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  1. Tubulin evolution in insects: gene duplication and subfunctionalization provide specialized isoforms in a functionally constrained gene family

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gadagkar Sudhindra R


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The completion of 19 insect genome sequencing projects spanning six insect orders provides the opportunity to investigate the evolution of important gene families, here tubulins. Tubulins are a family of eukaryotic structural genes that form microtubules, fundamental components of the cytoskeleton that mediate cell division, shape, motility, and intracellular trafficking. Previous in vivo studies in Drosophila find a stringent relationship between tubulin structure and function; small, biochemically similar changes in the major alpha 1 or testis-specific beta 2 tubulin protein render each unable to generate a motile spermtail axoneme. This has evolutionary implications, not a single non-synonymous substitution is found in beta 2 among 17 species of Drosophila and Hirtodrosophila flies spanning 60 Myr of evolution. This raises an important question, How do tubulins evolve while maintaining their function? To answer, we use molecular evolutionary analyses to characterize the evolution of insect tubulins. Results Sixty-six alpha tubulins and eighty-six beta tubulin gene copies were retrieved and subjected to molecular evolutionary analyses. Four ancient clades of alpha and beta tubulins are found in insects, a major isoform clade (alpha 1, beta 1 and three minor, tissue-specific clades (alpha 2-4, beta 2-4. Based on a Homarus americanus (lobster outgroup, these were generated through gene duplication events on major beta and alpha tubulin ancestors, followed by subfunctionalization in expression domain. Strong purifying selection acts on all tubulins, yet maximum pairwise amino acid distances between tubulin paralogs are large (0.464 substitutions/site beta tubulins, 0.707 alpha tubulins. Conversely orthologs, with the exception of reproductive tissue isoforms, show little sequence variation except in the last 15 carboxy terminus tail (CTT residues, which serve as sites for post-translational modifications (PTMs and interactions

  2. Recent Gene Duplication and Subfunctionalization Produced a Mitochondrial GrpE, the Nucleotide Exchange Factor of the Hsp70 Complex, Specialized in Thermotolerance to Chronic Heat Stress in Arabidopsis1[W][OA (United States)

    Hu, Catherine; Lin, Siou-ying; Chi, Wen-tzu; Charng, Yee-yung


    The duplication and divergence of heat stress (HS) response genes might help plants adapt to varied HS conditions, but little is known on the topic. Here, we examined the evolution and function of Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) mitochondrial GrpE (Mge) proteins. GrpE acts as a nucleotide-exchange factor in the Hsp70/DnaK chaperone machinery. Genomic data show that AtMge1 and AtMge2 arose from a recent whole-genome duplication event. Phylogenetic analysis indicated that duplication and preservation of Mges occurred independently in many plant species, which suggests a common tendency in the evolution of the genes. Intron retention contributed to the divergence of the protein structure of Mge paralogs in higher plants. In both Arabidopsis and tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), Mge1 is induced by ultraviolet B light and Mge2 is induced by heat, which suggests regulatory divergence of the genes. Consistently, AtMge2 but not AtMge1 is under the control of HsfA1, the master regulator of the HS response. Heterologous expression of AtMge2 but not AtMge1 in the temperature-sensitive Escherichia coli grpE mutant restored its growth at 43°C. Arabidopsis T-DNA knockout lines under different HS regimes revealed that Mge2 is specifically required for tolerating prolonged exposure to moderately high temperature, as compared with the need of the heat shock protein 101 and the HS-associated 32-kD protein for short-term extreme heat. Therefore, with duplication and subfunctionalization, one copy of the Arabidopsis Mge genes became specialized in a distinct type of HS. We provide direct evidence supporting the connection between gene duplication and adaptation to environmental stress. PMID:22128139

  3. Alternative Splicing and Subfunctionalization Generates Functional Diversity in Fungal Proteomes (United States)

    Jiménez-López, Claudia; Lorenz, Michael C.; van Hoof, Ambro


    Alternative splicing is commonly used by the Metazoa to generate more than one protein from a gene. However, such diversification of the proteome by alternative splicing is much rarer in fungi. We describe here an ancient fungal alternative splicing event in which these two proteins are generated from a single alternatively spliced ancestral SKI7/HBS1 gene retained in many species in both the Ascomycota and Basidiomycota. While the ability to express two proteins from a single SKI7/HBS1 gene is conserved in many fungi, the exact mechanism by which they achieve this varies. The alternative splicing was lost in Saccharomyces cerevisiae following the whole-genome duplication event as these two genes subfunctionalized into the present functionally distinct HBS1 and SKI7 genes. When expressed in yeast, the single gene from Lachancea kluyveri generates two functionally distinct proteins. Expression of one of these proteins complements hbs1, but not ski7 mutations, while the other protein complements ski7, but not hbs1. This is the first known case of subfunctionalization by loss of alternative splicing in yeast. By coincidence, the ancestral alternatively spliced gene was also duplicated in Schizosaccharomyces pombe with subsequent subfunctionalization and loss of splicing. Similar subfunctionalization by loss of alternative splicing in fungi also explains the presence of two PTC7 genes in the budding yeast Tetrapisispora blattae, suggesting that this is a common mechanism to preserve duplicate alternatively spliced genes. PMID:23516382

  4. Perceptions of Service Providers regarding Special Needs ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The study therefore recommends the development of assessment tools, and screening procedures at the intake so as to identify SNOs; establishment of special rehabilitative programmes for the categories of SNOs identified especially the following: intellectual disability and those with mental illness, alcohol and substance ...

  5. Opinion & Special Articles: neurologist: specialized primary care provider vs consultant. (United States)

    Lakhan, Shaheen E; Schwindt, Mitchel; Alshareef, Bashar N; Tepper, Deborah; Mays, Maryann


    As per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) current proposal, many specialties including neurology are not eligible for the increase in Medicare reimbursements that will be allocated to other cognitive specialties, such as the 7% increase for family physicians, 5% for internists, and 4% for geriatric specialists.(1,2) Other specialties such as anesthesiology, radiology, and cardiology are scheduled for a 3%-4% decrease in reimbursement in order to pay for the increases outlined above. Current estimates show that neurologists provide a significant amount of primary care for complex patients and yet these services are not eligible for increased payments. It is estimated that up to 60% of neurologists' services to these complex patients are ineligible for increased payments.(3.)

  6. Information Services Provided By Special Collections Units In ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study assessed the information services provided in special collections unit in federal and state University libraries in Nigeria. One research question was formulated to guide the study. Descriptive survey design was adopted in carrying out the study. A purposive sampling procedure was used to obtain a sample of 178 ...

  7. Subfunctionalization reduces the fitness cost of gene duplication in humans by buffering dosage imbalances. (United States)

    Fernández, Ariel; Tzeng, Yun-Huei; Hsu, Sze-Bi


    Driven essentially by random genetic drift, subfunctionalization has been identified as a possible non-adaptive mechanism for the retention of duplicate genes in small-population species, where widespread deleterious mutations are likely to cause complementary loss of subfunctions across gene copies. Through subfunctionalization, duplicates become indispensable to maintain the functional requirements of the ancestral locus. Yet, gene duplication produces a dosage imbalance in the encoded proteins and thus, as investigated in this paper, subfunctionalization must be subject to the selective forces arising from the fitness bottleneck introduced by the duplication event. We show that, while arising from random drift, subfunctionalization must be inescapably subject to selective forces, since the diversification of expression patterns across paralogs mitigates duplication-related dosage imbalances in the concentrations of encoded proteins. Dosage imbalance effects become paramount when proteins rely on obligatory associations to maintain their structural integrity, and are expected to be weaker when protein complexation is ephemeral or adventitious. To establish the buffering effect of subfunctionalization on selection pressure, we determine the packing quality of encoded proteins, an established indicator of dosage sensitivity, and correlate this parameter with the extent of paralog segregation in humans, using species with larger population -and more efficient selection- as controls. Recognizing the role of subfunctionalization as a dosage-imbalance buffer in gene duplication events enabled us to reconcile its mechanistic nonadaptive origin with its adaptive role as an enabler of the evolution of genetic redundancy. This constructive role was established in this paper by proving the following assertion: If subfunctionalization is indeed adaptive, its effect on paralog segregation should scale with the dosage sensitivity of the duplicated genes. Thus

  8. Subfunctionalization reduces the fitness cost of gene duplication in humans by buffering dosage imbalances

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernández Ariel


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Driven essentially by random genetic drift, subfunctionalization has been identified as a possible non-adaptive mechanism for the retention of duplicate genes in small-population species, where widespread deleterious mutations are likely to cause complementary loss of subfunctions across gene copies. Through subfunctionalization, duplicates become indispensable to maintain the functional requirements of the ancestral locus. Yet, gene duplication produces a dosage imbalance in the encoded proteins and thus, as investigated in this paper, subfunctionalization must be subject to the selective forces arising from the fitness bottleneck introduced by the duplication event. Results We show that, while arising from random drift, subfunctionalization must be inescapably subject to selective forces, since the diversification of expression patterns across paralogs mitigates duplication-related dosage imbalances in the concentrations of encoded proteins. Dosage imbalance effects become paramount when proteins rely on obligatory associations to maintain their structural integrity, and are expected to be weaker when protein complexation is ephemeral or adventitious. To establish the buffering effect of subfunctionalization on selection pressure, we determine the packing quality of encoded proteins, an established indicator of dosage sensitivity, and correlate this parameter with the extent of paralog segregation in humans, using species with larger population -and more efficient selection- as controls. Conclusions Recognizing the role of subfunctionalization as a dosage-imbalance buffer in gene duplication events enabled us to reconcile its mechanistic nonadaptive origin with its adaptive role as an enabler of the evolution of genetic redundancy. This constructive role was established in this paper by proving the following assertion: If subfunctionalization is indeed adaptive, its effect on paralog segregation should scale with the dosage

  9. Evolution of selenophosphate synthetases: emergence and relocation of function through independent duplications and recurrent subfunctionalization. (United States)

    Mariotti, Marco; Santesmasses, Didac; Capella-Gutierrez, Salvador; Mateo, Andrea; Arnan, Carme; Johnson, Rory; D'Aniello, Salvatore; Yim, Sun Hee; Gladyshev, Vadim N; Serras, Florenci; Corominas, Montserrat; Gabaldón, Toni; Guigó, Roderic


    Selenoproteins are proteins that incorporate selenocysteine (Sec), a nonstandard amino acid encoded by UGA, normally a stop codon. Sec synthesis requires the enzyme Selenophosphate synthetase (SPS or SelD), conserved in all prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes encoding selenoproteins. Here, we study the evolutionary history of SPS genes, providing a map of selenoprotein function spanning the whole tree of life. SPS is itself a selenoprotein in many species, although functionally equivalent homologs that replace the Sec site with cysteine (Cys) are common. Many metazoans, however, possess SPS genes with substitutions other than Sec or Cys (collectively referred to as SPS1). Using complementation assays in fly mutants, we show that these genes share a common function, which appears to be distinct from the synthesis of selenophosphate carried out by the Sec- and Cys- SPS genes (termed SPS2), and unrelated to Sec synthesis. We show here that SPS1 genes originated through a number of independent gene duplications from an ancestral metazoan selenoprotein SPS2 gene that most likely already carried the SPS1 function. Thus, in SPS genes, parallel duplications and subsequent convergent subfunctionalization have resulted in the segregation to different loci of functions initially carried by a single gene. This evolutionary history constitutes a remarkable example of emergence and evolution of gene function, which we have been able to trace thanks to the singular features of SPS genes, wherein the amino acid at a single site determines unequivocally protein function and is intertwined to the evolutionary fate of the entire selenoproteome. © 2015 Mariotti et al.; Published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

  10. Training Family Child Care Providers To Work with Children Who Have Special Needs. (United States)

    Crowley, Abby L. Winkler


    Notes the difficulty of finding quality day care for special needs children. Discusses Project Specialcare, designed to support family child-care providers who accept such children into their programs. Describes how providers participated in Saturday sessions focused on a topic followed by open discussion and how the advice and counsel of a…

  11. 34 CFR 606.23 - What special funding consideration does the Secretary provide? (United States)


    ... offer similar instruction; or (3) Propose to carry out one or more of the following activities— (i... 34 Education 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false What special funding consideration does the Secretary provide? 606.23 Section 606.23 Education Regulations of the Offices of the Department of Education...

  12. 34 CFR 607.23 - What special funding consideration does the Secretary provide? (United States)


    ... offer similar instruction; or (3) Propose to carry out one or more of the following activities— (i... 34 Education 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false What special funding consideration does the Secretary provide? 607.23 Section 607.23 Education Regulations of the Offices of the Department of Education...

  13. Sub-functionalization to ovule development following duplication of a floral organ identity gene. (United States)

    Galimba, Kelsey D; Di Stilio, Verónica S


    Gene duplications result in paralogs that may be maintained due to the gain of novel functions (neo-functionalization) or the partitioning of ancestral function (sub-functionalization). Plant genomes are especially prone to duplication; paralogs are particularly widespread in the floral MADS box transcription factors that control organ identity through the ABC model of flower development. C class genes establish stamen and carpel identity and control floral meristem determinacy, and are largely conserved across the angiosperm phylogeny. Originally, an additional D class had been identified as controlling ovule identity; yet subsequent studies indicated that both C and D lineage genes more commonly control ovule development redundantly. The ranunculid Thalictrum thalictroides has two orthologs of the Arabidopsis thaliana C class gene AGAMOUS (AG), ThtAG1 and ThtAG2 (Thalictrum thalictroides AGAMOUS1/2). We previously showed that ThtAG1 exhibits typical C class function; here we examine the role of its paralog, ThtAG2. Our phylogenetic analysis shows that ThtAG2 falls within the C lineage, together with ThtAG1, and is consistent with previous findings of a Ranunculales-specific duplication in this clade. However, ThtAG2 is not expressed in stamens, but rather solely in carpels and ovules. This female-specific expression pattern is consistent with D lineage genes, and with other C lineage genes known to be involved in ovule identity. Given the divergent expression of ThtAG2, we tested the hypothesis that it has acquired ovule identity function. Molecular evolution analyses showed evidence of positive selection on ThtAG2-a pattern that supports divergence of function by sub-functionalization. Down-regulation of ThtAG2 by virus-induced gene silencing resulted in homeotic conversions of ovules into carpel-like structures. Taken together, our results suggest that, although ThtAG2 falls within the C lineage, it has diverged to acquire "D function" as an ovule identity gene

  14. Sub-grouping and sub-functionalization of the RIFIN multi-copy protein family

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sonnhammer Erik L


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Parasitic protozoans possess many multicopy gene families which have central roles in parasite survival and virulence. The number and variability of members of these gene families often make it difficult to predict possible functions of the encoded proteins. The families of extra-cellular proteins that are exposed to a host immune response have been driven via immune selection to become antigenically variant, and thereby avoid immune recognition while maintaining protein function to establish a chronic infection. Results We have combined phylogenetic and function shift analyses to study the evolution of the RIFIN proteins, which are antigenically variant and are encoded by the largest multicopy gene family in Plasmodium falciparum. We show that this family can be subdivided into two major groups that we named A- and B-RIFIN proteins. This suggested sub-grouping is supported by a recently published study that showed that, despite the presence of the Plasmodium export (PEXEL motif in all RIFIN variants, proteins from each group have different cellular localizations during the intraerythrocytic life cycle of the parasite. In the present study we show that function shift analysis, a novel technique to predict functional divergence between sub-groups of a protein family, indicates that RIFINs have undergone neo- or sub-functionalization. Conclusion These results question the general trend of clustering large antigenically variant protein groups into homogenous families. Assigning functions to protein families requires their subdivision into meaningful groups such as we have shown for the RIFIN protein family. Using phylogenetic and function shift analysis methods, we identify new directions for the investigation of this broad and complex group of proteins.

  15. Specific descriptions of functional providing of the special endurance of boxers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kiprich S.B.


    Full Text Available Purpose: to determine the specific characteristics of functional and metabolic support of special endurance of qualified boxers. Material: in research took part 16 boxers of high qualification at the age of 19-26 years. To estimate special endurance is used technique of detection the basic parameters of performance boxers "Spuderg-10." To estimate the response of cardiorespiratory system during the test "3x3" is used portable ergo-spirometry complex «Meta Max 3B» (Cortex, Germany. Results: It is shown that the range of individual distinctions of indexes of capacity and functional providing of the special endurance increased in every round under act of accumulation of fatigue. It is related to distinctions of kinetics of the cardiorespiratory system (by the increase of pulmonary ventilation in the first round, by the consumption of О 2 (by a capacity for the achievement of VO 2 max - in the second and by power of reaction of respiratory indemnification of metabolic acidosis - in the third. These distinctions are registered in default of reliable distinctions of quantitative descriptions of acidemic changes in an organism, increasing in the process of the test job processing. Conclusions: in different periods (rounds in boxers high grade found differences of manifestation and combinations of properties features of functional readiness.

  16. Convergent evolution of heat-inducibility during subfunctionalization of the Hsp70 gene family. (United States)

    Krenek, Sascha; Schlegel, Martin; Berendonk, Thomas U


    hsp70s unveiled a corresponding expression pattern, which supports a functionally conserved evolution of the Hsp70 gene family in Paramecium. Our analyses suggest an independent evolution of the heat-inducible cytosol-type hsp70s in Paramecium and in its close relative Tetrahymena, as well as within higher eukaryotes. This result indicates convergent evolution during hsp70 subfunctionalization and implies that heat-inducibility evolved several times during the course of eukaryotic evolution.

  17. Support provided by municipalities for families: Experience of families with children with special needs in Latvia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Millere J.


    Full Text Available For families that are not capable to obtain necessary supplies to meet their needs, State’s social policy guidelines determine support for improving the quality of life for these families. However, it is concluded, that neither the state nor municipality’ provided support for families with children with special needs, does not meet the needs of families, because state social policy is not focused on the assessment of the family needs, as well as often families do not receive the support due to lack of necessary information and disinterest by social service workers, which in turn reflects the problems in social policy delivery mechanisms. The most necessary support that families need is concerned with lodging and financial security, lack of assistants/care at home, as well as – emotional support.

  18. Risk management in providing specialized care for people living with AIDS. (United States)

    Leadebal, Oriana Deyze Correia Paiva; Medeiros, Leidyanny Barbosa de; Morais, Kalline Silva de; Nascimento, João Agnaldo do; Monroe, Aline Aparecida; Nogueira, Jordana de Almeida


    Analyzing the provision of actions related to managing clinical risk in managing specialized care for people living with AIDS. A cross-sectional study carried out in a reference outpatient clinic in Paraíba, with a sample of 150 adults with AIDS. Data were collected through primary and secondary sources using a structured questionnaire, analyzed using descriptive statistics, multiple correspondence analysis and logistic regression model to determine the association between "providing care" and "clinical risk." Actions with satisfactory provision express a biological care focus; the dimensions that most contributed to a satisfactory assessment of care provision were "clinical and laboratory evaluations" and "prevention and self-care incentivization"; 45.3% of participants were categorized into high clinical risk, 34% into average clinical risk, and 20.7% into low clinical risk; a positive association between providing care and clinical risk was found. The need to use risk classification technologies to direct the planning of local care provision became evident considering its requirements, and thus qualifying the care provided in these areas. Analisar a oferta de ações relacionadas ao manejo de risco clínico na gestão do cuidado especializado a pessoas vivendo com aids. Estudo transversal realizado em ambulatório de referência na Paraíba, com amostra de 150 adultos com aids. Os dados foram coletados por meio de fontes primárias e secundárias utilizando-se de formulário estruturado, e analisados através de estatística descritiva, análise de correspondência múltipla e modelo de regressão logística para averiguar a associação entre "oferta" e "risco clínico". As ações de oferta satisfatória expressam foco biologicista do cuidado; as dimensões que mais contribuíram para o julgamento satisfatório da oferta foram "avaliação clínica e laboratorial" e "prevenção e estímulo ao autocuidado"; 45,3% dos participantes foram categorizados em risco

  19. Differential transcriptional modulation of duplicated fatty acid-binding protein genes by dietary fatty acids in zebrafish (Danio rerio: evidence for subfunctionalization or neofunctionalization of duplicated genes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Denovan-Wright Eileen M


    , induction of the steady-state level of fabp mRNAs by dietary FAs correlated with induced levels of hnRNA for a given fabp gene. As such, up-regulation of the steady-state level of fabp mRNAs by FAs occurred at the level of initiation of transcription. None of the sister duplicates of these fabp genes exhibited an increase in their steady-state transcript levels in a specific tissue following feeding zebrafish any of the four experimental diets. Conclusion Differential induction of only one of the sister pair of duplicated fabp genes by FAs provides evidence to support the DDC model for retention of duplicated genes in the zebrafish genome by either subfunctionalization or neofunctionalization.

  20. User modeling and adaptation for daily routines providing assistance to people with special needs

    CERN Document Server

    Martín, Estefanía; Carro, Rosa M


    User Modeling and Adaptation for Daily Routines is motivated by the need to bring attention to how people with special needs can benefit from adaptive methods and techniques in their everyday lives. Assistive technologies, adaptive systems and context-aware applications are three well-established research fields. There is, in fact, a vast amount of literature that covers HCI-related issues in each area separately. However, the contributions in the intersection of these areas have been less visible, despite the fact that such synergies may have a great impact on improving daily living.Presentin

  1. Educating Healthcare Providers Regarding LGBT Patients and Health Issues: The Special Case of Physician Assistants (United States)

    Compton, David A.; Whitehead, Michael B.


    Much is written about the availability of healthcare services among elements of the U.S. population, with a large proportion of the literature focusing on access. Although physical access is an overarching issue for many, educators must remember that a key factor in providing complete and competent healthcare is to understand the patient and any…

  2. Primary-care provider reflections on research and training from special issue on ethical quandaries when delivering integrated primary care. (United States)

    Gould, Debra A


    Comments on the articles by Goodie, Kanzler, Hunter, Glotfelter, & Bodart, (see record 2013-11498-012), and Reitz, Simmons, Runyan, Hodgson, & Carter-Henry(see record 2013-11498-013), regarding the topic of research and trainng for the special issue on ethical quandaries when delivering integrated primary care. The current author provides brief reflections on each article. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved).

  3. Primary care provider reflections on context-specific quandaries from special issue on ethical quandaries when delivering integrated primary care. (United States)

    Gould, Debra A


    Comments on the articles by Robinson & Rickard, (see record 2013-11498-007), Dobmeyer, (see record 2013-11498-008), Mullin & Stenger (see record 2013-11498-009), and Rosenberg & Speice (see record 2013-11498-010) regarding the topic of context-specific quandaries for the special issue on ethical quandaries when delivering integrated primary care. The current author provides brief reflections on each article. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved).

  4. Primary care provider reflections on common themes from special issue on ethical quandaries when delivering integrated primary care. (United States)

    Gould, Debra A


    Comments on the articles by Hudgins, Rose, Fifield, & Arnault, (see record 2013-11498-002), Reiter & Runyan, (see record 2013-11498-003), Hodgson, Mendenhall, & Lamson (see record 2013-11498-004), and Kanzler, Goodie, Hunter, Glotfelter, & Bodart (see record 2013-11498-005), regarding the topic of common themes for the special issue on ethical quandaries when delivering integrated primary care. The current author provides brief reflections on each article. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved).

  5. Implementing a care coordination program for children with special healthcare needs: partnering with families and providers. (United States)

    Taylor, April; Lizzi, Michele; Marx, Alison; Chilkatowsky, Maryann; Trachtenberg, Symme W; Ogle, Sue


    Care coordination has been a key theme in national forums on healthcare quality, design, and improvement. This article describes the characteristics of a care coordination program aimed at supporting families in building care coordination competencies and providers in the coordination of care across multiple specialties. The program included implementation of a Care Coordination Counselor (CC Counselor) and several supporting tools-Care Binders, Complex Scheduling, Community Resources for Families Database, and a Care Coordination Network. Patients were referred by a healthcare provider to receive services from the CC Counselor or to receive a Care Binder organizational tool. To assess the impact of the counselor role, we compared patient experience survey results from patients receiving CC Counselor services to those receiving only the Care Binder. Our analysis found that patients supported by the CC Counselor reported greater agreement with accessing care coordination resources and identifying a key point person for coordination. Seventy-five percent of CC Counselor patients have graduated from the program. Our findings suggest that implementation of a CC Counselor role and supporting tools offers an integrative way to connect patients, families, and providers with services and resources to support coordinated, continuous care. © 2012 National Association for Healthcare Quality.

  6. [A web information system for enhancing management and improving special care services provided to dependent persons]. (United States)

    Alvarez-Bermejo, J A; Hernández-Capel, D M; Belmonte-Ureña, L J; Roca-Piera, J


    Ensuring the quality of services provided in centres where dependent persons are seen by specialist services, by improving and enhancing how information -salary, control of tasks, patients' records, etc.- is shared between staff and carers. A web information system has been developed and experimentally deployed to accomplish this. The accuracy of the system was evaluated by assessing how confident the employees were with it rather than relying on statistical data. It was experimentally deployed since January 2009 in Asociación de Personas con Discapacidad "El Saliente" that manages several day centres in Almeria, for dependent persons over 65 years old, particularly those affected by Alzheimer' disease. Incidence data was collected during the experimental period. A total of 84% of the employees thought that the system helped to manage documents, administrative duties, etc., and 92.4% said they could attend to really important tasks because the system was responsible for alerting them of every task, such as medication timetables, checking all patients were present (to prevent an Alzheimer affected person leaving the centre) etc. During this period the incidences reported were reduced by about a 30%, although data is still partially representative. As the life expectancy of the population gets longer, these centres will increase. Providing systems such as the one presented here would be of great help for administrative duties (sensitive data protection...) as well as ensuring high quality care and attention.

  7. Factors that affect parent perceptions of provider-family partnership for children with special health care needs. (United States)

    Knapp, Caprice A; Madden, Vanessa L; Marcu, Mircea I


    Partnering between families and their children's providers is a cornerstone of family-centered care. This study aimed to identify factors associated with family-provider partnership and determine the association between partnership and other outcome measures for children with special health care needs (CSHCN). Descriptive, bivariate, and multivariate analyses were conducted using data from the 2005-2006 National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs. Multivariate models showed that CSHCN who are White non-Hispanic, younger than 12, reside in households with incomes above 400% of the federal poverty level, and have a usual source of care were associated with family-provider partnership. Multivariate models showed that family-provider partnership was significantly associated with adequate insurance, early and continual screening, organized health care services, and transition preparedness. Family-provider partnership was associated with 20% fewer emergency department visits and 9% fewer school days missed. This study suggests that policies aimed at promoting family-provider partnership could increase health outcomes for CSHCN.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The individual employment contract parties can negotiate and provide stipulations that govern their juridical labour relations, other than those stipulated by Labour Code, according with the paraghraph1 article 20 of the bill in discussion. In principle, this legal liberty is the expression of the will’s autonomy of the parties to conclude any legal act. We have to say that these stipulations transform the employment contract of an act imposed, an adhesion act in one governed by the principle of contractual freedom, even if the juridical literature calls these nonessential and optional clauses.In concreto, the employee and employer may agree to any provision not contrary to imperative stipulation of law, public order or morality. Thus, in this study we aimed to analyze those terms often encounter in labour relations: terms of intellectual propriety rights, conscience, stability, risk, delegation of responsibilities, objective, restriction of free time, index clause, without claiming exhaustive treatment of this topic, considering the development and adaptation of labor relations in Romania in the European context and beyond.

  9. Accelerated Gene Evolution and Subfunctionalization in thePseudotetraploid Frog Xenopus Laevis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hellsten, Uffe; Khokha, Mustafa K.; Grammar, Timothy C.; Harland,Richard M.; Richardson, Paul; Rokhsar, Daniel S.


    Ancient whole genome duplications have been implicated in the vertebrate and teleost radiations, and in the emergence of diverse angiosperm lineages, but the evolutionary response to such a perturbation is still poorly understood. The African clawed frog Xenopus laevis experienced a relatively recent tetraploidization {approx} 40 million years ago. Analysis of the considerable amount of EST sequence available for this species together with the genome sequence of the related diploid Xenopus tropicalis provides a unique opportunity to study the genomic response to whole genome duplication.

  10. Mental Health Support Provided Throughout the Bariatric Surgery Clinical Pathway in French Specialized Care Centers for Obesity. (United States)

    Lamore, Kristopher; Kaci, Sandra S; Czernichow, Sébastien; Bretault, Marion; Bouillot, Jean-Luc; Naudé, Anne-Jeanne; Gribe-Ouaknine, Sandra; Carette, Claire; Flahault, Cécile


    Pre-operative psychological assessment is recommended by international guidelines for bariatric surgery candidates. Thereby, service teams caring for bariatric patients should include at least one mental health provider (e.g., a psychologist or psychiatrist). The objective of this study was to evaluate the psychology and psychiatry resources and practices in the 37 specialized obesity centers (CSOs) created by the French Ministry of Health. CSO coordinators were contacted by e-mail to collect general information on the centers (e.g., number of bariatric operations). Secondly, psychologists and psychiatrists of each center completed an anonymous questionnaire assessing their professional practices and their organization of care pathways. The vast majority of CSO coordinators (81%, n = 26/32) answered our survey. These results show significant differences and shortages in terms of the psychology/psychiatry resources available. Most of the psychologists (n = 26/31) and psychiatrists (n = 10/10) stated that they systematically meet new patients only before surgery (56%) or both before and after the operation (30%); however, some psychologists and psychiatrists (14%) do not systematically meet all the patients (before and/or after surgery). Nevertheless, all the professionals provide psychology assessments, and about 75% of them offer a psychological follow-up, indicating a similarity regarding the practices of psychologists and psychiatrists. Our results highlight the place of psychological/psychiatric evaluations in French CSOs and emphasize the absence of mental health providers in several of these services. Post-operative psychological follow-up is not usually provided. It would be appropriate to create clear recommendations for post-operative psychological or psychiatric long-term follow-up.

  11. An Analysis of Social Skills Instruction Provided in Teacher Education and In-Service Training Programs for General and Special Educators (United States)

    Dobbins, Nicole; Higgins, Kyle; Pierce, Tom; Tandy, Richard D.; Tincani, Matt


    An adapted version of the "Teacher/Staff Skillstreaming Checklist" was used to determine the level, type, and area of social skills instruction provided to general and special education teachers. Nine universities participated in the study in which facilitators advertised the adapted questionnaire to licensed general and special education teachers…

  12. Analysis of the organization of nursing care provided for disabled children in special education institutions in northwest Poland. (United States)

    Gawłowska-Lichota, Katarzyna; Wróbel, Agnieszka; Brodowski, Jacek; Karakiewicz, Beata


    It often happens that handicapped children and teenagers need to be taught in special educational centres. One of the specialists working in a special school should be a nurse having appropriate professional and methodical skills. The research involved nurses employed in 36 special education institutions in 2006/2007 in the area of North-West Poland. The organization of work was analysed on the basis of specially constructed questionnaires. The average working time of nurses employed in special education institutions was 16 hours and 12 minutes per week. In the group of nurses examined, 69% persons have completed qualifications and 5% specialty courses. Nurses cooperate mainly with speech therapists, educationalists, psychologists, rehabilitators, specialists in surdo-pedagogy and oligophreno-pedagogy. However, they attended meetings with parents very occasionally (8%) and rarely participated in staff meetings (8%). Besides, 29% of participants met with parents exclusively in case of emergency. Nurses' working time in special education institutions according to the norms or work organization. Not all nurses working with disabled pupils have the required qualifications such as the completed specialty or qualification courses. Nurses working in special education do not fully use the possibility of cooperation with the families of disabled pupils and specialists in the therapeutic team.

  13. Did androgen-binding protein paralogs undergo neo- and/or Subfunctionalization as the Abp gene region expanded in the mouse genome? (United States)

    Karn, Robert C; Chung, Amanda G; Laukaitis, Christina M


    The Androgen-binding protein (Abp) region of the mouse genome contains 30 Abpa genes encoding alpha subunits and 34 Abpbg genes encoding betagamma subunits, their products forming dimers composed of an alpha and a betagamma subunit. We endeavored to determine how many Abp genes are expressed as proteins in tears and saliva, and as transcripts in the exocrine glands producing them. Using standard PCR, we amplified Abp transcripts from cDNA libraries of C57BL/6 mice and found fifteen Abp gene transcripts in the lacrimal gland and five in the submandibular gland. Proteomic analyses identified proteins corresponding to eleven of the lacrimal gland transcripts, all of them different from the three salivary ABPs reported previously. Our qPCR results showed that five of the six transcripts that lacked corresponding proteins are expressed at very low levels compared to those transcripts with proteins. We found 1) no overlap in the repertoires of expressed Abp paralogs in lacrimal gland/tears and salivary glands/saliva; 2) substantial sex-limited expression of lacrimal gland/tear expressed-paralogs in males but no sex-limited expression in females; and 3) that the lacrimal gland/tear expressed-paralogs are found exclusively in ancestral clades 1, 2 and 3 of the five clades described previously while the salivary glands/saliva expressed-paralogs are found only in clade 5. The number of instances of extremely low levels of transcription without corresponding protein production in paralogs specific to tears and saliva suggested the role of subfunctionalization, a derived condition wherein genes that may have been expressed highly in both glands ancestrally were down-regulated subsequent to duplication. Thus, evidence for subfunctionalization can be seen in our data and we argue that the partitioning of paralog expression between lacrimal and salivary glands that we report here occurred as the result of adaptive evolution.

  14. Program specialization

    CERN Document Server

    Marlet, Renaud


    This book presents the principles and techniques of program specialization - a general method to make programs faster (and possibly smaller) when some inputs can be known in advance. As an illustration, it describes the architecture of Tempo, an offline program specializer for C that can also specialize code at runtime, and provides figures for concrete applications in various domains. Technical details address issues related to program analysis precision, value reification, incomplete program specialization, strategies to exploit specialized program, incremental specialization, and data speci

  15. Regional medical professionals' confidence in providing palliative care, associated difficulties and availability of specialized palliative care services in Japan. (United States)

    Hirooka, Kayo; Miyashita, Mitsunori; Morita, Tatsuya; Ichikawa, Takeyuki; Yoshida, Saran; Akizuki, Nobuya; Akiyama, Miki; Shirahige, Yutaka; Eguchi, Kenji


    Although confidence in providing palliative care services is an essential component of providing such care, factors relating to this have not been investigated in Japan. This study aimed to explore confidence in the ability to provide palliative care and associated difficulties and to explore correlations between these variables. Design A cross-sectional mail survey of medical doctors and registered nurses in Japan was performed as part of a regional intervention trial: the Outreach Palliative Care Trial of Integrated Regional Model study. Subjects Questionnaires were sent to 7905 medical professionals, and 409 hospital doctors, 235 general practitioners, 2160 hospital nurses and 115 home visiting nurses completed them. Confidence in providing palliative care was low and difficulties frequent for all types of medical professionals assessed. In particular, only 8-24% of them, depending on category, agreed to 'having adequate knowledge and skills regarding cancer pain management'. In particular, 55-80% of medical professionals acknowledged difficulty with 'alleviation of cancer pain'. Multiple regression analysis revealed that confidence was positively correlated with the amount of relevant experience and, for medical doctors, with 'prescriptions of opioids (per year)'. Moreover, difficulties were negatively correlated with the amount of relevant clinical experience. Effective strategies for developing regional palliative care programs include basic education of medical professionals on management of cancer-related pain (especially regarding opioids) and other symptoms.

