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  1. Impacto orcamentario da utilizacao do Metodo Canguru no cuidado neonatal

    Aline Piovezan Entringer


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO Estimar o impacto orçamentário da utilização do Método Canguru na rede municipal de saúde. MÉTODOS Um modelo de decisão analítico foi desenvolvido para simular os custos do Método Canguru e Unidade Intermediária Neonatal no Rio de Janeiro, RJ, em 2011. A população de referência foi constituída pelos recém-nascidos estáveis clinicamente, que podem receber assistência nas duas modalidades de cuidado. O impacto orçamentário foi estimado para uma coorte hipotética de 1.000 recém-nascidos elegíveis em um ano. A proporção de recém-nascidos elegíveis que recebem assistência nas duas modalidades foi obtida por coleta de dados nas maternidades incluídas no estudo. As probabilidades dos eventos e o consumo de recursos de saúde, no período da assistência, foram incorporados ao modelo. Cenários foram desenvolvidos para refletir a adoção do método Canguru em maior ou menor escala. RESULTADOS A utilização do Método Canguru significou redução de gastos equivalente a 16% em um ano, se todos os recém-nascidos elegíveis fossem assistidos por esse método. CONCLUSÕES A opção Método Canguru é de menor custo comparado com a da Unidade Intermediária Neonatal. A análise de impacto orçamentário da utilização desse método no Sistema Único de Saúde indicou economia importante para o período de um ano.

  2. Use of gamma probe in {sup 131}I thyroid uptake studies; Utilizacao da sonda a cintilacao na captacao de {sup 131}I pela tireoide

    Sarmento, Andrea Gondim Leitao


    Evaluation of thyroid uptake by administration of radioactive iodine is a well-defined procedure to assess patient thyroid function. In general, nuclear medicine institutions use gamma cameras coupled to pinhole collimators to perform uptake studies. With the growing use of intraoperative gamma probes in the radioguided surgical techniques, several institutions are purchasing this new and portable equipment, which can technically be also employed to assess patient's thyroid function, permitting further other applications of gamma cameras. The aim of the study was to compare thyroid uptake trails carried out with both gamma camera and intraoperative gamma probe, in order to evaluate the possible use of gamma probe for this purpose. At first a preliminary study of feasibility was carried out using a neck phantom to verify equipment efficiency with known activities of {sup 131} I. Henceforth, work data from 12 patients undergone studies of thyroid uptakes were evaluated, 24 hours after oral administration of 370 kBq of {sup 131} I. The maximum difference observed between the values obtained with both equipment was 60%, which demonstrated the feasibility of the proposed protocol and made clear that gamma probe can be useful for thyroid uptake studies. (author)

  3. Use of gamma probe in {sup 131}I thyroid uptake studies; Utilizacao da sonda a cintilacao na captacao de {sup 131}I pela tireoide

    Sarmento, Andrea Gondim Leitao


    Evaluation of thyroid uptake by administration of radioactive iodine is a well-defined procedure to assess patient thyroid function. In general, nuclear medicine institutions use gamma cameras coupled to pinhole collimators to perform uptake studies. With the growing use of intraoperative gamma probes in the radioguided surgical techniques, several institutions are purchasing this new and portable equipment, which can technically be also employed to assess patient's thyroid function, permitting further other applications of gamma cameras. The aim of the study was to compare thyroid uptake trails carried out with both gamma camera and intraoperative gamma probe, in order to evaluate the possible use of gamma probe for this purpose. At first a preliminary study of feasibility was carried out using a neck phantom to verify equipment efficiency with known activities of {sup 131} I. Henceforth, work data from 12 patients undergone studies of thyroid uptakes were evaluated, 24 hours after oral administration of 370 kBq of {sup 131} I. The maximum difference observed between the values obtained with both equipment was 60%, which demonstrated the feasibility of the proposed protocol and made clear that gamma probe can be useful for thyroid uptake studies. (author)

  4. Feasibility study of photodiodes utilization in the soil-moisture determination by gamma transmission; Estudo da viabilidade da utilizacao de fotodiodos na determinacao de umidade de solos por transmissao gama

    Santos, L A.P. dos


    This study was done to verify the viability of photodiodes, as gamma radiation detector ({sup 241} Am - Energy=60 KeV), to measure soil water content. The photodiodes used had different mechanical and electrical characteristics, and were tested on soils of different textures. A good linear correlation between the logarithm of the attenuation factor and soil-moisture demonstrated such viability, and that the low photopeak efficiency of these devices is not a limitation to the measurement of soil water content. Furthermore, the stability, the portability, and low cost of such semiconductor devices, including its electronic system, represent relevant characteristics that may justify the development of a reliable gamma meter system for field studies. (author). 37 refs, 21 figs, 20 tabs.

  5. Utilization of rice husk ash as filler for polyamide 6 and ionizing radiation effect studies on this composite;Utilizacao da cinza da casca de arroz como carga em matriz de poliamida 6 submetida a radiacao ionizante

    Ferro, Waldir Pedro


    In order to improve the dimensional stability, as well as, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties of polymers, new filler to this purpose has been developed. The mos applied filler to propitiate the features previously mentioned are the glass and carbon fibers, the mineral filler as the calcium carbonate, the talc and the micro glass sphere. The main aim of this work was to study the rice husk ash as filler for polyamide 6 and ionizing radiation effect studies on this composite, irradiated by electron beam at different doses, since it is constituted of at least 90% of silicon dioxide, and compared with the talc which is the most applied mineral filler. This comparison was made from a compound made through the refined rice husk ash and the polyamide 6 (PA 6), which is one of the main engineering plastic with applications in several productive areas. The samples were injected and irradiated in a electron accelerator. Afterwards, their mechanical and thermal properties were measured. It was also inject automotive parts to verify the processing of the PA 6 with CCA. The results showed that the use of the rice husk ash as filler for polyamide 6 composite is technically and economically viable. The irradiation of the studied composite (PA 6 with 30% of rice husk ash) did not provide any improvement for the mechanical and thermal properties previously appraised. (author)

  6. Radiation therapy using the wildlife medicine: a reasoned obtained study in cases of literature; Utilizacao da radioterapia na medicina de animais selvagens: um estudo fundamentado em casos obtidos da literatura

    Vettorato, Michel de Campos; Fernandes, Marco Antonio Rodrigues; Vulcano, Luis Carlos [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (FMVZ/UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia; Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Dermatologia e Radioterapia


    The cancer is the kind of tumor that affects both humans and animals and is responsible for more deaths worldwide. In wildlife, cancer is a problem found most often in zoo animals. Thus veterinary oncologists have researched and developed therapeutic approaches to many types of cancer over the years in both curative and palliative therapies including therein the application of radiation. The basic principle of radiotherapy is the effect of ionizing radiation on the tumor cells, causing them to death. However, its application in veterinary medicine for wildlife is not much reported in the literature, especially in Brazil. This study aims to describe and compare some of radiotherapy applications in different species of wildlife looking to improve her knowledge in veterinary medicine through a brief literature review. After the descriptions and comparisons, it is concluded that despite the number of cases taken for this study, all the cases mentioned had satisfactory results using radiation therapy and all the presented cases provided relevant information that can guide future researchers in this area, thus improving knowledge of this therapy and improve the quality of life of animals. (author)

  7. Study of the rice husk ash utilization as filler polypropylene matrix and ionization radiation effect on this composite; Estudos da utilizacao da cinza de casca de arroz como carga em matriz de polipropileno e do efeito da radiacao ionizante sobre este composito

    Alfaro, Eduardo de Faria


    In the first step of this work, it was evaluated the possibility of using rice husk ash as a filler in polypropylene (PP) making a comparison with talc which is the most used mineral filler in polymers. This comparison was made by using polypropylene with 20% rice husk ash as well as polypropylene with 20% talc measuring their properties. Despite the properties of the PP with 20% rice husk ash decreased compared with the composite of polypropylene with 20% talc it can be said that the rice husk ash can be used as filler for or other utilization less noble of PP . This way it is being given a destination for this residue that it is disposable in the environment contributing to its preservation, moreover reducing the product cost. This work had also as an aim to study the ionizing radiation effect in the properties of these composites. It was used the coupling agent, maleic anhydride , to verify a best sample homogenization. According to the results it can be said that PP is a semicrystalline polymer, and so it has its morphology modified when exposed to the irradiation process. This fact is due to the scission mechanisms of the polymeric chains which it is in compliance to the literature. (author)

  8. Solar energy uses in home water heating systems; Utilizacao da energia solar em sistemas de aquecimento de agua residencial

    Basso, Luiz Henrique


    The awareness of the importance of the environment has stimulated the study of new energy sources renewed and less pollutant. Amongst these sources, solar energy stands alone for being perennial and clean. The use of solar energy in systems of residential water heating, instead of the electric shower, can compliment the economy of electric energy, based on the Brazilian energy matrix. To know all the factors that influence the operation of a system of water heating by solar energy it is important the determination of its economic and technical viabilities and, distribution targeting in urban and agricultural residences. To evaluate equipment of water heating for solar energy in the region west of the Parana, Brazil, an archetype with similar characteristics to equipment used in residences for two inhabitants was built, to function with natural circulation or thermosyphon and without help of a complementary heating system. The room temperature and the speed of the wind were also evaluated, verifying its influence in the heating system. The equipment revealed technical viability, reaching the minimum temperature of 35 deg C for shower, whenever the solar radiation was above the 3500 W.m{sup -2}, for the majority of the studied days. The system operated without interruptions and it did not need maintenance, except for the monthly glass cleaning. Economic viability was clearly demonstrated since the useful life of the equipment exceeded the period of use to gain its investment. (author)

  9. The using of aeolian energy in air circulators; A utilizacao da energia eolica em circuladores de ar

    Assuncao Filho, Telesforo Reis de


    The present work is a theoretical research on how to take advantage of the wind kinetic energy using a rotor type Savonius, doing the conversion in mechanical energy, through the fan utilization aiming a thermal comfort and beginning with an introduction on the aeolian energy, its utilization and objectives. Several local types and behavior influenced by the air mass mechanics are shown. A statistic of these air masses and a brief study of the aeolian turbines, its characteristics and design, advantages and disadvantages are presented. An experimental analysis in Sao Luis region were done, using the wind frequency with the objective of obtaining a good revenue. The characterization of the main types of rotors used nowadays are presented, too. (author)

  10. Application of aluminum slag incorporated in lightweigh aggregate; Utilizacao da escoria de aluminio na fabricacao de argila expandida

    Takahashi, Elisa Akiko Nakano


    The use of industrial waste materials as additives in the manufacture of ceramic product has been attracting a growing interest in the last few years and is becoming common practice. The main purpose of this work is to evaluate the possibility of incorporation of aluminum slag into clay materials. Expansive clays are obtained from a pyro plastic expansion, and are usually employed like lightweight aggregate in structural concrete as ornamental garden products. The characterization of the aluminum slag and clay materials was carried out by Xray fluorescence spectrometry, Xray diffraction, granulometry, differential thermal analysis, thermal gravimetry (DTA and TG) and scanning electron microscopy. The studied compositions contained 5, 10, 15 and 20 weight % of aluminum slag into clay mass. The linear expansion, mass variation, apparent specific mass and water absorption of all compositions were determined. Leaching and solubilization experiments were also performed. The main results show the viability of using up to 5 wt% aluminum slag for producing expansive clays with characteristics within the accepted standards. (author)

  11. Solar thermal energy utilization in Brazil: a perspective; Utilizacao da energia solar termica no Brasil: uma perspectiva

    Miller, Francisco Mateus [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Although Brazil has a large insolation potential, utilization of solar thermal energy is still limited to few applications, like residential and commercial water heating and drying of grains. However, there are in other countries more intensive applications, like electricity generation, industrial heat and fresh water production. The present work describes which are the other ways of using solar thermal energy that have been developed in the world, approaches the main technical aspects that affect its utilization, the perspective of increasing it in Brazil and its possible barriers and, finally, PETROBRAS' studies in this area, positioning itself as an Energy Company. The main solar thermal technologies currently used in the world are evacuated collectors, that work efficiently at temperatures up to 130 deg C, and concentrating solar technologies, that can reach the temperature of 1200 deg C. Among the latter, solar trough is the technology that is already considered mature, and near to become economically viable. Brazil, at the moment, has two technological challenges: development of national technology to manufacture high performance solar collectors, like evacuated collectors and solar troughs, and the development of thermal equipment to operate at temperatures under 120 deg C, like adsorption and absorption chillers and desalination towers, that can be economically competitive. (author)

  12. The importance of using diffraction of X ray in clays characterization; A importancia da utilizacao da difracao de raios X na caracterizacao de argilas

    Piccoli, R.; Nascimento, G.C.; Vitoretti, P.P.; Wernck, A.S.W., E-mail: rosaura@sc.senai.b [SENAI, Criciuma, SC (Brazil). Centro de Tecnologia em Ceramica; Perdona, C.R. [Universidade Barriga Verde, Cocal do Sul, SC (Brazil). Curso de Engenharia Ceramica; Perucchi, P. [Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense, Criciuma, SC (Brazil). Curso de Ciencia e Engenharia de Materiais


    The objective of this work is to demonstrate how the identification of crystalline phases and deg of crystallinity by diffractometry technique of X-ray (XRD) combined with chemical analysis of a sample can help in the study and characterization of raw materials, mainly those used in ceramic compositions. This study also aims to address the inherent limitations of this technique in relation to types of crystalline phases present in the sample of interest for analysis. (author)

  13. Use of different simulators to quality evaluation of image quality in digital mammography; Utilizacao de diferentes simuladores na avaliacao da qualidade da imagem em mamografia digital

    Pereira, Leslie S.; Coutinho, Celia M.C., E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Magalhaes, Luis A.G.; Almeida, Carlos Eduardo de, E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (LCR/UERJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Laboratorio de Ciencias Radiologicas


    In this study, the digital images were acquired with different exposure simulators to evaluate the quality of the image, noting the tumor mass detection, microcalcification fiber and representing regions of interest during mammography. The technical parameters of exposure depends on the thickness and composition of the breast, thus affecting the dose and image quality. The simulators were used: ACR, SBP 1054, BREAST PHANTOM CIRS and for evaluation of image quality, as well as measures kerma incident on the entrance surface (Ki) and calculating the mean glandular dose (MGD)

  14. Electric arc furnace dust utilization in iron ore sintering: influence of particle size; Utilizacao da poeira de aciaria eletrica na sinterizacao de minerio de ferro: influencia da granulometria

    Telles, V.B.; Junca, E.; Rodrigues, G.F.; Espinosa, D.C.R.; Tenorio, J.A.S., E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Metalurgica e de Materiais


    The aim of this work was to study the utilization of electric arc furnace dust (EAFD) generated in steelmaking by electric arc furnace (EAF) as raw material in iron ore sintering. The waste was characterized by size, chemical composition and X-ray diffraction. The physical characterization showed that 90% of the particles have a size less then 1,78 {mu}m and the material have the tendency to agglomerate. The waste were submitted to a pre-agglomeration prior to its incorporation in the sinter. The influence on the addition of the waste with different granulometry in the iron or sinter production were analyzed by sinter characterization and sintering parameters. (author)

  15. Analysis of economic break-even point of the biogas utilization for electrical power conversion: case study in a swine terminated unit; Analise do ponto de equilibrio economico da utilizacao do biogas para conversao em energia eletrica: estudo de caso em unidade de terminacao de suinos

    Cervi, Ricardo Ghantous; Pinotti, Elvio Brasil [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Registro, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agrarias do Vale do Ribeira], e-mails:,; Esperancini, Maura Seiko Tsutsui; Bueno, Osmar de Carvalho [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (FCA/UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agronomicas. Dept. de Gestao e Tecnologia Agroindustrial], e-mails:,


    This work aimed to develop a study to estimate the break-even point in financial units of the electrical power generation using biogas from swine wastes. The analyzed biodigester is a continuous tubular model with brick concrete duct and plastic covering with a gasometer, and where the waste of 2,300 fattening pigs are deposited daily. The initial investment estimate for the installation was R$ 51,537.17. The system annual costs were R$ 5,708.20, for maintenance, R$ 4,390.40 for depreciation and R$ 1,366.77 for interests. It was noticed that with an average of consumption of 17.1 kW.hour{sup -1} the system presents an annual loss of R$ 1,592.14 because the consumption of 27.85 kW.hour{sup -1} is the minimum that should be consumed to achieve a corresponded financial break-even point of R$ 15,054.40.year{sup -1}. It was concluded that the correct technical dimensioning greatly influences on the economic results. (author)

  16. Topics to study the integrated use of natural gas in the electricity with industrial focus: a methodology for optimizing its use with application in the Vale do Paraiba region (SP-Brazil); Topicos para o estudo da utilizacao integrada do gas natural na eletricidade com enfoque industrial: uma metodologia para otimizacao de seu aproveitamento com aplicacao na regiao do Vale do Paraiba

    Paro, Andre C.; Borelli, Samuel J.S. [PROMON Engenharia SA, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Santos, Edmilson M. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Eletrotecnica e Energia; Fadigas, Eliane A. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Escola Politecnica


    After the recent announcement on the discovery of a large amount of Natural Gas (NG) in the Santos Field by PETROBRAS, use incentive policies for its consumption and consequent growth participation in the national energy matrix gained strength This paper intends to present an efficient use optimization methodology for the NG integrated to Electricity with focus on it's industrial use under the concepts of Integrated Resources Planning (IRP). Thus, the topics about NG utilization in cogeneration plants are analyzed, showing it's utilization on Electric Energy (EE) and Process Heat (Steam) supply. Its contribution to the distributed Electric Energy generation, which brings the installed generation power closer to the consumer centers and mitigates energy transmission losses, are also presented. The IRP concept is applied on the integration between industrial use and other uses of NG and on the detailing of its influence on the electric sector. Finally, a case study is presented, applying the presented methodology for the use of NG in the industry of 'Vale do Paraiba' Region (SP-Brazil), due to its industrial economy condition and easy access to the Brazilian proved reserves geographic condition. (author)

  17. Alteration in the absorption cell dose arising from the use of gold nanoparticle associated with the radionuclides of clinical application: simulate study; Alteracao na absorcao de dose celular decorrente da utilizacao de nanoparticulas de ouro associadas a radionuclideos de aplicacao clinica: estudo simulado

    Culik, Lucas; Schwarcke, Marcelo, E-mail: [Centro Universitario Franciscano (UNIFRA), Santa Maria, RS (Brazil)


    The present work is a proposal to assess, which is the efficiency in the use of radionuclides of clinical application in nuclear medicine service conjugated system with gold nanoparticles.To obtain the results needed for the interpretation of this combination, was using the Monte Carlo simulation code PENELOPE, where was the main structures of a simulated eukaryote cell. To simulate irradiation on cellular structures was used the emission spectrum of main radionuclide clinical use in nuclear medicine service. The material containing gold nanoparticles was modeled according the stoichiometric proportions found in the literature. The results obtained, present for the simulated energies to smaller bodies than 2,0μm, no substantial response to the use of nanoparticles in the reinforcement of locally absorbed dose. Is observed a small decrease in locally dose absorbed due to emission of charged particles, it is believed that causes an increase in the emission secondary range to be placed outside the study body. But this effect is small when comparing to the increase of energy absorbed due to interaction with the bodies containing nanoparticles, so demonstrating an increase in the locally dose absorbed. Being observed that there is an increase in dose absorbed locally due to the use of nanoparticles. For protocols based on the principle of target radionuclide therapy, the imaging of the treaty sit will be affected in their statistical accuracy, since the gamma radiation will be attenuated by the nanoparticles present in the material. Being necessary to know if this increase in the locally absorbed dose has greater importance in the treatment protocol than the image of the absorption of the radioactive material in the target organ. (author)

  18. Economical analysis of the use of biogas in swine production for generation of electric energy; Analise economica da utilizacao do biogas na suinocultura para geracao de energia eletrica

    Martins, Franco Muller; Oliveira, Paulo Armando Victoria de [EMBRAPA Suinos e Aves, Concordia, SC (Brazil)], Emails:,


    The demand for alternative sources of energy has been growing in the last years in function of the variation on the prices of petroleum and the recent energy crisis. The anaerobic bio digestion can convert swine manure in biogas. In the present work it was studied the economic viability of the use of the biogas as alternative source for the generation of electric energy in different demand levels. The methodology utilized was the Net Present Value. The study showed that the utilization of biogas as electric energy source is economically feasible. The increase of the demand of electric energy, in the property, associated to the increase of the price of the electric energy, increases the economical profits and accelerates the time of return of the investments. (author)

  19. Economic viability for electrical power generation using biogas produced in swine grange; Viabilidade economica da utilizacao do biogas produzido em granja suinicola para geracao de energia eletrica

    Cervi, Ricardo G. [Universidade Estadual Paulista (FCA/UNESP), Vale do Ribeira, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agrarias], e-mail:; Esperancini, Maura S.T.; Bueno, Osmar de C. [Universidade Estadual Paulista (DGTA/FCA/UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agrarias. Dept. de Gestao e Tecnologia Agroindustrial], e-mails:,


    Biogas production through anaerobic bio digestion represents an important breakthrough for the problem of swine waste and energy availability for rural areas. This work aimed to develop a study to estimate the economic viability of a bio integrated system installation and operation to produce electricity from swine wastes. Data for the study were collected in an agroindustry where there are plenty of agricultural activities; however the swine production activity was selected for the anaerobic digestion process because it generates a large amount of waste, with a limited provision in the environment, which characterizes a case study. The analyzed bio digester is a continuous tubular model with brick concrete duct and plastic covering with a gamester, and where the waste of 2,300 fattening pigs are deposited daily. The initial investment estimate for the installation was R$ 51,537.17. The system annual costs were R$ 5.708,20, for maintenance, R$ 4,390.40 for depreciation and R$ 1,366.77 for interests. It was concluded that the bio integrated system would achieve favorable economic results if the energy consumption were to 35 k W per hour a day, in average, where the net present value (NPV) is R$ 9,494.90 and the internal rate of return (IRR) is 9,34% per year. (author)

  20. Investigation of the benzotriazole as addictive for carbon steel phosphating; Estudo da utilizacao do benzotriazol como aditivo para a fosfatizacao de aco carbono

    Annies, V.; Cunha, M.T.; Rodrigues, P.R.P.; Banczek, E.P. [Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste, Guarapuava, PR (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica; Costa, I. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Terada, M. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (POLI/USP), SP (Brazil). Escola Politecnica. Dept. de Engenharia Metalurgica e de Materiais


    This work studied the viability of substitution of sodium nitrite (NaNO{sub 2}) for benzotriazole (BTAH) in the zinc phosphate bath (PZn+NaNO{sub 2}) for phosphating of carbon steel (SAE 1010). The characterization of the samples was carried out by Scanning Electron Microscopy, Optical Microscopy and X-ray diffraction. The chemical composition was evaluated by Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy. The corrosion behavior of the samples was investigated by Open Circuit Potential, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Anodic Potentiodynamic Polarization Curves in a 0.5 mol L{sup -1} NaCl electrolyte. The experimental results showed that the phosphate layer obtained in the solution with benzotriazole (PZn+BTAH) presented better corrosion resistance properties than that obtained in sodium nitrite. The results demonstrated that the sodium nitrite NaNO{sub 2} can be replaced by benzotriazole (BTAH) in zinc phosphate baths. (author)

  1. Use of fluorescence spectroscopy to measure molecular autofluorescence in diabetic subjects; Utilizacao da espectroscopia de fluorescencia para mensuramento de moleculas autofluorescentes em individuos diabeticos

    Gomes, Cinthia Zanini


    Diabetes Mellitus (DM) comprises a complex metabolic syndrome, caused by reduced or absent secretion of insulin by pancreatic beta cells, leading to hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia promotes glycation of proteins and, consequently, the appearance of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Currently, diabetic patients are monitored by determining levels of glucose and glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c). The complications caused by hyperglycemia may be divided into micro and macrovascular complications, represented by retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy and cardiovascular disease. Albumin (HSA) is the most abundant serum protein in the human body and is subject to glycation. The Protoporphyrin IX (PpIX) is the precursor molecule of heme synthesis, structural component of hemoglobin. The in vitro and animals studies have indicated that hyperglycemia promotes a decrease in its concentration in erythrocytes. The fluorescence spectroscopy is a technique widely used in biomedical field. The autofluorescence corresponds to the intrinsic fluorescence present in some molecules, this being associated with the same structure. The aim of this study was to use fluorescence spectroscopy to measure levels of erythrocyte PpIX autofluorescence and AGE-HSA in diabetic and healthy subjects and compare them with levels of blood glucose and HbA1c. This study was conducted with 151 subjects (58 controls and 93 diabetics). Epidemiological data of patients and controls were obtained from medical records. For control subjects, blood glucose levels were obtained from medical records and levels of Hb1Ac obtained by using commercial kits. The determination of the PpIX autofluorescence was performed with excitation at 405 nm and emission at 632 nm. Determination of AGE-HSA was performed with excitation at 370 nm and emission at 455 nm. Approximately 50% of diabetic had micro and macrovascular lesions resulting from hyperglycemia. There were no significant differences in the PpIX emission intensity values

  2. Radiation therapy for the treatment of feline advanced cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma; A utilizacao da radioterapia no tratamento do carcinoma de celulas escamosas cutaneo felino avancado

    Cunha, S.C.S.; Corgozinho, K.B.; Ferreira, A.M.R, E-mail: [Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil); Carvalho, L.A.V. [Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia (COPPE/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil); Holguin, P.G.


    The efficacy of radiation therapy for feline advanced cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma was evaluated. A full course radiation therapy protocol was applied to six cats showing single or multiple facial squamous cell carcinomas, in a total of seven histologically confirmed neoplastic lesions. Of the lesions, one was staged as T{sub 1}, and six as T{sub 4} according to WHO staging system of epidermal tumors. The animals were submitted to twelve radiation fractions of 4 Gy each, on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, and the equipment used was an orthovoltage unit. Energy used was 120 kV, 15 mA and 2 mm aluminum filter. The cats were evaluated during the treatment and 30 and 60 days after the end of the radiation therapy. In this study, 87% of the lesions had complete remission and 13% partial remission to the treatment. Side effects were considered mild according to Veterinary Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Toxicity criteria, and included erythema, epilation and rhinitis. Radiation Therapy was considered safe for feline cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, leading to mild side effects and can represent a good therapeutic option. (author)

  3. Dosimetric analysis of daily use of IGRT in prostate treatment with intensity modulated; Analise dosimetrica da utilizacao diaria de IGRT no tratamento de prostata com intensidade modulada

    Sandrini, E.S.; Silveira, T.B.; Vieira, D.S.; Batista, D.V.S., E-mail: [Instituto Nacional de Cancer Jose de Alencar Gomes da Silva, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The main application of image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) in the cancer prostate treatment is to ensure the delivery of the prescribed dose to the tumor. With the modality cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) prostate, seminal vesicles, bladder and rectum can be previewed before each treatment and the actual dose delivered to these organs can be controlled, through the alignment of patient isocenter. The aim of this study was to analyze the tumor coverage and dose to organs at risk effectively obtained during the patient's treatment. Three patients with prostate cancer were treated with intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) or volumetric modulated arc radiotherapy (VMAT) techniques with 74 Gy and 2 Gy per fraction. It was performed daily isocenter location of the prostate with CBCT. A radioncologist drew the clinical target volume (CTV), rectum and bladder in CBCT's and treatment fields were applied retrospectively in each CBCT for dose calculation. For the CTV it was considered the D95 (dose that covers 95% of the volume), for the rectum V50 (volume receiving 50 Gy), V60, V65 and V70 and for bladder V65 and V70. The average D95 of the prostate after the offset was 202 cGy, the V50, V60 and V65 of the rectum for one patient was reduced by 9.6%, 16.6% and 31%, respectively, and V65 of the bladder to another patient was also reduced by 3.5% in IGRT. The results showed that the use of IGRT provided a reduction in the irradiated volume of healthy organs. Thus it is concluded that the use of daily CBCT allows reproducibility of treatment, reducing delayed toxicities and increasing the probability of tumor control. (author)

  4. Feasibility analysis of the use of sugar cane bagasse ash as mineral addition to cementitious mortars; Analise da viabilidade de utilizacao da cinza do bagaco de cana-de-acucar como adicao mineral em argamassas cimenticias

    Fazzan, J.V.; Pereira, A.M.; Moraes, M.J.B. de; Akasaki, J.L.; Sanches, A.O.; Malmonge, J. A., E-mail: [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Ilha Solteira, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia. Departamento de Fisica e Quimica


    Currently, Brazil is experiencing an expansion of sugarcane plantations, which makes the country the world's largest producer of sugarcane. With the bagasse generated during the process, is generated the bagasse ash cane sugar (CBC) which consists mainly of silicon dioxide (SiO{sub 2}) and presents as potential alternative raw material for the production of cement composites. In this context, the objective of this study is to evaluate the reactivity of the CBC through physical and chemical analysis, for the production of mortars. The study of the CBC was performed by means of XRF testing, XRD, SEM and ADL. Mortar specimens with different percentages of CBC in partial replacement of Portland cement, for analysis of compressive strength were also produced. Despite the mixtures with additions have lower resistance to conventional mortars, the results showed the potential of the CBC as reactive mineral addition. (author)

  5. Profit of solar energy for salting and drying of a brazilian fish Colossoma mitrei Berg, 1895; Utilizacao da energia solar para avaliacao da salga e secagem do pacu, Colossoma mitrei Berg, 1895

    Sales, Ronaldo de Oliveira [1Ceara Univ., Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias Agrarias; Beirao, Luiz Henrique [Santa Catarina Univ., Florianopolis, SC (Brazil). Dept. de Ciencias e Tecnologia de Alimentos


    This paper studied a simple method for processing dried-salted `pacu` fish. The average weight in relation to total weight was 58,6% and the result came very close to the average of weight of other dried salted fishes, when treated in same way. The main purpose of this process was to reduce the long time expanded by the conventional process, allowing to reduce the humidity of the dried-salted product from 56 to 43,5% in 28 hours only. (author) 20 refs., 3 figs., 8 tabs.

  6. Utilization of bromeliad Tillandsia Usneoides L. in biomonitoring of air pollution in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo - SP, Brazil; Utilizacao da bromelia Tillandsia Usneoides L. no biomonitoramento da poluicao atmosferica na Regiao metropolitana de Sao Paulo - SP, Brasil

    Albuquerque, Caroline R.; Figueiredo, Ana M.G.; Silva, Barbara C. da; Ticianelli, Regina B., E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Figueira, Rubens C.L., E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Instituto Oceanografico; Nievola, Catarina C.; Alves, Edenise S.; Domingos, Marisa, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Botanica (IBt-SMA/SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Ribeiro, Andreza P., E-mail: [Universidade Nove de Julho (UNINOVE), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    In this study, it was determined the metals Cd, Cu, Fe, Mo, Ni, Pb and Sb in plant Tillandsia Usneoides L., an epiphyte species popularly known as old beard and able to absorb water and nutrients directly from air, aiming to estimate the contribution of human activities in atmospheric metal pollution in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo. The samples were collected at five different points, located near the South West and stretches of highway Mario Covas (SP-21). The Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) and Optical Emission Spectrometry with Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES) were the analytical techniques used in the quantification of metals of interest.

  7. The problem of the use the hybrid and photovoltaic systems in insular zones with climatic siversity in Madeira; A problematica da utilizacao de sistemas fotovoltaicos e hibridos em zonas insulares de diversidade climatica-ILHA da Madeira

    Magro, J. C. E.


    Project PAUER contemplates the evaluation and utilization of renewable energy in insular zones with climatic diversity, situated on the Archipelago of Madeira. The project has three main areas of intervention: prospecting and evaluating energetic resources; creation of data bases of climatic data for application in energetic studies and other areas; the installation of twenty autonomous photovoltaic or hybrid systems in isolated localities. This communication presents some data from meteorological observations made up until the present date, following appropriate statistical analysis. Characteristics of some installed photovoltaic and hybrid systems as well as some of the principal problems encountered in the field are also given. (Author)

  8. Utilization of the secondary energy of Itaipu, Parana State, Brazil, for electrolytical ammonia production for nitrogenous fertilizers synthesis; Utilizacao da energia secundaria da usina hidreletrica de Itaipu, PR, Brasil para producao de amonia eletrolitica para sintese de fertilizantes nitrogenados

    Souza, S.N.M. de; Siqueira, J.A.C.


    Secondary energy can be described as a surplus of electrical energy in hydraulic power plant due to the lower demand of energy during some periods of time, and the excess of water in the reservoir, during rainy periods. The largest hydroelectric power plant both in Brazil and South America is Itaipu, jointly operated by Brazil and Paraguay. This power plant has a large amount of secondary energy available, and this energy is lost as no turbine spilled water out of the reservoir. This study proposes the using of this energy for electrolytic hydrogen production and ammonia for nitrogenous fertilizers. The hydrogen is produced as a gas by mean of electrolyses and with the atmospheric nitrogen for the electrolytic ammonia synthesis, used as the most important raw material for the nitrogen fertilizers synthesis. This study performs the determination of the minimal cost of hydrogen production and the correspondent hydrogen production capacity in accordance with the ammonia market for nitrogenated fertilizers in the Center/South region, estimating the better production capacity for an ammonia plant to be installed close to Itaipu.

  9. Thermal activation and characterization of clay aiming their use as sorbent in fixed bed columns to remove cadmium; Ativacao termica e caracterizacao da argila visando sua utilizacao como adsorvente em colunas de leito fixo para a remocao de cadmio

    Silva, M.M. da; Rodrigues, M.G.F. [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG), PB (Brazil); Silva, M.L.P. [Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Arido (UFERSA), RN (Brazil); Kleinübing, S.J.; Silva, M.G.C., E-mail: [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil)


    In this work we studied the removal of cadmium in a synthetic wastewater using clay of Pernambuco - Brazil, in systems of fixed bed column. Clay was thermally activated at 500 °C. The materials were characterized using X-ray Fluorescence (XRF), X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and nitrogen adsorption (BET method). For tests in fixed bed column, we applied a factorial design 2{sup 2} and found that increasing the flow adversely affects the process of removing cadmium concentration while acting positively. The studies showed these materials as promising for the removal of Cd{sup 2+} ions in synthetic wastewater containing low levels of this metal. (author)

  10. Potential use of solar water heating systems in residential areas of the city of Piracicaba; Potencial da utilizacao de coletores solares no aquecimento de agua residencial na cidade de Piracicaba

    Oliveira, Rafel Deleo e; Vieira Junior, Jose Carlos de Melo [Universidade de Sao Paulo (EESC/USP), Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia], Emails:,


    Solar collector is a device that uses solar energy for heating fluid (both liquid and gaseous) which can then be used to generate energy. This study is based on the method of calculating the global solar radiation incident on the inclined plane using data from the city of Piracicaba, state of Sao Paulo. As a result of the study it can be seen that for the city of Piracicaba the collecting area of 4.62 M{sup 2} presents solar fraction varying between 87.27% and 97.79% for heating 300 liters of water and 200 liters of water daily, respectively. Based on the results one can conclude that the savings would be about 47.74 GWh, if a collection area of 360 thousand m{sup 2} (0.36 km{sup 2}) were fully exploited, which represents savings of approximately R$ 15.86 million per year for the municipality. (author)

  11. Hybrid regression trees applied to the monitoring of dynamic safety of isolated networks with large eolic production contribution; Utilizacao de arvores de regressao hibridas na monitorizacao da seguranca dinamica de redes isoladas com grande producao eolica

    Lopes, J.A Pecas; Vasconcelos, Maria Helena O.P. de [Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores (INESC), Porto (Portugal). E-mail:;


    This paper describes in a synthetic manner the technology adopted to define structures used in the fast evaluation of dynamic safety of isolated network with high level of eolic production contribution. This methodology uses hybrid regression trees, which allows the quantification the endurance connected to the dynamic behavior of these networks by emulating the frequency minimum deviation that will be experienced by the system when submitted toa pre-defined perturbation. Also, new procedures for data automatic generation are presented, which will be used for construction and measurements of the evaluation structures performance. The paper describes the Terceira island - Acores archipelago network study case.

  12. The use of neutron diffraction for the determination of the in-depth residual stresses profile in weld coatings; A utilizacao da difracao de neutroes na determinacao do perfil de tensoes residuais em revestimentos por soldadura

    Marques, Maria Jose; Batista, A.C.; Nobre, J.P. [Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal). Dept. de Fisica. Centro de Estudos de Materiais por Difraccao de Raios X (CEMDRX); Loureiro, Altino [Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica. Centro de Engenharia Mecanica (CEMUC); Kornmeier, Joana R., E-mail: [Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Garching (Germany). FRM II


    The neutron diffraction is a non-destructive technique, particularly suitable for the analysis of residual stress fields in welds. The technique is used in this article to study ferritic samples, coated by submerged arc welding using stainless steel filler metals. This procedure is often used for manufacturing process equipment for chemical and nuclear industries, for ease of implementation and economic reasons. The main disadvantage of that processes is the cracking phenomenon that often occurs at the interface between the base material and coatings, which can be minimized by performing post-weld stress relief heat treatments. The samples analyzed in this study were made of carbon steel plates, coated by submerged arc welding two types of stainless steel filler metals. For the first layer was used one EN 12 072 - S 2 U 23 12 electrode, while for the second and third layers were used an EN 12 072 - 19 12 3 S L electrode. After cladding, the samples were submitted to a post-weld heat treatment for 1 hour at 620 deg C. The residual stress profiles obtained by neutron diffraction evidence the relaxation of residual stress given by the heat treatment. (author)

  13. Use of the extraction residue of emeralds in a formulation mass of ceramic tiles; Utilizacao do residuo da extracao de esmeraldas em uma formulacao de massa de revestimento ceramico

    Cavalcante, R. F., E-mail: [Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia Mecanica - PPgEM - UFRN, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Lagoa Nova, RN (Brazil); Nascimento, R.M.; Paskocimas, C.A., E-mail:, E-mail: [Departamento de Engenharia Materiais - DEMAT - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Lagoa Nova, RN (Brazil); Dutra, R.P.S., E-mail: [Departamento de Engenharia Materiais - DEMAT - UFPB - Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife (Brazil)


    Companies involved in mining and beneficiation of emerald represent an important area of industrial development in Brazil, with a significant contribution to world production of this ore. As a result, large volumes of waste generated and emerald are constantly abandoned in the environment, contributing negatively to their preservation. On the other hand the interest in the use of mining waste as an additive in production of ceramic materials has grown among researchers in recent years. The ceramic industry is constantly seeking to expand the market for the sector and trying to improve product quality and increase the variety of applications. The technology of obtaining ceramic coating that uses waste from mining is still a largely unexplored market. Thus, the purpose of this study was to characterize the waste generated from mining emerald as well as to evaluate its potential use as raw material for production melting of ceramic tiles. Ceramic mixtures were prepared from raw materials characterized by X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction. Five compositions were prepared using the waste codes of emeralds from 0%, 10%, 20%, 30% and 40%. Samples were prepared by pressing, sintered at 1000, 1100 and 1200 deg C and characterized to establish their mineralogical composition, water absorption, linear shrinkage and modulus of rupture. The results showed that the residue of emeralds studied can be embedded in the mass of ceramic tiles up to 20% in replacement of feldspar without compromising the end product properties. (author)

  14. Use of wasted foundry sand (WFS) as a partial substitute for silica in a soda lime glass; Utilizacao de areia descartada de fundicao (ADF) como substituinte parcial da silica em um vidro soda-cal

    Martin, A.C.; Ueno, O.K.; Folgueras, M.V., E-mail: [Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (CCT/UDESC), Joinville, SC (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias Tecnologicas


    The waste foundry sand (WFS) is the main waste generates in foundry industries. Studies in the literature suggest the use of WFS in different materials, such as concrete, brick or asphalt. This work aims to partially replace the silica of a soda-lime glass by the WFS. The waste foundry sand has in its composition elements such as iron and aluminum that can affect the glass quality, which justifies the residue processing to reduce the impurity content. The treatments, that included mechanical agitation and thermal treatment, resulted in a slight decrease in the percent of iron with consequent increase of the silica content. After treatment, some sands were incorporated into the glass, that showed green color but with lower absorption intensity for the sand with less iron content. It was observed that it's possible to obtain glasses using WFS, however, there is difficulty in color controlling. (author.

  15. Using the direct method in organophilization of clay chocolate 'A' with organic surfactant; Utilizacao do metodo direto na organofilizacao da argila chocolate 'A' com surfactante organico

    Patricio, A.C.L.; Sousa, A.B.; Silva, M.M. da; Rodrigues, M.G.F.; Laborde, H.M., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG), PB (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias e Tecnologia. Unidade Academica de Engenharia Quimica


    During the development of this work, we studied the preparation of organoclays through direct method, starting from the natural clay Chocolate 'A' using the quaternary ammonium salt, chloride, alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium (Dodigen). The samples were characterized by X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), Infrared Spectroscopy in the Region (IV), Gravimetric and Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA / TGA) and swelling of Foster using solvents, gasoline, kerosene and diesel. Was observed by the results XRD, IR and DTA / TG effective intercalation of quaternary ammonium salts of the inter lamellar spaces of the clay, and by Foster swelling test samples treated with the quaternary ammonium salt Dodigen showed affinity for all the solvents tested. (author)

  16. Utilization of C-14 settled urease for diagnosing Campylobacter Pylori in the stomach. Utilizacao de ureia marcada com carbono quatorze para diagnostico da presenca do Campylobacter Pylori no estomago

    Chausson, Y; Coelho, L G.V. [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    A new method for diagnosing the Campylobacter Pylori in the stomach is described, using C-14 settled urease. Campylobacter Pylori is now being considered the most probable causative agent of antral chronic gastritis, pepitic ulcer and non-ulcerous dyspepsia. The technique is based on ingestion of the tracer, its recovery by exhalation in etanol hyamine solution, followed by counting and dates evaluation. The test was applied to forty two voluntary male and female patients, after their written acquiescence. Their ages varied from 19 to 62 years old. Thirty of the results were positive and twelve negative. All of them were comproved by microbiological (cultura) and hystologycal studies of gastric biopsy gotten by gastroscopy. They were performed at the Gastroentherology Departament of the 'Hospital das Clinicas' that belongs to the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Repetitivity of the breath test was confirmed by repetition of the results in five positive patients and five negative ones. (author).

  17. Evaluation of the use of waste of soybeans (Glycine max (L.)) combined with wood waste in making briquet; Avaliacao da utilizacao de residuo de soja (Glycine max (L.)) combinado com residuo de madeira de confeccao de briquetes

    Travessini, Rosana; Schutz, Fabiana Costa de Araujo; Anami, Marcelo Hidemassa; Scherpinski, Neusa Idick [Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana (UTFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil)], Emails:,,,


    The agricultural industry produces a large amount of which use biomass is an alternative energy economically viable through the compression portion of ligno-cellulose as raw material to replace the wood with an equivalent product, by briquetting. This study aimed to evaluate the technical feasibility of manufacturing fuel briquettes made from soybean residues combined with waste wood. The making of briquettes was performed in the laboratory of Electromechanics of UTFPR campus Medianeira PR. For this analysis, we assessed the content of moisture, ash, fixed carbon content of porosity and higher calorific value. From the results we can conclude that the manufacture of briquettes from lignocellulosic raw materials is an extremely viable energy flashlight for the region of the Bacia do Rio Parana III. (author)

  18. Use of ionizing radiation in the recycling of unserviceable tires of automotive and its adequate environmental disposal; Utilizacao da radiacao ionizante na reciclagem de pneus inserviveis de automovel e sua destinacao ambiental adequada

    Souza, Clecia de Moura


    The aim of this study was to use ionizing radiation in the recycling of scrap tires of automotive. Samples of rubber unserviceable tires were irradiated with radiation doses 200, 400 and 600kGy in an electron accelerator. Subsequently, they were characterized by thermogravimetry (TG), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), tensile strength mechanical test, spectrophotometry Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). By thermogravimetry was possible to observe the effects of radiation in the mass loss of material. In the DSC curves were observed exothermic decomposition peaks and associated values of enthalpy variation (ΔH). The mechanical properties of the elastomeric matrix with unserviceable tires powder were studied and its behavior to ionizing radiation was analyzed. FTIR spectra were obtained in the 4000 - 650cm-1 region. It was observed that there was no change in the peaks due irradiation. For SEM the micrographs were enlarged from 32 times up to 1000 times and observed in sizes from 1mm up to 20μm. It was observed at doses of 200 and 400kGy, roughness corresponding to breaks or ruptures possibly caused by radiation. In 600kGy radiation dose was observed cavities caused by radiation. It was observed that at all doses occurred degradation. For samples without powder and with 10, 30 and 50% of unserviceable tires powder it was obtained micrographs of 100μm and 200μm amplification. Also it was possible to observe the incorporation of unserviceable tires powder of automotive in the elastomeric matrix of non-irradiated and irradiated samples. (author)

  19. Evaluation of natural radioactivity in some granitic rocks in the state of Parana, Brazil and its use in civil construction; Avaliacao da radioatividade natural em algumas rochas graniticas do estado do Parana e sua utilizacao na construcao civil

    Ferreira, Ademar de Oliveira


    Primordial, or terrestrial natural radionuclides, are found in different amounts in the environment. In dwellings, an important dose increment is due to building materials, which contribute for both the external gamma dose from the radionuclides of the {sup 238}U, {sup 235}U and {sup 232}Th series and the natural {sup 40}K and the internal dose, due mainly to {sup 222}Rn inhalation. Once granitic rocks are widely used both as construction materials or structural flooring, those rocks can become an important dose source, depending on the content of concentrations of radioactivity, and the construction application. In this work, a database for granitic rocks of the crystalline shield of Parana (mainly in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, RMC), used in civil construction, was generated, evaluating in terms of radiological protection the external and internal dose increments, caused by the use of these materials. Also, possible correlations between the {sup 226}Ra activity concentration, the {sup 222}Rn exhalation rate, density, porosity and chemical composition (oxide content) in these samples had been studied. The external dose was assessed by gamma-ray spectrometry with High-Purity Germanium detectors, where the activity concentration of the radionuclides {sup 232}Th, {sup 226}Ra and {sup 40}K are the parameters used in dosimetric models (Dosimetric Indexes), which established limits in accordance with the form, amount and application of material of construction. For the calculation of the annual effective external dose it was assumed a room model with dimensions of 4 m x 5 m x 2:8 m and all walls internally covered with 2 cm thickness of granite and an annual exposure time of 7000 h as suggested by the European Commission of Radiological Protection for internal superficial coating materials. The internal exposure was assessed from the radon concentration in the air of the room model, simulated from the superficial exhalation rate of {sup 222}Rn. The exhalation

  20. Analysis of the feasibility of solar heating systems composite for packaging recyclable for use in rural low income; Analise da viabilidade economica de sistemas de aquecedores solares compostos por embalagens reciclaveis para utilizacao em comunidades rurais de baixa renda

    Gabriel Filho, Luis Roberto Almeida; Maiochi, Tamara; Pereira, Danilo F.; Magalhaes, Marcelo M. de [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Tupa, SP (Brazil)], email:; Cremasco, Camila P. [Faculdade de Tecnologia (FATEC), Presidente Prudente, SP (Brazil); Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Bioestatistica


    Solar heaters are an appropriate technology for tropical and sub tropical to warm bath water through the energy in sunlight. The development of conventional solar heaters is in the market and its acceptance is still low due to high cost. However, low-cost solar heaters have been developed in recent years to meet a consumer demand that currently do not have access to this technology, especially low-income rural communities. The aim of this study was to analyze the economic feasibility of solar water heaters built with recyclable materials (plastic bottles and milk cartons) through the consequent reduction of sales of electricity. For development work, a heater was built with recyclable materials in accordance with the manuals provided by the Department of the Environment of Parana (SEMA) and found time to use electric showers by families of rural properties in order to determine the costs and billing of electricity. By spending on materials, we concluded that the system was feasible, with amortization over 13 months in fixed installments of R$ 23.79. (author)

  1. Use of thin layer chromatography for the determination of radiochemical purity of radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine services of Paraiba and Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil; Utilizacao da cromatografia em camada delgada para determinacao da pureza radioquimica de radiofarmacos em servicos de medicina nuclear da Paraiba e Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

    Andrade, W.G.; Santos, P.A.L.; Lima, F.R.A. [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Tecnologia Energetica; Lima, F.F., E-mail: [Centro Regional de Ciencias Nucleares do Nordeste (CRCN-NE/CNEN-PE), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    The paper chromatography and the thin layer chromatography are separation techniques in which the radioactive components migrate because of their affinity with the eluent (mobile phase) or stationary phase, respectively. In radiopharmaceuticals labeled with {sup 99m}Tc, besides its own radiopharmaceutical, {sup 99m}TcO{sup 4-} free and TcO{sub 2} can be identified and quantified. The evaluation of radiochemical purity of radiopharmaceuticals is essential to produce images free of artifacts as well as avoid unnecessary absorbed dose to the patient. Once they are managed in humans it is important and necessary that they undergo to strict quality control. Because of this, ANVISA in its 'Resolucao da Diretoria Colegiada (RDC) 38 of June 4th, 2008 states the obligation of performing a minimum of tests in nuclear medicine services routine prior to human administration. This work evaluated, by the method of thin layer chromatography (TLC), radiochemical purity, determined the pH of the radiopharmaceutical DEXTRAN- 500, DMSA, DTPA, PHYTATE, MDP, MIBI and Sn-Col used in nuclear medicine services in the states of Paraiba and Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil. The results show that the use of thin layer chromatography (TLC) as a standard method in routine of nuclear medicine services is possible, because it provides important data for the evaluation of radiochemical purity, allowing the exclusion of a radiopharmaceutical poorly marked. (author)

  2. Effects of using kaolin waste and granite waste as raw materials for the production of low-water absorption ceramic tiles; Efeitos da co-utilizacao dos residuos do beneficiamento do caulim e da extracao do granito rain forest para a producao de revestimentos ceramicos com baixa absorcao de agua

    Freires, H.P.; Argonz, R.; Nogueira, R.E.F.Q.; Sasaki, J.M., E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Ceara (UFC), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil); Sales, J.C. [Universidade do Vale do Aracau (UVA), Crateus, CE (Brazil)


    This study aims to evaluate the potential of co-use of granite waste (Rain Forest) and kaolin waste as raw material for the manufacture of ceramic coating of low water absorption. Raw materials were characterized by X-ray diffraction. Kaolin residue was added to the residue of granite in the following proportions (in wt%): 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50%. Specimens were fabricated by uniaxial pressing and fired at 1175,1200 and 1225 deg C. Studies of firing linear shrinkage, water absorption, apparent porosity, apparent density and tensile bending test (or rupture modulus) were conducted. The temperature of 1225 deg C allowed the use of a mixture of 50% granite residue and 50% kaolin residue. Ceramic parts made from that mixture exhibited the maximum values required by the Brazilian Standard NBR 13818 for water absorption, shrinkage and density. (author)

  3. The possibility of recurrent selection to increase the oil content in soybeans using genetic male sterility and NMR spectroscopy; Possibilidade de selecao recorrente para aumento do teor de oleo em soja com a utilizacao da macho-esterilidade genetica e da espectroscopia de ressonancia nuclear magnetica

    Miranda, M A.C. de; Teixeira, J P.F.; Mascarenhas, H A.A. [Instituto Agronomico de Campinas, SP (Brazil); Rettori, C [Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica


    The seed oil content of male sterile plants and their progenies was analysed by a NMR spectroscope to study the possibility of recurrent selection to improve the oil content. The results suggest the possibility of recurrent selection in the composite IAC-1 both in the field with male sterile plants or at the greenhouse when selection is based on average values of progenies. 30 refs., 3 figs., 3 tabs.

  4. Study of potentiality of raw material of Crato/CE for use in structural ceramics - part I - technological characterization; Estudo da potencialidade da materia-prima do Crato/CE para utilizacao em ceramica estrutural - parte I - caracterizacao tecnologica

    Andrade, J.C.S.; Santos, G.M.; Saldanha, K.M.; Sales Junior, J.C.C.; Nascimento, R.M.; Paskocimas, C.A., E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal RN (Brazil)


    The limitation of information on chemical, mineralogical and thermal characteristics of raw material used in process of manufacture of ceramic products in the region of Cariri, specifically the city of Crato, state of Ceara, motivated the development of this work, since this region ceramics exist that in a general context they appear as important productive chains in the state. The characteristics were evaluated by tests of limit of liquidity, limit of plasticity, index of plasticity, but also by chemical analysis for fluorescence of rays X, analysis of phases for diffraction of rays X, and thermal analysis (thermogratimetric analysis). The results showed that the raw material has excellent size distribution and characteristics acceptable to the processing of structural components of dark color the red, requiring a mixture of clay with coarse less plastic which granulation, that functions as reducer of plasticity. (author)

  5. Analysis of rationality and efficiency of electricity utilization in posture poultry companies by computation platform based in fuzzy system; Analise da racionalidade e eficiencia da utilizacao de energia eletrica em empresas de avicultura de postura via plataforma computacional baseada em sistema fuzzy

    Cremasco, Camila Pires [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Bioestatistica; Faculdade de Tecnologia (FATEC), Presidente Prudente, SP (Brazil); Gabriel Filho, Luis Roberto Almeida [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Tupa, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agronomicas; Viais Neto, Daniel dos Santos; Bordin, Deyver [Faculdade de Tecnologia (FATEC), Presidente Prudente, SP (Brazil); Silva, Helenice de Oliveira Florentino [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Bioestatistica], E-mails:,,,


    A great application of intelligent systems is in control of the electric power consumption of enterprises. For the assessment of the way that the company uses the electricity there are two indices which are called load factor and power factor. To facilitate the assessment of the performance of electric power consumption by the companies it is interesting that there is a single index indicating globally as energy is being used by the same. The goal of this work was to develop a software to assist laying poultry companies in the region of Bastos in more rational and efficient use of electric energy. For this, a system has been developed called Fuzzy Energy integrated environment developed with Delphi 2010. For the determination of fuzzy factor (situation of the company), we used a fuzzy system prepared in advance. The data collected over a period of 3 years helped the system programming. The software was able to present the situation of the company studied in a manner accessible to the user, and their results were tested accuracy 100 according to fuzzy system. With the inference method of Mandani, unable to create a general simulation of all relevant points of enterprise data. (author)

  6. X-ray cone beam microtomography for quantitative assessment of tracheal and pharyngeal volumes of Rhodnius prolixus; Utilizacao da microtomografia computadorizada com feixe de raios-X conico para a determinacao quantitativa do volume da traqueia e faringe do Rhodnius prolixus

    Souza, Izabella Soares de


    In the past decade microcomputerized tomography imaging using synchrotron radiation has become a powerful technique to generate high resolution images of Rhodinus prolixus. Images of soft tissues (protocerebrum and muscles) and dense structures (pharynx, trachea and esophagus) of R. prolixus head have been obtained using synchrotron radiation microtomography in mono and polychromatic configuration, respectively. Advancements in conventional microtomography have increased the achievable resolution and contrast, making this relatively inexpensive and widely available technology potentially useful for studies of insect internal morphology. The main goal of this work was to provide a new set of high quality microtomographic images of R. prolixus achieved by means of a desktop X-ray microtomograph. It allows the three-dimensional visualization of important chitinized structures: pharynx and tracheae. Pharyngeal and tracheal volumes were quantitatively evaluated at different days (1, 4, 10, 15 and 20) after feeding. The results suggest that variation of average volumes could be attributed to insect hormone 20-hydroxy-ecdysone (20-OH-Ec) pulse at 11 days after feeding. Pharyngeal volumes decrease 3.80 times. On the other hand, tracheal volumes increase 1.78 times. Head total volume showed similar trends than trachea. (author)

  7. Use of 2 D-NMR in the structural study of a Trichilia hirta (Meliaceae) isolated limonoid; Utilizacao de RMN-2D na elucidacao estrutural de um limonoide isolado de Trichilia hirta (meliaceae)

    Cortez, Diogenes A.G. [Universidade Estadual de Maringa, PR (Brazil). Dept. de Farmacia-Bioquimica; Vieira, Paulo C; Fernandes, Joao B; Silva, M.Fatima G.F. da; Ferreira, A Gilberto [Sao Carlos Univ., SP (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica


    We have recently studied a T. hirta specie and obtained a limonoid which has a structure similar to the hirtine. The obtained limonoid differs from the hirtine by the absence of an epoxy group in C-14 and C-15, and a propionyl oxy group replacement by a iso butyryl oxy bound to a C-12. NMR-2 D has been used for the structural study of the limonoid obtained from the Trichilia hirta (meliaceae) 8 refs., 1 fig., 3 tabs.

  8. Study and characterization of dosimeter LiF:Mg,Cu,P for using in aeronautical dosimetry; Estudo e caracterizacao do dosimetro de LiF:Mg,Cu,P para utilizacao em dosimetria aeronautica

    Flavia, Hanna, E-mail: [Universidade Paulista (UNIP), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil); Federico, Claudio; Lelis, Odair; Pereira, Heloisa; Pereira, Marlon, E-mail: [Instituto de Estudos Avancados (EFA-A/IEAV), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil). Div. de Fisica Aplicada


    The effects of cosmic ionizing radiation incidents in aircraft components and crews has been a source of concern and motivated increasingly studies and improvements in the area. The low dose rates involved in this radiation field in aircraft flight altitudes imply Dosimetric necessity of using materials with high efficiency of detection, to enable studies lower cumulative doses resulting in shorter routes or lower altitude. The choice of thermoluminescent dosimeters LiF: Mg, Cu, P was done by having a detection efficiency of about fifteen times higher than its predecessor (LiF: Mg, Ti), and therefore, applied in very low doses dosimetry, and environmental dosimetry . The implementation of the use of pair dosimetric TLD-600H and 700H-TLD will serve as support for testing and studies on the effects of low doses of cosmic radiation in environmental dosimetry applied in the aviation environment in the usual flight altitudes. In this paper are presented the results of development of a methodology for dosimetry low doses of gamma radiation and neutrons using the pair dosimetric TLD-600H and 700H-TLD. The results demonstrate a sensitivity of dosimeters well above the dosimeters LiF: Mg, Ti confirming its suitability for dosimetry of low doses.

  9. Leonardo da Vinci's studies of the heart.

    Shoja, Mohammadali M; Agutter, Paul S; Loukas, Marios; Benninger, Brion; Shokouhi, Ghaffar; Namdar, Husain; Ghabili, Kamyar; Khalili, Majid; Tubbs, R Shane


    Leonardo da Vinci's detailed drawings are justly celebrated; however, less well known are his accounts of the structures and functions of the organs. In this paper, we focus on his illustrations of the heart, his conjectures about heart and blood vessel function, his experiments on model systems to test those conjectures, and his unprecedented conclusions about the way in which the cardiovascular system operates. In particular, da Vinci seems to have been the first to recognize that the heart is a muscle and that systole is the active phase of the pump. He also seems to have understood the functions of the auricles and pulmonary veins, identified the relationship between the cardiac cycle and the pulse, and explained the hemodynamic mechanism of valve opening and closure. He also described anatomical variations and changes in structure and function that occurred with age. We outline da Vinci's varied career and suggest ways in which his personality, experience, skills and intellectual heritage contributed to these advances in understanding. We also consider his influence on later studies in anatomy and physiology. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  10. Gene expression studies on human keratinocytes transduced with human growth hormone gene for a possible utilization in gene therapy; Estudos da expressao genica mediante utilizacao de queratinocitos humanos normais transduzidos com o gene do hormonio de crscimento humano. Possivel utilizacao em terapia genica

    Mathor, Monica Beatriz


    Taking advantage of the recent progress in the DNA-recombinant techniques and of the potentiality of normal human keratinocytes primary culture to reconstitute the epidermis, it was decided to genetically transform these keratinocytes to produce human growth hormone under controllable conditions that would be used in gene therapy at this hormone deficient patients. The first step to achieve this goal was to standardize infection of keratinocytes with retrovirus producer cells containing a construct which included the gene of bacterial b-galactosidase. The best result was obtained cultivating the keratinocytes for 3 days in a 2:1 mixture of retrovirus producer cells and 3T3-J2 fibroblasts irradiated with 60 Gy, and splitting these infected keratinocytes on 3T3-J2 fibroblasts feeder layer. Another preliminary experiment was to infect normal human keratinocytes with interleukin-6 gene (hIL-6) that, in pathologic conditions, could be reproduced by keratinocytes and secreted to the blood stream. Thus, we verify that infected keratinocytes secrete an average amount of 500 ng/10{sup 6} cell/day of cytokin during the in vitro life time, that certify the stable character of the injection. These keratinocytes, when grafted in mice, secrete hIL-6 to the blood stream reaching levels of 40 pg/ml of serum. After these preliminary experiments, we construct a retroviral vector with the human growth hormone gene (h GH) driven by human metallothionein promoter (h PMT), designated DChPMTGH. Normal human keratinocytes were infected with DChPMTGH producer cells, following previously standardized protocol, obtaining infected keratinocytes secreting to the culture media 340 ng h GH/10{sup 6} cell/day without promoter activation. This is the highest level of h GH secreted in human keratinocytes primary culture described in literature. The h GH value increases approximately 10 times after activation with 100 {mu}M Zn{sup +2} for 8-12 hours. (author). 158 refs., 42 figs., 6 tabs.

  11. Study of Brasgel clay looking at its use in the removal of heavy metal zinc in analytical effluents; Estudo da argila Brasgel visando sua utilizacao na remocao do metal pesado zinco em efluentes analiticos

    Patricio, A.C.L.; Silva, M.M. da; Lima, W.S.; Cartaxo, J. de M.; Rodrigues, M.G.F., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG), PB (Brazil). Unidade Academica de Engenharia Quimica. Centro de Ciencias e Tecnologia


    This work aims to characterize the clay Brasgel in its natural form and after its organophilization through salt distearyl dimethyl chloride (Praepagen) and then evaluate the potential of clay in the process of treating wastewater contaminated by heavy metal zinc. After the treatment technique, specimens in natural form and organoclay were characterized by techniques of X-ray diffraction (XRD), infrared spectroscopy (IR), moreover, was the analysis of the behavior of organoclay in certain organic solvents through the swelling of Foster. In this work we adopted the procedure for removal of Zn{sup +2} present in aqueous solutions, based on a factorial design, 2{sup 2} + 3 repetitions at the central point, with the analysis parameters as the solution pH (3.0 to 5.0) and initial concentration of zinc ranging from 10 to 50 ppm. (author)

  12. Preliminary analysis of the regolithic clay covers from the region of Alfenas, Minas Gerais, Brazil, aiming to evaluate its use in the traditional ceramic industry; Analise preliminar das coberturas regoliticas argilosas da regiao de Alfenas, Minas Gerais, Brasil, visando sua utilizacao na industria de ceramica vermelha

    Gaspar, Junior, L A; Varajao, A F.D.C. [Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (UFOP), MG (Brazil). Escola de Minas. Dept. de Geologia; Moreno, M M.T. [Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), Rio Claro, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Petrologia e Metalogenia


    The region of Alfenas, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, is predominantly constituted of Pre-Cambrian rocks with well developed alteration profiles in association with colluvial and alluvial sediments. No study to date has examined in detail its potential use in the ceramic industry. The scarce knowledge of its mineralogical and technological properties limits its value and consequently its industrial use. Until now, these clay materials have been used in a rudimental manner, in small scale in the fabrication of red tiles. The present study aimed at analyzing these clays mineralogically (X-ray diffraction), chemically (major and minor elements by X-ray fluorescence and organic carbon analysis) and technologically (pressing granulometric distribution; mechanical resistance; water absorption, apparent porosity; linear firing shrinkage; color of firing and others) in order to better understand the raw material and develop adequate technological applications. The best results of ceramic properties were the samples with higher organic content (more plastic clays) and higher values of Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} (kaolinite and gibbsite) and Fe{sub 2}O{sub 3} as well lower SiO{sub 2} content and finer grain size which contribute to a better sintering. (author)

  13. Use of rice rusk ash and spent catalyst as a source of raw material for the production and characterization of soda-lime silicate glasses destined for packaging; Utilizacao de residuos de catalisador (ECAT) e cinzas da casca de arroz (CCA) na elaboracao de vidros silicatos soda-cal destinados ao setor de embalagem

    Araujo, M.S.; Martinelli, J.R.; Genova, L.A.; Prado, U.S. do, E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Centro de Ciencia e Tecnologia de Materiais


    Study on the use of rice husk ash (RHA) and waste catalyst (ECAT), two industrial solid waste generated in large quantities in Brazil, getting soda-lime glass for the production of packaging. Both the waste may be classified as class II waste according to NBR 10,004. Samples were produced adding Na{sub 2}CO{sub 3} and CaO to obtain a composition within the range of commercial soda-lime glasses. The results showed that both can be used as received (without any previous treatment) replacing important raw materials, source of Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} and SiO2, necessary for glass formation. The produced samples were amber due to the presence of nickel (Ni2+ ions) from the ECAT and optical transmittance of 18%. These also showed good homogeneity, i.e., absence of bubbles and striae and dissolution rate higher than a commercial soda-lime glass. In general, the samples are presented suitable for applications that require low transmittance such as colored glass containers, which does not require perfect visibility and transparency. Finally, the waste level of incorporation was approximately 78 mass%. (author)

  14. Development of methodology for the synthesis of poly(lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) for use in the production of radioactive sources; Desenvolvimento da metodologia para sintese do poli(acido latico-co-acido glicolico) para utilizacao na producao de fontes radioativas

    Peleias Junior, Fernando dos Santos


    According to World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. A method of radiotherapy which has been extensively used is brachytherapy, where radioactive seeds are placed inside the area requiring treatment. Iodine-125 seeds can be placed loose or stranded in bioabsorbable polymers. Stranded seeds show some advantages, since they reduce the rate of seed migration, an event that could affect the dosimetry of the prostate and cause unnecessary damage to healthy tissues or organs. For Iodine-125 stranded seeds, polyglactin 910 (poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)) (PLGA), with a coverage of polyglactin 370 (Vicryl Registered-Sign ) is used. It was purposed in this dissertation, the study and development of the synthesis methodology for PLGA via ring-opening polymerization, as well as its characterization, with the objective of using the synthesized material to manufacture a material similar to RAPID Strand{sub Registered-Sign }. The results obtained show that it was possible to determine the optimal reaction parameters (time and temperature) for PLGA in 80/20 (lactide/glycolide) ratio. Using a temperature of 110 Degree-Sign C and reaction time of 24h, a yield of 86% was obtained, and increasing the reaction time to 72 hours, the yield was higher than 90%. The molecular mass values obtained from the samples are still very low compared to those obtained by other authors in the literature (about 20%). Failures in the sealing of vials, leaving them vulnerable to moisture and oxygen, or lack of an efficient stirring system might be possible explanations for these results. A suitable chemical reactor could solve the problem. Regarding polymer characterization, all techniques used not only confirmed the expected structure of the polymer, but also showed the highest proportion of lactide units compared to to glycolide units. (author)

  15. Perspective of using the sterile insect technique for Tobacco Budworms Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and Cotton Bollworm Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in cotton crop as an alternative method of control; Perspectiva de utilizacao da Tecnica do Inseto Esteril para lagarta da maca Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) e lagarta do velho mundo Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) na cultura do algodoeiro como um metodo alternativo de controle

    Haddad, Gianni Queiroz


    Since the 1950s, scientists have used ionizing radiation to sterilize insects, which are released in nature to mate, but without any progeny. Known as the sterile insect technique (TIE), this method of insect control has traditionally used ionizing radiation to sterilize insects, a technique that does not generate residues, and can act in synergy with the other techniques within integrated pest management. For several years, Brazil has been fighting against the increase of pests, introducing new tactics and techniques within the IPM programs, to overcome the resistance of chemical products, such as: reducing the residues of agrochemicals; For some important crops of our country, we have a wide spectrum of pests occurring from the beginning to the end of the harvest, one of them is the cotton crop and among the key pests of this crop, we have some extremely important caterpillars, among them Heliothis virescens and Helicoverpa armigera These species are morphologically similar, the second being identified a few years ago in Brazil. There are still no studies in Brazil using TIE as an additional tool for Lepidoptera, therefore the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of doses of gamma radiation in the different phases of the evolutionary cycle of Heliothis virescens and Helicoverpa armigera, as well as to evaluate the sterility in generation P And the ability of insects to irradiate with non-irradiated insects. The pupal phase presented the best result because 75 Gy achieved sterility in Heliothis virecens and 100 Gy sterilized Helicoverpa armigera, therefore it contemplated the phase and dose chosen to evaluate the competition between the irradiated insects and the normal insects of both species. Both Heliothis virecens and Helicoverpa armigera presented a satisfactory result, as the irradiated insects managed to significantly reduce the viability of the eggs in a ratio of 9: 1: 1. (author)

  16. Studying and Working Abroad. Leonardo da Vinci Series: Good Practices.

    Commission of the European Communities, Brussels (Belgium). Directorate-General for Education and Culture.

    This document profiles recent successful examples of students studying and working abroad as part of the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci program, which is designed to give students across the European Union the opportunity to experience vocational training in a foreign country. The following examples are presented: (1) 3 Finnish students…

  17. A PEG-DA microfluidic device for chemotaxis studies

    Traore, Mahama Aziz; Behkam, Bahareh


    The study of cells in a well-defined and chemically programmable microenvironment is essential for a complete and fundamental understanding of the cell behaviors with respect to specific chemical compounds. Flow-free microfluidic devices that generate quasi-steady chemical gradients (spatially varying but temporally constant) have been demonstrated as effective chemotaxis assay platforms due to dissociating the effect of chemical cues from mechanical shear forces caused by fluid flow. In this work, we demonstrate the fabrication and characterization of a flow-free microfluidic platform made of polyethylene glycol diacrylate (PEG-DA) hydrogel. We have demonstrated that the mass transport properties of these devices can be customized by fabricating them from PEG-DA gels of four distinct molecular weights. In contrast to microfluidic devices developed using soft lithography; this class of devices can be realized using a more cost-effective approach of direct photopolymerization with fewer microfabrication steps. This microfluidic platform was tested by conducting a quantitative study of the chemotactic behavior of Escherichia coli (E. coli) RP437, a model microorganism, in presence of the chemo-effector, casamino-acids. Using the microfabrication and characterization methodology presented in this work, microfluidic platforms with well-defined and customizable diffusive properties can be developed to accommodate the study of a wide range of cell types. (paper)

  18. Utilisation of gamma radiation of Cobalt-60 as quarantine treatment of medicinal plant, aromatic and seasoning plants dehydrated infested by Lasioderma serricorne (Fabricius, 1792) (Coleoptera, Anobiidae) and Plodia interpunctella (Hubner, 1813) (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae); Utilizacao da radiacao gama do Cobalto-60 como tratamento quarentenario de plantas medicinais, aromaticas e condimentares desidratadas infestadas por Lasioderma serricorne (Fabricius, 1792) (Coleoptera, Anobiidae) e Plodia interpunctella (Hubner, 1813) (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae)

    Alves, Juliana Nazare


    The research had as objective the use of the gamma radiation of the Cobalto-60 as quarantine treatment of the medicinal plant, aromatic and seasoning plants dehydrated infested by Lasioderma serricorne and Plodia interpunctella determining the disinfestation doses to attend the criterion in the not emergency of adults of the species in study and analysing through the Chromatography of Thin Layer the effect of the gamma radiation of the cobalto-60 on the active principle of extract dehydrated of Chamomilla recutita, Pimpinella anisum, Origanum vulgare, Cymbopogon citratus, Ocimum basilicum and Thymus vulgaris. The work was developed in the Laboratorio de Inseticidas in the Instituto Biologico in Sao Paulo in the period of August of 2005 the June of 2007. The radiation source used gamma was an experimental irradiator of Cobalto-60, model Gamacell 220, located in the Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares - IPEN, located in Sao Paulo. In the period of 30 days after the irradiation of the samples evaluated the number of adults emerged of Lasioderma serricorne and Plodia interpunctella, using the data of mortality for the analysis of Probit. Obtained 100% of not emergency of adults in the Lasioderma serricorne with the dose of 2,00 kGy and 100% of not emergency of adults in the Plodia interpunctella with the dose of 2,25 kGy. The Chromatographic Analysis of Thin Layer was to evaluate did not show chemical differences in the extracts analysed. (author)

  19. Study of technical, economical and environmental feasibility of biogas digesters utilization on a farm in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Estudo de viabilidade tecnica, economica e ambiental de utilizacao de biodigestores em uma fazenda no Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro

    Almeida, Silvio Carlos Anibal de [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (DEM/CT/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Centro de Tecnologia. Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica], e-mail:; Franca, Vignicius Curi de; Mauro Junior, Leonardo [Auto Mecanica Arapongas, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], e-mails:,


    A techno-economic analysis of producing biogas for electric power generation is done in the present paper. A biogas production system from pig waste was proposed and designed in a farm in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro. One of the conclusions of this study is the economic advantage of utilizing biogas for power generation rather than other fuels like LPG or purchasing electricity from grid. (author)

  20. Synthesis and characterization of inorganic ion exchangers based on mixed oxide tin-titanium to be used in recovery of cadmium and nickel and photoluminescent studies; Sintese e caracterizacao de trocadores ionicos inorganicos a base de oxidos mistos estanho-titanio para utilizacao na recuperacao de cadmio e niquel e estudos fotoluminescentes

    Paganini, Paula Pinheiro


    This work presents the synthesis, characterization and adsorption studies of inorganic ion exchangers based on mixed tin-titanium oxide for recovery of cadmium and nickel metals from aqueous effluents, discarded in the environment mainly through Ni-Cd battery. The exchangers were synthesized by sol-gel modified method using a mixture of tin(IV) chloride and titanium(III) chloride and ammonium hydroxide, as precursors reagents. The materials obtained: SnO{sub 2}/TiO{sub 2} and SnO{sub 2}/TiO{sub 2}:Eu{sup 3+} were characterized by infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis, scattering electronic microscopy (SEM), X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) (powder method) and electronic spectroscopy (excitation and emission) for the europium doped exchanger. The same materials also were synthesized in polymeric matrix too and can be used in column, because the synthesized materials showed crystals size in nano metric scale. It was determined by the distribution ratios for metals taking as parameters the influence of pH, the concentration of metals (by adsorption isotherms) and the contact time (by adsorption kinetic). The inorganic ion exchanger presented high exchange capacity with adsorption percent above 90 por cent for the studied conditions, quickly kinetic, heterogeneous exchange surfaces, physic adsorption and spontaneous process of exchange. To the doped exchanger spectroscopy properties were studied and also it was calculated the intensity parameters and it was found a satisfactory quantum yield. (author)

  1. Brazilian bentonite study: use in Goiania; Estudo das bentonitas nacionais: utilizacao em Goiania

    Tello, Cledola Cassia Oliveira de [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    The evaluation of the bentonite effect in the waste cementation process and in the final solidified product properties is presented. The research showed that bentonite amounts until 15% in the product improves the caesium retention without jeopardizing the other product properties. These results were very useful in the treatment of the wastes from the radiological accident occurred in Goiania in 1987, when a caesium sources was broken. Paste, mortar and grout with bentonite were used to solidify and immobilize these wastes. (author) 20 refs., 1 fig., 6 tabs.; e-mail: tellocc at

  2. Use of MMT and MMT organoclay in production of starch nanocomposites; Utilizacao da MMT e da MMT organofilica na producao de nanocompositos de amido

    Schlemmer, D; Sales, M J.A., [Universidade de Brasilia (LabPol/UnB), DF (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica. Lab. de Pesquisa em Polimeros; Macedo, J.L. de [Universidade de Brasilia (LabCat/UnB), DF (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica. Lab. de Catalise; Angelica, R S [Universidade Federal do Para (UFPA), Belem, PA (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias. Lab. de Raios X


    Starch can be used to replace petrochemical plastics for short shelf life. However, starch films have poor mechanical strength and sensitivity to moisture. This can be improved through the incorporation of nanoclays, such as montmorillonite, forming nanocomposites. Nanocomposites were prepared with 1, 3, 5 and 10% of montmorillonite, using pequi oil as plasticizer. The clay was also modified with a quaternary ammonium salt. The clays were characterized by XRF, XRD, IR and TG. Results confirmed the organophilization. The nanocomposites diffractograms showed that the addition of small amounts of clay produces delaminated nanocomposites. Already the addition of larger amount of clay does not form nanocomposites, or leads to the formation of intercalated nanocomposites. (author)

  3. Study of acute hepatotoxicity of Equisetum arvense L. in rats Estudo da hepatotoxicidade aguda da Equisetum arvense L. em ratos

    Nilo César do Vale Baracho


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To evaluate the acute hepatotoxicity of Equisentum arvense L. in rats. METHODS: Fifty Wistar rats were used, these being divided in four groups, one being the control (receiving only water and the other groups receiving graded doses of Equisentum arvense L. (30, 50, and 100mg/kg respectively for 14 days. Blood samples were obtained to determine TGO, TGP, FA, DHL and GT-gamma activities. After that, hepatic tissue samples were collected for the anatomopathologic analysis. RESULTS: The anatomopathologic exam of the hepatic tissue showed organ with preserved lobular structure. In the same way, there was no significant change in the seric activities of the hepatic enzymes when compared to control group. CONCLUSION: The oral treatment with graded doses of Equisentum arvense L. was not able to produce hepatic changes. Further studies are necessary to evaluate the chronic hepatotoxicity of Equisentum arvense L. in rats.OBJETIVO: Investigar a hepatotoxicidade aguda da Equisetum arvense L. em ratos. MÉTODOS: foram utilizados 50 ratos Wistar, os quais foram divididos em quatro grupos, sendo um controle (recebendo apenas água e os outros grupos recebendo doses crescentes de cavalinha (30, 50 e 100mg/Kg, respectivamente por 14 dias. Foram coletadas amostras de sangue para determinação da atividade sérica de TGO, TGP, FA, DHL e gama-GT. Em seguida, foram obtidas amostras de tecido hepático para análise anatomopatológica. RESULTADOS: O exame anatomopatológico de tecido hepático demonstrou órgão com estrutura lobular preservada. Da mesma forma, não houve alteração significativa na atividade sérica das enzimas hepáticas, quando comparado ao grupo controle. CONCLUSÃO: O tratamento com doses crescentes de Equisetum arvense L., não induziu hepatotoxicidade aguda em ratos. Novos estudos são necessários para avaliar a hepatoxicidade crônica de Equisetum arvense L. em ratos.

