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  1. Superiority of Nitinol Piston Over Conventional Prostheses in Stapes Surgery: First Comparative Results in the Chinese Population in Taiwan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chin-Lung Kuo


    Conclusion: The Nitinol piston has a distinct advantage over conventional prostheses, providing an easier, safer and more effective treatment option in otosclerosis surgery. To our knowledge, this is the first comparative analysis of hearing results of the Nitinol piston with conventional prostheses in the Chinese population in Taiwan. In this population, there is a much lower prevalence of otosclerosis, leading to a lack of surgical experience in otosclerosis surgery, even at large medical centers. This may explain, in part, the relative lack of studies conducted on stapes prostheses in Asian patients. Therefore, our preliminary research may provide a reference for future investigations on stapes surgery in Asian patients with otosclerosis based on ethnic differences.

  2. Superior results with continuous passive motion compared to active motion after periosteal transplantation. A retrospective study of human patella cartilage defect treatment. (United States)

    Alfredson, H; Lorentzon, R


    Fifty-seven consecutive patients (33 men and 24 women), with a mean age of 32 years (range 16-53 years), who suffered from an isolated full-thickness cartilage defect of the patella and disabling knee pain of long duration, were treated by autologous periosteal transplantation to the cartilage defect. The first 38 consecutive patients (group A) were postoperatively treated with continuous passive motion (CPM), and the next 19 consecutive patients (group B) were treated with active motion for the first 5 days postoperatively. In both groups, the initial regimens were followed by active motion, slowly progressive strength training, and slowly progressive weight bearing. In group A, after a mean follow-up of 51 months (range 33-92 months), 29 patients (76%) were graded as excellent or good, 7 patients (19%) were graded as fair, and 2 patients (5%) were graded as poor. In group B, after a mean follow-up of 21 months (range 14-28 months), 10 patients (53%) were graded as excellent or good, 6 patients (32%) were graded as fair, and 3 patients (15%) were graded as poor. Altogether, nine of the fair or poor cases (50%) were diagnosed with chondromalacia of the patella. Our results, after performing autologous periosteal transplantation in patients with full-thickness cartilage defects of the patella and disabling knee pain, are good if CPM is used postoperatively. The clinical results using active motion postoperatively are not acceptable, especially not in patients with chondromalacia of the patella.

  3. Surgical Results in Unilateral Superior Oblique Muscle Palsy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aylin Tenlik


    Full Text Available Objectives: To evaluate the surgical treatments and results of the patients with superior oblique muscle palsy (SOMP. Materials and Methods: Clinical charts of the patients with unilateral SOMP who were operated in our clinic between 1999 and 2009 were evaluated retrospectively. Patients’ demographics, preoperative signs, surgical procedure, complications, and final results were recorded. Results: Thirty-seven patients were included in the study, [21 (59% male, 15 (41% female]. The mean age was 20.6 years at the time of operation. The mean time interval between diagnosis and operation was 7.3 years. Postoperative follow-up period was 2.04 (ranging 1-10 years. Diplopia was determined in seven (18.9% patients, and abnormal head position in 36 (97.3% patients. Only inferior oblique tenotomy with distal muscle resection was performed in 25 patients. In addition, five patients had recession of the contralateral inferior rectus muscle and two patients had recession of the ipsilateral superior rectus muscle additional to inferior oblique tenotomy. Abnormal head position was completely improved in all of the patients postoperatively. The preoperative average score of the inferior oblique muscle (IOM overaction was +3.3±0.8, and postoperative overaction was found in only two patients (+1.5. There was statistically significant difference between the two periods (p<0.001. The average score of the superior oblique muscle hypofunction was -2.18 preoperatively, and in only three patients, the score was found -1.0 postoperatively. Difference between the two periods was statistically significant (p<0.001. While the preoperative average vertical deviation was 22 PD in primary position, none of the patients had hyperdeviation postoperatively. Diplopia was resolved in all seven affected patients postoperatively. Contralateral IOM hyperfunction was the most common complication (13.5%. Adherence syndrome was seen in none of the patients. Conclusion: It was found

  4. Results from a geophysical investigation of Lake Superior's ring structures (United States)

    Wattrus, N. J.; Gustafson, D.


    Ring shaped depressions are widely developed on the lake floor of Lake Superior. They have not been widely reported elsewhere. The rings are typically between 200 and 300 m across and up to 5 m deep. The width of the depression ranges between 10 to 30 m. They often occur in closely spaced groups or networks but can also occur as isolated features. Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain the formation of these features; they include syneresis of the fine-grained lake floor sediments, polygonal faulting and dewatering of the lake floor sediments. High resolution bathymetric surveying with a multibeam sonar has revealed that they are comprised of pockmarks arranged in irregular polygonal patterns. Sidescan sonar images of the pockmarks often exhibit increased backscatter about the pock which could be interpreted as evidence of a lag-surface. High-resolution CHIRP sub-bottom profiling across the pocks occasionally reveal chimney-like structures below the lake floor pock. This evidence suggests that the rings were produced by the expulsion of fluid from the lake floor. This appears to have been a basin-wide event. The timing, duration and origin of this are not well known. Neither is the structure of the subsurface plumbing below these features. Here we present results from a geophysical survey conducted in northwestern Lake Superior off the western coast of Isle Royale where both isolated and grouped lake floor rings are well developed. The objectives of the survey were to define the geometry of the sub-surface plumbing below the rings and to possibly gain some insight into how these systems develop. The data collected included two high-resolution pseudo-3D single-channel seismic reflection datasets, one acquired with a small airgun and a second acquired with a CHIRP profiler. Multibeam and sidescan sonar data were also acquired as part of the survey. A 9 m piston core was collected in close proximity to a ring feature. This is used to determine the physical

  5. Physiological elevation of endogenous hormones results in superior strength training adaptation. (United States)

    Rønnestad, Bent R; Nygaard, Håvard; Raastad, Truls


    The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of transiently elevated endogenous hormone concentrations during exercise on strength training adaptations. Nine subjects performed four unilateral strength training session per week on the elbow flexors for 11 weeks. During two of the weekly sessions, leg exercises were performed to acutely increase the systemic anabolic hormone concentration immediately before the exercises for one of the elbow flexors (L + A). On the two other weekly training sessions, the contralateral elbow flexors were trained without prior leg exercises (A). By randomizing one arm of the subjects to serve as a control and the other as experimental, both conditions have the same nutritional and genetic environment. Serum testosterone and growth hormone was significantly increased during the L - A training session, while no hormonal changes occurred in the A session. Both A and L + A increased 1RM in biceps curl, peak power in elbow flexors at 30 and 60% of 1RM, and muscle volume of the elbow flexors (p superior relative improvement in 1RM biceps curl and favorable muscle adaptations in elbow flexors compared to A (p superior strength training adaptations compared to arm training without acute elevation of hormones.

  6. Endovascular Treatment of Malignant Superior Vena Cava Syndrome: Results and Predictive Factors of Clinical Efficacy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fagedet, Dorothee, E-mail: [CHU de Grenoble, Clinique universitaire de medecine interne, Pole Pluridisciplinaire de Medecine (France); Thony, Frederic, E-mail: [CHU de Grenoble, Clinique universitaire de radiologie et imagerie medicale, Pole d' Imagerie (France); Timsit, Jean-Francois, E-mail: [CHU de Grenoble, Clinique universitaire de reanimation, Pole Medecine Aiguee Communautaire (France); Rodiere, Mathieu, E-mail: [CHU de Grenoble, Clinique universitaire de radiologie et imagerie medicale, Pole d' Imagerie (France); Monnin-Bares, Valerie, E-mail: [CHRU Arnaud de Villeneuve, Imagerie Medicale Thoracique Cardiovasculaire (France); Ferretti, Gilbert R., E-mail: [CHU de Grenoble, Clinique universitaire de radiologie et imagerie medicale, Pole d' Imagerie (France); Vesin, Aurelien; Moro-Sibilot, Denis, E-mail: [University Grenoble 1 e Albert Bonniot Institute, Inserm U823 (France)


    To demonstrate the effectiveness of endovascular treatment (EVT) with self-expandable bare stents for malignant superior vena cava syndrome (SVCS) and to analyze predictive factors of EVT efficacy. Retrospective review of the 164 patients with malignant SVCS treated with EVT in our hospital from August 1992 to December 2007 and followed until February 2009. Endovascular treatment includes angioplasty before and after stent placement. We used self-expandable bare stents. We studied results of this treatment and looked for predictive factors of clinical efficacy, recurrence, and complications by statistical analysis. Endovascular treatment was clinically successful in 95% of cases, with an acceptable rate of early mortality (2.4%). Thrombosis of the superior vena cava was the only independent factor for EVT failure. The use of stents over 16 mm in diameter was a predictive factor for complications (P = 0.008). Twenty-one complications (12.8%) occurred during the follow-up period. Relapse occurred in 36 patients (21.9%), with effective restenting in 75% of cases. Recurrence of SVCS was significantly increased in cases of occlusion (P = 0.01), initial associated thrombosis (P = 0.006), or use of steel stents (P = 0.004). Long-term anticoagulant therapy did not influence the risk of recurrence or complications. In malignancy, EVT with self-expandable bare stents is an effective SVCS therapy. These results prompt us to propose treatment with stents earlier in the clinical course of patients with SVCS and to avoid dilatation greater than 16 mm.

  7. Superior Vena Cava Obstruction in Hemodialysis Patients: Symptoms, Clinical Presentation and Outcomes Compared to Other Etiologies. (United States)

    Siegel, Yoel; Kuker, Russ


    The incidence of superior vena cava (SVC) obstruction associated with non-malignant diseases is on the rise, and a large percentage of these patients are on hemodialysis (HD). The objective was to characterize the presentation, symptoms and outcomes of HD patients with SVC obstruction identified on computerized tomography (CT) compared to patients with other etiologies such as neoplasm. A search was performed through the PACS system using key words to identify patients with SVC obstruction. The CT scans and charts were reviewed for degree of obstruction, signs, symptoms and outcomes. Thirty-six patients were included in the study. Thirteen were on HD and of these, five had symptoms associated with SVC obstruction and one had concordant findings on physical exam. In comparison, thirteen patients with a chest neoplasm had symptoms and four had concordant findings on physical exam. On follow up, 31% of the HD patients died and of these 60% were symptomatic and died within 2 years. 29% of lung cancer patients died within 16 months. The majority of the HD patients had complete SVC obstruction (85%) as opposed to those with a chest neoplasm who mostly had partial SVC occlusion (67%). In conclusion, patients on HD with SVC obstruction are less often symptomatic than those with a neoplasm. However, these HD patients had a death rate similar to the patients with cancer. This risk seems to increase in those who are symptomatic. Diagnosis of SVC obstruction by CT in HD patients may help identify those with less favorable prognosis.

  8. IPE results as compared with NUREG-1150

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pratt, W.T.; Lehner, J. [Brookhaven National Lab., Upton, NY (United States); Camp, A. [Sandia National Lab., Albuqurque, NM (United States); Chow, E. [Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Rockville, MD (United States)


    In 1990, the NRC published NUREG-1150 which assessed the risks for five U.S. nuclear power plants. This paper provides a comparison of the results and perspectives obtained from the NUREG-1150 study to those obtained form the Individual Plant Examination (IPE) program. Specifically, results and perspectives on core damage frequency and containment performance are compared.

  9. Peri- and intraarticular analgesia (PIA) superior to other procedures in TKA – review of literature and results of own RCT (United States)

    Beckmann, J.; Stathellis, A.; Fitz, W.; Köck, F.; Bauer, G.; Gebauer, M.; Schnurr, C.


    Background: TKA is a worldwide established surgery with periarticular infiltrations being scientifically funded is the superiority of in the perioperative setup of TKA nowadays. However, nerve blocks are still widely used as perioperative standard meaning possible analgesia beyond surger, but simultaneously with sensomotoric deficiency and resulting risk of fall as well as increased pain after removal of nerval catheters. Also a standard procedure is intubation which means immediate pain after awakening of patients with resulting need for sufficient oral, intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous analgesia. We present an actual review of the literature and an own RCT comparing infiltrations with nerve blocks, which to our best knowledge presents the first RCT combined with an additional continous part. Methods: Literature review (PubMed)Own RCT: 50 TKA were randomized and prospectively included. 25 patients received nerve blocks with a single ischiadicus block and a femoralis block with additional perineural catheter. 25 patients received periarticular infiltrations together with an intraarticular catheter (PIA). All catheters stayed for 4 days. Both groups received a laryngeal masc. Postoperative mobilisation, surgeon and type of prosthesis were the same in all patients. The following was evaluated pre- and postoperatively (first, third and sixth hour, first until sixth day): VAS, additional analgetics/ opioids, KSS score, knee function and ability to raise the straightened leg. Complications as infection, falls, DVT etc. were recorded. Results: Periarticular infiltrations are superior to other options in the perioperative setup of TKA which is clearly shown by literature (several studies including reviews) as well as the results of our own RCT: Pain occured in both groups, however, VAS, additional analgetics/ opioids and KSS score as well as the ability to raise the straightened leg were significantly better following PIA (p<0,01), with comparable knee function

  10. Downhill oesophageal varices resulting from superior vena cava graft occlusion after resection of a thymoma† (United States)

    Inoue, Yoshimasa; Sakai, Shoji; Aoki, Teruhiro


    Downhill oesophageal varices (DEV) may occur as a rare complication of superior vena cava (SVC) obstruction. DEV are usually associated with SVC obstruction caused by systemic vasculitis or mediastinal tumours. In this report, we describe a very rare case of DEV resulting from SVC graft occlusion after resection of a thymoma. A 66-year old man with an invasive thymoma was treated by radical resection and bypass grafting from the right brachiocephalic vein to the right atrium. Occlusion of the SVC graft was diagnosed postoperatively; however, the patient could be managed conservatively. Although there had been no significant findings in the oesophagus in previous endoscopic examinations, grade F2 varices were found in the proximal oesophagus in the 19th postoperative month, and DEV caused by SVC graft occlusion was diagnosed. Until now, 2 years since the diagnosis, no apparent symptoms or deterioration of the DEV have been observed. The possible development of DEV should be borne in mind during the follow-up of patients with postoperative SVC graft occlusion. PMID:23686892

  11. Clinical results of arthroscopic superior capsule reconstruction for irreparable rotator cuff tears. (United States)

    Mihata, Teruhisa; Lee, Thay Q; Watanabe, Chisato; Fukunishi, Kunimoto; Ohue, Mutsumi; Tsujimura, Tomoyuki; Kinoshita, Mitsuo


    The objective of this study was to investigate the clinical outcome and radiographic findings after arthroscopic superior capsule reconstruction (ASCR) for symptomatic irreparable rotator cuff tears. From 2007 to 2009, 24 shoulders in 23 consecutive patients (mean, 65.1 years) with irreparable rotator cuff tears (11 large, 13 massive) underwent ASCR using fascia lata. We used suture anchors to attach the graft medially to the glenoid superior tubercle and laterally to the greater tuberosity. We added side-to-side sutures between the graft and infraspinatus tendon and between the graft and residual anterior supraspinatus/subscapularis tendon to improve force coupling. Physical examination, radiography, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) were performed before surgery; at 3, 6, and 12 months after surgery; and yearly thereafter. Average follow-up was 34.1 months (24 to 51 months) after surgery. Mean active elevation increased significantly from 84° to 148° (P Arthroscopy Association of North America. All rights reserved.

  12. β-carotene losses due to handling and cooking in Kenyan leafy vegetables connote no comparative nutritional superiority over kales. (United States)

    Oiye, Shadrack O; Oniang'o, Ruth K; Shiundu, Kennedy


    African leafy vegetables (ALVs) are known to be high in β-carotene content and are preferred over kales due to this nutritional superiority. Ten different vegetables were collected from farm and market locations and analyzed for β-carotene content. Cooked vegetables (in single or in combination) as well as solar dried samples were prepared by the community members in the study area in the usual way and without any instruction or conditions given. β-carotene content was analyzed using a High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). The results provided new representative β-carotene content of the fresh, marketed, cooked and dried vegetables without controlling or simulating the household handling or processing methods in a laboratory. While edible portions of kales are relatively inferior as a β-carotene source as compare to ALVs when in raw form, this is not the case at market place where kales exhibit comparable level of the β-carotene. As much as 280 μRE/100 g (a dietarily significant amount) can be lost through β-carotene oxidation before farm-fresh ALVs are sold in the market place with the losses severe in some ALVs and only subtle and relatively lower in kales. Post-cooking, kales had statistically comparable β-carotene content to ALVs save for when compared with purple amaranths and blacknight shade. Due to losses experienced in ALVs, kales are not comparatively inferior vegetables in terms of β-carotene content. Measures to prevent β-carotene losses in ALVs between the farm and market, during cooking and drying should be instituted in order to benefit from their high β-carotene content.

  13. Short intervals induce superior training adaptations compared with long intervals in cyclists - an effort-matched approach. (United States)

    Rønnestad, B R; Hansen, J; Vegge, G; Tønnessen, E; Slettaløkken, G


    The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of 10 weeks of effort-matched short intervals (SI; n = 9) or long intervals (LI; n = 7) in cyclists. The high-intensity interval sessions (HIT) were performed twice a week interspersed with low-intensity training. There were no differences between groups at pretest. There were no differences between groups in total volume of both HIT and low-intensity training. The SI group achieved a larger relative improvement in VO(2max) than the LI group (8.7% ± 5.0% vs 2.6% ± 5.2%), respectively, P ≤ 0.05). Mean effect size (ES) of the relative improvement in all measured parameters, including performance measured as mean power output during 30-s all-out, 5-min all-out, and 40-min all-out tests revealed a moderate-to-large effect of SI training vs LI training (ES range was 0.86-1.54). These results suggest that the present SI protocol induces superior training adaptations on both the high-power region and lower power region of cyclists' power profile compared with the present LI protocol. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  14. Blood Pool Segmentation Results in Superior Virtual Cardiac Models than Myocardial Segmentation for 3D Printing. (United States)

    Farooqi, Kanwal M; Lengua, Carlos Gonzalez; Weinberg, Alan D; Nielsen, James C; Sanz, Javier


    The method of cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) three-dimensional (3D) image acquisition and post-processing which should be used to create optimal virtual models for 3D printing has not been studied systematically. Patients (n = 19) who had undergone CMR including both 3D balanced steady-state free precession (bSSFP) imaging and contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) were retrospectively identified. Post-processing for the creation of virtual 3D models involved using both myocardial (MS) and blood pool (BP) segmentation, resulting in four groups: Group 1-bSSFP/MS, Group 2-bSSFP/BP, Group 3-MRA/MS and Group 4-MRA/BP. The models created were assessed by two raters for overall quality (1-poor; 2-good; 3-excellent) and ability to identify predefined vessels (1-5: superior vena cava, inferior vena cava, main pulmonary artery, ascending aorta and at least one pulmonary vein). A total of 76 virtual models were created from 19 patient CMR datasets. The mean overall quality scores for Raters 1/2 were 1.63 ± 0.50/1.26 ± 0.45 for Group 1, 2.12 ± 0.50/2.26 ± 0.73 for Group 2, 1.74 ± 0.56/1.53 ± 0.61 for Group 3 and 2.26 ± 0.65/2.68 ± 0.48 for Group 4. The numbers of identified vessels for Raters 1/2 were 4.11 ± 1.32/4.05 ± 1.31 for Group 1, 4.90 ± 0.46/4.95 ± 0.23 for Group 2, 4.32 ± 1.00/4.47 ± 0.84 for Group 3 and 4.74 ± 0.56/4.63 ± 0.49 for Group 4. Models created using BP segmentation (Groups 2 and 4) received significantly higher ratings than those created using MS for both overall quality and number of vessels visualized (p printed on desktop 3D printers with good quality and accurate representation of the virtual 3D models. We recommend using BP segmentation with either MRA or bSSFP source datasets to create virtual 3D models for 3D printing. Desktop 3D printers can offer good quality printed models with accurate representation of anatomic detail.

  15. Diagnostic cellular yield is superior with full pars plana vitrectomy compared with core vitreous biopsy. (United States)

    Mudhar, H S; Sheard, R


    Vitreous biopsy for the cytological assessment of suspected intraocular lymphoma and vitritis of uncertain aetiology is a standard investigation. The types of specimens generated and the diagnostic rate are variable within and between centres. There are many reasons for this but one observation that has not been considered previously is the differential distribution of cells in the vitreous gel. To test this possibility, five consecutive patients with suspected vitreous involvement by lymphoma or vitritis of uncertain aetiology underwent a core vitreous biopsy immediately before a planned full pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) and the cellularity of the two sampling techniques compared. A prospective study of five consecutive patients requiring vitreous sampling to secure a firm diagnosis. For each of five patients, the core vitreous biopsy specimen was received in a universal tube and the PPV specimen was received in a vitreous cassette. Fluid (0.25 ml) was removed from both specimens, centrifuged and haematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained slides prepared per sampling method. The slides were examined with a light microscope, the most cellular field selected and the number of cells per mm(2) counted and compared between sampling techniques. PPV specimen's, revealed a cellularity range that was 7.4 to 78 × (average 31 ×) greater than a core vitreous biopsy. In the two cases of a final diagnosis of intraocular lymphoma, the vitreous core biopsy was non-diagnostic. Furthermore, the PPV specimen generated additional cellular material for numerous ancillary investigations to permit a secure diagnosis. The results of this differential vitreous sampling study has strengthened our anecdotal slit lamp clinical observations that inflammatory cells and lymphoma cells are concentrated more in the cortical vitreous. Therefore, vitreous cells have less chance to be sampled if a single core vitreous biopsy is performed. Indeed, the two cases of confirmed lymphoma generated a non

  16. Comparative Transcriptomic Study of Muscle Provides New Insights into the Growth Superiority of a Novel Grouper Hybrid. (United States)

    Sun, Ying; Huang, Yu; Hu, Guojun; Zhang, Xinhui; Ruan, Zhiqiang; Zhao, Xiaomeng; Guo, Chuanyu; Tang, Zhujing; Li, Xiaofeng; You, Xinxin; Lin, Haoran; Zhang, Yong; Shi, Qiong


    Grouper (Epinephelus spp.) is a group of fish species with great economic importance in Asian countries. A novel hybrid grouper, generated by us and called the Hulong grouper (Hyb), has better growth performance than its parents, E. fuscoguttatus (Efu, ♀) and E. lanceolatus (Ela, ♂). We previously reported that the GH/IGF (growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor) system in the brain and liver contributed to the superior growth of the Hyb. In this study, using transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq) and quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR), we analyzed RNA expression levels of comprehensive genes in the muscle of the hybrid and its parents. Our data showed that genes involved in glycolysis and calcium signaling in addition to troponins are up-regulated in the Hyb. The results suggested that the activity of the upstream GH/IGF system in the brain and liver, along with the up-regulated glycolytic genes as well as ryanodine receptors (RyRs) and troponins related to the calcium signaling pathway in muscle, led to enhanced growth in the hybrid grouper. Muscle contraction inducing growth could be the major contributor to the growth superiority in our novel hybrid grouper, which may be a common mechanism for hybrid superiority in fishes.

  17. Right atrium and superior vena cava pressure measurements in a novel animal model to study one and a half ventricle repair as compared to Fontan type procedure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anil Bhattarai


    Full Text Available Background & Objectives: To evaluate the advantages of the one and a half ventricle repair on maintaining a low pressure in the inferior vena cava district. Also evaluate the competition of flows at the superior vena cava – right pulmonary artery anastomosis site, in order to understand the hemodynamic interaction of a pulsatile flow in combination to a laminar one. Materials & Methods: Adult rabbits (n=30 in terminal anaesthesia with a follow up of 8 h were used, randomly distributed in three experimental groups: Group 1: animals with an anastomosis between superior vena cava and right pulmonary artery, as a model of one and one half ventricle repair; Group 2: animals with the cavopulmonary anastomosis followed by clamping of the right pulmonary artery proximal to the anastomosis; and Group 3: sham animals. Pressures of superior vena cava and pulmonary arteries were afterwards measured, in a resting condition as well as after induced pharmacological stress test.Results: In Group 1, superior vena cava pressure was significantly higher, while venous pressure in the inferior vena cava – right atrium district was constant or lower in comparison with the other groups. After stress test, the pressure in the superior vena cava and the heart rate both increased further, but the right ventricular, right atrial and pulmonary artery pressures remained similar to the values in a resting condition. This proved that the inferior vena cava return was well-preserved, and no venous hypertension was present in the inferior vena cava district even after stress test (good exercise tolerance.Conclusion: One and one half ventricle repair can be considered a good surgical strategy for maintaining a low pressure in the inferior vena cava district with potential for right ventricle growth, restoring the more physiological circulation in borderline or failing right ventricle conditions. The experiment presented a positive finding in favour of one and one half

  18. Total aortic arch replacement: superior ventriculo-arterial coupling with decellularized allografts compared with conventional prostheses.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander Weymann

    Full Text Available To date, no experimental or clinical study provides detailed analysis of vascular impedance changes after total aortic arch replacement. This study investigated ventriculoarterial coupling and vascular impedance after replacement of the aortic arch with conventional prostheses vs. decellularized allografts.After preparing decellularized aortic arch allografts, their mechanical, histological and biochemical properties were evaluated and compared to native aortic arches and conventional prostheses in vitro. In open-chest dogs, total aortic arch replacement was performed with conventional prostheses and compared to decellularized allografts (n = 5/group. Aortic flow and pressure were recorded continuously, left ventricular pressure-volume relations were measured by using a pressure-conductance catheter. From the hemodynamic variables end-systolic elastance (Ees, arterial elastance (Ea and ventriculoarterial coupling were calculated. Characteristic impedance (Z was assessed by Fourier analysis.While Ees did not differ between the groups and over time (4.1±1.19 vs. 4.58±1.39 mmHg/mL and 3.21±0.97 vs. 3.96±1.16 mmHg/mL, Ea showed a higher increase in the prosthesis group (4.01±0.67 vs. 6.18±0.20 mmHg/mL, P<0.05 in comparison to decellularized allografts (5.03±0.35 vs. 5.99±1.09 mmHg/mL. This led to impaired ventriculoarterial coupling in the prosthesis group, while it remained unchanged in the allograft group (62.5±50.9 vs. 3.9±23.4%. Z showed a strong increasing tendency in the prosthesis group and it was markedly higher after replacement when compared to decellularized allografts (44.6±8.3 dyn·sec·cm(-5 vs. 32.4±2.0 dyn·sec·cm(-5, P<0.05.Total aortic arch replacement leads to contractility-afterload mismatch by means of increased impedance and invert ventriculoarterial coupling ratio after implantation of conventional prostheses. Implantation of decellularized allografts preserves vascular impedance thereby improving

  19. Superior outcomes in HIV-positive kidney transplant patients compared with HCV-infected or HIV/HCV-coinfected recipients. (United States)

    Sawinski, Deirdre; Forde, Kimberly A; Eddinger, Kevin; Troxel, Andrea B; Blumberg, Emily; Tebas, Pablo; Abt, Peter L; Bloom, Roy D


    The prerequisite for an 'undetectable' HIV viral load has restricted access to transplantation for HIV-infected kidney recipients. However, HCV-infected recipients, owing to the historic limitations of HCV therapy in patients with renal disease, are commonly viremic at transplant and have universal access. To compare the effect of HIV, HCV, and HIV/HCV coinfection on kidney transplant patient and allograft outcomes, we performed a retrospective study of kidney recipients transplanted from January 1996 through December 2013. In multivariable analysis, patient (hazard ratio 0.90, 95% confidence interval 0.66-1.24) and allograft survival (0.60, 40-0.88) in 492 HIV patients did not differ significantly from the 117,791 patient-uninfected reference group. This was superior to outcomes in both the 5605 patient HCV group for death (1.44, 1.33-1.56) and graft loss (1.43, 1.31-1.56), as well as the 147 patient HIV/HCV coinfected group for death (2.26, 1.45-3.52) and graft loss (2.59, 1.60-4.19). HIV infection did not adversely affect recipient or allograft survival and was associated with superior outcomes compared with both HCV infection and HIV/HCV coinfection in this population. Thus, pretransplant viral eradication and/or immediate posttransplant eradication should be studied as potential strategies to improve posttransplant outcomes in HCV-infected kidney recipients.

  20. Evidence for superior neurobiological and behavioral inhibitory control abilities in non-offending as compared to offending pedophiles. (United States)

    Kärgel, Christian; Massau, Claudia; Weiß, Simone; Walter, Martin; Borchardt, Viola; Krueger, Tillmann H C; Tenbergen, Gilian; Kneer, Jonas; Wittfoth, Matthias; Pohl, Alexander; Gerwinn, Hannah; Ponseti, Jorge; Amelung, Till; Beier, Klaus M; Mohnke, Sebastian; Walter, Henrik; Schiffer, Boris


    Neurobehavioral models of pedophilia and child sexual offending suggest a pattern of temporal and in particular prefrontal disturbances leading to inappropriate behavioral control and subsequently an increased propensity to sexually offend against children. However, clear empirical evidence for such mechanisms is still missing. Using a go/nogo paradigm in combination with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) we compared behavioral performance and neural response patterns among three groups of men matched for age and IQ: pedophiles with (N = 40) and without (N = 37) a history of hands-on sexual offences against children as well as healthy non-offending controls (N = 40). As compared to offending pedophiles, non-offending pedophiles exhibited superior inhibitory control as reflected by significantly lower rate of commission errors. Group-by-condition interaction analysis also revealed inhibition-related activation in the left posterior cingulate and the left superior frontal cortex that distinguished between offending and non-offending pedophiles, while no significant differences were found between pedophiles and healthy controls. Both areas showing distinct activation pattern among pedophiles play a critical role in linking neural networks that relate to effective cognitive functioning. Data therefore suggest that heightened inhibition-related recruitment of these areas as well as decreased amount of commission errors is related to better inhibitory control in pedophiles who successfully avoid committing hands-on sexual offences against children. Hum Brain Mapp 38:1092-1104, 2017. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  1. Superior appetite hormone profile after equivalent weight loss by gastric bypass compared to gastric banding. (United States)

    Bose, Mousumi; Machineni, Sriram; Oliván, Blanca; Teixeira, Julio; McGinty, James J; Bawa, Baani; Koshy, Ninan; Colarusso, Antonia; Laferrère, Blandine


    The goal of this study was to understand the mechanisms of greater weight loss by gastric bypass (GBP) compared to gastric banding (GB) surgery. Obese weight- and age-matched subjects were studied before (T0), after a 12 kg weight loss (T1) by GBP (n = 11) or GB (n = 9), and at 1 year after surgery (T2). peptide YY(3-36) (PYY(3-36)), ghrelin, glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), leptin, and amylin were measured after an oral glucose challenge. At T1, glucose-stimulated GLP-1 and PYY levels increased significantly after GBP but not GB. Ghrelin levels did not change significantly after either surgery. In spite of equivalent weight loss, leptin and amylin decreased after GBP, but not after GB. At T2, weight loss was greater after GBP than GB (P = 0.003). GLP-1, PYY, and amylin levels did not significantly change from T1 to T2; leptin levels continued to decrease after GBP, but not after GB at T2. Surprisingly, ghrelin area under the curve (AUC) increased 1 year after GBP (P = 0.03). These data show that, at equivalent weight loss, favorable GLP-1 and PYY changes occur after GBP, but not GB, and could explain the difference in weight loss at 1 year. Mechanisms other than weight loss may explain changes of leptin and amylin after GBP.

  2. Superior Serum Concentrations with Posaconazole Delayed-Release Tablets Compared to Suspension Formulation in Hematological Malignancies. (United States)

    Cumpston, Aaron; Caddell, Ryan; Shillingburg, Alexandra; Lu, Xiaoxiao; Wen, Sijin; Hamadani, Mehdi; Craig, Michael; Kanate, Abraham S


    Posaconazole (PCZ), approved for prophylaxis against invasive fungal disease in high-risk patients, is commercially available orally as a suspension formulation (PCZ-susp) and as a delayed-release tablet (PCZ-tab). We evaluated the serum steady-state concentrations (Css) of PCZ stratified by the administered formulation for antifungal prophylaxis in patients with myeloid malignancies (n = 150). The primary outcome was the attainment rate of the target Css of ≥700 ng/ml. Secondary outcomes included toxicity assessment (hepatotoxicity and corrected QT [QTc] interval prolongation) and breakthrough fungal infections. Patients who received the PCZ-susp (n = 118) or PCZ-tab (n = 32) and had PCZ Css assessment after at least 7 days of therapy were eligible. The median Css in the PCZ-susp group was 390 ng/ml (range, 51 to 1,870 ng/ml; mean, 436 ng/ml) compared to 1,740 ng/ml (range, 662 to 3,350 ng/ml; mean, 1,781 ng/ml) in the PCZ-tab group (P < 0.0001). The percentages of patients achieving the target goal of ≥700 ng/ml were 17% versus 97%, respectively (P < 0.0001). Hepatotoxicity (grade 2 or higher) occurred in 1 patient in each group. QTc interval measurements were available for 32 patients in the PCZ-susp group and for 12 patients in the PCZ-tab group, and prolonged intervals of grade 2 or higher were noted in 9% (n = 3) and 17% (n = 2), respectively (P = 0.6). Breakthrough fungal infections in the PCZ-susp and PCZ-tab groups were 7% (n = 8) and 3% (n = 1), respectively (P = 0.68). We conclude that the use of PCZ-tab was associated with higher Css and with the probability of achieving therapeutic goals without worsening of adverse effects.

  3. An innovative process for treatment of municipal wastewater with superior charcteristics compared to traditional techologies

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schmidt, Jens Ejbye; Fitsios, E.; Angelidaki, Irini


    . For nitrogen removal, the anammox process and an innovative physico-chemical method, will be described. These separation technologies have showed promising prospects for cost effective removal of ammonia. For phosphorus removal, biological process will be used. On-line volatile fatty acids (VFA) monitoring......An innovative treatment process for municipal sewage, which results in low sludge production, low energy consumption, high COD removal and high energy and nutrients recovery, is described. The organic matter will primarly be removed through anaerobic degradation using high-flow reactors...... and control will ensure optimum utilization of VFA's for P removal and biogas production. Thermal hydrolysis for treatment of residual sludge will be used for further decreasing the amount of excess sludge. Finally, socio-economic evaluation of the process relative to the traditional treatment concepts...

  4. Three-dimensional nipple-areola tattooing: a new technique with superior results. (United States)

    Halvorson, Eric G; Cormican, Michael; West, Misti E; Myers, Vinnie


    Traditional coloring techniques for nipple-areola tattooing ignore the artistic principles of light and shadow to create depth on a two-dimensional surface. The method presented in this article is essentially the inverse of traditional technique and results in a more realistic and three-dimensional reconstruction that can appear better than surgical methods. The application of three-dimensional techniques or "realism" in tattoo artistry has significant potential to improve the aesthetic outcomes of reconstructive surgery.

  5. Enzyme analysis for Pompe disease in leukocytes; superior results with natural substrate compared with artificial substrates. (United States)

    van Diggelen, O P; Oemardien, L F; van der Beek, N A M E; Kroos, M A; Wind, H K; Voznyi, Y V; Burke, D; Jackson, M; Winchester, B G; Reuser, A J J


    Enzyme analysis for Pompe disease in leukocytes has been greatly improved by the introduction of acarbose, a powerful inhibitor of interfering alpha-glucosidases, which are present in granulocytes but not in lymphocytes. Here we show that the application of acarbose in the enzymatic assay employing the artificial substrate 4-methylumbelliferyl-alpha-D: -glucoside (MU-alphaGlc) is insufficient to clearly distinguish patients from healthy individuals in all cases. Also, the ratios of the activities without/with acarbose only marginally discriminated Pompe patients and healthy individuals. By contrast, when the natural substrate glycogen is used, the activity in leukocytes from patients (n = 82) with Pompe disease is at most 17% of the lowest control value. The use of artificial substrate in an assay with isolated lymphocytes instead of total leukocytes is a poor alternative as blood samples older than one day invariably yield lymphocyte preparations that are contaminated with granulocytes. To diagnose Pompe disease in leukocytes we recommend the use of glycogen as substrate in the presence of acarbose. This assay unequivocally excludes Pompe disease. To also exclude pseudo-deficiency of acid alpha-glucosidase caused by the sequence change c.271G>A (p.D91N or GAA2; homozygosity in approximately 1:1000 caucasians), a second assay employing MU-alphaGlc substrate plus acarbose or DNA analysis is required.

  6. Superiority of preventive antibiotic treatment compared with standard treatment of poststroke pneumonia in experimental stroke: a bed to bench approach (United States)

    Hetze, Susann; Engel, Odilo; Römer, Christine; Mueller, Susanne; Dirnagl, Ulrich; Meisel, Christian; Meisel, Andreas


    Stroke patients are prone to life-threatening bacterial pneumonia. Previous experimental stroke studies have demonstrated that preventive antibiotic treatment (PAT) improves outcome compared with placebo treatment, which however does not model the clinical setting properly. Here we investigate whether PAT is superior to the current clinical ‘gold standard' for treating poststroke infections. Therefore, we modeled stroke care according to the current stroke guidelines recommending early antibiotic treatment after diagnosing infections. To reliably diagnose pneumonia in living mice, we established a general health score and a magnetic resonance imaging protocol for radiologic confirmation. Compared with standard treatment after diagnosis by these methods, PAT not only abolished pneumonia successfully but also improved general medical outcome. Both, preventive and standard antibiotic treatment using enrofloxacin improved survival in a similar way compared with placebo treatment. However, in contrast to standard treatment, only PAT improved functional outcome assessed by gait analysis. In conclusion, standard and preventive treatment approach reduced poststroke mortality, however at the cost of a worse neurologic outcome compared with preventive approach. These data support the concept of PAT for treating patients at risk for poststroke infections and warrant phase III trials to prove this concept in clinical setting. PMID:23361393

  7. Embryos cultured in a time-lapse system result in superior treatment outcomes: a strict matched pair analysis. (United States)

    Barrie, Amy; Homburg, Roy; McDowell, Garry; Brown, Jeremy; Kingsland, Charles; Troup, Stephen


    A retrospective strict matched-pair analysis of 728 treatment cycles between January 2011 and September 2014 was performed. A total of 364 treatment cycles, where all embryos were cultured and examined in EmbryoScope(®), were matched to treatment cycles where all the embryos were cultured in a standard incubator with conventional morphological examination. Matching was performed for patient age, number of oocytes collected, treatment type and date of oocyte collection (± six months). The clinical (CPR), implantation (IR), live birth (LBR) and miscarriage rates (MR) were calculated and considered significant when p result was not statistically significant (18.9% versus 24.4%, p = 0.19). There is a paucity of well-designed studies to confirm that embryos cultured and examined in TLS can result in superior treatment outcomes, and this strict-matched pair analysis with a large cohort of treatment cycles indicates the advantage of using TLS.

  8. Superior long-term activity for a Pt-Re alloy compared to Pt in methanol oxidation reactions (United States)

    Duke, Audrey S.; Xie, Kangmin; Monnier, John R.; Chen, Donna A.


    Pt-Re bimetallic catalysts have shown enhanced activity compared to pure Pt for reactions involving oxidation, but the origins of this improved activity are not fully understood. Methanol oxidation on a Pt-Re alloy surface and pure Pt foil was studied in a microreactor coupled to an ultrahigh vacuum chamber. For reaction at 60 °C, the Pt-Re alloy surface exhibits superior long-term activity over a 24 h reaction period compared to pure Pt. The initial activity of Pt is 10-15% higher than on Pt-Re; however, the Pt surface gradually loses activity after 10 h online, whereas the activity of Pt-Re does not diminish. Post-reaction XPS shows that more carbon accumulates on the Pt than on Pt-Re, and the improved long-term activity is attributed to a greater ability of Pt-Re to oxidize the carbonaceous intermediates that eventually poison active sites. Both Pt and Pt-Re surfaces have almost no activity for methanol oxidation until a minimum coverage of oxygen is achieved from O2 dissociation. A comparison with methanol oxidation studies on Pt and Pt-Re in a pressure regime that is 150 times lower than in this work demonstrates that more carbon and less oxygen accumulate on the surfaces during reaction at the lower pressures.

  9. Superior angiogenesis facilitates digit regrowth in MRL/MpJ mice compared to C57BL/6 mice. (United States)

    Kwiatkowski, Alexander; Piatkowski, Mark; Chen, Miao; Kan, Lijuan; Meng, Qingshu; Fan, Huimin; Osman, Abdel-Hamid K; Liu, Zhongmin; Ledford, Benjamin; He, Jia-Qiang


    Previous studies indicated that the fast-healer strain of MRL/MpJ-Fas(lpr)/J (MRL) mice demonstrated superior regenerative capabilities for digit wound healing and/or regeneration compared with the non-healer strain of C57BL/6 (C57) mice. These reports, however, mainly focused on morphological observations and analysis of gene expression with little attention on the role of angiogenesis in the amputated digits. By taking advantage of Laser Doppler Imaging and histological analysis, we examined the potential role(s) of angiogenesis in facilitating tissue regrowth/regeneration by comparing two strains of mice (MRL versus C57). The three middle digits on the mouse's right foot (RF) were amputated at the middle level of phalanx 2 (P2) on postnatal day 2 (Day 0), while the left foot (LF) remained intact and served as a control. Laser Doppler images and digital photographs were taken of both feet before, immediately after surgery, and on Day 7, 14, 21, and 28 to evaluate blood flow and overall length of digit regrowth. All measurements from the amputated digits of the RF were divided by those of the control LF to obtain normalized ratios for statistical comparisons between groups. It was found that MRL mice demonstrated an approximately 220% increase in regrowth ratios over that of C57 mice from Day 21-28 (p < 0.01, n = 13), while blood-flow increased by about 25% on Day 21 (p < 0.01, n = 13) compared to that in C57 mice. Histological analysis of both control and amputated limbs indicated an approximately 70% increase in the number of vessels (both arterial and venous) in MRL mice over that of the C57 mice (p < 0.05, n = 3). We conclude that higher blood flow and angiogenesis may play an important role in facilitating the fast regrowth ratios of amputated digits in MRL mice compared to C57 mice.

  10. Comparing Results from Constant Comparative and Computer Software Methods: A Reflection about Qualitative Data Analysis (United States)

    Putten, Jim Vander; Nolen, Amanda L.


    This study compared qualitative research results obtained by manual constant comparative analysis with results obtained by computer software analysis of the same data. An investigated about issues of trustworthiness and accuracy ensued. Results indicated that the inductive constant comparative data analysis generated 51 codes and two coding levels…

  11. Comparing Results from Constant Comparative and Computer Software Methods: A Reflection about Qualitative Data Analysis (United States)

    Putten, Jim Vander; Nolen, Amanda L.


    This study compared qualitative research results obtained by manual constant comparative analysis with results obtained by computer software analysis of the same data. An investigated about issues of trustworthiness and accuracy ensued. Results indicated that the inductive constant comparative data analysis generated 51 codes and two coding levels…

  12. A comparative evaluation of anesthetic efficacy of articaine 4% and lidocaine 2% with anterior middle superior alveolar nerve block and infraorbital nerve block: An in vivo study (United States)

    Saraf, Suma Prahlad; Saraf, Prahlad Annappa; Kamatagi, Laxmikant; Hugar, Santosh; Tamgond, Shridevi; Patil, Jayakumar


    Background: The ideal maxillary injection should produce a rapid onset of profound pulpal anesthesia for multiple teeth from a single needle penetration. The main objective is to compare the efficacy of articaine 4% and lidocaine 2% and to compare anterior middle superior alveolar nerve block (AMSANB) and infraorbital nerve block (IONB) for anesthesia of maxillary teeth. Materials and Methods: Forty patients undergoing root canal treatment of maxillary anteriors and premolars were included and randomly divided into four groups of ten each. Group I: patients receiving AMSANB with articaine, Group II: Patients receiving IONB with articaine, Group III: Patients receiving AMSANB with lidocaine, Group IV: Patients receiving IONB with lidocaine. The scores of onset of anesthesia and pain perception were statistically analyzed. Results: Onset of action was fastest for articaine with AMSANB and slowest for lidocaine with IONB by Tukey's test. A significant change was observed in the electrical pulp test readings at onset and at 30 min by paired t-test. All patients experienced mild pain during the procedure recorded by visual analog scale. Conclusion: Articaine 4% proved to be more efficacious than lidocaine 2%, and AMSANB was more advantageous than IONB in securing anesthesia of maxillary anteriors and premolars. PMID:27994313

  13. Carboplatin plus pemetrexed offers superior cost-effectiveness compared to pemetrexed in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer and performance status 2. (United States)

    Schluckebier, Luciene; Garay, Osvaldo U; Zukin, Mauro; Ferreira, Carlos G


    Pemetrexed plus carboplatin offers survival advantage in first line treatment of advanced lung cancer patients with performance status of 2. We estimated the cost-effectiveness of this combined regimen compared to pemetrexed alone in a Brazilian population. A cost-effectiveness analysis was conducted based on a randomized phase III trial in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and ECOG performance status of 2 (PS2), comparing doublet regimen pemetrexed plus carboplatin with pemetrexed alone. The perspective adopted was the public health care sector over a three-year period. Direct medical costs and survival time were calculated from patient-level data and utility values were extracted from the literature. Sensitivity analyses were performed to evaluate uncertainties in the results. The combined regimen pemetrexed plus carboplatin yielded a gain of 0.16 life year (LY) and 0.12 quality-adjusted life year (QALY) compared to pemetrexed alone. The total cost was 17,674.31 USD for the combined regimen and 15,722.39 USD for pemetrexed alone. The incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER) was $12,016.09 per LY gained and $15,732.05 per QALY gained. The factors with the greatest impact on the ICER are pemetrexed price and the time to progression utility value. The cost-effectiveness acceptability curve showed an upper 90% probability of pemetrexed plus carboplatin being cost-effective with a threshold between two and three GDP per capita. Our study suggests superiority of the combined pemetrexed plus carboplatin regimen in terms of efficacy as well as cost-effectiveness in advanced NSCLC patients with a poor performance status of 2. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. Minocycline as a re-purposed anti-Wolbachia macrofilaricide: superiority compared with doxycycline regimens in a murine infection model of human lymphatic filariasis. (United States)

    Sharma, Raman; Al Jayoussi, Ghaith; Tyrer, Hayley E; Gamble, Joanne; Hayward, Laura; Guimaraes, Ana F; Davies, Jill; Waterhouse, David; Cook, Darren A N; Myhill, Laura J; Clare, Rachel H; Cassidy, Andrew; Steven, Andrew; Johnston, Kelly L; Ford, Louise; Turner, Joseph D; Ward, Stephen A; Taylor, Mark J


    Lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis are parasitic helminth diseases, which cause severe morbidities such as elephantiasis, skin disease and blindness, presenting a major public health burden in endemic communities. The anti-Wolbachia consortium (A·WOL: has identified a number of registered antibiotics that target the endosymbiotic bacterium, Wolbachia, delivering macrofilaricidal activity. Here we use pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) analysis to rationally develop an anti-Wolbachia chemotherapy by linking drug exposure to pharmacological effect. We compare the pharmacokinetics and anti-Wolbachia efficacy in a murine Brugia malayi model of minocycline versus doxycycline. Doxycycline exhibits superior PK in comparison to minocycline resulting in a 3-fold greater exposure in SCID mice. Monte-Carlo simulations confirmed that a bi-daily 25-40 mg/Kg regimen is bioequivalent to a clinically effective 100-200 mg/day dose for these tetracyclines. Pharmacodynamic studies showed that minocycline depletes Wolbachia more effectively than doxycycline (99.51% vs. 90.35%) after 28 day 25 mg/Kg bid regimens with a more potent block in microfilarial production. PK/PD analysis predicts that minocycline would be expected to be 1.7 fold more effective than doxycycline in man despite lower exposure in our infection models. Our findings warrant onward clinical investigations to examine the clinical efficacy of minocycline treatment regimens against lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis.

  15. Superior Effectiveness of Zidovudine Compared With Tenofovir When Combined With Nevirapine-based Antiretroviral Therapy in a Large Nigerian Cohort (United States)

    Scarsi, Kimberly K.; Eisen, Geoffrey; Darin, Kristin M.; Meloni, Seema T.; Rawizza, Holly E.; Tchetgen Tchetgen, Eric J.; Agbaji, Oche O.; Onwujekwe, Daniel I.; Gashau, Wadzani; Nkado, Reuben; Okonkwo, Prosper; Murphy, Robert L.; Kanki, Phyllis J.


    Background. Despite sparse efficacy data, tenofovir–emtricitabine or tenofovir–lamivudine plus nevirapine is used in many resource-constrained settings. Methods. This retrospective cohort study included patients initiating nevirapine-based antiretroviral therapy (ART) with either tenofovir–emtricitabine or lamivudine (tenofovir group) or zidovudine–lamivudine (zidovudine group). Clinical, virologic, and immunologic evaluations were performed at baseline and every 6 months. Virologic failure was defined as 2 consecutive human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-RNA values >1000 copies/mL. Patients were included from ART initiation until time of failure, regimen switch, discontinuation, or last HIV-RNA measurement. Cox proportional hazards regression was used to model factors influencing time to failure. Bias due to dependent censoring was investigated via inverse probability weighted pooled logistic regression. Results. A total of 5547 patients were evaluated; 1484 (26.8%) were in the tenofovir group and 4063 (73.2%) were in the zidovudine group. In the adjusted model, tenofovir regimen (hazard ratio [HR], 1.47; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.21–1.79) and higher baseline log10 HIV-RNA (HR, 1.15; 95% CI, 1.03–1.28) were associated with virologic failure. Higher baseline log10 CD4+ cell count (HR, 0.50; 95% CI, .40–.63) and increasing age (HR, 0.98; 95% CI, .97–.99) decreased the risk of virologic failure. Inverse probability weighting results were consistent with the primary analysis. Conclusions. Compared with zidovudine–lamivudine, the use of tenofovir–lamivudine or emtricitabine in combination with nevirapine was a strong predictor of virologic failure in our cohort, which was not explained by other risk factors or criteria for regimen selection. PMID:26561532

  16. Information Uncertainty to Compare Qualitative Reasoning Security Risk Assessment Results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chavez, Gregory M [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Key, Brian P [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Zerkle, David K [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Shevitz, Daniel W [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    The security risk associated with malevolent acts such as those of terrorism are often void of the historical data required for a traditional PRA. Most information available to conduct security risk assessments for these malevolent acts is obtained from subject matter experts as subjective judgements. Qualitative reasoning approaches such as approximate reasoning and evidential reasoning are useful for modeling the predicted risk from information provided by subject matter experts. Absent from these approaches is a consistent means to compare the security risk assessment results. Associated with each predicted risk reasoning result is a quantifiable amount of information uncertainty which can be measured and used to compare the results. This paper explores using entropy measures to quantify the information uncertainty associated with conflict and non-specificity in the predicted reasoning results. The measured quantities of conflict and non-specificity can ultimately be used to compare qualitative reasoning results which are important in triage studies and ultimately resource allocation. Straight forward extensions of previous entropy measures are presented here to quantify the non-specificity and conflict associated with security risk assessment results obtained from qualitative reasoning models.

  17. Initial and middle-term results of treatment for symptomatic spontaneous isolated dissection of superior mesenteric artery. (United States)

    Jia, Z Z; Zhao, J W; Tian, F; Li, S Q; Wang, K; Wang, Y; Jiang, L Q; Jiang, G M


    Spontaneous isolated dissection of the superior mesenteric artery (SIDSMA) is extremely rare. Various treatment options are currently available, including conservative treatment, endovascular stenting (ES) and surgical repair. Herein, we present our experience in the treatment of symptomatic SIDSMA. A retrospective study was conducted on 17 consecutive patients with symptomatic SIDSMA from May 2002 to May 2012. Conservative treatment consisted of strict blood-pressure control, bowel rest, nasogastric suction, intravenous fluid therapy and nutritional support as required; fasting was released on resolution of abdominal pain, and fluid food was given first; then, diet was resumed after complete resolution of abdominal pain. The decision to intervene was based on patient symptoms and signs, as well as the morphological characteristics of SMA dissection on computed tomography (CT) angiography. Self-expandable stents were placed via the common femoral artery approach. ES was indicated in patients with severe compression of the true lumen or dissecting aneurysm likely to rupture. All patients had acute-onset abdominal pain. Treatment included conservative treatment with the use of anticoagulation in five and without in nine patients, respectively. Three patients with severe compression of the true lumen or large dissecting aneurysm underwent ES as a primary treatment. ES was performed in two patients in whom initial conservative treatment failed. Patients who underwent ES were maintained on anti-platelet therapy for 3 months postoperatively. The median follow-up time was 24 months (range, 2-72 months). No complications were associated with the SIDSMA or ES. The patency of stents was demonstrated on follow-up CT scans up to 8.5 months (range, 4-38 months). Conservative treatment without anticoagulation can be applied successfully to the patients with symptomatic SIDSMA. Our strategy of restricting ES for these patients who have compression of the true lumen or dissecting

  18. EUS is superior for detection of pancreatic lesions compared with standard imaging in patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Asselt, Sophie J.; Brouwers, Adrienne H.; van Dullemen, Hendrik M.; van der Jagt, Eric J.; Bongaerts, Alfons H. H.; Kema, Ido P.; Koopmans, Klaas P.; Valk, Gerlof D.; Timmers, Henri J.; de Herder, Wouter W.; Feelders, Richard A.; Fockens, Paul; Sluiter, Wim J.; de Vries, Elisabeth G. E.; Links, Thera P.


    Background: In multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1), pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (pNETs) are the leading MEN1-related cause of death. Objective: To evaluate EUS and C-11-5-hydroxytryptophan positron emission tomography (C-11-5-HTP PET), compared with the recommended screening techniques i

  19. EUS is superior for detection of pancreatic lesions compared with standard imaging in patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Asselt, Sophie J.; Brouwers, Adrienne H.; van Dullemen, Hendrik M.; van der Jagt, Eric J.; Bongaerts, Alfons H. H.; Kema, Ido P.; Koopmans, Klaas P.; Valk, Gerlof D.; Timmers, Henri J.; de Herder, Wouter W.; Feelders, Richard A.; Fockens, Paul; Sluiter, Wim J.; de Vries, Elisabeth G. E.; Links, Thera P.


    Background: In multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1), pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (pNETs) are the leading MEN1-related cause of death. Objective: To evaluate EUS and C-11-5-hydroxytryptophan positron emission tomography (C-11-5-HTP PET), compared with the recommended screening techniques i

  20. Superior assessment of CVD death by MACD index compared with the framingham score is highly associated with predisposition to diabetes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Soltyskinska, Ewa; Barascuk, Natascha; Ganz, Melanie

    investigated the relation between mortality and biological aspects of plaque dynamics such as of number, size, morphology and distribution in the lumbar aorta of postmenopausal women. We compared the MACD index to the Framingham AC24 score and correlated those to baseline demographic and biochemical risk...

  1. EUS is superior for detection of pancreatic lesions compared with standard imaging in patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Asselt, S.J. van; Brouwers, A.H.; Dullemen, H.M. van; Jagt, E.J. van der; Bongaerts, A.H.; Kema, I.P.; Koopmans, K.P.; Valk, G.D.; Timmers, H.J.L.M.; Herder, W.W. de; Feelders, R.A.; Fockens, P.; Sluiter, W.J.; Vries, E.G. de; Links, T.P.


    BACKGROUND: In multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1), pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (pNETs) are the leading MEN1-related cause of death. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate EUS and (11)C-5-hydroxytryptophan positron emission tomography ((11)C-5-HTP PET), compared with the recommended screening techniques

  2. Pinolenic Acid in Structured Triacylglycerols Exhibits Superior Intestinal Lymphatic Absorption As Compared to Pinolenic Acid in Natural Pine Nut Oil. (United States)

    Chung, Min-Yu; Woo, Hyunjoon; Kim, Juyeon; Kong, Daecheol; Choi, Hee-Don; Choi, In-Wook; Kim, In-Hwan; Noh, Sang K; Kim, Byung Hee


    The positional distribution pattern of fatty acids (FAs) in the triacylglycerols (TAGs) affects intestinal absorption of these FAs. The aim of this study was to compare lymphatic absorption of pinolenic acid (PLA) present in structured pinolenic TAG (SPT) where PLA was evenly distributed on the glycerol backbone, with absorption of pine nut oil (PNO) where PLA was predominantly positioned at the sn-3 position. SPT was prepared via the nonspecific lipase-catalyzed esterification of glycerol with free FA obtained from PNO. Lymphatic absorption of PLA from PNO and from SPT was compared in a rat model of lymphatic cannulation. Significantly (P PNO (26.2 ± 0.6% dose), thereby indicating that PLA present in SPT has a greater capacity for lymphatic absorption than PLA from PNO.

  3. Adult skin-derived precursor Schwann cells exhibit superior myelination and regeneration supportive properties compared to chronically denervated nerve-derived Schwann cells. (United States)

    Kumar, Ranjan; Sinha, Sarthak; Hagner, Andrew; Stykel, Morgan; Raharjo, Eko; Singh, Karun K; Midha, Rajiv; Biernaskie, Jeff


    Functional outcomes following delayed peripheral nerve repair are poor. Schwann cells (SCs) play key roles in supporting axonal regeneration and remyelination following nerve injury, thus understanding the impact of chronic denervation on SC function is critical toward developing therapies to enhance regeneration. To improve our understanding of SC function following acute versus chronic-denervation, we performed functional assays of SCs from adult rodent sciatic nerve with acute- (Day 5 post) or chronic-denervation (Day 56 post), versus embryonic nerves. We also compared Schwann cells derived from adult skin-derived precursors (aSKP-SCs) as an accessible, autologous alternative to supplement the distal (denervated) nerve. We found that acutely-injured SCs and aSKP-SCs exhibited superior proliferative capacity, promotion of neurite outgrowth and myelination of axons, both in vitro and following transplant into a sciatic nerve crush injury model, while chronically-denervated SCs were severely impaired. Acute injury caused re-activation of transcription factors associated with an immature and pro-myelinating SC state (Oct-6, cJun, Sox2, AP2α, cadherin-19), but was diminished with prolonged denervation in vivo and could not be rescued following expansion in vitro suggesting that this is a permanent deficiency. Interestingly, aSKP-SCs closely resembled acutely injured and embryonic SCs, exhibiting elevated expression of these same transcription factors. In summary, prolonged denervation resulted in SC deficiency in several functional parameters that may contribute to impaired regeneration. In contrast, aSKP-SCs closely resemble the regenerative attributes ascribed to acutely-denervated or embryonic SCs emphasizing their potential as an accessible and autologous source of glia cells to enhance nerve regeneration, particularly following delays to surgical repair. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  4. EUS is superior for detection of pancreatic lesions compared with standard imaging in patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1. (United States)

    van Asselt, Sophie J; Brouwers, Adrienne H; van Dullemen, Hendrik M; van der Jagt, Eric J; Bongaerts, Alfons H H; Kema, Ido P; Koopmans, Klaas P; Valk, Gerlof D; Timmers, Henri J; de Herder, Wouter W; Feelders, Richard A; Fockens, Paul; Sluiter, Wim J; de Vries, Elisabeth G E; Links, Thera P


    In multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1), pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (pNETs) are the leading MEN1-related cause of death. To evaluate EUS and (11)C-5-hydroxytryptophan positron emission tomography ((11)C-5-HTP PET), compared with the recommended screening techniques in MEN1 patients for early detection of pNETs. Cross-sectional study. Tertiary-care university medical center. This study involved 41 patients with a proven MEN1 mutation or with one MEN1 manifestation and a mutation carrier as a first-degree family member, with recent screening by abdominal CT or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and somatostatin receptor scintigraphy (SRS). EUS by using a linear Pentax echoendoscope and Hitachi EUB-525 and (11)C-5-HTP PET. Patient-based and lesion-based positivity for pNET was calculated for all imaging techniques. The McNemar test was used to compare the yield of the 4 imaging techniques. In 35 of 41 patients, 107 pancreatic lesions were detected in total. EUS detected 101 pancreatic lesions in 34 patients, (11)C-5-HTP PET detected 35 lesions in 19 patients, and CT/MRI + SRS detected 32 lesions in 18 patients (P HTP PET performed similarly to CT/MRI + SRS and better compared with SRS only (13 lesions in 12 patients), both at a patient-based and lesion-based level (P HTP PET is not useful. We recommend EUS as the first-choice pancreas imaging technique in patients with MEN1. ( NTR1668.). Copyright © 2015 American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Comparing photometric results of real and N-body bars

    CERN Document Server

    Athanassoula, E; Carrasco, L; Bosma, A; De Souza, R E; Recillas, E


    We compare the results of the photometrical analysis of barred galaxies with those of a similar analysis from N-body simulations. The photometry is for a sample of nine barred galaxies observed in the J and Ks bands with the CANICA near infrared (NIR) camera at the 2.1-m telescope of the Observatorio Astrofisico Guillermo Haro (OAGH) in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. The comparison includes radial ellipticity profiles and surface brightness (density for the N-body galaxies) profiles along the bar major and minor axes. We find very good agreement, arguing that the exchange of angular momentum within the galaxy plays a determinant role in the evolution of barred galaxies.

  6. Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Field-Effect Transistor Properties of n-Channel Semiconducting Polymers Containing Five-Membered Heterocyclic Acceptors: Superiority of Thiadiazole Compared with Oxadiazole. (United States)

    Chen, Huajie; Liu, Zhaoxia; Zhao, Zhiyuan; Zheng, Liping; Tan, Songting; Yin, Zhihong; Zhu, Chunguang; Liu, Yunqi


    Five-membered 1,3,4-oxadiazole (OZ) and 1,3,4-thiadiazole (TZ) heterocycle-based copolymers as active layer have long been ignored in solution-processable n-channel polymer field-effect transistors (PFETs) despite the long history of using OZ or TZ derivatives as the electron-injecting materials in organic light-emitting devices and their favorable electron affinities. Herein, we first report the synthesis and PFETs performance of two n-channel conjugated polymers bearing OZ- or TZ-based acceptor moieties, i.e., PNOZ and PNTZ, where simple thiophene units are utilized as the weak donors and additional alkylated-naphthalenediimides units are used as the second acceptors. A comparative study has been performed to reveal the effect of different heterocyclic acceptors on thermal properties, electronic properties, ordering structures, and carrier transport performance of the target polymers. It is found that both polymers possess low-lying LUMO values below -4.0 eV, indicating high electron affinity for both heterocycle-based polymers. Because of strong polarizable ability of sulfur atom in TZ heterocycle, PNTZ exhibits a red shift in maximal absorption and stronger molecular aggregation even in the diluted chlorobenzene solution as compared to the OZ-containing PNOZ. Surface morphological study reveals that a nodule-like surface with a rough surface morphology is observed clearly for PNOZ films, whereas PNTZ films display highly uniform surface morphology with well interconnected fiber-like polycrystalline grains. Investigation of PFETs performance indicates that both polymers afford air-stable n-channel transport characteristics. The uniform morphological structure and compact π-π stacking endow PNTZ with a high electron mobility of 0.36 cm(2) V(-1) s(-1), much higher than that of PNOZ (0.026 cm(2) V(-1) s(-1)). These results manifest the feasibility in improving electron-transporting property simply by tuning heteroatom substitutes in n-channel polymers; further

  7. Are newer, more expensive pharmacotherapy options associated with superior symptom control compared to less costly agents used in a collaborative practice setting? (United States)

    Weschules, Douglas J; Maxwell, Terri; Reifsnyder, JoAnne; Knowlton, Calvin H


    previous value documented. A partial response was defined as any improvement in score that did not result in a 0 of 10. No improvement from baseline reflected a lack of overall change in score throughout the series of data points collected. A worsened response was any score found to be higher than the score documented at the time of dispense. The unknown category reflects any set of scores that had an "N/A " documented at the time of medication dispense or when documented for both attempts subsequent to dispensing the medication. A complete response was present in 14 of 50 (28 [corrected] percent) of the patients prescribed oral therapy [corrected] as compared with 12 of 50 (24 [corrected] percent) of those prescribed fentanyl [corrected] (p = .82). Responses defined as partial, no improvement over baseline, worsened, and unknown were also comparable between the two cohorts. A complete response was seen in 26 patients prescribed temazepam (52 percent), whereas only 11 (22 percent) of patients initially prescribed zolpidem achieved the same response (p = .0037). Both groups had a similar distribution of partial, no improvement over baseline, and worsened responses. For the nausea arm of the study, a difference was found in the number of complete responses, favoring prochlorperazine (22 of 45, 48.9 percent for prochlorperazine, 12 of 45, 26.7 percent for ondansetron, p = .0504), as well as an increased number of worse responses seen with ondansetron patients (p = .0513); however, neither difference was statistically significant. Newer pharmacotherapy options for the management of pain, insomnia, and nausea were not found to be superior when compared to older agents prescribed under CP.

  8. Slow extended nocturnal home hemodialysis shows superior adequacy compared to in-center dialysis: a mathematical analysis. (United States)

    Van Canneyt, Koen; Eloot, Sunny; Vanholder, Raymond; Segers, Patrick; Verdonck, Pascal; Van Biesen, Wim


    Extended nocturnal home hemodialysis has gained renewed interest. However, no removal data for single/double needle (lumen) (SL and DL, respectively) or for low/high blood flow in extended dialysis are available. Therefore, we studied dialysis adequacy in different nocturnal home hemodialysis strategies. Coupling a kinetic with a dialyzer model, we calculated a reduction ratio from pre- to post-dialysis (RR) and total solute removal (TSR) of urea, methylguanidine (MG), β2-microglobulin, and phosphate. Simulations were done for dialysis with blood flow Qb350 ml/min (DL-4h), extended DL high flow with Qb350 (DL-HF-8h) and low flow with Qb175 (DL-LF-8h), and SL with Qb273 (SL-8h). Compared to DL-4h, TSR was 28-59% larger for DL-HF-8h. TSR was most increased for β2-microglobulin (18%) with DL-LF-8h, and for MG (35%) with SL-8h. Furthermore, RRs were equal (DL-LF-8h), higher (SL-8h), and even more increased (DL-HF-8h) for all studied solutes. In the home setting, DL-LF-8h and SL-8h are safe and promising strategies.

  9. Pantomiming tool use with an imaginary tool in hand as compared to demonstration with tool in hand specifically modulates the left middle and superior temporal gyri. (United States)

    Lausberg, Hedda; Kazzer, Philipp; Heekeren, Hauke R; Wartenburger, Isabell


    Neuropsychological lesion studies evidence the necessity to differentiate between various forms of tool-related actions such as real tool use, tool use demonstration with tool in hand and without physical target object, and pantomime without tool in hand. However, thus far, neuroimaging studies have primarily focused only on investigating tool use pantomimes. The present fMRI study investigates pantomime without tool in hand as compared to tool use demonstration with tool in hand in order to explore patterns of cerebral signal modulation associated with acting with imaginary tools in hand. Fifteen participants performed with either hand (i) tool use pantomime with an imaginary tool in hand in response to visual tool presentation and (ii) tool use demonstration with tool in hand in response to visual-tactile tool presentation. In both conditions, no physical target object was present. The conjunction analysis of the right and left hands executions of tool use pantomime relative to tool use demonstration yielded significant activity in the left middle and superior temporal lobe. In contrast, demonstration relative to pantomime revealed large bihemispherically distributed homologous areas of activity. Thus far, fMRI studies have demonstrated the relevance of the left middle and superior temporal gyri in viewing, naming, and matching tools and related actions and contexts. Since in our study all these factors were equally (ir)relevant both in the tool use pantomime and the tool use demonstration conditions, the present findings enhance the knowledge about the function of these brain regions in tool-related cognitive processes. The two contrasted conditions only differ regarding the fact that the pantomime condition requires the individual to act with an imaginary tool in hand. Therefore, we suggest that the left middle and superior temporal gyri are specifically involved in integrating the projected mental image of a tool in the execution of a tool-specific movement

  10. Comparative Analysis of Results of Online and Offline Customer Satisfaction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jovović Milorad


    Full Text Available The logic that customer satisfaction is the starting point of marketing and business activities is based on the assumption that customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty, keeping in mind all of the positive effects that customer loyalty has on business success of an organization. Because of this, marketing and management theory and practice dedicate particular attention to the concepts of customer satisfaction and loyalty. In this paper we will use the surveys of customers of banking services not only to show the levels of their satisfaction and loyalty, but also to make a comparative analysis of data obtained through online and offline research. This approach was made possible because the research was carried out on a sample which was divided in two groups. All of the participants answered the questions from a unique questionnaire, however, one group took the survey via the Internet (online while data from the other group of participants was collected in the field by using printed questionnaires (offline. The findings of the comparative analysis of online and offline survey results are presented in the final part of the paper.

  11. Peptide-pulsed dendritic cells have superior ability to induce immune-mediated tissue destruction compared to peptide with adjuvant.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dilan Dissanayake

    Full Text Available Vaccines for cancer immunotherapy are of interest but in general have not yet achieved the desired therapeutic efficacy in clinical trials. We present here a novel model to evaluate vaccine strategies by following tissue destruction in a transgenic model, where a defined antigen is expressed on pancreatic islets. We found that the transfer of syngeneic antigen-pulsed dendritic cells (DCs resulted in autoimmune cytotoxic T-lymphocyte activation that was not observed following vaccinations that were based on peptides and adjuvants. Importantly, the induction of diabetes by DC transfer is dependent upon the maturation of DCs prior to transfer. Furthermore, diabetes induction only occurred if DCs were pulsed with the immunodominant epitope in addition to at least one other peptide, suggesting greater cytolytic activity upon engagement of multiple T-cell specificities. While the tumor environment undoubtedly will be more complex than healthy tissue, the insights gained through this model provide useful information on variables that can affect CD8-mediated tissue cytolysis in vivo.

  12. Rolipram in major depressive disorder: results of a double-blind comparative study with imipramine. (United States)

    Hebenstreit, G F; Fellerer, K; Fichte, K; Fischer, G; Geyer, N; Meya, U; Sastre-y-Hernández, M; Schöny, W; Schratzer, M; Soukop, W


    Rolipram improves signal transmission in central noradrenergic neurones at a pre- and postsynaptic level, and is thus a novel approach in antidepressant therapy. In order to prove efficacy, tolerance, and safety, several controlled studies are underway. Results of a randomized double-blind comparative trial versus imipramine involving 64 in-patients with Major Depressive Disorder (DSM III) in six independent centers will be presented and discussed. The chosen biometric model provided evidence that towards the end of the study imipramine was superior to Rolipram. The particular clinical relevance of this difference is discussed. As regards tolerance, nausea emerged as the typical side-effect of Rolipram, whereas imipramine precipitated mainly anticholinergic side-effects.

  13. Refractive results after phacoemulsification and ECCE. A comparative study. (United States)

    Dam-Johansen, M; Olsen, T


    The refractive results were evaluated in 79 patients undergoing cataract extraction by phacoemulsification using a 6-7 mm tunnel incision, and compared with a group of 77 patients undergoing planned extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE) by the same surgeon. A mean increase in the keratometric cylinder of 0.05D and 0.52D was found in the phacoemulsification and the extracapsular cataract extraction group, respectively. This was significantly different from zero for the extracapsular cataract extraction group (p 0.05). By vector analysis, the mean surgically induced astigmatism was 0.91D and 1.36D in the phacoemulsification and the extracapsular cataract extraction group, respectively (p < 0.01). The IOL power prediction error (spectacle plane) was found to be 0.17D (+/- 0.69 SD) in the phacoemulsification group and 0.02 D (+/- 0.79 SD) in the extracapsular cataract extraction group, respectively. We conclude that phacoemulsification improves the surgical control of the refractive outcome of cataract surgery.

