Sample records for substruktura granitsy zeren

  1. Genetic diversity and population structure in the threatened Oregon silverspot butterfly (Speyeria zerene hippolyta) in western Oregon and northwestern California— Implications for future translocations and the establishment of new populations (United States)

    Miller, Mark P.; Mullins, Thomas D.; Haig, Susan M.


    Executive SummaryWe present results of population genetic analyses performed on Oregon silverspot butterflies (OSB; Speyeria zerene hippolyta) in western Oregon and northwestern California. We used DNA sequences from a 561-base pair region of the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) gene for a dataset comprised of 112 S. z. hippolyta and 32 S. z. gloriosa individuals collected at 9 locations in western Oregon and northwestern California. The most pertinent findings thus far are summarized as follows:Among OSB populations, genetic diversity is lowest at Mount Hebo and highest at Rock Creek and Bray Point. Of the 32 haplotypes detected in OSB, only 2 were shared among populations (1 shared by Mount Hebo, Cascade Head, Bray Point, and Rock Creek, and 1 shared by Rock Creek and Lake Earl). The remaining 30 haplotypes were identified in individual populations, highlighting the strong differentiation among sites. It is unclear if the shared haplotypes represent widespread, naturally occurring genetic variation or if allele sharing among populations is due to translocation history.Using full siblings of individuals that were released at Rock Creek and Bray Point in 2012 as comparison standards, the analyses suggest that 54 percent of the sampled individuals from Bray Point were naturally recruited into the population and were not originating from the 2012 release of captive reared individuals. Likewise, 33 percent of the analyzed individuals from Rock Creek were naturally recruited. Both of these estimates may be underestimates if the shared alleles that we identified among populations are naturally occurring and not a product of the 2012 translocations.The results suggest that there are about 12–13 COI haplotypes in the Mount Hebo population. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service anticipates using Mount Hebo as the source of individuals when establishing new populations in the future. Nonlinear regression models based on a series of rarefaction analyses

  2. Prismatic substructure in metals; Prizmaticna substruktura kod metala

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Milosavljevic, Dj [Institute of Nuclear Sciences Boris Kidric, Vinca, Beograd (Yugoslavia)


    The first step was the study of impurities behaviour during solidification of metals under equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions. Impurities distribution and their structural shapes are dependent on conditions of solidification. These conditions are directly related to temperature and concentration issues on the solidification surface. Theoretical and experimental evaluated in this paper show the significance of subcooling in formation of cellular sub-structure.

  3. Diffusion in moving grain-boundaries; Diffusion aux joints de grains en mouvement; Diffuziya na peremeshchayushchikhsya granichnykh poverkhnostyakh zeren; Difusion de los limites intergranulares en movimiento

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Blackburn, D A; Brown, A F [Solid State Laboratory, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh (United Kingdom)


    Bicrystals of copper have been sheared along the common boundary at rates of 0.06-0.3 {mu}m/h at temperatures around 725{sup o} C. Penetration of Ag{sup 110} into static boundaries and boundaries moving in this way was studied by autoradiography. For both moving and static boundaries good agreement is obtained with Fisher's formula. The ratio of the diffusivities in the grain boundary and the bulk crystal (D'/D) is about 10{sup 6}. For the boundaries studied D'/D appears to increase slightly with total shear and with shear rate, but only by a factor of not more than two over the ranges investigated. (author) [French] Des bicristaux de cuivre ont ete sectionnes le long du joint commun a raison de 00,6 a 0,3 {mu} par heure, a des temperatures d'environ 725{sup o} C. La penetration de l'argent-110 aux joints fixes et aux joints en mouvement a ete etudiee par autoradiographie. Pour les joints en mouvement et r o m les joints fixes, les auteurs ont obtenu des resultats qui concordent avec la formule de Fisher. Le coefficient d'autodiffusion intergranulaire et massique (D'/D) est d'environ 10{sup 6}. Pour les joints etudies, le rapport D'/D semble augmenter legerement avec le sectionnement total et la vitesse de sectionnement, mais sans doubler pour les valeurs considerees. (author) [Spanish] Los autores han cizallado bicristales de cobre a lo largo de su limite comun a velocidades de 0,06-0,3 {mu}/h y a temperaturas del orden de los 725{sup o} C, a fin de estudiar por autorradiografia la penetracion del {sup 110}Ag wen los limites estacionarios y en los limites en movimiento. Los resultados obtenidos para ambos tipos de limites concuerdan satisfactoriamente con la formula de Fisher. La razon D'/D entre los coeficientes de difusion en los limites intergranulares y en la masa del cristal es del orden de 10{sup 6}. En el caso de los limites estudiados, este cociente parece crecer ligeramente con el esfuerzo total y con la velocidad de cizallamiento, pero el aumento no supera el 100% en los intervalos estudiados. (author) [Russian] Sparennye kristally medi peremeshchalis' vdol' obshchej granichnoj poverkhnosti so skorost'yu v 0,06-0,3 {mu}/ch pri temperaturakh okolo 725{sup o} C. Pri pomoshchi avtoradiografii bylo izucheno proniknovenie Ag{sup 110} v nepodvizhnye i v peremeshchaemye granichnye poverkhnosti. Kak dlya peremeshchayushchikhsya, tak i dlya nepodvizhnykh granichnykh poverkhnostej bylo polucheno khoroshee sovpadenie s formuloj Fishera. Otnoshenie koehffitsientov diffuzii na granichnoj poverkhnosti zerna i koehffitsienta diffuzii v masse kristalla (D'/D) poryadka 10{sup 6}. Dlya issledovannykh granichnykh poverkhnostej D'/D-10{sup 6}, okazyvaetsya, chto D'/D slegka vozrastaet po mere uvelicheniya obshchego sdviga i ego skorosti, no na protyazhenii obsledovannogo intervala ehto sootnoshenie ne uvelichivalos' bol'she chem v dva raza. (author)

