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  1. The crop water stress index (CWSI) for drip irrigated cotton in a semi ...



    Mar 21, 2011 ... found that canopy temperature was usually lower than air temperature .... A completely randomized block experimental design with three replications was .... was measured on leaf blade strip using a pressure chamber (3005.

  2. Minimizing instrumentation requirement for estimating crop water stress index and transpiration of maize

    Research was conducted in northern Colorado in 2011 to estimate the Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI) and actual water transpiration (Ta) of maize under a range of irrigation regimes. The main goal was to obtain these parameters with minimum instrumentation and measurements. The results confirmed that ...

  3. Infrared Thermometry to Estimate Crop Water Stress Index and Water Use of Irrigated Maize in Northeastern Colorado

    Neil C. Hansen


    Full Text Available With an increasing demand of fresh water resources in arid/semi-arid parts of the world, researchers and practitioners are relying more than ever on remote sensing techniques for monitoring and evaluating crop water status and for estimating crop water use or crop actual evapotranspiration (ETa. In this present study, infrared thermometry was used in conjunction with a few weather parameters to develop non-water-stressed and non-transpiring baselines for irrigated maize in a semi-arid region of Colorado in the western USA. A remote sensing-based Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI was then estimated for four hourly periods each day during 5 August to 2 September 2011 (29 days. The estimated CWSI was smallest during the 10:00–11:00 a.m. and largest during the 12:00–13:00 p.m. hours. Plotting volumetric water content of the topsoil vs. CWSI revealed that there is a high correlation between the two parameters during the analyzed period. CWSI values were also used to estimate maize actual transpiration (Ta. Ta estimates were more influenced by crop biomass rather than irrigation depths alone, mainly due to the fact that the effects of deficit irrigation were largely masked by the significant precipitation during the growing season. During the study period, applying an independent remotely sensed energy balance model showed that maize ETa was 159 mm, 30% larger than CWSI-Ta (122 mm and 9% smaller than standard-condition maize ET (174 mm.

  4. Detecting drought stress in longan tree using thermal imaging

    Winai Wiriya-Alongko


    Full Text Available Thailand is the world’s number-one producer of longan fruit. In general, longan production takes place during the dry season under irrigation. Recently, more attention has been given to water-efficient irrigation. Water stress detection by thermal imaging, which is a non-invasive and rapid assessment method, may be an interesting tool for improved irrigation planning. In this study, four potted longan trees were subjected to water stress. Stress responses in terms of stomatal resistance (rs and leaf water potential (LWP were monitored and compared with a non-stressed control. Based on thermal imaging, the crop water stress index (CWSI was determined throughout the experiment for all trees and correlations with classical parameters were investigated. A field experiment was also carried out with 20 field-grown longan trees, either subjected to water stress treatment or serving as controls; trees were monitored for rs, LWP and CWSI. Under controlled conditions there was a high correlation between CWSI and both rs and LWP during the entire experimental period. In the field experiment it was found that CWSI was best correlated with rs when images were taken from the shaded side of the leaves. A threshold value of 0.7 for CWSI is proposed to distinguish between stressed and non-stressed longan trees.

  5. A One-Layer Satellite Surface Energy Balance for Estimating Evapotranspiration Rates and Crop Water Stress Indexes

    Salvatore Barbagallo


    Full Text Available Daily evapotranspiration fluxes over the semi-arid Catania Plain area (Eastern Sicily, Italy were evaluated using remotely sensed data from Landsat Thematic Mapper TM5 images. A one-source parameterization of the surface sensible heat flux exchange using satellite surface temperature has been used. The transfer of sensible and latent heat is described by aerodynamic resistance and surface resistance. Required model inputs are brightness, temperature, fractional vegetation cover or leaf area index, albedo, crop height, roughness lengths, net radiation, air temperature, air humidity and wind speed. The aerodynamic resistance (rah is formulated on the basis of the Monin-Obukhov surface layer similarity theory and the surface resistance (rs is evaluated from the energy balance equation. The instantaneous surface flux values were converted into evaporative fraction (EF over the heterogeneous land surface to derive daily evapotranspiration values. Remote sensing-based assessments of crop water stress (CWSI were also made in order to identify local irrigation requirements. Evapotranspiration data and crop coefficient values obtained from the approach were compared with: (i data from the semi-empirical approach “Kc reflectance-based”, which integrates satellite data in the visible and NIR regions of the electromagnetic spectrum with ground-based measurements and (ii surface energy flux measurements collected from a micrometeorological tower located in the experiment area. The expected variability associated with ET flux measurements suggests that the approach-derived surface fluxes were in acceptable agreement with the observations.

  6. 施氮水平对红壤区夏玉米水分胁迫指数下基线的影响%Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization Level on the Low Baseline of Crop Water Stress Index for Summer Maize in Red Soil

    赵福年; 陈家宙; 张虹


    The low baseline of summer maize water stress index with different N level treatments (0,120 and 240kg ? ha-1 ) in red soil in south China under sunny and cloudy conditions was established. The results showed that the regression testing effects were significant(P <0. 01). Nitrogen fertilization had reduced low baseline of maize. The low baseline decreased with nitrogen fertilization increased. The results indicated that CWSI could be used to detect water status in red soil,where the climate type is subtropical monsoon. So the low baseline of maize could be defined in sunny condition in this region. The results also suggested that the low baseline of CWSI should be defined at comparable soil fertilization levels in specific region.%在南方红壤区,分阴、晴两种天气条件,分别模拟不同施氮水平(0、120和240kg·hm-2)的夏玉米水分胁迫指数( CWSI)下基线方程.结果表明,阴天时由于空气饱和差集中于1~1.25kPa,不适合模拟玉米CWSI下基线,而在晴天时,尽管空气饱和差在1 ~3kPa范围内变化,但是模拟建立的CWSI下基线回归检验效果极显著(P<0.01);晴天条件下,在相同空气饱和差变动范围内,有氮素供给的夏玉米冠气温差低于不施氮的,而且随着施氮量的增多,冠气温差逐渐降低,从而导致不同施氮水平处理夏玉米CWSI下基线各不相同.试验结果表明,在南方红壤区亚热带季风气候条件下,可以在晴天时建立作物CWSI下基线;并且在使用CWSI时,要根据作物施肥水平建立相应的CWSI下基线.

  7. The Financial Stress Index: Identification of Systemic Risk Conditions

    Mikhail V. Oet


    Full Text Available This paper develops a financial stress measure for the United States, the Cleveland Financial Stress Index (CFSI. The index is based on publicly available data describing a six-market partition of the financial system comprising credit, funding, real estate, securitization, foreign exchange, and equity markets. This paper improves upon existing stress measures by objectively selecting between several index weighting methodologies across a variety of monitoring frequencies through comparison against a volatility-based benchmark series. The resulting measure facilitates the decomposition of stress to identify disruptions in specific markets and provides insight into historical stress regimes.

  8. Water stress detection in potato plants using leaf temperature, emissivity, and reflectance

    Gerhards, Max; Rock, Gilles; Schlerf, Martin; Udelhoven, Thomas


    Water stress is one of the most critical abiotic stressors limiting crop development. The main imaging and non-imaging remote sensing based techniques for the detection of plant stress (water stress and other types of stress) are thermography, visible (VIS), near- and shortwave infrared (NIR/SWIR) reflectance, and fluorescence. Just very recently, in addition to broadband thermography, narrowband (hyperspectral) thermal imaging has become available, which even facilitates the retrieval of spectral emissivity as an additional measure of plant stress. It is, however, still unclear at what stage plant stress is detectable with the various techniques. During summer 2014 a water treatment experiment was run on 60 potato plants (Solanum tuberosum L. Cilena) with one half of the plants watered and the other half stressed. Crop response was measured using broadband and hyperspectral thermal cameras and a VNIR/SWIR spectrometer. Stomatal conductance was measured using a leaf porometer. Various measures and indices were computed and analysed for their sensitivity towards water stress (Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI), Moisture Stress Index (MSI), Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI), and spectral emissivity, amongst others). The results show that water stress as measured through stomatal conductance started on day 2 after watering was stopped. The fastest reacting, i.e., starting on day 7, indices were temperature based measures (e.g., CWSI) and NIR/SWIR reflectance based indices related to plant water content (e.g., MSI). Spectral emissivity reacted equally fast. Contrarily, visual indices (e.g., PRI) either did not respond at all or responded in an inconsistent manner. This experiment shows that pre-visual water stress detection is feasible using indices depicting leaf temperature, leaf water content and spectral emissivity.

  9. A Three-Dimensional Index for Characterizing Crop Water Stress

    Jessica A. Torrion


    Full Text Available The application of remotely sensed estimates of canopy minus air temperature (Tc-Ta for detecting crop water stress can be limited in semi-arid regions, because of the lack of full ground cover (GC at water-critical crop stages. Thus, soil background may restrict water stress interpretation by thermal remote sensing. For partial GC, the combination of plant canopy temperature and surrounding soil temperature in an image pixel is expressed as surface temperature (Ts. Soil brightness (SB for an image scene varies with surface soil moisture. This study evaluates SB, GC and Ts-Ta and determines a fusion approach to assess crop water stress. The study was conducted (2007 and 2008 on a commercial scale, center pivot irrigated research site in the Texas High Plains. High-resolution aircraft-based imagery (red, near-infrared and thermal was acquired on clear days. The GC and SB were derived using the Perpendicular Vegetation Index approach. The Ts-Ta was derived using an array of ground Ts sensors, thermal imagery and weather station air temperature. The Ts-Ta, GC and SB were fused using the hue, saturation, intensity method, respectively. Results showed that this method can be used to assess water stress in reference to the differential irrigation plots and corresponding yield without the use of additional energy balance calculation for water stress in partial GC conditions.