  14. Comparative risk assessment: an international comparison of methodologies and results. (United States)

    Morgenstern, R D; Shih, J; Sessions, S L


    Comparative risk assessment (CRA) is a systematic procedure for evaluating the environmental problems affecting a geographic area. This paper looks beyond the U.S. border and examines the experience with CRAs conducted in various developing countries and economies in transition, including Bangkok, Thailand, Cairo, Egypt and Quito, Ecuador, as well as other locations in Eastern Europe, Asia and Central and South America. A recent pilot CRA conducted in Taiwan is also considered. Comparisons are made of both the methodologies and the results across the relatively diverse international literature. The most robust finding is that conventional air pollutants (e.g., particulate matter and lead) consistently rank as high health risks across all of the CRAs examined. Given the varied nature of the settings studied in the CRAs, including level of economic development, urban-rural differences, and climate, this finding is particularly significant. Problems involving drinking water are also ranked as a high or medium health risk in almost all the countries studied. This is consistent with the results of analyses conducted by the World Bank suggesting contamination, limited coverage and erratic service by water supply systems. Beyond the major air pollutants and drinking water, the CRA results diverge significantly across countries. A number of problems involving toxic chemicals, e. g., hazardous air pollutants, rank as high health risks in the US but do not appear as consistent areas of concerns in the other countries studied. This likely reflects the so-called "risk transition" - the shift from sanitation and infection disease problems to those involving industry, vehicles and toxic substances - that often occurs with economic development. It may also reflect the greater information about sources of toxic pollutants in the U.S. For other problems, there are important differences across the developing countries and economies in transition. For example, hazardous and

  15. Superior outcomes in HIV-positive kidney transplant patients compared to HCV-infected or HIV/HCV co-infected recipients (United States)

    Sawinski, Deirdre; Forde, Kimberly A.; Eddinger, Kevin; Troxel, Andrea B.; Blumberg, Emily; Tebas, Pablo; Abt, Peter L.; Bloom, Roy D.


    The prerequisite for an “undetectable” HIV viral load has restricted access to transplantation for HIV-infected kidney recipients. However, HCV-infected recipients, due the historic limitations of HCV therapy in patients with renal disease, are commonly viremic at transplant and have universal access. In order to compare the effect of HIV, HCV and HIV/HCV co-infection on kidney transplant patient and allograft outcomes, we performed a retrospective study of kidney recipients transplanted from January 1996 through December 2013. In multivariable analysis, patient (hazard ratio 0.90, 95% confidence interval 0.66–1.24) and allograft survival (0.60, 40–0.88) in 492 HIV patients did not differ significantly from the 117,791 patient uninfected reference group. This was superior to outcomes in both the 5605 patient HCV group for death (1.44, 1.33–1.56) and graft loss (1.43, 1.31–1.56) as well as the 147 patient HIV/HCV co-infected group for death (2.26, 1.45–3.52) and graft loss (2.59, 1.60–4.19). HIV infection did not adversely affect recipient or allograft survival and was associated with superior outcomes compared to both HCV infection and HIV/HCV co-infection in this population. Thus, pre-transplant viral eradication and/ or immediate post-transplant eradication should be studied as potential strategies to improve post-transplant outcomes in HCV-infected kidney recipients. PMID:25807035

  16. Making the results of bottom-up energy savings comparable

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moser Simon


    Full Text Available The Energy Service Directive (ESD has pushed forward the issue of energy savings calculations without clarifying the methodological basis. Savings achieved in the Member States are calculated with rather non-transparent and hardly comparable Bottom-up (BU methods. This paper develops the idea of parallel evaluation tracks separating the Member States’ issue of ESD verification and comparable savings calculations. Comparability is ensured by developing a standardised BU calculation kernel for different energy efficiency improvement (EEI actions which simultaneously depicts the different calculation options in a structured way (e.g. baseline definition, system boundaries, double counting. Due to the heterogeneity of BU calculations the approach requires a central database where Member States feed in input data on BU actions according to a predefined structure. The paper demonstrates the proposed approach including a concrete example of application.

  17. Family Life Program Accountability Norms: How Do Your Results Compare? (United States)

    Fetsch, Robert J.


    Participants in cooperative extension family life programs (N=916) identified family strains, coping, quality of life, self-esteem, stress, and willingness to support extension services with tax dollars. The resulting normative data can be used to measure the impact of cooperative extension programs. (SK)

  18. [Results of arthrodiastasis in postraumatic ankle osteoarthritis in a young population: prospective comparative study]. (United States)

    Herrera-Pérez, M; Pais-Brito, J L; de Bergua-Domingo, J; Aciego de Mendoza, M; Guerra-Ferraz, A; Cortés-García, P; Déniz-Rodríguez, B


    The most common cause of osteoarthritis of the ankle is post-traumatic, and although tibiotalar arthrodesis remains the surgical gold standard, a number of techniques have been described to preserve joint mobility, such as joint distraction arthroplasty or arthrodiastasis. To evaluate the functional outcome and changes in Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) for pain after the application of the distraction arthroplasty for post-traumatic ankle osteoarthritis. A prospective comparative study of a group of 10 young patients with post-traumatic ankle osteoarthritis treated by synovectomy and arthrodiastasis, compared to a control group of 10 patients treated by isolated synovectomy. Results were calculated using the AOFAS scale and the VAS for pain before and after treatment. As regards the pain measured by VAS, no difference was observed between the two groups before surgery (P=.99), but there was a difference at 3 months (P<.001), 6 months (P=.005), and 12 months (P=.006). No differences were observed in the AOFAS scale between the two groups before surgery (P=.99), or at 3 months (P<.99), but there was a difference at 6 months (P<.001). Ankle arthrodiastasis is effective in reducing pain in post-traumatic ankle arthropathy, and is superior to isolated synovectomy. © 2013 SECOT. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  19. Effects on steroid hormones secretion resulting from the acute stimulation of sectioning the superior ovarian nerve to pre-pubertal rats

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Morales-Ledesma Leticia


    Full Text Available Abstract In the adult rat, neural signals arriving to the ovary via the superior ovarian nerve (SON modulate progesterone (P4, testosterone (T and estradiol (E2 secretion. The aims of the present study were to analyze if the SON in the pre-pubertal rat also modulates ovarian hormone secretion and the release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH and luteinizing (LH hormone. P4, T, E2, FSH and LH serum levels were measured 30 or 60 minutes after sectioning the SON of pre-pubertal female rats. Our results indicate that the effects on hormone levels resulting from unilaterally or bilaterally sectioning the SON depends on the analyzed hormone, and the time lapse between surgery and autopsy, and that the treatment yielded asymmetric results. The results also suggest that in the pre-pubertal rat the neural signals arriving to the ovaries via the SON regulate the enzymes participating in P4, T and E2 synthesis in a non-parallel way, indicating that the mechanisms regulating the synthesis of each hormone are not regulated by the same signals. Also, that the changes in the steroids hormones are not explained exclusively by the modifications in gonadotropins secretion. The observed differences in hormone levels between rats sacrificed 30 and 60 min after surgery reflect the onset of the compensatory systems regulating hormones secretion.

  20. A Proficiency-Based Progression Training Curriculum Coupled With a Model Simulator Results in the Acquisition of a Superior Arthroscopic Bankart Skill Set. (United States)

    Angelo, Richard L; Ryu, Richard K N; Pedowitz, Robert A; Beach, William; Burns, Joseph; Dodds, Julie; Field, Larry; Getelman, Mark; Hobgood, Rhett; McIntyre, Louis; Gallagher, Anthony G


    To determine the effectiveness of proficiency-based progression (PBP) training using simulation both compared with the same training without proficiency requirements and compared with a traditional resident course for learning to perform an arthroscopic Bankart repair (ABR). In a prospective, randomized, blinded study, 44 postgraduate year 4 or 5 orthopaedic residents from 21 Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education-approved US orthopaedic residency programs were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 skills training protocols for learning to perform an ABR: group A, traditional (routine Arthroscopy Association of North America Resident Course) (control, n = 14); group B, simulator (modified curriculum adding a shoulder model simulator) (n = 14); or group C, PBP (PBP plus the simulator) (n = 16). At the completion of training, all subjects performed a 3 suture anchor ABR on a cadaveric shoulder, which was videotaped and scored in blinded fashion with the use of previously validated metrics. The PBP-trained group (group C) made 56% fewer objectively assessed errors than the traditionally trained group (group A) (P = .011) and 41% fewer than group B (P = .049) (both comparisons were statistically significant). The proficiency benchmark was achieved on the final repair by 68.7% of participants in group C compared with 36.7% in group B and 28.6% in group A. When compared with group A, group B participants were 1.4 times, group C participants were 5.5 times, and group C(PBP) participants (who met all intermediate proficiency benchmarks) were 7.5 times as likely to achieve the final proficiency benchmark. A PBP training curriculum and protocol coupled with the use of a shoulder model simulator and previously validated metrics produces a superior arthroscopic Bankart skill set when compared with traditional and simulator-enhanced training methods. Surgical training combining PBP and a simulator is efficient and effective. Patient safety could be improved if

  1. Principios de evaluación y resultados funcionales en los reimplantes de miembro superior Principles of evaluation and functional results in upper extremity replantation surgery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Camporro Fernández


    Full Text Available El objetivo de este trabajo es evaluar nuestros resultados funcionales y subjetivos en pacientes sometidos a reimplante de miembro superior. Medimos rango de movilidad articular, fuerza de la prensión y otros tests en 41 pacientes con edad media 44,8 años que sufrieron amputación de miembro superior y fueron sometidos a reimplante quirúrgico en nuestro hospital entre enero del 2005 y diciembre del 2009. Los resultados funcionales se midieron con la tabla de Mayo modificada para lesiones de pulgar, dedos largos y mano, distal a muñeca. Las amputaciones proximales a muñeca se evaluaron según los criterios de Chen. Los resultados subjetivos fueron documentados aplicando a todos los casos el cuestionario de Russell. La mayoría de las lesiones fueron provocadas por mecanismos de avulsión y 30 (74 % fueron accidentes laborales. La tasa final de supervivencia fue del 85 % (35 pacientes incluyendo 2 pacientes en los que se realizó trasplante de pie a mano para salvar la amputación. Aplicando la tabla de Mayo modificada, los resultados fueron buenos en pulgar y discretos en mano y dedos largos. En reimplantes proximales obtuvimos 1 resultado excelente y 2 discretos. Diecinueve pacientes retornaron al mundo laboral en una media de 10 meses. Veintisiete manifiestan satisfacción alta con los resultados obtenidos. Los resultados de cualquier reimplante deben superar los del cierre simple de una amputación. Aunque los resultados objetivos de la serie son moderados, muchos pacientes retornan al trabajo y la mayoría es capaz de realizar sus actividades cotidianas.The aim of this study was to evaluate functional and subjective outcome after upper limb replantation, with assessment or range of motions, grip strength, and additional functional tests. Forty-one patients, mean age 44.8 years old, with upper limb amputations were treated in our hospital with replantation between January 2005 and December 2009. Functional results were assessed by

  2. Once-daily dolutegravir is superior to once-daily darunavir/ritonavir in treatment-naïve HIV-1-positive individuals: 96 week results from FLAMINGO

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-Michel Molina


    Full Text Available Introduction: Dolutegravir (DTG 50 mg once daily was superior to darunavir/ritonavir (DRV/r 800 mg/100 mg once daily through Week 48, with 90% vs. 83% of participants achieving HIV RNA 50 c/mL (p=0.025 [1]. We present data through Week 96. Material and Methods: FLAMINGO is a multicentre, randomized, open-label, Phase IIIb non-inferiority study, in which HIV-1-positive ART-naïve adults with HIV-1 RNA≥1000 c/mL and no evidence of viral resistance were randomized 1:1 to receive DTG or DRV/r, with investigator-selected backbone NRTIs (TDF/FTC or ABC/3TC. Participants were stratified by screening HIV-1 RNA (≤100K c/mL and NRTI backbone. Results: A total of 484 adults were randomized and treated; 25% had baseline HIV RNA 100K c/mL. At Week 96, the proportion of participants with HIV RNA 50 c/mL was 80% in the DTG arm vs. 68% in the DRV/r arm (adjusted difference 12.4%; 95% CI 4.7, 20.2%; p=0.002. Secondary analyses supported primary results: per-protocol [(DTG 83% vs. DRV/r 70%, 95% CI 12.9 (5.3, 20.6] and treatment-related discontinuation = failure [(98% vs. 95%, 95% CI 3.2 (−0.3, 6.7]. Overall virologic non-response (DTG 8%; DRV/r 12% and non-response due to other reasons (DTG 12%; DRV/r 21% occurred less frequently on DTG. As at Week 48, the difference between arms was most pronounced in participants with high baseline viral load (82% vs. 52% response through Week 96 and in the TDF/FTC stratum (79% vs. 64%; consistent responses were seen in the ABC/3TC stratum (82% vs. 75%. Six participants (DTG 2, none post-Week 48; DRV/r 4, two post-Week 48 experienced protocol-defined virologic failure (PDVF; confirmed viral load 200 c/mL on or after Week 24; none had treatment-emergent resistance to study drugs. Most frequent drug-related adverse events (AEs were diarrhoea, nausea and headache, with diarrhoea significantly more common on DRV/r (24% than DTG (10%. Significantly more participants had Grade 2 fasting LDL toxicities on DRV/r (22% vs. DTG (7

  3. Treatment of a coronary artery to superior vena cava fistula resulting from early closure of a Possis Perma-Flow graft. (United States)

    Graham, M M; Kells, C M; Sullivan, J; O'Neill, B J


    The Perma-Flow graft used in bypass surgery achieves more complete revascularization when paucity of native conduits exists. We report a coronary artery to superior vena cava fistula as a complication of this graft, leading to severe right heart failure. The fistula was successfully occluded percutaneously, improving the patient's clinical situation.

  4. Unique challenges for appropriate management of a 16-year-old girl with superior mesenteric artery syndrome as a result of anorexia nervosa: a case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Verhoef Philip A


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction Nausea and vomiting in an adolescent, though common presenting symptoms, often pose a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge to the physician. When the diagnosis involves both medical and psychiatric components, management can be complex, especially in the current healthcare system in the United States. To the best of our knowledge, there have been no previous publications detailing successful management of a patient with anorexia nervosa and superior mesenteric artery syndrome. Case presentation We report the case of a 16-year-old Caucasian girl who presented to our emergency department with nausea, abdominal pain, diminished appetite and vomiting. Her history and examination were notable for a 15 kg weight loss and diffuse abdominal tenderness. A barium swallow X-ray with small bowel follow-through and computed tomography scan demonstrated remarkable duodenal narrowing between the superior mesenteric artery and the aorta, consistent with superior mesenteric artery syndrome. Initial management focused on relieving the obstruction and supporting the nutritional needs of the patient. Further history confirmed a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa, requiring intensive psychiatric and medical management, and necessitating a multifaceted approach to patient care involving social work, multiple primary care physicians and subspecialists, insurance company representatives, and the patient's immediate family. Conclusion This case illustrates important points regarding the pathogenesis of superior mesenteric artery syndrome in the setting of anorexia, and it highlights the complexities that arise when managing an adolescent with both medical and psychiatric needs, as well as outlining a viable solution. While superior mesenteric artery syndrome is an uncommon cause of small bowel obstruction, the general pediatrician and child psychiatrist should be aware of this complication of anorexia nervosa.

  5. Assessment of Alar Flare and Efficacy of Alar Cinch Suture in the Management of Alar Flare Following Le Fort 1 Superior Repositioning: A Comparative Study. (United States)

    Mustafa, K; Shehzana, Fatima; Bhat, H Hari Kishore


    To prospectively analyze the amount of alar flare, factors contributing to alar flare and efficacy of cinch suture as an adjunctive procedure for alar flare reduction. Thirty adult patients with vertical maxillary excess, who underwent Le Fort 1 impaction, were divided into 2 groups of 15 each. Alar cinch was performed as an adjunct procedure in group 2 patients and results were compared to group 1 which was the control group. Measurements were made on the patients and on 1:1 standardized photographs. Group 2 showed a near pre-operative alar position compared to group 1. The alar flare resulting from every millimeter of impaction was significantly less in group 2 compared to group 1. Alar cinch suture restores the normal alar width by preventing the lateral drift of the naso-labial muscle and thereby reducing the postoperative nasal flare significantly.

  6. Air Superiority Fighter Characteristics. (United States)


    many a dispute could have been deflated into a single paragraph if the disputants had just dared to define their terms.7 Aristotle ...meaningful. This section will expand on some key ideology concepts. The phrase "air superiority fighter" may bring to mind visions of fighter... biographies are useful in garnering airpower advocate theories as well as identifying key characteristics. Air campaign results, starting with World

  7. How do researchers determine the difference to be detected in superiority trials? Results of a survey from a panel of researchers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angèle Gayet-Ageron


    Full Text Available Abstract Background There is currently no guidance for selecting a specific difference to be detected in a superiority trial. We explored 3 factors that in our opinion should influence the difference to be detected (type of outcome, patient age group, and presence of treatment side-effects, and 3 that should not (baseline level of risk, logistical difficulties, and cost of treatment. Methods We conducted an experimental survey using a factorial design among 380 corresponding authors of randomized controlled trials indexed in Medline. Two hypothetical vignettes were submitted to participants: one described a trial of a new analgesic in mild trauma injuries, the other described a trial of a new chemotherapy among cancer patients. The first vignette tested the baseline level of risk, patient age-group, patient recruitment difficulties, and treatment side-effects. The second tested the baseline level of risk, patient age-group, type of outcome, and cost of treatment. The respondents were asked to select the smallest gain of effectiveness that should be detected by the trial. Results In vignette 1, respondents selected a median difference to be detected corresponding to an improvement of 7.0 % in pain control with the new treatment. In vignette 2, they selected a median difference to be detected corresponding to a reduction of 5.0 % in mortality or cancer recurrence with the new chemotherapy. In both vignettes, the difference to be detected decreased significantly with the baseline risk. The other factor influencing difference to be detected was the age group, but the impact of this factor was smaller. Cost, side-effects, outcome severity, or mention of logistical difficulties did not significantly impact the difference to be detected selected by participants. Conclusions Three of the anticipated effects conformed to our expectations (the effect of patient age, and absence of effect of the cost of treatment and of patient recruitment difficulties

  8. Arthroscopic repair for combined Bankart and superior labral anterior posterior lesions: a comparative study between primary and recurrent anterior dislocation in the shoulder. (United States)

    Kim, Doo-Sup; Yi, Chang-Ho; Yoon, Yeu-Seung


    The purpose of this study was to compare clinical outcomes between a primary dislocation group (group P) and a recurrent dislocation group (group R) with combined lesion of Bankart and type II SLAP lesions (type V SLAP lesion) and to evaluate incidence of type V SLAP lesion. In addition, the authors evaluated clinical outcomes of these patients by dividing two groups according to the sequence for Bankart and SLAP lesion suture. From May 2000 to May 2005, 310 patients who gave informed consent, underwent the diagnostic arthroscopy and magnetic resonance arthrography (MRA). One hundred and ten patients met the following criteria: (1) post-traumatic primary or recurrent anterior shoulder instability, (2) a normal contralateral shoulder, (3) a type V SLAP lesion, and (4) minimum follow-up of two years. Group P included 42 patients, and group R, 68 patients. Among all patients, 58 patients who had Bankart lesions sutured first were included in group B, and 52 who had their SLAP lesions sutured beforehand, group S. Visual analogue scale, range of motion, Rowe and Constant score were used to compare results between group P and group R, also group B and group S. The incidence rates of type V SLAP lesion were 42.8% in group P and 32.0% in group R. The overall treatment results in our study were good. Even if the difference between the two groups was statistically insignificant, group P showed greater recovery of range of motion than group R in external rotation. No significant difference was found between the two different operative methods according to suture sequence. The incidence rates of type V SLAP lesion were 42.8% in the primary dislocation group and 32.0% in the recurrent dislocation group. The overall treatment results in our study were good. Although there was no statistical significance in surgical time between the two groups, when both SLAP and Bankart lesions are present, the Bankart lesion must be sutured first to reduce surgical time.

  9. Intravenous acetaminophen is superior to ketamine for postoperative pain after abdominal hysterectomy: results of a prospective, randomized, double-blind, multicenter clinical trial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Faiz HR


    Full Text Available Hamid Reza Faiz,1 Poupak Rahimzadeh,1 Ognjen Visnjevac,2 Behzad Behzadi,1 Mohammad Reza Ghodraty,1 Nader D Nader2 1Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran; 2VA Western NY Healthcare System, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA Background: In recent years, intravenously (IV administered acetaminophen has become one of the most common perioperative analgesics. Despite its now-routine use, IV acetaminophen's analgesic comparative efficacy has never been compared with that of ketamine, a decades-old analgesic familiar to obstetricians, gynecologists, and anesthesiologists alike. This double-blind clinical trial aimed to evaluate the analgesic effects of ketamine and IV acetaminophen on postoperative pain after abdominal hysterectomy. Methods: Eighty women aged 25–70 years old and meeting inclusion and exclusion criteria were randomly allocated into two groups of 40 to receive either IV acetaminophen or ketamine intraoperatively. Postoperatively, each patient had patient-controlled analgesia. Pain and sedation (Ramsay Sedation Scale were documented based on the visual analog scale in the recovery room and at 4 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours after the surgery. Hemodynamic changes, adverse medication effects, and the need for breakthrough meperidine were also recorded for both groups. Data were analyzed by repeated-measures analysis of variance. Results: Visual analog scale scores were significantly lower in the IV acetaminophen group at each time point (P<0.05, and this group required significantly fewer doses of breakthrough analgesics compared with the ketamine group (P=0.039. The two groups had no significant differences in terms of adverse effects. Conclusion: Compared with ketamine, IV acetaminophen significantly improved postoperative pain after abdominal hysterectomy. Keywords: intravenous acetaminophen, abdominal hysterectomy, ketamine, analgesia, postoperative pain

  10. What Makes Umbilical Cord Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Superior Immunomodulators When Compared to Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. N. Bárcia


    Full Text Available MSCs derived from the umbilical cord tissue, termed UCX, were investigated for their immunomodulatory properties and compared to bone marrow-derived MSCs (BM-MSCs, the gold-standard in immunotherapy. Immunogenicity and immunosuppression were assessed by mixed lymphocyte reactions, suppression of lymphocyte proliferation and induction of regulatory T cells. Results showed that UCX were less immunogenic and showed higher immunosuppression activity than BM-MSCs. Further, UCX did not need prior activation or priming to exert their immunomodulatory effects. This was further corroborated in vivo in a model of acute inflammation. To elucidate the potency differences observed between UCX and BM-MSCs, gene expression related to immune modulation was analysed in both cell types. Several gene expression profile differences were found between UCX and BM-MSCs, namely decreased expression of HLA-DRA, HO-1, IGFBP1, 4 and 6, ILR1, IL6R and PTGES and increased expression of CD200, CD273, CD274, IL1B, IL-8, LIF and TGFB2. The latter were confirmed at the protein expression level. Overall, these results show that UCX seem to be naturally more potent immunosuppressors and less immunogenic than BM-MSCs. We propose that these differences may be due to increased levels of immunomodulatory surface proteins such as CD200, CD273, CD274 and cytokines such as IL1β, IL-8, LIF and TGFβ2.

  11. Superior Silencing by 2′,4′-BNANC-Based Short Antisense Oligonucleotides Compared to 2′,4′-BNA/LNA-Based Apolipoprotein B Antisense Inhibitors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tsuyoshi Yamamoto


    Full Text Available The duplex stability with target mRNA and the gene silencing potential of a novel bridged nucleic acid analogue are described. The analogue, 2′,4′-BNANC antisense oligonucleotides (AONs ranging from 10- to 20-nt-long, targeted apolipoprotein B. 2′,4′-BNANC was directly compared to its conventional bridged (or locked nucleic acid (2′,4′-BNA/LNA-based counterparts. Melting temperatures of duplexes formed between 2′,4′-BNANC-based antisense oligonucleotides and the target mRNA surpassed those of 2′,4′-BNA/LNA-based counterparts at all lengths. An in vitro transfection study revealed that when compared to the identical length 2′,4′-BNA/LNA-based counterpart, the corresponding 2′,4′-BNANC-based antisense oligonucleotide showed significantly stronger inhibitory activity. This inhibitory activity was more pronounced in shorter (13-, 14-, and 16-mer oligonucleotides. On the other hand, the 2′,4′-BNANC-based 20-mer AON exhibited the highest affinity but the worst IC50 value, indicating that very high affinity may undermine antisense potency. These results suggest that the potency of AONs requires a balance between reward term and penalty term. Balance of these two parameters would depend on affinity, length, and the specific chemistry of the AON, and fine-tuning of this balance could lead to improved potency. We demonstrate that 2′,4′-BNANC may be a better alternative to conventional 2′,4′-BNA/LNA, even for “short” antisense oligonucleotides, which are attractive in terms of drug-likeness and cost-effective bulk production.

  12. Halobetasol Propionate Lotion, 0.05% Provides Superior Hydration Compared to Halobetasol Propionate Cream, 0.05% in a Double-Blinded Study of Occlusivity and Hydration. (United States)

    Grove, Gary; Zerweck, Charles; Houser, Tim; Andrasfay, Anthony; Gauthier, Bob; Holland, Charles; Piacquadio, Daniel


    This study measured skin hydration and occlusivity of two test products [halobetasol propionate lotion, 0.05% (HBP Lotion) and Ultravate® (halobetasol propionate) cream, 0.05% (HBP Cream)] at 2, 4, and 6 hours after application to skin test sites previously challenged by dry shaving, which was performed to compromise the integrity of the stratum corneum barrier. Trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), an indicator of skin barrier function, was measured using cyberDERM, inc. RG-1 evaporimeter. Skin hydration was evaluated using IBS SkiCon-200 conductance meter. Test products were applied bilaterally on dry-shaved sites on the volar forearm sites, according to a randomization scheme, with two test sites untreated to serve as "dry-shaved" controls. TEWL and conductance were measured at 2, 4, and 6 hours post-treatment. HBP Lotion displayed a significant increase in skin hydration at 2, 4, and 6 hours post-treatment compared to the baseline values and dry-shaved controls (each, P less than 0.001). However, HBP Cream produced statistically significant increased skin hydration only after 6 hours (P less than 0.05). HBP Lotion was significantly more effective than HBP Cream in increasing skin hydration at 2 and 4 hours post-treatment (each, P less than 0.001), and had a directional advantage (not statistically significant) at 6 hours. Neither test product had a significant occlusive effect as measured by TEWL at 2, 4, and 6 hours post-application. Both formulations of HBP (Lotion and Cream) contributed to skin moisturization, as measured by skin conductance. HBP Lotion produced a significantly more rapid onset and higher level of moisturization at 2 and 4 hours post-application compared to HBP Cream. The TEWL results indicate that neither HBP Lotion nor HBP Cream provided any significant occlusivity to the skin. J Drugs Dermatol. 2017;16(2):140-144..

  13. Ex Vivo Rehabilitation of Non-Heart-Beating Donor Lungs in a Preclinical Porcine Model: Delayed Perfusion Results in Superior Lung Function (United States)

    Mulloy, Daniel P.; Stone, Matthew L.; Crosby, Ivan K.; LaPar, Damien J.; Sharma, Ashish K.; Webb, David V.; Lau, Christine L.; Laubach, Victor E.; Kron, Irving L.


    Objectives Ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) is a promising modality for the evaluation and treatment of marginal donor lungs. The optimal timing of EVLP initiation and potential for rehabilitation of donor lungs with extended warm-ischemic times is unknown. This study compares the efficacy of different treatment strategies for uncontrolled non-heart-beating donor lungs. Methods Mature swine underwent hypoxic arrest followed by 60 minutes of no-touch warm-ischemia. Lungs were harvested and flushed with 4°C Perfadex®. Three groups (n=5/group) were stratified according to preservation method: cold-static preservation (CSP: 4 hrs 4°C storage), immediate EVLP (I-EVLP: 4 hrs EVLP at 37°C), and delayed EVLP (D-EVLP: 4 hrs cold storage followed by 4 hrs EVLP). EVLP groups were perfused with Steen solution™ supplemented with heparin, methylprednisolone, cefazolin, and an adenosine 2A receptor agonist. Lungs then underwent allotransplantation and four hours of recipient reperfusion prior to allograft assessment for resultant ischemia-reperfusion injury. Results Donor blood oxygenation (PO2:FiO2) prior to euthanasia was not different between groups. Oxygenation after transplantation was significantly higher in the D-EVLP group compared to the I-EVLP or CSP groups. Mean airway pressure, pulmonary artery pressure, and expression of IL-8, IL-1β, and TNF-α were all significantly reduced in the D-EVLP group. Importantly, post-transplant oxygenation exceeded acceptable clinical levels only in D-EVLP lungs. Conclusions Uncontrolled non-heart-beating donor lungs with extended warm-ischemia can be reconditioned for successful transplantation. The combination of CSP and EVLP present in the D-EVLP group was necessary to obtain optimal post-transplant function. This finding, if confirmed clinically, will allow expanded use of non-heart-beating donor lungs. PMID:22944084

  14. Superiority of Low Energy 160 KV X-Rays Compared to High Energy 6 MV X-Rays in Heavy Element Radiosensitization for Cancer Treatment (United States)

    Lim, Sara N.; Pradhan, Anil K.; Nahar, Sultana N.; Barth, Rolf F.; Yang, Weilian; Nakkula, Robin J.; Palmer, Alycia; Turro, Claudia


    High energy X-rays in the MeV range are generally employed in conventional radiation therapy from linear accelerators (LINAC) to ensure sufficient penetration depths. However, lower energy X-rays in the keV range may be more effective when coupled with heavy element (high-Z or HZ) radiosensitizers. Numerical simulations of X-ray energy deposition for tumor phantoms sensitized with HZ radiosensitizers were performed using the Monte Carlo code Geant4. The results showed enhancement in energy deposition to radiosensitized phantoms relative to unsensitized phantoms for low energy X-rays in the keV range. In contrast, minimal enhancement was seen using high energy X-rays in the MeV range. Dose enhancement factors (DEFs) were computed and showed radiosensitization only in the low energy range rat glioma cells following irradiation with both low energy 160 kV and high energy 6 MV X-ray sources. The platinum compound, pyridine terpyridine Pt(II) nitrate, was initially used because it was 7x less toxic that an equivalent amount of carboplatin in vitro studies. This would allow us to separate the radiotoxic and the chemotoxic effects of HZ sensitizers. Results from this study showed a 10-fold dose dependent reduction in surviving fractions (SF) of radiosensitized cells treated with low energy 160 kV X-rays compared to those treated with 6 MV X-rays. This is in agreement with our simulations that show an increase in dose deposition in radiosensitized tumors for low energy X-rays. Due to unforeen in vivo toxicity, however, another in vitro study was performed using the commonly used, Pt-based chemotherapeutic drug carboplatin which confirmed earlier results. This lays the ground work for a planned in vivo study using F98 glioma bearing rats. This study demonstrates that while high energy X-rays are commonly used in cancer radiotherapy, low energy keV X-rays might be much more effective with HZ radiosensitization.

  15. Superior neuroprotective effects of cerebrolysin in heat stroke following chronic intoxication of Cu or Ag engineered nanoparticles. A comparative study with other neuroprotective agents using biochemical and morphological approaches in the rat. (United States)

    Sharma, Hari Shanker; Muresanu, Dafin Fior; Patnaik, Ranjana; Stan, Adina Dora; Vacaras, Vitalie; Perju-Dumbrav, Laura; Alexandru, Badisor; Buzoianu, Anca; Opincariu, Iulian; Menon, Preeti Kumaran; Sharma, Aruna


    effective in inducing neuroprotection in nanoparticles treated heat-exposed animals. These observations are the first to show that cerebrolysin exerts the most superior neuroprotective effects in heat stress as compared to other neuroprotective agents on brain pathology in normal and in nanoparticles treated group. Furthermore, cerebrolysin in double dose was the most effective in inducing neuroprotection in nanoparticles treated heat exposed rats on brain pathology as compared to double doses of other drugs. Taken together, our results show that cerebrolysin has the most superior neuroprotective effects on brain pathology in heat stroke in both normal and nanoparticles treated rats as compared to other contemporary neuroprotective agents, not reported earlier.

  16. Superior diagnostic strength of combined contrast enhanced MR-angiography and MR-imaging compared to intra-arterial DSA in liver transplantation candidates

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boeve, WJ; Kok, T; Haagsma, EB; Slooff, MJH; Sluiter, WJ; Kamman, RL


    To evaluate the diagnostic value of combined contrast enhanced MRA (ce-MRA) and MRI compared to that of intra-arterial DSA (i.a.DSA) in liver transplantation, transjugular porto-systemic (TIPSS) and spleno-renal shunt candidates. 50 patients in the workup for liver transplantation underwent ce-MRA/M

  17. Left Ventricular Global Longitudinal Strain (GLS Is a Superior Predictor of All-Cause and Cardiovascular Mortality When Compared to Ejection Fraction in Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rathika Krishnasamy

    Full Text Available Echocardiographic global longitudinal strain (GLS is increasingly recognised as a more effective technique than conventional ejection fraction (EF in detecting subtle changes in left ventricular (LV function. This study investigated the prognostic value of GLS over EF in patients with advanced Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD.The study included 183 patients (57% male, 63% on dialysis with CKD stage 4, 5 and 5Dialysis (D. 112 (61% of patients died in a follow up of 7.8 ± 4.4 years and 41% of deaths were due to cardiovascular (CV disease. GLS was calculated using 2-dimensional speckle tracking and EF was measured using Simpson's biplane method. Cox proportional hazard models were used to assess the association of measures of LV function and all- cause and CV mortality.The mean GLS at baseline was -13.6 ± 4.3% and EF was 45 ± 11%. GLS was a significant predictor of all-cause [Hazard Ratio (HR 1.09 95%; Confidence Interval (CI 1.02-1.16; p = 0.01] and CV mortality (HR 1.16 95%; CI 1.04-1.30; p = 0.008 following adjustment for relevant clinical variables including LV mass index (LVMI and EF. GLS also had greater predictive power for both all- cause and CV mortality compared to EF. Impaired GLS (>-16% was associated with a 5.6-fold increased unadjusted risk of CV mortality in patients with preserved EF.In this cohort of patients with advanced CKD, GLS is a more sensitive predictor of overall and CV mortality compared to EF. Studies of larger populations in CKD are required to confirm that GLS provides additive prognostic value in patients with preserved EF.

  18. Older Thinopyrum intermedium (Poaceae) plants exhibit superior photosynthetic tolerance to cold stress and greater increases in two photosynthetic enzymes under freezing stress compared with young plants. (United States)

    Jaikumar, Nikhil S; Snapp, Sieglinde S; Sharkey, Thomas D


    Effects of plant age on resource acquisition and stress tolerance processes is a largely unstudied subject in herbaceous perennials. In a field experiment, we compared rates of photosynthesis (A), ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate (RuBP) carboxylation capacity (V Cmax), maximum electron transport rate (J max), and triose phosphate utilization (TPU), as well as concentrations of Rubisco and sucrose-phosphate synthase (SPS) in 5-year-old and 2-year-old intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium) under both optimal growing conditions and cold stress in early spring and autumn. This species is a relative of wheat undergoing domestication. An additional experiment compared photosynthetic rates in different cohorts at mid-season and under colder conditions. We hypothesized that photosynthetic capacity in older plants would be lower under favorable conditions but higher under cold stress. Our hypothesis was generally supported. Under cold stress, 5-year-old plants exhibited higher A, TPU, and temperature-adjusted V Cmax than younger plants, as well as 50% more SPS and 37% more Rubisco. In contrast, at mid-season, photosynthetic capacities in older plants were lower than in younger plants in one experiment, and similar in the other, independent of differences in water status. Both cohorts increased A, temperature-adjusted TPU and J max, [Rubisco], and [SPS] under cold stress, but changes were greater in older plants. Photosynthetic differences were largest at 1.2 ºC in very early spring, where older plants had 200% higher A and maintained up to 17% of their peak photosynthetic capacity. We find evidence of increased cold tolerance in older cohorts of wheatgrass, consistent with a growing body of research in woody perennials.

  19. Superior Effects of Antiretroviral Treatment among Men Who have Sex with Men Compared to Other HIV At-Risk Populations in a Large Cohort Study in Hunan, China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shu Su


    Full Text Available This study assesses association between CD4 level at initiation of antiretroviral treatment (ART on subsequent treatment outcomes and mortality among people infected with HIV via various routes in Hunan province, China. Over a period of 10 years, a total of 7333 HIV-positive patients, including 553 (7.5% MSM, 5484 (74.8% heterosexuals, 1164 (15.9% injection drug users (IDU and 132 (1.8% former plasma donors (FPD, were recruited. MSM substantially demonstrated higher initial CD4 cell level (242, IQR 167–298 than other populations (Heterosexuals: 144 IQR 40–242, IDU: 134 IQR 38–224, FPD: 86 IQR 36–181. During subsequent long-term follow up, the median CD4 level in all participants increased significantly from 151 cells/mm3 (IQR 43–246 to 265 cells/mm3 (IQR 162–380, whereas CD4 level in MSM remained at a high level between 242 and 361 cells/mm3. Consistently, both cumulative immunological and virological failure rates (10.4% and 26.4% in 48 months, respectively were the lowest in MSM compared with other population groups. Survival analysis indicated that initial CD4 counts ≤200 cells/mm3 (AHR = 3.14; CI, 2.43–4.06 significantly contributed to HIV-related mortality during treatment. Timely diagnosis and treatment of HIV patients are vital for improving CD4 level and health outcomes.

  20. Superior bactericidal activity of N-bromine compounds compared to their N-chlorine analogues can be reversed under protein load. (United States)

    Gottardi, W; Klotz, S; Nagl, M


    To investigate and compare the bactericidal activity (BA) of active bromine and chlorine compounds in the absence and presence of protein load. Quantitative killing tests against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus were performed both in the absence and in the presence of peptone with pairs of isosteric active chlorine and bromine compounds: hypochlorous and hypobromous acid (HOCl and HOBr), dichloro- and dibromoisocyanuric acid, chlorantine and bromantine (1,3-dibromo- and 1,3 dichloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoine), chloramine T and bromamine T (N-chloro- and N-bromo-4-methylbenzenesulphonamide sodium), and N-chloro- and N-bromotaurine sodium. To classify the bactericidal activities on a quantitative basis, an empirical coefficient named specific bactericidal activity (SBA), founded on the parameters of killing curves, was defined: SBA= mean log reductions/(mean exposure times x concentration) [mmol 1(-1) min (-1)]. In the absence of peptone, tests with washed micro-organisms revealed a throughout higher BA of bromine compounds with only slight differences between single substances. This was in contrast to chlorine compounds, whose killing times differed by a factor of more than four decimal powers. As a consequence, also the isosteric pairs showed according differences. In the presence of peptone, however, bromine compounds showed an increased loss of BA, which partly caused a reversal of efficacy within isosteric pairs. In medical practice, weakly oxidizing active chlorine compounds like chloramines have the highest potential as topical anti-infectives in the presence of proteinaceous material (mucous membranes, open wounds). Active bromine compounds, on the other hand, have their chance at insensitive body regions with low organic matter, for example skin surfaces. The expected protein load is one of the most important parameters for selection of a suited active halogen compound. © 2014 The Society for Applied Microbiology.

  1. As compared to allopurinol, urate-lowering therapy with febuxostat has superior effects on oxidative stress and pulse wave velocity in patients with severe chronic tophaceous gout. (United States)

    Tausche, A-K; Christoph, M; Forkmann, M; Richter, U; Kopprasch, S; Bielitz, C; Aringer, M; Wunderlich, C


    We prospectively evaluated whether an effective 12-month uric acid-lowering therapy (ULT) with the available xanthine oxidase (XO) inhibitors allopurinol and febuxostat in patients with chronic tophaceous gout has an impact on oxidative stress and/or vascular function. Patients with chronic tophaceous gout who did not receive active ULT were included. After clinical evaluation, serum uric acid levels (SUA) and markers of oxidative stress were measured, and carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (cfPWV) was assessed. Patients were then treated with allopurinol (n = 9) or with febuxostat (n = 8) to target a SUA level ≤ 360 μmol/L. After 1 year treatment, the SUA levels, markers of oxidative stress and the cfPWV were measured again. Baseline characteristics of both groups showed no significant differences except a higher prevalence of moderate impairment of renal function (estimated glomerular filtration rate treatment groups did not differ in their baseline cfPWV (allopurinol group: 14.1 ± 3.4 m/s, febuxostat group: 13.7 ± 2.7 m/s, p = 0.80). However, after 1 year of therapy, we observed a significant cfPWV increase in the allopurinol group (16.8 ± 4.3 m/s, p = 0.001 as compared to baseline), but not in the febuxostat patients (13.3 ± 2.3 m/s, p = 0.55). Both febuxostat and allopurinol effectively lower SUA levels in patients with severe gout. However, we observed that febuxostat also appeared to be beneficial in preventing further arterial stiffening. Since cardiovascular events are an important issue in treating patients with gout, this unexpected finding may have important implications and should be further investigated in randomized controlled trials.

  2. Superior Hiking Trail (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — Superior Hiking Trail main trail, spurs, and camp spurs for completed trail throughout Cook, Lake, St. Louis and Carlton counties. These data were collected with...

  3. Bathymetry of Lake Superior (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Bathymetry of Lake Superior has been compiled as a component of a NOAA project to rescue Great Lakes lake floor geological and geophysical data and make it more...

  4. Superior Hiking Trail Facilities (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — Superior Hiking Trail main trail, spurs, and camp spurs for completed trail throughout Cook, Lake, St. Louis and Carlton counties. These data were collected with...

  5. Query sensitive comparative summarization of search results using concept based segmentation

    CERN Document Server

    Chitra, P; Sarukesi, K


    Query sensitive summarization aims at providing the users with the summary of the contents of single or multiple web pages based on the search query. This paper proposes a novel idea of generating a comparative summary from a set of URLs from the search result. User selects a set of web page links from the search result produced by search engine. Comparative summary of these selected web sites is generated. This method makes use of HTML DOM tree structure of these web pages. HTML documents are segmented into set of concept blocks. Sentence score of each concept block is computed with respect to the query and feature keywords. The important sentences from the concept blocks of different web pages are extracted to compose the comparative summary on the fly. This system reduces the time and effort required for the user to browse various web sites to compare the information. The comparative summary of the contents would help the users in quick decision making.

  6. XCluSim: a visual analytics tool for interactively comparing multiple clustering results of bioinformatics data (United States)


    Background Though cluster analysis has become a routine analytic task for bioinformatics research, it is still arduous for researchers to assess the quality of a clustering result. To select the best clustering method and its parameters for a dataset, researchers have to run multiple clustering algorithms and compare them. However, such a comparison task with multiple clustering results is cognitively demanding and laborious. Results In this paper, we present XCluSim, a visual analytics tool that enables users to interactively compare multiple clustering results based on the Visual Information Seeking Mantra. We build a taxonomy for categorizing existing techniques of clustering results visualization in terms of the Gestalt principles of grouping. Using the taxonomy, we choose the most appropriate interactive visualizations for presenting individual clustering results from different types of clustering algorithms. The efficacy of XCluSim is shown through case studies with a bioinformatician. Conclusions Compared to other relevant tools, XCluSim enables users to compare multiple clustering results in a more scalable manner. Moreover, XCluSim supports diverse clustering algorithms and dedicated visualizations and interactions for different types of clustering results, allowing more effective exploration of details on demand. Through case studies with a bioinformatics researcher, we received positive feedback on the functionalities of XCluSim, including its ability to help identify stably clustered items across multiple clustering results. PMID:26328893

  7. First results of connected parabolic collector to the grid with Stirling motor in the Seville Engineering School; Primeros resultados de la conexion a red de un disco parabolico con motor stirling, en la escuela superior de ingenieros de Sevilla

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Silva Perez, M. A.; Lilio Bravo, I.; Ruiz Hernandez, V.; Larraneta Gomez-Caminero, C.


    A Parabolic Dish System has been installed and is operating since March 2004 at the Seville Engineering School (Escuela Superior de Ingenieros). The system is integrated in a wider project, called EnviroDish, that includes the installation of several units in different countries with the aim to gather reliable data on system performance and installation and O and M costs. The system is connected to the grid and the electricity generated is sold to the regional utility with the benefits of the Special Regime. In the present paper we describe the installation and present an advance of the firs operating results. (Author)

  8. Results of the change of the lighting system in an institution of higher education; Resultados del cambio del sistema de iluminacion en una institucion de educacion superior

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Torres P, Irene; Ambriz G, Juan Jose; Romero Paredes R, Hernando; Heras G, Francisco Javier [Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana. Iztapalapa (Mexico)


    In the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM) actions have been made to diminish the energy consumption, one of them was the substitution and diminution of half of fluorescent lamps of 39W with ferromagnetic ballast for lamps of high electronic efficiency of 32W with electronic ballast. In this paper the results of the evaluation of the lighting level is presented after the indicated change, for which the measurement of the illumination level was made in the classrooms of 4 buildings of the UAM-1, as well as the calculation of the diminution of the electrical consumption for lighting taking into account previously measurements made of the consumption of electrical energy. The effect in the diminution of the electrical bill is significant, nevertheless, the lighting levels found are slightly insufficient. [Spanish] En la Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana se han realizado acciones enfocadas a disminuir el consumo de energia, una de ellas fue la sustitucion y disminucion a la mitad de lamparas fluorescentes de 39W con balastro ferromagnetico por lamparas de alta eficiencia de 32W con balastro electronico. En este trabajo se presentan los resultados de la evaluacion del nivel de iluminacion despues del cambio senalado, para lo cual se realizo la medicion del nivel de iluminacion en los salones de clase de 4 edificios de la UAM-I, asi como el calculo en la disminucion en el consumo electrico por iluminacion tomando en cuenta mediciones de consumo de energia electrica realizadas anteriormente. El efecto en la disminucion de la facturacion electrica es apreciable, sin embargo, los niveles de iluminacion encontrados son ligeramente insuficientes.

  9. Superior efficacy of St John's wort extract WS® 5570 compared to placebo in patients with major depression: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-center trial [ISRCTN77277298

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dienel Angelika


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The aim of the current study was to assess the antidepressant efficacy and safety of Hypericum perforatum (St. John's wort extract WS® 5570 at doses of 600 mg/day in a single dose and 1200 mg/day in two doses. Methods The participants in this double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, multi-center clinical trial were male and female adult out-patients with an episode of mild or moderate major depressive episode (single or recurrent episode, DSM-IV criteria. As specified by the relevant guideline, the study was preceded by a medication-free run-in phase. For the 6-week treatment, 332 patients were randomized: 123 to WS® 5570 600 mg/day, 127 to WS® 5570 1200 mg/day, and 82 to placebo. The primary outcome measure was the change in total score on the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAM-D, 17-item version between baseline and endpoint. Additional measures included the number of responders, the number of patients in remission, and several other standard rating scales. Efficacy and safety were assessed after 2 and 6 weeks. The design included an interim analysis performed after randomization with the option of early termination. Results After 6 weeks of treatment, mean ± standard deviation decreases in HAM-D total scores of 11.6 ± 6.4, 10.8 ± 7.3, and 6.0 ± 8.1 points were observed for the WS® 5570 600 mg/day, 1200 mg/day and placebo groups, respectively (endpoint analysis. Secondary measures of treatment efficacy also showed that both WS® 5570 groups were statistically superior to placebo. Significantly more patients in the WS® 5570 treatment groups than in the placebo group showed treatment response and remission. WS® 5570 was consistently more effective than placebo in patients with either less severe or more severe baseline impairment. The number of patients who experienced remission was higher in the WS® 5570 1200 mg/day group than the WS® 5570 600 mg/day group. The incidence of adverse events was low in

  10. Differential diagnosis of cervical radiculopathy and superior pulmonary sulcus tumor

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    GU Rui; KANG Ming-yang; GAO Zhong-li; ZHAO Jian-wu; WANG Jin-cheng


    Background The result would be disastrous if the superior pulmonary sulcus tumor (Pancoast tumor) was misdiagnosed as degenerative cervical spine diseases.The aim of this study was to investigate the differential diagnosis methods of cervical radiculopathy and superior pulmonary sulcus tumor.Methods Clinical manifestations,physical,and radiological findings of 10 patients,whose main complaints were radiating shoulder and arm pain and later were diagnosed with superior pulmonary sulcus tumor,were reviewed and compared with those of cervical radiculopathy.Results Superior pulmonary sulcus tumor patients have shorter mean history and fewer complaints of neck pain or limitation of neck movement.Physical examination showed almost normal cervical spine range of motion.Spurling's neck compression test was negative in all patients.Anteroposterior cervical radiographs showed the lack of pulmonary air at the top of the affected lung in all cases and first rib encroachment in one case.The diagnosis of superior pulmonary sulcus tumor can be further confirmed by CT and MRI.Conclusions By the method of combination of history,physical examination,and radiological findings,superior pulmonary sulcus tumor can be efficiently differentiated from cervical radiculopathy.Normal motion range of the cervical spine,negative Spurling's neck compression test,and the lack of pulmonary air at the top of the affected lung in anteroposterior cervical radiographs should be considerad as indications for further chest radiograph examinations.

  11. The CHANGE trial: no superiority of lifestyle coaching plus care coordination plus treatment as usual compared to treatment as usual alone in reducing risk of cardiovascular disease in adults with schizophrenia spectrum disorders and abdominal obesity. (United States)

    Speyer, Helene; Christian Brix Nørgaard, Hans; Birk, Merete; Karlsen, Mette; Storch Jakobsen, Ane; Pedersen, Kamilla; Hjorthøj, Carsten; Pisinger, Charlotta; Gluud, Christian; Mors, Ole; Krogh, Jesper; Nordentoft, Merete


    Life expectancy in patients with schizophrenia is reduced by 20 years for men and 15 years for women compared to the general population. About 60% of the excess mortality is due to physical illnesses, with cardiovascular disease being dominant. CHANGE was a randomized, parallel-group, superiority, multi-centre trial with blinded outcome assessment, testing the efficacy of an intervention aimed to improve cardiovascular risk profile and hereby potentially reduce mortality. A total of 428 patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders and abdominal obesity were recruited and centrally randomized 1:1:1 to 12 months of lifestyle coaching plus care coordination plus treatment as usual (N=138), or care coordination plus treatment as usual (N=142), or treatment as usual alone (N=148). The primary outcome was 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease assessed post-treatment and standardized to age 60. At follow-up, the mean 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease was 8.4 ± 6.7% in the group receiving lifestyle coaching, 8.5 ± 7.5% in the care coordination group, and 8.0 ± 6.5% in the treatment as usual group (p=0.41). We found no intervention effects for any secondary or exploratory outcomes, including cardiorespiratory fitness, physical activity, weight, diet and smoking. In conclusion, the CHANGE trial did not support superiority of individual lifestyle coaching or care coordination compared to treatment as usual in reducing cardiovascular risk in patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders and abdominal obesity.

  12. A compare geochemistry study for Algoma-and Superior-type banded iron formations%Algoma型和Superior型硅铁建造地球化学对比研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李延河; 侯可军; 万德芳; 张增杰


    前寒武纪条带状硅铁建造(BIFs)是世界上最重要的铁矿资源类型和地球早期特有的化学沉积建造类型,广泛分布于太古代-古元古代(3.2~ 1.8Ga),记录了地球早期岩石圈、水圈、大气圈和生物圈的状态及演化.前人根据BIFs的岩石组合和构造地质环境将其划分为Algoma型和Superior型.本文对比研究了Algoma型和Superior型BIFs的硅、氧、铁和多硫同位素特征.不同时代和不同类型BIFs的硅氧同位素组成非常相似,强烈亏损30Si,δ30SiNBS-28为较大的负值.二者的铁同位素和硫同位素非质量分馏效应明显不同.Algoma型BIF的△33S多为负值,而Superior型BIF的△33S多为正值;Algoma型BIF富集重铁同位素,δ56FeIRMM-144多为高正值,而Superior型BIF相对富集轻铁同位素,δ56FeIRMM.144多为负值或小正值.研究提出无论是Algoma型,还是Superior型BIFs都是由地球早期的海底火山热液喷气作用形成的,二者属于同一成矿系统,相对而言,Algoma型BIF与火山活动关系更密切,距离同期火山活动中心更近,多形成于深水盆地,环境更加还原.%The Precambrian banded iron formations ( BIFs) are the most important type for iron resources in the world and extraordinary chemical marine sediments formation only occurred in the early Earth, which were concentrated during Archean to Early Proterozoic eras (3.2 ~ 1.8Ga) and recorded lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere status and evolvement then and there. The BIFs were classified into Algoma- and Superior-type on the basis of mineralogical composition and proposed tectonic setting. But contrastive studies about their geochemical characteristic, depositional environment and origin are little. So the silicon, oxygen, iron and multiple sulfur isotopic compositions of Algoma- and Superior-type BIFs were compared. The silicon isotopic compositions of BIFs of different types and ages are similar and strongly depleted in Si, the S Si

  13. Height of burst explosions: a comparative study of numerical and experimental results (United States)

    Omang, M.; Christensen, S. O.; Børve, S.; Trulsen, J.


    In the current work, we use the Constant Volume model and the numerical method, Regularized Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (RSPH) to study propagation and reflection of blast waves from detonations of the high explosives C-4 and TNT. The results from simulations of free-field TNT explosions are compared to previously published data, and good agreement is found. Measurements from height of burst tests performed by the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency are used to compare against numerical simulations. The results for shock time of arrival and the pressure levels are well represented by the numerical results. The results are also found to be in good agreement with results from a commercially available code. The effect of allowing different ratios of specific heat capacities in the explosive products are studied. We also evaluate the effect of changing the charge shape and height of burst on the triple point trajectory.

  14. Comparative a numble of monitoring indicator, explore the superiority about Supreme dual-chamber laryngeal mask used for cesarean section anesthesia%Supreme双腔喉罩在剖宫产孕妇全身麻醉中的应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    房小斌; 姚伟瑜; 李师阳


    ,Narcotrend and Apgar scores were observed.Results Before and after the LMA group inserted laryngeal mask HR,MAP no significant change in the performance of Narcotrend value remained at the level of anesthesia,intubation before and after HR,MAP significantly increased performance of Narcotrend values significantly increased,both compared to the obvious statistical difference (P < 0.05).The ventilation indicators of two groups compared to no significant difference (P > 0.05).LMA group cover required intubation time was significantly shorter than the time required for intubation of endotracheal intubation group (P < 0.01).Three groups of patient administration to the fetus at all times is in 5-10 min.Three groups similar to the Apgar score was no significant difference (P > 0.05).Conclusion The dual-chamber laryngeal mask airway for caesarean section anesthesia,fetal Apgar scores,feasibility,and its operation is easy,safe and comfortable anesthesia,compared tracheal intubation has obvious superiority.

  15. Parafuso de massa lateral do atlas para fixação da coluna cervical superior: resultados cirúrgicos Tornillos de masa lateral del atlas para la fijación de la columna cervical superior: resultados quirúrgicos Lateral mass screws of the atlas for upper cervical spine fixation: surgical results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Enrico Ghizoni


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Apresentar os resultados cirúrgicos de uma série de casos de estabilização da coluna cervical superior com o uso de parafusos de massa lateral do atlas. MÉTODOS: Avaliação retrospectiva dos resultados cirúrgicos de pacientes submetidos à estabilização da coluna cervical superior com o uso de parafusos de massa lateral do atlas. RESULTADOS: Seis pacientes foram operados durante o período de janeiro de 2009 a abril de 2010, quatro homens e duas mulheres. Não houve morbidade permanente ou morbidade nessa série de casos. A principal causa de instabilidade atlanto-axial foi trauma e houve apenas um caso de fratura patológica do odontoide por metástase de próstata. A fixação do áxis foi obtida com o uso de três diferentes técnicas de parafusos (pars, pedicular e de lâmina, com igual distribuição entre os pacientes. CONCLUSÃO: O uso de parafusos na massa lateral do atlas é uma importante técnica para se obter estabilidade e fusão na coluna cervical superior, e com o conhecimento da anatomia e da técnica cirúrgica, bons resultados podem ser atingidos.OBJETIVOS: presentar los resultados quirúrgicos de una serie de casos de estabilización con el uso de tornillos de masa lateral del atlas. MÉTODOS: evaluación retrospectiva de los resultados quirúrgicos de los pacientes sometidos a estabilización de la columna cervical superior con el uso de tornillos de masa lateral del atlas. RESULTADOS: Seis pacientes operados entre enero 2009 y abril 2010, siendo cuatro hombres y dos mujeres. No hubo mortalidad o morbilidad grave en esta serie. La principal causa de inestabilidad atlantoaxial fue traumática con apenas un caso de fractura patológica del odontoide por una metástasis de tumor de próstata. Fijación del axis fue alcanzada con el uso de tres diferentes técnicas (pars, pedicular, laminar, con dos casos cada una. Conclusión: el uso de tornillos de masa lateral en el atlas es una importante técnica para

  16. What are Millian Qualitative Superiorities?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonathan Riley


    Full Text Available In an article published in Prolegomena 2006, Christoph Schmidt-Petri has defended his interpretation and attacked mine of Mill’s idea that higher kinds of pleasure are superior in quality to lower kinds, regardless of quantity. Millian qualitative superiorities as I understand them are infinite superiorities. In this paper, I clarify my interpretation and show how Schmidt-Petri has misrepresented it and ignored the obvious textual support for it. As a result, he fails to understand how genuine Millian qualitative superiorities determine the novel structure of Mill’s pluralistic utilitarianism, in which a social code of justice that distributes equal rights and duties takes absolute priority over competing considerations. Schmidt-Petri’s own interpretation is a non-starter, because it does noteven recognize that Mill is talking about different kinds of pleasant feelings, such that the higher kinds are intrinsically more valuable than the lower. I conclude by outlining why my interpretation is free of any metaphysical commitment to the “essence” of pleasure.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Devinder Singh


    Full Text Available A Persistent Left Superior Venacava (PLSVC is the most common variation of the thoracic venous system and rare congenital vascular anomaly and is prevalent in 0.3% of the population. It may be associated with other cardiovascular abnormalities including atrial septal defect, bicuspid aortic valve, coarctation of aorta, coronary sinus ostial atresia, and cor triatriatum. Incidental rotation of a dilated coronary sinus on echocardiography should raise the suspicion of PLSVC. The diagnosis should be confirmed by saline contrast echocardiography. Condition is usually asymptomatic. Here we present a rare case of persistent left superior vena cava presented in OPD with dyspnoea & palpitations.

  18. The extremely resorbed mandible : A comparative prospective study of 2-year results with 3 treatment strategies

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Stellingsma, Kees; Raghoebar, Gerry M.; Meijer, Henny J.A.; Stegenga, Boudewijn


    Purpose: The aim of this prospective clinical study was to compare the clinical and radiographic results of 3 modes of implant treatment in combination with an overdenture in patients with extremely resorbed mandibles. The 3 treatment strategies used were a transmandibular implant, augmentation of t

  19. Gestational weight gain: results from the Delta Healthy Sprouts comparative impact trial (United States)

    Introduction. Delta Healthy Sprouts was designed to test the comparative impact of two home visiting programs on weight status, dietary intake, and health behaviors of Southern African American women and their infants. Results pertaining to the primary outcome, gestational weight gain, are reporte...

  20. The Estimation of Knowledge Solidity Based on the Comparative Analysis of Different Test Results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Y. K. Khenner


    Full Text Available At present, the testing techniques of knowledge estimation are widely spread in educational system. However, this method is seriously criticized including its application to the Unified State Examinations. The research is aimed at studying the limitations of testing techniques. The authors recommend a new way of knowledge solid- ity estimation bases on the comparative results analysis of various kinds of tests. While testing the large group of students, the authors found out that the results of the closed and open tests substantially differ. The comparative analysis demonstrates that the open tests assessment of the knowledge solidity is more adequate than that of the closed ones. As the research is only based on a single experiment, the authors recommend using this method further, substantiating the findings concerning the differences in tests results, and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the tests in question. 

  1. Water calorimetry with thermistor bridge operated in DC and AC mode: comparative results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guerra, A.S.; Laitano, R.F.; Petrocchi, A. [Ist. Nazionale di Metrologia delle Radiazioni Ionizzanti, ENEA, Roma (Italy)


    An experimental study was carried out to find out the optimal conditions for measuring the output signal in a water calorimeter. To this end the thermistor bridge of the calorimeter was operated in AC and in DC mode, respectively. A comparative analysis of these two alternative methods was the made. In the AC mode measurement a lock-in amplifier based experimental assembly was used and compared to the more conventional system based on a high-sensitivty DC amplifier. The AC system resulted to be preferable as far as the short term and long term reproducibility is concerned. (orig.)

  2. Comparing TSPOT assay results between an Elispot reader and manual counts. (United States)

    Agarwal, Saroochi; Nguyen, Duc T; Lew, Justin D; Teeter, Larry D; Yamal, Jose-Miguel; Restrepo, Blanca I; Brown, Eric L; Dorman, Susan E; Graviss, Edward A


    The interferon gamma release assay, TSPOT.TB (TSPOT) can be read by several methodologies, including an Elispot reader or manually by technician. We compared the results from these two counting methods. Automated and manual TSPOT results among 2481 United States health care workers were compared. Cohen's kappa coefficient was used to determine the inter-rater agreement. Univariate and multiple logistic regression were used to investigate selected variable contributions. No prognostic factors were associated with agreement of TSPOT results between counting methods. Agreement between TSPOT results were 92.3%, 89.5%, 93.0%, and 93.1% at baseline, and at follow-up at 6, 12, and 18 months, respectively. The inter-rater agreement for all test results was good (kappa = 0.71). There was a significant difference between individual technicians kappa coefficients (p readers and manual counts have good agreement of TSPOT results in a low TB burden setting. Levels of agreement differed between individual technicians and automated reader from moderate to very good, indicating borderline results may be misinterpreted due to inter-rater variability. With no latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) gold standard, it cannot be determined if one TSPOT reading method is better than another. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. Comparing costing results in across country economic evaluations: the use of technology specific purchasing power parities. (United States)

    Wordsworth, Sarah; Ludbrook, Anne


    The number of economic evaluations conducted on a multinational basis is increasing. Therefore, techniques are required to compare the results of such studies in a meaningful manner. This paper explores different approaches to comparing across country cost data applied to a European study of dialysis therapy for end-stage renal disease. A price and volume index is created at the level of the individual health care technology and compared to an exchange rate conversion and published purchasing power parities (PPPs). Both exchange rate and PPP conversions when published rates are used fail to accurately reflect the true resource use of the applied health care example. These differences can be related to specific issues of input mix and price variation. Alternatively, the use of technology specific PPPs provided a more robust approach for international comparisons and also have the potential for use in multi-centre economic evaluations within the same country. Copyright 2004 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  4. Superiority of a combined treatment of Alendronate and Alfacalcidol compared to the combination of Alendronate and plain vitamin D or Alfacalcidol alone in established postmenopausal or male osteoporosis (AAC-Trial). (United States)

    Ringe, J D; Farahmand, P; Schacht, E; Rozehnal, A


    A combined therapy with the strongly antiresorptive Alendronate and the pleiotropically acting D-hormone analogue Alfacalcidol may have additive effects on bone quality, falls and fracture risk in established osteoporosis. The aim of this study (Alfacalcidol Alendronate Combined-AAC) was to compare the efficacy and safety of a combined parallel therapy with Alendronate and Alfacalcidol to the treatment with either Alendronate in combination with plain vitamin D or Alfacalcidol alone in patients with established postmenopausal or male osteoporosis. Ninety patients were included as matched triplets to receive randomly either 1 microg Alfacalcidol daily + 500 mg calcium (group A, n = 30) or 70 mg Alendronate weekly + 1,000 mg calcium + 1,000 IU vitamin D daily (group B, n = 30) or 1 microg Alfacalcidol daily + 70 mg Alendronate weekly + 500 mg calcium daily (group C, n = 30). Patients were recruited in one centre and were followed up for 24 months. Analysis was intention-to-treat and the primary outcome was lumbar spine and total hip bone mineral density (measured observer blind). BMD was measured at the lumbar spine and at the proximal femur with dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (LUNAR Prodigy, GE, USA) at the beginning and after 12 and 24 months. During the 2-year-study we observed descriptively significant increases at the lumbar spine of 3.0% in group A compared to baseline, of 5.4% in group B and of 9.6% in group C, respectively. The superiority of the Alendronate + Alfacalcidol treatment group over Alfacalcidol alone and over Alendronate + vitamin D was of more than large rele-vance (both tests: MW > 0.71; CI-LB > 0.64; P vitamin D, but not versus Alfacalcidol alone. We found 80% of the patients in the Alendronate + Alfacalcidol group free from back pain at month 24, compared to 30% in the Alendronate + vitamin D and 43% in the Alfacalcidol monotherapy group. The superiority is relevant (both tests: MW > 0.64; CI-LB > 0.56; P back pain over either Alendronate in

  5. Cochlear implant outcomes in patients with superior canal dehiscence

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Puram, Sidharth V.; Roberts, Daniel S.; Niesten, Marlien E F; Dilger, Amanda E.; Lee, Daniel J.


    Objective: To determine whether adult cochlear implant (CI) users with superior canal dehiscence syndrome (SCDS) or asymptomatic superior semicircular canal dehiscence (SCD) have different surgical, vestibular, and audiologic outcomes when compared to CI users with normal temporal bone anatomy. Meth

  6. Chromosomal imbalances in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a meta-analysis of comparative genomic hybridization results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jin Ping


    Full Text Available Abstract Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC is a highly prevalent disease in Southeast Asia and its prevalence is clearly affected by genetic background. Various theories have been suggested for its high incidence in this geographical region but to these days no conclusive explanation has been identified. Chromosomal imbalances identifiable through comparative genomic hybridization may shed some light on common genetic alterations that may be of relevance to the onset and progression of NPC. Review of the literature, however, reveals contradictory results among reported findings possibly related to factors associated with patient selection, stage of disease, differences in methodological details etc. To increase the power of the analysis and attempt to identify commonalities among the reported findings, we performed a meta-analysis of results described in NPC tissues based on chromosomal comparative genomic hybridization (CGH. This meta-analysis revealed consistent patters in chromosomal abnormalities that appeared to cluster in specific "hot spots" along the genome following a stage-dependent progression.

  7. Comparing the Floating Point Systems, Inc. AP-190L to representative scientific computers: some benchmark results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brengle, T.A.; Maron, N.


    Results are presented of comparative timing tests made by running a typical FORTRAN physics simulation code on the following machines: DEC PDP-10 with KI processor; DEC PDP-10, KI processor, and FPS AP-190L; CDC 7600; and CRAY-1. Factors such as DMA overhead, code size for the AP-190L, and the relative utilization of floating point functional units for the different machines are discussed. 1 table.

  8. Indoor Environment and Energy Use in Historic Buildings - Comparing Survey Results with Measurements and Simulations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rohdin, P.; Dalewski, M.; Moshfegh, B.


    Increasing demand for energy efficiency places new requirements on energy use in historic buildings. Efficient energy use is essential if a historic building is to be used and preserved, especially buildings with conventional uses such as residential buildings and offices. This paper presents...... results which combine energy auditing with building energy simulation and an indoor environment survey among the occupants of the building. Both when comparing simulations with measurements as well as with survey results good agreement was found. The two efficiency measures that are predicted to increase...... energy and thermal performance the most for this group of buildings were reduced infiltration and increasing heat-exchanger efficiency....

  9. Comparing Simulation Results with Traditional PRA Model on a Boiling Water Reactor Station Blackout Case Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zhegang Ma; Diego Mandelli; Curtis Smith


    A previous study used RELAP and RAVEN to conduct a boiling water reactor station black-out (SBO) case study in a simulation based environment to show the capabilities of the risk-informed safety margin characterization methodology. This report compares the RELAP/RAVEN simulation results with traditional PRA model results. The RELAP/RAVEN simulation run results were reviewed for their input parameters and output results. The input parameters for each simulation run include various timing information such as diesel generator or offsite power recovery time, Safety Relief Valve stuck open time, High Pressure Core Injection or Reactor Core Isolation Cooling fail to run time, extended core cooling operation time, depressurization delay time, and firewater injection time. The output results include the maximum fuel clad temperature, the outcome, and the simulation end time. A traditional SBO PRA model in this report contains four event trees that are linked together with the transferring feature in SAPHIRE software. Unlike the usual Level 1 PRA quantification process in which only core damage sequences are quantified, this report quantifies all SBO sequences, whether they are core damage sequences or success (i.e., non core damage) sequences, in order to provide a full comparison with the simulation results. Three different approaches were used to solve event tree top events and quantify the SBO sequences: “W” process flag, default process flag without proper adjustment, and default process flag with adjustment to account for the success branch probabilities. Without post-processing, the first two approaches yield incorrect results with a total conditional probability greater than 1.0. The last approach accounts for the success branch probabilities and provides correct conditional sequence probabilities that are to be used for comparison. To better compare the results from the PRA model and the simulation runs, a simplified SBO event tree was developed with only four

  10. Status of the shortjaw cisco (Coregonus zenithicus) in Lake Superior (United States)

    Hoff, Michael H.; Todd, Thomas N.


    The shortjaw cisco (Coregonus zenithicus) was historically found in Lakes Huron, Michigan, and Superior, but has been extirpated in Lakes Huron and Michigan apparently as the result of commercial overharvest. During 1999-2001, we conducted an assessment of shortjaw cisco abundance in five areas, spanning the U.S. waters of Lake Superior, and compared our results with the abundance measured at those areas in 1921-1922. The shortjaw cisco was found at four of the five areas sampled, but abundances were so low that they were not significantly different from zero. In the four areas where shortjaw ciscoes were found, abundance declined significantly by 99% from the 1920s to the present. To increase populations of this once economically and ecologically important species in Lake Superior, an interagency rehabilitation effort is needed. Population monitoring is recommended to assess population trends and to evaluate success of rehabilitation efforts.

  11. Comparing the results of PSInSAR and GNSS on slow motion landslides, Koyulhisar, Turkey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kemal Ozgur Hastaoglu


    Full Text Available There are numerous methods used nowadays to monitor landslide movements. Of these methods, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS and Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR are the ones that are most commonly used. In this study, the amounts of movements acquired via these two methods were compared and relations between them were analysed. The Koyulhisar landslide region was selected as the field of study. In this study, 10 Envisat images of the region taken between 2006 and 2008 were evaluated using Persistent Scatterers Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PSInSAR technique and annual velocity values at the direction of line of slight at PS points were obtained for the region of interest. The velocity values were then obtained from PSInSAR results and compared with those obtained from six periods of GNSS measurements that were performed between April 2007 and November 2008 on Koyulhisar Landslide area after which the relationship between the two was analysed. Two different movement models from GNSS and PSInSAR results were fit to the landslide region. The velocity values estimated from these movement models for the region were compared and correlation between them was determined. As a conclusion, a high correlation of r = 0.84 was determined between the models obtained from nine GNSS points, except one point at the city centre, and PSInSAR.

  12. Comparing the Resulted Strategies from the SWOT and the SPACE (Electricity Company as Case Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abolfazl Sherafat


    Full Text Available The present study was aimed to compare the implementation of two models in terms of strategic planning. In order to this, firstly, several field studies have been done in terms of the SWOT and the SPACE analysis. In the next step, a team of the meddle and senior managers that have studied in terms of SWOT analysis seek to identify the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and then develop their related strategies. They also develop and indicate the SPACE questionnaire. Based on the results of this questionnaire and determining the organization’s strategic position, they strive to develop the appropriate strategies. Finally, the strategies that have been derived from these models were compared to each other and their strengths and weaknesses were analyzed.

  13. Comparing functional analysis and paired-choice assessment results in classroom settings. (United States)

    Berg, Wendy K; Wacker, David P; Cigrand, Karla; Merkle, Steve; Wade, Jeanie; Henry, Kim; Wang, Yu-Chia


    The results of a functional analysis of problem behavior and a paired-choice assessment were compared to determine whether the same social reinforcers were identified for problem behavior and an appropriate response (time allocation). The two assessments were conducted in classroom settings with 4 adolescents with mental retardation who engaged in severe problem behavior. Each student's classroom teacher served as the therapist for all phases of assessment. The two assessment procedures identified the same social reinforcers for problem and appropriate behavior for 3 of 4 participants.

  14. TNM Method Results Compared with Finite Element Analysis for a 30 KW SCIM Motor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Ravi Prasad


    Full Text Available The Thermal network model (TNM of ten node 37 thermal resistances is considered as the highly detailed one for thermal distribution of all the TNM models. This model is reported to be the one that can take care of most of the complexities in geometry and estimation of convective heat transfer coefficients. Results obtained for the 30 KW motor using the above TNM model have been compared with that of Finite element Analysis using ANSYS. Listing of the MATLAB programs is presented as annexure.