  16. The Marketing-Finance Interface Towards Financial Services: with Special Reference to New Services Provided by Futures Exchanges

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pennings, J.M.E.; Wetzels, M.G.M.; Meulenberg, M.T.G.


    The financial services industry is one of the fastest growing service industries. The financial services industry includes financial derivatives markets such as options and futures markets. In order to ensure survival, firms providing financial services show a rapid product innovation. However, for

  17. The Zygosaccharomyces bailii transcription factor Haa1 is required for acetic acid and copper stress responses suggesting subfunctionalization of the ancestral bifunctional protein Haa1/Cup2. (United States)

    Palma, Margarida; Dias, Paulo Jorge; Roque, Filipa de Canaveira; Luzia, Laura; Guerreiro, Joana Fernandes; Sá-Correia, Isabel


    The food spoilage yeast species Zygosaccharomyces bailii exhibits an extraordinary capacity to tolerate weak acids, in particular acetic acid. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the transcription factor Haa1 (ScHaa1) is considered the main player in genomic expression reprogramming in response to acetic acid stress, but the role of its homologue in Z. bailii (ZbHaa1) is unknown. In this study it is demonstrated that ZbHaa1 is a ScHaa1 functional homologue by rescuing the acetic acid susceptibility phenotype of S. cerevisiae haa1Δ. The disruption of ZbHAA1 in Z. bailii IST302 and the expression of an extra ZbHAA1 copy confirmed ZbHAA1 as a determinant of acetic acid tolerance. ZbHaa1 was found to be required for acetic acid stress-induced transcriptional activation of Z. bailii genes homologous to ScHaa1-target genes. An evolutionary analysis of the Haa1 homologues identified in 28 Saccharomycetaceae species genome sequences, including Z bailii, was carried out using phylogenetic and gene neighbourhood approaches. Consistent with previous studies, this analysis revealed a group containing pre-whole genome duplication species Haa1/Cup2 single orthologues, including ZbHaa1, and two groups containing either Haa1 or Cup2 orthologues from post-whole genome duplication species. S. cerevisiae Cup2 (alias Ace1) is a transcription factor involved in response and tolerance to copper stress. Taken together, these observations led us to hypothesize and demonstrate that ZbHaa1 is also involved in copper-induced transcriptional regulation and copper tolerance. The transcription factor ZbHaa1 is required for adaptive response and tolerance to both acetic acid and copper stresses. The subfunctionalization of the single ancestral Haa1/Cup2 orthologue that originated Haa1 and Cup2 paralogues after whole genome duplication is proposed.

  18. On Expansion Of The Circle Of Norms Providing Special Types Of Release From Criminal Liability In The Chapter 22 Of The Criminal Code Of The Russian Federation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Farid A. Musaev


    Full Text Available In the article author conducts analysis of the circle of the criminal code of the Russian Federation (Charter 22 norms expansion, providing special types of release from criminal liability. Analyzes of the foreign legislation allowed author to draw a conclusion that the majority of the stimulating legal analogs to the Chapter 22 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation are present in the legislation of the CIS countries – Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and some other, and also that release from the criminal liability on the tax crimes – is not less widespread stimulating norm in the foreign legislation. Special attention is paid to the questions of the positive post criminal behavior of persons who committed economic crime stimulation. According to the author it appears to be reasonable to include into the alternative condition of the release from criminal liability a sign of the voluntary statement of the crime commission or giving criminal income and also an alternative sign of the "active contribution to the disclosure and/or crime investigation". Author comes to the conclusion that a problem of the expansion of the stimulating norms in the Chapter 22 of the Criminal Codes of the Russian Federation action is interesting and actual in the conditions of criminal legislation in the economic sphere liberalization. In particular, in the foreshortening of the economic amnesty questions author believes that introduction of the stimulating norms of the Chapter 186 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation isn't expected soon.

  19. Risk factors for family time burdens providing and arranging health care for children with special health care needs: Lessons from nonproportional odds models. (United States)

    Miller, Jane E; Nugent, Colleen N; Russell, Louise B


    We identify need, enabling, and predisposing factors for high family time burdens associated with the health care of chronically-ill children, using data from the U.S. 2009-2010 National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs (NS-CSHCN), a population-based survey of 40,242 children with special health care needs (CSHCN). We estimate generalized ordered logistic multivariable regressions of time spent (1) providing health care for the child at home, (2) arranging/coordinating health care, and (3) combined time. Factors associated with higher time burdens included child's functional limitations, severe or unstable health conditions, public health insurance, lack of a medical home, low family income, low adult education, and non-white race. Nonproportional odds models revealed associations between risk factors and time burden that were obscured by binary and standard ordered logistic models. Clinicians and policymakers can use this information to design interventions to alleviate this important family stressor. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  20. Special Weapons (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Supporting Navy special weapons, the division provides an array of engineering services, technical publication support services, logistics support services, safety...

  1. The Role of Health Advocacy in Transitions from Pediatric to Adult Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs: Bridging Families, Provider and Community Services. (United States)

    Okumura, Megumi J; Saunders, Mara; Rehm, Roberta S


    Youth and young adults with special healthcare needs (YASHCN) experience challenges during transition from pediatric to adult care. Prior studies have not examined how community and healthcare resources can work together to assist YASHCN in transitioning from child-focused care and services to adult-oriented providers. The aim of this study was to develop a theoretical understanding of how family, healthcare providers and community supports can assist YASHCN during the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare and services. We conducted 41 semi-structured interviews with YASHCN aged 16-25, their family members and healthcare and community providers. We focused our interviews on support mechanisms, both within the traditional healthcare system, and those available in the community. Using grounded theory methods, we performed a multi-step analysis process. The theoretical code "Transition Advocacy" was developed from the data. This theoretical perspective arose from three major categories, which were developed in the analysis: "Fighting for healthcare", "Obtaining resources", and "Getting ready to transition". Transition Advocacy consists of the presence of, or need for, a healthcare "advocate" who did or can assist the YASHCN with the healthcare transition, particularly to navigate complex health or community services. The "advocate" role was performed by family members, healthcare or agency professionals, or sometimes the YASHCN themselves. If advocates were identified, youth were more likely to obtain needed services. Parents, health providers, and community agencies are potentially well-poised to assist transitioning YASHCN. Efforts to encourage development of strong advocacy skills will facilitate better transitions for YASHCN. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. An Analysis of Reading Skills Instruction Provided to Special and General Educators in Their Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Education (United States)

    Castillo, Wendie Lappin


    More than half of all school-age children in the United States read below grade level (NCES, 2012a). Seventy-five percent of all special education referrals are due to poor reading skills (NCES, 2012b). The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services reports that 50% or more of students with disabilities score at or below the 20th…

  3. Transition of care provided for adolescents with special health care needs. American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Children with Disabilities and Committee on Adolescence. (United States)


    This policy statement describes how the pediatrician can work closely with patients with special health care needs and their families as an advocate and educator to help them adapt positively to an adult-focused system of health care. Issues in health care transitions including independence and dependence, education and vocational issues, insurance issues and limitations, Social Security, and hospitalization are outlined.

  4. Cuidado de ninos con necesidades especiales en el hogar: Manual de referencia para las personas que cuidan ninos en sus hogares (Children with Special Needs in Family Day Care Homes: A Handbook for Family Day Care Home Providers). (United States)

    de la Brosse, Beatrice

    The Spanish translation of this guide offers information to Spanish-speaking family day care providers who desire to expand their knowledge of early childhood development in order to work with infants and young children with special needs in their day care settings. The first of four chapters answers common questions and concerns of day care…

  5. According to the Opinions of Teachers of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: What Are the Sexual Problems of Students with Special Education Needs? How Should Sexual Education Be Provided for Them? (United States)

    Girgin-Büyükbayraktar, Çagla; Konuk-Er, Rukiye; Kesici, Sahin


    The purpose of this research is to determine what sexual problems that individuals with special educations needs have and how to provide sexual education for these students, depending on the opinions of the teachers of mentally handicapped individuals. The qualitative research technique was employed in this research. Purposeful sampling method was…

  6. The return of the heart hospital. A hospital that specializes in providing cardiovascular services can meet community needs but will compete with existing community hospitals for market share. (United States)

    Smith, Robert B


    A hospital that provides cardiovascular services and embraces a heart-hospital brand and strategy can achieve competitive advantage. Providers that want to compete aggressively for cardiovascular services are developing a specialty-based carve-out strategy. A heart-hospital initiative can cannibalize revenues from a hospital's other programs and services. A successful heart-hospital strategy requires physician buy-in. A heart hospital needs a brand that customers will value.

  7. Home-Based Child Care Provider Education and Specialized Training: Associations with Caregiving Quality and Toddler Social-Emotional and Cognitive Outcomes (United States)

    Schaack, Diana D.; Le, Vi Nhuan; Messan Setodji, Claude


    Research Findings: Although there has been considerable research on the associations between the qualifications of teachers in center-based settings and preschool-age children's developmental outcomes, very little is known about the relationships between home provider qualifications and the developmental outcomes of toddlers who attend licensed…

  8. Web-site in the universities of physical specialization as instrument of the informational providing of specialists of industry of physical culture and sport

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Svistelnyk I.R.


    Full Text Available Directions of the informative providing of preparation of specialists are presented on a physical culture and sport. The analysis of informative electronic sources of five educational establishments is presented. The informative role of web site of higher educational establishment is certain. The forms of presentation of electronic information are considered. From five educational establishments only two actively give information about own informative resources and work above creation of electronic catalogue. A perspective task is presentation of fulltext electronic train methodical aids, electronic textbooks, magazines.

  9. Special Education in Jordan (United States)

    Abu-Hamour, Bashir; Al-Hmouz, Hanan


    The purpose of this article is to provide a brief background about special education system in Jordan and particularly describes the present types of programmes and legislation provided within the country to students with special needs, as well as integration movement. Jordan has historically provided a limited number of educational opportunities…

  10. Wicked Problems in Special and Inclusive Education (United States)

    Armstrong, David


    This special paper provides a critical overview of wicked problems in special and inclusive education. Practically, this paper provides a strategic framework for future special issues in the "Journal of Special Educational Needs". Critical attention is also given to the concept of a wicked problem when applied to research in special and…

  11. The Atlantic salmon genome provides insights into rediploidization. (United States)

    Lien, Sigbjørn; Koop, Ben F; Sandve, Simen R; Miller, Jason R; Kent, Matthew P; Nome, Torfinn; Hvidsten, Torgeir R; Leong, Jong S; Minkley, David R; Zimin, Aleksey; Grammes, Fabian; Grove, Harald; Gjuvsland, Arne; Walenz, Brian; Hermansen, Russell A; von Schalburg, Kris; Rondeau, Eric B; Di Genova, Alex; Samy, Jeevan K A; Olav Vik, Jon; Vigeland, Magnus D; Caler, Lis; Grimholt, Unni; Jentoft, Sissel; Våge, Dag Inge; de Jong, Pieter; Moen, Thomas; Baranski, Matthew; Palti, Yniv; Smith, Douglas R; Yorke, James A; Nederbragt, Alexander J; Tooming-Klunderud, Ave; Jakobsen, Kjetill S; Jiang, Xuanting; Fan, Dingding; Hu, Yan; Liberles, David A; Vidal, Rodrigo; Iturra, Patricia; Jones, Steven J M; Jonassen, Inge; Maass, Alejandro; Omholt, Stig W; Davidson, William S


    The whole-genome duplication 80 million years ago of the common ancestor of salmonids (salmonid-specific fourth vertebrate whole-genome duplication, Ss4R) provides unique opportunities to learn about the evolutionary fate of a duplicated vertebrate genome in 70 extant lineages. Here we present a high-quality genome assembly for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), and show that large genomic reorganizations, coinciding with bursts of transposon-mediated repeat expansions, were crucial for the post-Ss4R rediploidization process. Comparisons of duplicate gene expression patterns across a wide range of tissues with orthologous genes from a pre-Ss4R outgroup unexpectedly demonstrate far more instances of neofunctionalization than subfunctionalization. Surprisingly, we find that genes that were retained as duplicates after the teleost-specific whole-genome duplication 320 million years ago were not more likely to be retained after the Ss4R, and that the duplicate retention was not influenced to a great extent by the nature of the predicted protein interactions of the gene products. Finally, we demonstrate that the Atlantic salmon assembly can serve as a reference sequence for the study of other salmonids for a range of purposes.

  12. PRES 2012 special section

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Klemeš, Jiří Jaromír; Varbanov, Petar Sabev; Wang, Qiuwang


    This Special Section provides introduction to the 15th Conference Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction (PRES 2012). In this editorial introduction, the editors are highlighting the individual articles included in this issue and discussing...

  13. Specialized science. (United States)

    Casadevall, Arturo; Fang, Ferric C


    As the body of scientific knowledge in a discipline increases, there is pressure for specialization. Fields spawn subfields that then become entities in themselves that promote further specialization. The process by which scientists join specialized groups has remarkable similarities to the guild system of the middle ages. The advantages of specialization of science include efficiency, the establishment of normative standards, and the potential for greater rigor in experimental research. However, specialization also carries risks of monopoly, monotony, and isolation. The current tendency to judge scientific work by the impact factor of the journal in which it is published may have roots in overspecialization, as scientists are less able to critically evaluate work outside their field than before. Scientists in particular define themselves through group identity and adopt practices that conform to the expectations and dynamics of such groups. As part of our continuing analysis of issues confronting contemporary science, we analyze the emergence and consequences of specialization in science, with a particular emphasis on microbiology, a field highly vulnerable to balkanization along microbial phylogenetic boundaries, and suggest that specialization carries significant costs. We propose measures to mitigate the detrimental effects of scientific specialism.

  14. Specialized languages

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mousten, Birthe; Laursen, Anne Lise


    Across different fields of research, one feature is often overlooked: the use of language for specialized purposes (LSP) as a cross-discipline. Mastering cross-disciplinarity is the precondition for communicating detailed results within any field. Researchers in specialized languages work cross......-disciplinarily, because they work with both derivative and contributory approaches. Derivative, because specialized language retrieves its philosophy of science as well as methods from both the natural sciences, social sciences and humanistic sciences. Contributory because language results support the communication...... science fields communicate their findings. With this article, we want to create awareness of the work in this special area of language studies and of the inherent cross-disciplinarity that makes LSP special compared to common-core language. An acknowledgement of the importance of this field both in terms...

  15. Medicare Provider Data - Hospice Providers (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The Hospice Utilization and Payment Public Use File provides information on services provided to Medicare beneficiaries by hospice providers. The Hospice PUF...

  16. Specialization Patterns

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schultz, Ulrik Pagh; Lawall, Julia Laetitia; Consel, Charles


    Design patterns offer many advantages for software development, but can introduce inefficiency into the final program. Program specialization can eliminate such overheads, but is most effective when targeted by the user to specific bottlenecks. Consequently, we propose that these concepts...

  17. Specialized languages

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mousten, Birthe; Laursen, Anne Lise


    Across different fields of research, one feature is often overlooked: the use of language for specialized purposes (LSP) as a cross-discipline. Mastering cross-disciplinarity is the precondition for communicating detailed results within any field. Researchers in specialized languages work cross-d...... of more empirical studies and in terms of a greater application of the results would give language specialists in trade and industry a solid and updated basis for communication and language use....... science fields communicate their findings. With this article, we want to create awareness of the work in this special area of language studies and of the inherent cross-disciplinarity that makes LSP special compared to common-core language. An acknowledgement of the importance of this field both in terms......Across different fields of research, one feature is often overlooked: the use of language for specialized purposes (LSP) as a cross-discipline. Mastering cross-disciplinarity is the precondition for communicating detailed results within any field. Researchers in specialized languages work cross...

  18. Special Article

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Introduction. Nephrology is a relatively recent speciality which was. Introduced in tunisia during the nineteenYsixties by. Professor Hassouna Ben Ayed. He introduced peritoneal dialysis, the artificial Nidney and renal biopsy in the department of medicine of Charles Nicole hospital in tunis. Prof. H. Ben Ayed received his ...

  19. International Specialization

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kleindienst, Ingo; Geisler Asmussen, Christian; Hutzschenreuter, Thomas


    little about performance implications, if we do not know, and do not ask, how the firm has diversified. Therefore, building on the two broad arguments of operating flexibility and location-specific commitment, we develop a theoretical framework that focuses on the extent to which a firm's international...... arbitrage strategy is characterized by specialization versus replication and argue that these different strategies may have differential impact on profitability and risk reduction. Developing a sophisticated measure of international specialization and using a unique panel data set of 92 German MNEs to test......Whether and how international diversification and cross-border arbitrage affects firm performance remains one of the major unresolved research questions in the strategy and international business literatures. We propose that knowing how much a firm has internationally diversified tells us very...

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  2. Wrist range of motion and motion frequency during toy and game play with a joint-specific controller specially designed to provide neuromuscular therapy: A proof of concept study in typically developing children. (United States)

    Crisco, Joseph J; Schwartz, Joel B; Wilcox, Bethany; Brideau, Holly; Basseches, Benjamin; Kerman, Karen


    Upper extremities affected by hemiplegic cerebral palsy (CP) and other neuromuscular disorders have been demonstrated to benefit from therapy, and the greater the duration of the therapy, the greater the benefit. A great motivator for participating in and extending the duration of therapy with children is play. Our focus is on active motion therapy of the wrist and forearm. In this study we examine the wrist motions associated with playing with two toys and three computer games controlled by a specially-designed play controller. Twenty children (ages 5-11) with no diagnosis of a muscular disorder were recruited. The play controller was fitted to the wrist and forearm of each child and used to measure and log wrist flexion and extension. Play activity and enjoyment were quantified by average wrist range of motion (ROM), motion frequency measures, and a discrete visual scale. We found significant differences in the average wrist ROM and motion frequency among the toys and games, yet there were no differences in the level of enjoyment across all toys and games, which was high. These findings indicate which toys and games may elicit the greater number of goal-directed movements, and lay the foundation for our long-term goal to develop and evaluate innovative motion-specific play controllers that are engaging rehabilitative devices for enhancing therapy and promoting neural plasticity and functional recovery in children with CP. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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  6. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Nov 10, 2017 ... one of the most important and invisible nature of the e the existence of Ozone ith the aim to assess and two chosen locations in ata visualization analytics ent Analysis (PCA). The n occurrence with several o provides strong insights tion severity compared to data analytics; principal. Research Article. Special ...

  7. Procurement with specialized firms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Boone, Jan; Schottmüller, Christoph


    This paper analyzes optimal procurement mechanisms when firms are specialized. The procurement agency has incomplete information concerning the firms’ cost functions and values high quality as well as low price. Lower type firms are cheaper (more expensive) than higher type firms when providing low...... the optimal mechanism, we introduce a new auction format that implements the optimal mechanism....

  8. Special Milk Program (United States)

    US Department of Agriculture, 2009


    The Special Milk Program provides milk to children in schools, child care institutions and eligible camps that do not participate in other Federal child nutrition meal service programs. The program reimburses schools and institutions for the milk they serve. In 2008, 4,676 schools and residential child care institutions participated, along with…

  9. Self-generating program specializers

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Glück, Robert


    This paper demonstrates the existence of self-generating program specializers and uses a language-independent projection to obtain them. The projection is considered from the viewpoint of the interpretive approach and a bootstrapping technique is identified by which a specializer can optimize its......-generation, which requires only a textual program comparison. Self-generation may thus provide a method for testing specializers and self-interpreters while they are under development....

  10. Special Issue: "Functional Dendrimers". (United States)

    Tomalia, Donald A


    This special issue entitled "Functional Dendrimers" focuses on the manipulation of at least six "critical nanoscale design parameters" (CNDPs) of dendrimers including: size, shape, surface chemistry, flexibility/rigidity, architecture and elemental composition. These CNDPs collectively define properties of all "functional dendrimers". This special issue contains many interesting examples describing the manipulation of certain dendrimer CNDPs to create new emerging properties and, in some cases, predictive nanoperiodic property patterns (i.e., dendritic effects). The systematic engineering of CNDPs provides a valuable strategy for optimizing functional dendrimer properties for use in specific applications.

  11. Special relativity

    CERN Document Server

    Faraoni, Valerio


    This book offers an essential bridge between college-level introductions and advanced graduate-level books on special relativity. It begins at an elementary level, presenting and discussing the basic concepts normally covered in college-level works, including the Lorentz transformation. Subsequent chapters introduce the four-dimensional worldview implied by the Lorentz transformations, mixing time and space coordinates, before continuing on to the formalism of tensors, a topic usually avoided in lower-level courses. The book’s second half addresses a number of essential points, including the concept of causality; the equivalence between mass and energy, including applications; relativistic optics; and measurements and matter in Minkowski spacetime. The closing chapters focus on the energy-momentum tensor of a continuous distribution of mass-energy and its covariant conservation; angular momentum; a discussion of the scalar field of perfect fluids and the Maxwell field; and general coordinates. Every chapter...

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    Are you a member of the Staff Association? Did you know that as a member you can benefit from the following special offers: BCGE (Banque Cantonale de Genève): personalized banking solutions with preferential conditions.     TPG: reduced rates on annual transport passes for all active and retired staff.     Aquaparc: reduced ticket prices for children and adults at this Swiss waterpark in Le Bouveret.     Walibi: reduced prices for children and adults at this French attraction park in Les Avenières.       FNAC: 5% reduction on FNAC vouchers.       For more information about all these offers, please consult our web site:

  14. Special convoy

    CERN Multimedia


    A special wide-load convoy will affect traffic between Hall 180 (Meyrin site) and Point 1 (ATLAS) on Tuesday 29 May. The following measures will be in place: Partial closure of Route Arago and Route Einstein between 9.00 a.m. and 12 midday, depending on the rate at which the convoy advances. Closure of Route Einstein between 12 and 2.00 p.m. between Building 104 and Route Veksler (see diagram). Closure of Entrance B in both directions between 12 and 2.30 p.m. Please use Entrance A. For safety reasons, cyclists and pedestrians will not be allowed to ride or walk alongside the convoy. Please comply with the instructions given by the convoy officers. TS-IC Group (tel : 160319 - 163012)

  15. Special Programming for Displaced Homemakers. (United States)

    Swift, John S.; And Others


    Displaced homemakers returning to college need special services. These programs were developed by one university's center for women: Project Succeed, Back to School Workshops, and Special Programs to Build Self-Confidence. These programs were developed to provide on-the-job training while in college, help adults returning to college earn a degree,…

  16. The "special K" in kaizen. (United States)

    McAtee, L F


    Do you want a strategy that guarantees the success of kaizen in your organization? This article will provide insights as to why one organization may succeed and another fails. Learn why the "Special K" is the difference. Idea will be presented on how to develop the "Special K" in others and ourselves. You will be challenged to become a "kaizener".

  17. Coaches' Training the Special Olympics Way. (United States)

    Roswal, Glenn M.


    The article describes the training provided prospective coaches of mentally retarded participants in Special Olympics at Special Olympics International Training Schools. Presentations on Special Olympics, mental retardation, athletic injury prevention, coaching techniques, and specific sports skills instruction are provided as well as direct…

  18. Special offers

    CERN Multimedia

    Association du personnel


    Special discount to the members of the Staff Association Aquaparc Discounted prices on admission of whole day. Children from 5 to 15 years: 26.– CHF instead of 35.– CHF; Adults from 16 years: 32.– CHF instead of 43.– CHF.Tickets on sale to the Staff Association Secretariat. BCGE Account management on salary account and annual subscription to credit cards free of charge. Other benefits on mortgage loan and financial planning. Comédie de Genève 20% off on full price tickets (also available for partner): from 24 to 32 CHF a ticket instead of 30 to 40 CHF depending on the shows. Ezee Suisse 15% off on the range of electric bikes upon presentation of your Staff Association membership card before payment. FNAC 5% discount on gifts card available in four Swiss shops without any restriction. Gifts card on sale to the Staff Association Secretariat. FutureKids 15% off for the Staff Association members who enrol their children of 5 to 16 years old in ...

  19. Special and Research Permits for Ocean Dumping (United States)

    Special permits and research permits under the Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act may be issued by EPA for ocean dumping. Examples and ocean disposal sites for special and research permits are provided.

  20. Sports Specialization, Part II (United States)

    Myer, Gregory D.; Jayanthi, Neeru; DiFiori, John P.; Faigenbaum, Avery D.; Kiefer, Adam W.; Logerstedt, David; Micheli, Lyle J.


    Context: Many coaches, parents, and children believe that the best way to develop elite athletes is for them to participate in only 1 sport from an early age and to play it year-round. However, emerging evidence to the contrary indicates that efforts to specialize in 1 sport may reduce opportunities for all children to participate in a diverse year-round sports season and can lead to lost development of lifetime sports skills. Early sports specialization may also reduce motor skill development and ongoing participation in games and sports as a lifestyle choice. The purpose of this review is to employ the current literature to provide evidence-based alternative strategies that may help to optimize opportunities for all aspiring young athletes to maximize their health, fitness, and sports performance. Evidence Acquisition: Nonsystematic review with critical appraisal of existing literature. Study Design: Clinical review. Level of Evidence: Level 4. Conclusion: Based on the current evidence, parents and educators should help provide opportunities for free unstructured play to improve motor skill development and youth should be encouraged to participate in a variety of sports during their growing years to influence the development of diverse motor skills. For those children who do choose to specialize in a single sport, periods of intense training and specialized sport activities should be closely monitored for indicators of burnout, overuse injury, or potential decrements in performance due to overtraining. Last, the evidence indicates that all youth should be involved in periodized strength and conditioning (eg, integrative neuromuscular training) to help them prepare for the demands of competitive sport participation, and youth who specialize in a single sport should plan periods of isolated and focused integrative neuromuscular training to enhance diverse motor skill development and reduce injury risk factors. Strength of Recommendation Taxonomy (SORT): B. PMID

  1. Specialized Summer Camps: Provide Benefits for Children and Families Alike (United States)

    Neff, John M.


    The arrival of summer signals a season of endless days of swimming, fishing, summer camps, and other outdoor activities. For children with chronic or terminal illnesses, it can be difficult to participate in many of these activities as well as challenging for parents to find summer camps that not only engage their children, but also offer the…

  2. Parental Challenges in Providing Care for Children with Special ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Majority (45, 61.6%) were in the mid and lower social classes (III-V).The most identified parental challenges were economic and medical, indicated by all the parents. Others were social, stress and educational in that order. Type of child's disorder, severity of the disorder and parental social class were indicated by all the ...

  3. Providing quality reference services at a special library


    Semertzaki, Eva (Semertzaki-Koutra, Eva)


    The paper deals with the traditional vs. modern reference service and with the reference interview and its value. It analyzes new channels of communication: the virtual reference service. It explores the advantages and disadvantages of face-to-face vs. virtual reference and touches issues of user education, information literacy, user satisfaction and evaluation of reference services. Finally, it highlights the competencies of the reference librarian.

  4. Specialization in dentistry. (United States)

    McCallum, C A


    Specialization in dentistry is appropriate for any country, in order to serve its primary functions--to provide a sound dental educational base, to meet the needs of special patients, to react to the complex needs of society on behalf of the dental profession, and to meet the growth needs of individual dentists. Each country must determine for itself the types and numbers of dental specialties it needs to meet the demands of its people. However, as specialties develop, attention should be directed toward preventing an unnecessary over commitment of resources to the education and training of more specialists than are needed. Such an excess of specialists would dilute or compromise the concept of the general practitioner, which must be maintained to insure for the public ready access into the dental health care system.

  5. Special classes of semigroups

    CERN Document Server

    Nagy, Attila


    In semigroup theory there are certain kinds of band decompositions, which are very useful in the study of the structure semigroups There are a number of special semigroup classes in which these decompositions can be used very successfully The book focuses attention on such classes of semigroups Some of them are partially discussed in earlier books, but in the last thirty years new semigroup classes have appeared and a fairly large body of material has been published on them The book provides a systematic review on this subject The first chapter is an introduction The remaining chapters are devoted to special semigroup classes These are Putcha semigroups, commutative semigroups, weakly commutative semigroups, R-Commutative semigroups, conditionally commutative semigroups, RC-commutative semigroups, quasi commutative semigroups, medial semigroups, right commutative semigroups, externally commutative semigroups, E-m semigroups, WE-m semigroups, weakly exponential semigroups, (m,n)-commutative semigroups and n(2)...

  6. Very special relativity. (United States)

    Cohen, Andrew G; Glashow, Sheldon L


    By very special relativity (VSR) we mean descriptions of nature whose space-time symmetries are certain proper subgroups of the Poincaré group. These subgroups contain space-time translations together with at least a two-parameter subgroup of the Lorentz group isomorphic to that generated by K(x) + J(y) and K(y)- J(x). We find that VSR implies special relativity (SR) in the context of local quantum field theory or of conservation. Absent both of these added hypotheses, VSR provides a simulacrum of SR for which most of the consequences of Lorentz invariance remain wholly or essentially intact, and for which many sensitive searches for departures from Lorentz invariance must fail. Several feasible experiments are discussed for which Lorentz-violating effects in VSR may be detectable.

  7. Special Education in Mexico: One Community's Response. (United States)

    Shepherd, Terry L.; Contreras, Diana; Brown, Randel


    This article looks at the history of special education in Mexico, discusses the emergence of special education programs, and examines a school for special education in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. The school provides vocational training for students with a variety of disabilities and has a partnership with the local maquiladora industry. (Contains 5…

  8. Does Specialization Explain Marriage Penalties and Premiums?


    Killewald, Alexandra; Gough, Margaret


    Married men’s wage premium is often attributed to within-household specialization: men can devote more effort to wage-earning when their wives assume responsibility for household labor. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of the specialization hypothesis, arguing that, if specialization causes the male marriage premium, married women should experience wage losses. Furthermore, specialization by married parents should augment the motherhood penalty and the fatherhood premium for married as c...

  9. Special relativity a first encounter

    CERN Document Server

    Giulini, Domenico


    Special relativity provides the foundations of our knowledge of space and time. Without it, our understanding of the world, and its place in the universe, would be unthinkable. This book gives a concise, elementary, yet exceptionally modern, introduction to special relativity. It is a gentle yet serious 'first encounter', in that it conveys a true understanding rather than purely reports the basic facts. Only very elementary mathematical knowledge is needed to master it (basichigh-school maths), yet it will leave the reader with a sound understanding of the subject. Special Relativity: A First

  10. Algorithmically specialized parallel computers

    CERN Document Server

    Snyder, Lawrence; Gannon, Dennis B


    Algorithmically Specialized Parallel Computers focuses on the concept and characteristics of an algorithmically specialized computer.This book discusses the algorithmically specialized computers, algorithmic specialization using VLSI, and innovative architectures. The architectures and algorithms for digital signal, speech, and image processing and specialized architectures for numerical computations are also elaborated. Other topics include the model for analyzing generalized inter-processor, pipelined architecture for search tree maintenance, and specialized computer organization for raster

  11. Special Administrative Jurisdictions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vasilica Negruț


    Full Text Available The Constitution of Romania revised in 2003 establishes the free and voluntary nature of the special administrative jurisdictions, a fact which allows the party concerned to address either the administrative-judicial body or directly the court. If they opted for the administrative-judicial way, it must be followed to the end, then, under the terms established by the law, the party may address the court, under the right of access to justice provided by article 21 of the constitution. The administrative jurisdiction is an activity of solving an administrative litigation by specific procedural rules of judicial procedure, based on the principle of the independence, of insuring the right to defense and the administrative-jurisdictional independence activity, which results in a jurisdictional administrative act. In order to achieve the objectives of the paper, namely to highlight the essential elements of the resolution of litigation according to special administrative jurisdictions, we have achieved an analysis of the legislative acts referring to this activity, of the doctrine and jurisprudence. After examination and empirical research, the paper summarizes and specifies the general conclusions on the role and importance of special administrative courts.

  12. Introduction to the Special Section on Resurgence (United States)

    Kestner, Kathryn M.; Peterson, Stephanie M.; Wacker, David P.


    In this introduction, the editors provide an overview of resurgence and its importance to practitioners. They also provide an overview of the four articles contained in this special section focusing on the applied implications of resurgence.

  13. Special Education in Nigeria. (United States)

    Abang, Theresa B.


    This article discusses the special education system in Nigeria, focusing on integration; training of special educators; medical, health, and welfare services for children with disabilities; recreational facilities; employment opportunities; national planning; and problems and successes. (JDD)

  14. Mentorship of Special Educators (United States)

    Madigan, Jennifer Booker; Schroth-Cavataio, Georganne


    The national shortage and exceptionally high attrition rate of special education teachers are impediments to serving students with special needs. Given that only 64 percent of special education teachers have access to a mentor compared with 86 percent of general education teachers, this book meets an essential need for attracting, retaining, and…

  15. Special Issue: Retroviral Enzymes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Menéndez-Arias


    Full Text Available The retroviral RNA genome encodes for three enzymes essential for virus replication: (i the viral protease (PR, that converts the immature virion into a mature virus through the cleavage of precursor polypeptides; (ii the reverse transcriptase (RT, responsible for the conversion of the single-stranded genomic RNA into double-stranded proviral DNA; and (iii the integrase (IN that inserts the proviral DNA into the host cell genome. All of them are important targets for therapeutic intervention. This Special Issue provides authoritative reviews on the most recent research towards a better understanding of structure-function relationships in retroviral enzymes. The Issue includes three reviews on retroviral PRs, seven on RT and reverse transcription, and four dedicated to viral integration. [...

  16. Special Interests and the Media (United States)

    Shapiro, Jesse M.


    A journalist reports to a voter on an unknown, policy-relevant state. Competing special interests can make claims that contradict the facts but seem credible to the voter. A reputational incentive to avoid taking sides leads the journalist to report special interests’ claims to the voter. In equilibrium, the voter can remain uninformed even when the journalist is perfectly informed. Communication is improved if the journalist discloses her partisan leanings. The model provides an account of persistent public ignorance on climate change that is consistent with narrative and quantitative evidence. PMID:28725092

  17. Special Children, Special Teachers: Blending Humane Education with Special Education. (United States)

    Finch, Patty


    Advocates humane education as a natural for special education students, most of whom show exceptional abilities and interest in relating to animals. Several programs are described including: learning working skills, reverse mainstreaming, and writing skill development. Teachers report many side benefits and success with a wide range of grade…

  18. Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions

    CERN Document Server

    Assche, Walter


    The set of lectures from the Summer School held in Leuven in 2002 provide an up-to-date account of recent developments in orthogonal polynomials and special functions, in particular for algorithms for computer algebra packages, 3nj-symbols in representation theory of Lie groups, enumeration, multivariable special functions and Dunkl operators, asymptotics via the Riemann-Hilbert method, exponential asymptotics and the Stokes phenomenon. The volume aims at graduate students and post-docs working in the field of orthogonal polynomials and special functions, and in related fields interacting with orthogonal polynomials, such as combinatorics, computer algebra, asymptotics, representation theory, harmonic analysis, differential equations, physics. The lectures are self-contained requiring only a basic knowledge of analysis and algebra, and each includes many exercises.

