånsom ved anvendelse før fremspiring. Typiske skader ved sprøjtning efter fremspiring var klorotiske blade. Risikoen for klorotiske blade blev...... øget med stigende udviklingstrin og ved tankblanding med additiver. Uden nedbør efter sprøjtning påvirkede Command CS i doseringer op til 0,5 L/ha ikke fremspiring af spinat uanset sådybde. Ved regnbehandling kort tid efter sprøjtning blev biomassen af spinat reduceret op til 30% ved en sådybde på 0...

  4. Intentional Voice Command Detection for Trigger-Free Speech Interface (United States)

    Obuchi, Yasunari; Sumiyoshi, Takashi

    In this paper we introduce a new framework of audio processing, which is essential to achieve a trigger-free speech interface for home appliances. If the speech interface works continually in real environments, it must extract occasional voice commands and reject everything else. It is extremely important to reduce the number of false alarms because the number of irrelevant inputs is much larger than the number of voice commands even for heavy users of appliances. The framework, called Intentional Voice Command Detection, is based on voice activity detection, but enhanced by various speech/audio processing techniques such as emotion recognition. The effectiveness of the proposed framework is evaluated using a newly-collected large-scale corpus. The advantages of combining various features were tested and confirmed, and the simple LDA-based classifier demonstrated acceptable performance. The effectiveness of various methods of user adaptation is also discussed.

  5. STS-93 Commander Collins suits up for launch (United States)


    During the third launch preparations in the Operations and Checkout Building, STS-93 Commander Eileen M. Collins waves while having her launch and entry suit checked. After Space Shuttle Columbia's July 20 and 22 launch attempts were scrubbed, the launch was again rescheduled for Friday, July 23, at 12:24 a.m. EDT. STS-93 is a five-day mission primarily to release the Chandra X-ray Observatory, which will allow scientists from around the world to study some of the most distant, powerful and dynamic objects in the universe. The STS-93 crew numbers five: Commander Collins, Pilot Jeffrey S. Ashby, and Mission Specialists Stephen A. Hawley (Ph.D.), Catherine G. Coleman (Ph.D.) and Michel Tognini of France, with the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES). Collins is the first woman to serve as commander of a shuttle mission.

  6. STS-93 Commander Eileen Collins waves to her family (United States)


    STS-93 Commander Eileen M. Collins waves to her family nearby, a last meeting before launch of mission STS-93 on July 20. Liftoff is scheduled for 12:36 a.m. EDT. The primary mission of STS-93 is the release of the Chandra X-ray Observatory, which will allow scientists from around the world to study some of the most distant, powerful and dynamic objects in the universe. The new telescope is 20 to 50 times more sensitive than any previous X- ray telescope and is expected to unlock the secrets of supernovae, quasars and black holes. The STS-93 crew numbers five: Commander Collins, Pilot Jeffrey S. Ashby, and Mission Specialists Steven A. Hawley (Ph.D.), Catherine G. Coleman (Ph.D.) and Michel Tognini of France, with the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES). Collins is the first woman to serve as commander of a shuttle mission.

  7. STS-93 Commander Eileen Collins suits up for launch (United States)


    For the third time, in the Operations and Checkout Building, STS- 93 Commander Eileen M. Collins tries on her helmet with her launch and entry suit. After Space Shuttle Columbia's July 20 and 22 launch attempts were scrubbed, the launch was again rescheduled for Friday, July 23, at 12:24 a.m. EDT. STS-93 is a five-day mission primarily to release the Chandra X-ray Observatory, which will allow scientists from around the world to study some of the most distant, powerful and dynamic objects in the universe. The STS-93 crew numbers five: Commander Collins, Pilot Jeffrey S. Ashby, and Mission Specialists Stephen A. Hawley (Ph.D.), Catherine G. Coleman (Ph.D.) and Michel Tognini of France, with the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES). Collins is the first woman to serve as commander of a shuttle mission.