  4. Exploratory study on the integration of fuel cell systems inside the chloro-soda plants for utilization of industrial hydrogen; Estudo exploratorio da integracao de sistemas de celula a combustivel dentro das plantas de cloro-soda para utilizacao do hidrogenio industrial

    Braga, Jose Mauro Fernandes [Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia]. E-mail:; Seidl, Peter [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil); Pirro e Longo, Waldimir [Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Nwcleo de Estudos Estrategicos (NEST)


    This work aims to demonstrate the economic viability of the application of industrial hydrogen in fuel cell systems by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of this investment in hydrochloric acid/ sodium hydroxide plants. Using the Present Liquid Value and the Real Options Theory an economic evaluation will be made of the integration of fuel cell system in these plants, based on investment cost, volatility, among other parameters. (author)

  5. Case study of Berengario da Carpi and Lorenzo de' Medici.

    Lippi, D


    Jacopo Berengario da Carpi (c.1460-c.1530) made several important advances in anatomy, being universally considered the founder of 'animated anatomy' (anatomia animata). In addition to being a famous anatomist, Berengario was also a highly regarded surgeon. One of his famous clients was Lorenzo de' Medici, Duke of Urbino (1492-1519). In 1517, Lorenzo suffered a skull injury from an harquebus shot and Berengario was asked to come to his bedside. Lorenzo's case gave Berengario the opportunity to write his Tractatus de Fractura Calve sive Cranei, published in Bologna by Gerolamo Benedetti in 1518. Berengario addressed his treatise to Lorenzo himself. This illustrated monograph was the most original neurosurgical treatise at that time, as Berengario was able to cite both from contemporary information and from his own direct observation all possible kinds of skull fracture, including the relationship between the site of the lesions and the resulting neurological effects. At the end of the book, Berengario explained and illustrated the surgical equipment to be used in each case, depicting a drill previously unseen in a medical volume and providing the recipe for a human dressing, a kind of poultice made of mummified human remins, to be applied regularly to wounds. Lorenzo de' Medici died in 1519 and was buried in the Church of San Lorenzo in Florence. His corpse was exhumed in 1875 and 1947. The casts of his skull made on those occasions are now preserved in the museums of Florence University, and clearly show evidence of the wound. Read more about the stories behind this masterpiece in an essay online. © 2017 BJS Society Ltd Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  6. DA-9701 improves colonic transit time and symptoms in patients with functional constipation: A prospective study.

    Kim, Su Young; Woo, Hyun Sun; Kim, Kyoung Oh; Choi, Sung Han; Kwon, Kwang An; Chung, Jun-Won; Kim, Yoon Jae; Kim, Jung Ho; Kim, Su Ji; Park, Dong Kyun


    DA-9701, a newly developed prokinetic agent formulated with Pharbitis Semen and Corydalis Tuber, has been shown to effectively treat functional dyspepsia. Recently, it has also been suspected to improve gastrointestinal motor function. The aims of this study were to assess the effect of DA-9701 on colonic transit time (CTT) and symptoms of functional constipation. Thirty-three patients with functional constipation based on the Rome III criteria were prospectively enrolled. The patients received 30-mg DA-9701 three times a day for 24 days. CTT was estimated initially and at the end of treatment. Symptoms such as spontaneous bowel movements, straining, stool form, feeling of incomplete emptying and anorectal blockage, abdominal discomfort and pain, overall defecation satisfaction, and incidence of adverse events were also analyzed. Twenty-seven patients completed the study. DA-9701 was associated with a significantly reduced CTT from 34.9 ± 17.6 to 23.7 ± 19.1 h (P = 0.001). Segmental CTT also significantly decreased after treatment (right CTT: from 16.8 [0.0-28.8] to 6.0 [0.0-25.2] hours, P DA-9701 accelerates colonic transit and safely improves symptoms in patients with functional constipation. Therefore, we suggest that this novel agent could help to treat patients with this condition. © 2017 Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Foundation and John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd.

  7. On the Da Vinci size effect in tensile strengths of nanowires: A molecular dynamics study

    Zhao, Ziyu; Liu, Jinxing; Soh, Ai Kah


    In recent decades, size effects caused by grain size, strain gradient, typical defects etc., have been widely investigated. Nevertheless, the dependence of tensile strength on the specimen length, addressed by Da Vinci around 500 hundred years ago, has received rather limited attention, even though it is one unavoidable question to answer if people attempt to bring materials' amazing nano-scale strengths up to macro-level. Therefore, we make efforts to study tensile behaviors of copper nanowires with a common cross-section and various lengths by employing the molecular dynamics simulations. Surprisingly, a strong size effect of Da Vinci type indeed arises. We have shown the influences of lattice orientation, temperature and prescribed notch on such a Da Vinci size effect. Two different theoretical explanations are briefly proposed for a qualitative understanding. Finally, a simple scaling rule is summarized to cover the tendencies observed.

  8. On the Da Vinci size effect in tensile strengths of nanowires: A molecular dynamics study

    Ziyu Zhao


    Full Text Available In recent decades, size effects caused by grain size, strain gradient, typical defects etc., have been widely investigated. Nevertheless, the dependence of tensile strength on the specimen length, addressed by Da Vinci around 500 hundred years ago, has received rather limited attention, even though it is one unavoidable question to answer if people attempt to bring materials’ amazing nano-scale strengths up to macro-level. Therefore, we make efforts to study tensile behaviors of copper nanowires with a common cross-section and various lengths by employing the molecular dynamics simulations. Surprisingly, a strong size effect of Da Vinci type indeed arises. We have shown the influences of lattice orientation, temperature and prescribed notch on such a Da Vinci size effect. Two different theoretical explanations are briefly proposed for a qualitative understanding. Finally, a simple scaling rule is summarized to cover the tendencies observed.

  9. Meson decay studies with the KLOE detector at DA{phi}NE

    Branchini, P. [Sezione INFN di Roma 3 Universita ' Roma 3' , Via Della Vasca Navale 84, Rome (Italy); Aloisio, A.; Ambrosino, F.; Antonelli, A.; Antonelli, M.; Bacci, C.; Barva, M.; Bencivenni, G.; Bertolucci, S.; Bini, C.; Bloise, C.; Bocci, V.; Bossi, F.; Branchini, P.; Bulychjov, S.A.; Caloi, R.; Campana, P.; Capon, G.; Capussela, T.; Carboni, G.; Ceradini, F.; Cervelli, F.; Cevenini, F.; Chiefari, G.; Ciambrone, P.; Conetti, S.; De Lucia, E.; De Santis, A.; De Simone, P.; De Zorzi, G.; Dell' Agnello, S.; Denig, A.; Di Domenico, A.; Di Donato, C.; Di Falco, S.; Di Micco, B.; Doria, A.; Dreucci, M.; Erriquez, O.; Farilla, A.; Felici, G.; Ferrari, A.; Ferrer, M.L.; Finocchiaro, G.; Forti, C.; Franzini, P.; Gatti, C.; Gauzzi, P.; Giovannella, S.; Gorini, E.; Graziani, E.; Incagli, M.; Kluge, W.; Kulikov, V.; Lacava, F.; Lanfranchi, G.; Lee-Franzini, J.; Leone, D.; Lu, F.; Martemianov, M.; Martini, M.; Matsyuk, M.; Mei, W.; Merola, L.; Messi, R.; Miscetti, S.; Moulson, M.; Mueller, S.; Murtas, F.; Napolitano, M.; Nguyen, F.; Palutan, M.; Pasqualucci, E.; Passalacqua, L.; Passeri, A.; Patera, V.; Perfetto, F.; Petrolo, E.; Pontecorvo, L.; Primavera, M.; Santangelo, P.; Santovetti, E.; Saracino, G.; Schamberger, R.D.; Sciascia, B.; Sciubba, A.; Scuri, F.; Sfiligoi, I.; Sibidanov, A.; Spadaro, T.; Spiriti, E.; Testa, M.; Tortora, L.; Valente, P.; Valeriani, B.; Venanzoni, G.; Veneziano, S.; Ventura, A.; Versaci, R.; Villella, I.; Xu, G


    The KLOE experiment has been collecting data since april 1999 at the DA{phi}NE collider in Frascati. A statistics of about 0.45 fb-1 has been analyzed. The latest results concerning the study of the {phi} radiative decays and of the kaon decays are illustrated in this paper.

  10. Preclinical and Clinical Studies Demonstrate That the Proprietary Herbal Extract DA-5512 Effectively Stimulates Hair Growth and Promotes Hair Health

    Jae Young Yu


    Full Text Available The proprietary DA-5512 formulation comprises six herbal extracts from traditional oriental plants historically associated with therapeutic and other applications related to hair. Here, we investigated the effects of DA-5512 on the proliferation of human dermal papilla cells (hDPCs in vitro and on hair growth in C57BL/6 mice and conducted a clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of DA-5512. DA-5512 significantly enhanced the viability of hDPCs in a dose-dependent manner (p<0.05, and 100 ppm of DA-5512 and 1 μM minoxidil (MXD significantly increased the number of Ki-67-positive cells, compared with the control group (p<0.05. MXD (3% and DA-5512 (1%, 5% significantly stimulated hair growth and increased the number and length of hair follicles (HFs versus the controls (each p<0.05. The groups treated with DA-5512 exhibited hair growth comparable to that induced by MXD. In clinical study, we detected a statistically significant increase in the efficacy of DA-5512 after 16 weeks compared with the groups treated with placebo or 3% MXD (p<0.05. In conclusion, DA-5512 might promote hair growth and enhance hair health and can therefore be considered an effective option for treating hair loss.

  11. Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of DA-9601 versus Its New Formulation, DA-5204, in Patients with Gastritis: Phase III, Randomized, Double-Blind, Non-Inferiority Study.

    Choi, Yoon Jin; Lee, Dong Ho; Choi, Myung Gyu; Lee, Sung Joon; Kim, Sung Kook; Song, Geun Am; Rhee, Poong Lyul; Jung, Hwoon Yong; Kang, Dae Hwan; Lee, Yong Chan; Lee, Si Hyung; Choi, Suck Chei; Shim, Ki Nam; Seol, Sang Yong; Moon, Jeong Seop; Shin, Yong Woon; Kim, Hyun Soo; Lee, Soo Teik; Cho, Jin Woong; Choi, Eun Kwang; Lee, Oh Young; Jang, Jin Seok


    This study compared the efficacy of DA-9601 (Dong-A ST Co., Seoul, Korea) and its new formulation, DA-5204 (Dong-A ST Co.), for treating erosive gastritis. This phase III, randomized, multicenter, double-blind, non-inferiority trial randomly assigned 434 patients with endoscopically proven gastric mucosal erosions into two groups: DA-9601 3 times daily or DA-5,204 twice daily for 2 weeks. The final analysis included 421 patients (DA-5204, 209; DA-9601, 212). The primary endpoint (rate of effective gastric erosion healing) and secondary endpoints (cure rate of endoscopic erosion and gastrointestinal [GI] symptom relief) were assessed using endoscopy after the treatment. Drug-related adverse events (AEs), including GI symptoms, were also compared. At week 2, gastric healing rates with DA-5204 and DA-9601 were 42.1% (88/209) and 42.5% (90/212), respectively. The difference between the groups was -0.4% (95% confidence interval, -9.8% to 9.1%), which was above the non-inferiority margin of -14%. The cure rate of gastric erosion in both groups was 37.3%. The improvement rates of GI symptoms with DA-5204 and DA-9601 were 40.4% and 40.8%, respectively. There were no statistically significant differences between the two groups in both secondary endpoints. AEs were reported in 18 (8.4%) patients in the DA-5204 group and 19 (8.8%) in the DA-9601 group. Rates of AE were not different between the two groups. No serious AE or adverse drug reaction (ADR) occurred. These results demonstrate the non-inferiority of DA-5204 compared to DA-9601. DA-5204 is as effective as DA-9601 in the treatment of erosive gastritis. Registered randomized clinical trial at (NCT02282670). © 2017 The Korean Academy of Medical Sciences.

  12. Contribuições da epistemologia bachelardiana no estudo da história da Óptica Contributions from bachelardian epistemology in the study of the history of Optics

    Ana Carolina Staub de Melo


    Full Text Available O presente artigo explora um diálogo entre a história e a filosofia da ciência. Nesta perspectiva, apresenta uma articulação entre a história da óptica e as principais características da filosofia histórica de Gaston Bachelard, dando ênfase: aos períodos de rupturas e descontinuidades presentes no constante confronto entre o modelo corpuscular e ondulatório da luz; à permanente retificação do erro - e ao novo conceito de verdade presente na construção da concepção sobre a natureza da luz -; à noção de recorrência histórica articulada à análise dos estudos sobre reflexão e refração; ao uso do recurso analógico na estruturação da hipótese ondulatória da luz, proposta por Huygens; e à dialética racionalismo-empirismo no exemplo da natureza dual dos elétrons.The present article explores the interaction between History and the Philosophy of Science. In this way, it presents an articulation between the History of Optics and the main characteristics of Gaston Bachelard´s historical philosophy. It emphasizes: firstly, the periods of rupture and discontinuities present in the confrontation between the light corpuscular and wave models; secondly, the permanent error rectification, in the sense that one knowledge abuts another, and the new concept of truth, present in the construction of the conception about the nature of light; thirdly, the notion of historical recurrence, articulated in the analysis of studies about reflection and refraction particularly Arquimedes' polemic of incandescent mirrors; fourthly, the use of analogical reasoning in the structuring of the light wave hypothesis proposed by Huygens; and finally, the rationalismempiricism dialectics in the example of the dual nature of the electron.

  13. da Vinci robot-assisted keyhole neurosurgery: a cadaver study on feasibility and safety.

    Marcus, Hani J; Hughes-Hallett, Archie; Cundy, Thomas P; Yang, Guang-Zhong; Darzi, Ara; Nandi, Dipankar


    The goal of this cadaver study was to evaluate the feasibility and safety of da Vinci robot-assisted keyhole neurosurgery. Several keyhole craniotomies were fashioned including supraorbital subfrontal, retrosigmoid and supracerebellar infratentorial. In each case, a simple durotomy was performed, and the flap was retracted. The da Vinci surgical system was then used to perform arachnoid dissection towards the deep-seated intracranial cisterns. It was not possible to simultaneously pass the 12-mm endoscope and instruments through the keyhole craniotomy in any of the approaches performed, limiting visualization. The articulated instruments provided greater dexterity than existing tools, but the instrument arms could not be placed in parallel through the keyhole craniotomy and, therefore, could not be advanced to the deep cisterns without significant clashing. The da Vinci console offered considerable ergonomic advantages over the existing operating room arrangement, allowing the operating surgeon to remain non-sterile and seated comfortably throughout the procedure. However, the lack of haptic feedback was a notable limitation. In conclusion, while robotic platforms have the potential to greatly enhance the performance of transcranial approaches, there is strong justification for research into next-generation robots, better suited to keyhole neurosurgery.

  14. The environmental licensing processes of the offshore oil and natural gas exploration and production in the world and in Brazil: a comparative analysis considering the utilization of studies of the strategic environmental assessment; O processo de licenciamento ambiental das atividades de exploracao e producao de petroleo e gas natural offshore no mundo e no Brasil: uma analise comparativa considerando a utilizacao de estudos de avaliacao ambiental estrategica

    Mariano, Jacqueline [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE). Programa de Planejamento Energetico


    This study presents an analyses of the environmental licensing processes of the offshore oil and gas exploration and production of the following countries: USA, UK, Norway, Australia and Canada, and makes a comparison with the Brazilian case. This study also emphasizes the use of the Strategical Environmental Assessments (SEA) before the bid procedures. The SEA studies aim to predict and to evaluate the environmental implications of the adoption of sectorial policies and programs and are very useful to the decision making processes. They permit the exclusion of environmental sensitive areas and contribute to the improvement of the environmental management of the regions where the activities will take place. The selected countries use SEA as an environmental management tool and their experience is analysed so as to provide suggestions for the improvement of the current Brazilian environmental licensing process. (author)

  15. Interferência e estudo fitossociológico da comunidade infestante na cultura da beterraba transplantada = Interference and phytosociological study of weed communities on transplanted beets

    Leonardo Bianco de Carvalho


    Full Text Available O trabalho teve como objetivo o estudo fitossociológico e a determinação dos períodos críticos de interferência da comunidade infestante na cultura da beterraba transplantada. Os tratamentos consistiram em períodos semanais crescentes de convivênciae de controle da comunidade infestante, a partir da segunda semana após o transplante das mudas. A comunidade infestante foi avaliada por meio do número de indivíduos e da massa seca acumulada correspondente, para cada população de planta daninha e período avaliado. A cultura foi colhida 91 dias após o transplante das mudas, quando se avaliou o diâmetro transversal e a produtividade comercial das raízes. As principais plantas daninhas encontradas foram Amaranthus viridis, Coronopus didymus, Galinsoga parviflora, Nicandraphysaloides e Solanum americanum. As populações encontradas apresentaram alta similaridade entre si. O período anterior à interferência e o período total de prevenção à interferência foram 51 e 35 dias após o transplante das mudas, respectivamente. A produção da beterraba mantida no limpo foi 44,92 t ha-1, e a redução devido à interferência das plantas daninhas por todo o ciclo foi mais de 70%.The objective of this research was to study the phytosociological andcritical interference periods of weed communities on transplanted beets. The treatments consisted of increasing weekly weedy/weed-free periods, starting at the second week after seedling transplanting. The weed community was evaluated based on the number ofindividuals and their corresponding accumulated dry mass, for each weed population and evaluated period. The beets were harvested 91 days after transplanting, followed by evaluation of the cross-sectional diameter and marketable yield. The weed communitieswere composed mainly of Amaranthus viridis, Coronopus didymus, Galinsoga parviflora, Nicandra physaloides and Solanum americanum, and the populations were very similar. The period before weed

  16. Estudos cognitivos em ciência da informaçãoCognitive studies in information science

    Gercina Ângela Borem de Oliveira Lima


    Full Text Available The study of the influences from Cognitive Sciences in the information Science. The Information Science has as objects of study the very basic concepts of information and knowledge. Since such concepts have an inherently trans-disciplinary character, the Information Science has been largely influenced by many disciplines, particularly the Cognitive Science. Regardless of this, it is observed that such concepts have not been properly discussed within the Information Science. To deal with this concern, it has been structured in the Escola de Ciência da Informação (ECI of the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG, a research group denoted “Cognitive Studies in Information Science”. This work aims to discuss the relationships between the Information Science and the Cognitive Science. In order to achieve this purpose, one formerly presents the major approaches within the Cognitive Science, contextualizing their aspects that mostly influence the Information Science, and then one discuss some perspectives for the future relationship of these two disciplines.O estudo da influência das Ciências Cognitivas na Ciência da Informação. A Ciência da Informação, que tem como objetos de estudo a informação e o conhecimento, discute-os sob vários pontos de vista, sendo um deles, o cognitivo. Observa-se que os conceitos não têm sido adequadamente discutidos à luz das Ciências Cognitivas, apesar da Ciência da Informação sofrer muitas influências daquela disciplina. Em função dessas questões, estruturou-se, na Escola de Ciência da Informação–ECI da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais-UFMG, o Grupo de Pesquisa “Estudos Cognitivos em Ciência da Informação” – GECCI. Neste trabalho, marco inicial das discussões do grupo, tem-se o objetivo de discutir as relações da Ciência da Informação com as Ciências Cognitivas. Para melhor compreensão desse relacionamento, serão apresentadas as principais vertentes das ci

  17. Utilization of gas micro turbines in the PETROBRAS remote unattended stations; Utilizacao de microturbinas a gas nas instalacoes desassistidas da PETROBRAS

    Pavinatto, Eduardo F.; Salles, Fabio P.; Peres, Marcelo B.; Pereira, Leandro S.; Reis, Paulo F.I. dos [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This paper presents PETROBRAS experience in the utilization of gas micro turbines in the production of gas and oil located in off-shore fields and gas metering stations of the transportation system. Available alternatives will be presented for the electrical power supply of these units and they will be outstanding the acquired benefits by using gas micro turbines. Also will be presented the performance test results conducted by CENPES technical staff. Finally, we will present an analysis of the observed acting of these equipment after they have been installed in the units of PETROBRAS under the reliability point of view, maintenance rates, adaptation to the local environmental conditions, behavior of the electric system and operational versatility. (author)

  18. Overview of use of natural gas on heavy duty vehicles in Brazil; Panorama da utilizacao do gas natural veicular em veiculos pesados no Brasil

    Machado, Guilherme Bastos; Melo, Tadeu Cavalcante Cordeiro de [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas (CENPES). Area de Desempenho de Produtos em Motores; Lastres, Luiz Fernando Martins [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas (CENPES). Gerencia de Lubrificantes e Produtos Especiais


    The use of vehicular natural gas (VNG) was initiated in Brazil in he 80's seeking the replacement of diesel in heavy vehicles due to the oil crisis. In this season PETROBRAS participated, along with other companies, in the development of conversion technologies for replacement part of the diesel by natural gas through systems known as diesel-gas. Were made works to development bank of tests of engines and field tests on some bus companies, verifying if there are technical and economic viability of such conversion. Due to factors such as small mesh distribution of natural gas in Brazil, lack of infrastructure of technical support suitable for conversions and lack of culture in the use of natural gas, the program not progressed and experience was interrupted. Other experiments were conducted in Brazil with the use of engines dedicated to natural gas (Otto cycle) developed and manufactured in the country for use in urban buses. Currently there is a scenario favorable to the return of use of natural gas in weighed vehicles by the following factors: 1) increase the mesh distribution of VNG due to the high growth of the fleet light vehicles to VNG in the country, solving part of the problems of logistics; 2) pressure from environmental agencies by values of emissions of particles and gases ever less pollutants in urban centers; 3) excess supply of natural gas in the domestic market due to new discoveries in Brazil, contracts for the import of natural gas signed with Bolivia and low demand for current industrial consumption of gas; 4) need to replace the import of diesel, which weighs in trade of the country. This paper will be presented some experiences with the technology of diesel-gas and the engine dedicated the VNG in weighed vehicles in Brazil. Also some recommendations will be made to increase and spread the use of these technologies, aiming to increase the replacement of diesel by vehicular natural gas in weighed vehicles. (author)

  19. Using of sawing quartzite fine residual for obtaining ceramic coating; Utilizacao do residuo fino da serragem de quartzito para obtencao de revestimento ceramico

    Nobrega, L.F.P.M.; Souza, M.M., E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (DIAREN/UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Laboratorio de Processamento Mineral e Residuo


    Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is consisting mainly of quartz. In Paraiba there is a mining activity of this rock, in the region of Varzea and Junco do Serido especially where many wastes are created, including the sawing residue. The objective is to use the waste cited as the ceramic component coating mass, thereby replacing the quartz. Initially, the raw materials samples were taken and the chemical analysis was done of them. This passed the comminution process to achieve the required minimum particle size. After this, a formulation which added the residue in ceramic mass was made. The specimens were subjected to sintering and it was later made physical tests according to NBR 13818. The results show that the residue can replace the quartz ceramic mass successfully, but not as good as the original raw material. (author)

  20. Optimization of the k-edge filters utilization in the dental radiographs; Otimizacao da utilizacao dos filtros de aresta K na radiografias dentarias

    Reyes, Luis M.G.; Almeida, Adelaide de [Sao Paulo Univ., Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciencias e Letras. Dept. de Fisica e Matematica


    The signal to noise ratio (S/N) of radiographic film images may be optimized if the thicknesses and atomic composition of the structures to be analyzed are known. With specifications and a knowledge of the interaction of photons with the materials, the photon energy for maximum contrast may be determined. We propose a K-edge filter in addition to the normal aluminum filter, to reduce the dose to the patient by the transmission of a narrow spectrum of photons with energies to optimize the image contrast. The optimum photon energy to obtain the best contrast between dental pulp and dentine and between dentine and dental enamel was determined to be 29-34 and 22-26 keV respectively. The filter material, which closely approximates these spectra, is made of Ce (Z=58) whose thickness is shown do depend on the parameters of the X-ray generator. (author)

  1. Quantitative computed tomography as a test of endurance for evaluation of bony plates; Utilizacao da tomografia computadorizada quantitativa como teste de resistencia para avaliacao de placas osseas

    Melo Filho, E.V.; Costa, L.A.V.S.; Oliveira, D.C. [Universidade Federal do Parana (UFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil); Freitas, P.M.C. [Escola de Veterinaria - Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil); Teixeira, M.W.; Costa, F.S. [Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco - Recife, PE (Brazil)


    Quantitative computed tomography was used to determine the radiodensity of bony plates. The CT scans provided information regarding radiodensity of bony plates and allowed to verify the uniformity of bone mineral density in their scope. The proposed methodology should be considered as another tool for determining the resistance of these biomaterials. (author)

  2. Technological evaluation of fuel cells using natural gas for distributed power generation; Avaliacao tecnologica da utilizacao de gas natural em celulas a combustivel para geracao distribuida de energia

    Brandao, Mauricio O. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE). Programa de Engenharia Mecanica; Giannini, Marcio P.; Arouca, Mauricio C. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE). Programa de Planejamento Energetico


    The search for sustainable and more rational means of power generation motivates the scientific crew to search for more efficient and cleaner systems. Oil dependence becomes from the kind of development that the humanity had and cannot be dismissed. The question is how to use this source in a more intelligent way. Fuel Cells are electrochemical devices that convert into electric energy the chemical energy from oxi-reduction reactions between a fuel and an oxidant. The current fuel used in a Fuel Cell is hydrogen and oxygen is the oxidant. The great advantage of this device is its efficiency, higher than the one achieved with internal combustion engines. Also Fuel Cells are not limited by Carnot's efficiency. This paper is about the implementation of a distributed generation system using Fuel Cells. Technical aspects are approached together with economical and environmental needs. The already existence of Gas pipelines and the grown production of Natural Gas presented by Brazil turns it into a good market for the implementation of this energy source. The evaluation of this paper shows that is technically possible to use NG in Fuel Cells, mostly in South and Southeast regions, applying the distributed generation of energy concept. The most interesting in a strategic manner is that Brazil already have an indication that it's capable of developing this technology, opening a new market tuning with world's new technological developments. Many research centers develop this technology, not only from the cell composition itself, but also manufacturing techniques. (author)

  3. Utilization of the arbitration in contracts of unitization in a petroleum industry; Utilizacao da arbitragem nos contratos de unitizacao na industria do petroleo

    Franca Junior, Carlos Antonio de [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil)


    The present work has like goal to show some controversies generated for the only paragraph of article 27 of the Law of the Oil. The legal device admits when it will not have the celebration of an agreement of unitization between the concessionaires, the use of an arbitral decision as instrument for ANP to solve the conflict. On this term - arbitral decision - we will find a lot of interpretations. To accept a mere literal interpretation is to attack the proper characteristics of the Arbitration - as way of solution of conflicts -, as well as infringing our constitutional and legal text. But, the best exit is not this; therefore using an interpretation in conformity with the constitution we obtain to adapt the norm to our constitutional system, in a rational way. Thus, the object of this work is to search elements to adjust the norm referred to our legal system. For this, we will see a examination concerning the Arbitration, as well as of Contracts of Unitization, for at a second moment discerning on the quarrels between these two subjects, in view of the Law of the Oil and the doctrine of the Oil Law. (author)

  4. Utilization of ultraviolet radiation in effluent disinfestation of domestic waste treatment systems; Utilizacao da radiacao ultravioleta na desinfeccao de efluentes de sistemas de tratamento de esgotos domesticos

    Camacho, P.R.R. [Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Andrade e Silva, L.G. de [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Ultraviolet radiation disinfection of Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Biodigestor (UASB) and UASB with aerated lagoon pos-treatment effluents is possible to be reached utilizing a single low pressure mercury lamp arc (15 W nominal power) in a shell tube flow through reactor (1.2 L useful volume). Fecal coliforms, total coliforms and colifages were used as microbiological parameters. For fecal coliforms, about 3 logarithmic units (log. un.) was removed from UASB with aerated lagoon pos-treatment effluent and 4 log. un. from UASB effluent with 7 and 30 seconds of hydraulic retention time, respectively. Good empirical correlations were obtained between microbiological parameters and hydraulic retention times. (author). 4 refs, 1 fig, 3 tabs.

  5. Study on the natural gas utilization in the ceramic industry; Estudo sobre a utilizacao do gas natural na industria ceramica



    The production, principal applications, characteristics and properties, advantages of the gas natural is showed. A sectorial overview of the ceramic industry and the utilization of the natural gas in the ceramic industry is presented. The expectations are systematized and the impact of the natural gas utilization in the ceramic industry is evaluated. Some conclusions are withdrawn and recommendations suggested.

  6. Técnica para o estudo da anatomia da epiderme foliar de batata A technique for the anatomical study of potato leaf epidermis

    Fernanda Bastos Segatto


    Full Text Available Embora a batata (Solanum tuberosum seja uma espécie de grande valor econômico, são poucas as informações disponíveis sobre a anatomia foliar, principalmente de características estruturais da epiderme. O estudo da anatomia foliar assume grande importância básica, para a ecologia e fisiologia, e aplicada para a fitopatologia e o melhoramento genético. Este trabalho teve por objetivo identificar uma técnica histológica que permite a confecção de lâminas semipermanentes para avaliar a epiderme foliar, em vista frontal, de um grande número de plantas de batata em um curto período de tempo. O corte paradérmico a mão livre, o método de Jeffrey e as técnicas de hidróxido de potássio e de impressão da epiderme foram avaliados. Lâminas semipermanentes foram confeccionadas da secção frontal da epiderme de folíolos principais do terço médio de plantas de batata. A impressão da epiderme em lâmina foi a única técnica que possibilitou a avaliação adequada de todos os clones de batata utilizados. A impressão da epiderme é uma técnica muito rápida, de baixo custo e de fácil execução, que atende os requisitos necessários para a identificação e seleção de características anatômicas de um grande número de plantas em um programa de melhoramento genético de batata.Even though potato (Solanum tuberosum is an economically important crop, information about leaf characteristics of anatomical structure has not been well studied. Studies of leaf epidermis have significance for basic fields as ecology and physiology and for applied fields as plant pathology and breeding. The objective of this research was to identify a fast and easy technique to prepare semi-permanent slides for studying the anatomy of potato leaf epidermis. Para dermal free hand cut, Jeffrey method, potassium hydroxide and epidermal fingerprint on glass slide techniques were evaluated. Semi-permanent slides were prepared from the longitudinal section of

  7. Measuring the tridosha symptoms of unmāda (psychosis): a preliminary study.

    Suchitra, Sureshrao P; Devika, Honagalli S; Gangadhar, Bangalore N; Nagarathna, Raghuram; Nagendra, Hongasamudra R; Kulkarni, Ravi


    This is a preliminary report on the development of a scale to measure the symptoms of unmāda (psychosis) attributable to tridosa (metabolic principles) by using the concepts of Ayurvedic medicine. The 67-item unmāda specific symptom scale was developed on the basis of translation of Sanskrit verses describing vātaja (V), pittaja (P), and kaphaja (K) unmāda (specific symptoms of psychosis due to the imbalances of metabolic components) and by taking the opinions of experts (15 Ayurveda experts, 5 psychiatrists, and 5 psychologists). The setting for this study was Spandana Psychiatric Nursing Home Bangalore, India. The scale was administered by an unblinded assessor to 30 consecutive patients with nonaffective psychotic disorders. The unmāda specific symptom scale was associated with excellent internal consistency. The Cronbach's alpha for V, P, and K scales were 0.98, 0.98, and 0.97, respectively. The split-half reliability for V, P, and K scales were 0.97, 0.97, and 0.88 respectively. Scores on vātaja, pittaja, and kaphaja scales were inversely correlated, suggesting that they are mutually exclusive. The three subgroups of psychoses--paranoid schizophrenia, schizophrenia (unspecified), and unspecified nonorganic psychosis--had significantly different loadings on the three scores, having high scores on vātaja, pittaja, and kaphaja, respectively. The tridoshas in psychotic disorders can be measured reliably by this instrument. The scores on each of these doşas help in differentiating three types of psychosis (according to Ayurveda) that have good correspondence with prevailing classification. However, this scale must also be applied to the other 28 separate subcategories of the psychoses that are identified in the International Statistical Classifications of Diseases (version 10) and to the 10 variants of psychosis as defined by the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV-R to help better understand the true utility for use here

  8. Estudo da prevalência da tuberculose: uso de métodos bayesianos Study of the prevalence of tuberculosis using Bayesian methods

    Jorge Alberto Achcar


    Full Text Available Neste artigo, apresentamos estimadores bayesianos para a prevalência de tuberculose usando métodos computacionais de simulação de amostras da distribuição a posteriori de interesse. Em especial, consideramos o uso do amostrador de Gibbs para simular amostras da distribuição a posteriori, e daí encontramos, em uma forma simples, inferências precisas para a prevalência de tuberculose. Em uma aplicação, analisamos os resultados do exame de Rx do tórax no diagnóstico da tuberculose. Com essa aplicação, verificamos que os estimadores bayesianos são simples de se obter e apresentam grande precisão. O uso de métodos computacionais para simulação de amostras como o caso do amostrador de Gibbs tem sido recentemente muito utilizado para análise bayesiana de modelos em bioestatística. Essas técnicas de simulação usando o amostrador de Gibbs são facilmente implementadas e não exigem muito conhecimento computacional, podendo ser programadas em qualquer software disponível. Além disso, essas técnicas podem ser consideradas para o estudo da prevalência de outras doenças.In this paper we present Bayesian estimators of the prevalence of tuberculosis using computational methods for simulation of samples of posterior distribution of interest. We especially considered the Gibbs sampling algorithm to generate samples of posterior distribution, and from these samples we obtained accurate inferences for the prevalence of tuberculosis. In an application, we analyzed the results of lung X-ray tests in the diagnosis of tuberculosis. With this application, we verified that Bayesian estimators are more accurate than some existing estimators usually considered by health researchers. The use of computational methods for simulation of samples as the case of the Gibbs sampling algorithm is becoming very popular for Bayesian analysis in biostatistics. These simulation techniques using the Gibbs sampling algorithm are easily implemented and do

  9. Ensaios in vitro com a linhagem celular ZF-L para análise dos efeitos de gasolina e efluentes de postos de combustível

    Débora Lachner


    O uso de linhagens celulares e bastante promissor como modelo biologico in vitro, tanto para a melhoria do rendimento dos testes de toxicidade quanto para reducao dos seus custos. Destaca-se no presente trabalho a utilizacao da linhagem celular permanente de hepatocitos de Danio rerio, denominada ZF-L. Diversos trabalhos comprovam a sensibilidade de ZF-L quando expostas a diversos contaminantes, com a utilizacao satisfatoria de diferentes biomarcadores. Assim, o objetivo deste trabalho foi av...

  10. Study of PWR reactor efficiency as a function of turbine steam extractions; Estudo da otimizacao da eficiencia de reator PWR em funcao das extracoes de vapor da turbina

    Rocha, Janine Gandolpho da; Alvim, Antonio Carlos Marques; Martinez, Aquilino Senra [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. Programa de Engenharia Nuclear


    The objective of this work is to optimize the extractions of the low-pressure turbine of a PWR nuclear reactor, in order to obtain the best thermodynamic cycle efficiency. We have analyzed typical data of a 1300 MW PWR reactor, operating at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% capacities, respectively. The first stage of this study consists of generating a mathematical model capable of describing the reactor behavior and efficiency at any power level. The second stage of this study consists of to combine the generated mathematical model in an optimization computer program that optimize the extractions flow of the low-pressure turbine until it finds the optimal system efficiency. This work does not alter the nuclear facility project in any way. (author)

  11. Estudo do gesto instrumental sob o prisma da Labanotation: o exemplo da Tapping Technique em Percussion Study I para violão solo de Arthur Kampela

    Ledice Fernandes-Weiss


    Full Text Available Este estudo parte dos efeitos de percussão criados por Arthur Kampela em seu Percussion Study I visando compreender o movimento físico e o gesto instrumental do violonista como um fenômeno orgânico, intimamente relacionado com o gesto sonoro. Para tanto, utilizamos como ferramenta de análise a notação de movimentos coreográficos criada por Rudolf von Laban; este sistema é aplicado aos gestos requeridos para se realizarem cinco passagens da obra de Kampela onde os efeitos de percussão estão particularmente presentes. A partir da leitura dos cinetogramas criados, podemos observar uma predominância de movimentos em ricochete e outros efeitos percussivos que, além de promover um melhor relaxamento muscular, corroboram no impacto visual que a peça causa por sua gestualidade corporal. Observamos também que há uma notável exploração espacial do instrumento. Ao abordarmos o fazer musical de um ponto de vista coreográfico, entendemos este como um complexo que inclui o som produzido, os gestos e movimentos do performer, sua energia, seu corpo e o espaço que o circunda.

  12. Estudo da demanda ambulatorial da clínica de odontologia da Universidade do Estado do Amazonas The study of de ambulatory demand of de dental clinic of State University of Amazonas

    Emílio Carlos Sponchiado Júnior


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a demanda ambulatorial da Clínica de Odontologia da Universidade do Estado do Amazonas (UEA. Foram entrevistados cem pacientes em tratamento na disciplina de semiologia; por meio de um questionário, foram coletados os dados demográficos e o perfil socioeconômico e por meio de exame clínico foram obtidos o perfil nosológico e o perfil da pressão arterial e das perdas dentais. Os resultados evidenciaram que 52% dos pacientes eram do sexo feminino, com idade predominante entre 20 e 29 anos; 48,3% com o segundo grau incompleto e 60,8% com renda mensal maior que cinco salários mínimos. Quanto à perda dental, os dentes mais acometidos foram os primeiros molares; 29% perderam o primeiro molar superior e 45%, o inferior. O perfil nosológico mais encontrado foi de 31,3% para tratamentos na área de dentística restauradora, seguida de 21% de periodontia e 19% de cirurgia. Apenas um paciente apresentava hipertensão. Concluí-se que a população predominantemente atendida foi de mulheres de classe média baixa, com nível médio de instrução e quadro odontológico precário, evidenciando muitas perdas dentais e necessitando mais de tratamentos reabilitadores do que os preventivos. Com a maior compreensão da realidade dos usuários da clínica odontológica da UEA, será possível melhorar o planejamento do atendimento e das ações para promoção de saúde.The objective of this study was to evaluate the demand of the clinic of Dentistry of UEA. One hundred patients who were being treated in the discipline of Semiology answered a questionnaire that collected data on demographic and socio-economic profile. The clinical examination showed the nosologic profile, the blood pressure and dental losses profile. Results showed that 52% of patients were female, aged between 20 and 29 years, 48.3% with the incomplete high school and 60.8% with monthly income greater than five minimum wages. As for dental loss

  13. Analysis of the sum kriging and the kriging sum - a case study; Analise do problema da krigagem da soma e da soma das krigagens - estudo de caso

    D' Abbadia, Martinho Romulo Iria


    This work presents some thicknesses estimates in overlapped sedimentary sections. The adopted procedure consists of the accomplishment of kriging followed by weighed corrections that provide mathematical consistency to the operation of thicknesses addition. These weighed corrections are based on the proportions between: the thicknesses of the estimated layers and the total thickness of the analyzed section; the standard deviation of the estimation error and the addition of these standard deviations; the variance of the estimation error and the addition of these variances. The proposed method is characterized by its simplicity and operational flexibility, being distinguished by: the number of intervals to be analyzed is theoretically limitless; stationary thicknesses are not required; choice of distinct neighborhoods for each analyzed interval is allowed; it has freedom for the use of distinct models in each investigated interval, making it possible to choose different functions, amplitudes and anisotropies. The technique was applied in an oil field situated in the northeast of Brazil, helping in localising the preferential depositional areas for turbiditic reservoirs and allowing inferences with respect to structural aspects of studied area. (author)

  14. Epidemiologic study of anisometropia in students of Natal, Brazil Estudo epidemiológico da anisometropia em estudantes da cidade de Natal, Brasil

    Carlos Alexandre de Amorim Garcia


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To perform an epidemiologic study in students in Natal/Brazil, with relation to refractional anisometropia, evaluating criteria such as: gender, age, and association with strabismus and amblyopia. METHODS: A study of 1,024 students randomly selected from several districts of Natal/Brazil was undertaken by the Department of Ophthalmology of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN, observing the following criteria of > 2 spherical or cylindrical diopter refractional anisometropia relating it to sex, age, association with strabismus, amblyopia and anisometropia classification. RESULTS: We found a prevalence of 2% (N=21 anisometropia in the students. The female gender predominated with 81% (N=17. In students with anisometropia, we observed an association with strabismus in 9.5% of cases (N=2, both with exotropia. The association of anisometropia with amblyopia occurred in 47.6% of the cases (N=10, with 8 cases of unilateral amblyopia and 2 cases of bilateral amblyopia. CONCLUSIONS: There was a predominance of anisometropia in females, and an increased prevalence of strabismus and amblyopia in students with anisometropia.OBJETIVO: Realizar um estudo epidemiológico em estudantes de Natal/Brasil, com relação à anisometropia refracional, avaliando os seguintes critérios: sexo, idade e associação com estrabismo e ambliopia. MÉTODOS: Foram estudados 1.024 estudantes, randomicamente selecionados, pertencentes aos diversos distritos da cidade de Natal/Brasil, pelo Departamento de Oftalmologia, da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN, observando os seguintes aspectos, quanto à anisometropia > 2 dioptrias esférica ou cilíndrica, sexo, idade, associação com estrabismo e ambliopia, e os tipos de anisometropia. RESULTADOS: Encontrou-se prevalência de anisometropia de 2% (N=21 nos estudantes. O sexo feminino predominou com 81% (N=17. Nos estudantes com anisometropia, observou-se associação com estrabismo em 9

  15. Structural studies of the oligomeric formation crotoxin and their complexes; Estudos estruturais da formacao oligomerica da crotoxina e seus complexos

    Morelli, Humberto A.S.; Fernandes, Carlos A.H.; Magro, Angelo J.; Fontes, Marcos R.M.; Fernandez, Roberto M., E-mail: [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Inst. de Biociencias. Dept. de Fisica e Biofisica; Bicev, Renata N.; Oliveira, Cristiano L.P. de [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica. Dept. de Fisica Experimental; Barioni, Marina B.; Ito, Amando S. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Filosofia, Ciencias e Letras. Dept. de Fisica


    The crotoxin is a phospholipase A{sub 2} that is the mainly responsible for the neurotoxic effect of the snakes' venom of the species Crotalus durissus, popularly known as rattlesnakes. In the crotoxin there are two subunits: an acidic, non-toxic and devoid of enzymatic action, (called crotoxin A or CA); and a basic, toxic with enzymatic activity (called crotoxin B or CB). The main objective of this work is to study the CA, CB and the complex CA + CB using the Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS), Optical absorption spectrometry and static fluorescence techniques. (author)

  16. Kinesiographic study of complete denture movement related to mucosa displacement in edentulous patients Estudo cinesiográfico da movimentação da prótese total resultante da deformação da fibromucosa em desdentados totais

    Marco Antonio Compagnoni


    Full Text Available The mucosa that covers the residual ridges of edentulous patients may present some distortion or displacement when occlusal loading is applied in complete dentures. This distortion and movement of the denture can result in acceleration of residual ridge resorption and loss of retention and stability. The aim of this study was to analyze the pattern of upper complete denture movement related to underlying mucosa displacement. A sample of 10 complete denture wearers was randomly selected, which had acceptable upper and lower dentures and normal volume and resilience of residual ridges. The kinesiographic instrument K6-I Diagnostic System® was used to measure denture movements, according to the method proposed by Maeda et al.7, 1984. Denture movements were measured under the following experimental conditions: (A 3 maximum voluntary clenching cycles and (B unilateral chewing for 20 seconds. The results showed that under physiological load, oral mucosa distortion has two distinct phases: a fast initial displacement as load is applied and a slower and incomplete recovery when load is removed. Intermittent loading such as chewing progressively reduces the magnitude of the denture displacement and the recovery of the mucosa is gradually more incomplete.Devido às características de compressibilidade da fibromucosa, a incidência de cargas sobre a prótese total resulta na movimentação da prótese em direção ao rebordo, a qual pode resultar no aumento da reabsorção do rebordo residual, na desadaptação interna e na perda de retenção da prótese. O objetivo do presente estudo é avaliar o padrão de movimentação da prótese total superior em função da deformação da fibromucosa. Foram selecionados 10 pacientes usuários de próteses totais bimaxilares, com retenção satisfatória e relações oclusais corretas e rebordos alveolares com volume e grau de resiliência normais. Para a análise da movimentação da prótese total superior foi

  17. Kinetic study of the gum decomposition from brazilian gasoline; Estudo cinetico da decomposicao da goma oriunda de gasolina brasileira

    Pivesso, Paulo Roberto; Galvao, Luzia Patricia Fernandes de Carvalho; Fernandes Junior, Valter Jose; Coutinho, Ana Carla S.L.S. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil); Souza, Antonio Gouveia de [Universidade Federal da Paraiba (UFPB), Joao Pessoa, PB (Brazil)


    The modern gasoline contains in your composition insatured hydrocarbons that can be degraded by the action of the air, heat and substances presenting catalytic activity. The presence of air and heat promote oxidation reactions and polymerization, which promote the gum formation, that is a product with diverse characteristics. The petroleum and l the automobile industries have been investing in researches to lessen the gum undesirable effects. Nowadays, several products are added to the gasoline, for example, the surfactant additives, with the purpose to reduce the formation of deposits in the engine. This work evaluated the influence of a polyester amine addictive, used as the main active component in Brazilian gasoline. The gums were generated evaporating the gasolines according to the ASTM D 381 method. Two types of gum were obtained; the Common Washed Gum (White Sample) and the Additive based Washed Gum (Additive Sample). Both samples were characterized for thermal analysis and submitted for a kinetic study using the model-free method proposed by Vyazovkin. This approach was applied to the final stage of the gums decomposition, supplying the corresponding relative kinetic parameters, such as energy of activation and conversion (author)

  18. Os desafios atuais do estudo da subjetividade na Psicologia The contemporary challenges of the study of the subjectivity in psychology

    José Leon Crochík


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste ensaio é o de apontar para alguns dos elementos básicos que devem ser considerados no estudo da subjetividade pela Psicologia. Para isso, delineia os limites do objeto de estudo da Psicologia, ressaltando a sua constituição a partir da mediação social. Utiliza-se de reflexões presentes na obra dos pensadores da Escola de Frankfurt, em particular Adorno, Horkheimer e Marcuse, para mostrar a relação entre a constituição da subjetividade e a idéia de formação. Defende-se a idéia de que, para estudar a subjetividade, é necessário, para o psicólogo, além de seu saber específico, o conhecimento de noções de filosofia e sociologia, relacionadas com o seu objeto, e um bom contato com a literatura e com a arte de uma forma geral.The objective of this essay is to indicate some of the basic elements which should be considered within the study of the subjectivity by Psychology. In order to do this, the limits of the object of study of Psychology have been outlined, highlighting its constitution originating from social mediation. The article utilizes itself of contemporary reflections in the works of theorists of the School of Frankfurt, having a particular emphasis on Adorno, Horkheimer, and Marcuse to demonstrate the relation between the constitution of subjectivity and the idea of formation. Herein the idea that in order to study subjectivity, it is necessary for the psychologist not only his specific knowledge but also the understanding of philosophical and sociological notions related to his objective as well as a thorough contact with literature and art.

  19. [Leonardo da Vinci and his studies on the human fetus and the placenta].

    Cataldi, L; Fanos, V


    To review the accuracy of Leonardo's anatomical studies of the female external genitalia and the foetus, particularly those concerning the umbilical cord with its blood vessels. The anatomical drawings of Leonardo da Vinci which are now stored in the Windors Castle near London were reviewed and the accuracy of the details of the genital apparatus and foetus was evaluated. A written comment characterizes many of his drawings. He described accurately the position of the uterine blood vessels and the relationship between the pelvic organs. However his drawing and description of the female external genitalia and human placenta was incorrect because his understanding of it was inadequate. He believed that the human placenta had cotyledons like that of the ungulate uterus (drown side A of sheet 19). At the top of that sheet some Leonardo's details of the anatomic relationship are shown. In our opinion, Leonardo's misunderstanding is probably because he was only able to perform one anatomical dissection of a pregnant women and foetus and therefore his knowledge was limited. The resulting documentation of the pregnant women and foetus was therefore heavily supplemented with his enormous experience in animal anatomy.

  20. Validation of the da Vinci Surgical Skill Simulator across three surgical disciplines: A pilot study

    Alzahrani, Tarek; Haddad, Richard; Alkhayal, Abdullah; Delisle, Josée; Drudi, Laura; Gotlieb, Walter; Fraser, Shannon; Bergman, Simon; Bladou, Frank; Andonian, Sero; Anidjar, Maurice


    Objective: In this paper, we evaluate face, content and construct validity of the da Vinci Surgical Skills Simulator (dVSSS) across 3 surgical disciplines. Methods: In total, 48 participants from urology, gynecology and general surgery participated in the study as novices (0 robotic cases performed), intermediates (1–74) or experts (≥75). Each participant completed 9 tasks (Peg board level 2, match board level 2, needle targeting, ring and rail level 2, dots and needles level 1, suture sponge level 2, energy dissection level 1, ring walk level 3 and tubes). The Mimic Technologies software scored each task from 0 (worst) to 100 (best) using several predetermined metrics. Face and content validity were evaluated by a questionnaire administered after task completion. Wilcoxon test was used to perform pair wise comparisons. Results: The expert group comprised of 6 attending surgeons. The intermediate group included 4 attending surgeons, 3 fellows and 5 residents. The novices included 1 attending surgeon, 1 fellow, 13 residents, 13 medical students and 2 research assistants. The median number of robotic cases performed by experts and intermediates were 250 and 9, respectively. The median overall realistic score (face validity) was 8/10. Experts rated the usefulness of the simulator as a training tool for residents (content validity) as 8.5/10. For construct validity, experts outperformed novices in all 9 tasks (p < 0.05). Intermediates outperformed novices in 7 of 9 tasks (p < 0.05); there were no significant differences in the energy dissection and ring walk tasks. Finally, experts scored significantly better than intermediates in only 3 of 9 tasks (matchboard, dots and needles and energy dissection) (p < 0.05). Conclusions: This study confirms the face, content and construct validities of the dVSSS across urology, gynecology and general surgery. Larger sample size and more complex tasks are needed to further differentiate intermediates from experts. PMID:23914275

  1. Estudo da qualidade da carne ovina do nordeste brasileiro: propriedades físicas e sensoriais Study on lamb quality from Northeast Brazil: physical and sensory properties



    Full Text Available No presente estudo foram utilizados 21 animais machos, sendo 10 ½ Somalis Brasileira ½ Crioula (SB-C e 11 ½ Santa Inês ½ Crioula (SI-C, submetidos a duas dietas durante a amamentação: feno de capim-gramão + feno de leucena (D1 e feno de capim-gramão + feno de leucena + concentrado com 20% de proteína bruta (D2. Os resultados de pH da carne crua, assim como os da determinação de cor, perdas na cocção, força de cisalhamento e análise sensorial foram analisados num arranjo fatorial 2 ´ 2 (duas raças ´ 2 sistemas de alimentação. Não foi verificado efeito das cruzas nem dos sistemas de alimentação sobre os parâmetros de qualidade estudados. Na carne analisada, o pH variou de 5,62 a 5,65, as perdas na cocção de 21,45 a 23,90% e a força de cisalhamento de 4,46 a 4,85 kg-f. A cor das carnes variaram de 36,67 a 37,70 para o valor de L*, de 14,85 a 15,54 para o valor de a* e de 0,83 a 1,37 para o valor de b*. A análise sensorial indicou uma boa aceitação das carnes avaliadas, sem diferenças entre os fatores estudados. De acordo com os resultados obtidos, a carne de borregos proveniente de animais do Nordeste brasileiro, apresentou características satisfatórias, tanto nas medições objetivas como subjetivas, independente do genótipo ou da dieta utilizada.The study utilized 10 ½ Somalis-Brasileira ½ Crioula (SB-C rams and 11 ½ Santa-Inês ½ Crioula (SI-C rams from two feeding treatments during weaning: grass hay + leucena hay (D1 and grass hay + leucena hay + 20% crude protein concentrate (D2. Experimental data for pH, color, cooking losses, shear force and sensory analysis were analyzed in a randomized block design 2 ´ 2 (2 breeds ´ 2 feeding treatments. It was not observed effect of crossbreed or feeding treatments on meat quality attributes. Meat pH values varied from 5.62 to 5.65, cooking loss varied from 21.45 to 23.90 % and shear force varied from 4.46 to 4.85 kg-f. Meat color parameters varied from 36.67 to

  2. Cadaveric feasibility study of da Vinci Si-assisted cochlear implant with augmented visual navigation for otologic surgery.

    Liu, Wen P; Azizian, Mahdi; Sorger, Jonathan; Taylor, Russell H; Reilly, Brian K; Cleary, Kevin; Preciado, Diego


    To our knowledge, this is the first reported cadaveric feasibility study of a master-slave-assisted cochlear implant procedure in the otolaryngology-head and neck surgery field using the da Vinci Si system (da Vinci Surgical System; Intuitive Surgical, Inc). We describe the surgical workflow adaptations using a minimally invasive system and image guidance integrating intraoperative cone beam computed tomography through augmented reality. To test the feasibility of da Vinci Si-assisted cochlear implant surgery with augmented reality, with visualization of critical structures and facilitation with precise cochleostomy for electrode insertion. Cadaveric case study of bilateral cochlear implant approaches conducted at Intuitive Surgical Inc, Sunnyvale, California. Bilateral cadaveric mastoidectomies, posterior tympanostomies, and cochleostomies were performed using the da Vinci Si system on a single adult human donor cadaveric specimen. Radiographic confirmation of successful cochleostomies, placement of a phantom cochlear implant wire, and visual confirmation of critical anatomic structures (facial nerve, cochlea, and round window) in augmented stereoendoscopy. With a surgical mean time of 160 minutes per side, complete bilateral cochlear implant procedures were successfully performed with no violation of critical structures, notably the facial nerve, chorda tympani, sigmoid sinus, dura, or ossicles. Augmented reality image overlay of the facial nerve, round window position, and basal turn of the cochlea was precise. Postoperative cone beam computed tomography scans confirmed successful placement of the phantom implant electrode array into the basal turn of the cochlea. To our knowledge, this is the first study in the otolaryngology-head and neck surgery literature examining the use of master-slave-assisted cochleostomy with augmented reality for cochlear implants using the da Vinci Si system. The described system for cochleostomy has the potential to improve the

  3. Influence of the restoration quality on the success of pulpotomy treatment: a preliminary retrospective study Influência da qualidade da restauração sobre o sucesso da pulpotomia: estudo preliminar

    Flávio Fernando Demarco


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical status of pulpotomy treatment with calcium hydroxide and to correlate it with the quality of restoration of the treated teeth. Patients were retrieved from the files of the Operative Dentistry clinics (FOUFPel between 1996 and 2000. Twenty-two patients were recalled, which had 23 teeth treated with pulpotomy due to exposure by caries. Seven anterior and 16 posterior teeth composed the evaluated group, being all restored with composite resin. The age varied from 15-50 years (mean 23.9 and the follow-up mean was 34.52 months. Clinical and radiographic examinations were performed to evaluate the clinical status of treatment. The criteria used, clinically favorable and failure, were based on the following clinical exams: pulp vitality; sensitivity; and periapical alterations. The quality of the restorations was based on the USPHS criteria. Pulpotomy treatment was ranked as clinically favorable in 10 teeth (43.5%, 4 in anterior and 6 in posterior teeth. Failure was verified in 13 teeth (56.5%, 4 anterior and 9 posterior. From the group clinically favorable, 90% of the restorations were ranked as clinically satisfactory, while only 10% were unsatisfactory. In the failure group, 77.8% of the restorations were classified was unsatisfactory and 22.2% were ranked as satisfactory. The statistical analysis (Fisher´s exact test demonstrated that there is a statistically significant association between the clinical status of pulpotomy and restoration quality (pO objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a condição clínica de dentes submetidos à pulpotomia com hidróxido de cálcio, correlacionando com a qualidade das restaurações dos respectivos dentes. A partir dos prontuários da clínica de Odontologia Restauradora da FOUFPel, foram selecionados 22 pacientes (23 dentes submetidos a pulpotomia entre 1996 e 2000. Ao todo, 23 dentes (7 anteriores e 16 posteriores receberam o tratamento de pulpotomia, indicado

  4. Estudo do efeito da temperatura nas propriedades reológicas da polpa de butiá (Butia eriospatha / Study of temperature effect on rheological parameters of the butia pulp (Butia eriospatha

    Maurício Rigo


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi estudar o efeito da temperatura no comportamento reológico da polpa de butiá, na forma integral, e a influência da geometria de medida na determinação do comportamento reológico da polpa de butiá. O reômetro utilizado foi da marca Haake Rotovisco, modelo RV-20, com cilindros concêntricos ou placas paralelas. Os dados experimentais dos reogramas para a polpa de butiá foram bem ajustados pelos modelos de Herschell-Bulkley, Casson e Ostwald-de-Waelle. O melhor ajuste se deu pelo modelo de Herschell-Bulkley. Para polpa de butiá, a viscosidade diminui com aumento da temperatura. Os índices de comportamentos obtidos dos dados experimentais foram menores do que um para todas as temperaturas investigadas, o que caracteriza comportamento pseudoplástico da polpa. O sistema de medida de placas paralelas se mostrou inadequado para o estudo do comportamento reológico de polpa de butiá. Portanto é necessária a padronização do sistema de medida empregado para determinação da análise reológica. O modelo de Arrhenius descreve o efeito da temperatura sobre a viscosidade aparente da polpa de butiá.AbstractRheological parameters of Butia (Butia eriospatha pulp were determined at different temperatures (10-60°C using a concentric cylinder Haake Rotovisco rheometer, model RV-20, with concentric cylinders and parallel plate. Butia pulp was found to exhibit non-Newtonian, pseudoplastic behavior at all temperatures investigated and the rheological parameters were adequately described by the Herschel-Bulkley, Ostwald-de-Waelle and Casson models. Yield stress, flow behavior index, and consistency coefficient were significantly affected by temperature. The apparent viscosity calculated through the Herschel-Bulkley model decreased with an increase in temperature. The Arrhenius model gave a good description of temperature effect on apparent viscosity of the pulp. The measurement system of parallel plate was inadequate to

  5. Robotic Colorectal Resection With and Without the Use of the New Da Vinci Table Motion: A Case-Matched Study.

    Palmeri, Matteo; Gianardi, Desirée; Guadagni, Simone; Di Franco, Gregorio; Bastiani, Luca; Furbetta, Niccolò; Simoncini, Tommaso; Zirafa, Cristina; Melfi, Franca; Buccianti, Piero; Moglia, Andrea; Cuschieri, Alfred; Mosca, Franco; Morelli, Luca


    The da Vinci Table Motion (dVTM) is a new device that enables patients to be repositioned with instruments in place within the abdomen, and without undocking the robot. The present study was designed to compare operative and short-term outcomes of patients undergoing colorectal cancer surgery with the da Vinci Xi system, with or without use of the dVTM. Ten patients underwent robotic colorectal resection for cancer with the use of dVTM (Xi-dVTM group) between May 2015 and October 2015 at our center. The intraoperative and short-term clinical outcome were compared, using a case-control methodology (propensity scores approach to create 1:2 matched pairs), with a similar group of patients who underwent robotic colorectal surgery for cancer without the use of the dVTM device (Xi-only group). Overall robotic operative time was shorter in the Xi-dVTM group ( P = .04). Operations were executed fully robotic in all Xi-dVTM cases, while 2 cases of the Xi-only group required conversion to open surgery because of bulky tumors and difficult exposure. Postoperative medical complications were higher in the Xi-only group ( P = .024). In this preliminary experience, the use of the new dVTM with the da Vinci Xi in colorectal surgery, by overcoming the limitations of the fixed positions of the patient, enhanced the workflow and resulted in improved exposure of the operative field. Further studies with a greater number of patients are needed to confirm these benefits of the dVTM-da Vinci Xi robotically assisted colorectal surgery.

  6. Visual degradation in Leonardo da Vinci's iconic self-portrait: A nanoscale study

    Conte, A. Mosca; Pulci, O.; Misiti, M. C.; Lojewska, J.; Teodonio, L.; Violante, C.; Missori, M.


    The discoloration of ancient paper, due to the development of oxidized groups acting as chromophores in its chief component, cellulose, is responsible for severe visual degradation in ancient artifacts. By adopting a non-destructive approach based on the combination of optical reflectance measurements and time-dependent density functional theory ab-initio calculations, we describe and quantify the chromophores affecting Leonardo da Vinci's iconic self-portrait. Their relative concentrations are very similar to those measured in modern and ancient samples aged in humid environments. This analysis quantifies the present level of optical degradation of the Leonardo da Vinci's self-portrait which, compared with future measurements, will assess its degradation rate. This is a fundamental information in order to plan appropriate conservation strategies.

  7. Transoral robotic thyroidectomy: a preclinical feasibility study using the da Vinci Xi platform.

    Russell, Jonathon O; Noureldine, Salem I; Al Khadem, Mai G; Chaudhary, Hamad A; Day, Andrew T; Kim, Hoon Yub; Tufano, Ralph P; Richmon, Jeremy D


    Transoral thyroid surgery allows the surgeon to conceal incisions within the oral cavity without significantly increasing the amount of required dissection. TORT provides an ideal scarless, midline access to the thyroid gland and bilateral central neck compartments. This approach, however, presents multiple technical challenges. Herein, we present our experience using the latest generation robotic surgical system to accomplish transoral robotic thyroidectomy (TORT). In two human cadavers, the da Vinci Xi surgical system (Intuitive Surgical, Sunnyvale, CA, USA) was used to complete TORT. Total thyroidectomy and bilateral central neck dissection was successfully completed in both cadavers. The da Vinci Xi platform offered several technologic advantages over previous robotic generations including overhead docking, narrower arms, and improved range of motion allowing for improved execution of previously described TORT techniques.

  8. Indicadores precoces da dislexia de desenvolvimento: um estudo longitudinal || Early indicators of dyslexia: a longitudinal study

    Anabela Carvalho


    Full Text Available A dislexia do desenvolvimento é frequentemente diagnosticada quando os problemas na aprendizagem da leitura já afetaram negativamente outras áreas académicas e até o bem-estar emocional. A pesquisa internacional aponta para a existência de alguns preditores desta perturbação da aprendizagem, permitindo uma intervenção atempada e preventiva. No entanto, as diferenças relativas ao código ortográfico do Português Europeu não nos permitem tirar ilações de estudos realizados noutros contextos linguísticos. Com este problema em mente, desenvolvemos um estudo longitudinal que pretende destacar os preditores da dislexia em crianças portuguesas. A investigação seguiu um plano longitudinal ao longo de três anos e os resultados obtidos junto de uma amostra de 200 crianças permitem identificar a existência de poder preditivo em duas variáveis: no conhecimento que a criança tem do nome das letras e no seu desempenho em tarefas de fluência verbal, mostrando a influência que os fatores relativos às dificuldades na aquisição do princípio alfabético e no acesso ao léxico terão na manifestação posterior de problemas na aquisição da leitura.

  9. Natural gas utilization in Santa Cruz thermal-electric power; A utilizacao de gas natural em Santa Cruz

    Azevedo, Mauricio F. de.; Lundeqvist, Carl G; Gomes, Gerson; Almeida, A E


    Use of natural gas as an alternative energy source on the thermo electric power plant of Santa Cruz are presented. Economic studies on hydroelectric power plants to use thermal generators during low water supply periods, costs of natural gas as a alternative energy fuel, and the engineer services to the conversion of fuel oil system, are discussed. 5 figs., 6 tabs.

  10. Multi-year consumption analysis and innovative energy perspectives: The case study of Leonardo da Vinci International Airport of Rome

    Rubeis, Tullio de; Nardi, Iole; Paoletti, Domenica; Di Leonardo, Antonella; Ambrosini, Dario; Poli, Ruggero; Sfarra, Stefano


    Highlights: • A systematic approach for energy management of complex structures is proposed. • Technological systems of Leonardo da Vinci Airport of Rome are described. • A multi-year consumption analysis highlights the most energy-consuming sectors. • The “Smart Grid” prototype project inherent to T1 Terminal is presented. • Wind and photovoltaic plants are designed and discussed to test the smart storage. - Abstract: Because of the growing need for efficient energy production systems, energy policies promoted in recent years have also involved complex structures, like airports. This paper proposes the implementation of an energy management system for a very energy-consuming structure, composed of different power plants and many energy consumers: the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport of Rome. In this study, the examination of historical data related to airport electric power, thermal energy and fuel consumption is discussed, starting with the analysis of the production energy plants, mainly based on a combined heat and power system. Furthermore, pioneering solutions are proposed, not only to cover airport energy requirements, but also to test the safety and reliability of innovative load management systems. For this reason, the choice of the Leonardo da Vinci management company, oriented to install a smart storage in order to manage the bidirectional energy flows by consumers and producers, is justified. Such innovative energy procurement systems are examined, with the goal of achieving greater penetration of renewable sources: mini and micro wind power plants and high concentrator photovoltaic plants.

  11. Comparative study of D2 receptors and content of DA in striatum before and after electro-acupuncture treatment

    Lin Yansong; Lin Xiangtong


    Objective: To evaluate the change of D 2 receptors and its relationship with DA content in experimental hemi-parkinsonism rats before and after electron-acupuncture treatment. Methods: 125 I-IBZM D 2 receptor cerebral autoradiographic analysis, HPLC-ECD DA and its metabolites, homovanillic acid (HVA), 3,4-di-hydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC) content detection were used to study in striatum in before treatment, electro-acupuncture treatment and treatment control group. Results: 1) The DA, HVA and DOPAC level in striatum of lesioned side in electro-acupuncture group was increased comparing with the before treatment and treatment control group (P 125 I-IBZM uptake ratio was 8.04 +- 0.71, (29.34 +- 4.83)% more than that of the contralateral side, but no significant difference was observed as compared with that of the pretreatment group [(8.09 +- 0.52), P>0.05]; however it was much lower than that of the treatment control group (8.61 +- 0.63), P 2 receptors' up regulation in rats with experimental hemi-parkinsonism

  12. Evaluation of the potentiality of the use of high-carbon microsilica as a pozzolanic material; Avaliacao da potencialidade da utilizacao de microssilica de alto teor de carbono como material pozolanico

    Ferreira, R.L.S.; Pederneiras, C.M.; Costa, T.C.S.; Silva, C.H.R.B., E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil); Anjos, M.A.S. [Instituto Federal da Paraiba (IFPB), PB (Brazil); Nobrega, A.K. [Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Arido (UFERSA), Mossoro, RN (Brazil)


    Supplementary Cementitious Materials reduce the production of clinker, which minimizes the environmental impact of cement production and the generation of industrial waste, also improve mechanical behavior and durability. Thus, this article aims to evaluate the potential use of microsilica with high content of carbon as pozzolanic material, based on the requirements of ISO 12653 (ABNT, 2015). The techniques of X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and compressive strength of mortar of lime and cement (at 7 and 28 days, respectively) were used to evaluate the pozzolanic of the microsilica as a mineral addition. The results indicated that the microsilica has a high amorphous silicon dioxide percentage structure. In the DRX could be possible to analyze the formation of CSH, justifying the good results of mechanical strength, especially with cement. Thus, the mineral admixture used in this research can be considered as a pozzolanic material. (author)

  13. Uncertainties associated to the using of alanine/EPR for the dose interval in the radiotherapy; Incertezas associadas na utilizacao da alanina/RPE para o intervalo de dose da radioterapia

    Rodrigues Junior, O.; Campos, L. L. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The High Doses Laboratory of IPEN is developing a dosimetric system for high doses based on Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) of free radical radiation induced on alanine. The objective of this work is to present the efforts towards to improve the measure accuracy for doses in the range between 1-10 Gy. This system could be used as reference by radiotherapy services, as much in the quality control of the equipment, as for routine accompaniment of more complex handling where the total doses can reach some grays. The main problem for routine implantation is the calibration and the traceability of the system and many errors sources affects the accuracy of the measurements. In this work are discussed same aspects related on the uncertainty evaluation associated with high dose measurement using alanine and EPR. (author)

  14. Comparative analysis of the use of biomass with conventional generation technologies by applying eco-efficiency; Analise comparativa da utilizacao da biomassa com tecnologias convencionais de geracao aplicando eficiencia ecologica

    Lora, Electo Eduardo Silva [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil)], e-mail:; Salomon, Karina Ribeiro [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil). Nucleo de Estudos em Sistemas Termicos], e-mail:


    The world's concern regarding the reduction atmospheric emissions, due to the global warming, it is a subject that is being quite discussed. A parameter that evaluates the environmental impact considering the emissions of CO{sub 2}, SO{sub x}, NO{sub x} and PM in an integral way and comparing to the international air quality standards that are in force is called ecological efficiency ({epsilon}). This paper intends to compare environmental impacts of the atmospheric pollution due to technologies that use the biomass as fuel with conventional and advanced technologies of electricity generation. It is also evaluated the advantages of the use of the cogeneration starting from the biomass. The most important results that were obtained are comparative graphs confirming that the use of the biomass as energy source is a good option from the ecological point of view, when pollution control methods are used. (author)

  15. Crystallization kinetic study of the lithium-disilicate bioceramic obtained from rice-husk silica starting powder; Estudo cinetico da cristalizacao da bioceramica de dissilicato de litio obtida atraves da silica da casca de arroz

    Santos, F.A.; Santos, C.; Pinatti, D.G., E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (EEL/USP), Lorena, SP (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia; Lazar, D.R.R. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Davim, E.; Fernandes, M.H.F.V. [Universidade de Aveiro, Campos Universitario de Santiago, Aveiro (Portugal)


    In this work, the study of crystallization of the lithium disilicate glass-ceramic produced for alternative source (rice husk silica), and comparatively by commercial source (commercial silica) it was carried through. The stoichiometry 66%.mol SiO{sub 2}: 33%.mol LiO{sub 2} was used. The kinetic studies of crystallization and calculations had been carried through thermal analysis (DTA), and were possible to study the behavior of the curves in accordance with the variation of taxes (5; 10; 15; e 20°C/min), of the granulometries 63 μm, 250μm and 1mm), and for the influence of the substitution commercial SiO{sub 2} by rice husk. The structural characterization was carried through by X-Ray diffractometry (DRX) and scanning electron microscopy (MEV), for chemical characterization used X-Ray fluorescence (FRX). The preliminary results show that the substitution of the silica source is sufficiently promising, since the gotten properties are similar. (author)

  16. Characterization of granite waste for use in red ceramic; Caracterizacao de residuo de granito para utilizacao em ceramica vermelha

    Aguiar, M.C.; Monteiro, S.N.; Vieira, C.M.F., E-mail: [Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense (UENF/LAMAV), Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ (Brazil). Laboratorio de Materiais Avancados; Borlini, M.C. [Centro de Tecnologia Mineral (CETEM), Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, ES (Brazil). Centro Avancado


    This work aims to study the characterization of the granite waste from the city of Santo Antonio de Padua-RJ for the use in red ceramic. The chemical, physical and morphological characterization of the waste was performed by chemical analysis, X-ray diffraction, particle size distribution, thermal analysis and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results indicated that this waste is a material with great potential to be used as a component of ceramic body due to its capacity to act as flux during the firing, and to improve the properties of the ceramic when is incorporate. (author)

  17. Utilization of parabolic solar collector in wood drying; Utilizacao de coletor solar parabolico na secagem de madeira

    Souza Mendes, Alfredo de


    This study was concerned to concept, to project and to build a parabolic solar collector as a generation source of thermic energy to the conventional drying of wood, jointed to a drying environment and to evaluate its efficiency. In this sense, prototypes of a solar collector and a conventional dry kiln were built. The collector with linear focus, was provided with a solar photoelectric tracking system. The dry kiln had semiautomatic control of temperature and a capacity to dry 0,3 m deg 3 of wood. All the steps of the construction of the system are presented with details. (author). 14 figs., 8 tabs., 73 refs

  18. Teflon pastille use in high dose dosimetry; Utilizacao de pastilhas de teflon em dosimetria de doses altas

    Teixeira, Maria Ines [Associacao Educacional Nove de Julho (UNINOVE), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Caldas, Linda V.E., E-mail: miteixeira@ipen.b, E-mail: lcaldas@ipen.b [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    This paper study the Teflon, which is used as aglomerant in the confection of dosimetric pastilles, for the viabilization of this material as high dose dosimeter. This paper used the OSL technique for the characterization of dosimetric properties of Teflon. The doses-response curve has been obtained for {sup 60}Co radiation between 100 Gy and 50 kGy, and the OSL answer reproducibility. The preliminary results shown that the Teflon is a material which can be used for high dose dosimetry

  19. Structural characterization of bentonite clays for utilization as nanofillers in nanocomposites; Caracterizacao estrutural de argilas bentoniticas para utilizacao como nanocargas

    Oliveira, Carlos Ivan Ribeiro de; Rocha, Marisa Cristina Guimares; Vogas, Arthur Considera, E-mail: [Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Nova Friburgo, RJ (Brazil). Instituto Politecnico; Silva, Ana Lucia Nazareth da [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (IMA/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Instituto de Macromoleculas Professora Eloisa Mano; Bertolino, Luiz Carlos [Centro de Tecnologia Mineral (CETEM/MCTI), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Clays of different composition have been used in the development of polymer nanocomposites. However, the utilization of bentonite clays has been emphasized in Brazil, mainly due to their availability.The best known and studied deposits of bentonite clays are located in the state of Paraiba. However, these deposits are becoming exhausted after decades of exploitation. In this context, the aim of this work is to proceed the physical-mineralogical characterization of bentonite clays recently discovered in Cubati, PB. In order to achieve this objective, the samples underwent a particle size classification step and were characterized by X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis and scanning electron microscopy. Results of X-ray diffraction showed that the samples are composed of smectite, and kaolinite and quartz. The characterization of the samples by FTIR confirmed these results. Results of chemical analysis showed that the clays have predominantly different exchangeable cations. (author)

  20. Natural gas use in treatment of steel surfaces; Utilizacao de gas natural em tratamento de superficies de aco

    Ferraz, Andre Dias; Machado, Antonio Rogerio; Rocha, Ivan; Azevedo, Jorge; Oshiro, Hugo K.; Konishi, Ricardo; Lehmkuhl, Willian [Companhia de Gas de Santa Catarina (SCGAS), Florianopolis, SC (Brazil); Piazza, Walter [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The surface treatments of metals, such as carburizing, rely on processing under high temperature in carbon rich atmospheres. The atmosphere is industrially generated using the partial oxidation of a carbon rich fuel, such as propane, butane or methanol. This article reports a study of the production of a carburizing atmosphere for surface treatment of steel from the partial oxidation of natural gas in a catalytic reactor. The reactor studied was a production size reactor with 300 mm of diameter and 1500 mm of length, packed with alumina supported nickel catalyst. The quality of the carburizing gas was evaluated from its carbon potential of the carburizing gas that was calculated from the concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}), oxygen (O{sub 2}) and methane (CH{sub 4}) measured at the reactor's exit. The results indicate that CO concentration is very close to equilibrium, while CO{sub 2} is higher and CH{sub 4} is lower. Examining the reactor, the conclusion was that there was an axial temperature gradient, resulting in lower residence time under the required processing temperature. This resulted in smaller decomposition of CH{sub 4} and smaller production of CO{sub 2}. An equilibrium calculation of carbon potential, expressed as weight percent of carbon in iron, was developed to predict the possible optimizations of mixture composition and reactor temperature for a given required carbon potential. Conclusion: it is possible to generate a carburizing atmosphere under well controlled and repeatable conditions for the carbon potentials required for surface carburizing of steels in industrial processing using natural gas and air mixtures. (author)

  1. Estudo da hipotermia acidental em idosos institucionalizados Study on accidental hypothermia in institutionalized elderly

    António Palma Seman


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Analisar a prevalência, causas e evolução da hipotermia acidental em idosos institucionalizados. MÉTODOS: Estudo prospectivo realizado entre janeiro e dezembro de 2004, no Hospital Geriátrico e de Convalescentes D. Pedro II, com 483 internos. Hipotermia foi confirmada por termômetro esofágico, utilizado em todos os pacientes com temperatura axilar menor ou igual a 35ºC (95ºF. Tanto o diagnóstico etiológico quanto as complicações da hipotermia foram observados em exames clínico e subsidiários de urgência como eletrocardiograma, radiografia de tórax, hemograma, gasometria arterial, glicemia, metabólitos, amilase, função hepática e renal, sorologias para HIV, sífilis e hepatite B e urina tipo I. Foram adotadas medidas de reaquecimento entre outras do protocolo de tratamento. RESULTADOS: A prevalência de hipotermia foi de 7,2% especialmente em mulheres (65,7%, e a média de idade do grupo foi 76,4 anos. A maioria dos pacientes (77,1% apresentava elevado grau de dependência (Katz "F" e "G". Hipotermia leve foi identificada na maioria dos idosos (71,4%. A taxa de mortalidade foi de 62,8%, sendo 31,4% em vigência de hipotermia e 31,4% após sua reversão. Em 100,0% dos casos, a etiologia foi infecciosa: pneumonia em 80%, infecção urinária em 60,0%, e úlceras por pressão em 17,1%. Em 60% dos casos havia mais de um foco infeccioso. CONCLUSÃO: A hipotermia em idosos institucionalizados é uma grave condição clínica, com altos índices de mortalidade. A prevenção, o diagnóstico precoce e medidas de reaquecimento central corroboram para um melhor prognóstico.OBJECTIVE: To analyze the prevalence, causes and outcome of hypothermia in institutionalized elderly. METHODS: prospective study held from January to December, 2004 at the Hospital Geriátrico e de Convalescentes Dom Pedro II (Geriatric and Convalescent Hospital Dom Pedro II, with 483 long-term care beds. Hypothermia was diagnosed by esophageal thermometer

  2. Efficacy of DA-9701 (Motilitone) in Functional Dyspepsia Compared to Pantoprazole: A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-blind, Non-inferiority Study.