  10. The Maugeri Stress Index – reduced form: a questionnaire for job stress assessment

    Massidda, Davide; Giorgi, Ines; Vidotto, Giulio; Tringali, Salvatore; Imbriani, Marcello; Baiardi, Paola; Bertolotti, Giorgio


    Introduction and objectives A multidimensional self-report questionnaire to evaluate job-related stress factors is presented. The questionnaire, called Maugeri Stress Index – reduced form (MASI-R), aims to assess the impact of job strain on a team or on a single worker by considering four domains: wellness, resilience, perception of social support, and reactions to stressful situations. Material and methods The reliability of a first longer version (47 items) of the questionnaire was evaluated by an internal consistency analysis and a confirmatory factor analysis. An item reduction procedure was implemented to obtain a short form of the instrument, and the psychometric properties of the resulting instrument were evaluated using the Rasch measurement model. Results A total of 14 items from the initial pool were deleted because they were not productive for measurement. The analysis of internal consistency led to the exclusion of eight items, while the analysis performed using structural equation models led to the exclusion of another six items. According to the Rasch model, item properties and the reliability of the instruments appear good, especially for the scales for wellness and resilience. In contrast, the scales for perception of social support and negative coping styles show a lower internal consistency. Conclusions The Maugeri Stress Index – reduced form provides a reliable and valid measure, useful for early identification of stress levels in workers or in a team along the eustress–vadistress continuum.

  11. Does the arrival index predict physiological stress reactivity in children

    Veld, D.M.J. de; Riksen-Walraven, J.M.A.; Weerth, C. de


    Knowledge about children's stress reactivity and its correlates is mostly based on one stress task, making it hard to assess the generalizability of the results. The development of an additional stress paradigm for children, that also limits stress exposure and test time, could greatly advance this

  12. The Maugeri Stress Index – reduced form: a questionnaire for job stress assessment

    Massidda D


    Full Text Available Davide Massidda,1 Ines Giorgi,2 Giulio Vidotto,3 Salvatore Tringali,4 Marcello Imbriani,4,5 Paola Baiardi,6 Giorgio Bertolotti7 1Giunti O.S. Organizzazioni Speciali, Firenze, Italy; 2Psychology Unit, ICS Maugeri, IRCCS, Pavia, Italy; 3Department of General Psychology, University of Padova, Padova, Italy; 4ICS Maugeri, IRCCS, UOOML, Pavia, Italy; 5Department of Public Health, Experimental and Forensic Medicine, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy; 6Scientific Direction, ICS Maugeri, IRCCS, Pavia, Italy; 7Psychology Unit, ICS Maugeri, IRCCS, Tradate, Italy Introduction and objectives: A multidimensional self-report questionnaire to evaluate job-related stress factors is presented. The questionnaire, called Maugeri Stress Index – reduced form (MASI-R, aims to assess the impact of job strain on a team or on a single worker by considering four domains: wellness, resilience, perception of social support, and reactions to stressful situations. Material and methods: The reliability of a first longer version (47 items of the questionnaire was evaluated by an internal consistency analysis and a confirmatory factor analysis. An item reduction procedure was implemented to obtain a short form of the instrument, and the psychometric properties of the resulting instrument were evaluated using the Rasch measurement model. Results: A total of 14 items from the initial pool were deleted because they were not productive for measurement. The analysis of internal consistency led to the exclusion of eight items, while the analysis performed using structural equation models led to the exclusion of another six items. According to the Rasch model, item properties and the reliability of the instruments appear good, especially for the scales for wellness and resilience. In contrast, the scales for perception of social support and negative coping styles show a lower internal consistency. Conclusions: The Maugeri Stress Index – reduced form provides a reliable and valid

  13. Two-dimensional refractive index and stresses profiles of a homogenous bent optical fiber.

    Ramadan, W A; Wahba, H H; Shams El-Din, M A


    We present a significant contribution to the theory of determining the refractive index profile of a bent homogenous optical fiber. In this theory we consider two different processes controlling the index profile variations. The first is the linear index variation due to stress along the bent radius, and the second is the release of this stress on the fiber surface. This release process is considered to have radial dependence on the fiber radius. These considerations enable us to construct the index profile in two dimensions normal to the optical axis, considering the refraction of light rays traversing the fiber. This theory is applied to optical homogenous bent fiber with two bending radii when they are located orthogonal to the light path of the object arm in the holographic setup (like the Mach-Zehnder interferometer). Digital holographic phase shifting interferometry is employed in this study. The recorded phase shifted holograms have been combined, reconstructed, and processed to extract the phase map of the bent optical fiber. A comparison between the extracted optical phase differences and the calculated one indicates that the refractive index profile variation should include the above mentioned two processes, which are considered as a response for stress distribution across the fiber's cross section. The experimentally obtained refractive index profiles provide the stress induced birefringence profile. Thus we are able to present a realistic induced stress profile due to bending.

  14. Arc-discharge effects on residual stress and refractive index in single-mode optical fibers.

    Wang, Pengfei; Jenkins, Micah H; Gaylord, Thomas K


    Arc-discharge effects on the residual stress and refractive index in single-mode optical fibers are investigated using a previously developed three-dimensional concurrent stress-index measurement method. Using commercial optical fibers and a commercial fusion splicer, the residual stress and refractive index perturbations caused by weak electrical arc discharges in single-mode fibers were measured. Refractive index changes greater than 10-4 and longitudinal perturbation lengths of less than 500 μm were shown to be possible. The subsequent prospects for arc-induced long-period fiber gratings are analyzed, and a typical transmission resonance is predicted to have a depth of 56 dB and a bandwidth of 0.08 nm at a wavelength of 1585 nm. The results of this investigation will be useful in modeling device performance and optimization of arc-induced long-period fiber grating fabrication.

  15. An accelerometer based system to measure myocardial performance index during stress testing.

    Anh Dinh; Bui, Francis M; Tam Nguyen


    Stress testing is used to measure the performance of the heart in an elevated stress state, in order to monitor or diagnose certain heart problems. Many measurements can be used to determine the performance of the heart, with the Tei index being the measurement of interest in this work. The Tei index has been used as a reliable method to evaluate systolic and diastolic performance, as it overcomes some limitations of the classical echocardiographic indices. It is calculated based on the time intervals derived from echocardiography. This paper presents an exploratory study, which uses an accelerometer to record mechanical events occurring in each cardiac cycle, also known as the seismocardiogram (SCG). From timing measurements corresponding to various events in the heart, a metric for myocardial performance is calculated based on the Tei index. The use of SCG in addition to ECG has the potential to provide further insights about the heart during stress testing, since the SCG quantifies mechanical actions of the heart.

  16. Crop Water Stress Index and Yield Components for Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Genotypes in Greenhouse and Field Environments

    Methods to detect and characterize the magnitude of drought stress are an area of active research. With the development and increased popularity of the infrared thermometer, a thermal stress index has been proposed and applied. One of the most popular and useful is the crop water stress index (CWS...

  17. Plasma vanillylmandelic acid level as an index of psychological stress response in normal subjects.

    Fukuda, M; Hata, A; Niwa, S; Hiramatsu, K; Honda, H; Nakagome, K; Iwanami, A


    The relationships between psychological stress responses and plasma levels of vanillylmandelic acid (VMA), 3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycol (MHPG), homovanillic acid (HVA), and 5-hydroxyindolacetic acid (5-HIAA) were investigated in normal volunteers. Two questionnaires were used to measure stress: the Psychological Stress Response Scale (PSRS) and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI). Plasma levels of VMA--but not MHPG, HVA, and 5-HIAA--showed significant positive correlations with PSRS emotional and cognitive-behavioral stress and STAI state anxiety. Significant positive correlations were also found between plasma levels of VMA and MHPG and psychological stress responses measured repeatedly in a longitudinal study of an Olympic swimmer. Plasma VMA measurements, which reflect the level of activity of the peripheral sympathetic nervous system, may provide a useful biochemical index of psychological stress responses in normal subjects.

  18. Change of immune indexes and oxidative stress state of children with recurrent respiratory tract infection

    Wei-Qing Wu; Shu-Ping Liao; Xiao-Lan Lin; Qiong-Fang Huang


    Objective:To observe and analyze the change situation of immune indexes and oxidative stress state of children with recurrent respiratory tract infection.Methods:75 children with recurrent respiratory tract infection in our hospital from January 2014 to June 2015 were selected as observation group, 75 healthy children with health examination at the same time were selected as control group, then the immune indexes and oxidative stress state related serum indexes of two groups were detected,and the detection results of observation group with boys and girls, mild, moderate and severe disease were compared.Results: The cellular immune and erythrocyte immune and oxidative stress state related serum indexes of observation group were all worse than those of control group,and the detection results of observation group with mild, moderate and severe disease had obvious differences too, allP0.05.Conclusion:The change of immune indexes and oxidative stress state of children with recurrent respiratory tract infection are obvious,and the differences of children with mild, moderate and severe disease are obvious too,while the differences of boys and girls are not obvious.

  19. Validity of the Short Form of the Parenting Stress Index for Fathers of Toddlers

    McKelvey, Lorraine M.; Whiteside-Mansell, Leanne; Faldowski, Richard A.; Shears, Jeffrey; Ayoub, Catherine; Hart, Andrea D.


    We examined the psychometric properties of two scales of the parenting stress index-short form (PSI-SF) in a low-income sample of fathers of toddlers. The factor structure, reliability, and validity of the parental distress and parent-child dysfunctional interaction subscales were assessed for 696 fathers in a multi-site study of Early Head Start.…

  20. Psychometric Properties of the Parenting Stress Index with Parents of Children with Autistic Disorder

    Dardas, L. A.; Ahmad, M. M.