  4. Diffusion, recrystallization and phase transformations; Diffusion, recristallisation et changements de phase; Diffuziya, rekristallizatsiya i fazovye prevrashcheniya; Difusion, recristalizacion y cambios de fase

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bokshtejn, S Z; Gubareva, M A; Kishkin, S T; Moroz, L M


    rekristallizatsii, a takzhe posle polimorfnogo {alpha} {r_reversible} {gamma} prevrascheniya, atomy granits iskhodnykh zeren ne smeshchayutsya na znachitel'nye rasstoyaniya. Analogichno, atomy primesi (radioaktivnyj uglerod), raspolozhennye na granitsakh iskhodnogo zerna, ne perekhodyat na granitsy novykh zeren rekristallizovannogo metalla. V otlichie ot ehtogo plasticheskaya deformatsiya soprovozhdaetsya znachitel'nym peremeshcheniem atomov, raspolozhennykh na granitse zerna. Poluchennye dannye pokazyvayut, chto peremeshchenie granits zeren pri rekristallizatsii i pri posleduyushchem roste zeren svyazano s nekotorym spetsificheskim mekhanizmom, otlichnym ot obychnogo diffuzionnogo. Pokazano, chto strukturnye izmeneniya, protekayushchie v splavakh pri vysokikh temperaturakh, mogut izmenyat' skorost' protsessov samodiffuzii i geterodiffuzii. V rezul'tate issledovaniya diffuzionnykh protsessov v titane i ego splavakh v zavisimosti ot polimorfnogo sostoyaniya ustanovleno, chto skorost' protsessa v razlichnykh kristallicheskikh modifikatsiyakh titana sil'no otlichaetsya. EHtim snimaetsya sushchestvovavshee protivorechie mezhdu vysokoj temperaturoj plavleniya titana i otnositel'no nizkoj ehnergiej aktivatsii protsessa diffuzii v titane. (author)

  5. Critical current through grain boundary of metal oxide superconductors YBa sub 2 Cu sub 3 O sub 7-. delta. Kriticheskij tok cherez granitsu zeren metallooksidnykh sverkhprovodnikov YBa sub 2 Cu3O sub 7-. delta

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ermolov, S N; Kislov, N A; Marchenko, V A [and others


    Josephson junction with characteristics, corresponding to sandwich type structure is produced at 78 K at the link of large YBa{sub 2}Cu{sub 3}O{sub 7-{delta}} crystallite with fine-grain structure. J{sub c}(H) dependence on the thermomagnetic prehistory is explained with regard to scattering fields of magnetic flux captured by grains.

  6. 76 FR 30377 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; 5-Year Reviews of Species in California, Nevada... (United States)


    ..., Santa Cruz Island bush-mallow, Santa Rosa Island manzanita, Smith's blue butterfly, and soft-leaved... Status Where listed Final listing rule ANIMALS Behren's silverspot butterfly... Speyeria zerene.... (CA)....... 58 FR 49887; 09/23/ terminatus 1993 abdominalis. El Segundo blue butterfly...

  7. 75 FR 71726 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; 5-Year Status Reviews of 58 Species in Washington... (United States)


    ... silverspot butterfly, northern spotted owl, and Stephanomeria malheurensis); or Jodi Bush, U.S. Fish and... . For the Oregon silverspot butterfly, northern spotted owl, and Stephanomeria malheurensis, submit... listing rule ANIMALS Butterfly, Oregon silverspot Speyeria zerene Threatened U.S.A. (CA, OR, 45 FR 44935...

