Sample records for sungai merbok kedah

  1. 3-D Resistivity Imaging on Archaeology Characterization at Sungai Batu area in Kedah, Malaysia

    Jinmin, M.; Rosli, S.; Nordiana, M. M.; Muhammad, S. B.; Mokhtar, S.


    Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) was conducted at the archaeological site of Sungai Batu, Lembah Bujang in Kedah, Malaysia and it is located between Gunung Jerai in the North and Muda River in the South, Kuala Muda, Kedah. This paper presents the geophysical results that aimed to identify the characterization at Sungai Batu, Kedah. ERI survey was performed at plot SB2ZZ, Sungai Batu with total of 15 survey lines using pole-dipole array with electrode spacing of 0.75 m. The ERI results were then processed with Res2DInv and Res3Dinv softwares. Resistivity contrast shows good variation to correlate well with lithology of the earth materials. To enhance the results, data were visualized using isosurface resistivity surface. The ERI shows interesting anomaly with resistivity of 400 - 500 Ωm varies from 0.34 - 1.17 m and few spotted anomalies detected at deeper depth which varies from 2 m - 4 m. Based on-site calibration at partly exhumed sites, anomalies were interpreted as baked clay bricks. The results obtained in this study area gives reliable interpretation for archaeological interest.

  2. A baseline measure of tree and gastropod biodiversity in replanted and natural mangrove stands in malaysia: langkawi island and sungai merbok.

    Hookham, Brenda; Shau-Hwai, Aileen Tan; Dayrat, Benoit; Hintz, William


    THE DIVERSITIES OF MANGROVE TREES AND OF THEIR ASSOCIATED GASTROPODS WERE ASSESSED FOR TWO MANGROVE REGIONS ON THE WEST COAST OF PENINSULAR MALAYSIA: Langkawi Island and Sungai Merbok. The mangrove area sampled on Langkawi Island was recently logged and replanted, whereas the area sampled in Sungai Merbok was part of a protected nature reserve. Mangrove and gastropod diversity were assessed in four 50 m(2) (10 × 5 m) sites per region. The species richness (S), Shannon Index (H') and Evenness Index (J') were calculated for each site, and the mean S, H' and J' values were calculated for each region. We report low tree and gastropod S, H' and J' values in all sites from both regions. For Langkawi Island, the mean S, H' and J' values for mangrove trees were S = 2.00±0, H' = 0.44±0.17 and J' = 0.44±0.17; the mean S, H' and J' values for gastropods were S = 4.00±1.63, H' = 0.96±0.41 and J' = 0.49±0.06. In Sungai Merbok, the mean S, H' and J' values for mangrove trees were S = 1.33±0.58, H' = 0.22±0.39 and J' = 0.22 ±0.39; the mean S, H' and J' values for gastropods were S = 4.75±2.22, H' = 1.23±0.63 and J' = 0.55±0.12. This study emphasises the need for baseline biodiversity measures to be established in mangrove ecosystems to track the impacts of anthropogenic disturbances and to inform management and restoration efforts.

  3. Structural Component Defects of Low Cost Housing: A Case Study at Taman Bandar Perdana, Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia

    Sulieman M.Z.


    Full Text Available Building defects are defined as building or house flaws, or design mistakes, that reduce value and cause dangerous conditions to their occupants. According to the National Building Agency, defect occurrences are caused by poor design, low quality workmanship, and quality of materials. The purpose of this paper is to identify the types of building defect that frequently occur in low cost housing. In order to do so, this paper looks into the major causes of these defects. The case study selected is at Taman Bandar Perdana, Sungai Petani, Kedah. The methodology used in this paper utilizes a literature review, interviews, and visual inspections involving both public and private sectors, in decreasing defects in buildings. The findings show that most low cost housing defects are caused by cracking, peeling paint, damp, leaking pipes, timber decay, sagging, fungi, termites, broken tiles, and electrical faults. It is widely accepted that the contributing causes of these defects include weak designs, poor workmanship, and quality of materials.

  4. Utilizing of 2-D resistivity with geotechnical method for sediment mapping in Sungai Batu, Kedah

    Taqiuddin, Z. M.; Rosli, S.; Nordiana, M. M.; Azwin, I. N.; Mokhtar, S.


    Sungai Batu is Lembah Bujang subdistrict, located at northern region of Peninsular Malaysia, recognized as an international cultural and commercial crossroad for 2000 years ago, and recorded as the oldest archaeological site in southeast Asia. The discovering of iron smelting area (1st-4th century) shows the evidence of important iron industry in Malay Peninsular to others civilization. Nowadays, a lot of interdisciplinary research was conducted in this area including geophysical prospect to understand the subsurface profile for this locality. Geophysical approach such as 2-D resistivity was performed with the main objective is to identify sediment deposit for this area. Three 2-D resistivity survey lines were design across borehole and data acquired using ABEM SAS4000 system with Pole-dipole array using 2.5 m minimum electrode spacing. The data obtained was process using Res2Dinv software to produce inversion model and Surfer10 software used for interpretation and correlation with respective borehole record. The 2-D resistivity inversion model shows that, the area dominated by clay soil with resistivity values of 500 Ωm interpreted as hard layer. The saturated zone (25 m which consider large volume of soil deposit during sedimentation process. The correlation with the borehole record shows that clay profile distributed at depth of >20 m. The present of shale in certain borehole record indicate that the environment deposit is clam/stagnant water condition during the formation process which suspected controlled by the deposition process from the land deposit.

  5. Study of radon concentration and toxic elements in drinking and irrigated water and its implications in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia

    Nisar Ahmad


    Full Text Available The radon activity concentration and toxic elements have been assessed in drinking and irrigated water samples collected from different locations of Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia. The water samples were collected from wells, streams and taps. A calibrated alpha spectrometer RAD-7 (Model 2890 and Atomic Absorption Spectrometers (Perkin–Elmer, Model AAnalyst 200, Shimadzu, Model AA-700 were used to estimate radon activity concentration and toxic elements, respectively. Maximum average value of radon concentration among the various types of water sources was found 14.7 ± 1.44 Bq/l in well water used for drinking and irrigation and minimum was found 5.37 ± 0.58 Bq/l in tap water used for drinking. Contribution of radon in drinking water to indoor air and age dependent associated annual effective doses were calculated from the measured radon concentration and were found less than lower limit of recommended action level. The activity concentrations of Ni > Pb > Cd > As > Cr were found higher for streams water as compared to wells and tap water. Values of radon concentration in well water were found higher than EPA recommended level and lower than WHO action level while the annual effective doses and level of toxic elements in water reported in this study were found lower than recommended level.

  6. Perbaikan Metode Penghitungan Debit Sungai Menggunakan Cubic Spline Interpolation

    Budi I. Setiawan


    Full Text Available Makalah ini menyajikan perbaikan metode pengukuran debit sungai menggunakan fungsi cubic spline interpolation. Fungi ini digunakan untuk menggambarkan profil sungai secara kontinyu yang terbentuk atas hasil pengukuran jarak dan kedalaman sungai. Dengan metoda baru ini, luas dan perimeter sungai lebih mudah, cepat dan tepat dihitung. Demikian pula, fungsi kebalikannnya (inverse function tersedia menggunakan metode. Newton-Raphson sehingga memudahkan dalam perhitungan luas dan perimeter bila tinggi air sungai diketahui. Metode baru ini dapat langsung menghitung debit sungaimenggunakan formula Manning, dan menghasilkan kurva debit (rating curve. Dalam makalah ini dikemukaan satu canton pengukuran debit sungai Rudeng Aceh. Sungai ini mempunyai lebar sekitar 120 m dan kedalaman 7 m, dan pada saat pengukuran mempunyai debit 41 .3 m3/s, serta kurva debitnya mengikuti formula: Q= 0.1649 x H 2.884 , dimana Q debit (m3/s dan H tinggi air dari dasar sungai (m.

  7. Gross Pollutant Traps: Wet Load Assessment at Sungai Kerayong, Malaysia

    Mohd Shah, M. R.; Zahari, N. M.; Said, N. F. Md; Sidek, L. M.; Basri, H.; Noor, M. S. F. Md; Husni, M. M. Mohammad; Jajarmizadeh, Milad; Roseli, ZA; Mohd. Dom, N.


    The purpose of this project is to carry out assessment on the effectiveness and performance of Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) stormwater quality control in the urban areas. The study aims to provide a management and planning tool for effective management of the gross pollutants in the urban areas specifically in River of Life (ROL) project. ROL project is a Malaysian Government initiative under the Economic Transformation Program. One of the program in the greater Klang Valley is to transform Klang River into a vibrant and livable waterfront by the year 2020. The main river in ROL catchment is Sungai Klang (upper catchment), with main tributaries Sungai Gombak, Sungai Batu, Sungai Jinjang, Sungai Keroh, Sungai Bunus, Sungai Ampang and Sungai Kerayong. This paper objective is to study the gross pollutant wet load at Sungai Kerayong 1 and Sungai Kerayong 2 which is located at the downstream location of the ROL project. The result shows that Sungai Kerayong 2 produced higher gross pollutant wet load (8025.33 kg/ha/yr) than Sungai Kerayong 1 (4695.12 kg/ha/yr). This could be due to high contributions amounts of gross pollutant traps from residential area, the degree of develop area, and also the location of the river itself related to climate and rainfall.

  8. Pemanfaatan Citra Satelit Landsat-7 ETM Untuk Prediksi Kerusakan Morfologi Sungai Batanghari Akibat Penambangan Emas Ilegal

    Teguh Marhendi


    Full Text Available Kondisi Sungai Batanghari saat ini telah banyak mengalami deformasi morfologi sungai akibat banyaknya praktek galian C dan penambangan ilagal di sepanjang tubuh sungai.  Deformasi morfologi Sungai Batanghari diprediksi dapat menyebabkan kerusakan pada tubuh sungai Batanghari dan mengakibatkan penurunan potensi sumber daya air. Penelitian ini bertujuan untk mengetahui perubahan morfologi Sungai Batanghari akibat kegiatan penambangan emas ilegal disepanjang sungai dan anak-anak sungainya. Pendekatan penelitian ini menggunakan model “stratified purpose sampling“ melalui teknik penginderaan jauh dengan wahana citra satelit Landsat-7 ETM. Berdasarkan hasil analisis, Sungai Batanghari mengalami perubahan fisik baik menyangkut badan sungai, lingkungan sungai maupun kualitas air. Perubahan badan sungai terkait kegiatan penambangan tanpa Ijin (PETI terjadi di beberapa lokasi baik pada sungai utama maupun pada anak-anak sungai Batanghari seperti di Dharmasyraya, Bungo, Batanghari dan Solok Selatan.


    Budianto Budianto


    Full Text Available Dalam mengembangkan sektor pariwisata di sungai Kalimas Surabaya, salah satu diantaranya adalah pembuatan perahu wisata sungai Kalimas. Dalam perancangan kapal wisata kalimas dengan menggunakan bahan komposit FRP (Fiber Reinforcement Plastic yang menggunakan serat buatan alam yang tidak merusak ekosistem di sungai Kalimas dan memiliki kekuatan struktur kapal yang baik. Analisis perancangan struktur dalam perahu wisata sungai Kalimas yang menggunakan bahan FRP yang diterapkan pada analisis struktur konstruksi dengan menggunakan metode elemen hingga. Dimana diterapkan dengan mampu menerima beban baik dari dalam maupun luar pada perahu wisata sungai Kalimas FRP tersebut. Kemampuan kekuatan struktur yang cukup aman diijinkan, dengan nilai tengangan bending yang masih dalam nilai dibawah 67 mPa. Dimana dalam keadaan kondisi hogging maupun sagging telah dianalisis cukup aman kekuatan pada struktur perahu wisata sungai Kalimas FRP yang dapat timbul pembebanan akibat adanya manouvering tersebut, baik secara global memanjang kapal maupun struktur lokal didudukan mesin yang merupakan fokus konsentarsi utama. Untuk Struktur lokal di dudukan mesin dimana menerima beban statis dari mesin outboard maupun beban dinamis yang ditimbulkan akibat pergerakan perahu wisata Kalimas FRP tersebut. Perhitungan dengan mekanisme pembebanan distribusi merata ataupun beban terpusat merupakan faktor utama hasil analisis perancangan struktur perahu wisata sungai Kalimas yang effisien dan efektif.

  10. Herpetofauna diversity at Gunung Raya, Pulau Langkawi, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia

    Ehwan, N.; Shukor, M. N.; Salmah, Y.; Grismer, L. L.; Norhayati, A.


    An inventory of herpetofauna was conducted on Gunung Raya, Pulau Langkawi, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia from February 2014 to January 2015 to evaluate species diversity in order to: 1) determine the diversity of herpetofauna, 2) determine conservation status of rare or new species, and 3) provide preliminary data that may be used for future conservation of the reptilian and amphibian community. Two methods of passive sampling techniques were used, namely drift-fenced pitfall traps (DPT) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe traps (PPT). Observed species richness is 33 species of herpetofauna, consisting of 10 species of amphibians and 23 species of reptiles. The diversity indices indicated moderate diversity for amphibians (H'= 1.7) and reptiles (H'= 2.4), supported by low dominance index for amphibians (D= 0.24) and reptiles (D= 0.13). Similarity indices suggested species compositions were dissimilar among habitats.

  11. Kajian Intrusi Air Laut melalui Sungai di Pesisir Kabupaten Demak Jawa Tengah

    Darmakusuma Darmanto


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui sebaran spasial salinitas air sungai di Kabupaten Demak dengan melakukan pengukuran salinitas di lapangan menggunakan Electric Conductivity (EC meter. Intrusi air laut yang dianalisis dalam penelitian ini terbatas hanya pada penyusupan air laut melalui sungai. Penelitian dilakukan dengan pengukuran daya hantar listrik (DHL di sepanjang sungai denganjarak setiap 500 meter, dimulai dari muara sungai untuk di Sungai Demangan dan 1.000 meter untuk Sungai Tuntang Lama. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa intrusi melalui sungai di Pesisir Demak berpengaruh besar pada kualitas air sungai. Kualitas air sungai yang menjadi payau sampai dengan asin pada jarak > 4 km di Sungai Demangan dan > 7 km di Sungai Tuntang Lama. ABSTRACT This study is aimed to determine the spatial distribution oj river water salinity in Demak by measuring electrical conductivity in thefield using EC meter. Seawater intrusion analyzed in this study is limited to intrusion through the river. The study is conducted by measuring the electrical conductivity along the river with a distance oj 500 meters every. The measurements began 500 meterfrom the mouth oj the river at the River Demangan, and 1000 meter on the River Tuntang Lama. The result shows that the intrusion through the river in the coastal Demak has a big impact on the quality oj river water. Brackish to brine water quality isfound up to a distance oj 4 kilometers on the river Demangan, and 7 kilometers long on the River Tuntang.


    Eko Prianto


    Full Text Available Populasi ikan di suatu perairan berkaitan erat dengan keragaman jenis dan makanan yang tersedia. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui komposisi jenis dan kelimpahan sumberdaya ikan berdasarkan kebiasaan makannya di muara Sungai Musi Sumatera Selatan. Pengambilan sampel dengan menggunakan pukat hela dan belad dilakukan pada bulan Maret dan Juni 2008 masing-masing pada 4 stasiun pengambilan contoh yang mewakili perairan muara Sungai Musi. Hasil penelitian diperoleh sebanyak 34 jenis ikan di bagian tepi sungai dan 63 jenis di bagian tengah sungai. Ditinjau dari kebiasaan makan pada bulan Maret untuk ikan yang berada di tepi sungai diperoleh kelimpahan ikan herbivora paling tinggi (49 % dan terendah ikan yang bersifat omnivora (1 %. Pada bulan Juni kelimpahan ikan carnivora paling tinggi (50 % dan terendah ikan omnivora (1 %. Untuk jenis ikan yang berada di tengah sungai, kelimpahan ikan yang tertinggi pada bulan Maret yaitu ikan herbivora (87 % dan terendah ikan omnivora (2 %. Pada bulan Juni kelimpahan yang tertinggi yaitu ikan carnivora (57 % dan terendah ikan omnivora (0,2 %.   Fish populations in the waters is closely related to species diversity and food available. The objective of this study is to determine of species composition and abundance of fish resources based on feeding habit in the estuarin water of Musi river. Sample was taken from 4 fishing stations by using trawl and towing net (belad in March and June 2008. The results showed that there were 34 species of fish in the riverside and 63 species of fish in the middle stream. Analysis of feeding habit in March for the fishes in found riverside showed that herbivorous fish was highest 49% of total catch and the lowest was omnivorous fish (1%. While in June the carnivorous fish was highest (50% and the lowest was omnivorous fish (1%. In the middlestream the highest abundance in March was herbivorous fish (87% and the lowest (57% was omnivorous fish (2%. In June, the highest

  13. Kajian Kualitas Air Sungai Code Propinsi Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

    Imroatush shoolikhah


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Status pencemaran dan beban daya tampung Sungai Code yang besar menunjukkan besarnya bahan pencemar yang masuk ke sungai, selain itu Sungai Code juga merupakan salah satu sungai yang terkena dampak aliran lahar din-gin Erupsi Gunungapi Merapi tahun 2010. Erupsi meningkatkan input sedimen dan debit air Sungai Code, serta men-gubah substrat dasar perairan. Tujuan penelitian ini : (1 Menganalisis kualitas air Sungai Code secara fisik dan kimia; (2. Membandingkan kualitas air Sungai Code pasca erupsi Merapi 2010 berdasarkan paramater pH, sulfida, dan besi total, dengan kondisi sebelum erupsi; (3. Menganalisis kondisi makrozoobentos pasca erupsi Gunungapi Merapi 2010, serta menganalisis pengaruh kualitas air sungai terhadap makrozoobentos; dan (4. Menganalisis kerugian ekonomi dan mengetahui persepsi terhadap sungai dari sebagian masyarakat yang memanfaatkan air sungai untuk irigasi pertanian dan perikanan keramba.Pengumpulan data dengan metode survei. Lokasi pengambilan sampel ditentukan secara pur-posive sampling yang mewakili kawasan bagian tengah Sungai Code (sebelum kota dan tengah kota, dan bagian hilir Sungai Code kawasan (setelah kota, meliputi setengah panjang Sungai Code. Sampel air dianalisis secara fisika kimia di Laboratorium. Sampel makrozoobentos diidentifikasi kemudian dianalisis dengan pendekatan kemelimpahan, dom-inansi, dan keragaman, serta regresi. Hasil wawancara untuk menilai persepsi masyarakat dan kerugian ekonomi akibat banjir lahar dingin dianalisis dengan crosstab. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa parameter DO, BOD, COD, dan ni-trat, tidak memenuhi baku mutu air kelas I di beberapa lokasi. Adapun kekeruhan, fosfat, dan sulfida, hampir di seluruh lokasi tidak memenuhi baku mutu. Menurunnya kualitas DO, BOD, COD, nitrat, dan fosfat disebabkan oleh limbah yang masuk ke sungai, sedangkan menurunnya kualitas sulfida dan kekeruhan, selain dari limbah juga disebabkan oleh erupsi Merapi. Makrozoobentos yang ditemukan di


    Sri Setianingsih


    Full Text Available Abstrak—Tepian Sungai adalah salah satu ruang kota yang sering dimanfaatkan sebagai wadah untuk beragam aktifitas masyarakat kota. Pemanfaatan tepian sungai sudah banyak mengalami perubahan fisik. Sehingga menyebabkan adanya perubahan nilai lingkungan yang semakin tidak teratur. Sekarang ini banyak kota-kota di Indonesia menerapkan aspek Ekologis sebagai salah satu aspek terpenting dalam sebuah perancangan sebuah ruang kota. Dengan pendekatan ekologis terhadap gagasan konsep perancangan kota yang di terapkan pada tepian Sungai Cenranae di harapkan mampu menjadi ruang kota yang berwawasan lingkungan dan memiliki nilai Eco-Sustainable pada kota Sengkang. Kata Kunci : Ruang Kota, Tepian Sungai, Ekologi Abstract— The banks of the river is one of spaces that is often used as a place for a variety of urban community activities. Utilization of the riverbank has undergone many physical changes. In order to cause a change in the environmental value increasing irregularly. Today many cities in Indonesia applying Ecological aspects as one of the most important aspects in designing of an urban space . With an ecological approach to the idea of urban design concept is applied to the banks of the River Cenranae expected to become environmentally sound urban space and has a value of Eco -Sustainable in Sengkang city Key Word : City Hall, River Bank, Ecology

  15. Stochastic modeling for river pollution of Sungai Perlis

    Yunus, Nurul Izzaty Mohd.; Rahman, Haliza Abd. [Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,81310 Johor Bahru, Johor (Malaysia); Bahar, Arifah [UTM-Centre of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (UTM-CIAM) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 Johor Bahru, Johor (Malaysia)


    River pollution has been recognized as a contributor to a wide range of health problems and disorders in human. It can pose health dangers to humans who come into contact with it, either directly or indirectly. Therefore, it is most important to measure the concentration of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) as a water quality parameter since the parameter has long been the basic means for determining the degree of water pollution in rivers. In this study, BOD is used as a parameter to estimate the water quality at Sungai Perlis. It has been observed that Sungai Perlis is polluted due to lack of management and improper use of resources. Therefore, it is of importance to model the Sungai Perlis water quality in order to describe and predict the water quality systems. The BOD concentration secondary data set is used which was extracted from the Drainage and Irrigation Department Perlis State website. The first order differential equation from Streeter – Phelps model was utilized as a deterministic model. Then, the model was developed into a stochastic model. Results from this study shows that the stochastic model is more adequate to describe and predict the BOD concentration and the water quality systems in Sungai Perlis by having smaller value of mean squared error (MSE)

  16. Traditional Male Circumcision In A Rural Community In Kedah, Malaysia

    Rashid A K


    Full Text Available Background: Circumcision though not mentioned inthe Quran is believed to be a compulsory practiceamong the Muslims. In Malaysia, although there areseveral methods of circumcision available andtraditional circumcision is still popular.Methods: A cross-sectional survey was carried out in asmall fishing village of Kedah to study the methods ofcircumcision available to the villagers. This wasfollowed with an in-depth interview conducted with‘Tok Mudim’, a practitioner of traditional method ofcircumcision.Results: Forty three of the eligible 71 subjectsparticipated in the study giving the response rate as60.5%. The most common age for circumcision was9 years old. Despite private clinics being the mostcommon place of circumcisions, there was an increasingnumber of boys going to the ‘Tok Mudim’ forcircumcision. A Mass Circumcision Ceremony istraditionally practiced. The ‘Tok Mudim’ described theprocedure in detail and was of the opinion that thereason traditional method is still popular was because ofthe fear of injections and impotency among the parents.Most common complication faced by the ‘Tok Mudim’was bleeding and infection.Discussion and Conclusion: Till the community shiftsentirely to using modern medicine, there is a need tointegrate traditional practitioners into the system.Training the ‘Tok Mudim’ to use modern instrumentsand aseptic techniques should be considered.


    Alpianor Alpianor; Danang Biyatmoko; Hafizianor Hafizianor; Muhammad Husaini


    This study aims to: 1) analyze the management of swamp buffalo husbandry in Hulu Sungai Selatan, and 2) formulate the strategies for developing swamp-buffalo husbandry in Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency. The research was conducted in four villages, namely: Desa Bajayau Tengah in Kecamatan of Western Daha, Desa Pandak Daun, Desa Hakurung and Desa Hamayung in Kecamatan Daha Utara, Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Selatan, South Kalimantan province from April to July 2016. To investigate the manageme...


    Dewi Parawita


    Full Text Available Laut merupakan tempat bermuaranya semua sungai, baik sungai kecil maupun sungai besar. Pembuangan lumpur lapindo ke laut yang di alirkan melalui muara sungai Porong mengandung logam berat, salah satunya yaitu timbal. Konsentrasi timbal yang melebihi baku mutu akan berpengaruh pada efek negatif biota. Tujuan dari penelitian adalah mengetahui konsentrasi timbal di muara sungai Porong. Metode yang digunakan adalah observasi, pengambila sampel dilakukan tiga kali tiap minggu pada waktu pagi hari. Hasil dari penelitian ini diketahui bahwa kondisi fisika kimia perairan antara lain : konsentrasi timbal di muara sungai Porong berada jauh di ambang batas dengan nilai konsentrasi timbal yaitu berkisar antara 0-0,490 mg/l, pH berkisar antara 7,6-7,7, suhu berkisar antara 30-32 0C, salinitas berkisar antara 11,3-12,3 ‰, DO berkisar antara 4,7-5,3 mg/l, dan TSS berkisar antara 482,6-926,6 mg/l. Kata Kunci : Konsentrasi, Timbal (Pb, Muara.  HEAVY METAL CONCENTRATION ANALYSIS OF LEAD (Pb IN PORONG RIVER DELTALapindo mud disposed into the sea which is piped through Porong river estuary contain heavy metals, one of which is lead. Lead concentrations that exceeded the quality standard will have the negative effects to biota. The aim of the study was to determine the concentration of lead in the Porong river estuary. The method used is observation, the samples was taken three times per week in the morning. Results of this research showed that the physical condition of the water chemistry, among others: the concentration of lead in the Porong river estuary was above the threshold value of lead concentrations ranging from 0 to 0.490 mg / l, pH ranging from 7.6 to 7.7, the temperature ranging from 30-32 oC, salinity ranged from 11.3 to 12.3 ‰, DO ranged from 4.7 to 5.3 mg / l and TSS ranged from 482.6 to 926.6 mg / l.Keywords: Heavy metals, Concentration, Lead (Pb, Delta


    Chairulwan Umar


    Full Text Available Sungai Serkap memiliki sumberdaya ikan yang unik dan beragam. Jumlah jenis ikan di Sungai Serkap pada tahun 2013 ditemukan sebanyak 54 jenis yang sebagian besar merupakan ikan perairan asam. Selain memiliki sumberdaya ikan yang melimpah, Sungai Serkap merupakan habitat ikan merah (Pectenocypris sp, ikan arwana kuning (Scleropages aureus dan labi-labi (Amyda cartilagynea, dimana arwana kuning dan labi-labi termasuk biota yang dilindungi sedangkan ikan merah diduga ikan endemik dan merupakan spesies baru dari genus Pectenocypris. Walaupun ekosistem perairan Sungai Serkap masih alami namun aktifitas manusia disekitarnya dapat mengancam kualitas lingkungan dan kelestarian sumberdaya ikan di sungai tersebut. Beberapa faktor yang dapat mengancam kelestarian sumberdaya ikan antara lain: i pembalakan liar, ii kebakaran hutan, iii penutupan kanal atau anak-anak sungai, iv penangkapan pada musim pemijahan, v eksploitasi jenis ikan tertentu dan vi belum adanya reservat atau suaka perikanan. Untuk menjamin keberlanjutan sumberdaya perikanan di masa mendatang diperlukan langkah-langkah pengelolaan sebagai berikut: (1 penetapan suaka perikanan, (2 rehabilitasi hutan rawa, (3 penetapan waktu dan lokasi penangkapan ikan, (4 re-stocking ikan arwana kuning dan (5 pengembangan co-managemen.   Serkap river has been unique and diverse of fish resources. In 2013, the number of fish that found in Serkap River were 54 species which mostly are acidic water fish. Besides of having abundant resources, the Serkap River is a habitat for red fish (Pectenocypris sp, arwana yellow fish (Scleropages aureus and labilabi (Amyda cartilagynea, where arwan yellow fish and labi-labi including protected biota while the red fish suspected as an endemic fish and represent a new species from Pectenocypris genus. Although the ecosystems in Serkap River is still natural/clean/unspoiled but human activity around there could threaten the environmental quality and preservation of fish

  20. Preservation of Holocene Paleo-Earthquakes, Sungai Pinang, Western Sumatra

    Dura, T.; Rubin, C. M.; Kelsey, H. M.; Horton, B.; Grand Pre, C.; Hawkes, A. D.; Daryono, M.; Ladinsky, T.


    We investigated coastal lowland environments of the western coast of Sumatra, near the coastal village of Sungai Pinang, in order to document stratigraphic evidence for rapid subsidence accompanying great paleo-earthquakes on the Padang portion of the Sumatran subduction zone. Characterizing Holocene vertical land-level changes in the regional stratigraphic record will help identify great paleo-earthquakes and determine the extent of the great subduction earthquake cycle preserved in the record. The low-energy coastal environment of western Sumatra is ideal for the preservation of characteristic lithostratigraphic evidence associated with great paleo-earthquakes and rapid vertical land-level changes, including laterally continuous buried soils overlain by clastic marine deposits. However, relative sea level rise in the Holocene plays an important role in determining the specific time-range of the record that is preserved in the coastal lowland stratigraphy. Twenty-one cores collected in east-west and north-south transects in the Sungai Pinang study area revealed a Holocene stratigraphic sequence of three soils interpreted to represent a mangrove environment overlain by a fine-grained, blue-grey mud indicative of a marine environment. Preliminary results suggest that this record encompasses a time-window of gradual relative sea level rise during which repeated abrupt changes in relative sea level were recorded in the coastal stratigraphy. We propose that the three buried soil horizons discovered in the stratigraphic record of the coastal lowlands of Sungai Pinang provide evidence for three subsidence events accompanying Holocene paleo-ruptures of the subduction zone. The discovery of these regionally-extensive buried soils documents recurrent great subduction zone earthquakes in the Padang region (0.5°- 3° south latitude). Radiocarbon dating of detrital fragments incorporated into the buried soils and overlying deposits will help constrain the timing of the

  1. The Academic English Language Needs of Industrial Design Students in UiTM Kedah, Malaysia

    Adzmi, Nor Aslah; Bidin, Samsiah; Ibrahim, Syazliyati; Jusoff, Kamaruzaman


    The purpose of this study was to analyse the academic English language lacks and needs of Industrial Design students in Universiti Teknologi MARA Kedah (UiTM). It highlights the lacks and needs for English for Academic Purposes in helping the students to succeed in the program through the usage of English language. The research tools used were in…

  2. Kajian Kualitas Airtanah Bebas antara Sungai Kuning dan Sungai Tepus di Kecamatan Ngemplak, Yogyakata, Indonesia

    Aris Sutardi


    Full Text Available Pertumbuhan penduduk di Kabupaten Sleman telah menempatkan banyak tekanan pada sumber daya air. Perkembangan ini berkembang pesat ke daerah pedesaan termasuk Ngaglik, Ngemplak dan Kalasan Kecamatan. Oleh karena itu, studi tentang kualitas air di daerah ini penting. Daerah antara Sungai Kuning dan Sungai  Tepus merupakan daerah yang ideal untuk melakukan penelitian ini saerah ini meliputi 3 kecamatan yaitu: Ngaglik, Ngemplak dan Kalasan. Dalam penelitian ini, parameter untuk menilai kualitas air terbatas pada 4 parameter: Nitrat, Nitrit, Amoniak dan Fosfat. Penelitian ini dilakukan pada tahun 2015, pengambilan sampel purposive dipilih untuk mengumpulkan besar sampel air tanah. Penggunaan lahan dan kegiatan lain yang dianggap dapat menyebabkan polusi air seperti pertanian, catel, dan limbah domestik. Sampel dianalisis di laboratorium untuk menentukan konsentrasi Nitrat, Nitrit, amoniak dan fosfat. Secara total, 23 sampel dikumpulkan. Selama kerja lapangan, tabel air diukur untuk menghasilkan peta flownet. Peta flownet ini akan digunakan untuk menganalisis potensi pencemaran air tanah. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa Nitrat, Nitrit, amoniak, dan fosfat yang bervariasi. Kontaminasi Nitrat dan Nitrit dalam air tanah masih di bawah standar sebesar 10 mg / L untuk Nitrat dan 0,06 mg / L untuk Nitrit sementara amoniak dan fosfat berada di atas standar sebesar 0,02 mg / L untuk amoniak dan 0,2 mg / L untuk fosfat. Tingginya jumlah amoniak ini disebabkan oleh kegiatan peternakan ayam sementara fosfat disebabkan oleh penggunaan pemupukan fosfat di daerah pertanian padi. Distribusi kualitas air tanah di daerah itu bervariasi berdasarkan penggunaan lahan, kegiatan orang dan aliran air tanah. Air tanah potensial pencemaran dilakukan berdasarkan aliran air tanah. Hasilnya menunjukkan bahwa daerah atas (utara memiliki konsentrasi yang lebih rendah dari Nitrat, Nitrit, amoniak dan fosfat. Daerah pertengahan, di mana sebagian besar peternakan ayam dan


    Budianto Budianto


    Full Text Available Sebagai jalur alternatif jalan khusus,  melalui transportasi sungai Lematang dengan perancangan kapal pengangkut hasil tambang dalam  distribusi batubara merupakan salah satu solusi untuk jalur darat provinsi tetap terjaga dengan baik dan tidak terjadi kemacetan akibat konvoi dump truk pengangkut batubara. Bentuk geografis, perpindahan aliran sungai, dan pendangkalan sungai Lematang berpengaruh terhadap sulitnya membuat kapal angkut batubara melalui sistem tranportasi sungai tersebut. Jika menggunakan kapal angkut batubara jenis Tug and Barge, maka akan menyebabkan kesulitan dalam proses manouvering kapal bahkan sering terjadi kapal kandas karena pendangkalan sungai, serta bisa juga kapal tersangkut bagian barge karena sudut olah belok kapal terlalu melebar. Disamping itu juga, perlu diperhatikan bentuk aliran sungai Lematang yang melengkung dan berkelok, adanya masalah sosial, serta hambatan lain seperti adanya kabel slink, jembatan, kedalaman sungai, sampah kayu d.l.l. Salah satu teknologi yang bisa digunakan adalah kapal SPB (Self Propeller Barge. Dimana kapal SPB pengangkut batubara memiliki kelebihan dapat manouvering yang baik ketika melintasi wilayah sungai. Kapal SPB pengangkut batubara memiliki geladak angkut yang terletak dibelakang akomodasi, hal ini akan mempermudah jarak pandang dan proses manouvering kapal, akan tetapi terbatas dengan kapasitas yang diangkut karena terbatas dengan kedalaman draft kapal yang dimiliki. Dalam perancangan harus diperhatikan faktor geografis, kedalaman sungai, faktor sosial dan faktor ekonomis kapal. Sehingga akan memberikan hasil teknologi kapal SPB pengangkut batubara dengan kondisi sellow draft yang efektif dan efisien. Dimana kapal SPB yang dirancang dengan kaasitas 200 ton setara dengan 20 dump truk, kapal  yang difungsikan untuk mengangkut batubara dengan memiliki kecepatan sebesar 12 knot (dengan mesin 2x250HP dan konsumsi bahan bakar sebesar 1.77 ton dengan mngunakan SFOC sebesar 160 gram

  4. Cəmam or Sexual Prohibition among the Kensiw of Kedah, Malaysia Le cəmam ou les interdits sexuels chez les Kensiw de Kedah, en Malaisie

    Nagata Shuichi


    Full Text Available Kinship-related prohibitions such as the “in-law” avoidance are a defining feature of the nomadic foraging way of life of the Semang, northern Aslian speakers of peninsular Malaysia. With the stress of the recent Islamic assimilation policy and the changing base of subsistence, however, some Kensiw, a Semang group in Kedah, are feeling that the rules against cəmam or “improper sexual behaviour between relatives” may be contrary to the maintenance of their identity and moving toward a more inclusive identity of the peninsular-wide “Orang Asli”.Les interdictions liées à la parenté comme celle concernant les parents par alliance sont un trait caractéristique du mode de vie des Semang, des locuteurs septentrionaux d’une langue asli de la péninsule malaise. Toutefois, avec le stress récent dû à la politique d’islamisation et le changement de leur base alimentaire, quelques Kensiw, un groupe de Semang de Kedah, ont le sentiment que les règles s’opposant au cəmam ou « comportement sexuel impropre entre parents » pourrait être contraire au maintien de leur identité et sont en train de se rapprocher d’une identité plus inclusive de l’ensemble des « Orang Asli » de la péninsule.

  5. X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Flourescence of Ancient Bricks of Candi bukit pendiat (Site 17, Bujang Valley, Kedah

    Zuliskandar Ramli


    Full Text Available Candi bukit pendiat (Site 17 is one of the temple sites that used bricks as the main construction material and based on Global Positioning System, Candi bukit pendiat (Site 17 located at N5 41 43.4 E100 25 21.3. Apart from bricks, laterite stones were also used as the basis of the construction’s structure which is octagonal in shape that is a stupa. Based on relative dating of this site, it is proposed that it was built between the 7 to 9th centuries AD. At this site, bricks containing rice husks were also found. These rice husks were used as strengthening material or one of the rituals when building temples. This combine evidence shows that the Old Kedah Malay community had already practised the paddy cultivation system since the 7th century AD or earlier. This study will focus on material composition analysis of ancient bricks that were used to construct this temple of which the main purpose is to see whether the raw materials used to produce those bricks utilised local raw materials or not. This is because the usage of local raw materials was associated with brick making technology that was already mastered by the local community. Two analysis techniques will be used namely the X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF and the X-Ray Diffraction Technique (XRD in determining the content of the major and trace elements as well as the mineral content in the ancient bricks. The findings show that the major minerals contained in the ancient bricks of Candi bukit pendiat (Site 17 are quartz, muscovite and microline while the other minerals that exist are kaolinite. The mineral content and physical observation of the bricks indicate that the open burning technique was used to produce these bricks because of the presence of kaolinite in one of the samples (BP17 (xv. The kaolinite content shows that the samples were baked at a temperature less than 550˚C. The content of the major and trace elements also shows that these bricks were produced from the same source and


    Ratih Pratiwi Sari


    Full Text Available Medicinal plants, known as herbal remedies have been used since time immemorial for generations to self medication. Self medication is an attempt self-medication using drugs, traditional medicine, or the traditional way without the guidance of experts. One of the villages in Barito Kuala who still use medicinal plants to swamedikasi is Gampa Asahi River. The purpose of this study is to determine the public's knowledge about medicinal plants for self medication village Sungai Gampa Asahi District of Rantau Badauh Barito Kuala.. This research is a descriptive research with data retrieval methods using non-probability sampling with simple random sampling technique. The study involved 178 respondents to the time of data collection starts from May 10 to July 2 2016. Data collection was conducted in the form of interviews with respondents and fills observation sheet. The results of this study in the form of recap the data 12 kinds of medicinal plants used by the people of Sungai Gampa Asahi, while 12 plants it is jackfruit Dutch/soursop, hibiscus, ginger, turmeric, starfruit, guava, bamban, continued life , continued veins, aloe vera, tamarind and lime. Then the dose used was dose tradsional the piece/pieces, grain, serimpang and taste. The reason for the use of traditional medicine with medicinal plants based on the sequence that is: trust, cost, environment and past knowledge.

  7. Determining technical, allocative and cost efficiencies of rice farmers in Kedah, Malaysia using data envelopment analysis

    Khan, Sahubar Ali Mohd. Nadhar; Baten, M. D. Azizul; Nawawi, Mohd. Kamal Mohd.; Murat, Rusdi @ Indra Zuhdi bin


    This study estimates technical, allocative, and cost efficiency using cost DEA model under both constant returns to scale (CRS) and variable returns to scale (VRS) respectively using survey data of 70 rice farmers from Kedah, Malaysia. In case of cost efficiency only 4.29% of the farmers were 100% technically efficient under CRS while it is increased into 16.90% under VRS. The average technical, allocative and cost efficiencies were estimated at 0.28, 0.878 and 0.255 respectively under CRS while they were increased into 0.61, 0.883 and 0.533 respectively under VRS.

  8. The Type of Culture at a High Performance Schools and Low Performance School in the State of Kedah

    Daud, Yaakob; Raman, Arumugam; Don, Yahya; O. F., Mohd Sofian; Hussin, Fauzi


    This research aims to identify the type of culture at a High Performance School (HPS) and Low Performance School (LPS) in the state of Kedah. The research instrument used to measure the type of organizational culture was adapted from Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (Cameron & Quinn, 2006) based on Competing Values Framework Quinn…

  9. Incidence, risk factors and clinical epidemiology of melioidosis: a complex socio-ecological emerging infectious disease in the Alor Setar region of Kedah, Malaysia

    Hassan, Muhammad R A; Pani, Subhada P; Peng, Ng P; Voralu, Kirtanaa; Vijayalakshmi, Natesan; Mehanderkar, Ranjith; Aziz, Norasmidar A; Michael, Edwin


    .... We undertook a retrospective analysis of 145 confirmed cases extracted from a hospital-based Melioidosis Registry set up from 2005 in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar, Kedah state, Malaysia...

  10. Hulu Sungai Perak Bed Sediment Mapping Using Underwater Acoustic Sonar

    Arriafdi, N.; Zainon, O.; Din, U.; Rasid, A. W.; Mat Amin, Z.; Othman, R.; Mardi, A. S.; Mahmud, R.; Sulaiman, N.


    Development in acoustic survey techniques in particular side scan sonar have revolutionized the way we are able to image, map and understand the riverbed environment. It is now cost effective to image large areas of the riverbed using these techniques and the backscatter image created from surveys provides base line data from which thematic maps of the riverbed environment including maps of morphological geology, can be derived when interpreted in conjunction with in situ sampling data. This article focuses on investigation characteristics of sediments and correlation of side scan backscatter image with signal strength. The interpretation of acoustic backscatter rely on experienced interpretation by eye of grey scale images produced from the data. A 990F Starfish Side Scan Sonar was used to collect and develop a series of sonar images along 6 km of Hulu Sungai Perak. Background sediments could be delineated accurately and the image textures could be linked to the actual river floor appearance through grab sampling. A major difference was found in the acoustic returns from the two research area studies: the upstream area shows much rougher textures. This is due to an actual differences in riverbed roughness, caused by a difference in bottom currents and sediment dynamics in the two areas. The highest backscatter correlates with coarsest and roughness sediment. Result suggest that image based backscatter classification shows considerable promise for interpretation of side scan sonar data for the production of geological maps.


    N. Arriafdi


    Full Text Available Development in acoustic survey techniques in particular side scan sonar have revolutionized the way we are able to image, map and understand the riverbed environment. It is now cost effective to image large areas of the riverbed using these techniques and the backscatter image created from surveys provides base line data from which thematic maps of the riverbed environment including maps of morphological geology, can be derived when interpreted in conjunction with in situ sampling data. This article focuses on investigation characteristics of sediments and correlation of side scan backscatter image with signal strength. The interpretation of acoustic backscatter rely on experienced interpretation by eye of grey scale images produced from the data. A 990F Starfish Side Scan Sonar was used to collect and develop a series of sonar images along 6 km of Hulu Sungai Perak. Background sediments could be delineated accurately and the image textures could be linked to the actual river floor appearance through grab sampling. A major difference was found in the acoustic returns from the two research area studies: the upstream area shows much rougher textures. This is due to an actual differences in riverbed roughness, caused by a difference in bottom currents and sediment dynamics in the two areas. The highest backscatter correlates with coarsest and roughness sediment. Result suggest that image based backscatter classification shows considerable promise for interpretation of side scan sonar data for the production of geological maps.

  12. Pemberdayaan Ekonomi Rakyat Berbasis Pesantren di Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Utara

    Surya Supi


    Full Text Available Pesantren are widely spread in Indonesia reaching to the most remote areas, hence have the potential to empower people’s economy. Pesantren are involved in fostering self sufficiency among its members as well as the general society, which makes them a potential capital for empowering people’s economy. Using the integrity and capacity to mobilize resources. Pesantren are an important source in effort to increase community production and productivity. The study focused on two Pesantren Nurul Fajri of pesantren and Kholidiyah of pesantren located in Hulu Sungai Utara Regency, as example to evaluate the interchange and interactive between Islamic institutes / school and society. Society benefit from the existence of pesantren through various services and products of its business unit which contribute to solving their economic problems, contribute to community capital through the nurturing and promoting of cooperatives and employment. In addition, in the context capacity development, pesantren education contributes to community rejuvenation and society development, instill values and norm of hardworking, diligence, commitment, which vital for harmonious human existence, self actualization, and development.


    Alpianor Alpianor


    Full Text Available This study aims to: 1 analyze the management of swamp buffalo husbandry in Hulu Sungai Selatan, and 2 formulate the strategies for developing swamp-buffalo husbandry in Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency. The research was conducted in four villages, namely: Desa Bajayau Tengah in Kecamatan of Western Daha, Desa Pandak Daun, Desa Hakurung and Desa Hamayung in Kecamatan Daha Utara, Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Selatan, South Kalimantan province from April to July 2016. To investigate the management of swamp-buffalo husbandry in Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Selatan, a descriptive analysis is used by interviewing the farmers and the government concerning the capacity of farmers, the capacity of facilities, and the capacity of management. To find out the strategies needed in developing swamp-buffalo husbandry in Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Selatan, the combination of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT analysis with analytical hierarchy process (AHP was applied. The management of swamp buffalo husbandry in Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Selatan in relation to the existing management capacity has not been implemented properly. The management capacity could be developed through non-formal education, such as training and counseling to farmers through the group of farmers because they were supported by a the capacity of farmers. such as age, experience and business scale which were quite good as well as the improvement of education and the farmer responsibilities; and b the capacity of facilities such as the buffalo grass feed, marketing, pretty good institutions as well as the improved buffalo seeds and the swamp- buffalo stall/latch. The strategies for swamp-buffalo husbandry in Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Selatan recommended the strategy of strengths - opportunities (SO. The strategies that can be done are to increase the population of swamp buffaloes supported by technologies for breeding, feeding, management and marketing and agro-tourism development by empowering

  14. Composition Analysis of Ancient Bricks, Candi Bukit Kechil, Bujang Valley, Kedah

    Zuliskandar Ramli


    Full Text Available Candi Bukit Kechil or Bukit Kechil Temple is one of the temples in Bujang Valley that was built on a hill apart from Candi Bukit Pendiat (Site 17, Candi Bukit Meriam (Site 26, Candi Bukit Penjara (Site 25 and Candi Bukit Gajah Mati (Site 7. On the whole, this temple was made from bricks and based on the north-south orientation and the construction of the lotus-like structure, it is believed that this temple is of Buddhist religion and was built between 9th to 10th century AD. Based on GPS reading, the temple’s location is N5 37.129 E100 27.324. Analysis on the bricks of the temple was performed to determine whether the bricks used local raw material or otherwise, as well as to find out the physical condition of the bricks, particularly their burning method. As such, two analysis techniques were conducted, namely the X-Ray Diffraction and the X-Ray Fluorescence method that respectively determined the mineral content of the bricks as well as the major and trace element content of the bricks. Analysis shows that the minerals contained in the brick samples of Candi Bukit Kechil comprise of quartz, muscovite, albite and kaolinite. The presence of the kaolinite mineral shows that there are bricks that were baked at temperatures less than 550°C and this shows that open burning was used. The analyses of major and trace element content show that the raw material used are local raw material and the sources of the raw material were obtained from the area of the Bujang River basin and the areas around Mukim Merbok and Mukim Bujang.

  15. A new insular species of Rock Gecko (Cnemaspis Boulenger) from Pulau Langkawi, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia.

    Grismer, L Lee; Wood, P L Jr; Quah, Evan S H; Anuar, Shahrul; Ngadi, Ehwan; Ahmad, Norhayati


    A new, diminutive species of Rock Gecko Cnemaspis mahsuriae sp. nov. of the affinis group, is described from Gunung Raya on Pulau Langkawi, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia and is differentiated from all other species in the affinis group by having a unique combination of characters including a maximum SVL of 36.6 mm; keeled subtibials and ventrals; 21-24 paravertebral tubercles; no tubercles in the lateral caudal furrows; caudal tubercles not encircling tail; no precloacal pores; 23-26 subdigital lamellae on the fourth toe; no white ocelli in the shoulder region; no yellow postscapular band; and faint yellow bars on the flanks. Cnemaspis mahsuriae sp. nov. is a forest-dwelling species living in close sympatry or paraptry with the insular endemic C. roticanai Grismer & Chan. The Langkawi Archipelago harbors a unique mix of Malaysian and Indochinese taxa and the frequency of new discoveries from this group of islands is increasing.

  16. On piecewise interpolation techniques for estimating solar radiation missing values in Kedah

    Saaban, Azizan; Zainudin, Lutfi [School of Science Quantitative, UUMCAS, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 Sintok, Kedah (Malaysia); Bakar, Mohd Nazari Abu [Faculty of Applied Science, Universiti Teknologi MARA, 02600 Arau, Perlis (Malaysia)


    This paper discusses the use of piecewise interpolation method based on cubic Ball and Bézier curves representation to estimate the missing value of solar radiation in Kedah. An hourly solar radiation dataset is collected at Alor Setar Meteorology Station that is taken from Malaysian Meteorology Deparment. The piecewise cubic Ball and Bézier functions that interpolate the data points are defined on each hourly intervals of solar radiation measurement and is obtained by prescribing first order derivatives at the starts and ends of the intervals. We compare the performance of our proposed method with existing methods using Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE) and Coefficient of Detemination (CoD) which is based on missing values simulation datasets. The results show that our method is outperformed the other previous methods.

  17. On the parasitic fauna of two species of anurans collected from Sungai Pinang, Penang Island, Malaysia.

    Wahab, A R; Andy Tan, W A; Intan, S


    A total of fifty anurans, comprising of Rana limnocharis and Bufo melanostictus were collected from Sungai Pinang, Balik Pulau, Penang. The prevalence, mean intensity and distribution of parasite species along the digestive tract were reported. Seven species of parasites were recorded. Blood parasites recovered were trypansomes and microfilariae.

  18. Studi Angkutan Sedimen Sudetan Pelangwot-Sedayu Lawas Sungai Bengawan Solo

    Chandra Murprabowo Mudjib


    Full Text Available Sungai Bengawan Solo merupakan salah satu sungai terpanjang di Indonesia yang mengalir mulai dari area hulu di Kabupaten Wonogiri dan Ponorogo hingga ke area hilir di Kabupaten Gresik. Perubahan fungsi lahan di area hulu dan peningkatan debit yang melalui Sungai Bengawan Solo membuat banjir terjadi di area hilir sungai yakni di Kabupaten Bojonegoro dan Kabupaten Gresik. Sudetan Pelangwot sepanjang 13 km merupakan saluran yang dibuat untuk mengurangi debit banjir yang terjadi dengan mengalirkannya ke laut Jawa. Namun dikarenakan pendangkalan yang terjadi akibat sedimentasi, kapasitas Sudetan Pelangwot dalam mengalirkan debit menurun. Tugas akhir ini bertujuan untuk menganalisa sedimentasi yang terjadi pada sudetan Pelangwot dengan menggunakan program bantu HEC-RAS 4.1.0 Konsep yang digunakan dalam pengerjaan tugas akhir ini adalah dengan memodelkan Sudetan Pelangwot menggunakan program HEC-RAS 4.1.0 kemudian melakukan simulasi aliran sudetan untuk mengetahui sedimentasi yang terjadi. Dari hasil simulasi yang dilakukan dengan menggunakan program HEC-RAS 4.1.0 diketahui perkiraan volume sedimentasi yang terjadi di sudetan selama musim penghujan dari tanggal 1 Desember 2010 hingga 21 Mei 2011 adalah sebesar 325.030,23 m3. Agradasi terjadi di sebagian besar penampang sudetan sedangkan degradasi hanya terjadi di beberapa titik. Kantong sedimen dapat dibuat sebagai upaya pengendalian sedimen pada dasar saluran sudetan di tiga titik yang berbeda dengan kapasitas total 175.875 m3.Pemeliharaan kantong sedimen dilakukan setiap 3 bulan sekali dengan melakukan pengerukan pada kantong sedimen.

  19. Factors limiting industrial development in peripheral regions of developing countries: a case study of kedah state, peninsular Malaysia

    Morshidi Sirat


    Full Text Available Many developing countries, Malaysia included, have relied quite heavily on the policy of industrial decentralization to uplift the lagging economies of their peripheral regions. In Malaysia, the Malaysian Industrial Development Authorithy (MIDA - a federal agency - plays a major role in persuading foreign enterprises to locate in the periphery. In addition to MIDA there are plethora of state agencies which implement state industrial policy. Development officials, in their effort to attract more industries to their respective regions, work on the premise that certain locational factors are critical to investors locational decision- making process. Obviously, development officials have their own perceptions of the attractions and disadvantages of the periphery. This paper (a examines whether the officials have a good grasp of the industrialists dominant motives for selecting Kedah as production location, and (b discusses the implications for industrial development if officials assumptions do not concur with industrialists real reasons for selecting Kedah location.


    Husnah Husnah


    Full Text Available Karakteristik sumberdaya ikan merupakan komponen yang diperlukan dalam pengelolaan sumberdaya ikan karena komponen tersebut akan menentukan alokasi pemanfaatan sumberdaya ikan dan jumlah tangkapan yang diperbolehkan di wilayah pengelolaan perikanan di laut maupun perairan umum. Informasi karakteristik sumberdaya ikan dan pengelolaan sungai yang bermuara ke pantai barat sumatera seperti Sungai Manna dan Semangka sangat terbatas. Informasi masyarakat mengindikasikan telah terjadi penurunan hasil tangkapan ikan. Tulisan ini memaparkan karakteristik dan pengelolaan sumberdaya ikan di Sungai Mana dan Semangka yang merupakan hasil kegiatan penelitian pada tahun 2011. Sungai Manna dan Semangka dicirikan dengan keragaman jenis habitat, jenis ikan yang relatif rendah dan sifat kegiatan perikanan yang sambilan, namun pada umumnya memiliki ikan ekonomis penting seperti ikan Semah (Tor sp dan Sidat (Anguilla sp. Selain pembukaan lahan di bagian hulu, tekanan terhadap kedua populasi ikan tersebut lebih banyak disebabkan oleh kegiatan perikanan yang tidak ramah lingkungan seperti strum dan racum yang diaplikasikan pada lubuk sungai yang merupakan habit induk ikan semah dan sidat. Upaya pengelolaan terhadap sumberdaya ikan di kedua sungai tersebut telah ada berupa sosialisasi tentang larangan penangkapan ikan dengan alat kurang ramah lingkungan. Namun upaya pengawasan dan implementasi sanksi hukuman terhadap pelangggaran peraturan tersebut belum dilaksanakan. Pengelolaan sumberdaya ikan dan perikanan di kedua sungai tersebut didasarkan pada prinsip keterpaduan dan tanggung jawab yang lebih difokuskan pada pengelolaan habitat dan populasi jenis ikan ekonomis tertentu seperti Ikan Semah dan Ikan Sidat. Beberapa alternatif strategi pengelolaan yang diperlukan diantaranya adalah pembentukan konservasi in situ berupa suaka perikanan pada beberapa lubuk (lubuk larangan khususnya pada lokasi banyak ditemukannya benih dan induk ikan seperti di Air Tenam di hulu Sungai

  1. Kondisi perairan dan struktur komunitas makrozoobentos di Sungai Belumai Kabupaten Deli Serdang Provinsi Sumatera Utara

    Erni Dian Fisesa


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan menilai kondisi perairan dan komunitas makrozoobentos di Sungai Belumai, Sumatera Utara. Penelitian dilakukan pada Bulan Maret sampai Mei 2013 di empat 4 stasiun, pengambilan sampel dilakukan sebanyak tiga kali dengan interval sebulan sekali. Parameter yang diukur adalah suhu air, kecepatan arus, lebar sungai, kedalaman, kekeruhan, pH, DO, COD, TOM, dan Makrozoobentos. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Sungai Belumai memiliki tingkat kekeruhan yang tinggi yaitu 163,57 – 242,6 NTU dan nilai COD telah melewati ambang batas baku mutu kelas 1, yang diperuntukkan untuk baku mutu air minum. Makrozoobentos yang mendominasi yaitu dari kelas Oligochaeta sebesar 79%. Analisis Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering (AHC, menghasilkan 2 kelompok dendogram, yaitu kelompok A (Stasiun 1 memiliki kondisi perairan yang cukup baik ditandai dengan keberadaan organisme yang bersifat fakultatif yaitu dari kelas Gastropoda sedangkan kelompok B (Stasiun 2,3, dan 4 telah tercemar ditandai dengan keberadaan organisme dari kelas Oligochaeta yang jumlahnya mendominasi. Oligochaeta merupakan organisme yang memiliki sifat toleran terhadap bahan pencemar dan menjadi indikasi adanya pencemaran.


    R. Prabowo


    Full Text Available Kadmium merupakan bahan beracun yang menyebabkan keracunan kronik pada manusia, maka tingkat maksimun yang diperbolehkan di perairan adalah 0,01 mg/L (PP No 82 Th 2001 Tentang Kualitas Air. Penelitian ini bertujuan (1 mengidentifikasi gambaran umum kualitas air Sungai Kaligarang, (2 Mengidentifikasi konsentrasi logam berat Kadmium (Cd di Sungai Kaligarang, serta (3 mengidentifikasi akumulasi logam berat Cd pada ikan wader merah (Puntius bramoides C.V yang hidup di Sungai Kaligarang. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian observasi eksploratif dengan pendekatan kuantitatif yang bertujuan untuk menggambarkan kandungan logam berat Cd pada air dan ikan wader merah di Sungai Kaligarang. Penentuan lokasi pengambilan sampel secara purposif sampling. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa parameter lingkungan berupa Suhu, pH, BOD, DO di Sungai Kaligarang tidak melebihi baku mutu berdasarkan mutu air penggolongan kelas I. Parameter logam berat Cd dalam air tidak melebihi aturan yang ditetapkan PP Nomor 82 Th 2001 tentang Pengelolaan Kualitas Air dan Pengendalian Pencemaran Air. Kadar logam berat yang terkandung pada ikan wader merah masih berada di bawah baku mutu yang ditetapkan baik dari FDR New Zealand, FAO, Serta SNI. 7387.2009, Tentang Batas Maksimum Cemaran logam Berat Dalam Pangan.Cadmium is a toxic substance that causes chronic poisoning in humans and the maximum permissible level in the water is 0.01 mg / L. (Th Government Regulation No. 82 of 2001 on water quality. This study aimes to (1 identify general description of Kaligarang water quality, (2 heavy metalconcentrations of Cadmium (Cd in Kaligarang river and (3 identifying Cd accumulation of heavy metal in red Wader fish. This research is an observational exploration with a quantitative approach that aims to describe the level of heavy metal Cd in water and wader in Kaligarang. The location is determined by sampling study with purposive sampling. The result shows that the environmental parameters

  3. Comparative analysis of Mafriwal (Bos taurus × Bos indicus) and Kedah Kelantan (Bos indicus) sperm proteome identifies sperm proteins potentially responsible for higher fertility in a tropical climate.

    Ashrafzadeh, Ali; Nathan, Sheila; Karsani, Saiful Anuar


    The fertility of zebu cattle (Bos indicus) is higher than that of the European purebred (Bos taurus) and crossbred (Bos taurus × Bos indicus) cattle in tropical areas. To identify proteins related to the higher thermo-tolerance and fertility of Zebu cattle, this study was undertaken to identify differences in sperm proteome between the high fertile Malaysian indigenous zebu cattle (Kedah Kelantan) and the sub-fertile crossbred cattle (Mafriwal). Frozen semen from three high performance bulls from each breed were processed to obtain live and pure sperm. Sperm proteins were then extracted, and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis performed to compare proteome profiles. Gel image analysis identified protein spots of interest which were then identified by liquid chromatography mass spectrometry quadrupole time-of-flight (LC MS/MS Q-TOF). STRING network analysis predicted interactions between at least 20 of the identified proteins. Among the identified proteins, a number of motility and energy related proteins were present in greater abundance in Kedah Kelantan. Sperm motility evaluation by Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) confirmed significantly higher motility in Kedah Kelantan. While results from this study do identify proteins that may be responsible for the higher fertility of Kedah Kelantan, functional characterization of these proteins is warranted to reinforce our understanding of their roles in sperm fertility.

  4. Pengetahuan Ibu Menopause tentang Gizi Seimbang pada Masa Menopause di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Awang Besar, Barabai, Hulu Sungai Tengah

    Riska Pebrianti; Ika Lestiani


    Women were considered menopausal if the woman does not menstruate again within 12 months without any particular intervention. Data from the working area of health centers Awang Besar Hulu Sungai Tengah in 2014 there are 463 menopausal womens. The purposes of this study was to know knowledge of menopause woman about balanced nutrition in menopause period at the regional of Puskesmas Awang Besar, Barabai, Hulu Sungai Tengah. This study was used descriptive with cross-sectional design. The popul...


    Ira Puspita


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Data Status Lingkungan Hidup Daerah Kota Tarakan menyatakan bahwa kualitas air Sungai Karang Anyar Kota Tarakan yaitu parameter COD, amoniak dan TSS tahun 2010-2013 melebihi baku mutu. Penurunan kualitas air tersebut disebabkan oleh perilaku masyarakat yang bermukim di kawasan bantaran sungai. Pendekatan penelitian kualitatif dengan menggunakan gabungan metode kualitatif dan kuantitatif. Metode kuantitatif antara lain digunakan untuk teknik pengumpulan data melalui kuesioner dan menghitung status mutu air Sungai Karang Anyar menggunakan metode Indeks Pencemaran. Metode kualitatif antara lain digunakan untuk observasi, wawancara mendalam kepada swasta dan tokoh masyarakat. Hasil penelitian yaitu perilaku masyarakat yang membuang air limbah domestik langsung ke sungai mempengaruhi parameter COD melebihi baku mutu karena air limbah yang dibuang terdapat busa sabun berasal dari buangan air cucian. Air limbah domestik yang dibuang langsung ke sungai berasal dari sisa memasak sehingga diduga menyebabkan amoniak juga melebihi baku mutu. Perilaku masyarakat yang tidak mengolah kotoran ayam dapat mempengaruhi parameter amoniak melebihi baku mutu karena kotoran ayam membusuk dan mengalir ke sungai. Perilaku masyarakat yang mengambil tanah dari bukit/gunung tidak mempengaruhi parameter TSS karena dipengaruhi mengambil tanah dari bukit/gunung dilakukan pada curah hujan menurun/kemarau. Perilaku masyarakat yang menambang pasir di sungai mempengaruhi parameter amoniak melebihi baku mutu karena air limbah domestik yang organik dan kotoran ayam membusuk yang telah tertimbun lama di dasar sungai akan terangkat. Perilaku masyarakat yang menambang pasir di sungai tidak mempengaruhi parameter TSS karena kegiatan menambang pasir tidak dilakukan setiap hari dan bergantung pada curah hujan. Sebagai kesimpulan adalah tidak semua perilaku masyarakat yang bermukim dan berkegiatan di kawasan bantaran sungai mengakibatkan penurunan kualitas air sungai.   ABSTRACT

  6. Assessment of general public satisfaction with public healthcare services in Kedah, Malaysia.

    Hassali, Mohammed Azmi; Alrasheedy, Alian A; Ab Razak, Basyirah Afifah; Al-Tamimi, Saleh Karamah; Saleem, Fahad; Ul Haq, Noman; Aljadhey, Hisham


    Patient satisfaction is considered an essential component of healthcare services evaluation and an additional indicator of the quality of healthcare. Moreover, patient satisfaction may also predict health-related behaviours of patients such as adherence to treatment and recommendations. The study aimed to assess patients' level of satisfaction with public healthcare services and to explore the association between socio-demographic and other study variables and patient satisfaction level. A cross-sectional study was conducted using selfadministered questionnaires distributed to a convenience sample of the general public in Kedah, Malaysia. A total of 435 out of 500 people invited to participate in the study agreed to take part, giving a response rate of 87 per cent. In this study, only approximately half of the participants (n=198, 45.5 per cent) were fully satisfied with the current healthcare services. The majority of the participants agreed that doctors had given enough information about their state of health (n=222, 51 per cent) and were competent and sympathetic (n=231, 53.1 per cent). Almost half of the participants (n=215, 49.5 per cent) agreed that the doctors took their problems seriously. Only 174 (40 per cent) participants agreed that doctors had spent enough time on their consultation session. Some respondents (n=266, 61.2 per cent) agreed that healthcare professionals in the public health sector were highly skilled. The majority of the respondents described amenities, accessibility and facilities available in the public healthcare sector as good or better. In this study, waiting time was significantly associated with patient satisfaction as the results showed that those who waited longer than two hours were less satisfied with the services than those who waited under two hours. The study findings showed that approximately half of the respondents were fully satisfied with current healthcare services. In this study, waiting time was the main factor that


    Mrs. Heriamariaty


    Full Text Available The absence of Public Mining Area and continued use of mercury is responsible for the illegal gold mining and water pollution in Kahayan river. Efforts must be made to avoid and overcome environmental impact by strengthening coordination in central and regional level; empowering local community; and imposing sanction as law enforcement method. Belum adanya Wilayah Pertambangan Rakyat serta penggunaan merkuri mendorong terjadinya penambangan emas tanpa izin dan pencemaran air di Sungai Kahayan. Untuk mencegah dan menanggulangi pencemaran ini diperlukan koordinasi di tingkat pusat dan daerah; penyuluhan dan pendekatan di bidang sosial, ekonomi, budaya, hukum, dan teknologi; serta penegakan hukum secara tegas melalui penerapan sanksi.


    Ulung Jantama Wisha


    Full Text Available Pembuangan limbah dan lumpur ke Sungai Porong diduga akan berdampak bagi lingkungan sekitarnya, khususnya meningkatnya konsentrasi padatan tersuspensi (TSS dan mempengaruhi sebaran fitoplankton di wilayah tersebut. Tujuan dari dilakukannya penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui konsentrasi muatan padatan tersuspensi, kekeruhan dan kelimpahan fitoplankton di perairan muara Sungai Porong, Kabupaten Sidoarjo. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah metode deskriptif. Data yang dikumpulkan sebagai variabel ukur adalah muatan padatan tersuspensi, kekeruhan, kelimpahan fitoplankton dan kecepatan serta arah arus. Variabel pendukung meliputi data pasang surut dan peta bathimetri wilayah muara Sungai Porong. Data yang diperoleh selanjutnya dianalisis menggunakan program Arc GIS 10, sehingga menghasilkan output berupa distribusi spasial. Konsentrasi muatan padatan tersuspensi 542-885 mg/l. konsentrasi kekeruhan 3.7-20.5 NTU. Kelimpahan fitoplankton 153-238 ind/l. Berdasarkan data tersebut dapat diketahui bahwa sebaran muatan padatan tersuspensi dan kekeruhan memiliki kaitan dengan kelimpahan fitoplankton pada saat surut, meskipun pada kuantitas yang tidak selalu sama. Arah sebaran bergerak ke arah Timur atau menjauhi muara sungai. ABUNDANCE OF PHYTOPLANKTON AND TSS VALUE AS AN INDICATOR FOR PORONG RIVER ESTUARY WATER CONDITIONSDisposal of waste and mud into Porong River is expected to have an impact to the surrounding environment, particularly the increasing concentration of suspended solids (TSS and affect the distribution of phytoplankton in the region. The purpose of this study was to determine the correlation between the concentration of TSS and abundance of phytoplankton as an indicator for determinate condition of Porong River Estuary. Determining the location of sampling by purposive sampling method. The data were then analyzed with statistical methods and spatially using ArcGIS 10 program. The concentration of suspended solids charge 542-885 mg

  9. Kondisi habitat dan keragaman nekton di hulu Daerah Aliran Sungai Wampu, Kabupaten Langkat, Provinsi Sumatera Utara

    Ahmad Muhtadi


    Full Text Available The study was conducted to determine the condition of the habitat and the diversity of fish in the watershed of Wampu. The habitat conditions was determined by measuring parameters of temperature, brightness, current velocity, depth, DO, pH, type of substrate, the width and the width of the river. Nekton was sampled using electrofishing units at voltage of 15 volt and 9 amperes. The characteristic of upstream watershed was large stones substrate, gravel, and sand with a fast flow and clear waters. Physical-chemical parameters of waters in the upper watersheds Wampu is still suitable for fish, crabs, and shrimp to live in good condition. A total of 15 species of fishes and one species of freshwater crab and one species of freshwater prawns were recorded during the study. There were two species of mahseer were recorded, namely; Tor soro and T. tambra. The higher diversity index (H ' was recorded in the Bahorok River with a value of 4.5 followed by Berkail River (3.45 and Landak River with a value of 2.46. Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mengetahui kondisi habitat dan keragaman ikan di DAS Wampu. Pengukuran kondisi habitat dengan mengukur parameter suhu, kecerahan, kecepatan arus, kedalaman, DO, pH, jenis substrat, lebar dan lebar badan sungai. Jenis nekton ditangkap dengan alat backpack electrofishing units dimana arus listrik yang dihasilkan bersumber dari batere 15 volt dan 9 ampere. Kondisi habitat pada bagian hulu DAS  Wampu yaitu bertipe substrat batu besar, kerikil, dan pasir dengan arus yang sedang - besar serta perairan yang jernih. Parameter fisika-kimia perairan di hulu DAS Wampu masih layak dan cocok untuk habitat ikan, kepiting dan udang. Selama penelitian nekton yang terkoleksi sebanyak 15 jenis ikan dan 1 jenis kepiting air tawar serta 1 jenis udang air tawar. Pada survei ini ditemukan dua jenis ikan Tor  yakni  T. soro, dan T. Tambra. Keanekaragaman (H' tertinggi terdapat pada Sungai Bahorok dengan nilai 4,5 diikuti Sungai Berkail




    Full Text Available Sungai Mumbul is one of the potential water resources to be an alternative to meet the need for clean water in particular urban communities in Singaraja (Buleleng including Banjar Jawa and Kampung Anyar, but its existence need protection from activities in their environment. The objectives of this are: (1 to determine the physical, chemistry, and microbiology of water quality, (2 to determine 1he pollutant load in the sea/ocean, and (3 to determine the activity of people which decrease wate: quality of Sungai Mumbul. The sampling method was purposipe sampling in which the samples were, taken at 5 point.:; Q 0 (source of water, Q1 -out (Kaltag water with a sampling frequency of once a day every two weeks for one month, On Qout, samples were taken 3 times: in the morning, afternoon and evening. Sampel were analys in laboratory. The results were compared with Bali Governor Regulation No. 8 of 2007 and water quality status of water quality refers to the the Environment Decree No 115 of 2003. Load of pollutants COD rrnc1. BOD s (laboratory measurements. Activities of communities obtained from observations by identifying the number of facilities. The results showed that, in general, water quality parameters of Sungai Mumbul such as temperature, TDS, pH, Sulfate, ammonia, and nitrates were still below the threshold quality standards, while the parameters of COD, BOD5, nitrites, sulfides, oils grease, faecal coliform and total coliform exceeded the quality standard, with quality status categories were polluted, and the total value/score was -30. The use of the residential waste disposal fasilities allowing a lower water quality of Sungai Mumbul the primary channel of 172 units (13:26%, the secondary channel of 426 units (32.85%, tertiary of 396 units (30.53%, and the internal channel of 303 units (23.36% . Load pollutants that lead to the beach/ sea of Kampung Anyar for BOD 5 indicator was 434,12 kg/day, and COD load of 1,033 kg/day.

  11. Pengetahuan Ibu Menopause tentang Gizi Seimbang pada Masa Menopause di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Awang Besar, Barabai, Hulu Sungai Tengah

    Riska Pebrianti


    Full Text Available Women were considered menopausal if the woman does not menstruate again within 12 months without any particular intervention. Data from the working area of health centers Awang Besar Hulu Sungai Tengah in 2014 there are 463 menopausal womens. The purposes of this study was to know knowledge of menopause woman about balanced nutrition in menopause period at the regional of Puskesmas Awang Besar, Barabai, Hulu Sungai Tengah. This study was used descriptive with cross-sectional design. The population are menopause women who willing to become respondents in Puskesmas Awang Besar, Barabai, Hulu Sungai Tengah. Samples was obtained by simple random sampling technique which consisted of 83 respondents. The results showed that majority of respondents in the range aged 48-55 years and have less knowledge about nutrition balanced during menopause were 47 respondents (57.32%. In conclusion, there was less of knowledge about balanced nutrition in menopause period toward menopause woman in Puskesmas Awang Besar, Barabai, Hulu Sungai Tengah.


    Dinisa Hanifa


    Full Text Available Telah dilakukan penelitian untuk mencari lapisan akuifer air tanah di Desa Sungai Jati sebagai dasar dalam perencanaan dalam pembuatan sumur bor. Salah satu cara untuk mengetahui potensi keberadaan air tanah adalah melakukan pengukuran geolistrik dengan konfigurasi schlumberger. Hasil penelitian  geolistrik  konfigurasi  schlumberger  menunjukkan  struktur  lapisan batuan di Desa Sungai Jati pada titik pengukuran GL1, GL2, GL3, GL4, GL5 dan GL6  terdiri  dari  lapisan  lapuk,  batu  pasir,  lanau,  lempung,  dan  lempung gampingan karena Sungai Jati termasuk kedalam formasi Keramaian (Kak. Sebaran akuifer air tanah tersebar pada lapisan batu pasir dengan  kedalaman akuifer air tanahnya bervariasi. Hasil interpretasi diketahui tebal lapisan berkisar antara  2 – 11  meter  dengan kedalaman  sekitar  6  –  40  meter  dengan  nilai resistivitas 100 – 450 Ωm. Secara keseluruhan semakin ke bawah jenis batuanya semakin padat, lapisan ini kurang bersifat sebagai lapisan pembawa air (akuifer. Lapisan air tanah yang berpotensi untuk pembuatan sumur bor dengan kualitas dan kuantitas yang cukup baik terdapat lapisan impermeable pada bagian atas dan bawah sedangkan pada Desa Sungai Jati merupakan akuifer bebas dimana lapisan impermeable hanya terdapat pada lapisan di bawah lapisan akuifer.   Kata kunci : geolistrik, konfigurasi schlumberger, akuifer

  13. Checklist and Simple Identification Key for Frogs and Toads from District IV of The MADA Scheme, Kedah, Malaysia.

    Jaafar, Ibrahim; Chai, Teoh Chia; Sah, Shahrul Anuar Mohd; Akil, Mohd Abdul Muin Md


    A survey was conducted to catalogue the diversity of anurans in District IV of the Muda Agriculture Development Authority Scheme (MADA) in Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia, from July 1996 to January 1997. Eight species of anurans from three families were present in the study area. Of these, the Common Grass Frog (Fejevarya limnocharis) was the most abundant, followed by Mangrove Frog (Fejevarya cancrivora), Long-legged Frog (Hylarana macrodactyla), and Common Toad (Duttaphrynus melanostictus). Puddle Frog (Occidozyga lima), Taiwanese Giant Frog (Hoplobatrachus rugulosus), and Banded Bullfrog (Kaluola pulchra) were rare during the sampling period, and only one Paddy Frog (Hylarana erythraea) was captured. A simple identification key for the anurans of this area is included for use by scientists and laymen alike.

  14. Effects of extraction solvent on fucose content in fucoidan extracted from brown seaweed (Sargassum sp.) from Pulau Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

    Baba, Bibi Marliana; Mustapha, Wan Aida Wan; Joe, Lim Seng


    The objective of this study was to determine the effects of extraction solvent on the fucose content in fucoidan that had been isolated from Sargassum sp., which is a type of brown seaweed that was harvested in Pulau Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. There were three different solvents that were used in the extraction process in order to isolate the crude fucoidan including the hydrochloric acid, HCl, calcium chloride, CaCl2 solution and also the papain ezyme solution. Other extraction parameters that were the extraction temperature and time were fixed at three hours, at 45°C respectively. It was found that there was a significant different (p 0.05) amongst each other. Hence, this study indicated that the extraction of fucoidan using HCl tend to possess higher fucose content which will increase the potential of the extraction method to be used in the industries such as pharmaceuticals as well as the nutraceuticals.

  15. Macrobenthos composition, distribution and abundance within Sungai Pulai estuary, Johor, Malaysia

    Shi, Guan Wan; Min, Lee Di; Ghaffar, Mazlan Abd; Ali, Masni Md; Cob, Zaidi Che


    Macrobenthos are very useful organisms for monitoring marine environmental and widely use in marine ecology research. They are able to monitor the difference phase in the recovery stage of disturbed sites by appear different species macrobenthos after the cessation of the impact. Univariate and multivariate methods were use to study the macrobenthos community within Sungai Pulai estuary, Johor, Malaysia. Five sub-samples were taken at each sampling sites by using 10 cm diameter corer. Crustaceans were the most abundant at Tanjung Adang (St. 1) and the station of non-seagrass area (St. 2) while polychaetes were the most abundant at Merambong Shoal (St. 3). Higher density of macrobenthos was found at St.3 followed by St. 1 and St. 2. The commonly used population indices such as diversity, richness, evenness and dominance were employed to determine the differences in diversity and abundance of macrobenthos. The diversity, richness and evenness index values showed slight increment from Station 1 to Station 3, while the dominance index decreasing trend from Station 1 to Station 3. A total 21 polychaete families were collected in Sungai Pulai estuary, which was dominated by the Spionidae, Capitellidae and Glyceridae. Cluster (Bray-Curtis similarities) analyses revealed that the Tanjung Adang and Merambong Shoal population were clearly separated from the station non-seagrass. For the time being factors that influence the pattern of distribution of the macrobenthos cannot be determined and subjected to further studies.

  16. Strategic Planning of small and medium industries. Case study: Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency, South Borneo Province

    Elya, N.; Shoimah, F.; Kartika, A. P.; Sukanto, A. B.


    Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency has a potential of SMI (Small and Medium Industries) sectors can be developed as economic development. Based on RTRW of Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency, the region has 14 SMI are a propeller, pottery, blacksmith, dried fish, purun webbing, pastries, dodol, crackers, imitation jewelry, woven water hyacinth, bamboo, syrup, brown sugar, and saber. There are several issues related to SMI development such as low quality and quantity of human resources, local raw material, limited capital, low competitiveness, conventional production equipment, and lack of media for marketing the product. The purpose of this study is to develop the leading sectors of SMI and improve the economy and quality of the resident. The research method is descriptive qualitative, leading sectors analysis and force field analysis. Data were obtained from primary and secondary survey of relevant institutions and interview to the community. Based on leading sectors analysis, there is six leading sector is a propeller, blacksmith, dodol, dried fish, pottery, and crackers. Based on force field analysis, determined the strategy for using operational excellence’s concept, so that we can develop the industrial sector by minimizing productions cost so SMI’s product can compete by the price and efficient production process.

  17. Kualitas perairan Sungai Cileungsi bagian hulu berdasarkan kondisi fisik-kimia

    Nuralim Pasisingi


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan menentukan status mutu kualitas air di bagian hulu Sungai Cileungsi serta membandingkan beberapa parameter kualitas air dengan baku mutu kelas II berdasarkan PP RI No.82 Tahun 2001. Penelitian dilakukan bulan September, Oktober dan November 2013 pada empat stasiun pengambilan contoh di bagian hulu Sungai Cileungsi. Data hasil penelitian dianalisis mengggunakan Indeks Kualitas Air-NSF serta secara deskriptif dibandingkan dengan baku mutu kelas II menurut PP RI. No.82 tahun 2001. Hasil penelitian (Suhu air: 23 – 29,3 oC; pH: 6; Oksigen Terlarut: 6,23 - 6,88 mg/L; DHL: 139,6 - 186,3 µS/cm; Kekeruhan: 4,77 - 41,8 mg/L; TDS: 70 - 94 mg/L; TP: 0,026 - 0,099 mg/L; Ortofosfat < 0,002 mg/L; Nitrat: 0,36 - 0,959 mg/L menunjukkan kualitas perairan yang masih memenuhi baku mutu. Sedangkan untuk parameter (BOD5: 3,97 - 5,7 mg/L; COD: 14,68 - 48,06 mg/L menunjukkan nilai yang telah melampaui ambang batas baku mutu kelas II PP RI. No.82 tahun 2001. Namun, secara keseluruhan hasil analisis dengan menggunakan IKA-NSF menunjukkan bahwa kualitas air di semua stasiun memiliki kualitas perairan yang baik dengan rentang skor 78 - 83.

  18. Hospital pharmacists’ knowledge about and attitude toward HIV/AIDS and patients living with HIV/AIDS in Kedah, Malaysia

    Baig, Mirza Rafi


    Introduction The current study aims to explore the knowledge, attitude, and perception of hospital pharmacists towards HIV/AIDS and patients living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in the state of Kedah, Malaysia. Material and methods This was a cross-sectional study conducted among the hospital pharmacists in three government hospitals in Kedah, using a self-administered 43-item questionnaire. Data analysis was done using non-parametric and multinomial regression. Results A total of 75 respondents participated in this study, resulting in a response rate of 60.8%. The majority were found to be well aware of the causes of HIV/AIDS. However, about 34 (45.3%) believed erroneously that HIV/AIDS cannot be transmitted through tattooing or body piercing. Nearly 25 (33.3%) of the respondents believed that preventing the use of intravenous drugs may not be effective to prevent HIV/AIDS and endorsed social isolation as a measure to prevent HIV/AIDS. The majority (66.6%) had negative attitudes and about 20% held extremely negative attitudes. Findings from regression modelling revealed that hospital (–2 log likelihood = 215.182, χ2 = 18.060, Df = 8, p = 0.021) and gender (–2 log likelihood = 213.643, χ2 = 16.521, Df = 8, p = 0.035) were more likely to affect the attitudes of respondents. Conclusions Overall, more than one third of the respondents were found to have negative attitudes towards PLWHA. Gender, job experience, and hospitals with more HIV/AIDS patient visits were the main factors affecting attitudes. PMID:24482660

  19. Mangrove mapping and change detection in Sungai Asam Village, Indragiri Hilir Regency, Riau Province

    Ayu Permatasari, Prita; Setiawan, Yudi; Nur Khairiah, Rahmi; Mulyana, Dadan


    Indonesia is an archipelago in the tropical climate that has the largest mangrove forest in the world. Based on data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, mangrove forest area is estimated about 9 million hectares in 2000. However, this amount is reduced drastically. Approximately, sixty percent of mangrove forest area in 2006, has been lost, damaged, and changed into ponds, plantation, agriculture area, and settlement. Indragiri Hilir is one of regency in Riau Province which has the high potential diversity of mangrove. Based on interpretation of Landsat 8 satellite imagery in June - July 2013, mangrove forest in Indragiri Hilir reached 100,211.23 hectares. The area of mangrove forest is estimated to decrease, due to land use and land cover change. Based on land cover change map, mangrove forest area in Sungai Asam Village has increased in 20 years.

  20. Detection of Hartmannella sp, a free-living amoeba from Sungai Setiu, Terengganu.

    Mat Amin, Nakisah; Najmiah Mustaffa, Nurul; Md Arshad, Norlieyana


    Hartmannella sp is one of the free-living amoebae that have the ability to infect animal tissues because it has been found in human's nasal mucosa, dog's bronchial and turkey's intestine. Treatment for diseases inflicted by free-living amoebae is difficult because most of them infect and damage the host's tissues, so preventive measures are better to take rather than to cure the diseases. In this study, water taken from several stations namely Kampung Padang, Kampung Besut, Ibu Bekalan Setiu, Kampung Tasik, Kampung Guntung, Kampung Nyatoh, Kampung Penarik and Kampung Mangkok) along Sungai Setiu, Terengganu was examined for the presence of Hartmannella sp. The results of this study indicated that only Ibu Bekalan Setiu station was found positive to have the amoeba. Detail results on the water quality and nutrient contents measured in relation to the distribution of the amoeba at Ibu Bekalan Setiu station are presented and discussed.


    Eko Prianto


    Full Text Available Penelitian tentang distribusi, kelimpahan dan ukuran larva ikan dilakukan pada bulan Maret, Mei, Juni dan Oktober 2011. Stasiun pengambilan contoh meliputi Muara Delta Upang (stasiun 1, Muara Sungai Musi (stasiun 2 dan Pulau Payung (stasiun 3. Pengambilan larva pada siang hari menggunakan Bongo net yang berukuran mata jaring 250 µm. Hasil identifikasi diperoleh 13 famili ditinjau menurut musim, pada bulan Mei dan Oktober masing-masing diperoleh 7 famili, dan pada bulan juni sebanyak 3 famili. Kelimpahan larva ikan berkisar antara 9-46 ind/m3 dengan jumlah yang tertinggi (46 ind/m3 pada bulan Mei dan terendah pada bulan Juni (9 ind/m3. Larva ikan dari famili Gobiidae memiliki sebaran yang cukup luas baik spasial maupun temporal. Variasi ukuran larva ikan menurut famili setiap bulannya memiliki variasi ukuran yang hampir sama.  Research about the distribution, abundance and size of fish larvae was conducted in March, May, June and October 2011. Sampling stations encompasses Delta Upang (station 1, Muara Sungai Musi (station 2 and Pulau Payung (station 3. Larvae taken during the daytime using a Bongo net with mesh size of 250 µm. Identification results obtained 13 families based on the season, in May and October respectively 7 families, and in June as many as 3 families. Abundance of fish larval around 9-46 ind/m3 with the highest number (46 ind/m3 in May and the lowest in June (9 ind/m3. Larvae of Gobiidae family have a large distribution on spatial and temporal. The variation in size of fish larvae by family on each month are the same.