    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the psychometric properties and the theoretical structure of the Parenting Stress Index-short form (PSI-SF) with Jordanian parents of children with autistic disorder. Methods: Using a cross-sectional design for data collection, the convenience sample of the study was composed of 184 Jordanian…

  1. Photochemical reflectance index as a mean of monitoring early water stress

    Sarlikioti, V.; Driever, S.M.; Marcelis, L.F.M.


    Water stress in plants affects a number of physiological processes such as photosynthetic rate, stomatal conductance as well as the operating efficiency of photosystem II (PSII) and non-photochemical quenching (NPQ). Photochemical reflectance index (PRI) is reported to be sensitive to changes in xan

  2. Validation of the Parenting Stress Index--Short Form with Minority Caregivers

    Lee, Sang Jung; Gopalan, Geetha; Harrington, Donna


    Objectives: There has been little examination of the structural validity of the Parenting Stress Index--Short Form (PSI-SF) for minority populations in clinical contexts in the Unites States. This study aimed to test prespecified factor structures (one-factor, two-factor, and three-factor models) of the PSI-SF. Methods: This study used…

  3. The Development of a Warm-Weather Relative Stress Index for Environmental Applications.

    Watts, Jill D.; Kalkstein, Laurence S.


    The heat stress index (HSI) is a new, comprehensive summer index that evaluates daily relative stress for locations throughout the United States based on deviations from the norm. The index is based on apparent temperature and other derived meteorological variables, including cloud cover, cooling degree-days, and consecutive days of extreme heat. Statistical distributions of meteorological variables are derived for 10-day periods of the annual cycle so that percentile values for each parameter can be determined. The daily percentile values for each variable are then summed, and a statistical distribution is fit to the summed frequencies. The daily HSI value is the percentile associated with the location of the daily summed value under the summation curve. The index is analyzed and spatially verified by comparing intra- and interregional results. Although stations from various climate regions have different criteria defining an excessive heat stress event, neighboring stations typically produce similar HSI results because they are usually affected by the same air mass. To test the effectiveness of the HSI, a relationship between the index results and mortality values is made. Overall, the highest mortality days are associated with the highest HSI values, but high-HSI days are not always associated with high numbers of deaths. A mortality study such as this one is just one of many potential environmental applications of the HSI. Other applications include implementing the index to correlate extreme weather conditions with resource consumption, such as electric-utility load, to determine conditions for which load levels are excessive. The ability to forecast the HSI using a variety of weather forecasting tools has also generated interest within various industries that have a need to issue weather stress advisories, watches, and warnings.

  4. Crop water stress maps for an entire growing season from visible and thermal UAV imagery

    Hoffmann, Helene; Jensen, Rasmus; Thomsen, Anton; Nieto, Hector; Rasmussen, Jesper; Friborg, Thomas


    This study investigates whether a water deficit index (WDI) based on imagery from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can provide accurate crop water stress maps at different growth stages of barley and in differing weather situations. Data from both the early and late growing season are included to investigate whether the WDI has the unique potential to be applicable both when the land surface is partly composed of bare soil and when crops on the land surface are senescing. The WDI differs from the more commonly applied crop water stress index (CWSI) in that it uses both a spectral vegetation index (VI), to determine the degree of surface greenness, and the composite land surface temperature (LST) (not solely canopy temperature).Lightweight thermal and RGB (red-green-blue) cameras were mounted on a UAV on three occasions during the growing season 2014, and provided composite LST and color images, respectively. From the LST, maps of surface-air temperature differences were computed. From the color images, the normalized green-red difference index (NGRDI), constituting the indicator of surface greenness, was computed. Advantages of the WDI as an irrigation map, as compared with simpler maps of the surface-air temperature difference, are discussed, and the suitability of the NGRDI is assessed. Final WDI maps had a spatial resolution of 0.25 m.It was found that the UAV-based WDI is in agreement with measured stress values from an eddy covariance system. Further, the WDI is especially valuable in the late growing season because at this stage the remote sensing data represent crop water availability to a greater extent than they do in the early growing season, and because the WDI accounts for areas of ripe crops that no longer have the same need for irrigation. WDI maps can potentially serve as water stress maps, showing the farmer where irrigation is needed to ensure healthy growing plants, during entire growing season.

  5. Measuring Thermal Stress of Dairy Cattle Based on Temperature Humidity Index (THI in Tropical Climate



    Full Text Available Thermal comfort for workers is very important factor to increase their performance, as well as the comfort level of dairy cattle will influence in milk productivity. The purposes of the paper is to measure the level of heat stress and then use the information to design the dairy cattle house for increasing thermal comfort. The research is started with literature review of heat stress and early survey of environment condition e.g. temperature, wind speed and relative humidity. The next step is using the information to determine the temperature humidity index (THI level for dairy cattle with maximum THI = 86 and 84 (moderate stress. The 3D CAD model and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD simulation are employed to looking for solution for reducing the discomfort thermal of dairy cattle. A scenario (fan air conditioning to get better condition of thermal comfort have been successfully presented with final THI index = 76 and 78 (mild stress. Finally, the paper shows how to reduce heat stress of cattle house by installation 3 exhaust fans in tropical climate.

  6. Effects of Work-Related Stress on Work Ability Index among Iranian Workers.

    Gharibi, Vahid; Mokarami, Hamidreza; Taban, Abrahim; Yazdani Aval, Mohsen; Samimi, Kazem; Salesi, Mahmood


    Work Ability Index (WAI) is a well-known and valid self-report tool that has been widely used in various studies to identify and avoid early retirement and work-related disability. Nevertheless, very few studies have been carried out to evaluate work ability in Iran. We aimed to investigate the WAI and the effect of work-related stress on it among Iranian workers. A cross-sectional, descriptive and analytic study was carried out among 449 workers from five working sectors in three big cities of Iran. Work ability and work-related stress were measured using the Persian version of WAI and the Persian version of Health and Safety Executive Stress Indicator Tool. More than a third of the workers surveyed (34.70%) did not have an appropriate level of work ability (WAI work-related stress and the mean score of WAI. Furthermore, the variables of body mass index, sleep quality, exercise activity, job tenure, and three subscales of work-related stress including demands, supervisor support, and role were significant predictors of WAI. According to the results of this study, the interventional programs must be focused on improving supervisors support, eliminating ambiguity and conflicts in the role of workers in their job and organization, reducing job demands, improving sleep quality, and increasing exercise activity.

  7. Body mass index and risk for mental stress induced ischemia in coronary artery disease.

    Soufer, Robert; Fernandez, Antonio B; Meadows, Judith; Collins, Dorothea; Burg, Matthew M


    Acute emotionally reactive mental stress (MS) can provoke prognostically relevant deficits in cardiac function and myocardial perfusion, and chronic inflammation increases risk for this ischemic phenomenon. We have described parasympathetic withdrawal and generation of inflammatory factors in MS. Adiposity is also associated with elevated markers of chronic inflammation. High body mass index (BMI) is frequently used as a surrogate for assessment of excess adiposity, and associated with traditional CAD risk factors, and CAD mortality. BMI is also associated with autonomic dysregulation, adipose tissue derived proinflammatory cytokines, which are also attendant to emotion provoked myocardial ischemia. Thus, we sought to determine if body mass index (BMI) contributes to risk of developing myocardial ischemia provoked by mental stress. We performed a prospective interventional study in a cohort of 161 patients with stable CAD. They completed an assessment of myocardial blood flow with single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) simultaneously during 2 conditions: laboratory mental stress and at rest. Multivariate logistic regression determined the independent contribution of BMI to the occurrence of mental-stress induced ischemia. Mean age was 65.6±9.0 years; 87.0% had a history of hypertension, and 28.6% had diabetes. Mean BMI was 30.4±4.7. Prevalence of mental stress ischemia was 39.8%. BMI was an independent predictor of mental stress ischemia, OR=1.10, 95% CI [1.01-1.18] for one-point increase in BMI and OR=1.53, 95% CI [1.06-2.21] for a 4.7 point increase in BMI (one standard deviation beyond the cohort BMI mean), p=0.025 for all. These data suggest that BMI may serve as an independent risk marker for mental stress ischemia. The factors attendant with greater BMI, which include autonomic dysregulation and inflammation, may represent pathways by which high BMI contribute to this risk and serve as a conceptual construct to replicate these findings in larger

  8. Indexed

    Hagy, Jessica


    Jessica Hagy is a different kind of thinker. She has an astonishing talent for visualizing relationships, capturing in pictures what is difficult for most of us to express in words. At, she posts charts, graphs, and Venn diagrams drawn on index cards that reveal in a simple and intuitive way the large and small truths of modern life. Praised throughout the blogosphere as “brilliant,” “incredibly creative,” and “comic genius,” Jessica turns her incisive, deadpan sense of humor on everything from office politics to relationships to religion. With new material along with some of Jessica’s greatest hits, this utterly unique book will thrill readers who demand humor that makes them both laugh and think.

  9. Test Review: Abidin, R. R. (2012) "Parenting Stress Index, Fourth Edition" ("PSI-4"). Lutz, Florida: Psychological Assessment Resources

    Johnson, Alyce O.


    The "Parenting Stress Index, Fourth Edition" (PSI-4) is a 120-item measure used to explore parental stress levels considering a parent's relationship with one of his or her children between the ages of 1 month and 12 years. The main purpose of the test is to define these stress levels and from where they originate in order to identify…

  10. [Work-related Stress and the Allostatic Load Index - A Systematic Review].