  8. An analysis of causative factors in closed criminal medical malpractice cases of the Taiwan Supreme Court: 2000-2014. (United States)

    Wu, Kuan-Han; Cheng, Shih-Yu; Yen, Yung-Lin; Wu, Chien-Hung; Tsai, Ming-Ta; Cheng, Fu-Jen


    Most medical malpractice in Taiwan leads to criminal prosecution. This study examined the epidemiologic factors and clinical errors that led to medical malpractice convictions in Taiwanese criminal prosecutions. A retrospective, 15-year population-based review of criminal Supreme Court judgments pertaining to medical malpractice against physicians and nurses was conducted. Eighty-four cases were reviewed, yielding data that included the number and specialty involved, accused hospitals, the diagnosis, the time interval between incidents to closure, result of adjudication, the origin of cases (private vs. public prosecution), the result of medical appraisal, and the primary error. Overall, the cases averaged 7.6years to achieve final adjudication. Seventy-five percent were settled in favor of the clinician; twenty-three physicians and three nurses were found guilty, but all of these avoided imprisonment via probation or replacement with forfeit. The single most risky specialty was emergency medicine (22.6% of the cases), with 36.8% of those resulting in guilty verdicts. The most common diagnosis groups were infectious diseases (23.8%), intracranial hemorrhages (10.7%), and acute coronary syndrome (9.5%). Public prosecutions had a 41.2% conviction rate; no guilty verdicts resulted from private prosecution. Nineteen (22.6%) cases were commuted, and 73.7% of those had a controversial appraisal result. The characteristics of criminal malpractice prosecution in Taiwan that could be improved to relieve the stress of frivolous lawsuits on the judicial process include lengthy jurisdiction process; low public-prosecution conviction rate; frequent commuted jurisdiction related to a controversial appraisal; and zero imprisonment rate for clinicians. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  9. Improving health services in developing countries with new types of public and allied health personnel. (United States)

    Blayney, K D; Trulove, J W


    Allied health manpower in developing countries should be able to serve the specific needs of these countries in solving malnutrition, diarrheal disease, and other health problems. Disease patterns tend to evolve in stages with each stage requiring a special type of health manpower: 1) the 1st stage where infectious diseases are linked to poverty, malnutrition, and poor personal hygiene for which personnel trained to improve health through providing safe water supplies, improving sanitation, and immunizing the population are needed; 2) in the 2nd stages, diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and cardiac diseases exist, requiring extensive technology such as is available in the US; and 3) the 3rd stage relates to an awareness of health hazards (caused by the environment, by the lifestyle dysfunctions of the society, and an emphasis on health promotion) and implies a responsibility for one's own health by the individual; this is a difficult stage to apply to developing countries since the ability to bring about change assumes literacy on the part of the population which is not always the case. Since most developing countries need to cause change in the 1st stage, more public health personnel such as sanitarians and generalist workers are needed. Training of these personnel should include on-the-job education; traditionally trained US allied health professionals are not always equipped to deal with health problems in developing countries. Health educators should look to the lessons learned by the US in the allied health movement: 1) the system of control that national membership organizations have over schooling and the job environment has contributed to an increased cost of health care delivery, unnecessary prolonged curricula, overspecialization, extreme protectionism for membership, and inappropriate fractionalization of health care delivery; 2) the emphasis on prolonged curricula sometimes causes the student to lose sight of the supposed direct relationship between

  10. Pilot implementation of allied health assistant roles within publicly funded health services in Queensland, Australia: results of a workplace audit. (United States)

    Stute, Michelle; Hurwood, Andrea; Hulcombe, Julie; Kuipers, Pim


    Allied health assistants provide delegated support for physical therapists, occupational therapists and other allied health professionals. Unfortunately the role statements, scope of practice and career pathways of these assistant positions are often unclear. To inform the future development of the allied health assistant workforce, a state-wide pilot project was implemented and audited. New allied health assistant positions were implemented in numerous settings at three levels (trainee level, full (standard) scope and advanced scope level). Six months after implementation, 41 positions were audited, using a detailed on-site audit process, conducted by multiple audit teams. Thematically analysed audit findings indicated that both the full (standard) scope and the advanced scope positions were warranted, however the skills of the allied health assistants were not optimally utilised. Contributing factors to this underutilization included the reluctance of professionals to delegate clinical tasks, inconsistencies in role descriptions, limitations in training, and the time frame taken to reach an effective skill level. Optimal utilisation of assistants is unlikely to occur while professionals withhold delegation of tasks related to direct patient care. Formal clinical supervision arrangements and training plans should be established in order to address the concerns of professionals and accelerate full utilisation of assistants. Further work is necessary to identify the key components and distinguish key features of an advanced allied health assistant role.