  15. Determinants of health policy impact: comparative results of a European policymaker study. (United States)

    Rütten, Alfred; Lüschen, Günther; von Lengerke, Thomas; Abel, Thomas; Kannas, Lasse; Rodríguez Diaz, Josep A; Vinck, Jan; van der Zee, Jouke


    This article will use a new theoretical framework for the analysis of health policy impact introduced by Rütten et al. (2003). In particular, it will report on a comparative European study of policymakers' perception and evaluation of specific determinants of the policy impact, both in terms of output (implemented measures) and outcome (health behaviour change). Policy determinants investigated are goals, resources, obligations and opportunities as related to the policymaking process. Theory is applied to a comparative analysis of prevention and health promotion policy in Belgium, Finland, Germany. The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. The study is MED2-part of a project that has developed a Methodology for the Analysis of the Rationality and Effectiveness of Prevention and Health Promotion Strategies (MAREPS) within the EU-BIO-program. A mail survey of 719 policymakers on the executive and administrative level selected by a focused sample procedure was conducted. This survey used policymakers' experience and evaluative expertise to analyse determinants of policy output and outcome. Regression analyses reveal differential predictive power of policy goals, resources, obligations, as well as of political, organisational and public opportunities. For instance, whereas resources, concreteness of goals, and public opportunities have significant importance for health outcome of policy, obligations and organisational opportunities significantly predict policy output. Results are discussed in terms of rationality and effectiveness of health policy. They indicate that six sensitising constructs derived from the theoretical framework represent equivalent structures across nations. They comprise a validated instrument that can be used for further comparative health policy research.

  16. Preferences for results from genomic microarrays: comparing parents and health care providers. (United States)

    Turbitt, E; Halliday, J L; Amor, D J; Metcalfe, S A


    Chromosomal microarray (CMA) testing is now performed frequently in paediatric care. Although CMAs improve diagnostic yields, they increase detection of variants of unknown and uncertain clinical significance (VUS). Understanding parents', paediatricians' and genetic health professionals' (GHPs) views regarding variant disclosure may reduce the potential for communication of unwanted information. A questionnaire was designed to compare disclosure preferences of these three groups in Australia. One hundred and forty-seven parents, 159 paediatricians and 69 GHPs hold similar views with at least 89% of respondents certainly or probably favouring disclosure of all categories of variants. However, some differences were observed between health care providers (HCPs: paediatricians and GHPs) and parents, who were less sure of their disclosure preferences. There was consensus among respondent groups that knowledge of a variant of certain clinical significance would provide more practical and emotional utility compared to VUS. Compared to HCPs, parents placed more emphasis on using knowledge of a VUS when considering future pregnancies (p exome/genome sequencing is integrated into clinical practice, the potential for differing views of parents and HCPs should be considered when developing guidelines for result disclosure.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shahriar Afandizadeh Zargari


    Full Text Available The primary objective of this research is to optimize signal timing in consecutive signalized intersections. In this paper, the combination of genetic programming (GP with genetic algorithms (GA and neural network (NN with genetic algorithm (GA were used and compared in order to optimize signal timing in consecutive signalized intersections. First, genetic programming and neural network were constructed from existing signal timing data to predict the delay of intersections. Then genetic algorithm was applied to optimize these predictive networks (GP and NN. The results and comparisons of timing process and error percentage showed that neural network is more efficient than genetic programming. However, the ability of genetic programming in producing formula is a specific characteristic which makes it more applicable than neural network. Finally, for validating the results, Aimsun and Synchro micro simulation software were used, and accuracy of our models was approved.

  18. Results of multiple drilling compared with those of conventional methods of core decompression. (United States)

    Song, Won Seok; Yoo, Jeong Joon; Kim, Young-Min; Kim, Hee Joong


    We performed multiple drilling as a femoral head-preserving procedure for osteonecrosis of the femoral head thinking the therapeutic effects of core decompression could be achieved by this simpler procedure than core decompression. We retrospectively reviewed 136 patients (163 hips) who had multiple drilling using 9/64-inch Steinmann pins for treatment of nontraumatic osteonecrosis of the femoral head. The mean followup for patients who did not require additional surgery (113 hips) was 87 months (range, 60-134 months). We defined failure as the need for additional surgery or a Harris hip score less than 75. After a minimum 5-year followup, 79% (31/39) of patients with Stage I disease and 77% (62/81) of patients with Stage II disease had no additional surgery. All (15/15) small lesions (drill entry holes. Multiple drilling is straightforward with few complications and produces results comparable to results of other core decompression techniques.

  19. Comparative Results on 3D Navigation of Quadrotor using two Nonlinear Model based Controllers (United States)

    Bouzid, Y.; Siguerdidjane, H.; Bestaoui, Y.


    Recently the quadrotors are being increasingly employed in both military and civilian areas where a broad range of nonlinear flight control techniques are successfully implemented. With this advancement, it has become necessary to investigate the efficiency of these flight controllers by studying theirs features and compare their performance. In this paper, the control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) quadrotor, using two different approaches, is presented. The first controller is Nonlinear PID (NLPID) whilst the second one is Nonlinear Internal Model Control (NLIMC) that are used for the stabilization as well as for the 3D trajectory tracking. The numerical simulations have shown satisfactory results using nominal system model or disturbed model for both of them. The obtained results are analyzed with respect to several criteria for the sake of comparison.

  20. Comparative cost analysis of inpatient integrative medicine-Results of a pilot study. (United States)

    Ostermann, Thomas; Lauche, Romy; Cramer, Holger; Dobos, Gustav


    Costs of integrative treatment alone and in comparison with other treatment approaches have scarcely been reported in the past. This study presents results of a comparative cost analysis of an inpatient integrative medicine treatment costs. Data from 2006 for inpatients referred to a Department of Integrative Medicine in Germany were used. Case-related treatment costs were calculated, and transformed into Casemix-Indices and revenues per DRG. Costs were compared between departments at the same hospital and between different hospitals using univariate statistics and Chi-Square tests. In total 1253 inpatients (81.4% female, 61.1±14.4years) were included in the current analysis. Most patients were treated for diseases of the musculoskeletal system (57.2%), followed by diseases of the digestive system (11.4%), and diseases of the nervous system (10.4%). The department received an additional payment for most of the patients (88.0%), which led to an effective appreciation of 10.8% per case compared to the standardized Casemix-Index. In-house comparisons with other departments found the department in close vicinity to the departments of Internal medicine with regards to CMI and mean revenue, however the Patient Clinical Complexity Level was significantly lower in the Integrative medicine department. The interhospital comparison revealed comparable Casemix-Index and DRG-revenue, however the additional payment increased the mean revenue significantly. Modern integrative in-patient treatment is mostly cost-equivalent to conventional treatment. Cost effectiveness studies should be considered to further investigate the potential of integrative in patient treatment. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  1. Bipolar mixed features - Results from the comparative effectiveness for bipolar disorder (Bipolar CHOICE) study. (United States)

    Tohen, Mauricio; Gold, Alexandra K; Sylvia, Louisa G; Montana, Rebecca E; McElroy, Susan L; Thase, Michael E; Rabideau, Dustin J; Nierenberg, Andrew A; Reilly-Harrington, Noreen A; Friedman, Edward S; Shelton, Richard C; Bowden, Charles L; Singh, Vivek; Deckersbach, Thilo; Ketter, Terence A; Calabrese, Joseph R; Bobo, William V; McInnis, Melvin G


    DSM-5 changed the criteria from DSM-IV for mixed features in mood disorder episodes to include non-overlapping symptoms of depression and hypomania/mania. It is unknown if, by changing these criteria, the same group would qualify for mixed features. We assessed how those meeting DSM-5 criteria for mixed features compare to those meeting DSM-IV criteria. We analyzed data from 482 adult bipolar patients in Bipolar CHOICE, a randomized comparative effectiveness trial. Bipolar diagnoses were confirmed through the MINI International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI). Presence and severity of mood symptoms were collected with the Bipolar Inventory of Symptoms Scale (BISS) and linked to DSM-5 and DSM-IV mixed features criteria. Baseline demographics and clinical variables were compared between mood episode groups using ANOVA for continuous variables and chi-square tests for categorical variables. At baseline, the frequency of DSM-IV mixed episodes diagnoses obtained with the MINI was 17% and with the BISS was 20%. Using DSM-5 criteria, 9% of participants met criteria for hypomania/mania with mixed features and 12% met criteria for a depressive episode with mixed features. Symptom severity was also associated with increased mixed features with a high rate of mixed features in patients with mania/hypomania (63.8%) relative to those with depression (8.0%). Data on mixed features were collected at baseline only and thus do not reflect potential patterns in mixed features within this sample across the study duration. The DSM-5 narrower, non-overlapping definition of mixed episodes resulted in fewer patients who met mixed criteria compared to DSM-IV. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  2. Comparative results of corneal curvature measurements with three different keratometers after radial keratotomy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHAO Lu; ZHANG Li; WANG Yan-ling; WANG Wei; YAN Yan


    Background Corneal curvatures measured by conventional instruments after refractive surgeries were greater than the real values.This study on the instruments and methods for measuring corneal curvature was carried out with the aim of determining an accurate,simple and effective method to evaluate corneal refractive power after radial keratotomy (RK).Methods A retrospective study was carried out on 52 eyes of 42 patients with a history of RK.The postoperative measurements after RK were performed with a manual keratometer (Rodenstock,Munchen-Hamburg,Germany),a corneal topographer (Tomey TMS-1) and an automated IOLMaster keratometer (Carl Zeiss GmbH,USA).The results obtained from analyzing clinical histories (clinical history method,CHM) were compared to the postoperative measurements with a two-way analysis of variance.Adjusted keratometry was used to correct the corneal central refractive power (K) values of the three keratometers.The CHM results were also compared to the corrected K values obtained with the three keratometers using the same statistical method.Results The smallest mean value was found for the CHM ((36.61±9.23) diopters).The K values obtained with the CHM were very different from the results obtained with the three different instruments.The corrected K values obtained with the IOLMaster were the closest to the K values from the CHM.Conclusions It was shown that K values from measurements with the three instruments were higher.When the power of the intraocular lens of the patients after RK was calculated,the errors of the K values measured with the instruments should be taken into consideration.

  3. Radiographic Results of Minimally Invasive (MIS) Lumbar Interbody Fusion (LIF) Compared with Conventional Lumbar Interbody Fusion. (United States)

    Lim, Jae Kwan; Kim, Sung Min


    To evaluate the radiographic results of minimally invasive (MIS) anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) and transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF). Twelve and nineteen patients who underwent MIS-ALIF, MIS-TLIF, respectively, from 2006 to 2008 were analyzed with a minimum 24-months' follow-up. Additionally, 18 patients treated with single level open TLIF surgery in 2007 were evaluated as a comparative group. X-rays and CT images were evaluated preoperatively, postoperatively, and at the final follow-up. Fusion and subsidence rates were determined, and radiographic parameters, including lumbar lordosis angle (LLA), fused segment angle (FSA), sacral slope angle (SSA), disc height (DH), and foraminal height (FH), were analyzed. These parameters were also compared between the open and MIS-TLIF groups. In the MIS interbody fusion group, statistically significant increases were observed in LLA, FSA, and DH and FH between preoperative and final values. The changes in LLA, FSA, and DH were significantly increased in the MIS-ALIF group compared with the MIS-TLIF group, but SSA and FH were not significantly different. No significant differences were seen between open and MIS-TLIF except for DH. The interbody subsidence and fusion rates of the MIS groups were 12.0±4% and 96%, respectively. Radiographic results of MIS interbody fusion surgery are as favorable as those with conventional surgery regarding fusion, restoration of disc height, foraminal height, and lumbar lordosis. MIS-ALIF is more effective than MIS-TLIF for intervertebral disc height restoration and lumbar lordosis.

  4. [Percutaneous closure of patent ductus arteriosus: results and costs compared to surgical closure]. (United States)

    Vieu, T; Beaurain, S; Angel, C; Leriche, H; Petit, J; Conso, J F; Planché, C; Losay, J


    The comparison of the clinical results and costs of the two methods of closure of patient ductus arteriosus was undertaken in two comparable groups of 40 patients treated in the same period in the same hospital. After transcatheter closure there was a 9% residual shunt rate at 3 years, the 2 patients with a residual continuous murmur being operated secondarily. The only complication was severe haemolysis which regressed after transcatheter ablation of the prosthesis. After surgical closure, there were no residual shunt. Some postoperative complications were observed in 20% of cases, usually benign (ventilatory problems, dysphonia or urinary infection), but occasionally more serious (peroperative lesion of the pulmonary artery). Morbidity, inherent to the technique of closure, was very different and much less in catheter closure. The average cost (daily cost x average length of hospital stay) was much less with transcatheter closure 38,558 francs versus 11,240 francs. On the other hand, the direct cost of transcatheter closure was greater than that of surgery: 32,798 francs versus 20,903 francs, the difference being related to the actual price of the prosthesis. The authors conclude that the 3 year results of transcatheter closure of patent ductus arterious make this technique a reasonable therapeutic alternative to surgery. From the safety point of view, the two techniques are comparable bu patient confort is greater with transcatheter closure for an increase in cost of the initial procedure which should decrease in relation to the types and prices of the prosthesis used.

  5. Comparative assessment of scoring functions on an updated benchmark: 2. Evaluation methods and general results. (United States)

    Li, Yan; Han, Li; Liu, Zhihai; Wang, Renxiao


    Our comparative assessment of scoring functions (CASF) benchmark is created to provide an objective evaluation of current scoring functions. The key idea of CASF is to compare the general performance of scoring functions on a diverse set of protein-ligand complexes. In order to avoid testing scoring functions in the context of molecular docking, the scoring process is separated from the docking (or sampling) process by using ensembles of ligand binding poses that are generated in prior. Here, we describe the technical methods and evaluation results of the latest CASF-2013 study. The PDBbind core set (version 2013) was employed as the primary test set in this study, which consists of 195 protein-ligand complexes with high-quality three-dimensional structures and reliable binding constants. A panel of 20 scoring functions, most of which are implemented in main-stream commercial software, were evaluated in terms of "scoring power" (binding affinity prediction), "ranking power" (relative ranking prediction), "docking power" (binding pose prediction), and "screening power" (discrimination of true binders from random molecules). Our results reveal that the performance of these scoring functions is generally more promising in the docking/screening power tests than in the scoring/ranking power tests. Top-ranked scoring functions in the scoring power test, such as X-Score(HM), ChemScore@SYBYL, ChemPLP@GOLD, and PLP@DS, are also top-ranked in the ranking power test. Top-ranked scoring functions in the docking power test, such as ChemPLP@GOLD, Chemscore@GOLD, GlidScore-SP, LigScore@DS, and PLP@DS, are also top-ranked in the screening power test. Our results obtained on the entire test set and its subsets suggest that the real challenge in protein-ligand binding affinity prediction lies in polar interactions and associated desolvation effect. Nonadditive features observed among high-affinity protein-ligand complexes also need attention.

  6. The comparative analysis of results of surgical treatment of myasthenia in the remote periods of disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. Zaslavsky


    Full Text Available Based on long-term follow-up to perform comparative analysis of long-term results of surgical treatment of myasthenia. A retrospective analysis of long-term results of surgical treatment of 146 patients with myasthenia has been carried out. We used the modified Keynes classification to estimate the severity of myasthenia and to summarize the data relating to therapy volume and treatment results. In dependence on the type of thymus lesion patients were divided into two groups. Thymus hyperplasia was verified at — 106 (72.6 % patients, tumor lesion of the thymus gland (thymoma — at 40 (27.4 % ones. The results were estimated in the following periods after thymectomy: 1—2 years, 3—4 years, 5—6 years, 7 — 9 years, 10—14 years, and over 15 years. Short- and longterm results of surgical treatment of myasthenia for the patients without tumor lesions of the thymus gland were significantly better. Positive effects of surgical treatment of myasthenia in patients with hyperplasia are observed after 1 year of surgery (p = 0.0023, and the best results are observed after 5 — 6 year of the disease, then after 7 — 9 year one notes some deterioration of state (p = 0.026. In the myasthenia patients with thymoma one notes the similar trends in dynamics of state, but in general, the results are significantly (p = 0.042 badly than in the group of the patients with hyperplasia. Starting from the first year after operation treatment the patients with myasthenia with thymus hyperplasia have statistically significant (p = 0.048 decrease of average doses of glucocorticoids, and anticholinesterase drugs. The statistically best treatment results were noted for the patients operated at the first year of the disease. Positive result of surgical treatment of myasthenia is noted both in the short- and long-term period and at thymomas. In the group of patients with thymoma one has noted significantly badly results in comparison with group of hyperplasia. It is

  7. Contabilidad Financiera Superior


    Ipiñazar Petralanda, Izaskun


    Duración (en horas): De 31 a 40 horas. Destinatario: Estudiante y Docente A través de este material se presentan las pautas necesarias para implementar un aprendizaje basado en problemas en la asignatura de Contabilidad Financiera Superior dentro de los temas “Constitución de S.A. y S.R.L.” (Tema 2), “Ampliaciones de Capital” (Tema 3) y “Reducciones de Capital” (Tema 4). En primer lugar se presentan las guías generales de la asignatura, y a continuación, las diferentes activida...

  8. Contabilidad Financiera Superior


    Ipiñazar Petralanda, Izaskun


    Duración (en horas): De 31 a 40 horas. Destinatario: Estudiante y Docente A través de este material se presentan las pautas necesarias para implementar un aprendizaje basado en problemas en la asignatura de Contabilidad Financiera Superior dentro de los temas “Constitución de S.A. y S.R.L.” (Tema 2), “Ampliaciones de Capital” (Tema 3) y “Reducciones de Capital” (Tema 4). En primer lugar se presentan las guías generales de la asignatura, y a continuación, las diferentes activida...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. A. Skripkin


    Full Text Available Aim. To compare the safety and efficacy of pre-hospital thrombolysis with tenecteplase and hospital thrombolysis with alteplase. Material and Methods. Pre-hospital thrombolytic therapy with tenecteplase (n=15 and hospital thrombolysis with alteplaza (n=60 in patients with acute coronary syndrome and acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction were analyzed in retrospective comparative study. Time characteristics of thrombolysis and its efficacy and safety were assessed. Results. The mean time from patients emergency medical service call to pre-hospital thrombolysis was 51.8±1.23 min, whereas to hospital thrombolysis 106.5±2.15 min (p<0.05. The effective hospital thrombolysis was observed in 68.3 and 83.3% of patients according to ECG (>50% resolution of ST-segment elevation and coronary angiography criteria, respectively. The effective pre-hospital thrombolysis was registered in 93.3% of patients as demonstrated with ECG and coronary angiography. Conclusion. Pre-hospital thrombolysis in patients with acute coronary syndrome was performed by 54.7 min earlier than hospital thrombolysis was. This can improve the patient prognosis.

  10. Comparative analysis and exprimental results of advanced control strategies for vibration suppression in aircraft wings (United States)

    Birs, Isabela R.; Folea, Silviu; Copot, Dana; Prodan, Ovidiu; Muresan, Cristina-I.


    The smart beam is widely used as a means of studying the dynamics and active vibration suppression possibilities in aircraft wings. The advantages obtained through this approach are numerous, among them being aircraft stability and manoeuvrability, turbulence immunity, passenger safety and reduced fatigue damage. The paper presents the tuning of two controllers: Linear Quadratic Regulator and Fractional Order Proportional Derivative controller. The active vibration control methods were tested on a smart beam, vibrations being mitigated through piezoelectric patches. The obtained experimental results are compared in terms of settling time and control effort, experimentally proving that both types of controllers can be successfully used to reduce oscillations. The analysis in this paper provides for a necessary premise regarding the tuning of a fractional order enhanced Linear Quadratic Regulator, by combining the advantages of both control strategies.

  11. A comparative study for results obtained using biomonitors and PM10 collectors in Sado Estuary. (United States)

    Costa, C J; Marques, A P; Freitas, M C; Reis, M A; Oliveira, O R


    In 1996 a program was started, financed by the Environmental Ministry of Portugal and IAEA, aiming to study the inorganic atmospheric pollutant dispersion in Sado Estuary. Gent PM10 air samplers were used for air particulate matter sampling. Three sampling sites were chosen, forming a triangle around the fuel power station of Setúbal. Transplants of Parmelia sulcata Taylor were suspended in nylon bags within a rectangle 15 km wide and 25 km long on a 2.5 x 2.5 km grid. Two sets of four transplants were hung in each of the 47 locations, one set facing the wind and the other set opposing the wind. The transplants were suspended in December 1997 for a 1-year period; every 3 months, one transplant of each set was collected. Both lichen transplants and PM10 filters were analysed by INAA and PIXE. A comparative study of results obtained for the two sampling procedures is presented in this work.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Athanassoula


    Full Text Available We compare the results of the photometrical analysis of barred galaxies with those of a similar analysis from N-body simulations. The photometry is for a sample of nine barred galaxies observed in the J and Ks bands with the CANICA near infrared (NIR camera at the 2.1 m telescope of the Observatorio Astrofisico Guillermo Haro (OAGH in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. The comparison includes radial ellipticity pro les and surface brightness (density for the N-body galaxies pro les along the bar major and minor axes. We nd very good agreement, arguing that the exchange of angular momentum within the galaxy plays a determinant role in the evolution of barred galaxies.

  13. Comparing Plusoptix A09 photorefractometer results with autorefractometer using Bland-Altman analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ayse Dolar Bilg


    Full Text Available AIM: To evaluate the accuracy of the Plusoptix A09 photorefraction with and without cycloplegia compared to an autorefractometer in pediatric patients.METHODS: We assessed the refractive status of 180 eyes in 90 pediatric patients. Refractions were measured with the Plusoptix A09 photorefractor(Plusoptix GmbH, Nürnberg, Germanywith and without cycloplegia and compared with those obtained by autorefractometer(Topcon KR-8900, Tokyo, Japanafter cycloplegia. Spherical equivalent, spherical power cylindrical power and cylindrical axis J0, J45 values measurements were analyzed with Bland-Altman analysis. RESULTS: The mean age of the patients was 7.48±3.01(range 3 to 13y. Between the non-cycloplegic Plusoptix A09 photorefractometer and the cycloplegic autorefractometer measurements, there was significant difference between spherical power and spherical equivalent values(PP>0.05. Between the cycloplegic Plusoptix A09 photorefractometer and the cycloplegic autorefractometer measurements, there was significant difference between spherical power and spherical equivalent values(PP>0.05. Bland-Altman correlation analysis revealed an excellent correlation for the spherical power, cylindrical power and spherical equivalent measurements, but poor correlation for J0 and J45 values between the non-cycloplegic, cycloplegic Plusoptix A09 and the cycloplegic autorefractometer measurements.CONCLUSION: To determine refractive errors in children, the Plusoptix A09 measurements with and without cycloplegia can give reliable results. But it is inadequate when measuring the cylindrical axis and high refractive values. This device can be an effective option to detect and screen refractive errors in uncooperative children.

  14. Statistics of superior records (United States)

    Ben-Naim, E.; Krapivsky, P. L.


    We study statistics of records in a sequence of random variables. These identical and independently distributed variables are drawn from the parent distribution ρ. The running record equals the maximum of all elements in the sequence up to a given point. We define a superior sequence as one where all running records are above the average record expected for the parent distribution ρ. We find that the fraction of superior sequences SN decays algebraically with sequence length N, SN˜N-β in the limit N→∞. Interestingly, the decay exponent β is nontrivial, being the root of an integral equation. For example, when ρ is a uniform distribution with compact support, we find β=0.450265. In general, the tail of the parent distribution governs the exponent β. We also consider the dual problem of inferior sequences, where all records are below average, and find that the fraction of inferior sequences IN decays algebraically, albeit with a different decay exponent, IN˜N-α. We use the above statistical measures to analyze earthquake data.

  15. Frenillo labial superior doble

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Albornoz López del Castillo

    Full Text Available El frenillo labial superior doble no sindrómico es una anomalía del desarrollo que no hemos encontrado reportada en la revisión bibliográfica realizada. Se presenta una niña de 11 años de edad que fue remitida al servicio de Cirugía Maxilofacial del Hospital "Eduardo Agramonte Piña", de Camagüey, por presentar un frenillo labial superior doble de baja inserción. Se describen los síntomas clínicos asociados a esta anomalía y el tratamiento quirúrgico utilizado para su solución: una frenectomía y plastia sobre la banda muscular frénica anormal que provocaba exceso de tejido en la mucosa labial. Consideramos muy interesante la descripción de este caso, por no haber encontrado reporte similar en la literatura revisada.

  16. A CFD analysis of the actuator disc flow compared with momentum theory results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aagaard Madsen, H. [Risoe National Laboratory, Roskilde (Denmark)


    The blade element momentum (BEM) model is still used in many aerodynamic and aeroelastic models for design and load calculations. This is due to its simplicity, robustness, computational speed and good accuracy for a wide range of applications. The question about accuracy is however closely connected to the airfoil section data and therefore correlation/lack of correlation with experimental results can both be due to the specific input data used and due to the induced velocity field predicted by the BEM method. It is also well-known that the BEM method for some applications is used under operational conditions that violates the assumptions made for the development of the model, e.g. operation in yaw and operation at high loading. The main objective with the present study is to investigate this part of the BEM method (the momentum strip theory MST) on which the determination of the induced velocities is based. This is done by comparing the results of the MST model with velocities predicted on basis of the Navier Stokes equations for the flow through an actuator disc. (au)

  17. Gestational Weight Gain: Results from the Delta Healthy Sprouts Comparative Impact Trial (United States)

    Olender, Sarah E.


    Introduction. Delta Healthy Sprouts trial was designed to test the comparative impact of two home visiting programs on weight status, dietary intake, and health behaviors of Southern African American women and their infants. Results pertaining to the primary outcome, gestational weight gain, are reported. Methods. Participants (n = 82), enrolled early in their second trimester of pregnancy, were randomly assigned to one of two treatment arms. Gestational weight gain, measured at six monthly home visits, was calculated by subtracting measured weight at each visit from self-reported prepregnancy weight. Weight gain was classified as under, within, or exceeding the Institute of Medicine recommendations based on prepregnancy body mass index. Chi-square tests and generalized linear mixed models were used to test for significant differences in percentages of participants within recommended weight gain ranges. Results. Differences in percentages of participants within the gestational weight gain guidelines were not significant between treatment arms across all visits. Conclusions. Enhancing the gestational nutrition and physical activity components of an existing home visiting program is feasible in a high risk population of primarily low income African American women. The impact of these enhancements on appropriate gestational weight gain is questionable given the more basic living needs of such women. This trial is registered with NCT01746394, registered 4 December 2012. PMID:27595023

  18. Gestational Weight Gain: Results from the Delta Healthy Sprouts Comparative Impact Trial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jessica L. Thomson


    Full Text Available Introduction. Delta Healthy Sprouts trial was designed to test the comparative impact of two home visiting programs on weight status, dietary intake, and health behaviors of Southern African American women and their infants. Results pertaining to the primary outcome, gestational weight gain, are reported. Methods. Participants (n=82, enrolled early in their second trimester of pregnancy, were randomly assigned to one of two treatment arms. Gestational weight gain, measured at six monthly home visits, was calculated by subtracting measured weight at each visit from self-reported prepregnancy weight. Weight gain was classified as under, within, or exceeding the Institute of Medicine recommendations based on prepregnancy body mass index. Chi-square tests and generalized linear mixed models were used to test for significant differences in percentages of participants within recommended weight gain ranges. Results. Differences in percentages of participants within the gestational weight gain guidelines were not significant between treatment arms across all visits. Conclusions. Enhancing the gestational nutrition and physical activity components of an existing home visiting program is feasible in a high risk population of primarily low income African American women. The impact of these enhancements on appropriate gestational weight gain is questionable given the more basic living needs of such women. This trial is registered with NCT01746394, registered 4 December 2012.

  19. Insertional translocation detected using FISH confirmation of array-comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) results. (United States)

    Kang, Sung-Hae L; Shaw, Chad; Ou, Zhishuo; Eng, Patricia A; Cooper, M Lance; Pursley, Amber N; Sahoo, Trilochan; Bacino, Carlos A; Chinault, A Craig; Stankiewicz, Pawel; Patel, Ankita; Lupski, James R; Cheung, Sau Wai


    Insertional translocations (ITs) are rare events that require at least three breaks in the chromosomes involved and thus qualify as complex chromosomal rearrangements (CCR). In the current study, we identified 40 ITs from approximately 18,000 clinical cases (1:500) using array-comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) in conjunction with fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) confirmation of the aCGH findings, and parental follow-up studies. Both submicroscopic and microscopically visible IT events were detected. They were divided into three major categories: (1) simple intrachromosomal and interchromosomal IT resulting in pure segmental trisomy, (2) complex IT involving more than one abnormality, (3) deletion inherited from a parent with a balanced IT resulting in pure segmental monosomy. Of the cases in which follow-up parental studies were available, over half showed inheritance from an apparently unaffected parent carrying the same unbalanced rearrangement detected in the propositi, thus decreasing the likelihood that these IT events are clinically relevant. Nevertheless, we identified six cases in which small submicroscopic events were detected involving known disease-associated genes/genomic segments and are likely to be pathogenic. We recommend that copy number gains detected by clinical aCGH analysis should be confirmed using FISH analysis whenever possible in order to determine the physical location of the duplicated segment. We hypothesize that the increased use of aCGH in the clinic will demonstrate that IT occurs more frequently than previously considered but can identify genomic rearrangements with unclear clinical significance.

  20. Randomised controlled trial of total compared with subtotal hysterectomy with one-year follow up results

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gimbel, Helga; Zobbe, Vibeke; Andersen, Birthe Margrethe


    To compare total abdominal hysterectomy and subtotal abdominal hysterectomy performed for benign uterine diseases.......To compare total abdominal hysterectomy and subtotal abdominal hysterectomy performed for benign uterine diseases....

  1. Comparing sampling strategies to recruit migrants for an epidemiological study. Results from a German feasibility study. (United States)

    Reiss, Katharina; Dragano, Nico; Ellert, Ute; Fricke, Julia; Greiser, Karin Halina; Keil, Thomas; Krist, Lilian; Moebus, Susanne; Pundt, Noreen; Schlaud, Martin; Yesil-Jürgens, Rahsan; Zeeb, Hajo; Zimmermann, Heiko; Razum, Oliver; Jöckel, Karl-Heinz; Becher, Heiko


    In 2011, almost 20.0% of the population of Germany had a migration background. Studies on their health tend to have low participation rates. The aim of our study was to compare different sampling strategies and to test different approaches to recruit migrants for an epidemiological study. Four recruitment centres of the German National Cohort recruited persons of Turkish origin and ethnic German immigrants from former Soviet Union countries. A register-based (random samples from residents' registration offices) and a community-orientated strategy were applied. Participants underwent a medical examination and self-completed a questionnaire. Used approaches: The community-orientated strategies comprised the acquisition of key persons from migrant networks to support the recruitment, invitation talks and distribution of study materials in migrant settings, etc. The identifying variables in the registry data were name, nationality or country of birth. All but one centres used bilingual study material and study staff. When comparing the two strategies, the register-based participation rates ranged from 10.1 to 21.0% (n = 668 participants) and the community-oriented recruitment resulted in 722 participants. Register-based recruitment should use a combination of name, nationality and country of birth in order not to be limited to identifying persons with a foreign nationality. However, according to the study staff, the community-oriented approach involving key persons of the same cultural background leads to a better acceptance by the participants. Also, it covers a more heterogeneous group. Yet, it is time-consuming and needs considerably more staff. Further research should establish the effectiveness of a combination of both strategies. © The Author 2014. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the European Public Health Association. All rights reserved.

  2. Similar results comparing early and late surgery in open repair of traumatic rotator cuff tears. (United States)

    Zhaeentan, Soheila; Von Heijne, Anders; Stark, André; Hagert, Elisabet; Salomonsson, Björn


    The purpose was to investigate whether surgical repair earlier or later than 3 months after injury may result in similar outcomes and patient satisfaction. Seventy-three patients (75 shoulders, 58 males, mean age 59) who had undergone surgical intervention for traumatic rotator cuff tears from 1999 to 2011 were assessed by MRI, clinical examination and Western Ontario Rotator Cuff Index (WORC) as a primary outcome measure and Oxford Shoulder score (OSS), Constant-Murley score (CS) and EQ-5D as secondary. The patients treated less than 3 months after injury (n = 39) were compared with patients treated more than 3 months after injury (n = 36). The average follow-up time was 56 months (range 14-149), and the average time from injury to repair for all patients was 16 weeks (range 3-104). A single senior radiologist performed a blinded evaluation of all the MRIs. Rotator cuff integrity, presence of arthritis, fatty degeneration and muscle atrophy were evaluated. No differences were found for any of the assessed outcomes (WORC, OSS, CS and EQ-5D) between the two groups. The mean WORC % was 77 % for both groups. Re-tear frequency was 24 %, nine in both groups. Patients with re-tear reported less satisfaction with their outcome. The surgical treatment of symptomatic traumatic rotator cuff tears repairable later than 3 months after injury yields a good functional outcome, a high level of subjective patient satisfaction, and at the same level for patients receiving earlier treatment. Based on our findings, surgical repair could be encouraged whenever technically possible. Retrospective Comparative Study, Level III.

  3. Superiority in value and the repugnant conclusion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Karsten Klint


    James Griffin has considered a weak form of superiority in value a possible remedy to the Repugnant Conclusion. In this paper, I demonstrate that, in a context where value is additive, this weaker form collapses into a stronger form of superiority. And in a context where value is non-additive, weak...... superiority does not amount to a radical value difference at all. I then spell out the consequences of these results for different interpretations of Griffin's suggestion regarding population ethics. None of them comes out very successful, but perhaps they nevertheless retain some interest....

  4. Comparative analyses reveal discrepancies among results of commonly used methods for Anopheles gambiaemolecular form identification

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pinto João


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Anopheles gambiae M and S molecular forms, the major malaria vectors in the Afro-tropical region, are ongoing a process of ecological diversification and adaptive lineage splitting, which is affecting malaria transmission and vector control strategies in West Africa. These two incipient species are defined on the basis of single nucleotide differences in the IGS and ITS regions of multicopy rDNA located on the X-chromosome. A number of PCR and PCR-RFLP approaches based on form-specific SNPs in the IGS region are used for M and S identification. Moreover, a PCR-method to detect the M-specific insertion of a short interspersed transposable element (SINE200 has recently been introduced as an alternative identification approach. However, a large-scale comparative analysis of four widely used PCR or PCR-RFLP genotyping methods for M and S identification was never carried out to evaluate whether they could be used interchangeably, as commonly assumed. Results The genotyping of more than 400 A. gambiae specimens from nine African countries, and the sequencing of the IGS-amplicon of 115 of them, highlighted discrepancies among results obtained by the different approaches due to different kinds of biases, which may result in an overestimation of MS putative hybrids, as follows: i incorrect match of M and S specific primers used in the allele specific-PCR approach; ii presence of polymorphisms in the recognition sequence of restriction enzymes used in the PCR-RFLP approaches; iii incomplete cleavage during the restriction reactions; iv presence of different copy numbers of M and S-specific IGS-arrays in single individuals in areas of secondary contact between the two forms. Conclusions The results reveal that the PCR and PCR-RFLP approaches most commonly utilized to identify A. gambiae M and S forms are not fully interchangeable as usually assumed, and highlight limits of the actual definition of the two molecular forms, which might

  5. Comparing results of cultured and uncultured biological methods used in biological phosphorus removal

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Increasing attention has been paid to phosphate-accumulating organisms (PAOs) for their important role in biological phosphorus removal. In this study, microbial communities of PAOs cultivated under different carbon sources (sewage, glucose, and sodium acetate) were investigated and compared through culture-dependent and culture-independent methods, respectively. The results obtained using denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) of polymerase chain reaction-amplified 16S rDNA fragments revealed that the diversity of bacteria in a sewage-fed reactor (1#) was much higher than in a glucose-fed one (2#) and a sodium acetate-fed one (3#); there were common PAOs in three reactors fed by different carbon sources. Five strains were separated from three systems by using a phosphate-rich medium; they were from common bacteria isolated and three isolates could not be found in DGGE profile at all. Two isolates had good phosphorus removal ability. When the microbial diversity was studied, the molecular biological method was better than the culture-dependent one. When phosphorus removal characteristics were investigated, culture-dependent approach was more effective. Thus a combination of two methods is necessary to have a comprehensive view of PAOs.

  6. Studies on zooplankton of Lago Paione Superiore

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrizia COMOLI


    Full Text Available We report here the results of a three year study on the zooplankton of Lago Paione Superiore, an acid sensitive lake above the tree line in the Italian Alps. The research was carried out within MOLAR, an EC-founded Project on “Measuring and Modeling the dynamic response of remote mountain lakes ecosystems to environmental change”. This study comes after a series of investigations on the effects of acidification, in which we documented the changes occurred with decreasing water pHs, by comparing the recent situation with that in the literature of the 40s, and reconstructed the beginning of anthropogenic disturbance through an analysis of the past cladocera assemblages archived in the lake sediments. A characteristic pattern in seasonal periodicity is a transition from a community dominated by small zooplankton (August to a community where the large particle-feeder Daphnia longispina dominates. This is a typical pattern observed in fishless, copepod-cladocera lakes. Regardless from which food is able to exploit, Daphnia population of Lago Paione Superiore is composed by well-fed organisms, visually rich in lipids, able to produce more than one generation/ year of parthenogenetic females at density levels which are rather high in an oligotrophic high mountain lake.

  7. Comparing gender awareness in Dutch and Swedish first-year medical students - results from a questionaire

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andersson Jenny


    Full Text Available Abstract Background To ascertain good and appropriate healthcare for both women and men implementation of gender perspectives in medical education is needed. For a successful implementation, knowledge about students' attitudes and beliefs about men, women, and gender is crucial. The aim of this study was to compare attitudes to gender and gender stereotyping among Dutch and Swedish male and female medical students. Methods In this cross-sectional study, we measured the attitudes and assumptions about gender among 1096 first year medical students (616 Dutch and 480 Swedish with the validated Nijmegen Gender Awareness in Medicine Scale (N-GAMS. The response rate was 94% in the Netherlands and 93% in Sweden. Univariate analysis of variance (ANOVA was used to compare the scores between Dutch and Swedish male and female students. Linear regressions were used to analyze the importance of the background variables. Results There were significant differences in attitudes to gender between Dutch and Swedish students. The Swedish students expressed less stereotypical thinking about patients and doctors and the Dutch were more sensitive to gender differences. The students' sex mattered for gender stereotyping, with male students in both countries agreeing more with stereotypical statements. Students' age, father's birth country and mother's education level had some impact on the outcome. Conclusions There are differences between cultures as well as between men and women in gender awareness that need to be considered when implementing gender in medical education. This study suggests that to arouse the students' interest in gender issues and make them aware of the significance of gender in medical work, the examples used in discussions need to be relevant and challenging in the context of the specific country. Due to different levels of knowledge and different attitudes within the student population it is important to create a climate for dialogue where

  8. Recent results on the spatiotemporal modelling and comparative analysis of Black Death and bubonic plague epidemics (United States)

    Christakos, G.; Olea, R.A.; Yu, H.-L.


    Background: This work demonstrates the importance of spatiotemporal stochastic modelling in constructing maps of major epidemics from fragmentary information, assessing population impacts, searching for possible etiologies, and performing comparative analysis of epidemics. Methods: Based on the theory previously published by the authors and incorporating new knowledge bases, informative maps of the composite space-time distributions were generated for important characteristics of two major epidemics: Black Death (14th century Western Europe) and bubonic plague (19th-20th century Indian subcontinent). Results: The comparative spatiotemporal analysis of the epidemics led to a number of interesting findings: (1) the two epidemics exhibited certain differences in their spatiotemporal characteristics (correlation structures, trends, occurrence patterns and propagation speeds) that need to be explained by means of an interdisciplinary effort; (2) geographical epidemic indicators confirmed in a rigorous quantitative manner the partial findings of isolated reports and time series that Black Death mortality was two orders of magnitude higher than that of bubonic plague; (3) modern bubonic plague is a rural disease hitting harder the small villages in the countryside whereas Black Death was a devastating epidemic that indiscriminately attacked large urban centres and the countryside, and while the epidemic in India lasted uninterruptedly for five decades, in Western Europe it lasted three and a half years; (4) the epidemics had reverse areal extension features in response to annual seasonal variations. Temperature increase at the end of winter led to an expansion of infected geographical area for Black Death and a reduction for bubonic plague, reaching a climax at the end of spring when the infected area in Western Europe was always larger than in India. Conversely, without exception, the infected area during winter was larger for the Indian bubonic plague; (5) during the

  9. DESyne novolimus-eluting coronary stent is superior to Endeavor zotarolimus-eluting coronary stent at five-year follow-up: final results of the multicentre EXCELLA II randomised controlled trial. (United States)

    Iqbal, Javaid; Verheye, Stefan; Abizaid, Alexandre; Ormiston, John; de Vries, Ton; Morrison, Lynn; Toyloy, Sara; Fitzgerald, Peter; Windecker, Stephan; Serruys, Patrick W


    Newer-generation drug-eluting stents (DES) have been shown to be superior to first-generation DES. Current-generation DES have zotarolimus, everolimus or biolimus as antiproliferative drugs. Novolimus, a metabolite of sirolimus, has been specifically developed to provide efficacy similar to currently available agents at a lower dose and thus requires a lower polymer load. We report the final five-year outcomes of the EXCELLA II trial comparing a zotarolimus-eluting stent (ZES) with a novolimus-eluting stent (NES). EXCELLA II is a prospective, multicentre, single-blind, non-inferiority clinical trial. Patients (n=210) with a maximum of two de novo lesions in two different epicardial vessels were randomised (2:1) to treatment with either NES (n=139) or ZES (n=71). At five-year follow-up, patients in the NES group had a significantly lower incidence of the patient-oriented (HR 0.53, 95% CI: 0.32-0.87, p=0.013) and device-oriented (HR 0.38, 95% CI: 0.17-0.83, p=0.011) composite endpoints. There was no difference in cardiac death and definite/probable stent thrombosis between the two groups; however, there was a trend towards reduction in myocardial infarction and repeat revascularisation in the NES group at five-year follow-up. At five-year follow-up, the incidence of device- and patient-oriented events was significantly lower in the NES group. Further studies, adequately powered for clinical outcomes, are warranted.

  10. Compare studhorse by results their progeny in Criteria of young horses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lenka Šarovská


    Full Text Available The objective of the study was to evaluate and compare sires based on results of their offspring in the Criteria of Young Horses. The Criteria of Young Horses are intended for stallions and mares of 4 to 6 years of age. The competitions are announced by the Czech Equestrian Federation in co-operation with breeders’ associations of the Bohemian warm-blood, Slovakian warm-blood, Kinský horse and Moravian warm-blood breeds. The horses were evaluated in the arena by the assessor and given three marks: for show jumping, agility and readiness of the horse. Data were obtained in co-operation with the Czech Equestrian Federation. Evaluated were the results of the Criteria of Young Horses in show jumping competitions held in 1998–2007. Only sires with 7 and more offspring were assessed. Ana­ly­sis of variance was carried out followed by tests according to Scheffe. The Excel 2003 and Statistica version 8 were used for processing the database and for statistical processing. Comparisons based on marks given by the assessor in the arena showed that the highest-placed stallion was Acord II and was followed by Catango Z, Calido I and Landos. The offspring of the Hanoverian stallion Walzerkönig were the lowest-placed; the second worst-placed were the offspring of Diktant slatiňanský, a stallion of Czech origin. The differences among these stallions were statistically significant. In comparisons based on marks as the second indicator, the offspring of stallions Acord II, Catango Z and Ascot were the highest-placed and offspring of stallion Diktant slatiňanský were the lowest-placed. The dif­fe­rence between these stallions was statistically significant. Based on the third indicator the offspring of stallions Acord II and Catango Z were the highest-placed. By contrast, the worst were offspring of stallions Duramus II and Duman. The differences between Acord II and Duramus II were statistically significant. According to the resulting total evaluation

  11. The European COPHES/DEMOCOPHES project: towards transnational comparability and reliability of human biomonitoring results. (United States)

    Schindler, Birgit Karin; Esteban, Marta; Koch, Holger Martin; Castano, Argelia; Koslitz, Stephan; Cañas, Ana; Casteleyn, Ludwine; Kolossa-Gehring, Marike; Schwedler, Gerda; Schoeters, Greet; Hond, Elly Den; Sepai, Ovnair; Exley, Karen; Bloemen, Louis; Horvat, Milena; Knudsen, Lisbeth E; Joas, Anke; Joas, Reinhard; Biot, Pierre; Aerts, Dominique; Lopez, Ana; Huetos, Olga; Katsonouri, Andromachi; Maurer-Chronakis, Katja; Kasparova, Lucie; Vrbík, Karel; Rudnai, Peter; Naray, Miklos; Guignard, Cedric; Fischer, Marc E; Ligocka, Danuta; Janasik, Beata; Reis, M Fátima; Namorado, Sónia; Pop, Cristian; Dumitrascu, Irina; Halzlova, Katarina; Fabianova, Eleonora; Mazej, Darja; Tratnik, Janja Snoj; Berglund, Marika; Jönsson, Bo; Lehmann, Andrea; Crettaz, Pierre; Frederiksen, Hanne; Nielsen, Flemming; McGrath, Helena; Nesbitt, Ian; De Cremer, Koen; Vanermen, Guido; Koppen, Gudrun; Wilhelm, Michael; Becker, Kerstin; Angerer, Jürgen


    COPHES/DEMOCOPHES has its origins in the European Environment and Health Action Plan of 2004 to "develop a coherent approach on human biomonitoring (HBM) in Europe". Within this twin-project it was targeted to collect specimens from 120 mother-child-pairs in each of the 17 participating European countries. These specimens were investigated for six biomarkers (mercury in hair; creatinine, cotinine, cadmium, phthalate metabolites and bisphenol A in urine). The results for mercury in hair are described in a separate paper. Each participating member state was requested to contract laboratories, for capacity building reasons ideally within its borders, carrying out the chemical analyses. To ensure comparability of analytical data a Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) was established which provided the participating laboratories with standard operating procedures (SOP) and with control material. This material was specially prepared from native, non-spiked, pooled urine samples and was tested for homogeneity and stability. Four external quality assessment exercises were carried out. Highly esteemed laboratories from all over the world served as reference laboratories. Web conferences after each external quality assessment exercise functioned as a new and effective tool to improve analytical performance, to build capacity and to educate less experienced laboratories. Of the 38 laboratories participating in the quality assurance exercises 14 laboratories qualified for cadmium, 14 for creatinine, 9 for cotinine, 7 for phthalate metabolites and 5 for bisphenol A in urine. In the last of the four external quality assessment exercises the laboratories that qualified for DEMOCOPHES performed the determinations in urine with relative standard deviations (low/high concentration) of 18.0/2.1% for cotinine, 14.8/5.1% for cadmium, 4.7/3.4% for creatinine. Relative standard deviations for the newly emerging biomarkers were higher, with values between 13.5 and 20.5% for bisphenol A and

  12. Superior mesenteric artery compression syndrome - case report


    Paulo Rocha França Neto; Rodrigo de Almeida Paiva; Antônio Lacerda Filho; Fábio Lopes de Queiroz; Teon Noronha


    Superior mesenteric artery syndrome is an entity generally caused by the loss of the intervening mesenteric fat pad, resulting in compression of the third portion of the duodenum by the superior mesenteric artery. This article reports the case of a patient with irremovable metastatic adenocarcinoma in the sigmoid colon, that evolved with intense vomiting. Intestinal transit was carried out, which showed important gastric dilation extended until the third portion of the duodenum, compatible wi...

  13. Comparing Utility Scores in Common Spinal Radiculopathies: Results of a Prospective Valuation Study. (United States)

    Nayak, Nikhil R; Stephen, James H; Abdullah, Kalil G; Stein, Sherman C; Malhotra, Neil R


    Study Design Prospective observational study. Objective To determine whether preference-based health utility scores for common spinal radiculopathies vary by specific spinal level. Methods We employed a standard gamble study using the general public to calculate individual preference-based quality of life for four common radiculopathies: C6, C7, L5, and S1. We compared utility scores obtained for each level of radiculopathy with analysis of variance and t test. Multivariable regression was used to test the effects of the covariates age, sex, and years of education. We also reviewed the literature for publications reporting EuroQol-5 Dimensions (EQ-5D) scores for patients with radiculopathy. Results Two hundred participants were included in the study. Average utility for the four spinal levels fell within a narrow range (0.748 to 0.796). There were no statistically significant differences between lumbar and cervical radiculopathies, nor were there significant differences among the different spinal levels (F = 0.0850, p = 0.086). Age and sex had no significant effect on utility scores. There was a significant correlation between years of education and utility values for S1 radiculopathy (p = 0.037). On review of the literature, no study separated utility values by specific spinal level. EQ-5D utilities for both cervical and lumbar radiculopathy were considerably lower than the results of our study. Conclusions Utility values associated with the most common levels of cervical and lumbar radiculopathy do not significantly differ from each other, validating the current practice of grouping utility by spinal segment rather than by specific root levels. The discrepancy in average utility values between our study and the EQ-5D highlights the need to be mindful of the underlying instruments used when assessing outcomes studies from different sources.

  14. ULF foreshock under radial IMF: THEMIS observations and global kinetic simulation Vlasiator results compared (United States)

    Palmroth, Minna; Rami, Vainio; Archer, Martin; Hietala, Heli; Afanasiev, Alexandr; Kempf, Yann; Hoilijoki, Sanni; von Alfthan, Sebastian


    For decades, a certain type of ultra low frequency waves with a period of about 30 seconds have been observed in the Earth's quasi-parallel foreshock. These waves, with a wavelength of about an Earth radius, are compressive and propagate with an average angle of 20 degrees with respect of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF). The latter property has caused trouble to scientists as the growth rate for the instability causing the waves is maximized along the magnetic field. So far, these waves have been characterized by single or multi-spacecraft methods and 2-dimensional hybrid-PIC simulations, which have not fully reproduced the wave properties. Vlasiator is a newly developed, global hybrid-Vlasov simulation, which solves the six-dimensional phase space utilising the Vlasov equation for protons, while electrons are a charge-neutralising fluid. The outcome of the simulation is a global reproduction of ion-scale physics in a holistic manner where the generation of physical features can be followed in time and their consequences can be quantitatively characterised. Vlasiator produces the ion distribution functions and the related kinetic physics in unprecedented detail, in the global scale magnetospheric scale with a resolution of a couple of hundred kilometres in the ordinary space and 20 km/s in the velocity space. We run Vlasiator under a radial IMF in five dimensions consisting of the three-dimensional velocity space embedded in the ecliptic plane. We observe the generation of the 30-second ULF waves, and characterize their evolution and physical properties in time. We compare the results both to THEMIS observations and to the quasi-linear theory. We find that Vlasiator reproduces the foreshock ULF waves in all reported observational aspects, i.e., they are of the observed size in wavelength and period, they are compressive and propagate obliquely to the IMF. In particular, we discuss the issues related to the long-standing question of oblique propagation.

  15. The effect of superior auditory skills on vocal accuracy (United States)

    Amir, Ofer; Amir, Noam; Kishon-Rabin, Liat


    The relationship between auditory perception and vocal production has been typically investigated by evaluating the effect of either altered or degraded auditory feedback on speech production in either normal hearing or hearing-impaired individuals. Our goal in the present study was to examine this relationship in individuals with superior auditory abilities. Thirteen professional musicians and thirteen nonmusicians, with no vocal or singing training, participated in this study. For vocal production accuracy, subjects were presented with three tones. They were asked to reproduce the pitch using the vowel /a/. This procedure was repeated three times. The fundamental frequency of each production was measured using an autocorrelation pitch detection algorithm designed for this study. The musicians' superior auditory abilities (compared to the nonmusicians) were established in a frequency discrimination task reported elsewhere. Results indicate that (a) musicians had better vocal production accuracy than nonmusicians (production errors of 1/2 a semitone compared to 1.3 semitones, respectively); (b) frequency discrimination thresholds explain 43% of the variance of the production data, and (c) all subjects with superior frequency discrimination thresholds showed accurate vocal production; the reverse relationship, however, does not hold true. In this study we provide empirical evidence to the importance of auditory feedback on vocal production in listeners with superior auditory skills.

  16. Comparative analysis of prostate-specific antigen free survival outcomes for patients with low, intermediate and high risk prostate cancer treatment by radical therapy. Results from the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group. (United States)

    Grimm, Peter; Billiet, Ignace; Bostwick, David; Dicker, Adam P; Frank, Steven; Immerzeel, Jos; Keyes, Mira; Kupelian, Patrick; Lee, W Robert; Machtens, Stefan; Mayadev, Jyoti; Moran, Brian J; Merrick, Gregory; Millar, Jeremy; Roach, Mack; Stock, Richard; Shinohara, Katsuto; Scholz, Mark; Weber, Ed; Zietman, Anthony; Zelefsky, Michael; Wong, Jason; Wentworth, Stacy; Vera, Robyn; Langley, Stephen


    What's known on the subject? and What does the study add? Very few comparative studies to date evaluate the results of treatment options for prostate cancer using the most sensitive measurement tools. PSA has been identified as the most sensitive tool for measuring treatment effectiveness. To date, comprehensive unbiased reviews of all the current literature are limited for prostate cancer. This is the first large scale comprehensive review of the literature comparing risk stratified patients by treatment option and with long-term follow-up. The results of the studies are weighted, respecting the impact of larger studies on overall results. The study identified a lack of uniformity in reporting results amongst institutions and centres. A large number of studies have been conducted on the primary therapy of prostate cancer but very few randomized controlled trials have been conducted. The comparison of outcomes from individual studies involving surgery (radical prostatectomy or robotic radical prostatectomy), external beam radiation (EBRT) (conformal, intensity modulated radiotherapy, protons), brachytherapy, cryotherapy or high intensity focused ultrasound remains problematic due to the non-uniformity of reporting results and the use of varied disease outcome endpoints. Technical advances in these treatments have also made long-term comparisons difficult. The Prostate Cancer Results Study Group was formed to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of prostate cancer treatments. This international group conducted a comprehensive literature review to identify all studies involving treatment of localized prostate cancer published during 2000-2010. Over 18,000 papers were identified and a further selection was made based on the following key criteria: minimum/median follow-up of 5 years; stratification into low-, intermediate- and high-risk groups; clinical and pathological staging; accepted standard definitions for prostate-specific antigen failure; minimum patient

  17. Calibration of Strömgren-Crawford photometry for Ap-stars compared to Hipparcos results (United States)

    Vogt, Nikolaus; Paunzen, Ernst; Maitzen, Hans M.

    25 years ago Bidelman and MacConnell (1973) published a list of nearly 800 Ap-stars which they had identified on objective prism plates collected at the Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory as kind of a precursor work for the huge Michigan project of two-dimensional spectral classification. This list has been used as basis for 3 different photometric projects carried out at ESO-La Silla with limiting magnitude V = 8.5: 1. uvby photometry by Vogt and Faúndez (1979); 2. δa photometry by Maitzen and Vogt (1983) in the system of Maitzen (1976) demonstrating the very high agreement of photometric Ap-detections with the spectroscopic results of Bidelman and MacConnell; 3. Hβ photometry of 226 objects which were observed at the Danish 50cm telescope on La Silla in 1982. The latter work was intended not only to formally complete Strögren-Crawford data for a significantly large set of chemically peculiar stars (excluding Am and HgMn objects) but also to yield their galactic locations. Reddening corrections mattered only for the hot peculiars. Absolute magnitudes were derived according to the calibrations worked out by Crawford two decades ago for normal main sequence AB stars. The Hipparcos catalogue which appeared in 1997 offers an independent way to check whether these calibrations derived for normal stars do apply also for chemically peculiar stars. Fortunately, we identified Hipparcos parallaxes for two thirds of our sample. We divided our objects according to 3 calibration groups: early (= B type stars), intermediate (A0-A2 type stars), late (other A type stars). First of all we consider normal stars with published β-values in order to compare their photometric absolute magnitudes to those based on the Hipparcos catalogue. The degree of correlation between both quantities is not excellent for the normal B-type stars, but no systematic trend is visible. For the stars around the Balmer maximum (intermediate group) we also do not recognize a significant systematic

  18. Millian superiorities and the repugnant conclusion

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Karsten Klint


    James Griffin has considered a form of superiority in value that is weaker than lexical priority as a possible remedy to the Repugnant Conclusion. In this article, I demonstrate that, in a context where value is additive, this weaker form collapses into the stronger form of superiority. And in a ......James Griffin has considered a form of superiority in value that is weaker than lexical priority as a possible remedy to the Repugnant Conclusion. In this article, I demonstrate that, in a context where value is additive, this weaker form collapses into the stronger form of superiority...... of these results for different interpretations of Griffin's suggestion regarding population ethics. None of them comes out very successful, but perhaps they nevertheless retain some interest....

  19. 重建钢板上置和前置治疗老年锁骨中段骨折的疗效分析%Superior versus anterior reconstruction plate internal fixation for middle clavicular fractures in old patients: a comparative study

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    卢旻鹏; 王群波; 赵波; 何超; 焦春艳; 饶小华; 张铭华


    Objective To compare the effect of anterior and superior reconstruction plate internal fixation in treatment of middle clavicular fractures in the old patients.Methods Thirty-nine old patients with middle clavicular fractures received anterior and superior reconstruction plate internal fixation treatment,respectively.There were 19 males and 20 females at average age of 66.7 years.The operation time,intraoperative blood loss and healing time were observed and compared in two groups.According to the Constant scoring system,shoulder functional evaluation was made at half a year after operation and the latest follow-up.Results All the patients were followed up for 10-32 months (average 18.7 months).Of the two groups,there was no statistical significance in aspects of healing time and Constant score at half a year after operation and the latest follow-up ( P >0.05 ).The complication of superior reconstruction plate internal fixation group was significant higher than that of anterior reconstruction plate internal fixation group,while the anterior reconstruction plate internal fixation group had shorter operation time and less intraoperative blood loss in comparison with the superior reconstruction plate internal fixation group ( P < 0.05).Conclusion As for the middle clavicular fractures in the old patients,both anterior and superior reconstruction plate internal fixation can obtain satisfactory curative effect.With shorter operation time,less intraoperative bleeding and less complications,anterior reconstruction plate internal fixation is a much reliable treatment for middle clavicle fractures in the old patients and deserves wider application.%目的 比较重建钢板上置和前置治疗老年锁骨中段骨折的疗效.方法 分别用重建钢板上置法、重建钢板前置法治疗锁骨中段骨折39例,其中男19例,女20例;平均年龄66.7岁.记录并比较两组手术时间、术中出血量、骨折愈合时间;术后半年

  20. Sobredentadura total superior implantosoportada

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Orlando Rodríguez García


    Full Text Available Se presenta un caso de un paciente desdentado total superior, rehabilitado en la consulta de implantología de la Clínica "Pedro Ortiz" del municipio Habana del Este en Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba, en el año 2009, mediante prótesis sobre implantes osteointegrados, técnica que se ha incorporado a la práctica estomatológica en Cuba como alternativa al tratamiento convencional en los pacientes desdentados totales. Se siguió un protocolo que comprendió una fase quirúrgica, procedimiento con o sin realización de colgajo y carga precoz o inmediata. Se presenta un paciente masculino de 56 años de edad, que acudió a la consulta multidisciplinaria, preocupado, porque se le habían elaborado tres prótesis en los últimos dos años y ninguna reunía los requisitos de retención que él necesitaba para sentirse seguro y cómodo con las mismas. El resultado final fue la satisfacción total del paciente, con el mejoramiento de la calidad estética y funcional.

  1. The sentence superiority effect revisited. (United States)

    Snell, Joshua; Grainger, Jonathan


    A sentence superiority effect was investigated using post-cued word-in-sequence identification with the rapid parallel visual presentation (RPVP) of four horizontally aligned words. The four words were presented for 200ms followed by a post-mask and cue for partial report. They could form a grammatically correct sentence or were formed of the same words in a scrambled agrammatical sequence. Word identification was higher in the syntactically correct sequences, and crucially, this sentence superiority effect did not vary as a function of the target's position in the sequence. Cloze probability measures for words at the final, arguably most predictable position, revealed overall low values that did not interact with the effects of sentence context, suggesting that these effects were not driven by word predictability. The results point to a level of parallel processing across multiple words that enables rapid extraction of their syntactic categories. These generate a sentence-level representation that constrains the recognition process for individual words, thus facilitating parallel word processing when the sequence is grammatically sound. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  2. Pegylated interferon results in higher serological, but not virological, response rates when compared to continuous entecavir

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M.J. Sonneveld (Milan); R. Zoutendijk (Roeland); B.E. Hansen (Bettina); H.L.A. Janssen (Harry)


    textabstractBackground: Hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) and hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) clearance are associated with an improved prognosis in chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patients. These end points are more often achieved with a oneyear course of pegylated interferon (PEG-IFN) compared with one

  3. Comparative Study of Human Liver Ferritin and Chicken Liver by Moessbauer Spectroscopy. Preliminary Results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oshtrakh, M. I. [Ural State Technical University - UPI, Division of Applied Biophysics, Faculty of Physical Techniques and Devices for Quality Control (Russian Federation); Milder, O. B.; Semionkin, V. A. [Ural State Technical University - UPI, Faculty of Experimental Physics (Russian Federation); Prokopenko, P. G. [Russian State Medical University, Faculty of Biochemistry (Russian Federation); Malakheeva, L. I. [Simbio Holding, Science Consultation Department (Russian Federation)


    A comparative study of normal human liver ferritin and livers from normal chicken and chicken with Marek disease was made by Moessbauer spectroscopy. Small differences of quadrupole splitting and isomer shift were found for human liver ferritin and chicken liver. Moessbauer parameters for liver from normal chicken and chicken with Marek disease were the same.

  4. Comparative Study of Human Liver Ferritin and Chicken Liver by Mössbauer Spectroscopy. Preliminary Results (United States)

    Oshtrakh, M. I.; Milder, O. B.; Semionkin, V. A.; Prokopenko, P. G.; Malakheeva, L. I.


    A comparative study of normal human liver ferritin and livers from normal chicken and chicken with Marek disease was made by Mössbauer spectroscopy. Small differences of quadrupole splitting and isomer shift were found for human liver ferritin and chicken liver. Mössbauer parameters for liver from normal chicken and chicken with Marek disease were the same.

  5. Hydrogen Station Cost Estimates: Comparing Hydrogen Station Cost Calculator Results with other Recent Estimates

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Melaina, M. [National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States); Penev, M. [National Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), Golden, CO (United States)


    This report compares hydrogen station cost estimates conveyed by expert stakeholders through the Hydrogen Station Cost Calculation (HSCC) to a select number of other cost estimates. These other cost estimates include projections based upon cost models and costs associated with recently funded stations.

  6. Determinants of health policy impact: comparative results of a European policymaker study.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rütten, A.; Lüschen, G.; Lengerke, T. von; Abel, T.; Kannas, L.; Rodríguez Diaz, J.A.; Vinck, J.; Zee, J. van der


    OBJECTIVES: This article will use a new theoretical framework for the analysis of health policy impact introduced by Rutten et al. (2003). In particular, it will report on a comparative European study of policymakers' perception and evaluation of specific determinants of the policy impact, both in

  7. Comparing MOOC Adoption Strategies in Europe: Results from the HOME Project Survey (United States)

    Jansen, Darco; Schuwer, Robert; Teixeira, Antonio; Aydin, Cengiz Hakan


    Much of the literature and the academic discussion about institutional strategic planning of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) has been centred on the U.S. context. Literature on MOOCs in Europe is still developing and just recently some empirical studies were conducted. However, these studies are not comparable, and it is hard to learn about…

  8. The intensity contrast of solar granulation: comparing Hinode SP results with MHD simulations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Danilovic, S.; Gandorfer, A.; Lagg, A.; SchÜssler, M.; Solanki, S.K.; Vögler, A.; Katsukawa, Y.; Tsuneta, S.


    Context. The contrast of granulation is an important quantity characterizing solar surface convection. Aims. We compare the intensity contrast at 630 nm, observed using the Spectro-Polarimeter (SP) aboard the Hinode satellite, with the 3D radiative MHD simulations of Vögler & Schüssler (2007, A&A, 4

  9. Mississippi Communities for Healthy Living: Results of a 6-Month Nutrition Education Comparative Effectiveness Trial (United States)

    Landry, Alicia S.; Thomson, Jessica L.; Huye, Holly F.; Yadrick, Kathy; Connell, Carol L.


    Background: Improving the diet of communities experiencing health inequities can be challenging given that multiple dietary components are low in quality. Mississippi Communities for Healthy Living was designed to test the comparative effectiveness of nutrition education using a single- versus multiple-message approach to improve the diet of adult…

  10. Magnetic resonance imaging evaluation of meniscoid superior labrum: normal variant or superior labral tear* (United States)

    Simão, Marcelo Novelino; Vinson, Emily N.; Spritzer, Charles E.


    Objective The objective of this study was to determine the incidence of a "meniscoid" superior labrum. Materials and Methods This was a retrospective analysis of 582 magnetic resonance imaging examinations of shoulders. Of those 582 examinations, 110 were excluded, for a variety of reasons, and the final analysis therefore included 472 cases. Consensus readings were performed by three musculoskeletal radiologists using specific criteria to diagnose meniscoid labra. Results A meniscoid superior labrum was identified in 48 (10.2%) of the 472 cases evaluated. Arthroscopic proof was available in 21 cases (43.8%). In 10 (47.6%) of those 21 cases, the operative report did not include the mention a superior labral tear, thus suggesting the presence of a meniscoid labrum. In only one of those cases were there specific comments about a mobile superior labrum (i.e., meniscoid labrum). In the remaining 11 (52.4%), surgical correlation demonstrated superior labral tears. Conclusion A meniscoid superior labrum is not an infrequent finding. Depending upon assumptions and the requirement of surgical proof, the prevalence of a meniscoid superior labrum in this study was between 2.1% (surgically proven) and 4.8% (projected). However, superior labral tears are just as common and are often confused with meniscoid labra. PMID:27777474

  11. Comparative application of different risk assessment models and implications on resulting remediation options. (United States)

    Capodaglio, Andrea; Callegari, Arianna; Torretta, Vincenzo


    The issue of contaminated soils and their productive recovery is a quite controversial environmental and economic problem with important consequences for its social, public health and sustainability aspects. The sheer number and characteristics of the polluted sites are so large and varied, and the definition of priorities related to their remediation interventions so site-dependent, that proper characterization and final environmental quality goals reflect a strategic importance. One of the possible approaches to site specific approach and site priority ranking can be that of carrying out, respectively, absolute and comparative analysis procedures. An important aspect to be solved is represented by the necessity to consider not only the potential risk to public health, but also the best possible financial return from the investments for remediation, especially when carried out with public money. In this paper, different contaminated sites' risk assessment approaches are considered, compared and their applicability to support sustainable policies discussed using a case study.

  12. Compliance of laser-assisted microvascular anastomosis: a comparative study with manual anastomosis (preliminary results) (United States)

    Demaria, Roland G.; Lhote, Francois-Marie; Dauzat, Michel; Juan, Jean-Marie; Oliva-Lauraire, Marie-Claire; Durrleman, Nicolas; Delacretaz, Guy P.; Albat, Bernard; Frapier, Jean-Marc; Chaptal, Paul-Andre; Godlewski, Guilhem


    The compliance of microvascular anastomosis is an important predictive factor for long term patency of graft or vascular reconstruction. This experimental study compare the compliance of manual suture and laser assisted end to end microvascular anastomosis. In nine New-Zealand white rabbits we performed manual end-to-end suture anastomosis on the left femoral artery and laser assisted anastomosis on the right femoral artery, with a diode laser (wavelength 988 nm, power output 500 mW). Compliance was obtained by echotracking (CBI 8000 sonomicrometry system with 20 MHz implantable microprobe from Crystal-Biotech, USA) on the anastomosis site as well as upstream, and downstream from the anastomosis. Vessel compliance was lower on the manual suture side compared to the laser assisted anastomosis side, especially downstream from the anastomosis.

  13. General vs health specialized search engine: a blind comparative evaluation of top search results. (United States)

    Pletneva, Natalia; Ruiz de Castaneda, Rafael; Baroz, Frederic; Boyer, Celia


    This paper presents the results of a blind comparison of top ten search results retrieved by (French) and Khresmoi for everyone, a health specialized search engine. Participants--students of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva had to complete three tasks and select their preferred results. The majority of the participants have largely preferred Google results while Khresmoi results showed potential to compete in specific topics. The coverage of the results seems to be one of the reasons. The second being that participants do not know how to select quality and transparent health web pages. More awareness, tools and education about the matter is required for the students of Medicine to be able to efficiently distinguish trustworthy online health information.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vania Souza Bilert


    Full Text Available

    O objetivo deste artigo é identificar o perfil dos discentes, ingressantes e concluintes, dos cursos de graduação em secretariado executivo. A pesquisa foi realizada com os discentes de 11 Instituições de Ensino Superior (IES públicas brasileiras, estaduais e federais. O estudo configura-se como descritivo-exploratório, fazendo parte da amostra 507 discentes, sendo 311 ingressantes e 196 concluintes. Os principais resultados indicam que os discentes atuam em empresas de diversos segmentos, com destaque ao comércio e prestação de serviços; 87% são do gênero feminino e a faixa etária predominante é entre 17 a 24 anos. Destaca-se, como fator positivo, a atuação profissional dos discentes desde o início da graduação, exercendo as atribuições pertinentes ao profissional de secretariado executivo, o que revela que os discentes conseguem relacionar o que é aprendido em sala de aula com a prática profissional, o que também evidencia a aceitação do empresariado pelos profissionais de secretariado executivo.

    The objective of this paper is to identify the profile of beginner and graduate students who apply for Executive Secretariat graduation course. This research was carried out with students from 11 Brazilian public undergraduate schools, both federal and state ones. This is considered a descriptive and exploratory study, which analyzed 507 students, 311 beginners and 196 graduate ones. The main results show that students perform in different segment companies, but especially in service companies, 87% are female and the predominant age group is between 17 and 24 years old. In a positive way, this research stands out the factor that these students perform professionally since the beginning of the graduation, exerting the functions which are up to the Executive Secretariat professional. This reveals that the students are able to link what they have learned inside the classroom with the

  15. Commenting on Research Results in Applied Linguistics and Education: A Comparative Genre-Based Investigation (United States)

    Lim, Jason Miin-Hwa


    As university students are frequently given the tasks of writing research reports to fulfil their respective programme requirements, teaching novice writers to present the results of their reports understandably constitutes an essential component of English lessons at tertiary level. While past research has shown that results are consistently…

  16. Comparing adults who use cannabis medically with those who use recreationally: Results from a national sample. (United States)

    Lin, Lewei A; Ilgen, Mark A; Jannausch, Mary; Bohnert, Kipling M


    Cannabis has been legalized for medical use in almost half of the states in the U.S. Although laws in these states make the distinction between medical and recreational use of cannabis, the prevalence of people using medical cannabis and how distinct this group is from individuals using cannabis recreationally is unknown at a national level. Data came from the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). All adults endorsing past year cannabis use who reported living in a state that had legalized medical cannabis were divided into recreational cannabis use only and medical cannabis use. Demographic and clinical characteristics were compared across these two groups. 17% of adults who used cannabis in the past year used cannabis medically. There were no significant differences between those who used medically versus recreationally in race, education, past year depression and prevalence of cannabis use disorders. In adjusted analyses, those with medical cannabis use were more likely to have poorer health and lower levels of alcohol use disorders and non-cannabis drug use. A third of those who reported medical cannabis use endorsed daily cannabis use compared to 11% in those who reported recreational use exclusively. Adults who use medical and recreational cannabis shared some characteristics, but those who used medical cannabis had higher prevalence of poor health and daily cannabis use. As more states legalize cannabis for medical use, it is important to better understand similarities and differences between people who use cannabis medically and recreationally. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  17. Superior oblique surgery: when and how?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Taylan Şekeroğlu H


    Full Text Available Hande Taylan Şekeroğlu,1 Ali Sefik Sanac,1 Umut Arslan,2 Emin Cumhur Sener11Department of Ophthalmology, 2Department of Biostatistics, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, TurkeyBackground: The purpose of this paper is to review different types of superior oblique muscle surgeries, to describe the main areas in clinical practice where superior oblique surgery is required or preferred, and to discuss the preferred types of superior oblique surgery with respect to their clinical outcomes.Methods: A consecutive nonrandomized retrospective series of patients who had undergone superior oblique muscle surgery as a single procedure were enrolled in the study. The diagnosis, clinical features, preoperative and postoperative vertical deviations in primary position, type of surgery, complications, and clinical outcomes were reviewed. The primary outcome measures were the type of strabismus and the type of superior oblique muscle surgery. The secondary outcome measure was the results of the surgeries.Results: The review identified 40 (20 male, 20 female patients with a median age of 6 (2–45 years. Nineteen patients (47.5% had Brown syndrome, eleven (27.5% had fourth nerve palsy, and ten (25.0% had horizontal deviations with A pattern. The most commonly performed surgery was superior oblique tenotomy in 29 (72.5% patients followed by superior oblique tuck in eleven (27.5% patients. The amount of vertical deviation in the fourth nerve palsy and Brown syndrome groups (P = 0.01 for both and the amount of A pattern in the A pattern group were significantly reduced postoperatively (P = 0.02.Conclusion: Surgery for the superior oblique muscle requires experience and appropriate preoperative evaluation in view of its challenging nature. The main indications are Brown syndrome, fourth nerve palsy, and A pattern deviations. Superior oblique surgery may be effective in terms of pattern collapse and correction of vertical deviations in primary

  18. Different pathways but same result? Comparing chemistry and biological effects of burned and decomposed litter (United States)

    Mazzoleni, Stefano; Bonanomi, Giuliano; Incerti, Guido; El-Gawad, Ahmed M. Abd; Sarker, Tushar Chandra; Cesarano, Gaspare; Saulino, Luigi; Saracino, Antonio; Castro Rego, Francisco


    Litter burning and biological decomposition are oxidative processes co-occurring in many terrestrial ecosystems, producing organic matter with different chemical properties and differently affecting plant growth and soil microbial activity. Here, we tested the chemical convergence hypothesis (i.e. materials with different initial chemistry tend to converge towards a common profile, with similar biological effects, as the oxidative process advances) for burning and decomposition. We compared the molecular composition of 63 organic materials - 7 litter types either fresh, decomposed for 30, 90, 180 days, or heated at 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 °C - as assessed by 13C NMR. We used litter water extracts (5% dw) as treatments in bioassays on plant (Lepidium sativum) and fungal (Aspergillus niger) growth, and a washed quartz sand amended with litter materials (0.5 % dw) to assess heterotrophic respiration by CO2 flux chamber. We observed different molecular variations for materials either burning (i.e. a sharp increase of aromatic C and a decrease of most other fractions above 200 °C) or decomposing (i.e. early increase of alkyl, methoxyl and N-alkyl C and decrease of O-alkyl and di-O-alkyl C fractions). Soil respiration and fungal growth progressively decreased with litter age and temperature. Plant growth underwent an inhibitory effect by untreated litter, more and less rapidly released over decomposing and burning materials, respectively. Correlation analysis between NMR and bioassay data showed that opposite responses for soil respiration and fungi, compared to plants, are related to essentially the same C molecular types. Our findings suggest a functional convergence of decomposed and burnt organic substrates, emerging from the balance between the bioavailability of labile C sources and the presence of recalcitrant and pyrogenic compounds, oppositely affecting different trophic levels.