  8. Focus stacking: Comparing commercial top-end set-ups with a semi-automatic low budget approach. A possible solution for mass digitization of type specimens. (United States)

    Brecko, Jonathan; Mathys, Aurore; Dekoninck, Wouter; Leponce, Maurice; VandenSpiegel, Didier; Semal, Patrick


    In this manuscript we present a focus stacking system, composed of commercial photographic equipment. The system is inexpensive compared to high-end commercial focus stacking solutions. We tested this system and compared the results with several different software packages (CombineZP, Auto-Montage, Helicon Focus and Zerene Stacker). We tested our final stacked picture with a picture obtained from two high-end focus stacking solutions: a Leica MZ16A with DFC500 and a Leica Z6APO with DFC290. Zerene Stacker and Helicon Focus both provided satisfactory results. However, Zerene Stacker gives the user more possibilities in terms of control of the software, batch processing and retouching. The outcome of the test on high-end solutions demonstrates that our approach performs better in several ways. The resolution of the tested extended focus pictures is much higher than those from the Leica systems. The flash lighting inside the Ikea closet creates an evenly illuminated picture, without struggling with filters, diffusers, etc. The largest benefit is the price of the set-up which is approximately € 3,000, which is 8 and 10 times less than the LeicaZ6APO and LeicaMZ16A set-up respectively. Overall, this enables institutions to purchase multiple solutions or to start digitising the type collection on a large scale even with a small budget.

  9. Focus stacking: Comparing commercial top-end set-ups with a semi-automatic low budget approach. A possible solution for mass digitization of type specimens

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonathan Brecko


    Full Text Available In this manuscript we present a focus stacking system, composed of commercial photographic equipment. The system is inexpensive compared to high-end commercial focus stacking solutions. We tested this system and compared the results with several different software packages (CombineZP, Auto-Montage, Helicon Focus and Zerene Stacker. We tested our final stacked picture with a picture obtained from two high-end focus stacking solutions: a Leica MZ16A with DFC500 and a Leica Z6APO with DFC290. Zerene Stacker and Helicon Focus both provided satisfactory results. However, Zerene Stacker gives the user more possibilities in terms of control of the software, batch processing and retouching. The outcome of the test on high-end solutions demonstrates that our approach performs better in several ways. The resolution of the tested extended focus pictures is much higher than those from the Leica systems. The flash lighting inside the Ikea closet creates an evenly illuminated picture, without struggling with filters, diffusers, etc. The largest benefit is the price of the set-up which is approximately € 3,000, which is 8 and 10 times less than the LeicaZ6APO and LeicaMZ16A set-up respectively. Overall, this enables institutions to purchase multiple solutions or to start digitising the type collection on a large scale even with a small budget.

  10. Preparation of Impervious Pyrolytic Carbon Coatings and Application to Dispersed Fuels; Preparation de revetements de carbone pyrolytique etanches - applications aux combustibles disperses; Prigotovlenie nepronitsaemogo uglerodnogo piroliticheskogo pokrytiya dlya dispergirovannogo topliva; Preparacion de revestimientos estancos de carbono piroutico: aplicacion a los combustibles nucleares dispersos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Auriol, A.; David, C. [Battelle Memorial Institute, Geneve (Switzerland); Fillatre, A.; Kurka, G.; Le Boulbin, E.; Rappeneau, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique (France)


    osadka. Ehtot sposob pokrytiya byl perenesen na zerna okisi i karbida urana metodom dvizhushchegosya sloya. Posle utochneniya uslovij pokrytiya ehtikh zeren byla issledovana ikh makro- i mikrostruktury, a takte ikh pronitsaemost'. Byli izucheny svojstva ehtikh zeren pri vysokoj temperature na predmet ikh vozmozhnogo primeneniya v reaktore. (author)

  11. Improvement and modification of the routing system for the health-care waste collection and transportation in Istanbul

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Alagoez, Aylin Zeren; Kocasoy, Guenay


    Handling of health-care wastes is among the most important environmental problems in Turkey as it is in the whole world. Approximately 25-30 tons of health-care wastes, in addition to the domestic and recyclable wastes, are generated from hospitals, clinics and other small health-care institutions daily on the European and the Asian sides of Istanbul [Kocasoy, G., Topkaya, B., Zeren, B.A., Kilic, M., et al., 2004. Integrated Health-care Waste Management in Istanbul, Final Report of the LIFE00 TCY/TR/054 Project, Turkish National Committee on Solid Wastes, Istanbul, Turkey; Zeren, B.A., 2004. The Health-care Waste Management of the Hospitals in the European Side of Istanbul, M.S. Thesis, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey; Kilic, M., 2004. Determination of the Health-care Waste Handling and Final Disposal of the Infected Waste of Hospital-Medical Centers in the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. M.S. Thesis, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey]. Unfortunately, these wastes are not handled, collected or temporarily stored at the institutions properly according to the published Turkish Medical Waste Control Regulation [Ministry of Environment and Forestry, 2005. Medical Waste Control Regulation. Official Gazette No. 25883, Ankara, Turkey]. Besides the inappropriate handling at the institutions, there is no systematic program for the transportation of the health-care wastes to the final disposal sites. The transportation of these wastes is realized by the vehicles of the municipalities in an uncontrolled, very primitive way. As a consequence, these improperly managed health-care wastes cause many risks to the public health and people who handle them. This study has been conducted to develop a health-care waste collection and transportation system for the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Within the scope of the study, the collection of health-care wastes from the temporary storage rooms of the health-care institutions, transportation of these wastes to the final disposal areas