    Muhammad Ridwan


    Full Text Available Abstrak Penelitian ini dilaksanakan di sungai dan estuari yang berada di kawasan Cagar Alam Pulau Dua, Serang, Banten. Kawasan tersebut sering dimanfaatkan oleh warga setempat untuk pengairan tambak yang berada di luar kawasan. Aktivitas tersebut secara tidak langsung akan berpengaruh terhadap biota yang berada di sungai maupun estuari. Makrozoobenthos merupakan salah satu aspek biologis yang berperan penting dalam pengkajian kualitas suatu perairan. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui struktur komunitas makrozoobenthos yang berada di Cagar Alam Pulau Dua. Metode yang digunakan adalah survey deskriptif. Pengambilan sampel dilakukan secara purposive sampling dengan menetapkan 4 stasiun penelitian. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian ditemukan 9 jenis makozoobenthos yang dikelompokkan menjadi 6 famili, yaitu Grapsidae, Littorinidae, Panaeidae, Planaxidaae, Ocypodidae dan Potamididae. Indeks Keanekaragaman yaitu sebesar 0,693–1,646, nilai kemerataan jenis sebesar 0,149–0,457, dan nilai dominansi yaitu 0,5. Keanekaragaman dan dominansi menunjukkan nilai yang rendah. Dominansi Metopograpsus latiforus menyebabkan terganggu dan tidak stabilnya perairan di kawasan cagar alam. Abstract Research was carried out in rivers and estuaries in nature conservation Cagar Alam Pulau Dua, Serang, Banten. Those areas are often used by local residents to irrigate ponds outside the sites. That activity directly influences biota in the rivers and estuaries. Macrozoobenthos is one of biology aspects that play an important role in quality assessment of irrigation. This research aimed to study macrozoobenthos community structure in Cagar Alam Pulau Dua by using a descriptive survey method. Sample was collected by using a purposive sampling method and deciding 4 research sites.  Research found 9 species of macrozoobenthos belonged to 6 families, namely Grapsidae, Littorinidae, Panaeidae, Planaxidaae, Ocypodidae, and Potamididae. Diversity index was 0,693–1

  3. Pendugaan Sebaran Kandungan Bauksit Dengan Metode Geolistrik Konfigurasi Schlumberger di Desa Sungai Batu Kabupaten Sanggau Kalimantan Barat

    Hendro Tira


    Full Text Available Telah dilakukan penelitian pendugaan sebaran bauksit di Desa Sungai Batu Kabupaten Sanggau dengan menggunakan metode geolistrik resistivitas. Pengambilan data menggunakan konfigurasi elektroda Schlumberger. Berdasarkan nilai resistivitasnya, model memperlihatkan potensi kandungan bauksit terletak pada koordinat  x:450.488,738-450.600,219 dan y:13.192,958-13.398,410, x:450.561,862-450.642,555 dan y:13.205,977-13.426,689, x:450.511,095-450.711,491 dan y:13.268,652-13.391,399, x:450.489,110-450.631,580 dan y:13.181,137-13.368,025. Selain mineral bauksit ada beberapa kandungan mineral lain yang bisa di interpretasikan antara lain adanya kandungan magnetit, batulempung, batu kerikil basah, aluvium dan sedimen pasir serta kandungan air tanah. Hal ini dipengaruhi oleh lokasi penyelidikan tepat berada di pinggiran sungai kapuas.


    R Rachmawatie


    Full Text Available Tujuan riset ini adalah untuk meneliti konsentrasi Merkuri ( Hg dan Cadmium ( Cd di  muara Sungai Porong serta menentukan tingkat pencemaran logam berat di area tersebut. Analisa statistic yang digunakan adalah  ANOVA  dan analisis regresi yang digunakan untuk menguji hubungan logam berat yang terdeteksi dengan parameter penunjang. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan konsentrasi Cd telah melewati batasan normal di area muara. Disamping itu, Merkuri (Hg tidak terdeteksi. Rata-Rata konsentrasi Cd dari 9 stasiun adalah 0,025 - 0,075 mg/liter. Hasil ANOVA menunjukkan rata-rata konsentrasi Cadmium (Cd dari seluruh stasiun pengamatan  adalah berbeda nyata (p < 0,05. Selanjutnya, analisis regresi menunjukkan bahwa model regresi dapat menjelaskan hubungan konsentrasi logam berat Cadmium (Cd dengan beberapa parameter kualitas air  ( R2 < 70%. Kata Kunci :  Cadmium, Merkuri, muara Sungai Porong


    Aninda Nurry


    Full Text Available Perubahan tutupan lahan (land cover change ditandai dengan adanya perubahan alih fungsi penggunaan lahan. Pada daerah aliran sungai perubahan tutupaan lahan sekitar daerah aliran sungai tersebut biasanya terjadi pada daerah sisi kanan dan kiri sungai yang digunakan sebagai pemukiman atau daerah industri (pabrik. Sungai Porong sebagai bagian dari Sungai Brantas yang sudah lama beralih fungsi sebagai tempat pembuangan luapan lumpur panas Sidoarjo telah banyak mengalami perubahan.  Terjadinya bencana lumpur Sidoarjo pada 29 Mei 2006 membuat suatu perubahan yang mempengaruhi kondisi air, pemukiman dan sosial ekonomi di wilayah tersebut. Untuk  mengetahui  besarnya  perubahan  tutupan lahan daerah tersebut  dapat digunakan  teknologi  penginderaan  jauh  yang  berbasis  citra  satelit  menggunakan  citra Landsat  7  dan  citra  Landsat  8.  Penggunaan  kedua  citra  yang  berbeda  tersebut  dapat dikatakan sebagai citra multitemporal.  Salah satu metode  yang  digunakan  untuk  mengetahui perubahan tutupan  lahan  yaitu  dengan melakukan klasifikasi berdasarkan kemiripan maksimum (maximum likelihood. Dari hasil klasifikasi tersebut, akan diketahui perubahan tutupan lahan daerah sekitar aliran sungai Porong tahun 2002 dan 2013. Hasil tutupan lahan di area kali Porong dari tahun 2002 dan 2013 menunjukan adanya perubahan antara lain luas sawah, luas lahan terbangun, luas lahan kosong, luas badan air (sungai, luas hutan, luas tegalan, luas tambak, dan adanya penambahan kelas lumpur panas Sidoarjo pada landsat 8 dikarenakan  semburan lumpur yang berlangsung sejak tahun 2006 sehingga menghilangkan ratusan hektar sawah dan lahan terbangun. Perubahan tutupan lahan pada landsat 8 yang lain juga muncul yaitu adanya kelas pulau Sarinah yang merupakan hasil pembentukan dari buangan lumpur panas Sidoarjo yang dialirkan melalui kali Porong.

  6. Iktiofauna Sungai Sangkir Kabupaten Rokan Hulu Provinsi Riau (Ichthyofauna of Sangkir River, Rokan Hulu District Riau Province

    Nunuk Dian Pranata


    Full Text Available This study was conducted in Sangkir river branch of Rokan Kiri river Sangkir village, Rokan Hulu district, Riau Province from May of July 2016. The aim of this study was to inventory the fish species in Sangkir river branch of Rokan Kiri River with direct observation (survey. Five sampling locations were determined purposely based on the environmental condition that could be represented by the river condition. A total of 288 individuals of fish belonging to 3 orders, 7 families, 13 genera and 16 species were recorded in this study, namely Barbodes balleroides, Barbodes gonionotus, Barbichthys leavis, Channa striata, Cyclocheilichthys apogon, Labiobarbus fasciatus, Mystus nigriceps, Ompok eugeneiatus, Osteochilus hasseltii, Osteochilus mycrocephalus, Pangio semicincta, Pristolepis grooti, Thynnichthys polylepis, Trichogaster leerii, Trichogaster trichopterus and Trichopsis vittata. Cyprinidae was the most abundance fish in this study. Penelitian ini telah dilaksanakan di sungai Sangkir, anak sungai Rokan Kiri, desa Sangkir, Kabupaten Rokan Hulu, Provinsi Riau pada bulan Mei sampai Juli 2016. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui jenis-jenis ikan di sungai Sangkir anak Sungai Rokan Kiri dengan metode pengamatan langsung (survei dengan penetapan stasiun pengambilan sampel secara purposive sampling. Penetapan stasiun berdasarkan kondisi lingkungan yang terdiri dari 5 stasiun penelitian. Hasil penelitian  didapatkan sebanyak 288 individu ikan yang terdiri dari 3 ordo, 7 famili 13 genus dan 16 spesies. Spesies yang didapatkan yaitu Barbodes balleroides, Barbodes gonionotus, Barbichthys leavis, Channa striata, Cyclocheilichthys apogon, Labiobarbus fasciatus, Mystus nigriceps, Ompok eugeneiatus, Osteochilus hasseltii, Osteochilus mycrocephalus, Pangio semicincta, Pristolepis grooti, Thynnichthys polylepis Trichogaster leerii, Trichogaster trichopterus dan Trichopsis vittata. Cyprinidae merupakan kelompok ikan yang paling banyak dalam penelitian ini.

  7. Odonata of Sungai Bebar, Pahang, Malaysia, with four species recorded for the first time from mainland Asia

    Rory A Dow


    Full Text Available Records are presented of Odonata collected in September 2009 from the Sungai Bebar and the surrounding area, in Pekan Forest Reserve, southeastern Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia. A total of 50 species from nine families were collected. Two of the species listed, Amphicnemis bebar and A. hoisen, were first discovered during this survey. Another four previously known species were recorded in mainland Asia for the first time: Elattoneura coomansi, Elattoneura longispina, Brachygonia ophelia and Tyriobapta laidlawi.


    R Rachmawatie; Zainul Hidayah; Indah Wahyuni Abida


    Tujuan riset ini adalah untuk meneliti konsentrasi Merkuri ( Hg) dan Cadmium ( Cd) di  muara Sungai Porong serta menentukan tingkat pencemaran logam berat di area tersebut. Analisa statistic yang digunakan adalah  ANOVA  dan analisis regresi yang digunakan untuk menguji hubungan logam berat yang terdeteksi dengan parameter penunjang. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan konsentrasi Cd telah melewati batasan normal di area muara. Disamping itu, Merkuri (Hg) tidak terdeteksi. Rata-Rata konsentrasi Cd d...

  9. Spatial Analysis in Determination Of Flood Prone Areas Using Geographic Information System and Analytical Hierarchy Process at Sungai Sembrong's Catchment

    Bukari, S. M.; Ahmad, M. A.; Wai, T. L.; Kaamin, M.; Alimin, N.


    Floods that struck Johor state in 2006 and 2007 and the East Coastal in 2014 have triggered a greatly impact to the flood management here in Malaysia. Accordingly, this study conducted to determine potential areas of flooding, especially in Batu Pahat district since it faces terrifying experienced with heavy flood. This objective is archived by using the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on study area of flood risk location at the watershed area of Sungai Sembrong. GIS functions as spatial analysis is capable to produce new information based on analysis of data stored in the system. Meanwhile the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) was used as a method for setting up in decision making concerning the existing data. By using AHP method, preparation and position of the criteria and parameters required in GIS are neater and easier to analyze. Through this study, a flood prone area in the watershed of Sungai Sembrong was identified with the help of GIS and AHP. Analysis was conducted to test two different cell sizes, which are 30 and 5. The analysis of flood prone areas were tested on both cell sizes with two different water levels and the results of the analysis were displayed by GIS. Therefore, the use of AHP and GIS are effective and able to determine the potential flood plain areas in the watershed area of Sungai Sembrong.


    Yogyrema Setyanto Putra


    Full Text Available Pemetaan batas daerah aliran sungai (DAS merupakan salah satu parameter utama yang digunakan sebagai batasan penentuan kondisi tutupan lahan dan geomorfologi pada DAS. Ketersediaan data Digital Elevation Model (DEM, dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai pengelolaan DAS dalam bentuk pemetaan batas DAS serta mendapatkan kondisi geomorfologi DAS. Sayangnya keberagaman produk data DEM sering menimbulkan pertanyaan bagi pengguna tentang produk data DEM manakah yang sebaiknya digunakan dalam penelitiannya. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendapatkan hasil perbandingan dari batas DAS yang diolah yaitu menggunakan data ASTERGlobal Digital Elevation Model (GDEM terhadap data Badan Pengelolaan Daerah Aliran Sungai (BPDAS. Metode yang dilakukan dalam penelitian ini mencakup pra pengolahan, pengolahan, dan kartografis. Pada pra pengolahan citra proses yang dilakukan antara lain pemotongan citra DEM, koreksi geometrik, ekstraksi garis kontur Peta RBI ke DEM, pengkoreksian jaringan sungai BPDAS terhadap Peta RBI. Pada tahap pengolahan dilakukan analisa hidrologi permukaan pada data DEM untuk mendapat batas DAS. Pada tahap akhir dilakukan kartografi untuk pembuatan peta batas dimana data batas ditampalkan. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian, secara kuantitatif nilai morfometri hasil pengolahan ASTER GDEM menunjukkan nilai yang berbeda dengan data BPDAS, tetapi masih dalam rentang kelas benuk DAS yang sama.

  11. Sustainable rice production and its impact on the rice value chain: A case study of rural paddy farm in Kedah

    Othman, Siti Norezam; Othman, Zakirah; Yaacob, Noorulsadiqin Azbiya; Hamid, Kamal Ab


    System of Rice Intensification (SRI) method had contributed towards environmental sustainability through improving paddy ecosystem, better sustainable economic due to improving paddy production and sales and social sustainability through local community development through community activity and health. This study aimed to find out whether the innovative practices of SRI affect the rice value chain and to determine the roles, activities of the actors in the value chain as well as challenges that impacted the value chain. Using interview as data collection method, case samples were selected from various SRI paddy site in Kedah. The findings indicated that implementing SRI practices in organic paddy cultivation had caused the value chain to be different from conventional paddy value chain in terms of actor and effect of middle man subject to the small scale paddy production. For organic rice value chain to become competitive, roles, activities and challenges were identified so that supports could be provided to the farmers and other related parties in the value chain.

  12. A weighted least squares estimation of the polynomial regression model on paddy production in the area of Kedah and Perlis

    Musa, Rosliza; Ali, Zalila; Baharum, Adam; Nor, Norlida Mohd


    The linear regression model assumes that all random error components are identically and independently distributed with constant variance. Hence, each data point provides equally precise information about the deterministic part of the total variation. In other words, the standard deviations of the error terms are constant over all values of the predictor variables. When the assumption of constant variance is violated, the ordinary least squares estimator of regression coefficient lost its property of minimum variance in the class of linear and unbiased estimators. Weighted least squares estimation are often used to maximize the efficiency of parameter estimation. A procedure that treats all of the data equally would give less precisely measured points more influence than they should have and would give highly precise points too little influence. Optimizing the weighted fitting criterion to find the parameter estimates allows the weights to determine the contribution of each observation to the final parameter estimates. This study used polynomial model with weighted least squares estimation to investigate paddy production of different paddy lots based on paddy cultivation characteristics and environmental characteristics in the area of Kedah and Perlis. The results indicated that factors affecting paddy production are mixture fertilizer application cycle, average temperature, the squared effect of average rainfall, the squared effect of pest and disease, the interaction between acreage with amount of mixture fertilizer, the interaction between paddy variety and NPK fertilizer application cycle and the interaction between pest and disease and NPK fertilizer application cycle.

  13. Species identification of Malayan Gaur, Kedah-Kelantan and Bali cattle using polymerase chain reaction-restricted fragment length polymorphism.

    Romaino, S M N; Fazly-Ann, Z A; Loo, S S; Hafiz, M M; Hafiz, M D; Iswadi, M I; Kashiani, P; Rosli, M K A; Syed-Shabthar, S M F; Md-Zain, B M; Abas-Mazni, O


    Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is a useful genetic marker that can be used for species identification. The cytochrome b (Cyt b) gene is a suitable mtDNA candidate gene for use in phylogenetic analyses due to its sequence variability, which makes it appropriate for comparisons at the subspecies, species, and genus levels. This study was conducted to develop a rapid molecular method for species identification of Malayan gaur (Bos gaurus hubbacki), Kedah-Kelantan (KK) (Bos indicus), and Bali (Bos javanicus) cattle in Malaysia. DNA was extracted from blood samples of 8 Malayan gaurs, 30 KK, and 28 Bali cattle. A set of both specific and universal primers for the Cyt b gene were used in PCR amplification. DNA sequences obtained were then analyzed using BioEdit and Restriction Mapper softwares. The PCR products obtained from Cyt b gene amplification were then subjected to restriction enzyme digestion. The amplification, using both specific and universal primers, produced a 154- and a 603-bp fragment, respectively, in all three species. Two restriction enzymes, NlaIV and SspI, were used to obtain specific restriction profiles that allowed direct identification of Malayan gaur, KK, and Bali cattle. Our findings indicate that all three species can be identified separately using a combination of universal primers and the restriction enzyme SspI.


    Kamaluddin Kasim


    Full Text Available Beberapa penelitian menyebutkan bahwa fluktuasi tinggi muka air (TMA dapat mempengaruhi hasil tangkapan ikan di perairan sungai dan rawa namun tidak terhadap semua jenis ikan.  Penelitian ini dilakukan dengan tujuan untuk mengetahui hasil tangkapan jenis ikan sungai dan rawa sungai Mahakam yang mendapat pengaruh fluktuasi TMA dan jenis ikan yang tidak mendapatkan pengaruh langsung oleh fluktuasi TMA. Data mengenai hasil tangkapan ikan yang berasal dari alat tangkap pancing dan jaring diperoleh melalui enumerator di Tempat Pendaratan Ikan (TPI Selili Kota Samarinda pada periode 2007-2012, sedangkan nilai rata-rata Tinggi Muka Air (TMA DAS Mahakam secara bulanan diperlukan sebagai salah satu faktor yang diduga berpengaruh terhadap hasil tangkapan beberapa jenis ikan sungai dan rawa. Data dianalisis dengan metode regresi linear sederhana dan penentuan perbedaan hasil tangkapan pada musim hujan, peralihan dan kemarau dilakukan dengan Analysis of Variance (ANOVA. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa jumlah hasil tangkapan ikan berkorelasi kuat (r=0,7 terhadap Tinggi Muka air (TMA dengan arah hubungan negatif atau berkebalikan, yakni semakin tinggi nilai TMA maka hasil tangkapan semakin rendah. Jenis ikan sungai dan rawa seperti patin, nila, sepat siam (Trichogaster pectoralis, lais dan betok (Anabas testudineus merupakan jenis ikan yang hasil tangkapannya dipengaruhi secara signifikan (P0,05 oleh fluktuasi TMA.   Some studies have showed that water level fluctuation may have a significant correlation to the catch of several commercial fish target in inland fishery and does not influence directly the cath of some commercial fish. This study aimed to determine which species are directly influenced and such species not inluenced by water level fluctuation for its catches. Catch data obtained from hand line and gill net are recorded by enumerators at Fish Landing Sites of Selili, Samarinda during the period of 2007-2012, while the data of surface water


    Nursyamsi Junus


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Tujuan penelitian ini adalah memanfaatkan citra Landsat TM dan ETM+ untuk memantau perkembangan morfologi dan perubahan bentuk lahan kepesisiran yang terjadi pada delta Sungai Jeneberang selama rentang waktu 1989-2006 serta mengkaji kemampuan citra penginderaan jauh terutama citra Landsat dalam mendeteksi perubahan geomorfologi yang terjadi pada daerah delta Sungai Jeneberang. Daerah penelitian meliputi kawasan delta Sungai Jeneberang Kota Makassar Propinsi Sulawesi Selatan. Metode perolehan data primer adalah dengan menggunakan citra penginderaan jauh time series dan diolah dengan Sistem Informasi Geografis (SIG, pengukuran di lapangan (gelombang, arus, pasang surut dan analisis sampel sedimen tersuspensi di laboratorium.  Data sekunder dikumpulkan dari Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika berupa peta, gambar, data statistik, data meteorologi serta laporan tertulis. Analisis data dilakukan dengan integrasi antara analisis kuantitatif dan analisis deskriptif dimana data-data hasil pengukuran lapangan digunakan untuk mendukung analisis deskriptif yang didapatkan melalui interpretasi citra penginderan jauh. Pengolahan SIG akan menghasilkan peta-peta perubahan garis pantai yang terjadi pada delta Sungai Jeneberang selama rentang waktu 1989-2006. Hasil penelitian diperoleh adanya fluktuasi panjang garis pantai dan luasan delta, bentuk daratan delta secara umum tidak mengalami perubahan yakni dari tahun 1989 ke tahun 2006 yakni berbentuk multi lobate kemudian berbentuk lobate. Delta mengalami perluasan rata-rata sebesar 8,84 ha/tahun namun pada tahun 2001-2005 mengalami pengurangan luas sebesar 2,38 ha/tahun. Panjang garis pantai bertambah rata-rata 23,10 km/tahun, namun pada tahun 1999-2001 garis pantai berkurang karena abrasi sebesar 37,02 km/tahun. Pengaruh fluvial dan pengaruh marin memainkan peranan yang hampir sama pada muara sungai Jeneberang sehingga proses abrasi dan sedimentasi terjadi bergantian pada beberapa bagian delta. Perubahan


    Anorital Anorital


    Full Text Available The intestinal infection disease caused by protozoa: amoeba is one of the public health problem with high incidence in the community. From the research activity conducted in Hulu Sungai Utara Regency in the year 2002, to obtain of prevalence of protozoa infection from stool examination from resident in 6 villages at 3 subdistrict in Hulu Sungai Utara Regency. The research has conducted to be carry out survey parasite to the community. Sample size will be examination are 230 persons per village, so that to 6 villages will be examed as 1.600 persons. The examination directly by using lugol 2% and checked on the microscope with magnification 10x10 and 10x40. For resident which its sample stool is positive the protozoa to be given a treatment by metronidazol. From stool examination result obtained prevalence resident which are positive the amoeba intestine protozoa is Entamoeba coli 19,8%, Endolimax nana 15,8%, and Entamoeba histolityca 15,4%. While prevalence resident which are positive the intestine flagellata/B. hominis is Blastocystis hominis 25,5% and Giardia lamblia 11,6%. From 5 micro-organism on the intestine. Entamoeba histolityca, Blastocystis hominis and Giardia lamblia are cause diarrhoea because having the pathogenic. From survey ot socio-cultural, known also the resident percentage which drinking no safe water 43,3%, source of drinking water obtained from river or swamp is 67,7%, human waste disposal in river and swamp is 79,5%, and take a bath and brush the teeth with water of river and swamp is 78,6%; showing bad condition of environmental sanitation, personal hygiene, and life behavior. Good personal hygiene and environmental sanitation practices are the major factors of this disease prevention. The main principle to prevent the spreading of protozoa infection is to cut off the link of infection sources to human beings. Personal hygiene is focused on the management of individual behaviour, meanwhile environmental sanitation


    Ni Komang Suryati


    Full Text Available Kegiatan penangkapan ikan sumpit sebagai ikan hias secara terus menerus di SungaiMusi oleh para nelayan akan mengakibatkan penurunan populasi ikan tersebut. Ikan sumpit termasuk ikan yang bernilai ekonomis tinggi, harganya di pasaran Rp 150.000,-. Oleh karena itu perlu dilakukan penelitian untuk mengetahui aspek biologi reproduksi ikan sumpit sebagai salah satu informasi untuk mendukung pelestarian ikan sumpit agar populasi ikan sumpit tetap terjaga. Penelitian dilakukan pada setiap bulan sejak Juni hingga Oktober 2011. Pengambilan sampel Ikan sumpit dilaksanakan di Perairan Sungai Musi dari Borang sampai Sungsang. Hasil penelitianmenunjukkan rasio kelamin antara ikan jantan dan ikan betina terjadi ketidakseimbangan dimana rasio kelamin ikan jantan jauh lebih banyak dibandingkan rasio kelamin ikan betina (2:1. Rata-rata nilai Indeks Gonad Somatik ikan sumpit berkisar antara 4,27±1,27. Nilai dari fekunditas ikan sumpit betina secara keseluruhan berkisar 6.655-72.726 butir/individu. Kisaran diameter telurnya antara 0,27 – 0,95 mm. Ukuran pertama kali matang gonad pada panjang total 134,97 mm untuk ikan jantan dan 116,31 mm untuk ikan betina. Fishing activity of archer fish as ornamental fish continuously in Musiriver by fisher will decrease it population. The price is Rp 150.000,-/fish in market so that Archer fish has high economy value. Therefore it was necessary to study the reproductive biology of archerfish that may be used as a reference for better management in order to achieve stability of its population. The research was conducted every month from June to October 2011 in downstream ofMusiriver South Sumatera. Result of this research showed that proportion between male and female were not equal (2:1. Gonad Somatic Index of archer fish values ranged 4,27 ± 1,27 and the fecundity of the female is estimated between 6655 to 72726 eggs. The average diameter of mature egss ranged form 0.27 to 0.95 mm. Length of first

  18. DAMPAK LINGKUNGAN PEMANFAATAN ALUR SUNGAI DI KALI BOYONG, KALI KUNING DAN KALI GENDOL (Environmental Impact of Utulization River Courses in Boyong River, Kuning River and Gendol River

    Darmakusuma Darmanto


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Penelitian ini merupakan sebagian dari hasil studi Program Doktor (S3 pada lokasi penelitian di Kali Boyong, Kali Kuning dan Kali Gendol yang merupakan sungai yang secara periodik merupakan jalur limpahan material sedimen yang berasal dari aktivitas Gunungapi Merapi. Sehingga muncul permasalahan: (a dampak erupsi terhadap fungsi alur sungai sebagai tempat menyimpan, mengalirkan dan memanfaatkan air pada wilayah yang padat penduduk dan (b pemanfaatan alur sungai untuk kegiatan penambangan sirtu dan pertanian, sehingga perlu dikembangkan model pengelolaan lingkungan alur yang dapat meminimalkan dampak yang terjadi, sehingga fungsi alur sungai tetap optimal. Metodologi yang digunakan adalah metoda survei dengan cara melakukan pengamatan lingkungan dan pengukuran profil penampang sungai, pengambilan sampel material sedimen yang kemudian dianalisis di laboratorium mengenai diameter butir, berat jenis dan warna, wawancara kepada masyarakat penambang di sekitar wilayah penelitian pada setiap penggal sungai, pengambilan gambar dengan menggunakan foto-digital dan pengumpulan data sekunder. Data yang telah dikumpulkan kemudian dianalisis secara deskriptif pada setiap sungai dan antar sungai dengan pendekatan ekologis dan spasial. Berdasarkan kajian hasil dan pembahasan yang diperoleh dalam penelitian ini dan sesuai dengan tujuan penelitian yang ingin dicapai, maka dapat ditarik kesimpulan sebagai berikut: (a Mendasarkan pada pendekatan ekologis subDas antara hulu-tengah-hilir dan antar subDas kondisi geometrik dari faktor-faktor fisik maupun biotik relatif sama antara Kali Boyong dan Kali Gendol/ Opak sedangkan untuk Kali Kuning agak berbeda karena merupakan “lokasi antara” perpindahan waktu aktivitas Gunungapi Merapi; dan (b Pemanfaatan alur sungai oleh masyarakat sekitar lokasi maupun usaha pemerintah daerah menimbulkan gangguan kelancaran penyimpanan dan penyaluran air sungai pada alurnya dari hulu ke hilir, kegiatan tersebut adalah

  19. Usage of Local Raw Material in the Construction of Candi Pengkalan Bujang (Site 18, Bujang Valley, Kedah

    Zuliskandar Ramli


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to determine whether the ancient bricks from Candi Pengkalan Bujang (Site 18 are made from local raw material or not. Candi Pengkalan Bujang (Site 18 which is located in the cemetery area of Pengkalan Bujang Mosque, Kedah has unearthed various interesting artefacts; among them are the Sung Dynasty celadon findings and also kala carvings made from granite. The main construction materials used to build the temple consisted of laterite, slates, bricks and also granite. Laterite and bricks were used to build the lower part (foot of the temple while granite stones were used as the pillar bases, door sills, stone hem and also kala. The upper part of the temple is believed to have been built using wooden structures and the roof used palm leaves. Natural rock resources used to build this temple were local resources based on the distribution of the rocks that are aplenty in Bujang Valley. Scientific analysis on the bricks also showed that local raw material was used to produce these bricks. Scientific analysis using the X-ray fluorescence technique and X-ray diffraction technique can determine the chemical composition of the bricks, among others the mineral content of the bricks as well as the major element and trace element content. The analysis showed that open burning technique was used in the process of producing the bricks while the major and trace element content analysis showed the clay used was obtained from the Muda River and Bujang River basin. This usage of local raw material also demonstrated the local wisdom in temple construction technology and also technique in producing bricks that had existed since the 5th century AD.


    Karmono Mangunsukardjo


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui peranan geomorfologi dalam perencanaan penggunaan lahan di Daerah Aliran Sungai Oyo, Gunungkidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Arahan perencanaan penggunaan lahan didasarkan pada kelas kemampuan lahan dengan satuan medan sebagai satuan evaluasi dan acuan petanya. Satuan medan yang disusun atas satuan bentuklahan, lereng, dan tanah, sedangkan untuk penentuan kelas kemampuan lahannya ditambang dengan factor batu di permukaan, airtanah, dan genangan. Evaluasi kemampuan lahan dilakukan dengan cara matching antara karakteristik lahan dalam setiap satuan medan terhadap persyaratan kelas kemampuan lahan dengan menggunakan system informasi geografis (SIG. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa satuan medan yang disusun berdasarkan kerangka dasar geomorfologi mampu memberikan penilaian kemampuan lahan dan arahan penggunaan lahan. Satuan medan pegunungan structural-denudasional (SP, perbukitan structural-denudasional (SB, mempunyai kelas kemampuan lahan VI, sehingga tidak boleh dimanfaatkan dan seharusnya dijadikan lahan konservasi. Satuan medan lain yang mempunyai kelas kemampuan lahan IV seperti SBk, KD, KDt dapat dimanfaatkan untuk pertanian sangat terbatas. Satuan medan yang berkelas kemampuan lahan III adalah FT, SI, KDa, dan KLb yang memungkinkan untuk lahan pertanian terbatas. Erosi dan sifat tanah merupakan faktor kendala lahan pertanian pada satuan medan dengan kelas kemampuan lahan III.

  1. Distribution of intestinal parasitic infections amongst aborigine children at Post Sungai Rual, Kelantan, Malaysia.

    Hartini, Y; Geishamimi, G; Mariam, A Z; Mohamed-Kamel, A G; Hidayatul, F O; Ismarul, Y I


    Intestinal parasitic infections are important public health problems among underprivileged communities. This study was carried out to evaluate the infection rate of intestinal parasites among aborigine children at Pos Sungai Rual, Kelantan, Malaysia. A total of 111 faecal samples from aborigine children aged 4-12 years were screened for intestinal parasites by direct smear technique. Harada-Mori culture was also performed to identify hookworm and Strongyloides stercoralis larvae. The results showed that 87.4% of the children examined were positive for one or more parasites. Intestinal parasites were significantly lower in boys (78.7%) as compared to girls (93.8%). The infection occurred in very young children aged 4-6 years (80.0%) and the percentage of parasite-positive cases appeared to be significantly higher (92.9%) among the children aged 7-9 years. Trichuris trichiura was the most common parasite found in aborigine children (65.8%). Low socioeconomic status, poor environmental sanitation and poor personal hygiene are possible contributing factors that increase the rate of intestinal parasitic infections among the children. Thus, the parasitic diseases will continue to threaten the people's health especially among communities from rural areas if no appropriate actions are taken to diminish the transmission of the parasites.

  2. Rancang Bangun Turbin Air Sungai Poros Vertikal Tipe Savonius dengan Menggunakan Pemandu Arah Aliran

    Adia Cahya Purnama


    Full Text Available Pemanfaatan sumber energi air terutama digunakan sebagai penyedia energi listrik melalui pembangkit listrik tenaga air maupun mikrohidro. Salah satu permasalahan adalah bagaimana memanfaatkan potensi energi aliran air yang relatif kecil. Maka dari itu guna memanfaatkan dan meningkatkan potensi energi aliran air yang relatif kecil diperlukan penelitian. Pemanfaatan energi air pada penelitian ini adalah pemanfaatan energi kinetik aliran air. Energi mekanik yang merupakan transformasi dari energi kinetik aliran air dimanfaatkan untuk menggerakkan turbin atau kincir. Turbin poros vertikal tipe Savonius ini cocok digunakan untuk memanfaatkan energi aliran air yang relatif kecil. Penelitian dengan judul “Rancang Bangun Turbin Air Sungai Poros Vertikal Tipe Savonius dengan Menggunakan Pemandu Araha Aliran” dilakukan dengan metode eksperimen, dimana hasil dari rancang bangun turbin akan dilakukan pengujian dan pengambilan data. Data pengujian yang diperoleh berdasarkan dari pengaruh variasi kecepatan aliran 0,30 ; 0,57 ; 0,85 dan 1,08 (m/detik serta pengaruh dari pemandu arah aliran. Performansi diperoleh dari hasil pengujian dan pengukuran. Diperoleh Cp maksimum 0,13 pada TSR 1,53. Kecepatan putar turbin maksimum diperoleh sebesar 162 RPM dan daya keluaran maksimum generator sebesar 2,31 Watt. Penggunaan pemandu arah aliran dapat meningkatkan performansi turbin Savonius diperoleh efisiensi mekanis turbin rata-rata 90,40% dan efisiensi elektris generator rata-rata 90,20%. Sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa dengan kecepatan aliran air yang sangat rendah turbin tipe Savonius dapat membangkitkan energi listrik.

  3. Speciation of heavy metals by modified BCR sequential extraction procedure in different depths of sediments from Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia

    Nemati, Keivan, E-mail: [Environmental Research Group, Department of Chemistry, University of Malaya (UM), Kuala Lumpur 50603 (Malaysia); Bakar, Nor Kartini Abu; Abas, Mhd. Radzi; Sobhanzadeh, Elham [Environmental Research Group, Department of Chemistry, University of Malaya (UM), Kuala Lumpur 50603 (Malaysia)


    Highlights: {yields} A BCR sequential extraction procedure was applied for measurement of heavy metals in Sungai Buloh sediments in different depths. {yields} The amounts of CF and percentage of RAC was measured in this study too. {yields} Highest CF was obtained for Cd, Co, Pb and Zn in these samples. {yields} Zn at S3 and Cd at S3-S7 showed a high risk for the sediment samples. There were no elements of very high risk conditions in the selected samples. - Abstract: The sequential extraction procedure proposed by the European Standard, Measurements and Testing (SM and T) program, formerly the Community Bureau of Reference (BCR), was applied for partitioning of heavy metals (HMs) in river sediments collected along the course of Sungai Buloh and the Straits of Malacca in Selangor, Malaysia. Eight elements (V, Pb, Cd, Cr, Co, Ni, Cu and Zn) from seven stations (S1-S7) and at different depths were analyzed using the modified BCR Sequential Extraction Procedure (SEP) in combination with ICP-MS to obtain the metal distribution patterns in this region. The results showed that heavy metal contaminations at S2 and S3 was more severe than at other sampling sites, especially for Zn, Cu, Ni and Pb. Nevertheless, the element concentrations from top to bottom layers decreased predominantly. The samples from the Straits of Malacca (S4-S7) the highest contamination factors obtained were for Co, Zn and Pb while the lowest were found for V and Cr, similar to Sungai Buloh sediments. The sediments showed a low risk for V, Cr, Cu and Pb with RAC values of less than 10%, but medium risk for Co, Zn (except S3), Cd at S1 and S2 and Ni at S1, S3 and S5. Zn at S3 and Cd at S3-S7 showed high risk to our sediment samples. There is not any element of very high risk conditions in the selected samples.

  4. Membrane proteins associated with sperm-oocyte interaction: A proteomic comparison between Kedah Kelantan (Bos indicus) and Mafriwal (Bos taurus × Bos indicus) sperm

    Ashrafzadeh, Ali; Nathan, Sheila; Othman, Iekhsan; Yee, Tee Ting; Karsani, Saiful Anuar


    Production performance of European cattle breeds has significantly improved through various breeding programs. However, European breeds are more susceptible to heat stress compared to zebu cattle (Bos indicus) as their conception rate can range between 20 to 30% in hot seasons compared to winter. To identify cattle sperm proteins associated with zebu cattle higher fertility and heat tolerance in tropical environments, we utilised a proteomics-based approach to compare sperm from the highly fertile Malaysian indigenous breed, Kedah Kelantan (Bos indicus), with sperm from the sub-fertile crossbreed, Mafriwal (Bos taurus × Bos indicus). Frozen semen of three high performance bulls from each breed was processed to obtain live and pure sperm. Proteins were separated and gel bands were processed by in-gel tryptic digestion. For each breed, mass spectrometry data was acquired over 11 replicates. The analyzed data identified peptides with different expression levels (99% confidence level) and protein identification was determined by targeted MS/MS. Among the identified proteins associated with sperm-oocyte interaction, two proteins were up-regulated in Kedah Kelantan sperm and 7 proteins were up-regulated in or specific to Mafriwal. Our results suggest that the higher fertility of zebu cattle in tropical areas may not be related to more efficient sperm-oocyte interaction. Further analysis of the other regulated proteins in these two breeds may contribute further knowledge on the physiological reason/s for higher fertility and heat tolerance of Zebu cattle in tropical areas.


    Bastiar Nur


    Full Text Available Ikan pelangi asal Sungai Sawiat, Papua merupakan ikan hias endemik yang belum diketahui data biologinya. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui jumlah telur yang dihasilkan, fertilitas dan daya tetas telur serta tahapan perkembangan embrio ikan pelangi asal Sungai Sawiat. Induk jantan dan betina ukuran 10–15 cm sebanyak 20 ekor, dipelihara dalam bak beton berukuran 2,5 x 2,5 x 1,0 m3 dengan sistem resirkulasi dan diberi pakan berupa cacing darah (bloodworm dengan frekuensi 3 kali sehari secara ad libitum. Dua ekor induk betina dan satu ekor induk jantan yang matang gonad dipijahkan dalam bak beton berukuran 1,0 x 1,0 x 0,75 m3 dan diberi tanaman air berupa eceng gondok sebagai pelindung serta media penempelan telur. Pengamatan ada tidaknya telur dilakukan setiap pagi dan sore hari selama 14 hari. Telur yang didapat dicatat baik fertile maupun infertile. Sebanyak 20 butir telur ditetaskan dalam basket plastik berukuran 13 x 10 x 5 cm dan selanjutnya diamati perkembangan embrionya dengan menggunakan mikroskop. Hasil pengamatan menunjukkan bahwa jumlah telur yang dihasilkan sebanyak 436 butir per dua ekor induk betina (218 butir per ekor, fertilitas 77,06%; daya tetas telur 74,71%; dan telur menetas setelah 8.579 menit (142 jam 59 menit pada suhu air inkubasi 27,6 – 28,3oC. Rainbow fish species originated from Sawiat River of Papua is one of Indonesian endemic species which its biological data has not been catalogued properly. The objectives of this research were to know the number of eggs (fecundity, fertility and hatchability and also the stages of embryonic development of the fish. Total of 20 male and female broodstock around 10–15 cm in size, reared in concrete tank sized 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.0 m3 equipped with closed recirculating water system and fed with bloodworm  ad libitum 3 times daily. Two already matured females and one male were selected for natural breeding and then transferred to another concrete tank (1.0 x 1.0 x 0.75 m3 in

  6. Habitat-use and conservation of two elusive ground birds (Carpococcyx radiatus and Polyplectron schleiermacheri) in Sungai Wain protection forest, East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo

    G.M. Fredriksson; V. Nijman


    We studied the distribution and habitat-use of two endemic ground birds, the Borneon groundcuckoo Carpococcyx radiatus and the Bornean peacockpheasant Polyplectron schleiermacheri in the Sungai Wain protection Forest, East Kalimantan. Both species are highly elusive and neither has been subject to a

  7. Habitat-use and conservation of two elusive ground birds (Carpococcyx radiatus and Polyplectron schleiermacheri) in Sungai Wain protection forest, East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo

    Fredriksson, G.M.; Nijman, V.


    We studied the distribution and habitat-use of two endemic ground birds, the Borneon groundcuckoo Carpococcyx radiatus and the Bornean peacockpheasant Polyplectron schleiermacheri in the Sungai Wain protection Forest, East Kalimantan. Both species are highly elusive and neither has been subject to

  8. Distribution of fecal sterols in surface sediment of Sungai Tebrau, Johor

    Nordin, N.; Ali, M. M.


    Decreasing quality of aquatic environments may harm human health in general. Sewage pollution from human and animal excretions is a major cause of environmental quality depletion. This study investigates the distribution of sewage contamination level in twenty surface sediment samples taken from Sungai Tebrau, Johor. Four principal fecal sterols have been identified and were found in all sediment samples, which are coprostanol, cholesterol, epicoprostanol and also cholestanol. Cholesterol as the major sterol and most abundant compound derived from a variety of sources ranged from 32.92 to 1,100.55 ngg-1 dry weights. Meanwhile, major fecal sterol, coprostanol has the lowest quantity of total sterol in all samples, constituting only 13% of total sterol. It ranged from 12.63 to 565.42 ngg-1 dry weights, but only two stations (ST12 and ST14) are sewage contaminated. Squatters and residential areas are a major contributor of poorly treated sewage into the aquatic environment. Coprostanol concentration alone is not reliable to indicate sewage contamination; diagnostic indices enhance reliability of sterols as a marker for sewage contamination. Indices applied in this study are coprostanol/cholesterol, coprostanol/(coprostanol+cholestanol) and also epicoprostanol/coprostanol. Resultsof coprostanol/cholesterol, coprostanol/(coprostanol+cholestanol) indices supported the findings that both ST12 and ST14 samples are contaminated with sewage. All samples consist of relativelyhigh concentration of epicoprostanol and high ratio value of epicoprostanol/coprostanol. Generally, it can be concluded that these sampling sites are not contaminated with sewage even though fecal sterols were detected in all samples as they were found to be at low concentration.

  9. Slope monitoring by using 2-D resistivity method at Sungai Batu, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

    Azman, Muhamad Iqbal Mubarak Faharul; Yusof, Azim Hilmy Mohd; Ismail, Nur Azwin; Ismail, Noer El Hidayah


    Slope is a dynamic system of geo-environmental phenomena that related to the movement of the soil and rock masses. In Pulau Pinang, the occurrence of slope related phenomena such as landslide and rock fall has become a huge issue especially during rainy season as the government would have to invest more for the people safety. 2-D resistivity method is one of the geophysical methods that can be applied to overcome this issue thus prepare countermeasure actions. Monitoring is one of the common acquisition technique that has been used in solving such issue. This technique was applied to identify and monitor changes at the suspected area and thus, countermeasure steps can be taken accordingly and not blindfolded. Starting from August until November 2016, a 200 m survey line of 2-D resistivity survey had been conducted monthly at Sungai Batu, Pulau Pinang slope for monitoring purpose. Three resistivity ranges were able to detect within the subsurface. Resistivity value of 250 - 400 Ωm indicated the low resistivity value and interpreted as the weak zone located at distance of 90 - 120 m with depth of 10 m. Intermediate resistivity value was interpreted as weathered granite zone with resistivity value of 400 - 1500 Ωm was found at almost along survey line. High resistivity value was > 5000 Ωm and interpreted as granitic bedrock located at depth of > 20 m. Aside from weathered granite zone and weak zone, a fracture was found develop over time at distance of 130 - 140 m. The features found have the potential to be the cause for slope failure phenomena to occur. As a conclusion, monitoring slope using 2-D resistivity method is a success and indeed helpful in overcome landslide and rock fall issue as a pre-countermeasure action.

  10. Analisa Persediaan Material Pada Proyek Pembangunan Jembatan Sungai Brantas Di Ruas Tol Kertosono-Mojokerto

    Titis Wahyu Pratiwi


    Full Text Available Proyek Pembangunan Jembatan Sungai Brantas merupakan tahap dari pelaksanaan proyek Jalan Tol Kertosono-Mojokerto dimana jalan tol ini akan terhubung dengan Jalan Tol Surabaya-Mojokerto. Dalam pelaksanaannya, proyek ini dibangun diatas lahan yang sempit dengan luas lahan sisi utara 5.219 m2 dan sisi selatan 5.105 m2 sehingga tidak terdapat ruang yang cukup untuk menyimpan material dalam jumlah yang besar, selain itu terdapat material yang mengalami keterlambatan kedatangan sehingga berpengaruh pada biaya persediaan proyek. Oleh karena itu diperlukan suatu analisa persediaan material dengan menggunakan teknik lot sizing (penentuan jumlah pemesanan pada metode Material Requirement Planning (MRP. Dengan metode ini dilakukan pengolahan data berupa biaya pesan, biaya simpan dan jumlah kebutuhan material guna memperoleh jumlah pesanan yang optimal dengan biaya persediaan minimum. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui teknik lot sizing dalam analisa persediaan material yang menghasilkan biaya persediaan material paling minimum pada Pembangunan Jalan Tol Kertosono – Mojokerto. Metode Material Requirement Planning (MRP yang digunakan terdiri dari beberapa tahapan mendasar yaitu perhitungan kebutuhan kotor (explosion, perhitungan kebutuhan bersih (netting serta perhitungan jumlah pemesanan (lotting. Pada tahapan lotting digunakan empat teknik lot sizing yaitu Lot for Lot, Economic Order Quantity (EOQ, Period Order Quantity (POQ dan Part Period Balancing (PPB. Dari hasil analisa MRP yang dilakukan, didapat bahwa teknik lot sizing yang membentuk biaya persediaan minimum untuk semua material pada pekerjaan Pile Cap P2, P2’, P1 dan P1’ yang meliputi Bekisting, Besi D 16, Besi D 19 dan Besi D 32 serta Beton K 350 adalah teknik Lot for Lot.

  11. Speciation of heavy metals by modified BCR sequential extraction procedure in different depths of sediments from Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia.

    Nemati, Keivan; Abu Bakar, Nor Kartini; Abas, Mhd Radzi; Sobhanzadeh, Elham


    The sequential extraction procedure proposed by the European Standard, Measurements and Testing (SM&T) program, formerly the Community Bureau of Reference (BCR), was applied for partitioning of heavy metals (HMs) in river sediments collected along the course of Sungai Buloh and the Straits of Malacca in Selangor, Malaysia. Eight elements (V, Pb, Cd, Cr, Co, Ni, Cu and Zn) from seven stations (S1-S7) and at different depths were analyzed using the modified BCR Sequential Extraction Procedure (SEP) in combination with ICP-MS to obtain the metal distribution patterns in this region. The results showed that heavy metal contaminations at S2 and S3 was more severe than at other sampling sites, especially for Zn, Cu, Ni and Pb. Nevertheless, the element concentrations from top to bottom layers decreased predominantly. The samples from the Straits of Malacca (S4-S7) the highest contamination factors obtained were for Co, Zn and Pb while the lowest were found for V and Cr, similar to Sungai Buloh sediments. The sediments showed a low risk for V, Cr, Cu and Pb with RAC values of less than 10%, but medium risk for Co, Zn (except S3), Cd at S1 and S2 and Ni at S1, S3 and S5. Zn at S3 and Cd at S3-S7 showed high risk to our sediment samples. There is not any element of very high risk conditions in the selected samples.


    Aroef Hukmanan Rais


    Full Text Available Curah hujan mempengaruhi aktifitas penangkapan dan juga lingkungan perairanan di sekitarnya. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk melihat pengaruh curah hujan terhadap produksi tangkapan dan lingkungan perairan estuari sungai Barito. Pengambilan sampel hasil tangkapan dilakukan oleh bantuan enumerator alat tangkap lampara, tuguk dan rawai selama 7 bulan dari bulan Maret hingga September 2012. Parameter kondisi perairan yang diambil adalah nitrit, amoniak, total fosfat, kesadahan, turbiditas, daya hantar listrik (DHL , kecerahan, oksigen, suhu, salinitas dan pH. Produksi hasil tangkap dihitung dalam nilai catch per unit effort (CPUE. Uji masing-masing parameter terhadap curah hujan menggunakan uji t, sedangkan model persamaan CPUE terhadap curah hujan dan kondisi perairan diperoleh melalui regresi berganda motode backward. Puncak musim penghujan pada saat penelitian terjadi pada bulan Maret dan pucak musim kemarau terjadi pada bulan September. Hasil uji – t pengaruh curah hujan dan parameter kondisi perairan menunjukan nilai signifikan pada parameter daya hantar listrik (DHL. Hubungan antara curah hujan dan nilai CPUE menunjukan nilai yang signifikan berbeda nyata, dimana nilai CPUE cenderung meningkat pada musim kemarau. Model regresi berganda CPUE yang terbentuk menunjukan persamaan yang signifikan terhadap parameter curah hujan dan oksigen terlarut. The influences of rainfall rate on fishing activities and the waters environment condition. This research has purpose to saw rainfall rate effect on fishing production and waters environment of Barito river estuary. Sampel of fishing result has collected by enumerator of lampara, tuguk, and rawai for 7 months, from March until September 2012. Parameters of water condition have collected are nitric, ammoniac, fosfat total, hardness, turbidity, conductivity, transparence, oxygen, temperature, salinity and pH. Fish production is showed by catch per unit effort (CPUE. Test for each water parameters and

  13. Pengembangan Transportasi Sungai Kota Semarang Sebagai Transportasi Perintis Tujuan Wisata Air (Studi Kasus Kanal Banjir Barat Kota Semarang

    Ismiyati Ismiyati


    Full Text Available Perkembangan pariwisata di kota Semarang ditandai dengan tersedianya fasilitas shuttle bus gratis. Rute shuttle bus tersebut melewati rute Kuliner Pekunden, Pusat oleh-oleh Pandanaran, Gedung Lawang Sewu dan Daerah Kota Lama Semarang.Sejak tahun 2012, wisata di tepi Sungai Kanal Banjir Barat mulai dikembangkan pemerintah Kota Semarang. Namun, sampai saat ini Kanal Banjir Barat hanya difungsikan sebagai sungai pengendali banjir, sehingga fungsi pariwisatanya belum optimal seperti objek wisata lain di Kota Semarang. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengembangkan transportasi wisata air, khususnya di Kanal Banjir Barat. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode deskriptif dengan kuesioner dan observasi lapangan. Metode kuantitatif penentuan alur pelayaran menggunakan analisis hidrologi dan simulasi hidrolika sungai dengan program HEC-RAS. Penelitian ini merekomendasikan bahwa lokasi pengembangan transportasi untuk wisata air di Kanal Banjir Barat akan efektif jika berada diantara Bendung Simongan hingga muara Kanal Banjir Barat. Tipe angkutan wisata yang ideal adalah menggunakan 2 kapal speedboat terbuka dengan dimensi panjang 8 m, lebar 2,2 m, dan draft 0,4 m. Biaya Operasional Kapal per tahun untuk 8 trip per hari dan biaya pengelolaannya adalah sebesar Rp 901,2 juta dengan estimasi tarif per orang sebesar untuk Rp 17.070,- per trip.  [Title: River Transportation Development of Semarang City for Water Tourism: A Case Study West Flood Canal] Tourism development of Semarang city is identified by the facilities of free shuttle bus. The shuttle bus service passes through Pekunden culinary route, a central souvenir of Pandanaran, Lawang Sewu and Old City of Semarang. Since 2012, local government has developed riverside tourism object of the West Flood Canal Semarang. However, until then the West Flood Canal only was functioned as flood control. Thus, the tourism function is not optimum as other tourism attractions in Semarang city. This research aims


    Febrianto Rahman


    Full Text Available The clean water that being used by the people in Hulu Sungai Utara Regency is low until the year of 2008, which is 53.5%, even nationally, is still under the target that being expected.  The target that being expected by the urban that use clean water is 80% from all citizen, and 60% for the rural (Health Service of  HSU Regency, 2009. The clean water distribution is to even out, there is still a cluster family there’s not get clean water.  One of the villages is Jalan Lurus Village Sungai Pandan Districts.  Where the peoples are very depend on the use of well hand pump refinery to supply their life.  Even so, the well hand pump that being used by the peoples are had complaint, it’s because the water is causing yellow tarnish on white cloth, and also cause scab on cooker that made from metal.  This is caused by the iron rate that very highly on that well hand pump. The purpose of this research is to knowing the feasibility of well hand pump (SPT as a water to drink or only as clean water; knowing the water quality parameters like physic concentration (turbidity, chemistry (pH, Fe and Manganese, and bacteriologist (E-Coli. The first data on this research is ten sample that had taken from the well hand pump have the highly iron rate equal to 2.9150 mg/l, pH equal to 6.27, the highly Manganese rate equal to 0.1204 mg/l.  The highest pH is happen on B2A4 treatment (combination of 20 gram ash rice with 8 hours immersion time is 8.62; the lowest pH rate is happen on  B1A1 treatment (combination of 5 gram ash rice with 4 hours immersion time is 7,60.  The decrease of highest Fe mean is happen on B2A4 treatment (combination of 20 gram ash rice with 8 hours immersion time with Fe rate 0.90 mg/l and the decrease of lowest Fe mean is happen on B1A1 treatment (combination of 5 gram ash rice with 4 hours with Fe rate 1.62 mg/l.  Manganese rate with combination treatment of ash rice concentration 5 gram, 10 gram, 15 gram and 20 gram in 4 and 8


    Pahrudin -


    Full Text Available Dalam penelitian ini, penulis  membahas  ‘Koto Rayo’, sebuah pemukiman kuno di sisi Sungai Tabir, Jambi sebagai sebuah budaya dan kearifan lokal. Penelitian difokuskan pada nilai kearifan lokal yang dimiliki masyarakat dalam kaitan dengan situs ini. Hasil penelitian dan pembahasan memunculkan fakta-fakta sebagai berikut. Pulau Sumatera memiliki peradaban tinggi di masa lalu, khususnya melalui Kerajaan Sriwijaya yang mengontrol dan mendominasi seluruh pulau ini dan sebagian besar wilayah Asia Tenggara. Salah satu wilayah Kerajaan Sriwijaya di Pulau Sumatera adalah Jambi, yang dahulu memiliki banyak Kerajaan Melayu. ‘Koto Rayo’ yang terletak di sisi Sungai Tabir ‘mungkin’ salah satu peradaban yang berhubungan dengan sejarah Kerajaan Melayu Jambi dan atau Kerajaan Sriwijaya di masa lalu. Situs ini mempengaruhi beberapa perilaku kearifan lokal pada masyarakat sekitar dalam wujud perilaku yang tegas dalam melestarikan lingkungan dan menjaga warisan budaya. Kearifan lokal ini penting untuk meminimalisir efek negatif globalisasi.The objective of this study is to discuss ’Koto Rayo’, an ancient settlement on the side of Tabir river, Jambi as a culture and local wisdom. The study focused on the value of local knowledge in the communities in connection with this site. Data was collected through observation, interviews and document analysis. The results and discussion led to the following facts. The island of Sumatra has a high civilization in the past, particularly through the kingdom of Srivijaya that controls and dominates the entire island and most of the Southeast Asia region. One of the kingdom of Srivijaya in Sumatra is Jambi, which once had many Malay kingdom. ’Rayo Koto’ located on the side of Tabir river is ’probably’ one of civilization associated with the history of the Malay kingdom of Srivijaya kingdom of Jambi in the past. This site affects some local

  16. Marine Environmental Risk Assessment of Sungai Kilim, Langkawi, Malaysia: Heavy Metal Enrichment Factors in Sediments as Assessment Indexes

    Jamil Tajam


    Full Text Available Concentrations of Cd, Co, Pb, and Zn in riverbed sediments from six sampling stations along the Sungai Kilim, Langkawi, Malaysia, were determined by using the Teflon Bomb Digestion. From this study, the concentrations of heavy metals in riverbed sediments were found ranging between 6.10 and 8.87 μg/g dry weight for Co, 0.03 and 0.45 μg/g dry weight for Cd, 59.8 and 74.9 μg/g dry weight for Zn, and 1.06 and 11.69 μg/g dry weight for Pb. From the observation, these areas were polluted by domestic waste, aquaculture, and tourism activities. For clarity, enrichment factor index was used to determine the level of sediment contamination in the study area. From this study, the average EF value is a bit high for Cd (2.15±1.17 followed by Zn (1.12±0.09, Pb (0.44±0.32, and lastly, Co (0.36±0.04. Based on the contamination categories, Cd was categorised as moderately enriched, while the rest of the metals studied were in deficient-to-minimally enriched by the anthropogenic sources.


    Akhmad Rozami Syahru Alam


    Full Text Available This research was aimed to explore the society perception to climate change impacts which related to agricultural activities, rice productivity and farmers’ income; to do in-depth study about farmers’ definition related with climate change; and to absorb ideas and identification to agricultural alternatives. Survey method, interview and questionnaires were conducted to samples (respondent which purposively chosen. This research was divided into three terms. At the first term, we use perceptional value test, chi square and contingentional coefficient. Second term, we applied the marker (sign test. At the final term we applied focus group discussion technique. The result showed that: perception of farmer society was climate change have impacts to their agricultural activities, so that decrease rice productivity and income, but it have small effect to farmers’ innovation effort. Climate change was already realized by farmer society in Sungai Rangas Tengah Village Banjar Regency. Agricultural alternatives for farmer society to overcome these problems, were: poultries (42.65%, non-rice agriculture (26.47%, others (marketing, handcrafter, labor (20.59%, fisheries (17.65%.

  18. A premilinary survey of tree species in the habitat of Rafflesia at Sungai Kenau, Raub, Pahang, Malaysia

    Juhari, Mohd Afiq Aizat; Adam, Jumaat Haji; Ishak, Siti Amirah


    A study was conducted to determine the floristic composition of the Sungai Kenau, Raub, Pahang. The study area was located in the lowland dipterocarp forest where logging and forest opening were common in Malaysia and the area have a population of Rafflesia. The method used was plotting with size of 100 m ×10 m for each plot. Each plot was then divided into 10 subplots measuring 10 m ×10 m. All trees with diameter at breast height (DBH) of 5 cm and above was measured and recorded. Results showed that there were 623 individual trees in an area of 0.5 hectares which includes 50 families, 98 genera and 140 species. Annonaceae was the most dominant family in the study area, while the dominant species in the entire study area was Saraca cauliflora (Leguminosae). The contribution of this study were the presence of tree species from Macaranga which can be used as biological indicator to detect the presence of an open area in the forest while Saraca cauliflora can also be a biological indicator that indicated the present of riparian areas.

  19. Karakteristik Habitat Larva Anopheles spp. di Desa Sungai Nyamuk, Daerah Endemik Malaria di Kabupaten Nunukan, Kalimantan Utara

    Sugiarto Sugiarto


    Full Text Available A research about Habitat Characteristics of Anopheles spp. larvae was done in Sungai Nyamuk Village, Nunukan District, North Kalimantan Province from August 2010 to January 2012. This research aims to analyse the characteristics of breeding places of Anopheles spp. The larvae taken from various types of habitat with detention and maintained until it was developed into mosquitoes, then later identified. The results showed that there are four types of potential breeding places of Anopheles spp. ie lagoon, ditches, fish ponds and marshes. Anopheles types that are found consist of five species, namely An. vagus, An. subpictus, An. sundaicus, An. indefinitus dan An. peditaeniatus. Types of potential breeding places are dominated by the unused fish pond, with the substrate in the form of mud and water is not flowing, located around settlements surrounded by grasses, shrubs and trees. Breeding places contains of aquatic plants such as grasses and moss. Predators are found in the form of a dragonfly nymph, crustaceans, tadpoles and small fish. Early malaria vector control at the level of the larvae is a critical point of the success of malaria elimination programs in endemic areas.


    Candra Virgiawan


    Full Text Available Jenis penelitian yang digunakan adalah penelitian deskriptif kuantitatif. Penelitian deskriptif bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan suatu peristiwa dan kejadian yang terjadi, penelitian kuantitatif bertujuan untuk menjelaskan angka-angka data analisis mengunakan statistik. Penelitian ini dilakukan pada tanggal 25 Juli-16 Agustus 2014 pagi hari dengan metode jelajah (visual day flying. Data dikumpulkan dengan melakukan observasi atau pengamatan langsung terhadap populasi yang diselidiki. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian didapatkan sepuluh jenis spesies capung (Odonata, delapan jenis termasuk dalam sub ordo Anisoptera, Famili Libellulidae yaitu Diplacodes trivalis, Neurothemis ramburii, Orthetrum glaucum, Orthetrum pruinosum, Orthetrum sabina, Pantela flavescens, Trithemis festiva, Zyxomma obtusum, dan dua jenis termasuk dalam subordo Zygoptera, Famili Chlorocyphidae yaitu. Libellago lineate dan famili Coenagrionidae yaitu Ischnura sinegalensis. Odonata yang memiliki indeks nilai penting tertinggi yaitu 1.80% dari famili Libelludae, Genus Orthetrum, dan jenis Orthetrum Sabina. Nilai keanekaragaman tertinggi terdapat pada lokasi A yaitu 1.62. Nilai indeks kemerataan disemua lokasi mendekati 1 menunjukkan bahwa kondisi habitat pada semua stasiun penelitian adalah heterogen. Berdasarkan hasil analisis korelasi terdapat beberapa faktor abiotik yang memiliki korelasi yang kuat dengan jumlah jenis capung yang di temukan, faktor abiotik tersebut diantaranya adalah intensitas cahaya, DO, dan BOD. Hasil analisis FBI (Famili Biotik Indeks diperoleh nilai 7,00, hal ini menunjukan bahwa kualitas air sungai Brantas Batu-Malang tergolong dalam kategori buruk dengan tingkat pencemaran terpolusi sangat banyak.


    Erwin Rosadi


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan mendapatkan data ilmiah terkait pengaruh umur bulan (moon age terhadap hasil tangkapan ikan R. argyrotaenia di sungai Barito Kalimantan Selatan. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ialah metode experimental fishing dengan melakukan operasi penangkapan pada saat bulan terang (full moon dan saat bulan gelap (dead moon dan untuk mengkonfirmasi signifikansi pengaruh perbedaan hasil tangkapan ikan di analisis dengan menggunakan analysis of variance (Anova. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa hasil tangkapan ikan pada waktu operasi bulan terang sebesar 20,2 + 0,8 Kg (68% dari total hasil tangkapan, sedangkan hasil tangkapan ikan pada waktu operasi bulan gelap sebesar 9,5 + 0,2 Kg (32% dari total hasil tangkapan. Sedangkan hasil analisis Anova menunjukkan nilai Fhitung kelompok (12,286 > Ftabel kelompok pada taraf kesalahan 5% (4,60, menunjukkan bahwa kelompok yang berbeda berpengaruh nyata terhadap jumlah hasil tangkapan ikan R. argyrotaenia atau tolak H0. Sedangkan nilai Fhitung perlakuan (1,20 F group at the level of error 5% (4.60, indicating that different groups have real impact on the amount of fish catches or reject H0. Value of F replications (1.20 < F replications at the level of error 5 % (2.48, indicating that the different treatment did not significantly affect the number of fish catches or accept H0. The conclusion of this study is the number of fish caught during fishing operations in the full moon more than fishing operations at the time in the dead moon.

  2. The concentration and distribution of selected heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn) in soils collected from the rice fields of MADA in Kedah, Malaysia

    Alrawiq, Nasser; Khairiah, J.; Latif, T. M.; Ismail, S. B.


    The present study was carried out to determine the concentration and distribution status of some heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn) in the paddy field soil fractions of MADA in the state of Kedah, Malaysia. Five replicate samples were randomly collected from five paddy fields in the MADA area of Jitra. The heavy metals in the soil were extracted using sequential extraction method that was presented by Badri and Aston [1], which consisted of four different fractions using different reagents. The first fraction of extraction is the easily leachable and freely exchangeable fraction (ELFE), which uses ammonium acetate (NH4CH3COO). The second fraction is acid reduction fraction (AR), which uses hydroxylamine chloride (NH2OH_HCl), while the third fraction of extraction called the organic oxidation fraction (OO) was carried out using the combination of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and ammonium acetate (NH4CH3COO). The last fraction called the resistant fraction uses concentrated nitrate acid (HNO3) and perchlorate acid (HClO4). Generally, all the paddy soils in this study contained low levels of Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn concentration compared to the other paddy soils. The result showed that the concentration of heavy metals in the studied area was in the following decreasing order i.e.: Pb < Zn < Cu < Cd. The results also showed that the concentration of heavy metals in the paddy soil fractions were mainly concentrated in the RR fraction except for Pb, which was at the highest level in the OO fraction, whilst Cd was more evenly distributed throughout the whole soil fraction. In general, Pb was the highest metal concentration found in the OO fraction followed by Zn in the RR fraction of the soil fractions.


    Muhammad Riza Firdaus


    Full Text Available Given Alabio ducks ( Anas platyrinchos Borneo is a commodity that can be developed on wetlands , the study aims to illustrate the potential and development of duck farms that can be relied upon by the provincial government in making policies for the advancement of this duck commodities , especially in the aspect of  markets  ,  human  resources  ,  and  fi nancial  aspects  .  These  three  aspects have been given the results of several previous studies that the three aspects mentioned  this  is  still  an  issue  in  the  development  of  duck  and  production results  .  Hulu  Sungai  Utara  as  duck  production  centers  serve  as  a  test  site  . Qualitative  analysis  of  the  domain  and  toksonomi  method  used  as  a  tool  in analyzing the data of this study . The results show : First , aspects of fi nancing shows that the business is viable and profi table , especially on a large scale . Second , the market requires a lot of innovation in creating related products. Third , explain aspects of human resource regeneration is still a problem and also the managerial constraints such as planning , standardization and quality in all phases . Keywords: Ducks  Alabio,  Financial  Aspects,  Aspects  of  Market  and  Marketing,  Human Resource Aspects


    Muhammad Riza Firdaus


    Full Text Available Given Alabio ducks ( Anas platyrinchos Borneo is a commodity that can be developed on wetlands , the study aims to illustrate the potential and development of duck farms that can be relied upon by the provincial government in making policies for the advancement of this duck commodities , especially in the aspect of  markets  ,  human  resources  ,  and  fi nancial  aspects  .  These  three  aspects have been given the results of several previous studies that the three aspects mentioned  this  is  still  an  issue  in  the  development  of  duck  and  production results  .  Hulu  Sungai  Utara  as  duck  production  centers  serve  as  a  test  site  . Qualitative  analysis  of  the  domain  and  toksonomi  method  used  as  a  tool  in analyzing the data of this study . The results show : First , aspects of fi nancing shows that the business is viable and profi table , especially on a large scale . Second , the market requires a lot of innovation in creating related products. Third , explain aspects of human resource regeneration is still a problem and also the managerial constraints such as planning , standardization and quality in all phases . Keywords: Ducks  Alabio,  Financial  Aspects,  Aspects  of  Market  and  Marketing,  Human Resource Aspects

  5. Perhitungan Volume dan Karakterisasi Material Endapan Erupsi Gunungapi Kelud Tahun 2014, di Sungai Bladak Bagian Hulu Dengan Metode Geofisika

    Anastasia Neni Candra Purnamasari


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Erupsi Gunungapi Kelud pada 13 Februari 2014 menghasilkan material endapan di hulu Sungai Bladak dalam jumlah yang sangat besar.Endapan hasil erupsi yang terdapat di hulu sungai berpotensi sebagai material lahar bagi wilayah di hilir.Upaya mitigasi untuk mengurangi bencana banjir lahar memerlukan informasi volume material endapan. Selain itu, informasi karakteristik fisik material endapan juga penting untuk pemanfaatannya bagi masyarakat. Penelitian untuk mengetahui volume material endapan dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode geofisika pada pengukuran ketebalan dari material endapan.Metode geofisika yang digunakan adalah metode mikroseismik dan metode seismik refraksi.Hasil yang didapatkan dari pengolahan data lapangan mikroseismik adalah nilai frekuensi natural (f0 dari setiap titik pengukuran mikroseismik. Hasil yang didapatkan dari pengolahan data lapangan seismik refraksi adalah kecepatan gelombang P dari material endapan, dimana kecepatan gelombang P akan diturunkan sehingga didapatkan kecepatan gelombang S. Kecepatan gelombang S akan digunakan untuk penghitungan ketebalan material endapan yang digabungkan dengan nilai frekuensi natural dengan rumus h=Vs/4f0. Berdasarkan ketebalan material endapan yang didapatkan dari hasil penghitungan setiap titik mikroseismik, kemudian dibuat kontur ketebalan material endapan dan dilakukan penghitungan volume material endapan. Karakterisasi material endapan dilakukan dengan cara menghitung persentase pumice dan nonpumice secara fisual menggunakan foto lapangan. Ketebalan endapan pumice di permukaan lahan dianalisis persebarannya menurut satuan-satuan lereng. Volume material endapan yang didapatkan dari hasil penelitian sebesar 27,6 juta m3. Hasil karakterisasi material diketahui bahwa pumice pada material endapan yang ada di hulu Sungai Bladak 91,82 % dan sisanya 7,18 % adalah nonpumice. Jumlah pumice yang sangat banyak tersebut merupakan sumberdaya alam yang bernilai ekonomi tinggi. Pumice dapat


    Yohana Lilis Handayani


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Peningkatan aliran puncak dan volume runoff dari flood hydrograph dapat disebabkan oleh konversi penggunaan lahan. Fenomena ini terjadi di cekungan hulu sungai Ciliwung sebagai daerah konservasi. DAS ini memiliki peran penting dalam memelihara ketersediaan air di cekungan Ciliwung dan untuk pengendalian banjir di daerah hilir. Berdasarkan data yang dicatat dari 1993 sampai dengan 1996, 14,6% kejadian banjir di daerah hilir disebabkan oleh banjir kiriman. Evaluasi konversi penggunaan lahan di daerah hulu Ciliwung dilakukan dengan membandingkan penggunaan lahan tahun 1989 dan 1998. Optimasi tata guna lahan dilakukan dengan optimasi linier untuk meminimasi nilai koefisien composite runoff. Pendekatan teknis dan penerapan rekayasa teknik digunakan untuk simulasi penurunan aliran puncak dan volume runoff dari flood hydrograph. Perlakuan ini meliputi terracing dan normalisasi kolam detensi (detention pond. Simulasi dilakukan untuk periode banjir 10 tahunan. Hasil analisis menunjukkan bahwa dalam periode 10 tahun (1989-1998 penggunaan lahan dikonversi secara signifikan. Konversi ini menyebabkan peningkatan aliran puncak dan volume runoff masing-masing 18,97% dan 18,87%.   ABSTRACT The risk of peak flow and runoff volume of a flood hydrograph may be caused by land use conversion. This phenomenon had happened in upstream of Ciliwung basin. As a conversation area, this catchment has an important role in maintaining the water availability of Ciliwung basin and for flood control in downstream area. Based on the collected flood data recorded from 1993 to 1996, 14.6% of flood events in downstream of Ciliwung basin were caused by delivery flood from upstream area. Evaluation of land use conversion in upstream of Ciliwung basin was carried out by comparing land use in 1989 and in 1998. Land use optimization was done using linear optimization to minimize the value of composite runoff coefficient. Technical approach of engineering treatment was used to

  7. Evaluation of distribution and sources of sewage molecular marker (LABs) in selected rivers and estuaries of Peninsular Malaysia.

    Magam, Sami M; Zakaria, Mohamad Pauzi; Halimoon, Normala; Aris, Ahmad Zaharin; Kannan, Narayanan; Masood, Najat; Mustafa, Shuhaimi; Alkhadher, Sadeq; Keshavarzifard, Mehrzad; Vaezzadeh, Vahab; Sani, Muhamad S A; Latif, Mohd Talib


    This is the first extensive report on linear alkylbenzenes (LABs) as sewage molecular markers in surface sediments collected from the Perlis, Kedah, Merbok, Prai, and Perak Rivers and Estuaries in the west of Peninsular Malaysia. Sediment samples were extracted, fractionated, and analyzed using gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The concentrations of total LABs ranged from 68 to 154 (Perlis River), 103 to 314 (Kedah River), 242 to 1062 (Merbok River), 1985 to 2910 (Prai River), and 217 to 329 ng g(-1) (Perak River) dry weight (dw). The highest levels of LABs were found at PI3 (Prai Estuary) due to the rapid industrialization and population growth in this region, while the lowest concentrations of LABs were found at PS1 (upstream of Perlis River). The LABs ratio of internal to external isomers (I/E) in this study ranged from 0.56 at KH1 (upstream of Kedah River) to 1.35 at MK3 (Merbok Estuary) indicating that the rivers receive raw sewage and primary treatment effluents in the study area. In general, the results of this paper highlighted the necessity of continuation of water treatment system improvement in Malaysia.

  8. AKUMULASI MERKURI PADA IKAN BAUNG (Mytus nemurus DI SUNGAI KAHAYAN KALIMANTAN TENGAH (The Accumulation of Mercure on Baung Fish (Mytus nemurus in The Kahayan Rice of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

    Adventus Panda


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Sungai Kahayan di Kalimantan Tengah mengalami tekanan lingkungan karena adanya limbah merkuri yang berasal dari aktivitas penambangan emas tradisional. Di tempat tersebut terdapat 10a4 tempat penambangan emas sepanjang sungai dari hulu sampai hilir. Merkuri dalam sedimen sungai secara berturut-turut mengalami metilasi (methylation oleh reduksi sulfat bakteri. Riset ini merupakan studi akumulasi merkuri (FIg dalam Mytus nemurus, sedimen dan air, dari hulu ke hilir di sungai Kahayan. Total jarak dari hulu sekitar 296 km. Data dikumpulkan dari 3 lokasi sepanjang sungai. Dalam tiap lokasi tapak sampling berada di dataran baniir (floodplain. Penelitian dilaksanakan selama musim hujan. lkan ditangkap menggunakan rengge (gillnet. Penentuan metil merkuri digunakan metode modified CV-AAS (cold vapor atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa diantara sample yang diukur, akumulasi tertinggi masing-masing berada dalam sedimen sungai (0,336 mg. dikutip dengan daging M. numerus (0,303 mg.g-1 + 0.342. dan air (0.058 mg-1. Merkuri memiliki tendensi meninggi menuju hilir. Hal ini disebabkan oleh tekstur sedimen yang didominasi oleh silt. Kondisi ini berpotensi untuk metilasi. Turbiditas, arus, dan pH menyumbangkan kenaikan tingkat merkuri di hilir. Asupan merkuri mingguan yang dapat ditoleransi menurut WHO adalah 171,42 mg adalah sama dengan 24,4 mg sehari jika seseorang mengkonsumsi 100 g daging M. numerus sehari. dimungkinkan bahwa akan ada 30,3 mg.g-1 yang masuk ke tubuh. Hal ini berarti bahwa merkuri disepanjang sungai Kahayan mengancam penduduk yang mengkonsumsi ikan dari sungai tersebut.   ABSTRACT The Kahayan River of Central Kalimantan had environmental stress due to mercury waste. This waste came from the traditional gold mining activities. There were 1014 gold mining sites along the river from upstream to downstream. Mercury in river sediment was subsequently methylated by sulfated reduction bacteria. This

  9. Bioaccumulation and Distribution of Heavy Metals (Cd, Cu, Fe, Ni, Pb and Zn) in the Different Tissues of Chicoreus capucinus Lamarck (Mollusca: Muricidae) Collected from Sungai Janggut, Kuala Langat, Malaysia

    Franklin Edward Berandah


    Knowledge on accumulation and distribution of metals in the soft tissues may help us to understand the processes involved in the uptake and excretion of metals in the different parts of molluscs such as Chicoreus capucinus. Chicoreus capucinus was collected from intertidal areas of Sungai Janggut mudflat, Kuala Langat, Selangor and analysed for heavy metals content in the tissues. The capability of the different parts to accumulate heavy metal from the environment was measured by calculating ...

  10. Perencanaan Penerapan Konsep Zero run-off dan Agroforestri Berdasarkan Kajian Debit Sungai di Sub DAS Belik, Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

    Arnellya Fitri


    Full Text Available Daerah Aliran Sungai (DAS Belik merupakan salah satu Daerah Tampungan Air (DTA yang berada di daerah perkotaan Kabupaten Sleman. Akibat alih fungsi lahan pertanian menjadi lahan pemukiman yang padat menyebabkan semakin berkurangnya area resapan air hujan. Kurangnya area resapan air hujan menyebabkan kapasitas saluran drainase Sub Daerah Aliran Sungai (DAS Belik pada saat hujan  tidak mampu menampung air sehingga banjir di sekitar saluran drainase terjadi. Tujuan penelitian ini untuk memberikan solusi dengan menggunakan konsep zero run-off  dalam upaya  mencegah genangan banjir di perkotaan yang kurang memiliki ruang terbuka hijau dan area resapan air hujan. Kajian debit banjir yang dilakukan pada sungai Belik menggunakan metode rasional dan metode SCS CN yaitu metode yang digunakan dalam penentuan debit puncak pada satu kejadian hujan. Perhitungan debit diperlukan untuk mengetahui besar limpasan maksimum pada drainase saluran DAS Belik. Metode hidrograf  SCS CN  menggunakan parameter tekstur tanah, tebal hujan, CN wilayah, retensi potensial maksimum air oleh tanah, dan kedalaman hujan efektif. Sedangkan metode rasional menggunakan parameter koefesien aliran, intensitas hujan, dan luas daerah pengaliran dalam menghitung debit limpasan. Keseluruhan hasil perhitungan kedua metode melebihi besar debit pengukuran langsung menggunakan Metode Slope Area, artinya keseluruhan hasil menunjukkan banjir atau limpasan permukaan yang melebihi kapasitas drainase.Kata kunci. Limpasan permukaan, metode SCS CN, metode rasional, zero run-off Belik Watershed is one of the Water Catchment Areas  located in urban areas of Sleman District. Land conversion from agricultural to residential area cause the descending of rain water catchment area. Lack of rain water catchment area can cause drainage channel capacity of Belik sub zone cannot hold rain water, so that flooding occurred around the drainage channel. The aim of this research is to give a way out to


    Fatmi Arma


    Full Text Available Mortality and morbidity of woman in pregnancy and delivery time is still becoming a big problem in development country. Death due to delivery was a common factor of young woman death in her top reproduction cycle. 75,6% delivery process in Padang Pariaman 2006 was helped by midwife. This number is still lower than national target (85%. Pasar Usang Health Centre is a Health Center in Padang Pariaman which has the lowest number of birth aid by nonprofessional medicine officer (27,9%. There is 7 traditional practitioner in Pasar Usang Health Center Region who still active helping delivery process. 6 traditional practitioner live in Sungai Buluh. It is a descriptive analytic research with cross sectional design. Population included all mother who had delivery process from January till June 2007 (n=116. Data were collected from August 6th till 13'h using questionnaire. There were no significant relationship on educational grade with mother option of delivery assistant. But there were significant relationship on mother’s knowledge and medicine officer service with mother option of delivery assistant.

  12. Peningkatan Partisipasi Belajar Siswa Kelas IV Dalam Pembelajaran PAI Dengan Strategi True or False Di SDN 38 Sungai Limau Kabupaten Padang Pariaman

    Hasnibar Hasnibar


    Full Text Available This research is based on the lack of student’s participacion in learning religion subject, including do discussion, propose the ideas, or conclude the material. It is caused by “speech method” that teacher used to do in learning, so that students got the low score for this subject. This research is aimed to improve student’s participation in learning religion subject by implementing True of False method. This is classroom action research with subject are students grade IV in SDN 38 Sungai Limau Kabupaten Padang Pariaman. Data were obtained through observation on student’s participation in learning, observation on teacher’s activities, and final test for students. Data were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. Based on the result of this research, student’s participation in learning: (1 percentage of students in doing discussion is 60% for cycle I and 85% for cycle II; (2  percentage of students in proposing ideas is 50% for cycle I and 75% for cycle II; and (3 percentage of students in concluding the lesson is 30% for cycle I and 72.5% for cycle II. Thus, learning of religion subject that implement the True or False strategy can improve student’s participation in learning.


    Pathul Arifin


    Full Text Available Penurunan jumlah tangkapan di perairan reservat danau panggang kabupaten hulu sungai utara sebesar 2% pertahun dari 3145,1 ton (2010 menjadi 3.030,0 ton (2013 dan kehadiran ikan lais (Cryptopterus micronema < 1% setiap tahunnya disusul ikan baung (Mystus nemurus < 0,5% mengindikasikan penurunan kualitas air, produktivitas perairan dan lingkungan perairan secara keseluruhan sebagai sistem ekologi. Tujuan penelitian (a mengidentifikasi kondisi limnologis perairan di zona penyangga kawasan reservat danau panggang dengan analisis kualitas air dan biological indeks; (b menganalisis konfigurasi ruang dari aktivitas di lokasi dan nilai sumberdaya perairan dari karakter bioekologis; (c menilai kondisi keseluruhan atribut perairan di zona penyangga; (d memetakan profil zonasi untuk menjelaskan kondisi eksisting di lokasi penelitian. Metode analisis kualitas air dan biological indeks serta kuissioner disertai statistik deskriptif dan pemetaan. Konsentrasi bahan organik yang tinggi berasal dari limbah organik dan tingkat biodiversitas fitoplankton lebih dominan daripada zooplankton berupa kelompok Chlorophyta air tawar sebagai pakan alami bagi larva dan benih ikan. Struktur pemukiman di lokasi terhadap perairan 50-75%, pembudidaya dan nelayan sebagai profesi utama dengan 2-10 jenis ikan yang tertangkap serta 4 jenis yang kehadirannya rendah. Pemetaan faktor penyebab kerusakan zona penyangga berasal dari peningkatan pemukiman 30%, prilaku masyarakat, intensitas penangkapan dan illegal fishing


    Ria Normanita


    Full Text Available Increasing the productivity of rice through the approach of Sekolah Lapang Pengelolaan Tanaman Terpadu (SL-PTT is one of the strategies that is expected to provide a greater contribution to the national rice production. Based on the results of research, the public response to the program of SL-PTT Non Hybrid Rice in Hulu Sungai Selatan was in the high category (85.71%. Factors affecting the public response to the program were the information, the field guides, the assistance component whereas those having no effects to the public response were the education, the practice, and the application of PTT. The environmental impact of the program of SLPTT Non Hybrid Rice was positive in the economic aspect, which could create welfare for farmers implementing the program. The Social aspect giving a positve impact was  through the transmission of technology adoption that could be applied to non-rice farmers who lived around the area of SL-PTT. The negative impact was the social jealousy among the people who could all not get involved in the program of SL-PTT Non Hybrid Rice.

  15. Monitoring spatial and temporal variations of the rice backscatter coefficient (σ0) at different phenological stages in Sungai Burong and Sawah Sempadan, Kuala Selangor.

    Aishah Mohd Rasit, Siti; Shariff, Abdul Rashid Mohammed; Razak, Janatul Aziera Abdul; Ghani, Aisyah Afiqah Abdul; Fikri Abdullah, Ahmad; Wayayok, Aimrun


    Monitoring rice growth and yield estimation using optical remote sensing data constitutes a big challenge largely due to cloud conditions that are typical of tropical regions. Using Radar remote sensing data helps because it overcomes the cloud issue and distinguishes the behaviour of the radar backscattering of rice crops specifically. This study indicated the temporal change of rice backscatter (σ°) at two different growth stages using HH polarimetric Radarsat-2. The aims of this study are: (1) to identify crop with different life spans based on the backscatter coefficient's values from a single polarisation for understanding the backscatter characteristic of rice over the entire growth cycle, and (2) to understand the advantages and limitations using the RADARSAT-2, C band with HH polarisation. The values of backscattering coefficients have been related to the Malaysia rice crop calendar to get the information of the growth status. The result shows strong backscatter coefficient values on the 21st of May that referred to the reproductive-maturity of rice in the Sawah Sempadan area, and out of season for the Sungai Burong area. While for the August 1st imagery, the result shows weak backscatter values which refers to early vegetative and vegetative-reproductive. The values of backscattering coefficient are found to be much less for early vegetation compare to mature rice crop. In this paper, we have also performed a classification of a rice field using Landsat 8 OLI.

  16. Distributions and source apportionment of sediment-associated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and hopanes in rivers and estuaries of Peninsular Malaysia.

    Keshavarzifard, Mehrzad; Zakaria, Mohamad Pauzi; Hwai, Tan Shau; Yusuff, Ferdius Mohamat; Mustafa, Shuhaimi


    In this study, the distributions and sources of sediment-associated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and hopanes in the Malaysian rivers and estuaries were evaluated. The concentrations of 16 USEPA PAHs varied from 225.5 to 293.9 (Perlis River), 195.2 to 481.2 (Kedah River), 791.2 to 1995.4 (Merbok River), 231.2 to 426.7 (Perak River), and 3803.2 to 7442.7 ng g(-1) (Klang River) dry weight. PAHs can be classified as moderate in the Perlis, Kedah, and Perak Rivers, moderate to high in the Merbok River, and high to very high in the Klang River. The comparison of PAHs with sediment quality guidelines (SQGs) indicates that occasionally adverse biological effects may occur from total PAHs, low molecular weight (LMW), and high molecular weight (HMW) PAHs at stations 1, 2, and 3 of the Klang River and from total PAHs at station 2 of the Merbok River. The diagnostic ratios of individual PAHs indicate both petrogenic and pyrogenic origin PAHs with significant dominance of pyrogenic sources in the study areas. The results suggest that Malaysian sediments had hopane ratios (C29/C30) similar to MECO suggesting MECO as a major source of the petroleum hydrocarbons found in the sediments, which is consistent with results reported in previous studies. These findings demonstrate that effective and improved environmental regulations in Malaysia have shifted the source of petroleum hydrocarbons from petrogenic to pyrogenic origin.