  19. Algorithms for sleep-wake identification using actigraphy: a comparative study and new results. (United States)

    Tilmanne, Joëlle; Urbain, Jérôme; Kothare, Mayuresh V; Wouwer, Alain Vande; Kothare, Sanjeev V


    The aim of this study was to investigate two new scoring algorithms employing artificial neural networks and decision trees for distinguishing sleep and wake states in infants using actigraphy and to validate and compare the performance of the proposed algorithms with known actigraphy scoring algorithms. The study employed previously recorded longitudinal physiological infant data set from the Collaborative Home Infant Monitoring Evaluation (CHIME) study conducted between 1994 and 1998 [; Sleep26 (1997) 553] at five clinical sites around the USA. The original CHIME data set contains recordings of 1079 infants infants from this data set. The participants were heterogeneous and grouped into four categories: healthy term, preterm, siblings of SIDS and infants with apparent life-threatening events (apnea of infancy). The selection of the most discriminant actigraphy features was carried out using Fisher's discriminant analysis. Approximately 80% of all the epochs were used to train the artificial neural network and decision tree models. The models were then validated on the remaining 20% of the epochs. The use of artificial neural networks and decision trees was able to capture potentially nonlinear classification characteristics, when compared to the previously reported linear combination methods and hence showed improved performance. The quality of sleep-wake scoring was further improved by including more wake epochs in the training phase and by employing rescoring rules to remove artifacts. The large size of the database (approximately 337,000 epochs for 354 patients) provided a solid basis for determining the efficacy of actigraphy in sleep scoring. The study also suggested that artificial neural networks and decision trees could be much more routinely utilized in the context of clinical sleep search.

  20. Some gender issues in educational computer use: results of an international comparative survey

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Janssen Reinen, Ingeborg; Plomp, Tjeerd


    In the framework of the Computers in Education international study of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), data have been collected concerning the use of computers in 21 countries. This article examines some results regarding the involvement of women in

  1. Comparing visualization techniques for learning second language prosody – first results

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Niebuhr, Oliver; Alm, Maria Helena; Schümchen, Nathalie


    and then analyzed in terms of (a) prosodic-pattern consistency and (b) correctness of the prosodic patterns. In addition, the participants rated the usability of the visualization techniques. The results from the phonological analysis converged with the usability ratings in showing that iconic techniques...

  2. Exploratory Visual Analysis of Statistical Results from Microarray Experiments Comparing High and Low Grade Glioma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jason H. Moore


    Full Text Available The biological interpretation of gene expression microarray results is a daunting challenge. For complex diseases such as cancer, wherein the body of published research is extensive, the incorporation of expert knowledge provides a useful analytical framework. We have previously developed the Exploratory Visual Analysis (EVA software for exploring data analysis results in the context of annotation information about each gene, as well as biologically relevant groups of genes. We present EVA as a fl exible combination of statistics and biological annotation that provides a straightforward visual interface for the interpretation of microarray analyses of gene expression in the most commonly occurring class of brain tumors, glioma. We demonstrate the utility of EVA for the biological interpretation of statistical results by analyzing publicly available gene expression profi les of two important glial tumors. The results of a statistical comparison between 21 malignant, high-grade glioblastoma multiforme (GBM tumors and 19 indolent, low-grade pilocytic astrocytomas were analyzed using EVA. By using EVA to examine the results of a relatively simple statistical analysis, we were able to identify tumor class-specifi c gene expression patterns having both statistical and biological signifi cance. Our interactive analysis highlighted the potential importance of genes involved in cell cycle progression, proliferation, signaling, adhesion, migration, motility, and structure, as well as candidate gene loci on a region of Chromosome 7 that has been implicated in glioma. Because EVA does not require statistical or computational expertise and has the fl exibility to accommodate any type of statistical analysis, we anticipate EVA will prove a useful addition to the repertoire of computational methods used for microarray data analysis. EVA is available at no charge to academic users and can be found at

  3. Recent results on the spatiotemporal modelling and comparative analysis of Black Death and bubonic plague epidemics. (United States)

    Christakos, G; Olea, R A; Yu, H-L


    This work demonstrates the importance of spatiotemporal stochastic modelling in constructing maps of major epidemics from fragmentary information, assessing population impacts, searching for possible etiologies, and performing comparative analysis of epidemics. Based on the theory previously published by the authors and incorporating new knowledge bases, informative maps of the composite space-time distributions were generated for important characteristics of two major epidemics: Black Death (14th century Western Europe) and bubonic plague (19th-20th century Indian subcontinent). The comparative spatiotemporal analysis of the epidemics led to a number of interesting findings: (1) the two epidemics exhibited certain differences in their spatiotemporal characteristics (correlation structures, trends, occurrence patterns and propagation speeds) that need to be explained by means of an interdisciplinary effort; (2) geographical epidemic indicators confirmed in a rigorous quantitative manner the partial findings of isolated reports and time series that Black Death mortality was two orders of magnitude higher than that of bubonic plague; (3) modern bubonic plague is a rural disease hitting harder the small villages in the countryside whereas Black Death was a devastating epidemic that indiscriminately attacked large urban centres and the countryside, and while the epidemic in India lasted uninterruptedly for five decades, in Western Europe it lasted three and a half years; (4) the epidemics had reverse areal extension features in response to annual seasonal variations. Temperature increase at the end of winter led to an expansion of infected geographical area for Black Death and a reduction for bubonic plague, reaching a climax at the end of spring when the infected area in Western Europe was always larger than in India. Conversely, without exception, the infected area during winter was larger for the Indian bubonic plague; (5) during the Indian epidemic, the disease

  4. Comparative results of end colostomy for low rectal cancer using alloplastic material

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. G. Gataullin


    Full Text Available The results of research on the causes affecting in the development of para-colostomy complications after abdomino-perineal extirpation of the rectum for cancer patients, who were treated by us from 2005 to 2012 found that the development of complications para-colostomy affects in the age of patient, comorbidity, severity of anemia, and obesity. Allocation of risk and patient groups at increased risk for complications allows differentiated approach to their prevention.

  5. Platelet rich plasma therapy: A comparative effective therapy with promising results in plantar fasciitis


    Tiwari, Mukesh; Bhargava, Rakesh


    Chronic muscle & tendon injuries are one of the problems which are encountered by human being since last long time. These injuries are generally repetitive strain injuries, commonly found in athletes. There are various treatments which include conservative methods in initial stages to surgery in later stages. On minimal invasive aspect Ultrasound-guided fenestration and tenotomy surgery has been used with good results as an effective treatment of chronic tendinopathies.1,2 There are various i...

  6. Field and laboratory testing for amitraz-tolerant varroa populations. How comparable are their results?


    Pires, Sância; Pereira, Óscar; Murilhas, António


    Portuguese beekeepers have frequently used amitraz (Apivar, Acadrex) in an attempt to cope with Varroa. As a result of beekeepers’ claims of an alarming decrease in amitraz field treatment efficacy, a nation-wide screening project was launched to ascertain the merit of those claims and, eventually, introduce changes in the way state institutions were interacting with beekeeping associations and beekeepers. Approximately 4.000 colonies were field-tested (following a similar approach to the ...

  7. Comparing uncertainty resulting from two-step and global regression procedures applied to microbial growth models. (United States)

    Martino, K G; Marks, B P


    Two different microbial modeling procedures were compared and validated against independent data for Listeria monocytogenes growth. The most generally used method is two consecutive regressions: growth parameters are estimated from a primary regression of microbial counts, and a secondary regression relates the growth parameters to experimental conditions. A global regression is an alternative method in which the primary and secondary models are combined, giving a direct relationship between experimental factors and microbial counts. The Gompertz equation was the primary model, and a response surface model was the secondary model. Independent data from meat and poultry products were used to validate the modeling procedures. The global regression yielded the lower standard errors of calibration, 0.95 log CFU/ml for aerobic and 1.21 log CFU/ml for anaerobic conditions. The two-step procedure yielded errors of 1.35 log CFU/ml for aerobic and 1.62 log CFU/ ml for anaerobic conditions. For food products, the global regression was more robust than the two-step procedure for 65% of the cases studied. The robustness index for the global regression ranged from 0.27 (performed better than expected) to 2.60. For the two-step method, the robustness index ranged from 0.42 to 3.88. The predictions were overestimated (fail safe) in more than 50% of the cases using the global regression and in more than 70% of the cases using the two-step regression. Overall, the global regression performed better than the two-step procedure for this specific application.

  8. Flexible Graduate is Successful Graduate. Key Factors of Successful Job Interview, Results of a Comparative Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vendolska Iva


    Full Text Available The conditions on the labour market have changed dramatically in the last twenty years and the importance of human resources has increased. A company has to find, keep, and educate those workers who are able to adapt quickly to changes in the market. Such a company is then able to innovate constantly, which ensures its long-term competitiveness. Moreover, after finishing their education young people experience problems when seeking suitable employment. University graduates face stronger competition from other graduates when seeking employment. This target risk group of university graduates in particular is included in the primary research, together with the other side of the labour market, employers. The importance of individual criteria that are pivotal for employers during job interviews was examined on the basis of an anonymous questionnaire. 18 criteria were assessed and compared on a scale from 1 to 5. The correlation between the rate of importance of the given criterion and the group of respondents was tested. It was discovered that the criterion employers consider the most important is the flexibility and adaptability of a job candidate. This criterion is followed by willingness to learn, loyalty, and self-reliance. Those considered least important were these criteria: a stay abroad, courses/certificates, and studying at a particular university. On the other hand, the students consider the most important criteria to be foreign language skills, followed by communication skills, and willingness to learn and an internship during their studies. The criteria that were seen as the most important were: self-confidence, experience of a stay abroad, and the particular university that the student graduated from. The most significant difference in the assessment of the criteria between the employers and students was identified as being an internship during one’s studies.

  9. Results of comparative evaluations of cutters used on the KHS-2 coal plow

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Krauze, K.; Podsiadlo, A.; Ptak, J. (Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza, Cracow (Poland). Instytut Maszyn Gorniczych, Przerobczych i Automatyki)


    Reports on investigations of cutters supplied by the firm Halbach-Braun and modernized cutters produced at the Drilling and Mining Machinery Factory Glinik for the KHS-2 coal plow. The investigations were conducted at the Brzeszcze black coal mine. Graphs of cutting force and energy are shown. Results of laboratory and in-situ tests showed that the modernized cutters are about 30% more durable and about 25% more efficient than the Halbach-Braun cutters. Production of the modernized cutters at the Glinik works has allowed imports to be reduced. 2 refs.

  10. Agility training in young elite soccer players: promising results compared to change of direction drills (United States)

    Rouissi, M; Chtara, M; Owen, A; Bragazzi, NL; Moalla, W; Chaouachi, A; Amri, M; Chamari, K


    The aim of this study was to compare the effect of two different training programmes – change of direction (COD) vs. agility (AG) – on straight sprint (SS), COD and AG test performances in young elite soccer players. Thirty-two soccer players (age: 14.5±0.9 years; height: 171.2±5.1 cm; body mass: 56.4±7.1 kg, body fat: 10.3±2.3%) participated in a short-term (6 weeks) training study. Players were randomly assigned to two experimental groups – training with change of direction drills (COD-G, n=11) or using agility training (AG-G, n= 11) – and to a control group (CON-G, n=10). All players completed the following tests before and after training: straight sprint (15m SS), 15 m agility run with (15m-AR-B) and without a ball (15m-AR), 5-0-5 agility test, reactive agility test (RAT), and RAT test with ball (RAT-B). A significant group effect was observed for all tests (p<0.001; η2=large). In 15m SS, COD-G and AG-G improved significantly (2.21; ES=0.57 and 2.18%; ES=0.89 respectively) more than CON-G (0.59%; ES=0.14). In the 15m-AR and 5-0-5 agility test, COD-G improved significantly more (5.41%; ES=1.15 and 3.41; ES=0.55 respectively) than AG-G (3.65%; ES=1.05 and 2.24; ES=0.35 respectively) and CON-G (1.62%; ES=0.96 and 0.97; ES=0.19 respectively). Improvements in RAT and RAT-B were larger (9.37%; ES=2.28 and 7.73%; ES=2.99 respectively) in RAT-G than the other groups. In conclusion, agility performance amongst young elite soccer could be improved using COD training. Nevertheless, including a conditioning programme for agility may allow a high level of athletic performance to be achieved. PMID:28090138

  11. Comparative evaluation of the results of three techniques in the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament, with a minimum follow-up of two years. (United States)

    Cury, Ricardo de Paula Leite; Sprey, Jan Willem Cerf; Bragatto, André Luiz Lima; Mansano, Marcelo Valentim; Moscovici, Herman Fabian; Guglielmetti, Luiz Gabriel Betoni


    To compare the clinical results of the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament by transtibial, transportal, and outside-in techniques. This was a retrospective study on 90 patients (ACL reconstruction with autologous flexor tendons) operated between August 2009 and June 2012, by the medial transportal (30), transtibial (30), and "outside-in" (30) techniques. The following parameters were assessed: objective and subjective IKDC, Lysholm, KT1000, Lachman test, Pivot-Shift and anterior drawer test. On physical examination, the Lachman test and Pivot-Shift indicated a slight superiority of the outside-in technique, but without statistical significance (p = 0.132 and p = 0.186 respectively). The anterior drawer, KT1000, subjective IKDC, Lysholm, and objective IKDC tests showed similar results in the groups studied. A higher number of complications were observed in the medial transportal technique (p = 0.033). There were no statistically significant differences in the clinical results of patients undergoing reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament by transtibial, medial transportal, and outside-in techniques.

  12. ANITA Air Monitoring on the International Space Station: Results Compared to Other Measurements (United States)

    Honne, A.; Schumann-Olsen, H.; Kaspersen, K.; Limero, T.; Macatangay, A.; Mosebach, H.; Kampf, D.; Mudgett, P. D.; James, J. T.; Tan, G.; hide


    ANITA (Analysing Interferometer for Ambient Air) is a flight experiment precursor for a permanent continuous air quality monitoring system on the ISS (International Space Station). For the safety of the crew, ANITA can detect and quantify quasi-online and simultaneously 33 gas compounds in the air with ppm or sub-ppm detection limits. The autonomous measurement system is based on FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red spectroscopy). The system represents a versatile air quality monitor, allowing for the first time the detection and monitoring of trace gas dynamics in a spacecraft atmosphere. ANITA operated on the ISS from September 2007 to August 2008. This paper summarizes the results of ANITA s air analyses with emphasis on comparisons to other measurements. The main basis of comparison is NASA s set of grab samples taken onboard the ISS and analysed on ground applying various GC-based (Gas Chromatography) systems.

  13. Comparative analysis of results from experimental and numerical studies on concrete strength

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mkrtychev Oleg


    Full Text Available Some results of numerical experiments of testing concrete cubes and prisms on unconfined compression, and the comparison of results obtained with experimental and specified data, are presented in the article. When performing calculations of structures in a nonlinear setting, it is very important to choose adequate deformation diagrams or material models. Because of the fact that there are no instructions how to use the diagrams of concrete and armature deformation in collaboration of steel and concrete, the simulation of reinforced concrete structures by finite elements of the same type without any assumptions is impossible. Numerical experiments have been performed in the LS-DYNA software package. This software package allows simulating the collaboration of concrete and steeling with the help of three-dimensional (for concrete and rod (for the reinforcement finite elements. As samples, a cube and a prism with dimensions of 150×150×150 mm and 150×150×600 mm, respectively, have been taken. The samples are simulated by solid finite elements. For the simulation of concrete, the non-linear CSCM (Continuous Surface Cap Model material is used. The tests were carried out with samples of the following classes of concrete as for cylinder compressive strength: C12, C16, C20, C25, C30, C35. This corresponds to the following classes of cube compression strength: B15, B20, B25, B30, B37, B45. The tests have been carried out considering the friction coefficients between the plates of a testing machine, and a sample. The performed researches have shown that the destruction nature of the samples in a numerical experiment corresponds to the failure nature in real tests. The investigated model of CSCM concrete can be used in the calculation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures with acceptable accuracy for main classes of concrete.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesco Perrotta


    Full Text Available There is ample experimental evidence of the positive-fixing motor task of having both a lower relativefrequency (FR which is provided with the knowledge of the result (CR to the subject of learning, The outcomeof the response, both the application of the formulation of a subjective estimate of first CR (SS.It 'was, however, suggested the possibility of an interaction between these two variables,meaning thatthe individual, when he has to make an estimate subjective error, would benefit from greater FR. Taking up aninteresting research is shown in a dissertation in Physiotherapy (Giulia Days 2000/01 Which is credited withhaving carried out a rigorous investigation and Articles The authors of this paper have wanted to see exactlyProposing given to 60 young subjects, righthanded and in good health, and the same working hypothesis, butwith a different device (Biodex System 4: a simple right elbow flexion with isokinetic contraction at 30 degrees/ second. Subjects were asked:1 to Assess Whether or not the mistake made after the end of the year,2 CR was provided after each trial (100% FR, or after a trial every five (20% FR3 to mark the difference between the subjects who did not Had Gold SS to make an the latter was askedimmediately after the conclusion of the trial, of perform a simple calculation. All subjects performed 20 sets of10 repetitions each during a single session of practice. The next day was made a test of retention (consisting of 1 set of 15 repetitions without CR or SS The comparison between the groups at the retention test was performed with Analysis of variance, before and after adjustment for the initial conditions. The results showed that afteradjustment the group of subjects who received the CR with 100% FR and formulation of SS during the period of practice, a test of retention in a Significantly better.

  15. Autoavaliação em uma instituição federal de ensino superior: resultados e implicações Self evaluation in a federal higher education institution: results and implications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cisne Zélia Teixeira Reis


    Full Text Available Este trabalho tem como objetivo analisar os resultados da autoavaliação institucional aplicada em uma Instituição Federal de Ensino Superior, a fim de identificar como os segmentos da comunidade universitária avaliaram cada dimensão abordada. A partir dos resultados obtidos da aplicação de questionário eletrônico estruturado, composto por 39 questões comuns aos sujeitos pesquisados, procedeu-se ao agrupamento das questões em sete dimensões: 1- Política para ensino, pesquisa e extensão, 2- Responsabilidade Social, 3- Comunicação com a sociedade, 4- Organização e Gestão, 5- Infraestrutura física e didática, 6- Atendimento ao discente e 7- Sustentabilidade Financeira, sendo as consistências das variáveis agrupadas, testadas pelo Alpha de Cronbach. Posteriormente, a fim de reduzir as variáveis a apenas uma, em cada dimensão, utilizou-se da técnica de escala somada e realizou-se o teste da Análise de Variância (Anova. Por fim, a Análise de Cluster permitiu agrupar os sujeitos conforme avaliação que fizeram da Instituição. Os resultados indicaram que os discentes e docentes, em sua maioria, avaliaram bem a Instituição. Já os técnicos administrativos, em sua maioria, avaliaram pior a Instituição. As dimensões foram avaliadas pelos Clusters de "Melhor Avaliação" como boas e pelos Clusters de "Pior Avaliação" como regulares.This paper aims to analyze the results of institutional self-evaluation applied to a Federal Institute of Higher Education to identify how the segments of the university community rated each dimension included. From the results obtained from the application of a structured electronic questionnaire, consisting of 39 questions common to the subjects studied, the questions were grouped into seven dimensions: 1 - Policy for teaching, research and extension, 2 - Social Responsibility, 3 - Communication with society, 4 - Organization and Management, 5 - Physical infrastructure and teaching, 6

  16. Performance of the Aachen Acoustic Laboratory and results from comparative studies in water and ice (United States)

    Heinen, Dirk; Paul, Larissa; Wiebusch, Christopher


    To investigate acoustic ice properties under laboratory conditions and to test the thermoacoustic model, the Aachen Acoustic Laboratory (AAL) was founded as a part of the activities of the acoustic working group (SPATS) within the IceCube collaboration. The goal of SPATS is to evaluate the possibility of acoustic detection of ultra high-energy neutrinos in the Antarctic ice. The AAL provides a test facility setup with a proper infrastructure to study acoustics and thermoacoustics in a large volume of water and ice. The control of the freezing process, the ice quality, the temperature monitoring at different phases of the medium and the laser-based thermoacoustic sound generation are the key features of the setup. The AAL setup provides the possibility for the characterization of a wide range of acoustic transducers, sensor/transmitter calibration, study of the thermoacoustic sound generation, study of the acoustic properties of the ice, water as well as the water/ice interfaces, and research and development of new types of acoustic transducers (PVDF-based) as an alternative to standard PZTs. In this document, the different parts of the AAL setup are described, results on the commissioning from the laser based thermoacoustic sound generation are presented and the performance of an absolute sensor calibration method in water and ice are discussed.

  17. Metal Criticality Determination for Australia, the US, and the Planet—Comparing 2008 and 2012 Results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luca Ciacci


    Full Text Available Episodic supply shortages of metals and unsettling predictions of potential supply constraints in the future have led to a series of recent criticality evaluations. This study applies a consistent criticality methodology to the United States, Australia, and to the global level for both 2008 and 2012. It is the first time that criticality assessments are presented for Australia, a country that contrasts with the United States in terms of its mineral deposits and metal use characteristics. We use the Yale criticality methodology, which measures Supply Risk (SR, Environmental Implications (EI, and Vulnerability to Supply Restriction (VSR to derive criticality assessments for five major metals (Al, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn and for indium (In. We find only modest changes in SR between 2008 and 2012 at both country and global levels; these changes are due to revisions in resource estimates. At the country level, Australia’s VSR for Ni, Cu, and Zn is 23%–33% lower than that for the United States, largely because of Australia’s abundant domestic resources. At the global level, SR is much higher for In, Ni, Cu, and Zn than for Al and Fe as a consequence of SR’s longer time horizon and anticipated supply/demand constraints. The results emphasize the dynamic nature of criticality and its variance between countries and among metals.

  18. Comparing the results of DAADD and ABC of children included in autism spectrum disorders. (United States)

    Barbosa, Milene Rossi Pereira; Fernandes, Fernanda Dreux Miranda


    To verify if there are characteristic behaviors of the different diagnosis included in the autism spectrum according to the Differential Assessment of Autism and Other Developmental Disorders (DAADD) and to the Autism Behavior Checklist (ABC). Participants were 45 individuals and their respective speech-language therapists. All therapists are graduate students working with the children for at least 1 year. This time was considered sufficient to the therapists to have the information required by the DAADD questionnaire. It is comprised by 3 protocols specifically designed to children with 2 to 4 years, 4 to 6 years and 6 to 8 years, the same criteria used to separate the research groups, G1, G2 and G3, respectively. Data referring to the ABC were retrieved from the subject's files at the Laboratório de Investigação Fonoaudiológica nos Distúrbios do Espectro do Autismo (Research Laboratory on Language Disorders in the Autism Spectrum) of the School of Medicine, Universidade de São Paulo, where it is routinely applied during the annual assessment. Answers to the different areas of DAADD are similar to the different areas of ABC. These data show data the diagnosis by DAADD is easier in older children. Although there is no significant difference, the large occurrence of Rett's syndrome diagnosis according to the DAADD was associated to higher risk for autism according to the ABC in G1. With increasing age this tendency decreases and either in G2 and G3 Autism is the most frequent diagnosis. Although the results of both questionnaires tend to agree more with increasing age, the DAADD is more sensitive in the different ages while the ABC if more specific only to older children.

  19. Leaf mechanical resistance in plant trait databases: comparing the results of two common measurement methods. (United States)

    Enrico, Lucas; Díaz, Sandra; Westoby, Mark; Rice, Barbara L


    The influence of leaf mechanical properties on local ecosystem processes, such as trophic transfer, decomposition and nutrient cycling, has resulted in a growing interest in including leaf mechanical resistance in large-scale databases of plant functional traits. 'Specific work to shear' and 'force to tear' are two properties commonly used to describe mechanical resistance (toughness or strength) of leaves. Two methodologies have been widely used to measure them across large datasets. This study aimed to assess correlations and standardization between the two methods, as measured by two widely used apparatuses, in order to inter-convert existing data in those global datasets. Specific work to shear (W(SS)) and force to tear (FT) were measured in leaves of 72 species from south-eastern Australia. The measurements were made including and excluding midribs. Relationships between the variables were tested by Spearman correlations and ordinary least square regressions. A positive and significant correlation was found between the methods, but coefficients varied according to the inclusion or exclusion of the midrib in the measurements. Equations for prediction varied according to leaf venation pattern. A positive and significant (r = 0·90, P resistance data obtained with both methodologies could be pooled together into a single coarser variable, using the equations provided in this paper. However, more detailed datasets of FT cannot be safely filled in with estimations based on W(SS), or vice versa. In addition, W(SS) values of green leaves can be predicted with good accuracy from W(SS) of rehydrated leaves of the same species. © The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Annals of Botany Company. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  20. Interannual sedimentary effluxes of alkalinity in the southern North Sea: Model results compared with summer observations. (United States)

    Paetsch, Johannes; Kuehn, Wilfried; Six, Katharina


    Alkalinity generation in the sediment of the southern North Sea is the focus of several recent studies. One motivation for these efforts is the potentially enhanced buffering capacity of anthropogenic CO2 invasion into the corresponding pelagic system. An adaptation of a global multilayer sediment model (Heinze et al., 1999) in combination with a pelagic ecosystem model for shelf sea dynamics was used to study the benthic reactions on very different annual cycles (2001 - 2009) including the River Elbe summer flooding in 2002. The focus of this study is the efflux of alkalinity, their different contributors (aerobic respiration, denitrification, net sulfate reduction, calcite dissolution, nitrification) and their seasonal and interannual cycles. Similar to the observations covering the southern North Sea (Brenner et al., 2015) the model results show large horizontal gradients from the near-shore high productive areas with benthic remineralization up to Rmin = 10.6 mol C m-2 yr-1 and TA generation RTA = 2 mol C m-2 yr-1 to off-shore moderate productive areas with mean Rmin = 2.5 mol C m-2 yr-1 and mean TA generation RTA = 0.4 mol C m-2 yr-1. Beside calcite dissolution, aerobic respiration (producing ammonium) and denitrification are the largest contributors to alkalinity generation. Nitrification is reducing alkalinity in the sediment. Due to low regenerated primary production in summer, the year 2001 exhibits the lowest input of particulate organic matter into the sediment (POCexp=2.3 mol C m-2 yr-1), while the year 2003 exhibits the highest export production (POCexp=2.6 mol C m-2 yr-1). The biogeochemical reactions and the effluxes from the sediment follow these pelagic amplitudes with a time lag of about one year with damped amplitudes. References Brenner, H., Braeckman, U., Le Guitton, M., Meysman, F.J.R., 2015. The impact of sedimentary alkalinity release on the water column CO2 system in the North Sea. Biogeosiences Discussion, 12(15): 12395-12453. Heinze, C


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. N. Fedulov


    Full Text Available The methods, enabing to produce the comparative appraisal of the titanium alloy ability to harden as a result of high-temperature thermal-mechanical processing depending on temperature and rate of deformation at forging, is developed.

  2. Comparative assay of fluorescent antibody test results among twelve European National Reference Laboratories using various anti-rabies conjugates

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Robardet, E.; Andrieu, S.; Rasmussen, Thomas Bruun


    Twelve National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) for rabies have undertaken a comparative assay to assess the comparison of fluorescent antibody test (FAT) results using five coded commercial anti-rabies conjugates (Biorad, Bioveta, Fujirebio, Millipore, and SIFIN conjugates). Homogenized positive...

  3. [Clinical manifestation and surgical treatment of superior lumbar disc herniation]. (United States)

    Klishin, D N; Dreval', O N; Gorozhanin, A V


    On the basis of analysis of presentation and surgical treatment of 103 patients with lumbar disc herniation the authors performed comparative assessment of symptoms and therapeutic techniques in patients with higher and lower lumbar disc disease. Short-term and long-term results were evaluated using visual analogue scale and Oswestry disability index (ODI). Statistically significant differences in dynamics of pain and ODI were not present. In spite of differences in clinical presentation, the results of surgical treatment in both groups were similar. They depended on severity of preoperative neurological deficit regardless of level of lesion. Specific features of surgical procedure in superior lumbar disk herniation are described.

  4. 马尾松不同年龄产脂量及松香组分分析%Comparative Study on the Resin Yield and Rosin Components of Pinus massoniana Superior Provenances among Different Ages

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The resin yield and rosin components of Tongmian and Gupeng provenances of Pinus massoniana were compared respectively in the 6-,8-,10-,12-,15-and 20-year-old stands. The results showed that the resin yield of Tongmian was lower than Gupeng at the all ages,however the mature time of resin yield was about 4 years earlier than Gupeng’s. The contents of resin acids,abietic resin acids,Hawasong type resin acids,dehydroabietic acid and the resin acid oxide were used as comprehensive evaluation index,by which the rosin quality of Tongmian provenance was higher than Gupeng’s. The rosin quality of Tongmian and Gupeng reached to the highest when the trees were 10-year-old and 20-year-old,respectively. Based on the results,the Tongmian would be suitable to a short rotation used for resin production or timber and resin production stands. Resin tapping can be started at the 7 th to the 10 th year and felling can be conducted at the 17th year. However,the Gupeng would be suitable to a long rotation. The tapping time is better to start during 11-to 15-year-old and the final felling can be conducted at 26 years old.

  5. Acute superior mesenteric ischemia: a contrast syudy on short-and mid-term result between stent implantation and pharmaceutical thrombolysis%急性肠系膜上动脉缺血的支架置入与药物溶栓近、中期疗效分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张曦彤; 张洪义; 张伟; 洪铎; 安建立; 夏永辉; 徐克


    目的 比较支架置入与药物溶栓治疗急性肠系膜上动脉缺血的近、中期疗效.方法 收集2004年1月至2008年12月,中国医科大学附属第一医院因肠系膜上动脉狭窄或闭塞引起急性肠缺血住院患者35例.其中,支架置入12例(介入治疗组),外周药物溶栓23例(药物溶栓组).介入治疗组采用球囊扩张及支架置入并辅以抗凝、祛聚及扩血管治疗,药物溶栓组采用尿激酶配合抗凝、祛聚及扩血管治疗.两组患者出院后均口服氯吡格雷及阿司匹林并进行随访.用Fisher确切概率法比较分析两组疗效差异的显著性.结果 药物溶栓组临床有效7例,无效16例(加重或死亡7例,治疗失败行部分肠切除9例).介入治疗组10例置入支架(1例术后第3天死于急性心肌梗死),2例开通失败.随访1~48(15±12)个月.药物溶栓组1例病情平稳,6例死于再发急性肠系膜动脉栓塞;支架置入组7例病情平稳,1例术后20个月死于急性心肌梗死(无肠缺血症状),1例术后28个月再发肠缺血,经肠系膜动脉置管溶栓后症状消失.结论 支架置入在改善肠系膜上动脉闭塞引起肠缺血及提高患者生存率方面均显著优于药物保守治疗,为尚未出现肠坏死患者的治疗方案的选择提供了可靠依据.%Objective To compare the short-term and medium-term result of stent implantation with pharmaceutical thrombolysis in patients with acute superior mesenteric artery occlusion. Methods From January, 2004 to December, 2008, thirty-five patients diagnosed acute superior mesenteric ischemia, 12 patients treated with stent implantation ( interventional therapy group) and 23 patients with pharmaceutical thrombolysis(thrombolytic therapy group). Interventional therapy group treated with balloon dilatation and stent implantation assisted with anticoagulation, antiplatelet and vascular dilation agents. Thrombolytic therapy group used urokinase combined with anticoagulation

  6. Comparative effectiveness of colony-stimulating factors in febrile neutropenia prophylaxis: how results are affected by research design. (United States)

    Henk, Henry J; Li, Xiaoyan; Becker, Laura K; Xu, Hairong; Gong, Qi; Deeter, Robert G; Barron, Richard L


    To examine the impact of research design on results in two published comparative effectiveness studies. Guidelines for comparative effectiveness research have recommended incorporating disease process in study design. Based on the recommendations, we develop a checklist of considerations and apply the checklist in review of two published studies on comparative effectiveness of colony-stimulating factors. Both studies used similar administrative claims data, but different methods, which resulted in directionally different estimates. Major design differences between the two studies include: whether the timing of intervention in disease process was identified and whether study cohort and outcome assessment period were defined based on this temporal relationship. Disease process and timing of intervention should be incorporated into the design of comparative effectiveness studies.

  7. Superiorization of incremental optimization algorithms for statistical tomographic image reconstruction (United States)

    Helou, E. S.; Zibetti, M. V. W.; Miqueles, E. X.


    We propose the superiorization of incremental algorithms for tomographic image reconstruction. The resulting methods follow a better path in its way to finding the optimal solution for the maximum likelihood problem in the sense that they are closer to the Pareto optimal curve than the non-superiorized techniques. A new scaled gradient iteration is proposed and three superiorization schemes are evaluated. Theoretical analysis of the methods as well as computational experiments with both synthetic and real data are provided.

  8. Oral methotrexate/6-mercaptopurine may be superior to a multidrug LSA2L2 Maintenance therapy for higher risk childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: results from the NOPHO ALL-92 study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schmiegelow, Kjeld; Heyman, Mats; Kristinsson, Jon;


    The importance of maintenance therapy for higher risk childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is uncertain. Between 1992 and 2001 the Nordic Society for Pediatric Haematology/Oncology compared in a nonrandomized study conventional oral methotrexate (MTX)/6-mercaptopurine (6MP) maintenance th...... significance. These results indicate that oral MTX/6MP maintenance therapy administered after the first year of remission can improve the cure rates of children with T-lineage or with higher risk B-lineage ALL.......The importance of maintenance therapy for higher risk childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is uncertain. Between 1992 and 2001 the Nordic Society for Pediatric Haematology/Oncology compared in a nonrandomized study conventional oral methotrexate (MTX)/6-mercaptopurine (6MP) maintenance...... therapy with a multidrug cyclic LSA2L2 regimen. 135 children with B-lineage ALL and a white blood count > or =50 x 10/L and 98 children with T-lineage ALL were included. Of the 234 patients, the 135 patients who received MTX/6MP maintenance therapy had a lower relapse risk than the 98 patients who...

  9. Superiority of fesoterodine 8 mg vs 4 mg in reducing urgency urinary incontinence episodes in patients with overactive bladder: results of the randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled EIGHT trial. (United States)

    Chapple, Christopher; Schneider, Tim; Haab, François; Sun, Franklin; Whelan, Laurence; Scholfield, David; Dragon, Erika; Mangan, Erin


    To assess the superiority of fesoterodine 8 mg vs 4 mg for improvement in urgency urinary incontinence (UUI) episodes and other diary variables, diary-dry rate (proportion of patients with >0 UUI episodes on baseline diary and 0 UUI episodes on post-baseline diary), and improvements in measures of symptom bother, health-related quality of life (HRQL), and other patient-reported outcomes (PROs). This was a 12-week, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multinational trial of men and women aged ≥18 years with overactive bladder (OAB) symptoms including UUI ( ID NCT01302067). Patients were randomised (2:2:1) to receive fesoterodine 8 mg, fesoterodine 4 mg, or placebo once daily; those randomised to fesoterodine 8 mg started with fesoterodine 4 mg once daily for 1 week, then 8 mg once daily for the remaining 11 weeks. Patients completed bladder diaries at baseline and weeks 4 and 12 and the Patient Perception of Bladder Condition (PPBC), Urgency Perception Scale (UPS), and Overactive Bladder Questionnaire (OAB-q) at baseline and week 12. The primary endpoint was change from baseline to week 12 in UUI episodes per 24 h. At week 12, patients receiving fesoterodine 8 mg (779 patients) had significantly greater reductions from baseline in UUI episodes, micturitions, and urgency episodes than patients receiving fesoterodine 4 mg (790) or placebo (386); diary-dry rate was significantly higher in the fesoterodine 8-mg group vs the fesoterodine 4-mg and placebo groups (all P fesoterodine 8 mg also had significantly greater improvements in scores on the PPBC, UPS, and all OAB-q scales and domains than patients receiving fesoterodine 4 mg or placebo (all P fesoterodine 4 mg had significantly greater improvements in UUI episodes, urgency episodes, and micturitions; significantly higher diary-dry rates; and significantly greater improvement in PPBC scores and OAB-q scores than patients receiving placebo (all P fesoterodine groups (placebo group, 3

  10. Comparison of Electromyographic Activity of the Superior and Inferior Portions of the Gluteus Maximus Muscle During Common Therapeutic Exercises. (United States)

    Selkowitz, David M; Beneck, George J; Powers, Christopher M


    Study Design Controlled laboratory study, repeated-measures design. Background Previous studies have reported that the superior and inferior portions of the gluteus maximus have different functional roles. Knowledge of how the different portions of the gluteus maximus are activated during therapeutic exercise may lead to more specific exercise prescription. Objective To compare muscle activation of the superior and inferior portions of the gluteus maximus during commonly used therapeutic exercises. Methods Twenty healthy persons participated. Electromyographic (EMG) signals were obtained from the superior and inferior portions of the gluteus maximus using fine-wire electrodes. Normalized EMG signal amplitudes were compared between the superior and inferior gluteus maximus across 11 exercises using a 2-way repeated-measures analysis of variance. Results The superior portion of the gluteus maximus had significantly greater relative EMG activity than the inferior portion of the gluteus maximus during exercises that incorporated elements of hip abduction and/or external rotation (5 of 11 exercises evaluated). There was no significant difference in activation between the superior and inferior portions of the gluteus maximus during the remaining 6 exercises. Conclusion The results of the present study demonstrate preferential activation of the superior portion of the gluteus maximus during exercises that incorporate elements of hip abduction and/or external rotation. In contrast, exercises that primarily involve hip extension target both portions of the gluteus maximus to a similar extent. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 2016;46(9):794-799. Epub 5 Aug 2016. doi:10.2519/jospt.2016.6493.

  11. Lo que Piensan los Estudiantes y Profesores Sobre la Calidad de la Educacion Superior. Estudio Comparativo en 5 Instituciones de Educacion Superior--dos publicas y tres privadas--en Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (What Students and Faculties Think about the Quality of Higher Education. Comparative Study of 5 Higher Education Institutions--Two Public and Three Private--in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico). (United States)

    Yanez, Maria Lorena Hernandez

    This study, written in Spanish, compared attitudes of students (N=302) and faculty (N=28) at five institutions of higher education (two public and three private) in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The study explored first, whether respondents believed there are significant quality differences between private and public universities and, second, what…

  12. 75 FR 28542 - Superior Resource Advisory Committee (United States)


    ... orient the new Superior Resource Advisory Committee members on their roles and responsibilities. DATES... of the roles and responsibilities of the Superior Resource Advisory Committee members; Election of... Forest Service Superior Resource Advisory Committee AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA. ACTION: Notice...

  13. Anatomo-radiological study of the Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Crovetto, M., E-mail: [Otolaryngology Department, Hospital de Basurto, University of the Basque Country, Avenida de Montevideo 18, Bilbao 48013, Vizcaya (Spain); Whyte, J., E-mail: [Faculty of Medicine, Department of Human Anatomy and Histology, University of Zaragoza, C/Domingo Mirall s/n, Zaragoza (Spain); Rodriguez, O.M., E-mail: [Hospital de Cruces, Baracaldo, Vizcaya (Spain); Lecumberri, I., E-mail: [Hospital de Basurto, Avenida Montevideo 18, Bilbao 498013 (Spain); Martinez, C., E-mail: [Hospital General de la Defensa, Via Iberica s/n Zaragoza (Spain); Elexpuru, J., E-mail: [Hospital de Basurto, Avenida de Montevideo 18, Bilbao 48013, Vizcaya (Spain)


    Introduction: The main purpose of this study is to determine the radiological incidence of Superior (SSCD) and Posterior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence (PSCD) and to compare radiologic SSCD to the incidence of this condition on cadaver specimen. We have also analysed the relation between the ossification state of the semicircular canals and the degree of mastoid pneumatization and integrity of Tegmen Tympani. Material and methods: Temporal bones have been investigated by means of CT scan on patients and direct observation on cadaver specimen, respectively. Results: 604 ears and 160 cadaver temporal bones have been investigated by means of CT scan and direct observation, respectively. 3.6% and 0.3% of the studied ears had SSCD and PSCD, respectively, on CT scan. Only 0.6% of the cadaver specimen ears did have anatomical SSCD. Degree of pneumatization of the mastoid bone is related to the mean thickness of bone overlying the Superior and Posterior Semicircular Canal. Radiological absence of Tegmen Tympani is more frequent in ears that also have radiologic SSCD. Conclusion: CT scanning gives higher incidence figures of SSCD than anatomical studies, 3.6% vs. 0.6%. We also found a 0.6% incidence of radiological PSCD in the studied ears. There is a direct relation between the degree of ossification of Superior and Posterior Semicircular Canal and certain temporal bone anatomic features: temporal bone pneumatization and absence/presence of Tegmen Tympani or Antri.

  14. [The superior laryngeal nerve and the superior laryngeal artery]. (United States)

    Lang, J; Nachbaur, S; Fischer, K; Vogel, E


    Length, diameter and anastomoses of the nervus vagus and its ganglion inferius were measured 44 halved heads. On the average, 8.65 fiber bundles of the vagus nerve leave the retro-olivary area. In the area of the jugular foramen is the near superior ganglion of the 10th cranial nerve. In this area were found 1.48 (mean value) anastomoses with the 9th cranial nerve. 11.34 mm below the margo terminalis sigmoidea branches off the ramus internus of the accessory nerve which has a length of 9.75 mm. Further anastomoses with the 10th cranial nerve were found. The inferior ganglion of the 10th nerve had a length of 25.47 mm and a diameter of 3.46 mm. Five mm below the ganglion the 10th nerve had a width of 2.9 and a thickness of 1.5 mm. The mean length of the superior sympathetic ganglion was 26.6 mm, its width 7.2 and its thickness 3.4 mm. In nearly all specimens anastomoses of the superior sympathetic ganglion with the ansa cervicalis profunda and the inferior ganglion of the 10th cranial nerve were found. The superior laryngeal nerve branches off about 36 mm below the margo terminalis sigmoidea. The width of this nerve was 1.9 mm, its thickness 0.8 mm on the right and 1.0 mm on the left side. The division in the internal and external rami was found about 21 mm below its origin. Between the n. vagus and thyreohyoid membrane the ramus internus had a length of 64 mm, the length of external ramus between the vagal nerve and the inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle was 89 mm. Its mean length below the thyreopharyngeal part was 10.7 mm, 8.6 branchlets to the cricothyroid muscle were counted. The superior laryngeal artery had its origin in 80% of cases in the superior thyroideal artery, in 6.8% this vessel was a branch of the external carotid artery. Its average outer diameter was 1.23 mm on the right side and 1.39 mm on the left. The length of this vessel between its origin and the thyreohyoid membrane was 34 mm. In 7% on the right side and in 13% on the left, the superior

  15. Superior dislocation of the patella: a case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Garcia-Balletbo Montserrat


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Superior dislocation of the patella is an uncommon condition that mainly occurs in knees with a high patella and medial femorotibial degenerative arthritis. There are no previous reports of this condition occurring in association with tibial valgus osteotomy. Case report: We report the case of a patient in whom vertical dislocation recurred twice at 4 months after tibial valgus osteotomy. To avert additional recurrence or new dislocations, the patient was treated surgically to remove the existing osteophytes. Conclusions: An arthroscopic approach was decided because of the lower associated morbidity and good results with this technique compared to open surgery.

  16. Hyperfractionated Accelerated Radiation Therapy (HART) of 70.6 Gy With Concurrent 5-FU/Mitomycin C Is Superior to HART of 77.6 Gy Alone in Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer: Long-term Results of the ARO 95-06 Randomized Phase III Trial

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Budach, Volker, E-mail: [Department of Radiation Oncology, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany); Stromberger, Carmen [Department of Radiation Oncology, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany); Poettgen, Christoph [Department of Radiation Oncology, University Hospital of Essen (Germany); Baumann, Michael [Department of Radiation Oncology, University Hospital of Dresden (Germany); Budach, Wilfried [Department of Radiation Oncology, Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf (Germany); Grabenbauer, Gerhard [Department of Radiation Oncology, University Hospitals of Erlangen (Germany); Marnitz, Simone [Department of Radiation Oncology, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany); Olze, Heidi [Department of Head and Neck Surgery, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany); Wernecke, Klaus-Dieter [Sostana GmbH, Berlin (Germany); Ghadjar, Pirus [Department of Radiation Oncology, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany)


    Purpose: To report the long-term results of the ARO 95-06 randomized trial comparing hyperfractionated accelerated chemoradiation with mitomycin C/5-fluorouracil (C-HART) with hyperfractionated accelerated radiation therapy (HART) alone in locally advanced head and neck cancer. Patients and Methods: The primary endpoint was locoregional control (LRC). Three hundred eighty-four patients with stage III (6%) and IV (94%) oropharyngeal (59.4%), hypopharyngeal (32.3%), and oral cavity (8.3%) cancer were randomly assigned to 30 Gy/2 Gy daily followed by twice-daily 1.4 Gy to a total of 70.6 Gy concurrently with mitomycin C/5-FU (C-HART) or 16 Gy/2 Gy daily followed by twice-daily 1.4 Gy to a total dose of 77.6 Gy alone (HART). Statistical analyses were done with the log-rank test and univariate and multivariate Cox regression analyses. Results: The median follow-up time was 8.7 years (95% confidence interval [CI]: 7.8-9.7 years). At 10 years, the LRC rates were 38.0% (C-HART) versus 26.0% (HART, P=.002). The cancer-specific survival and overall survival rates were 39% and 10% (C-HART) versus 30.0% and 9% (HART, P=.042 and P=.049), respectively. According to multivariate Cox regression analysis, the combined treatment was associated with improved LRC (hazard ratio [HR]: 0.6 [95% CI: 0.5-0.8; P=.002]). The association between combined treatment arm and increased LRC appeared to be limited to oropharyngeal cancer (P=.003) as compared with hypopharyngeal or oral cavity cancer (P=.264). Conclusions: C-HART remains superior to HART in terms of LRC. However, this effect may be limited to oropharyngeal cancer patients.

  17. 5-year results comparing mineral trioxide aggregate and adhesive resin composite for root-end sealing in apical surgery

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    von Arx, Thomas; Hänni, Stefan; Jensen, Simon Storgård


    observers). Two different methods of root-end preparation and filling (primary study parameters) were to be compared (mineral trioxide aggregate [MTA] vs adhesive resin composite [COMP]) without randomization. RESULTS: A total of 271 patients and teeth from a 1-year follow-up sample of 339 could be re...

  18. Comparing User-Assigned Terms with Indexer-Assigned Terms for Storage and Retrieval of Moving Images: Research Results. (United States)

    Turner, James M.


    Discussion of indexing moving image documents at the shot level focuses on a study conducted at the National Film Board of Canada. Popular terms supplied by users were compared with terms assigned by professional indexers in the source stockshot collection. Results suggest that indexing images using preiconographic (ofness) and iconographic…

  19. Effect of bilateral superior oblique split lengthening on torsion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jitendra Jethani


    Full Text Available Introduction: Superior oblique split lengthening (SOSL is done for weakening of superior oblique. It corrects the superior oblique overaction (SOOA and A pattern. Its effect on the torsion of the eye is not known. We present our data on the effect of this particular procedure on torsion. Materials and Methods: We did a study of 16 patients (32 eyes who underwent bilateral SOSL and compared the disc foveal angle (DFA preoperatively and postoperatively. The split lengthening was done from 4 mm to 7 mm depending upon the overaction of superior oblique. Results: The mean age was 15.3 ± 8.4 years. Mean preoperative DFA in the right eye (RE was −3.9° and in the left eye (LE was −2.9°. Mean postoperative DFA in RE was 0.2° and in LE was 0.9°. The mean change in the DFA for RE was 4.1° ± 1.3° and for LE was 3.8° ± 1.2°. All the patients were aligned horizontally within 6 prism diopter and no pattern and no diplopia postoperatively. The A pattern was corrected in all the patient postsurgery. For each mm of surgery, an improvement of 0.8° was seen in the DFA. Conclusion: We report the effect of SOSL on torsion. The SOSL reduces intorsion postsurgery and is, therefore, a valuable procedure in SOOA where both pattern and in torsion needs to be corrected.

  20. Isolated superior mesenteric artery dissection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lalitha Palle


    Full Text Available Isolated superior mesenteric artery (SMA dissection without involvement of the aorta and the SMA origin is unusual. We present a case of an elderly gentleman who had chronic abdominal pain, worse after meals. CT angiography, performed on a 64-slice CT scanner, revealed SMA dissection with a thrombus. A large artery of Drummond was also seen. The patient was managed conservatively.

  1. A escrita no Ensino Superior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Conceição Pillon Christofoli


    Full Text Available O presente artigo trata de apresentar resultados oriundos de pesquisa realizada no Ensino Superior, enfocando a escrita em contextos universitários. Depoimentos por parte dos acadêmicos evidenciam certa resistência ao ato de escrever, o que acaba muitas vezes distanciando o sujeito da produção de um texto. Assim sendo, mesmo que parciais, os resultados até então analisados dão conta de que: pressuposto 1 – há ruptura da ideia de coerência entre o que pensamos, o que conseguimos escrever, o que entende nosso interlocutor; pressuposto 2 – a autocorreção de textos como exercício de pesquisa é imprescindível para a qualificação da escrita; pressuposto 3 – os diários de aula representam rico instrumento para a qualificação da escrita no Ensino Superior; pressuposto 4 – há necessidade de que o aluno do Ensino Superior escreva variados tipos de escrita, ainda que a universidade cumpra com seu papel, enfatizando a escrita acadêmica; pressuposto 5 – o trabalho com a escrita no Ensino Superior deve enfatizar os componentes básicos da expressão escrita: o código escrito e a composição da escrita. Palavras-chave: Escrita; Ensino Superior; formação de professores.

  2. Can different primary care databases produce comparable estimates of burden of disease: results of a study exploring venous leg ulceration. (United States)

    Petherick, Emily S; Pickett, Kate E; Cullum, Nicky A


    Primary care databases from the UK have been widely used to produce evidence on the epidemiology and health service usage of a wide range of conditions. To date there have been few evaluations of the comparability of estimates between different sources of these data. To estimate the comparability of two widely used primary care databases, the Health Improvement Network Database (THIN) and the General Practice Research Database (GPRD) using venous leg ulceration as an exemplar condition. Cross prospective cohort comparison. GPRD and the THIN databases using data from 1998 to 2006. A data set was extracted from both databases containing all cases of persons aged 20 years or greater with a database diagnosis of venous leg ulceration recorded in the databases for the period 1998-2006. Annual rates of incidence and prevalence of venous leg ulceration were calculated within each database and standardized to the European standard population and compared using standardized rate ratios. Comparable estimates of venous leg ulcer incidence from the GPRD and THIN databases could be obtained using data from 2000 to 2006 and of prevalence using data from 2001 to 2006. Recent data collected by these two databases are more likely to produce comparable results of the burden venous leg ulceration. These results require confirmation in other disease areas to enable researchers to have confidence in the comparability of findings from these two widely used primary care research resources. © The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:

  3. Sobredentadura total superior implantosoportada Superior total overdenture on implants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Orlando Rodríguez García


    Full Text Available Se presenta un caso de un paciente desdentado total superior, rehabilitado en la consulta de implantología de la Clínica "Pedro Ortiz" del municipio Habana del Este en Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba, en el año 2009, mediante prótesis sobre implantes osteointegrados, técnica que se ha incorporado a la práctica estomatológica en Cuba como alternativa al tratamiento convencional en los pacientes desdentados totales. Se siguió un protocolo que comprendió una fase quirúrgica, procedimiento con o sin realización de colgajo y carga precoz o inmediata. Se presenta un paciente masculino de 56 años de edad, que acudió a la consulta multidisciplinaria, preocupado, porque se le habían elaborado tres prótesis en los últimos dos años y ninguna reunía los requisitos de retención que él necesitaba para sentirse seguro y cómodo con las mismas. El resultado final fue la satisfacción total del paciente, con el mejoramiento de la calidad estética y funcional.This is the case of a total maxilla edentulous patient seen in consultation of the "Pedro Ortíz" Clinic Implant of Habana del Este municipality in 2009 and con rehabilitation by prosthesis over osteointegration implants added to stomatology practice in Cuba as an alternative to conventional treatment in patients totally edentulous. We follow a protocol including a surgery or surgical phase, technique without or with flap creation and early or immediate load. This is a male patient aged 56 came to our multidisciplinary consultation worried because he had three prostheses in last two years and any fulfilled the requirements of retention to feel safe and comfortable with prostheses. The final result was the total satisfaction of rehabilitated patient improving its aesthetic and functional quality.

  4. Resolution of superior oblique myokymia with memantine. (United States)

    Jain, Saurabh; Farooq, Shegufta J; Gottlob, Irene


    We describe a novel treatment of superior oblique myokymia. A 40-year-old woman was treated with gabapentin for this disorder with partial success and reported significant side effects including loss of libido and weight gain. After a drug holiday, memantine therapy was initiated resulting in a substantial improvement in her symptoms with far fewer side effects and stability on long-term maintenance therapy.

  5. Compared to Palliative Care, Working in Intensive Care More than Doubles the Chances of Burnout: Results from a Nationwide Comparative Study (United States)

    Teixeira, Carla Margarida; Carvalho, Ana Sofia; Hernández-Marrero, Pablo


    Introduction Professionals working in intensive and palliative care units, hence caring for patients at the end-of-life, are at risk of developing burnout. Workplace conditions are determinant factors to develop this syndrome among professionals providing end-of-life care. Objectives To identify and compare burnout levels between professionals working in intensive and palliative care units; and to assess which workplace experiences are associated with burnout. Methods A nationwide, multicentre quantitative comparative survey study was conducted in Portugal using the following instruments: Maslach Burnout Inventory–Human Services Survey, Questionnaire of workplace experiences and ethical decisions, and Questionnaire of socio-demographic and professional characteristics. A total of 355 professionals from 10 intensive care and 9 palliative care units participated in the survey. A series of univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses were performed; odds ratio sidelong with 95% confidence intervals were calculated. Results 27% of the professionals exhibited burnout. This was more frequent in intensive care units (OR = 2.525, 95% CI: 1.025–6.221, p = .006). Univariate regression analyses showed that higher burnout levels were significantly associated with conflicts, decisions to withhold/withdraw treatment, and implementing palliative sedation. When controlling for socio-demographic and educational characteristics, and setting (intensive care units versus palliative care units), higher burnout levels were significantly and positively associated with experiencing conflicts in the workplace. Having post-graduate education in intensive/palliative care was significantly but inversely associated to higher burnout levels. Conclusions Compared to palliative care, working in intensive care units more than doubled the likelihood of exhibiting burnout. Experiencing conflicts (e.g., with patients and/or families, intra and/or inter-teams) was the most significant

  6. DOT/NASA comparative assessment of Brayton engines for guideway vehicles and busses. Volume 2: Analysis and results (United States)


    Gas turbine engines were assessed for application to hear duty transportation. A summary of the assumptions, applications, and methods of analysis is included along with a discussion of the approach taken, the technical program flow chart, and weighting criteria used for performance evaluation. The various engines are compared on the bases of weight, performance, emissions and noise, technology status, and growth potential. The results of the engine screening phase and the conceptual design phase are presented.

  7. A biomechanical assessment of superior shoulder translation after reconstruction of anterior glenoid bone defects: The Latarjet procedure versus allograft reconstruction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ryan M Degen


    Full Text Available Background : The coracoacromial ligament (CAL is an important restraint to superior shoulder translation. The effect of CAL release on superior stability following the Latarjet is unknown; therefore, our purpose was to compare the effect of two Latarjet techniques and allograft reconstruction on superior instability. Materials and Methods : Eight cadaveric specimens were tested on a simulator. Superior translation was monitored following an axial force in various glenohumeral rotations (neutral, internal, and external with and without muscle loading. Three intact CAL states were tested (intact specimen, 30% glenoid bone defect, and allograft reconstruction and two CAL deficient states (classic Latarjet (classicLAT and congruent-arc Latarjet (congruentLAT. Results : In neutral without muscle loading, a significant increase in superior translation occurred with the classicLAT as compared to 30% defect (P = 0.046 and allograft conditions (P = 0.041. With muscle loading, the classicLAT (P = 0.005, 0.002 and the congruentLAT (P = 0.018, 0.021 had significantly greater superior translation compared to intact and allograft, respectively. In internal rotation, only loaded tests produced significant results; specifically, classicLAT increased translation compared to all intact CAL states (P 0.05 and no differences (P = 1.0 were found between classicLAT and congruentLAT. Discussion: In most simulations, CAL release with the Latarjet lead to increased superior humeral translation. Conclusion: The choice of technique for glenoid bone loss reconstruction has implications on the magnitude of superior humeral translation. This previously unknown effect requires further study to determine its clinical and kinematic outcomes.

  8. Procedure and comparative analysis of results of silicon tracker modules testing for D0 (FNAL) collider experiment

    CERN Document Server

    Ermolov, P F; Karmanov, D E; Leflat, A; Merkin, M M; Shabalina, E K


    The silicon microstrip tracker consists of three main parts: the central cylindrical one, internal disks and face disks. All the parts of the tracker have modular structure. The modulus contains one or several silicon detectors and a flexible printed circuit with an integral read-out system. The methodology for testing the D0 tracker parts on their functional efficiency, reliability and defectiveness is described. Comparison of the results of the disks modules testing with the disk detectors parameters before their assembling is carried out. The comparative analysis results make it possible to optimize the process of the detector mass testing and work out the criteria for the detectors quality evaluation

  9. A blended design in acute care training: similar learning results, less training costs compared with a traditional format. (United States)

    Dankbaar, Mary E W; Storm, Diana J; Teeuwen, Irene C; Schuit, Stephanie C E


    Introduction There is a demand for more attractive and efficient training programmes in postgraduate health care training. This retrospective study aims to show the effectiveness of a blended versus traditional face-to-face training design. For nurses in postgraduate Acute and Intensive Care training, the effectiveness of a blended course design was compared with a traditional design. Methods In a first pilot study 57 students took a traditional course (2-h lecture and 2-h workshop) and 46 students took a blended course (2-h lecture and 2-h online self-study material). Test results were compared for both groups. After positive results in the pilot study, the design was replicated for the complete programme in Acute and Intensive Care. Now 16 students followed the traditional programme (11 days face-to-face education) and 31 students did the blended programme (7 days face-to-face and 40 h online self-study). An evaluation was done after the pilot and course costs were calculated. Results Results show that the traditional and blended groups were similar regarding the main characteristics and did not differ in learning results for both the pilot and the complete programme. Student evaluations of both designs were positive; however, the blended group were more confident that they had achieved the learning objectives. Training costs were reduced substantially. Conclusion The blended training design offers an effective and attractive training solution, leading to a significant reduction in costs.

  10. [Comparative estimation of the results of open and endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy in the treatment of Raynaud's phenomenon]. (United States)

    Miminoshvili, O I; Perepelitsa, S V; Shapovalov, I N


    Comparative analysis of thoracic sympathectomy efficacy, performed for Raynaud's phenomenon (RP), was accomplished, concerning application either endoscopic or open method. In 62 patients, suffering RP, open or endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy was done in surgical and vascular departments in 1997-2007 yrs. In 32 (51.61%) patients there was performed endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, in 30 (48.39%)--upper thoracic sympathectomy, using extrapleural supraclavicular access, according to V. N. Klimenko. Immediate results of upper thoracic sympathectomy did not differ trustworthy depending on any method or access. Late follow-up results of upper thoracic sympathectomy were worse than immediate results by 28%--in endoscopic variant and by 43% --in the open one. The positive results rate after endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy have exceeded that after conducting the open one by 15.18%.

  11. Superior efficacy of new medicines?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Luijn, J.C.F. van; Gribnau, F.W.J.; Leufkens, H.G.M.


    PURPOSE: To provide an overview of and discuss newly authorised medicines with an improved efficacy. METHODS: This analysis focussed on new medicines with an improved efficacy based on the results of randomised active control trials. Information on comparative efficacy was obtained from the European

  12. Ten-year results of a randomized trial comparing tacrolimus versus cyclosporine a in combination with mycophenolate mofetil after heart transplantation. (United States)

    Guethoff, Sonja; Meiser, Bruno M; Groetzner, Jan; Eifert, Sandra; Grinninger, Carola; Ueberfuhr, Peter; Reichart, Bruno; Hagl, Christian; Kaczmarek, Ingo


    Long-term results of prospective randomized trials comparing triple immunosuppressive strategies combining tacrolimus (TAC) or cyclosporine A (CsA) with mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) and steroids after heart transplantation (HTX) are rarely published. Therefore, we collected long-term follow-up data of an intervention cohort 10 years after randomization. Ten-year follow-up data of 60 patients included in a prospective, randomized trial between 1998 and 2000 were analyzed as intention-to-treat (TAC-MMF n=30; CsA-MMF n=30). Baseline characteristics were well balanced. Cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV) was graduated in accordance with the new ISHLT classification. Survival at 1, 5, and 10 years was 96.7%, 80.0%, and 66.7% for TAC-MMF and 90.0%, 83.3%, and 80.0% for CsA-MMF (P=ns). Freedom from acute rejection (AR) was significantly higher in TAC-MMF versus CsA-MMF (65.5% vs. 21.7%, log-rank 8.3, P=0.004). Freedom from ISHLT≥CAV1 after 5 and 10 years was in TAC-MMF 64.0% and 45.8%, and in CsA-MMF 36.0% (log-rank 3.0, P=0.085) and 8.0% (log-rank 9.0, P=0.003). No difference in long-term results for freedom from coronary angioplasty or stenting, renal dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, CMV infection, or malignancy was detected. Cross-over effects because of treatment switch may result in impairment of significance between the groups. The long-term analysis resulted in a significant difference in manifestation of CAV between the groups after 10 years. Less rejection in the TAC-group might have contributed to the lower incidence of CAV. Superior freedom from AR and CAV in the TAC-MMF group did not result in better long-term survival.

  13. Personality assessment with children of superior intelligence: divergence versus psychopathology. (United States)

    Gallucci, N T


    The perceptual and cognitive functioning of children with intelligence quotients greater than 135 was examined with the Rorschach Inkblot Test. A criterion measure, the Child Behavior Checklist, was also administered so as to determine whether deviations for Rorschach variables from age-appropriate norms indicated the presence of psychopathology or were evidence of nonentrenched, novel, or creative styles of encoding and processing information. Rorschach variables indicative of intellectual sophistication, nonentrenched thinking or inaccurate reality perception, and cognitive slippage were reliably elevated for this sample versus norms. Results for the Child Behavior Checklist demonstrated that the incidence of psychopathology in the intellectually superior and average samples were comparable. There was a lack of covariance between Rorschach makers of inaccurate reality perception, cognitive slippages, and schizophrenia, and the sum of behavior problems on the Child Behavior Checklist. Results for the Rorschach and Child Behavior Checklist variables were comparable for children with intelligence quotients greater than 150 versus between 136 and 140. It was concluded that the intellectually superior children did process the Rorschach stimuli in a manner that was nonentrenched and reliably different from norms, but that these differences should not routinely be considered as indications of psychopathology.

  14. Pensamiento Superior y Desarrollo Territorial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Víctor Manuel Racancoj Alonzo


    Full Text Available Esta reflexión pretende explicar el papel, fundamental, que juega el pensamiento superior, en la formulación y la práctica de modelos de desarrollo territorial local; para que contribuyan de forma sustantiva, en la transformación de las condiciones socioeconómicas adversas que hoy viven comunidades indígenas y rurales de muchos países, como Guatemala, situación que puede resumirse en altos índices de pobreza y desnutrición. Pero, el pensamiento superior, debe ser competencia de la población con pertenencia a lo local, pues si y solo si esta condición existe, se dará validez y viabilidad al desarrollo territorial. Para alcanzar competencias de pensamiento superior, en los espacios locales, se tiene que superar obstáculos en el modelo de universidad, que hoy estamos familiarizados a ver y pensar; modelos que tienen las características de: herencia colonial, disfunción con la problemática económica, cultural, social y política de la sociedad y la negación de los saberes ancestrales.

  15. Superior sulcus tumors (Pancoast tumors). (United States)

    Marulli, Giuseppe; Battistella, Lucia; Mammana, Marco; Calabrese, Francesca; Rea, Federico


    Superior Sulcus Tumors, frequently termed as Pancoast tumors, are a wide range of tumors invading the apical chest wall. Due to its localization in the apex of the lung, with the potential invasion of the lower part of the brachial plexus, first ribs, vertebrae, subclavian vessels or stellate ganglion, the superior sulcus tumors cause characteristic symptoms, like arm or shoulder pain or Horner's syndrome. The management of superior sulcus tumors has dramatically evolved over the past 50 years. Originally deemed universally fatal, in 1956, Shaw and Paulson introduced a new treatment paradigm with combined radiotherapy and surgery ensuring 5-year survival of approximately 30%. During the 1990s, following the need to improve systemic as well as local control, a trimodality approach including induction concurrent chemoradiotherapy followed by surgical resection was introduced, reaching 5-year survival rates up to 44% and becoming the standard of care. Many efforts have been persecuted, also, to obtain higher complete resection rates using appropriate surgical approaches and involving multidisciplinary team including spine surgeon or vascular surgeon. Other potential treatment options are under consideration like prophylactic cranial irradiation or the addition of other chemotherapy agents or biologic agents to the trimodality approach.

  16. Robotic right colectomy: A worthwhile procedure? Results of a meta-analysis of trials comparing robotic versus laparoscopic right colectomy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Niccolή Petrucciani


    Full Text Available Background: Robotic right colectomy (RRC is a complex procedure, offered to selected patients at institutions highly experienced with the procedure. It is still not clear if this approach is worthwhile in enhancing patient recovery and reducing post-operative complications, compared with laparoscopic right colectomy (LRC. Literature is still fragmented and no meta-analyses have been conducted to compare the two procedures. This work aims at reducing this gap in literature, in order to draw some preliminary conclusions on the differences and similarities between RRC and LRC, focusing on short-term outcomes. Materials and Methods: A systematic literature review was conducted to identify studies comparing RRC and LRC, and meta-analysis was performed using a random-effects model. Peri-operative outcomes (e.g., morbidity, mortality, anastomotic leakage rates, blood loss, operative time constituted the study end points. Results: Six studies, including 168 patients undergoing RRC and 348 patients undergoing LRC were considered as suitable. The patients in the two groups were similar with respect to sex, body mass index, presence of malignant disease, previous abdominal surgery, and different with respect to age and American Society of Anesthesiologists score. There were no statistically significant differences between RRC and LRC regarding estimated blood loss, rate of conversion to open surgery, number of retrieved lymph nodes, development of anastomotic leakage and other complications, overall morbidity, rates of reoperation, overall mortality, hospital stays. RRC resulted in significantly longer operative time. Conclusions: The RRC procedure is feasible, safe, and effective in selected patients. However, operative times are longer comparing to LRC and no advantages in peri-operative and post-operative outcomes are demonstrated with the use of the robotic surgical system.

  17. Endometrial cancer: results of clinical and histopathological staging compared to magnetic resonance imaging using an endorectal surface coil. (United States)

    Brocker, Kerstin A; Alt, Céline D; Breyer, Ulrike; Hallscheidt, Peter; Sohn, Christof


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the staging accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with an endorectal surface coil on patients with endometrial cancer compared to results obtained using the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) classification and histopathology. In this prospective study, patients with biopsy-proven endometrial cancer were staged clinically using the FIGO classification before undergoing 1.5 T MRI with an endorectal surface coil (eMRI). The staging results from the FIGO classification and from eMRI were compared with the histopathological results after surgery. Furthermore, each patient was given a questionnaire designed by the authors to evaluate the patients' opinions on eMRI. The responses were examined using the methods of descriptive analysis. A total of 33 consecutive patients were recruited and clinically staged before undergoing eMRI. Subsequently, 21 patients underwent primary surgery and 12 patients primary radiochemotherapy. The FIGO stages were identical to the histopathological results in 17 (81 %) cases, and those of eMRI were identical in 15 (71 %). In 13 (62 %) cases, FIGO and eMRI staged identically. In 12 (57 %) of the 21 cases, all three staging modalities diagnosed the same tumor stage. eMRI overstaged the tumor in four patients and understaged it in two. All T1a tumors were staged correctly by eMRI. Eighteen patients answered the questionnaire, of whom 11 (61 %) patients stated that their experience with eMRI was overall positive. It seems feasible in principle to employ eMRI for diagnosing patients with endometrial cancer stage T1a. Yet, the results of eMRI for our study population were not better than the results obtained using the FIGO classification or than those from using MRI without an endorectal surface coil. eMRI thus does not meet the expectations based on its use in other pelvic tumor entities.

  18. Perioperative and long-term results after left pancreatectomy: a single-institution, non-randomized, comparative study between open and laparoscopic approach. (United States)

    Butturini, Giovanni; Partelli, Stefano; Crippa, Stefano; Malleo, Giuseppe; Rossini, Roberto; Casetti, Luca; Melotti, Gian Luigi; Piccoli, Micaela; Pederzoli, Paolo; Bassi, Claudio


    Laparoscopic left pancreatic resections are being increasingly performed. In this study, we provide a nonrandomized comparison between laparoscopic and open left pancreatectomy (OLP) for benign and borderline tumors, focusing on both perioperative and long-term results. Demographic, pathologic, and perioperative details from patients who underwent laparoscopic and OLP between 1999 and 2006 were retrieved from our database and analyzed. Long-term results, including resume to full-time work, occurrence of incisional hernias, and incidence of exocrine and endocrine insufficiency also were evaluated. A total of 116 patients were included in the analysis; 43 (37.1%) were managed laparoscopically and 73 (62.9%) underwent the open procedure. There were no significant differences regarding clinical and pathological data. All of the resections attempted laparoscopically were completed. The rate of splenic preservation was significantly higher in the laparoscopic group (P = 0.0001). Postoperative outcomes were similar between the two groups. Longitudinal comparison between two time periods (1999-June 2004 vs. July 2004-2006) showed that pancreatic fistula and hospital stay significantly diminished over time in the laparoscopic group (P = 0.04 and P = 0.004, respectively). Median follow-up was 53 months. The incidence of exocrine insufficiency and incisional hernias was significantly higher after open resections (both P = 0.05). After hospital discharge, median time to resume full-time work was 6 weeks in the open group and 3 weeks after laparoscopic resections (P < 0.0001). Laparoscopy also resulted as an independent factor for an early resume to full-time activities in the multivariate analysis (P < 0.0001). Laparoscopic left pancreatectomy is a safe procedure for benign and borderline tumors, with similar perioperative outcomes compared with the open procedure. In the long term, the laparoscopic approach is likely to be superior thanks to a more rapid resume

  19. Noise management to achieve superiority in quantum information systems (United States)

    Nemoto, Kae; Devitt, Simon; Munro, William J.