  19. 36 CFR 2.50 - Special events. (United States)


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Special events. 2.50 Section... PROTECTION, PUBLIC USE AND RECREATION § 2.50 Special events. (a) Sports events, pageants, regattas, public spectator attractions, entertainments, ceremonies, and similar events are allowed: Provided, however, There...

  20. 36 CFR 1002.50 - Special events. (United States)


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Special events. 1002.50... RECREATION § 1002.50 Special events. (a) Sports events, pageants, regattas, public spectator attractions, entertainments, ceremonies, and similar events are allowed: Provided, however, There is a meaningful association...

  1. Special Education Research Advances Knowledge in Education (United States)

    Vaughn, Sharon; Swanson, Elizabeth A.


    Research in special education has yielded beneficial outcomes for students with disabilities as well as typical achieving students. The authors provide examples of the valuable knowledge special education research has generated, including the elements of response to intervention (e.g., screening and progress monitoring), instructional practices…

  2. Distinguishing Disability: Parents, Privilege, and Special Education (United States)

    Ong-Dean, Colin


    Students in special education programs can have widely divergent experiences. For some, special education amounts to a dumping ground where schools unload their problem students, while for others, it provides access to services and accommodations that drastically improve chances of succeeding in school and beyond. "Distinguishing…

  3. A Course in Special Functions and Applications. (United States)

    Fahidy, Thomas Z.


    Describes a course dealing with special functions and their applications to chemical engineering problems. Its major objective is to provide an adequate understanding and appreciation of the usefulness of special functions in the modeling of problems taken from various areas of engineering and applied physics. (Author/SK)

  4. Special Olympics: The Rest of the Storey (United States)

    MacLean, William E., Jr.


    In this article, Keith Storey provides a modest update to his earlier case against the Special Olympics. Several sections have been updated, with some additional consideration of issues related to severe disabilities. The article now includes sections on choice and self-determination and use of taxpayer dollars to fund Special Olympics programs.…

  5. Microcomputing Competencies for Special Education Professors. (United States)

    Blackhurst, A. Edward; And Others


    A list of microcomputing competencies associated with functions that special education professors typically perform was assessed by 148 special education faculty who use microcomputers. Word processing was rated as the single most useful competency, along with the category of providing instruction about microcomputer applications in special…

  6. Descriptive Cost Analysis of Special Education. (United States)

    Slobojan, Alan


    Presents a study of cost analysis of the Frederick County Public Schools (Maryland) special education programs and services. The Larson IPSEC Model was used as the basis for the cost analysis. The modified Larson model provides a valuable tool to determine the per pupil cost of special education. (Author/MD)

  7. Special Education in Arab Countries: Current Challenges (United States)

    Hadidi, Muna S.; Al Khateeb, Jamal M.


    Arab countries have undertaken various measures to develop special education programmes and services over the last three decades; nevertheless, major challenges remain regarding the expansion of these programmes and services and improving their quality. "This article provides an update on disability and special education in Arab…

  8. Preparing Urban Special Education Leaders: What Works (United States)

    Martin, Suzanne M.; Little, Joyce; Miller, Katie; Gourwitz, Jillian


    Special education administrators play a critical role in the implementation of successful inclusion in diverse, standards-based environments. They provide the vision and leadership necessary to guide educators in both general and special education as they deliver instructional programs to meet the needs of diverse students with disabilities.…

  9. State Pilots Sweeping Changes in Special Ed (United States)

    Adkins, Gary


    The Illinois State Board of Education launched a special education pilot project using a concept called Response to Intervention (RtI) that some experts believe could lead to a sea change in the way special education is provided. RtI places greater emphasis on early intervention and a reduced emphasis on psychological testing and other traditional…

  10. 77 FR 36409 - ``Specially Designed'' Definition (United States)


    ... proposed definition would also provide the public with an as objective as possible basis for determining...'' items. Objectives for the ``Specially Designed'' Definition The July 15 proposed rule included nine objectives for the revised ``specially designed'' definition. These objectives have not changed. The U.S...

  11. Keeping Special Forces Special: Regional Proficiency in Special Forces (United States)


    Poole for their support in this project. I would also like to thank the many people (too many to list) who took precious time out of their day to...Soldier may be required to translate documents or listen to intercepted conversations. This education is merely a stepping stone as Special Forces...North Africa (MENA) Algeria Bahrain Egypt Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iraq Israel Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Morocco Oman Qatar

  12. Other Special Waste

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brogaard, Line Kai-Sørensen; Christensen, Thomas Højlund


    separately from MSW. Some of these other special wastes are briefly described in this chapter with respect to their definition, quantity and composition, and management options. The special wastes mentioned here are batteries, tires, polyvinylchloride (PVC) and food waste.......In addition to the main types of special waste related to municipal solid waste (MSW) mentioned in the previous chapters (health care risk waste, WEEE, impregnated wood, hazardous waste) a range of other fractions of waste have in some countries been defined as special waste that must be handled...

  13. Health Care Provider Initiative Strategic Plan (United States)

    National Environmental Education & Training Foundation, 2012


    This document lays out the strategy for achieving the goals and objectives of NEETF's "Health Care Provider Initiative." The goal of NEETF's "Health Care Provider Initiative" is to incorporate environmental health into health professionals' education and practice in order to improve health care and public health, with a special emphasis on…

  14. Cluster - Smart Specialization Relationship

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Florina Popa


    The paper refers to the relationship that is created in the regional economic space, between thecluster phenomenon and that of the strategy of smart specialization; in the process oftransformation of the regional economy, the smart specialization strategies take over clusters’policies and clusters integrate activities specific to areas of technological knowledge.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabiane Bridi


    Full Text Available The present article intends to bring about who the students in situation of inclusion are. The ones who are sent for specialized educational assistance facing the new policy of Special Education under the perspective of the Inclusive Education and to Know how the directions of this document have produced effects are asks for a reflection on this educational space that shelters them in order to create conditions so that they can stay in the context of a common study. The document presents a conceptual and terminological change to reinforce the contingent of pupils characterized as being of the “Special Education as well as sets up guidelines for the special education, for the implementation and functioning of a Specialized Educational Assistance (AEE, in Portuguese. After the discussion in the theoretical, legal and conceptual plan, it is aimed to present how these modifications have happened in the context of the City Teaching Net in Santa Maria, RS state, Brazil. Key words: National policy of special education; Specialized educational assistance; Students of special education

  16. Special educational needs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V.I. Lubovsky


    Full Text Available We describe the psychological content of the special educational needs of children with developmental disabilities in the conditions necessary for optimal realization of actual and potential child capacities (cognitive, energetic, emotional and volitional in the learning process. We discuss the causes of the special needs that are specific patterns of impaired development. Among them, the most important are a lower rate of information receiving and processing, its storage smaller volume and the shortcomings of its verbal mediation. Meeting the special educational needs is possible only under special organization and content of education, regardless of where the child with developmental disabilities learns – in conditions of special institutions or in conditions of integration, in kindergarten or general education school.

  17. Special Issue: Single Molecule Techniques


    Hans H. Gorris


    Technological advances in the detection and manipulation of single molecules have enabled new insights into the function, structure and interactions of biomolecules. This Special Issue was launched to account for the rapid progress in the field of “Single Molecule Techniques”. Four original research articles and seven review articles provide an introduction, as well as an in-depth discussion, of technical developments that are indispensable for the characterization of individual biomolecules....

  18. Special Operations And Cyber Warfare (United States)


    Hostage Rescue and Recovery IO Information Operations ISIS Islamic State JCET Joint Capability Exchange Training JCSOC Joint Cyber Special...connectivity, the distribution of low-cost operating systems and devices, such as the Raspberry Pi, could facilitate “a wide-array of 21 information operations ( IO ) responsibilities and provide support to combatant commanders for theater MISO

  19. Therapy Provider Phase Information (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The Therapy Provider Phase Information dataset is a tool for providers to search by their National Provider Identifier (NPI) number to determine their phase for...

  20. Specialized Laboratory Information Systems. (United States)

    Dangott, Bryan


    Some laboratories or laboratory sections have unique needs that traditional anatomic and clinical pathology systems may not address. A specialized laboratory information system (LIS), which is designed to perform a limited number of functions, may perform well in areas where a traditional LIS falls short. Opportunities for specialized LISs continue to evolve with the introduction of new testing methodologies. These systems may take many forms, including stand-alone architecture, a module integrated with an existing LIS, a separate vendor-supplied module, and customized software. This article addresses the concepts underlying specialized LISs, their characteristics, and in what settings they are found. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  1. 76 FR 11218 - Training and Information for Parents of Children With Disabilities Office of Special Education... (United States)


    ... Training and Information for Parents of Children With Disabilities Office of Special Education and... work collaboratively with personnel responsible for providing special education, early intervention... at home, including information available through the Office of Special Education Programs' (OSEP...

  2. Reconsidering "special needs" populations during a disaster. (United States)

    Lavin, Roberta Proffitt; Schemmel-Rettenmeier, Lisa; Frommelt-Kuhle, Molly


    Meeting the "special needs" of at-risk populations affected by disasters is of the utmost importance. In the United States, there are 54 million people who fit into the special needs category who are defined as handicapped, disabled, vulnerable, challenged, or having special needs. The paramount importance for the special needs population is maintaining human dignity throughout the disaster management cycle. Government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and advocacy organizations have all worked together to attempt to address and ensure that the needs of all individuals are addressed throughout the disaster cycle. Each provider and emergency responder should be familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, but this alone does not begin to address the needs of children, the elderly, or other individuals and their special needs. There are multiple theoretical frameworks that may be useful, but the most human approach may be to consider needs based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

  3. National Special Security Events

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Reese, Shawn


    ...) as National Special Security Events (NSSE) Beginning in September 1998 through February 2007, there have been 27 events designated as NSSEs Some of these events have included presidential inaugurations, presidential nominating conventions...

  4. Special issue: Plasma Conversion

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nozaki, T.; Bogaerts, A.; Tu, X.; van de Sanden, M. C. M.


    With growing concern of energy and environmental issues, the combination of plasma and heterogeneous catalysts receives special attention in greenhouse gas conversion, nitrogen fixation and hydrocarbon chemistry. Plasma gas conversion driven by renewable electricity is particularly important for the

  5. FWS Special Designation Areas (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This data layer depicts the Special Designations that have been placed upon the lands and waters administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in North...

  6. Special Blood Donation Procedures (United States)

    ... Blood Products Special Blood Donation Procedures Precautions and Adverse Reactions During Blood Transfusion (See Overview of Blood Transfusion .) Plateletpheresis (platelet donation) In plateletpheresis, a donor gives only platelets rather than whole blood. Whole ...

  7. Bracing Zonohedra With Special Faces

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nagy Gyula


    Full Text Available The analysis of simpler preliminary design gives useful input for more complicated three-dimensional building frame structure. A zonohedron, as a preliminary structure of design, is a convex polyhedron for which each face possesses central symmetry. We considered zonohedron as a special framework with the special assumption that the polygonal faces can be deformed in such a way that faces remain planar and centrally symmetric, moreover the length of all edges remains unchanged. Introducing some diagonal braces we got a new mechanism. This paper deals with the flexibility of this kind of mechanisms, and investigates the rigidity of the braced framework. The flexibility of the framework can be characterized by some vectors, which represent equivalence classes of the edges. A necessary and sufficient condition for the rigidity of the braced rhombic face zonohedra is posed. A real mechanical construction, based on two simple elements, provides a CAD prototype of these new mechanisms.

  8. Special Functions for Applied Scientists

    CERN Document Server

    Mathai, A M


    Special Functions for Applied Scientists provides the required mathematical tools for researchers active in the physical sciences. The book presents a full suit of elementary functions for scholars at the PhD level and covers a wide-array of topics and begins by introducing elementary classical special functions. From there, differential equations and some applications into statistical distribution theory are examined. The fractional calculus chapter covers fractional integrals and fractional derivatives as well as their applications to reaction-diffusion problems in physics, input-output analysis, Mittag-Leffler stochastic processes and related topics. The authors then cover q-hypergeometric functions, Ramanujan's work and Lie groups. The latter half of this volume presents applications into stochastic processes, random variables, Mittag-Leffler processes, density estimation, order statistics, and problems in astrophysics. Professor Dr. A.M. Mathai is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, McGill ...

  9. Special relativity from soft gravitons (United States)

    Hertzberg, Mark P.; Sandora, McCullen


    We study all translationally and rotationally invariant local theories involving massless spin 2 and spin 1 particles that mediate long range forces, allowing for general energy relations and violation of boost invariance. Although gauge invariance is not a priori required to describe non-Lorentz invariant theories, we first establish that locality requires soft gauge invariance. Then by taking the soft graviton limit in scattering amplitudes, we prove that in addition to the usual requirement of universal graviton couplings, the special relativistic energy-momentum relation is also required and must be exact. We contrast this to the case of theories with only spin ≤1 particles, where, although we can still derive charge conservation from locality, special relativity can be easily violated. We provide indications that the entire structure of relativity can be built up from spin 2 in this fashion.

  10. Sport Specialization, Part I (United States)

    Myer, Gregory D.; Jayanthi, Neeru; Difiori, John P.; Faigenbaum, Avery D.; Kiefer, Adam W.; Logerstedt, David; Micheli, Lyle J.


    Context: There is increased growth in sports participation across the globe. Sports specialization patterns, which include year-round training, participation on multiple teams of the same sport, and focused participation in a single sport at a young age, are at high levels. The need for this type of early specialized training in young athletes is currently under debate. Evidence Acquisition: Nonsystematic review. Study Design: Clinical review. Level of Evidence: Level 4. Conclusion: Sports specialization is defined as year-round training (greater than 8 months per year), choosing a single main sport, and/or quitting all other sports to focus on 1 sport. Specialized training in young athletes has risks of injury and burnout, while the degree of specialization is positively correlated with increased serious overuse injury risk. Risk factors for injury in young athletes who specialize in a single sport include year-round single-sport training, participation in more competition, decreased age-appropriate play, and involvement in individual sports that require the early development of technical skills. Adults involved in instruction of youth sports may also put young athletes at risk for injury by encouraging increased intensity in organized practices and competition rather than self-directed unstructured free play. Strength-of-Recommendation Taxonomy (SORT): C. PMID:26502420

  11. Modelling Inclusive Special Needs Education: Insights from Dutch Secondary Schools (United States)

    Van der Bij, T.; Geijsel, F. P.; Garst, G. J. A.; Ten Dam, G. T. M.


    Inclusive special needs education is prominent on the international education agenda. Research on the characteristics of inclusive education for students with special needs and schools providing this is scarce, however. Our aim in the present study was therefore to further theory-building with regard to inclusive special needs education. On the…

  12. Restructuring Special Education Certification: What Should Be Done? (United States)

    Eichinger, Joanne; Downing, June


    This article recommends revamping special education certification to support quality education in inclusive settings by aligning special education certification with general education certification, allowing for collaborative teacher training for general and special education at the initial certification level, and providing advanced training for…

  13. Training Teachers in Special Needs Education in Tanzania: A Long ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This study examined the training of special education teachers in Tanzania. Specifically it aimed at providing in brief, the history and the challenges that Tanzania is facing in the training of special education teachers. Fifteen special education teachers, five females and ten males, were interviewed. The results showed that ...

  14. Guidelines for Becoming a Teacher Leader in Rural Special Education (United States)

    Collins, Belva C.; Leahy, Maria Marsella; Ault, Melinda Jones


    Special education teachers have a unique set of skills and opportunities to become leaders in the field of education. Some rural special education teachers, however, may not see themselves as potential leaders or believe they have opportunities to be leaders. This article provides guidelines for rural special education teachers to consider in…

  15. Special Education Teacher Preparation in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (United States)

    Keller, Clayton; Al-Hendawi, Maha; Abuelhassan, Hadeel


    The provision of special education for students with disabilities depends upon the availability of well-qualified special educators, which, in turn, depends upon the availability and characteristics of preparation programs. In countries of the world where special education systems are still developing the capacity to provide the education that…

  16. Specialized Search Engines: Alternatives to the Big Guys. (United States)

    King, David


    Discusses specialized search engines for information on specific topics on the Internet. Explains reasons for using specialized search engines; highlights search engines in the fields of health care, legal information, and multimedia formats; and provides Web sites that are helpful in finding other specialized search engines. (LRW)

  17. Dyslexic: Special Education and Research (United States)

    ... page please turn JavaScript on. Feature: Dyslexia Special Education and Research Past Issues / Winter 2016 Table of Contents Special ... a Common Learning Disability / What is Dyslexia? / Special Education and Research Winter 2016 Issue: Volume 10 Number 4 Page ...

  18. Inclusive Special Education: Development of a New Theory for the Education of Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (United States)

    Hornby, Garry


    Inclusive education and special education are based on different philosophies and provide alternative views of education for children with special educational needs and disabilities. They are increasingly regarded as diametrically opposed in their approaches. This article presents a theory of "inclusive special education" that comprises…

  19. The Special Value of Epistemic Self-Reliance


    Byerly, T.R.


    Philosophers have long held that epistemic self-reliance has a special value. But, this view has recently been challenged by prominent epistemologist Linda Zagzebski. Zagzebski argues that potential sources of support for the claim that epistemic self-reliance has a special value fail. Here I provide a novel defense of the special value of epistemic self-reliance. Self-reliance has a special value because it is required for attaining certain valuable cognitive achievements. Further, practicin...

  20. Linearizable special cases of the QAP


    Cela, Eranda; Deineko, Vladimir G.; Woeginger, Gerhard J.


    We consider special cases of the quadratic assignment problem (QAP) that are linearizable in the sense of Bookhold. We provide combinatorial characterizations of the linearizable instances of the weighted feedback arc set QAP, and of the linearizable instances of the traveling salesman QAP. As a by-product, this yields a new well-solvable special case of the weighted feedback arc set problem.\\ud

  1. Specialized Behavioral Therapies for Children with Special Needs. (United States)

    Timmer, Susan G; Urquiza, Anthony J


    This article describes common mental health problems in children and adolescents, and the types of specialized, evidence-based treatments that are most effective in treating these needs. The value of using an evidence-based treatment is now widely acknowledged, and the number of interventions with empirical support is increasing. This article provides an overview of the effects of trauma on developing children, with an emphasis on common maladaptive responses in infancy, toddlerhood, young childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. This is followed by descriptions of several well-researched interventions that have the greatest utility for each distinct phase of child development. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. EPA’s Role in Emergency Response - Special Teams (United States)

    The Environmental Response Team; Radiological Response Team; Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Consequence Management Advisory Division; and National Criminal Enforcement Response Team provide specialized support.

  3. Preferred provider organizations. (United States)

    Davy, J D


    The 1980s has marked the beginning of a new alternative health care delivery system: the preferred provider organization ( PPO ). This system has developed from the health maintenance organization model and is predominant in California and Colorado. A PPO is a group of providers, usually hospitals and doctors, who agree to provide health care to subscribers for a negotiated fee that is usually discounted. Preferred provider organizations are subject to peer review and strict use controls in exchange for a consistent volume of patients and speedy turnaround on claims payments. This article describes the factors leading to the development of PPOs and the implications for occupational therapy.

  4. 75 FR 57859 - Specially Adapted Housing and Special Home Adaptation (United States)


    ... AFFAIRS 38 CFR Part 3 RIN 2900-AN21 Specially Adapted Housing and Special Home Adaptation AGENCY... housing and special home adaptation grants. This final rule incorporates certain provisions from the... adapted housing (SAH) grants and special home adaptation (SHA) grants. The public comment period ended on...

  5. Editorial - special issue

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dorota Brzozowska


    Full Text Available The special issue of Styles of Communication is a volume inspired by the International Communication Styles Conference series held in Krosno, Poland, which turned out to be very successful, as it has drawn attention to the quickly developing discipline. The top scholars dealing with the intercultural communication and broadly understood communication styles take part in the meetings. The special plenary speakers of the first conference (in 2013 was Geert Hofstede and his co-author Michael Minkov. Very fruitful discussions resulted in the monograph written by multiple authors and entitled Culture’s Software: Communication Styles (edited by Dorota Brzozowska and Władysław Chłopicki (2015. The guest of the second Communication Styles conference held in 2015 was Charles Forceville. The present special issue contains selected papers collected among the participants of the conference.

  6. Building Service Provider Capabilities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brandl, Kristin; Jaura, Manya; Ørberg Jensen, Peter D.

    In this paper we study whether and how the interaction between clients and the service providers contributes to the development of capabilities in service provider firms. In situations where such a contribution occurs, we analyze how different types of activities in the production process...

  7. Providing free autopoweroff plugs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Carsten Lynge; Hansen, Lars Gårn; Fjordbak, Troels


    Experimental evidence of the effect of providing households with cheap energy saving technology is sparse. We present results from a field experiment in which autopoweroff plugs were provided free of charge to randomly selected households. We use propensity score matching to find treatment effects...

  8. What Do Employers Ask for in Advertisements for Special Education Positions? (United States)

    Stephenson, Jennifer; Carter, Mark


    Although qualified special educators are more likely to provide effective teaching for students with disabilities and special education needs, it seems many teachers in special education and support positions are not qualified for this role. The study reported here provided analysis of 219 job advertisements for special education positions in…

  9. Art is not special

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Skov, Martin; Nadal, Marcos


    The assumption that human cognition requires exceptional explanations holds strong in some domains of behavioral and brain sciences. Scientific aesthetics in general, and neuroaesthetics in particular, abound with claims for art-specific cognitive or neural processes. This assumption fosters...... a conceptual structure disconnected from other fields and biases the sort of processes to be studied. More generally, assuming that art is special is to cling to the idea that some aspect of our species' mental constitution makes us unique, special, and meaningful. This assumption continues to relegate...

  10. Neuroscience and Special Education. inForum (United States)

    Muller, Eve


    The purpose of this document is to provide a brief overview of how links are being developed between the rapidly expanding field of neuroscience and the practice of special education. The first part of the document introduces definitions and terminology, provides an overview of how findings from neuroscience are being applied to the field of…

  11. Forest Service special agents, assistant special agents in charge, senior special agents, and supervisory special agents report: nationwide study (United States)

    Deborah J. Chavez; Joanne F. Tynon


    This is the fourth in a series of studies to evaluate perceptions of U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service law enforcement personnel of the roles, responsibilities, and issues related to their jobs. An e-mail survey was administered to the 89 Forest Service special agents, assistant special agents in charge, senior special agents, and supervisory special agents...

  12. Special Needs Education

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Erna Kinsey

    Education White Paper 6: Special Needs. Education: Building an inclusive education and training system. Pretoria: Department of Education. Dyson A 2001. Varieties of inclusion. Paper presented to IV Jornadas. Cientificas de Invetigacion sobre Personas con Discapacidad. Salamanca, Spain. Dyson A, Bailey J, O'Brien P, ...

  13. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Jul 16, 2016 ... Since the creativity increases self-esteem, motivation and finallyachieving the success, it helps to therapists to treat mental disorders. Thinking Style. Thinking styles are the mental frameworks that describe how process of information and ability to solve the problem in the special situations. Generally, the ...

  14. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    10.4314/jfas.v8i3s.175. 1- INTRODUCTION. The fast growing usage of electronic services and emergence of different internet services in forms of websites or special devices for financial services and banking and also utilizing.

  15. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Sep 10, 2017 ... nel. The purpose of this paper is can be used by the Malaysian rugged tablet or any pervasive ations. The system is created to making when facing all ilitary operation location and of knowledge-based with SA on peacekeeping military system development; software. Research Article. Special Issue ...

  16. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    May 15, 2016 ... analysis, descriptive and inferential statistical methods (Pearson correlation coefficient, ... Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences. ISSN 1112-9867. Available online at Research Article. Special Issue ... institutionalized relationships among those with membership in a group.

  17. Special Interest Groups. (United States)

    Degi, Bruce J.


    Offers a reflection on the shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, on April 20, 1999. Notes how every special-interest group has used the tragedy to support its own point of view, and concludes that teachers have become bystanders in the education of America's children. (SR)

  18. Telecommunications in Special Education. (United States)

    Education Turnkey Systems, Inc., Falls Church, VA.

    One of four reports designed to assess the current state of new technologies, the document reviews the present and future 5-year status of telecommunication technologies in regular and special education. Briefly described are technological and economic aspects of videotex/teletext, subscription services, satellite broadcasting, cable television,…

  19. Creating Special Events (United States)

    deLisle, Lee


    "Creating Special Events" is organized as a systematic approach to festivals and events for students who seek a career in event management. This book looks at the evolution and history of festivals and events and proceeds to the nuts and bolts of event management. The book presents event management as the means of planning, organizing, directing,…

  20. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Nov 10, 2017 ... lower theta power, and vice versa. The executive functions of the brain; inclusive of cognitive abilities are performed by the prefrontal cortex. The left side is specialized for sequential and logic processes. Meanwhile, the right side of prefrontal cortex is more involved in emotion and social interaction.

  1. A Geometry of Specialization

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    J.F. François (Joseph); D. Nelson


    textabstractDivision of labor models have become a standard analytical tool, along with competitive general equilibrium models (Ricardian, HOS, Ricardo-Viner), in public finance, trade, growth, development, and macroeconomics. Yet unlike the earlier models, specialization models lack a canonical

  2. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Jul 16, 2016 ... Special Issue. Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences is licensed under a Creative Commons .... Literature review of researches done in and out of country ... In first part, the quality service variable is with components ... aspects of service quality based on the customers' expectations and impression.

  3. Handbook of Special Education (United States)

    Kauffman, James M., Ed.; Hallahan, Daniel P., Ed.


    Special education is now an established part of public education in the United States--by law and by custom. However, it is still widely misunderstood and continues to be dogged by controversies related to such things as categorization, grouping, assessment, placement, funding, instruction, and a variety of legal issues. The purpose of this…

  4. Final Design, Special Magnets

    CERN Document Server

    Borburgh, J; Fowler, A; Hourican, M; Metzmacher, K; Sermeus, L; CERN. Geneva. AB Department


    The final design review for the 5 different Septa and 5 different Bumper, Chopper and Kicker systems is given. The specifications for all items have been finalized and the parameters have been fixed and these are shown in two tables. The present status of each special magnet is reported on.

  5. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    May 15, 2016 ... (1996), special value of brand is a multi-dimensional concept including brand loyalty, brand awareness, perceived quality, brand associations and other brand assets. Brand loyalty. Aaker (1996) defines brand loyalty as a situation in which the customer goes to another brand when the brand is interpreted ...

  6. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    May 15, 2016 ... improve employee performance and organizational performance by using special factors and improving .... innovation in new methods and measure related to the process of identification and recruitment ... appearance of a product or service produced by the companies which process innovation refers to.

  7. Editorial Special Issue: Neuronus

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Lubbe, Robert Henricus Johannes; Kuniecki, Michal


    This special issue of the 12th volume of Advances in Cognitive Psychology is devoted to the Neuronus conference that took place in Kraków in 2015. In this editorial letter, we will focus on a selection of the materials and some follow-up research that was presented during this conference. We will

  8. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Oct 17, 2017 ... Lumpur, Malaysia. Terengganu, Malaysia for radio astronomical. CDA) coordinatedusing in the Peninsular of ilities with its appropriate resolved, divided into two using Analytical re determined. Therefore, thern part of Peninsular effective procedure for iteria decision analysis;. Research Article. Special Issue ...



    Mariana Coancă


    This paper deals with the presentation of the common language and the specialized one. We also highlighted the relations and the differences between them. The specialized language is a vector of specialized knowledge, but sometimes it contains units from the common language. The common language is unmarked and it is based on the daily non-specialized exchange. The specialized languages are different from the common languages, regarding their usage and the information they convey. The communic...

  10. Provider of Services File (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The POS file consists of two data files, one for CLIA labs and one for 18 other provider types. The file names are CLIA and OTHER. If downloading the file, note it...

  11. The Provident Principal. (United States)

    McCall, John R.

    This monograph offers leadership approaches for school principals. Discussion applies the business leadership theory of Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus to the role of the principal. Each of the booklet's three parts concludes with discussion questions. Part 1, "Visions and Values for the Provident Principal," demonstrates the importance of…

  12. What HERA may provide?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jung, Hannes [DESY, Hamburg (Germany); De Roeck, Albert [CERN, Genf (Switzerland); Bartles, Jochen [Univ. Hamburg (DE). Institut fuer Theoretische Physik II] (and others)


    More than 100 people participated in a discussion session at the DIS08 workshop on the topic What HERA may provide. A summary of the discussion with a structured outlook and list of desirable measurements and theory calculations is given. (orig.)

  13. care Providers in Ibadan

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Three hundred and eighty six respondents (77.7%) were aware of intermittent preventive treatment (IPT). Awareness ... Key Words: malaria in pregnancy, intermittent preventive treatment, malaria control, health care providers. Department of Obstetrics .... Auxiliary nurses do not have formal training prior to employment.

  14. Special relativity a heuristic approach

    CERN Document Server

    Hassani, Sadri


    Special Relativity: A Heuristic Approach provides a qualitative exposition of relativity theory on the basis of the constancy of the speed of light. Using Einstein's signal velocity as the defining idea for the notion of simultaneity and the fact that the speed of light is independent of the motion of its source, chapters delve into a qualitative exposition of the relativity of time and length, discuss the time dilation formula using the standard light clock, explore the Minkowski four-dimensional space-time distance based on how the time dilation formula is derived, and define the components of the two-dimensional space-time velocity, amongst other topics. Provides a heuristic derivation of the Minkowski distance formula Uses relativistic photography to see Lorentz transformation and vector algebra manipulation in action Includes worked examples to elucidate and complement the topic being discussed Written in a very accessible style

  15. Internet Medline providers. (United States)

    Vine, D L; Coady, T R


    Each database in this review has features that will appeal to some users. Each provides a credible interface to information available within the Medline database. The major differences are pricing and interface design. In this context, features that cost more and might seem trivial to the occasional searcher may actually save time and money when used by the professional. Internet Grateful Med is free, but Ms. Coady and I agree the availability of only three ANDable search fields is a major functional limitation. PubMed is also free but much more powerful. The command line interface that permits very sophisticated searches requires a commitment that casual users will find intimidating. Ms. Coady did not believe the feedback currently provided during a search was sufficient for sustained professional use. Paper Chase and Knowledge Finder are mature, modestly priced Medline search services. Paper Chase provides a menu-driven interface that is very easy to use, yet permits the user to search virtually all of Medline's data fields. Knowledge Finder emphasizes the use of natural language queries but fully supports more traditional search strategies. The impact of the tradeoff between fuzzy and Boolean strategies offered by Knowledge Finder is unclear and beyond the scope of this review. Additional software must be downloaded to use all of Knowledge Finders' features. Other providers required no software beyond the basic Internet browser, and this requirement prevented Ms. Coady from evaluating Knowledge Finder. Ovid and Silver Platter offer well-designed interfaces that simplify the construction of complex queries. These are clearly services designed for professional users. While pricing eliminates these for casual use, it should be emphasized that Medline citation access is only a portion of the service provided by these high-end vendors. Finally, we should comment that each of the vendors and government-sponsored services provided prompt and useful feedback to e

  16. Guidelines for Serving Students with Special Health Care Needs. (United States)

    Utah State Office of Education, Salt Lake City.

    This document provides guidance to parents, educators, and health care providers in serving Utah students with special health care needs. An introduction defines special health care needs, outlines legal responsibilities, and notes the importance of transagency collaboration. Guidelines are then offered for the identification and placement…

  17. Single-Subject Designs in Special Education: Advantages and Limitations (United States)

    Alnahdi, Ghaleb H.


    Single-subject designs provide the special education field with an alternative to group designs. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the topic of single-subject designs by providing an overview of the relevant literature and a discussion of the major issues and applications of these designs in the field of special education. This paper is…

  18. 77 FR 22671 - Defense Support to Special Events (United States)


    ...) Provide other support of special events as directed. (i) The CJCS shall: (1) Provide planning guidance to.... (2) Planning. (i) The direction and focus of DoD special-event planning will depend on the nature of... event based upon a service-connected disability. (vi) Planning for DoD support to the Olympics and...

  19. Special Education and ICTs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Athanasios Drigas


    Full Text Available Recent development in special education includes the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs to assist students during their lifetime. ICT is now also recognized as a tool which ensures access to knowledge and learning resources. In this paper we present an overview of the most representative studies of the last decade (2001-2010 which deal with the two important issues in the field of special education, diagnosis and intervention. One important advantage of these tools is that they can be employed by teachers and parents as well, to adapt education to the needs and abilities of pupils. The studies chosen will be classified according to the areas of needs they serve.

  20. Specialization, outsourcing and wages

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Munch, Jakob Roland; Skaksen, Jan Rose


    This paper studies the impact of outsourcing on individual wages. In contrast to the standard approach in the literature, we focus on domestic outsourcing as well as foreign outsourcing. We argue that if outsourcing is associated with specialization gains arising from an increase in the division ...... of labor, domestic outsourcing tends to increase wages for both unskilled and skilled labor. We use a panel data set of workers in Danish manufacturing industries to show that domestic and foreign outsourcing affect wages as predicted.......This paper studies the impact of outsourcing on individual wages. In contrast to the standard approach in the literature, we focus on domestic outsourcing as well as foreign outsourcing. We argue that if outsourcing is associated with specialization gains arising from an increase in the division...

  1. Providing plastic zone extrusion (United States)

    Manchiraju, Venkata Kiran; Feng, Zhili; David, Stan A.; Yu, Zhenzhen


    Plastic zone extrusion may be provided. First, a compressor may generate frictional heat in stock to place the stock in a plastic zone of the stock. Then, a conveyer may receive the stock in its plastic zone from the compressor and transport the stock in its plastic zone from the compressor. Next, a die may receive the stock in its plastic zone from the conveyer and extrude the stock to form a wire.

  2. Special issue: 'Lie Computations'

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gérard Jacob


    Full Text Available This special issue is an outgrowth of the MEDICIS thematic workshop on Lie Computations that was held at the Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques in Marseilles in November 1994. It was jointly sponsored by the Groupe de Recherche MEDICIS, the CIRM (Société Mathématique de France, and the European project INTAS 93-30.

  3. Design Review, Special Magnets

    CERN Document Server

    Borburgh, J; Fowler, A; Hourican, M; Metzmacher, K; Sermeus, L; CERN. Geneva. AB Department


    The status of the design review for the 5 different Septa and 5 different Bumper, Chopper and Kicker systems is given. The specifications for all items have been reviewed and the parameters have been fixed and these are shown in five tables. In some cases the operational requirements are not completely fixed and optional pulsed power supplies are proposed to cope with most situations. The present status of each special magnet is reported on.

  4. The Special Purpose Vehicle

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fomcenco, Alex


    The purpose of this article is to investigate whether the situation where two companies appear as originators or sponsors behind a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) can be described as a merger, although on micro scale. Are the underlying grounds behind the creation of an SPV much different than thos...... in a merger situation? What is actually happening when two enterprises originate an SPV? And what distinguishes an SPV from a joint venture, or is it the same thing?...

