Sample records for stress singularity parameters

  1. Multi-parameter singular Radon transforms

    Stein, Elias M


    The purpose of this announcement is to describe a development given in a series of forthcoming papers by the authors that concern operators of the form \\[ f\\mapsto \\psi(x) \\int f(\\gamma_t(x)) K(t)\\: dt, \\] where $\\gamma_t(x)=\\gamma(t,x)$ is a $C^\\infty$ function defined on a neighborhood of the origin in $(t,x)\\in \\mathbb{R}^N\\times \\mathbb{R}^n$ satisfying $\\gamma_0(x)\\equiv x$, $K(t)$ is a "multi-parameter singular kernel" supported near $t=0$, and $\\psi$ is a cutoff function supported near $x=0$. This note concerns the case when $K$ is a "product kernel". The goal is to give conditions on $\\gamma$ such that the above operator is bounded on $L^p$ for $1parameter" case when $K$ is a Calder\\'on-Zygmund kernel was studied by Christ, Nagel, Stein, and Wainger. The theory here extends these results to the multi-parameter context and also deals effectively with the case when $\\gamma$ is real-analytic.

  2. A Parameter Robust Method for Singularly Perturbed Delay Differential Equations

    Erdogan Fevzi


    Full Text Available Uniform finite difference methods are constructed via nonstandard finite difference methods for the numerical solution of singularly perturbed quasilinear initial value problem for delay differential equations. A numerical method is constructed for this problem which involves the appropriate Bakhvalov meshes on each time subinterval. The method is shown to be uniformly convergent with respect to the perturbation parameter. A numerical example is solved using the presented method, and the computed result is compared with exact solution of the problem.

  3. Constraints on Stress Components at the Internal Singular Point of an Elastic Compound Structure

    Pestrenin, V. M.; Pestrenina, I. V.


    The classical analytical and numerical methods for investigating the stress-strain state (SSS) in the vicinity of a singular point consider the point as a mathematical one (having no linear dimensions). The reliability of the solution obtained by such methods is valid only outside a small vicinity of the singular point, because the macroscopic equations become incorrect and microscopic ones have to be used to describe the SSS in this vicinity. Also, it is impossible to set constraint or to formulate solutions in stress-strain terms for a mathematical point. These problems do not arise if the singular point is identified with the representative volume of material of the structure studied. In authors' opinion, this approach is consistent with the postulates of continuum mechanics. In this case, the formulation of constraints at a singular point and their investigation becomes an independent problem of mechanics for bodies with singularities. This method was used to explore constraints at an internal singular point (representative volume) of a compound wedge and a compound rib. It is shown that, in addition to the constraints given in the classical approach, there are also constraints depending on the macroscopic parameters of constituent materials. These constraints turn the problems of deformable bodies with an internal singular point into nonclassical ones. Combinations of material parameters determine the number of additional constraints and the critical stress state at the singular point. Results of this research can be used in the mechanics of composite materials and fracture mechanics and in studying stress concentrations in composite structural elements.

  4. Singularity of Some Software Reliability Models and Parameter Estimation Method


    According to the principle, “The failure data is the basis of software reliability analysis”, we built a software reliability expert system (SRES) by adopting the artificial intelligence technology. By reasoning out the conclusion from the fitting results of failure data of a software project, the SRES can recommend users “the most suitable model” as a software reliability measurement model. We believe that the SRES can overcome the inconsistency in applications of software reliability models well. We report investigation results of singularity and parameter estimation methods of experimental models in SRES.

  5. Multi-parameter singular Radon transforms III: real analytic surfaces

    Stein, Elias M


    The goal of this paper is to study operators of the form, \\[ Tf(x)= \\psi(x)\\int f(\\gamma_t(x))K(t)\\: dt, \\] where $\\gamma$ is a real analytic function defined on a neighborhood of the origin in $(t,x)\\in \\R^N\\times \\R^n$, satisfying $\\gamma_0(x)\\equiv x$, $\\psi$ is a cutoff function supported near $0\\in \\R^n$, and $K$ is a "multi-parameter singular kernel" supported near $0\\in \\R^N$. A main example is when $K$ is a "product kernel." We also study maximal operators of the form, \\[ \\mathcal{M} f(x) = \\psi(x)\\sup_{0<\\delta_1,..., \\delta_N<<1} \\int_{|t|<1} |f(\\gamma_{\\delta_1 t_1,...,\\delta_N t_N}(x))|\\: dt. \\] We show that $\\mathcal{M}$ is bounded on $L^p$ ($1

  6. Stress singularity in a top of composite wedge with internal functionally graded material

    Victor V. Tikhomirov


    Full Text Available The antiplane problem of the composite wedge consisting of two homogeneous external wedge-shaped areas and an intermediate zone of the interphase is studied. The interphase material is assumed functionally graded. It is shown that the problem in each area is harmonic within the quadratic law of inhomogeneity of the material in the transverse direction. The influence of the interphase on the stress state at the top of the wedge is analyzed. As compared to the ideal contact of external materials, the presence of the interphase leads both to decrease and increase in the singularity exponent. Moreover, the stress asymptotic may have two singular terms for some values of the composite parameters.

  7. On the pressure and stress singularities induced by steady flows of incompressible viscous fluids

    G.B.Sinclair; X.Chi; T.I-P.Shih


    Design for structural integrity requires an appreciation of where stress singularities can occur in structural configurations. While there is a rich literature devoted to the identification of such singular behavior in solid mechanics, to date there has been relatively little explicit identification of stress singularities caused by fluid flows. In this study, stress and pressure singularities induced by steady flows of viscous incompressible fluids are asymptotically identified. This is done by taking advantage of an earlier result that the Navier-Stokes equations are locally governed by Stokes flow in angular corners. Findings for power singularities are confirmed by developing and using an analogy with solid mechanics. This analogy also facilitates the identification of flow-induced log singularities. Both types of singularity are further confirmed for two global configurations by applying convergence-divergence checks to numerical results. Even though these flow-induced stress singularities are analogous to singularities in solid mechanics, they nonetheless render a number of structural configurations singular that were not previously appreciated as such from identifications within solid mechanics alone.



    By two successive linear transformations,a singularly perturbed differential system with two parameters is quasi-diagonalized. The method of variation of constants and the principle of contraction map are used to prove the existence of the transformations.



    A singularly perturbed problem of third order equation with two parameters is studied. Using singular perturbation method, the structure of asymptotic solutions to the problem is discussed under three possible cases of two related small parameters. The results obtained reveal the different structures and limit behaviors of the solutions in three different cases. And in comparison with the exact solutions of the autonomous equation they are relatively perfect.

  10. Dynamic wetting and stress singularity on contact line

    WANG; Xiaodong; (王晓东); PENG; Xiaofeng; (彭晓峰); LEE; Duzhong; (李笃中)


    A theoretical investigation is conducted to understand the contact line movement and associated contact angle phenomena. Contact line is supposed to move on a thin precursor film, and contact line has a velocity and is subject to viscous stress on the film or geometrically on the solid surface. With the introduction of a characteristic parameter, λ′, the movement of contact line and contact angle phenomena are very well described in both physics and mathematics. The viscous shearing stress exerted by liquid on solid surface was derived, and the behavior of dynamic contact angle was recognized on rough solid surfaces. The analyses indicate that characteristic parameter λ′ is dependent upon solid wall intrinsic property and mechanical performance, and is irrelevant to liquid property. Theoretical predictions are in good agreement with available experimental data in literature.

  11. Soft Sensor for Inputs and Parameters Using Nonlinear Singular State Observer in Chemical Processes

    许锋; 汪晔晔; 罗雄麟


    Chemical processes are usually nonlinear singular systems. In this study, a soft sensor using nonlinear singular state observer is established for unknown inputs and uncertain model parameters in chemical processes, which are augmented as state variables. Based on the observability of the singular system, this paper presents a simplified observability criterion under certain conditions for unknown inputs and uncertain model parameters. When the observability is satisfied, the unknown inputs and the uncertain model parameters are estimated online by the soft sensor using augmented nonlinear singular state observer. The riser reactor of fluid catalytic cracking unit is used as an example for analysis and simulation. With the catalyst circulation rate as the only unknown input without model error, one temperature sensor at the riser reactor outlet will ensure the correct estimation for the catalyst cir-culation rate. However, when uncertain model parameters also exist, additional temperature sensors must be used to ensure correct estimation for unknown inputs and uncertain model parameters of chemical processes.

  12. Equivariant singularity theory with distinguished parameters : Two case studies of resonant Hamiltonian systems

    Broer, H.W.; Lunter, G.A.; Vegter, G.


    We consider Hamiltonian systems near equilibrium that can be (formally) reduced to one degree of freedom. Spatiotemporal symmetries play a key role. The planar reduction is studied by equivariant singularity theory with distinguished parameters. The method is illustrated on the conservative spring-p

  13. Positive Solutions for Nonlinear Singular Differential Systems Involving Parameter on the Half-Line

    Lishan Liu


    Full Text Available By using the upper-lower solutions method and the fixed-point theorem on cone in a special space, we study the singular boundary value problem for systems of nonlinear second-order differential equations involving two parameters on the half-line. Some results for the existence, nonexistence and multiplicity of positive solutions for the problem are obtained.



    A class of singularly perturbed boundary value problems for nonlinear equation of the third order with two parameters is considered. Under suitable conditions, using the theory of differential inequalities the existence and asymptotic behavior of the solution for boundary value problem are studied.

  15. Rate-and-State Southern California Earthquake Forecasts: Resolving Stress Singularities

    Strader, A. E.; Jackson, D. D.


    In previous studies, we pseudo-prospectively evaluated time-dependent Coulomb stress earthquake forecasts, based on rate-and-state friction (Toda and Enescu, 2011 and Dieterich, 1996), against an ETAS null hypothesis (Zhuang et al., 2002). At the 95% confidence interval, we found that the stress-based forecast failed to outperform the ETAS forecast during the first eight weeks following the 10/16/1999 Hector Mine earthquake, in both earthquake number and spatial distribution. The rate-and-state forecast was most effective in forecasting far-field events (earthquakes occurring at least 50km away from modeled active faults). Near active faults, where most aftershocks occurred, stress singularities arising from modeled fault section boundaries obscured the Coulomb stress field. In addition to yielding physically unrealistic stress quantities, the stress singularities arising from the slip model often failed to indicate potential fault asperity locations inferred from aftershock distributions. Here, we test the effects of these stress singularities on the rate-and-state forecast's effectiveness, as well as mitigate stress uncertainties near active faults. We decrease the area significantly impacted by stress singularities by increasing the number of fault patches and introducing tapered slip at fault section boundaries, representing displacement as a high-resolution step function. Using recent seismicity distributions to relocate fault asperities, we also invert seismicity for a fault displacement model with higher resolution than the original slip distribution, where areas of positive static Coulomb stress change coincide with earthquake locations.

  16. A singular one-parameter family of solutions in cubic superstring field theory

    Arroyo, E. Aldo


    Performing a gauge transformation of a simple identity-like solution of superstring field theory, we construct a one-parameter family of solutions, and by evaluating the energy associated to this family, we show that for most of the values of the parameter the solution represents the tachyon vacuum, except for two isolated singular points where the solution becomes the perturbative vacuum and the half brane solution.


    Simona Cristina Nartea


    Full Text Available A particular Lotka-Volterra system with two parameters describingthe dynamics of two competing species is analyzed from the algebraicviewpoint. This study involves the invariants and the comitants of the system determinated by the application of the affine transformations group. First, the conditions for the existence of four (different or equal finite singularities for the general system are proofed, then is studied the particular case.

  18. An improved solution of local window parameters setting for local singularity analysis based on Excel VBA batch processing technology

    Zhang, Daojun; Cheng, Qiuming; Agterberg, Frits; Chen, Zhijun


    In this paper Excel VBA is used for batch calculation in Local Singularity Analysis (LSA), which is for the information extracting from different kinds of geoscience data. Capabilities and advantages of a new module called Batch Tool for Local Singularity Index Mapping (BTLSIM) are: (1) batch production of series of local singularity maps with different settings of local window size, shape and orientation parameters; (2) local parameter optimization based on statistical tests; and (3) provision of extra output layers describing how spatial changes induced by parameter optimization are related to spatial structure of the original input layers.

  19. Filtering and parameter estimation of surface-NMR data using singular spectrum analysis

    Ghanati, Reza; Kazem Hafizi, Mohammad; Mahmoudvand, Rahim; Fallahsafari, Mahdi


    Ambient electromagnetic interferences at the site of investigation often degrade the signal quality of the Surface-NMR measurements leading to inaccurate estimation of the signal parameters. This paper proposes a new powerful de-noising method based on singular spectrum analysis (SSA), which is a nonparametric method for analyzing time series. SSA is a relatively simple method and can be understood using basic algebra notations. Singular value decomposition (SVD) plays a crucial role in SSA. As the length of recordings increases, the computational time required for computing SVD raises which restricts the usage of SSA in long-term time series. In order to overcome this drawback, we propose a randomized version of the singular value decomposition to accelerate the decomposition step of the algorithm. To evaluate the performance of the proposed strategy, the method is tested on synthetic signals corrupted by both simulated noise (including Gaussian white noise, spiky events and harmonic noise) and real noise recordings obtained from surface-NMR field surveys and a real data set. Our results show that the proposed algorithm can enhance the signal to noise ratio significantly, and gives an improvement in estimation of the surface-NMR signal parameters.

  20. Robust stability analysis of singular linear system with delay and parameter uncertainty

    Renxin ZHONG; Zhi YANG


    This paper deals with the problem of robust stability for continuous-time singular systems with state delay and parameter uncertainty.The uncertain singular systems with delay considered in this paper are assumed to be regular and impulse free.By decomposing the systems into slow and fast subsystems,a robust delay-dependent asymptotic stability criteria based on linear matrix inequality is proposed,which is derived by using Lyapunov-Krasovskii functionals,neither model transformation nor bounding for cross terms is required in the derivation of our delay-dependent result.The robust delay-dependent stability criterion proposed in this paper is a sufficient condition.Finally,numerical examples and Matlab simulation are provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

  1. Noise reduction for modal parameters estimation using algorithm of solving partially described inverse singular value problem

    Bao, Xingxian; Cao, Aixia; Zhang, Jing


    Modal parameters estimation plays an important role for structural health monitoring. Accurately estimating the modal parameters of structures is more challenging as the measured vibration response signals are contaminated with noise. This study develops a mathematical algorithm of solving the partially described inverse singular value problem (PDISVP) combined with the complex exponential (CE) method to estimate the modal parameters. The PDISVP solving method is to reconstruct an L2-norm optimized (filtered) data matrix from the measured (noisy) data matrix, when the prescribed data constraints are one or several sets of singular triplets of the matrix. The measured data matrix is Hankel structured, which is constructed based on the measured impulse response function (IRF). The reconstructed matrix must maintain the Hankel structure, and be lowered in rank as well. Once the filtered IRF is obtained, the CE method can be applied to extract the modal parameters. Two physical experiments, including a steel cantilever beam with 10 accelerometers mounted, and a steel plate with 30 accelerometers mounted, excited by an impulsive load, respectively, are investigated to test the applicability of the proposed scheme. In addition, the consistency diagram is proposed to exam the agreement among the modal parameters estimated from those different accelerometers. Results indicate that the PDISVP-CE method can significantly remove noise from measured signals and accurately estimate the modal frequencies and damping ratios.

  2. On a 3-D singularity element for computation of combined mode stress intensities

    Atluri, S. N.; Kathiresan, K.


    A special three-dimensional singularity element is developed for the computation of combined modes 1, 2, and 3 stress intensity factors, which vary along an arbitrarily curved crack front in three dimensional linear elastic fracture problems. The finite element method is based on a displacement-hybrid finite element model, based on a modified variational principle of potential energy, with arbitrary element interior displacements, interelement boundary displacements, and element boundary tractions as variables. The special crack-front element used in this analysis contains the square root singularity in strains and stresses, where the stress-intensity factors K(1), K(2), and K(3) are quadratically variable along the crack front and are solved directly along with the unknown nodal displacements.

  3. Analysis of singular interface stresses in dissimilar material joints for plasma facing components

    You, J. H.; Bolt, H.


    Duplex joint structures are typical material combinations for the actively cooled plasma facing components of fusion devices. The structural integrity under the incident heat loads from the plasma is one of the most crucial issues in the technology of these components. The most critical domain in a duplex joint component is the free surface edge of the bond interface between heterogeneous materials. This is due to the fact that the thermal stress usually shows a singular intensification in this region. If the plasma facing armour tile consists of a brittle material, the existence of the stress singularity can be a direct cause of failure. The present work introduces a comprehensive analytical tool to estimate the impact of the stress singularity for duplex PFC design and quantifies the relative stress intensification in various materials joints by use of a model formulated by Munz and Yang. Several candidate material combinations of plasma facing armour and metallic heat sink are analysed and the results are compared with each other.

  4. Multi-parameter singular Radon transforms I: the $L^2$ theory

    Street, Brian


    The purpose of this paper is to study the $L^2$ boundedness of operators of the form \\[ f\\mapsto \\psi(x) \\int f(\\gamma_t(x)) K(t) dt, \\] where $\\gamma_t(x)$ is a $C^\\infty$ function defined on a neighborhood of the origin in $(t,x)\\in \\R^N\\times \\R^n$, satisfying $\\gamma_0(x)\\equiv x$, $\\psi$ is a $C^\\infty$ cutoff function supported on a small neighborhood of $0\\in \\R^n$, and $K$ is a ``multi-parameter singular kernel'' supported on a small neighborhood of $0\\in \\R^N$. The goal is, given an appropriate class of kernels $K$, to give conditions on $\\gamma$ such that every operator of the above form is bounded on $L^2$. The case when $K$ is a Calder\\'on-Zygmund kernel was studied by Christ, Nagel, Stein, and Wainger; we generalize their conditions to the case when $K$ has a ``multi-parameter'' structure. For example, when $K$ is given by a ``product kernel.'' Even when $K$ is a Calder\\'on-Zygmund kernel, our methods yield some new results. This is the first paper in a three part series, the later two of which a...

  5. Multi-parameter singular Radon transforms II: the L^p theory

    Stein, Elias M


    The purpose of this paper is to study the $L^p$ boundedness of operators of the form \\[ f\\mapsto \\psi(x) \\int f(\\gamma_t(x))K(t)\\: dt, \\] where $\\gamma_t(x)$ is a $C^\\infty$ function defined on a neighborhood of the origin in $(t,x)\\in \\R^N\\times \\R^n$, satisfying $\\gamma_0(x)\\equiv x$, $\\psi$ is a $C^\\infty$ cutoff function supported on a small neighborhood of $0\\in \\R^n$, and $K$ is a "multi-parameter singular kernel" supported on a small neighborhood of $0\\in \\R^N$. We also study associated maximal operators. The goal is, given an appropriate class of kernels $K$, to give conditions on $\\gamma$ such that every operator of the above form is bounded on $L^p$ ($1

  6. Different singularities in the functions of extended kinetic theory at the origin of the yield stress in granular flow

    Berzi, D.; Vescovi, Dalila


    We use previous results from discrete element simulations of simple shear flows of rigid, identical spheres in the collisional regime to show that the volume fractiondependence of the stresses is singular at the shear rigidity. Here, we identify the shear rigidity, which is a decreasing function of

  7. Singularities in gravitational collapse with radial pressure

    Gonçalves, S M C V; Goncalves, Sergio M. C. V.; Jhingan, Sanjay


    We analyze spherical dust collapse with non-vanishing radial pressure, $\\Pi$, and vanishing tangential stresses. Considering a barotropic equation of state, $\\Pi=\\gamma\\rho$, we obtain an analytical solution in closed form---which is exact for $\\gamma=-1,0$, and approximate otherwise---near the center of symmetry (where the curvature singularity forms). We study the formation, visibility, and curvature strength of singularities in the resulting spacetime. We find that visible, Tipler strong singularities can develop from generic initial data. Radial pressure alters the spectrum of possible endstates for collapse, increasing the parameter space region that contains no visible singularities, but cannot by itself prevent the formation of visible singularities for sufficiently low values of the energy density. Known results from pressureless dust are recovered in the $\\gamma=0$ limit.

  8. Efficient determination of the critical parameters and the statistical quantities for Klein-Gordon and sine-Gordon equations with a singular potential using generalized polynomial chaos methods

    Chakraborty, Debananda


    We consider the Klein-Gordon and sine-Gordon type equations with a point-like potential, which describes the wave phenomenon in disordered media with a defect. The singular potential term yields a critical phenomenon--that is, the solution behavior around the critical parameter value bifurcates into two extreme cases. Pinpointing the critical value with arbitrary accuracy is even more challenging. In this work, we adopt the generalized polynomial chaos (gPC) method to determine the critical values and the mean solutions around such values. First, we consider the critical value associated with the strength of the singular potential for the Klein-Gordon equation. We expand the solution in the random variable associated with the parameter. The obtained partial differential equations are solved using the Chebyshev collocation method. Due to the existence of the singularity, the Gibbs phenomenon appears in the solution, yielding a slow convergence of the numerically computed critical value. To deal with the singul...

  9. Singular Sturm-Liouville problems whose coefficients depend rationally on the eigenvalue parameter

    Hassi, Seppo; Moller, M; de Snoo, H


    Let -Domega((.), z)D + q be a differential operator in L-2(0, infinity) whose leading coefficient contains the eigenvalue parameter z. For the case that omega((.), z) has the particular form omega(t, z) = p(t) + c(t)(2)/(z - r (t)), z is an element of C \\ R, and the coefficient functions satisfy cer

  10. Do naked singularities form?

    Vaz, C; Vaz, Cenalo; Witten, Louis


    A naked singularity is formed by the collapse of a Sine-Gordon soliton in 1+1 dimensional dilaton gravity with a negative cosmological constant. We examine the quantum stress tensor resulting from the formation of the singularity. Consistent boundary conditions require that the incoming soliton is accompanied by a flux of incoming radiation across past null infinity, but neglecting the back reaction of the spacetime leads to the absurd conclusion that the total energy entering the system by the time the observer is able to receive information from the singularity is infinite. We conclude that the back reaction must prevent the formation of the naked singularity.

  11. Towards ambulatory mental stress measurement from physiological parameters

    Wijsman, J.L.P; Vullers, Ruud; Polito, Salvatore; Agell, Carlos; Penders, Julien; Hermens, Hermanus J.

    Ambulatory mental stress monitoring requires longterm physiological measurements. This paper presents a data collection protocol for ambulatory recording of physiological parameters for stress measurement purposes. We present a wearable sensor system for ambulatory recording of ECG, EMG, respiration

  12. Towards ambulatory mental stress measurement from physiological parameters

    Wijsman, Jacqueline; Vullers, Ruud; Polito, Salvatore; Agell, Carlos; Penders, Julien; Hermens, Hermie


    Ambulatory mental stress monitoring requires longterm physiological measurements. This paper presents a data collection protocol for ambulatory recording of physiological parameters for stress measurement purposes. We present a wearable sensor system for ambulatory recording of ECG, EMG, respiration

  13. Chaotic processes using the two-parameter derivative with non-singular and non-local kernel: Basic theory and applications.

    Doungmo Goufo, Emile Franc


    After having the issues of singularity and locality addressed recently in mathematical modelling, another question regarding the description of natural phenomena was raised: How influent is the second parameter β of the two-parameter Mittag-Leffler function Eα,β(z), z∈ℂ? To answer this question, we generalize the newly introduced one-parameter derivative with non-singular and non-local kernel [A. Atangana and I. Koca, Chaos, Solitons Fractals 89, 447 (2016); A. Atangana and D. Bealeanu (e-print)] by developing a similar two-parameter derivative with non-singular and non-local kernel based on Eα , β(z). We exploit the Agarwal/Erdelyi higher transcendental functions together with their Laplace transforms to explicitly establish the Laplace transform's expressions of the two-parameter derivatives, necessary for solving related fractional differential equations. Explicit expression of the associated two-parameter fractional integral is also established. Concrete applications are done on atmospheric convection process by using Lorenz non-linear simple system. Existence result for the model is provided and a numerical scheme established. As expected, solutions exhibit chaotic behaviors for α less than 0.55, and this chaos is not interrupted by the impact of β. Rather, this second parameter seems to indirectly squeeze and rotate the solutions, giving an impression of twisting. The whole graphics seem to have completely changed its orientation to a particular direction. This is a great observation that clearly shows the substantial impact of the second parameter of Eα , β(z), certainly opening new doors to modeling with two-parameter derivatives.

  14. Relationship among Parameters Evaluating Stress Corrosion Cracking


    @@The threshold stress, σc, for sulfide stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of seven pipeline steels and five other steels, the critical stress, SC, for seven pipeline steels and two drill rod steels with various strengths and the susceptibility to SCC, IRA or σf(SCC)/σf, for four pipeline steels, two drill rod steels and five other steels were measured. The results showed that there are no definite elationships among σc, SC and IRA or σf(SCC)/σf. The threshold stress for hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) during charging with loading in the H2SO4 solution, σc(H), decreased linearly with logarithm of the concentration of diffusible hydrogen c0, i.e., σC(H)=A-B Inc0 for four pipeline steels. σc(H) obtained with a special cathodic current ic, which was corresponding to the diffusible hydrogen concentration during immersing in the H2S solution, were consistent with σc for sulfide SCC for four pipeline steels.Therefore, σc for sulfide SCC can be measured using dynamically charging in the H2SO4 solution with the special cathodic current ic.

  15. Endocrine stress response in rats subjected to singular orbital puncture while under diethyl-ether anaesthesia

    van Herck, H; Baumans, V; de Boer, S.F.; van der Gugten, J; van Woerkom, A B; Beynen, A C


    In an attempt to assess possible discomfort in rats subjected to orbital puncture while under diethyl-ether anaesthesia, their endocrine stress response was determined. Concentrations of corticosterone, adrenaline and noradrenaline were measured in plasma obtained via a jugular catheter from rats su

  16. Singularities in Speckled Speckle

    Freund, Isaac


    Speckle patterns produced by random optical fields with two (or more) widely different correlation lengths exhibit speckle spots that are themselves highly speckled. Using computer simulations and analytic theory we present results for the point singularities of speckled speckle fields: optical vortices in scalar (one polarization component) fields; C points in vector (two polarization component) fields. In single correlation length fields both types of singularities tend to be more{}-or{}-less uniformly distributed. In contrast, the singularity structure of speckled speckle is anomalous: for some sets of source parameters vortices and C points tend to form widely separated giant clusters, for other parameter sets these singularities tend to form chains that surround large empty regions. The critical point statistics of speckled speckle is also anomalous. In scalar (vector) single correlation length fields phase (azimuthal) extrema are always outnumbered by vortices (C points). In contrast, in speckled speckl...

  17. Hawking's chronology protection conjecture singularity structure of the quantum stress--energy tensor

    Visser, M


    The recent renaissance of wormhole physics has led to a very disturbing observation: If traversable wormholes exist then it appears to be rather easy to to transform such wormholes into time machines. This extremely disturbing state of affairs has lead Hawking to promulgate his chronology protection conjecture. This paper continues a program begun in an earlier paper [Physical Review {\\bf D47}, 554--565 (1993), hepth@xxx/9202090]. An explicit calculation of the vacuum expectation value of the renormalized stress--energy tensor in wormhole spacetimes is presented. Point--splitting techniques are utilized. Particular attention is paid to computation of the Green function [in its Hadamard form], and the structural form of the stress-energy tensor near short closed spacelike geodesics. Detailed comparisons with previous calculations are presented, leading to a pleasingly unified overview of the situation.

  18. Removing Singularities

    Elitzur, Shmuel; Rabinovici, Eliezer; Elitzur, Shmuel; Giveon, Amit; Rabinovici, Eliezer


    Big bang/crunch curvature singularities in exact CFT string backgrounds can be removed by turning on gauge fields. This is described within a family of {SL(2)xSU(2)xU(1)_x}/{U(1)xU(1)} quotient CFTs. Uncharged incoming wavefunctions from the ``whiskers'' of the extended universe can be fully reflected if and only if a big bang/crunch curvature singularity, from which they are scattered, exists. Extended BTZ-like singularities remain as long as U(1)_x is compact.

  19. Cosmological singularity

    Belinski, V


    The talk at international conference in honor of Ya. B. Zeldovich 95th Anniversary, Minsk, Belarus, April 2009. The talk represents a review of the old results and contemporary development on the problem of cosmological singularity.

  20. Dilatonic effects near naked singularities

    Morris, J R


    Static spherically symmetric solutions of 4d Brans-Dicke theory include a set of naked singularity solutions. Dilatonic effects near the naked singularities result in either a shielding or an antishielding effect from intruding massive test particles. One result is that for a portion of the solution parameter space, no communication between the singularity and a distant observer is possible via massive particle exchanges. Kaluza-Klein gravity is considered as a special case.

  1. Using Rényi parameter to improve the predictive power of singular value decomposition entropy on stock market

    Jiang, Jiaqi; Gu, Rongbao


    This paper generalizes the method of traditional singular value decomposition entropy by incorporating orders q of Rényi entropy. We analyze the predictive power of the entropy based on trajectory matrix using Shanghai Composite Index and Dow Jones Index data in both static test and dynamic test. In the static test on SCI, results of global granger causality tests all turn out to be significant regardless of orders selected. But this entropy fails to show much predictability in American stock market. In the dynamic test, we find that the predictive power can be significantly improved in SCI by our generalized method but not in DJI. This suggests that noises and errors affect SCI more frequently than DJI. In the end, results obtained using different length of sliding window also corroborate this finding.

  2. Finite-time singularities in f(R, T) gravity and the effect of conformal anomaly

    Houndjo, M J S; Campos, J P; Piattella, O F


    We investigate $f(R,T)$ gravity models ($R$ is the curvature scalar and $T$ is the trace of the stress-energy tensor of ordinary matter) that are able to reproduce the four known types of future finite-time singularities. We choose a suitable expression for the Hubble parameter in order to realise the cosmic acceleration and we introduce two parameters, $\\alpha$ and $H_s$, which characterise each type of singularity. We address conformal anomaly and we observe that it cannot remove the sudden singularity or the type IV one, but, for some values of $\\alpha$, the big rip and the type III singularity may be avoided. We also find that, even without taking into account conformal anomaly, the big rip and the type III singularity may be removed thanks to the presence of the $T$ contribution of the $f(R,T)$ theory.

  3. Brane-like singularities with no brane

    Yurov, A.V., E-mail: artyom_yurov@mail.r [I. Kant Russian State University, Theoretical Physics Department, Al. Nevsky St. 14, Kaliningrad 236041 (Russian Federation)


    We use a method of linearization to study the emergence of the future cosmological singularity characterized by finite value of the cosmological radius. We uncover such singularities that keep Hubble parameter finite while making all higher derivatives of the scale factor (starting out from the a) diverge as the cosmological singularity is approached. Since such singularities has been obtained before in the brane world model we name them the 'brane-like' singularities. These singularities can occur during the expanding phase in usual Friedmann universe filled with both a self-acting, minimally coupled scalar field and a homogeneous tachyon field. We discover a new type of finite-time, future singularity which is different from type I-IV cosmological singularities in that it has the scale factor, pressure and density finite and nonzero. The generalization of w-singularity is obtained as well.

  4. Decentralized robust guaranteed cost control for a class of interconnected singular large-scale systems with time-delay and parameter uncertainty

    Wo Songlin; Shi Guodong; Zou Yun


    The decentralized robust guaranteed cost control problem is studied for a class ofinterconnected singular large-scale systems with time-delay and norm-bounded time-invariant parameter uncertainty under a given quadratic cost performance function. The problem that is addressed in this study is to design a decentralized robust guaranteed cost state feedback controller such that the closed-loop system is not only regular, impulse-free and stable, but also guarantees an adequate level of performance for all admissible uncertainties. A sufficient condition for the existence of the decentralized robust guaranteed cost state feedback controllers is proposed in terms of a linear matrix inequality (LMI) via LMI approach. When this condition is feasible, the desired state feedback decentralized robust guaranteed cost controller gain matrices can be obtained. Finally, an illustrative example is provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

  5. Influence of Synbiotics on Selected Oxidative Stress Parameters


    The aim of the present study was to assess synbiotic (Lactobacillus casei + inulin) influence on oxidative stress parameters such as concentrations of malondialdehyde (MDA), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), glutathione, and free sulfhydryl groups content. Experiments were carried out on healthy volunteers (n = 32). The subjects were divided into women group (n = 16) and men group (n = 16) and randomly assigned to synbiotic and control groups. Blood samples were collected before synbiotic supplementation and after 7 wks, at the end of the study. The administration of synbiotic resulted in a significant decrease in MDA (p inulin may have positive influence on selected oxidative stress markers. PMID:28286605

  6. Singular Soliton Operators and Indefinite Metrics

    Grinevich, P. G.; Novikov, S. P.


    The singular real second order 1D Schrodinger operators are considered here with such potentials that all local solutions near singularities to the eigenvalue problem are meromorphic for all values of the spectral parameter. All algebro-geometrical or "singular finite-gap" potentials satisfy to this condition. A Spectral Theory is constructed here for the periodic and rapidly decreasing cases in the special classes of functions with singularities and indefinite inner product. It has a finite ...

  7. Restraint stress alters immune parameters and induces oxidative stress in the mouse uterus during embryo implantation.

    Liu, Guanhui; Dong, Yulan; Wang, Zixu; Cao, Jing; Chen, Yaoxing


    The influence of stress on embryo implantation is not well understood. Prior studies have focused on later gestational stages and the long-term impact of stress on immune function. The objective of this study is to investigate the effects of restraint stress on the immune parameters and the oxidative states of the uterus during implantation. In this study, pregnant CD1 mice were subjected to restraint stress (4 h/d) on embryonic day 1 (E1) and sacrificed on E3, E5, and E7. Maternal plasma corticosterone (CORT) secretion and implantation sites in the uterus were examined. The uterine (excluding embryos) homogenate and uterine lymphocytes were collected to examine oxidative stress states and associated immune parameters. The results demonstrated that restraint stress increased maternal plasma CORT secretion and reduced the number of implantation sites by 15.3% on E5 and by 26.1% on E7. Moreover, restraint stress decreased the density of uterine natural killer (uNK) cells in the endometrium by 22.1-47.9% and increased the density of mast cells in the myometrium by 55.6-76.9%. Restraint stress remarkably decreased the CD3(+)CD4(+) T/CD3(+)CD8(+) T cell ratio (by 26.2-28.9%) and attenuated uterine lymphocyte proliferation and secretion of cytokines. In addition, restraint stress threatened the intracellular equilibrium between oxidants and antioxidants, resulting in decreased glutathione peroxidase (GSH-PX) (32.2% and 45.7%), superoxide dismutase (SOD) (15.5% and 26.1%), and total antioxidant capacity (T-AOC) (18.4% and 18.2%) activities and increased malondialdehyde (MDA) (34.4% and 43.0%) contents on E5 and E7. In conclusion, these findings demonstrate that restraint stress causes abnormal implantation and negatively impacts immune parameters in association with oxidative stress in mice.

  8. Physiological parameters for thermal stress in dairy cattle

    Vanessa Calderaro Dalcin

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to investigate changes in physiological parameters of dairy cows and understand which physiological parameters show greater reliability for verification of heat stress. Blood samples were collected for analysis and included hematocrit (Ht, erythrocyte count (ERY, and hemoglobin count (HEMO. In addition, physiological variables, including rectal temperature (RT, heart rate (HR, respiratory rate (RR, and panting score (PS were recorded in 38 lactating cows. These varied according to genetic group (1/2, 3/4, and pure bred Holstein (HO. Analysis of variance considering the effects of genetic group, days, and their interaction as well as linear and quadratic effect of the black globe humidity index (BGHI was performed, as well as broken-line regression. These values were higher in pure HO than in 3/4 and 1/2 groups. The average BGHI during the morning was 74, when 70, 43, and 13% of pure HO, 3/4, and 1/2, respectively, presented RR above reference value. The RR was the best indicator of heat stress and its critical value was 116 breaths/min for 1/2, 140 for 3/4, and 168 breaths/min for pure HO cows. In the HO group, physiological variables increased linearly with BGHI, without presenting inflection in the regression. The inflection point occurred at a higher BGHI for the 1/2 group compared with the other groups. Hematocrit and HEMO were different among genetic groups and did not vary with BGHI, showing that stress was not sufficient to alter these hematological parameters. The 1/2 HO group was capable of maintaining normal physiological parameters for at least 3 BGHI units above that of HO and 1 to 3 units higher than 3/4 HO for RR and RT, respectively. Respiratory rate is the physiological parameter that best predicts heat stress in dairy cattle, and the 1/2 Holstein group is the best adapted to heat stress.

  9. Solar flare prediction using highly stressed longitudinal magnetic field parameters

    Xin Huang; Hua-Ning Wang


    Three new longitudinal magnetic field parameters are extracted from SOHO/MDI magnetograms to characterize properties of the stressed magnetic field in active regions,and their flare productivities are calculated for 1055 active regions.We find that the proposed parameters can be used to distinguish flaring samples from non-flaring samples.Using the long-term accumulated MDI data,we build the solar flare prediction model by using a data mining method.Furthermore,the decision boundary,which is used to divide flaring from non-flaring samples,is determined by the decision tree algorithm.Finally,the performance of the prediction model is evaluated by 10-fold cross validation technology.We conclude that an efficient solar flare prediction model can be built by the proposed longitudinal magnetic field parameters with the data mining method.

  10. Sewn singularity cosmology

    Szydlowski, Marek; Borowiec, Andrzej; Wojnar, Aneta


    We investigate modified gravity cosmological model $f(R)=R+\\gamma R^2$ in Palatini formalism. We consider the universe filled with the Chaplygin gas and baryonic matter. The dynamics is reduced to the 2D sewn dynamical system of a Newtonian type. For this aim we use dynamical system theory. We classify all evolutional paths in the model as well as trajectories in the phase space. We demonstrate that the presence of a degenerate freeze singularity (glued freeze type singularities) is a generic feature of early evolution of the universe. We point out that a degenerate type III of singularity can be considered as an endogenous model of inflation between the matter dominating epoch and the dark energy phase. We also investigate cosmological models with negative $\\gamma$. It is demonstrated that $\\gamma$ equal zero is a bifurcation parameter and dynamics qualitatively changes in comparison to positive $\\gamma$. Instead of the big bang the sudden singularity appears and there is a generic class of bouncing solution...

  11. Multiscale singularity trees

    Somchaipeng, Kerawit; Sporring, Jon; Johansen, Peter


    We propose MultiScale Singularity Trees (MSSTs) as a structure to represent images, and we propose an algorithm for image comparison based on comparing MSSTs. The algorithm is tested on 3 public image databases and compared to 2 state-of-theart methods. We conclude that the computational complexity...... of our algorithm only allows for the comparison of small trees, and that the results of our method are comparable with state-of-the-art using much fewer parameters for image representation....

  12. The oxidative stress parameters and the effect of dyslipidemia on the parameters of oxidative stress in lichen planus

    Arzu Kılıç


    Full Text Available Background and Design: Various reports have demonstrated an association between inflammatory skin disorders and oxidative stress. Additionally, dyslipidemia and systemic disorders have been found to associate with chronic inflammatory skin diseases. In this study, we aimed to investigate the oxidative stress parameters and the effect of dyslipidemia on the parameters of oxidative stress in lichen planus (LP. Materials and Methods: Fifty-four patients with LP and 60 control subjects were enrolled in the study. Total cholesterol, triglyceride, highdensity lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C, low-de nsity lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C, and very low density lipoprotein cholesterol (VLDL-C levels were studied in all participants. After participants with associated systemic diseases were excluded, total antioxidant status (TAS, paraoxonase (PON, arylesterease, stimulated PON and total thiol levels (TTL levels were studied in 36 patients with LP and control group. Results: 62.96% of the patients were detected to have dyslipidemia. Total cholesterol and LDL-C levels were found to be significantly higher and HDL-C levels were found to be significantly lower in patient group when compared with control group. Serum TAS was found to be significantly lower in patient group than in control group. When patients with dyslipidemia were compared with patients without dyslipidemia in terms of oxidative stress parameters, serum level of TTL was found to be lower in patients with dyslipidemia. Conclusion: In this study, LP was associated with dyslipidemia. Besides, our findings showed that decreased TAS activity might have a role in the pathogenesis of LP. Our findings support that associated dyslipidemia may contribute to the etiopathogenesis of LP by reducing the antioxidant defense. Prospective studies with larger samples are needed to enlighten the possible effects of dyslipidemia on the incidence, mechanism and severity of LP

  13. Polarization singularity anisotropy: determining monstardom

    Dennis, Mark R


    C points, that is isolated points of circular polarization in transverse fields of varying polarization, are classified morphologically into three distinct types, known as lemons, stars and monstars. These morphologies are interpreted here according to two natural parameters associated with the singularity, namely the anisotropy of the C point, and the polarization azimuth on the anisotropy axis. In addition to providing insight into singularity morphology, this observation applies to the densities of the various morphologies in isotropic random polarization speckle fields.

  14. Nonlinear singular vectors and nonlinear singular values


    A novel concept of nonlinear singular vector and nonlinear singular value is introduced, which is a natural generalization of the classical linear singular vector and linear singular value to the nonlinear category. The optimization problem related to the determination of nonlinear singular vectors and singular values is formulated. The general idea of this approach is demonstrated by a simple two-dimensional quasigeostrophic model in the atmospheric and oceanic sciences. The advantage and its applications of the new method to the predictability, ensemble forecast and finite-time nonlinear instability are discussed. This paper makes a necessary preparation for further theoretical and numerical investigations.

  15. Quantum dress for a naked singularity

    Casals, Marc; Fabbri, Alessandro; Martínez, Cristián; Zanelli, Jorge


    We investigate semiclassical backreaction on a conical naked singularity space-time with a negative cosmological constant in (2 + 1)-dimensions. In particular, we calculate the renormalized quantum stress-energy tensor for a conformally coupled scalar field on such naked singularity space-time. We then obtain the backreacted metric via the semiclassical Einstein equations. We show that, in the regime where the semiclassical approximation can be trusted, backreaction dresses the naked singularity with an event horizon, thus enforcing (weak) cosmic censorship.

  16. Quantum dress for a naked singularity

    Casals, Marc; Martínez, Cristián; Zanelli, Jorge


    We investigate semiclassical backreaction on a conical naked singularity space-time with a negative cosmological constant in (2+1)-dimensions. In particular, we calculate the renormalized quantum stress-energy tensor for a conformally coupled scalar field on such naked singularity space-time. We then obtain the backreacted metric via the semiclassical Einstein equations. We show that, in the regime where the semiclassical approximation can be trusted, backreaction dresses the naked singularity with an event horizon, thus enforcing cosmic censorship.

  17. Numerical solutions of singular integral equations for planar rectangular interfacial crack in three dimensional bimaterials

    XU Chun-hui; QIN Tai-yan; Nao-Aki Noda


    Stress intensity factors for a three dimensional rectangular interfacial crack were considered using the body force method. In the numerical calculations, unknown body force densities were approximated by the products of the fundamental densities and power series; here the fundamental densities are chosen to express singular stress fields due to an interface crack exactly. The calculation shows that the numerical results are satisfied. The stress intensity factors for a rectangular interface crack were indicated accurately with the varying aspect ratio, and bimaterial parameter.

  18. Postseismic viscoelastic deformation and stress. Part 2: Stress theory and computation; dependence of displacement, strain, and stress on fault parameters

    Cohen, S. C.


    A viscoelastic model for deformation and stress associated with earthquakes is reported. The model consists of a rectangular dislocation (strike slip fault) in a viscoelastic layer (lithosphere) lying over a viscoelastic half space (asthenosphere). The time dependent surface stresses are analyzed. The model predicts that near the fault a significant fraction of the stress that was reduced during the earthquake is recovered by viscoelastic softening of the lithosphere. By contrast, the strain shows very little change near the fault. The model also predicts that the stress changes associated with asthenospheric flow extend over a broader region than those associated with lithospheric relaxation even though the peak value is less. The dependence of the displacements, stresses on fault parameters studied. Peak values of strain and stress drop increase with increasing fault height and decrease with fault depth. Under many circumstances postseismic strains and stresses show an increase with decreasing depth to the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary. Values of the strain and stress at distant points from the fault increase with fault area but are relatively insensitive to fault depth.

  19. Oxidative stress parameters in different systemic rheumatic diseases.

    Firuzi, Omidreza; Fuksa, Leos; Spadaro, Chiara; Bousová, Iva; Riccieri, Valeria; Spadaro, Antonio; Petrucci, Rita; Marrosu, Giancarlo; Saso, Luciano


    The involvement of oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of rheumatic disorders, such as systemic sclerosis (SSc) and chronic polyarthritides, has been suggested yet not thoroughly verified experimentally. We analysed 4 plasmatic parameters of oxidative stress in patients with SSc (n = 17), psoriatic arthritis (PsA) (n = 10) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) (n = 9) compared with healthy subjects (n = 22). The biomarkers were: total antioxidant capacity (TAC) measured by ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) method, hydroperoxides determined by ferrous ion oxidation in presence of xylenol orange (FOX) method and sulfhydryl and carbonyl groups assessed by spectrophotometric assays. The results showed significantly increased hydroperoxides in SSc, PsA and RA (3.97 +/- 2.25, 4.87 +/- 2.18 and 5.13 +/- 2.36 micromol L(-1), respectively) compared with the control group (2.31 +/- 1.40 micromol L(-1); P diseases showed no difference in comparison with controls. Carbonyls were significantly higher in RA than in the control group (32.1 +/- 42 vs 2.21 +/- 1.0 nmol (mg protein)(-1); P rheumatic diseases and suggest a role for the use of antioxidants in prevention and treatment of these pathologies.

  20. On the singularities of solutions to singular perturbation problems

    Fruchard, A [Laboratoire de Mathematiques, Informatique et Applications, Faculte des Sciences et Techniques, Universite de Haute Alsace, 4 rue des Freres Lumiere, 68093 Mulhouse cedex (France); Schaefke, R [Departement de Mathematiques, Universite Louis Pasteur, 7 rue Rene-Descartes, 67084 Strasbourg cedex (France)


    We consider a singularly perturbed complex first order ODE {epsilon}u ' {phi}(x, u, a, {epsilon}), x, u element of C, {epsilon} > 0 is a small complex parameter and a element of C is a control parameter. It is proven that the singularities of some solutions are regularly spaced and that they move from one to the next as a runs about a loop of index one around a value of overstability. This gives a positive answer to a question of J. L. Callot.

  1. N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA, Liver Function Enzymes, Renal Function Parameters and Oxidative Stress Parameters: A Review

    Usunobun Usunomena


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to review a procarcinogen, the N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA, liver and kidney functional enzymes (in assessing action of toxicants such as NDMA as well as oxidative stress parameters (in assessing the extent of free radical damage and scavenging. Catalase and hydro peroxidase enzymes convert hydrogen peroxide and hydro peroxides to non-radical forms and functions as natural antioxidant in human body. Enzymes like Superoxide Dismutase (SOD and Catalase (CAT and compounds such as tocopherol and ascorbic acid can protect organisms against free radical damage. Lipid peroxidation is a mechanism generally recognized as being the most important in the pathogenesis of liver injury by a number of toxic compounds including NDMA.

  2. On non-singular GRADELA crack fields

    Elias C. Aifantis


    Full Text Available A brief account is provided on crack-tip solutions that have recently been published in the literature by employing the so-called GRADELA model and its variants. The GRADELA model is a simple gradient elasticity theory involving one internal length in addition to the two Lame' constants, in an effort to eliminate elastic singularities and discontinuities and to interpret elastic size effects. The non-singular strains and non-singular (but sometimes singular or even hypersingular stresses derived this way under different boundary conditions differ from each other and their physical meaning in not clear. This is discussed which focus on the form and physical meaning of non-singular solutions for crack-tip stresses and strains that are possible to obtain within the GRADELA model and its extensions.

  3. Homogeneous spacelike singularities inside spherical black holes

    Burko, L M


    Recent numerical simulations have found that the Cauchy horizon inside spherical charged black holes, when perturbed nonlinearly by a self-gravitating, minimally-coupled, massless, spherically-symmetric scalar field, turns into a null weak singularity which focuses monotonically to $r=0$ at late times, where the singularity becomes spacelike. Our main objective is to study this spacelike singularity. We study analytically the spherically-symmetric Einstein-Maxwell-scalar equations asymptotically near the singularity. We obtain a series-expansion solution for the metric functions and for the scalar field near $r=0$ under the simplifying assumption of homogeneity. Namely, we neglect spatial derivatives and keep only temporal derivatives. We find that there indeed exists a generic spacelike singularity solution for these equations (in the sense that the solution depends on enough free parameters), with similar properties to those found in the numerical simulations. This singularity is strong in the Tipler sense,...

  4. Valley Singularities and Baryon Number Violation

    Provero, P


    We consider the valley--method computation of the inclusive cross section of baryon number violating processes in the Standard Model. We show that any physically correct model of the valley action should present a singularity in the saddle point valley parameters as functions of the energy of the process. This singularity prevents the saddle point configuration from collapsing into the perturbative vacuum.

  5. The Second-order Kinematic Singularity of Orientation in Euler Parameters Representation%欧拉角参数表示下姿态的二阶运动奇异性

    赵晓颖; 温立书; 么彩莲


    Because of the topology structure of orientation space, singularity of orientation of rigid body moving in space is unavoidable for any of the three parameters representation. There all exists the second-order kinematic singularity configuration in 12 kinds Euler angles parameters when the relationships of angular velocity and angular acceleration between joint space and configuration space are obtained. After gaining all kinds of the first-order and second-order singularity configuration showed by Euler angles , in the engineering control proper Euler angles are chosen to avoid these singularity configuration according to the actual need . So it can avoid the confusion between the output momentum and the torque for the driving mechanism.%由于姿态空间的拓扑结构可知,空间刚体姿态任意三参数表示的奇异性是不可避免的.通过求得关节空间和姿态空间的角速度和角加速度之间的关系,进而得到在12种欧拉角参数表示下,姿态在某些位形空间上都具有二阶运动奇异性.在获得各种欧拉角表示的一阶和二阶奇异位形后,在工程控制中就可以根据实际需要选择适当的欧拉角以避开这些奇异位形,避免驱动机构在输出动量和力矩时造成混乱.

  6. Gravity sans singularities

    Mariwalla, K H


    Basis and limitations of singularity theorems for Gravity are examined. As singularity is a critical situation in course of time, study of time paths, in full generality of Equivalence principle, provides two mechanisms to prevent singularity. Resolution of singular Time translation generators into space of its orbits, and essential higher dimensions for Relativistic particle interactions has facets to resolve any real singularity problem. Conceptually, these varied viewpoints have a common denominator: arbitrariness in the definition of `energy' intrinsic to the space of operation in each case, so as to render absence of singularity a tautology for self-consistency of the systems.

  7. Resolution of quantum singularities

    Konkowski, Deborah; Helliwell, Thomas


    A review of quantum singularities in static and conformally static spacetimes is given. A spacetime is said to be quantum mechanically non-singular if a quantum wave packet does not feel, in some sense, the presence of a singularity; mathematically, this means that the wave operator is essentially self-adjoint on the space of square integrable functions. Spacetimes with classical mild singularities (quasiregular ones) to spacetimes with classical strong curvature singularities have been tested. Here we discuss the similarities and differences between classical singularities that are healed quantum mechanically and those that are not. Possible extensions of the mathematical technique to more physically realistic spacetimes are discussed.

  8. Laser Singular Theta-Pinch

    Okulov, A Yu


    The interaction of the two counter-propagating ultrashort laser pulses of a picosecond duration with a singular wavefronts in the thin slice of the underdense plasma is considered. It is shown that ion-acoustic wave excited via Brillouin three-wave resonance by corkscrew interference pattern acts as a rotating solenoid generating kilogauss quasi-static magnetic fields. The orbital angular momentum carried by light is imprinted into an ion-acoustic liquid. The exact analytical configurations for an ion-acoustic wave current and magnetic field are given for a general class of a paraxial singular beams with an integer topological charges. The range of experimentally accessible parameters is evaluated.

  9. Singular solutions of a singular differential equation

    Naito Manabu


    Full Text Available An attempt is made to study the problem of existence of singular solutions to singular differential equations of the type which have never been touched in the literature. Here and are positive constants and is a positive continuous function on . A solution with initial conditions given at is called singular if it ceases to exist at some finite point . Remarkably enough, it is observed that the equation may admit, in addition to a usual blowing-up singular solution, a completely new type of singular solution with the property that Such a solution is named a black hole solution in view of its specific behavior at . It is shown in particular that there does exist a situation in which all solutions of are black hole solutions.

  10. On exceptional quotient singularities

    Cheltsov, Ivan; Shramov, Constantin


    We study exceptional quotient singularities. In particular, we prove an exceptionality criterion in terms of the $\\alpha$-invariant of Tian, and utilize it to classify four-dimensional and five-dimensional exceptional quotient singularities.

  11. Singular Integrals with Bilinear Phases

    Elena PRESTINI


    We prove the boundedness from Lp(T2) to itself, 1 < p <∞, of highly oscillatory singular integrals Sf(x, y) presenting singularities of the kind of the double Hilbert transform on a non-rectangular domain of integration, roughly speaking, defined by |y′| > | x′|, and presenting phases λ(Ax + By) with 0 ≤ A, B ≤ 1 and λ≥ 0. The norms of these oscillatory singular integrals are proved to be independent of all parameters A, B and λ involved. Our method extends to a more general family of phases. These results are relevant to problems of almost everywhere convergence of double Fourier and Walsh series.

  12. Spacetime Singularities in Quantum Gravity

    Minassian, Eric A.


    Recent advances in 2+1 dimensional quantum gravity have provided tools to study the effects of quantization of spacetime on black hole and big bang/big crunch type singularities. I investigate effects of quantization of spacetime on singularities of the 2+1 dimensional BTZ black hole and the 2+1 dimensional torus universe. Hosoya has considered the BTZ black hole, and using a "quantum generalized affine parameter" (QGAP), has shown that, for some specific paths, quantum effects "smear" the singularities. Using gaussian wave functions as generic wave functions, I found that, for both BTZ black hole and the torus universe, there are families of paths that still reach the singularities with a finite QGAP, suggesting that singularities persist in quantum gravity. More realistic calculations, using modular invariant wave functions of Carlip and Nelson for the torus universe, offer further support for this conclusion. Currently work is in progress to study more realistic quantum gravity effects for BTZ black holes and other spacetime models.