  12. A theory of meaning of caregiving for parents of mentally ill children in Taiwan, a qualitative study. (United States)

    Yen, Wen-Jiuan; Teng, Ching-Hwa; Huang, Xuan-Yi; Ma, Wei-Fen; Lee, Sheuan; Tseng, Hsiu-Chih


    The aim of this study is to generate a theory of meaning of care-giving for parents of mentally ill children in Taiwan. Studies indicate that the meaning of care-giving plays an important role in the psychological adjustment of care-givers to care-giving. With a positive meaning of care-giving, care-givers can accept their roles and adapt to them more readily. The research employs the qualitative method of grounded theory, the inquiry is based on symbolic interactionism. Twenty parental care-givers of children with schizophrenia were recruited at a private hospital in central Taiwan. Semi-structured interviews were conducted. A comparative method was used to analyse the text and field notes. Responsibility (zeren) emerges as the core category or concept. Responsibility expresses broadly the behavioural principles that are culturally prescribed and centred on familial ethics and values. Related concepts and principles that influence caregiver actions and affections include a return of karma, challenges from local gods and fate. By maintaining their culturally prescribed interpretations of care-giving, parents hope to give care indefinitely without complaints. The findings clearly suggest that the meaning of care-giving is determined through a process of internal debate that is shaped by culturally specific concepts. The paper attempts to explain some of these culturally specific determinants and explanations of care-giving behaviour. The theory contributes knowledge about the meaning of care-giving for parents of mentally ill children in Taiwan. It should be useful reference for mental health professionals, who provide counselling services to ethnically Taiwanese care-givers.

  13. Some Non-Destructive Testing Methods Applicable to Sintered Materials; Quelques Methodes d'Essais Non Destructifs Applicables aux Materiaux Frittes; Nekotorye metody nedestruktivnykh ispytanii, primenimye k spechennym materialam; Algunos Metodos de Ensayo No Destructivo Aplicables a los Materiales Sinterizados

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Labusca, Elena; Mirion, I.; Andreescu, N.; Alecu, M.; Biscoveanu, I. [Institut de Physique Atomique, Bucarest (Romania)


    y orientacion de los granos, la presencia de defectos diversos (inclusiones, poros), y tambien la evolucion misma del proceso de sinterizacion, incluyendo la formacion de los cristales, el crecimiento granular, etc. En algunos casos, el examen microscopico se puede combinar con ensayos de microdureza. Este examen de la estructura micro- cristalina representa uno de los principales metodos de control cualitativo de los materiales sinterizados, y ningun otro medio de investigacion puede reemplazarlo. 2. El grado de consolidacion, factor esencial que determina la calidad de los materiales sinterizados, se verifica tambien midiendo algunas propiedades, por ejemplo la conductividad electrica y termica, en funcion de la densidad, teniendo presente que en el caso de los materiales sinterizados, la conductividad es directamente proporcional al grado de sinterizacion. Tambien se ha ensayado un metodo adecuado para verificar la porosidad, obteniendose datos experimentales interesantes, sobre todo desde el punto de vista de la porosidad libre, que es afectada por las inclusiones gaseosas. La memoria contiene datos experimentales sobre la aplicacion de estos metodos de control a algunos materiales sinterizados, de interes para la tecnologia nuclear. (author) [Russian] S uchetom specifichnoj zernistoj struktury spechennyh materialov, razrabotannyh na osnove poroshkov, dlja kotoryh process uplotnenija zavisit ot spekanija, ispol'zovalis' metody kontrolja za stepen'ju spekanija i za nekotorymi svojstvami. Ispol'zovalis' sledujushhie metody bez razrushenija: 1. Izuchenie kristallicheskoj struktury spechennyh tverdyh tel s pomoshh'ju metallo- grafik i jelektronnoj mikroskopii. Jeti metody pozvoljajut obnaruzhit' odnorodnost' struktury, razmery i orientaciju zeren, nalichie razlichnyh defektov (vkraplenija, pustoty), a takzhe razvitie processa spekanija, vkljuchaja obrazovanie kristallov, uvelichenie zeren i pr. V nekotoryh sluchajah mozhno sovmeshhat' mikroskopicheskoe issledovanie