  5. Does Specialization Explain Marriage Penalties and Premiums? (United States)

    Killewald, Alexandra; Gough, Margaret


    Married men’s wage premium is often attributed to within-household specialization: men can devote more effort to wage-earning when their wives assume responsibility for household labor. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of the specialization hypothesis, arguing that, if specialization causes the male marriage premium, married women should experience wage losses. Furthermore, specialization by married parents should augment the motherhood penalty and the fatherhood premium for married as compared to unmarried parents. Using fixed-effects models and data from the NLSY79, we estimate within-gender differences in wages according to marital status and between-gender differences in the associations between marital status and wages. We then test whether specialization on time use, job traits, and tenure accounts for the observed associations. Results for women do not support the specialization hypothesis. Childless men and women both receive a marriage premium. Marriage augments the fatherhood premium but not the motherhood penalty. Changes in own and spousal employment hours, job traits, and tenure appear to benefit both married men and women, although men benefit more. Marriage changes men’s labor market behavior in ways that augment wages, but these changes do not appear to occur at the expense of women’s wages. PMID:24039271

  6. Does Specialization Explain Marriage Penalties and Premiums? (United States)

    Killewald, Alexandra; Gough, Margaret


    Married men's wage premium is often attributed to within-household specialization: men can devote more effort to wage-earning when their wives assume responsibility for household labor. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of the specialization hypothesis, arguing that, if specialization causes the male marriage premium, married women should experience wage losses. Furthermore, specialization by married parents should augment the motherhood penalty and the fatherhood premium for married as compared to unmarried parents. Using fixed-effects models and data from the NLSY79, we estimate within-gender differences in wages according to marital status and between-gender differences in the associations between marital status and wages. We then test whether specialization on time use, job traits, and tenure accounts for the observed associations. Results for women do not support the specialization hypothesis. Childless men and women both receive a marriage premium. Marriage augments the fatherhood premium but not the motherhood penalty. Changes in own and spousal employment hours, job traits, and tenure appear to benefit both married men and women, although men benefit more. Marriage changes men's labor market behavior in ways that augment wages, but these changes do not appear to occur at the expense of women's wages.

  7. Providing Compassion through Flow

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lydia Royeen


    Full Text Available Meg Kral, MS, OTR/L, CLT, is the cover artist for the Summer 2015 issue of The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy. Her untitled piece of art is an oil painting and is a re-creation of a photograph taken while on vacation. Meg is currently supervisor of outpatient services at Rush University Medical Center. She is lymphedema certified and has a specific interest in breast cancer lymphedema. Art and occupational therapy serve similar purposes for Meg: both provide a sense of flow. She values the outcomes, whether it is a piece of art or improved functional status

  8. Providing Contraception to Adolescents. (United States)

    Raidoo, Shandhini; Kaneshiro, Bliss


    Adolescents have high rates of unintended pregnancy and face unique reproductive health challenges. Providing confidential contraceptive services to adolescents is important in reducing the rate of unintended pregnancy. Long-acting contraception such as the intrauterine device and contraceptive implant are recommended as first-line contraceptives for adolescents because they are highly effective with few side effects. The use of barrier methods to prevent sexually transmitted infections should be encouraged. Adolescents have limited knowledge of reproductive health and contraceptive options, and their sources of information are often unreliable. Access to contraception is available through a variety of resources that continue to expand. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. Ysla S. Catalina & Providence


    Diazgranados, Carlos Nicolás; Torres Carreño, Guillermo Andrés; Castell, Edmon; Moreno, Santiago; Ramirez, Natalia


    Esta Hoja de Mano pertenece a la exposición temporal "Ysla S. Catalina & Providence". Contiene un resumen histórico de las Islas de Santa Catalina y Providencia en los idiomas inglés y español y un mapa del siglo VI que lo hace más didáctico apoyado por figuras recortables. Esta muestra hace parte del proyecto IDA y VUELTA del Sistema de Patrimonio Cultural y Museos SPM que gestiona la descentralización del patrimonio cultural de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia a otras ciudades del pa...

  10. Special care dentistry for general dental practice. (United States)

    Greig, Vicki; Sweeney, Petrina


    Although special care dentistry (SCD) is a fairly recent specialty, the principles and practice of SCD have been developed since the 1980s. Shared care of these patients with general dental practitioners remains vital to ensure that comprehensive care is provided. This article aims to discuss some of the patient groups commonly seen in SCD clinics and give an insight into the varied complex medical and social aspects of care which are managed as part of providing appropriate, safe and holistic care. Many patients who currently fall under the remit of special care dentistry could be treated safely in general dental practice. This article acts as an introduction to special care dentistry for general dental practitioners.

  11. Pedagogical tools in providing inclusive active learning process


    Tupitsa, E.


    In the publication it is described pedagogical tools while providing inclusive active learning process of children with special educational needs; it is defined the key characteristics of the teacher as mediator; it is determined the main hints of cooperative learning

  12. Insulin therapy in special conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    León E Litwak


    Full Text Available Hyperglycemia during hospitalization is a common condition associated with poor prognosis. To date, insulin is the best strategy to treat hyperglycemia in these patients. An adequate glycemic control is associated with better clinical results. Nevertheless, glycemic goals are still controversial due to the increase of hypoglycemia and other adverse events. Diabetes mellitus is still the main cause of chronic renal failure in our country and its treatment deserves a special analysis considering that insulin pharmacokinetics is altered. Recommendations in this setting are based in expert panel opinions, focusing mainly in intermediate or long acting insulins combined with regular insulin and/or rapid acting analogues. During pregnancy, NPH and regular insulin are safe and effective. It is worth mentioning that the development of new long and rapid acting molecules yielded lower glycemic variability, better post-prandial control and less hypoglycemia. The aim of this study is to provide a review of the proper use of insulin in these special conditions.

  13. Education of nursing students with special needs. (United States)

    Magilvy, J K; Mitchell, A C


    Recent legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act will have a significant impact on higher education in nursing. A survey was conducted to describe the extent to which BSN and ADN nursing programs in the United States admit and graduate special needs and chronically ill students, and to identify the accommodations which have been successful in providing nursing education to these students. Responses received from 86 schools of nursing in 44 states indicated that most schools have had contact with students with special needs such as visual, hearing, or mobility impairments, learning disabilities, and mental or chronic illnesses. Learning disabilities and mental impairment were cited most frequently as having been present among the student population. Few programs have had experience with students with vision problems. While most programs responding had little experience with providing special accommodations to special needs students, most were aware of accessibility on their campuses. Recent legislation aimed at creating opportunities for disabled individuals to successfully enter the work force creates challenges for schools of nursing in education of students with special needs. Issues are raised that must be addressed to meet this important challenge.

  14. Systems special investigation group (United States)


    An interim report concerning the Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF) is presented by a Boeing Systems special investigation group (SIG). The SIG activities were divided into five engineering disciplines: electrical, mechanical, optics, thermal, and batteries/solar cells. The responsibilities of the SIG included the following areas: support de-integration at Kennedy Space Center (KSC); testing of hardware at Boeing; review of principal investigator (PI) test plans and test results; support of test activities at PI labs; and collation of all test results into the SIG database.

  15. Specialization, Outsourcing and Wages

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Munch, Jakob Roland; Rose Skaksen, Jan


    arising from an increase in the extent of the market for intermediate goods, domestic outsourcing tends to increase wages for both unskilled and skilled labor. We use a panel data set of workers in Danish manufacturing industries to show that domestic and foreign outsurcing affect wages as predicted......This paper studies the impact of outsourcing on individual wages. In contrast to the standard approach in the literature, we focus on domestic outsourcing as well as foreign outsourcing. By using a simple theoretical model, we argue that, if outsourcing is associated with specialization gains...

  16. Specialized minimal PDFs for optimized LHC calculations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Carrazza, Stefano; Forte, Stefano; Kassabov, Zahari; Rojo, Juan


    We present a methodology for the construction of parton distribution functions (PDFs) designed to provide an accurate representation of PDF uncertainties for specific processes or classes of processes with a minimal number of PDF error sets: specialized minimal PDF sets, or SM-PDFs. We construct

  17. 34 CFR 675.41 - Special definitions. (United States)


    ... institutionally organized or approved study abroad or externship program; and (4) Provides students participating..., DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION FEDERAL WORK-STUDY PROGRAMS Work-Colleges Program § 675.41 Special definitions. The... resident students, including at least one-half of all students who are enrolled on a full-time basis, to...

  18. 40 CFR 432.21 - Special definitions. (United States)


    ... STANDARDS MEAT AND POULTRY PRODUCTS POINT SOURCE CATEGORY Complex Slaughterhouses § 432.21 Special definitions. For the purpose of this subpart: Complex slaughterhouse means a slaughterhouse that provides extensive processing of the by-products of meat slaughtering. A complex slaughterhouse would usually include...

  19. 40 CFR 432.11 - Special definitions. (United States)


    ... STANDARDS MEAT AND POULTRY PRODUCTS POINT SOURCE CATEGORY Simple Slaughterhouses § 432.11 Special definitions. For the purpose of this subpart: Simple slaughterhouse means a slaughterhouse that provides only minimal, if any, processing of the by-products of meat slaughtering. A simple slaughterhouse would include...

  20. 40 CFR 415.61 - Specialized definitions. (United States)


    ... STANDARDS INORGANIC CHEMICALS MANUFACTURING POINT SOURCE CATEGORY Chlor-alkali Subcategory (Chlorine and Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide Production) § 415.61 Specialized definitions. For the purpose of this subpart: (a) Except as provided below, the general definitions, abbreviations and methods of analysis set...

  1. Introduction: Special issue on Global Lesbian Cinema. (United States)

    Farr, Daniel


    This article offers a brief introduction to this special issue on Global Lesbian Cinema. This issue particularly highlights the importance of recognizing lesbian discourse as a separate, related piece of the discourse of queer transnational and global cinema. Subsequently, brief summaries of the eight articles of this collection are provided.

  2. Many general language dictionaries contain specialized terms

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Abstract: Many general language dictionaries contain specialized terms, including legal terms relating to civil lawsuits. The existing literature provides general discussions of scientific and tech- nical terms in ordinary dictionaries but does not specifically address the inclusion of legal terms. This study examines four general ...

  3. What's so special about chicken immunology? (United States)

    What’s so special about chickens? Firstly, chickens are not only an invaluable model for studying immunology, they also provide the world’s main source of meat and will be a key protein source needed to feed the growing human population into the future. Poultry meat production is highly efficient ...

  4. Montessori Special Education and Nature's Playground (United States)

    Vaz, Nimal


    Nimal Vaz takes us to the essentials of Montessori as an aid to life for all children, particularly children with special needs. She challenges teachers to truly provide experiences in nature: observing anthills, identifying bird nests, or taking an olfactory walk with a legally blind classmate. Finally, she demonstrates how a child's interest in…

  5. Special Operations Officer Talent Management (United States)


    control party [ TACP ] units), and aviation foreign intelligence defense (FID) units; 4) U.S. Marine Corps - Marine SO battalions which can be task...force assistance SO special operations SOF special operations forces SR special reconnaissance TACP tactical air control party TJAG The

  6. Replication Research and Special Education (United States)

    Travers, Jason C.; Cook, Bryan G.; Therrien, William J.; Coyne, Michael D.


    Replicating previously reported empirical research is a necessary aspect of an evidence-based field of special education, but little formal investigation into the prevalence of replication research in the special education research literature has been conducted. Various factors may explain the lack of attention to replication of special education…

  7. Virtual Reality and Special Needs (United States)

    Jeffs, Tara L.


    The use of virtual environments for special needs is as diverse as the field of Special Education itself and the individuals it serves. Individuals with special needs often face challenges with attention, language, spatial abilities, memory, higher reasoning and knowledge acquisition. Research in the use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)…

  8. What HERA May Provide?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jung, Hannes; /DESY; De Roeck, Albert; /CERN; Bartels, Jochen; /Hamburg U., Inst. Theor. Phys. II; Behnke, Olaf; Blumlein, Johannes; /DESY; Brodsky, Stanley; /SLAC /Durham U., IPPP; Cooper-Sarkar, Amanda; /Oxford U.; Deak, Michal; /DESY; Devenish, Robin; /Oxford U.; Diehl, Markus; /DESY; Gehrmann, Thomas; /Zurich U.; Grindhammer, Guenter; /Munich, Max Planck Inst.; Gustafson, Gosta; /CERN /Lund U., Dept. Theor. Phys.; Khoze, Valery; /Durham U., IPPP; Knutsson, Albert; /DESY; Klein, Max; /Liverpool U.; Krauss, Frank; /Durham U., IPPP; Kutak, Krzysztof; /DESY; Laenen, Eric; /NIKHEF, Amsterdam; Lonnblad, Leif; /Lund U., Dept. Theor. Phys.; Motyka, Leszek; /Hamburg U., Inst. Theor. Phys. II /Birmingham U. /Southern Methodist U. /DESY /Piemonte Orientale U., Novara /CERN /Paris, LPTHE /Hamburg U. /Penn State U.


    More than 100 people participated in a discussion session at the DIS08 workshop on the topic What HERA may provide. A summary of the discussion with a structured outlook and list of desirable measurements and theory calculations is given. The HERA accelerator and the HERA experiments H1, HERMES and ZEUS stopped running in the end of June 2007. This was after 15 years of very successful operation since the first collisions in 1992. A total luminosity of {approx} 500 pb{sup -1} has been accumulated by each of the collider experiments H1 and ZEUS. During the years the increasingly better understood and upgraded detectors and HERA accelerator have contributed significantly to this success. The physics program remains in full swing and plenty of new results were presented at DIS08 which are approaching the anticipated final precision, fulfilling and exceeding the physics plans and the previsions of the upgrade program. Most of the analyses presented at DIS08 were still based on the so called HERA I data sample, i.e. data taken until 2000, before the shutdown for the luminosity upgrade. This sample has an integrated luminosity of {approx} 100 pb{sup -1}, and the four times larger statistics sample from HERA II is still in the process of being analyzed.

  9. Spine concerns in the Special Olympian with Down syndrome. (United States)

    Tassone, James Channing; Duey-Holtz, Allison


    As with any child participating in sports, the safety of The Special Olympian participating in athletics is paramount. The preparticipation medical clearance is necessary to ensure these athletes' safety. In response to evidence that 15% of all individuals with Down syndrome have atlanto-occipital and/or atlanto-axial instability or subluxation, the Special Olympics Inc have additionally mandated preparticipation spine clearance for all individuals with Down syndrome. Spine clearance for the Special Olympian is challenging for the healthcare provider. In addition, controversy has arisen surrounding The Special Olympics Inc policy statement. The purposes of this article are to provide healthcare providers with a review of atlanto-occipital and atlanto-axial instability and subluxation, review spine clearance guidelines, discuss the details and controversy surrounding The Special Olympics Inc mandate, and provide recommendations on how to improve screening and ensure safety of the participants based on the current medical literature.

  10. Appeals in Special Adminisrtative Domains

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vuk CUCIĆ


    Full Text Available This paper is preceded by another work on the administrative appeal in Serbian law, as prescribed by General Administrative Proceeding Act. It builds upon that by describing and analyzing the most often modifications made to the general regime of the administrative appeal in various policy areas. It furthermore depicts special administrative control mechanisms, different from the administrative appeal, that exist in the fields of public procurement, education and broadcasting. These two articles should conclude the normative analysis of the system of administrative appeal and its counterpart administrative recourses. Normative analysis should further allow empirical research of the efficiency thereof and enable drawing of conclusions on respective features of the appellate proceeding that provide the best results in protection of the legality and private and public interests.

  11. With this Special Edition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oscar Antonio Martínez Molina


    Full Text Available With this Special Edition, the refereed Scientific Magazine, published in February 2017, presents a nourished and multidisciplinary theme, from the relationship of Environmental Education, in this ecological sharing man-environment; the social responsibility from the Management environment and the motivational values ​​conducive to the teaching performance in the different educational levels. Twenty-five (25 articles, generated from research production in university environments at the International level, are a signature of the quality of articles / essays presented in this Special Edition. Several reasons motivate the literary pen of our authors, adjusting to the rhythm of the times and the use of new technologies; and in correspondence with the care of the environment, this way of disseminating and making visible the scientific contents of humanistic and social court, support the care and protection of the forests, being an online production, in the Cloud. Thanks to the support of the Instituto Internacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico Educativo INDTEC, CA, Scientific Magazine has been able to develop from the cooperative work of the people who compose its different committees: Editorial Academic Committee, Academic Scientific Committee and the Arbitrators in the review and valuation of the quality of the articles. With these assets, the Scientific Magazine, opening to the general public and especially to the academic new intellectual horizons.

  12. JFDE Special ICAE 2015

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tillmann Klein


    Full Text Available We are proud to announce that the Journal of Facade Design and Engineering is becoming a firm partner for the distribution of scientific knowledge of the ICAE International Congress on Architectural Envelopes, organised by Tecnalia San Sebastian. Tecnalia is one of the founding members of the European Facade Network EFN, and this partnership supports the development of JFDE with regards to the discipline of facade design and engineering. This issue of JFDE is dedicated to ICAE 2015, the VIIth edition of the congress. The contributions have been carefully selected from 32 abstracts, submitted to the scientific section of the conference. Subsequently the finished papers have been subjected to the regular blind review process of the journal. At this point, we want to thank our special editors Julen Astudillo and Jose Antonio Chica for their effort to make this partnership happen. The paper contributions show an interesting selection of approaches to innovative materials, form finding, simulation and climatic concepts. This demonstrates the special character of the discipline we are working in, bridging research, design and practice. Facade Design and Engineering is a peer reviewed, open access journal, funded by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO ( We see ‘open access’ as the future publishing model. But it certainly requires new financial models which we will have to explore over the coming years.

  13. Health Professionals Special Pays Study: Report to Congress on Armed Forces Health Professionals Special Pays -- Other Health Care Providers (United States)


    their initial obligation. Level of Autonomy and Substitutabiity A podiatrist shares the privilege with the Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Osteopathy ...needs. Nineteenth century cooking schools and "diet kitchens" for feeding the sick were prewar precursors to the profession. Over 1,600 dietitians

  14. Health Professionals Special Pays Study: Report to Congress on Armed Forces Health Professionals Special Pays -- Other Health Care Providers

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Murphy, James F; Ogloblin, Peter; Mirick, Steven C; Buxton, Richard; Sevier, David M; McKelvy, Marcia; Rubino, Frank


    ... within the military health care system: dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, pharmacy, clinical psychology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, audiology, speech pathology, podiatry, social work, dietetics, and physician assistant...

  15. Cuidado de Ninos con Necesidades Especiales en el Hogar: Manual de Estrategias y Actividades para Proveedores que Cuidan Ninos en Sus Hogares (Children with Special Needs in Family Day Care Homes: A Handbook of Approaches and Activities for Family Day Care Home Providers). (United States)

    de la Brosse, Beatrice

    Practical information and sample teaching activities for child caregivers who work with young developmentally disabled children in family day care settings are provided in this manual. Each chapter shares a typical experience a caregiver may have with a particular child. Chapter 1 focuses on getting to know a new child, initial expectations, and…

  16. What makes faces special? (United States)

    Yue, Xiaomin; Tjan, Bosco S.; Biederman, Irving


    What may be special about faces, compared to non-face objects, is that their neural representation may be fundamentally spatial, e.g., Gabor-like. Subjects matched a sequence of two filtered images, each containing every other combination of spatial frequency and orientation, of faces or non-face 3D blobs, judging whether the person or blob was the same or different. On a match trial, the images were either identical or complementary (containing the remaining spatial frequency and orientation content). Relative to an identical pair of images, a complementary pair of faces, but not blobs, reduced matching accuracy and released fMRI adaptation in the fusiform face area. PMID:16938328

  17. Special grand unification (United States)

    Yamatsu, Naoki


    We discuss new-type grand unified theories based on grand unified groups broken into their special subgroups, as well as their regular subgroups. In the framework, when we construct 4-dimensional (4D) chiral gauge theories, i.e., the Standard Model (SM), 4D gauge anomaly cancelation restricts the minimal number of generations of the 4D SM Weyl fermions. We show that in a 6-dimensional (6D) SU(16) gauge theory on M^4× T^2/\\mathbb{Z}_2, one generation of the SM fermions can be embedded into a 6D bulk Weyl fermion. For the model including 3 chiral generations of the SM fermions, the 6D and 4D gauge anomalies on the bulk and fixed points are canceled out without exotic 4D chiral fermions.

  18. Special Observance Planning Guide (United States)


    Appendix B Simple Timetable ……...……………………………………………………………..…. B – 2 Extensive Timetable …………………………………………………………………….. B – 3 Project Officer Planning... timetables , and other documents that can be tailored for use in developing a special observance event. What is the Observance Theme? The...milestones, and timetables can be found in this guide and can be tailored for unit use. • Funding – Adequate funding is critical. Without it

  19. Differential Control of Ethylene Responses by GREEN-RIPE and GREEN-RIPE LIKE1 Provides Evidence for Distinct Ethylene Signaling Modules in Tomato1[W][OA (United States)

    Ma, Qian; Du, Wenyan; Brandizzi, Federica; Giovannoni, James J.; Barry, Cornelius S.


    The factors that mediate specific responses to the plant hormone ethylene are not fully defined. In particular, it is not known how signaling at the receptor complex can control distinct subsets of ethylene responses. Mutations at the Green-ripe (Gr) and reversion to ethylene sensitivity1 (rte1) loci, which encode homologous proteins of unknown function, influence ethylene responses in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) and Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana), respectively. In Arabidopsis, AtRTE1 is required for function of the ETR1 ethylene receptor and acts predominantly through this receptor via direct protein-protein interaction. While most eudicot families including the Brassicaceae possess a single gene that is closely related to AtRTE1, we report that members of the Solanaceae family contain two phylogenetically distinct genes defined by GR and GREEN-RIPE LIKE1 (GRL1), creating the possibility of subfunctionalization. We also show that SlGR and SlGRL1 are differentially expressed in tomato tissues and encode proteins predominantly localized to the Golgi. A combination of overexpression in tomato and complementation of the rte1-3 mutant allele indicates that SlGR and SlGRL1 influence distinct but overlapping ethylene responses. Overexpression of SlGRL1 in the Gr mutant background provides evidence for the existence of different ethylene signaling modules in tomato that are influenced by GR, GRL1, or both. In addition, overexpression of AtRTE1 in tomato leads to reduced ethylene responsiveness in a subset of tissues but does not mimic the Gr mutant phenotype. Together, these data reveal species-specific heterogeneity in the control of ethylene responses mediated by members of the GR/RTE1 family. PMID:23043080

  20. Extensive IT outsourcing: advice from providers. (United States)

    Smith, Mike; Whiting, Stacilee


    In summary, providers are reporting some benefits related to resources and knowledge, improved service levels/performance and stronger IT staff/leadership. Also, on average, providers are reporting satisfactory experiences with application support and CIO outsourcing. However, not all of their expectations are being met, and some providers have discontinued outsourcing due to unmet expectations. Clearly, outsourcing is an option one must research in depth--it is not for everyone. When one evaluates the results of extensive IT outsourcing, it becomes easier to see what outsourcing mix and firm may be a good match for your organization's needs and expected outcomes. As you decide upon the outsourcing mix and firm that is right for you, providers advise you to pay special attention to contractual arrangements. With adequate research and contractual provisions, organizations can find the outsourcing mix that is right for them.

  1. Sports Specialization in Young Athletes (United States)

    Jayanthi, Neeru; Pinkham, Courtney; Dugas, Lara; Patrick, Brittany; LaBella, Cynthia


    Context: Sports specialization is intense training in 1 sport while excluding others. Sports specialization in early to middle childhood has become increasingly common. While most experts agree that some degree of sports specialization is necessary to achieve elite levels, there is some debate as to whether such intense practice time must begin during early childhood and to the exclusion of other sports to maximize potential for success. There is a concern that sports specialization before adolescence may be deleterious to a young athlete. Evidence Acquisition: PubMed and OVID were searched for English-language articles from 1990 to 2011 discussing sports specialization, expert athletes, or elite versus novice athletes, including original research articles, consensus opinions, and position statements. Results: For most sports, there is no evidence that intense training and specialization before puberty are necessary to achieve elite status. Risks of early sports specialization include higher rates of injury, increased psychological stress, and quitting sports at a young age. Sports specialization occurs along a continuum. Survey tools are being developed to identify where athletes fall along the spectrum of specialization. Conclusion: Some degree of sports specialization is necessary to develop elite-level skill development. However, for most sports, such intense training in a single sport to the exclusion of others should be delayed until late adolescence to optimize success while minimizing injury, psychological stress, and burnout. PMID:24427397

  2. Special Education in the Americas: Contrasts, Needs, and Possible Solutions. (United States)

    Perelman, Phyllis F.

    The author describes differences in the number and quality of special education programs available in Latin America and suggests directions for improved delivery of special education services. The relatively high level of services provided in Costa Rica are contrasted with the minimal services available in Honduras. The training-based model in…

  3. Special Educators and Mathematics Phobia: An Initial Qualitative Investigation (United States)

    Humphrey, Michael; Hourcade, Jack J.


    Special educators are uniquely challenged to be content experts in all curricular areas, including mathematics, because students in their caseloads may require academic instruction in any area. However, special educators with math phobia may be limited in their ability to provide effective instruction to their students with mathematical deficits…

  4. Teachers' Perceptions of Greek Special Education Policies and Practices (United States)

    Miller, Kevin J.; Morfidi, Eleni; Soulis, Spyros


    Special education teachers and related service providers were interviewed for their perspectives on Greek special education policies and practices and how these influenced their job preparation and duties. Specifically, they were asked about the impact of the following on their jobs: Greek law related to the education of students with…

  5. 38 CFR 61.40 - Special needs grants-general. (United States)


    ... 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Special needs grants-general. 61.40 Section 61.40 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS (CONTINUED) VA HOMELESS PROVIDERS GRANT AND PER DIEM PROGRAM § 61.40 Special needs grants—general. (a) VA...

  6. 38 CFR 61.41 - Special needs grants application. (United States)


    ... 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Special needs grants application. 61.41 Section 61.41 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS (CONTINUED) VA HOMELESS PROVIDERS GRANT AND PER DIEM PROGRAM § 61.41 Special needs grants application. (a) To...

  7. 38 CFR 61.44 - Awarding special needs grants. (United States)


    ... 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Awarding special needs grants. 61.44 Section 61.44 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS (CONTINUED) VA HOMELESS PROVIDERS GRANT AND PER DIEM PROGRAM § 61.44 Awarding special needs grants. (a...

  8. Engaging Students Regarding Special Needs in Technology and Engineering Education (United States)

    White, David W.


    In 1984, James Buffer and Michael Scott produced the book "Special Needs Guide for Technology Education" (Buffer and Scott, 1984). This was a pivotal offering insofar as it set the stage for technology education educators, at the time, to think about and be provided with information regarding students with special needs in their…

  9. Modelling inclusive special needs education : Insights from Dutch secondary schools

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van der Bij, T.; Geijsel, F.P.; Garst, G.J.A.; Ten Dam, G.T.M.


    Inclusive special needs education is prominent on the international education agenda. Research on the characteristics of inclusive education for students with special needs and schools providing this is scarce, however. Our aim in the present study was therefore to further theory-building with

  10. Special Education Voucher Programs, Reflective Judgment, and Future Legislative Recommendations (United States)

    Bon, Susan C.; Decker, Janet R.; Strassfeld, Natasha


    As of 2015, 17 special education voucher programs (SVPs) existed in 13 states and proposals continue to emerge. Eligible parents utilize these vouchers to enroll their children in private schools and thereby relinquish special education services and protections provided under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Using a…

  11. 7 CFR 920.54 - Special purpose shipments. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 8 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Special purpose shipments. 920.54 Section 920.54 Agriculture Regulations of the Department of Agriculture (Continued) AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SERVICE (Marketing... Regulations § 920.54 Special purpose shipments. (a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, any person...

  12. Is there a map between Galilean relativity and special relativity?


    Shariati, Ahmad; Jafari, N.


    Mandanici has provided a map which he claims to be a two way map between Galilean relativity and special relativity. We argue that this map is simply a curvilinear coordinate system on a subset of the two-dimensional Minkowski space-time, and is not a two way map between 1+1 dimensional Galilean relativity and 1+1 dimensional special relativity.

  13. 14 CFR 121.402 - Training program: Special rules. (United States)


    ... subpart to provide flight training, testing, and checking under contract or other arrangement to those... 14 Aeronautics and Space 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Training program: Special rules. 121.402... REQUIREMENTS: DOMESTIC, FLAG, AND SUPPLEMENTAL OPERATIONS Training Program § 121.402 Training program: Special...

  14. 19 CFR 148.84 - Special treatment for returning individuals. (United States)


    ... and International Organizations and Special Treatment for Returning Individuals § 148.84 Special treatment for returning individuals. (a) Except as otherwise provided by law, an individual returning to the... imported as an accommodation to others or for sale or other commercial use. ...

  15. [Mathematics - astronomy - astrology special library]. (United States)

    Gluch, Sibylle


    About 1560 Elector August of Saxony created an unusual library--one distinguished within its period by both its specialization and location. Situated within the Kunstkammer this library was mostly dedicated to the mathematical sciences and related disciplines. It contained works by the most important authors on mathematics, astronomy, and astrology from the classical, medieval, and early modern periods. This essay traces the formation and composition of August's library, and examines its function: What kind of relationship existed between the library and the Kunstkammer? In what way did the library mirror the interests of the Elector, and to what extend does it permit inferences regarding the Elector's knowledge of mathematics? From the analysis August emerges not as a specialist with a deep understanding of mathematics, but as a particular aficionado of mathematical applications. As a practitioner and general follower of the mathematical arts he took part in a far-reaching intellectual network the center of which lay in the University of Wittenberg. Here, Melanchthon had effectively strengthened the importance of the mathematical disciplines within the university curriculum. He regarded mathematics as the foremost science, arguing that before all other disciplines its method enabled man to recognize the harmonic order of the world, and to discern divine providence. Thus, mathematics offered consoling stability and support in an often seemingly chaotic world torn by religious controversies. This kind of esteem for the mathematical sciences did not presuppose expert knowledge. Hence, the fact that August does not appear to have read the mathematical books he collected does not come as a contradiction. On the contrary, for August it sufficed to recognize the potential of the mathematical sciences, which he brought into life through the creation of a specialized library that developed a rhetoric of its own. The collection of his Kunstkammer library spoke of a

  16. Perspectives from the field of early childhood special education. (United States)

    Kaderavek, Joan N


    Positive academic outcomes for young children with special education needs can best be facilitated when a combination of professionals including speech-language pathologists (SLPs), general education teachers, occupational and physical therapists, and early childhood special educators (ECSEs) work together. However, it can be challenging to read across disciplines to maintain expertise within the domain of early childhood education because each profession has specialized intradisciplinary terminology. This clinical forum provides an up-to-date summary of the field of early childhood special education, with articles from experts from related professions describing current issues and trends in the field. This prologue introduces the concepts of universal design, differentiated instruction, and embedded learning opportunities. The prologue also outlines the roles, responsibilities, and accountability of professionals who work in early childhood special education. SLPs can work toward strategic alliances with ECSEs when they understand the field from the perspective of related professions in early childhood special education.

  17. Opportunities for Inclusion the Education of Learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Special Schools in Uganda (United States)

    Kristensen, Kirsten; Omagor-Loican, Martin; Onen, Negris; Okot, Daniel


    The Government of Uganda aims to provide good quality education for all learners in inclusive schools. However, some learners who have severe disabilities, including those who are deaf, will, for some time, continue to receive their education in special schools. In this article, Kirsten Kristensen, consultant in inclusive and special needs…

  18. Special education in Russia: historical aspects. (United States)

    Malofeev, N N


    Tracing the history of special education services in Russia from its beginnings in the early nineteenth century through the rapid expansion of both private and government-supported programs and institutions until the restrictive Soviet period provides both understanding and appreciation of current Russian special education services and institutions. Theoretical principles guiding special education formulated by L. Vygotsky, and sources outside the USSR, were officially suppressed, as were testing and statistical data on handicapped individuals. Official mandates to bring students with handicaps up to state-approved standards resulted in the development of creative, effective approaches. The framework of special education changed little until the breakdown of the USSR. The new Russian Federation ratified UN resolutions protecting the rights of children. Categorical language is a recent development, and terms such as defective, retarded and pedologist are gradually being replaced. The final decade of this century is witnessing rapid change at the initiation of the Ministry of Education that is beginning to produce needed reform. One of the major initiatives is to provide LD specialists in all schools so that students will not need to be a great distance from home to receive needed services.

  19. Habitat specialization through germination cueing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ten Brink, Dirk-Jan; Hendriksma, Harmen; Bruun, Hans Henrik


    This study examined the adaptive association between seed germination ecology and specialization to either forest or open habitats across a range of evolutionary lineages of seed plants, in order to test the hypotheses that (1) species' specialization to open vs. shaded habitats is consistently a...... accompanied by specialization in their regeneration niche; and (2) species are thereby adapted to utilize different windows of opportunity in time (season) and space (habitat)....

  20. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Oct 17, 2017 ... open source system provide layers of open services to support an increasingly digital, mobile, client community of the libraries. One of the features of virtual library at UiTM is the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), which is an online database system, developed to provide standalone catalogue of ...

  1. Actors: From Audience to Provider (United States)

    Charlier, Bernadette


    This article describes and analyzes actors' experiences of distance learning systems in a wide variety of cultural and organizational contexts. In line with the project of this special series of issues, results of research, much of which is longitudinal, allow us to suggest answers to the following questions: Who are the actors of distance…

  2. Cine Club - Special Event

    CERN Document Server

    Cine Club


    Special event on Thursday 4 May 2017 at 18:30 CERN Council Chamber In collaboration with the CERN Running Club and the Women In Technology initiative, the CERN CineClub is happy to announce the screening of the film Free to Run Directed by Pierre Morath Switzerland, 2016, 99 minutes Today, all anybody needs to run is the determination and a pair of the right shoes. But just fifty years ago, running was viewed almost exclusively as the domain of elite male athletes who competed on tracks. With insight and propulsive energy, director Pierre Morath traces running's rise to the 1960s, examining how the liberation movements and newfound sense of personal freedom that defined the era took the sport out of the stadiums and onto the streets, and how legends like Steve Prefontaine, Fred Lebow, and Kathrine Switzer redefined running as a populist phenomenon. Original version French; English subtitles. Come along to watch the film and learn more about the history of popular races and amat...

  3. Graveyards - special landfills. (United States)

    Fiedler, S; Breuer, J; Pusch, C M; Holley, S; Wahl, J; Ingwersen, J; Graw, M


    Graveyards have been a matter of controversial debate for many years in terms of the risk they pose to the environment. However, literature data are inconclusive and there are no systematic studies available from modern graveyards with special reference to soil found in the vicinity of the coffin. To our knowledge, the present study is the first to systematically investigate a comprehensive exhumation series (involving 40 graves) in order to determine burial-related changes in matter and element content. Human burials lead to the accumulation of certain elements, with higher than normal levels of N, C, Zn, Ba, Ca and Na being observed in soils below coffins. Decomposition material inside coffins has much higher levels of heavy metals and alkaline elements than the surrounding soil. However, the major problem observed was the large quantity of synthetic bedding material which is more likely to lead to the formation of adipocere under the moist conditions given. Adipocere formation, which is the result of the anaerobic bacterial hydrolysis of fat, is known to interrupt the natural decomposition process and delay the post-mortem release of elements. We assume that once the inhumed matter has completely decomposed, much higher than normal levels of pollutants will be released into and have an ecological effect on the soil and water environment. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  4. 77 FR 23810 - Advisory Committee on Prosthetics and Special-Disabilities Programs, Notice of Meeting (United States)


    ... Committee also provides advice to the Secretary on special disabilities programs, which are defined as any... Sports Programs and Special Events; Chief Procurement and Logistics Officer; and Director of Blind...