    Quantum information systems are expected to exhibit superiority compared with their classical counterparts. This superiority arises from the quantum coherences present in these quantum systems, which are obviously absent in classical ones. To exploit such quantum coherences, it is essential to control the phase information in the quantum state. The phase is analogue in nature, rather than binary. This makes quantum information technology fundamentally different from our classical digital information technology. In this paper, we analyse error sources and illustrate how these errors must be managed for the system to achieve the required fidelity and a quantum superiority. This article is part of the themed issue 'Quantum technology for the 21st century'.

  20. A biomechanical assessment of superior shoulder translation after reconstruction of anterior glenoid bone defects: The Latarjet procedure versus allograft reconstruction. (United States)

    Degen, Ryan M; Giles, Joshua W; Boons, Harm W; Litchfield, Robert B; Johnson, James A; Athwal, George S


    The coracoacromial ligament (CAL) is an important restraint to superior shoulder translation. The effect of CAL release on superior stability following the Latarjet is unknown; therefore, our purpose was to compare the effect of two Latarjet techniques and allograft reconstruction on superior instability. Eight cadaveric specimens were tested on a simulator. Superior translation was monitored following an axial force in various glenohumeral rotations (neutral, internal, and external) with and without muscle loading. Three intact CAL states were tested (intact specimen, 30% glenoid bone defect, and allograft reconstruction) and two CAL deficient states (classic Latarjet (classicLAT) and congruent-arc Latarjet (congruentLAT)). In neutral without muscle loading, a significant increase in superior translation occurred with the classicLAT as compared to 30% defect (P = 0.046) and allograft conditions (P = 0.041). With muscle loading, the classicLAT (P = 0.005, 0.002) and the congruentLAT (P = 0.018, 0.021) had significantly greater superior translation compared to intact and allograft, respectively. In internal rotation, only loaded tests produced significant results; specifically, classicLAT increased translation compared to all intact CAL states (P 0.05) and no differences (P = 1.0) were found between classicLAT and congruentLAT. In most simulations, CAL release with the Latarjet lead to increased superior humeral translation. The choice of technique for glenoid bone loss reconstruction has implications on the magnitude of superior humeral translation. This previously unknown effect requires further study to determine its clinical and kinematic outcomes.

  1. A comparative study of autokeratometric and Scheimpflug keratometric measurements of the anterior corneal surface: results for a single subject

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Mathebula


    Full Text Available One purpose of the broader study was to determine whether keratometric measurements obtained with an autokeratometer (Nidek ARK-700 would be comparable with those measured using the Oculus Pentacam(model 70700. Ten healthy subjects without ocular abnormality, no previous or current contact lens wear or history of ocular surgery were recruited and at least 43 successive keratometric measurements were obtained for the right eye of each subject using both instruments, namely the autokeratometer and the Pentacam. This paper will concern itself with data from only one of the ten subjects involved, namely Subject 1. The corneal powers were analyzed using multivariate methods for analyzing dioptric power. Scatter plots and meridional profiles of skewness and kurtosis were used to compare the results for the two instruments. Mean dioptric powers in conventional and scientific notation were determined.The results for this subject indicated that there was a statistically significant difference between the autokeratometry and the Pentacam. Although the means  between the two instruments were found to be significantly different at a 95% level of confidence, there was minimal clinical difference between the means of the two instruments. That is, this preliminary investigation suggests that in normal eyes, clinically, keratometric results obtained by means of an autokeratometer and a Pentacam are reasonably similar and can be used interchangeably.

  2. Portfolio Evaluation Based on Efficient Frontier Superiority Using Center of Gravity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Omar Samat


    Full Text Available Investing in portfolio of assets is the best way to reduce the investment risk. The most desired portfolio can be obtained when investors chose to invest in the portfolios that lay on the portfolio’s efficient frontier. However, the superiorities of the portfolios are difficult to differentiate especially when the efficient frontier curves are overlapping. This paper proposed the portfolio’s efficient frontier center of gravity (CoG and Euclidean distance to identify its superiority. A sample of 49 stocks of large-cap and small-cap were used to construct two hypothetical portfolios and its efficient frontiers. The Euclidean distance showed that the large-cap portfolio is superior and having wider feasible solutions compared to the small-cap portfolio. The results of new tool introduced are consistent with the conventional methods. Here the theoretical and practical implications are provided in light of the findings.

  3. The results of comparative analysis of angiogenic and laser therapy for diabetic macular edema in diabetes type 2

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. V. Vorobieva


    Full Text Available Purpose: To compare the results of laser treatment and intravitreal ranibizumab injections in patients with DME consistent with the level of VEGF A in tear fluid.Methods: The progress of visual acuity, retinal thickness and light sensivity after laser treatment and ranibizumab intravitreal injection has been assessed.Results: One month after the treatment the main effect of laser was the decrease of retinal thickness, whereas after ranibizumab — the increase of visual acuity. The significant decrease of VEGF A level in tear fluid was found only in ranibizumab group.Conclusion: Laser treatment of DME leads to permanent retinal thickness decrease and insignificant functional improvement in comparison with ranibizumab IV injection, which leads to temporary morphological and functional improvement.

  4. Is treatment in a day hospital step-down program superior to outpatient individual psychotherapy for patients with personality disorders? 36 months follow-up of a randomized clinical trial comparing different treatment modalities. (United States)

    Gullestad, Frida Slagstad; Wilberg, Theresa; Klungsøyr, Ole; Johansen, Merete Selsbakk; Urnes, Oyvind; Karterud, Sigmund


    Despite increasing interest in the development of effective treatments for patients with PDs, there is still no consensus about the optimal treatment setting for this group of patients. This study reports the 36 months follow-up of the Ullevål Personality Project (UPP) (n=113), a randomized clinical trial comparing two treatment modalities for patients with PDs: an intensive long-term step-down treatment program, consisting of short-term day hospital treatment followed by combined group and individual psychotherapy organized in a hospital setting, with "ordinary" outpatient individual psychotherapy in private practice for patients with moderate to severe PDs. Patients in both treatment groups showed improvements in several clinical measures after 36 months. However, contrary to our expectations, patients in the outpatient treatment setting improved significantly more. Possible explanations for this surprising finding are discussed. The study cannot exclude the possibility that treatment aspects other than differences in modalities could explain some of the differential effectiveness (e.g. differences between therapists).

  5. Superior analgesic effect of H-Dmt-D-Arg-Phe-Lys-NH2 ([Dmt1]DALDA), a multifunctional opioid peptide, compared to morphine in a rat model of neuropathic pain. (United States)

    Shimoyama, Megumi; Schiller, Peter W; Shimoyama, Naohito; Toyama, Satoshi; Szeto, Hazel H


    H-Dmt-D-Arg-Phe-Lys-NH(2) ([Dmt(1)]DALDA) is a synthetic tetrapeptide with extraordinary selectivity for the mu-opioid receptor and is an extremely potent analgesic. [Dmt(1) ]DALDA is unusual in the way that the greater part of its analgesic potency appears to be produced by its actions in the spinal cord. Furthermore, [Dmt(1) ]DALDA inhibits norepinephrine re-uptake and is a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant. Such characteristics may make [Dmt(1)]DALDA particularly effective against neuropathic pain. The present study was designed to compare the effects of [Dmt(1)]DALDA and morphine on thermal hyperalgesia in an experimental neuropathic pain model. Neuropathic pain was induced in rats by surgical ligation of the L5 spinal nerve, and thermal pain thresholds were assessed by latencies of paw withdrawal to radiant heat. The increase in paw withdrawal latency was greater after the administration of [Dmt(1) ]DALDA than that of morphine in neuropathic rats at doses that were equianalgesic in naïve animals. We conclude that [Dmt(1)]DALDA is more effective than morphine against thermal hyperalgesia in this experimental model of neuropathic pain.

  6. Comparative analysis of results of treatment patients with severe spinal deformities using screw and a hybrid hardware

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. N. Baklanov


    Full Text Available Purpose: evaluation of efficacy of operative treatment with the use of screw and hybrid metal constructions in idiopathic scoliosis associated with severe spine deformities. Material and methods: The outcomes of treatment of 34 patients aged 15 to 27 years old with severe scoliosisoperated on using screw metal constructions, were reviewed. 22 patients operated on with the use of hybrid metal constructions, made a control group. The groups were compared by the following parameters: pre- and postoperative Cobb angle, deformity mobility according to traction test, total sagittal/frontal balance, CT apical vertebra rotation, operation time, intraoperative blood loss, the number of instrumented vertebrae, and correction failure at 24-hr spondylograms. Results: Group A (screw spine fixation demonstrated better outcomes compared to group B (combined spine fixation in the following parameters. Postoperative correction was 48% and 41%;apical vertebra rotation decreased from 78° to 55° (30% and from 74° to 59°(21%;total sagittal/frontal balance decreased from 39/25 mmto 14/12 mm (64/52% and from 35/26 mm to 16/15 mm (55/43%, correspondingly. These results suggest better trunk compensation and postoperative correction in a group of patients with screw fixation. Smaller values of correction failure of the main arc as well as insignificant increase of thoracic kyphosis in the postoperative period (24 months 3.8%/4.3% in group A compared to 6.2%/7.5% in group B testify to greater reliability and stability of ‘all screw’ metal constructions. The number of fixed elements was on average one more in a group with combined fixation (13 and 14, correspondingly.

  7. The free vascularized flap and the flap plate options: comparative results of reconstruction of lateral mandibular defects. (United States)

    Shpitzer, T; Gullane, P J; Neligan, P C; Irish, J C; Freeman, J E; Van den Brekel, M; Gur, E


    Reconstruction of the mandible and oral cavity after segmental resection is a challenging surgical problem. Although osteocutaneous free flaps are generally accepted to be optimal for reconstruction of anterior defects, the need for bony reconstruction for a pure lateral mandibular defect remains controversial. A retrospective study. A retrospective comparative study of short- and long-term outcomes of three different reconstruction techniques for lateral defects was performed. In total, 57 patients were included, of whom 27 had a plate and pedicled pectoralis major myocutaneous flap (PMMF group), 16 had a plate and free radial forearm flap (FRFF group), and 14 had an osteocutaneous free flap. Functionality, flap failure, and complications were scored. Plates had to be removed in 7 of the 27 patients in the PMMF group and 2 of the 16 in the FRFF group; none of the 14 osteocutaneous free flaps failed. The difference was of borderline statistical significance (P = .055). Longterm functional outcome revealed no statistically significant difference in oral deglutition (P = .76) or in facial contour (P = .36). Oral continence was significantly better in patients in the FRFF group (88%) as compared with the PMMF group (52%) or the osteocutaneous free flap group (43%) (P = .02). On the other hand, the results for speech favored the osteocutaneous free flap group; 13 of 14 patients (92.9%) had a normal score compared with 12 of 16 patients (75%) in the FRFF group and 17 of 27 (63%) in the PMMF group. However, this represented a borderline statistically significant result (P = .06). For lateral mandibular defects, the osteocutaneous free flap is reliable and durable in the long term. However, in a selected group of patients either of the two flap-plate options is a viable reconstructive option.

  8. Comparative Analysis of Satellite Measurements Calculation Results Using the Postprocessing Services: Asg-Eupos (Poland), Apps (USA) and CSRS (Canada) (United States)

    Mika, Monika; Kudach, Jakub


    The publication has a cognitive research character. It presents a comparative analysis of free Internet services in Poland and abroad, used to adjust the data obtained using satellite measurement techniques. The main aim of this work is to describe and compare free tools for satellite data processing and to examine them for possible use in the surveying works in Poland. Among the many European and global services three of them dedicated to satellite measurements were selected: ASG-EUPOS (Poland), APPS (USA) and CSRS (Canada). The publication contains the results of calculations using these systems. Calculations were based on RINEX files obtained via postprocessing service (ASG-EUPOS network) POZGEO D for 12 reference stations in the South Poland. In order to examine differences in results between the ASG-EUPOS, APPS and CSRS the transformation points coordinate to a single coordinate system ETRF 2000 (in force in Poland) was made. Studies have shown the possibility of the calculation in Poland (in postprocessing mode) using the analyzed applications with global coverage.

  9. Comparative Validation of Polyp Detection Methods in Video Colonoscopy: Results from the MICCAI 2015 Endoscopic Vision Challenge. (United States)

    Bernal, Jorge; Tajbakhsh, Nima; Sanchez, F Javier; Matuszewski, Bogdan J; Chen, Hao; Yu, Lequan; Angermann, Quentin; Romain, Olivier; Rustad, Bjorn; Balasingham, Ilangko; Pogorelov, Konstantin; Choi, Sungbin; Debard, Quentin; Maier-Hein, L; Speidel, Stefanie; Stoyanov, Danail; Brandao, Patrick; Cordova, Henry; Sanchez-Montes, Cristina; Gurudu, Suryakanth R; Fernandez-Esparrach, Gloria; Dray, Xavier; Liang, Jianming; Histace, Aymeric


    Colonoscopy is the gold standard for colon cancer screening though still some polyps are missed, thus preventing early disease detection and treatment. Several computational systems have been proposed to assist polyp detection during colonoscopy but so far without consistent evaluation. The lack of publicly available annotated databases has made it difficult to compare methods and to assess if they achieve performance levels acceptable for clinical use. The Automatic Polyp Detection subchallenge, conducted as part of the Endoscopic Vision Challenge ( at the international conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) in 2015, was an effort to address this need. In this paper, we report the results of this comparative evaluation of polyp detection methods, as well as describe additional experiments to further explore differences between methods. We define performance metrics and provide evaluation databases that allow comparison of multiple methodologies. Results show that convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are the state of the art. Nevertheless it is also demonstrated that combining different methodologies can lead to an improved overall performance.

  10. Adjuvant chemotherapy compliance is not superior after thoracoscopic lobectomy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Licht, Peter B; Schytte, Tine; Jakobsen, Erik


    BACKGROUND: It is generally assumed that patient compliance with adjuvant chemotherapy is superior after video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery compared with open lobectomy for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The level of evidence for this assumption, however, is limited to single-institution, ......BACKGROUND: It is generally assumed that patient compliance with adjuvant chemotherapy is superior after video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery compared with open lobectomy for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The level of evidence for this assumption, however, is limited to single...... histopathology. A clinical oncologist, who was blinded to the surgical approach, reviewed all medical oncology charts for types of adjuvant chemotherapy, reasons for not initiating or stopping treatment, number of cycles delivered, and time interval from surgery to initial chemotherapy. RESULTS: During a 6-year...... adjuvant chemotherapy and 121 (38.7%) completed all four cycles. Ordinal logistic regression revealed that chemotherapy compliance (none, partial, and full chemotherapy) was significantly reduced by the patient's age (p

  11. Entidades fiscalizadoras superiores y accountability


    Estela Moreno, María


    OBJETIVOS DE LA TESIS: El objetivo general del trabajo es establecer el nivel de eficacia de las Entidades Fiscalizadoras Superiores (EFS) como agencia asignada y herramienta de accountability horizontal, a través de la valoración de su diseño institucional y de la calidad de sus productos finales, los informes de auditoría, estableciéndose los siguientes objetivos específicos: 1. Relevar las nociones de accountability, actualizando el Estado del Arte de la cuestión. 2. Analizar la ...

  12. Portal Vein Embolization before Right Hepatectomy: Improved Results Using n-Butyl-Cyanoacrylate Compared to Microparticles Plus Coils

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guiu, Boris, E-mail:; Bize, Pierre; Gunthern, Daniel [Centre Hospitalo-Univeristaire Vaudois, Digestive and Oncologic Imaging and Interventional Radiology Unit, Department of Radiology and Interventional Radiology (Switzerland); Demartines, Nicolas; Halkic, Nermin [Centre Hospitalo-Univeristaire Vaudois, Department of Visceral Surgery (Switzerland); Denys, Alban [Centre Hospitalo-Univeristaire Vaudois, Digestive and Oncologic Imaging and Interventional Radiology Unit, Department of Radiology and Interventional Radiology (Switzerland)


    Background: There is currently no consensus in the literature on which embolic agent induces the greatest degree of liver hypertrophy after portal vein embolization (PVE). Only experimental results in a pig model have demonstrated an advantage of n-butyl-cyanoacrylate (NBCA) over 3 other embolic materials (hydrophilic gel, small and large polyvinyl alcohol particles) for PVE. Therefore, the aim of this human study was to retrospectively compare the results of PVE using NBCA with those using spherical microparticles plus coils. Methods: A total of 34 patients underwent PVE using either NBCA (n = 20), or spherical microparticles plus coils (n = 14). PVE was decided according to preoperative volumetry on the basis of contrast-enhanced CT. Groups were compared for age, sex, volume of the left lobe before PVE and future remnant liver ratio (FRL) (volume of the left lobe/total liver volume - tumor volume). The primary end point was the increase in left lobe volume 1 month after PVE. Secondary end points were procedure complications and biological tolerance. Results: Both groups were similar in terms of age, sex ratio, left lobe volume, and FRL before PVE. NBCA induced a greater increase in volume after PVE than did microparticles plus coils (respectively, +74 {+-} 69 % and +23 {+-} 14 %, p < 0.05). The amount of contrast medium used for the procedure was significantly larger when microparticles and coils rather than NBCA were used (respectively, 264 {+-} 43 ml and 162 {+-} 34 ml, p < 0.01). The rate of PVE complications as well as the biological tolerance was similar in both groups. Conclusion: NBCA seems more effective than spherical microparticles plus coils to induce left-lobe hypertrophy.

  13. Metastatic axillary lymph node ratio (LNR) is prognostically superior to pN staging in patients with breast cancer--results for 804 Chinese patients from a single institution. (United States)

    Xiao, Xiang-Sheng; Tang, Hai-Lin; Xie, Xin-Hua; Li, Lai-Sheng; Kong, Ya-Nan; Wu, Min-Qing; Yang, Lu; Gao, Jie; Wei, Wei-Dong; Xie, Xiaoming


    The number of axillary lymph nodes involved and retrieved are important prognostic factors in breast cancer. The purpose of our study was to investigate whether the lymph node ratio (LNR) is a better prognostic factor in predicting disease-free survival (DFS) for breast cancer patients as compared with pN staging. The analysis was based on 804 breast cancer patients who had underwent axillary lymph node dissection between 1999 and 2008 in Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center. Optimal cutoff points of LNR were calculated using X-tile software and validated by bootstrapping. Patients were then divided into three groups (low-, intermediate-, and high-risk) according to the cutoff points. Predicting risk factors for relapse were performed according to Cox proportional hazards analysis. DFS was estimated using the Kaplan-Meier method and compared by the log-rank test. The 5-year DFS rate decreased significantly with increasing LNRs and pN. Univariate analysis found that the pT , pN, LNR, molecule type, HER2, pTNM stage and radiotherapy well classified patients with significantly different prognosis. By multivariate analysis, only LNR classification was retained as an independent prognostic factor. Furthermore, there was a significant prognostic difference among different LNR categories for pN2 category, but no apparent prognostic difference was seen between different pN categories in any LNR category. Therefore, LNR rather than pN staging is preferable in predicting DFS in node positive breast cancer patients, and routine clinical decision-making should take the LNR into consideration.

  14. Current evaluation of sonography of the meniscus. Results of a comparative study of sonographic and arthroscopic findings. (United States)

    Casser, H R; Sohn, C; Kiekenbeck, A


    Sonography of the knee has gained in significance in the diagnosis of the meniscus; experimental and clinical studies have demonstrated that the normal and pathological anatomy of the meniscus can be visualized on a sonogram. The aim of this comparative investigation is to evaluate sonographic lesion diagnosis in comparison with arthroscopic findings, using a standardized examination method. Two hundred and six knee joints were first scanned sonographically using a 7.5 MHz sector transducer. The examining doctor had neither anamnestic nor clinical information in advance. On the following day, the joints were examined arthroscopically, without the findings of the day before being available to the examiner. When the findings were compared, the sensitivity of sonographic diagnosis of lesions was found to be 82.2% and its specificity 87.6%. The patients were of varying ages and had varying anamneses. The results show that sonography of the meniscus is a valuable diagnostic help when the knee-joint symptoms are not clear, given that the correct technical equipment and sufficient experience with this form of examination are at hand. The advantage of sonography is that, in contrast to arthroscopy, it is noninvasive and easily available.

  15. Screening of breast lesions: a comparative study between mammography, B-mode ultrasonography, sonoelastography and histological results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raquel Constantino Pardal


    Full Text Available Objective To compare the capacity of mammography, sonoelastography, B-mode ultrasonography and histological analysis to differentiate benign from malignant breast lesions. Materials and Methods A total of 12 histopathologically confirmed breast lesions were documented. The lesions were assessed by means of mammography, B-mode ultrasonography and sonoelastography, and histopathological analysis was utilized as a gold standard. Sensitivity and specificity were calculated. A receiver operating characteristic (ROC curve was constructed to evaluate the diagnostic performance of the mentioned techniques. Results Sensitivity and specificity in the differentiation between benign and malignant lesions were respectively 100% and 50% for mammography, 100% and 71% for B-mode ultrasonography, and 67% and 83% for sonoelastography. The area under the ROC curve was calculated for the three imaging modalities and corresponded to 0.792 for mammography, 0.847 for B-mode ultrasonography, and 0.806 for sonoelastography. Conclusion Sonoelastography demonstrated higher specificity and lower sensitivity as compared with mammography and B-mode ultrasonography. On the other hand, B-mode ultrasonography had the largest area under the ROC curve. Sonoelastography has demonstrated to be a promising technique to detect and evaluate breast lesions, and could potentially reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies.

  16. Comparative study of the results of heel ultrasound screening and DXA findings (lumbar spine and left hip of postmenopausal women

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amila Jaganjac


    Full Text Available Introduction: Osteoporosis is a silent and invisible disease of bone, great presence and is considered to suffer from osteoporosis at least 200 million women worldwide. The goal of this paper is to show average ageof postmenopausal respondents, values of anthropometric parameters (weight, height, BMI, anamnestic data on clinical symptoms, fractures of women in menopause, analysis of heel ultrasound screening results,analysis of lumbar spine DXA results, analysis of left hip DXA results.Methods: In retrospective study 61 respondents were involved, 33 to 79 years old, treated in u Center for Physical Medicine and Acupuncture “AD” in Sarajevo during the period from 01.01.2008 till 31.12.2009. Alldate are shown numerically and percentage account with calculation of mean value, expressed in the form of tables and charts.Results: Finding of heel ultrosound screening compared to T values of postmenopausal respondents indicates on osteoporosis in case of 17 (27,87%, in case of 44 (72,13% respondents osteopenia, while normalvalues were not found. T value with lumbar spine DXA method in postmenopausal female respondents correspond to 43 (70,5% respondents, in 15 respondents (24,6% finding corresponded to osteopenia, while 3 respondents (4,9% had physiological finding. Left hip DXA finding shows 36 (59% respondents corresponded osteoporosis, 19 (31,2% respondents corresponded osteopenia, while physiological finding was found in 6 respondents (9,8%. T value of lumbar spine DXA finding was - 2,71 ± 1,16; DXA finding of left hip -2,35 ±1,36; heel ultrasound screening -2,19 ± 0,54.Conclusion: Research results indicate that DXA finding in relation to the heel ultrasound screening confirms gold standard in diagnosing osteoporosis.

  17. Comparing the Overall Result and Interaction in Aggregate Data Meta-Analysis and Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis. (United States)

    Huang, Yafang; Tang, Jinling; Tam, Wilson Wai-San; Mao, Chen; Yuan, Jinqiu; Di, Mengyang; Yang, Zuyao


    The aim of the study was to examine how well aggregate data meta-analyses (ADMAs) and individual patient data meta-analyses (IPDMAs) agree in their overall results and how frequently interactions are detected in IPDMAs and ADMAs.ADMA articles immediately published before the IPDMA and matching the research topic were identified. Agreement in the overall result was achieved if the estimate was in the same direction. The number of subgroup analyses, in particular that of significant interactions, was compared between the 2 types of meta-analyses.A total of 829 IPDMA articles were identified; 129 (15.6%) were found to have a matched ADMA article and 204 paired meta-analyses were identified. Agreement in the overall effect was observed in 187 (91.7%) of the 204 paired meta-analyses. Fifty-three (26.0%) ADMAs and 121 (59.3%) IPDMAs conducted subgroup analyses and presented 150 and 634 subgroup analyses, respectively. The IPDMAs conducted 7 times more subgroup analyses on interaction (544 in IPDMAs vs 68 in ADMAs) and identified 14 times more potential interactions (44 in IPDMAs vs 3 in ADMAs).ADMAs will almost always agree with their corresponding IPDMAs in the overall result if greater efforts are made to improve the methodology in conducting ADMAs. The IPDMA is required mostly if interactions are suspected.

  18. Prospective study comparing functional outcomes and revision rates between hip resurfacing and total hip arthroplasty: preliminary results for 2 years. (United States)

    Pailhé, Régis; Reina, Nicolas; Cavaignac, Etienne; Sharma, Akash; Lafontan, Valérie; Laffosse, Jean-Michel; Chiron, Philippe


    There is a need of independent prospective studies about modern generation of hip resurfacing implants. The aim of this propective observational study was to compare the functional outcomes and revision rates with hip resurfacing arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty and to present the preliminary results at 2 years. Patients included were recruited prospectively in the Partial Pelvic Replacement Hip Project by a single surgeon between January 2007 and January 2010. Patients were assessed with the Harris Hip Score (HHS) and Postel-Merle d'Aubigné (MDA) score and Devane Score. The end point of the study was reoperation for any cause related to the prosthesis. At a mean follow up of 38.6 months there were a total of 142 patients with hip resurfacing (group 1) [100 Durom(®) (Zimmer Inc., Warsaw, IN, USA) and 42 Birmingham Hip Resurfacing(®) (Smith & Nephew, Memphis, TN, USA)] and 278 patients with total hip arthroplasty (group 2). The results showed significantly greater gain of HHS, MDA and Devane score with hip resurfacing procedures. However, considering all the complications, the rate was significantly higher in group 16.4% vs 1.79% in group 2 (P<0.0001). In group 1 we observed 6 complications only concerned males with Durom(®) implants. The follow up of this cohort is still on going and may deliver more information on the evolution of these results in time.

  19. Prospective study comparing functional outcomes and revision rates between hip resurfacing and total hip arthroplasty: preliminary results for 2 years

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Régis Pailhé


    Full Text Available There is a need of independent prospective studies about modern generation of hip resurfacing implants. The aim of this propective observational study was to compare the functional outcomes and revision rates with hip resurfacing arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty and to present the preliminary results at 2 years. Patients included were recruited prospectively in the Partial Pelvic Replacement Hip Project by a single surgeon between January 2007 and January 2010. Patients were assessed with the Harris Hip Score (HHS and Postel-Merle d’Aubigné (MDA score and Devane Score. The end point of the study was reoperation for any cause related to the prosthesis. At a mean follow up of 38.6 months there were a total of 142 patients with hip resurfacing (group 1 [100 Durom® (Zimmer Inc., Warsaw, IN, USA and 42 Birmingham Hip Resurfacing® (Smith & Nephew, Memphis, TN, USA] and 278 patients with total hip arthroplasty (group 2. The results showed significantly greater gain of HHS, MDA and Devane score with hip resurfacing procedures. However, considering all the complications, the rate was significantly higher in group 16.4% vs 1.79% in group 2 (P<0.0001. In group 1 we observed 6 complications only concerned males with Durom® implants. The follow up of this cohort is still on going and may deliver more information on the evolution of these results in time.

  20. Survey of the results of acute sciatic nerve repair comparing epineural and perineurial techniques in the lower extremities of rat

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Hamid Karimi; Kamal Seyed Forootan; Gholamreza Moein; Seyed Jaber Mosavi; Batol Ghorbani Iekta


    Objective: To study the result of nerve repair in the two mentioned techniques in rats to find the proper answer to the existing disagreement. Methods: Twenty adult male rats were included in treatment group. Acutely disconnected sciatic nerve was repaired by Epineural technique in half of the rats;in the other half perineurial technique was applied. After 80 d, the number of grown axons of distal on the repair site was calculated through the use of an optical microscope. Additionally by studying the foot print of the rats the return of neural motor activity was evaluated. Results: In epineural group, SFI index was: (56.33±32.30) and in perineurial group: (55.71±30.31);P value=0.930 with their being no difference between these two techniques of surgery. However, in comparing epineural and perineurial groups in the groups themselves, statistical tests showed a significant difference showing functional improvement in comparison with the day before surgery P value=0.0001. Statistical tests showed that the average of axons' number distal to anastomosis site in the epineural group was (349±80) and in the perineurial group was (405±174). These groups have no significant difference regarding the number of axons (P value=0.36). Conclusion:The results of epineural and perineurial surgery techniques show no difference in nerve repair, SFI index, or axon counting in distal part.

  1. Comparative Study of US Features, US-guided Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology, and Pathology Results for Eggshell Calcified Thyroid Nodules

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Seo, Yoon Nae; Kim, Dong Wook [Dept. of Radiology, Busan Paik Hospital, Inje University College of Medicine, Busan (Korea, Republic of)


    The aim of this study was to investigate ultrasound (US) findings of eggshell calcified thyroid nodules associated with thyroid malignancy and the diagnostic usefulness for US-guided fine-needle aspiration cytology (US-FNAC) of eggshell calcified thyroid nodules. We analyzed 36 eggshell calcified thyroid nodules in 35 patients who underwent thyroid US and US-FNAC from January to December of 2009. We compared the US findings and US-FNAC results with the pathologic results confirmed by surgery. Twenty eggshell calcified nodules were surgically removed in 19 patients, from which 8 papillary thyroid carcinomas and 12 hyperplasia nodules were confirmed. The sensitivity, specificity, positive, and negative predictive values, as well as accuracy for US diagnosis and US-FNAC of eggshell calcified nodules were 100% and 20%, 25% and 100%, 43.8% and 100%, 100% and 63.6%, and 55% and 66.7%, respectively. The results of this study indicate that thick peripheral hypoechoic rim and thickening of eggshell calcified nodules are significantly related to malignancy, but focal disruption of eggshell calcification is not.

  2. Model-theoretic Optimization Approach to Triathlon Performance Under Comparative Static Conditions – Results Based on The Olympic Games 2012

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Fröhlich


    Full Text Available In Olympic-distance triathlon, time minimization is the goal in all three disciplines and the two transitions. Running is the key to winning, whereas swimming and cycling performance are less significantly associated with overall competition time. A comparative static simulation calculation based on the individual times of each discipline was done. Furthermore, the share of the discipline in the total time proved that increasing the scope of running training results in an additional performance development. Looking at the current development in triathlon and taking the Olympic Games in London 2012 as an initial basis for model-theoretic simulations of performance development, the first fact that attracts attention is that running becomes more and more the crucial variable in terms of winning a triathlon. Run times below 29:00 minutes in Olympic-distance triathlon will be decisive for winning. Currently, cycle training time is definitely overrepresented. The share of swimming is considered optimal.

  3. Ten year results of a randomised trial comparing two conservative treatment strategies for small size breast cancer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mariani, L. [Istituto Nazionale per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (INT), Biometry, Via Venezian 1, I-20133 Milan (Italy); Salvadori, B. [INT, Surgical Oncology C, Via Venezian 1, I-20133 Milan (Italy); Marubini, E. [Istituto Nazionale per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (INT), Biometry, Via Venezian 1, I-20133 Milan (Italy); Conti, A.R.; Rovini, D.; Cusumano, F. [INT, Surgical Oncology C, Via Venezian 1, I-20133 Milan (Italy); Rosolin, T. [Istituto Nazionale per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (INT), Biometry, Via Venezian 1, I-20133 Milan (Italy); Andreola, S. [INT, Pathology, Via Venezian 1, I-20133 Milan (Italy); Zucali, R. [INT, Radiotherapy A, Via Venezian 1, I-20133 Milan (Italy); Rilke, F. [Istituto Nazionale per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (INT), Biometry, Via Venezian 1, I-20133 Milan (Italy); Veronesi, U. [European Institute of Oncology, Milan (Italy)


    We report the 10-year results of a randomised clinical trial in which two different breast conservation treatment strategies were compared in women with small, non-metastatic primary breast cancer: quadrantectomy, axillary dissection and radiotherapy (QUART) versus tumorectomy and axillary dissection followed by external radiotherapy and a boost with {sup 192}Ir implantation (TART). No second surgery was given to women with affected surgical margins. Axillary node positive women received adjuvant medical therapy. From 1985-1987, this trial accrued 705 patients, 360 in the QUART and 345 in the TART arm. Crude cumulative incidence curves for intrabreast tumour recurrence (IBTR) and metastases as first events and mortality curves in each of the two treatment arms were computed. A crude cumulative incidence curve of IBTR as a second event (in women who had already had a local recurrence) was also computed. The two groups were compared in terms of hazard for IBTR, metastases or death occurrence by using Cox regression models, both with and without adjustment for patient age, tumour size, number of metastatic axillary nodes and histology. Possible interactions between the aforementioned prognostic factors and the type of surgery were also investigated. The two groups were well matched for baseline patient and tumour characteristics, the only exception being resection margins, which were more often positive in the TART group. At the Cox model, a significant difference between groups was detected for IBTR (P<0.0001), but not for distant metastases and overall survival. In particular, 5- and 10-year estimates of crude cumulative incidence of IBTR were 4.7 and 7.4% in the QUART group, and 11.6 and 18.6% in the TART group. The difference was not substantially affected by patient or disease characteristics. Likewise, the status of resection margins in women who underwent TART treatment did not significantly influence the risk of occurrence of IBTRs. Finally, the rate of second

  4. Superior mesenteric artery compression syndrome - case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Rocha França Neto


    Full Text Available Superior mesenteric artery syndrome is an entity generally caused by the loss of the intervening mesenteric fat pad, resulting in compression of the third portion of the duodenum by the superior mesenteric artery. This article reports the case of a patient with irremovable metastatic adenocarcinoma in the sigmoid colon, that evolved with intense vomiting. Intestinal transit was carried out, which showed important gastric dilation extended until the third portion of the duodenum, compatible with superior mesenteric artery syndrome. Considering the patient's nutritional condition, the medical team opted for the conservative treatment. Four months after the surgery and conservative measures, the patient did not present vomiting after eating, maintaining previous weight. Superior mesenteric artery syndrome is uncommon and can have unspecific symptoms. Thus, high suspicion is required for the appropriate clinical adjustment. A barium examination is required to make the diagnosis. The treatment can initially require gastric decompression and hydration, besides reversal of weight loss through adequate nutrition. Surgery should be adopted only in case of clinical treatment failure.A síndrome da artéria mesentérica superior é uma entidade clínica causada geralmente pela perda do tecido adiposo mesentérico, resultando na compressão da terceira porção do duodeno pela artéria mesentérica superior. Esse artigo relata o caso clínico de uma paciente portadora de adenocarcinoma de cólon sigmoide metastático irressecável, que evoluiu com vômitos incoercíveis. Realizou-se, então, trânsito intestinal que evidenciou dilatação gástrica importante, que se prolongava até a terceira porção duodenal, quadro radiológico compatível com pinçamento da artéria mesentérica superior. Diante da condição nutricional da paciente, foi optado por iniciar medidas conservadoras (porções alimentares pequenas e mais frequentes, além de dec

  5. Eight-year results of the Spiesser study, a randomized trial comparing de novo sirolimus and cyclosporine in renal transplantation. (United States)

    Gatault, Philippe; Bertrand, Dominique; Büchler, Matthias; Colosio, Charlotte; Hurault de Ligny, Bruno; Weestel, Pierre-François; Rerolle, Jean-Philippe; Thierry, Antoine; Sayegh, Johnny; Moulin, Bruno; Snanoudj, Renaud; Rivalan, Joseph; Heng, Anne-Elisabeth; Sautenet, Bénédicte; Lebranchu, Yvon


    We present the results at 8 years of the Spiesser study, a randomized trial comparing de novo sirolimus and cyclosporine in kidney transplant recipients at low immunologic risk. We assessed estimated glomerular filtration (eGFR), graft, patient, and death-censored graft survival (log-rank compared), de novo DSA appearance, risk of malignancy, post-transplant diabetes mellitus (PTDM), and anemia. Intent-to-treat and on-treatment analyses were performed. Graft survival was similar in both groups (sirolimus: 73.3%, cyclosporine: 77.7, P = 0.574). No difference was observed between treatment groups concerning patient survival (P = 0.508) and death-censored graft survival (P = 0.858). In conditional intent-to-treat analysis, mean eGFR was greater in sirolimus than in cyclosporine group (62.5 ± 27.3 ml/min vs. 47.8 ± 17.1 ml/min, P = 0.004), in particular because graft function was excellent in patients maintained under sirolimus (eGFR = 74.0 ml/min). Importantly, no detrimental impact was observed in patients in whom sirolimus has been withdrawn (eGFR = 49.5 ml/min). Overall, 17 patients showed de novo DSAs, with no difference between the two groups (P = 0.520). Malignancy did not differ by treatment. An initial maintenance regimen based on sirolimus provides a long-term improvement in renal function for kidney transplant patients, especially for those maintained on sirolimus. © 2015 Steunstichting ESOT.

  6. Relationship Between Time in Therapeutic Range and Comparative Treatment Effect of Rivaroxaban and Warfarin: Results From the ROCKET AF Trial (United States)

    Piccini, Jonathan P.; Hellkamp, Anne S.; Lokhnygina, Yuliya; Patel, Manesh R.; Harrell, Frank E.; Singer, Daniel E.; Becker, Richard C.; Breithardt, Günter; Halperin, Jonathan L.; Hankey, Graeme J.; Berkowitz, Scott D.; Nessel, Christopher C.; Mahaffey, Kenneth W.; Fox, Keith A. A.; Califf, Robert M.


    Background Time in therapeutic range (TTR) is a standard quality measure of the use of warfarin. We assessed the relative effects of rivaroxaban versus warfarin at the level of trial center TTR (cTTR) since such analysis preserves randomized comparisons. Methods and Results TTR was calculated using the Rosendaal method, without exclusion of international normalized ratio (INR) values performed during warfarin initiation. Measurements during warfarin interruptions >7 days were excluded. INRs were performed via standardized finger‐stick point‐of‐care devices at least every 4 weeks. The primary efficacy endpoint (stroke or non‐central nervous system embolism) was examined by quartiles of cTTR and by cTTR as a continuous function. Centers with the highest cTTRs by quartile had lower‐risk patients as reflected by lower CHADS2 scores (P<0.0001) and a lower prevalence of prior stroke or transient ischemic attack (P<0.0001). Sites with higher cTTR were predominantly from North America and Western Europe. The treatment effect of rivaroxaban versus warfarin on the primary endpoint was consistent across a wide range of cTTRs (P value for interaction=0.71). The hazard of major and non‐major clinically relevant bleeding increased with cTTR (P for interaction=0.001), however, the estimated reduction by rivaroxaban compared with warfarin in the hazard of intracranial hemorrhage was preserved across a wide range of threshold cTTR values. Conclusions The treatment effect of rivaroxaban compared with warfarin for the prevention of stroke and systemic embolism is consistent regardless of cTTR. PMID:24755148

  7. Comparing results from actual and virtual linear scanlines in fractured sandstones of the Marnoso-Arenacea Formation, Northern Apennines, Italy (United States)

    Borsani, Angelo; Balsamo, Fabrizio; Bistacchi, Andrea; Ogata, Kei; Storti, Fabrizio; Fetter, Marcos


    Three-dimensional photogrammetric techniques arecommonly used to generate high-resolution digital outcrop models suitable to complement stratigraphic and structural field studies. This is particularly true for near vertical outcrops were direct data collection is very difficult to perform, provided that the data are reliable. To check whether fracture attribute data acquired from photogrammetric digital outcrop models can be effectively integrate field data, we performed a multisource data acquisition programme on the master joint set affecting the Langhian part of the Marnoso Arenacea Formation, a foredeep siliciclastic turbidite succession widely exposed in the external sector of the Northern Apennines. We selected an about 90 m high vertical cliff in a meander of the Santerno River, which was surveyed by both terrestrial and drone-aided photogrammetry to produce two different digital outcrop models of the same strata. Moreover, field data were collected in the same strata along river bed exposures few hundred meters upstream. Comparison of master joint attributes, namely orientation, spacing and height, collected along linear scanlines in the field and in the two digital outcrop models shows quite comparable results, particularly when FSI (Fracture Spacing Index) values are considered. Sensitivity tests of the impact of the number of data on the statistical results from photogrammetric scanlines, where hundreds of measurements can be collected along each scan line, were also performed. Our results provide further support to the effectiveness of the integration between field and photogrammetrically-obtained structural data to study fracture densities in partially accessible exposures. Given the large data numbers that can be collected in digital outcrop models, once validated in the field, photogrammetric data allow robust statistical analysis to be performed on fracture attributes.

  8. Early detection of Angelman syndrome resulting from de novo paternal isodisomic 15q UPD and review of comparable cases. (United States)

    Horváth, Emese; Horváth, Zsuzsanna; Isaszegi, Dóra; Gergev, Gyurgyinka; Nagy, Nikoletta; Szabó, János; Sztriha, László; Széll, Márta; Endreffy, Emőke


    Angelman syndrome is a rare neurogenetic disorder that results in intellectual and developmental disturbances, seizures, jerky movements and frequent smiling. Angelman syndrome is caused by two genetic disturbances: either genes on the maternally inherited chromosome 15 are deleted or inactivated or two paternal copies of the corresponding genes are inherited (paternal uniparental disomy). A 16-month-old child was referred with minor facial anomalies, neurodevelopmental delay and speech impairment. The clinical symptoms suggested angelman syndrome. The aim of our study was to elucidate the genetic background of this case. This study reports the earliest diagnosed angelman syndrome in a 16-month-old Hungarian child. Cytogenetic results suggested a de novo Robertsonian-like translocation involving both q arms of chromosome 15: 45,XY,der(15;15)(q10;q10). Molecular genetic studies with polymorphic short tandem repeat markers of the fibrillin-1 gene, located in the 15q21.1, revealed that both arms of the translocated chromosome were derived from a single paternal chromosome 15 (isodisomy) and led to the diagnosis of angelman syndrome caused by paternal uniparental disomy. AS resulting from paternal uniparental disomy caused by de novo balanced translocation t(15q;15q) of a single paternal chromosome has been reported by other groups. This paper reviews 19 previously published comparable cases of the literature. Our paper contributes to the deeper understanding of the phenotype-genotype correlation in angelman syndrome for non-deletion subclasses and suggests that patients with uniparental disomy have milder symptoms and higher BMI than the ones with other underlying genetic abnormalities.

  9. 78 FR 21116 - Superior Supplier Incentive Program (United States)


    ... Department of the Navy Superior Supplier Incentive Program AGENCY: Department of the Navy, DoD. ACTION... policy that will establish a Superior Supplier Incentive Program (SSIP). Under the SSIP, contractors that..., performance, quality, and business relations would be granted Superior Supplier Status (SSS). Contractors...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. D. Kurbanov


    Full Text Available Aim. To study influence of ivabradine as compared with bisoprolol on clinical and hemodynamic indices, exercise tolerance, endothelial function, quality of life (QL and erectile function in patients with ischemic heart disease. Material and methods. 60 males with stable angina pectoris were enrolled into comparative randomized crossover open study. One half of patients randomly received ivabradine during 14 days with replace it with bisoprolol for the next 3 months, another half of patients received compared drugs in the reverse order . Treadmill-test and flow-mediated dilatation (FMD test were performed initially and after 14 days of treatment with each drug. QL and erectile function were evaluated after 3 months with Seattle Angina Questionnaire (SAQ and International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5, respectively. Results. Heart rate reduced by 16.7±4.6 (p<0.005 and 16.4±4.8 bpm (p<0.005 after 2 weeks of treatment with bisoprolol and ivabradine, respectively. 30 (50.0% and 31 (51.7% patients treated with bisoprolol and ivabradine, respectively , increased exercise tolerance ≥1 min in the treadmill-test. Ivabradine treatment, in comparison with bisoprolol one, was associated by more expressed increase in chronotropic reserve in treadmill-test (p<0.05 and significant improvement of sensitivity coefficient of brachial artery to tension shift in FMD (p<0.005. In patients with endothelial dysfunction bisoprolol (69.4 % and ivabradine (52.8% efficacy did not differ significantly. At the same time in patients with normal endothelial functions increase in exercise tolerance ≥1 min in treadmill-test was observed in 50% (p<0.05 and 20.8% of patients treated with ivabradine and bisoprolol, respectively. Both drugs significantly increased QL, and ivabradine improved erectile function (p<0.005 in comparison with bisoprolol. Conclusion. The If-channel inhibitor ivabradine and beta-blocker bisoprolol have a similar antianginal efficacy in patients

  11. superior en México

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    César Mureddu Torres


    Full Text Available El presente artículo desarrolla algunos de los retos que ha traído consigo el acceso a la información existente en la red de Internet y lo que ello supone. Se abordan principalmente las consecuencias de la presencia actual de una sociedad llamada del conocimiento, si se mantiene la confusión entre conocimiento e información. Por ello, la sola gestión de la información no puede ser tomada como definitoria respecto a la función de educación superior confiada a las universidades. Hacerlo sería cometer un error aún más grave que la confusión teórica entre los términos mencionados.

  12. Role of Doppler ultrasonography evaluation of superior mesenteric artery flow volume in the assessment of Crohn's disease activity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabiana Paiva Martins


    Full Text Available Objective To investigate superior mesenteric artery flow measurement by Doppler ultrasonography as a means of characterizing inflammatory activity in Crohn's disease. Materials and Methods Forty patients were examined and divided into two groups – disease activity and remission – according to their Crohn's disease activity index score. Mean superior mesenteric artery flow volume was calculated for each group and correlated with Crohn's disease activity index score. Results The mean superior mesenteric artery flow volume was significantly greater in the patients with active disease (626 ml/min ± 236 × 376 ml/min ± 190; p = 0.001. As a cut off corresponding to 500 ml/min was utilized, the superior mesenteric artery flow volume demonstrated sensitivity of 83% and specificity of 82% for the diagnosis of Crohn's disease activity. Conclusion The present results suggest that patients with active Crohn's disease have increased superior mesenteric artery flow volume as compared with patients in remission. Superior mesenteric artery flow measurement had a good performance in the assessment of disease activity in this study sample.

  13. Radiation treatment of superior sulcus lung carcinoma

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Millar, J.; Ball, D.; Worotniuk, V.; Smith, J.; Crennan, E.; Bishop, M. [Peter MacCallum Cancer Inst., East Melbourne, VIC (Australia)


    The survival of patients with superior sulcus lung carcinoma and the effects of treatment were reviewed. From a prospective database of 4123 consecutive new patients with lung carcinoma, 131 (3.2%) cases of superior sulcus lung carcinoma were identified. Seventy-four patients were planned to receive radiation with palliative intent, 53 radical radiotherapy and one was observed only. The remaining three patients, with small-cell carcinoma, were treated with chemotherapy with or without radiotherapy. Of the 53 radically treated patients, nine were treated with pre-operative radiation prior to intended radical resection. Analysis was carried out on the effect on survival of performance status, nodal involvement, weight loss, vertebral body or rib involvement, treatment intent and radical combined modality treatment compared with radical radiation alone. The estimated median survival for the whole group was 7.6 months; for those treated radically it was 18.3 months, while for the palliatively treated patients it was 3.7 months. Radically treated patients with no initial nodal involvement had an estimated median survival of 22 months, while radically treated patients with nodal involvement had an estimated median survival of 8.4 months (P = 0.003). There were no statistically significant differences in survival between radically treated patients grouped according to initial weight loss, performance status, or vertebral body and rib involvement. Patients treated with pre-operative radiation did not survive significantly longer than patients treated with radiation alone, although the numbers are small. 33 refs., 2 tabs., 4 figs.

  14. Bounded hybrid superiority in an avian hybrid zone: effects of mate, diet, and habitat choice. (United States)

    Good, T P; Ellis, J C; Annett, C A; Pierotti, R


    There has been considerable debate in the study of hybrid zones as to whether hybrids may be superior to parental types within the area of contact (bounded hybrid superiority). In birds, naturally occurring hybridization is relatively common, and hybridization within this group always involves mate choice. If hybrids are superior, females choosing heterospecific mates should be expected to show higher fitness under the conditions prevalent in the hybrid zone. Hybrid superiority under these circumstances would reduce reinforcement and thereby help to maintain the hybrid zone. To examine this issue, we studied reproductive performances of hybrids and parental species of gulls (Larus occidentalis and Larus glaucescens) at two colonies within a linear hybrid zone along the west coast of the United States. This hybrid zone contains predominantly gulls of intermediate phenotype. Previous studies indicated that hybrids were superior to one or both parental types, but provided no data on possible mechanisms that underlie this hybrid superiority. Using a hybrid index designed specifically for these species, we identified to phenotype more than 300 individuals associated with nests, including both individual males and females within 73 pairs in the central portion of the hybrid zone and 74 pairs in the northern portion of the hybrid zone. There was little evidence of assortative mating, and what little there was resulted solely because of pairings within intergrades. In the central hybrid zone, females paired with hybrid males produced larger clutches and hatched and fledged more chicks compared with females paired to western gull males. This was a result of heavy predation on eggs in sand habitat, where male western gulls established territories. In contrast, many hybrid males established territories in vegetated cover that was less vulnerable to predation. In the northern part of the hybrid zone, clutch size did not differ among pair categories, however, there were

  15. Comparative study between the results of effective index based matrix method and characterization of fabricated SU-8 waveguide (United States)

    Samanta, Swagata; Dey, Pradip Kumar; Banerji, Pallab; Ganguly, Pranabendu


    A study regarding the validity of effective-index based matrix method (EIMM) for the fabricated SU-8 channel waveguides is reported. The design method is extremely fast compared to other existing numerical techniques, such as, BPM and FDTD. In EIMM, the effective index method was applied in depth direction of the waveguide and the resulted lateral index profile was analyzed by a transfer matrix method. By EIMM one can compute the guided mode propagation constants and mode profiles for each mode for any dimensions of the waveguides. The technique may also be used to design single mode waveguide. SU-8 waveguide fabrication was carried out by continuous-wave direct laser writing process at 375 nm wavelength. The measured propagation losses of these wire waveguides having air and PDMS as superstrates were 0.51 dB/mm and 0.3 dB/mm respectively. The number of guided modes, obtained theoretically as well as experimentally, for air-cladded waveguide was much more than that of PDMS-cladded waveguide. We were able to excite the isolated fundamental mode for the later by precise fiber positioning, and mode image was recorded. The mode profiles, mode indices, and refractive index profiles were extracted from this mode image of the fundamental mode which matched remarkably well with the theoretical predictions.

  16. Visualisation of intracerebral haemorrhage with flat-detector CT compared to multislice CT: results in 44 cases. (United States)

    Struffert, Tobias; Richter, Gregor; Engelhorn, Tobias; Doelken, Marc; Goelitz, Philipp; Kalender, Willi A; Ganslandt, Oliver; Doerfler, Arnd


    The aim of the study was to test the reliability of intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH) detection with C-arm-mounted flat-detector computed tomography (FD-CT) in the angio suite as compared to multislice CT (MSCT). In this study 44 patients with 45 ICH were included. All patients were investigated with MSCT and FD-CT during angiographic evaluation. As a control group we included 16 patients without ICH. In each haematoma we assessed volumetric data of the ICH and counted the numbers of ICH-positive slices. Using interobserver ratings, we additionally investigated the potential of FD-CT to serve as a diagnostic tool to detect ICH. In FD-CT three haematomas were not detected because of motion and beam-hardening artefacts in the region close to the skull base. The r value for the degree of interobserver agreement for the number of slices was 0.95 for MSCT and 0.94 for FD-CT. Measurements of the area and the calculated volume of the ICH showed high inter- and intraobserver agreement. Our results indicate that FD-CT is a helpful tool in the daily emergency management of ICH patients as detection of ICH was found to be nearly as reliable as in MSCT. Limitations of this technology are motion and beam-hardening artefacts that may mask small haematomas located in the posterior fossa or the skull base.

  17. Accuracy of hydro-multidetector row CT in the local T staging of oesophageal cancer compared to postoperative histopathological results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ba-Ssalamah, Ahmed; Matzek, Wolfgang; Baroud, Susanne; Bastati, Nina; Weber, Michael; Herold, Christian J. [Medical University of Vienna, Department of Radiology, Vienna (Austria); Zacherl, Johannes; Schoppmann, Sebastian F. [Medical University of Vienna, Department of Radiology, Vienna (Austria); Medical University of Vienna, Department of Surgery, Vienna (Austria); Hejna, Michael [Medical University of Vienna, Department of Radiology, Vienna (Austria); Medical University of Vienna, Department of Oncology, Vienna (Austria); Wrba, Fritz [Medical University of Vienna, Department of Radiology, Vienna (Austria); Medical University of Vienna, Department of Pathology, Vienna (Austria); Gore, Richard M. [University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Department of Radiology, Chicago, IL (United States)


    To evaluate the accuracy of multidetector computed tomography with water filling (Hydro-MDCT) in the T-staging of patients with oesophageal cancer. There were 131 consecutive patients who were preoperatively and prospectively examined in the prone position on arterial phase contrast-enhanced MDCT, after ingestion of 1,000-1,500 ml tap water and effervescent granules. Two readers staged the local tumour growth (T-staging) independently. They assessed tumour location, size, presence of stenosis, and morphology of the outer border of the oesophageal wall and perioesophageal fat planes on CT. CT findings were compared with histopathological results from resected specimens. Data were analyzed using the SPSS statistical package. Both readers obtained a high sensitivity of 95% and a high positive predictive value of 96%. Accurate local staging was achieved in 76.3% and 68.7% for readers 1 and 2, respectively. Inter-reader agreement was excellent (weighted {kappa} value of 0.93 and un-weighted {kappa} of 0.89). Using the hydro-technique and applying specific assessment criteria, MDCT appears to be an accurate, non-invasive diagnostic tool for local tumour staging of oesophageal cancer. (orig.)

  18. Comparative study of homotopy continuation methods for nonlinear algebraic equations (United States)

    Nor, Hafizudin Mohamad; Ismail, Ahmad Izani Md.; Majid, Ahmad Abd.


    We compare some recent homotopy continuation methods to see which method has greater applicability and greater accuracy. We test the methods on systems of nonlinear algebraic equations. The results obtained indicate the superior accuracy of Newton Homotopy Continuation Method (NHCM).

  19. Danish and Finnish PISA Results in a Comparative, Qualitative Perspective: How Can the Stable and Distinct Differences between the Danish and Finnish PISA Results Be Explained? (United States)

    Andersen, Frans Orsted


    The research project presented in this article was designed to provide a better understanding of the stable and significant differences in the PISA results between two otherwise very similar Nordic welfare states, Denmark and Finland. In the PISA studies, Finnish students repeatedly achieve the highest Nordic (and partly worldwide) scores in e.g.…

  20. Danish and Finnish PISA Results in a Comparative, Qualitative Perspective: How Can the Stable and Distinct Differences between the Danish and Finnish PISA Results Be Explained? (United States)

    Andersen, Frans Orsted


    The research project presented in this article was designed to provide a better understanding of the stable and significant differences in the PISA results between two otherwise very similar Nordic welfare states, Denmark and Finland. In the PISA studies, Finnish students repeatedly achieve the highest Nordic (and partly worldwide) scores in e.g.…

  1. Comparative study of the results from conventional cervico-vaginal oncotic cytology and liquid-based cytology


    Stabile,Sueli Aparecida Batista; Evangelista,Dilson Henrique Ramos; Talamonte,Valdely Helena; Lippi,Umberto Gazi; Lopes, Reginaldo Guedes Coelho


    OBJECTIVE: To compare two oncotic cervical cytology techniques, the conventional and the liquid-based cytology, in low risk patients for uterine cervical cancer. METHODS: Comparative prospective study with 100 patients who came to their annual gynecological exam, and were submitted simultaneously to both techniques. We used the McNemar test, with a significance level of p

  2. Treating Anxiety Disorders in Inner City Schools: Results from a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing CBT and Usual Care (United States)

    Ginsburg, Golda S.; Becker, Kimberly D.; Drazdowski, Tess K.; Tein, Jenn-Yun


    Background: The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) in inner city schools, when delivered by novice CBT clinicians, and compared to usual care (UC), is unknown. Objective: This pilot study addressed this issue by comparing a modular CBT for anxiety disorders to UC in a sample of 32 volunteer youth (mean age 10.28 years, 63%…

  3. Butter increased total and LDL cholesterol compared with olive oil but resulted in higher HDL cholesterol compared with a habitual diet

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Engel, Sara; Tholstrup, Tine


    , moderate olive oil intake, and a habitual diet on blood lipids, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP), glucose, and insulin. DESIGN: The study was a controlled, double-blinded, randomized 2 × 5-wk crossover dietary intervention study with a 14-d run-in period during which subjects consumed...... their habitual diets. The study included 47 healthy men and women (mean ± SD total cholesterol: 5.22 ± 0.90 mmol/L) who substituted a part of their habitual diets with 4.5% of energy from butter or refined olive oil. RESULTS: Study subjects were 70% women with a mean age and body mass index (in kg/m(2)) of 40.......4 y and 23.5, respectively. Butter intake increased total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol more than did olive oil intake (P

  4. [Clinical efficacy of mecobalamin in the treatment of oligozoospermia--results of double-blind comparative clinical study]. (United States)

    Kumamoto, Y; Maruta, H; Ishigami, J; Kamidono, S; Orikasa, S; Kimura, M; Yamanaka, H; Kurihara, H; Koiso, K; Okada, K


    The clinical efficacy of mecobalamin in the treatment of male infertility was investigated by means of a multicenter collaborative study with 25 participating institutions. The study was carried out as a double-blind, comparative trial using three administration groups: 6,000 micrograms of mecobalamin per day, 1,500 micrograms of mecobalamin per day and a placebo group for 12 wk. The following results were obtained. 1. The total number of evaluated subjects was 375, consisting of 125 in the 6,000 micrograms/day mecobalamin group, 124 in the 1,500 micrograms/day mecobalamin group and 126 in the placebo group. There were no significant differences among the three administration groups in terms of the patient's background factors. 2. When all of the patients were analyzed, there were no statistically significant differences among the three administration groups in terms of the efficacy in relation to the sperm count or the motility rate. 3. However, it was decided to perform a more detailed analysis of the therapeutic efficacy in patients whose pretreatment sperm counts were 20 x 10(6)/ml or less. The reasons for this decision were two-fold: 1) There was a large degree of fluctuation in patients whose pretreatment sperm counts showed a mean value of more than 20 x 10(6)/ml for two or more determinations, and it was surmised that this fluctuation might have masked any therapeutic effect in those cases. 2) The WHO definition of oligozoospermia was recently decided as a sperm count of 20 x 10(6)/ml or less.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  5. No benefit to surgical fixation of flail chest injuries compared with modern comprehensive management: results of a retrospective cohort study (United States)

    Farquhar, Jaclyn; Almahrabi, Yahya; Slobogean, Gerard; Slobogean, Bronwyn; Garraway, Naisan; Simons, Richard K.; Hameed, S. Morad


    Background Chest wall trauma is a common cause of morbidity and mortality. Recent technological advances and scientific publications have created a renewed interest in surgical fixation of flail chest. However, definitive data supporting surgical fixation are lacking, and its virtues have not been evaluated against modern, comprehensive management protocols. Methods Consecutive patients undergoing rib fracture fixation with rib-specific locking plates at 2 regional trauma centres between July 2010 and August 2012 were matched to historical controls with similar injury patterns and severity who were managed nonoperatively with modern, multidisciplinary protocols. We compared short- and long-term outcomes between these cohorts. Results Our patient cohorts were well matched for age, sex, injury severity scores and abbreviated injury scores. The nonoperatively managed group had significantly better outcomes than the surgical group in terms of ventilator days (3.1 v. 6.1, p = 0.012), length of stay in the intensive care unit (3.7 v. 7.4 d, p = 0.009), total hospital length of stay (16.0 v. 21.9 d, p = 0.044) and rates of pneumonia (22% v. 63%, p = 0.004). There were no significant differences in long-term outcomes, such as chest pain or dyspnea. Conclusion Although considerable enthusiasm surrounds surgical fixation of flail chest injuries, our analysis does not immediately validate its universal implementation, but rather encourages the use of modern, multidisciplinary, nonoperative strategies. The role of rib fracture fixation in the modern era of chest wall trauma management should ultimately be defined by prospective, randomized trials. PMID:27438051

  6. Randomized, Multicenter Trial on the Effect of Radiation Therapy on Plantar Fasciitis (Painful Heel Spur) Comparing a Standard Dose With a Very Low Dose: Mature Results After 12 Months' Follow-Up

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Niewald, Marcus, E-mail: [Department of Radiation Oncology, Saarland University Medical Center, Homburg/Saar (Germany); Seegenschmiedt, M. Heinrich [Radiotherapy Center, Hamburg (Germany); Micke, Oliver [Franziskus Hospital, Bielefeld (Germany); Graeber, Stefan [Institute for Medical Biometry, Epidemiology and Medical Informatics, Saarland University Medical Center, Homburg/Saar (Germany); Muecke, Ralf [Lippe Hospital, Lemgo (Germany); Schaefer, Vera; Scheid, Christine; Fleckenstein, Jochen; Licht, Norbert; Ruebe, Christian [Department of Radiation Oncology, Saarland University Medical Center, Homburg/Saar (Germany)


    Purpose: To conduct a randomized trial of radiation therapy for painful heel spur, comparing a standard dose with a very low dose. Methods and Materials: Sixty-six patients were randomized to receive radiation therapy either with a total dose of 6.0 Gy applied in 6 fractions of 1.0 Gy twice weekly (standard dose) or with a total dose of 0.6 Gy applied in 6 fractions of 0.1 Gy twice weekly (low dose). In all patients lateral opposing 4- to 6-MV photon beams were used. The results were measured using a visual analogue scale, the Calcaneodynia score, and the SF12 health survey. The fundamental phase of the study ended after 3 months, and the follow-up was continued up to 1 year. Patients with insufficient pain relief after 3 months were offered reirradiation with the standard dosage at any time afterward. Results: Of 66 patients, 4 were excluded because of withdrawal of consent or screening failures. After 3 months the results in the standard arm were highly significantly superior compared with those in the low-dose arm (visual analogue scale, P=.001; Calcaneodynia score, P=.027; SF12, P=.045). The accrual of patients was stopped at this point. Further evaluation after 12 months' follow-up showed the following results: (1) highly significant fewer patients were reirradiated in the standard arm compared with the low-dose arm (P<.001); (2) the results of patients in the low-dose arm who were reirradiated were identical to those in the standard arm not reirradiated (reirradiation as a salvage therapy if the lower dose was ineffective); (3) patients experiencing a favorable result after 3 months showed this even after 12 months, and some results even improved further between 3 and 12 months. Conclusions: This study confirms the superior analgesic effect of radiation therapy with 6-Gy doses on painful heel spur even for a longer time period of at least 1 year.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. L. Nasonov


    Full Text Available The article considers the results of an international multicenter randomized clinical trial of the efficacy and safety of the brand-name drug rituximab (MabThera, a monoclonal antibody against CD20 antigen of B cells, and its biosimi-lar drug (Acellbia® (the BIORA study in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA refractory to therapy with tumor necrosis factor-а inhibitors.Objective: to provide evidence for the therapeutic equivalence of Acellbia® and MabThera® and also to assess their interchangeability.Subjects and methods. The trial enrolled adult patients with active seropositive RA, who were randomized into two groups (1:1: 1 the patients who received Acellbia® 1000 mg intravenously on days 1 and 15; 2 those who had MabThera® in a similar way. When RA activity persisted at 24 weeks, there was re-randomization (1:1 with a partial overlap: Group 1 patients were randomized into group AA (the drug of the second therapy cycle was Acellbia® or Group AM (that was MabThera®, the similar methodology was followed in Group 2 (Groups MM and MA. Throughout the study, the patients received methotrexate at a stable dose of 7.5—25 mg/week and folic acid at a dose of 5 mg/week. The follow-up lasted 48 weeks.Results and discussion. 24 weeks after treatment initiation, the ACR20 response was observed in 84.1% of the patients in the Acellbia® group (95% CI, 74.75—90.50 and in 87% in the MabThera® group (95% CI, 77.71—92.79%; p = 0.773, which suggests that the drugs are therapeutically equivalent. In the second phase of the study, the efficiency of therapy remained high; there were no differences in Groups AA/MM, AA/AM and MM/MA. In both phases, the safety profile of the drugs was comparable; the immunogenicity of treatment remained low. The findings suggest that the brand-name MabThera® and its biosimilar drug Acellbia® are equivalent. Switching from the biosimilar drug to the brand-name one and vice versa has no negative impact on treatment

  8. Escuela Superior de Palos Verdes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Neutra, Richard J.


    Full Text Available Before initiating the building operations for the «Palos Verdes» School, the site was divided into two large horizontal surfaces, at different levels. The lower one served to accommodate the playing fields, a car park, the physical training building, and shop and ancillary buildings. On the higher of these two surfaces, and to the West of the access road, there is a car park and also the building and plot of ground devoted to agricultural technology, as well as the literary studies and general purpose buildings. As a complement to these, there is a series of blocks, arranged in parallel rows, which house the administrative offices, the art school, the craft's school, the general classrooms, and those devoted to higher education. The fascinating aspect of this school is the outstanding penetration of the architect's mind into the essential function of the project. Its most evident merit is the sense of comradeship and harmony that permeates the whole architectural manifold.Antes de construir el complejo escolar «Palos Verdes» se comenzó por crear, en el terreno, dos grandes mesetas a niveles diferentes. Sobre el inferior se organizaron: los campos de juegos, de deportes, un aparcamiento, el edificio para educación física y los destinados a tiendas y servicios. Sobre la meseta superior, al oeste de la vía de acceso, se dispuso un aparcamiento y el edificio y campo para adiestramiento agrícola; al este, otro aparcamiento, el edificio dedicado a materias literarias, y el destinado a usos múltiples. Completan las instalaciones de la escuela una serie de bloques paralelos: la administración, la escuela de arte, las clases de trabajos manuales, las aulas de enseñanzas generales, y las de los cursos superiores. Lo fascinante de este complejo escolar es la perfecta y magistral compenetración del arquitecto con el tema proyectado, y su mayor mérito, la sensación de cordialidad y armonía con el ambiente.

  9. Coronary artery bypass and superior vena cava syndrome. (United States)

    Thomas, T V; Masrani, K; Thomas, J L


    Superior vena cava syndrome is the obstruction of the superior vena cava or its main tributaries by benign or malignant lesions. The syndrome causes edema and engorgement of the vessels on the face, neck, and arms, nonproductive cough, and dyspnea. We discuss the case of a 48-year-old obese diabetic woman who was admitted with unstable angina. She had previously been diagnosed with superior vena cava syndrome. Urgent coronary artery bypass grafting was necessary Although thousands of coronary artery bypasses are performed every year, there are not many reports on patients with superior vena cava syndrome who successfully undergo cardiopulmonary bypass and coronary artery grafting with an internal mammary artery as the conduit. The results of the case and alternative recommended methods are discussed.

  10. The development of substance use in adolescence: results from comparing two longitudinal studies in England and Germany

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariotti Luca


    Full Text Available This paper compares the development of alcohol and cannabis use in two English and German adolescent cohorts, using longitudinal data from ongoing studies located in Peterborough and Duisburg respectively. We set out the two studies and detail the steps taken to make the comparisons presented. Unusually, this paper assesses this development simultaneously in both cohorts, using an under-utilized variation of a well-known technique (multiple-group multiple-cohort latent growth curve modelling. In keeping with expectations from other research, there are large differences in the proportions of young people in the two countries using cannabis and alcohol. The Peterborough cohort embarked on earlier initiation of both alcohol and cannabis use, and increase their frequency of use very quickly. Despite a one year chronological gap between the two study cohorts, the 13 year old Peterborough group drink (until drunk and smoke cannabis at the same level as the 15 year old versions of their German counterparts. Although there are some methodological differences between the two projects, the results appear to be valid.In questo articolo viene svolta una comparazione sullo sviluppo, nel corso dell’adolescenza, del consumo di droghe leggere e alcol tra un campione di giovani tedeschi e inglesi, utilizzando i dati di due studi longitudinali panel condotti rispettivamente in Germania e in Inghilterra. Per questo confronto viene utilizzata una tecnica particolare (multiple-group multiple-cohort latent growth curve modelling che permette di osservare similitudini e differenze nello sviluppo individuale del consumo di queste sostanze nel corso del tempo, con un’attenzione particolare alle differenze tra le due coorti. Nonostante alcune differenze di tipo metodologico tra i due studi, e comunque in sintonia con studi precedenti, si notano importanti differenze tra i due campioni. Il campione inglese infatti mostra un livello di consumo più alto rispetto a

  11. BAY 81-8973, a full-length recombinant factor VIII: results from an International comparative laboratory field study. (United States)

    Kitchen, S; Beckmann, H; Katterle, Y; Bruns, S; Tseneklidou-Stoeter, D; Maas Enriquez, M


    BAY 81-8973 is a full-length, unmodified, recombinant human factor VIII (FVIII) with the same primary amino acid sequence as sucrose-formulated recombinant FVIII but produced with certain more advanced manufacturing technologies. This global laboratory study evaluated variability in measurement of BAY 81-8973 using one-stage and chromogenic assays compared with antihaemophilic factor (recombinant) plasma/albumin-free method (rAHF-PFM; Advate(®) ) under assay conditions routinely used in clinical laboratories. BAY 81-8973 or rAHF-PFM was spiked into FVIII-deficient plasma at 0.043 (low), 0.375 (medium) and 0.865 (normal) IU mL(-1) . Participating laboratories analysed blinded samples and normal plasma in triplicate using their routine assay, reagents and standards. Results were analysed for intra- and interlaboratory variability. Forty-one laboratories in 11 countries participated in the study. One-stage assay and chromogenic assays were used by 40 and 10 laboratories, respectively; 9 laboratories used both assays. Intralaboratory variability was <11% for both assays and both products at all concentrations. Interlaboratory variability was highest at the low concentration in the chromogenic and one-stage assay for BAY 81-8973 (60.0% and 33.7%, respectively) and rAHF-PFM (51.0% and 30.8%) and was lowest at the normal concentration (BAY 81-8973, 5.4% and 14.0%; rAHF-PFM, 5.8% and 12.4%), which was similar to the plasma control (6.6% and 10.3%). The chromogenic:one-stage assay ratio ranged from 0.95 (low concentration) to 1.10 (normal concentration) for BAY 81-8973 and 0.96-1.18 for rAHF-PFM. BAY 81-8973 can be accurately measured in plasma using the one-stage and chromogenic assays routinely used in clinical laboratories without a product-specific standard. © 2016 The Authors. Haemophilia Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  12. Pancreaticoduodenectomy with early superior mesenteric artery dissection

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yu-Fei Xu; Zuo-Jin Liu; Jian-Ping Gong


    BACKGROUND: Pancreatic adenocarcinoma remains the fourth leading cause of cancer-related death and is one of the most aggressive human tumors. At present, surgical resection is the only potentially curative treatment. Early neck division is inadequate when invasion of the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) is suspected or in cases of replaced or accessory right hepatic artery. Malignant periampullary tumors often invade retroperitoneal peripancreatic tissues and a positive resection margin is associated with a poor long-term survival. DATA SOURCES: English-language medical databases, PubMed, ELSEVIER and SPRINGERLINK, were searched for articles on"posterior approach pancreaticoduodenectomy","superior mesenteric artery ifrst approach", "retroperitoneal tissue","hanging maneuver", and related topics. RESULTS:The modiifcation allowed the surgeon to early identify the nonresectability of a replaced right hepatic artery if present, enabling complete dissection of the right side of the SMA and portal vein as well as complete excision of the retroportal pancreatic lamina. CONCLUSION: Pancreaticoduodenectomy with early retro-pancreatic dissection is a useful and safe technical variant, which is indicated for the improvement of the safety and curative effect of the procedure.