  17. ANALISIS PERMIBILITAS KERUANGAN DAN DINAMIKA FLUIDA ANGIN DAN SUHU KAWASAN PERMUKIMAN TROPIS SUNGAI DI BANJARMASIN, INDONESIA (An Analysis on Spatial Permeability and Fluid Dynamics of Wind and Thermal in Tropical Riverside Residential Areas

    Budi Prayitno


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Permukiman tepian sungai di Banjarmasin secara alami merupakan permukiman berbasis pada alam dan budaya huni sungai, saat ini mengalami degradasi kualitas kehidupan dan alamnya. Hal ini diakibatkan oleh bencana kebakaran, banjir dan tinggi resiko terjadinya urban heat island. Secara konfigurasi keruangan tidak terjadi hubungan dan keterpaduan antara ruang arsitektur dan infrastruktur kawasan yang berbasis daratan dan perairan. Fenomena yang terjadi adalah kepadatan, hubungan kawasan darat dan sungai yang lemah serta degradasi kualitas lingkungan. Selain itu kenyamanan termal kawasan pun sangat rendah, yaitu: aliran angin yang tidak lancar, kelembaban cukup tinggi dan suhu yang tidak nyaman. Penelitian ini mencoba melakukan eksperimen melalui pendekatan simulasi permibilitas ruang dan kenyamanan termal dengan menggunakan metode analisis ruang dengan program Space Syntax dan metode analisis kenyamanan termal dengan program Envimet. Penelitian ini membandingkan kondisi eksisiting dan usulan model arsitektur permukiman kampung beringkat yang berbasis arsitektur permukiman vernakular tepi sungai Banjarmasin. Kesimpulan dari penelitian ini adalah melalui pendekatan permibilitas keruangan yang mensimbiosiskan konfigurasi antara ruang darat dan air serta arsitektur kawasan dapat ditingkatkan kinerja kejelasan keruangannya tetapi secara kenyamanan termal tidak menunjukkan peningkatan kinerja secara signifikan karena morfologi kawasan yang relatif datar dan dengan proporsi ketinggian rata-rata bangunan yang rendah sehingga tidak terbentuk jalur pergerakan angin sebagai sarana ventilasi dan kenyamanan termal kawasan. ABSTRACT Riverside settlements in Banjarmasin that were initially based on their river culture and nature are currently experiencing degradation of life quality and nature. This is caused by fires, floods, and a high risk of urban heat island. In terms of spatial configuration there are no interrelation and integration between regional

  18. HOSPES PERANTARA DAN HOSPES RESERVOIR FASCIOLOPSIS BUSKI DI INDONESIA Studi Epidemiologi F. buski di Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Utara, Kalimantan Selatan Tahun 2002 dan 2010

    Anorital -


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Buski intestinal worm disease (fasciolopsiosis is an endemic disease in some villages in the Hulu Sungai Utara district. Since the discovery of the case in 1982 until recently, the fasciolopsiosis prevalence has not showed a declining trend. Even in some periods it seems to rise, despite mitigation efforts continue to be implemented through various surveys, which ended with the drugs administration.Unidentified intermediate hosts and reservoir hosts is one constraint in the disease control.To determine the epidemiological cycle of F. buski, two studies were conducted by two research institutions under the Research and Development Agency in 2002 by Anorital, etal. and 2010 by Annida.Results from both studies showed that there were 3 kinds of water plants (second intermediate host consumed by communities; the lily (Nymphea alba, bird lotus(Nymphea lotus and water spinach (Ipomea aquatica which was positive of Metasercariae and Cercariae. Two of four types of freshwater snails (the first intermediate host specimens examined were positive of redia and cercariae; kalambuai snail (Lymnea sp. and flat snails (Indoplanorbis sp.. One of four animal manure specimens examined was positive of F. buski egg (found in buffalo dung. It was also found two egg specimens from chicken and alabio duck manure whichis resembled to F. buski. But in terms ofsize, it was much smaller than the egg of F. buski. Despite these positive findings, the confirmation from experienced research institutions is needed. It is expected that the Buski intestinal worm disease (fasciolopsiosis control can be conducted effectively. An in-depth study is also needed. Key words: Fasciolopsis buski, fasciolopsiosis. ABSTRAK Penyakit kecacingan buski (fasciolopsiosis merupakan penyakit yang endemis di beberapa desa di kabupaten Hulu Sungai Utara. Sejak ditemukan kasus penyakit ini pada tahun 1982 dan sampai saat ini, prevalensi fasciolopsiosis tidak menunjukkan kecenderungan menurun


    Anorital Anorital


    Full Text Available Fasciolopsiosis is worm disease which is caused Fasciolopsis buski. The disease is an endemic at some villages in Hulu Sungai Utara Regency with prevalence 1.2-7.8%.The patients are children with age around 1-15 years old. In the year 2002-2003 have been carried out a research "Model of Control Fasciolopsis buski at South Kalimantan with Socio-Cultural Approach". In the first year (2002 of research, the data base of epidemiological and socio-cultural aspect, with cross sectional research design, have been collected. And in the second year (2003 has been done the intervention to the basic school students in three villages (Kalumpang Dalam, Putat Atas, and Talaga Mas, by doing a health campaign using comic books with Banjar language (local language. To find out the intervention has success, the researcher evaluated parasitological and socio cultural data collecting, especially knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP aspect. Data collecting about KAP aspect was executed to the basic school students (grade 3-5. Total samples are 160 basic school students in those three villages. The result of parasitological data collecting in 3 villages after inten>ention is found a prevalence rate 5.2% positive fasciolopsiosis. There is decreased about 6.5% from 11.7% on the first year (2002 into 5.2% at second year (2003. The result of socio-cultural data collecting for KAP aspect as quantitative is found increase. There is knowledge increasing about the worm disease, where before intervention only 86.8% students who know the buski disease, and after intervention become 96.8%. While on practice aspect also increase, before intervention 73.1% basic school students use drugs worm (albendazol and 84.3% after intervention, before intervention 48.7% students never eat raw water plants, after intervention become 19.9%, before intervention 57.5% students wash their hands with soap but after intervention raised up become 85.0% (p<0,05. The Conclusion is there is

  20. Natural Ventilation Performance of Kedah Vernacular House

    Izudinshah Abd. Wahab


    Full Text Available As processed energy becoming more expensive, people have started to look for natural sources for option to provide their needs and comfort. Natural ventilation is one of the passive approaches that have recently become one of the important approaches in building design. However, architecturally, this approach is not considered new as a lot of previous buildings before industry era are totally depending on natural sources to ventilate their indoor spaces. Therefore this study was done to look into how these architectural details in Malay vernacular houses may affect the air movement performance around them. Two case studies of vernacular houses were chosen with design elements identified as natural ventilation attributes. Several points were identified inside and outside of the house where the wind speed of their surrounding were taken hourly in daytime for three days. The data were than compared to the building elements of the spaces. Both houses shows how building orientation and position of ventilation openings play the major role in determine the indoor air movement performance. However due to having other unintentionally openings such as gaps on roof design and gaps in flooring construction installation may also allow air flow to sip into the building despite of not having proper opening facing the cross ventilation. Besides that, by having openings at high level at the high roof may also encourage natural air flow via stack effect ventilation. Wide and full height window design may also become one of the most significant element to allow ventilation as proven in this research.

  1. Reptiles of Lata Bukit Hijau, Kedah, Malaysia

    Shahriza Shahrudin


    Full Text Available Lata Bukit Hijau is located within the Banjaran Bintang Ranges on the west coast of northern Peninsular Malaysia. The reptile fauna in this pristine area was intensively investigated from 2008 to 2011 on 10 consecutive visits. A total 37 species of reptiles from 31 genera and 10 families were recorded to inhabit this area. Out of this number, 17 species were lizards (13 genera and four families, 17 species were snakes (15 genera and four families and three species were freshwater turtles (three genera and two families. These preliminary data increased the number of lizards, snakes and freshwater turtles reported from Banjaran Bintang from 31 to 41, 30 to 44 and three to five species, respectively


    Tumisem Tumisem


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Penelitian tentang Analisis Kadar Logam dan Cara Mudah Mengenali Berbagai Udang yang Terakumulasi Logam dilakukan dengan: mengidentifikasi berbagai jenis udang, menganalisis kadar logam dan menganalisis secara morfologi berbagai jenis udang terkait dengan morfologi tubuhnya. Penelitian dilakukan di sepanjang Sungai Donan Cilacap dengan cara menangkap berbagai jenis udang di sepanjang sungai tersebut setiap musim. Analisis kadar logam dilakukan di Laboratorium Kimia Analitik UGM, identifikasi dan analisis morfologi udang dilakukan di Laboratorium Teknik Kimia UMP. Hasil identifikasi diperoleh enam jenis udang yaitu udang Tepus, Pletok, Jahe, Peci, Sikat, dan Wuku. Berdasarkan hasil analisis morfologi (warna tubuh menunjukkan semua jenis udang yang berasal dari lokasi sekitar tailing semen dan pertamina berwarna lebih gelap (kehitaman atau hitam kemerahan, dan yang berasal dari lokasi sungai yang memiliki tanaman bakau adalah cerah dan segar (warna lebih kelihatan bening. Hasil analisis kadar logam jenis Cd dan Pb pada semua udang tidak terdeteksi, sedangkan analisis kadar Cu terdeteksi pada udang Pletok, Wuku dan Sikat dengan kadar melebihi baku mutu kesehatan 0,1 ppm. Rata-rata kadar Cu pada udang tersebut sebesar 66,256 ppm per 1000 gram udang kering. Dari hasil analisis morfologi (bentuk tubuh dari semua jenis udang baik yang terakumulasi logam maupun tidak memiliki bentuk yang sama, sehingga tidak dapat menjadi patokan dalam mengenali udang yang tercemar logam. Berdasarkan penelitian di atas dapat disimpulkan udang yang terakumulasi bahan pencemar di atas standar keamanan pangan berwarna hijau kehitaman dan merah kehitaman, sedangkan udang yang tidak terakumulasi bahan pencemar berwarna putih segar. ABSTRACT Research on the metal content analysis and Easily Recognize for shrimps that accumulates of metal have done by identify various types of shrimps, metal content analysis, and analyzed morphologically various types of shrimp related


    Shofia Lathifa Ihsani


    Full Text Available Koagulan sintetik telah umum digunakan untuk penjernihan air. Meskipun koagulan tersebut kelihatan lebih praktis dalam penggunaan dan mudah diperoleh tetapi pemakaian koagulan sintetik yang berlebih justru akan menimbulkan efek yang tidak baik bagi lingkungan maupun kesehatan karena koagulan jenis ini tidak mudah terbiodegradasi. Eksplorasi terhadap material alami, yang lebih ramah lingkungan namun mempunyai potensi yang baik perlu terus dikaji. Keunggulan kitosan sebagai koagulan adalah sifatnya tidak beracun, mudah mengalami biodegradasi, tidak mencemari lingkungan, dan mudah bereaksi dengan zat-zat organik lainnya seperti protein. Dengan demikian diharapkan bahwa koagulan yang diperoleh dari kulit udang adalah bahan yang ramah lingkungan dan mempunyai nilai tambah yang tinggi. Pada tugas akhir ini, isolasi kitosan dilakukan melalui tiga tahap yaitu deproteinasi, demineralisasi dan deasetilasi. Deproteinasi dilakukan dengan melarutkan kulit udang menggunakan NaOH 5% (b/v pada perbandingan 1:10 (gr/mL dan direfluks selama 1 jam pada suhu 650C. Sedangkan demineralisasi dilakukan dengan melarutkan serbuk hasil deproteinasi dengan HCl 1M dengan perbandingan 1:15 (g/mL dan direfluks selama 2 jam pada suhu 650C. Serbuk kitin hasil demineralisasi selanjutnya diproses lebih lanjut dengan mereaksikan kitin menggunakan NaOH 50%(b/v dengan perbandingan 1:15 (gr/mL dan direfluks selama 4 jam pada suhu 1000C. Kitosan yang diperoleh diaplikasikan sebagai biokoagulan untuk menjernihkan air sungai yang tercemar limbah industri. Variabel yang diteliti adalah konsentrasi kitosan 0,01 %, 0,4%, 1%, 1,5%, 2%. Kemudian sampel limbah yang sudah diolah diuji pH dan tingkat kekeruhannya. Hasil proses deproteinasi kulit udang menghasilkan rendemen 55,55%, sedangkan proses demineralisasi menghasilkan rendemen 32,65%. Pada proses deasetilasi kitin dari kulit udang menghasilkan rendemen sebesar 69,25%, sedangkan rendemen kitosan yang diperoleh sebanyak 12,466%. Dari hasil

  4. Bioaccumulation and Distribution of Heavy Metals (Cd, Cu, Fe, Ni, Pb and Zn in the Different Tissues of Chicoreus capucinus Lamarck (Mollusca: Muricidae Collected from Sungai Janggut, Kuala Langat, Malaysia

    Franklin Edward Berandah


    Full Text Available Knowledge on accumulation and distribution of metals in the soft tissues may help us to understand the processes involved in the uptake and excretion of metals in the different parts of molluscs such as Chicoreus capucinus. Chicoreus capucinus was collected from intertidal areas of Sungai Janggut mudflat, Kuala Langat, Selangor and analysed for heavy metals content in the tissues. The capability of the different parts to accumulate heavy metal from the environment was measured by calculating their Biota-Sediment Accumulation Factor (BSAF values. From this preliminary investigation, it was found that the highest concentrations of Cu were found in the caecum (194±24.4 µg/g dw, Cd in digestive gland (32.9±0.000 µg/g dw and Fe in operculum (971±2.50 µg/g dw. For Ni and Pb, high concentrations in shell were observed and Zinc high levels in most of the tissues studied except shell and operculum. On the other hand, highest BSAF values were obtained in caecum for Cu (101.2, Zn (27.4 and Cd (53.1, while highest BSAF values were obtained in shell for Pb (32.6 and Ni (8.88. However, in general, most of the different parts of the gastropod could be suggested as macro concentrator organs, since the BSAF values were greater than 2. More studies should be conducted in the future to determine the potential of C. capucinus as biomonitor.

  5. ANALISIS KETERSEDIAAN AIR SUNGAI BAWAH TANAH DAN PEMANFAATAN BERKELANJUTAN DI KAWASAN KARST MAROS SULAWESI SELATAN (Analysis of Underground River Water Availability and Its Sustainable uses at Karst Maros Area in South Sulawesi

    Muhammad Arsyad


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Kawasan Karst Maros mempunyai tata air yang kondusif, baik yang berada di bawah gua maupun yang muncul sebagai sungai permukaan, seperti DAS Bantimurung. DAS Bantimurung bahagian hulunya dipergunakan sebagai tempat pariwisata, air irigasi bagi pertanian dan air baku PDAM Kabupaten Maros. Untuk itu, perlu dilakukan valuasi ekonomi terhadap sumberdaya air tersebut, berupa nilai total ekonomi. Besarnya debit air yang terdapat di Kawasan Karst Maros selama 20 tahun (1990-2010 cenderung berada pada angka 7,00 m3/s, dengan debit air terendah terjadi bulan September, sekitar 1,00 m3/s dan tertinggi pada bulan Januari mencapai 20 m3/s. Perhitungan nilai guna langsung  (direct use value sebesar Rp.385.479.052.214, nilai guna tidak langsung (indirect use value sebesar Rp.13.251.588.000,  dan nilai bukan guna (non  use value sebesar Rp., sehingga nilai ekonomi total (Total Economic Value, TEV dari setiap tahunnya sebesar Rp.418.746.788.214. Untuk keberlanjutan pemanfaatan air sungai bawah tanah Kawasan Karst Maros diperoleh kebutuhan air seluruh irigasi pertanian di Kabupaten Maros adalah 5,32 m3/s dan PDAM sebesar 2.037.943 m3 setiap tahun.  Sedangkan air yang tersedia di Kawasan Karst Maros adalah 220,8 juta m3 setiap tahun, sehingga masih ada surplus air sebesar 15,10 juta m3 setiap tahun.   ABSTRACT The karst region of Maros has water system that is conducive both under the cave and emerge as the river surface, such as watershed Bantimurung. The upstream of DAS Bantimurung is used as a place of tourism , agriculture and irrigation for raw water in Maros PDAM. To that end, economic valuation needed to be done to water resource, in the form of total economic value. The amount of discharge water contained in Maros Karst area for 20 years (1990-2010 tended stands at 7,00 m3/s, with the lowest water discharge occurred in September, approximately 1,00 m3/s and the highest in January at 20 m3/s. Direct use value amounted to Rp 385

  6. EVALUASI PROGRAM PENATAAN DAN REHABILITASI PERMUKIMAN KUMUH STUDI KASUS KAWASAN BANTARAN SUNGAI CODE BAGIAN UTARA, YOGYAKARTA (The Evaluation of Slum Area Rehabilitation and Improvement Programs Case Study in Nothern Banks Area of Rivers Code Yogyakarta

    Tri Rahayu


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Meskipun Pemerintah telah rnelaksanakan penanganan daerah kumuh untuk waktu yang cukup lama, infrastruktur yang dibangun telah diabaikan den ditinggalkan. Hal ini terkait dengan kebijakan pemerintah pada waktu yang lalu dinrana banyak program yang dilaksanakan tanpa melibatkan masyarakat. Belajar dari kegagalan ini, pemerintah mengubah pola pengembangan menuju aktivitas pemberdayaan masyarakat yang disebut Konsep TRIDAYA. Konsep ini memiliki 3 komponen pemberdayaan: (1 pemberdayaan komunitas sosial, (2 pemanfaatan lingkungan fisik, dan (3 peningkatan usaha kecil. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengevaluasi pencapaian pengembangan infrastruktur di daerah Sungai Code bagian utara dalam program penataan dan rehabilitasi permukiman kumuh. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode deskriptif-eksploratif, dengan melakukan interview tidak terstruktur dengan masyarakat yang terlibat dalam program. Hasilnya di analisis dengan metode deskriptif kualitatif. Program tersebut merniliki 3 komponen: (1 penyediaan air, (2 jalan setapak, (3 limbah padat. Dari setiap komponen program dapat dikembangkan 3 tema yaitu masalah sebelum adanya program, benefit dan dampak dari program, serta tanggapan terhadap program. Tema-tema ini dikelompokkan ke dalam beberapa konsep. Terdapat 2 katagori: 2 program berisikan penyediaan air, jalan setapak dapat dicapai, tetapi program limbah padat tidak dapat dikembangkan lagi.   ABSTRACT Even though the government has been taking care of slum area improvement for a long time, the infrastructures that have been built have been neglected and abandoned. It is related with the government policy in the past that conceived many programs without involving the community learning from this failure, the government turned the development pattern into community empowering activities called Tridaya concept. It has three empowering components: (1 empowering social community, (2 taking advantage of physical environment, and (3 improving small

  7. The influence of urban development and social mobility on socioeconomic level: The application of GIS on urban ecosystems

    Suhaili Mansor, Nur; Zulhaidi Mohd Shafri, Helmi; Mansor, Shattri; Paradhan, Biswajeet


    Specifically, the integration between social sciences and natural science are fundamental in our understanding of the economic, social and technological transformations that have drastically changed the society. This study will be based on the municipality of Sungai Petani, Kedah as it has been most influenced by urbanization and urban development. Urban development in Sungai Petani is closely associated with a tremendous increase in demand for land, which is highly related to population growth, human movement and their social mobility. The qualitative case study taken will rely on the visual interpretation technique that would allow the researcher to develop a map of urban changes detection. The potential application of GIS information to estimate socioeconomic indicators and the modelling of socio-economic activities that are explored in this study is hoped to increase further our understanding of the impacts of development and urbanization on social life.


    Evy Damayanthi


    Full Text Available The objective of this research was to investigate the characteristics and differences in quality milk of Water andSwamp buffalo milk in North Sumatera. This research was conducted used complete random design used 30buffalo from three breeding farm in North Sumatera. Buffalo milk were collecting from lactating buffaloes on threetraditional farms located at Patumbak, Lubuk Pakam, and Siborong-borong with extensive farming system. Theresult of this research shown milk production per day for Swamp buffalo is 1 1.5 l and Water buffalo is 6 8 l withquality of Swamp and Water buffalo sequentially are for protein 5.14 ± 0.37% and 4.68 ± 0.41%, fat content 7.52 ±0.98% and 4.13 ± 0.73%, non-fat dry matter (NFDM 10.61 ± 0.78% and 11.5 ± 0.86%, moisture 81.87 ± 2.26% and80.33 ± 2.33%, milk density 1.030 and 1.036, and then Total Plate Count (TPC 3.79 x 106 and 5.08 x 105, shownindicated that there ware significant difference in protein, fat content and NFDM (P<0.01. But there is nodifferences in moisture and milk density. TPC shown that Swamp buffalo milk has above the maximum microbespresent in milk. The conclusion of this research is milk production of Swamp buffalo less than River buffalo but hashigher in chemical quality of milk than River buffalo such as protein, NFDM and fat content. Amino acids in Swampbuffalo milk were higher than River buffalo milk. Althought buffalo has less milk production than cow but buffalomilk were higher in all quality tested parameters and have more potential than dairy cow to be developed becausemaintenance of buffalo in North Sumatera is still use traditional method and not yet leading to efforts to obtainmaximum production performance.


    K.G. Darma Susila


    Full Text Available Telaga Waja River in Karangasem Regency has got water discharge from 2.500 to 3.500 litre per second. The use of fertilizer, farm and household cesspool disposal, and changes of land function can reduce the quality of the water. This research is done in order to know the quality of water and index of its pollution. This research is done in Telaga Waja river for along 10 kilometres from Besakih Village to Muncan Village from August until November 2011. The research of physic parachmeter, chemistry and microbiology by taking sample for insitu and eksitu examination are compared with the standard quality of Balinese Goverment Regulation No.8/2007. While the observation and interview are done in order to know beha,1our of the people in polluting the water. Result of the research shows that the concentration of Fecal coli and Total coliforms reach 240.000.000 MPN/100 ml It is more than standard quality of all classes.The analysis of COD is more than first class water quality, BOD and Fosfat are more than third class water quality and DO concentration is less than minimum first class water concentration. The evaluation of Pollution Index (Pl for first class water in all location is high polluted. Evaluations PI of third and fou1th class standard water quality in Menanga Village and Muncan Village are medium polluted and from Rendang Village until Muncan Village is high polluted in the delta of the river. Water condition indicate function ofTelaga Waja watershed for agriculture, living place, tourism ( rafting, restaurant, and villa, and mining pollute the water. Base on the evaluation of pollution index, all locations are medium and high polluted. That is why the goverment, entrepreneurs, and the society should save River Telaga Waja by keeping it clean. Observation of the water quality is also should be done regularly.


    K.G. Darma Susila; I W Sandi Adnyana; I.W. Budiarsa Suyasa


    Telaga Waja River in Karangasem Regency has got water discharge from 2.500 to 3.500 litre per second. The use of fertilizer, farm and household cesspool disposal, and changes of land function can reduce the quality of the water. This research is done in order to know the quality of water and index of its pollution. This research is done in Telaga Waja river for along 10 kilometres from Besakih Village to Muncan Village from August until November 2011. The research of physic parachmeter, chemi...


    Dewa Nyoman Alit Ardana


    Full Text Available Ayung river is one of the longest rivers in Bali. The upstream of the river is in regency of Bangli, Badung, Buleleng, Tabananand downstream is located in Padang Galak beach, East Denpasar Sub-regency. As the sample of the study, the water of the river wastaken from the stream entering the city of Denpasar. The sample was taken in five different points and for each point was taken twice. Thefirst was taken at 5 p.m, and the second was at 6 a.m. This study aims at finding out the rate of radioactive content of Ayung river water inthe city of Denpasar.The water sample was analyzed in Radiometry Analysis Group of Radiation Physics and environmental research centre andNuclear Technique Development, Jalan Taman Sari 71 Bandung – 40132. The process of counting was conducted in this place in order toknow the rate of the element activities and then identification of elements contens in the sample. The result of the counting and identifyingwas compered with standard grade of radioactivity in the area.The element of identification result and the amount of activity rate found showed that the element were natural radioactiveelements, the content: 40K (Kalium-40, 234Th (Thorium-234, 233Th (Thorium-233, 228Ac (Actinium-288, 114mIn (Indium-114m. Thehighest activity of radioactive elements in each sample point: in E2 point content element 40K with the activity 2.08 Bq/lt, in point A1 234Thwith the activity 16.34 Bq/lt, in point E1 containts 233Th with activity 598.29 Bq/lt, in point E1 and E2 contain 228Ac with the activity939.63 Bq/lt. The height of activity value of the counting and identifying elements was still under the rate of the highest level.The result of the study showed that radioactive elements 40K had the tendency of increasing radioactivity. The same thinghappened to 233Th at the peak of energi 185.00 keV. The content of its radioactive tends to exist in each point of sample point and theactivity tends to increase. Though the rate of radioactivity content was still under the highest permitted level (1x104 Bq/lt for 40K and7x102 for 233Th bu the case needs to be watched out that the dangerus grade pollution would take place.

  12. Penentuan Konsentrasi Tanah dalam Air Sungai Berdasarkan Perbedaan Warna

    Imam Sofi'i


    Full Text Available Information of soil erosion is very useful related with prevention action and planning in the future. The objective of this research is to determine soil concentration in water river based on colour differences using image processing and artificial neural network (ANN. Soil and water mixture image was taken using a digital camera then was processed by an image processing program. Two ANN Models were developed. The first model had 3 input parameters while the second model had 6 input parameters. Both models had altogether one output parameters of the soil concentration. The accuracy of the first model was 38% while the second one was 36%.

  13. Impak Pembangunan Tebingan Sungai Ke Atas Persekitaran Fizikal dan Manusia

    Zaini Sakawi


    Full Text Available Development and environment are two phenomena which very synonym in recent development. Generally, development demands will bring positive or negative impact to the environment. Therefore, this paper work will discuss the study of the impact of Malacca River bank development at Bandar Hilir, Malacca to the environment, especially to human environment. The finding of this study shows that the impact of Malacca River bank construction and beautify can be classified into four main impacts. The impacts are restructuring of layout, tourists attraction, infrastructure development and environmental quality. The finding of this study also shows that river bank development and environmental changes give new shift to local society benefits to generate higher quality and dynamic life. In effort to attain the prosperous and equipoise in this river bank development, it is not involved only the administration, but also need the involvement of all parties such as the NGOs, mass media and society.


    Dyah Muji Rahayu


    Full Text Available Anthropogenic pollution (organic matter and Hg around Cisadane River upstream can affect the abundances of macrozoobenthos. The aim of this research was to identify the abundances of macrozoobenthos and feeding groups, and also to identify the status of waters based on macrozoobenthos community. The research was conducted on January to March in four locations in the upstream of Cisadane River, covering Cikuluwung (ST 1, Cisarua (ST 2, Curug Bitung (ST 3, and Lukut (ST 4. Samples were collected with kick net and Eckman Grab. The dominance macrozoobenthos are Bungona (171 ind/m2, Simulium (101 ind/m2, Cheumatopsyche (50 ind/m2, and Polypedilum (28 ind/m2. Based on feeding groups, the dominance are filtering collector and gatherer collector. Based on the Pollution Index and Heavy Metal Pollution Index (Hg on sediment, the upstream of Cisadane River is low polluted whereas EPT Index and Signal showed that upstream of Cisadane River is moderate polluted.


    Agung Nugroho


    Full Text Available Central Java Province intends to improve the use of renewable energy (EBT such as water resources. Logung river at Ngaliyan subdistrict, Temanggung district has potential energy for micro power plan. The first step to use the water resource is determining the capacity of a mini hydro power plan in accordance with the conditions of the river Logung. Based on the the technical study, the elvation height between the prospective weir with potential power house is 110 m and the effetive height at 105 m. Logung maximum river flow is 11.06 m3/dt, with average flow is 4,77 m3/dt., The minimum flow is 0,75 m3/dt. This electricity power is 10253.12 KW with maximum flow, it will be produced 4848.44 KW at maximum flow 60 %. The minimum flow can deliver 695,28 KW. The suitable capacity for the generator of micro power plants of Logung is 3220 KVA when it is according to manufacture. Key words : power, flow, power

  16. Studi Eksperimen Agradasi Dasar Sungai pada Hulu Bangunan Air

    Randanan, Dian Permata


    Aggradation is a buildup of materials that occurs because of the style transport stops , for instance, through the course of the river bed where the transport is no longer continued but turn out of to be flat transformed into flat . The process aggradation riverbed upstream as a result of the installation of waterworks . moreover degradation is also influenced by the discharge , runoff and sediment transport time . Therefore carried out a study aimed to determine the basic trends as a result...


    Priyo Nugroho Parmantoro


    Full Text Available The use of models in the design of jetties at the river mouth is intended to achieve efficiency and predict the function of events forces the river and marine hydrodynamics in a variety of scenarios handling of sedimentation in the estuary. One of the aspects of impacts of current changes that are modeled around the estuary in both the condition before treatment and after a jetty. While other aspects that need to be considered is the hydraulics of the river in the upper-estuary, shoreline change and ocean wave characteristics around the mouth of the river jetty. To be able to know the current pattern of movement around the mouth of the river jetty used models of Surface Water Modeling System (SMS As a research object is used Silandak Jetty. It has the data before the jetty was built so that could be compared with the condition in which the jetty has been built. Current survey results that occurred in these waters is caused by tidal forces and non tidal. Due to the influence of tides, currents tend to back and forth in a certain direction (from the sea into the estuary. While the non-tidal forces tend to be dominated by the longshore current (caused by the influence of the wave. The simulation result shows a flow that at low tide the sea water circulation in the waters in Silandak moving toward the west to the northwest while the tide moves in the opposite direction heading east with a range between 0,05 to 0,25 m/sec. Sediment modelling shows that flushing sediment has effectively result. Key words: Jetty, Current, Sediment

  18. An Evaluation of Snorkeling Experience in Pulau Payar Marine Park, Kedah, Malaysia

    Salim Nurbaidura


    Full Text Available Marine Parks in Malaysia receive almost 7.4 million tourists for the past ten years from all over the world. Continuous growth in the number of tourists and mass tourism has resulted in uncontrolled number of tourists, sometimes surpassing the carrying capacity of the site. Due to the lack of control and enforcement, many tour boat operators are bringing snorkelers to small fragile sites at the same timeframe. Such situation has resulted in reduced quality of tourist experience and satisfaction level, among others, as they need to cram in with others at the designated snorkeling areas. Taking Pulau Payar Marine Park for an example, this study evaluates the snorkeling experience of 259 selected respondents in the marine park. The results employed Importance-satisfaction analysis (ISA and Gap analysis on both satisfaction and importance level. The research result showed that the perceived mean is less than the expected mean for all attributes except for ‘lack of crowd’ and ‘fish feeding activity’. Over sixty eight percent were satisfied with their snorkeling experience but there are several issues need to be managed by the Marine Park Department. Suggestions, such as limiting the number of visitors to the park, improving public facilities and solid waste management of the park to protect the island and its sustainability were introduced. This study highlights the importance of site management in environmentally sensitive areas, for resort and tour operators towards developing better service quality for a better tourist experience.

  19. Modelling of binary logistic regression for obesity among secondary students in a rural area of Kedah

    Kamaruddin, Ainur Amira; Ali, Zalila; Noor, Norlida Mohd.; Baharum, Adam; Ahmad, Wan Muhamad Amir W.


    Logistic regression analysis examines the influence of various factors on a dichotomous outcome by estimating the probability of the event's occurrence. Logistic regression, also called a logit model, is a statistical procedure used to model dichotomous outcomes. In the logit model the log odds of the dichotomous outcome is modeled as a linear combination of the predictor variables. The log odds ratio in logistic regression provides a description of the probabilistic relationship of the variables and the outcome. In conducting logistic regression, selection procedures are used in selecting important predictor variables, diagnostics are used to check that assumptions are valid which include independence of errors, linearity in the logit for continuous variables, absence of multicollinearity, and lack of strongly influential outliers and a test statistic is calculated to determine the aptness of the model. This study used the binary logistic regression model to investigate overweight and obesity among rural secondary school students on the basis of their demographics profile, medical history, diet and lifestyle. The results indicate that overweight and obesity of students are influenced by obesity in family and the interaction between a student's ethnicity and routine meals intake. The odds of a student being overweight and obese are higher for a student having a family history of obesity and for a non-Malay student who frequently takes routine meals as compared to a Malay student.

  20. An Evaluation of Snorkeling Experience in Pulau Payar Marine Park, Kedah, Malaysia

    Salim Nurbaidura; Mohamed Badaruddin


    Marine Parks in Malaysia receive almost 7.4 million tourists for the past ten years from all over the world. Continuous growth in the number of tourists and mass tourism has resulted in uncontrolled number of tourists, sometimes surpassing the carrying capacity of the site. Due to the lack of control and enforcement, many tour boat operators are bringing snorkelers to small fragile sites at the same timeframe. Such situation has resulted in reduced quality of tourist experience and satisfacti...

  1. Design of transplanting mechanism for system of rice intensification (SRI) transplanter in Kedah, Malaysia

    Imran, M. S.; Manan, M. S. Abdul; Khalil, A. N. M.; MdNaim, M. K.; Ahmad, R. N.


    There is a demand to develop transplanter specifically for system of rice intensification (SRI) cultivation in Malaysia. This SRI transplanter is different from conventional transplanter as it is required special requirements for transplanting. The work focused on transplanting mechanism design which can be later attached to SRI transplanter. The mechanical design was established using linkage mechanism, having a wheel that act as timing wheel that will control the distance between transplanted seedlings. The linkage mechanism also control the opening of the flapper that allow the seedling together with its nursery soil to be dropped, and control the stopper to prevent next seedling from sliding down the tray. The use of simple mechanism will have low cost for fabrication. The design was analysed using motion analysis software. Results show the design is perfectly good and can be fabricated without any problem. The animation successfully shows the perfect movement of the mechanism and transplanting process.

  2. Persistent organochlorine compounds in human breast milk from mothers living in Penang and Kedah, Malaysia.

    Sudaryanto, Agus; Kunisue, Tatsuya; Tanabe, Shinsuke; Niida, Mami; Hashim, Hatijah


    This study determined the concentrations of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins/dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), organochlorine (OC) pesticides, and tris(4-chlorophenyl) methane (TCPMe) in human breast milk samples collected in 2003 from primipara mothers living in Penang, Malaysia. OCs were detected in all the samples analyzed with DDTs, hexachlorocyclohexane isomers (HCHs), and PCBs as the major contaminants followed by chlordane compounds (CHLs), hexachlorobenzene (HCB), and TCPMe. The residue levels of DDTs, HCHs, and CHLs were comparable to or higher than those in general populations of other countries, whereas PCBs and HCB were relatively low. In addition, dioxins and related compounds were also detected with a range of dioxin equivalent concentrations from 3.4 to 24 pg-TEQs/g lipid wt. Levels of toxic equivalents (TEQs) were slightly higher than those in other developing countries but still much lower than those of industrialized nations. One donor mother contained a high TEQs level, equal to the mean value in human breast milk from Japan, implying that some of the residents in Malaysia may be exposed to specific pollution sources of dioxins and related compounds. No association was observed between OCs concentrations and maternal characteristics, which might be related to a limited number of samples, narrow range of age of the donor mothers, and/or other external factors. The recently identified endocrine disrupter, TCPMe, was also detected in all human breast milk samples of this study. A significant positive correlation was observed between TCPMe and DDTs, suggesting that technical DDT might be a source of TCPMe in Malaysia. The present study provides a useful baseline for future studies on the accumulations of OCs in the general population of Malaysia.

  3. The Relationship between Socio-Demographic Characteristics and Snorkeling Satisfaction in Pulau Payar Marine Park, Kedah

    Nurbaidura Salim


    Full Text Available Due to its popularity and lucrative business opportunity, snorkeling has become the predominant activity in many marine parks. Continuous growth in the number of tourists and mass tourism has resulted in uncontrolled number of tourists, sometimes to pass over the carrying capacity of the site. Due to the lack of control and enforcement, many tour boat operators are seen bringing snorkelers to small fragile sites at the same timeframe. Such situation has resulted in reduced quality of tourist experience and satisfaction level as they need to cram in with others at the designated snorkeling areas. This study analyzes the influence of tourist demographic profile on the satisfaction level with snorkeling experience in the Pulau Payar Marine Park, a small coral island in Malaysia. A total of 259 snorkelers answered the survey that forms the basis of this paper. The results tested using t-tests and ANOVA, show significant differences between satisfaction level and respondents’ socio-demographic characteristics. Findings of the study indicated that only origin and education level positively associated with visitor satisfaction. Several issues, such as limiting the numbers of boats to be allowed at the site and facilities management such as toilets, changing rooms and solid waste management were among issues need to be considered by the Marine Park Department, in order to protect the island and its sustainability. This study highlights the importance of site management, in environmentally sensitive areas, for marine park managers and tour operators toward developing strategic marketing mixes for the different market segments.

  4. Environmental Functions Provided by Malaysian Local Government: User's Perception

    Zaherawati Zakaria


    Full Text Available Problem statement: This research is about users’ perception of environmental functions provided by local government focused on Kedah Local authorities. Recently, the local authorities in Malaysia have been soundly criticized for poor management and they are subjected to daily barrage of questions and complaints directly in the press and tougher higher ups at the state and federal levels. Approach: Due to the problems arise, this research tried to identify the factors affecting the user’s perception of environmental functions provided by local government in Kedah and to examine the environmental functions provided by local government with level of users’ perception in Kedah. Hypotheses testing showed the research design and quantitative method through questionnaires provided to the respondents. Results: The samplings of this research are 300 respondents in Kulim Municipal Council, Sungai Petani Municipal Council and Alor Star City Council. In this study, simple random sampling was used where only 100 respondents in each local authority. This research used Descriptive Statistic and Pearson Correlation for data analysis purposes. Data were collected from 228 users in October 2007 until January 2008. In this research three hypotheses were testing. The hypotheses which include cleanliness, collection and disposal wastes, drainage and sewage were not rejects. As a result, a finding indicated that all independent variables have significance with user’s perception of environmental functions provided by local government in Alor Star City Council, Sungai Petani Municipal Council and Kulim Municipal Council. Overall of the research, all of the two objectives answer in this research which are to determine whether environmental functions provided by local government satisfies the users and to identify which extent users satisfies of environmental functions provided by local government. Conclusion/Recommendations: The recommendation was made to the local

  5. Determinants of Farmer’s Participation in Off-Farm Employment: A Case Study in Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia

    Roslan ABDUL-HAKIM


    Full Text Available This paper investigates the determinants of agricultural households’participation in off-farm employment. Towards this end, a logit model is employed to identify factors that determine the participation in off-farm employment. Here, determinants of participation in off-farm employment are divided into four categories – individual, household, farm and local area characteristics. With regards to the local area characteristics, the analysis is extended by including a new variable, which is the economic characteristic of the area. The results of the analysis show that the main determinants thatinfluence the farmer’s decision to participate in off-farm employment are age, gender, household size, dependency ratio, remittance, land size, types of agricultural activities, working hours allocated to the farm, the ratio of income from agricultural sources in total income of the farmer. Furthermore, this study uncovers that the economic characteristic of the area where the farmer reside isimportant determinant of the farmer’s decision to participate in off-farm job. One of the policy implications from the finding of this study is that, if the agricultural households are to be encouraged to participate in off-farm jobs, a balanced development in the rural areas must be pursued.

  6. Studi Kelayakan terhadap Proyek Lembah Sungai Musi Banyuasin Bagian 1: Studi Umum Sedimentasi

    Sohei Matsuno


    Full Text Available This is an extract of a feasibility-study report on the two projects, 'Consolidation of Infrastructure of Biofuel Industry,in Musi- Banyuasin regency and ditto in Banyuasin regency. PART 1 is of general studies on sediment in the Musi-Banyuasin River system where the project sites are located. The primary objective of this report is to forward solution to the sediment-origin problems, which is a compulsory subject for any projects in the Musf-Banyuasin River system. To attain this objective, it clears the following secondary objectives, viz. (a identifying every problem hindering human lives and activities, (b drawing a hypothesis about causality, (e determining basic data by field surveys, lab tests and data analyses and (d authenticating the hypothesis to be a theory. To achieve these objectives, the studies have gone forward with four represenfative objects, viz. (i the Muba River system as a wholee, (ii the lower reaches of the main stream, (iii the biggest tributary ,and (iv the biggest dis-tributary. It concludes that sediment is the sole cause of major problems, forwards measures to solve the problems, and suggests do's and don’ts. PART 2, 'Particular Studies on a Certain Project,' explains how the results of PART 1 are applied to the project. PART 1 leaves the verification of the suggested technical systems to full-scale/ in­-situ model tests that are elaborated in PART 2 and to baexecuted in the first step of each project.


    Arif Wibowo


    secondary data of environmental parameter.While fish-related coefficient growth, condition factor, the b value, broad niches and stomach fullness index were conjoined as secondary data from fish perspective. Assessment of water quality were conducted using the weighting scoring method. The relationship analysis of between water quaility and condition factor was performed using principal component analysis and cluster analysis. The results reveal that Kuala Tolam has the highest water quality index, opposite to Teso and Rantau Baru sampling station, where as these two station display the worst. Based on the assessment, Kuala Tolam stasion is the most suitable candidate designated as conservation area. It was summary that water quality index related to giant featherback’s growth (b value and K value, with the strongest relationship with K value.




    Social movement in Ciliwung river area is an informal group activity specifically focuses on environmental issues about Ciliwung river, Jakarta, by implementing or rejecting and campaigning the movement. Visual communication design of social movement is very important because good visual communication design will acquire proper visual communication and specific message to support the success of social movement. Exploration of visual communication for environmental social movement campaign to ...


    Abdur Rahman


    Full Text Available This study aimed to model the spatial content of heavy metals in water bodies and biota in the waters of the River Estuary Kuin. Data analysis methods are used to determine water quality status with spatial interpolation models Semivariogram (kriging and Inverse Distance weighting (IDW is integrated with  Geographic Information System (GIS. Based on calculations using the Ordinary Kriging method with Semivariogram/covariance modeling to model the heavy metals in water bodies Average Standard Error values average of 0.01641 (RMS = 0.01430 at the station Kuin River Estuary. Results of calculations using the Inverse Distance weighting method (IDW for models of heavy metals in biota obtained Root Mean Square value (RMS-error average of 0.29787 on Kuin River Estuary, and the mean value of the average station of 0.0138.


    Mr. Sulastriyono


    Full Text Available Water river resource laws have functioned as a tool of development but its unbalance to give interest and justice towards all the people in Indonesia. Water use rights in the Law number 7 of 2004 is debatable and can be interpreted as a political will of the government to lead water management privatization. In the sociology of law context, study on water river resource laws is not only focus on written law but also sociocultural values in the society. The development of holistic and integrative law culture is the alternative solution concept of water river resource laws development to mobilize of religion law, adatlaw and written law accordance with their balances function.


    Agus Sutanto


    Full Text Available River is one of fresh water ecosystem which is very important in human life since it is the most practical and economical source in fulfilling domestic and industrial needs. Therefore, it should meet the quality standards. The research objectives were: 1 knowing the quality of waterway in Raman River, Pujodadi, Trimurjo, based on the physical, chemical and biological aspects; 2 turning the information intoa Biology learning source on Ecosystem subject. The data were directly observed in the river by measuring the physical factors (temperature, stream, turbidity; chemical factors (pH, DO; and biological factor (macro invertebrates. The results were: temperature 24-29oC ; stream 0.3 – 0.6 mm/s; turbidity 33.5-3.7 NTU; pH 4.1-5.2; and DO 2.07-2.35 ml/I. Furthermore, micro vertebrates found were; a Plecoptra; b Tricoptra; c Mollusca, d Ephemeroptra; and e Hemiptra. In each station, they were classified as insects and non-insects. The insects found were: 1 Odonata; 2 Tricoptra; 3 Ephemeroptra; 4 Plecoptra. Based on those parameters, the waterway quality was qualified as light wasted. The results can be turned into student worksheet as a Biology learning source, especially on Ecosystem subject.


    Riyan Niagara


    Full Text Available The water demand increases in line with the growths of population, industry and business, but the water availability is ascertained to satisfy those needs continuously. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze water availability in a specified watershed integrated with various aspects in hydrology. The objective of this study were (1 to identify of landuse at Prumpung watershed,(2 to determine water availability in Prumpung watershed by analyzing the relationship of rainfall and river discharge using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT and (3 to influence government policies relation with urban planning of Tuban Regency. The watershed is located in Tuban Regency and based on urban planning of Tuban Regency 2012-2032 which is covering 22,319.14 ha. Input data were Digital Elevation Models, land use, and soil map. The procedures were including collection and process of climate data, trend analysis of water availability, discharge measurements, discharge analyze and calibration using SWAT. The results of existing landuse showed that the minimum water discharge was 0.338 m3/s to the maximum 5,945 m3/s with groundwater availability was maximum until 3,070 mm on July to September 2014. SWAT has generated 27 HRUs that described the spatial condition of the whole watershed. Calculated discharges with SWAT compared to the measured discharges having The NashSutcliffe Efficiency (NSE of 0.77 and correlation coefficient of 0.79. Conservation scenario has been conducted at several landuses for water availability and based on conservation area. The results showed that the minimum water discharge was 0.334m3/s to the maximum 4.842 m3/s with groundwater availability was maximum until 3,140 mm. There were no significant change of groundwater based on urban planning and scenario at Prumpung watershed, Tuban Regency.Identification of Prumpung watershed produced relatively small water discharge compared than water demand based urban planning of Tuban Regency. A plan of water management for exploiting of high rain fall in rainy season will contribute in consideration of the appropriate water supply/demand balance in dry season.


    Rahmad Junaidi


    Full Text Available The Global Warming impact has been perceived in Indonesia with the emergence of season’s changing phenomenon along with extended dry season and natural disasters occurrence. The condition is also comes with many of critical Watershed (DAS condition in Indonesia. Several recent disasters in Indonesia has encourage the awareness of spatial planning that takes into account the conservation principles both on soil and water, provide aims in realizing the environmental balance, so that its development does not lead into a catastrophe. This is a literature study with the objective to gain an overview on watershed (DAS spatial planning procedures based on hydrological and hydro geological parameters. The knowledge on the watershed hydrological cycle relevance serves as the basis information in spatial planning. Several variables in the hydrological and hydro geological parameters summarized in the soil conservation such as land capability class and landing area function, as well as the water conservation displayed in the form of spatial and attributes data. A spatial planning pattern that can be a supporting recommendation in the spatial planning decision-making system that refers on soil and water conservation

  14. Kajian Kualitas Air Sungai Condong yang terkena Buangan Limbah Cair Industri Batik Trusmi Cirebon

    Pipin Supenah


    Full Text Available The aims of this study were to assess the water quality of the River Condong and Condong River Quality Statebased on physical, chemical and biological parameters. Sampling was carried out in seven stations with 3 repetitions at intervals of one month. Water quality were analyzed descriptively by reference raw Water Quality Standard.  Determination of the stateof water quality using methods Storet. Results of laboratory tests showed that the water quality of the River Condong exceed the Water Quality Standard Group II based on Government Regulation No. 82 of 2001 and in particular textile waste quality standard TSS, DO, BOD5, COD, NH3, sulfide, Cr (VI, phenols, oils and fats, Biological parameters using makrobentos diversity index (H ' obtained a low value that is from 0 to 1.7077.  Quality state based Storet method, the value of  > -31. It can be concluded that the condition of physical, chemical and biological parameters, Condong River water showed waters not appropriate the Quality Standard for agricultural irrigation, freshwater fish breeding and infrastructure or water recreation facilities before and after the discharge of liquid waste of batik. Condong River quality state before and after the liquid waste of batik is heavily polluted.


    Arbi Mei Gitarama


    Full Text Available The residue of human activities and batik industrial waste water surrounding the river will be able to increase the accumulation of chromium and to disrupt macrozoobenthic communities in the river. The aims of this study was to assess the impact of human activities surrounding the river to the macrozoobenthic communities and the accumulation of chromium in Cimanuk Lama River, Indramayu District, West Java. The study has been conducted from AprilMay 2015 based on three times sampling at three different sampling stations. The result of this study shows that the chromium accumulated in the waters of all station still meet the standard quality ranging from 0,010-0,016 mg/l, but only station 1 fulfills the standard quality for chromium accumulated in the river sediment with the range of all stations was about 11,72-46,63 mg/kg. The results also show that the community index analysis describes the change of macrozoobenthic community at all stations caused by environmental pressure, especially at the station 2 which is indicated by the highest score of Family Biotic Index. The accumulation of the chromium in the waters and the change of macrozoobenthic community structure are mostly influenced by the use of the Cimanuk Lama river long for agricultural and fisheries activities, and also batik home industry.


    Andi Jamaluddin


    Full Text Available Makalah ini membahas pengujian hambatan model kapal Surface Effect Planning Hull (SEP-Hull. Model uji menggunakan sistem pelumasan udara di bawah permukaan lambung kapal untuk mengetahui pengaruh sistem pelumasan terhadap gaya hambatan kapal. Model ini terbuat dari bahan fiberglass dan diuji pada kecepatan, Fn 0.1-1.45, di towing tank- UPT Balai Pengkajian dan Penelitian Hidrodinamika BPPT, Surabaya. Gaya hambatan model kapal diukur dengan alat ukur ‘load cell transducer’. Hasil pengujian model dipresentasikan dalam bentuk grafik dan tabel. Dari hasil uji diperoleh bahwa hambatan total kapal berkurang hingga 30 persen dengan mengaplikasikan sistim pelumasan udara di bawah permukaan lambung kapal. Hasil ini memberikan harapan yang menjanjikan dalam dunia perkapalan.

  17. Prediction of available power being generate in small hydropower system at Sungai Perting Bentong Pahang

    Razi M.


    Full Text Available Tremendous studied had been conducted on small hydropower system based on run-of-river schemes as an alternative renewable energy. Small hydropower system can be classified based on electricity generated between 1MW to 10MW. This system is normally being applied in rural area for providing the consumer electricity demand. Basically the researches to date are more focusing on the large scale of hydropower rather than the small scale hydropower technology. Therefore, this study is aimed to focus on predicting the available power generated by the small hydropower system specifically for the river stream in peninsular Malaysia. The water flow rate is measured by using ultrasonic level sensor located at the intake of the small hydropower system. The water flow rate is important data to be used in predicting the power output of the power house. The result shows that, the power outputs are depending on the fluctuation of water flow rate and the electricity being generated is more than 1MW. This finding can be used as the benchmark for daily and monthly monitoring process of the system efficiency or target output.


    Mr. Sulastriyono


    Full Text Available This article aims to discuss the opportunity and challenge in the development of river water resources law as a consequence of population growth, development, and technology advancement. Fast growth on water needs induces the growth of economic value of water, rather than its social values. This condition potentially causes of conflict interests among sectors, among regions and among various stakeholder related to water resources management. The management of river water resources can be perceived as an opportunity as well as a challenge. The quantity and the potential of water which is abundant in Indonesia to use water resources optimally. However, the development of river water resources law still faces some challenges, namely institutional obstacle, legal system and culture. Globalization in the free market economic order must be faced by Indonesia in its efforts to develop law on the management of river water resources. Privatization in the management of river water resources led to the increase of the role of private sector in pursuing economic benefits. It is feared that privatization will limit the community access to water resources and will make the price of water is more expensive. An integrated law development of river water resources based on local wisdom is an alternative guarantee the community access and the sustainability of the availability way to river water resources.


    Asep Sapei


    Full Text Available Cangkurawok Village is located in the outer of the Bogor Agricultural University area and does not have good sanitation facilities. Disposal of domestic wastewater directly discharges into drainage channels to river. Wastewater treatment plant design from toilets communal divides into three stages. The first stage is determining the location of toilets communal and excreta treatment plant. Location provided by the public is around 5 meters above the surface of the river water. The second stage is the determination of service areas. In this village consists of 70 heads of households as the basic criteria for determining the volume of septic tanks. The last step is determining the design of toilets communal and wastewater treatment unit. This stage requires the unit options that fits on the selected sites, based on ease of maintenance and no need employ trained operators. Waste treatment facility consists septic tank and infiltration well planning. Septic tank volume is 26.5 m3 with the long dimension of 2.75 m, width of 5.5 m and height of 1.5 m plus 0.3 meters for free board. Septic tank serving four toilets communal is built above it, with the division of space for two men and two spaces for women. infiltration well constructed to absorb the waste liquid vertically through the soil pores. Layers of sand and gravel is spread throughout the wells to assist the flow pattern. Depth and diameter of infiltration well are 3 m and 1 m. This wells should be placed lower than the drinking water sources and wells, with a minimum distance of 15 m


    Zulaiha Zulaiha


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: Given the pivotal role played by the Cantung River for the supervision and management of the public good becomes important. Incoming sediment load can damage the uncontrolled flow conditions of the Cantung river and estuary. Observations of suspended sediment can take advantage of multitemporal Landsat imagery. This study uses Landsat satellite image data corrected 5TM March 5, 1992 data acquisition path/row 117/62, Landsat data acquisition 5TM 22 May 1997 path/row 117/62, Landsat data acquisition 5TM March 27, 2000 the path/row 117/62. Several stages in processing the image, that is the conversion of DN to reflectance values, cropping, water-not water secession, and the class divide sediment concentration by density slicing technique. Spatial distribution of suspended sediment in the estuary of the Cantung River Landsat image processing results 5TM March 5, 1992, Landsat 5TM May 22, 1997, and March 27, 2000 Landsat 5TM show distribution patterns of suspended sediment from the River Cantung the same direction, that is northeast. Sediment concentrations were detected in the Landsat image processing 5TM March 5, 1992 the largest-value 27,564096 mg/l and the smallest 14,886048 mg/l. Sediment concentrations were detected in the Landsat image processing 5TM May 22, 1997 the largest-value 121,476776 mg/l and the smallest 12,647415 mg/l. Sediment concentrations were detected in the Landsat image processing 5TM March 27, 2000 most valuable 159,256704 mg/l and the smallest 10,584161 mg/l. Getting away from the effect Cantung River estuary sediment concentration of river flow Cantung tends to get smaller. Changes in the distribution area of the sediments of March 5, 1992 until March 27, 2000 amounted to 450 m2/year.   Keywords: Remote Sensing, Sedimentation, Landsat, Cantung River


    Maria T. Indarwati


    Full Text Available Sekonyer river as west border of Tanjung Puting National Park, is the main flora and fauna preservation areasespecially for orangutan conservation. Part of Sekonyer river upper course around year 1990 to 2002, there was anillegal gold mining (IGM activity, and in 2002 this IGM was forbidden to be operated because of the use of mercuryfor extracting the gold. In former IGM location, up to this research has been done, the location is still used for silikapuya (sand mining that is extracted from the sands by using water from the river, as a result, the waste water wasinundated in the mining area and flows into Sekonyer river. The objectives of this research are first of all, to identifythe heavy metal degree of the water, such as mercury, copper, cadmium, zinc, lead, arsenic, and chrome. The secondone is to identify the source of pollution, and the last one is to identify the potential heavy metal that pollute the water.Composite method was used in collecting the water samples, i.e. in Sekonyer river and the mining location.Water and puya samples were analyzed in Analytical Laboratory of University of Udayana, and then its pollutionindexes were counted, and the quality of the water was fixed based on Third Degree of quality standardized criteria,Government Rule Number 82 Year 2001.The results of the research show that along the Sekonyer river, from upper to lower courses of the river sideswith the following conditions: from the lower course of mining area it was found light pollution with pollution index of 2,51, after puya mine it was found heavy pollution with pollution index of 17,84, up to mid of Rimba Orangutan Eco-Lodge with Sekonyer river estuary there were found light pollution with pollution indexes of 3,71; 4,59; and 2,88respectively, but in the junction of Sekonyer river and Ulin river it was found moderate pollution with pollution indexof 5,13, and in Sekonyer river estuary it was found heavy pollution with pollution index of 16,35.It was also found heavy pollution with pollution index of 16,26 in the inundated water in the puya mininglocation . It was also happened to puya in the mining location that was contaminated by heavy metal of mercury in0,1168 ppm and zinc in 0,195 ppm degrees, whilst in Kumai river, upper side of Kumai quay it was found heavypollution with pollution index of 17,42.From the results of the analysis, it can be concluded that the heavy metals was derived from mining area(Aspai, from the sea and also from upper course of Kumai river. The potential metals as the pollutant were cadmium,zinc, lead, and mercury.


    Caya, Totok Gunawan, Suratman Woro Suprodjo, dan Lutfi Muta’ali


    Full Text Available Watershed-based management in areas at the boundary of water sheds until now has not been realized. Basicadministrative process is still practiced in management, and sectoral ego is still high. Though watershed area is asystem, when an error occurs in the upper management, it will have an impact on down stream are as. Watershedmanagement is still focused on the economic benefits compared to environmental aspects. This research aims todevelop land evaluation models and economic evaluation to support the optimization of the use of land-based agroforestry. This study uses the physicall and evaluation with Ver.1.0 SPKL land evaluation model, which aims todetermine the level of suitability of the land for agro forestry crops and the economic valuation of environmentalservices approach. The results of this study are in the form of land use optimization appropriate tothe physicaland economic aspects of the approach, for the development of sustainable agriculture(agro forestry. The resultsobtained from this research can bring an idea about the amount(dollars that can be produced by a plant agroforestry.


    Joko Windarto


    Full Text Available One of the big rivers flowing in center of Semarang city is Garang river with watershed area about 220km2 and having characteristic such as big flood discharge and flash flood. Where flash flood on January25th 1990, caused more than 45 people died and goods losses until 8.5 billion rupiahs. One of some modelsto pedict water level is used black box model. Artificial Neural Network one’s of the black bock model . Inthis research, Artificial Neural Network (ANN with back propagation method is used to predict waterlevel in Garang river where as input are rainfall in upstream of Garang river during two days, while asoutput is water level in downstream of Garang river for two hour later. Result of optimum predicting haveMSE 0.0037 and average of error 1.18 %.




    Full Text Available Erosion Prediction and Planning of Soil Water Conservation at Otan Watershed, Tabanan Regency The aims of this research was to predict the erosion and planning of soil and water conservation when the erosion is more than tolerable erosion. The USLE (Universal Soil Loss Equation was used to predict erosion and planning of soil and water conservation. The result showed that the erosion level in this area was varied from very slight to very severe. The lowest erosion was on land unit 11 and 12 which were on the forest land. Slight erosion occurred on land units 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 13, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 40, 41, and 43 on the use of forest land, irrigated fields, and mix crop land. Moderate erosion can be found at cocoa plantations, coffee plantations, scrub and dry land (land unit 1, 8, 16, 30, 38, dan 45. Severe and very severe erosion occurs at mixed crop land, coffee plantations, mixed crop and dry land (land unit 35 and 6, 7, 9, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, 24, 27, 29, 39, 42, and 44 . The planning of soil and water conservation was focused on the very severe erosion by doing for some plant growing storied canopies, very high density, and constructed terrace for land unit of 6, 7, 14, 15 ,19, 21, 27, and, 29. While at land unit, 9, 17, 24, and 35 was purposed mixed estate crop with high density, it was combinated with mulch of 1 ton/ha and in land unit 39 were for traditional terrace with gogo rice and corn plant in rotation plantation.


    Rosidah R Radam


    Full Text Available Gula aren salah satu pemanis yang telah diproduksi oleh bangsa Indonesia sejak lama. Gula aren sebagai alternatif bahan pemanis makanan dan merupakan mata pencaharian sampingan bagi kebanyakan masyarakat di Desa Banua Hanyar. Tujuan penelitian ini untuk mengetahui produktivitas dan kontribusi terhadap pendapatan masyarakat. Objek penelitian ini adalah pembuat gula aren. Data yang dikumpulkan terdiri dari  karakteristik responden, proses pembuatan gula aren, perhitungan produktivitas dan kontribusinya terhadap pendapatan masyarakat. Produktivitas gula aren (Arenga pinnata Merr berkisar antara 0,465 Kg/hari hingga 1,137 kg/hari. Kontribusi dari pengolahan gula aren sebesar 60,48% dari pendapatan masyarakat. Tingkat kesejahteraan masyarakat termasuk dalam golongan termiskin dengan pendapatan tahunan per kapita Rp.962 919,- atau setara dengan 148 kg beras. Disarankan perlu pembentukan kelompok tani dengan tujuan keseragaman dalam harga pasar gula aren. Peningkatan kualitas dengan peningkatan bentuk cetakan, kemasan dan aneka  rasa. Sehingga produk gula aren dapat dijual di pasar modern. Palm sugar is a sweetener that has been produced by the nation of Indonesia since long ago.  Palm sugar as an alternative sweetener foodstuffs as well as an second job for most people in the Banua Hanyar village.  The purpose of this research to know the productivity and contribution to community income. The object of this research is the maker of palm sugar. Data collected as data characteristics, the process of making palm sugar, calculation of productivity and its contribution to household income. Productivity sugar palm (Arenga pinnata Merr ranged from 0.465 Kg / day up to 1,137 kg / day. Contributions from processing palm sugar by 60.48% of household income. The level of welfare including in the poorest of the poor with annual income  per capita of IDR 962 919, - or the equivalent of 148 kg of rice.  Need formation of farmer groups with the goal of uniformity in the market price of palm sugar. Improved quality with improved shape of the mold, packaging and various flavors. So that the products of palm sugar can be sold on the modern markets.

  6. Identifikasi Lapisan Geologi Bawah Permukaan Berdasarkan Data Geomagnetik di Sungai Logawa Banyumas

    Sukmaji Anom Raharjo; Sehah Sehah; Adi Candra


    Identification of geological resources can be done either using surface mapping and cross sectional stratigraphy measurement or geophysical approximation beneath the earth surface. Geomagnetic exploration related to the existing of gold mineral begins with the total magnetic field intensity measurements at 173 locations was scattered in 109.196970 - 109.207580E and 7.448830 - 7.454110S. Interpretation from processing of data obtained four anomalous object, which is defined as fine-medium sand...

  7. Konsep Pengelolaan Kualitas Air Sungai Bedagai Berdasarkan Indikator Biologis Makroinvertebrata Air

    Tambun, Radius


    “The Water Quality Management Concept of Badagai River Based on Biological Indicators of Water Macro invertebrates” has been studied. Macro invertebrates were collected of five stations for three times and taken using surber net and van veen grab. Samples were identified in laboratory of Kantor Lingkungan Hidup, Serdang Bedagai District. The result of analysis showed that there are 34 genera of macro invertebrates within 3 phylum (Arthropoda, Annelida and Molusca). Quoyia decollate has the...

  8. Kondisi Kualitas Air Sungai Gadjah Wong Berdasarkan Parameter Klorofil-a



    Full Text Available Measurement of water quality is always experience method advanced time by time. Advancing in method of water quality measurement directing to easier, faster and more valid technique. Beside parameters such as DO, BOD5, KMnO4that is always used to determine water quality, chlorophyll-a could be the one of parameters that is used to measure the healthy of water body. Chlorophyll-a is commonly used to measure trophic status of water body. Chlorophyll-a can be measured in easy, fast and valid technique. Therefore, chlorophyll-a could be used as practical methode in measurement of water quality. This research is ordered to find formulative correlation between chlorophyll-a with DO, BOD5, KMnO4. Knowing formula related among those parameters, we know the value of DO, BOD5, KMnO4 only by measure the value of chlorophyll-a. Based on this research formulative correlation between chlorophyll-a with DO, BOD5, KMnO4 is couldn't be founded. But, from this research can be resumed that Gadjah Wong river trophyc status is mesotrophyc-eutrophyc

  9. Pengaruh kualitas air limbah sentra industri penyamakan kulit sitimulyo terhadap karakteristik air sungai

    R. Jaka Susila


    Full Text Available The characteristic of waste discaharged in tanning industry depends on variety and describe of processing and technology are used. Liquid effluent is high-grade category. Waste water comes from beam house process and tanning process, and the dangerous of waste is trivalent and hexavalent of chrome from tanning chrome process. The management of waste in the tanning industry is holding and handling start at raw material, auxiliaries, processing, finishing the last product and the end of pipe treatment. The objective of the research was to know the influence of waste water quality in tanning industry centre Sitimulyo for water river characteristic. The sample was examine in 5 months and the eight parameters were limited by SK Gunernur No : 281/KPTS/1998: Waste water analysis in tanning industry was BOD 31,80mg/l, COD 660,84 mg/l, TSS 221,60 mg/l, Chrom 0,07 mg/l, N-Amonia 13,36 mg/l, Sulfide 13,56 mg/l, Oil/fat 4,80 mg/l, and pH 7,53. Characteristic water river befor received pollutant was BOD 0,75 mg/l, COD 12,18 mg/l, TSS 10,00 mg/l, Chrom 0,01 mg/l, N-Amonia 2,07 mg/l, Sulfide 0,17 mg/l, oil/fat 4,00 mg/l, and pH 7,48. Characteristic water river after received polutan was BOD 8,17 mg/l, COD 38,42 mg/l, TSS 14,00 mg/l, Chrom 0,06 mg/l, N-Amonia 0,47 mg/l, Sulfide 0,002 mg/l, Oil/fat 4,21 mg/l and pH 7,33. Stated that there is a correlation between waste water quality in tanning industry centre Sitimulyo with the river. Although water river characteristic to be change, but still full fill the requiremnts.

  10. Pencemaran air raksa (Hg sebagai dampak pengolahan bijih emas di Sungai Ciliunggunung, Waluran, Kabupaten Sukabumi

    Widodo Widodo


    Full Text Available ore mining at Waluran Subregency, Sukabumi Regency was carried out by an underground mining method, and only rock that contains high enough gold ore would be taken (selective mining. The gold ore from the mining was processed with a direct amalgamation method, so it produced low gold concentrate, but the concentrate of mercury discarded to the river was high enough. Monitoring result of water and sedimentation in Ciliunggunung River in 2004, showed that the river was contamined by mercury (Hg, and the contamination was above the value limit. This happened especially in August 2005 where the Hg content was about 0.218 mg/l on the Ciliunggunung River in CLG.07. The chemical analysis result of heavy metals for the water of the Ciliunggunung River in CLG.07 was known to contain Fe above the standard drinking water criteria, meanwhile Mn, Cu, Pb, and As were still under the maximum drinking water criteria value. To decrease the mercury contamination, it is suggested the process of gold ore from the amalgamation direct method to be changed to the amalgamation indirect method. The indirect gold ore amalgamation process consists of: removing fine particles by washing, grinding ore, and the amalgamation phase. The total impact of the indirect amalgamation method will increase the tying of gold by mercury, so the losing of mercury will be decreased and the gain of gold will be optimum.  


    Mega Ayundya Widiastuti


    Full Text Available Mount Merapi is one of 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia with high frequent of eruptions. The 2010 Mount Merapi eruption on October 26th was the biggest disaster compare to similar disasters in the five previous period before. Cold lava flow as the continous impact of the eruption potentially could damaging the bridges along the rivers that disgorge at Mount Merapi, one of them is Boyong river. The Boyong river downstream was crossing the center of Yogyakarta city. The fears of after eruption damage againts bridges along the Boyong River channel and limited government funds on restoring the bridges function and condition encourage the preparation of priorities scale to determine which bridge should be addressed first. Both primary and secondary data were collected and a comprehensive damage assessment refers to the Bridge Management System standard was conducted in order to compile further evaluation and bridges priorities formulation. The impact of Mt. Merapi eruption in 2010 against the bridges along Boyong river resulted in the highly increasement of riverbed sediment and cause damage againts the Ngentak, Plemburan, Boyong and Gemawang bridge’s retaining wall. In terms of safety on structure, all bridges along the Boyong river still can be passed safely except Wonosobo bridge and Kemiri bridge. The order of bridge jandling priority on A class bridges, ie the bridges of Tungkak, Boyong, Sudirman, and Code; while on B class bridges, ie the bridges of Ngentak, Guava, Sayidan, Wirosaban, Juminahan, Sardjito I, Wirosaban, Kewek, Wreksodiningrat and Krikilan Pulowatu; On C class bridges, ie the bridges of Pecan, Wonosobo, Plemburan, Gemawang and Rejodani




    Full Text Available Social movement in Ciliwung river area is an informal group activity specifically focuses on environmental issues about Ciliwung river, Jakarta, by implementing or rejecting and campaigning the movement. Visual communication design of social movement is very important because good visual communication design will acquire proper visual communication and specific message to support the success of social movement. Exploration of visual communication for environmental social movement campaign to the point of finding the right communication media will train the sense of environmental problems, enrich knowledge and insight, strengthen the theory and expert opinion, as well as a reference in visual communication design. Appropriate message of visual communication will make it easier to apply the message on the media. The number of visual communications media requires careful thought to decide the use of media in social movement. Ambient mascot creation and election of new media as the media are important in the selection of environmental social movement media. Ethnography was used as method in the study and design then through library research. Field work for approximately one and a half years in the Ciliwung river environmental activist and community Betawi culture become a fundamental tool for understanding the issues arise in the environment. Research is based on participant observation that strengthens the results which can be applied in the design of visual communication. Mascot is an important finding in this design. Figure which can be a spokesperson or spokespersons for social movement in the Ciliwung river is the central figure applied in any visual message in the visual communication design. Mascot also strengthens ambient media as new media in social movement of visual communication. This visual communication design contributes to Visual Communication Design in its patterns of thinking design phase from starting stages of concept, idea, and reference data exploration, ethnography to visualization stage.

  13. Biologi reproduksi ikan juaro (Pangasius polyuranodon di daerah aliran Sungai Musi Sumatra Selatan

    Yunizar Ernawati


    Full Text Available Study on biology reproduction was expected to give basic information for management, such as for aquaculture, capture fisheriesand conservation of P. polyuranodon in Musi river. Sampling were conducted on June 2006, August 2006, January 2007, and July 2007in Musi river by using gillnet. Data analysis included length-weight relationship, sex ratio, condition factor, gonad maturity stage,Gonadosomatic Index (GSI, fecundity, and spawning type. Total number of collected P. polyuranodon was 51, consisted of 23 maleand 28 female. Total length of fish was ranged in 85–511 mm. Length-weight relationship of male and female was W = 0.00002L2.8062and W = 0.0002L2.8215 respectively. The result from t-test analysis showed that both of sexes have allometric negative growth. Sex ratiothoroughly was balance (1:1. Mean of factor condition relatively increased by the increasing of gonad maturity stage. At that timeP. polyuranodon was entering spawning time. June and August was predicted as the spawning time of this species. Gonadosomaticindex of female was much higher than the male. Fecundity of female was ranged between 616 and 7,059. Based on distribution of eggdiameter, this species was total spawner.Key words: juaro fish, IKG, spawning pattern, TKG.

  14. Penentuan Total Suspended Solid (TSS) Dalam Air Sungai Deli Dan Pengaruhnya Terhadap Waktu Penyimpanan

    Thayyibah, Zurriyatin


    The main cause of river pollution was waste and waste water originating from industrial activities. Analysis of solids in the river water was very important for determining the components of the water completely. The parameters used to indicate the character of water include physical parameters such as solids. Analysis of levels of total suspended solid of Deli river water has been carried out. Spectrophotometric methods can be used determine the total suspended solid with homogenize the wate...


    Arif Wibowo


    Phenotypic variation in morphological characters such as body shape and meristic count has long been used to delineate stocks of fish and continue to be used today. Variation in such characters was assumed to be purely genetic in early studies, however, spectacular differences can occur in the extent of genetic and morphological differentiation between groups of fish. This is due to morphological characters undergo a phenotypic plasticity. In order to reveal phenotypic plasticity phenomenon on giant featherback (Chitala lopis, the morphology and genetic analysis were conducted. Morphology analysis was observed on 22 characters on giant featherback from five stations sampling in Kampar River and as a comparison, samples from Musi River (South Sumatra and Barito River (South Kalimantan are also subject to analyze. Genetic analysis by using D-Loop mtDNA sequences from GenBank data base. The research shows that there is a different between stocks using morphological and genetic analysis. The morphological characters exhibit pattern of heterogeneity base on geography location, phenotypic plasticity. Genetic analysis reveals the existence two stock of giant featherback in Kampar River, the upper and down stream stock.

  16. Analisis Perilaku Banjir Bandang Akibat Keruntuhan Bendungan Alam pada Daerah Aliran Sungai Krueng Teungku Provinsi Aceh



    Full Text Available In the period of the last fifteen years, there has occurred three times of the flood disasters (in the year of 1987, 2000, and 2013 at the watershed of Krueng Teungku. Incident on January 2nd, 2013 gave a big impact on Beureuneut village at Seulimeum sub-district of Aceh Besar regency. This study aims to analyze flash flood behavior due to the collapse of the natural dam by performing the dam-break simulation model. The research methodology includes analysis of hydrological based on extreme rainfall on the date of occurrence about 125 mm which produced discharge flood peak as high as 334.83 m3/sec. Hydraulics analysis conducted on the geometry of the river, natural dam with topographical and manning’s roughness coefficient estimate approaches. The flash floods modeling simulation as result of the natural dam break caused by overtopping and piping uses HEC-RAS 4.1.0 software. Based on the validation of the flood elevation between modeling and field observations, natural dam of Krueng Tengku was collapsed due to overtopping. The result of simulation obtains the arrival time of the flood from upstream to downstream about 1,104 hours. Volume damming about 13.110,32 m3 resulted in inundation height between 1 to 2 meters. These losses are in residential areas, plantations and farm communities. Flood behavior information is useful to enhance the capacity to minimize the impact of flash flood disasters.

  17. Umur glas eel (Anguilla spp. yang masuk muara Sungai Progo Yogyakarta

    Agung Budiharjo


    Full Text Available The leptocephalus drift with sea currents and moving from spawning area into coastal area near mouth of Progo River. In thecoastal area, leptocephalus metamorfosed into glass eel, after that glass eel migrated to river. The aims of this research were to estimate glass eels age and predict hatching dates. Glass eels sampled on new moon during Februari 2007-Mei 2009 at mouth of Progo River.Glass eel ages estimated using their otolith micro structure. Hatching dates predicted with back calculation of glass eels age. We collected 1.082 glass eels. The ages of glass eel at recruit ranged from 58 to 190 days, and divided into 5 age groups. Glass eels are migrated to river hatched on a "new moon" from July to January. Glass eels are migrated to river during October-January hatched during July-October. Glass eels are migrated to river during February-Juny hatched during November-January.

  18. Peningkatan Kualitas Permukiman Dengan Pendekatan Disain Pada Bantaran Sungai di Kelurahan Kebonsari

    Oktavi Elok Hapsari


    Full Text Available Housing and settlement are basic human needs and welfare in the merits of life. Other than serves as a residence, house has a strategic function in its role as the center of family education, cultural conformity and improving the future generations quality. Settlement as a life supported environment to do the activities and livelihood has a close connection with the setting of human behaviour varieties and social environment prevailing. Housing and residential development is not only based on phsyical development but should be linked to the social, economic and cultural life that supporting sustainable community. Settlement should provide the needs for its society that consists of five elements such as nature, man, society, shells, and network. Kebonsari Village which located on the south border of Malang became the object of this study. This is a qualitative descriptive research with participatory observational techniques. Kebonsari has a quite interesting topography because it is traversed by two streams, Mergan River and the Sukun River, flowing from north to south and located in the eastern region of Kebonsari. Existing problem that occurred in Kebonsari is related to the uncleanliness of Mergan river. In addition, supporting public facility in the settlement needs improvement, such as unkempt and barren footpath along the riverside, as well as the lack of communal space for the society. The result of this study is a concept design for the river-side area arrangement including footpath and communal space for the society in order to improving the quality of the settlement in Kebonsari.

  19. Paddy Farmers’ Sustainability Practices in Granary Areas in Malaysia

    Zainalabidin Mohamed


    Full Text Available Food safety is a serious concern among the consumers of agricultural products. Toxicity risks are created by the acute presence of contaminating chemicals in foods. The usage of chemical inputs in paddy farms has not only caused health issues for farmers but it has also adversely affected the environment, killed animals, and polluted air and water. This creates controversial issues that need immediate attention, since sustainable agriculture needs to meet both consumers’ and farmers’ welfare in terms of food and farmers’ safety, respectively. This study looks at paddy farming practices and the creation of the Farmer Sustainability Index as a measurement to gauge whether farmers are practicing sustainable agriculture by following the Rice Check guideline that has been stipulated by the Department of Agriculture, Malaysia. The questionnaire was constructed to capture the 16 farming practices based on the Rice Check guideline and a score was given to each practice to see whether the guideline is being followed. The data from the questionnaire were analyzed and the Farmer Sustainability Index was calculated. The range of index is from 0 to 100, where 0 is not sustainable at all and 100 is highly sustainable. Eighty (80 paddy farmers from Sungai Petani, Kedah participated in the study and the result shows that 80% of the farmers practice quite unsustainable paddy farming with an average score of less than 40.0 on a scale of 0–100.

  20. Pengaruh Sanitasi Lingkungan Permukiman Terhadap Kejadian Demam Berdarah Dengue (DBD) di Aliran Sungai Deli Kota Medan Tahun 2011



    DHF (dengue or hemorrhagic fever) is one of the contagious diseases, caused by virus Ae.aegypti. In 2010 there were 3596 people who were affected by DHF in North Sumatera, and 58 of them died. The watershed along the Deli River comprises of eight sub-districts. The total number of people affected by DHF in these areas is 462 people. This is because the environment is not hygienic. The preliminary survey on 30 houses in three sub-districts with the highest rate of DHF along the watershed showe...

  1. A retrospective review on successful management of Penicillium marneffei infections in patients with advanced HIV in Hospital Sungai Buloh.

    Nor-Hayati, S; Sahlawati, M; Suresh-Kumar, C; Lee, K C Christopher


    Penicillium marneffei is a dimorphic fungus which commonly causes a life threatening systemic fungal infection in an immunocompromised host. It has been recognized as an AIDS defining illness in Malaysia since the beginning of the HIV pandemic. The presence of various non specific clinical presentations, especially the characteristic umbilicated papular rashes with central necrosis which lead to significant ill health in immunocompromised patients should alarm clinicians to the possibility of Penicillium marneffei infection and prompt investigations accordingly. Simple investigations like blood culture and fungal staining of the skin scrapping can confirm the diagnosis in the majority of cases. Early treatment with appropriate systemic antifungal for a definite duration will significantly decrease the mortality rate from penicilliosis.

  2. Short term outcome of therapeutic hypothermia in term infants with moderate to severe hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy; the Sungai Buloh experience.

    See, K C; Jamal, S J Syed; Chiam, M L


    This analysis is a case-series to document the outcome of term newborns with hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE), enrolled into total body hypothermia therapy, in a tertiary neonatal unit in Malaysia. The method used to achieve total body hypothermia is a novel method using just environmental temperature, without the need of expensive equipment. A total of 17 babies were eligible to be included in this study, from the 1st of January 2010 to the 31st of December 2010. 14 out of 15 babies who had Stage 2 HIE had no neurological deficit at follow-up. All Stage 3 HIE babies passed away. Allowing for the small sample size, we can conclude that total body hypothermia therapy is feasible and is a safe treatment modality for HIE Stage 2 babies in a Malaysian setting, by manipulating environmental temperature to achieve therapeutic hypothermia. Further work is needed to determine the long-term outcome of passive cooling total body hypothermia in Stage 2 HIE babies in Malaysia.


    Yunadar Yunandar


    This research aimed to analyzed conditions and water quality’s status void pit 4 Pinang with compared vertical level depth. Methods used ANOVA-One Way for compared contributed physical and chemical water between station and combined stándar baku mutu PP 82/2001. The results obtained that self purification process for fixed void and temperature, TSS, DO, COD, N, Hg and Fe on surface water are all station, sig. anova TSS, COD (0.000) ά = 5% compared temperature, TSS, DO, COD, N and Fe on 20 met...


    Yunadar Yunandar


    Full Text Available This research aimed to analyzed conditions and water quality’s status void pit 4 Pinang with compared vertical level depth. Methods used ANOVA-One Way for compared contributed physical and chemical water between station and combined stándar baku mutu PP 82/2001. The results obtained that self purification process for fixed void and temperature, TSS, DO, COD, N, Hg and Fe on surface water are all station, sig. anova TSS, COD (0.000 ά = 5% compared temperature, TSS, DO, COD, N and Fe on 20 meters depth. Dominance TSS as limiting factor void for photosynthesis. Genera Oscillatoria indicated water polluted more environment index (diversity, dominance, Eveness over polluted status.Temperature, TSS, DO, COD, N and P suitable for biota’s live and baku mutu air class III uses for aquaculture, irigation, and agriculture.

  5. Scientific Studies of Candi Pengkalan Bujang (Site 19 Ancient Bricks: Knowledge of Old Kedah Community’s in Usage of Local Raw Materials

    Zuliskandar Ramli


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to determine whether the ancient bricks from Candi Pengkalan Bujang (Site 19 are made from local raw material or not. Candi Pengkalan Bujang (Site 19 is one of the temple sites that used bricks as the main construction material in addition to the usage of pillar bases made from granite stones and roof that are believed to have been made from wood and palm leafs. Relative dating proposed that this site was built between the 12th and 13 century AD. The architecture of the temple also indicates there was evolution toward the use of bricks that were smaller and of the same size as well as temple construction that revealed the lotus (padma and upaphita structures. This study focuses on the material composition analysis of ancient bricks that were used to produce this temple of which the main purpose is to see whether the raw materials used to produce these bricks utilized local raw materials. Two analysis techniques were used, namely the X-Ray Fluorescence technique (XRF and the X-Ray Diffraction technique (XRD in determining the content of the major and trace elements as well as the mineral content in the ancient bricks. The findings of this study show that the major minerals found in the ancient bricks of the Candi Pengkalan Bujang (Site 19 are quartz, muscovite and microcline while other minerals that exist are leucite, mullite and geothite. The mineral content and physical observation of the bricks indicate that the open firing technique was used in producing these bricks. The major and trace element content also indicates that these bricks were produced from the same source and it is proposed that local raw materials were used in the production of the bricks. The involvement of the local community in producing the bricks should not be refuted, proving the Knowledge Transformation of the local community in Bujang Valley which had already started since the 4th century.

  6. SEBARAN ASPEK KERUANGAN TIPE LONGSORAN DI DAERAH ALIRAN SUNGAI ALO PROVINSI GORONTALO (Spread of Spatial Aspect of Landslide Types at Alo Watershed in Gorontalo Province

    Fitryane Lihawa


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Sebaran aspek keruangan tipe longsoran di DAS Alo Provinsi Gorontalo telah dikaji dan dievaluasi menggunakan bentuk Peta Sebaran Tipe Longsoran Skala 1 : 50.000. Lokasi penelitian ini meliputi seluruh wilayah DAS Alo Provinsi Gorontalo dengan luas 7.588 Ha. Penentuan sampel penelitian dilakukan secara Accidental Sampling yaitu dengan melakukan penelusuran di seluruh wilayah yang rawan longsor di DAS Alo untuk menemukan titik-titik kejadian longsoran. Dalam pengkajian tipe dan sebaran longsoran, dilakukan pengamatan dan pengukuran terhadap kejadian longsoran yang terjadi pada seluruh wilayah DAS Alo yaitu sejumlah 15 (lima belas titik kejadian longsoran.  Tipe longsoran ditentukan melalui pengukuran dan pengamatan morfometri longsoran untuk menentukan indeks klasifikasi longsoran dan hasil analisis tersebut di plot ke dalam Peta Lokasi Sebaran Tipe Longsoran Skala 1 : 50.000 untuk mengetahui sebaran keruangan dari kejadian longsoran di DAS Alo Provinsi Gorontalo. Berdasarkan analisis morfometri dan indeks klasifikasi longsoran menunjukkan bahwa tipe longsoran yang terjadi adalah rotational slide, planar slide, slide flow dan rock block slide. Kejadian longsoran yang terjadi di DAS Alo Provinsi Gorontalo tersebar pada wilayah dengan kemiringan lereng curam dan sangat curam dengan bentuk permukaan lereng cembung dan cenderung lurus. Kejadian longsoran juga terjadi pada wilayah dengan tekstur tanah lempung dan lempung berlanau, serta jenis batuan vulkanik dan batuan beku yang mengandung silika tinggi dan telah mengalami pelapukan. Berdasarkan wilayah  administrasi, kejadian longsoran tersebar di wilayah Kecamatan Tibawa, Kecamatan Pulubala dan Kecamatan Isimu Utara.    ABSTRACT Distribution of spatial aspect of landslide at ALO Watershed of Gorontalo Province has been studied by providing it through form of spread landslide maps at scale of 1 : 50.000. Research site involved all areas of ALO Watershed in Gorontalo Province as having an area of 7,588 Ha. Research sampling was conducted through accidental sampling as exploring all areas across the region prone to landslides at ALO Watershed in order to invent potential spot of landslide occurence. Regarding to the discussion and spread landslide, it was conducted an observation and measurement toward landslide which was occured to all areas of  ALO Watershed  15 number spots of landslide occurance. Type of landslide was determined by the measurement and observation of landslide morphometry toward classification index and analysis result. Then it was distributed into the map of spread landslide at scale of 1 : 50.000 in order to acknowledge the spatial spread of landslide occurence at ALO Watershed in Gorontalo Province. Based on the morphometry analysis and classification index of landslide, they showed that landslide types are rotational slide, planar slide, slide flow, and rock block slide. Landslide occurence of  ALO Watershed in Gorontalo Province has been spread  in areas with steep slope and very steep slopes by having convex surface shape and tend to be straight. It also occures to the area of clay texture and silted loam, and types of volcanic and igneous rocks which contained high silica and encountering weathering. Regarding to the administration area, landslide occurence is spread to the subdistrict of Tibawa, Pulubala, and Isimu Utara subdistricts.

  7. Technical problems of wastewater treatment plant in crude palm oil industry A case study in PT Socfin Indonesia-Kebun Sungai Liput, Nang groe Aceh Darussalam Province

    Paramitadevi, Y. V.; Rahmatullah


    Crude palm oil produced in Indonesia has already been known as the largest in the world. Unfortunately many of palm oil factories (CPOF) spread out in Indonesia have not good wastewater treatments (WWTP) yet. PT Socfin Indonesia, as an example, which is located in Aceh Tamiang Regency, still has BOD contained in its final effluent of the waswater treatment plant more than 150 ppm. In fact, the capability and capacity of WWTP in PT Socfin are 192 m3per day. Because of improper operational and maintenance of the WWTP, the technical prob lem are accumulated, such as, increasing the deposition of sludge and decreasing the retention time. The following affect is the treatment process is not going well and the quality of effluent is getting worse. The objective of this paper is to solve the technical problems by means remov ing the deposition of sludge periodically and fixing floating aeration in the aerobic pond. Method using for this paper is survey and wastewater sampling. A recommendation of the was tewater treatment system has been proposed after average BOD from WWTP outlet is defined 158 mg/L. The recommendation has seven procesess including oil separation, neutralization, closed tank anaerobic digester equipped with gas holder, extended aeration, settling tank, sand drying bed and land application.