  5. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Orth, Robins,. Trzesniewski, Maes, & Schmitt, 2009; Toupxane, Gize-Roud, & Haratiyan, 2014). Religious systems, with creating and providing values beyond human entity, with her/his relation to the supreme power of eternity ...

  6. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    26] .... inflatable structures in collaboration with NASA and other research institutions has done a review of different ..... exploration aircraft to be used in Mars need a very large wing to provide enough lift [21, 58]. However, large ...

  7. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Jul 18, 2016 ... Department of Management, Faculty of Humanities, Abhar branch, Islamic Azad University, .... 6. Governmentalinvolvement prevents the appropriate implementation of social security act. Theoretical model. According to the presented definitions, the researchers provided the following conceptual model.

  8. Special Needs Plans Quality (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — These reports evaluate the quality of care provided by SNPs. This strategy relies on a phased approach, beginning with defining and assessing desirable structural...

  9. Foreword to the special issue on intercalibration of satellite instruments (United States)

    Chander, Gyanesh; Hewison, T.J.; Fox, Nigel; Wu, Xiangqian; Xiong, Xiaoxiong; Blackwell, William J.


    This forty papers in this special issue focus on how intercalibration and comparison between sensors can provide an effective and convenient means of verifying their postlaunch performance and correcting their measurement differences.

  10. Factors That Drive Youth Specialization. (United States)

    Padaki, Ajay S; Popkin, Charles A; Hodgins, Justin L; Kovacevic, David; Lynch, Thomas Sean; Ahmad, Christopher S

    Specialization in young athletes has been linked to overuse injuries, burnout, and decreased satisfaction. Despite continued opposition from the medical community, epidemiological studies suggest the frequency is increasing. Extrinsic pressures in addition to individual aspirations drive this national trend in sports specialization. Descriptive epidemiology study. Level 3. A novel instrument assessing the driving factors behind youth specialization was generated by an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals. Surveys were administered to patients and athletes in the department's sports medicine clinic. The survey was completed by 235 athletes between 7 and 18 years of age, with a mean age of 13.8 ± 3.0 years. Athletes specialized at a mean age of 8.1 years, and 31% of athletes played a single sport while 58% played multiple sports but had a preferred sport. More than 70% of athletes had collegiate or professional ambitions, and 60% played their primary sport for 9 or more months per year, with players who had an injury history more likely to play year-round ( P sports, with specialized athletes reporting this significantly more often ( P = 0.04). Half of the athletes reported that sports interfered with their academic performance, with older players stating this more frequently ( P sport before starting high school. While intrinsic drive may identify healthy aspirations, extrinsic influences are prevalent in specialized athletes. Extrinsic factors contributing to youth specialization were identified and compounded the deleterious sequelae of youth athlete specialization.

  11. Spatial geometry and special relativity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kneubil, Fabiana Botelho


    In this work, it is shown the interplay of relative and absolute entities, which are present in both spatial geometry and special relativity. In order to strengthen the understanding of special relativity, we discuss firstly an instance of geometry and the existence of both frame-dependent and fr...

  12. Stability, Specialization and Social Recognition

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gilles, R.P.; Lazarova, E.A.; Ruys, P.H.M.


    Yang s theory of economic specialization under increasing returns to scale (Yang 2001) is a formal development of the fundamental Smith-Young theorem on the extent of the market and the social division of labor.In this theory specialization and, thus, the social division of labor is firmly embedded

  13. Special issue of photosynthetic research. (United States)

    Okamura, Melvin; Wraight, Colin A; van Grondelle, Rienk


    This Special Issue of Photosynthesis Research honors Louis M. N. Duysens, Roderick K. Clayton, and George Feher, three pioneering researchers whose work on bacterial photosynthesis laid much of the groundwork for our understanding of the role of the reaction center in photosynthetic light energy conversion. Their key discoveries are briefly summarized and an overview of the special issue is presented.

  14. Stennis hosts 2010 Special Olympics (United States)


    Sarah Johnson, 28, of Gulfport, carries in the Olympic torch to signal the start of the 2010 Area III Special Olympic games at NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center on March 27. Stennis volunteers hosted special needs athletes from across the area for the event. Stennis is an annual host of the games.

  15. Special Education in Nova Scotia. (United States)

    Power, Ann


    This article begins by describing the principles and beliefs in Nova Scotia that guide educational services for children with disabilities and then discusses findings from a special education implementation review that indicate progress has been made in implementing changes in many special education policy areas. Implementation recommendations are…

  16. Special Education Finance in California (United States)

    Hill, Laura; Warren, Paul; Murphy, Patrick; Ugo, Iwunze; Pathak, Aditi


    California's system of special education served about 718,000 students in 2014-15, or about 11.5 percent of the K-12 population. It is expensive, consuming some $12 billion in federal, state, and local dollars annually. Special education operates within a legal framework that sets it apart from the rest of the K-12 system. The state's enactment of…

  17. Teaching Special Relativity without Calculus (United States)

    Ruby, Lawrence


    In 2007 many AAPT members received a booklet that is the first chapter of a physics textbook available on a CD. This book espouses the new educational philosophy of teaching special relativity as the first item in the topic of mechanics. Traditionally, special relativity is part of one or more modern physics chapters at the end of the text, and…

  18. Is memory for music special? (United States)

    Schulkind, Matthew D


    Although psychologists since Hermann Ebbinghaus have studied memory, research in this area has focused on visual and verbal stimuli with little attention paid to music. This bias is surprising because of the ubiquity of music in human cultures across history as well as current cultural beliefs that memory for music is "special." This paper examines the question of whether memory for music is special by addressing two related questions: First, do cultural beliefs about the mnemonic power of music stand up to empirical test? Second, can theories designed to explain memory for non-musical stimuli be applied to musical stimuli? A review of the literature suggests that music is special in some circumstances but not others and that some theories designed to explain cognitive processing of linguistic stimuli apply reasonably well to musical stimuli. Thus, although the question of whether memory for music is special remains open, the unique structure of musical stimuli strongly suggests that memory for music is indeed special.

  19. Special labour protection of certain employee categories


    Jovanović Predrag P.


    The employed women, the youth and the disabled enjoy special protection at work. Such a protection is stipulated by legal documents of the international and our labour law. The protection of women is provided for three reasons: the need to emancipate women and their equalisation with all the rights as men have; the protection due to women's physical constitution; the protection due to women's role in biological reproduction of the population (pregnancy, childbirth and maternity). The youth en...

  20. Gamma spectrometric discrimination of special nuclear materials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dowdall, M. [Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (Norway); Mattila, A. [Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Helsinki (Finland); Ramebaeck, H. [Swedish Defence Research Agency, Stockholm (Sweden); Aage, H.K. [Danish Emergency Management Agency, Birkeroed (Denmark); Palsson, S.E. [Icelandic Radiation Safety Authority, Reykjavik (Iceland)


    This report presents details pertaining to an exercise conducted as part of the NKS-B programme using synthetic gamma ray spectra to simulate the type of data that may be encountered in the interception of material potentially containing special nuclear materials. A range of scenarios were developed involving sources that may or may not contain special nuclear materials. Gamma spectral data was provided to participants as well as ancillary data and participants were asked, under time constraint, to determine whether or not the data was indicative of circumstances involving special nuclear materials. The situations varied such that different approaches were required in order to obtain the correct result in each context. In the majority of cases participants were able to correctly ascertain whether or not the situations involved special nuclear material. Although fulfilling the primary goal of the exercise, some participants were not in a position to correctly identify with certainty the material involved, Situations in which the smuggled material was being masked by another source proved to be the most challenging for participants. (Author)

  1. Numerical Hydrodynamics in Special Relativity. (United States)

    Martí, José Maria; Müller, Ewald


    This review is concerned with a discussion of numerical methods for the solution of the equations of special relativistic hydrodynamics (SRHD). Particular emphasis is put on a comprehensive review of the application of high-resolution shock-capturing methods in SRHD. Results of a set of demanding test bench simulations obtained with different numerical SRHD methods are compared. Three applications (astrophysical jets, gamma-ray bursts and heavy ion collisions) of relativistic flows are discussed. An evaluation of various SRHD methods is presented, and future developments in SRHD are analyzed involving extension to general relativistic hydrodynamics and relativistic magneto-hydrodynamics. The review further provides FORTRAN programs to compute the exact solution of a 1D relativistic Riemann problem with zero and nonzero tangential velocities, and to simulate 1D relativistic flows in Cartesian Eulerian coordinates using the exact SRHD Riemann solver and PPM reconstruction. Supplementary material is available for this article at 10.12942/lrr-2003-7 and is accessible for authorized users.

  2. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Oct 5, 2017 ... important to provide quality dataset. Therefore, this study investiga processing and in this case, for identifying the significant fac tion task. A MOOC dataset is selected for the data pre-processing tas ting the summary of dataset is explained and the ultimate aim is to pro res that are ready for data mining task.

  3. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Jul 16, 2016 ... Electronic service quality is a determinant in the effectiveness of e-commerce, and thus studying customers' assessment of the quality of the Internet services and quality dimensions that are more important to them become a significant issue. In the banking industry, e-banking and providing services through ...

  4. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Sep 10, 2017 ... microcontroller uses the information provided by the sensor to control the ventilation fan and buzzer. Fig.1. Block diagram of the smart ventilation fan system. This project consists of two major parts, which are hardware and software design and development. In the hardware design, this project is built like a ...

  5. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    May 15, 2016 ... and in this regard, with providing multivariate model using fuzzy AHP, the effect of each factors listed in the study areas examined. The results of this study ..... publications (databases Civilica) senior, Islamic Azad University, Najaf Abad branch. [20]Nazarian Asgar. 2006. The metropolitan and its spatial ...

  6. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Oct 5, 2017 ... during disaster and post-disaster. Therefore, this review will further provide information for the policy makers, responsible personnel as well as researchers on the vulnerability of the communication systems during disaster and the future direction of effective communication system in Malaysia. Keywords: ...

  7. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Nov 10, 2017 ... Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 ... types of waste produced by the palm oil industry such as oil palm trunks (OPT), oil palm ... POME as a culture medium provides lower operational cost and beneficial for both industries.

  8. Outsourcing Special Education Services (United States)

    McKenzie, Anne S.; Bishop, Anna M.


    The Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative, organized in 1974, consists of seven school districts legally bound in a governance structure. Although the member districts are located in Hampden County, Massachusetts, the collaborative provides educational programs and services to school districts and municipalities throughout western…

  9. Marijuana. Specialized Information Service. (United States)

    Do It Now Foundation, Phoenix, AZ.

    The document presents a collection of articles about marijuana. Article 1 reports on the results of a study by the National Academy of Sciences on the health effects of marijuana. A summary report of adverse health and behavioral consequences of cannabis (marijuana) use is provided in article 2. Article 3 presents the Surgeon General's warnings on…

  10. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    May 15, 2016 ... ABSTRACT. The advancement in protein expression systems causes yield of each peptide intracellular at least as host. The yield proteins should be purified eventually to provide use possibility or study on them. Therefore rapid and thereby economical purification of an active biological recombinant.

  11. Special informal care

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Y. Wittenberg; M.H. Kwekkeboom; A.H. de Boer


    Original title: Bijzondere mantelzorg The notion of informal care generally conjures up a picture of care provided to older persons by relatives and friends. However, people with psychiatric problems or intellectual disabilities also receive a great deal of care from those close to them. As

  12. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Oct 5, 2017 ... ABSTRACT. Data pre-processing is a crucial phase pri especially for e-learning data which h pre-processing is important to provide qua problems arise in data pre-processing and i implement prediction task. A MOOC datas process in generating the summary of datas dataset with features that are ready for ...

  13. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Sep 10, 2017 ... The usage of EPS as recycled material does not only provide lightweight fill solution, but also ... In other words, the recycled EPS granules is proven to be able to reduce the volumetric shrinkage ... shredded EPS-sand mixture are used as lightweight material for ammunition concrete bunker. The explosion ...

  14. Special Appropriation Act Projects (United States)

    EPA is sometimes directed to provide funding to a specific entity for study, purpose, or activity.This information will be of interest to a community or other entity that has been identified in one of EPA's appropriations acts to receive such funding.

  15. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Nov 10, 2017 ... ABSTRACT. In this paper a current mode full wave rectifie circuit is implemented utilizing a floating c minimum component full wave rectifier util diodes and two grounded resistors. The e frequency operation and provides both i simultaneously. The rectifier system can work distortion. The circuit exhibits low ...

  16. Research Article Special Issue

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Oct 17, 2017 ... ove overall quality for the user using MATLAB software. capacity based CoMP handover scheme provides bette. Noise Ratio (SINR) and reduces the number of unnecessary ter handover performance. vanced; CoMP; handover scheme. mail: /10.4314/jfas.v9i5s.25 al and Applied ...

  17. Electronic consultation system demonstrates educational benefit for primary care providers. (United States)

    Kwok, Jonas; Olayiwola, J Nwando; Knox, Margae; Murphy, Elizabeth J; Tuot, Delphine S


    Background Electronic consultation systems allow primary care providers to receive timely speciality expertise via iterative electronic communication. The use of such systems is expanding across the USA with well-documented high levels of user satisfaction. We characterise the educational impact for primary care providers of a long-standing integrated electronic consultation and referral system. Methods Primary care providers' perceptions of the educational value inherent to electronic consultation system communication and the impact on their ability to manage common speciality clinical conditions and questions were examined by electronic survey using five-point Likert scales. Differences in primary care providers' perceptions were examined overall and by primary care providers' speciality, provider type and years of experience. Results Among 221 primary care provider participants (35% response rate), 83.9% agreed or strongly agreed that the integrated electronic consultation and referral system provided educational value. There were no significant differences in educational value reported by provider type (attending physician, mid-level provider, or trainee physician), primary care providers' speciality, or years of experience. Perceived benefit of the electronic consultation and referral system in clinical management appeared stronger for laboratory-based conditions (i.e. subclinical hypothyroidism) than more diffuse conditions (i.e. abdominal pain). Nurse practitioners/physician assistants and trainee physicians were more likely to report improved abilities to manage specific clinical conditions when using the electronic consultation and/or referral system than were attending physicians, as were primary care providers with ≤10 years experience, versus those with >20 years of experience. Conclusions Primary care providers report overwhelmingly positive perceptions of the educational value of an integrated electronic consultation and referral system. Nurse

  18. Special Spiritual Connections: Chaplain Deployments With Special Operations Forces (United States)


    AU/ACSC/2016 AIR COMMAND AND STAFF COLLEGE AIR UNIVERSITY SPECIAL SPIRITUAL CONNECTIONS: CHAPLAIN DEPLOYMENTS WITH SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES...allowing for a larger meeting with Imams, including tribal Sheikh and Imam Jalal al Faraji Abdullah.22 Ch. Kline’s partnership with Sheikh...engagements. Ch. Terrinoni led efforts to engage African leaders and build relationships on behalf of the CJTF Commander and the Director of

  19. Specialized Orthonormal Frames and Embedding

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frank B. Estabrook


    Full Text Available We discuss some specializations of the frames of flat orthonormal frame bundles over geometries of indefinite signature, and the resulting symmetries of families of embedded Riemannian or pseudo-Riemannian geometries. The specializations are closed sets of linear constraints on the connection 1-forms of the framing. The embeddings can be isometric, as in minimal surfaces or Regge-Teitelboim gravity, or torsion-free, as in Einstein vacuum gravity. Involutive exterior differential systems are given, and their Cartan character tables calculated to express the well-posedness of the underlying partial differential embedding and specialization equations.

  20. FOREWORD: Special issue on density (United States)

    Fujii, Kenichi


    This special issue on density was undertaken to provide readers with an overview of the present state of the density standards for solids, liquids and gases, as well as the technologies developed for measuring density. This issue also includes topics on the refractive index of gases and on techniques used for calibrating hydrometers so that almost all areas concerned with density standards are covered in four review articles and seven original articles, most of which describe current research being conducted at national metrology institutes (NMIs). A review article was invited from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum to highlight research on the magnetic suspension densimeters. In metrology, the determinations of the volume of a weight and the density of air are of primary importance in establishing a mass standard because the effect of the buoyancy force of air acting on the weight must be known accurately to determine the mass of the weight. A density standard has therefore been developed at many NMIs with a close relation to the mass standard. Hydrostatic weighing is widely used to measure the volume of a solid. The most conventional hydrostatic weighing method uses water as a primary density standard for measuring the volume of a solid. A brief history of the determination of the density of water is therefore given in a review article, as well as a recommended value for the density of water with a specified isotopic abundance. The most modern technique for hydrostatic weighing uses a solid density standard instead of water. For this purpose, optical interferometers for measuring the diameters of silicon spheres have been developed to convert the length standard into the volume standard with a small uncertainty. A review article is therefore dedicated to describing the state-of-the-art optical interferometers developed for silicon spheres. Relative combined standard uncertainties of several parts in 108 have been achieved today for measuring the volume and density of

  1. Association of Provider Scope of Practice With Successful Transition for Youth With Special Health Care Needs (United States)


    centeredhealth care?A focus on cerebral palsy and spina bifida. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2007;88:1064–73. g ance p-value % encouraged in self-responsibility...Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Article history : Received March 3, 2010; Accepted June 16, 2010 Keywords:Adolescent

  2. The Role of Special and Incentive Pays in Retaining Military Mental Health Care Providers (United States)


    can be used to update the model in the future and take advantage of an increased sample size, and it may be possible to extend the model in promising... marriage and family therapy, mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, and occupational therapy. As we discuss in later chapters, we estimate...have specific occupational codes for psychiatric nursing, marriage and family therapy, mental health counseling, and substance abuse counseling

  3. Providing Psychosocial Support to Special Needs Children: A Case of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zimbabwe (United States)

    Chitiyo, Morgan; Changara, Darlington M.; Chitiyo, George


    The AIDS pandemic has orphaned hundreds of thousands of children worldwide and most of these are in sub-Saharan Africa. Being orphaned by AIDS creates peculiar circumstances which may affect the children's ability to benefit from regular education. The impact of vulnerability on children's well-being has been documented by UNAIDS, UNICEF and by…

  4. Using Technology to Address Barriers in Rural Special Education for Students with Autism: A Do-It-Yourself Guide (United States)

    McKissick, Bethany R.; Diegelmann, Karen M.; Parker, Sarah


    Providing high-quality special education services in rural settings has a variety of challenges such as geographic isolation and a lack of resources. One particularly challenging aspect of rural special education is providing general curriculum access. Computer-assisted instruction is one way to provide high-quality specialized instruction that…

  5. Excipient choices for special populations. (United States)

    Nagel-Edwards, Karen M; Ko, James Y


    Patients with allergies or intolerances and those requiring special diets are among the groups that require formulations with special excipients. When compounding preparations for this population, the suitability of dyes, flavorings, sweeteners, preservatives, gelatins, milk products, gluten, corn, soy, nuts, alcohol, chocolate, and other animal-derived ingredients must be considered. Unlike manufacturers of foods and nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical companies are not required to list certain ingredients of manufactured drugs, such as wheat. Therefore, a patient may unknowingly purchase a manufactured drug containing an excipient that he cannont tolerate. Once informed of a patient's allergy, intolerance, or special diet, the compounding pharmacist is able to prepare a prescription from which a particular excipient has been eliminated. In many cases, however, the particulars of a patient's specific allergy or intolerance are difficult to determine and predict, and thus creative thinking is required from the copounding pharmacist. Without question, the need for special excipients will continue.

  6. Special Protection Area Review Data (United States)

    Montgomery County of Maryland — A Special Protection Area (SPA) is a geographic area designated by the County Council which has high quality or unusually sensitive water resources and environmental...

  7. Some Pitfalls in Special Relativity (United States)

    Chai, An-Ti


    The problem of observing a collision between two spaceships is utilized to illustrate the misuse of time dilation and length contraction, and the incorrect description of space-time coordinates in special relativity. (Author/DF)

  8. 38 CFR 21.3104 - Special training. (United States)


    ..., spouse's or surviving spouse's need for a course of specialized vocational training or special... needs a course of specialized vocational training or special restorative training, and where need is... 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Special training. 21.3104...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tanzila NABEEL


    Full Text Available Special education is a mode of education in which specially designed instruction material and environment is required to meet the diverse requirements of children with special needs. In Pakistan, Open University (AIOU exclusively initiated a program for teacher preparation for Special Children through distance learning. This was a unique program of its kind with no precedence of defined services for Special Teachers’ Preparation. Dept of Special Education AIOU - through Distance learning system, offers study/training at graduate, masters and Ph. D. levels. Teachers are prepared in 6 specialized areas of Visual Impairment, Physical Disabilities, Hearing Impairment, Intellectual Disability, Learning Disability and Inclusive Education. The Open University has a well established regional network, outreach system providing educational counseling and guiding services to its students. University has 32 regional campuses with 86 part-time regional coordinating officers throughout the country for providing assistance to the Regional campuses. Over 900 study centers are established during the semester and are managed through the university’s regional campuses. Each student is assigned to a tutor who is a subject specialist. To maintain consistency of on and off campus observations, University faculty conducts reliability observations with adjunct Supervisors. Their professional growth impacts the quality of the teaching cadre. It was for the first time in the history of teacher training institutes of Pakistan that a teacher training program at Masters Level in the area of Special Education was offered through distance education. This paper gives the experiences, methodology and successes as outcome of the Distance- learning Special-Educator Program in Pakistan. Also highlighted is the Special Teacher Preparation Model through Distance Education System. Increased program completion rates support the fact that Open University faculty have become better

  10. Editorial: Special issue on education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Masal Ercan


    Full Text Available This special issue consists of selected proceedings presented in ERPA International Congresses on Education 2017 which was held in Budapest / Hungary, 18-21 May 2017. Studies are related to educational sciences, science and mathematics education, social sciences education, health and sports science education, music and fine arts education, computer education and instructional technology, language education and management of education. There are eighty valuable studies in this special issue. In sum the results of studies will contribute to the field.

  11. Special feature on imaging systems and techniques (United States)

    Yang, Wuqiang; Giakos, George


    The IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques (IST'2012) was held in Manchester, UK, on 16-17 July 2012. The participants came from 26 countries or regions: Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, UAE, UK and USA. The technical program of the conference consisted of a series of scientific and technical sessions, exploring physical principles, engineering and applications of new imaging systems and techniques, as reflected by the diversity of the submitted papers. Following a rigorous review process, a total of 123 papers were accepted, and they were organized into 30 oral presentation sessions and a poster session. In addition, six invited keynotes were arranged. The conference not only provided the participants with a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and disseminate research outcomes but also paved a way to establish global collaboration. Following the IST'2012, a total of 55 papers, which were technically extended substantially from their versions in the conference proceeding, were submitted as regular papers to this special feature of Measurement Science and Technology . Following a rigorous reviewing process, 25 papers have been finally accepted for publication in this special feature and they are organized into three categories: (1) industrial tomography, (2) imaging systems and techniques and (3) image processing. These papers not only present the latest developments in the field of imaging systems and techniques but also offer potential solutions to existing problems. We hope that this special feature provides a good reference for researchers who are active in the field and will serve as a catalyst to trigger further research. It has been our great pleasure to be the guest editors of this special feature. We would like to thank the authors for their contributions, without which it would

  12. Astronomy Outreach for Special Needs Children (United States)

    Lubowich, D.


    While there are many outreach programs for the public and for children, there are few programs for special needs children. I describe a NASA-STScI-IDEAS funded outreach program I created for children using a telescope (including remote and robotic observations), hands-on astronomy demonstrations (often with edible ingredients). The target audience is seriously ill children with special medical needs and their families who are staying at the Long Island Ronald McDonald House in conjunction the children's surgery and medical treatments at local hospitals. These educational activities help children and their families learn about astronomy while providing a diversion to take their minds off their illness during a stressful time. A related program for hospitalized children has been started at the Hagedorn Pediatric Inpatient Center at Winthrop University Hospital.

  13. LDEF systems special investigation group overview (United States)

    Mason, Jim; Dursch, Harry


    The Systems Special Investigation Group (Systems SIG), formed by the LDEF Project Office to perform post-flight analysis of LDEF systems hardware, was chartered to investigate the effects of the extended LDEF mission on both satellite and experiment systems and to coordinate and integrate all systems related analyses performed during post-flight investigations. The Systems SIG published a summary report in April, 1992 titled 'Analysis of Systems Hardware Flown on LDEF - Results of the Systems Special Investigation Group' that described findings through the end of 1991. The Systems SIG, unfunded in FY 92 and FY93, has been funded in FY 94 to update this report with all new systems related findings. This paper provides a brief summary of the highlights of earlier Systems SIG accomplishments and describes tasks the Systems SIG has been funded to accomplish in FY 94.

  14. 29 CFR 516.30 - Learners, apprentices, messengers, students, or handicapped workers employed under special... (United States)


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Learners, apprentices, messengers, students, or handicapped... handicapped workers employed under special certificates as provided in section 14 of the Act. (a) With respect... education, or handicapped workers employed at special minimum hourly rates under Special Certificates...

  15. 38 CFR 21.4232 - Specialized vocational training-38 U.S.C. Chapter 35. (United States)


    ... Assistance Programs Programs of Education § 21.4232 Specialized vocational training—38 U.S.C. Chapter 35. (a) Eligibility requirements for specialized vocational training. (1) The Department of Veterans Affairs may provide a program of a specialized course of vocational training to an eligible person who: (i) Is not in...

  16. 45 CFR 91.17 - Special benefits for children and the elderly. (United States)


    ... 45 Public Welfare 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Special benefits for children and the elderly. 91... Standards for Determining Age Discrimination § 91.17 Special benefits for children and the elderly. If a recipient operating a program or activity provides special benefits to the elderly or to children, such use...

  17. 29 CFR 35.16 - Special benefits for children and the elderly. (United States)


    ... 29 Labor 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Special benefits for children and the elderly. 35.16 Section... Discrimination § 35.16 Special benefits for children and the elderly. If a recipient is operating a program or activity that provides special benefits to the elderly or to children, the use of such age distinctions is...

  18. Everyday Arts for Special Education Impact Evaluation. District 75, New York City Department of Education (United States)

    Horowitz, Rob


    The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of the Everyday Arts for Special Education (EASE) program on elementary special education students' academic achievement (reading and math) and social-emotional learning. EASE was a 5-year program providing professional development and instruction in the arts in 10 New York City special education…

  19. Dynamics of general and specially trained of women-weightlifters at the stage of specialized basic training

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Viktor Slobodyanuk


    Full Text Available Purpose: to determine the dynamics of the general and special training of women-weightlifters different groups weight categories for annual macrocycle at the stage of specialized basic training. Materials and Methods: indexes long jump, running 30 meters, push-ups, jumps on how Abalakova index and wrist strength athletes different schools of Ukraine. Results: found dynamic indicators of general and special training of women-weightlifters different groups weight categories at the stage of basic training six specialized schools in Ukraine. Conclusions: the results of the study provide an opportunity to consider certain indicators in planning differentiated training programs to improve the training process athletes for women-weightlifters at the stage of specialized basic training different groups weight categories in the annual macrocycle.

  20. Threatened corals provide underexplored microbial habitats.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shinichi Sunagawa

    Full Text Available Contemporary in-depth sequencing of environmental samples has provided novel insights into microbial community structures, revealing that their diversity had been previously underestimated. Communities in marine environments are commonly composed of a few dominant taxa and a high number of taxonomically diverse, low-abundance organisms. However, studying the roles and genomic information of these "rare" organisms remains challenging, because little is known about their ecological niches and the environmental conditions to which they respond. Given the current threat to coral reef ecosystems, we investigated the potential of corals to provide highly specialized habitats for bacterial taxa including those that are rarely detected or absent in surrounding reef waters. The analysis of more than 350,000 small subunit ribosomal RNA (16S rRNA sequence tags and almost 2,000 nearly full-length 16S rRNA gene sequences revealed that rare seawater biosphere members are highly abundant or even dominant in diverse Caribbean corals. Closely related corals (in the same genus/family harbored similar bacterial communities. At higher taxonomic levels, however, the similarities of these communities did not correlate with the phylogenetic relationships among corals, opening novel questions about the evolutionary stability of coral-microbial associations. Large proportions of OTUs (28.7-49.1% were unique to the coral species of origin. Analysis of the most dominant ribotypes suggests that many uncovered bacterial taxa exist in coral habitats and await future exploration. Our results indicate that coral species, and by extension other animal hosts, act as specialized habitats of otherwise rare microbes in marine ecosystems. Here, deep sequencing provided insights into coral microbiota at an unparalleled resolution and revealed that corals harbor many bacterial taxa previously not known. Given that two of the coral species investigated are listed as threatened under

  1. Querying Data Providing Web Services


    Sabesan, Manivasakan


    Web services are often used for search computing where data is retrieved from servers providing information of different kinds. Such data providing web services return a set of objects for a given set of parameters without any side effects. There is need to enable general and scalable search capabilities of data from data providing web services, which is the topic of this Thesis. The Web Service MEDiator (WSMED) system automatically provides relational views of any data providing web service ...

  2. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... for Health Insurance Finding Respite Care for Your Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Support for Your Child Words to Know (Special Needs Glossary) Contact Us ...

  3. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Video) KidsHealth > For Parents > Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Video) Print A A A Young adults with special needs have many programs, services, and ...

  4. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... With Your Preteen Why Is Hand Washing So Important? Top 10 Homework Tips Raising Confident Kids Special ... Care for Your Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Support for Your Child Words to Know ( ...

  5. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Cope With a Parent's Suicide? Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Video) KidsHealth > For Parents > Special Needs: Planning ... options. For Teens For Kids For Parents MORE ON THIS TOPIC Financial Planning for Kids With Special ...

  6. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Search English Español Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Video) KidsHealth / For Parents / Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Video) Print Young adults with special needs have many ...

  7. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... for Adulthood (Video) Print A A A Young adults with special needs have many programs, services, and ... Care for Your Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Support for Your Child Words to Know ( ...

  8. Music: Specialized to Integrate?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Estêvão Andrade


    Full Text Available In her paper Schaefer (2014 provides a relevant amount of behavioral and neuroimaging evidence within and outside the realm of music favoring the notion that predictive processing plays a prominent role in the coupling of perception, cognition and action, and further, that imagery and active perception are closely associated with each other. Central to this review is that research into music imagery is exceptionally suitable and informative since prediction has a prominent role in music processing. In this commentary we suggest that it could be useful to investigate the role of working memory in this context since imagery and memory are inextricably associated processes. In addition to neuroimaging we also highlight that anthropological and developmental evidence could be relevant in showing that music is possibly unique in the coupling of perception, cognition and action. However, we believe that greater caution is needed regarding the author’s assumption that perception and interpretation of music is uniquely determined by the listening biography of the listener.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. V. Rаdkеvich


    Full Text Available Purpose. Development of scientific-methodical bases to the design of rational management of material streams in the field of building providing taking into account intersystem connections with the enterprises of building industry. Methodology. The analysis of last few years of functioning of building industry in Ukraine allows distinguishing a number of problems that negatively influence the steady development of building, as the component of the state economics system. Therefore the research of existent organization methods of the system of building objects providing with material resources is extremely necessary. In connection with this the article justifies the use of method of hierarchies analysis (Saati method for finding the optimal task solution of fixing the enterprises of building industry after building objects. Findings. Results give an opportunity to guidance of building organization to estimate and choose advantageous suppliers - enterprises of building industry, to conduct their rating, estimation taking into account basic descriptions, such as: quality, price, reliability of deliveries, specialization, financial status etc. Originality. On the basis of Saati method the methodologies of organization are improved, planning and managements of the reliable system of providing of building necessary material resources that meet the technological requirements of implementation of building and installation works. Practical value. Contribution to the decisions of many intricate organizational problems that are accompanied by the problems of development of building, provided due to organization of the reliable system of purchase of material resources.

  10. ICU nurses' experiences in providing terminal care. (United States)

    Espinosa, Laura; Young, Anne; Symes, Lene; Haile, Brenda; Walsh, Teresa


    At least 1 in 5 Americans die while using intensive care service-a number that is expected to increase as society ages. Many of these deaths involve withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining therapies. In these situations, the role of intensive care nurses shifts from providing aggressive care to end-of-life care. While hospice and palliative care nurses typically receive specialized support to cope with death and dying, intensive care nurses usually do not receive this support. Understanding the experiences of intensive care nurses in providing care at the end of life is an important first step to improving terminal care in the intensive care unit (ICU). This phenomenological research study explores the experiences of intensive care nurses who provide terminal care in the ICU. The sample consisted of 18 registered nurses delivering terminal care in an ICU that participated in individual interviews and focus groups. Colaizzi's steps for data analysis were used to identify themes within the context of nursing. Three major themes consisted of (1) barriers to optimal care, (2) internal conflict, and (3) coping. Providing terminal care creates significant personal and professional struggles among ICU nurses.

  11. Small N=2 Extremal Black Holes in Special Geometry

    CERN Document Server

    Ceresole, Anna; Marrani, Alessio


    We provide an intrinsic classification of the large and small orbits for N=2, 4D extremal black holes on symmetric spaces which does not depend on the duality frame used for the charges or on the special coordinates. A coordinate independent formula for the fake superpotential W, which (at infinity) represents the black hole ADM mass, is given explicitly in terms of invariants of the N=2 special geometry.

  12. Small N=2 extremal black holes in special geometry (United States)

    Ceresole, Anna; Ferrara, Sergio; Marrani, Alessio


    We provide an intrinsic classification of the large and small orbits for N=2, 4D extremal black holes on symmetric spaces which does not depend on the duality frame used for the charges or on the special coordinates. A coordinate independent formula for the fake superpotential W, which (at infinity) represents the black hole ADM mass, is given explicitly in terms of invariants of the N=2 special geometry.

  13. UNLV Special Collections in the Twenty-First Century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas Sommer


    Full Text Available University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV Special Collections is consistently striving to provide several avenues of discovery to its diverse range of patrons. Specifically, UNLV Special Collections has planned and implemented several online tools to facilitate unearthing treasures in the collections. These online tools incorporate Web 2.0 features as well as searchable interfaces to collections.

  14. Choosing a primary care provider (United States)

    ... Supplements Videos & Tools Español You Are Here: Home → Medical Encyclopedia → Choosing a primary care provider URL of this page: // Choosing a primary care provider To ...

  15. Types of health care providers (United States)

    ... Supplements Videos & Tools Español You Are Here: Home → Medical Encyclopedia → Types of health care providers URL of this page: // Types of health care providers To ...