  11. Command injection attacks, continuations, and the Lambek calculus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hayo Thielecke


    Full Text Available This paper shows connections between command injection attacks, continuations, and the Lambek calculus: certain command injections, such as the tautology attack on SQL, are shown to be a form of control effect that can be typed using the Lambek calculus, generalizing the double-negation typing of continuations. Lambek's syntactic calculus is a logic with two implicational connectives taking their arguments from the left and right, respectively. These connectives describe how strings interact with their left and right contexts when building up syntactic structures. The calculus is a form of propositional logic without structural rules, and so a forerunner of substructural logics like Linear Logic and Separation Logic.

  12. Division and Corps Command Posts in World War II. (United States)

    1986-03-27 1 S ol co0Mmmnders anld tsLatt vi ith onsis LlI Scope oi sttC I oil itc autLiisit i responsibl Iity. DISTRIBUTioN STATEMENT A 20. DISTRIBUTION...command posts. The remote location of II Corps command post in February 1942 during the * Tunisian campaign was considered a poor commentary on its...briefing began at 0730 in the War Room, housed in two wall tents located in an olive grove near Grosseto about ten miles inland from the coast

  13. Circuit of synchronous logic for the transmission of safety commands

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Uberschlag, J.


    The author reports the development of a control-command circuit for the transmission of binary commands related to the safety of nuclear reactors. He presents the main design criteria (operation safety, provided safety level, flexibility, technical adaptation), the definition of the operation principle (inputs, logical outputs), the properties of a logic system. He evokes redundancy issues, and presents the system structure, proposes a possible sketch of the logic circuit. He describes the possible options for intermediate circuits and logic outputs, and tests to be performed

  14. Command and Control Career Ladder, AFSC 274X0. (United States)


    I COMMAND AND CONTROL CAREER LADDER AFSC 274X0 AFPT 90-274-774 APRIL 1987 OCCUPATIONAL ANALYSIS PROGRAM USAF OCCUPATIONAL MEASUREMENT CENTER AIR...3 HQ TAC/TTGT 1 1 HQ USAF/XODRF 1 1 HQ USAF/ MPPT 1 1 HQ USAFE/DPAT 3 3 HQ USAFE/TTGT 1 1 HO USMC (CODE TPI) 1 NODAC 1 3300 TCHTW/TTGX (KEESLER AFB MS...Command and Control career ladder (AFSC 274X0). This survey was requested by the Training Development Services Division of the USAF Occupa- tional

  15. Incident command linkup: the vital key for CBRN response

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Smith, D.


    The most vital element for responding emergency personnel to a CBRN attack is the incident command linkup and dissemination of information. Incident Command, the basic foundation of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), is the first thing that must be effectively established when a response is required in any emergency. When initial evaluation of the scene determines that the incident involves CBRN, specialized resources from a wide array of assets must be activated quickly to mitigate the hazards. In this paper, we examine the information that the Incident Commander must be prepared to convey to those specialized assets responding. We will also look at what questions those specialized resources may ask while en route and upon arrival. Another key element that will be discussed is the placement of those resources in the hierarchy of the National Incident Management System. The information that the Incident Commander (IC) must be prepared to convey to those specialized assets responding is crucial for an efficient response and effective deployment. What questions might those specialized CBRN resources ask while en route and upon arrival? At a bare minimum, the four basic questions of who is in charge of the incident, where is the incident located, what transpired to trigger a response, and when did the incident occur must be answered. These questions should be answered while en route to the scene so that the Commander of the responding CBRN unit can formulate a plan on the move and prepare his response accordingly. While in transit, the CBRN responders should maintain contact with a representative of the Incident Command at the scene so that the latest information is available. Discussions should include anticipated logistical requirements such as personal protective equipment (PPE), decon requirements, communications protocols, and medical care issues. The CBRN Commander will need to know if the site is secure, has it been cleared of explosive hazards