  8. Dampak Pencemaran Air terhadap Kesehatan Lingkungan dalam Perspektif Hukum Lingkungan (Studi Kasus Sungai Code di Kelurahan Wirogunan Kecamatan Mergangsan dan Kelurahan Prawirodirjan Kecamatan Gondomanan Yogyakarta

    Dinarjati Eka Puspitasari


    Full Text Available This research is aimed to know the contribution government and societies in Yogyakarta for maintaining the water pollution on Code River. Code River is a river in Yogyakarta which has crowded area on its river flow region. The research location is in Code’s river flow region, especially in Kelurahan Prawirodirjan Kecamatan Gondomanan dan Kelurahan Wirogunan Kecamatan Mergangsan Yogyakarta.Data in this research were obtained through field research and library research. The field research was carried out by using interview guidance and sample waste data testing from Balai Besar Teknik Lingkungan (BBTKL Yogyakarta, whereas the library research was done by documentary study by collecting and analyzing selected laws and regulation which were relevant to the research.The result showed that the environmental data to maintain environment health and social condition in the field research has not been served. Beside that, the result of laboratory testing BBTKL showed that water condition on field research has contained pollutant. However, the government and societies just give less contribution to decrease the effect of water pollution on Code River. In this case, the contribution of laws and regulation has been needed to decrease the water pollution.


    Ermayanti .


    Full Text Available Human existence as living beings will keep trying to make ends meet, despite his advanced age. Reality that they are not engaged by the employer group requiring them to implement various strategies in order to fulfill the necessities of life for yourself and family is maintained. This is possible as an option strategy adaptation in the elderly fishermen anticipate the changes that occur in the life of the fishing community. This study aims to describe the fishing community adaptation strategies in the face of the elderly. Future elderly fishing communities are determined based on the socio-cultural level of productivity that is generated, are still actively searching for fish on the high seas or just along the coast. Productive age limit directly affects the revenue lost fishermen. This fact led to the emergence of a variety of problems experienced by elderly fishermen, both from the economic, psychological, social and cultural. The families of elderly fisherman as the unit of analysis in this study have similar characteristics with elderly fishermen in general. A qualitative approach is emphasized in the process of collecting and analyzing the data. For that, although using the analysis in several families of elderly fishermen, but the problems are representative of elderly fisherman can span the 'hierarchy. The results showed that the main strategy applied elderly fisherman is still maintaining fishermen job, considering the social and cultural environment sulir fishing communities offer alternatives for another job. In addition, elderly family strategy in fulfilling its economy is the income earned, usually in debt to the tauke or indebted to anyone who would give him a loan debt. Aside from the elderly fisherman fishermen borrow another boat and look for alternative livelihoods outside between fishermen, such as gathering firewood to be sold to people in need. In addition, the results showed that elderly fisherman efforts to realize social security is to improve safety in these villages with mutual respect, tolerance and collaboration, because the villagers' Air Bangis already feel safe. In Nagari Air Bangis rarely finds conflicts between fishermen here, even if there was only a small problem, which can be directly solved maslaah. Usually the elderly fisherman to keep track of security among citizens just always maintain good relations between people, mutual help for anyone who needs and mutually saluted each other. Not distinguish economic status or the status of their fishermen. The main problem in this village is still the economic problems of society, because there are many people here who are in the poverty level.

  10. Analisis Total Zat Padat Terlarut (Total Dissolved Solid) Dan Total Zat Padat Trsuspensi (Total Suspended Solid) Pada Air Badan Air Khususnya Air Sungai

    Saraswaty, Asri


    Total dissolved solids ( Total Dissolved Solid ) is a measure of the solute( both organic and inorganic , for example : salt , etc.) contained in the river water. The total suspended solids (Total Suspended Solid) are solids that are in suspension , can be distinguished according to their size as suspended colloidal particles (colloidal particles) and particles suspended regular (suspended particles). The purpose of to determine whether the water meets the river that were analyzed in accordan...


    N Widya


    Full Text Available The research was to know the type of pollution which contaminates the waste water of Animals and birds slaughterand to know the level of contamination of river water of Subak Pakel I river from the waste water of animals and birdsslaughter at Darmasaba Village.The research was held in February-March 2008. The sample of waste water was taken at location of cow, pig andchicken slaughter house which was repeated three times. Meanwhile, the sample of river water was taken at the upper course,middle and at the end part of the river with six times repetition. The results of analysis on 12 parameter of the waste water isused to determine typical of pollution and 13 parameter of river water was used to determine pollution index of river waterreferred to Bali Governor Act no. 8 year 2007.The result of the research shows that the typical pollution of waste water from the pig slaughter house was characterizedby high content of ammonia (NH3, and typical pollution of the waste water of chicken slaughter was characterized by highcontent of hydrogen Sulfida (H2S. Intentional or unintentional disposal of the waste water from the animal and poultryslaughter house, had polluted the middle part and the end part of the water river. The level of water pollution in the middle part,was contegorized heavy for first class, second class and third class, but still in slight pollution for fourth class water. Meanwhile,the level of pollution at upper course of water river was still on good category for fourth class water, and still in slight pollutionfor first class and second class of water.

  12. Reintroduction of Orangutans: A New Approach. A Study on the Behaviour and Ecology of Reintroduced Orangutans in the Sungai Wain Nature Reserve, East Kalimantan Indonesia

    Fredriksson, Gabriella


    The reintroduction of ex-captive orangutans Pongo pygmaeus) is part of a comprehensive conservation program to preserve this species and it’s habitat. During the last decades the orangutan has been under severe threat throughout it’s range- Northern Sumatra, Kalimantan and East Malaysia- due to mass

  13. A study on the soil characteristic and properties of riverbank soil samples from Sungai Perak, Kota Lama Kiri, Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia

    Adlan, M. N.; Z, Mohd Remy Rozainy M. A.; Ghazali, M. F.; Selamat, M. R.; Othman, S. Z.


    Riverbank filtration (RBF) technology is new in Malaysia and only a few efforts have been made to understand the RBF mechanisms and processes. Soil characteristics and properties play important roles in determining the suitability of the site for the RBF application. A research has been carried out in Kota Lama Kiri, Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia to identify the characteristics of the riverbank soil for different layers of the pumping well (PW) and three adjacent monitoring wells namely MW2, MW3, and MW5. Particle size distributions and hydraulic conductivities of the soils were obtained from sieve analyses and constant head permeability tests. The subsurface soils of the study site consisted of medium sand, fine sand, coarse sand and gravel but them medium sand was highest in percentage over the other types of soil. The aquifer extended down to 8 m. The highest hydraulic conductivity value for the PW was 0.91 cm/s and obtained for sample taken from 6 m deep. The highest hydraulic conductivity value for the monitoring wells was 5.03 cm/s and obtained for sample taken from 2.20 to 3.20 m of MW5. The overall well production capacity determined from the pumping test was 112.10 m3/hr.




    Full Text Available Increasing the human activity may lead to decrease utilization of river waters quality. The purpose of this study were to find out structure of macrozoobenthos community as bioindicator of waters quality in three estuaries of Ampenan district; find out the chemical and physical conditions of waters; determine the relationship of physical chemical of waters and macrozoobenthos diversity indices. The study was conducted by dividing of each estuary into 10 stations. Community structure and physical chemical waters parameters was analyzed descriptively. The relationship of physical and chemical waters quality parameters with macrozoobenthos diversity indices was analyzed by regression. The results showed that 8 species found in the estuary of Berenyok, 11 species in the estuary of Ancar and 12 species in the estuary of Jangkok. Conditions of community structure in three estuaries balanced enough up to unstable. Physical and chemistry waters quality in three estuaries are still below the quality standard except for Hg. In Berenyok and J angkok estuaries Hg values obtained in excess of standard quality. Pollution levels in the three estuaries ranging from moderate to heavily polluted. There is a linear correlation between macrozoobenthos diversity indices and DO parameter in each estuary.


    Mochamad Machfud


    Full Text Available Pesisir merupakan salah satu tempat untuk muara sungai dimana hilir dari suatu sungai itu berakhir sebelum menuju lepas laut. Di kabupaten Sidoarjo tedapat kali yaitu Kali Porong yang merupakan ujung dari sungai Brantas yang semenjak tahun 2006 digunakan sebagai tempat untuk mengalirkan lumpur Lapindo ke laut. Hal ini menyebabkan perubahan dari ekologi dari Kali Porong. Salah satunya adalah mengganggu pola hidrologi yang ada di Kali Porong.  Oleh karena itu diperlukan analisa untuk penentuan pola hidrologi secara multitemporal setelah Kali Porong digunakan sebagai tempat mengalirkannya lumpur untuk menuju laut timur Jawa yang dimana akan mempercepat terbentuk sedimentasi yang dapat menggagu pola hidrologi Kali Porong. Pengamatan dilakukan dengan metode penginderaan jauh dengan menganalisa citra ALOS dan SPOT 4 dari tahun 2010 sampai 2011. Klasifikasi yang digunakan dalam analisa ini adalah klasifikasi Terselia atau klasifikasi beracuan yang menggunakan Maximum Likehood Standard dan menganalisa DEM SRTM dengan menggunakan menu spatial analyst tools untuk menentukan arah aliran sungai (flow direction dan akumulasi aliran sungai (flow accumulation.Hasil dari penelitian ini memperlihatkan bahwa dalam peta aliran sungai terlihat gradasi warna dari biru tua menuju ke biru muda menjelaskan bahwa arah aliran sungai yang menunjukan semakin besar akumulasi pencampuran antara air sungai dengan lumpur dititik tersebut. Daerah pesisir Sidoarjo lebih di dominasi oleh pola aliran sungai dendritik. Pola aliran sungai daerah muara Kali Porong relatif tetap.

  16. Origin of the flora of the Malay Peninsula

    Ridley, H.N.


    In my work on the Malay Peninsula, I included such plants as were known from the districts of North Kedah, Perlis and Setul. Botanically however, the Malayan flora ceases at a line running from a little north of Kedah peak Lat. 6.5, to Kota Bahru in North Kelantan Lat. 6.10. It is in fact

  17. Expressions of The River Flows

    Teddy S


    Sungai merupakan bagian penting dalam kehidupan masyarakat masa kini, terutama bagi masyarakat perkotaan. Jika ditinjau lebih lanjut sungai memiliki potensi yang menjadi suatu wahana rekreasi. Dalam kegiatan merancang sungai merupakan sumber inspirasi maupun ide bagi perancang, dimana area yang dirancang juga memiliki kasus proyek mengenai urban lifestyle. Dari perpaduan 2 unsur tersebut, perancang mengharmonikan unsur tersebut melalui tema individu perancang yaitu tema “expression of the riv...

  18. Hubungan Infeksi Ascaris lumbricoides Terhadap Hasil Uji Tusuk Kulit (Skin Prick Test) dengan Alergen dari Cacing Ascaris pada Anak Sekolah Dasar Negeri 047/XI Koto Baru yang Memiliki Riwayat Atopi di Kecamatan Pesisir Bukit Kota Sungai Penuh Provinsi Jambi

    Rachman, Faisal


    Infectious diseases, intestinal worms that are transmitted through the soil (Soil-transmitted helminthiasis) is a common infection that involves many people in the world. Estimates suggests Ascaris lumbricoides infects over one billion people. The number of most worm infections apply to sub-Saharan Africa, the Americas, China and East Asia. Prevalence of asthma and other atopic diseases in children has increased worldwide in recent years, but the reason behind the increase in prevalence is un...

  19. The Need to Improve Population and Resource Control in Thailand’s Counterinsurgency


    Patani wanted to resume its prior relationship with Siam or not, which meant, to continue sending silver and gold flowers to Siam. Unlike Kelantan ...forced to give Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terenggannu to Britain in return for a loan (from Britain) to build a railroad to the Malaya frontier and to...Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terenggannu in order to meet an Islamic court.24 These changes by the government showed the Thai government unable to

  20. Small Wars, Big Stakes: Coercion, Persuasion, and Airpower in Counterrevoluntionary War


    analysis also helps the strategist envision employment of airpower within specific cultural and topographical environments. In brief, historical analysis...three states: Kedah, Kelantan , and Trengganu. National census projections from 1947 showed indicated 2.1 million people classified as Malays; 1.9...gained control of the northern states by treaty with Siam.209 Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan , and Trengganu rejected federalization; hence, they became known as


    Sudarti Prijono


    Abstrak Hasil penelitian arkeologi di kawasan Sukadana, Kabupaten Ciamis memberikan gambaran bahwa pada umumnya tinggalan budaya yang ditemukan menunjukkan berasal dari masa tradisi megalitik yang ditandai dengan temuan batu datar, batu tegak (menhir, batu bergores, dan batu lumpang. Namun demikian di beberapa situs dijumpai pula tinggalan budaya tradisi megalitik berasosiasi dengan tinggalan budaya dari masa Islam. Hasil penelitian juga memberikan gambaran bahwa letak situs umumnya dekat dengan daerah aliran sungai Cirende dan sungai Cimuntur. Fitur-fitur yang ditemukan tersusun dari batu alam tanpa ada sentuhan teknologi, kecuali untuk batu lumpang. Demikian pula letak situs yang umumnya di lahan perbukitan dekat aliran sungai. Hal ini diperkirakan karena adanya pemanfaatan sumber daya alam yang ada disekitar situs, serta adanya aspek kemudahan untuk memperolehnya. Berlatar pada hasil penelitian disimpulkan bahwa di kawasan Sukadana pada masa tradisi megalitik pernah berlangsung aktivitas adaptasi terhadap lingkungan. Kata kunci: megalitik, sungai, fitur, bukit

  2. Optimalisasi Peran Komando Kewilayahan Dalam Rangka Penanggulangan Bencana Alam Di Darat (Studi Di Kodim 0502/ Ju. Kodam Jaya

    Armaidy Armawf, Anak Agung Gde Suardhane


    Bencana alum di suatu daerah memiliki hubungan sebab dan akibat dengan daerah lainnya, seperti di daerah Jawa Barat, Banten dan DKI Jakarta, memiliki hubungan bencana alum banjir dan tanah longsor. Penyebab utama karena sebagian besar air yang mengalir dari beberapa sungai di ketinggian wilayah Puncak Bogor, ada yang bermuara ke dataran rendah Jakarta menuju pantai utara. Air mengalir melalui kali di kota dan anak sungai Ciliwung serta ada yang dapat ditampung di beberapa Situ untuk diresapka...

  3. The Recovery of Two Long-logged Headwaters in Temengor Reservoir, Perak, Malaysia

    Zarul Hazrin Hashim; Amir Shah Ruddin Md Shah; Khoo Khay Huat; Shahrul Anuar Md. Sah; Mashhor Mansor


    A study on water quality of the two long-logged and abandoned headwaters in Temengor Reservoir was conducted to determine their natural recovery. In this study, we used National Water Quality Standards for Malaysia prepared by Malaysian Department of Environment as an indicator for water quality recovery. The parameters measured were dissolved oxygen (mg/L), water temperature (℃), pH, conductivity (mS/cm), total dissolved solids (mg/L), water velocity (m/s), ortho-phosphate (PO4-P), nitrite-nitrogen (NO2-N), nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N) and alkalinity. In general, water quality in Sungai Enam and Sungai Telang were in Class Ⅰ, indicating water quality in both streams have recovered. Based on the t-test, Sungai Enam and Sungai Telang differed significantly in all parameters except for dissolved oxygen, NO2-N and NO3-N. In spatial analyses (upper, middle and lower reaches comparisons), the two-way ANOVA analysis shows that there were significant differences in all studied parameters between the two rivers except for dissolved oxygen, total dissolved solids, NO2-N and NO3-N. Stream flow, hydrologic pathways, geomorphology, physical and environmental characteristics are essential elements in understanding the dynamics of water systems in Sungai Enam and Sungai Telang. Due to the recovery, these two headwaters are thus suitable for fish conservation and restoration sites.


    Kumoro Palupi


    Full Text Available Sungai Cisadane berfungsi sebagai sumber air baku untuk sistem penyediaan air bersih wilayah Serpong dan Tangerang, Kabupaten Tangerang. Meskipun demikian, sungai Cisadane berfungsi pula sebagai tempat pembuangan limbah bagi rumah tangga dan industri yang berlokasi di sepanjang sungai tersebut. Untuk memperoleh gambaran mengenai tingkat pencemaran airnya, pada bulan September 1992 telah dilakukan pengambilan sampel air sungai Cisadane. Sampel air diambil di sebelah hulu intake instalasi pengolahan air di Cikokol (Tangerang dan Serpong, masing-masing sebanyak lima dan tiga lokasi. Sebanyak 21 parameter dianalisis, kemudian dihitung Individual Index (II dan Pollution Index (PI - nya. Hasil yang diperoleh, yang menggambarkan kualitas pencemaran air sungai Cisadane pada saat itu, adalah sebagai berikut : Tangerang PI=1891. Pencemar utama adalah fenol, dengan II- 110 dan lemak & minyak, dengan II = 2670.Serpong, PI=574. Pencemar utama adalah fenol, dengan 11 = 810 Parameter lain yang mempunyai II > 1 adalah oksigen terlarut, fosfat, zat besi, fecal coli, nitrat, COD dan zat padat tersuspensi. Hasil tersebut menggambarkan baliwa sungai Cisadane telah tercemar oleh limbah industri dan rumah tangga, serta mungkin pula telah tercemar oleh limbah pertanian, peternakan dan perbengkelan.

  5. Analisis Sedimentasi di Pelabuhan Pendaratan Ikan (PPI Logending

    Sanidhya Nika Purnomo


    Full Text Available Pelabuhan Pendaratan Ikan (PPI Logending merupakan pelabuhan ikan yang dibangun di muara Sungai Ijo. Karena terletak di muara sungai, PPI tersebut sangat rawan terhadap sedimentasi yang dipengaruhi debit aliran sungai dari bagian hulu dan pasang surut air laut dari bagian hilir. Analisis sedimentasi di PPI Logending didahului dengan pengambilan data primer seperti data kecepatan aliran, sampel sedimen, dan potongan melintang sungai, serta data sekunder berupa data pasang surut di perairan Cilacap yang diperoleh dari BMKG Cilacap. Dengan menggunakan data tersebut, selanjutnya dilakukan analisis sedimentasi menggunakan software HEC-RAS berdasarkan pada Persamaan Ackers – White, Meyer – Peter Müller, dan Wilcock. Hasil dari simulasi menunjukkan bahwa Persamaan Meyer – Peter Müller dan Wilcock memberikan kesesuaian yang lebih baik dengan kondisi di lapangan daripada Persamaan Ackers - White, dimana pada tampang 3 (hulu terjadi erosi, sedangkan pada tampang 2 (tengah dan tampang 1 (hilir mengalami deposisi. Adanya proses deposisi yang signifikan di mulut sungai mengindikasikan perlunya pengerukan untuk pemeliharaan (maintenance dredging secara periodik yang seharusnya mendapat perhatian dari pihak pengelola pelabuhan.

  6. Leadership Style Head of Polytechnic Department and Regard with to Work Culture

    Jamaludin, Nur Hasliza Binti; Naim, Nor Azlin Binti; Khamis, Nur Azzarina Binti; Zakaria, Normah Binti


    This study aims to look at the leadership style of the heads of departments in technical education and its relationship to the work culture among lecturers Polytechnic Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah in Jitra, Kedah. This research is very important to the head of polytechnic and lecture to work in the good condition with the good leadership. This…

  7. Characterization Of Pathogenesis Of And Immune Response To Burkholderia Pseudomallei K9243 Using Both Inhalational And Intraperitoneal Infection Models In BALB/c and C57BL/6 Mice


    ecological emerging infectious disease in the Alor Setar region of Kedah, Malaysia . BMC 1098 Infect Dis, 2010. 10: p. 302. 1099 12. Limmathurotsakul, D...1181 50. Amemiya, K., et al., Comparison of the early host immune response to two widely diverse virulent 1182 strains of Burkholderia pseudomallei

  8. Kalimat Majemuk Bahasa Melayu Dialek Deli Medan : Suatu Kajian Transformasi Generatif


    Bahasa Melayu Dialek Deli Medan (BMDDM) adalah salah satu bahasa daerah di Indonesia. Penutur BMDDM adalah suku Melayu yang tinggal di daerah Deli Serdang dan Medan, Sumatera Utara. Kawasan kawasan penutur BMDDM Deli Serdang meliputi kawasan Tanjung Morawa, Percut Sungai Tuan dan Lubuk pakam, oleh Rozanna Mulyani D0300043

  9. Notes on the discovery of Rafflesia hasseltii Suringar (Rafflesiaceae) in Taman Negara (National Park), Malaysia

    Latiff, A.; Mat-Salleh, K.


    Rafflesia hasseltii Suringar was discovered in the vicinity of Sungai Pelenting in Taman Negara, Pahang, with a population of about 20 buds and a few flowers in full bloom. This is the first confirmed report of the species for the National Park, Malaysia.

  10. Notes on Pandanus atrocarpus Griff and P. tectorius Parkinson in Peninsular Malaysia

    Azahana, A.; Wickneswari, R.; Noraini, T.; Nordahlia, A. S.; Solihani, N. S.; Nurnida, M. K.


    A study was conducted on two species of Pandanus, to investigate the occurrence of P. atrocarpus Griff and P. tectorius Parkinson in Peninsular Malaysia. Traditionally their leaves are used as woven materials to make mats, baskets and hats. The objective of this study was to evaluate the current status on occurrence of these two species in Peninsular Malaysia. Field data on plant localities and morphological traits were recorded. Digital images of all characters were captured for comparative analysis. Leaf and root tissues of 19 individuals of P. atrocarpus and seven individuals of P. tectorius were collected for anatomical and micromorphological studies. Pandanus atrocarpus could be easily found at riverside areas in Kelantan and Langkawi, rubber plantations in Perak and Terengganu, at highland areas in Pahang and at the beach areas in Kedah. Meanwhile P. tectorius is commonly found in the coastal areas of Johor, Terengganu, Kedah, Selangor and can found to grow on rocky cliffs too.

  11. The Influence of School Culture and Organizational Health of Secondary School Teachers in Malaysia

    Abdul Ghani Kanesan Abdullah


    Full Text Available This study aims to determine the level of school culture practices by school principals in the national secondary schools in the state of Kedah, Malaysia. The six dimensions of school culture studied were teacher collaboration, unity of purpose, professional development, collegial support, learning partnership and collaborative leadership. The study also looks at the level of teachers’ job satisfaction as well as the relationship with the practice of a positive school culture by the national secondary school principals. The respondents consisted of 385 teachers employed in 22 national secondary schools in the state of Kedah. The data obtained was analysed using SPSS version 20.0. Descriptive analysis and Pearson Correlation Coefficient were used to analyse the strength of the relationship. The findings of this study revealed that there was a positive correlation between school culture and job satisfaction according to teachers’ perceptions. In addition, the school culture was statistically determined to be an important predictor variable of job satisfaction


    Rabiul Islam; Mohammed S. Chowdhury; Mohammad Sumann Sarker; Salauddin Ahmed


    The purpose of the study is to examine the factors measuring customers’ satisfaction, especially the impact of service quality on customers’ satisfaction in public transportation industry in the university town of Sintok located in Kedah province of Malaysia. In order to assess the relationships between service quality and customer satisfaction survey were collected from 300 Bus commuters. All hypotheses were tes...

  13. Moderating influence of school culture on the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational health of secondary school teachers in Malaysia

    Anantha Raj A. Arokiasamy


    This study aimed to determine the level of transformational leadership practices by school principals in the national secondary schools in the state of Pulau Pinang and Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia. The three dimensions of transformational leadership studied were vision identification, intellectual stimulation and high performance expectations. The study also looks at the level of organizational health as well as the relationship with the practice of transformational leadership by the national ...

  14. Sulfur and molybdenum fractionation in marine and riverine alluvium paddy soils

    Hamed Zakikhani


    Full Text Available Intermittently submergence and drainage status of paddy fields can cause alterations in morphological and chemical characteristics of soils. We conducted a sequential fractionation study to provide an insight into solubility of Sulfur (S and Molybdenum (Mo in flooded alluvial paddy soils. The samples (0–15 and 15–30 cm were taken from marine and riverine alluvial soils in Kedah and Kelantan areas, respectively, and were sequentially extracted with NaHCO3, NaOH, HCl, and HClO4–HNO3. Total S in upper and lower layers of Kedah and Kelantan ranged between 273 and 1121 mg kg−1, and 177 to 1509 mg kg−1, respectively. In upper layers and subsoil of Kedah, average total Mo were 0.34 and 0.27 mg kg−1, respectively. Average total Mo in Kelantan were 0.25 mg kg−1 (surface layer and 0.28 mg kg−1 (subsoil. Cation exchange capacity (CEC was positively correlated with plant available amounts of Mo in upper layers of Kedah area. Also, total and medium-term plant-available S was correlated with total carbon (C at lower layers of Kelantan soil series. But in surface layers of Kelantan soil series, CEC was strongly correlated with total and medium-term plant-available S. Our results indicates that the influence of flooding conditions on soil S and Mo contents in paddy fields may cause long-term changes in S and Mo chemical reactivities.

  15. The mediating effect of brand satisfaction on the relationship between brand personality and brand loyalty: Evidence from Malaysia

    Hashed Ahmad Mabkhot; Salniza Md. Salleh; Hasnizam Shaari


    This study empirically investigates the mediating effect of brand satisfaction on the relationship between brand personality and brand loyalty among Malaysian customers toward local automobile brands (Proton and Perodua). Four hypotheses were developed to test hypothesizing relationships between brand personality and brand satisfaction on brand loyalty. The data were collected from consumers of automobile brands in north Malaysia peninsula from three states which were Kedah, Penanag, and Perl...

  16. Genetic Diversity of Selected Mangifera Species Revealed by Inter Simple Sequence Repeats Markers

    Zulhairil Ariffin; Muhammad Shafie Md Sah; Salma Idris; Nuradni Hashim


    ISSR markers were employed to reveal genetic diversity and genetic relatedness among 28 Mangifera accessions collected from Yan (Kedah), Bukit Gantang (Perak), Sibuti (Sarawak), and Papar (Sabah). A total of 198 markers were generated using nine anchored primers and one nonanchored primer. Genetic variation among the 28 accessions of Mangifera species including wild relatives, landraces, and clonal varieties is high, with an average degree of polymorphism of 98% and mean Shannon index, H0=7.5...


    Jemat, Jenny Anak Michael; Yusof, Che Nazrah


    Kajian tindakan ini dilaksanakan untuk meningkatkan kehadiran ke sekolah dalam kalangan murid Tahun 4. Kajian ini melibatkan seramai 3 orang murid lelaki dan 4 orang murid perempuan Tahun 4 dari sebuah sekolah luar bandar di daerah Kota Setar, Kedah. Objektif kajian adalah untuk mengenalpasti kelebihan kaedah T-Trace dalam meningkatkan kehadiran murid ke sekolah dan meningkatkan jumlah kehadiran murid ke sekolah melalui kaedah T-Trace. Kajian ini menggunakan model Kurt Lewin (1946). Tindakan-...

  18. The Politics of Meritocracy in Malaysia


    Historical Background The History of Malaysia can be traced back to the 15th century when the Malacca ( Melaka ) Sultanate became a great inter-port city...known as the Federated Malay States while Kelantan, Trengganu, Perlis, Kedah and Johor were known as Unfederated Malay States. Penang, Melaka and...86 A. J. Williams Myers, Biological Differences, Social Inequality and Distributive Goods- An Exploratory Argument, Journal of Black

  19. Has Kelantan grown faster than other states in Malaysia? A panel data analysis

    Habibullah, M.S.; Smith, Peter; Dayang-Afizzah, A.M.


    Kelantan has been the poorest state in Malaysia for the past five decades. Despite the various Malaysian Development Plans for the past several decades, regional disparity between states remains in Malaysia. Thus, the objective of the present paper is to address the question whether Kelantan has been narrowing their income gap with other states in Malaysia. Using annual data for the period 1961 to 2003, our panel unit root test result suggest that (i) Kelantan converges towards Kedah, Negeri ...

  20. Malaysia’s 2004 Elections: Mahathir’s Successor Succeeds. Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies. Volume 3, Number 5, April 2004


    victories in Malaysian history . The magnitude of this election victory enhances Prime Minister Abdullah’s power base within the ruling party, the...Abdullah managed to achieve one of the largest victories in Malaysia’s history , leaving the opposition in disarray. While the international press generally...five new seats created for the 2004 election, none were awarded to Kelantan , Trengganu, Kedah or Perlis where PAS support has been moderate to strong

  1. Museums? Evidence from two Countries

    Azilah Kasim


    Full Text Available This paper provides evidence on Young Adults’ motivations for visiting and not visiting museums. Using purposive sampling, self-administered questionnaires were distributed to respondents in Kedah, Malaysia and Eskisehir, Turkey. Both Kedah and Eskisehir share one similarity – they both have many museums. The findings revealed that in both study contexts, young people tended to visit museums for practical reasons such as to help them prepare homework or a project. They also visit for intrinsic reasons such as to satisfy their curiosity. Both samples also illustrate Davies (2001 contention that awareness is an important precursor to potential visits. On the other hand, both samples are different in reasons for not visiting. While young people in Eskisehir cite emotional reasons for deciding not to visit, young people in Kedah offered more practical ones such as lack of time and interest, or more interested in other activities. The study findings are useful for understanding reasons behind the generally low museum visits among youth. Several managerial implications of the study were also proposed.

  2. Genetic Diversity of Selected Mangifera Species Revealed by Inter Simple Sequence Repeats Markers

    Zulhairil Ariffin


    Full Text Available ISSR markers were employed to reveal genetic diversity and genetic relatedness among 28 Mangifera accessions collected from Yan (Kedah, Bukit Gantang (Perak, Sibuti (Sarawak, and Papar (Sabah. A total of 198 markers were generated using nine anchored primers and one nonanchored primer. Genetic variation among the 28 accessions of Mangifera species including wild relatives, landraces, and clonal varieties is high, with an average degree of polymorphism of 98% and mean Shannon index, H0=7.50. Analysis on 18 Mangifera indica accessions also showed high degree of polymorphism of 99% and mean Shannon index, H0=5.74. Dice index of genetic similarity ranged from 0.0938 to 0.8046 among the Mangifera species. The dendrogram showed that the Mangifera species were grouped into three main divergent clusters. Cluster 1 comprised 14 accessions from Kedah and Perak. Cluster II and cluster III comprised 14 accessions from Sarawak and Sabah. Meanwhile, the Dice index of genetic similarity for 18 accessions of Mangifera indica ranged from 0.2588 to 0.7742. The dendrogram also showed the 18 accessions of Mangifera indica were grouped into three main clusters. Cluster I comprised 10 landraces of Mangifera indica from Kedah. Cluster II comprised 7 landraces of Mangifera indica followed by Chokanan to form Cluster III.

  3. A review of Lower and Middle Palaeozoic biostratigraphy in west peninsular Malaysia and southern Thailand in its context within the Sibumasu Terrane

    Cocks, L. R. M.; Fortey, R. A.; Lee, C. P.


    Fossils from the Cambrian to Devonian rocks of southern Thailand, the Langkawi Islands, mainland Kedah, Perlis, north Perak and central West Peninsular Malaysia are listed and reviewed, and their stratigraphy and correlation reassessed. The hitherto anomalous record of the trilobite Dalmanitina from Malaysia is reviewed and found to be of latest Ordovician (Hirnantian) age, rather than Lower Silurian age as previously reported, and is considered a probable synonym of the widespread Mucronaspis mucronata. A new stratigraphical nomenclature is erected for part of the Langkawi, mainland Kedah and Perlis area successions, in which the term Setul Limestone (which stretched from the Ordovician to the Devonian) is abandoned and replaced by the Middle Ordovician Kaki Bukit Limestone, the late Ordovician and early Silurian Tanjong Dendang Formation, the Silurian Mempelam Limestone, and the early Devonian Timah Tasoh Formation, all underlying the paraconformity with the late Devonian Langgun Red Beds. There was a single depositional basin in the generally shallow-water and cratonic areas of southern Thailand, Langkawi, and mainland Kedah and Perlis, in contrast to the deeper-water basin of north Perak. Only Silurian rocks are dated with certainty within another basin in central West Malaysia, near Kuala Lumpur, which were also cratonic and shallow-water, although to the east in west Pahang there are basal Devonian deeper-water sediments with graptolites. The area is reviewed in its position within the Sibumasu Terrane, which, in the Palaeozoic, also included central and northern Thailand, Burma (Myanmar) and southwest China (part of Yunnan Province).

  4. Knowledge, Attitude and Perception towards the Consumption of Waste Cooking Oil between Suburban and Rural Communities

    Hanisah Kamilah


    Full Text Available The improper discarding method of toxic waste cooking oil (WCO and the repetitive usage of it are polluting the environment and harmful to human, respectively. Thus, survey regarding the consumption of waste cooking oil (WCO was conducted in Kampung Nelayan, Penang (rural area and Gurun, Kedah (suburban area. Each developed questionnaire containing the total amount of 26 questions, which five open-ended questions and 21 closed questions. Feedbacks of over 180 responses were received from Gurun, Kedah and 200 responses from Kampung Nelayan, Pulau Pinang. Focus group survey and face-to-face interview method were done in Gurun, Kedah and Kampung Nelayan, Pulau Pinang, respectively based on the suitability of the area. Personal information such as race, gender, and occupation of participants was recorded for further information. The percentage of 80% of the respondents was females and there was higher percentage of housewives (59% in Kampung Nelayan compared to Gurun. Majority of the respondents were consuming palm oil (95% and producing waste cooking oil (WCO up to 6-10 L/mth and 1 L/mth in Kampung Nelayan and Gurun, respectively. Survey analysis also showed that 2-3% of the respondents utilised the cooking oil repeatedly until it is fully utilised. Around 7-9% of respondents consumed the cooking oil up to three times before discarding it. As the conclusion, most of the respondents have limited knowledge regarding the WCO management, which could affect the health of a consumer and adulterates the environment.  

  5. Riwayat Berat Badan Lahir dengan Kejadian Stunting pada Anak Usia Bawah Dua Tahun

    Atikah Rahayu


    cross-sectional design. The population was mothers having children under two years old and samples amounted to 117 consisted of children under two years old. This study was conducted within three months on September – November 2014. Category of LBW was if birth weight records < 2,500 gram. Bivariate data analysis used chi-square test and multivariate data analysis used logistic regression test. The result of bivariate analysis showed a significant relation between LBW status records (p value = 0.015 with stunting incidence among children under two years old. Based on the result of multivariate analysis, LBW was the most dominating risk factor related to stunting incidence. Children with LBW had 5.87 times risk of suffering from stunting. LBW records take an important role in stunting incidence among children under two years old around Sungai Karias Primary Health Care area in North Hulu Sungai.

  6. The resistance of Salmonella spp. isolates from Alabio duck against several antibiotics


    A total of 172 isolates of Salmonella spp. consisted of S. typhimurium (70), S. Radar (52), S. senftenberg (25), S. Virchow (14), and S. amsterdam (11) from Alabio duck hatcheries in the District of Hulu Sungai Utara, South Kalimantan, were examined their resistencies against seven kinds of antibiotics, consisted of chloramphenicol, neomycin, trimethoprim, streptomycin, tetracycline, ampicillin, and polymixin B, by using agar disc diffusion method. The results showed that 70 isolates of S. ty...

  7. Service Quality Dimensions in Public Library: Nothern Area Experienced


    Problem statement: Service quality has emerged as a key strategic issue in management. The service quality assessment tool SERVQUAL was introduced the dimensions of tangibles, reliability, responsiveness and assurance and empathy dimensions of service quality. Approach: The objective of this study is to investigate which service quality dimensions that mostly influenced the service quality in public library in Sungai Petani. The study was conducted among library users and ...


    Olumide Adedokun Odeyemi; Ahmad Asmat; Gires Usup


    This study aim to investigate antibiotics resistance profile and putative virulence factors of Aeromonas hydrophila isolated from estuary. Bacteria used for this study were isolated from water and sediment samples obtained from Sungai Melayu, Johor, Malaysia. Serially diluted 100 µL water and 1g sediment were inoculated on modified Rimler - Shott (mRS) agar. Colonies with distinct cultural characteristics were picked for further studies. Isolates were tested for biofilm productions, protease ...

  9. Professionalism perspectives among medical students of a novel medical graduate school in Malaysia

    Haque M; Zulkifli Z; Haque SZ; Kamal ZM; Salam A; Bhagat V; Alattraqchi AG; Rahman NIA


    Mainul Haque,1 Zainal Zulkifli,2 Seraj Zohurul Haque,3 Zubair M Kamal,4 Abdus Salam,5 Vidya Bhagat,2 Ahmed Ghazi Alattraqchi,2 Nor Iza A Rahman2 1Unit of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine and Defense Health, National Defense University of Malaysia, Kem Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 2Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Jalan Sultan Mahmud, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia; 3School of Medicine, University of Dundee, Ninewells H...

  10. Konsentrasi merkuri dan hubungannya dengan indeks kepadatan keong popaco (Telescopium telescopium) di Kao Teluk, Halmahera Utara

    Ardan Samman; Djamar T.F. Lumban Batu; Isdradjad Setyobudiandi


    Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui konsentrasi merkuri pada air laut, sedimen dan keong popaco (T. telescopium), serta hubungannya dengan indeks kepadatan. Sampling dilakukan pada tiga stasiun yaitu di muara Sungai Balaotin, Cibok dan Kobok. Analisis konsentrasi merkuri menggunakan Spektrofotometer Serapan Atom (SSA). Hasil penelitian menunjukkan konsentrasi merkuri pada air laut pada ketiga stasiun di Perairan Kao Teluk berkisar antara 0,000239-0,000560 ppm. Konsentrasi merkuri pada ...

  11. Southeast Asia Report.


    December Planning Journal (TAP CHI KE HOACH HOA, No 12, Dec 86) ........... 77 National Assembly Delegate Speaks on Economic Management (Tran...its own religious school in Kuala Sungai Baharu, Melaka . Its adherents totally reject the Prophet’s Hadits [traditional account of the Prophet’s...activities and sayings] because they believe it was written by their political enemies (the Prophet’s disciples). Also, Haji Ahmad Yunus, the Melaka

  12. Penentuan Pelabuhan Hub untuk Crude Palm Oil (CPO Ekspor di Indonesia

    Eko Andi Haranto


    Full Text Available CPO (Crude Palm Oil merupakan salah satu komoditi ekspor terbesar di Indonesia. Moda angkut darat dan sungai menjadi pilihan untuk didistribusikan menuju calon pelabuhan hub. Tugas Akhir ini bertujuan untuk merencanakan pola operasi armada pengangkut CPO, dan penentuan pelabuhan hub untuk ekspor CPO. Metode Transportasi digunakan untuk memilih pabrik pengolahan CPO sebagai pemasok utama. Dari hasil analisis didapatkan bahwa penggunaan moda darat menggunakan truk lebih optimal dibandingkan menggunakan tongkang hal ini dikarenakan kondisi sungai di Kalimantan Tengah yang dangkal. Dengan menggunakan metode transportasi didapatkan empat lokasi pabrik pengolahan minyak kelapa sawit. Pelabuhan hub yang terpilih berlokasi di Bagendang dan Bumi Harjo. Kedua titik tersebut dipilih karena sudah memiliki tangki timbun dan dermaga untuk ekspor CPO, selain itu pemilihan berdasarkan hasil analisa didapatkan biaya dari Pabrik PT. ATLANTIS ke Pelabuhan Bagendang dengan truk berukuran 10 ton memerlukan biaya sebesar Rp. 333.016,25/TRIP/TRUK. Pabrik PT. ATLANTIS II ke Pelabuhan Bagendang Rp. 237.868,75/TRIP/TRUK. Pabrik PT. TIGER ke Pelabuhan Bumi Harjo Rp. 475.737,50/TRIP/TRUK. PT. TIGER II merupakan pabrik yang dapat melakukan pengiriman langsung menggunakan tongkang berukuran 1800 DWT melewati sungai Barito, dengan biaya Rp.123.007.828,27,- /voyage.

  13. Monthly streamflow forecasting with auto-regressive integrated moving average

    Nasir, Najah; Samsudin, Ruhaidah; Shabri, Ani


    Forecasting of streamflow is one of the many ways that can contribute to better decision making for water resource management. The auto-regressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model was selected in this research for monthly streamflow forecasting with enhancement made by pre-processing the data using singular spectrum analysis (SSA). This study also proposed an extension of the SSA technique to include a step where clustering was performed on the eigenvector pairs before reconstruction of the time series. The monthly streamflow data of Sungai Muda at Jeniang, Sungai Muda at Jambatan Syed Omar and Sungai Ketil at Kuala Pegang was gathered from the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia. A ratio of 9:1 was used to divide the data into training and testing sets. The ARIMA, SSA-ARIMA and Clustered SSA-ARIMA models were all developed in R software. Results from the proposed model are then compared to a conventional auto-regressive integrated moving average model using the root-mean-square error and mean absolute error values. It was found that the proposed model can outperform the conventional model.

  14. Environmental dynamics and carbon accumulation rate of a tropical peatland in Central Sumatra, Indonesia

    Hapsari, Kartika Anggi; Biagioni, Siria; Jennerjahn, Tim C.; Reimer, Peter Meyer; Saad, Asmadi; Achnopha, Yudhi; Sabiham, Supiandi; Behling, Hermann


    Tropical peatlands are important for the global carbon cycle as they store 18% of the total global peat carbon. As they are vulnerable to changes in temperature and precipitation, a rapidly changing environment endangers peatlands and their carbon storage potential. Understanding the mechanisms of peatland carbon accumulation from studying past developments may, therefore, help to assess the future role of tropical peatlands. Using a multi-proxy palaeoecological approach, a peat core taken from the Sungai Buluh peatland in Central Sumatra has been analyzed for its pollen and spore, macro charcoal and biogeochemical composition. The result suggests that peat and C accumulation rates were driven mainly by sea level change, river water level, climatic variability and anthropogenic activities. It is also suggested that peat C accumulation in Sungai Buluh is correlated to the abundance of Freycinetia, Myrtaceae, Calophyllum, Stemonuraceae, Ficus and Euphorbiaceae. Sungai Buluh has reasonable potential for being a future global tropical peat C sinks. However, considering the impact of rapid global climate change in addition to land-use change following rapid economic growth in Indonesia, such potential may be lost. Taking advantage of available palaeoecological records and advances made in Quaternary studies, some considerations for management practice such as identification of priority taxa and conservation sites are suggested.

  15. A genome wide pattern of population structure and admixture in peninsular Malaysia Malays.

    Hatin, Wan Isa; Nur-Shafawati, Ab Rajab; Etemad, Ali; Jin, Wenfei; Qin, Pengfei; Xu, Shuhua; Jin, Li; Tan, Soon-Guan; Limprasert, Pornprot; Feisal, Merican Amir; Rizman-Idid, Mohammed; Zilfalil, Bin Alwi


    The Malays consist of various sub-ethnic groups which are believed to have different ancestral origins based on their migrations centuries ago. The sub-ethnic groups can be divided based on the region they inhabit; the northern (Melayu Kedah and Melayu Kelantan), western (Melayu Minang) and southern parts (Melayu Bugis and Melayu Jawa) of Peninsular Malaysia. We analyzed 54,794 autosomal single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) which were shared by 472 unrelated individuals from 17 populations to determine the genetic structure and distributions of the ancestral genetic components in five Malay sub-ethnic groups namely Melayu Bugis, Melayu Jawa, Melayu Minang, Melayu Kedah, and Melayu Kelantan. We also have included in the analysis 12 other study populations from Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, Africa and Orang Asli sub-groups in Malay Peninsula, obtained from the Pan Asian SNP Initiative (PASNPI) Consortium and International HapMap project database. We found evidence of genetic influx from Indians to Malays, more in Melayu Kedah and Melayu Kelantan which are genetically different from the other Malay sub-ethnic groups, but similar to Thai Pattani. More than 98% of these northern Malays haplotypes could be found in either Indians or Chinese populations, indicating a highly admixture pattern among populations. Nevertheless, the ancestry lines of Malays, Indonesians and Thais were traced back to have shared a common ancestor with the Proto-Malays and Chinese. These results support genetic admixtures in the Peninsular Malaysia Malay populations and provided valuable information on the enigmatic demographical history as well as shed some insights into the origins of the Malays in the Malay Peninsula.

  16. Sustainable River Water Quality Management in Malaysia

    Abdullah Al-Mamun


    , kualiti air di pedalaman Malaysia (terutama sungai semakin merosot. Kebanyakan sungai tercemar akibat pencemaran di punca sumber air dan pencemaran di bukan punca sumber air. Punca sumber air dipantau dan dikawal oleh Jabatan Alam Sekitar (JAS, tetapi sejumlah besar pencemaran adalah sisa yang tidak dirawat dan air larian ribut. Walau bagaimanapun, ia tidak terlambat untuk mengambil beberapa langkah berani untuk mengawal pencemaran di punca sumber air dan sisa tidak dirawat kerana langkah ini memainkan peranan penting bagi kebersihan sungai. Kertas kerja ini mengkaji prosedur dan garis panduan sedia ada berkaitan perlindungan kualiti air sungai di Malaysia. Ada kemungkinan bahawa had kumbahan dan pelepasan efluen dalam Akta Kualiti Alam Sekitar (EQA boleh menimbulkan halangan terhadap mencapai kualiti air yang baik di dalam sungai seperti yang dikehendaki oleh Piawaian Kualiti Kebangsaan Air (NWQS. Sebagai contoh, Ammoniakal Nitrogen (NH3-N dikenal pasti sebagai salah satu bahan pencemar utama yang menyebabkan banyak sungai tercemar tetapi ia tidak dianggap sebagai parameter pemantauan dalam EQA hingga peraturan baru diterbitkan pada tahun 2009. Yang menghairankan, peraturan baru menetapkan had efluen perindustrian dan kumbahan dibenarkan pada kepekatan NH3-N yang agak tinggi (5 mg / l, dan ini mungkin menyebabkan nilai Indeks Kualiti Air (WQI sungai rendah. Persekitaran air adalah sistem dinamik. Menjalankan semakan berkala mengenai syarat pemantauan, mengesan bahan pencemaran di dalam kumbahan, efluen dan aliran, dan semakan piawaian kualiti air yang wajar adalah perlu bagi pengurusan sumber air lestari di negara ini. KEYWORDS:Environmental Quality Act (EQA; point source (PS; non-point source (NPS; sustainable uses; Water Quality Index (WQI

  17. Dataset of Fourier transform-infrared coupled with chemometric analysis used to distinguish accessions of Garcinia mangostana L. in Peninsular Malaysia

    Sri A’jilah Samsir


    Full Text Available In this dataset, we distinguish 15 accessions of Garcinia mangostana from Peninsular Malaysia using Fourier transform-infrared spectroscopy coupled with chemometric analysis. We found that the position and intensity of characteristic peaks at 3600–3100 cm−1 in IR spectra allowed discrimination of G. mangostana from different locations. Further principal component analysis (PCA of all the accessions suggests the two main clusters were formed: samples from Johor, Melaka, and Negeri Sembilan (South were clustered together in one group while samples from Perak, Kedah, Penang, Selangor, Kelantan, and Terengganu (North and East Coast were in another clustered group.

  18. Dataset of Fourier transform-infrared coupled with chemometric analysis used to distinguish accessions of Garcinia mangostana L. in Peninsular Malaysia.

    Samsir, Sri A'jilah; Bunawan, Hamidun; Yen, Choong Chee; Noor, Normah Mohd


    In this dataset, we distinguish 15 accessions of Garcinia mangostana from Peninsular Malaysia using Fourier transform-infrared spectroscopy coupled with chemometric analysis. We found that the position and intensity of characteristic peaks at 3600-3100 cm(-) (1) in IR spectra allowed discrimination of G. mangostana from different locations. Further principal component analysis (PCA) of all the accessions suggests the two main clusters were formed: samples from Johor, Melaka, and Negeri Sembilan (South) were clustered together in one group while samples from Perak, Kedah, Penang, Selangor, Kelantan, and Terengganu (North and East Coast) were in another clustered group.

  19. Isolation and multiplex genotyping of polymorphic microsatellite DNA markers in the snakehead murrel, Channa striata.

    Jamsari, Amirul Firdaus Jamaluddin; Min-Pau, Tan; Siti-Azizah, Mohd Nor


    Seven polymorphic microsatellite loci were isolated and characterized for the snakehead murrel, Channa striata (Channidae), a valuable tropical freshwater fish species. Among 25 specimens collected from Kedah state in Malaysia, the number of alleles per locus ranged from 2 to 7. Observed and expected heterozygosities ranged from 0.120 to 0.880 and 0.117 to 0.698, respectively. A single locus (CS1-C07) was significantly deviated from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium after Bonferroni correction. These novel markers would be useful for population genetic studies of the C. striata.

  20. Isolation and multiplex genotyping of polymorphic microsatellite DNA markers in the snakehead murrel, Channa striata

    Amirul Firdaus Jamaluddin Jamsari


    Full Text Available Seven polymorphic microsatellite loci were isolated and characterized for the snakehead murrel, Channa striata (Channidae, a valuable tropical freshwater fish species. Among 25 specimens collected from Kedah state in Malaysia, the number of alleles per locus ranged from 2 to 7. Observed and expected heterozygosities ranged from 0.120 to 0.880 and 0.117 to 0.698, respectively. A single locus (CS1-C07 was significantly deviated from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium after Bonferroni correction. These novel markers would be useful for population genetic studies of the C. striata.

  1. Distribution of HLA-A, -B and -DRB1 alleles in the Kensiu and Semai Orang Asli sub-groups in Peninsular Malaysia.

    Tasnim, Abd Razak; Allia, Shahril; Edinur, Hisham Atan; Panneerchelvam, Sundararajulu; Zafarina, Zainuddin; Norazmi, Mohd Nor


    The earliest settlers in Peninsular Malaysia are the Orang Asli population, namely Semang, Senoi and Proto Malays. In the present study, we typed the HLA-A, -B and -DRB1 loci of the Kensiu and Semai Orang Asli sub-groups. Sequence-based HLA typing was performed on 59 individuals from two Orang Asli sub-groups. A total of 11, 18 and 14 HLA-A, -B and -DRB1 alleles were identified, respectively. These data are available in the Allele Frequencies Net Database under the population name "Malaysia Kedah Kensiu" and "Malaysia Pahang Semai".

  2. Reproductive biology and seasonality of the Indo-Australasian mysid Mesopodopsis orientalis (Crustacea: Mysida) in a tropical mangrove estuary, Malaysia

    Hanamura, Yukio; Siow, Ryon; Chee, Phaik-Ean


    A year-round survey of the tropical shallow-water mysid Mesopodopsis orientalis (Tattersall, 1908) (Crustacea, Mysidacea) was conducted in the Merbok mangrove estuary, northwestern Peninsular Malaysia. The mysid formed dense aggregations at the river's edge close to the mangrove forest during the daytime, but very few were captured elsewhere in the estuary system. The sampled population was found in a wide range of salinities from 16 to 32, demonstrating broad euryhalinity, and the number of the catch at the littoral zone ranged from 11.8 to 2273 ind m -2. The overall annual mean was 709.2 ind m -2. Females predominated over males in the entire population, and brooding females were present at every monthly sample, indicating that reproduction is continuous year round. The clutch size positively correlated with female body length. The diameter of eggs (Stage I embryos) was unaffected by the seasonality and independent of the maternal size within an observed size range. The life history pattern of the estuarine population of M. orientalis showed close similarity to that of the coastal counterpart. However, the former was found to produce fewer but larger eggs, and the specimens in this population were larger than those in the coastal population at the embryo, juvenile, and adult stages. This evidence indicates that the life history features of the estuarine population would differ to some degree from those of the coastal counterpart.


    Nor Sabila Ramli


    Full Text Available Television is one of the top mass media to broadcast the information. It is heartening to know that mass media is playing its role in developing and strengthening the agriculture sector in Malaysia. Results from many international studies found that farmer received a high level of satisfaction from agriculture programs aired on television. However, can the similar results found among farmers in Malaysia? Therefore, this study intends to discover the Malaysian farmers satisfaction towards agricultural information aired on television. This is a quantitative study. The data collection was conducted through survey method and the respondents selected were from the states of western Malaysia Kedah and Selangor. Interestingly, both states; Kedah and Selangor recorded a similar level of satisfaction towards agriculture programs. Further analyses run have concluded that farmers in both states have a higher level of satisfaction towards information related to crops/livestock/farming and good agriculture practices. The findings of the study can be good sources and references for the agriculture programs producers to measure on the level of satisfaction of the agriculture programs aired by television among the farmers. Moreover, the findings demonstrated can help our agricultural programs producer to improve their contents in order to fulfill needs of their audience.

  4. Radiobiological long-term accumulation of environmental alpha radioactivity in extracted human teeth and animal bones in Malaysia.

    Almayahi, B A; Tajuddin, A A; Jaafar, M S


    In this study, the radiobiological analysis of natural alpha emitters in extracted human teeth and animal bones from Malaysia was estimated. The microdistributions of alpha particles in tooth and bone samples were measured using CR-39 alpha-particle track detectors. The lowest and highest alpha emission rates in teeth in the Kedah and Perak states were 0.0080 ± 0.0005 mBq cm(-2) and 0.061 ± 0.008 mBq cm(-2), whereas those of bones in the Perlis and Kedah states were 0.0140 ± 0.0001 mBq cm(-2) and 0.7700 ± 0.0282 mBq cm(-2), respectively. The average alpha emission rate in male teeth was 0.0209 ± 0.0008 mBq cm(-2), whereas that of female teeth was 0.0199 ± 0.0010 mBq cm(-2). The alpha emission rate in teeth is higher in smokers (0.0228 ± 0.0008 mBq cm(-2)) than in non-smokers (0.0179 ± 0.0008 mBq cm(-2)). Such difference was found statistically significant (p < 0.01).

  5. MULTIOBJECTIVES ANALYSIS OF WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN TAPIOCA STARCH INDUSTRY: CASE STUDY - CIAMIS DISTRICT, WEST JAVA (Analisis Multiobyektif sistem Pengelolaan Air Limbah Industri Tapioka: Studi Kasus Kabupaten Ciamis, Jawa Barat

    Mochammad Chaerul


    samping, pupuk dan makanan ternak, namun limbah cair belum diolah dengan baik dan masih dibuang langsung ke badan air yang berpotensi menimbulkan pencemaran air sungai. Penelitian ini mengkaji sistem pengolahan air limbah yang dapat diterapkan di industri tapioka berdasarkan atas lima skenario yang diusulkan melalui pendekatan fuzzy goal programming dengan sasaran untuk memenuhi baku mutu DO (dissolved oxygen dan BOD (biochemical oxygen demand air sungai, baku mutu limbah yang telah ditetapkan dan minimalisasi biaya pengolahan. Tiga sistem pengolahan air limbah terdiri atas pengolahan air limbah tingkat I, tingkat II dan pengolahan kolektif yang dipakai bersama dalam satu segmen sungai dengan efisiensi penyisihan BOD 20% untuk pengolahan tingkat I, 60% untuk tingkat II dan 85% untuk pengolahan kolektif. Dari hasil penelitian, skenario kelima yang merupakan rangkaian dari pengolahan primer, sekunder dan kolektif memberikan hasil yang paling baik dengan perbaikan kualitas perairan untuk segmen Sungai Cijolang tengah dengan DO 7,35 mg/L dan BOD 3,68 mg/L; untuk segmen Sungai Citanduy tengah dengan DO 6,24 mg/L dan BOD 2,37 mg/L; dan untuk segmen Sungai Citanduy Hilir dengan DO 6,11 mg/L dan BOD 5,52 mg/L. Pemenuhan batas beban pencemar BOD diperoleh dengan pencapaian konsentrasi BOD sebesar 6,32 – 27,89 mg/L dari setiap industri. Dan biaya minimal yang dikeluarkan adalah sebesar Rp 62.689 per hari. Pendekatan fuzzy goal programming dapat memberikan suatu solusi dalam pencapaian sasaran dan merupakan sebuah informasi yang bermanfaat bagi pengambil keputusan untuk meningkatkan kualitas lingkungan khususnya di Kabupaten Ciamis.

  6. Current observation on Aedes mosquitoes: A survey on implication of dengue infection, human lifestyle and preventive measure among Malaysia resident in urban and sub-urban areas

    Aminodin Sumayyah


    Full Text Available Objective: To evaluate the current knowledge level and information on Aedes mosquitoes and dengue among Penang resident in urban (Sungai Dua and sub- urban areas (Batu Maung. Methods: The questionnaire comprises of twenty-three questions, surveyed on 202 respondents regarding socio-demographic, the observation of general Aedes’ mosquito behaviour, dengue infection threat, preventive measures against mosquitoes and lifestyle (on usage of artificial light in changing the behaviour of Aedes mosquitoes. Results: The respondents in sub-urban Batu Maung showed less knowledge level regarding Aedes mosquitoes as compared to respondents in urban Sungai Dua. There was a positive association between biting frequency of mosquitoes with the lifestyle of respondents (in relation to the light use, the use of personal protection and fogging operations conducted by the Ministry of Health. There is a positive relationship between the knowledge of preferred mosquitoes resting place and the respondent aged between 17 to 24 (78.2% in sub-urban Batu Maung. Urban Sungai Dua respondents showed a significant relation between the use of lights and the resting places for Aedes mosquitoes. The preventive measures chosen by both sub-distinct areas against mosquitobites were significantly affected by the biting time and the mosquitoes biting frequency (P < 0.05. Conclusions: In this study, we concluded that there is a direct link between the knowledge of the Aedes biting frequency with dengue infection, human lifestyle on the light use and preventive measures against mosquitoes. However, the level of knowledge is poor on the subject of Aedes mosquitoes and dengue for both urban and sub-urban respondents.

  7. Service Quality Dimensions in Public Library: Nothern Area Experienced

    Zaherawati Zakaria


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Service quality has emerged as a key strategic issue in management. The service quality assessment tool SERVQUAL was introduced the dimensions of tangibles, reliability, responsiveness and assurance and empathy dimensions of service quality. Approach: The objective of this study is to investigate which service quality dimensions that mostly influenced the service quality in public library in Sungai Petani. The study was conducted among library users and the information was gathered via questionnaires which consisted of structured questions. In this study, simple random sampling was used where only 132 respondents were selected. The discussion methods are using the Descriptive Statistic and Multiple Regressions used to analyze the result of this study. Results: The findings indicated that all three hypotheses which are tangible dimension, reliability dimension and responsiveness dimension was accepted by the researchers. Based on the finding, the reliability dimension is a significant with service quality in public library Sungai Petani which is mostly influenced user’s in using the services. However the researchers recommend that the management of public library Sungai Petani needs to focus on several services that needs further improvement such as the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC and welcoming atmosphere is important part of providing excellent services towards modern library service. Conclusion: In future research, the library’s management should take an effort to create the pleasant surroundings to encourage the widest possible segment of the population to use the library and to regard it as an essential part of community life and more ‘user friendly’ with the customers.


    Djoko Kartono, PhD


    Full Text Available Based on the National Mapping Survey on Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD 1996/1998, Sub-District of Sungai Selan at District of Bangka Tengah, Province of Kep.Bangka Belitung was in category of severe endemic goitre. The objective of this study is to know risk factors that influence on the development of thyroid gland in Sub-district of Sungai Selan. Location of study was student of grade 3, 4 and 5 of 3 Primary School in Sub-district of Sungai Selan (severe endemic dan another 3 Primary School in Sub-district of Pangkalan Baru (non-endemic. These 6 Primary Schools were the location surveyed in 199611998. Data collection included urinary iodine concentration (UIC, iodine rich food consumption, thiocyanate rich food consumption, iodine content in salt consumed by household and iodine content in drinking water. Score of iodine rich food and score of thiocyanate rich food consumptions higher in non-endemic than in endemic area. Median value of UIC in endemic area was higher in endemic ar.ea although the median in both areas was in category of excess iodine i.e. 310 µg/L in non-endemic and 488 µg/L in endemic area respectively. All subject, in endemic and non-endemic areas, consumed iodised salt. Iodine content in salt was 35.5 part per million (ppm in non-endemic and 29,8 ppm in endemic area. The conclusion was that consumption of iodine and thiocyanate rich food and iodine content in salt and in drinking water were not the risk factors of IDD in that area.   Key words: risk factor, goiter, salt, drinking water, urinary iodine


    Yuan Karisma Sang Ariyora


    Full Text Available Banjir merupakan salah satu fenomena alam yang sering terjadi di berbagai wilayah. Banjir dalam dua pengertian, yaitu : 1 meluapnya air sungai yang disebabkan oleh debit sungai yang melebihi daya tampung sungai pada keadaan curah hujan tinggi, 2 genangan pada daerah dataran rendah yang datar yang biasanya tidak tergenang. Banjir merupakan salah satu bencana yang sering terjadi di Indonesia, khususnya kota-kota besar seperti Jakarta.Daerah bahaya banjir dapat diidentifikasi secara cepat dengan menggunakan memanfaatkan data Penginderaan Jauh yaitu tumpang susun/overlay terhadap parameter-parameter banjir, seperti : curah hujan, bentuk penggunaan lahan (landuse, tekstur tanah, dan kemiringan lereng. Serta perpaduan visualisasi persebaran banjir dengan SIG (Sistem Informasi Geografi. Pembagian kelas dari setiap parameter yang digunakan secara umum disesuaikan dengan kelas parameter yang dimiliki oleh daerah yang diamati.Nilai bobot dan skor juga menyesuaikan dengan daerah penelitian yang diamati. Dalam penelitian ini, nilai bobot dan skor yang digunakan merupakan modifikasi dari nilai bobot dan skor. Dari hasil bobot dan skoring lalu menghitung Nilai potensi suatu daerah terhadap genangan ditentukan dari total penjumlahan skor masing-masing parameter genangan. Daerah yang sangat berpotensi terhadap genangan akan memiliki skor total dengan jumlah paling besar dan sebaliknya daerah yang tidak berpotensi terhadap genangan akan mempunyai total skor yang rendah. Tabel berikut menunjukkan tingkat potensi genangan berdasarkan nilai penjumlahan skor masing-masing parameter genangan.Hasil yang didapatkan penetapan kawasan bahaya banjir, ternyata daerah bahaya banjir yang dibuat Pemerintah Provinsi DKI 100% semuanya masuk dalam daerah sangat bahaya banjir berdasarkan hasil penelitian.Hal ini terjadi karena memang setiap musim penghujan daerah-daerah bahaya tersebut selalu mengalami banjir atau langganan banjir.


    Bintang Jiwa Jiwa


    Full Text Available Berbagai upaya telah dilakukan Pemerintah untuk dapat mengurangi kemacetan jalur Pantura. Mulai dari pemberian jalur alternatif, pelebaran jalan, hingga pembuatan jalan tol baru. Segala upaya tersebut tidak sebanding dengan jumlah kendaraan yang terus meningkat melewati jalur Pantura, khususnya kendaraan-kendaraan barang seperti truk dan kontainer. Hal ini tidak terlepas dari geliat perekonomian yang terus tumbuh. Kawasan industri otomotif di sekitar Cikarang dan Bekasi salah satu contohnya. Jumlah produksi mobil domestik dan permintaan yang terus meningkat ini membutuhkan sarana yang baik dan cepat dalam mendistribusikan mobil baru ke berbagai daerah. Dalam beberapa tahun ini, Jawa Timur merupakan provinsi dengan tingkat permintaan mobil yang cukup tinggi di Indonesia. Oleh karena itu, salah satu solusi yang ditawarkan untuk dapat mengurangi kemacetan di jalur darat adalah berupa pengalihan transportasi darat ke sungai atau laut. Berdasarkan solusi tersebut, maka dibutuhkan alat transportasi pengangkut barang, dalam hal ini mobil, yang dapat melewati sungai dan laut. Self-propelled car barge diharapkan mampu menjadi inovasi yang cukup baik dalam mendistribusikan barang melalui rute Sungai Cikarang Bekasi Laut (CBL menuju ke Pelabuhan Tanjung Perak. Untuk mendapatkan ukuran utama yang optimum digunakan metode optimation design approach dengan bantuan fitur solver pada program Microsoft Excel dengan menjadikan biaya pembangunan paling minimum sebagai fungsi objektif, serta adanya batasan-batasan dari persyaratan teknis dan regulasi yang ada. Dari proses optimisasi, didapatkan ukuran utama optimum Self-Propelled Car Barge adalah L=53.10 m, B=15.17 m, TFW=3.09 m, TSW=3.02 m, dan H=4.66 m, dengan estimasi biaya pembangunan sebesar $1.435.270,56 atau setara Rp.19.281.424.757,10.


    Adistina Fitriani


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT. The study aims to learn: (1 study the system and process of formation of agroforestri, (2 study management system which includes the Division of labor, working time and work as well as the institusional system, and (3 figure out the composition and structure of plants with agroforestry system. The object of the research is the agroforestry system has been developed by the community in the Sungai Langsat village, Banjar Regency in which consists of a type and composition that forms a system. The results showed that the system agroforestry in the Sungai Langsat village consists of one system of agroforestry, agrisilvikultur system, with two sub system, i.e. the sub system agroforestri rubber garden and Orchard blend. The history of the development of the process of formation of agroforestry system in location research in the beginning was the natural forest or scrub. Then opened by the community for the annual crop of shifting cultivation. As time goes by, in addition to the annual planting crops, also grow fruits and plants producing wooden resin (rubber. In its development the plant fruits into orchards mixture that consists of a variety of fruit trees are scattered at random and irregular, while rubber plantations were planted in irregular and tend to even aged. Keywords: Performance, Traditional, Agroforestry System ABSTRAK.  Penelitan ini bertujuan untuk mempelajari : (1 mempelajari sistem dan proses terbentuknya agroforestri, (2 Mendiskripsikan sistem pengelolaan yang meliputi pembagian kerja, waktu kerja dan sistem kerja serta kelembagaannya, dan (3 mengetahui komposisi dan struktur tanaman dengan sistem agroforestri. Obyek penelitian ini adalah sistem agroforestry yang telah dikembangkan oleh masyarakat di desa Sungai Langsat Kabupaten Banjar yang di dalamnya terdiri atas jenis dan komposisinya yang membentuk suatu sistem. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa sistem agroforestri yang terdapat di desa Sungai Langsat terdiri dari

  12. Analisis Daya Tampung Beban Pencemaran Kali PelayaranKabupaten Sidoarjo Dengan Metode Qual2kw

    Panthera Grandis Raga Irsanda


    Full Text Available Pencemaran Kali Pelayaran berasal dari limbah domestik, limbah industri dan persawahan di sekitar bantaran sungai. Penelitian ini adalah untuk mengaplikasikan dan mengevaluasi dengan metode Qual2kw dengan menggunakan 4 simulasi skenario kualitas air, serta menghitung daya tampung beban pencemaran Kali Pelayaran. Sedangkan parameter yang di uji meliputi DO, BOD, COD, TSS, Fosfat (PO4 3-, Nitrat (NO3 dan Amonium (NH4. Wilayah studi dimulai dari hulu hingga depan IPA Taman Tirta sepanjang 21 km.Berdasarkan perhitungan daya tampung beban pencemaran maka didapatkan daya tampung maksimumdan daya tampung minimumpada tiap segmen.Hasil dari aplikasi dan evaluasi dengan Qual2kw pada Kali Pelayaran dalam kondisi telah tercemar.

  13. Removal of Oil and Grease as Emerging Pollutants of Concern (EPC in Wastewater Stream

    Alade Abass O


    Full Text Available Wastewater characteristics, which depend on wastewater source, are increasingly becoming more toxic in recent times. The concentrations of oil and grease in wastewater streams have been observed to increase in wastewater stream with increasing adverse effects on the ecology. This results from the increasing use of oil and grease in high-demanded oil-processed foods, establishment and expansion of oil mills and refineries worldwide, as well as indiscriminate discharge of oil and grease into the water drains, domestically and industrially. This study reports the applications, efficiencies and challenges of the wastewater treatment techniques currently employed in the removal of oil and grease from the industrial wastewater and municipal water stream. The results shows that the concentrations of oil and grease injected into the ecosystem are of higher environmental impact and this needs to be given the desired attention. The desired development for effective removal of oil and grease as emerging pollutants of concern (EPC in wastewater stream are thus proposed. ABSTRAK: Ciri-ciri air sisa, bergantung kepada punca air sisa tersebut, menjadi semakin toksik akhir-akhir ini. Kepekatan minyak dan gris dalam air sisa anak sungai dilihat makin bertambah dalam air sisa anak sungai dengan bertambahnya kesan negatif ke atas ekologi. Ini disebabkan oleh peningkatan penggunaan minyak dan gris dalam makanan berproses yang tinggi permintaannya, penubuhan dan perkembangan kilang pertroleum dan loji penapisan di seluruh dunia. Minyak dan gris juga dibuang sewenang-wenangnya ke dalam parit air, dari kalangan domestik dan industry. Kajian ini membentangkan tentang aplikasi, keberkesanan dan teknik cabaran rawatan air buangan yang kini digunakan dalam pembuangan minyak dan gris dari air sisa industry dan air sungai perbandaran. Keputusan menunjukkan kepekatan minyak dan gris yang wujud dibuang ke dalam ekosistem mempunyai impak yang lebih tinggi terhadap persekitaran

  14. The Increase of Arthropods Biodiversity in Paddy Field Ecosystem Managed by Using Integrated Pest Management at South Borneo



    Full Text Available We have studied the arthropods biodiversity in two paddy field ecosystems, namely, paddy field ecosystem using Integrated Pest Management (IPM system and non-IPM paddy field ecosystem. This study was conducted from April 2011 – November 2011 in three locations, that is, Pasar Kamis village and Sungai Rangas village in Banjar regency, and Guntung Payung village in Banjarbaru city, South Borneo Province. In this study, we used insect nets, yellow sticky traps, light trap and pitfall trap to get the sample or catch the arthropods in one period of planting season. The arthropods caught were then classified into some classes: pest (herbivore, natural enemy (parasitoid and predator, and other arthropods. After that, the Species Diversity Index was determined using its Shannon-Wiener Index (H’, Evenness (e, Species Richness (R, and Species Similarity Index (IS. The sum of arthropods which have the characteristic of pest and parasitoid were higher in the IPM paddy fields than in the non-IPM paddy fields, and the sum of other arthropods were the same. The highest H’ and e values were in the IPM paddy field in Pasar Kamis village. The IS value for each three locations were 77.5% in Pasar Kamis village, 93.42% in Guntung Payung village, and 78.76% in Sungai Rangas village.

  15. Assessment of Bekok River Water Quality Status and Its Suitability for Supporting the Different Uses: A Review

    Lee Mao Rui


    Full Text Available The river's water flow from the upstream area that is represent by the Bekok dam. The water flows into the sea through the Sungai Simpang Kanan and Sungai Batu Pahat. Bekok' river flows through various types of land use including agricultural with oil palm estate and rubber estate. From the review visit carried out on the river pollution found there from the sources such as fertilizer into the ground and dumped it into the Bekok' river, waste water draining from users around the city Yong Peng waste flowing into Bekok' rivers. the existence of livestock chicken, cattle and goats in commercial, waste disposal centred in Yong Peng area (500 meters from the Bekok' river and factory built near the Bekok' river. The impact of this situation is affecting the human's health. The aggravated problems of water quality in Bekok' river has inspired this research to determine the safe level pollution of heavy metals. The formulation of the water quality standards are commonly considered either the water utilization purposes or the water quality degradation. The water quality evaluation system (WQES is used to evaluate the available water condition that distinguishes into two categories i.e., the water quality index (WQI and water quality aptitude (WQA. This analysis is provides for the local authorities in managing the river water quality and to warm water users that the water pollution will influence human's drinking water and it will involved younger generation.

  16. Enhancing a Distributed Rainfall Intensity for Flood Analysis within a GIS Framework in an Urban Area (Kajang Flood)

    Salleh, S. H. M.; Sidek, L. M.


    The town of Kajang has experienced major flood events in previous decades since 1970s. Due to Eastern and Western Monsoon seasons in Malaysia, Kajang has potential to face with number of flood events. One of the critical elements in flood analysis is rainfall distribution. Therefore, flood studies need to have an optimum cognition of rainfall distribution as main input. In this study, HEC GeoHMS model was used in GIS (Geographic Information System) for Sungai Jeluh catchment (Kajang) due to estimation (visualization) of distributed rainfall in Kajang. In comparison with conventional methods, which they produced rainfall in lumped mode (e.g. Thiessen’s polygon), HEC GeoHMS visualized and tabulate a full distribution of rainfall for each small part (pixel of map) in a case study. HEC GeoHMS model for Sungai Jeluh has been set up by feeding high resolution of spatial and temporal resolution data (precipitation). Result of this study shows that rainfall by high intensity is distributed near urban area (downtown) in comparison with upstream which involved with less rainfall intensity.

  17. Persepsi Masyarakat Kampung Cieunteung, Kabupaten Bandung tentang Rencana Relokasi Akibat Bencana Banjir

    Fanni Harliani


    Full Text Available Abstrak: Salah satu upaya yang dilakukan pemerintah untuk memperkecil dampak banjir di Daerah Aliran Sungai (DAS Citarum khususnya di Kabupaten Bandung adalah dengan rencana memindahkan penduduk ke tempat lain. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengidentifikasi faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi persepsi masyarakat terhadap rencana relokasi permukiman di Kampung Cieunteung. Metodologi penelitian dilakukan dengan cara menyebarkan kuesioner dan dengan mewawancarai berbagai stakeholder terkait seperti tokoh masyarakat dan beberapa instansi pemerintahan. Berdasarkan hasil analisis dapat disimpulkan bahwa sebagian besar masyarakat di Kampung Cieunteung, Kabupaten Bandung menolak adanya rencana relokasi sebagai upaya menanggulangi bencana banjir. Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi penolakan masyarakat ini meliputi proses penyebaran informasi, komunikasi antar stakeholder, serta keterlibatan masyarakat dalam proses perencanaan, tingkat pendidikan, hubungan sosial masyarakat yang terjalin, serta cara menyampaikan aspirasi kepada pemerintah.Kata kunci: Pengelolaan risiko banjir, relokasi, Daerah Aliran Sungai (DAS, persepsi masyarakatAbstract: One of the efforts made by government to minimize the impact of flooding in the Citarum River Basin, particularly Bandung District, is through relocation. This study aims to identify factors influencing inhabitants’ perceptions on the relocation plan in Cieunteung. The research methods inlcude distributing questionnaire and conducting interviews with related stakeholders. The analysis shows that most of the people in Cieunteung rejected the relocation plan. Factors influencing this community rejection consist of information dissemination process, inter-stakeholders communication, community involvement in the planning process, level of education, social relations, and aspiration chanelling to the government.Keywords: Flood risk management, relocation, river basin, community perception

  18. Ecological interaction between insect pests, climatic factors and plant traits on abundance of beneficial insects in paddy field

    Norazliza, R.


    Full Text Available The presences of beneficial insects in the paddy field are very important for the ecological systems of paddy field as those insects could help managing the population of the pests. Hence, it will reduce the dependence on pesticides usage to combat the population of insect pests. This study was aimed to study on ecological interaction between environmental factors such as insect pests, plant height, rainfall, temperature and humidity with abundance of beneficial insects in paddy field of Sungai Burong, Tanjung Karang, Selangor for two seasons of paddy planting. Low number of insects composition were recorded in paddy field at Sungai Burong during the vegetative phase and highest during the reproductive and maturity phases for two seasons of paddy planting. The trend of mean composition of insects were gradually increasing from vegetative to maturity phases while, the ecological interaction between insect pests, climatic factors and plant traits were acceptable as good predictor for all beneficial insects collected in this study namely Zygoptera, Gerridae, Coccinellidae and Staphylinidae except for Anisoptera. Therefore, consideration on several stated factors by maintaining or conserving ecology and controlling practices in good manner in paddy field has high potential and more reliable to control insect pests effectively using beneficial insects.

  19. Mosquito Biology and Mosquito-Borne Disease Awareness Among Island Communities In Malaysia.

    Shafie, Aziz; Roslan, Muhammad Aidil; Ngui, Romano; Lim, Yvonne Ai Lian; Sulaiman, Wan Yusoff Wan


    Mosquito-borne diseases have been increasing at an alarming rate over the past decades. In Malaysia, one finds several important mosquito-borne diseases such as Japanese encephalitis, dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. Mosquito surveillance and control programs are the most effective way of detecting and controlling mosquito-borne diseases, but these programs are less effective without an aware and well-informed general public. In 2014 we used a questionnaire to evaluate the extent of awareness of basic mosquito biology and mosquito-borne diseases in 6 villages, Kampung Masjid, Kampung Teluk Gedung, Kampung Teluk Dalam, Kampung Ujung Kelawai, Kampung Sungai Pinang Besar, and Kampung Sungai Pinang Kechil on Pangkor Island, Malaysia. A total of 1,012 individuals responded to the questionnaire, consisting of 790 Malay (78.1%), 164 Chinese (16.2%), and 58 Indian (5.7%). More than 60% (Malay = 73.7%, Chinese = 64.0%, Indian = 79.3%) of the respondents were familiar with basic mosquito biology and practiced personal protection against mosquito bites, and the association was statistically significant (P = 0.02). However, the majority of the respondents had limited knowledge on mosquito-borne diseases, and this varied significantly among the 3 ethnic groups (P = 0.0001). Our recommendations are to improve and intensify public health education outreach programs to the island residents and to encourage community participation in vector control programs.

  20. Financial assessment of oil palm cultivation on peatland in Selangor, Malaysia

    M.N. Noormahayu


    Full Text Available Oil palm plantations on peat soils are generally believed to have greater environmental impacts than those on other soil types. Nonetheless, Malaysia operates substantial incentives to maximise palm oil production, which in practice encourage the establishment of plantations on peatland. This paper explores the social and economic basis of oil palm cultivation on one peatland estate at Sungai Panjang in the state of Selangor, peninsular Malaysia. Data were obtained by conducting a questionnaire survey of 200 farmers who cultivate oil palm on peat soil. Some of the data were cross-tabulated against farmers’ ages in order to identify any age-related trends in education level, the area of land farmed, annual income and knowledge about oil palm cultivation. The Cobb-Douglas production function was used to model the financial output from oil palm in terms of the costs of chemical inputs and labour. The results indicated that cultivation of this crop gives decreasing returns to scale on peatland in Sungai Panjang, and that chemical inputs are more important than labour cost in determining the level of financial output. Finally, the financial viability of oil palm cultivation for farmers was assessed by calculating three financial indicators (NPV, BCR and IRR. This can be a profitable investment so long as growth conditions, costs, selling price and interest rate do not fluctuate substantially. Greater annual returns can be achieved over 20–25 years than over shorter periods, especially of less than 10 years.

  1. Shallow Landslide Susceptibilty Mapping using SINMAP for Selected Areas in the Philippines

    Rabonza, M. L.; Alejandrino, I. A.; Suarez, J.; Aquino, D. T.; Eco, R. C.; Lagmay, A.


    Among the deadliest calamities that plagued the Philippines were the landslide and flooding caused by consecutive tropical storms Mufia, Merbok, Winnie, and Nanmadol in Infanta, Quezon (2004), Typhoon Reming in Guinsaugon, Leyte (2006) and Typhoon Pepeng in Pangasinan (2009). In Quezon alone, the number of death and missing exceeded 1600, and the cost of damage was estimated at US$78.2M. Situated in the humid tropics, the Philippines will inevitably be a locus of climate-related disasters similar to those experienced recently. To aid the local government units in delineating areas located on hazardous zones in the country, the spatial distribution of rainfall-induced shallow landslide susceptibilities was modeled for the provinces of Quezon (906,960 ha), Leyte (651,505 ha), and Pangasinan (545,101 ha). The Stability INdex Mapping (SINMAP) model was applied based on the infinite slope stability model and a steady-state hydrology module. Using the hydrologic, soil and topographic parameters for each pixel on a 6-meter synthetic aperture radar-derived DEM (digital elevation model grid) or on a 1-meter LiDAR-derived DEM, Stability Index Maps were generated for the study areas. Soil properties were based on data available from Bureau of Soils and Water Management as of July 2013. These data were augmented by field data and constrained by values from direct shear strength testing, soil gradation, and hydraulic conductivity tests of soil. The model validation performed using the previously identified landslide inventory was found out to be about 90% accurate. The SINMAP model accuracy can be further improved by additional locations for field tests to better map out the spatial variation of soil properties.

  2. Debris Flow Simulation using FLO-2D on the 2004 Landslide Area of Real, General Nakar, and Infanta, Philippines

    Llanes, F.; dela Resma, M.; Ferrer, P.; Realino, V.; Aquino, D. T.; Eco, R. C.; Lagmay, A.


    From November 14 to December 3, 2004, Luzon Island was ravaged by 4 successive typhoons: Typhoon Mufia, Tropical Storm Merbok, Tropical Depression Winnie, and Super Typhoon Nanmadol. Tropical Depression Winnie was the most destructive of the four when it triggered landslides on November 29 that devastated the municipalities of Infanta, General Nakar, and Real in Quezon Province, southeast Luzon. Winnie formed east of Central Luzon on November 27 before it moved west-northwestward over southeastern Luzon on November 29. A total of 1,068 lives were lost and more than USD 170 million worth of damages to crops and infrastructure were incurred from the landslides triggered by Typhoon Winnie on November 29 and the flooding caused by the 4 typhoons. FLO-2D, a flood routing software for generating flood and debris flow hazard maps, was utilized to simulate the debris flows that could potentially affect the study area. Based from the rainfall intensity-duration-frequency analysis, the cumulative rainfall from typhoon Winnie on November 29 which was approximately 342 mm over a 9-hour period was classified within a 100-year return period. The Infanta station of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) was no longer able to measure the amount of rainfall after this period because the rain gauge in that station was washed away by floods. Rainfall data with a 100-year return period was simulated over the watersheds delineated from a SAR-derived digital elevation model. The resulting debris flow hazard map was compared with results from field investigation and previous studies made on the landslide event. The simulation identified 22 barangays (villages) with a total of 45,155 people at risk of turbulent flow and flooding.

  3. Text-Selection for Teaching Reading to ESL Tertiary Students: A Study on Genre and Content Preferences

    Razanawati Nordin


    Full Text Available Most learners studying English language feel that their educators use irrelevant, uninteresting, and culturally unfamiliar reading materials for teaching reading. As a result, most of them struggle to comprehend the English language texts used by the teachers. Therefore, the aim of this research is to investigate the genre and content preferences of ESL tertiary learners in UiTM Kedah, Malaysia. A two-part questionnaire was administered to 132 respondents aged 20 to 23 years old who are presently furthering their undergraduate studies in Accountancy, Administrative Science and Policy Studies, Business Management, Industrial Design, and Information Management. The results of the study show that these ESL tertiary learners prefer texts from the websites and blogs; and their preferred reading contents are dealing with Business Management, watching movies and listening to music. This article offers guidance to ESL teachers to select L2 reading texts based on the students’ preferred genre and content.

  4. Comparison of total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of Kappaphycus alvarezii from Langkawi and Semporna

    Mohamed, Norhidayu; Abdullah, Aminah


    The total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of Kappaphycus alvarezii obtained from Langkawi, Kedah and Semporna, Sabah were evaluated. The total phenolic content (TPC) of the extracts were determined according to the Folin Ciocalteau method and results were expressed as gallic acid equivalents. The antioxidant activities of the extracts were determined by three methods namely Free Radical Scavenging Activity (DPPH), Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power (FRAP) and Trolox Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity (TEAC). Both of the TPC and FRAP assays showed that seaweed from Semporna, Sabah significantly (p0.05) between the samples. Pearson coefficient correlation test, showed that there was a positive correlation (p<0.01) between TPC and antioxidant activity (FRAP assay) (r=0.980) and thus it can be concluded that the phenolic compounds was a contributor of the antioxidant activity in Kappaphycus alvarezii.


    Muhammad Masroor ALAM


    Full Text Available Most research on market orientation, and performance was related to big firms. In this study, based on the theoretical framework, a model was developed to investigate the effect of market orientation on business performance in small firms. To test the relationships among the variables, data from 53 small firms in the small town of Chunglun at Sintok, Kedah was used. The findings show that the three components of market orientation are related positive to business performance of small firms. The further analysis also confirmed that customer orientation and competitor orientation are strong predictors of small firm performance. The findings of this study confirm that market orientation behavior also applies to small firms.

  6. Initial results of the spatial distribution of rubber trees in Peninsular Malaysia using remotely sensed data for biomass estimate

    Shidiq, I. P. A.; Ismail, M. H.; Kamarudin, N.


    The preservation and sustainable management of forest and other land cover ecosystems such as rubber trees will help addressing two major recent issues: climate change and bio-resource energy. The rubber trees are dominantly distributed in the Negeri Sembilan and Kedah on the west coast side of Peninsular Malaysia. This study is aimed to analyse the spatial distribution and biomass of rubber trees in Peninsular Malaysia with special emphasis in Negeri Sembilan State. Geospatial data from remote sensors are used to tackle the time and labour consuming problem due to the large spatial coverage and the need of continuous temporal data. Remote sensing imagery used in this study is a Landsat 5 TM. The image from optical sensor was used to sense the rubber trees and further classified rubber tree by different age.

  7. Investigation into Common Decay of Educational Buildings in Malaysia

    Tan S.W.


    Full Text Available All types of buildings will undergo decay and deterioration over a period of time. In the past few years, there have been numerous official reports in the mass media relating to building decay and failures throughout the country. Building decay and failures are becoming ordinary phenomena in the construction industry. This study is firstly intended to identify and differentiate the common building decay and failures faced by Malaysian educational buildings. Seven educational buildings in Kedah were selected as case studies. Inspections were conducted and the decay of the respective buildings was recorded. The persons in charge of the educational buildings were also interviewed and the results were used for this study as well.

  8. Diplectanids (Monogenea) on the archerfish Toxotes jaculatrix (Pallas) (Toxotidae) off Peninsular Malaysia.

    Lim, L H S


    Two new and two previously described species of diplectanid monogeneans (Heteroplectanum flabelliforme n. sp., Diplectanum sumpit n. sp., D. jaculator Mizelle & Kritsky, 1969 and D. toxotes Mizelle & Kritsky, 1969) were collected from archerfish Toxotes jaculatrix off the Island of Langkawi, Kedah and off Perak, Malaysia. The reproductive systems and squamodiscs of D. jaculator and D. toxotes are described for the first time. D. sumpit n. sp. differs from D. toxotes and D. jaculator in a having a small curved copulatory tube with a distinct accessory piece, compared to the long, tubular copulatory tube of D. jaculator and the slender tube of D. toxotes. D. sumpit n. sp. also differs from D. toxotes in having a larger ventral bar and larger squamodiscs. H. flabelliforme n. sp. differs from all known Heteroplectanum species in the shape and size of the squamodiscs, the arrangement of the sclerites in the squamodiscs, the extremely large ventral bar and the short, curved, non-spinous copulatory tube.