  16. Problems of providing services to people affected by HIV/AIDS: service providers and recipients perspectives. (United States)

    Moradi, G; Mohraz, M; Gouya, M M; Dejman, M; Alinaghi, S S; Rahmani, K; Malekafzali-Ardakani, H


    This qualitative study aimed to identify the health-care problems of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in 2 large cities: Tehran and Kermanshah. Two main groups of stakeholders - service providers (policy-makers, managers, physicians and counsellors) and service recipients (PLHIV and their relatives) - participated in focus group discussions and in-depth interviews. We identified 24 themes covering the major health problems of PLHIV, including: incomplete and inadequate coverage of health-care services; patients' substance abuse; patients' fear of stigma; occupational burnout of certain service providers; patients' dissatisfaction with some of the services provided by counselling centres/clinics; medical staff's failure to observe confidentiality; and patients' lack of access to required specialized services. The problems and needs identified can inform the design and implementation of health programmes in our country and elsewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

  17. Considerations of strategies to provide influenza vaccine year round

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lambach, Philipp; Alvarez, Alba Maria Ropero; Hirve, Siddhivinayak; Ortiz, Justin R.; Hombach, Joachim; Verweij, Marcel; Hendriks, Jan; Palkonyay, Laszlo; Pfleiderer, Michael


    There is potential for influenza vaccine programmes to make a substantial impact on severe disease in low-resource settings, however questions around vaccine composition and programmatic issues will require special attention. Some countries may benefit from immunization programmes that provide

  18. Providing for the Future: Providers' Views on Apprenticeship Reform (United States)

    McCrone, Tami; Sims, David; Gladding, Cath


    Apprenticeships are currently undergoing reform in England. Funding mechanisms and the content of Apprenticeship programmes are being restructured. NFER and the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) have carried out a joint research project to inform future policy and practice with evidence on how providers of Apprenticeships are…

  19. Sports Specialization, Part II: Alternative Solutions to Early Sport Specialization in Youth Athletes. (United States)

    Myer, Gregory D; Jayanthi, Neeru; DiFiori, John P; Faigenbaum, Avery D; Kiefer, Adam W; Logerstedt, David; Micheli, Lyle J


    Many coaches, parents, and children believe that the best way to develop elite athletes is for them to participate in only 1 sport from an early age and to play it year-round. However, emerging evidence to the contrary indicates that efforts to specialize in 1 sport may reduce opportunities for all children to participate in a diverse year-round sports season and can lead to lost development of lifetime sports skills. Early sports specialization may also reduce motor skill development and ongoing participation in games and sports as a lifestyle choice. The purpose of this review is to employ the current literature to provide evidence-based alternative strategies that may help to optimize opportunities for all aspiring young athletes to maximize their health, fitness, and sports performance. Nonsystematic review with critical appraisal of existing literature. Clinical review. Level 4. Based on the current evidence, parents and educators should help provide opportunities for free unstructured play to improve motor skill development and youth should be encouraged to participate in a variety of sports during their growing years to influence the development of diverse motor skills. For those children who do choose to specialize in a single sport, periods of intense training and specialized sport activities should be closely monitored for indicators of burnout, overuse injury, or potential decrements in performance due to overtraining. Last, the evidence indicates that all youth should be involved in periodized strength and conditioning (eg, integrative neuromuscular training) to help them prepare for the demands of competitive sport participation, and youth who specialize in a single sport should plan periods of isolated and focused integrative neuromuscular training to enhance diverse motor skill development and reduce injury risk factors. B. © 2015 The Author(s).

  20. Training Special Educators: Sustaining Professional Development in Special School Placements (United States)

    Peter, Melanie


    With the rapidly changing demographic due to survival rates from medical advances, the need to strengthen training on SEND is now recognised, and special school placements valued, having been previously marginalised within initial teacher training. Practices developed since 2008 at one university to support progression of trainees to gain advanced…

  1. Every smile is special: Healthy Athletes Special Smiles Program ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Everyone deserves an opportunity to smile including the 190 million people worldwide with intellectual disabilities, along with the 2.5 million Special Olympics athletes competing in sports events locally, nationally, regionally and globally who live in many countries and counting the 6,374 Nigerian athletes who competed in ...

  2. [Oncology and urology: relations between specialities]. (United States)

    Lopatkin, N A; Apolikhin, O I; Darenkov, S P; Chernyshev, I V


    The article presents the analysis of present-day medical care for patients with urogenital cancer (UGC) in the Russian Federation (RF). In 2004 cancer treatment service in the RF has 8 Research Cancer and Radiological Institutes, 110 inpatient and 7 outpatient cancer clinics. According to the statistics for 1998, UGC patients are treated in 32 specialized departments in 24 regions. The rest regions provide such care in urological departments and clinics. In view of the importance of oncourology nowadays, we propose to set up an oncourological section at All-Russia Urology Society as a center of integration of efforts of specialists in oncourology.

  3. Social role specialization promotes cooperation between parents. (United States)

    Barta, Zoltán; Székely, Tamás; Liker, András; Harrison, Freya


    Biparental care of offspring is a widespread social behavior, and various ecological, life-history, and demographic factors have been proposed to explain its evolution and maintenance. Raising offspring generally requires several types of care (e.g., feeding, brooding, and defense), and males and females often specialize in providing different types of care. However, theoretical models of care often assume that care is a single variable and hence that a unit of care by the mother is interchangeable with a unit of care by the father. We hypothesize that the ability of one parent to provide all types of care may be limited by nonadditive costs or by sex-based asymmetries in the costs of particular care types. Using an individual-based simulation, we show that synergistic costs of investing in two tasks or negligible sex-based cost asymmetries select for task specialization and biparental care. Biparental care persists despite intense sexual selection and sex-biased mortality, suggesting that previous models make overly restrictive predictions of the conditions under which cooperation can be maintained. Our model provides a mechanistic underpinning for published models that show that the synergistic benefits of individuals cooperating can stabilize cooperation, both in the context of parental care and in other social scenarios.

  4. Minority Recruitment and Retention for Universities: Bilingual Special Education Faculty (United States)

    Brice, Alejandro E.


    Recruitment and retention of minority faculty in bilingual special education is a perilous task. Research has shown that minority faculty/teachers are able to provide emotional support, mentor students, serve as role models, create a positive climate, provide diverse views, increase collaboration among faculty and teachers, and work with…

  5. Special Operations Forces: A Global Immune System?

    CERN Document Server

    Norman, Joseph


    The use of special operations forces (SOF) in war fighting and peace keeping efforts has increased dramatically in recent decades. A scientific understanding of the reason for this increase would provide guidance as to the contexts in which SOF can be used to their best effect. Ashby's law of requisite variety provides a scientific framework for understanding and analyzing a system's ability to survive and prosper in the face of environmental challenges. We have developed a generalization of this law to extend the analysis to systems that must respond to disturbances at multiple scales. This analysis identifies a necessary tradeoff between scale and complexity in a multiscale control system. As with Ashby's law, the framework applies to the characterization of successful biological and social systems in the context of complex environmental challenges. Here we apply this multiscale framework to provide a control theoretic understanding of the historical and increasing need for SOF, as well as conventional mili...

  6. Prehospital Providers' Perceptions on Providing Patient and Family Centered Care. (United States)

    Ayub, Emily M; Sampayo, Esther M; Shah, Manish I; Doughty, Cara B


    A gap exists in understanding a provider's approach to delivering care that is mutually beneficial to patients, families, and other providers in the prehospital setting. The purpose of this study was to identify attitudes, beliefs, and perceived barriers to providing patient and family centered care (PFCC) in the prehospital setting and to describe potential solutions for improving PFCC during critical pediatric events. We conducted a qualitative, cross-sectional study of a purposive sample of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics from an urban, municipal, fire-based EMS system, who participated in the Pediatric Simulation Training for Emergency Prehospital Providers (PediSTEPPS) course. Two coders reviewed transcriptions of audio recordings from participants' first simulation scenario debriefings and performed constant comparison analysis to identify unifying themes. Themes were verified through member checking with two focus groups of prehospital providers. A total of 122 EMTs and paramedics participated in 16 audiotaped debriefing sessions and two focus groups. Four overarching themes emerged regarding the experience of PFCC by prehospital providers: (1) Perceived barriers included the prehospital environment, limited manpower, multi-tasking medical care, and concern for interference with patient care; (2) Providing emotional support comprised of empathetically comforting caregivers, maintaining a calm demeanor, and empowering families to feel involved; (3) Effective communication strategies consisted of designating a family point person, narration of actions, preempting the next steps, speaking in lay terms, summarizing during downtime, and conveying a positive first impression; (4) Tactics to overcome PFCC barriers were maintaining a line of sight, removing and returning a caregiver to and from the scene, and providing situational awareness. Based on debriefings from simulated scenarios, some prehospital providers identified the provision of

  7. Analysis of inter-provider conflicts among healthcare providers


    Stecker, Mona; Epstein, Nancy; Mark M Stecker; Ausman, James I.; Harrigan, Noyes


    Background: Patient safety is a top priority of healthcare organizations. The Joint Commission (TJC) is now requiring that healthcare organizations promulgate polices to investigate and resolve disruptive behavior among employees. Methods: Our aims in this investigation utilizing the Provider Conflict Questionnaire (PCQ: Appendix A) included; determining what conflicts exist among a large sample of healthcare providers, how to assess the extent and frequency of disruptive behaviors, and what ...

  8. 48 CFR 239.7409 - Special assembly. (United States)


    ... 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Special assembly. 239.7409... Services 239.7409 Special assembly. (a) Special assembly is the designing, manufacturing, arranging... general use equipment. (b) Special assembly rates and charges shall be based on estimated costs. The...

  9. Scientometric analysis in special education: importance and trends over the last 60 years

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna Maria Canavarro Benite


    Full Text Available Special education in Brazil is defined in law as “the type of education offered preferentially in the regular classes for students with special needs education”. However, this proposal of special education has not always been defined in this way, and a factor that contributed greatly to the consolidation of special education as a specific field of study was the research and theis resulting publications. Thus, this study aimed to make a scientometric analysis in the field of special education in order to determine which are and were the main trends of research over the years, and to review literature on the history of special education. It was felt that the issue of special education has undergone major advances, with consequent recovery of the subject with special needs. The scientometric analysis in special education to suggest that there has been a great evolution in the area, including a fact explained by the large number of papers published over time and the different aspects of his publications. Reflections on scientometrics in special education characterize the global production of special education and provide input for further research are made in this area. Thus, the construction and analysis of these indicators have provided input to view the state of the art in special education.

  10. Babesiosis for Health Care Providers

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    This podcast will educate health care providers on diagnosing babesiosis and providing patients at risk with tick bite prevention messages.  Created: 4/25/2012 by Center for Global Health, Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria.   Date Released: 4/25/2012.

  11. Special issue introduction: Ecological modernization

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Massa, Ilmo; Andersen, Mikael Skou


    The contributions to this special issue of the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning stem from an international conference on ecological modernization that took place at the Department of Social Policy of the University of Helsinki, Finland, in late 1998. They have been selected, among other...... and restoring its meaning and justification for the environmental debate....

  12. Massachusetts Special Olympics Poly Hockey. (United States)

    Morrissey, Jim

    Poly Hockey is featured in this manual of instructions for coaches and teachers to use with mentally retarded boys and girls of all ages and ability levels. It is noted that the sport has been supported by the Board of Directors of the Special Olympics and has been used in Massachusetts for over 7 years. Explained is use of the game indoors, and…

  13. Introduction to the Special Issue. (United States)

    Petrosino, Anthony


    Introduces the articles of this special issue focusing on randomized field trials in criminology. In spite of the overall lack of randomized field trials in criminology, some agencies and individuals are able to mount an impressive number of field trials, and these articles focus on their experiences. (SLD)

  14. Cutback Management for Special Libraries. (United States)

    Bell, Steven J.


    Discusses the development of a management technique that combats the impact of organizational retrenchment and its practical applications within special libraries and as an aid to survival of the parent organization. Five major classes of strategies are outlined--resource development, productivity, economy measures, interorganizational…

  15. Special issue of photosynthetic research

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Okamura, M.; Wraight, C.A.; van Grondelle, R.


    This Special Issue of Photosynthesis Research honors Louis M. N. Duysens, Roderick K. Clayton, and George Feher, three pioneering researchers whose work on bacterial photosynthesis laid much of the groundwork for our understanding of the role of the reaction center in photosynthetic light energy

  16. Traffic Safety for Special Children (United States)

    Wilson, Val; MacKenzie, R. A.


    In a 6 weeks' unit on traffic education using flannel graphs, filmstrips and models, 12 special class students (IQ 55-82) ages 7- to 11-years-old learned six basic skills including crossing a road, obeying traffic lights and walking on country roads. (CL)

  17. Nonobtuse simplices & special matrix classes

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Cihangir, A.


    This thesis focuses on the study of certain special classes of n-simplices that occur in the context of numerical analysis, linear algebra, abstract algebra, geometry, and combinatorics. The type of simplex that is of central interest is the nonobtuse simplex, a simplex without any obtuse dihedral




  19. The hidden cost of specialization

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Landini, Fabio; Nicoló, Antonio; Piovesan, Marco

    Given the advantages of specialization, employers encourage their employees to acquire distinct expertise to better satisfy clients’ needs. However, when the client is unaware of the employees’ expertise and cannot be sorted out to the most competent employee by means of a gatekeeper, a mismatch ...

  20. Ecosystem services provided by birds. (United States)

    Whelan, Christopher J; Wenny, Daniel G; Marquis, Robert J


    Ecosystem services are natural processes that benefit humans. Birds contribute the four types of services recognized by the UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment-provisioning, regulating, cultural, and supporting services. In this review, we concentrate primarily on supporting services, and to a lesser extent, provisioning and regulating services. As members of ecosystems, birds play many roles, including as predators, pollinators, scavengers, seed dispersers, seed predators, and ecosystem engineers. These ecosystem services fall into two subcategories: those that arise via behavior (like consumption of agricultural pests) and those that arise via bird products (like nests and guano). Characteristics of most birds make them quite special from the perspective of ecosystem services. Because most birds fly, they can respond to irruptive or pulsed resources in ways generally not possible for other vertebrates. Migratory species link ecosystem processes and fluxes that are separated by great distances and times. Although the economic value to humans contributed by most, if not all, of the supporting services has yet to be quantified, we believe they are important to humans. Our goals for this review are 1) to lay the groundwork on these services to facilitate future efforts to estimate their economic value, 2) to highlight gaps in our knowledge, and 3) to point to future directions for additional research.

  1. Symplectic molecular dynamics simulations on specially designed parallel computers. (United States)

    Borstnik, Urban; Janezic, Dusanka


    We have developed a computer program for molecular dynamics (MD) simulation that implements the Split Integration Symplectic Method (SISM) and is designed to run on specialized parallel computers. The MD integration is performed by the SISM, which analytically treats high-frequency vibrational motion and thus enables the use of longer simulation time steps. The low-frequency motion is treated numerically on specially designed parallel computers, which decreases the computational time of each simulation time step. The combination of these approaches means that less time is required and fewer steps are needed and so enables fast MD simulations. We study the computational performance of MD simulation of molecular systems on specialized computers and provide a comparison to standard personal computers. The combination of the SISM with two specialized parallel computers is an effective way to increase the speed of MD simulations up to 16-fold over a single PC processor.

  2. Is specialization good for regional economic development?


    Kemeny, Thomas; Storper, Michael


    Debates about urban growth and change often centre on specialization. However, arguments linking specialization to metropolitan economic development contain diverse, and sometimes conflicting, claims. Is it better to be highly specialized or diversified? Does specialization refer to the absolute or relative scale of an activity in a region? Does specialization have static or evolutionary effects? This paper investigates these questions in theoretical and empirical terms. By analysing local ag...

  3. Developing a Specialized Vocabulary Word List in a Composition Culinary Course through Lecture Notes


    M.Nordin N. R.; Stapa S. H.; Darus S.


    Learning to write in a composition culinary course is very challenging for L2 learners. The main barrier in writing proficiency within this discipline is the lack of vocabulary, specifically the lack of exposure towards specialized vocabulary. This study aims to provide a corpus of specialized vocabulary within a food writing course. By providing students with a word list of specialized vocabulary in the course, students may benefit by familiarizing with the language discourse which will aid ...

  4. Coordination of primary care providers. (United States)

    Hettler, D L; McAlister, W H


    Surveys were sent to family physicians in Illinois to determine knowledge and attitude concerning optometry. The respondents were knowledgeable in certain aspects of optometry. However, many need to become more aware of the optometrist as a health care provider.

  5. Medicare Referring Provider DMEPOS PUF (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — This dataset, which is part of CMSs Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data, details information on Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and...

  6. Seeing Your Health Care Provider (United States)

    ... Reduce Font Size 100% Increase Font Size Positive Spin Basics Federal Response Digital Tools Events Blog Home ... that may assist you. Be on time. Most healthcare providers have full appointment schedules—if you are ...

  7. EAMJ Provider April 10.indd

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Apr 4, 2010 ... with breast cancer is known to result in more adverse outcomes (1). ... Objective: To determine the extent and nature of provider delay in breast cancer management at .... and calls for a review of booking procedures. Also.


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The Providence AOI consists of the costal portion of the county, and meshes up seamlessly with the Kent county AOI directly south. Ground Control is collected...

  9. Lodging Update: Providence, Rhode Island

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ragel Roginsky


    Full Text Available Each quarter, Pinnacle Advisory Group prepares an analysis of the New England lodging industry, which provides a regional summary and then focuses in depth on a particular market. These reviews look at recent and proposed supply changes, factors affecting demand and growth rates, and the effects of interactions between such supply and demand trends. In this issue, the authors spotlight the lodging market in Providence, Rhode Island.

  10. Adaptation, specialization, and coevolution within phytobiomes. (United States)

    Baltrus, David A


    Growth patterns of individual plants and evolutionary trajectories of plant communities are intimately linked with and are critically affected by host-associated microbiomes. Research across systems has begun to shed light on how these phytobiomes are established under laboratory and natural conditions, and have cultivated hope that a better understanding of the governing principles for host-microbe interactions can guide attempts to engineer microbiomes to boost agricultural yields. One important, yet relatively understudied, parameter in regards to phytobiome membership is the degree to which specialization and coevolution between plant species and microbes provides structure to these communities. In this article, I provide an overview of mechanisms enabling adaptation and specialization of phytobiome communities to host plants as well as the potential for plants themselves to recruit and cultivate beneficial interactions. I further explore the possibility of host-beneficial microbe coevolution and suggest particular situations that could promote the evolution of such close-knit partnerships. It is my hope that this overview will encourage future experiments that can begin to fill in this black box of ecological and evolutionary interactions across phytobiomes. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  11. Reference and access innovative practices for archives and special collections

    CERN Document Server

    Theimer, Kate


    Reference and Access: Innovative Practices for Archives and Special Collections explores how archives of different sizes and types are increasing their effectiveness in serving the public and meeting internal needs. The book features twelve case studies that demonstrate new ways to interact with users to answer their questions, provide access to materials, support patrons in the research room, and manage reference and access processes. This volume will be useful to those working in archives and special collections as well as other cultural heritage organizations, and provides ideas ranging fro

  12. Ecosystem services provided by waterbirds. (United States)

    Green, Andy J; Elmberg, Johan


    Ecosystem services are ecosystem processes that directly or indirectly benefit human well-being. There has been much recent literature identifying different services and the communities and species that provide them. This is a vital first step towards management and maintenance of these services. In this review, we specifically address the waterbirds, which play key functional roles in many aquatic ecosystems, including as predators, herbivores and vectors of seeds, invertebrates and nutrients, although these roles have often been overlooked. Waterbirds can maintain the diversity of other organisms, control pests, be effective bioindicators of ecological conditions, and act as sentinels of potential disease outbreaks. They also provide important provisioning (meat, feathers, eggs, etc.) and cultural services to both indigenous and westernized societies. We identify key gaps in the understanding of ecosystem services provided by waterbirds and areas for future research required to clarify their functional role in ecosystems and the services they provide. We consider how the economic value of these services could be calculated, giving some examples. Such valuation will provide powerful arguments for waterbird conservation. © 2013 The Authors. Biological Reviews © 2013 Cambridge Philosophical Society.

  13. Ancillary Services Provided from DER

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Campbell, J.B.


    Distributed energy resources (DER) are quickly making their way to industry primarily as backup generation. They are effective at starting and then producing full-load power within a few seconds. The distribution system is aging and transmission system development has not kept up with the growth in load and generation. The nation's transmission system is stressed with heavy power flows over long distances, and many areas are experiencing problems in providing the power quality needed to satisfy customers. Thus, a new market for DER is beginning to emerge. DER can alleviate the burden on the distribution system by providing ancillary services while providing a cost adjustment for the DER owner. This report describes 10 types of ancillary services that distributed generation (DG) can provide to the distribution system. Of these 10 services the feasibility, control strategy, effectiveness, and cost benefits are all analyzed as in the context of a future utility-power market. In this market, services will be provided at a local level that will benefit the customer, the distribution utility, and the transmission company.

  14. Are Anesthesia Providers Ready for Hypnosis? Anesthesia Providers' Attitudes Toward Hypnotherapy. (United States)

    Stone, Alexander B; Sheinberg, Rosanne; Bertram, Amanda; Seymour, Anastasia Rowland


    This study sought to measure current attitudes toward hypnosis among anesthesia providers using an in-person survey distributed at a single grand rounds at a single academic teaching hospital. One hundred twenty-six anesthesia providers (anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists) were included in this study. A 10-question Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved questionnaire was developed. One hundred twenty-six (73% of providers at the meeting) anesthesia providers completed the survey. Of the respondents, 54 (43%) were anesthesiologists, 42 (33%) were trainees (interns/residents/fellows) in anesthesia, and 30 (24%) were nurse anesthetists. Over 70% of providers, at each level of training, rated their knowledge of hypnosis as either below average or having no knowledge. Fifty-two (42%) providers agreed or strongly agreed that hypnotherapy has a place in the clinical practice of anesthesia, while 103 (83%) believed that positive suggestion has a place in the clinical practice of anesthesia (p < .0001). Common reasons cited against using hypnosis were that it is too time consuming (41%) and requires special training (34%). Only three respondents (2%) believed that there were no reasons for using hypnosis in their practice. These data suggest that there is a self-reported lack of knowledge about hypnosis among anesthesia providers, although many anesthesia providers are open to the use of hypnosis in their clinical practice. Anesthesia providers are more likely to support the use of positive suggestion in their practice than hypnosis. Practical concerns should be addressed if hypnosis and therapeutic verbal techniques are to gain more widespread use.

  15. Performance of the provider satisfaction inventory to measure provider satisfaction with diabetes care. (United States)

    Montori, Victor M; Tweedy, Deborah A; Vogelsang, Debra A; Schryver, Patricia G; Naessens, James M; Smith, Steven A


    To develop and validate an inventory to measure provider satisfaction with diabetes management. Using the Mayo Clinic Model of Care, a review of the literature, and expert input, we developed a 4-category (chronic disease management, collaborative team practice, outcomes, and supportive environment), 29-item, 7-point-per-item Provider Satisfaction Inventory (PSI). For evaluation of the PSI, we mailed the survey to 192 primary-care and specialized providers from 8 practice sites (of whom 60 primary-care providers were participating in either usual or planned diabetes care). The Cronbach a score was used to assess the instrument's internal reliability. Participating providers indicated satisfaction or dissatisfaction with management of chronic disease by responding to 29 statements. The response rate was 58%. In each category, the Cronbach a score ranged from 0.71 to 0.90. Providers expressed satisfaction with patient-physician relationships, with the contributions of the nurse educator to the team, and with physician leadership. Providers were dissatisfied with their ability to spend adequate time with the patient (3.6 +/- 1.4), their ability to give patients with diabetes necessary personal attention (4.1 +/- 1.2), the efficient passing of communication (4.3 +/- 1.2), and the opportunities for input to change practice (4.3 +/- 1.6). No statistically significant difference (P = 0.12) was found in mean total scores between planned care (5.0 +/- 0.5) and usual care (4.7 +/- 0.6) providers. Moreover, no significant differences were noted across practice sites. The PSI is a reliable and preliminarily valid instrument for measuring provider satisfaction with diabetes care. Use in research and quality improvement activities awaits further validation.

  16. Music Integration Therapy: An Instructional Tool for Students with Special Needs (United States)

    Rodriguez, Delilah


    Students with special needs are required by law to have an individualized education plan based on their unique educational needs. Special education teachers understand these needs and provide students with instructional strategies that allow them to succeed. Music has often been used to provide students with disabilities alternative ways to learn…

  17. Identifying Special Operations as a Distinct Foreign Policy Instrument

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Johnsen, Anton Asklund


    This chapter briefly discusses political premises for the question asked and secondly provides a condensed research review that relate to the question. The author discusses questions on civilian control and the advancement of special operations and finds it specifically important for SOF to be ab...... on special operations, it is essential to have insight into the instrument’s capabilities and limitations, as this provides the prerequisites for sound contextual strategic analysis.......This chapter briefly discusses political premises for the question asked and secondly provides a condensed research review that relate to the question. The author discusses questions on civilian control and the advancement of special operations and finds it specifically important for SOF to be able...... to clarify and explain what special operations strategic qualities exactly are. The author then elaborates on specific elements of special operations with a point of departure in the “cognitive maps of SOF” as formulated in the research question. The author recommends that in order to influence policy...

  18. Introduction to the special issue

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Ignacio Hualde


    Full Text Available The idea for this special issue developed from a conversation at an inter-national workshop where this guest-editor, the general editor of this journal, and several other linguists working on Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Basque were present. The topic of the conversation was the perceived need to have a new linguistics journal focusing on the languages of the Iberian Peninsula (including their extra-Peninsular expansion. This, it was agreed, should be an international journal with a rigorous reviewing process, to ensure its quality. After considering several options, all of us thought that the recently established JOURNAL of Portuguese Linguistics could very well serve this purpose by expanding its purview to encompass the other languages that have their origin in the Peninsula, both Ibero-Romance and Basque. I agreed to edit a special issue with this coverage, as a way to jump-start the process.

  19. FATHER PLAY: IS IT SPECIAL? (United States)

    Cabrera, Natasha J; Roggman, Lori


    Both mothers and fathers play with their children, but research on parent-child play interactions is conducted with mothers three times more often than it is with fathers. The articles in this special issue address this gap by focusing on the nature and quality of father-child play, across cultural contexts, and considering whether father play offers something unique and special for early human development, in infancy or early childhood. The studies show that fathers can be just as developmentally supportive as are mothers in terms of being playful and engaged with their children in ways that are related to greater child socioemotional competence, emotion regulation, and vocabulary, and to less aggression, anxiety, and negativity. We encourage future research to examine the cultural influences, family system dynamics, and specificity of timing and types of father-child play in relation to children's developmental competence. © 2017 Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health.

  20. Introduction to the special issue

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gorka Elordieta


    Full Text Available For the past few years there has been an intense and increasing collaboration effort between researchers working on the Iberian languages, and this is particularly true in the realm of phonetics and phonology. The 'Journal of Portuguese Linguistics 'has played a role in contributing to stimulate such a collaborative research focusing on the Iberian languages: first with a Special Issue on 'Variation and Change in the Iberian Languages: the Peninsula and Beyond', and now with a Special Issue on the 'Prosody of Ibero-Romance and Related Languages'. In fact, to broaden its scope of coverage to the Iberian languages has become an explicit goal of the journal. As guest-editors of this issue, we are very pleased to be able to contribute to this objective, which we find an extremely fruitful one.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Furia Donatella


    Full Text Available During the last decades, market segmentation and intra-industry trade have become increasingly relevant. The underlying hypothesis of our work is that distinct articles have heterogeneous potential for vertical differentiation, implying that different patterns of international specialization should be identifiable. We carry out an analysis on revealed comparative advantage (through the Lafay Index in specific sectors of interest. Then we highlight the emergence of diverse degrees of product quality differentiation among sectors (through the Relative Quality Index. Results confirm our hypothesis. Indeed it appears that only certain goods, for which the pace of either creative or technological innovation (or both is particularly fast, present a high degree of vertical differentiation and market segmentation. This allows countries to specialize in a particular product variety and gain market power position for that variety. These findings should be taken in due consideration when designing trade policies.

  2. Enstore with Chimera namespace provider

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Litvintsev, Dmitry [Fermilab; Moibenko, Alexander [Fermilab; Oleynik, Gene [Fermilab; Zalokar, Michael [Fermilab


    Enstore is a mass storage system developed by Fermilab that provides distributed access and management of data stored on tapes. It uses a namespace service, PNFS, developed by DESY to provide a filesystem-like view of the stored data. PNFS is a legacy product and is being replaced by a new implementation, called Chimera, which is also developed by DESY. Chimera offers multiple advantages over PNFS in terms of performance and functionality. The Enstore client component, encp, has been modified to work with Chimera, as well as with any other namespace provider. We performed high load end-to-end acceptance test of Enstore with the Chimera namespace. This paper describes the modifications to Enstore, the test procedure and the results of the acceptance testing.

  3. Preface to the Special Issue


    Agostini, Tiziano


    Dear colleagues, This Special Issue of the Review of Psychology includes a collection of the abstracts of the contributions to the 9th Alps-Adria Psychology Conference that took place on September 16 – 18, 2010 at the Alps-Adria University of Klagenfurt in Austria, and the awarded papers presented by six young scientists at this conference. In the preparation phase to the first conference (then called a symposium), the author of this foreword visited all the departments of psychology of...

  4. Special working conditions of juveniles


    Tomek, Pavel


    Resumé: In my rigorous work I dealt with the legal arrangement of the special working conditions of juveniles and minors. These conditions are being legally arranged since over two centuries. One of the characteristical signs in the development of this legal arrangement is enlarging the legal protection of working minors as well as of juveniles resulting namely in shortening the working hours for minors, determinations of the minimal age for taking a job, determinations of the obligatory scho...

  5. A special relativistic heat engine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    William S. Cariens


    main concepts taken from themodynamics and special relativity are those of a heat engine and E=mc2 respectively. Central to understanding the operation of this relativistic heat engine is the fact that upon heating a mass, its rest mass increases! This concept is nonexistent in classical thermodynamics. An increase in rest mass means that both the internal energy of a mass and its macroscopic kinetic energy increase!!!

  6. Integration/Inclusion Needs Assessment: Providing Education for Everyone in Regular Schools (PEERS). Revised Edition. (United States)

    Halvorsen, Ann T.; And Others

    This needs assessment instrument was developed as part of the PEERS (Providing Education for Everyone in Regular Schools) Project, a California project to integrate students with severe disabilities who were previously at special centers into services at regular school sites and students who were in special classes in regular schools into general…

  7. [Tendency of specialization in medicine]. (United States)

    Pereira, J C


    The evolution of medicine from an applied science to the extension of specialized medical care delivery, has had a bearing on the student's early decision, influenced by a specialist teacher, to chose specialization in a given field. The author gives current explanations of the specialization process in order to conclude that, in Brazil, one of its leading determinants is a policy of the social welfare system that favors the specialist. Other factors cited are the (not always justified) preference of patients--at least of those who can afford it--for physicians who work with sophisticated equipment, the vested interests of the industry that produces or owns that equipment, and the desire of the young physician to escape the stiff competition he would encounter in general practice, while at the same time separating himself from the somewhat negative image of the general clinician who does not keep abreast of developments in medicine. The author examines the question in light of sociological theories of social and technical division of labor, and asserts that the process has led to the atomization of responsibilities among physicians who have become incapable, because of overspecialization, of viewing the patient as a biological, psychological, social and cultural whole.

  8. Providing Southern Perspectives on CSR

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jeppesen, Søren; Kothuis, Bas

    The article seeks to contribute to the SMEs and CSR literature in developing countries by providing; a) a ‘Southern’ SME perspective, which includes the voices of managers and workers, b) a perspective of CSR, which opens up to informal CSR practices that SMEs undertake, and c) an analysis...

  9. Wind Turbine Providing Grid Support

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    A variable speed wind turbine is arranged to provide additional electrical power to counteract non-periodic disturbances in an electrical grid. A controller monitors events indicating a need to increase the electrical output power from the wind turbine to the electrical grid. The controller...

  10. Narratives of Ghanaian abortion providers

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    AJRH Managing Editor

    Michigan, Department of Women's Studies, Ann Arbor, MI, USA; 7University of Michigan, Department of Obstetrics and. Gynaecology, Ann Arbor, MI USA ..... personal spending habits of physicians who were known to provide abortion – a new ..... characterized by safe space for speaking can improve physician's resilience to ...

  11. Twitter for travel medicine providers. (United States)

    Mills, Deborah J; Kohl, Sarah E


    Travel medicine practitioners, perhaps more so than medical practitioners working in other areas of medicine, require a constant flow of information to stay up-to-date, and provide best practice information and care to their patients. Many travel medicine providers are unaware of the popularity and potential of the Twitter platform. Twitter use among our travellers, as well as by physicians and health providers, is growing exponentially. There is a rapidly expanding body of published literature on this information tool. This review provides a brief overview of the ways Twitter is being used by health practitioners, the advantages that are peculiar to Twitter as a platform of social media, and how the interested practitioner can get started. Some key points about the dark side of Twitter are highlighted, as well as the potential benefits of using Twitter as a way to disseminate accurate medical information to the public. This article will help readers develop an increased understanding of Twitter as a tool for extracting useful facts and insights from the ever increasing volume of health information. © International Society of Travel Medicine, 2016. All rights reserved. Published by Oxford University Press. For permissions, please e-mail:

  12. Social Assessment of Specially Protected Natural Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Galina Viktorovna Mikhailova


    Full Text Available Approaches to the consideration of functions of specially protected natural areas (SPNA in the development of society seek to determine the size of the territory withdrawn from agricultural use for the purposes of nature conservation; these approaches also aim to evaluate money revenue gained from these territories. However, the influence of SPNA on public life is not reduced to the “monetization” of the territory. People who live near conservation areas and experience the advantages (disadvantages of such neighbourhood should be the focus of the study of the social role of protected areas. The social role of SPNA in the life of local communities in the Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Karelia Republic was identified with the help of public opinion survey. In total 575 people participated in the survey. The research was carried out in the settlements located within the boundaries of Kenozersky and Vodlozersky national parks, and near Shilovsky Nature Reserve. When measuring the impact of conservation areas on the society of the neighbouring settlements, the authors define the axiological, emotional-and-psychological, activityand-regulatory, economic, forecasting and integrated components. The research findings show that the residents acknowledge the conservation value of protected areas; many of the inhabitants of adjacent territories do not experience inconveniences in connection with the special environmental regime, they earn income connected to the operation of SPNA; there is a positive attitude towards the activity of SPNA. If these areas cease functioning, then one third of the respondents expect negative changes in their life. Specially protected natural areas contribute to the socio-cultural and spiritual development of the local community to a greater extent in comparison with its socio-economic development. The presence of SPNA on the territory of the municipality opens up opportunities for new types of economic activities, provides

  13. Special Edition: Environment in Sustainable Development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephen Morse


    Full Text Available When we were invited by the editors of Sustainability to put together a special edition on “Environment in Sustainable Development” our first reaction was to question whether this was really needed. After all, the environment has long been regarded as a central plank in sustainability and there are countless articles and books published on an annual basis that explore the impact of our economic and social activities on our environment. Just what is it that a special edition can achieve? What new angles could we hope to provide? Our initial thinking was to link the special edition to a particular, almost unique, location in time rather than space. We are in the process of recovering, albeit stuttering, from the deepest economic crash experienced by the European and North American economies. The crash has brought some national economies to their knees and, if economic commentators are to be believed, almost destroyed the Euro. Recovery from that crash has been slow and it is arguable whether at the time of writing this has developed much momentum. There is still the skewed perception that prosperity equals economic growth and that economic growth can take place without real (sustainable development or by simply implementing austerity measures and surely without people’s participation. An analogy from National Parks worldwide is when conservation agencies try to enforce protection without local people’s support. All such attempts have either failed or resurrected only once people’s involvement was secured and guaranteed. The unidirectional austerity measures imposed mainly in the countries of southern Europe have destroyed social cohesion leaving deeply wounded societies, while at the same time have also put up for grabs important assets (including natural capital in each of these countries and therefore in jeopardy even their long term recovery.