    Mauss, D; Li, J; Schmidt, B; Angerer, P; Jarczok, M N


    Objectives: Work-related stress is a growing social challenge and has been associated with reduced employee health, well-being, and productivity. One tool to measure the stress-related wear and tear of the body is the Allostatic Load Index (ALI). This review summarizes recent evidence on the association between work-related stress and ALI in working adults. Methods: A systematic literature search following the PRISMA-Statement was conducted in 21 databases including Medline, PubPsych, MedPilot, and Cochrane Register. Publications addressing work related-stress and medical parameters using ALI were considered. Data on study population, analytic techniques, and results were tabulated. Methodological quality was evaluated using a standardized checklist. Results: 9 articles were identified with a total of 3 532 employees from 5 countries reporting cross-sectional data from the years 2003-2013. Overall, 7 studies reported a positive and significant association between work-related stress and ALI, while 2 studies showed no or an insignificant association. Substantial heterogeneity was observed in methods applied and study quality. Conclusions: This systematic review provides evidence that work-related stress is associated with ALI in cross-sectional studies. This association needs to be demonstrated by future studies using longitudinal data on working populations. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

  11. Adolescents’ Level of Perceived Stress and its Relationship with Body Mass Index in a Bangladeshi Population

    Sarker Shamima Ahmed


    Full Text Available Background: Several behavioral factors, specially stress, eating behavior, and physical activity have been linked with adolescent obesity. In our country, mental health of adolescents is often neglected. So, we designed this study to describe the current perception of stress in Bangladeshi adolescent students. Objective: Aim of this study was to assess association between stress and body mass index of adolescents while controlling for physical activity and examining stress associated eating behavior. Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out among 278 adolescent students during the period from January to December 2013. Data were collected through self-administered questionnaire which included physical activity questions, Dutch Eating Behavior Questionnaire (DEBQ, Adolescent stress questionnaire (ASQ and standard anthropometric measurements and were analyzed statistically using SPSS version 21.0. Results: In this study majority of the respondents were males. Among the female respondents, about 12.23% were overweight and obese compared to their male peers (4.1%. The normal and high BMI adolescents in the study showed significantly different proportions regarding gender (p<0.001, father’s education (p=0.036 and smoking status (p=0.22. Findings in this study reveals negative correlation between physical activity score and body mass index (ρ=−0.15, p<0.05. Body mass index was found significantly correlated with all three DEBQ eating subscales the restraint score, emotional eating score (ρ=0.58 p<0.001, and external eating score (ρ=0.55, p<0.001. Based on sample data, the mean stress scores were due to home life (3.40±0.54, school performance (3.31±0.63, school attendance (2.42±0.87, romantic relationship (3.02±0.92, peer pressure (2.85±0.72, due to teacher interaction (2.89±0.56, future uncertainty (3.83±0.90, school/leisure conflict (3.55±0.68, financial pressure (2.99±0.79 and emerging adult responsibility (3

  12. Impact of work place stresses on work ability index in patients with depressive disorders

    Selmanović Senada


    Full Text Available Introduction. Depression seriously affects one’s ability to perform work tasks and function at work. We studied the impact of both the individual and work factors on work ability index in patients suffering from depression. Material and methods. The prospective study, which was conducted by using questionnaires, included 210 patients with depression, who had been on sick leave from 60 to 360 days. The individual factors were evaluated by the standardized abridged form of Occupational Stress Questionnaire, while the work place factors in relation to work ability were evaluated by the work ability index. Results. Poor work ability was observed in 151 (71% of subjects suffering from depression. All workplace stresses, lack of support by colleagues and supervisors, ergonomically not adjusted work and huge work load are statistically associated with poor work ability index (P=0.001. More than 95% of variables of the evaluated work ability index are the result of varying in the group of stresses at work place (R2=0.95. Perception of bad health condition (Rsq=0.412, P=0.001, low level of life satisfaction (Rsq=0.309, P=0,001, low level of motivation and work knowledge (Rsq=0.309, P=0.001 are predictors for poor work ability. The work ability cannot be related with age and sex. Conclusion. The key activities for maintaining the work ability at the times when epidemic of depression emerges, as it is nowadays, are timely carrying out the psycho-treatments, mental and professional rehabilitation, occupational therapy and adapted work place.

  13. Association of Oxidative Stress Markers with Atherogenic Index of Plasma in Adult Sickle Cell Nephropathy

    M. A. Emokpae


    Full Text Available This paper evaluates the association of oxidative stress and atherogenic index of plasma in order to assess the cardiovascular risk in Sickle cell nephropathy especially as lipoprotein levels are lower in SCD than non-SCD patients. Antioxidant enzymes, malondialdehyde(MDA, urea, creatinine, and glomerular filtration rate were evaluated in 110 confirmed sickle cell disease patients: 65 males in steady state, aged 21.1±6.0 years, 30 males with macroalbuminuria, aged 24.5±7.0, years and 15 with chronic kidney disease (CKD, aged 31.8±2.0 years. The mean activity levels of glutathione peroxidase (GPx, superoxide dismutase (Cu/ZnSOD, and catalase (CAT were significantly lower (P<0.001 in SCD with macroalbuminuria and CKD while MDA was higher (P<0.001 in SCD with macroalbuminuria and CKD compared with controls. There was negative correlation between GPx (P<0.001, Cu/ZnSOD (P<0.02, and Atherogenic index of plasma in SCD with CKD, while MDA shows a positive correlation (P<0.001 with AIP in SCD with CKD. There was however no correlation between CAT and AIP. Decreased activity levels of antioxidant enzymes and low HDL-cholesterol concentration were confirmed in adult SCD with CKD in Nigerians. The increase oxidative stress and high atherogenic index in CKD may accelerate the process of cardiovascular complications in adult SCD patients. Atherogenic index of plasma was negatively correlated with antioxidant enzymes and positively with MDA.

  14. Perceived stress and freshman weight change: the moderating role of baseline body mass index.

    Boyce, Jessica A; Kuijer, Roeline G


    The transition from high-school to university is a critical period of weight change. Popular media suggest that freshman students gain 15 lb (6.80 kg) of body weight during their first year at university (i.e., the freshman 15). In contrast, a recent meta-analysis calculated freshman weight gain to be 1.75 kg, with statistics suggesting that only a proportion of freshman students are prone to gain weight. Researchers are beginning to investigate how certain variables and interactions between such variables predict freshman weight status. The current study focused on body mass index (BMI) and psychological stress. In isolation, previous research has tested how these two variables predict freshman student's weight status. However, because BMI and stress interact to predict weight gain and weight loss in adult samples, the current study tested the interaction between student's baseline BMI and baseline stress levels to predict weight change in a New Zealand sample of freshman students (N=65). Participants completed two separate online surveys in March and October 2012 (i.e., New Zealand's academic year). Although only three students gained over 6.80 kg (i.e., the freshman 15), participants did gain a statistically significant 1.10 kg of body weight during the year. Consistent with previous research, students with a higher baseline BMI gained a higher amount of body weight. However, this main effect was qualified by an interaction between stress and BMI. Students who entered university with high levels of stress gained weight if they also had high BMIs; if they had lower BMIs then they lost weight. In order to reduce unhealthy levels of freshman weight change, vulnerable students need to be taught stress-reduction techniques and coping strategies early in the academic year.

  15. Physiological Correlation of Airway Pressure and Transpulmonary Pressure Stress Index on Respiratory Mechanics in Acute Respiratory Failure

    Chun Pan; Lu Chen; Yun-Hang Zhang; Wei Liu; Rosario Urbino; V Marco Ranieri; Hai-Bo Qiu


    Background:Stress index at post-recruitment maneuvers could be a method of positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) titration in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) patients.However,airway pressure (Paw) stress index may not reflect lung mechanics in the patients with high chest wall elastance.This study was to evaluate the Paw stress index on lung mechanics and the correlation between Paw stress index and transpulmonary pressure (PL) stress index in acute respiratory failure (ARF) patients.Methods:Twenty-four ARF patients with mechanical ventilation (MV) were consecutively recruited from July 2011 to April 2013 in Zhongda Hospital,Nanjing,China and Ospedale S.Giovanni Battista-Molinette Hospital,Turin,Italy.All patients underwent MV with volume control (tidal volume 6 ml/kg) for 20 min.PEEP was set according to the ARDSnet study protocol.The patients were divided into two groups according to the chest wall elastance/respiratory system elastance ratio.The high elastance group (H group,n =14) had a ratio ≥30%,and the low elastance group (L group,n =10) had a ratio <30%.Respiratory elastance,gas-exchange,Paw stress index,and PL stress index were measured.Student's t-test,regression analysis,and Bland-Altman analysis were used for statistical analysis.Results:Pneumonia was the major cause of respiratory failure (71.0%).Compared with the L group,PEEP was lower in the H group (5.7 ± 1.7 cmH2O vs.9.0 ± 2.3 cm2O,P < 0.01).Compared with the H group,lung elastance was higher (20.0 ± 7.8 cmH2O/L vs.11.6 ± 3.6 cmH2O/L,P < 0.01),and stress was higher in the L group (7.0 ± 1.9 vs.4.9 ± 1.9,P =0.02).A linear relationship was observed between the Paw stress index and the PL stress index in H group (R2 =0.56,P < 0.01) and L group (R2 =0.85,P < 0.01).Conclusion:In the ARF patients with MV,Paw stress index can substitute for PL to guide ventilator settings.


    张振华; 蔡焕杰; 杨润亚



  17. Weekly Water Stress Monitoring in a Savannah Environment using a new Data Fusion Drought Index

    Azmi, M.; Rudiger, C.; Walker, J. P.