  9. The mediating effect of brand satisfaction on the relationship between brand personality and brand loyalty: Evidence from Malaysia

    Hashed Ahmad Mabkhot


    Full Text Available This study empirically investigates the mediating effect of brand satisfaction on the relationship between brand personality and brand loyalty among Malaysian customers toward local automobile brands (Proton and Perodua. Four hypotheses were developed to test hypothesizing relationships between brand personality and brand satisfaction on brand loyalty. The data were collected from consumers of automobile brands in north Malaysia peninsula from three states which were Kedah, Penanag, and Perlis. This study applies partial least squares to a sample of 458 customers to test hypothesized relationships. The findings indicate that brand personality and brand satisfaction appear to have a positive and significant relationship with brand loyalty. Moreover, brand satisfaction was found to be a mediator in the relationship between brand personality and brand loyalty. The results are compared with earlier findings and implications for further research are discussed.

  10. Assessment of Significant Causes to School Building Defects

    Othuman Mydin M.A.


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on the contribution factors of building defects in Malaysian school buildings. There are several building defects commonly found in Malaysia school buildings. In fact, building defects are becoming ordinary phenomena in the construction industry which results in negative impacts on schools, in the means of building performance, health and safety aspects and overall environment conditions as well as teaching and learning processes. Thus, a study is planned to identify the common building defects faced by school buildings in Kedah, Malaysia. Then, a thorough inspection is conducted and the respective defects are recorded with the aid of photographic. As the outcomes from the interview between researcher and person-in-charge from some schools, the main factors contributing to those building defects had been determined. Besides, appropriate mitigation solutions on the building defects have been offered, which are extremely essential in retaining a healthy and serviceable school building.

  11. Morphological and molecular characterization of Magnaporthe oryzae (fungus) from infected rice leaf samples

    Muni, Nurulhidayah Mat; Nadarajah, Kalaivani


    Magnaporthe oryzae is a plant-pathogenic fungus that causes a serious disease affecting rice called rice blast. Outbreaks of rice blast have been a threat to the global production of rice. This fungal disease is estimated to cause production losses of US55 million each year in South and Southeast Asia. It has been used as a primary model for elucidating various aspects of the host-pathogen interaction with its host. We have isolated five isolates of Magnaporthe oryzae from diseased leaf samples obtained from the field at Kompleks Latihan MADA, Kedah, Malaysia. We have identified the isolates using morphological and microscopic studies on the fungal spores and the lesions on the diseased leaves. Amplification of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) was carried out with universal primers ITS1 and ITS4. The sequence of each isolates showed at least 99% nucleotide identity with the corresponding sequence in GenBank for Magnaporthe oryzae.


    A. Beiranvand Pour


    Full Text Available Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM data were used to produce geological maps in tropical environments. Lineament, lithology and landform maps were produced for all states in peninsular Malaysia in this study. Kedah, Perak and Terengganu states have been selected as case studies to demonstrate the results of the data and techniques used. Directional filtering technique was applied to Landsat TM bands 4, 5 and 3 for lineament mapping. The lithology map was produced using Landsat TM bands combination consist of bands 4, 3 and 2. Digital elevation model and landform map were produced using SRTM data in 3 Dimension (3D and 2 Dimension (2D perspective views, respectively. The produced geological maps and the remote sensing data and methods applied in this study are mostly appropriate for hazard risk mapping applications and mineral exploration projects in the peninsular Malaysia and tropical environments.

  13. The Malayic-speaking; Orang Laut Dialects and directions for research

    Karl Anderbeck


    Full Text Available Southeast Asia is home to many distinct groups of sea nomads, some of which are known collectively as Orang (Suku Laut. Those located between Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula are all Malayic-speaking. Information about their speech is paltry and scattered; while starting points are provided in publications such as Skeat and Blagden (1906, Kähler (1946a, b, 1960, Sopher (1977: 178–180, Kadir et al. (1986, Stokhof (1987, and Collins (1988, 1995, a comprehensive account and description of Malayic Sea Tribe lects has not been provided to date. This study brings together disparate sources, including a bit of original research, to sketch a unified linguistic picture and point the way for further investigation. While much is still unknown, this paper demonstrates relationships within and between individual Sea Tribe varieties and neighbouring canonical Malay lects. It is proposed that Sea Tribe lects can be assigned to four groupings: Kedah, Riau Islands, Duano, and Sekak.

  14. Predominance of Blastocystis sp. Infection among School Children in Peninsular Malaysia.

    Nithyamathi, Kalimuthu; Chandramathi, Samudi; Kumar, Suresh


    One of the largest cross-sectional study in recent years was carried out to investigate the prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections among urban and rural school children from five states namely Selangor, Perak, Pahang, Kedah and Johor in Peninsula Malaysia. This information would be vital for school authorities to influence strategies for providing better health especially in terms of reducing intestinal parasitism. A total of 3776 stool cups was distributed to 26 schools throughout the country. 1760 (46.61%) responded. The overall prevalence of intestinal parasitic infection in both rural and urban areas was 13.3%, with Blastocystis sp (10.6%) being the most predominant, followed by Trichuris trichiura (3.4%), Ascaris lumbricoides (1.5%) and hook worm infection (0.9%). Only rural school children had helminthic infection. In general Perak had the highest infection (37.2%, total, n = 317), followed by Selangor (10.4%, total, n = 729), Pahang (8.6%, total, n = 221), Kedah (6.2%, total, n = 195) and Johor (3.4%, total, n = 298). School children from rural schools had higher infection (13.7%, total, n = 922) than urban school children (7.2%, total, n = 838). Subtype (ST) 3 (54.3%) is the most predominant ST with persons infected with only ST1 and ST3 showing symptoms. Blastocystis sp infection significantly associated with low household income, low parent's education and presence of symptoms (p<0.05). It is critical that we institute deworming and treatment to eradicate the parasite especially in rural school children.


    Uray Fery Andi


    Full Text Available Lokasi pusat-pusat pemerintahan kesultanan Melayu di Kalimantan Barat berada di sepanjang tepian sungai. Sungai menjadi faktor yang sangat penting dalam kehidupan kesultanan, yaitu terkait dengan fungsinya sebagai sumber kehidupan dengan beragan jenis flora dan fauna, sebagai aksesibilitas dan jalur transportasi serta komunikasi. Keterbatasan wilayah tepian sungai menyebabkan perkembangan pusat kesultanan melebar sepanjang tepian sungai karena wilayah daratan masih berupa hutan dan kurang aman. Perkembangan aktivitas perdagangan global pada masa pemerintahan kesultanan yang semakin pesat menyebabkan jalur sungai semakin ramai dilalui oleh pedagang lokal, regional dan internasional. Keberadaan kongsi dagang Belanda (VOC hingga menjadi pemerintahan Hindia Belanda turut mempengaruhi perkembangan pusat-pusat pemerintahan kesultanan Melayu di Kalimantan Barat.Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui pengaruh jaringan perdagangan global terhadap struktur wilayah Borneo Barat dan konfigurasi spasialpusat pemerintahankesultanan-kesultanan Melayu di Kalimantan Barat. Penelitian dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode sejarah yaitu dengan mengetahui perkembangan sistem jaringan perdagangan global dan korelasinya dengan sejarah pembentukan wilayah kesultanan. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa sistem dan jaringan perdagangan mempengaruhi struktur wilayah Borneo Barat dengan sistem hulu-hilir dan konfigurasi spasial wilayah pusat pemerintahan kesultanan Melayu yang terbatas dan melebar sepanjang tepian sungai. Kata-kata kunci: jaringan perdagangan, struktur wilayah, konfigurasi spasial, kesultanan Melayu, Kalimantan Barat   THE INFLUENCE OF GLOBAL TRADING NETWORK ON THE MALAY SULTANATES CENTRAL OF GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE AND SPATIAL CONFIGURATION IN WEST KALIMANTAN Malay sultanates central government in West Kalimantan were located along the banks of the river. The river became very important factor in the life of sultanates, which was related to its

  16. Attenuation of River Contaminant using River Bank Infiltration in Jenderam Hilir, Dengkil, Selangor

    Mohd Khairul Nizar Shamsuddin


    Full Text Available Bank infiltration (BI refers to the process of surface water seeping from the bank or bed of a river to the groundwater production wells. During the water’s passage through the ground, its quality changes due to microbial, chemical and physical processes, and due to mixing with groundwater in the aquifer. The BI study in Jenderam Hilir, Selangor is a pilot project to develop a better and sustainable source of water, and will provide a good platform to introduce this method in Malaysia. BI has been successfully implemented in many Asian and European countries. This site was chosen due to the high water demand in the area and groundwater is seen as one of the source with very high potential to be developed as supplementary source to meet the high public water supply demand. The objective of this study is to determine the effectiveness of BI and improving the quality of river water, and to determine the effective rate of water extraction from the alluvium in the study area. Twenty five (25 monitoring wells and 2 test wells were constructed at the study site and pumping tests have been carried on these two test wells. The pumping tests at the 2 test wells indicated that DW1 and DW2 were able to produce more than 15.9 m3/hr (0.3816 MLD and 128m3/hr (3.072 MLD respectively during the duration of 72 hours pumping tests with drawdown for DW1 was 4.17 m and DW2 was 2.63 m. The distance between the river and the test well is more than 18 m and the shortest travel time is 10 days. The river water was filtered through a 16 m thick silty sand for DW1 and 13 m thick gravelly sand for DW2. Both wells are located in confined aquifer adjacent to the Sungai Langat. Water quality analyses carried out for water from the Sungai Langat and groundwater from the wells showed decreased in turbidity, nitrate, aluminium and sulphate in groundwater which were very high in the Sungai Langat. Microorganism counting (E. coli, total coliform, Cryptosporidium and Giardia was

  17. EUTROFIKASI NITROGEN DAN FOSFOR SERTA PENGENDALIANNYA DENGAN PERIKANAN DI WADUK SERMO (Eutrophication by Nitrogen and Phosphorous and Its Control Using Fisheries in Sermo Reservoir

    Rustadi Rustadi


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Penelitian mengenai konsentrasi nitrogen (N dan fosfor (P dilakukan dengan tujuan untuk mengevaluasi tingkat eutrofikasi dan pencemaran air, menghitung neraca N total dan P total serta melakukan pengendaliannya menggunakan perikanan. Penelitian dilakukan menggunakan metode survai, yaitu melakukan pengambilan sampel dan pengamatan air secara purposive. Pengambilan sampel air di daerah waduk (hulu, tengah dan hilir waduk dan daerah sungai (sungai masuk dan sungai keluar. Di daerah waduk diamati pada jeluk air: 0 m, 2 m, 4 m dan dasar. Pengambilan sampel air dilakukan tiap bulan, mulai Juni 2006 sampai Mei 2007. Vanabel penelitian meliputi: amonia, amonium, nitrit, nitrat dan fosfat; N total dan P total, suhu air, kekeruhan, TDS, TSS, O, terlarut, pH, CO, bebas, alkalinitas dan plankton. Eutrofikasi air oleh N dan P dianalisis secara diskriptif dan tingkat pencemaran air dihitung menggunakan Indeks Pencemaran (lP yang disyaratkan PP RI Nomor 82. Neraca N total dan P total dihitung dengan input-output, sedangkan pengendaliannya menggunakan metode simulasi. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa eutrofikasi pada tingkat eutrofik sampai hipereutrofik, pencemaran air masih tergolong ringan di daerah budidaya ikan dan waktu konsentrasi P maksimum; budidaya ikan menggunakan KJA jaring ganda, penebaran dan pemanenan ikan di luar KJA dapat mengurangi residu dan beban N total dan P total.   ABSTRACT The research of nitrogen (N and phosphorus (P in Sermo reservoir aimed to evaluate water eutrophication and pollution, to calculate N total and P total budget and to control its concentration using fisheries. The research was conducted by direct observation and measurement on water samples taken from inflow and outflow rivers, upstream, middle and downstream areas of reservoir. The samples is reservoir were taken at water depth: 0-2,4 m and the bottom. Observation was done monthly from June 2006 up to May 2007. the variables were ammonia, ammonium, nitrite

  18. PERANSERTA MASYARAKAT DALAM PENGELOLAAN LINGKUNGAN PERMUKIMAN DI KELURAHAN 5 ULU PALEMBANG (The Community Participation in Settlement Environment Management at Kelurahan 5 Ulu Palembang, Indonesia

    Korlena Korlena


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Kebutuhan untuk permukiman yang baik dan memaciai merupakan salah satu masalah perkotaan yang harus diatasi oleh pemerintah. Kampung lrnprovement Progran (KIP yang berisikan pengembangan infrastruktur pemukiman merupakan jawaban untuk masalah tersebut. Kegunaan KIP adalah untuk memotivasi masyarakat agar dapat menolong dirinya sendiri dalam bentuk partisipasi dalam mengelola lingkungan sekitarnya. Penelitian ini berfokus pada partisipasi masyarakat di Kelurahan 5 Ulu Palembang. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengkaji tingkat partisipasi masyarakat dalam KIP di sepanjang sungai, dan mengidentifikasi faktor determinan yang mempengaruhi partisipasi. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan eksplanasi, dengan menggunakan proporsional random sampling dengan unit analisis rumah tangga di 2 wilayah yaitu daerah KIP dan sepanjang sungai. Data dikurnpulkan rnenggunakan kuesioner, interview pengamatan lapangan dan data sekunder. Metode statistik multiple regression digunakan untuk mengetahui pengaruh faktor sosial-demografi dan sosio-ekonomik terhadap tingkat partisipasi, Uji T-test independent sample dan Mann-Withey-test digunakan untuk membedakan partisipasi di 2 wilayah. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa : (1 partisipasi di daerah KIP untuk jalan dan drainase cenderung berupa kontribusi tenaga dan uang, sedangkan pengelolaan sampah padat cenderung dalam bentuk uang, sementara di daerah sepanjang sungai hal tersebut cenderung tenaga saja; (2 tingkat partisipasi masyarakat yang tinggal di daerah KIP lebih tinggi dari pada yang ada di sepanjang sungai; (3 faktor sosial-demografi dan sosio-ekonomi menentukan tingkat partisipasi dalam pengelolaan jalan dan drainase, sedangkan faktor kepemilikan rumah dan faktor pendapatan menentukan tingkat partisipasi dalam pengelolaan limbah padat; (4 faktor determinan yang mempengaruhi tingkat partisipasi adalah kepemimpinan formal dan informal, kondisi geografis, infrastruktur KIP, rasa keterasingan, kebutuhan

  19. Dengue serotype surveillance among patients admitted for dengue in two major hospitals in Selangor, Malaysia, 2010-2011.

    Ab-Fatah, M; Subenthiran, S; Abdul-Rahman, P S A; Saat, Z; Thayan, R


    Dengue serotype surveillance is important as any changes in serotype distribution may result in an outbreak or increase in severe dengue cases. This study aimed to determine circulating dengue serotypes in two hospitals in Selangor. Serum samples were collected from patients admitted for dengue at these two major public hospitals i.e. Hospital Sungai Buloh (HSB) and Hospital Tunku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR) between November 2010 and August 2011 and subjected to real-time RT-PCR using SYBR® Green. All four dengue serotypes were detected in samples from both hospitals. The predominating serotype was dengue 1 in samples from both hospitals (HSB, DENV-1; 25.53 % and HTAR, DENV-1; 32.1 %).


    Kumoro Palupi


    Full Text Available Beberapa jenis industri kecil yang banyak tersebar, antara lain adalah pabrik tempe, tabu, kecap, dan sirup. Kualitas limbah yang dihasilkan industri-industri tersebut sangat jauh dari memenuhi syarat. Selain itu, limbah cair tersebut dibuang langsung ke saluran terbuka/tertutup yang bermuara di badan-badan air terdekat.Untuk mengurangi besamya beban pencemaran, sejak tahun 1989 pemerintah DKI Jakarta mengadakan Program Kali Bersih  (Prokasih. Sasaran progam adalah penurunan beban pencemaran dari sumbemya secara bertahap sehingga kualitas air sungai akan menjadi lebih baik. Sumber pencemaran yang menjadi sasaran dalam Prokasih adalah industri-industri skala besar dan menengah, sedangkan industri-industri kecil belum termasuk sasaran Prokasih untuk sementara waktu ini. 


    Kurriawan Budi Pranata


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui distribusi tahanan jenis dan bidang gelincir pada pada Daerah Aliran Sungai (DAS Brantas Kecamatan Sukun Kota Malang. Lokasi penelitian merupakan daerah dengan tebing yang  curam berkisar 70o hingga 90o. Penelitian dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode geolistrik resistivitas dengan konfigurasi Wenner. Hasil pengolahan data geolistrik resistivitas menunjukkan bahwa material lempung pasiran dengan tahanan jenis 23,4 Ohm-meter, material lempung kedap air dengan tahanan jenis 30,9–57,3 Ohm-meter diduga sebagai bidang gelincir (slip-surface. Hal tersebut disebabkan resapan air hujan yang mencapai lapisan lempung kedap air akan mengalami kontak dengan lapisan lempung, air mengalir diatas lapisan lempung dan menyebabkan hancurnya lapisan lempung sehingga menjadi licin yang kemudian menjadi bidang gelincir. Berdasarkan interpretasi hasil pengolahan data dapat disimpulkan bahwa daerah penelitian memiliki potensi yang tinggi untuk terjadi longsor

  2. Kinetics Approach of Biodegradation of Petroleum Contaminated Soil by using Indigenous Isolated Bacteria

    Zainal Fanani


    Full Text Available The bioremediation of petroleum contaminated soil was investigated using a microscale Landfarming. The Indigenous bacteria, Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes, Bacillus megaterium, and Xanthobacter autotrophicus were isolated from the contaminated sites Sungai Lilin Jambi Pertamina Ltd and used further in the bioremediation experiments. The biodegradation rates of petroleum contaminated soil in the presence of the isolated bacteria were studied by using the chemical kinetics approach. The reaction orders were studied by using the differential method and the reaction rate constants were studied by using the integral method. The results showed that the reaction orders were 1.0949, 1.3985, 0.8823, and the reaction rate constants were 0.0189, 0.0204, 0.0324 day-1, respectively. Considering the values of reaction orders and reaction rate constants, the biodegradation rate of contaminated soil by using each bacteria had significantly different value; Xanthobacter Autotrophicus bacteria could degrade the petroleum oil sludge fastest than the others.

  3. Design and Construction of a 50m Single Span Ultra High Performance Ductile Concrete Composite Road Bridge

    Voo - Yen Lei


    Full Text Available A single span 50m long prestressed road bridge was constructed under Public Works Department in the State of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia contract recently. The bridge was constructed at a small village, Kampung Linsum, crossing a river, Sungai Linggi. To date, this bridge is the Malaysia first and may also be the world longest composite road bridge which made from ultra-high performance ductile concrete (UHPdC. This paper presents the feature of the UHPdC precast girder; brief in-sight of the manufacturing of the girder; the construction sequence of the bridge; the design method and lastly the environmental impact calculation. The midspan deflections of the bridge at different construction history were compared against the collected field data and it showed that the calculated values generally agree well with the field data.




    Full Text Available Abstract PT. Andalan Mitra Prestasi (AMP Sungai Penuh is a firm job placement services for domestic and foreign labor and outsourcing services provider. This study was motivated by the company's information systems are not optimal. Data storage is done manually, often error reporting. The objective of this study is design of the application program employment information system outsourcing. This application uses the Java programming language. The method used is the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC. Results of this study in the form of a CD program that facilitates enterprise application placement process data and provide reports quickly and timely to realize an effective and efficient system. Keywords: application program; employment; outsourcing.

  5. Relationship between rainfall and Aedes larval population at two insular sites in Pulau Ketam, Selangor, Malaysia.

    Wee, Lim Kwee; Weng, Sit Nam; Raduan, Norzahira; Wah, Sing Kong; Ming, Wong Hong; Shi, Chew Hwai; Rambli, Firdaus; Ahok, Cheryl Jacyln; Marlina, Suria; Ahmad, Nazni Wasi; Mckemy, Andrew; Vasan, S S; Lim, Lee Han


    Two insular settlements (Kampung Pulau Ketam and Kampung Sungai Lima) were selected to study the population dynamics of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes, vectors of dengue and chikungunya infections. Ovitrap surveillance was conducted between October 2007 and October 2008. There was an inverse negative association between ovitrap index and rainfall at the time of collection, probably because rainfall increased the number of available oviposition sites. Rainfall and ovitrap index were positively associates the 25th day after rainfall occurred. A minor, second peak was observed from the 38th to the 42nd day. The first peak was consistent with the minimum 18-day period between the hatching of eggs to the first oviposition. The second minor peak could be due to the second gonotrophic cycle of the female mosquitoes. Rainfall is an important environmental factor associated with Aedes breeding at the study sites.

  6. Amylose Content and Grain Length of New Rice Transgressive Variants Derived from a Cross Between O. rufipogon and Malaysian Rice Cultivar MR219

    Parviz Fasahat


    Full Text Available Amylose content is one of the important grain quality properties of rice. A total of 10 new rice genotypes (BC2F7 generation derived from a cross between O. rufipogon Griff. accession IRGC105491 and O. sativa subspecies indica cv. MR219 with high yield were evaluated for amylose content in three environments in Peninsular Malaysia. One of the parents, a popular high yielding Malaysian rice cultivar MR219 was used as a check. Based on the average amylose content across the environments, the genotype G13 showed significantly (p < 0.05 different amylose content (23.88 % in comparison to other genotypes. Two genotypes G13 (25.7% and G15 (25.6% were higher than MR219 (25.1% in terms of amylose content in Sungai Besar environment. There was a positive (r2=0.018 but no significant correlation between amylose content and grain length.

  7. Use of Space and the Need for Planning in the Disaster-Prone Area of Code River, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    Rini Rachmawati


      Abstrak Tepi Sungai Code merupakan daerah rawan terhadap banjir lahar yang disebabkan oleh erupsi Gunungapi Merapi. Penelitian ini menfokuskan pada daerah terdampak di Danurejan, Kota Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah 1 untuk mengidentifikasi dan menganalisa fungsi ruang setelah bencana, dan 2 untuk menganalisa tindakan perencanaan ruang yang dibutuhkan setelah bencana. Data dikumpulkan dari data sekunder dan primer. Data primer diperoleh melalui observasi, interview mendalam, dan diskusi kelompok terfokus. Hasil menunjukkan bahwa pemanfaatan ruang dalam antisipasi dari bencana banjir lahar masih terbatas  untuk pembangunan peninggian tanggul. Temuan penelitian menyarankan perlunya perhatian terhadap pemanfaatan ruang untuk kelompok yang rentan. Selain itu juga perlunya partisipasi publik dalam pemanfaatan ruang, penyiapan design ekowisata dan kegiatan bernilai ekonomi. Selan itu juga perlu adanya integrasi analisis risiko dan distribusi spasial dari risiko yang  dituangkan dalam  rencana rinci tata ruang.

  8. Polymorphism of Plasmodium Falciparum Dihydrofolate Reductase and Dihydropteroate Synthase Genes among Pregnant Women with Falciparum Malaria in Banjar District, South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia

    Sukmawati Basuki


    Full Text Available Pregnant women are highly vulnerable to malaria infection in its endemic areas, particularly infection by Plasmodium falciparum that can cause premature, low birth weight, severe anemia in pregnant women, and death. Sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (SP for Intermittent Preventive Treatment for pregnant (IPTp is used for malaria control in pregnancy recommended by the World Health Organization that has already been implemented in Africa. The P. falciparum resistance to SP has been reported in several malarial endemic areas, and mutations in the genes of Plasmodium falciparum Dihydrofolate Reductase (Pfdhfr and Dihydropteroate Synthase (Pfdhps are shown to be associated with parasite resistance to SP treatment. Genetic analysis of Pfdhfr and Pfdhps genes in pregnant women infected with P. falciparum has not yet been examined in Indonesia. The cross-sectional study was conducted at two subdistricts, Sungai Pinang and Peramasan, in Banjar district of South Kalimantan Province, where 127 pregnant women were recruited from 2008 to April 2010. Two important mutations in Pfdhfr gene (amino acid positions at N51 and S108 and three in Pfdhps gene (A437, K540 and A581 were analyzed by nested PCR-RFLP method. All of the seven pregnant women samples infected with P. falciparum presented PfDHFR 108N and PfDHPS 437G mutations. One of the samples had the additional mutation at PfDHPS 540, in which Lys is substituted by Glu. These results suggested that P. falciparum might present only some resistance to SP at Sungai Pinang and Peramasan subdistricts, Banjar District, South Kalimantan province, Indonesia. Although there were limited number of samples, this study showed only few mutations of Pfdhfr and Pfdhps genes in P. falciparum at Banjar district, South Kalimantan Province, that suggests SP might be effective for IPTp in this area. Thus, further analysis of the other mutation sites in Pfdhfr and Pfdhps genes and in vivo efficacy study of SP with more sufficient

  9. The use of Moringa oleifera seed as a natural coagulant for wastewater treatment and heavy metals removal

    Shan, Tan Chu; Matar, Manaf Al; Makky, Essam A.; Ali, Eman N.


    Moringa oleifera (MO) is a multipurpose tree with considerable potential and its cultivation is currently being actively promoted in many developing countries. Seeds of this tropical tree contain water-soluble, positively charged proteins that act as an effective coagulant for water and wastewater treatment. Based on this, water quality of "Sungai baluk" river was examined before and after the treatment using MO seed. MO seed exhibited high efficiency in the reduction and prevention of the bacterial growth in both wastewater and "Sungai baluk" river samples. The turbidity was removed up to 85-94% and dissolved oxygen (DO) was improved from 2.58 ± 0.01 to 4.00 ± 0.00 mg/L. The chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) were increased after the treatment from 99.5 ± 0.71 to 164.0 ± 2.83 mg/L for COD and from 48.00 ± 0.42 to 76.65 ± 2.33 mg/L for BOD, respectively. Nevertheless, there was no significant alteration of pH, conductivity, salinity and total dissolved solid after the treatment. Heavy metals such as Fe were fully eliminated, whereas Cu and Cd were successfully removed by up to 98%. The reduction of Pb was also achieved by up to 78.1%. Overall, 1% of MO seed cake was enough to remove heavy metals from the water samples. This preliminary laboratory result confirms the great potential of MO seed in wastewater treatment applications.

  10. A Review of Integrated River Basin Management for Sarawak River

    Kuok K. Kuok


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Sarawak River was a life-sustaining water source for the residents in Kuching City and surrounding areas. Raw water is treated at Batu Kitang Water Treatment Plant (BKWTP that supplies more than 98% of the total water production in Kuching City. The raw water supply to BKWTP is not adequate to meet the ever increasing water demand. In order to overcome this problem, four projects had been implemented along Sarawak River for managing and securing water supply to BKWTP. Approach: These four projects are construction of 1.5m height storage weir across Sungai Sarawak Kiri river channel, Kuching Barrage and Shiplock, Bengoh Dam and Kuching Centralized Wastewater Management System (KCWMS. In 2005, 1.5 m height submersible weir was constructed across Sungai Sarawak Kiri channel for increasing the safe yield that can last until year 2010. Kuching Barrage and Shiplock were commissioned in 2000 as barrier to avoid the saline intrusion reaching upper catchment. 24 telemetry stations were installed along Sarawak River for monitoring and regulating the water level. This will preserve high quality water storage at upper catchment of Sarawak River. In year 2010, Bengoh Dam was constructed to ensure adequate raw water will be supplied to BKWTP for meeting the increasing water demand from 2010-2030. This reservoir will store 144 million m3 of fresh water covering reservoir area of 8.77km2. Beyond 2030, the water supply shall not depend solely on fresh water. Results: Black and grey water in Sarawak Catchment was treated through Kuching Centralized Wastewater Management System (KCWMS and recycled for daily used. Conclusion: The treated water that comply Standard A water quality, can distribute for domestic, industrial and irrigation used in nearest future. This will reduce the water demand solely on raw water and create a sustainable living in Kuching City. Beyond 2030, a few alternatives are also proposed for conserving and

  11. Kandungan logam berat dalam sedimen di Perairan Teluk Wawobatu, Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara



    Full Text Available Pengamatan kandungan logam berat dalam sedimen di Perairan Teluk Wawobatu, Kendari telah dilakukan pada bulan Juni 2011. Contoh sedimen diambil dengan menggunakan gravity core pada 5 stasiun penelitian. Kandungan logam berat diukur dengan menggunakan Spektrofotometer Serapan Atom (SSA. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui kandungan logam berat dalam sedimen serta memprediksi kualitas sedimen berdasarkan pendekatan analisis indeks (Indeks geoakumulasi dan Indeks Beban Pencemaran. Hasilnya menunjukkan, kandungan Pb berkisar 3,704-21,892 ppm, Cd 0,784-1,385 ppm, Cu 3,451-12,193 ppm, Zn 24,838-69,973 ppm, dan Ni 37,289-72,329 ppm. Kandungan ke lima logam tersebut masih lebih rendah dari nilai ambang batas yang ditetapkan oleh Kantor Menteri Negara Lingkungan Hidup 2010 dan baku mutu sedimen Ontario (Ontario Sediment Guideline 2008. Kandungan logam berat dalam sedimen di Stasiun 4 lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan Stasiun lainnya. Hal ini disebabkan oleh perbedaan tekstur sedimen di masing-masing stasiun. Stasiun 4 berada di muara sungai dan mempunyai sedimen dengan tekstur berupa lumpur berwarna hitam. Kandungan logam Ni lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan yang lain, hal ini menunjukkan adanya masukan sedimen dari Teluk Kendari dan Teluk Lasolo yang terbawa oleh arus, disamping yang berasal dari darat yang masuk melalui aliran sungai. Berdasarkan nilai indeks geoakumulasi (I-geo sedimen di perairan ini termasuk kategori tidak tercemar oleh Pb, Cu, Zn, dan Ni (I_geo<0, dan tercemar sedang oleh Cd (1


    Roth, Terri L; Reinhart, Paul R; Kroll, Jennifer L


    The aim of this study was to determine if ferritin is a reliable biomarker of iron overload disorder (IOD) progression and hemochromatosis in the Sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) by developing a species-specific ferritin assay and testing historically banked samples collected from rhinos that did and did not die of hemochromatosis. Ferritin extracted from Sumatran rhino liver tissue was used to generate antibodies for the Enzyme Immunoassay. Historically banked Sumatran rhino serum samples (n = 298) obtained from six rhinos in US zoos (n = 290); five rhinos at the Sumatran Rhino Conservation Centre in Sungai Dusun, Malaysia (n = 5); and two rhinos in Sabah, Malaysia (n = 3) were analyzed for ferritin concentrations. Across all US zoo samples, serum ferritin concentrations ranged from 348 to 7,071 ng/ml, with individual means ranging from 1,267 (n = 25) to 2,604 ng/ml (n = 36). The ferritin profiles were dynamic, and all rhinos exhibited spikes in ferritin above baseline during the sampling period. The rhino with the highest mean ferritin concentration did not die of hemochromatosis and exhibited only mild hemosiderosis postmortem. A reproductive female exhibited decreases and increases in serum ferritin concurrent with pregnant and nonpregnant states, respectively. Mean (±SD) serum ferritin concentration for Sumatran rhinos in Malaysia was high (4,904 ± 4,828 ng/ml) compared to that for US zoo rhinos (1,835 ± 495 ng/ml). However, those in Sabah had lower ferritin concentrations (1,025 ± 52.7 ng/ml) compared to those in Sungai Dusun (6,456 ± 4,941 ng/ml). In conclusion, Sumatran rhino serum ferritin concentrations are dynamic, and increases often are not associated with illness or hemochromatosis. Neither a specific pattern nor the individual's overall mean ferritin concentration can be used to accurately assess IOD progression or diagnose hemochromatosis in this rhino species.

  13. The use of Moringa oleifera seed as a natural coagulant for wastewater treatment and heavy metals removal

    Shan, Tan Chu; Matar, Manaf Al; Makky, Essam A.; Ali, Eman N.


    Moringa oleifera (MO) is a multipurpose tree with considerable potential and its cultivation is currently being actively promoted in many developing countries. Seeds of this tropical tree contain water-soluble, positively charged proteins that act as an effective coagulant for water and wastewater treatment. Based on this, water quality of "Sungai baluk" river was examined before and after the treatment using MO seed. MO seed exhibited high efficiency in the reduction and prevention of the bacterial growth in both wastewater and "Sungai baluk" river samples. The turbidity was removed up to 85-94% and dissolved oxygen (DO) was improved from 2.58 ± 0.01 to 4.00 ± 0.00 mg/L. The chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) were increased after the treatment from 99.5 ± 0.71 to 164.0 ± 2.83 mg/L for COD and from 48.00 ± 0.42 to 76.65 ± 2.33 mg/L for BOD, respectively. Nevertheless, there was no significant alteration of pH, conductivity, salinity and total dissolved solid after the treatment. Heavy metals such as Fe were fully eliminated, whereas Cu and Cd were successfully removed by up to 98%. The reduction of Pb was also achieved by up to 78.1%. Overall, 1% of MO seed cake was enough to remove heavy metals from the water samples. This preliminary laboratory result confirms the great potential of MO seed in wastewater treatment applications.


    Mardiana Mardiana


    Full Text Available Malaria masih merupakan masalah kesehatan masyarakat di beberapa daerah pedesaan di Jawa Tengah. Usaha pemberantasan malaria telah dilakukan oleh program baik secara kimiawi maupun hayati, guna memutuskan rantai penularan. Penelitian fauna dan tempat perindukan potensial nyamuk Anopheles telah dilakukan di Desa Buaran, Kecamatan Mayong I, Kabupaten Jepara, Jawa Tengah. Penangkapan nyamuk dengan umpan orang dilakukan di dalam dan di luar rumah pada malam hari dari pukul 18.00-24.00 yang masing-masing dilakukan oleh dua orang kolektor. Penangkapan nyamuk yang istirahat di dalam dan luar rumah (vegetasi pada pagi hari dilakukan pukul 06.00-08.00, yang dilakukan satu bulan 4 kali penangkapan selama 6 bulan. Pengambilan larva dan pupa dilakukan dari pukul 06.00-08.00 pagi di tempat genangan air dan sawah serta tempat yang potensial diduga sebagai perindukan Anopheles. Hasil penangkapan selama 6 bulan, diperoleh 1248 ekor nyamuk Anopheles yang terdiri dari 6 spesies yaitu: An. aconitus 442 ekor (35,42%, An. annularis 69 ekor (5,53% , An. barbirostris 30 ekor (2,4%, An. maculatus 2 ekor (0,16%, An. tesselatus 5 ekor (0,40% dan An. vagus 700 ekor (56,09%. Populasi aconitus ditemukan dari penangkapan di luar rumah, pada bulan Juli (56,40%, Agustus (42,80% dan Oktober (39,50% sedangkan pada bulan Mei (52,9%, Juni (44% dan September (50,40% dari penangkapan di kandang sapi. Pengambilan larva dan pupa Anopheles dilakukan di tempat habitat seperti sawah yang pada bulan Aguslus terbanyak ditemukan sebesar 85 (1.70, di sungai ditemukan hanya 4 (0.08 serta di genangan air bekas telapak kaki/kobokan ditemukan sebesar 6 (0.12. Ternyata tempat perindukan yang potensial larva Anopheles pada musim kemarau, ditemukan pada sungai yang ditanami kangkung oleh masyarakat selempat. Kata kunci: Fauna, tempat perindukan, Anopheles, vector

  15. Flood Water Level Mapping and Prediction Due to Dam Failures

    Musa, S.; Adnan, M. S.; Ahmad, N. A.; Ayob, S.


    Sembrong dam has undergone overflow failure. Flooding has been reported to hit the town, covering an area of up to Parit Raja, located in the district of Batu Pahat. This study aims to identify the areas that will be affected by flood in the event of a dam failure in Sembrong Dam, Kluang, Johor at a maximum level. To grasp the extent, the flood inundation maps have been generated by using the InfoWorks ICM and GIS software. By using these maps, information such as the depth and extent of floods can be identified the main ares flooded. The flood map was created starting with the collection of relevant data such as measuring the depth of the river and a maximum flow rate for Sembrong Dam. The data were obtained from the Drainage and Irrigation Department Malaysia and the Department of Survey and Mapping and HLA Associates Sdn. Bhd. Then, the data were analyzed according to the established Info Works ICM method. The results found that the flooded area were listed at Sri Lalang, Parit Sagil, Parit Sonto, Sri Paya, Parit Raja, Parit Sempadan, Talang Bunut, Asam Bubok, Tanjung Sembrong, Sungai Rambut and Parit Haji Talib. Flood depth obtained for the related area started from 0.5 m up to 1.2 m. As a conclusion, the flood emanating from this study include the area around the town of Ayer Hitam up to Parit Raja approximately of more than 20 km distance. This may give bad implication to residents around these areas. In future studies, other rivers such as Sungai Batu Pahat should be considered for this study to predict and reduce the yearly flood victims for this area.

  16. Pengaruh Unit Produksi, Pengalaman Prakerin dan Dukungan Keluarga Terhadap Kesiapan Kerja Siswa SMK

    Zamza Zawawai Firdaus


    Full Text Available Abstrak: Pengaruh Unit Produksi, Pengalaman Prakerin dan Dukungan Keluarga Terhadap Kesiapan Kerja Siswa SMK. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui: (1 kesiapan kerja siswa Sekolah Menegah Kejuruan (SMK di Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Utara, dan (2 hubungan dan pengaruh kegiatan praktik unit produksi sekolah, pengalaman praktik kerja industri dan dukungan keluarga secara sendiri-sendiri maupun bersama-sama terhadap kesiapan kerja siswa SMK. Populasi penelitian ini adalah siswa SMK kelas XII di kabupaten Hulu Sungai Utara Tahun Ajaran 2011/2012 dengan sampel sejumlah 148 siswa yang ditentukan menggunakan Tabel Krejeie Morgan. Pengambilan sample menggunakan teknik proporsional cluster random sampling. Pengumpulan data menggunakan kuesioner dengan Skala Likert dengan alternatif empat jawaban. Data variabel dianalisis dengan statistik deskriptif. Hubungan dan pengaruh setiap variabel bebas terhadap variabel terikat dianalisis dengan statistik korelasi parsial dan regresi ganda. Interprestasi hasil analisis data menggunakan taraf signifikan p = 0,05.Hasil analisis deskriptif menunjukkan bahwa tingkat kesiapan kerja siswa SMK di Kabupaten HSU adalah sebagai berikut: sebesar 61,49% siswa  memiliki tingkat kesiapan kerja pada kategori sangat tinggi dan sebesar 37,84% siswa memiliki tingkat kesiapan kerja pada kategori tinggi. Hasil pengujian hipotesis menunjukkan bahwa terdapat pengaruh yang signifikan antara kegiatan praktik unit produksi sekolah, pengalaman praktik kerja industry dan dukungan keluarga terhadap kesiapan kerja (=0,501. Hal ini menjelaskan bahwa kegiatan praktik unit produksi sekolah, pengalaman prakerin dan dukungan keluarga secara bersama-sama mampu menjelaskan varian kesiapan kerja siswa SMK sebesar  50,1%. Kata kunci: unit produksi sekolah, pengalaman praktik kerja industri

  17. GEO-ARKEOLOGI TERAS PURBA BENGAWAN SOLO DI SEKITAR KABUPATEN BOJONEGORO, JAWA TIMUR The Geo-archaeology of Ancient Terrace of Bengawan Solo in Bojonegoro Surrounding Regency, East Java

    Johan Arif


    Abstrak Pemetaan teras purba Bengawan Solo merupakan kajian geo-arkeologi tahap awal yang dilakukan di beberapa lokasi di wilayah kabupaten Bojonegoro, Jawa Timur. Permasalahannya adalah ditemukannya indikasi keberadaan peralatan batu paleolitik dan fosil-fosil vertebrata di beberapa teras purba di wilayah ini. Oleh karena itu, tujuan dari kegiatan ini adalah mendapatkan gambaran sebaran teras purba Bengawan Solo berumur Kuarter serta memberikan usulan kepada para ahli arkeologi dalam merancang kegiatan pencarian sisa-sisa budaya manusia antara lain peralatan batu paleolitik maupun sisa-sisa fosil rangka manusia dan hewan pada suatu teras purba. Metode yang dipakai di dalam penelitian ini adalah metode pemetaan geologi, deskripsi profil sedimen, pengambilan contoh-contoh sedimen (termasuk fosil hewan untuk keperluan analisa sedimentologi dan analisa kimia. Di daerah penelitian yang terletak di kabupaten Bojonegoro dijumpai tiga teras yaitu Teras Menden (berumur sub-Resen, Jipangulu (berumur Holosen Awal dan Ngandong (berumur Plestosen Atas. Teras Menden dijumpai di Payaman, Teras Jipangulu di Prangi dan Wotangare dan Teras Ngandong dijumpai di Prangi dan di desa Kedung. Berdasarkan bukti stratigrafinya ketiga teras tersebut disusun oleh lapisan pasir ukuran kasar hingga kerikilan di bagian bawah dan berubah menjadi pasir lempungan dan lempung pasiran di bagian atas. Fenomena ini menunjukkan bahwa ketiga teras tersebut dibentuk oleh sungai yang berkelok-kelok yaitu Bengawan Solo purba. Kedudukan masing-masing teras purba di daerah penelitian yang diukur dari Bengawan Solo adalah 2-3 m (Teras Menden, 5-7 m (Teras Jipangulu dan >8 m (Teras Ngandong. Berdasarkan hasil kajian teras purba ini diusulkan agar para ahli arkeologi lebih memfokuskan kepada perlapisan sedimen yang berukuran kasar dalam sistem endapan sungai purba berumur Kuarter untuk mencari sisa-sisa budaya manusia paleolitikum seperti peralatan batu maupun sisa-sisa fosil rangka manusia dan hewan.   Kata

  18. Where no consent = death.


    Men must be made to understand the value of family planning - particularly in societies where men hold the power of decision in the family. Dr. Kotha Pannikar, chairman of the Kedah Family Planning Association (FPA) in Malaysia, illustrated this point in discussion which followed the Consultation of Medical and Communication Fieldworkers conference in Kuala Lumpur in August, with a story about 1 of her own patients. When the girl, who had a rheumatic heart, was 16, Dr. Pannikar advised the parents that she needed cardiac surgery if she were to be a healthy wife and mother. But the parents lived some distance from Dr. Pannikar's surgery and did not heed the advice. The girl was married to a carpenter from a traditional Chinese family, in which "the man is lord and master." Her new home had no piped water, and in additional to normal domestic tasks she had to carry water from a source 1 1/2 miles agay. In the 7th month of her 1st pregnancy, she went into cardiac failure. After the 3rd pregnancy and a 3rd cardiac failure, Dr. Pannikar tried to arrange a sterilization "but we could not get consent - her husband refused to turn up at the hospital." When the girl was admitted to hospital 6 months into her 4th pregnancy, Dr. Pannikar got hold of her patient's mother-in-law. "I told her if she wanted a servant in the house, it was easy to get one. But no servant would look after her grandchildren the way their mother would. I told her if she wanted to save the girl's life she had better speak to her son." During the 4th delivery, the girl went into cardiac arrest and spent 2 weeks in intensive care. The mother-in-law prevailed upon her son to at least consent, and the girl was sterilized before she left hospital. But "it was a very near thing," Dr. Pannikar recalls "and it wouldn't have happened if the husband had felt he was responsible in parenthood." The Kedah FPA makes special efforts to reach men. Dr. Pannikar herself talks to men's organizations like the Lions and

  19. Ecology of ephemeroptera, plecoptera and trichoptera (insecta) in rivers of the gunung jerai forest reserve: diversity and distribution of functional feeding groups.

    Hamid, Suhaila Ab; Md Rawi, Che Salmah


    A field study was performed to describe the functional feeding groups (FFGs) of Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera and Trichoptera (EPT) in the Tupah, Batu Hampar and Teroi Rivers in the Gunung Jerai Forest Reserve (GJFR), Kedah, Malaysia. Twenty-nine genera belonging to 19 families were identified. The EPTs were classified into five FFGs: collector-gatherers (CG), collector-filterers (CF), shredders (SH), scrapers (SC) and predators (P). In this study, CG and CF were the dominant groups inhabiting all three rivers. Ephemeroptera dominated these rivers due to their high abundance, and they were also the CG (90.6%). SC were the lowest in abundance among all groups. Based on the FFGs, the Teroi River was suitable for CG, whereas the Tupah and Batu Hampar Rivers were suitable for CG and CF. The distribution of FFGs differed among the rivers (CG, χ(2) = 23.6, p = 0.00; SH, χ(2) = 10.02, p = 0.007; P, χ(2) = 25.54, p = 0.00; CF, χ(2) = 21.95, p = 0.00; SC, χ(2) = 9.31, p = 0.01). These findings indicated that the FFGs found in rivers of the GJFR represent high river quality.

  20. Combining ability analysis in complete diallel cross of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai).

    Bahari, M; Rafii, M Y; Saleh, G B; Latif, M A


    The experiments were carried out in two research stations (MARDI Bukit Tangga, Kedah, and MARDI Seberang Perai, Penang) in Malaysia. The crossings were performed using the four inbred lines in complete diallel cross including selfs and reciprocals. We evaluated the yield components and fruit characters such as fruit yield per plant, vine length, days to fruit maturity, fruit weight, total soluble solid content, and rind thickness over a period of two planting seasons. General combining ability and its interaction with locations were statistically significant for all characteristics except number of fruits per plant across the environments. Results indicated that the additive genetic effects were important to the inheritance of these traits and the expression of additive genes was influenced greatly by environments. In addition, specific combining ability effect was statistically evident for fruit yield per plant, vine length, days to first female flower, and fruit weight. Most of the characters are simultaneously controlled by additive and nonadditive gene effects. This study demonstrated that the highest potential and promising among the crosses was cross P2 (BL-14) × P3 (6372-4), which possessed prolific plants, with early maturity, medium fruit weight and high soluble solid contents. Therefore this hybrid might be utilized for developing high yielding watermelon cultivars and may be recommended for commercial cultivation.

  1. Effect of the X5.4 Class Solar Flare Event of Solar Cycle 24 ON the GPS Signal Reception in Peninsular Malaysia

    Ismail, S.; Musa, T. A.; Aris, W. A. W.; Gopir, G.


    In this paper, we examine the effect of solar flare event on the Global Positioning System (GPS) signal reception in Peninsular Malaysia during the X5.4 class solar flare on 7th March 2012, 00:24 UT at active region AR1429. GPS data from six MyRTKnet stations that cover the northern, southern, western and eastern regions of Peninsular Malaysia were used, namely Langkawi (Kedah), Bandar Baharu (Pulau Pinang), Pekan (Pahang), Mersing (Johor), Tanjung Pengelih (Johor) and Malacca (Malacca). The total electron content (TEC) was estimated based on the single layer ionospheric model. Next, the ionospheric delay for each GPS frequency of L1 (1575.42 MHz), L2 (1227.60 MHz) and L5 (1176.45 MHz) was then calculated. The results show that solar flare event can influence the GPS signal reception in Peninsular Malaysia where the X5.4 class solar flare shows significant effect of the ionospheric delay within the range of 9 m - 20 m. These research findings will significantly contribute to space weather study and its effects on space-based positioning system such as the GPS.

  2. Genetic characterization of Perna viridis L. in peninsular Malaysia using microsatellite markers

    C. C. Ong; K. Yusoff; C. K. Yap; S. G. Tan


    A total of 19 polymorphic microsatellite loci were used to analyse levels of genetic variation for 10 populations of Perna viridis L. collected from all over peninsular Malaysia. The populations involved in this study included Pulau Aman in Penang, Tanjung Rhu in Kedah, Bagan Tiang in Perak, Pulau Ketam in Selangor, Muar, Parit Jawa, Pantai Lido and Kampung Pasir Puteh in Johore, and Kuala Pontian and Nenasi in Pahang state. The number of alleles per locus ranged from two to seven, with an average of 3.1. Heterozygote deficiencies were observed across all the 10 populations. Characterization of the populations revealed that local populations of P. viridis in peninsular Malaysia were genetically similar enough to be used as a biomonitoring agent for heavy metal contamination in the Straits of Malacca. Cluster analysis grouped the P. viridis populations according to their geographical distributions with the exception of Parit Jawa. The analysis also revealed that P. viridis from the northern parts of peninsular Malaysia were found to be the most distant populations among the populations of mussels investigated and P. viridis from the eastern part of peninsular Malaysia were closer to the central and southern populations than to the northern populations.

  3. Understanding Marital Disputes Management in Religious Office and Syariah Court in Malaysia

    Zakiyah Zakiyah


    Full Text Available This article reviews a monograph entitled Managing Marital Dispute in Malaysia, Islamic Mediators and Conflict Resolution in the Syariah Court written by Syarifah Zaleha Syed Hassan  and Sven Cederrot. This book contributed in the discourse of anthropology of Islamic law. This book discussed about three institutions that dealt with Islamic family law; kadi, women counselor and judge. This monograph was published in 1997 when Islamic family law became one of the heated topics in many part of the world. This book was a result of extensive research conducted at the religious office and syariah court in Kedah and Johor Malaysia. This study shows that mediator used different ways in dealing with the family disputes including formal, semi formal and informal. The first method was used to deal with adjudication, the second was utilized to manage arbitration, and the last was used in consultation, conciliation and mediation. In addition, ‘kadi’, women counselor  and the judge not only use legal formal approach but also local norm when giving advice and managing cases.

  4. Ar-rahnu as a Source of Financial Sustainability for Women Micro-Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

    Nik Hadiyan Nik Azman


    Full Text Available Muslims in Malaysia had practiced ar-rahnu for fulfilling their financial need, especially for emergency purposes since early 1990s. The pioneer of ar-rahnu in Malaysia is Muassasah Gadaian Islam Terengganu (MGIT in January 1992, followed by the Kelantan Capitalization Berhad (PKB in March 1992. Both of these Islamic pawn centres are among the earliest exponents to the Islamic pawn scheme in Malaysia. Ar-rahnu is an increasingly popular financing option among micro-entrepreneurs in Malaysia, particularly women micro-entrepreneurs. Women micro-entrepreneurs play a vital role in the Malaysian economy and could be considered as the backbone of the industrial development in Malaysia. This study examines the role of ar-rahnu as a source of financial stability for women micro-entrepreneurs. 600 questionnaires were distributed at three states in Malaysia which are Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah. Then, this study used SPSS and SEM Amos to analyses the data for 600 respondents (women micro-entrepreneurs in Malaysia. In essence, this study finds that shariah compliancy, locality, service charges, collateral and customer satisfaction has positive and significant impact towards the use of ar-rahnu. The study also found use of ar-rahnu has significant impact towards financial self-sufficiency for women micro-entrepreneurs.


    S. Ismail


    Full Text Available In this paper, we examine the effect of solar flare event on the Global Positioning System (GPS signal reception in Peninsular Malaysia during the X5.4 class solar flare on 7th March 2012, 00:24 UT at active region AR1429. GPS data from six MyRTKnet stations that cover the northern, southern, western and eastern regions of Peninsular Malaysia were used, namely Langkawi (Kedah, Bandar Baharu (Pulau Pinang, Pekan (Pahang, Mersing (Johor, Tanjung Pengelih (Johor and Malacca (Malacca. The total electron content (TEC was estimated based on the single layer ionospheric model. Next, the ionospheric delay for each GPS frequency of L1 (1575.42 MHz, L2 (1227.60 MHz and L5 (1176.45 MHz was then calculated. The results show that solar flare event can influence the GPS signal reception in Peninsular Malaysia where the X5.4 class solar flare shows significant effect of the ionospheric delay within the range of 9 m – 20 m. These research findings will significantly contribute to space weather study and its effects on space-based positioning system such as the GPS.

  6. The Impact of Parent’s Socioeconomic Status on Parental Involvement at Home: A Case Study on High Achievement Indian Students of a Tamil School in Malaysia

    Suresh Kumar N Vellymalay


    Full Text Available The current study focuses on the impact of parent’s socioeconomic status on parental involvement in their child’s education at home. Forty Indian students studying in one the best performance- based National Type Tamil Schools in the state of Kedah, Malaysia were chosen based on purposive sampling. The sample comprised 10 students from Year Two, 10 students from Year Three, 10 students from Year Four and 10 students from Year Five. Those were the high achievement students identified based on the previous final year school examination results. Questionnaires were used by the researcher to obtain quantitative data related to the parent’s socioeconomic background and their involvement strategies in their children’s education at home from the students’ parent. In addition, in-depth interviews with twenty students, that is, five students from each Year were conducted to gather information on their parent’s involvement. The findings of this study indicate that most parents are from a higher socioeconomic background and they show a high degree of involvement in most of the involvement strategies at home to ensure their child’s educational success. Moreover, the economic and academic capital among the middle-class parents serve to enhance their understanding and knowledge on the actual values that need to be placed on their child’s education. As a result, these children gain in terms of good skills, behaviour and values, all of which are crucial to their academic success.

  7. Diversity of fusarium species from highland areas in malaysia.

    Manshor, Nurhazrati; Rosli, Hafizi; Ismail, Nor Azliza; Salleh, Baharuddin; Zakaria, Latiffah


    Fusarium is a cosmopolitan and highly diversified genus of saprophytic, phytopathogenic and toxigenic fungi. However, the existence and diversity of a few species of Fusarium are restricted to a certain area or climatic condition. The present study was conducted to determine the occurrence and diversity of Fusarium species in tropical highland areas in Malaysia and to compare with those in temperate and subtropical regions. A series of sampling was carried out in 2005 to 2009 at several tropical highland areas in Malaysia that is: Cameron Highlands, Fraser Hills and Genting Highlands in Pahang; Penang Hill in Penang; Gunung Jerai in Kedah; Kundasang and Kinabalu Park in Sabah; Kubah National Park and Begunan Hill in Sarawak. Sampling was done randomly from various hosts and substrates. Isolation of Fusarium isolates was done by using pentachloronitrobenzene (PCNB) agar and 1449 isolates of Fusarium were successfully recovered. Based on morphological characteristics, 20 species of Fusarium were identified. The most prevalent species occurring on the highlands areas was F. solani (66.1%) followed by F. graminearum (8.5%), F. oxysporum (7.8%), F. semitectum (5.7%), F. subglutinans (3.5%) and F. proliferatum (3.4%). Other Fusarium species, namely F. avenaceum, F. camptoceras, F. chlamydosporum, F. compactum, F. crookwellense, F. culmorum, F. decemcellulare, F. equiseti, F. nygamai, F. poae, F. proliferatum, F. sacchari, F. sporotrichioides, F. sterilihyphosum and F. verticillioides accounted for 1% recoveries. The present study was the first report on the occurrences of Fusarium species on highland areas in Malaysia.

  8. Relationship between Quality of Building Maintenance System and Occupant Satisfaction for Office Buildings

    Hamid A.H.A


    Full Text Available Buildings will be weary, decaying and dirty as time goes by; but with highquality maintenance management we can prolong the life-span of building, provide building services and keep the building performance at its ultimate level. The importance of carrying out a systematic and routine maintenance is to conserve building performance. However, this task is often neglected due to various factors including misunderstanding the needs of the maintenance works and lack of budget allocation. This paper highlights the current practice of maintenance management that are being implemented in 6 office buildings located in Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Kedah and Pulau Pinang. Using the responses of questionnaire answered by 150 respondents employed from these selected offices, personal interviews and visual inspection the following findings were made: the occupants were satisfied with the maintenance management of their buildings elements and the delivery characteristics of maintenance works. Visual inspection however showed that some elements are not in a good condition. In conclusion, some recommendations are made to improve the existing system including the establishment of a maintenance plan, selection of experienced contractors and the provision of a service desk.

  9. Genetic characterization of Perna viridis L. in peninsular Malaysia using microsatellite markers.

    Ong, C C; Yusoff, K; Yap, C K; Tan, S G


    A total of 19 polymorphic microsatellite loci were used to analyse levels of genetic variation for 10 populations of Perna viridis L. collected from all over peninsular Malaysia. The populations involved in this study included Pulau Aman in Penang, Tanjung Rhu in Kedah, Bagan Tiang in Perak, Pulau Ketam in Selangor, Muar, Parit Jawa, Pantai Lido and Kampung Pasir Puteh in Johore, and Kuala Pontian and Nenasi in Pahang state. The number of alleles per locus ranged from two to seven, with an average of 3.1. Heterozygote deficiencies were observed across all the 10 populations. Characterization of the populations revealed that local populations of P. viridis in peninsular Malaysia were genetically similar enough to be used as a biomonitoring agent for heavy metal contamination in the Straits of Malacca. Cluster analysis grouped the P. viridis populations according to their geographical distributions with the exception of Parit Jawa. The analysis also revealed that P. viridis from the northern parts of peninsular Malaysia were found to be the most distant populations among the populations of mussels investigated and P. viridis from the eastern part of peninsular Malaysia were closer to the central and southern populations than to the northern populations.




    Full Text Available An exploratory floristic survey of the genus Mimosa was conducted in 1993 to ascertain species diversity and their spatial patterns of distribution in Peninsular Malaysia. A new species record of uncertain indigene, M.. quadrivalvis was recorded for the first time in restricted localities along the roadsides in Pekan Darat and Bertam, Seberang Perai, Gurun and Bedong in Kedah in addition to widely distributed and seemingly ubiquitous presence of M. invisa Mart. ex. Colla and M. pudica L. The latter two species were mostly found in open, disturbed and derelict habitats, agricultural areas and ex-mining lands. Both species exhibited largely contagious and overdispersed distribution patterns with positive peaks in pattern intensity values although regularity or underdispersed distribution patterns do manifest in certain localities. The giant mimosa, M. pigra inhabited in clustered thickets, large pockets of lands in the urban and sub-urban localities in the states of Penang, Perak, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan. In other states, M. pigra was confined to a few localities in smaller patches. Except for M. quadrivalvis, the other species of Mimosa are serious weeds in the agricultural, recreational and residential and derelict areas. A key to the Mimosa species is constructed along with brief descriptions on their morphology and ecology.

  11. Online 3D terrain visualisation using Unity 3D game engine: A comparison of different contour intervals terrain data draped with UAV images

    Hafiz Mahayudin, Mohd; Che Mat, Ruzinoor


    The main objective of this paper is to discuss on the effectiveness of visualising terrain draped with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) images generated from different contour intervals using Unity 3D game engine in online environment. The study area that was tested in this project was oil palm plantation at Sintok, Kedah. The contour data used for this study are divided into three different intervals which are 1m, 3m and 5m. ArcGIS software were used to clip the contour data and also UAV images data to be similar size for the overlaying process. The Unity 3D game engine was used as the main platform for developing the system due to its capabilities which can be launch in different platform. The clipped contour data and UAV images data were process and exported into the web format using Unity 3D. Then process continue by publishing it into the web server for comparing the effectiveness of different 3D terrain data (contour data) draped with UAV images. The effectiveness is compared based on the data size, loading time (office and out-of-office hours), response time, visualisation quality, and frame per second (fps). The results were suggest which contour interval is better for developing an effective online 3D terrain visualisation draped with UAV images using Unity 3D game engine. It therefore benefits decision maker and planner related to this field decide on which contour is applicable for their task.


    Rabiul Islam


    Full Text Available The purpose of the study is to examine the factors measuring customers’ satisfaction, especially the impact of service quality on customers’ satisfaction in public transportation industry in the university town of Sintok located in Kedah province of Malaysia. In order to assess the relationships between service quality and customer satisfaction survey were collected from 300 Bus commuters. All hypotheses were tested using Pearson correlations, controlling for the background variables of gender, marital status, ethnicity and education. The results indicate that hypotheses 1 through 5 were supported. Using multiple regressions as a basis for causal paths, a model was developed that examined the influence of all five dimensions of service quality on customers’ satisfaction. The model explained 26.9% of the variance which indicates that 26.9% of the changes in the dependent variable are explained by the independent variables. Altogether, independent variables explained 26.9% of the variations.

  13. Determination of optimal self-drive tourism route using the orienteering problem method

    Hashim, Zakiah; Ismail, Wan Rosmanira; Ahmad, Norfaieqah


    This paper was conducted to determine the optimal travel routes for self-drive tourism based on the allocation of time and expense by maximizing the amount of attraction scores assigned to each city involved. Self-drive tourism represents a type of tourism where tourists hire or travel by their own vehicle. It only involves a tourist destination which can be linked with a network of roads. Normally, the traveling salesman problem (TSP) and multiple traveling salesman problems (MTSP) method were used in the minimization problem such as determination the shortest time or distance traveled. This paper involved an alternative approach for maximization method which is maximize the attraction scores and tested on tourism data for ten cities in Kedah. A set of priority scores are used to set the attraction score at each city. The classical approach of the orienteering problem was used to determine the optimal travel route. This approach is extended to the team orienteering problem and the two methods were compared. These two models have been solved by using LINGO12.0 software. The results indicate that the model involving the team orienteering problem provides a more appropriate solution compared to the orienteering problem model.

  14. Perceptions of thalassemia and its treatment among Malaysian thalassemia patients: A qualitative study

    Wan Ismahanisa Ismail


    Full Text Available Background Thalassemia is a common public health problem in Malaysia and one of the most common chronic and genetic disorders. Aims The present qualitative study explores knowledge about thalassemia, perceptions about conventional therapies and the points that affect Malaysian patients with thalassemia in taking medications correctly. Methods This study used a qualitative method. Purposive and theoretical samplings were combined to explore the issues related to thalassaemia and its perceptions. Twenty-one patients with thalassemia were recruited from the Thalassemia Society, Kedah, Malaysia from July to October 2015. The semi-structured interviews were audio taped, transcribed verbatim and translated into English for thematic content analysis. Results Participants perceived thalassemia as an incurable disease which is due to genetic and blood related disorders. A positive perception was shown towards conventional therapies considering it as effective for their condition. High treatment cost was given as a reason why patients perceived conventional therapies as effective. Fear of side effects was the main reason the patients gave for their delay in looking for treatment. However, due to limited treatment options, patients were reported to show positive attitude towards the side effects due to thalassemia treatment. Conclusion This explanatory investigation suggests that thalassemia patients’ understanding about thalassemia is complex in nature. The findings may help healthcare providers remove myths about the fear of the treatment. It may also help in improving patient’s compliance towards the thalassemia therapies. Main focus for future research should be on those patients who declined the conventional therapies.

  15. Distribution of Litsea complex (lauraceae) and their association with soil properties in different forest types of Peninsular Malaysia

    Khamis, Shamsul; Nizam, M. S.


    A study was conducted at 13 locations of different forest types in Peninsular Malaysia to examine the association between Litsea complex (Lauraceae) and its soil properties. A total of 37 species and 786 individuals were recorded. Soil samples in each study plot were taken and Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) was employed to determine relationships between species of Litsea complex and the edaphic features. This study showed that Machinchang Forest Reserve, Kedah was strongly associated with sand texture while Taman Negara, Pahang was influenced by silt. In other study sites, Bukit Fraser, Pahang was highly influenced by magnesium (Mg); Taman Negara, Pahang was influenced by nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N); and Gunung Belumut, Johor was influenced by elements of sodium (Na+) and ammonium nitrogen (NH4-N). The species distribution shows that Litsea artocarpifolia, Litsea maingayi and Neolitsea villosa were closely related to silt, while Litsea tomentosa and Litseae rectinervia were associated with clay, and Litsea grandis was related to sand. For tenden cyon soil chemical characteristic, Litsea artocarpifolia, Litsea maingayi and Neolitsea villosa were strongly related to nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) while Litsea tomentosa and Litsea erectinervia were related to potassium (K+). On the other hand, Litsea myristicaefolia was influenced by cation exchange capacity (CEC) and Litsea johorensis was influenced by sodium (Na+). This study indicates that the species distribution of Litsea complex at the different forest types was associated with various soil properties.

  16. A survey on the infestation levels of tropical bed bugs in Peninsular Malaysia: Current updates and status on resurgence of Cimex hemipterus (Hemiptera: Cimicidae

    Zahran Zulaikha


    Full Text Available Objective: To survey current bed bugs infestation status in 11 states and federal territory in Peninsular Malaysia. Methods: Targeted sampling in the urban areas was performed and the sites in each state were selected based on foreign workers’ abundance and reports from pest control professionals in Malaysia. The collected bed bugs were classified into different strains obtained at the respective sites. Results: Out of all 185 surveyed sites, approximately 38 of them have been actively infested with one species, Cimex hemipterus (F.. A high number of collected bed bugs were found in the states of Perak (24.8%, Selangor (21.0% and Kedah (16.1%. In terms of preferred harborages, bedding, crevices in walls and floors and cushion seats were common locations with 49.2% infestation. Bed bugs were dominantly found in dormitories of foreign workers (51.6% compared to residential houses and public accommodations such as hotels and airports. Conclusions: Migration activities and reused infested furniture probably were the possible reasons to bed bug resurgence.

  17. A comparison of responses to alcohol expectancy questionnaire (CEOA) of Indian and Malaysian medical students.

    Ganaraja, B; Ramesh, Bhat M; Kotian, M S


    Alcohol addiction is a social problem faced by every country worldwide. Young people are more at risk of this menace. In spite of a clear knowledge and message about the effects of alcohol on individual health and social fabric, it is hard to curb the overuse of this beverage. In the present study, we compared the outcome of a survey using Comprehensive effects of Alcohol (CEOA) in two private Medical institutions in two Asian countries, viz. KMC, Mangalore, India (n=180) and AIMST, Kedah, Malaysia (n=170). The study included both males and female students. The result suggested that the negative reinforcement responses were rated higher in both the study groups. But those who have tasted alcohol before had a higher rating that alcohol may cause positive reinforcement. Both groups of respondents showed similar trend suggesting that the alcohol expectancies are similar in Indian students and Malaysian students. From the results we could conclude that the responses of the two sample groups were comparable to each other. While the male respondents were inclined show higher affinity towards acceptance of alcohol females are very much less so. However, the respondents of both groups appeared to be well aware of the negative aspects of alcohol. Importantly previous exposure to alcohol intake dramatically changed the perception and showed increased inclination towards alcoholism. This study thus provides an important clue to the clinician, counselors and parents regarding the importance of guiding the young people about the alcoholism.

  18. The opportune time to invest in residential properties - Engle-Granger cointegration test and Granger causality test approach

    Chee-Yin, Yip; Hock-Eam, Lim


    This paper examines using housing supply as proxy to house prices, the causal relationship on house prices among 8 states in Malaysia by applying the Engle-Granger cointegration test and Granger causality test approach. The target states are Perak, Selangor, Penang, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (WPKL or Kuala Lumpur), Kedah, Negeri Sembilan, Sabah and Sarawak. The primary aim of this study is to estimate how long (in months) house prices in Perak lag behind that of Selangor, Penang and WPKL. We classify the 8 states into two categories - developed and developing states. We use Engle-Granger cointegration test and Granger causality test to examine the long run and short run equilibrium relationship among the two categories.. It is found that the causal relationship is bidirectional in Perak and Sabah, Perak and Selangor while it is unidirectional for Perak and Sarawak, Perak and Penang, Perak and WPKL. The speed of deviation adjustment is about 273%, suggesting that the pricing dynamic of Perak has a 32- month or 2 3/4- year lag behind that of WPKL, Selangor and Penang. Such information will be useful to investors, house buyers and speculators.

  19. Combining Ability Analysis in Complete Diallel Cross of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb. Matsum. & Nakai

    M. Bahari


    Full Text Available The experiments were carried out in two research stations (MARDI Bukit Tangga, Kedah, and MARDI Seberang Perai, Penang in Malaysia. The crossings were performed using the four inbred lines in complete diallel cross including selfs and reciprocals. We evaluated the yield components and fruit characters such as fruit yield per plant, vine length, days to fruit maturity, fruit weight, total soluble solid content, and rind thickness over a period of two planting seasons. General combining ability and its interaction with locations were statistically significant for all characteristics except number of fruits per plant across the environments. Results indicated that the additive genetic effects were important to the inheritance of these traits and the expression of additive genes was influenced greatly by environments. In addition, specific combining ability effect was statistically evident for fruit yield per plant, vine length, days to first female flower, and fruit weight. Most of the characters are simultaneously controlled by additive and nonadditive gene effects. This study demonstrated that the highest potential and promising among the crosses was cross P2 (BL-14 × P3 (6372-4, which possessed prolific plants, with early maturity, medium fruit weight and high soluble solid contents. Therefore this hybrid might be utilized for developing high yielding watermelon cultivars and may be recommended for commercial cultivation.

  20. Single spore isolation and morphological characterization of local Malaysian isolates of rice blast fungus Magnoporthe grisea

    Mishra, Ankitta; Ratnam, Wickneswari; Bhuiyan, Md Atiqur Rahman; Ponaya, Ariane; Jena, Khisord K.


    Rice blast is a destructive disease, caused by the fungal pathogen Magnaporthe grisea. It causes considerable damage to rice and leads to crop loss in rice growing regions worldwide. Although fungicides can be used to control rice blast, they generate additional cost in rice production and contamination of environment and food. Therefore, the use of resistant varieties is thought to be one of the most economically and environmentally efficient ways of crop protection from the disease. Six new local Malaysian isolates of M. grisea were isolated using single spore isolation method. Five isolates were from infected leaf samples collected from Kompleks Latihan MADA, Kedah and one was from Kelantan. These isolates were identified using morphological characteristics and microscopic studies and later confirmed by ITSequences. These isolates were induced to sporulate and used for greenhouse screening on two differential rice varieties: Mahsuri (susceptible) and Pongsu Seribu 2 (resistant). Among the 6 isolates, isolate number 3 was found to be the most virulent showing high sporulation while isolate number 4 was very slow growing, and the least virulent.

  1. Study of heavy metal levels among farmers of Muda Agricultural Development Authority, Malaysia.

    Ghazali, Ahmad Rohi; Abdul Razak, Nur Ezzazulianie; Othman, Mohd Sham; Othman, Hidayatulfathi; Ishak, Ismarulyusda; Lubis, Syarif Husin; Mohammad, Nihayah; Abd Hamid, Zariyantey; Harun, Zaliha; Kamarulzaman, Firdaus; Abdullah, Rozaini


    Heavy metals, particularly cadmium, lead, and arsenic, constitute a significant potential threat to human health. This study was conducted to determine the levels of cadmium, lead, and arsenic in nail samples from farmers at Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA), Kedah, Malaysia, and evaluate factors that can contribute to their accumulations. A total of 116 farmers participated in this study. Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) was used to analyze concentration of heavy metals in the nail samples and questionnaires were given to participants to get demographic, health status, and their agricultural activities data. In this paper, the level of heavy metals was within the normal range and varies according to demographic factors. We found that there were significant correlations between working period with level of lead and arsenic (r=0.315 and r=0.242, resp., P<0.01) and age with lead level (r=0.175, P<0.05). Our findings suggested that agricultural activities could contribute to the accumulation of heavy metals in farmers. Hence, the control of environmental levels of and human exposure to these metals to prevent adverse health effects is still an important public health issue.

  2. Study of Heavy Metal Levels among Farmers of Muda Agricultural Development Authority, Malaysia

    Ahmad Rohi Ghazali


    Full Text Available Heavy metals, particularly cadmium, lead, and arsenic, constitute a significant potential threat to human health. This study was conducted to determine the levels of cadmium, lead, and arsenic in nail samples from farmers at Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA, Kedah, Malaysia, and evaluate factors that can contribute to their accumulations. A total of 116 farmers participated in this study. Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS was used to analyze concentration of heavy metals in the nail samples and questionnaires were given to participants to get demographic, health status, and their agricultural activities data. In this paper, the level of heavy metals was within the normal range and varies according to demographic factors. We found that there were significant correlations between working period with level of lead and arsenic (=0.315 and =0.242, resp., <0.01 and age with lead level (=0.175, <0.05. Our findings suggested that agricultural activities could contribute to the accumulation of heavy metals in farmers. Hence, the control of environmental levels of and human exposure to these metals to prevent adverse health effects is still an important public health issue.

  3. Standardized morbidity ratio for leptospirosis mapping in Malaysia

    Awang, Aznida Che; Samat, Nor Azah


    Leptospirosis is a worldwide zoonotic disease that affects human health in many parts of the world including Malaysia. Leptospirosis is a disease caused by the infection of pathogenic Leptospira genus called Spirochaetes. Leptospirosis can be transmitted directly or indirectly from rats to human. The human infection is usually caused by human contact with urine or tissues of infected animal. This disease can be spread through mucus membrane such as mouth, nose and eyes, ingestion of contaminated food and water and also exposed injured skin to contaminated water or soil. There is still no vaccine currently available for the prevention or treatment of leptospirosis disease but this disease can be treated if it is diagnosed early. Therefore, the aim of this study is to estimate the relative risk for leptospirosis disease based initially on the most common statistic used in the study of disease mapping called Standardized Morbidity Ratio (SMR). We then apply SMR to leptospirosis data obtained in Malaysia. The results show that the states of Melaka have very high risk areas. The states of Kedah, Terengganu and Kelantan are identified as high risk areas. The states of Perak, Perlis, Sabah and Sarawak showed medium risk areas. This is followed by low risk by other states except Pahang, Johor and Labuan with very low risk areas. In conclusion, SMR method is the best method for mapping leptospirosis because by referring to the relative risk maps, the states that deserve closer look and disease prevention can be identified.

  4. Fibre degradability of oil palm frond pellet, supplemented with Arachis pintoi in cattle

    Bodee Khamseekhiew


    Full Text Available An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of different levels of Arachis pintoi (AP supplementation on rumen environment [(rumen pH, ruminal ammonia nitrogen (NH3N and volatile fatty acids (VFAs concentration] and degradability of oil palm frond (OPF. Three Kedah-Kelantan (KK cattle of about 2 1/2 years of age with an average body weight (BW173±17.2 kg, each fitted with a ruminal cannula, were used. The cattle were kept in individual pens and fed the treatment diets at 1.5% of BW. The diets comprised the following four OPF:AP ratios; 80:20 (L20, 70:30 (L30, 60:40 (L40, 50:50 (L50 in a 4 × 4 incomplete Latin Square Design. The DM an NDF degradation rates of OPF were significantly affected by AP supplementation. Ruminal pH was not significantly different (p>0.05 among the four different diets. The concentration of NH3N was significantly (p<0.05 higher in cattle fed L50 than those in L40, L30 and L20. Similarly, increasing levels of AP supplementation significantly increased the total VFAs concentration from 59.9 mmol/L for L20 to 69.2 mmol/L for L50. It is suggested that AP can be used as a protein supplement to improve fibre degradability of OPF in cattle.

  5. Fecal Progestin Extraction and Analysis for Non-invasive Monitoring of Ovarian Cycle in Beef Cows

    N. Yimer§, Y. Rosnina*, H. Wahid, M.M. Bukar, A. Malik, K.C. Yap, M. Fahmi, P. Ganesamurthi and A.A. Saharee


    Full Text Available The aims of the present study were to determine presence of immunoreactive progestins in feces, correlate fecal progestins with plasma progesterone (P4 concentrations and subsequently assess the role of fecal progestins in monitoring estrous cycle in Kedah Kelantan (KK beef cows. A total of 12 cycling cows were subjected to blood and matched fecal sampling twice a week for 9 weeks. The concentrations of plasma P4 and fecal progestins extracted using a modified technique, were determined by a P4 radioimmunoassay (RIA kit. There was a significant positive correlation between the concentrations of fecal progestins and plasma P4 (r = 0.6, P<0.01, as tested for the whole group except one animal. High performance liquid chromatographic separation of fecal extracts and subsequent radioimmunoassay revealed presence of four immunoreactive progestins against the P4 antibodies. These results imply that the non-invasive measure of fecal progestins using a DSL-3900 RIA kit can be used to monitor the ovarian activity in beef cows.

  6. Gunshot-like wound caused by sling shot injury – a case report

    Vinuthinee N


    Full Text Available Naidu Vinuthinee,1,2 Anuar Azreen-Redzal,1 Jaafar Juanarita,1 Embong Zunaina2 1Department of Ophthalmology, Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia; 2Department of Ophthalmology, School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan, Malaysia Abstract: We report a rare case of sling shot injury that presented with a gunshot-like wound with preseptal cellulitis, in a toddler. An 11-month-old Malay child presented with a gunshot-like wound over the forehead following sling shot injury. On examination, he had a deep circular laceration wound over the forehead, measuring 2.0 cm in diameter, with minimal bleeding. There was no obvious foreign body seen inside the wound and no palpable foreign body surrounding the wound. The gunshot-like wound was associated with left preseptal cellulitis. A skull X-ray showed a white opaque foreign body in the left frontal bone. Computed tomography (CT scan of orbit and brain revealed a left comminuted fracture of the left orbital roof, and left frontal brain contusion with prelesional edema. Wound exploration was performed and revealed a 0.5 cm unshattered marble embedded in the left frontal bone. The marble and bone fragments were removed. The left preseptal cellulitis responded well to intravenous antibiotic and topical antibiotic. Keywords: preseptal cellulitis, orbital roof fracture, pediatric trauma

  7. MtDNA diversity and genetic lineages of four cattle breeds in Malaysia

    Somarny, W.W.M.Z.


    Full Text Available There is lack of comprehensive studies on the genetic diversity or phylogenetic analysis of beef cattle breeds in Malaysia. In this study, the partial sequence of mitochondrial DNA cytochrome b gene (cyt b was analysed from blood samples obtained from 25 Chinese Yellow Cattle (CY, 33 Kedah-Kelantan (KK, 32 Brakmas (BM and 30 Bali cattle (BC. Based on these 120 individuals, 19 mtDNA haplotypes (GenBank Accession No. GU67340 - GU67358 were identified by polymorphisms at 31 sites. Hap19 was predominant in BM (78%, KK (82% and CY (100% indicating similar origin or gene flow between breeds whilst Hap11 was exclusively for BC. However, there were only two nucleotide differences between these two major haplotypes. These results can be interpreted that these representative cattle in these haplotypes are admixtures of B. indicus or B. javanicus through maternal ancestry. Conversely, the CY cattle investigated are highly inbred where no variation could be observed in the short segment investigated.


    Damar Tri Boewono


    Dinas Kesehatan. Walaupun demikian, kasus malaria masih banyak ditemukan beberapa tahun lalu. Penelitian komprehensif telah dilakukan untuk mengetahui distribusi spasial kasus malaria dengan pemetaan menggunakaan geographical information system (GIS sehubungan dengan distribusi breeding habitat positip jentik nyamuk vektor. Tujuan penelitian adalah untuk menentukan strategi pengendalian vektor malaria spesifik, berdasarkan beberapa faktor bionomik, distribusi spasial kasus malaria dan breeding habitat positip jentik nyamuk vektor  dengan pemetaan GIS dan analisis indek jarak (distance index analyses dan status kerentanan vektor malaria terhadap insektisida.  Hasil penelitian ditemukan bahwa tiga spesies nyamuk dicurigai sebagai vektor malaria seperti: Anopheles balabacensis dan Anopheles maculatus (daerah pegunungan di pedalaman, seperti Desa Sungai Limau and Lapio, sebagai breeding habitat adalah air sumur/perigi, kolam dan parit. Daerah pantai, Desa Sungai Nyamuk dan Liang Bunyu, kolam dan lagoon/goba air payau ditemukan sebagai breeding habitat nyamuk Anopheles sundaicus (dicurigai sebagai vektor malaria. Vektor malaria (An. balabacensis and An. maculatus, ditemukan sudah resisten terhadap insektisida Permetrin dan Lambdacyhalotrin tetapi masih toleran terhadap Malation. Insektisida alternatif perlu dipertimbangkan dalam pengendalian vektor malaria.  Analisis spasial diketahui bahwa kasus malaria tersebar mengelompok clumped/cluster, buffer zones terhadap breeding habitat (< 400 meter sebagai indikasi penularan lokal/setempat (indigenous sehubungan dengan perilaku vektor  dan kurang disebabkan  mobititas manusia.  Pengendalian vektor malaria di Desa Sungai Limau (daerah endemis perlu diperhatikan secara khusus,  Manajemen vektor secara terpadu baik aplikasi dalam rumah  (indoors treatment seperti indoor residual spraying/IRS (penyemprotan insektisida pada dinding rumah, atau distribusi kelambu berinsektisida (LLIN dan aplikasi breeding habitat jentik nyamuk


    NKT Martuti


    Full Text Available Dukuh Tapak merupakan muara dari Sungai Tapak yang sebagian besar wilayahnya berupa pertambakan ikan bandeng. Berkembangnya industri di daerah aliran sungai (DAS Tapak, mengakibatkan terjadinya penurunan kualitas perairan Tapak akibat adanya pencemaran limbah yang mengandung logam berat. Penurunan kualitas perairan tersebut akan mempengaruhi kualitas ikan bandeng yang dipelihara pada tambak-tambak di Dukuh Tapak. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui kandungan Cd dalam air dan ikan bandeng di tambak Dukuh Tapak Semarang. Penelitian bersifat observasional analitik menggunakan analisis komparatif. Analisis kadar Cd menggunakan AAS. Kandungan Cd pada air Sungai Tapak 0,004mg/l, nilai tersebut masih berada di bawah ambang batas yang ditetapkan PPRI No.82 Tahun 2001 yaitu sebesar 0,01mg/l. Rerata kandungan Cd pada air tambak Tapak 0,0045mg/l, melebihi ambang batas yang ditetapkan KepMen LH No.51 Tahun 2004 yaitu sebesar 0,001mg/l. Rerata kandungan Cd pada daging ikan bandeng di ketiga stasiun adalah 0,01mg/l, masih berada di bawah ambang batas yang ditetapkan SNI 7287:2009 yakni sebesar 0,1 mg/kg. Simpulan dari penelitian ini adalah kandungan Cd pada air tambak Tapak melebihi ambang batas yang sudah ditentukan, namun kandungan Cd pada ikan bandeng masih berada di bawah ambang batas. Meskipun demikian, perlu diwaspadai keberadaan logam berat Cd karena logam berat bersifat toksik dan akumulatif.District Tapak is an estuary of Tapak river which most of the area is formed of milk fish aqua farming region. Tapak watershed industry growth has affected in Tapak water degradation quality. Due to waste contamination containing heavy metals. It affects the quality of breeding milk fish. This research aims to discover Cadmium (Cd content both in watershed and milk fish in district Tapak, Semarang. This observational analytic research using comparative analysis, purposive random sampling method. Data analysis method using AAS. Cadmium (Cd content in Tapak

  10. Akumulasi dan Distribusi Logam Berat pada Vegetasi Mangrove di Pesisir Sulawesi Selatan

    Heru Setiawan


    Full Text Available Tumbuhan mangrove mempunyai fungsi ekologis yaitu dapat menyerap, mengangkut dan menimbun materi yang bersifat toksik yang berasal dari sekitar lingkungan tempat tumbuhnya, salah satunya adalah logam berat. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui akumulasi dan distribusi logam berat jenis Timbal (Pb, Tembaga (Cu dan Kadmium (Cd pada vegetasi mangrove di perairan pesisir Sulawesi Selatan. Sampel vegetasi mangrove diambil dari empat lokasi, yaitu sekitar Pantai Tanjung Bunga Makassar, Muara Sungai Tallo Makassar, Teluk Pare-Pare dan Teluk Bone. Distribusi logam berat pada vegetasi mangrove dibagi dalam lima jaringan yaitu, akar napas, akar kawat, daun muda, daun tua dan ranting. Kandungan logam berat dalam sampel diukur dengan menggunakan alat Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric(AAS. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan, akumulasi Pb terbesar berasal dari sampel vegetasi mangrove di Muara Sungai Tallo yaitu 36,1 ppm, akumulasi Cu terbesar dari Pantai Tanjung Bunga Makassar 42,8 ppm, dan akumulasi Cd terbesar dari Muara Sungai Tallo yaitu 29,3 ppm. Distribusi logam berat pada jaringan vegetasi mangrove yang paling tinggi, untuk Pb terdapat pada akar kawat yaitu 9,5 ppm, akumulasi logam berat Cd tertinggi terdapat pada jaringan daun muda yaitu 3,1 ppm, sedangkan akumulasi logam berat Cu yang tertinggi terdapat pada jaringan akar kawat yaitu 10,1 ppm. Secara umum, jenis Api-api (Avicennia marina merupakan jenis mangrove yang paling besar menyerap logam berat dengan kandungan Pb sebesar 24,2 ppm, Cd sebesar 30, 9 ppm dan Cu sebesar 71,2 ppm. Katakunci: logam berat, mangrove, perairan pesisir, Sulawesi Selatan   Accumulation and Distribution of Heavy Metals in Mangrove Vegetation of the Coastal of South Sulawesi Abstract Mangroves have ecological functions to absorb, transport and stockpile toxic materials, e.g., heavy metal from surrounding environment. This research aimed to know the accumulation and distribution of heavy metals, i.e. Lead (Pb, Cuprum

  11. Sociodemographic profile and predictors of outpatient clinic attendance among HIV-positive patients initiating antiretroviral therapy in Selangor, Malaysia

    Abdulrahman SA


    Full Text Available Surajudeen Abiola Abdulrahman,1,2 Lekhraj Rampal,1 Norlijah Othman,3 Faisal Ibrahim,1 Kadir Shahar Hayati,1 Anuradha P Radhakrishnan4 1Department of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor, 2Department of Public Health Medicine, Penang Medical College, George Town, Penang, 3Department of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor, 4Infectious Disease Clinic, Hospital Sungai Buloh, Sungai Buloh, Selangor, MalaysiaBackground: Inconsistent literature evidence suggests that sociodemographic, economic, and system- and patient-related factors are associated with clinic attendance among the HIV-positive population receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART around the world. We examined the factors that predict outpatient clinic attendance among a cohort of HIV-positive patients initiating ART in Selangor, Malaysia.Patients and methods: This cross-sectional study analyzed secondary data on outpatient clinic attendance and sociodemographic, economic, psychosocial, and patient-related factors among 242 adult Malaysian patients initiating ART in Selangor, Malaysia. Study cohort was enrolled in a parent randomized controlled trial (RCT in Hospital Sungai Buloh Malaysia between January and December 2014, during which peer counseling, medication, and clinic appointment reminders were provided to the intervention group through short message service (SMS and telephone calls for 24 consecutive weeks. Data on outpatient clinic attendance were extracted from the hospital electronic medical records system, while other patient-level data were extracted from pre-validated Adult AIDS Clinical Trial Group (AACTG adherence questionnaires in which primary data were collected. Outpatient clinic attendance was categorized into binary outcome – regular attendee and defaulter categories – based on the number of missed scheduled outpatient clinic appointments within a 6-month

  12. In vivo antitumor and antimetastatic effects of flavokawain B in 4T1 breast cancer cell-challenged mice

    Abu N


    Full Text Available Nadiah Abu,1,2 Nurul Elyani Mohamed,2 Swee Keong Yeap,3 Kian Lam Lim,4 M Nadeem Akhtar,5 Aimi Jamil Zulfadli,3 Beh Boon Kee,2 Mohd Puad Abdullah,2 Abdul Rahman Omar,3 Noorjahan Banu Alitheen2 1Bright Sparks Unit, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 2Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, 3Institute of Bioscience, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia; 4Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Lot PT, Jalan Sungai Long, Bandar Sungai Long, Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia; 5Faculty of Industrial Sciences and Technology, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Lebuhraya Tun Razak, Kuantan Pahang, Malaysia Abstract: Flavokawain B (FKB is a naturally occurring chalcone that can be isolated through the root extracts of the kava-kava plant (Piper methysticum. It can also be synthesized chemically to increase the yield. This compound is a promising candidate as a biological agent, as it is reported to be involved in a wide range of biological activities. Furthermore, FKB was reported to have antitumorigenic effects in several cancer cell lines in vitro. However, the in vivo antitumor effects of FKB have not been reported on yet. Breast cancer is one of the major causes of cancer-related deaths in the world today. Any potential treatment should not only impede the growth of the tumor, but also modulate the immune system efficiently and inhibit the formation of secondary tumors. As presented in our study, FKB induced apoptosis in 4T1 tumors in vivo, as evidenced by the terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase dUTP nick end labeling and hematoxylin and eosin staining of the tumor. FKB also regulated the immune system by increasing both helper and cytolytic T-cell and natural killer cell populations. In addition, FKB also enhanced the levels of interleukin 2 and interferon gamma but suppressed interleukin 1B. Apart from that, FKB was also found to inhibit


    Hafrijal Syandri


    Full Text Available Penelitian tentang biologi reproduksi ikan bilih di Danau Singkarak dilakukan pada bulan Januari –Desember 2010. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui distribusi ukuran, tingkat kematangan gonad, fekunditas dan pemijahan ikan bilih. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan ukuran panjang ikan bilih betina matang gonad berkisar antara 70-109 mm dan bobot tubuh berkisar antara 6,4-8,7 gram, ikan jantan pada panjang antara 70-89 mm dengan bobot antara 4,5-6,6 gram. Persentase ikan betina yang memijah setiap stasiun berkisar 68,4-75,7% dan ikan jantan berkisar 73,4-78,4%. Pada saat memijah ikan bilih beruaya dari danau ke sungai Sumpur, Paninggahan dan Baing setiap hari dimulai pukul 16.00 hingga 23.00 WIB. Karakteristik habitat pemijahan mempunyai kecepatan arus sungai antara 10-15 m/detik, kedalaman perairan berkisar antara 20-40 cm, substrat dasar perairan terdiri dari kerikil dan karakal. Study of biology reproduction bilih fish on Lake Singkarak has done a series of studies in January and December 2010. The purpose of this study is to reveal the size distribution, gonada mature level, fecundity and spawning of bilih fish. The research proves that the size of mature female fish gonads bilih range in size of 70-109 mm with a weight of 6.4 to 8.7 g and males 70-89 mm and weighs 4.4 to 6.6 g. Percentage of female fish to spawn each research station ranged from 68.5-75.7 % and males 73.4-78.3%. Bilih spawning fish populations by conducting migration from lakes to rivers Sumpur, Paninggahan and Baing everyday starting at 16:00 until 23:00 am. Characteristics of spawning habitat with river flow velocity between 10-15 m / sec, water depth between 20-40 cm, bottom substrate consists of gravel and karakal.