  16. Benefits Of Mission Command: Balance Of Philosophy And System (United States)


    all I’ve got. Good luck to you , and God bless you and your men.23 Upon arrival to Taejon on the morning of July 1, 1950, LTC Smith found BG Church...ABSTRACT On October 31, 2014, the US Anny Training and Doctrine Command published The US Anny Operating Concept: Win in a Complex World (AOC) . The...On October 31, 2014, the US Army Training and Doctrine Command published The US Army Operating Concept: Win in a Complex World (AOC). The purpose of

  17. Three dimensional visualization to support command and control

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Van Slambrook, G.A.


    Virtual reality concepts are changing the way one thinks about and with computers. The concepts have already proven their potential usefulness in a broad range of applications. This research was concerned with exploring and demonstrating the utility of virtual reality in robotics and satellite command and control applications. The robotics work addressed the need to quickly build accurate graphical models of physical environments by allowing a user to interactively build a model of a remote environment by superimposing stereo graphics onto live stereo video. The satellite work addressed the fusion of multiple data sets or models into one synergistic display for more effective training, design, and command and control of satellite systems

  18. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c command-line interface

    CERN Document Server

    Pot'Vin, Kellyn; Smith, Ray


    Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Command-Line Interface shows how to use Enterprise Manager's powerful scripting language to automate your database administration work and save time by scripting routine tasks, and then executing those scripts across collections of databases and instances in your environment. This book is chock full of ready-made scripting examples contributed by the authors and leading members of the community. For example, you'll find scripts and examples of commands to: Remove an Enterprise Manager agent and its related targetsQuickly create administrator accounts that are ful

  19. Commander’s Critical Information Requirements (CCIR): Reality Versus Perception (United States)


    early in his life. The sport of football enabled him to practice decision making under the stress of victory or defeat 70 in games filled with...Executive Officer of Combat Command A, 4th Armored Division, during WWII, Mail Interview, 14 October 1992, and BG 49 Albin F. Irzyk (Retired), Commander of...79. Ibid, 149. 80. Weigley, 173. 81. Ibid, 177-178. 82. Ibid, 178. 83. BG Albin F. Irzyk (Retired), "The "Name Enough" Division," Armor Magazine, Vol

  20. Three dimensional visualization to support command and control

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Van Slambrook, G.A.


    Virtual reality concepts are changing the way one thinks about and with computers. The concepts have already proven their potential usefulness in a broad range of applications. This research was concerned with exploring and demonstrating the utility of virtual reality in robotics and satellite command and control applications. The robotics work addressed the need to quickly build accurate graphical models of physical environments by allowing a user to interactively build a model of a remote environment by superimposing stereo graphics onto live stereo video. The satellite work addressed the fusion of multiple data sets or models into one synergistic display for more effective training, design, and command and control of satellite systems.

  1. The Comanche and the Albatross: About Our Neck Was Hung (United States)


    also because the required funding effectively deprives the Air Force of the re- sources demanded to address them. At the heart of the disconnect lie...Feature America is currently involved in Mali, the Philippines , Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Jordan, Uganda, and the Horn of Africa; Libya is a fading...logistical shoestring from Ukrainian air- fields in poor condition, then the supreme allied commander, Europe, would no doubt sleep more soundly in the

  2. Detection of Botnet Command and Control Traffic in Enterprise Networks

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Burghouwt, P.


    Botnets play an important role in modern Internet-related cybercrime. A botnet consists of a group of infected computers, referred to as bots. The bots are remotely controlled and deployed in malicious activities, such as DDoS attacks, spam, and espionage. Clever design of the botnet C&C (Command

  3. NET: an inter-computer file transfer command

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Burris, R.D.