  13. Dynamics of learning near singularities in layered networks.

    Wei, Haikun; Zhang, Jun; Cousseau, Florent; Ozeki, Tomoko; Amari, Shun-Ichi


    We explicitly analyze the trajectories of learning near singularities in hierarchical networks, such as multilayer perceptrons and radial basis function networks, which include permutation symmetry of hidden nodes, and show their general properties. Such symmetry induces singularities in their parameter space, where the Fisher information matrix degenerates and odd learning behaviors, especially the existence of plateaus in gradient descent learning, arise due to the geometric structure of singularity. We plot dynamic vector fields to demonstrate the universal trajectories of learning near singularities. The singularity induces two types of plateaus, the on-singularity plateau and the near-singularity plateau, depending on the stability of the singularity and the initial parameters of learning. The results presented in this letter are universally applicable to a wide class of hierarchical models. Detailed stability analysis of the dynamics of learning in radial basis function networks and multilayer perceptrons will be presented in separate work.

  14. $f(R,T)$ and future singularities

    Mirza, Behrouz


    We investigate equations of motion and future singularities of $f(R,T)$ gravity where $R$ is the Ricci scalar and $T$ is the trace of stress-energy tensor. Future singularities for two kinds of equation of state (barotropic perfect fluid and generalized form of equation of state) are studied. While no future singularity is found for the first case, some kind of singularity is found to be possible for the second. Using the method of fixed points and certain assumptions, a large number of singularities can be removed. Finally, the effect of the Noether symmetry on $f(R,T)$ is studied and the consistent form of $f(R,T)$ function is found using the symmetry and the conserved charge.

  15. Effect of internal stresses on the mechanical parameters of silicon wafers

    Oksanich, A.P.; Cherner, V.M.; Tuzovskii, K.A.


    The authors examined how the mechanical parameters of silicon wafers vary with the stress area. The polished (100) wafers were cut from a billet grown by Czochralski's method. The internal stresses were produced by moving the wafers in and out of an oven having a working zone at 1420 K. Then the oxide film was removed. The area of the stressed parts was determined by photoelasticity. The mechanical parameters were measured with contactless pneumatic loading and continuous central deflection measurement. The internal stresses affect the properties; at a given load the central deflection in an unstressed wafer is larger than in a stressed one.


    王效贵; 许金泉


    In piezoelectric problems, the form of the general solution is dependent on the eigenvalues of the material. The singular stress field and electrical displacement field near the interface edge were deduced in this study. The results showed that the stress field and the electrical displacement field have the same singularity; and that the singularity depends not only on the mechanical properties and shape of the interface edge, but also on the piezoelectric properties of the composite material.

  17. Degradation of Junction Parameters of an Electrically Stressed NPN Bipolar Transistor

    N. Toufik; F. PéLanchon; P. Mialhe


    The effect of an electrical ageing on npn bipolar transistor has been studied. The current gain decreases substantially and the electrical properties are discussed. The emitter-base junction parameters are degraded during the electrical stress experiments. Both the amplitude and the rate of this degradation depend on the stress duration. The evaluation of these parameters allows to discuss hot carrier degradation process, to estimate the stress magnitude and to control the device.

  18. Biclustering via Sparse Singular Value Decomposition

    Lee, Mihee


    Sparse singular value decomposition (SSVD) is proposed as a new exploratory analysis tool for biclustering or identifying interpretable row-column associations within high-dimensional data matrices. SSVD seeks a low-rank, checkerboard structured matrix approximation to data matrices. The desired checkerboard structure is achieved by forcing both the left- and right-singular vectors to be sparse, that is, having many zero entries. By interpreting singular vectors as regression coefficient vectors for certain linear regressions, sparsity-inducing regularization penalties are imposed to the least squares regression to produce sparse singular vectors. An efficient iterative algorithm is proposed for computing the sparse singular vectors, along with some discussion of penalty parameter selection. A lung cancer microarray dataset and a food nutrition dataset are used to illustrate SSVD as a biclustering method. SSVD is also compared with some existing biclustering methods using simulated datasets. © 2010, The International Biometric Society.

  19. Curvature singularities and abstract boundary singularity theorems for space-time

    Ashley, M J S L; Ashley, Michael J. S. L.; Scott, Susan M.


    The abstract boundary construction of Scott and Szekeres is a general and flexible way to define singularities in General Relativity. The abstract boundary construction also proves of great utility when applied to questions about more general boundary features of space-time. Within this construction an essential singularity is a non-regular boundary point which is accessible by a curve of interest (e.g. a geodesic) within finite (affine) parameter distance and is not removable. Ashley and Scott proved the first theorem linking abstract boundary essential singularities with the notion of causal geodesic incompleteness for strongly causal, maximally extended space-times. The relationship between this result and the classical singularity theorems of Penrose and Hawking has enabled us to obtain abstract boundary singularity theorems. This paper describes essential singularity results for maximally extended space-times and presents our recent efforts to establish a relationship between the strong curvature singula...

  20. Effects of l-carnitine on oxidative stress parameters in ...

    Emel Peri Canbolat


    Aug 10, 2016 ... by Hormone Replacement therapy (HRT).2 And also in other study, it has .... stress response in patients with renal disease and they have ... Gomez-Amores et al., it has been shown that chronic L- .... and inhibit cell growth.

  1. The effect of continuous grouping of pigs in large groups on stress response and haematological parameters

    Damgaard, Birthe Marie; Studnitz, Merete; Jensen, Karin Hjelholt


    from weaning at the age of 4 weeks to the age of 18 weeks after weaning. Limited differences were found in stress and haematological parameters between pigs in dynamic and static groups. The cortisol response to the stress test was increasing with the duration of the stress test in pigs from......The consequences of an ‘all in-all out' static group of uniform age vs. a continuously dynamic group with litter introduction and exit every third week were examined with respect to stress response and haematological parameters in large groups of 60 pigs. The experiment included a total of 480 pigs...

  2. Effects of simulation parameters on residual stresses for laser shock peening finite element analysis

    Kim, Ju Hee [Korea Military Academy, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Yun Jae [Korea University, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Joung Soo [KAERI, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    By using finite element analysis, we proposed an applicable finite element method of laser shock peening (LSP) and discussed various parameters, such as solution time, stability limit, dynamic yield stress, peak pressure, pressure pulse duration, laser spot size, and multiple LSP. The effects of parameters related to the finite element simulation of the LSP process on the residual stresses of 35CD4 30HRC steel alloy are discussed. Parametric sensitivity analyses were performed to establish the optimum processing variables of the LSP process. In addition, we evaluated the effects of initial residual stress, such as welding-induced residual stress field.

  3. Solitons on Singularities

    Halyo, Edi


    We describe solitons that live on the world--volumes of D5 branes wrapped on deformed $A_2$ singularities fibered over $C(x)$. We show that monopoles are D3 branes wrapped on a node of the deformed singularity and stretched along $C(x)$. F and D--term strings are D3 branes wrapped on a node of a singularity that is deformed and resolved respectively. Domain walls require deformed $A_3$ singularities and correspond to D5 branes wrapped on a node and stretched along $C(x)$.

  4. Singular stochastic differential equations

    Cherny, Alexander S


    The authors introduce, in this research monograph on stochastic differential equations, a class of points termed isolated singular points. Stochastic differential equations possessing such points (called singular stochastic differential equations here) arise often in theory and in applications. However, known conditions for the existence and uniqueness of a solution typically fail for such equations. The book concentrates on the study of the existence, the uniqueness, and, what is most important, on the qualitative behaviour of solutions of singular stochastic differential equations. This is done by providing a qualitative classification of isolated singular points, into 48 possible types.

  5. Singularity v1.x


    Singularity is a container solution designed to facilitate mobility of compute across systems and HPC infrastructures. It does this by creating minimal containers that are defined by a specfile and files from the host system are used to build the container. The resulting container can then be launched by any Linux computer with Singularity installed regardless if the programs inside the container are present on the target system, or if they are a different version, or even incompatible versions. Singularity achieves extreme portability without sacrificing usability thus solving the need of mobility of compute. Singularity containers can be executed within a normal/standard command line process flow.

  6. On singular and sincerely singular compact patterns

    Rosenau, Philip; Zilburg, Alon


    A third order dispersive equation ut +(um)x +1/b[ua∇2ub]x = 0 is used to explore two very different classes of compact patterns. In the first, the prevailing singularity at the edge induces traveling compactons, solitary waves with a compact support. In the second, the singularity induced at the perimeter of the initial excitation, entraps the dynamics within the domain's interior (nonetheless, certain very singular excitations may escape it). Here, overlapping compactons undergo interaction which may result in an interchange of their positions, or form other structures, all confined within their initial support. We conjecture, and affirm it empirically, that whenever the system admits more than one type of compactons, only the least singular compactons may be evolutionary. The entrapment due to singularities is also unfolded and confirmed numerically in a class of diffusive equations ut =uk∇2un with k > 1 and n > 0 with excitations entrapped within their initial support observed to converge toward a space-time separable structure. A similar effect is also found in a class of nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equations.

  7. Generalizations of the Abstract Boundary singularity theorem

    Whale, Ben E; Scott, Susan M


    The Abstract Boundary singularity theorem was first proven by Ashley and Scott. It links the existence of incomplete causal geodesics in strongly causal, maximally extended spacetimes to the existence of Abstract Boundary essential singularities, i.e., non-removable singular boundary points. We give two generalizations of this theorem: the first to continuous causal curves and the distinguishing condition, the second to locally Lipschitz curves in manifolds such that no inextendible locally Lipschitz curve is totally imprisoned. To do this we extend generalized affine parameters from $C^1$ curves to locally Lipschitz curves.

  8. Release of program Win-Tensor 4.0 for tectonic stress inversion: statistical expression of stress parameters

    Delvaux, D.


    The Win-Tensor program is an interactive computer program for fracture analysis and crustal stress reconstruction, freely distributed to the scientific and academic community and widely used by structural geologists. It was developed with a constant feed-back from the users and is regularly upgraded. Version 4.0 released in January 2012 provides as a new feature the standard deviation of the horizontal stress axes (SHmax/SHmin) and the stress regime Index R'. The latter expresses the relative stress magnitudes and the nature of the vertical stress in a continuous scale, ranging from 1 to 3. Computation of the standard deviations is based on the examination of all possible reduced stress tensors for a particular stress solution obtained from the inversion of fault-slip or focal mechanism data. They are defined by combining the possible values of each individual stress axes (sigma 1, sigma 2, sigma 3) and the stress ratio R = (sigma2-sigma3)/(sigma1-sigma3). For each possible reduced tensors, the horizontal paleostress directions (SHmax/SHmin) and regime (R') are computed and the related 1 sigma standard deviations determined. This way, the 4 dimensions of the reduced stress tensor are reduced to a two dimensional expression with is commonly used to depict the horizontal stress trajectories as in the World Stress Map project. This procedure has been implemented for the three different methods for reconstructing the reduced stress tensors in Win-Tensor: PBT Right Dihedron and Rotational Optimisation. The advantages of this statistical expression of stress parameters are demonstrated using practical examples. Win-Tensor program can be downloaded from the Tensor web site:

  9. Singularity theory of fitness functions under dimorphism equivalence.

    Wang, Xiaohui; Golubitsky, Martin


    We apply singularity theory to classify monomorphic singular points as they occur in adaptive dynamics. Our approach is based on a new equivalence relation called dimorphism equivalence, which is the largest equivalence relation on strategy functions that preserves ESS singularities, CvSS singularities, and dimorphisms. Specifically, we classify singularities up to topological codimension two and compute their normal forms and universal unfoldings. These calculations lead to the classification of local mutual invasibility plots that can be seen generically in systems with two parameters.

  10. Stress Exacerbates Endometriosis Manifestations and Inflammatory Parameters in an Animal Model

    Cuevas, Marielly; Flores, Idhaliz; Thompson, Kenira J.; Ramos-Ortolaza, Dinah L.; Torres-Reveron, Annelyn; Appleyard, Caroline B


    Women with endometriosis have significant emotional distress; however, the contribution of stress to the pathophysiology of this disease is unclear. We used a rat model of endometriosis to examine the effects of stress on the development of this condition and its influence on inflammatory parameters. Female Sprague-Dawley rats were subjected to swim stress for 10 consecutive days prior to the surgical induction of endometriosis by suturing uterine horn implants next to the intestinal mesenter...

  11. Singularities around w=-1

    Fernández-Jambrina, L


    In this talk we would like to analyse the appearance of singularities in FLRW cosmological models which evolve close to w=-1, where w is the barotropic index of the universe. We relate small terms in cosmological time around w=-1 with the correspondent scale factor of the universe and check for the formation of singularities.

  12. Domain Walls on Singularities

    Halyo, Edi


    We describe domain walls that live on $A_2$ and $A_3$ singularities. The walls are BPS if the singularity is resolved and non--BPS if it is deformed and fibered. We show that these domain walls may interpolate between vacua that support monopoles and/or vortices.

  13. Introduction to singularities

    Ishii, Shihoko


    This book is an introduction to singularities for graduate students and researchers. It is said that algebraic geometry originated in the seventeenth century with the famous work Discours de la méthode pour bien conduire sa raison, et chercher la vérité dans les sciences by Descartes. In that book he introduced coordinates to the study of geometry. After its publication, research on algebraic varieties developed steadily. Many beautiful results emerged in mathematicians’ works. Most of them were about non-singular varieties. Singularities were considered “bad” objects that interfered with knowledge of the structure of an algebraic variety. In the past three decades, however, it has become clear that singularities are necessary for us to have a good description of the framework of varieties. For example, it is impossible to formulate minimal model theory for higher-dimensional cases without singularities. Another example is that the moduli spaces of varieties have natural compactification, the boundar...

  14. Singular Continuous Spectrum for Singular Potentials

    Jitomirskaya, Svetlana; Yang, Fan


    We prove that Schrödinger operators with meromorphic potentials {(H_{α,θ}u)_n=u_{n+1}+u_{n-1}+ g(θ+nα)/f(θ+nα) u_n} have purely singular continuous spectrum on the set {{E: L(E) operator. Preprint, 2015) for the almost Mathieu operator to the general family of meromorphic potentials.

  15. 参数不确定离散广义大系统的保性能控制%Guaranteed Cost Control for Discrete-time Singular Large-scale Systems with Parameter Uncertainty

    沃松林; 史国栋; 邹云


    The problem of optimal guaranteed cost control for discrete-time singular large-scale systems with a quadratic cost function is considered in this paper. The system under discussion is subject to norm bounded time-invariant parameter uncertainty in all the matrices of model. The problem we address is to design a state feedback controller such that the closed-loop system not only is robustly stable but also guarantees an adequate level of performance for all admissible uncertainties. A sufficient condition for the existence of guaranteed cost controllers is presented in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), and a desired state feedback controller is obtained via convex optimization. An illustrative example is given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

  16. Singularities and Closed String Tachyons

    Silverstein, E


    A basic problem in gravitational physics is the resolution of spacetime singularities where general relativity breaks down. The simplest such singularities are conical singularities arising from orbifold identifications of flat space, and the most challenging are spacelike singularities inside black holes (and in cosmology). Topology changing processes also require evolution through classically singular spacetimes. I briefly review how a phase of closed string tachyon condensate replaces, and helps to resolve, basic singularities of each of these types. Finally I discuss some interesting features of singularities arising in the small volume limit of compact negatively curved spaces and the emerging zoology of spacelike singularities.

  17. Singular inflation from generalized equation of state fluids

    S. Nojiri


    Full Text Available We study models with a generalized inhomogeneous equation of state fluids, in the context of singular inflation, focusing to so-called Type IV singular evolution. In the simplest case, this cosmological fluid is described by an equation of state with constant w, and therefore a direct modification of this constant w fluid is achieved by using a generalized form of an equation of state. We investigate from which models with generalized phenomenological equation of state, a Type IV singular inflation can be generated and what the phenomenological implications of this singularity would be. We support our results with illustrative examples and we also study the impact of the Type IV singularities on the slow-roll parameters and on the observational inflationary indices, showing the consistency with Planck mission results. The unification of singular inflation with singular dark energy era for specific generalized fluids is also proposed.

  18. Singular inflation from generalized equation of state fluids

    Nojiri, S., E-mail: [Department of Physics, Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8602 (Japan); Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe, Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8602 (Japan); Odintsov, S.D., E-mail: [Institut de Ciencies de lEspai (IEEC-CSIC), Campus UAB, Carrer de Can Magrans, s/n, 08193 Cerdanyola del Valles, Barcelona (Spain); ICREA, Passeig Lluîs Companys, 23, 08010 Barcelona (Spain); National Research Tomsk State University, 634050 Tomsk (Russian Federation); Tomsk State Pedagogical University, 634061 Tomsk (Russian Federation); Oikonomou, V.K., E-mail: [Department of Theoretical Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 54124 Thessaloniki (Greece); National Research Tomsk State University, 634050 Tomsk (Russian Federation); Tomsk State Pedagogical University, 634061 Tomsk (Russian Federation)


    We study models with a generalized inhomogeneous equation of state fluids, in the context of singular inflation, focusing to so-called Type IV singular evolution. In the simplest case, this cosmological fluid is described by an equation of state with constant w, and therefore a direct modification of this constant w fluid is achieved by using a generalized form of an equation of state. We investigate from which models with generalized phenomenological equation of state, a Type IV singular inflation can be generated and what the phenomenological implications of this singularity would be. We support our results with illustrative examples and we also study the impact of the Type IV singularities on the slow-roll parameters and on the observational inflationary indices, showing the consistency with Planck mission results. The unification of singular inflation with singular dark energy era for specific generalized fluids is also proposed.

  19. Effect of atropine-dobutamine stress test on left ventricular echocardiographic parameters in untrained warmblood horses.

    Sandersen, Charlotte F; Detilleux, Johanne; de Moffarts, Brieuc; Van Loon, Gunther; Amory, Hélène


    The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of combined atropine low-dose dobutamine stress test on left ventricular parameters in adult warmblood horses, to establish a potential protocol for pharmacological stress echocardiography. Seven healthy untrained warmblood horses aged 9 to 22 years were used. Heart rate (HR) and left ventricular B- and M-mode dimensions were recorded at baseline and during stress testing with 35 microg/kg atropine IV followed by incremental dobutamine infusion of 2 to 6 microg/kg/min. HR increased significantly (P stress test induced significant changes in left ventricular echocardiographic parameters in adult warmblood horses. Additional research should evaluate the value of this stress test in horses suffering from cardiac disease.

  20. Determination of Stress-Rupture Parameters for Four Heat-Resisting Alloys

    Lidman, William G.


    Stress-rupture data for four heat-resisting alloys are analyzed according to equations of the theory of rate processes. A method for determining the four parameters of structure and composition is demonstrated and the four parameters are determined for each of the alloys: forged S816, cast S816, cast S590, and cast Vitallium. It is concluded that parameters can be determined for an alloy provided sufficient reliable experimental data are available.

  1. Prebiotics, Prosynbiotics and Synbiotics: Can They Reduce Plasma Oxidative Stress Parameters? A Systematic Review.

    Salehi-Abargouei, Amin; Ghiasvand, Reza; Hariri, Mitra


    This study assessed the effectiveness of presybiotics, prosybiotics and synbiotics on reducing serum oxidative stress parameters. PubMed/Medline, Ovid, Google Scholar, ISI Web of Science and SCOPUS were searched up to September 2016. English language randomized clinical trials reporting the effect of presybiotics, prosybiotics or synbiotic interventions on serum oxidative stress parameters in human adults were included. Twenty-one randomized clinical trials met the inclusion criteria for systematic review. Two studies investigated prebiotics, four studies synbiotics and fifteen studies probiotics. According to our systematic review, prebiotic could decrease malondialdehyde and increase superoxidative dismutase, but evidence is not enough. In comparison with fructo-oligosaccharide, inulin is much more useful for oxidative stress reduction. Using probiotics with dairy products could reduce oxidative stress significantly, but probiotic in form of supplementation did not have any effect on oxidative stress. There is limited but supportive evidence that presybiotics, prosybiotics and synbiotics are effective for reducing oxidative stress parameters. Further randomized clinical trials with longer duration of intervention especially on population with increased oxidative stress are needed to provide more definitive results before any recommendation for clinical use of these interventions.

  2. Surface Plasmon Singularities

    Gabriel Martínez-Niconoff


    Full Text Available With the purpose to compare the physical features of the electromagnetic field, we describe the synthesis of optical singularities propagating in the free space and on a metal surface. In both cases the electromagnetic field has a slit-shaped curve as a boundary condition, and the singularities correspond to a shock wave that is a consequence of the curvature of the slit curve. As prototypes, we generate singularities that correspond to fold and cusped regions. We show that singularities in free space may generate bifurcation effects while plasmon fields do not generate these kinds of effects. Experimental results for free-space propagation are presented and for surface plasmon fields, computer simulations are shown.

  3. The Big Bang Singularity

    Ling, Eric

    The big bang theory is a model of the universe which makes the striking prediction that the universe began a finite amount of time in the past at the so called "Big Bang singularity." We explore the physical and mathematical justification of this surprising result. After laying down the framework of the universe as a spacetime manifold, we combine physical observations with global symmetrical assumptions to deduce the FRW cosmological models which predict a big bang singularity. Next we prove a couple theorems due to Stephen Hawking which show that the big bang singularity exists even if one removes the global symmetrical assumptions. Lastly, we investigate the conditions one needs to impose on a spacetime if one wishes to avoid a singularity. The ideas and concepts used here to study spacetimes are similar to those used to study Riemannian manifolds, therefore we compare and contrast the two geometries throughout.

  4. Complex singularities and PDEs

    Caflisch, R E; Sammartino, M; Sciacca, V


    In this paper we give a review on the computational methods used to characterize the complex singularities developed by some relevant PDEs. We begin by reviewing the singularity tracking method based on the analysis of the Fourier spectrum. We then introduce other methods generally used to detect the hidden singularities. In particular we show some applications of the Pad\\'e approximation, of the Kida method, and of Borel-Polya method. We apply these techniques to the study of the singularity formation of some nonlinear dispersive and dissipative one dimensional PDE of the 2D Prandtl equation, of the 2D KP equation, and to Navier-Stokes equation for high Reynolds number incompressible flows in the case of interaction with rigid boundaries.

  5. Singularity methods for magnetohydrodynamics

    A. D. Alawneh


    Full Text Available Singular solutions for linearized MHD equations based on Oseen approximations have been obtained such as Oseenslet. Oseenrotlet, mass source, etc. By suitably distributing these singular solutions along the axes of symmetry of an axially symmetric bodies, we derive the approximate values for the velocity fields, the force and the momentum for the case of translational and rotational motions of such bodies in a steady flow of an incompressible viscous and magnetized fluid.

  6. Generic singularity studies revisited

    Barrow, John D.; Tipler, Frank J.


    We comment on a reply by Belinskii, Khalatnikov and Lifshitz to our analysis of their conclusions regarding the general structure of space-time singularities. We support our contention that it is impossible to provide a reliable analysis of the evolution of a general (or stable) solution with local techniques in a synchronous coordinate system having a simultaneous physical singularity. Work supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grant number PHY 78-26592.

  7. Deformations of singularities

    Stevens, Jan


    These notes deal with deformation theory of complex analytic singularities and related objects. The first part treats general theory. The central notion is that of versal deformation in several variants. The theory is developed both in an abstract way and in a concrete way suitable for computations. The second part deals with more specific problems, specially on curves and surfaces. Smoothings of singularities are the main concern. Examples are spread throughout the text.

  8. Algorithms in Singular

    Hans Schonemann


    Full Text Available Some algorithms for singularity theory and algebraic geometry The use of Grobner basis computations for treating systems of polynomial equations has become an important tool in many areas. This paper introduces of the concept of standard bases (a generalization of Grobner bases and the application to some problems from algebraic geometry. The examples are presented as SINGULAR commands. A general introduction to Grobner bases can be found in the textbook [CLO], an introduction to syzygies in [E] and [St1]. SINGULAR is a computer algebra system for computing information about singularities, for use in algebraic geometry. The basic algorithms in SINGULAR are several variants of a general standard basis algorithm for general monomial orderings (see [GG]. This includes wellorderings (Buchberger algorithm ([B1], [B2] and tangent cone orderings (Mora algorithm ([M1], [MPT] as special cases: It is able to work with non-homogeneous and homogeneous input and also to compute in the localization of the polynomial ring in 0. Recent versions include algorithms to factorize polynomials and a factorizing Grobner basis algorithm. For a complete description of SINGULAR see [Si].

  9. 基于无奇异变换的双行轨道根数生成算法%Fitting algorithm of TLE parameters based on non-singular transformation

    刘光明; 文援兰; 廖瑛


    After analyzing the space objects' two-line elements (TLE) and the simplified general perturbations 4 (SGP4) orbit prediction model, the new TLE sampling fitting method is put forward due to the singularity existence in the iterative approximation procedure. The TLE fitting algorithm deduces the partial derivative matrix of satellite position vector with respect to modified TLE parameter based on the non-singular transformation and introduces the column pivot element Givens-QR decomposition algorithm to improve the efficiency of equation solution. Numerical simulations indicate that the method can enhance the TLE fitting precision and the accuracy of forecasting orbit, especialty for the near-earth space object.%在双行轨道根数(two-line elements,TLE)和简化普适撮动轨道预报模型的基础上,针对空间目标TLE采样拟合过程中可能出现奇点的问题,提出基于无奇异变换的空间目标TLE生成算法.引入无奇异轨道根教代替开普勒根数形成改进的TLE参数,推导了目标位置矢量对改进TLE参数的偏导数矩阵,并采用选主列Givens-QR分解算法进行观测方程迭代求解,以提高数值计算稳定性.仿真结果表明,该生成算法拟合精度和位置预报残差满足要求,可应用于低轨目标的空间监视.

  10. Reference Values of Oxidative Stress Parameters in Adult Iranian Fat-Tailed Sheep

    S. Nazifi*, N. Ghafari1, F. Farshneshani, M. Rahsepar and S. M. Razavi1


    Full Text Available The present study was performed on 111 adult clinically healthy Iranian fat-tailed sheep from both sexes (28 male and 83 female. Blood concentrations of oxidative stress parameters viz. malondialdehyde (MDA, superoxide dismutase (SOD, catalase (CAT and glutathione peroxidase (GPX were determined. The reference values for oxidative stress parameters of adult clinically healthy Iranian fat-tailed sheep were as followed: MDA 0.53-0.60 mmol/l, SOD 948.65-1011.50 U/gHb, CAT 1834.29-1915.63 U/gHb and GPX 191.67-196.52 U/gHb. There were no significant differences in oxidative stress parameters among animal of the two sexes.

  11. Oxidative Stress Parameters in Saliva and Its Association with Periodontal Disease and Types of Bacteria

    Jose Manuel Almerich-Silla


    Full Text Available Objective. To determine the association between oxidative stress parameters with periodontal disease, bleeding, and the presence of different periodontal bacteria. Methods. A cross-sectional study in a sample of eighty-six patients, divided into three groups depending on their periodontal status. Thirty-three with chronic periodontitis, sixteen with gingivitis, and thirty-seven with periodontal healthy as control. Oxidative stress biomarkers (8-OHdG and MDA, total antioxidant capacity (TAOC, and the activity of two antioxidant enzymes (GPx and SOD were determined in saliva. Subgingival plaque samples were obtained from the deepest periodontal pocket and PCR was used to determine the presence of the 6 fimA genotypes of Porphyromonas gingivalis, Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, Tannerella forsythia, and Treponema denticola. Results. Periodontal disease was found to be associated with increased oxidative stress parameter levels. These levels rose according to the number and type of different periodontal bacteria found in the periodontal pockets. The presence of different types of periodontal bacteria is predictive independent variables in linear regresion models of oxidative stress parameters as dependent variable, above all 8-OHdG. Conclusions. Oxidative stress parameter levels are correlated with the presence of different types of bacteria. Determination of these levels and periodontal bacteria could be a potent tool for controlling periodontal disease development.

  12. Effect of material parameters on stress wave propagation during fast upsetting

    WANG Zhong-jin; CHENG Li-dong


    Based'on a dynamic analysis method and an explicit algorithm, a dynamic explicit finite element code was developed for modeling the fast upsetting process of block under drop hammer impact, in which the hammer velocity during the deformation was calculated by energy conservation law according to the operating principle of hammer equipment. The stress wave propagation and its effect on the deformation were analyzed by the stress and strain distributions. Industrial pure lead, oxygen-free high-conductivity (OFHC) copper and 7039 aluminum alloy were chosen to investigate the effect of material parameters on the stress wave propagation. The results show that the stress wave propagates from top to bottom of block, and then reflects back when it reaches the bottom surface. After that, stress wave propagates and reflects repeatedly between the upper surface and bottom surface. The stress wave propagation has a significant effect on the deformation at the initial stage, and then becomes weak at the middle-final stage. When the ratio of elastic modulus or the slope of stress-strain curve to mass density becomes larger, the velocity of stress wave propagation increases, and the influence of stress wave on the deformation becomes small.

  13. A Single Parameter to Characterize Wall Shear Stress Developed from an Underexpanded Axisymmetric Impinging Jet

    Fillingham, Patrick; Murali, Harikrishnan


    Wall shear stress is characterized for underexpanded axisymmetric impinging jets for the application of aerodynamic particle resuspension from a surface. Analysis of the flow field and the wall shear stress resulted from normally impinging axisymmetric jets is conducted using Computational Fluid Dynamics. A normally impinging jet is modeled with a constant area nozzle, while varying height to diameter ratio (H/D) and inlet pressures. Schlieren photography is used to visualize the density gradient of the flow field for validation of the CFD. The Dimensionless Jet Parameter (DJP) is developed to describe flow regimes and characterize the shear stress. The DJP is defined as being proportional to the jet pressure ratio divided by the H/D ratio squared. Maximum wall shear stress is examined as a function of DJP with three distinct regimes: (i) subsonic impingement (DJP2). Due to the jet energy dissipation in shock structures, which become a dominant dissipation mechanism in the supersonic impingement regime, wall shear stress is limited to a finite value. Additionally, formation of shock structures in the wall flow were observed for DJP>2 resulting in difficulties with dimensionless analysis. In the subsonic impingement and transitional regimes equations as a function of the DJP are obtained for the maximum wall shear stress magnitude, maximum shear stress location, and shear stress decay. Using these relationships wall shear stress can be predicted at all locations along the impingement surface.

  14. The Effect of Thermal Stress on Asphalt Workers’ Function and Their Physiological Parameters



    Heat stress effects on physical and mental health of workers and decreases human function. Asphalt workers are both exposed to the heat of their working process and to the sun heat. This study aimed at evaluating thermal stress and its following function fall and the effect of asphalt work on the degree of heat stress and asphalt workers’ physiological parameters. The present study was done at the work location of 29 asphalt workers in Qum City,  central  Iran.  The  degree  of  thermal stres...

  15. Regional Flow Simulation in Fractured Aquifers Using Stress-Dependent Parameters

    Preisig, G; Perrochet, P


    A model function relating effective stress to fracture permeability is developed from Hooke's law, implemented in the tensorial form of Darcy's law, and used to evaluate discharge rates and pressure distributions at regional scales. The model takes into account elastic and statistical fracture parameters, and is able to simulate real stress-dependent permeabilities from laboratory to field studies. This modeling approach gains in phenomenology in comparison to the classical ones because the permeability tensors may vary in both strength and principal directions according to effective stresses. Moreover this method allows evaluation of the fracture porosity changes, which are then translated into consolidation of the medium.

  16. Fatigue crack shape prediction based on vertex singularity

    Hutař P.


    Full Text Available Due to the existence of vertex singularity at the point where the crack intersects the free surface, stress distribution around the crack tip and the type of the singularity is changed. In the interior of the specimen the classical singular behaviour of the crack is dominant and can be described using analytic equations. Contrary to this, at the free surface or in the boundary layer close to free surface the vertex singularity is significant. The influence of vertex singularity on crack behaviour and a crack shape for a three-dimensional structure is described in this paper. The results presented make it possible to estimate fatigue crack growth rate and crack shape using the concept of the generalized stress intensity factor. The estimated fatigue crack shape can help to provide a more reliable estimation of the fatigue life of the structures considered.

  17. Singular Continuous Spectrum for Singular Potentials

    Jitomirskaya, Svetlana; Yang, Fan


    We prove that Schrödinger operators with meromorphic potentials {(H_{α,θ}u)_n=u_{n+1}+u_{n-1}+ g(θ+nα)/f(θ+nα) u_n} have purely singular continuous spectrum on the set {{E: L(E) Lyapunov exponent. This extends results of Jitomirskaya and Liu (Arithmetic spectral transitions for the Maryland model. CPAM, to appear) for the Maryland model and of Avila,You and Zhou (Sharp Phase transitions for the almost Mathieu operator. Preprint, 2015) for the almost Mathieu operator to the general family of meromorphic potentials.

  18. Blowup solutions of Jang's equation near a spacetime singularity

    Aazami, Amir Babak


    We study Jang's equation on a one-parameter family of asymptotically flat, spherically symmetric Cauchy hypersurfaces in the maximally extended Schwarzschild spacetime. The hypersurfaces contain apparent horizons and are parametrized by their proximity to the singularity at $r = 0$. We show that on those hypersurfaces sufficiently close to the singularity, \\emph{every} radial solution to Jang's equation blows up. The proof depends only on the geometry in an arbitrarily small neighborhood of the singularity, suggesting that Jang's equation is in fact detecting the singularity. We comment on possible applications to the weak cosmic censorship conjecture.

  19. Singularities Analysis of Paradoxical Mechanism and Parallel Manipulators

    HAO Kuang-rong


    Parallel manipulator is associated with a set of functions defined by its closure constraints. In this paper, using Lie algebra method, we provide a study on the singularities of parallel manipulators, their relations with the second order of the closure functions, and the tangent space of the configuration space of the manipulator. The transverse condition criterion is applied to analyze the behavior of the singularities. This gives a downright explication why the 6R paradoxical mechanisms work in their singular configurations, and allows to gain insight on configuration space singularities and to choose the adequate design parameters for the parallel manipulator.

  20. Abelian Vortices with Singularities

    Baptista, J M


    Let L --> X be a complex line bundle over a compact connected Riemann surface. We consider the abelian vortex equations on L when the metric on the surface has finitely many point degeneracies or conical singularities and the line bundle has parabolic structure. These conditions appear naturally in the study of vortex configurations with constraints, or configurations invariant under the action of a finite group. We first show that the moduli space of singular vortex solutions is the same as in the regular case. Then we compute the total volume and total scalar curvature of the moduli space singular vortex solutions. These numbers differ from the case of regular vortices by a very natural term. Finally we exhibit explicit non-trivial vortex solutions over the thrice punctured hyperbolic sphere.

  1. Singular Mueller matrices

    Gil, José J; José, Ignacio San


    Singular Mueller matrices play an important role in polarization algebra and have peculiar properties that stem from the fact that either the medium exhibits maximum diattenuation and/or polarizance, or because its associated canonical depolarizer has the property of fully randomizing, the circular component (at least) of the states of polarization of light incident on it. The formal reasons for which the Mueller matrix M of a given medium is singular are systematically investigated, analyzed and interpreted in the framework of the serial decompositions and the characteristic ellipsoids of M. The analysis allows for a general classification and geometric representation of singular Mueller matrices, of potential usefulness to experimentalists dealing with such media.

  2. Singularities of invariant connections

    Amores, A.M. (Universidad Complutense, Madrid (Spain)); Gutierrez, M. (Universidad Politecnica, Madrid (Spain))


    A reductive homogeneous space M = P/G is considered, endowed with an invariant connection, i.e., such that all left translations of M induced by members of P preserve it. The authors study the set of singularities of such connections giving sufficient conditions for it to be empty, or, in other cases, familities of b-incomplete curves converging to singularities. A full description of the b-completion of a connection with M = R[sup m] (or a quotient of it) is given with information on its topology. 5 refs.

  3. Numerical analysis of singular solutions of two-dimensional problems of asymmetric elasticity

    Korepanov, V. V.; Matveenko, V. P.; Fedorov, A. Yu.; Shardakov, I. N.


    An algorithm for the numerical analysis of singular solutions of two-dimensional problems of asymmetric elasticity is considered. The algorithm is based on separation of a power-law dependence from the finite-element solution in a neighborhood of singular points in the domain under study, where singular solutions are possible. The obtained power-law dependencies allow one to conclude whether the stresses have singularities and what the character of these singularities is. The algorithm was tested for problems of classical elasticity by comparing the stress singularity exponents obtained by the proposed method and from known analytic solutions. Problems with various cases of singular points, namely, body surface points at which either the smoothness of the surface is violated, or the type of boundary conditions is changed, or distinct materials are in contact, are considered as applications. The stress singularity exponents obtained by using the models of classical and asymmetric elasticity are compared. It is shown that, in the case of cracks, the stress singularity exponents are the same for the elasticity models under study, but for other cases of singular points, the stress singularity exponents obtained on the basis of asymmetric elasticity have insignificant quantitative distinctions from the solutions of the classical elasticity.

  4. An Analysis of the Tvergaard Parameters at Low Initial Stress Triaxiality for S235JR Steel

    G. Kossakowski Paweł


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the influence of the Tvergaard parameters, qi, which are basic constants of the Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman (GTN material model, on the numerically simulated load-carrying capacity of tensile elements made of S235JR steel. The elements were considered to be under static tension at low initial stress triaxiality σm/σe = 1/3. Two sets of the Tvergaard parameters qi were analyzed: those typical of structural steels and those dependent on material strength properties. The results showed that the Tvergaard parameters, qi, had influence on the load-carrying capacity of tensile elements at low initial stress triaxiality. They affected the strength curves and the changes in the void volume fractions determined for S235JR steel elements

  5. Variation of Different Characteristic Parameters of Pentacene/Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Transistors under Electric Stress

    DONG Gui-Fang; LIU Qing-Di; WANG Li-Duo; QIU Yong


    By investigating the variation of different characteristic parameters of pentacene/poly(methyl methacrylate)transistors suffered from electric stress in an environment without O2, H2O and light, we deduce lifetimes of the transistors by different criterion parameters. Defined by the time for the parameters changing one half,the lifetime is different from the minimum of 7h (using on/off current ratio as the criterion parameter) to the maximum of 2.38 × 108h (using transconductance as the criterion parameter). We also find that, under our experimental conditions, the main reason that affects the stabilities of the device is the increase of shallow traps formed in the organic semiconductors.

  6. Stress-strain relationship with soil structural parameters of collapse loess


    Through the tri-axial shearing tests of unsaturated intact loess and based on the concept of comprehensive soil structural potential,this paper reveals the changing laws of soil structural property under the triaxial stress conditions and establishes a mathematical expression equation of structural parameters,whereby reflecting the effects of unsaturated loess water content,stress and strain states,which is introduced into the shearing stress and shearing strain relation to obtain the structural stress-strain relation.The tests reveal that the loess dilatancy is of shearing contraction and shearing expansion,whereby indicating that there is a good linear relation between the stress ratio and shearing expansion strain ratio.The larger consolidation confining pressure is,the larger the stress of shearing contraction and expansion critical point is;and the larger water content is,the smaller the strain ratio of shearing contraction and expansion critical point is.Finally,the constitutive model is established to reflect the variation in loess structure,stressstrain softening and hardening,and shearing contraction and shearing expansion features.Through the comparative analysis,the stress-strain curves described by the constitutive relationship are found to be in good conformity with test results,whereby testing the rationality of the model in this paper.

  7. Quantum singularity of Levi-Civita spacetimes

    Konkowski, D A; Wieland, C


    Quantum singularities in general relativistic spacetimes are determined by the behavior of quantum test particles. A static spacetime is quantum mechanically singular if the spatial portion of the wave operator is not essentially self-adjoint. Here Weyl's limit point-limit circle criterion is used to determine whether a wave operator is essentially self-adjoint. This test is then applied to scalar wave packets in Levi-Civita spacetimes to help elucidate the physical properties of the spacetimes in terms of their metric parameters.

  8. Evaluation of Oxidative Stress Parameters and Urinary Deoxypyridinoline Levels in Geriatric Patients with Osteoporosis

    Demir, Mehmet; Ulas, Turgay; Tutoglu, Ahmet; Boyaci, Ahmet; Karakas, Emel Yigit; Sezen, Hatice; Ustunel, Murat; Bilinc, Hasan; Gencer, Mehmet; Buyukhatipoglu, Hakan


    [Purpose] To evaluate the oxidative stress parameters and urinary deoxypyridinoline levels in geriatric patients with osteoporosis. [Subjects and Methods] Eighty geriatric patients aged over 65 years were recruited. Patients were divided into two groups: Group 1 (n=40) consisted of patients with osteoporosis, and Group 2 (n=40) consisted of patients without osteoporosis. Bone mineral density measurements were performed for all patients using DEXA. Oxidative stress parameters were analyzed in blood samples, and deoxypyridinoline levels were analyzed in 24-hour urinary samples. [Results] Compared to Group 2, the total antioxidant status and oxidative stress index levels of Group 1 were not significantly different; however, total oxidant status and 24-hour urinary deoxypyridinoline levels were significantly higher. Pearson correlation coefficients indicated that OSI and urinary deoxypyridinoline levels were not correlated with any biochemical parameters. ROC-curve analysis revealed that urinary deoxypyridinoline levels over 30.80 mg/ml predicted osteoporosis with 67% sensitivity and 68% specificity (area under the curve = 0.734; %95 CI: 0.624–0.844). [Conclusion] Our results indicate that oxidative stress would play a role in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis, and that urinary deoxypyridinoline levels may be a useful screening test for osteoporosis. PMID:25276024

  9. Impact of environmental stress on biochemical parameters of bacteria reducing chromium

    Rida Batool


    Full Text Available Chromium pollution is produced in connection with industrial processes like in tanneries. It has been suggested that bioremediation could be a good option for clean up. The stress effect of variable chromate levels, pHs and growth temperatures on biochemical parameters of two Cr(VI reducing bacterial strains Pseudomonas aeruginosa Rb-1 and Ochrobactrum intermedium Rb-2 was investigated. Transmission electrone microscopy (TEM was performed to study the intracellular distribution of Cr(VI. It was observed that initial stress of 1000 µgmL-1 caused significant enhancement of all studied biochemical parameters at pH 7.0 and growth temperature of 37 °C showing great bioremediation potential of the strains. Transmission electron microscopy revealed that the distribution of chromium precipitates was not uniform as they were distributed in the cytoplasm as well as found associated with the periplasm and outer membrane. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy showed the possible involvement of carboxyl, amino, sulpohonate and hydroxyl groups present on the bacterial cell surface for the binding of Cr(VI ions. Cr(VI stress brought about changes in the distridution of these functional groups. It can be concluded that the investigated bacterial strains adjust well to Cr(VI stress in terms of biochemical parameters and along that exhibited alteration in morphology.

  10. A Modelling Study for Predicting Life of Downhole Tubes Considering Service Environmental Parameters and Stress

    Tianliang Zhao


    Full Text Available A modelling effort was made to try to predict the life of downhole tubes or casings, synthetically considering the effect of service influencing factors on corrosion rate. Based on the discussed corrosion mechanism and corrosion processes of downhole tubes, a mathematic model was established. For downhole tubes, the influencing factors are environmental parameters and stress, which vary with service duration. Stress and the environmental parameters including water content, partial pressure of H2S and CO2, pH value, total pressure and temperature, were considered to be time-dependent. Based on the model, life-span of an L80 downhole tube in oilfield Halfaya, an oilfield in Iraq, was predicted. The results show that life-span of the L80 downhole tube in Halfaya is 247 months (approximately 20 years under initial stress of 0.1 yield strength and 641 months (approximately 53 years under no initial stress, which indicates that an initial stress of 0.1 yield strength will reduce the life-span by more than half.

  11. Supersymmetry in singular spaces

    Bergshoeff, E; Kallosh, R; Van Proeyen, A


    We develop the concept of supersymmetry in singular spaces, apply it in an example for 3-branes in D = 5 and comment on 8-branes in D = 10. The new construction has an interpretation that the brane is a sink for the flux and requires adding to the standard supergravity a (D - 1)-form field and a sup

  12. Supersymmetry in singular spaces

    Bergshoeff, E; Kallosh, R; Van Proeyen, A


    We develop the concept of supersymmetry in singular spaces, apply it in an example for 3-branes in D = 5 and comment on 8-branes in D = 10. The new construction has an interpretation that the brane is a sink for the flux and requires adding to the standard supergravity a (D - 1)-form field and a

  13. Supersymmetry in Singular Spaces

    Bergshoeff, E. A.; Kallosh, R.; Proeyen, A. van


    Published in: J. High Energy Phys. 10 (2000) 033 citations recorded in [Science Citation Index] Abstract: We develop the concept of supersymmetry in singular spaces, apply it in an example for 3-branes in D=5 and comment on 8-branes in D=10. The new construction has an interpretation that the brane

  14. Pseudospherical surfaces with singularities

    Brander, David


    We study a generalization of constant Gauss curvature −1 surfaces in Euclidean 3-space, based on Lorentzian harmonic maps, that we call pseudospherical frontals. We analyse the singularities of these surfaces, dividing them into those of characteristic and non-characteristic type. We give methods...

  15. Quantum effects near future singularities

    Barrow, John D; Dito, Giuseppe; Fabris, Julio C; Houndjo, Mahouton J S


    General relativity allows a variety of future singularities to occur in the evolution of the universe. At these future singularities, the universe will end in a singular state after a finite proper time and geometrical invariants of the space time will diverge. One question that naturally arises with respect to these cosmological scenarios is the following: can quantum effects lead to the avoidance of these future singularities? We analyze this problem considering massless and conformally coupled scalar fields in an isotropic and homogeneous background leading to future singularities. It is shown that near strong, big rip-type singularities, with violation of the energy conditions, the quantum effects are very important, while near some milder classes of singularity like the sudden singularity, which preserve the energy conditions, quantum effects are irrelevant.

  16. Ratcheting fatigue behaviour of Al-7075 T6 alloy: Influence of stress parameters

    Amarnath, Lala; Bhattacharjee, Antara; Dutta, K.


    The use of aluminium and aluminium based alloys are increasing rapidly on account of its high formability, good thermal and electrical conductivity, high strength and lightness. Aluminium alloys are extensively used in aerospace, automobile, marine and space research industries and are also put into structural applications where chances of fatigue damage cannot be ruled out. In the current work, it is intended to study the ratcheting fatigue behavior of 7075-T6 aluminium alloy at room temperature. This Al alloy is potentially used in aviation, marine and automotive components as well as in bicycle parts, rock mounting equipment and parts of ammunition where there is every chance of failure of the parts due to deformation caused by ratcheting. Ratcheting is the process of accruement of plastic stain produced when a component is subjected to asymmetric cyclic loading under the influence of low cycle fatigue. To accomplish the requirements of the projected research, stress-controlled cyclic loading experiments were done using a ±250 kN servo-hydraulic universal testing machine (Instron: 8800R). The effect of stress parameters such as mean stress and stress amplitude were investigated on the ratcheting behavior of the selected aluminium alloy. It was observed that, ratcheting strain increased with increase in the value of stress amplitude at any constant mean stress while a saturation in strain accumulation attained in the investigated material after around 10-20 cycles, under all test conditions. The analyses of hysteresis loop generated during cyclic loading indicate that the material exhibits cyclic hardening in the initial fifty cycles which gets softened in further loading up to about 70-80 cycles and finally attains a steady state. The increase in the ratcheting strain value with stress parameters happens owing to increased deformation domain during cycling. The cyclic hardening accompanied by softening is correlated with characteristic precipitation features of

  17. Phantom cosmology without Big Rip singularity

    Astashenok, Artyom V. [Baltic Federal University of I. Kant, Department of Theoretical Physics, 236041, 14, Nevsky st., Kaliningrad (Russian Federation); Nojiri, Shin' ichi, E-mail: [Department of Physics, Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8602 (Japan); Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe, Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8602 (Japan); Odintsov, Sergei D. [Department of Physics, Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8602 (Japan); Institucio Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avancats - ICREA and Institut de Ciencies de l' Espai (IEEC-CSIC), Campus UAB, Facultat de Ciencies, Torre C5-Par-2a pl, E-08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona) (Spain); Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Tomsk (Russian Federation); Yurov, Artyom V. [Baltic Federal University of I. Kant, Department of Theoretical Physics, 236041, 14, Nevsky st., Kaliningrad (Russian Federation)


    We construct phantom energy models with the equation of state parameter w which is less than -1, w<-1, but finite-time future singularity does not occur. Such models can be divided into two classes: (i) energy density increases with time ('phantom energy' without 'Big Rip' singularity) and (ii) energy density tends to constant value with time ('cosmological constant' with asymptotically de Sitter evolution). The disintegration of bound structure is confirmed in Little Rip cosmology. Surprisingly, we find that such disintegration (on example of Sun-Earth system) may occur even in asymptotically de Sitter phantom universe consistent with observational data. We also demonstrate that non-singular phantom models admit wormhole solutions as well as possibility of Big Trip via wormholes.

  18. Approximation by Multivariate Singular Integrals

    Anastassiou, George A


    Approximation by Multivariate Singular Integrals is the first monograph to illustrate the approximation of multivariate singular integrals to the identity-unit operator. The basic approximation properties of the general multivariate singular integral operators is presented quantitatively, particularly special cases such as the multivariate Picard, Gauss-Weierstrass, Poisson-Cauchy and trigonometric singular integral operators are examined thoroughly. This book studies the rate of convergence of these operators to the unit operator as well as the related simultaneous approximation. The last cha

  19. String theory and cosmological singularities

    Sumit R Das


    In general relativity space-like or null singularities are common: they imply that `time' can have a beginning or end. Well-known examples are singularities inside black holes and initial or final singularities in expanding or contracting universes. In recent times, string theory is providing new perspectives of such singularities which may lead to an understanding of these in the standard framework of time evolution in quantum mechanics. In this article, we describe some of these approaches.

  20. Can we see naked singularities?

    Deshingkar, Shrirang S.


    We study singularities which can form in a spherically symmetric gravitational collapse of a general matter field obeying weak energy condition. We show that no energy can reach an outside observer from a null naked singularity. That means they will not be a serious threat to the Cosmic Censorship Conjecture (CCC). For the timelike naked singularities, where only the central shell gets singular, the redshift is always finite and they can in principle, carry energy to a faraway observer. Hence...

  1. Holographic complexity and spacetime singularities

    Barbón, José L.F. [Instituto de Física Teórica IFT UAM/CSIC,C/ Nicolás Cabrera 13, Campus Universidad Autónoma de Madrid,Madrid 28049 (Spain); Rabinovici, Eliezer [Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University,Jerusalem 91904 (Israel); Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Hautes Energies, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, 4 Place Jussieu, 75252 Paris Cedex 05 (France)


    We study the evolution of holographic complexity in various AdS/CFT models containing cosmological crunch singularities. We find that a notion of complexity measured by extremal bulk volumes tends to decrease as the singularity is approached in CFT time, suggesting that the corresponding quantum states have simpler entanglement structure at the singularity.

  2. Optimisation of process parameters in friction stir welding based on residual stress analysis: a feasibility study

    Tutum, Cem Celal; Hattel, Jesper Henri


    The present paper considers the optimisation of process parameters in friction stir welding (FSW). More specifically, the choices of rotational speed and traverse welding speed have been investigated using genetic algorithms. The welding process is simulated in a transient, two-dimensional sequen......The present paper considers the optimisation of process parameters in friction stir welding (FSW). More specifically, the choices of rotational speed and traverse welding speed have been investigated using genetic algorithms. The welding process is simulated in a transient, two......, and this is presented as a Pareto optimal front. Moreover, a higher welding speed for a fixed rotational speed results, in general, in slightly higher stress levels in the tension zone, whereas a higher rotational speed for a fixed welding speed yields somewhat lower peak residual stress, however, a wider tension zone...

  3. Increased salivary oxidative stress parameters in patients with type 2 diabetes: Relation with periodontal disease.

    Arana, Carlos; Moreno-Fernández, Ana María; Gómez-Moreno, Gerardo; Morales-Portillo, Cristóbal; Serrano-Olmedo, Isabel; de la Cuesta Mayor, M Carmen; Martín Hernández, Tomás


    The aim of this study was to determine whether there are differences in salivary oxidative stress between patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2) and healthy non-diabetic patients, and whether this oxidative stress is associated with the presence of periodontal disease in diabetic patients. This observational study included 70 patients divided into three groups according to metabolic control levels: 19 non-diabetic patients (control group); 24 patients with good metabolic control (HbA1c7%). The following oxidative stress parameters were measured in all subjects: glutathione peroxidase (GPx), glutathione reductase (GRd), reduced glutathione (GSH) and oxidized glutathione (GSSG). Periodontal health was determined by means of the community periodontal index (CPI) recommended by the WHO. The diabetic group with good metabolic control showed a significant increase in GPx and GRd activity in comparison with the control group (Pperiodontal health. Copyright © 2017 SEEN. Publicado por Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.

  4. Influence of a calmative on selected blood parameters in horses under stressful conditions

    Nemec-Svete Alenka; Čebulj-Kadunc Nina; Kruljc P.


    The results of few studies on tryptophan supplementation conducted in horses are contradictory and none of these studies have shown that tryptophan is an effective calmative in horses. The objective of the present study was to determine changes in hematological parameters, plasma lactate, serum cortisol and biochemical profile, as well as the behavior of untreated and calmative treated horses under stressful conditions in order to determine the effects of the applied calmative. The study also...

  5. The relation between oxidative stress parameters, ischemic stroke,and hemorrhagic stroke

    İçme, Ferhat; Erel, Özcan; AVCİ, AKKAN; SATAR, SALİM; Gülen, Müge; Acehan, Selen


    Background/aim: The aims of this study were to investigate the significance of oxidative stress parameters in the pathogenesis of ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke and to investigate their effects on stroke severity using the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS). Materials and methods: A total of 92 patients, including 74 with ischemic stroke and 18 with hemorrhagic stroke, and 75 volunteers were enrolled in the study. Total oxidant status (TOS), total antioxidant status (...

  6. The Effect of Stochastically Varying Creep Parameters on Residual Stresses in Ceramic Matrix Composites

    Pineda, Evan J.; Mital, Subodh K.; Bednarcyk, Brett A.; Arnold, Steven M.


    Constituent properties, along with volume fraction, have a first order effect on the microscale fields within a composite material and influence the macroscopic response. Therefore, there is a need to assess the significance of stochastic variation in the constituent properties of composites at the higher scales. The effect of variability in the parameters controlling the time-dependent behavior, in a unidirectional SCS-6 SiC fiber-reinforced RBSN matrix composite lamina, on the residual stresses induced during processing is investigated numerically. The generalized method of cells micromechanics theory is utilized to model the ceramic matrix composite lamina using a repeating unit cell. The primary creep phases of the constituents are approximated using a Norton-Bailey, steady state, power law creep model. The effect of residual stresses on the proportional limit stress and strain to failure of the composite is demonstrated. Monte Carlo simulations were conducted using a normal distribution for the power law parameters and the resulting residual stress distributions were predicted.