  14. 75 FR 47801 - Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services; Overview Information; Special... (United States)


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services; Overview Information; Special Demonstration.... Alexa Posny, Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services. BILLING CODE 4000-01...

  15. Wilderness Preparticipation Evaluation and Considerations for Special Populations. (United States)

    Joy, Elizabeth; Van Baak, Karin; Dec, Katherine L; Semakula, Barbara; Cardin, Ashlea D; Lemery, Jay; Wortley, George C; Yaron, Michael; Madden, Christopher


    Children, older adults, disabled and special needs athletes, and female athletes who participate in outdoor and wilderness sports and activities each face unique risks. For children and adolescents traveling to high altitude, the preparticipation physical evaluation should focus on risk assessment, prevention strategies, early recognition of altitude-related symptoms, management plans, and appropriate follow-up. As the risk and prevalence of chronic disease increases with age, both older patients and providers need to be aware of disease and medication-specific risks relative to wilderness sport and activity participation. Disabled and special needs athletes benefit from careful pre-event planning for the potential medical issues and equipment modifications that may affect their health in wilderness environments. Issues that demand special consideration for female adventurers include pregnancy, contraceptive use, menses, and ferritin levels at altitude. A careful preparticipation evaluation that factors in unique, population- specific risks will help special populations stay healthy and safe on wilderness adventures. The PubMed and SportDiscus databases were searched in 2014 using both MeSH terms and text words and include peer-reviewed English language articles from 1977 to 2014. Additional information was accessed from Web-based sources to produce this narrative review on preparticipation evaluation for special populations undertaking wilderness adventures. Key words include children, adolescent, pediatric, seniors, elderly, disabled, special needs, female, athlete, preparticipiation examination, wilderness medicine, and sports. Copyright © 2015. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  16. The special theory of relativity a mathematical approach

    CERN Document Server

    Rahaman, Farook


    The book expounds the major topics in the special theory of relativity. It provides a detailed examination of the mathematical foundation of the special theory of relativity, relativistic mass, relativistic mechanics and relativistic electrodynamics.  As well as covariant formulation of relativistic mechanics and electrodynamics, the book discusses the relativistic effect on photons. Using a mathematical approach, the text offers graduate students a clear, concise view of the special theory of relativity. Organized into 14 chapters and two appendices, the content is presented in a logical order, and every topic has been dealt with in a simple and lucid manner. To aid understanding of the subject, the book provides numerous relevant worked examples in every chapter. The book’s mathematical approach helps students in their independent study and motivates them to research the topic further.

  17. Providing traceability for neuroimaging analyses. (United States)

    McClatchey, Richard; Branson, Andrew; Anjum, Ashiq; Bloodsworth, Peter; Habib, Irfan; Munir, Kamran; Shamdasani, Jetendr; Soomro, Kamran


    With the increasingly digital nature of biomedical data and as the complexity of analyses in medical research increases, the need for accurate information capture, traceability and accessibility has become crucial to medical researchers in the pursuance of their research goals. Grid- or Cloud-based technologies, often based on so-called Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), are increasingly being seen as viable solutions for managing distributed data and algorithms in the bio-medical domain. For neuroscientific analyses, especially those centred on complex image analysis, traceability of processes and datasets is essential but up to now this has not been captured in a manner that facilitates collaborative study. Few examples exist, of deployed medical systems based on Grids that provide the traceability of research data needed to facilitate complex analyses and none have been evaluated in practice. Over the past decade, we have been working with mammographers, paediatricians and neuroscientists in three generations of projects to provide the data management and provenance services now required for 21st century medical research. This paper outlines the finding of a requirements study and a resulting system architecture for the production of services to support neuroscientific studies of biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease. The paper proposes a software infrastructure and services that provide the foundation for such support. It introduces the use of the CRISTAL software to provide provenance management as one of a number of services delivered on a SOA, deployed to manage neuroimaging projects that have been studying biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease. In the neuGRID and N4U projects a Provenance Service has been delivered that captures and reconstructs the workflow information needed to facilitate researchers in conducting neuroimaging analyses. The software enables neuroscientists to track the evolution of workflows and datasets. It also tracks the outcomes of

  18. Preparing to provide MTM services. (United States)

    Glenn, Zandra M; Mahdavian, Soheyla L; Woodard, Todd J


    Medication Therapy Management (MTM) has been a way for pharmacist to enhance their position as an integral member of the health care team as the need for improved clinical and economic outcomes in relation to the US health care system became apparent. MTM Certificate training programs are provided by numerous organizations. Collaboration Practice Agreements (CPA) are gaining significance as the role of the pharmacist is expanding in the care of patients as part of a multidisciplinary health care team. One major hurdle that many pharmacists are faced with is receiving reimbursement for the services provided. The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 recognized that pharmacists play an important role in the management of patient care and that pharmacists bring an expertise and knowledge that will help to identify and resolve patient medication therapy problems. © The Author(s) 2014.

  19. Support Net for Frontline Providers (United States)


    With a multidisciplinary team that included an external evaluator (Dr. Robert Durham), and an extended research team (Drs. Alan Peterson and Bret...21.7%) indicated being single. The sample of providers included 13 clinical psychologists (21.7%), 17 counselors or psychotherapists (28.3%), three...a sample of service members from Iraq and Afghanistan. Military Medicine, 172, 359–363. Figley, C. R. (2002). Compassion fatigue: Psychotherapists

  20. Digital Storytelling – Special issue

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yngve Nordkvelle


    Wiesinger et al. We think, however, that an exploration of a more multimedial approach to dissemination of research in the field is needed. With this in mind, we believe that “”, unhampered by many of the limits of the medium of paper, offers an opportunity to express a richer account of the field. We have encouraged the authors to provide presentations that use digital stories as examples, demonstrations, and expositions, while maintaining certain traditional academic elements, such as an abstract and references. We hope the readers will appreciate the variety of genres that support the ordinary textual information of this journal. All contributions have been peer-reviewed by independent reviewers, who are selected among members of our editorial board, and an expert panel. The less conventional papers have been selected to fit in with our section of “Practical papers”. We consider these papers of high practical merit. We thank Joe Lambert of the Center for Digital Storytelling, professor Theo Hug of University of Innsbruck, and professor Knut Lundby, University of Oslo who have acted as an advisory board to the editors for this special issue. They have provided us with access to their networks, assisted in attracting good reviewers and responded to our practical and principal questions along the way to publishing.Teaching and learning with Digital StorytellingMonica Nilsson, at the University of Stockholm, discusses digital storytelling in this article. A digital story is defined as a multimodal narrative text comprising  pictures, music, speech, sound and script.  In the article she describes and analyzes a nine year old boy´s digital stories and argues that new media, here as digital storytelling, has the potential to play a significant role in the development of both literacy and creativity.Grete Jamissen and Goro Skou work at the University College of Oslo. In their article, “ Poetic reflection through digital storytelling – a methodology to

  1. Warm eyes provide superior vision in swordfishes. (United States)

    Fritsches, Kerstin A; Brill, Richard W; Warrant, Eric J


    Large and powerful ocean predators such as swordfishes, some tunas, and several shark species are unique among fishes in that they are capable of maintaining elevated body temperatures (endothermy) when hunting for prey in deep and cold water . In these animals, warming the central nervous system and the eyes is the one common feature of this energetically costly adaptation . In the swordfish (Xiphias gladius), a highly specialized heating system located in an extraocular muscle specifically warms the eyes and brain up to 10 degrees C-15 degrees C above ambient water temperatures . Although the function of neural warming in fishes has been the subject of considerable speculation , the biological significance of this unusual ability has until now remained unknown. We show here that warming the retina significantly improves temporal resolution, and hence the detection of rapid motion, in fast-swimming predatory fishes such as the swordfish. Depending on diving depth, temporal resolution can be more than ten times greater in these fishes than in fishes with eyes at the same temperature as the surrounding water. The enhanced temporal resolution allowed by heated eyes provides warm-blooded and highly visual oceanic predators, such as swordfishes, tunas, and sharks, with a crucial advantage over their agile, cold-blooded prey.

  2. Scientifically-theoretical ground of influence of the special physical preparation on indexes of professional capacity and safety of flights of students of flying specialities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kirpenko V.N.


    Full Text Available The special physical preparation as component of educational-battle to activity of students in the period of flying preparation and its influence on a capacity and safety of flights is shown. A role and value of raid of clock, special physical preparation of students of flying composition in accordance with the specific of military-professional and educational activity is considered. Facilities of the special physical preparation are presented: gymnastics, swimming, ski preparation, track-and-field, special trainings shells. The elements of the system of preparation of students of flying specialities are certain. Components, elements and factors of the special physical preparation in the period of flying preparation of students of different courses, step-up their physical and psychological preparedness are considered. Attention on providing of terms of safety of flights is accented.

  3. Translating human biology (introduction to special issue). (United States)

    Brewis, Alexandra A; Mckenna, James J


    Introducing a special issue on "Translating Human Biology," we pose two basic questions: Is human biology addressing the most critical challenges facing our species? How can the processes of translating our science be improved and innovated? We analyze articles published in American Journal of Human Biology from 2004-2013, and find there is very little human biological consideration of issues related to most of the core human challenges such as water, energy, environmental degradation, or conflict. There is some focus on disease, and considerable focus on food/nutrition. We then introduce this special volume with reference to the following articles that provide exemplars for the process of how translation and concern for broader context and impacts can be integrated into research. Human biology has significant unmet potential to engage more fully in translation for the public good, through consideration of the topics we focus on, the processes of doing our science, and the way we present our domain expertise. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  4. Lattice theory special topics and applications

    CERN Document Server

    Wehrung, Friedrich

    George Grätzer's Lattice Theory: Foundation is his third book on lattice theory (General Lattice Theory, 1978, second edition, 1998). In 2009, Grätzer considered updating the second edition to reflect some exciting and deep developments. He soon realized that to lay the foundation, to survey the contemporary field, to pose research problems, would require more than one volume and more than one person. So Lattice Theory: Foundation provided the foundation. Now we complete this project with Lattice Theory: Special Topics and Applications, written by a distinguished group of experts, to cover some of the vast areas not in Foundation. This first volume is divided into three parts. Part I. Topology and Lattices includes two chapters by Klaus Keimel, Jimmie Lawson and Ales Pultr, Jiri Sichler. Part II. Special Classes of Finite Lattices comprises four chapters by Gabor Czedli, George Grätzer and Joseph P. S. Kung. Part III. Congruence Lattices of Infinite Lattices and Beyond includes four chapters by Friedrich W...

  5. Special labour protection of certain employee categories

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jovanović Predrag P.


    Full Text Available The employed women, the youth and the disabled enjoy special protection at work. Such a protection is stipulated by legal documents of the international and our labour law. The protection of women is provided for three reasons: the need to emancipate women and their equalisation with all the rights as men have; the protection due to women's physical constitution; the protection due to women's role in biological reproduction of the population (pregnancy, childbirth and maternity. The youth enjoy protection due to their young age and accordingly their adequate psychophysical and mental maturity. By youth, children and people under 18 are implied, because the minimum age for entering into labour relations is 15. This refers to the minors that are exposed to the adverse effect of the working conditions where certain more damaging and more difficult jobs can leave severe and lethal consequences on the youth's development. The disabled are people with a reduced working ability, and thus the odds of them finding a suitable job and keep it are significantly reduced, as opposed to other people. Therefore, the reasons of their special protection lie in the need to bring them to equal terms as others to achieve their socio-economic rights at work and connected with work.

  6. Application of RSS in Special Libraries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shima Moradi


    Full Text Available Despite of ever increasing scope and volume of online information content and the constant need for easy accessibility to these contents, experts in various subject matters always face time constraints when searching for information or looking up their intended resource. Meanwhile, special libraries are faced with diminishing resources, time and human resource needed for providing services and meeting the information need of the said experts. Nowadays Push Technologies, in form of RSS could be used to speed up on-time information dissemination. RSS feeds could spontaneously deliver information to the users. These could be posted on webpages or read by RSS readers. RSS has numerous applications such as web page content update, reading lists, table of contents, current awareness, guides etc. The present paper while outlining RSS as one of the next generation web tools, would point out its various advantages and applications in the new generation of libraries (Lib 2.0,particularly the special libraries. It would also offer pointers to its application in meeting the information needs of experts and users in such libraries.

  7. Dental anesthesia for patients with special needs. (United States)

    Wang, Yi-Chia; Lin, I-Hua; Huang, Chi-Hsiang; Fan, Shou-Zen


    To offer individualized dental treatment to certain patients who cannot tolerate dental treatment, sedation or general anesthesia is required. The needs could be either medical, mental, or psychological. The most common indications for sedation or general anesthesia are lack of cooperation, multiple morbidities, and pediatric autism. In adults, cognitive impairment and multiple morbidities are most commonly encountered indications. Because of suboptimal home care, incomplete medical history, poor preoperative management, lack of cooperation, and developmental abnormalities, it is a challenge to prepare anesthesia for patients with special needs. The American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) has proposed guidelines for office-based anesthesia for ambulatory surgery. In patients with ASA physical status IV and V, sedation or general anesthesia for treatment in the dental office is not recommended. The distinction between sedation levels and general anesthesia is not clear. If intravenous general anesthesia without tracheal intubation is chosen for dental procedures, full cooperation between the dentist, dental assistant, and anesthesiologist is needed. Teamwork between the dentist and healthcare provider is key to achieve safe and successful dental treatment under sedation or general anesthesia in the patient with special needs. Copyright © 2012. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  8. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Development Infections Diseases & Conditions Pregnancy & Baby Nutrition & Fitness Emotions & Behavior School & Family Life First Aid & Safety Doctors & ... Care for Your Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Help for Your Child Words to Know ( ...

  9. ICSSP 2015–Special Issue Introduction

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pfahl, Dietmar; Kuhrmann, Marco; Bendraou, Reda


    Introduction to the Special Issue of the International Conference on Software and System Process......Introduction to the Special Issue of the International Conference on Software and System Process...

  10. Transportation planning for planned special events (United States)


    Unique among planned special event activities are those events that carry the National Special Security Event (NSSE) designation. NSSEs occur with some frequency, with 35 of these events held between September 1998 and February 2010. These events inc...

  11. 27 CFR 44.145 - Special. (United States)


    ... PAYMENT OF TAX, OR WITH DRAWBACK OF TAX Operations by Export Warehouse Proprietors Inventories § 44.145 Special. A special inventory shall be made by the export warehouse proprietor whenever required by any...

  12. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Parents site Sitio para padres General Health Growth & Development Infections Diseases & Conditions Pregnancy & Baby Nutrition & Fitness Emotions & ... Care for Your Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Help for Your Child Words to Know ( ...

  13. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... for Parents for Kids for Teens Search Parents Home General Health Growth & Development Infections Diseases & Conditions Pregnancy & ... Care for Your Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Support for Your Child Words to Know ( ...

  14. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... for Teens Search Parents Home General Health Growth & Development Infections Diseases & Conditions Pregnancy & Baby Nutrition & Fitness Emotions & ... for Health Insurance Finding Respite Care for Your Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Support for ...

  15. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Development Infections Diseases & Conditions Pregnancy & Baby Nutrition & Fitness Emotions & Behavior School & Family Life First Aid & Safety Doctors & ... for Health Insurance Finding Respite Care for Your Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Support for ...

  16. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... How Many Doses of Flu Vaccine Does My Child Need? Heart-Healthy Recipes Giving Teens a Voice ... for Health Insurance Finding Respite Care for Your Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Support for ...

  17. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Find Affordable Health Care How to Shop for Health Insurance Finding Respite Care for Your Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Help for Your Child Words to Know ( ...

  18. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... learn about everything from financial and health care benefits to employment and housing options. ... Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Support for Your Child Words to Know ( ...

  19. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... for Teens Search Parents Home General Health Growth & Development Infections Diseases & Conditions Pregnancy & Baby Nutrition & Fitness Emotions & ... Care for Your Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Support for Your Child Words to Know ( ...

  20. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Healthy Drinks for Kids Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Video) KidsHealth > For Parents > Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Video) Print A A A Young adults with ...

  1. 78 FR 18420 - Special Permit Applications Actions (United States)


    ... letters EE represent applications for Emergency Special Permits. It should be noted that some of the... configuration. 13232-M CP Industries, 49 CFR 178.37(k)(2)(i); To modify the special permit McKeesport, PA. 178...

  2. Computing special functions by using quadrature rules

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    A. Gil (Amparo); J. Segura (Javier); N.M. Temme (Nico)


    textabstractThe usual tools for computing special functions are power series, asymptotic expansions, continued fractions, differential equations, recursions, and so on. Rather seldom are methods based on quadrature of integrals. Selecting suitable integral representations of special functions, using

  3. Special Needs: Planning for Adulthood (Videos)

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Health Growth & Development Infections Diseases & Conditions Pregnancy & Baby Nutrition & Fitness Emotions & Behavior School & Family Life First Aid & ... Care for Your Child With Special Needs Special Education: Getting Help for Your Child Words to Know ( ...

  4. Industrial Specialization: Determinants, Processes and Consequences

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Zhang, L.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/315889152


    This thesis examines the causes, processes and consequences of industrial specialization. Specifically, three sets of questions are addressed. First, how do trade and financial openness affect industrial specialization across countries? Second, how does trade openness affect industrial composition

  5. Providing Southern Perspectives on CSR


    Jeppesen, Søren; Kothuis, Bas


    The article seeks to contribute to the SMEs and CSR literature in developing countries by providing; a) a ‘Southern’ SME perspective, which includes the voices of managers and workers, b) a perspective of CSR, which opens up to informal CSR practices that SMEs undertake, and c) an analysis of the key institutional issues affecting the CSR practices of SMEs. It presents perceptions of CSR practices among 21 SMEs in the garment industry in South Africa, based on 40 interviews with managers and ...

  6. 29 CFR 779.388 - Exemption provided for food or beverage service employees. (United States)


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Exemption provided for food or beverage service employees... Service Establishments Restaurants and Establishments Providing Food and Beverage Service § 779.388 Exemption provided for food or beverage service employees. (a) A special exemption is provided in section 13...

  7. Cost analysis of consolidated federally provided health care


    Harding, Joshua R.; Munoz Aguirre, Carlos R.


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited This study explores specialization of health care as a solution to increase efficiency to the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs health care. Health care for veterans and eligible beneficiaries continues to pose a significant budgetary constraint to the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs. Without modification to the current services provided at the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, health care service will e...

  8. A primer of special relativity

    CERN Document Server

    Sardesai, PL


    A Primer of Special Relativity1 is an unusually lucid introduction to the subject specifically written for Indian students. It is intended to give the beginner a firm grounding for a more advanced course in relativity. An entire chapter is devoted to applications of the theory to elucidate a large number of topics the students (B.Sc. Physics) come across in Modern Physics. Detailed and well-selected examples are used to illuminate aspects of the theory as well as to show techniques of application. A large number of Illustrative Examples enables the students to gain confidence to solve any problem in relativity normally expected of B.Sc. students.

  9. Design of special planar linkages

    CERN Document Server

    Zhao, Jing-Shan; Ma, Ning; Chu, Fulei


    Planar linkages play a very important role in mechanical engineering. As the simplest closed chain mechanisms, planar four-bar linkages are widely used in mechanical engineering, civil engineering and aerospace engineering.Design of Special Planar Linkages proposes a uniform design theory for planar four-bar linkages. The merit of the method proposed in this book is that it allows engineers to directly obtain accurate results when there are such solutions for the specified n precise positions; otherwise, the best approximate solutions will be found. This book discusses the kinematics and reach

  10. Speciality chemicals from synthesis gas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lin, J.J.; Knifton, J.F. (Shell Development Company, Houston, TX (USA))


    Texaco has undertaken research to investigate the use of carbon monoxide and hydrogen as building blocks for the manufacture of amidocarbonylation products. The amidocarbonylation reaction offers a convenient method to construct two functionalities - amido and carboxylate - simultaneously. Texaco has extended this chemistry to make a variety of speciality chemicals by tailoring cobalt catalysts. Products which have been made including: surface active agents such as the C{sub 14} - C{sub 16} alkyl amidoacids; surfactants; intermediates for sweeteners like aspartame; food additives like glutamic acid; and chelating agents such as polyamidoacids. 20 refs., 10 figs., 1 tab.

  11. The special theory of relativity

    CERN Document Server

    Devanathan, V


    THE SPECIAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY, designed as a text book for undergraduate and postgraduate students, deals with the Michelson-Morley experiment, the concept of unified space and time, the Lorentz transformation of physical quantities, length contraction, time dilation, the Minkowski space, the mass-energy relation, the concept of four-vectors, the relativistic mechanics, the laws of transformation between centre of momentum and laboratory systems, the relativistic kinematics, the unification of laws of electricity and magnetism into laws of electromagnetism, the invariance of Maxwell's equations under Lorentz transformation and the Lorentz transformation of electromagnetic quantities. KEY FEATURES: * Review Questions * Problems * Solutions to Problems * Multiple Choice Questions

  12. The Axioms and Special Assumptions (United States)

    Borchers, Hans-Jürgen; Sen, Rathindra Nath

    For ease of reference, the axioms, the nontriviality assumptions (3.1.10), the definition of a D-set and the special assumptions of Chaps. 5 and 6 are collected together in the following. The verbal explanations that follow the formal definitions a)-f) of (4.2.1) have been omitted. The entries below are numbered as they are in the text. Recall that βC is the subset of the cone C which, in a D-set, is seen to coincide with the boundary of C after the topology is introduced (Sects. 3.2 and 3.2.1).

  13. Handbook of Leadership and Administration for Special Education (United States)

    Crockett, Jean B., Ed.; Billingsley, Bonnie, Ed.; Boscardin, Mary Lynn, Ed.


    This book brings together for the first time research informing leadership practice in special education from preschool through transition into post-secondary settings. It provides comprehensive coverage of 1) disability policy 2) leadership knowledge, 3) school reform, and 4) effective educational leadership practices. Broader in scope than…

  14. Special Education in Saudi Arabia: Challenges, Perspectives, Future Possibilities (United States)

    Alquraini, Turki


    This paper provides a brief background of the education system in Saudi Arabia and current special education services and programs for students with disabilities. Additionally, this paper presents the findings of some studies that examined teachers' perspectives regarding the inclusion of students with disabilities. As Saudi Arabia continues its…

  15. Bibliografia Especializada: Educacion Basica (Specialized Bibliography: Basic Education). (United States)

    Boletin del Centro Nacional de Documentacion e Informacion Educativa, 1971


    This specialized international bibliography on basic education lists almost 50 documents written between 1969 and 1971 in Spanish, French, and Italian on the topic of elementary education. Annotations are provided for nine of the articles. Specific topics range from elementary reading and math education to curriculum planning. (VM)

  16. Coagulation revisited : Special focus on Prothrombotic states and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    clot . We now have greater insight than ever before on the. Coagulation revisited : Special focus on. Prothrombotic states and anticoagulation. S Mayet degradation of clot and how the different mediators like thrombin , antithrombin and protein C and S act on the cascade. This review aims to provide an overview of the “new”.

  17. An Examination of Special Focus Facility Nursing Homes (United States)

    Castle, Nicholas G.; Engberg, John


    Purpose: Nursing facilities that are determined to have a greater number of quality problems, more serious problems than average, and a demonstrated pattern of quality problems are included in the Special Focus Facility (SFF) initiative. The purpose of this research was to provide descriptive information on these SFFs and to examine the quality…

  18. Cost Effectiveness of Alternative Route Special Education Teacher Preparation (United States)

    Sindelar, Paul T.; Dewey, James F.; Rosenberg, Michael S.; Corbett, Nancy L.; Denslow, David; Lotfinia, Babik


    In this study, the authors estimated costs of alternative route preparation to provide states a basis for allocating training funds to maximize production. Thirty-one special education alternative route program directors were interviewed and completed cost tables. Two hundred and twenty-four program graduates were also surveyed. The authors…

  19. 14 CFR 23.2 - Special retroactive requirements. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Special retroactive requirements. 23.2 Section 23.2 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AIRCRAFT... airplane for entry into the United States must provide a safety belt and shoulder harness for each forward...

  20. Essential Tension: Specialization with Broad and General Training in Psychology (United States)

    Roberts, Michael C.


    The practice fields of psychology develop through specialization in training and education. The recognized specialties play a major role in developing new opportunities for professional psychology and providing quality services for the public. The essential tension comes from the balance of innovation and tradition and, in professional psychology,…

  1. Achieving Inclusion? Effective Resourcing of Students with Special Educational Needs (United States)

    Banks, Joanne; Frawley, Denise; McCoy, Selina


    In line with the increasing policy emphasis on inclusive education, there is now a greater focus on how best to provide for students special educational needs (SEN) in mainstream schools. However, there is little consensus internationally as to the most equitable way in which to support these students. Despite ongoing evaluations of the existing…

  2. Endosomes: multipurpose designs for integrating housekeeping and specialized tasks

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sachse, M.; Ramm, G.; Strous, G.J.; Klumperman, J.


    In most cells the endocytic system is organized following a common concept that allows for the integrative handling of a variety of housekeeping functions. In addition, variations on the general scheme provide for specialized endosome-based pathways that occur only in specific cell types. The

  3. Journal of Special Operations Medicine Volume 1, Edition 1 (United States)


    of Special Operations Medicine SCENARIO 20 December, 1999: Swiss Hotel , Quito, Ecuador. Seven working men, newly shaven and in new warm up suits and...had oral tu- berculosis lesions. Everyone triaged was provided with a toothbrush , fluoridated toothpaste, and dental (L-R) MSG Curt Edwards, CPT Mike

  4. Intestinal parasitic infection with special reference to Entamoeba ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The prevalence of human intestinal parasitic infections with special reference to Entamoeba histolytica was conducted in Keffi and Karu Local Government Areas of Nasarawa State, Nigeria, with a view to provide information for effective control strategies for parasitic infections in the study-areas. Fresh stool samples were ...

  5. Marketing for Special Libraries and Information Centers: The Positioning Process. (United States)

    Sterngold, Arthur


    The positioning process of marketing used by special libraries and information centers involves two key decisions from which other decisions are derived: to which user groups marketing programs and services will be directed; and which information needs will be served. Two cases are discussed and a bibliography is provided. (EJS)

  6. Mind the Gap: Accountability, Observation and Special Education (United States)

    Crowe, Christina C.; Rivers, Susan E.; Bertoli, Michelle C.


    There is an absence of observation-based tools designed to evaluate teaching in special education classrooms. Evaluations derived from classroom observations are integral to the accountability process, adding value to understanding teaching and learning by providing a lens into the classroom that test scores cannot capture. The present paper…

  7. Catering for children with special needs in the regular classroom ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... provided via inclusive education or integration of special class and units into ordinary/public classes under the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme. These policy statements appear lofty but their attainment under the present situation seems to be a mirage. Already, about seven million Nigerian children of school ...

  8. Scientific Literacy Campaign among Children with Special Needs ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... for them and equipping them to make decisions about matters which affect their well-being. The resources for scientific literacy should be provided. The importance of scientific literacy among the gifted and the necessity of assessment of scientific literacy level among children with special needs are adequately discussed.

  9. Applying Systems Thinking to Improve Special Education in Ohio (United States)

    Levenson, Nathan


    This report was written at the request of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio, to inform the discussion of state-level policy makers and other stakeholders on how to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of services provided to Ohio's students with special needs. It is critical for Ohio to find…

  10. Beyond the Brick Walls: Homeschooling Students with Special Needs (United States)

    Cook, Kathleen B.; Bennett, Katie E.; Lane, Justin D.; Mataras, Theologia K.


    The percentage of children with special needs receiving academic instruction at home has substantially increased since a resurgence of homeschooling during the 1990s. In light of this information, the purpose of this article was to provide an overview of the history and laws related to homeschooling, the characteristics of homeschool families, and…

  11. 47 CFR 78.33 - Special temporary authority. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Special temporary authority. 78.33 Section 78.33 Telecommunication FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (CONTINUED) BROADCAST RADIO SERVICES CABLE... with § 78.18: Provided, however, That in the case of events of widespread interest and importance that...

  12. Preparing Special Educators to Assume Collaborative and Consultative Roles (United States)

    Long, Thomas J.; Brown, Carole; Nagy-Rado, Agnes


    The incidence of children with disabilities is growing in both the private and public school sectors. As a result of this trend and efforts to place children in inclusive settings, there is an increasing need for special educators who can provide instruction within the context of a regular education classroom, develop individualized education…

  13. Special Issue: 3D Printing for Biomedical Engineering. (United States)

    Chua, Chee Kai; Yeong, Wai Yee; An, Jia


    Three-dimensional (3D) printing has a long history of applications in biomedical engineering. The development and expansion of traditional biomedical applications are being advanced and enriched by new printing technologies. New biomedical applications such as bioprinting are highly attractive and trendy. This Special Issue aims to provide readers with a glimpse of the recent profile of 3D printing in biomedical research.

  14. Victimization in Different Contexts: Comments on the Special Issue (United States)

    Smith, Peter K.


    The eight contributions to this special issue provide an informative focus on many aspects of peer-based victimization in schools. Often using sophisticated quantitative and analytic procedures, they advance our knowledge in several important domains, pointing out important contextual variables, interactions, and mediating factors in the negative…

  15. 36 CFR 331.11 - Special events. (United States)


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Special events. 331.11..., KENTUCKY AND INDIANA § 331.11 Special events. (a) Special events including, but not limited to, water... charged any fee by the sponsor of such permitted event unless the District Engineer has approved in...

  16. 36 CFR 327.21 - Special events. (United States)


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Special events. 327.21... § 327.21 Special events. (a) Special events including, but not limited to, water carnivals, boat... sponsor of such event unless the District Commander has approved in writing (and the sponsor has properly...

  17. Special Help: Physical and Occupational Therapy. (United States)

    Murphy, Linda; Della Corte, Suzanne


    This issue of "Special Parent/Special Child" describes the role of occupational and physical therapy in maximizing the potential of special needs children. Physical and occupational therapy are defined and the training and functions of therapists in each area are outlined. Also discussed are the goals of therapy programs in developing gross and…

  18. Special Education Professional Development Needs in Zimbabwe (United States)

    Chitiyo, Morgan; Hughes, Elizabeth M.; Changara, Darlington M.; Chitiyo, George; Montgomery, Kristen M.


    Since 1980 when Zimbabwe obtained political independence, special education has not received the same priority as the entire education system. One of the manifestations of this discrepancy is the shortage of qualified special education teachers in the country. In order to address this trend and promote the development of special education,…

  19. 33 CFR 151.06 - Special areas. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Special areas. 151.06 Section 151... Pertains to Pollution from Ships General § 151.06 Special areas. (a) For the purposes of this part, the navigational descriptions of the special areas are as follows: (1) The Mediterranean Sea area means the...

  20. 50 CFR 37.32 - Special areas. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Special areas. 37.32 Section 37.32... NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, ALASKA Environmental Protection § 37.32 Special areas. (a) Caribou calving and post-calving special areas. The Regional Director shall designate within the coastal plain specific...

  1. Special Education in Malaysia: A Critique. (United States)

    Tee Tee, Chua


    Special education in Malaysia now involves 4,220 handicapped children in four categories: visually handicapped, hearing impaired, mentally retarded, and physically handicapped. Needs such as more special education teachers, early diagnosis, modified curricula, special equipment, and parent counseling are discussed. (Author/DB)

  2. Librarians performance at the special education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gleisy Regina Bóries Fachin


    Full Text Available This article presents the special education while field of performance for the librarian. It tells the results of project of extension from the Information Science Department of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil, that have as objective the organization of library for the special education and the development of activities of reading for special carriers of necessities.

  3. 7 CFR 632.18 - Special projects. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Special projects. 632.18 Section 632.18 Agriculture... AGRICULTURE LONG TERM CONTRACTING RURAL ABANDONED MINE PROGRAM Qualifications § 632.18 Special projects. (a) The NRCS State conservationist may approve the following types of special projects subject to the...

  4. 5 CFR 532.303 - Specialized industry. (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Specialized industry. 532.303 Section 532... SYSTEMS Determining Rates for Principal Types of Positions § 532.303 Specialized industry. (a)(1) Under the appropriated fund wage system, a “specialized industry” is a Federal activity engaged in the...

  5. Reading Intervention and Special Education Referrals (United States)

    Polcyn, Dawn M.; Levine-Donnerstein, Deborah; Perfect, Michelle M.; Obrzut, John E.


    This study examined whether consistently implementing reading fluency interventions prior to referring students for a special education evaluation led to fewer overall special education referrals, as well as more accurate special education referrals. Results indicated that the implementation of a peer-mediated reading fluency intervention…

  6. Neurodiversity: The Future of Special Education? (United States)

    Armstrong, Thomas


    The way special education is carried out in U.S. schools must change. Special education has become weighed down by its emphasis on deficits and disorders: As regular education has opened to new ways of thinking about brain neuroplasticity, growth mindsets, and other innovations, special education has held fast to its diagnostic categories,…

  7. The Problem Is Education Not "Special Education" (United States)

    Fellner, Gene


    In his article, "Urban special education policy and the lived experience of stigma in a high school science classroom," Chris Hale persuasively argues that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and subsequent special education policies have largely failed to serve special education students who are stigmatized by their deficit…

  8. Perspective: Bridging the Special Education Divide. (United States)

    Andrews, Jack E.; Carnine, Douglas W.; Coutinho, Martha J.; Edgar, Eugene B.; Forness, Steven R.; Fuchs, Lynn S.; Jordan, Dixie; Kauffman, James M.; Patton, James M.; Paul, James; Rosell, Jon; Rueda, Robert; Schiller, Ellen; Skrtic, Thomas M.; Wong, James


    This article explores different viewpoints on special education reform, including conceptualizations of disability, the purpose of special education, beliefs about the expected outcomes of special education, and understanding of the current state of knowledge. How these different views can be bridged by focusing on early detection and prevention…

  9. Special population planner, version 4.0.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kuiper, J.; Tanzman, E.; Metz, W.