  14. Volcanic history and petrography of the Pliocene Etrüsk Stratovolcano, E Turkey (United States)

    Oyan, Vural; Keskin, Mehmet; Lebedev, Vladimir; Sharkov, Evgenii; Lustrino, Michele; Mattioli, Michele


    rhyolite. All these units and also caldera walls are cut by a set of radial dykes. Both trachydacitic/rhyolitic lavas and radial dykes are made up of plagioclase, biotite and quartz phenocrysts. Some textures in the intermediate and felsic lavas (e.g., glass inclusions and sieve texture in plagioclase phenocrysts etc.) suggest that magma mixing might have been an important process in the magma chamber beneath Mt. Etrusk although such textures can also be related to the variations of volatile content of the magma. The Quaternary eruptions on the W flank of the Etrusk volcano are represented by plagioclase-olivine-clinopyroxene-phyric basalts. Our geochemical database indicates that the edifice-forming trachitic lavas are alkaline in character whereas overlying thracyandesites and post caldera thrachydacites/rhyolites plot on the subalkaline-alkaline divide on TAS diagram, displaying transitional characteristics. Quaternary fissure eruptions in the SW of the volcano classify as subalkaline basalts. All these lavas display enrichment in LIL and LREE elements relative to HFS and HREE respectively. These characteristics may be a reflection of the composition of mantle source region, although the effects of magma chamber processes (e.g. AFC and mixing) on magma composition cannot be ruled out. REFERENCE Şengör, A.M.C., Özeren, M.S., Keskin, M., Sakınç, M., Özbakır, A.D. and Kayan, I. (2008). Eastern Turkish high plateau as a small Turkic-type orogen: implications for post-collisional crust-forming processes in Turkic-type orogens, Earth Science Reviews, 90(1-2), 1-48.

  15. Study of Combined Treatment for Damp-Harvested Maize: Gamma Irradiation and Drying by Controlled Ventilation; Etude d'un Traitement Combine pour le Conditionnement du Mais Recolte Humide: Irradiation Gamma et Sechage par Ventilation Controlee; Izuchenie kombinirovannoj obrabotki kukuruzy molochno-voskovoj spelosti; Estudio de un Tratamiento Combinado para el Acondicionamiento del Maiz Recolectado Humedo: Irradiacion Gamma y Secado por Ventilacion Controlada

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Saint-Lebe, L.; Pelegrin, P. [Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires de Cadarache (France); Guilbot, A. [Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Massy (France)


    humana. (author) [Russian] Sovmeshhenie jeffektov gamma-obluchenija kobal'ta-60 i medlennoj sushki s pomoshh'ju holodnoj ventiljacii (10-25 Degree-Sign S) v skladskih pomeshhenijah imeet cel'ju zamenit' obychnuju bystruju sushku pri pomoshhi nagretogo do vysokoj temperatury vozduha obrabotkoj, kotoraja obespechivaet celostnost' zerna i ochistku v mikrobiologicheskom plane. Jeta problema zatragivaet vo Francii million tonn kukuruzy molochno-voskovoj spelosti (1964 god) i priobretaet vse bol'shee znachenie kak dlja stran Evropy, tak i dlja stran tropicheskoj zony. Avtory rassmatrivajut snachala prjamye posledstvija gamma-obluchenija na proizvoditel'nost' i tehnicheskie dannye krahmala. Krahmal jekstragiruetsja iz kukuruzy laboratornym metodom, kotoryj pochti polnost'ju sootvetstvuet promyshlennym uslovijam. Ustanovleno, chto doza obluchenija, men'she 500 kilorad, ne okazyvaet vlijanija na jekstrakcionnuju sposobnost', v to vremja kak sushka pri temperature v 74 Degree-Sign S snizhaet jetu sposobnost' primerno na 4% vvidu chastichnoj koaguljacii bystromenjajushhejsja tkani i razryva zeren krahmala. Slabye strukturnye izmenenija v obluchennom krahmale v bol'shinstve sluchaev blagoprijatny s tochki zrenija dal'nejshej obrabotki produkta. Jeti izmenenija mogut privesti k provedeniju ispytanija, kotoroe pozvolit opredelit', obluchalis' li krahmal ili kukuruza. Byli pa3pa6oTaHbi metody provedenija sootvetstvujushhih mikrobiologicheskih analizov s cel'ju opredelit' v zavisimosti ot sredy optimal'nye uslovija radiopasterizacii kukuruzy. Raspolagaja jetimi dannymi, avtory pristupili v laboratorii k rassmotreniju problemy kombinirovannoj obrabotki putem obluchenija-ventiljacii pri jeksperimental'nyh uslovijah, kotorye legko perevesti na promyshlennye rel'sy. Oni izuchajut mikrobiologicheskie i biohimicheskie izmenenija, kotorye proishodjat vo frakcii zeren molochno-voskovoj spelosti, podvergajushhejsja dejstviju vysushivajushhego vozdushnogo potoka, t.e. pri samom neblagoprijatnom