  7. Parameters That Effect the Interfacial Stresses in Fibre Reinforced Plastic Laminates Strengthened Rc Beams

    Barış Sayın


    Full Text Available The use of externally bonded fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP laminates for strengthening of reinforced concrete beams has become an effective method. This method has been used because of the advantages of FRP materials such as their high strength-to-weight ratio, good corrosion resistance, and versatility in coping with different sectional shapes and corners. Many studies on this theme have been carried out since the early 1900s. In this study, interfacial stresses of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with FRP effect the parameters will be studied as experimental and numerical. Adhesives used in the beams applied to FRP's thickness, adhesive type and the state of the concrete surface, produced experimental samples are exposed to the bending effect will be studied as a comparative. Afterwards, by using the ANSYS® WB finite element program to model and analyze RC beams by externally bonding FRP will be carried out. Adhesive thickness, adhesive type, the concrete surface will be performed by entering the parameters for analysis of stress can be obtained as a result. Thus, the analytical expressions of stress and normal stress equations will establish should be modified. Finite element analysis and experimental results will be compared, compatibility investigated, the results and recommendations presented by the study be completed.

  8. Singularities in loop quantum cosmology.

    Cailleteau, Thomas; Cardoso, Antonio; Vandersloot, Kevin; Wands, David


    We show that simple scalar field models can give rise to curvature singularities in the effective Friedmann dynamics of loop quantum cosmology (LQC). We find singular solutions for spatially flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker cosmologies with a canonical scalar field and a negative exponential potential, or with a phantom scalar field and a positive potential. While LQC avoids big bang or big rip type singularities, we find sudden singularities where the Hubble rate is bounded, but the Ricci curvature scalar diverges. We conclude that the effective equations of LQC are not in themselves sufficient to avoid the occurrence of curvature singularities.

  9. Infinitesimal Structure of Singularities

    Michael Heller


    Full Text Available Some important problems of general relativity, such as the quantisation of gravity or classical singularity problems, crucially depend on geometry on very small scales. The so-called synthetic differential geometry—a categorical counterpart of the standard differential geometry—provides a tool to penetrate infinitesimally small portions of space-time. We use this tool to show that on any “infinitesimal neighbourhood” the components of the curvature tensor are themselves infinitesimal, and construct a simplified model in which the curvature singularity disappears, owing to this effect. However, one pays a price for this result. Using topoi as a generalisation of spaces requires a weakening of arithmetic (the existence of infinitesimals and of logic (to the intuitionistic logic. Is this too high a price to pay for acquiring a new method of solving unsolved problems in physics? Without trying, we shall never know the answer.

  10. A singular value sensitivity approach to robust eigenstructure assignment

    Søgaard-Andersen, Per; Trostmann, Erik; Conrad, Finn


    A design technique for improving the feedback properties of multivariable state feedback systems designed using eigenstructure assignment is presented. Based on a singular value analysis of the feedback properties a design parameter adjustment procedure is outlined. This procedure allows for the ......A design technique for improving the feedback properties of multivariable state feedback systems designed using eigenstructure assignment is presented. Based on a singular value analysis of the feedback properties a design parameter adjustment procedure is outlined. This procedure allows...

  11. Analysis and design of nonlinear resonances via singularity theory

    Cirillo, G I; Kerschen, G; Sepulchre, R


    Bifurcation theory and continuation methods are well-established tools for the analysis of nonlinear mechanical systems subject to periodic forcing. We illustrate the added value and the complementary information provided by singularity theory with one distinguished parameter. While tracking bifurcations reveals the qualitative changes in the behaviour, tracking singularities reveals how structural changes are themselves organised in parameter space. The complementarity of that information is demonstrated in the analysis of detached resonance curves in a two-degree-of-freedom system.

  12. Analysis and design of nonlinear resonances via singularity theory

    Cirillo, G. I.; Habib, G.; Kerschen, G.; Sepulchre, R.


    Bifurcation theory and continuation methods are well-established tools for the analysis of nonlinear mechanical systems subject to periodic forcing. We illustrate the added value and the complementary information provided by singularity theory with one distinguished parameter. While tracking bifurcations reveals the qualitative changes in the behaviour, tracking singularities reveals how structural changes are themselves organised in parameter space. The complementarity of that information is demonstrated in the analysis of detached resonance curves in a two-degree-of-freedom system.


    Juliana Zottis


    Full Text Available The drawing process of steel bars is usually used to check better dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties to the material. In the other hand, the major concern found in manufacturing axes through this process is the appearance of distortion of shape. Such distortions are directly linked to the accumulation of residual stresses generated during the processes. As a result, this paper aims to study the influence of process parameters such as shape of puller, speed and lubrication used in wire drawing analyzing the accumulation of residual stress after the process. The stress analysis was performed by FEM being used two simulation software: Simufact.formingGP and DeformTM. Through these analyzes, it was found that the shape of how the bar is pulled causes a reduction of up to 100 MPa in residual stresses in the center of the bar, which represents an important factor in the study of the possible causes of the distortion. As well as factors speed and homogeneity of lubrication significantly altered the profile of residual stresses in the bar.

  14. The Effects of Mindfulness-Based Movement on Parameters of Stress.

    Robert-McComb, Jacalyn J; Cisneros, Andrew; Tacón, Anna; Panike, Rutika; Norman, Reid; Qian, Xu-Ping; McGlone, John


    The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR) of Kabat-Zinn includes a combination of sitting meditation, yoga, and walking; thus, movement is not emphasized primarily to induce a state of awareness. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a Mindfulness-Based Movement Program (MBM) in women on parameters of stress and coping; that is, in contrast to MBSR, MBM primarily emphasized yoga to cultivate awareness. This study investigated: (a) an objective measure of stress (the cortisol response to a laboratory stressor) following an 8-week MBM in year 1 participants only (n = 17; MBM group = 9; Control group = 8); (b) subjective measures of stress following an 8-week MBM in years 1 and 2 (n = 32; MBM = 16; C = 16); and (c) changes in coping style following an 8- week MBM in years 1 and 2 (n = 32; MBM = 16; C = 16). A mixed plot 2 (Group: TC or MBM) by 5 (Trial: Baseline, Stressor, Recovery 1, Recovery 2, and Recovery 3) repeated measures ANOVA was run for cortisol. Preliminary results indicated a strong trend towards a lowered cortisol response for the MBM group compared to the control group. A mixed plot 2 (Group: TC or MBM) by 2 (Time: Pretest, Post-test) repeated measures ANOVA was run for Spielberg's State Anxiety, the Perceived Stress Scale, and the Problem Focused Style of Coping Scale for the Suppressive, Reflective, and the Reactive Coping Style. There were significant main effects for time, group, and an interaction of time and group for Spielberg's State Anxiety and the Perceived Stress Scale. Significant differences were also found for time and the interaction of time and group for the Problem Focused Style of Coping for the Reflective Coping Style (p MBM program on perceived measures of stress and coping style in women.

  15. Neural Excitability and Singular Bifurcations.

    De Maesschalck, Peter; Wechselberger, Martin


    We discuss the notion of excitability in 2D slow/fast neural models from a geometric singular perturbation theory point of view. We focus on the inherent singular nature of slow/fast neural models and define excitability via singular bifurcations. In particular, we show that type I excitability is associated with a novel singular Bogdanov-Takens/SNIC bifurcation while type II excitability is associated with a singular Andronov-Hopf bifurcation. In both cases, canards play an important role in the understanding of the unfolding of these singular bifurcation structures. We also explain the transition between the two excitability types and highlight all bifurcations involved, thus providing a complete analysis of excitability based on geometric singular perturbation theory.

  16. Spacetime Singularities in (2+1)-Dimensional Quantum Gravity

    Minassian, E A


    The effects of spacetime quantization on black hole and big bang/big crunch singularities can be studied using new tools from (2+1)-dimensional quantum gravity. I investigate effects of spacetime quantization on singularities of the (2+1)-dimensional BTZ black hole and the (2+1)-dimensional torus universe. Hosoya has considered the BTZ black hole, and using a ``quantum generalized affine parameter'' (QGAP), has shown that, for some specific paths, quantum effects ``smear'' the singularity. Using generic gaussian wave functions, I show that both BTZ black hole and the torus universe contain families of paths that still reach the singularities with a finite QGAP, suggesting that singularities persist in quantum gravity. More realistic calculations, using modular invariant wave functions of Carlip and Nelson for the torus universe, further support this conclusion.

  17. Spacetime singularities in (2 + 1)-dimensional quantum gravity

    Minassian, Eric


    The effects of spacetime quantization on black-hole and big-bang/big-crunch singularities can be studied using new tools from (2 + 1)-dimensional quantum gravity. I investigate effects of spacetime quantization on the singularities of the (2 + 1)-dimensional BTZ black hole and the (2 + 1)-dimensional torus universe. Hosoya has considered the BTZ black hole, and using a 'quantum-generalized affine parameter' (QGAP), has shown that, for some specific paths, quantum effects 'smear' the singularity. Using generic Gaussian wavefunctions, I show that both the BTZ black hole and the torus universe contain families of paths that still reach the singularities with finite QGAPs, suggesting that singularities persist in quantum gravity. More realistic calculations, using modular-invariant wavefunctions of Carlip and Nelson for the torus universe, further support this conclusion.



    The problem of identifying the property of singularity loci of Gough-Stewart manipulators is addressed. After constructing the Jacobian matrix of the Gough-Stewart manipulator, a cubic polynomial expression in the mobile platform position parameters, which represents the constantorientation singularity locus of the manipulator, is derived. Graphical representations of the singularity locus of the manipulator for different orientations are illustrated with examples. Further,the singularity locus of the manipulator in the principal-section, where the mobile platform lies, is analyzed. It shows that singularity loci of the manipulator in parallel pfincipal-sections are all quadratic expressions including a parabola, four pairs of intersecting straight lines and infinite hyperbolas. Their geometric and kinematic properties are also researched as well.

  19. Cosmological singularity theorems for f(R) gravity theories

    Alani, Ivo; Santillán, Osvaldo P.


    In the present work some generalizations of the Hawking singularity theorems in the context of f(R) theories are presented. The main assumptions are: the matter fields stress energy tensor satisfies the condition (Tij-(gij/2)T)kikj >= 0 for any generic unit time like field ki; the scalaron takes bounded positive values during its evolution and the resulting space time is globally hyperbolic. Then, if there exist a Cauchy hyper-surface Σ for which the expansion parameter θ of the geodesic congruence emanating orthogonally from Σ satisfies some specific bounds, then the resulting space time is geodesically incomplete. Some mathematical results of reference [92] are very important for proving this. The generalized theorems presented here apply directly for some specific models such as the Hu-Sawicki or Starobinsky ones [27,38]. For other scenarios, some extra assumptions should be implemented in order to have a geodesically incomplete space time. The hypothesis considered in this text are sufficient, but not necessary. In other words, their negation does not imply that a singularity is absent.

  20. Quantum Singularity of Quasiregular Spacetimes

    Konkowski, Deborah A.; Helliwell, Thomas M.


    A quasiregular spacetime is a spacetime with a classical quasiregular singularity, the mildest form of true singularity [G.F.R. Ellis and B.G. Schmidt, Gen. Rel. Grav. 8, 915 (1977)]. The definition of G.T. Horowitz and D. Marolf [Phys. Rev. D52, 5670 (1995)] for a quantum-mechanically singular spacetime is one in which the spatial-derivative operator in the Klein-Gordon equation for a massive scalar field is not essentially self-adjoint. In such a quantum-mechanically singular spacetime, the time evolution of a quantum test particle is not uniquely determined. Horowitz and Marolf showed that a two-dimensional spacetime with a classical conical singularity (i.e., a two-dimensional quasiregular singularity) is also quantum-mechanically singular. Here we show that a class of static quasiregular spacetimes possessing disclinations and dislocations [R.A.Puntigam and H.H. Soleng , Class. Quantum Grav. 14, 1129 (1997)] is quantum-mechanically singular, since the scalar wave operator is not essentially self-adjoint. These spacetimes include an idealized cosmic string spacetime, i.e., a four-dimensional spacetime with conical singularity, and a Galtsov/Letelier/Tod spacetime featuring a screw dislocation [K.P. Tod, Class. Quantum Grav. 11, 1331 (1994); D.V. Galtsov and P.S. Letelier, Phys. Rev. D47, 4273 (1993)]. In addition, we show that the definition of quantum-mechanically singular spacetimes can be extended to include Maxwell and Dirac fields.

  1. The effects of machine parameters on residual stress determined using micro-Raman spectroscopy

    Sparks, R.G.; Enloe, W.S.; Paesler, M.A.


    The effects of machine parameters on residual stresses in single point diamond turned silicon and germanium have been investigated using micro-Raman spectroscopy. Residual stresses were sampled across ductile feed cuts in < 100 > silicon and germanium which were single point diamond turned using a variety of feed rates, rake angles and clearance angles. High spatial resolution micro-Raman spectra (1{mu}m spot) were obtained in regions of ductile cutting where no visible surface damage was present. The use of both 514-5nm and 488.0nm excitation wavelengths, by virtue of their differing characteristic penetration depths in the materials, allowed determinations of stress profiles as a function of depth into the sample. Previous discussions have demonstrated that such Raman spectra will exhibit asymmetrically broadened peaks which are characteristic of the superposition of a continuum of Raman scatterers from the various depths probed. Depth profiles of residual stress were obtained using computer deconvolution of the resulting asymmetrically broadened raman spectra.

  2. Optimization of machining and vibration parameters for residual stresses minimization in ultrasonic assisted turning of 4340 hardened steel.

    Sharma, Varun; Pandey, Pulak M


    The residual stresses generated in the machined work piece have detrimental effect on fatigue life, corrosion resistance and tribological properties. However, the effect of cutting and vibration parameters on residual stresses in Ultrasonic Assisted Turning (UAT) has not been dealt with. The present paper highlights the effect of feed rate, depth of cut, cutting velocity and percentage intensity of ultrasonic power on residual stress generation. XRD analysis has been carried out to measure the residual stress while turning 4340 hardened steel using UAT. The experiments were performed based on response surface methodology to develop statistical model for residual stress. The outcome of ANOVA revealed that percentage intensity and feed rate significantly affect the residual stress generation. The significant interactions between process parameters have also been presented tin order to understand the thermo-mechanical mechanism responsible for residual stress generation.

  3. Reproductive parameters and oxidative stress status of male rats fed with low and high salt diet

    Bolanle O Iranloye


    Full Text Available Background: Deficiency of minerals and micronutrients has been reported to impair the process of spermatogenesis. Historically, salt has been used by women on their husbands to increase their libido, however, the role of salt diet on sperm parameters are yet to be ascertained. AIM: The present study was designed to determine the effect of low and high salt diet on sperm parameters, oxidative status and reproductive hormone levels of male rats. Materials and Methods: A total of 18 rats were divided into three groups: Group I: (control received 0.3% salt diet, Group II: low salt (received 0.14% salt diet and Group III: high salt (received 8% salt diet. All animals were treated for 6 weeks; after which epididymal sperm parameters; oxidative stress markers (malondialdehyde, glutathione, catalase and superoxide dismutase in the testes and epididymal tissues, as well as follicle stimulating hormone (FSH, luteinizing hormone (LH and testosterone levels were determined. Results: The results showed decreased sperm count in the low salt diet rats while increased sperm count was observed in the high salt diet treated rats. Both low salt and high salt diet fed rats exhibited increased abnormal sperm cells and increased epididymal oxidative stress when compared with their respective control. FSH and testosterone levels were increased in the high salt fed rats while LH level was decreased when compared with the control values. Conclusion: This study suggests that both low and high salt diet play a negative role in the fertility of male rats.

  4. Low temperature stress on the hematological parameters and HSP gene expression in the turbot Scophthalmus maximus

    Ji, Liqin; Jiang, Keyong; Liu, Mei; Wang, Baojie; Han, Longjiang; Zhang, Mingming; Wang, Lei


    To study the effect of low temperature stress on hematological parameters and HSP gene expression in the turbot ( Scophthalmus maximus), water temperature was lowered rapidly from 18 to 1°C. During the cooling process, three individuals were removed from culture tanks at 18, 13, 8, 5, 3, and 1°C. Blood samples and tissues were taken from each individual, hematological indices and HSP gene expression in tissues were measured. The red blood cell count, white blood cell count, and hemoglobin concentration decreased significantly ( P cortisol, cholesterol, and triglyceride all increased significantly ( P stress response in S. maximus and that temperature should be kept above 8°C in the aquaculture setting to avoid damage to the fish.

  5. Closed testing procedure for multiplicity control. An application on oxidative stress parameters in Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

    Angela Alibrandi


    Full Text Available Closed Testing procedures represent an effective solution to the need to make inferences on multiple aspects at the same time, controlling the Familywise Error Rate (FWER, that is the error rate of the hierarchical family. Closed Testing procedures have a high degree of adaptability to a wide range of experimental situations, both in parametric than in non-parametric ambit. The attention is focused on the  Bonferroni-Holm method, frequently used to counteract the problem of multiple comparisons. The present paper aims to show an original application of the Closed Testing procedures for multiplicity control in medical research, with reference to the oxidative stress; in particular the Min-P Bonferrroni-Holm method was applied to the p-value adjustment, related to three parameters (BAP, D-ROMS, AGEs of oxidative stress in Hashimoto’s thyroidytis.

  6. Optimization of residual stresses in MMC's through the variation of interfacial layer architectures and processing parameters

    Pindera, Marek-Jerzy; Salzar, Robert S.


    The objective of this work was the development of efficient, user-friendly computer codes for optimizing fabrication-induced residual stresses in metal matrix composites through the use of homogeneous and heterogeneous interfacial layer architectures and processing parameter variation. To satisfy this objective, three major computer codes have been developed and delivered to the NASA-Lewis Research Center, namely MCCM, OPTCOMP, and OPTCOMP2. MCCM is a general research-oriented code for investigating the effects of microstructural details, such as layered morphology of SCS-6 SiC fibers and multiple homogeneous interfacial layers, on the inelastic response of unidirectional metal matrix composites under axisymmetric thermomechanical loading. OPTCOMP and OPTCOMP2 combine the major analysis module resident in MCCM with a commercially-available optimization algorithm and are driven by user-friendly interfaces which facilitate input data construction and program execution. OPTCOMP enables the user to identify those dimensions, geometric arrangements and thermoelastoplastic properties of homogeneous interfacial layers that minimize thermal residual stresses for the specified set of constraints. OPTCOMP2 provides additional flexibility in the residual stress optimization through variation of the processing parameters (time, temperature, external pressure and axial load) as well as the microstructure of the interfacial region which is treated as a heterogeneous two-phase composite. Overviews of the capabilities of these codes are provided together with a summary of results that addresses the effects of various microstructural details of the fiber, interfacial layers and matrix region on the optimization of fabrication-induced residual stresses in metal matrix composites.

  7. Effect of ascorbic acid on morphological and biochemical parameters in tomato seedling exposure to salt stress

    Krupa-Małkiewicz Marcelina


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to determine the effect of both NaCl and KCl alone and in comparison to AsA on the morphological and some biochemical parameters of Oxheart and Vilma cultivars of tomato under laboratory and field conditions. A combination of salt applied in the laboratory experiment caused a significant effect on seed germination and root and shoot length and a significant reduction of Chl a, Chl b and Car contents in 14-day-old tomato seedlings. However, seedlings of cultivar Vilma were characterised by higher tolerance to applied salt stress.

  8. Optimization of the Process Parameters for Controlling Residual Stress and Distortion in Friction Stir Welding

    Tutum, Cem Celal; Schmidt, Henrik Nikolaj Blicher; Hattel, Jesper Henri


    , is investigated. The welding process is simulated in 2-dimensions with a sequentially coupled transient thermo-mechanical model using ANSYS. The numerical optimization problem is implemented in modeFRONTIER and solved using the Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA-II). An engineering-wise evaluation or ranking......In the present paper, numerical optimization of the process parameters, i.e. tool rotation speed and traverse speed, aiming minimization of the two conflicting objectives, i.e. the residual stresses and welding time, subjected to process-specific thermal constraints in friction stir welding...

  9. Norfloxacin--toxicity for Zebrafish (Danio rerio) focused on oxidative stress parameters.

    Bartoskova, Marta; Dobsikova, Radka; Stancova, Vlasta; Pana, Ondrej; Zivna, Dana; Plhalova, Lucie; Blahova, Jana; Marsalek, Petr


    The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of subchronic exposure of zebrafish (Danio rerio) to a fluoroquinolone norfloxacin, using selected oxidative stress parameters as a target. Toxicity tests were performed on zebrafish according to the OECD Guidelines number 203 and number 215. In the Subchronic Toxicity Test, a significant (P norfloxacin did not affect lipid peroxidation and catalytic activity of glutathione reductase. From the results, we can conclude that norfloxacin has a negative impact on specific biochemical processes connected with the production of reactive oxygen species in fish tested.

  10. Norfloxacin—Toxicity for Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Focused on Oxidative Stress Parameters

    Bartoskova, Marta; Dobsikova, Radka; Stancova, Vlasta; Pana, Ondrej; Zivna, Dana; Plhalova, Lucie; Blahova, Jana; Marsalek, Petr


    The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of subchronic exposure of zebrafish (Danio rerio) to a fluoroquinolone norfloxacin, using selected oxidative stress parameters as a target. Toxicity tests were performed on zebrafish according to the OECD Guidelines number 203 and number 215. In the Subchronic Toxicity Test, a significant (P norfloxacin did not affect lipid peroxidation and catalytic activity of glutathione reductase. From the results, we can conclude that norfloxacin has a negative impact on specific biochemical processes connected with the production of reactive oxygen species in fish tested. PMID:24783212

  11. How Does Naked Singularity Look?

    Nakao, Ken-ichi; Kobayashi, Naoki; Ishihara, Hideki


    There are non-radial null geodesics emanating from the shell focusing singularity formed at the symmetric center in a spherically symmetric dust collapse. In this article, assuming the self-similarity in the region filled with the dust fluid, we study these singular null geodesics in detail. We see the time evolution of the angular diameter of the central naked singularity and show that it might be bounded above by the value corresponding to the circular null geodesic in the Schwarzschild spa...

  12. Quantum healing of classical singularities in power-law spacetimes

    Helliwell, T M [Department of Physics, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA 91711 (United States); Konkowski, D A [Department of Mathematics, US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD 21402 (United States)


    We study a broad class of spacetimes whose metric coefficients reduce to powers of a radius r in the limit of small r. Among these four-parameter 'power-law' metrics, we identify those parameters for which the spacetimes have classical singularities as r {yields} 0. We show that a large set of such classically-singular spacetimes is nevertheless non-singular quantum mechanically, in that the Hamiltonian operator is essentially self-adjoint, so that the evolution of quantum wave packets lacks the ambiguity associated with scattering off singularities. Using these metrics, the broadest class yet studied to compare classical with quantum singularities, we explore the physical reasons why some that are singular classically are 'healed' quantum mechanically, while others are not. We show that most (but not all) of the remaining quantum-mechanically singular spacetimes can be excluded if either the weak energy condition or the dominant energy condition is invoked, and we briefly discuss the effect of this work on the strong cosmic censorship conjecture.

  13. Algebraic Bethe ansatz for a singular solution

    Nepomechie, Rafael I


    The Bethe equations for the spin-1/2 Heisenberg chain with N sites have a "two-string" solution i/2, -i/2 that is singular: both the corresponding energy and algebraic Bethe ansatz vector are divergent. We show that this solution must be carefully regularized in order to obtain the correct eigenvector. This regularization involves a parameter that can be determined using a generalization of the Bethe equations. It follows that this solution must be excluded for odd N.

  14. Configuration of singular optical cones in gyrotropic crystals with dichroism

    Merkulov, V. S., E-mail: [National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Material Science Applied Research Center (Belarus)


    Optical conic singularities in crystals with linear dichroism and natural optical activity at the point of intersection of dispersion curves for the main refractive indices are considered. The possible existence of singularities like a nodal point, tangency point, triple point, and cusps of the first and second order is demonstrated. Forty-nine different types of irreducible fourth-order optical cones obtained by sequential bifurcations of eight main singular cones are established. The classification is based on the concept of roughness of systems depending on parameters.

  15. Electrochemical etching of sharp tips for STM reveals singularity

    Quaade, Ulrich; Oddershede, Lene


    Electrochemical etching of metal wires is widely used to produce atomically sharp tips for use in scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). In this letter we uncover the existence of a finite-time singularity in the process: Several of the physical parameters describing the system exhibit scaling...... towards and away from a particular singular point in time, exactly the time at which the wire breaks. The obtained scaling exponents coincide with exponents reported from other singular dynamical systems. The results also provide knowledge of how to control STM tip properties on the nano-scale....

  16. Cardiovascular disease-related parameters and oxidative stress in SHROB rats, a model for metabolic syndrome.

    Eunice Molinar-Toribio

    Full Text Available SHROB rats have been suggested as a model for metabolic syndrome (MetS as a situation prior to the onset of CVD or type-2 diabetes, but information on descriptive biochemical parameters for this model is limited. Here, we extensively evaluate parameters related to CVD and oxidative stress (OS in SHROB rats. SHROB rats were monitored for 15 weeks and compared to a control group of Wistar rats. Body weight was recorded weekly. At the end of the study, parameters related to CVD and OS were evaluated in plasma, urine and different organs. SHROB rats presented statistically significant differences from Wistar rats in CVD risk factors: total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, apoA1, apoB100, abdominal fat, insulin, blood pressure, C-reactive protein, ICAM-1 and PAI-1. In adipose tissue, liver and brain, the endogenous antioxidant systems were activated, yet there was no significant oxidative damage to lipids (MDA or proteins (carbonylation. We conclude that SHROB rats present significant alterations in parameters related to inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, thrombotic activity, insulin resistance and OS measured in plasma as well as enhanced redox defence systems in vital organs that will be useful as markers of MetS and CVD for nutrition interventions.

  17. On Edge Singularity and Eigenvectors of Mixed Graphs

    Ying Ying TAN; Yi Zheng FAN


    Let G be a mixed graph which is obtained from an undirected graph by orienting some of its edges. The eigenvalues and eigenvectors of G are, respectively, defined to be those of the Laplacian matrix L (G)of .As L(G) is positive semidefinite, the singularity of L (G) is determined by its least eigenvalue λ1(G).This paper introduces a new parameter edge singularity εs(G) that reflects the singularity of L(G),which is the minimum number of edges of G whose deletion yields that all the components of the resulting graph are singular. We give some inequalities between εs(G)and 1(G) (and other parameters) of G .Inthecaseof εs(G) = 1, we obtain a property on the structure of the eigenvectors of G corresponding to λ1(G), which is similar to the property of Fiedler vectors of a simple graph given by Fiedler.

  18. von Willebrand Factor and Oxidative Stress Parameters in Acute Coronary Syndromes

    Zoran Koprivica


    Full Text Available Considering the role of von Willebrand factor (vWf in hemostasis, and the role of oxidative stress in the development of endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerotic disease, the aim of our study was to investigate the relationship between vWf, parameters of oxidative stress and different types of acute coronary syndromes (ACS. Levels of vWf activity (vWfAct, vWf antigen (vWfAg, nitric oxide (estimated through nitrites–NO2 −, superoxide anion radical (O2 −, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2, index of lipid peroxidation (estimated through thiobarbituric acid reactive substances–TBARS, superoxide dismutase (SOD and catalase (CAT activity of 115 patients were compared with those of 40 healthy controls. ACS patients had significantly higher vWfAct and vWfAg levels, as well as TBARS levels, while their levels of NO2 −, H2O2, SOD and CAT activities were lower than controls'. vWfAg showed high specificity and sensitivity as a test to reveal healthy or diseased subjects. Multivariant logistic regression marked only vWfAg and TBARS as parameters that were under independent effect of ACS type. The results of our study support the implementation of vWf in clinical rutine and into therapeutic targets, and suggest that ACS patients are in need of antioxidant supplementation to improve their impaired antioxidant defence.

  19. Von Willebrand factor and oxidative stress parameters in acute coronary syndromes.

    Koprivica, Zoran; Djordjevic, Dusica; Vuletic, Milena; Zivkovic, Vladimir; Barudzic, Nevena; Andjelkovic, Nebojsa; Djuric, Dragan; Iric-Cupic, Violeta; Krkeljic, Jelena; Jakovljevic, Vladimir


    Considering the role of von Willebrand factor (vWf) in hemostasis, and the role of oxidative stress in the development of endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerotic disease, the aim of our study was to investigate the relationship between vWf, parameters of oxidative stress and different types of acute coronary syndromes (ACS). Levels of vWf activity (vWfAct), vWf antigen (vWfAg), nitric oxide (estimated through nitrites-NO(2)-), superoxide anion radical (O(2)-), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), index of lipid peroxidation (estimated through thiobarbituric acid reactive substances-TBARS), superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT) activity of 115 patients were compared with those of 40 healthy controls. ACS patients had significantly higher vWfAct and vWfAg levels, as well as TBARS levels, while their levels of NO(2)-, H2O2, SOD and CAT activities were lower than controls'. vWfAg showed high specificity and sensitivity as a test to reveal healthy or diseased subjects. Multivariant logistic regression marked only vWfAg and TBARS as parameters that were under independent effect of ACS type. The results of our study support the implementation of vWf in clinical rutine and into therapeutic targets, and suggest that ACS patients are in need of antioxidant supplementation to improve their impaired antioxidant defence.

  20. Effect of aspartame on biochemical and oxidative stress parameters in rat blood

    Prokić Marko D.


    Full Text Available Aspartame (ASP is one of the most widely used nonnutritive sweeteners. This study investigates the chronic effects of ASP on hematological and biochemical parameters, and its effects on the oxidative/antioxidative status in the red blood cells of Wistar albino rats. Rats were provided with ASP (40 mg/kg/daily for six weeks in drinking water. Increased food and fluid intake was observed in the ASP-treated rats. Total body mass was significantly decreased in the ASP-treated rats. Treatment with ASP caused an increase in the concentrations of glucose, cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and in the activities of alanine aminotransferase (ALT, aspartate aminotransferase (AST and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH, as well as a decrease in the levels of HDL-cholesterol in the serum. A significant decline in the number of white blood cells (WBC was observed after ASP uptake. Based on the results we conclude that ASP induces oxidative stress, observed as an alteration of the glutathione redox status, which leads to increased concentrations of nitric oxide (NO and lipid peroxides (LPO in the red blood cells. Changes in biochemical parameters, lipid metabolism, as well as changes in the levels of oxidative stress markers and the appearance of signs of liver damage indicate that chronic use of ASP can lead to the development of hyperglycemia, hypercholesterolemia and associated diseases. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 173041

  1. Development of advanced techniques for identification of flow stress and friction parameters for metal forming analysis

    Cho, Hyunjoong

    The accuracy of process simulation in metal forming by finite element method depends on the accuracy of flow stress data and friction value that are input to FEM programs. Therefore, it is essential that these input values are determined using reliable tests and evaluation methods. This study presents the development of inverse analysis methodology and its application to determine flow stress data of bulk and sheet materials at room and elevated temperatures. The inverse problem is defined as the minimization of the differences between the experimental measurements and the corresponding FEM predictions. Rigid-viscoplastic FEM is used to analyze the metal flow while a numerical optimization algorithm adjusts the material parameters used in the simulation until the calculated response matches the measured data within a specified tolerance. The use of the developed inverse analysis methodology has been demonstrated by applying it to the selected reference rheological tests; cylinder compression test, ring compression test, instrumented indentation test, modified limiting dome height test, and sheet hydraulic bulge test. Furthermore, using the determined material property data, full 3-D finite element simulation models, as examples of industrial applications for orbital forming and thermoforming processes have been developed for reliable process simulation. As results of this study, it was shown that the developed inverse analysis methodology could identify both the material parameters and friction factors from one set of tests, simultaneously. Therefore, this technique can offer a systematic and cost effective way for determining material property data for simulation of metal forming processes.

  2. Detection and Quantification of Free Radicals in Peroxisomal Disorders: A Comparative Study with Oxidative Stress Parameters

    Abd-Elmaksoud, Sohair Abd-El Mawgood; El-Bassyouni, Hala; Afifi, Hanan; Thomas, Manal Micheal; Shalaby, Aliaa; Hamid, Tamer Ahmed Abdel; Hamid, Nehal Abdel; El-Ghobary, Hany


    Introduction Free radicals have been thought to participate in pathogenesis of peroxisomal disorders. Objective The aim of the work is to detect free oxide radicals in blood of patients with peroxisomal disorders and to study their relation with various oxidative stress parameters. Materials and Methods Twenty patients with peroxisomal disorders and 14 age and sex matched healthy subjects were included in the study. Patients with peroxisomal disorders were subdivided according to diagnosis into peroxisomal biogenesis disorders and single enzyme deficiency. Oxidative stress was evaluated in both patients and control subjects by assessment of free radicals, malondialdehyde, nitric oxide metabolites and superoxide dismutase. Results There was increase in free radicals, malondialdehyde, nitric oxide metabolites in patients compared with control subjects. However, there was decrease in superoxide dismutase levels in patients compared with control subjects. Conclusion We concluded that there is excess free radicals production accompanied with decrease in antioxidant defenses in patients with peroxisomal disorders. These results strongly support a role of free radicals in the pathophysiology of peroxisomal disorders and strengthen the importance of oxidative stress phenomenon in peroxisomal disorders pathogenesis. PMID:26674249

  3. Cellular and subcellular oxidative stress parameters following severe spinal cord injury

    Nishant P. Visavadiya


    Full Text Available The present study undertook a comprehensive assessment of the acute biochemical oxidative stress parameters in both cellular and, notably, mitochondrial isolates following severe upper lumbar contusion spinal cord injury (SCI in adult female Sprague Dawley rats. At 24 h post-injury, spinal cord tissue homogenate and mitochondrial fractions were isolated concurrently and assessed for glutathione (GSH content and production of nitric oxide (NO•, in addition to the presence of oxidative stress markers 3-nitrotyrosine (3-NT, protein carbonyl (PC, 4-hydroxynonenal (4-HNE and lipid peroxidation (LPO. Moreover, we assessed production of superoxide (O2•- and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 in mitochondrial fractions. Quantitative biochemical analyses showed that compared to sham, SCI significantly lowered GSH content accompanied by increased NO• production in both cellular and mitochondrial fractions. SCI also resulted in increased O2•- and H2O2 levels in mitochondrial fractions. Western blot analysis further showed that reactive oxygen/nitrogen species (ROS/RNS mediated PC and 3-NT production were significantly higher in both fractions after SCI. Conversely, neither 4-HNE levels nor LPO formation were increased at 24 h after injury in either tissue homogenate or mitochondrial fractions. These results indicate that by 24 h post-injury ROS-induced protein oxidation is more prominent compared to lipid oxidation, indicating a critical temporal distinction in secondary pathophysiology that is critical in designing therapeutic approaches to mitigate consequences of oxidative stress.

  4. The relationships between preoperative urodynamic parameters and clinical outcomes in urinary stress incontinence

    Yaşar Bozkurt


    Full Text Available The aim of present study was to evaluate the influence of urodynamic parameters on preoperative and postoperative clinical pictures in stress incontinence.Charts of patients, who were operated for stress incontinence using autologous rectus fascia sling between March 1999 and January 2005 in Tepecik Training and Research Hospital Urology Clinic, were evaluated retrospectively.A total of 41 patients were divided into two subgroups as, pure (10 patients and mixed stress incontinence (31 patients groups. Mean age of patients was 50.4 (33-70 years. Fifteen patients had intrinsic sphincter insufficiency (ISI. Mixed incontinence group had lower volume for first sensation and more detrusor overactivity than pure group. ISI did not alter the success of operation. Urodynamically no relationship was found between detrusor pressure and postoperative postvoiding residual urine (P>0.05.In conclusion, urodynamic evaluation before surgery was not related to preoperative and postoperative clinical picture of patients, but first sensation of bladder is only predictive for the success in fascial sling surgery.

  5. Propagation of the Lissajous singularity dipole emergent from non-paraxial polychromatic beams

    Haitao, Chen; Gao, Zenghui; Wang, Wanqing


    The propagation of the Lissajous singularity dipole (LSD) emergent from the non-paraxial polychromatic beams is studied. It is found that the handedness reversal of Lissajous singularities, the change in the shape of Lissajous figures, as well as the creation and annihilation of the LSD may take place by varying the propagation distance, off-axis parameter, wavelength, or amplitude factor. Comparing with the LSD emergent from paraxial polychromatic beams, the output field of non-paraxial polychromatic beams is more complicated, which results in some richer dynamic behaviors of Lissajous singularities, such as more Lissajous singularities and no vanishing of a single Lissajous singularity at the plane z>0.

  6. Evaluation of the effects of fructose on oxidative stress and inflammatory parameters in rat brain.

    Lopes, Abigail; Vilela, Thais Ceresér; Taschetto, Luciane; Vuolo, Franciele; Petronilho, Fabricia; Dal-Pizzol, Felipe; Streck, Emilio Luiz; Ferreira, Gustavo Costa; Schuck, Patrícia Fernanda


    Hereditary fructose intolerance is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by the accumulation of fructose in tissues and biological fluids of patients. The disease results from a deficiency of aldolase B, responsible for metabolizing fructose in the liver, kidney, and small intestine. We investigated the effect of acute fructose administration on oxidative stress and neuroinflammatory parameters in the cerebral cortex of 30-day-old Wistar rats. Animals received subcutaneous injection of sodium chloride (0.9 %) (control group) or fructose solution (5 μmol/g) (fructose group). One hour later, the animals were euthanized and the cerebral cortex was isolated. Oxidative stress (levels of thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBA-RS), carbonyl content, nitrate and nitrite levels, 2',7'-dihydrodichlorofluorescein (DCFH) oxidation, glutathione (GSH) levels, as well as the activities of catalase (CAT) and superoxide dismutase (SOD)) and neuroinflammatory parameters (TNF-α, IL-1β, and IL-6 levels and myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity) were investigated. Acute fructose administration increased levels of TBA-RS and carbonyl content, indicating lipid peroxidation and protein damage. Furthermore, SOD activity increased, whereas CAT activity was decreased. The levels of GSH, nitrate, and nitrite and DCFH oxidation were not altered by acute fructose administration. Finally, cytokines IL-1β, IL-6, and TNF-α levels, as well as MPO activity, were not altered. Our present data indicate that fructose provokes oxidative stress in the cerebral cortex, which induces oxidation of lipids and proteins and changes of CAT and SOD activities. It seems therefore reasonable to propose that antioxidants may serve as an adjuvant therapy to diets or to other pharmacological agents used for these patients, to avoid oxidative damage to the brain.

  7. Cooperative Output Regulation of Singular Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems.

    Ma, Qian; Xu, Shengyuan; Lewis, Frank L; Zhang, Baoyong; Zou, Yun


    This paper investigates the cooperative output regulation problem of singular heterogeneous multiagent systems. General distributed observers are proposed for every agent obtaining the estimated state of the exosystem. The feedforward control technique and reduced-order approach are used to design distributed singular output feedback controllers and distributed normal output feedback controllers. The proposed cooperative dynamic controller is dependent on the plant parameters and the interaction topologies. A simulation example is provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed design method.

  8. Effect of season on physiological, biochemical, hormonal, and oxidative stress parameters of indigenous sheep

    Sawankumar D. Rathwa


    Full Text Available Aim: This study was conducted to evaluate the impact of summer and winter season on physiological, biochemical, hormonal, and antioxidant parameters in Indigenous sheep. Materials and Methods: The research was carried out during summer and winter season. 8 adult apparently healthy female sheep (aged 2-4 years of similar physiological status were selected. Daily ambient temperature and relative humidity were recorded to calculate the temperature-humidity index (THI. The THI value of summer and winter season were 82.55 and 59.36, respectively, which indicate extreme hot condition during summer season and extreme cold condition during winter season. Physiological parameters were recorded daily during the experimental periods. Blood samples were collected at weekly interval and analyzed for biochemical, hormonal, and antioxidant parameters. The results were analyzed using completely randomized design. Results: From data obtained in this study, we found that higher THI during summer have significant effect over various physiological, biochemical, hormonal, and enzymatic indices of indigenous sheep. The physiological response such as rectal temperature, respiration rate (RR, pulse rate (PR, and skin temperature (ST was increased significantly. We also found a significant increase in some biochemical parameters such as blood urea nitrogen (BUN, uric acid, creatinine (Cr, alanine transaminase (ALT, aspartate transaminase (AST, sodium (Na, and potassium (K. The level of cortisol hormone and superoxide dismutase (SOD, glutathione peroxidase (GPx, and lipid peroxidase (LPO antioxidants increased significantly during summer. Whereas, some parameters such as glucose, cholesterol, calcium (Ca, inorganic phosphorus (IP, triiodothyronine (T3, and thyroxine (T4 were decreased significantly during summer season. Conclusion: It was concluded that the THI is a sensitive indicator of heat stress and is impacted by ambient temperature more than the relative humidity

  9. Longitudinal follow-up of oxidative stress and DNA damage parameters in detergent workers

    Boojar Masoud Mashhadi


    Full Text Available Background: The aim of this study was the follow-up of work place enzyme and detergent dust exposure effects and smoking habit on DNA damage parameters of workers and the evaluation of their antioxidant enzyme activities and lipid peroxidation with regard to bag-filter installation in the work place. Material and Methods: All investigated parameters were studied in a group of 153 workers of enzyme-free detergent production plant (E-free and a group of 138 workers of enzyme-plus detergent plant (E-plus and compared with 45 controls 7.2 years before and 3.1 years after filter system installation. The following methods were used: antioxidant enzymes by an ultraviolet-visibles spectrophotometer, malondialdehyde (MDA, 8-hydroxy-2′deoxyguanosine (8OH-2′dG by high-performance liquid chromatography, trace elements by atomic absorption spectroscopy, and comet assay by single cell gel electrophoresis. Results: Compared with controls, significant increases were observed in both detergent-exposed groups with respect to the levels of MDA, antioxidant enzyme activities, and DNA damage parameters, including 8OH-2′dG, endonuclease III-sensitive sites, and DNA strand breaks, with enhancement effect of smoking before filter system installation. After filter installation, besides significant decrease in the detergent and enzyme dust of airborne and oxidative stress indicators, there was improvement in all DNA damage investigated parameters at the end of this study. The levels of cumulative exposure index of detergent dusts decreased significantly after airborne improvement and showed positive correlation with internal biochemical parameters. Conclusions: We concluded that high levels of enzyme and detergent contents of work place dusts had a cumulative effect and smoking had a synergistic effect on the imbalance of antioxidant status and lipid peroxidation, suggesting that oxidation stress is important in the occurrence and progression of DNA damage over

  10. Singular coverings of toposes

    Bunge, Marta


    The self-contained theory of certain singular coverings of toposes called complete spreads, that is presented in this volume, is a field of interest to topologists working in knot theory, as well as to various categorists. It extends the complete spreads in topology due to R. H. Fox (1957) but, unlike the classical theory, it emphasizes an unexpected connection with topos distributions in the sense of F. W. Lawvere (1983). The constructions, though often motivated by classical theories, are sometimes quite different from them. Special classes of distributions and of complete spreads, inspired respectively by functional analysis and topology, are studied. Among the former are the probability distributions; the branched coverings are singled out amongst the latter. This volume may also be used as a textbook for an advanced one-year graduate course introducing topos theory with an emphasis on geometric applications. Throughout the authors emphasize open problems. Several routine proofs are left as exercises, but...



    Mary K Gaillard back to CERN to present her book and talk diversity - In 1981 Mary K Gaillard became the first woman on the physics faculty at the University of California at Berkeley. Her career as a theoretical physicist spanned the period from the inception — in the late 1960s and early 1970s — of what is now known as the Standard Model of particle physics and its experimental confirmation, culminating with the discovery of the Higgs particle in 2012. Her book A Singularly Unfeminine Profession recounts Gaillard's experiences as a woman in a very male-dominated field, while tracing the development of the Standard Model as she witnessed it and participated in it.

  12. Entanglement Entropy for Singular Surfaces

    Myers, Robert C


    We study entanglement entropy for regions with a singular boundary in higher dimensions using the AdS/CFT correspondence and find that various singularities make new universal contributions. When the boundary CFT has an even spacetime dimension, we find that the entanglement entropy of a conical surface contains a term quadratic in the logarithm of the UV cut-off. In four dimensions, the coefficient of this contribution is proportional to the central charge 'c'. A conical singularity in an odd number of spacetime dimensions contributes a term proportional to the logarithm of the UV cut-off. We also study the entanglement entropy for various boundary surfaces with extended singularities. In these cases, similar universal terms may appear depending on the dimension and curvature of the singular locus.

  13. Estimation of effective geostress parameters driven by anisotropic stress and rock-physics models with orthorhombic symmetry

    Pan, Xinpeng; Zhang, Guangzhi; Yin, Xingyao


    Estimation of effective geostress parameters is fundamental to the trajectory design and hydraulic fracturing in shale-gas reservoirs. Considering the shale characteristics of excellent stratification, well-developed cracks or fractures and small-scale pores, an effective or suitable shale anisotropic rock-physics model contributes to achieving the accurate prediction of effective geostress parameters in shale-gas reservoirs. In this paper, we first built a shale anisotropic rock-physics model with orthorhombic symmetry, which helps to calculate the anisotropic and geomechanical parameters under the orthorhombic assumption. Then, we introduced an anisotropic stress model with orthorhombic symmetry compared with an isotropic stress model and a transversely isotropic stress model. Combining the effective estimation of the pore pressure and the vertical stress parameters, we finally obtained the effective geostress parameters including the minimum and maximum horizontal stress parameters, providing a useful guide for the exploration and development in shale-gas reservoirs. Of course, ultimately the optimal choice of the hydraulic-fracturing area may also take into consideration other multi-factors such as the rock brittleness, cracks or fractures, and hydrocarbon distribution.


    Olivera Tričković-Janjić


    Full Text Available Early detection and analysis of the values of the parameters of oxidative stress, malondialdehyde (MDA and reactive carbonyl groups (RCG in saliva, as possible biochemical markers in the diagnosis and prognosis of periodontal disease, may be of particular importance in children. For this reason, the aim of this study was to examine the levels of lipoproteins in the saliva of children without gingivitis and with gingivitis, as well as the degree of gingival inflammation. The testing was conducted in 120 children aged 12.2 years, with permanent dentition. Gingival index by Löe-Silness was used for the gingival estimation. A modified method with thiobarbituric acid was used for the determination of MDA in unstimulated saliva. Colorimetric reaction with 2.4 dinitrophenylhydrazine (2.4 DNPH was applied for the determination of RCG. Results of the analysis of the average values of prooxidizer in the saliva of the patients in a study and the control group showed as statistically significantly higher in the patients of the study group, in RCG concentration (UMW=667.5, z=-4.137, p<0.001 as well as in the level of MDA (UMW=452.5, z=-5.44, p<0.001. The results of the analysis of the MDA level showed an increase in average values with increasing degree of gingival inflammation with statistical significance between the groups confirmed by the KruskalWallis test (χ2 KW=32.45, p<0.001 but not by the Mann-Whitney test. Results of the analysis of concentration of carbonyl groups in patients with varying degrees of gingival inflammation showed an increase with statistically significant differences in the values of this parameter among all groups of patients (χ2 KW=45.23, p<0.001 and by the MannWhitney test the highest among the patients with healthy gingiva and patients with severe gingival inflammation (UMW=113.00, z=-4.98, p<0.001. The presence and increase in the parameters of oxidative stress of malondialdehyde and carbonyl groups in the saliva of children

  15. Naked singularities are not singular in distorted gravity

    Garattini, Remo, E-mail: [Università degli Studi di Bergamo, Facoltà di Ingegneria, Viale Marconi 5, 24044 Dalmine (Bergamo) (Italy); I.N.F.N. – sezione di Milano, Milan (Italy); Majumder, Barun, E-mail: [Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382424 (India)


    We compute the Zero Point Energy (ZPE) induced by a naked singularity with the help of a reformulation of the Wheeler–DeWitt equation. A variational approach is used for the calculation with Gaussian Trial Wave Functionals. The one loop contribution of the graviton to the ZPE is extracted keeping under control the UltraViolet divergences by means of a distorted gravitational field. Two examples of distortion are taken under consideration: Gravity's Rainbow and Noncommutative Geometry. Surprisingly, we find that the ZPE is no more singular when we approach the singularity.

  16. Effects of chronic haloperidol and/or clozapine on oxidative stress parameters in rat brain.

    Agostinho, Fabiano R; Jornada, Luciano K; Schröder, Nadja; Roesler, Rafael; Dal-Pizzol, Felipe; Quevedo, João


    Decreased antioxidant activity is considered as one of the causes of tardive dyskinesia in schizophrenic patients in a prolonged neuroleptic treatment course. Haloperidol (HAL) has been hypothesized to increase oxidative stress, while clozapine (CLO) would produce less oxidative damage. The objective was to determine whether CLO for 28 days could reverse or attenuate HAL-induced oxidative damage in animals previously treated with HAL for 28 days. HAL significantly increased thiobarbituric acid reactive substances levels in the cortex (CX) and striatum and increased protein carbonyls in hippocampus (HP) and CX and this was not attenuated by CLO treatment. In the total radical trapping antioxidant parameter assay there was a decrease in the HP total antioxidant potential induced by HAL and by treatment with HAL + CLO. Our findings demonstrated that the atypical antipsychotic CLO could not revert oxidative damage caused by HAL.

  17. Effects of phonophoresis with gold nanoparticles on oxidative stress parameters in a traumatic muscle injury model.

    Silveira, Paulo Cesar Lock; Victor, Eduardo Ghisi; Notoya, Frederico de Souza; Scheffer, Debora da Luz; Silva, Luciano da; Cantú, Roberto Benavides; Martínez, Virginia Hidolina Collins; de Pinho, Ricardo Aurino; Paula, Marcos Marques da Silva


    The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of therapeutic pulsed ultrasound with gold nanoparticles on oxidative stress parameters after traumatic muscle injury in Wistar rats. The animals were randomly divided into nine groups (n = 6 each): sham (uninjured muscle); muscle injury without treatment; muscle injury and treatment with dimethyl sulfoxide (15 mg/kg); muscle injury and treatment with gold nanoparticles (27 µg); muscle injury and treatment with dimethyl sulfoxide + gold nanoparticles (Plus); muscle injury and therapeutic pulsed ultrasound; muscle injury and therapeutic pulsed ultrasound + dimethyl sulfoxide; muscle injury and therapeutic pulsed ultrasound + gold nanoparticles; and muscle injury and therapeutic pulsed ultrasound + Plus. Gastrocnemius injury was induced by a single-impact blunt trauma. Therapeutic pulsed ultrasound (6-min application, frequency 1.0 MHz, intensity 0.8 W/cm(2)) was used 2, 12, 24, and 48 h after trauma. Mitochondrial superoxide generation, lipid peroxidation, and protein carbonylation, and the activities of superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and catalase were evaluated. The increase in the superoxide production and TBARS and carbonyl levels observed in the control group after muscle damage were reduced in animals exposed to therapeutic pulsed ultrasound plus nanoparticles. Similarly, antioxidants enzymes showed a decreased activity with the same treatment. Our work suggest that therapeutic pulsed ultrasound + dimethyl sulfoxide + gold nanoparticles has beneficial effects on the muscle healing process by inducing a decrease in oxidative stress parameters and most likely decreasing the deleterious effects of the inflammatory response.

  18. Determination of stress parameters for eight well-recorded earthquakes in eastern North America

    Boore, D.M.; Campbell, K.W.; Atkinson, G.M.


    We determined the stress parameter, Δσ, for the eight earthquakes studied by Atkinson and Boore (2006), using an updated dataset and a revised point-source stochastic model that captures the effect of a finite fault. We consider four geometrical-spreading functions, ranging from 1/R at all distances to two- or three-part functions. The Δσ values are sensitive to the rate of geometrical spreading at close distances, with 1/R1.3 spreading implying much higher Δσ than models with 1/R spreading. The important difference in ground motions of most engineering concern, however, arises not from whether the geometrical spreading is 1/R1.3 or 1/R at close distances, but from whether a region of flat or increasing geometrical spreading at intermediate distances is present, as long as Δσ is constrained by data that are largely at distances of 100 km–800 km. The simple 1/R model fits the sparse data for the eight events as well as do more complex models determined from larger datasets (where the larger datasets were used in our previous ground-motion prediction equations); this suggests that uncertainty in attenuation rates is an important component of epistemic uncertainty in ground-motion modeling. For the attenuation model used by Atkinson and Boore (2006), the average value of Δσ from the point-source model ranges from 180 bars to 250 bars, depending on whether or not the stress parameter from the 1988 Saguenay earthquake is included in the average. We also find that Δσ for a given earthquake is sensitive to its moment magnitude M, with a change of 0.1 magnitude units producing a factor of 1.3 change in the derived Δσ.

  19. Heat stress impairs performance parameters, induces intestinal injury, and decreases macrophage activity in broiler chickens.

    Quinteiro-Filho, W M; Ribeiro, A; Ferraz-de-Paula, V; Pinheiro, M L; Sakai, M; Sá, L R M; Ferreira, A J P; Palermo-Neto, J


    Studies on environmental consequences of stress on animal production have grown substantially in the last few years for economic and animal welfare reasons. Physiological, hormonal, and immunological deficits as well as increases in animals' susceptibility to diseases have been reported after different stressors in broiler chickens. The aim of the current experiment is to describe the effects of 2 different heat stressors (31 +/- 1 and 36 +/- 1 degrees C/10 h per d) applied to broiler chickens from d 35 to 42 of life on the corticosterone serum levels, performance parameters, intestinal histology, and peritoneal macrophage activity, correlating and discussing the obtained data under a neuroimmune perspective. In our study, we demonstrated that heat stress (31 +/- 1 and 36 +/- 1 degrees C) increased the corticosterone serum levels and decreased BW gain and food intake. Only chickens submitted to 36 +/- 1 degrees C, however, presented a decrease in feed conversion and increased mortality. We also showed a decrease of bursa of Fabricius (31 +/- 1 and 36 +/- 1 degrees C), thymus (36 +/- 1 degrees C), and spleen (36 +/- 1 degrees C) relative weights and of macrophage basal (31 +/- 1 and 36 +/- 1 degrees C) and Staphylococcus aureus-induced oxidative burst (31 +/- 1 degrees C). Finally, mild multifocal acute enteritis characterized by an increased presence of lymphocytes and plasmocytes within the jejunum's lamina propria was also observed. The stress-induced hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activation was taken as responsible for the negative effects observed on the chickens' performance and immune function and also the changes of the intestinal mucosa. The present obtained data corroborate with others in the field of neuroimmunomodulation and open new avenues for the improvement of broiler chicken welfare and production performance.