    Due to the increasing pressure on water resources, water stress monitoring has become one of the most significant issues in water resources planning and management, especially during periods of extreme climate conditions. The present study compares the performance of four currently used data fusion based drought indices (DFDIs) to evaluate the weekly water stress at the Howard Springs OzFlux Tower in Northern Australia, covering a 3-year period from January 2011 to December 2013. In addition, a new DFDI has been developed and applied to address the individual shortcomings of the traditional indices. The proposed DFDI comprehensively considers all types of drought through a selection of indices and proxies associated with each drought type (water, vegetation etc). Here, weekly data from three different data sources (OzFlux Network, Asia-Pacific Water Monitor, and MODIS-Terra satellite) were utilized for the evaluations. To derive the new DFDI, an appropriate set of individual standardized drought indices (SDIs) was derived, that are categorized through an advanced clustering method. For two groups in which the clustered SDIs best reflected the water availability and vegetation conditions, the variables are aggregated based on an averaging between the standardized first principal components of three different multivariate methods of PCA, FA and ICA. Then, considering those aggregated indices as well as the classifications of months into dry/wet and active/non-active, the time series of the proposed DFDI is finalized. A comparison, employing the Spearman correlation coefficient, between the proposed index and the traditional data fusion based indices shows a range of correlations from 0.46 to 0.85. The results underline that the proposed index can be more reliable in compare to the previous indices, due to simultaneously relating hydro-meteorological and ecological concepts to define the actual water stress throughout the study area.

  18. Development of a global Agricultural Stress Index System (ASIS) based on remote sensing data

    Van Hoolst, R.


    According to the 2012 IPCC SREX report, extreme drought events are projected to become more frequent and intense in several regions of the world. Wide and timely monitoring systems are required to mitigate the impact of agricultural drought. Therefore, FAO's Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS) and the Climate, Energy and Tenure Division (NRC) have established the `Agricultural Stress Index System' (ASIS). The ASIS is a remote sensing application that provides early warnings of agricultural drought at a global scale. The ASIS has first been designed and described by Rojas et al. (2011). This study focused on the African continent and was based on the back processing of low resolution data of the NOAA-satellites. In the current setup, developed by VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research), the system operates in Near Real Time using data from the METOP-AVHRR sensor. The Agricultural Stress Index (ASI) is the percentage of agricultural area affected by drought in the course of the growing season within a given administrative unit. The start and end of the growing season are derived per pixel from the long term NDVI average of SPOT-VEGETATION. The Global Administrative Unit Layer (GAUL) defines the administrative boundaries at level 0, 1 and 2. A global cropland and grassland map eliminates non-agricultural areas. Temperature and NDVI anomalies are used as drought indicators and calculated at a per pixel base. The ASIS aggregates this information and produces every dekad global maps to highlight hotspots of drought stress. New developments are ongoing to strengthen the ASIS to produce country specific outputs, improve existing drought indicators and estimate production deficits using a probabilistic approach.

  19. Determining the optimal index of heat stress in foundry, die casting and road construction industries using FAHP_Topsis

    Maryam Dehghanipoor


    Full Text Available Introduction: Heat stress is one of the harmful risks in casting and die casting industries, which can not only cause work-related diseases but also can impair the performance and safety of workers. Since the indicators that are used to evaluate heat stress are very different, it is very difficult to choose a suitable index. The aim of this study was to determine the optimum heat stress index in foundry, die-cast, and road construction industries using FAHP and Topsis methods. Material and Method: In order to determine optimum heat stress index in foundry, die-cast, and road construction industries, first, the prioritization criteria were defined by experts (including ease of measurement, measurement accuracy, comprehensiveness, time, cost, and correlation. Then, considering these criteria, the best heat stress index was determined based on experts’ opinions and using FAHP and Topsis methods. Result: The results of this study suggest that given the current conditions and criteria, WBGT and P4SR is the best indices for foundry, die casting and construction. Conclusion: The results showed that according to comprehensiveness, accuracy and correlation criteria, the WBGT index is considered as the best indicator of heat stress assessment in foundry, die-cast and road construction industries. Moreover, the HSI ranked in the last place due to the complexity and cost of its calculation.

  20. Effects of NaHCO3 Stress on the Growth and Physiological Indexes of Pumpkin Seedlings

    Yong-Dong Sun


    Full Text Available Few studies have investigated the alkali-based salt resistance aspect of plants. Here, we used 2 pumpkin cultivars (‘Cucurbita ficifoliaBouch.’ and ‘Chuandilong’ to study the growth and physiological response mechanisms of pumpkin to different levels of NaHCO3 stress. After second true leaf development, pumpkin seedlings were treated with varying levels of NaHCO3 stress (0, 30, 60 and 90 mmol/L during sand culture. The chlorophyll content, electrolyte leakage, malondialdehyde (MDA contents, proline contents, soluble sugar contents and superoxide dismutase (SOD and peroxidase (POD activities of both cultivars were investigated. Finally, the growth and physiological indexes of pumpkin seedlings under NaHCO3 stress were explored. The results showed that the chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b and total chlorophyll of both pumpkin seedlings increased with exposure to low NaHCO3 concentrations (0-30 mmol/L and then decreased with exposure to 30-90 mmol/LNaHCO3and all reached their minimum values with exposure to 90 mmol/L NaHCO3. Under the latter stress, the rate of decrease in total chlorophyll content of ‘C. ficifolia Bouch.’ was higher than that of ‘Chuandilong’. However, electrolyte leakage, MDA content, proline content, soluble sugar content and SOD and POD activities increased with the escalation of NaHCO3 concentration and peaked after exposure to 90 mmol/LNaHCO3. The rates of increase in electrolyte leakage and MDA contents of ‘C. ficifolia Bouch.’ were higher than those of ‘Chuandilong’ at this NaHCO3 concentration. These results suggested that under greater NaHCO3 stress, these pumpkin cultivars showed significant inhibition of growth, with ‘C. ficifolia Bouch.’ being more sensitive than ‘Chuandilong’ to NaHCO3 stress. Injury caused by NaHCO3 stress was most likely mitigated by increasing the antioxidant activities of SOD and POD and accumulating proline and soluble sugar contents to facilitate osmotic adjustment.

  1. Can gender differences during exercise-heat stress be assessed by the physiological strain index?

    Moran, D S; Shapiro, Y; Laor, A; Izraeli, S; Pandolf, K B


    A physiological strain index (PSI) based on rectal temperature (Tre) and heart rate (HR) was recently suggested to evaluate exercise-heat stress. The purpose of this study was to evaluate PSI for gender differences under various combinations of exercise intensity and climate. Two groups of eight men each were formed according to maximal rate of O2 consumption (VO2 max). The first group of men (M) was matched to a group of nine women (W) with similar (P > 0.001) VO2 max (46.1 +/- 2.0 and 43.6 +/- 2.9 ml. kg-1. min-1, respectively). The second group of men (MF) was significantly (P 0.05) were found between matched genders (M and W) at the same exposure for sweat rate, relative VO2 max (%VO2 max), and PSI. However, MF had significantly (P acceptance and application.

  2. Validation of the French version of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Addendum for posttraumatic stress disorder

    Malik Ait-Aoudia


    Full Text Available Background: Sleep disturbances are one of the main complaints of patients with trauma-related disorders. The original Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Addendum for PTSD (PSQI-A is self-report instrument developed to evaluate posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD-specific sleep disturbances in trauma-exposed individuals. However, to date, the PSQI-A has not yet been translated nor validated in French. Objective: The present study aims to: a translate the PSQI-A into French, and b examine its psychometric properties. Method: Seventy-three adult patients (mean age=40.3 [SD=15.0], 75% females evaluated in a specialized psychotraumatology unit completed the French versions of the PSQI-A, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS, and Impact Event Scale-Revised (IES-R. Results: The French version of the PSQI-A showed satisfactory internal consistency, inter-item correlations, item correlations with the total score, convergent validity with PTSD and anxiety measures, and divergent validity with a depression measure. Conclusion: Our findings support the use of the French version of the PSQI-A for both clinical care and research. The French version of the PSQI-A is an important addition to the currently available instruments that can be used to examine trauma-related sleep disturbances among French-speaking individuals.

  3. Application of stress susceptibility index for drought tolerance screening of tomato populations

    Zdravković Jasmina


    Full Text Available Investigation comprised 41 tomato genotypes originating from the population of domestic and domesticated genotypes collected in Serbia and belonging to the tomato collection of the Institute of Vegetable Crop Science, Smederevska Palanka. The aim of collection screening was to choose the genotypes tolerant to drought during plant intensive growth stage, whereby the process of selection would set out to obtain the recombinant genotypes for this abiotic factor. The screening criteria were established for genotype divergence in plant height and shoot-root ratio under conditions of optimal irrigation regime and drought. Divergence was estimated using cluster analysis with Euclidean distance as a measure of distance, with a complete gene attachment to grouping. Drought tolerance is expressed by the stress susceptibility index (SSI. Various results were obtained based on the screening of genotypes grown under optimal and dry conditions. As a measure of stress susceptibility, based on SSI, genotypes having different drought tolerance level were determined. On the grounds of the analyses carried out, 10 genotypes were segregated (G102, G104, G107, G109, G110, G119, G125, G126, G128 and G141 to represent a basis to obtain the recombinant genotypes and to initiate the selection for drought resistance. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. TR 31005 i br. TR 31059

  4. Psychometric Properties of the Work Well Index: A Short Questionnaire for Work-Related Stress.

    Mauss, Daniel; Li, Jian; Angerer, Peter


    The aim of this study was to test the psychometric properties of a short questionnaire for work-related stress entitled Work Well index (WWi) and its interaction with different variables of self-reported health. An online survey was conducted in a sample of 1,218 employees (51% female) in four countries of an international insurance company. Internal consistency reliability, factorial validity, convergent validity and criterion validity of the 10-item WWi were analyzed. Good internal consistency reliability of the WWi was obtained (Cronbach's α coefficient = 0.85). Confirmatory factor analysis showed a satisfactory model fit of the data (AGFI = 0.92). The WWi was highly correlated to conceptually close constructs such as demand-control, effort-reward imbalance and workplace social capital (p < 0.001). Moreover, the 10-item WWi was significantly (p < 0.001) associated with elevated risk of self-rated health, absenteeism, presenteeism and depression (odds ratio 1.63, 1.36, 2.08, 2.95, respectively). We conclude that this short questionnaire is a reliable and valid instrument measuring psychosocial stress at work. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  5. Relationship between serum DHEAS and oxidative stress levels of body mass index in healthy postmenopausal women.