    Jung, Hye-Kyung; Lee, Kwang Jae; Choi, Myung-Gyu; Park, Hyojin; Lee, Joon Seong; Rhee, Poong-Lyul; Kim, Nayoung; Park, KyungSik; Choi, Suck Chei; Lee, Oh Young; Huh, Kyu Chan; Song, Geun Am; Hong, Su Jin; Sohn, Chong Il; Jung, Hwoon-Yong; Lee, Yong Chan; Rew, Jong Sun; Jee, Sam Ryong; Kwon, Joong Goo


    The effect of proton pump inhibitors (PPI) in Asian functional dyspepsia (FD) patients has not been well established as in Westerncountries. DA-9701, a novel prokinetic agent, stimulates gastric emptying and modulates visceral hypersensitivity in vivo and in human studies. This study was conducted to compare the efficacy of DA-9701 with a conventional PPI in mono or combination therapy in patients with FD. In this double-blind, randomized, non-inferiority trial, 389 patients diagnosed with FD using Rome III criteria were allocated among3 groups: 30-mg DA-9701 t.i.d (means 3 times a day), 40-mg pantoprazole, and 30-mg DA-9701 t.i.d + 40-mg pantoprazole. Theprimary efficacy end-point was a global assessment of the patient binary response or response on a 5-Likert scale after 4 weeks. The global symptomatic improvement was 60.5% in the DA-9701 group, 65.6% in the pantoprazole group, and 63.5% in the DA-9701 + pantoprazole group using a 5-Likert scale at week 4 with no significant difference among 3 groups (P = 0.685). Symptomimprovement measured by binary outcome was significantly achieved in each of the 3 groups, but not different among groups.Patients in all treatment groups reported significant improvement in the response rate and symptoms according to FD subtypes anddyspepsia-related quality of life (P DA-9701 improves global and individual symptoms and increases dyspepsia-specific quality of life in patients with FD. The efficacyof DA-9701 monotherapy is comparable with pantoprazole and there is no additive effect with combination of DA-9701 andpantoprazole in patients with FD.

  3. Coletivo da Música: A study about relations between arts and mental health

    José Luiz Dias Siqueira


    Full Text Available The objective of this research is to look for an understanding concerning the music experiences of some Mental Health users. We made interviews with 6 subjects, participants of the Coletivo da Música project, which promotes musical activities in the Mental Health services, in Campinas. After the data collect, we analyzed the whole material, using as a reference the phenomenological method, searching for some signified units and to comprehend them from a psychological perspective. We asserted that music has an important role in the life for each subject, being relacioned to memory of remarkable moments. The music activities were relationed to improvement of mood state, socialization and personal expression.

  4. Automatic parameterization and analysis of stellar atmospheres: a study of the DA white dwarfs

    McMahan, R.K. Jr.


    A method for automatically calculating atmospheric parameters of hydrogen-rich degenerate stars from low resolution spectra is advanced and then applied to the spectra of 53 DA white dwarfs. All data were taken using the Mark II spectrograph on the McGraw-Hill 1.3 m telescope and cover the spectral range λλ4100-7000 at a resolution of eight Angstroms. The model grid was generated at Dartmouth using the atmosphere code LUCIFER; it contained over 275 synthetic spectra extending from 6000 to 100,000 K in effective temperature and 7.4-9.3 in log g. A new value for the width of the DA mass distribution was achieved using the techniques presented here. Accuracies in the atmospheric parameters greater than twice those previously published were obtained. These results place strict constraints on the magnitude of mass loss in stars in the red giant phase, as well as in the mechanisms responsible for the loss

  5. O estudo da prova calórica em pacientes idoso The study of caloric testing in senior patients

    Débora Cristina de Oliveira Bezerra


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: realizar o estudo da prova calórica em pacientes idosos com queixa de tontura, acompanhada ou não de zumbido com finalidade de traçar um perfil dos idosos quanto os sintomas vestibulares. MÉTODOS: fizeram parte da amostra 143 pacientes, com faixa etária variando de 60 a 90 anos de idade; todos realizaram o exame otoneurológico. Foram excluídos pacientes idosos com queixa de desequilíbrio e aqueles que apresentaram a queixa de zumbido desacompanhado da tontura. RESULTADOS: o estudo demonstrou que a normorreflexia, em valores absolutos, encontra-se entre 82,3% a 91,2% e os valores relativos são de 93%. Referente aos dados colhidos na anamnese, o que chamou a atenção, foi que do total de pacientes analisados, encontrou-se a tontura acompanhada de zumbido em 69% dos casos e o elevado uso de medicação em pacientes nesta faixa etária. CONCLUSÃO: na população estudada houve um predomínio da tontura acompanhada de zumbido. Em relação à prova calórica, o trabalho demonstrou a alta prevalência de pacientes com valores absolutos e relativos normais.PURPOSE: to accomplish the study of caloric testing in senior patients with dizziness, accompanied or not of with buzzing. METHODS: 143 patients were analyzed with age varying from 60 to 90 years; all of them did an otoneurologic evaluation. Senior patients with unbalance complaints and with buzzing unaccompanied with dizziness were excluded from this study. RESULTS: 82.3% to 91.2% of the patients obtained normoreflexia in absolute values and over 93% obtained normal results in relative values. Referring to the data obtained in the anamnesis, what got attention was 69% of dizziness accompanied with buzzing. And the high medication of the patients in this age group. CONCLUSION: there was a prevalence of dizziness accompanied with buzzing in the studied population. Concerning the caloric testing, the study demonstrated the high prevalence of patients with normal absolute and

  6. Compressão da mortalidade: um estudo da variabilidade da idade à morte na população do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil, 1980-2005 Compression of mortality: a study on the variability of age at death in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, 1980-2005

    Marcos Roberto Gonzaga


    Full Text Available Este trabalho analisou as mudanças na estrutura de mortalidade da população do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil, entre 1980 e 2005, na tentativa de identificar os efeitos destas mudanças na variabilidade da idade à morte. As evidências de um deslocamento da distribuição de óbitos para as idades mais avançadas foram claras, pois o tempo médio de vida da população aumentou cerca de sete anos. Buscou-se analisar se esse deslocamento foi acompanhado por uma redução na variabilidade da idade à morte, o que daria suporte para o início de um processo de compressão da mortalidade. Dois períodos distintos de mudança na variabilidade da idade à morte foram evidenciados. No primeiro (1980 a 1995, identificou-se aumento na variabilidade da idade à morte. Já no segundo (1995 a 2005 reconheceu-se tendência de redução nessa variabilidade. Estimativas acima de determinado quartil da distribuição dos óbitos por idade indicaram que o processo de compressão da mortalidade ocorreu em quase todo o período. Destaca-se que as mulheres apresentaram variabilidade da idade à morte significativamente menor que os homens em todo o período analisado.In the present study, changes in the population mortality structure in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, were analyzed from 1980 to 2005, aimed at identifying the effects of these changes on the variability of age at death. Evidence of a change in the distribution of deaths toward more advanced ages was found, and the mean lifespan for the overall population increased by seven years during the period. Two different scenarios were observed. The first (1980-1995 showed an increase in the variability of age at death. The second (1995-2005 showed a downward trend in variability. Estimates beyond a given quartile of the death distribution by age indicated that compression of mortality took place throughout the entire period. However, variability of age at death was lower for males as compared to females.

  7. Estudo da durabilidade de argamassas alternativas contendo resíduos Durability study of alternative mortars containing wastes

    J. Farias Filho


    Full Text Available O interesse pela preservação dos recursos naturais e a busca pelo desenvolvimento sustentável tem despertado interesse de um grande número de pesquisadores visando obter materiais de construção não convencionais. Dentre essas possibilidades, destacam-se os resíduos produzidos pela construção civil e pela indústria de beneficiamento de granito, em virtude do volume gerado e os impactos ambientais do seu descarte inadequado. Este trabalho tem como objetivo estudar a durabilidade das argamassas alternativas incorporadas com resíduos de construção civil e da serragem do granito. Para quantificar a durabilidade dos materiais estudados, foram realizados ensaios de envelhecimento natural e ensaios de envelhecimento acelerado através de ciclos de molhagem e secagem, visando simular condições de utilização e avaliar sua degradação. Nos estudos da durabilidade foram utilizados traços de argamassas para alvenaria de elevação, com percentagens de substituição, em peso, da cal por resíduo de 30% e 50%. Os resultados para o envelhecimento natural evidenciaram o comprometimento da durabilidade do material após 60 dias com redução no comportamento mecânico, sendo os melhores resultados para os corpos-de-prova com 30% e 50% de resíduo de construção. No envelhecimento acelerado, para os tratamentos adotados, os resultados evidenciaram a ação da formação de silicoaluminatos de cálcio e potássio que favoreceram um aumento do comportamento mecânico e, além disso, não foi observado o comprometimento da sua durabilidade.The preservation of natural resources and search for sustainable development are increase in interest by the researchers with the aim to obtain knowledge of non conventional materials. Among these possibilities stand out the recycling of residues from civil construction and from granite industry, which are producers of large amount of residues and causing great environmental impacts. The aim of this work is to

  8. Etapas da implementação da educação corporativa e seus impactos em empresas brasileiras: um estudo multicaso Corporate education implementation stages and their impacts on Brazilian companies: a multi-case study

    Fábio Henrique Antunes Vieira


    Full Text Available Este trabalho apresenta a Educação Corporativa - EC nas organizações brasileiras, como uma forma de aprendizado contínuo, apesar dessa prática ainda estar em fase de amadurecimento no País. O objetivo da pesquisa é avaliar as etapas da implementação do processo da EC através de um estudo multicaso. Foi observado que a implementação da unidade de EC deve levar em consideração a singularidade de cada empresa, com suas características e especificidades. Pode-se concluir que a maioria das empresas desse estudo indicou que a implementação foi realizada após decisão dos dirigentes como a etapa inicial. Mesmo inexistindo uma fórmula capaz de atender às especificações das mais diversas organizações, houve uma sequência lógica para a estruturação e implementação da unidade.This study presents the corporate education (CE in Brazilian organizations as a means of continuous learning, despite the fact that this practice is still under development in the country. The purpose of this research was to analyze the implementation stages of the CE process through a multi-case study. It was possible to observe that the CE unit implementationshould consider the singularities of each company, with its characteristics and specificities. It is possible to conclude that most enterprises in this study indicated that the implementation was carried out after the executives' decision as the first phase. Although there is no formula capable of meeting the specifications of all organizations, there was a logical sequence for the structuring and implementation of the unit.

  9. Anemia ancilostomótica: estudo da fisiopatologia Ancylostomotic anemia: a contribution to the study of its physiopathology

    Victório Maspes


    Full Text Available Foram estudados 17 casos de ancilostomose e determinados alguns parâmetros hematológicos como: dosagem de hemoglobina, do ferro sérico e da transferrina, contagem de hemácias, hematócrito, volume corpuscular médio (VCM e hemoglobina corpuscular média (HCM. O estudo incluiu também a obtenção de alguns dados eritrocinéticos, como a determinação da velocidade de decaimento do ferro plasmático (T1V2 do 59Fe e da incorporação do ferro à hemoglobina. O estudo radioisotópico permitiu ainda determinar o volume de sangue e a quantidade de hemoglobina perdida nas fezes, bem como o teor de ferro reabsorvido dessa hemoglobina. Estabeleceram também o grau de infecção através da contagem de ovos e de vermes nas fezes. Os doentes não apresentaram evidente alteração nutricional. A carência de ferro foi o fator comum a todos os casos que exibiram anemia, constituindo a base fisiopatológica da anemia ancilostomótica. O verme fixado à mucosa duodenal suga o sangue do hospedeiro e esta espoliação de sangue a longo prazo provoca a anemia. O volume de sangue perdido é geralmente proporcional ao grau de infecção, mas a quantidade de hemoglobina perdida mostrou ser independente do volume de sangue espoliado. A reabsorção de grande parte do ferro da hemoglobina perdida na luz intestinal concorre para que a anemia se estabeleça mais tardiamente que em outras hemorragias como a vaginal. Os indivíduos anêmicos foram submetidos a transfusões de sangue e com isso apresentaram melhora clínica e laboratorial, imediata mas temporária. A cura clínica foi estabelecida somente após tratamento adequado com vermífugos.Seventeen ancylostomotic patients was studied and several hematological parameters: hemoglobin level, serum iron level and transferrin, erythrocyte count, hematocrit, mean corpuscular volume (VCM and mean corpuscular hemoglobin (HCM was established. This study also included the determination of several erythrokinetic data

  10. Preclinical cadaveric study of transanal endoscopic da Vinci® surgery.

    Hompes, R; Rauh, S M; Hagen, M E; Mortensen, N J


    Single-port platforms are increasingly being used for transanal surgery and may be associated with a shorter learning curve than transanal endoscopic microsurgery. However, these procedures remain technically challenging, and robotic technology could overcome some of the limitations and increase intraluminal manoeuvrability. An initial experimental experience with transanal endoscopic da Vinci(®) surgery (TEdS) using a glove port on human cadavers is reported. After initial dry laboratory experiments, the feasibility of TEdS and ideal set-up were further evaluated in human cadavers. For transanal access a glove port was constructed on-table by using a circular anal dilator, a standard wound retractor and a surgical glove. A da Vinci(®) Si HD system was used in combination with the glove port for transanal endoscopic resections. It was possible to perform all necessary tasks to complete a full-thickness excision and closure of the rectal wall, with cadavers in both prone and supine positions. The stable magnified view, combined with the EndoWrist(®) technology of the robotic instruments, made every task straightforward. Intraluminal manoeuvrability could be improved further by intersecting the robotic instruments. The glove port proved to be very reliable and the inherent flexibility of the glove facilitated docking of the robotic arms in a narrow confined space. Using a reliable and universally available glove port, TEdS was feasible and a preferred set-up was determined. Further clinical trials will be necessary to assess the safety and efficacy of this technique. Copyright © 2012 British Journal of Surgery Society Ltd. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  11. A serological study of cysticercosis in patients with HIV Estudo sorológico da cisticercose em pacientes com HIV

    Subhash Chandra Parija


    Full Text Available Neurocysticercosis (NCC has attained the importance of one of the most common cause of focal brain lesions in patients infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus. Adequate data regarding the rate of this co-infection is lacking. Therefore, the present study was carried out to determine the prevalence of cysticercosis among HIV patients residing in Puducherry or its neighboring districts of Tamil Nadu State, India. A total of one hundred blood samples were collected from HIV seropositive cases visiting JIPMER hospital, Puducherry, between June 2007 and May 2008. Enzyme immunotransfer blot (EITB and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA were used to demonstrate anti- T. solium larval stage antibodies and Co-agglutination (Co-A test was used to detect T. solium larval stage antigens in sera. Two HIV seropositive cases were found positive for anti-T. solium larval stage antibody by EITB and four were positive by ELISA. Only one sample was positive by both EITB and ELISA. No serum sample was found positive for T. solium larval stage antigen by Co-A test. The overall seropositivity detected by all the methods was 5% in this study group. The accurate clinical diagnosis of NCC in HIV is difficult due to deranged immunological parameters in the HIV infected patients. The results of this study provides important data on the prevalence of cysticercosis in HIV positive patients in Puducherry and neighboring areas which was previously unknown. This study will also increase awareness among physicians and public health agencies about T. solium cysticercosis in the selected group.Neurocisticercose (NCC tem alcançado a importância de uma das mais comuns causas de lesões focais no cérebro em pacientes infectados pelo HIV (vírus da imunodeficiência adquirida. Dados adequados relativos à frequencia desta co-infecção estão faltando. Portanto, o presente estudo foi realizado para determinar a prevalência da cisticercose entre pacientes com HIV


    José Marcos Lopes


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é apresentar os resultados de uma pesquisa que procurou avaliar os resultados da aplicação de uma proposta didático-pedagógica, que utiliza um jogo associado à resolução de problemas para o estudo dos conceitos de média, mediana e moda da Estatística Descritiva. Elaboramos um jogo (original e formulamos alguns problemas envolvendo situações de jogo que auxiliam os alunos no reforço da aprendizagem desses conceitos. A proposta de ensino foi aplicada em uma sala do terceiro ano do Ensino Médio de uma escola estadual de uma cidade do interior do estado de São Paulo, Brasil. Os resultados desta investigação indicam que o uso do jogo associado à resolução de problemas pode contribuir com a aprendizagem dos alunos e também o desenvolvimento de seus próprios conhecimentos.The objective of this article is to present the findings of a research that aimed to evaluate the results of a didactic-pedagogical proposition using games and problem solving for studies of the concepts of mean, median and mode in Descriptive Statistics. A game (original was elaborated and some problems involving game situations were created to support the students on improvement of learning from these concepts. The purpose of learning was applied on a public high school classroom (seniors, in a countryside city of São Paulo State, Brazil. The results of this investigation point out that the use of games associated to problem solving can contribute to the students’ learning process and also on their own knowledge development.

  13. As relações na escola e a construção da autonomia: um estudo da perspectiva da psicologia Relationships in the school and the construction of autonomy: a study from the perspective of psychology

    Ana Paula Petroni


    Full Text Available Este artigo apresenta reflexões de uma pesquisa de Mestrado, que investigou a compreensão de educadores de uma escola pública sobre autonomia e em que medida ver-se ou não como autônomo influencia a atuação docente. Tomou-se como aporte teórico-metodológico os pressupostos de Vigotski e da teoria da Educação Libertadora, de Paulo Freire. Como instrumentos, foram utilizados entrevistas semiestruturadas e relatos de cenas das vivências da pesquisadora nas reuniões docentes. Como resultado, constatou-se que, embora alguns professores se mostrem autorregulados, suas práticas não se caracterizam como autônomas, assim como não se percebem como sujeitos capazes de exercer a autonomia, sobretudo em decorrência das condições materiais em que exercem suas atividades. Evidenciou-se, também, que as formas como as relações se empreendem na escola, permeadas por questões burocráticas e disputa de poder, constituem-se empecilho para o desenvolvimento da autonomia e da emancipação de seus atores.This paper presents some reflections first presented in a Master degree research which has investigated the understanding of educators from a public school about autonomy, and whether seeing themselves as an autonomous being or not has influence in teaching performance. The theoretical basis was drawn from theoretic-methodological ideas of Vigotski and Paulo Freire's Liberative Education theory. The instruments used were semi-structured interviews and accounts of scenes from the experiences of the researcher during the faculty meetings. As a result, it was found that although some teachers demonstrate self regulation, their practices are not characterized as autonomous and do not perceive themselves as subjects capable of exercising autonomy, especially because of the material conditions in which they conduct their activities. It was clear, too, that the ways in which relationships are undertake in school, permeated by bureaucratic issues and

  14. Ostensive-inferential processes in excerpts of interpretation of the Maria da Penha Law: a case study

    Rauen, Fábio José; Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina; Souza Ribeiro, Ana Cláudia; Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina


    Neste artigo, analisamos, conforme a Teoria da Conciliação de Metas, de Rauen (2014), e a Teoria da Relevância, de Sperber e Wilson (1986, 1995), processos ostensivo-inferenciais em excertos de interpretação da Lei 11.340, de 7 de agosto de 2006, da coletânea de Campos (2011) “Lei Maria da Penha comentada em uma perspectiva jurídico-feminista”. Especificamente, consideramos o capítulo “Da violência contra a mulher como uma violação de direitos humanos – artigo 6º”, de Dias e Reinheimer. Concl...

  15. Modelo experimental para o estudo da hérnia do disco intervertebral Experimental model to study intervertebral disc herniation

    André Luiz de Souza Grava


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Apresentar um modelo experimental de hérnia de disco e sua validação para estudo da hiperalgesia mecânica e térmica produzidas pelo contato do núcleo pulposo (NP com as estruturas nervosas envolvidas nessa afecção. MÉTODOS: Foram utilizados ratos Wistar, sendo o NP autólogo retirado da região sacrococcígea e depositado sobre a dura-máter, raiz nervosa ou gânglios das raízes dorsais L4, L5 ou L6. Os experimentos foram divididos em quatro etapas: 1ª determinação da estrutura nervosa mais sensível ao contato com o NP; 2ª identificação do melhor nível lombar para a indução da hiperalgesia; 3ª determinação da ausência de lesão motora; e 4ª determinação da influência do procedimento cirúrgico no desenvolvimento do processo inflamatório. A hiperalgesia foi avaliada nos testes de von Frey eletrônico e de Hargreaves e a função motora, pelo teste de rota-rod. RESULTADOS: O NP induziu hiperalgesia de maior intensidade na pata quando em contato com o gânglio da raiz dorsal (GRD do que em contato com a dura-máter ou a raiz nervosa. Quando em contato com o GRD-L5, o NP induziu hiperalgesia ainda maior que a induzida pelo contato com os GRDs L4 e L6. Não foram observadas lesão motora e influência do processo inflamatório cirúrgico sobre a hiperalgesia. CONCLUSÃO: O GRD é a estrutura mais sensível aos componentes do NP para a produção da hiperalgesia, sendo o quinto nível lombar o que apresentou maior alteração nas sensibilidades mecânica e térmica avaliadas na pata dos animais, de acordo com os métodos utilizados.OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this study is to present an experimental model of disc herniation and to validate such model to study mechanic and thermal hyperalgesia produced by the contact of the nucleus pulposus (NP with nerve structures involved in this condition. METHODS: The authors used Wistar rats, the autologous NP being removed from the sacrococcygeal region and deposited on the

  16. Diagnoses behind patients with hard-to-classify tremor and normal DaT-SPECT: A clinical follow up study

    Manuel eMenéndez-González; Manuel eMenéndez-González; Manuel eMenéndez-González; Francisco eTavares; Nahla eZeidan; José M Salas-Pacheco; Oscar eArias-Carrión


    The [123I]ioflupane - a dopamine transporter radioligand - SPECT (DaT-SPECT) has proven to be useful in the differential diagnosis of tremor. Here, we investigate the diagnoses behind patients with hard-to-classify tremor and normal DaT-SPECT. Therefore, 30 patients with tremor and normal DaT-SPECT were followed up for 2 years. In 18 cases we were able to make a diagnosis. The residual 12 patients underwent a second DaT-SPECT, were then followed for additional 12 months and thereafter the dia...

  17. A poesia como fonte histórica para o estudo da filosofia do direito Poetry as historical source to the study of philosophy of law

    Moacyr Motta da Silva


    Full Text Available This study aims to demonstrate, from reading the classic poetry of Homero, that its verses, created by the author, form a rich source of topics to Philosophy of Law. So, it is important to detach that the work which was object of this research is a poetry. Homero seems to have it written with the aim of demonstrating that, even in its poetic art, the artist uses the principles of Moral, Ethics, Justice to point that no Society sustains itself in the richness of achieving robbery, treachery, lies. From this universe of themes, the author elaborated the following topics: The Prediction of Tragedy; 2.0 The war between two kingdoms: the first cause; 3.0 First Reading of Moral; Second Reading of Politics; Reading III Poetic Esthetics, Reading IV Symbolic – the balance as an Instrument of Equilibrium; Reading V The Judge; Reading VI About Religious and Society; Reading VII The Poetry of Homero as an educational instrument. This introspective research, developed based on the poetry of Homero, aims to detach topics related to Philosophy of Law.O estudo procura demonstrar, a partir da leitura da clássica poesia de Homero, que os versos produzidos pelo autor constituem uma rica fonte de temas para a Filosofia do Direito. Releva assinalar que a obra pesquisada se constitui de uma poesia. Homero parece tê-la escrita com o objetivo de demonstrar que, até mesmo na arte poética o artista pode valer-se dos princípios da Moral, da Ética, da Justiça para assinalar que nenhuma Sociedade se sustenta na riqueza da conquista por assaltos, traições, mentiras. A partir deste universo temático, o autor elaborou os seguintes tópicos: A predição da Tragédia; 2.0 A Guerra entre Dois Reinados: causa primeira; 3.0 Leitura I Da Moral. Leitura II Da Política; Leitura III Estética poética; Leitura IV O simbólico – a Balança como Instrumento de Equilíbrio; Leitura V Do Juiz. Leitura VI Da Cultura Religiosa e Sociedade; Leitura VII A poesia de Homero como

  18. Leonardo da Vinci's drapery studies: characterization of lead white pigments by µ-XRD and 2D scanning XRF

    Gonzalez, Victor; Calligaro, Thomas; Pichon, Laurent; Wallez, Gilles; Mottin, Bruno


    This work focuses on the composition and microstructure of the lead white pigment employed in a set of paintworks, using a combination of µ-XRD and 2D scanning XRF, directly applied on five drapery studies attributed to Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) and conserved in the Département des Arts Graphiques, Musée du Louvre and in the Musée des Beaux- Arts de Rennes. Trace elements present in the composition as well as in the lead white highlights were imaged by 2D scanning XRF. Mineral phases were determined in a fully noninvasive way using a special µ-XRD diffractometer. Phase proportions were estimated by Rietveld refinement. The analytical results obtained will contribute to differentiate lead white qualities and to highlight the artist's technique.

  19. A comparative study of DA-9601 and misoprostol for prevention of NSAID-associated gastroduodenal injury in patients undergoing chronic NSAID treatment.

    Lee, Oh Young; Kang, Dae-Hwan; Lee, Dong Ho; Chung, Il-Kwun; Jang, Jae Young; Jang, Jae-Young; Kim, Jin-Il; Cho, Jin-Woong; Rew, Jong-Sun; Lee, Kang-Moon; Kim, Kyoung Oh; Choi, Myung-Gyu; Lee, Sang-Woo; Lee, Soo-Teik; Kim, Tae-Oh; Shin, Yong-Woon; Seol, Sang-Yong


    Misoprostol is reported to prevent non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)-associated gastroduodenal complications. There is, however, limited information regarding the efficacy of DA-9601 in this context. We performed a comparative study on the relative efficacy of DA-9601 and misoprostol for prevention of NSAID-associated complications. In this multicenter, double-blinded, active-controlled, stratified randomized, parallel group, non-inferiority trial, 520 patients who were to be treated with an NSAID (aceclofenac, 100 mg, twice daily) over a 4-week period were randomly assigned to groups for coincidental treatment with DA-9601 (60 mg, thrice daily) (236 patients for full analysis) or misoprostol (200 μg, thrice daily) (242 patients for full analysis). [corrected]. The primary endpoint was the gastric protection rate, and secondary endpoints were the duodenal protection rate and ulcer incidence rate. Endpoints were assessed by endoscopy after the 4-week treatment period. Drug-related adverse effects, including gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, were also compared. At week 4, the gastric protection rates with DA-9601 and misoprostol were 81.4 % (192/236) and 89.3 % (216/242), respectively. The difference between the groups was -14.2 %, indicating non-inferiority of DA-9601 to misoprostol. Adverse event rates were not different between the two groups; however, the total scores for GI symptoms before and after administration were significantly lower in the DA-9601 group than in the misoprostol group (-0.2 ± 2.8 vs 1.2 ± 3.2; p DA-9601 is as effective as misoprostol in preventing NSAID-associated gastroduodenal complications, and has a superior adverse GI effect profile.

  20. [A comparative study of Da Vinci robot system with video-assisted thoracoscopy in the surgical treatment of mediastinal lesions].

    Ding, Renquan; Tong, Xiangdong; Xu, Shiguang; Zhang, Dakun; Gao, Xin; Teng, Hong; Qu, Jiaqi; Wang, Shumin


    In recent years, Da Vinci robot system applied in the treatment of intrathoracic surgery mediastinal diseases become more mature. The aim of this study is to summarize the clinical data about mediastinal lesions of General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region in the past 4 years, then to analyze the treatment effect and promising applications of da Vinci robot system in the surgical treatment of mediastinal lesions. 203 cases of mediastinal lesions were collected from General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region between 2010 and 2013. These patients were divided into two groups da Vinci and video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) according to the selection of the treatments. The time in surgery, intraoperative blood loss, postoperative drainage amount within three days after surgery, the period of bearing drainage tubes, hospital stays and hospitalization expense were then compared. All patients were successfully operated, the postoperative recovery is good and there is no perioperative death. The different of the time in surgery between two groups is Robots group 82 (20-320) min and thoracoscopic group 89 (35-360) min (P>0.05). The intraoperative blood loss between two groups is robot group 10 (1-100) mL and thoracoscopic group 50 (3-1,500) mL. The postoperative drainage amount within three days after surgery between two groups is robot group 215 (0-2,220) mL and thoracoscopic group 350 (50-1,810) mL. The period of bearing drainage tubes after surgery between two groups is robot group 3 (0-10) d and thoracoscopic group: 5 (1-18) d. The difference of hospital stays between two groups is robot group 7 (2-15) d and thoracoscopic group 9 (2-50) d. The hospitalization expense between two groups is robot group (18,983.6±4,461.2) RMB and thoracoscopic group (9,351.9±2,076.3) RMB (All Pda Vinci robot system is safe and efficient in the treatment of mediastinal lesions compared with video-assisted thoracoscopic approach, even though its expense is higher.

  1. Variação da intensidade vocal: estudo da vibração das pregas vocais em seres humanos com videoquimografia Vocal intensity variation: a study of vocal folds vibration in humans with videokymography

    Henry U. Koishi


    Full Text Available O aumento da resistência glótica é o principal mecanismo responsável pela elevação da intensidade vocal em baixas freqüências. Esse aumento da resistência, em situações normais, é determinado pela contração dos músculos adutores das pregas vocais que promovem o aumento da tensão e a aproximação das pregas vocais em direção à linha mediana. No entanto, essas mesmas alterações podem estar presentes em algumas doenças funcionais que envolvem a laringe, como a disfonia espasmódica em adução e a disfonia hipertônica, mesmo durante a emissão vocal em baixa intensidade. OBJETIVO: Avaliar o padrão de vibração das pregas vocais em indivíduos com vozes normais em condições distintas de intensidade vocal, na tentativa de estabelecer valores que expressem a normalidade, para as diferentes fases do ciclo vibratório, de acordo com o nível de intensidade. FORMA DE ESTUDO: Clínico prospectivo. CASUÍSTICA E MÉTODOS: Foram avaliados 58 indivíduos durante emissão vocal em intensidade habitual (suave de conversação e durante emissão vocal elevada. A análise da vibração das pregas vocais foi realizada com a videoquimografia e para a análise da intensidade vocal, foi utilizado um programa de análise acústica computadorizado. RESULTADOS: Os resultados mostraram aumento involuntário da freqüência fundamental (F0 e redução do quociente de abertura, com o aumento da intensidade. CONCLUSÃO: Foram estabelecidos os valores de intensidade sonora para a condição habitual (63,46dB e elevada (72,55dB de emissão vocal e seus respectivos valores de quociente de abertura (OQ- open quotient.The increase of glottal resistance is the main mechanism to increase vocal intensity at low fundamental frequency. This increase is due to adductory forces provoked by the contraction of intrinsic laryngeal muscles that increases tension and approximates the vocal folds to the midline. However, the same behavior can be observed in

  2. A influência da mídia e da heurística da disponibilidade na percepção da realidade: um estudo experimental The influence of the media and of the availability heuristic: an experimental study

    Gustavo Ciarelli


    Full Text Available No seu dia a dia as pessoas utilizam atalhos mentais - chamados heurísticas - que facilitam e tornam mais rápido o processo de tomada de decisão. Algumas vezes, contudo, tais atalhos podem gerar uma visão distorcida da realidade. Pesquisas estrangeiras constataram que a mídia tem preferência por noticiar acontecimentos que são mais dramáticos e espetaculares, e que isso pode ter um efeito na disponibilidade de certos eventos em nossas mentes, distorcendo nossa percepção e influenciando nosso julgamento. Apesar da importância do tema, inclusive para a definição de prioridades de investimento de recursos públicos, não foi encontrado no Brasil nenhum estudo buscando confirmar a existência de alguma influência das notícias veiculadas, em conjunto com vieses de julgamento causados pelos atalhos mentais, na percepção dos brasileiros. Nessa direção, este artigo testou, através de experimentos, a hipótese de que a maneira e a frequência que a mídia noticia certos assuntos pode influenciar o julgamento das pessoas a respeito da frequência e probabilidade de eventos do cotidiano, obtendo resultados que confirmam essa hipótese.In our daily lives we use mental shortcuts - called heuristics - that help our decision-making process, making it easier and faster. In some cases, however, these same shortcuts can present a distorted view of reality. Foreign (non-Brazilian empirical researches have shown that the media prefers to report on more dramatic and sensational events, and that this can have a decisive effect on the availability of certain events in our minds, twisting our perception of their probability and influencing our judgment. In spite of the importance of the matter, no study was found in Brazil trying to confirm the existence of influence of the news shown in the media, together with the judgment biases. The study presented in this article applied empirical tests in order to verify the hypothesis that the manner and

  3. Estudo da difusão da tecnologia móvel celular no Brasil: uma abordagem com o uso de Dinâmica de Sistemas Study of the cellular phone diffusion in Brazil: a system dynamics approach

    Júlio César Bastos de Figueiredo


    Full Text Available Este trabalho apresenta um modelo para estudo da difusão da tecnologia móvel celular. Baseado na teoria de difusão de produtos de Frank Bass (1969, e na metodologia de Dinâmica de Sistemas, o modelo foi aplicado ao caso brasileiro. Como resultado, foi possível reproduzir, com bom grau de aderência, as curvas acumuladas de celulares adotados no Brasil (pós-pagos, pré-pagos e total, bem como a curva de vendas anuais. Os resultados das projeções apontam para uma saturação da penetração de telefones celulares no Brasil por volta do ano de 2013, quando então o mercado deverá atingir um total aproximado de 150 milhões de aparelhos.This work presents a model to study the diffusion of the mobile cell phone technology. Based on the Frank Bass' theory of Products Diffusion (1969, and on the System Dynamics methodology, the model was applied to the Brazilian case. As a result, it was possible to reproduce, with a good degree of adherence, the accumulated curves of cellular adopted in Brazil (post-paid, pre-paid and total, as so the annual sales curve. The projected results indicates a saturation of cell phones diffusion in Brazil around the year 2013, when the market will supposed to reach a total of approximately 150 millions of devices.

  4. Câncer do pênis: estudo da sua patologia geográfica no Estado da Bahia, Brasil Cancer of the penis: a study in pathological geography in Bahia State, Brazil

    Aryon de Almeida Barbosa Júnior


    Full Text Available Foram estudados 811 pacientes com o diagnóstico histológico de câncer do pênis, procedentes do Estado da Bahia, Brasil, entre 1952 e 1983. Cinqüenta por cento dos pacientes tinham entre 46 e 61 anos de idade. Cerca de 80% de todos os pacientes eram procedentes das regiões interioranas do Estado. A mesorregião do Leste Baiano foi a que apresentou freqüência mais elevada, principalmente as microrregiões do Recôncavo Baiano, Jequié, Feira de Santana e Serrinha. O lapso de tempo entre o aparecimentos da primeira lesão e o diagnóstico foi maior do que três meses em mais de 80% dos casos. Fimose foi a principal condição associada, estando presente em 63% dos casos. A prática sistemática da circuncisão na infância é meio eficaz de prevenção da doença, e deve ser estimulada.A study of 811 patients from Bahia State with histological cancer of the pênis is presented. Fifty per cent of the tumors were observed in persons of between 46 and 61 years of age. Nearly 80% of the penile cancer patients came from rural areas. The greatest number of patients came from the Eastern region of Bahia, notably from de Recôncavo Baiano, Jequié, Feira de Santana and Serrinha. More than 80% of the cases sought medical advice for the first time three months or more after the appearance of the initial lesion. Sixty-three per cent had pre-existing phimosis. The systematic practice of circuncision during infancy constitutes an effective prophylatic measure and should be encouraged.

  5. Estudo da doença de Gaucher em Santa Catarina Study of Gaucher disease in Santa Catarina

    Jovino S. Ferreira


    Full Text Available A doença de Gaucher (DG foi a primeira doença de armazenamento lisossomal descrita e a mais encontrada. Caracteriza-se pela deficiência hereditária da atividade da enzima lisossomal glucocerebrosidase, que bloqueia o metabolismo do glicocerebrosídeo. A proposta deste trabalho foi estudar as características clínicas, laboratoriais e radiológicas, as principais mutações encontradas, relacionando-as com as formas clínicas e avaliar a resposta à terapia de reposição enzimática (TRE nos pacientes com DG em Santa Catarina. Foram estudados dez pacientes com DG no Hospital Universitário, no período entre 1998 e 2003, após confirmação diagnóstica da doença pela dosagem da enzima beta-glicosidase em leucócitos. Pesquisa das mutações foi realizada em amostras de sangue e de mucosa oral. A média de idade ao diagnóstico foi de 19,6 anos. A DG tipo 1 foi diagnosticada em 80% dos casos, e a tipo 2 em 20%. Quatro pacientes tiveram história familiar de DG. Hepatoesplenomegalia foi a manifestação clínica mais comum. Anemia e trombocitopenia ocorreram em 100% dos casos. Dores ósseas foram relatadas por 75% dos pacientes. Os alelos mutantes encontrados foram N370S e L444P. Houve elevação dos níveis de hemoglobina em todos os pacientes com DG tipo 1. Concluímos que a DG tipo 1 é a forma clínica mais comum. Anemia, trombocitopenia, hepatoesplenomegalia e osteopenia são as características mais freqüentes dos pacientes com DG. O alelo N370S é o mais freqüente, estando relacionado com o tipo 1. O alelo L444P em homozigose sugere letalidade precoce. A TRE é segura e efetiva para a DG tipo 1.Gaucher Disease (GD was the first described and is the most common lysosomal deposit disease. It is characterized byahereditary deficiency of glucocerebrosidase lysosomal enzyme activity which blocks the metabolism of glucocerebrosideo. The aim of this work was to study the clinical, laboratorial and radiological characteristics, the main

  6. Structural and functional studies of a 50 kDa antigenic protein from Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi.

    Choong, Yee Siew; Lim, Theam Soon; Chew, Ai Lan; Aziah, Ismail; Ismail, Asma


    The high typhoid incidence rate in developing and under-developed countries emphasizes the need for a rapid, affordable and accessible diagnostic test for effective therapy and disease management. TYPHIDOT®, a rapid dot enzyme immunoassay test for typhoid, was developed from the discovery of a ∼50 kDa protein specific for Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi. However, the structure of this antigen remains unknown till today. Studies on the structure of this antigen are important to elucidate its function, which will in turn increase the efficiency of the development and improvement of the typhoid detection test. This paper described the predictive structure and function of the antigenically specific protein. The homology modeling approach was employed to construct the three-dimensional structure of the antigen. The built structure possesses the features of TolC-like outer membrane protein. Molecular docking simulation was also performed to further probe the functionality of the antigen. Docking results showed that hexamminecobalt, Co(NH(3))(6)(3+), as an inhibitor of TolC protein, formed favorable hydrogen bonds with D368 and D371 of the antigen. The single point (D368A, D371A) and double point (D368A and D371A) mutations of the antigen showed a decrease (single point mutation) and loss (double point mutations) of binding affinity towards hexamminecobalt. The architecture features of the built model and the docking simulation reinforced and supported that this antigen is indeed the variant of outer membrane protein, TolC. As channel proteins are important for the virulence and survival of bacteria, therefore this ∼50 kDa channel protein is a good specific target for typhoid detection test. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  7. A Comparative study for striatal-direct and -indirect pathway neurons to DA depletion-induced lesion in a PD rat model.

    Zheng, Xuefeng; Wu, Jiajia; Zhu, Yaofeng; Chen, Si; Chen, Zhi; Chen, Tao; Huang, Ziyun; Wei, Jiayou; Li, Yanmei; Lei, Wanlong


    Striatal-direct and -indirect Pathway Neurons showed different vulnerability in basal ganglia disorders. Therefore, present study aimed to examine and compare characteristic changes of densities, protein and mRNA levels of soma, dendrites, and spines between striatal-direct and -indirect pathway neurons after DA depletion by using immunohistochemistry, Western blotting, real-time PCR and immunoelectron microscopy techniques. Experimental results showed that: 1) 6OHDA-induced DA depletion decreased the soma density of striatal-direct pathway neurons (SP+), but no significant changes for striatal-indirect pathway neurons (ENK+). 2) DA depletion resulted in a decline of dendrite density for both striatal-direct (D1+) and -indirect (D2+) pathway neurons, and D2+ dendritic density declined more obviously. At the ultrastructure level, the densities of D1+ and D2+ dendritic spines reduced in the 6OHDA groups compared with their control groups, but the density of D2+ dendritic spines reduced more significant than that of D1. 3) Striatal DA depletion down-regulated protein and mRNA expression levels of SP and D1, on the contrary, ENK and D2 protein and mRNA levels of indirect pathway neurons were up-regulated significantly. Present results suggested that indirect pathway neurons be more sensitive to 6OHDA-induced DA depletion. Copyright © 2018 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  8. Estudo da infecção e morbidade da doença de Chagas no município de João Costa: Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara, Piauí, Brasil Study of the infection and morbidity of Chagas' disease in municipality of João Costa: National Park Serra da Capivara, Piauí, Brazil

    José Borges-Pereira


    Full Text Available Com o objetivo de investigar aspectos da infecção e morbidade da doença de Chagas no município de João Costa, Piauí, Brasil, realizamos pesquisa sorológica para detectar Ig G anti-T. cruzi em 2.080 moradores através dos testes de imunofluorescência indireta, hemaglutinação indireta e ELISA. Em seguida, 189 pacientes soropositivos e 141 soronegativos foram avaliados pelo exame clínico e eletrocardiograma (ECG, enquanto a parasitemia foi pesquisada em 106 chagásicos pelo xenodiagnóstico indireto e teste da reação polimerásica em cadeia (PCR. A soropositividade total para Ig G anti-T.cruzi foi de 9,8%, com variação de 0,5% em menores de 10 anos a 39,4% em maiores de 59 anos, independentemente do sexo. O percentual de ECG alterados foi de 41,3% entre os chagásicos e de 15,6% entre os não-chagásicos (p In order to investigate aspects of the infection and morbidity of Chagas' disease in the municipality of João Costa, Piauí State, Brazil, we carried out a serological survey to detect anti-Trypanosoma cruzi antibodies in 2,080 individuals, by indirect immunofluorescence, indirect hemagglutination and ELISA. A total of 189 seropositive and 141 seronegative patients were evaluated by anamnesis, physical exam and electrocardiogram (EKG. The parasitaemia of 106 chagasic patients was evaluated by indirect xenodiagnosis and PCR (polymerase chain reaction. The total seropositivity was 9.8%, with intervals of 0.5% in patients younger than 10 years old, and 39.4% among patients older than 59 years old, independently of the sex. The PCR and xenodiagnosis were positive, respectively in 74.5% and 15.1% of the seropositive patients (p < 0.05. The rate of abnormal EKG was 41.3% in chagasic and 15.6% in non-chagasic patients (p < 0.05. In spite of the high prevalence of infection in the investigated population, the low rate of seropositivity among children is indicative of a possible decrease of the active transmission mediated by triatomines

  9. Study of crotoxin on the induction of paralysis in extraocular muscle in animal model Estudo da crotoxina na indução de paralisia da musculatura extraocular em modelo animal

    Geraldo de Barros Ribeiro


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: Crotoxin is the major toxin of the venom of the South American rattlesnake Crotalus durissus terrificus, capable of causing a blockade of the neurotransmitters at the neuromuscular junction. The objective of this study was to appraise the action and effectiveness of the crotoxin induced paralysis of the extraocular muscle and to compare its effects with the botulinum toxin type A (BT-A. METHODS: The crotoxin, with LD50 of 1.5 µg, was injected into the superior rectus muscle in ten New Zealand rabbits. The concentration variance was 0.015 up to 150 µg. Two rabbits received 2 units of botulinum toxin type A for comparative analysis. The evaluation of the paralysis was performed using serial electromyography. After the functional recovery of the muscles, which occurred after two months, six rabbits were sacrificed for anatomopathology study. RESULTS: The animals did not show any evidence of systemic toxicity. Transitory ptosis was observed in almost every animal and remained up to fourteen days. These toxins caused immediate blockade of the electrical potentials. The recovery was gradual in the average of one month with regeneration signs evident on the electromyography. The paralysis effect of the crotoxin on the muscle was proportional to its concentration. The changes with 1.5 µg crotoxin were similar to those produced by the botulinum toxin type A. The histopathology findings were localized to the site of the injection. No signs of muscle fiber's necrosis were seen in any sample. The alterations induced by crotoxin were also proportional to the concentration and similar to botulinum toxin type A in concentration of 1.5 µg. CONCLUSION: Crotoxin was able to induce transitory paralysis of the superior rectus muscle. This effect was characterized by reduction of action potentials and non-specific signs of fibrillation. Crotoxin, in concentration of 1.5 µg was able to induce similar effects as botulinum toxin type A.OBJETIVO: A

  10. Equoterapia na reabilitação da meningoencefalocele: estudo de caso Hyppotherapy in meningoencephalocele rehabilitation: a case study

    Sissa Mara Nicodemo Sanches


    Full Text Available A equoterapia é uma das técnicas de reabilitação utilizada para pacientes com disfunções neurológicas. Os movimentos provocados pelo cavalo no corpo do paciente podem interferir positivamente em seu controle postural, melhorando a mobilidade geral e o desempenho motor funcional. O objetivo deste estudo foi verificar o efeito da equoterapia no equilíbrio, coordenação motora e funcionalidade de uma criança com meningoencefalocele. Uma menina de 3 anos e 6 meses foi submetida a 18 sessões de equoterapia (em três fases - alimentação, escovação e montaria realizadas uma vez por semana. Para a avaliação foram utilizadas as escalas de equilíbrio de Berg e Tinneti e o Inventário de avaliação pediátrica de incapacidade (PEDI para habilidades motoras gerais e funcionais, aplicados antes e após o período de terapia; e uma reavaliação foi feita oito semanas (sem intervenção depois. A equoterapia melhorou de maneira significativa o equilíbrio e a coordenação motora da criança, o que se refletiu no controle de movimentos funcionais básicos para a realização de atividades de vida diária. O ganho funcional também foi percebido pela mãe da criança. Esse estudo oferece uma nova perspectiva sobre o uso da equoterapia como modalidade fisioterapêutica na reabilitação motora e funcional de criança com meningoencefalocele.Hippotherapy is one among techniques used in rehabilitation of patients with neurological dysfunctions. The patient body's reactions to horse movements are known to have positive effects on patients' postural control, thus improving general mobility and motor functional performance. The purpose of this paper was to assess the effects of hippotherapy on balance, motor coordination, and functionality of a child with meningoencephalocele. A 3-and-a-half year-old girl with meningoencephalocele was submitted to 18 hippotherapy sessions (in a three- phase procedure - feeding, brushing, and riding once a week

  11. Collaborative approach in the study of the reproductive biology of the dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus (Lowe, 1834 (Perciformes: Serranidae = Abordagem colaborativa no estudo da biologia reprodutiva da garoupa verdadeira Epinephelus marginatus (Lowe, 1834 (Perciformes: Serranidae

    Leopoldo Cavaleri Gerhardinger


    Full Text Available Several aspects of the reproductive biology of the dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus were investigated using a collaborative methodology. 193 specimens of dusky groupers were obtained in collaboration with fish market personnel in the city of São Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina State, Southern Brazil. Fish market staff were trained and encouraged to collect biological material required for reproductive studies, giving access to many specimens which otherwise would have been unavailable. E. marginatus was found to reproduce in early summer, spawning between November and December. Females reachedsexual maturity at approximately 460 mm total length. Sampled males ranged from 900-1000 mm and females from 300-960 mm in total length. No transitional (i.e. sex changing males were observed. The regression equation for the relationship between total length (TL (mm and total weight (TW (g was TW = 4.4x10-5TL2.8. Suggestions to improve the performance of future collaborative sampling projects are discussed.Diversos aspectos da biologia reprodutiva da garoupa verdadeira Epinephelus marginatus foram abordados através de uma metodologia colaborativa. Ao todo, 193 exemplares da garoupa verdadeira foram obtidas em peixarias colaboradoras no município de São Francisco do Sul, Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil. Os funcionários das peixarias foram treinados e incentivados a realizar a coleta de todo material biológico necessário para estudos reprodutivos, possibilitando o acesso a um grande número de vísceras que teriam de outra maneira sido dispensadas. Epinephelus marginatus esteve em atividade reprodutiva no inicio do verão, com desova provável entre novembro e dezembro. Fêmeas atingiram a maturidade sexual com aproximadamente 460 mm de comprimento total. Machos variaram de 900mm a 1000 mm e fêmeas de 300 mm a 960 mm. Não foram observados machos em transição sexual. A equação de regressão da relação entre o comprimento total (CT (mm e

  12. Proposta metodológica para a avaliação da técnica da pedalada de ciclistas: estudo de caso Methodological proposal for evaluation of the pedaling technique of cyclists: a case study

    Fernando Diefenthaeler


    Full Text Available No estudo da biomecânica do ciclismo diversas técnicas têm sido utilizadas para descrever e compreender o movimento da pedalada. O objetivo deste estudo é propor uma metodologia para a avaliação de ciclistas sob o ponto de vista das forças aplicadas no pedal. Um ciclista de elite foi avaliado por meio de um protocolo que consistiu em alterar o selim em quatro diferentes posições (deslocado para cima, para baixo, para frente e para trás a partir da posição de referência, especificamente, aquela adotada para treinamento pelo ciclista. A mudança no ajuste do selim foi de 1 cm. A bicicleta do atleta foi acoplada a um ciclossimulador magnético. A carga do teste foi normalizada por um critério fisiológico (segundo limiar ventilatório, simulando o ritmo de prova do atleta. O pedal direito foi substituído por um pedal bidimensional instrumentado para registrar as forças normal e tangencial. A média do impulso angular da força efetiva foi calculada a partir de dez ciclos consecutivos de pedalada. As mudanças na posição do selim modificaram o impulso da força efetiva em relação à posição de referência. Sendo assim, o protocolo é eficaz e pode ser aplicado em diferentes situações.Many techniques have been used in biomechanics to describe the cycling movement. The purpose of this study is to proposal a specific methodology to evaluation the forces applied on the pedal. An experienced elite cyclist was submitted to a protocol which consisted of four different saddle positions (upward, downward, forward, and backward assuming as reference position the one used by the cyclist in training and competition. The displacement of the saddle was of 1cm in all tests. The individual's bicycle was connected to a magnetic cycle simulator. The load was normalized by a physiological criterion (ventilatory threshold, to simulate the cyclist's race rhythm. The right regular pedal was replaced by a 2D instrumented pedal to record the force

  13. Evaluation of efficacy, reliability, and tolerability of sibutramine in obese patients, with an echocardiographic study Avaliação da eficácia, segurança e tolerabilidade da sibutramina em obesos - estudo randomizado duplo-cego

    Alfredo Halpern


    Full Text Available This is a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of sibutramine in the management of obese patients for a 6-month period. METHOD: Sixty-one obese patients (BMI >30, 10%, we observed a weight loss of >5% in 40% of the patients on sibutramine compared with 12.9% in the placebo group. We also detected weight gain in 45.2% of the placebo group compared to 20% in the sibutramine group. The sibutramine group showed improvement in HDL- cholesterol values (increased by 17% and triglyceride values (decreased by 12.8%. This group also showed an increase in systolic blood pressure (6.7%, 5 mmHg. There were no changes in echocardiograms comparing the beginning and end of follow-up, and side effects did not lead to discontinuation of treatment. DISCUSSION: Sibutramine proved to be effective for weight loss providing an 8% loss of the initial weight. Compliance to prolonged treatment was good, and side effects did not result in discontinuation of treatment. These data confirmed the good efficacy, tolerability, and safety profiles of sibutramine for treatment of obesity.O presente estudo objetivou comparar a eficácia, segurança e tolerabilidade da sibutramina em pacientes obesos. MÉTODO: Selecionamos 61 pacientes obesos (3010% ocorreu perda de peso>5% em 40% dos pacientes em uso da sibutramina vs 12,9% no grupo placebo e ganho de peso em 45,2% dos pacientes em uso de placebo vs 20% no grupo sibutramina. No grupo sibutramina notamos melhora dos níveis de HDL-colesterol (aumento de 17% e triglicerídeos (diminuição de 12,8%, neste grupo ocorreu também um aumento da pressão arterial sistólica (6,7%-5mmHg. Não houve alteração entre os ecocardiogramas do início e final do acompanhamento e os efeitos adversos não levaram à descontinuação do tratamento. DISCUSSÃO: A sibutramina mostrou-se eficaz na redução de peso, proporcionando um perda de 8% em relação ao peso inicial. Houve boa adesão do paciente ao

  14. Estudo in vitro da resistência ao cisalhamento da colagem direta de tubos ortodônticos em molares In vitro study of shear bond strength in direct bonding of orthodontic molar tubes

    Célia Regina Maio Pinzan Vercelino


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: apesar da colagem direta despender menor tempo clínico, com maior preservação da integridade gengival, ainda hoje se observa uma alta incidência de bandagem dos molares. Portanto, torna-se interessante a idealização de recursos para o aumento da eficiência desse procedimento para dentes submetidos a maiores impactos mastigatórios, como, por exemplo, os molares. OBJETIVO: esse estudo teve o propósito de avaliar se a resistência à adesão com a aplicação de uma camada de resina adicional na região oclusal da interface tubo/dente aumenta a qualidade do procedimento de colagem direta de tubos em molares. MÉTODOS: selecionou-se uma amostra composta por 40 terceiros molares inferiores, que foram aleatoriamente divididos em 2 grupos: Grupo 1 - colagem direta convencional, seguida pela aplicação de uma camada de resina na oclusal da interface tubo/dente; e Grupo 2 - colagem direta convencional. O teste de resistência ao cisalhamento foi realizado 24 horas após a colagem, utilizando-se uma máquina de ensaio universal, operando a uma velocidade de 0,5mm/min. Os resultados foram analisados por meio do teste t independente. RESULTADOS: os valores médios obtidos nos testes de cisalhamento foram: 17,08MPa para o Grupo 1 e 12,60MPa para o Grupo 2. O Grupo 1 apresentou uma resistência ao cisalhamento estatisticamente significativa mais alta do que o Grupo 2. CONCLUSÃO: a aplicação de uma camada adicional de resina na oclusal da interface tubo/dente aumenta a qualidade da adesão do procedimento de colagem direta de tubos ortodônticos em molares.OBJECTIVE: Although direct bonding takes up less clinical time and ensures increased preservation of gingival health, the banding of molar teeth is still widespread nowadays. It would therefore be convenient to devise methods capable of increasing the efficiency of this procedure, notably for teeth subjected to substantial masticatory impact, such as molars. This study was

  15. Pituitary volume and the effects of phototherapy in patients with seasonal winter depression: a controlled study Volume da pituitária e os efeitos da fototerapia em pacientes com depressão sazonal de inverno: um estudo controlado

    Ângela Marisa de Aquino Miranda-Scippa


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVES: Our aims were to investigate the pituitary volume in patients with seasonal winter depression and healthy volunteers in winter and summer, and to assess the effects of phototherapy in these patients. METHOD: The pituitary volume of 12 patients with winter depression and 12 healthy controls, paired according gender, age and menstrual cycle, were obtained from magnetic resonance imaging in winter and summer. Eight patients were submitted to phototherapy (10000 vs. 2500 lux in a double-blind crossover fashion during the winter, and reassessed (symptoms and magnetic resonance imaging after treatment. RESULTS: There were no significant differences in pituitary volume between controls and patients in winter or summer. Exposure to phototherapy (10000 lux decreased the depressive symptoms (p = 0.004, but the glandular volume did not change (p = 0.5. However, the pituitary volume in winter showed a positive correlation with the severity of depression in these patients (r = 0.69, p = 0.04. CONCLUSIONS: The results suggest that neither winter depression nor the change of seasons is associated with significant change in the pituitary volume. Despite the fact that this study was performed in a tropical area, phototherapy with 10000 lux showed to be an efficient treatment in this SAD patients sample.OBJETIVOS: Nossos objetivos foram investigar o volume da pituitária em pacientes com depressão sazonal de inverno e controles sadios, no inverno e verão, e avaliar os efeitos da fototerapia nesses pacientes. MÉTODO: O volume da pituitária de 12 pacientes com depressão de inverno e 12 controles sadios, pareados quanto ao gênero, idade e fase do ciclo menstrual, foi examinado por meio de imagem por ressonância magnética no inverno e verão. Oito pacientes foram submetidos à fototerapia (10.000 vs 2.500 lux de forma duplo-cega e cruzada durante o inverno e reavaliados (sintomas e imagem por ressonância magnética após o tratamento. RESULTADOS

  16. Diagnoses behind patients with hard-to-classify tremor and normal DaT-SPECT: A clinical follow up study

    Manuel eMenéndez-González


    Full Text Available The [123I]ioflupane - a dopamine transporter radioligand - SPECT (DaT-SPECT has proven to be useful in the differential diagnosis of tremor. Here, we investigate the diagnoses behind patients with hard-to-classify tremor and normal DaT-SPECT. Therefore, 30 patients with tremor and normal DaT-SPECT were followed up for 2 years. In 18 cases we were able to make a diagnosis. The residual 12 patients underwent a second DaT-SPECT, were then followed for additional 12 months and thereafter the diagnosis was reconsidered again. The final diagnoses included cases of essential tremor, dystonic tremor, multisystem atrophy, vascular parkinsonism, progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal degeneration, fragile X–associated tremor ataxia syndrome, psychogenic parkinsonism, iatrogenic parkinsonism and Parkinson’s disease. However, for 6 patients the diagnosis remained uncertain. Larger series are needed to better establish the relative frequency of the different conditions behind these cases.

  17. Diagnoses behind patients with hard-to-classify tremor and normal DaT-SPECT: a clinical follow up study.

    Menéndez-González, Manuel; Tavares, Francisco; Zeidan, Nahla; Salas-Pacheco, José M; Arias-Carrión, Oscar


    The [(123)I]ioflupane-a dopamine transporter radioligand-SPECT (DaT-SPECT) has proven to be useful in the differential diagnosis of tremor. Here, we investigate the diagnoses behind patients with hard-to-classify tremor and normal DaT-SPECT. Therefore, 30 patients with tremor and normal DaT-SPECT were followed up for 2 years. In 18 cases we were able to make a diagnosis. The residual 12 patients underwent a second DaT-SPECT, were then followed for additional 12 months and thereafter the diagnosis was reconsidered again. The final diagnoses included cases of essential tremor, dystonic tremor, multisystem atrophy, vascular parkinsonism, progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal degeneration, fragile X-associated tremor ataxia syndrome, psychogenic parkinsonism, iatrogenic parkinsonism and Parkinson's disease. However, for 6 patients the diagnosis remained uncertain. Larger series are needed to better establish the relative frequency of the different conditions behind these cases.

  18. Estudo da competitividade dos principais autoveículos compactos brasileiros A study on the competitiveness of the most important compact automotive vehicles manufactured in Brazil

    Juan Hidalgo Sanchez


    Full Text Available Este artigo relata a metodologia e os resultados da pesquisa empírica qualitativa realizada para identificar os fatores determinantes da competitividade dos principais autoveículos compactos brasileiros produzidos pela Fiat, Ford, General Motors e Volkswagen. Optou-se pela utilização da metodologia prescrita pelo modelo de campos e armas da competição, visto que é qualitativa e quantitativa e consegue representar com bastante clareza as estratégias competitivas de negócios e as operacionais da empresa. Os resultados obtidos confirmaram as hipóteses, validadas segundo o método popperiano dedutivo de prova: 1 não há diferença estatisticamente significativa entre os campos da competição escolhidos para os autoveículos mais competitivos e os escolhidos para os menos competitivos, pois todos eles competem basicamente em projeto, qualidade e preço do produto; e 2 o foco (variável matemática que mede o alinhamento das armas da competição aos campos da competição escolhidos para cada veículo explica por que um autoveículo é mais competitivo que outro.This article describes the methodology and the results of a study carried out to identify the determinants of competitiveness of the most important compact automotive vehicles produced by the four major car manufacturers operating in Brazil: Fiat, Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen. The methodology chosen was the one suggested by the Fields and Weapons of the Competition model, because it is both qualitative and quantitative, and because it provides a very clear representation of the competitive business and operational strategies of companies. The results validated the hypotheses formulated, and it is possible to conclude that: 1 there is no statistically significant difference between the fields of competition chosen for the more competitive automotive vehicles and the ones chosen for the less competitive, since they all compete primarily on design, quality and price of product

  19. Estudos métricos da informação: primeiras aproximações Metric studies of information: first approaches

    Daisy Pires Noronha


    Full Text Available Apresentam-se alguns conceitos e considerações fundamentais dos estudos métricos da informação e os principais métodos e técnicas utilizadas, como a bibliometria, cienciometria, informetria, webmetria, patentometria e biblioteconometria. Discute-se o ciclo de comunicação científica, destacando-se os principais indicadores de input (insumo e output (produto, assim como, a importância da publicação dos resultados da pesquisa científica e do processo de avaliação pelos pares. Comentam-se algumas características e aplicações das leis bibliométricas e de outros recursos utilizados nos estudos métricos da informação.Concepts and basic considerations about metric studies of information, and the main methods and techniques, such as bibliometrics, scientometrics, informetrics,webmetrics, patentometrics and librametrics are presented. The scholarly communication cycle, specially the main input (resources and output (product indicators, as well as the importance of the publication of scientific research results and the peer review process are discussed. Some characteristics and applications of bibliometric laws, and the resources used for metrics studies of information arecommented.

  20. A arquitetura da informação centrada no usuário: estudo do website da Biblioteca Virtual em Saúde (BVS The architeture of information to infotmation user: study of the website of Virtual Library in Health (BVS

    Guilherme Ataíde Dias


    Full Text Available Analisa, do ponto de vista da arquitetura da informação, baseada no usuário, o website da Biblioteca Virtual em Saúde – BVS, site de responsabilidade da BIREME. Para tanto se usa como referencial a Ciência da Informação, que colabora com seus estudos de usuários e suas necessidades de informação, para sugerir mudanças e conseqüentemente, a melhoria da qualidade do produto final, do projeto de arquitetura da informação do website da BVS. This article analyzes from the information architecture point of view, based on the user, the website of the Biblioteca Virtual em Saúde - BVS, site under BIREME's responsibility. The Information Science is used as a reference, which helps with its user studies and their information needs, to suggest changes and consequently to promote the quality improvement of the final product on the information architecture design of the BVS website.

  1. Study of distillation and degradation of perfluoro polyether; Estudo da destilacao e degradacao do perfluoropolieter

    Lopergolo, Lilian Cristine


    Perfluoro-polyethers, PFPE, were first synthesised by Sianesi and collaborators giving rise to a new lubricant oils and greases classes with several applications. Perfluoro polyethers have excellent properties, for instance: high chemical stability and thermal stability, high density, high radiation resistance and excellent lubricating properties. FOMBLIN-Y oil is one of the perfluoro polyethers used as a lubricant in vacuum systems applied in the UF{sub 6} enrichment installations. Due to its excellent properties and for its applications in the nuclear field, IPEN-CNEN/S P had the interest to dominate its production technology with the aim to substitute the commercial FOMBLIN-Y oil used in the national consumption. The FOMBLIN-Y oil synthesis method, adopted in IPEN-CNEN/S P, made by the photooxidation of the hexa fluoro propylene. In this work we study the fraction separation of the national available production with restricted an increased molecular weights which was obtained by fraction distillation in a vacuum according to the ASTM D-1160 norm. We also study the catalytic effect of metals on the thermal stability of perfluoro polyethers. The inertness of perfluoro polyethers at temperatures higher than 300 deg C is strongly affected by presence of some metals. Al and Ti alloys cause fluid degradation at 250 deg C. This degradation is very important because it has a yield increase of the perfluoro polyethers production. (author)

  2. A Teoria da Resposta ao Item: possíveis contribuições aos estudos em marketing The Item Response Theory: possible contributions to marketing studies

    Danielle Ramos de Miranda Pereira


    Full Text Available A constatação da ampla utilização de escalas multidimensionais por parte dos pesquisadores da área de marketing motivou a elaboração de um artigo com o propósito de discutir a aplicação da Teoria da Resposta ao Item (TRI, bem como apresentar a essa área um método que tem se mostrado bastante eficaz na estimação de construtos comportamentais. Sendo assim, o artigo apresenta uma discussão sobre a TRI, ressaltando seus avanços em relação à Teoria Clássica do Teste (TCT e suas aplicações tradicionais no campo da psicometria e da avaliação educacional. Para verificar sua aplicabilidade nos estudos de marketing, julgou-se adequado conduzir uma aplicação prática da TRI em um estudo envolvendo uma escala já bastante utilizada pelos pesquisadores - a de orientação de mercado (Escala MkTor proposta por Narver e Slater (1990. Os resultados da aplicação demonstraram que, embora o modelo da TRI proposto possa ser considerado satisfatório para a aplicação no contexto da Orientação para o Mercado, existem muitos desafios a serem enfrentados por novos estudos como a construção de uma escala com interpretação prática, indicando o que significa para uma empresa possuir um nível de maturidade associado a um determinado construto. As considerações finais ressaltam que a grande contribuição do artigo aos estudos em marketing é a apresentação de um método alternativo para estimar de forma mais apurada os construtos e avaliar a qualidade dos itens das escalas.The widespread utilization of multidimensional scales by researchers in field of marketing have motivated the conduction of a study to discuss the application of the Item Response Theory (IRT as well as presenting a method that has proved very effective in the estimation of behavioral constructs. Therefore, this article presents a discussion about IRT highlighting its advances regarding the Classical Theory of Tests (CTT and its traditional applications in the

  3. Estudo comparativo da eminectomia e do uso de miniplaca na eminência articular para tratamento da luxação recidivante da articulação temporomandibular Comparative study of eminectomy and use of bone miniplate in the articular eminence for the treatment of recurrent temporomandibular joint dislocation

    Álvaro B. Cardoso


    Full Text Available AA luxação da articulação temporomandibular ocorre quando o côndilo mandibular move-se para fora da cavidade glenóide e permanece travado anteriormente à eminência articular, sendo sua ocorrência repetitiva (luxação recidivante geralmente associada a hipermobilidade mandibular e a inclinação da eminência articular. OBJETIVO: Neste estudo avaliou-se, clínica e radiograficamente, a técnica de eminectomia e do uso de miniplaca na eminência articular para tratamento da luxação recidivante da articulação temporomandibular de pacientes operados no Hospital Universitário Osvaldo Cruz (HUOC/UPE, no período de janeiro de 2001 a setembro de 2003. FORMA DE ESTUDO: Retrospectivo. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: A amostra foi composta por 11 pacientes. A cirurgia de eminectomia foi realizada em nove articulações de cinco pacientes, enquanto a cirurgia para colocação de miniplaca na eminência articular em 11 articulações de seis pacientes. A obtenção dos dados foi efetuada através da análise de prontuários e de nova consulta pós-operatória. RESULTADOS: Os resultados mostraram não haver maiores complicações pós-operatórias para as duas técnicas. A abertura bucal máxima foi maior nos pacientes operados pela técnica de eminectomia e nenhum dos pacientes apresentou recorrência da luxação. CONCLUSÃO: Concluiu-se que as duas técnicas mostraram-se eficientes para o tratamento da luxação recidivante da articulação temporomandibular.Dislocation of the temporomandibular joint occurs when the mandibular condyle exits the glenoidal cavity and remains anteriorly locked to the articular eminence. It is repetitive (recurrent dislocation, usually associated with mandibular hypermobility and inclination of the articular eminence. AIM: This study intended to clinically and radiologically assess the technique of eminectomy and the use of a miniplate on the articular eminence for the treatment of recurrent dislocation of the

  4. Spectroscopic studies and atmospheric parameters of pulsating DA white dwarf (ZZ Ceti) stars

    Daou, D.; Wesemael, F.; Fontaine, G.; Bergeron, P.; Holberg, J.B.


    Optical spectrophotometry of a sample of 10 ZZ Ceti stars is presented. The observations are analyzed in terms of new grids of synthetic spectra, which incorporate the new occupation probability formalism of Hummer and Mihalas (1988) to calculate the atomic level populations. The ZZ Ceti stars studied in this work all have temperatures between 11,320 and 13,420 K. The average surface gravity for the sample is log g = 8.03, with sigma(log g) = 0.25. The analysis confirms the lower-than-average gravity of R548 (log g = 7.80), suspected from earlier photometry, as well as the somewhat larger-than-average gravity of G226-29 (log g = 8.20) which may, however, be insufficient to account for its short periods. The implications of these determinations for a few objects of particular astrophysical interest are discussed. 55 refs

  5. Estudo da freqüência fundamental da voz de idosas portadoras de diferentes graus de perda auditiva Study of the fundamental frequency in elderly women with hearing loss

    Giovana dos Santos Baraldi


    Full Text Available A deficiência auditiva, dentre outros, é um dos distúrbios mais referidos pela população idosa. Sabe-se que o sistema de feedback auditivo é primordial para o monitoramento dos parâmetros vocais, como a freqüência fundamenta. OBJETIVO: Correlacionar a audição e os valores de F0 (freqüência fundamental da voz de idosas portadores de diferentes graus de sensibilidade auditiva. FORMA DO ESTUDO: Transversal descritivo. MATERIAL E MÉTODOS: Amostra de 30 idosas, idades média de 76,23, portadoras de audição normal ou perda auditiva neurossensorial descendente simétrica. Foram submetidas a anamnese, avaliação auditiva (audiometria tonal limiar, IPRF e imitanciometria e avaliação vocal. Os resultados de ambas as avaliações foram correlacionados. RESULTADOS: A F0 da produção vocal de idosas com perda leve (144,44 foi significantemente menor que para perda moderada (160,3, moderadamente severa (188,23 e severa (201,27, tanto utilizando a classificação de grau da perda auditiva para freqüências baixas como altas. CONCLUSÃO: Quanto mais elevado o grau da perda auditiva, maior o valor de freqüência fundamental encontrado.Increased life expectancy raises demands for special attention for the elderly population; speech, language and hearing science deals with their communication disorders. Hearing loss is a common disorder affecting this age group. It is known that the auditory feedback system is essential to human vocalizing, as it organizes voice production. AIM: To assess and correlate the hearing system and the Fundamental Frequency (F0 of women who have variable degrees of sensorineural hearing loss. MATERIAL AND METHOD: a cross-sectional descriptive study. 30 women with a mean age of 75.95 (SD = 7,41 were included. Inclusion criteria were: symmetric sensorineural hearing loss, a high-frequency sloping configuration, and a type A tympanogram. Subjects underwent Pure Tone Audiometry, a Word Recognition Test, Tympanometry

  6. Abordagens para aplicação da estratégia de postponement: estudo multicaso em empresas da indústria de alimentos Approaches for implementation of the postponement strategy: a multicase study in the food industry

    Karine Araújo Ferreira


    Full Text Available O propósito deste artigo foi investigar a aplicação prática do postponement em empresas alimentícias brasileiras e identificar as abordagens (passos para aplicação desta estratégia nestas empresas. Além da maior discussão sobre o tema, a principal motivação para este trabalho é o estudo desta estratégia em um setor em que o tema é ainda pouco explorado. Foram apresentados seis estudos de caso em empresas alimentícias do segmento de fabricação de conservas de frutas, tais como processadoras de tomate e laranja. Este trabalho traz duas contribuições principais. A primeira é a apresentação de uma estrutura conceitual, com as principais abordagens para a implementação do postponement obtidas da literatura, que pode e deve ser adequada para diferentes setores da indústria. A segunda é uma primeira adequação desse quadro para empresas da indústria alimentícia, especificamente empresas processadoras de tomates e produtoras de suco de laranja. Dentre as principais conclusões deste trabalho, pode-se destacar que a aplicação do postponement é uma prática cada vez mais frequente no segmento investigado e tem transformado as relações entre empresas. Adicionalmente, foi verificado, que nenhuma das empresas estudadas apresentava uma estrutura formalizada para aplicação da estratégia de postponement, sendo sua implantação baseada apenas na experiência dos seus gestores.The purpose of this article was to investigate the implementation of the postponement strategy of in Brazilian companies in the food industry and to identify approaches (steps for implementing this strategy in these companies. In addition to the broader discussion on this topic, the main motivation for conducting this research is the study of this strategy in a sector where this topic has still been under-addressed. Six case studies were conducted in and fruit and vegetable canning companies, such as tomato and orange processing companies. This study

  7. Modeling and Docking Studies on Novel Mutants (K71L and T204V of the ATPase Domain of Human Heat Shock 70 kDa Protein 1

    Asita Elengoe


    Full Text Available The purpose of exploring protein interactions between human adenovirus and heat shock protein 70 is to exploit a potentially synergistic interaction to enhance anti-tumoral efficacy and decrease toxicity in cancer treatment. However, the protein interaction of Hsp70 with E1A32 kDa of human adenovirus serotype 5 remains to be elucidated. In this study, two residues of ATPase domain of human heat shock 70 kDa protein 1 (PDB: 1 HJO were mutated. 3D mutant models (K71L and T204V using PyMol software were then constructed. The structures were evaluated by PROCHECK, ProQ, ERRAT, Verify 3D and ProSA modules. All evidence suggests that all protein models are acceptable and of good quality. The E1A32 kDa motif was retrieved from UniProt (P03255, as well as subjected to docking interaction with NBD, K71L and T204V, using the Autodock 4.2 program. The best lowest binding energy value of −9.09 kcal/mol was selected for novel T204V. Moreover, the protein-ligand complex structures were validated by RMSD, RMSF, hydrogen bonds and salt bridge analysis. This revealed that the T204V-E1A32 kDa motif complex was the most stable among all three complex structures. This study provides information about the interaction between Hsp70 and the E1A32 kDa motif, which emphasizes future perspectives to design rational drugs and vaccines in cancer therapy.

  8. Systemic study of knowledge generation at IPEN; Estudo sistemico da geracao de conhecimento no IPEN

    Monteiro, Carlos Anisio


    With the aim of providing subsidies to understand how scientific collaboration process occurs and develops into a research institution, particularly IPEN, this study used two methodological approaches. The first used the social networking analysis (SNA) technique to map the scientific collaboration networks in R&D of IPEN. The data used for the SNA technique were extracted from the technical and scientific publications database of IPEN, using a computer program, and were based on co-authorship from 2001 to 2010 period. These data were grouped into consecutive intervals of two years generating five biennial networks. This first approach showed several structural features related to collaborative networks, especially the most prominent authors, distribution of components, density, boundary spanners and aspects related to distance and clustering to define small world networks. In the second approach, partial least squares, a method to structure equation modeling, was used to evaluate and test a conceptual model based on personal, social, cultural and circumstantial factors to identify those that best explain the propensity of an IPENs author in establishing links of collaboration in R&D environments. From the consolidated model, we evaluated how much it explains the structural position of an author on the network based on SNA indicators. In this second part, the data were collected through a survey research using a questionnaire. The results showed that the model explains about 41% of the propensity of an IPEN author in collaborating with others authors, and in relation to the structural position of an author on the network, the explanation power of model ranged between 3% and 3.6%. Other results have shown that collaboration between IPEN authors have a positive correlation with moderate intensity to productivity, in the same way, the most central authors in the network tend to increase its visibility. Finally, several other bibliometric statistical indicators related

  9. Study of phosphors determination in biological samples; Estudo da determinacao de fosforo em amostras biologicas

    Oliveira, Rosangela Magda de


    In this paper, phosphors determination by neutron activation analysis in milk and bone samples was studied employing both instrumental and radiochemical separation methods. The analysis with radiochemistry separation consisted of the simultaneous irradiation of the samples and standards during 30 minutes, dissolution of the samples, hold back carrier, addition precipitation of phosphorus with ammonium phosphomolibdate (A.M.P.) and phosphorus-32 by counting by using Geiger-Mueller detector. The instrumental analysis consisted of the simultaneous irradiation of the samples and standards during 30 minutes, transfer of the samples into a counting planchet and measurement of the beta radiation emitted by phosphorus-32, after a suitable decay period. After the phosphorus analysis methods were established they were applied to both commercial milk and animal bone samples, and data obtained in the instrumental and radiochemical separation methods for each sample, were compared between themselves. In this work, it became possible to obtain analysis methods for phosphorus that can be applied independently of the sample quantity available, and the phosphorus content in the samples or interference that can be present in them. (author). 51 refs., 7 figs., 4 tabs.