  20. Moderate summer heat stress does not modify immunological parameters of Holstein dairy cows

    Lacetera, Nicola; Bernabucci, Umberto; Ronchi, Bruno; Scalia, Daniela; Nardone, Alessandro


    The study was undertaken during spring and summer months in a territory representative of the Mediterranean climate to assess the effects of season on some immunological parameters of dairy cows. Twenty Holstein cows were used. Eleven of those cows gave birth during spring; the remaining nine cows gave birth in summer. The two groups of cows were homogeneous for parity. Values of air temperatures and relative humidity were recorded both during spring and summer, and were utilized to calculate the temperature humidity index (THI). One week before the expected calving, rectal temperatures and respiratory rates of the cows were recorded (1500 hours), and cell-mediated immunity was assessed by measuring the proliferation of mitogen-stimulated peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC). Within 3 h of calving, one colostrum sample was taken from each cow and analysed to determine content of immunoglobulin (Ig) G1, IgG2, IgM and IgA. At 48 h after birth, passive immunization of the calves was assessed by measuring total serum IgG. During summer, daytime (0900-2000 hours) THI values were above the upper critical value of 72 [75.2, (SD 2.6)] indicating conditions that could represent moderate heat stress. That THI values were able to predict heat stress was confirmed by the values of rectal temperatures and respiratory rates, which were higher ( P heat stress due to the hot Mediterranean summer does not modify cell-mediated immunity, the protective value of colostrum and passive immunization of the offspring in dairy cows.

  1. Gestational heat stress alters postnatal offspring body composition indices and metabolic parameters in pigs.

    Rebecca L Boddicker

    Full Text Available The study objectives were to test the hypothesis that heat stress (HS during gestational development alters postnatal growth, body composition, and biological response to HS conditions in pigs. To investigate this, 14 first parity crossbred gilts were exposed to one of four environmental treatments (TNTN, TNHS, HSTN, or HSHS during gestation. TNTN and HSHS dams were exposed to thermal neutral (TN, cyclical 18-22°C or HS conditions (cyclical 28-34°C during the entire gestation, respectively. Dams assigned to HSTN and TNHS treatments were heat-stressed for the first or second half of gestation, respectively. Postnatal offspring were exposed to one of two thermal environments for an acute (24 h or chronic (five weeks duration in either constant TN (21°C or HS (35°C environment. Exposure to chronic HS during their growth phase resulted in decreased longissimus dorsi cross-sectional area (LDA in offspring from HSHS and HSTN treated dams whereas LDA was larger in offspring from dams in TNTN and TNHS conditions. Irrespective of HS during prepubertal postnatal growth, pigs from dams that experienced HS during the first half of gestation (HSHS and HSTN had increased (13.9% subcutaneous fat thickness compared to pigs from dams exposed to TN conditions during the first half of gestation. This metabolic repartitioning towards increased fat deposition in pigs from dams heat-stressed during the first half of gestation was accompanied by elevated blood insulin concentrations (33%; P = 0.01. Together, these results demonstrate HS during the first half of gestation altered metabolic and body composition parameters during future development and in biological responses to a subsequent HS challenge.

  2. Gestational heat stress alters postnatal offspring body composition indices and metabolic parameters in pigs.

    Boddicker, Rebecca L; Seibert, Jacob T; Johnson, Jay S; Pearce, Sarah C; Selsby, Joshua T; Gabler, Nicholas K; Lucy, Matthew C; Safranski, Timothy J; Rhoads, Robert P; Baumgard, Lance H; Ross, Jason W


    The study objectives were to test the hypothesis that heat stress (HS) during gestational development alters postnatal growth, body composition, and biological response to HS conditions in pigs. To investigate this, 14 first parity crossbred gilts were exposed to one of four environmental treatments (TNTN, TNHS, HSTN, or HSHS) during gestation. TNTN and HSHS dams were exposed to thermal neutral (TN, cyclical 18-22°C) or HS conditions (cyclical 28-34°C) during the entire gestation, respectively. Dams assigned to HSTN and TNHS treatments were heat-stressed for the first or second half of gestation, respectively. Postnatal offspring were exposed to one of two thermal environments for an acute (24 h) or chronic (five weeks) duration in either constant TN (21°C) or HS (35°C) environment. Exposure to chronic HS during their growth phase resulted in decreased longissimus dorsi cross-sectional area (LDA) in offspring from HSHS and HSTN treated dams whereas LDA was larger in offspring from dams in TNTN and TNHS conditions. Irrespective of HS during prepubertal postnatal growth, pigs from dams that experienced HS during the first half of gestation (HSHS and HSTN) had increased (13.9%) subcutaneous fat thickness compared to pigs from dams exposed to TN conditions during the first half of gestation. This metabolic repartitioning towards increased fat deposition in pigs from dams heat-stressed during the first half of gestation was accompanied by elevated blood insulin concentrations (33%; P = 0.01). Together, these results demonstrate HS during the first half of gestation altered metabolic and body composition parameters during future development and in biological responses to a subsequent HS challenge.

  3. Effects of vitamin C on oxidative stress parameters in rainbow trout exposed to diazinon

    Alireza Mirvaghefi


    Full Text Available Abstract: : Diazinon (Organophosphorus insecticide can cause reactive oxidative stresses during metabolism of aquatic organisms. The study presented here aimed to investigate the antioxidant effect of vitamin C on antioxidant enzyme activities and lipid peroxidation in rainbow trout exposed to subchronic dosage diazinon. A total number of 360 Oncorhynchus mykiss were allocated into four treatment groups (with three replicates: control; diazinon (0.1 mg L 1; vitamin C (300 mg kg 1 in diet plus diazinon (0.1 mg L-1, and vitamin C (1000 mg kg-1 in diet plus diazinon (0.1 mg L-1. After two and four weeks, blood samples were collected and superoxide dismutase, catalase enzymes, total antioxidant capacity and malondialdehyte index were measured. The specimens exposed exclusively to diazinon showed a significant decrease in superoxide dismutase and total antioxidant capacity activities and also an increase in catalase activity and malondialdehyde index compared to those of the control group. The changes in oxidative stress parameters may be related to destructive free oxiradicals such as superoxide and hydroxyl radicals produced in diazinon metabolism. In conclusion, vitamin C moderated activity of the antioxidant enzyme, increased the total antioxidant capacity, and decreased cellular damages caused by destructive lipid peroxidation process in presence of diazinon.Keywords: Diazinon, antioxidant, vitamin C, enzyme, malondialdehyde, catalase

  4. Embryo-larval exposure to atrazine reduces viability and alters oxidative stress parameters in Drosophila melanogaster.

    Figueira, Fernanda Hernandes; Aguiar, Lais Mattos de; Rosa, Carlos Eduardo da


    The herbicide atrazine has been used worldwide with subsequent residual contamination of water and food, which may cause adverse effects on non-target organisms. Animal exposure to this herbicide may affect development, reproduction and energy metabolism. Here, the effects of atrazine regarding survival and redox metabolism were assessed in the fruit fly D. melanogaster exposed during embryonic and larval development. The embryos (newly fertilized eggs) were exposed to different atrazine concentrations (10μM and 100μM) in the diet until the adult fly emerged. Pupation and emergence rates, developmental time and sex ratio were determined as well as oxidative stress parameters and gene expression of the antioxidant defence system were evaluated in newly emerged male and female flies. Atrazine exposure reduced pupation and emergence rates in fruit flies without alterations to developmental time and sex ratio. Different redox imbalance patterns were observed between males and females exposed to atrazine. Atrazine caused an increase in oxidative damage, reactive oxygen species generation and antioxidant capacity and decreased thiol-containing molecules. Further, atrazine exposure altered the mRNA expression of antioxidant genes (keap1, sod, sod2, cat, irc, gss, gclm, gclc, trxt, trxr-1 and trxr-2). Reductions in fruit fly larval and pupal viability observed here are likely consequences of the oxidative stress induced by atrazine exposure. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Influence of combined biotic and abiotic stress on nutritional quality parameters in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum).

    Atkinson, Nicky J; Dew, Tristan P; Orfila, Caroline; Urwin, Peter E


    Induction of abiotic stress in tomato plants has been proposed as a mechanism for improving the nutritional quality of fruits. However, the occurrence of biotic stress can interfere with normal abiotic stress responses. In this study, the combined effect of water stress and infection with plant-parasitic nematodes on the nutritional quality of tomato was investigated. Plants were exposed to one or both stresses, and the levels of phenolic compounds, carotenoids, and sugars in fruits were analyzed as well as physiological responses. Levels of carotenoids lycopene and β-carotene were lower in water-stressed tomatoes but exhibited a different response pattern under combined stress. Nematode stress was associated with increased flavonoid levels, albeit with reduced yields, while chlorogenic acid was increased by nematodes, water stress, and the combined stress. Sugar levels were higher only in tomatoes exposed to both stresses. These results emphasize the importance of studying plant stress factors in combination.

  6. Generalized decomposition methods for singular oscillators

    Ramos, J.I. [Room I-320-D, E. T. S. Ingenieros Industriales, Universidad de Malaga, Plaza El Ejido, s/n 29013 Malaga (Spain)], E-mail:


    Generalized decomposition methods based on a Volterra integral equation, the introduction of an ordering parameter and a power series expansion of the solution in terms of the ordering parameter are developed and used to determine the solution and the frequency of oscillation of a singular, nonlinear oscillator with an odd nonlinearity. It is shown that these techniques provide solutions which are free from secularities if the unknown frequency of oscillation is also expanded in power series of the ordering parameter, require that the nonlinearities be analytic functions of their arguments, and, at leading-order, provide the same frequency of oscillation as two-level iterative techniques, the homotopy perturbation method if the constants that appear in the governing equation are expanded in power series of the ordering parameter, and modified artificial parameter - Linstedt-Poincare procedures.

  7. Analysis and synthesis of singular systems with time-delays

    Wu, Zheng-Guang; Shi, Peng; Chu, Jian


    Singular time-delay systems are very suitable to describe a lot of practical systems such as manufacturing systems, networked control systems, power systems and electrical circuits. Thus, the past two decades have witnessed a significant progress on the theory of singular time-delay systems, and many fundamental and important topics have been successfully investigated including stability analysis, stabilization, guaranteed cost control, filtering, observer design, sliding mode control and so on. The main objective of this book is to present the latest developments and references in the analysis and synthesis of singular time-delay systems with or without Markov jumping parameters in a unified framework. The materials adopted in this book are mainly based on research results of the authors. This book will be of interest to academic researchers working in singular systems, time-delay systems and Markov jump systems and to graduate students interested in systems and control theory.

  8. Olmesartan Combined With Amlodipine on Oxidative Stress Parameters in Type 2 Diabetics, Compared With Single Therapies

    Derosa, Giuseppe; Mugellini, Amedeo; Pesce, Rosa Maria; D’Angelo, Angela; Maffioli, Pamela


    Abstract To evaluate the effects of a fixed combination of olmesartan/amlodipine compared with olmesartan or amlodipine alone on some parameters of endothelial damage in diabetic, hypertensive patients. We enrolled 221 patients; 74 were randomized to olmesartan 20 mg, 72 to amlodipine 10 mg, and 75 to olmesartan/amlodipine fixed combination 20/5 mg for 12 months. We assessed blood pressure monthly; in addition, we also assessed at baseline, and after 6 and 12 months, the following parameters: lipoprotein (a), myeloperoxidase (MPO), isoprostanes, and paraoxonase-1 (PON-1). Blood pressure values obtained with fixed olmesartan/amlodipine combination were significantly lower than those reached with single monotherapies. There was a reduction of lipoprotein (a), and isoprostanes levels with olmesartan/amlodipine fixed combination, both compared with baseline, and with single monotherapies. On the other hand, there was an increase of PON-1 with fixed olmesartan/amlodipine combination, both compared with baseline, and with single drugs. All treatments reduced MPO compared with baseline; however, in group-to-group comparison, MPO reduction was greater with olmesartan/amlodipine fixed combination. Fixed combination of olmesartan/amlodipine was more effective than single monotherapies in reducing oxidative stress, especially in increasing PON-1, and reducing isoprostanes levels in diabetic and hypertensive patients. PMID:27043671

  9. Causal viscous cosmology without singularities

    Laciana, Carlos E


    An isotropic and homogeneous cosmological model with a source of dark energy is studied. That source is simulated with a viscous relativistic fluid with minimal causal correction. In this model the restrictions on the parameters coming from the following conditions are analized: a) energy density without singularities along time, b) scale factor increasing with time, c) universe accelerated at present time, d) state equation for dark energy with "w" bounded and close to -1. It is found that those conditions are satified for the following two cases. i) When the transport coefficient ({\\tau}_{{\\Pi}}), associated to the causal correction, is negative, with the aditional restriction {\\zeta}|{\\tau}_{{\\Pi}}|>2/3, where {\\zeta} is the relativistic bulk viscosity coefficient. The state equation is in the "phantom" energy sector. ii) For {\\tau}_{{\\Pi}} positive, in the "k-essence" sector. It is performed an exact calculation for the case where the equation of state is constant, finding that option (ii) is favored in r...

  10. The theory of singular perturbations

    De Jager, E M


    The subject of this textbook is the mathematical theory of singular perturbations, which despite its respectable history is still in a state of vigorous development. Singular perturbations of cumulative and of boundary layer type are presented. Attention has been given to composite expansions of solutions of initial and boundary value problems for ordinary and partial differential equations, linear as well as quasilinear; also turning points are discussed. The main emphasis lies on several methods of approximation for solutions of singularly perturbed differential equations and on the mathemat




    The authors study the singular integrals under the Hormander condition and the measure not satisfying the doubling condition. At first, if the corresponding singular integral is bounded from L2 to itseff, it is proved that the maximal singu lar integral is bounded from L∞ to RBMO except that it is infinite μ-a.e. on Rd. A sufficient condition and a necessary condition such that the maximal singular integral is bounded from L2 to itself are also obtained. There is a small gap between the two conditions.

  12. Contrast structure for singular singularly perturbed boundary value problem

    王爱峰; 倪明康


    The step-type contrast structure for a singular singularly perturbed problem is shown. By use of the method of boundary function, the formal asymptotic expansion is constructed. At the same time, based on sewing orbit smooth, the existence of the step-type solution and the uniform validity of the asymptotic expansion are proved. Finally, an example is given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the present results.

  13. Equilibrium circulation and stress distribution in viscoelastic creeping flow

    Biello, Joseph A


    An analytic, asymptotic approximation of the nonlinear steady-state equations for viscoelastic creeping flow, modeled by the Oldroyd-B equations with polymer stress diffusion, is derived. Near the extensional stagnation point the flow stretches and aligns polymers along the outgoing streamlines of the stagnation point resulting in a stress-island, or birefringent strand. The polymer stress diffusion coefficient is used, both, as an asymptotic parameter and a regularization parameter. The structure of the singular part of polymer stress tensor is a Gaussian aligned with the incoming streamline of the stagnation point; a smoothed $\\delta$-distribution whose width is proportional to the square-root of the diffusion coefficient. The amplitude of the stress island scales with the Wiessenberg number and, although singular in the limit of vanishing diffusion, it is integrable in the cross stream direction due to its vanishing width; this yields a convergent secondary flow. The leading order velocity response to this...

  14. Perfect fluid tori orbiting Kehagias-Sfetsos naked singularities

    Stuchlík, Zdeněk; Schee, Jan; Kučáková, Hana


    We construct perfect fluid tori in the field of the Kehagias-Sfetsos (K-S) naked singularity representing spherically symmetric vacuum solution of the modified Ho\\v{r}ava quantum gravity that is characterized by a dimensionless parameter $\\omega M^2$, combining the gravitational mass parameter $M$ of the spacetime with the Ho\\v{r}ava parameter $\\omega$ reflecting the role of the quantum corrections. In dependence on the value of $\\omega M^2$, the K-S naked singularities demonstrate a variety of qualitatively different behavior of their circular geodesics that is fully reflected in the properties of the toroidal structures. In all of the K-S naked singularity spacetimes the tori are located above an "antigravity" sphere where matter can stay in stable equilibrium position, that is relevant for the stability of the orbiting fluid toroidal accretion structures.

  15. The Change in Parameters of Fowler—Nordheim Tunneling Current in Ultrathin MOSFETs under Constant High Field Stress

    HUOZongliang; WEIJianlin; MAOLingfeng; TANChanghua; XUMingzhen


    In this paper, the change in parameters of FN tunneling current has been investigated. Experiments show that parameters (I ln(A)l and B) decrease during ini-tial stress stage and then saturates after long stress time.By fitting method based on two exponential decay func-tions, we found that there exist two types of traps at least and a threshold electric field. Both types of traps might be natural traps and will play different roles according to stress electric field. When the stress electric field is higher than the threshold electric field, the traps play a role of electronic trap; whereas the traps play a role of hole trap.

  16. Dependence of magnetic properties, texture and residual stresses on the deposition parameters of CoFe - single and multi - layers

    Dieter, S.; Wanderka, N. [Hahn-Meitner-Inst. Berlin, Berlin (Germany); Pyzalla, A.; Reimers, W. [Hahn-Meitner-Inst. Berlin, Berlin (Germany); TU Berlin, Inst. fuer Werkstoffwissenschaften und -technologien, Berlin (Germany); Seemann, K. [Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Inst. fuer Materialforschung I (Germany)


    For electronic devices thin magnetic single and multi - layers, with a thickness below 2 {mu}m are increasingly used. The magnetic properties of the thin magnetic layers depend on their chemical composition, layer thickness, homogeneity and roughness as well as on the texture and the residual stress state. Layer thickness, homogeneity, roughness, texture and residual stress state essentially are determined by the process parameters of the manufacturing process. Here the dependence of the layer characteristics and their texture and residual stress state on the process parameters sputter power and argon partial pressure is investigated using transmission electron microscopy and diffraction methods and relations between texture and residual stress values of the layers and coercivity are shown. (orig.)

  17. Assessment of oxidative stress parameters of brain-derived neurotrophic factor heterozygous mice in acute stress model

    Gulay Hacioglu


    Full Text Available Objective(s: Exposing to stress may be associated with increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS. Therefore, high level of oxidative stress may eventually give rise to accumulation of oxidative damage and development of numerous neurodegenerative diseases. It has been presented that brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF supports neurons against various neurodegenerative conditions. Lately, there has been growing evidence that changes in the cerebral neurotrophic support and especially in the BDNF expression and its engagement with ROS might be important in various disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Hence, we aimed to investigate protective effects of BDNF against stress-induced oxidative damage. Materials and Methods: Five- to six-month-old male wild-type and BDNF knock-down mice were used in this study. Activities of catalase (CAT and superoxide dismutase (SOD enzymes, and the amount of malondialdehyde (MDA were assessed in the cerebral homogenates of studied groups in response to acute restraint stress. Results: Exposing to acute physiological stress led to significant elevation in the markers of oxidative stress in the cerebral cortexes of experimental groups. Conclusion: As BDNF-deficient mice were observed to be more susceptible to stress-induced oxidative damage, it can be suggested that there is a direct interplay between oxidative stress indicators and BDNF levels in the brain.

  18. Gravitational collapse and naked singularities

    Tomohiro Harada


    Gravitational collapse is one of the most striking phenomena in gravitational physics. The cosmic censorship conjecture has provided strong motivation for research in this field. In the absence of a general proof for censorship, many examples have been proposed, in which naked singularity is the outcome of gravitational collapse. Recent developments have revealed that there are examples of naked singularity formation in the collapse of physically reasonable matter fields, although the stability of these examples is still uncertain. We propose the concept of `effective naked singularities', which will be quite helpful because general relativity has limitation in its application at the high-energy end. The appearance of naked singularities is not detestable but can open a window for the new physics of strongly curved space-times.

  19. Holographic signatures of cosmological singularities.

    Engelhardt, Netta; Hertog, Thomas; Horowitz, Gary T


    To gain insight into the quantum nature of cosmological singularities, we study anisotropic Kasner solutions in gauge-gravity duality. The dual description of the bulk evolution towards the singularity involves N=4 super Yang-Mills theory on the expanding branch of deformed de Sitter space and is well defined. We compute two-point correlators of Yang-Mills operators of large dimensions using spacelike geodesics anchored on the boundary. The correlators show a strong signature of the singularity around horizon scales and decay at large boundary separation at different rates in different directions. More generally, the boundary evolution exhibits a process of particle creation similar to that in inflation. This leads us to conjecture that information on the quantum nature of cosmological singularities is encoded in long-wavelength features of the boundary wave function.

  20. Penrose Limits and Spacetime Singularities

    Blau, Matthias; O'Loughlin, M; Papadopoulos, G; Blau, Matthias; Borunda, Monica; Loughlin, Martin O'; Papadopoulos, George


    We give a covariant characterisation of the Penrose plane wave limit: the plane wave profile matrix $A(u)$ is the restriction of the null geodesic deviation matrix (curvature tensor) of the original spacetime metric to the null geodesic, evaluated in a comoving frame. We also consider the Penrose limits of spacetime singularities and show that for a large class of black hole, cosmological and null singularities (of Szekeres-Iyers ``power-law type''), including those of the FRW and Schwarzschild metrics, the result is a singular homogeneous plane wave with profile $A(u)\\sim u^{-2}$, the scale invariance of the latter reflecting the power-law behaviour of the singularities.

  1. Stress release phenomena in chromia scales formed on NiCr-30 alloys: Influence of metallurgical parameters

    Guerain, M.; Goudeau, P.; Grosseau-Poussard, J. L.


    Stress release phenomena are studied for α-Cr2O3 thermal oxide films grown on NiCr-30 alloys. The influence of specific metallurgical parameters, such as cooling rate and initial surface roughness, is investigated thanks to Raman spectroscopy. Systematic correlations are established between the residual stress level in the scales and the damage rate resulting from a delamination process by buckling. Different buckling morphologies are characterized mainly according to the cooling rate range.

  2. Characterization of Residual Stress as a Function of Friction Stir Welding Parameters in ODS Steel MA956


    OF RESIDUAL STRESS AS A FUNCTION OF FRICTION STIR WELDING PARAMETERS IN ODS STEEL MA956 by Martin S. Bennett June 2013 Thesis Advisor...characterizes the residual stresses generated by friction stir welding of ODS steel MA956 as a function of heat index. The heat index of a weld is used to...determine relative heat input among different friction stir welding conditions. It depends on a combination of the rotational speed and traverse, or

  3. Comparative Evaluation of Physiological and Biochemical Parameters and Survival of Chickens for the Effects of Microclimatic Stress Factors During Incubation

    Indyuhova E.N.


    The article presents the results of two experiments, the findings reflect the influence of temperature and moisture stress on physiological and biochemical parameters of chickens and their viability during embryonic and early postembryonic development. It was found that under the influence of stress factors recorded increase in lipid peroxidation in chickens from day-old experimental groups; showed a reduction in the intensity of the major metabolism of young chickens day old.

  4. Investigation impact of stressed state conditions and thermomechanical parameters on the texture and structure evolution in 1565ph aluminium alloy

    Yashin, V. V.; Aryshensky, E. V.; Kawalla, R. F.; Serebryany, V. N.; Rushchits, S. V.


    The paper is devoted to study of the impact stress condition and thermomechanical treatment parameters on the structure and texture evolution of new 1565 ph aluminum alloy. For that purposes, we use test on Gleeble equipment, FM calculation, optical microscopy and x ray diffraction texture analysis. The dependency between the deformation texture components development and strain rate value was established. Differences in the texture evolution at uniaxial compression stress and plain strain mode were revealed.

  5. Dual geometries and spacetime singularities

    Quirós, I


    The concept of geometrical duality is disscused in the context of Brans-Dicke theory and extended to general relativity. It is shown, in some generic cases, that spacetime singularities that arise in usual Riemannian general relativity, may be avoided in its dual representation: Weyl-like general relativity, thus providing a singularity-free picture of the World that is physicaly equivalent to the canonical general relativistic one.

  6. Singular traces theory and applications

    Sukochev, Fedor; Zanin, Dmitriy


    This text is the first complete study and monograph dedicated to singular traces. For mathematical readers the text offers, due to Nigel Kalton's contribution, a complete theory of traces on symmetrically normed ideals of compact operators. For mathematical physicists and other users of Connes' noncommutative geometry the text offers a complete reference to Dixmier traces and the deeper mathematical features of singular traces. An application section explores the consequences of these features, which previously were not discussed in general texts on noncommutative geometry.

  7. Dynkin graphs and quadrilateral singularities

    Urabe, Tohsuke


    The study of hypersurface quadrilateral singularities can be reduced to the study of elliptic K3 surfaces with a singular fiber of type I * 0 (superscript *, subscript 0), and therefore these notes consider, besides the topics of the title, such K3 surfaces too. The combinations of rational double points that can occur on fibers in the semi-universal deformations of quadrilateral singularities are examined, to show that the possible combinations can be described by a certain law from the viewpoint of Dynkin graphs. This is equivalent to saying that the possible combinations of singular fibers in elliptic K3 surfaces with a singular fiber of type I * 0 (superscript *, subscript 0) can be described by a certain law using classical Dynkin graphs appearing in the theory of semi-simple Lie groups. Further, a similar description for thecombination of singularities on plane sextic curves is given. Standard knowledge of algebraic geometry at the level of graduate students is expected. A new method based on graphs wil...

  8. Impact of different resistance training protocols on muscular oxidative stress parameters.

    Scheffer, Débora L; Silva, Luciano A; Tromm, Camila B; da Rosa, Guilherme L; Silveira, Paulo C L; de Souza, Claudio T; Latini, Alexandra; Pinho, Ricardo A


    This study analyzes oxidative stress in skeletal muscle using different resisted training protocols. We hypothesize that different types of training produce different specifics. To test our hypothesis, we defined 3 resistance training protocols and investigated the respective biochemical responses in muscle. Twenty-four male Wistar rats were distributed in 4 groups: untrained (UT), muscular resistance training (RT), hypertrophy training (HT), and strength training (ST). After 12 weeks of training on alternate days, the red portion of the brachioradialis was removed and the following parameters were assessed: lactate and glycogen content, superoxide production, antioxidant enzyme content, and activities (superoxide dismutase, SOD; catalase, CAT; GPx, glutathione peroxidase). Thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS), carbonyl, and thiol groups were also measured. Results showed increased superoxide production (UT = 5.348 ± 0.889; RT = 5.117 ± 0,651; HT = 8.412 ± 0.431; ST = 6.354 ± 0.552), SOD (UT = 0.078 ± 0.0163; RT = 0.101 ± 0.013; HT = 0.533 ± 0.109; ST = 0.388 ± 0.058), GPx (UT = 0.290 ± 0.023; RT = 0.348 ± 0.014; HT = 0.529 ± 0.049; ST = 0.384 ± 0.038) activities, and content of GPx (HT = 3.8 times; ST = 3.0 times) compared with the UT group. CAT activity was lower (UT = 3.966 ± 0.670; RT = 3.474 ± 0.583; HT = 2.276 ± 0.302; ST = 2.028 ± 0.471) in HT and ST groups. Oxidative damage was observed in the HT group (TBARS = 0.082 ± 0.009; carbonyl = 0.73 ± 0.053; thiol = 12.78 ± 0.917) compared with the UT group. These findings indicate that HT causes an imbalance in oxidative parameters in favor of pro-oxidants, causing oxidative stress in skeletal muscle.

  9. Effect of '61-points relaxation technique' on stress parameters in premenstrual syndrome.

    Dvivedi, Jyoti; Dvivedi, Sanjay; Mahajan, K K; Mittal, Sunita; Singhal, Anil


    Premenstrual Syndrome is a psychoneuroendocrine stress related disorder and more than 300 treatment modalities for PMS show that the existing remedies have not provided satisfactory help to relieve PMS. 61-points relaxation exercise (61-PR), a relatively less known hatha yoga technique, is a successful means of stress relaxation and is expected to relieve PMS as well. The present study was conducted on 50 clinically healthy women volunteers who were in their reproductive age group and in their premenstrual period, from which a control group (n = 20) and a PMS group (n = 30) based on the symptoms were identified. In both groups basal heart rate (HR/min), systolic (SBP; mmHg) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP; mmHg), electromyogram (EMG; mV), electrodermal galvanic activity (EDG; microv), respiratory rate (RR/min) and peripheral temperature (T; degrees F) were recorded and the subjects were taken through a guided 61-PR. The symptoms and parameters were re-recorded after the 61-PR. In control group, the basal HR was 82.06 +/- 8.07, SBP 111.95 +/- 8.23, DBP 76.8 +/- 6.42, EMG 4.08 +/- 2.99, EDG 9.77 +/- 3.29, RR 15.60 +/- 3.77 and T was 97.86 +/- 0.63. After 10 minutes of 61-PR, HR (77.27 +/-10.85, P 0.05) rose significantly. In the PMS group, the basal HR was 90.61 +/- 8.46, SBP 122.5 +/- 11.52, DBP 83.53 +/- 8.26, EMG 5.79 +/-2.75, EDG 13.14 +/- 6.54, RR 19.13 +/- 3.76 and T was 93.43 -/+ 5.29. After 10 minutes of 61-PR, HR (75.58 +/- 10.11, P relaxation. 61-PR is effective in providing relief from PMS and may be a useful adjuvant to medical therapy of PMS and other stress disorders.


    Hussain Al-Qassem


    In this paper, we study the mapping properties of singular integral operator along surfaces of revolution. We prove Lp bounds (1 < p <∞) for such singular integral operators as well as for their corresponding maximal truncated singular integrals if the singular kernels are allowed to be in certain block spaces.

  11. A New Type of Singularity Theorem

    Senovilla, José M M


    A new type of singularity theorem, based on spatial averages of physical quantities, is presented and discussed. Alternatively, the results inform us of when a spacetime can be singularity-free. This theorem provides a decisive observational difference between singular and non-singular, globally hyperbolic, open cosmological models.

  12. Characterization and parameterization of the singular manifold of a simple 6-6 Stewart platform

    Charters, T


    This paper presents a study of the characterization of the singular manifold of the six-degree-of-freedom parallel manipulator commonly known as the Stewart platform. We consider a platform with base vertices in a circle and for which the bottom and top plates are related by a rotation and a contraction. It is shown that in this case the platform is always in a singular configuration and that the singular manifold can be parameterized by a scalar parameter.

  13. Effect of process parameters and crystal orientation on 3D anisotropic stress during CZ and FZ growth of silicon

    Drikis, Ivars; Plate, Matiss; Sennikovs, Juris; Virbulis, Janis


    Simulations of 3D anisotropic stress are carried out in and oriented Si crystals grown by FZ and CZ processes for different diameters, growth rates and process stages. Temperature dependent elastic constants and thermal expansion coefficients are used in the FE simulations. The von Mises stress at the triple point line is 5-11% higher in crystals compared to crystals. The process parameters have a larger effect on the von Mises stress than the crystal orientation. Generally, the crystal has a higher azimuthal variation of stress along the triple point line ( 8%) than the crystal ( 2%). The presence of a crystal ridge increases the stress beside the ridge and decreases it on the ridge compared with the round crystal.

  14. Negative Point Mass Singularities in General Relativity

    Robbins, Nicholas


    First we review the definition of a negative point mass singularity. Then we examine the gravitational lensing effects of these singularities in isolation and with shear and convergence from continuous matter. We review the Inverse Mean Curvature Flow and use this flow to prove some new results about the mass of a singularity, the ADM mass of the manifold, and the capacity of the singularity. We describe some particular examples of these singularities that exhibit additional symmetries.

  15. On the Milnor fibers of sandwiched singularities

    Nemethi, Andras; Popescu-Pampu, Patrick


    The sandwiched surface singularities are those rational surface singularities which dominate birationally smooth surface singularities. de Jong and van Straten showed that one can reduce the study of the deformations of a sandwiched surface singularity to the study of deformations of a 1-dimensional object, a so-called decorated plane curve singularity. In particular, the Milnor fibers corresponding to their various smoothing components may be reconstructed up to diffeomorphisms from those de...

  16. On the genericity of spacetime singularities

    Pankaj S Joshi


    We consider here the genericity aspects of spacetime singularities that occur in cosmology and in gravitational collapse. The singularity theorems (that predict the occurrence of singularities in general relativity) allow the singularities of gravitational collapse to be either visible to external observers or covered by an event horizon of gravity. It is shown that the visible singularities that develop as final states of spherical collapse are generic. Some consequences of this fact are discussed.

  17. Use of Variogram Parameters in Analysis of Hyperspectral Imaging Data Acquired from Dual-Stressed Crop Leaves

    Christian Nansen


    Full Text Available A detailed introduction to variogram analysis of reflectance data is provided, and variogram parameters (nugget, sill, and range values were examined as possible indicators of abiotic (irrigation regime and biotic (spider mite infestation stressors. Reflectance data was acquired from 2 maize hybrids (Zea mays L. at multiple time points in 2 data sets (229 hyperspectral images, and data from 160 individual spectral bands in the spectrum from 405 to 907 nm were analyzed. Based on 480 analyses of variance (160 spectral bands × 3 variogram parameters, it was seen that most of the combinations of spectral bands and variogram parameters were unsuitable as stress indicators mainly because of significant difference between the 2 data sets. However, several combinations of spectral bands and variogram parameters (especially nugget values could be considered unique indicators of either abiotic or biotic stress. Furthermore, nugget values at 683 and 775 nm responded significantly to abiotic stress, and nugget values at 731 nm and range values at 715 nm responded significantly to biotic stress. Based on qualitative characterization of actual hyperspectral images, it was seen that even subtle changes in spatial patterns of reflectance values can elicit several-fold changes in variogram parameters despite non-significant changes in average and median reflectance values and in width of 95% confidence limits. Such scattered stress expression is in accordance with documented within-leaf variation in both mineral content and chlorophyll concentration and therefore supports the need for reflectance-based stress detection at a high spatial resolution (many hyperspectral reflectance profiles acquired from a single leaf and may be used to explain or characterize within-leaf foraging patterns of herbivorous arthropods.

  18. Influence of Bacillus spp. strains on seedling growth and physiological parameters of sorghum under moisture stress conditions.

    Grover, Minakshi; Madhubala, R; Ali, Sk Z; Yadav, S K; Venkateswarlu, B


    Microorganisms isolated from stressed ecosystem may prove as ideal candidates for development of bio-inoculants for stressed agricultural production systems. In the present study, moisture stress tolerant rhizobacteria were isolated from the rhizosphere of sorghum, pigeonpea, and cowpea grown under semiarid conditions in India. Four isolates KB122, KB129, KB133, and KB142 from sorghum rhizosphere exhibited plant growth promoting traits and tolerance to salinity, high temperature, and moisture stress. These isolates were identified as Bacillus spp. by 16S rDNA sequence analysis. The strains were evaluated for growth promotion of sorghum seedlings under two different moisture stress conditions (set-I, continuous 50% soil water holding capacity (WHC) throughout the experiment and set-II, 75% soil WHC for 27 days followed by no irrigation for 5 days) under greenhouse conditions. Plate count and scanning electron microscope studies indicated successful root surface colonization by inoculated bacteria. Plants inoculated with Bacillus spp. strains showed better growth in terms of shoot length and root biomass with dark greenish leaves due to high chlorophyll content while un-inoculated plants showed rolling of the leaves, stunted appearance, and wilting under both stress conditions. Inoculation also improved leaf relative water content and soil moisture content. However, variation in proline and sugar content in the different treatments under two stress conditions indicated differential effect of microbial treatments on plant physiological parameters under stress conditions.

  19. White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei That Have Received Gracilaria tenuistipitata Extract Show Early Recovery of Immune Parameters after Ammonia Stressing

    Chen, Yu-Yuan; Chen, Jiann-Chu; Lin, Yong-Chin; Yeh, Su-Tuen; Huang, Chien-Lun


    White shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei immersed in seawater (35‰) containing Gracilaria tenuistipitata extract (GTE) at 0 (control), 400, and 600 mg/L for 3 h were exposed to 5 mg/L ammonia-N (ammonia as nitrogen), and immune parameters including hyaline cells (HCs), granular cells (GCs, including semi-granular cells), total hemocyte count (THC), phenoloxidase (PO) activity, respiratory bursts (RBs), superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, lysozyme activity, and hemolymph protein level were examined 24~120 h post-stress. The immune parameters of shrimp immersed in 600 mg/L GTE returned to original values earlier, at 96~120 h post-stress, whereas in control shrimp they did not. In another experiment, shrimp were immersed in seawater containing GTE at 0 and 600 mg/L for 3 h and examined for transcript levels of immune-related genes at 24 h post-stress. Transcript levels of lipopolysaccharide and β-1,3-glucan binding protein (LGBP), peroxinectin (PX), cytMnSOD, mtMnSOD, and HSP70 were up-regulated at 24 h post-stress in GTE receiving shrimp. We concluded that white shrimp immersed in seawater containing GTE exhibited a capability for maintaining homeostasis by regulating cellular and humoral immunity against ammonia stress as evidenced by up-regulated gene expression and earlier recovery of immune parameters. PMID:26058012

  20. White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei That Have Received Gracilaria tenuistipitata Extract Show Early Recovery of Immune Parameters after Ammonia Stressing

    Yu-Yuan Chen


    Full Text Available White shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei immersed in seawater (35‰ containing Gracilaria tenuistipitata extract (GTE at 0 (control, 400, and 600 mg/L for 3 h were exposed to 5 mg/L ammonia-N (ammonia as nitrogen, and immune parameters including hyaline cells (HCs, granular cells (GCs, including semi-granular cells, total hemocyte count (THC, phenoloxidase (PO activity, respiratory bursts (RBs, superoxide dismutase (SOD activity, lysozyme activity, and hemolymph protein level were examined 24~120 h post-stress. The immune parameters of shrimp immersed in 600 mg/L GTE returned to original values earlier, at 96~120 h post-stress, whereas in control shrimp they did not. In another experiment, shrimp were immersed in seawater containing GTE at 0 and 600 mg/L for 3 h and examined for transcript levels of immune-related genes at 24 h post-stress. Transcript levels of lipopolysaccharide and β-1,3-glucan binding protein (LGBP, peroxinectin (PX, cytMnSOD, mtMnSOD, and HSP70 were up-regulated at 24 h post-stress in GTE receiving shrimp. We concluded that white shrimp immersed in seawater containing GTE exhibited a capability for maintaining homeostasis by regulating cellular and humoral immunity against ammonia stress as evidenced by up-regulated gene expression and earlier recovery of immune parameters.

  1. White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei That Have Received Gracilaria tenuistipitata Extract Show Early Recovery of Immune Parameters after Ammonia Stressing.

    Chen, Yu-Yuan; Chen, Jiann-Chu; Lin, Yong-Chin; Yeh, Su-Tuen; Huang, Chien-Lun


    White shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei immersed in seawater (35‰) containing Gracilaria tenuistipitata extract (GTE) at 0 (control), 400, and 600 mg/L for 3 h were exposed to 5 mg/L ammonia-N (ammonia as nitrogen), and immune parameters including hyaline cells (HCs), granular cells (GCs, including semi-granular cells), total hemocyte count (THC), phenoloxidase (PO) activity, respiratory bursts (RBs), superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, lysozyme activity, and hemolymph protein level were examined 24~120 h post-stress. The immune parameters of shrimp immersed in 600 mg/L GTE returned to original values earlier, at 96~120 h post-stress, whereas in control shrimp they did not. In another experiment, shrimp were immersed in seawater containing GTE at 0 and 600 mg/L for 3 h and examined for transcript levels of immune-related genes at 24 h post-stress. Transcript levels of lipopolysaccharide and β-1,3-glucan binding protein (LGBP), peroxinectin (PX), cytMnSOD, mtMnSOD, and HSP70 were up-regulated at 24 h post-stress in GTE receiving shrimp. We concluded that white shrimp immersed in seawater containing GTE exhibited a capability for maintaining homeostasis by regulating cellular and humoral immunity against ammonia stress as evidenced by up-regulated gene expression and earlier recovery of immune parameters.

  2. Impact of alcohol on male reproductive hormones, oxidative stress and semen parameters in Sprague–Dawley rats

    A.A. Oremosu


    Conclusion: Acute and chronic administration of alcohol depletes testosterone levels, increases oxidative stress and decreases semen parameters. This impact of alcohol on testosterone levels is mediated by direct testicular toxicity and by altering the hormone feedback system in the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus.

  3. Singular Instantons and Painlevé VI

    Muñiz Manasliski, Richard


    We consider a two parameter family of instantons, which is studied in [Sadun L., Comm. Math. Phys. 163 (1994), 257-291], invariant under the irreducible action of SU_2 on S^4, but which are not globally defined. We will see that these instantons produce solutions to a one parameter family of Painlevé VI equations (P_VI}) and we will give an explicit expression of the map between instantons and solutions to P_{VI}. The solutions are algebraic only for that values of the parameters which correspond to the instantons that can be extended to all of S^4. This work is a generalization of [Muñiz Manasliski R., Contemp. Math., Vol. 434, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 2007, 215-222] and [Muñiz Manasliski R., J. Geom. Phys. 59 (2009), 1036-1047, arXiv:1602.07221], where instantons without singularities are studied.

  4. Focused ultrasonic beam behavior at a stress-free boundary and applicability for measuring nonlinear parameter in a reflection mode

    Jeong, Hyunjo; Zhang, Shuzeng; Li, Xiongbing


    In this work, we employ a focused beam theory to modify the phase reversal at the stress-free boundary, and consequently enhance the second harmonic generation during its back-propagation toward the initial source position. We first confirmed this concept through experiment by using a spherically focused beam at the water-air interface, and measuring the reflected second harmonic and comparing with a planar wave reflected from the same stress-free or a rigid boundary. In order to test the feasibility of this idea for measuring the nonlinearity parameter of solids in a reflection mode, a focused nonlinear ultrasonic beam is modeled for focusing at and reflection from a stress-free boundary. A nonlinearity parameter expression is then defined together with diffraction and attenuation corrections.

  5. Traversing the singularity hypersurface by applying the input disturbances to 6-SPS parallel manipulator

    Yu-tong LI; Yu-xin WANG; Shuang-xia PAN; Rui-qin GUO


    The singular points of a 6-SPS Stewart platform are distributed on the multi-dimensional singularity hypersurface in the task-space,which divides the workspace of the manipulator into several singularity-free regions.Because of the motion un-certainty at singular points,while the manipulator traverses this kind of hypersurface from one singularity-free region to another,its motion cannot be predetermined.In this paper,a detailed approach for the manipulator to traverse the singularity hypersurface with its non-persistent configuration is presented.First,the singular point transfer disturbance and the pose disturbance,which make the perturbed singular point transfer horizontally and vertically,respectively,arc constructed.Through applying these dis-turbances into the input parameters within the maximum loss control domain,the perturbed persistent configuration is transformed into its corresponding non-persistent one.Under the action of the disturbances,the manipulator can traverse the singularity hy-persurface from one singularity-free region to another with a desired configuration.

  6. Singular solutions of doubly singular parabolic equations with absorption

    Yuanwei Qi


    Full Text Available In this paper we study a doubly singular parabolic equation with absorption, $$ u_t = hbox{ m div} ( |abla u^m|^{p-2}abla u^m -u^q $$ with $m>0$, $p>1$, $m(p-11$. We give a complete classification of solutions, which we call singular, that are non-negative, non-trivial, continuous in ${mathbb R}^n imes [0, inftybackslash{(0,0} $, and satisfy $u(x,0=0$ for all $xeq 0$. Applications of similar but simpler equations show that these solutions are very important in the study of intermediate asymptotic behavior of general solutions.

  7. The fate of bound systems through Sudden Future Singularities

    Perivolaropoulos, Leandros


    Sudden singularities occur in FRW spacetimes when the scale factor remains finite and different from zero while some of its derivatives diverge. After proper rescaling, the scale factor close to such a singularity at $t=0$ takes the form $a(t)=1+ c |t|^\\eta$ (where $c$ and $\\eta$ are parameters and $\\eta\\geq 0$). We investigate analytically and numerically the geodesics of free and gravitationally bound particles through such sudden singularities. We find that even though free particle geodesics go through sudden singularities for all $\\eta\\geq 0$, bound systems get dissociated for a wide range of the parameter $c$. For $\\eta 1$ (Sudden Future Singularities (SFS)) bound systems get a finite impulse that depends on the value of $c$ and get dissociated for values of $c$ larger than a critical value $c_{cr}(\\eta,\\omega_0)>0$ that increases with the value of $\\eta$ and the rescaled angular velocity $\\omega_0$ of the bound system. We obtain an approximate equation for the analytical estimate of $c_{cr}(\\eta,\\omeg...

  8. [Comparison of red edge parameters of winter wheat canopy under late frost stress].

    Wu, Yong-feng; Hu, Xin; Lü, Guo-hua; Ren, De-chao; Jiang, Wei-guo; Song, Ji-qing


    In the present study, late frost experiments were implemented under a range of subfreezing temperatures (-1 - -9 degrees C) by using a field movable climate chamber (FMCC) and a cold climate chamber, respectively. Based on the spectra of winter wheat canopy measured at noon on the first day after the frost experiments, red edge parameters REP, Dr, SDr, Dr(min), Dr/Dr(min) and Dr/SDr were extracted using maximum first derivative spectrum method (FD), linear four-point interpolation method (FPI), polynomial fitting method (POLY), inverted Gaussian fitting method (IG) and linear extrapolation technique (LE), respectively. The capacity of the red edge parameters to detect late frost stress was explicated from the aspects of the early, sensitivity and stability through correlation analysis, linear regression modeling and fluctuation analysis. The result indicates that except for REP calculated from FPI and IG method in Experiment 1, REP from the other methods was correlated with frost temperatures (P < 0.05). Thereinto, significant levels (P) of POLY and LE methods all reached 0.01. Except for POLY method in Experiment 2, Dr/SDr from the other methods were all significantly correlated with frost temperatures (P < 0.01). REP showed a trend to shift to short-wave band with decreasing temperatures. The lower the temperature, the more obvious the trend is. Of all the REP, REP calculated by LE method had the highest correlation with frost temperatures which indicated that LE method is the best for REP extraction. In Experiment 1 and 2, only Dr(min) and Dr/Dr(min), calculated by FD method simultaneously achieved the requirements for the early (their correlations with frost temperatures showed a significant level P < 0.01), sensitivity (abso- lute value of the slope of fluctuation coefficient is greater than 2.0) and stability (their correlations with frost temperatures al- ways keep a consistent direction). Dr/SDr calculated from FD and IG methods always had a low sensitivity

  9. Stress-related temporary hearing loss--evaluation of bio-humoral parameters: forensic and criminological applications.

    Borraccia, Vito; Sblano, Sara; Carabellese, Felice; De Sario, Rosalisa; Zefferino, Roberto; Vinci, Francesco


    The body-alarm reaction results from the activation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, which can lead to physio-psychological phenomena such as an exclusion/occlusion of the sense of hearing. One hypothesis to explain this alteration consists in a hydromechanical dysfunction of the internal ear attributable to antidiuretic hormone. In this study, we evaluated the perception of acoustic stimuli administered in stressful conditions in 14 phobic patients and in 20 healthy subjects, in order to assess the influence of stress on perceiving capabilities. We also measured the concentration of salivary cortisol and IL-1β and neurovegetative parameters to objectivise and quantify the physiological reactions. Our results show a worse perception of the frequencies of the human voice under stress; these findings could have a dual value: in the legal field, concerning criminal liability, and on the operative context, regarding the efficiency of verbal communication among law enforcement officers in situations inducing intense emotional stress.

  10. Holonomic functions of several complex variables and singularities of anisotropic Ising n-fold integrals

    Boukraa, S; Maillard, J-M


    Lattice statistical mechanics, often provides a natural (holonomic) framework to perform singularity analysis with several complex variables that would, in a general mathematical framework, be too complex, or could not be defined. Considering several Picard-Fuchs systems of two-variables "above" Calabi-Yau ODEs, associated with double hypergeometric series, we show that holonomic functions are actually a good framework for actually finding the singular manifolds. We, then, analyse the singular algebraic varieties of the n-fold integrals $ \\chi^{(n)}$, corresponding to the decomposition of the magnetic susceptibility of the anisotropic square Ising model. We revisit a set of Nickellian singularities that turns out to be a two-parameter family of elliptic curves. We then find a first set of non-Nickellian singularities for $ \\chi^{(3)}$ and $ \\chi^{(4)}$, that also turns out to be rational or ellipic curves. We underline the fact that these singular curves depend on the anisotropy of the Ising model. We address...

  11. Levels of oxidative stress biomarkers in seminal plasma and their relationship with seminal parameters

    Zarghami Nosratollah


    Full Text Available Abstract Background There is growing evidence that damage to spermatozoa by reactive oxygen species (ROS play a key role in male infertility. The aim of the present study was to assess seminal plasma levels of total antioxidant capacity (TAC, free 8-Isoprostane and activities of catalase and superoxide dismutase (SOD in men with asthenozoospermia, asthenoteratozoospermia and oligoasthenoteratozoospermia compared with normozoospermic males. Methods The patients consisted of 46 men with seminal parameters abnormalities. The patients were grouped into asthenozoospermic (n = 15, asthenoteratozoospermic (n = 16 and oligoasthenoteratozoospermic (n = 15. The control group consisted of 16 healthy males with normozoospermia. Catalase activity was measured by Aebi spectrophotometeric method. Levels of TAC and SOD were measured by commercially available colorimetric assays. Level of free 8-Isoprostane was assessed by commercially available enzyme immunoassay (EIA method. Differences between groups were assessed using Mann-Whitney U test and Kruskal-Wallis test. Coefficients of correlation were calculated using Spearman's correlation analysis. All hypothesis tests were two-tailed with statistical significance assessed at the p value Results Levels of catalase and TAC were significantly lower in patients than the control group. No significant changes were seen in SOD activities. Levels of free 8-Isoprostane were significantly higher in patients than the control group. Furthermore, asthenozoospermic, asthenoteratozoospermic and oligoasthenoteratozoospermic groups had significantly lower values of catalase activity and TAC when compared to normozoospermic males. Levels of free 8-Isoprostane were significantly higher in all patients subgroups than the control group. Levels of catalase and TAC were positively correlated with sperm motility and morphology. Free 8-Isoprostane levels showed an inverse correlation with sperm motility and morphology. Conclusion

  12. Self-similar singular solution of doubly singular parabolic equation with gradient absorption term

    Shi Peihu


    Full Text Available We deal with the self-similar singular solution of doubly singular parabolic equation with a gradient absorption term for , and in . By shooting and phase plane methods, we prove that when there exists self-similar singular solution, while there is no any self-similar singular solution. In case of existence, the self-similar singular solution is the self-similar very singular solutions which have compact support. Moreover, the interface relation is obtained.


    infinite for finite values of the parameter T. Some of these singular solutions first come close to the desired solution and then diverge to infinity...The nearness of approach of these singular solutions is proportional to a quantity which measures the nearness of local scattering to the conservative

  14. Expansion by eigenvectors in case of simple eigenvalues of singular differential operator

    O. V. Makhnei


    Full Text Available The asymptotic formulas with large values of parameter for solutions of singular differential equation allow us to estimate Green's function of the boundary-value problem. With the help of this estimation the expansion of singular dierential operator by eigenvectors in the case of simple eigenvalues is constructed.

  15. Symposium on Singularities, Representation of Algebras, and Vector Bundles

    Trautmann, Günther


    It is well known that there are close relations between classes of singularities and representation theory via the McKay correspondence and between representation theory and vector bundles on projective spaces via the Bernstein-Gelfand-Gelfand construction. These relations however cannot be considered to be either completely understood or fully exploited. These proceedings document recent developments in the area. The questions and methods of representation theory have applications to singularities and to vector bundles. Representation theory itself, which had primarily developed its methods for Artinian algebras, starts to investigate algebras of higher dimension partly because of these applications. Future research in representation theory may be spurred by the classification of singularities and the highly developed theory of moduli for vector bundles. The volume contains 3 survey articles on the 3 main topics mentioned, stressing their interrelationships, as well as original research papers.

  16. Naked singularities as particle accelerators

    Patil, Mandar; 10.1103/PhysRevD.82.104049


    We investigate here the particle acceleration by naked singularities to arbitrarily high center of mass energies. Recently it has been suggested that black holes could be used as particle accelerators to probe the Planck scale physics. We show that the naked singularities serve the same purpose and probably would do better than their black hole counterparts. We focus on the scenario of a self-similar gravitational collapse starting from a regular initial data, leading to the formation of a globally naked singularity. It is seen that when particles moving along timelike geodesics interact and collide near the Cauchy horizon, the energy of collision in the center of mass frame will be arbitrarily high, thus offering a window to Planck scale physics.

  17. El singular como diferencia divina

    Maria Jose Binetti


    Full Text Available Mucho se ha hablado sobre la posición de la diferencia como motor dialéctico de la existencia singular kierkegaardiana. El pecado, el otro o el Otro fisuran la subjetividad humana y la obligan a una identidad que guardará siempre la herida. El sujeto de la escisión es, en este sentido, el existente mismo, y tal debe ser el caso si la perspectiva se concentra en la individualidad. No obstante, y desde el punto de vista especulativo, creemos que los mismos principios utilizados por Kierkegaard para explicar el dinamismo de la existencia singular nos llevan más lejos, a saber, nos conducen al absoluto mismo como sujeto último de toda alteridad, respecto del cual el singular hace la diferencia.

  18. Infrared singularities in QCD amplitudes

    Gardi, Einan


    We review recent progress in determining the infrared singularity structure of on-shell scattering amplitudes in massless gauge theories. We present a simple ansatz where soft singularities of any scattering amplitude of massless partons, to any loop order, are written as a sum over colour dipoles, governed by the cusp anomalous dimension. We explain how this formula was obtained, as the simplest solution to a newly-derived set of equations constraining the singularity structure to all orders. We emphasize the physical ideas underlying this derivation: the factorization of soft and collinear modes, the special properties of soft gluon interactions, and the notion of the cusp anomaly. Finally, we briefly discuss potential multi-loop contributions going beyond the sum-over-dipoles formula, which cannot be excluded at present.

  19. T-stress estimation by the two-parameter approach for a specimen with a V-shaped notch

    Bouledroua, O.; Elazzizi, A.; Hadj Meliani, M.; Pluvinage, G.; Matvienko, Y. G.