    Goy, Burhan; Atmaca, Murat; Aslan, Mehmet; Ucler, Rıfkı; Alay, Murat; Seven, Ismet; Demir, Halit; Ozturk, Mustafa


    Menopause is a natural step in the process of aging. Postmenopausal women have decreased levels of antioxidants and increased oxidative stress, the latter of which plays an important role in atherogenesis. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the relationship of the body mass index (BMI) with serum catalase activity, malondialdehyde (MDA), and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS) levels in healthy postmenopausal women and estimate whether the MDA/DHEAS ratio is a possible marker of oxidative stress for determining cardiovascular risk in these women. We investigated serum catalase activity, MDA, and DHEAS levels, parity history, age, and BMI in 96 healthy postmenopausal women aged 50-82 years. The serum MDA levels and catalase activity were measured spectrophotometrically. The serum DHEAS levels were measured using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The ratio percentage of the serum DHEAS levels to serum MDA levels was designated as a biomarker for oxidative stress. The mean BMI of the patients was 31.72 ± 6.16 kg/m(2) (range = 20.5-47.94). The MDA/DHEAS ratio was significantly decreased in patients with a BMI over 30 compared to that of patients with a BMI between 25 and 30 (P = 0.025). Moreover, BMI was positively correlated with serum DHEAS levels (r = 0.285, P < 0.01) and negatively correlated with the MDA/DHEAS ratio (r = -0.241, P < 0.05) in postmenopausal women. Furthermore, BMI was observed to be a potential predictor of the MDA/DHEAS ratio based on covariance analysis (P = 0.039). Our results indicate that healthy, obese, postmenopausal women have a decreased MDA/DHEAS ratio. Additionally, BMI was observed to be a potential predictor of the MDA/DHEAS ratio.

  6. Index of thermal stress for cows (ITSC) under high solar radiation in tropical environments.

    Da Silva, Roberto Gomes; Maia, Alex Sandro C; de Macedo Costa, Leonardo Lelis


    This paper presents a new thermal stress index for dairy cows in inter-tropical regions, with special mention to the semi-arid ones. Holstein cows were measured for rectal temperature (T R), respiratory rate (F R) and rates of heat exchange by convection (C), radiation (R), skin surface evaporation (E S) and respiratory evaporation (E R) in the north eastern region of Brazil, after exposure to sun for several hours. Average environmental measurements during the observations were air temperature (T A) 32.4 °C (24.4-38.9°), wind speed (U) 1.8 m.s(-1) (0.01-11.0), relative humidity 63.6 % (36.8-81.5) and short-wave solar radiation 701.3 W m(-2) (116-1,295). The effective radiant heat load (ERHL) was 838.5 ± 4.9 W m(-2). Values for the atmospheric transmittance (τ) were also determined for tropical regions, in order to permit adequate estimates of the solar radiation. The average value was τ = 0.611 ± 0.004 for clear days with some small moving clouds, with a range of 0.32 to 0.91 in the day period from 1000 to 1300 hours. Observed τ values were higher (0.62-0.66) for locations near the seacoast and in those regions well-provided with green fields. Effects of month, location and time of the day were all statistically significant (P < 0.01). A total of 1,092 data were obtained for cows exposed for 1 to 8 h to sun during the day; in 7 months (February, March, April, July, August, September and November), 4 days per month on the average. A principal component analysis summarised the T R, F R, C, R, E S and E R measurements into just one synthetic variable (y 1); several indexes were then obtained by multiple regression of y 1 on the four environmental variables and its combinations, by using Origin 8.1 software (OriginLab Corp.). The chosen equation was the index of thermal stress for cows, ITSC = 77.1747 + 4.8327 T A - 34.8189 U + 1.111 U (2) + 118.6981 P V - 14.7956 P V (2) - 0.1059 ERHL with r (2) = 0.812. The

  7. Investigating the Association between Heat Stress and its Psychological Response to Determine the Optimal Index of Heat Strain

    Amir Negahban


    Full Text Available Background & Objectives : Exposure to high temperatures is common among workers in warm environments leading to some undesirable effects . The aim of this study was to examine physiological responses to heat stress to determine the optimal index for direct measurement of physiological strain in workers of hot environments . Methods: In this study, 40 workers of melting and casting process were evaluated . Thermal stress was evaluated based on the WBGT index and physiological strain by measuring oral and tympanic temperature , urine temperature , heart rate, and recovery heart rate. Data was analyzed using SPSS v.16 software . Results : Heat stress exceeded the national and international recommended limits based on the WBGT index in 80% of cases of workstations . The correlations between heat strains including tympanic temperature, oral temperature, urine temperature, heart rate and heart rate recovery to heat stress index were significant, while tympanic temperature had a stronger association according to simple linear regression (P<0.01, R2=0.78 . Conclusion: Tympanic temperature had a stronger correlation with the WBGT index among the investigated indices . Accordingly , tympanic temperature could be a useful indicator compared to other parameters for measuring physiological strain in warm workplaces due to the ease of measurement, noninvasive nature , acceptance by workers , and fast and non- interference in the measurement process .

  8. Heat index and adjusted temperature as surrogates for wet bulb globe temperature to screen for occupational heat stress.

    Bernard, Thomas E; Iheanacho, Ivory


    Ambient temperature and relative humidity are readily ava-ilable and thus tempting metrics for heat stress assessment. Two methods of using air temperature and relative humidity to create an index are Heat Index and Adjusted Temperature. The purposes of this article are: (1) to examine how well Heat Index and Adjusted Temperature estimated the wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) index, and (2) to suggest how Heat Index and Adjusted Temperature can be used to screen for heat stress level. Psychrometric relationships were used to estimate values of actual WBGT for conditions of air temperature, relative humidity, and radiant heat at an air speed of 0.5 m/s. A relationship between Heat Index [°F] and WBGT [°C] was described by WBGT = -0.0034 HI(2) + 0.96 HI - 34. At lower Heat Index values, the equation estimated WBGTs that were ± 2 °C-WBGT around the actual value, and to about ± 0.5 °C-WBGT for Heat Index values > 100 °F. A relationship between Adjusted Temperature [°F] and WBGT [°C] was described by WBGT = 0.45 Tadj - 16. The actual WBGT was between 1 °C-WBGT below the estimated value and 1.4 °C-WBGT above. That is, there was a slight bias toward overestimating WBGT from Adjusted Temperature. Heat stress screening tables were constructed for metabolic rates of 180, 300, and 450 W. The screening decisions were divided into four categories: (1) exposure limit at rest. The authors do not recommend using Heat Index or Adjusted Temperature instead of WBGT, but they may be used to screen for circumstances when a more detailed analysis using WBGT is appropriate. A particular weakness is accounting for radiant heat; and neither air speed nor clothing was considered.

  9. Validation of the UCLA Child Post traumatic stress disorder-reaction index in Zambia

    Cohen Judith A


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Sexual violence against children is a major global health and human rights problem. In order to address this issue there needs to be a better understanding of the issue and the consequences. One major challenge in accomplishing this goal has been a lack of validated child mental health assessments in low-resource countries where the prevalence of sexual violence is high. This paper presents results from a validation study of a trauma-focused mental health assessment tool - the UCLA Post-traumatic Stress Disorder - Reaction Index (PTSD-RI in Zambia. Methods The PTSD-RI was adapted through the addition of locally relevant items and validated using local responses to three cross-cultural criterion validity questions. Reliability of the symptoms scale was assessed using Cronbach alpha analyses. Discriminant validity was assessed comparing mean scale scores of cases and non-cases. Concurrent validity was assessed comparing mean scale scores to a traumatic experience index. Sensitivity and specificity analyses were run using receiver operating curves. Results Analysis of data from 352 youth attending a clinic specializing in sexual abuse showed that this adapted PTSD-RI demonstrated good reliability, with Cronbach alpha scores greater than .90 on all the evaluated scales. The symptom scales were able to statistically significantly discriminate between locally identified cases and non-cases, and higher symptom scale scores were associated with increased numbers of trauma exposures which is an indication of concurrent validity. Sensitivity and specificity analyses resulted in an adequate area under the curve, indicating that this tool was appropriate for case definition. Conclusions This study has shown that validating mental health assessment tools in a low-resource country is feasible, and that by taking the time to adapt a measure to the local context, a useful and valid Zambian version of the PTSD-RI was developed to detect

  10. The study regarding effect of paraoxon on oxidative stress index in kidney tissue of rats

    Maryam Abbasnezhad1


    Full Text Available (Received 14 July, 2009 ; Accepted 23 December, 2009AbstractBackground and purpose: Paraoxon is the active form of parathion, which is an organophosphate pesticide (OP. The toxic effects of some OPs are not limited to inhibition of cholinesterase, they are capable to produce free radicals and induce disturbance in body antioxidant systems. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of paraoxon on oxidative stress index in the kidney of rat.Materials and methods: Wistar male rats were randomly divided in four groups including: control (corn oil as paraoxon solvent and three paraoxon groups receiving different doses (0.3, 0.7 and 1mg/kg by intraperitoneal injection. 24 hours after injection, animal was given anesthesia and kidney tissue removed. After kidney tissue hemogenation, superoxide dismutase (SOD and catalase (CAT, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH and glutathione S- transferase (GST activities, glutathione (GSH and malondialdehyde (MDA levels were determined by biochemical methods.Results: At doses higher than 0.3 mg/kg paraoxon, kidney SOD and CAT activities were significantly increased, comparing with the control, while GSH level was significantly decreased. There were no significant changes observed in GST, LDH activities and MDA levels.Conclusion: The results suggest that paraoxon induces the production of free radicals and oxidative stress. The enhanced activity of antioxidant enzymes in kidney of rats probably was a function of the increased detoxification capacity. Depletion of tissue GSH is a prime factor, which can impair the cell’s defense against the toxic actions of free radicals.J Mazand Univ Med Sci 2009; 19(73: 17-26 (Persian.