  14. Swamp Buffalo in South Kalimantan : Problem, Disease and Control

    Lily Natalia


    Full Text Available In recent years, several studies have been carried out to evaluate and investigate the important diseases of swamp buffaloes (Bubalus carabanensis in Kalimantan . More attention has been focused on the case of acute infectious diseases and sudden death in the buffaloes . Fasciolosis black disease, acute enteritis, especially fatal enterotoxaemia haemorrhagic septicaemia . and trypanosomiasis (Surra, are some of the important diseases found in these animals . Black disease caused by toxigenic Clostridium novyi occurs in the presence of the organism in the liver and the degree of liver fluke Fasciola gigantica infestation . In regions where black disease is enzootic, Cl. novvi can be isolated from livers of normal healthy animals . In Hulu Sungai Utara district, South Kalimantan, the prevalence of fasciolosis caused by Fasciola gigantica in swamp buffalo was 77% in 1991 . A gross sudden change in diet due to seasonal changes could induce rumen and intestinal stasis, which provide a favourable environment for the rapid proliferation of commensal toxigenic Clostridium perfringens in the small intestine . Subsequent absorption of the toxin produced through the gut wall and its generalized dissemination culminated in a fatal enterotoxaemia . Haemorrhagic septicaemia (HS is an acute, fatal disease affecting swamp buffalo, and caused by Pasteurella multocida B : 2 . The swamp buffalo is particularly susceptible for HS, and the reported greatest losses of swamp buffalo in Kalimantan due to HS is recorded in 1980s. The clinical signs of Surra in swamp buffalo were also found in certain areas in Danau Panggang area . Hulu Sungai Utara district . Vaccination is the accepted method for controlling Black disease, enterotoxaemia and HS. Multi component vaccine, alum adjuvant containing at least 5 types of clostridial toxoids and P. multocida B2 bacterin have been used and provide good protection to the animals . Control and treatment of liver fluke infestation

  15. Pencemaran merkuri di perairan dan karakteristiknya: suatu kajian kepustakaan ringkas

    M. Adlim


    Full Text Available Abstract. The issue of mercury pollution in Aceh waters, Indonesiadue to gold mining activities hasbeen a polemic in local media and Aceh Local Government and the communities have much concern on this case. The impact of mercury pollution in the Teunom and Tangse (Acehrivers was often assumed that it has similarity with Minamatapollution in Japan. This article intends to enlighten the characteristic mercury either as elements or compounds including methyl mercury which is highly toxic. Gold mining using elemental mercury is poorly soluble in water, the solubility is only 0.06 g per ton of mercury but the solubility can increase indark the sea-bed and ina lot of dissolved oxygen. Based on the properties of solubility, it is understood that the mercury levels in the Teunom and Tangse rivers still below the tolerance limit, but the gold mining activities still bringsthe risk of environmental damage especially inadequate supervision. Many researchers were trying to prove the natural conversionfrom mercury into methyl mercury (biomethylation but they usedthe salt instead of the elemental mercury in their experiments. Methyl mercury is found in nature, but the process mercury conversion into methyl mercury compound is still controversial and it has not obtained adequate evidence for the natural alteration,therefore gold pollution which is due to releasing elemental mercury into environment might not be analogue to Minamata case. Keywords: Aceh; Methyl-mercury; Minamata; Mining; Gold   Abstrak. Informasi pencemaran merkuri di perairan Aceh dan kaitannya dengan aktivitas pertambangan emas telah menjadi polemik sehingga menjadi perhatian Pemda Aceh dan Masyarakat. Dampak pencemaran merkuri di Sungai Teunom dan Tangse sering dianalogikan dengan kasus pencemaran merkuri di teluk Minamata, Jepang. Artikel ini bermaksud memberi pencerahan kharakteristik merkuri baik sebagai unsur maupun sebagai senyawa seperti metil merkuri yang sangat beracun. Penambangan

  16. Occurrence of Blastocystis sp. in water catchments at Malay villages and Aboriginal settlement during wet and dry seasons in Peninsular Malaysia

    Samseh Abdullah Noradilah


    Full Text Available In the tropics, there are too few studies on isolation of Blastocystis sp. subtypes from water sources; in addition, there is also an absence of reported studies on the occurrence of Blastocystis sp. subtypes in water during different seasons. Therefore, this study was aimed to determine the occurrence of Blastocystis sp. subtypes in river water and other water sources that drained aboriginal vicinity of highly endemic intestinal parasitic infections during wet and dry seasons. Water samples were collected from six sampling points of Sungai Krau (K1–K6 and a point at Sungai Lompat (K7 and other water sources around the aboriginal villages. The water samples were collected during both seasons, wet and dry seasons. Filtration of the water samples were carried out using a flatbed membrane filtration system. The extracted DNA from concentrated water sediment was subjected to single round polymerase chain reaction and positive PCR products were subjected to sequencing. All samples were also subjected to filtration and cultured on membrane lactose glucuronide agar for the detection of faecal coliforms. During wet season, Blastocystis sp. ST1, ST2 and ST3 were detected in river water samples. Blastocystis sp. ST3 occurrence was sustained in the river water samples during dry season. However Blastocystis sp. ST1 and ST2 were absent during dry season. Water samples collected from various water sources showed contaminations of Blastocystis sp. ST1, ST2, ST3 and ST4, during wet season and Blastocystis sp. ST1, ST3, ST8 and ST10 during dry season. Water collected from all river sampling points during both seasons showed growth of Escherichia coli and Enterobacter aerogenes, indicating faecal contamination. In this study, Blastocystis sp. ST3 is suggested as the most robust and resistant subtype able to survive in any adverse environmental condition. Restriction and control of human and animal faecal contaminations to the river and other water sources

  17. Occurrence of Blastocystis sp. in water catchments at Malay villages and Aboriginal settlement during wet and dry seasons in Peninsular Malaysia

    Noradilah, Samseh Abdullah; Lee, Ii Li; Anuar, Tengku Shahrul; Salleh, Fatmah Md; Abdul Manap, Siti Nor Azreen; Mohd Mohtar, Noor Shazleen Husnie; Azrul, Syed Muhamad; Abdullah, Wan Omar


    In the tropics, there are too few studies on isolation of Blastocystis sp. subtypes from water sources; in addition, there is also an absence of reported studies on the occurrence of Blastocystis sp. subtypes in water during different seasons. Therefore, this study was aimed to determine the occurrence of Blastocystis sp. subtypes in river water and other water sources that drained aboriginal vicinity of highly endemic intestinal parasitic infections during wet and dry seasons. Water samples were collected from six sampling points of Sungai Krau (K1–K6) and a point at Sungai Lompat (K7) and other water sources around the aboriginal villages. The water samples were collected during both seasons, wet and dry seasons. Filtration of the water samples were carried out using a flatbed membrane filtration system. The extracted DNA from concentrated water sediment was subjected to single round polymerase chain reaction and positive PCR products were subjected to sequencing. All samples were also subjected to filtration and cultured on membrane lactose glucuronide agar for the detection of faecal coliforms. During wet season, Blastocystis sp. ST1, ST2 and ST3 were detected in river water samples. Blastocystis sp. ST3 occurrence was sustained in the river water samples during dry season. However Blastocystis sp. ST1 and ST2 were absent during dry season. Water samples collected from various water sources showed contaminations of Blastocystis sp. ST1, ST2, ST3 and ST4, during wet season and Blastocystis sp. ST1, ST3, ST8 and ST10 during dry season. Water collected from all river sampling points during both seasons showed growth of Escherichia coli and Enterobacter aerogenes, indicating faecal contamination. In this study, Blastocystis sp. ST3 is suggested as the most robust and resistant subtype able to survive in any adverse environmental condition. Restriction and control of human and animal faecal contaminations to the river and other water sources shall prevent the

  18. Choice of rainfall inputs for event-based rainfall-runoff modeling in a catchment with multiple rainfall stations using data-driven techniques

    Chang, Tak Kwin; Talei, Amin; Alaghmand, Sina; Ooi, Melanie Po-Leen


    Input selection for data-driven rainfall-runoff models is an important task as these models find the relationship between rainfall and runoff by direct mapping of inputs to output. In this study, two different input selection methods were used: cross-correlation analysis (CCA), and a combination of mutual information and cross-correlation analyses (MICCA). Selected inputs were used to develop adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) in Sungai Kayu Ara basin, Selangor, Malaysia. The study catchment has 10 rainfall stations and one discharge station located at the outlet of the catchment. A total of 24 rainfall-runoff events (10-min interval) from 1996 to 2004 were selected from which 18 events were used for training and the remaining 6 were reserved for validating (testing) the models. The results of ANFIS models then were compared against the ones obtained by conceptual model HEC-HMS. The CCA and MICCA methods selected the rainfall inputs only from 2 (stations 1 and 5) and 3 (stations 1, 3, and 5) rainfall stations, respectively. ANFIS model developed based on MICCA inputs (ANFIS-MICCA) performed slightly better than the one developed based on CCA inputs (ANFIS-CCA). ANFIS-CCA and ANFIS-MICCA were able to perform comparably to HEC-HMS model where rainfall data of all 10 stations had been used; however, in peak estimation, ANFIS-MICCA was the best model. The sensitivity analysis on HEC-HMS was conducted by recalibrating the model by using the same selected rainfall stations for ANFIS. It was concluded that HEC-HMS model performance deteriorates if the number of rainfall stations reduces. In general, ANFIS was found to be a reliable alternative for HEC-HMS in cases whereby not all rainfall stations are functioning. This study showed that the selected stations have received the highest total rain and rainfall intensity (stations 3 and 5). Moreover, the contributing rainfall stations selected by CCA and MICCA were found to be located near the outlet of


    Utojo Utojo


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini memanfaatkan teknologi Sistem Informasi Geografis (SIG untuk menentukan lokasi yang sesuai bagi pengembangan budidaya tambak di Kabupaten Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat. Data sekunder yang diperoleh berupa data iklim, peta Rupabumi Indonesia kawasan Pontianak skala 1:50.000, citra digital ALOS AVNIR-2 dan peta batimetri skala 1:200.000. Data primer diperoleh dengan metode survai di lokasi penelitian yaitu kualitas air dan tanah serta pasang surut. Penentuan stasiun pengamatan dilakukan secara acak dan sistematik. Setiap lokasi pengambilan contoh ditentukan posisi koordinatnya dengan alat Global Positioning System (GPS. Data lapangan (fisika-kimia air dan tanah, data sekunder, dan data citra satelit digital, dianalisis secara spasial dengan metode PATTERN menggunakan SIG. Berdasarkan hasil survai dan evaluasi kesesuaian lokasi budidaya tambak di wilayah pesisir Kabupaten Pontianak seluas 497,077 ha. Pada umumnya yang tergolong sangat sesuai (114,986 ha, cukup sesuai (168,819 ha, tersebar di wilayah pesisir Kecamatan Sungai Pinyuh, Sungai Kunyit, Mempawah Hilir, dan Mempawah Timur, sedangkan yang kurang sesuai (213,272 ha, terdapat di Kecamatan Segedong dan Siantan.  This research used GIS technique to find location suitable to develop sustainable brackhiswater pond in Pontianak Regency, West Kalimantan. Secondary data such as wheather data, Indonesia earth surface map of Pontianak area scale of 1:50,000, ALOS satellite imagery digital data, and navigation map scale 1:200,000 were collected and used. The primary data (water and soil quality and tidal variation were determined during the field survey. Simple systematic random sampling was used to allocate sampling points. Digital Remote Sensing (ALOS data, secondary data, and field data (water quality were analyzed using PATTERN method and Geographical Information System (GIS. Thematic map of the area suitability as the main expected output of the study was created using spatial

  20. Studi Kasus; “Koreksi terhadap Pengukuran Polutan di Udara Unit Perajin Logam dan Dampaknya terhadap Kesehatan”

    Husaini Husaini


    Full Text Available AbstractUnderstanding on the reaction of various air pollutants until today continues to grow, even it is hard to find information about the results of the reaction of various air pollutants standard. The aim of the research was to analyze and to correct of the the various air pollutants as well as to determine the health impact of blacksmith in 2014. The samples consisted of 38 blacksmith from 38 working units in Hulu Sungai Selatan of South Kalimantan. Analytical approach of the examination of air pollutants, blood samples and pulmonary functions of selected workers was applied in this study. The results showed a decrease in lung function and abnormalization workers immune response, as a result of exposure to various air pollutants. It is very difficult to determine and predict the causality of air pollution and health impact since there must be various factors contributing to the the health impact. because it is caused by pollutants singly or may be caused from the various reactions of these pollutants, for that, the correction need on the measurement and analysis of air pollutants that made so far, including its impact on the human body. The benefit of this research as a form of correction to use the Threshold Limit Value (TLV and measurement of air pollutants, including the impact of the target organ in the human body.Keywords : Measurements correction, pollutants, lung function, immune response.AbstrakPemahaman reaksi berbagai polutan di udara sampai saat ini terus berkembang, bahkan hampir tidak ditemukan informasi tentang standar hasil reaksi berbagai polutan di udara. Tujuan penelitian untuk menganalisis dan koreksi pengukuran berbagai polutan di udara serta dampaknya terhadap kesehatan perajin logam. Studi kasus dilakukan pada 38 perajin logam serta 38 unit kerjanya di Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Selatan Kalimantan Selatan tahun 2013 dengan pendekatan observational analitik beserta pengambilan contoh polutan di udara dan pengambilan sampel

  1. Kinerja Pembangunan Daerah Kabupaten/Kota di Provinsi Jambi

    Raina Damarsari


    Full Text Available Abstrak Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk: (1 menganalisis peringkat kinerja pembangunan antar kabupaten/kota di Provinsi Jambi, dan (2 mengkategorikan kabupaten/kota di Provinsi Jambi berdasarkan kinerja pembangunan ekonomi, sumber daya manusia, dan infrastruktur. Data yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah data sekunder dari 2009-2012 dari Badan Pusat Statistik, terdiri dari delapan indikator untuk menilai kinerja pembangunan ekonomi, lima indikator untuk menilai kinerja pembangunan sumber daya manusia, dan delapan indikator untuk menilai kinerja pembangunan infrastruktur. Metode analisis untuk mencapai tujuan pertama adalah analisis komponen utama (PCA dan analisis faktor serta untuk tujuan ketiga adalah analisis kluster. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa (1 Kota Jambi menempati peringkat pertama dalam kinerja pembangunan secara keseluruhan, diikuti oleh dari Tanjab Barat dan Kabupaten Batang Hari, (2 Empat kelompok kabupaten/kota di Provinsi Jambi terbentuk berdasarkan kinerja pembangunan, yaitu: cluster I (Kerinci, Merangin, dan Tebo memiliki kinerja yang pembangunan daerah paling rendah, klaster II (Tanjab Timur memiliki kinerja pembangunan di atas rata-rata, klaster III (Sarolangun, Batang Hari, Muaro Jambi, Tanjab Barat, Bungo Kabupaten, dan Kota Sungai Penuh memiliki kinerja pembangunan rata-rata (menengah, dan kelompok IV ( Kota Jambi memiliki kinerja pembangunan paling tinggi. Kata kunci : Analisis Faktor, Analisis Klaster, Pembangunan Ekonomi, Sumberdaya Manusia, Infrastruktur.   Abstract This study aims (1 to analyze the performances among regencies/ cities in Jambi Province, and (2 to categorize the regencies/ cities in Jambi Province based on economic, human resources, and infrastructure development performances. Datas used in this study are secondary data of 2009-2012 from Statistics Indonesia, consists of eight component indicators to assess the performance of economic development, the five component indicators to assess the


    Abdur Rahman


    Full Text Available Telah terjadi terjadi kerusakan habitat lingkungan mangrove, abrasi dan akresi yang menyebabkan semakin tingginya muka air  di sepanjang DAS Sungai Barito (DAS Martapura, DAS Alalak dan DAS Kuin, sebab erjadinya proses abrasi dan akresi  yang terjadi di sepanjang garis pantai, terutama DAS Martapura, DAS Alalak dan DAS Kuin. Klasifikasi pemanfaatan lahan dan konversinya serta perubahan pesisir berupa akresi dan abrasi di sepanjang pantai area penelitian di analisis dengan memanfaatkan informasi dari data citra satelit Landsat multi temporal yang di peroleh pada tanggal 29 Juni tahun 1985, dan 03 September 2006. Dominasi pemanfaatan lahan berupa HPH, pertambangan dan pemukiman dengan konversi lahan pada hutan untuk pemanfaatan lain memberikan dampak erosi yang cukup besar dengan ditunjukannya wilayah pesisir yang mengalami peningkatan akresi terutama pada bagian muara sungai (delta. Tren perubahan yang terlihat pada kawasan pesisir di area penelitian selama 21 tahun adalah abrasi sebesar 294,55 m2 di daerah Muara S. Martapura, 75,53 m2 di sekitar muara S. Alalak. Dan perubahan Abrasi sebesar 177,42 m2 , dan akresi sebesar 610,86 m2 di sekitar Muara S. Barito/Kuin. Have happened happened damage of environmental habitat of mangrove, and abrasi of akresi causing its excelsior of face irrigate alongside DAS River of Barito (DAS Martapura, DAS Alalak and of DAS Kuin, because the happening of process of abrasi and of akresi that happened alongside coastline, especially DAS Martapura, DAS Alalak and  DAS Kuin. Classification exploiting of farm and its conversion and also change of coastal area in the form of and akresi of abrasi alongside research area coast in analysis by exploiting information of satellite image data of Landsat temporal multi which in obtaining on 29 June year 1985, and 03 September 2006. Domination exploiting of farm in the form of HPH, settlement and mining with farm conversion at forest for other exploiting give big enough


    Agus Djoko Utomo


    “Danau lindung Empangau “ (124 ha di Kapuas Hulu Kalimantan Barat terdapat stok ikan 5.700 ekor/ha didominansi oleh ikan Haruan (Channa striata, Entukan (Thynnichthys thynnoides, Biawan (Helostoma temmenckii, Tengadak (Barbonymus schwanenfeldii. Suaka perikanan tipe sungai “Kapak Hulu” (segmen sungai panjang 1 km, lebar 30 m di Lubuk Lamam Sumatera selatan terdapatstok ikan 4 ton didominansi oleh ikan Lais (Kryptopterus kryptopterus, Baung (Hemibagrus nemurus, Palau (Osteochilus hasselti, Lampam (Barbonymus schwanenfeldii. Suaka perikanan “Lubuk Gunung Isam” di Lubuk Lamam Sumatera selatan terdapat stok ikan 2 ton didominansi oleh ikan Tapa (Wallago leeri, Bulu Tulang (Kryptopterus apagon, Baung (Hemibagrus nemurus, Lais (Kryptopterus kryptopterus. Agar supaya suaka perikanan dapat berfungsi dengan baik sehingga mempunyai dampak terhadap masyarakat sekitarnya maka suaka tersebut harus dikelola dengan tepat mulai dari penentuan lokasi yang tepat, sarana prasarana yang diperlukan, serta kelembagaan dan pengawasan. Floodplain waters are strongly influenced by season, drought during dry season and floods in rainy season. There are two groups of fish in the swamp namely the swamp fishgroup (black fish and river fish group (white fish. Based on the type of habitat in the swamp flood, there are several types of fish reserves namely floodplain pool reserve, swamp lake reserve, river segment reserve, and deep pool of the riverreserve. Floodplain pool reserve type:” Suak Buaya Reserve”(0.5 ha in southern Sumatra contained 2 tons of fish stocks dominated by snakehead, kissing gourami, Snakeskin gourami, climbing perches. Swamp lake reserve type: Empangau Lake Reserve (124 ha in West Kalimantan with5.700 fish/ha dominated by Snakehead fish, minnows or carp,kissing gourami, Tinfoil barb. River segment reserve type: “Kapak Hulu Reserve “ (river segment, length =1 km and width =30 m in southern Sumatra contained 4 tons of fish dominated by Sheatfishes, Catfish

  4. Status of Water Quality Based on the Physico-Chemical Assessment on River Water at Wildlife Sanctuary Sibuti Mangrove Forest, Miri Sarawak

    Seca Gandaseca


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Mangrove forest is a component of wetlands that has been recognized as one of the most productive ecosystem in the tropic. Rapid development and other land uses in the mangrove areas over the years had negatively affected the ecological functions and its ecosystem. Study was carried out on river water quality at Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary, Miri based on the physicochemical properties. Approach: A total of 72 water samples were collected from 12 stations or sampling points from Sungai Sibuti (SS and its tributary, a man-made canal called Sungai Parit Scheme (SPS at Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary Miri, Sarawak in the month of June, August and October 2010. In situ data measurement such as temperature, conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen (DO, pH and turbidity were taken and labeled. Analysis for parameter such as ammoniacal nitrogen (NH3-N, Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD and total suspended solids (TSS were conducted in the laboratory. Both in situ and ex situ data were measured and analyzed according to the Standards Methods APHA, 2005. Results for each water quality parameters are summarized as follows, temperature range (29.3-32.8°C, pH range (6.02-8.07, DO range (2.76-4.7 mg L-1, conductivity (0.805-96.1 µS cm-1, TSS range (0.00119-0.4361 mg L-1, turbidity (10.2-15.3 NTU, BOD range (5.21-6.66 mg L-1, COD (7.5-25 and ammoniacal nitrogen (0.1-0.31 mg L-1. Results: Based on Water Quality Index (WQI and Interim National Water Quality Standards for Malaysia (INWQS by the Department of Environment Malaysia, river water of SPS and SS fall under Class II. Conclusion: The water quality status of river water at Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary Mangrove Forest, Miri Sarawak is under category class II or good water quality status. All water quality parameters in this study are found to be in class I and II (good water quality except for the BOD and DO which indicate fairer and moderate river water quality status.


    Lili Sholichah


    Full Text Available Pemeliharaan ikan rainbow (Melanotaenia sp. di Balai Penelitian dan Pengembangan Budidaya Ikan Hias selalu terjadi kematian secara bertahap mulai calon induk hingga proses pemijahan. Hal ini terjadi berulang kali sehingga ketersediaan induk Melanotaenia sp. sangat terancam. Ikan ini berasal dari Papua yang diperoleh mengandalkan penangkapan di alam. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk menginventarisir dan mengidentifikasi berbagai patogen (parasit, jamur, bakteri potensial yang menginfeksi ikan rainbow yang dipelihara di dalam akuarium berukuran 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm dengan sistem aliran air stagnan. Tiga jenis rainbow yang dipelihara yaitu: rainbow Sungai Salawati, asal Sungai Sawiat, dan asal Danau Kurumoi. Setiap ikan masing-masing berjumlah 100 ekor dipelihara di akuarium dengan penambahan batu karang dan tanpa penambahan karang (kontrol ke dalam akuarium. Ikan diberi pakan sekenyangnya berupa jentik nyamuk dan cacing rambut beku setiap pagi dan sore hari. Sampling dilakukan secara random sebulan sekali dan secara unrandom setiap ada kejadian ikan sakit. Gejala klinis ikan yang sakit sebagai berikut: ikan berenang di permukaan dan menggosok-gosokkan badan di dinding akuarium, nafsu makan berkurang, gerakan berputar-putar, warna memudar menjadi putih, penekanan warna hitam pada sirip punggung dan perut meningkat, pendarahan pada perut, lendir berlebihan dan sangat berbau, serta sisik berdiri/terbuka. Diagnosa dan deteksi penyakit awal berupa pengamatan parasit baik ektoparasit maupun endoparasit, pengamatan dan isolasi jamur pada media selektif jamur, dan isolasi bakteri dilakukan untuk mengetahui jenis-jenis patogen yang menginfeksi ketiga jenis ikan rainbow. Selanjutnya dilakukan uji histologi dan analisa DNA beberapa patogen. Hasil pengamatan diperoleh patogen berupa parasit (Ichthyophthirius sp., Dactylogyrus sp., Gyrodactylus sp., dan Trichodina sp. dan bakteri (Aeromonas hydrophila, Acinetobacter sp


    MI Savitri


    Full Text Available Komposit berpori dengan bahan dasar limbah kaca dan Polyethylen Glycol  (PEG telah dihasilkan dengan metode pencampuran sederhana. Pori pada komposit terbentuk akibat PEG yang menguap ketika dipanaskan pada temperature 700oC selama 2,5 jam. Variasi pori dihasilkan dengan mengatur komposisi PEG yaitu 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%, dan 9%. Komposit berpori memiliki nilai porositas yang bertambah dengan kenaikan komposisi PEG. Komposit berpori memiliki porositas pada rentang 1% hingga 5% dan nilai permeabilitas komposit berpori yaitu (0.3-25x10-15 m2. Potensi komposit berpori sebagai filter air diujicobakan dengan mengalirkan limbah air sungai. Hasil pengujian diperoleh air dengan sifat fisis air bening dan tidak berbau, sehingga komposit berpori dari limbah kaca dapat menyaring air limbah.  {0>Komposit berpori dengan bahan dasar limbah kaca dan Polyethylen Glicol (PEG telah dihasilkan dengan metode pencampuran sederhana.<}0{>Porous composites from waste glass and Polyethylene Glycol (PEG have been synthesized by a simple mixing method.<0} {0>Pori pada komposit terbentuk akibat PEG yang menguap ketika dipanaskan pada temperature 700oC selama 2,5 jam.Variasi pori dihasilkan dengan mengatur komposisi PEG yaitu 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%, dan 9%.Komposit berpori memiliki nilai porositas yang bertambah dengan kenaikan komposisi PEG.<}0{>The pores of the composite were formed due to the evaporation of PEG when heated at temperature of 700oC for 2.5 hours. The pore variation may be obtained by adjusting the PEG composition, i.e. 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%, and 9%. The porous composites have higher porosity because of the PEG composition.<0} {0>Komposit berpori memiliki porositas pada rentang 1% hingga 5% dan nilai permeabilitas komposit berpori yaitu (0.3-25x10-15m2.Potensi komposit berpori sebagai filter air diujicobakan dengan mengalirkan limbah air sungai.<}0{>Mesoporous composites have porosity ranging from 1% to 5% and the permeability has value

  7. Isolation and characterization of pullulan-degrading Anoxybacillus species isolated from Malaysian hot springs.

    Chai, Yen Yen; Kahar, Ummirul Mukminin; Md Salleh, Madihah; Md Illias, Rosli; Goh, Kian Mau


    Two thermophilic bacteria (SK3-4 and DT3-1) were isolated from the Sungai Klah (SK) and Dusun Tua (DT) hot springs in Malaysia. The cells from both strains were rod-shaped, stained Gram positive and formed endospores. The optimal growth of both strains was observed at 55 degrees C and pH 7. Strain DT3-1 exhibited a higher tolerance to chloramphenicol (100 microg ml(-1)) but showed a lower tolerance to sodium chloride (2%, w/v) compared to strain SK3-4. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences revealed that both strains belong to the genus Anoxybacillus. High concentrations of 15:0 iso in the fatty acid profiles support the conclusion that both strains belong to the genus Anoxybacillus and exhibit unique fatty acid compositions and percentages compared to other Anoxybacillus species. The DNA G + C contents were 42.0 mol% and 41.8 mol% for strains SK3-4 and DT3-1, respectively. Strains SK3-4 and DT3-1 were able to degrade pullulan and to produce maltotriose and glucose, respectively, as their main end products. Based on phenotypic and chemotaxonomic characteristics, 16S rRNA gene sequences, and the DNA G + C content, we propose that strains SK3-4 and DT3-1 are new pullulan-degrading Anoxybacillus strains.

  8. Birds communities of fragmented forest within highly urbanized landscape in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Mohd-Taib, F. S.; Rabiatul-Adawiyah, S.; Md-Nor, S.


    Urbanization is one form of forest modification for development purposes. It produces forest fragments scattered in the landscape with different intensity of disturbance. We want to determine the effect of forest fragmentation towards bird community in urbanized landscapes in Kuala Lumpur, namely Sungai Besi Forest Reserve (FR), Bukit Nenas FR and Bukit Sungei Puteh FR. We used mist-netting and direct observation method along established trails. These forests differ in size, vegetation composition and land use history. Results show that these forests show relatively low number of species compared to other secondary forest with only 39 bird species recorded. The largest fragment, Sg. Besi encompassed the highest species richness and abundance with 69% species but lower in diversity. Bukit Nenas, the next smallest fragment besides being the only remaining primary forest has the highest diversity index with 1.866. Bkt. Sg. Puteh the smallest fragment has the lowest species richness and diversity with Shanon diversity index of 1.332. The presence of introduced species such as Corvus splendens (House crow) in all study areas suggest high disturbance encountered by these forests. Nonetheless, these patches comprised of considerably high proportion of native species. In conclusion, different intensity of disturbance due to logging activities and urbanization surrounding the forest directly influenced bird species richness and diversity. These effects however can be compensated by maintaining habitat complexity including high vegetation composition and habitat structure at the landscape level.

  9. Pengaruh Pembelajaran Project Based Learning (PjBL pada Materi Ekosistem terhadap Sikap dan Hasil Belajar Siswa SMAN 2 Malang

    Susriyati Mahanal


    Full Text Available The objective of this research was to know the effect of Project Based Learning (PjBL to the attitude and student cognitive achievement in SMAN 2 Malang. This research applied quasy experimental with non-equivalent control group design. The populations of this research is all student of class X SMAN 2 Malang on academic year 2008/2009. The samples of this research were class X7 as experimental (PjBL and class X8 as control (conventional. The instrument of this research namely cognitive achievement test and attitude scale questionnaire to river ecosystem. This research data are quantitative data consisted by score cognitive achievement and attitude scale questionnaire to river ecosystem, collected on 14 Maret until 31 May 2009. Data were analysed by bilinear covariant statistical analysis (Ancova, continued with LSD test. The result of this research indicated that there were PjBL toward the cognitive achievement and student attitude to river ecosystem. Students with PjBl having attitude higher 11,65% from conventional students. Beside, students with PjBl having cognitive achievement higher 81,05% from conventional students. Based on this research, the researcher suggest to the teacher that this strategy can be implemented in biology learning.   Kata kunci: Project Based Learning, sikap terhadap ekosistem sungai, hasil belajar

  10. Studi Perencanaan Pembangkit Listrik Mikrohidro Di Desa Sambangan Kabupaten Buleleng Bali

    DPD Suparyawan


    Full Text Available Pemanfaatan PLTMH telah dilakukan di Desa Sambangan, Kecamatan Sukasada, Kabupaten Buleleng-Bali dengan nama PLTMH Cahaya Abadi. PLTMH Cahaya Abadi memanfaatkan sebagian aliran air dari Sungai Tiying Tali. Berbagai kendala berakibat PLTMH tersebut terbengkalai. Dari permasalahan tersebut, dilakukan evaluasi terhadap PLTMH Cahaya Abadi dan perancangan teknis PLTMH Baru yang sesuai potensi dan mengacu pada berbagai kriteria pembangunan PLTMH.Observasi setiap komponen sipil dan mekanikal- elektrikal PLTMH Cahaya Abadi. Debit rancangan PLTMH Baru ditentukan berdasarkan aliran terendah. Tinggi head diperoleh dengan menggunakan GPS dan Google Earth. Persamaan yang merupakan pola dari ukuran bangunan sipil dari beberapa PLTMH lain digunakan sebagai pendekatan untuk menentukan ukuran bangunan sipil PLTMH Baru. Dari hasil analisis diperoleh bahwa kondisi komponen penyusun PLTMH Cahya Abadi dibangun secara sederhana dan tidak sesuai dengan kriteria pembanguan PLTMH. Perancangan PLTMH Baru menggunakan debit desain sebesar 0,623 m3/s dan head 18 m, maka potensi listriknya adalah 82,42 kW. Ukuran masing-masing bangunan sipil adalah bendung 5 x 1 m, saluran pembawa 150 x 1 x 1 m, kolam penenang 5 x 2 x 1,5 m, pipa pesat panjangnya 73 m dan diameter 0,508 m, rumah daya 5 x 4 m. Turbin berjenis crossflow, kapasitas generator 132 kVA dan kapasitas ballast load 157 kVA.

  11. Struktur anatomi dan aktivitas antioksidan bulbus bawang dayak (Eleutherine americana Merr. dari daerah Kalimantan Selatan

    Evi Mintowati Kuntorini


    Full Text Available The aim of this research were to study the characterization of the microscopic anatomy and testing the antioxidant activity of bawang dayak bulb from several regions in South Kalimantan. Bawang dayak plant samples taken from four (4 regency in South Kalimantan. Bulb anatomical structure was observed by the paraffi n method and test preparations of antioxidant activity by DPPH method. IC50 values were calculated based on the formula of the regression equation.The bulb anatomical structures has a epidermis tissue of both surfaces, there is parenchymal tissue. Transport tissue were located in rows with collateral type, there are starch grains in parenchyma cells, and the presence of stiloid crystals between cells parenkim. Extract ethanol bawang dayak bulb from the four districts in South Kalimantan has antioxidant activity against DPPH radicals. The highest antioxidant activity showed on the sample from location1 Comets Village Banjarbaru Municipality (IC50 = 25.3339 μg/ml and the lowest showed on the sample from location 2 Sungai Paring Village Banjar District (IC50 = 86.9039 μg/ml. Antioxidant activity of bawang dayak extract 4.5 to 15 times weaker compared to BHT (BHT IC50 = 5.5707 μg/ml.

  12. Comparison of catching efficiency of two Indonesian traditional traps, Ayunan and Tamba



    Full Text Available The catching efficiency of traditional traps: Ayunan and Tamba were tested in Sungai Batang River, South Kalimantan of Indonesia. Trials consisted of 320-trap hauls/type using 1-day submersion time of 24 hr. The baited traps sampling accounted for 82 specimens assigned to 5 species of 5 families. There was a large variability in number of catch between prawns and fish species collected (T=2.318, P<0.05. The prawns catch was represented by only the species Macrobrachium rossenbergii with total of 53 and 1,015 g weight. The prawns weight of Tamba was significantly higher than that of Ayunan (T=3.453, P<0.01.The fish catch composed of Mystus gulio 79%, Osteochilus hasselti 10%, Hypostomus plecostomus 7%, and Macrognathus aculeatus 3%, with total weight ranged from 35 to 560 g. A clear difference was found in catching efficiency. Comparative fishing trials showed that Tamba collected specimens were 1.8 times higher than Ayunan (T=2.223, P<0.05. Catch per unit effort for Tamba ranged from 58.13 to 80.00, and for Ayunan ranged from 5.31 to 7.19. The gear modifications and various treatments (e.g. bait odor, light are necessary to be taken to increase their relative catching efficiency.

  13. Faktor yang Memengaruhi Perilaku Penggunaan Air Bersih pada Masyarakat Kumuh Perkotaan berdasar atas Integrated Behavior Model

    Ardini S. Raksanagara


    Full Text Available Kebutuhan air bersih semakin meningkat terutama di wilayah perkotaan. Kelurahan Tamansari merupakan wilayah kumuh yang berlokasi di tengah Kota Bandung, 60% penduduk menggunakan air bersih perpipaan sisanya menggunakan sumber air tanah, namun tidak semua sumber air dilindungi secara benar sehingga berpotensi terkontaminasi. Penelitian ini bertujuan menganalisis faktor yang memengaruhi perilaku penggunaan air bersih pada masyarakat kumuh perkotaan dengan mengaplikasikan teori Integrated Behavior Model. Penelitian potong lintang dilakukan pada 188 rumah tangga di 10 RW pada bantaran sungai Cikapundung di Kelurahan Tamansari. Survei dilakukan menggunakan kuesioner dan ceklist observasi pada sumber air perpipaan (PDAM, sumur terlindungi (ST, dan sumur tidak terlindungi (STT. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan sikap, norma yang dipersepsikan dan faktor personal memengaruhi niat untuk menggunakan air bersih pada ketiga jenis sumber air yang digunakan. Pada pengguna PDAM tidak ada faktor yang signifikan memengaruhi perilaku. Pada pengguna ST perilaku dipengaruhi oleh faktor kepentingan menggunakan air bersih. Pada pengguna STT faktor niat, hambatan lingkungan dan kebiasaan memengaruhi perilaku menggunakan air bersih. Faktor-faktor yang memengaruhi perilaku khususnya di wilayah kumuh perkotaan berbeda-beda berdasar atas sumber air bersih yang digunakan sehingga upaya promosi kesehatan untuk melakukan perubahan perilaku harus dikembangkan sesuai dengan jenis sumber air yang digunakan.

  14. Urban Landscape Changes in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, from 1969 to 2004 as Observed on Maps

    Nor Rasidah Hashim


    Full Text Available Kuala Lumpur has undergone massive development since Malaysia gained its independence in 1957. Our map analysis describes how Kampung Baru, which is a little pocket of traditional Kuala Lumpur, has changed in two different post-Independence periods: 1. The mid-20th century (1969 and 2. The early 21st century (2004. The maps used are published by the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia at the scale of 1:50,000 for the 1969 map and at 1:10,000 for the 2004 map. Our observation shows that in both maps, Kampung Baru is having a historical-spatial relationship with Sungai Klang but the importance of the river to the people has changed over time as does the surrounding areas. The spatial patterns of Kampung Baru at the map scales appeared to be relatively regular, and the natural topography in and around Kampung Baru is clearly shown to be impacted by anthropogenic activities that have been driven by rapid population growth. This map-based analysis adds to our understanding about the on-going process of urban development in Kampung Baru.

  15. Assessing the susceptibility status of Aedes albopictus on Penang Island using two different assays.

    Chan, H H; Mustafa, F F W; Zairi, J


    Routine surveillance on resistant status of field mosquito populations is important to implement suitable strategies in order to prevent pest outbreaks. WHO test kit bioassay is the most frequent bioassay used to investigate the susceptibility status of field-collected mosquitoes, as it is relatively convenient to be carried out in the field. In contrast, the topical application of active ingredient is less popular in investigating the susceptibility status of mosquitoes. In this study, we accessed the susceptibility status of Aedes albopictus Skuse collected from two dengue hotspots on Penang Island: Sungai Dua and Persiaran Mayang Pasir. Two active ingredients: permethrin and deltamethrin, were used. WHO test kit bioassay showed that both wild strains collected were susceptible to the two active ingredients; while topical application assay showed that they were resistant. This indicated that WHO test kit bioassay less sensitive to low level of resistance compared to topical application assay. Hence, topical application is expected to be more indicative when used in a resistance surveillance programme.

  16. Perancangan Sistem Permesinan Dan Sistem Penggerak Pada Auger Cutter Suction Dredger (ACSD Sebagai Metode Pengerukan Di Waduk

    Andri Prasetyo


    Full Text Available Auger Cutter Suction Dredger (ACSD adalah salah salah satu jenis kapal keruk dari beberapa jenis kapal keruk yang ada. Sistem permesinan yang beroperasi pun lebih bervariatif karena selain kapal harus bergerak (moving kapal juga melakukan aktivitasnya dalam melakukan pengerukan. Dalam operasinya, kapal keruk ini akan bekerja di area waduk. Dan juga sangat cocok diaplikasikan di sungai dan rawa. Dalam perancangan sistem permesinannya ada beberapa parameter yang perlu diperhatikan antara lain lokasi pengerukan, kapasitas produksi, kedalaman pengerukan, jenis material yang akan dikeruk, ukuran kapal, dan akses menuju ke tempat kerja. Dalam skripsi ini, akan dilakukan beberapa variasi perhitungan, analisa dan desain rencana umum kapal keruk (ACSD. Perhitungan dan analisa yang dilakukan pada sistem permesinannya antara lain perhitungan kapasitas dan penentuan pompa hisap, perhitungan dan pemilihan mesin Independen drive, pemilihan cutterhead, perhitungan kapasitas dan penentuan ladder winch suction pipe, desain kapal keruk yang direncanakan. Selanjutnya, setelah dilakukan perhitungan dan analisa tersebut, penentuan spesifikasi dijadikan dasar dalam pemilihan komponen / unit pada sistem permesinan kapal keruk ACSD tersebut.

  17. Index insurance for pro-poor conservation of hornbills in Thailand.

    Chantarat, Sommarat; Barrett, Christopher B; Janvilisri, Tavan; Mudsri, Sittichai; Niratisayakul, Chularat; Poonswad, Pilai


    This study explores the potential of index insurance as a mechanism to finance community-based biodiversity conservation in areas where a strong correlation exists between natural disaster risk, keystone species populations, and the well-being of the local population. We illustrate this potential using the case of hornbill conservation in the Budo-Sungai Padi rainforests of southern Thailand, using 16-y hornbill reproduction data and 5-y household expenditures data reflecting local economic well-being. We show that severe windstorms cause both lower household expenditures and critical nest tree losses that directly constrain nesting capacity and so reduce the number of hornbill chicks recruited in the following breeding season. Forest residents' coping strategies further disturb hornbills and their forest habitats, compounding windstorms' adverse effects on hornbills' recruitment in the following year. The strong statistical relationship between wind speed and both hornbill nest tree losses and household expenditures opens up an opportunity to design wind-based index insurance contracts that could both enhance hornbill conservation and support disaster-affected households in the region. We demonstrate how such contracts could be written and operationalized and then use simulations to show the significant promise of unique insurance-based approaches to address weather-related risk that threatens both biodiversity and poor populations.


    Parlindungan Manik


    Full Text Available Kapal yang akan dirancang sebagai pengembangan pariwisata di objek wisata Green Canyon dan daerah sungai Cijulang harus memperhitungkan ukuran utama, rencana garis, rencana umum, analisa hidrostatik, stabilitas kapal dan analisis olah gerak kapal, serta pemilihan peralatan penyelamatan dan motor induk berdasarkan hasil perhitungan daya motor sesuai dengan hambatan yang dialami kapal, sehingga sarana pariwisata yang dirancang memiliki image yang baik karena sangat mengutamakan faktor keamanan dan kenyamanan penumpang. Metode perancangan kapal pariwisata ini menggunakan kapal pembanding sebagai acuannya, dengan lambung kapal berbentuk katamaran, agar menambah kesan keselamatan, keamanan dan kenyamanan penumpang. Setelah ukuran utama didapatkan maka analisa kelayakan lambung bisa didapatkan dari software pendukung perancangan kapal. Ukuran utama yang dihasilkan dari perhitungan adalah Lwl: 9,50 m, B: 4,00 m, T: 0,6 m, H: 1,5 m. Kapal pariwisata ini menggunakan dua buah tenaga penggerak berupa diesel outboard motors dengan daya yang dihasilkan sebesar 20 HP. Pada tinjauan stabilitas, hasil menunjukkan nilai GZ terbesar dan periode oleng tercepat terjadi pada saat kapal standby. Pada tinjauan olah gerak kapal pariwisata ini memiliki olah gerak yang baik terbukti tidak terjadi deck weaknes. Kemudian pada hasil gambar rencana umum, kapal memiliki space yang cukup untuk menampung penumpang lebih banyak, menata peralatan keselamatan, peralatan komunikasi dan navigasi


    Indah Dewi Astreani


    Full Text Available Kematian dengan tenggelam sulit untuk didiagnosis karena membutuhkan pemeriksaan eksternal dan internal. Jenasah yang diduga tenggelam memerlukan tanda kardinal agar mengarahkan untuk pemeriksaan forensik selanjutnya. Bali sebagai  potensi pariwisata air memiliki risiko ditemukannya jenasah kasus diduga tenggelam. Tujuan penelitian untuk mengetahui gambaran tanda kardinal pada jenasah diduga tenggelam dari data bagian Ilmu Kedokteran Forensik RSUP Sanglah Bali tahun 2012-2014. Desain penelitian deskriptif retrospektif. Sampel 91 kasus. Berdasarkan karakteristik laki-laki 77 kasus, perempuan 14 kasus, WNI 50 kasus, WNA 41 kasus, anak-anak 12,1%, dewasa 87,9%. Jenasah diduga tenggelam di pantai 52 kasus, kolam renang 8 kasus, sungai 10 kasus, sisanya di rawa dan kamar mandi hanya dengan pemeriksaan eksternal. Tanda kardinal busa putih pada hidung (26,4%, mulut (31,9%, telinga (3,3%, bintik perdarahan mata (4,4%, pelebaran pembuluh darah mata (33% dan ada keduanya (28,6%, cadaveric spasm (1,1%, cutis anserine (4,4%, hands & feet of a washer woman (53,8%, tanda sianosis (56,0% & benda asing di tubuh korban (12,1%. Pemeriksaan internal getah paru 17 kasus, Ganggang Hijau (15,29%, Diatom (5,88%, Kristal Charcot Leyden (5,88%, Ganggang Merah (1,17% tidak ditemukan (3,52%. Tanda kardinal  patognomonis dari pemeriksaan eksternal hanya berperan untuk menguatkan pemeriksaan selanjutnya dari jenasah diduga tenggelam. Harapannya dapat menjadi informasi jenasah diduga korban tenggelam di Bali.  

  20. Tropical forest heterogeneity from TanDEM-X InSAR and lidar observations in Indonesia

    De Grandi, Elsa Carla; Mitchard, Edward


    Fires exacerbated during El Niño Southern Oscillation are a serious threat in Indonesia leading to the destruction and degradation of tropical forests and emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere. Forest structural changes which occurred due to the 1997-1998 El Niño Southern Oscillation in the Sungai Wain Protection Forest (East Kalimantan, Indonesia), a previously intact forest reserve have led to the development of a range of landcover from secondary forest to areas dominated by grassland. These structural differences can be appreciated over large areas by remote sensing instruments such as TanDEM-X and LiDAR that provide information that are sensitive to vegetation vertical and horizontal structure. One-point statistics of TanDEM-X coherence (mean and CV) and LiDAR CHM (mean, CV) and derived metrics such as vegetation volume and canopy cover were tested for the discrimination between 4 landcover classes. Jeffries-Matusita (JM) separability was high between forest classes (primary or secondary forest) and non-forest (grassland) while, primary and secondary forest were not separable. The study tests the potential and the importance of potential of TanDEM-X coherence and LiDAR observations to characterize structural heterogeneity based on one-point statistics in tropical forest but requires improved characterization using two-point statistical measures.


    Eni Kusrini


    Full Text Available Ikan tiger catfish (Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum merupakan salah satu ikan hias hasil introduksi yang berasal dari Sungai Amazon Amerika Latin dan mempunyai nilai ekonomi yang cukup tinggi terutama untuk komoditas ekspor. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk memberikan informasi tentang pembenihan ikan tiger catfish secara buatan. Metode yang digunakan untuk pemijahan buatan ikan tiger catfish ini adalah dengan stimulasi hormon gonadotropin. Calon induk ikan hias tiger catfish dapat matang gonad dipelihara dalam kolam beton berukuran 2,5 m x 2,0 m x 0,8 m dengan ke dalaman air antara 50-60 cm dilengkapi dengan sistem sirkulasi. Perbandingan antara jantan dan betina yaitu 1:2. Bobot rata-rata induk yang siap dipijahkan sekitar 2,5 kg dan sudah berumur minimal dua tahun. Jumlah telur yang dihasilkan setiap satu induk dapat mencapai 300.000 butir dengan daya tetas rata-rata 80%. Telur akan menetas semua dalam waktu 15 19 jam pada suhu berkisar antara 26oC-30oC. Larva yang telah menetas tetap dibiarkan dalam akuarium sampai kuning telur yang menempel di tubuh habis termakan. Keberhasilan pembenihan diawali dari pengelolaan induk yang benar untuk dapat matang gonad, sehingga kualitas telur bagus dan akan menghasikan benih-benih yang berkualitas. Teknik pembenihan juga menjadi faktor yang menentukan untuk keberhasilan pembenihan. Teknologi pemijahan buatan dengan menggunakan stimulasi hormon gonadotropin ikan tiger catfish telah dikuasai dan telah berkembang di para breeder ikan hias.

  2. Socioeconomic consequences of the 2004 tsunami: policy implications for natural disaster management.

    Su, T T; Saimy, B I; Bulgiba, A M


    The objective of the study is to assess the socioeconomic status of the households affected by the tsunami of 2004 & to determine the factors associated with the recovery of household economic status. The study was conducted in tsunami-affected areas in Malaysia in 2010-2011. A total of 193 households were included in the survey. Multivariate logistic regression was performed to determine the factors related to the recovery of households' economic status. Among 193 households, 37% were in a better condition, 40% were unchanged and 22% had not recovered. It took 2.2 years to get back to pre-disaster economic status. Factors leading to successful household economic recovery were "household resided in Sungai Petani", "belong to highest income quartile" and "age of household head". In contrast, "extended family type" and "unemployed household head" reduced the odds of recovery. Households which lost their fishing boats during the tsunami had less chance to recover their previous status. The findings of our study would be useful for policy consideration and planning of post disaster management in order to enhance the recovery of household economic status in the short period. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  3. Epidemiology of Helicobacter pylori among multiracial community in Northern Peninsular, Malaysia:effect of age across race and gender

    Sreenivasan Sasidharan; Subramanion Jo Thy Lachumy; Manickam Ravichandran; Lachimanan Yoga Latha; Surasa Rao Surya Gegu


    Objective: To study the epidemiology of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection according to age group. Methods: H. pylori infection data among 1 965 consecutive patients referred to the Endoscopy Unit collected at Sungai Petani Hospital for oesophagogastro-duodenoscopy (OGD). The patients were divided into 9 age groups (10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89 and 90-99 years). In addition these groups were further divided into three minor group namely young adults (10-39), older adults (40-69) and geriatric groups (70-99). Results: Overall prevalence of infection of H. pylori was analyzed and found that the prevalence increase with age (P<0.05). When the patients divided by ethnic and gender group with age, prevalence rate among young adults and older adults significantly higher (P<0.05) compared to geriatric groups across all races and gender (P<0.05). Furthermore, significantly higher number of males were infected compared to female (P<0.05) but such trend was only observed among older adult groups. In addition, there is a significant differences in H. pylori infection prevalence rates among ethnic groups (highest in Indians adults, followed Chinese and low in Malays, P<0.05). Conclusions:The overall prevalence of H. pylori did increase with age group across ethnicity and gender, in Northern Peninsular Malaysia.

  4. Penurunan Logam Timbal (Pb pada Limbah Cair TPA Piyungan Yogyakarta dengan Constructed Wetlands Menggunakan Tumbuhan Eceng Gondok (Eichornia Crassipes

    Eko Siswoyo


    Full Text Available Salah satu permasalahan lingkungan yang ditimbulkan dari adanya lindi di TPA Piyungan yaitu pencemaran pada badan air, sungai dan air tanah. Untuk mengatasi permasalahan ini salah satunya dengan sistem Constructed Wetlands dengan menggunakan tumbuhah eceng gondok. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui tingkat penurunan konsentrasi Timbal (Pb yang terdapat dalam limbah cair TPA Piyungan dengan Constructed Wetlands menggunakan tumbuhan eceng gondok dan untuk mengetahui seberapa besar kapasitas serapan tumbuhan eceng gondok terhadap kandungan Timbal (Pb dalam limbah cair TPA Piyungan.Dalam penelitian ini digunakan reaktor yang terbuat dari kayu yang dilapisi plastik dengan ukuran 0,5 m x 1,0 m. Setiap reaktor diberi media tanah 5 cm, dan diberi tumbuhan sebanyak 14 buah. Reaktor tersebut diberi perlakuan dengan konsentrasi limbah yang bervariasi (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, dan 0%, dan waktu pengambilan sampel (0, 3, 6, 9, 12 hari. Dengan menggunakan metode SSA (Spektrofotometri Serapan Atom.Berdasarkan pengujian diperoleh bahwa penurunan logam Pb pada limbah cair TPA Piyungan hari ke- 12, yaitu sebesar 0.0501mg/L pada konsentrasi 100%, 0.0295mg/L pada konsentrasi 75%, 0.0267mg/L pada konsentrasi 50% dan 0.0041 mg/L pada konsentrasi 25%.


    Astriana Rahmi Setiawati


    Full Text Available Tanah Datar is one of regency in West Sumatera that has a great potential in agriculture, which is more than 70% of  its population are farmers. Unfortunately, the economic income of this regency is lowest than another regency in West Sumatera. This research aimed: (1 to identify superior estate comodities of Tanah Datar Regency; (2 to identify present land use of Tanah Datar Regency; (3 to analyze land availability and to evaluate land suitability of superior estate commodities; (4 to arrange the direction of superior estate commodities development. Land  suitability  evaluation was  done  by  using the matching method  between land characteristics and crops requirement. The study showed that the available land for development of  superior comodities is about 38.210 ha which is suitable for robusta coffee (X koto; nutmeg (Batipuh; cocoa (Batipuh selatan, Rambatan, Limo kaum, Tanjung emas, and Lintau buo utara; rubber (Padang gantiang; cassievera (Pariangan and Salimpauang; vanilla (Sungai tarap; and arabica coffee (Salimpauang, respectively.

  6. Empirical gas emission and oxidation measurement at cover soil of dumping site: example from Malaysia.

    Abushammala, Mohammed F M; Basri, Noor Ezlin Ahmad; Basri, Hassan; Kadhum, Abdul Amir H; El-Shafie, Ahmed Hussein


    Methane (CH₄) is one of the most relevant greenhouse gases and it has a global warming potential 25 times greater than that of carbon dioxide (CO₂), risking human health and the environment. Microbial CH₄ oxidation in landfill cover soils may constitute a means of controlling CH₄ emissions. The study was intended to quantify CH₄ and CO₂ emissions rates at the Sungai Sedu open dumping landfill during the dry season, characterize their spatial and temporal variations, and measure the CH₄ oxidation associated with the landfill cover soil using a homemade static flux chamber. Concentrations of the gases were analyzed by a Micro-GC CP-4900. Two methods, kriging values and inverse distance weighting (IDW), were found almost identical. The findings of the proposed method show that the ratio of CH₄ to CO₂ emissions was 25.4 %, indicating higher CO₂ emissions than CH₄ emissions. Also, the average CH₄ oxidation in the landfill cover soil was 52.5 %. The CH₄ and CO₂ emissions did not show fixed-pattern temporal variation based on daytime measurements. Statistically, a negative relationship was found between CH₄ emissions and oxidation (R(2) = 0.46). It can be concluded that the variation in the CH₄ oxidation was mainly attributed to the properties of the landfill cover soil.

  7. Hydrological Analysis for Inflow Forecasting into Temengor Dam

    Najid, MI; Sidek, LM; Hidayah, B.; Roseli, ZA


    These days, natural disaster such as flood is the main concern for hydrologists. One of solutions in understanding the reason of flood is by prediction of the event sooner than normal occurrence. One of the criteria is lead time or travel time that is important in the study of fresh waters and flood events. Therefore, estimation of lead or travel time for flood event can be beneficial primary information. The objective of this study is to estimate the lead time or travel time for outlet of Temengor dam in Malaysia. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Sungai Perak dam operation has the main contribution on decision support for early water released and flood warning to authorities and locals resident for in the down streams area. For this study, hydrological analysis carried out will help to determine which years that give more rainfall contribution into the reservoir. Rainfall contribution of reservoir help to understanding rainfall distribution and peak discharge on that period. It also help for calibration of forecasting model system for better accuracy of flood hydrograph. There may be various methods to determine the rainfall contribution of catchment. The result has shown that, the rainfall contribution for Temengor catchment, is more on November in each year which is the monsoon season in Malaysia. TNB dam operational decision support systems can prepare and be more aware at this time for flood control and flood mitigation.

  8. Melioidosis in acute cholangitis of diabetic patient: a forgotten diagnosis

    Mohamad N


    Full Text Available Nasir Mohamad,1 Suresh Ponnusamy,2 Sunita Devi,3 Rishya Manikam,4 Ilya Irinaz Idrus,1 Nor Hidayah Abu Bakar51Department of Emergency Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kubang Kerian, Malaysia; 2AIMST University, Bedong, Malaysia; 3Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim, Sungai Petani, Malaysia; 4University Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 5Department of Pathology, Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II, Kota Bharu, MalaysiaAbstract: Melioidosis presents with a wide range of clinical presentations, which include severe community-acquired pneumonia, septicemia, central nervous system infection, and less severe soft tissue infection. Hence, its diagnosis depends heavily on the clinical microbiology laboratory for culture. In this case report, we describe an atypical presentation of melioidosis in a 52-year-old man who had fever, right upper-abdominal pain, and jaundice for 15 days. Melioidosis caused by Burkholderia pseudomallei was subsequently diagnosed from blood culture. As a primary care physician, high suspicion index is of great importance. High suspicion index of melioidosis in a high-risk group patient, such as the patient with diabetes mellitus and diabetic foot, is crucial in view of atypical presentations of pseudomonas sepsis. A correct combination of antibiotic administration in the early phase of therapy will determine its successful outcome.Keywords: Burkholderia pseudomallei, atypical, high suspicion, primary care

  9. Penerapan Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP pada Sistem Pembelian, Penjualan dan Inventory Barang di Mini Market 7 Putra

    Andre Nofriandi


    Full Text Available 7 Putra is one of the mini market located on the Pasar Sungai Sariak. Purchasing, sales, and inventory of goods on this market mini is done without using a computer. It can be seen from the process of buying new goods, the receipt of goods, payment to suppliers, inventories in storage, movement of goods, sales of goods and payments from customers. ll of the above processes suffer from the financial constraints and poorly controlled. Application development Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP in a mini-market 7 Putra to assist and facilitate the process of purchase, sales and inventory items. Implementation of ERP in 7 Putra done through several stages of the business process analysis, analysis of ERP selection, ERP implementation and ERP testing. In filming the analysis of business processes, use BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation. The module used in this research is the main module purchase, sales, as well as items and inventory. Before the implementation of ERP. ERP selection was done according to the 7th Round. The results of the election analysis showed FrontAccounting application is an application that is suitable for 7 Putra. ERP implementation is done by using the application FrontAccounting. System testing is done to check and make sure it is appropriate and ERP applications can run as expected. The test is based on existing business processes in 7 Putra. Results of testing ERP accordance with existing reporting and business processes in the 7th Round

  10. Revision of the genus Devadatta Kirby, 1890 in Borneo based on molecular and morphological methods, with descriptions of four new species (Odonata: Zygoptera: Devadattidae).

    Dow, Rory A; Hämäläinen, Matti; Stokvis, Frank R


    Species of Devadatta from Borneo are studied using both morphological and molecular methods. As well as D. podolestoides Laidlaw, four new species are recognised from the island: D. aran spec. nov. (holotype ♂, from Pulong Tau National Park, Miri division, Sarawak, Malaysia, deposited in RMNH), D. clavicauda spec. nov. (holotype ♂, from Bukit Mina, Bukit Mina Wildlife Corridor, Sarawak Planted Forest Project, Bintulu division, Sarawak, Malaysia, deposited in RMNH), D. somoh spec. nov. (holotype ♂, from the Sungai Kahei area, Ulu Balui, Kapit division, Sarawak, Malaysia, deposited in RMNH) and D. tanduk spec. nov. (holotype ♂, from Poring Hot Springs, Kinabalu National Park, West Coast division, Sabah, Malaysia, deposited in RMNH). The Philippine taxon D. basilanensis Laidlaw is considered a good species rather than a subspecies of D. podolestoides. The Bornean species plus D. basilanensis are provisionally considered to form a species group, the podolestoides-group, within Devadatta. The species of the podolestoides-group are so similar in morphology and colouration that they are close to truly cryptic species. Two species appear to exhibit character displacement where their ranges overlap with other Devadatta species. A molecular analysis using four markers (COI, 16S, ITS and 28S) is presented. This analysis includes specimens of all species from the podolestoides-group and two Devadatta species from mainland Asia.

  11. Revision of the Sundaland species of the genus Dysphaea Selys, 1853 using molecular and morphological methods, with notes on allied species (Odonata: Euphaeidae).

    Hämäläinen, Matti; Dow, Rory A; Stokvis, Frank R


    The Sundaland species of the genus Dysphaea were studied using molecular and morphological methods. Four species are recognized: D. dimidiata Selys, D. lugens Selys, D. ulu spec. nov. (holotype ♂, from Borneo, Sarawak, Miri division, Upper Baram, Sungai Pejelai, Ulu Moh, 24 viii 2014; deposited in RMNH) and D. vanida spec. nov. (holotype ♂, from Thailand, Ranong province, Khlong Nakha, Khlong Bang Man, 12-13 v 1999; deposited in RMNH). The four species are described and illustrated for both sexes, with keys provided. The type specimens of the four Dysphaea taxa named by E. de Selys Longchamps, i.e. dimidiata, limbata, semilimbata and lugens, were studied and their taxonomic status is discussed. Lectotypes are designated for D. dimidiata and D. limbata. D. dimidiata is recorded from Palawan (the Philippines) for the first time. A molecular analysis using three markers (COI, 16S and 28S) is presented. This includes specimens of three Sundaland species of the genus (D. lugens missing) and two congeners from other regions (D. basi-tincta and D. gloriosa). Notes and photographs of the male holotype of D. walli Fraser (from Maymyo, Burma) are provided.

  12. Konsentrasi merkuri dan hubungannya dengan indeks kepadatan keong popaco (Telescopium telescopium di Kao Teluk, Halmahera Utara

    Ardan Samman


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui konsentrasi merkuri pada air laut, sedimen dan keong popaco (T. telescopium, serta hubungannya dengan indeks kepadatan. Sampling dilakukan pada tiga stasiun yaitu di muara Sungai Balaotin, Cibok dan Kobok. Analisis konsentrasi merkuri menggunakan Spektrofotometer Serapan Atom (SSA. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan konsentrasi merkuri pada air laut pada ketiga stasiun di Perairan Kao Teluk berkisar antara 0,000239-0,000560 ppm. Konsentrasi merkuri pada sedimen berkisar antara 0,003-0,08 ppm. Konsentrasi merkuri pada keong berkisar antara 0,06-0,15 ppm. Berdasarkan Keputusan Menteri Lingkungan Hidup Nomor 51 Tahun 2004 tentang baku mutu air laut, dan US Environmental Protection Agency tentang baku mutu sedimen, serta World Health Organization/Food and Agriculture Organization (WHO/FAO tentang keamanan pangan maka kandungan merkuri pada air, sedimen dan keong popaco masih berada dibawah baku mutu yang ditetapkan. Hasil penelitian juga menunjukkan bahwa terdapat hubungan yang erat antara konsentrasi merkuri pada air dan sedimen dengan indek kepadatan keong popaco, dimana pada kepadatan tinggi maka kandungan merkuri cenderung rendah.

  13. The resistance of Salmonella spp. isolates from Alabio duck against several antibiotics



    Full Text Available A total of 172 isolates of Salmonella spp. consisted of S. typhimurium (70, S. Radar (52, S. senftenberg (25, S. Virchow (14, and S. amsterdam (11 from Alabio duck hatcheries in the District of Hulu Sungai Utara, South Kalimantan, were examined their resistencies against seven kinds of antibiotics, consisted of chloramphenicol, neomycin, trimethoprim, streptomycin, tetracycline, ampicillin, and polymixin B, by using agar disc diffusion method. The results showed that 70 isolates of S. typhimurium were resistant against six kinds of antibiotics with various percentages, that is chlorampenicol 5 .7%, neomycin 12 .8%, trimethoprim 7.1 %, streptomycin 8 .6%, tetracycline 11 .4%, and the highest against ampicillin 30 %. Ofthe 52 S. hadar isolates showed that all ofthem were resistent against 6 kinds of antibiotics, that is chloramphenicol 1 .9%, neomycin 7.7%, trimethoprim 5.8%, streptomycin 48 .0%, tetracycline 48.0%, and polymixin B 3.8%. Futhermore S. senftenberg (25 isolates were resistent against three kinds of antibiotics, that is neomycin 12%, streptomycin 20%, and tetracyclines 16%. Meanwhile S. virchow (14 isolates, were resistant against two kinds of antibiotics namely streptomycin 7.1% and tetracylines 14.3%. Whereas S. amsterdam (11 isolates were resistant against four kinds of antibiotics, that is neomycin 45 .5%, streptomycin 18 .2%, tetracycline 18 .2%, and ampicillin 9.10%.

  14. Conservation Aspects of the Ecology of Asian Small-Clawed and Smooth Otters on the Malay Peninsula

    Foster-Turley P.


    Full Text Available Between April 1989 and June 1990 I made four six-week study visits to Tanjong Piandang, Perak, Malaysia where I studied otters in collaboration with Mr Burhannudin ("Bond" Mohd of the Department of National parks and Wildlife of Peninsular Malaysia. We mostly studied field signs and collected scats of both smooth (Lutra perspicillata and small clawed otters (Aonyx cinerea inhabiting the rice fields and fringing mangroves of the study site. With experience, smooth and small-clawed otters signs can be easily discriminated in the field. Although previous natural historians have considered mangroves important to smooth otters, the results of this study indicate their importance to small-clawed otters as well. More than 25 % of the remaining mangroves in Malaysia are under threat of conversion to aquaculture projects: a particular problem for the survival of otters, as this brings them into even closer contact with humans who view them as pests. The Kerian rice fields of Perak, Malaysia are also an important habitat for small-clawed and smooth otters. Asian rivers seem to contain fewer otter signs and probably fewer otters than wetlands, marshes and mangroves, so preserving pristine Asian river habitats like Hauy Kha Khaeng and Sungai Tembeling may not be enough to ensure the survival of good populations of otters. I suggest that to be most effective in our Asian otter conservation efforts we need to increasingly link up with our colleagues who are working to protect these fragile habitats.

  15. TRMM Satellite Algorithm Estimates to Represent the Spatial Distribution of Rainstorms

    Patrick Marina


    Full Text Available On-site measurements from rain gauge provide important information for the design, construction, and operation of water resources engineering projects, groundwater potentials, and the water supply and irrigation systems. A dense gauging network is needed to accurately characterize the variation of rainfall over a region, unfitting for conditions with limited networks, such as in Sarawak, Malaysia. Hence, satellite-based algorithm estimates are introduced as an innovative solution to these challenges. With accessibility to dataset retrievals from public domain websites, it has become a useful source to measure rainfall for a wider coverage area at finer temporal resolution. This paper aims to investigate the rainfall estimates prepared by Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM to explain whether it is suitable to represent the distribution of extreme rainfall in Sungai Sarawak Basin. Based on the findings, more uniform correlations for the investigated storms can be observed for low to medium altitude (>40 MASL. It is found for the investigated events of Jan 05-11, 2009: the normalized root mean square error (NRMSE = 36.7 %; and good correlation (CC = 0.9. These findings suggest that satellite algorithm estimations from TRMM are suitable to represent the spatial distribution of extreme rainfall.

  16. Effect of iodized oil supplementation on thyroid hormone levels and mental performance among Orang Asli schoolchildren and pregnant mothers in an endemic goitre area in Peninsular Malaysia.

    Isa, Z M; Alias, I Z; Kadir, K A; Ali, O


    Although endemic goitre is no longer a major public health problem in Malaysia, iodine deficiency still remains a significant problem in a few remote settlements. The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of iodized oil intervention in the prevention of endemic goitre among the indigenous people in Malaysia. A pretest and post-test controlled trial was conducted among primary schoolchildren and pregnant mothers in Lasah, Sungai Siput and Perak. Legap Post and Yum Post were selected as the intervention areas, while Perwor Post and Poi Post were taken as controls. The variables studied included thyroid hormone concentrations, thyroid volume, urinary iodine excretions and mental performance. A baseline and two follow-up visits were conducted in both intervention and control areas. Intervention subjects were given iodized oil in the form of capsules which were taken orally (Laboratoire Guerbet, Paris, France). There was a significant increase in serum thyroxine hormone (T4) concentrations (pmental performance in schoolchildren was not affected. In conclusion, iodized oil (oral) is effective in reducing thyroid size, as well as improving the supply of iodine among schoolchildren and pregnant mothers in endemic goitre areas; however, its long-term effects need to be monitored closely. This method can be considered as an alternative while awaiting national coverage for the salt iodization program.


    Elmanora Elmanora


    Full Text Available The aim of the research was to analyze the influence of child characteristics, family characteristics, and family welfare on quality of home environment on preschool aged children. The samples involved 120 formal and nonformal preschool age children in Sungai Penuh District, Jambi Province that were chosen by stratified random sampling. Data was collected by interview and observation, and also was analyzed by descriptive analysis, correlation test, and multiple linear regression test. Based on poverty line indicator, families were divided into welfare families and nonwelfare families. The results showed that 45,8% families was welfare and 54,2% families was nonwelfare. The quality of home environment was measured by scale of Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment (HOME and was divided into good and less. Parent provided language stimulation, responsivisity, and modeling into good quality, while the availability of learning materials, physical environment; academic stimulation, variety of stimulation, and acceptance into less quality. The quality of home environment was influenced by child’s age and sex, family size, maternal education, and family welfare.


    Elmanora .


    Full Text Available This study aimed to analyze the influence of child characteristic, family characteristics, quality of home environment, and quality of preschool education on child's cognitive development in Sungai Penuh City, Jambi Province. The samples were 120 children who are attending formal (formal group and nonformal (nonformal group preschool education and her/his mother that were selected by stratified random sampling. The samples chose from eightpreschool education (four formal and four nonformal. Data collected by interview and observation. Data analysis used descriptive analysis, independent samples t-test, and path analysis.Formal group families had higher mother’s education, family income, and the quality of home environment than nonformal group families. The quality of formal preschool education also better than the quality of nonformal preschool education. The preschool children’s cognitive development was influenced by the child's age, maternal education, family income, quality of home environment, the type of preschool education, and quality of preschool education. Stimulation from family environment had stronger effect on child's cognitive development than stimulation from school environment


    Pande Restu Adikresna


    Full Text Available Penentuan batas wilayah adalah penentuan garis batas antara dua daerah atau lebih dimana garis batas tersebut disepakati oleh pihak dari daerah tersebut. Batas wilayah merupakan hal yang penting karena merupakan salah satu faktor untuk menunjang perkembangan dari suatu daerah. Terdapat berbagai macam metode untuk menentukan garis batas. Salah satunya dengan menggunakan metode kartometrik.Metode kartometrik merupakan metode penelusuran garis batas wilayah dengan menentukan posisi titik-titik koordinat dan mengidentifikasi cakupan wilayah pada peta kerja atau citra yang telah terkoreksi. Pentuan batas wilayah menggunakan metode kartometrik ini ditampilkan dengan sistem informasi peta batas wilayah antara kedua kecamatan tersebut. Terdapat 427 titik kartometrik yang tersebar di Kecamatan Gubeng dan Tambaksari dengan penomeran sesuai dengan format yang ditentukan.Dari kegiatan penelitian ini ditemukannya 10 panjang segmen batas yang berbeda pada peta digital yang di ambil dari Peta RBI dengan hasil segmen batas yang didapat dari hasil verivikasi sepanjang 1748.968 Meter .  Terdapat 2 jenis segmen unsur batas yaitu segmen batas alam berupa sungai dengan panjang  8225.82 meter dan segmen batas buatan berupa jalan, tembok dan selokan sepanjang 41805.743 Meter. Status batas wilayah yang terdapat di kedua kecamatan setelah dilalukan verifikasi dibagi menjadi 2 jenis yaitu batas disepakati  sepanjang 48850.357 Meter, batas tidak diketahui sepanjang  1207.851 Meter. Titik kartometrik merupakan cara yang efektif untuk mewakili garis batas wilayah. Hasil dari penentuan batas ini disajikan melalui sistem informasi batas wilayah Kec. Gubeng dan Tambaksari.


    Indra Jaya Kusuma


    Full Text Available Pemanfaatan lahan di kawasan pesisir menjadi salah satu penyebab utama terjadinya permasalahan pada kawasan pesisir yang mempengaruhi penyimpangan tata guna lahan di suatu kawasan. Untuk mengurangi penyimpangan tata guna lahan dibutuhkan analisis mengenai kesesuaian tutupan lahan dengan menggunakan teknologi penginderaan jauh dan dengan dukungan analisis Sistem Informasi Geografis (SIG yang digunakan fungsi overlay dan buffering.Lokasi penelitian ini terdiri dari empat kecamatan yaitu  Kecamatan Asemrowo, Kecamatan Krembangan, Kecamatan Pabean Cantikan, dan Kecamatan Semampir dimana wilayah tersebut akan dianalisis kesesuaian tutupan lahan berdasarkan lahan tambak, konservasi, dan permukiman. Pada penelitian ini menentukan tutupan lahan berdasarkan kategori sesuai (S1, Sesuai bersyarat (S2, dan tidak sesuai (N1. Data citra yang digunakan untuk menentukan tutupan lahan pada penelitian ini adalah citra Worldview-2 tahun 2013, dan metode klasifikasi yang digunakan pada proses pengolahan citra ini adalah klasifikasi berbasis objek. Pada analisa kesesuaian tutupan lahan dilakukan proses analisa kesesuaian dengan menggunakan fungsi analisis Sistem Informasi Geografis menggunakan metode overlay dan buffering. Berdasarkan hasil tutupan lahan yang didapatkan dengan menggunakan klasifikasi berbasisis objek didapatkan 7 kelas yaitu Permukiman 617,453 Ha, Industri dan pergudangan 544,962 Ha, RTH 401,066 Ha, Lahan kosong 64,488 Ha, Tambak dan rawa 299,690 Ha, Sungai 97,692 Ha, dan Jalan dan parkiran 121,083 Ha. Hasil uji klasifikasi pada interpretasi digital dengan menggunakan metode berbasis objek dan interpretasi manual secara berturut-turut adalah 91,836%, dan 95,918%


    Muhammad Taufik


    Full Text Available Kabupaten Mojokerto terletak di daerah dataran rendah di bagian Sungai Brantas hingga dataran tinggi di lereng Pegunungan Penanggungan dan Welirang. Secara historis Kabupaten Mojokerto dipercaya merupakan wilayah Kerajaan Majapahit dan Kerajaan Kahuripan. Peninggalan sejarah dari masa Kerajaan  Majapahit banyak ditemukan hampir di seluruh wilayah di Mojokerto dan peninggalan masa Airlangga (Kerajaan Kahuripan di seputar lereng gunung Penanggungan.  Penggunaan SIG dalam inventarisasi pariwisata dan kebudayan  diharapkan mampu memberi petunjuk dan kemudahan bagi para wisatawan untuk memperoleh informasi mengenai pariwisata dan kebudayaan di Kabupaten Mojokerto.Pada penelitian ini dilakukan pembuatan sistem informasi geografis berbasis Web menggunakan peta Rupa Bumi Indonesia skala 1:25.000 serta data tabular dari Dinas Pariwisata maupun hasil penelitian dilapangan.Pengolahan data spasial menggunakan ArcView 3.2, dan untuk menampilkan peta di web menggunakan Mapserver.Hasil yang diperoleh dalam pembuatan sistem informasi ini adalah suatu aplikasi interaktif berbasis web yang dapat menunjukkan 59 obyek wisata, 5 kesenian, 8 budaya/ritual,dan 3 satuan kawasan wisata yang ada di Kabupaten Mojokerto.

  2. An Integrated Numerical Hydrodynamic Shallow Flow-Solute Transport Model for Urban Area

    Alias, N. A.; Mohd Sidek, L.


    The rapidly changing on land profiles in the some urban areas in Malaysia led to the increasing of flood risk. Extensive developments on densely populated area and urbanization worsen the flood scenario. An early warning system is really important and the popular method is by numerically simulating the river and flood flows. There are lots of two-dimensional (2D) flood model predicting the flood level but in some circumstances, still it is difficult to resolve the river reach in a 2D manner. A systematic early warning system requires a precisely prediction of flow depth. Hence a reliable one-dimensional (1D) model that provides accurate description of the flow is essential. Research also aims to resolve some of raised issues such as the fate of pollutant in river reach by developing the integrated hydrodynamic shallow flow-solute transport model. Presented in this paper are results on flow prediction for Sungai Penchala and the convection-diffusion of solute transports simulated by the developed model.

  3. Determination of radon concentration in water using RAD7 with RAD H{sub 2}O accessories

    Malik, M. F. I. [Science and Engineering Research Centre (SERC), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Seri Ampangan Nibong Tebal 14300 Penang (Malaysia); Rabaiee, N. A.; Jaafar, M. S. [School of Physics, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang (Malaysia)


    In the last decade, the radon issue has become one of the major problems of radiation protection. Radon exposure occurs when using water for showering, washing dishes, cooking and drinking water. RAD7 and Rad H20 accessories were used in order to measure radon concentration in water sample. In this study, four types of water were concerns which are reverse osmosis (drinking water), mineral water, tap water and well water. Reverse osmosis (drinking water) and mineral water were bought from the nearest supermarket while tap water and well water were taken from selected areas of Pulau Pinang and Kedah. Total 20 samples were taken with 5 samples for each type of water. The measured radon concentration ranged from 2.9±2.9 to 79.5±17 pCi/L, 2.9±2.9 to 67.8±16 pCi/L, 15.97±7 to 144.25±24 pCi/L and 374.89±37 to 6409.03±130 pCi/L in reverse osmosis (drinking water), mineral water, tap water and well water. Well water has the highest radon compared to others. It was due to their geological element such as granite. Results for all types of water are presented and compared with maximum contamination limit (MCL) recommended by United State Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) which is 300pCi/L. Reverse osmosis water, mineral water and tap water were fall below MCL. However, well water was exceeded maximum level that was recommended. Thus, these findings were suggested that an action should be taken to reduce radon concentration level in well water as well as reduce a health risk towards the public.

  4. Book Reviews

    Andrew Sharp


    Full Text Available - P. Voorhoeve, Tudjimah, Asrar al-insan fi maýrifa al-ruh waýl-Rahman. Tesis Djakarta, 1961. 477 blz. - F.D.K. Bosch, Alastair Lamb, Chandi Bukit Batu Pahat. Three Additional Notes. 14 pp., 2 figs., 21 pls; Monographs....(etc. No. 5, 1961. - F.D.K. Bosch, Alistair Lamb, Chandi Bukit Batu Pahat; a Report on the Excavation of an Ancient Temple in Kedah. 108 pp., 40 figs., 179 pls; Monographs on Southeast Asian Subjects No. 1, Eastern Universities Press Ltd., Singapore, 1960. - T.J. Brasser, Frederick J. Dockstader, Indian art in America - The arts and crafts of the North American Indian. New York Graphic Society, Greenwich, Mass., U.S.A. 1961. 224 pages, 70 color plates, 180 black and white illustrations. - J. Prins, Cora Vreede-De Steurs, Lýýmancipation de la femme indonýsienne. Mouton & Co, Den Haag en Parijs. 174 blz., 21 platen, 1 kaart. - Clifford Geertz, Bali, Studies in Life, Thought and Ritual; Selected Studies on Indonesia, Vol. 5. W. van Hoeve, The Hague & Bandung 1960. 368 pp. text. - Tjan Giok Bwee, D.E. Wilmott, The Chinese of Semarang: a changing minority community in Indonesia. Ithaca, New York, Cornell University Press, 1960, 366 pp. - P. Gregorius, J. de Leeuwe, Groepshuwelijk en enkelvoudig huwelijk, Uitgeverij L. Stafleu & Zoon, Leiden 1960, 136 blz. - P. van Emst, Andrew Sharp, The discovery of the Pacific Islands. Clarendon Press: Oxford University Press. Oxford 1960. 259 pp. - T. Volker, John Bastin, The changing balance of the early Southeast Asian pepper trade (Papers on Southeast Asian subjects No 1. Department of History University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, 1960. 60 pp. text, maps, bibliog. - W.F. Wertheim, Leslie H. Palmier, Social status and power in Java. London School of Economics Monographs on Social Anthropology, no. 20. London, 1960. 165 blz.

  5. Prevalence of a koinobiont endoparasitoid Misotermes mindeni (Diptera: Phoridae) in colonies of the fungus-growing termite Macrotermes gilvus (Blattodea: Termitidae) in Malaysia.

    Foo, Foong-Kuan; Singham, G Veera; Othman, Ahmad Sofiman; Lee, Chow-Yang


    A survey of the infestation rate of colonies of Macrotermes gilvus (Hagen) (Termitidae: Macrotermitinae) with the koinobiont endoparasitoid Misotermes mindeni Disney & Neoh (Diptera: Phoridae) was conducted in Malaysia from September 2009 to January 2011 in the states of Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Terengganu, and Sarawak. Of the 1,125 M. gilvus mounds surveyed, 12.4% contained termites parasitized by M. mindeni and these mounds occurred only in the states of Penang and Perak. High frequencies of mounds containing parasitized termites were found at sites in Penang: Bayan Lepas (21.1%), Minden Campus of Universiti Sains Malaysia ([USM]; 24.5%), Teluk Bahang (28.0%), and Bukit Mertajam (35.0%); the lowest frequency (4.0%) was recorded from Gelugor. The parasitized colonies at all sites were classified as healthy, with exception of several from the Minden Campus of USM (96.4% healthy) and Ayer Itam (87.5% healthy). Most parasitized colonies (71.2%) had a low level of M. mindeni infestation. Only 16.7 and 12.1% of the infested colonies had moderate or high parasite infestation levels, respectively. The height of infected mounds was significantly higher than that of the healthy mounds, but there was no difference between the mound diameters of infested and uninfested mounds. Parasite infestation level was not significantly correlated with mound height or mound diameter. The ambient light intensity at sites with infested mounds was significantly lower than that of uninfested mounds. There was also a significant negative relationship between light intensity and degree of parasitism.