    In the present research, T-stress solutions are provided for a V-shaped notch in the case of surface defects in a pressurised pipeline. The V-shaped notch is analyzed with the use of the finite element method by the Castem2000 commercial software to determine the stress distribution ahead of the notch tip. The notch aspect ratio is varied. In contrast to a crack, it is found that the T-stress is not constant and depends on the distance from the notch tip. To estimate the T-stress in the case of a notch, a novel method is developed, inspired by the volumetric method approach proposed by Pluvinage. The method is based on averaging the T-stress over the effective distance ahead of the notch tip. The effective distance is determined by the point with the minimum stress gradient in the fracture process zone. This approach is successfully used to quantify the constraints of the notch-tip fields for various geometries and loading conditions. Moreover, the proposed T-stress estimation creates a basis for analyzing the crack path under mixed-mode loading from the viewpoint of the two-parameter fracture mechanics.

  20. Ambient cosmology and spacetime singularities

    Antoniadis, Ignatios


    We present a new approach to the issues of spacetime singularities and cosmic censorship in general relativity. This is based on the idea that standard 4-dimensional spacetime is the conformal infinity of an ambient metric for the 5-dimensional Einstein equations with fluid sources. We then find that the existence of spacetime singularities in four dimensions is constrained by asymptotic properties of the ambient 5-metric, while the non-degeneracy of the latter crucially depends on cosmic censorship holding on the boundary.

  1. Ambient cosmology and spacetime singularities

    Antoniadis, Ignatios [Bern University, Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Bern (Switzerland); Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau (France); Cotsakis, Spiros [CERN, Theory Division, Department of Physics, Geneva 23 (Switzerland); National Technical University, School of Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Athens (Greece)


    We present a new approach to the issues of spacetime singularities and cosmic censorship in general relativity. This is based on the idea that standard 4-dimensional spacetime is the conformal infinity of an ambient metric for the 5-dimensional Einstein equations with fluid sources. We then find that the existence of spacetime singularities in four dimensions is constrained by asymptotic properties of the ambient 5-metric, while the non-degeneracy of the latter crucially depends on cosmic censorship holding on the boundary. (orig.)

  2. Singularity Theory and its Applications

    Stewart, Ian; Mond, David; Montaldi, James


    A workshop on Singularities, Bifuraction and Dynamics was held at Warwick in July 1989, as part of a year-long symposium on Singularity Theory and its applications. The proceedings fall into two halves: Volume I mainly on connections with algebraic geometry and volume II on connections with dynamical systems theory, bifurcation theory and applications in the sciences. The papers are original research, stimulated by the symposium and workshop: All have been refereed and none will appear elsewhere. The main topic of volume II is new methods for the study of bifurcations in nonlinear dynamical systems, and applications of these.

  3. A generalized Dirichlet distribution accounting for singularities of the variables

    Lewy, Peter


    A multivariate generalized Dirichlet distribution has been formulated for the case where the stochastic variables are allowed to have singularities at 0 and 1. Small sample properties of the estimates of moments of the variables based on maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters have been co...

  4. Effects of nitrogen nutritional stress on the morphological and yield parameters of tomato (Solanum lycopersicumL.)

    Gideon O. Okunlola; Olusanya A. Olatunji; Akinjide M. Afolabi; Kolade K. Gbadegesin


    This investigation was carried out to better understand the effects of nitrogen stress on the growth and yield of tomato (Solanum lycopersiconL.). Seeds ofS. lycopersicon (Ife No. 1 variety) were collected from the Osun–State Ministry of Agriculture, Oshogbo, Nigeria and planted in analyzed top soil. The plants were grown for a period of five weeks within which they were supplied with water and kept under optimum environmental conditions that enhanced normal growth. After this period, the plants were subjected to different levels of nitrogen stress which include: plants supplied with dis-tilled water only (n), plants supplied with complete nutrient solution (N), plants supplied with nutrient solution in which nitrogen concentration sources was increased by a factor of 5 (N5), and plants supplied with nutrient solution in which nitrogen concentration sources was increased by a factor of 10 (N10). Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) results shows that there is no significant effect of stress on the growth and morphological parameters of tomato plants. However, there was a significant effect of nitrogen stress on the yield parameters. Nitrogen stress also caused an increase in the number and size of fruits produced in plants subjected with high nitrogen concentration.

  5. Internal length parameter and buckling analysis of carbon nanotubes using modified couple stress theory and Timoshenko beam model

    Khajueenejad, F.; Ghanbari, J.


    The internal length parameter of the modified couple stress theory for single walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is determined in this paper. Buckling of CNTs have been studied using Timoshenko beam model and modified couple stress theory. The governing equations for three different end conditions, simple-simple, clamped-clamped and clamped-free, are solved using variational methods and an exact solution is provided for the buckling load. The effects of the internal length parameter on the buckling load of various CNT length and diameters are studied. It is observed that the internal length parameter has larger influence on the higher modes of buckling and for shorter nanotubes. A method presented to obtain the internal length parameter of higher order theories. By correlating the obtained results with the more accurate molecular dynamics simulations, the internal length parameter has been calculated for zigzag and armchair nanotubes. It is observed that the internal length parameter has slight dependency on the size of the CNTs and an average value is provided.

  6. Relation between Coda-Q and stress loaded to an elastic body. -parameters of material conditions derived by stochastic measurement-

    Okamoto, K.; Mikada, H.; Goto, T.; Takekawa, J.


    Seismic coda is formed by superposed signals caused by scatterers. When heterogeneous condition is changed due to crustal deformations, coda-Q should vary reflecting the physical state if the materials. When the spatial scale of scatters in a medium becomes comparable with or smaller then the wavelength of seismic waves traveling through, it becomes very difficult to analyze the coda-wave quantitatively in terms of the location of scatterers, scattering mechanisms, etc. For inhomogeneous medium, it is natural to deal with stochastic methodologies to interpret seismic data. In this regard coda-Q has been frequently used as a stochastic measure of the medium in which seismic waves propagate. Since objectives of recent structural surveys include spatiotemporal or time-lapse variation of physical properties of underground medium, we propose a new geophysical monitoring method using the stochastic parameters if these parameters reflect changes of physical state of the medium. Several observed examples are reported that the relationship between the coda-Q and the number of earthquakes (e.g., Aki,2004). Aki (2004) said that the interrelation between the coda-Q and the number of earthquakes might be a key to understand the change in the state of crustal stress field. Here, we hypothesize that the change of the coda- Q reflects that of the stress magnitude and direction and try to focus on the relationship between the coda-Q and loaded stress which could cause earthquakes. The purpose of this study is to relate this relationship to non-stochastic quantity of the underground physical state, i.e., the stress to test our hypothesis. We employ two methods to achieve our objectives. One is Finite Difference Method (FDM), and the other is Boundary Integral Equation Method (BIEM). FDM is superior in the calculation of large field and saving calculation time. BIEM is superior in the free shape of boundaries. These two methods are applied to a numerical model of elastic body

  7. Gauge invariance properties and singularity cancellations in a modified PQCD

    Cabo-Montes de Oca, Alejandro; Cabo, Alejandro; Rigol, Marcos


    The gauge-invariance properties and singularity elimination of the modified perturbation theory for QCD introduced in previous works, are investigated. The construction of the modified free propagators is generalized to include the dependence on the gauge parameter $\\alpha $. Further, a functional proof of the independence of the theory under the changes of the quantum and classical gauges is given. The singularities appearing in the perturbative expansion are eliminated by properly combining dimensional regularization with the Nakanishi infrared regularization for the invariant functions in the operator quantization of the $\\alpha$-dependent gauge theory. First-order evaluations of various quantities are presented, illustrating the gauge invariance-properties.

  8. Singularity-free Bianchi spaces with nonlinear electrodynamics

    García-Salcedo, R; Garcia-Salcedo, Ricardo; Breton, Nora


    In this paper we present the analysis to determine the existence of singularities in spatially homogeneous anisotropic universes filled with nonlinear electromagnetic radiation. These spaces are conformal to Bianchi spaces admitting a three parameter group of motions G$_3$. We study analytical extensions as well as geodesic completeness. It is shown that with nonlinear electromagnetic field some of the Bianchi spaces are geodesically complete, like G$_3$II and G$_3$VIII; however Bianchi G$_3$IX presents the phenomenon of geodesics that are imprisoned. In contrast, diagonal Bianchi spaces like G$_3$I, G$_3$III and Kantowski-Sachs have a finite time existence ending in a scalar polynomial curvature singularity.

  9. Robust Input-Output Energy Decoupling for Uncertain Singular Systems

    Xin-Zhuang Dong; Qing-Ling Zhang


    This paper addresses the robust input-output energy decoupling problem for uncertain singular systems in which all parameter matrices except E exist as time-varying uncertainties. By means of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs),sufficient conditions are derived for the existence of linear state feedback and input transformation control laws, such that the resulting closed-loop uncertain singular system is generalized quadratically stable and the energy of every input controls mainly the energy of a corresponding output, and influences the energy of other outputs as weakly as possible.

  10. Numerical Study of the Effect of Presence of Geometric Singularities on the Mechanical Behavior of Laminated Plates

    Khechai, Abdelhak; Tati, Abdelouahab; Guettala, Abdelhamid


    In this paper, an effort is made to understand the effects of geometric singularities on the load bearing capacity and stress distribution in thin laminated plates. Composite plates with variously shaped cutouts are frequently used in both modern and classical aerospace, mechanical and civil engineering structures. Finite element investigation is undertaken to show the effect of geometric singularities on stress distribution. In this study, the stress concentration factors (SCFs) in cross-and-angle-ply laminated as well as in isotropic plates subjected to uniaxial loading are studied using a quadrilateral finite element of four nodes with thirty-two degrees-of-freedom per element. The varying parameters such as the cutout shape and hole sizes (a/b) are considered. The numerical results obtained by the present element are compared favorably with those obtained using the finite element software Freefem++ and the analytic findings published in literature, which demonstrates the accuracy of the present element. Freefem++ is open source software based on the finite element method, which could be helpful to study and improving the analyses of the stress distribution in composite plates with cutouts. The Freefem++ and the quadrilateral finite element formulations will be given in the beginning of this paper. Finally, to show the effect of the fiber orientation angle and anisotropic modulus ratio on the (SCF), number of figures are given for various ratio (a/b).

  11. Extreme Value distribution for singular measures

    Faranda, Davide; Turchetti, Giorgio; Vaienti, Sandro


    In this paper we perform an analytical and numerical study of Extreme Value distributions in discrete dynamical systems that have a singular measure. Using the block maxima approach described in Faranda et al. [2011] we show that, numerically, the Extreme Value distribution for these maps can be associated to the Generalised Extreme Value family where the parameters scale with the information dimension. The numerical analysis are performed on a few low dimensional maps. For the middle third Cantor set and the Sierpinskij triangle obtained using Iterated Function Systems, experimental parameters show a very good agreement with the theoretical values. For strange attractors like Lozi and H\\`enon maps a slower convergence to the Generalised Extreme Value distribution is observed. Even in presence of large statistics the observed convergence is slower if compared with the maps which have an absolute continuous invariant measure. Nevertheless and within the uncertainty computed range, the results are in good agree...

  12. The reaction to social stress in social phobia: discordance between physiological and subjective parameters.

    Elisabeth Klumbies

    Full Text Available Research on the biopsychological background of social phobia (SP is scarce and inconsistent. We investigated endocrine and autonomic markers along with subjective responses to a standardized stress situation (Trier Social Stress Test, TSST in SP patients and healthy controls (HC.We examined 88 patients with the primary diagnosis of SP as well as 78 age and sex comparable HCs with the TSST. Blood and saliva samples were obtained before and after the TSST for the assessment of salivary cortisol, plasma cortisol, salivary alpha-amylase (sAA, and prolactin. Heart rate (HR and heart rate variability (HRV were recorded continuously. Scalp-near hair samples were collected for the assessment of long-term cortisol secretion. The self-reported stress response was measured with different state and trait scales.While self-reported anxiety was elevated in SP before, during, immediately after, and one week after the TSST, no significant differences in biological stress responses were observed between SP and HC. There was a trend for SP to show higher baseline stress markers. Also long-term cortisol deposition in hair remained unaltered.Our results suggest that the excessive self-reported stress in SP is not reflected by a respective biological stress response. Patients with SP apparently show neither an extreme form of focused fear reactivity nor excessive defensive impairment.

  13. Singularity: Raychaudhuri equation once again

    Naresh Dadhich


    I first recount Raychaudhuri's deep involvement with the singularity problem in general relativity. I then argue that precisely the same situation has arisen today in loop quantum cosmology as obtained when Raychaudhuri discovered his celebrated equation. We thus need a new analogue of the Raychaudhuri equation in quantum gravity.

  14. Singularity: zijn wij technologisch upgradable

    drs. Frans van den Reep


    1e alinea column: Ik wil een paar dingen kwijt over singularity en de hele horde van buitengewoon slimme mensen die daar vorm aan geven. Aanleiding hiervoor is de speech van Peter Diamandis, cofounder en chairman of the Singularty University, Nasa Research Park, Silicon Valley, die hij vorige week

  15. Lightlike singularities in compactified supergravity

    Baal, P. van; Bais, F.A.


    We discuss the (causal) structure of a recently found black hole solution of compatified d = 11 supergravity. It is shown that the singularity is in fact lightlike and coincides with the horizon. Consequences are that the Hawking temperature is undetermined and that there is no other universe connec

  16. Singularity: zijn wij technologisch upgradable

    drs. Frans van den Reep


    1e alinea column: Ik wil een paar dingen kwijt over singularity en de hele horde van buitengewoon slimme mensen die daar vorm aan geven. Aanleiding hiervoor is de speech van Peter Diamandis, cofounder en chairman of the Singularty University, Nasa Research Park, Silicon Valley, die hij vorige week i

  17. Lightlike singularities in compactified supergravity

    Baal, P. van; Bais, F.A.


    We discuss the (causal) structure of a recently found black hole solution of compatified d = 11 supergravity. It is shown that the singularity is in fact lightlike and coincides with the horizon. Consequences are that the Hawking temperature is undetermined and that there is no other universe connec

  18. Singularities in Speckled Speckle: Screening

    Kessler, David A


    We study screening of optical singularities in random optical fields with two widely different length scales. We call the speckle patterns generated by such fields speckled speckle, because the major speckle spots in the pattern are themselves highly speckled. We study combinations of fields whose components exhibit short- and long-range correlations, and find unusual forms of screening.

  19. Singularity: zijn wij technologisch upgradable

    Reep, Frans van der


    1e alinea column: Ik wil een paar dingen kwijt over singularity en de hele horde van buitengewoon slimme mensen die daar vorm aan geven. Aanleiding hiervoor is de speech van Peter Diamandis, cofounder en chairman of the Singularty University, Nasa Research Park, Silicon Valley, die hij vorige week i

  20. Effect of parameters on local stress field in single-lap bolted joints with the interference fit

    Jiefeng Jiang


    Full Text Available From the interference fit bolt installation to tensile loading stage in single-lap joint with a hi-lock bolt, the stress and strain fields were studied experimentally and numerically. A three-dimensional finite element model was generated to simulate the experimental setup, which was validated using the experimental data. The fatigue behavior of the bolted joint is influenced by the local stress fields on the faying surface near the holes in single-lap joints. Therefore, with the aim to improve design awareness, the effects of the parameters on the local stress fields were investigated by means of finite element simulation. With an increase in the interference fit size, the occurred position of the maximum stress values on the upper plate faying surface moves away from the hole edge gradually. As the clamping force or friction coefficient increases, the position of larger stress area is changed to the side of bearing load from the transverse direction. The lap geometry of the bolted joint as well as the amplitude of tensile load has apparent impact on the maximum stress value.

  1. Estimating the stresses within the lithosphere: parameter check with applications to the African Plate

    Medvedev, Sergei; Werner, Stephanie; Steinberger, Bernhard; "African Plate" Working Group


    Several mechanisms control the state of stress within plates on Earth. The list is rather long, but well-known and includes ridge push, mantle drag, stresses invoked by lateral variations of lithospheric density structure and subduction processes. We attempt to quantify the influence of these mechanisms and to construct a reliable model to understand modern and palaeo-stresses using the African plate (TAP) as an example. Previous studies explained stress patterns and their evolution solely by assigning different rheological properties to sub-domains and their boundaries. Such an approach often leads to unrealistically high variations of properties within a modeled plate. In our approach we find the best possible agreement with observations before differentiating between sub-domains of TAP. The finite-element based suite ProShell was utilized to calculate stresses on the real geometry of TAP (non-planar). The approach allows us to combine several data sets and to estimate stresses caused by lateral and vertical distribution of properties within the lithosphere, to quantify the in-plane and bending stresses, to account for forces due to ridge push and mantle heterogeneities and mantle flow. The modeled results are tested and iterated to match the observed stress pattern and potential fields as good as possible. The starting model is based on the CRUST2 data set to construct the model crust and half-space cooling model to approximate properties of the lithospheric mantle. The results however, are not satisfactory, and might be related to oversimplifications in the uniform model of lithosphere or/and to the unrealistic representation of the CRUST2 model in certain areas of TAP. The latter was also shown by simple evaluation using gravity forward modeling of the model boundaries. The model implementation of the crustal structure calculated from simple gravity inversion or derived through isostatical considerations agree better to today's observed stress pattern.

  2. On the concept of spectral singularities

    Gusein Sh Guseinov


    In this paper, we discuss the concept of spectral singularities for non-Hermitian Hamiltonians. We exihibit spectral singularities of some well-known concrete Hamiltonians with complex-valued coefficients.

  3. Free energy of singular sticky-sphere clusters

    Kallus, Yoav


    Networks of particles connected by springs model many condensed-matter systems, from colloids interacting with a short-range potential, to complex fluids near jamming, to self-assembled lattices, to origami-inspired materials. Under small thermal fluctuations the vibrational entropy of a ground state is given by the harmonic approximation if it has no zero-frequency modes, yet such "singular" states are at the epicenter of many interesting behaviors in the systems above. To account for singularities we consider a finite cluster of $N$ spherical particles and solve for the partition function in the sticky limit where the pairwise interaction is strong and short ranged. Although the partition function diverges for singular clusters in the limit, the asymptotic contribution can be calculated and depends on only two parameters, characterizing the depth and range of the potential. The result holds for clusters that are second-order rigid, a geometric characterization that describes all known ground-state (rigid) s...

  4. hp-finite element methods for singular perturbations

    Melenk, Jens M


    Many partial differential equations arising in practice are parameter-dependent problems that are of singularly perturbed type. Prominent examples include plate and shell models for small thickness in solid mechanics, convection-diffusion problems in fluid mechanics, and equations arising in semi-conductor device modelling. Common features of these problems are layers and, in the case of non-smooth geometries, corner singularities. Mesh design principles for the efficient approximation of both features by the hp-version of the finite element method (hp-FEM) are proposed in this volume. For a class of singularly perturbed problems on polygonal domains, robust exponential convergence of the hp-FEM based on these mesh design principles is established rigorously.

  5. Spurious singularities in the generalized Newton variational method

    Apagyi, B.; Levay, P. (Quantum Theory Group, Institute of Physics, Technical University of Budapest, H-1521 Budapest (Hungary)); Ladanyi, K. (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Roland Eoetvoes University, H-1088 Budapest (Hungary))


    The generalized Newton variational method is applied to the static-exchange approximation of the electron--hydrogen-atom scattering. Slater-type basis functions are employed to expand the amplitude density. Spurious singularities are encountered in both scattering processes. The width of the unphysical singularities is broader in the case of singlet scattering. Anomalous poles appear in narrow regions of the scale parameter and are in evident correlation with the zeros of the determinant of the free-particle Green's operator. As a by-product, simple least-squares extension of the generalized Newton variational method is developed in order to avoid spurious singularities and to recognize whether or not the convergence is of secondary nature.

  6. Dynamics of learning near singularities in radial basis function networks.

    Wei, Haikun; Amari, Shun-Ichi


    The radial basis function (RBF) networks are one of the most widely used models for function approximation in the regression problem. In the learning paradigm, the best approximation is recursively or iteratively searched for based on observed data (teacher signals). One encounters difficulties in such a process when two component basis functions become identical, or when the magnitude of one component becomes null. In this case, the number of the components reduces by one, and then the reduced component recovers as the learning process proceeds further, provided such a component is necessary for the best approximation. Strange behaviors, especially the plateau phenomena, have been observed in dynamics of learning when such reduction occurs. There exist singularities in the space of parameters, and the above reduction takes place at the singular regions. This paper focuses on a detailed analysis of the dynamical behaviors of learning near the overlap and elimination singularities in RBF networks, based on the averaged learning equation that is applicable to both on-line and batch mode learning. We analyze the stability on the overlap singularity by solving the eigenvalues of the Hessian explicitly. Based on the stability analysis, we plot the analytical dynamic vector fields near the singularity, which are then compared to those real trajectories obtained by a numeric method. We also confirm the existence of the plateaus in both batch and on-line learning by simulation.

  7. Design parameters dependences on contact stress distribution in gait and jogging phases after total hip arthroplasty.

    Rixrath, E; Wendling-Mansuy, S; Flecher, X; Chabrand, P; Argenson, J N


    We have developed a mathematical model to calculate the contact stress distribution in total hip arthroplasty (THA) prosthesis between the articulating surfaces. The model uses the clearance between bearing surfaces as well as the inclination and thickness of the Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly-Ethylene (UHMWPE) cup to achieve this. We have used this mathematical model to contrast the maximal force during normal gait and during jogging. This is based on the assumption that the contact stress is proportional to the radial deformation of the cup. The results show that the magnitude of the maximal contact stress remains constant for inclination values in the range of [0-35 degrees ] and increase significantly with the cup clearance and liner thickness for inclination values in the range of [35-65 degrees ]. A major use for this model would be the calculation of spatial contact stress distribution during normal gait or jogging for different couples of bearing surfaces.

  8. Effect of Stress Conditions on Body Composition Parameters of Farmed Rohu (Labeo rohita)

    Shah, Syed Qaswar Ali; Hussain, Muhammad Zubair; Asif Ali, Muhammad


    Various stressors affect the body composition of fish. The current study was undertaken to investigate the effect of stress conditions on the body composition of farmed Labeo rohita. Sixty fingerlings were subjected to experimentation in aquaria after being acclimatized. The specimens were divided...... into control, starvation stress and double stress (pH 8 and starvation) groups with 20 individuals in each group. Fish samples for the estimation of body composition were taken after 12 days, 24 days, 36 days and 48 days. Standard procedures and protocols were used for analysis. There was a trend of gradual...... increase in ash contents (% dry body weight) in starvation and double stress group with increase in number of days. However, fat contents (% dry body weight) considerably decreased and protein contents remained unchanged. The inter-comparison of three groups showed that there was significant effect...

  9. Parameter Optimisation of Stress-strain Constitutive Equations Using Genetic Algorithms

    Y. Y. Yang; M. Mahfouf; D.A.Linkens


    The accuracy of numerical simulations and many other material design calculations, such as the rolling force, rollingtorque, etc., depends on the description of stress-strain relationship of the deformed materials. One common methodof describing the stres

  10. Effect of forced swim stress on wistar albino rats in various behavioral parameters

    Ambareesha Kondam, Nilesh N Kate, Gaja Lakshmi, Suresh M, Chandrashekar M.


    Full Text Available Introduction: Stress is an important factor of depression that causes the changes in various body systems. The forced swim test is a commonly used stressor test where rats are forced to swim in specially constructed tanks for a particular period where there is behavioral activation characterized by vigorous swimming and diving to search for alternate routes of escape. Animal health including human has been shown to be affected by the stressful events of life inducing situation which alters cognition, learning memory and emotional responses, causing mental disorders like depression and anxiety and stress in rats. Methods: The experiment was carried out with 12 healthy albino Wistar female rats weighing about 150-180gms. The animals were randomly divided into two groups of six animals each. Group – I (control, Group – II (Stressed Group. Group –II rats are placed in plastic tanks for 45minutes for15 days. Temperature of water was maintained at 20˚C. During stress phase, the animals will be trained for forced swim test, behavioral changes observed by open field apparatus for emotions, and eight arm maze for memory & leaning, elevated plus maze for anxiety. Results: Forced swim stress causes to a significant change (p<0.05 on cognitive functions: motivation, learning and memory. Forced swim stress is the factor damaging the hippocampus causes repeated immobilization and produce atrophy of dendrites of pyramidal neurons and neuroendocrinological disturbances, controlled by the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA. Repeated stress in the form of forced swimming activates the free radical processes leading to an increase in lipid peroxidation in many tissues. Conclusion: This study reveals the effect of repeated forced swim stress causes wide range of adaptive changes in the central nervous system including the elevation of serotonin (5-HT metabolism and an increased susceptibility to affective disorders. The earlier findings have reported

  11. The Effect of Water Stress on the Gas Exchange Parameters, Productivity and Seed Health of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench

    Agnieszka Pszczółkowska


    Full Text Available The present pot experiment studied the effect of different soil moisture contents (60 - 70% CWC (capillary water capacity - control; 30 - 35% CWC - water stress on buckwheat productivity, the gas exchange parameters and health of buckwheat nuts. It was found that water deficit affected adversely certain biometric features investigated (plant height, number of nuts per cluster and caused a decrease in seed weight per plant. It was also shown that water stress reduced the values of the investigated gas exchange parameters (photosynthesis rate, transpiration rate, intercellular-space CO2 concentration, and stomatal conductance relative to the control treatment. Different soil moisture contents did not have a clear effect on fungal colonization of seeds. The multiplex PCR assays did not enable the detection of the genes responsible for mycotoxin synthesis. Under water deficit conditions, an increase was found in the content of albumin and globulin fractions as well as of glutelin fractions.

  12. Free string evolution across plane wave singularities

    Craps, Ben; Evnin, Oleg


    In these proceedings, we summarize our studies of free string propagation in (near-)singular scale-invariant plane wave geometries. We analyze the singular limit of the evolution for the center-of-mass motion and all excited string modes. The requirement that the entire excitation energy of the string should be finite excludes consistent propagation across the singularity, in case no dimensionful scales are introduced at the singular locus (in an otherwise scale-invariant space-time).

  13. Singular integral on bounded strictly pseudoconvex domain

    GONG Ding-dong


    Kytmanov and Myslivets gave a special Cauchy principal value of the singular integral on the bounded strictly pseudoconvex domain with smooth boundary. By means of this Cauchy integral principal value, the corresponding singular integral and a composition formula are obtained. This composition formula is quite different from usual ones in form. As an application, the corresponding singular integral equation and the system of singular integral equations are discussed as well.

  14. To Evaluate the Efficacy of Combination Antioxidant Therapy on Oxidative Stress Parameters in Seminal Plasma in the Male Infertility

    Singh, Alpana; Radhakrishnan, Gita; Banerjee, B.D.


    Introduction Infertility is defined as inability to conceive after 1 year of unprotected intercourse and it affects 7% of male population and 8–10% of couples. According to estimates WHO, 13-19 million couples in India are infertile. Oxidative stress is the causative factor in 25% of infertile males. Aim To study the efficacy of antioxidant therapy on oxidative stress parameters in seminal plasma of infertile male. Materials and Methods Forty patients of male infertility were enrolled in study after two abnormal semen analyses reports at 2-3 weeks interval, of oligozoospermia and/or asthenozoospermia, as per WHO guide line 1999. First semen sample was collected at a time of enrollment of study and second semen sample was collected three months after combined antioxidant therapy. Semen samples from the infertile male (the second confirmatory sample of oligoasthenozoospermia) were taken and after liquefaction semen sample were utilized for various analyses, 0.5 ml of sample for standard semen analysis, 1.2 ml sample for separation of seminal plasma to evaluate Oxidative stress (OS) parameters like Malondialdehyde (MDA), Protein Carbonyl (PC) and antioxidant capacity by Glutathione (GSH). We followed the patient for three months after completion of the treatment. Results Semen parameters – Out of 40 patients recruited in the study group 7 patients had only oligospermia (1 to 20 million/ml) and 31 patients had oligoasthenozoospermia (motility range 0-50%) and 2 patients had oligoasthenoteratozoospermia. There was no patient with asthenospermia alone as abnormal semen parameters. After the three months treatment with combined antioxidants the semen parameters like count (mean SD = -1.70±1.44) and motility (mean +SD= -9.56±9.05) were significantly increased (p-value=0.000). Oxidative Stress Assessment – The level of MDA which is a marker of oxidative stress was significantly lower after the three months therapy of antioxidants (p-value=0.002) whereas another

  15. Sensitivity analysis of tool-chip contact parameters when predicting residual stresses in turning of Inconel 718

    Torrano, I.; Barbero, O.; Kortabarria, A.; Arrazola, P. J.


    Heat-resistant alloys like Inconel 718 are used in critical components such as aircraft engine turbine discs. Due to the extreme thermo-mechanical solicitations that must suffer during their lifetime, reliability is essential, even more if its failure could lead to loss of human lives. Surface integrity is a critical issue in this kind of components and specially residual stresses are a key aspect. Currently, the development and optimization of the machining process with regards to the residual stresses is done through expensive experimental trial and error methods. This article shows the research work made on the simulation of a machining model in three dimensions with the Deform TM commercial program. The results obtained show the influence of contact parameters (friction coefficient, heat transfer coefficient) not only on the cutting forces and temperatures, but also in the generation of residual stresses.

  16. [Lipid parameters of the skin, cerebellum, and medulla oblongata during immersion stress in rats].

    Gribanov, G A; Kostiuk, N V; Abramov, Iu V; Bykov, V A; Rebrov, L B; Volodina, T V; Pertsov, S S


    The influence of short-form water immersion stress of rats on lipids in the skin, the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata was studied. The level of total lipids and absolute and relative contents of the main lipid fractions (phospholipids, nonesterified cholesterol, free fatty acids, triglycerides, and cholesterol esters) were measured. Stress induced delayed changes of the lipid component of the skin. The first significant changes of lipid fractions were only observed 20 h later after the stress procedure. These changes were retained (being at nearly constant levels) till the end of the second day. The decrease in contents of total lipids and esterified cholesterol was revealed in the cerebellum of stressed rats (in comparison to these levels in control rats). These results suggest the involvement of cholesterol metabolic system in the stress reaction. The content of total lipids decreased also in the medulla oblongata. However, levels of the main lipid fractions changed differently. The content of diglycerides increased and the content of cholesterol decreased. The data obtained suggest that degradation of triglycerides is the principle pathway of metabolic conversions of lipids. Free fatty acids formed during these processes are probably involved in the synthesis of phospholipids and cholesterol esters. The data indicate absolutely different mechanisms of interrelations between individual lipid fractions in the brain regions studied. Various roles of the brain structures in the stress response of the body may account for the differences revealed.

  17. Evaluation of parameters of oxidative stress after in vitro exposure to FMCW- and CDMA-modulated radiofrequency radiation fields.

    Hook, Graham J; Spitz, Douglas R; Sim, Julia E; Higashikubo, Ryuji; Baty, Jack D; Moros, Eduardo G; Roti Roti, Joseph L


    The goal of this study was to determine whether radiofrequency (RF) radiation is capable of inducing oxidative stress or affecting the response to oxidative stress in cultured mammalian cells. The two types of RF radiation investigated were frequency-modulated continuous-wave with a carrier frequency of 835.62 MHz (FMCW) and code division multiple access centered on 847.74 MHz (CDMA). To evaluate the effect of RF radiation on oxidative stress, J774.16 mouse macrophage cells were stimulated with gamma-interferon (IFN) and bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) prior to exposure. Cell cultures were exposed for 20-22 h to a specific absorption rate of 0.8 W/kg at a temperature of 37.0 +/- 0.3 degrees C. Oxidative stress was evaluated by measuring oxidant levels, antioxidant levels, oxidative damage and nitric oxide production. Oxidation of thiols was measured by monitoring the accumulation of glutathione disulfide (GSSG). Cellular antioxidant defenses were evaluated by measuring superoxide dismutase activity (CuZnSOD and MnSOD) as well as catalase and glutathione peroxidase activity. The trypan blue dye exclusion assay was used to measure any changes in viability. The results of these studies indicated that FMCW- and CDMA-modulated RF radiation did not alter parameters indicative of oxidative stress in J774.16 cells. FMCW- and CDMA-modulated fields did not alter the level of intracellular oxidants, accumulation of GSSG or induction of antioxidant defenses in IFN/LPS-stimulated cells. Consistent with the lack of an effect on oxidative stress parameters, no change in toxicity was observed in J774.16 cells after either optimal (with or without inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase) or suboptimal stimulation.

  18. Effect of Nitrogen Nutritional Stress on Some Growth Parameters of Zea mays L. and Vigna unguiculata (L. Walp.

    Akinbode Foluso OLOGUNDUDU


    Full Text Available This study investigated the responses of maize (Zea mays L. and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp. seedlings growth parameters to nitrogen nutritional stress. This was with a view to determining whether nitrogen nutritional stress would retard or enhance maize and cowpea growth, partly, wholly or not at all through its effect on biomass accumulation and some morphological parameters. Germination of seeds was done using treated sand in sixty plastic pots. A group of the seedlings was nutrient stressed by administering 200 ml of complete nutrient solution minus nitrogen (-N while the other groups were fed with five times (X5N and ten times (X10N the optimal concentration of nitrogen and the last regime was fed with full nutrient solution (FN. The effects of optimal concentration and nitrogen stress on the growth rates (as measured by their fresh and dry weight were studied. The result of the growth analysis showed that there was increase in shoot height with supraoptimal concentrations of nitrogen treatments (X10N and X5N while there was a decrease in shoot height with minus nitrogen (-N regimes. The observed higher biomass (dry matter yield under the FN regimes in both Zea mays and Vigna unguiculata were attributed to optimal nutrient assimilation rate.

  19. Singularities from colliding plane gravitational waves

    Tipler, Frank J.


    A simple geometrical argument is given which shows that a collision between two plane gravitational waves must result in singularities. The argument suggests that these singularities are a peculiar feature of plane waves, because singularities are also a consequence of a collision between self-gravitating plane waves of other fields with arbitrarily small energy density.

  20. Singularities from colliding plane gravitational waves

    Tipler, F.J.


    A simple geometrical argument is given which shows that a collision between two plane gravitational waves must result in singularities. The argument suggests that these singularities are a peculiar feature of plane waves, because singularities are also a consequence of a collision between self-gravitating plane waves of other fields with arbitrarily small energy density.

  1. Singularity development and supersymmetry in holography

    Buchel, Alex


    We study the effects of supersymmetry on singularity development scenario in holography presented in [1] (BBL). We argue that the singularity persists in a supersymmetric extension of the BBL model. The challenge remains to find a string theory embedding of the singularity mechanism.

  2. Numerical Quadrature of Periodic Singular Integral Equations

    Krenk, Steen


    This paper presents quadrature formulae for the numerical integration of a singular integral equation with Hilbert kernel. The formulae are based on trigonometric interpolation. By integration a quadrature formula for an integral with a logarithmic singularity is obtained. Finally...... it is demonstrated how a singular integral equation with infinite support can be solved by use of the preceding formulae....

  3. Effects of psychological stress test on the cardiac response of public safety workers: alternative parameters to autonomic balance

    Huerta-Franco, M. R.; Vargas-Luna, F. M.; Delgadillo-Holtfort, I.


    It is well known that public safety workers (PSW) face many stressful situations that yield them as high-risk population for suffering chronic stress diseases. In this multidisciplinary research the cardiac response to induced psychological stress by a short duration Stroop test was evaluated in 20 female and 19 male PSW, in order to compare traditionally used cardiac response parameters with alternative ones. Electrocardiograms have been recorded using the Eindhoven electrodes configuration for 1 min before, 3 min during and 1 min after the test. Signals analysis has been performed for the heart rate and the power spectra of its variability and of the variability of the amplitude of the R-wave, i.e. the highest peak of the electrocardiographic signal periodic sequence. The results demonstrated that the traditional autonomic balance index shows no significant differences between stages. In contrast, the median of the area of the power spectrum of the R-wave amplitude variability in the frequency region dominated by the autonomous nervous system (0.04-to-0.4 Hz) is the more sensitive parameter. Moreover, this parameter allows to identify gender differences consistent with those encountered in other studies.

  4. Finite-time singularity in the evolution of hyperinflation episodes

    Szybisz, Martin A.; Leszek Szybisz


    A model proposed by Sornette, Takayasu, and Zhou for describing hyperinflation regimes based on adaptive expectations expressed in terms of a power law which leads to a finite-time singularity is revisited. It is suggested to express the price index evolution explicitly in terms of the parameters introduced along the theoretical formulation avoiding any combination of them used in the original work. This procedure allows to study unambiguously the uncertainties of such parameters when an erro...

  5. Bifurcation for non linear ordinary differential equations with singular perturbation

    Safia Acher Spitalier


    Full Text Available We study a family of singularly perturbed ODEs with one parameter and compare their solutions to the ones of the corresponding reduced equations. The interesting characteristic here is that the reduced equations have more than one solution for a given set of initial conditions. Then we consider how those solutions are organized for different values of the parameter. The bifurcation associated to this situation is studied using a minimal set of tools from non standard analysis.

  6. Anisotropic singularities in chiral modified gravity

    Herfray, Yannick; Krasnov, Kirill; Shtanov, Yuri


    In four spacetime dimensions, there exists a special infinite-parameter family of chiral modified gravity theories. All these theories describe just two propagating polarisations of the graviton. General relativity (GR) with an arbitrary cosmological constant is the only parity-invariant member of this family. We review how these modified gravity theories arise within the framework of pure-connection formulation. We introduce a new convenient parametrisation of this family of theories by using a certain set of auxiliary fields. Modifications of GR can be arranged so as to become important in regions with large Weyl curvature, while the behaviour is indistinguishable from GR where Weyl curvature is small. We show how the Kasner singularity of GR is resolved in a particular class of modified gravity theories of this type, leading to solutions in which the fundamental connection field is regular all through the spacetime. There arises a new asymptotically De Sitter region ‘behind’ the would-be singularity, the complete solution thus being of a bounce type.

  7. A quantitative analysis of singular inflation with scalar-tensor and modified gravity

    Nojiri, S; Oikonomou, V K


    We provide a detailed quantitative description of singular inflation. Its close analogy with finite-time future singularity which is associated to dark energy era is described. Calling and classifying the singularities of such inflation as finite-time cosmological singularities we investigate their occurrence, with special emphasis on the Type IV singularity. The study is performed in the context of a general non-canonical scalar-tensor theory. In addition, the impact of finite time singularities on the slow-roll parameters is also investigated. Particularly, we study three cases, in which the singularity occurs during the inflationary era, at the end, and also we study the case that the singularity occurs much more later than inflation ends. Using the obtained slow-roll parameters, for each case, we calculate explicitly the spectral index of primordial curvature perturbations $n_s$, the associated running of the spectral index $a_s$ and of the scalar-to-tensor ratio $r$ and compare the resulting values to th...

  8. Stress ethylene evolution of bean plants—a parameter indicating ozone pollution

    Stan, Hans-Jürgen; Schicker, Sieglinde; Kassner, Helmut

    Bean plants treated with varying ozone concentrations for varying exposure times showed increased rates of ethylene production compared with controls. A standard method was worked out in which primary leaves of bean plants were encapsulated in 250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks after exposure. The amount of ethylene produced was determined by gas chromatography after about 24 h. The 'no effect level' of the bean plant was found to be 100 ppb ozone because there was no significant stress ethylene production even after 12 h fumigation. A treatment with 150 ppb ozone induced the beginning of stress ethylene production after about 8 h. With higher ozone concentrations shorter exposure times are necessary to induce a first response. Stress ethylene production correlates better with ozone concentration than with exposure time comparing the same products of concentration and time.

  9. Temporal parameters of post-stress prophylactic glucose treatment in rats.

    Conoscenti, M A; Hart, E E; Smith, N J; Minor, T R


    Acute trauma can lead to life-long changes in susceptibility to psychiatric disease, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Rats given free access to a concentrated glucose solution for 24 h beginning immediately after trauma failed to show stress-related pathology in the learned helplessness model of PTSD and comorbid major depression. We assessed effective dosing and temporal constraints of the glucose intervention in three experiments. We exposed 120 male Sprague-Dawley rats to 100, 1 mA, 3-15 s, inescapable and unpredictable electric tail shocks (over a 110-min period) or simple restraint in the learned helplessness procedure. Rats in each stress condition had access to a 40% glucose solution or water. We measured fluid consumption under 18-h free access conditions, or limited access (1, 3, 6, 18 h) beginning immediately after trauma, or 3-h access with delayed availability of the glucose solution (0, 1, 3, 6 h). We hypothesized that longer and earlier access following acute stress would improve shuttle-escape performance. Rats exposed to traumatic shock and given 18-h access to glucose failed to show exaggerated fearfulness and showed normal reactivity to foot shock during testing as compared to their water-treated counterparts. At least 3 h of immediate post-stress access to glucose were necessary to see these improvements in test performance. Moreover, delaying access to glucose for more than 3 h post-trauma yielded no beneficial effects. These data clearly identify limits on the post-stress glucose intervention. In conclusion, glucose should be administered almost immediately and at the highest dose after trauma.

  10. Numerical Evaluation and Optimization of Multiple Hydraulically Fractured Parameters Using a Flow-Stress-Damage Coupled Approach

    Yu Wang


    Full Text Available Multiple-factor analysis and optimization play a critical role in the the ability to maximizethe stimulated reservoir volume (SRV and the success of economic shale gas production. In this paper, taking the typical continental naturally fractured silty laminae shale in China as anexample, response surface methodology (RSM was employed to optimize multiple hydraulic fracturing parameters to maximize the stimulated area in combination with numerical modeling based on the coupled flow-stress-damage (FSD approach. This paper demonstrates hydraulic fracturing effectiveness by defining two indicesnamelythe stimulated reservoir area (SRA and stimulated silty laminae area (SLA. Seven uncertain parameters, such as laminae thickness, spacing, dip angle, cohesion, internal friction angle (IFA, in situ stress difference (SD, and an operational parameter-injection rate (IR with a reasonable range based on silty Laminae Shale, Southeastern Ordos Basin, are used to fit a response of SRA and SLA as the objective function, and finally identity the optimum design under the parameters based on simultaneously maximizingSRA and SLA. In addition, asensitivity analysis of the influential factors is conducted for SRA and SLA. The aim of the study is to improve the artificial ability to control the fracturing network by means of multi-parameteroptimization. This work promises to provide insights into the effective exploitation of unconventional shale gas reservoirs via optimization of the fracturing design for continental shale, Southeastern Ordos Basin, China.

  11. Passive Control and ε-Bound Estimation of Singularly Perturbed Systems with Nonlinear Nonlinearities

    Linna Zhou


    Full Text Available This paper considers the problems of passivity analysis and synthesis of singularly perturbed systems with nonlinear uncertainties. By a novel storage function depending on the singular perturbation parameter ε, a new method is proposed to estimate the ε-bound, such that the system is passive when the singular perturbation parameter is lower than the ε-bound. Furthermore, a controller design method is proposed to achieve a predefined ε-bound. The proposed results are shown to be less conservative than the existing ones because the adopted storage function is more general. Finally, an RLC circuit is presented to illustrate the advantages and effectiveness of the proposed methods.

  12. Multidimensional singular integrals and integral equations

    Mikhlin, Solomon Grigorievich; Stark, M; Ulam, S


    Multidimensional Singular Integrals and Integral Equations presents the results of the theory of multidimensional singular integrals and of equations containing such integrals. Emphasis is on singular integrals taken over Euclidean space or in the closed manifold of Liapounov and equations containing such integrals. This volume is comprised of eight chapters and begins with an overview of some theorems on linear equations in Banach spaces, followed by a discussion on the simplest properties of multidimensional singular integrals. Subsequent chapters deal with compounding of singular integrals

  13. Singularities formation, structure, and propagation

    Eggers, J


    Many key phenomena in physics and engineering are described as singularities in the solutions to the differential equations describing them. Examples covered thoroughly in this book include the formation of drops and bubbles, the propagation of a crack and the formation of a shock in a gas. Aimed at a broad audience, this book provides the mathematical tools for understanding singularities and explains the many common features in their mathematical structure. Part I introduces the main concepts and techniques, using the most elementary mathematics possible so that it can be followed by readers with only a general background in differential equations. Parts II and III require more specialised methods of partial differential equations, complex analysis and asymptotic techniques. The book may be used for advanced fluid mechanics courses and as a complement to a general course on applied partial differential equations.

  14. Energy conditions and spacetime singularities

    Tipler, F.J.


    In this paper, a number of theorems are proven which collectively show that singularities will occur in spacetime under weaker energy conditions than the strong energy condition. In particular, the Penrose theorem, which uses only the weak energy condition but which applies only to open universes, is extended to all closed universes which have a Cauchy surface whose universal covering manifold is not a three-sphere. Furthermore, it is shown that the strong energy condition in the Hawking-Penrose theorem can be replaced by the weak energy condition and the assumption that the strong energy condition holds only on the average. In addition, it is demonstrated that if the Universe is closed, then the existence of singularities follows from the averaged strong energy condition alone. It is argued that any globally hyperbolic spacetime which satisfies the weak energy condition and which contains a black hole must be null geodesically incomplete.

  15. Singularities in fully developed turbulence

    Shivamoggi, Bhimsen K., E-mail:


    Phenomenological arguments are used to explore finite-time singularity (FTS) development in different physical fully-developed turbulence (FDT) situations. Effects of spatial intermittency and fluid compressibility in three-dimensional (3D) FDT and the role of the divorticity amplification mechanism in two-dimensional (2D) FDT and quasi-geostrophic FDT and the advection–diffusion mechanism in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence are considered to provide physical insights into the FTS development in variant cascade physics situations. The quasi-geostrophic FDT results connect with the 2D FDT results in the barotropic limit while they connect with 3D FDT results in the baroclinic limit and hence apparently provide a bridge between 2D and 3D. - Highlights: • Finite-time singularity development in turbulence situations is phenomenologically explored. • Spatial intermittency and compressibility effects are investigated. • Quasi-geostrophic turbulence is shown to provide a bridge between two-dimensional and three-dimensional cases.

  16. Polynomial normal forms of constrained differential equations with three parameters

    Jardon-Kojakhmetov, H.; Broer, Henk W.


    We study generic constrained differential equations (CDEs) with three parameters, thereby extending Takens's classification of singularities of such equations. In this approach, the singularities analyzed are the Swallowtail, the Hyperbolic, and the Elliptic Umbilics. We provide polynomial local

  17. Shadow of a naked singularity

    Ortiz, Néstor; Sarbach, Olivier; Zannias, Thomas


    We analyze the redshift suffered by photons originating from an external source, traversing a collapsing dust cloud, and finally being received by an asymptotic observer. In addition, we study the shadow that the collapsing cloud casts on the sky of the asymptotic observer. We find that the resulting redshift and properties of the shadow depend crucially on whether the final outcome of the complete gravitational collapse is a black hole or a naked singularity. In the black hole case, the shadow is due to the high redshift acquired by the photons as they approach the event horizon, implying that their energy is gradually redshifted toward zero within a few crossing times associated with the event horizon radius. In contrast to this, a naked singularity not only absorbs photons originating from the source, but it also emits infinitely redshifted photons with and without angular momenta. This emission introduces an abrupt cutoff in the frequency shift of the photons detected in directions close to the radial one, and it is responsible for the shadow masking the source in the naked singularity case. Furthermore, even though the shadow forms and begins to grow immediately after the observer crosses the Cauchy horizon, it takes many more crossing times than in the black hole case for the source to be occulted from the observer's eyes. We discuss possible implications of our results for testing the weak cosmic censorship hypothesis. Even though at late times the image of the source perceived by the observer looks the same in both cases, the dynamical formation of the shadow and the redshift images has distinct features and time scales in the black hole versus the naked singularity case. For stellar collapse, these time scales seem to be too short to be resolved with existing technology. However, our results may be relevant for the collapse of seeds leading to supermassive black holes.

  18. Singularities in Speckled Speckle: Statistics

    Freund, Isaac


    Random optical fields with two widely different correlation lengths generate far field speckle spots that are themselves highly speckled. We call such patterns speckled speckle, and study their critical points (singularities and stationary points) using analytical theory and computer simulations. We find anomalous spatial arrangements of the critical points and orders of magnitude anomalies in their relative number densities, and in the densities of the associated zero crossings.

  19. Effects of restricted feeding on physiological stress parameters in growing broiler breeders

    Jong, de I.C.; Voorst, van S.; Ehlhardt, D.A.; Blokhuis, H.J.


    In previous studies, a lack of agreement in measurements of plasma corticosterone concentrations and heterophil:lymphocyte (H/L) ratio as physiological indices of stress, caused by hunger and frustration in restricted-fed broiler breeders, was observed. It could be suggested that the differences bet

  20. Comparison of Total Antioxidant Capacity Oxidative Stress and Blood Lipoprotein Parameters in Volleyball Players and Sedentary

    Gokhan, Ismail


    This study aims to measure, then compare sedentary blood lipoproteins, oxidant- antioxidant state and oxidative stress index in volleyball players. The experimental group of the research consists of regularly practising 20 boys between the ages of 12 and 17, and the control group comprises 32 children practising no particular sports branch, 12 of…


    Aging-related susceptibility to environmental chemicals is poorly understood. Oxidative stress (OS) appears to play an important role in susceptibility and disease in old age. The objectives of this study, therefore, were to test whether OS is a potential toxicity pathway for tol...

  2. Comparison of Total Antioxidant Capacity Oxidative Stress and Blood Lipoprotein Parameters in Volleyball Players and Sedentary

    Gokhan, Ismail


    This study aims to measure, then compare sedentary blood lipoproteins, oxidant- antioxidant state and oxidative stress index in volleyball players. The experimental group of the research consists of regularly practising 20 boys between the ages of 12 and 17, and the control group comprises 32 children practising no particular sports branch, 12 of…

  3. Effect of water deficit stress on yield, physiological and biochemical parameters of two Iranian cantaloupe accessions

    Hadi Lotfi


    Full Text Available Water deficit stress is one of the most important environmental factors limitting plant growth and crop production. In order to evaluate the tolerance of two Iranian melons to water deficit stress, an experiment in research filed of University of Zanjan was conducted. Treatments consisted of three Irrigation levels, starting irrigation at (100, 66 and 33 % Crop Evapotranspiration and two accessions of Iranian cantaloupes (Tile-Zard and Tile-Sabz. In this experiment, total chlorophyll content, carotenoids, proline content, leaf relative water content (RWC, ascorbic acid, peroxidase and catalase activity, yield and water use efficiency (WUE were evaluated. The results indicated that water deficit stress significantly increased proline content, peroxidase and catalase activity and WUE, but decreased RWC, yield and total chlorophyll content. The highest increase in proline content (34.8 %, catalase (18 % and proxidase (42.3 % activity and reduction in yield (61.6 % and RWC (8 % was obtained in 33 % ETc Irrigation. There has been significant difference between accesesions in relation to RWC, proline, total chlorophyll and peroxidase and catalase activity. The highest value of yield and WUE was observed in 'Tile-Zard'. According to the interaction results, both accessions, 'Tile-Sabz' and 'Tile-Zard' with 63.6 % and 59.7 % Reduction in fruit yield under deficit water stress, are.

  4. Singularity Problem in Teleparallel Dark Energy Models

    Geng, Chao-Qiang; Lee, Chung-Chi


    We study the singularity problem in teleparallel dark energy models. A future singularity may occur due to the non-minimal coupling of the dark energy scalar field to teleparallel gravity that effectively changes the gravitational coupling strength and can even make it diverge. This singularity may be avoided by a binding-type self-potential that keeps the scalar field away from the singularity point. For demonstration we analyze the model with a quadratic potential and show how the (non)occurrence of the singularity depends on the initial conditions and the steepness of the potential, both of which affect the competition between the self-interaction and the non-minimal coupling. To examine the capability of the binding-type potential to fit observational data and meanwhile to avoid the singularity, we perform the data fitting for this model and show that the observationally viable region up to the $3\\sigma$ confidence level is free of the future singularity.

  5. On the Milnor fibers of sandwiched singularities

    Nemethi, Andras


    The sandwiched surface singularities are those rational surface singularities which dominate birationally smooth surface singularities. de Jong and van Straten showed that one can reduce the study of the deformations of a sandwiched surface singularity to the study of deformations of a 1-dimensional object, a so-called decorated plane curve singularity. In particular, the Milnor fibers corresponding to their various smoothing components may be reconstructed up to diffeomorphisms from those deformations of associated decorated curves which have only ordinary singularities. Part of the topology of such a deformation is encoded in the incidence matrix between the irreducible components of the deformed curve and the points which decorate it, well-defined up to permutations of columns. Extending a previous theorem ofours, which treated the case of cyclic quotient singularities, we show that the Milnor fibers which correspond to deformations whose incidence matrices are different up to permutations of columns are n...

  6. Non-singular dislocation fields

    Aifantis, Elias C, E-mail: [Laboratory of Mechanics and Materials, Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR-54124, Thessaloniki (Greece); Center for Mechanics of Materials, Michigan Technological University, Houghton MI 49931 (United States)


    Non-singular solutions for dislocation and disclination fields have recently been obtained by the author and his co-workers by using a robust model of gradient elasticity theory. These solutions, whose form is simple and easy to implement, are obtained by reducing the gradient elasticity problem to a corresponding linear elasticity boundary value problem through the solutions of an inhomogeneous Helmholtz equation where the source term is the classical singular solution. The Laplacian in the Helmholtz equation, involving the extra gradient coefficient, produces a new term in the gradient solution which asymptotically approaches the negative of the classical elasticity solution on the dislocation line. Thus, the singularity is eliminated and an arbitrary estimate of the dislocation core size introduced in classical theory, is not required. These predictions are tested against atomistic calculations and their implications to various dislocation related configurations are discussed. Due to the simple and elegant form of these solutions, it is hoped that they will be useful in discrete dislocation dynamics simulations.

  7. Stringy Resolutions of Null Singularities

    Fabinger, Michal


    We study string theory in supersymmetric time-dependent backgrounds. In the framework of general relativity, supersymmetry for spacetimes without flux implies the existence of a covariantly constant null vector, and a relatively simple form of the metric. As a result, the local nature of any such spacetime can be easily understood. We show that we can view any such geometry as a sequence of solutions to lower-dimensional Euclidean gravity. If we choose the lower-dimensional solutions to degenerate at some light-cone time, we obtain null singularities, which may be thought of as generalizations of the parabolic orbifold singularity. We find that in string theory, many such null singularities get repaired by {alpha}{prime}-corrections--in particular, by worldsheet instantons. As a consequence, the resulting string theory solutions do not suffer from any instability. Even though the CFT description of these solutions is not always valid, they can still be well understood after taking the effects of light D-branes into account; the breakdown of the worldsheet conformal field theory is purely gauge-theoretic, not involving strong gravitational effects.