  13. Influence of superior cervical ganglionectomy on hippocampal neurogenesis and learning and memory in adult rats

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yanping Ding; Baoping Shao; Shiyuan Yu; Shanting Zhao; Jianlin Wang


    BACKGROUND: Studies have shown that neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus plays an important role in learning and memory. However, studies have not determined whether the superior cervical ganglion or the sympathetic nerve system influences hippocampal neurogenesis or learning and memory in adult rats. OBJECTIVE: To observe differences in dentate gyrus neurogenesis, as well as learning and memory, in adult rats following superior cervical ganglionectomy. DESIGN, TIME AND SETTING: A randomized, controlled, animal study was performed at the Immunohistochemistry Laboratory of the School of Life Sciences in Lanzhou University from July 2006 to July 2007.MATERIALS: Doublecortin polyclonal antibody was provided by Santa Cruz Biotechnology, USA;avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex was purchased from Zhongshan Goldenbride Biotechnology, China;Morris water maze was bought from Taimeng Technology, China. METHODS: A total of 20 adult, male, Wistar rats were randomly divided into surgery and control groups, with 10 rats in each group. In the surgery group, the bilateral superior cervical ganglions were transected. In the control group, the superior cervical ganglions were only exposed, but no ganglionectomy was performed. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: To examine distribution, morphology, and number of newborn neurons in the dentate gyrus using doublecortin immunohistochemistry at 36 days following surgical procedures. To examine ability of learning and memory in adult rats using the Morris water maze at 30 days following surgical procedures. RESULTS: Doublecortin immunohistochemical results showed that a reduction in the number of doublecortin-positive neurons in the surgery group compared to the control group (P<0.05), while the distribution of doublecortin-positive neurons was identical in the two groups. The surgery group exhibited significantly worse performance in learning and spatial memory tasks compared to the control group (P<0.05). CONCLUSION: Superior cervical ganglionectomy

  14. Biomechanical Evaluation of Different Fixation Methods for Mandibular Anterior Segmental Osteotomy Using Finite Element Analysis, Part One: Superior Repositioning Surgery. (United States)

    Kilinç, Yeliz; Erkmen, Erkan; Kurt, Ahmet


    The aim of the current study was to comparatively evaluate the mechanical behavior of 3 different fixation methods following various amounts of superior repositioning of mandibular anterior segment. In this study, 3 different rigid fixation configurations comprising double right L, double left L, or double I miniplates with monocortical screws were compared under vertical, horizontal, and oblique load conditions by means of finite element analysis. A three-dimensional finite element model of a fully dentate mandible was generated. A 3 and 5 mm superior repositioning of mandibular anterior segmental osteotomy were simulated. Three different finite element models corresponding to different fixation configurations were created for each superior repositioning. The von Mises stress values on fixation appliances and principal maximum stresses (Pmax) on bony structures were predicted by finite element analysis. The results have demonstrated that double right L configuration provides better stability with less stress fields in comparison with other fixation configurations used in this study.

  15. Comparing the effects of community service and imprisonment on reconviction: results from a quasi-experimental Danish study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Klement, Christian


    Objective This study compares reconviction rates for Danish offenders sentenced to community service and imprisonment. A large general sample of offenders (n = 1602) is examined. Methods The study relies on a quasi-experimental design and uses propensity score matching as well as logistic regress...

  16. A live oral Lawsonia intracellularis vaccine does not result in protective immunity comparable to that of a virulent strain

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hvass, Henriette Cordes; Riber, Ulla; Ståhl, Marie

    Lawsonia intracellularis is the cause of proliferative enteropathy, an economically important enteric disease in pigs that causes weight loss and failure to thrive. The disease is controllable with antibiotics and an attenuated live oral vaccine (Enterisol®) is used for prophylaxis. Still these i...... not confer protective immunity comparable to that of a virulent strain....

  17. [Surgical treatment of superior thoracic outlet syndrome]. (United States)

    Gaibov, A D; Kakhorov, A Z; Sadriev, O N; Yunusov, Kh A


    The authors present immediate and long-term results of treatment of 117 patients with superior thoracic outlet syndrome (STOS). There were different reasons for compression of neu- rovascular fascicle in outlet of the thorax. The costaclavicular syndrome was a reason in 48 patients, additional cervical ribs had 36 patients. Skalenus syndrome was noted in 26 cases, rudimentary cervical ribs or hypertrophy of cervical vertebrae C7 had 7 patients. Raynaud's syndrome took place in 19 cases. The required volume of diagnostic procedures and surgical treatment of STOS were determined according to the cause of the syndrome. Differentiated approach to the different forms of STOS was used in relation to dominant symptoms of the disease and reasons for compression of neurovascular fascicle. This allowed getting positive results in majority of patients (90,4%) in long- term period.

  18. Birthweight distribution in ART singletons resulting from embryo culture in two different culture media compared with the national population

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lemmen, Josephine Gabriela; Pinborg, Anja; Rasmussen, S


    STUDY QUESTION: Is there a difference in birthweight distribution in ART singletons born after IVF culture in two different culture media? SUMMARY ANSWER: There is no effect of culture media on both crude and adjusted birthweight distributions in ART singletons from nulliparous mothers. WHAT...... IS KNOWN ALREADY: Studies on human ART singletons have reported a difference in birthweight in singletons following IVF culture in different culture media. However, other studies comparing different culture media have not shown any significant differences in birthweight. STUDY DESIGN, SIZE, DURATION...... culture media groups, we found the same slightly lower mean birthweight in IVF/ICSI singletons when compared with the national birth cohort as has been previously reported (Cook-d2 + Medicult-d2 + d3 versus birth cohort; girls: P



    Minervini, A.; Vittori, G.; Antonelli, A.; Celia, A; Crivellaro, S.; Dente, D.; Di Santo, V.; B. Frea; Gacci, M; A. Gritti; L. Masieri; A. Morlacco; A. Porreca; B. Rocco; Parma, P.


    Aim of the study To compare surgical and perioperative outcomes of open partial ne- phrectomy (OPN) with those of robotic assisted partial nephrectomy (RAPN). Materials and methods This is 2-year multicentric study derived from a prospective da- tabase promoted by AGILE group, who included all patients treated awith OPN or RAPN for renal cell carcinoma between January 2010 and December 2011 at six Italian urologic centers. All clinical vari- ables, including tumor nephrometry (PADUA ...

  20. Sinus node, phrenic nerve and electrical connections between superior vena cava and right atrium: lessons learned from a prospective study

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LONG De-yong; MA Chang-sheng; JIANG Hong; DONG Jian-zeng; LIU Xing-peng; HUANG He; TANG Yan-hong; WU Gang; HUANG Cong-xin


    Background When performing superior vena cava isolation, the major concerns are inadvertent ablation on sinus node and right phrenic nerve. However, little is known about the spatial relationship of electrical connections between superior vena cava and right atrium with the sinus node and phrenic nerve locations among individual patients.Methods We studied 87 patients (male/female 60/27, mean age of (51±9) years) with atrial fibrillation. Before superior vena cava isolation, the sinus node site was defined by right atrium activation mapping during sinus rhythm and the right phrenic nerve site was localized via pacing manoeuvre. Superior vena cava was isolated by ablation at the electrical connection under the guidance of circular mapping catheter. The sites of sinus node, phrenic nerve and electrical connections were noted. Continuous variables were compared using Student's t test. A P value <0.05 was considered statistically significant.Results Right atrium activation mapping revealed that the sinus node located at the anterior lateral segment of superior vena cava-right atrium junction in all patients, in 82 patients with detectable diaphragmatic stimulations, the phrenic nerve sites were predominantly at the lateral segment (70/82) with anterior lateral and anterior segments for a few patients. A total of 165 electrical connections were located among all 87 patients, and this averaged 1.8±0.6 (1-3) per patient. The anterior septum (72 patients (43.6%)), the anterior wall (40 (24.2%)), and the posterior septum (35 (35.4%)) of superior vena cava-right atrium junction were the electrical connection regular sites. Superior vena cava was isolated in all patients. Two patients developed sinus bradycardia, with 3 mild superior vena cava stenosis and 2 phrenic nerve palsy.Conclusions The sinus node, phrenic nerve and electrical connection sites were distributed along the superior vena cava-right atrium junctions at expected locations for most patients. The electrical

  1. Comparative study of the results from conventional cervico-vaginal oncotic cytology and liquid-based cytology. (United States)

    Stabile, Sueli Aparecida Batista; Evangelista, Dilson Henrique Ramos; Talamonte, Valdely Helena; Lippi, Umberto Gazi; Lopes, Reginaldo Guedes Coelho


    To compare two oncotic cervical cytology techniques, the conventional and the liquid-based cytology, in low risk patients for uterine cervical cancer. Comparative prospective study with 100 patients who came to their annual gynecological exam, and were submitted simultaneously to both techniques. We used the McNemar test, with a significance level of p cytology and in 84% of the liquid-based cytology had statistical significance. As for the diagnosis of atypical cells they were detected in 3% of conventional cytology and in 10% of liquid-based cytology (p = 0.06). Atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance were the most prevalent abnormality. The liquid-based cytology performance was better when compared with colposcopy (guided biopsy), presenting sensitivity of 66.7% and specificity of 100%. There was no cytological and histological concordance for the conventional cytology. Liquid-based cytology had a better performance to diagnose atypical cells and the cytohistological concordance was higher than in the conventional cytology.



    Arumugam; Kannappan; Rizwan Rafeeque


    BACKGROUND Myringoplasty is an established procedure for closure of tympanic membrane perforations. The quest is on to improve the results further by studying various technique. METHODS In the present randomized prospective study of one-year duration, 103 patients having a dry large or a subtotal perforation were subjected to myringoplasty by overlay (51 cases) and underlay (52 cases) techniques. RESULTS The underlay technique resulted in a 94.2% (49 cases) success rat...

  3. Veia cava superior esquerda anômala com ausência de veia cava superior direita: achados de imagem Persistent left superior vena cava with absent right superior vena cava: image findings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cyrillo Rodrigues de Araújo Júnior


    Full Text Available A persistência da veia cava superior esquerda com ausência da veia cava superior direita é uma anomalia rara, com menos de 150 casos descritos na literatura. A não-obliteração e regressão da veia cardinal anterior esquerda durante o desenvolvimento embriológico promove uma variação sistêmica de retorno venoso ao coração, com persistência da veia cava superior esquerda. Sua incidência varia de 0,3% em pacientes sem alterações cardíacas congênitas concomitantes a 4,3% naqueles com cardiopatias. Na maioria das vezes coexiste a veia cava superior direita, porém se houver regressão e degeneração da veia cardinal anterior direita, implicará a sua ausência e a drenagem venosa para o coração será feita pela veia cava superior esquerda ao átrio direito, através do seio coronariano. Mostramos um caso de um paciente submetido a radiografia de tórax e tomografia computadorizada para avaliação de doença pulmonar obstrutiva crônica, tendo como achado a persistência da veia cava superior esquerda com ausência da direita, sem qualquer cardiopatia associada e com a drenagem cardíaca sendo feita, através do seio coronariano, para o átrio direito.Persistent left superior vena cava with absent right superior vena cava is a rare anomaly, with less than 150 cases reported in the literature. Congenitally persistent left superior vena cava is the most common variant of systemic venous return to the heart, resulting embryologically from failure of the left anterior cardinal vein to become obliterated. Its incidence varies from 0.3% in patients with otherwise normal heart to 4.3% in patients with congenital heart disease. In the majority of the patients, a right superior vena cava is present as well, but rarely the right anterior cardinal vein degenerates resulting in the absence of the normal right superior vena cava. The blood from the right side is carried by the persistent left superior vena cava to the right atrium through the

  4. MRI manifestations of enlarged superior ophthalmic vein

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WEI Rui-li; MA Xiao-ye; CAI Ji-ping; ZHU Huang


    Objective:To assess MRI in the evaluation of enlarged superior ophthalmic vein (SOV). Methods: MRI manifestations and etiology of forty-six patients with enlarged SOV were analyzed. Results: SOV enlargement was noted to occur in carotid-cavernous fistula, ophthalmic Graves'disease, Tolosa-Hunt syndrome, inflammation at the apex of the orbit, orbital pseudotumor and thrombosis of cavernous sinus. The dilated vein appeared as signal void tubular shadows on both T1 and T2 weighted images. The diameter of the enlarged vein was 3.5-6.0 mm. Extraocular muscle enlargement, orbital pathologies, enlarged carotid cavernous sinus etc were also revealed by MRI. Conclusion: The dilated SOV may be well demonstrated by MRI. The etiological diagnosis of enlarged SOV can be made in combination with the associated findings.

  5. Lightning activity during the 1999 Superior derecho (United States)

    Price, Colin G.; Murphy, Brian P.


    On 4 July 1999, a severe convective windstorm, known as a derecho, caused extensive damage to forested regions along the United States/Canada border, west of Lake Superior. There were 665,000 acres of forest destroyed in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) in Minnesota and Quetico Provincial Park in Canada, with approximately 12.5 million trees blown down. This storm resulted in additional severe weather before and after the occurrence of the derecho, with continuous cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning occurring for more than 34 hours during its path across North America. At the time of the derecho the percentage of positive cloud-to-ground (+CG) lightning measured by the Canadian Lightning Detection Network (CLDN) was greater than 70% for more than three hours, with peak values reaching 97% positive CG lightning. Such high ratios of +CG are rare, and may be useful indicators of severe weather.

  6. Superior vena cava syndrome in hemodialysis patient

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Azeb Molhem


    Full Text Available Obstruction of blood flow in the superior vena cava (SVC results in symptoms and signs of SVC syndrome. SVC obstruction can be caused either by invasion or external compression of the SVC by contagious pathologic processes involving the right lung, lymph nodes, and other mediastinal structures, or by thrombosis of blood within the SVC. Occasionally, both mechanisms co-exist. We hereby report a case of a 28-year-old male, Saudi patient who was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease and was maintained on regular hemodiaysis via right jugular vein dual lumen catheter for ten months. Three years later, the patient presented with signs and symptoms suggestive of SVC obstruction that was successfully managed with SVC stenting.

  7. Superiorization: An optimization heuristic for medical physics

    CERN Document Server

    Herman, G T; Davidi, R; Censor, Y


    Purpose: To describe and mathematically validate the superiorization methodology, which is a recently-developed heuristic approach to optimization, and to discuss its applicability to medical physics problem formulations that specify the desired solution (of physically given or otherwise obtained constraints) by an optimization criterion. Methods: The underlying idea is that many iterative algorithms for finding such a solution are perturbation resilient in the sense that, even if certain kinds of changes are made at the end of each iterative step, the algorithm still produces a constraints-compatible solution. This property is exploited by using permitted changes to steer the algorithm to a solution that is not only constraints-compatible, but is also desirable according to a specified optimization criterion. The approach is very general, it is applicable to many iterative procedures and optimization criteria used in medical physics. Results: The main practical contribution is a procedure for automatically p...

  8. Empirical assessment of the time course of innovation in biomedical engineering: first results of a comparative approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Farkas Robert


    Full Text Available The pathway from the flash of a technological invention until its use as a medical device in every day care is tedious and burdensome. But the often postulated acceleration has to balance the speed of innovation and the indispensable product safety by an improved understanding of the innovation cycle. While several studies investigated the time course of pharmaceutical innovation, a comparable empirical analysis of medical devices is lacking. Thus we evaluated the time between the patent priority date and the corresponding receipt of the CE mark as a function of a medical device risk class in 61 cases. The statistical analysis yielded a time increment (trend from medical devices in risk category I (median = 5.8 years compared to risk category III (median = 10.4 years, which is close to literature reported values for drug development (9–12 years. The difference between products in risk classes I and II did not reach significance. To investigate the underlying facts, a text-mining approach especially to resolve the ambiguity of, e.g. patents, CE Marks etc. is suggested for increasing the sample size.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O.A Gerasimova


    Full Text Available Russian Scientist Centre for Radiology and Surgical Technology has sufficient experience of orthotopic liver transplantation (100 OLT, which allowed comparing the outcomes of the terminal stages of liver disease in the two most numerous groups of patients: viral cirrhosis (VH and autoimmune liver diseases (AILD. Despite the fact that patients with VH indicator of urgency performing OLT (MELD lower, rate of deaths on the waiting list higher than AILD, due to more favorable course of immune disease. After OLT significant differences during the early and last posttransplant periods were not found, although the recurrences of viral hepatitis are recorded much more frequently than AILD. One-year and a three-year survival rates were comparable. To prevent reinfection of the hepatitis B successfully used nucleoside analogues (telbivudine, which allowed minimizing recurrence of the disease. Prevention and treatment of hepatitis C after the OLT is a relevant problem, despite the low efficiency of antiviral therapy. Relapses AILD not represent a real threat to the life of the patients, because the modification of immunosuppressive therapy can limit the progression of the disease. 

  10. Comparative analysis of substance use in ballet, dance sport, and synchronized swimming: results of a longitudinal study. (United States)

    Zenic, Natasa; Peric, Mia; Zubcevic, Nada Grcic; Ostojic, Zdenko; Ostojic, Ljerka


    There have been few studies comparing substance use and misuse (SU&M) in different performing arts forms. Herein, we identified and compared SU&M in women studying an art (ballet, n = 21), a non-Olympic sport (dance sport, n = 25), and an Olympic sport (synchronized swimming, n = 23). The sample of variables comprised general, educational, and sport factors, as well as SU&M data, including consumption of opiates, cigarettes, alcohol, nutritional supplements, doping behaviors, and beliefs. Using the Kruskal-Wallis test, we found no significant differences between study groups in potential doping behaviors. Most of the examinees reported that they did not rely on physicians' and/or coaches' opinions regarding doping. Only sport dancers recognized their consumption of cannabis as a violation of anti-doping rules. Those more convinced that doping habits are present in their sport (or art) have a certain tendency toward doping usage. In conclusion, a strong anti-doping campaign within the studied arts is suggested, focusing on the health-related problems of SU&M.

  11. Comparative Analysis of Dynamics and Structure of Financial and Economic Results of Enterprises of Dairy Industry of Ukraine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arych Mykhaylo I.


    Full Text Available The article studies dynamics and structure of financial and economic results of dairy industry enterprises during 2008 – 2012, which gives a possibility to reveal main tendencies of changes and character of development of this industry. Dynamics of financial and economic results of five Ukrainian dairy enterprises selected for the study is positive in growth of their absolute values, however, if we speak about relative indicators of profitability (unprofitableness the situation here is opposite. Analysis of general tendencies of the economic result – income (receipts from sales of products showed positive dynamics of increase of this indicator practically in all subjects of the dairy industry during 2008 – 2012. The final financial result in the form of net profit (loss changed not so positively, which resulted in formation of indicators of unprofitableness and low values of profitability. Moreover, we should note availability of a quite positive tendency of increase of qualitative and quantitative compositions of results of production activity of individual enterprises.

  12. STEREO Superior Solar Conjunction Mission Phase (United States)

    Ossing, Daniel A.; Wilson, Daniel; Balon, Kevin; Hunt, Jack; Dudley, Owen; Chiu, George; Coulter, Timothy; Reese, Angel; Cox, Matthew; Srinivasan, Dipak; hide


    With its long duration and high gain antenna (HGA) feed thermal constraint; the NASA Solar-TErestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO) solar conjunction mission phase is quite unique to deep space operations. Originally designed for a two year heliocentric orbit mission to primarily study coronal mass ejection propagation, after 8 years of continuous science data collection, the twin STEREO observatories entered the solar conjunction mission phase, for which they were not designed. Nine months before entering conjunction, an unforeseen thermal constraint threatened to stop daily communications and science data collection for 15months. With a 3.5 month long communication blackout from the superior solar conjunction, without ground commands, each observatory will reset every 3 days, resulting in 35 system resets at an Earth range of 2 AU. As the observatories will be conjoined for the first time in 8 years, a unique opportunity for calibrating the same instruments on identical spacecraft will occur. As each observatory has lost redundancy, and with only a limited fidelity hardware simulator, how can the new observatory configuration be adequately and safely tested on each spacecraft? Without ground commands, how would a 3-axis stabilized spacecraft safely manage the ever accumulating system momentum without using propellant for thrusters? Could science data still be collected for the duration of the solar conjunction mission phase? Would the observatories survive? In its second extended mission, operational resources were limited at best. This paper discusses the solutions to the STEREO superior solar conjunction operational challenges, science data impact, testing, mission operations, results, and lessons learned while implementing.

  13. Noise management to achieve superiority in quantum information systems. (United States)

    Nemoto, Kae; Devitt, Simon; Munro, William J


    Quantum information systems are expected to exhibit superiority compared with their classical counterparts. This superiority arises from the quantum coherences present in these quantum systems, which are obviously absent in classical ones. To exploit such quantum coherences, it is essential to control the phase information in the quantum state. The phase is analogue in nature, rather than binary. This makes quantum information technology fundamentally different from our classical digital information technology. In this paper, we analyse error sources and illustrate how these errors must be managed for the system to achieve the required fidelity and a quantum superiority.This article is part of the themed issue 'Quantum technology for the 21st century'. © 2017 The Author(s).

  14. Compare optimized performance results for packaged RTU using all alternative refrigerants FY17 1st Quarter Milestone Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shen, Bo [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Abdelaziz, Omar [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Shrestha, Som S. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Elatar, Ahmed F. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    Based on the laboratory investigation in FY16, for R-22 and R-410A alternative low GWP refrigerants in two baseline rooftop air conditioners (RTU), we used the DOE/ORNL Heat Pump Design Model to model the two RTUs and calibrated the models against the experimental data. Using the calibrated equipment models, we compared the compressor efficiencies, heat exchanger performances. An efficiency-based compressor mapping method was developed, which is able to predict compressor performances of the alternative low GWP refrigerants accurately. Extensive model-based optimizations were conducted to provide a fair comparison between all the low GWP candidates by selecting their preferred configurations at the same cooling capacity and compressor efficiencies.

  15. Efficacy and safety of tacrolimus compared with cyclosporin A microemulsion in renal transplantation: 2 year follow-up results. (United States)

    Krämer, Bernhard K; Montagnino, Giuseppe; Del Castillo, Domingo; Margreiter, Raimund; Sperschneider, Heide; Olbricht, Christoph J; Krüger, Bernd; Ortuño, Joaquín; Köhler, Hans; Kunzendorf, Ulrich; Stummvoll, Hans-Krister; Tabernero, Jose M; Mühlbacher, Ferdinand; Rivero, Manuel; Arias, Manuel


    Comparison studies of calcineurin inhibitors as cornerstone immunosuppressants in renal transplantation have demonstrated that tacrolimus consistently reduces acute rejection rates and, in some studies, also improves long-term renal outcome in comparison to cyclosporin A (CsA). The aim of the present 2 year follow-up of the European Tacrolimus vs Cyclosporin A Microemulsion Renal Transplantation Study was to investigate long-term clinical outcome in terms of rate of acute rejection, graft and patient survival and graft function. The European Tacrolimus vs Cyclosporin A Microemulsion Renal Transplantation Study was a randomized, comparative 6 month trial of the calcineurin inhibitors tacrolimus and CsA in combination with both azathioprine and steroids. The intent-to-treat population (ITT) consisted of 286 patients in the tacrolimus arm and 271 in the CsA microemulsion (CsA-ME) arm. Whereas whole blood level targets were 10-20 and 5-15 ng/ml for tacrolimus and 100-400 and 100-200 ng/ml for CsA during months 0-3 and 4-6, respectively, during the investigator-driven follow-up after termination of the main study (months 7-24) no specific calcineurin inhibitor target levels were required. Follow-up data were collected at 2 years post-transplantation from 237 (82.9% of the ITT population) patients who received tacrolimus and 222 (81.9% of the ITT population) patients who received CsA-ME. Calculated on ITT populations, mortality (2.0% vs 3.3%; PRenal function 2 years post-transplant, measured by serum creatinine concentrations, was significantly better in tacrolimus-based compared with CsA-ME-based immunosuppression (136.9 vs 161.6 micromol/l; Ptransplantation. Tacrolimus-based immunosuppression may induce long-term benefits with regard to graft function and graft survival. The overall side-effect profile is considered to be favourable.

  16. Comparative usefulness of inflammatory markers to indicate bacterial infection-analyzed according to blood culture results and related clinical factors. (United States)

    Nishikawa, Hirokazu; Shirano, Michinori; Kasamatsu, Yu; Morimura, Ayumi; Iida, Ko; Kishi, Tomomi; Goto, Tetsushi; Okamoto, Saki; Ehara, Eiji


    To assess relationships of inflammatory markers and 2 related clinical factors with blood culture results, we retrospectively investigated inpatients' blood culture and blood chemistry findings that were recorded from January to December 2014 using electronic medical records and analyzed the data of 852 subjects (426 culture-positive and 426 culture-negative). Results suggested that the risk of positive blood culture statistically increased as inflammatory marker levels and the number of related factors increased. Concerning the effectiveness of inflammatory markers, when the outcome definition was also changed for C-reactive protein (CRP), the odds ratio had a similar value, whereas when the outcome definition of blood culture positivity was used for procalcitonin (PCT), the greatest effectiveness of that was detected. Therefore, the current results suggest that PCT is more useful than CRP as an auxiliary indication of bacterial infection.

  17. Comparative analysis of microscopic images and XRF and EDS results of bricks from arheological sites Mediana and Naisus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kalamković Snežana


    Full Text Available This paper describes the archaeological sites Mediana and Naisus during Late Antiquity. Microscopic images of bricks, and the results and analysis of XRF bricks from these archaeological sites are shown. Based on the results, it can be concluded that a similar brick exterior, and approximately the same chemical composition. One reason is, most likely, a similar chemical composition of the soil, because the archaeological sites are geographically close to each other. Another reason could be the same way bricks were producted, and that the same fuel was used in the kilns.

  18. [Comparative analysis of long-term results of treating chronic prostatis with the use of the Andro-Gin device]. (United States)

    Alekseev, M Ia; Golubchikov, V A


    Follow-up examinations covered 91 patients aged from 20 to 60 years with chronic prostatitis (CP) history 1-18 years. The primary examination has found that 79.1% examinees has CP complicated with sexual dysfunction, disturbed spermatogenesis and psychoneurological disorders. In one group of CP patients etiopathogenetic treatment of CP was combined with magneto-laser-electrostimulation of the prostate provided by the unit Andro-Gin. This combined treatment proved more effective as it induced long-term remission (two years and longer) in 60.5% patients. Unsatisfactory results were minimal. Without use of the unit unsatisfactory results were recorded in 35% patients.

  19. Paso superior en una ladera

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bender, O.


    Full Text Available The Redwood highway, through the Californian forest, runs on a viaduct, as it crosses a mountain slope of about 45° inclination. The firm ground is fairly deep, and as an additional constructional difficulty, it was necessary to respect the natural beauty of the countryside. A structure of portal frames were built, forming a number of short spans. These spans were bridged with metal girders, on which a 19 m wide deck was placed. The columns are hollow and have a transversal cross beam, to join each pair. There was difficulty in excavating the foundations for the columns, as it was necessary to dig through the soft top soil, and also prevent this soil from hurting the trunks of the forest trees. Another significant difficulty in the construction of this viaduct was the access to the working site, since there were no suitable platforms from which to operate the appropriate machinery. This made it necessary to do a lot of the work by manual operation. As one of the edges of the deck is very close to the mountain side, a supporting beam was erected on this side. It was made of concrete, on metal piles. The formwork for the deck structure was placed on the concrete stems of the supporting piles.La autopista denominada Redwood (California salva, con un paso superior, la ladera de un bosque cuya pendiente es del 1/1. El terreno firme se halla a bastante profundidad, añadiéndose, a los naturales problemas de la construcción, el imperativo de respetar la belleza agreste del paraje. La solución adoptada consiste en una estructura porticada, con varios tramos de pequeñas luces, salvados con vigas metálicas, sobre los que se coloca la losa del tablero, de 19 m de anchura total. Los soportes están constituidos por pórticos de dos montantes huecos (con bases de hormigón en masa por debajo del suelo, hasta el firme coronados por un cabezal. La perforación de pozos para el hormigonado de los montantes presentaba la dificultad de atravesar el terreno

  20. Mothers say "baby" and their newborns do not choose to listen: a behavioral preference study to compare with ERP results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christine M Moon


    Full Text Available Previously published results from neonatal brain evoked response potential (ERP experiments revealed different brain responses to the single word baby depending on whether it was recorded by the mother or an unfamiliar female. These results are consistent with behavioral preference studies in which infants altered pacifier sucking to contingently activate recordings of the maternal vs. an unfamiliar female voice, but the speech samples were much longer and information-rich than in the ERP studies. Both types of neonatal voice recognition studies imply postnatal retention of prenatal learning. The preference studies require infant motor and motivation systems to mount a response in addition to voice recognition. The current contingent sucking preference study was designed to test neonatal motivation to alter behavior when the reward is the single word baby recorded by the mother or an unfamiliar speaker. Results showed an absent or weak contingent sucking response to the brief maternal voice sample, and they demonstrate the complementary value of electrophysiological and behavioral studies for very early development. Neonates can apparently recognize the maternal voice in brief recorded sample (previous ERP results but they are not sufficiently motivated by it to alter sucking behavior.

  1. Mothers say "baby" and their newborns do not choose to listen: a behavioral preference study to compare with ERP results. (United States)

    Moon, Christine; Zernzach, Randall C; Kuhl, Patricia K


    Previously published results from neonatal brain evoked response potential (ERP) experiments revealed different brain responses to the single word "baby" depending on whether it was recorded by the mother or an unfamiliar female. These results are consistent with behavioral preference studies in which infants altered pacifier sucking to contingently activate recordings of the maternal vs. an unfamiliar female voice, but the speech samples were much longer and information-rich than in the ERP studies. Both types of neonatal voice recognition studies imply postnatal retention of prenatal learning. The preference studies require infant motor and motivation systems to mount a response in addition to voice recognition. The current contingent sucking preference study was designed to test neonatal motivation to alter behavior when the reward is the single word "baby" recorded by the mother or an unfamiliar speaker. Results showed an absent or weak contingent sucking response to the brief maternal voice sample, and they demonstrate the complementary value of electrophysiological and behavioral studies for very early development. Neonates can apparently recognize the maternal voice in brief recorded sample (previous ERP results) but they are not sufficiently motivated by it to alter sucking behavior.

  2. Bendamustine compared with chlorambucil in previously untreated patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: updated results of a randomized phase III trial. (United States)

    Knauf, Wolfgang U; Lissitchkov, Toshko; Aldaoud, Ali; Liberati, Anna M; Loscertales, Javier; Herbrecht, Raoul; Juliusson, Gunnar; Postner, Gerhard; Gercheva, Liana; Goranov, Stefan; Becker, Martin; Fricke, Hans-Joerg; Huguet, Francoise; Del Giudice, Ilaria; Klein, Peter; Merkle, Karlheinz; Montillo, Marco


    The efficacy of bendamustine versus chlorambucil in a phase III trial of previously untreated patients with Binet stage B/C chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) was re-evaluated after a median observation time of 54 months in May 2010. Overall survival (OS) was analysed for the first time. At follow-up, investigator-assessed complete response (CR) rate (21·0% vs 10·8%), median progression-free survival (21·2 vs 8·8 months; P chlorambucil. OS was not different between groups for all patients or those ≤65 years, >65 years, responders and non-responders. However, patients with objective response or a CR experienced a significantly longer OS than non-responders or those without a CR. Significantly more patients on chlorambucil progressed to second/further lines of treatment compared with those on bendamustine (78·3% vs 63·6%; P = 0·004). The benefits of bendamustine over chlorambucil were achieved without reducing quality of life. In conclusion, bendamustine is significantly more effective than chlorambucil in previously untreated CLL patients, with the achievement of a CR or objective response appearing to prolong OS. Bendamustine should be considered as a preferred first-line option over chlorambucil for CLL patients ineligible for fludarabine, cyclophosphamide and rituximab. © 2012 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

  3. Evaluation of the incidence on insufficient cytology results comparing different ultrasound-guided aspiration techniques for thyroid nodules

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Seong Hyng; Park, Jun Hyun; Park, Ji Kang [Dept. of Radiology, Jeju National University Hospital, Jeju National University School of Medicine, Jeju (Korea, Republic of)


    We compared the incidence of insufficient thyroid cytology due to blood-stained materials or low cellularity in terms of aspiration technique, especially focusing on the degree of suction pressure and needle size. Three experienced radiologists performed ultrasound-guided aspiration for thyroid nodules in 1174 thyroid nodules consecutively. Three different techniques were used; (A) using a 25 gauge needle with mainly capillary technique in 269 nodules; (B) using a 25 gauge needle with 3 cc syringe and minimal suction pressure in 303 nodules; (C) using a 22-23 gauge needle with 10 cc syringe and aspirator in 602 nodules. The differences of the incidence of the insufficient cytology among the three aspiration techniques and relationships of the incidence and needle size/degree of suction pressure was statistically analyzed using the Mann-Whitney U test and the chi-square test with linear-by-linear association. Overall, the difference in insufficient cytology was significant across the three aspiration technique (p = 0.004), and the incidence tended to increase significantly with increase of needle size and degree of suction pressure (p < 0.001). A pairwise comparison of aspiration techniques found significant differences (p = 0.003) between techniques (A) and (C), and no differences between technique (B) and (C) (p 0.07) and between techniques (A) and (B) (p = 0.10). The incidence of insufficient cytology was significantly low in the capillary technique, and it increased significantly with the increase of needle size and degree of suction pressure.

  4. [Are intravenous immunoglobulins useful in severe episodes of autoimmune hemolytic anemia?: Comparative results in 21 episodes from a single centre]. (United States)

    Gil-Fernández, Juan José; Flores Ballester, Elena; González Martínez, María; Arévalo-Serrano, Juan; Tamayo Martín, Ana Teresa; Burgaleta Alonso de Ozalla, Carmen


    To analyze haemolytic episodes in patients with warm antibody autoimmune haemolytic anemia (AIHA) and compare corticosteroids treatment with intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIG) (group A) or without IVIG (group B). Observational study that includes 21 haemolytic episodes occurred in 17 patients (9 males and 12 females), with a median age of 59 years (26-82). In group A, 8 episodes received IGIV + corticosteroids and in group B, 12 episodes received only corticosteroids and one rituximab. Hemoglobin (Hb) value at diagnosis was 1.8 g/dl lower (95% confidence interval: 0.6 to 3.1; P = .007) in group A, with a median Hb of 6.3g/dl in this group vs 7.9 g/dl in group B. There were non-significant differences in red blood cells transfusion (50 vs 23%; P > .20) and global increase of Hb values (7.3 vs 5.6; P > .20). Overall hematological responses were similar: 88 vs 92% (P > .20). Hematological response achieved in more severe episodes with the use of IVIG was similar to non-severe episodes treated without IVIG. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier España, S.L. All rights reserved.

  5. Creating Sparks: Comparing Search Results Using Discriminatory Search Term Word Co-Occurrence to Facilitate Serendipity in the Enterprise


    Paul Hugh Cleverley; Simon Burnett


    Categories or tags that appear in faceted search interfaces which are representative of an information item, rarely convey unexpected or non-obvious associated concepts buried within search results. No prior research has been identified which assesses the usefulness of discriminative search term word co-occurrence to generate facets to act as catalysts to facilitate insightful and serendipitous encounters during exploratory search. In this study, 53 scientists from two organisations interacte...

  6. Chromoendoscopy for Surveillance in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Does Not Increase Neoplasia Detection Compared With Conventional Colonoscopy With Random Biopsies: Results From a Large Retrospective Study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mooiweer, E.; Meulen-Jong, A.E. van der; Ponsioen, C.Y.; Fidder, H.H.; Siersema, P.D.; Dekker, E.; Oldenburg, B.


    OBJECTIVES: Randomized trials demonstrated that chromoendoscopy is superior to white light endoscopy with random biopsy sampling (WLE) for the detection of dysplasia in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Whether implementing chromoendoscopy can increase the detection of dysplasia in cli

  7. Chromoendoscopy for Surveillance in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Does Not Increase Neoplasia Detection Compared With Conventional Colonoscopy With Random Biopsies : Results From a Large Retrospective Study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mooiweer, E; van der Meulen-de Jong, A E; Ponsioen, C Y; Fidder, H H; Siersema, P D; Dekker, E; Oldenburg, B


    OBJECTIVES: Randomized trials demonstrated that chromoendoscopy is superior to white light endoscopy with random biopsy sampling (WLE) for the detection of dysplasia in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Whether implementing chromoendoscopy can increase the detection of dysplasia in cli

  8. Neural correlates associated with superior tactile symmetry perception in the early blind. (United States)

    Bauer, Corinna; Yazzolino, Lindsay; Hirsch, Gabriella; Cattaneo, Zaira; Vecchi, Tomaso; Merabet, Lotfi B


    Symmetry is an organizational principle that is ubiquitous throughout the visual world. However, this property can also be detected through non-visual modalities such as touch. The role of prior visual experience on detecting tactile patterns containing symmetry remains unclear. We compared the behavioral performance of early blind and sighted (blindfolded) controls on a tactile symmetry detection task. The tactile patterns used were similar in design and complexity as in previous visual perceptual studies. The neural correlates associated with this behavioral task were identified with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). In line with growing evidence demonstrating enhanced tactile processing abilities in the blind, we found that early blind individuals showed significantly superior performance in detecting tactile symmetric patterns compared to sighted controls. Furthermore, comparing patterns of activation between these two groups identified common areas of activation (e.g. superior parietal cortex) but key differences also emerged. In particular, tactile symmetry detection in the early blind was also associated with activation that included peri-calcarine cortex, lateral occipital (LO), and middle temporal (MT) cortex, as well as inferior temporal and fusiform cortex. These results contribute to the growing evidence supporting superior behavioral abilities in the blind, and the neural correlates associated with crossmodal neuroplasticity following visual deprivation.

  9. Pseudodisplacements of superior vena cava catheter in the persistent left superior vena cava

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jantsch, H.; Draxler, V.; Muhar, U.; Schlemmer, M.; Waneck, R.


    Pseudodisplacement of a left sided superior vena cava catheter in a persistent superior vena cava may be expected in adults in 0,37% and in a group of children with congenital heart disease in 2,5%. Embryology, anatomy and clinical implications is discussed on the basis of our own cases. The vena cava superior sinistra persitents is depending on a sufficient calibre a suitable vessel for a superior cava catheter.

  10. Early and Delayed Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Result in Comparable Reductions in CD8+ T Cell Exhaustion Marker Expression. (United States)

    Rutishauser, Rachel; Hartogensis, Wendy; Deguit, Christian D; Krone, Melissa; Hoh, Rebecca; Hecht, Rick; Pilcher, Christopher D; Bacchetti, Peter; Deeks, Steven G; Hunt, Peter W; McCune, Joseph M


    In untreated HIV infection, CD8+ T cell exhaustion (i.e., decreased proliferative and effector capacity) is associated with high levels of expression of co-inhibitory receptors, including PD-1, TIGIT, CD160, and 2B4. This is evident for both HIV-specific and non-HIV-specific CD8+ T cells. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) initiated during chronic infection decreases but may not completely normalize the expression of such "exhaustion markers." Compared to initiation of ART later in the course of disease, initiation soon after infection reduces some parameters of chronic inflammation and adaptive immune dysfunction. However, it is not known if Early ART (e.g., initiated within the first six months after HIV infection) versus Delayed ART (e.g., initiated during chronic infection) preferentially reduces expression of exhaustion markers. We evaluated exhaustion marker expression on subsets of circulating effector and memory CD8+ T cells at longitudinal pre- and post-ART (two and five years on ART) time points from n=19 (Early ART) and n=23 (Delayed ART) individuals. Prior to ART, TIGIT and CD160 were expressed on a statistically significantly higher proportion of effector and transitional memory cells from individuals in the Delayed ART group: the timing of ART initiation, however, did not consistently affect the expression of the exhaustion markers once viral suppression was achieved. Understanding which factors do and do not regulate aspects of CD8+ T cell exhaustion, including the expression of exhaustion markers, is critical to inform the rational design of CD8+ T cell-based therapies to treat HIV, for which CD8+ T cell exhaustion remains an important barrier to efficacy.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anatoly V. Korotkov


    Full Text Available The article focuses on the modeling of series-STI formation of individual market demand. The analysis, and then sum-of three well-known inmarketing models, which exhaust the currentlyknown approaches is revised. The article shows that all three models have a signifi cant difference in the number of stages and terminology. The obtained results are the basis for the developmentof the author’s model of gradual development of demand - «need - desire - requirement -demand» or abbreviated as «model NDRD» and can be considered as a contribution to the methodology of study a demand.

  12. Comparative study of the results of compound tibial shaft fractures treated by Ilizarov ring fixators and limb reconstruction system fixators

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Chandra Prakash Pal; Harish Kumar; Deepak Kumar; K.S.Dinkar; Vivek Mittal; Naveen Kumar Singh


    Purpose: Ilizarov ring fixator and limb reconstruction system (LRS) fixators have been used in the management of complex tibial fractures with severe soft tissue injuries, compound tibial fractures, and infected tibial nonunion for which conventional internal fixation cannot be contemplated.Fracture union and distraction osteogenesis can be done simultaneously with these external fixators, allowing early weight bearing.Several previous studies have shown almost equal results of rail and ring fixators for the compound tibial shaft fractures.Thus we performed a prospective study to evaluate the union rate, functional outcome and amount of limb lengthening after the treatment of compound tibial shaft fractures with or without infected nonunion by ring or LRS fixators.Methods: This prospective study was done at Sarojini Naidu Medical College and Hospital, Agra, India and included 32 patients of compound tibial shaft fractures with or without infected nonunion.There were 26 males and 6 females and the average age was 40 years.Patients were randomly divided into two groups (n =16 for each): one underwent Ilizarov fixation and the other received LRS fixation.Cases were followed up for 3-24 months, 6 months on average from September 2012 to October 2014.Functional and radiological outcomes were assessed using the Association for the Study and Application of Methods of Ilizarov (ASAMI) criteria for both rail and ring fixators.Results: Union was achieved in all cases.Radiological outcome was found excellent in 68.75%, good in 18.75% and fair in 12.50% of cases treated by rail fixators whereas it was excellent in 56.25%, good in 18.75%, fair in 12.50% and poor in 12.50% of cases treated by ring fixators.Functional result was satisfactory in 75.00% of cases treated by rail fixator and 68.75% of cases treated by ring fixators whereas the corresponding rate of unsatisfactory was 25.00% vs.31.25%.Conclusion: In our short-term assessment, LRS fixators show a


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. V. Yakusevich


    Full Text Available Aim. To study therapeutic equivalence (efficacy, safety and tolerability of original clopidogrel (Plavix and its generic (Egitromb in patients of high cardiovascular risk. Material and methods. Thirty one patients with coronary heart disease and indications for clopidogrel therapy were involved into the randomized cross-over blind study. Half of the patients received original clopidogrel (75 mg daily during the first 2 weeks and then they received generic clopidogrel in the same dose during next 2 weeks. Another half of the patients received the drugs in reverse order. Antiplatelet activity of Plavix and Egitromb was estimated by effects on ADP-induced platelet aggregation initially and after 2 weeks of treatment with each drug. Study blinding was provided by the following approach: doctors of cardiology clinic performed clinical monitoring and drug distribution; coded blood samples for platelet aggregation assessment were studied in independent laboratory of thrombosis; statistical data analysis was performed by biostatistics expert in other research center. Results. 2-week therapy with each drug led to a significant decrease of ADP-induced platelet aggregation which remained low after switching from original drug to generic and vice versa. Aggregation dynamics did not depend on the first administered drug. There were no significant differences between aggregation changes as a result of treatment with original or generic drug. No one adverse event was observed in association with both drugs therapy. Conclusion. Generic drug Egitromb (Egis, Hungary and original clopidogrel Plavix (Sanofi-Aventis, France have equivalent antiplatelet effect.

  14. Recombinant envelope protein (rgp90) ELISA for equine infectious anemia virus provides comparable results to the agar gel immunodiffusion. (United States)

    Reis, Jenner K P; Diniz, Rejane S; Haddad, João P A; Ferraz, Isabella B F; Carvalho, Alex F; Kroon, Erna G; Ferreira, Paulo C P; Leite, Rômulo C


    Equine infectious anemia (EIA) is an important viral infection affecting horses worldwide. The course of infection is accompanied generally by three characteristic stages: acute, chronic and inapparent. There is no effective EIA vaccine or treatment, and the control of the disease is based currently on identification of EIAV inapparent carriers by laboratory tests. Recombinant envelope protein (rgp90) was expressed in Escherichia coli and evaluated via enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). There was an excellent agreement (95.42%) between the ELISA results using rgp90 and agar gel immunodiffusion test results. AGID is considered the "gold-standard" serologic test for equine infectious anemia (EIA). After 1160 serum samples were tested, the relative sensitivity and specificity of the ELISA were 96.1% and 96.4%, respectively. Moreover, analysis diagnostic accuracy of the ELISA was performed. The ELISA proved robust. Furthermore, good reproducibility was observed for the negative controls and, positive controls for all plates tested. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  15. Primary School Student Teachers' Understanding of Climate Change: Comparing the Results Given by Concept Maps and Communication Analysis (United States)

    Ratinen, Ilkka; Viiri, Jouni; Lehesvuori, Sami


    Climate change is a complex environmental problem that can be used to examine students' understanding, gained through classroom communication, of climate change and its interactions. The present study examines a series of four science sessions given to a group of primary school student teachers (n = 20). This includes analysis of the communication styles used and the students' pre- and post-conceptualisation of climate change based on results obtained via essay writing and drawings. The essays and drawings concerned the students' unprompted pre- and post-conceptions about climate change, collected before and after each of the four inquiry-based science sessions (in physics, chemistry, biology and geography). Concept mapping was used in the analysis of the students' responses. The communication used in the four sessions was analysed with a communicative approach in order to find out the discussion about climate change between teacher and students. The analyses indicated that the students did not have the knowledge or the courage to participate in discussion, but post-conceptualisation map showed that students' thinking had become more coherent after the four sessions. Given the results of the present study, proposals for using concepts maps and/or communication analysis in studying students' conceptions are presented.

  16. Prospective, multicenter randomized GITMO/IIL trial comparing intensive (R-HDS) versus conventional (CHOP-R) chemoimmunotherapy in high-risk follicular lymphoma at diagnosis: the superior disease control of R-HDS does not translate into an overall survival advantage. (United States)

    Ladetto, Marco; De Marco, Federica; Benedetti, Fabio; Vitolo, Umberto; Patti, Caterina; Rambaldi, Alessandro; Pulsoni, Alessandro; Musso, Maurizio; Liberati, Anna M; Olivieri, Attilio; Gallamini, Andrea; Pogliani, Enrico; Rota Scalabrini, Delia; Callea, Vincenzo; Di Raimondo, Francesco; Pavone, Vincenzo; Tucci, Alessandra; Cortelazzo, Sergio; Levis, Alessandro; Boccadoro, Mario; Majolino, Ignazio; Pileri, Alessandro; Gianni, Alessandro M; Passera, Roberto; Corradini, Paolo; Tarella, Corrado


    In this randomized multicenter study of 136 patients, 6 courses of CHOP (cyclo-phosphamide/doxorubicin/vincristine/prednisone) followed by rituximab (CHOP-R) were compared with rituximab-supplemented high-dose sequential chemotherapy with autografting (R-HDS) to assess the value of intensified chemo-therapy as a first-line treatment for high-risk follicular lymphoma (FL) after the introduction of monoclonal antibodies. The analysis was intention to treat with event-free survival (EFS) as the primary endpoint. Complete remission (CR) was 62% with CHOP-R and 85% with R-HDS (P HDS patients (P HDS in 71% of cases. Salvage R-HDS had an 85% CR rate and a 68% 3-year EFS (MFU, 30 months). We conclude that (1) achieving MR is critical for effective disease control, regardless of which treatment is used; (2) R-HDS ensures superior disease control and molecular outcome than CHOP-R, but no OS improvement; and (3) CHOP-R failures have a good outcome after salvage R-HDS, suggesting that relapsed/refractory FL could be the most appropriate setting for R-HDS-like treatments. This trial was registered at as no. NCT00435955.

  17. A Randomized, Double-masked Clinical Trial Comparing Four Periodontitis Treatment Strategies: 5-year Tooth Loss Results

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Preus, Hans R; Gjermo, Per; Baelum, Vibeke


    BACKGROUND: Tooth loss is the ultimate negative consequence of periodontitis, and reports of the extent to which different treatment strategies may influence the loss of teeth in the long run are hard to find. AIM: To test the hypothesis that there is no difference in the 5-year clinical outcome...... of therapy in terms of tooth mortality between groups of patients treated with conventional over-weeks scaling and root planing (SRP) or same-day full-mouth disinfection (FDIS), with or without adjunctive metronidazole. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 184 patients with moderate to severe periodontitis were randomly...... following completion of periodontal therapy, none of the 4 strategies produced a better end result than the other....

  18. Short Communication: Testosterone Measured with an Automatic Immunoassay Compares Reasonbly Well to Results Obtained by LC-MS/MS

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Knudsen, Cindy Søndersø; Højskov, Carsten Schriver; Møller, Holger Jon


    hormonebinding globulin (SHBG), and albumin employing Cobas e601/c501. Testosterone, androstenedione (andro), dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (DHEAS), and 17-hydroxyprogesterone (17-OHP) concentrations were measured employing LC-MS/MS. We evaluated the difference between testosterone measured by the two methods...... for the difference between results obtained by the two methods and the sample concentration of DHEAS and andro: Diff (Cobas e601 - LC-MS/MS) = 0.116 x DHEAS - 0.396, r = 0.84 and Diff (Cobas e601 - LC-MS/MS) = 0.08 andro - 0.380, r = 0.58. No statistically significant interference was observed for progesterone, 17......-OHP, SHBG, and albumin. Conclusions: We report significant differences between testosterone measurements employing an automatic second generation immunoassay and LC-MS/MS. The difference can be correlated with the measured concentrations of DHEAS and andro, and its magnitude is judged to be of limited...

  19. Comparing effects of tillage treatments performed with animal traction on soil physical properties and soil electrical resistivity: preliminary experimental results

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    García-Tomillo Aitor


    Full Text Available Soil Compaction results from compressive forces applied to compressible soil by machinery wheels, combined with tillage operations. Draft animal‐pulled equipment may also cause soil compaction, but a huge gap exists on experimental data to adequately assess their impacts and, actually, animal traction is an option seen with increasing potential to contribute to sustainable agriculture, especially in mountain areas. This study was conducted to assess the impacts on soil compaction of tillage operations with motor tractor and draft animals. In a farm plot (Vale de Frades, NE Portugal treatments were applied in sub‐plots (30 m × 3 m, consisting in a two way tillage with tractor (T, a pair of cows (C and a pair of donkeys (D. Undisturbed soil samples (120 were taken before and after operations for bulk density (BD and saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ks. The relative changes in BD observed after tillage in the 0-0.05 m soil depth increased after operations in all treatments. The increase was higher in the tractor sub-plot (15% than in those where animal traction was used (8%. Before operation Ks class was rapid and fast in all samples, and after operation this value was reduced to 33% in T, whereas it reached 83% in C. Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT was useful as a tool to identify the alterations caused by tillage operations on soil physical status. These preliminary results confirm the potential of animal traction as an option for mountain agri‐environments, yet it requires much wider research to soundly ground its assets.

  20. Peripheral blood stem cell mobilization in multiple myeloma patients treat in the novel therapy-era with plerixafor and G-CSF has superior efficacy but significantly higher costs compared to mobilization with low-dose cyclophosphamide and G-CSF. (United States)

    Chaudhary, Lubna; Awan, Farrukh; Cumpston, Aaron; Leadmon, Sonia; Watkins, Kathy; Tse, William; Craig, Michael; Hamadani, Mehdi


    Studies comparing the efficacy and cost of peripheral blood stem and progenitor cells mobilization with low-dose cyclophosphamide (LD-CY) and granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) against plerixafor and G-CSF, in multiple myeloma (MM) patients treated in the novel therapy-era are not available. Herein, we report mobilization outcomes of 107 patients who underwent transplantation within 1-year of starting induction chemotherapy with novel agents. Patients undergoing mobilization with LD-CY (1.5 gm/m(2)) and G-CSF (n = 74) were compared against patients receiving plerixafor and G-CSF (n = 33). Compared to plerixafor, LD-CY was associated with a significantly lower median peak peripheral blood CD34+ cell count (68/µL vs. 36/µL, P = 0.048), and lower CD34+ cell yield on day 1 of collection (6.9 × 10(6)/kg vs. 2.4 × 10(6)/kg, P = 0.001). Six patients (8.1%) in the LD-CY group experienced mobilization failure, compared to none in the plerixafor group. The total CD34+ cell yield was significantly higher in the plerixafor group (median 11.6 × 10(6)/kg vs. 7 × 10(6)/kg; P-value = 0.001). Mobilization with LD-CY was associated with increased (albeit statistically non-significant) episodes of febrile neutropenia (5.4% vs. 0%; P = 0.24), higher use of intravenous antibiotics (6.7% vs. 3%; P = 0.45), and need for hospitalizations (9.4% vs. 3%; P = 0.24). The average total cost of mobilization in the plerixafor group was significantly higher compared to the LD-CY group ($28,980 vs. $19,626.5 P-value mobilization has superior efficacy, but significantly higher mobilization costs compared to LD-CY mobilization. Our data caution against the use of LD-CY in MM patients for mobilization, especially after induction with lenalidomide-containing regimens.

  1. Superior transseptal approach to mitral valve is associated with a higher need for pacemaker implantation than the left atrial approach

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lukac, Peter; Hjortdal, Vibeke E; Pedersen, Anders K


    retrospectively evaluated. The surgeons used either the superior transseptal (group A) or left atrial approach (group B). The risk of pacemaker implantation associated with the superior transseptal approach as compared with the left atrial approach was estimated using the multivariate Cox regression analysis...... to adjust for possible confounders. RESULTS: We included 577 patients, 150 in group A and 427 in group B. Forty-four patients had a pacemaker implanted after the surgery; 17 in group A and 27 in group B (p = 0.010). The superior transseptal approach was an independent risk factor of pacemaker implantation...... in multivariate analysis (hazard ratio 2.2 [1.2 to 4.1], p = 0.014). Nineteen patients had a pacemaker implanted because of sinus node dysfunction; 9 in group A and 10 in group B (p = 0.017). Group A was an independent predictor of pacemaker implantation because of sinus node dysfunction in bivariate analyses...

  2. Sensitivity and specificity of narrow-band imaging nasoendoscopy compared to histopathology results in patients with suspected nasopharyngeal carcinoma (United States)

    Adham, M.; Musa, Z.; Lisnawati; Suryati, I.


    Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is a disease which is prevalent in developing countries like Indonesia. There were 164 new cases of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) oncology outpatient clinic of the Cipto Mangunkusumo hospital in 2014, and 142 cases in 2015. Unfortunately, almost all of these cases presented at an advanced stage. The success of nasopharyngeal carcinoma treatment is largely determined by the stage when patients are diagnosed; it is critical to diagnose NPC as early as possible. Narrow-band imaging (NBI) is an endoscopic instrument with a light system that can improve the visualization of blood vessels of mucosal epithelial malignant tumors. NBI is expected to help clinicians to assess whether a lesion is malignant or not; to do so, it is important to know the value of sensitivity and specificity. This study is a cross-sectional form of a diagnostic test which was performed in the outpatient clinic of the ENT Head and Neck Surgery Department for the Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, from January to June 2016, and involved 56 subjects. Patients with a nasopharyngeal mass discovered by physical examination or imaging, and a suspected nasopharyngeal carcinoma were included as a subject. An NBI examination and biopsy was performed locally. Based on this research, NBI could be used as a screening tool for nasopharyngeal carcinoma with high sensitivity (100%), but with a low specificity result (6.7%).

  3. Low-frequency ac electroporation shows strong frequency dependence and yields comparable transfection results to dc electroporation. (United States)

    Zhan, Yihong; Cao, Zhenning; Bao, Ning; Li, Jianbo; Wang, Jun; Geng, Tao; Lin, Hao; Lu, Chang


    Conventional electroporation has been conducted by employing short direct current (dc) pulses for delivery of macromolecules such as DNA into cells. The use of alternating current (ac) field for electroporation has mostly been explored in the frequency range of 10kHz-1MHz. Based on Schwan equation, it was thought that with low ac frequencies (10Hz-10kHz), the transmembrane potential does not vary with the frequency. In this report, we utilized a flow-through electroporation technique that employed continuous 10Hz-10kHz ac field (based on either sine waves or square waves) for electroporation of cells with defined duration and intensity. Our results reveal that electropermeabilization becomes weaker with increased frequency in this range. In contrast, transfection efficiency with DNA reaches its maximum at medium frequencies (100-1000Hz) in the range. We postulate that the relationship between the transfection efficiency and the ac frequency is determined by combined effects from electrophoretic movement of DNA in the ac field, dependence of the DNA/membrane interaction on the ac frequency, and variation of transfection under different electropermeabilization intensities. The fact that ac electroporation in this frequency range yields high efficiency for transfection (up to ~71% for Chinese hamster ovary cells) and permeabilization suggests its potential for gene delivery.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. M. Provotorov


    Full Text Available Aim. To study the clinical efficacy of corrective therapy of anemia in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF and ischemic heart disease (IHD. Material and methods. Patients (n=58; 32 female, 26 male; aged 47-85 years with IHD and CHF with left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF <45% were included into the study. They received basic CHF therapy. Patients (n=12 with iron deficiency anemia also received erythropoietin and iron containing drugs during 12 weeks. Clinic and instrumental examination was performed before and after the treatment. Exercise tolerance was evaluated by 6-minute walk test. Results. The anemia was revealed in 14 (24.8% patients, including 12 patients with iron deficiency anemia. By the end of 12 week therapy with erythropoietin and iron containing drugs significant increase (+36% in 6-minute walk distance and LVEF (+32.5%, improvement of CHF NYHA functional class were observed. Besides increase in hemoglobin (+12.5%; p<0.001 and hematocrit (+5.8%; p<0.001 levels, as well as increase in red blood cells number (+8%; p<0.001 were found. Conclusion. In patients with CHF and IHD correction of anemia with erythropoietin and iron containing drugs additionally to the basic CHF/IHD therapy leads to a significant clinical and functional improvement.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A.V. Gorelov


    Full Text Available The article presents an interim statistical analysis of the open multicenter randomized clinical trial, whose goal was to evaluate the efficiency and safety of immunomodulatory therapy of acute intestinal infections of viral etiology in children. Patients and methods: at this stage 28 children aged 6 months to 6 years with a clinically diagnosed viral diarrhea were included in the study. Children were randomly assigned to two groups: basic, where for the treatment was used the suppository preparation of recombinant human interferon alpha-2b in combination with taurine, and a control group, where the patients admitted the drug as the recombinant human interferon alpha-2b in combination with a complex immunoglobulin preparation. The dynamics of the relief of individual viral diarrhea symptoms was assessed within 5 days after the patient was included in the study. Results: the analysis of the data revealed no significant differences in the efficiency of the investigated drugs, this fact suggests the equivalence of the produced therapeutic effect. The use of the preparation containing recombinant human interferon alpha-2b in combination with taurine, reduces the level of a drug load on the child’s organism without loss of the treatment efficiency.Key words: recombinant human interferon alpha-2b, taurine, an acute intestinal infection of viral etiology, treatment, children.

  6. Early development of polyphonic sound encoding and the high voice superiority effect. (United States)

    Marie, Céline; Trainor, Laurel J


    Previous research suggests that when two streams of pitched tones are presented simultaneously, adults process each stream in a separate memory trace, as reflected by mismatch negativity (MMN), a component of the event-related potential (ERP). Furthermore, a superior encoding of the higher tone or voice in polyphonic sounds has been found for 7-month-old infants and both musician and non-musician adults in terms of a larger amplitude MMN in response to pitch deviant stimuli in the higher than the lower voice. These results, in conjunction with modeling work, suggest that the high voice superiority effect might originate in characteristics of the peripheral auditory system. If this is the case, the high voice superiority effect should be present in infants younger than 7 months. In the present study we tested 3-month-old infants as there is no evidence at this age of perceptual narrowing or specialization of musical processing according to the pitch or rhythmic structure of music experienced in the infant׳s environment. We presented two simultaneous streams of tones (high and low) with 50% of trials modified by 1 semitone (up or down), either on the higher or the lower tone, leaving 50% standard trials. Results indicate that like the 7-month-olds, 3-month-old infants process each tone in a separate memory trace and show greater saliency for the higher tone. Although MMN was smaller and later in both voices for the group of sixteen 3-month-olds compared to the group of sixteen 7-month-olds, the size of the difference in MMN for the high compared to low voice was similar across ages. These results support the hypothesis of an innate peripheral origin of the high voice superiority effect.


    Kuzmenko, E T; Labigina, A V; Leshenko, O Ya; Rusanov, D N; Kuzmenko, V V; Fedko, L P; Pak, I P


    The analysis of results of screening (n = 3208; sexually active citizen aged from 18 to 59 years) was carried out to detect oncogene types of human papilloma virus in using qualitative (1150 females and 720 males) and quantitative (polymerase chain reaction in real-time (843 females and 115 males) techniques. The human papilloma virus of high oncogene type was detected in 65% and 68.4% of females and in 48.6% and 53% of males correspondingly. Among 12 types of human papilloma virus the most frequently diagnosed was human papilloma virus 16 independently of gender of examined and technique of analysis. In females, under application of qualitative tests rate of human papilloma virus 16 made up to 18.3% (n = 280) and under application of quantitative tests Rte of human papilloma virus made up to 14.9% (n = 126; p ≤ 0.05). Under examination of males using qualitative tests rate of human papilloma virus 16 made up to 8.3% (n = 60) and under application of qualitative tests made up to 12.2% (n = 14; p ≥ 0.05). Under application of qualitative tests rate of detection on the rest ofoncogene types of human papilloma virus varied in females from 3.4% to 8.4% and in males from 1.8% to 5.9%. Under application of qualitative tests to females rate of human papilloma virus with high viral load made up to 68.4%, with medium viral load - 2.85% (n = 24) and with low viral load -0.24% (n = 2). Under application of quantitative tests in males rate of detection of types of human papilloma virus made up to 53% and at that in all high viral load was established. In females, the most of oncogene types of human papilloma virus (except for 31, 39, 59) are detected significantly more often than in males.

  8. Five-year results of a randomized trial comparing de novo sirolimus and cyclosporine in renal transplantation: the SPIESSER study. (United States)

    Lebranchu, Y; Snanoudj, R; Toupance, O; Weestel, P-F; Hurault de Ligny, B; Buchler, M; Rerolle, J-P; Thierry, A; Moulin, B; Subra, J-F; Deteix, P; Le Pogamp, P; Finzi, L; Etienne, I


    Calcineurin inhibitors improve acute rejection rates and short-term graft survival in renal transplantation, but their continuous use may be deleterious. We evaluated the 5-year outcomes of sirolimus (SRL) versus cyclosporine (CsA) immunosuppressive treatment. This observational study was an extension of the SPIESSER study where deceased donor kidney transplant recipients were randomized before transplantation to a SRL- or CsA-based regimen and followed up 1 year. Data from 131 (63 SRL, 68 CsA) out of 133 patients living with a functional graft at 1 year were collected retrospectively at 5 years posttransplant. Seventy percent of CsA patients versus 54% of SRL patients were still on the allocated treatment at 5 years (p = 0.091), most discontinuations in each group being due to safety issues. In intent-to-treat, mean MDRD eGFR was higher with SRL: 54.2 versus 45.3 mL/min with CsA (p = 0.019); SRL advantage was greater in on-treatment analyses. There were no differences for patient survival (p = 0.873), graft survival (p = 0.121) and acute rejection (p = 0.284). Adverse events were more frequent with SRL (80% vs. 60%, p = 0.015). Results confirmed the high SRL discontinuation rate due to adverse events. Nevertheless, a benefit was evidenced on renal function in patients (more than 50%) still on treatment at 5 years. © Copyright 2012 The American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons.

  9. Electrolytes assessed by point-of-care testing - Are the values comparable with results obtained from the central laboratory?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Binila Chacko


    Full Text Available Background and Aims: When dealing with very sick patients, the speed and accuracy of tests to detect metabolic derangements is very important. We evaluated if there was agreement between whole blood electrolytes measured by a point-of-care device and serum electrolytes measured using indirect ion-selective electrodes. Materials and Methods: In this prospective study, electrolytes were analyzed in 44 paired samples drawn from critically ill patients. Whole blood electrolytes were analyzed using a point-of-care blood gas analyzer and serum electrolytes were analyzed in the central laboratory on samples transported through a rapid transit pneumatic system. Agreement was summarized by the mean difference with 95% limits of agreement (LOA and Lin′s concordance correlation (p c. Results: There was a significant difference in the mean (±standard deviation sodium value between whole blood and serum samples (135.8 ± 5.7 mmol/L vs. 139.9 ± 5.4 mmol/L, P < 0.001, with the agreement being modest (p c = 0.71; mean difference -4.0; 95% LOA -8.78 to 0.65. Although the agreement between whole blood and serum potassium was good (p c = 0.96, and the average difference small (-0.3; 95% LOA -0.72 to 0.13, individual differences were clinically significant, particularly at lower potassium values. For potassium values <3.0 mmol/L, the concordance was low (p c = 0.53 and the LOA was wide (1.0 to -0.13. The concordance for potassium was good (p c = 0.96 for values ≥3.0 (mean difference -0.2; 95% LOA -0.48 to 0.06. Conclusions: Clinicians should be aware of the difference between whole blood and serum electrolytes, particularly when urgent samples are tested at point of care and routine follow-up electrolytes are sent to the central laboratory. A correction factor needs to be determined at each center.

  10. Investigation on Superior Performance by Fractional Controller for Cart-Servo Laboratory Set-Up

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ameya Anil Kesarkar


    Full Text Available In this paper, an investigation is made on the superiority of fractional PID controller (PI^alpha D^beta over conventional PID for the cart-servo laboratory set-up. The designed controllers are optimum in the sense of Integral Absolute Error (IAE and Integral Square Error (ISE. The paper contributes in three aspects: 1 Acquiring nonlinear mathematical model for the cart-servo laboratory set-up, 2 Designing fractional and integer order PID for minimizing IAE, ISE, 3 Analyzing the performance of designed controllers for simulated plant model as well as real plant. The results show a significantly superior performance by PI^alpha D^beta as compared to the conventional PID controller.

  11. Temporal Bone Fracture Causing Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kevin A. Peng


    Full Text Available Importance. Superior semicircular canal dehiscence (SCD is a third window lesion of the inner ear causing symptoms of vertigo, autophony, tinnitus, and hearing loss. A “two-hit” hypothesis has traditionally been proposed, whereby thinly developed bone overlying the superior canal is disrupted by a sudden change in intracranial pressure. Although the symptoms of SCD may be precipitated by head injury, no previous reports have described a temporal bone fracture directly causing SCD. Observations. Two patients sustained temporal bone fractures after closed head trauma, and developed unilateral otologic symptoms consistent with SCD. In each instance, computed tomography imaging revealed fractures extending through the bony roof of the superior semicircular canal. Conclusions and Relevance. Temporal bone fractures, which are largely treated nonoperatively, have not previously been reported to cause SCD. As it is a potentially treatable entity, SCD resulting from temporal bone fracture must be recognized as a possibility and diagnosed promptly if present.

  12. The postdiction superiority effect in metacomprehension of text. (United States)

    Pierce, B H; Smith, S M


    Metacomprehension accuracy for texts was greater after, rather than before, answering test questions about the texts-a postdiction superiority effect. Although postdiction superiority was found across successive sets of test questions and across successive texts, there was no improvement in metacomprehension accuracy after participants had taken more tests. Neither prediction nor postdiction gamma correlations with test performance improved with successive tests. Although the results are consistent with retrieval hypotheses, they contradict predictions made by test knowledge hypotheses, which state that increasing knowledge of the nature of the tests should increase metacomprehension accuracy.

  13. Dry-grind processing using amylase corn and superior yeast to reduce the exogenous enzyme requirements in bioethanol production. (United States)

    Kumar, Deepak; Singh, Vijay


    Conventional corn dry-grind ethanol production process requires exogenous alpha and glucoamylases enzymes to breakdown starch into glucose, which is fermented to ethanol by yeast. This study evaluates the potential use of new genetically engineered corn and yeast, which can eliminate or minimize the use of these external enzymes, improve the economics and process efficiencies, and simplify the process. An approach of in situ ethanol removal during fermentation was also investigated for its potential to improve the efficiency of high-solid fermentation, which can significantly reduce the downstream ethanol and co-product recovery cost. The fermentation of amylase corn (producing endogenous α-amylase) using conventional yeast and no addition of exogenous α-amylase resulted in ethanol concentration of 4.1 % higher compared to control treatment (conventional corn using exogenous α-amylase). Conventional corn processed with exogenous α-amylase and superior yeast (producing glucoamylase or GA) with no exogenous glucoamylase addition resulted in ethanol concentration similar to control treatment (conventional yeast with exogenous glucoamylase addition). Combination of amylase corn and superior yeast required only 25 % of recommended glucoamylase dose to complete fermentation and achieve ethanol concentration and yield similar to control treatment (conventional corn with exogenous α-amylase, conventional yeast with exogenous glucoamylase). Use of superior yeast with 50 % GA addition resulted in similar increases in yield for conventional or amylase corn of approximately 7 % compared to that of control treatment. Combination of amylase corn, superior yeast, and in situ ethanol removal resulted in a process that allowed complete fermentation of 40 % slurry solids with only 50 % of exogenous GA enzyme requirements and 64.6 % higher ethanol yield compared to that of conventional process. Use of amylase corn and superior yeast in the dry-grind processing industry

  14. Measuring Financial Gains from Genetically Superior Trees (United States)

    George Dutrow; Clark Row


    Planting genetically superior loblolly pines will probably yield high profits.Forest economists have made computer simulations that predict financial gains expected from a tree improvement program under actual field conditions.

  15. Superior mesenteric artery syndrome causing growth retardation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Halil İbrahim Taşcı


    Full Text Available Superior mesenteric artery syndrome is a rare and lifethreateningclinical condition caused by the compressionof the third portion of the duodenum between the aortaand the superior mesenteric artery’s proximal part. Thiscompression may lead to chronic intermittent, acute totalor partial obstruction. Sudden weight-loss and the relateddecrease in the fat tissue are considered to be the etiologicalreason of acute stenosis. Weight-loss accompaniedby nausea, vomiting, anorexia, epigastric pain, andbloating are the leading complaints. Barium radiographs,computerized tomography, conventional angiography,tomographic and magnetic resonance angiography areused in the diagnosis. There are medical and surgical approachesto treatment. We hereby present the case ofa patient with superior mesenteric artery syndrome withdelayed diagnosis.Key words: superior mesenteric artery syndrome, nausea-vomiting, anorexia

  16. Comparing Success Rates for General and Credit Recovery Courses Online and Face to Face: Results for Florida High School Courses. REL 2015-095 (United States)

    Hughes, John; Zhou, Chengfu; Petscher, Yaacov


    This report describes the results of a REL Southeast study comparing student success in online credit recovery and general courses taken online compared to traditional face-to-face courses. Credit recovery occurs when a student fails a course and then retakes the same course to earn high school credit. This research question was motivated by the…

  17. Smaller superior temporal gyrus volume specificity in schizotypal personality disorder (United States)

    Goldstein, Kim E.; Hazlett, Erin A.; New, Antonia S.; Haznedar, M. Mehmet; Newmark, Randall E.; Zelmanova, Yuliya; Passarelli, Vincent; Weinstein, Shauna R.; Canfield, Emily L.; Meyerson, David A.; Tang, Cheuk Y.; Buchsbaum, Monte S.; Siever, Larry J.