  6. Seasonal Changes in Mayfly Communities and Abundance in Relation to Water Physicochemistry in Two Rivers at Different Elevations in Northern Peninsular Malaysia

    Suhaila Abdul Hamid; Mohd Ravi Che Salmah; Hamady Dieng; Abu Hassan Ahmad; Tomomitsu Satho; Fumio Miake


    A field study was performed at rivers in Gunung Jerai forest reserve (Kedah,Malaysia) to assess seasonal changes in mayfly community structure and abundance in relation to altitude and water physicochemistry.Rivers at lower (Batu Hampar River) and higher (Teroi River) elevations were visited through dry and wet seasons in September 2007 to August 2008.Monthly visits were made to 20 sites on each river,and water and aquatic insects were sampled using D-pond aquatic nets.Water was warmer,more acid,and more turbid in Teroi River during wet season.Ammonia was the only nutrient exhibiting significant seasonal variations (greater during wet season).Chemical oxygen demand content was higher in Teroi River where biochemical oxygen demand content was low during wet season.Species richness was higher in Batu Hampar River,but displayed seasonal variations only in Teroi River.Among the eight families encountered,Baetidae was the commonest.Baetid abundance was usually high during wet season,and those belonging to the dominant genus (Baetis) were more abundant in Teroi River.Heptageniidae was the second commonest family; its predominant genus,Thalerospyrus was more abundant in Teroi River during dry season.Caenidae,Leptophlebiidae and Oligoneuriidae were only found in Batu Hampar River where their abundances peaked during dry season,i.e.,Habrophlebiodes sp.and Isonychia sp.Ephemerellidae and Teloganodidae occurred only in Teroi River,with the first found only during dry season.Mayflies were recorded under very distinct physicochemical conditions,illustrating their potential usefulness for assessing water quality.Caenids,leptophlebids,oligoneurids ephemerellids and teloganodids seem to be particularly sensitive to temperature,acidity,turbidity,chemical oxygen demand and biochemical oxygen demand,parameters that varied with river altitude.

  7. Investigation of flood pattern using ANOVA statistic and remote sensing in Malaysia

    Ya'acob, Norsuzila; Syazwani Ismail, Nor; Mustafa, Norfazira; Laily Yusof, Azita


    Flood is an overflow or inundation that comes from river or other body of water and causes or threatens damages. In Malaysia, there are no formal categorization of flood but often broadly categorized as monsoonal, flash or tidal floods. This project will be focus on flood causes by monsoon. For the last few years, the number of extreme flood was occurred and brings great economic impact. The extreme weather pattern is the main sector contributes for this phenomenon. In 2010, several districts in the states of Kedah neighbour-hoods state have been hit by floods and it is caused by tremendous weather pattern. During this tragedy, the ratio of the rainfalls volume was not fixed for every region, and the flood happened when the amount of water increase rapidly and start to overflow. This is the main objective why this project has been carried out, and the analysis data has been done from August until October in 2010. The investigation was done to find the possibility correlation pattern parameters related to the flood. ANOVA statistic was used to calculate the percentage of parameters was involved and Regression and correlation calculate the strength of coefficient among parameters related to the flood while remote sensing image was used for validation between the calculation accuracy. According to the results, the prediction is successful as the coefficient of relation in flood event is 0.912 and proved by Terra-SAR image on 4th November 2010. The rates of change in weather pattern give the impact to the flood.


    Mohd Fazli Mohd Sam, Md Nor Hayati Tahir and Noor Khamisah Abdul Latif


    Full Text Available AgroBank Malalysia formerly known as Bank Pertanian Malaysia has a product the Islamic pawnshop called Ar-Rahnu. Basically AgroBank Malalysia aims is to provide a comprehensive range of competitive baking and financial services to meet the total needs of customers in line with national aspiration and development. To accomplish this, AgroBank Malalysia had set its strategy to be innovative and forward looking, sensitive and adaptable to changing customer’s needs and market environment, committed to efficiency, cost effectiveness, profitability and social responsibilities and capable of capitalizing on new opportunities and challenges. This research is designed because we believed the product called Ar-Rahnu able to be marketed in every country if certain actions can be taken especially in implementing new tools of marketing. The demand of the product that highly demanded in certain areas especially in Kelantan, Terengganu, Selangor and Kedah shows that they believed on the service and know the advantage of the product. The significant of the research is to expose readers and the future researchers that pawnshop is not second class business. It is allowed in Islam and e-commerce can be implemented. Those who know the advantage of Islamic pawnshop will appreciate the system and grab the opportunities that exist in the system. Although pawnshop is a traditional business, new approach can be implemented. With the right marketing approach we believed that Islamic pawnshop can be one the best fund providers. Not only gold some other valued materials can be used as collateral.

  9. Effect of Varying Acid Hydrolysis Condition in Gracilaria Sp. Fermentation Using Sasad

    Mansuit, H.; Samsuri, M. D. C.; Sipaut, C. S.; Yee, C. F.; Yasir, S. M.; Mansa, R.


    Macroalgae or seaweed is being considered as promising feedstock for bioalcohol production due to high polysaccharides content. Polysaccharides can be converted into fermentable sugar through acid hydrolysis pre-treatment. In this study, the potential of using carbohydrate-rich macroalgae, Gracilaria sp. as feedstock for bioalcohol production via various acid hydrolysis conditions prior to the fermentation process was investigated and evaluated. The seaweed used in this research was from the red algae group, using species of Gracilaria sp. which was collected from Sg. Petani Kedah, Malaysia. Pre-treatment of substrate was done using H2SO4 and HCl with molarity ranging from 0.2M to 0.8M. The pretreatment time were varied in the range of 15 to 30 minutes. Fermentation was conducted using Sasad, a local Sabahan fermentation agent as a starter culture. Alcohol extraction was done using a distillation unit. Reducing sugar analysis was done by Benedict test method. Alcohol content analysis was done using specific gravity test. After hydrolysis, it was found out that acid hydrolysis at 0.2M H2SO4 and pre-treated for 20 minutes at 121°C has shown the highest reducing sugar content which has yield (10.06 mg/g) of reducing sugar. It was followed by other samples hydrolysis using 0.4M HCl with 30 minutes pre-treatment and 0.2M H2SO4, 15 minutes pre-treatment with yield of 8.06 mg/g and 5.75 mg/g reducing sugar content respectively. In conclusion, acid hydrolysis of Gracilaria sp. can produce higher reducing sugar yield and thus it can further enhance the bioalcohol production yield. Hence, acid hydrolysis of Gracilaria sp. should be studied more as it is an important step in the bioalcohol production and upscaling process.

  10. Students attitude towards calculus subject: Bumiputera case-study

    Awang, Noorehan; Ilias, Mohd Rijal; Che Hussain, Wan Siti Esah; Mokhtar, Siti Fairus


    Mathematics has always become the most dislike subject among other subjects in school. Study showed that attitudes of students in science subjects such as mathematics were closely related to how they solve problems, accessing ideas and making a right decision. According to another study on mathematics achievement of eighth grade students in Malaysia, mathematics grades among bumiputera students was lower when compared to other races such as Chinese and Indians. The poor performance was due to their attitude and pre-conceived ideas towards the subject. Therefore, this study was designed todetermine the criteria and subcriteria that were considered important in measuring students' attitude toward mathematics among the bumiputeras. Factor analysis was carried out to identify the groups among criterion. Instrument used to measure mathematics attitude was Test of Mathematics Related Attitude (TOMRA) which measured student attitudes in four criteria: normality of mathematics, attitudes towards mathematics inquiry, adoption of mathematics attitude and enjoyment of mathematics lessons. The target population of this study was all computer science and quantitative science students who enrolled Calculus subject in UiTM Kedah. Findings shows that there are two criteria that influenced students attitude toward mathematics namely normality of mathematics with eleven subcriteria and enjoyment of mathematics with eight subcriteria. From the analysis it shows that the total percentage of variation explained is 35.071% with 0.837 Cronbach's alpha reliability test. The findings will help the lecturers, parents and society to consider what action should be taken to install interest and positive attitude of bumiputera students towards mathematics and thus improve their achievement.


    Khadijah Alavi


    Full Text Available The main purpose of this study is to understand the perception of the image and pride of working in the technical and vocational fields from the perspective of parents and teachers in secondary schools. This study was conducted in two zones, namely North (Kedah and central zone (Selangor. Two schools were chosen from each zone, one from the city (Kajang and the other one from rural (Dengkil, which are sufficient to obtain the views of parents and teachers. Purposive sampling was selected for the focus group discussions in schools with the participation of PTA members, i.e., parents, teachers, career counselors teachers. The results showed that there were two main themes, namely, positive and negative image of technical education and vocational training among parents and teachers. However, the negative image remained resilient among parents and teachers, especially in deciding on career paths in technical and vocational fields. The researcher also identified several new issues, for example, wastage of manpower in the country, among them due to the weak prerequisite set in selecting students in technical and vocational education system; Students who do not meet the Malay Language (Bahasa Melayu prerequisite are unable to continue studying skills at higher certificate level. Students of Islamic studies and Arabic Language, students with academic excellence and girls who are interested in technical education and vocational training should be considered as a highly skilled workforce in the future. Some implications of this study were presented as suggestion in formulating policies to improve the image of technical education and vocational training.

  12. Nutritional and Antioxidant Values of Oyster Mushroom (P. sajor-caju Cultivated on Rubber Sawdust

    Arini Nuran Mohd Rashidi


    Full Text Available Abstract— Grey oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sajor-caju is one of the edible mushrooms from Pleurotus family, which is cultivated commercially in Malaysia. The global mushroom market has shown remarkable growth in recent years and has attractive market potential for the future. This study aimed to determine nutritional value and antioxidant properties of fresh grey oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sajor-caju with the intention to give better information on nutritional composition of fresh oyster mushroom cultivated on rubber sawdust. Grey oyster mushrooms were freshly harvested from Teloi Agro Farm, Kedah, Malaysia. The proximate analysis was used to determine nutrient composition of grey oyster mushroom. Highest nutritional value of grey oyster mushroom is the moisture content (90.10±0.09%, followed by crude fibre content (17.27±1.08%, protein content (4.00±0.31%, carbohydrates content (3.54±0.09%, while the lowest nutritional value was possessed by fat content (1.18±0.33% and ash content (1.16±0.02%. The antioxidant activities of the mushroom were measure using total phenolic content (TPC by Folin-Ciocalteu reagent method and 2, 2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl radical scavenging (DPPH assay. The hot water extract showed mushroom powder possessed 2.21±0.03 mg GAE/g of dried mushroom powder for total phenolic content and at concentration of 0.1g/ml it can inhibit 89.29% of DPPH radicals. By virtue of having high fibre with low fat and high antioxidant activity, grey oyster mushroom can be considered as a functional food, which can provide health benefits.

  13. Factors predicting visual improvement post pars plana vitrectomy for proliferative diabetic retinopathy

    Evelyn Tai Li Min


    Full Text Available AIM: To identify factors predicting visual improvement post vitrectomy for sequelae of proliferative diabetic retinopathy(PDR.METHODS: This was a retrospective analysis of pars plana vitrectomy indicated for sequelae of PDR from Jan. to Dec. 2014 in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia. Data collected included patient demographics, baseline visual acuity(VAand post-operative logMAR best corrected VA at 1y. Data analysis was performed with IBM SPSS Statistics Version 22.0. RESULTS: A total of 103 patients were included. The mean age was 51.2y. On multivariable analysis, each pre-operative positive deviation of 1 logMAR from a baseline VA of 0 logMAR was associated with a post-operative improvement of 0.859 logMAR(P0.001. Likewise, an attached macula pre-operatively was associated with a 0.374(P=0.003logMAR improvement post vitrectomy. Absence of iris neovascularisation and absence of post-operative complications were associated with a post vitrectomy improvement in logMAR by 1.126(P=0.001and 0.377(P=0.005respectively. Absence of long-acting intraocular tamponade was associated with a 0.302(P=0.010improvement of logMAR post vitrectomy.CONCLUSION: Factors associated with visual improvement after vitrectomy are poor pre-operative VA, an attached macula, absence of iris neovascularisation, absence of post-operative complications and abstaining from use of long-acting intraocular tamponade. A thorough understanding of the factors predicting visual improvement will facilitate decision-making in vitreoretinal surgery.

  14. Alleviating aluminium toxicity on an acid sulphate soils in Peninsular Malaysia with application of calcium silicate

    Elisa, A. A.; Ninomiya, S.; Shamshuddin, J.; Roslan, I.


    A study was conducted to alleviate Al toxicity of an acid sulphate soils collected from paddy cultivation area in Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia. For this purpose, the collected acid sulphate soils were treated with calcium silicate. The treated soils were incubated for 120 days in submerged condition in a glasshouse. Subsamples were collected every 30 days throughout the incubation period. Soil pH and exchangeable Al showed positive effect; soil pH increased from 2.9 to 3.5, meanwhile exchangeable Al was reduced from 4.26 to 0.82 cmolc kg-1, which was well below the critical Al toxicity level for rice growth of 2 cmolc kg-1. It was noted that the dissolution of calcium silicate (CaSiO3) supplied substantial amount of Ca2+ and H4SiO42- ions into the soil, noted with increment in Si (silicate) content from 21.21 to 40 mg kg-1 at day 30 and reduction of exchangeable Al at day 90 from 4.26 to below 2 cmolc kg-1. During the first 60 days of incubation, Si content was positively correlated with soil pH, while the exchangeable Al was negatively correlated with Si content. It is believed that the silicate anions released by calcium silicate were active in neutralizing H+ ions that governs the high acidity (pH 2.90) of the acid sulphate soils. This scenario shows positive effect of calcium silicate to reduce soil acidity, therefore creates a favourable soil condition for good rice growth during its vegetative phase (30 days). Thus, application of calcium silicate to alleviate Al toxicity of acid sulphate soils for rice cultivation is a good soil amendment.

  15. Serological prevalence of leptospiral infection in domestic animals in West Malaysia.

    Bahaman, A R; Ibrahim, A L; Adam, H


    A cross-sectional serological survey of domestic animals in West Malaysia revealed that 25.5% of the animals examined had agglutinating antibodies to one or more antigens belonging to Leptospira interrogans. Significant prevalence of infection was observed in cattle (40.5%), buffaloes (31%) and pigs (16%). The Sejroe serogroup was shown to be the principal one involved in cattle and buffaloes, and to a lesser extent the Tarassovi and Pomona serogroups. Evidence of infection in domestic animals by strains bearing the other seven antigens appeared insignificant and was indicative of sporadic infection. A majority of the large (semi-intensive) cattle and buffalo farms demonstrated a high prevalence of leptospiral infection. In both species of domestic animals mentioned above, the prevalence of infection was significantly higher (P = 0.01) in the semi-intensive farms than in the smallholdings. Amongst cattle, the droughtmasters had the highest prevalence whilst the Kedah-Kelantan (an indigenous breed) had the lowest prevalence of leptospiral infection. In general, the temperate breeds of cattle had a significantly (P = 0.01) higher prevalence of infection than local breeds. Leptospiral infection in goats and sheep was shown to be sporadic, and the Pomona serogroup was the principal leptospiral serogroup involved in these small ruminants. The prevalence of infection in pigs was observed to decline during the study period, and it is suspected that pigs in West Malaysia are the maintenance host for serovar pomona whilst cattle are the maintenance host for serovar hardjo. Overall, it appears that domestic animals in Malaysia will play a bigger role in the epidemiology of leptospiral infection with the advent of sophisticated farming.

  16. Cytological endometritis and its agreement with ultrasound examination in postpartum beef cows

    N. Salah


    Full Text Available Background: Endometritis, which is one of the most common diseases in dairy cows postpartum, causes severe economic losses, including increased open days, calving intervals, and numbers of services to achieve conception. Aim: This study aimed to evaluate the ultrasound method and its agreement with the endometrium cytology method, which is used to diagnose cytological endometritis in beef cows. Moreover, we determined which method has higher sensitivity and specificity at 4 and 5 weeks postpartum. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted 20-35 days postpartum. A total of 53 clinically healthy beef cows (28 Brangus and 25 Kedah-Kelantan breeds from three beef farms were obtained. All cows were evaluated at 4 and 5 weeks postpartum, using ultrasound and cytobrush endometrial examination methods to diagnose cytological endometritis. Results: Endometrial cytology result showed that 11.3% (6/53 and 9.4% (5/53 of the cows exhibited cytological endometritis 4 and 5 weeks postpartum, respectively. A weak-to-moderate agreement found between the diagnostic methods (k=0.29 - 0.50; p<0.01 and k=0.38 - 0.49 at 4 and 5 weeks postpartum respectively. Conclusion: The percentage of beef cows that were positive to cytological endometritis was low (polymorphonuclear cells, =8% at 4 and 5 weeks postpartum. Results showed that the ultrasound method is useful and practical for diagnosing endometritis 4 and 5 weeks postpartum. This method exhibited 60% sensitivity, 93.8% specificity, and a 0.50 kappa value, especially when presence of intrauterine fluids and measurement of cervix diameter used in combination.

  17. Analisis Cakupan Antenatal Care K4 Program Kesehatan Ibu dan Anak di Wilayah Kerja Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Padang Pariaman

    Elmispendriya Gusna


    Full Text Available AbstrakPencapaian target K4 (kunjungan ibu hamil ke tenaga kesehatan yang dilakukan paling sedikit 4 kali selama hamil akan terlaksana jika adanya motivasi bidan di desa ditambah pembinaan dari bidan koordinator yang secara rutin dilakukan dalam bentuk supervisi. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah menganalisis cakupan antenatal care K4 program kesehatan ibu dan anak di wilayah kerja dinas kesehatan kabupaten Padang Pariaman. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode penelitian gabungan antara kuantitatif dan kualitatif. Subjek penelitian untuk penelitian kuantitatif  adalah 49 orang bidan desa, sedangkan informan untuk kualitatif adalah kepala bidang kesehatan keluarga dan Kasie kesehatan ibu dan anak dinas kesehatan kabupaten Padang Pariaman, kepala puskesmas, petugas pemegang program KIA dan bidan pengelola KIA di puskesmas Sungai Limau. Hasil penelitian ini mendapatkan lebih dari separoh (53,1% bidan desa memiliki motivasi rendah, sedangkan lebih dari separoh (67,3% bidan koordinator sudah melakukan supervisi  ke bidan desa dan pada umumnya (91,8% responden memiliki cakupan K4 yang rendah. Tidak terdapat hubungan antara motivasi bidan desa dan supervisi bidan koordinator dengan cakupan antenatal care K4 (p < 0.05. Cakupan antenatal care K4 di Kabupaten Padang Pariaman belum berhasil karena kurangnya peran aktif bidan desa di tengah masyarakat, monitoring dan evaluasi dari dinas kesehatan dan pimpinan puskesmas serta supervisi bidan koordinator belum optimal, serta sumber daya manusia yang belum memaksimalkan perannya dalam melaksanakan tugas ditambah masih kurangnya  kelengkapan sarana dan prasarana. Perlu optimalisasi peran dan fungsi bidan di desa dan optimalisasi kemitraan dengan berbagai pihak dalam komunitas.Kata kunci: cakupan antenatal care K4, motivasi, supervisi AbstractThe achievement of K4 (four time antenatal care target will be success with support from motivation of village midwives and routine supervision of coordinator midwives. The

  18. Pemetaan Potensi Kekeringan Lahan se-pulau Batam menggunakan Teknik Sistem Informasi Geografis (SIG dan Penginderaan Jauh

    Titi Aprilliyanti


    Full Text Available Kekeringan merupakan hubungan antara ketersediaan air yang jauh dibawah kebutuhan baik untuk kebutuhan hidup, pertanian, kegiatan ekonomi dan lingkungan. Informasi mengenai potensi kekeringan sangat diperlukan untuk pencegahan ataupun penanggulangan untuk mengurangi dampak negatif yang ditimbulkan. Adapun tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah menghasilkan peta potensi kekeringan lahan di Batam yang berbasis web. Dalam penelitian ini memanfaatkan teknik penginderaan jauh dan SIG. Penggunaan citra landsat 8 untuk menentukan nilai LST (Land Surface Temperature dan penggunaan lahan kemudian di overlay dan dilakukan scoring. Tahap akhir penelitian yaitu melakukan validasi terhadap parameter-parameter yang mempengaruhi dengan mengambil beberapa sampel. Adapun hasil akhir dari penelitian ini adalah peta potensi kekeringan se-pulau Batam yang memiliki 5 kelas potensi kekeringan. Kelas potensi kekeringan sangat rendah dengan  luas area 2629.45 ha yang dominan terletak pada Kecamatan Sungai Beduk, Sekupang dan Batu Aji. Kelas potensi kekeringan rendah dengan luas area 9585.521 ha yang dominan terletak pada Kecamatan Sekupang. Kelas potensi kekeringan sedang dengan  luas area 9507.12 ha yang dominan terletak pada Kecamatan Sekupang. Kelas potensi kekeringan tinggi dengan  luas area 7081.392 ha yang dominan terletak pada Kecamatan Sekupang, Sagulung dan Nongsa. Kelas potensi kekeringan sangat tinggi dengan luas area 15600.12 ha yang dominan terletak pada Kecamatan Batam Kota dan Nongsa.   Drought is the relationship between the availability of water is far below the need both for the necessities of life, agriculture, economic activities and the environment. Information about potential droughts is indispensable for the prevention or mitigation to reduce the negative impact caused. As for the purpose of this research is to produce a map of potential drought land in the Batam-based web. In this research utilising remote sensing and GIS techniques. The use of


    Damar Tri Boewono


    Full Text Available Abstract Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF happens to be a public health problem in Samarinda city, East Kalimantan Province. Dengue was reported endemic in the entire six subdistricts of the city. Various vector control programs have been conducted by the Health Office, yet the dengue cases were still occurred on the previous years. Comprehensive research was conducted to determine the spatial distribution of DHF cases using geographical information system (GIS mapping, in relation to positive larvae of the breeding habitat distributions. The study was carried out in five endemic areas namely Pelita village Samarinda Utara Subdistrict, Sambutan village Samarinda Ilir Subdistrict, Sidodadi village Samarinda Ulu Subdistrict, Harapan Baru village Samarinda Seberang Subdistrict and Karang Asam Ilir village Sungai Kunjang Subdistrict. The aim of the study was to determine the specific vector control strategies based on spatial DHF cases and breeding habitat distributions and distance index analyses, larvae free index and insecticide susceptible status of dengue vector of Ae. aegypti against the insecticides which were used for vector control programs. The study revealed that average ABJ in the study areas was 35.85-64.16% and lower the national standar of 95%. Dengue vector of Ae. aegypti was found to be resistant to Malathion, Permethrin, Lambdasihalothrin and Bendiocarb insecticides. Thus an alternative insecticide should be considered. Dengue cases distribution in Samarinda city were found in  clusters/gregorious. Distance index analyses indicated that the transmissions were due to mosquito behaviour. Community empowement is needed to encourage the potential groups (PKK, Dasa Wisma, public health caders, posyandu, to participate on the vector control program.   Keywords: DHF, Spatial distribution, Cases Distance Index, Samarinda City.     Abstrak Demam Berdarah Dengue (DBD masih menjadi masalah kesehatan masyarakat Kota Samarinda, Provinsi


    Farida D.H.


    , sedangkanuntuktikus menggunakanleptotek dridot.Distribusikasusdan reservoir leptospirosis dianalisisdenganpemanfaatanprogrampemetaan. Karakteristikkasus leptospirosis dikajidenganmenggunakankuesionerterstruktur. Hasilpenelitianmenunjukanbahwaleptospirosis tersebar secara random di sepanjangtepi sungai TuntangLamadanterfokus diKecamatanBonang (DesaTridonoredjo,danGebang.Buffer Zonekasus leptospirosis dansungaiberjarak < 50 m (21 kasus, 50 - 100 m (8 kasus dan > 100 m (4 kasus. Kasus leptospirosis berjeniskelamin laki-laki (74,8% lebih banyak daripada perempuan (25,2%. Kelompokumur kasusleptospirosis >15tahun (87,4%, pekerjaan petani/nelayan 52,6%, ibu rumah tangga 36,2% danpedagang 20%. Kasus leptospirosis pada umumnya rumah tidak rapat tikus 74,6% (23,6 - 33,2 danmemanfaatkan air sungai di depan rumahnya83,2%>(RR ; 15,4 - 17,6, dan tidak mempunyai hewanternak 82,5% (RR; 1,6 - 4,7. Selama survei ditemukan 57 ekor tikus, meliputi tikus rumah Rattustanezumi sebanyak 36 ekor, tikus gotR. norvegicus2\\ekor, dan cecurutSuncusmurinus(cecurut rumah sebanyak 15 ekor.R.tanezumi (6,82% dari 36 ekor tikus dan tikus gotR. norvegicus(3,6%>dari21ekortikusterinfeksibakteriLeptospira.Katakunci;leptospirosis, Demak,Epidemiologi,Reservoir


    Liestiana Indriyati


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTHelminthiasis is one cause of nutritional anemia that impairs cognitive function, productivity and physical growth and development of children. This paper discuss the nutritional and financial losses caused by the helminthiasis. This study was observational research using cross-sectional design. The population were all primary school children in Nunukan, the number of sample were 1126 school age children enrolled in nine primary health centers working area (Nunukan, Sedadap, Setabu, Sungai Nyamuk, Aji Kuning, Sembakung, Pembeliangan, Mansalong and Sanur during March to December 2010. Ascaris lumbricoides consume carbohydrates as much as 0.14 g/worm/day and 0.035 g protein/day. While Trichuris trichiura fed on blood as much as 0,005 cc/ worm/day and Hookworm as much as 0.2 cc/worm/day. The price of carbohydrates assumed to be the rice price Rp.7.199,49/kg, the price of protein assumed to be beef price Rp.30.000/kg and blood Rp.250.000/pack 250cc (Rp.1000/cc. The results showed that prevalence of ascariasis was 10.3 percent, trichuriasis 8.97 percent and hookworm 2.93 percent . Based on the calculation of nutrients and financial losses, during 2010 Nunukan suffered loss of carbohydrate of 2068.9 kg/year worth Rp. 14.895.075,- , protein loss of 517.23 kg/year worth Rp.32.530.588,- , and blood loss amounted to 1,220,241.17 cc/year worth Rp.,- the total financial losses due to helminthiasis amounted to Rp.1.276.666.763,-.Keywords : helminthiasis,nutrition, financial disadvantageABSTRAKKecacingan disebabkan oleh infestasi cacing parasit merupakan salah satu penyebab anemia gizi, dapat mempengaruhi tingkat kecerdasan, produktivitas, pertumbuhan serta perkembangan fisik dan mental anak-anak. Kecacingan juga menyebabkan gangguan kemampuan belajar, dan dalam jangka panjang akan berakibat menurunnya kualitas Sumber Daya Manusia (SDM. Tulisan ini membahas tentang perhitungan kerugian nutrisi dan finansial yang diakibatkan oleh penyakit

  2. Coal fires in Indonesia

    Whitehouse, Alfred E.; Mulyana, Asep A.S. [Office of Surface Mining/Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Coal Fire Project, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Agency for Training and Education, Jl. Gatot Subroto, Kav. 49, Jakarta 12950 (Indonesia)


    Indonesia's fire and haze problem is increasingly being ascribed to large-scale forest conversion and land clearing activities making way for pulpwood, rubber and oil palm plantations. Fire is the cheapest tool available to small holders and plantation owners to reduce vegetation cover and prepare and fertilize extremely poor soils. Fires that escaped from agricultural burns have ravaged East Kalimantan forests on the island of Borneo during extreme drought periods in 1982-1983, 1987, 1991, 1994 and 1997-1998. Estimates based on satellite data and ground observations are that more than five million hectares were burned in East Kalimantan during the 1997/1998 dry season. Not only were the economic losses and ecological damage from these surface fires enormous, they ignited coal seams exposed at the ground surface along their outcrops.Coal fires now threaten Indonesia's shrinking ecological resources in Kutai National Park and Sungai Wain Nature Reserve. Sungai Wain has one of the last areas of unburned primary rainforest in the Balikpapan-Samarinda area with an extremely rich biodiversity. Although fires in 1997/1998 damaged nearly 50% of this Reserve and ignited 76 coal fires, it remains the most valuable water catchment area in the region and it has been used as a reintroduction site for the endangered orangutan. The Office of Surface Mining provided Indonesia with the capability to take quick action on coal fires that presented threats to public health and safety, infrastructure or the environment. The US Department of State's Southeast Asia Environmental Protection Initiative through the US Agency for International Development funded the project. Technical assistance and training transferred skills in coal fire management through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource's Training Agency to the regional offices; giving the regions the long-term capability to manage coal fires. Funding was also included to extinguish coal fires as

  3. Sistem Perdagangan Risiko Bencana dalam Pengelolaan Banjir Antar-Wilayah

    Sakinah Fathrunnadi Shalihati


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Tujuan diteliti ini adalah: 1 Untuk mengidentifikasi dan menganalisis perbedaan mutlak antara daerah menurut kabupaten / kota di Bengawan Solo DAS tahun 2007, (2 Untuk mengidentifikasi dan menganalisis risiko banjir pada tahun 2007 di wilayah dalam administratif di Bengawan Solo Daerah Aliran Sungai , 3 Untuk mengidentifikasi dan menganalisis keseimbangan risiko perdagangan bencana spasial dalam pengelolaan banjir antar-wilayah di Bengawan Solo DAS. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode analisis deskriptif. Data dianalisis secara kualitatif dan kuantitatif. Aspek perbedaan mutlak antar-daerah dan ketinggian wilayah diambil sebagai data. Data berdasarkan perbedaan mutlak aspek antar-daerah (nilai positif adalah pertumbuhan ekonomi dan produk domestik regional bruto per kapita. Data yang didasarkan pada daerah ketinggian (nilai negatif yang Images SRTM, frekuensi banjir dan hasil dari kerugian banjir. Untuk menganalisis neraca perdagangan dari risiko banjir dengan menganalisis hasil nilai-nilai positif dan negatif. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa perbedaan mutlak di antar-wilayah administratif dalam Bengawan Solo Daerah Aliran Sungai tahun 2007 menjadi yang parameter dilakukan dengan menganalisis hasil penilaian kemampuan daerah berdasarkan pertumbuhan ekonomi dan produk daerah gros domestik nilai kapita per dalam manajemen sumber daya, sedangkan analisis risiko banjir Tahun 2007 menjadi adalah parameter dilakukan dengan menganalisis hasil dari kemampuan daerah yang memiliki potensi banjir berisiko tinggi atau tidak memiliki potensi banjir berisiko tinggi. Perbedaan mutlak di daerah antar analisis risiko banjir administrasi dan wilayah menghasilkan risiko wilayah banjir shceme dari perdagangan memisahkan menjadi dua shemes; subsidi penerima dan pemasok hulu / hilir, di mana hulu dan hilir dapat complet tanpa batas topografi pertimbangkan.   ABTRACT The objectives of this researched are: 1 To identify and to analyze absolute difference

  4. PERANAN MANGROVE SEBAGAI BIOFILTER PENCEMARAN AIR WILAYAH TAMBAK BANDENG TAPAK, SEMARANG (Role of Mangrove as Water Pollution Biofilter in Milkfish Pond, Tapak, Semarang

    Nana T.M. Kariada


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Mangrove yang tumbuh di ujung sungai besar berperan sebagai penampung terakhir bagi limbah dari industri di perkotaan dan perkampungan hulu yang terbawa aliran sungai. Area hutan mangrove mempunyai kemampuan mengakumulasi logam berat yang terdapat dalam ekosistem tempat tumbuhnya. Tujuan yang hendak dicapai dari  penelitian ini adalah mengkaji peranan mangrove sebagai biofilter pencemaran air dan  mengetahui jenis mangrove yang terbaik berperan sebagai biofilter pencemaran air di di lingkungan tambak bandeng Tapak Kota Semarang. Desain yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah deskriptif eksploratif. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian tentang akumulasi logam berat Cu antara air dan sedimen tambak, diperoleh hasil telah terjadi akumulasi Cu dengan Faktor Konsentrasi antara 43-400.  Pada stasiun 3 dan 4 terdapat akumulasi Cu dengan nilai Faktor Konsentrasi 3 dan 0,3. Hal ini menunjukkan akumulasi Cu dari sedimen ke akar mangrove relatif masih kecil. Perbedaan akumulasi dari tiap stasiun penelitian yang diamati menunjukkan adanya perbedaan jenis mangrove yang tumbuh pada masing-masing stasiun penelitian. Mangrove yang berada di lingkungan tambak bandeng wilayah Tapak Kota Semarang disimpulkan dapat berperan sebagai biofilter pencemaran air yang ada di perairan tersebut. Mangrove dari jenis Avicennia marina mempunyai peranan yang lebih baik dari jenis Rhizophora sp sebagai biofilter pencemaran air di lingkungan tambak bandeng Tapak Kota Semarang.   ABSTRACT Mangroves,  that is growing at the end of a great river, has a role as the last place for the waste water from urban and domestic industry at the upstream that were carried by the flow of river. Mangrove area  has  ability to accumulate a heavy metals  which is contained in it. The  goals  from this research is to assess role of mangrove as biofilter of water pollution and to find out the best species of mangrove as biofilter of water pollution in milkifish pond in Tapak, Semarang


    NK Dewi


    Full Text Available Penelitian bertujuan mengetahui paparan seng (Zn di perairan Kaligarang terhadap ekspresi Zn-thionein dan konsentrasi seng pada hati ikan mas (Cyprinus carpio L. Sebanyak 200 ekor ikan dibagi menjadi dua kelompok, masing-masing kelompok 100 ekor. Kelompok kontrol dipelihara di kolam ikan di Balai Benih Ikan Kabupaten Semarang, sedangkan kelompok perlakuan dipelihara pada karamba jaring apung di bagian hilir sungai Kaligarang. Setiap minggu sampel ikan diambil masing-masing lima ekor dari kedua kelompok secara acak untuk diambil organ hatinya dan dianalisis konsentrasi seng dan Zn-thionein. Ikan pada kedua kelompok dipelihara hingga Zn-thionein muncul pada hati ikan. Metallothionein diisolasi dari hati ikan dan dianalisis menggunakan metode High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, dengan larutan standar seng. Setiap satu minggu sekali, konsentrasi seng terlarut pada sampel air dari kedua kelompok diukur dengan metode Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy hingga Zn-thionein muncul. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa konsentrasi seng yang terlarut dalam air sungai Kaligarang adalah 0,078 mg/l, lebih tinggi dari nilai baku mutu air kelas I (0,05 mg/l. Rata-rata konsentrasi seng yang terabsorbi oleh hati ikan mas pada minggu ke-6 adalah 0,025868 mg/l, lebih rendah dari batas maksimum cemaran seng (100 mg/kg. Rata-rata konsentrasi seng pada hati ikan sebesar 0,025868 µg/g dapat menginduksi munculnya Zn-thionein pada hati ikan mas yang hidup di perairan Kaligarang pada minggu ke-6 perlakuan. The research aims to find concentration of dissolved zinc in the water of Kaligarang River and absorbed zinc concentration inside the liver of carp, also to analyze zinc exposure in Kaligarang River toward Zn-thionein induction inside the liver of carp. The concentration of dissolved zinc was measured using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy method until Zn-thionein emerges. Metallothionein was isolated from the liver of carp and analyzed using High-Performance Liquid

  6. Characterizing forest reduction in Ketapang district, West Kalimantan, Indonesia



    Full Text Available Adhikerana AS, Sugardjito J (2010 Characterizing forest reduction in Ketapang district, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Biodiversitas 11: 46-54. We have characterized deforestation in the Ketapang district forests when we implemented the Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii Conservation in Trans-boundary Landscape between Central and West Kalimantan provinces. For the purpose of evaluating the changes in land use and land cover in the study areas, a series of Landsat imageries have been analyzed. Each of the Landsat imagery data set for all study areas was initially classified using unsupervised classification into 13 different land-cover types. Ground truth checks were undertaken for Ketapang district forests and Sungai Puteri peat swamp forest, from which the results were used for the supervised land use classification of these two study areas. Between 1992 and 2000 there was only small conversion of primary forest into secondary forests. During this period barren land remained extensive about 30.17% of the total area of Ketapang district. Both agriculture and plantation areas substantially increased 56% and 55% respectively during 2003, while at the same time the extent of both primary and peat swamp forests were considerably reduced up to 15% and 28% respectively. The most striking conversion was from secondary forest to agricultural land and from peat swamp forest to swamp areas. A fraction of lowland forest was also converted into oil-palm plantation which was extended with considerable size into agricultural land. The patterns of land use changes detected in this study indicated a number of possible causes that trigger deforestation in this district include, the local government policy and market demand.


    A. K. Wardani


    Full Text Available ABSTRAKDalam konteks problem-based learning, salah satu masalah belajar fisika di sekolah dan di universitas adalah keterkaitan antara materi ajar dan fenomena alam dalam kehidupan sehari-hari masih minimum. Siswa, mahasiswa, guru, dan dosen masih mengalami kesulitan dalam memberikan contoh nyata GLB. Penelitian ini meninjau ulang materi ajar gerak lurus beraturan melalui percobaan gravity current sebagai sistem dua fluida dengan beda kerapatan di laboratorium dalam upaya mencari contoh nyata sistem fisis yang bergerak sepanjang garis lurus dengan kecepatan tetap. Penelitian ini dapat dipandang sebagai model proses intrusi air laut di estuari, tempat pertukaran massa air laut dan air sungai. Fokus penelitian adalah membuktikan bahwa gravity current bergerak dengan kecepatan tetap dan menentukan faktor-faktor dinamik kecepatan. Pengukuran akurat waktu tempuh dan tinggi permukaan air dalam tangki percobaan memberikan kecepatan tak-berdimensi gravity current sebesar 0,45 ± 0,03 dengan beda kerapatan massa dan tinggi awal permukaan air merupakan dua faktor dinamik penentu kecepatan. ABSTRACTIn the context of problem-based learning, one of learning difficulties in physics at schools and universities is theminimum relevance of learning materials to natural phenomena. School and university students still have difficulties in giving real examples of uniform motion. This research examines uniform motion by performing laboratory experiments on gravity current as a system of two fluids with different densities. The experiments were designed to provide a factual case of a moving system with constant speed and to model salt intrusion in an estuary, where sea water and river stream meets. The research focused on the dynamics of gravity currents and determines factors affecting the speed. Based on measurements of travel time and initial height of water surface in all experiments, the results showed that the non-dimensional speed was found to be 0.45 ± 0

  8. Food selection of the Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus) under semi-wild conditions

    Simpson, Boyd K.; Shukor, M. N.; Magintan, David


    A study on the selection of food plants by captive Malayan tapirs (Tapirus indicus) was undertaken in a 30 hectare natural forest enclosure at the Sungai Dusun Wildlife Reserve, Malaysia. Tapirs browsed on 217 species of plants (from 99 genera and 49 families) from a total of the 1142 specimens collected and identified. Food plants were heavily dominated by sapling trees and shrubs which comprised 93% of all plants taken, with the remainder comprising woody lianas, vines and herbaceous plants. Although tapirs browsed on a wide variety of plant species, the top 30 species consumed represented more than 60% of all the plants selected, whilst the vast majority of species were rarely eaten. More than 80 species of trees and shrubs were available, but not eaten at all. The most readily consumed species were the sub-canopy and understorey trees Xerospermum noronhianum, Aporosa prainiana and Baccaurea parviflora, while Aporosa, Knema and Xerospermum were the dominant plant genera. The Phyllanthaceae (leaf flowers), Myristicaceae (nutmegs) and Sapindaceae (rambutans) were the most commonly selected families comprising 45% of the diet. Tapirs fed on saplings trees up to 8.3 m in height, while plants taller than about 1.6 m were bent, broken or pushed to the ground to gain access to the foliage. Sapling stems up to 4.2 cm in diameter could be snapped by biting, while larger trees to 7 cm diameter could be pushed down. Tapirs typically fed on the newer leaves and shoots, however, often only consuming half of the available foliage on a plant. This study documents 160 new plant species suitable as Malayan tapir food, and is consistent with the generalist, but selective browsing nature of the Tapirus species in general.

  9. Diversity of thermophiles in a Malaysian hot spring determined using 16S rRNA and shotgun metagenome sequencing

    Chia Sing eChan


    Full Text Available The Sungai Klah (SK hot spring is the second hottest geothermal spring in Malaysia. This hot spring is a shallow, 150-meter-long, fast-flowing stream, with temperatures varying from 50 to 110°C and a pH range of 7.0 to 9.0. Hidden within a wooded area, the SK hot spring is continually fed by plant litter, resulting in a relatively high degree of total organic content (TOC. In this study, a sample taken from the middle of the stream was analyzed at the 16S rRNA V3−V4 region by amplicon metagenome sequencing. Over 35 phyla were detected by analyzing the 16S rRNA data. Firmicutes and Proteobacteria represented approximately 57% of the microbiome. Approximately 70% of the detected thermophiles were strict anaerobes; however, Hydrogenobacter spp., obligate chemolithotrophic thermophiles, represented one of the major taxa. Several thermophilic photosynthetic microorganisms and acidothermophiles were also detected. Most of the phyla identified by 16S rRNA were also found using the shotgun metagenome approaches. The carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen metabolism within the SK hot spring community were evaluated by shotgun metagenome sequencing, and the data revealed diversity in terms of metabolic activity and dynamics. This hot spring has a rich diversified phylogenetic community partly due to its natural environment (plant litter, high TOC, and a shallow stream and geochemical parameters (broad temperature and pH range. It is speculated that symbiotic relationships occur between the members of the community.

  10. The role of extreme events in the impacts of selective tropical forestry on erosion during harvesting and recovery phases at Danum Valley, Sabah.

    Douglas, I; Bidin, K; Balamurugan, G; Chappell, N A; Walsh, R P; Greer, T; Sinun, W


    Ten years' hydrological investigations at Danum have provided strong evidence of the effects of extremes of drought, as in the April 1992 El Niño southern oscillation event, and flood, as in January 1996. The 1.5 km2 undisturbed forest control catchment experienced a complete drying out of the stream for the whole 1.5 km of defined channel above the gauging station in 1992, but concentrated surface flow along every declivity from within a few metres of the catchment divide after the exceptional rains of 19 January 1996. Under these natural conditions, erosion is episodic. Sediment is discharged in pulses caused by storm events, collapse of debris dams and occasional landslips. Disturbance by logging accentuates this irregular regime. In the first few months following disturbance, a wave of sediment is moved by each storm, but over subsequent years, rare events scour sediment from bare areas, gullies and channel deposits. The spatial distribution of sediment sources changes with time after logging, as bare areas on slopes are revegetated and small gullies are filled with debris. Extreme storm events, as in January 1996, cause logging roads to collapse, with landslides leading to surges of sediment into channels, reactivating the pulsed sediment delivery by every storm that happened immediately after logging. These effects are not dampened out with increasing catchment scale. Even the 721 km2 Sungai Segama has a sediment yield regime dominated by extreme events, the sediment yield in that single day on 19 January 1996 exceeding the annual sediment load in several previous years. In a large disturbed catchment, such road failures and logging-activity-induced mass movements increase the mud and silt in floodwaters affecting settlements downstream. Management systems require long-term sediment reduction strategies. This implies careful road design and good water movement regulation and erosion control throughout the logging process.

  11. Potency and Ecological Habitat of Tabat Barito (Ficus deltoidea Jack in Natural Forest, South Kalimantan

    yudi firmanul arifin


    Full Text Available Indonesia is rich of medicinal plants, one of which is Tabat Barito (Ficusdeltoidea Jack. The utilization of tabat barito is mainly  for women's health and until now its use continues to increase, especially for traditional medicines, but efforts for cultivation have not been much done. The first step for cultivation is to understand the potential and ecological habitat of this plant. This research was conducted in South Kalimantan, with three villages as the object based on a survey conducted earlier, i.e. the Village of Hamak in Hulu Sungai Selatan District and the Village of Auh and Sungsum in Balangan District. Data was collected using a survey method to create a transect in the areas where Tabat Barito isfound. The results showed Tabat Barito potential  in the two districts is quite rare, between 35 -50 clumps/ha. Tabat Barito was found in open areas in natural forest with elevation of 200-350 m above sea level, humidity of 36-54%, air temperature of 38-43 °C, soil temperature of 25 oC. vegetation found to be associated with Tabat Barito in Hamak Village is sasirihan (Ficussp. and beringin (Ficusbenyamina, while in Auh and Sangsum Village is mali-mali (Leeaindica, beringin (F. benyamina, and jambun (Eugenia sp.. The genus of Ficus is the dominant vegetation and significant association with Tabat Barito. The diversity of vegetation, in the Hamak Village is 1.63 higher than Auh and Sungsum Village of 1.16. The common species found in the two districts that have Tabat Barito of 28.57%.

  12. 旅游发展热潮下旅游镇开发模式研究%Developing Mode Study for tourism towns under current vigorous trends



    present,with the improvement of people,s standard ofliving,tourism has gradually become a few days ago the fastest growing one of the sunrise industries,the impact on people,s lives is more.As a new growth point of national economy,the toursim industry in stimulating domestic demand,increasing employment and balanced economic development will play a more and more important role.Mining tourism resources potential,to promote local economic development,it is a long-term strategic planning.Relying on the local culture and the characteristic resources of small town tourism development is growing fast.In this paper,in order to Sungai tourism town as an example,on how to successfully develop the tourist town and model analysis and research.%随着人们生活水平的日益提高,旅游业也逐渐成为日前发展速度最快的朝阳产业之一,对人们生活的影响也日趋显现。作为国民经济新的增长点,旅游业在刺激内需、增加就业和平衡地区经济发展等方面都发挥着积极的作用。挖掘旅游资源潜力,推动地方经济发展,是一项长远的战略规划。依托地方文化与特色资源的小城镇旅游发展也越来越快。本文以双溪旅游镇为例,对城镇旅游开发模式进行分析和研究。

  13. Kaitan antara karakteristik pantai Provinsi Sumatera Barat dengan potensi kerawanan tsunami

    Yudhicara Yudhicara


    Full Text Available coast of West Sumatera Province has two types of beaches: low lying sandy beach and steep rocky beach. Straight shoreline beaches at Padang beach until Air Bangis at the north and between Pasir Ganting and Salido beach at the south will have a potential tsunami height lower than bay shape beaches like at Kasai Bay, Kabung Bay, Batung Bay and Nibung Bay. A tsunami inundation will be further at a low lying area (low lying sandy beaches compared with a coastal area which has steep slope and high relief (steep rocky beaches. Gosong beach at Pariaman which has a steep angle of beach slope will have lower tsunami height compared with a low angle beach slope like at Sungai Beramas, Kasai, Kabung, Batung and Nibung bays which have a beach slope about 3° to 5°. The maximum tsunami inundation is assumed to be located at Pasaman and Pasir Pariaman Sub-regencies, while the maximum tsunami height is assumed to be located at the middle of mapped area which has a bay shape. Tsunami is assumed to be arrived early at the southern most of mapped area or close to Muko-muko (Bengkulu. The maximum height difference from sea level was found at Tabai - Pariaman about 5.394 m, while the minimum height difference was found at Carocok Anau about 1.821 m. The horizontal distance measured from the nearest building from the shoreline is about 119 to 173 m. The worst case of tsunami modeling assumed that the maximum tsunami height will be about 32 m and used for reference to make tsunami prone zonation, such as high, moderate and low prone area.    

  14. Distribution, mobility, and pollution assessment of Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn, and Fe in intertidal surface sediments of Sg. Puloh mangrove estuary, Malaysia.

    Udechukwu, Bede Emeka; Ismail, Ahmad; Zulkifli, Syaizwan Zahmir; Omar, Hishamuddin


    Sungai Puloh mangrove estuary supports a large diversity of macrobenthic organisms and provides social benefits to the local community. Recently, it became a major recipient of heavy metals originating from industries in the hinterland as a result of industrialization and urbanization. This study was conducted to evaluate mobility and pollution status of heavy metals (Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn, and Fe) in intertidal surface sediments of this area. Surface sediment samples were collected based on four different anthropogenic sources. Metals concentrations were analyzed using an atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS). Results revealed that the mean concentrations were Zn (1023.68 ± 762.93 μg/g), Pb (78.8 ± 49.61 μg/g), Cu (46.89 ± 43.79 μg/g), Ni (35.54 ± 10.75 μg/g), Cd (0.94 ± 0.29 μg/g), and Fe (7.14 ± 0.94%). Most of the mean values of analyzed metals were below both the interim sediment quality guidelines (ISQG-low and ISQG-high), except for Pb concentration (above ISQG-low) and Zn concentration (above ISQG-high), thus suggesting that Pb and Zn may pose some environmental concern. Cadmium, Pb, and Zn concentrations were above the threshold effect level (TEL), indicating seldom adverse effect of these metals on macrobenthic organisms. Pollution load index (PLI) indicated deterioration and other indices revealed the intertidal surface sediment is moderately polluted with Cd, Pb, and Zn. Therefore, this mangrove area requires urgent attention to mitigate further contamination. Finally, this study will contribute to data sources for Malaysia in establishing her own ISQG since it is a baseline study with detailed contamination assessment indices for surface sediment of intertidal mangrove area.

  15. GROUND WATER ASSESSMENT IN AGRICULTURAL AREA, CASE STUDY FROM MACHANG-MALAYSIA (Penilaian Air Tanah di Daerah Pertanian, Studi Kasus di Machang Malaysia

    Nur Islami


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT The study area is located in Machang, North Kelantan - Malaysia. The North Kelantan plain is covered with Quaternary sediments overlying granite bedrock. The drainage system is dendritic with the main river flowing into the South China Sea. Hydrogeochemical method was used to study groundwater of shallow aquifer characters within the area. Based on water samples analysis collected from the study area, it can be deduced that the cations and anions concentration are good for domestic use except in the southern region which the nitrate concentration is higher (more than 20 mg/l compared to the northern region (relatively zero. The areas that possibly possess nitrate-contaminated groundwater have been mapped along with groundwater flow patterns. The southern and middle part of the study area has an east to west groundwater flow pattern, making it impossible for contaminated water from the southern region to enter the northern area, despite in the northern area has lower elevation. ABSTRAK Lokasi area studi adalah berada di Machang, Kelantan Utara – Malaysia. Dataran tanah wilayah Kelantan Utara dilapisi oleh batuan Sedimen Kuarter yang mana batuan granit sebagai batuan dasar. Sistem pengairan adalah berbentuk jaringan dendritik dengan sungai utama mengalir ke Laut Cina Selatan. Metoda hydrogeochemical digunakan untuk mempelajari karakter air tanah dari akuifer dangkal untuk keseluruhan area studi. Berdasarkan pada analisa air yang diperoleh dari area studi, dapat disimpulkan bahwa konsentrasi kation dan anion baik digunakan untuk kehidupan sehari hari kecuali air tanah di area sebelah selatan yang mana kandungan nitratnya tinggi (lebih dari 20 mg/l dibandingkan di area sebelah utara (hampir tidak ada kandungan nitrat. Area yang memungkinkan memiliki konsentrasi nitrat pada air tanah dipetakan dengan kombinasi pola aliran air tanah. Pola aliran air tanah di area belahan selatan dan bagian tengah adalah dari timur ke barat yang mana tidak

  16. Toxicity Testing and the Effect of Landfill Leachate in Malaysia on Behavior of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio L., 1758; Pisces, Cyprinidae

    Jaffar Y.M. Alkassasbeh


    Full Text Available Problem Statement: Landfill leachate had been implicated in environmental pollution, developmental anomalies, birth defect and surface and groundwater pollution worldwide. This study has been conducted to determine the toxicity of landfill leachate from three different landfills in Malaysia on fry common carp (Cyprinus carpio L., 1758; Pisces, Cyprinidae in combination with some physico-chemical parameters analysis. Approach: Leachates were collected from Air Hitam (AHL, Ampar Tenang (ATL and Sungai Sedu (SSL landfills. The experiments were performed as three replicates using a total of 180 carps for each definitive test. The semi-static renewal method of acute toxicity test was used. The data obtained were statically evaluated by the use of the EPA computer program based on Finney’s Probit Analysis Method. Results: The leachate used in this study had an invariable of (1640-7600 mg L-1 COD and (321.22-956.86 mg L-1 Ammonical-N. The 96 h LC50 values of landfills leachate from the three landfills using fry C. carpio individuals with an average weight of 0.92±0.24 g and average length of 3.83±0.19 cm were found to be 1.132, 2.0 and 3.822% respectively. Among the behavioral changes observed for the individual fish at different leachate concentrations, decline in general activity, loss of balance, breathing difficulties, excessive mucosal secretion and gathering at the surface for breathing. Conclusion: This study of acute toxicity to the recommended fish species, C. caprio, is considered the first in Malaysia. Further research with toxicity testing methods directly on fish will be very useful in assessing possible ecological risk assessment of landfill leachate.


    Regi Fiji Anggawangsa


    2013. Selama pengamatan hanya diketahui terdapat satu kelompok pesut sebanyak 4-6 individu yang terdiri dari pesut muda dan dewasa. Kelompokan itu dijumpai di muara Sungai Bumbun pada kedalamanan perairan 11 meter. Tingkah laku yang teramati menunjukkan gerombolan pesut umumnya memburu kelompokan ikan dan sesekali menyemburkan air dari blowhole nya. Berdasarkan ciri-ciri morfologi dan tingkah laku yang teramati serta kondisi lingkungan perairan setempat maka perairan di Kabupaten Kubu Raya dan Kabupaten Kayong Utara yang terletak di Provinsi Kalimantan Barat diduga merupakan perairan yang potensial sebagai habitat pesut (Orcaella brevirostris. Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris (Owen in Gray 1866 is one of aquatic mammals species who populations are increasingly threatened. The lack information about population of Irrawaddy dolphins in West Kalimantan waters makes the conservation of this species and its management were still not optimized yet. This research aims to identify the characteristics and behavior of dolphins found in Kubu Raya and Kayong Utara waters of West Kalimantan. The observation was held on April 2013, exploring coastal waters and estuaries which are expected to be the habitats of Irrawaddy dolphins using binoculars. There are 4-6 individuals of Irrawaddy dolphin found at the mouth of Bumbun River. A group consist of young and adults dolphins at the depth of 11 meters. The observed behavior is chasing schooling fish and occasionally spitting water from his blowhole. Based on morphological character and fish behavior observed, and environmental condition parameters, indicated that the water surrounding of Kubu Raya and Kayong Utara District were potential habitat for Irrawaddy dolphins.


    Olumide Adedokun Odeyemi


    Full Text Available This study aim to investigate antibiotics resistance profile and putative virulence factors of Aeromonas hydrophila isolated from estuary. Bacteria used for this study were isolated from water and sediment samples obtained from Sungai Melayu, Johor, Malaysia. Serially diluted 100 µL water and 1g sediment were inoculated on modified Rimler - Shott (mRS agar. Colonies with distinct cultural characteristics were picked for further studies. Isolates were tested for biofilm productions, protease enzyme and antibiotics resistance profile using agar well diffusion method against 10 commercial antibiotics. Congo Red Agar (CRA, Microplate and Standard Tube (ST methods were used for assessment of biofilm formation among the isolates while Skim Milk Agar was used for protease production. Sw.KMJ 3 and Sw.KMJ 9 produced black crystalline colonies on CRA. Six of the isolates were biofilm producers in ST method. Result of Microplate method, helped in grouping the isolates into weak (n = 8, moderate (n = 3 and strong producers (n = 4 at 540 nm wavelength. All the isolates were classified as weak ODc  ODi 0.1, moderate ODi = 0.1  0.12 and strong producers ODi  0.12 respectively at 540 nm wavelength. Antibiotics susceptibility test also revealed that all the isolates were resistant to between 6 and 10 antibiotics. Two isolates each were resistant to 6 (60 %, 7 (70 % and 9 (90 % antibiotics respectively. Eight of the isolates showed resistance to 8 (80 % antibiotics while only isolate Sw.KMJ-7 showed resistance to all the tested antibiotics. Sw.KMJ-3, Sw.KMJ-8 and Sw.KMJ-9 produced protease enzyme on SMA. The isolates were also found to be resistant to both antibiotics and heavy metals.

  19. Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Bahaya Erupsi untuk Pengelolaan Kebencanaan di Lereng Selatan Gunungapi Merapi

    Sriadi Setyowati


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Pengembangan sistem informasi bencana ini dilakukan di Lereng Selatan Gunungapi Merapi sebagai salah satu upaya mitigasi bencana. Penelitian ini bertujuan: 1 menyusun peta tingkat bahaya dan sebaran bahaya pasca erupsi 2010, dan 2 menyusun informasi spasial untuk pengurangan risiko bencana. Pengambilan sampel dilakukan secara purposif pada setiap satuan medan. Analisis spasial dilakukan dengan bantuan SIG, yang terlebih dulu dilakukan pengharkatan terhadap atribut datanya. Hasil penelitiannya adalah, pertama, terdapat tiga kelas bahaya erupsi di lereng selatan Gunungapi Merapi yaitu rendah, sedang, dan tinggi. Tingkat bahaya erupsi sedang meliputi 73% wilayah, sedangkan tingkat bahaya rendah dan tinggi meliputi 27% wilayah. Faktor yang mempengaruhi tingkat bahaya adalah jarak dari kepundan, jarak dari alur sungai utama, kemiringan lereng, dan relief. Kedua, terdapat empat jalur evakuasi yang disarankan untuk digunakan dalam pengelolaan bencana dengan memperhatikan tingkat bahaya, penduduk, aksesibilitas, serta keberadaan fasilitas pendukung.   ABSTRACT This research aims to: (1 map the hazard level and distribution after 2010 eruption, based on new morphological database at southern flank of Merapi Volcano. (2 make spatial information for disaster risk reduction according to renovated hazard level information. This research employs explorative survey methods. Population sampling is done through purposive sampling methods. Samplings are taken in terrain units. The analysis technique employs in this research are GIS, scoring, and descriptive spatial analysis. Result shows: (1 there are three level of eruption hazard in southern flank of Merapi Volcano, namely: low, middle, and high. Middle eruption hazard level to includes 73% area, low and high hazard level to includes 27% area. The factors that influence hazard level are distance from crater, distance from main river channel, slope, and relief. (2 there are four routes suggested to

  20. Relationships between social support and depression, and quality of life of the elderly in a rural community in Malaysia.

    Ibrahim, Norhayati; Din, Normah Che; Ahmad, Mahadir; Ghazali, Shazli Ezzat; Said, Zaini; Shahar, Suzana; Ghazali, Ahmad Rohi; Razali, Rosdinom


    This study aimed to examine the role of social support and depression in predicting the quality of life among the elderly living in a rural Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) community in Malaysia. A total of 162 elderly settlers of FELDA Sungai Tengi, aged 60 years and above, were selected by universal sampling method in this cross-sectional study. Three standardized instruments - the 12-item Short Form (SF-12), 15-item Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS-15) and Medical Outcome Study Social Support (MOS-Social Support) - were used to assess for quality of life, depression and social support. Quality of life of the elderly people in this community was high, especially in terms of physical components as compared to mental components. The mean scores for emotional role in the SF-12 was relatively the highest (90.74 ± 21.59) with social functioning being the lowest (30.35 ± 22.29). The results also showed that the mean value was higher for physical component summary (74.40) as compared to mental component summary (51.51). Approximately 23.5% suffered mild depression and only 2.5% had severe depression. This study showed that the elderly FELDA settlers have a high quality of life, mainly on the physical components of life and low rate of severe depression, a positive indicator of their psychological well-being. Social support in the form of emotional/informational support, and depression were significant factors related to their good quality of life. Copyright © 2013 Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd.

  1. Susceptibility of Aedes albopictus from dengue outbreak areas to temephos and Bacillus thuringiensis subsp.israelensis

    Ahmad Mohiddin; Asmalia Md Lasim; Wan Fatma Zuharah


    Objective:To monitor the current duration of the application rates in vector programme and the level of Aedes albopictus larvae susceptibility from three selected areas in northeast district of Penang on two selected larvicides,temephos and Bacillus thuringiensis subsp.israelensis(Bti) which are commonly used by Penang Health Department for vector control.Methods:The mosquito larvae were tested against two types of larvicides:(1) temephos(Abate?) with diagnostic dosage(0.012 mg/L) and operational dosage(1 mg/L) and(2)Bacillus thuringiensis subsp.israelensis(Vecto Bac?WG) with operational dosage ranging from 6 000 international toxic units per L to 24 000 international toxic unit per L.A total of 20 late third and early forth instar larvae were selected and transferred into paper cup sized 300 m L using wide-mouthed pipette.The larvae were distributed into each 300 m L paper cup containing 50 m L of aged tap water.The experiment was replicated five times for each concentration tested.Each test was repeated three times.The mortality was recorded after 24 h of exposure and recorded lethal time was based on 2 h for temephos and 6 h for Bti.The control consisted of ethanol for temephos and only seasoned water for Bti.Results:The result showed that Aedes albopictus from Flat Hamna,Kampung Sungai Gelugor and Kampung Tanjung Tokong were still susceptible to Bti and temephos.However,higher lethal time and resistance ratio were detected in strain from Flat Hamna which was a known dengue hot spot area in northeast of Penang.Conclusions:The application of temephos and Bti in vector control activity in these selected localities is still relevant in the control of Aedes larvae populations.

  2. Assessing dengue outbreak areas using vector surveillance in north east district, Penang Island, Malaysia

    Ahmad Mohiddin


    Full Text Available Objective: To understand the efficacy of ovitrap surveillance and its implementation on monitoring reflection upon case occurrence in relation to climate variables. Methods: We used routinely setup ovitrap surveillance to monitor the mosquito populations in previous outbreak areas. Ovitraps were installed weekly at three localities that experienced high number of dengue cases (Flat Hamna, Kampung Sungai Gelugor and Kampung Tanjung Tokong from January 2010 to February 2011. Ovitraps and paddles were brought back to the laboratory and all of the water contents were poured into an enamel pan. Aged tap water was added into the enamel pan and eggs were allowed to hatch. The hatching larvae were counted after 3 days. The hatched larvae were identified at the 3rd instar larval stage. The ovitrap indices and mean number of larvae were analyzed using student t-test and One-way ANOVA. Spearmen’s rank correlation coefficient was used to determine the relation between meteorology variables and dengue fever cases. Results: Aedes albopictus was found as dominant species followed by Aedes aegypti recorded in all three study areas. Aedes aegypti preferred to breed outdoor with larvae collection, which was higher than indoor (72.37%. There was a positive correlation between the ovitrap index with the rainfall and humidity except in Kampung Tanjung Tokong. Our result also showed negative correlation between temperature and ovitrap index in all localities. Conclusions: This study provides useful data to be adapted in dengue vector management. It is very important to understand the fluctuation of vector population according to the seasonal activity, which can help us to improve our control programs. However, other factors might also contribute to the increment of dengue outbreak such as the number of available breeding sites, behavior of the vector against environmental factors and the cleanliness of the environment.

  3. HUTAN DAN PERILAKU ALIRAN AIR: KLARIFIKASI KEBERADAAN HUTAN DAN PENGARUHNYA TERHADAP BANJIR DAN KEKURANGAN AIR (Forest and Stream Flow Behaviour: Clarification on Forest Relation With Flood and Drought Issues

    Chay Asdak


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Banjir bandang di wilayah hilir Daerah Aliran Sungai (DAS seringkali dihubungkan dengan penebangan hutan di wilayah hulu DAS. Hal ini terkait dengan dua hal: (1 perhatian masyarakat terhadap tingginya laju degradasi sumberdaya hutan di banyak tempat di Indonesia, dan (2 adanya kesenjangan pemahaman tentang keterkaitan antara vegetasi, air, dan tanah. kedua hal ini mendorong terbentuknya pemahaman bersama (masyarakat luas termasuk akademisi yang cenderung bersifat simplistik bahwa banjir bandang tersebut terjadi karena mengingkatnya penebangan hutan. Apakah pemahaman tersebut di atas didukung oleh bukti-bukti ilmiah? Atau karena didorong oleh emosi bahwa kerusakan hutan makin meningkat. Tulisan ini mencoba untuk menunjukkan hasil penelitian bahwa, pada banyak kasus, banjir bandang lebih disebabkan oleh tingginya intensitas curah hujan.   ABSTRACT Big floods found in downstream areas that occurred in the wettest months of rainy season are often said to be associated with forest cutting in the upper parts of a watershed. This is partly caused by an increasing strong concerned from many people on high rate of forest destruction in many parts of Indonesia. Partly by false perception on forest-water-soil interaction. In the mean time, there is a common perception among the people including some scientific communities that large floods with severe economic impact are closely linked with the increasing forest cutting. Does this allegation have scientific justification? Or is it just a public emotion driven by the fact that many forest stands are becoming degraded overtime. This article is trying to bring up some scientific findings that, in many cases, big floods were often associated with extreme rainfall. Some illustrations used in this article are mainly from research findings in the temperate climates, with small protions from tropical regions.

  4. Terrestrial gamma radiation dose study to determine the baseline for environmental radiological health practices in Melaka state, Malaysia.

    Ramli, Ahmad Termizi; Sahrone, Sallehudin; Wagiran, Husin


    Environmental terrestrial gamma radiation dose rates were measured throughout Melaka, Malaysia, over a period of two years, with the objective of establishing baseline data on the background radiation level. Results obtained are shown in tabular, graphic and cartographic form. The values of terrestrial gamma radiation dose rate vary significantly over different soil types and for different underlying geological characteristics present in the study area. The values ranged from 54 +/- 5 to 378 +/- 38 nGy h(-1). The highest terrestrial gamma dose rates were measured over soil types of granitic origin and in areas with underlying geological characteristics of an acid intrusive (undifferentiated) type. An isodose map of terrestrial gamma dose rate in Melaka was drawn by using the GIS application 'Arc View'. This was based on data collected using a NaI(Tl) scintillation detector survey meter. The measurements were taken at 542 locations. Three small 'hot spots' were found where the dose rates were more than 350 nGy h(-1). The mean dose rates in the main population areas in the mukims (parishes) of Bukit Katil, Sungai Udang, Batu Berendam, Bukit Baru and Bandar Melaka were 154 +/- 15, 161 +/- 16, 160 +/- 16, 175 +/- 18 and 176 +/- 18 nGy h(-1), respectively. The population-weighted mean dose rate throughout Melaka state is 172 +/- 17 nGy h(-1). This is lower than the geographical mean dose rate of 183 +/- 54 nGy h(-1). The lower value arises from the fact that most of the population lives in the central area of the state where the lithology is dominated by sedimentary rocks consisting of shale, mudstone, phyllite, slate, hornfels, sandstone and schist of Devonian origin which have lower associated dose rates. The mean annual effective dose to the population from outdoor terrestrial gamma radiation was estimated to be 0.21 mSv. This value is higher than the world average of 0.07 mSv.

  5. Perencanaan Sistem Drainase Kebon Agung Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur

    Made Gita Pitaloka


    Full Text Available Saluran Kebon Agung terletakdi Surabaya bagian selatan di Kecamatan Jambangan dan bermuara di sisi laut Surabaya bagian Timur di Kecamatan Rungkut. Saluran ini memiliki panjang 11 kilometer dan lebar berkisar antara 7 – 12 meter. Pada saluran Kebon Agung terdapat 2 rumah pompa, yaitu Pompa Kutisari dan Pompa Kebon Agung. Rumah pompa ini sudah berfungsi untuk mengurangi banjir di Surabaya, namun masih kurang maksimal, sehingga masih terjadi genangan di beberapa lokasi. Berdasarkan Peta Kawasan Rawan Banjir Kota Surabaya tahun 2014, terdapat kawasan rawan banjir di pemukiman kampung wilayah kecamatan Jambangan akibat luapan sungai Kali Surabaya. Selain itu, menurut BAPPEKO (Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Kota Surabaya tahun 2015, terjadi pula genangan setinggi 10-40 cm di Kecamatan Wonocolo dan setinggi 10-50 cm di Kecamatan Gununganyar.Perencanaan sistem drainase Kebon Agung dilakukan dengan mengevaluasi kondisi saluran eksisting, kemudian melakukan analisis hidrologi dengan menggunakan program bantu HEC-HMS untuk mendapatkan debit banjir rencana. Sedangkan, analisis hidrolika menggunakan program bantu HEC-RAS dengan dua kali simulasi unsteady flow, yaitu simulasi kondisi saluran eksisting dan hasil perencanaan. Berdasarkan hasil analisis kondisi eksisting diperoleh bahwa genangan air terjadi karena kapasitas kapasitas saluran Kebon Agung saat ini tidak dapat mengalirkan debit banjir rencana, sehingga dibutuhkan perencanaan baru. Lebar saluran primer yang diperlukan berkisar antara 8 sampai 15 meter dengan kedalaman 3 meter, lebar saluran sekunder yang diperlukan berkisar antara 5 sampai 8 meter dengan kedalaman 2,5 meter, dan untuk lebar saluran tersier antara 1,2 sampai 2 meter dengan kedalaman 1 meter sampai 2 meter. Jumlah pompa yang dibutuhkan adalah 5 buah pompa dengan kapasitas 5 m3/detik dan 3 buah pompa dengan kapasitas 1,5 m3/detik.

  6. Levels of metallic elements and their potential relationships to cognitive function among elderly from Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) settlement in Selangor Malaysia.

    Ghazali, Ahmad Rohi; Kamarulzaman, Firdaus; Normah, Che Din; Ahmad, Mahadir; Ghazali, Shazli Ezzat; Ibrahim, Norhayati; Said, Zaini; Shahar, Suzana; Angkat, Norhana; Razali, Rosdinom


    Exposure to toxic metals and excessive amount of trace elements is a risk factor of cognitive decline. Continuous monitoring of these elements by the use of metabolically inactive tissues such as fingernails may help in taking preventive measures to delay the cognitive decline process. In this study, the cognitive function of 54 elderlies (60-72 years old) from FELDA Sungai Tengi, Selangor, was evaluated using the Malay version of Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA). The levels of arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), lead (Pb), and zinc (Zn) in fingernail were detected using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry. Results showed that (92.6 %) our population was cognitively impaired based on the MoCA with mean score of 18.07 ± 5.11. The mean level of elements in fingernails for As, Cd, Cu, Mn, Pb, and Zn were 16.68 ± 3.52, 4.26 ± 0.91, 4.81 ± 1.16, 1.00 ± 0.23, 1.83 ± 0.47, and 40.86 ± 10.81 μg/g, respectively. Significant inverse correlations were observed between MoCA with age (r = -0.543, p < 0.01), Cu level (r = -0.330, p < 0.05), and Mn level (r = -0.496, p < 0.01). MMSE was correlated to age (r = -0.346, p < 0.05) only. In conclusion, besides aging, the progression of cognitive decline among the elderly FELDA population was associated with increased levels of copper and manganese.

  7. Validasi Algoritma Estimasi konsentrasi Klorofil-a dan Padatan Tersuspensi Menggunakan Citra Terra dan Aqua Modis dengan Data In situ (Studi Kasus : Perairan Selat Makassar

    Endang Prinina


    Full Text Available Klorofil-a dan Padatan Tersuspensi (TSS merupakan parameter fisik kualitas perairan. Pigmen klorofil-a memiliki daya serap yang tinggi pada gelombang tampak biru dan merah. TSS merupakan zat padatan sedimentasi dari aliran sungai yang membawa material-material organik maupun anorganik. Kandungan TSS yang tinggi sangat mengganggu proses fotosintesis pada fitoplankton yang merupakan produsen penghasil zat klorofil-a. Sehingga TSS juga mampu menyerap gelombang tampak. Kemampuan klorofil-a dan TSS dalam menyerap gelombang tampak dapat di amati dengan menggunakan teknologi penginderaan jauh. Pemanfaatan teknologi ini membutuhkan algoritma dalam menentukan nilai estimasi konsentrasi klorofil-a dan TSS. Penelitian ini menggunakan citra Terra dan Aqua MODIS. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk memvalidasi hasil algoritma klorofil-a dan TSS yang telah ada dalam perangkat lunak SeaDAS 7.3.1. Dari hasil penelitian ini didapatkan koreksi atmosfer terbaik dalam pendugaan klorofil-a dan TSS yaitu koreksi atmosfer MUMM. Dari hasil pemetaan klorofil-a dan TSS menghasilkan nilai NMAE sebesar 158,34% dan 65,28%. Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa algoritma empiris ini tidak dapat diterapkan pada Selat Makassar. Sebaran klorofil-a terendah sebesar 0,105 µg/l dan tertinggi sebesar 0,783 µg/l pada citra Terra MODIS. Sedangkan sebaran TSS terendah 0,02 mg/l dan tertinggi 6,88 mg/l pada citra Terra MODIS. Citra Terra MODIS lebih baik dalam pendugaan klorofil-a dan TSS dengan menggunakan algoritma empiris di SeaDAS 7.3.1 daripada menggunakan citra Aqua MODIS.

  8. The Vulnerability of Community Capitals as a Threat to Orang Kuala Community Development in Malaysia

    W. A. Amir Zal


    Full Text Available Community development emphasizes the utilization of community resources, also known as community capitals. However, it is often difficult for the community to access these resources; this difficulty retards development. Such is the predicament faced by the Orang Kuala, for whom coastal changes have resulted in greater difficulty in accessing their community resources. Nor is that the only threat that they face. For affirmation of these threats, this article lists two objectives, that is, to identify the accessibility of marine resources and to explain the types of threats faced by the Orang Kuala. To achieve these objectives, a study was conducted involving 51 household heads and 5 Orang Kuala informants, all of whom are residents of Sungai Layau village in Johor, Malaysia. This study uses a mixed-method approach, the concurrent embedded design, and also interview-based questionnaires and in-depth interviews simultaneously. For the first objective, the results show that the Orang Kuala can still attain community resources in the form of marine products. However, the Orang Kuala faced three types of threats: trends, shocks, and seasonal changes. The most significant threat to the Orang Kuala is the trend, that is, cost of living and social problems. These threats can reduce their chances of acquiring benefits from these community resources. This condition is called “vulnerability of community capitals.” The objective of this article is to put forth proposals on how to increase the capacity of community resources for the Orang Kuala so that their community can attain sustainable development. This proposal is based on the reality that the threats facing the Orang Kuala are at a critical level and that they are ready to accept changes.


    A. K. Wardani


    Full Text Available ABSTRAKDalam konteks problem-based learning, salah satu masalah belajar fisika di sekolah dan di universitas adalah keterkaitan antara materi ajar dan fenomena alam dalam kehidupan sehari-hari masih minimum. Siswa, mahasiswa, guru, dan dosen masih mengalami kesulitan dalam memberikan contoh nyata GLB. Penelitian ini meninjau ulang materi ajar gerak lurus beraturan melalui percobaan gravity current sebagai sistem dua fluida dengan beda kerapatan di laboratorium dalam upaya mencari contoh nyata sistem fisis yang bergerak sepanjang garis lurus dengan kecepatan tetap. Penelitian ini dapat dipandang sebagai model proses intrusi air laut di estuari, tempat pertukaran massa air laut dan air sungai. Fokus penelitian adalah membuktikan bahwa gravity current bergerak dengan kecepatan tetap dan menentukan faktor-faktor dinamik kecepatan. Pengukuran akurat waktu tempuh dan tinggi permukaan air dalam tangki percobaan memberikan kecepatan tak-berdimensi gravity current sebesar 0,45 ± 0,03 dengan beda kerapatan massa dan tinggi awal permukaan air merupakan dua faktor dinamik penentu kecepatan. ABSTRACTIn the context of problem-based learning, one of learning difficulties in physics at schools and universities is theminimum relevance of learning materials to natural phenomena. School and university students still have difficulties in giving real examples of uniform motion. This research examines uniform motion by performing laboratory experiments on gravity current as a system of two fluids with different densities. The experiments were designed to provide a factual case of a moving system with constant speed and to model salt intrusion in an estuary, where sea water and river stream meets. The research focused on the dynamics of gravity currents and determines factors affecting the speed. Based on measurements of travel time and initial height of water surface in all experiments, the results showed that the non-dimensional speed was found to be 0.45 ± 0


    Budi Prayitno


    installations. In 2000s, the city of Solo acquired the city problems like the other cities in Indonesia. The city problems were divided into three aspects as follows: the built environment; the natural environment; and the social environment. The accumulation of those problems made the city grow in decline direction that needs to be fixed by a-sustainable-city design. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Paper ini berusaha mengupas tentang perubahan struktur dan bentuk Kota Solo setelah mengalami perkembangan dari masa ke masa. Metode penelitian dilakukan dengan studi pendekatan kearsipan, baik arsip primer, arsip sekunder maupun arsip fisik. Untuk arsip primer bersumber pada naskah-naskah dokumenter Jawa, seperti parintah, undang-undang, pranatan, piyagem, kakancingan, serat, gugat, penget dan babad. Untuk arsip sekunder bersumber pada buku-buku dari para ahli sejarah (Ricklefs, Lombard, Vorstensteden, Muljana, Notosusanto, Kartodirdjo dll dan hasil riset dari para ahli sejarah arsitektur Jawa (Ronald, Ikaputra, Adishakti dll. Untuk arsip fisik bersumber dari artefak, elemen alam dan tradisi masyarakat yang diperoleh dari survey lapangan. Temuan utama dari studi morfologi Kota Solo pada tahun 1500-2000 adalah, elemen 'tulang' telah tumbuh membentuk berbagai formasi, yaitu memusat, mengelompok dan organik. Elemen 'daging' telah tumbuh secara horisontal, vertikal dan interestisial. Sementara elemen 'darah' telah berkembang dari orang-orang pribumi (Jawa, Madura, Banjar bertambah dengan orang-orang pendatang (Cina, Arab, India, Belanda, dengan mata pencaharian dari agricultural ke non-agricultural. Temuan penting lainnya adalah, Kota Solo tersusun oleh tiga konsep yang berlainan, yang saling tumpang tindih, yaitu konsep organik oleh masyarakat pribumi, konsep kolonial oleh masyarakat Belanda dan konsep kosmologi oleh masyarakat Keraton Jawa. Kota Solo pada tahun 1500-1750 masih berupa kota tepian sungai di Bengawan Solo, kemudian pada tahun 1750-1850 berkembang menjadi kota campuran

  11. The clandestine multiple graves in Malaysia: The first mass identification operation of human skeletal remains.

    Mohd Noor, Mohd Suhani; Khoo, Lay See; Zamaliana Alias, Wan Zafirah; Hasmi, Ahmad Hafizam; Ibrahim, Mohamad Azaini; Mahmood, Mohd Shah


    The first ever mass identification operation of skeletal remains conducted for the clandestine graves in Malaysia consisted of 165 individuals unearthed from 28 human trafficking transit camps located in Wang Kelian, along the Thai-Malaysia border. A DVI response was triggered in which expert teams comprising of pathologists, anthropologists, odontologists, radiologists and DNA experts were gathered at the identified operation centre. The Department of Forensic Medicine, Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Star, Kedah, located approximately 75km away from Wang Kelian, was temporarily converted into a victim identification centre (VIC) as it is the nearest available forensic facility to the mass grave site. The mortuary operation was conducted over a period of 3 months from June to September 2015, and was divided into two phases; phase 1 involving the postmortem examination of the remains of 116 suspected individuals and for phase 2 the remains of 49 suspected individuals. The fact that the graves were of unknown individuals afforded the mass identification operation a sufficient duration of 2 weeks as preparatory phase enabling procedurals and daily victim identification workflow to be established, and the setting up of a temporary body storage for the designated mortuary. The temporary body storage has proven to be a significant factor in enabling the successful conclusion of the VIC operation to the final phase of temporary controlled burials. Recognition from two international observers, Mr. Andréas Patiño Umaña, from the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and Prof. Noel Woodford from Victoria Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) had proven the mortuary operation was in compliance to the international quality and standards. The overall victim identification and mortuary operation identified a number of significant challenges, in particular the management of commingled human remains as well as the compilation of postmortem data in the absence of

  12. High proportion of knowlesi malaria in recent malaria cases in Malaysia.

    Yusof, Ruhani; Lau, Yee Ling; Mahmud, Rohela; Fong, Mun Yik; Jelip, Jenarun; Ngian, Hie Ung; Mustakim, Sahlawati; Hussin, Hani Mat; Marzuki, Noradilah; Mohd Ali, Marlindawati


    Plasmodium knowlesi is a simian parasite that has been recognized as the fifth species causing human malaria. Naturally-acquired P. knowlesi infection is widespread among human populations in Southeast Asia. The aim of this epidemiological study was to determine the incidence and distribution of malaria parasites, with a particular focus on human P. knowlesi infection in Malaysia. A total of 457 microscopically confirmed, malaria-positive blood samples were collected from 22 state and main district hospitals in Malaysia between September 2012 and December 2013. Nested PCR assay targeting the 18S rRNA gene was used to determine the infecting Plasmodium species. A total of 453 samples were positive for Plasmodium species by using nested PCR assay. Plasmodium knowlesi was identified in 256 (56.5%) samples, followed by 133 (29.4%) cases of Plasmodium vivax, 49 (10.8%) cases of Plasmodium falciparum, two (0.4%) cases of Plasmodium ovale and one (0.2%) case of Plasmodium malariae. Twelve mixed infections were detected, including P. knowlesi/P. vivax (n = 10), P. knowlesi/P. falciparum (n = 1), and P. falciparum/P. vivax (n = 1). Notably, P. knowlesi (Included mixed infections involving P. knowlesi (P. knowlesi/P. vivax and P. knowlesi /P. falciparum)) showed the highest proportion in Sabah (84/115 cases, prevalence of 73.0%), Sarawak (83/120, 69.2%), Kelantan (42/56, 75.0%), Pahang (24/25, 96.0%), Johor (7/9, 77.8%), and Terengganu (4/5, 80.0%,). In contrast, the rates of P. knowlesi infection in Selangor and Negeri Sembilan were found to be 16.2% (18/111 cases) and 50.0% (5/10 cases), respectively. Sample of P. knowlesi was not obtained from Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Perak, Pulau Pinang, and Perlis during the study period, while a microscopically-positive sample from Kedah was negative by PCR. In addition to Sabah and Sarawak, which have been known for high prevalence of P. knowlesi infection, the findings from this study highlight the widespread distribution of P

  13. Use of complementary and alternative medicine in pregnancy and its impact on obstetric outcome.

    Yusof, Juliana; Mahdy, Zaleha Abdullah; Noor, Rushdan Mohd


    To evaluate the prevalence of use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in a Malaysian antenatal population and its impact on obstetric outcome. Cross sectional study. Obstetric Unit, Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar, Kedah. Women attending antenatal clinic and Patient Admission Centre (PAC) above 30 weeks gestation were given structured questionnaires to fill. Pregnancy outcome measures were documented and analyzed in relation to the information gathered through the questionnaire. SPSS Version 21 was used to analyze all data obtained. Out of 447 women, the overall prevalence of CAM usage in pregnancy was 85.2%. It was popular among pregnant mothers aged between 26 and 35 years old and most commonly used in the third trimester (p = 0.0.010) to facilitate labour. Other sociodemographic factors such as race, parity, education, occupation and residence were not significantly important. Traditional herbs was the commonest type of CAM used in pregnancy (58.3%) followed by selusuh (24.3%). About 78.5% of the CAM users delivered vaginally (p = 0.020) but a significant proportion (14.3%) had fetal distress (p = 0.035) compared to non CAM users. The most common type of herbs used was akar kayu bunga Fatimah (37.7%) and gamat (13.4%). In our study, usage of selusuh product and akar kayu bunga Fatimah had a significant impact in achieving vaginal delivery and shortened the duration of labour particularly in multiparae. The usage of Kacip Fatimah and Salindah was associated with preterm labour (p = 0.04)Tongkat Ali herbal coffee had a significant association with hypertensive disorders in pregnancy (p = 0.011) and fetal distress (p = 0.04) Meanwhile, the usage of Jamu Mustika Ratu was significantly associated with low birth weight in grandmultiparae (p = 0.026)and spirulina was significantly associated with oligohydramnios (p = 0.04). Usage of CAM in pregnancy in the Malaysian population is of high prevalence CAM in pregnancy has beneficial and

  14. Work Esteem And Re-Branding Of Technical Education And Vocational Training From The Perspective Of Parents, Teachers And Apprentice

    Khadijah Alavi


    Full Text Available Several issues were raised from the study of technical and vocational education: low pay, no career path for their future, unable to get admission to university, and finally technical education and vocational training are perceived to be for school dropouts and special needs students (the disabled (Ahmad Esa , 2010; Ramlee, 1999; Wancott, 2000; Gray, 1997; Stone, 1993; Kang and Bishop, 1986. Although various efforts have been undertaken by several agencies to encourage technical education and vocational training to the public, students and parents still prefer academic education to vocational education. Why does this phenomenon still exist despite the publicity given by many agencies? Do parents, students, teachers and school counselors, and various related parties understand the system of vocational education? Aren’t there sufficient promotion arranged? Aren’t there enough "success stories" of those doing technical education and vocational training brought to light by local media? This qualitative study was conducted in two zones, namely, the north (Kedah and central zone (Selangor, two schools were chosen from each zone; one school in the city (Kajang and one from the rural (Dengkil, which are sufficient to get the views of  parents and teachers. The results showed that there was a positive response from parents and teachers about the work reputation and re-branding of technical education and vocational training. Technical and vocational fields are no longer targeted for weak students; on the other hand this study has shown that parents believe that girls too can become successful mechanics. Now parents and teachers are encouraging students to pursue their field of interest, and no longer judge them based on test results per se to take up tertiary education. The path of technical education and vocational training can be advanced to university level and continued abroad. There are suggestions that opportunity should also be given to

  15. Perceptions of body image among Malaysian male and female adolescents.

    Khor, G L; Zalilah, M S; Phan, Y Y; Ang, M; Maznah, B; Norimah, A K


    Body image concerns are common among adolescents as they undergo rapid physical growth and body shape changes. Having a distorted body image is a risk factor for the development of disordered eating behaviours and eating disorders. This study was undertaken to investigate body image concerns among Malaysian male and female adolescents aged 11-15 years. A total of 2,050 adolescents (1,043 males and 1,007 females) with a mean age of 13.1 +/- 0.8 years from secondary schools in Kedah and Pulau Pinang were included in the study. Questionnaires were used to collect socioeconomic data and body image indicators. The majority (87 percent) of the adolescents were concerned with their body shape. While the majority of underweight, normal weight and overweight male and female subjects perceived their body weight status correctly according to their body mass index (BMI), a noteworthy proportion in each category misjudged their body weight. About 35.4 percent of the males and 20.5 percent of the females in the underweight category perceived themselves as having a normal weight, while 29.4 percent and 26.7 percent of the overweight males and females respectively also perceived that they had a normal weight. A higher proportion of the females (20 percent) than males (9 percent) with a normal BMI perceived themselves as fat. Most of the male (78-83 percent) and female subjects (69-74 percent) in all the BMI categories desired to be taller than their current height. An appreciable proportion of both the males (41.9 percent) and females (38.2 percent) preferred to remain thin, or even to be thinner (23.7 percent of males and 5.9 percent of females). Females had a significantly higher mean body dissatisfaction score than males, indicating their preference for a slimmer body shape. More males (49.1 percent) preferred a larger body size while more females (58.3 percent) idealised a smaller body size. Compared to normal weight and underweight subjects, overweight males and females

  16. The Baling group/Bannang Sata group of the Malay/Thai Peninsula

    Burton, C. K.