    Magdi T. Abdelhamid


    Full Text Available A possible survival strategy of plants under saline conditions is to use some compounds that could alleviate salt stress effect. One of these compounds is nicotinamide. The effect of exogenously application of nicotinamide with different concentrations (0, 200 and 400 mg/l on Vicia faba L. plant against different NaCl treatments (0, 50 and 100 mM NaCl was investigated at the wire house of the National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt. Salinity stress reduced significantly plant height, dry weight of shoot, photosynthetic pigments, polysaccharides, total carbohydrates, total-N contents of shoot, seed yield, total carbohydrates & total crude protein of the yielded seeds compared with those of the control plants. In contrast, salinity induced marked increases in sucrose, total soluble sugars, total free amino acids, proline, lipid peroxidation product (MDA and some oxidative enzymes (polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase enzymes. Also, salinity stress increased Na+ contents with the decreases of other macro and micro elements contents (P, K+, Mg+, Ca2+, Fe2+, Mn2+, Zn2+ and Cu2+ of shoots and the yielded seeds of faba bean. Foliar spraying of nicotinamide alleviated the adverse effects of salinity stress through increased plant height, dry weight of shoot, photosynthetic pigments, polysaccharides, total carbohydrates, total-N contents of shoot and seed yield as well as, sucrose, total soluble sugars, total free amino acids and proline, compared with those of the corresponding salinity levels, while decreased lipid peroxidation product as MDA and the oxidative enzymes (polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase enzymes. Nicotinamide inhibited the uptake of Na+ and accelerated the accumulation of P, K+ , Mg+, Ca2+, Fe2+, Mn2+, Zn2+ and Cu2+ contents in the shoots of salt stressed plants and enhanced total carbohydrate and total crude protein percentage and solutes concentrations in seeds of salinity treated plants. 

  9. Do sewn up singularities falsify the Palatini cosmology?

    Szydlowski, Marek [Astronomical Observatory, Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Poland); Mark Kac Complex Systems Research Centre, Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Poland); Stachowski, Aleksander [Astronomical Observatory, Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Poland); Borowiec, Andrzej [University of Wroclaw, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Wroclaw (Poland); Wojnar, Aneta [University of Wroclaw, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Wroclaw (Poland); Universita di Napoli Federico II, Complesso Universitario di Monte S. Angelo, Dipartimento di Fisica, Naples (Italy)


    We investigate further (cf. Borowiec et al. JCAP 1601(01):040, 2016) the Starobinsky cosmological model R + γR{sup 2} in the Palatini formalism with a Chaplygin gas and baryonic matter as a source in the context of singularities. The dynamics reduces to the 2D sewn dynamical system of a Newtonian type (a piece-wise-smooth dynamical system). We demonstrate that the presence of a sewn up freeze singularity (glued freeze type singularities) for the positive γ is, in this case, a generic feature of the early evolution of the universe. It is demonstrated that γ equal zero is a bifurcation parameter and the dynamics qualitatively changes as the γ sign is changing. On the other side for the case of negative γ instead of the big bang the sudden bounce singularity of a finite scale factor does appear and there is a generic class of bouncing solutions. While the Ω{sub γ} > 0 is favored by data only very small values of Ω{sub γ} parameter are allowed if we require agreement with the ΛCDM model. From the statistical analysis of astronomical observations, we deduce that the case of only very small negative values of Ω{sub γ} cannot be rejected. Therefore, observation data favor the universe without the ghost states (f{sup '}(R) > 0) and tachyons (f''(R) > 0). (orig.)

  10. Do sewn up singularities falsify the Palatini cosmology?

    Szydłowski, Marek; Stachowski, Aleksander; Borowiec, Andrzej; Wojnar, Aneta


    We investigate further (cf. Borowiec et al. JCAP 1601(01):040, 2016) the Starobinsky cosmological model R+γ R^2 in the Palatini formalism with a Chaplygin gas and baryonic matter as a source in the context of singularities. The dynamics reduces to the 2D sewn dynamical system of a Newtonian type (a piece-wise-smooth dynamical system). We demonstrate that the presence of a sewn up freeze singularity (glued freeze type singularities) for the positive γ is, in this case, a generic feature of the early evolution of the universe. It is demonstrated that γ equal zero is a bifurcation parameter and the dynamics qualitatively changes as the γ sign is changing. On the other side for the case of negative γ instead of the big bang the sudden bounce singularity of a finite scale factor does appear and there is a generic class of bouncing solutions. While the Ω _{γ } > 0 is favored by data only very small values of Ω _{γ } parameter are allowed if we require agreement with the Λ CDM model. From the statistical analysis of astronomical observations, we deduce that the case of only very small negative values of Ω _γ cannot be rejected. Therefore, observation data favor the universe without the ghost states (f'(hat{R})>0) and tachyons (f''(hat{R})>0).


    T. Kopeikina


    Full Text Available The paper considers the controllability problem of essentially various-speed singularly perturbed dynamic system consisting of three subsystems of different dimensions, containing a small parameter to a variable degree as a multiplier for derivatives.   A method for studying complete and relative controllability of such systems has been proposed in the paper. The method is based on investigation of a controllability matrix rank. The matrix is composed of solution components of algebraic recurrent equations, which are drawn directly in accordance with the studied system of differential equations. The obtained effective algebraic conditions of controllability, expressed through parameters of the investigated system are obtained are illustrated by the case of essentially various-speed singularly perturbed dynamic system of fifth order with rational powers of small parameter.

  12. Perfect fluid tori orbiting Kehagias-Sfetsos naked singularities

    Stuchlík, Z.; Pugliese, D.; Schee, J.; Kučáková, H.


    We construct perfect fluid tori in the field of the Kehagias-Sfetsos (K-S) naked singularities. These are spherically symmetric vacuum solutions of the modified Hořava quantum gravity, characterized by a dimensionless parameter ω M^2, combining the gravitational mass parameter M of the spacetime with the Hořava parameter ω reflecting the role of the quantum corrections. In dependence on the value of ω M^2, the K-S naked singularities demonstrate a variety of qualitatively different behavior of their circular geodesics that is fully reflected in the properties of the toroidal structures, demonstrating clear distinction to the properties of the torii in the Schwarzschild spacetimes. In all of the K-S naked singularity spacetimes the tori are located above an "antigravity" sphere where matter can stay in a stable equilibrium position, which is relevant for the stability of the orbiting fluid toroidal accretion structures. The signature of the K-S naked singularity is given by the properties of marginally stable tori orbiting with the uniform distribution of the specific angular momentum of the fluid, l= const. In the K-S naked singularity spacetimes with ω M^2 > 0.2811, doubled tori with the same l= const can exist; mass transfer between the outer torus and the inner one is possible under appropriate conditions, while only outflow to the outer space is allowed in complementary conditions. In the K-S spacetimes with ω M^2 < 0.2811, accretion from cusped perfect fluid tori is not possible due to the non-existence of unstable circular geodesics.

  13. Considerations on the choice of experimental parameters in residual stress measurements by hole-drilling and ESPI

    C. Barile


    Full Text Available Residual stresses occur in many manufactured structures and components. Great number of investigations have been carried out to study this phenomenon. Over the years, different techniques have been developed to measure residual stresses; nowadays the combination of Hole Drilling method (HD with Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI has encountered great interest. The use of a high sensitivity optical technique instead of the strain gage rosette has the advantage to provide full field information without any contact with the sample by consequently reducing the cost and the time required for the measurement. The accuracy of the measurement, however, is influenced by the proper choice of several parameters: geometrical, analysis and experimental. In this paper, in particular, the effects of some of those parameters are investigated: misknowledgment in illumination and detection angles, the influence of the relative angle between the sensitivity vector of the system and the principal stress directions, the extension of the area of analysis and the adopted drilling rotation speed. In conclusion indications are provided to the scope of optimizing the measurement process together with the identification of the major sources of errors that can arise during the measuring and the analysis stages.


    Katarzyna Możdżeń


    Full Text Available Plants are exposed to various stress factors which might lead to structural damage and physiological function abnormalities. Drought is one of the environmental stress factors that reduce the productivity of plants. The aim of our study was to determine the influence of drought stress induced by mannitol (-0.5 and -1.5MPa on selected physiological processes in Z. mays L. In the first stage we studied the effect of mannitol on the germination. In the second stage the effect of mannitol on the growth of plants germinated on distilled water and watered with mannitol in growth phase were measured. Mannitol, which decreased the water content in a concentration-dependent manner, had an inhibitory effect on germination and growth of seedlings and adult plants. Electrolyte leakage of cell membranes of the Z. mays seedlings showed high disturbances in the functioning of the membrane structures in the osmotic drought conditions. Similar results were obtained for maize roots, shoots and leaves in both treatment studies. Chlorophyll content showed only significant differences in plants from treated during the growth phase. Drought stress caused a decrease in chlorophyll content by almost a half compared to the control plants. Measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence of plant leaves from the second stage of experiments showed changes in fluorescence activity parameters Fv/Fm, NPQ, Rfd, qP, ect.; gas exchange measurements also showed changes in activity in each of the two phases.

  15. Influence of magnesium on biochemical parameters of iron and oxidative stress in patients with type 2 diabetes

    Fabiane Araùjo Sampaio

    Full Text Available Introduction: Studies have shown that oxidative stress, found in patients with type 2 diabetes, may be due to changes in the metabolism of minerals, such as magnesium and iron. Data related to compartmentalization of these minerals in diabetes are scarce and controversial. Objective: This study assessed the influence of magnesium on biochemical parameters of iron and oxidative stress in patients with type 2 diabetes. Methods: A case-control study in male and female subjects aged 27-59 years, divided into two groups: type 2 diabetes (n=40 and control (n=48. Intake of magnesium and iron was assessed by three-day food record. Plasma, erythrocyte and urinary levels of magnesium, serum iron, ferritin, total iron binding capacity, fasting glucose, glycated hemoglobin, insulin, creatinine clearance and plasma thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS were analyzed. Results and Discussion: Magnesium intake and plasma magnesium were lower in diabetic subjects. There was low urinary magnesium excretion, with no difference between groups. Although normal, the diabetic group had lower serum iron and ferritin concentrations compared to control subjects. Plasma TBARS in diabetic patients was higher than control while creatinine clearance was lower. An inverse correlation between erythrocyte magnesium and serum iron and ferritin was observed in the diabetes group. Conclusions: Diabetes induced hypomagnesemia and this, associated with chronic hyperglycemia, may have enhanced oxidative stress. Erythrocyte magnesium may have contributed to prevent iron overload and worsening of oxidative stress and hyperglycemic status.

  16. [Stress parameters and behaviour of horses in walkers with and without the use of electricity].

    Giese, C; Gerber, V; Howald, M; Bachmann, I; Burger, D


    In order to investigate stress responses of horses in walkers with and without electricity, 12 horses were trained during 3 weeks in a horse walker with and without the use of electricity (3.7 kV). To evaluate the stress response, cortisol levels in the blood were measured, the heart rate was monitored using the Polar® system and the behaviour was evaluated. Neither the cortisol levels nor the heart rates showed any relevant statistically significant difference between horses moved in the horse walker with or without the use of electricity. The highest cortisol levels and heart rates were recorded during the first week (habituation period). A significant difference could be observed regarding spontaneous compartment changes: while this happened mainly during the first week and before the first use of electricity, no horses changed compartments in the periods when electricity was used and thereafter. The results of this study indicate that the use of electricity in the horse walker does not seem to cause significant detectable stress in the horses.

  17. Alteration of oxidative stress parameters in red blood cells of rats after chronic in vivo treatment with cisplatin and selenium

    Marković Snežana D.


    Full Text Available In this study we evaluated the possible protective effects of selenium (Se on hematological and oxidative stress parameters in rats chronically treated with cisplatin (cisPt. Four groups of Wistar albino rats were examined: a control, untreated rats (I, rats treated with Se (II, rats treated with cisPt (III, and rats treated with Se and cisPt (IV. All animals were treated for 5 days successively and killed 24 h after the last treatment. Hematological and oxidative stress parameters were followed in whole blood and red blood cells (RBC. Results showed that the chronic application of Se was followed by a higher number of reticulocytes and platelets, increased lipid peroxidation and GSH content in the RBC. Cisplatin treatment induced depletion of RBC and platelet numbers and an elevation of the superoxide anion, nitrites and glutathione levels. Se and cisPt co-treatment was followed by an elevation of the hematological parameters and the recovery of the glutathione status when compared to the control and cisPt-treated rats.

  18. Investigating the effect of tractive parameters on imposed vertical stresses under driving wheel using a soil bin test rig facility

    H Taghavifar


    Full Text Available Introduction: Tire tractive parameters of the driving wheel are of the most substantial factors for the evaluation of the performance of agricultural tractors. Great tractive efficiency has called the attention of vehicle designers to attain economic efficiency owing to the minimization of fuel consumption. At terrain-tire interface, some soil physical-mechanical changes occur that lead to unwanted soil compaction. Of the influential parameters for the creation of soil compaction is the soil stresses formed owing to the wheeled vehicle trafficking. While the increase of tractive efficiency is desired, minimization of soil stresses should also be considered with the same importance to make a trade-off between the aforementioned parameters. There are numerous studies documented in the literature that deal with the measurement of soil stress/strain data due to the wheeled vehicle trafficking and also those works that address the correlation between the soil stress and soil compaction. It is recognized that in order to reduce soil compaction both at topsoil and subsoil levels, the soil stress at the soil-tire interface should be reduced. There are various parameters that affect the tractive efficiency and the soil stress creation such as wheel load, slip, tire inflation pressure, velocity, etc. On the other hand, the wheel is subjected to the torques and forces exerted to the vehicle and the vehicle dynamics are significantly affected by the soil-wheel interactions. Survey of the literature shows that numerous studies have focused on the evaluation of tractive efficiency both in field test and controlled conditions in laboratories with the intention of increasing tractive efficiency. The studies dedicated to the soil mechanical strength are more engaged with the approaches to minimize the soil stress propagation. The present study considers both factors and considers the most influential tire parameters such as wheel, velocity and slip to assess the

  19. An accelerated life test model for harmonic drives under a segmental stress history and its parameter optimization

    Zhang Chao


    Full Text Available Harmonic drives have various distinctive advantages and are widely used in space drive mechanisms. Accelerated life test (ALT is commonly conducted to shorten test time and reduce associated costs. An appropriate ALT model is needed to predict the lifetime of harmonic drives with ALT data. However, harmonic drives which are used in space usually work under a segmental stress history, and traditional ALT models can hardly be used in this situation. This paper proposes a dedicated ALT model for harmonic drives applied in space systems. A comprehensive ALT model is established and genetic algorithm (GA is adopted to obtain optimal parameters in the model using the Manson fatigue damage rule to describe the fatigue failure process and a cumulative damage method to calculate and accumulate the damage caused by each segment in the stress history. An ALT of harmonic drives was carried out and experimental results show that this model is acceptable and effective.

  20. An accelerated life test model for harmonic drives under a segmental stress history and its parameter optimization

    Zhang Chao; Wang Shaoping; Wang Zimeng; Wang Xingjian


    Harmonic drives have various distinctive advantages and are widely used in space drive mechanisms. Accelerated life test (ALT) is commonly conducted to shorten test time and reduce associated costs. An appropriate ALT model is needed to predict the lifetime of harmonic drives with ALT data. However, harmonic drives which are used in space usually work under a segmental stress history, and traditional ALT models can hardly be used in this situation. This paper proposes a dedicated ALT model for harmonic drives applied in space systems. A comprehensive ALT model is established and genetic algorithm (GA) is adopted to obtain optimal parameters in the model using the Manson fatigue damage rule to describe the fatigue failure process and a cumulative dam-age method to calculate and accumulate the damage caused by each segment in the stress history. An ALT of harmonic drives was carried out and experimental results show that this model is acceptable and effective.

  1. Genotypic response of detached leaves versus intact plants for chlorophyll fluorescence parameters under high temperature stress in wheat

    Sharma, Dew Kumari; Fernández, Juan Olivares; Rosenqvist, Eva;


    The genotypic response of wheat cultivars as affected by two methods of heat stress treatment (treatment of intact plants in growth chambers versus treatment of detached leaves in test tubes) in a temperature controlled water bath were compared to investigate how such different methods of heat...... of the cultivar response in intact plants versus detached leaves was low (r=0.13 (with expt.1) and 0.02 with expt.2). The most important difference between the two methods was the pronounced difference in time scale of reaction, which may indicate the involvement of different physiological mechanisms in response...... treatment affect chlorophyll fluorescence parameters. A set of 41 spring wheat cultivars differing in their maximum photochemical efficiency of photosystem (PS) II (Fv/Fm) under heat stress conditions was used. These cultivars were previously evaluated based on the heat treatment of intact plants...

  2. Olmesartan Combined With Amlodipine on Oxidative Stress Parameters in Type 2 Diabetics, Compared With Single Therapies

    Derosa, Giuseppe; Mugellini, Amedeo; Pesce, Rosa Maria; D’Angelo, Angela; Maffioli, Pamela


    Abstract To evaluate the effects of a fixed combination of olmesartan/amlodipine compared with olmesartan or amlodipine alone on some parameters of endothelial damage in diabetic, hypertensive patients. We enrolled 221 patients; 74 were randomized to olmesartan 20 mg, 72 to amlodipine 10 mg, and 75 to olmesartan/amlodipine fixed combination 20/5 mg for 12 months. We assessed blood pressure monthly; in addition, we also assessed at baseline, and after 6 and 12 months, the following parameters:...

  3. Mathematical models with singularities a zoo of singular creatures

    Torres, Pedro J


    The book aims to provide an unifying view of a variety (a 'zoo') of mathematical models with some kind of singular nonlinearity, in the sense that it becomes infinite when the state variable approaches a certain point. Up to 11 different concrete models are analyzed in separate chapters. Each chapter starts with a discussion of the basic model and its physical significance. Then the main results and typical proofs are outlined, followed by open problems. Each chapter is closed by a suitable list of references. The book may serve as a guide for researchers interested in the modelling of real world processes.

  4. Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Some Antioxidants on Liver Antioxidant Status and Plasma Biochemistry Parameters of Heat-Stressed Quail

    Senay Sarıca


    Full Text Available This study aimed to compare the dietary supplementation of oleuropein (O and α-tocopherol acetate (TA alone or with organic selenium (Se on liver antioxidant status and some plasma biochemistry parameters in Japanese quails reared under heat stress (HS. A total of 800, two-weeks old quails were kept in wire cages in the temperature-controlled rooms at either 22°C or 34°C for 8 h/d and fed on a basal diet (NC or the diets supplemented with TA (TA200 or O (O200 at 200 mg/kg alone or with OSe (TA200+OSe and O200+OSe to the NC diet. HS decreased the total antioxidant status (TAS and increased the total oxidative stress (TOS and oxidative stress index (OSI of liver compared to thermoneutral temperature (TN. The TA200, O200, TA200+OSe and O200+OSe diets increased TAS and decreased TOS of liver compared to those of quails fed NC. OSI was decreased by the TA200, O200 and TA200+OSe diets compared to NC and O200+OSe diets. HS reduced plasma albumin (A and total protein (TP concentrations, on the other hand, increased plasma glucose (G, total cholesterol (CHO and triglyceride (TG levels compared to TN. The TA200, O200, TA200+OSe and O200+OSe diets reduced plasma total CHO and TG levels and increased plasma A level. The TA200 and TA200+OSe diets reduced plasma G level and increased plasma TP levels compared to those of quails fed the other diets. In conclusion, dietary supplementation of vitamin E and oleuropein alone or with organic selenium is necessary to remove the negative effects of heat stress on liver antioxidant status and some plasma parameters of quails.

  5. Effect of transient scrotal hyperthermia on sperm parameters, seminal plasma biochemical markers, and oxidative stress in men

    Meng Rao


    Full Text Available In this experimental prospective study, we aimed to analyze the effect of transient scrotal hyperthermia on the male reproductive organs, from the perspective of sperm parameters, semen plasma biochemical markers, and oxidative stress, to evaluate whether different frequencies of heat exposure cause different degrees of damage to spermatogenesis. Two groups of volunteers (10 per group received testicular warming in a 43°C water bath 10 times, for 30 min each time: group 1: 10 consecutive days; group 2: once every 3 days. Sperm parameters, epididymis and accessory sex gland function, semen plasma oxidative stress and serum sex hormones were tested before treatment and in the 16-week recovery period after treatment. At last, we found an obvious reversible decrease in sperm concentration (P = 0.005 for Group 1 and P= 0.008 for Group 2 when the minimums were compared with baseline levels, the same below, motility (P = 0.009 and 0.021, respectively, the hypoosmotic swelling test score (P = 0.007 and 0.008, respectively, total acrosin activity (P = 0.018 and 0.009, respectively, and an increase in the seminal plasma malondialdehyde concentration (P = 0.005 and 0.017, respectively. The decrease of sperm concentration was greater for Group 2 than for Group 1 (P = 0.031. We concluded that transient scrotal hyperthermia seriously, but reversibly, negatively affected the spermatogenesis, oxidative stress may be involved in this process. In addition, intermittent heat exposure more seriously suppresses the spermatogenesis compared to consecutive heat exposure. This may be indicative for clinical infertility etiology analysis and the design of contraceptive methods based on heat stress.

  6. Effect of vitamin C on blood picture and some biochemical parameters of quail stressed by H2O2

    A.F. Abdulmajeed


    Full Text Available This study was carried out to investigate the Vitamin C protective effect against the H2O2 – induced oxidative stress effects on some hematological and biochemical parameters of female quails (Coturnix coturnix.120 sexed female quails were reared from 21-56 days. Randomly the birds divided into 4 groups (30 birds/group (2 replicates as follows: 1st group: T1 (control: reared on standard ration and tap water.2nd group: T2 (H2O2 group: reared on standard ration and tap water supplemented with 0.5% H2O2. 3rdgroup: T3 (Vitamin C group: reared on standard ration supplemented with 300mg/kg ration and tap water. 4thgroup: T4 (H2O2 + Vitamin C: reared on standard ration supplemented with 300mg/kg ration and tap water supplemented with 0.5% H2O2. Results revealed that Vit. C supplementation improve female quails blood picture, this effects were adversive to the H2O2 effects, Vit. C causes a significant increase in lymphocytes % and a significant decrease in hetrophils and hetrophils: lymphocyte ratio (stress index, also a significant decrease in glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as a significant increase in serum protein when compared with the effect of H2O2 – induced oxidative stress. In conclusion, oxidative stress causes a negative effects on blood picture and some serum biochemical parameters, and Vit. C supplementation reduces and reverses the H2O2 effects.

  7. Systematic Review of Uit Parameters on Residual Stresses of Sensitized AA5456 and Field Based Residual Stress Measurements for Predicting and Mitigating Stress Corrosion Cracking


    significant amount of grinding and other sorts of damage marks that may have influenced the measurements. These measurements will be repeated on non...Mech. Eng., Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, 2012. 107 [24] M. Pourbaix, Atlas of Electrochemical Equilibria, Houston, TX: National...Journal of Electrochemical Science and Technology, vol. 129, no. 12, pp. 2660–2665, Dec. 1982. [26] H. L. Logan, "Film rupture mechanism of stress

  8. Plasma oxidative stress parameters in men and women with early stage Alzheimer type dementia.

    Puertas, M C; Martínez-Martos, J M; Cobo, M P; Carrera, M P; Mayas, M D; Ramírez-Expósito, M J


    It is well known that oxidative stress is one of the earliest events in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis, indicating that may play a key role in this disease. In our study, we measured the levels of oxidative stress indicators (TBARS and protein carbonyls content) and the non-enzymatic (glutathione (GSH) and oxidized glutathione (GSSG)) and enzymatic (glutathione peroxidase (GPx), catalase (CAT) and superoxide dismutase (SOD)) defense systems in the plasma of 46 patients diagnosed of ATD and 46 age-matched controls. We found decreased levels in total GSH in ATD patients, although healthy control women showed lower levels of total GSH than healthy control men. On the contrary, we found increased levels of TBARS and carbonyl groups content in ATD patients in both genders. The activity of the plasma antioxidant enzymes showed no changes for SOD activity in ATD patients, independently of the gender, although western blot analysis showed an increase in SOD-1 protein. CAT activity was also decreased in ATD patients, although this decrease is mainly due to the decrease found in men but not in women. However, western blot analysis did not show differences in CAT protein between controls and ATD patients. Finally, a decrease of GPx activity was found in ATD patients in both genders. However, as with CAT protein, western blot analysis did not show differences in GPx protein between controls and ATD patients. Our results suggest that there is a defect in the antioxidant defense system that is incapable of responding to increased free radical production, which may lead to oxidative damage and the development of the pathological alterations that characterize the neurodegenerative disorder of patients with ATD. Thus, oxidative damage could be one important aspect for the onset of ATD and oxidative stress markers could be useful to diagnose the illness in their earliest stages through both non-invasive, reliable and cost-affordable methods.

  9. Effects of chronic mild stress on behavioral and neurobiological parameters - Role of glucocorticoid.

    Chen, Jiao; Wang, Zhen-zhen; Zuo, Wei; Zhang, Shuai; Chu, Shi-feng; Chen, Nai-hong


    Major depression is thought to originate from maladaptation to adverse events, particularly when impairments occur in mood-related brain regions. Hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is one of the major systems involved in physiological stress response. HPA axis dysfunction and high glucocorticoid concentrations play an important role in the pathogenesis of depression. In addition, astrocytic disability and dysfunction of neurotrophin brain-derived neurotrophin factor (BDNF) greatly influence the development of depression and anxiety disorders. Therefore, we investigated whether depressive-like and anxiety-like behaviors manifest in the absence of glucocorticoid production and circulation in adrenalectomized (ADX) rats after chronic mild stress (CMS) exposure and its potential molecular mechanisms. The results demonstrate that glucocorticoid-controlled rats showed anxiety-like behaviors but not depression-like behaviors after CMS. Molecular and cellular changes included the decreased BDNF in the hippocampus, astrocytic dysfunction with connexin43 (cx43) decreasing and abnormality in gap junction in prefrontal cortex (PFC). Interestingly, we did not find any changes in glucocorticoid receptor (GR) or its chaperone protein FK506 binding protein 51 (FKBP5) expression in the hippocampus or PFC in ADX rats subjected to CMS. In conclusion, the production and circulation of glucocorticoids are one of the contributing factors in the development of depression-like behaviors in response to CMS. In contrast, the effects of CMS on anxiety-like behaviors are independent of the presence of circulating glucocorticoids. Meanwhile, stress decreased GR expression and enhanced FKBP5 expression via higher glucocorticoid exposure. Gap junction dysfunction and changes in BDNF may be associated with anxiety-like behaviors.

  10. Carcass traits and some blood stress parameters of summer stressed growing male rabbits of different breeds in response to boldenone undecylenate

    Tamer Mohamed Abdel-Hamid


    Full Text Available The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of boldenone undecylenate (BUL on carcass traits and blood stress parameters in growing male rabbits. A total of 170 male rabbits comprising of three breeds namely New Zealand White (NZW; n=55, Californian (CAL; n=50, and Rex (RX; n=65 were taken for this study. The rabbits of each breed were divided into three groups viz., D0 (control, D1 provided with normal dose of BUL (at 4.4 mg/kg body weight, and D2 provided with BUL (at 8.8 mg/kg bwt. The rabbits were kept under temperature ranged from 28-32 and deg;C during the experimental period. Carcass traits of the rabbits were studied, and the blood parameters were measured by radioimmunoassay. Most of carcass traits, globulin and cholesterol levels in the serum were significantly improved for the injection of BUL at normal dose. Plasma corticosterone levels in normal dose injected rabbits were lowered by 27.21 and 15.25% as compared to controls and double dose, respectively. The effect of interaction between dose and breed was non-significant (P>0.05 on almost all carcass traits and blood parameters. In conclusion, BUL improves all carcass traits in male growing rabbits when injected with normal dose of BUL, with the exception of dressing-out%, and has a significant lowering effect on stress hormone (i.e., corticosterone, and increasing effect on serum total protein, globulin and cholesterol. [J Adv Vet Anim Res 2015; 2(3.000: 263-270

  11. The Effects of Salt Stress on Certain Physiological Parameters in Summer Savory (Satureja hortensis L. Plants



    Full Text Available Savory plants were treated with different concentrations of NaCl. Plants were grown under controlled environment and harvested after 42 days for measurements of biochemical and physiological parameters. The essential oil of dryed aerial parts of treated plants were isolated and analyzed with GC/MS. The main essential oil compounds were determined as carvacrol (55.37% and g-terpinene (32.92% in control plants. In NaCl treated plants, with increasing NaCl, carvacrol content increased and g-terpinene decreased. In all the plants treated with NaCl, growth parameters, pigments contents and photosynthetic rate were decreased, while, proline and soluble sugars contents increased.Our results indicated that with increasing salinity, carvacrol amount increased which can be considered for medical usages.

  12. Dimensional Mutation and Spacelike Singularities

    Silverstein, E


    I argue that critical string theory on a Riemann surface of genus $h >> 1$ crosses over, when the surface approaches the string scale in size, to a background of supercritical string theory with effective central charge as large as $2h$. Concrete evidence for this proposal is provided by the high energy density of states (realized on the Riemann surface side by strings wrapping nontrivial elements of the fundamental group) and by a linear sigma model which at large $h$ approximates the time evolution through the initial transition. This suggests that cosmological singularities arising in negatively curved FRW backgrounds may be replaced by a phase of supercritical string theory.

  13. Multichannel framework for singular quantum mechanics

    Camblong, Horacio E., E-mail: [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 94117-1080 (United States); Epele, Luis N., E-mail: [Laboratorio de Física Teórica, Departamento de Física, IFLP, CONICET, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, C.C. 67–1900 La Plata (Argentina); Fanchiotti, Huner, E-mail: [Laboratorio de Física Teórica, Departamento de Física, IFLP, CONICET, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, C.C. 67–1900 La Plata (Argentina); García Canal, Carlos A., E-mail: [Laboratorio de Física Teórica, Departamento de Física, IFLP, CONICET, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, C.C. 67–1900 La Plata (Argentina); Ordóñez, Carlos R., E-mail: [Department of Physics, University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204-5506 (United States)


    A multichannel S-matrix framework for singular quantum mechanics (SQM) subsumes the renormalization and self-adjoint extension methods and resolves its boundary-condition ambiguities. In addition to the standard channel accessible to a distant (“asymptotic”) observer, one supplementary channel opens up at each coordinate singularity, where local outgoing and ingoing singularity waves coexist. The channels are linked by a fully unitary S-matrix, which governs all possible scenarios, including cases with an apparent nonunitary behavior as viewed from asymptotic distances. -- Highlights: •A multichannel framework is proposed for singular quantum mechanics and analogues. •The framework unifies several established approaches for singular potentials. •Singular points are treated as new scattering channels. •Nonunitary asymptotic behavior is subsumed in a unitary multichannel S-matrix. •Conformal quantum mechanics and the inverse quartic potential are highlighted.

  14. Weyl Anomaly and Initial Singularity Crossing

    Awad, Adel


    We consider the role of quantum effects, mainly, Weyl anomaly in modifying FLRW model singular behavior at early times. Weyl anomaly corrections to FLRW models have been considered in the past, here we reconsider this model and show the following: The singularity of this model is weak according to Tipler and Krolak, therefore, the spacetime might admit a geodesic extension. Weyl anomaly corrections changes the nature of the initial singularity from a big bang singularity to a sudden singularity. The two branches of solutions consistent with the semiclassical treatment form a disconnected manifold. Joining these two parts at the singularity provides us with a $C^1$ extension to nonspacelike geodesics and leaves the spacetime geodesically complete. Using Gauss-Codazzi equations one can derive generalized junction conditions for this higher-derivative gravity. The extended spacetime obeys Friedmann and Raychaudhuri equations and the junction conditions. The junction does not generate Dirac delta functions in mat...

  15. Conformal anomaly around the sudden singularity

    Houndjo, S J M


    Quantum effects due to particle creation on a classical sudden singularity have been investigated in a previous work. The conclusion was that quantum effects do not lead to the avoidance nor the modification of the sudden future singularity. In this paper, we investigate quantum corrections coming from conformal anomaly near the sudden future singularity. We conclude that when the equation of state is chosen to be $p=-\\rho-A\\rho^\\alpha$, the conformal anomaly can transform the sudden singularity in the singularity of type III for any $\\alpha> 1/2$ and in the singularity of the type I (the big rip) or the big crunch for $1/2<\\alpha<3/2$.

  16. Conformal anomaly around the sudden singularity

    Houndjo, S. J. M.


    Quantum effects due to particle creation on a classical sudden singularity have been investigated in a previous work. The conclusion was that quantum effects do not lead to the avoidance nor the modification of the sudden future singularity. In this paper, we investigate quantum corrections coming from conformal anomaly near the sudden future singularity. We conclude that when the equation of state is chosen to be p=-ρ-Aρα, the conformal anomaly can transform the sudden singularity into the singularity of type III for any α>1/2 and into the singularity of the type I (the big rip) or the big crunch for 1/2<α<3/2.

  17. The geometry of warped product singularities

    Stoica, Ovidiu Cristinel

    In this article, the degenerate warped products of singular semi-Riemannian manifolds are studied. They were used recently by the author to handle singularities occurring in General Relativity, in black holes and at the big-bang. One main result presented here is that a degenerate warped product of semi-regular semi-Riemannian manifolds with the warping function satisfying a certain condition is a semi-regular semi-Riemannian manifold. The connection and the Riemann curvature of the warped product are expressed in terms of those of the factor manifolds. Examples of singular semi-Riemannian manifolds which are semi-regular are constructed as warped products. Applications include cosmological models and black holes solutions with semi-regular singularities. Such singularities are compatible with a certain reformulation of the Einstein equation, which in addition holds at semi-regular singularities too.

  18. Topological resolution of gauge theory singularities

    Saracco, Fabio; Tomasiello, Alessandro; Torroba, Gonzalo


    Some gauge theories with Coulomb branches exhibit singularities in perturbation theory, which are usually resolved by nonperturbative physics. In string theory this corresponds to the resolution of timelike singularities near the core of orientifold planes by effects from F or M theory. We propose a new mechanism for resolving Coulomb branch singularities in three-dimensional gauge theories, based on Chern-Simons interactions. This is illustrated in a supersymmetric S U ( 2 ) Yang-Mills-Chern-Simons theory. We calculate the one-loop corrections to the Coulomb branch of this theory and find a result that interpolates smoothly between the high-energy metric (that would exhibit the singularity) and a regular singularity-free low-energy result. We suggest possible applications to singularity resolution in string theory and speculate a relationship to a similar phenomenon for the orientifold six-plane in massive IIA supergravity.

  19. Singularity Analysis of Geometric Constraint Systems

    彭小波; 陈立平; 周凡利; 周济


    Singularity analysis is an important subject of the geometric constraint sat-isfaction problem. In this paper, three kinds of singularities are described and corresponding identification methods are presented for both under-constrained systems and over-constrained systems. Another special but common singularity for under-constrained geometric systems, pseudo-singularity, is analyzed. Pseudo-singularity is caused by a variety of constraint match ing of under-constrained systems and can be removed by improving constraint distribution. To avoid pseudo-singularity and decide redundant constraints adaptively, a differentiation algo rithm is proposed in the paper. Its correctness and efficiency have been validated through its practical applications in a 2D/3D geometric constraint solver CBA.

  20. Topological resolution of gauge theory singularities

    Saracco, Fabio; Torroba, Gonzalo


    Some gauge theories with Coulomb branches exhibit singularities in perturbation theory, which are usually resolved by nonperturbative physics. In string theory this corresponds to the resolution of timelike singularities near the core of orientifold planes by effects from F or M theory. We propose a new mechanism for resolving Coulomb branch singularities in three dimensional gauge theories, based on Chern-Simons interactions. This is illustrated in a supersymmetric SU(2) Yang-Mills-Chern-Simons theory. We calculate the one loop corrections to the Coulomb branch of this theory and find a result that interpolates smoothly between the high energy metric (that would exhibit the singularity) and a regular singularity-free low energy result. We suggest possible applications to singularity resolution in string theory and speculate a relationship to a similar phenomenon for the orientifold six-plane in massive IIA supergravity.

  1. String spectra near some null cosmological singularities

    Madhu, Kallingalthodi


    We construct cosmological spacetimes with null Kasner-like singularities as purely gravitational solutions with no other background fields turned on. These can be recast as anisotropic plane-wave spacetimes by coordinate transformations. We analyse string quantization to find the spectrum of string modes in these backgrounds. The classical string modes can be solved for exactly in these time-dependent backgrounds, which enables a detailed study of the near singularity string spectrum, (time-dependent) oscillator masses and wavefunctions. We find that for low lying string modes(finite oscillation number), the classical near-singularity string mode functions are non-divergent for various families of singularities. Furthermore, for any infinitesimal regularization of the vicinity of the singularity, we find a tower of string modes of ultra-high oscillation number which propagate essentially freely in the background. The resulting picture suggests that string interactions are non-negligible near the singularity.

  2. Singularities of Type-Q ABS Equations

    James Atkinson


    Full Text Available The type-Q equations lie on the top level of the hierarchy introduced by Adler, Bobenko and Suris (ABS in their classification of discrete counterparts of KdV-type integrable partial differential equations. We ask what singularities are possible in the solutions of these equations, and examine the relationship between the singularities and the principal integrability feature of multidimensional consistency. These questions are considered in the global setting and therefore extend previous considerations of singularities which have been local. What emerges are some simple geometric criteria that determine the allowed singularities, and the interesting discovery that generically the presence of singularities leads to a breakdown in the global consistency of such systems despite their local consistency property. This failure to be globally consistent is quantified by introducing a natural notion of monodromy for isolated singularities.

  3. Bioaccumulation and oxidative stress parameters in silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) exposed to different thorium concentrations.

    Kochhann, Daiani; Pavanato, Maria A; Llesuy, Susana F; Correa, Lizelia M; Konzen Riffel, Ana P; Loro, Vania L; Mesko, Márcia F; Flores, Erico M M; Dressler, Valderi L; Baldisserotto, Bernardo


    The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of chronic thorium (Th) exposure on bioaccumulation, metabolism (through biochemical parameters of the muscle) and oxidative parameters (lipidic peroxidation levels and antioxidant enzymes in the gills and in the hepatic and muscular tissues) of silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen). Silver catfish juveniles were exposed to different waterborne Th levels (in microg L(-1)): 0 (control), 25.3+/-3.2, 80.6+/-12.0, 242.4+/-35.6, and 747.2+/-59.1 for 30 d. The gills and skin were the organs that accumulated the highest Th levels. The increase in the waterborne Th concentration corresponded to a progressive increase in the Th levels in the gills and kidney. Chronic Th exposure causes alterations in the oxidative parameters of silver catfish gills, which are correlated with the Th accumulation in this organ. The levels of GST decreased in the gills of fish exposed to 747.2 microg L(-1) Th and SOD activity decreased in silver catfish exposed to 242.4 and 747.2 microg L(-1) Th. In addition, the increase in the LPO in the gills exposed to 242.4 and 747.2 microg L(-1) Th suggests that higher oxidative damage occurred in the gills. However, in the liver and muscle, these alterations occurred mainly in the lowest waterborne Th level. Metabolic intermediates in the muscle were altered by Th exposure, but no clear relationship was found.




    Full Text Available Present study was carried out to study the effect of muscular relaxation technique and counseling on physiological parameters on subjects undergoing surgery. The study was conducted in 32 individuals between ages of 20 – 70 at Civil hospital, GMERS, Valsad and was compared with a control group (N=32 of the same age. The parameters recorded were arterial pulse, arterial blood pressure. The results show the significant differences in the recorded parameters in control ( n=34 and study group (n=33. Pulse rat e ( 75.54 to 80.17 , systolic ( 121.49 to 126.29 and diastolic blood pressure ( 80.4 to 84.23 values increased in preoperative period than on admission in the control group while study group showed decrease in the preoperative value compared to that on admi ssion Pulse rate ( 77.94 to 74.80, systolic ( 124.50 to 122.19 and diastolic blood pressure ( 82.88 to 81. The results obtained were analyzed for statistical significance. The results obtained were statistically significant

  5. The singularity of being: Lacan and the immortal within.

    Ruti, Mari


    Drawing on the work of Eric Santner, Slavoj Žižek, and Alenka Zupančič, this paper constructs a theory of subjective singularity from a Lacanian perspective. It argues that, unlike the "subject" (who comes into existence as a result of symbolic prohibition), or the "person" (who is aligned with the narcissistic conceits of the imaginary), the singular self emerges in response to a galvanizing directive arising from the real. This directive summons the individual to a "character" beyond his or her social and intersubjective investments. Consequently, singularity expresses the individual's nonnegotiable distinctiveness, eccentricity, or idiosyncrasy at the same time as it prevents both symbolic and imaginary closure. It opens to layers of rebelliousness that indicate that there are components of human life that exceed the realm of normative sociality. Indeed, insofar as singularity articulates something about the "undead" pulse of jouissance, it connects the individual to a paradoxical kind of immortality. This does not mean that the individual will not die, but rather that he or she is capable of "transcendent" experiences, such as heightened states of creativity, that (always momentarily) reach "outside" the parameters of mortal life. Such experiences allow the individual to feel "real" in ways that fend off symbolic abduction and psychic death.

  6. Acute and chronic effects of erythromycin exposure on oxidative stress and genotoxicity parameters of Oncorhynchus mykiss

    Rodrigues, S., E-mail: [Departamento de Biologia da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto (FCUP), Rua do Campo Alegre s/n, 4169–007 Porto (Portugal); Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental (CIIMAR/CIMAR), Rua dos Bragas 289, 4050–123 Porto (Portugal); Antunes, S.C. [Departamento de Biologia da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto (FCUP), Rua do Campo Alegre s/n, 4169–007 Porto (Portugal); Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental (CIIMAR/CIMAR), Rua dos Bragas 289, 4050–123 Porto (Portugal); Correia, A.T. [Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental (CIIMAR/CIMAR), Rua dos Bragas 289, 4050–123 Porto (Portugal); Faculdade de Ciências da Saúde da Universidade Fernando Pessoa (FCS-UFP), Rua Carlos da Maia, 296, 4200–150, Porto (Portugal); Nunes, B. [Centro de Estudos do Ambiente e do Mar (CESAM), Campus de Santiago, Universidade de Aveiro, 3810–193 Aveiro (Portugal); Departamento de Biologia, Universidade de Aveiro, Campus de Santiago, 3810–193 Aveiro (Portugal)


    Erythromycin (ERY) is a macrolide antibiotic used in human and veterinary medicine, and has been detected in various aquatic compartments. Recent studies have indicated that this compound can exert biological activity on non-target organisms environmentally exposed. The present study aimed to assess the toxic effects of ERY in Oncorhynchus mykiss after acute and chronic exposures. The here adopted strategy involved exposure to three levels of ERY, the first being similar to concentrations reported to occur in the wild, thus ecologically relevant. Catalase (CAT), total glutathione peroxidase (GPx), glutathione reductase (GRed) activities and lipid peroxidation (TBARS levels) were quantified as oxidative stress biomarkers in gills and liver. Genotoxic endpoints, reflecting different types of genetic damage in blood cells, were also determined, by performing analysis of genetic damage (determination of the genetic damage index, GDI, measured by comet assay) and of erythrocytic nuclear abnormalities (ENAs). The results suggest the occurrence of a mild, but significant, oxidative stress scenario in gills. For acutely exposed organisms, significant alterations were observed in CAT and GRed activities, and also in TBARS levels, which however are modifications with uncertain biological interpretation, despite indicating involvement of an oxidative effect and response. After chronic exposure, a significant decrease of CAT activity, increase of GPx activity and TBARS levels in gills was noticed. In liver, significant decrease in TBARS levels were observed in both exposures. Comet and ENAs assays indicated significant increases on genotoxic damage of O. mykiss, after erythromycin exposures. This set of data (acute and chronic) suggests that erythromycin has the potential to induce DNA strand breaks in blood cells, and demonstrate the induction of chromosome breakage and/or segregational abnormalities. Overall results indicate that both DNA damaging effects induced by

  7. On the Singularity Structure of WKB Solution of the Boosted Whittaker Equation: its Relevance to Resurgent Functions with Essential Singularities

    Kamimoto, Shingo; Kawai, Takahiro; Koike, Tatsuya


    Inspired by the symbol calculus of linear differential operators of infinite order applied to the Borel transformed WKB solutions of simple-pole type equation [Kamimoto et al. (RIMS Kôkyûroku Bessatsu B 52:127-146, 2014)], which is summarized in Section 1, we introduce in Section 2 the space of simple resurgent functions depending on a parameter with an infra-exponential type growth order, and then we define the assigning operator A which acts on the space and produces resurgent functions with essential singularities. In Section 3, we apply the operator A to the Borel transforms of the Voros coefficient and its exponentiation for the Whittaker equation with a large parameter so that we may find the Borel transforms of the Voros coefficient and its exponentiation for the boosted Whittaker equation with a large parameter. In Section 4, we use these results to find the explicit form of the alien derivatives of the Borel transformed WKB solutions of the boosted Whittaker equation with a large parameter. The results in this paper manifest the importance of resurgent functions with essential singularities in developing the exact WKB analysis, the WKB analysis based on the resurgent function theory. It is also worth emphasizing that the concrete form of essential singularities we encounter is expressed by the linear differential operators of infinite order.

  8. Precursory singularities in spherical gravitational collapse

    Lake, Kayll


    General conditions are developed for the formation of naked precursory ('shell-focusing') singularities in spherical gravitational collapse. These singularities owe their nakedness to the fact that the gravitational potential fails to be single valued prior to the onset of a true gravitational singularity. It is argued that they do not violate the spirit of cosmic censorship. Rather, they may well be an essentially generic feature of relativistic gravitational collapse.

  9. Connections Between Singular Control and Optimal Switching

    Guo, Xin; Tomecek, Pascal


    This paper builds a new theoretical connection between singular control of finite variation and optimal switching problems. This correspondence provides a novel method for solving high-dimensional singular control problems, and enables us to extend the theory of reversible investment: sufficient conditions are derived for the existence of optimal controls and for the regularity of value functions. Consequently, our regularity result links singular controls and Dynkin games through sequential ...

  10. Discrete equations and the singular manifold method

    Estévez, P G


    The Painleve expansion for the second Painleve equation (PII) and fourth Painleve equation (PIV) have two branches. The singular manifold method therefore requires two singular manifolds. The double singular manifold method is used to derive Miura transformations from PII and PIV to modified Painleve type equations for which auto-Backlund transformations are obtained. These auto-Backlund transformations can be used to obtain discrete equations.

  11. Singularity analysis: theory and further developments

    Cheng, Qiuming


    Since the concept of singularity and local singularity analysis method (LSA) were originally proposed by the author for characterizing the nonlinear property of hydrothermal mineralization processes, the local singularity analysis technique has been successfully applied for identification of geochemical and geophysical anomalies related to various types of mineral deposits. It has also been shown that the singularity is the generic property of singular geo-processes which result in anomalous amounts of energy release or material accumulation within a narrow spatial-temporal interval. In the current paper we introduce several new developments about singularity analysis. First is a new concept of 'fractal density' which describes the singularity of complex phenomena of fractal nature. While the ordinary density possesses a unit of ratio of mass and volume (e.g. g/cm3, kg/m3) or ratio of energy over volume or time (e.g. J/cm3, w/L3, w/s), the fractal density has a unit of ratio of mass over fractal set or energy over fractal set (e.g. g/cmα, kg/mα, J/ mα, w/Lα, where α can be a non-integer). For the matter with fractal density (a non-integer α), the ordinary density of the phenomena (mass or energy) no longer exists and depicts singularity. We demonstrate that most of extreme geo-processes occurred in the earth crust originated from cascade earth dynamics (mental convection, plate tectonics, orogeny and weathering etc) may cause fractal density of mass accumulation or energy release. The examples to be used to demonstrate the concepts of fractal density and singularity are earthquakes, floods, volcanos, hurricanes, heat flow over oceanic ridge, hydrothermal mineralization in orogenic belt, and anomalies in regolith over mine caused by ore and toxic elements vertical migration. Other developments of singularity theory and methodologies including singular Kriging and singularity weights of evidence model for information integration will also be introduced.

  12. The effects of superoxide dismutase knockout on the oxidative stress parameters and survival of mouse erythrocytes.

    Grzelak, Agnieszka; Kruszewski, Marcin; Macierzyńska, Ewa; Piotrowski, Łukasz; Pułaski, Łukasz; Rychlik, Błazej; Bartosz, Grzegorz


    The erythrocytes of 12-month old Sod1 (-/-) mice showed an increased level of reactive oxygen species (ROS), as estimated by the degree of dihydroethidine and dihydrorhodamine oxidation, and the increased level of Heinz bodies. No indices of severe oxidative stress were found in the red blood cells and blood plasma of Sod1 (-/-) mice as judged from the lack of significant changes in the levels of erythrocyte and plasma glutathione, plasma protein thiol and carbonyl groups and thiobarbituric-acid reactive substances in the blood plasma. However, a decreased erythrocyte lifespan, increased reticulocyte count and splenomegaly were noted, indicating the importance of superoxide dismutase for maintaining erythrocyte viability. The levels of erythrocyte ROS and Heinz bodies and the reticulocyte count were indistinguishable in Sod1 (+/+) and Sod1 (+/-) mice, suggesting that a superoxide dismutase activity decrease to half of its normal value may be sufficient to secure the protective effects of the enzyme.

  13. Stress, lutto e modificazione dei parametri immunitari / Stress, deuil et modification des paramètres immunitaires / Stress, mourning and immune parameters modification

    Mastronardi Vincenzo


    Full Text Available Les auteurs font référence à une vaste littérature sur le stress, le deuil et le système immunitaire. Ils mentionnent non seulement les études les plus importantes qui montrent une corrélation parmi ces aspects, mais explorent aussi d’intéressantes filières pionnières (hypnose et cancer – la théorie de Hamer promettant des développements futurs. D’autre part, l’étude aborde la question du monitorage des modifications immunitaires dans le cas du dommage biologique psychique indirect permanent, indemnisé suite à la mort d’un conjoint (Cour Constitutionnelle, jugement du 24-27 Octobre 1994, n°372.The authors of this article refer a large survey about stress, mourning and immune system. Besides mentioning important studies proving a correlation among these elements they also refer about an interesting survey about some pioneering fields (hypnosis and cancer, Hamer's theory which could be particularly important for future developments.Furthermore, this study faces the possibility of monitoring immune modification in case of indirect permanent psychic biological damage repayable in case of a relative 's death (Corte Costituzionale Sent.24-27 ott. 1994 n.372.

  14. Influence of L-Carnitine on fitness and oxidative stress parameters in Trotter Horses subjected to Laval’s test

    Adalberto Falaschini


    Full Text Available In the last few years, in addition to grain, the high energy requirements of racehorses have been met with dietary supplementsof vegetable oil, which may, however, represent an easily oxidisable substrate. Carnitine can be used to improvelipid metabolism. We evaluated the changes in performance and oxidative stress parameters measured in 4 trottersreceiving a diet containing soybean oil and L-Carnitine and subjected to two Standardized Exercise Tests (SET accordingto Laval’s protocol (3 hits at increasing speed at an interval of 30 days. Blood samples were taken at rest, just aftereach of the three hits, and at 10, 20 and 40 min after each test to determine lactic acid, glucose, Non-Esterified FattyAcid (NEFA, β-hydroxybutyrate, Reactive Oxygen metabolites (ROMs, Glutathione Peroxidase (GSH-Px, and SuperoxideDismutase (SOD. L-Carnitine influenced ROMs and SOD and resulted in a reduction in the oxidative stress parameters.Some indices of the fitness status also improved.

  15. Individuals with hematological malignancies before undergoing chemotherapy present oxidative stress parameters and acute phase proteins correlated with nutritional status.

    Camargo, Carolina de Quadros; Borges, Dayanne da Silva; de Oliveira, Paula Fernanda; Chagas, Thayz Rodrigues; Del Moral, Joanita Angela Gonzaga; Durigon, Giovanna Steffanello; Dias, Bruno Vieira; Vieira, André Guedes; Gaspareto, Patrick; Trindade, Erasmo Benício Santos de Moraes; Nunes, Everson Araújo


    Hematological malignancies present abnormal blood cells that may have altered functions. This study aimed to evaluate nutritional status, acute phase proteins, parameters of cell's functionality, and oxidative stress of patients with hematological malignancies, providing a representation of these variables at diagnosis, comparisons between leukemias and lymphomas and establishing correlations. Nutritional status, C-reactive protein (CRP), albumin, phagocytic capacity and superoxide anion production of mononuclear cells, lipid peroxidation and catalase activity in plasma were evaluated in 16 untreated subjects. Main diagnosis was acute leukemia (n = 9) and median body mass index (BMI) indicated overweight (25.6 kg/m(2)). Median albumin was below (3.2 g/dL) and CRP above (37.45 mg/L) the reference values. Albumin was inversely correlated with BMI (r = -0.53). Most patients were overweight before the beginning of treatment and had a high CRP/albumin ratio, which may indicate a nutrition inflammatory risk. BMI values correlated positively with lipid peroxidation and catalase activity. A strong correlation between catalase activity and lipid peroxidation was found (r = 0.75). Besides the elevated BMI, these patients also have elevated CRP values and unexpected relations between nutritional status and albumin, reinforcing the need for nutritional counseling during the course of chemotherapy, especially considering the correlations between oxidative stress parameters and nutritional status evidenced here.

  16. The effects of heat stress on a number of hematological parameters and levels of thyroid hormones in foundry workers.

    Norloei, Sahar; Jafari, Mohammad Javad; Omidi, Leila; Khodakarim, Soheila; Bashash, Davood; Abdollahi, Mohammad Bagher; Jafari, Mina


    The objective of this research was to determine the effects of heat stress on some hematological parameters and thyroid hormones among foundry workers. This study was performed on 25 heat-acclimated subjects while 10 office workers were selected as the control group. Wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) was determined to estimate the heat stress. Blood sampling was conducted before and after the daily work shift. The mean value of the WBGT index was 35 °C. The levels of plasma osmolality (p = 0.04) and white blood cells (p = 0.03) in the case group (before exposure to heat) were significantly higher than those in control group. No significant differences were observed between the average levels of T3 (p = 0.79) and T4 (p = 0.17) hormones between two groups. A positive relationship was found between the variation of some hematological parameters and thyroid hormones with WBGT index and air temperature.