    The NET command was defined and supported in order to facilitate file transfer between computers. Among the goals of the implementation were greatest possible ease of use, maximum power (i.e., support of a diversity of equipment and operations), and protection of the operating system

  4. RAPID: Collaborative Commanding and Monitoring of Lunar Assets (United States)

    Torres, Recaredo J.; Mittman, David S.; Powell, Mark W.; Norris, Jeffrey S.; Joswig, Joseph C.; Crockett, Thomas M.; Abramyan, Lucy; Shams, Khawaja S.; Wallick, Michael; Allan, Mark; hide


    RAPID (Robot Application Programming Interface Delegate) software utilizes highly robust technology to facilitate commanding and monitoring of lunar assets. RAPID provides the ability for intercenter communication, since these assets are developed in multiple NASA centers. RAPID is targeted at the task of lunar operations; specifically, operations that deal with robotic assets, cranes, and astronaut spacesuits, often developed at different NASA centers. RAPID allows for a uniform way to command and monitor these assets. Commands can be issued to take images, and monitoring is done via telemetry data from the asset. There are two unique features to RAPID: First, it allows any operator from any NASA center to control any NASA lunar asset, regardless of location. Second, by abstracting the native language for specific assets to a common set of messages, an operator may control and monitor any NASA lunar asset by being trained only on the use of RAPID, rather than the specific asset. RAPID is easier to use and more powerful than its predecessor, the Astronaut Interface Device (AID). Utilizing the new robust middleware, DDS (Data Distribution System), developing in RAPID has increased significantly over the old middleware. The API is built upon the Java Eclipse Platform, which combined with DDS, provides platform-independent software architecture, simplifying development of RAPID components. As RAPID continues to evolve and new messages are being designed and implemented, operators for future lunar missions will have a rich environment for commanding and monitoring assets.

  5. 'The Danger of Divided Command': British civil and military disputes ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    which threatened the efficient conduct of military operations. The most spectacular and bitter confrontation of this sort was that between the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon, and the. Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army, Lord Kitchener, which culminated in Curzon's resignation in August 1905.' The obscure colonies of Natal ...

  6. EEG signal classification to detect left and right command using ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    These features are used as inputs to be classified by the ANN classifier. The performance of this classifier is then evaluated by measuring its accuracy in distinguishing the different interpreted commands. Based on findings from the conducted analysis, we found that PSD is the best feature to be fed as input to the ANN ...

  7. US Africa Command (AFRICOM) and Nigeria's National Security ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The US decision to establish a unified combatant command (AFRICOM) in African has raised numerous questions, particularly in Africa, regarding its possible security implications for the continent. The article narrows itself to the concern for unraveling the national security implications of Nigeria's opposition to the location of

  8. A Data Analysis of Naval Air Systems Command Funding Documents (United States)


    value in excess of 146 billion dollars. NAVAIR uses the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) system to process its financial transactions and...resource planning ( ERP ), Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), purchase requests (PR), funding documents, Economy Act Order, intragovernmental transfers...Planning ( ERP ) system to process its financial transactions and, since its implementation, there has been an increase in the overall number of

  9. U.S. Northern Command Counterterrorism Response Force Requirement (United States)


    conclusions expressed herein are those of the student author and do not necessarily represent the views of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff...bombers struck near the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, followed by suicide bombings and mass shootings at cafes , restaurants, and the Bataclan Concert

  10. Single-channel digital command-detection system (United States)

    Carl, C. C.; Couvillon, L. A.; Goldstein, R. M.; Posner, E. C.; Green, R. R.


    System, fabricated of highly-reliable digital logic elements, operates on binary pulse-code-modulated signals and derives internal synchronization from data signal. All-digital implementation of detector develops synchronization from data signal by computer cross-correlation of command modulation signal with its expected forms in sequence and adjusts detector phases in accordance with correlation peaks.