  10. Estudo da ototoxicidade em trabalhadores expostos a organofosforados Ototoxicity study in workers exposed to organophosphate

    Ana Cristina Hiromi Hoshino


    Full Text Available A exposição ocupacional e ambiental aos agrotóxicos evidencia-se como um grave problema de Saúde Pública em nosso país. Entre os sintomas apresentados, a tonteira se destaca, em decorrência de uma provável ação tóxica. OBJETIVO: O objetivo do estudo é caracterizar os resultados do exame vestibular de trabalhadores rurais expostos ocupacionalmente e ambientalmente aos agrotóxicos organofosforados. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Foi realizado um estudo de coorte com corte transversal em 18 trabalhadores rurais de Teresópolis, RJ. A faixa etária variou de 16 a 59 anos com uma média de 39,6 anos, sendo 5 trabalhadores do sexo masculino e 13 do sexo feminino. Foram utilizados três questionários com perguntas relacionadas à saúde geral e auditiva e perguntas específicas à tonteira e suas relações com o trabalho. Todos os trabalhadores passaram por uma avaliação clínica e realizaram os exames vectoeletronistagmografia e audiometria. RESULTADOS: Os resultados mostraram que 16 trabalhadores apresentaram alterações do equilíbrio corporal de tipo periférico irritativo e 7 trabalhadores apresentaram perdas auditivas do tipo neurossensorial, sugerindo que os agrotóxicos induzem alterações do sistema vestibular através de uma intoxicação lenta e silenciosa. CONCLUSÕES: O olhar clínico sobre esta população exposta a substâncias neuro-ototóxicas requer uma abordagem interdisciplinar, assegurando uma intervenção terapêutica e preventiva eficaz.Occupational and environmental exposure to agricultural pesticides represent an important health care problem in our country. Among the symptoms presented, dizziness stands out, because of a probable toxic action. AIM: The goal of our study was to characterize vestibular test results from rural workers occupationally and environmentally exposed to organophosphates used in agricultural pesticides. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We carried out a cohort cross-sectional study with 18 rural workers

  11. Toxicity studies of Cordia salicifolia extract Estudo da toxidade do extrato de Cordia salicifolia

    Roberto Kenji Nakamura Cuman


    Full Text Available Este estudo foi realizado para determinar a toxicidade aguda do extrato total de Cordia salicifolia (DL50 após administração oral e intraperitoneal em camundongos, assim como os efeitos do extrato sobre alguns parâmetros bioquímicos no plasma de ratos após um tratamento prolongado (90 dias. A DL50 do extrato administrado por v.o. foi maior que 2000 mg/Kg, enquanto a DL50 por via i.p. foi aproximadamente 920 mg/Kg. A administração oral diária do extrato nas doses de 20, 100, 200 e 400 mg/kg por um período de 90 dias não causou modificações no ganho de peso corporal, no peso dos órgãos, nos parâmetros hematológicos e bioquímicos dos animais. Estes resultados indicam que a administração do extrato por um período mais prolongado não provocou efeitos de toxicidade nos animaisThis study was carried out to determine the acute toxicity of the whole Cordia salicifolia extract (LD50 after oral and intraperitoneal administration in mice, and its effect on certain biochemical parameters in the plasma of rats after 90 days of administration. The oral LD50 value of the extract was higher than 2000 mg/kg while the LD50 by intraperitoneal injections was about 920 mg/kg. A daily oral administration of extracts at 20, 100, 200 and 400 mg/kg doses for 90 days did not cause significant changes in the body weight gain, organs weight or biochemical assays and hematology in the animals. The results showed that the administration of the extract for a prolonged period did not produce toxic effects in the animals

  12. Sustainable alternative for use of waste from pruning deriving from power distribution networks maintenance; Alternativa sustentavel para utilizacao de residuos de poda provenientes da manutencao das redes de distribuicao de energia eletrica

    Cortez, Cristiane Lima; Grisoli, Renata; Gavioli, Fabio; Coelho, Suani Teixeira [Centro Nacional de Referencia em Biomassa (CENBIO), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)], email:; Carmelo, Silma [AES Eletropaulo, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    In the context of the environmental issue, the increasing production of solid residues seems to be a problem due to scarcity of methods and solutions for the management. This article presents a project that has as objective to make a survey of the impacts caused by urban pruning residues generated by the electric energy concessionaire AES Eletropaulo, besides developing a method to standardize this residues composting. The obtained results refer to the observation that 50% of the cities that participated on the survey discard the residues in dumps or sanitary landfills, while only 8% perform composting. In the experimental composting plant built, the organic compound obtained reached satisfactory levels of quality with related to the specifications of minimum quality, but showed that humidity should be better controlled. The feasibility of implementing a composting plant was established, with the exception that the higher the production, the better the return on initial investment. Based in the concepts of environmental and social responsibility, we expect that the conclusion of this work can assist the civil, public and private sectors to contribute with the sustainable development. (author)

  13. Analysis of the possibility of use of a pump powered by solar energy supply of water in micro sprinklers; Analise da possibilidade de utilizacao de uma motobomba acionada por energia solar na alimentacao de agua em micro aspersores

    Oyama, Paulo Takashi; Schutz, Fabiana Costa de Araujo; Jousseph, Carlos Alberto C.; Grosbelli, Andressa; Gnoatto, Estor; Kavanagh, Edward [Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Paran (UTFPR), Medianeira, PR (Brazil)], e-mail:


    Due to the high cost of connecting electricity in distant places of conventional networks, solar photovoltaic energy is widely used in street lighting, water pumping, health clinics, etc.. To contribute to a better use of such energy, the project aimed to analyze the water-flow, power and electric current of a motor powered by two Solarex solar module manufacturer, model MSX 56, standard voltage of 12V, the current standard of 3.35A and 56W of potency using a pump, Shurflo Ltd manufacturer, model 2088-732, a pressure transducer model HUBA-510, a flow transducer for pumping water. The analysis for the height of 18.2 mca, corresponding height to 178.554 kPa, showed a flow rate of 365.308 L/h. Based on the results obtained in the laboratory, it was concluded that: the emitter Rain Bird QN-14, showed FVC nearly of 0.7%, ranking it as good, the emitter flow rates were in line with those presented in the catalog manufacturer, in the pressure range from 100 to 200 kPa, its effective radius was limited between 1.00 and 3.00 m away from the emitter, the profile of three-dimensional distribution of precipitation and isohyetal were quite irregular, which makes it possible the use of irrigation equipment in small areas. (author)

  14. Implementation and testing of the use of vegetable oils as fuel diesel generators in the Amazon isolated communities; Implantacao e testes de utilizacao de oleo vegetal como combustivel para diesel geradores em comunidades isoladas da Amazonia

    Coelho, Suani Teixeira; Silva, Orlando Cristiano da; Gonzalez Velaquez, Silvia Maria Stortini; Monteiro, Maria Beatriz C.A.; Silotto, Carlos Eduardo Grassi [Centro Nacional de Referencia em Biomassa (CENBIO), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The project PROVEGAM 'Implantation and test of a unit demonstration of energetic utilization of vegetable oil', tested in operational conditions of field, the functioning of a conventional diesel engine, adapted to operate with palm oil 'in natura' in the community of Vila Soledade, city of Moju, Para State. The Vila Soledade is an isolated community that has, approximately, 700 inhabitants and it's located at one hundred kilometers from the city hall by car and more 30 minutes by boat. The electric energy of this community was previously generated, by a conventional diesel engine, obsolete and very expensive to the community, because the fuel price and the transport of the diesel oil from the city to the community. The PROVEGAM project, installed an electric generation group, MWM TD229, manufactured in Brazil, adapted with a conversion kit to operate with 'in natura' palm oil, working 6 hours per day. Because of the viscosity of the palm oil and its combustion point, it was necessary to heat the vegetable oil before its injection into the engine. The operation begins and finishes with diesel oil, in order to heat the palm oil and to clean possible residues deposited in the interior of the engine. The use of the palm oil justifies itself for being produced in the region, which means that it doesn't have to be imported. Currently, the generating group is working in the community during 5 hours per day with palm oil, and 1 hour per day with diesel oil and it already has more than 1600 hours of testing. The results of this project, so far, have confirmed the conceived premises, and this electric model of generating energy is already recommended to be implemented in other communities in the Amazon region. (author)

  15. The use of risk analysis as a tool for land use policies in near pipe lanes areas; Utilizacao da analise de riscos para definicao de politicas de uso de ocupacao do solo em areas proximas a faixa de dutos

    Sousa, Anna Leticia; Simplicio, Dayse Maria [EIDOS do Brasil Ltda., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    It is estimated that among the several failure causes in pipelines, only 23 % of them are associated to excavation (tertiary activity) for both gas and oil pipelines. It is probable that factors like growth of the population, urbanization and development of activities next to the transmission ducts, increase the probability of damages due to human being activities, and consequently in parallel they also increases the risks for the population. Thus, it is necessary to incorporate some procedures of soil use (planning, zoning and delimitation) in the risk management activity of these installations. In the United States and Europe for instance some governmental guidelines have being developed and applied to establish suitable procedures for the soil use in the context of risks associated with great accidents. In Brazil this subject won highlight starting from the publication of the law 10.932/04 of 04/08/2004 which has altered the article 4 of the law 6766, of 19/11/1979 which regulates the urban soil division. It also assigns to the organisms of environmental licensing the responsibility of defining the zones along of which no constructions are permitted, such as electrical transmission lines, ducts and railroads domain zones. This publication aims to revise the methodologies and practices existing in the world and to compare the efforts and benefits of their implementations.

  16. Implementation and testing of the use of vegetable oils as fuel diesel generators in the Amazon isolated communities; Implantacao e testes de utilizacao de oleo vegetal como combustivel para diesel geradores em comunidades isoladas da Amazonia

    Coelho, Suani Teixeira; Silva, Orlando Cristiano da; Gonzalez Velaquez, Silvia Maria Stortini; Monteiro, Maria Beatriz C.A.; Silotto, Carlos Eduardo Grassi [Centro Nacional de Referencia em Biomassa (CENBIO), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The project PROVEGAM 'Implantation and test of a unit demonstration of energetic utilization of vegetable oil', tested in operational conditions of field, the functioning of a conventional diesel engine, adapted to operate with palm oil 'in natura' in the community of Vila Soledade, city of Moju, Para State. The Vila Soledade is an isolated community that has, approximately, 700 inhabitants and it's located at one hundred kilometers from the city hall by car and more 30 minutes by boat. The electric energy of this community was previously generated, by a conventional diesel engine, obsolete and very expensive to the community, because the fuel price and the transport of the diesel oil from the city to the community. The PROVEGAM project, installed an electric generation group, MWM TD229, manufactured in Brazil, adapted with a conversion kit to operate with 'in natura' palm oil, working 6 hours per day. Because of the viscosity of the palm oil and its combustion point, it was necessary to heat the vegetable oil before its injection into the engine. The operation begins and finishes with diesel oil, in order to heat the palm oil and to clean possible residues deposited in the interior of the engine. The use of the palm oil justifies itself for being produced in the region, which means that it doesn't have to be imported. Currently, the generating group is working in the community during 5 hours per day with palm oil, and 1 hour per day with diesel oil and it already has more than 1600 hours of testing. The results of this project, so far, have confirmed the conceived premises, and this electric model of generating energy is already recommended to be implemented in other communities in the Amazon region. (author)

  17. Radiochromic film use to record dose profile variations in chest CT scan; Utilizacao do filme radiocromico para registro da variacao do perfil de dose em varredura de TC de torax

    Mourao, Arnaldo P.; Santana, Priscila C., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Departamento de Engenharia Nuclear; Silva, Teogenes A. da; Alonso, Thessa C. [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN/CNEN-MG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    The CT scans generate higher doses in patients than those caused by other types of diagnostic radiology using the attenuation of X-ray beams. Technological advances have increased the clinical applications of computed tomography (CT) and consequently the demand for these exams. Dose reduction strategies are difficult to implement because of a lack of proper guidance on the CT scanning. However, CT offers the possibility of adjusting the image acquisition parameters according to the patient physical profile and the diagnostic application for which it is intended to scan. Knowledge of the dose distribution is important when thinking about varying the acquisition parameters to reduce the dose. In this work was used a PMMA chest phantom to observe the dose deposition in 5 areas. Radiochromic film strips were placed inside the chest phantom, in peripheral and in the central region. The phantom was placed in the scanner isocenter and it was performed the irradiation of its central region using a chest acquisition protocol. After the phantom CT scan the radiochromic film strips were processed for obtaining digital images. Digital images were reworked to obtain the dose variation profiles for each position. The results showed a wide variation in absorbed dose by the phantom, either within a same position along the length of the film strip, as in the comparison among the five regions which the strips are placed. In this second case the dose variations were even greater. (author)

  18. Evaluation of specific consumption from the use of chicken oil biodiesel in one cylinder generator set; Avaliacao do consumo especifico a partir da utilizacao de biodiesel de oleo de frango em um grupo-gerador monocilindrico

    Fiorese, Diego Augusto [Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (PGEAGRI/UFSM), RS (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Rural. Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia Agricola], E-mail:; Lima, Paulo Peruzzo de [Faculdade Assis Gurgacz (FAG), Cascavel, PR (Brazil); Souza, Abel Alves de; Souza, Samuel Nelson Melegari de [Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Parana (UNIOESTE), Cascavel, PR (Brazil). Dept. de Ciencias Exatas e Tecnologicas; Dallmeyer, Arno Udo [Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (PGEAGRI/UFSM), RS (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia Agricola


    Biodiesel can be produced from numerous materials, including by-products of animal chain. In this scenario, the chicken's oil, that is located and an environment not explored for biodiesel production, can be a good alternative in South and Southeast Brazilian Region, where they are slaughtered around 9.100.000 chickens per day. In order to determine the specific consumption from a generator set with single cylinder 6.6 kW of power and generation capacity of 5 kW, using chicken oil biodiesel (B-100), were performed the bench test using a auxiliary tank, precision scale and an energy analyzer. Were conducted four treatments (25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of generating capacity). The worst SC was the engine at 25% of generation capacity (1.5 kW) and better with 75% of maximum load (3.75 kW) with a mean of 479.34 g kWh{sup -1}. By Turkey's test ant 5% probability there was a significant difference only for the first treatment. (author)

  19. PETROBRAS green petroleum coke used as partial replacement for coal injected mixtures in blast furnaces; Utilizacao do coque verde de petroleo da PETROBRAS em substituicao parcial ao carvao mineral das misturas injetadas em altos fornos

    Silva, Agenor Medrado da; Medrado, Swami Botelho; Noblat, Sebastiao Jorge Xavier [Companhia Siderurgia Nacional. CSN. Gerencia Geral de Processos Siderurgicos. RJ (Brazil)], e-mails:,,; Carvalho Junior, Joao Andrade de [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho. Faculdade de Engenharia de Guaratingueta. Departamento de Energia, SP (Brazil)], e-mail:


    The PETROBRAS produced green petroleum coke (GPC) is a carbon rich fuel, virtually ash-free, with low sulfur content and is a fuel suitable to replace metallurgical coke in blast furnaces. The GPC was tested in a pulverized coal injection simulator built in the Volta Redonda research center. It presented a low burning efficiency due to low volatile material content and high substitution rate by the carbon content. The industrial-scale tests were carried out in blast furnaces with up to 50% PETROBRAS GPC in the coal blends, which has never been done before in the steel industry. The injected coal/CVP mixtures produced no negative side effects in the blast furnace grinding systems, pneumatic conveying or operating process. The mixture burning process inside the blast furnace, showed a decrease in fuel consumption, with a significant reduction in metallurgical coke consumption. The industrial-scale tests of the GPC mixtures did not reach the 70% maximum for lack of the GPC feedstock, it being necessary to continue with standard coal mixtures. (author)

  20. The use of compressed natural gas as a strategy of development of natural gas industry; Utilizacao do GNC (Gas Natural Comprimido) como estrategia de desenvolvimento da industria do gas natural

    Bock, Jucemara [Companhia de Gas do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (Sulgas), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Coordenacao de Segmento Veicular; Rickmann, Cristiano [Companhia de Gas do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (Sulgas), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Gerencia de Novos Negocios; Maestri, Juares [Companhia de Gas do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (Sulgas), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Gerencia de Mercado de Grandes Consumidores


    This work emphasizes the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as modal of transport, used by the Company of Gas of the State of Rio Grande do Sul - Sulgas, through experience in pioneering project in Brazil: the introduction of the technology of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to assist areas where there is not the infrastructure of pipeline for the transport. The article offers a display of the project of expansion of the Natural gas in Rio Grande do Sul, through the supply of CNG to the company Tramontina in Carlos Barbosa's city in the year of 2002. The last aspect focused by this article demonstrates as the use of this transport technology impelled the development of the transport market in the State and it has been used as an important strategy for the development of the market of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) in the state. (author)

  1. Use of biogas generated from swine manure as preliminary agent in the feasibility construction of natural gas networks; Utilizacao do biogas gerado a partir de dejetos suinos como agente preliminar na viabilizacao da construcao de redes de gas natural

    Machado, Antonio Rogerio; Ferraz, Andre; Rocha, Ivan; Azevedo, Jorge; Oshiro, Hugo K.; Konishi, Ricardo; Piazza, Walter; Lehmkuhl, Willian [Companhia de Gas de Santa Catarina (SCGAS), Florianopolis, SC (Brazil)


    Santa Catarina state has over 800 km of natural gas distributed along the coast line, however, has an area of 95.700 km{sup 2}. Due to mountainous relief, constructing pipeline that will supply natural gas to remote areas will prove difficult. Supplying gas to remote areas through biogas from pig manure is a feasible alternative to building a gas pipeline to these regions. Using data from the IBGE and by aid of computer programs it was found that Santa Catarina has a potential to generate biogas from 900.000 m{sup 3}/day which are located predominantly in the western region of state. Thus, through the provision of biogas in this region a market that uses natural gas as an energy source can stimulate. As result the pay-back time and the feasibility risk of a network gas project can be reduced. It was found that only in the west there is an energy potential to be shifted to natural gas equivalent of 389.583 m{sup 3}/day and as expected output is estimated to reach 16.728 m{sup 3}/day. This helps anticipate the building of a natural gas network that links the coast with outskirts of the state, while the environmental impact of swine as methane emissions and waste are reduced. (author)

  2. Monitoring and studies of environmental cumulative dose of Guangdong Da Ya Bay nuclear-power station by thermoluminescent dosimetry

    Wan Yusong; Li Shili; Yang Lin; Feng Zhanglin; Kong Lingfeng; Yu Jinglan


    The author presents the environmental γ radiation routine monitoring by TLD in Guangdong Da Ya Bay Nuclear Power Station and its peripheral 50 km area, which has been put into commercial operation since 1994. The year's monitoring result indicates that there is no obvious change of the total environmental γ radiation in Da Ya Bay Nuclear Power Station and its peripheral 50 km area. But the influence of gas release γ radiation was monitored in 1995 at the monitoring points in the area of 0∼1 km from the nuclear power station

  3. The origin of the inferior phrenic artery: a study in 32 South Indian cadavers with a review of the literature Origem da artéria frênica inferior: estudo em 32 cadáveres da Índia do Sul com revisão da literatura

    Thejodhar Pulakunta


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Considering the paucity of information presently available concerning inferior phrenic arteries, a more definitive study seemed appropriate and necessary, both for its potential clinical applications and to provide additional data to contemporary anatomical literature. OBJECTIVE: Most anatomical textbooks of gross anatomy offer very little information concerning the anatomy and distribution of the inferior phrenic artery (IPA. For that reason, the origin of the IPA has been studied and the available literature has been reviewed. METHODS: Thirty-two human adult cadavers preserved in formalin obtained from the departments of Anatomy, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and Mangalore were dissected and the origin of the IPA was studied. RESULTS: The IPA had its usual origin from the abdominal aorta in 28 cases but in the remaining four cases, two were arising from the celiac trunk, one from the left gastric artery and one from the right renal artery. CONCLUSION: The IPA usually originates from the aorta or celiac artery, and less frequently from the renal, hepatic or left gastric arteries. The IPA is a major source of collateral or parasitized arterial supply to hepatocellular carcinoma, second only to the hepatic artery. Literature on the IPA origin and clinical implications of variation in its origin have been reviewed in this article.CONTEXTO: Considerando a escassez de informações atualmente disponíveis sobre artérias frênicas inferiores, umestudo mais definitivo nos pareceu apropriado e necessário, tanto por suas potenciais aplicações clínicas quanto para fornecer dados adicionais à literatura anatômica contemporânea. OBJETIVO: A maioria dos livros-texto de anatomia oferece muito poucas informações referentes à anatomia e distribuição da artéria frênica inferior (AFI. Por este motivo, a origem da AFI foi investigada e a literatura disponível foi revisada. MÉTODOS: Trinta e dois cadáveres humanos adultos

  4. Studies on kinetic of water phase transition by NMR micro images; Estudos da cinetica de transicao de fase da agua por microimagens de RMN

    Crestana, S [Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agrpecuaria (EMBRAPA), Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Nucleo de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento de Instrumentacao Agropecuaria; Posadas D, A [Sao Paulo Univ., Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica e Quimica; Nielsen, D R [California Univ., Davis, CA (United States)


    Nuclear magnetic resonance micro images have been used for studying the fusion and ice formation processes in an unsaturated porous column, containing sand submitted to a variable temperature gradient 3 refs., 5 figs.

  5. The major histocompatibility complex genes impact pain response in DA and DA.1U rats.

    Guo, Yuan; Yao, Fan-Rong; Cao, Dong-Yuan; Li, Li; Wang, Hui-Sheng; Xie, Wen; Zhao, Yan


    Our recent studies have shown that the difference in basal pain sensitivity to mechanical and thermal stimulation between Dark-Agouti (DA) rats and a novel congenic DA.1U rats is major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes dependent. In the present study, we further used DA and DA.1U rats to investigate the role of MHC genes in formalin-induced pain model by behavioral, electrophysiological and immunohistochemical methods. Behavioral results showed biphasic nociceptive behaviors increased significantly following the intraplantar injection of formalin in the hindpaw of DA and DA.1U rats. The main nociceptive behaviors were lifting and licking, especially in DA rats (PDA rats were significantly higher than those in DA.1U rats in both phases of the formalin test (PDA rats was significantly higher than that of DA.1U rats (PDA was greater than that in DA.1U rats (PDA rats was significantly higher than that in DA.1U rats in the respective experimental group (PDA and DA.1U rats exhibited nociceptive responses in formalin-induced pain model and DA rats were more sensitive to noxious chemical stimulus than DA.1U rats, indicating that MHC genes might contribute to the difference in pain sensitivity. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. An interdisciplinary approach to volcanic risk reduction under conditions of uncertainty: a case study of Tristan da Cunha

    Hicks, A.; Barclay, J.; Simmons, P.; Loughlin, S.


    The uncertainty brought about by intermittent volcanic activity is fairly common at volcanoes worldwide. While better knowledge of any one volcano's behavioural characteristics has the potential to reduce this uncertainty, the subsequent reduction of risk from volcanic threats is only realised if that knowledge is pertinent to stakeholders and effectively communicated to inform good decision making. Success requires integration of methods, skills and expertise across disciplinary boundaries. This research project develops and trials a novel interdisciplinary approach to volcanic risk reduction on the remote volcanic island of Tristan da Cunha (South Atlantic). For the first time, volcanological techniques, probabilistic decision support and social scientific methods were integrated in a single study. New data were produced that (1) established no spatio-temporal pattern to recent volcanic activity; (2) quantified the high degree of scientific uncertainty around future eruptive scenarios; (3) analysed the physical vulnerability of the community as a consequence of their geographical isolation and exposure to volcanic hazards; (4) evaluated social and cultural influences on vulnerability and resilience; and (5) evaluated the effectiveness of a scenario planning approach, both as a method for integrating the different strands of the research and as a way of enabling on-island decision makers to take ownership of risk identification and management, and capacity building within their community. The paper provides empirical evidence of the value of an innovative interdisciplinary framework for reducing volcanic risk. It also provides evidence for the strength that comes from integrating social and physical sciences with the development of effective, tailored engagement and communication strategies in volcanic risk reduction.

  7. Virtual Mobility in Reality: A Study of the Use of ICT in Finnish Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Projects.

    Valjus, Sonja

    An e-mail survey and interviews collected data on use of information and communications technology (ICT) in Finnish Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects from 2000-02. Findings showed that the most common ICT tools used were e-mail, digital tools, and the World Wide Web; ICT was used during all project phases; the most common problems concerned…

  8. Estudo da morbidade e da mortalidade perinatal em maternidades: III - Anomalias congênitas em nascidos vivos A study of perinatal morbidity and mortality in maternity hospitals: III - Congenital anomalies in live briths

    José Maria Pacheco de Souza


    Full Text Available Realizou-se estudo das anomalias congênitas encontradas em recém-nascidos vivos, em nove maternidades, durante o ano de 1981-1982. O material é parte de uma pesquisa desenvolvida em sete maternidade do Estado de São Paulo, uma do Rio de Janeiro e uma de Florianópolis, Santa Catarina (Brasil, no período de agosto de 1981 a julho de 1982, quando foram coletados dados sobre todos os nascimentos ocorridos nesses nove serviços. As anomalias congênitas foram definidas como as descritas no XIV.° capítulo da Classificação Internacional de Doenças - 1975, 9ª Revisão, tendo sido utilizada essa classificação para codificá-las. Na análise estatística foram utilizados o X² (com um grau de liberdade, o teste de inclinação para proporções ("Trend test" e a técnica de Berkson para a verificação da hipótese de aderência à distribuição de Poisson. Em 12.782 recém-nascidos vivos, 286 (2,24% apresentavam algum tipo de anomalia congênita, tendo havido 26 (0,20% crianças com duas anomalias, 9 (0,07% com três e duas (0,02 apresentando quatro tipos de malformações congênitas. As deformidades osteomusculares congênitas (código 754 da CID foram as mais freqüentes (19%;segue-se as outras anomalias congênitas do coração (746 com uma freqüência de 14,1%. Ao se analisar a prevalência dessas malformações pela idade da mãe nota-se que há um aumento da prevalência à medida que a idade avança, apenas para Sindrome de Down (758.Congenital anomalies in live births in nine maternities in the period 1981-1982 were studied. This was one aspect of a research project carried out in seven maternities in the State of S.Paulo, one in Rio de Janeiro and another in Florianópolis (Brazil, from which data on all births occurring between August 1981 and July 1982 were obtained. Congenital anomalies were classified according to the XIVth chapter of the CID-1975 - 9thRevision. Chi square for associations and for trend and Berkson

  9. Pressupostos da gestão da cadeia de suprimentos: evidências de estudos sobre a indústria automobilística Main assumptions of supply chain management: evidence from studies of the automotive industry

    Alceu Gomes Alves Filho


    Full Text Available O desenvolvimento de abordagens para estudo de cadeias de suprimentos é relativamente recente e vem sendo tratado em periódicos científicos, de modo sistemático, apenas a partir do final dos anos 80. Neste artigo, são apresentados, inicialmente, os principais pressupostos da abordagem que ficou conhecida como Gestão da Cadeia de Suprimentos (GCS. Em seguida, procura-se ilustrar, a partir de uma revisão parcial de trabalhos realizados sobre a indústria automobilística, em que medida tais pressupostos podem, ou não, ser verificados. Constatando que apenas em alguns casos o conjunto de pressupostos tende a se tornar realidade, sugere-se que seja desenvolvida uma etapa metodológica inicial para a verificação de tais pressupostos ou para a avaliação das características estruturais e relacionais da cadeia de suprimentos a ser estudada. Procurando contribuir para o desenvolvimento dessa primeira etapa metodológica, faz-se uma breve síntese de algumas correntes teóricas que podem oferecer subsídios para a análise das características estruturais e relacionais principais da cadeia de suprimentos. Tal análise auxilia a avaliar o contexto em que princípios e técnicas da GCS poderão ser propostos e implementados e, também, pelo menos parcialmente, os resultados que poderão ser alcançados.The development of approaches for research on supply chains is fairly recent, since they only began to be studied systematically in the late 1980's. This paper begins with an overview of the main assumptions of the Supply Chain Management (SCM approach. Based on a partial review of the empirical literature on the automotive industry, the paper then examines whether these assumptions can be confirmed in practice. Since the reviewed literature does not indicate that the aforementioned SCM assumptions have been concretized in the automotive industry, we propose that an initial methodological step be developed to help researchers identify the

  10. Estudo multicêntrico da mortalidade por homicídios em países da América Latina Multicentric study of deaths by homicide in Latin American countries

    Edinilsa Ramos de Souza


    Full Text Available Realizou-se um estudo epidemiológico descritivo da mortalidade por homicídios em países da América Latina (Argentina, Brasil, Colômbia e México de 1990 a 2007. Analisam-se óbitos por causas externas e homicídios, codificados nas 9ª. e 10ª. revisões da Classificação Internacional de Doenças/CID, considerando-se sexo, faixa etária e meio usado na agressão. Apresentam-se números, proporções e taxas ajustadas de mortalidade por homicídios. Usou-se o modelo de regressão linear na tendência das taxas de homicídios por grupos etários. No período, os países contabilizaram 4.086.216 mortes por causas externas e 1.432.971 homicídios. Na Argentina as causas externas cresceram 54,5%, mas diminuíram nos demais (37% no México; 31,8% na Colômbia e 8,1% no Brasil. As razões de mortalidade por homicídios para ambos os sexos foram de 9,1 na Colômbia, 4,4 no Brasil e 1,6 no México, tomando-se as taxas da Argentina como referência. A evolução das taxas de homicídios por faixa etária e sexo mostrou-se distinta nos países: em todos os grupos etários foi crescente no Brasil e decrescente na Colômbia. Destaca-se a necessidade de se priorizar os jovens do sexo masculino nas políticas públicas de atenção e prevenção e da região adotar políticas inclusivas, ampliar e consolidar sua democracia e os direitos dos seus habitantes.This article is a descriptive epidemiological study of deaths by homicide in Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico from 1990 to 2007. Deaths due to external causes and homicides, as codified in the 9th and 10th revisions of the International Classification of Diseases/ICD, were analyzed considering sex, age and manner of assault. The numbers, ratios and adjusted rates for deaths by homicide are presented. A linear regression model was used to ascertain the trend of homicide rates by age group. During the period, 4,086,216 deaths from external causes and 1,432,971 homicides

  11. Diferenças da homogeneidade: elementos para o estudo da política educacional em alguns países da América Latina The differences of homogeneity: elements to the study of educational politics in Latin American

    Maria de Fatima Felix Rosar


    Full Text Available Nos últimos 10 anos, quase todos os países da América Latina iniciaram reformas educativas que estiveram, supostamente, precedidas de estudos realizados por organismos internacionais, que evidenciaram seus logros e deficiências à luz das mudanças que definiam o processo de reestruturação da ordem econômica mundial nos anos 80 e 90. Em linhas gerais esses estudos mostraram problemas similares nos diferentes países da região, que justificaram a possibilidade de serem concebidas reformas educativas de caráter homogeneizante para a maioria dos países latino-americanos. A partir deste cenário, procura-se neste estudo aprofundar a análise da Relação Estado-sociedade nos processos de constituição das políticas educacionais, bem como identificar de que modo se desenham os novos espaços público e privado, no bojo das contradições que se estabelecem entre o sistema educacional, o sistema político e a organização social, buscando reconhecer nessas contradições os elementos da cultura nacional e os elementos que resultam das orientações impostas pelos organismos internacionais.In the last 10 years, almost all the Latin American countries have started educational reforms that are, supposedly, preceded by the studies of the international organisms. These studies should revealed their success and deficiencies compared with the changes defined by the reestructuration of the world economic order in the 80 and 90 years. Generally, these studies showed similar problems in the different countries in this region, that justified the possibility of conceivable educational reforms of homogeneous feature to the majority of the Latin America countries. From this set, this research aims to do the analysis of the relative state-society in the process of constitution of educational politics, as well as identify how the new public and private spaces are built, and the contradictions that have been established between educational system and

  12. Carragenana da epífita Hypnea musciformis obtida do cultivo experimental de Solieria filiformis em Flecheiras, Estado do Ceará, Brasil = Carragennan from Hypnea musciformis epiphyte obtained from Solieria filiformis experimental culture at Flecheiras, Ceará State, Brazil

    José Ariévilo Gurgel Rodrigues


    Full Text Available O cultivo da rodoficea Solieria filiformis vem sendo desenvolvido na praia de Flecheiras, Estado do Ceara, como perspectiva de utilizacao sustentavel do recurso para biotecnologia, mas o crescimento de epifitas sobre a especie compromete seu bom crescimento. Desta forma, avaliou-se a eficiencia de duas metodologias (M I e M II noisolamento da Kappa-carragenana (ƒÈ-CAR da alga marinha vermelha Hypnea musciformis. A ƒÈ-CAR foi obtida mediante digestao proteolitica (M I ou agua quente (80‹C (M II. Os extratos foram analisados quanto a sua composicao quimica, seguido por cromatografia de troca ionica em coluna de DEAE-celulose usando um gradiente de NaCl. A atividade anticoagulante foi avaliada pelo teste do tempo de tromboplastina parcial ativada (TTPA, usando plasma humano normal e heparina (HEP padrao (193 UI mg-1. A diferenca nos rendimentos foi 4,28 } 0,26%% (p Solieria filiformis (Rhodophyceae culture is being developed at Flecheiras Beach, state of Ceara, Brazil, for its future sustainable use in biotechnology. However, epiphyte growth on the species jeopardizes suitable development. The efficiency of two methods (M I and M II in the isolation of kappa-carrageenan (ƒÈ-CAR from red marine alga Hypnea musciformis has been evaluated. ƒÈ-CAR was obtained by proteolytic digestion (M I or by hot water (80‹C(M II and extracts were analyzed with regard to their chemical composition and then by ion-exchange chromatography on DEAE-cellulose column with NaCl gradient. Anticoagulant activity was evaluated by the activated partial thromboplastine time (APTT test with common human plasma and standard heparin (HEP (193 IU mg-1. Yield difference reached 4.28 } 0.26%% (p < 0.05, and the lowest sulfate content was obtained with M I (17.00% when compared to that with M II (26.30%. Further, different chromatographic profiles were reported between the two methods. Whereas M I was efficacious in obtaining ƒÈ-CAR anticoagulants (2.67 IU mg-1

  13. Tax influences on Brazilian and Argentine biodiesel exports: a comparative study; A interferencia da tributacao na competitividade da exportacao de biodiesel brasileiro e argentino: um estudo comparado

    Silva, Evandro L. Heinzen da; Vieira, Diogo Guimaraes [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The rules of taxation in Brazil favor the export of primary products, while in Argentina the taxation stimulates the export of products which aggregated value is bigger. In this study we will analyse the sceneries of taxation in Argentina and Brazil. The comparison is useful so that it is possible to analyse the competitive differentials from in the countries. We agree that the great problem of the Brazilian taxation is in the accumulated credits of VAT, which in fact are incorporated like cost in the result of a business. In case of Argentina, the problem is related to the macroeconomic scenery, that emerged after the economic crisis in 2001. The study demonstrates that Argentina is not the best example of taxation for Brazil, and the risk of the Argentinian biodiesel enter in Brazilian market was perceived in 2007, however, after the tax alterations this risk was reduced. (author)

  14. Experimental study and modeling of the rheology and hydraulics in the foam drilling; Estudos experimentais e modelagem da reologia e da hidraulica na perfuracao com espuma

    Martins, Andre L.; Sa, Carlos H.M. de; Lourenco, Affonso M.F.; S. Junior, Valter [PETROBRAS, S.A, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas]. E-mails:;;;


    This article describes the extense experimental effort for analyzing the foam stability and rheological properties for application as light drilling fluid. The study considered the influence of the foaming and concentration on the foam rheology and the gas volumetric fraction on the foam rheological properties. Simple correlations were proposed for quantification of the experimental behaviour. Field tests were performed to evaluate one of the foaming agents analyzed in laboratory by using 16 combinations of the gas-fluid flow.

  15. Study of the electrolyte process efficiency applied to the oil industry wastewaters; Estudo da eficiencia do processo eletrolitico aplicado em aguas de producao da industria do petroleo

    Brasileiro, Ilza M.N.; Cavalcanti, Eliane B. [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG), PB (Brazil); Vilar, Eudesio O. [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG), PB (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Quimica; Tonholo, Josealdo [Universidade Federal de Alagoas (UFAL), Maceio, AL (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica


    The present work presents resulted obtained from the oxidation of the ammoniacal nitrogen and sulphides using a bench scale electrochemical cell which consisted of 6 pairs of stainless steel electrodes and DSA{sup R}. An experimental planning of the factorial type 2{sup 4} more three repetitions of the central point was carried through, where the following dependent parameters had been studied: salinity (mg/L), electric potential (volts), outflow (l/h), time of electrolysis (min). As indicating of the efficiency of the electrochemical treatment the following independent parameters had been analyzed: percentage of removal of sulfate and percentage of removal of N-ammoniacal, in different operational conditions. The percentage of removal of n-ammoniacal was of the order of 100 %, with a consumption of energy to 8 kWh/m{sup 3} for a flowrate of 600 l/h and 15,000 mg-L of chlorides. Moreover the work approaches the study of the incrustation in the electrodes, which considerable diminishes the income of the electrochemical process. Aiming at to diminish this problem we are studying a procedure from a controlled electrolysis for a timer. With the purpose to evaluate the incrustation level had been carried through physical-chemical analyses of alkalinity and hardness in CaCO{sub 3}, index of incrustation for chronoamperometry and electronic microscopy of sweepings. (author)

  16. Alguns pilares para a apreciação da validade de estudos epidemiológicos Pillars for assessing validity in epidemiological studies

    Michael E. Reichenheim


    Full Text Available Abordagem da questão da validade dos estudos epidemiológicos. Distinguem-se seis tipos de validade. Na validade conceitual enfocam-se os elementos que sustentam a construção de um modelo teórico explicativo do fenômeno de interesse, articulado no plano do discurso e conceitos abstratos. Na validade operacional discutem-se os processos nos quais os conceitos que compõem as diferentes dimensões do modelo teórico são reduzidos a variáveis e indicadores, viabilizando sua instrumentação no nível empírico. À apresentação da validade de domínio, levanta-se a questão da intercambialidade dos indivíduos da população alvo e da população de estudo como sustentação para a generalização dos resultados. A validade de comparação dos grupos de estudo gira em torno da identificação das circunstâncias que rompem a estrutura de comparabilidade, a saber, a situação de confusão e a exclusão seletiva de elementos. À abordagem da validade de informação, aprofundam-se os problemas referentes à aferição/mensuração e os conseqüentes viéses. Visando algumas diretrizes para avaliação da validade de informação, explora-se os fundamentos das relações temporais envolvendo as ocorrências e os processos de coleta. Por fim, apresentam-se algumas importantes questões relacionadas à escolha e validade de especificação do modelo estatístico, bem como comentários sobre as estratégias mais utilizadas na seleção de variáveis e diagnóstico de modelo. Na parte final, sustenta-se que um enfrentamento sistemático das questões de validade pode servir como um dos pilares para a construção do conhecimento em epidemiologia.The article outlines several validity issues in epidemiological studies. Six types of validity are covered. Conceptual validity concerns the elements sustaining a theoretical explanatory model, which, by definition, exists only on an abstract and discursive level. Operational validity concerns the

  17. Studies of the radiolabeling and biodistribution of substance P using lutetium-177 as a radiotracer; Estudo da marcacao e biodistribuicao da substancia P utilizando lutecio-177 como radiotracador

    Lima, Clarice Maria de


    Malignant gliomas are primary brain tumors, resistant to various treatments, as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, induction of apoptosis and surgery. An alternative for the treatment of malignant gliomas is the radionuclide therapy. This technique apply radiolabeled molecules that selectively bind to tumor cells producing cytotoxic effect by dose irradiation, and resulting in death of tumor cells. Most protocols for radionuclide therapy of malignant brain tumors involve the administration of peptides labeled with {beta}{sup -} emitting radioisotopes. The Substance P (SP) is an 11- amino acid neuropeptide, characterized by the C-terminal sequence Phe-X-Gly-Leu-Met-NH{sub 2}. The use of SP labeled with different radionuclides including {sup 177}Lu, have been proposed for in vivo treatment of tumors. SP is the most important target of neurokinin 1 receptors, over expressed in malignant gliomas. The objective of this work was to study conditions of radiolabeling DOTA-SP with {sup 177}Lu, the stability of labeled compound and in vivo and in vitro, to develop a protocol production and evaluate the potential of the radiopharmaceutical in the therapy of gliomas. The labeling conditions were optimized varying the temperature, reaction time, activity of lutetium-177 chloride and mass of DOTA-SP. The radiochemical purity of preparations were analyzed by chromatographic techniques. The stability of {sup 17L}u -DOTA- SP radiolabeled with low activity of {sup 177}Lu was evaluated for different time at 2-8 degree C or incubated in human serum. The stability of the labeled with high activity of {sup 177}Lu was also analyzed in the presence of gentisic acid (6 mg / mL) added after the labeling reaction. The labeled conditions in low and high activity were subjected to evaluation for the ability to cause oxidation of methionine residue, adding the D-L- methionine amino acid to the reaction medium (6 mg / mL) and subsequent chromatographic evaluation. In vitro study with {sup 177}Lu

  18. Strategy study of quantification harmonization of SUV in PET/CT images; Estudo da estrategia de harmonizacao da quantificacao do SUV em imagens de PET/CT

    Fischer, Andreia Caroline Fischer da Silveira


    In clinical practice, PET/CT images are often analyzed qualitatively by visual comparison of tumor lesions and normal tissues uptake; and semi-quantitatively by means of a parameter called SUV (Standardized Uptake Value). To ensure that longitudinal studies acquired on different scanners are interchangeable, and information of quantification is comparable, it is necessary to establish a strategy to harmonize the quantification of SUV. The aim of this study is to evaluate the strategy to harmonize the quantification of PET/CT images, performed with different scanner models and manufacturers. For this purpose, a survey of the technical characteristics of equipment and acquisition protocols of clinical images of different services of PET/CT in the state of Rio Grande do Sul was conducted. For each scanner, the accuracy of SUV quantification, and the Recovery Coefficient (RC) curves were determined, using the reconstruction parameters clinically relevant and available. From these data, harmonized performance specifications among the evaluated scanners were identified, as well as the algorithm that produces, for each one, the most accurate quantification. Finally, the most appropriate reconstruction parameters to harmonize the SUV quantification in each scanner, either regionally or internationally were identified. It was found that the RC values of the analyzed scanners proved to be overestimated by up to 38%, particularly for objects larger than 17mm. These results demonstrate the need for further optimization, through the reconstruction parameters modification, and even the change of the reconstruction algorithm used in each scanner. It was observed that there is a decoupling between the best image for PET/CT qualitative analysis and the best image for quantification studies. Thus, the choice of reconstruction method should be tied to the purpose of the PET/CT study in question, since the same reconstruction algorithm is not adequate, in one scanner, for qualitative

  19. Study and evaluation of radiometry in photo therapeutic treatment of the neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia; Estudo e avaliacao da radiometria no tratamento fototerapico da hiperbilirrubinemia neonatal

    Caly, Jose Pucci


    Phototherapy is a procedure established more than 50 years ago in the treatment of the newborn jaundice. However there is no a standard method to quantify the photo therapeutic dose in published clinical studies, hindering the comparison of previous studies on photo therapeutic effectiveness, as well as the establishment of safe and predictable doses. The photo therapeutic dose depends, among other factors, on the effective mean irradiance produced by the photo therapeutic unit. There are no standard procedures, however, neither to quantify the effective irradiance, nor to estimate the mean effective irradiance. As a consequence, large measurement variations in a same photo therapeutic unit are observed using different commercially available radiometers, as a consequence of the vast diversity of spectral responsivities of the instruments. An objective of this work was to adapt and to apply the bases of the wideband ultraviolet radiometry to quantify the available irradiance from photo therapeutic units, establishing procedures that allow us to compare measured irradiances from different sources, using radiometers presenting different spectral responsivities. Another objective was to characterize samples of photo therapeutic units commonly used, focusing the problem of the estimation of the effective mean irradiance from photo therapeutic units, proposing a method to estimate of the effective irradiance from focused sources. The experimental results allow us to conclude that it is not only necessary to standardize the photo therapeutic radiometry, but also the method of estimation of the effective mean irradiance. (author)

  20. Aplicabilidade do teste de identificação de olfato da Universidade da Pensilvânia (SIT para brasileiros: estudo piloto Applicability of the University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test (SIT in Brazilians: pilot study

    Marco Aurélio Fornazieri


    Full Text Available O teste de identificação do olfato da Universidade da Pensilvânia (SIT é o exame olfatório mais citado na literatura devido a sua fácil aplicação e alta confiabilidade teste-reteste. Ainda não foram normatizados seus valores de olfação normal para a população brasileira. OBJETIVO: Verificar o escore no SIT alcançado por um grupo de brasileiros e o nível de dificuldade encontrado para a execução do teste. FORMA DE ESTUDO: Transversal. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: O SIT foi aplicado a 25 voluntários brasileiros de diversas classes econômicas, sem queixas olfatórias prévias. Após a aplicação do teste, todos preencheram um questionário com uma escala visual analógica (VAS referente ao nível de dificuldade encontrado na realização do teste. RESULTADOS: O escore médio da amostra de brasileiros foi 32,5 (desvio-padrão:3,48 de 40, abaixo do considerado normal para a população americana. O nível de dificuldade médio encontrado foi 26mm (desvio padrão: 24,68 segundo a VAS, tendendo a facilidade, e 4(16% participantes não conheciam algum dos odores escritos nas alternativas. CONCLUSÃO: Nesse estudo piloto, houve indícios de boa aplicabilidade do teste, com o escore dos brasileiros pouco abaixo da normosmia. São necessários estudos futuros para confirmar a existência de diferença de pontuação entre pessoas de diferente classe econômica.The University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test (SIT is the most cited olfactory test in the literature because it is easy to perform and there is high test-retest reliability. There were no standardized olfaction values in a normal Brazilian population. AIM: To measure the SIT score in a group of Brazilians, and to assess the level of difficulty when implementing the test. STUDY DESIGN: A cross-sectional study. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The SIT was applied in 25 Brazilian volunteers of various income levels who presented no olfactory complaints. Following the test, subjects answered

  1. Study of preparation and surface morphology of self-ordered nanoporous alumina; Estudo da preparacao e da morfologia de superficie de alumina nanoporosa auto-organizada

    Rodrigues, Elisa Marchezini; Martins, Maximiliano Delany, E-mail:, E-mail: [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN/CNEN-MG), Belo Horizonte, MG. (Brazil); Silva, Ronald Arreguy, E-mail: [Centro Universitario de Belo Horizonte (UniBH), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    Nanoporous alumina is a typical material that exhibits self-ordered nanochannels spontaneously organized in hexagonal shape. Produced by anodizing of metallic aluminum, it has been used as a template for production of materials at the nanoscale. This work aimed to study the preparation of nanoporous alumina by anodic anodizing of metallic aluminum substrates. The nanoporous alumina was prepared following the methodology proposed by Masuda and Fukuda (1995), a two-step method consisting of anodizing the aluminum sample in the potentiostatic mode, removing the layer of aluminum oxide (alumina) formed and then repeat the anodization process under the same conditions as the first anodization. This method produces nanoporous alumina with narrow pore diameter distribution and well-ordered structure. (author)

  2. Biomecânica ultra-sonográfica da deglutição: estudo preliminar Sonographic evaluation of swallowing biomechanics: a preliminary study

    Cinthya da Silva Lynch


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Verificar, por meio da ultra-sonografia, os parâmetros espaciais do complexo hiolaríngeo na dinâmica da deglutição e a associação entre idade e efeitos. MATERIAIS E MÉTODOS: Neste estudo quantitativo e prospectivo foram incluídos 39 indivíduos sadios, de ambos os gêneros, na faixa etária de 20 a 70 anos (média, 45,56; desvio-padrão, 14,53. Avaliou-se a biomecânica da deglutição correspondente à medida da distância entre a porção superior do osso hióide e a borda superior da cartilagem tireóide, no momento de máxima elevação laríngea. As medidas foram realizadas com a ingestão de alimentos de consistências líquida e pastosa. RESULTADOS: A variação da distância da laringe ao hióide apresentou associação positiva com a idade, somente na deglutição de alimento pastoso, consistência na qual é solicitada maior atividade de propulsão lingual do que nos líquidos. CONCLUSÃO: É possível que o aumento da distância entre o hióide e a laringe, que representa menor elevação laríngea, na deglutição de pastosos, ocorra por efeito do envelhecimento, processo no qual se verifica diminuição de reservas funcionais, mesmo em indivíduos sadios. A ultra-sonografia pode detectar comportamentos relacionados a consistências alimentares, o que mostra sua possível potencialidade diagnóstica na avaliação da deglutição.OBJECTIVE: To evaluate, by means of ultrasonography, the spatial parameters of the hyolaryngeal complex in the deglutition dynamics as well the correlation between age and effects. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The present prospective and quantitative study included 39 healthy men and women in the age range between 20 and 70 years (mean, 45.56; standard deviation, 14.53. The swallowing biomechanics corresponding to the measurement of the distance between the upper portion of the hyoid bone and the upper rim of the thyroid cartilage at the moment of maximum laryngeal elevation was evaluated

  3. Studying the central control of food intake and obesity in rats Estudando em ratos o controle central da ingestão alimentar e a obesidade

    Eliane Beraldi Ribeiro


    Full Text Available The central nervous system regulates energy intake and expenditure through a complex network of neurotransmitters and neuromodulators. It is of great interest to understand the relevance of these systems to the physiological control of energy balance and to the disturbances of obesity. The present paper discusses some of the methods to address this field used at the laboratory of Endocrine Physiology of Universidade Federal de São Paulo. Initially, different experimental models of rat obesity are presented, namely the hypothalamic induced monosodium glutamate model, the Zucker genetic model, and the dietary model. The principles of brain microdialysis are also presented, the technique applied to obtain representative samples of the extracellular fluid of brain sites involved in feeding control. The microdialysate levels of serotonin, an important anorexigenic neurotransmitter, are determined by HPLC with electrochemical detection. The immunoblot technique (Western blot is used to determine hypothalamic levels of proteins relevant to the anorexigenic effect of serotonin and to analyze the acute activation of the insulin signaling cascade in the hypothalamus. The final section addresses the potential applications of proteomics in the study of the central control of feeding.O sistema nervoso central controla a ingestão e o gasto de energia por meio de um complexo circuito de neurotransmissores e neuromoduladores. É de grande interesse entender a relevância fisiológica destes sistemas e o papel que desempenham nos distúrbios da obesidade. No presente artigo, discutem-se alguns dos métodos que têm sido utilizados no laboratório de Fisiologia Endócrina da Universidade Federal de São Paulo, em estudos neste campo. Inicialmente, são apresentados alguns modelos de obesidade experimental em ratos, como a obesidade hipotalâmica induzida por glutamato monossódico, o modelo genético Zucker e também obesidades induzidas por dieta. Comenta

  4. Methodological aspects of the 1993 Pelotas (Brazil birth cohort study Aspectos metodológicos da coorte de nascimentos de 1993 em Pelotas, RS

    Cesar Gomes Victora


    Full Text Available This paper describes the main methodological aspects of a cohort study, with emphasis on its recent phases, which may be relevant to investigators planning to carry out similar studies. In 1993, a population based study was launched in Pelotas, Southern Brazil. All 5,249 newborns delivered in the city's hospitals were enrolled, and sub-samples were visited at the ages of one, three and six months and of one and four years. In 2004-5 it was possible to trace 87.5% of the cohort at the age of 10-12 years. Sub-studies are addressing issues related to oral health, psychological development and mental health, body composition, and ethnography. Birth cohort studies are essential for investigating the early determinants of adult disease and nutritional status, yet few such studies are available from low and middle-income countries where these determinants may differ from those documented in more developed settings.Descrever aspectos metodológicos do estudo da coorte de crianças que podem ser relevantes para pesquisadores que estejam planejando investigações semelhantes. Em 1993, uma coorte de base populacional foi recrutada em Pelotas, RS. Os 5.249 recém-nascidos nos hospitais da cidade foram acompanhados com um, três e seis meses, e com um e quatro anos de idade. Subestudos estão sendo realizados sobre saúde bucal, desenvolvimento psicológico e saúde mental, composição corporal e aspectos etnográficos. Em 2004-5 foi possível entrevistar 87,5% da coorte inicial, com a idade de 10-12 anos. Estudos de coortes de nascimentos são essenciais para investigar os determinantes precoces da morbidade e estado nutricional de adultos. No entanto, há poucos estudos com esta metodologia em países de renda média e baixa, e alguns dos determinantes da situação de saúde podem ser distintos daqueles observados em países ricos.

  5. Differences in self-rated health among older adults according to socioeconomic circumstances: the Bambuí Health and Aging Study Diferenças na estrutura da auto-avaliação da saúde em idosos com diferente situação sócio-econômica: Projeto Bambuí

    Maria Fernanda Lima-Costa


    Full Text Available Self-rated health is influenced by socioeconomic circumstances, but related differences in its structure have received little attention. The objective of this study was to examine whether self-rated health structure differs according to socioeconomic circumstances in later life. The study included 1,505 individuals (86.4% residing in Bambui and aged 60 years or older. Correlates of self-rated health among lower-income older adults (monthly household income A influência da situação sócio-econômica na estrutura da percepção da saúde dos idosos tem recebido pouca atenção. O objetivo foi verificar se a estrutura da percepção da saúde difere em idosos mais pobres em comparação àqueles com melhor poder aquisitivo (renda mensal familiar 2 salários mínimos. O estudo incluiu 1.505 idosos (> 60 anos de idade residentes na cidade de Bambuí, Minas Gerais, Brasil. A satisfação com a rede social surgiu com maior força na estrutura da percepção da saúde entre os mais pobres. Entre esses, sintomas depressivos e ansiosos estavam associados com a auto-avaliação da saúde, ao passo que os idosos com melhor poder aquisitivo apresentavam uma percepção da saúde mais ampla, que incluía sintomas depressivos e ansiosos, insônia, infecção pelo Trypanossoma cruzi, medicamentos utilizados e acesso aos serviços de saúde. Consultas a médicos e hospitalizações apresentaram-se associadas à auto-avaliação da saúde em ambos os grupos. Estes resultados apontam para importantes diferenças na estrutura da percepção da saúde em idosos com menor ou maior renda familiar e reforçam a necessidade de políticas para reduzir as desigualdades em saúde dessa população.

  6. Estudo da biocompatibilidade da blenda de poli(L-ácido láctico/policaprolactona-triol Biocompatibility study of poly(L-acid-lactic/polycaprolactone triol blend

    Mauricio K. Minata


    Full Text Available Polímeros biorreabsorvíveis têm sido estudados para aplicações médicas especialmente nas áreas de ortopedia e traumatologia. Dentre os mais promissores destaca-se o poli(L- ácido láctico, devido a sua elevada resistência e boa biocompatibilidade. Apesar dessas características os dispositivos obtidos a partir do PLLA têm baixa elongação e um caráter hidrofóbico, fatores que dificultam seu emprego em aplicações onde a interação tecido/implante seja um fator importante. O objetivo do trabalho foi obter membranas de PLLA e melhorar suas propriedades pela adição de 10% de poli(e-caprolactone (PCL-triol, um polímero semicristalino. Para isso membranas foram implantadas no tecido subcutâneo de ratos Wistar, e análises histológicas dos segmentos das áreas implantadas foram realizadas nos tempos de 2, 7, 15, 30, 60, 90, 180 dias a fim de se avaliarem as interações polímero/tecido. Não foram observadas respostas inflamatórias exacerbadas em nenhum tempo estudado. Verificou-se a formação de cápsula fibrosa envolvendo a área implantada com presença de fibroblastos, fibrócitos e células gigantes multinucleadas. Concluímos que as membranas de PLLA contendo PCL-triol apresentaram resistência ao processo de degradação, podendo ainda ser observadas após 180 dias de estudo.Bioabsorbable polymers have been studied for medical applications, especially for orthopedics and traumatology area. Among these promising polymers there is great emphasis on Poly (l-lactic acid, PLLA, due to its high strength and good biocompatibility. In spite of these characteristics, the devices obtained from the PLLA have low elongation and a hydrophobic character, which hamper its use in applications in which the tissue/implant interaction is an important factor. The aim of this work is to obtain PLLA membranes and to improve its properties adding 10% of poly (e-caprolactone (PCL-triol, a semicrystalline polymer. For this proposal membranes were

  7. Aplicação da abordagem estatística no contexto da gestão da qualidade: um survey b com indústrias de alimentos de São Paulo Application of statistical approach in the context of quality management: a study in food industries in the state of São Paulo

    Adriana Barbosa Santos


    Full Text Available Nas últimas duas décadas, o crescimento do interesse pela metodologia Seis Sigma intensificou a aplicação da abordagem estatística e de outras abordagens quantitativas com o intuito de melhorar não apenas a qualidade de produtos, serviços e processos, como também aumentar o desempenho organizacional e o processo de tomada de decisão. Este artigo trata da aplicação da abordagem estatística no contexto da gestão da qualidade em indústrias de alimentos de médio e grande porte do Estado de São Paulo com o propósito de: identificar quais ferramentas e técnicas estatísticas são mais amplamente empregadas por indústrias do setor para garantir e controlar a qualidade; avaliar a interdependência entre o sucesso da implementação de programas de qualidade e segurança alimentar como Boas Práticas de Fabricação (BPF e sistema de Análise de Perigos e Pontos Críticos de Controle (APPCC e o uso de estatística; e analisar estimativas do grau de relevância do pensamento estatístico e de seus benefícios como ferramenta de melhoria da qualidade. Um survey exploratório-descritivo foi realizado e os resultados revelaram que a abordagem estatística começa a ser mais valorizada nas indústrias de alimentos pela relevância de seus benefícios assim como já ocorre em outros setores. Há evidências de que a implantação bem sucedida dos programas de segurança alimentar seja uma condição primordial para o uso efetivo de estatística e de outras abordagens quantitativas.Over the last two decades, the increased interest in the Six Sigma methodology has stimulated the use of statistical methods and other quantitative approaches not only to improve product quality, services, and processes, but also for organizational performance and decision making process. This paper examines the application of the statistical approach in the context of quality management in medium and large food industries from São Paulo. The purpose of this paper

  8. Eficácia da laserterapia nas disfunções têmporo-mandibulares: estudo controle Lasertherapy efficacy in temporomandibular disorders: control study

    Thiago de Santana Santos


    Full Text Available A disfunção têmporo-mandibular é caracterizada pela presença de sintomatologia dolorosa articular/muscular na região da face. A principal justificativa do uso do laser da laserterapia na disfunção é seu efeito analgésico, fato observado na maioria dos estudos encontrados na literatura. OBJETIVO: Foi avaliar a eficácia da laserterapia no tratamento das disfunções têmporo-mandibulares. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: 50 voluntários com disfunção têmporo-mandibular foram divididos em dois grupos (controle e experimental tiveram as amplitudes dos movimentos de abertura bucal, lateralidade direita e esquerda registrados, antes e após aplicação do laser. Foi registrada, também, a nota de dor do indivíduo através da escala analógica visual de dor e, através do exame físico, os pontos álgicos. Utilizou-se o laser de AsGaAl com potência de 40mW, com 80J/cm², por 16 segundos, em quatro pontos selecionados por apenas uma sessão com reavaliação após uma semana. Desenho Científico Utilizado: Clínico. RESULTADOS: Notou-se que a laserterapia promoveu aumento da média de amplitude dos movimentos mandibulares (p=0,0317 e houve redução significativa (43,6% da intensidade de dor dos pacientes medida através da escala analógica visual de dor. CONCLUSÕES: A laserterapia promove redução da sintomatologia dolorosa do paciente após a aplicação por ação analgésica e/ou por um efeito placebo.Temporomandibular dysfunction is characterized by the presence of painful joint/muscular symptoms muscle in the face. The main justification for the use of lasers in laser therapy dysfunction is its analgesic effect, which was observed in most studies in the literature. AIM: We evaluated the effectiveness of laser therapy in the treatment of temporomandibular disorders. METHODS: 50 volunteers with temporomandibular disorders were divided into two groups (control and experimental had amplitudes of movements of mouth opening, right and left

  9. Basic studies for the solution of the criticality equation: two groups of energy and one dimension; Estudos basicos para a solucao da equacao da criticalidade - dois grupos de energia e uma dimensao - uso da linguagem Mathcad

    Britto Aghina, L.O. de


    This work collects six basic studies for the numerical solution of the criticality equation for thermal reactors. Use is made of the diffusion theory for two groups of energy and one dimension, applicable to bare reactors, bare equivalent, infinite bare equivalent and reflected reactors. These studies were written in Mathcad 4.0/WIN programming, a practical form for use by the researchers and operators working with the Argonaut Reactor at the Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN). (author). 11 refs, 20 figs, 8 tabs.

  10. Parâmetros para o estudo da sinestesia na música Parameters for the study of synaesthesia in music

    Guilherme Francisco Furtado Bragança


    Full Text Available Estudo sobre a relação entre sinestesia como condição neurológica e a metáfora sinestésica. Propõe-se uma escuta sinestésica do 5º movimento Joie du sang des étoiles de Turangalîla de Olivier Messiaen, seguida de uma análise da relação entre os elementos apontados na escuta sinestésica e a estrutura da obra. A partir desta análise e da fenomenologia, sugere-se a sistematização de categorias sinestésicas, tomando-se a sensação sonora como primária entre as sensações sinestésicas mais comuns.This paper studies the relationship between synaesthesia as a neurological condition and synaesthesic metaphor. It aims at investigating synaesthesia as a way of conscious listening and proposes a synaesthesic listening of the 5th movement Joie du sang des étoiles of Olivier Messiaen's Turangalîla, including an analysis of the relationship between the elements found in the synaesthesic listening and the structure of the work. Relating analysis and phenomenology, it also suggests a systematization of synaesthesics categories, departing from the sound as the primary sensation among the most common sensations.

  11. A construção da identidade em adolescentes: um estudo exploratório Adolescent's identity construction: an exploratory study

    Teresa Helena Schoen-Ferreira


    Full Text Available De acordo com a teoria psicossocial de Erikson, a tarefa mais importante da adolescência é a construção da identidade. Partindo desse pressuposto, este estudo, abrangendo 25 estudantes (de 15 a 17 anos de Ensino Médio, comparou empiricamente informações fornecidas pela GIDS - The Groningen Identity Development Scale (escala que avalia o desenvolvimento de identidade e pelo YSR - Young Self Report (checklist auto-aplicável que rastreia problemas mentais. A maioria dos adolescentes encontrava-se nos estados iniciais no desenvolvimento da identidade: difusão e execução de identidade. Foi ainda observada uma relação significativa do ponto de vista estatístico entre baixo comprometimento e problemas de comportamento.According to Erikson's psychosocial theory, the most important task during adolescence is identity construction. Based on this assertion, this study, undertaken with 25 high school students (15 to 17 years old, compared the Groningen Identity Development Scale (GIDS, a identity evolution scale, with the Youth Self-Report (YSR, a screening mental problems checklist. Most of the teenagers were on two initial identity phases: diffusion and foreclosure. A significant relationship between low commitment and behavior problems was also found.

  12. Tendências européias na graduação e na garantia da qualidade European trends in undergraduate studies and quality assurance

    Hans-Uwe Erichsen


    Full Text Available O texto discute as transformações dos sistemas de educação superior na Europa, a partir do chamado Processo de Bolonha. Na primeira parte, são apresentados e discutidos os "comunicados" assinados pelos ministros de educação europeus que aderiram ao processo que caracteriza a reforma proposta: adoção de um sistema de ensino baseado em três ciclos (bachelor, master e os estudos de doutorado; estabelecimento de um sistema de acumulação e transferência de créditos; promoção da mobilidade; promoção do espaço europeu do ensino superior, entre outros. Na segunda parte, é discutida a avaliação e a acreditação/certificação como meios de desenvolvimento e garantia da qualidade na educação superior. Por fim, trata da questão da educação continuada como um desafio para as instituições de educação superior e uma oportunidade para ampliação do acesso.This text discusses the changes in European higher education systems after the so-called Bologna Process. The first part presents and discusses the "communiqués" signed by European ministers of education who joined the process that characterizes the proposed reform: adoption of an educational system based on three cycles (bachelor, master, and doctoral studies; establishment of a Credit Transfer and Accumulation System; facilitating mobility; creation of the European Space for Higher Education, among others. The second part discusses the evaluation and accreditation/certification as means for development and quality assurance for higher education. Finally, it approaches the issue of continuing education as a challenge to higher education institutions and an opportunity to broaden access.

  13. Inclusão escolar: um estudo acerca da implantação da proposta em escolas de ensino básico Inclusive schooling: a study on the implementation of the proposal in schools of basic education

    Nilza Sanches Tessaro Leonardo


    Full Text Available Este estudo teve por objetivo verificar como estão sendo implantados os projetos de Educação Inclusiva no ensino básico, em escolas públicas e privadas, do interior do Paraná. A amostra da pesquisa foi constituída por dois grupos de professores que possuem em sala de aula alunos com deficiência incluídos: (G1- professores de duas escolas públicas e (G2- professores de duas escolas privadas, totalizando 26 participantes. Foram aplicados questionários, cujos dados foram examinados mediante análise de conteúdo e organizados em categoria. Os resultados obtidos revelaram que, tanto as escolas públicas como as privadas, ainda não possuem infraestrutura adequada para desenvolver projetos inclusivos, principalmente no que diz respeito a recursos humanos. Os profissionais, em sua maioria, mostraram-se sem conhecimento e preparo para lidar com a diversidade dentro da sala de aula. Ademais, em nenhuma das quatro escolas da pesquisa estão sendo aplicadas metodologias ou desenvolvidos recursos didático-pedagógicos adequados às necessidades dos alunos especiais. Assim, as práticas de inclusão escolar apresentam-se de modo restrito e, consequentemente, com poucas condições de realizar um ensino inclusivo de qualidade, negligenciando, desta forma, os direitos dos alunos com deficiência à aprendizagem, ao desenvolvimento e à participação efetiva na sociedade.This paper aimed at verifying how Inclusive Education projects have been implemented in regular education public and private schools located in a small town in the State of Paraná. The research sample was made up of two groups of teachers who have students with disability in their classrooms: (G1- two public school teachers and (G2- two private school teachers with a total of 26 participants. Questionnaires were applied and the results were examined according to content analysis and organized in categories. The results showed that, as yet, neither public nor private schools have

  14. Aspectos culturais na compreensão da periodontite crônica: um estudo qualitativo Cultural aspects in the understanding of chronic periodontitis: a qualitative study

    Sharmênia de Araújo Soares Nuto


    Full Text Available Este artigo teve como objetivo analisar concepções, crenças, atitudes e modelos explicativos para a doença em portadores de periodontite crônica, visando a colaborar na comunicação clínica entre cirurgiões-dentistas e pacientes, e contribuir para a adesão consciente ao tratamento. A amostra da pesquisa constou de vinte pacientes provenientes dos cursos de especialização em periodontia da Universidade de Fortaleza e da Associação Brasileira de Odontologia, em Fortaleza, Ceará, Brasil. A coleta de dados deu-se no período de outubro de 2004 a janeiro de 2005. Referencial metodológico qualitativo foi utilizado para a interpretação da subjetividade dos pacientes. Entrevistas semi-estruturadas foram realizadas no intuito de obter relatos de "experiências vividas" dos doentes. Para a análise temática do discurso, empregaram-se: as categorias empíricas constituídas no próprio estudo, as freqüências simples e os percentuais calculados e o refinamento das classificações por temas. A partir dos relatos examinados, foi possível analisar que os pacientes compreendem o processo saúde-doença periodontal por meio da intermediação do conhecimento popular e científico, do envolvimento das condições de vida e de trabalho e do acesso ao serviço de qualidade, ou seja, eles não incorporam somente o discurso biomédico.This study aimed to analyze the concepts, beliefs, attitudes, and explanatory models related to chronic periodontitis among individuals with this disease in order to facilitate communications between dentists and patients and foster conscientious treatment adherence. The study sample consisted of 20 patients from the Periodontics Specialization Courses at Fortaleza University and the Brazilian Dental Association in Fortaleza, Ceará State. Data were gathered from October 2004 to January 2005. A qualitative methodological framework was used to interpret the patients' subjective expression. Semi-structured interviews

  15. Disruption of the 37-kDa/67-kDa laminin receptor gene in bovine ...

    ... gene encoding for the prion binding site in bovine fetal fibroblasts. The heterozygous BFF are ready to be used in producing homozygous cattle, which will be applied to study the interaction between prion and the 37-kDa/67-kDa LRP/LR. Key words: Prion, PrPC, PrPSc, 37-kDa/67-kDa laminin receptor, gene targeting.

  16. Study of the molecular structure and dynamics of bakelite with neutron cross section measurements; Estudo da estrutura e da dinamica moleculares da baquelite atraves de medidas de secoes de choque para neutrons

    Voi, D L


    The molecular structure and dynamics of calcined bakelite were studied with neutron transmission and scattering cross section measurements. The total cross sections determined were correlated with data obtained with infra-red spectroscopy, elemental analysis and other techniques to get the probable molecular formulae of bakelite. The total cross section determined showed a deviation smaller than 5% from the literature values. The frequency distribution as well as overall experimental results allowed to suggest a structural model like polycyclic hydrocarbons for bakelite calcined at 800{sup 0} C. (F.E.). 65 refs, 31 figs, 5 tabs.

  17. Considerações sobre o uso da epidemiologia nos estudos em saúde ambiental Notes concerning the epidemiologic aspects of environmental health studies

    Volney de Magalhães Câmara


    Full Text Available No Brasil, a Saúde Ambiental incorporou como situações de risco questões como saneamento, água para consumo humano, poluição química, pobreza, eqüidade, condições psicossociais e a necessidade de um desenvolvimento sustentável para preservar as gerações futuras. As metodologias para estudos epidemiológicos e ações de vigilância que dizem respeito à relação da saúde com estas questões são necessariamente mais diversas e complexas do que nas outras áreas da Saúde Coletiva. Neste documento são discutidas as informações sobre as características da exposição e dos efeitos à saúde que constituem os principais substratos para a definição do desenho e da factibilidade dos estudos epidemiológicos voltados para o campo da Saúde Ambiental. Também é enfatizado o uso da Epidemiologia no desenvolvimento de ações de vigilância através da definição de indicadores de saúde para um sistema de informação, e do desenvolvimento de atividades de monitoramento dos impactos das ações de mitigação e controle. Finaliza realçando a necessidade de um trabalho integrado interdisciplinar e intersetorial, os preceitos éticos que devem nortear estes estudos, e as principais características que devem influir na definição dos recursos humanos para a formação das equipes científicas e técnicas.This article emphasizes the fact that epidemiologic studies on the relationship between health and the environment necessarily need more diverse and complex methodologies than other areas of Public Health. This thought also applies to the development of preventive actions and interventions. Information on the characteristics of exposure and outcome is the main substratum that defines the design and feasibility of epidemiologic studies and surveillance actions. Epidemiology also contributes for the methodological elements for risk assessment proposed by institutions that deal with Environmental Health. In this manner, given the

  18. Proposta metodológica para a avaliação da técnica da pedalada de ciclistas: estudo de caso Methodological proposal for evaluation of the pedaling technique of cyclists: a case study

    Fernando Diefenthaeler; Rodrigo Rico Bini; Eduardo Nabinger; Orlando Laitano; Felipe Pivetta Carpes; Carlos Bolli Mota; Antônio Carlos Stringhini Guimarães


    No estudo da biomecânica do ciclismo diversas técnicas têm sido utilizadas para descrever e compreender o movimento da pedalada. O objetivo deste estudo é propor uma metodologia para a avaliação de ciclistas sob o ponto de vista das forças aplicadas no pedal. Um ciclista de elite foi avaliado por meio de um protocolo que consistiu em alterar o selim em quatro diferentes posições (deslocado para cima, para baixo, para frente e para trás) a partir da posição de referência, especificamente, aque...

  19. Study of modification of fibers from pineapple crown for the formation of polymeric composites;Estudo da modificacao da fibra proveniente da coroa de abacaxi para a formacao de compositos polimericos

    Marcon, Juliana S.; Mulinari, Daniella R.; Cioffi, Maria Odila H.; Voorwald, Herman J.C., E-mail: mat07103@feg.unesp.b [Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), Guaratingueta, SP (Brazil)


    Study of modification of fibers from pineapple crown for the formation of polymeric composites An important aspect to make fiber and matrix work together in a given application is the interface between them. For an efficient adherence fiber/matrix an appropriate interfacial contact is required. For this purpose, it was made a modification in the fiber surface using sodium hydroxide solution. And the effect of fibers modification was analyzed by X-Ray diffractometry (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results indicated that occurred an effective increase in the crystallinity of modified fibers compared to natural fibers and that was occurred the formation of pores or holes across the rough surface of the fiber showing that will can occur an increase in effective superficial area for contact with polymeric matrix. (author)

  20. Marketing para promoção de produtos e serviços de informação: estudo de caso da Biblioteca da Presidência da República / Marketing for information products and services promotion: Brasil Republic Presidency Library’ case study

    Sofia Galvão Baptista; Maíra Murrieta Costa; Maria Altair Vilanova Viana Neta


    A aplicação da teoria de marketing como recurso gerencial para bibliotecas e serviços de informação é demonstrada por meio do caso da Biblioteca da Presidência da Republica, com o intuito de confirmar a validade da aplicação dos conceitos de marketing para a área social. Os serviços prestados pela biblioteca foram avaliados para observar o uso das atividades de promoção, relações públicas, merchandising, propaganda, incentivos, atmosfera e outras técnicas de marketing. Foi verificado que a bi...

  1. Sepse Brasil: estudo epidemiológico da sepse em Unidades de Terapia Intensiva brasileiras An epidemiological study of sepsis in Intensive Care Units: Sepsis Brazil study

    João Andrade L. Sales Júnior


    uma elevada mortalidade da sepse nas UTI em nosso país. A mortalidade no choque séptico é uma das mais elevadas no mundo. Nossos pacientes são mais graves e com tempo de internação maior. O momento é muito propício a uma reflexão ainda maior sobre esta doença que é a principal causa de morte nas UTI, haja vista o elevado impacto econômico e social. Precisa-se cada vez mais desenvolver Campanhas de Sobrevivência na Sepse e fazer uso racional, baseado em evidências, dos recursos por ora disponíveis e da forma mais precoce possível.BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Sepsis represents the major cause of death in the ICUs all over the world. Many studies have shown an increasing incidence over time and only a slight reduce in mortality. Many new treatment strategies are arising and we should define the incidence and features of sepsis in Brazil. METHODS: Prospective cohort study in sixty-five hospitals all over Brazil. The patients who were admitted or who developed sepsis during the month of September, 2003 were enrolled. They were followed until the 28th day and/or until their discharge. The diagnoses were made in accordance to the criteria proposed by ACCP/SCCM. It were evaluated demographic features, APACHE II score, SOFA (Sepsis-related Organ Failure Assessment score, mortality, sources of infections, microbiology, morbidities and length of stay (LOS. RESULTS: Seventy-five ICUs from all regions of Brazil took part in the study.3128 patients were identified and 521 (16.7% filled the criteria of sepsis, severe sepsis or septic shock. Mean age was 61.7 (IQR 39-79, 293 (55.7% were males, and the overall 28-day mortality rate was 46.6%. Average APACHE II score was 20 and SOFA score on the first day was 7 (IQR 4-10. SOFA score in the mortality group was higher on day 1 (8, IQR 5-11, and had increased on day 3 (9, IQR 6-12. The mortality rate for sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock was 16.7%, 34.4% and 65.3%, respectively. The average LOS was 15 days (IQR 5

  2. Emprego de coberturas secas no controle da drenagem ácida de mina: estudos em campo Use of dry cover systems to control acid mine drainage: field studies

    Sérgio Luciano Galatto


    Full Text Available No sul catarinense, cristais de pirita associados a rejeitos de beneficiamento de carvão mineral, quando alterados, desencadeiam o processo conhecido como drenagem ácida de mina (DAM. Este trabalho objetivou avaliar a eficiência de três sistemas de coberturas secas sobre estes rejeitos, como uma opção para o controle da DAM. Agentes neutralizantes da DAM como a cinza pesada e o calcário foram misturados com os rejeitos ou dispostos acima destes. Para reduzir a infiltração de água e difusão de oxigênio no meio, foi empregada uma camada de 50 cm de solo silte-argiloso compactado. Os experimentos foram monitorados por um ano, sendo analisados nos lixiviados alguns parâmetros indicadores da DAM, além da presença de bactérias ferro-oxidantes e sulfato-redutoras. Os resultados obtidos indicaram uma boa eficiência na prevenção da DAM de dois dos três sistemas de coberturas pesquisados.In the southern of the Santa Catarina state, the weathering and oxidation of pyrite-containing coal has been the major agent of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD production. The purpose of this study was to verify the efficiency of three different cover systems to inhibit AMD. Experiments were built in field lysimeters with alkaline agents - bottom ash and limestone - placed over or mixed with fresh coal waste. To reduce the water infiltration rates and oxygen diffusion 50 cm of compact mud soil layer was put over waste. The top cover was constituted by 10 cm of the same soil, mixed with bottom ash. During one year, these experiments have been monitored through chemical (pH, Eh, Fe2+, Fe total, Al, Ca, Mg, Zn, Pb and Mn and microbiological (Thiobacilus ferroxidans presence composition of effluents. The results indicated that two of three cover systems employed were efficient on AMD prevention.

  3. Processamento e estudo da estabilidade de pasta de pequi (Caryocar brasiliense Processing and stability study of pequi paste (Caryocar brasiliense

    Aroldo Arévalo-Pinedo


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho de pesquisa teve como objetivo desenvolver um processo de obtenção de pasta de pequi (Caryocar brasiliense para uso culinário e avaliar a sua estabilidade quando acondicionada em embalagens de plástico e de vidro durante 180 dias de armazenamento. O processamento da pasta envolveu: descascamento, retirada da polpa em forma de lascas, obtenção da pasta em liquidificador, acidificação do produto com ácido cítrico até um pH The aim of this paper was to develop a process to obtain a salted and unsalted pequi paste for culinary use and to evaluate its stability when packed in plastic or in glass jars during 180 days of storage. The process included peeling of pequi fruit, pulp cutting, obtain the paste with the use of a blender, acidification of the product with citric acid at a pH < 4,5, addition 10% of NaCl (to avoid the development of deteriorating microorganisms and enzymatic darkening, thermal treatment at 80 ºC during 10 minutes, and hot filling in plastic and glass jars. The final product was submitted to microbiological and physicochemical analysis of the pH values and acidity and color evaluation. The results showed what the acidification with citric acid and hot filling process was effective to establish commercial sterility to the pequi paste in glass jars during a four-month period. The paste was more stable when packed in glass jars than in plastic jars with respect to microbiological and physicochemical analysis and color degradation during the four-month period.