  17. Effect of dietary probiotic dose and duration on immune and oxidative stress parameters in juvenile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus

    Maria Amélia Ramos


    Full Text Available Probiotics, “living organisms, which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit to the host”, can contribute to a more sustainable aquaculture. Their administration through the diet or raising water can modulate the host immune status, improving their resistance towards infection. The antioxidant defence system of the organism is strongly related to immune system and previous studies reported enhancement in antioxidant status of shrimps and fish after probiotic administration, contributing to enhanced resistance towards infections. Nevertheless the information on oxidative stress parameters after probiotic administration in fish is still limited. The present work evaluates the effects of dietary probiotics supplementation on innate immune and oxidative stress parameters in juvenile Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus. A standard diet (27.5% CP, 8.2% CL, DM was supplemented with a commercial multi-species probiotic (Bacillus sp., Pedicoccus sp., Enterococcus sp., Lactobacillus sp. at two concentrations: A1 (3; 9 × 105 CFU.g-1 and A2 (6; 2 × 106 CFU.g-1 and tested against an unsupplemented diet (A0. Fish (12.8 g were hand-fed the experimental diets (3 tanks/treatment; 20 animals per tank, 3 times a day, until visual satiation for 8 weeks. Animals were reared at 24ºC in a closed recirculating freshwater system. During the experiment, at 2, 4 and 8 weeks, blood, head-kidney and liver were sampled to study the following immunological and oxidative stress parameters: plasma lysozyme and alternative complement pathway activity (expressed as ACH50, respiratory burst activity and nitric oxide production of head-kidney leucocytes and liver lipid peroxidation (LPO, catalase (CAT, total glutathione (TG, glutathione peroxidase (GPX, and glutathione reductase (GR activities. Respiratory burst activity and nitric oxide production in head-kidney leucocytes were not significantly affected by probiotic treatment

  18. The effects of protein, amino acid, and dietary electrolyte balance on broiler chicken performance and blood parameters under heat stress

    Ali Asghar Saki


    Full Text Available The effect of crude protein (CP, amino acid (AA, and dietary electrolyte balance (DEB were evaluated on blood parameters, carcass traits, and broiler performance under heat stress (29-34°C. A total of 540 male chickens (Ross 308 were allocated to 12 diets with factorial arrangement 2 × 2 × 3, using a completely randomized design with three replicates of 15 chickens in grower (13 to 26 days and finisher (27 to 42 days periods. and 120, 220, and 320 mEq kg-1 DEB. The level of 21% CP increased body weight gain (BWG and decreased feed conversion ratio (FCR at grower period (p < 0.05. In contrast, 20% CP level decreased BWG and increased FCR at finisher period (p < 0.05. Further, 20% CP level reduced blood sodium and blood electrolyte balance (p < 0.05. The highest blood electrolyte balance was achieved by DEB 320 mEq kg-1 diet (p < 0.05. Broiler response to DEB in heat stress depended on the age of bird, length of exposure to high temperature and CP level of the diet. Under heat stress (29-34°C, the 21% CP level at grower period and 17% CP level at finisher period improved broiler BWG and FCR.

  19. Effect of acute administration of L-tyrosine on oxidative stress parameters in brain of young rats.

    Macêdo, Livia G R P; Carvalho-Silva, Milena; Ferreira, Gabriela K; Vieira, Júlia S; Olegário, Natália; Gonçalves, Renata C; Vuolo, Francieli S; Ferreira, Gustavo C; Schuck, Patrícia F; Dal-Pizzol, Felipe; Streck, Emilio L


    Tyrosinemia type II, also known as Richner-Hanhart syndrome, is an autosomal recessive inborn error of metabolism caused by a deficiency of hepatic cytosolic tyrosine aminotransferase, and is associated with neurologic and development difficulties in numerous patients. Considering that the mechanisms underlying the neurological dysfunction in hypertyrosinemic patients are poorly known and that studies demonstrated that high concentrations of tyrosine provoke oxidative stress in vitro and in vivo in the cerebral cortex of rats, in the present study we investigate the oxidative stress parameters (enzymatic antioxidant defenses, thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances and protein carbonyl content) in cerebellum, hippocampus and striatum of 30-old-day rats after acute administration of L-tyrosine. Our results demonstrated that the acute administration of L-tyrosine increased the thiobarbituric acid reactive species levels in hippocampus and the carbonyl levels in cerebellum, hippocampus and striatum. In addition, acute administration of L-tyrosine significantly decreased superoxide dismutase activity in cerebellum, hippocampus and striatum, while catalase was increased in striatum. In conclusion, the oxidative stress may contribute, along with other mechanisms, to the neurological dysfunction characteristic of hypertyrosinemia and the administration of antioxidants may be considered as a potential adjuvant therapy for tyrosinemia, especially type II.

  20. A singularity theorem based on spatial averages

    J M M Senovilla


    Inspired by Raychaudhuri's work, and using the equation named after him as a basic ingredient, a new singularity theorem is proved. Open non-rotating Universes, expanding everywhere with a non-vanishing spatial average of the matter variables, show severe geodesic incompletness in the past. Another way of stating the result is that, under the same conditions, any singularity-free model must have a vanishing spatial average of the energy density (and other physical variables). This is very satisfactory and provides a clear decisive difference between singular and non-singular cosmologies.

  1. On curves on sandwiched surface singularities

    Fernandez-Sanchez, Jesus


    Fixed a point O on a non-singular surface S and a complete mO-primary ideal I in its local ring, the curves on the surface X obtained by blowing-up I are studied in terms of the base points of I. Criteria for the principality of these curves are obtained. New formulas for their multiplicity, intersection numbers and order of singularity at the singularities of X are given. The semigroup of branches going through a sandwiched singularity is effectively determined, too.

  2. Three-qutrit entanglement and simple singularities

    Holweck, Frédéric; Jaffali, Hamza


    In this paper, we use singularity theory to study the entanglement nature of pure three-qutrit systems. We first consider the algebraic variety X of separable three-qutrit states within the projective Hilbert space {{P}}({ H })={{{P}}}26. Given a quantum pure state | \\varphi > \\in {{P}}({ H }) we define the X φ -hypersuface by cutting X with a hyperplane H φ defined by the linear form ranges over the stochastic local operation and classical communication entanglement classes, the ‘worst’ possible singular X φ -hypersuface with isolated singularities, has a unique singular point of type D 4.

  3. Generalised hyperbolicity in spacetimes with singular submanifolds

    Sanchez, Yafet Sanchez


    The idea of defining a gravitational singularity as an obstruction to the dynamical evolution of a test field (described by a PDE) rather than the dynamical evolution of a particle (described by a geodesics) is explored. In this paper we obtain general conditions under which the wave equation is well-posed in spacetimes with weak singularities in which the singularity is concentrated in a submanifold. In particular, the results can be applied to spacetimes with shell-crossing singularities, surface layers and generalised cosmic strings.

  4. On Type I Singularities in Ricci flow

    Enders, Joerg; Topping, Peter M


    We define several notions of singular set for Type I Ricci flows and show that they all coincide. In order to do this, we prove that blow-ups around singular points converge to nontrivial gradient shrinking solitons, thus extending work of Naber. As a by-product we conclude that the volume of a finite-volume singular set vanishes at the singular time. We also define a notion of density for Type I Ricci flows and use it to prove a regularity theorem reminiscent of White's partial regularity result for mean curvature flow.

  5. Singularities of slice regular functions

    Stoppato, Caterina


    Beginning in 2006, G. Gentili and D.C. Struppa developed a theory of regular quaternionic functions with properties that recall classical results in complex analysis. For instance, in each Euclidean ball centered at 0 the set of regular functions coincides with that of quaternionic power series converging in the same ball. In 2009 the author proposed a classification of singularities of regular functions as removable, essential or as poles and studied poles by constructing the ring of quotients. In that article, not only the statements, but also the proving techniques were confined to the special case of balls centered at 0. In a subsequent paper, F. Colombo, G. Gentili, I. Sabadini and D.C. Struppa (2009) identified a larger class of domains, on which the theory of regular functions is natural and not limited to quaternionic power series. The present article studies singularities in this new context, beginning with the construction of the ring of quotients and of Laurent-type expansions at points other than ...

  6. Circulating Ribonucleic Acids and Metabolic Stress Parameters May Reflect Progression of Autoimmune or Inflammatory Conditions in Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes

    Gordana Kocic


    Full Text Available The sensing of ribonucleic acids (RNAs by the monocyte/macrophage system occurs through the TLR7/8 Toll-like receptor family, the retinoic acidi–nducible protein I (RIG-I, and the melanoma differentiation–associated protein-5 (MDA-5. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of circulating RNAs, isolated from juvenile type 1 diabetic patients and healthy control children, on the inflammatory, apoptotic, and antiviral response in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs isolated from a healthy donor. Obtained effects were compared to the effects of metabolic stress parameters (hyperglycemia, oxidative and nitrosative stress. Forty-eight patients with juvenile type 1 diabetes and control children were included in the study. By performing the chromatographic analysis of circulating RNAs, the peak at the retention time 0.645 min for diabetic and control RNA samples was identified. To determine whether circulating RNAs have an agonistic or antagonistic effect on the signaling pathways involved in inflammatory, apoptotic, and antiviral cascade, their effect on TLR8, RIG-I, MDA-5, MyD88, NF-κB, IRF-3, phosphoIRF-3, IRF-7, RIP, and p38 was evaluated. A significantly lower level was achieved by cultivating PBMCs with circulating RNAs isolated from type 1 diabetic children, compared to the intact PBMCs, in relation to TLR-8, MDA-5, NF-κB, phospho IRF-3, and RIP, while it was higher for Bax. All the metabolic stress conditions up-regulated NF-κB, Bcl-2, and Bax. The NF-κB, determination seems to be the most sensitive parameter that may reflect disease processes associated with the progression of autoimmune or inflammatory conditions, while the IRF3/phosphoIRF3 ratio may suggest an insufficient antiviral response.

  7. Circulating ribonucleic acids and metabolic stress parameters may reflect progression of autoimmune or inflammatory conditions in juvenile type 1 diabetes.

    Kocic, Gordana; Pavlovic, Radmila; Najman, Stevo; Nikolic, Goran; Sokolovic, Dusan; Jevtovic-Stoimenov, Tatjana; Musovic, Dijana; Veljkovic, Andrej; Kocic, Radivoj; Djindjic, Natasa


    The sensing of ribonucleic acids (RNAs) by the monocyte/macrophage system occurs through the TLR7/8 Toll-like receptor family, the retinoic acid-inducible protein I (RIG-I), and the melanoma differentiation-associated protein-5 (MDA-5). The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of circulating RNAs, isolated from juvenile type 1 diabetic patients and healthy control children, on the inflammatory, apoptotic, and antiviral response in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) isolated from a healthy donor. Obtained effects were compared to the effects of metabolic stress parameters (hyperglycemia, oxidative and nitrosative stress). Forty-eight patients with juvenile type 1 diabetes and control children were included in the study. By performing the chromatographic analysis of circulating RNAs, the peak at the retention time 0.645 min for diabetic and control RNA samples was identified. To determine whether circulating RNAs have an agonistic or antagonistic effect on the signaling pathways involved in inflammatory, apoptotic, and antiviral cascade, their effect on TLR8, RIG-I, MDA-5, MyD88, NF-KB, IRF-3, phosphoIRF-3, IRF-7, RIP, and p38 was evaluated. A significantly lower level was achieved by cultivating PBMCs with circulating RNAs isolated from type 1 diabetic children, compared to the intact PBMCs, in relation to TLR-8, MDA-5, NF-KB, phospho IRF-3, and RIP, while it was higher for Bax. All the metabolic stress conditions up-regulated NF-KB, Bcl-2, and Bax. The NF-êB determination seems to be the most sensitive parameter that may reflect disease processes associated with the progression of autoimmune or inflammatory conditions, while the IRF3/phosphoIRF3 ratio may suggest an insufficient antiviral response.

  8. Effect of carvedilol and nebivolol on oxidative stress-related parameters and endothelial function in patients with essential hypertension.

    Zepeda, Ramiro J; Castillo, Rodrigo; Rodrigo, Ramón; Prieto, Juan C; Aramburu, Ivonne; Brugere, Solange; Galdames, Katia; Noriega, Viviana; Miranda, Hugo F


    Oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction have been associated with essential hypertension (EH) mechanisms. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of carvedilol and nebivolol on the oxidative stress-related parameters and endothelial function in patients with EH. The studied population included 57 patients, either sex, between 30 and 75 years of age, with mild-to-moderate EH complications. Participants were randomized to receive either carvedilol (12.5 mg) (n = 23) or nebivolol (5 mg) (n = 21) for 12 weeks. Measurements included; 24-hr ambulatory blood pressure (BP), flow-mediated dilatation, levels of nitric oxide estimated as nitrite - a nitric oxide metabolite ( NO₂) - in plasma, and oxidative stress-related parameters in plasma and erythrocyte. EH patients who were treated with nebivolol or carvedilol showed systolic BP reductions of 17.4 and 19.9 mmHg, respectively, compared with baseline values (p < 0.01). Diastolic BP was reduced by 13.7 and 12.8 mmHg after the treatment with ebivolol and carvedilol, respectively (p < 0.01) (fig. 2B). Nebivolol and carvedilol showed 7.3% and 8.1% higher endothelium-dependent dilatation in relation to baseline values (p < 0.05). Ferric-reducing ability of plasma (FRAP) and reduced glutathione/oxidized glutathione (GSSH) ratio showed 31.5% and 29.6% higher levels in the carvedilol group compared with basal values; however, nebivolol-treated patients did not show significant differences after treatment. On the other hand, the NO₂ plasma concentration was not modified by the administration of carvedilol. However, nebivolol enhanced these levels in 62.1% after the treatment. In conclusion, this study demonstrated the antihypertensive effect of both beta-blockers. However, carvedilol could mediate these effects by an increase in antioxidant capacity and nebivolol through the raise in NO₂ concentration. Further studies are needed to determine the molecular mechanism of these effects.


    Shao-chun Chen; Yong-cheng Zhao; Dong-yang Shi


    In this paper we give a convergence theorem for non C0 nonconforming finite element to solve the elliptic fourth order singular perturbation problem. Two such kind of elements, a nine parameter triangular element and a twelve parameter rectangular element both with double set parameters, are presented. The convergence and numerical results of the two elements are given.

  10. Quantum singularity structure of a class of continuously self-similar spacetimes

    Konkowski, Deborah; Helliwell, Thomas; Wiliams, Jon


    The dynamical, classical timelike singularity in a class of continuously self-similar, conformally-static, spherically-symmetric, power-law spacetimes is probed using massless scalar test fields. Ranges of metric parameters for which these classical singularities may be resolved quantum mechanically are determined; however, the wave operator is shown to be not essentially self-adjoint using Weyl's limit point-limit circle criterion. Thus, unfortunately, in this class of spacetimes the wave packet evolution still has the usual ambiguity associated with scattering off singularities. These spacetimes are not healed quantum mechanically.

  11. 基于SVD-MMVDR和Prony算法的间谐波参数估计%Inter-Harmonic Parameter Estimation Based on Singular Value Decomposition Modified Minimum Variance Distortion Response and Prony Algorithm

    朱天敬; 王晨曦


    提出了一种基于SVD-MMVDR算法与普罗尼( Prony)算法相结合的谐波间谐波参数估计方法。SVD-MMVDR算法具有频率分辨力高,所需数据少的特点,可以准确地计算出信号源中谐波及间谐波的个数和频率值,然后利用Prony算法中的总体最小二乘法估计出谐波间谐波的幅值和初相角。仿真以及电弧炉模拟系统试验证明,基于SVD-MMVDR算法与Prony算法的谐波间谐波参数估计方法切实可行,在存在噪声的情况下,该方法也能够准确地计算出谐波和间谐波的频率、幅值和相角。%This paper proposed a new method for inter-harmonics parameter estimation, which was based on SVD-MMVDR and Prony algorithm. The performance of SVD-MMVDR was tested by the simulated inter-harmonics cur-rent signal and the results show that SVD-MMVDR was capable of identifying clearly the numbers and frequencies of the inter-harmonics even with less sampling data, then the amplitude and phase of the inter-harmonics was esti-mated by the least square method in Prony method and the results were really satisfactory. Simulation and the ex-periment results of the arc furnace system pave the way to estimate inter-harmonic parameter by SVD-MMVDR and Prony algorithm, and the proposed method can accurately estimate the frequency, amplitude and phase under noise conditions.

  12. Zeta-Functions for Families of Calabi--Yau n-folds with Singularities

    Frühbis-Krüger, Anne


    We consider families of Calabi-Yau n-folds containing singular fibres and study relations between the occurring singularity structure and the decomposition of the local Weil zeta-function. For 1-parameter families, this provides new insights into the combinatorial structure of the strong equivalence classes arising in the Candelas - de la Ossa - Rodrigues-Villegas approach for computing the zeta-function. This can also be extended to families with more parameters as is explored in several examples, where the singularity analysis provides correct predictions for the changes of degree in the decomposition of the zeta-function when passing to singular fibres. These observations provide first evidence in higher dimensions for Lauder's conjectured analogue of the Clemens-Schmid exact sequence.

  13. Levels of oxidative stress parameters and the protective effects of melatonin in psychosis model rat testis

    Bekir S.Parlaktas; Birsen Ozyurt; Huseyin Ozyurt; Ayten T.Tunc; Ali Akbas


    Aim: To evaluate the effects of melatonin on antioxidant enzyme levels and histopathologic changes in dizocilpine (MK-801)-induced psychosis model rat testis. Methods: A total of 24 adult male Wistar-Albino rats were divided into three groups with 8 in each. Group Ⅰ was used as control. Rats in Group Ⅱ were injected with MK-801 (0.5 mg/kg body weight i.p. for 5 days). In addition to MK-801, melatonin (50 mg/kg body weight i.p. once a day for 5 days) was injected into the rats in Group Ⅲ. The testes were harvested bilaterally for biochemical and histopathological examinations. Antioxidant enzyme activities, malondialdehyde, protein carbonyl and nitric oxide (NO) levels in tes-ticular tissues were analyzed using spectrophotometric analysis methods. Histopathological examinations of the testes were also performed. Results: MK-801 induced testicular damage, which resulted in significant oxidative stress (OS) by increasing the levels of antioxidant enzymes. The malondialdehyde, protein carbonyl and NO levels were increased in testicular tissues of rats. Treatment with melatonin led to significant decrease in oxidative injury.Administration of melatonin also reduced the detrimental histopathologic effects caused by MK-801. Conclusion:The results of the present study showed that MK-801 cause OS in testicular tissues of rats and treatment with melatonin can reduce the harmful effects of MK-801.

  14. Growth Parameters and Photosynthetic Pigments of Marigold under Stress Induced by Jasmonic Acid

    Nilofar ATAEI


    Full Text Available In this research, the effects of different concentrations of jasmonic acid ( JA on growth parameters of flower diameter, number of flowers, dry flower weight, plant height, 1000-seed weight and also, photosynthetic pigments in marigold (Calendula officinalis L. were investigated. To achieve this aim, marigold planted in pots and jasmonic acid were sprayed on the shoots at concentrations of 0.75, 150 and 225 μM. Data were compared by Duncan test. The results showed that different concentrations of jasmonic acid significantly affected the dry flower weight, plant height and 1000-seed weight. The maximum plant height and 1000-seed weight were reached by 150 μM jasmonic acid, while 225 μM was recorded the dry flower weight.

  15. Solitary wave solution to a singularly perturbed generalized Gardner equation with nonlinear terms of any order



    This paper is concerned with the existence of travelling wave solutions to a singularly perturbed generalized Gardner equation with nonlinear terms of any order. By using geometric singular perturbation theory and based on the relation between solitary wave solution and homoclinic orbits of the associated ordinary differential equations, the persistence of solitary wave solutions of this equation is proved when the perturbation parameter is sufficiently small. The numerical simulations verify our theoretical analysis.

  16. Effect of confinement and starvation on stress parameters in the American lobster (Homarus americanus

    Edo D'Agaro


    Full Text Available The American lobster (Homarus americanus is one of the most important crustacean resources in North America. In Italy and Europe, this fishery product is available throughout the year and it has a high and increasing commercial demand. American lobsters are traditionally marketed live and stocked, without feed, in temperature controlled recirculating systems for several weeks before being sold in the market places. The current Italian legislation does not fix a maximum length of time for the crustacean confinement and specific welfare requirements. In the present research, a 4-week experiment was carried out using 42 adult H. americanus reared in 4 recirculating aquaculture tanks. After one month of confinement, mean glucose, protein and total haemocyte count levels in the hemolymph of H. americanus were stable and similar (P>0.05 to the values observed at the beginning of the experiment. Results of the proximate analysis of the abdominal muscles of H. americanus showed no significant differences in concentrations of crude protein, lipid and ash during the trial. At the end of the experiment, the sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and Western blotting analysis revealed a marked degradation of the muscle myofibrillar proteins. A number of fragments, possibly from myosin, were evident in the range between 50 and 220 kDa between time t0 and t28. Results of this study show that the main hemolymphatic variables and degradation analysis of the muscle myofibrillar proteins can be used as sensitive indicators of the crustacean stress response to confinement and starvation.

  17. Comparing the Heat Stress (DI, WBGT, SW Indices and the Men Physiological Parameters in Hot and Humid Environment

    Farideh Golbabaie


    Full Text Available Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Background and Objectives: Heat stress is considered as a serious threat to the health and safety of workers in many industries, including petrochemical and steel. Assessment of the heat stress is important from the disease prevention point of view and also for the safety and performance of workers at workplace. Although there are many indices to evaluate the heat stress, it is hard to select an applicable index for a wide range of weather conditions. The purpose of the study was to develop an optimal index based on physiological parameters in a petrochemical industry.  Materials and Methods: The study was conducted in a petrochemical industry located in Assaluyeh (south of Iran. Twenty one healthy young men at different levels of fitness and heat acclimation volunteered to participate in the study. Physiological parameters including heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, skin temperature and oral temperature were measured during the working day over two consecutive weeks. Simultaneously, we measured the climatic parameters required to calculate the wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT, required sweat rate (SWreq, and the discomfort index (DI indices. Results: All the measurements took place on 2 sites: Kar (working place and Paziresh (resting room. Our results showed  that the mean values of indices and physiological parameters   in Kar    for both acclimated and unacclimated groups were significantly higher than Paziresh (P<0.05. There was the strongest linear correlation between WBGT and heart rate (0.731, systolic blood pressure (0.695 and diastolic blood pressure (0.375 and skin temperature (0.451 respectively. The amounts of DI were 0.725, 0.446, 0.352, and 0.689 respectively. But the strongest linear relationship existed between SWreq and deep body temperature (0.766. Conclusion:  There were significant differences in the present indices and

  18. SiNx coatings deposited by reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering: Process parameters influencing the residual coating stress

    Schmidt, S.; Hänninen, T.; Wissting, J.; Hultman, L.; Goebbels, N.; Santana, A.; Tobler, M.; Högberg, H.


    The residual coating stress and its control is of key importance for the performance and reliability of silicon nitride (SiNx) coatings for biomedical applications. This study explores the most important deposition process parameters to tailor the residual coating stress and hence improve the adhesion of SiNx coatings deposited by reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering (rHiPIMS). Reactive sputter deposition and plasma characterization were conducted in an industrial deposition chamber equipped with pure Si targets in N2/Ar ambient. Reactive HiPIMS processes using N2-to-Ar flow ratios of 0 and 0.28-0.3 were studied with time averaged positive ion mass spectrometry. The coatings were deposited to thicknesses of 2 μm on Si(001) and to 5 μm on polished CoCrMo disks. The residual stress of the X-ray amorphous coatings was determined from the curvature of the Si substrates as obtained by X-ray diffraction. The coatings were further characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and nanoindentation in order to study their elemental composition, morphology, and hardness, respectively. The adhesion of the 5 μm thick coatings deposited on CoCrMo disks was assessed using the Rockwell C test. The deposition of SiNx coatings by rHiPIMS using N2-to-Ar flow ratios of 0.28 yield dense and hard SiNx coatings with Si/N ratios <1. The compressive residual stress of up to 2.1 GPa can be reduced to 0.2 GPa using a comparatively high deposition pressure of 600 mPa, substrate temperatures below 200 °C, low pulse energies of <2.5 Ws, and moderate negative bias voltages of up to 100 V. These process parameters resulted in excellent coating adhesion (ISO 0, HF1) and a low surface roughness of 14 nm for coatings deposited on CoCrMo.

  19. Spectral Discrimination of Salinity and Fertilizer Stress in Wheat (Triticum Sativa L.) using Photosynthesis Parameters and Hpyerspectral Data

    Shah, S. H.; Houborg, R.; Tester, M.; McCabe, M. F.


    Multidisciplinary research has long sought the ability to estimate the parameters of plant functions such as photosynthetic capacity under stress conditions from remotely sensed data. Yet, the main goal has not been fully elucidated. In this study, we investigated the effects of saline water irrigation and the rate of fertilizer application on the photosynthetic response of wheat in a greenhouse based experiment. After two weeks of germination, the plants were subjected to irrigation with sea water blended with high quality reverse osmosis (RO) water. Three levels of water salinity having electrical conductivities (EC) of 0.3, 7.0, 14.0 dSm-1 were obtained by mixing sea water with RO water and plants were irrigated to approximately 70% of field capacity without excess drainage. Three levels of NPK fertilizer at the rate of null, half and full recommended doses were also employed in the experiment. The two key determinants of photosynthetic capacity, the maximum rates of RuBP carboxylation (Vcmax) and the maximum rate of photosynthetic electron transport based on NADPH requirement (Jmax), were obtained through standard gas exchange technique.CO2 response curves of net CO2 assimilation (An) against variable CO2 concentrations in the intracellular spaces (Ci) at constant environmental conditions were drawn and a Sharkey model was fit to the obtained data. Hyperspectral reflectance (λ = 350-2500 nm) of fresh leaves were obtained and the hyperspectral characteristics and their correlations with the photosynthetic parameters were drawn. Unique contributions from different spectral regions of the hyperspectral data were analyzed. Our results revealed that saline irrigation adversely affects some of the biochemical photosynthetic parameters while favors others and it can be reflected in shifts in patterns at various regions of the hyperspectral data. These results suggest a promising strategy for developing remote sensing methods to characterize photosynthetic activity of

  20. Comparative study of the growth parameters of legumes grown in fipronil-stressed soils

    Munees Ahemad


    Full Text Available In modern agronomy, insecticides of the diverse chemical families are repeatedly used to control various plant growth limiting insect pests and to improve plant productivity. However, the intensive application of these plant protecting agrochemicals results in their accumulation in soils in substantial concentration and deteriorates the soil fertility. Previous studies concerning the effect of insecticides are commonly confined to a specific legume and reports about the concurrent impact of any specific insecticide on more than one legume in parallel are rare. The present study was therefore, designed to assess the effect of insecticide fipronil simultaneously on common food legumes (chickpea, pea, lentil and green gram. In this study, fipronil displayed a varying degree of toxicity to the tested legumes. The highest toxicity of fipronil was observed in the shoot dry biomass, leghaemoglobin and chlorophyll content, and the seed protein in chickpea, nodule numbers and nodule biomass in pea, root dry biomass and shoot N in green gram, and nodule biomass, root N, root P, shoot P, and seed yield in lentil. Generally, the most toxic effect of fipronil was observed on the growth parameters of lentil plants.

  1. Timelike Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces with Singularities

    Brander, David; Svensson, Martin


    We use integrable systems techniques to study the singularities of timelike non-minimal constant mean curvature (CMC) surfaces in the Lorentz–Minkowski 3-space. The singularities arise at the boundary of the Birkhoff big cell of the loop group involved. We examine the behavior of the surfaces at ...

  2. Timelike Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces with Singularities

    Brander, David; Svensson, Martin


    We use integrable systems techniques to study the singularities of timelike non-minimal constant mean curvature (CMC) surfaces in the Lorentz–Minkowski 3-space. The singularities arise at the boundary of the Birkhoff big cell of the loop group involved. We examine the behavior of the surfaces...

  3. Discrete variable representation for singular Hamiltonians

    Schneider, B. I.; Nygaard, Nicolai


    We discuss the application of the discrete variable representation (DVR) to Schrodinger problems which involve singular Hamiltonians. Unlike recent authors who invoke transformations to rid the eigenvalue equation of singularities at the cost of added complexity, we show that an approach based...

  4. On non-singular inhomogeneous cosmological models

    Fernández-Jambrina, L


    In this talk we would like to review recent results on non-singular cosmological models. It has been recently shown that among stiff perfect fluid inhomogeneous spacetimes the absence of singularities is more common than it was expected in the literature. We would like to generalize these results and apply them to other matter sources.

  5. Singularities inside non-Abelian black holes

    Gal'tsov, D. V.; Donets, E. E.; Zotov, M. Yu.


    Singularities inside static spherically symmetric black holes in the SU(2) Einstein-Yang-Mills and Einstein-Yang-Mills-dilaton theories are investigated. Analytical formulas are presented describing oscillatory and power law metric behavior near spacelike singularities in generic solutions.

  6. Twisting singular solutions of Bethe's equations

    Nepomechie, Rafael I


    The Bethe equations for the periodic XXX and XXZ spin chains admit singular solutions, for which the corresponding eigenvalues and eigenvectors are ill-defined. We use a twist regularization to derive conditions for such singular solutions to be physical, in which case they correspond to genuine eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the Hamiltonian.

  7. The Geometry of Black Hole Singularities

    Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica


    Full Text Available Recent results show that important singularities in General Relativity can be naturally described in terms of finite and invariant canonical geometric objects. Consequently, one can write field equations which are equivalent to Einstein's at nonsingular points but, in addition remain well-defined and smooth at singularities. The black hole singularities appear to be less undesirable than it was thought, especially after we remove the part of the singularity due to the coordinate system. Black hole singularities are then compatible with global hyperbolicity and do not make the evolution equations break down, when these are expressed in terms of the appropriate variables. The charged black holes turn out to have smooth potential and electromagnetic fields in the new atlas. Classical charged particles can be modeled, in General Relativity, as charged black hole solutions. Since black hole singularities are accompanied by dimensional reduction, this should affect Feynman's path integrals. Therefore, it is expected that singularities induce dimensional reduction effects in Quantum Gravity. These dimensional reduction effects are very similar to those postulated in some approaches to make Quantum Gravity perturbatively renormalizable. This may provide a way to test indirectly the effects of singularities, otherwise inaccessible.

  8. Quantum fields and "Big Rip" expansion singularities

    Calderon, H; Calderon, Hector; Hiscock, William A.


    The effects of quantized conformally invariant massless fields on the evolution of cosmological models containing a ``Big Rip'' future expansion singularity are examined. Quantized scalar, spinor, and vector fields are found to strengthen the accelerating expansion of such models as they approach the expansion singularity.

  9. Reasons for singularity in robot teleoperation

    Marhenke, Ilka; Fischer, Kerstin; Savarimuthu, Thiusius Rajeeth


    In this paper, the causes for singularity of a robot arm in teleoperation for robot learning from demonstration are analyzed. Singularity is the alignment of robot joints, which prevents the configuration of the inverse kinematics. Inspired by users' own hypotheses, we investigated speed and delay...

  10. An extension theorem for conformal gauge singularities

    Tod, Paul


    We analyse conformal gauge, or isotropic, singularities in cosmological models in general relativity. Using the calculus of tractors, we find conditions in terms of tractor curvature for a local extension of the conformal structure through a cosmological singularity and prove a local extension theorem.

  11. Correlation singularities in partially coherent electromagnetic beams

    Raghunathan, S.B.; Schouten, H.F.; Visser, T.D.


    We demonstrate that coherence vortices, singularities of the correlation function, generally occur in partially coherent electromagnetic beams. In successive cross sections of Gaussian Schell-model beams, their locus is found to be a closed string. These coherence singularities have implications for

  12. Resolving curvature singularities in holomorphic gravity

    Mantz, C.L.M.; Prokopec, T.


    We formulate a holomorphic theory of gravity and study how the holomorphy symmetry alters the two most important singular solutions of general relativity: black holes and cosmology. We show that typical observers (freely) falling into a holomorphic black hole do not encounter a curvature singularity

  13. Discrete singular convolution mapping methods for solving singular boundary value and boundary layer problems

    Pindza, Edson; Maré, Eben


    A modified discrete singular convolution method is proposed. The method is based on the single (SE) and double (DE) exponential transformation to speed up the convergence of the existing methods. Numerical computations are performed on a wide variety of singular boundary value and singular perturbed problems in one and two dimensions. The obtained results from discrete singular convolution methods based on single and double exponential transformations are compared with each other, and with the existing methods too. Numerical results confirm that these methods are considerably efficient and accurate in solving singular and regular problems. Moreover, the method can be applied to a wide class of nonlinear partial differential equations.

  14. A singularity extraction technique for computation of antenna aperture fields from singular plane wave spectra

    Cappellin, Cecilia; Breinbjerg, Olav; Frandsen, Aksel


    An effective technique for extracting the singularity of plane wave spectra in the computation of antenna aperture fields is proposed. The singular spectrum is first factorized into a product of a finite function and a singular function. The finite function is inverse Fourier transformed...... numerically using the Inverse Fast Fourier Transform, while the singular function is inverse Fourier transformed analytically, using the Weyl-identity, and the two resulting spatial functions are then convolved to produce the antenna aperture field. This article formulates the theory of the singularity...

  15. Generalized Strong Curvature Singularities and Cosmic Censorship

    Rudnicki, W; Kondracki, W


    A new definition of a strong curvature singularity is proposed. This definition is motivated by the definitions given by Tipler and Krolak, but is significantly different and more general. All causal geodesics terminating at these new singularities, which we call generalized strong curvature singularities, are classified into three possible types; the classification is based on certain relations between the curvature strength of the singularities and the causal structure in their neighborhood. A cosmic censorship theorem is formulated and proved which shows that only one class of generalized strong curvature singularities, corresponding to a single type of geodesics according to our classification, can be naked. Implications of this result for the cosmic censorship hypothesis are indicated.

  16. Are loop quantum cosmos never singular?

    Singh, Parampreet


    A unified treatment of all known types of singularities for flat, isotropic and homogeneous spacetimes in the framework of loop quantum cosmology (LQC) is presented. These include bangs, crunches and all future singularities. Using effective spacetime description we perform a model independent general analysis of the properties of curvature, behavior of geodesics and strength of singularities. For illustration purposes a phenomenological model based analysis is also performed. We show that all values of the scale factor at which a strong singularity may occur are excluded from the effective loop quantum spacetime. Further, if the evolution leads to either a vanishing or divergent scale factor then the loop quantum universe is asymptotically deSitter in that regime. We also show that there exist a class of sudden extremal events, which includes a recently discussed possibility, for which the curvature or its derivatives will always diverge. Such events however turn out to be harmless weak curvature singulariti...

  17. New Isotropic and Anisotropic Sudden Singularities

    Barrow, J D; Barrow, John D.; Tsagas, Christos G.


    We show the existence of an infinite family of finite-time singularities in isotropically expanding universes which obey the weak, strong, and dominant energy conditions. We show what new type of energy condition is needed to exclude them ab initio. We also determine the conditions under which finite-time future singularities can arise in a wide class of anisotropic cosmological models. New types of finite-time singularity are possible which are characterised by divergences in the time-rate of change of the anisotropic-pressure tensor. We investigate the conditions for the formation of finite-time singularities in a Bianchi type $VII_{0}$ universe with anisotropic pressures and construct specific examples of anisotropic sudden singularities in these universes.

  18. Singularities in minimax optimization of networks

    Madsen, Kaj; Schjær-Jacobsen, Hans


    A theoretical treatment of singularities in nonlinear minimax optimization problems, which allows for a classification in regular and singular problems, is presented. A theorem for determining a singularity that is present in a given problem is formulated. A group of problems often used...... in the literature to test nonlinear minimax algorithms, i.e., minimax design of multisection quarter-wave transformers, is shown to exhibit singularities and the reason for this is pointed out. Based on the theoretical results presented an algorithm for nonlinear minimax optimization is developed. The new algorithm...... maintains the quadratic convergence property of a recent algorithm by Madsen et al. when applied to regular problems and it is demonstrated to significantly improve the final convergence on singular problems....

  19. [Corrective effects of electromagnetic radiation in a millimeter wavelength range on the parameters of oxidative stress after standard anti-helicobacterial therapy in patients with ulcer disease].

    Ivanishkina, E V; Podoprigorova, V G


    We assessed the possibilities of correction of oxidative stress parameters in the serum and gastroduodenal mucosa using electromagnetic radiation in a millimeter wavelength range in 127 patients with gastric and duodenal ulcer after eradication therapy. Control group included 230 healthy subjects. Parameter of lipid oxidation by free radicals were measured by direct methods (hemiluminescence and EPR-spectroscopy). The results show that standard eradication therapy does not influence parameters of oxidative stress. More pronounced effect of electromagnetic radiation in a millimeter wavelength range may be due to the correction of prooxidant-antioxidant and antioxidant disbalance. This observation provides pathogenetic substantiation for the inclusion of this physical method in modern therapeutic modalities.

  20. Singular solution of the Liouville equation under perturbation

    Kalyakin, L A


    Small perturbation of the Liouville equation under singular initial data is considered. An asymptotics of the singular solution is constructed by the method which is similar to Bogolubov -- Krylov one. The main object is an asymptotics of the singular lines.

  1. Effect of Carica papaya bark extract on oxidative stress parameters in testes of male albino rats

    T O Kusemiju


    Full Text Available Summary: Carica papaya bark has contraceptive benefits when given at a high dose in male rats the mechanism at which it achieves this is yet to be fully understood. Forty male Wistar rats were used for the study. They were randomized into 8 groups Ia, IIa, IIIa, Ib, IIb, IIIb, IV and V respectively (n=5. Groups Ia-IIIa and Ib-IIIb were treated for 4 and 8 weeks with Carica papaya bark extract at doses 50 and 100 mg ml-1day-1 comparing to 2-5 ml distilled water baseline control. Group IV rats were observed for reversibility treated with alternating bark extract and distilled water for 16 weeks (8 weeks each. They were compared to Group V treated with distilled water alone for similar duration. The rats were sacrificed under chloroform anesthesia. The estimated parameters were testes volumes biochemical activities of testicular antioxidant enzymes and non-enzymes [superoxide dismutase (SOD, catalase (CAT, reduced glutathione (GSH and malondialdehyde (MDA] as well as total protein (TP. The extract treated groups (Groups Ia, IIa, Ib & IIb showed a decrease in TP and testicular volume. Also in these groups were significant increases in testicular MDA levels compared to control (Groups IIIa & IIIb. At both durations for the two doses, the extract resulted in a significant decrease in antioxidant enzymes. Animals in the reversibility study group showed values similar to baseline control. In conclusion, Carica papaya leaf extract essentially perturbed the testicular oxidative system this may be responsible for the contraceptive effect seen. Industrial relevance: The contraceptive benefits of aqueous extract of Carica papaya bark in orally treated male rats had been confirmed. This present study was tailored at reviewing variations in the gonadal proteins and stressors index in male rats administered established contraceptive doses of the extract. This would be helpful to industries intending to develop this herbal preparation as a contraceptive adjunct

  2. Existence and disappearance of conical singularities in GLPV theories

    De Felice, Antonio; Tsujikawa, Shinji


    In a class of Gleyzes-Langlois-Piazza-Vernizzi (GLPV) theories, we derive both vacuum and interior Schwarzschild solutions under the condition that the derivatives of a scalar field $\\phi$ with respect to the radius $r$ vanish. If the parameter $\\alpha_{\\rm H}$ characterizing the deviation from Horndeski theories approaches a non-zero constant at the center of a spherically symmetric body, we find that the conical singularity arises at $r=0$ with the Ricci scalar given by $R=-2\\alpha_{\\rm H}/r^2$. This originates from violation of the geometrical structure of four-dimensional curvature quantities. The conical singularity can disappear for the models in which the parameter $\\alpha_{\\rm H}$ vanishes in the limit that $r \\to 0$. We propose explicit models without the conical singularity by properly designing the classical Lagrangian in such a way that the main contribution to $\\alpha_{\\rm H}$ comes from the field derivative $\\phi'(r)$ around $r=0$. We show that the extension of covariant Galileons with a diatoni...

  3. Effect of indium low doping in ZnO based TFTs on electrical parameters and bias stress stability

    Cheremisin, Alexander B., E-mail:; Kuznetsov, Sergey N.; Stefanovich, Genrikh B. [Physico-Technical Department, Petrozavodsk State University, Petrozavodsk 185910 (Russian Federation)


    Some applications of thin film transistors (TFTs) need the bottom-gate architecture and unpassivated channel backside. We propose a simple routine to fabricate indium doped ZnO-based TFT with satisfactory characteristics and acceptable stability against a bias stress in ambient room air. To this end, a channel layer of 15 nm in thickness was deposited on cold substrate by DC reactive magnetron co-sputtering of metal Zn-In target. It is demonstrated that the increase of In concentration in ZnO matrix up to 5% leads to negative threshold voltage (V{sub T}) shift and an increase of field effect mobility (μ) and a decrease of subthreshold swing (SS). When dopant concentration reaches the upper level of 5% the best TFT parameters are achieved such as V{sub T} = 3.6 V, μ = 15.2 cm{sup 2}/V s, SS = 0.5 V/dec. The TFTs operate in enhancement mode exhibiting high turn on/turn off current ratio more than 10{sup 6}. It is shown that the oxidative post-fabrication annealing at 250{sup o}C in pure oxygen and next ageing in dry air for several hours provide highly stable operational characteristics under negative and positive bias stresses despite open channel backside. A possible cause of this effect is discussed.

  4. Effect of indium low doping in ZnO based TFTs on electrical parameters and bias stress stability

    Alexander B. Cheremisin


    Full Text Available Some applications of thin film transistors (TFTs need the bottom-gate architecture and unpassivated channel backside. We propose a simple routine to fabricate indium doped ZnO-based TFT with satisfactory characteristics and acceptable stability against a bias stress in ambient room air. To this end, a channel layer of 15 nm in thickness was deposited on cold substrate by DC reactive magnetron co-sputtering of metal Zn-In target. It is demonstrated that the increase of In concentration in ZnO matrix up to 5% leads to negative threshold voltage (VT shift and an increase of field effect mobility (μ and a decrease of subthreshold swing (SS. When dopant concentration reaches the upper level of 5% the best TFT parameters are achieved such as VT = 3.6 V, μ = 15.2 cm2/V s, SS = 0.5 V/dec. The TFTs operate in enhancement mode exhibiting high turn on/turn off current ratio more than 106. It is shown that the oxidative post-fabrication annealing at 250oC in pure oxygen and next ageing in dry air for several hours provide highly stable operational characteristics under negative and positive bias stresses despite open channel backside. A possible cause of this effect is discussed.

  5. Naked singularity formation in Brans-Dicke theory

    Ziaie, Amir Hadi; Atazadeh, Khedmat [Department of Physics, Shahid Beheshti University, Evin, Tehran 19839 (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Tavakoli, Yaser, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: tavakoli@ubi.p [Departamento de Fisica, Universidade da Beira Interior, Rua Marques d' Avila e Bolama, 6200 Covilha (Portugal)


    Gravitational collapse of the Brans-Dicke scalar field with non-zero potential in the presence of matter fluid obeying the barotropic equation of state, p = wrho, is studied. Utilizing the concept of the expansion parameter, it is seen that the cosmic censorship conjecture may be violated for w=-1/3 and w=-2/3 which correspond to the cosmic string and domain wall, respectively. We have shown that physically, it is the rate of collapse that governs the formation of a black hole or a naked singularity as the final fate of dynamical evolution and only for these two cases can the singularity be naked as the collapse end state. Also the weak energy condition is satisfied by the collapsing configuration.

  6. Open universes and avoidance of the cosmological singularity

    Quirós, I; Bonal, R; Quiros, Israel; Cardenas, Rolando; Bonal, Rolando


    In the paper gr-qc/9908075 it was shown that flat, barotropicFriedmann-Robertson-Walker universes are free of the cosmological singularity(in the region $-{3/2}\\leq\\omega\\leq -{4/3}$, $0<\\gamma<2$ of the parameterspace) when modeled with the help of the Jordan frame formulation of generalrelativity. In the present paper we further extend the results of gr-qc/9908075to open universes by studying the Raychaudhuri equation. It is shown that theseuniverses are singularity free too in the above region of the parameter space.Exact analytic solutions are found for open Friedmann-Robertson-Walkerdust-filled and radiation-filled universes for the particular case when$\\omega=-{3/2}$.

  7. Black holes and Thunderbolt singularities with Lifshitz scaling terms

    Misonoh, Yosuke; Maeda, Kei-ichi


    We study a static, spherically symmetric and asymptotic flat spacetime, assuming the hypersurface orthogonal Einstein-aether theory with an ultraviolet modification motivated by the Hořava-Lifshitz theory, which is composed of the z =2 Lifshitz scaling terms such as scalar combinations of a three-Ricci curvature and the acceleration of the aether field. For the case with the quartic term of the acceleration of the aether field, we obtain a two-parameter family of black hole solutions, which possess a regular universal horizon. Whereas, if a three-Ricci curvature squared term is joined in ultraviolet modification, we find a solution with a thunderbolt singularity such that the universal horizon turns out to be a spacelike singularity.

  8. Black Holes and Thunderbolt Singularities with Lifshitz Scaling Terms

    Misonoh, Yosuke


    We study a static, spherically symmetric and asymptotic flat spacetime, assuming the hypersurface orthogonal Einstein-aether theory with an ultraviolet modification motivated by the Horava-Lifshitz theory, which is composed of the $z=2$ Lifshitz scaling terms such as scalar combinations of a three-Ricci curvature and the acceleration of the aether field. For the case with the quartic term of the acceleration of the aether field, we obtain a two-parameter family of black hole solutions, which possess a regular universal horizon. While, if three-Ricci curvature squared term is joined in ultraviolet modification, we find a solution with a thunderbolt singularity such that the universal horizon turns to be a spacelike singularity.

  9. Aircraft pitch attitude adaptive control via singular perturbation technique

    Yurkevich, V. D.


    The problem of aircraft pitch attitude control is treated in the presence of uncertain aerodynamics. The proposed design methodology guarantees desired pitch attitude transient performance indices by inducing of two-time-scale motions in the closed-loop system where the controller dynamics is a singular perturbation with respect to the system dynamics. The singular perturbation method is used in order to get explicit expressions for evaluation of the controller parameters. Stability of fast-motion transients for a large range of aerodynamic characteristics variations is maintained due to a high-frequency-gain online identification and gain tuning that are incorporated in the control loop. Numerical example and simulation results are presented.


    WANG Xiu-e; YIN Xian-jun


    Under some certain assumptions, the physical model of the air combustion system was simplified to a laminar flame system. The mathematical model of the laminar flame system, which was built according to thermodynamics theory and the corresponding conservative laws, was studied. With the aid of qualitative theory and method of ordinary differential equations, the location of singular points on the Rayleigh curves is determined,the qualitative structure and the stability of the singular points of the laminar flame system,which are located in the areas of deflagration and detonation, are given for different parameter values and uses of combustion. The phase portraits of the laminar flame system in the reaction-stagnation enthalpy and combustion velocity-stagnation enthalpy planes are shown in the corresponding figures.

  11. H∞ Optimal Model Reduction for Singular Fast Subsystems

    WANGJing; ZHANGQing-Ling; LIUWan-Quan; ZHOUYue


    In this paper, H∞ optimal model reduction for singular fast subsystems will be investigated. First, error system is established to measure the error magnitude between the original and reduced systems, and it is demonstrated that the new feature for model reduction of singular systems is to make H∞ norm of the error system finite and minimal. The necessary and sufficient condition is derived for the existence of the H∞ suboptimal model reduction problem. Next, we give an exactand practicable algorithm to get the parameters of the reduced subsystems by applying the matrix theory. Meanwhile, the reduced system may be also impulsive. The advantages of the proposed algorithm are that it is more flexible in a straight-forward way without much extra computation, and the order of the reduced systems is as minimal as possible. Finally, one illustrative example is given to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed model reduction approach.

  12. The singularities, forces transmission index and mechanism selfblocking

    Duca, C.; Buium, F.


    The paper represents a synthesis of the most representative results obtained by authors, along their researches in the field of mechanism singularities, forces transmission quality in mechanisms and self-blocking phenomenon. Our research is based on the idea that mechanism critical positions are a consequence of critical configurations in the component structural groups. At its turn, the critical configurations are noticed when the mathematical model of the kinematics and statics without friction, is affected by singularities. Thus, we have presented in the paper, the case of the principal structural groups, and we have established the critical configuration, the calculus formula of the configuration parameter and the existence conditions of the configuration (real solutions in the position problem).

  13. On Output Feedback Multiobjective Control for Singularly Perturbed Systems

    Mehdi Ghasem Moghadam


    Full Text Available A new design procedure for a robust 2 and ∞ control of continuous-time singularly perturbed systems via dynamic output feedback is presented. By formulating all objectives in terms of a common Lyapunov function, the controller will be designed through solving a set of inequalities. Therefore, a dynamic output feedback controller is developed such that ∞ and 2 performance of the resulting closed-loop system is less than or equal to some prescribed value. Also, ∞ and 2 performance for a given upperbound of singular perturbation parameter ∈(0,∗] are guaranteed. It is shown that the -dependent controller is well defined for any ∈(0,∗] and can be reduced to an -independent one so long as is sufficiently small. Finally, numerical simulations are provided to validate the proposed controller. Numerical simulations coincide with the theoretical analysis.

  14. Definition and classification of singularities in GR: classical and quantum

    Konkowski, D A


    We will briefly review the definition and classification of classical and quantum singularities in general relativity. Examples of classically singular spacetimes that do not have quantum singularities will be given. We will present results on quantum singularities in quasiregular spacetimes. We will also show that a strong repulsive "potential" near the classical singularity can turn a classically singular spacetime into a quantum mechanically nonsingular spacetime.

  15. Hydrodynamic modeling of juvenile mussel dispersal in a large river: The potential effects of bed shear stress and other parameters

    Daraio, J.A.; Weber, L.J.; Newton, T.J.


    Because unionid mussels have a parasitic larval stage, they are able to disperse upstream and downstream as larvae while attached to their host fish and with flow as juveniles after excystment from the host. Understanding unionid population ecology requires knowledge of the processes that affect juvenile dispersal prior to establishment. We examined presettlement (transport and dispersion with flow) and early postsettlement (bed shear stress) hydraulic processes as negative censoring mechanisms. Our approach was to model dispersal using particle tracking through a 3-dimensional flow field output from hydrodynamic models of a reach of the Upper Mississippi River. We tested the potential effects of bed shear stress (??b) at 5 flow rates on juvenile mussel dispersal and quantified the magnitude of these effects as a function of flow rate. We explored the reach-scale relationships of Froude number (Fr), water depth (H), local bed slope (S), and unit stream power (QS) with the likelihood of juvenile settling (??). We ran multiple dispersal simulations at each flow rate to estimate ??, the parameter of a Poisson distribution, from the number of juveniles settling in each grid cell, and calculated dispersal distances. Virtual juveniles that settled in areas of the river where b > critical shear stress (c) were resuspended in the flow and transported further downstream, so we ran simulations at 3 different conditions for ??c (??c = ??? no resuspension, 0.1, and 0.05 N/m2). Differences in virtual juvenile dispersal distance were significantly dependent upon c and flow rate, and effects of b on settling distribution were dependent upon c. Most simulations resulted in positive correlations between ?? and ??b, results suggesting that during early postsettlement, ??b might be the primary determinant of juvenile settling distribution. Negative correlations between ?? and ??b occurred in some simulations, a result suggesting that physical or biological presettlement processes

  16. Inflation in exponential scalar model and finite-time singularity induced instability

    Odintsov, S D


    We investigate how a Type IV future singularity can be included in the cosmological evolution of a well-known exponential model of inflation. In order to achieve this we use a two scalar field model, in the context of which the incorporation of the Type IV singularity can be consistently done. In the context of the exponential model we study, when a Type IV singularity is included in the evolution, an instability occurs in the slow-roll parameters, and in particular on the second slow-roll parameter. Particularly, if we abandon the slow-roll condition for both the scalars we shall use, then the most consistent description of the dynamics of the inflationary era is provided by the Hubble slow-roll parameters $\\epsilon_H$ and $\\eta_H$. Then, the second Hubble slow-roll parameter $\\eta_H$, which measures the duration of the inflationary era, becomes singular at the point where the Type IV singularity is chosen to occur, while the Hubble slow-roll parameter $\\epsilon_H$ is regular there. Therefore, this infinite ...

  17. Numerical quadrature methods for integrals of singular periodic functions and their application to singular and weakly singular integral equations

    Sidi, A.; Israeli, M.


    High accuracy numerical quadrature methods for integrals of singular periodic functions are proposed. These methods are based on the appropriate Euler-Maclaurin expansions of trapezoidal rule approximations and their extrapolations. They are used to obtain accurate quadrature methods for the solution of singular and weakly singular Fredholm integral equations. Such periodic equations are used in the solution of planar elliptic boundary value problems, elasticity, potential theory, conformal mapping, boundary element methods, free surface flows, etc. The use of the quadrature methods is demonstrated with numerical examples.

  18. Do post-trauma symptoms mediate the relation between neurobiological stress parameters and conduct problems in girls?

    Babel, Kimberly A; Jambroes, Tijs; Oostermeijer, Sanne; van de Ven, Peter M; Popma, Arne; Vermeiren, Robert R J M; Doreleijers, Theo A H; Jansen, Lucres M C


    characteristics of female externalizing behaviour differ from males, since girls showed heightened instead of attenuated ANS activity. While the prevalence of post-trauma symptoms was high in girls with DBD, it did not mediate the relation between stress parameters and externalizing behaviour. Clinical implications and future directions are discussed.

  19. Optimization of geometry of elastic bodies in the vicinity of singular points on the example of an adhesive lap joint

    Matveenko, V. P.; Sevodina, N. V.; Fedorov, A. Yu.


    The stress state in adhesive lap joints with various geometric shapes of spew fillet is studied. It is noted that the applied design models of the considered problem include singular points at which infinite stress values are possible if one uses the linear elasticity theory to calculate the stress state. Based on the conclusions of the solution of the geometry optimization problem in the vicinity of the singular points of elastic bodies, variants of the geometry of spew fillet, which provide the most significant decrease in the concentration of stresses in adhesive lap joints, are proposed.