  11. Effect of aflatoxin on malondialdehyde, glutathione levels, and stress index in Toxoplasma gondii infected mice

    A. F. M. Al-Taee


    Full Text Available This study was conducted for the determination of the combined effect of aflatoxin and Toxoplasma gondii on malondialdehyde, glutathione levels, and stress index in sixty young inbred Swiss female albino mice BALB/C, which were randomly divided into six equal groups; Group 1(untreated control animals were maintained without any treatment; group 2 were injected intraperitonealy with T. gondii tissue cysts; groups 3 and 4 were fed diets contaminated with 0.5 and 1 ppm aflatoxin respectively; group 5 and 6 were fed 0.5 and 1 ppm aflatoxin and injected with T. gondii tissue cysts. All animals were maintained for 40 days. One ml, containing 100 Toxoplasma gondii tissue cysts was obtained from brain tissue of naturally infected local breed rabbit was injected intraperitonealy. Aflatoxins (AFs were prepared through inoculation of rice with Aspergillus parasiticus NRRL 2999 and were incorporated into the diet to provide the described level of 0.5 and 1 ppm. At the end of the experiment, blood samples were taken to determine Heterophils/lymphopcytes ratio (H/L, while brain was taken to determine glutathione and malondialdehyde concentration. Results showed that mice injected with T. gondii tissue cysts alone and those groups fed aflatoxin at both rates of 0.5 and 1 ppm were exhibited a significant (P<0.05 increase in H/L ratio, and malondialdehyde, while there is a significant (P<0.05 reduction on the level of glutathione. The results revealed that aflatoxin could exacerbate T. gondii infection and induce stress through suppression of glutathione and elevation of malondialdehyde concentration and H/L ratio.

  12. [Response of isozyme and stress indexes of Coptis chinensis to UV-B radiation].

    Wen, Quan; Zhang, Nan; Cao, Rui-Xia; Zhou, Xin-Yu; Tang, Juan; Wu, Neng-Biao


    To study the physiological mechanism of anti-stress of Coptic chinensis and provide theoretical basis for its cultivation and promoting its quality. Different degrees of the range of time and intensity of UV-B radiation were set in the experiment. Used the technique of polyacrylamide gelatin vertical board electrophoresis (PAGE) to analyse the isozyme and related stress index. The isoenzymic bands of SOD1 (Rf = 0.125), SOD2 (Rf = 0.312), CAT1 (Rf = 0.428), POD3 (Rf = 0.290), POD4 (Rf = 0.636) were induced by UV-B radiation after 3 hours, with the increase of the time of UV-B radiation, those isoenzymic bands was going to vanish or became unclear. Moreover, isoenzymic bands of CAT1 (Rf = 0.428), POD3 (Rf = 0.290) disappeared in advance under heavy intensity of UV-B radiation. Furthermore, the contents of MDA, soluble sugar, proline were higher dramatically than those of control group under UV-B radiation. However, excluding the increases of proline in UL group, the content of MDA, soluble sugar, proline of other groups commenced to decrease slowly and isoenzymic bands of soluble protein increase after 7 hours of UV-B radiation. The increase of the expression of antioxidase isozyme, accumulation of soluble sugar, soluble protein and other antioxidase matter is induced by the short-time UV-B radiation, which can protect Coptis chinensis from being harmed by UV-B radiation. However, regulation system of Coptis chinensis are broken, metabolism is disordered, the bands of antioxidase isozyme vanish or weaken, the bands of soluble protein are increased and widened, these phenomenon is caused by 7 hours of UV-B radiation.

  13. Development of relative thermal stress index (RTSI) for Monitoring and Management of Dry Deciduous Ecosystem

    Gupta, R. K.; Vijayan, D.

    Gir wildlife sanctuary located between 20 r 57 to 21 r 20 N and 70 r 28 to 71 r 13 E is the last home of Asiatic lions Its biodiversity comprises of 450 recorded flowering plant species 32 species of mammals 26 species of reptiles about 300 species of birds and more than 2000 species of insects As per 1995 census it has 304 lions and 268 leopards The movement of wildlife to thermally comfortable zones to reduce stress conditions forces the changes in management plan with reference to change in localized water demand This necessitates the use of space based thermal data available from AVHRR MODIS etc to monitor temperature of Gir-ecosystem for meso-scale level operational utility As the time scale of the variability of NDVI parameter is much higher than that for lower boundary temperature LBT the dense patch in riverine forest having highest NDVI value would not experience change in its vigour with the change in the season NDVI value of such patch would be near invariant over the year and temperature of this pixel could serve as reference temperature for developing the concept of relative thermal stress index RTSI which is defined as RTSI T p -T r T max -T r wherein T r T max and T p refer to LBT over the maximum NDVI reference point maximum LBT observed in the Gir ecosystem and the temperature of the pixel in the image respectively RTSI images were computed from AVHRR images for post-monsoon leaf-shedded and summer seasons Scatter plot between RTSI and NDVI for summer seasons

  14. Effects of ozone therapy on haemostatic and oxidative stress index in coronary artery disease.

    Martínez-Sánchez, Gregorio; Delgado-Roche, Livan; Díaz-Batista, Arquímides; Pérez-Davison, Gema; Re, Lamberto


    Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the most common cause of sudden death, and death of people over 20 years of age. Because ozone therapy can activate the antioxidant system and improve blood circulation and oxygen delivery to tissue, the aim of this study was to investigate the therapeutic efficacy of ozone in patients with CAD, treated with antithrombotic therapy, Aspirin and policosanol. A randomized controlled clinical trial was performed with 53 patients divided into two groups: one (n=27) treated with antithrombotic therapy and other (n=26) treated with antithrombotic therapy plus rectal insufflation of O(3). A parallel group (n=50) age and gender matched was used as reference for the experimental variables. The efficacy of the treatments was evaluated by comparing hemostatic indexes and biochemical markers of oxidative stress in both groups after 20 day of treatment. Ozone treatment significantly (Ptherapy only group, without modifying bleeding time. Combination antithrombotic therapy+O(3) improved the antioxidant status of patients reducing biomarkers of protein and lipid oxidation, enhancing total antioxidant status and modulating the level of superoxide dismutase and catalase with a 57% and 32% reduction in superoxide dismutase and catalase activities respectively, moving the redox environment to a status of low production of O(2)(•-) with an increase in H(2)O(2) detoxification. No side effects were observed. These results show that medical ozone treatment could be a complementary therapy in the treatment of CAD and its complications.

  15. Associations between body mass index, post-traumatic stress disorder, and child maltreatment in young women.

    Duncan, Alexis E; Sartor, Carolyn E; Jonson-Reid, Melissa; Munn-Chernoff, Melissa A; Eschenbacher, Michaela A; Diemer, Elizabeth W; Nelson, Elliot C; Waldron, Mary; Bucholz, Kathleen K; Madden, Pamela A F; Heath, Andrew C


    The objective of this study was to examine interrelationships between child maltreatment, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and body mass index (BMI) in young women. We used multinomial logistic regression models to explore the possibility that PTSD statistically mediates or moderates the association between BMI category and self-reported childhood sexual abuse (CSA), physical abuse (CPA), or neglect among 3,699 young women participating in a population-based twin study. Obese women had the highest prevalence of CSA, CPA, neglect, and PTSD (pchild maltreatment were significantly, positively associated with overweight and obesity in unadjusted models, only CSA was significantly associated with obesity after adjusting for other forms of maltreatment and covariates (OR=2.21, 95% CI: 1.63, 3.00). CSA and neglect, but not CPA, were associated with underweight in unadjusted models; however, after adjusting for other forms of maltreatment and covariates, the associations were no longer statistically significant (OR=1.43, 95% CI: 0.90-2.28 and OR=2.16, 95% CI: 0.90-5.16 for CSA and neglect, respectively). Further adjustment for PTSD generally resulted in modest attenuation of effects across associations of child maltreatment forms with BMI categories, suggesting that PTSD may, at most, be only a weak partial mediator of these associations. Future longitudinal studies are needed to elucidate the mechanisms linking CSA and obesity and to further evaluate the role of PTSD in associations between child maltreatment and obesity.