    Emergencies happen every day. Many are caused by storms or auto accidents and can be planned for, if not predicted. Emergencies resulting from natural hazards often affect a large number of people, and planning for them can be difficult, since knowledge of the needs of the people involved is generally unavailable. Emergencies resulting from accidents at industrial and military facilities can also be large scale in nature if people must be evacuated or sheltered in place. Federal planning for large scale emergencies is the responsibility of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which provides assistance to various emergency management agencies at the national, state and local level. More information about FEMA is available at The purpose of the Special Population Planner (SPP) is to help emergency planners address the needs of persons with special needs. The exact definition of 'special population' is a policy decision. Policymakers have included a variety of groups in this term, such as persons with disabilities, those who do not have vehicles with which to evacuate, children who are unattended at times (latchkey children), and many others. The SPP was developed initially for the Alabama Emergency Management Agency as part of its Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP), which aids emergency planning and preparedness in communities surrounding military installations across the United States where chemical weapons are stored pending their destruction under federal law. Like that specialized application, this open-source version contains a set of specialized Geographic Information System (GIS) tools to facilitate emergency planning on behalf of persons with special needs, regardless of how the term is defined. While the original SPP system was developed for emergency planning relating to chemical hazards, it can be applied to other threats as well. It is apparent from Hurricane Katrina and other natural and

  10. Roles and responsibilities of the special-section editor

    KAUST Repository

    Marfurt, Kurt


    Interpretation differs from most journals in that each issue is built largely on special sections that focus on integrated multidisciplinary approaches, techniques in exploration and production, on a specific technology, on a specific basin, or on a specific type of geologic process or feature common to multiple basins. Such special sections provide the reader with the perspective and expertise of authors from different institutions and disciplines focused on the same problem. Depending on the topic, the resulting collection of papers may exhibit diversity, consensus, or both. While the editorial board of a given journal may be able to identify a subset of candidate topics for special sections, in-depth knowledge of critical problems and of the key players working on such topics is usually beyond their areas of expertise. To address this need, Interpretation draws upon such experts to construct most special sections. In addition to providing a focused collection of articles on a given topic, there are two additional advantages of the special-section format. First, the journal broadens the scope of contributors beyond those whose career advancement (typically in academia and in government laboratories) requires them to publish in peer-reviewed journals. Typically, the special-section organizers will identify oral presentations and expanded abstracts presented at meetings (such as SEG, AAPG, URTeC, OTC, and SPE) and ask the authors to expand upon their work and generate a more comprehensive document. Apart from a few technology companies, most companies do not use external publications as a component of career development. For this reason, requests by a respected special editorial team provides not only recognition to the authors, but also the justification of the authors’ management to allow them to build on their work. Nearly all companies include the act of supporting communities among their core values. Contributing to a special section is a great way for

  11. 77 FR 12647 - Fund Availability Under VA's Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem Program (United States)


    ... population in need of specialized case management. The concept of ``Transition in Place'' under this NOFA is... take into consideration the logistics associated with conducting inspections and providing regular case...

  12. Reputational concerns with altruistic providers. (United States)

    Olivella, Pau; Siciliani, Luigi


    We study a model of reputational concerns when doctors differ in their degree of altruism and they can signal their altruism by their (observable) quality. When reputational concerns are high, following the introduction or enhancement of public reporting, the less altruistic (bad) doctor mimics the more altruistic (good) doctor. Otherwise, either a separating or a semi-separating equilibrium arises: the bad doctor mimics the good doctor with probability less than one. Pay-for-performance incentive schemes are unlikely to induce crowding out, unless some dimensions of quality are unobservable. Under the pooling equilibrium a purchaser can implement the first-best quality by appropriately choosing a simple payment scheme with a fixed price per unit of quality provided. This is not the case under the separating equilibrium. Therefore, policies that enhance public reporting complement pay-for-performance schemes. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


    CERN Multimedia

    SC Unit


    Responding to the HUG (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève) hospitals’ urgent appeal for blood donations during this summer season, the CERN medical staff organised a day of blood donations for the Swiss bloodbank CTS on 30 July. They were supported by NOVAE (Restaurant No. 1), who provided donors with a free snack. This specially arranged campaign was a success, as the 135 volunteers included 66 first-time donors, and a total of 99 standard bags of blood were collected. (Swiss hospitals need 1300 bags every day!) The CTS and CERN’s medical staff wish to thank the donors and all others who helped make the event a success. Upcoming blood donor days at CERN: 12 November 2008 and 10 March 2009.


    CERN Multimedia

    SC Unit


    Responding to the HUG (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève) hospitals’ urgent appeal for blood donations during this summer season, the CERN medical staff organised a day of blood donations for the Swiss bloodbank CTS on 30 July. They were supported by NOVAE (Restaurant No. 1), who provided donors with a free snack. This specially arranged campaign was a success, as the 135 volunteers included 66 first-time donors, and a total of 99 standard bags of blood was collected. (Swiss hospitals need 1300 bags every day!) The CTS and CERN’s medical staff want to thank the donors and all others who helped make the event a success. Upcoming blood donor days at CERN: 12 November 2008 and 10 March 2009.

  15. Special Feature Organo-Fluorine Chemical Science

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helmut Martin Hügel


    Full Text Available Fluorine is the 13th most abundant element and, with other fluorine containing functional groups, is a most effective element in biological substances, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, liquid crystals, dyes, polymers and a wide range of consumer products. This reflects its resistance to metabolic change due to the strength of the C-F bond providing biological stability and the application of its nonstick-interfacial physical characteristics. Its introduction often remains a synthetic challenge. The widespread use of organofluorines has increased the demand for the development of practical and simple reagents and experimental strategies for the incorporation of fluorine into all types of molecular structures and this was the reasoning behind this special feature on Organo-Fluorine Chemical Science.The contributed articles belong to two broad groups: (i preparation of fluorine materials, polymers; (ii the synthesis/applications of organo-fluorine molecules. [...

  16. Special low protein foods for phenylketonuria

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pena, Maria João; Almeida, Manuela Ferreira; van Dam, Esther


    BACKGROUND: Special low protein foods (SLPF) are essential in the nutritional management of patients with phenylketonuria (PKU). The study objectives were to: 1) identify the number of SLPF available for use in eight European countries and Turkey and 2) analyse the nutritional composition of SLPF...... available in one of these countries. METHODS: European Nutritionist Expert Panel on PKU (ENEP) members (Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Denmark and Turkey) provided data on SPLF available in each country. The nutritional composition of Portuguese SLPF was compared with regular...... food products. RESULTS: The number of different SLPF available in each country varied widely with a median of 107 [ranging from 73 (Portugal) and 256 (Italy)]. Food analysis of SLPF available from a single country (Portugal) indicated that the mean phenylalanine content was higher in low protein baby...

  17. Rush SpecialKare Keepsakes. (United States)

    Schwarz, Brooke; Fatzinger, Cindi; Meier, Paula P


    When an infant is admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), parents seldom have the opportunity to celebrate special events in the infant's life within the context of the family. Our Rush SpecialKare Keepsakes is a program for parents of NICU infants that combines therapeutic photography, journaling, and memento preservation, with the goal of documenting the infant's birth and place within the family. The program has two distinct components: weekly scrapbooking sessions, which are free of charge to all NICU families; and Holiday Family Photo Shoots, in which infants are photographed with their family members to celebrate traditional holidays throughout the year. The program, which was conceived and implemented in January 2001, is under the direction of two NICU bedside nurses, who blend scrapbooking techniques with clinical expertise, so that weekly scrapbooking sessions are transformed into a unique type of parent support group. Data from the first 6 months of the program indicate that all 173 parent participants overwhelmingly appreciated the opportunity to attend these sessions, which they perceived as a brief respite from the NICU and an opportunity to interact with other families.

  18. Is De-extinction Special? (United States)

    Greely, Henry T


    I have been involved with the current interest in de-extinction since early 2012, nearly its beginning. I have given a lot of thought to the potential risks and benefits of de-extinction. But only recently, after deep immersion in discussions around CRISPR-Cas9, the hottest new tool in bioscience since polymerase chain reaction, have I thought about a more fundamental question: how, if at all, is de-extinction special? Are "revived species" just another kind of genetically modified organism, raising essentially the same general concerns? I answer, for the most part, yes. De-extinction is not (very) special. New biotechnologies are giving humans even more power to change the biosphere but more directly, more quickly, and more utterly than ever before. De-extinction is just one possible, and probably small, use of those technologies. Our attention, for the most part, should be on the bigger issues of regulating this power, rather than focusing specifically on their application to de-extinction. © 2017 The Hastings Center.

  19. Barriers to Inclusion: Special Education in the United States and Germany


    Justin J.W. Powell


    Barriers to Inclusion provides a comparative and historical account of the rise of special and inclusive education over the twentieth century in the United States and Germany. This institutional analysis demonstrates how categorical boundaries, professional groups, social movements, and education and social policies shaped the schooling of children and youth with disabilities. It traces the evolution of special education classification and categories, explores growing special education organi...

  20. IDEA papers special number 1; Les cahiers d'I.D.E.A. no. special 1

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mercadie, J.L


    The Information network on the Economic Development in Aquitaine (IDEA) aims to collect and spread the environmental information concerning the Aquitaine, in order to implement an observatory of the regional environment and of the sustainable development. The IDEA papers provides information such as, meeting, Internet addresses and programs. This paper is specially devoted to the environment. (A.L.B.)

  1. Description innovative practices for archives and special collections

    CERN Document Server

    Theimer, Kate


    Description: Innovative Practices for Archives and Special Collections explores how archives of different sizes and types can enhance the accessibility of their holdings. The book uses eleven case studies to demonstrate innovative ideas that could be transferred into many other settings. Readers can use these as models, sources of inspiration, or starting points for new discussions. The volume will be useful to those working in archives and special collections as well as other cultural heritage organizations, and provides ideas ranging from those that require long-term planning and coordinatio

  2. Child and adolescent advocacy through research: introduction to special section. (United States)

    Budd, Karen S; Eyberg, Sheila M


    In this special section, Clinical Child and Adolescent Advocacy Through Research, luminaries in advocacy for children tell important, personal stories of how research and values intertwine to influence the policies that affect children and families. In this introduction, we provide a brief historical overview of child advocacy in the United States, its link to American child psychology, and the roles of the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and the Division of Child, Youth, and Family Services of the American Psychological Association in educating and showing us how to use our science wisely in the service of children. We then preview the individual themes of the articles of this special section.

  3. Principals' and Special Education Teachers' Perceptions of Special Education Teachers' Roles and Responsibilities (United States)

    Mott, Japhia


    This explanatory mixed methods study focuses on the perceptions of principals and special education teachers about special education teachers' roles and responsibilities. An online survey was conducted with 11 principals and 41 special education teachers (Resource Specialists and Special Day Class teachers). Independent semi-structured interviews…

  4. 75 FR 14582 - Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services-Special Demonstration Programs-Model... (United States)


    ... Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services--Special Demonstration Programs--Model...) Served by State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Agencies AGENCY: Office of Special Education and... Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number: 84.235L. SUMMARY: The Assistant Secretary for Special Education and...

  5. 36 CFR 71.10 - Special recreation permits and special recreation permit fees. (United States)


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Special recreation permits and special recreation permit fees. 71.10 Section 71.10 Parks, Forests, and Public Property NATIONAL PARK SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR RECREATION FEES § 71.10 Special recreation permits and special...

  6. Providing global WLCG transfer monitoring

    CERN Document Server

    Andreeva, J; Campana, S; Flix, J; Flix, J; Keeble, O; Magini, N; Molnar, Z; Oleynik, D; Petrosyan, A; Ro, G; Saiz, P; Salichos, M; Tuckett, D; Uzhinsky, A; Wildish, T


    The WLCG[1] Transfers Dashboard is a monitoring system which aims to provide a global view of WLCG data transfers and to reduce redundancy in monitoring tasks performed by the LHC experiments. The system is designed to work transparently across LHC experiments and across the various technologies used for data transfer. Currently each LHC experiment monitors data transfers via experiment-specific systems but the overall cross-experiment picture is missing. Even for data transfers handled by FTS, which is used by 3 LHC experiments, monitoring tasks such as aggregation of FTS transfer statistics or estimation of transfer latencies are performed by every experiment separately. These tasks could be performed once, centrally, and then served to all experiments via a well-defined set of APIs. In the design and development of the new system, experience accumulated by the LHC experiments in the data management monitoring area is taken into account and a considerable part of the code of the ATLAS DDM Dashboard is being...

  7. Athletic trainers' beliefs toward working with special olympics athletes. (United States)

    Conatser, Phillip; Naugle, Keith; Tillman, Mark; Stopka, Christine


    Certified athletic trainers (ATs) are often the first health care providers to treat injured athletes. However, few researchers have studied ATs' beliefs concerning working with Special Olympics athletes. To examine ATs' beliefs toward working with Special Olympics athletes by using the theory of planned behavior model and to examine the influence of moderator variables. Cross-sectional survey. Athletic Trainers' Beliefs Toward Special Olympics Athletes survey instruments were mailed to 147 directors of Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs-accredited athletic training education programs (ATEPDs) in 43 states and 120 cities. One hundred twenty ATEPDs (44 women, 76 men). We used stepwise multiple regression analysis to determine whether attitude toward the behavior, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control predicted intention and to determine which moderator variables predicted attitude toward the behavior, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control. Pearson product moment correlations were used to determine ATEPDs' beliefs about how competent they felt working with Special Olympics athletes and whether they were currently working with these athletes. We found that subjective norm, attitude toward the behavior, and perceived behavioral control predicted intention (R = 0.697, R(2) = 0.486, F(3,112) = 35.3, P Olympics athletes, completion of 1 or more courses in adapted physical activity, ATEPDs' competence, completion of 1 or more special education courses, and sex (R = 0.589, R(2) = 0.347, F(5,111) = 11.780, P Olympics athletes and more Special Olympics certifications (R = 0.472, R(2) = 0.222, F(2,112) = 16.009, P Olympics athletes, and a higher educational degree (R = 0.642, R(2) = 0.412, F(4,113) = 19.793, P Olympics athletes; however, their subjective norm, perceived behavioral control, and intention beliefs were unfavorable. The ATEPDs reported they did not feel competent to work with Special Olympics athletes.

  8. Vaccine hesitancy and healthcare providers. (United States)

    Paterson, Pauline; Meurice, François; Stanberry, Lawrence R; Glismann, Steffen; Rosenthal, Susan L; Larson, Heidi J


    While most people vaccinate according to the recommended schedule, this success is challenged by individuals and groups who delay or refuse vaccines. The aim of this article is to review studies on vaccine hesitancy among healthcare providers (HCPs), and the influences of their own vaccine confidence and vaccination behaviour on their vaccination recommendations to others. The search strategy was developed in Medline and then adapted across several multidisciplinary mainstream databases including Embase Classic & Embase, and PschInfo. All foreign language articles were included if the abstract was available in English. A total of 185 articles were included in the literature review. 66% studied the vaccine hesitancy among HCPs, 17% analysed concerns, attitudes and/or behaviour of HCPs towards vaccinating others, and 9% were about evaluating intervention(s). Overall, knowledge about particular vaccines, their efficacy and safety, helped to build HCPs own confidence in vaccines and their willingness to recommend vaccines to others. The importance of societal endorsement and support from colleagues was also reported. In the face of emerging vaccine hesitancy, HCPs still remain the most trusted advisor and influencer of vaccination decisions. The capacity and confidence of HCPs, though, are stretched as they are faced with time constraints, increased workload and limited resources, and often have inadequate information or training support to address parents' questions. Overall, HCPs need more support to manage the quickly evolving vaccine environment as well as changing public, especially those who are reluctant or refuse vaccination. Some recommended strategies included strengthening trust between HCPs, health authorities and policymakers, through more shared involvement in the establishment of vaccine recommendations. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  9. EDITORIAL: Special Issue on Light Sources (United States)

    Wharmby, D. O.


    The papers in this Special Issue of Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics originate from the 11th International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Light Sources (LS:11) held at Fudan University, Shanghai, China, during 20 24 May 2007. Abstracts of all papers were published in the conference book Light Sources 2007 (Sheffield: FAST-LS) edited by Muqing Liu and R Devonshire. Special issues were produced after LS:9 and LS:10 and have proved to be well-cited and important sources of information for this community. The Symposia occur at three-year intervals. In this one over 200 papers were presented—the majority as posters—with ample time provided for active discussion. As all submitted papers had to be refereed in the normal way for J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., I was concerned that too many submissions would overwhelm the small number of referees available in this area. To ensure a broad spread of interests and opinions, I invited 10 senior colleagues to give me their recommendations about who should be asked to submit papers for this Special Issue. The criteria were that the work should be new, complete and within the scope of the journal. As a result of their suggestions 42 authors were asked to submit papers. Not all authors were able to submit a manuscript in time and some, at my request, combined their work into a single paper. The 28 papers published here are the result of that process. The issue starts with a comprehensive review by Benilov of the remarkable progress that has been made in the past 15 years in understanding the behaviour of cathode and anode terminations in arcs. It is fair to say that we now have a fundamental understanding of the formerly baffling behaviour of spot and diffuse terminations, at least in the quasi-steady state. A number of following papers cover applications of this theory, extensions to time dependence and examination of the effects of the different gaseous atmospheres in which lighting arcs operate. Mercury has very

  10. Specialization and Commonalization in Multi-branded Manufacturing Corporations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Karlsson, Christer; Sköld, Martin


    for differentiation of products and brands that have different values, customers and market positions. A model for balancing commonalization and specialization provides several opportunities for further research and development; however, generalizations are issue and context specific. Practical implications......Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to identify areas and issues for management to consider in balancing specialization and commonalization in large manufacturing corporations with multiple brands from a strategic R&D and manufacturing point of view.Design/methodology/approach Three global...... brand managers, thus enabling triangulation. Findings: The study shows that managing manufacturing corporations with multiple brands is not just on a scale between full specialization and full commonalization but instead has its own logic of categorizations and portfolio formations. In order to develop...

  11. Perfection of the special preparation of volleyball players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Volodymyr Bogush


    Full Text Available Purpose: to develop and apply the complex of exercises for perfection of the special physical preparation of volleyball players and its constituents: special quickness, force, endurance. Material and Methods: sportsmen (candidates in sport masters, I and II digits inspected in age from 16 to 23 in an amount 40 persons; the special quickness and its constituents are probed: latent period of the reaction, the speed of individual movements; maximum force in various modes; endurance – speed, hopping, power. Results: at drawing on the offered complex of exercises the improvement of indexes of speed and endurance hopping, speed-power capabilities is marked at stimulation of tension of muscles in the conditions of development of a maximum of dynamic effort. Conclusions: terms and methods are certain for the effective conducting of training process, which provides optimum intercommunication of levels of bodily and functional conditions, technical and tactical preparation.

  12. [Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in special habitats: a review]. (United States)

    Li, Su-Mei; Wang, Yin-Qiao; Liu, Run-Jin


    Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) are one of the important components in ecosystems, which not only have the diversity in genetics, species composition, and function, but also have the diversity in distribution and habitat. AMF infect plant root, form mycorrhiza, and nourish as obligate biotroph symbiont, with strong ecological adaptability. They not only distribute in forest, prairie, and farm land, but also distribute in the special habitats with less plant species diversity, such as commercial greenhouse soil, saline-alkali soil, mining pollution land, petroleum-contaminated land, pesticide-polluted soil, desert, dry land, wetland, marsh, plateau, volcanic, cooler, and arctic tundra, composing a unique community structure and playing an important irreplaceable role in the physiological and ecological functions. This paper summarized the species diversity and mycorrhizal morphological features of AMF in special habitats, aimed to provide essential information for the further studies on the AMF in these special habitats and extreme environments.

  13. Ecological specialization and morphological diversification in Greater Antillean boas. (United States)

    Reynolds, R Graham; Collar, David C; Pasachnik, Stesha A; Niemiller, Matthew L; Puente-Rolón, Alberto R; Revell, Liam J


    Colonization of islands can dramatically influence the evolutionary trajectories of organisms, with both deterministic and stochastic processes driving adaptation and diversification. Some island colonists evolve extremely large or small body sizes, presumably in response to unique ecological circumstances present on islands. One example of this phenomenon, the Greater Antillean boas, includes both small (evolution. Here, we provide the first comprehensive species phylogeny for this clade combined with morphometric and ecological data to show that small body size evolved repeatedly on separate islands in association with specialization in substrate use. Our results further suggest that microhabitat specialization is linked to increased rates of head shape diversification among specialists. Our findings show that ecological specialization following island colonization promotes morphological diversity through deterministic body size evolution and cranial morphological diversification that is contingent on island- and species-specific factors. © 2016 The Author(s). Evolution © 2016 The Society for the Study of Evolution.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jaques Deivinson da Silva Castello


    Full Text Available Quina Loto is one of the most popular lottery games in Brazil. Prizes are paid as a percentage of each drawing's revenues. After deductions and taxes, 34% of the revenues are destined for the payments of prizes on each drawing, 29% divided among winners and 5% saved in order to contribute for the major prize of the special drawing held annually, in June 24th. Due to the low expected return on investment, lotteries are widely regarded as a bad investment decision. Experience, however, shows that the special drawing might be an exception. In this paper we provide a thorough analysis of a theoretical investment in the special drawing of 2013, considering players' behavior, lesser prizes earnings, effects of the own investment in the jackpot, probabilities of sharing the prizes and outcomes covering methods. Finally, we compare our conclusions against the result of the lottery on June 24th, 2013.

  15. TV special on natural disasters (United States)

    Nature's destructive forces are brought into view in “Living with Disaster,” the next special of the television series The Infinite Voyage, airing June 7 at 8 p.m. on PBS and the week of June 11 on select commercial stations and nationally on cable.Several AGU members including former AGU president Charles Drake (Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H.) served on the National Academy of Sciences advisory panel for the film. Drake is also on the NAS Film Committee that oversees the entire Infinite Voyage series. The Infinite Voyage is produced by WQED in Pittsburgh, Penna., in association with the National Academy of Sciences and is underwritten on PBS and sponsored on commercial television by Digital Equipment Corporation.

  16. Dermatophytosis in special patient populations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salama Abo-elyazed Ouf


    Full Text Available Objective: To study the occurrence and prevalence of dermatomycosis in special patient populations suffering from diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Methods: A total of 640 patients suffering from diabetes, 280 patients suffering from cancer and 210 patients suffering from heart diseases from Cairo City were evaluated for dermatophytosis at the dermatology clinics of four different hospitals from January 2005 to December 2006. Results: It is estimated that diabetic patients are more likely to develop a fungal infection. The presence of diabetes is a risk factor for tinea pedis and tinea corporis. Tinea cruris and tinea unguium were not common among diabetics, while tinea capitis and tinea versicolor were completely missed. Tinea capitis is not uncommon among cancer patients and tinea pedis comes next. Conclusions: The present investigation shows that diabetes remains to be a risk factor for dermatophytosis and cancer comes next due to the use of radioactive irradiation.

  17. Special vortex in relativistic hydrodynamics (United States)

    Chupakhin, A. P.; Yanchenko, A. A.


    An exact solution of the Euler equations governing the flow of a compressible fluid in relativistic hydrodynamics is found and studied. It is a relativistic analogue of the Ovsyannikov vortex (special vortex) investigated earlier for classical gas dynamics. Solutions are partially invariant of Defect 1 and Rank 2 with respect to the rotation group. A theorem on the representation of the factor-system in the form of a union of a non-invariant subsystem for the function determining the deviation of the velocity vector from the meridian, and invariant subsystem for determination of thermodynamic parameters, the Lorentz factor and the radial velocity component is proved. Compatibility conditions for the overdetermined non-invariant subsystem are obtained. A stationary solution of this type is studied in detail. It is proved that its invariant subsystem reduces to an implicit differential equation. For this equation, the manifold of branching of solutions is investigated, and a set of singular points is found.

  18. Materials & Engineering: Propelling Innovation MRS Bulletin Special Issue Session

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rao, Gopal [Materials Research Society, Warrendale, PA (United States)


    Materials enable engineering; and, engineering in turn depends on materials to transform design concepts and equations into physical entities. This relationship continues to grow with expanding societal demand for new products and processes. MRS Bulletin, a publication of the Materials Research Society (MRS) and Cambridge University Press, planned a special issue for December 2015 on Materials and Engineering: Propelling Innovation. This special issue of MRS Bulletin captured the unique relationship between materials and engineering, which are closely intertwined. A special half day session at the 2015 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston captured this discussion through presentations by high level experts followed by a panel discussion on what it takes to translate materials discoveries into products to benefit society. The Special Session included presentations by experts who are practitioners in materials as well as engineering applications, followed by a panel discussion. Participants discussed state-of-the-art in materials applications in engineering, as well as how engineering needs have pushed materials developments, as also reflected in the 20 or so articles published in the special issue of MRS Bulletin. As expected, the discussions spanned the broad spectrum of materials and provided very strong interdisciplinary interactions and discussions by participants and presenters.

  19. EDITORIAL: Special issue on Graphene Special issue on Graphene (United States)

    Morpurgo, Alberto F.; Trauzettel, Björn


    Since the revolutionary experimental discovery of graphene in the year 2004, research on this new two-dimensional carbon allotrope has progressed at a spectacular pace. The impact of graphene on different areas of research— including physics, chemistry, and applied sciences— is only now starting to be fully appreciated. There are different factors that make graphene a truly impressive system. Regarding nano-electronics and related fields, for instance, it is the exceptional electronic and mechanical properties that yield very high room-temperature mobility values, due to the particular band structure, the material `cleanliness' (very low-concentration of impurities), as well as its stiffness. Also interesting is the possibility to have a high electrical conductivity and optical transparency, a combination which cannot be easily found in other material systems. For other fields, other properties could be mentioned, many of which are currently being explored. In the first years following this discovery, research on graphene has mainly focused on the fundamental physics aspects, triggered by the fact that electrons in graphene behave as Dirac fermions due to their interaction with the ions of the honeycomb lattice. This direction has led to the discovery of new phenomena such as Klein tunneling in a solid state system and the so-called half-integer quantum Hall effect due to a special type of Berry phase that appears in graphene. It has also led to the appreciation of thicker layers of graphene, which also have outstanding new properties of great interest in their own right (e.g., bilayer graphene, which supports chiral quasiparticles that, contrary to Dirac electrons, are not massless). Now the time is coming to deepen our knowledge and improve our control of the material properties, which is a key aspect to take one step further towards applications. The articles in the Semiconductor Science and Technology Graphene special issue deal with a diversity of topics

  20. 77 FR 43511 - Special Local Regulations for Marine Events, Temporary Change of Dates for Recurring Marine... (United States)


    ... Carolina. This Special Local Regulation is necessary to provide for the safety of life on navigable waters... North Carolina. The Triathlon consists of three events: a running portion, a bike-riding portion, and a... Beach. A special local regulation is effective annually to create a safety zone for the swimming portion...

  1. 47 CFR 90.656 - Responsibilities of base station licensees of Specialized Mobile Radio systems. (United States)


    ... (CONTINUED) SAFETY AND SPECIAL RADIO SERVICES PRIVATE LAND MOBILE RADIO SERVICES Regulations Governing... licensees of base stations that provide Specialized Mobile Radio service on a commercial basis of the use of... of the other system will assume the same licensee responsibility for the customer's mobile station(s...

  2. 14 CFR 1252.203 - Special benefits for children and the elderly. (United States)


    ... elderly. 1252.203 Section 1252.203 Aeronautics and Space NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION... Determining Age Discrimination § 1252.203 Special benefits for children and the elderly. If a recipient operating a program or activity provides special benefits to the elderly or to children, such use of age...

  3. 43 CFR 17.313 - Special benefits for children and the elderly. (United States)


    ... 43 Public Lands: Interior 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Special benefits for children and the elderly. 17.313 Section 17.313 Public Lands: Interior Office of the Secretary of the Interior... elderly. If a recipient operating a program or activity provides special benefits to the elderly or to...

  4. 41 CFR 101-8.709 - Special benefits for children and the elderly. (United States)


    ... children and the elderly. 101-8.709 Section 101-8.709 Public Contracts and Property Management Federal... § 101-8.709 Special benefits for children and the elderly. If a recipient's program or activity provides special benefits to the elderly or to children, such use of age distinctions is presumed to be necessary...

  5. 34 CFR 110.16 - Special benefits for children and the elderly. (United States)


    ... 34 Education 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Special benefits for children and the elderly. 110.16 Section 110.16 Education Regulations of the Offices of the Department of Education OFFICE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS... the elderly. If a recipient operating a program or activity provides special benefits to the elderly...

  6. 44 CFR 7.925 - Special benefits for children and the elderly. (United States)


    ... 44 Emergency Management and Assistance 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Special benefits for children and the elderly. 7.925 Section 7.925 Emergency Management and Assistance FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT... the elderly. If a recipient operating a program or activity provides special benefits to the elderly...

  7. Beyond the Far Too Incessant Schism: Special Education and the Social Model of Disability (United States)

    Gallagher, Deborah J.; Connor, David J.; Ferri, Beth A.


    Special education critics' vigorous appraisals of the social model of disability, along with their analysis of its implications for special education, provide a valuable forum for meaningful dialogue about how educators are to understand the nature of disability. In this article, we offer our response to their recent articles. As advocates of the…

  8. Webcasting: A New Technology for Training Special Educators in Rural Areas. (United States)

    Ludlow, Barbara L.; Duff, Michael C.

    This paper describes the use of webcasting technology in a personnel preparation program for rural special education practitioners. Emerging technologies offer promising solutions to the challenges of providing accessible and appropriate training to rural special educators. Web-based instruction is especially appropriate for on-the-job training of…

  9. A Practical Guide to Early Numeracy Instruction for General and Special Educators (United States)

    Anderson, Alida


    This report summarizes recommendations from NCTM, NRC, CCSSM, NMAP, and IES to guide early numeracy instruction for elementary age students in general and special education classroom settings. We highlight common threads among general and special education research recommendations and provide a numeracy intervention curriculum model connecting…

  10. 77 FR 58216 - Notice of Applications for Modification of Special Permit (United States)


    ... modification of special permits (e.g. to provide for additional hazardous materials, packaging design changes...(f)(3). permit to authorize a Chandler, AZ. 2.6 liter capacity square plastic bottle and to allow use of a 500 ml round plastic bottle. 14808-M Amtro Alfa 49 CFR 178.51(b), To modify the special...

  11. 42 CFR 417.423 - Special rules: ESRD and hospice patients. (United States)


    ... 42 Public Health 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Special rules: ESRD and hospice patients. 417.423... Special rules: ESRD and hospice patients. (a) ESRD patients. (1) A Medicare beneficiary who has been... not disenroll the beneficiary except as provided in § 417.460. (b) Hospice patients. A Medicare...

  12. Development of an Effective Special Therapy Bed Management System at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. (United States)


    18 Organizational Structure - The DMAA ....... 18 History of Special Therapy Bed Management at WRAMC...Structure - the DMAA Review of the organizational structure in which the special therapy bed management system now operates involved examination of...the Directorate of Medical Activities Administration ( DMAA ). This unique organizational structure provides health care administrative support to all

  13. Developing a Specialized Vocabulary Word List in a Composition Culinary Course through Lecture Notes (United States)

    M.Nordin, N. R.; Stapa, S. H.; Darus, S.


    Learning to write in a composition culinary course is very challenging for L2 learners. The main barrier in writing proficiency within this discipline is the lack of vocabulary, specifically the lack of exposure towards specialized vocabulary. This study aims to provide a corpus of specialized vocabulary within a food writing course. By providing…

  14. Public and Private School Principals' Knowledge of Special Education Law (United States)

    Boyd, Marie Nicole


    The purpose of this study is to examine the knowledge of special education law held by public and private school principals as the law pertains to providing the appropriate services to students with disabilities. Numerous studies have investigated public school principals' level of preparation, training, and role within in special education law.…

  15. Republication of "A Propensity Score Matching Analysis of the Effects of Special Education Services" (United States)

    Morgan, Paul L.; Frisco, Michelle L.; Farkas, George; Hibel, Jacob


    Since the landmark enactment of Education of the Handicapped Act in 1975, special education supports and services have been provided to children with disabilities. Although costly, the intentionality of these specialized services has been to advance the educational and societal opportunities of children with disabilities as they progress to…

  16. Elementary Analysis of the Special Relativistic Combination of Velocities, Wigner Rotation and Thomas Precession (United States)

    O'Donnell, Kane; Visser, Matt


    The purpose of this paper is to provide an elementary introduction to the qualitative and quantitative results of velocity combination in special relativity, including the Wigner rotation and Thomas precession. We utilize only the most familiar tools of special relativity, in arguments presented at three differing levels: (1) utterly elementary,…

  17. Beginning Special Education Teachers of Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (United States)

    Pressley, Denise Marie


    In an attempt to provide educational services to students eligible to receive special education, school systems are using beginning out-of-field teachers. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to determine which skills, knowledge, training methods, and support beginning out-of-field special education teachers identified as necessary to…

  18. Introduction to special section: early Mars. (United States)

    Clifford, S; Treiman, A; Newsom, H; Farmer, J


    Ongoing studies of the evolution of the Martian cratered highlands, the nature of the planet's early climate, and the recent announcement of possible evidence of ancient life in the ALH 84001 meteorite have reinvigorated interest in the conditions that prevailed on Mars during its first billion years of geologic history. To address this interest and assess our current understanding of these issues, the Lunar and Planetary Institute hosted a 4-day Conference on Early Mars in Houston in April of 1997. The papers contained in this special section are a product of that meeting. The purpose of the conference was twofold: (1) to consider how impacts, volcanism, and the presence of abundant water affected the physical and chemical environment that existed on Mars 4 Gyr ago, particularly as it related to the nature of the global climate, the origin of the valley networks, the geologic and mineralogic evolution of the surface, the aqueous geochemistry of groundwater, and the existence of local environments that may have been conducive to the development of indigenous life and the preservation of its signature in the geologic record; and (2) to discuss what observations or experiments might he included in future spacecraft missions to test the ideas and expectations arising from purpose 1. While pertinent issues of early atmospheric and solar evolution were also addressed, the primary discussion at the conference focused on the evidence and constraints provided by the geologic records of Earth, the Moon, and Mars and analysis of the SNC meteorites. The papers contained in this special section span the full range of these topics, including the stability of the early atmosphere to erosion by the solar wind, the geologic environment from which the SNC meteorites originated, geomorphic evidence regarding the nature of the early Martian climate and hydrologic cycle, the potential impact of the past and present environment on the preserved signature of ancient life, and a

  19. Editorial: Special Issue on Supporting Self-directed Learning

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jo Mynard


    Full Text Available This is a special issue on “supporting self-directed learning”. As professionals working in the field of self-access learning, we know that simply providing a self-access centre and expecting learners to become autonomous and engaged in self-directed study without help is unrealistic (Benson, 2011. Educators worldwide are providing support for learners in developing their self-directed learning skills in various ways: as part of a language class, as a stand-alone awareness-raising course, as self-directed learning modules outside class, through portfolio-based independent study, through online courses, through workshops offered by a self-access centre, and through face-to-face and written advising. This special issue looks at reasons why support for self-directed learning is needed, and provides examples of ways in which structured support is given.

  20. Podocyte Dedifferentiation: A Specialized Process for a Specialized Cell

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carl James May


    Full Text Available The podocyte is one of two cell types that contribute to the formation of the glomerular filtration barrier (GFB. It is a highly specialized cell with a unique structure. The key feature of the podocyte is its foot processes that regularly interdigitate. A structure known as the slit diaphragm can be found bridging the interdigitations. This molecular sieve comprises the final layer of the GFB. It is well accepted that the podocyte is the target cell in the pathogenesis of nephrotic syndrome. In nephrotic syndrome the glomerular filtration barrier no longer restricts the passage of macromolecules and protein is lost into the urine. A number of phenotypic and morphological changes are seen in the diseased podocyte and in the literature these have been described as an Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT. However, there is a growing appreciation that this term does not accurately describe the changes that are seen. Definitions of type 2 EMT are based on typical epithelial cells. Whilst the podocyte is known as a visceral epithelial cell, it is not a typical epithelial cell. Moreover, podocytes have several features that are more consistent with mesenchymal cells. Therefore we suggest that the term Podocyte Disease Transformation (PDT is more appropriate.