    Background Superior temporal gyrus (STG/BA22) volume is reduced in schizophrenia and to a milder degree in schizotypal personality disorder (SPD), representing a less severe disorder in the schizophrenia-spectrum. SPD and Borderline personality disorder (BPD) are severe personality disorders characterized by social and cognitive dysfunction. However, while SPD is characterized by social withdrawal/anhedonia, BPD is marked by hyper-reactivity to interpersonal stimuli and hyper-emotionality. This is the first morphometric study to directly compare SPD and BPD patients in temporal volume. Methods We compared three age-gender- and education-matched groups: 27 unmedicated SPD individuals with no BPD traits, 52 unmedicated BPD individuals with no SPD traits, and 45 healthy controls. We examined gray matter volume of frontal and temporal lobe Brodmann areas (BAs), and dorsal/ventral amygdala from 3T magnetic resonance imaging. Results In the STG, an auditory association area reported to be dysfunctional in SPD and BPD, the SPD patients had significantly smaller volume than healthy controls and BPD patients. No group differences were found between BPD patients and controls. Smaller BA22 volume was associated with greater symptom severity in SPD patients. Reduced STG volume may be an important endophenotype for schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. SPD is distinct from BPD in terms of STG volume abnormalities which may reflect different underlying pathophysiological mechanisms and could help discriminate between them. PMID:19473820

  18. Leiomyosarcoma of the superior vena cava. (United States)

    de Chaumont, Arthus; Pierret, Charles; de Kerangal, Xavier; Le Moulec, Sylvestre; Laborde, François


    Leiomyosarcoma of the superior vena cava is a very rare tumor and only a few cases have been reported, with various techniques of vascular reconstruction. We describe a new case of leiomyosarcoma of the superior vena cava in a 61-year-old woman with extension to the brachiocephalic arterial trunk. Resection and vascular reconstruction were performed using, respectively, polytetrafluoroethylene and polyethylene terephtalate vascular grafts.

  19. Superior mediastinal widening from traumatic posterior dislocation of sternoclavicular joint: a case report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Sung Ah; Juhng, Seon Kwan [Wonkang Univ. School of Medicine, Iksan (Korea, Republic of)


    Superior mediastinal widening, as seen on chest radiographs of traumatized patients, has been considered the hallmark of mediastinal injury. The usual causes of superior mediastinal widening are rupture of the aorta, esophagus or trachea, and hematoma as a result of spinal fracture. Posterior dislocation of the sternoclavicular joint is rarely a cause. We report a case of superior mediastinal widening resulting from traumatic posterior dislocation of the sternoclavicular joint, and describe the CT findings, including those of 3-D imaging.

  20. Superior Temporal Activation as a Function of Linguistic Knowledge: Insights from Deaf Native Signers Who Speechread (United States)

    Capek, Cheryl M.; Woll, Bencie; MacSweeney, Mairead; Waters, Dafydd; McGuire, Philip K.; David, Anthony S.; Brammer, Michael J.; Campbell, Ruth


    Studies of spoken and signed language processing reliably show involvement of the posterior superior temporal cortex. This region is also reliably activated by observation of meaningless oral and manual actions. In this study we directly compared the extent to which activation in posterior superior temporal cortex is modulated by linguistic…

  1. Resultados e vicissitudes da avaliação da educação superior: mecanismos implementados em Mato Grosso do Sul (1995 a 2002 Results and vicissitudes of the assessment of higher education: implemented mechanisms in Mato Grosso do Sul (1995 to 2002

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Zákia Lian de Souza


    Full Text Available O propósito deste texto é evidenciar possíveis impactos que vêm sendo gerados no âmbito das instituições de educação superior, em resposta à sistemática de avaliação implementada pelo governo federal no período de 1995 a 2002. Para tanto, toma-se como referência resultados de pesquisa documental que analisou e cotejou dados estatísticos oficiais, resultados do Exame Nacional de Cursos e pareceres de comissões de avaliação, para fins de autorização e reconhecimento de cursos, focalizando instituições de ensino superior do estado de Mato Grosso do Sul. As evidências coletadas indicam que as modificações ocorridas não se fizeram de modo igual nas instituições públicas e privadas; que o poder indutor da avaliação usualmente leva a uma qualidade formal em detrimento de uma qualidade real e que a sistemática de avaliação, tal como delineada, tende a esgotar seu potencial de estimular alterações nas instituições.This paper shows possible impacts on the environment of higher education institutions caused by the systematic assessment implemented by the Brazilian Federal Government from 1995 to 2002. Its reference is the results of a documental research that analyzed and studied the official statistic data from the Exame Nacional de Cursos (National Course Exam and the points of view of the assessment board that authorizes and recognizes courses. Collected evidences indicate that: the modifications have not taken place homogeneously in public and private institutions; the power guiding assessment usually leads to a formal quality as opposed to real quality, and; this systematic evaluation, as it was designed, tends to empty its potential to motivate changes in these institutions.

  2. Superior limb reimplantation. Case presentation.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yovanny Ferrer Lozano


    Full Text Available Reimplantation surgery is only performed in highly specialized medical institutions. Its success is associate to the development and improvement of microsurgical techniques and to the constant training of the medical team. We present the case of a white patient of 17 years of age, who, as a result of an accident at the working place, suffered the total detachment of his upper right limb in the shoulder area. He was admitted in the emergency unit presenting hypovolemic shock and was immediately stabilized to perform later the limb reimplantation. The postsurgical development was satisfactory, proving that reimplantation can be considered a safe and functional practice in complex wounds or amputation affecting limbs.

  3. Batching System for Superior Service (United States)


    Veridian's Portable Batch System (PBS) was the recipient of the 1997 NASA Space Act Award for outstanding software. A batch system is a set of processes for managing queues and jobs. Without a batch system, it is difficult to manage the workload of a computer system. By bundling the enterprise's computing resources, the PBS technology offers users a single coherent interface, resulting in efficient management of the batch services. Users choose which information to package into "containers" for system-wide use. PBS also provides detailed system usage data, a procedure not easily executed without this software. PBS operates on networked, multi-platform UNIX environments. Veridian's new version, PBS Pro,TM has additional features and enhancements, including support for additional operating systems. Veridian distributes the original version of PBS as Open Source software via the PBS website. Customers can register and download the software at no cost. PBS Pro is also available via the web and offers additional features such as increased stability, reliability, and fault tolerance.A company using PBS can expect a significant increase in the effective management of its computing resources. Tangible benefits include increased utilization of costly resources and enhanced understanding of computational requirements and user needs.

  4. Whisker-related afferents in superior colliculus. (United States)

    Castro-Alamancos, Manuel A; Favero, Morgana


    Rodents use their whiskers to explore the environment, and the superior colliculus is part of the neural circuits that process this sensorimotor information. Cells in the intermediate layers of the superior colliculus integrate trigeminotectal afferents from trigeminal complex and corticotectal afferents from barrel cortex. Using histological methods in mice, we found that trigeminotectal and corticotectal synapses overlap somewhat as they innervate the lower and upper portions of the intermediate granular layer, respectively. Using electrophysiological recordings and optogenetics in anesthetized mice in vivo, we showed that, similar to rats, whisker deflections produce two successive responses that are driven by trigeminotectal and corticotectal afferents. We then employed in vivo and slice experiments to characterize the response properties of these afferents. In vivo, corticotectal responses triggered by electrical stimulation of the barrel cortex evoke activity in the superior colliculus that increases with stimulus intensity and depresses with increasing frequency. In slices from adult mice, optogenetic activation of channelrhodopsin-expressing trigeminotectal and corticotectal fibers revealed that cells in the intermediate layers receive more efficacious trigeminotectal, than corticotectal, synaptic inputs. Moreover, the efficacy of trigeminotectal inputs depresses more strongly with increasing frequency than that of corticotectal inputs. The intermediate layers of superior colliculus appear to be tuned to process strong but infrequent trigeminal inputs and weak but more persistent cortical inputs, which explains features of sensory responsiveness, such as the robust rapid sensory adaptation of whisker responses in the superior colliculus. Copyright © 2016 the American Physiological Society.

  5. [Examination of the hypothesis 'the factors and mechanisms of superiority']. (United States)

    Sierra-Fitzgerald, O; Quevedo-Caicedo, J; López-Calderón, M G

    INTRODUCTION. The hypothesis of Geschwind and Galaburda suggests that specific cognitive superiority arises as a result of an alteration in development of the nervous system. In this article we review the co existence of superiority and inferiority . PATIENTS AND METHODS. A study was made of six children aged between 6 and 8 years old at the Instituto de Belles Artes Antonio Maria Valencia in Cali,Columbia with an educational level between second and third grade at a primary school and of medium low socio economic status. The children were considered to have superior musical ability by music experts, which is the way in which the concept of superiority was to be tested. The concept of inferiority was tested by neuropsychological tests = 1.5 DE below normal for the same age. We estimated the perinatal neurological risk in each case. Subsequently the children s general intelligence and specific cognitive abilities were evaluated. In the first case the WISC R and MSCA were used. The neuropsychological profiles were obtained by broad evaluation using a verbal fluency test, a test using counters, Boston vocabulary test, the Wechster memory scale, sequential verbal memory test, super imposed figures test, Piaget Head battery, Rey Osterrieth complex figure and the Wisconsin card classification test. The RESULTS showed slight/moderate deficits in practical construction ability and mild defects of memory and concept abilities. In general the results supported the hypothesis tested. The mechanisms of superiority proposed in the classical hypothesis mainly involve the contralateral hemisphere: in this study the ipsilateral mechanism was more important.

  6. Decline eccentric squats increases patellar tendon loading compared to standard eccentric squats

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kongsgaard, M; Aagaard, P; Roikjaer, S


    Recent studies have shown excellent clinical results using eccentric squat training on a 25 degrees decline board to treat patellar tendinopathy. It remains unknown why therapeutic management of patellar tendinopathy using decline eccentric squats offer superior clinical efficacy compared...

  7. Some fixed point results for dualistic rational contractions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad Nazam


    Full Text Available In this paper, we introduce a new contraction called dualistic contraction of rational type and obtain some fixed point results. These results generalize various comparable results appeared in the literature. We provide an example to show the superiority of our results over corresponding fixed point results proved in metric spaces.

  8. Origins of superior dynamic visual acuity in baseball players: superior eye movements or superior image processing.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yusuke Uchida

    Full Text Available Dynamic visual acuity (DVA is defined as the ability to discriminate the fine parts of a moving object. DVA is generally better in athletes than in non-athletes, and the better DVA of athletes has been attributed to a better ability to track moving objects. In the present study, we hypothesized that the better DVA of athletes is partly derived from better perception of moving images on the retina through some kind of perceptual learning. To test this hypothesis, we quantitatively measured DVA in baseball players and non-athletes using moving Landolt rings in two conditions. In the first experiment, the participants were allowed to move their eyes (free-eye-movement conditions, whereas in the second they were required to fixate on a fixation target (fixation conditions. The athletes displayed significantly better DVA than the non-athletes in the free-eye-movement conditions. However, there was no significant difference between the groups in the fixation conditions. These results suggest that the better DVA of athletes is primarily due to an improved ability to track moving targets with their eyes, rather than to improved perception of moving images on the retina.

  9. Superior-subordinate relations as organizational processes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Asmuss, Birte; Aggerholm, Helle Kryger; Oshima, Sae

    Since the emergence of the practice turn in social sciences (Golsorkhi et al. 2010), studies have shown a number of institutionally relevant aspects as achievements across time and by means of various resources (human and non-human) (Taylor & van Every 2000, Cooren et al. 2006). Such a process view...... on organizational practices relates closely to an increased focus on communication as being constitutive of the organization in general and the superior-subordinate relationship in specific. The current study aims to contribute to this line of research by investigating micro-practices involved in establishing...... superior-subordinate relations in a specific institutionalized setting: performance appraisal interviews (PAIs). While one main task of PAIs is to manage and integrate organizational and employee performance (Fletcher, 2001:473), PAIs are also organizational practices where superior-subordinate relations...

  10. Lake Superior Aquatic Invasive Species Complete Prevention Plan (United States)

    The Lake Superior Aquatic Invasive Species Complete Prevention Plan is an expression of the best professional judgment of the members of the Lake Superior Task Force as to what is necessary to protect Lake Superior from new aquatic invasive species.

  11. Vowel sound extraction in anterior superior temporal cortex. (United States)

    Obleser, Jonas; Boecker, Henning; Drzezga, Alexander; Haslinger, Bernhard; Hennenlotter, Andreas; Roettinger, Michael; Eulitz, Carsten; Rauschecker, Josef P


    We investigated the functional neuroanatomy of vowel processing. We compared attentive auditory perception of natural German vowels to perception of nonspeech band-passed noise stimuli using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). More specifically, the mapping in auditory cortex of first and second formants was considered, which spectrally characterize vowels and are linked closely to phonological features. Multiple exemplars of natural German vowels were presented in sequences alternating either mainly along the first formant (e.g., [u]-[o], [i]-[e]) or along the second formant (e.g., [u]-[i], [o]-[e]). In fixed-effects and random-effects analyses, vowel sequences elicited more activation than did nonspeech noise in the anterior superior temporal cortex (aST) bilaterally. Partial segregation of different vowel categories was observed within the activated regions, suggestive of a speech sound mapping across the cortical surface. Our results add to the growing evidence that speech sounds, as one of the behaviorally most relevant classes of auditory objects, are analyzed and categorized in aST. These findings also support the notion of an auditory "what" stream, with highly object-specialized areas anterior to primary auditory cortex. 2005 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

  12. Measurement of ocular torsion variation following superior oblique tenectomy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruna Lana Ducca


    Full Text Available Purposes: To objectively evaluate the torsional effect of the superior oblique muscle-weakening surgery using the tenectomy technique proposed by Souza-Dias. Methods: The present prospective study included 10 patients (20 eyes with horizontal strabismus, bilateral superior oblique overaction and A-pattern of 15 to 30 prism diopters who underwent superior oblique tenectomy. Objective assessment of ocular torsion was performed by retinography immediately before and one month after surgery. The amount of ocular torsion was determined by measuring the angle formed by a horizontal line drawn across the geometric center of the optic disc and a second line connecting this point to the fovea. Results: The median preoperative angle was 5.56° in the right eyes and -3.43° in the left eyes. The median postoperative angle was 1.84° in the right eyes and -3.12° in the left eyes. The angle variation was statistically significant in both eyes (p=0.012 and p=0.01, respectively. Conclusion: The present study suggests that superior oblique tenectomy has an extorter effect, decreasing the intorsion detected on overaction of this muscle.

  13. Evaluation of the Superior Gluteal Nerve During Proximal Femoral Nailing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehmet Sonmez


    Full Text Available Aim: The superior gluteal nerve may be compromised during hip surgery. We retrospectively evaluated the patients who underwent proximal femoral nailing for unstable trochanteric fractures in order to investigate the presence of superior gluteal nerve injury and its clinical findings. Material and Method: Twenty five patients (14 women, 11 men were included in the study who had femoral nailing between January 2004 and March 2010 at Hamidiye Sisli Etfal Training and Research Hospital Department of Orthopaedics. Two different types of nails which have similar designs and surgical techniques were used for fracture fixation. Patients who had a history of cerebrovascular disease, electromyography findings of polyneuropathy, or degenerative vertebral disease were excluded from the study. Patients were evaluated clinically and radiologically. Findings related to acute denervation in the gluteus medius muscle and motor unit action potential changes were accepted as signs of superior gluteal nerve injury. Results: Eight patients were using support during walking and three of these patients had positive Trendelenburg sign, but only one patient had acute denervation signs of the superior gluteal nerve. Discussion: Based on the present study the incidence of iatrogenic nerve injury is a rare complication of proximal femoral nailing. Elderly patients, regardless of whether they have nerve injury, may limp and need to use a walking support.

  14. Endovascular treatment of superior vena cava syndrome

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Duvnjak, Stevo; Andersen, Poul Erik


    Abstract AIM: The aim of this study was to report our experience with palliative stent treatment of superior vena cava syndrome. METHODS: Between January 2008 and December 2009, 30 patients (mean age 60.7 years) were treated with stents because of stenosed superior vena cava. All patients presented...... there was an immediate clinical improvement with considerable reduction in the edema of upper extremities and head. There was, however, continous dyspnea in five patients (17%) and two patients (7%) had persistent visible collateral venous circulations on the upper chest. There were no stent associated complications...

  15. Do Provão ao ENADE: uma análise comparativa dos exames nacionais utilizados no Ensino Superior Brasileiro Del "Provão" al ENADE: un análisis comparativo de los exámenes nacionales utilizados en la Enseñanza Superior Brasileña From the National Course Exam (Provão to ENADE: a comparative analysis of national exams used in Brazilian High School

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robert Evan Verhine


    , especialmente, pierde el carácter high stakes del examen que lo antecedió. Los autores concluyen que el nuevo examen no consiguió, hasta el momento, resolver varios de los problemas identificados en el abordaje anterior, pero que algunas de las propuestas, si fueran implementadas, constituirían un avance real para la utilización de sus resultados.In this article, the authors comparatively analyze the National Exam for Evaluating Student Achievement - ENADE, and the National Course Exam - ENC, better known as the Provão, focusing on criticisms directed at the latter and the ENADE's ability to address them. In so doing, they identify similarities and differences between the two exams, argue that both sustain an adequate level of technical integrity, and present suggestions for improving the present exam regarding aspects such as test specification and instrument pretesting. The analyses reveal that the technical processes adopted by the two approaches are very similar. Their differences are primarily conceptual in nature, since the ENADE, in contrast to the Provão, proposes to indicate achievement gain over time and is not high stakes in orientation. The authors conclude that the new exam has not, as yet, resolved a number of problems associated with the previous approach, but some of the current proposals, if implemented, constitute a genuine advance with respect to the utilization of the exam results.

  16. 湖南、湖北第十一届全运会成绩的比较研究%Comparative Study on the 11th National Games'Results between Hubei and Hunan

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Taking the development of past two National Games'results of Hubei and Hunan province as research object,the author analyses the gap between the past two National Games by using methods of literature review,history comparison and data analysis,which provides reference for the 12th National Game.From the results of the research,by comparing the rankings of gold medals and medals,we can find that Hunan is on the leading point;however,the gap is not big.Comparing the total score,Hunan is superior to Hubei;and,from the competition results,Hunan has the more noticeable advantage.Comparing the rate of top three and winning rankings,Hunan also has dominant advantage;however,numbers of top eight are close.The results also show that items of winning gold medals are limited for Hunan and the development of every item in Hubei is unbalanced.The above mentioned problems seriously restricted the improvement of overall strength of competitive sports in the two provinces.%以湖南与湖北竞技体育第十一届全运会成绩为研究对象,主要采用文献资料法、历史比较法、数理统计法分析了湖南与湖北十一届全运会之间存在的差距与不足,为湖北备战十二届全运会提供参考。结果表明:湖南省明显在金牌与奖牌排名上比湖北省处于领先地位,但两省总分差距不大;从全运会奖牌榜上来说湖南成绩较湖北成绩占有优势,而赛会成绩优势更加明显;从前三名的数量和获得名次各项比例来看,湖南省比湖北省优势依然明显,但前八名数量基本持平接近;项目结构来看,湖南存在着夺金项目分布面窄,湖北各个项目发展水平很不平衡的特点,上述两个不均衡现状的存在,严重制约着两省竞技体育整体实力的提高。

  17. Guanidinoacetic acid versus creatine for improved brain and muscle creatine levels: a superiority pilot trial in healthy men. (United States)

    Ostojic, Sergej M; Ostojic, Jelena; Drid, Patrik; Vranes, Milan


    In this randomized, double-blind, crossover trial, we evaluated whether 4-week supplementation with guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) is superior to creatine in facilitating creatine levels in healthy men (n = 5). GAA (3.0 g/day) resulted in a more powerful rise (up to 16.2%) in tissue creatine levels in vastus medialis muscle, middle-cerebellar peduncle, and paracentral grey matter, as compared with creatine (P creatine for improved bioenergetics in energy-demanding tissues.

  18. Preference for Audiovisual Speech Congruency in Superior Temporal Cortex. (United States)

    Lüttke, Claudia S; Ekman, Matthias; van Gerven, Marcel A J; de Lange, Floris P


    Auditory speech perception can be altered by concurrent visual information. The superior temporal cortex is an important combining site for this integration process. This area was previously found to be sensitive to audiovisual congruency. However, the direction of this congruency effect (i.e., stronger or weaker activity for congruent compared to incongruent stimulation) has been more equivocal. Here, we used fMRI to look at the neural responses of human participants during the McGurk illusion--in which auditory /aba/ and visual /aga/ inputs are fused to perceived /ada/--in a large homogenous sample of participants who consistently experienced this illusion. This enabled us to compare the neuronal responses during congruent audiovisual stimulation with incongruent audiovisual stimulation leading to the McGurk illusion while avoiding the possible confounding factor of sensory surprise that can occur when McGurk stimuli are only occasionally perceived. We found larger activity for congruent audiovisual stimuli than for incongruent (McGurk) stimuli in bilateral superior temporal cortex, extending into the primary auditory cortex. This finding suggests that superior temporal cortex prefers when auditory and visual input support the same representation.

  19. Superiority on visual quality of Phakic intraocular lens implantation in high myopic patients: compared with LARK%有晶状体眼人工晶状体植入术矫正高度近视在视觉质量上的优越性

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Phakic intraocular lens implantation(PIOL)is one of the primary surgery fashions for correcting high myopia.The evaluation of visual quality following the surgery,including visual activity,contrast sensitivity,aberration and corneal Q value,is very important.Researches showed that the visual quality of patients after tradition laser in situ keratomileusis(LASIK)decreased because of the alteration of corneal aspherieity by laser excision cornea;while compared with LASIK,implantation of implantable contact lenses(ICL)is popular due to its excellent safety,effectiveness,reversibility and fewer complication.The visual quality after ICL is also superior than that of LASIK.Therein,the surgical project will furthermore be recommend for the high myopia patients.The purpose is to find the optimal strategy for the high myopia patients to get the best visual quality.%有晶状体眼人工晶状体植入术(PIOL)是一种新的矫正高度近视的手术方法.视觉质量包括视力、对比敏感度(CS)、波前像差及角膜的非球面参数(Q值)等.传统的准分子激光角膜原位磨镶术(LASIK )由于切削改变角膜的非球面性导致术后视觉质量下降.可植人性接触镜(ICL)植人术具有矫治范围大和矫治高度近视及超高度近视安全、有效、手术并发症少的优点,在视觉质量的评价方面也优于LASIK.进一步提出对高度近视患者手术方案的选择,旨在寻求最适合患者的手术方式,进而获得最佳的视觉质量.

  20. False memories in highly superior autobiographical memory individuals. (United States)

    Patihis, Lawrence; Frenda, Steven J; LePort, Aurora K R; Petersen, Nicole; Nichols, Rebecca M; Stark, Craig E L; McGaugh, James L; Loftus, Elizabeth F


    The recent identification of highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM) raised the possibility that there may be individuals who are immune to memory distortions. We measured HSAM participants' and age- and sex-matched controls' susceptibility to false memories using several research paradigms. HSAM participants and controls were both susceptible to false recognition of nonpresented critical lure words in an associative word-list task. In a misinformation task, HSAM participants showed higher overall false memory compared with that of controls for details in a photographic slideshow. HSAM participants were equally as likely as controls to mistakenly report they had seen nonexistent footage of a plane crash. Finding false memories in a superior-memory group suggests that malleable reconstructive mechanisms may be fundamental to episodic remembering. Paradoxically, HSAM individuals may retrieve abundant and accurate autobiographical memories using fallible reconstructive processes.

  1. Carbon phosphide monolayers with superior carrier mobility (United States)

    Wang, Gaoxue; Pandey, Ravindra; Karna, Shashi P.


    Two dimensional (2D) materials with a finite band gap and high carrier mobility are sought after materials from both fundamental and technological perspectives. In this paper, we present the results based on the particle swarm optimization method and density functional theory which predict three geometrically different phases of the carbon phosphide (CP) monolayer consisting of sp2 hybridized C atoms and sp3 hybridized P atoms in hexagonal networks. Two of the phases, referred to as α-CP and β-CP with puckered or buckled surfaces are semiconducting with highly anisotropic electronic and mechanical properties. More remarkably, they have the lightest electrons and holes among the known 2D semiconductors, yielding superior carrier mobility. The γ-CP has a distorted hexagonal network and exhibits a semi-metallic behavior with Dirac cones. These theoretical findings suggest that the binary CP monolayer is a yet unexplored 2D material holding great promise for applications in high-performance electronics and optoelectronics.Two dimensional (2D) materials with a finite band gap and high carrier mobility are sought after materials from both fundamental and technological perspectives. In this paper, we present the results based on the particle swarm optimization method and density functional theory which predict three geometrically different phases of the carbon phosphide (CP) monolayer consisting of sp2 hybridized C atoms and sp3 hybridized P atoms in hexagonal networks. Two of the phases, referred to as α-CP and β-CP with puckered or buckled surfaces are semiconducting with highly anisotropic electronic and mechanical properties. More remarkably, they have the lightest electrons and holes among the known 2D semiconductors, yielding superior carrier mobility. The γ-CP has a distorted hexagonal network and exhibits a semi-metallic behavior with Dirac cones. These theoretical findings suggest that the binary CP monolayer is a yet unexplored 2D material holding great

  2. The Business Value of Superior Energy Performance

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McKane, Aimee; Scheihing, Paul; Evans, Tracy; Glatt, Sandy; Meffert, William


    Industrial facilities participating in the U.S. Department of Energy’s (US DOE) Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program are finding that it provides them with significant business value. This value starts with the implementation of ISO 50001-Energy management system standard, which provides an internationally-relevant framework for integration of energy management into an organization’s business processes. The resulting structure emphasizes effective use of available data and supports continual improvement of energy performance. International relevance is particularly important for companies with a global presence or trading interests, providing them with access to supporting ISO standards and a growing body of certified companies representing the collective knowledge of communities of practice. This paper examines the business value of SEP, a voluntary program that builds on ISO 50001, inviting industry to demonstrate an even greater commitment through third-party verification of energy performance improvement to a specified level of achievement. Information from 28 facilities that have already achieved SEP certification will illustrate key findings concerning both the value and the challenges from SEP/ISO 50001 implementation. These include the facilities’ experience with implementation, internal and external value of third-party verification of energy performance improvement; attractive payback periods and the importance of SEP tools and guidance. US DOE is working to bring the program to scale, including the Enterprise-Wide Accelerator (SEP for multiple facilities in a company), the Ratepayer-Funded Program Accelerator (supporting tools for utilities and program administrators to include SEP in their program offerings), and expansion of the program to other sectors and industry supply chains.

  3. A Comparative Evaluation of Pisa 2003-2006 Results in Reading Literacy Skills: An Example of Top-Five OECD Countries and Turkey (United States)

    Aydin, Ayhan; Erdagf, Coskun; Tas, Nuray


    In this study it is aimed to describe and evaluate comparatively the reading literacy exam results, the finance of education and schools, and socio-cultural status of parents in Turkey and the top-five OECD countries, Finland, Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand respectively, in the light reports and publications by OECD regarding PISA 2003 and…

  4. KTP Versus CO2 Laser Fiber Stapedotomy for Primary Otosclerosis : Results of a New Comparative Series With the Otology-Neurotology Database

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vincent, Robert; Bittermann, Arnold J. N.; Oates, John; Sperling, Neil; Grolman, Wilko


    Objective: To compare the 3-month postoperative hearing results after laser stapedotomy using a flexible potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) or CO2 laser fiber in patients with primary otosclerosis. Study Design: Prospective nonrandomized clinical study. Setting: Tertiary referral center, 862 stapedot

  5. Use of hyaluronic acid gel in the treatment of lagophthalmos in sunken superior sulcus syndrome. (United States)

    Leyngold, Ilya M; Berbos, Zachary J; McCann, John D; Pariseau, Brett; Leyngold, Ariel R; Anderson, Richard L


    To evaluate the use of hyaluronic acid gel in the management of lagophthalmos in sunken superior sulcus syndrome. Lagophthalmos associated with orbital fat atrophy and deep superior sulcus is a known entity described previously. Orbital fat atrophy results in deep superior sulcus where skin, orbicularis muscle, and orbital septum retract posteriorly in the deep superior sulcus, leading to lagophthalmos from suboptimal orbicularis function and effective skin shortening. The authors define this condition as sunken superior sulcus syndrome (SSSS) when the deep superior sulcus leads to exposure keratopathy. Thus, the syndrome consists of deep superior sulcus, lagophthalmos, and exposure keratopathy. Although the use of hyaluronic acid gel has been proposed as a management option for paralytic lagophthalmos, its application in the treatment of lagophthalmos in SSSS has not been reported. In this study, 5 patients (10 eyelids) with SSSS were injected with hyaluronic acid gel in the superior sulcus of the upper eyelid. Injected amount was titrated until the desired point was reached: complete or nearly complete eyelid closure. After an average follow up of 9.5 months, lagoph thalmos improved by 2 mm or 69% (p = 0.02) on the right side and by 1 mm or 71% (p = 0.01) on the left side. Most patients also reported significantly improved ocular comfort and appearance of the superior sulcus. The only complications noted were bruising and temporary uneven contour of the upper eyelid sulcus. Management of lagophthalmos in SSSS with hyaluronic acid gel is an effective and safe alternative to surgery.

  6. Comparative studies of pre- and post-drilling modelled thermal conductivity and maturity data with post-drilling results: implications for basin modelling and hydrocarbon exploration

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ho, T.T.Y.; Sahai, S.K. [Conoco Inc., Ponca City, OK (United States); Leadholm, R.H. [Conoco Inc., Houston, TX (United States); Senneseth, O. [Conoco Norway Inc., Stavanger (Norway); Jensen, R.P.


    The primary objective of this paper is to demonstrate the successful application of maturation modelling using velocity-based thermal conductivity in the whole cycle of hydrocarbon exploration (frontier, developing and mature) on the Halten Terrace, Offshore Norway. This seismic geochemical method, used as a critical technique for selecting a favourable block in the early stages of exploration in the early 80s, enabled Conoco and its partners to make the first oil discovery and the subsequent discovery of the giant Heidrun Field in the area north of the 62nd parallel. Additional data (modelling and measured) on the thermal conductivity and Ro values are now available, and provide an excellent opportunity to compare the original (pre-drilling) basin models and related modelling results of the early 80s with 1990s (post-drilling) state-of-the-art data and models. The results of the comparative study indicate that the velocity-based conductivity compares very well with measured data, particularly in an overpressured area where conventional porosity (modelled) based thermal conductivities were inadequate. The pre-drilling predicted values of heat flow, geothermal gradient and vitrinite reflectance (based on Arrhenius equation) and oil window limits also compared favourably with post-drilling measured results. Thus, the method of calculating thermal conductivity from seismic data provides a useful tool to integrate geochemistry and geophysical (seismic) data, to calibrate maturation models, and to enhance the value of geochemistry and basin modelling in hydrocarbon exploration. (Author)

  7. The Frameless Copper IUD (GyneFix) and the TCu380A IUD : Results of an 8-year Multicenter Randomized Comparative Trial


    Meirik, O.; Rowe, P J; Peregoudov, A.; Piaggio, G; Petzold, M.


    BACKGROUND: Clinical performance of the frameless copper IUD (GyneFix), designed to reduce side effects related to the frame of conventional IUDs, and TCu380A was compared. STUDY DESIGN: Randomized Multicenter randomized comparative trial. Parous women requesting and eligible to use IUD were admitted in 21 centers in eight countries in 1989-1993 and followed-up for up to 8 years. RESULTS: Two thousand twenty-seven women were randomized to the frameless IUD and 2036 to TCu380A; 43 insertions o...

  8. Treatment for Injury of Superior Clunial Nerves by Triple Puncture Needling with Massage

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    万顺; 李静


    @@ Superior clunial nerve injury occupies a high percentage in lumbocluneal tissue injuries. It is commonly seen in winter and in athletic competition and training. The authors have treated 67 cases of pain of the superior clunial nerves by triple puncture needling combined with massage and obtained satisfactory therapeutic result. A report follows.

  9. Optic nerve head analysis of superior segmental optic hypoplasia using Heidelberg retina tomography

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Atsushi Miki


    Full Text Available Atsushi Miki1,2, Motohiro Shirakashi1, Kiyoshi Yaoeda1, Atsushi Fukushima1, Mineo Takagi1, Haruki Abe11Division of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Niigata, 2Department of Ophthalmology, Kawasaki Medical School, Okayama, JapanPurpose: To evaluate the optic disc characteristics of eyes with superior segmental optic hypoplasia (SSOH using the Heidelberg retina tomograph (HRT.Patients and methods: Thirteen eyes of 13 Japanese patients with SSOH were studied with the HRT (software version: 3.0. The group included six males and seven females, with a mean age of 34.7 years. Six optic disc parameters in the six sectors derived from the patients with SSOH were compared with those of 13 eyes of 13 normal controls. In addition, the diagnostic classification performance of the Frederick S Mikelberg (FSM discriminant function, glaucoma probability score (GPS, and Moorfields regression analysis (MRA were assessed.Results: When compared with normal subjects, many of the optic disc parameters were significantly altered in SSOH in the superior sectors. The area under the curve (AUC for the receiver operating characteristic was 0.932 for the rim area, 0.926 for the cup-to-disc area ratio, and 0.882 for the cup shape measure. Among the HRT parameters, the largest AUC (0.988 was found for the cup shape measure in the nasal superior segment. The proportion classified as outside normal limits by the FSM discriminant function was 92.3% (12 eyes. For GPS, six eyes (46.2% were classified as outside normal limits. For MRA, when borderline cases were considered test-negative or test-positive, 10 eyes (76.9% or 11 eyes (84.6% were classified as outside normal limits, respectively. The AUCs were 0.976 for the FSM discriminant function, 0.914 for the MRA overall classification, and 0.710 for the GPS overall classification.Conclusions: In eyes with SSOH, there is a significant thinning of the rim

  10. Anterior superior instability with rotator cuff tearing: SLAC lesion. (United States)

    Savoie, F H; Field, L D; Atchinson, S


    Anterosuperior instability of the shoulder may occur from a variety of pathologic lesions. We describe a specific entity, the SLAC (superior labrum, anterior cuff) lesion that involves an association of anterior-superior labral tear with a partial supraspinatus tear. We retrospectively isolated a group of 40 patients with this lesion. The presenting complaints, physical examination findings, surgical findings, and results were isolated. Overhead activities were the most common etiology; load and shift instability testing and whipple rotator cuff testing were the most common physical examination findings. Surgical repair was successful in 37 of the 40 patients. The SLAC lesion is a definable clinical entity with predictable history, examination, surgical pathology, and satisfactory results from surgery.

  11. Comparative study on the treatment of Rockwood type III acute acromioclavicular dislocation: Clinical results from the TightRope(®) technique vs. K-wire fixation. (United States)

    Horst, K; Garving, C; Thometzki, T; Lichte, P; Knobe, M; Dienstknecht, T; Hofman, M; Pape, H-C


    The aim of this study was to address the inconsistency regarding the operative treatment of Rockwood type III acromioclavicular joint separation. We compared results after single- and double TightRope(®) reduction with results after acromioclavicular transfixation via K-wires only and additional ligament augmentation in acute acromioclavicular (AC) joint separations graded Rockwood type III, and hypothesized that the TightRope(®) technique leads to better clinical and radiological results. We conducted a retrospective clinical cohort study and included 42 consecutive patients (mean age 43 years [24-66]) diagnosed and operatively treated between 2004 and 2012 (mean follow-up was 54.6 months [15-118]). Specific shoulder scores as well as scores reflecting the patients' overall mental and physical health status were used. Radiological evaluation was also performed. The SF12 test revealed comparability between all subgroups. Specific shoulder tests and a visual analogue scale demonstrated comparable results. Radiographic measurements showed a significant reduction in the AC distance and CC distance after surgery in all subgroups. The early complication rate was 9.5% for all patients, while late complications occurred in 14.3% of all cases. Compared to the established methods, the operative TightRope(®) procedures represent a safe alternative in Rockwood III injuries. All investigated techniques predominantly led to good and excellent clinical results in acute Rockwood type III AC joint instabilities. Avoidance of material removal and shorter hospital stays appear to speak in favour for the TightRope(®) technique. IV. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  12. Superior Gas Sensing Properties of Monolayer PtSe2

    KAUST Repository

    Sajjad, Muhammad


    First-principles calculations of the structural and electronic properties of monolayer 1T-PtSe2 with adsorbed (a) NO2, (b) NO, (c) NH3, (d) H2O, (e) CO2, and (f) CO molecules are discussed. The results point to great potential of the material in gas sensor applications. Superior sensitivity is demonstrated by transport calculations using the nonequilibrium Green\\'s function method.

  13. Superior metallic alloys through rapid solidification processing (RSP) by design

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Flinn, J.E. [Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID (United States)


    Rapid solidification processing using powder atomization methods and the control of minor elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon can provide metallic alloys with superior properties and performance compared to conventionally processing alloys. Previous studies on nickel- and iron-base superalloys have provided the baseline information to properly couple RSP with alloy composition, and, therefore, enable alloys to be designed for performance improvements. The RSP approach produces powders, which need to be consolidated into suitable monolithic forms. This normally involves canning, consolidation, and decanning of the powders. Canning/decanning is expensive and raises the fabrication cost significantly above that of conventional, ingot metallurgy production methods. The cost differential can be offset by the superior performance of the RSP metallic alloys. However, without the performance database, it is difficult to convince potential users to adopt the RSP approach. Spray casting of the atomized molten droplets into suitable preforms for subsequent fabrication can be cost competitive with conventional processing. If the fine and stable microstructural features observed for the RSP approach are preserved during spray casing, a cost competitive product can be obtained that has superior properties and performance that cannot be obtained by conventional methods.

  14. Procedure and results of a systematic comparative round robin estimation of the uncertainties of emission measurements in Germany and Switzerland during the summer and fall 1998

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Morkowski, J.S.


    During summer and fall 1998, 75 sample takers and 20 employees of laboratories of 26 institutes measuring emissions in Germany and Switzerland estimated the uncertainty of measuring results of 5 selected DVI-standard emission measuring methods. The applied method of systematic comparative estimation showed that the estimated total uncertainties U{sub T} of the investigated measuring methods range between 12% and 21%. The results of the round robin estimation for one of the methods (dust measuring 2066 Part 7) with U{sub T}=15.4% are equal to those of the system for simulation of emissions (HLfU Kassel) with 15.5%. This confirms the expectation of the initiators of the project that the systematic comparative estimation is useful for the characterization of test methods and hence for the validation of methods. (orig.)

  15. Comparative Analysis between Total Disc Replacement and Posterior Foraminotomy for Posterolateral Soft Disc Herniation with Unilateral Radiculopathy : Clinical and Biomechanical Results of a Minimum 5 Years Follow-up (United States)

    Kim, Kyoung-Tae; Cho, Dae-Chul; Sung, Joo-Kyung; Kim, Young-Baeg; Kim, Du Hwan


    Objective To compare the clinical outcomes and biomechanical effects of total disc replacement (TDR) and posterior cervical foraminotomy (PCF) and to propose relative inclusion criteria. Methods Thirty-five patients who underwent surgery between 2006 and 2008 were included. All patients had single-level disease and only radiculopathy. The overall sagittal balance and angle and height of a functional segmental unit (FSU; upper and lower vertebral body of the operative lesion) were assessed by preoperative and follow-up radiographs. C2–7 range of motion (ROM), FSU, and the adjacent segment were also checked. Results The clinical outcome of TDR (group A) was tended to be superior to that of PCF (group B) without statistical significance. In the group A, preoperative and postoperative upper adjacent segment level motion values were 8.6±2.3 and 8.4±2.0, and lower level motion values were 8.4±2.2 and 8.3±1.9. Preoperative and postoperative FSU heights were 37.0±2.1 and 37.1±1.8. In the group B, upper level adjacent segment motion values were 8.1±2.6 and 8.2±2.8, and lower level motion values were 6.5±3.3 and 6.3±3.1. FSU heights were 37.1±2.0 and 36.2±1.8. The postoperative FSU motion and height changes were significant (p<0.05). The patient’s satisfaction rates for surgery were 88.2% in group A and 88.8% in group B. Conclusion TDR and PCF have favorable outcomes in patients with unilateral soft disc herniation. However, patients have different biomechanical backgrounds, so the patient’s biomechanical characteristics and economic status should be understood and treated using the optimal procedure. PMID:28061490

  16. Visual search for emotional expressions: Effect of stimulus set on anger and happiness superiority. (United States)

    Savage, Ruth A; Becker, Stefanie I; Lipp, Ottmar V


    Prior reports of preferential detection of emotional expressions in visual search have yielded inconsistent results, even for face stimuli that avoid obvious expression-related perceptual confounds. The current study investigated inconsistent reports of anger and happiness superiority effects using face stimuli drawn from the same database. Experiment 1 excluded procedural differences as a potential factor, replicating a happiness superiority effect in a procedure that previously yielded an anger superiority effect. Experiments 2a and 2b confirmed that image colour or poser gender did not account for prior inconsistent findings. Experiments 3a and 3b identified stimulus set as the critical variable, revealing happiness or anger superiority effects for two partially overlapping sets of face stimuli. The current results highlight the critical role of stimulus selection for the observation of happiness or anger superiority effects in visual search even for face stimuli that avoid obvious expression related perceptual confounds and are drawn from a single database.

  17. Superior-subordinate relations as organizational processes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Asmuss, Birte; Aggerholm, Helle Kryger; Oshima, Sae

    Since the emergence of the practice turn in social sciences (Golsorkhi et al. 2010), studies have shown a number of institutionally relevant aspects as achievements across time and by means of various resources (human and non-human) (Taylor & van Every 2000, Cooren et al. 2006). Such a process view...... superior-subordinate relations in a specific institutionalized setting: performance appraisal interviews (PAIs). While one main task of PAIs is to manage and integrate organizational and employee performance (Fletcher, 2001:473), PAIs are also organizational practices where superior-subordinate relations...... are shaped, (re)confirmed and re-evaluated. This paper pursues the better understanding of the latter aspect by looking at one substantial and recurrent activity in PAIs: the evaluation of employee performance. One resource for doing the evaluation work is making assessments (e.g. Goodwin & Goodwin, 1987...

  18. Exploring the word superiority effect using TVA

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Starrfelt, Randi

    Words are made of letters, and yet sometimes it is easier to identify a word than a single letter. This word superiority effect (WSE) has been observed when written stimuli are presented very briefly or degraded by visual noise. It is unclear, however, if this is due to a lower threshold...... for perception of words, or a higher speed of processing for words than letters. We have investigated the WSE using methods based on a Theory of Visual Attention. In an experiment using single stimuli (words or letters) presented centrally, we show that the classical WSE is specifically reflected in perceptual...... processing speed: words are simply processed faster than single letters. It is also clear from this experiment, that the word superiority effect can be observed at a large range of exposure durations, from the perceptual threshold to ceiling performance. Intriguingly, when multiple stimuli are presented...

  19. Self-reported asthma and allergies in top athletes compared to the general population - results of the German part of the GA2LEN-Olympic study 2008

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas Silke


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Prevalence of asthma and allergies in top athletes is high. However, most previous studies did not include a general population comparison group. We aimed to compare the prevalence of asthma, allergies and medical treatment in different groups of German top athletes to the general population. Methods Prior to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, 291 German candidates for participation (65% completed a questionnaire on respiratory and allergic symptoms. Results were compared to those of a general population study in Germany (n = 2425, response 68%. Furthermore, associations between types of sports and the self-reported outcomes were calculated. All models were adjusted for age, sex, level of education and smoking. Results Athletes reported significantly more doctors' diagnosed asthma (17% vs. 7%, more current use of asthma medication (10% vs. 4% and allergic rhinitis (25% vs. 17% compared to the general population. After adjustment, top athletes only had an increased Odds Ratio for doctor's diagnosed asthma (OR: 1.6; 95% CI 1.1-2.5. Compared to the general population, athletes in endurance sports had an increased OR for doctor's diagnosed asthma (2.4; 1.5-3.8 and current use of asthma medication (1.8; 1.0-3.4. In this group, current wheeze was increased when use of asthma medication was taken into account (1.8; 1.1-2.8. For other groups of athletes, no significantly increased ORs were observed. Conclusions Compared to the general population, an increased risk of asthma diagnosis and treatment was shown for athletes involved in endurance sports. This might be due to a better medical surveillance and treatment of these athletes.

  20. Locked Superior Dislocation of the Acromioclavicular Joint

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salma Eltoum Elamin


    Full Text Available Acromioclavicular (AC joint injuries account for approximately 3–5% of shoulder girdle injuries (Rockwood et al., 1998. Depending on severity of injury and direction of displacement these are classified using Rockwood classification system for AC joint dislocation. We present an unusual case presenting with locked superior dislocation of the AC joint highlighting the presentation and subsequent successful surgical management of such case. To our knowledge this has not been reported previously in literature.

  1. Reperfusion hemorrhage following superior mesenteric artery stenting.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Moore, Michael


    Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and stent placement is now an established treatment option for chronic mesenteric ischemia and is associated with low mortality and morbidity rates. We present a case of reperfusion hemorrhage complicating endovascular repair of superior mesenteric artery stenosis. Although a recognized complication following repair of carotid stenosis, hemorrhage has not previously been reported following mesenteric endovascular reperfusion. We describe both spontaneous cessation of bleeding and treatment with coil embolization.

  2. Quality of claims, references and the presentation of risk results in medical journal advertising: a comparative study in Australia, Malaysia and the United States

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vitry Agnes I


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Journal advertising is used by pharmaceutical companies to disseminate medicine information to doctors. The quality of claims, references and the presentation of risk results in Australia and the US has been questioned in several studies. No recent evidence is available on the quality of claims, references and the presentation of risk results in journal advertising in Australia and the US and no Malaysian data have been published. The aim of this study was to compare the quality of claims, references and the presentation of risk results in journal advertising in these three countries. Methods A consecutive sample of 85 unique advertisements from each country was selected from journal advertising published between January 2004 to December 2006. Claims, references and the presentation of risk results in medical journal advertising were compared between the three countries. Results Less than one-third of the claims were unambiguous claims (Australia, 30%, Malaysia 17%, US, 23%. In Malaysia significantly less unambiguous claims were provided than in Australia and the US (P Conclusions The majority of claims were vague suggesting poor quality of claims in journal advertising in these three countries. Evidence from a randomized controlled trial, systematic review or meta- analysis was commonly cited to support claims. However, the more frequent use of data that have not been published and independently reviewed in the US compared to Australia and Malaysia raises questions on the quality of references in the US. The use of relative rather than absolute benefits may overemphasize the benefit of medicines which may leave doctors susceptible to misinterpreting information.

  3. Illusory superiority and schizotypal personality: explaining the discrepancy between subjective/objective psychopathology. (United States)

    Cohen, Alex S; Auster, Tracey L; MacAulay, Rebecca K; McGovern, Jessica E


    An interesting paradox has emerged from the literature regarding schizotypy--defined as the personality organization reflecting a putative liability for schizophrenia--spectrum disorders. Across certain cognitive, emotional, quality of life, and other functional variables, individuals with schizotypy report experiencing relatively severe levels of pathology. However, on objective tests of these same variables, individuals with schizotypy perform largely in the healthy range. These subjective impairments are paradoxical in that individuals with schizotypy, typically recruited from undergraduate college populations, should be healthier in virtually every conceivable measure compared to chronic, older outpatients with severe mental illness. The present study evaluated the idea that the subjective deficits associated with schizotypy largely reflect a lack of illusory superiority bias-a normally occurring bias associated with an overestimation of self-reported positive qualities and underestimation of negative qualities compared to others. In the present study, both state-measured using laboratory emotion-induction methods-and trait positive and negative emotion was assessed across self (e.g., how do you feel at this moment?) and other (e.g., how do most people feel at this moment?) domains in 39 individuals with self-reported schizotypy and 39 matched controls. Controls demonstrated an illusory superiority effect across both state and trait measures whereas individuals with schizotypy did not. These results were not explained by severity of mental health symptoms. These results suggest that a cognitive bias, or lack thereof, is a marker of schizotypy and a potential target for further research and therapy.

  4. [Mitral surgery by superior biatrial septotomy]. (United States)

    Saade, A; Delepine, G; Lemaitre, C; Baehrel, B


    The superior biatrial septotomy approach consists of two semicircular right atrial and septal incisions joined at the superior end of the interatrial septum and extended across the dome of the left atrium, allowing exposure of the mitral valve by reflecting the ventricular side using stay sutures. From 1991 to 1993, 81 patients underwent mitral valve surgery by this technic. Mitral valve operation was combined with other cardiac procedures in 30 patients (37%) and was performed as a second operation in 21 patients (25.9%). Duration of cardiopulmonary bypass and aortic occlusion was not significantly different from that of patients operated via a conventional left atrial approach. The five hospital deaths (6.2%) were not related to this operative approach. Only 2 patients (3.3%) with preoperative in sinus rythm were discharged in atrial fibrillation after operation. In one patient (1.6%), atrioventricular block appeared at late follow-up. There were no cases of bleeding, atrioventricular nodal dysfunction or intra-atrial shunting related to the approach. This approach provides excellent exposure of the mitral valve even in unfavorable situations such as a small left atrium, dense adhesions from previous procedures or a previously implanted aortic prosthesis, without damage to various cardiac structures due to excessive traction. No retractor or vena cava repair are required. These data support a wide application of the superior biatrial septotomy approach in mitral valve surgery.

  5. Dietary Mercury Exposure Resulted in Behavioral Differences in Mice Contaminated with Fish-Associated Methylmercury Compared to Methylmercury Chloride Added to Diet

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-Paul Bourdineaud


    Full Text Available Methylmercury (MeHg is a potent neurotoxin, and humans are mainly exposed to this pollutant through fish consumption. However, in classical toxicological studies, pure methylmercury chloride (MeHgCl is injected, given to drink or incorporated within feed assuming that its effects are identical to those of MeHg naturally associated to fish. In the present study, we wanted to address the question whether a diet containing MeHg associated to fish could result in observable adverse effects in mice as compared to a diet containing the same concentration of MeHg added pure to the diet and whether beneficial nutriments from fish were able to counterbalance the deleterious effects of fish-associated mercury, if any. After two months of feeding, the fish-containing diet resulted in significant observable effects as compared to the control and MeHg-containing diets, encompassing altered behavioral performances as monitored in a Y-shaped maze and an open field, and an increased dopamine metabolic turnover in hippocampus, despite the fact that the fish-containing diet was enriched in polyunsaturated fatty acids and selenium compared to the fish-devoid diets.

  6. Orientational and directional selectivities of visual neurons in the superior colliculus of the cat

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李兵; 王磊; 王毅; 刁云程


    Based on quantitative analyses of the response characteristics of visual neurons in the superior colliculus to moving optical bar stimuli, it is demonstrated for the first time that the visual neurons in superior colliculus of the cat have, to some extent, orientational selectivity. The significance of this selectivity is discussed in reference to its morphological substrate and physiological functions. In addition, both the directional and orientational selectivities in the superior colliculus are relatively weak when compared with those in the primary visual cortex, and the majority of the neurons prefer upward or downward motion in the visual field.

  7. Comparative study of open and arthroscopic coracoid transfer for shoulder anterior instability (Latarjet)-clinical results at short term follow-up. (United States)

    Kordasiewicz, Bartłomiej; Małachowski, Konrad; Kicinski, Maciej; Chaberek, Sławomir; Pomianowski, Stanisław


    The aim of this study was to compare early clinical results after open and arthroscopic Latarjet stabilisation in anterior shoulder instability. Our hypothesis was the results of arthroscopic stabilisation were comparable with the results of open procedure. The clinical results of the patients after primary Latarjet procedure were analysed. Patients operated on between 2006 and 2011 using an open technique composed the OPEN group and patients operated on arthroscopically between 2011 and 2013 composed the ARTHRO group; 48 out of 55 shoulders (87%) in OPEN and 62 out of 64 shoulders (97%) in ARTHRO were available to follow-up. The average age at surgery was 28 years in OPEN and 26 years in ARTHRO. The mean follow-up was 54.2 months in OPEN and 23.4 months in ARTHRO. Intra-operative data were analysed regarding time of surgery, concomitant lesions and complications. Patient results were assessed with Walch-Duplay, Rowe, VAS scores and subjective self-evaluation of satisfaction and shoulder function. Computed tomography scan evaluation was used to assess the graft healing. Average time of surgery was significantly shorter in ARTHRO than OPEN: respectively 110 and 120 minutes. The number of intra-operative complications was six (12.5%) in OPEN and five (8.1%) in ARTHRO. The results were comparable in both groups, with no significant difference between OPEN and ARTHRO group: satisfaction rate - 96.8% and 91.9%, shoulder function - 92.2% and 90%, Walch-Duplay score - 83.9 and 76.7 respecively. A significant difference was reported in Rowe score: 87.8 in OPEN and 78.9 in ARTHRO. Another significant difference was found in the presence of "subjective apprehension"-a term referring to the subjective perception of instability with no signs of instability at clinical examination - 28.7% in OPEN and 50% in ARTHRO. Range of motion in both groups were comparable, however patients in OPEN had significantly lower loss of external rotation in adduction to the side comparing to the

  8. Comparing the Influence of Title and URL in Information Retrieval Relevance in Search Engines Results between Human Science and Agriculture Science

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Parisa Allami


    Full Text Available When the World Wide Web provides suitable methods for producing and publishing information to scientists, the Web has become a mediator to publishing information. This environment has been formed billions of web pages that each of them has a special title, special content, special address and special purpose. Search engines provide a variety of facilities limit search results to raise the possibility of relevance in the retrieval results. One of these facilities is the limitation of the keywords and search terms to the title or URL. It can increase the possibility of results relevance significantly. Search engines claim what are limited to title and URL is most relevant. This research tried to compare the results relevant between results limited in title and URL in agricultural and Humanities areas from their users sights also it notice to Comparison of the presence of keywords in the title and URL between two areas and the relationship between search query numbers and matching keywords in title and their URLs. For this purpose, the number of 30 students in each area whom were in MA process and in doing their thesis was chosen. There was a significant relevant of the results that they limited their information needs to title and URL. There was significantly relevance in URL results in agricultural area, but there was not any significant difference between title and URL results in the humanities. For comparing the number of keywords in title and URL in two areas, 30 keywords in each area were chosen. There was not any significantly difference between the number of keywords in the title and URL of websites in two areas. To show relationship between number of search keyword and the matching of title and URL 45 keywords in each area were chosen. They were divided to three parts (one keyword, two keywords and three keywords. It was determined that if search keyword was less, the amount of matching between title and URL was more and if the matching

  9. Partial closure of right superior orbital fissure with narrow optic foramen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Desai SD


    Full Text Available Superior orbital fissure is situated between the greater and lesser wings of sphenoid, with the optic strut at its superomedial margin. It lies between the roof and lateral wall of the orbit. The superior orbital fissure is divided by the common tendinous origin of the recti muscles. Compression of the neurovascular structures due to variations in the superior orbital fissure may result in signs and symptoms due to involvement of cranial nerves III, IV, V1, and VI. We report here a variation of the superior orbital fissure. Superior orbital fissure was partly closed by a thin plate of bone on the right side, and on the same side there was a narrow optic foramen. It is essential to know such variations to understand the underlying cause for the clinical conditions and operate in those areas.

  10. First-line therapy with fludarabine compared with chlorambucil does not result in a major benefit for elderly patients with advanced chronic lymphocytic leukemia. (United States)

    Eichhorst, Barbara F; Busch, Raymonde; Stilgenbauer, Stephan; Stauch, Martina; Bergmann, Manuela A; Ritgen, Matthias; Kranzhöfer, Nicole; Rohrberg, Robert; Söling, Ulrike; Burkhard, Oswald; Westermann, Anne; Goede, Valentin; Schweighofer, Carmen D; Fischer, Kirsten; Fink, Anna-Maria; Wendtner, Clemens M; Brittinger, Günter; Döhner, Hartmut; Emmerich, Bertold; Hallek, Michael


    Although chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is a disease of elderly patients, subjects older than 65 years are heavily underrepresented in clinical trials. The German CLL study group (GCLLSG) initiated a multicenter phase III trial for CLL patients older than 65 years comparing first-line therapy with fludarabine with chlorambucil. A total of 193 patients with a median age of 70 years were randomized to receive fludarabine (25 mg/m(2) for 5 days intravenously, every 28 days, for 6 courses) or chlorambucil (0.4 mg/kg body weight [BW] with an increase to 0.8 mg/kg, every 15 days, for 12 months). Fludarabine resulted in a significantly higher overall and complete remission rate (72% vs 51%, P = .003; 7% vs 0%, P = .011). Time to treatment failure was significantly shorter in the chlorambucil arm (11 vs 18 months; P = .004), but no difference in progression-free survival time was observed (19 months with fludarabine, 18 months with chlorambucil; P = .7). Moreover, fludarabine did not increase the overall survival time (46 months in the fludarabine vs 64 months in the chlorambucil arm; P = .15). Taken together, the results suggest that in elderly CLL patients the first-line therapy with fludarabine alone does not result in a major clinical benefit compared with chlorambucil. This trial is registered with under identifier ISRCTN 36294212.

  11. Persistent organochlorine pollutants and risk for skeletal fractures and impaired bone mineral density in humans. Results from the ''COMPARE'' project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hagmar, L.; Wallin, E.; Joensson, B.A. [Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Lund (Sweden)


    Persistent organochlorine pollutants (POP) have, in animal studies, impaired normal bone metabolism and resulted in increased bone fragility. Especially considering the dramatical increase in osteoporotic fractures in western societies during the last decades, it is a pertinent question whether a high dietary intake of POP might pose a risk for deteriorated bone quality in humans. This problem has been assessed as a part of the collaborative project ''COMPARE'', funded by European Commission RD Life Science Program. As a study base we have used cohorts of Swedish fishermen's families. We have earlier shown that fishermen living at the east coast of Sweden, have a high consumption of contaminated fatty fish from the Baltic Sea and consequently relatively high exposure levels for various POPs, also compared with fishermen from the Swedish west coast. Such a discrepancy was also found for fishermen's wives. The aim of the project was to assess in epidemiological studies whether a high dietary intake of POP through fatty fish from the Baltic may result in an increased incidence of osteoporotic fractures or decreased bone mineral density (BMD). We give here an overview of the results.

  12. Comparing Data Characteristics and Results of an Online Factorial Survey between a Population-Based and a Crowdsource-Recruited Sample

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jill D. Weinberg


    Full Text Available Compared to older kinds of sample surveys, online platforms provide a fast and low-cost platform for factorial surveys, as well as a more demographically diverse alternative to student samples. Two distinct strategies have emerged for recruitment: using panels based on population-based samples versus recruiting people actively seeking to complete online tasks for money. The latter is much cheaper but prompts various concerns about data quality and generalizability. We compare results of three vignette experiments conducted using the leading online panel that uses a population-based paradigm (Knowledge Networks, now GfK and the leading platform for crowdsource recruitment (Amazon Mechanical Turk. Our data show that, while demographic differences exist, most notably in age, the actual results of our experiments are very similar, especially once these demographic differences have been taken into account. Indicators of data quality were actually slightly better among the crowdsource subjects. Although more evidence is plainly needed, our results support the accumulating evidence for the promise of crowdsource recruitment for online experiments, including factorial surveys.

  13. Measuring the motor output of the pontomedullary reticular formation in the monkey: do stimulus-triggered averaging and stimulus trains produce comparable results in the upper limbs? (United States)

    Herbert, Wendy J; Davidson, Adam G; Buford, John A


    The pontomedullary reticular formation (PMRF) of the monkey produces motor outputs to both upper limbs. EMG effects evoked from stimulus-triggered averaging (StimulusTA) were compared with effects from stimulus trains to determine whether both stimulation methods produced comparable results. Flexor and extensor muscles of scapulothoracic, shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints were studied bilaterally in two male M. fascicularis monkeys trained to perform a bilateral reaching task. The frequency of facilitation versus suppression responses evoked in the muscles was compared between methods. Stimulus trains were more efficient (94% of PMRF sites) in producing responses than StimulusTA (55%), and stimulus trains evoked responses from more muscles per site than from StimulusTA. Facilitation (72%) was more common from stimulus trains than StimulusTA (39%). In the overall results, a bilateral reciprocal activation pattern of ipsilateral flexor and contralateral extensor facilitation was evident for StimulusTA and stimulus trains. When the comparison was restricted to cases where both methods produced a response in a given muscle from the same site, agreement was very high, at 80%. For the remaining 20%, discrepancies were accounted for mainly by facilitation from stimulus trains when StimulusTA produced suppression, which was in agreement with the under-representation of suppression in the stimulus train data as a whole. To the extent that the stimulus train method may favor transmission through polysynaptic pathways, these results suggest that polysynaptic pathways from the PMRF more often produce facilitation in muscles that would typically demonstrate suppression with StimulusTA.

  14. Equations of State for Mixtures: Results from DFT Simulations of Xenon/Ethane Mixtures Compared to High Accuracy Validation Experiments on Z (United States)

    Magyar, Rudolph


    We report a computational and validation study of equation of state (EOS) properties of liquid / dense plasma mixtures of xenon and ethane to explore and to illustrate the physics of the molecular scale mixing of light elements with heavy elements. Accurate EOS models are crucial to achieve high-fidelity hydrodynamics simulations of many high-energy-density phenomena such as inertial confinement fusion and strong shock waves. While the EOS is often tabulated for separate species, the equation of state for arbitrary mixtures is generally not available, requiring properties of the mixture to be approximated by combining physical properties of the pure systems. The main goal of this study is to access how accurate this approximation is under shock conditions. Density functional theory molecular dynamics (DFT-MD) at elevated-temperature and pressure is used to assess the thermodynamics of the xenon-ethane mixture. The simulations are unbiased as to elemental species and therefore provide comparable accuracy when describing total energies, pressures, and other physical properties of mixtures as they do for pure systems. In addition, we have performed shock compression experiments using the Sandia Z-accelerator on pure xenon, ethane, and various mixture ratios thereof. The Hugoniot results are compared to the DFT-MD results and the predictions of different rules for combing EOS tables. The DFT-based simulation results compare well with the experimental points, and it is found that a mixing rule based on pressure equilibration performs reliably well for the mixtures considered. Sandia National Laboratories is a multi-program laboratory managed and operated by Sandia Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation, for the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-AC04-94AL85000.

  15. Relative superiority analysis of Garut lamb and its crossbred

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ismeth Inounu


    Full Text Available The objective of the research was to evaluate the relative superiority of Garut lamb and its crosses with St. Croix and Moulton Charollais. The research was conducted at Animal Research Station, Indonesian Research Institute for Animal Production, Bogor, Indonesia. The data used for this paper was collected from 1995 to 2002. The results revealed that individual lamb weight at birth, at weaning, preweaning daily gain, at 6, 9 and 12 months of age of the composite sheep (HG = 50% St. Croix : 50% Garut, MG = 50% M. Charollais : 50% Garut, MHG (MG X HG dan HMG (HG X MG = 25% St. Croix : 25% M. Charollais : 50% Garut were higher than Garut sheep. The relative superiority were 6.7-13.1% for lamb weight at birth, 6.6- 15.6% for lamb weight at weaning, 3.2-20.8% for preweaning daily gain dan 6.2-17.9% for lamb weight at 9 month of age, respectively. The superiority of composite sheep were obtained in good and limited feed condition. Lamb growth parameters were also affected by feed condition, parity, sex, and rearing type.

  16. Stomatitis sub-prosthesis in patients with superior dental prosthesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antonia Martina Francisco Local


    Full Text Available Background: The stomatitis sub-prosthesis is one of the most frequent changes in hard palate mucous membrane in patients with mucous-supported dental prosthesis. It can be caused by multiple factors, which makes its study and prognosis more difficult. Objective: To describe the occurrence of stomatitis sub-prosthesis and its causes in patients with superior dental prosthesis. Method: Descriptive study including all the patients with superior dental prosthesis examined in the odontology consultation “Barrio Adentro” in the state of Miranda, Venezuela, from November, 2005 to March, 2006. The analysed variables were: age, sex, stomatitis level, teeth brushing frequency, prosthesis condition and use, palate mucous condition and frequency of odontology consultations. Results: 89 patients were attended, more 50% of them had superior dental prosthesis and presented stomatitis sub-prosthesis; the group between 35 and 59 years was the most affected, mainly females. Sub-prosthesis stomatitis type II was the most common and the main causes included constant use of the prosthesis and loose prosthesis. Buccal hygiene was not adequate in these patients. Most of them declared never attending to the dentist, or just when presenting some particular problem. Conclusion: Stomatitis prevalence was related with incorrect hygiene habits and lack of knowledge; it shows the importance of performing educative tasks to reduce this disease incidence.  

  17. Cooperation between ligninolytic enzymes produced by superior mixed flora

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Hai-lei; LI Zong-yi; GUO Wei-yun; WANG Zhen-yu; PAN Feng


    Since the ability to degrade lignin with one kind of white-rot fungi or bacteria was very limited, superior mixed flora's ability to degrade lignin was investigated by an orthogonal experiment in this paper. The results showed that superior mixed flora reinforced the ability to degrade lignin, the degradation rates of both sample 9 and 10 were beyond 80% on the day 9. The cooperation between lignin peroxidase(LiP), Mn-dependent peroxidase(MnP) and laccase (Lac) for lignin degradation was also studied. By examining the activities of three enzymes produced by superior mixed flora, it was found that Lac was a key enzyme in the process of biological degradation of lignin but Lip was not; the enzyme activity ratios of Lac/MnP and Lac/LiP were significantly correlative with the degradation rate of lignin at the 0.01 level; and the ratio of MnP/LiP was an important factor affecting the degradation rate of lignin.

  18. Experiencing the changing climate on the shores of Lake Superior (United States)

    Akerlof, K.; Maibach, E.


    The Great Lakes of the United States - the largest freshwater system in the world - have been termed "the canary in the coal mine" of environmental change. To assess if and how residents of Alger County, Michigan are experiencing changes in climate on the shores of Lake Superior, during the summer of 2010 we conducted a representative household mail survey in collaboration with a national lakeshore and watershed partnership. A total of 765 adult residents (18 years or older) responded to the survey; a 57% survey completion rate. We content analyzed respondents' open-ended characterizations of how they have personally experienced global warming, and compared the results with land surface and storm data for the same geographic region to see whether public perceptions of local changes match trends in National Climatic Data Center data. Just over a quarter of residents (27%) indicated that they had personally experienced global warming. Those who had were most likely to say that they had experienced global warming locally (as opposed to in other locations of the country or globally), and most frequently cited changes in seasons, weather, lake levels, and animals or plant species. However, some local public perceptions appeared to conflict with weather records. For example, residents were more likely to say that they had been experiencing less snow in the winters, while NCDC data suggests the reverse is true. As climate changes differentially in regions across the United States, the public will in turn experience its physical impacts in distinct ways that are unique to each landscape. This may be counter-intuitive to a public that increasingly experiences the world, and issues such as climate change, through sources of information such as national news media that operate at much larger geographic scales. Understanding where these forms of cognitive dissonance may arise may assist researchers, educators, and communicators in furthering discourses with the public about

  19. In vivo studies validating multitargeting of prostanoid receptors for achieving superior anti-inflammatory effects. (United States)

    Woodward, David F; Wang, Jenny W; Ni, Ming; Bauer, Alex; Martos, Jose L; Carling, Robert W; Poloso, Neil J


    The purpose of these studies was to test the hypothesis that a selected polypharmacological approach for treating the prostanoid-mediated component of inflammatory diseases would produce a therapeutic effect superior to global inhibition of prostaglandin (PG) biosynthesis by aspirin-like drugs. The compound studied was AGN 211377, which had been previously shown to produce a superior effect on cytokine release from human macrophages compared with cyclooxygenase (COX) inhibitors. AGN 211377 antagonizes prostanoid prostaglandin D2 (DP)1, DP2, prostaglandin E2 (EP)1, EP4, prostaglandin F2α, and thromboxane A2 receptors but not anti-inflammatory EP2, prostaglandin I2, or EP3 receptors. Established rodent models of ocular inflammatory diseases were used to determine therapeutic effects in living animals. The drugs were administered systemically after predetermination of their blood levels to ensure bioavailability at an appropriate dose level. Whereas compounds selective for a single prostanoid receptor typically exhibited modest but statistically significant inhibition, AGN 211377 profoundly inhibited S-antigen-induced uveitis and laser-induced retinal neovascularization. Consistent with previous polypharmacological studies on chemokine/cytokine release from human macrophages, the prostanoid EP1 receptor played a permissive role in suppressing neovascularization and inflammation in vivo Comparing AGN 211377 with a close structural congener lacking EP1 antagonism (AGN 197727), AGN 197727 was much less active than AGN 211377, but pronounced anti-inflammatory and angiostatic effects were achieved by adding the EP1 antagonist compound (SC-51322) to AGN 197727 in the systemic dosing regimen. Further, AGN 211377 produced superior anti-inflammatory activity compared with the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent ketorolac. These results indicate the value of using a polypharmacological approach in the design of novel therapeutic agents in preference to compounds targeting a

  20. Don't words come easy? A psychophysical exploration of word superiority

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Starrfelt, Randi; Petersen, Anders; Vangkilde, Signe Allerup


    Words are made of letters, and yet sometimes it is easier to identify a word than a single letter. This word superiority effect (WSE) has been observed when written stimuli are presented very briefly or degraded by visual noise. We compare performance with letters and words in three experiments, ...... and visual short term memory capacity. So, even if single words come easy, there is a limit to the word superiority effect....

  1. Ultrasound-guided central line insertion and standard peripherally inserted catheter placement in preterm infants: Comparing results from prospective study in a single-center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dany Antanios Al Hamod


    Full Text Available Background: Among preterm infants, the peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC is the standard line for central venous access; however, its placement exposes them to hypothermia and pain. Ultrasound (US-guided central line insertion may be less morbid than standard PICC line. Aims: To determine the ease, success rate, and morbidity associated with US-guided central line insertion in the internal jugular vein (IJV by comparing it to the standard PICC line placement. Materials and Methods: This is a single-center nonrandomized prospective study evaluating preterm infants between October 2013 and June 2014. Patients were allocated into two groups: The standard group (control group who underwent blind PICC line insertion and the intervention group who underwent a percutaneous US-guided central line insertion in the IJV. The epicutaneo-cava-catheter was used in both groups. Results: Fifty neonates were enrolled on study. A statistically difference in favor of US-IJV insertion was noted concerning the rate of successful first attempt (P < 0.001, insertion (P = 0.001, and procedure duration (P < 0.001 and number of trials (P < 0.001 compared to PICC. No difference in complications (P = 1.000 was noted. Conclusion: US guided catheterization of the IJV technique is faster than PICC line insertion with higher rates of successful first attempt and insertion, less procedure duration and fewer number of trials compared to PICC line insertion. There were no differences in complications.

  2. Comparative ranking of 0. 1 to 10 MW(e) solar thermal electric power systems. Volume I. Summary of results. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Thornton, J.P.; Brown, K.C.; Finegold, J.G.; Gresham, J.B.; Herlevich, F.A.; Kowalik, J.S.; Kriz, T.A.


    This report is part of a two-volume set summarizing the results of a comparative ranking of generic solar thermal concepts designed specifically for electric power generation. The original objective of the study was to project the mid-1990 cost and performance of selected generic solar thermal electric power systems for utility applications and to rank these systems by criteria that reflect their future commercial acceptance. This study considered plants with rated capacities of 1 to 10 MW(e), operating over a range of capacity factors from the no-storage case to 0.7 and above. Later, the study was extended to include systems with capacities from 0.1 to 1 MW(e), a range that is attractive to industrial and other non-utility applications. This volume summarizes the results for the full range of capacities from 0.1 to 10 MW(e). Volume II presents data on performance and cost and ranking methodology.