  16. Optical Density Control of Autoradiographs After Photographic Processing (Preliminary Results); Controle de la Densite Optique des Autoradiogrammes Apres Developpement Photographique. (Resultats Preliminaires); Regulirovanie opticheskoj plotnosti avtoradiogramm posle fotoobrabotki; Control de la Densidad Optica de las Autorradiografias Despues del Tratamiento Fotografico. (Resultados Preliminares)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baptista, A. M. [Comissao de Estudos de Energia Nuclear, Instituto de Alta Cultura, Lisbon (Portugal); Terrinha, A. [Instituto Portugues de Oncologia, Lisbon (Portugal)


    ) [Russian] Vo mnogih- sluchajah primenenija fotojemul'sij celesoobrazno regulirovat' opticheskuju plotnost' posle fotograficheskoj obrabotki. Jeto sleduet delat', naprimer, pri izuchenii opredelennyh problem fotograficheskoj dozimetrii, i osobenno vo mnogih sluchajah primenenija avtoradiografii v medicine i biologii. Pri jetom mozhno poluchit' informaciju, nesmotrja na perederzhku, kotoraja neizbezhno proishodit v nekotoryh sluchajah, v chastnosti, kogda v odnih i teh zhe avtoradiograficheskih obrazcah nabljudajutsja vazhnye variacii plotnosti zeren. Soobshhaetsja o pervyh rezul'tatah popytki regulirovat' plotnost' zerna posle projavlenija i zakreplenija fotograficheskogo materiala putem korrodirovanija obrabotannoj jemul'sii s pomoshh'ju razbavlennyh rastvorov tripsina. Izmenjaja koncentracii i temperaturu, mozhno regulirovat' po zhelaniju skorost' processa korrozii, i takim obrazom rastvor tripsina dejstvuet v kachestve ul'tramikrotoma, udaljaja tonchajshie sloi fotograficheskoj jemul'sii. Bolee togo, jetot process mozhno nabljudat' pod mikroskopom s pomosh'ju podhodjashej kameoy. Privodjatsja rezul'taty, kotorye govorjat o tom, chto s pomoshh'ju jetogo metoda mozhno sostavit' priblizitel'noe predstavlenie o vvedenii so vremenem radioizotopa v nabljudaemuju biologicheskuju strukturu. (author)

  17. In Vitro Metabolism of H{sup 3} Thymidine; Metabolisme In Vitro de la Thymidine Tritiee; 041c 0435 0414 ''In Vitro''; Metabolismo In Vitro de la Timidina Tritiada

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rubini, J. R.; Keller, S.; Eisentraut, A. [Veterans Administration Hospital and Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, TX (United States); Cronkite, E. P. [Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, Long Island, NY (United States)


    petites quantites de thymidine tritiee; il n'y a pas de formation d'eau tritiee. Les auteurs formulent des hypotheses concernant les mecanismes qui entrent en jeu. (author) [Spanish] Los autores han estudiado el metabolismo y comportamiento in vitro de la timidina tritiada ({sup 3}HTDR; 1,9 curies/mM), que es un precursor del acido desoxirribonucleico, en sangre de enfermos de leucemia y en medula normal de perro. Para evaluar la cantidad de acido desoxirribonucleico recientemente sintetizado determinaron los indices de marcacion y contaron los granulos de autorradiogramas de celulas, tomadas una hora despues de la marcacion. La marcacion de las celulas pudo atenuarse facilmente anadiendo al principio a la timidina tritiada pequenas cantidades de timidina sin marcar, con lo que se demuestra que el espacio de timidina es muy reducido. Si al cabo de 20 minutos se anade timidina a la mezcla en incubacion, la marcacion no se atenua. Este periodo de 20 minutos define el periodo de incorporacion de la timidina tritiada. Al cabo de una hora, la actividad del {sup 3}H contenido en el liquido sobrenadante era aun considerable, pero no suficiente para marcar nuevas celulas anadidas. Este liquido sobrenadante 'gastado' contiene {sup 3}HTDR como principal compuesto tritiado y solo pequenas cantidades de timina-{sup 3}H ; no se formo agua tritiada. Los autores formulan hipotesis acerca de los mecanismos que intervienen en estos fenomenos. (author) [Russian] Izuchalsja metabolizm in vitro i sud'ba pervichnoj chasticy DNK N( timidina, N{sup 3} TshJa (1.9 C{mu}/M) v lejkemichnoj krovi cheloveka i mozgah normal'noj sobaki. Predvaritel'nyj podschet novogo sinteza DNK proizvodilsja mechashhimi indeksami i otschetom zeren avtoradiogramm kletok poluchennyh iz smesej v techenie odnogo chasa. Mechenie kletok mozhet byt' bystro ponizheno dobavleniem minutnyh kolichestv nemechenogo TDR pervonachal'no k H{sup 3} TDR, demonstriruja neznachitel'nost' pula TDR. Kogda TDR, 20 minut spustja byl

  18. The Use Of {sup 15}N in the Study of Nitrogen Uptake and Metabolism in Plants; Primenenie azota-15 pri izuchenii vzaimodejstviya azotnykh udobrenij s pochvoj i usvoeniya ikh rasteniyami