  11. Cognitive Systems Modeling and Analysis of Command and Control Systems (United States)

    Norlander, Arne


    Military operations, counter-terrorism operations and emergency response often oblige operators and commanders to operate within distributed organizations and systems for safe and effective mission accomplishment. Tactical commanders and operators frequently encounter violent threats and critical demands on cognitive capacity and reaction time. In the future they will make decisions in situations where operational and system characteristics are highly dynamic and non-linear, i.e. minor events, decisions or actions may have serious and irreversible consequences for the entire mission. Commanders and other decision makers must manage true real time properties at all levels; individual operators, stand-alone technical systems, higher-order integrated human-machine systems and joint operations forces alike. Coping with these conditions in performance assessment, system development and operational testing is a challenge for both practitioners and researchers. This paper reports on research from which the results led to a breakthrough: An integrated approach to information-centered systems analysis to support future command and control systems research development. This approach integrates several areas of research into a coherent framework, Action Control Theory (ACT). It comprises measurement techniques and methodological advances that facilitate a more accurate and deeper understanding of the operational environment, its agents, actors and effectors, generating new and updated models. This in turn generates theoretical advances. Some good examples of successful approaches are found in the research areas of cognitive systems engineering, systems theory, and psychophysiology, and in the fields of dynamic, distributed decision making and naturalistic decision making.

  12. TGIN language reference manual: NAMMU and MATDIF commands

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Cliffe, K.A.; Herbert, A.W.


    NAMMU is a finite-element program for modelling groundwater flow and transport. The matrix diffusion option models the transport of radionuclides including the effects of rock-matrix diffusion. It uses the free-format structured-input TGIN. This report describes the commands in the TGIN language for running the NAMMU and MATDIF package. (author)

  13. Command History OPNAV 5750-1 Fiscal Year 2004 (United States)


    of Staff, Submarine Group TWO; Commander Street, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery; Captain Travis Luz , CO, Naval Health Research Center; Captain...submarine. Both vessels exist in pressure and temperature differentials. Astronauts and submariners live and work in an artificial atmosphere with...cues results in living by an artificial time reference and abnormal sleeping schedules. Crews have limited communications with family, being

  14. Computer-assisted command and control for Chooz B

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    A new type of command and control system has been installed at the Chooz B nuclear power plant. A key feature of the system is a man/machine interface designed to provide operators with on-screen assistance more quickly than ever. (Author)

  15. 32 CFR 536.7 - Responsibilities of the Commander USARCS. (United States)


    ...) Investigate, process and settle, and supervise the field office investigation and processing of, medical malpractice claims arising in Army medical centers within the United States; provide medical claims judge... Medical Command (MEDCOM) on matters relating to medical malpractice claims. (x) Issue an accounting...

  16. An easily extendable interpreter comprising MCA and CAMAC commands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bakkum, E. L.; Elsenaar, R.J.


    A BASIC interpreter is a useful tool for writing small programs in a quick and easy way. For the control of experiments, however, it lacks a number of essential features. A BASIC-like command interpreter BACO has therefore been developed. It runs on PDP-11 computers with the RSX-11M operating

  17. Forest Service patrol captain and patrol commanders report: nationwide study (United States)

    Deborah J. Chavez; Joanne F. Tynon


    This is the third in a series of studies to evaluate perceptions of USDA Forest Service law enforcement personnel of the roles, responsibilities, and issues entailed in their jobs. An e-mail survey was administered to the 79 Forest Service patrol captains and patrol commanders (PCs) across the United States. Seventy completed and returned the questionnaire....

  18. 32 CFR Appendix A to Part 192 - Checklist for Commanders (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Checklist for Commanders A Appendix A to Part 192 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE (CONTINUED) MISCELLANEOUS EQUAL OPPORTUNITY IN OFF-BASE HOUSING Pt. 192, App. A Appendix A to Part 192—Checklist for...

  19. Command and Control during Security Incidents/Emergencies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Knipper, W. [NSTec


    This presentation builds on our response to events that pose, or have the potential to pose, a serious security or law enforcement risk and must be responded to and controlled in a clear a decisive fashion. We will examine some common concepts in the command and control of security-centric events.

  20. JPRS Report, China, Handbook of Military Knowledge for Commanders (United States)


    200 300 300 Bow Stern 4 2 6 2 6 2 Tor- Mines pedoes 12 22 53 14 28 53 16 28 53 3. Surface Vessels There are more types...subordinate unit and attached unit commanders by way of passing along the mission, or he may pass along the mission in separate chats . When the mission