  4. Aplicação da análise estatística multivariada no estudo da qualidade da água do Rio Pomba, MG Application of multivariate statistical analysis in the study of water quality in the Pomba River (MG

    Hugo A. S. Guedes


    Full Text Available RESUMO O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a qualidade da água e identificar os grupos de poluição presentes no médio Rio Pomba, por meio de técnica estatística multivariada. Duas campanhas no período de out/2008 a jan/2009 foram realizadas em nove pontos georreferenciados, localizados ao longo do médio Rio Pomba, compreendendo a análise de 18 variáveis de qualidade de água. A técnica estatística multivariada por meio da aplicação da análise fatorial/análise de componentes principais promoveu a redução no número de variáveis de qualidade de água, uma vez que o melhor comportamento das variáveis ocorreu com a inclusão de 15 das 18 variáveis analisadas. Pelo emprego da análise fatorial/análise de componentes principais identificou-se que o melhor comportamento das variáveis de qualidade das águas do médio Rio Pomba foi aquele composto por três fatores, explicando 74,30% da variância total. As variações na qualidade da água no médio Rio Pomba foram definidas por um grupo de nutrientes associado ao esgoto doméstico e à poluição difusa; por um grupo orgânico, causado pelo lançamento de esgoto doméstico no curso de água e por um grupo de sólidos em suspensão, expressando o processo de erosão hídrica na bacia.ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to evaluate the water quality and identify groups of pollution in the Middle Pomba River through multivariate statistical technique. There were two campaigns from Oct/2008 to Jan/2009 in nine geo-referenced points along the Middle Pomba River including the analysis of 18 variables of water quality. The multivariate statistical technique, through the application of factor analysis/principal component analysis, caused a decrease in the number of variables of water quality, since the best performance of the variables occurred with the inclusion of 15 of the 18 variables. By the use of factor analysis/principal components analysis, it was found that the best behavior of

  5. Evapotranspiração da cultura da cebola

    G. M. Oliveira


    Full Text Available A determinação da quantidade de água necessária para as culturas é um dos principais fatores para o correto planejamento, dimensionamento e manejo de qualquer sistema de irrigação. O presente trabalho teve como objetivo, comparar medida da evapotranspiração da cultura (ETc da cebola com estimativa obtida a partir da evapotranspiração de referência (ETo determinada por diferentes métodos e Kc proposto na literatura. O experimento foi conduzido no campo experimental do Departamento de Tecnologia e Ciências Sociais da Universidade do Estado da Bahia - UNEB, em Juazeiro, no período de junho a setembro de 2011. As medidas da ETc foram obtidas em evapotranspirômetros e as estimativas, a partir de ETo determinada pelos métodos: Penman-Monteith (padrão FAO, Penman-Monteith modificado por Villa Nova et al. (2004, Hargreaves & Samani, Makkink e Jensen & Haise e Kc proposto por Marouelli et al. (2005, para a cultura da cebola. É fundamental a avaliação de métodos de estimativa da evapotranspiração de referência antes de sua aplicação, pois erros consideráveis podem ser cometidos na determinação da quantidade de água a ser aplicada a uma cultura, o que repercutirá certamente, na produtividade.Evapotranspiration crop onionAbstract: The determination of the amount of water needed for crops is a major factor for the correct planning, sizing and management of any irrigation system. This study aimed to compare measure of crop evapotranspiration (ETc onion with estimates obtained from the reference evapotranspiration (ETo determined by different methods and Kc proposed in the literature. The experiment was conducted in the experimental field of the Department of Technology and Social Sciences, University of the State of Bahia, in Juazeiro, from June to September 2011. The ETc measurements were obtained in evapotranspirometers and estimates, from ETo determined by the methods: Penman-Monteith (FAO standard, Penman-Monteith modified

  6. Technological development of 40mg furosemide tablets: equivalence and bioavaibility study in dogs Desenvolvimento tecnológico da furosemida comprimido (40mg: estudo da equivalência e biodisponibilidade em cães

    Ednaldo Q. Lima


    Full Text Available Furosemide (40mg was administered to 20 street dogs, 10 males and 10 females, in two different pharmaceutical forms: (1 compressed furosemide 40mg formulated at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE-tablet, and (2 a commercial formulation with equal bioequivalence produced by the Laboratory for Pharmaceutical Technology of Pernambuco State (LAFEPE, the LAFEPE-furosemide. The study aimed to evaluate the kinetics of dissolution of the UFPE-tablet in order to analyze the behavior of bioavailability of the best formulation for veterinary use. The plasmatic concentrations of furosemide for the determination of parameters of pharmacological kinetics were analyzed by high-performance liquid chromatographic method (HPLC. The in vitro study accomplished through physiochemical analyses demonstrated that the formulas of the furosemide tablets attained the pharmaceutical requirements in agreement with USP 23 and the Brazilian Pharmacopoeia. The evaluation accomplished in dogs with UFPE-tablets given in only dose demonstrated uniformity in blood levels indicating stability in maintenance of the pharmaceutical formulation and efficiency in absorption of the active compound. These values are not significantly different in relation to the 5% confidence limit. Regarding maximum concentration (Tmax time and global bioavaibility assessed by AUC means, there were no considerable differences as well. UFPE-furosemide displayed 743.492µg/mL.h as AUC average value whereas LAFEPE-furosemide had an average of 537.284µg/mL.h.Furosemida (40mg foi administrada a 20 cães de rua (cães SRD, 10 machos e 10 fêmeas, em duas formas farmacêuicas distintas: (1 furosemida comprimido 40mg formulada na Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE-comprimido e (2 uma formulação comercial bioequivalente produzida pelo Laboratório de Tecnologia Farmacêutica do Estado de Pernambuco (LAFEPE-furosemida. O estudo objetivou avaliar a cinética de dissolução do UFPE-comprimido para

  7. Comparative study of antibacterial and antifugal activity of callus culture and adult plants extracts from Alternanthera maritima (Amaranthaceae Estudo comparativo da atividade antibacteriana e antifúngica de extratos obtidos da cultura de calos e da planta adulta de Alternanthera maritima (Amaranthaceae

    Marcos J. Salvador


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate the antibacterial and antifungal activity of callus culture (two different hormonal combination culture medium and adult plants (two collect extracts from Alternanthera maritima (Amaranthaceae investigating the maintenance of antimicrobial activity in vivo and in vitro. The antibacterial and antifungal activity was determined by the agar-well diffusion method against thirty strains of microorganisms including Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, yeasts and dermatophytes. All the organic crude extracts studied were bioactive. Extracts of aerial parts and roots of adult plants collected during the same period of years of 1995 and 1998 (Restinga de Maricá (RJ, collect 1 and 2 inhibited the growth of several microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts and dermatophytes with inhibition halo between 6 and 20 mm. Plant cell callus culture extracts obtained from two culture conditions were also bioactive. Thus, the positive results suggest that the A. maritima extracts should be further studied to determine the bioactive chemical compounds as well as to understand the possible mechanisms of action and evaluate their toxicity looking toward a pharmaceutical employment.Neste estudo procedeu-se a avaliação da atividade antibacteriana e antifúngica dos extratos brutos de Alternanthera maritima (Amaranthaceae planta in natura de duas coletas distintas e obtidos por cultura de células buscando-se averiguar a manutenção da atividade antimicrobiana dos extratos obtidos da planta in vivo e in vitro. A ação antibacteriana e antifúngica foi determinada pelo método de difusão em ágar (técnica do poço utilizando-se trinta cepas de microrganismos indicadores (bactérias Gram-positivas e Gram-negativas, leveduras e dermatófitos. Todos os extratos obtidos com solventes orgânicos avaliados apresentaram-se bioativos com halos de inibição de 6 a 20 mm. Os extratos da planta in natura das duas coletas (Restinga de Marica

  8. Efeito da acupuntura na melhora da dor, sono e qualidade de vida em pacientes fibromiálgicos: estudo preliminar Effect of acupuncture on pain, sleep and quality of life improvement in fibromyalgia patients: preliminary study

    Raymond S. Takiguchi


    Full Text Available A fibromialgia é uma síndrome definida por dor crônica generalizada e em pelo menos 11 dos 18 tender points, pontos dolorosos específicos. Este ensaio clínico randômico visou verificar a eficácia da acupuntura na melhora da dor, sono e qualidade de vida de pacientes fibromiálgicas. Dentre 20 mulheres com média de idade 44 anos, com diagnóstico de fibromialgia segundo critérios do Colégio Americano de Reumatologia, finalizaram o estudo 12, distribuídas aleatoriamente em dois grupos: A (GA, n=5, que recebeu acupuntura segundo a medicina tradicional chinesa; e B (GB, n=7, que teve a inserção de agulhas nos tender points base do occipital, trapézio, supraespinhoso e epicôndilo lateral. A dor foi avaliada por escala visual analógica e dolorimetria; o sono, pelo Inventário do Sono; e a qualidade de vida, pelo Questionário de Impacto da Fibromialgia (QIF. Os grupos receberam acupuntura uma vez por semana, durante oito semanas, com inserção de oito agulhas por 25 minutos. Os dados foram tratados estatisticamente, adotando-se o nível de significância ±=0,05. No GA, houve melhora estatisticamente significante do sono; e no GB, na dor, limiar de dor nos tender points, no sono e nos itens do QIF dor, cansaço matinal, ansiedade e depressão (pFibromyalgia is a syndrome defined by chronic widespread pain and sensitivity to pressure at at least 11 of 18 tender points. The aim of this random blind clinical trial was to assess the effectiveness of acupuncture on pain relief, on quality of sleep and life in fibromyalgia patients. From 20 female fibromyalgic patients (diagnosed according to the American College of Rheumatology, mean aged 44 years, 12 completed the study, randomly assigned into two groups: group A (GA, n=5 received acupuncture according to the traditional Chinese medicine; and group B (GB, n=7 received acupuncture at eight tender points: at the occiput, trapezius muscle, supraspinatus muscle, and lateral epicondyle. Pain

  9. Impacto dos praguicidas na saúde: estudo da cultura de tomate Pesticide impact on health: a study of tomato cultivation

    Adélia CP Araújo


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: A presença de resíduos de praguicidas em alimentos, somada à contaminação da água, oferece risco para a população em geral e representa, sem dúvida, um grande problema de saúde pública no Brasil. Com o objetivo de obter melhor conhecimento da situação, foi estudada a utilização de praguicidas em tomates produzidos no Estado de Pernambuco. MÉTODOS: Foram aplicados questionários semi-estruturados para obtenção de informações socioambientais e de morbidade referida aos trabalhadores rurais, durante a safra de tomates. Foram selecionadas seis propriedades, localizadas em duas regiões produtoras do agreste pernambucano. O total de entrevistados foi de 186. RESULTADOS/CONCLUSÕES: Ficou constatado que as duas regiões estudadas carecem, indiscriminadamente, de ações que visem à proteção da saúde dos trabalhadores rurais, que lidam com os praguicidas, e de medidas contra os danos para o meio ambiente, que se encontra gravemente comprometido.OBJECTIVE: In addition to water contamination, the presence of pesticide residues in food poses a risk to the population, being a serious public health problem in Brazil. With the purpose of getting a better understanding of this scenario, the use of pesticides in tomate crops in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil, was studied. METHODS: Questionnaires were applied to obtain social and environmental information as well as morbidity rates and additional data on rural workers involved in tomato plantations in two regions of Pernambuco, Brazil. RESULTS/CONCLUSIONS: The results obtained in the two studied regions show that there is a lack effective policies to both protect the health of rural workers who have to deal with pesticides and the environment which has already been severely damaged.

  10. A prospective, single-arm study on the use of the da Vinci® Table Motion with the Trumpf TS7000dV operating table.

    Morelli, Luca; Palmeri, Matteo; Simoncini, Tommaso; Cela, Vito; Perutelli, Alessandra; Selli, Cesare; Buccianti, Piero; Francesca, Francesco; Cecchi, Massimo; Zirafa, Cristina; Bastiani, Luca; Cuschieri, Alfred; Melfi, Franca


    The da Vinci® Table Motion (dVTM) comprises a combination of a unique operating table (Trumpf Medical™ TruSystem® 7000dV) capable of isocenter motion connected wirelessly with the da Vinci Xi® robotic platform, thereby enabling patients to be repositioned without removal of instruments and or undocking the robot. Between May 2015 to October 2015, the first human use of dVTM was carried out in this prospective, single-arm, post-market study in the EU, for which 40 patients from general surgery (GS), urology (U), or gynecology (G) were enrolled prospectively. Primary endpoints of the study were dVTM feasibility, efficacy, and safety. Surgeons from the three specialties obtained targeting success and the required table positioning in all cases. Table movement/repositioning was necessary to gain exposure of the operating field in 106/116 table moves (91.3%), change target in 2/116 table moves (1.7%), achieve hemodynamic relief in 4/116 table moves (3.5%), and improve external access for tumor removal in 4/116 table moves (3.5%). There was a significantly higher use of tilt and tilt plus Trendelenburg in GS group (GS vs. U p = 0.055 and GS vs. G p = 0.054). There were no dVTM safety-related or adverse events. The dVTM with TruSystem 7000dV operating table in wireless communication with the da Vinci Xi is a perfectly safe and effective synergistic combination, which allows repositioning of the patient whenever needed without imposing any delay in the execution of the operation. Moreover, it is helpful in avoiding extreme positions and enables the anesthesiologist to provide immediate and effective hemodynamic relief to the patient when needed.

  11. Saúde perinatal: metodologia e características da população estudada Perinatal health: methodology and some characteristics of the population studied

    Heloisa Bettiol


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Descrever os procedimentos metodológicos e algumas características demógrafo-sociais e da atenção médica da população estudada em um projeto de pesquisa em saúde perinatal realizado no Município de Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brasil, em 1994, visando a realizar comparações históricas com indicadores de saúde materno-infantil. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Entre junho de 1978 e maio de 1979 foram estudados todos os nascimentos hospitalares de Ribeirão Preto através de entrevistas com as mães, onde eram obtidos dados sobre hábitos maternos e paternos, situação social da família, atenção médica à gestação e parto, duração da gestação e dados antropométricos e de mortalidade dos recém-nascidos. Em 1994 foi realizado novo estudo com metodologia semelhante, sendo coletados dados de uma amostra de 1/3 dos nascimentos ocorridos no município naquele ano (todos os nascimentos hospitalares observados num período de 4 meses, e também a mortalidade desse grupo até um ano após o encerramento da coleta de dados do nascimento. As entrevistas eram realizadas após o parto, e o peso e comprimento da criança eram aferidos logo após o nascimento. A mortalidade infantil foi avaliada através do levantamento de todos os óbitos de crianças nascidas durante o período do projeto até um ano após seu encerramento. RESULTADOS: Foram analisados 3.663 nascimentos, dos quais 3.579 eram nascimentos únicos; destes, 2.846 eram procedentes do município estudado. Quando comparados com os dados do estudo anterior, verifica-se que houve aumento da freqüência de alguns indicadores como mães adolescentes, prematuridade, baixo peso ao nascer e parto cesáreo; por outro lado, houve diminuição da metade da mortalidade infantil e seus componentes.OBJECTIVE: To describe the methodological procedures and some sociodemographic and medical care characteristics of the population studied in a research project on perinatal health developed in the

  12. Filosofia da análise da estabilidade da liquidez

    Rodrigo Antônio Chaves da Silva


    Full Text Available A informação foi considerada finalidade de nosso conhecimento, até o período em os pensadores e pesquisadores da contabilidade passaram a raciocinar sobre o conteúdo e o significado dos informes. Nesta busca da razão sobre os estados patrimoniais, surgiu a análise contábil que procura por meio de relações e identidades, o significado da dinâmica expressa da estaticamente na informação. O primeiro aspecto que surgiu no objeto de análise foi o estudo da liquidez, que é um dos principais exercícios do patrimônio. A estabilidade também é outro exercício básico e imprescindível, pois este é que promove o equilíbrio do organismo administrativo. A ciência contábil após a sua dignidade científica passou a trilhar caminhos esplendorosos, amparados em doutrina que permite alcançar os píncaros filosóficos. Os estudos concernentes aos aspectos de interação da estabilidade na liquidez são, complexos e somente com os recursos filosóficos da contabilidade se pode estudá-los com o panorama holístico e sublime. A filosofia da contabilidade não é alheia às suas práticas tecnológicas, podendo buscar pontos sublimes de panoramas abrangentes, para o estudo analítico da liquidez e estabilidade, observando todas as dimensionalidades e essencialidades de acontecimentos, na comprovação e orientação dos estados de ineficácia e eficácia patrimonial.

  13. Indicadores ambientais para o estudo da contribuição da bioengenharia na sucessão ecológica da Mata Ciliar na margem direita do Rio São Francisco - ENVIRONMENTAL INDICATORS FOR THE STUDY OF THE CONTRIBUTION OF BIOENGINEERING IN ECOLOGICAL SUCCESSION OF FOREST IN CILIARY MARGIN RIGHT OF SÃO FRANCISCO RIVER

    Luisa Ferreira Ribeiro


    Full Text Available O maior problema ambiental que se destaca no rio São Francisco é a erosão, tais conseqüências ambientais são fornecidas entre elas o aumento da turbidez nos corpos hídricos, perda da área produtiva e assoreamento do rio devido à devastação das matas ciliares, o que acarreta a diminuição da biodiversidade na região. No processo de contenção da erosão, é necessário ser feito um estudo da mata ciliar, uma vez que a mesma pode auxiliar na contenção da erosão, preservando a integridade do solo contra os efeitos danosos da erosão. A utilização de indicadores para o estudo da sucessão ecológica de espécies de mata ciliar na margem direita do rio São Francisco oferece uma melhor compreensão e dimensão do problema que atinge a área. O presente trabalho tem por objetivo a construção de indicadores ambientais como ferramenta para uma melhor compreensão da contribuição da bioengenharia na sucessão ecológica na margem direita do Rio São Francisco. A identificação de indicadores ambientais para o estudo do sistema “contribuição da bioengenharia na sucessão ecológica da mata ciliar no Baixo São Francisco”, mostrou-se como uma ferramenta de grande importância para uma melhor compreensão do sistema, permitindo práticas de recuperação mais viáveis.

  14. A relação interdisciplinar entre a ciência da informação e a ciência da comunicação: o estudo da informação e do conhecimento na biblioteconomia e no jornalismo / The interdiciplinary relationship between information science and communication science: the study of information and knowledge in librarianship and journalism

    Sandryne Bernardino Barreto Januário


    Full Text Available Trata da relação interdisciplinar entre a Ciência da Informação e a Ciência da Comunicação, através do estudo dos “objetos” informação e conhecimento em duas de suas áreas, a Biblioteconomia e o Jornalismo, respectivamente. Analisa ainda aspectos semelhantes e diferentes dos objetos nas áreas das Ciências.

  15. An optimized animal model for partial and total skin thickness burns studies Um modelo animal aperfeiçoado para estudo de queimaduras superficiais e profundas da pele

    Ana Paula Bomfim Soares Campelo


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: Development of an improved animal model for studying skin burns in rats. METHODS: Twenty-four male Wistar rats were randomly assigned to four groups (n=6: G1-Control, G2- T100°C, G3-T150°C and G4-T200°C. Two 10 x 10 mm squares were outlined with a sterile surgical marker on each side and along the vertebral column using a prepared template positioned between the anterior and posterior limbs. G2-G4 rats were subjected to 100°C, 150°C and 200ºC thermal burns, respectively. G1 rats served as controls. Burns were inflicted by applying a copper plate connected to an electronic temperature controlling device to the dorsal skin of anesthetized rats. Four burns were produced on each animal (total area: 4 cm²/animal leaving about 1 cm of undamaged skin between burn areas. Analgesia was administered during 24 h after burn injury by adding 30 mg codeine phosphate hemihydrate to 500 ml tap water. RESULTS: The application of 100°C and 150ºC resulted in partial thickness skin burns with central reepithelialization of the burned area only at 100°C. In G4 group the whole thickness of the skin was injured without central reepithelialization. However, there was marginal reepithelialization in all groups. CONCLUSION: The model studied is inexpensive and easily reproducible, enabling the achievement of controlled burns with partial or total impairment of the skin in experimental animals.OBJETIVO: Desenvolvimento de um modelo animal aperfeiçoado para estudo de queimaduras cutâneas em ratos. MÉTODOS: Vinte e quatro ratos Wistar, machos, foram distribuídos aleatoriamente em quatro grupos (n=6: G1-Controle, G2-T100°C, G3-T150°C e G4-T200°C. Dois quadrados medindo 10x10 mm foram delineados com um marcador cirúrgico estéril em cada lado e ao longo da coluna vertebral e posicionados entre os membros anteriores e posteriores, utilizando um molde previamente preparado. Os ratos dos grupos G2-G4 foram submetidos a queimaduras térmicas de 100

  16. Estudo comparativo entre dois métodos de medida da distância interpupilar Comparative study between two measurement methods of interpupillary distance

    Daniela Vieira Roehe


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: O objetivo do estudo é realizar as medidas da Distância Interpupilar (DIP entre a régua milimetrada e o autorrefrator e comparar os resultados entre si. MÉTODOS: Cento e trinta e cinco pacientes foram submetidos à avaliação da DIP. Cada paciente foi examinado pelo mesmo examinador, com dois métodos: régua milimetrada e autorrefrator. RESULTADOS: Houve boa concordância entre as medidas apuradas pelos dois métodos, não apresentando diferença estatísticamente significante entre as médias e variabilidades. CONCLUSÃO: A inexatidão presente no método da régua milimetrada pode responder pelos casos com diferenças clinicamente significantes, porém proporcionalmente estes casos não invalidam a reprodutibilidade do autorrefrator.PURPOSE: There are several methods to measure the Interpupilary Distance (IPD, but the method used in most office is the milimetric ruler. Currently, the autorrefractor is used routinely to find for the subjective evaluation of the refractive error, but the IPD from the autorrefractor is often not compared with the traditional method of measurement.The objective of the study is to achieve the measures of IPD between the two methods and compare the results with each other. METHODS: One hundred and thirty-five patients underwent the assessment of the DIP. Each patient was examined by the same examiner, with two methods: milimetric ruler and autorrefractor. RESULTS: There was good agreement between the measures cleared by the two methods, showing no statistically significant difference between mean and variability. CONCLUSION: The inaccuracy in the method of the present milimetric ruler can answer the cases with clinically significant differences, however proportionately these cases do not invalidate the reproducibility of the autorrefractor.

  17. [A Paired Case Controlled Study Comparing the Short-term Outcomes of Da Vinci RATS and VATS Approach for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer].

    Dai, Feng; Xu, Shiguang; Xu, Wei; Ding, Renquan; Liu, Bo; Meng, Hao; Kang, Yunteng; Meng, Xiangrui; Lin, Jie; Wang, Shumin


    Da Vinci Surgical System is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, which represents the development direction of the precise minimally invasive surgical techniques, the aim of this study was to comparing the short-term outcomes between da Vinci robot-assisted lobectomy and video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) lobectomy for non-small cell lung cancer. 45 pairs of non-small cell lung cancer patients underwent pulmonary lobectomy with da Vinci Robotic assisted thoracoscopic (RATS) and VATS approach during the same period from January 2014 to January 2017. The operative time, estimated blood loss (EBL), total number and total groups of dissected lymph nodes, postoperative duration of drainage, the first day volume of drainage, total volume of drainage were compared. No perioperative death and convertion to thoracotomy occured in both groups. There were significant difference between RATS group and VATS group in EBL [(50.30±32.33) mL vs (208.60±132.63) mL], the first day volume of drainage [(275.00±145.42) mL vs (347.60±125.80) mL], the dissected total number [(22.67±9.67) vs (15.51±5.41)] and total team [(6.31±1.43) vs (4.91±1.04)] of lymph node. There were no significant difference in other outcomes. RATS is safe and effective and took better short-outcomes than VATS in non-small cell lung cancer.


    Suelene Silva Oliveira


    Full Text Available RESUMO O trabalho “Dêixis e pragmática: um estudo da linguagem em contexto” tem como objetivo geral verificar os fenômenos dêiticos numa perspectiva pragmática. Primeiramente, definimos dêixis e abordamos noções gerais dos processos referenciais. Em seguida, com base em pesquisas de alguns teóricos, dentre os quais destacamos Levinson (2007, Fillmore (1971 e Cavalcante (2000, 2001, 2005 e 2008, apresentamos a tipologia da dêixis e suas funções. Por fim, há uma análise na qual verificamos os casos de dêiticos temporais e espaciais que possuem um caráter híbrido (apontam e retomam e, em destaque, as ocorrências em que o elemento dêitico, embora não mencionado por meio de uma expressão marcada no enunciado, é recuperado mediante processo de cooperação entre os participantes da situação comunicativa. ABSTRACT The work “Deixis and pragmatics: a language study in context” aims to verify the deictic phenomena in a pragmatic perspective. First, we define deixis and approach general concepts of referential processes. After, according to Levinson (2007, Fillmore (1971 and Cavalcante (2000, 2001, 2005 and 2008, we present the Deixis typology and its functions. In conclusion, there is an analysis in which we verify the cases of temporal and spatial deictics which have a hybrid character (point and return and, in particular, the events in which the deictic element, although not mentioned by an expression marked in the linguistic utterance, is recovered through a process of cooperation between the participants in the communicative situation.

  19. O cargo público de livre provimento na organização da administração pública federal brasileira: uma introdução ao estudo da organização da direção pública na perspectiva de estudos organizacionais Public position filled by appointment in the Brazilian federal administration: an introduction to the study of public management organization from the organizational studies perspective

    Leonor Moreira Câmara


    Full Text Available A organização da administração pública federal brasileira é raramente abordada na pesquisa no campo de estudos organizacionais (EOs. Privilegia-se a tomada de decisão, seguindo-se a tradição de pesquisa operacional de cunho funcionalista. Contudo, direção é mais complexa e inclui decisão. A direção na administração pública federal brasileira se dá exclusivamente por meio de cargos de livre provimento. Tal realidade permite entender a direção como ação eminentemente política, cristalizada na organização da administração pública. Este artigo possui caráter metodológico e demonstra que o cargo público de livre provimento possui centralidade na organização da administração pública federal brasileira. Identifica, ainda, práticas de operação e interações no exercício da direção pública.The organization of the Brazilian federal public administration is seldom addressed by organizational studies (OS research. The decision-making process is privileged, according to the tradition of functionalist operational research. However, managing is more complex than decision-making, which is included by it. Management level in Brazilian federal public administration is completely filled by appointment. This reality makes us understand management as an utterly political action, crystallized in the public administration organization. This article has a methodological perspective and demonstrates that public positions filled by appointment are central to the Brazilian federal public administration,. It also identifies practices and interactions of public management.

  20. a solution through Praxis? reflections about the Ivory Tower metaphor and the indissociability between theory and practice in organizational studies / Uma saída pela Práxis ? reflexões sobre a metáfora da Torre de Marfim e a indissociabilidade entre a teoria e a prática nos estudos organizacionais

    Valderí de Castro Alcântara


    Full Text Available Purpose: The aim of the current study is to use the Ivory Tower metaphor to discuss and question the false dichotomy between theory and practice, as well as the insufficient pragmatic and performative solution towards the market logic, and to problematize the concept of praxis as a possibility through critical approaches. Originality/gap/relevance/implications: 1. the Ivory Tower demonstrates the existence of a gap in the relation between theory and practice; 2. the essay is conducted according to critical approaches; 3. the Critical Theory has the potential to deconstruct the assigned and socially constructed meanings of the Ivory Tower. Key methodological aspects: This is a theoretical essay that dialectically explores the Ivory Tower metaphor. Summary of key results: 1. the organizational science linked to the instrumental logic makes no place for praxis; 2. the Traditional Theory does not allow thinking about the relation between theory and practice through praxis, because it polarizes such categories and gives primacy to practice by demanding performance and productivity from theory; 3. based on the Ivory Tower metaphor, it is necessary to make criticisms for the sake of praxis and not for the sake of the practice understood just as technical and instrumental utility. Key considerations/conclusions: We pursuit solutions to remove the dichotomies that take the dialectical nature away from reality; it is necessary (reconstructing new ways to get in and out of the tower on behalf of emancipation, in the permanent and inseparable relation between theory and practice. Objetivo: Por meio da metáfora da Torre de Marfim buscamos discutir e questionar a falsa dicotomia entre a teoria e a prática, além da insuficiente saída pragmática e performática na direção da lógica do mercado para no fim problematizar o conceito de práxis como possibilidade mediante abordagens críticas. Originalidade/Lacuna/Relevância/Implicações: (a A Torre de

  1. Tertiary windings in power transformers: advantages and disadvantages of their utilization; Enrolamentos terciarios em transformadores de potencia: vantagens e desvantagens de sua utilizacao

    Vaccari, Francisco; Alferes, Paulo J.; Etrusco, Wellington M.; Miranda, Rubens Nelson; Komukai, Oscar S.; Laudanna, Paulo R.; Santos, Marcos A. dos; Brito, Joao C.Costa; Melao, Claudio G.; Junqueira Filho, Ary; Mori, Tosio [Companhia Energetica de Sao Paulo (CESP), SP (Brazil)


    Problems related to tertiary of some CESP, an electric power company of Sao Paulo state - Southeast Brazil, large scale transformers lead to reevaluation of the need of such windings in future acquisition of such equipment, as well as analyse the consequences of the opening of the tertiary windings in the operating transformers units. Therefore several studies were performed, which are presented in this work 5 figs., 6 tabs., 7 refs.

  2. Estudo epidemiológico da entorse de tornozelo em atletas de voleibol de alto rendimento Ankle sprains in volleyball high-performance athletes: an epidemiological study

    Carlos Rodrigo do Nascimento Fortes


    Full Text Available O objetivo desta pesquisa foi caracterizar o último episódio de entorse de tornozelo em atletas de voleibol de alto rendimento. Participaram inicialmente deste estudo, entre os meses janeiro de 2003 e março de 2004, 114 atletas, do sexo masculino, atuantes na categoria adulta de 9 equipes, todas participantes da Divisão Especial ou Primeira Divisão do Campeonato Paulista de Voleibol. Dos 114 atletas inicialmente analisados, 21 relataram não ter sofrido nenhuma lesão nos tornozelos, portanto, seguindo os critérios de exclusão, foram analisados 93 episódios de última entorse de tornozelo de 93 atletas. Os mesmos foram entrevistados de maneira oral e individual pelo pesquisador executante, seguindo a seqüência do questionário pré-estabelecido. Foi encontrada diferença significante na correlação entre a fase da competição e a causa da entorse bem como na relação entre a posição de atuação do atleta e o fundamento realizado no momento da lesão. A posição oposto foi a mais acometida e o fundamento bloqueio foi o que mais ocasionou entorses.The purpose of this research is to characterize the most recent ankle sprain episode occurred with volleyball high performance athletes. From January 2003 to March 2004, 114 male athletes from 9 adult category teams of the Special and First Division of São Paulo State Volleyball Championship were included on this study. From the 114 athletes assessed, 21 have reported no ankle sprains, therefore, by following the exclusion criteria, the last 93 episodes of ankle sprain from 93 athletes were assessed. They have been individually interviewed by the researcher, following a pre-established sequence of the questionnaire. A significant difference was found in the correlation between the competition phase and the ankle sprain cause, as well as for the correlation between the athlete's acting position and the movement made at the injury moment. The opposite position was the most affected and

  3. Estudo experimental do sequenciamento das manobras da ligamentotaxia na descompressão do canal vertebral Experimental study of ligamentotaxis maneuvers sequencing in vertebral canal decompression

    Ilton José Carrilho de Castro


    Full Text Available A descompressão do canal vertebral, para aliviar as estruturas nervosas, pode ser realizada por meio da ligamentotaxia. O objetivo foi analisar a influência da seqüência de realização da ligamentotaxia sobre a descompressão do canal vertebral. Foram utilizados segmentos de vértebras de suínos (Landrace. Um equipamento especialmente desenvolvido foi utilizado para produção de fratura do tipo explosão. Após a tomografia computadorizada, 10 espécimes que melhores apresentavam fraturas do tipo explosão foram fixados com fixador interno (Synthes. Foram formados dois grupos. No primeiro (n=5 foi realizada a lordose e depois a distração. Posteriormente, foram submetidos à nova compressão por meio de morsa até o retorno da fratura à posição inicial, a seguir foram novamente submetidos à distração e lordose. No segundo grupo (n=5 foi realizada a distração e depois a lordose. Após cada manobra era realizado o exame tomográfico para medir o diâmetro do canal vertebral. Os deslocamentos dos fragmentos dos corpos vertebrais fraturados foram mensurados e comparados utilizando t de Student (pVertebral canal decompression, intended to provide relief to nervous structures, may be performed by means of legamentotaxis. The objective of this study was to assess the influence of the ligamentotaxis sequence on vertebral canal decompression. Vertebral segments of Landrace swine specimens were used. A device especially developed for producing a burst-type fracture was employed. Subsequently to the computerized tomography scan, 10 specimens that best showed a burst-type fracture were fixated with internal fixator (Synthes. Two groups were formed. On the first group (n=5, lordosis followed by distraction were performed. Then, they were submitted to distraction and lordosis. On the second group (n=5, distraction was provided first, and then lordosis was performed. After each maneuver, vertebral canal was measured by tomography scan

  4. Estudo comparativo da história clínica e da polissonografia na síndrome da apnéia/ hipopnéia obstrutiva do sono Comparative study between clinical history and polysomnogram in the obstructive sleep apnea/ hypopnea syndrome

    Lys Maria Allenstein Gondim


    Full Text Available O reconhecimento dos distúrbios respiratórios do sono tem aumentado a cada ano. Manifestações, como o ronco, consideradas meros incômodos vêm adquirindo importância no que diz respeito à qualidade de vida e seu impacto social. OBJETIVO: Comparar a história clínica com os resultados da polissonografia (PSG, na Síndrome da Apnéia/Hipopnéia Obstrutiva do Sono (SAHOS, é o principal objetivo deste trabalho. MATERIAL E MÉTODOS: Foi realizado um estudo retrospectivo, com 125 pacientes, através da análise de questionários específicos, IMC e Escala de Epworth. RESULTADOS: Dentre os pacientes, 75 eram do sexo masculino e 50 do feminino. O principal sintoma foi a roncopatia. 46% apresentaram PSG normais, 30% SAHOS leve, 15% moderada e 9% severa, não se evidenciando correlação estatística entre a clínica e a PSG. Dentre as queixas, somente a insônia foi relevante, em análise univariada e em pacientes normais e com SAHOS leve (pRecognizing sleep-disordered breathing is on the rise every year. Manifestations, such as snoring, that were earlier considered mere inconvenients are now acquiring greater importance concerning life quality and social impact. AIM OF THE STUDY: To compare the clinical history to polysomnogram (PSG results in the Obstructive Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 125 patients were analyzed, in a retrospective study. Specific questionnaires, avaliations of Body Mass Index and Epworth Scale were carried out. RESULTS: Among the patients, 75 were males and 50 were females. The main symptom was snoring. 46% had normal PSG, 30% had light OSAHS, 15% moderate and 9% severe OSAHS and it was not observed a correlation between clinical data and PSG results. Concerning clinical symptoms, only insomnia has shown relevance when univariably analyzed in normal and light OSAHS patients (p<0,05 compared to patients with moderate and severe OSAHS, losing its importance when analyzed together with other

  5. Development of a ceramic material to cover walls to be applied in diagnostic radiological protection; Desenvolvimento de um material ceramico para utilizacao em protecao radiologica diagnostica

    Frimaio, Audrew


    This study aims to formulate a ceramic composition for wall coating seeking to contribute to the optimization of diagnosis rooms' shielding. The work was based on experimental measures of X-radiation attenuation (80 and 100 kV) using ceramic coating materials containing different ceramic bases (red, white, gres, stoneware porcelain tiles, etc). Among the appraised ceramic bases, the white gres presented better attenuation properties and it was considered the most suitable material for the targets of this work. Different formulations of white gres were studied and altered in order to obtain better attenuation properties. Simulations of ceramic compositions using gres coating were made maintaining the percentages of 12-20% clay; 6-18% kaolin; 12-25% phyllite; 8-14% quartz; 1018% feldspar; 32-40% pegmatite and 6-8% talc in the composition of the necessary raw-material. The quantitative and qualitative chemical compositions of these materials were also evaluated and the most common representative elements are SiO{sub 2}, Fe{sub 2}O{sub 3}, Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}, CaO and Ti{sub 2}O{sub 3}. Formulations containing Pb and Ba oxides were studied, considering that CaO can be replaced by PbO or BaO. The attenuation properties for X-radiation were investigated by computer simulations considering the incident and transmitted X-ray spectra for the different studied compositions and they were compared to the properties of the reference materials Pb, Ba and BaSO{sub 4} (barite). The results obtained with the simulations indicated the formulated composition of gres ceramic base that presented better attenuation properties considering the X-ray energies used in diagnosis (80, 100 and 150 kV). Ceramic plates based on the formulated compositions that presented lower percentage differences related to Pb were experimentally produced and physically tested as wall coating and protecting barrier. Properties as flexion resistance module, density, load rupture, water absorption and X

  6. Characterization of cellulose biomass for use as an excipient in pharmaceutical field; Caracterizacao de biomassa de celulose para utilizacao como excipiente na area farmaceutica

    Garcia, Keth R.; Turella, Tais C.; Santos, Venina dos; Brandalise, Rosmary N. [Universidade de Caxias do Sul (UCS), Caxias do Sul, RS (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias Exatas e da Tecnologia; Angeli, Valeria W., E-mail: [Universidade de Caxias do Sul (UCS), Caxias do Sul, RS (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias Biologicas e da Saude


    Every day the industry of paper and cellulose discards large amounts of waste. An alternative to reuse this kind of biomass is to transform part of it in cellulose nanocrystals and nanofibrils to be used as excipients in pharmaceutical field. Thus, cellulose fibrils were obtained in nanoscale using mill and fibrils' characterization study were performed by scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, thermal analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, infrared Fourier transform and X-rays diffraction. Hence, the methodology used to obtain and characterize nanocellulose was effective and the fibers/fibrils lengths are in nanometer dimension with high potential to apply in the pharmaceutical field. (author)

  7. Gerenciamento da dor na Síndrome Pós-poliomielite: estudo de caso Pain management in Postpoliomyelitis Syndrome: case study

    Marco Orsini


    Full Text Available A Síndrome Pós-Pólio (SPP caracteriza-se por um novo episódio de fraqueza muscular e/ou fadiga muscular anormal em indivíduos que apresentaram poliomielite anterior aguda (PAA anos antes. Ainda são poucos os relatos na literatura sobre o gerenciamento da dor na SSP. O objetivo deste trabalho é analisar o controle da dor na síndrome pós-pólio por meio de um relato de caso. Um homem de 57 anos com SPP foi submetido a 24 sessões de fisioterapia para controle do quadro álgico na síndrome, baseada em recursos eletrotermofototerápicos e cinesioterapia. Para análise da dor pré e pós-intervenção fisioterapêutica foram aplicados dois instrumentos: a Escala Analógica Visual (EVA e a Intensidade de Dor Presente (ID. O quadro álgico no joelho direito sofreu redução de grau 8 para 4 pela EVA e grau 5 para 2 pela ID, enquanto a dor no tornozelo direito reduziu de grau 2 pela EVA e grau 1 pela ID para zero em ambas as escalas. A dor é apontada como um sintoma predominante por muitos pacientes com SPP. O sujeito deste relato, após o programa de tratamento, apresentou melhora expressiva da dor. Entretanto, devido à escassez da literatura sobre dados substanciais referentes ao seu gerenciamento, especialmente na fisioterapia, novos estudos devem ser propostos para gerar maior fundamentação teórica à abordagem fisioterapêutica na SPP.The Post-polio Syndrome (PPS is characterized by a new episode of muscular weakness and/or abnormal muscular fatigue in subjects that presented acute previous polio (APP years ago. There still are few studies about the pain management at PPS. The aim of this study is to analyze pain´s management in PPS by a case report. A men with PPS, 57 years, was submitted to 24 sessions of physical therapy for pain´s control in PPS, based at electro-thermo physical therapy features and therapeutics exercises. For pain´s analysis, pre and post physical therapy interventions were applied two instruments: the

  8. Ricinus communis biocompatibility histological study in the nose of Cebus apella monkeys Avaliação histológica da biocompatibilidade do polímero da mamona no dorso nasal de macacos-pregos (Cebus apella

    Paulo Cesar de Jesus Dias


    Full Text Available Bone tissue lesions can be caused by congenital and acquired factors, and result in nasal deformities with cosmetic and functional repercussion. Surgical treatment in these cases frequently requires complex reconstructions and the use of biomaterials. The polyurethane derived from castor beans (Ricinus communis has a favorable formulation in terms of ease of processing, flexibility, no emission of toxic vapors and low cost. Nonetheless, despite favorable results, studies about the use of castor beam polymer (Ricinus communis assessing tissue reaction on the nasal dorsum are still missing in the literature. AIM: the goal of the present investigation is to histologically assess the Ricinus communis polymer implant biocompatibility with the nasal dorsum. STUDY DESING: experimental. MATERIALS AND METHODS: we used four Cebus appela monkeys, in which we created a nasal dorsal defect in all the animals and there we placed the aforementioned implant. The animals were sacrificed 270 days after surgery and the samples were submitted to histological study. RESULTS: in the histology analysis we did not observe the presence of foreign body granulomas or phagocytic cells. We also observed a progressive bone formation and maturation. CONCLUSION: macroscopic and microscopic results showed that the castor oil polymer implant was biocompatible.Lesões do tecido ósseo podem ser causadas por fatores congênitos e adquiridos e resultar em deformidade nasal com repercussão estética e funcional. O tratamento cirúrgico desses casos requer reconstruções complexas e frequentemente o uso de biomateriais. O poliuretano derivado do óleo da mamona apresenta uma fórmula com aspectos favoráveis de processabilidade, flexibilidade de formulação, ausência de emissão de vapores tóxicos e baixo custo. Entretanto, a despeito dos resultados favoráveis, estudos referentes ao uso do polímero de mamona, avaliando a reação tecidual no dorso nasal, ainda não foram

  9. Performance of a diesel engine transformed to spark ignition using natural gas; Desempenho de um motor diesel convertido para utilizacao de gas natural como combustivel

    Gutierrez, Ricardo H.R. [Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia (LEDAV/COPPE/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Lab. de Ensaios Dinamicos e Analise de Vibracao; Belchior, Carlos R.P. [Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia (LMT/COPPE/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Lab. de Maquinas Termicas; Sodre, Jose Ricardo [Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Minas Gerais (PUC/Minas), MG (Brazil)


    A zero-dimensional thermodynamic model for a diesel engine converted for dedicated use of natural gas was developed in this work. The computational model covers from the time of closing the inlet valve to the time of opening the exhaust valve and it was divided into three stages (compression, combustion and expansion). A model based on the first law of thermodynamics for closed cycle has been developed to study the performance of the engine. The combustion process was modeled using the equation of Wiebe. It was taken into consideration the convective heat transfer through the walls of the cylinder and the heat transfer coefficient was calculated by the Eichelberg correlation. It was also considered that the thermodynamic properties vary with temperature. To represent the gas mixture behavior inside the cylinder two approaches (Ideal Gas Equation and Van Der Waals's Real Gas Equation) were used and results compared. The computational model was validated with experimental tests. (author)

  10. Electrical energy use in different heating systems for weaned piglets; Utilizacao de energia eletrica em diferentes sistemas de aquecimento para leitoes desmamados

    Sarubbi, Juliana [Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (CESNORS/UFSM), Palmeiras das Missoes, RS (Brazil). Centro de Educacao Superior Norte-RS. Dept. de Zootecnia], E-mail:; Rossi, Luiz A.; Moura, Daniella J. de; Oliveira, Rafael A. de; David, Eduardo [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (FEAGRI/UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Agricola], Emails:,,,


    Heating piglets in nursery and farrowing may be improved to save energy, without affecting the animals' welfare. The objective of this research was to compare the electrical energy use and thermal environment promoted by three heating technologies for piglets in nursery. The heating technologies studied were: suspended electrical resistors, heated floor and convection heating. Electrical energy consumption (kWh), maximum power demand requirements (kW), specific consumption (kWh/kg of produced live body weight), efficiency of heating system (deg C /m{sup 3} air) and dry-bulb temperature (deg C) and temperature-humidity index were evaluated. The heated floor system was better under the aspect of electrical energy use. The electrical resistance heating system was the best regarding to the animals' thermal comfort needs. (author)

  11. Obtaining carbon nanotubes/ZnO for use in the photocatalytic organic pollutants; Obtencao de nanotubos de carbono/ZnO para utilizacao na fotocatalise de poluentes organicos

    Dalt, S. da; Pulcinelli, N.O.; Bergmann, C.P. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Laboratorio de Materiais Ceramicos


    This study aims to obtain nanocomposites of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with nanostructured zinc oxide (ZnO), and characterize the samples as its structure and photocatalytic activity, for their application in the degradation of organic pollutants, in the case organic dye methyl orange. The nanocomposites were obtained from commercial NTC (Baytubes®), commercial ZnO, produced by Merck and ZnO obtained from the synthesis by combustion. The NTC-ZnO nanocomposites were prepared in solution from the physical mixture of materials, and subsequently analyzed structurally and investigated for their photocatalytic activity, employing them as catalysts in degradation of the dye in aqueous solution under ultraviolet radiation. Samples were analyzed by X-ray diffraction and specific surface area (BET). The photocatalytic performance of nanocomposites can be correlated to the phase found and the surface area measured. (author)

  12. Diagnóstico clínico diferencial entre oclusão da artéria carótida interna e da artéria cerebral média A comparative symptomatological study of internal carotid artery occlusion and middle cerebral artery occlusion

    Roberto Melaragno


    Full Text Available Foi feito um estudo comparativo entre o quadro clínico inicial de 61 casos de oclusão da artéria carótida interna e o de 23 casos de oclusão da artéria cerebral média, diagnosticados pela angiografia cerebral e/ou pela necropsia em pacientes submetidos ou não à cirurgia vascular. Os autores comparam a idade dos pacientes, o sexo, o modo de início da afecção, a existência ou não de convulsões e/ou cefaléias, a ocorrência do acidente cerebral durante o sono ou em vigília, a existência de ictos prévios, os níveis de pressão arterial, o grau de consciência, a força muscular, os achados eletrencefalográficos, a palpação e ausculta das carótidas em nível cervical. Os resultados são demonstrados em índices percentuais, pelos quais os autores inferem que não há significância estatística nesses elementos com três exceções: a maior ocorrência de convulsões nas oclusões da artéria cerebral média em relação às da carótida, a oftalmodinamometria e a sintomatologia carotídea cervical. A oftalmodinamometria revela valores significantemente menores nas pressões da artéria central da retina, no mesmo lado da trombose da carótida em 70,0% dos casos, enquanto que medidas normais e simétricas verificaram-se em todos os casos de oclusão da artéria cerebral média em que o exame foi realizado. No que concerne a sinais arteriais no pescoço, havia anormalidades palpatórias e auscultatórias em 52,4% dos pacientes com trombose da carótida e em 8,6% dos casos com oclusão da cerebral média. Concluem os autores, portanto, que apenas a angiografia cerebral permite um diagnóstico seguro entre ambas as sedes da oclusão.A comparative study of the early clinical picture in 61 cases of internal carotid artery occlusion and 23 cases of middle cerebral artery occlusion, diagnosed by cerebral angiography and/or necropsy in patients who were either submitted to surgery or not operated upon is reported. The authors had

  13. Produtos de acerola: estudo da estabilidade de vitamina C West indian cherry products: study of vitamin C stability

    Fábio Yamashita


    Full Text Available A acerola é um fruto altamente perecível e que contém altos teores de vitamina C, sendo este o seu principal atrativo em termos nutricionais. A atual legislação brasileira prevê uma variação de, no máximo, 20% do teor dos nutrientes especificados no rótulo. Devido a essa exigência seria importante que os fabricantes considerassem tanto o teor inicial de vitamina C quanto a perda ao longo da armazenagem dos produtos de acerola. Neste trabalho, foi feito o acompanhamento da estabilidade da vitamina C em polpa pasteurizada e acerola in natura congeladas, ambas armazenadas a -12ºC e -18ºC, e em suco de acerola pasteurizado engarrafado, mantido a temperatura ambiente, ao longo de 4 meses de armazenagem. As polpas congeladas não apresentaram degradação significativa durante este período, já as in natura apresentaram cinética de degradação de 1ª ordem e o suco de ordem zero. Após 4 meses de armazenagem as acerolas armazenadas a -12ºC e -18ºC apresentaram teores de 869±12 e 1.223±148 mg vit.C/100g, representando uma perda de 43% e 19%, respectivamente, em relação ao teor inicial. Polpas a -12ºC e -18ºC apresentaram teores de 1.314±6 e 1.322±2 mg vit.C/100g, respectivamente, representando uma perda de, aproximadamente, 3% e o suco apresentou uma perda de 32%, correspondendo a um teor final de 673±17mg vit.C/100g.West indian cherry is a very perishable fruit and its vitamin C content is its principal nutritional appeal. Brazilian legislation admits a 20% variation in the nutrient content from the one specified on the label. Due to this requirement the initial vitamin C content and losses during storage should be known in products. Vitamin C stability in pasteurized pulp and west indian cherry in natura, both frozen and stored at -12ºC e -18ºC and of the pasteurized juice stored at room temperature, were determined during four months. Frozen pulps had no significant vitamin C degradation during this period and fruits in

  14. Renunciantes de direitos? A problemática do enfrentamento público da violência contra a mulher: o caso da delegacia da mulher Disclaiming of rights? Public policies to tackle violence against women: the case study of the women's police station

    Elaine Reis Brandão


    Full Text Available O artigo discute a "suspensão" da queixa policial na Delegacia Especializada de Atendimento à Mulher (DEAM, procedimento usual até a Lei nº 9.099/95, que instituiu os Juizados Especiais Criminais e o novo encaminhamento jurídico para as denúncias de atos violentos contra as mulheres. Trata-se de um estudo etnográfico, realizado entre 1995-1996, no qual se observou a dinâmica de atendimento policial em uma DEAM do estado do Rio de Janeiro, tendo sido também entrevistadas 32 mulheres que recorriam à DEAM em momento posterior à denúncia, para prestarem depoimentos ou solicitarem a "retirada" da queixa. Dentre os resultados, abordam-se as especificidades da demanda feminina à polícia, na qual os delitos denunciados estão subsumidos a um conjunto mais amplo de queixas referidas às "perturbações" masculinas à ordem familiar.This paper deals with the "suspension" of complaints from the records of the Women's Police Station, until Act n. 9.099/95. The ethnographic study was carried out at a police station in the state of Rio de Janeiro (1995-1996 and included the examination of police records, interviews with the victims and observation of daily work at the office. Quite often women from the working class who are victims of marital violence chose not to legally punish their partners, contrarily to feminist's expectations. The results show the specificities of the feminine demand to the police, in which denounced crimes are included in a wider ensemble of complaints referred to male "disturbances" to the family order. The "suspension" of the complaint appears in such context as a police procedure which finds support in the doubtful position of the victims as for the criminalization of their partner's attitude and in the probable impunity of the accused, a strong characteristic of the Brazilian juridical system. Since most victims see the police intervention as a way to reorganize the familiar and conjugal relationship or to make it

  15. Situação da cafeicultura em alguns municípios da região nordeste do Estado de São Paulo, levantada com auxílio da fotografia aérea Studies on coffee culture in some counties of the northeast of São Paulo State through aerial photographs

    Alvaro Zingra do Amaral


    Full Text Available Aproveitando a cobertura aerofotográfica do Estado de São Paulo em 1962, cujas fotografias estão na escala aproximada de 1:25.000, foi feito um estudo sôbre a distribuição da cultura cafeeira em 13 municípios da região Nordeste do Estado de São Paulo, na zona da baixa Mogiana. Foram feitas determinações do número de pés, de plantações, área ocupada, presença de práticas conservacionistas e correlação com o relêvo geral e tipos de solos. Foram encontrados cêrca de 12.700.000 pés de café, ocupando uma área de 12.650 hectares, distribuídos em 2.300 plantações. Na região predomina cafèzais com mais de 15 anos de idade (67%, e sòmente 20% são de culturas com práticas conservacionistas. É tendência geral reduzir o número de pés, visto que os novos plantios não superam os cafèzais erradicados ou abandonados.Based on aerophotographs made in 1962 (1:25,000, a study was carried out on the distribution of the coffee culture in 13 counties of the Northeast of São Paulo State. Determinations were made on the number of plants and plantations, occupied area, presence of conservative practices and correlation of the culture with the general relief and soil types. About 12.1 million coffee plants were found covering an area of 12,600 ha (4% of the total area of the analyzed counties, distributed in 2,300 plantations. Two thirds of these plants age more than 15 years, and only 20% were cultivated under conservation practices. The general tendency of the coffee culture in these regions is the gradual reduction, because renewing does not overcome the erradication of the old cultures.

  16. Estudo de caso discutido à luz das diferentes abordagens para a terapia da gagueira Case study discussed under the light of different stuttering therapy approaches

    Larissa Severa da Silva


    Full Text Available TEMA: na atualidade, a gagueira pode apresentar definições distintas de acordo com a abordagem defendida pelos autores para fundamentar tal distúrbio. O trabalho tem como objetivo discutir tais abordagens na terapia do caso em questão, aplicando suas técnicas terapêuticas e adequando-as conforme o contexto em questão e a aceitação do indivíduo para com as atividades, promovendo o desenvolvimento dos objetivos, procedimentos e técnicas utilizados na terapêutica para a gagueira. PROCEDIMENTOS: estudo longitudinal de um paciente de 14 anos, atendido em dois momentos: entre 2005/2006, ano em que recebeu alta com indicação de monitoramento, e 2008/2009 época em que retorna ao atendimento devido à recidiva. No estudo, são consideradas as diferentes abordagens: psicolinguística da fluência, neurolinguística e motora da gagueira, vertente contextualizada e abordagem fenomenológica da gagueira. RESULTADOS: na evolução, observou-se a diminuição considerável da gagueira e dos movimentos compensatórios, bem como, comportamento e postura adequados e uma melhor socialização. CONCLUSÃO: o estudo das abordagens consideradas na terapia propiciou a realização do atendimento que atingiu os objetivos propostos. Além disso, o paciente contribuiu no direcionamento da terapia conforme sua aceitação e aplicação em sua vida, revelando, dessa forma, quais condutas foram mais efetivas e puderam contribuir de forma mais direta com a sua qualidade de vida e sua evolução.BACKGROUND: stuttering may currently have different definitions according to the approach advocated by the authors to substantiate such a disorder. The paper aims to discuss such approaches in the therapy of the case, applying its therapeutic techniques and adapting them according to the context at issue and take the individual to activities, promoting the development of goals, procedures and techniques used in the stuttering therapy. PROCEDURES: a longitudinal study of

  17. Estudo de caso discutido à luz das diferentes abordagens para a terapia da gagueira Case study discussed under the light of different stuttering therapy approaches

    Larissa Severa da Silva


    Full Text Available TEMA: na atualidade, a gagueira pode apresentar definições distintas de acordo com a abordagem defendida pelos autores para fundamentar tal distúrbio. O trabalho tem como objetivo discutir tais abordagens na terapia do caso em questão, aplicando suas técnicas terapêuticas e adequando-as conforme o contexto em questão e a aceitação do indivíduo para com as atividades, promovendo o desenvolvimento dos objetivos, procedimentos e técnicas utilizados na terapêutica para a gagueira. PROCEDIMENTOS: estudo longitudinal de um paciente de 14 anos, atendido em dois momentos: entre 2005/2006, ano em que recebeu alta com indicação de monitoramento, e 2008/2009 época em que retorna ao atendimento devido à recidiva. No estudo, são consideradas as diferentes abordagens: psicolinguística da fluência, neurolinguística e motora da gagueira, vertente contextualizada e abordagem fenomenológica da gagueira. RESULTADOS: na evolução, observou-se a diminuição considerável da gagueira e dos movimentos compensatórios, bem como, comportamento e postura adequados e uma melhor socialização. CONCLUSÃO: o estudo das abordagens consideradas na terapia propiciou a realização do atendimento que atingiu os objetivos propostos. Além disso, o paciente contribuiu no direcionamento da terapia conforme sua aceitação e aplicação em sua vida, revelando, dessa forma, quais condutas foram mais efetivas e puderam contribuir de forma mais direta com a sua qualidade de vida e sua evolução.BACKGROUND: stuttering may currently have different definitions according to the approach advocated by the authors to substantiate such a disorder. The paper aims to discuss such approaches in the therapy of the case, applying its therapeutic techniques and adapting them according to the context at issue and take the individual to activities, promoting the development of goals, procedures and techniques used in the stuttering therapy. PROCEDURES: a longitudinal study of

  18. Um estudo acerca do uso da gestão de riscos estratégicos na auditoria de gestão da Marinha do Brasil = A study on the use of strategic risk management in audit of the Navy of Brazil

    Stella Regina Reis da Costa


    Full Text Available Em face das novas perspectivas para os trabalhos de auditoria, agora dirigidos para aspectos relacionados ao desempenho da gestão, e pela notoriedade que o debate a respeito do tema possui, a partir das determinações emanadas pelo órgão máximo de fiscalização do Poder Executivo Federal – O Tribunal de Contas da União –, determinados aspectos afetos ao alcance da excelência da gestãoganharam destaque. Neste estudo, procura-se explorar o impacto que a ferramenta de gerenciamento de riscos promove no desempenho dos processos de gestão das Unidades Jurisdicionadas da Marinha do Brasil, sob a ótica dos resultados estratégicos pretendidos pelo órgão, por meio da pesquisa bibliográfica. Diante disto, e tendo em vista as condicionantes impostas pelo Tribunal de Contas, para apresentação das prestações de contas do erário, verificou-se que a necessidade de implantação do Planejamento Estratégico nas unidades administrativas da Marinha do Brasil ficou imperiosa, que os riscos estratégicos mais relevantes dizem respeito à necessidade de pessoal e material, que os riscos operacionais devem ser acompanhados pelos gestores e que o gerenciamento dos riscos em nível estratégico irá requerer o comprometimento e o acompanhamento permanente dos altos escalões da Administração da Marinha. In the light of new perspectives for the audit work, now directed to issues related to performance management, and the notoriety that the debate on the subject has, as of determinations issued by the highest organ of supervision of the Federal Executive - The Court of Audit - affects certain aspects of the scope of management excellence gained prominence. This study attempts to explore the impact that risk management tool in promoting performance management processes of the units under the jurisdiction of the Navy of Brazil, from the perspective of the strategic outcomes sought by the agency, through the literature search. Given this, and in

  19. Estudo experimental da ação da metilprednisolona utilizada antes do traumatismo raquimedular em ratos Wistar Experimental study on the action of methylprednisolone on Wistar rats before spinal cord injury

    Raphael Martus Marcon


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar os efeitos da metilprednisolona empregada previamente ao traumatismo medular, tanto em relação aos possíveis efeitos benéficos quanto às possíveis complicações associadas. MATERIAIS E MÉTODOS: Foram utilizados 32 ratos Wistar, divididos em 4 grupos. Dois grupos receberam as drogas A (placebo e B (metilprednisolona imediatamente após a lesão. Outros 2 grupos receberam as mesmas drogas 4 horas antes da lesão. Todos foram avaliados por um período de 28 dias quanto à função locomotora e complicações associadas. RESULTADOS: Os 4 grupos foram comparados quanto ao peso e idade. Não foi encontrada diferença estatisticamente significante entre os grupos de estudos quanto às médias de peso e de idade. Na comparação entre os 4 grupos quanto às intercorrências foi encontrada diferença estatisticamente significante nos óbitos (p = 0,047, onde o grupo Droga B T0 apresentou proporção de óbitos (0% significantemente menor do que a encontrada no grupo Droga B T-4 (55,6%. Não houve diferença estatística entre estres grupos quanto aos índides motores e quanto às complicações (p > 0,05 em todas as comparações. CONCLUSÕES: os animais tratados com metilprednisolona quatro horas antes do trauma apresentaram um número de óbitos significativamente maior quando comparados aos ratos tratados com a mesma droga após o trauma.OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of methylprednisolone used prior to spinal injury, both in relation to possible beneficial effects and to possible associated complications. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study subjects were 32 Wister rats, divided into 4 groups. Two groups received drugs A (placebo and B (methylprednisolone immediately after the injury. Another 2 groups received the same drugs 4 hours before the injury. They were all evaluated over a period of 28 days to verify locomotor function and associated complications. RESULTS: The 4 groups were compared in terms of weight and age. No

  20. Use of the gamma radiation, in a dose of 0,4 kGy, on the storage temperature reduction of the banana nanica;Utilizacao da radiacao gama, na dose de 0,4kGy, na reducao da temperatura de armazenamento da banana nanica

    Manoel, Luciana, E-mail: [Universidade Estadual Paulisa (UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agronomicas. Programa de Pos-graduacao em Energia na Agricultura; Vieites, Rogerio Lopes, E-mail: vieites@fca.unesp.b [Universidade Estadual Paulisa (UNESP), Botucatu, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Ciencias Agronomicas. Dept. de Gestao e Tecnologia Agroindustrial


    The aim was to evaluate the use of gamma radiation, in a dose of 0,4 kGy, on the storage temperature reduction of the banana 'Nanica'. The bananas 'Nanica' were harvested in the Arm Taperao, Brotas (SP) town, and sent to CBE (Companhia Brasileira de Esterilizacao-Cotia-SP) for irradiation and constitution of the following treatments: T1 (fruits irradiated at 0,4 kGy and stored at 16 +-1 deg C); T2 (fruits irradiated at 0,4 kGy and stored at 14 +-1 deg C); T3 (fruit irradiated ata 0,4 kGy and stored at 12+-1 deg C); T4 (fruits non-irradiated and stored at 16+-1 deg C); T5 (fruits non-irradiated and stored at 14+-1 deg C) and T6 (fruits non-irradiated and stored at 12+-1 deg C). The fruits were stored in B.O.Ds. of the Agroindustrial Management and Technology Department, with a relative humidity of 80+-5%. The experiment was divided in two groups: control group (post harvest conservation and disease incidence) and parcel group (soluble solids and pulp/peel). The analyses were performed in intervals of five days during a period of 25 days. The experimental design employed was completely randomized (DIC) by applying a factor of 2 x 3 x 6 (irradiation x temperature x time). The Tukey test with 5% of probability was used for comparison between means. The storage temperature of the bananas 'Nanica' was not reduce by irradiation. (author)

  1. Direcionadores da adoção de estratégias de postponement: estudo multicaso em empresas da indústria de alimentos Drivers in the adoption of postponement strategy: a multicase study in the food industry

    Karine Araújo Ferreira


    Full Text Available O propósito deste artigo foi investigar a aplicação prática do postponement em empresas alimentícias brasileiras e identificar os direcionadores que motivam/facilitam a adoção do postponement nessas empresas. Seis estudos de caso foram realizados em empresas do segmento de fabricação de conservas de frutas e vegetais, como empresas processadoras de suco laranja e de derivados de tomate. Além de maior discussão sobre o tema e a verificação de sua aplicação em empresas alimentícias, este trabalho traz duas contribuições principais: a primeira é apresentar um quadro teórico com os principais direcionadores para a adoção do postponement identificados na literatura; a segunda é confrontar os direcionadores da pesquisa empírica e teórica, gerando um quadro teórico com os principais direcionadores adaptado para indústria de alimentos.The purpose of this article is to investigate the practice of the postponement strategy in Brazilian food industry companies and identify which drivers that promote/facilitate the adoption of postponement in these companies. Six case studies were realized in processing and canning fruits and/or vegetables companies, such as orange juice and tomatoes processing companies. In addition to further discuss on the issue and verification of its application in food companies, this works presents two main contributions. The first is to present a theoretical framework with the main drivers for postponement strategy adoption based on the literature. The second is confronts the drivers obtained from empirical research and theory, generating the theoretical framework with the main drivers, adapted to the food industry.

  2. Percursos da gravidez na adolescência: estudo longitudinal após uma década da gestação The pathway for adolescent maternity: longitudinal study 10 years after child's birth

    Nancy Ramacciotti de Oliveira-Monteiro


    Full Text Available O artigo apresenta uma pesquisa longitudinal qualitativa sobre maternidade na adolescência em contextos de vulnerabilidade social, com objetivo de verificar indicadores psicossociais no seguir dos anos. Oito díades mães-crianças/primeiros filhos nascidos na adolescência foram investigadas quando as crianças tinham: menos de cinco meses, três anos e meio, e 10 anos. Entrevistas de discurso livre e escala para triagem de competência e condições psicológicas das crianças (CBCL foram instrumentos aplicados nos próprios ambientes de moradia. Resultados são apresentados em eixos temáticos indicando valorização da maternidade, maior distanciamento de cenários violentos, instabilidade de moradia associada a prejuízos escolares/profissionais, crianças não apresentando maiores queixas quanto ao desenvolvimento. A maternidade na adolescência pode representar proteção frente a riscos ambientais associados a violência e drogas.This article presents a longitudinal qualitative research about maternity in adolescence in a context of social vulnerability, seeking to check psychosocial indicators along the years of the study. Eight dyads of mothers in adolescence and their firstborns were interviewed when their children were less than five months old; three and a half years old and ten years old. The instruments used in their daily environment were free speech interviews and observation submitted to scales for screening the competence and psychological conditions of the children. The results are presented in thematic axis, indicating valorization of maternity, distance from violent scenarios and instability in residence associated to school/professional damages and, children who do not present developmental problems. Maternity in adolescence may represent protection for the mothers concerning environmental risks associated to violence and drugs.

  3. Study of colpo-cytological at the capybaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris Caracterização da colpocitologia em capivaras ("Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris"

    Cláudia Diniz Pinto Coelho


    Full Text Available Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris is one of the species which has interested farmers due to its performance potential, as a result of the quality of its skin and meat. Based on commercial interests, many studies have been done to understand the reproductive physiology and to answer questions that could help to improve the productive status of these animals. This study was performed to describe the cell types from the vaginal epithelium of capybaras and to compare the efficiency of three dyes on cell staining. The experiment was carried out at Centro de Biodiversidade of USIPA, in Ipatinga/MG. Cells were obtained by the swab technique from five adult animals and stained with Giemsa, Methylene Blue and Shorr. Samples were collected every three and five days, during 30 days. Four types of cells were observed, parabasal cells, intermediate cells and superficial cells (with or without nucleus, besides bacteria and leukocytes. The three dyes were able to stain efficiently on colpocitology, however, Giemsa and Metileno Blue were more practical than Shorr. Colpocytology was shown to be an applicable procedure for this animal species.A capivara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris é uma das espécies que tem despertado o interesse de produtores rurais pelo potencial zootécnico, advindo da qualidade do seu couro e da sua carne. Com base no interesse comercial, muitas pesquisas têm sido desenvolvidas para se entender a fisiologia reprodutiva e responder questões que possam ajudar no aumento da produção desses animais em cativeiro. Este estudo foi conduzido com o objetivo de descrever as células do epitélio vaginal de capivaras e comparar a eficiência de três corantes na coloração das mesmas. O experimento foi realizado no Centro de Biodiversidade da USIPA em Ipatinga / MG. As células foram obtidas pela técnica de swab vaginal de cinco fêmeas adultas cativas e coradas com: Giemsa, Azul de Metileno e Shorr. Foram realizadas coletas com intervalos de 3

  4. Estudos da linguagem e mente corporificada: uma nova proposta gramatical Studies of language and embodied mind: a new grammar approach

    Ricardo Yamashita Santos


    Full Text Available Podemos dizer que Descartes fundamentou a filosofia moderna com uma proposta universal do entendimento mundano. Dissociando as experiências corpóreas de nossa matéria pensante - mente, conseguiríamos captar a verdadeira essência de tudo por meio de um pensamento racional e objetivo. A ideia de mente corporificada, traduzida aqui pelos moldes de Lakoff e Johnson (1980, quebra com a dicotomia do filósofo e com diversas outras tradições enraizadas em nossa cultura ocidental. Nosso objetivo neste artigo é o de amparar a nova proposta teórica de mente corporificada e pensar um novo modelo gramatical que evidencie a corporalidade da mente.We can say that Descartes founded the modern philosophy with an universal proposal of the mundane understanding. Dissociating the bodily experience from our thinking matter - mind, we could capture the true essence of everything through rational and objective thought. The idea of the embodied mind, translated here by Lakoff and Johnson's theories (1980, breaks Descartes' dichotomy and various other traditions rooted in our Western culture. Our goals in this paper is to bolster the new theoretical proposition of embodied mind and think about a new grammatical model that highlights the embodiment of mind.

  5. An interdisciplinary approach to volcanic risk reduction under conditions of uncertainty: a case study of Tristan da Cunha

    Hicks, A.; Barclay, J.; Simmons, P.; Loughlin, S.


    This research project adopted an interdisciplinary approach to volcanic risk reduction on the remote volcanic island of Tristan da Cunha (South Atlantic). New data were produced that: (1) established no spatio-temporal pattern to recent volcanic activity; (2) quantified the high degree of scientific uncertainty around future eruptive scenarios; (3) analysed the physical vulnerability of the community as a consequence of their geographical isolation and exposure to volcanic hazards; (4) evaluated social and cultural influences on vulnerability and resilience. Despite their isolation and prolonged periods of hardship, islanders have demonstrated an ability to cope with and recover from adverse events. This resilience is likely a function of remoteness, strong kinship ties, bonding social capital, and persistence of shared values and principles established at community inception. While there is good knowledge of the styles of volcanic activity on Tristan, given the high degree of scientific uncertainty about the timing, size and location of future volcanism, a qualitative scenario planning approach was used as a vehicle to convey this information to the islanders. This deliberative, anticipatory method allowed on-island decision makers to take ownership of risk identification, management and capacity building within their community. This paper demonstrates the value of integrating social and physical sciences with development of effective, tailored communication strategies in volcanic risk reduction.

  6. Estudos morfoanatômicos da semente e da plântula de espécies de Anileiras (Indigofera L., Leguminosae Morpho-anatomical studies of seeds and seedlings of wild indigo, "anileira", Indigofera- Leguminosae

    Juliana Villela Paulino


    Full Text Available O nome popular "anileira" designa Indigofera anil L., I. suffruticosa Mill. e I. truxillensis Kunth, muito semelhantes quanto à morfologia externa. Este trabalho teve por objetivo avaliar se caracteres da semente e plântula apresentavam valor diagnóstico para este grupo, já que tais caracteres têm sido muito utilizados na Taxonomia de Leguminosae. A superfície e morfoanatomia de sementes e cotilédones foram estudadas por microscopias eletrônica de varredura e de luz, e as etapas do desenvolvimento das plântulas descritas. Embora as plântulas sejam semelhantes, caracteres de sementes (tamanho, forma, ornamentação da superfície, forma do hilo e tamanho do embrião e cotilédones (forma, organização do parênquima lacunoso na nervura central e distribuição de metabólitos nos tecidos apresentaram valor diagnóstico para as espécies. I. anil distingue-se de I. suffruticosa por suas sementes maiores e cotilédones com borda acuminada. I. truxillensis caracteriza-se por apresentar sementes cilíndricas e cotilédones reniformes contendo gotas de óleo e alcalóides. Nossos dados, a morfologia externa dos frutos (curvos em I. anil e I. suffruticosa, e retos em I. truxillensis e, ainda, a anatomia foliar (células parenquimáticas grandes e fenólicas no floema de I. suffruticosa e sua ausência em I. anil sugerem que I. anil, I. suffruticosa e I. truxillensis não devem ser sinonimizadas.The common name "wild indigo" specifies Indigofera anil L., I. suffruticosa Mill. (legitimate name and I. truxillensis Kunth (legitimate name that are very similar due to their external morphology. This work analyzed diagnostic characteristics of seeds and seedlings of these species since such features are widely used in taxonomic approaches within Leguminosae. We studied surface features and morpho-anatomy of seeds and cotyledons with scanning electronic microscopy and light microscopy, and described seedling phases. Although seedlings are similar

  7. Surgical outcomes of robot-assisted rectal cancer surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System: a multi-center pilot Phase II study.

    Tsukamoto, Shunsuke; Nishizawa, Yuji; Ochiai, Hiroki; Tsukada, Yuichiro; Sasaki, Takeshi; Shida, Dai; Ito, Masaaki; Kanemitsu, Yukihide


    We conducted a multi-center pilot Phase II study to examine the safety of robotic rectal cancer surgery performed using the da Vinci Surgical System during the introduction period of robotic rectal surgery at two institutes based on surgical outcomes. This study was conducted with a prospective, multi-center, single-arm, open-label design to assess the safety and feasibility of robotic surgery for rectal cancer (da Vinci Surgical System). The primary endpoint was the rate of adverse events during and after robotic surgery. The secondary endpoint was the completion rate of robotic surgery. Between April 2014 and July 2016, 50 patients were enrolled in this study. Of these, 10 (20%) had rectosigmoid cancer, 17 (34%) had upper rectal cancer, and 23 (46%) had lower rectal cancer; six underwent high anterior resection, 32 underwent low anterior resection, 11 underwent intersphincteric resection, and one underwent abdominoperineal resection. Pathological stages were Stage 0 in 1 patient, Stage I in 28 patients, Stage II in 7 patients and Stage III in 14 patients. Pathologically complete resection was achieved in all patients. There was no intraoperative organ damage or postoperative mortality. Eight (16%) patients developed complications of all grades, of which 2 (4%) were Grade 3 or higher, including anastomotic leakage (2%) and conversion to open surgery (2%). The present study demonstrates the feasibility and safety of robotic rectal cancer surgery, as reflected by low morbidity and low conversion rates, during the introduction period. © The Author 2017. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail:

  8. Estudos de gênero na Psicologia Brasileira – perspectivas e atuações da terceira geração Gender studies in Brazilian Psychology - perspectives and actions of the third generation Estudos de gênero na Psicologia Brasileira – perspectivas e atuações da terceira geração

    Adriano Beiras


    Full Text Available

    Buscamos neste texto mapear e refletir sobre a terceira geração de pesquisadores na área de gênero na psicologia brasileira, articulando estes à inserção dos estudos de masculinidades e estudo queers em seus núcleos de pesquisa. Esta geração, da qual os autores deste artigo participam é constituída por pesquisadores alocados em um campo já organizado, o qual já vem utilizando a categoria gênero, há alguns anos reconhecida nas ciências sociais e humanas. Faz-se importante observar que um dos principais papéis desta geração tem sido divulgar e aprofundar as conquistas tanto teóricas quanto metodológicas geradas pelas primeiras gerações. De um modo geral podemos apontar que a terceira geração reflete a atual valorização da pluralidade, da valorização de novos sujeitos do campo feminista no Brasil trazendo temáticas para investigação que são foco da busca da legitimidade nas novas configurações dos movimentos feministas brasileiros.


    The aim of this text is mapping and reflecting on the third generation of Brazilian researchers in gender psychology, doing an articulation with the integration of masculinities studies and queer studies on these groups of research. This generation, to which the authors of this paper belong, consists of groups of researchers already enrolled in an organized field, in which they use the gender category, concept recognized in the social sciences and humanities a long time ago. It is important to take into account that one of the main roles of this generation has been spreading and deepening the achievements, both theoretical and methodological, attained by earlier generations. In general, we can state that the third generation reflects the current value of plurality, the appreciation of new subjects on the feminism field on Brazil, bringing topics for research focused on the search for legitimacy in the new configurations of the Brazilian feminist movement




    Full Text Available Dede Korkut and the Dede Korkut legends which have been formed around his name have a great significance in bearing the past values of Turkish history and culture and in joining together the Turkish world in many ways.Today, many studies have been done on Dede Korkut legends which we know existed in different regions Turkish people lived in. Dede Korkut legends which were collected in the post-Islamic Anatolia region, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan have attracted great attention from researchers.Turkmenistan is one of the regions where these studies have been intensive. Several studies were done in Turkmenistan on Dede Korkut legends especially during the Bolshevist era despite the difficulties faced and a noticable increase has been seen in these studies since 1985. In this study, we will try to explain the studies on Dede Korkut legends carried out by Turcologists working on Dede Korkut legends and Turkmen folklore. Dede Korkut ve onun ismi etrafında şekillenen Dede Korkut destanları, Türk tarihinin ve kültürünün geçmişe ait değerlerini taşıma, Türk dünyasını birçok yönden kaynaştırma noktasında çok büyük önem taşımaktadır. Günümüzde, Türklerin yaşadığı farklı coğrafyalarda anlatıldığını bildiğimiz Dede Korkut destanları ile ilgili pek çok çalışma yapılmıştır. Özellikle, İslamiyet sonrası Anadolu coğrafyasında, Azerbaycan ve Türkmenistan’da derlenmiş Dede Korkut destanları araştırmacıların yoğun ilgisini çekmiştir. Bu araştırmaların yoğunlaştığı yerlerden birisi de Türkmenistan’dır. Türkmenistan’da Dede Korkut destanları ile ilgili özellikle, Bolşevik dönemde karşılaşılan güçlüklere rağmen birtakım çalışmalar yapılmış, ağırlıklı olarak 1985 yılından itibaren Dede Korkut ile ilgili yapılan çalışmalarda gözle görülür bir artış olmuştur. Bu makalede, Dede Korkut destanlarının Türkmen folkloru için önemini vurgulayarak; Türkmenistan’da

  10. A comprehensive near- and far-ultraviolet spectroscopic study of the hot DA white dwarf G191-B2B

    Preval, S. P.; Barstow, M. A.; Holberg, J. B.; Dickinson, N. J.


    We present a detailed spectroscopic analysis of the hot DA white dwarf G191-B2B, using the best signal-to-noise ratio, high-resolution near- and far-UV spectrum obtained to date. This is constructed from co-added Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Space Telescope Imaging Spectrometer (STIS) E140H, E230H and FUSE observations, covering the spectral ranges of 1150-3145 Å and 910-1185 Å, respectively. With the aid of recently published atomic data, we have been able to identify previously undetected absorption features down to equivalent widths of only a few mÅ. In total, 976 absorption features have been detected to 3σ confidence or greater, with 947 of these lines now possessing an identification, the majority of which are attributed to Fe and Ni transitions. In our survey, we have also potentially identified an additional source of circumstellar material originating from Si III. While we confirm the presence of Ge detected by Vennes et al., we do not detect any other species. Furthermore, we have calculated updated abundances for C, N, O, Si, P, S, Fe and Ni, while also calculating, for the first time, a non-local thermodynamic equilibrium abundance for Al, deriving Al III/H=1.60_{-0.08}^{+0.07}× {10}^{-7}. Our analysis constitutes what is the most complete spectroscopic survey of any white dwarf. All observed absorption features in the FUSE spectrum have now been identified, and relatively few remain elusive in the STIS spectrum.