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gyrbuchev, I.; Dinchev, D. [Institut Pochvovedenija Im.N. Pushkarova, Sofija (Bulgaria)


    sledujushhih svobodnyh aminokislotah: arginine, gistidine, lizine i amidoasparagine. V svjazannyh aminokislotah - alanine, treonine, serine i glicine - soderzhalos' naibol'shee kolichestvo 15N. Primenenie fosfora uvelichivalo kolichestvo azota v aminokislotah. Ustanovleno, chto oborot azota byl samym bol'shim v hlorofille i konstitutivnyh belkah. Pri issledovanii kachestva pshenichnyh zeren bylo ustanovleno, chto naibol'shee kolichestvo azota bylo obnaruzheno v gljutenine, zatem vo frakcijah ostatochnogo azota, prolamina i vodorastvorimyh azotnyh soedinenijah. Naimen'shee kolichestvo bylo obnaruzheno v albumine i globuline.

  19. Use of radioisotopes in studying the penetration of sulphur into iron during hydrogen cathode charging; Application des radioelements a l'etude de la penetration du soufre dans le fer lors du chargement en hydrogene cathodique; Ispol'zovanie radioehlementov dlya izucheniya proniknoveniya sery v zhelezo, kogda ona zaryazhaetsya katodnym vodorodom; Aplicacion de los radioelementos al estudio de la penetracion del azufre en el hierro durante la carga con hidrogeno catodico

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Besnard, S; Talbot, J [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Vitry (France)


    bylo predprinyato v nashej laboratorii s ispol'zovaniem chistogo ehlektroliticheskogo zheleza. Putem katodnoj nagruzki bylo polucheno vodorodnoe perenasyshchenie. EHlementom primesi byl sernistyj natrij, vystupayushchij kak ehlement sera-35. My smogli pokazat' chto v techenie poluchasa pri -15 Degree-Sign C sera pronikaet v zhelezo na glubinu okolo 120 mikronov. K tomu zhe bylo ustanovleno, chto sera preimushchestvenno razmeshchalas' na granulakh zeren. EHtot rezul'tat, kotoryj mog by byt' poluchen tol'ko s pomoshch'yu radioizotopov, imeet vazhnoe znachenie, osobenno v neftyanoj promyshlennosti. Podobnoe issledovanie bylo provedeno s ispol'zovaniem radioizotopa fosfor-32. (author)

  20. Tritiated Thymidine as Tracer in DNA Metabolism and Cell Dynamics of Experimental Myeloid Leukaemia; Emploi de la Thymidine Tritiee comme Indicateur pour l'Etude du Metabolisme de l'ADN et de la Dynamique des Cellules dans la Leucemie Myeloide Experimentale; 0422 0440 0438 0442 0414 ; Empleo de la Timidina Tritiada como Indicador para Estudiar el Metabolismo del Acido Desoxirribonucleico y la Dinamica Celular en la Leucemia Mieloide Experimental

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zajicek, G.; Rosin, A.; Gross, J. [Department of Experimental Medicine and Cancer Research, Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem (Israel)


    proizvedena ocen- ka skorosti pojavlenija mechenyh kletok v periferijnoj krovi, a takzhe v ascit- noj opuholi zhivotnogo. Pri drugih jeksperimentah delalas' ocenka skorosti raz- bavlenija jetogo metjashhego veshhestva v jadrah, chto pozvolilo takim obrazom opredelit' vremja udvoenija kletok v mielocitnoj populjacii. Izuchalas' dinamika lejkemichnyh kletok posle perelivanija krovi putem vvedenija mechenogo mielocita v shejnuju venu obychnyh i stradajushhih lejkemiej krys. Byla izmerena skorost' ih ischeznovenija iz krovi. Byli izucheny razlichnye organy dlja mechenyh kletok, prichem najdeno, chto vskore posle vvedenija jetih kletok oni sosredotachivalis' glavnym obrazom v legkih, a pozdnee v selezenke i v ves'ma neznachitel'nom kolichestve v pecheni. Spustja 24 chasa ni v odnom organe ne bylo obnaruzheno nikakih mechenyh kletok. Takim obrazom byli polucheny svedenija o sud'be lejkemichnogo mielocita v razlichnyh organah normal'nyh i zarazhennyh lejkemiej zhivotnyh. Pri provedenii laboratornyh jeksperimentov TN{sup 3} dobavljalsja v suspenziju kletok v koncentracii 1 mkkmri/ml. V processe mechenija v la'oratornyh chslo- vijah bylo otmecheno, chto chislo mechenyh kletok bylo v 40 raz bol'she chisla mitozov. (To zhe samoe bylo obnaruzheno pri vvedenii TN{sup 3} v la'oratornyh uslovijah. 1 Byla ustanovlena skorost' vvedenija TN{sup 3}. Byli ispytany koncentracii ot 0,0036 mkmolbh 10{sup -3} do 1,8 mkmolbh Ju{sup -3} . Bylo ustanovleno, chto procent kletok, usvaivajushhih jeto metjashhee veshhestvo, javljaetsja postojannym dlja razlichnyh kon- centracij timidina. Chislo zeren na jadro uvelichivalos' po mere vozrastanija vvodimoj koncentracii TN{sup 3}. Posle okonchanija skrytogo perioda, prodolzhav- shegosja 120 minut, ne bylo obnaruzheno nikakih mechenyh mitozov. Dalee metod vvedenija metjashhego veshhestva.byl odinakovym kak pri dobavlenii ego v nachale skrytogo perioda, tak i posle 160 minut. Dobavlenie TN{sup 3} k toj zhe suspenzii' pri razlichnyh intervalah ne izmenilo procena