  20. Effect of different head-neck positions on physical and psychological stress parameters in the ridden horse.

    Zebisch, A; May, A; Reese, S; Gehlen, H


    Different head-neck positions (HNPs) are used in equestrian sports and are regarded as desirable for training and competition by riders, judges and trainers. Even though some studies have been indicative of hyperflexion having negative effects on horses, this unnatural position is frequently used. In the present study, the influence of different HNPs on physical and psychological stress parameters in the ridden horse was investigated. Heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV) and blood cortisol levels were measured in 18 horses. Low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) are power components in the frequency domain measurement of HRV which show the activity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Values were recorded at rest, while riding with a working HNP and while riding with hyperflexion of the horse's head, neck and poll. In addition, rideability and behaviour during the different investigation stages were evaluated by the rider and by an observer. Neither the HR nor the HRV showed a significant difference between working HNP (HR = 105 ± 22/min; LF/HF = 3.89 ± 5.68; LF = 37.28 ± 10.77%) and hyperflexion (HR = 110 ± 18; LF/HF = 1.94 ± 2.21; LF = 38.39 ± 13.01%). Blood cortisol levels revealed a significant increase comparing working HNP (158 ± 60 nm) and hyperflexion (176 ± 64 nm, p = 0.01). The evaluation of rider and observer resulted in clear changes of rideability and behavioural changes for the worse in all parameters collected between a working HNP and hyperflexion. In conclusion, changes of the cortisol blood level as a physical parameter led to the assumption that hyperflexion of head, neck and poll effects a stress reaction in the horse, and observation of the behaviour illustrates adverse effects on the well-being of horses during hyperflexion.

  1. Impact of cage stocking density on egg laying characteristics and related stress and immunity parameters of Japanese quails in subtropics.

    El-Tarabany, M S


    The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of different cage stocking densities on egg production parameters, as well as related stress and immunity indices in Japanese quails under subtropical Egyptian conditions. Two hundred and sixteen birds of Japanese quail at 14th week of age were used in this experiment. The birds were divided randomly into three groups: 60, 72 and 84. Each group subdivided into 4 replicates, where the cages' floor spaces were 200 (S1 ), 167 (S2 ) and 143 (S3 ) cm(2) /bird, respectively. Birds housed at 200 cm(2) /bird (S1 ) had superior fertility (fertility % (p = 0.013) and hatchability % (p = 0.041)), egg production (egg weight (p = 0.034) and egg mass (p = 0.001)) and immunity parameters (higher geometric mean of antibody titres against Newcastle disease virus, p = 0.024). Furthermore, they had higher internal egg quality score: albumen height (p = 0.003), yolk height (p = 0.023), yolk index (p = 0.006) and Haugh unit (p = 0.035). Birds housed at 143 cm(2) /bird (S3 ) had the lowest total leucocytic count and lymphocyte % (p = 0.022), but the highest H/L ratio (p = 0.001). Corticosterone concentration was lower in S1 group (p = 0.031) than that in groups housed at higher densities. Japanese quail housed at high densities revealed drop in fertility, hatchability, production and immunity parameters, indicating a detrimental effects on both welfare and economic income. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition © 2015 Blackwell Verlag GmbH.

  2. The structure of the classical cosmological singularity

    Tipler, Frank J.

    The existence of an all-encompassing initial classical cosmological singularity is established: it is shown that if: (1) global hyperbolicity, (2) the timelike convergence condition, and (3) all past-directed nonspacelike geodesics start to reconverge within a compact region in the causal past of the present-day earth, then all timelike curves in the past have a finite proper time length less than a universal constant L. It is argued that an analogue of this predicted cosmological singularity should exist even when quantum effects are taken into account. In particular, in a closed Friedmann radiation-filled universe quantized via the ADM method, the R = 0 singularity still exists and influences wave packet evolution at all times. Furthermore, quantum effects can in most cases eliminate curvature singularities only by introducing singularities in the universal action; most classical closed universes have finite action if and only if they begin and end in curvature singularities. Finally, the two basic ways of studying the structure of cosmological singularities are reviewed: completion methods (e.g., the c-boundary construction), and approach methods (e.g., analyzing metric behavior in a synchronous coordinate system).

  3. Spin Singularities: Clifford Kaleidoscopes and Particle Masses

    Cohen, Marcus S


    Are particles singularities- vortex lines, tubes, or sheets in some global ocean of dark energy? We visit the zoo of Lagrangian singularities, or caustics in a spin(4,C) phase flow over compactifed Minkowsky space, and find that their varieties and energies parallel the families and masses of the elementary particles. Singularities are classified by tensor products of J Coxeter groups s generated by reflections. The multiplicity, s, is the number reflections needed to close a cycle of null zigzags: nonlinear resonances of J chiral pairs of lightlike matter spinors with (4-J) Clifford mirrors: dyads in the remaining unperturbed vacuum pairs. Using singular perturbations to "peel" phase-space singularities by orders in the vacuum intensity, we find that singular varieties with quantized mass, charge, and spin parallel the families of leptons (J=1), mesons (J=2), and hadrons (J=3). Taking the symplectic 4 form - the volume element in the 8- spinor phase space- as a natural Lagrangian, these singularities turn ou...

  4. Fast Detection of Weak Singularities in a Chaotic Signal Using Lorenz System and the Bisection Algorithm

    Tiezheng Song


    Full Text Available Signals with weak singularities are important for condition monitoring, fault forecasting, and medicine diagnosis. However, the weak singularity in a signal is usually hidden by strong noise. A novel fast method is proposed for detecting a weak singularity in a noised signal by determining a critical threshold towards chaos for the Lorenz system. First, a rough critical threshold value is calculated by local Lyapunov exponents with a step size 0.1. Second, the exact threshold value is calculated by the bisection algorithm. The advantage of the method will not only reduce the computation costs, but also show the weak singular signal which can be accurately identified from strong noise. When the variance of an external signal method embeds into a Lorenz system, according to the parametric equivalent relation between the Lorenz system and the original system, the critical threshold value of the parameter in a Lorenz system is determined.

  5. Paradox of soft singularity crossing and its resolution by distributional cosmological quantities

    Keresztes, Zoltán; Gergely, László Á.; Kamenshchik, Alexander Yu.


    A cosmological model of a flat Friedmann universe filled with a mixture of anti-Chaplygin gas and dustlike matter exhibits a future soft singularity, where the pressure of the anti-Chaplygin gas diverges (while its energy density is finite). Despite infinite tidal forces the geodesics pass through the singularity. Because of the dust component, the Hubble parameter has a nonzero value at the encounter with the singularity, therefore the dust implies further expansion. With continued expansion however, the energy density and the pressure of the anti-Chaplygin gas would become ill-defined hence from the point of view of the anti-Chaplygin gas only a contraction is allowed. Paradoxically, the universe in this cosmological model would have to expand and contract simultaneously. This obviously could not happen. We solve the paradox by redefining the anti-Chaplygin gas in a distributional sense. Then a contraction could follow the expansion phase at the singularity at the price of a jump in the Hubble parameter. Although such an abrupt change is not common in any cosmological evolution, we explicitly show that the set of Friedmann, Raychaudhuri and continuity equations are all obeyed both at the singularity and in its vicinity. We also prove that the Israel junction conditions are obeyed through the singular spatial hypersurface. In particular we enounce and prove a more general form of the Lanczos equation.


    J. Li; Z.G. Wang; Y. Q. Lai; Y.Y. Wu; S.L. Ye


    Inert anode has been a hot issue in the aluminum industry for many decades. With the help of FEA (finite element analysis) software ANSYS, a model was developed to simulate the thermal stress distribution working condition of an inert anode. To reduce its thermal stress,the effect of some parameters on the thermal stress distribution was investigated, including the anode height, the anode radius, the hole depth, the hole radius, and the radius of inner chamfer and outer chamfer. The results showed that in the actual working condition of an inert anode, there existed a large axial tensile stress near the tangent interface between the anode and bath, which was the major cause of anode breaking. Increasing the anode height and reducing the hole depth properly seemed to be beneficial for the stress distribution. With the increase of anode radius, the stress distribution became better first and then deteriorated,the reasonable value was between 0.045 to 0.06m. The hole radius had a significant effect on the stress and a smaller radius would reduce the thermal stress. The effect of the radius of the inner chamfer and the outer chamfer was less than other parameters.

  7. Singular Value Decomposition and Ligand Binding Analysis

    André Luiz Galo


    Full Text Available Singular values decomposition (SVD is one of the most important computations in linear algebra because of its vast application for data analysis. It is particularly useful for resolving problems involving least-squares minimization, the determination of matrix rank, and the solution of certain problems involving Euclidean norms. Such problems arise in the spectral analysis of ligand binding to macromolecule. Here, we present a spectral data analysis method using SVD (SVD analysis and nonlinear fitting to determine the binding characteristics of intercalating drugs to DNA. This methodology reduces noise and identifies distinct spectral species similar to traditional principal component analysis as well as fitting nonlinear binding parameters. We applied SVD analysis to investigate the interaction of actinomycin D and daunomycin with native DNA. This methodology does not require prior knowledge of ligand molar extinction coefficients (free and bound, which potentially limits binding analysis. Data are acquired simply by reconstructing the experimental data and by adjusting the product of deconvoluted matrices and the matrix of model coefficients determined by the Scatchard and McGee and von Hippel equation.

  8. Potential singularity mechanism for the Euler equations

    Brenner, Michael P.; Hormoz, Sahand; Pumir, Alain


    Singular solutions to the Euler equations could provide essential insight into the formation of very small scales in highly turbulent flows. Previous attempts to find singular flow structures have proven inconclusive. We reconsider the problem of interacting vortex tubes, for which it has long been observed that the flattening of the vortices inhibits sustained self-amplification of velocity gradients. Here we consider an iterative mechanism, based on the transformation of vortex filaments into sheets and their subsequent instability back into filaments. Elementary fluid mechanical arguments are provided to support the formation of a singular structure via this iterated mechanism, which we analyze based on a simplified model of filament interactions.

  9. Isotropic cosmological singularities other matter models

    Tod, K P


    Isotropic cosmological singularities are singularities which can be removed by rescaling the metric. In some cases already studied (gr-qc/9903008, gr-qc/9903009, gr-qc/9903018) existence and uniqueness of cosmological models with data at the singularity has been established. These were cosmologies with, as source, either perfect fluids with linear equations of state or massless, collisionless particles. In this article we consider how to extend these results to a variety of other matter models. These are scalar fields, massive collisionless matter, the Yang-Mills plasma of Choquet-Bruhat, or matter satisfying the Einstein-Boltzmann equation.

  10. Non-singular circulant graphs and digraphs

    Lal, A K


    We give necessary and sufficient conditions for a few classes of circulant graphs/digraphs to be singular. We also give two generalizations of the above graphs/digraphs, namely $(r,s,t)$-digraphs for non-negative integers $r,s$ and $t$, and the digraph $C_n^{i,j,k,l}$ with certain restrictions. A necessary and sufficient condition for the digraphs $C_n^{i,j,k,l}$ to be singular is obtained. Some necessary conditions are given under which the $(r,s,t)$-digraphs are singular.

  11. Quantum dress for a naked singularity

    Marc Casals


    Full Text Available We investigate semiclassical backreaction on a conical naked singularity space–time with a negative cosmological constant in (2+1-dimensions. In particular, we calculate the renormalized quantum stress–energy tensor for a conformally coupled scalar field on such naked singularity space–time. We then obtain the backreacted metric via the semiclassical Einstein equations. We show that, in the regime where the semiclassical approximation can be trusted, backreaction dresses the naked singularity with an event horizon, thus enforcing (weak cosmic censorship.

  12. Singular Value Decomposition for Unitary Symmetric Matrix

    ZOUHongxing; WANGDianjun; DAIQionghai; LIYanda


    A special architecture called unitary sym-metric matrix which embodies orthogonal, Givens, House-holder, permutation, and row (or column) symmetric ma-trices as its special cases, is proposed, and a precise corre-spondence of singular values and singular vectors between the unitary symmetric matrix and its mother matrix is de-rived. As an illustration of potential, it is shown that, for a class of unitary symmetric matrices, the singular value decomposition (SVD) using the mother matrix rather than the unitary symmetric matrix per se can save dramatically the CPU time and memory without loss of any numerical precision.

  13. Stress

    ... diabetes. Your Stress-Free System for Family Dinners! - 2017-03-book-oclock-scramble.html Your Stress-Free System for Family Dinners! A year of delicious meals to help prevent ...

  14. Stress

    ... sudden negative change, such as losing a job, divorce, or illness Traumatic stress, which happens when you ... stress, so you can avoid more serious health effects. NIH: National Institute of Mental Health


    Ai-guo Xiao


    The main purpose of this paper is to present some convergence results for algebraically stable Runge-Kutta methods applied to some classes of one- and two-parameter multiplystiff singular perturbation problems whose stiffness is caused by small parameters and some other factors. A numerical example confirms our results.

  16. Remarks on a one-parameter family of singular matrices

    Sharma, Ramesh; Pariso, Chris; Duda, Michelle


    This short article will present to the reader a family of matrices that form an algebra over the reals. This presentation provides both current and former students of modern abstract algebra a better illustration of the concepts of rings, fields, and algebra itself. In addition, this article relates eigenspaces of 3×3 matrices with the arithmetic-geometric mean equality, an attribute that teachers might enjoy utilizing as a teaching tool in their classes.


    谭经刚; 杨健夫


    The authors deal with the singular variational problem S(a,b,λ0):=infu∈E,u(≡/)0 ∫RN(||X|-a(△)u|m+∫|x|-(a+1)m|u|m)dx/(∫RN||X|-bU|P dx)m/p as well as (S)=(S)(a,b,λ1,λ2):=u,ν,E∈,u(u,ν)(≡/)(1,1) ∫RN J(u,ν)dx/(∫RN|x|-bp|u|α|ν|βdx)m/p, whereJ(u, v) = ||x|- au|m + λ1|x|- (a+1)m|u|m + ||x|- av|m + λ2|x|- (a+1)m|v|m,N ≥ m+ 1 > 2, 0 ≤ a < N-m/m, a ≤ b < a+ 1 and p = p(a,b) = α+β =Nm/N-m+m(b-a), α, β≥ 1, E = D1,mα(RN). The aim of this paper is to show the existence of minimizer for S(a, b, A0) and S(a, b, λ1, λ2).

  18. Conformal window and Landau singularities

    Grunberg, G


    A physical characterization of Landau singularities is emphasized, which should trace the lower boundary N_f^* of the conformal window in QCD and supersymmetric QCD. A natural way to disentangle ``perturbative'' from ``non-perturbative'' contributions below N_f^* is suggested. Assuming an infrared fixed point is present in the perturbative part of the QCD coupling even in some range below N_f^* leads to the condition gamma(N_f^*)=1, where gamma is the critical exponent. Using the Banks-Zaks expansion, one gets 4

  19. Improving the accuracy of derivation of the Williams’ series parameters under mixed (I+II) mode loading by compensation of measurement bias in the stress field components data

    Lychak, Oleh V.; Holyns'kiy, Ivan S.


    A new method for compensation of bias in the stress field components measurement data used for Williams’ series parameters derivation was presented. Essential increase of accuracy of derivation of SIF-related leading terms in series under mixed (I+II) mode loading was demonstrated. It was shown that a relatively low value of bias in the stress field components data error could result in the essential deviation of the values of derived Williams’ coefficients and the crack tip coordinates.

  20. Effects of cement flue dust from a cement factory on stress parameters and diversity of aquatic plants.

    Erdal, Serkan; Demirtas, Ayten


    Cement kiln dusts, made of a complex mixture of elements, include high levels of heavy metals such as fluoride, magnesium, lead, cadmium, nickel, zinc, copper, beryllium and some toxic compounds. Because of the toxic element compositions and radioactive isotope properties of cement kiln dusts, not only terrestrial but also aquatic ecosystems are subjected to greater stress. In the present paper, we investigated the effects of pollution caused by Askale-Erzurum cement factory (CF) on the stress parameters and diversity of aquatic plants. For this purpose, aquatic plant species were collected from the outer zone of the CF. Only three (Lemna minor, Ceratophyllum submersum and Potamogeton natans) of these species were able to be determined in the CF zone. Antioxidant enzyme activities of the collected aquatic plants were measured and compared to their controls. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity of P. natans in the CF zone was significantly high compared to their respective control, while it was low in L. minor and C. submersum compared to their controls. Similarly, peroxidase (POX) activity of P. natans was high, while those of L. minor and C. submersum were low compared to their respective controls. On the other side, while catalase (CAT) activities of L. minor and C. submersum were low, that of P. natans did not show an important change compared to their respective controls. Furthermore, we found that hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)) and malondialdehyde (MDA) levels of all the studied plants were also very high compared to their controls. According to these results, it is clear that pollution caused by the CF reduced diversity and number of aquatic plant species. Besides, the obtained data revealed that P. natans have a more resistant defense system than other species.

  1. Physiological, physical and behavioural changes in dogs (Canis familiaris) when kennelled: testing the validity of stress parameters.

    Part, C E; Kiddie, J L; Hayes, W A; Mills, D S; Neville, R F; Morton, D B; Collins, L M


    Domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) housed in kennelling establishments are considered at risk of suffering poor welfare. Previous research supporting this hypothesis has typically used cortisol:creatinine ratios (C/Cr) to measure acute and chronic stress in kennelled dogs. However, the value of C/Cr as a welfare indicator has been questioned. This study aimed to test the validity of a range of physiological, physical and behavioural welfare indicators and to establish baseline values reflecting good dog welfare. Measurements were taken from 29 privately-owned dogs (14 males, 15 females), ranging in age and breed, in their own home and in a boarding kennel environment, following a within-subjects, counterbalanced design. Pairwise comparisons revealed that C/Cr and vanillylmandelic acid:creatinine ratios (VMA/Cr) were higher in the kennel than home environment (P=0.003; P=0.01, respectively) and were not associated with differences in movement/exercise between environments. Dogs' surface temperature was lower in kennels (P=0.001) and was not associated with ambient temperature. No association with age, or effects of kennel establishment, kennelling experience, sex or source were found. Dogs were generally more active in kennels, but showed considerable individual variability. C/Cr and 5-HIAA:creatinine ratios (5-HIAA/Cr) were negatively correlated with lip licking in kennels. Baseline values for each parameter are presented. The emotional valence of responses was ambiguous and no definitive evidence was found to suggest that dogs were negatively stressed by kennelling. It was concluded that C/Cr and, particularly, VMA/Cr and surface temperature provide robust indicators of psychological arousal in dogs, while spontaneous behaviour might be better used to facilitate interpretation of physiological and physical data on an individual level.

  2. Self-similar singular solution of doubly singular parabolic equation with gradient absorption term


    Full Text Available We deal with the self-similar singular solution of doubly singular parabolic equation with a gradient absorption term u t = div ( | ∇ u m | p − 2 ∇ u m − | ∇ u | q for 1$"> p > 1 , 1$"> m ( p − 1 > 1 and 1$"> q > 1 in ℝ n × ( 0 , ∞ . By shooting and phase plane methods, we prove that when {1+n}/({1+mn}q+{mn}/({mn+1}$"> p > 1 + n / ( 1 + m n q + m n / ( m n + 1 there exists self-similar singular solution, while p ≤ n + 1 / ( 1 + m n q + m n / ( m n + 1 there is no any self-similar singular solution. In case of existence, the self-similar singular solution is the self-similar very singular solutions which have compact support. Moreover, the interface relation is obtained.

  3. Effect of different types of stress on adrenal gland parameters and adrenal hormones in the blood serum of male Wistar rats

    Adžić M.


    Full Text Available In the present study, we examined gross changes in the mass of whole adrenal glands and that of the adrenal cortex and medulla in mature male Wistar rats subjected to three different stress types: acute, chronic, and combined, i.e., chronic followed by acute stress. These parameters were correlated with adrenal activity as judged from serum levels of corticosterone and catecholamine, respectively, as well as with serum levels of ACTH and glucose. Under all three conditions, we observed bilaterally asymmetric and stress-type-independent hypertrophy of whole adrenals, as well as adrenal cortices and medullas. Under acute and combined stress, adrenal hypertrophy was followed by increase of adrenal hormones in the blood serum. However, under chronic stress, both cortical and medullar activities as judged from low or unaltered levels of the respective hormones and glucose were compromised and disconnected from the input signal of ACTH. Since all of the studied adrenal activities could be restored by subsequent acute stress, it is concluded that chronic isolation can be viewed as partly maladaptive stress with characteristics resembling stress resistance rather than the stress exhaustion stage of the general adaptation syndrome.

  4. Interaction Dynamics of Singular Wave Fronts

    Holm, Darryl D


    Some of the most impressive singular wave fronts seen in Nature are the transbasin oceanic internal waves, which may be observed from the Space Shuttle as they propagate and interact with each other, for example, in the South China Sea. The characteristic feature of these strongly nonlinear wavefronts is that they reconnect when two of them collide transversely. We derive the EPDiff equation, and use it to model this phenomenon as elastic collisions between singular wave fronts (solitons) whose momentum is distributed along curves moving in the plane. Numerical methods for EPDiff based on compatible differencing algorithms (CDAs) are used for simulating these collisions among curves. The numerical results show the same nonlinear behavior of wavefront reconnections as that observed for internal waves in the South China Sea. We generalize the singular solutions of EPDiff for other applications, in computational anatomy and in imaging science, where the singular wavefronts are evolving image outlines, whose mome...

  5. Topological Signals of Singularities in Ricci Flow

    Paul M. Alsing


    Full Text Available We implement methods from computational homology to obtain a topological signal of singularity formation in a selection of geometries evolved numerically by Ricci flow. Our approach, based on persistent homology, produces precise, quantitative measures describing the behavior of an entire collection of data across a discrete sample of times. We analyze the topological signals of geometric criticality obtained numerically from the application of persistent homology to models manifesting singularities under Ricci flow. The results we obtain for these numerical models suggest that the topological signals distinguish global singularity formation (collapse to a round point from local singularity formation (neckpinch. Finally, we discuss the interpretation and implication of these results and future applications.

  6. Dark matter annihilation near a naked singularity

    Patil, Mandar


    We investigate here the dark matter annihilation near a Kerr naked singularity. We show that when dark matter particles collide and annihilate in vicinity of the singularity, the escape fraction to infinity of particles produced is much larger, at least 10^2 - 10^3 times the corresponding black hole values. As high energy collisions are generically possible near a naked singularity, this provides an excellent environment for efficient conversion of dark matter into ordinary standard model particles. If the center of galaxy harbored such a naked singularity, it follows that the observed emergent flux of particles with energy comparable to mass of the dark matter particles is much larger compared to the blackhole case, thus providing an intriguing observational test on the nature of the galactic center

  7. Resonance Van Hove Singularities in Wave Kinetics

    Shi, Yi-Kang


    Wave kinetic theory has been developed to describe the statistical dynamics of weakly nonlinear, dispersive waves. However, we show that systems which are generally dispersive can have resonant sets of wave modes with identical group velocities, leading to a local breakdown of dispersivity. This shows up as a geometric singularity of the resonant manifold and possibly as an infinite phase measure in the collision integral. Such singularities occur widely for classical wave systems, including acoustical waves, Rossby waves, helical waves in rotating fluids, light waves in nonlinear optics and also in quantum transport, e.g. kinetics of electron-hole excitations (matter waves) in graphene. These singularities are the exact analogue of the critical points found by Van Hove in 1953 for phonon dispersion relations in crystals. The importance of these singularities in wave kinetics depends on the dimension of phase space $D=(N-2)d$ ($d$ physical space dimension, $N$ the number of waves in resonance) and the degree ...



    New results are provided to estimate matrix singular values in terms of partial absolute deleted row sums and column sums. Illustrative examples are presented to show comparisons with results in literature.

  9. Classically stable non-singular cosmological bounces

    Ijjas, Anna


    One of the fundamental questions of theoretical cosmology is whether the universe can undergo a non-singular bounce, i.e., smoothly transit from a period of contraction to a period of expansion through violation of the null energy condition (NEC) at energies well below the Planck scale and at finite values of the scale factor such that the entire evolution remains classical. A common claim has been that a non-singular bounce either leads to ghost or gradient instabilities or a cosmological singularity. In this letter, we examine cubic Galileon theories and present a procedure for explicitly constructing examples of a non-singular cosmological bounce without encountering any pathologies and maintaining a sub-luminal sound speed for co-moving curvature modes throughout the NEC violating phase. We also discuss the relation between our procedure and earlier work.

  10. A reinterpretation of the Taub singularity

    Jensen, Bjorn; Kučera, Jaromír


    We reinterpret the well known Taub-singularity in terms of a cylinder symmetric geometry. It is shown that a cylindrical analog to the Einstein-Rosen bridge as well as a cosmic string will be present in the geometry.

  11. Hybrid singular systems of differential equations

    殷刚; 张纪峰


    This work develops hybrid models for large-scale singular differential system and analyzestheir asymptotic properties. To take into consideration the discrete shifts in regime across whichthe behavior of the corresponding dynamic systems is markedly different, our goals are to develophybrid systems in which continuous dynamics are intertwined with discrete events under random-jumpdisturbances and to reduce complexity of large-scale singular systems via singularly perturbed Markovchains. To reduce the complexity of large-scale hybrid singular systems, two-time scale is used in theformulation. Under general assumptions, limit behavior of the underlying system is examined. Usingweak convergence methods, it is shown that the systems can be approximated by limit systems inwhich the coefficients are averaged out with respect to the quasi-stationary distributions. Since thelimit systems have fewer states, the complexity is much reduced.

  12. Algunas aclaraciones acerca del conocimiento del singular.

    Carlos Llano Cifuentes


    Full Text Available Llano tries to explain the main purpose of El Conocimiento del Singular, showing how the individuals about which the book is concerned are basically human individuals: people as decision makers.

  13. Tidal Forces in Naked Singularity Backgrounds

    Goel, Akash; Roy, Pratim; Sarkar, Tapobrata


    The end stage of a gravitational collapse process can generically result in a black hole or a naked singularity. Here we undertake a comparative analysis of the nature of tidal forces in these backgrounds. The effect of such forces is generically exemplified by the Roche limit, which predicts the distance within which a celestial object disintegrates due to the tidal effects of a second more massive object. In this paper, using Fermi normal coordinates, we numerically compute the Roche limit for a class of non-rotating naked singularity backgrounds, and compare them with known results for Schwarzschild black holes. Our analysis indicates that there might be substantially large deviations in the magnitudes of tidal forces in naked singularity backgrounds, compared to the black hole cases. If observationally established, these can prove to be an effective indicator of the nature of the singularity at a galactic centre.

  14. Stable computation of generalized singular values

    Drmac, Z.; Jessup, E.R. [Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO (United States)


    We study floating-point computation of the generalized singular value decomposition (GSVD) of a general matrix pair (A, B), where A and B are real matrices with the same numbers of columns. The GSVD is a powerful analytical and computational tool. For instance, the GSVD is an implicit way to solve the generalized symmetric eigenvalue problem Kx = {lambda}Mx, where K = A{sup {tau}}A and M = B{sup {tau}}B. Our goal is to develop stable numerical algorithms for the GSVD that are capable of computing the singular value approximations with the high relative accuracy that the perturbation theory says is possible. We assume that the singular values are well-determined by the data, i.e., that small relative perturbations {delta}A and {delta}B (pointwise rounding errors, for example) cause in each singular value {sigma} of (A, B) only a small relative perturbation {vert_bar}{delta}{sigma}{vert_bar}/{sigma}.

  15. Constraints on Singular Evolution from Gravitational Baryogenesis

    Oikonomou, V K


    We investigate how the gravitational baryogenesis mechanism can potentially constrain the form of a Type IV singularity. Specifically, we study two different models with interesting phenomenology, that realize two distinct Type IV singularities, one occurring at the end of inflation and one during the radiation domination era or during the matter domination era. As we demonstrate, the Type IV singularities occurring at the matter domination era or during the radiation domination era, are constrained by the gravitational baryogenesis, in such a way so that these do not render the baryon to entropy ratio singular. Both the cosmological models we study cannot be realized in the context of ordinary Einstein-Hilbert gravity, and hence our work can only be realized in the context of $F(R)$ gravity and more generally in the context of modified gravity only.


    Zhong Shouguo


    In this paper, the difficulties on calculation in solving singular integral equations are overcome when the restriction of curve of integration to be a closed contour is cancelled. When the curve is an open arc and the solutions for singular integral equations possess singularities of higher order, the solution and the solvable condition for characteristic equations as well as the generalized Noether theorem for complete equations are given.

  17. Impact of temperature-humidity index on egg-laying characteristics and related stress and immunity parameters of Japanese quails

    El-Tarabany, Mahmoud Salah


    The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of temperature-humidity index (THI) level on productive parameters, welfare, and immunity in Japanese quails. One hundred and eighty (180) birds of Japanese quail, 14 weeks old, were used. Birds were divided randomly into three equal groups, control (at low THI, less than 70), H1 (at moderate THI, 70-75), and H2 (at high THI, 76-80). Birds in the control group had higher body weight (281.2 g, p = 0.001), egg mass (745 g, p = 0.001), fertility (85.4 %, p = 0.039), hatchability (80.4 %, p = 0.001), and immune response titer to Newcastle disease virus ( p = 0.031), compared with H2 group. Furthermore, the thermoneutral group had higher internal egg quality score [albumen height (5.14 mm, p = 0.001), yolk height (10.88 mm, p = 0.015), yolk index (42.32 %, p = 0.039), and Haugh unit (92.67, p = 0.001)]. Nevertheless, there were no significant differences in fertility percentage, immune response, and corticosterone concentration between control and H1 group. Birds in the H2 group had the lowest total leucocytic count and lymphocyte percentage ( p = 0.001 and 0.020, respectively) but the highest H/L ratio (0.83, p = 0.001). Corticosterone concentration was lower in control and H1 groups (5.49 and 6.41 ng/mL, respectively, p = 0.024) than that in H2 group. Japanese quail exposed to heat stress revealed drop in production and immunological parameters, as well as a detrimental effects on welfare. Thus, practical approaches might be used to reduce the detrimental effects of greater THI level.

  18. Singularities in universes with negative cosmological constant

    Tipler, F.J.


    It is well known that many universes with negative cosmological constant contain singularities. We shall generalize this result by proving that all closed universes with negative cosmological constant are both future and past timelike geodesically incomplete if the strong energy condition holds. No global causality conditions or restrictions on the initial data are used in the proof. Furthermore, we shall show that all open universes with a Cauchy surface and a negative cosmological constant are singular if the strong energy condition holds. (AIP)

  19. Noncommutative Black Holes and the Singularity Problem

    Bastos, C; Bertolami, O [Instituto de Plasmas e Fusao Nuclear, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Avenida Rovisco Pais 1, 1049-001 Lisboa (Portugal); Dias, N C; Prata, J N, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Departamento de Matematica, Universidade Lusofona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Avenida Campo Grande, 376, 1749-024 Lisboa (Portugal)


    A phase-space noncommutativity in the context of a Kantowski-Sachs cosmological model is considered to study the interior of a Schwarzschild black hole. Due to the divergence of the probability of finding the black hole at the singularity from a canonical noncommutativity, one considers a non-canonical noncommutativity. It is shown that this more involved type of noncommutativity removes the problem of the singularity in a Schwarzschild black hole.

  20. Free energy of singular sticky-sphere clusters

    Kallus, Yoav; Holmes-Cerfon, Miranda


    Networks of particles connected by springs model many condensed-matter systems, from colloids interacting with a short-range potential and complex fluids near jamming, to self-assembled lattices and various metamaterials. Under small thermal fluctuations the vibrational entropy of a ground state is given by the harmonic approximation if it has no zero-frequency vibrational modes, yet such singular modes are at the epicenter of many interesting behaviors in the systems above. We consider a system of N spherical particles, and directly account for the singularities that arise in the sticky limit where the pairwise interaction is strong and short ranged. Although the contribution to the partition function from singular clusters diverges in the limit, its asymptotic value can be calculated and depends on only two parameters, characterizing the depth and range of the potential. The result holds for systems that are second-order rigid, a geometric characterization that describes all known ground-state (rigid) sticky clusters. To illustrate the applications of our theory we address the question of emergence: how does crystalline order arise in large systems when it is strongly disfavored in small ones? We calculate the partition functions of all known rigid clusters up to N ≤21 and show the cluster landscape is dominated by hyperstatic clusters (those with more than 3 N -6 contacts); singular and isostatic clusters are far less frequent, despite their extra vibrational and configurational entropies. Since the most hyperstatic clusters are close to fragments of a close-packed lattice, this underlies the emergence of order in sticky-sphere systems, even those as small as N =10 .

  1. Dynamic Singularity Spectrum Distribution of Sea Clutter

    Xiong, Gang; Yu, Wenxian; Zhang, Shuning


    The fractal and multifractal theory have provided new approaches for radar signal processing and target-detecting under the background of ocean. However, the related research mainly focuses on fractal dimension or multifractal spectrum (MFS) of sea clutter. In this paper, a new dynamic singularity analysis method of sea clutter using MFS distribution is developed, based on moving detrending analysis (DMA-MFSD). Theoretically, we introduce the time information by using cyclic auto-correlation of sea clutter. For transient correlation series, the instantaneous singularity spectrum based on multifractal detrending moving analysis (MF-DMA) algorithm is calculated, and the dynamic singularity spectrum distribution of sea clutter is acquired. In addition, we analyze the time-varying singularity exponent ranges and maximum position function in DMA-MFSD of sea clutter. For the real sea clutter data, we analyze the dynamic singularity spectrum distribution of real sea clutter in level III sea state, and conclude that the radar sea clutter has the non-stationary and time-varying scale characteristic and represents the time-varying singularity spectrum distribution based on the proposed DMA-MFSD method. The DMA-MFSD will also provide reference for nonlinear dynamics and multifractal signal processing.

  2. Observational constraints on cosmological future singularities

    Beltran Jimenez, Jose [Aix Marseille Univ, Universite de Toulon CNRS, CPT, Marseille (France); Lazkoz, Ruth [Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Fisika Teorikoaren eta Zientziaren Historia Saila, Zientzia eta Teknologia Fakultatea, Bilbao (Spain); Saez-Gomez, Diego [Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade de Lisboa, Departamento de Fisica, Instituto de Astrofisica e Ciencias do Espaco, Lisbon (Portugal); Salzano, Vincenzo [University of Szczecin, Institute of Physics, Szczecin (Poland)


    In this work we consider a family of cosmological models featuring future singularities. This type of cosmological evolution is typical of dark energy models with an equation of state violating some of the standard energy conditions (e.g. the null energy condition). Such a kind of behavior, widely studied in the literature, may arise in cosmologies with phantom fields, theories of modified gravity or models with interacting dark matter/dark energy. We briefly review the physical consequences of these cosmological evolution regarding geodesic completeness and the divergence of tidal forces in order to emphasize under which circumstances the singularities in some cosmological quantities correspond to actual singular spacetimes. We then introduce several phenomenological parameterizations of the Hubble expansion rate to model different singularities existing in the literature and use SN Ia, BAO and H(z) data to constrain how far in the future the singularity needs to be (under some reasonable assumptions on the behavior of the Hubble factor). We show that, for our family of parameterizations, the lower bound for the singularity time cannot be smaller than about 1.2 times the age of the universe, what roughly speaking means ∝2.8 Gyrs from the present time. (orig.)

  3. Hitchin Equation, Irregular Singularity, and $N=2$ Asymptotical Free Theories

    Nanopoulos, Dimitri


    In this paper, we study irregular singular solution to Hitchin's equation and use it to describe four dimensional $N=2$ asymptotically free gauge theories. For $SU(2)$ $A$ type quiver, two kinds of irregular singularities besides one regular singularity are needed for the solution of Hitchin's equation; We then classify irregular singularities needed for the general $SU(N)$ $A$ type quiver.

  4. Minimal solution of singular LR fuzzy linear systems.

    Nikuie, M; Ahmad, M Z


    In this paper, the singular LR fuzzy linear system is introduced. Such systems are divided into two parts: singular consistent LR fuzzy linear systems and singular inconsistent LR fuzzy linear systems. The capability of the generalized inverses such as Drazin inverse, pseudoinverse, and {1}-inverse in finding minimal solution of singular consistent LR fuzzy linear systems is investigated.

  5. Design of switched controllers for discrete singular bilinear systems

    Xiuhua ZHANG; Qingling ZHANG


    In this paper, switched controllers are designed for a class of nonlinear discrete singular systems and a class of discrete singular bilinear systems. An invariant principle is presented for such switched nonlinear singular systems.The invariant principle and the switched controllers are used to globally stabilize a class of singular bilinear systems that are not open-loop stable.

  6. What is a Singularity in Geometrized Newtonian Gravitation?

    Weatherall, James Owen


    I discuss singular spacetimes in the context of the geometrized formulation of Newtonian gravitation. I argue first that geodesic incompleteness is a natural criterion for when a model of geometrized Newtonian gravitation is singular, and then I show that singularities in this sense arise naturally in classical physics by stating and proving a classical version of the Raychaudhuri-Komar singularity theorem.

  7. Zearalenone-induced changes in biochemical parameters, oxidative stress and apoptosis in cardiac tissue: Protective role of crocin.

    Salem, I Ben; Boussabbeh, M; Neffati, F; Najjar, M F; Abid-Essefi, S; Bacha, H


    Zearalenone (ZEN) is a mycotoxin from Fusarium species commonly found in food commodities and is known to cause reproductive disorders. Several in vivo studies have shown that ZEN is haematotoxic and hepatotoxic and causes several alterations of immunological parameters. Meantime, the available information on the cardiotoxic effects of ZEN is very much limited. In the present study, we investigated the toxic effects of ZEN in heart tissues of Balb/c mice. We demonstrated that ZEN (40 mg kg(-1) body weight (b.w.)) increased creatine phosphokinase, lactate dehydrogenase, aspartate transaminase, alanine transaminase, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels and induced oxidative stress as monitored by measuring the malondialdehyde level, the generation of protein carbonyls, the catalase and superoxide dismutase activity and the expression of the heat shock proteins (Hsp 70). We also demonstrated that acute administration of ZEN triggers apoptosis in cardiac tissue. Furthermore, we aimed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of crocin (CRO), a natural carotenoid, to prevent ZEN-induced cardiotoxicity in mice. In fact, combined treatment of ZEN with different doses of CRO (50, 100, and 250 mg kg(-1) b.w.) showed a significant reduction of ZEN-induced toxicity for all tested markers in a dose-dependent manner. It could be concluded that CRO was effective in the protection against ZEN-induced toxicity in cardiac tissue. © The Author(s) 2015.

  8. [Evaluation of some selected structural and functional parameters of red blood cells as oxidative stress markers in elderly people].

    Kujawski, K; Kedziora-Kornatowska, K; Koter, M; Duchnowicz, P; Rysz, J; Markuszewski, L; Błaszczak, R; Kornatowski, T; Grześk, G; Kedziora, J; Olszewski, R


    The ageing process induces age-related involutionary changes and leads to increased occurrence of many diseases. One of the most important theories of ageing and development of many pathologies is the free radical theory, which assumes that ageing process leads to lost of oxidative balance. of the research was to evaluate the degree of membrane lipid peroxidation, internal microviscosity, activity of membrane ATPase, both total and Na(+)K(+)-dependent, and markers of oxidative damage in erythrocyte membrane protein in elderly people. The examination was performed on 35 people. The examined group (15 persons, mean age 71,3) consisted of healthy elderly people. The reference group was formed with younger healthy people (20 persons, mean age 55). Erythrocyte membrane lipid peroxidation was found stronger in the group of elderly people. Erythrocyte internal microviscosity was significantly higher in the elderly. The activity of ATPase, both total and Na(+)K(+)-dependent, appeared remarkably greater in the group of younger people. Stronger membrane lipid damage was observed in older age group, which may be implied by lower--SH group concentration, and higher W/S parameter value. The obtained results reveal that in elderly people the intensification of oxidative stress in the entire body occurs, which may be confirmed by structural and functional oxidative erythrocyte damage. This conclusion may be significant for pathogenesis of many diseases in this period of life.

  9. Species-Specific Standard Redox Potential of Thiol-Disulfide Systems: A Key Parameter to Develop Agents against Oxidative Stress

    Mirzahosseini, Arash; Noszál, Béla


    Microscopic standard redox potential, a new physico-chemical parameter was introduced and determined to quantify thiol-disulfide equilibria of biological significance. The highly composite, codependent acid-base and redox equilibria of thiols could so far be converted into pH-dependent, apparent redox potentials (E’°) only. Since the formation of stable metal-thiolate complexes precludes the direct thiol-disulfide redox potential measurements by usual electrochemical techniques, an indirect method had to be elaborated. In this work, the species-specific, pH-independent standard redox potentials of glutathione were determined primarily by comparing it to 1-methylnicotinamide, the simplest NAD+ analogue. Secondarily, the species-specific standard redox potentials of the two-electron redox transitions of cysteamine, cysteine, homocysteine, penicillamine, and ovothiol were determined using their microscopic redox equilibrium constants with glutathione. The 30 different, microscopic standard redox potential values show close correlation with the respective thiolate basicities and provide sound means for the development of potent agents against oxidative stress.

  10. Nitrogen metabolism and gas exchange parameters associated with zinc stress in tobacco expressing an ipt gene for cytokinin synthesis.

    Pavlíková, Daniela; Pavlík, Milan; Procházková, Dagmar; Zemanová, Veronika; Hnilička, František; Wilhelmová, Naďa


    Increased endogenous plant cytokinin (CK) content through transformation with an isopentyl transferase (ipt) gene has been associated with improved plant stress tolerance. The impact of zinc (tested levels Zn1=250, Zn2=500, Zn3=750mgkg(-1)soil) on gas exchange parameters (net photosynthetic rate, transpiration rate, stomatal conductance, intercellular CO2 concentration) and nitrogen utilization by plants resulted in changes of free amino acid concentrations (glutamic acid, glutamine, asparagine, aspartate, glycine, serine, cystein) and differed for transformed and non-transformed tobacco plants. For pot experiments, tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabacum L., cv. Wisconsin 38) transformed with a construct consisting of SAG12 promoter fused with the ipt gene for cytokinin synthesis (SAG plants) and its wild type (WT plants as a control) were used. Physiological analyses confirmed that SAG plants had improved zinc tolerance compared with the WT plants. The enhanced Zn tolerance of SAG plants was associated with the maintenance of accumulation of amino acids and with lower declines of photosynthetic and transpiration rates. In comparison to WT plants, SAG plants exposed to the highest Zn concentration accumulated lower concentrations of asparagine, which is a major metabolic product during senescence.

  11. PEGylated Carbon Nanotubes Impair Retrieval of Contextual Fear Memory and Alter Oxidative Stress Parameters in the Rat Hippocampus

    Lidiane Dal Bosco


    Full Text Available Carbon nanotubes (CNT are promising materials for biomedical applications, especially in the field of neuroscience; therefore, it is essential to evaluate the neurotoxicity of these nanomaterials. The present work assessed the effects of single-walled CNT functionalized with polyethylene glycol (SWCNT-PEG on the consolidation and retrieval of contextual fear memory in rats and on oxidative stress parameters in the hippocampus. SWCNT-PEG were dispersed in water at concentrations of 0.5, 1.0, and 2.1 mg/mL and infused into the rat hippocampus. The infusion was completed immediately after training and 30 min before testing of a contextual fear conditioning task, resulting in exposure times of 24 h and 30 min, respectively. The results showed that a short exposure to SWCNT-PEG impaired fear memory retrieval and caused lipid peroxidation in the hippocampus. This response was transient and overcome by the mobilization of antioxidant defenses at 24 h. These effects occurred at low and intermediate but not high concentration of SWCNT-PEG, suggesting that the observed biological response may be related to the concentration-dependent increase in particle size in SWCNT-PEG dispersions.

  12. Magnetic resonance imaging in assessment of stress urinary incontinence in women: Parameters differentiating urethral hypermobility and intrinsic sphincter deficiency

    Katarzyna; Jadwiga; Macura; Richard; Eugene; Thompson; David; Alan; Bluemke; Rene; Genadry


    AIM: To define the magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) parameters differentiating urethral hypermobility(UH) and intrinsic sphincter deficiency(ISD) in women with stress urinary incontinence(SUI).METHODS: The static and dynamic MR images of 21 patients with SUI were correlated to urodynamic(UD) findings and compared to those of 10 continent controls. For the assessment of the urethra and integrity of the urethral support structures, we applied the highresolution endocavitary MRI, such as intraurethral MRI, endovaginal or endorectal MRI. For the functional imaging of the urethral support, we performed dynamic MRI with the pelvic phased array coil. We assessed the following MRI parameters in both the patient and thevolunteer groups:(1) urethral angle;(2) bladder neck descent;(3) status of the periurethral ligaments,(4) vaginal shape;(5) urethral sphincter integrity, length and muscle thickness at mid urethra;(6) bladder neck funneling;(7) status of the puborectalis muscle;(8) pubo-vaginal distance. UDs parameters were assessed in the patient study group as follows:(1) urethral mobility angle on Q-tip test;(2) Valsalva leak point pressure(VLPP) measured at 250 cc bladder volume; and(3) maximum urethral closure pressure(MUCP). The UH type of SUI was defined with the Q-tip test angle over 30 degrees, and VLPP pressure over 60 cm H2 O. The ISD incontinence was defined with MUCP pressure below 20 cm H2 O, and VLPP pressure less or equal to 60 cm H2 O. We considered the associations between the MRI and clinical data and UDs using a variety of statistical tools to include linear regression, multivariate logistic regression and receiver operating characteristic(ROC) analysis. All statistical analyses were performed using STATA version 9.0(Stata Corp LP, College Station, TX).RESULTS: In the incontinent group, 52% have history of vaginal delivery trauma as compared to none in control group(P < 0.001). There was no difference between the continent volunteers and incontinent

  13. Effect of Drought Stress on Leaf Water Status, Electrolyte Leakage, Photosynthesis Parameters and Chlorophyll Fluorescence of Two Kochia Ecotypes (Kochia scoparia Irrigated With Saline Water

    A Masoumi


    Full Text Available Rainfall deficiency and the development of salinity in Iran are the most important factors for using new salt and drought-resistant plants instead of conventional crops. Kochia species have recently attracted the attention of researchers as a forage and fodder crop in marginal lands worldwide due to its drought and salt tolerant characteristics. This field experiment was performed at the Salinity Research Station of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, in a split plot based on randomized complete block design with three replications in 2008. Drought stress, including four levels (control, no irrigation in vegetative stage, no irrigation at reproductive stage and no irrigation at maturity stage for four weeks, and two Kochia ecotypes (Birjand and Borujerd were allocated as main and sub plots, respectively. Relative water content, electrolyte leakage, photosynthesis parameters and chlorophyll fluorescence were assayed every two week from late vegetative stage. Results showed that drought stress decreased significantly measured parameters in plants under stress, in all stages. Plants completely recovered after eliminating stress and rewatering and recovered plants did not show significant difference with control. Electrolyte leaking and chlorophyll fluorescence showed the lowest change among the measured parameters. It can emphasize that resistant to stress conditions in this plant and cell wall is not damaged at this level of stress situation. Birjand ecotype from the arid region, revealed a better response than Borujerd ecotype to drought stress. Probably it returns to initial adaptation of Birjand. In general this plant can recover after severe drought stress well. It is possible to introduce this plant as a new fodder in arid and saline conditions.

  14. Effects of Gibberellic Acid and Nitrogen on Some Physiology Parameters and Micronutrients Concentration in Pistachio under Salt Stress

    vahid mozafari


    Full Text Available Introduction: Salinity is one of the main problems which limits crop production, especially in arid and semi-arid areas such as Iran. Iran is the most important producer of pistachio in the world. However, its performance is low in many areas. Most pistachio plantations are irrigated with saline water and with low quality (28. On the other hand, nitrogen is a dynamic element which is a constituent of amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids and Enzymes and it has a vital role in plant physiology, growth, chlorophyll formation and production of fruit and seeds (34. Gibberellic acid is known as phytohormon which varied physiological responses in plants under stress. acid gibberellic increases the photosynthesis and growth under stress and impact on the physiology and metabolism of plant (29. Based on previous studies, production and activity of plant hormones are affected by natural factors and plant nutrient requirements and the nitrogen has an important influence on production and transmission of acid gibberellic plant shoot. Therefore, in this study the effect of acid gibberellic and nitrogen on some characteristics of physiology parameters and micronutrient pistachio seedlings (Cv. Qazvini under saline conditions was studied. Materials and methods: Experiment under greenhouse condition and factorial in a completely randomized design with three replications was conducted in greenhouse agriculture college, Vali-E-Asr University of Rafsanjan. Treatments consisted of three levels of salinity (0, 1000 and 2000 mg of sodium chloride per kg of soil, three levels of nitrogen (0, 75 and 150 mg per kg of ammonium nitrate source and three acid gibberellic levels (0, 250 and 500 mg per liter. Adequate soil with little available salinity conditions was collected from the top 30-cm layer of a pistachio-culture region of Kerman province. After air drying and ground through passing a 2 mm sieve, some of the physical-chemical properties of this soil include pH (7

  15. Influence of Processing Parameters on Residual Stress of High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Thermally Sprayed WC-Co-Cr Coating

    Gui, M.; Eybel, R.; Asselin, B.; Radhakrishnan, S.; Cerps, J.


    Residual stress in high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) thermally sprayed WC-10Co-4Cr coating was studied based on design of experiment (DOE) with five factors of oxygen flow, fuel gas hydrogen flow, powder feed rate, stand-off distance, and surface speed of substrate. In each DOE run, the velocity and temperature of in-flight particle in flame, and substrate temperature were measured. Almen-type N strips were coated, and their deflections after coating were used for evaluation of residual stress level in the coating. The residual stress in the coating obtained in all DOE runs is compressive. In the present case of HVOF thermally sprayed coating, the residual stress is determined by three types of stress: peening, quenching, and cooling stress generated during spraying or post spraying. The contribution of each type stress to the final compressive residual stress in the coating depends on material properties of coating and substrate, velocity and temperature of in-flight particle, and substrate temperature. It is found that stand-off distance is the most important factor to affect the final residual stress in the coating, following by two-factor interaction of oxygen flow and hydrogen flow. At low level of stand-off distance, higher velocity of in-flight particle in flame and higher substrate temperature post spraying generate more peening stress and cooling stress, resulting in higher compressive residual stress in the coating.

  16. Isotoxal star-shaped polygonal voids and rigid inclusions in nonuniform antiplane shear fields. Part II: Singularities, annihilation and invisibility

    Corso, Francesco Dal; Bigoni, Davide


    Notch stress intensity factors and stress intensity factors are obtained analytically for isotoxal star-shaped polygonal voids and rigid inclusions (and also for the corresponding limit cases of star-shaped cracks and stiffeners), when loaded through remote inhomogeneous (self-equilibrated, polynomial) antiplane shear stress in an infinite linear elastic matrix. Usually these solutions show stress singularities at the inclusion corners. It is shown that an infinite set of geometries and loading conditions exist for which not only the singularity is absent, but the stress vanishes ('annihilates') at the corners. Thus the material, which even without the inclusion corners would have a finite stress, remains unstressed at these points in spite of the applied remote load. Moreover, similar conditions are determined in which a star-shaped crack or stiffener leaves the ambient stress completely unperturbed, thus reaching a condition of 'quasi-static invisibility'. Stress annihilation and invisibility define optimal...

  17. Cosmological singularities in Eddington-inspired-Born-Infeld theory and its possible extension

    Chen, Che-Yu; Chen, Pisin


    The Eddington-inspired-Born-Infeld (EiBI) gravity, which is formulated within the Palatini formalism, is characterized by its ability to cure the big bang singularity in the very beginning of the Universe. We further analyze the EiBI phantom model, and investigate the possible avoidance or alleviation of other dark energy related singularities. We find that except for the big rip singularity and little rip event, most of the cosmological singularities of interest can be partially alleviated in this model. Furthermore, we generalize the EiBI theory by adding a pure trace term to the determinant of the action. This amendment is the most general rank-two tensor composed of up to first order of the Riemann curvature. We find that this model allows the occurrence of primitive bounces and some smoother singularities than that of big bang. Most interestingly, for certain parameter space, the big bang singularity can be followed naturally by an inflationary stage in a radiation dominated universe.

  18. Evaluation the effects of Tomato pomace and herbal and animal oil sources on performance, carcass characteristics, and bone parameters of heat stressed

    Seyed Javad Hosseini Vashan


    Full Text Available To evaluate the effects of supplementation of Tomato pomace (TP, canola, soybean and tallow oils on performance, carcass characteristics, and bone parameters of heat stressed broilers, 792 d-old Arian broiler were divided to 36 pens. Each dietary treatment had 4 replicate with 22 birds each. These factorial experiment (3*3 involved 3 kinds of canola, soybean and tallow oils and 3 levels of 0, 3, and 5 percentage tomato pomace was done in a completely randomized design. The daily heat stress schedule was done from 29-42 days for 5 h (32-34oc. Two blood samples from each replicate were gathered at 28 and 42 d. The kind of oils and levels of TP did not affect body weight, feed intake, FCR, production index, energy efficiency ratio, protein efficiency ratio and immune response. The canola oil reduced the relative weight of liver and abdominal fat pre heat stressed birds. The relative weight of spleen, and burs and bone parameters involved diaphysis diameter and external bone layer thickness were improved when heat stressed birds fed canola oil or TP diets. The canola and TP diets decreased abdominal fat in heat stressed birds. Therefore experimental diets did not affect performance and immune system. The inclusion of canola oil and TP diets improved spleen, burs, bone parameters and abdominal fat.

  19. Estimation and Statistical Analysis of Human Voice Parameters to Investigate the Influence of Psychological Stress and to Determine the Vocal Tract Transfer Function of an Individual

    Puneet Kumar Mongia


    Full Text Available In this study the principal focus is to examine the influence of psychological stress (both positive and negative stress on the human articulation and to determine the vocal tract transfer function of an individual using inverse filtering technique. Both of these analyses are carried out by estimating various voice parameters. The outcomes of the analysis of psychological stress indicate that all the voice parameters are affected due to the influence of stress on humans. About 35 out of 51 parameters follow a unique course of variation from normal to positive and negative stress in 32% of the total analyzed signals. The upshot of the analysis is to determine the vocal tract transfer function for each vowel for an individual. The analysis indicates that it can be computed by estimating the mean of the pole zero plots of that individual’s vocal tract estimated for the whole day. Besides this, an analysis is presented to find the relationship between the LPC coefficients of the vocal tract and the vocal tract cavities. The results of the analysis indicate that all the LPC coefficients of the vocal tract are affected due to change in the position of any cavity.

  20. Large fluctuations and singular behavior of nonequilibrium systems

    Pinna, D.; Kent, A. D.; Stein, D. L.


    We present a general geometrical approach to the problem of escape from a metastable state in the presence of noise. The accompanying analysis leads to a simple condition, based on the norm of the drift field, for determining whether caustic singularities alter the escape trajectories when detailed balance is absent. We apply our methods to systems lacking detailed balance, including a nanomagnet with a biaxial magnetic anisotropy and subject to a spin-transfer torque. The approach described within allows determination of the regions of experimental parameter space that admit caustics.