  11. Estudos transcriptômicos no contexto da conectividade perturbada em esquizofrenia Transcriptome studies in the context of disturbed connectivity in schizophrenia

    Andrea Schmitt


    Full Text Available Esquizofrenia é uma severa doença neurobiológica com fatores genéticos e ambientais desempenhando um papel na fisiopatologia. Diversas regiões cerebrais têm sido implicadas no processo da doença e estão conectadas em complexos circuitos neuronais. Nos níveis molecular e celular, a conectividade afetada entre essas regiões, envolvendo mielinização disfuncional dos axônios neuronais, bem como as alterações no nível sináptico e metabolismo energético levando a distúrbios na plasticidade sináptica, são os maiores achados em estudos post-mortem. Estudos de microarranjos investigando a expressão gênica contribuíram para os achados de alterações em vias complexas em regiões cerebrais relevantes na esquizofrenia. Além disso, estudos utilizando microdissecção e captura a laser permitiram a investigação da expressão gênica em grupos específicos de neurônios. Entretanto, deve ser mantido em mente que em estudos post-mortem, confusos efeitos de medicação, qualidade de RNAm, bem como capacidade de mecanismos regenerativos neuroplásticos do cérebro em indivíduos com história de vida de esquizofrenia, podem influenciar o complexo padrão de alterações no nível molecular. Apesar dessas limitações, estudos transcriptômicos livres de hipóteses em tecido cerebral de pacientes esquizofrênicos oferecem uma possibilidade única para aprender mais sobre os mecanismos subjacentes, levando a novas ópticas da fisiopatologia da doença.Schizophrenia is a severe neurobiological disease with genetic and environmental factors playing a role in the pathophysiology. Several brain regions have been implicated in the disease process and are connected in complex neuronal circuits. On the cellular and molecular level, affected connectivity between these regions, involving dysfunctional myelination of neuronal axons, as well as alterations on the synaptic level and energy metabolism of neurons leading to disturbances in synaptic

  12. Estudos transcriptômicos no contexto da conectividade perturbada em esquizofrenia Transcriptome studies in the context of disturbed connectivity in schizophrenia

    Andrea Schmitt


    Full Text Available Esquizofrenia é uma severa doença neurobiológica com fatores genéticos e ambientais desempenhando um papel na fisiopatologia. Diversas regiões cerebrais têm sido implicadas no processo da doença e estão conectadas em complexos circuitos neuronais. Nos níveis molecular e celular, a conectividade afetada entre essas regiões, envolvendo mielinização disfuncional dos axônios neuronais, bem como as alterações no nível sináptico e metabolismo energético levando a distúrbios na plasticidade sináptica, são os maiores achados em estudos post-mortem. Estudos de microarranjos investigando a expressão gênica contribuíram para os achados de alterações em vias complexas em regiões cerebrais relevantes na esquizofrenia. Além disso, estudos utilizando microdissecção e captura a laser permitiram a investigação da expressão gênica em grupos específicos de neurônios. Entretanto, deve ser mantido em mente que em estudos post-mortem, confusos efeitos de medicação, qualidade de RNAm, bem como capacidade de mecanismos regenerativos neuroplásticos do cérebro em indivíduos com história de vida de esquizofrenia, podem influenciar o complexo padrão de alterações no nível molecular. Apesar dessas limitações, estudos transcriptômicos livres de hipóteses em tecido cerebral de pacientes esquizofrênicos oferecem uma possibilidade única para aprender mais sobre os mecanismos subjacentes, levando a novas ópticas da fisiopatologia da doença.Schizophrenia is a severe neurobiological disease with genetic and environmental factors playing a role in the pathophysiology. Several brain regions have been implicated in the disease process and are connected in complex neuronal circuits. On the cellular and molecular level, affected connectivity between these regions, involving dysfunctional myelination of neuronal axons, as well as alterations on the synaptic level and energy metabolism of neurons leading to disturbances in synaptic

  13. Estudo correlacional entre o Teste de Pfister e o Desenho da Figura Humana Correlational study between the Test of Pfister and the Human Figure Drawing

    Lucila Moraes Cardoso


    Full Text Available Este estudo teve como objetivo buscar as correlações existentes entre os indicadores emocionais e cognitivos das Pirâmides Coloridas de Pfister e do Desenho da Figura Humana, tanto no sistema DFH-Koppitz como no DFH-Sisto. As técnicas das Pirâmides Coloridas de Pfister (TPC e do Desenho da Figura Humana (DFH são instrumentos projetivos que permitem que se conheçam aspectos da personalidade de quem os executa. De acordo com a literatura, os dois métodos medem o mesmo construto, justificando o objetivo do presente estudo. Neste estudo, foram considerados os protocolos do TPC e do DFH de 118 meninos e meninas com idade entre 6 e 12 anos, estudantes do pré à sexta série e nível socioeconômico variado. Os testes foram aplicados em uma única sessão individual, com tempo livre. Utilizou-se o SPSS para estabelecer a relação entre os dois instrumentos. As análises empregadas possibilitaram verificar algumas relações entre os indicadores emocionais e cognitivos dos dois testes.The present study was aimed at seeking correlations between the emotional and cognitive indicators of the Colored Pyramids Test of Pfister (CPT and the Human Figure Drawing (HFD - both in the Koppitz's HFD and the Sisto's HFD systems. The techniques of Colored Pyramids Test (CPT of Pfister and Human Figure Drawing (HFD are projective instruments that permit to know aspects of the executor's personality. According to literature, the two methods measure the same constructo, justifying the objective of looking for correlations between them. The protocols of both CPT and HFD of 118 boys and girls aged between 6 and 12, students from elementary to sixth-grade classes and belonging to different social-economic levels, were considered at the present study. Tests were applied in a single individual session, with free time. The SPSS program was used in order to establish relation between both instruments. The analyses employed allowed to check some relations between

  14. Analysis of the environmental impact study of PCH (small hydropower plant) Ninho da Aguia. Proposal for optimization of the environmental licensing process using a simplified matrix; Analise do estudo de impacto ambiental da PCH Ninho da Aguia. Proposta de otimizacao do processo de licenciamento ambiental utilizando uma matriz simplificada

    Barbosa, Tania Aparecida de Souza


    This work intended to study the methodologies used for EIA - Study of Environmental Impact - and propose the adaptation of a simplified matrix for the assessment of environmental impacts regarding small hydropower plants. A case study of Ninho da Aguia SHP, located in the city of Delfim Moreira, MG, was used for elaborating the matrix. The methodology used the analysis of all the negative impacts and they were given combined weight based on a pre-established impact scale. The weights that were given to each impact were distributed according to the combination of features presented in the referred EIA. The results attained show that the environmental damage is reduced by 45% when the mitigating measures suggested by the EIA and by the analysis carried out by this study are applied. Besides, this preliminary proposal will make it possible for environmental licensing process to be accelerated. Today, this process is considered as an inhibiting investment because of it takes too much time. Also, the proposal may be used as initial guidelines regarding the environmental cost of the implementation of enterprises. The proposed matrix shows itself as efficient because it is easy to be used and it is a useful tool for the analysis of projects that will be implemented. (author)

  15. A Sintaxe da Janela

    Luís Antônio Jorge


    Full Text Available A preocupação fundamenta! do trabalho é de caráter ontológico: esboçar o problema das significações apriorísticas e autônomas dos elementos que compõem a sintaxe arquitetônica. O trabalho elege um desses elementos: a janela. Este artigo parte da aproximação histórica entre a janela e a secção da pirâmide visual, construção imaginária da teoria da perspectiva renascentista. A consideração da janela na linguagem arquitetônica implica reconhecer uma ambigüidade essencial: a janela deve inserir-se ordenadamente no plano da parede - raciocínio típico da modenatura - mas também relacionar-se com a imagem vista através dela, que extrapola o plano, ressaltando a tridimensionalidade - herança da perspectiva renascentista, fundamentada no espaço euclidiano. Ver janela ou ver através da janela são alternativas que se colocam tanto ao observador interno ao edifício, quanto ao externo. Texto de duplaface, a sintaxe da janela versa sobre o relacionamento desses dois lados

  16. Custos da qualidade e da manufatura: um estudo de caso na indústria química Quality and manufacturing cost: a case study in the chemical industry

    José Luis Duarte Ribeiro


    Full Text Available Este trabalho relata um estudo de caso envolvendo a otimização experimental de uma receita química. O estudo abrange as etapas de identificação do problema, planejamento do experimento, modelagem individual das variáveis de resposta, definição de uma função objetivo e otimização. Na identificação do problema e no planejamento do experimento foi utilizada uma estrutura matricial para reunir e organizar as informações. O experimento contemplou cinco fatores controláveis e dez variáveis de resposta. Na etapa de modelagem individual, foram construídos modelos para a média e a variabilidade de cada uma das variáveis de resposta. A função objetivo utilizada no estudo de otimização foi a Função de Perda Quadrática Multivariada, proposta por Ribeiro & Elsayed, acrescida dos custos de matéria prima e energia. Assim, a otimização foi conduzida levando em conta tanto os custos decorrentes da má qualidade (capturados pela função de perda como os custos de matéria prima e energia. A otimização permitiu definir o melhor ajuste para os fatores controláveis. Ao final é feita uma análise de sensibilidade e é sugerido um envelope de operação para o controle do processo.This paper presents a case study where the optimization of a chemical mixture was accomplished. The study included the following steps: problem identification, design of an experiment, model building for each individual response, choice of an objective function, and optimization. In the steps of problem identification and design of the experiment, a matrix was used to gather and to organize the information. Five control factors and ten response variables were included in the experiment. In the step of model building, models for mean and variability for each response variable were built. The objective function used for optimization was an extended version of the Multivariate Quadratic Loss Function proposed by Ribeiro & Elsayed (1995. The optimization was

  17. Estudo da morbidade e da mortalidade perinatal em maternidades. I-Descrição do projeto e resultados gerais A study of perinatal morbidity and mortality in maternity-hospitals

    Ruy Laurenti


    Full Text Available É descrito estudo sobre morbidade e mortalidade ocorridas no período perinatal por meio da coleta de dados referentes ao evento, ao produto e à mãe. O estudo foi feito, de maneira coordenada e padronizada, em nove maternidades, sendo sete no Estado de São Paulo, uma no Rio de Janeiro e outra em Florianópolis, SC, o que possibilitou a coleta de dados referentes à 13.130 eventos, dos quais 12.782 eram nascidos vivos; 217 nascidos mortos e 131 abortos. Esta apresentação é a primeira de uma série e que visou descrever detalhadamente o projeto, bem como apresentar alguns resultados globais, sendo que resultados mais específicos serão apresentados futuramente. Dentre os resultados globais chama a atenção a alta mortalidade perinatal, a alta percentagem de cesária e o baixo peso nos casos de nascidos mortos ser, aproximadamente, cinco vezes mais forte que o baixo peso ao nascer nos casos de nascidos vivos.Collecting data on deliveries, newborn and mothers, in maternity-hospitals, is the best way to conduct research into perinatal morbidity and mortality. The kind of study which was carried out in nine Brazilian maternity-hospitals, seven of then situated in cities in the State of S. Paulo, one in Rio de Janeiro and another in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, is described. The study called for the collection of data on 13,130 deliveries, of which 12,782 were live births, 217 still-births and 131 abortions. This is the first of a series of papers; the aims of this one are to describe the project and to present some general results; however, more specific results will be presented in the future. The high perinatal mortality rate, the high proportion of cesarian sections and the several times greater incidence of low birth-weight in still-births as compared with live births, deserved particular attention.

  18. Leonardo da Vinci's drapery studies: characterization of lead white pigments by μ-XRD and 2D scanning XRF

    Gonzalez, Victor; Calligaro, Thomas [Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musees de France, C2RMF, Paris (France); PSL Research University, Chimie ParisTech-CNRS, Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris, UMR8247, Paris (France); Pichon, Laurent; Mottin, Bruno [Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musees de France, C2RMF, Paris (France); Wallez, Gilles [PSL Research University, Chimie ParisTech-CNRS, Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris, UMR8247, Paris (France); Sorbonne University, UPMC Univ., Paris 06 (France)


    This work focuses on the composition and microstructure of the lead white pigment employed in a set of paintworks, using a combination of μ-XRD and 2D scanning XRF, directly applied on five drapery studies attributed to Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) and conserved in the Departement des Arts Graphiques, Musee du Louvre and in the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Rennes. Trace elements present in the composition as well as in the lead white highlights were imaged by 2D scanning XRF. Mineral phases were determined in a fully noninvasive way using a special μ-XRD diffractometer. Phase proportions were estimated by Rietveld refinement. The analytical results obtained will contribute to differentiate lead white qualities and to highlight the artist's technique. (orig.)

  19. Leonardo da Vinci's drapery studies: characterization of lead white pigments by μ-XRD and 2D scanning XRF

    Gonzalez, Victor; Calligaro, Thomas; Pichon, Laurent; Mottin, Bruno; Wallez, Gilles


    This work focuses on the composition and microstructure of the lead white pigment employed in a set of paintworks, using a combination of μ-XRD and 2D scanning XRF, directly applied on five drapery studies attributed to Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) and conserved in the Departement des Arts Graphiques, Musee du Louvre and in the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Rennes. Trace elements present in the composition as well as in the lead white highlights were imaged by 2D scanning XRF. Mineral phases were determined in a fully noninvasive way using a special μ-XRD diffractometer. Phase proportions were estimated by Rietveld refinement. The analytical results obtained will contribute to differentiate lead white qualities and to highlight the artist's technique. (orig.)

  20. Uso do cianoacrilato na síntese da pele de ratos trabalho de pesquisa experimental Use of cyanoacrylate as surgical adhesive in rats skin incisions: experimental study

    Cláudio Carneiro Borba


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi investigar o uso dos adesivos etil-cianoacrilato e butil-cianoacrilato com o náilon monofilamentar, comparativamente , na síntese da pele de ratos. Trinta e dois ratos foram distribuídos em três grupos: A, B e C. Estes grupos foram divididos em dois subgrupos, para estudo no sétimo e no décimo-quarto dia pós-operatório. Foram efetuadas no abdome do rato, duas incisões longitudinais e paralelas distando cada uma delas um centímetro da linha mediana, sendo uma do lado direito e a outra do lado esquerdo. Em todos os grupos a síntese da incisão do lado direito, foi realizada com pontos separados de náilon 5-zeros, sendo este considerado o grupo controle (C. Nos animais do grupo A, a síntese do lado esquerdo foi realizada com etil-cianoacrilato (Super Bonder e nos animais do grupo B, a síntese foi realizada com butil-cianoacrilato (Histoacryl. No sétimo e no décimo-quarto dia pós-operatório, o aspecto macroscópico da cicatriz não mostrou diferença significante.No aspecto microscópico.os grupos B e C foram melhores do que o A. Os resultados demonstraram que a síntese com o adesivo sintético é eficaz, mais rápida, indolor e com bons resultados estéticos.Cyanoacrylate derivates have been used as surgical adhesives, like ethyl-cyanoacrylate(Super-Bonder and buthyl-cyanoacrylate(Histoacryl for many years.In this study, the histotoxicity and binding ability of Super-Bonder and Histoacryl were compared.32 rats were operated, and distributed in 3 groups :A, B and C. Each group was subdivived in 2 subgroups , to be studied after 7 and 14 days postoperatory .2 longitudinals incisions with 3 centimetre in lenght, were done in each animal. The left incision was sutured with Nylon 5.0 (group C as controls and the right incision was sutured with ethil-cyanoacrylate (group A and buthil-cyanoacrylaty (group B. Our results allowed us to clearly study tissue acute inflammation, the presence of dehiscense and

  1. SPECT study with I-123-Ioflupane (DaTSCAN) in patients with essential tremor. Is there any correlation with Parkinson's disease?

    Gerasimou, G.; Papanastasiou, E.; Arnaoutoglou, M.; Moralidis, E.; Aggelopoulou, T.; Gotzamani-Psarrakou, A.; Costa, D.C.; Bostanjiopoulou, S.


    The differential diagnosis between essential tremor (ET) and Parkinson's disease (PD) may be, in some cases, very difficult on clinical grounds alone. In addition, it is accepted that a small percentage of ET patients presenting symptoms and signs of possible PD may progress finally to a typical pattern of parkinsonism. Ioflupane, N-u-fluoropropyl-2a-carbomethoxy-3a-(4-iodophenyl) nortropane, also called FP-CIT, labelled with 123 I (commercially known as DaTSCAN) has been proven to be useful in the differential diagnosis between PD and ET and to confirm dopaminergic degeneration in patients with parkinsonism. The aim of this study is to identify dopaminergic degeneration in patients with PD and distinguish them from others with ET using semi-quantitative single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) 123 I-Ioflupane (DaTSCAN) data in comparison with normal volunteers (NV), in addition with the respective ones of patients referred as suffering from ET, as well as, of patients with a PD diagnosis at an initial stage with a unilateral presentation of motor signs. Twenty-eight patients suffering from ET (10 males plus 18 females) and 28 NV (12 males and 16 females) were enroled in this study. In addition, 33 patients (11 males and 22 females) with an established diagnosis of PD with unilateral limb involvement (12 left hemi-body and 21 right hemi-body) were included for comparison with ET. We used DaTSCAN to obtain SPECT images and measure the radiopharmaceutical uptake in the striatum (S), as well as the caudate nucleus (CN) and putamen (P) in all individuals. Qualitative (Visual) interpretation of the SPECT data did not find any difference in the uptake of the radiopharmaceutical at the level of the S, CN and P between NV and ET patients. Reduced accumulation of the radiopharmaceutical uptake was found in the P of all PD patients. Semiquantitative analysis revealed significant differences between NV and ET patients in the striatum, reduced in the latter. There

  2. Estudo micro-mesoscópico da parede lateral do seio cavernoso humano Human cavernous sinus: micro-mesoscopic study of the lateral wall

    Renato Paulo Chopard


    Full Text Available Os autores estudam as estruturas contidas no seio cavernoso humano, tanto em seu interior como na sua parede lateral, através de cortes frontais seriados espessos. Mostram a importância desta parede que é freqüentemente usada como via de acesso cirúrgico às afecções presentes nesta estrutura venosa da dura-máterThe authors studied the structures of human cavernous sinus in its interior as well as on the lateral wall, utilizing thick, frontal, sequential sections. They show the significance of this wall, frequently used as surgical accessway to diseases encountered within this venous structure of the dura-mater.

  3. Ossificação da sutura palatina mediana após o procedimento de expansão rápida da maxila: estudo radiográfico Midpalatal suture ossification post rapid palatal expansion: a radiographic study

    Omar Gabriel da Silva Filho


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: o presente trabalho tem como objetivo acompanhar radiograficamente a evolução da ossificação da sutura palatina mediana em pacientes submetidos à expansão rápida da maxila, bem como comprovar a validade de se avaliar a neoformação óssea através deste exame complementar de diagnóstico. METODOLOGIA: a amostra constou de 38 pacientes no estágio de dentadura mista que se submeteram ao protocolo de expansão rápida da maxila, sendo 2/4 de volta pela manhã e 2/4 de volta à noite, totalizando 1 volta completa por dia, compreendendo um período de 7 dias. RESULTADOS: radiografias oclusais de maxila tomadas no pós-tratamento evidenciaram uma variação individual quanto ao período necessário para a completa neoformação óssea da sutura palatina mediana. A imagem radiográfica apresentou-se como um método confiável para a determinação da época correta de remoção do aparelho expansor. Tendo em vista a estabilidade pós-tratamento a longo prazo, o aparelho expansor deve ser removido somente após a completa ossificação da sutura. CONCLUSÕES: os resultados revelaram que são necessários mais de três meses para que o processo de ossificação e reorganização sutural se processe após o procedimento de expansão rápida da maxila.OBJECTIVE: the current study aims at following up radiographically the evolution of the midpalatal suture during the expansion procedure since the opening of the suture until bone formation. METHODS: the sample comprised 38 patients in the mixed dentition stage submitted to the rapid palatal expansion protocol of the Hospital for Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies. RESULTS: it was observed an individual variation on the period of bone ossification of the midpalatal suture, which justifies the radiographic follow-up as determinant for the appliance removal. Due to long-term post-treatment stability, the expander should be removed after the new suture is completely formed. CONCLUSIONS

  4. A Study on the creative expression of children with cancer at assistance homes Estudo da expressão criativa da criança e do adolescente com câncer em casas de apoio

    Maria Carmen Batista Bahia


    Full Text Available Based on the premise that the “expression” is used for the manifestation and configuration of a person, with the instrumental help of disclosing feelings, actions or thoughts, we intend to understand how the expressive work that uses artistic resources is established as a support for the integral care of children and adolescents with cancer, stimulating the continuity of their natural process of development. It is established that the expressive qualities are their means of communication, they hold their attention, enable the understanding and interpretation of experiences as well as determine the formal patterns created by them.A partir da premissa de que “expressão” e o modo de manifestação e configuração, com ajuda instrumental, de sentimentos, de ações ou pensamentos, buscamos neste estudo, entender como o trabalho expressivo, com recursos artísticos, vem estabelecer um ponto de apoio no atendimento mais integral da criança e do adolescente com câncer, estimulando a continuidade de seu processo natural de desenvolvimento. Estabelecemos que as qualidades expressivas são seus meios de comunicação, prendem sua atenção, possibilitam o entendimento e a interpretação das experiências, bem como determinam os padrões formais por eles criados. A inserção da prática criativa, sob essas condições, pressupõe um encadeamento de atividades com a intenção de obter um resultado minimamente eficaz. Este estudo não visa a soluções, mas ao acompanhamento da experiência criativa com linguagens artísticas, escolhidas de acordo com a problemática da criança doente. O instrumento central da pesquisa foi um ateliê de arte – a oficina criativa – que serviu diretamente a grupos de crianças e adolescentes carentes e com câncer, que se encontravam hospedados em casas assistenciais de apoio localizadas na região de São Paulo. Seguimos algumas experimentações de campo, de onde obtivemos vários caminhos possíveis para

  5. Effect of lincomycin treatment of root surface in dental replantation: a study in rats = Efeito da lincomicina como tratamento da superfície radicular no reimplante de dentes: estudo em ratos

    Silva, Daniela Nascimento


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Estudos sobre antibióticos usados topicamente na superfície radicular de dentes avulsionados buscam avaliar suas propriedades anti-reabsortivas que favoreçam o reparo do ligamento periodontal e o restabelecimento da articulação dentoalveolar. Neste mesmo propósito, esta pesquisa avaliou o efeito da lincomicina na superfície radicular, antes do reimplante. Metodologia: Dez ratos foram distribuídos em dois grupos de 05 animais (I – controle e II – experimental. O incisivo superior direito dos animais foi extraído e estocado em leite por 30 min. Em seguida, no grupo I, os dentes foram irrigados com soro fisiológico e reimplantados; no grupo II, os incisivos foram imersos em lincomicina por 5 min, antes do reimplante. Os animais foram eutanasiados no 21º dia pós-operatório e a hemimaxila direita submetida a cortes histológicos, corados em HE, para avaliação microscópica. Resultados: No grupo I, o ligamento periodontal apresentou-se disperso, com infiltrado linfoplasmocitário moderado a intenso e a articulação dentoalveolar não foi restabelecida; no grupo II, notou-se completo reparo do ligamento, poucas células inflamatórias e pequenas áreas de reabsorção inflamatória e anquilose. Conclusões: o uso tópico da lincomicina no tratamento da superfície radicular promoveu o reparo do ligamento periodontal, reduziu o processo inflamatório, mas ainda foram observadas áreas de reabsorção inflamatória e anquilose

  6. Válvulas da veia braquial comum: estudo anatômico Valves of the common brachial vein: anatomical study

    Carlos Adriano Silva dos Santos


    Full Text Available CONTEXTO: Boa parte das insuficiências venosas é devida à incompetência de suas válvulas. Como uma das alternativas cirúrgicas, temos os enxertos venosos valvulados no segmento insuficiente. OBJETIVO: Descrever a anatomia das válvulas da veia braquial comum. MÉTODOS: Foram selecionados 30 cadáveres do sexo masculino, independentemente de raça, que tinham seus membros superiores articulados ao tronco. Os mesmos estavam formolizados e foram mantidos em conservação com solução de formol a 10%. Utilizamos como critério de exclusão a existência de desarticulação de um dos membros ou de alterações deformantes em topografia das estruturas estudadas. RESULTADOS: O número total de válvulas identificadas foi de 28 em membro superior direito e de 33 em membro superior esquerdo, sendo 15 no segmento proximal direito e 21 no segmento proximal esquerdo. Mais de 91% das válvulas foram do tipo bicúspide e parietal. CONCLUSÃO: Conclui-se que a veia braquial comum apresenta freqüentemente válvulas do tipo bicúspide e parietal.BACKGROUND: A great part of venous insufficiencies is due to valve incompetence. Valved venous grafts in the insufficient segment are a surgical alternative. OBJECTIVE: To describe the anatomy of the common brachial vein valves. METHODS: We used 30 male corpses of varied races with their upper limbs articulated to the trunk. They were preserved in formol and fixed in a 10% formol solution. Exclusion criteria were presence of disarticulation in one limb or deforming alterations in the topography of assessed structures. RESULTS: The total number of identified valves was 28 in the right arm and 33 in the left arm, 15 of them in the right proximal segment and 21 in the left proximal segment. More than 91% of the valves were bicuspid and parietal. CONCLUSION: We conclude that the common brachial vein often presents bicuspid and parietal valves.

  7. Tradução, adaptação e estudo da validade de construto da Scale of Ethnocultural Empathy = Translation, adaptation, and construct validity study of the Scale of Ethnocultural Empathy

    Sampaio, Leonardo Rodrigues


    Full Text Available A empatia etnocultural é um construto que ajuda na compreensão de fenômenos que envolvem questões culturais, respeito às diferenças etnoculturais e desenvolvimento afetivo e sociomoral. O presente estudo objetivou traduzir, adaptar e testar a validade de construto da Scale of Ethnocultural Empathy – SEE para uso no Brasil. Participaram desta pesquisa 350 estudantes universitários residentes na cidade de Juazeiro (BA. Eles responderam à versão adaptada da SEE, que passou a se chamar Escala de Empatia Etnocultural – EEE, além de um questionário sociodemográfico. Foram realizadas análises fatoriais e os resultados apontaram como melhor solução uma estrutura composta por 26 itens, dispostos em três fatores. A consistência interna da Escala de Empatia Etnocultural como um todo (Nível Geral de Empatia Etnocultural foi considerada boa (a =. 808. Destarte, a Escala de Empatia Etnocultural revelou propriedades psicométricas adequadas à avaliação do construto e demonstrou ser uma importante ferramenta de investigação em pesquisas futuras

  8. A afecção vestibular infantil: estudo da orientação espacial Vestibular disorders in childhood: study of spatial disorders

    Elaine Shizue Novalo


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: verificar como é a percepção do espaço na criança com vertigem periférica. MÉTODOS: estudo prospectivo de 18 crianças, com faixa etária de três a 15 anos, sob acompanhamento no Ambulatório de Otorrinolaringologia / Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo. A percepção espacial foi avaliada por meio de atividade livre (desenho livre e dirigida (blocos lógicos e teste de Frostig. Das 18 crianças avaliadas, nove constituíram o grupo estudo (diagnóstico de vestibulopatia e queixa de tontura e nove constituíram o grupo controle (sem história de vestibulopatia e sem queixa de tontura. Foram excluídas crianças que apresentassem comprometimento de Sistema Nervoso Central que interferisse na interpretação da avaliação. Os resultados obtidos foram comparados entre o grupo estudo e controle qualitativamente. RESULTADOS: em relação ao desenho livre, 77,78% das crianças do grupo controle e 55,55% do grupo estudo utilizaram o papel inteiro. Quanto à proporção dos objetos, 100% das crianças do grupo controle e apenas 48,86% das crianças do grupo estudo desenharam com proporção adequada. Nos blocos lógicos, houve maior dificuldade do grupo estudo. No teste de Frostig, foi observada diferença significativa do ponto de vista clínico entre os grupos quanto ao Quociente Perceptual. CONCLUSÃO: as crianças com vestibulopatia, ao desenhar, aproveitaram o papel de forma menos homogênea, com maior dificuldade para desenhar figuras humanas e proporção inadequada entre os objetos. Desta forma, é importante que seja realizado o diagnóstico de vestibulopatia precocemente, para que o tratamento/reabilitação seja iniciado e sintomas, como a desorientação espacial, não influenciem na aprendizagem da criança.PURPOSE: to check how is the child's spatial perception in vestibular disorder. METHODS: prospective study of 18 children, between 3 and 15-year old, under treatment in Ambulat

  9. Disfunção erétil: resultados do estudo da vida sexual do brasileiro Erectile dysfunction: results of the Brazilian sexual life study

    Carmita Helena Najjar Abdo


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Estimar a prevalência da disfunção erétil (DE e fatores de risco associados em amostra da população brasileira. MÉTODOS: Estudo transversal com amostra de conveniência de 2.862 homens, maiores de 18 anos, por meio de questionário anônimo e auto-responsivo. A prevalência de DE na amostra foi obtida mediante questão global derivada diretamente da definição de DE. Os dados foram submetidos a testes Qui-quadrado e t de Student. Foram utilizadas análises de regressão logística para cálculos dos riscos. RESULTADOS: A prevalência encontrada de DE foi 45,1% (31,2% mínima, 12,2% moderada e 1,7% completa. Indivíduos com DE apresentaram comprometimento da auto-estima, dos relacionamentos interpessoais, menos relações sexuais por semana, mais relações extraconjugais, queixas de falta de desejo sexual e ejaculação rápida. Comparados aos homens com idades entre 18 e 39 anos, aqueles com 60 a 69 têm 2,2 (95% IC; 1,4-3,4; p OBJETIVE: To estimate the prevalence of ED and related risk factors in a sample of the Brazilian male population. METHODS: Cross-sectional study was carried out with a convenience sample of 2,862 men, 18 years of age or older, using an anonymous self-administered questionnaire. ED prevalence in the sample was obtained by a general question which was directly derived from the ED definition. Data were submitted to chi-square or Student's t tests. Logistic regression analyses were used for risk factor calculations. RESULTS: The prevalence of ED was 45.1% (31.2% mild, 12.2% moderate and 1.7% complete. Subjects with ED presented lower self-esteem, hindered interpersonal relationships, fewer sexual intercourses per week, more extra-marital relationships, complaints of lack of libido and premature ejaculation. When compared with men aged 18-39 years, men aged 60-69 presented 2.2 higher risk of ED (95% CI; 1.4-3.4; p < 0.01, whereas men aged 70 or older presented 3.0 higher risk of ED (95% CI; 1.4-6.3; p < 0

  10. Marketing para promoção de produtos e serviços de informação: estudo de caso da Biblioteca da Presidência da República / Marketing for information products and services promotion: Brasil Republic Presidency Library’ case study

    Sofia Galvão Baptista


    Full Text Available A aplicação da teoria de marketing como recurso gerencial para bibliotecas e serviços de informação é demonstrada por meio do caso da Biblioteca da Presidência da Republica, com o intuito de confirmar a validade da aplicação dos conceitos de marketing para a área social. Os serviços prestados pela biblioteca foram avaliados para observar o uso das atividades de promoção, relações públicas, merchandising, propaganda, incentivos, atmosfera e outras técnicas de marketing. Foi verificado que a biblioteca planejou e utilizou várias técnicas de promoção: atmosfera, divulgação dos serviços, relações públicas com projetos destinados a um determinado público, para promover seu relacionamento com o usuário da biblioteca.

  11. Jovens no discurso da imprensa portuguesa: um estudo exploratório Young people in the Portuguese press discourse: an exploratory study

    Maria Zara Pinto Coelho


    Full Text Available A investigação tem realçado o poder do discurso dos media na constituição da "juventude" como uma categoria homogénea e problemática. Este artigo apresenta os resultados de um estudo exploratório sobre este discurso, praticamente inexplorado no contexto nacional. Não tendo pretensões de representatividade nem de generalização, examina o conteúdo e o estilo dos textos sobre jovens publicados durante uma semana nos principais jornais e revistas de informação geral, tendo em conta algumas das suas condições de produção, a forma como estes manifestam e constituem um modo de controlo da acção discursiva dos jovens e propiciam a reprodução de conhecimento, atitudes e ideologias adultocêntricas.Previous research has shown how media discourse presents youth as a homogeneous and problematic category, but in Portugal media coverage of youth remains unexplored. This article is a summary of an exploratory study about this discourse, containing a detailed analysis of all reports about young people published during the period of a week in the major newspapers and news magazines. Within its limitations, it examines the contents and the style of news reports, having in mind some features of newspaper production, the way these discursive features reveal and constitute a form of controlling youth discursive action and propitiate the reproduction of ageistic knowledge, attitudes and ideologies.

  12. Estudo da confiabilidade da força aplicada durante a mobilização articular ântero-posterior do tornozelo Reliability study on the force applied during anteroposterior mobilization of the ankle joint

    MA Resende


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: Os fatores que contribuem para a eficiência da manobra de mobilização articular são a intensidade e a reprodutibilidade da força aplicada durante a mobilização, por um ou por diferentes examinadores. OBJETIVO: Avaliar a confiabilidade intra e interexaminador da força de mobilização ântero-posterior da articulação do tornozelo, grau III e IV de Maitland. MÉTODO: Os dois tornozelos de 35 voluntários assintomáticos foram mobilizados por dois examinadores experientes com o procedimento. Uma miniplataforma de força foi posicionada sob a perna do voluntário a fim de captar as forças obtidas durante as manobras de mobilização e seu sinal foi convertido e armazenado em um software DasyLab4.0, o que permitiu o registro dos picos mínimo e máximo das curvas da força aplicada. A análise da confiabilidade foi realizada através do coeficiente de correlação intraclasse (CCI. Para avaliar o erro sistemático das medidas foi utilizado o teste t pareado e o teste t independente, para as condições intra e interexaminadores, respectivamente. O método de Bland e Altman avaliou os limites de concordância das medidas entre os examinadores. RESULTADOS: Os dados demonstraram alta confiabilidade intra-examinador. A confiabilidade inter-examinador foi baixa e moderada para a força máxima e mínima respectivamente, durante a mobilização ântero-posterior da articulação do tornozelo. CONCLUSÃO: Esses dados sugerem que a força aplicada durante a mobilização articular grau III e IV de Maitland no tornozelo, apresenta alta confiabilidade intra-examinador e baixa para interexaminador.BACKGROUND: Factors that contribute towards the efficiency of joint mobilization maneuvers is the intensity and reproducibility of the force applied during mobilization, by one or more examiners. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the intra and inter-examiner reliability of Maitland grade III and IV anteroposterior mobilization force on the ankle joint

  13. The local effect of octreotide on mechanical pain sensitivity is more sensitive in DA rats than DA.1U rats.

    Yao, Fan-Rong; Wang, Hui-Sheng; Guo, Yuan; Zhao, Yan


    A recent study by the authors indicated that major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes are associated with the differences in basal pain sensitivity and in formalin model between Dark-Agouti (DA) and novel congenic DA.1U rats, which have the same genetic background as DA rats except for the u alleles of MHC. The objective of the present study is to investigate whether there is a difference in the pristane-induced arthritis (PIA) model and local analgesic effect of octreotide (OCT) between DA and DA.1U rats. The hindpaw mechanical withdrawal threshold (MWT) and heat withdrawal latency (HWL) were observed. The C unit firings of the tibial nerve evoked by non-noxious and noxious toe movements were recorded by electrophysiological methods in normal and PIA models in DA and DA.1U rats before and after local OCT administration. The expression of somatostatin receptor 2A (SSTR2A) was observed by immunohistochemistry. The results demonstrate that DA rats have a higher mechanical sensitivity than DA.1U rats after PIA. Local OCT administration significantly elevated MWT in DA rats under normal and PIA sate, but not in DA.1U rats. The electrophysiological experiments showed OCT significantly attenuated the firings of C units evoked by non-noxious and noxious stimulation in DA rats more than those in DA.1U rats both in normal and PIA states. In addition, the expression of SSTR2A in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord was significantly higher in DA than in DA.1U rats. All of the findings suggest a higher local analgesic effect of OCT in DA rats than DA.1U rats, which might be associated with the MHC genes. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd.

  14. A study of the fish community structure in a tidal creek Um estudo sobre a estrutura da comunidade de peixes de um rio de maré

    H. L. Spach


    Full Text Available The fish assemblage in a mangrove tidal creek was studied in monthly collections between August 1998 and July 1999 in the quadrature low tide and high tide, using a fyke net of 30 m x 1.5 m and meshes of 8 and 10 mm. Simultaneously with the biological collections, temperature, salinity, pH, water transparency, and current speed data were obtained. The collections resulted in the capture of 36,873 fish representing 22 families and 52 species. Immature individuals abounded (63.8%, and among the adult specimens there was a larger number of females. The species Anchoa parva, Harengula clupeola, Genidens genidens, and Bairdiella ronchus, contributed to 84.9% of the total capture of fish, however the contribution in mass was of 55.2%, indicating a predominance of small individuals. A smaller number of fish and species seem to occupy the area in the period between August and December, in comparison to the period between February and July, when the larger aggregations appear, mainly of the species Anchoa parva, Harengula clupeola, Opisthonema oglinum, Genidens genidens, Diapterus rhombeus, and Bairdiella ronchus. The environmental factors, pH, water transparency, and rainfall seem to have an influence in the structure of the observed biological patterns.A assembléia de peixes em um rio de maré de mangue foi estudada em coletas mensais entre agosto de 1998 e julho de 1999 na baixa-mar e preamar de quadratura, utilizando-se uma rede fixa tipo "fyke" com 30 m x 1,5 m e malhas de 8 e 10 mm. Simultaneamente às coletas biológicas, foram registrados dados de temperatura, salinidade, pH, transparência da água e velocidade da corrente. As coletas resultaram na captura de 36.873 peixes, representando 22 famílias e 52 espécies. Predominaram indivíduos imaturos (63,8% e as fêmeas, entre os adultos. As espécies Anchoa parva, Harengula clupeola, Genidens genidens e Bairdiella ronchus constituíram 84,9% da captura total de peixes, no entanto, a participa

  15. Efeito da mucuna e amendoim em rotação com algodoeiro A study on crop rotation for cotton using velvet bean and peanut

    Carlos A. M. Ferraz


    Full Text Available O efeito da rotação de mucuna (Stizolobium atterrimum Piper & Tracy e amendoim (Arachis hypogaea L. e de duas variedades comerciais de algodoeiro, IAC RM3 e IAC 12-2 (Gossypium hirsutum L. foi estudado nos anos agrícolas de 1967/68 a 1972/73. Foram instalados dois ensaios, um em Presidente Bernardes, com fusariose, em solo podzolizado de Lins e Marília var. Lins naturalmente infectado por Fusarium oxysporumf. vasinfectum e o nematóide causador de galhas Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White Chitwood, e outro em Presidente Venceslau, sem fusariose, em latossolo vermelho-escuro f. arenosa não infectado. A variedade comercial IAC RM3 é resistente e a IAC 12-2 é suscetível à fusariose. Para a análise estatística dos dados adotou-se o esquema de parcelas subdivididas, com seis repetições, tendo sido consideradas como parcelas as variedades de algodoeiro IAC RM3 e IAC 12-2, plantadas em 1968/69, 1970/71, 1971/72 e 1972/73, e como subparcelas as culturas em rotação, mucuna, amendoim e as variedades de algodoeiro IAC RM3 e IAC 12-2, plantadas nos anos-agrícolas de 1967/68 e 1969/70. Em solos com fusariose, em 1968/69, e em solos sem fusariose, no ano agrícola de 1970/71, destacou-se o efeito da rotação com mucuna, seguida da rotação com amendoim. Depois do plantio consecutivo de algodoeiro durante três anos (1970/71 a 1972/73, cessaram praticamente os efeitos da rotação para os dois casos. Houve aumento do teor de potássio após o primeiro ano de rotação, sendo maior para a mucuna.The effect of rotation of velvet bean (Stizolobium atterrimum Piper & Tracy, and peanut (Arachis hypogaea L. with two comercial varieties of cotton IAC RM3 and IAC 12-2 (Gossypium hirsutum L. was studied during 1967/68 to 1972/73. One experiment was conducted in a soil naturally infected by Fusarium oxysporum f. vasinfectum (Atk. Snyder & Hansen and by Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White Chitwood, (President Bernardes, State of São Paulo, in

  16. Estudo da transmigração bacteriana na apendicite experimental em coelhos A study about bacterial transmigration in experimental Appendicitis in rabbits



    Full Text Available Introdução: A queda extrínseca dos mecanismos de defesa de um hospedeiro é vista classicamente como uma infecção, que resulta na aquisição de um tecido normal, de um novo microorganismo, cuja virulência é fundamental para a sua patogenia.Na década de 50, estudos comprovaram que bactérias e endotoxinas podem ultrapassar a barreira intestinal e atingir a circulação, demonstrando ainda, que a flora intestinal representa uma importante fonte para o desenvolvimento da infecção sistêmica. Objetivo: o presente estudo visa avaliar a ocorrência de transmigração bacteriana em apendicite experimental induzida em coelhos, mediante a oclusão completa do apêndice vermiforme. Métodos: foram utilizados 24 coelhos brancos, da linhagem Nova Zelândia, com peso corporal variando de 2500 a 3000 gramas, sendo então divididos em 2 grupos. Os animais do Grupo I foram submetidos a laparotomia mediana e retirada de fragmentos do baço, rim esquerdo, pulmão direito, linfonodo abdominal, conteúdo da luz do apêndice vermiforme e sangue da veia porta para cultura. Os animais do Grupo II foram submetidos a laparotomia mediana e oclusão completa do apêndice vermiforme para a indução de apendicite e, após 24 horas, realizada a coleta do material nos moldes do Grupo I. Resultados: No Grupo controle (Grupo I, não se observou o crescimento de bactérias nas amostras analisadas. No Grupo experimento (Grupo II, observou-se o crescimento de Escherichia coli em todos os animais. Conclusão: Ocorreu transmigração bacteriana após 24 horas de observação em coelhos com apendicite experimental.The present study aims to evaluate the occurrence of the bacterial transmigration in induced ezxperimental appendicitis in rabbitis through complete oclusion of the vermiform appendix. 24 New Zealand white rabbits with a body weight ranging from 2500 to 3000 grams were used. They were divided into 2 groups. The animals from group I were submitted to a median

  17. The scientific study of happiness and health promotion: an integrative literature review El estudio científico de la felicidad y la promoción de la salud: revisión integradora de la literatura O estudo científico da felicidade e a promoção da saúde: revisão integrativa da literatura

    Fabio Scorsolini-Comin


    Full Text Available The article aims to trace the profile of publications concerning the concept of subjective well-being (SWB, considered the scientific study of happiness, as well as discussing the impact of this accumulated understanding on health promotion. The revision was carried out in the databases PubMed, MedLine, PsycINFO, SciELO, LILACS and PEPSIC using the descriptor subjective well-being. Articles published in indexed periodicals between 1970 and 2008 were selected. From the inclusion/exclusion criteria 19 publications were selected in full for discussion. Of these, the majority were related to the health area and did not approach the concept of SWB directly, but touched on this together with the notions of well-being, satisfaction and quality of life. There were few publications that approached the term conceptually or that defined the instruments used for the assessment of SWB. Concluding, the results confirm the relevance of the theme for health promotion and the necessity of investigations related to the practices of health professionals .El trabajo tuvo como objetivo investigar el perfil de publicaciones referentes al concepto del bienestar subjetivo (BES, así como la discusión del impacto en la promoción de la salud. La revisión fue ejecutada en los bancos de datos PubMed, MedLine, PsycINFO, SciELO, LILACS y PEPSIC, en el período 1970-2008. A partir de los criterios de inclusión y exclusión fueron recuperados 19 trabajos que fueron analizados completamente. Entre éstos, la mayoría se refería al área de la salud y no abordaba el concepto de BES directamente, sin embargo lo evocaba juntamente con las nociones de bienestar, satisfacción y calidad de vida. Pocos trabajos abordan la conceptualización del término o definen los instrumentos utilizados para la evaluación del BES. Se concluyó que resultados confirman la actualidad y pertinencia del tema para la promoción de la salud y la necesidad de realizar nuevas investigaciones

  18. Automedicação em estudantes universitários: a influência da área de formação Self-medication among university students: the influence of the field of study

    Dayani Galato


    Full Text Available Investigar a influência da área de formação de universitários na prática da automedicação. Estudo transversal com aplicação de questionários sobre o perfil dos entrevistados, a prática da automedicação e outras questões relacionadas ao manejo da saúde. Foram entrevistados 342 universitários das diferentes áreas de formação, sendo 81 da área da saúde. Destes, 37,0% referiram ter se automedicado nos últimos quinze dias. Neste período os problemas de saúde mais comuns para esta prática foram a dor em geral (90,4% adotando-se principalmente analgésicos e antitérmicos. Observou-se que ser mulher (p = 0,049 e possuir plano de saúde (p = 0,036 associaram-se significativamente a automedicação e que ser da área de saúde não está associado à prevalência desta prática (p = 0,139. Contudo, identificou-se que a influência da propaganda (p The scope of this paper was to investigate the influence of a university student's field of study upon self-medication. A cross-sectional study was conducted through the administration of questionnaires on the profile of the respondents, self-medication and other healthcare-related issues. In all, 342 students from different fields of study were interviewed, 81 of which were from the health area. Of the respondents, 37% reported self-medicating in the last fortnight. The most common health problems for self-medication in this period were general pain (90.4% and analgesics and antipyretics were the most common form of medication. It was observed that being female (p=0.049, as well as the fact of having health insurance (p=0.036, were significantly associated with self-medication and that studying in the health area was not associated with self-medication (0.139. However, it was found that the influence of advertising (p<0.001, old prescriptions (p=0.041, pharmacists or pharmacy employees (p=0.005, as well as friends, neighbors and relatives (p=0.003 were more significant among

  19. O estado da arte da pesquisa sobre o fracasso escolar (1991-2002: um estudo introdutório The state of the art in the research on school failure (1991-2002: an introductory study

    Carla Biancha Angelucci


    Full Text Available Este artigo apresenta um estudo introdutório do estado da arte da pesquisa sobre o fracasso escolar na rede pública de ensino fundamental, partindo de uma retrospectiva histórica da pesquisa educacional no Brasil. A inserção da produção atual numa perspectiva histórica permite a percepção de continuidades e descontinuidades teórico-metodológicas, avanços e redundâncias na produção de saber sobre o objeto de estudo. O corpus sobre o qual incidiu a pesquisa é composto de teses e dissertações defendidas entre 1991 e 2002 na Faculdade de Educação e no Instituto de Psicologia da Universidade de São Paulo. Foram encontradas e categorizadas 71 obras, das quais treze foram analisadas em profundidade, tendo como base as seguintes questões: como o tema é abordado? Qual a concepção teórica e metodológica subjacente? Há coerência entre teoria e método? Quais as concepções de escola e de fracasso escolar que fundamentam o trabalho? Quais as relações com o conhecimento já produzido? Que novos aspectos são anunciados? Revelaram-se vertentes que compreendem o fracasso escolar das seguintes formas: como problema essencialmente psíquico; como problema meramente técnico; como questão institucional; como questão fundamentalmente política. Verificou-se a existência de continuidades e rupturas teórico-metodológicas em relação aos caminhos percorridos pela produção de saber na área: há teses em que permanece o predomínio de concepções psicologizantes e tecnicistas de fracasso escolar; em outras, coexistem concepções inconciliáveis que resultam em um discurso fraturado; há também teses que dialogam e avançam a pesquisa crítica do fracasso escolar, inserindo-o nas relações de poder existentes numa sociedade de classes.Considering the political and economical changes that took place in the Brazilian society during the last decade of the 20th century, characterized as they were, among other facts, by the

  20. Estudo da variabilidade do NDVI sobre o Brasil, utilizando-se a análise de agrupamentos Study of NDVI variability in Brazil using cluster analysis

    Helen da C. Gurgel


    Full Text Available Este trabalho analisa a variabilidade do NDVI (Índice de Vegetação por Diferença Normalizada sobre o Brasil, utilizando-se a análise de agrupamentos. As análises foram feitas através de imagens do sensor Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR para o período de janeiro de 1982 a dezembro de 1993. Os resultados obtidos mostram que na região Amazônica o ciclo anual do NDVI não é bem definido, visto que o máximo tipicamente ocorre em junho, dois meses após o período chuvoso, enquanto o mínimo se dá em dois períodos distintos: entre fevereiro e março e setembro e novembro. Na região central do Brasil, o cerrado apresenta um ciclo anual definido, com valores máximos de NDVI entre março e maio, e mínimos em setembro, final do período seco. Por outro lado, a vegetação das regiões da zona da mata nordestina e dos campos de Roraima apresentam um ciclo anual nítido, sendo que os maiores valores de NDVI ocorrem em junho e julho e os menores entre fevereiro e março, alguns meses antes do início das chuvas. No caso da região nordeste do Brasil, a caatinga mostra um ciclo anual bem definido, com um período seco marcante, sendo que os valores mais elevados de NDVI ocorrem entre os meses de abril e maio, que é o final da época das chuvas, e os menores em setembro e outubro. Em parte do Estado de Santa Catarina e no sul do Paraná, o ciclo anual das formações vegetais dominantes (floresta ombrófila aberta e floresta ombrófila mista não é muito nítido. No sul do Brasil, a região de estepes não apresenta ciclo anual nítido, os valores máximos de NDVI geralmente ocorrem entre março e junho e os valores mínimos no mês de agosto. Além disso, constatou-se que os eventos El Niño, independente da sua intensidade, afetam distintamente os vários tipos de vegetação.This paper deals with vegetation cover variability in Brazil using cluster analysis. The study was done using NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation

  1. A relação da postura corporal com a prosódia na doença de parkinson: estudo de caso The relations between body posture and prosody in Parkinson's disease: case study

    Fernanda Vargas Ferreira


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: investigar a associação entre a postura corporal e a prosódia em indivíduos com Doença de Parkinson. MÉTODOS: estudo de corte transversal realizado com cinco sujeitos com Doença de Parkinson da cidade de Santa Maria, Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, em 2006. Utilizaram-se avaliações da prosódia lingüística e emocional bem como da postura corporal. A análise estatística utilizada foi descritiva. RESULTADOS: foram estudados quatro sujeitos do sexo masculino e um sujeito do sexo feminino com idades entre 37 e 53 anos. Três sujeitos encontravam-se no estágio I, um sujeito no estágio III e um sujeito no estágio IV da doença conforme a escala de classificação da função motora Hohen &Yahr, todos sob o uso de medicação e apresentando os sinais da tríade característica da patologia (rigidez, tremor, bradicinesia bem como as alterações posturais típicas. Na comparação entre prosódia emocional e prosódia lingüística, encontrou-se melhor desempenho na prosódia emocional e não se evidenciou associação entre os estágios da patologia e alterações na postura corporal e prosódia. CONCLUSÃO: as alterações posturais são sinais característicos da Doença de Parkinson, assim como alterações na prosódia lingüística e emocional. A ocorrência de alterações posturais foi elevada entre os parkinsonianos. Os sujeitos apresentaram melhor performance na prosódia emocional. Não houve evidências de que os estágios da doença estivessem associados às alterações da prosódia e da postura corporal.PORPOSE: to investigate the relationship between body posture and prosody in patients with Parkinson Disease. METHODS: the study was carried out with five patients (four males and one female from Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, by means of cross-section study, in 2006. Evaluations of linguistic and emotional prosody as well as analysis of body posture were carried out. The statistical analysis was descriptive

  2. Tópicos da teoria da relatividade

    Fragata, Paulo Renato Ferreira


    Dissertação de Mestrado, Matemática para Professores, 25 de Outubro 2013, Universidade dos Açores. Qualquer descrição física da natureza tem por base a especificação da posição e do instante em que decorre determinado acontecimento. Para tal, é necessário recorrer a um sistema de coordenadas, escolhido por cada observador, do modo que ele achar mais pertinente. Dada a generalidade na escolha do sistema de coordenadas, é útil conhecer as regras que nos permitem comparar cálculos feitos em d...

  3. Um estudo sobre as condições facilitadoras da judicialização da política no Brasil: a study about the conditions that make it possible Judicialization of politics in Brazil

    Loiane Prado Verbicaro


    Full Text Available A intitulada pesquisa tem como finalidade a análise do poder judiciário em um contexto de ampliação de sua dimensão política, o que traz como conseqüência um tipo inédito e peculiar de espaço público de participação democrática. tal alteração no quadro político-institucional possibilitou uma maior inserção do poder judiciário em questões essencialmente políticas, o que se convencionou denominar de judicialização da política - expressa na ampliação da importância e da participação do poder judiciário na vida social, política e econômica. tal fenômeno, característico de democracias consolidadas, decorreu de condicionantes e peculiaridades vivenciadas na ordem política, econômica e social e gerou efeitos visíveis na democracia brasileira. serão analisadas as condições necessárias e/ou facilitadoras do processo de judicialização da política no Brasil.This research is aimed at analyzing the judiciary power in a context wherein it acts as an agent amplifying its political dimension which brings about, as a consequence, a peculiar and unheard of type of public avenue of democratic participation. such changes in the political and institutional environment made it possible for a more extended insertion of the judiciary power in essentially political matters, which came to gain widespread acceptance as "judicialization" of politics and has been expressed by a magnified importance and actual participation of the judiciary power in social, political and economical life. such phenomenon, typical of consolidated democracies, derived from conditioning variables and peculiarities experienced in political, economical and social order and brought about visible consequences in brazilian democracy. there will be analized the necessary conditions of the "judicialization" of politics process in Brazil.

  4. Cocleotoxicidade da gentamicina por doses habituais para neonatos - estudo funcional A functional study on gentamicin-related cochleotoxicity in its conventional dose in newborns

    Carla Luiza Baggio


    Full Text Available A identificação precoce das alterações auditivas possibilita a intervenção ainda no "período crítico" e ideal de estimulação da linguagem e da audição. A ototoxicidade infantil é um tema bastante controverso. Têm sido relatadas percentagens variáveis de casos de ototoxicidade em crianças com vários antibióticos aminoglicosídeos. Os principais grupos pediátricos que recebem antibióticos aminoglicosídeos são recém-nascidos com infecções graves na UTI neonatal. OBJETIVOS: Verificar o aspecto funcional das células ciliadas externas da cóclea a esquemas terapêuticos utilizados para o tratamento de infecções no período neonatal. FORMA DE ESTUDO: Experimental. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Foram estudadas 26 cobaias albinas, através das emissões otoacústicas por produto de distorção, prévia e posteriormente a aplicação de gentamicina. RESULTADOS: Em todas as avaliações, o estado funcional das células ciliadas externas, estudadas pelas emissões otoacústicas por produto de distorção, mostraram-se preservadas. CONCLUSÃO: Neste experimento não foram observadas alterações no funcionamento das células ciliadas externas de cobaias albinas sob tratamento com gentamicina nas doses de 4 mg/Kg/dia e 2,5 mg/Kg/dia a cada 12 horas, por 10 e 14 dias.The early identification of hearing impairment allows for an intervention still in the "critical" and ideal period of hearing and language stimulation. Pediatric ototoxicity is a very controversial topic. There have been variable percentages of ototoxicity cases in children with different aminoglycosides antibiotics. The main pediatric groups whom receive aminoglycosides are newborns with severe infections on the neonatal ICU. AIM: to check the functional aspect of the cochlear external hair cells and treatment regimens used to treat infections during the neonatal period. STUDY DESIGN: Experimental. Materials and Methods: we studied 26 albino guinea pigs, through distortion

  5. Anatomic study of portal vein: transpancreatic vessels injuries approach Estudo anatômico da veia porta-hepática: abordagem cirúrgica portal transpancreática

    Mario Mantovani


    Full Text Available Introduction: The commitment of the great blood-vessels make up a situation of great complexity and a high rate of the complications and mortality patients with abdominal trauma. The injury of the portal vein matters because of the difficulty on the diagnosis and the approach surgery. Objective: To set the standard on the transverse section of the pancreas looking for a safer surgical access to repair the portal vein injuries. Methods: A quantitative analysis was performed to characterize the anatomical relationship between the portal vein and their tributaries relating them to the pancreas. On these corpses, the measurements of a anatomical triangle were studied. It base was the upper limit of the superior mesenteric vein and the initial portion of the portal vein; the apex, a point located on the upper limit of the confluence of the splenic vein and superior mesenteric vein, situated at the middle line of the superior mesenteric_ vein. Results: The portal vein is formed 3.24cm from the internal border of the duodenal arc at a distance of 1.61cm and 1.07 from the inferior and superior pancreas borders, respectively. Conclusion: The present study allow us to conclude that, to have access to the origin of the portal vein, in case of trauma of this vessel, one should proceed a transverse section of the neck of the pancreas next to the superior mesenteric vein, because its confluence with splenic vein occur, on average, 1.07cm and 1.61cm from the superior and inferior border of the gland, respectively.Introdução: No trauma abdominal, o comprometimento dos grandes vasos constitui uma situação de grande complexidade com altos índices de complicações e mortalidade. Nestes pacientes, a lesão da veia porta-hepática tem interesse em razão da dificuldade no diagnóstico e na abordagem cirúrgica. Objetivo: Padronizar o plano de transecção do pâncreas visando o acesso cirúrgico mais seguro para os reparos das lesões da veia porta

  6. An extension of PPLS-DA for classification and comparison to ordinary PLS-DA.

    Anna Telaar

    Full Text Available Classification studies are widely applied, e.g. in biomedical research to classify objects/patients into predefined groups. The goal is to find a classification function/rule which assigns each object/patient to a unique group with the greatest possible accuracy (classification error. Especially in gene expression experiments often a lot of variables (genes are measured for only few objects/patients. A suitable approach is the well-known method PLS-DA, which searches for a transformation to a lower dimensional space. Resulting new components are linear combinations of the original variables. An advancement of PLS-DA leads to PPLS-DA, introducing a so called 'power parameter', which is maximized towards the correlation between the components and the group-membership. We introduce an extension of PPLS-DA for optimizing this power parameter towards the final aim, namely towards a minimal classification error. We compare this new extension with the original PPLS-DA and also with the ordinary PLS-DA using simulated and experimental datasets. For the investigated data sets with weak linear dependency between features/variables, no improvement is shown for PPLS-DA and for the extensions compared to PLS-DA. A very weak linear dependency, a low proportion of differentially expressed genes for simulated data, does not lead to an improvement of PPLS-DA over PLS-DA, but our extension shows a lower prediction error. On the contrary, for the data set with strong between-feature collinearity and a low proportion of differentially expressed genes and a large total number of genes, the prediction error of PPLS-DA and the extensions is clearly lower than for PLS-DA. Moreover we compare these prediction results with results of support vector machines with linear kernel and linear discriminant analysis.

  7. Observational Study of IncobotulinumtoxinA for Cervical Dystonia or Blepharospasm (XCiDaBLE: Interim Results for the First 170 Subjects with Blepharospasm

    Hubert H. Fernandez


    Full Text Available Background: XCiDaBLE is a large, prospective, observational “naturalistic” study evaluating Xeomin® for Cervical Dystonia or BLEpharospasm in the United States. We report the interim results from the blepharospasm cohort of XCiDaBLE.Methods: Subjects (≥18 years old with blepharospasm were followed for two treatment cycles of incobotulinumtoxinA and monitored for 4 weeks after injection via interactive voice/web response system (IVRS/IWRS. The investigator‐reported scale includes the Clinical Global Impression Scale‐Severity subscale (CGI‐S. Patient‐reported outcome measures include the Patient Global Impression Scale‐Severity (PGI‐S and ‐Improvement (PGI‐I subscales, Jankovic Rating Scale (JRS, SF‐12v2® health survey, and Work Productivity and Activity Impairment questionnaire. Subjects are seen by the investigator at baseline (including the first injection, during the second injection, and at a final study visit (12 weeks after the second injection.Results: One hundred seventy subjects were included in this interim analysis. The majority of subjects were female (77.1% and white (91.8%, and had previously been treated with botulinum toxins (96.5%. The mean total dose (both eyes was 71.5 U of incobotulinumtoxinA for the first injection. PGI‐S, PGI‐I, and JRS scores were significantly improved 4 weeks after treatment (all p<0.0001. No differences were noted in either quality of life (QoL or work productivity in this short assessment period. No unexpected adverse events occurred.Discussion: This is an interim study and assessment method based on an IVRS/IWRS. In this predominantly toxin‐experienced cohort, significant benefits in specific and global measures of disease severity were seen in the immediate post‐incobotulinumtoxinA injection period. It will be interesting to see if there are improvements in QoL with consistent individualized injections over a longer period.

  8. Estudos histológicos preliminares da microenxertia de plantas micropropagadas de macieira Preliminaries histological studies from the micrografting of tissue cultured apple

    Monita Fiori de Abreu


    Full Text Available A fruticultura moderna necessita implantar tecnologias que possibilitem a produção de frutos de alta qualidade, com custos cada vez menores. A micropropagação associada à microenxertia possibilita altas taxas de multiplicação de plantas com alta qualidade fitossanitária, além de possibilitar a realização de estudos sobre compatibilidade de enxertia em diferentes clones. O presente trabalho tem como objetivo estudar o processo de soldadura entre genótipos de macieira (Malus domestica. Borkh multiplicadas in vitro após a microenxertia. Esta técnica foi realizada em fenda simples, sob condições assépticas. Os estudos histológicos foram realizados através de cortes longitudinais seriados de segmentos de 8 mm do ponto de enxertia. O processo de soldadura foi caracterizado pelo desenvolvimento de tecido meristemático, originando células parenquimáticas na interface do microenxerto, com a proliferação do tecido cambial da cultivar copa. Isso possibilita a ligação do sistema vascular da copa com o do porta-enxerto, resultando na sobrevivência do microenxerto.The modern fruitculture needs to introduce techniques that allow a less expensive production of high quality fruits. The micropropagation associate to micrografting provides high average of plant multiplication and disease free material. In addition it provides studies of grafting compatibilities. The present work aim to study the process of the micrografting union of tissue cultured apple (Malus domestica. Borkh. The scions were cleft-grafted on the rootstocks, under aseptic conditions. For histological studies specimens were trimmed down to 4mm above and below the graft union (longitudinal cuts. The graft union development resulted in the generation of meristem tissue, originating parenchymatous cells at the graft interface, and a cambial tissue proliferation from the scion. This procedure allows the vascular system connection between the scion and the rootstock

  9. La sindrome da vibrazioni mano-braccio : studi epidemiologici e clinici della funzione vascolare e neurosensitiva in coorti di lavoratori esposti a vibrazioni segmentali

    Ronchese, Federico


    Premesse: un’elevata esposizione a vibrazioni trasmesse al sistema mano-braccio (hand-transmitted vibration, HTV) è correlata con l’insorgenza di disturbi neurologici, vascolari periferici e osteoarticolari a carico degli arti superiori. Il termine “sindrome da vibrazione mano-braccio” (hand-arm vibration syndrome, HAVS) viene comunemente utilizzato per designare unitariamente il complesso di tali lesioni. La componente vascolare di tale sindrome è rappresentata da una forma secondaria di fen...

  10. Aspectos neurológicos e eletromiograficos da hanseniase: estudo de 100 casos Neurological and electromiographic aspects of leprosy: study of 100 cases

    Plínio Garcez de Sena


    Full Text Available Dos exames neurológicos, eletromiográficos, anatomopatológicos e bacterioscópicos realizados em 100 hansenianos, chegamos às seguintes conclusões: Houve elevada incidência de anormalidades reflexas. Os reflexos proprioceptivos estavam anormais em 64,5% e os exteroceptivos em 70,8%. Os primeiros mostravam de acordo com a topografia dos segmentos examinados, os seguintes valores anormais: no segmento cefálico, 25,3%; nos membros superiores, 59,1% e, nos inferiores, 74,5%. Nas fases iniciais da enfermidade, os reflexos foram normais em 41,2% dos casos examinados, observando-se também que em todos os períodos de evolução da moléstia esses valores se mantiveram mais ou menos elevados. Ainda na primeira etapa, cuja média de duração foi de 4 9 anos, observamos várias alterações, havendo predomínio dos reflexos vivos (25,1%, seguindo-se os diminuídos (17%, exaltados (8,6% e abolidos (8%. No estágio final da enfermidade houve decréscimo dos reflexos normais, em contraposição aos abolidos e diminuídos, cujos percentuais aumentaram para 32,7 e 30,6%, respectivamente. Anote-se também o desaparecimento dos reflexos vivos. Foi elevada a percentagem de doentes (31% que sofreram agressão ao oitavo nervo, 17 (54,8% dos quais apresentavam disacusia neural. Os valores correlacionados com deficit auditivo raramente estavam de acordo com os resultados positivos dos exames histopatológico e bacterioscópico. Os índices de anormalidades encontrados no exame do trigêmio e facial (7% e 5%, respectivamente, foram muito mais baixos em relação ao oitavo nervo. Estes resultados estão em contradição com os referidos na literatura. Em alguns pacientes, as hiperestesias da pele e da região plantar prenunciaram o aparecimento da enfermidade. Entre as alterações objetivas, raramente observamos a anestesia das sensibilidades superficiais associada à hiperestesia profunda e anestesia das sensibilidades superficiais com abolição das

  11. Innovation in creative economy micro-enterprises: a multiple case study / Inovação em microempresas da economia criativa: um estudo de múltiplos casos

    Mariana Bianchini Galuk


    Full Text Available Purpose: Research about how creative economy grew considerably in last years, mainly by the increase of representation that this sector has in the global economy. It is believed that creative economy’s organizations have some characteristics that differentiate them for the traditional areas where creativity is relevant in the innovation process. Thus, this paper aims to analyse the process of innovation in the creative economy organizations. Originality/gap/relevance/implications: Due to still early literature in the Brazilian context, we expect to contribute to it in the business studies field. Key methodological aspects: We conducted an exploratory qualitative research study on four micro enterprises that are part of the creative industries. The theoretical approach was about innovation in creative organizations, so as it was possible to realize an analysis of innovation in the investigated business from three categories identified in the literature: organization, technology options and customers. Summary of key results: It was found that these organizations have some characteristics that differ from traditional sectors of the economy, both in the type of innovation and in the way the innovation process is managed. However, it is questionable whether the flexibility that both aids in the flow of ideas and information would be a reality in larger companies. Key considerations/conclusions: As contributions, this article raised a reflection on creativity and innovation in this segment and also on innovation in creative microenterprises. Objetivo: As pesquisas relacionadas a Economia Criativa vêm aumentando consideravelmente nos últimos anos, principalmente pelo aumento de sua representatividade na economia global. Acredita-se que as organizações da economia criativa possuem características organizacionais diversas dos setores econômicos tradicionais, em que a criatividade é relevante no processo de inovação. Assim, o objetivo deste


    Antonio Bento Mancio


    Full Text Available Dentre as características de qualidade da carne bovina, a maciez assume posição de destaque, sendo considerada a característica organoléptica de maior influência na aceitação da carne por parte dos consumidores. A dureza da carne pode ser dividida em dureza residual, causada pelo tecido conjuntivo e outras proteínas do estroma, e dureza de actomiosina, causada pelas proteínas miofibrilares. Dentre os fatores que influenciam a maciez da carne, podem ser destacados a genética, a raça, a idade ao abate, o sexo, a alimentação, o uso de agentes hormonais (?-adrenérgicos e os tratamentos post-mortem. A qualidade final da carne é resultante de tudo o que aconteceu com o animal durante toda a cadeia produtiva. Devem-se assegurar procedimentos adequados de transporte, armazenamento, manipulação, exposição e preparo da carne, a fim de se obter um produto de melhor qualidade. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Calpaínas, calpastatina, qualidade da carne, rigor mortis, tecido muscular.

  13. Estudo da viabilidade da produção de água a partir do resfriamento do ar Study of the viability of water production by air cooling

    Genival da Silva


    Full Text Available Pesquisas realizadas nos municípios paraibanos de Campina Grande e São João do Cariri comprovam a viabilidade da produ��ão de água potável a partir da formação do orvalho em superfícies refrigeradas por sistemas convencionais de refrigeração ou pelo uso de garrafas PET contendo gelo. Os resultados experimentais aqui apresentados mostram que o resfriamento do ar pode produzir quantidades suficientes de água para minimizar as conseqüências da escassez de água potável na região Semi-árida do Nordeste brasileiro. O experimento, baseado no contato direto do ar com a superfície fria do sistema de refrigeração, produziu orvalho a uma taxa de 1,23 L h-1 m-2. Para produzir um litro de orvalho, este sistema consome, em média, 0,75 kWh de energia elétrica. Os resultados obtidos são satisfatórios considerando-se que o equipamento experimental utilizado é bastante simples.Research carried out in the municipalities of Campina Grande and São João do Cariri prove the viability of the production of drinking water by the formation of the dew on cold surfaces of conventional refrigeration systems or on external surfaces of PET bottles containing ice. The experimental results presented here show that the cooling of air can produce enough quantity of water to minimize the consequences of shortage of drinking water in the semiarid zone of the Brazilian Northeast region. The experiment based on direct contact between the air and the cold surface of the refrigeration system produced dew at a rate of 1.23 L h-1 m-2. To obtain a liter of dew, the system consumes, on average, 0.75 kWh of electrical energy. The obtained results are satisfactory, considering that the experimental equipment used is quite simple.

  14. Planejamento e controle da produção de cilindros para laminação: um estudo de caso quantitativo Production management of rolling mill rolls: a quantitative study case

    Laerte José Fernandes


    Full Text Available Este trabalho apresenta um modelo de otimização-simulação aplicado em um estudo de caso real no setor de cilindros para laminação de uma siderúrgica, buscando melhorar o gerenciamento da área/equipamento gargalo da linha de produção. A simulação atuou em conjunto com um modelo de otimização da programação linear inteira (PLI para melhorar o atendimento de prazo junto aos clientes em uma produção não seriada. Como resultado deste procedimento combinado da PLI e simulação, o processo produtivo foi otimizado e as filas de espera e o lead-time foram reduzidos, melhorando o atendimento aos clientes.This article presents a simulation-optimization model application for a real case study in the rolling mill roll sector of a steel plant. The purpose of this study was to get a better area/equipment bottleneck management in the production line. The simulation was used together with an ILP (Integer Linear Programming optimization model, in order to improve customer service in a made-to-order production. As a result of this ILP and Simulation combined approach, the productive process was optimized and both queues and lead-time were reduced, improving customer service.

  15. Planejamento e controle da produção de cilindros para laminação: um estudo de caso quantitativo Production management of rolling mill rolls: a quantitative study case

    Laerte José Fernandes


    Full Text Available Este trabalho apresenta um modelo de otimização-simulação aplicado em um estudo de caso real no setor de cilindros para laminação de uma siderúrgica, buscando melhorar o gerenciamento da área/equipamento gargalo da linha de produção. A simulação atuou em conjunto com um modelo de otimização da programação linear inteira (PLI para melhorar o atendimento de prazo junto aos clientes em uma produção não seriada. Como resultado deste procedimento combinado da PLI e simulação, o processo produtivo foi otimizado e as filas de espera e o lead-time foram reduzidos, melhorando o atendimento aos clientes.This article presents a simulation-optimization model application for a real case study in the rolling mill roll sector of a steel plant. The purpose of this study was to get a better area/equipment bottleneck management in the production line. The simulation was used together with an ILP (Integer Linear Programming optimization model, in order to improve customer service in a made-to-order production. As a result of this ILP and Simulation combined approach, the productive process was optimized and both queues and lead-time were reduced, improving customer service.


    Vera M.A.Tordino Brandão


    Full Text Available O Programa de Gerontologia da PUC desenvolve pesquisas focando o ser na perspectiva do envelhecimento. As atividades são interdisciplinares e reúnem docentes, alunos e ex-alunos. Nesta mesa redonda apresentamos um panorama sobre estes estudos. Na área da educação e comunicação o foco está centrado na longevidade e na preparação e representação social da velhice. São ressaltadas como temáticas: a formação continuada de profissionais e pesquisadores; o significado da religiosidade/espiritualidade ao longo da trajetória, e sua repercussão na qualidade de vida do idoso; os programas sócio-educacionais para idosos e concepções sobre educação; o monitoramento da mídia na cobertura da crescente longevidade e seus impactos. Em identidade e modos de morar reflete-se sobre soluções planejadas e sua adequação para a inclusão do envelhecimento populacional como questão fundamental, que implica a elaboração de novas políticas, investigações e, especialmente, apresenta-se como questão a ser analisada, refletida e vivenciada pela sociedade em geral. Quanto à saúde, o Programa desenvolve várias pesquisas numa abordagem interdisciplinar tendo como objetos de estudo: a terapia assistida com animais direcionada a idosos com diagnóstico de Alzheimer; o acompanhamento terapêutico e o atendimento psicoterapêutico em grupo, a aplicação da técnica de Calatonia em idosos moradores de ILPI, além da investigação sobre impasses clínicos no idoso frágil. Palavras-chave: gerontologia, longevidade, envelhecimento

  17. Conjecturas da Epistemológia Jurídica e Aspectos da Teoria da Linguagem

    Oliveira, Rita de Cássia Cartelli de; Cesumar; Motta, Ivan Dias; Cesumar


    Apresentar-se-ão reflexões em torno da epistemologia jurídica e alguns aspectos da teoria da linguagem; a necessidade de acompanhamento e aprimoramento da linguagem jurídica, para que o direito não se distancie da realidade, mantendo-se apenas como um sistema do status quo; uma breve análise de algumas teorias da ciência do direito e da linguagem; as especificidades dos termos lingüísticos para a análise da ciência do direito, pautada na contemporaneidade sob a perspectiva humanista, buscando...

  18. Comparação entre métodos para o estudo da estabilidade de agregados em solos Comparison of methods for aggregate stability studies in soils



    Full Text Available A estabilidade de agregados constitui-se em importante parâmetro na avaliação do efeito de manejo na agregação de solos. Entretanto, os resultados obtidos pelos diferentes métodos são, às vezes, contrastantes, e alguns desses métodos não permitem a definição do nível de energia envolvido na análise. Objetivou-se, com este estudo, comparar diferentes métodos para determinação da estabilidade de agregados em solos. Agregados de horizontes A e B de Latossolo Roxo (LR e Terra Roxa Estruturada (TR foram submetidos a peneiramento úmido, três testes de impacto de gotas, e sonificação a oito níveis de energia ultra-sônica; o primeiro foi comparado aos últimos, que permitem a quantificação da energia aplicada. De modo geral, o LR apresentou agregados mais estáveis do que a TR; a resistência dos agregados a altos níveis de energia ultra-sônica foi relacionada a teores de matéria orgânica, óxidos de ferro e gibbsita. Os resultados de diâmetro médio ponderado e porcentagem de agregados maiores que 2 mm foram semelhantes nos horizontes A de ambos os solos. O impacto de gotas causou maior desagregação no material de horizonte B do LR, enquanto o material de horizonte B da TR foi mais afetado pelo peneiramento úmido. O nível de 15,88 J mL-1 se apresentou, na sonificação, como mais sensível para detectar diferenças entre solos estudados.Aggregate stability is an important parameter to express the effect of management on soil aggregation. However, the results from different methods are sometimes contrasting. Some of them do not express the aggregate stability in terms of level of energy needed for aggregate disruption. The objective of this study was to compare methods for determining soil aggregate stability. Aggregates of Dusky-Red Latossol (DRL and a Structured Dusky-Red Earth (SDR were submitted to wet sieving (WS, three water drop tests, and eight levels of sonication energy. Correlation was obtained between the

  19. Estudo da degradação do fármaco Nabumetona por fotólise direta Study of Nabumetone degradation through direct photolysis

    Florangela Maionchi


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho teve por objetivo estudar a degradação do fármaco Nabumetona por fotólise direta. Soluções etanólicas de amostras (20 mg/mL foram preparadas e divididas em cubetas de quartzo com tampas de teflon. Estas foram colocadas em uma câmara de fotólise à temperatura de 35ºC. As quantificações das fotodegradações foram analisadas por Cromatografia Líquida de Alta Eficiência (CLAE; após 47 dias de fotólise, a degradação da amostra foi de 67%, após 73 dias 88,5% e após 111 dias 89,5%. Determinações espectrofotométricas (240 a 360 nm foram realizadas após 28, 47 e 73 dias de fotólise. Os fotoprodutos foram separados por CLAE e analisados por Cromatografia Gasosa Acoplada ao Espectro de Massa de Baixa Resolução (CG-EM. A análise em CG-EM da Nabumetona fotolisada durante 111 dias permitiu a sugestão de duas substâncias.The present work aims to study the degradation of Nabumetone through direct photolysis. Solutions of Nabumetone in ethanol (20 mg/mL were prepared and divided in quartz cuvettes with teflon lids. These were placed in the photolysis cabinet at 35ºC. The photodegradation quantifications were analyzed in High Performance Liquid Cromatography (HPLC; after 47 days of photolysis the sample degradation was 67%, after 73 days 88.5% and after 111 days 89.5%. Spectrophotometers determinations (240 to 360 nm were accomplished after 28, 47 and 73 days of photolysis. The photoproducts were separate for HPLC and analyzed by Gas Cromatograph coupled to Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS. The analysis in GC-MS of the Nabumetona photolyseded for 111 days allowed the suggestion of two substances.