  1. Interesting Developments in UO{sub 2} Technology; Progres interessants dans la technologie du bioxyde d'uranium; Interesnye usovershenstvovaniya tekhnologii UO{sub 2}; Recientes progresos en la tecnologia del UO{sub 2}

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robertson, J. A.L. [Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., Chalk River, Ontario (Canada)


    permitiran determinar si las nuevas formas de combustible pueden ofrecer alguna ventaja economica. Mientras tanto, el continuo perfeccionamiento de las barras combustibles de UO{sub 2} sinterizado en geometrias simples dara lugar a una renida competencia. (author) [Russian] Sejchas, kogda neskol'ko reaktorov, v kotorykh toplivom sluzhit UO{sub 2}, nakhodyatsya v postoyannoj ehkspluatatsii, khoroshie radiatsionnye -svojstva UO{sub 2} ne nuzhdayutsya v dokazatel'stve. Priyatno uznavat' o tom, chto vazhnye usovershenstvovaniya eshche poyavlyayutsya. Naibolee znachitel'nom za poslednee vremya yavilos' otkrytie sotrudnikami istituta Behttely ochen' vysokoj teploprovodnosti otdel'nogo odinochnogo kristalla UO{sub 2} pri povyshennykh temperaturakh. Provedennoe v svyazi s raskhozhdeniem mnenij po ehtomu voprosu obluchenie v Chok-Rivere pokazalo, chto bol'shie zerna, obrazuyushchiesya v rabotavshikh toplivnykh ehlementakh, ne obyazatel'no obladayut ehtoj povyshennoj provodimost'yu. Ehksperimenty nashej laboratorii pokazali, chto povyshenie imeet mesto tol'ko v podstekhiometricheskikh soedineniyakh i malo zavisit, esli voobshche zavisit, ot otsutstviya granits zeren. Bezuslovno, vysokaya provodimost' mozhet byt' poluchena v polikristallicheskikh spekshikhsya materialakh putem regulirovaniya stekhiometrii. Davno izvestno, chto udlinenie obolochki mozhno umen'shit', esli izgotovit' tabletki ieh UO{sub 2} s uglubleniyami na tortsovykh poverkhnostyakh. Pozzhe bylo pokazano, chto smeshcheniyu topliva v pustoe prostranstvo v kontse trubki s tabletkami meshaet diametral'noe rasshirenie topliva i ego mekhanicheskoe vzaimodejstvie s obolochkoj. Samym bol'shim dostizheniem v otnoshenii svedeniya k minimumu rasshireniya obolochki yavilos' uyasnenie togo, chto prodol'noe, i diametral'noe rasshireniya vzaimosvyazany cherez posredstvo ob{sup e}mnogo rasshireniya topliva, goryachaya serdtsevina kotorogo dovol'no plastichna. Rasshirilis' nashi prakticheskie znaniya faktorov, opredelyayushchikh

  2. Some Applications of Surface Barrier Solid-State Detectors for Alpha-Activity Detection and Measurement; Quelques Applications des Detecteurs a Semi-Conducteurs a Barriere de Surface pour Deceler et Mesurer l'Activite Alpha; Nekotorye vidy primeneniya detektorov tverdogo sostoyaniya s poverkhnostnym bar'erom dlya izmereniya i obnaruzheniya al'fa-aktivnosti; Aplicaciones de los Detectores de Semiconductores de Barrera Superficial a la Deteccion y Medicion de Emisores Alfa

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Perry, K. E.G. [Atomic Energy Establishment, Winfrith, Dorset (United Kingdom)


    , chto oni ne reagirujut na gamma-luchi (po sravneniju s obychnymi scintilljacionnymi schetchikami, rabotajushhimi na sernistom cinke); jeto imeet bol'shoe znachenie dlja dozimetricheskogo kontrolja zagrjaznenija al'fa-izluchenijami v prisutstvii sil'nogo gamma-fona, naprimer pri obnaruzhenii materiala utechki iz radievyh igl ili radonovyh zeren. Daetsja podrobnoe opisanie jetih zondov. (author)