  3. Results from a new linear O3 scheme with embedded heterogeneous chemistry compared with the parent full-chemistry 3-D CTM

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    W. Feng


    Full Text Available A detailed full-chemistry 3-D chemistry and transport model (CTM is used to evaluate the current stratospheric O3 parameterisation in the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF model and to obtain an alternative version of the ozone scheme implicitly including heterogeneous chemistry. The approach avoids the inaccurate treatment currently given to heterogeneous ozone chemistry in the ECMWF model, as well as the uncertainties of a cold-tracer. The new O3 scheme (COPCAT is evaluated within the same CTM used to calculate it. It is the first time such a comparison has been possible, providing direct information on the validity of the linear parameterisation approach for stratospheric ozone. Simulated total column and O3 profiles are compared against Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS and Halogen Occultation Experiment (HALOE observations. COPCAT successfully simulates polar loss and reproduces a realistic Antarctic O3 hole. The new scheme is comparable to the full-chemistry in many regions for multiannual runs. The parameterisation produces less ozone over the tropics around 10 hPa, compared to full-chemistry and observations, however, this problem can be ameliorated by choosing a different ozone climatology for the scheme. The new scheme is compared to the current ECMWF scheme in the same CTM runs. The Antarctic O3 hole with the current ECMWF scheme is weaker and disappears earlier than with the new COPCAT scheme. Differences between the current ECMWF scheme and COPCAT are difficult to explain due to the different approach used for heterogeneous chemistry and differences in the photochemical models used to calculate the scheme coefficients. Results with the new COPCAT scheme presented here show that heterogeneous and homogeneous ozone chemistry can be included in a consistent way in a linear ozone parameterisation, without any additional tunable parameters, providing a parameterisation scheme in much better agreement with the

  4. The superiority of conservative resection and adjuvant radiation for craniopharyngiomas. (United States)

    Schoenfeld, Adam; Pekmezci, Melike; Barnes, Michael J; Tihan, Tarik; Gupta, Nalin; Lamborn, Kathleen R; Banerjee, Anu; Mueller, Sabine; Chang, Susan; Berger, Mitchel S; Haas-Kogan, Daphne


    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the roles of resection extent and adjuvant radiation in the treatment of craniopharyngiomas. We reviewed the records of 122 patients ages 11-52 years who received primary treatment for craniopharyngioma between 1980 and 2009 at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Primary endpoints were progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS). Secondary endpoints were development of panhypopituitarism, diabetes insipidus (DI), and visual field defects. Of 122 patients, 30 (24%) were treated with gross total resection (GTR) without radiation therapy (RT), 3 (3%) with GTR + RT, 41 (33.6%) with subtotal resection (STR) without RT, and 48 (39.3%) with STR + RT. Median age at diagnosis was 30 years, with 46 patients 18 years or younger. Median follow-up for all patients was 56.4 months (interquartile range 18.9-144.2 months) and 47 months (interquartile range 12.3-121.8 months) for the 60 patients without progression. Fifty six patients progressed, 10 have died, 6 without progression. Median PFS was 61.1 months for all patients. PFS rate at 2 years was 61.5% (95% CI: 52.1-70.9). OS rate at 10 years was 91.1% (95% CI 84.3-97.9). There was no significant difference in PFS and OS between patients treated with GTR vs. STR + XRT (PFS; p = 0.544, OS; p = 0.735), but STR alone resulted in significantly shortened PFS compared to STR + RT or GTR (p < 0.001 for both). STR was associated with significantly shortened OS compared to STR + RT (p = 0.050) and trended to shorter OS compared to GTR (p = 0.066). GTR was associated with significantly greater risk of developing DI (56.3 vs. 13.3% with STR + XRT, p < 0.001) and panhypopituitarism (54.8 vs. 26.7% with STR + XRT, p = 0.014). In conclusion, for patients with craniopharyngioma, STR + RT may provide superior clinical outcome, achieving better disease control than STR and limiting side effects associated with aggressive surgical resection.

  5. Ca(2+) -complex stability of GAPAGPLIVPY peptide in gas and aqueous phase, investigated by affinity capillary electrophoresis and molecular dynamics simulations and compared to mass spectrometric results. (United States)

    Nachbar, Markus; El Deeb, Sami; Mozafari, Mona; Alhazmi, Hassan A; Preu, Lutz; Redweik, Sabine; Lehmann, Wolf Dieter; Wätzig, Hermann


    Strong, sequence-specific gas-phase bindings between proline-rich peptides and alkaline earth metal ions in nanoESI-MS experiments were reported by Lehmann et al. (Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 2006, 20, 2404-2410), however its relevance for physiological-like aqueous phase is uncertain. Therefore, the complexes should also be studied in aqueous solution and the relevance of the MS method for binding studies be evaluated. A mobility shift ACE method was used for determining the binding between the small peptide GAPAGPLIVPY and various metal ions in aqueous solution. The findings were compared to the MS results and further explained using computational methods. While the MS data showed a strong alkaline earth ion binding, the ACE results showed nonsignificant binding. The proposed vacuum state complex also decomposed during a molecular dynamic simulation in aqueous solution. This study shows that the formed stable peptide-metal ion adducts in the gas phase by ESI-MS does not imply the existence of analogous adducts in the aqueous phase. Comparing peptide-metal ion interaction under the gaseous MS and aqueous ACE conditions showed huge difference in binding behavior.

  6. Pilot Randomized Trial Comparing Intersession Scheduling of Biofeedback Results to Individuals with Chronic Pain: Influence on Psychologic Function and Pain Intensity. (United States)

    Weeks, Douglas L; Whitney, Anthony A; Tindall, Angelique G; Carter, Gregory T


    The objective of this study was to compare the effectiveness of two biofeedback schedules on long-term improvement in physical and psychologic reactivity to chronic nonmalignant pain. This study is a prospective, randomized pilot trial. Twenty adults with chronic pain engaged in heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback training for nine sessions with HRV presented visually. Two groups, formed by random assignment, were compared: The faded feedback group received concurrent visual HRV biofeedback in session 1, with the amount of biofeedback systematically reduced for ensuing sessions so that, by session 9, the participants were controlling HRV without external feedback. The full feedback group received visual HRV biofeedback continuously across all sessions. Outcome measures assessed at baseline, immediately after the program, and 3 mos after the program included pain intensity, fear-avoidance beliefs, and self-report physical functioning. Use of biofeedback skills was also assessed 3 mos after the program. Nominal variables were analyzed with χ. Continuous measures were analyzed with repeated-measures analyses of variance. The faded feedback schedule resulted in greater use of biofeedback skills at 3 mos and improved pain intensity and fear-avoidance beliefs after the program and at 3 mos. Physical functioning did not differ between groups. Systematically reducing the frequency of external visual feedback during HRV biofeedback training was associated with reduced reactivity to chronic pain. Results of this pilot study should be confirmed with a larger randomized study.

  7. A comparative study of Sephadex, glass wool and Percoll separation techniques on sperm quality and IVF results for cryopreserved bovine semen (United States)

    Lee, Hae-Lee; Kim, Sue-Hee; Ji, Dong-Beom


    The aim of this study was to compare the effects of spermatozoa separation techniques on sperm quality and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) results for cryopreserved bovine semen. Sephadex, glass wool and Percoll gradient separation techniques were used for sperm separation and sperm motility, morphology and membrane integrity were evaluated before and after separation. Also, cleavage and blastocyst developmental rate were investigated after IVF with sperm recovered by each separation technique. The motility of samples obtained by the three separation techniques were greater compared to the control samples (p < 0.05). The percentage of spermatozoa with intact plasma-membrane integrity, identified by 6-carboxyfluoresceindiacetate/propidium iodide fluorescent staining and the hypo-osmotic swelling test, was highest in the glass wool filtration samples (p < 0.05). The cleavage and blastocyst rate of total oocytes produced from glass wool filtration samples were also higher than the control and Sephadex filtration samples (p < 0.05), but were not significantly different from Percoll separation samples. However, a significantly greater number of cleaved embryos produced by glass wool filtration developed to blastocyst stage than those produced by Percoll separation (p < 0.05). These results indicate that spermatozoa with good quality can be achieved by these three separation techniques and can be used for bovine IVF. In particular, it suggests that glass wool filtration would be the most effective method of the three for improving sperm quality and embryo production for cryopreserved bovine spermatozoa. PMID:19687626

  8. Uncooked rice of relatively low gelatinization degree resulted in lower metabolic glucose and insulin responses compared with cooked rice in female college students. (United States)

    Jung, Eun Young; Suh, Hyung Joo; Hong, Wan Soo; Kim, Dong Geon; Hong, Yang Hee; Hong, In Sun; Chang, Un Jae


    Cooking processes that gelatinize granules or disrupt structure might increase the glucose and insulin responses because a disruption of the structure of starch by gelatinization increases its availability for digestion and absorption in the small intestine. We hypothesized that the uncooked form of rice, which has a relatively low degree of gelatinization even though in powder form, would result in lower metabolic glucose and insulin responses compared with cooked rice (CR). To assess the effects of the gelatinization of rice on metabolic response of glucose and insulin, we investigated the glucose and insulin responses to 3 rice meals of different gelatinization degree in female college students (n = 12): CR (76.9% gelatinized), uncooked rice powder (UP; 3.5% gelatinized), and uncooked freeze-dried rice powder (UFP; 5.4% gelatinized). Uncooked rice powders (UP and UFP) induced lower glucose and insulin responses compared with CR. The relatively low gelatinization degree of UPs resulted in low metabolic responses in terms of the glycemic index (CR: 72.4% vs UP: 49.7%, UFP: 59.8%) and insulin index (CR: 94.8% vs UP: 74.4%, UFP: 68.0%). In summary, UPs that were less gelatinized than CR induced low postprandial glucose and insulin responses.

  9. Exploring the word superiority effect using TVA

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Starrfelt, Randi

    Words are made of letters, and yet sometimes it is easier to identify a word than a single letter. This word superiority effect (WSE) has been observed when written stimuli are presented very briefly or degraded by visual noise. It is unclear, however, if this is due to a lower threshold for perc...... simultaneously we find a different pattern: In a whole report experiment with six stimuli (letters or words), letters are perceived more easily than words, and this is reflected both in perceptual processing speed and short term memory capacity....

  10. de educación media superior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Enrique Cerón Ferrer


    Full Text Available El trabajo presenta los resultados obtenidos en relación al conocimiento y manejo que sobre matemáticas tienen los estudiantes de educación media superior, de los Centros de Estudios Tecnológicos y de Servicios del Distrito Federal, de diferentes carreras que se imparten en estos centros escolares, durante el año 2005. El instrumento de análisis es un cuestionario que contestaron los alumnos, la metodología utilizada es de tipo longitudinal y comparativa.

  11. Heterotopic ossification following single-level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion: results from the prospective, multicenter, historically controlled trial comparing allograft to an optimized dose of rhBMP-2. (United States)

    Arnold, Paul M; Anderson, Karen K; Selim, Abdulhafez; Dryer, Randall F; Kenneth Burkus, J


    OBJECTIVE Heterotopic ossification (HO) has been reported following total hip, knee, cervical, and lumbar arthroplasty, as well as following posterolateral lumbar fusion using recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2). Data regarding HO following anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) with rhBMP-2 are sparse. A subanalysis was done of the prospective, multicenter, investigational device exemption trial that compared rhBMP-2 on an absorbable collagen sponge (ACS) versus allograft in ACDF for patients with symptomatic single-level cervical degenerative disc disease. METHODS To assess differences in types of HO observed in the treatment groups and effects of HO on functional and efficacy outcomes, clinical outcomes from previous disc replacement studies were compared between patients who received rhBMP-2/ACS versus allograft. Rate, location, grade, and size of ossifications were assessed preoperatively and at 24 months, and correlated with clinical outcomes. RESULTS Heterotopic ossification was primarily anterior in both groups. Preoperatively in both groups, and including osteophytes in the target regions, HO rates were high at 40.9% and 36.9% for the rhBMP-2/ACS and allograft groups, respectively (p = 0.350). At 24 months, the rate of HO in the rhBMP-2/ACS group was higher than in the allograft group (78.6% vs 59.2%, respectively; p rhBMP-2/ACS group compared with 9.8% in the allograft group. At 24 months, the rate of inferior-anterior adjacent-level Park Grade 2/3 HO was 11.9% in the rhBMP-2/ACS group compared with 5.9% in the allograft group. At 24 months, HO rates at the target implant level were similar (p = 0.963). At 24 months, the mean length and anteroposterior diameter of HO were significantly greater in the rhBMP-2/ACS group compared with the allograft group (p = 0.033 and 0.012, respectively). Regarding clinical correlation, at 24 months in both groups, Park Grade 3 HO at superior adjacent-level disc spaces significantly reduced

  12. Improved quantification of brain perfusion using FAIR with active suppression of superior tagging (FAIR ASST). (United States)

    Li, Xiufeng; Sarkar, Subhendra N; Purdy, David E; Haley, Robert W; Briggs, Richard W


    To address two problems for perfusion studies in the middle or inferior brain regions: (1) to reduce venous artifacts due to the intrinsic superior labeling of FAIR; (2) to alleviate the discrepancy of the existence of both superior and inferior boluses, but with only the inferior bolus having a temporally defined bolus width with Q2TIPs or QUIPSS. Superior tagging suppression methods for FAIR with different combinations of pre- and postinversion superior saturation pulses were evaluated and compared with FAIR with Q2TIPS for producing perfusion maps of superior, middle, and inferior brain regions. One preinversion plus two postinversion superior saturation radio frequency pulses effectively suppressed the superior tagging of FAIR and sufficiently eliminated venous artifacts without negative effects, avoiding the overestimations of cerebral blood flow that can occur in FAIR. FAIR ASST improves FAIR with Q2TIPS and provides more reliable and accurate blood flow estimations for perfusion studies of middle and lower brain regions. FAIR ASST confers the advantages of asymmetric PASL techniques, such as PICORE, in which only the inferiorly labeled blood is used for perfusion quantification, to the symmetric PASL technique FAIR, while preserving the robustness of FAIR against MT effects. Copyright © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  13. Two-Tunnel Transtibial Repair of Radial Meniscus Tears Produces Comparable Results to Inside-Out Repair of Vertical Meniscus Tears. (United States)

    Cinque, Mark E; Geeslin, Andrew G; Chahla, Jorge; Dornan, Grant J; LaPrade, Robert F


    Radial meniscus tears disrupt the circumferential fibers and thereby compromise meniscus integrity. Historically, radial tears were often treated with meniscectomy because of an incomplete understanding of the biomechanical consequences of these tears, limited information regarding the biomechanical performance of repair, and the technical difficulty associated with repair. There is a paucity of studies on the outcomes of the repair of radial meniscus tears. Purpose/Hypothesis: The purpose was to determine the outcomes of 2-tunnel transtibial repair of radial meniscus tears and compare these results to the outcomes of patients who underwent the repair of vertical meniscus tears with a minimum of 2-year follow-up. The hypothesis was that radial and vertical meniscus tear repair outcomes were comparable. Cohort study; Level of evidence, 3. Patients who underwent 2-tunnel transtibial pullout repair for a radial meniscus tear were included in this study and compared with patients who underwent inside-out repair for a vertical meniscus tear. Subjective questionnaires were administered preoperatively and at a minimum of 2-year follow-up, including the Lysholm score, the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC), the Short Form-12 (SF-12) physical component summary (PCS), the Tegner activity scale, and patient satisfaction. Analysis of covariance was used to compare postoperative outcome scores between the meniscus repair groups while accounting for baseline scores. Adjusted mean effects relative to the radial repair group were reported with 95% CIs. Twenty-seven patients who underwent 2-tunnel transtibial pullout repair for radial meniscus tears and 33 patients who underwent inside-out repair for vertical meniscus tears were available for follow-up at a mean of 3.5 years (range, 2.0-5.4 years). No preoperative outcome score significantly differed between the groups. There were no significant group differences for any of the 2-year

  14. Impact of SMS/GPRS printers in reducing time to early infant diagnosis compared to routine result reporting: a systematic review and meta-analysis. (United States)

    Vojnov, Lara; Markby, Jessica; Boeke, Caroline; Penazzato, Martina; Urick, Brittany; Ghadrshenas, Anisa; Harris, Lindsay; Ford, Nathan; Peter, Trevor


    Despite significant gains made towards improving access, early infant diagnosis (EID) testing programs suffer from long test turnaround times that result in substantial loss to follow-up and mortality associated with delays in antiretroviral therapy initiation. These delays in treatment initiation are particularly impactful due to significant HIV-related infant mortality observed by 2-3 months of age. Short message service (SMS) and general packet radio service (GPRS) printers allow test results to be transmitted immediately to health care facilities upon completion of testing in the laboratory. We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to assess the benefit of using SMS/GPRS printers to increase the efficiency of EID test result delivery compared with traditional courier paper-based results delivery methods. We identified 11 studies contributing data for over 16,000 patients from East and Southern Africa. The test turnaround time from specimen collection to result received at the health care facility with courier paper-based methods was 68.0 days (n=6,835), while the test turnaround time with SMS/GPRS printers was 51.1 days (n=6,711), resulting in a 2.5 week (25%) reduction in turnaround time. Courier paper-based EID test result delivery methods are estimated to add 2.5 weeks to EID test turnaround times in low resource settings and increase the risk that infants receive test results during or after the early peak of infant mortality. SMS/GPRS result delivery to health care facility printers significantly reduced test turnaround time and may reduce this risk. SMS/GPRS printers should be considered for expedited delivery of EID and other centralized laboratory test results.This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives License 4.0 (CCBY-NC-ND), where it is permissible to download and share the work provided it is properly cited. The work cannot be changed in any way or used


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ketan Gupta


    Full Text Available Distal radius fractures account for 17% of all fractures in adults. The fracture of the lower end of radius crush the mechanical foundation of man‟s most elegant tool, the hand. No other fracture has a greater potential to devastate hand function. Today, o pen reduction of the fracture with internal fixation and closed reduction of the fracture with external fixation, forms the mainstay of the treatment of an uncomplicated distal end radius fracture in a patient unless specifically contraindicated. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To compare functional outcome, complications & results of two commonly used surgical methods; Open reduction & internal fixation with volar placed buttress plate and Closed reduction & external fixation with „Jess fixator‟ and internal fixation with „k - wire‟ in volar displaced distal radial fractures. MATERIALS AND METHODS : Total 30 cases were included in the study. 15 patients were treated with Open reduction & internal fixation with volar placed buttress plate and 15 were treated with Closed r eduction & external fixation with „Jess fixator‟ and internal fixation with „k - wire‟ in volar displaced distal radial fractures. Patients were followed up at regular intervals and Anatomical and functional outcomes were evaluated in all the patients. RESUL TS: Patients treated with Open reduction & internal fixation, 8 showed excellent results, 5 good and 2 fair results. Patients treated with closed reduction and external fixation 4 showed excellent results, 5 good, 4 fair and 2 showed poor results. CONCLUSI ON: O.R.I.F is generally preferred modality gives better results in terms of functional recovery and decrease morbidity to patient

  16. Efficacy and safety of guselkumab, an anti-interleukin-23 monoclonal antibody, compared with adalimumab for the continuous treatment of patients with moderate to severe psoriasis: Results from the phase III, double-blinded, placebo- and active comparator-controlled VOYAGE 1 trial. (United States)

    Blauvelt, Andrew; Papp, Kim A; Griffiths, Christopher E M; Randazzo, Bruce; Wasfi, Yasmine; Shen, Yaung-Kaung; Li, Shu; Kimball, Alexa B


    Guselkumab, an interleukin-23 blocker, was superior to adalimumab in treating moderate to severe psoriasis in a phase II trial. We sought to compare efficacy and safety of guselkumab with adalimumab and placebo in patients with psoriasis treated for 1 year. Patients were randomized to guselkumab 100 mg (weeks 0 and 4, then every 8 weeks; n = 329); placebo→guselkumab (weeks 0, 4, and 12 then guselkumab at weeks 16 and 20, then every 8 weeks; n = 174); or adalimumab (80 mg week 0, 40 mg week 1, then 40 mg every 2 weeks through week 47; n = 334). Physician-reported outcomes (Investigator Global Assessment, Psoriasis Area and Severity Index [PASI]), patient-reported outcomes (Dermatology Life Quality Index, Psoriasis Symptoms and Signs Diary), and safety were evaluated through week 48. Guselkumab was superior (P < .001) to placebo at week 16 (85.1% vs 6.9% [Investigator Global Assessment score of 0/1 (cleared/minimal)] and 73.3% vs 2.9% [90% or greater improvement in PASI score from baseline (PASI 90)]). Guselkumab was also superior (P < .001) to adalimumab for Investigator Global Assessment 0/1 and PASI 90 at week 16 (85.1% vs 65.9% and 73.3% vs 49.7%), week 24 (84.2% vs 61.7% and 80.2% vs 53.0%), and week 48 (80.5% vs 55.4% and 76.3% vs 47.9%). Furthermore, guselkumab significantly improved patient-reported outcomes through week 48. Adverse event rates were comparable between treatments. Analyses were limited to 48 weeks. Guselkumab demonstrated superior efficacy compared with adalimumab and was well tolerated in patients with psoriasis through 1 year. Copyright © 2016 American Academy of Dermatology, Inc. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. Comparison of the Keratometric Corneal Astigmatic Power after Phacoemulsification: Clear Temporal Corneal Incision versus Superior Scleral Tunnel Incision

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yongqi He


    Full Text Available Objective. This is prospective randomized control trial to compare the mean keratometric corneal astigmatism diopter power (not surgical induced astigmatism among preop and one-month and three-month postop phacoemulcification of either a clear temporal corneal incision or a superior scleral tunnel Incision, using only keratometric astigmatic power reading to evaluate the difference between the two cataract surgery incisions. Methods. 120 patients (134 eyes underwent phacoemulcification were randomly assigned to two groups: Group A, the clear temporal corneal incision group, and Group B, the superior scleral tunnel incision group. SPSS11.5 Software was used for statistical analysis to compare the postsurgical changes of cornea astigmatism on keratometry. Results. The changes of corneal astigmatic diopter in Groups A and B after 3 month postop from keratometric reading were 1.04 + 0.76 and 0.94 + 0.27, respectively (=.84>.05, which showed no statistic significance difference. Conclusion. The incision through either temporal clear cornea or superior scleral tunnel in phacoemulcification shows no statistic difference in astigmatism change on keratometry 3-month postop.

  18. Preservation of corals in salt-saturated DMSO buffer is superior to ethanol for PCR experiments (United States)

    Gaither, M. R.; Szabó, Z.; Crepeau, M. W.; Bird, C. E.; Toonen, R. J.


    Specimen collection is time consuming and expensive, yet few laboratories test preservation methods before setting out on field expeditions. The most common preservation buffer used for coral specimens is >70% EtOH. However, alternatives exist that are less flammable, easier to ship, and are widely used in other taxa. Here, we compare the effects of salt-saturated DMSO (SSD) and EtOH preservation buffers on post-extraction DNA quantity and quality. We found that soft tissue integrity was better maintained and higher quantities of DNA were extracted from EtOH-preserved specimens; however, by all other measures, SSD was a superior preservative to EtOH. Extractions of SSD-preserved specimens resulted in higher molecular weight DNA, higher PCR success, and more efficient amplification than specimens preserved in EtOH. Our results show that SSD is generally a superior preservative to EtOH for specimens destined for PCR studies, but species-specific differences indicate that preservation comparisons should be undertaken before collection and storage of samples.

  19. Patients with obesity-related comorbidities have higher disability compared with those without obesity-related comorbidities: results from a cross-sectional study. (United States)

    Sirtori, Anna; Brunani, Amelia; Capodaglio, Paolo; Berselli, Maria E; Villa, Valentina; Ceriani, Francesca; Corti, Stefania; Leonardi, Matilde; Raggi, Alberto


    The aim of the present study was to describe disability in adult obese patients with obesity-related comorbidities, and to compare it with that of patients without obesity-related comorbidities. Two groups of obese patients were administered a set of 166 International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) categories; on the basis of this set, count-based indexes were developed for each ICF component and difference between patients with and without comorbidities were assessed with independent-sample t-test and Cohen's d as a measure of effect size. ICF categories in which at least 20% of patients reported a problem were considered relevant for describing functioning of obese patients; for each of them, the risk of having obesity-related comorbidities was calculated using odds ratio and 95% confidence interval. A total of 106 inpatients were enrolled in the study: 68 ICF categories reached the 20% threshold, and 31 of them were relevant only among patients with comorbidities. The presence of obesity-related comorbidities was associated with an increased risk of bodily impairments and limitations in performing daily activities. Compared with patients without obesity-related comorbidities, those with comorbidities showed higher disability. Comorbidities contribute to obesity-related disability, and our results support the importance of early rehabilitation interventions to reduce disability.

  20. Results from the University of Toronto continuous flow diffusion chamber (UT-CFDC at the international workshop for comparing ice nucleation measuring systems (ICIS 2007

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Z. A. Kanji


    Full Text Available The University of Toronto continuous flow diffusion chamber (UT-CFDC was used to study heterogeneous ice nucleation at the International Workshop on Comparing Ice Nucleation Measuring Systems (ICIS 2007 which also represented the 4th ice nucleation workshop, on 14–28 September 2007. One goal of the workshop was to inter-compare different ice nucleation measurement techniques using the same aerosol sample source and preparation method. The aerosol samples included four types of desert mineral dust, graphite soot particles, and live and dead bacterial cells (Snomax®. This paper focuses on the UT-CFDC results, with a comparison to techniques of established heritage including the Colorado State CFDC and the AIDA expansion chamber. Good agreement was found between the different instruments with a few specific differences attributed to the variation in how onset of ice formation is defined between the instruments. It was found that when efficiency of ice formation is based on the lowest onset relative humidity, Snomax® particles were most efficient followed by the desert dusts and then soot. For all aerosols, deposition mode freezing was only observed for T < 245 K except for the dead bacteria where freezing occurred below water saturation as warm as 263 K.

  1. Results from the University of Toronto continuous flow diffusion chamber (UT-CFDC) at the international workshop for comparing ice nucleation measuring systems (ICIS 2007) (United States)

    Kanji, Z. A.; Demott, P. J.; Möhler, O.; Abbatt, J. P. D.


    The University of Toronto continuous flow diffusion chamber (UT-CFDC) was used to study heterogeneous ice nucleation at the International Workshop on Comparing Ice Nucleation Measuring Systems (ICIS 2007) which also represented the 4th ice nucleation workshop, on 14-28 September 2007. One goal of the workshop was to inter-compare different ice nucleation measurement techniques using the same aerosol sample source and preparation method. The aerosol samples included four types of desert mineral dust, graphite soot particles, and live and dead bacterial cells (Snomax®). This paper focuses on the UT-CFDC results, with a comparison to techniques of established heritage including the Colorado State CFDC and the AIDA expansion chamber. Good agreement was found between the different instruments with a few specific differences attributed to the variation in how onset of ice formation is defined between the instruments. It was found that when efficiency of ice formation is based on the lowest onset relative humidity, Snomax® particles were most efficient followed by the desert dusts and then soot. For all aerosols, deposition mode freezing was only observed for T < 245 K except for the dead bacteria where freezing occurred below water saturation as warm as 263 K.

  2. The clinical results of balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration in treatment of gastric varices compared with transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Nam Kyung; Kim, Chang Won; Jeon, Ung Bae; Kim, Suk; Lee, Jun Woo; Jo, Mong; Heo, Jeong [Pusan National University School of Medicine, Busan (Korea, Republic of)


    To compare the clinical results of BRTO in the gastric varices with those of TIPS. From January 2004 to March 2006, eight patients who had been followed up for more than 1 month after BRTO were enrolled in this study. This study compared the clinical efficacy of BRTO with than of TIPS in 13 patients who had undergone TIPS from January 2000 to March 2006. The change in laboratory parameters before and after each procedure and the incidence of rebleeding, encephalopathy, asictes and varices were analyzed after each procedure. In the BRTO group, the level of albumin increased, and the levels of ammonia and the Child-Pugh score decreased. The TIPS group showed no improvement in the liver function. In the BRTO group, the gastric varices were eradicated in 7 patients. Gastric variceal rebleeding and encephalopathy did not occur. However, the esophageal varices worsened in 6 patients. In the TIPS group, rebleeding (n = 4), encephalopathy (n = 7) and a worsening of the gastric (n = 5) or esophageal varices (n = 2) occurred. BRTO improves the metabolic activity of the liver and has a lower incidence of encephalopathy. Hence, BRTO is a good alternative to TIPS in the gastric varices accompanied by a gastrorenal shunt although a treatment for a worsening of the esophageal varices may be needed after BRTO.

  3. Comparative Analysis of Results from a Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire Between International Students from West Asia and Xinjiang College Students in China. (United States)

    Hu, Hongxing; Alsron, Bahargul; Xu, Bin; Hao, Wei


    The Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (CERQ) is a cognitive and emotional tool measuring how individuals deal with stressful life events. However differences exist in the results of CERQ among individuals. This study was conducted to investigate the CERQ results and depressive symptoms of students at our university (both local and international students) in order to provide further guidance for psychological interventions. 255 sophomore and junior international students (171 male and 84 female) and 262 sophomore and junior Chinese students (124 male and 138 female) were investigated using CERQ, ASLEC and SDS questionnaires. Results were analyzed using SPSS 16.0. Compared to Chinese students, international students more often used cognitive adjustment methods such as "positive refocusing","re-focus on planning" and "catastrophizing". In regression equations where depression symptoms were used as the dependent variable, "self-blaming" and "catastrophizing"positively contributed to depression symptoms in international students, while"acceptance" was negatively correlated with depression symptoms.In Chinese students, "life events score" and "catastrophizing"were positively correlated withdepression symptoms, while "positive re-evaluating" was negatively correlated with depression symptoms. Among students of different races, positive coping methods were negatively correlated with depression symptoms and could possibly prevent the occurrence of depression, while negative coping methods were positively correlated with depression.Encouraging students to use adaptive coping methods during psychological intervention is an effective way to adjust cognitions and behavior for depression prevention.

  4. Risk assessment models in genetics clinic for array comparative genomic hybridization: Clinical information can be used to predict the likelihood of an abnormal result in patients. (United States)

    Marano, Rachel M; Mercurio, Laura; Kanter, Rebecca; Doyle, Richard; Abuelo, Dianne; Morrow, Eric M; Shur, Natasha


    Array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) testing can diagnose chromosomal microdeletions and duplications too small to be detected by conventional cytogenetic techniques. We need to consider which patients are more likely to receive a diagnosis from aCGH testing versus patients that have lower likelihood and may benefit from broader genome wide scanning. We retrospectively reviewed charts of a population of 200 patients, 117 boys and 83 girls, who underwent aCGH testing in Genetics Clinic at Rhode Island hospital between 1 January/2008 and 31 December 2010. Data collected included sex, age at initial clinical presentation, aCGH result, history of seizures, autism, dysmorphic features, global developmental delay/intellectual disability, hypotonia and failure to thrive. aCGH analysis revealed abnormal results in 34 (17%) and variants of unknown significance in 24 (12%). Patients with three or more clinical diagnoses had a 25.0% incidence of abnormal aCGH findings, while patients with two or fewer clinical diagnoses had a 12.5% incidence of abnormal aCGH findings. Currently, we provide families with a range of 10-30% of a diagnosis with aCGH testing. With increased clinical complexity, patients have an increased probability of having an abnormal aCGH result. With this, we can provide individualized risk estimates for each patient.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Semra Boran


    Full Text Available Taguchi Method and Regression Analysis have wide spread applications in statistical researches. It can be said that Taguchi Method is one of the most frequently used method especially in optimization problems. But applications of this method are not common in food industry . In this study, optimal operating parameters were determined for industrial size fluidized bed dryer by using Taguchi method. Then the effects of operating parameters on activity value (the quality chracteristic of this problem were calculated by regression analysis. Finally, results of two methods were compared.To summarise, average activity value was found to be 660 for the 400 kg loading and average drying time 26 minutes by using the factors and levels taken from application of Taguchi Method. Whereas, in normal conditions (with 600 kg loading average activity value was found to be 630 and drying time 28 minutes. Taguchi Method application caused 15 % rise in activity value.

  6. Engineering photonic band gap in 1D phonic crystals using fresnel coefficients and comparing with the results of transfer matrix meghod

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A Rahmatnezamabad


    Full Text Available In this paper photonic band gaps of 1D photonic crystal are compared by using transfer matrix method and Fresnel coefficients method. In Fresnel coefficients method, the refractive indices of each layer and incidence light angle to the surface are used for calculating Fresnel coefficients, and then the necessary and sufficient condition for a 100% reflection from the surface of double layer dielectrics is applied in such a way that reflection coefficient tends to unity so that photonic band gaps are determined. But in transfer matrix method there are some complications needed for solving quadratic partial differential equations and applying continuity of tangent components of fields and Bloch’s condition, though the results are the same

  7. The Use of Online Pre-Lab Assessments Compared with Written Pre-Lab Assignments Requiring Experimental Result Prediction Shows No Difference in Student Performance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erica L. Suchman


    Full Text Available Exam performance was compared for students who hand wrote questions designed to prepare them for daily lab activities in a senior level virology laboratory course versus those who answered questions created to mirror the written questions on-line.  No significant difference was noted in exam scores on any of the three midterms, written final exam, nor the practical exam.  Neither was there a significant difference in the quality of the laboratory reports turned in as evidenced by similar average scores over four years.  These results indicate that using online pre-labs to prepare students for the laboratory sessions leads to equivalent learning as answering handwritten pre-lab assignments.  Online pre-labs significantly reduced the amount of grading without reducing student learning, allowing a reduction in the number of teaching assistants required per section.

  8. Long-term survival results of a randomized trial comparing gemcitabine/cisplatin and methotrexate/vinblastine/doxorubicin/cisplatin in patients with locally advanced and metastatic bladder cancer

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Roberts, J. T.; Maase, Hans von der; Sengeløv, Lisa


    Purpose: To compare long-term survival in patients with locally advanced       and metastatic transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) of the urothelium treated       with gemcitabine plus cisplatin (GC) or       methotrexate/vinblastine/doxorubicin/cisplatin (MVAC). PATIENTS AND       METHODS: Efficacy.......       CONCLUSIONS: Long-term overall and progression-free survival following       treatment with GC or MVAC are similar. These results strengthen the role       of GC as a standard of care in patients with locally advanced and       metastatic transitional-cell carcinoma (TCC)....

  9. Measurement of fat in the ovine milk: comparative study of the results acquired by official methodology and by electr onic equipments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luiz Gustavo de Pellegrini


    Full Text Available The aim of this work was to perform a comparative study between the official method recommended by Brazilian laws and the electronic equipment of photometric measurement and ultrasound spectroscopy equipment for the quantification of total lipids of the ovine milk in order to check which equipment establishes the lipids level better. The experiment took place at Technology of Food Department in Santa Maria Federal University together with School Plant of Dairy products and Ovine culture Section of Zoo Technical Department. It was used twelve sheeps half Lacaune Lait blood, milked individually from the first to the tenth week of lactation. The milking was performed manually and the analyses took place after the refrigeration of the samples. Before executing the analyses, the samples were homogenized and soon after evaluated in terms of fat amount by three distinct methodologies: official Brazilian methodology through Gerber’s butyrometer (GB, electronic equipment of photometric measurement Milko-Tester® (MT and ultrasound spectroscopic equipment Lactoscan 90® (LS, which all analyses were performed in triple. The reproducibility of LS equipment was 100% for the analyzed samples, while MT equipment showed variability in most of the analyzed samples obtaining reproducibility of the results in just 22,5% of the samples. For the others samples the latter equipment obtained 50% of overrated values and 27,5% underrated values. Therefore, the results of this study let us to settle that the analysis of ovine Milk by ultrasound spectroscopy is efficient for the fat parameter when compared to the official Brazilian methodology.

  10. Comparing the odds of postpartum haemorrhage in planned home birth against planned hospital birth: results of an observational study of over 500,000 maternities in the UK

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nove Andrea


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The aim of this study is to compare the odds of postpartum haemorrhage among women who opt for home birth against the odds of postpartum haemorrhage for those who plan a hospital birth. It is an observational study involving secondary analysis of maternity records, using binary logistic regression modelling. The data relate to pregnancies that received maternity care from one of fifteen hospitals in the former North West Thames Regional Health Authority Area in England, and which resulted in a live or stillbirth in the years 1988–2000 inclusive, excluding ‘high-risk’ pregnancies, unplanned home births, pre-term births, elective Caesareans and medical inductions. Results Even after adjustment for known confounders such as parity, the odds of postpartum haemorrhage (≥1000ml of blood lost are significantly higher if a hospital birth is intended than if a home birth is intended (odds ratio 2.5, 95% confidence interval 1.7 to 3.8. The ‘home birth’ group included women who were transferred to hospital during labour or shortly after birth. Conclusions Women and their partners should be advised that the risk of PPH is higher among births planned to take place in hospital compared to births planned to take place at home, but that further research is needed to understand (a whether the same pattern applies to the more life-threatening categories of PPH, and (b why hospital birth is associated with increased odds of PPH. If it is due to the way in which labour is managed in hospital, changes should be made to practices which compromise the safety of labouring women.

  11. Identification and Characterization of Differentially Expressed Genes in Inferior and Superior Spikelets of Rice Cultivars with Contrasting Panicle-Compactness and Grain-Filling Properties.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sudhanshu Sekhar

    Full Text Available Breeding programs for increasing spikelet number in rice have resulted in compactness of the panicle, accompanied by poor grain filling in inferior spikelets. Although the inefficient utilization of assimilate has been indicated as responsible for this poor grain filling, the underlying cause remains elusive. The current study utilized the suppression subtractive hybridization technique to identify 57 and 79 genes that overexpressed in the superior and inferior spikelets (with respect to each other, respectively, of the compact-panicle rice cultivar Mahalaxmi. Functional categorization of these differentially expressed genes revealed a marked metabolic difference between the spikelets according to their spatial location on the panicle. The expression of genes encoding seed storage proteins was dominant in inferior spikelets, whereas genes encoding regulatory proteins, such as serine-threonine kinase, zinc finger protein and E3 ligase, were highly expressed in superior spikelets. The expression patterns of these genes in the inferior and superior spikelets of Mahalaxmi were similar to those observed in another compact-panicle cultivar, OR-1918, but differed from those obtained in two lax-panicle cultivars, Upahar and Lalat. The results first suggest that the regulatory proteins abundantly expressed in the superior spikelets of compact-panicle cultivars and in both the superior and inferior spikelets of lax-panicle cultivars but poorly expressed in the inferior spikelets of compact-panicle cultivars promote grain filling. Second, the high expression of seed-storage proteins observed in the inferior spikelets of compact-panicle cultivars appears to inhibit the grain filling process. Third, the low expression of enzymes of the Krebs cycle in inferior spikelets compared with superior spikelets of compact-panicle cultivars is bound to lead to poor ATP generation in the former and consequently limit starch biosynthesis, an ATP-consuming process

  12. The Superior Transvelar Approach to the Fourth Ventricle and Brainstem


    Ezer, Haim; Banerjee, Anirban Deep; Bollam, Papireddy; Guthikonda, Bharat; Nanda, Anil


    Objective The superior transvelar approach is used to access pathologies located in the fourth ventricle and brainstem. The surgical path is below the venous structures, through the superior medullary velum. Following splitting the tentorial edge, near the tentorial apex, the superior medullary velum is split in the cerebello-mesencephalic fissure. Using the supracerebellar infratentorial, transtentorial or parietal interhemispheric routes, the superior medullary velum is approached. Splittin...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maya St. Krastanova


    Full Text Available Rehabilitation of the patients with Hip Joint Arthroplasthy is an indispensable part of the functional recovery. The purpose of this report is to track and measure the results of an applied complex rehabilitation program during the early post-surgery period in home setting (13-45 days after surgery and to make a comparative analysis between the recovery results of patients who conducted a comprehensive rehabilitation treatment, and a control group of patients who conducted only early physical therapy and occupational therapy in the hospitalization in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology. Methods and materials: 152 patients (107 female and 45 male aged between 22 and 84 with Hip Joint Arthroplasthy due to osteoarthritis or femoral neck fracture participated in the study, divided into two groups, according to postoperative behavior. The rehabilitation program consists of: kinesitherapy (positional therapy, isometric exercises, movement of the artificial hip joint within the allowed volumes, exercises for upper limbs and the healthy lower limb and ergotherapy (ergonomic home environment adjusted to performing the daily activities of life. Patients in the second control group have conducted kinesitherapy and occupational therapy only in the early postoperative period in orthopedic clinic. Results: Locomotion test and DAL test measurements were taken and the results for each patient were stored in a special patient file. Conclusion: Ensuring an ergonomic home environment and independent practice of kinesitherapeutic and ergotherapeutic stimulate the recovery of the patients’ self-reliance significantly improve the psycho-emotional balance and self-respect, and serves as an important basis for the latter stages of rehabilitation.

  14. [Comparing the results of the serological detection of Salmonella antibodies in blood serum and meat juice from different muscles from slaughter pigs]. (United States)

    Nobmann, Juliane Annette; Blaha, Thomas; Beyerbach, Martin; Kreienbrock, Lothar; Meemken, Diana


    The German Salmonella Monitoring Programme started by the QS-System in 2002 (Blaha, 2004) is mandatory due to the so-called "Salmonella Regulation for Pigs" since 2007 (Anonym, 2007). The Regulation does not clearly prescribe the specific muscle which is to be taken as source of the meat juice. Thus, at different slaughter plants meat samples are also taken from different muscles and several scientific papers describe various muscles as source of the meat juice, too. The objective of this study was to compare the serological results of meat juices from three different locations (diaphragm pillar, neck, belly muscle) to each other and to those of the blood serum from exactly the same animals. All samples were simultaneously tested for Salmonella antibodies by two serological tests (Salmo-type Pig Screen, LDL, Germany; HerdChek Swine Salmonella, IDEXX, Germany). Comparisons were carried out between the various sample kinds per animal and between the two test systems. The analysis of all results of the meat juices revealed in both test systems a clear decline of the OD% values from the diaphragm pillar to the neck to the belly muscle. The average OD% values of all samples were higher when measured by the HerdChek ELISA (IDEXX, Germany) than by the Salmotype ELISA (LDL, Germany), especially in blood serum. Since the results of the meat juice samples gained from the diaphragm pillar were in both test systems by far the closest to the results of the corresponding serum blood samples, it is recommended to amend the "Salmonella Regulation for Pigs" by prescribing meat from the diaphragm pillar as the only muscle for gaining meat juice.

  15. Can pelagic forage fish and spawning cisco (Coregonus artedi) biomass in the western arm of Lake Superior be assessed with a single summer survey? (United States)

    Yule, D.L.; Stockwell, J.D.; Schreiner, D.R.; Evrard, L.M.; Balge, M.; Hrabik, T.R.


    Management efforts to rehabilitate lake trout Salvelinus namaycush in Lake Superior have been successful and the recent increase in their numbers has led to interest in measuring biomass of pelagic prey fish species important to these predators. Lake Superior cisco Coregonus artedi currently support roe fisheries and determining the sustainability of these fisheries is an important management issue. We conducted acoustic and midwater trawl surveys of the western arm of Lake Superior during three periods: summer (July-August), October, and November 2006 to determine if a single survey can be timed to estimate biomass of both prey fish and spawning cisco. We evaluated our methods by comparing observed trawl catches of small (cisco increased substantially in November, while small bloater Coregonus hoyi biomass was lower. We compared our summer 2006 estimates of total fish biomass to the results of a summer survey in 1997 and obtained similar results. We conclude that the temporal window for obtaining biomass estimates of pelagic prey species in the western arm of Lake Superior is wide (July through October), but estimating spawning cisco abundance is best done with a November survey.

  16. Infantile intracranial aneurysm of the superior cerebellar artery. (United States)

    Del Santo, Molly Ann; Cordina, Steve Mario


    Intracranial aneurysms in the pediatric population are rare. We report a case of a 3-month-old infant who presented with inconsolable crying, vomiting, and sunset eye sign. CT revealed a subarachnoid hemorrhage, with CT angiogram revealing a superior cerebellar artery aneurysm. An external ventricular drain was placed for acute management of hydrocephalus, with definitive treatment by endovascular technique with a total of six microcoils to embolize the aneurysm. Serial transcranial Dopplers revealed no subsequent vasospasm. Although aneurysms in the pediatric population are rare, once the diagnosis is established, early treatment results in better outcomes. 2016 BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.

  17. A standardized surgical technique for rat superior cervical ganglionectomy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Savastano, Luis Emilio; Castro, Analía Elizabeth; Fitt, Marcos René


    injury. Despite having several experimental applications in the rat, a thorough description of a standardized procedure has never been published. Here, we provide a brief review of the principal features and experimental uses of the SCGx, the surgical anatomy of the neck and sympathetic cervical chain......, and a step-by-step description of how to consistently remove the superior cervical ganglia through the omohyoid muscle or the carotid triangle. Furthermore, we suggest procedures and precautions to be taken during and after surgery to optimize results and describe tools to validate surgical success. We...

  18. Superiority, competition, and opportunism in the evolutionary radiation of dinosaurs. (United States)

    Brusatte, Stephen L; Benton, Michael J; Ruta, Marcello; Lloyd, Graeme T


    The rise and diversification of the dinosaurs in the Late Triassic, from 230 to 200 million years ago, is a classic example of an evolutionary radiation with supposed competitive replacement. A comparison of evolutionary rates and morphological disparity of basal dinosaurs and their chief "competitors," the crurotarsan archosaurs, shows that dinosaurs exhibited lower disparity and an indistinguishable rate of character evolution. The radiation of Triassic archosaurs as a whole is characterized by declining evolutionary rates and increasing disparity, suggesting a decoupling of character evolution from body plan variety. The results strongly suggest that historical contingency, rather than prolonged competition or general "superiority," was the primary factor in the rise of dinosaurs.

  19. Virtual Optical Comparator

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Thompson, Greg


    The Virtual Optical Comparator, VOC, was conceived as a result of the limitations of conventional optical comparators and vision systems. Piece part designs for mechanisms have started to include precision features on the face of parts that must be viewed using a reflected image rather than a profile shadow. The VOC concept uses a computer generated overlay and a digital camera to measure features on a video screen. The advantage of this system is superior edge detection compared to traditional systems. No vinyl charts are procured or inspected. The part size and expensive fixtures are no longer a concern because of the range of the X-Y table of the Virtual Optical Comparator. Product redesigns require only changes to the CAD image overlays; new vinyl charts are not required. The inspection process is more ergonomic by allowing the operator to view the part sitting at a desk rather than standing over a 30 inch screen. The procurement cost for the VOC will be less than a traditional comparator with a much smaller footprint with less maintenance and energy requirements.

  20. 14 CFR 385.7 - Exercise of authority by superiors. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Exercise of authority by superiors. 385.7... Exercise of authority by superiors. Any assignment of authority to a staff member other than the Chief... Department's principle of management responsibility, the superior may choose to exercise the assigned power...

  1. Comparative analysis of results from studies of goitre in children from Bulgarian villages with nitrate pollution of drinking water in 1995 and 1998. (United States)

    Vladeva, S; Gatseva, P; Gopina, G


    The role of nitrates in goitre genesis has been discussed for a long time. In the present report a comparative analysis is made of results obtained in villages with nitrate pollution of the drinking water. In two pairs of villages children aged between 3 and 14 were included, whose thyroid status was investigated by a clinical examination. The study was carried out in 2 stages--in 1995 and 1998. In this period the goitre incidence was significantly reduced in both sexes. Both investigations showed a higher relative risk of goitre in children exposed to water pollution by nitrates. In the first, as well as in the second examination, goitre was diffuse. We concluded that nitrate pollution of drinking water undoubtedly participated in goitre genesis. We did not underestimate the strumigenic effect of nitrates in the diet as they were not the object of our investigation and which, according to WHO experts, have a less strumigenic effect. After the first investigation we recommended a higher antistrumin dose as prophylaxis. That is why we conclude that the considerable goitre reduction in the second investigation was the positive result of the doubled antistrumin prophylaxis during the period between the two investigations.

  2. The self-adjusting file instrumentation results in less debris extrusion apically when compared to WaveOne and ProTaper NEXT (United States)

    Pawar, Ajinkya M.; Pawar, Mansing G.; Metzger, Zvi; Kokate, Sharad R.


    Aim: The present ex vivo study aimed to evaluate the debris extrusion after instrumenting the root canals by three different files systems. Materials and Methods: Sixty extracted human mandibular premolars with single canals were selected and randomly divided into three groups (n = 20) for instrumentation with three different files. Group 1: WaveOne (primary) single reciprocating file (WO; Dentsply Maillefer, Ballaigues, Switzerland) (25/08), Group 2: Self-adjusting file (SAF; ReDent-Nova, Ra’anana, Israel) (1.5 mm), and Group 3: ProTaper NEXT X1 and X2 (PTN; Dentsply Tulsa Dental, Tulsa, OK) (25/06). Debris extruding by instrumentation were collected into pre-weighed Eppendorf tubes. These tubes were then stored in an incubator at 70°C for 5 days. The tubes were then weighed to obtain the final weight, with the extruded debris. Statistical analysis for the debris extruded apically was performed using one-way analysis of variance and post hoc Tukey's test. Results: The statistical analysis showed a significant difference between all the three groups tested (P < 0.01). The following post hoc Tukey's test confirmed that Group 2 (SAF) exhibited significantly least (P < 0.01) debris extrusion between the three groups tested. Conclusions: The SAF resulted in significantly less extrusion of debris when compared to reciprocating WO and rotary PTN. PMID:25829683

  3. A Meta-Analysis of the Short- and Long-Term Results of Randomized Controlled Trials That Compared Laparoscopy-Assisted and Conventional Open Surgery for Colorectal Cancer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hiroshi Ohtani, Yutaka Tamamori, Yuichi Arimoto, Yukio Nishiguchi, Kiyoshi Maeda, Kosei Hirakawa


    Full Text Available Purpose: We conducted a meta-analysis to evaluate and compare the short- and long-term results of laparoscopic colorectal surgery (LCRS and conventional open surgery (OCRS for colorectal cancer (CRC.Methods: We searched relevant papers published between January 1990 and May 2011. We analyzed the outcomes of each type of surgery over the short- and long-term periods.Results: In the short-term period, we found no significant differences in overall perioperative complications and anastomotic leakage between LCRS and OCRS groups. We found no significant differences in overall, distant, local and wound-site recurrence, overall mortality, 3 and 5 year disease-free survival rate, and cancer-related mortality between the 2 groups.Conclusions: LCRS has the benefits of reducing intraoperative blood loss, earlier resumption of oral intake, and shorter duration of hospital stay in the short-term. The long-term outcomes of LCRS seem to be similar to those of OCRS.

  4. The self-adjusting file instrumentation results in less debris extrusion apically when compared to WaveOne and ProTaper NEXT

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ajinkya M Pawar


    Full Text Available Aim: The present ex vivo study aimed to evaluate the debris extrusion after instrumenting the root canals by three different files systems. Materials and Methods: Sixty extracted human mandibular premolars with single canals were selected and randomly divided into three groups (n = 20 for instrumentation with three different files. Group 1: WaveOne (primary single reciprocating file (WO; Dentsply Maillefer, Ballaigues, Switzerland (25/08, Group 2: Self-adjusting file (SAF; ReDent-Nova, Ra′anana, Israel (1.5 mm, and Group 3: ProTaper NEXT X1 and X2 (PTN; Dentsply Tulsa Dental, Tulsa, OK (25/06. Debris extruding by instrumentation were collected into pre-weighed Eppendorf tubes. These tubes were then stored in an incubator at 70΀ C for 5 days. The tubes were then weighed to obtain the final weight, with the extruded debris. Statistical analysis for the debris extruded apically was performed using one-way analysis of variance and post hoc Tukey′s test. Results: The statistical analysis showed a significant difference between all the three groups tested (P < 0.01. The following post hoc Tukey′s test confirmed that Group 2 (SAF exhibited significantly least (P < 0.01 debris extrusion between the three groups tested. Conclusions: The SAF resulted in significantly less extrusion of debris when compared to reciprocating WO and rotary PTN.

  5. Randomized Trial Comparing Conventional-Dose With High-Dose Conformal Radiation Therapy in Early-Stage Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate: Long-Term Results From Proton Radiation Oncology Group/American College of Radiology 95-09 (United States)

    Zietman, Anthony L.; Bae, Kyounghwa; Slater, Jerry D.; Shipley, William U.; Efstathiou, Jason A.; Coen, John J.; Bush, David A.; Lunt, Margie; Spiegel, Daphna Y.; Skowronski, Rafi; Jabola, B. Rodney; Rossi, Carl J.


    Purpose To test the hypothesis that increasing radiation dose delivered to men with early-stage prostate cancer improves clinical outcomes. Patients and Methods Men with T1b-T2b prostate cancer and prostate-specific antigen ≤ 15 ng/mL were randomly assigned to a total dose of either 70.2 Gray equivalents (GyE; conventional) or 79.2 GyE (high). No patient received androgen suppression therapy with radiation. Local failure (LF), biochemical failure (BF), and overall survival (OS) were outcomes. Results A total of 393 men were randomly assigned, and median follow-up was 8.9 years. Men receiving high-dose radiation therapy were significantly less likely to have LF, with a hazard ratio of 0.57. The 10-year American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology BF rates were 32.4% for conventional-dose and 16.7% for high-dose radiation therapy (P < .0001). This difference held when only those with low-risk disease (n = 227; 58% of total) were examined: 28.2% for conventional and 7.1% for high dose (P < .0001). There was a strong trend in the same direction for the intermediate-risk patients (n = 144; 37% of total; 42.1% v 30.4%, P = .06). Eleven percent of patients subsequently required androgen deprivation for recurrence after conventional dose compared with 6% after high dose (P = .047). There remains no difference in OS rates between the treatment arms (78.4% v 83.4%; P = .41). Two percent of patients in both arms experienced late grade ≥ 3 genitourinary toxicity, and 1% of patients in the high-dose arm experienced late grade ≥ 3 GI toxicity. Conclusion This randomized controlled trial shows superior long-term cancer control for men with localized prostate cancer receiving high-dose versus conventional-dose radiation. This was achieved without an increase in grade ≥ 3 late urinary or rectal morbidity. PMID:20124169

  6. Superior voice timbre processing in musicians. (United States)

    Chartrand, Jean-Pierre; Belin, Pascal


    After several years of exposure to musical instrument practice, musicians acquire a great expertise in processing auditory features like tonal pitch or timbre. Here we compared the performance of musicians and non-musicians in two timbre discrimination tasks: one using instrumental timbres, the other using voices. Both accuracy (d-prime) and reaction time measures were obtained. The results indicate that the musicians performed better than the non-musicians at both tasks. The musicians also took more time to respond at both tasks. One interpretation of this result is that the expertise musicians acquired with instrumental timbres during their training transferred to timbres of voice. The musician participants may also have used different cognitive strategies during the experiment. Higher response times found in musicians can be explained by a longer verbal-auditory memory and the use of a strategy to further process auditory features.

  7. Superiority: China Mobile in the competition

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The market share between China Mobile and China Unicom has stabilized since 2002.It is found that China Mobile has the superiority in the competition, for example, the scissors movement between its revenue and cost indicates that it has a strong profit generating ability and there is enough room for it to reduce the price.The ratio between its price (marginal income) and marginal cost indicates that there is a very distant limit for it to reduce the price.Its demand is obviously flexible with the price, but it does not use the price weapon abundantly.The reason for the stabilization of the market is that China Mobile withdrew from the competition.

  8. Analgesia em modelo animal superior para ortopedia


    Oliveira MT, Maria Teresa; Potes, José Alberto; Queiroga, Cristina; Castro, José António; Pereira, Alfredo; Reis, Joana


    O teste de novos biomateriais para aplicações clínicas em ortopedia, ou noutras áreas da medicina, em modelos animais vivos e sencientes, em prol do benefício humano, deve ser objecto de planeamento cuidado e ponderado, dado o conflito ético que se coloca. Compete-nos a nós, enquanto investigadores, garantir que as condições de vida, saúde e bem-estar são asseguradas. O uso de ovinos como modelo superior pré-clínico, para investigação em Ortopedia, tem-se evidenciado devido às suas caracterís...


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In order to find the mechanism of superior clunial nerve (SCN) trauma, we dissected and revealed SCN from 12 corpses (24 sides). Combining 100 sides of SCN trauma, we inspected the course of SCN, the relation between SCN and it's neighbour tissues with the situation of SCN when being subjected to force. We found that the following special anatomic characteristics and mechanical elements such as the course of SCN, it's turning angles, the bony fibrous tube at the iliac crest, the posterior layer of the lumbodorsal fascia and SCN neighbour adipose tissue, are the causes of external force inducing SCN trauma. The anatomic revealment is the guidance of SCN trauma treatment with edged needle.

  10. [Possibilities of preventive treatment of Alzheimer's disease: results of the 3-year open prospective comparative study on efficacy and safety of the course therapy with cerebrolysin and cavinton in elderly patients with the syndrome of mild cognitive impairment]. (United States)

    Gavrilova, S I; Kolykhalov, I V; Fedorova, Ia B; Selezneva, N D; Kalyn, Ia B; Roshchina, I F; Odinak, M M; Emelin, A Iu; Kashin, A V; Gustov, A V; Antipenko, E A; Korshunova, Iu A; Davydova, T A; Messler, G


    The study was conducted in 3 Russian centers (Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod). The total sample included 110 patients whose mental state met the definition of (MCI). Patient's status was assessed with widely used scales (MMSE, GDS, CDR etc) and a battery of neuropsychological tests. Genotyping for the APOE polymorphism was performed as well. Patients were stratified into 2 comparable groups in compliance with the specifics of therapy: 55 patients were treated with cerebrolysin and 55 - with cavinton. The superiority of cerebrolysin over cavinton in slowing down of the cognitive deficit progression and delaying the time or transition of patients to the diagnostic category of Alzheimer's disease was demonstrated. Cerebrolysin was particularly effective in MCI patients with the ApoE(+) genotype, i.e. in those with higher risk for Alzheimer's disease. Adverse effects during the treatment were rare in both groups.

  11. Superior calcium homeostasis of extraocular muscles. (United States)

    Zeiger, Ulrike; Mitchell, Claire H; Khurana, Tejvir S


    Extraocular muscles (EOMs) are a unique group of skeletal muscles with unusual physiological properties such as being able to undergo rapid twitch contractions over extended periods and escape damage in the presence of excess intracellular calcium (Ca(2+)) in Duchenne's muscular dystrophy (DMD). Enhanced Ca(2+) buffering has been proposed as a contributory mechanism to explain these properties; however, the mechanisms are not well understood. We investigated mechanisms modulating Ca(2+) levels in EOM and tibialis anterior (TA) limb muscles. Using Fura-2 based ratiometric Ca(2+) imaging of primary myotubes we found that EOM myotubes reduced elevated Ca(2+) ˜2-fold faster than TA myotubes, demonstrating more efficient Ca(2+) buffering. Quantitative PCR (qPCR) and western blotting revealed higher expression of key components of the Ca(2+) regulation system in EOM, such as the cardiac/slow isoforms sarcoplasmic Ca(2+)-ATPase 2 (Serca2) and calsequestrin 2 (Casq2). Interestingly EOM expressed monomeric rather than multimeric forms of phospholamban (Pln), which was phosphorylated at threonine 17 (Thr17) but not at the serine 16 (Ser16) residue. EOM Pln remained monomeric and unphosphorylated at Ser16 despite protein kinase A (PKA) treatment, suggesting differential signalling and modulation cascades involving Pln-mediated Ca(2+) regulation in EOM. Increased expression of Ca(2+)/SR mRNA, proteins, differential post-translational modification of Pln and superior Ca(2+) buffering is consistent with the improved ability of EOM to handle elevated intracellular Ca(2+) levels. These characteristics provide mechanistic insight for the potential role of superior Ca(2+) buffering in the unusual physiology of EOM and their sparing in DMD.

  12. The management of superior sulcus tumors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Komaki, Ritsuko; Cox, J.D.; Putnam, J.B. Jr [Texas Univ., Houston, TX (United States). Anderson Cancer Center] (and others)


    Superior sulcus tumors are a rare type of lung cancer arising in the apex of the lung above the sulcus and cause specific symptoms and signs depending on the location and whether the tumor extends into the surrounding structures. Because of the closeness of critical structures to the tumor (e.g., the subclavian artery for anterior lesions, the brachial plexus for lesions in the middle location, and the sympathetic stellate ganglion causing Horner's syndrome [Pancoast's tumor], the vertebral bodies, nerve foramen, and spinal cord for posterior lesions), superior sulcus tumors were often considered marginally respectable or unresectable. Therefore, for many years, preoperative radiation therapy was considered routine treatment for those tumors. However, with the evolution in our understanding of these tumors and modern imaging techniques such as computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonant imaging (MRI) and surgical techniques, there is now considerable debate about the roles and timing of surgical resection, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy in the treatment of patients with these tumors. If mediastinoscopy reveals microscopic mediastinal lymph node involvement, the patient can be treated with preoperative concurrent chemoradiotherapy followed by surgery. If there was a gross mediastinal lymph node involvement (N2) on CT, N3 or T4 lesions, the patient can be treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy with a curative intent; the outcome of such treatment appears to be better than that of sequential chemotherapy followed by radiation therapy. Whenever possible, without compromising the patient's quality of life, surgery should be considered to improve outcome. (author)

  13. Early results of reverse less invasive stabilization system plating in treating elderly intertrochanteric fractures: a prospective study compared to proximal femoral nail

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YAO Chen; ZHANG Chang-qing; JIN Dong-xu; CHEN Yun-feng


    Background Intertrochanteric femur fracture is common in elderly population. Though multiple treatment options are available, the choice of implant remains controversial. The reverse less invasive stabilization system (LISS) plating was introduced for treatment of a patient with ipsilateral intertrochanteric and midshaft femoral fractures. The aim of this research was to compare such technique to intramedullary nailing (proximal femoral nail, PFN) for intertrochanteric fractures.Methods Fifty-six patients with an age of at least sixty-five years and an AO/OTA type-A1 or A2 fractures were included and divided into LISS and PFN treatment group. Background parameters, fracture and surgery details were documented. Follow-up time was at least 12 months. Radiology, complication, Harris Hip Score and Rapid Disability Rating Score (RDRS) were recorded to evaluate fixation status and hip function for each patient during follow-up.Results There was no significant difference between the two groups in surgical time ((48.0±8.6) minutes, vs.(51.8±10.8) minutes, P=0.3836) and intraoperative blood loss ((149.1±45.1) ml vs. (176.4±25.4) ml, P=0.0712). The LISS group had less postoperative haemoglobin (Hb) reduction ((10.2±4.5) g/L Hb, vs. (15.1~5.9) g/L Hb, P=0.0475). There was no complication observed in PFN group. All 31A1 type fracture in LISS group showed 100% maintenance of reduction. One nonunion with locking screw breakage and 2 varus union were found in the LISS group. Postoperative hip function was similar between the two groups.Conclusions Though reverse LISS plating may not be recommended as a routine fixation method for elderly unstable intertrochanteric fractures compared to PFN, it may possibly be reserved for rapid fixation and damage control in polytrauma patients and ORIF of subtrochanteric and reverse oblique intertrochanteric fractures.

  14. Comparing Results of Five Glomerular Filtration Rate-Estimating Equations in the Korean General Population: MDRD Study, Revised Lund-Malmö, and Three CKD-EPI Equations (United States)

    Ji, Misuk; Lee, Yoon-Hee; Kim, Hyesun; Cho, Han-Ik; Yang, Hyun Suk; Navarin, Silvia; Di Somma, Salvatore


    Background Estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is a widely used index of kidney function. Recently, new formulas such as the Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration (CKD-EPI) equations or the Lund-Malmö equation were introduced for assessing eGFR. We compared them with the Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) Study equation in the Korean adult population. Methods The study population comprised 1,482 individuals (median age 51 [42-59] yr, 48.9% males) who received annual physical check-ups during the year 2014. Serum creatinine (Cr) and cystatin C (CysC) were measured. We conducted a retrospective analysis using five GFR estimating equations (MDRD Study, revised Lund-Malmö, and Cr and/or CysC-based CKD-EPI equations). Reduced GFR was defined as eGFR <60 mL/min/1.73 m2. Results For the GFR category distribution, large discrepancies were observed depending on the equation used; category G1 (≥90 mL/min/1.73 m2) ranged from 7.4-81.8%. Compared with the MDRD Study equation, the other four equations overestimated GFR, and CysC-based equations showed a greater difference (-31.3 for CKD-EPICysC and -20.5 for CKD-EPICr-CysC). CysC-based equations decreased the prevalence of reduced GFR by one third (9.4% in the MDRD Study and 2.4% in CKD-EPICysC). Conclusions Our data shows that there are remarkable differences in eGFR assessment in the Korean population depending on the equation used, especially in normal or mildly decreased categories. Further prospective studies are necessary in various clinical settings. PMID:27578504

  15. A comparative analysis of role attainment and impairment in binge-eating disorder and bulimia nervosa: Results from the WHO World Mental Health Surveys (United States)

    Kessler, Ronald C.; Shahly, Victoria; Hudson, James I.; Supina, Dylan; Berglund, Patricia A.; Chiu, Wai Tat; Gruber, Michael; Aguilar-Gaxiola, Sergio; Alonso, Jordi; Andrade, Laura Helena; Benjet, Corina; Bruffaerts, Ronny; de Girolamo, Giovanni; de Graaf, Ron; Florescu, Silvia E.; Haro, Josep Maria; Murphy, Samuel D.; Posada-Villa, Jose; Scott, Kate; Xavier, Miguel


    Background Cross-national population data from the WHO World Mental Health surveys are used to compare role attainments and role impairments associated with binge-eating disorder (BED) and bulimia nervosa (BN). Methods Community surveys assessed 23,000 adults across 12 countries for BED, BN, and 10 other DSM-IV mental disorders using the WHO Composite International Diagnostic Interview. Age-of-onset was assessed retrospectively. Ten physical disorders were assessed using standard conditions checklists. Analyses examined reciprocal time-lagged associations of eating disorders with education, associations of early-onset (i.e., prior to completing education) eating disorders with subsequent adult role attainments, and cross-sectional associations of current eating disorders with days of role impairment. Results BED and BN predicted significantly increased education (females). Student status predicted increased risk of subsequent BED and BN (females). Early-onset BED predicted reduced odds of current (at time of interview) marriage (females) and reduced odds of current employment (males). Early-onset BN predicted increased odds of current work disability (females and males). Current BED and BN were both associated with significantly increased days of role impairment (females and males). Significant BED and BN effects on adult role attainments and impairments were explained by controls for comorbid disorders. Conclusions Effects of BED on role attainments and impairments are comparable to those of BN. The most plausible interpretation of the fact that these associations are explained by comorbid disorders is that causal effects of eating disorders are mediated through secondary disorders. Controlled treatment effectiveness studies are needed to trace out long-term effects of BED-BN on secondary disorders. PMID:24054053

  16. Lipid peroxidation following superior mesenteric artery occlusion in rat intestine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Pasbakhsh


    Full Text Available Background: The aim of this study was to determine the level of lipid peroxidation and tissue protein after superior mesenteric artery occlusion tissue damage. The effect of melatonin as anti oxidant and free radical scavenger in prevention of tissue damage, were also evaluated. Methods: Thity six young male Wisatr-Albino rats (weight: 80-120 gr, were divided equally in 6 group with different concentrations of melatonin (10,20,30 mg/kg treatment. Group 1was control, group 2 the sham that surgical process was applied until superior mesenteric artery dissection and received vehicle solution only in equally volume by intra muscular route. Group 3 was ischemia- reperfusion (I/R, group 4 was I/R plus melatonin 10 mg/kg, group 5 I/R plus melatonin 20 mg/kg and finally group 6 I/R plus melatonin 30 mg/kg. After laparatomy, a microvascular atraumatic clip was placed across the superior mesenteric artery under general anaesthesia and itbremoved after ischemia for 30 minutes. The first dose of melatonin was applied just beforereperfusion, second dose, after reperfusion and third dose on the second day .On third day rats were killed and their bowels were removed. The level of tissue melandialdehyde (MDA as index of lipid peroxidation and tissue protein was determined. Results: The level of tissue MDA were significantly lower in group 4, 5, 6 than group 3 (p0, 05. Conclusion: These results suggest that melatonin 10 mg/kg has antioxidant effect in prevention of inducing tissue damage during SMA occlusion in rat intestine.

  17. Histological evaluation of levator palpebralis superior muscle in patients with congenital blepharoptosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sevda Söker


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to examine levator palpebralis superior muscle histologically in patients with congenital blepharoptosis and to investigate the relationship between these findings and age, sex and degree of blefaroptosis in this patient group.Materials and methods: Levator muscle of 13 patients with congenital ptosis, who had applied to Dicle University Medical Faculty Ophthalmology Clinic and had undergone levator palpebralis superior muscle resection between january 2009-january 2010, has been examined histopathologically in Histology and Embriology Deparment. During preoperative period, ptosis amount, levator function (LF, tear functions, Bell’s phenomenon and jaw-winking phenomenon were evaluated. All patients underwent resection of levator palpebralis superior muscle. Received postoperative levator muscle was examined by light microscopy.Results: The average age of 9 (69.2% male and 4 (30.8% female cases were 10.61 ± 4.77 (4- 19 years. In histological examination, the quality and quantity of the levator muscle fibrils have been assessed. There was no relationship detected between histological features of levator palpebralis superior muscle and patient’s age and gender (p>0.05. Patients with weak levator palpebralis superior muscle were detected to have fatty degeneration histologically. The higher the levator palpebralis superior muscle function revealed decreased fatty degeneration and increased skeletal muscle fibrils.Conclusion: More ultrastructural studies in larger populations are needed to support the relationship between structure and function of levator palpebralis superior muscle in patients with congenital blepharoptosis.

  18. Intracardiac injection of a capsid-modified Ad5/35 results in decreased heart toxicity when compared to standard Ad5

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Toivonen Raine


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Clinical gene therapy trials for cardiovascular diseases have demonstrated the crucial role of efficient gene delivery and transfection technologies in achieving clinically relevant results. We hypothesized that the use of tropism-modified adenoviruses would improve transduction efficacy and to this end we analyzed the transduction efficiency and toxicity of standard Ad5 and tropism-modified Ad5/35 in combination with ultrasound-guided intramyocardial gene delivery. Methods Ultrasound-guided intracardiac injections were used to deliver 1 × 1010 pfu/ml Ad5-lacZ and Ad5/35-lacZ vectors into mouse left ventricle wall. Since Ad5/35 uses human CD46 as its primary receptor, we used transgenic hCD46Ge mice expressing human CD46 at levels comparable to man. Mice were sacrificed 6 or 14 days post-injection and immunohistochemistry and X-gal staining were used to detect transgene and viral receptor expression. Virus-induced cardiac toxicity was evaluated by a pathologist. Results The intramyocardial injection was well tolerated and both Ad5-lacZ and Ad5/35-lacZ were able to give robust transgene expression after a single injection. Interestingly, while Ad5-lacZ was able to generate greater transgene expression than Ad5/35-lacZ, it also evoked more severe tissue damage with large areas of interstitial inflammatory cell infiltration and myocyte necrosis. Conclusions Ultrasound-guided intramyocardial injection is an effective and safe way to deliver vectors to the heart. The observed severe tissue damage of Ad5-lacZ greatly undermines the efficient transgene expression and suggests that Ad5/35 capsid modification can result in safer adenoviral vectors for cardiovascular gene therapy, although at the cost of some vector transduction efficacy.

  19. PubMed与 检索效果对比分析%Comparative analysis of retrieval results from PubMed and

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    目的:对比分析Embase .com和PubMed的检索结果,为科研人员推荐最适合的检索工具和提高检索效率。方法:选取8个不同学科的检索词,在PubMed和Embase.com中分别采用主题词检索和带有自动转换功能的基本检索两种途径检索。结果:8个检索词在检索中出现6种不同情况。结论:通过主题词检索,总体来说Embase.com检全率要高于PubMed;带有自动转换功能的基本检索,两个数据库都会出现错误转换,但从转换的原理上看,PubMed的查准率更高。%Objective To recommend the appropriate retrieval tools for scientific researchers and improve their re-trieval efficiency by comparatively analyzing the retrieval results from PubMed and Embase .com.Methods Eight retrieval terms from different subjects were used to retrieve PubMed and Embase .com by subject headings and basic retrieval methods than can automatically transfer their function .Results Six different results were retrieved from PubMed and with 8 retrieval terms.Conclusion The recall ratio is higher in than in PubMed when they are retrieved by subject headings while the accuracy ratio is higher in PubMed than in Embase . com when they are retrieved by basic retrieval methods than can automatically transfer their function although error transformation occurs in both PubMed and

  20. The ACTIVATE study: results from a group-randomized controlled trial comparing a traditional worksite health promotion program with an activated consumer program. (United States)

    Terry, Paul E; Fowles, Jinnet Briggs; Xi, Min; Harvey, Lisa


    PURPOSE. This study compares a traditional worksite-based health promotion program with an activated consumer program and a control program DESIGN. Group randomized controlled trial with 18-month intervention. SETTING. Two large Midwestern companies. SUBJECTS. Three hundred and twenty employees (51% response). INTERVENTION. The traditional health promotion intervention offered population-level campaigns on physical activity, nutrition, and stress management. The activated consumer intervention included population-level campaigns for evaluating health information, choosing a health benefits plan, and understanding the risks of not taking medications as prescribed. The personal development intervention (control group) offered information on hobbies. The interventions also offered individual-level coaching for high risk individuals in both active intervention groups. MEASURES. Health risk status, general health status, consumer activation, productivity, and the ability to evaluate health information. ANALYSIS. Multivariate analyses controlled for baseline differences among the study groups. RESULTS. At the population level, compared with b