  20. Aspectos ideativos no transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica: estudo com o Rorschach Ideational aspects of binge eating disorder: study with the Rorschach

    Teresa Cristina Bailoni Martins Passos


    Full Text Available Pessoas com diagnóstico de transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica (DSM-IV são descritas como propensas a distúrbios nos processos de pensamento que são relevantes para a manutenção do quadro e para o tratamento. Este é um estudo exploratório visando avaliar o funcionamento cognitivo de sujeitos com o diagnóstico citado, sendo escolhido como instrumento o método de Rorschach, que permite acessar aspectos psicológicos menos sujeitos ao controle consciente do que os aferidos por escalas e auto-relatos. Foram selecionadas variáveis do Rorschach associadas ao funcionamento ideacional. A amostra constitui-se de 43 mulheres (média de 37,2 anos de idade, que, no Rorschach, evidenciam dificuldades na atividade ideativa, com predominância de um nível concreto e imaturo de ideação, perda dos limites da realidade e dos limites entre os eventos. Também há tendência a cognições de tom negativo. O uso defensivo de intelectualizações frágeis predispõe a sobrecargas emocionais. Mas também é observada a capacidade para pensar de forma flexível e construtiva, recurso associado a bom prognóstico em psicoterapias.Subjects with binge eating disorder (DSM-IV have been described as being prone to difficulties in thinking processes which are important for the maintenance of their psychopathological picture and their treatment. To assess the cognitive functioning of subjects diagnosed with binge eating disorder. The design was of an exploratory study, and the elected instrument was the Rorschach method, Comprehensive System, which allows us to access the psychological aspects with less conscious control than self-reports, questionnaires and scales. The selected Rorschach variables were those associated with the ideational functioning. The sample consisted of 43 adult women (mean= 37, 2 years with binge eating disorder. In the Rorschach they showed difficulties in the ideational activity, predominance of a more concrete and immature

  1. Estudo Comparativo da Ação Bactericida do Mel sobre Staphylococcus aureus/Comparative Study of the Honey Antimicrobial Activity on Staphylococcus aureus

    Othon José Ribeiro Pereira


    Full Text Available Objetivo: Analisar, a partir da metodologia microbiológica, a ação bactericida dos diferentes tipos de mel, segundo sua florada de origem. Materiais e Métodos: foram adquiridas três amostras de cada tipo de mel, segundo sua florada de origem, sendo eles: Flores de Café, Cipó-Uva, Assa-Peixe, Limão, Laranjeira, Eucalipto e Silvestre. Os discos foram preparados sendo embebidos em mel, e mantidos em estufa para secagem. Estes foram então colocados em contato com placa de Petri, previamente preparadas com Ágar Nutriente, contendo Staphylococcus aureus, e colocados em estufa para secagem. Após 24 horas, observou-se se houve inibição da cepa bacteriana, formando halo ao redor do disco. Resultado: Notou-se, na leitura das 21 placas, que nao houve diferença significativa nos halos de inibição formados pelos diferentes tipos de mel testados. Conclusão: Pelo estudo realizado, pode-se concluir que não há diferença na ação bactericida, sobre cepa de Staphylococcus aureus, entre os diferentes tipos de mel segundo as floradas de origem testadas. Objective: To analyze, according to microbiological methodology, the bactericidal action of different ypes on honey, according to the flowering origin. Materials and Methods: three samples of each types of honey were acquired, according to the flowering of origin, namely: Coffee Flowers, Vine-Grape, Assa-Peixe, Lemon, Orange, Eucalyptus and Sylvan. The disks were prepared by being soaked in honey, and were kept in a kilnfor drying. These were then placed in contact with Petri dish, previously prepared with Nutrient Agar, containing Staphylococcus aureus, and placed in kiln for drying. After 24 hours, it was observed if there was inhibition of bacterial strain, by forming a halo around the disk. Results: It was noted, in the reading of the 21 plates, no significant difference in the inhibition halos formed by different types of honey tested. Conclusion:By the study, it can be concluded that there

  2. Estudo da comercialização do mamão em Brasília-DF Papaya commercialization study in Brasília-DF



    Full Text Available Estudaram-se os principais fatores envolvidos na comercialização do mamão em 10 supermercados e 9 varejões de Brasília-DF, em janeiro de 1999. O levantamento dos dados foi realizado através da aplicação de questionários aos responsáveis pelos estabelecimentos. Os atacadistas da CEASA-DF, foram os principais fornecedores dos estabelecimentos analisados. O grau de perda dos frutos foi considerado muito alto apenas pelos varejões. A má qualidade do fruto, demora entre compra e venda, transporte precário e condições climáticas foram as principais causas de perdas segundo os varejões. Nos supermercados, foram: falta de armazenamento apropriado, má qualidade do fruto, condições climáticas e manuseio do cliente. Na maioria dos estabelecimentos, o mamão é entregue pelo fornecedor em caixas de madeira. Os mamões ficam expostos para venda em prateleiras na maioria dos estabelecimentos analisados.The main factors involved in the commercialization of papaya in 10 supermarkets and 9 retail shops of Brasília-DF was studied in January of 1999. The data was colleted using questionnaire answered by the manager of the establishment. It was observed that the wholesalers of Federal District Wholesale Market (CEASA-DF are the main supplier of papaya in all establishment analyzed. The fruit loss was considered very high only in the retail shops. The poor quality of fruit, the delay between purchasing and selling, precarious transport system and climatic condition were the main reasons of losses attributed by the retail shops. In the supermarkets the lack of appropriate storage, poor quality of purchased fruit, climatic conditions and manipulation by clients were considered as the main causes for the losses. The supplier delivers the papaya in wood boxes in almost all establishments. Papaya fruits for selling were displayed in racks in most of the establishments analyzed.


    José Luiz Contador


    Full Text Available Este trabalho examina teoricamente os fatores determinantes da competitividade do produto e do negócio, imprescindíveis à elaboração de estratégias competitivas que visam à obtenção e sustentação de vantagens competitivas. Esse tema é objeto tanto da área de marketing estratégico quanto da de estratégia empresarial. Nas duas áreas, há um ponto de consenso que afirma que a empresa deve diferenciar sua oferta para conquistar e manter vantagem competitiva. Mas, os estudos conduzidos por meio do modelo de Campos e Armas da Competição revelaram que a empresa pode diferenciar seu produto e/ou serviço de modo mais amplo, levando em consideração, na formulação da sua estratégia competitiva, também o campo da competição, quer do produto, quer dela própria. Assim, o objetivo deste artigo é evidenciar que, para a empresa ser competitiva, além de diferenciar seu produto e/ou seu serviço no sentido tradicional, ela precisa: 1 diferenciar seu produto incluindo a definição em quais campos vai competir em cada segmento; e 2 escolher as armas da competição que irá utilizar e definir a intensidade de cada arma. Para atingir tal objetivo, foram necessários vários conceitos do modelo de Campos e Armas da Competição: campo da competição, arma da competição, tese do modelo, configuração dos campos da competição, campo coadjuvante, produto coadjuvante e par produto-mercado. Como uma proposta inovadora sempre desperta dúvida, é mostrado o processo de validação do modelo de Campos e Armas da Competição e são discutidas sua universalidade, consistência e completude.

  4. Study of the nuclear structure of {sup 155}Eu; Estudo da estrutura nuclear do {sup 155}Eu

    Genezini, Frederico Antonio


    The {sup 155}Eu nuclide was investigated by the directional angular correlation technique following the {beta} decay of {sup 155}Sm. The angular correlation measurements were carried out using a setup with 4 Ge detectors and a multi parametric data acquisition system. To perform the data analysis a new methodology was developed . The multipole mixing ratios of twenty sixty {gamma}- transitions were determined. Seven of them agreed with the results of earlier angular correlation studies and nineteen obtained for the first time confirmed the multipolarity suggested in earlier electron capture studies. Besides, the spin of the level at 1106.83 keV as well as the parity of the level at 1301.41 keV have also been suggested. The nuclear structure of {sup 155}Eu was discussed successfully in terms of the single particle model using a deformed Woods-Saxon potential plus residual pairing interaction permitting the description of the rotational quasi-proton band heads. (author)

  5. Study of the difference in rectal and ear canal temperature according to the conformation of the acoustic conch in dogsEstudo da diferença das temperaturas retal e do canal auditivo de acordo com a conformação da concha acústica em cães

    Eduardo Negri Mueller


    Full Text Available The auditory thermometry has being used for measurement of temperature of dogs. However there is different acoustic conch conformation in this species, being that the pendulous ears can alter the auditory microclimate. This research aimed to study the difference of rectal and auditory canal temperatures according to acoustic conch conformation in dogs. One hundred and eleven dogs were used with erect ears (group I, semi-pendulous (group II and pendulous (group II with 37 animals each group. The measurement of rectal temperature (TR was realized with traditional thermometer mercury column and measurement of both external ears temperature with infrared ear thermometer. The average hearing temperature (TAM was obtained and realized difference between TR and TAM, being the results classify in scores, A=TAMA termometria auditiva vem sendo utilizada para mensuração da temperatura em cães. Porém, existem diferentes conformações da concha acústica nesta espécie, sendo que orelhas pendulares podem alterar o microclima auditivo. Portanto, objetivou-se estudar a diferença das temperaturas retal e do canal auditivo de acordo com a conformação da concha acústica em cães. Foram utilizados 111 cães hígidos com orelhas ereta (grupo I, semipendular (grupo II e pendular (grupo III com 37 animais cada. A aferição da temperatura retal (TR foi realizada com termômetro tradicional coluna de mercúrio e aferição da temperatura de ambas as orelhas externas com termômetro auricular infravermelho. Foi obtida temperatura auditiva média (TAM e realizada diferença entre TR e TAM, sendo os resultados classificados em escores, A=TAMda TAM foi 37,15ºC±0,81, enquanto que a da TR foi 38,68ºC±0,59. A diferença média entre TAM e TR foi 1,53ºC±0,75. Setenta e uma orelhas (63,96% foram classificadas no escore B e 40 (36,04% no escore A. A média da TAM foi 37,17°C±0,85, 37,35°C±0,50 e 36

  6. Study of the interaction of protons with heterogeneous targets; Estudo da interacao de protons com alvos heterogeneos

    Negrao, Roberta Rocha; Hormaza, Joel Mesa, E-mail: [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Botucatu-SP (Brazil)


    The passage of proton beams through heterogeneous targets was studied in the energy range 230-270 MeV using the software based on Monte Carlo method SRIM 2013. The targets were simulated in line-pair format, composed of water with inserted heterogeneities materials of inflated lung and compact bone in their respective phantoms 25cm. We assessed the distribution functions of the position and the beams output energy in 12 different settings of target-energy. (author)

  7. Remote monitoring technologies for the prevention of metabolic syndrome: the Diabetes and Technology for Increased Activity (DaTA) study.

    Stuckey, Melanie; Fulkerson, Robyn; Read, Emily; Russell-Minda, Elizabeth; Munoz, Claudio; Kleinstiver, Peter; Petrella, Robert


    Remote monitoring technologies are ideally suited for rural communities with limited access to health care. In an 8-week pilot study, we examined the feasibility of implementing and conducting a technology-intensive intervention in an underserviced rural setting. Our goal was to test the utility of self-monitoring technologies, physical activity, and education as tools to manage health indicators for the development of the cardiovascular complications (CVCs) of type 2 diabetes. The Diabetes and Technology for Increased Activity study was an open single-center study conducted in a community-based research setting. All 24 participants were provided with a Blackberry™ Smartphone, blood pressure monitor, glucometer, and pedometer. Smartphones transmitted measurements and survey results to the database, interfaced participants with the clinical team, and allowed for self-monitoring. Outcomes were improved body composition, improved markers of CVC risk factors, increased daily exercise, and interest in or awareness of lifestyle changes that impact health outcomes. Participants had excellent compliance for measurements, as self-monitoring provided a sense of security that improved from week 4 to week 8. Our team gained substantial insight into the operational requirements of technology-facilitated health care, including redefined hours of service; data reporting, management, and access protocols; and the utility of real-time clinical measures by remote monitoring. We developed an understanding of knowledge translation strategies as well as successful motivational and educational tools. Importantly, remote monitoring technology was found to be feasible and accepted in a rural setting. © 2011 Diabetes Technology Society.

  8. O uso da ferramenta gerenciamento por categoria na gestão da cadeia de suprimentos: um estudo multicaso Using the category management tool in supply chain management: a multicase study

    Érica Ferreira Marques


    Full Text Available Diante do atual cenário competitivo, indústria e varejo estão buscando alternativas que garantam sua continuidade no mercado brasileiro. Para tanto, estão buscando atender eficientemente aos seus consumidores finais, oferecendo um mix de produtos adequado ao perfil de cada grupo de clientes. É dentro deste contexto que a ferramenta gerenciamento por categorias (GC, e outras práticas do ECR, estão começando a fazer parte do dia-a-dia, da cultura e das estratégias dessas empresas. Este artigo, visando fornecer subsídios para compreender como o GC pode ser uma ferramenta que otimiza a eficiência na gestão da cadeia de suprimento, apresentará as principais ações a serem desenvolvidas para a implementação dessa ferramenta em pequenos e médios supermercados, suas características facilitadoras e limitadoras, bem como os critérios para a escolha do parceiro.In today's highly competitive scenario, the industrial and retail sectors seek alternatives to ensure their continuity in the Brazilian market. To meet consumer expectations, one of the alternatives these sectors have devised is to offer a mix of products tailored to the profile of each group of customers. Within this context, the Category Management (CM tool and other Efficient Consumer Response (ECR practices have begun to take hold in the daily routine, culture and strategies of companies. To illustrate how the CM can be an efficiency-optimizing tool in supply chain management, this article discusses the main actions to be developed in the implementation of this tool in small and medium sized supermarkets, its facilitating and limiting characteristics, and criteria for the choice of business partners.

  9. Comparative study of faculties of dentistry of Rio de Janeiro and Universidade Federal da Paraiba in relation to teaching of radiation protection in Dentistry; Estudo comparativo das faculdades de odontologia do Rio de Janeiro e da Universidade Federal da Paraiba no tocante ao ensino da radioprotecao em odontologia

    Padilha Filho, L.G. [Hospital Universitario Clementino Fraga Filho, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Fundacao Tecnico Educacional Souza Marques, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); E-mail:; Raymundo Junior, R. [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Faculdade de Odontologia; Koch, H.A. [Hospital Universitario Clementino Fraga Filho, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Radiologia; Guedes, W.M.S. [Paraiba Univ., Joao Pessoa, PB (Brazil). Faculdade de Odontologia; Oliveira, L.C.G.; Berquo, F.R.; Cherchinaro, C.C. [Fundacao Tecnico Educacional Souza Marques, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Curso de Fisica


    This study compares the qualification and formation in radiation protection, of the students of Dentistry Faculties of Universities in Rio de Janeiro and Paraiba States (Brazil), and recommends the inclusion of Radiation Protection and Image Quality discipline, in the curriculum of Dentistry Faculties, in order to unify the contents and programs in the different study plans. Also to elaborate an appropriate educational training, so that the students of the Brazilian Universities can have the same knowledge about these important themes.

  10. Mineralogia dos solos da série taquaral na estação experimental "Teodureto de Camargo" Mineralogical studies on soils of the taquaral series

    Vicente Antonio Vitório Girardi


    Full Text Available Os minerais componentes dos solos da série Taquaral são provenientes do dia básio e de sedimentos glaciais. A contribuição dêsses sedimentos atinge grandes profundidades, apresentando pequena variação percentual nos horizontes A, B e C e diminuindo sensìvelmente no CDr, onde é acentuada a influência do diabásio. Foi estudado o intemperismo do diabásio, sob as condições de boa drenagem e topografia alta, bem como a composição mineralógica do solo.The minerals present in soils of the Taquaral Series are originated from diabase and glacial sedimentary rocks. The glacial contribution in materials to these soils reaches great depths. There is little variation in the percentage of these minerals in horizons A, B, and C, but they decrease in the lower layers, CDr horizon, where diabase is the most important contributor. The mechanism of diabase weathering was studied under conditions of high topography and good drainage mainly through the transformation of feldspars.

  11. An economical method for production of (2H, (13CH3-threonine for solution NMR studies of large protein complexes: application to the 670 kDa proteasome.

    Algirdas Velyvis

    Full Text Available NMR studies of very high molecular weight protein complexes have been greatly facilitated through the development of labeling strategies whereby (13CH(3 methyl groups are introduced into highly deuterated proteins. Robust and cost-effective labeling methods are well established for all methyl containing amino acids with the exception of Thr. Here we describe an inexpensive biosynthetic strategy for the production of L-[α-(2H; β-(2H;γ-(13C]-Thr that can then be directly added during protein expression to produce highly deuterated proteins with Thr methyl group probes of structure and dynamics. These reporters are particularly valuable, because unlike other methyl containing amino acids, Thr residues are localized predominantly to the surfaces of proteins, have unique hydrogen bonding capabilities, have a higher propensity to be found at protein nucleic acid interfaces and can play important roles in signaling pathways through phosphorylation. The utility of the labeling methodology is demonstrated with an application to the 670 kDa proteasome core particle, where high quality Thr (13C,(1H correlation spectra are obtained that could not be generated from samples prepared with commercially available U-[(13C,(1H]-Thr.

  12. Partial time use of anterior repositioning splints in the management of TMJ pain and dysfunction: a one-year controlled study Utilização de placas protrusivas em tempo parcial no tratamento da dor e disfunção da ATM: estudo controlado de um ano

    Paulo César Rodrigues Conti


    Full Text Available This study aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of partial use of anterior repositioning appliances in the management of TMJ pain and dysfunction when compared to stabilization splints and a control group in a one-year follow-up. Sample was initially constituted by 60 patients, randomly divided into three groups: I- stabilization splints, II- repositioning splints and III- no treatment. The whole sample was evaluated by means of TMJ and muscle palpation, mandibular AROM, analysis of occlusal contacts, joint sounds inspection and Visual Analogue Scale (VAS for one year; 52 patients composed the final sample. A significant (after 15 days improvement in pain report (VAS and palpation index was found for group II (pO objetivo desse estudo foi avaliar a efetividade das placas oclusais reposicionadoras no controle de patologias intra-articulares da ATM, quando comparadas a um tratamento convencional (placa estabilizadora e um grupo sem tratamento (controle. A amostra final constou de 52 pacientes portadores de sinais e sintomas de desordens intra-articulares da ATM, divididos, aleatoriamente em três grupos, de acordo com o procedimento empregado: grupo I (n=20, utilizou placa estabilizadora, grupo II (n=18 utilizou placa reposicionadora e grupo III (n=14, sem nenhum tratamento.Toda a amostra foi acompanhada durante um ano, sendo avaliada através de questionários anamnésicos, palpação muscular e da ATM, movimentação mandibular e detecção de sons articulares.Uma avaliação da condição oclusal também foi realizada nos diferentes períodos de exame. Os resultados demonstraram uma maior efetividade das placas reposicionadoras na redução inicial da dor relatada pelo paciente, assim como uma diminuição na sensibilidade a palpação na ATM.Todos os grupos mostraram-se semelhantes após seis meses de controle em relação aos sintomas, assim como em relação aos ruídos articulares. Os índices de palpação muscular mostraram-se melhor

  13. Temperature monitoring in large volume spread footing foundations: case study "Parque da Cidade" - São Paulo

    D. Couto

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT In recent years, the construction of foundation elements from large-volume reinforced concrete is becoming increasingly common. This implies a potential increase in the risk of cracks of thermal origin, due to the heat of hydration of cement. Under these circumstances, these concrete elements need to be treated using the mass concrete theory, widespread in dam construction, but little used when designing buildings. This paper aims to present a case study about the procedures and problems involved in the construction of a spread footing with a volume of approximately 800m³ designed for the foundation of a shopping center in São Paulo, Brazil.


    Wellington Ferreira de Ferreira Melo


    Full Text Available The cultivation of sugar cane in Brazil has great economic and social importance; it produced several byproducts of a great importance stimulating jobs directly and indirectly. The alcohol sector is the main Brazilian agribusiness, with great diversity of products from sugar cane, among them the brown sugar, molasses and brandy. In recent years, the production of rum has established itself as an important product of agribusiness. Located in the rural area of Areia in the microregion of the Brejo, Triunfo began operations for nineteen years producing rum only for consumption by family and close friends. This study was based, lectured and discussed on the basis of expert authors in Brazilian agribusiness sector, the productive chain of Triunfo rum, brandy produced and bottled by Ingenio Triunfo, the city of Areia, Paraíba State. To this end, field study was conducted and analyzed segments of the agribusiness system, namely: first, within and after the gate. However, it is clear that Triunfo rum combines all the features of a successful venture, but has established brand in Paraíba and market share achieved in six regions of the state, or cannot meet demand.

  15. Considerations for boron neutron capture therapy studies; Consideracoes sobre o estudo da BNCT (terapia de captura neutronica por boro)

    Faria Gaspar, P de


    Radiotherapy is indispensable as a mean to eradicate deeply or infiltrating tumor tissue that can not be removed surgically. Therefore, it is not selective and may also kill the surrounding health tissue. The principle of BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) consist in targeting a tumor selectively with a boron-10 compound. This nuclide has a large capture cross section for thermal neutrons and the nuclear reaction and the delivered energy in locus will selective the tumor. Since its initial proposal in 1963 BNCT has made much progress, however it is not used in a routine treatment. In this work it was approached some complex procedures, as the obtention of selective boron compounds, the adequate set up of neutron beams, the biodistribution, the in vivo and in vitro studies, and also human patients treatments. This work provide fundamentals about BNCT to professional of different areas of knowledge since it comprises multidisciplinary study. It includes appendixes for the ones not related to the field for a better comprehension of the many aspects involved. It is also presented a glossary containing technical and basic aspects involved. It is also presented a glossary containing technical and basic terms referred in the work. (author). 174 refs, 1 fig, 12 apps.

  16. Da onda da gestão da qualidade a uma filosofia da qualidade da gestão: Balanced Scorecard promovendo mudanças

    Andréa Cavalcanti Correia Lima


    Full Text Available No final da década de 80 a Gestão da Qualidade Total (GQT era apresentada como capaz de resolver todos os problemas e atender a todas as necessidades da gestão das organizações. Buscando solucionar problemas de gestão não equacionados pela GQT, muitas organizações começam a adotar o Balanced Scorecard (BSC. Uma questão ainda não discutida com profundidade no mundo acadêmico é a viabilidade de integração desses dois modelos. O presente artigo discute a possibilidade de integração dessas duas ferramentas, verificando as melhorias que podem alcançar, principalmente no gerenciamento da estratégia da organização. Assim sendo, realizou-se estudo de caso no Caesar Park Hotel Fortaleza (CPHF, empresa que vêm adotando com sucesso os dois modelos. A pesquisa revela que é possível integrar os princípios da GQT com os do BSC, à medida que os fundamentos de ambos se complementam, sendo assim a utilização conjunta das ferramentas propicia melhor gerenciamento da estratégia da organização.In recent years, many organizations have been managed according to the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM, which became known around the globe in the 1980's, when looking for explanations for the so-called "Japanese miracle". TQM was presented as being capable of solving all problems and attending to all company management needs, a stage that seems outdated now. In the search for a model that would allow them to analyze and follow up the implementation of organizational strategies, without remaining limited to Quality indicators, many companies started to adopt the Balanced Scorecard (BSC. Companies using TQM question whether it is viable together with the BSC. In order to contribute to a solution to this question, this article discusses the possibility of aligning these two tools. Therefore, a case study was carried out at the Caesar Park Hotel Fortaleza, a company that implanted TQM in 1997 and started to adopt the BSC in 2000. The

  17. Metabolomics study of human urinary metabolome modifications after intake of almond (Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A. Webb) skin polyphenols.

    Llorach, Rafael; Garrido, Ignacio; Monagas, Maria; Urpi-Sarda, Mireia; Tulipani, Sara; Bartolome, Begona; Andres-Lacueva, Cristina


    Almond, as a part of the nut family, is an important source of biological compounds, and specifically, almond skins have been considered an important source of polyphenols, including flavan-3-ols and flavonols. Polyphenol metabolism may produce several classes of metabolites that could often be more biologically active than their dietary precursor and could also become a robust new biomarker of almond polyphenol intake. In order to study urinary metabolome modifications during the 24 h after a single dose of almond skin extract, 24 volunteers (n = 24), who followed a polyphenol-free diet for 48 h before and during the study, ingested a dietary supplement of almond skin phenolic compounds (n = 12) or a placebo (n = 12). Urine samples were collected before ((-2)-0 h) and after (0-2 h, 2-6 h, 6-10 h, and 10-24 h) the intake and were analyzed by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-q-TOF) and multivariate statistical analysis (principal component analysis (PCA) and orthogonal projection to latent structures (OPLS)). Putative identification of relevant biomarkers revealed a total of 34 metabolites associated with the single dose of almond extract, including host and, in particular, microbiota metabolites. As far as we know, this is the first time that conjugates of hydroxyphenylvaleric, hydroxyphenylpropionic, and hydroxyphenylacetic acids have been identified in human samples after the consumption of flavan-3-ols through a metabolomic approach. The results showed that this non-targeted approach could provide new intake biomarkers, contributing to the development of the food metabolome as an important part of the human urinary metabolome.

  18. Study of HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibition Activity of the Hydrolyzed Product of Snakehead Fish (Channa striata) Skin Collagen with 50 kDa Collagenase from Bacillus licheniformis F11.4.

    Virginia, Agnes; Rachmawati, Heni; Riani, Catur; Retnoningrum, Debbie S


    Bioactive peptides produced from enzymatic hydrolysis fibrous protein have been proven to have several biological activities. Previous study showed that the hydrolysis product of snakehead fish skin collagen with 26 kDa collagenase from Bacillus licheniformis F11.4 showed HMG-CoA (HMGR) inhibition activity. The aim of this research was to determine the ability of the hydrolysis product produced from snakehead fish skin collagen hydrolysed by 50 kDa collagenase from B. licheniformis F11.4 in inhibiting HMGR activity. Snakehead fish skin collagen was extracted using an acid method and collagenase was produced from B. licheniformis F11.4 using half-strength Luria Bertani (LB) medium containing 5% collagen. Crude collagenase was concentrated and fractionated using the DEAE Sephadex A-25 column eluted with increasing gradient concentrations of NaCl. Collagen, collagenase, and fractions were analyzed using SDS-PAGE and collagenolytic activity was analyzed by the zymography method. Collagenase with 50 kDa molecular weight presented in fraction one was used to hydrolyze the collagen. The reaction was done in 18 hours at 50°C. The hydrolysis product using 3.51 μg collagen and 9 ng collagenase showed 25.8% inhibition activity against pravastatin. This work shows for the first time that the hydrolysis product of snakehead fish skin collagen and 50 kDa collagenase from B. licheniformis F11.4 has potential as an anticholesterol agent.

  19. Avaliação do efeito da glicosamina e condroitina na consolidação de fratura: estudo experimental em ratos Evaluating the effects of glucosamine and chondroitin in bone healing: experimental study in rats

    Roberto Guarniero


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar o efeito da administração da condroitina e da glicosamina na consolidação de fratura em modelo animal. MÉTODOS: Este estudo experimental envolveu a utilização de 40 ratos machos adultos da raça Lewis. Os animais foram randomicamente divididos em quatro grupos de 10 animais cada, assim constituídos: grupo I, com administração de glicosamina; grupo II, com administração de condroitina; grupo III, administração da associação de glicosamina e condroitina; grupo IV, administração de água destilada (grupo controle. Realizou-se uma fratura fechada médio-diafisária da tíbia e fíbula direitas em cada animal, seguida da administração diária das drogas de acordo com o grupo, durante 30 dias. Após esse período, os animais foram sacrificados para estudo dos calos ósseos formados. Os critérios de avaliação foram a avaliação clínica da consolidação óssea, mensuração da densidade mineral do calo ósseo utilizando-se a densitometria óssea e cálculo da área do calo formado por meio de planigrafia. Os dados coletados foram avaliados com a técnica da análise de variância (ANOVA para verificar diferenças entre as médias nos quatro grupos estudados e com o teste de Tukey para comparação das médias duas a duas. Adotou-se nível de significância de 5% (alfa = 0,05. RESULTADOS: A utilização da condroitina e da glicosamina, tanto de maneira isolada quanto associadas, não resultou em aumento da área do calo ósseo ou da sua densidade mineral óssea, e não havendo melhora clínica da consolidação óssea. CONCLUSÃO: A administração de condroitina e glicosamina, neste estudo, não influenciou - quer de maneira positiva ou negativa - a consolidação de fraturas experimentais em ratos.OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of administering chondroitin and glucosamine for bone healing in an animal model. METHODS: This experimental study involved the use of 50 male adult Lewis rats. The animals were

  20. Efeito da eutonia no tratamento da fibromialgia

    Maeda,Cecília; Martinez,José Eduardo; Neder,Matilde


    OBJETIVO: avaliar a eutonia como método terapêutico auxiliar no tratamento da fibromialgia (FM). MÉTODOS: estudou-se um grupo de 20 mulheres, segundo os critérios do American College of Rheumatology (ACR), com duração mínima de seis meses, sem alterações no tratamento medicamentoso ou prescrição de exercícios nesse período. As pacientes foram avaliadas através do questionário de dados sociodemográficos; Escala Visual Analógica (EVA) para dor e questionário genérico de avaliação da qualidade d...

  1. Het Italiaanse voorzetsel da

    Boer, M.G. de


    SAMENVATTING In een voorzetselstudie in het kader van Jackendoffs semantische theorie wordt het sterk polyseme Italiaanse voorzetsel da geanalyseerd als een verzameling deelbetekenissen waarbij de meeste door een of meer semantische regels afgeleid kunnen worden van de basisbetekenis ruimtelijke


    Kumiko K. Sakane


    Full Text Available São apresentados espectros infravermelhos da creatina, na faixa de 4000 a 400 cm−1. Os resultados são comparados com espectros observados e calculados, publicados na literatura.

  3. Significados Ocultos da Enfermagem

    Wiliam César alves Machado


    Full Text Available Sabe-se que as ações de cuidar em enfermagem foram sendo moldadas através da história da humanidade e deram-se, majoritariamente, na esfera do subjetivo que permeia as interações existenciais do ser humano que cuida e daquele que recebe cuidados. Campo fecundo para intercâmbios eletromagnéticos. Suas origens remontam ao cuidado prestado por mães, pais, avós, irmãos e demais familiares incumbidos da responsabilidade de ajudar entes recém-natos, crianças, doentes e idosos em suas necessidades de cuidados para preservação da vida.

  4. Saúde da família: mudando práticas? Estudo de caso no município de Natal (RN Family health: changing practices? A case study in the city of Natal (RN, Brazil

    Marize Barros de Souza Araújo


    Full Text Available Este trabalho, representa um estudo de caso qualitativo, cuja unidade de análise é a equipe de Saúde do Programa Saúde da Família do município de Natal (RN. Tem como objetivos analisar as concepções dos profissionais sobre a prática do trabalho em equipe e reconhecer nessas práticas elementos que contribuam para a efetiva mudança do modelo de saúde hegemônico. Partiu-se da definição e tipologia de equipe de saúde elaborada por Peduzzi (1998, como principal fundamentação teórica. O estudo foi realizado em seis unidades de saúde da família, nos distritos sanitários Norte e Oeste. Esses serviços foram selecionados de acordo com critérios preestabelecidos. Foi utilizada como método para coleta dos dados empíricos a entrevista semi-estruturada com as equipes de saúde da família. Para análise do material empírico, utilizou-se o discurso do sujeito coletivo proposto por Lefèvre e Lefèvre (2003. Os resultados apontam para um predomínio da equipe do tipo integração. O trabalho em equipe surge como elemento essencial para o desenvolvimento da Estratégia de Saúde da Família.This article presents a qualitative case study where the unit of analysis was the Family Health Program team of Natal city, Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil. The objectives were to analyze the conceptualizations of the professionals regarding teamwork as well as to identify in these practices the elements that contribute to an effective change in the hegemonic health model. The study was based on the Peduzzi (1998 typology and definition of health team and was conducted in six family health units in the North and East health districts selected by a pre-established criteria. Data were collected using a semi-structured interview applied in family health teams, which were analyzed using the Collective Subject Discourse proposed by Lefèvre and Lefèvre (2003. The results indicate a predominance of an integrated team type, and also that teamwork is an


    Edvino Rabuske


    Full Text Available O tema que me foi proposto "origem da angtia moderna". Por certo, um tema extremamente complexo. Trata-se de surpreender as modalidades modernas de um fenomeno, antigo como o prrio homem. Visando contribuir numa semana de reflexo sobre a esperan crist em, que esta abordada a partir, de diversos gulos, parece indicado que esta exposio n se atenha a um ico aspeto da angtia.

  6. Viscosity and density study for characterization of oil mixtures; Estudo da viscosidade e densidade para caracterizacao das misturas de petroleo

    Santos, Michelle I.; Azevedo, Vildomar S.; Jacinto, Tulio Wagner B. [Aurizonia Petroleo S.A, Natal, RN (Brazil); Vieira, Mariane; Vidal, Rosangela Regia Lima; Garcia, Rosangela Balaban [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil)


    The oil can be defined as a mixture of hydrocarbons and sulphur, nitrogen and oxygenated organic derivatives at lower amount. There is a practical difficulty of analytical determination of the oil composition, mainly due to the large quantity of medium and heavy oil fractions. For heavier fractions, it is necessary to infer the composition of the cut from properties that can be readily obtained in the laboratory, such as refraction index, density and viscosity. The analysis of oil composition and its fractions is important information on various aspects (IOB et al., 1996): determining the operating conditions of refining, selection of suitable catalysts and mixing operations ('blending'), the economic evaluation of mixtures and analysis of environmental impact due to emissions. The first study on characterization of fractions of the oil was reported by Hill and Coats (1928), who set an empirical relationship between the density and Saybolt viscosity named viscosity-density constant (VGC). The statement was obtained from the analysis of the density with the oil viscosity changes. Physical properties such as density, boiling point and viscosity can be used to classify the oil. The aim of this work was to classify oil fractions based on viscosity-density constant, using mixtures of oils with different APIs. The results showed that there is an optimum composition for each mixture, and the addition of more oil of medium classification does not lead to potential commercial oil. (author)

  7. Biodistribution and radiation dosimetry of the 18 kDa translocator protein (TSPO) radioligand [{sup 18}F]FEDAA1106: a human whole-body PET study

    Takano, Akihiro; Gulyas, Balazs; Varrone, Andrea; Karlsson, Per; Sjoholm, Nils; Halldin, Christer [Karolinska Institutet, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Psychiatry Section, Stockholm (Sweden); Larsson, Stig; Jonsson, Cathrine; Odh, Richard [Karolinska Institutet, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Stockholm (Sweden); Sparks, Richard [CDE Dosimetry Services, Inc., Knoxville, TN (United States); Tawil, Nabil Al [Karolinska University Hospital, Karolinska Trial Alliance, Stockholm (Sweden); Hoffmann, Anja; Zimmermann, Torsten; Thiele, Andrea [Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Berlin (Germany)


    [{sup 18}F]FEDAA1106 is a recently developed positron emission tomography (PET) radioligand for in vivo quantification of the 18 kDa translocator protein [TSPO or, as earlier called, the peripheral benzodiazepine receptor (PBR)]. TSPO imaging is expected to be useful for the clinical evaluation of neuroinflammatory diseases. The aim of this study was to provide dosimetry estimates for [{sup 18}F]FEDAA1106 based on human whole-body PET measurements. PET scans were performed for a total of 6.6 h after the injection of 183.8 {+-} 9.1 MBq of [{sup 18}F]FEDAA1106 in six healthy subjects. Regions of interest were drawn on coronal images. Estimates of the absorbed doses of radiation were calculated using the OLINDA software. Peak uptake was largest in lungs, followed by liver, small intestine, kidney, spleen and other organs. Peak values of the percent injected dose (%ID) at a time after radioligand injection were calculated for the lungs (27.1%ID at 0.2 h), liver (21.1%ID at 0.6 h), small intestine (10.4%ID at 6.3 h), kidney (4.9%ID at 1.8 h) and spleen (4.6%ID at 0.6 h). The largest absorbed dose was found in the spleen (0.12 mSv/MBq), followed by kidneys (0.094 mSv/MBq). The calculated mean effective dose was 0.036 mSv/MBq. Based on the distribution and dose estimates, the estimated radiation burden of [{sup 18}F]FEDAA1106 is moderately higher than that of [{sup 18}F]fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG). In clinical studies, the administered activity of this radioligand ought to be adjusted in line with regional regulations. This result would be helpful for further clinical TSPO imaging studies. (orig.)

  8. Eficácia da aromaterapia na redução de níveis de estresse e ansiedade em alunos de graduação da área da saúde: estudo preliminar Effectiveness of aromatherapy in reducing stress and anxiety levels in undergraduate health science students: a preliminary study

    Cassandra Santantonio de Lyra


    Full Text Available Este estudo teve como objetivo verificar a eficácia de aromaterapia na diminuição de níveis de estresse e ansiedade (traço e estado de alunos de graduação de cursos na área da saúde. Participaram do estudo 36 sujeitos, com idade entre 18 e 29 anos, que foram divididos entre os que receberam tratamento (grupo aroma, n=18 e o grupo controle (n=18. Os sujeitos foram avaliados quanto a níveis de estresse e ansiedade antes e após o período de intervenção, pela Lista de Sintomas de Estresse e pelo Inventário de Ansiedade Traço e Estado. O tratamento de aromaterapia consistiu em sete sessões (duas vezes por semana de dez minutos de inalação com uma sinergia de óleos essenciais elaborada especificamente. Os escores de estresse e ansiedade antes e depois do tratamento foram comparados estatisticamente, com nível de significância de 5% (pThe purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of aromatherapy in decreasing stress and anxiety levels in undergraduate health science students. Thirty-six students aged 18 to 29 were divided into those who received treatment (aroma group, n=18 and a control group (n=18. All subjects were assessed as to stress and anxiety levels before and after the treatment, by means of the List of Stress Symptoms and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory. The aromatherapy treatment consisted in twice weekly, 10-minute inhalations of a synergy of essential oils made specifically for this study, for a total of 7 sessions. Stress and anxiety scores measured before and after treatment were statistically compared, with significance level set at 5% (p<0.05. The aroma group showed a significant (p<0,05 decrease in stress (less 24% and anxitey (less 13% and 19% levels, while in control group only a significant, though lesser (11% stress level decrease could be noticed. Aromatherapy thus proved effective in reducing stress and anxiety levels in graduate health students, but there is still great need to further studies to

  9. Test Review: TestDaF

    Norris, John; Drackert, Anastasia


    The Test of German as a Foreign Language (TestDaF) plays a critical role as a standardized test of German language proficiency. Developed and administered by the Society for Academic Study Preparation and Test Development (g.a.s.t.), TestDaF was launched in 2001 and has experienced persistent annual growth, with more than 44,000 test takers in…

  10. Study on the uranium mineralization genesis of the Cachoeira, Lagoa Real, Bahia, mine, as auxiliary in the discovery and comprehension of mineral beds; Estudo da genese da mineralizacao uranifica da mina da Cachoeira, Lagoa Real, BA, como auxilio na descoberta e compreensao de jazidas minerais

    Oliveira, Lucilia Aparecida Ramos de; Rios, Francisco Javier; Chaves, Alexandre de Oliveira; Pereira, Ana Rosa Passos [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN/CNEN-MG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    The acknowledgement of the geological history of a ore reserve allows to infer relative to a large area with possibility to contain the large mineral content or even give the localization of new anomalies or mineral reserve. The study of ore reserve genesis is of great importance for the stages to obtain the mineral, from the prospection until the mineral mining. Fluid inclusions (FI) are fluid quantities which are imprison in the minerals during the formation process or some process where deformation occurs. The study of fluid inclusions, together with the petrographic mapping of the blades associated to the uranium para genesis of Lagoa Real, Brazil, are been used for a better comprehension of the uranium orogenesis. The main analysis techniques used in this context were the petrography and microthermometry. With the petrographic analysis fluid inclusions were observed and mapped in various minerals present in rocks associated to uranium mineralization, such as amphiboles, pyroxenes and grenades. The micro thermometric studies were only performed in the pyroxenes and the grenades due to the fluid inclusions types found in these minerals, and also the supposed relationships that those minerals have with uranium mineralization at that region. (author)

  11. Images of the third age: a study of the representation of the elderly aired television advertisements in two Brazilian Imagens da terceira idade: um estudo sobre a representação do idoso veiculada em duas propagandas da televisão brasileira

    Márcia Beatriz da Silva


    Full Text Available This study aims to analyze the speech in two commercials aired by broadcast television, one of the 1990s, and another, from the 2000s, in which the characters are elderly. This study used the references of Discourse Analysis of French Line, which has its precursor Michel Pêcheux. From linguistics seeks to show the changes that occurred in the focus given to the people of the Third Age who were protagonists of the following commercial: Copercap Bamerindus, 1997, Banco Real Talent Contest and Maturity, 2007. Furthermore, it was possible to investigate how the advertising text contributes to changing the way of presenting the aged and also provide insight to what is reflected on the need to educate these people for conscious consumption. Assuming that an advertisement is much more than it appears, concepts of discourse, ideology, production conditions, discursive subject, among others, were seized and applied in an attempt to understand it in its scope and breadth. This analysis found that the elderly in 1997 was presented as weak and passive, and in 2007, as active, capable and with great potential, which should be shown.O presente trabalho se propõe a analisar o discurso em duas propagandas veiculadas pela televisão aberta, sendo uma da década de 1990 e, outra, da década de 2000, nas quais os personagens são pessoas idosas. Tal estudo utilizou as referências da Análise do Discurso de Linha Francesa, que teve como precursor Michel Pechêux. A partir da lingüística procuramos evidenciar as mudanças que ocorreram no enfoque dado às pessoas da Terceira Idade que foram protagonistas dos seguintes comerciais: Copercap Bamerindus, de 1997, e Concurso Banco Real Talentos da Maturidade, de 2007. Além disso, foi possível investigar de que forma o texto publicitário contribui para a mudança da forma de se apresentar o idoso e, também, oferecer subsídios para que se reflita acerca da necessidade de se educar essas pessoas para o consumo

  12. O sentido da visita domiciliária realizada por estudantes de medicina e enfermagem: um estudo qualitativo com usuários de unidades de saúde da família The meaning of home visits conducted by medicine and nursing students: a qualitative study with users of family health units

    Maria José Sanches Marin


    Full Text Available A visita domiciliária (VD é considerada uma importante tecnologia para a compreensão e para o cuidado às necessidades de saúde da população. Decorre daí a demanda de sua prática nos processos de formação de profissionais da saúde. Este estudo se propõe a analisar a ótica dos usuários de unidades de saúde da família sobre as VDs realizadas por estudantes das séries iniciais de medicina e de enfermagem. Trata-se de um estudo de abordagem qualitativa, que utiliza, para coleta de dados, a entrevista semiestruturada realizada com usuários que receberam visitas dos estudantes de Enfermagem e de Medicina da Faculdade de Medicina de Marília. Para análise dos dados utiliza-se o método de interpretação de sentidos baseado na perspectiva hermenêutico-dialética. Os usuários apontam como positivo o fato de que a atuação dos estudantes vai além do cuidado com um corpo biológico, evidenciando a importância das relações interpessoais no contexto da atenção à saúde. Como limitação da VD, os usuários indicam a necessidade de sua maior organização e planejamento. Depreende-se que a VD amplia a interatividade entre o serviço de saúde e o usuário e se desenvolve conforme os princípios da humanização. No entanto, deve-se atentar à importância de um contínuo aperfeiçoamento no planejamento e na implementação das visitas domiciliárias.Home visits (HVs are considered an important technology to comprehend and care for the population's health requirements. Therefore, they must be a part of the health professionals' education. This study seeks to analyze HVs performed by first-year medical and nursing students from the viewpoint of family health unit users. It is a qualitative study in which data are collected by means of semi-structured interviews with users who are visited by Marilia Medical School medical and nursing students. The interpretation of meaning method is used and is based on a hermeneutic

  13. Uso combinado da laserterapia de baixa potência e da inibição da ciclooxigenase-2 na reepitelização de ferida incisional em pele de camundongos: um estudo pré-clínico Combined use of low level laser therapy and cyclooxygenase-2 selective inhibition on skin incisional wound reepithelialization in mice: a preclinical study

    Cíntia Helena Santuzzi


    Full Text Available FUNDAMENTOS: A laserterapia de baixa potência e os inibidores seletivos da ciclooxigenase-2 (ICOX2 vem sendo muito utilizados para modular a resposta inflamatória, entretanto, os seus efeitos na reepitelização de feridas não são bem compreendidos. OBJETIVO: Avaliar os efeitos isolados e combinados da laserterapia de baixa potência e da ICOX2 na reepitelização de ferida incisional na pele de camundongos. MÉTODO: Foi induzida uma ferida de 1 cm no dorso de cada camundongo, que foram divididos em quatro grupos (N=20: Controle, Laserterapia, Tratados com celecoxib e Terapia conjugada. Os animais dos grupos celecoxib e Terapia conjugada foram tratados com celecoxib por 10 dias antes da incisão cutânea. As feridas experimentais foram irradiadas com laserterapia de baixa potência He-Ne (632nm, dose: 4J/cm2 em varredura, por 12 segundos durante três dias consecutivos nos grupos Laserterapia e Terapia conjugada. Os animais foram sacrificados no 3º dia de pós-operatório. Amostras das feridas foram coletadas e coradas (Tricromio de Masson para análise histomorfométrica. RESULTADOS: Tanto o grupo Laserterapia, quanto o grupo celecoxib, mostrou aumento da reepitelização cutânea em relação ao grupo Controle, entretanto, o grupo Terapia conjugada não apresentou diferenças. Quanto à queratinização o grupo Laserterapia e Terapia conjugada apresentaram redução dos queratinócitos, comparados com o grupo Controle. CONCLUSÕES: Os resultados mostram que o uso da laserterapia de baixa potência e da ICOX2 isoladamente aumentam as células epiteliais, mas somente a laserterapia de baixa potência reduziu os queratinócitos cutâneos. O tratamento conjugado restabelece a reepitelização inata e dimunui a queratinização, embora ocorra uma acelerada contração da ferida com melhora na organização da ferida na pele de camundongos.BACKGROUND: Low level laser therapy and cyclooxygenase-2 (ICOX2 selective inhibitors have been widely used

  14. Um estudo léxico-conceptual da metonímia A lexical and conceptual study of metonymy

    Mônica Mano Trindade


    Full Text Available Neste artigo, cujo objeto de investigação é a metonímia, pretende-se analisar casos não convencionalizados desse processo, como o enunciado - eu estou estacionado - para o qual se tem tradicionalmente atribuído uma análise pragmática. Como aporte teórico à análise, destacam-se Pustejovsky (1995 e Jackendoff (2002. O primeiro trata a polissemia lógica baseado no Léxico Gerativo, que combina os níveis de representação lexical com os mecanismos gerativos responsáveis pela explicação de novos sentidos. O segundo trata os casos de metoníma não convencionalizada como um processo de composição enriquecida, por meio do qual se representa a parte contextualizada do enunciado na estrutura conceitual. Propondo uma aproximação entre os dois autores, o dado linguístico selecionado é analisado como um mecanismo de coerção de tipo, cuja formalização mais abrangente é a composição enriquecida, enfatizando a relação de posse como a relação que viabiliza tal coerção.This study, whose object of investigation is metonymy, aims at analysing the non-convencionalized cases of this process, like - I am parked - which has been traditionally given a pragmatic analysis. Pustejovsky (1995 and Jackendoff (2002 stand out as theoretical background supporting the research. The former addresses logical polysemy based on Generative Lexicon, which combines the levels of lexical representation and the generative mechanisms that account for the explanation of new meanings. The former approaches the cases of non-conventionalized metonymy as an enriched composition process through which the contextualized part of the utterance is represented in the conceptual structure. By proposing an approximation of both authors, the selected linguistic datum is analyzed as a type coercion mechanism, where the more comprehensive formalization is the enriched composition, with emphasis on the relation of ownership as the relation that makes such coercion

  15. Estudo da soroprevalência do AgHBs em gestantes da 15ª Regional de Saúde e da imunoprofilaxia para os recém-nascidos das gestantes AgHBs positivo = Study into the HBsAg seroprevalence in pregnant women from the 15th Health Regional and the immunoprophylaxia on the newborns of these HBsAg-positive women

    Sonia Kaori Miyamoto


    Full Text Available Determinar a prevalência do AgHBs nas gestantes da 15ª Regional de Saúde (15ª R.S. atendidas no Laboratório de Ensino e Pesquisa em Análises Clínicas (Lepac, Universidade Estadual de Maringá, e verificar se foi solicitada a imunoprofilaxia para hepatite B aos recém-natos das gestantes AgHBs positivo, no período de janeiro de 1998 a dezembro de 2002. A pesquisa do AgHBs foi realizada pela técnica imunoenzimática IMxHBsAg e Axsym HBsAg (Laboratório Abbott. As solicitações de imunobiológicos especiais para a imunoprofilaxia da hepatite B ao CRIE foram obtidas na Seção de Epidemiologia da 15ª R.S. Foram analisadas 12.274 gestantes e a prevalência do AgHBs foide 1,0%. Dentre as 125 gestantes AgHBs positivo, foram solicitadas imunoprofilaxia para 32 (25,6% recém-nascidos. Ainda que a prevalência encontrada indique ser esta uma área de baixa endemicidade, os resultados reafirmam a importância da realização do diagnóstico da hepatite B no atendimento pré-natal, para adoção da imunoprofilaxia no recém-nascido.To determine HBsAg prevalence among pregnant women from the 15th Health Regional assisted in the Laboratório de Ensino e Pesquisa em Análises Clínicas (Lepac, Universidade Estadual de Maringá, and verify whether immunoprophylaxis with vaccine and immunoglobulin was requested for the newborns of HBsAg-positive women during the period from January 1998 to December 2002. The research about HBsAg was conducted using the immunoenzymatic IMxHBsAg (Abbot Lab and Axsym HBsAg (Abbot Lab techniques. The requests to the CRIE for specialimmunobiologic agents for Hepatitis B immunoprophylaxis were obtained in the Department of Epidemiology from the 15th Health Regional. The analysis includes 12,274 pregnant women, and the HBsAg prevalence was 1.0%. Among 125 HBsAg positive pregnant women, immunoprophylaxis was requested for 32 (25.6% newborns. Although the prevalence detected demonstrates this to be a low endemic area, the

  16. Use of coccidiostat in mineral salt and study on ovine eimeriosis Uso de coccidiostático no sal mineral e estudo da eimeriose ovina

    Alberto Luiz Freire de Andrade Júnior


    Full Text Available Coccidiosis is a serious obstacle to sheep production, which is becoming a limiting factor, especially with regard to lamb production. However, there are few studies on this parasite in the State of Rio Grande do Norte. The aim of this study was to evaluate the action of decoquinate, added to mineral salt, for controlling Eimeria infection in lambs, and to identify which species are infecting sheep in the eastern region of the state. This study was carried out from August 2009 to January 2010, and used 76 animals. These were divided into two treatment groups: one with common mineral salt, and the other with mineral salt enriched with 6% micronized decoquinate. Fecal samples and body weight measurements were taken every 14 days for parasitological diagnosis, weight gain follow-up and quantitative analysis. The study showed that there was a significant difference in OPG only at the 7th collection, but no significant difference in weight gain. The Eimeria species found were E. ahsata. E. crandallis. E. granulosa. E. intrincata. E. ovina. E. faurei. E. ovinoidalis. E. pallida and E. parva. It was concluded that addition of decoquinate to mineral salt gave rise to lower oocyst elimination, thus favoring eimeriosis control in sheep.A coccidiose constitui-se num sério obstáculo à ovinocultura, a qual vem se tornando um fator limitante para a exploração, especialmente para a produção de cordeiros precoces. Porém, poucos são os estudos com esse parasito no Estado do Rio Grande do Norte. O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a ação do decoquinato, adicionado ao sal mineral, no controle da infecção causada por parasitas do gênero Eimeria em cordeiros, e identificar quais as espécies infectam ovinos na região leste Potiguar. O trabalho foi desenvolvido entre agosto de 2009 e janeiro de 2010, e foram usados 76 animais, distribuídos em dois tratamentos, um com sal mineral comum e o outro com sal mineral enriquecido com decoquinato a 6

  17. Utilization of solar electric fence for containment of caprine in familiar production of the Pernambuco semi-arid region; Utilizacao de cerca eletrica solar para confinamento de caprinos na producao familiar do semi-arido pernambucano

    Costa, Heitor Scalambrini; Costa Neto, Guilherme [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Nucleo de Apoio a Projetos de Energias Renovaveis], Email:; Araujo, Kassia; Silva, Gerson Flavio da; Raquel, Karine [ONG NAPER SOLAR, Recife, PE (Brazil). Centro de Estudos e Projetos], Email:


    The Center for Studies and Projects - Naper Solar is an NGO, which works for the dissemination of use of alternative energies resources in the semi-arid Brazilian Northeast in collaboration with the Federal University of Pernambuco. It has implemented caprine raising systems in the back lands of Pajeu in the State of Pernambuco making use of electrified fences energized by solar energy.This project was executed in a joint effort with the City Halls of Afogados da Ingazeira e Sao Jose do Egito and the NGOs Diaconia and the Northeast Woman House and has benefited 20 families of farmers from 9 rural communities. It is funded by a Technical Cooperation Program established between the National Fund for the Environment - Ministry for the Environment and the Netherlands Government. The implemented system, in opposition to the traditional extensive production system, allow for a more animal sanitary control - minimizing the risks of contamination; a more controlled and balanced feeding system - taking into account the weight gaining factor together with pasture management, leading the a guarantee of food supply for the animals. Other advantages of this system include the reduction of fence cost and less deforesting. Electrical fences used in the contention of caprine are built with only 4 straight wires, fixed with isolators on wood posts spaced 10 m from each other, while the conventional fences use 9 barbed-wire lines fixed with clamps on posts spaced 1 m from each other. Therefore, the use of electrical fences instead of the conventional one represent a cost reduction, which can go as high as 40 % of the total cost. Besides that the electrical fences have low maintenance cost, easier and faster installation and relocation. The fenced areas vary from 0.5 ha to 4 ha for the raising of 5 to 50 animals. In the electrification of a fence one needs one photovoltaic module, one electrifier, a battery, isolators (passage and corner), electric ground rods and a thunderbolt

  18. Abortamento na adolescência: da vida à experiência do colo vazio - um estudo qualitativo Abortion in the adolescence: from life to the experience of the empty lap - a qualitative study

    Leila Maria Vieira


    Full Text Available O presente estudo teve como objetivo investigar o processo de abortamento na adolescência, segundo a perspectiva da adolescente. Foi desenvolvido no Hospital Maternidade Santa Izabel, da cidade de Bauru (São Paulo, Brasil, e a metodologia qualitativa buscou compreender a experiência da adolescente no processo de abortamento, construindo um modelo teórico representativo. Utilizou-se como referencial teórico o interacionismo simbólico e como metodológico a grounded theory. Foram entrevistadas dez adolescentes, e a análise dos relatos constatou a descoberta da gravidez, os sentimentos emergentes, o difícil momento da internação, a esperança do retorno ao cotidiano acompanhado pelo apoio dos familiares e a necessidade de mudanças decorrentes de tal experiência. Dos depoimentos emergiram três fenômenos: descobrindo-se grávida, vivenciando o abortamento e reelaborando o plano de vida. A partir da análise do processo, desenvolveu-se a categoria central: "Abortamento na adolescência: da vida à experiência do colo vazio". Conclusão: a ocorrência do abortamento na adolescência causa diferentes sentimentos, podendo atingir as esferas biopsicossociais.The present study aimed to investigate the process of abortion in the adolescence, according to adolescence perspective at Santa Izabel Maternity Hospital, in the city of Bauru - São Paulo, Brazil. The qualitative methodology tried to understand the adolescent's experience on the abortion process, building a theoretical sample that represents it. Symbolic interacionism was used as referential theory and grounded theory as methodological reference. Ten adolescents were interviewed and the analyses of the reports noticed the discovered of pregnancy, emergent feelings, the difficult moment of hospitalization, the hope for a return to quotidian followed by relatives help and the need of changes because of this experience. From the reports three phenomena were observed: find yourself

  19. Regional scale modeling of erosion related to land cover evolution: a case study in brazilian southeastern region Modelagem em escala regional da erosão relacionada com a evolução da cobertura do solo: um estudo de caso no sudeste do Brasil

    Alexandre Marco Da Silva


    Full Text Available Accelerated soil erosion is, at present, one of the most widespread environmental problems in the world. Geographic Information Systems (GIS have become an essential tool in soil erosion studies and consequently in the development of appropriate soil conservation strategies. The objective of this paper was to assess the degree of soil erosion associated with land cover dynamics through GIS analysis and to validate the modeling with indicators of soil erosion. Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE model, GIS technology and ground-truth dataset (erosion indicators were employed to elaborate the soil loss maps for four dates at Sorocaba Municipality (SP, Brazil. It was verified that, although the predicted soil loss rate is normally small along the study area, such rate is significantly greater than the soil formation rate. This shows a non-sustainable situation of soil and land cover management. Unplanned urban expansion seems be the main driving force that acts in increasing the erosion risk/occurrence along the study area.A erosão acelerada é um dos maiores problemas ambientais ocorrentes em larga escala na atualidade. Por sua vez, Sistemas de Informação Geográfica (SIG tornou-se uma ferramenta essencial em estudos de erosão e conseqüentemente no desenvolvimento de estratégias apropriadas para a conservação do solo. O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o grau de erosão do solo associada com a dinâmica da cobertura do solo através de uma análise geoespacial e validar a modelagem com indicadores de erosão. Utilizou-se a Equação Universal de Perda de Solo (EUPS, recursos de SIG e dados de campo (indicadores de erosão para elaborar os mapas de perda de solo para quatro datas para o município de Sorocaba (SP, Brasil. Verificou-se que, embora a taxa de perda de solo ao longo da área de estudo é normalmente baixa, esta taxa é expressivamente maior que as taxas de formação do solo. Isto mostra uma situação não sustentável de

  20. Papilomatosis in dogs: literature review and study of twelve cases/ Papilomatose oral em cães: revisão da literatura e estudo de doze casos

    Jane Megid


    Full Text Available Canine papillomatosis is an infectious viral disease characterized by oral, cutaneous or ocular papillomas, usually benign. The treatment is indicated in animals, with multiple tumors that produce pharyngeal obstruction, and problems of eating or for aesthetic reasons. Different treatment protocols have been proposed, including surgical excision, cryosurgery, electro surgery, autogenous or recombinant vaccines, imunomodulators drugs, systemic and intralesional chemotherapy. In this study were reviewed the more important aspects of canine oral papillomatosis. In the 12 studied animals, the papillomas were observed predominantly in mouth, gum and palate regions, in puppies until 12 months, presenting combined infection with ehrlichiosis. The treatment using Propionibacterium acnes and/or autogenous vaccine showed efficacy in eight dogs (66.7%.Papilomatose canina é uma enfermidade infecto-contagiosa viral caracterizada pela formação de papilomas orais, cutâneos ou oculares, geralmente benignos. O tratamento é indicado quando ocorre persistência dos tumores, lesões múltiplas causando obstrução faringeana, disfagia ou por razões estéticas. Diferentes protocolos de tratamento são descritos incluindo excisão cirúrgica, criocirurgia, eletrocirurgia, vacinas autógenas ou recombinantes, drogas imunomoduladoras, quimioterapia sistêmica ou intralesional. Foram revisados os principais aspectos clínico-epidemiológicos da papilomatose oral canina. Nos 12 animais estudados foram observados papilomas predominantemente em região de língua, gengiva e palato, com até 12 meses de idade e infecção combinada com erliquiose. O tratamento com Propionibacterium acnes e/ou vacina autócne surtiu efeito em oito animais (66,7%.

  1. Anatomopathological study of cardiomyopathy induced by doxorubicin in rats Estudo anatomopatológico da miocardiopatia induzida pela doxorrubicina em ratos

    José Carlos Dorsa Vieira Pontes


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: The development of an experimental model of myocardiopathy induced by Doxorubicin in rats. METHODS: 16 wistar male rats were randomized in two groups: Group I (placebo and Group II (Doxorubicin - 5mg/kg. After six months, the animals were subjected to cardiotomy and their hearts were weighted and submitted to transversal cuts, from which fragments for a macro and micro study were obtained. These fragments were studied considering their external and internal diameters and the thickness of the left ventricle (LV. The histological pieces were analyzed for the presence of fibrosis, cytoplasmic vacuolization, necrosis and size of nucleus variation. Data obtained was submitted to statistical analysis with Student's t test. RESULTS: The hearts of the animals in Group II increased 41% in relation to their weight; 33% in the internal diameter and 14% in the external diameter of the LV cavity; and 24% in the thickness of the wall. Fibrosis of the myocardial tissue was observed in 75% of the animals of Group II; all the animals presented miocyte cytoplasmatic vacuolization; myocardial necrosis was present in 75% of the animals; and 87/% presented variation in the size of myocite nuclei. The presence of polymorphonuclear cells was also observed. CONCLUSION: Doxorubicin was effective in the promotion of macro and microscopic alterations in the cardiac tissue of rats, possibly constituting a model for the experimental study of myocardiopathy.OBJETIVO: Desenvolver um modelo experimental de miocardiopatia induzida por doxorrubicina em ratos. MÉTODOS: 16 ratos Wistar machos foram randomizados em 2 grupos: Grupo I (placebo e Grupo II (doxorrubicina 5mg/kg. Após 6 meses, os animais foram submetidos a cardiotomia e seus corações foram pesados e submetidos a cortes transversais. Estes fragmentos foram estudados considerando seus diâmetros externos e internos e a espessura do ventrículo esquerdo. As peças histológicas foram analisadas quanto

  2. Estudos histoplásticos da interação Colletotrichum gloeosporioides: cafeeiro Histopathological studies of the interaction Colletotrichum gloeosporioides: coffee tree

    Igor Souza Pereira


    Full Text Available Nos estudos envolvendo a interação Colletotrichum gloeosporioides-cafeeiro (Coffea arabica L., poucas são as informações a respeito do modo de penetração e colonização deste patógeno. Estudou-se por meio da microscopia eletrônica de varredura (MEV, os eventos de pré-penetração e penetração de C. gloeosporioides em hipocótilos de cafeeiros e a colonização natural de ramos e frutos provenientes de plantas com mancha manteigosa. Realizaram-se três ensaios. No primeiro, fez-se a observação dos eventos de pré-penetração de C. gloeosporioides inoculados em hipocótilos de plântulas da cv. Acaiá Cerrado com e sem ferimentos; no segundo, observou-se a colonização de ramos enfermos em que havia murcha drástica e necrose local e, no terceiro, a colonização de frutos enfermos. A germinação dos conídios nos hipocótilos feridos ocorreu 6 horas após a inoculação, com a formação de um ou dois tubos germinativos terminais e a adesão dos conídios nas depressões dos hipocótilos. Apressórios globosos a subglobosos e de contorno regular surgiram 12 horas após a inoculação. Até 72 horas, não foi possível observar a formação de acérvulos sobre os tecidos submetidos à inoculação. Nos ramos observava-se colonização nos vasos floema e parênquima cortical. Nos frutos em diferentes estádios de maturação foi observada a colonização do tecido próximo à epiderme e colapso dos estômatos na área lesionada.In studies involving the interaction Colletotrichum gloeosporioides - coffee trees (Coffea arabica L. there is little information regarding the pre-penetration, penetration and colonization pathways of this pathogen. The objectives of this work were: 1. to study through scanning electron microscopy (SEM the pre-penetration and penetration events of C. gloeosporioides in hypocotyls of coffee plantlets; 2. to observe the colonization of Colletotrichum spp. in branches and fruits of coffee trees with blister

  3. Nuclear and Energy Research Institute (1956-2000). A case study under the science, technology and brazilian culture history; Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (1956-2000). Um estudo de caso a luz da historia da ciencia, da tecnologia e da cultura brasileira

    Gordon, Ana Maria Pinho Leite


    We analysed a period of the contemporary Brazilian history with the aim to discuss the inter-relationship between science, technology (S and T) and culture in a developing country, showing as a background for a case of study the history of the 'Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares'. The history of Science and Technology, as a result of the human brain ability of innovate using the resources offered by nature, it is not only the description of successive findings carried out by talented men. It is a reflex of determined age of history as a consequence of accumulated knowledge connected also to human and cultural relationships, which together leads to the scientific and technological progress. In fact, the human brain and society march along together and can not be separated in this journey. In our study we recovered the initial steps of IPEN's outbreak; inserted its achievements in the context of the national policy for nuclear technology and evaluated how this policy was a reply of the governmental organizations to the worldwide situation. Finally, we spread the scientific ideas and technological findings of this institution, who has translate much of the life style and culture of our society. For this purposes, we analysed internal technical report series elaborated by several researchers and few testimonies. The Institution developed the fuel cycle technology, supplied radioisotopes for medical diagnosis and treatment purposes, generating economic resources for our country. The nuclear techniques are a relevant tool for researchers of this Institution applied for several purposes, including the assessment of the radioactivity levels in the environment, radioprotection, etc. Besides those applications, other techniques including the laser technology, the fuel cell, corrosion studies, etc, were implemented as a result of the improved capabilities and skills acquired during the almost 50 years of the Institute's existence. We make

  4. As dobras da imagem

    Profª. Drª. Fátima Antunes da Silva (Yaska Antunes


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho tem por objetivo tentar compreender a produção da imagem visual no teatro. Para isso se vale da apropriação livre do conceito de “dobra? de Gilles Deleuze para se referir à multiplicidade de imagens criadas pelas diversas modalidades artísticas. Como no teatro há o entrelaçamento de imagens verbais – palavras enunciadas pelo texto dramático ou teatral – com imagens visuais – a visualidade advinda da composição cênica concreta que organiza no espaço ator e objeto –, a ênfase só podia recair sobre estas duas formas imagéticas. No caso do teatro, surge ainda a percepção de que para além da materialidade da cena, outras imagens emergem do confronto entre palco e platéia. Nesse sentido, imagem teatral seria então aquilo que surge da interação entre ator e espectador. A contribuição desse trabalho pode estar no fato de atualizar certos conceitos sobre a criação da imagem poética na poesia e no cinema para aplicá-los ao teatro. Ao recuperar o pensa-mento de Otávio Paz, Alfredo Bosi, Sergei Eisenstein, entre outros, bus-ca-se promover uma reflexão mais aprofundada sobre a construção visual no teatro.

  5. Fobia social: estudo da prevalência em duas escolas em Porto Alegre Social phobia: a study of the prevalence in two schools in Porto Alegre

    Gabrielly Cruvinel Fernandes


    Full Text Available A fobia social é freqüente entre adolescentes, sendo importante a sua identificação e a determinação de potenciais prejuízos. OBJETIVOS: Relatar a prevalência e o impacto na escolaridade da fobia social em uma amostra de adolescentes. MÉTODOS: O inventário de fobia social (SPIN foi administrado em 525 alunos dos ensinos fundamental e médio, de ambos os sexos, em uma escola pública e em uma particular, na cidade de Porto Alegre, Brasil, porquanto 32 foram excluídos por respostas incompletas. Foi aplicado também um questionário para identificação das características sociodemográficas da amostra. RESULTADOS: De acordo com o SPIN, 114 dos 493 alunos (23,12% obtiveram escores iguais ou superiores a 19 pontos no referido inventário, indicando a presença de sintomas compatíveis com o diagnóstico de fobia social. As meninas tenderam a apresentar maior freqüência de transtorno de ansiedade social em relação aos meninos (p = 0,053. Não foi encontrada associação significativa entre repetência e fobia social. CONCLUSÕES: Os sintomas compatíveis com o diagnóstico de fobia social são prevalentes em adolescentes e, em virtude de seu curso crônico, podem causar sérios prejuízos nestes indivíduos. Neste estudo, não foi possível correlacionar fobia social com repetência escolar. No entanto, é de fundamental importância a identificação e o tratamento precoce deste transtorno de ansiedade.Social phobia is frequent among adolescents, and its identification and determination of potential impairments are of great importance. OBJECTIVES: To report the prevalence and impact of social phobia on education in a sample of adolescents. METHODS: The Social Phobia Inventory (SPIN was administered to 525 students of primary and high school, of both genders, in one public and one private school in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, but 32 students were excluded from the study due to incomplete answers. A sociodemographic questionnaire

  6. Futura study: evaluation of efficacy and safety of rupatadine fumarate in the treatment of persistent allergic rhinitis Estudo futura: avaliação da eficácia e segurança do fumarato de rupatadina no tratamento da rinite alérgica persistente

    Olavo de Godoy Mion


    Full Text Available Allergic rhinitis affects 10-30% of the population, negatively impacting one's quality of life and productivity. It has been associated with sinusitis, otitis media, sleep disorders, and asthma. Rupatadine is a second generation antihistamine with increased affinity to histamine receptor H1; it is also a potent PAF (platelet-activating factor antagonist. It starts acting quite quickly, offers long lasting effect, and reduces the chronic effects of rhinitis. AIM: this study aims to assess the efficacy and safety of rupatadine in the treatment of persistent allergic rhinitis. MATERIALS AND METHOD: this is a multi-centric open prospective study. This study included 241 patients from 13 centers in Brazil and was held between October of 2004 and August of 2005. Signs and symptoms of rhinitis and tolerance to medication were analyzed after one and two weeks of treatment. RESULTS: reduction on general scores from 8.65 to 3.21 on week 2 (pA rinite alérgica acomete 10 a 30% da população, interferindo na qualidade de vida e na capacidade produtiva. Está associada à sinusite, otite, roncopatias e asma. A Rupatadina é um anti-histamínico de segunda geração, com elevada afinidade ao receptor histamínico H1 e potente inibição do fator ativador plaquetário (PAF. Tem rápido início de ação, longa duração e reduz os efeitos crônicos da rinite. OBJETIVO: Avaliar a eficácia e segurança da rupatadina no tratamento da rinite alérgica persistente. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Estudo multicêntrico, aberto, prospectivo. Foram selecionados 241 pacientes em 13 centros no Brasil durante o período de outubro de 2004 a agosto de 2005. Foram analisados os sinais e sintomas da rinite e a tolerabilidade após 1 e 2 semanas. RESULTADOS: Redução do escore geral de 8,65 para 3,21 na semana 2 (p<0,001. Todos os sinais e sintomas melhoraram significativamente, e no primeiro dia de tratamento (p<0,001, com exceção da obstrução e secreção nasal, a partir do

  7. Assessing site formation and assemblage integrity through stone tool refitting at Gruta da Oliveira (Almonda karst system, Torres Novas, Portugal: A Middle Paleolithic case study.

    Marianne Deschamps

    Full Text Available We use stone tool refitting to assess palimpsest formation and stratigraphic integrity in the basal units of the Gruta da Oliveira archeo-stratigraphic sequence, layers 15-27, which TL and U-series dating places in late Marine Isotope Stage (MIS 5 or early MIS 4. As in most karst contexts, the formation of this succession involved multiple and complex phenomena, including subsidence, bioturbation, carnivore activity and runoff as agents of potential post-depositional disturbance. During phases of stabilization, such as represented by layers 15, 21 and 22, the excavated area was inhabited and refits corroborate that post-depositional displacement is negligible. Layers 23-25 and 16-19 correspond to subdivisions that slice thick geological units primarily formed of material derived from the cave's entrance via slope dynamics. Refit links are consistent with rapid fill-up of the interstitial spaces found in the Karren-like bedrock (for layers 23-25, or left between large boulders after major roof-collapse events (for layers 16-19. Layers 26 (the "Mousterian Cone" and 27 are a "bottom-of-hourglass" deposit underlying the main sedimentary body; the refits show that this deposit consists of material derived from layers 15-25 that gravitated through fissures open in the sedimentary column above. Layer 20, at the interface between two major stratigraphic ensembles, requires additional analysis. Throughout, we found significant vertical dispersion along the contact between sedimentary fill and cave wall. Given these findings, a preliminary analysis of technological change across the studied sequence organized the lithic assemblages into five ensembles: layer 15; layers 16-19; layer 20; layers 21-22; layers 23-25. The lower ensembles show higher percentages of flint and of the Levallois method. Uniquely at the site, the two upper ensembles feature bifaces and cleavers.

  8. Estudo da modificação química de polidienos do tipo SBR e BR Study of chemical modification of SBR and BR polydiene

    Tatiana L. A. C. Rocha


    Full Text Available A utilização de modificações químicas de polidienos comerciais tem sido estudada como um meio alternativo à síntese de novos polímeros, para otimização das propriedades finais destes materiais através da introdução de diferentes grupamentos reativos na cadeia polimérica. A modificação química pode ser feita através de diferentes métodos, os quais podem ser realizados tanto em solução como em massa, onde podem ser destacadas as reações de epoxidação, sulfonação, maleinização, carboxilação, etc. Neste trabalho foi estudado o método de epoxidação de borrachas do tipo SBR e BR. Foi possível observar que mesmo pequenos graus de modificação química causam mudanças marcantes nas propriedades finais dos polímeros, como determinado para a temperatura de transição vítrea.Chemical modification of polydiene has been studied as an alternative route to obtain modified polymers with improved final properties. This improvement is due to the introduction of different kinds of reactive groups into a polymer chain, and it can be done in solution as well as in bulk. The chemical modification can be carried out by different methods such as epoxidation, maleination, carboxylation, sulfonation etc. In this work we show that in the epoxidation of SBR and BR even a small degree of modification can change the final properties of the polymer, as it occurred for the glass transition temperature.

  9. Comparison of nail lacquer clobetasol efficacy at 0,05%, 1% and 8% in nail psoriasis treatment: prospective, controlled and randomized pilot study Comparação da eficácia do clobetasol em esmalte 0,05%, 1% e 8% no tratamento da psoríase ungueal: estudo piloto, prospectivo, controlado e randomizado

    Robertha Carvalho Nakamura


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Nail psoriasis may affect up to 90% of patients with psoriasis in the course of the disease throughout their lives and it is often a therapeutic challenge to dermatologists. Topical treatments described in the literature have demonstrated variable efficacy, and unsatisfactory results have been associated to inefficient penetration of the active ingredient into the nail plate and proximal nail fold. Recently the use of clobetasol on nail lacquer vehicle has been suggested, with satisfactory results and no side effects. OBJECTIVE: To determine the efficacy and safety of clobetasol in nail lacquer vehicle in three concentrations (0.05%, 1% and 8% in patients with nail psoriasis. METHODS: Prospective, controlled, randomized pilot study in fifteen patients with nail bed and/or nail matrix psoriasis in both hands, subdivided into three groups: A(0.05% clobetasol nail lacquer, B(1% clobetasol nail lacquer and C(8% clobetasol nail lacquer. All groups used clobetasol nail lacquer on the left hand and base coat nail lacquer as control on the right, twice a week for 16 weeks. Clinical evaluation was done by photographic records and the NAPSI score of both treated and control hands, as well as modified NAPSI score of the most affected nail of the treated hand. RESULTS: Group C showed a statistically relevant clinical response compared to the other groups, reflected in the improvement of clinical parameters, of treated hand NAPSI score, when compared to the control hand, and modified NAPSI score of the most affected nail in the treated hand. CONCLUSION: The 8% clobetasol nail lacquer was effective and safe, and it can be considered a good option of topical therapy in the treatment of nail psoriasis.FUNDAMENTOS: A psoríase ungueal, de difícil manejo terapêutico, pode afetar até 90% dos portadores de psoríase no transcurso da doença, ao longo de suas vidas. Os tratamentos tópicos descritos na literatura têm eficácia variável, muitas vezes

  10. A contribuição de Charcot para o estudo da síndrome de Tourette Charcot's contribution to the study of Tourette's syndrome

    Hélio A.G. Teive


    Full Text Available Revisamos a história da síndrome de Tourette, com ênfase a contribuição de Jean-Martin Charcot.We review the history of Tourette syndrome, emphasizing the contribution of Jean-Martin Charcot.

  11. Protective effect of DNA-spermidine (DA-51) against radiation-induced leukopenia. A study on breast cancer patients receiving postoperative prophylactic irradiation

    Tsuya, A; Kaneta, K; Okawa, T; Nakama, M [Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, Tokyo. Hospital; Watari, T


    DNA-spermidine (DA-51), which has been originally developed by Dr. Sekiguchi et al. as a protective agent against radiation-induced leukopenia, was submitted to clinical trial by the double blind test. The protective effect against radiation-induced leukopenia and side effect of DA-51 were compared with those of Inosine, selected as a control agent, on breast cancer cases receiving prophylactic irradiation. Daily dose of 2700 mg of DA-51 and 1800 mg of Inosine were administered orally during a 5 week period of irradiation. The differences between the white blood cell counts, the thrombocyte counts and the percentages of lymphocytes in the DA-51 and the Inosine treated groups were assessed at 1, 3 and 5 weeks by x/sup 2/ and T tests, and the following results are obtained: No significant difference in white blood cell or thrombocyte counts was demonstrated at 1, 3 or 5 weeks between the two groups. The only significant difference noted was in the percentage of lymphocyte at 5 weeks, and the thrombocyte counts at 3 weeks. DNA-spermidine is considered to be an effective drug against radiation-induced leukopenia, comparable to Inosine and without noticeable side effects.

  12. Cardiovascular mortality, all-cause mortality, and diabetes incidence after lifestyle intervention for people with impaired glucose tolerance in the Da Qing Diabetes Prevention Study: a 23-year follow-up study.

    Li, Guangwei; Zhang, Ping; Wang, Jinping; An, Yali; Gong, Qiuhong; Gregg, Edward W; Yang, Wenying; Zhang, Bo; Shuai, Ying; Hong, Jing; Engelgau, Michael M; Li, Hui; Roglic, Gojka; Hu, Yinghua; Bennett, Peter H


    Lifestyle interventions among people with impaired glucose tolerance reduce the incidence of diabetes, but their effect on all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality is unclear. We assessed the long-term effect of lifestyle intervention on long-term outcomes among adults with impaired glucose tolerance who participated in the Da Qing Diabetes Prevention Study. The study was a cluster randomised trial in which 33 clinics in Da Qing, China-serving 577 adults with impaired glucose tolerance-were randomised (1:1:1:1) to a control group or lifestyle intervention groups (diet or exercise or both). Patients were enrolled in 1986 and the intervention phase lasted for 6 years. In 2009, we followed up participants to assess the primary outcomes of cardiovascular mortality, all-cause mortality, and incidence of diabetes in the intention-to-treat population. Of the 577 patients, 439 were assigned to the intervention group and 138 were assigned to the control group (one refused baseline examination). 542 (94%) of 576 participants had complete data for mortality and 568 (99%) contributed data to the analysis. 174 participants died during the 23 years of follow-up (121 in the intervention group vs 53 in the control group). Cumulative incidence of cardiovascular disease mortality was 11.9% (95% CI 8.8-15.0) in the intervention group versus 19.6% (12.9-26.3) in the control group (hazard ratio [HR] 0.59, 95% CI 0.36-0.96; p=0.033). All-cause mortality was 28.1% (95% CI 23.9-32.4) versus 38.4% (30.3-46.5; HR 0.71, 95% CI 0.51-0.99; p=0.049). Incidence of diabetes was 72.6% (68.4-76.8) versus 89.9% (84.9-94.9; HR 0.55, 95% CI 0.40-0.76; p=0.001). A 6-year lifestyle intervention programme for Chinese people with impaired glucose tolerance can reduce incidence of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality and diabetes. These findings emphasise the long-term clinical benefits of lifestyle intervention for patients with impaired glucose tolerance and provide further justification for

  13. Trauma da Veia Porta

    Gustavo Pereira Fraga

    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: O trauma da veia porta é raro e freqüentemente fatal por causa de exsanguinação e alta incidência de lesões de estruturas adjacentes. Devido às pecualiaridades desta lesão e diferentes condutas propostas na literatura, o objetivo dos autores é relatar a experiência neste tipo de lesão. MÉTODO: Estudo retrospectivo, de janeiro de 1994 e dezembro de 2001, de 1370 pacientes submetidos à laparotomia devido trauma abdominal. Entre esses, 15 pacientes apresentavam lesão da veia porta. As lesões foram classificadas conforme a sua extensão e localização. RESULTADOS: O mecanismo de trauma predominante foi o penetrante. O diagnóstico da lesão foi realizado no intraoperatório. Os procedimentos executados foram: sutura, anastomose término-terminal e ligadura da veia porta. A mortalidade foi de 53,3%. CONCLUSÃO: A lesão da veia porta possui alta taxa de mortalidade e o atendimento adequado está diretamente relacionado à sobrevida.