    The Baling formation of eastern Kedah and northern-most Perak, Peninsular Malaysia has long been proposed for group rank. This proposal is adopted here although it is still not possible to formalize fully this rock unit. The Baling group extends across the international frontier into Thailand (as the Bannang Sata group) where it evidently attains its maximum development, at least in terms of areal extent, but it has not yet been studied in detail in that country. The Baling consists of arenite and carbonate of the Papalut quartzite below, and black siliceous argillite, with minor calcareous rocks, of the Kroh formation, above. A thick sequence of rhyolitic pyroclastic rocks (the Grik tuff) occurs around the passage between two foregoing formations in the Grik area of Perak. Review of age criteria and regional relationships indicates that the Papulut is closely related to a (?) Mid Cambrian to Lower Ordovician shelf sequence in parts of the coastal tract of NW Peninsular Malaysia and the adjacent portion of Thailand (Jerai formation, Machinchang Formation, Tarutao Formation). Minor amounts of acid pyroclastic rocks in all these rock units are correlated with the initial phase of the Grik tuffs. The Kroh formation is part of a hitherto unrecognised but widespread association of Mid Palaeozoic black shale facies including the Mahang Formation to the west and the upper part of the Foothills group ("Bentong group") to the east and southeast. This facies seems to have been initiated in the Ordovician and is characterized by Lower to Mid Silurian and Lower Devonian graptolites, the latter accompanied in the Baling and Mahang by numerous Lower to Mid Devonian tentaculites. No fossils of uppermost Wenlock, Ludlow or Pridoli ages have been determined in these rocks. Counter to earlier palaeogeographic reconstructions no evidence of a confining sill or barrier or contemporary subduction zone can be detected within the outcrop of this black siliceous argillite association. If

  17. Predictors of parenting stress among Malaysian mothers of children with Down syndrome.

    Norizan, A; Shamsuddin, K


    Having children with intellectual disability can be stressful for most parents. Currently there are very few studies focusing on parenting stress among mothers of children with Down syndrome (DS) in Asia. The present study examined the level of parenting stress experienced by Malaysian mothers of children with DS and evaluated the child and maternal factors that contributed to parenting stress based on Hill's ABC-X Model (Hill 1949). We conducted a cross-sectional study of mothers of children with DS between the ages of 2-12 years during February-June 2008 in Kedah, a state in Peninsular Malaysia. We used self-administered questionnaires to gather data on parenting stress, child's birth history and current behavioural problems, as well as the maternal sociodemographic characteristics, coping styles and psychological well-being. Parental Stress Scale (PSS) was used to assess parenting stress. Measures of child's behavioural problem using Pediatric Symptom Checklist, mother's coping style using Carver et al. (1989) COPE inventory and their psychological well-being using Lovibond and Lovibond (1995) DASS21, a scale assessing depression, anxiety and stress were also carried out. The 147 mothers who participated in the study had an average age of 43.1 years (SD = 7.6 years), of whom 94.6% were married, 57.1% had secondary level education and 28.6% were working outside their home. Based on PSS, mean parenting stress was 37.6 (SD = 8.1). Parenting stress was significantly higher among mothers who reported having children with behavioural problems. However, parenting stress was modified by positive coping styles and negative maternal psychological well-being. The final model based on hierarchical regression analysis identified maternal depression and lack of acceptance as significant predictors of parenting stress rather than child's behavioural problems. Mean parenting stress among mothers of children with DS significantly differed by behavioural problems in their

  18. In vitro growth of Ganoderma boninense isolates on novel palm extract medium and virulence on oil palm (Elaeis guineensis seedlings

    Kok, S.M.


    Full Text Available Aims: Basal stem rot (BSR disease caused by Ganoderma pathogenic fungi, especially Ganoderma boninense is thriving rapidly in both areas with coastal and inland soils. The objectives of this study were to isolate and characterize Ganoderma isolates collected from various locations in Peninsular Malaysia through the comparison of their growth rate in vitroly on conventional and novel palm extract media, and to determine the degree of virulence caused by the isolatesin oil palm seedlings. Methodology and results: In this study, 12 Ganoderma isolates were collected from infected oil palm trees, fromvarious locations – Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah, Perak, Pahang, and Kelantan, in Malaysia in year 2011. Twelve Ganoderma isolates were identified using molecular method with primer set that targeted at small-subunit 18S rDNA fragment, and characterized by determining the in vitro growth rate, and degree of virulence in 2-month-old oil palmseedlings in the nursery using both disease incidence (DI and disease severity index (DSI as the measurements to quantify the infection. All the Ganoderma isolates were identified as G. boninense and sequences of the respective isolates were deposited in GenBank. In general, all the isolates proliferated faster on oil palm extract medium (OPEM compared to malt extract agar (MEA. Twelve G. boninense isolates were observed to illustrate different degree of virulence ranging from highly pathogenic to least pathogenic. Conclusion, significance and impact of study: Cultures of 12 G. boninense isolates were observed to show faster growth rate (P < 0.014 on OPEM under in vitro conditions compared to conventional MEA medium, except Bt Lintang G10 and GBA G12 isolates. OPEM medium could provide a better alternative for maintaining and culturing Ganoderma strains. In the current study, both DI and DSI were highly correlated. However, there were low linear relationships (R2 < 0.423 between mycelia growth rate (on MEA and OPEM


    K. Z. Tan


    Full Text Available Biofertilizer is a relatively safer, environmentally friendly and cost-effective approach as an alternative to reduce chemical fertilizer usage. The selection of bacterial strains with multiple beneficial characteristics are important to maximize the effectiveness on the host plant. Due to aforementioned interest, several Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacterial (PGPR and rhizobial strains were isolated from rice and legume roots, respectively, at four locations in Malaysia namely Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM, Serdang, Selangor; Besut, Terengganu; Tunjung, Kelantan and Sik, Kedah. Bacterial isolations were undertaken to select the best isolates which exhibit multiple beneficial effects to the rice plant and a total of 205 bacterial strains were isolated and categorized as follows; 94 rhizospheric and 107 endophytic bacteria from rice roots, one rhizobial strain from soybean and three from Mimosa pudica. These isolates were screened for their abilities to fix N2 and solubilize phosphate; 52 were positive for both tests. The selected isolates were then tested for IAA production and other biochemical tests such as potassium solubilization, hydrolyzing enzymes (cellulase and pectinase and iron siderophore productions. Four isolates, namely UPMB19 (rhizospheric PGPR from Tunjung, Kelantan, UPMB20 (endophytic PGPR from Besut, Terengganu, UPMR30 (rhizobia from soybean and UPMR31 (rhizobia from Mimosa were selected for subsequent plant inoculation tests with UPMB10, a PGPR isolated from oil palm root, as the reference strain. Based on 16S rDNA gene sequencing, these bacterial strains were identified under several genera: Lysinibacillus, Alcaligenes, Bradyrhizobium, Rhizobium and Bacillus, respectively. Results of plant inoculation test indicated that UPMB19 significantly enhanced the seedling height at the early growth stage (7 days after transplanting, DAT which could be attributed to the higher N2


    Muslim Muslim


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Pertumbuhan budidaya ikan dalam beberapa dekade ini berkembang sangat pesat, hal ini karena permintaan akan ikan meningkat. Meningkatnya kegiatan budidaya ikan selalu diiringi dengan meningkatnya limbah yang dihasilkan. Hal ini akan sangat cepat berpengaruh bila sistem budidaya yang dipakai adalah semi intesif atau intensif. Limbah tersebut harus segera dihilangkan atau dikurangi, karena akan berdampak pada ikan yang dibudidaya dan lingkungan seperti sungai dan laut. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah ingin mengetahui kemampuan genteng plastik bergelombang mengurangi limbah yang dihasilkan budidaya ikan yaitu Total Suspended Sediment (TSS, Suspended Sediment (SS, amoniak dan bahan organik (COD. Dari hasil penelitian diperoleh bahwa air limbah budidaya ikan yang mengandung TSS, SS, amoniak dan bahan organik setelah dilewatkan dengan genteng plastik bergelombang konsentrasinya menurun dengan tingkat efisiensi pengurangan yang terjadi di dalam kolam ikan dan di luar kolam ikan adalah sebagai berikut: 74,51% dan 54,42% (TSS; 39,20% dan 49,12% (SS; 19,82% dan 14,2% (amoniak; dan 24,82% dan 22,47% (COD. Ternyata genteng plastik bergelombang mempunyai tingkat pengurangan (g/m3/hr dan tingkat pengurangan spesifik (mg/m2/hr terhadap kandungan amoniak lebih efektif bila dibandingkan dengan material lain seperti plastic rolls, scrub pads, pipa PVC dan lain sebagainya.   ABSTRACT Aquaculture has been developing rapidly during the last few decades; it is due to the increase of fish demand. Increasing aquaculture activities especially with semi-intensive and intensive system have significant effect on waste production, which has to be removed or to be reduced quickly because will effect on fish in rearing tank and environment when through away to environment such as river and sea. The objectives of this study were to know the capability of corrugated plastic to remove or to reduce wastes content produced by aquaculture activities, i.e, Total Suspended


    Pinardi Hadidjaja


    Full Text Available Trematode infections are considered to be a non public health problem in Indonesia, with the excep­tion of the two species namely Schistosoma japonicum and Fasciolopsis buski which are still assumed to be the most important trematodes of Indonesia. Other trematode infections reported occasionally were caused by: Echinostoma spp, Haplorchis yokogawai, Haplorchis taichui, Paralecithodendrium molenkampi, Phaneropsolus bonnei and Plachiorchis javensis. Schistosoma japonicum infection has been known to be endemic among the inhabitants of Lake Lindu since 1937. Surveys carried out since that time revealed prevalence rates which varied from 8-55%. Further studies proved that the species at Lindu were similar to the species found in Asia. Resurvey initiated in 1971 gave almost a similar prevalence rate followed by the discovery of the molluscan intermediate host namely Oncomelania hupensis lindoensis. In 1972 a new focus of schistosomiasis was discovered at Napu Valley. Other survey did not reveal any other endemic foci. The result of a biological study carried out since 1976 reconfirmed the diagnosis of the species. Clinical study showed that the significant signs and symptoms of schistosomiasis found among the Lindu inhabitants were : dermatitis, diarrhea, dysentry, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness, distention of the abdomen, melaena. hepatomegaly and splenomegaly. Control of schistosomiasis was initiated in 1981, using praziquantel for mass treatment. Twelve cycles of treatment at Lake Lindu area and 10 cycles at Napu Valley resulted in a reduction of overall prevalence rate from 15,80 % at Lindu area in 1981 to 1,14 % in 1987 whereas in Napu Valley the reduction was from 35,8 % in 1982 to 1,00 % in 1987. Fasciolopsis buski infection was first reported in 1982 from the Regency of Babirik, Hulu Sungai Utara in South Kalimantan Province. The following survey in that area in 1986 revealed a prevalence rate of 27


    M. Rahayuningsih


    Full Text Available Kupu-kupu merupakan bagian dari biodiversitas yang harus dijaga kelestariannya. Kupu-kupu memberikan keuntungan bagi kehidupan manusia. Secara ekologis kupu-kupu memberikan sumbangan dalam menjaga keseimbangan ekosistem dan memperkaya biodiversitas. Dukuh Banyuwindu merupakan salah satu pedukuhan di Desa Limbangan terletak di lembah dan berperan sebagai daerah ekoturisme. Tujuan kajian ini adalah untuk menentukan keanekaragaman spesies kupu-kupu superfamili Papilionoidae di Dukuh Banyuwindu Desa Limbangan Kabupaten Kendal, khususnya pada habitat hutan sekunder, pemukiman, daerah aliran sungai, dan persawahan. Penelitian dilakukan dengan metode Abundance Point Index. Penelitian menunjukkan terdapat 62 spesies kupu-kupu superfamili Papilionoidae yang terdiri dari 737 individu dan diklasifikasikan menjadi empat famili dinamai Papilionoidae, Pieridae, Lycaenidae, dan Nymphalidae. Indeks keanekaragaman jenis kupu-kupu superfamili Papilionoidae di Dukuh Banyuwindu berkisar antara 2,74-3,09, indeks kemerataan jenis berkisar antara 0,86-0,87 dan memiliki dominansi berkisar antara 0,07-0,09. Indeks keanekaragaman jenis dan indeks kemerataan jenis tertinggi tercatat pada habitat pemukiman yaitu 3,09 dan 0,87 sedangkan terendah tercatat pada habitat persawahan masing-masing sebesar 2,74 dan 0,86. The butterflies are part of biodiversity which must be preserved. These insect provide benefits to human life. Ecologically, butterfly contributed in maintain the balance of ecosystem and enrich the biodiversity. Banyuwindu Hamlet is one of the hamlets in Limbangan Village, located in the hills and will serve as an ecotourism area. The purpose of this study was to determine the diversity of butterfly species in the superfamily Papilionoidae at Banyuwindu Hamlet, Limbangan Village, Limbangan District, Kendal Regency, especially in secondary forest habitats, settlements, watershed, and rice fields. Research performed with Abundance Point Index Method. The


    Ajeng Sarinastiti


    Full Text Available Kali Semarang sebagai sungai bersejarah di Semarang, dahulu memiliki fungsi transportasi yang membelah perekonomian dan pertahanan kota. Bermacam etnis pedagang tinggal di sekitarnya hingga daerah tersebut menjadi permukiman etnis. Contohnya Kampung Melayu, etnis Tionghoa pada Kampung Pecinan, etnis Arab pada Kampung Kauman, serta Kampung Sekayu. Dan juga Kawasan Kota Lama sebagai daerah bersejarah dalam masa pemerintahan Kota Semarang. Kali Semarang memberi pengaruh fungsi waterfront pada permukiman tersebut.Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui konsep waterfront pada permukiman etnis Kali Semarang, yaitu Kampung Melayu, Kawasan Kota Lama, Kampung Pecinan, Kampung Kauman, dan Kampung Melayu. Diperlukan eksplorasi dan deskripsi keadaan yang mendalam untuk mengidentifikasikan informasi baru pada lokasi penelitian dengan konsep atau teori yang menjelaskan fenomena yang akan terjadi. Metode kualitatif rasionalistik digunakan dengan landasan teori mengenai waterfront dan permukiman etnis disertai dengan pengumpulan data melalui studi literatur dari berbagai sumber, observasi lapangan langsung, dan pertanyaan mendalam kepada key person. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa hanya Kampung Melayu dan Kawasan Kota Lama yang pada awal mulanya menggunakan konsep waterfront karena lokasinya merupakan kawasan pelabuhan, pergudangan, dan perdagangan. Kampung Pecinan sebagai kawasan perdagangan, serta Kampung Kauman dan Kampung Sekayu sebagai permukiman tidak menggunakan konsep waterfront.[Title: Waterfront Concept on Ethnic Settlement in Kali Semarang] Kali Semarang, as a historical river in Semarang, has function as transportation to support the economy and city. Many ethnic traders settled around, so that area becomes ethnic settlement, such as Kampung Melayu, Chinese ethnic in Kampung Pecinan, Arabian ethnic in Kampung Kauman, and Kampung Sekayu, and Kota Lama areas as historical area in Semarang’s government era. The Kali Semarang giving influence

  4. Nanoscale drug delivery systems and the blood–brain barrier

    Alyautdin R


    Full Text Available Renad Alyautdin,1 Igor Khalin,2 Mohd Ismail Nafeeza,1 Muhammad Huzaimi Haron,1 Dmitry Kuznetsov31Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM, Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia; 2Faculty of Medicine and Defence Health, National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 3Department of Medicinal Nanobiotechnologies, N. I. Pirogoff Russian State Medical University, Moscow, RussiaAbstract: The protective properties of the blood–brain barrier (BBB are conferred by the intricate architecture of its endothelium coupled with multiple specific transport systems expressed on the surface of endothelial cells (ECs in the brain's vasculature. When the stringent control of the BBB is disrupted, such as following EC damage, substances that are safe for peripheral tissues but toxic to neurons have easier access to the central nervous system (CNS. As a consequence, CNS disorders, including degenerative diseases, can occur independently of an individual's age. Although the BBB is crucial in regulating the biochemical environment that is essential for maintaining neuronal integrity, it limits drug delivery to the CNS. This makes it difficult to deliver beneficial drugs across the BBB while preventing the passage of potential neurotoxins. Available options include transport of drugs across the ECs through traversing occludins and claudins in the tight junctions or by attaching drugs to one of the existing transport systems. Either way, access must specifically allow only the passage of a particular drug. In general, the BBB allows small molecules to enter the CNS; however, most drugs with the potential to treat neurological disorders other than infections have large structures. Several mechanisms, such as modifications of the built-in pumping-out system of drugs and utilization of nanocarriers and liposomes, are among the drug-delivery systems that have been tested; however, each has its limitations and constraints. This review

  5. Eksplorasi dan Karakterisasi Tanaman Genjer (Limnocharis flava (L. Buch di Kabupaten Pangandaran Berdasarkan Karakter Morfologi dan Agronomi

    Liberty Chaidir


    Full Text Available Genjer merupakan tanaman yang tumbuh liar di area persawahan, rawa, atau sungai yang keberadaannya sering dianggap sebagai gulma. Tanaman genjer memiliki banyak manfaat, diantaranya sebagai bahan penyerap logam berat dalam tanah dan sebagai obat yang memiliki banyak kandungan gizi. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui variasi karakter morfologi dan karakter agronomi untuk mengetahui hubungan kekerabatan tanaman genjer antar daerah di Kabupaten Pangandaran. Penelitian dilaksanakan di Kabupaten Pangandaran pada Mei sampai Oktober 2015. Metode yang digunakan adalah metode eksplorasi purposive sampling pada 77 aksesi genjer yang diambil dari Kabupaten Pangandaran. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan terdapat keragaman fenotipik yang luas pada karakter morfologi ujung daun, warna batang, tekstur daun, warna daun, panjang lekukan bawah daun, warna kelopak bunga dan warna bunga. Karakter agronomi yang mempunyai keragaman yang luas ialah tinggi tanaman, jumlah batang per rumpun, panjang daun, lebar daun, jumlah daun, jumlah bunga dan diameter batang. Tanaman genjer di Kabupaten Pangandaran memiliki kekerabatan yang jauh dengan rentang jarak Euclidian 0,48 sampai 10,17. Aksesi yang memiliki hubungan kekerabatan paling jauh yaitu Ciakar (001 dengan jarak Euclidian 10,17, sedangkan yang memiliki hubungan kekerabatan paling dekat yaitu Cikalong (003 dan Cikalong (004 dengan jarak Euclidian 0,48. Genjer or Yellow velvetleaf is a plant that grows wild in lowland area, swamp or river which existence is considered as a weed. Genjer has a lot of benefits, such as material absorbent for heavy metals in the soil and medicine that has a lot of nutrition. This study aimed to determine the variety of morphological and agronomic characters of Genjer in Pangandaran Regency and to determine the genetic relationship of genjer between regions in Pangandaran. The research was conducted in the Pangandaran Regency on May to October 2015. The method used purposive sampling

  6. Distribusi mikroplastik pada sedimen di Muara Badak, Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara

    Intan Sari Dewi


    Full Text Available Abstract. The distribution of microplastic was studied in the Muara Badak districts Kutai Kartanegara regency in May 2015. Sediment samples were taken from four stations that represent residential, in mangrove, near the beach and away from residential areas. Sediment samples were taken using the pipe at a depth of 0-10 cm - 10-20 cm, then the observed and calculated abundance of microplastic. The results showed that the type microplastic found is a fragment, film and fiber. At Station 1 found fragments about 100.2-201.3 particle/kg, the film about 69.6-79.9 particles/kg and fiber  about 43.1-50.9 particles/kg, the stations 2 found of fragments about 146.5-238.8 particle/kg, the film about 53.2-81.9 particles/kg and fiber about 48.8-75.5 particles/kg, stations 3 found of fragments about 204.2-207.9 particles/kg, the film about 107.7-126.5 particle/kg and fiber about 26.1-39.9 particles/kg, station 4 found of fragments about 167.6-220 particle/kg, the film about 59.7-69.5 particle/ kg and fiber about 47.5-55.3 particles/kg. Keywords: Depth; Microplastic; Muara Badak; Sediment   Abstrak. Distribusi mikroplastik diteliti di Kecamatan Muara Badak Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara pada bulan Mei 2015. Sampel sedimen diambil dari 4 stasiun yang mewakili pemukiman penduduk, dekat sungai, dekat pantai dan jauh dari pemukiman penduduk. Sampel sedimen diambil menggunakan pipa paralon pada kedalaman 0-10 cm – 10-20 cm, kemudian diamati dan dihitung kelimpahan mikroplastik. Hasil penelitian menunjukan bahwa jenis mikroplastik yang ditemukan adalah fragmen, film dan fiber. Pada stasiun 1 ditemukan fragmen berkisar 100,2-201,3 partikel/kg, film berkisar 69,6-79,9 partikel/kg dan fiber berkisar 43,1-50,9 partikel/kg, stasiun 2 ditemukan fragmen berkisar 146,5-238,8 partikel/kg, film berkisar 53,2-81,9 partikel/kg dan fiber berkisar 48,8-75,2 partikel/kg, stasiun 3 ditemukan fragmen berkisar 204,2-207,9 partikel/kg, film berkisar 107,7-126,5 partikel/kg dan fiber

  7. Reasons, perceived efficacy, and factors associated with complementary and alternative medicine use among Malaysian patients with HIV/AIDS.

    Hasan, Syed Shahzad; See, Choon Keong; Choong, Christopher Lee Kwok; Ahmed, Syed Imran; Ahmadi, Keivan; Anwar, Mudassir


    The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the pattern of use, reasons for use, and perceived effect of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), accompanied by identification and comparison of the factors that are potentially associated with CAM use. This cross-sectional study was carried out in 325 randomly sampled patients with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS), at HIV/AIDS referral clinics in the Hospital Sungai Buloh, Malaysia. Simple random sampling was used, where randomization was done using patients' medical record numbers. Semistructured face-to-face interviews were conducted using 38 questions pertaining to type, pattern, perceived efficacy, adverse effects, and influential factors associated with CAM use. In addition, CD4 count and viral load readings were recorded. Of 325 randomly sampled patients with HIV/AIDS, 254 of them were using some forms of CAM, resulting in a utilization rate of 78.2%. Vitamins and supplements (52.6%), herbal products (33.8%), and massage (16.6%) were the top three most frequently used CAM modalities. Sociodemographic factors including education level (p = 0.021, r(s) = 0.148), monthly income (p = 0.001, r(s) = 0.260), and family history of CAM use (p = 0.001, r(s) = 0.231) were significantly associated and positively correlated with CAM use. However, the majority of these patients (68%) did not disclose CAM use to health care professionals. About half of those who rated their health as good or very good perceived it as a result of CAM use. This study confirmed the range of 30%-100% CAM use among individuals infected with HIV/AIDS. Although, on the one hand some types of CAM reduced viral load and enhanced the immune system, on the other hand some forms of CAM produced a detrimental effect on the virological suppression, opening this platform to more research and investigation in order to optimize the use of CAM among patients with HIV/AIDS.

  8. KONFLIK LINGKUNGAN DI KAMPUNG AGAS, TANJUNG UMA, BATAM (Environmental Conflict in Kampung Agas, Tanjung Uma, Batam

    Saprial Saprial


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Perkembangan kota Batam sebagai kawasan industri, perdagangan, pelabuhan, dan pariwisata, membawa tidak saja dampak positip, melainkan juga dampak negatif. Salah satu dampak negatif yang muncul adalah konffik lingkungan dalam bentuk pencemaran air di sungai Jodoh yang menganggu pemukiman liar di Kampung Agas, Tanjung Uma. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengkaji akar masalah konflik dan resolusinya. Penelitian ini merupakan studi deskriptif-kualitatip, dengan data yang dikumpulkan melalui wawancara mendalam dengan pihak-pihak yang terlibat dalam konflik. Penelitian ini menemukan bahwa akar masalah konffik adalah konflik spasial antara permukiman liar dan pembangunan ruko yang menimbulkan limbah di sekitar permukiman liar. Tidak dibangunnya IPAL memicu protes warga di permukiman liar dan terjadilah konflik. Penelitian ini melihat bahwa penyelesaian konflik dalam bentuk kompensasi atau “sagu hati" tidak menyelesaikan akar masalah konflik. Walaupun begitu, penyelesaian ini dipandang oleh pihak-pihak yang berkonflik sebagai hasil mufakat yang dimungkinkan untuk menghindari konflik sosial yang lebih besar. Penelitian ini juga menemukan bahwa bentuk penyelesaian konflik melalui musyawarah dan mufakat dapat dilakukan secara efektif sejauh ada mediator yang dipercaya oleh pihak-pihak yang bersengketa.   ABSTRACT The development of Batam City as an area for industry, trade, ship transit, and tourism activities brings not only positive impacts, but negative impact as well. One of the negative impacts is environmental conflict in the form of water pollution in Sei Jodoh downstream which affected informal settlement in Kampung Agas, Tanjung Uma. This research aimed to study the roots of the conflict and evaluated the resolution. It adopted a descriptive, qualitative research method. Data were collected through in-depth interviews with parties involved in the conflict. The research founded that the root causes of the environmental conflict was the

  9. High-performance Thin-layer Chromatography Method Development, Validation, and Simultaneous Quantification of Four Compounds Identified in Standardized Extracts of Orthosiphon stamineus.

    Hashim, Suzana; Beh, Hooi Kheng; Hamil, Mohamad Shahrul Ridzuan; Ismail, Zhari; Majid, Amin Malik Shah Abdul


    extract were successfully quantified using HPTLC method. Abbreviations Used: HPTLC: High-performance thin layer chromatography; RA: Rosmarinic acid; TMF: 3'-hydroxy-5,6,7,4'-tetramethoxyflavone; SIN: Sinensitin; EUP: Eupatorin; E: Ethanol; EW: 50% ethanol; W: Water; BK: Batu Kurau; KB: Kepala Batas; S: Sik; CJ: Changkat Jering; SB: Sungai Buloh.

  10. Antibody and immune memory persistence post infant hepatitis B vaccination

    Hudu SA


    Full Text Available Shuaibu A Hudu,1,2 Yasmin A Malik,3 Mohd Taib Niazlin,1 Nabil S Harmal,1,4 Ariza Adnan,5 Ahmed S Alshrari,1 Zamberi Sekawi1 1Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia; 2Department of Pathology and Medical Microbiology, College of Health Sciences, Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, Sokoto State, Nigeria; 3Department of Clinical Science, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Selangor, Malaysia; 4Department of Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Sana'a University, Sana'a, Yemen; 5Cluster of Laboratory Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine Universiti Teknologi MARA, Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate the level of hepatitis B immunity among undergraduate students 23 years after commencement of the nationwide hepatitis B childhood immunization program in Malaysia. Methods: A total of 402 serum samples obtained from volunteer undergraduate students were screened for the presence of hepatitis B surface antibodies using qualitative ELISA. Results: Results showed that 62.7% of volunteers had protective anti-hepatitis B surface antigens (≥10 IU/L, of whom 67.9% received three doses of the vaccine. The estimated post-vaccination immunity was found to be at least 20 years, indicating persistent immunity against hepatitis B and a significant association (P < 0.05 with duration of vaccination. Anamnestic response 1 month post-hepatitis B booster was 94.0% and highly significant (P < 0.01. Isolated anti-hepatitis B core antigen (anti-HBc prevalence was found to be 5.0%, all having had a positive anamnestic response. Conclusion: Immunity after primary vaccination with hepatitis B recombinant vaccine persists for at least 20 years post-vaccination, with significant association with the number of vaccinations. Furthermore, the presence of anamnestic response to

  11. Activity concentration, transfer factors and resultant radiological risk of 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K in soil and some vegetables consumed in Selangor, Malaysia

    Solehah, A. R.; Yasir, M. S.; Samat, S. B.


    The activity concentrations of the natural radionuclides 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K were determined in vegetable crops consumed by Malaysian people in Sungai Besar, Selangor. Sample of vegetables and the soil where the crops were cultivated and collected at five different location. The activity concentrations in Bq/kg of 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K were measured by the gamma-ray spectroscopy using the high purity germanium detector. The range activity concentration in soil is between 51.81 and 71.84 Bq/kg, 64.18 and 78.00 Bq/kg, and 210.49 and 244.29 Bq/kg for 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K, respectively. The activity concentration of 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K in vegetables were found to be in the range of 2.06 to 5.44 Bq/kg, Not Detectable to 0.61 Bq/kg, and 101.00 to 1223.09 Bq/kg, respectively. The activity concentration in both soil and vegetables were all less than lower limit stated by UNSCEAR. The Transfer Factors range value for 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K varied from 0.02 to 0.06, 0.003 to 0.008, and 1.79 to 5.19 respectively. Radium equivalent for soil range from 165.57 to 194.84 Bq/kg. It was within the international accepted value (370 Bq/kg). Absorb dose rate for soil range between 73.5 to 86.40 nGyh-1, in safe range from limit of international accepted value (55nGyh-1). Effective dose rate is found to be in range of 0.09 to 0.11 mSvy-1 for soil which is less than 2.4 mSv/y. External and Internal Hazard indices of soil was all below 1, within agreement of other researcher and UNSCEAR. The estimation of the consequent radiological risk due to the presence of those radionuclides is significantly low.

  12. Identification of Water Quality Significant Parameter with Two Transformation/Standardization Methods on Principal Component Analysis and Scilab Software

    Jovan Putranda


    Full Text Available Water quality monitoring is prone to encounter error on its recording or measuring process. The monitoring on river water quality not only aims to recognize the water quality dynamic, but also to evaluate the data to create river management policy and water pollution in order to maintain the continuity of human health or sanitation requirement, and biodiversity preservation. Evaluation on water quality monitoring needs to be started by identifying the important water quality parameter. This research objected to identify the significant parameters by using two transformation or standardization methods on water quality data, which are the river Water Quality Index, WQI (Indeks Kualitas Air, Sungai, IKAs transformation or standardization method and transformation or standardization method with mean 0 and variance 1; so that the variability of water quality parameters could be aggregated with one another. Both of the methods were applied on the water quality monitoring data which its validity and reliability have been tested. The PCA, Principal Component Analysis (Analisa Komponen Utama, AKU, with the help of Scilab software, has been used to process the secondary data on water quality parameters of Gadjah Wong river in 2004-2013, with its validity and reliability has been tested. The Scilab result was cross examined with the result from the Excel-based Biplot Add In software. The research result showed that only 18 from total 35 water quality parameters that have passable data quality. The two transformation or standardization data methods gave different significant parameter type and amount result. On the transformation or standardization mean 0 variances 1, there were water quality significant parameter dynamic to mean concentration of each water quality parameters, which are TDS, SO4, EC, TSS, NO3N, COD, BOD5, Grease Oil and NH3N. On the river WQI transformation or standardization, the water quality significant parameter showed the level of

  13. Sociodemographic profile and predictors of outpatient clinic attendance among HIV-positive patients initiating antiretroviral therapy in Selangor, Malaysia

    Abdulrahman, Surajudeen Abiola; Rampal, Lekhraj; Othman, Norlijah; Ibrahim, Faisal; Hayati, Kadir Shahar; Radhakrishnan, Anuradha P


    Background Inconsistent literature evidence suggests that sociodemographic, economic, and system- and patient-related factors are associated with clinic attendance among the HIV-positive population receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) around the world. We examined the factors that predict outpatient clinic attendance among a cohort of HIV-positive patients initiating ART in Selangor, Malaysia. Patients and methods This cross-sectional study analyzed secondary data on outpatient clinic attendance and sociodemographic, economic, psychosocial, and patient-related factors among 242 adult Malaysian patients initiating ART in Selangor, Malaysia. Study cohort was enrolled in a parent randomized controlled trial (RCT) in Hospital Sungai Buloh Malaysia between January and December 2014, during which peer counseling, medication, and clinic appointment reminders were provided to the intervention group through short message service (SMS) and telephone calls for 24 consecutive weeks. Data on outpatient clinic attendance were extracted from the hospital electronic medical records system, while other patient-level data were extracted from pre-validated Adult AIDS Clinical Trial Group (AACTG) adherence questionnaires in which primary data were collected. Outpatient clinic attendance was categorized into binary outcome – regular attendee and defaulter categories – based on the number of missed scheduled outpatient clinic appointments within a 6-month period. Multivariate regression models were fitted to examine predictors of outpatient clinic attendance using SPSS version 22 and R software. Results A total of 224 (93%) patients who completed 6-month assessment were included in the model. Out of those, 42 (18.7%) defaulted scheduled clinic attendance at least once. Missed appointments were significantly more prevalent among females (n=10, 37.0%), rural residents (n=10, 38.5%), and bisexual respondents (n=8, 47.1%). Multivariate binary logistic regression analysis showed that

  14. Keanekaragaman Jenis Kupu-Kupu Superfamili Papilionoidae di Banyuwindu, Limbangan Kendal

    Ratna Oqtafiana


    Full Text Available Kupu-kupu turut memberi andil dalam mempertahankan keseimbangan ekosistem dan memperkaya keanekaragaman hayati. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui keanekaragaman jenis kupu-kupu superfamili Papilionoidae di Dukuh Banyuwindu Desa Limbangan Kecamatan Limbangan Kabupaten Kendal khususnya di habitat hutan sekunder, permukiman, Daerah Aliran Sungai (DAS dan persawahan.Populasi dalam penelitian ini adalah semua jenis kupu-kupu superfamili Papilionoidae yang ada di Banyuwindu, Limbangan Kendal. Sampel penelitian ini adalah jenis kupu-kupu superfamili Papilionoidae yang teramati di Banyuwindu Limbangan Kendal khususnya di habitat hutan sekunder, permukiman, DAS dan persawahan. Penelitian dilakukan dengan metode Indeks Point Abudance (IPA atau metode titik hitung.Hasil penelitian ditemukan sebanyak 62 jenis kupu-kupu superfamili Papilionoidae yang terdiri dari 737 individu yang tergolong kedalam empat famili yaitu Papilionidae, Pieridae, Lycaenidae dan Nymphalidae. Hasil analisis indeks keanekaragaman jenis berkisar antara 2,74-3,09, indeks kemerataan jenis berkisar antara 0,86-0,87 dan memiliki dominansi berkisar antara 0,07-0,09. Indeks keanekaragaman jenis dan indeks kemerataan jenis tertinggi tercatat pada habitat permukiman yaitu 3,09 dan 0,87 dan memiliki dominansi 0,07 sedangkan terendah tercatat pada habitat persawahan yaitu 2,74 dan 0,86 dan memiliki dominansi 0,07.Butterfly also contribute in maintaining the ecological balance and enrich biodiversity. The aim of this research was to determine the diversity of butterflies’ superfamily Papilionoidae in Banyuwindu Hamlet Limbangan Sub district Kendal Regency, especially in the secondary forest habitat, settlements, river flow area (RFA and rice field. The population in this research were all kinds of butterflies’ Papilionoidae superfamily in Banyuwindu, Limbangan Kendal. The sample was kind of butterfly superfamily Papilionoidae that observed in Banyuwindu Limbangan Kendal


    Hananto Kurnio


    Tua” yang kaya akan mineral magnetit dan ilmenit pada pedalaman Cilacap dengan kondisi elevasi curam dan batuan sangat terlapukkan. Muatan sedimen yang tinggi dari Cekungan Serayu di pedalaman tersebut (3.500-4.500 ton/km2/tahun; cekungan Sungai Citarum hanya 800-1.200 ton/km2/tahun menyebabkan pengendapan yang sangat luas pasir besi di wilayah pantai. Kata kunci: pantai, karakteristik, pasir besi, Cilacap

  16. Greenhouse gas efflux from an impacted Malaysian tropical peat swamp (Invited)

    Waldron, S.; Vihermaa, L. E.; Evers, S.; Garnett, M.; Newton, J.; Padfield, R.


    Tropical peatlands constitute ~11% of global peatland area and ~12% of the global peat C pool. Malaysia alone contains 10% of tropical peats. Due to rising global demands for food and biofuels, SE-Asia peat swamp forest ecosystems are threatened by increasing amounts of drainage, fire and conversion to plantation. These processes can change the GHG emissions and thus net ecosystem C balance. However, in comparison to temperate and boreal peatlands, there is a lack of data on terrestrial-aquatic-atmospheric carbon transfer from tropical peatlands, both those that are little disturbed and those facing anthropogenic pressures. Lateral transport of soil-respired carbon, and fluvial respiration or UV-oxidation of terrestrial DOC primes atmospheric carbon dioxide efflux. We now know that DOC lost from disturbed tropical peat swamp forests can be centuries to millennia old and originates deep within the peat column - this carbon may fuel efflux of old carbon dioxide and so anthropogenic land-use change renders the older, slower carbon cycles shorter and faster. Currently we have no knowledge of how significant ';older-slower' terrestrial-aquatic-atmospheric cycles are in disturbed tropical peatlands. Further, in some areas for commercial reasons, or by conservation bodies trying to minimise peat habitat loss, logged peats have been left to regenerate. Consequently, unpicking the legacy of multiple land uses on magnitude, age and source of GHG emissions is challenging but required to support land management decisions and projections of response to a changing climate. Here, we present the results of our first field campaign in July 2013 to the Raja Musa and Sungai Karang Peat Swamp Forest Reserves in North Selangor, Malaysia. This is one of Malaysia's largest oceanic peat swamps, and has been selectively logged and drained for 80 years, but is now subject to a 30 year logging ban to aid forest regeneration and build up wood stocks. From sites subject to different land use


    R S Wulandari


    Full Text Available Pada tahun 2000 timbunan sampah pada TPA Jatibarang yang berlokasi di Kelurahan Kedungpane Kecamatan Mijen Kota Semarang, sudah melebihi daya tampung yaitu sekitar 1,6 juta m3. Kondisi tersebut sangat berpotensi menimbulkan pencemaran lingkungan terutama pencemaran leacheat (air lindi. Oleh karena itu, dilakukan penelitian untuk mengetahui tingkat pencemaran limbah di daerah sekitar TPA Jatibarang pada tahun  2015 dengan menggunakan metode geolistrik konfigurasi schlumberger. Pengambilan data dilakukan pada tiga titik penelitian, dua berada didalam TPA dan satu berada di daerah perumahan sekitar TPA dengan panjang lintasan masing-masing 75 m. Pengolahan data hasil penelitian dilakukan dengan menggunakan softwareres2dinv. Hasil yang didapatkan berupa kondisi topografi serta nilai resistivitas lindi sebesar 0,044-0,70 Ωm. Persebaran lindi pada tahun 2015 menuju ke daerah dengan elevasi rendah yang mengarah ke Sungai Kreo. Sedangkan persebaran lindi pada lokasi penelitian di Perumahan Bambankerep Kecamatan Ngaliyan Kota Semarang juga telah diidentifikasikan tercemar oleh air lindi yang diduga berasal TPA Jatibarang.In 2000, piles of garbage in the landfill is located in the Village Jatibarang Kedungpane Mijen District of Semarang, has exceeded the capacity of around 1.6 million m3. The condition is potentially causing environmental pollution, especially pollution leacheat (leachate. Therefore, to investigate the pollution level of waste in the area around the landfill Jatibarang 2015 using geoelectric method Schlumberger configuration. Data were collected at three points research, two are in the landfill and one is located in a residential area around the landfill with a path length of each- each 75 m. Data processing results of research conducted by using softwareres2dinv. Results obtained in the form of topography and leachate resistivity value of 0.044 Ωm- 0.70 Ωm. Distribution of leachate in 2015 heading to areas with low elevation that

  18. Keanekaragaman Jenis Kupu-Kupu Superfamili Papilionoidae di Banyuwindu, Limbangan Kendal

    Ratna Oqtafiana


    Full Text Available Kupu-kupu turut memberi andil dalam mempertahankan keseimbangan ekosistem dan memperkaya keanekaragaman hayati. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui keanekaragaman jenis kupu-kupu superfamili Papilionoidae di Dukuh Banyuwindu Desa Limbangan Kecamatan Limbangan Kabupaten Kendal khususnya di habitat hutan sekunder, permukiman, Daerah Aliran Sungai (DAS dan persawahan.Populasi dalam penelitian ini adalah semua jenis kupu-kupu superfamili Papilionoidae yang ada di Banyuwindu, Limbangan Kendal. Sampel penelitian ini adalah jenis kupu-kupu superfamili Papilionoidae yang teramati di Banyuwindu Limbangan Kendal khususnya di habitat hutan sekunder, permukiman, DAS dan persawahan. Penelitian dilakukan dengan metode Indeks Point Abudance (IPA atau metode titik hitung.Hasil penelitian ditemukan sebanyak 62 jenis kupu-kupu superfamili Papilionoidae yang terdiri dari 737 individu yang tergolong kedalam empat famili yaitu Papilionidae, Pieridae, Lycaenidae dan Nymphalidae. Hasil analisis indeks keanekaragaman jenis berkisar antara 2,74-3,09, indeks kemerataan jenis berkisar antara 0,86-0,87 dan memiliki dominansi berkisar antara 0,07-0,09. Indeks keanekaragaman jenis dan indeks kemerataan jenis tertinggi tercatat pada habitat permukiman yaitu 3,09 dan 0,87 dan memiliki dominansi 0,07 sedangkan terendah tercatat pada habitat persawahan yaitu 2,74 dan 0,86 dan memiliki dominansi 0,07.Butterfly also contribute in maintaining the ecological balance and enrich biodiversity. The aim of this research was to determine the diversity of butterflies’ superfamily Papilionoidae in Banyuwindu Hamlet Limbangan Sub district Kendal Regency, especially in the secondary forest habitat, settlements, river flow area (RFA and rice field. The population in this research were all kinds of butterflies’ Papilionoidae superfamily in Banyuwindu, Limbangan Kendal. The sample was kind of butterfly superfamily Papilionoidae that observed in Banyuwindu Limbangan Kendal


    Ahmad Cahyadi


    Full Text Available Perubahan penggunaan lahan di Kota Semarang akibat pertumbuhan penduduk dan aktivitas ekonomi telah menyebabkan terjadinya urban sprawl. Banjir rob, land subsidence, intrusi air laut dan tercemarnya air tanah di Kota Semarang Bagian Utara menyebabkan terjadinya perkembangan Kota Semarang dominan ke arah selatan. Hal ini menyebabkan perubahan penggunaan lahan dari lahan non terbangun menjadi lahan terbangun sehingga jumlah air hujan yang langsung menjadi limpasan akan semakin banyak. Hal ini akan menyebabkan bahaya banjir bandang di Kota Semarang semakin besar. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk: (1 mengetahui perubahan lahan yang terjadi di DAS Garang selama tahun 1994 dan 2001, dan (2 mengetahui dampak perubahan penggunaan lahan terhadap besarnya debit puncak yang terjadi di DAS Garang. Data yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah Citra Landsat TM tahun 1994, Citra Landsat ETM tahun 2001, dan Citra Alos AVNIR 2008, peta tanah DAS Garang, peta kemiringan lereng DAS Garang, peta jaringan sungai DAS Garang, dan data curah hujan harian Stasiun Ungaran tahun 1952 sampai dengan tahun 2009. Ditemukan bahwa luas lahan terbangun bertambah lebih dari dua kali lipat dari tahun 2001 sampai dengan 2008, lahan pertanian meningkat hampir 50% dan luas hutan mengalami penurunan dari tahun ke tahun. Namun demikian, debit puncak di DAS Garang tidak bertambah secara ekstrem meskipun mengalami sedikit perubahan. Change due to land use in the city of Semarang as an impact of population growth and economic activity has led to urban sprawl. Rob flooding, land subsidence, seawater intrusion and contamination of ground water in the northern part of Semarang lead to the development of the southern part. Consequently, this leads to changes in land use so that the amount of rain water runoff will increase. This may cause the danger of flash floods in the greater city of Semarang. This study were aimed to: (1 determine the changes that occur in the Garang watershed lands

  20. PERENCANAAN TATA GUNA LAHAN DAS WAY SEPUTIH HULU LAMPUNG TENGAH MENGGUNAKAN MODEL TATA AIR (Landuse Planning for Way Seputih Watershed at Central Lampung by Water Management Model

    Mohammad Amin


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Das Way Seputih Hulu merupakan sungai yang terletak di Kabupaten Larnpung Tengah, merniliki luas 175,28 km2. Kejadian banjir di Desa Segalarninder hilir Way Seputih Hulu terjadi setiap datang musim penghujan. Hasil penelitian bempa software program tata-air.exe, konsep dasar rnodel menggunakan neraca air (waterbalance yang dibuat dengart program delphi versi 7. Hasil uji t-tes antara tebal aliran model simulasi dengan pengukuran lapangan menunjukkan nilai t-hitung (0,14 lebih besar dari t-tabel (2,51, sehingga dikatakan model dapat digunakan untuk melakukan simulasi berbagai alternatif penggunaan lahan. Hasil simulasi program tata-air.exe menunjukkan bahwa keseluruhan alternatif untuk eksperimentasi model menghasilkan nilai rasio tebal aliran di bawah angka 30. Kondisi rasio tebal aliran air Way Seputih Hulu memiliki nilai berkisar antara 2,84 sanrpai 3,40, sehingga dapat dikatakan dalam kondisi masih wajar bahkan dapat dikatakan mempunvai nilai yang cukup bagus. Alternatif penggunaan lahan yang mengarah kepada bentuk lahan kebun campuran akan memberikan nilai rasio paling kecil dan menghasilkan produksi air yang kecil pula.   ABSTRACT  Watersheed of Way Seputih Upstream represent river which located in Kabupaten Lampung Tengah, oing wide of 175,28 km2. Occurence of floods in Countryside of Segalaminder go downstream Way Seputih Upstream happened in every coming rain season. Result of the research namely tata-air.exe, base concept of modeling uses water balance was made by using Delphi 7th version. Result of t-test value between modeled discharge flow and field measurement result shows t-counting value (0.14 higher than t-table (2.51, hence the model is can be used for simulating various landuse alternative. The simulation result using tata-air.exe shows that entire alternatives for model experimentation resulted discharge ratio value was under 30. Condition of Way Seputih Hulu River discharge was in the range between 2.84 until 3

  1. Terrestrial gamma radiation dose study to determine the baseline for environmental radiological health practices in Melaka state, Malaysia

    Ramli, Ahmad Termizi; Sahrone, Sallehudin; Wagiran, Husin [Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 Skudai, Johore Bahru, Johore, Malaysia (Malaysia)


    Environmental terrestrial gamma radiation dose rates were measured throughout Melaka, Malaysia, over a period of two years, with the objective of establishing baseline data on the background radiation level. Results obtained are shown in tabular, graphic and cartographic form. The values of terrestrial gamma radiation dose rate vary significantly over different soil types and for different underlying geological characteristics present in the study area. The values ranged from 54 {+-} 5 to 378 {+-} 38 nGy h{sup -1}. The highest terrestrial gamma dose rates were measured over soil types of granitic origin and in areas with underlying geological characteristics of an acid intrusive (undifferentiated) type. An isodose map of terrestrial gamma dose rate in Melaka was drawn by using the GIS application 'Arc View'. This was based on data collected using a NaI(Tl) scintillation detector survey meter. The measurements were taken at 542 locations. Three small 'hot spots' were found where the dose rates were more than 350 nGy h{sup -1}. The mean dose rates in the main population areas in the mukims (parishes) of Bukit Katil, Sungai Udang, Batu Berendam, Bukit Baru and Bandar Melaka were 154 {+-} 15, 161 {+-} 16, 160 {+-} 16, 175 {+-} 18 and 176 {+-} 18 nGy h{sup -1}, respectively. The population-weighted mean dose rate throughout Melaka state is 172 {+-} 17 nGy h{sup -1}. This is lower than the geographical mean dose rate of 183 {+-} 54 nGy h{sup -1}. The lower value arises from the fact that most of the population lives in the central area of the state where the lithology is dominated by sedimentary rocks consisting of shale, mudstone, phyllite, slate, hornfels, sandstone and schist of Devonian origin which have lower associated dose rates. The mean annual effective dose to the population from outdoor terrestrial gamma radiation was estimated to be 0.21 mSv. This value is higher than the world average of 0.07 mSv.


    Melfa Marini


    Full Text Available Teluk Rasau merupakan salah satu kawasan suaka perikanan rawa banjiran yang berfungsi untuk menjaga atau meningkatkan produksi perikanan di daerah aliran Sungai Lempuing. Sampai saat ini informasi mengenai efektivitas suaka perikanan terhadap sumber daya ikan belum banyak diketahui. Penelitian ini dilakukan dengan tujuan untuk mengetahui komposisi jenis ikan dengan menganalisis ikan hasil tangkapan jaring insang dari berbagai ukuran mata jaring di kawasan suaka perikanan Teluk Rasau. Analisis komposisi jenis ikan ini digunakan untuk menilai efektivitas suaka perikanan Teluk Rasau. Survei lapangan dilakukan sebanyak 3 kali yaitu Agustus, Oktober dan November 2009. Sampel jenis-jenis ikan didapatkan dari koleksi enumerator dan hasil tangkapan nelayan serta hasil tangkapan percobaan. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa terdapat sekitar 31 spesies ikan yang tergolong dalam 15 familia. Cyprinidae merupakan familia yang paling dominan, dengan komposisi hasil tangkapan terbesar diperoleh pada jaring insang ukuran 0,75 inci baik pada Agustus yaitu musim kemarau, maupun pada musim hujan yaitu pada Oktober-November dengan nilai komposisi hasil tangkapan sebesar 93,1%, 92,8% dan 78,3%. Komposisi hasil tangkapan terkecil pada musim kemarau (Agustus diperoleh pada alat tangkap jaring insang ukuran 2,25 inci yaitu sebesar 0,86% sedangkan pada musim hujan (Oktober-November diperoleh pada jaring insang ukuran 3 inci masing-masing sebesar 0,63% dan 2,23%. Hasil analisis jumlah jenis ikan yang tertangkap dan beberapa parameter ekologis perairan serta populasi ikan menunjukkan bahwa suaka Teluk Rasau kurang berfungsi dan kurang efektif sebagai kawasan suaka perikanan. Teluk Rasau, one of the floodplain fisheries reserves in Lempuing Rivers, has a function to increase fisheries production in that area. However, the effectiveness of this reserve to conserve and increase fish resources in that area has not been evaluated yet. Therefore, a study on


    Umi Widyastuti


    , kepadatan dan habitat, lingkungan sosial (difokuskan pada perilaku dan migrasi penderita/ kasus dan Parasitologi meliputi konfirmasi slide dan pemeriksaan darah penderita pasca pengobatan. Hasil yang diperoleh adalah bahwa nyamuk An. aconitus (sebagai tersangka vektor malaria ditemukan di Dusun Bakal, Desa Campurejo dengan kepadatan 0,91/orang/jam ditemukan istirahat di luar rumah/ sekitar kandang. Habitat nyamuk Anopheles ditemukan di Dusun Bakal, Desa Campurejo antara lain sungai, selokan dan kolam.Transmisi malaria terjadi setempat di Dusun Bakal, Desa Campurejo dengan adanya indikator kasus, sumber penularan yang didukung oleh kasus lain (penderita P. falciparum dan ditemukannya nyamuk An. aconitus sebagai tersangka vektor. Pemeriksaan darah pasca pengobatan menunjukkan bahwa pada 7 penderita malaria (tersangka indigenous tidak ditemukan lagi parasit malaria (hasil pemeriksaan negatif. Disarankan untuk meningkatkan survailans malaria terhadap penduduk pendatang (migrasi di wilayah Kabupaten Temanggung, khususnya Dusun Bakal, Desa Campurejo, Kecamatan Tretep. Perlu adanya penyuluhan kepada masyarakat untuk peningkatan pengetahuan khususnya mengenai cara pencegahan dengan perlindungan diri agar tidak terjadi penularan malaria, karena penularan malaria terjadi setempat di daerah tersebut.


    Akhmad Mustafa


    Full Text Available Kabupaten Pinrang memiliki tambak terluas di Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan, tetapi produktivitas tambaknya masih relatif rendah. Oleh karena itu, dilakukan penelitian untuk menentukan kesesuaian lahan, faktor pembatas, dan rekomendasi pengelolaan budidaya tambak sebagai salah satu upaya peningkatan produktivitas tambak di Kabupaten Pinrang. Faktor yang dipertimbangkan dalam penentuan kesesuaian lahan budidaya tambak, meliputi: faktor-faktor hidrologi dan topografi lahan, kondisi tanah, kualitas air, dan iklim. Kualitas air diamati pada musim hujan dan musim kemarau. Analisis spasial dalam Sistem Informasi Geografis digunakan dalam penentuan kesesuaian lahan untuk budidaya tambak di Kabupaten Pinrang. Hasil analisis menunjukkan bahwa dari luas total tambak di Kabupaten Pinrang, 15.026,2 ha ternyata 7.389,4 ha tergolong sangat sesuai (kelas S1; 1.235,1 ha tambak tergolong cukup sesuai (kelas S2; 3.229,0 ha tambak tergolong sesuai marjinal (kelas S3; dan 3.102,7 ha tergolong tidak sesuai (kelas N pada musim hujan dan 7.119,8 ha tergolong kelas S1; 4.908,6 ha tergolong kelas S2; 1.606,9 ha tergolong kelas S3; dan 1.390,9 ha tergolong kelas N pada musim kemarau. Sebagai faktor pembatas utama kesesuaian tambak di Kabupaten Pinrang pada musim hujan adalah banjir di sekitar muara Sungai Saddang, sedangkan salinitas menjadi faktor pembatas utama pada musim kemarau. Faktor pembatas lain secara umum adalah jarak sumber air yang jauh, kesuburan tanah yang relatif rendah, pH tanah yang rendah pada tempat tertentu, serta tekstur tanah yang tergolong kasar pada tempat tertentu pula. Pinrang Regency has the largest brackishwater aquaculture pond area in South Sulawesi Province, but it’s productivity is consistently low. A land evaluation program was implemented to determine land suitability and limiting factors for brackishwater pond production as an effort to elevate productivity and to propose appropriate management practices. The study assessed land

  5. Professionalism perspectives among medical students of a novel medical graduate school in Malaysia

    Haque M


    Full Text Available Mainul Haque,1 Zainal Zulkifli,2 Seraj Zohurul Haque,3 Zubair M Kamal,4 Abdus Salam,5 Vidya Bhagat,2 Ahmed Ghazi Alattraqchi,2 Nor Iza A Rahman2 1Unit of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine and Defense Health, National Defense University of Malaysia, Kem Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 2Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Jalan Sultan Mahmud, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia; 3School of Medicine, University of Dundee, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School, Dundee, UK; 4Sleep Research Unit, Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network, Toronto, ON, Canada; 5Department of Medical Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Abstract: Defining professionalism in this constantly evolving world is not easy. How do you measure degrees of benevolence and compassion? If it is so obvious to our profession, what professionalism is, then why is it so difficult to teach it to medical students and residents? Today’s definition of medical professionalism is evolving – from autonomy to accountability, from expert opinion to evidence-based medicine, and from self-interest to teamwork and shared responsibility. However, medical professionalism is defined as the basis for the trust in the patient–physician relationship, caring and compassion, insight, openness, respect for patient dignity, confidentiality, autonomy, presence, altruism, and those qualities that lead to trust-competence, integrity, honesty, morality, and ethical conduct. The purpose of this study is to explore professionalism in terms of its fundamental elements among medical students of Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA. This was a cross-sectional study carried out on medical students of UniSZA. The study population included preclinical and clinical medical students of UniSZA from Year I to Year V of academic session 2014/2015. The simple random sampling technique was used to select the sample. Data were


    Aryani Pujiyanti


    Full Text Available AbstrakPerilaku manusia dapat menjadi faktor pemicu terjadinya leptospirosis sebagai re-emerging zoonosis di Kabupaten Demak. Tujuan penelitian adalah menggambarkan determinan perilaku penderita pada kejadian luar biasa leptospirosis (KLB di Kabupaten Demak, Tahun 2008. Penelitian ini termasuk penelitian deskriptif dengan rancangan cross-sectional. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan wawancara. Sampel adalah penderita leptospirosis periode 1 Januari – 1 April 2008. Hasil menunjukan mayoritas penderita berusia produktif. Lebih dari 50% penderita tidak tahu bahaya leptospirosis. Kaporit dipahami sebagai penjernih air bukan desinfektan. Lebih dari 50% penderita memiliki aktivitas kontak dengan sumber penularan leptospirosis. Mayoritas penderita tidak memakai alas kaki dan sarung tangan sebagai pelindung diri dari penularan leptospirosis. Bangkai tikus lebih banyak dibuang di sungai (59,3%, sedangkan perilaku pengendalian tikus yang efektif belum banyak dilaksanakan (68,5%. Kewaspadaan penderita terhadap leptospirosis masih rendah karena adanya persepsi leptospirosis tidak berbahaya dan pengetahuan tentang leptospirosis yang masih kurang. Responden mendukung penggunaan kaporit tetapi untuk menjernihkan air bukan sebagai desinfektan. Perilaku hidup bersih dan sehat, pengendalian tikus serta penggunaan alat pelindung diri untuk mencegah leptospirosis masih kurang. Rekomendasi yang diberikan adalah perlu peningkatan edukasi kesehatan tentang bahaya leptospirosis, aktivitas berisiko, penggunaan kaporit dan teknik pengendalian tikus yang benar.Kata kunci : leptospirosis, perilaku, determinan, kejadian luar biasaAbstractHuman behavior could be a trigger factor for leptospirosis as a re-emerging zoonoses in Demak Regency. Objective of this study was to describe patients behavioral determinants in leptospirosis outbreaks in Demak Regency, 2008. Research was a descriptive study with cross – sectional design. Data was collected with interview. Samples were

  7. Studi Pemanfaatan Catu Daya Hibrida PLTS 3,7 kWp Dan PLN Pada Instalasi Pengolahan Air Limbah Desa Pemecutan Kaja Denpasar Bali

    Aries Arimbawa


    Full Text Available Abstract—Pemecutan Kaja waste treatment plant (WTP was a community treatment plant located in one of Denpasar city ward to process sewerage produced by community members. The WTP uses radial flow anaerobic system which mainly consists of rabic pro and up flow tanks. The water produced by the WTP was released to nearby river as it already met envinronmental quality standard. The WTP was driven by an electric pump to circulate sewer material within the process flow. The pump was fed by hybrid power supply combining 3.7 kW solar PV and power from utility grid. The WTP was operated by village council of Pemecutan Kaja. The study presented here was result of firstly, evaluation on the utilization and performance of solar PV plant, and secondly, to propose managerial model that can manage the plant effectively and sustainably. The study found that daily average energy produced bythe PVplant was 23.59 kWh yielding cost of energy at IDR 7,766/kWh. Experiment to clean filters of the plant reduced daily energy consumption from 8.84 kWh to 3.05 kWh or 65%. Household that connected to the plant pay monthly subscription currently at IDR 10,000.  However, for sustainable operation of the plant, the household need to pay IDR 51,654. Keywords: Renewable Energy, Solar PV, Hybrid Power Supply, Waste Treatment, Managerial Model Abstrak—Instalasi Pengolahan Air Limbah (IPAL Desa Pemecutan Kaja adalah IPAL yang terletak di salah satu lingkungan kota Denpasar yang berfungi untuk mengolah air limbah yang dihasilkan oleh anggota masyarakat. IPAL ini meggunakan sistem radial flow anaerobic yang terdiri tangki rabic pro dan tangki up flow filter. Air hasil pengolahan limbah dapat langsung disalurkan ke sungai karena sudah memenuhi baku mutu limbah cair. IPAL ini menggunakan pompa listrik untuk mengalirkan limbah menuju tangki penyaringan. Pompa ini mengunakan catu daya hibrida PLTS 3,7 kW dan PLN. IPAL ini dikelola langsung oleh masyarakat desa Pemecutan Kaja. Hasil




    Full Text Available When rain falls on the earth, it just does not sit there, it starts moving according to the laws of gravity. A portion of the precipitation seeps into the ground to replenish Earth's groundwater. Most of it flows downhill as runoff. Runoff is extremely important in that not only does it keep rivers and lakes full of water, but it also changes the landscape by the action of erosion. The purpose and objective in this study are to estimate the conditions of land cover of Unda Watershed based on the results of image processing, to estimate the monthly average runoff and discharge in outlet of Unda Watershed from 1999 to 2003. The research location is in Unda Watershed. This watershed lies in Province of Bali which has wide 233.1 km2 (23.310 Ha (Balai Wilayah Sungai Bali-Penida. Administratively this watershed lies in 3 Regencies that are Karangasem, Klungkung and Bangli Regency. Mostly the region lies in the Karangasem Regency. In this research, the monthly rainfall data employed to generate the runoff process. Analyze of contour map from topography map obtained the watershed area, physical parameter of river and concentration time. In this research used monthly average rainf all data (from 1999 to 2003 from Pempatan, Besakih, Singarata, Sidemen, Klungkung, Telengan, Rain Gauge Station and Polygon Thiesen method employed to analyze the datas. Apart of rainfall, there are a number of site specific factors which have a direct bearing on the occurrence and volume of runoff, they are soil type, land cover and slope. The soil types in this research area are all Regosol, this soil mapping does not need to be overlayed in obtaining the land unit. Analyze of land cover was employed by Supervised Classification method. By image processing obtained land cover of Unda Watershed estimated consists of 38.129 km2 of forest area (16.357°Ai, 19.122 km2 of grassland area (8.203%, 100.991 km2 of farmland area (43.325%, 62-412 km2 of area housing (26.775%, 2.625 km2


    Widiarti Widiarti


    Full Text Available AbstrakMalaria seringkali muncul pada kejadian luar biasa (KLB maupun peningkatan kasus baik di Jawa maupun di luar Jawa. Dilaporkannya peningkatan kasus atau KLB malaria di Kabupaten Purbalingga menimbulkan pemikiran faktor-faktor apa yang mempengaruhi terjadinya KLB malaria. Tujuan penelitian adalah analisis spasial kasus malaria, konfirmasi vektor yang berperan dalam penularan malaria dan bioekologi nyamuk tersangka vektor. Lokasi penelitian di Desa Panusupan Kecamatan Rembang dan Desa Sidareja Kecamatan Kaligondang Kabupaten Purbalingga Jawa Tengah. Konfirmasi vektor dilakukan dengan elisa sporozoit dari semua nyamuk Anopheles sp yang diperoleh. Analisis kasus malaria digunakan metoda GIS dan dilanjutkan uji spatially weighted regression (spatial error model dengan GeoDa. Survei entomologi dilakukan sesuai standart penangkapan nyamuk oleh WHO. Hasil penelitian diperoleh informasi bahwa berdasarkan  elisa  sporozoit,  vektor  yang  berperan  di  Desa  Panusupan  Kecamatan  Rembang  adalah Anopheles maculatus hasil penangkapan hinggap pada manusia diluar rumah pada jam 18.00. Kejadian luar biasa malaria di Kabupaten Purbalingga, semula kasus import namun karena keberadaan vektor (daerah reseptif, sehingga terjadi penularan lokal. Analisis spasial kasus malaria di kedua desa mengelompok dan berdekatan dengan habitat perkembangbiakan An. maculatus yaitu ditepi aliran sungai. Mencermati vektor yang berperan di daerah KLB adalah An. maculatus dengan aktivitas sore sampai malam hari, maka perlu diinformasikan kepada masyarakat agar menjaga tidak kontak dengan nyamuk dan melindungi masyarakat dengan kelambu berinsektisida yang mempunyai daya lindung lama (LLIN sehingga dapat mengurangi terjadinya penularan.Kata Kunci : analisis spasial, KLB, Anopheles maculatus dan malariaAbstractMalaria outbreak or increase cases has came up very often inside or outside of Java Island. The increase malaria cases from Purbalingga Regency is reported


    Mahfud Efendy


    Full Text Available Pamekasan sebagai salah satu sentra produksi garam nasional masih memungkinkan untuk meningkatkan produksi garamnya melalui program ekstensifikasi di wilayah pesisir utara. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk memetakan potensi pengembangan lahan tambak garam baru di pesisir utara Kabupaten Pamekasan sebagai dasar program ekstensifikasitersebut. Penelitian ini memanfaatkan teknologi penginderaan jauh dan system informasi geografis dengan tahapan analisis: pemrosesan citra satelit, interpolasi peta rupa bumi Indonesia, digitasi peta tanah, interpolasi data curah hujan, dan interpretasi deskriptif. Kegiatan pemetaan ini menghasilkan informasi potensi ketersediaan lahan tambak garam baru di pesisir utara seluas 15.822,91 Ha. Potensi ketersediaan lahan baru ini secara topografi dengan klasifikasi lereng datar untuk produksi garam (0-8% tersedia seluas 10.084,55 Ha. Lahan baru ini didominasi mediteran rodik 12018 Ha dan kompleks mediteran, grumosol, regosol dan litosol 5662,4Ha. Potensi teknis lainnya yang mendukung kegiatan ekstensifikasi wilayah pesisir utara adalah curah hujan yang lebih rendah dibandingkan dengan daerah pedalaman dan daerah pesisir selatan yakni seluas 15.281,5 Ha. Dasar kesesuaian lainnya adalah jumlah sungai yang bermuara ke laut pesisir utara lebih sedikit dan lebih pendek dibandingkan dengan pesisir selatan yakni sepanjang 102,97 Km. Seperti halnya pesisir selatan, di pesisir utara juga tersedia jalur transportasi baik darat maupun laut berupa jalan kolektor sepanjang 17,6 Km yang melintasi Kecamatan Pasean dan Kecamatan Batumarmar.Kata Kunci: pemetaan, potensi pengembangan, tambak garam MAPPING THE POTENTIAL FOR LAND DEVELOPMENT IN COASTAL NORTH SALT POND PAMEKASANABSTRACTPamekasan as one of national salt producers still enables to improve its production through extension program in the north coastal area.  This study aim to mapping the potention of salt embankment development in Nort costal area of Pamekasan Regency as the


    Tarunamulia Tarunamulia


    Full Text Available Penerapan metode evaluasi multi-kriteria dalam penilaian spasial kesesuaian lahan tambak terbukti belum efektif di Indonesia. Hal ini terutama dipengaruhi oleh tidak cukup tersedianya data spasial pendukung dalam analisis tersebut. Analisis spasial yang diterapkan dalam penilaian kesesuaian lahan tambak selama ini lebih banyak mengadopsi model evaluasi multikriteria seperti yang umumnya diterapkan pada analisis kesesuaian lahan terdahulu seperti analisis kesesuaian lahan pertanian atau pemukiman yang tentunya memiliki karakteristik yang berbeda. Beberapa peubah lingkungan yang digunakan dalam analisis multikriteria tersebut kadangkala tidak memperhatikan kesesuaian skala peta yang berhubungan dengan level informasi. Tulisan ini bertujuan untuk menguraikan metode alternatif penilaian kesesuaian lahan tambak ekstensif dan semiintensif pada skala semidetail (1:50.000 dengan memanfaatkan peubah kunci lingkungan tambak yang mempengaruhi keberhasilan sistem budidaya tersebut. Penelitian dilaksanakan di Kabupaten Barru, dengan memanfaatkan informasi spasial berupa ketinggian lahan, kawasan sempadan pantai dan sungai, penggunaan lahan eksisting, dan jangkauan pasang surut. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa dengan memanfaatkan peubah kunci dalam model, sudah dapat ditentukan wilayah kelayakan lahan tambak secara umum di lokasi penelitian. Studi ini juga menguraikan manfaat peta kesesuaian lahan tambak dari model tersebut untuk kepentingan perencanaan dan penelitian lebih lanjut. Model ini secara umum berhasil memberikan dasar penting dalam analisis spasial lingkungan pantai untuk kepentingan budidaya sesuai dengan tingkat skala peta yang dibahas. Penelitian ini juga memberikan peluang dalam proses pemetaan potensi lahan tambak secara cepat dengan tingkat akurasi yang cukup baik tanpa harus dibatasi oleh ketidaklengkapan data spasial pendukung. Application of multi-criteria evaluation (MCE for land suitability assessment of brackishwater pond in


    Novia Lusiana


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Banjir dan masalah lingkungan yang terus melanda Kabupaten Ponorogo khususnya, disebabkan oleh semakin berkurangnya kawasan resapan air (alih fungsi lahan dan semakin rusaknya hutan dan kawasan konservasi di wilayah hulu misalnya pada kawasan hutan di Gunung Wilis dan Gunung Sigogor serta sekitarnya (Rahadi B dkk, 2009. Perlu dilakukan usaha prediksi banjir sejak dini sebagai usaha pengendalian bencana banjir. Melalui bantuan Sistem Informasi Geografi (SIG dapat dilakukan prediksi tentang bencana berdasarkan data cuaca atau iklim (prognosa khususnya prognosa potensi genangan banjir yang terjadi. Sistem Informasi dan Model Pengelolaan Banjir (SIMOBA merupakan salah satu software SIG yang dapat memprediksi genangan banjir. Alat-alat yang digunakan berupa PC (Personal Computer sebagai hardware pengolah input data dengan didukung software ArcView 3.3 ESRI, MapObject, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, SIMOBA sebagai software pemodelan hidrologi. Data-data input yang dibutuhkan berupa peta kontur wilayah sekitar DAS Tempuran, peta batas DAS Tempuran, peta jaringan sungai dan data curah hujan harian selama 10 tahun terakhir. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah analisis spasial dari genangan (limpasan banjir yang terbentuk pada DAS Tempuran pada kondisi tata guna lahan aktual dan kondisi tata guna lahan berdasarkan Rencana Tata Ruang Wilayah pada tahun 2008-2028. Masing-masing juga dibandingkan luas genangan pada periode ulang 10, 25, 50 tahun. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan hasil simulasi didapatkan luas genangan dan kedalaman genangan periode ulang yaitu pada periode 10 tahun luas genangan 1904,406 ha dengan kedalaman 5,43 m, pada periode 25 tahun luas genangan 2203,068 ha dan kedalaman 6,22 m, pada periode 50 tahun 2530,425 ha dan kedalaman 6,62 m   ABSTRACT Flood and environmental problems at Ponorogo regency, might be caused by the decrease of water infiltration area and the destruction of forests and conservation areas upstream area

  13. POLA SEBARAN LIMBAH TPA STUDI KASUS DI JATIBARAG SEMARANG (Waste Distribution Pattern Cese Study in TPA Jatibarang Semarang

    Supriyadi Supriyadi


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK TPA Jatibarang merupakan tempat pembuangan akhir di Semarang yang lokasinya dekat dengan pemukiman penduduk. Penumpukan sampah di TPA Jatibarang yang sudah semakin banyak dapat mengakibatkan pencemaran lingkungan, untuk itu perlu dilakukan penelitian di TPA Jatibarang dengan tujuan untuk mengetahui sebaran limbahnya. Pendugaan sebaran limbah di bawah permukaan tanah dapat dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode geolistrik tahanan jenis. Pengambilan data dengan Resistivity meter Geosound  GL-4100 menggunakan metode geolistrik tahanan jenis konfigurasi Schlumberger. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa rembesan limbah di TPA Jatibarang sebarannya hampir merata dari bentangan 2 meter sampai 135 meter mencapai kedalaman 37,7 meter ke arah selatan, pada titik sounding 4  penginjeksiannya di perkampungan yang letaknya sebelah Timur dari lokasi TPA sebarannya berasal dari bentangan 2 meter sampai 60 meter pada kedalaman 8,62 meter dan dari bentangan 98 meter sampai 135 meter  pada kedalaman 30,3 meter. Pada titik sounding 5 penginjeksiannya di perkampungan yang letaknya sebelah barat lokasi TPA sebarannya berasal dari bentangan 2 meter sampai 18 meter dan 50 meter sampai 70 meter pada kedalaman 19,1 meter dan pada bentangan 82 meter sampai 135 meter  pada kedalaman 19,1 meter sampai 37,7 meter.  Disimpulkan bahwa  sebaran limbah di TPA Jatibarang ke arah selatan menuju sungai Kreo dan sebaran limbahnya juga sampai ke pemukiman penduduk  di Kelurahan Bambankerep Kecamatan Ngaliyan Kota Semarang yang lokasinya sebelah Barat dan Timur dari TPA Jatibarang.   ABSTRACT TPA Jatibarang are landfills located in Semarang is close to settlements. Accumulation of rubbish in landfill Jatibarang who is getting a lot can cause environmental pollution, it is necessary to do research on landfill Jatibarang in order to know the distribution of its waste. Estimation of the distribution of waste below the ground surface can be performed using geoelectric


    Andi Gustiani Salim


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Perubahan penggunaan lahan dari hutan ke penggunaan lainnya seringkali diikuti oleh penurunan fungsi tanah sebagai pengatur tata air. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mempelajari pengaruh tutupan mangrove terhadap perubahan garis pantai dan intrusi air laut pada hilir DAS. Penelitian difokuskan pada penentuan jenis penggunaan lahan pantai melalui interpretasi citra satelit dan pengecekan lapangan, analisis kondisi fisik tanah, pengamatan intrusi air laut, dan analisis perubahan garis pantai akibat abrasi atau ekresi. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan pada periode tahun 1989 hingga 2013, tambak yang ditanami mangrove di Kabupaten Subang mengalami penurunan luas dari 3402,6 ha menjadi 2384,9 ha, sebaliknya terjadi peningkatan luas tambak tanpa mangrove dari 5745 ha menjadi 8741,5 ha. Analisis perubahan garis pantai menunjukkan adanya abrasi di Ujung Pamanukan dan Teluk Ciasem mencapai 1,2 km ke arah daratan. Akresi dijumpai di Teluk Blanakan dan Muara Cipunagara mencapai 1,3 km dalam kurun waktu 1989 – 2013, sedangkan di Muara Sungai Cipunagara mencapai 1,7 km. Air tanah di Desa Muara dan Desa Legon Wetan termasuk air agak payau karena memiliki nilai DHL yang lebih besar dari 1500 µS/cm dan TDS di Legon Wetan > 1000 ppm, sedangkan di Muara TDS nya mendekati 1000 ppm. Perbandingan konsentrasi khlorida-bikarbonat di Desa Muara dan Desa Legon Wetan menunjukkan angka R > 1 sehingga tingginya kadar garam pada air tanah diakibatkan oleh intrusi air laut. Hal sebaliknya terjadi di Desa Tegalurung yang penggunaan pantainya didominasi tambak bermangrove memiliki nilai DHL dan TDS air tanah yang masuk dalam klasifikasi air tawar.   ABSTRACT Changes in land use from forest to other uses are often followed by a decrease in soil functions as a regulator of the water system. This research aimed to study the effect of mangrove cover to a change of a coastline and sea water intrusion in the downstream watershed. The research were focused on determining the

  15. TIMBULAN SAMPAH B3 RUMAHTANGGA DAN POTENSI DAMPAK KESEHATAN LINGKUNGAN DI KABUPATEN SLEMAN, YOGYAKARTA (Generation of Household Hazardous Solid Waste and Potential Impacts on Environmental Health in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta

    Iswanto Iswanto


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Sampah rumahtangga yang mengandung Bahan Berbahaya dan Beracun (B3 seperti baterai, lampu listrik, elektronik, kemasan pestisida, pemutih pakaian, pembersih lantai, cat, kaleng bertekanan (aerosol, sisa obat-obatan, termometer dan jarum suntik berpotensi mengancam kesehatan manusia dan lingkungan. Meskipun kuantitas sampah B3 rumahtangga (SB3-RT di Kabupaten Sleman hanya 2,44 g/orang/hari atau sekitar 0,488% dari sampah domestik, tetapi karena memiliki karakteristik mudah meledak, mudah terbakar, reaktif, beracun, infeksius dan/atau korosif maka sangat membahayakan bagi kesehatan dan lingkungan (air, tanah, udara. Sampai saat ini, SB3-RT di Kabupaten Sleman masih ditangani seperti layaknya sampah domestik, yaitu dibakar, dibuang ke sungai, ditimbun di pekarangan, dibuang ke tempat pembuangan sampah ilegal atau dibuang ke Tempat Pemrosesan Akhir (TPA Piyungan. Jenis SB3-RT yang banyak ditemukan adalah sampah elektronik (24,91%, lampu listrik bekas (18,08% dan baterai bekas (16,71%. Ketiga jenis sampah tersebut mengandung berbagai unsur logam berat seperti Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr, As, Ni, Co, Zn, Cu, Al, Mn, Li, Sb dan Fe yang umumnya bersifat toksik, karsinogenik dan akumulatif yang dapat masuk ke dalam tubuh manusia secara langsung atau melalui rantai makanan. Pemaparan bahan berbahaya beracun (B3 dapat menyebabkan kerusakan pada berbagai jaringan/organ tubuh pada masyarakat sekitar tempat pembuangan, petugas sampah, pemulung, pengepul, pemanfaat dan pelaku daur ulang SB3-RT. Oleh karena itu SB3-RT perlu dikelola sebagaimana mestinya sesuai dengan sifat dan karakteristiknya.   ABSTRACT Household solid waste containing hazardous and toxic materials such as batteries, electric light, electronics, pesticides, bleach, cleaner, paint, pressurized cans (aerosol, unused medicines, thermometers and syringes can threaten human and environment. Although the quantity of Household Hazardous Solid Waste (HHSW in Sleman Regency only 2.44 g/person/day or

  16. Pemodelan Spasial untuk Pembuatan Peta Rawan Banjir dan Peta Tingkat Risiko Banjir Bengawan Solo di Kota Surakarta

    Toto Cahyono


    Full Text Available ABSTRAK Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk melakukan pemodelan spasial untuk menyusun Peta Bahaya Banjir dan Peta Tingkat Risiko Banjir akibat luapan Bengawan Solo di Kota Surakarta. Lokasi penelitian meliputi penggal alur Bengawan Solo di wilayah Kota Surakarta. Metode penelitian yaitu dengan analisis hidrograf, pemodelan banjir, analisis potensi bahaya banjir, analisis kerentanan banjir, dan analisis tingkat risiko banjir. Analisis hidrograf dilakukan dengan menghitung debit puncak rancangan, analisis geometrik sungai, dan analisis karakteristik banjir. Pemodelan spasial banjir menggunakan perangkat lunak ArcView dengan ekstensi HEC-GeoRAS dan perangkat lunak hidrologi HEC-RAS. Analisis potensi bahaya banjir dari peta genangan hasil pemodelan spasial dengan input debit puncak rancangan banjir periode ulang 60. Analisis kerentanan dengan identifikasi elemen yang berisiko pada peta penggunaan lahan daerah bahaya. Analisis tingkat risiko dilakukan dengan cara overlay peta bahaya dan peta kerentanan banjir. Perangkat lunak ArcView 3.3 dengan ekstensi HEC-GeoRAS mampu untuk melakukan pemodelan banjir dengan tingkat validasi yang tinggi. Validasi dilakukan dengan membandingkan kedalaman maksimum hasil pemodelan dengan hasil perhitungan debit puncak rancangan. Nilai  perbedaan antara 0,68% - 4,54%. Meskipun secara kuantitatif peta model bahaya banjir rancangan sesudah pelurusan lebih luas daripada sebelum pelurusan, tetapi berdasarkan uji statistik penambahan luas tersebut tidak berbeda signifikan. Dari peta tingkat risiko banjir diketahui Kelurahan Sewu, Semanggi, Sangkrah dan Gandekan mempunyai potensi risiko banjir tertinggi di Kota Surakarta.   ABSTRACT This research is intended to perform flood modelling in Bengawan Solo River in order to develop flood hazard map, flood vulnerability map, and flood risk map as a result of overflow of such river in Surakarta City. The research area covers cut-off channel of Bengawan Solo in Surakarta City. The


    HM Hanafiah


    لإيجاب والقبول. ويمكن أن يكون عقد البيع والشراء عن طريق اللسان والفعل. أما العقد عن طريق اللسان فيقول البائع  صيغة " الإيجاب " ويكون " القبول " من المشتري. أما عن طريق " الفعل " فيكون " بالمعاطاة " أي سلّم كل من الطرفين المبيع دون أن يتلفّظ كل منهما أو واحد منها لفظ الإيجاب والقبول.   Abstrak: Tradisi jual beli masyarakat Banjar di Pasar Terapung memiliki keunikan tersendiri karena dilakukan di pasar yang terletak di tengah-tengah sungai. Dalam transaksi di Pasar Terapung tersebut, penjual dan pembeli tetap melakukan akad jual beli (ijab qabul sesuai dengan ketentuan hukum Islam, padahal sebenarnya situasi dan kondisi ketika itu tidak memungkinkan untuk transaksi jual beli biasa karena sampan yang mereka gunakan sebagai alat transportasi tersebut digoncang oleh ombak sungai. Menurut ulama syafi’iyah, “Tidak sah akad jual beli kecuali dengan shighat (ijab qabul yang diucapkan”. Sedangkan menurut Imam Malik, “Jual beli itu telah sah dan dapat dilakukan secara dipahami saja (tanpa diucapkan”. Akad jual-beli dapat dilakukan dengan metode ucapan lisan dan metode perbuatan. Metode ucapan lisan yaitu dengan adanya ucapan ijab dari penjual dan qabul dari pembeli. Sedangkan metode perbuatan (yang diistilahkan dengan al-mu'athah yaitu dengan saling menyerahkan barang yang dimaksudkan oleh masing-masing dari pelaku akad jual beli, tanpa adanya ucapan ijab atau qabul dari keduanya, atau dari salah satunya.Keywords: akad jual beli, tradisi, masyarakat Banjar, pasar terapung

  18. From The Editor

    Ugur Demiray


    Satisfaction of Students In E-Learning”, written by Levent CALLI, from Sakarya University, Faculty of Computer and Informatics, Department of Information Systems, Cem BALCIKANLI, from Gazi University, Gazi Faculty of Education, Foreign Languages Teaching Department, English Language Teaching Program, Ankara, Fatih CALLI , Halil Ibrahim CEBECI and Msc. Omer Faruk SEYMEN from Sakarya University, Computer and Information Sciences Faculty, Information Sciences Department, Sakarya Universitesi sakarya. This paper set out to investigate the effects of several variables on the learning processes of 930 e-learning students in the Sakarya University distance learning program. The findings of the research indicated that factors perceived playfulness, perceived ease of use and Multimedia Content Effectiveness Had A Significant Effect On Perceived Usefulness. The 9h article is titled as “GRADE INFLATION: An Issue for Higher Education?”. Written by Donald L. CARUTH, as coresponding author, Independent Management Consultant Rockwall, Texas and Gail D. CARUTH, Department of Educational Leadership, Texas A&M University-Commerce, Texas USA. This paper aims to evaluate students more accurately; universities must identify the problems in grading and grading practices. Once this is accomplished new practices can be designed and policies implemented. The 10th article from Malaysia has written on Effective Learning Interaction As A Prerequisite To Successful Open Distance Learning (ODL: A Case Study of Learners In The Northern State of Kedah And Perlis, Malaysia”. Written by Hisham DZAKIRIA, Azilah KASIM, Abdul Halim MOHAMED and Anne Althea CHRISTOPHER, from Universiti Utara Malaysia, MALAYSIA. This paper looks at the issue of interactivity as reported in this research on students’ perspectives and experiences of ODL programs in the northern part of Malaysia. The study supported the widely held belief that a high level of interaction is desirable in ODL environment and positively affects

  19. Ugur Demiray

    -Learning”, written by Levent CALLI, from Sakarya University, Faculty of Computer and Informatics, Department of Information Systems, Cem BALCIKANLI, from Gazi University, Gazi Faculty of Education, Foreign Languages Teaching Department, English Language Teaching Program, Ankara, Fatih CALLI , Halil Ibrahim CEBECI and Msc. Omer Faruk SEYMEN from Sakarya University, Computer and Information Sciences Faculty, Information Sciences Department, Sakarya Universitesi sakarya. This paper set out to investigate the effects of several variables on the learning processes of 930 e-learning students in the Sakarya University distance learning program. The findings of the research indicated that factors perceived playfulness, perceived ease of use and Multimedia Content Effectiveness Had A Significant Effect On Perceived Usefulness.The 9h article is titled as “GRADE INFLATION: An Issue for Higher Education?”. Written by Donald L. CARUTH, as coresponding author, Independent Management Consultant Rockwall, Texas and Gail D. CARUTH, Department of Educational Leadership, Texas A&M University-Commerce, Texas USA. This paper aims to evaluate students more accurately; universities must identify the problems in grading and grading practices. Once this is accomplished new practices can be designed and policies implemented.The 10th article from Malaysia has written on Effective Learning Interaction As A Prerequisite To Successful Open Distance Learning (ODL: A Case Study of Learners In The Northern State of Kedah And Perlis, Malaysia”. Written by Hisham DZAKIRIA, Azilah KASIM, Abdul Halim MOHAMED and Anne Althea CHRISTOPHER, from Universiti Utara Malaysia, MALAYSIA. This paper looks at the issue of interactivity as reported in this research on students’ perspectives and experiences of ODL programs in the northern part of Malaysia. The study supported the widely held belief that a high level of interaction is desirable in ODL environment and positively affects the learning experiences. This study