  14. Uma revisão dos estudos latino-americanos sobre o transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica A review of Latin American studies on binge eating disorder

    Marly Amorim Palavras


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Revisar o estado de arte da literatura latino-americana sobre o transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica. MÉTODO: Foi feita uma busca sobre estudos realizados em países latino-americanos usando-se o termo "binge eating", nas seguintes bases eletrônicas: PubMed, LILACS, SciELO e PsycINFO. O critério de inclusão foi selecionar estudos desenvolvidos com amostras latino-americanas que preencheram critérios parciais ou completos do transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica pelo Manual Diagnóstico e Estatístico de Transtornos Mentais-4ª Edição. RESULTADOS: Foram rastreados 8.123 artigos e 30 preencheram o critério de inclusão (18 estudos de corte transversal, cinco ensaios clínicos, quatro relatos de casos, dois estudos de validade, um estudo de coorte. A maioria dos estudos foi conduzida no Brasil (27, um na Argentina, um na Colômbia e um na Venezuela. A prevalência de transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica em obesos em programas para perda de peso esteve entre 16% e 51,6%. A comparação entre obesos com e sem transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica mostrou uma maior tendência para peso mais alto, oscilação ponderal, preocupação com peso e forma corporal e associação com comorbidades psiquiátricas naqueles com transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica. CONCLUSÃO: O transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica mostra-se um fenômeno verificável na América Latina com características clínicas semelhantes às encontradas na literatura internacional. Esta revisão fornece subsídios para que o transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica seja considerado uma categoria distinta de transtorno alimentar na Classificação Internacional de Doenças-11ª Edição.OBJECTIVE: To review the state of the art of the scientific literature on binge eating disorder in Latin America. METHOD: A literature search of studies conducted in Latin American countries using the term "binge eating" was performed

  15. Activites of the radioisotopes division of IPR-CDTN-NUCLEBRAS in the studies of sedimentology and hidric polution. Atividades da divisao de radioisotopos do IPR-CDTN-NUCLEBRAS nos estudos de sedimentologia e poluicao hidrica

    Aun, P E


    This work describes, in a very general way, the utilization of fluorescent and radioactive tracers in sedimentological studies. It presents the specific applications of those tracers in following the motion of sediments in suspension and in the bottom. The paper describes in short the labelling, detection and analysis techniques, as well as several actual applications of those techniques by the Radioisotopes Division of Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear-CDTN-NUCLEBRAS. (author).

  16. Construção e estudos psicométricos de uma Escala de Avaliação da Impulsividade Construction and psychometric studies of a Impulsivity Assessment Scale

    Ana Cristina Ávila-Batista


    Full Text Available O trabalho teve como objetivo descrever a construção e os estudos psicométricos iniciais de uma escala para avaliação da impulsividade. Para isso foram realizados três estudos com três amostras diferentes de alunos de um curso técnico em segurança pública do estado de Minas Gerais. Em todos os casos, a análise da estrutura interna evidenciou a existência de quatro fatores. A denominação dos fatores foi "Falta de concentração e de persistência", "Controle cognitivo", "Planejamento futuro" e "Audácia e temeridade". A análise de precisão por meio do alfa de Cronbach apresentou coeficientes considerados adequados. Os resultados da pesquisa permitiram concluir que os objetivos iniciais do estudo foram alcançados, construindo a Escala de Avaliação da Impulsividade (EsAvI, que pode ser aplicada tanto em sua forma A quanto em sua forma B (EsAvI-A e EsAvI-B, respectivamente.This study aimed to describe the construction and initial psychometric studies of a Impulsivity Assessment Scale. For that three studies were performed with three different samples of students from a public safety technical course at Minas Gerais State. In all cases, the internal structure analysis revealed the existence of four factors. The names for the factors given were "Lack of concentration and persistence", "Cognitive control", "Planning ahead" and "Recklessness and audacity". The analysis of accuracy by Cronbach's alpha coefficients showed satisfactory performance. The survey results concluded that the initial objectives of the study were achieved by building the Impulsivity Assessment Scale (EsAvI which can be applied both in form A and in the form B (EsAvI-A and EsAvI-B respectively.

  17. Capillary blood islet autoantibody screening for identifying pre-type 1 diabetes in the general population: design and initial results of the Fr1da study.

    Raab, Jennifer; Haupt, Florian; Scholz, Marlon; Matzke, Claudia; Warncke, Katharina; Lange, Karin; Assfalg, Robin; Weininger, Katharina; Wittich, Susanne; Löbner, Stephanie; Beyerlein, Andreas; Nennstiel-Ratzel, Uta; Lang, Martin; Laub, Otto; Dunstheimer, Desiree; Bonifacio, Ezio; Achenbach, Peter; Winkler, Christiane; Ziegler, Anette-G


    Type 1 diabetes can be diagnosed at an early presymptomatic stage by the detection of islet autoantibodies. The Fr1da study aims to assess whether early staging of type 1 diabetes (1) is feasible at a population-based level, (2) prevents severe metabolic decompensation observed at the clinical manifestation of type 1 diabetes and (3) reduces psychological distress through preventive teaching and care. Children aged 2-5 years in Bavaria, Germany, will be tested for the presence of multiple islet autoantibodies. Between February 2015 and December 2016, 100 000 children will be screened by primary care paediatricians. Islet autoantibodies are measured in capillary blood samples using a multiplex three-screen ELISA. Samples with ELISA results >97.5th centile are retested using reference radiobinding assays. A venous blood sample is also obtained to confirm the autoantibody status of children with at least two autoantibodies. Children with confirmed multiple islet autoantibodies are diagnosed with pre-type 1 diabetes. These children and their parents are invited to participate in an education and counselling programme at a local diabetes centre. Depression and anxiety, and burden of early diagnosis are also assessed. Of the 1027 Bavarian paediatricians, 39.3% are participating in the study. Overall, 26 760 children have been screened between February 2015 and November 2015. Capillary blood collection was sufficient in volume for islet autoantibody detection in 99.46% of the children. The remaining 0.54% had insufficient blood volume collected. Of the 26 760 capillary samples tested, 0.39% were positive for at least two islet autoantibodies. Staging for early type 1 diabetes within a public health setting appears to be feasible. The study may set new standards for the early diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and education. The study was approved by the ethics committee of Technische Universität München (Nr. 70/14). Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For

  18. Massage therapy in the management of myogenic TMD: a pilot study Massoterapia para o tratamento da DTM miogênica: um estudo piloto

    Verena Kise Capellini


    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION: The Temporomandibular disorder (TMD is greatly prevalent in the population and can be associated with bruxism. This disorder produces several signs and symptoms. Among them, pain is one of the most important because it reduces life quality and productivity of people who have such disorder. The aim of this research was to study if massage causes pain relief and/or electromyographic (EMG changes. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The subjects were chosen by a questionnaire and divided into 2 different groups. Their ages varied from 19 to 22 years. The experimental group consisted of 6 TMD patients, who were submitted to the massage treatment and 4 EMG-sessions (the 1st EMG-session occurred before the treatment and the others in the 1st, 15th and 30th days after the treatment. The control group consisted of 6 TMD patients, who were submitted to the same 4 EMG-sessions. While EMG activity was recorded, subjects were asked to keep mandibular rest position (MRP and to perform maximal voluntary clenching (MVC. The treatment consisted of 15 massage-sessions on face and neck and in application of Visual Analogue Scale (VAS for measuring pain level. The massage sessions had 30 minutes of duration and were performed daily. The EMG data were processed to obtain the Root Mean Square (RMS, which were normalized by MVC. RESULTS: It was demonstrated that (1 RMS-MRP of the right masseter in experimental group at the 1st EMG-session was higher than at the 2nd EMG-session and (2 statistically significant reduction was found for VAS values after massage session. CONCLUSION: Unfortunately the sample is insufficient to draw any conclusions, therefore, more studies regarding the use of massage in the management of myogenic TMD are necessary.INTRODUÇÃO: A disfunção temporomandibular (DTM tem grande prevalência na população e pode ser associada com bruxismo. Esta desordem produz vários sinais e sintomas. Entre eles, a dor é um do mais importantes porque

  19. A incorporação da responsabilidade social e sustentabilidade: um estudo baseado no relatório de gestão 2005 da companhia paranaense de energia - COPEL Sustainability business: a study based on the 2005 report of the Paraná state energy management company - COPEL

    Luci Ines Bassetto


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho trata dos conceitos e práticas da Responsabilidade Social e Sustentabilidade Empresarial. Estabeleceu-se como objetivo geral demonstrar como a COPEL está inserindo tais práticas em sua gestão da Responsabilidade Social e Sustentabilidade. Neste sentido, foram propostos os seguintes objetivos específicos: aIdentificar e caracterizar os indicadores e relatórios de prestação de contas utilizados na empresa COPEL para medir e apresentar os resultados de sua gestão sustentável; b Identificar e analisar as ações sustentáveis executadas pela empresa. Como instrumento de análise adotou-se o Relatório de Gestão de 2005. A análise indicou um grande esforço da COPEL no sentido de inserir-se como empresa de Responsabilidade Social incorporando o conceito do Instituto Ethos para desenvolvimento de seu modelo de gestão. E, como empresa sustentável, implementando ações por meio das seguintes plataformas: como signatária do Pacto Global; como empresa sustentável por meio do ISE- BOVESPA 2005, adoção de alguns princípios dos Objetivos do Milênio e Norma AA 1000. O principal indicador utilizado para a análise foi a GRI adotada na forma "de acordo". Ao atender a todos os princípios da GRI para elaboração de Relatório, a análise indicou que, embora sendo o primeiro Relatório, a COPEL encontra-se em estágio bem avançado na implementação de indicadores. Para um ambiente que requer que o resultado econômico seja obtido da integração de ações sociais e ambientais, os dados coletados a respeito, da forma como estão apresentados, não permitiram identificar a integração das ações sociais e ambientais ao resultado econômico, sendo que as diretrizes da GRI (INSTITUTO ETHOS, 2002 não avançaram ainda para esse grau de detalhamento.This work deals with the concepts and practices of Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability. The main goal of this study is to show how COPEL has been adopting such

  20. Estudo do tratamento das fraturas da cabeça do fêmur Study of the treatment of femoral head fractures

    Rodrigo Pereira Guimarães


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Estabelecer diretrizes para o tratamento das fraturas da cabeça femoral e determinar a melhor via de acesso nos casos tratados cirurgicamente. MÉTODOS: Avaliamos os resultados clínicos e radiográficos de 13 pacientes (13 fraturas tratados cirurgicamente entre maio de 1986 e julho de 1996 no Departamento de Ortopedia e Traumatologia da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo (SCMSP, Pavilhão "Fernandinho Simonsen". RESULTADOS: Entre as seis fraturas Pipkin 1, cinco foram submetidas à ressecção do fragmento, o que nos levou a quatro resultados excelentes e um bom, sendo este com fixação do fragmento. Três pacientes apresentaram fraturas Pipkin 2 e todas foram fixadas, observados dois excelentes resultados e um regular. Dois pacientes Pipkin 3 foram submetidos à artroplastia primária. Dos dois pacientes com lesão Pipkin 4, um foi tratado com redução e osteossíntese da fratura do acetábulo, sem abordar o fragmento da cabeça que estava bem reduzido e resultou em artrose precoce, e o outro foi submetido à artroplastia total como tratamento primário. CONCLUSÃO: Concluímos após comparação da revisão da literatura com a análise dos nossos casos, que o tratamento da fratura da cabeça femoral deve ser cirúrgico e a escolha da via de acesso vai depender do tipo de fratura.OBJECTIVE: To establish guidelines for the treatment of femoral head fractures and to determine the best form of access in cases treated surgically. METHODS: We evaluated the clinical and radiological results of 13 patients (13 fractures treated surgically, between May 1986 and July 1996, at the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology at the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo (SCMSP, Fernandinho Simonsen Pavillion. RESULTS: Among six Pipkin 1 fractures, five had resection of the fragment, resulting in four excellent and one good result. The good result had fixation of the fragment. All three Pipkin 2 fractures had fixation of the fragment

  1. Da Vinci Linjen

    Nissen, Poul

    Afsluttende evalueringsrapport fra følgeforskningen gennem tre år i forbindelse med dety pædagogiske arbejde på Blåbjerggårdskolens Da Vinci Linje for skolemotiverede og underpræsterende elever på 7. til 9. klassetrin.......Afsluttende evalueringsrapport fra følgeforskningen gennem tre år i forbindelse med dety pædagogiske arbejde på Blåbjerggårdskolens Da Vinci Linje for skolemotiverede og underpræsterende elever på 7. til 9. klassetrin....

  2. Estudo Exploratório da Conceitualização de Criatividade em Estudantes Universitários An Exploratory Study about how Creativity is conceived by University Students

    Maria Alice d'Avila Becker


    Full Text Available A pesquisa visa a investigar a conceitualização que estudantes universitários têm sobre o que é a criatividade, por meio de análise multidimensional baseada na Teoria das Facetas. Inicialmente solicitou-se que os alunos expressem o que pensam com a evocação da palavra-estímulo criatividade, e a partir deste levantamento, selecionaram-se as 15 palavras mais freqüentemente evocadas. A seguir investigou-se a estrutura conceitual da palavra criatividade através da técnica não-verbal de classificação livre. Os resultados das inter-relações entre todas as variáveis foram analisados por meio da Análise da Estrutura de Similaridade produzindo uma estrutura tipo radex com o item criatividade na região central e cinco regiões distribuídas ao redor da mesma. Estas regiões identificaram cinco dimensões: Estética, Emoção, Gênese, Cognição e Volição. Os significados destas dimensões, em relação às principais questões abordadas pela literatura na área, são discutidos visando a melhor compreender a estrutura representacional do conceito de criatividade.This study aimed to investigate how university students conceive the concept of creativity. We used a multidimensional analysis based on Facet Theory. Initially, we requested that students express what they think following the evocation of the stimulus word creativity; on the basis of this free association, 15 of the more frequently evoked words were selected. Next, we investigated the structure of the creativity concept of the 15 words through a free sort non-verbal task. The results of the interrelations among all the variables were analyzed by means of a Similarity Structure Analysis that produced a radex structure with item creativity in the central area and with five areas distributed around it. These areas identified five dimensions: Aesthetics, Emotion, Genesis, Cognition, and Volition. The meanings of these dimensions in relation to the major conceptual issues in the

  3. Propriedades psicométricas do Instrumento Abreviado de Avaliação de Qualidade de Vida da Organização Mundial da Saúde no Estudo Pró-Saúde Psychometric properties of the World Health Organization Abbreviated Instrument for Quality of Life Assessment in the Pró-Saúde Study

    Arlinda B. Moreno


    Full Text Available Neste artigo, relatam-se propriedades psicométricas do Instrumento Abreviado de Avaliação de Qualidade de Vida da Organização Mundial da Saúde (WHOQOL-Bref, composto por 24 questões distribuídas em quatro domínios (físico, psicológico, relações sociais e meio ambiente e duas questões globais sobre qualidade de vida e saúde global, quando aplicado no Estudo Pró-Saúde (estudo de coorte de trabalhadores de uma universidade no Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, em seu estudo piloto e entre os 3.574 participantes da fase 2 (2001 do estudo. Foi estimada a confiabilidade teste-reteste dos escores, com coeficiente de correlação intraclasse variando entre 0,76 e 0,91 nos diversos domínios. Níveis de consistência interna, avaliados pelo coeficiente alfa de Cronbach, variaram entre 0,69 e 0,79. Na análise de fatores, pelo método de fatores principais iterados e rotação varimax, não foi replicada exatamente a estrutura do instrumento original, verificada em seus testes de campo; uma das possíveis razões para as discrepâncias observadas refere-se à natureza da população de estudo, em idade laboral ativa e relativamente saudável.This paper reports on the psychometric properties of the World Health Organization Abbreviated Instrument for Quality of Life Assessment (WHOQOL-Bref, comprising 26 items which measure the following broad domains: physical health, psychological health, social relationships, and environment. The instrument was used in the Pró-Saúde Study, a cohort study of public employees at university campuses in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during the pilot phase, and by 3,574 subjects in study phase 2 (2001. The estimated test-retest reliability of the responses, measured by intraclass correlation coefficients, ranged from 0.76 to 0.91 across domains. The internal consistency of the items, measured by Cronbach's alpha coefficients, was estimated between 0.69 and 0.79. The factor structure, using iterated principal

  4. Estudo da erosão na microbacia do Ceveiro (Piracicaba, SP: II - Interpretação da tolerância de perda de solo utilizando o método do Índice de Tempo de Vida Erosion study in the Ceveiro watershed (Piracicaba, SP: II - Interpreting soil loss tolerance using the Soil Useful Life Index methodology

    Mara de Andrade Marinho Weill


    de perdas, pouco mais de 70 anos serão suficientes para degradar o recurso em cerca de 50 % da área cultivada com cana-de-açúcar (meia-vida do solo. Para a profundidade crítica de 100 cm, a situação se agrava, e o tempo de vida médio do solo nas áreas ocupadas com cana-de-açúcar cai para apenas 102 anos e a meia-vida para 42 anos. A aplicação do método possibilitou ainda estimar em cerca de 19 e de 74 % as proporções da área cultivada com cana-de-açúcar em que a atual situação já é de impacto permanente instalado (tempo de vida do solo zero, isto é, locais onde as taxas de perda de solo são superiores à taxa de renovação, e a espessura do solo já é inferior às profundidades críticas consideradas, no caso 50 m e 100 cm, respectivamente. Nas condições atuais de uso e manejo, a situação de conservação de recursos, em particular do solo, pôde ser caracterizada em apenas 7,6 ha ou em menos de 1 % da área com cana-de-açúcar. A taxa de renovação do solo foi superior às taxas estimadas de perdas por erosão. Em mais de 99 % da área ocupada com cana-de-açúcar, portanto, as taxas estimadas de perda de solo por erosão superam a taxa de renovação do solo (p > r, caracterizando a degradação de recursos. O índice proposto mostrou-se uma ferramenta promissora para interpretação da tolerância da perda de solo aplicada ao planejamento do uso agrícola em bases sustentáveis.Accelerated soil erosion, a process basically induced by human activities contributes greatly to the degradation of arable land quality throughout the world, and is the main non-point source of surface water resource pollution. Considering the effective demand for developing indicators to evaluate the impact of soil erosion on soil quality in agriculture production systems, the objective of this study was to develop an index with a predictive value to be applied as a planning tool for interpreting soil loss tolerance in agricultural areas. The "Soil Useful

  5. Temperatura do ar exalado, um novo biomarcador no controle da asma: um estudo piloto Exhaled breath temperature, a new biomarker in asthma control: a pilot study

    Raul Emrich Melo


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar se a temperatura do ar exalado (TAE, medida por um método não invasivo, é efetiva no monitoramento de pacientes com asma não controlada. MÉTODOS: Estudo piloto com nove pacientes (sete mulheres e dois homens; média de idade: 39 anos com diagnóstico de asma por pelo menos um ano e sem uso de tratamento de manutenção por pelo menos três meses antes do início do estudo. Na primeira visita, os pacientes foram submetidos à espirometria e à medida da TAE. Todos os pacientes foram orientados a iniciar tratamento com budesonida/formoterol (200/6 µg inalatório a cada 12 h por seis semanas. Além disso, os pacientes com asma grave (VEF1 OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether the exhaled breath temperature (EBT, measured by a noninvasive method, is an effective means of monitoring patients with uncontrolled asthma. METHODS: A pilot study comprising nine patients (seven women and two men; mean age: 39 years diagnosed with asthma at least one year prior to the beginning of the study and not having been under maintenance therapy for the last three months. In the first visit, the patients underwent spirometry and measurement of EBT. The patients were then instructed to use inhaled budesonide/formoterol (200/6 µg every 12 h for six weeks. In addition, the patients with severe asthma (FEV1 < 60% of predicted were instructed to use oral prednisolone (40 mg/day for five days. After six weeks, the patients underwent the same tests. RESULTS: All of the patients reported an improvement in the symptoms of asthma, as confirmed by a statistically significant increase in FEV1 from the first to the second visit (mean, 56.1% vs. 88.7% of predicted; p < 0.05. Five patients used oral prednisolone for the first five days of the treatment period. Six patients used additional doses of inhaled budesonide/formoterol (mean duration, 2.5 weeks. The EBT decreased significantly from the first to the second visit (mean EBT: 35.1ºC vs. 34.1ºC; p < 0

  6. Profilaxia da peste

    Renato dos Santos Araújo


    Full Text Available O autor parte da premissa de que a profilaxia da doença infecciosa decorre do encadeamento epidemiológico: fonte de infecção-veículo transmissor - receptivel, para explicar a da peste, baseada no mesmo princípio. Depois de citar os 4 principais complexos epidemiológicos da peste e afirmar que tôda a profilaxia da doença consiste em atingir os dois primeiros elos dessas cadeias e proteger o último, passa a classificar os vários métodos profiláticos empregados em 2 grandes grupos: o das medidas destrutivas ou provisórias e o das medidas supressivas ou definitivas. Entre as primeiras arrola a desratização e a despulização, às quais acrescenta o tratamento e isolamento do doente e do portaãor, e entre as segundas inclui a anti-ratização e a imunização. A seguir, passa a explicar em que consistem essas várias medidas profiláticas e quais os agentes de que se tem lançado mão para executá-las, expendendo ao curso dessa exposição o conceito que formula a respeito de cada uma delas, à guisa de apreciação do seu valor relativo. Enaltece sobretudo as medidas supressivas ou definitivas, às quais empresta a maior significação na luta antipestosa, chamando a atenção, em especial, para a necessidade de estudos imunológicos para aperfeiçoamento do poder imunitário das vacinas de germes vivos avirulentos, que considera um grande recurso para a profilaxia da doença, sobretudo para a proteção do rurícola, cujo labor e modo de vida o expõem inevitavelmente a se infectar, por ocasião da ocorrência de epizootias de origem silvestre. Concluída essa primeira parte, passa a fazer o histórico de como se desenvolveu a campanha contra a peste, no Brasil, desde a época da sua invasão em 1899 pelo pôrto de Santos até os nossos dias. Nesse histórico, detem-se um pouco para expôr a atuação do extinto Serviço Nacional de Peste, o qual, criado em 1941, após a reorganização do Departamento Nacional de Saúde, passou

  7. Estudo preliminar do potencial cariogênico de preparações doces da merenda escolar através do pH da saliva Preliminary study of cariogenic potential of sweet school meal preparations through saliva pH

    Cristiane Pinheiro Lázaro


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se determinar a curva de pH da saliva após o consumo de preparações doces, relacionar as variáveis teor de glicídios e pH, e discutir dados sobre o uso de preparações doces na merenda escolar do município de Niterói, RJ, com diferentes teores de glicídios e diferentes consistências, com crianças em idade pré-escolar e escolar, atendidas no Departamento de Odontologia Clínica da Faculdade de Odontologia da Universidade Federal Fluminense. Para os testes, foram selecionadas 52 crianças eutróficas, sadias, sem uso de medicamentos que alterassem o fluxo e a composição da saliva e com baixo e alto risco de cárie. Neste grupo, 54% apresentavam idade de 7 a 10 anos. Foi medido o pH da saliva, com fitas indicadoras, antes e após o consumo destas preparações, em um intervalo de 10, 20, 40 e 60 minutos. O tratamento estatístico foi realizado através do "software" Epi Info e foram realizados os testes de Qui-Quadrado e "t" de Student. Nenhuma das curvas de pH da saliva, para todas as preparações testadas e grupos de risco atingiram valor de pH considerado crítico (5,3 - 5,5. As curvas de pH médio da saliva, para todas as preparações testadas, oscilaram em valores de pH mais elevados para o grupo de baixo risco de cárie e em valores mais baixos para o grupo de alto risco de cárie. As curvas de pH médio da saliva do grupo de baixo risco demonstraram queda mais lenta e recuperação mais tardia, enquanto que no grupo de alto risco a queda e a recuperação do pH foram mais imediatas. A consistência das preparações foi preponderante sobre o teor de glicídios. Recomenda-se que o planejamento da merenda escolar leve em consideração o efeito da consistência das preparações doces servidas.The aim of this study was to establish the saliva pH curve in response to sweet foods, with different carbohydrate rates and different consistencies, frequently found in the school meal program in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro




    Full Text Available Estudou-se a influência de diferentes larguras de faixas de controle de plantas daninhas sobre a altura, o número de racemos e a produção de grãos da mamoneira (Ricinus communis L. var. IAC-80, objetivando-se determinar a área vegetada entre as linhas de plantio. Os experimentos foram desenvolvidos em Adamantina, na Estação Experimental de Agronomia da Alta Paulista do Instituto Agronômico (IAC, nos anos agrícolas 1989/90, 1990/91 e 1991/92. O delineamento estatístico adotado foi o de blocos ao acaso com quatro repetições e oito tratamentos. Os tratamentos consistiram em faixas com 0,0; 0,5; 1,0; 1,5; 2,0; 2,5 e 3,0 m de largura capinadas ao longo da linha de plantio e mantidas sempre livres de plantas daninhas; além dessas, mateve-se uma faixa de 1,0 m de largura e mesmo procedimento, na qual a comunidade infestante das entrelinhas era roçada manual- mente sempre que a altura média de 0,3 m era atingida. Concluiu-se que faixas de capina menores do que 1,0 m aplicadas sobre a linha de plantio da cultura diminuíram a produção de grãos, o número de racemos e a altura da mamoneira.Three experiments were carried out in Adamantina at the Experimental Station of Agronomy of Alta Paulista, Instituto Agronômico (IAC, State of São Paulo, Brazil, on a Dark Red Latosol during 1989-1992, in order to study the effects of different row widths covered by weeds on the yield, height and number of racemes of IAC-80 castor bean cultivar. Hoed rows of 0.0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 m wide were studied. An extra treatment had the entire plot covered with weeds mantained at 0.3 m height. The row space used was 3.0 x 1.0 m and the plots were 9.0 x 5.0 m. The experiment was set in a randomized complete block design with four replications. Hoeing row width of 1.0 m or less reduced raceme emission, plant height and seed yields.

  9. Study of Cesium and Strontium sorption in Brazilian clays for their use as a barrier in repositories of radioactive wastes; Estudo de sorcao de cesio e estroncio em argilas nacionais para sua utilizacao como barreira em repositorios de rejeitos radioativos

    Freire, Carolina Braccini


    Wastes in general should be properly treated and stored. Then the radioactive wastes also require suitable and safe management beginning in their generation until the storage in repository. The main purpose of the radioactive waste management is to preserve the human beings and the environment. The objective of this research was to characterize some Brazilian clays in order to evaluate the viability of their use in the backfill layer, one of the radioactive waste repository barriers. The main function of this barrier is to contribute in the delay of the radionuclides movement, and to prevent their release into the environment. Four clays provided by national suppliers were selected for the research: Ca-Montmorillonite (Dol 01), Na-Montmorillonite (Dol 02), Kaolinite (Ind 01) and Vermiculite (Ubm 04). Their physical, chemical and mineralogical characteristics were determined, and also their sorption potential of Cesium and Strontium cations. It was confirmed through these results a direct relationship among their specific surface (SS), the capacity of cationic exchange (CCE) and pH. The CCE results followed this increasing order: Ind 01, Dol 01, and Dol 02. In accordance with the models of Freundlich (KJ) and Langmuir (M), the clays Dol 01 and Dol 02 were the best sorbers of Sr{sup 2+}. The Ind 01 and Ubm 04 were the best ones in the case of Cs{sup +}. The Gibbs free energy change ({delta}G deg) was calculated for the sorption reactions between the clays and the cations, and it was negative for all clays, confirming the sorption reaction spontaneity. (author)

  10. Using of gas for water heating at buildings - study on technical and economical viability; Utilizacao de gas para aquecimento de agua em instalacoes prediais - estudo de viabilidade tecnica e economica

    Fossa, Alberto Jose [MDJ Assessoria e Engenharia Consultiva, Santo Amaro, SP (Brazil)]. E-mail:; Chaguri, Jose Jorge [Caltherm Sistemas de Aquecimento, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)]. E-mail:; Santos, Edmilson Moutinho dos [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Eletrotecnica e Energia]. E-mail:


    The recent discovery of significant Brazilian's natural gas reserves has been opened a discussion concerning public procedures in order to incentive development of gas industry thru delivery of this energetic to the end consumer. Concerning this figure, a significant quantity of uses has been questioned related economical viability. This paper comes to analyze the possibility to change electrical energy for natural gas on heating water systems used on residential installations. Concerns about economical impact of alternative adopted on locals where public regulations are been established to incentive natural gas end uses. (author)

  11. Identification of demand characteristics in the production of sires using a conceptual model of quality function deployment: a case study Determinação das características da demanda para produção de touros por meio de um modelo conceitual de desdobramento da função qualidade: um estudo de caso

    Adriano Garcia Rosado Júnior


    Full Text Available The objective of this study is to identify demands of customers of a sire-producing company in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, by using a methodology adapted from quality function deployment tool. The adaptation consisted on the fact that matrices are treated in an unified manner among product and services due to the high perception of inter-relationship among these business components. The results evidenced that clients priorize traits related to the product, especially genetic value of the bulls. Service items were also highlighted, and they may be presented as an opportunity of differentiation among suppliers. Customer profile influenced priority order inasmuch as farmers with no technical services prioritized performance traits over genetic traits, opposing to those who were assisted and to technical consultants. Concerning to farm size, there were changes only in the tertiary level of the priority order of the demands. The adaptation of the methodology for joint analysis interfered in the results, especially in service prioritization. This study contributed to formatting a model for using quality function deployment in sire production, helping to identify quality demands and its priority levels for the population and researched company, and it may be used in further studies on the product beef sires.Este trabalho foi realizado com o objetivo de identificar as demandas dos clientes de uma empresa produtora de touros de corte no Rio Grande do Sul por meio de uma metodologia adaptada da ferramenta desdobramento da função qualidade. A adaptação consistiu no fato de que as matrizes são tratadas de forma unificada entre o produto e os serviços, devido à percepção do elevado nível de inter-relacionamento entre esses componentes no negócio. Os resultados evidenciaram que os clientes priorizam as características relacionadas ao produto, especialmente o valor genético dos touros. Os itens de serviços também se destacaram, podendo configurar

  12. A study on the applicability of Recommender Systems for the Production and Distributed Analysis system PanDA of the ATLAS Experiment

    Titov, Mikhail; The ATLAS collaboration; De, Kaushik; Klimentov, Alexei


    Scientific computing has advanced in a way of how to deal with massive amounts of data, since the production capacities have increased significantly for the last decades. Most large science experiments require vast computing and data storage resources in order to provide results or predictions based on the data obtained. For scientific distributed computing systems with hundreds of petabytes of data and thousands of users it is important to keep track not just of how data is distributed in the system, but also of individual user's interests in the distributed data (reveal implicit interconnection between user and data objects). This however requires the collection and use of specific statistics such as correlations between data distribution, the mechanics of data distribution, and mainly user preferences. This work focuses on user activities (specifically, data usages) and interests in such a distributed computing system, namely PanDA (Production ANd Distributed Analysis system). PanDA is a high-performance w...

  13. A study of the applicability of recommender systems for the Production and Distributed Analysis system PanDA of the ATLAS Experiment

    Titov, Mikhail; The ATLAS collaboration


    Scientific computing has advanced in a way of how to deal with massive amounts of data, since the production capacities have increased significantly for the last decades. Most large science experiments require vast computing and data storage resources in order to provide results or predictions based on the data obtained. For scientific distributed computing systems with hundreds of petabytes of data and thousands of users it is important to keep track not just of how data is distributed in the system, but also of individual user's interests in the distributed data (reveal implicit interconnection between user and data objects). This however requires the collection and use of specific statistics such as correlations between data distribution, the mechanics of data distribution, and mainly user preferences. This work focuses on user activities (specifically, data usages) and interests in such a distributed computing system, namely PanDA (Production ANd Distributed Analysis system). PanDA is a high-performance w...

  14. Reflexões sobre as abordagens linguísticas para o estudo da narrativa oral = Reflections on linguistic approaches to the study of oral narrative

    Flannery, Mércia Regina de Santana


    Full Text Available Dada a ubiquidade do discurso narrativo e suas propriedades textuais, seu estudo permite a análise de várias relações, tanto no espaço criado pelo(s narrador(es no mundo da estória, quanto no universo das relações entre os participantes do evento onde emerge. Esta atenção à narrativa tem fomentado, na linguística moderna, várias abordagens e metodologias. Este artigo propõe uma reflexão teórica a cerca dos tratamentos linguísticos que têm sido propostos para se estudar a narrativa, recapitulando desde o então inovador trabalho de Labov e Waletzky (1967, a sociolinguística interacional e a análise da conversa, à atual abordagem das ‘pequenas estórias’ (Georgakopoulou, 2007

  15. [A Study on the quotations in the Wu xing da yi (The Gist of Five Phases) cited from Nei jing (Inner Canon)].

    Wang, Zheng-Shan; Zhang, Qi-Cheng


    In the Wu xing da yi (The Gist of Five Phases), written by Xiao Ji of the Sui Dynasty, there were 9 quotations cited from Huang di nei jing (Inner Canon of Huangdi). By comparison with current version of Huang di nei jing, most of the descriptions are similar, yet still with some differences, such as yin-yang nature of the five zang visceras, the liver being the root of "pi ji", the spleen being the root of "cang lin" etc. Wu xing da yi epitomizes the books about yin-yang and five phases before the Sui Dynasty, while Xiao Ji's quotations from Huang di nei jing interpreted from the views of yin-yang and five phases, are different from the annotations of later ages.

  16. Vitamina C, carotenoides, fenólicos totais e atividade antioxidante de goiaba, manga e mamão procedentes da Ceasa do Estado de Minas Gerais = Vitamin C, carotenoids, phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of guava, mango and papaya from Ceasa of Minas Gerais State

    Daniela da Silva Oliveira


    Full Text Available Este estudo teve como objetivo analisar o conteudo de compostos antioxidantes (acido ascorbico - AA, acido desidroascorbico - ADA, vitamina C total, licopeno, £]-caroteno, £]-criptoxantina e estimativa de compostos fenolicos e avaliar a atividade antioxidante, em goiaba, manga e mamao. A analise de carotenoides e vitamina C foi realizada por Cromatografia Liquida de Alta Eficiencia (CLAE. O teor de fenolicos totais foi determinado utilizando o reagente de Folin-Ciocalteu e leitura espectrofotometrica. A atividade antioxidante foi avaliada pelo Teste do 2,2-diphenil-2-picril-hidrazil (DPPH¡E e do Poder Redutor. A Anova (ƒÑ = 0,05 foi utilizada para a analise dos dados. Os teores dos constituintes antioxidantes diferiram entre as tres frutas, mas a goiaba foi a fruta que apresentou teores mais elevados de compostos fenolicos, vitamina C total, ADA e licopeno, alem dos maiores valores para atividade antioxidante. Foi constatada forte correlacao entre os testes que avaliaram a atividade antioxidante e o teor de fenolicos totais, demonstrando serem estes os principais compostos antioxidantes a contribuirem para a atividade antioxidante das frutas analisadas, em ambos os testes. E importante incentivar a utilizacao das frutas avaliadas neste estudo, tanto em nivel domestico quanto em estabelecimentos de alimentacao coletiva para aumentar o consumo de antioxidantes naturais pela populacao.This study aimed to analyze the content of antioxidant compounds (ascorbic acid - AA, dehydroascorbic acid - DHA, total vitamin C, lycopene, £]-carotene, £]-cryptoxanthin and phenolic compounds and to evaluate the antioxidant activity in guava, mango and papaya.The analysis of carotenoids and vitamin C was performed by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC. The content of phenolic compounds was determined using the Folin-Ciocalteu reagent and spectrophotometric reading. Antioxidant activity was evaluated by testing the 2.2-diphenyl-2-picryl

  17. Estudo micrometeorológico com cenouras (var. nantes I- Influência da temperatura do ar Micrometebeologic study with carrots (var. nantes. I- Influence of air temperature

    Orivaldo Brunini


    Full Text Available Analisou-se o efeito da temperatura do ar sobre o desenvolvimento de cenouras (var. Nantes, cultivadas em latossolo roxo sob quatro condições: com cobertura de plástico sobre a cultura em solo nu; sem cobertura de plástico sobre a cultura e solo com cobertura morta; com cobertura de plástico sobre a cultura e solo com cobertura morta; e sem cobertura de plástico sobre a cultura e solo nu. O tratamento com cobertura de plástico e solo eom cobertura morta foi o que apresentou maior produtividade, além de diminuir o ciclo da cultura. As variações térmicas mostraram-se correlacionadas com o tipo de cobertura a que esteve sujeita a cultura, sendo que o tratamento com cobertura de plástico e solo com cobertura morta apresentou maiores valores da temperatura do ar, e o tratamento sem cobertura conservando o solo nu apresentou menores valores da temperatura do ar.The effect of air temperature on the development of carrots (var. nantes was analysed under four conditions: with polyethylene cover over the crops, and bare soil: without polyethylene cover over the crop, and soil with mulch; with polyethylene cover over the crops, and mulch; and without polyethylene cover over the crop, and bare soil. The treatment with polyethylene cover over the crop and soil with mulch increased the yields and shortened the maturity date. The thermal variations of air were correlated with the type of mulch, and the yields were correlated with air temperature too.

  18. Dependência da prática de exercícios físicos: estudo com maratonistas brasileiros Exercise dependence: a study with Brazilian marathon runners

    Daniel Alves Rosa


    Full Text Available O presente estudo teve como objetivo testar, numa amostra de maratonistas brasileiros, a versão em português da adaptação da Escala de Dependência de Corrida proposta por Hailey e Bailey (1982. Métodos e resultados:59 maratonistas de uma equipe da cidade de São Paulo foram abordados e orientados a preencher a Escala de Dependência de Corrida (EDC. A amostra foi composta, na sua maior parte, por homens (72% com média de 34 ± 7 anos, sendo que 77% corriam habitualmente havia cerca de dois a oito anos; 42,5% corriam de quatro a cinco vezes/semana e 81% dedicavam-se de uma a duas horas/dia em média para seus treinos. A média na pontuação total da EDC foi de 5 ± 2,5 pontos (escala 0-14 pontos. A correlação entre a pontuação total da EDC com cada uma das 23 questões que compõem o instrumento revelou que 10 questões apresentaram níveis de correlação significativos. As respostas positivas que apresentaram maior sensibilidade foram: "Sinto que me falta algo quando não corro" (r = 0,61; "A corrida tem influenciado meu estilo de vida" (r = 0,58 e "Experimento grande prazer quando corro" (r = 0,56. Conclusão: Observamos na amostra brasileira níveis médios de pontuação na escala semelhantes aos descritos pelos autores do instrumento original, sugerindo que a tradução não alterou a sensibilidade da escala e que este instrumento possa ser útil no estudo da dependência da prática de corrida (ou exercícios físicos em desportistas brasileiros.This study aimed at testing, in a sample of Brazilian marathon runners, the Brazilian adaptation of the Negative Addiction Scale (Haley & Bailey, 1982. Methods: 59 marathon runners of a team from São Paulo were asked to fill out the Brazilian version of the Negative Addiction Scale. Most of the sample was made up by men (72% aged 34 ± 7; 77% of whom had been running four to five times a week (42.5% for two to eight years; 81% spent one to two hours a day training. The average score in

  19. Introdução ao estudo da migração internacional na Amazônia Introduction to the study of international migration in the Amazon

    Luis E Aragón


    Full Text Available Apesar da importância que a migração internacional alcançou na mídia e na academia no mundo inteiro, existem somente uns poucos estudos esparsos sobre a migração internacional na Amazônia. Como se apresenta o processo de migração internacional na Amazônia e qual é a sua importância nos destinos da região? Este artigo busca se aproximar da resposta a essa pergunta. O texto sintetiza resultados de investigações recentes realizadas pelo Grupo de Pesquisa Meio Ambiente, População e Desenvolvimento da Amazônia (MAPAZ, do Núcleo de Altos Estudos Amazônicos (NAEA da Universidade Federal do Pará. Primeiramente, destaca-se a dificuldade de se definir a Amazônia; posteriormente, são apresentadas algumas considerações sobre a migração internacional em nível da Grande Região, agregando os migrantes acumulados nas respectivas Amazônias nacionais, conforme os censos de população de cada país; e, finalmente, trata-se essa problemática no caso da Amazônia brasileira, destacando os países de nascimento e a distribuição espacial dos migrantes na Amazônia Legal. Na Amazônia, os padrões e as tendências discutidas aqui se tornarão mais dinâmicos e complexos em função do andamento de políticas de desenvolvimento na busca da integração regional e econômica.Despite the importance that international migration has attained in the media and academia worldwide, there are only a few scattered studies on international migration in the Amazon. How is the process of international migration presented in the Amazon and what is its importance in the destiny of the region? This article is an initial approach to that question. The text summarizes results of recent research conducted by the Research Group on Environment, Population and Development in the Amazon (MAPAZ of the Center for Advanced Amazonian Studies (NAEA of the Federal University of Pará. First, it discusses the difficulty of defining the Amazon, then some

  20. Estudo da viscosidade aparente das polpas de manga (Keitt e abacaxi (Pérola Study of aparent viscosity of mango (Keitt and pineapple (Pérola pulps

    Daniela Helena PELEGRINE


    Full Text Available Neste trabalho foram determinadas experimentalmente, em reômetro rotacional de placas paralelas PQ45 da marca Haake Rotovisco RV-20, o comportamento reológico das polpas integrais e centrifugadas de manga (variedade Keitt e abacaxi (variedade Pérola à temperatura de 30° C. Aos reogramas foi ajustado o modelo reológico de Mizrahi-Berk (M-B, utilizando as medidas da taxa de deformação e tensão de cisalhamento. Os resultados foram apresentados na forma de razão entre viscosidades aparentes (integral/centrifugada em função da taxa de deformação. Esses resultados mostraram o efeito dos sólidos suspensos sobre o comportamento reológico de cada polpa.In this work, it was determined, experimentally, the rheological behavior of mango (Keitt and pineapple (Perola pulps, whole and centrifuged, in a Haake Rotovisco RV-20 rheometer with parallel plates PQ45, at 30° C. On the rheograms it was adjusted the Mizrahi-Berk (M-B model, using the shear rate and shear stress. The results were presented as a ratio between the apparent viscosities (whole/centrifuged with shear rate. This results showed the relative effect of suspended solids on the rheological behavior of each pulp.

  1. Between anthropology and medicine: an analysis of the anthropological studies of Álvaro Fróes da Fonseca in the 1920s and 1930s

    Adriana Tavares do Amaral Martins Keuller


    Full Text Available The physician and anthropologist Álvaro Fróes da Fonseca lived in several cities in Brazil during his career in the first half of the 20th century. He worked in the chair of Medical-Surgical Anatomy at the Faculties of Medicine of Porto Alegre, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro. As an anthropologist, he held activities at the Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro and, in the 1960s, at the Instituto de Antropologia Tropical of the Faculty of Medicine in Recife. In this article, I intend to recover the contributions of Fróes da Fonseca on anthropology, analyzing some of his research developed at the Laboratory of Anthropology of the Museu Nacional and others published in the journal of this institution between the 1920s and 1930s. During this period, he brought together scientists, developed and directed several works on physical anthropology and the 'anthropological types', focusing on developing methods and patterns of racial classification, i.e., on producing concepts and techniques to guide anthropological practice. He refuted the scientific racism of the period, so the research conducted by Fróes da Fonseca reflected on the 'race problem' and the issue of miscegenation in favor of Brazil's future.

  2. Tratamento artroscópico da instabilidade anterior do ombro: estudo retrospectivo de 159 casos Anterior instability of the shoulder: retrospective study on 159 cases

    Arnaldo Amado Ferreira Neto


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Análise dos resultados de 159 pacientes com instabilidade anterior do ombro submetidos ao tratamento artroscópico de janeiro de 2001 a dezembro de 2005. MÉTODOS: Estudo retrospectivo de prontuários com dados completos. RESULTADOS: Em 108 pacientes notou-se a lesão de Bankart e em 62 pacientes a lesão do tipo SLAP estava presente. Utilizou-se em média 2,7 âncoras. Apresentaram complicações 42 casos; 14 tinham dor aos esforços, 12 tinham algum grau de diminuição da rotação externa, 16 apresentaram recidiva. Os pacientes que evoluíram com complicações utilizaram em média 2,5 âncoras, enquanto naqueles sem complicações a média foi de 2,8 (pOBJECTIVE: To analyze the results of 159 patients with anterior instability of the shoulder submitted to arthroscopic treatment from January 2001 to December 2005. METHODS: Retrospective study of complete patient records. RESULTS: In 108 patients the Bankart lesion was found, while in 62 patients, SLAP type lesions were found. An average of 2.7 anchors was used. 42 cases presented complications; 14 had pain on effort, 12 had some degree of reduction of external rotation, and 16 had recorrence. The patients who developed complications used an average of 2.5 anchors, while those without complications used an average of 2.8 anchors (p<0.05. Of the 35 patients with anterior glenoid bone lesion, 8 had recorrence, while of the 124 patients without fractures, 8 had recorrence (p<0.05. Of the 113 patients with first-time traumatic dislocations, 12 developed limitation of external rotation, while in 46 atraumatic cases none developed limitation (p<0.05. Of the patients with SLAP lesion, 11 developed pain, while in the cases without this lesion, only 3 presented pain (p<0.05. CONCLUSION: There were more recurrences (deveria ser plural e recurrences, nao recurrence in cases of anterior glenoid bone lesion. Post-operative pain was more frequent when the lesion type was SLAP. Limitation of

  3. Estudo morfométrico da terapia LED de baixa potência em tendinite de ratos Morphometric study of low power LED therapy tendonitis in rats

    José Mário Nunes da Silva


    Full Text Available A terapia LED de baixa potência possui efeitos analgésico e antiinflamatório. O objetivo desse estudo foi analisar a ação da terapia com LED de baixa potência na reparação tendínea por meio de histologia e histomorfometria. Foram usados 25 ratos Wistar, de 220 a 250 g, divididos em três grupos experimentais avaliados no 7º e 14º dia: A, tendinite induzida sem tratamento; B, tendinite induzida tratada com LED de baixa potência, densidade de energia 4 J/cm² por 120 segundos; e C, sem indução de tendinite. A histomorfometria mostrou-se altamente significativa (p0,05. As análises histológica e histomorfométrica demonstraram qualitativo e quantitativo aumento no número de fibroblastos aos sete dias de tratamento, e das fibras colágenas, aos 14 dias, para grupo tratado com LED de baixa potência em relação ao grupo sadio (C. O mesmo não foi percebido quando relacionado ao grupo tendinite (A14.The low power LED therapy has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The objective of this study was to analyze the action of therapy with low power LED on the tendon repair, using histology and histomorphometry. Were used 25 Wistar rats, with 220 to 250 g, divided into three experimental groups (7 and 14 days: A7 and A14 induced tendonitis without treatment; B7 and B14, induced tendinitis treated with LED low power density energy 4 J /cm² for 120 seconds; and C, without induction of tendinitis. Histomorphometry was highly significant (p 0.05. Histology and histomorphometry analysis demonstrated qualitative and quantitative increase in the number of fibroblasts to seven days of treatment, and collagen fibers at 14 days for the group treated with LED low power compared to the healthy group (C. But it is unclear even when related to the tendinitis group (A14.

  4. Recent advances in the study of biocorrosion: an overview Avanços recentes no estudo da biocorrosão: uma revisão

    Iwona B. Beech


    Full Text Available Biocorrosion processes at metal surfaces are associated with microorganisms, or the products of their metabolic activities including enzymes, exopolymers, organic and inorganic acids, as well as volatile compounds such as ammonia or hydrogen sulfide. These can affect cathodic and/or anodic reactions, thus altering electrochemistry at the biofilm/metal interface. Various mechanisms of biocorrosion, reflecting the variety of physiological activities carried out by different types of microorganisms, are identified and recent insights into these mechanisms reviewed. Many modern investigations have centered on the microbially-influenced corrosion of ferrous and copper alloys and particular microorganisms of interest have been the sulfate-reducing bacteria and metal (especially manganese-depositing bacteria. The importance of microbial consortia and the role of extracellular polymeric substances in biocorrosion are emphasized. The contribution to the study of biocorrosion of modern analytical techniques, such as atomic force microscopy, Auger electron, X-ray photoelectron and Mössbauer spectroscopy, attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and microsensors, is discussed.Processos de biocorrosão na superfície de metais são associados com microrganismos ou com os seus produtos metabólicos, tais como: enzimas, exopolímeros, ácidos orgânicos e inorgânicos, e compostos voláteis como amônio ou sulfeto de hidrogênio. Todos estes produtos podem afetar reações catódicas e/ou anódicas, alterando processos eletroquímicos na interface biofilme/metal. Esta revisão discute diversos mecanismos de biocorrosão causados pelos diferentes atividades fisiológicas associadas com microrganismos e os conhecimentos mais recentes. Estudos modernos da corrosão microbiologicamente influenciada focalizam problemas em ligas de ferro e de cobre. Microrganismos especialmente enfocados são as bactérias redutoras de sulfato e bact

  5. Tontura em idosos da comunidade: estudo de base populacional Dizziness in community-dewelling older adults: a population-based study

    Suzana Albuquerque de Moraes


    Full Text Available A queixa de tontura é comum em idosos. OBJETIVO: Identificar a prevalência de tontura e os fatores associados em uma amostra de idosos que vivem na comunidade. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Estudo de coorte histórica prospectivo, com idosos de 65 anos ou mais. Foi utilizado um inquérito multidimensional e uma bateria de testes físico-funcionais. RESULTADOS: A prevalência de tontura foi de 45%. A tontura giratória foi relatada por 70,4% dos idosos e 43,8% disseram já ter tido crises vertiginosas em algum momento da vida. Houve associação significativa entre queixa de tontura e gênero feminino (p=0,004, relato de dificuldade de memória (p=0,015, má percepção de saúde (p=0,001, depressão (pDizziness is a common complaint among older adults. AIM: To identify the prevalence of dizziness and its related factors in a sample of community-dwelling older adults. METHODS: A prospective population-based study with a representative sample of older adults aged 65 years and over. A multidimensional questionnaire and a battery of measures were used for assessing physical function. RESULTS: The prevalence of dizziness was 45%. Vertigo was found in 70.4% of older adults with dizziness and 43.8% of them referred vertigo crises along life. A significant association was found between dizziness and female gender (p=0.004, memory difficulties complaints (p=0.015, bad health perception (p=0.001, depression (p<0.0001, five or more comorbidities (p=0.021, self-reported fatigue (p<0.0001, recurrent falls (p=0.001, excessive sleepiness (p=0.003, fear of falling (p<0.0001, left leg unipedal stance (p=0.002 and Short Performance Physical Battery score (p=0.009. CONCLUSION: Dizziness is a common complaint among older adults and it is associated with limiting clinical conditions, such as depression, fatigue, excessive sleepiness and impaired memory. It is highlighted the association between dizziness and recurrent falls, fear of falling and lower performance in physical

  6. Avaliação qualitativa da implantação de práticas da produção enxuta: estudo de caso em uma fábrica de máquinas agrícolas Qualitative assessment of the implementation of lean production practices: a case study in a heavy machinery manufacturer

    Tarcisio Abreu Saurin


    Full Text Available Embora a maturidade de um sistema de produção enxuta (PE esteja associada principalmente à absorção dos princípios enxutos pela cultura organizacional, a avaliação de práticas operacionais associadas à PE fornece indícios acerca da implantação desse sistema. Este artigo apresenta uma avaliação qualitativa da implantação de práticas da PE em uma fábrica de máquinas agrícolas, a qual desde 2001 vem adotando a PE como filosofia de produção. A avaliação foi realizada na linha de montagem de colheitadeiras, usando quatro fontes de evidências: observação direta; entrevistas com 15 gerentes e supervisores; entrevistas com 30 operadores; análise de documentos relativos ao sistema de PE. Essas evidências permitiram o preenchimento de uma lista de verificação com 88 itens distribuídos ao longo de 12 típicas práticas da PE. Apesar das limitações da abordagem qualitativa utilizada (por exemplo, subjetividade na atribuição de níveis de desempenho a cada prática, foi possível identificar pontos fortes e fracos do sistema existente na empresa. Além disso, o estudo de caso também indicou diretrizes para o aperfeiçoamento dos métodos existentes de avaliação de implantação da PE.Even though the maturity of lean production (LP systems is mostly associated with the integration of lean principles into the organizational culture, the assessment of shop-floor practices associated with LP provides an overview of how lean a company is. In this context, this study presents a qualitative assessment of the implementation of LP practices in a heavy machinery manufacturer that has been adopting LP as its production philosophy since 2001. The assessment was undertaken in the harvesters assembly line based on four sources of evidence: direct observation; interviews with fifteen managers and supervisors; interviews with thirty operatives; and analysis of documents related to the LP system. Those evidences were a basis for

  7. Ampliação da técnica violonística de mão esquerda: um estudo sobre a pestana Extended left-hand guitar technique: a study on the barré

    Bruno Madeira


    Full Text Available A técnica instrumental é um elemento da performance musical em constantes reformulações. Com o objetivo principal de estender a técnica violonística da pestana, o presente artigo foi dividido em três partes: (1 conceituações gerais sobre técnica instrumental; (2 a partir de métodos instrumentais dos últimos quatrocentos anos, um breve histórico da pestana foi delineado com o objetivo de recolher informações técnicas sobre sua realização, (3 sugestões e exemplificações de procedimentos não usuais de pestana (com dedos diferentes do indicador, de falange, bisagra e cruzada, encontrados de forma muito resumida na escassa bibliografia sobre o assunto e cuja aplicabilidade é verificada no repertório.Instrumental technique is an element of musical performance in constant reformulation. With the main objective of expanding the guitar technique of barring, this study was divided into three parts: (1 general concepts about instrumental technique; (2 from instrumental methods of the past four hundred years, a brief history of the barré was outlined in order to collect technical information about its realization, (3 suggestions and examples of unusual barring procedures (with different fingers, phalanx barré, hinge barré, crossed barré, found in the scarce bibliography and which applicability is verified in the repertoire.

  8. Estudo etnográfico da satisfação do usuário do Programa de Saúde da Família (PSF na Bahia Ethnography study about user satisfaction of Family Health Program in Bahia

    Leny Alves Bomfim Trad


    Full Text Available O presente estudo consiste em uma avaliação qualitativa de satisfação de usuários em áreas cobertas pelo Programa de Saúde da Família/PSF, situadas em cinco municípios da Bahia. Foram consideradas nesta avaliação as seguintes dimensões: cognitiva, relacional, organizacional e profissional; vistas também sob o ponto de vista das equipes de saúde da família. Tendo em vista as críticas apontadas pela literatura quanto às limitações metodológicas em estudos que avaliam a satisfação de usuários, notadamente vieses ligados à desejabilidade social ou à redução do processo subjetivo de avaliação a respostas do tipo sim/não em questionários fechados, privilegiamos neste caso estratégias metodológicas de cunho etnográfico. A partir da técnica de grupos focais, os usuários expressaram sua percepção sobre o programa e os serviços oferecidos pelas equipes, ao tempo que revelavam suas necessidades e expectativas de satisfação das mesmas.The present study consists of a qualitative evaluation of user satisfaction in the areas covered by the Family Health Program, which are located within five municipalities of Salvador (Bahia, Brazil. During the evaluation, the following dimensions were taken into account: cognitive, relational, organizational and professional; the family health teams' point of view was also considered. Owing to criticism directed in the literature towards the methodological limitations of studies undertaking to evaluate user satisfaction, in particular biases linked to social expectations or to the reduction of the subjective process of evaluation through yes/no-type answers to sets of closed questions, we favored in this case methodological strategies that bear the hallmark of ethnography. Through the focal groups technique, the users have been able to express their perception of the program and of the services offered by the teams while they were disclosing their needs and the satisfactions they

  9. Ruptura do ligamento cruzado em cães: estudo retrospectivo da reconstituição com fascia lata Managment of cruciate ligament rupture in dogs: a retrospective study fascia lata autograft

    Paulo Iamaguti


    Full Text Available Trata-se de um estudo retrospectivo de 35 casos de ruptura de ligamento cruzado atendidos pelo Serviço de Cirurgia de Pequenos Animais da FMVZ-UNESP-Campus de Botucatu, no período janeiro de 1991 a junho de 1997. Os cães foram submetidos à técnica de PAATSAMA (1952, modificada para reconstituição do ligamento cruzado, que consistiu na passagem do retalho de fascia lata através da articulação do joelho e fixação no côndilo medial da tíbia e epicôndilo medial do fêmur. Pelos resultados obtidos, concluiu-se que esta técnica permite boa estabilização das superfícies articulares, com trans e pós operatório sem complicações, e permite recuperação completa da capacidade funcional do membro afetado.This is a retrospectivo study of 35 cases of cruciate ligament rupture, submitted to Small Animal Surgery Service at FMVZ - UNESP - Compus de Botucatu, from January, 1991 to June, 1997. The dogs underwent a modifica techniquefor reconstitution of the cruciate ligament. A flap of fascia lata was placed through the stifle joint andfixed at the medial condyle ofthe tíbia and the medial condyle of the femur. Results showed that this technique was simple and satisfactory, with no trans and post operative complications. The dogs totally recovered the function of the limbs in ali cases submitted to surgery.

  10. Gerenciamento estratégico da informação por meio da utilização da inteligência competitiva e da gestão do conhecimento: um estudo aplicado à indústria moveleira do RS Strategic Management of Information through the use of competitive intelligence and knowledge management: a study applied to the furniture industry in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

    Carlos Eduardo Roehe Reginato


    Full Text Available Com a concorrência no cenário mundial cada vez mais acirrada, para que as empresas se tornem competitivas, existe a necessidade de conhecer e entender as mudanças que ocorrem em um ambiente globalizado. Ambiente este, que não se restringe apenas ao ambiente externo, mas também ao ambiente interno à organização. As empresas devem definir claramente, quais são suas estratégias quanto à informação, para que possam buscar, assim, melhor posicionamento de mercado. Este trabalho apresenta os resultados de um estudo exploratório, sobre a gestão estratégica da informação aplicada à indústria moveleira da região de Bento Gonçalves do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul. Os resultados alcançados identificam as características das empresas quanto à coleta, difusão e sistematização da informação e apresentam como estão sendo utilizadas a gestão do conhecimento e a inteligência competitiva.In other to become competitive in the current context of fierce global competition, companies need to recognize and understand the changes that occur in a globalized environment, which involves both the external and the organization's internal environment. Companies should clearly define their information strategies in order to achieve better market position. This paper presents the results of an exploratory research on strategic information management applied to the furniture industry in the region of Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul State. The results obtained show characteristics of companies in terms of information collection, dissemination, and systematization and indicate how knowledge management and competitive intelligence are being used by them.

  11. Morfologia da megacariocitopoiese esplênica em coelhos da raça Nova Zelândia Branco, no final da gestação e pós-natal - DOI: 10.4025/actascianimsci.v25i1.2126 Morphological study of splenic megakaryocytopoiesis in White New Zealand rabbits in the end of gestation and postnatal period - DOI: 10.4025/actascianimsci.v25i1.2126

    Luciana Nakaghi Ganeco


    Full Text Available Estudou-se a megacariocitopoiese esplênica em coelhos da raça Nova Zelândia Branco, na fase fetal e pós-natal. Coletou-se o baço no 28o dia fetal e no 4o, 8o, 12o, 28o, 56o e 84o dia pós-natal. As células megacariocíticas apresentaram, morfologicamente, citoplasma que se alternou de escasso à abundante, variando de levemente basófilo à acidófilo com núcleos grandes, avermelhados, irregulares e cromatina variável, alternando-se de frouxa a densa. O número de nucléolos visíveis variou na dependência do padrão cromatínico, e evidenciaram atividade e seqüência megacariocitopoiética por todo o período estudado, pela presença de células maduras no 28o dia de vida fetal e no 84o dia do período pós-natal. Individualizaram-se, seqüencialmente, por megacarioblasto, promegacariócito, megacariócito cariocinético, megacariócito e metamegacariócito. Concluiu-se que a megacariocitopoiese esplênica, em coelhos, produziu plaquetas pela presença do ambiente estimulador da hemocitopoiese ou, mais especificamente, do microambiente indutor da megacariocitopoiese e trombocitopoiese.Splenic megakaryocytopoiesis was studied in White New Zealand rabbits in the fetal and postnatal phase. The spleen was collected at the 28th fetal day and at 4th, 8th, 12th, 28th, 56th and 84th days after birth. Morphologically, the megakaryocytic cells presented cytoplasm scarce to abundant, lightly basophilc to acidophilic, with large nucleus, reddish and irregular and variable amounts of chromatin loose to dense; the visible number of nucleoli varied depending on the chromatin pattern. It was evidenced megakaryocytopoietic activity and sequence all over the period of the study, by the presence of mature cells, in the 28th day of fetal life and in the 84th day of postnatal, presupposing a subsequent platelets production. It was individualized, sequentially, by megakaryoblast, promegakaryocyte, caryokinetic megakaryocyte, megakaryocite and

  12. Parâmetros diretos do duplex scan no diagnóstico da estenose da artéria renal: estudo de validação e otimização dos pontos de corte Direct duplex scanning parameters in the diagnosis of renal artery stenosis: a study to validate and optimize cut-off points

    Carla Motta Cardoso


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Testar o desempenho dos parâmetros diretos do duplex scan no diagnóstico da estenose da artéria renal (EAR e verificar se os pontos de corte recomendados pela literatura são os mais adequados para se discriminar a gravidade da lesão. MÉTODOS: Estudo prospectivo, incluindo 62 pacientes portadores de EAR, submetidos ao duplex scan, seguido da arteriografia seletiva. O pico de velocidade sistólico (PVS e a relação renal-aorta (RRA foram mensurados. A análise estatística incluiu a curva ROC (receiver operating characteristic curve, t test student não pareado a sensibilidade, especificidade, os valores preditivos positivo e negativo, e a acurácia. RESULTADOS: A arteriografia revelou EAR 0-59% em 31 artérias (24%; EAR 60-99% em 91 artérias (72% e 5 oclusões (4%. A análise de ROC mostrou que o PVS e a RRA apresentaram desempenho semelhante na detecção da lesão, cujas áreas sob as curvas foram 0,96 e 0,95, respectivamente. Considerando os pontos de corte recomendados pela literatura, o PVS de 180 cm/s apresentou sensibilidade de 100% e especificidade de 81%, enquanto que a RRA de 3,5 apresentou sensibilidade de somente 79%, com 93% de especificidade. Estes parâmetros foram analisados de forma conjugada (critério direto, revelando 79% de sensibilidade e 97% de especificidade. Os pontos de corte otimizados foram: PVS de 189 cm/s e RRA de 2,6, demonstrando 100%, 87%, 96% e 87% de sensibilidade e especificidade para o PVS e para a RRA, respectivamente. CONCLUSÃO: O uso isolado do PVS otimizado apresentou o melhor desempenho na detecção e na graduação da EAR.OBJECTIVE: To test the efficiency of the direct duplex scanning parameters in the diagnosis of renal artery stenosis (RAS, and verify whether or not the cut-off points recommended by medical literature are the most appropriate means to distinguish lesion severity. METHODS: Prospective study, including 62 patients with RAS, submitted to a duplex ultrasound scan and

  13. Contribuição ao estudo da desertificação na Bacia do Taperoá Contribution to study of desertification in the Taperoá Basin

    Bartolomeu I. de Souza


    Full Text Available O fenômeno da desertificação na região semi-árida do Nordeste do Brasil é estudado a partir da análise de variáveis representativas do clima, vegetação, solos e aspectos socioeconômicos na bacia hidrográfica do Taperoá, no Estado da Paraíba - Brasil. As séries temporais da precipitação anual de 32 pluviômetros foram examinadas e um mapa de tendência da pluviosidade anual foi traçado. As variáveis mencionadas acima são estimadas para os municípios de São João do Cariri e Cabaceiras, respectivamente. Os resultados mostram, de modo diferenciado para os dois municípios, a susceptibilidade à desertificação. No primeiro município, todas as variáveis analisadas contribuem para afirmar que um processo bastante significativo de desertificação está em curso, inclusive associado a uma diminuição das precipitações anuais.The phenomenon of desertification in the semi-arid region of Northeast Brazil is studied from the analysis of some variables representative of climate, vegetation, soils and some economic and social aspects in the Taperoá Basin in the State of Paraíba, Brazil. Annual rainfall data from 32 rain gauges was treated by temporal series analysis and a trend map was drawn. All the above listed variables were estimated for São João do Cariri and Cabaceiras districts. Results show a diferent mode of susceptibility to desertification for both districts, especifically, in the São João do Cariri district, all the variables treated in this study contributed to the occurrence of a desertification process including a negative trend in annual rainfall.

  14. The influence of cigarette smoke inhalation on bone density: a radiographic study in rats Influência da fumaça de cigarro na densidade óssea: estudo radiográfico em ratos

    João Batista César-Neto


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of cigarette smoke inhalation (CSI and its cessation on tibiae bone quality. Forty-one male Wistar rats were randomly assigned to one of the following groups: Group 1 - control (n = 14, Group 2 - 3 months of CSI and 2 months without exposure to CSI (n = 12, and Group 3 - 5 months of CSI (n = 15. At the end of the experimental period, the animals were sacrificed, the tibiae removed and immediately radiographed for photodensitometric analysis. The results showed that continuous exposure to cigarette smoke promoted a significantly reduced bone density (p 0.05. Thus, within the limits of the present study, it can be concluded that CSI may affect tibiae bone quality, and CSI cessation results in a return towards the level of the control group.O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a influência da inalação da fumaça de cigarro (IFC e o efeito de sua interrupção na qualidade óssea da tíbia. Quarenta e um ratos Wistar machos foram aleatoriamente designados a um dos seguintes grupos: Grupo 1 - controle (n = 14, Grupo 2 - 3 meses de IFC e 2 meses sem exposição à fumaça (n = 12 e Grupo 3 - 5 meses de IFC (n = 15. Ao final do período experimental, os animais foram sacrificados, as tíbias removidas e imediatamente radiografadas para a análise fotodensitométrica. Os resultados mostraram que a exposição contínua à fumaça de cigarro promoveu uma significante redução na densidade óssea (p 0,05. Portanto, dentro dos limites do presente estudo, pode-se concluir que a IFC pode influenciar a qualidade óssea da tíbia e que a interrupção da inalação parece reverter esse efeito negativo resultando numa densidade óssea semelhante à do grupo controle.

  15. Resultados da reabilitação neuropsicológica em paciente com doença de Alzheimer leve Results of neuropsychological rehabilitation in patient with mild Alzheimer's disease - A case study

    Renata Ávila


    Full Text Available Tradicionalmente sempre houve mais grupos de suporte e informação para familiares e cuidadores de pacientes com doença de Alzheimer (DA do que para os próprios pacientes. Entretanto, com o aumento do número de diagnósticos de DA em sua fase inicial, esta realidade está se modificando. Cresce a demanda por tratamento tanto medicamentoso como comportamental para esses pacientes. O presente trabalho tem como objetivo descrever uma experiência de reabilitação neuropsicológica (RN em grupo, e posteriormente individual, com a mesma paciente com DA leve. CGP participou primeiramente de dois grupos de RN com duração de quatro meses cada, e em seguida iniciou RN individual por um período de 22 meses. Na RN foram trabalhados principalmente déficits de memória, linguagem e treinos de atividades de vida diária. Neste período de tratamento, verificou-se alteração positiva de seu escore no MEEM, além de nenhuma função cognitiva ter apresentado deterioração. Este estudo de caso corroborou pesquisas anteriores que apontam efeitos positivos da RN com pacientes com DA leve.Traditionally, Alzheimer's support and information groups have been developed for families and caregivers rather than for the actual patient. However, this reality is changing because of the increase in early AD diagnosis. The demand for medication and behavioral treatment for patients is also increasing. The purpose of this case report is to describe the neuropsychological rehabilitation (NR of a mild AD patient in group and in individual sessions. First, CGP took part in two NR groups each for a 4 month period, and then started individual NR sessions for a 22 month period. In the sessions, memory and language abilities were the focus of the NR as well as the activities of daily living. During this period it was possible to observe positive changes in MMSE score, as will as preservation of other cognitive function scores. This single case study is in agreement of

  16. Estudo da variação da concentração de metano no biogás produzido a partir das águas residuárias do café A study on the variation of methane concentration in biogas produced from coffee wastewater

    Marco Antônio Calil Prado


    Full Text Available A água residuária do café (ARC, originada no processamento dos frutos do cafeeiro, produz quantidade considerável de biogás que pode e deve ser utilizado como fonte de energia alternativa e complementar. Neste trabalho, foi estudada a variação da concentração de metano do biogás produzido a partir das ARC, por tratamento anaeróbio, em reator UASB, em escala laboratorial. As amostras foram coletadas durante 86 dias. As análises da concentração de metano foram realizadas por cromatografia gás-sólido (CGS. A produção de biogás e de metano, foi de 0,545 a 0,602 m³ kg-1DQO removida e de 0,382 a 0,421 m³ kg-1 DQO removida, respectivamente. Os resultados da concentração de metano no biogás variaram de 48,60 a 68,14 %, influenciados pela variação dos parâmetros temperatura, pH, acidez e compostos fenólicos presentes nas ARC. Como havia sido previsto, as maiores concentrações de metano foram verificadas nos períodos em que o pH estava mais próximo da neutralidade.The wastewater produced from wet coffee processing (WCP, originated from the coffee fruits, can produce great quantities of biogas, which, in turn, can be also used as an alternative or complementary energy source. In this research, we studied the variation of methane concentration produced by WCP in a laboratory-scale UASB reactor with anaerobic treatment. The samples were collected during a period of 86 days. The methane concentration was measured through gas solid chromatography (GSC. The production of biogas and methane ranged from 0.545 to 0.602 m³ kg-1DQO removed and from 0.382 a 0.421 m³ kg-1 DQO removed, respectively. Methane presence in the biogas ranged from 48.60% to 68.14 %. This variation was influenced by the following parameters: temperature, pH, acidity, and phenol compounds present in the WCP. As expected, greater concentrations of methane gas were verified during the periods when the pH close to neutral.

  17. Efeito da duração da amamentação exclusiva e mista sobre os níveis de hemoglobina nos primeiros seis meses de vida: um estudo de seguimento Effect of length of exclusive breastfeeding and mixed feeding on hemoglobin levels in the first six months of life: a follow-up study

    Andréa Silva de Oliveira


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar o efeito da duração da amamentação exclusiva e mista sobre os níveis de hemoglobina de lactentes. Trata-se de um estudo de seguimento com seis meses de duração, envolvendo 150 crianças nascidas na maternidade de Mutuípe, Bahia, Brasil. Mensalmente, as crianças eram submetidas ao exame de sangue para avaliação dos níveis de hemoglobina e realizava-se coleta de dados de consumo alimentar. Foram obtidos, ainda, dados obstétricos e sócio-econômicos. Utilizou-se o modelo linear de efeitos mistos para investigar as associações de interesse. Ao final do seguimento, a perda amostral foi de 15,3%, e detectou-se uma prevalência de 71,7% de anemia. Constatou-se um incremento de 0,091g/dL nos níveis de hemoglobina a cada mês de duração de aleitamento materno exclusivo (p = 0,031, enquanto, a cada mês de duração de aleitamento materno misto, os níveis de hemoglobina declinaram em 0,097g/dL (p = 0,017. Concluiu-se que as práticas alimentares inadequadas parecem estar diretamente envolvidas na etiologia da deficiência nutricional de ferro nesse período da vida.This six-month follow-up study aimed to assessing the effect of length of both exclusive breastfeeding and mixed feeding on hemoglobin levels in 150 infants born at the Mutuípe maternity facility in Bahia State, Brazil. Blood tests were performed monthly to assess the hemoglobin levels, at which time data were gathered on food intake. Obstetric and socioeconomic data were also collected. The linear mixed effects model was used to investigate the target associations. Loss to follow-up was 15.3%, and anemia prevalence was 71.7%. An increase of 0.091g/dL (p = 0.031 in hemoglobin levels was found for each month of exclusive breastfeeding, while a decrease of 0.097g/dL (p = 0.017 was shown for each month of mixed feeding. In conclusion, inadequate food practices appear to be directly involved in the etiology of iron deficiency anemia during

  18. Estudo da rede de co-autoria e da interdisciplinaridade na produção científica com base nos métodos de análise de redes sociais: avaliação do caso do programa de pós-graduação em ciência da informação - PPGCI / UFMG Study of co-authorship in the nets and the interdisciplinarity in the scientific production on the basis of social network analysis methods: evaluation of the posgraduation program in information science - PPGCI / UFMG

    Antonio Braz de Oliveira e Silva


    Full Text Available Este artigo apresenta a Análise de Redes Sociais (ARS como um método a ser aplicado em estudos na Ciência da Informação (CI. Esta é, normalmente, apresentada como uma área do conhecimento interdisciplinar, mas as diferentes linhas de pesquisa existentes nos Programas de Pós-Graduação no Brasil recebem influências de diferentes áreas do conhecimento, ou seja, possuem diferenças em suas interdisciplinaridades. A aplicação da ARS no estudo da rede de co-autoria dos professores do PPGCI/UFMG permite tanto a apresentação do método como a obtenção de resultados empíricos para alimentar a discussão sobre a CI. As redes de colaboração entre os professores refletem, em tese, a participação em programas de pesquisa da área. A colaboração entre professores das diferentes linhas se relaciona com a integração das diferentes interdisciplinaridades que elas apresentam. O texto dá uma visão geral da ARS e apresenta estudos da área, destacando-se a análise de redes de co-autoria. Em seguida, se descreve a metodologia da pesquisa e os principais resultados obtidos da ARS.This paper discusses the Social Network Analysis (SNA as a method to be broadly applied in researches in the Information Scienc (IS field. This science is, normally, presented as an interdisciplinary filed, but the reseaches lines conducted in Brazil have differents relationship with other disciplines, and doing so, dis-similars interdisciplinaries characteristics. The analysis of the co-authorship network of the professors of the PPGCI/UFMG emphasizes both, the strenght of the methodology and the characteristics of the colaboration in the IS. The article gives an overview of the theoretical basis of the SNA, and presents studies about subjects related to the Information Science field that are done applying SNA, mainly the co-authorship network analysis. Finally, the methodological approach of this research and the main results are presented.

  19. Perspectiva relacional no estudo do processo de trabalho em saúde: contribuição para uma nova abordagem a partir do estudo da prática do nutricionista no campo da alimentação institucional A relational perspective in the study of the work process in health: a contribution to a new approach starting from the study of the practice of the nutritionist in the area of institutional nutrition

    Solange V. Viana


    Full Text Available Como parte da revisão teórico-conceitual para o estudo da prática do nutricionista em um Complexo Industrial, desenvolve-se uma discussão sobre o modo como vem sendo abordada a noção de processo de trabalho e os limites de tais abordagens. O estudo parte da crítica ao enfoque marxista clássico, passa por Braverman e chega a autores que vêm se destacando por recentes contribuições à teoria do processo de trabalho, a exemplo de Littler, Thompson, Knights, Edwards e Burawoy. A partir das referidas contribuições, a prática do nutricionista coloca-se sob o prisma das Políticas de Produção e das Relações de Gênero, numa abordagem "casada", as quais, do ponto de vista analítico, buscam complementar-se. Conclui-se com um quadro de referências, que busca, através da finalidade da prática do nutricionista nestas indústrias, relativizar tanto a independência do sujeito profissional, quanto o determinismo estrutural presente na literatura sobre o tema em nosso meio.As part of the theoretical-conceptual review for a study of the practice of the nutritionist in an Industrial Complex, a discussion on the ways in which the notion of the work process has been dealt with and limits of such approaches were carried out. The study goes from a criticism of the classical marxist line, through Braverman and ends up with those authors who have stood out recently for their contributions to the theory of the work process, for example, Littler, Thompson, Knights, Edwards and Burawoy. Using these contributions as starting point, the nutritionist's practice is examined from both the standpoints of the Production and the Gender Relatioships in a combined approach which, from the analytic point of view, try to complement each other. The study is concluded with a frame of reference the searchs through the nutritionist's practice meaning at industries to relativized both the independence of the professional subject and the structural determinism as it

  20. da Zehirlenmeleri

    Necati Akbulut


    Full Text Available Gıda Teknolojisinin gelişmesi ile, gıda maddesinin tüketici için daha alımlı olmasını sağlamak, kısa zamanda bozulmasını engellemek ve pazara yeni çeşitler sunmak için bazı kimyasal maddeler kullanılmaya başlanılmıştır. Bunun yanında tarımda kullanılan kimyasal maddeler artmış, ambalaj sanayi gelişmiş, bu dada maddelerine bulaşan maddelerin türlerini arttırmıştır. Ayrıca gıda maddelerine belirli amacı olmadan katılan maddelerde vardır. Diğer taraftan tüketiciyi aldatmak, hile yapmak, çok kar sağlamak veya kötü kaliteyi gizlemek amacı ile de kullanılan maddeler bulunmaktadır. İster teknik zorunluk, ister hile amacıyla olsun bu tür yabancı maddeler öncelikle insan sağlığını ilgilendirmektedir. Bazı maddelerin vücuda alınması sakıncasız olduğu halde, bazıları sakıncalıdır. Sakıncasız olanlarında belirli bir sınırın üzerinde uzun süre alınmaları zararlı olabilmektedir. Bu toplum sağlığı sorunu birçok ülkeyi gıda sanayiinde kullanılan kimyasal maddelerin hoşgörü sınırlarının hesaplanması noktasına götürmüştür.

  1. Traumatismo da medula espinhal em cães e gatos: estudo prospectivo de 57 casos Spinal cord injuries in dogs and cats: prospective study of 57 cases

    Daniela S. Mendes


    Full Text Available O traumatismo da medula espinhal é uma causa comum de disfunção neurológica em cães e gatos. Lesões nestas espécies ocorrem devido a vários tipos de acidentes, podendo ocasionar sequelas que prejudicam o paciente como animais de estimação ou lesões que comprometam a vida. O objetivo principal deste estudo foi a monitoração intensiva de animais com lesão medular ate