  16. Effect of remifentanil combined with propofol anesthesia on stress response, blood gas index in patients with laparoscopic cholecystectomy

    Yan-Dong Jiang; Su-Min Zhao


    Objective:To observe the effect of remifentanil combined with propofol anesthesia on stress response, blood gas index in patients with laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Methods:A total of 88 patients with laparoscopic cholecystectomy were randomly divided into the observation group (46 cases) and the control group (42 cases). After anesthesia induction,the observation group was given remifentanil combined with propofol intravenous anesthesia for continuous anesthesia, and control group was given isoflurane and propofol. Stress response (TNF-αα, CRP, BG, COGT), blood gas index (PaO2, PCO2, PH value) before surgery, before anesthesia maintained, and after surgery between two groups were compared. Results: Before anesthesia maintained and after surgery, PaO2 and PCO2 levels of the two groups increased with before surgery (P0.05). pH value of the two groups showed no change before and after surgery. Before anesthesia maintained and after surgery, TNF-αα, CRP, BG, COGT of the two groups increased with before surgery (P0.05) at before anesthesia maintained. While to the end of surgery, these index of the control group was significantly higher than that in the observation group (P<0.05). Conclusions:Remifentanil combined with propofol anesthesia can make blood gas index stable as well as isoflurane combined with propofol anesthesia, but inhibit stress response more significantly.

  17. The relationship between the development of musculoskeletal disorders, body mass index, and academic stress in Bahraini University students.

    Tantawy, Sayed A; Abdul Rahman, Asma; Abdul Ameer, Maryam


    There are many mechanisms in which stress can lead to weight gain thus high a BMI. The endocrine and inflammatory pathway can directly increase abdominal adiposity. Another way in which stress leads to weight gain is through changes in health behaviors. The study aimed to investigate the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among healthy students of Ahlia University, and to determine the relationship between the development of MSDs and academic stressors and body mass index. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to 94 students aged 18-26 years who were enrolled at various Ahlia University colleges and met other inclusion criteria. The students responded to the standardized Nordic musculoskeletal questionnaire and the modified College Student Stress Inventory regarding musculoskeletal symptoms and academic stressors. Height and weight measurements were also obtained to determine body mass index. A total of 77.66% reported MSDs in one or more body part, with the prevalence being higher among women than among men. The 7-day prevalence of MSDs severe enough to interfere with activities of daily living was 60.64%, and 44.68% by female and male students, respectively. There was a significant relationship between academic stress and MSDs in the neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips, while the relationship between MSDs, and body mass index, academic stress, and grade point average was not significant. The prevalence of MSDs among Ahlia University students was found to be high. Apart from the positive correlation between academic stress and MSDs in certain body parts, other correlations were not significant.

  18. Affect systems, changes in body mass index, disordered eating and stress: an 18-month longitudinal study in women.

    Kupeli, N; Norton, S; Chilcot, J; Campbell, I C; Schmidt, U H; Troop, N A


    Background: Evidence suggests that stress plays a role in changes in body weight and disordered eating. The present study examined the effect of mood, affect systems (attachment and social rank) and affect regulatory processes (self-criticism, self-reassurance) on the stress process and how this impacts on changes in weight and disordered eating. Methods: A large sample of women participated in a community-based prospective, longitudinal online study in which measures of body mass index (BMI), disordered eating, perceived stress, attachment, social rank, mood and self-criticism/reassurance were measured at 6-monthly intervals over an 18-month period. Results: Latent Growth Curve Modelling showed that BMI increased over 18 months while stress and disordered eating decreased and that these changes were predicted by high baseline levels of these constructs. Independently of this, however, increases in stress predicted a reduction in BMI which was, itself, predicted by baseline levels of self-hatred and unfavourable social comparison. Conclusions: This study adds support to the evidence that stress is important in weight change. In addition, this is the first study to show in a longitudinal design, that social rank and self-criticism (as opposed to self-reassurance) at times of difficulty predict increases in stress and, thus, suggests a role for these constructs in weight regulation.

  19. A comparison of THI indices leads to a sensible heat-based heat stress index for shaded cattle that aligns temperature and humidity stress

    Berman, A.; Horovitz, Talia; Kaim, M.; Gacitua, H.


    The combined temperature-humidity heat stress is estimated in farm animals by indices derived of an index based on human thermal comfort sensation. The latter index consists of temperature and humidity measures that sum to form the temperature-humidity index (THI). The hitherto unknown relative contribution of temperature and humidity to the THI was examined. A temperature-humidity data set (temperature 20-42 °C and relative humidity 10-70 %) was used to assess by regression procedures the relative weights of temperature and humidity in the variance of THI values produced by six commonly used heat stress indices. The temperature (Ta) effect was predominant (0.82-0.95 of variance) and humidity accounted for only 0.05 to 0.12 of THI variance, half of the variance encountered in animal responses to variable humidity heat stress. Significant difference in THI values was found between indices in the relative weights of temperature and humidity. As in THI indices, temperature and humidity are expressed in different physical units, their sum has no physical attributes, and empirical evaluations assess THI relation to animal responses. A sensible heat THI was created, in which at higher temperatures humidity reaches 0.25 of sensible heat, similarly to evaporative heat loss span in heat stressed animals. It relates to ambient temperature-humidity similarly to present THI; its values are similar to other THI but greater at higher humidity. In warm conditions, mean animal responses are similar in both indices. The higher sensitivity to humidity makes this index preferable for warm-humid conditions.

  20. The development of the Hong Kong Heat Index for enhancing the heat stress information service of the Hong Kong Observatory

    Lee, K. L.; Chan, Y. H.; Lee, T. C.; Goggins, William B.; Chan, Emily Y. Y.


    This paper presents a study to develop a heat index, for use in hot and humid sub-tropical climate in Hong Kong. The study made use of hospitalization data and heat stress measurement data in Hong Kong from 2007 to 2011. The heat index, which is called Hong Kong Heat Index (HKHI), is calculated from the natural wet bulb temperature, the globe temperature, and the dry bulb temperature together with a set of coefficients applicable to the high humidity condition in the summer of Hong Kong. Analysis of the response of hospitalization rate to variation in HKHI and two other heat indices, namely Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) and Net Effective Temperature (NET), revealed that HKHI performed generally better than WBGT and NET in reflecting the heat stress impact on excess hospitalization ratio in Hong Kong. Based on the study results, two reference criteria of HKHI were identified to establish a two-tier approach for the enhancement of the heat stress information service in Hong Kong.

  1. Discovering how urban poverty and violence affect health: development and validation of a Neighborhood Stress Index.

    Ewart, Craig K; Suchday, Sonia


    Health problems of the urban poor have been attributed to psychosocial effects of environmental stress. Testing such models requires an ability to measure neighborhood characteristics that make life stressful. The City Stress Inventory (CSI) uses self-report to assess perceived neighborhood disorder and exposure to violence. Data from an interracial sample of urban adolescents show the CSI to be internally consistent, stable, and correlated with census indices of social disadvantage. Validity for stress research is indicated by correlations with trait depression, anger, hostility, self-esteem, and mood changes during a debate with an unfamiliar peer. The CSI can be completed by persons with an 8th-grade education.

  2. The Relationships Among Perceived Stress, Food Choice, and Body Mass Index in Air Force Personnel


    2008). Immediate psychological states, such as stress, may promote a desire for specific foods such as the desire for coffee or chocolate prompted...distraction, changes in appetite, or nutritional modulation of brain function (Gibson, 2006). Periods of intense workloads have been associated with...times of stress typically favor high energy, low nutrient dense foods which have increased fat and/or sugar content such as sweets and chocolates

  3. Measuring Thermal Stress of Dairy Cattle Based on Temperature Humidity Index (THI) in Tropical Climate

    Sugiono; Dewi Hardiningtyas; Rudy Soenoko


    Thermal comfort for workers is very important factor to increase their performance, as well as the comfort level of dairy cattle will influence in milk productivity. The purposes of the paper is to measure the level of heat stress and then use the information to design the dairy cattle house for increasing thermal comfort. The research is started with literature review of heat stress and early survey of environment condition e.g. temperature, wind speed and relative humidity. The next step is...

  4. Initial and post-treatment total oxidant-antioxidant status and oxidative stress index in male patients with manic episode.

    Kalelioglu, Tevfik; Genc, Abdullah; Karamustafalioglu, Nesrin; Tasdemir, Akif; Can Gungor, Ferda; Cansiz, Alparslan; Incir, Said; Cem Ilnem, M; Emul, Murat


    We investigated serum total oxidative and anti-oxidative status in manic patients. Group1 was formed as ECT+antipsychotic, group2 was antipsychotic and healthy volunteers as group3. The anti-oxidative status was significantly lower in group1 than group3. No significant change was found between pre and post-treatment oxidative and anti-oxidative status, whereas significantly increased oxidative stress index has been found in group2. Total anti-oxidative status in manic states seems to be inadequate which remains to be maintained after the treatment. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. Assessing the heat stress of brick-manufacturing units’ workers based on WBGT index in Qom city

    R. Hajizadeh


    Full Text Available Introduction: Heat stress is considered as a serious risk factor to the health and safety of workers in most working environments, especially in outdoor works and jobs that workers are exposed to heat due to the working process. This study aimed to evaluate heat stress among workers of brick-manufacturing units in Qom city based on WBGT index as well as the relationship between WBGT and physiological indicators. .Material and Method: The present study was conducted in 40 brick-manufacturing units in Qom city. WBGT measurements were performed according to ISO7243 standard. Physiological responses of 184 workers (up to 5 people per unit and also atmospheric parameters were measured. The physiological responses included oral temperature, skin temperature, and temperature for the carotid artery of the ear, heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS software version 16. .Result: Mean WBGT index for various brick-manufacturing jobs including firing, manual material handling, working with conveyors, molding, and tempering were 30.8 °C, 26.74 °C 26.58 °C and 24.25 °C, respectively and the average WBGT was estimated 27.98 °C. WBGT levels measured in all units exceeded the level provided in ISO7243 standard. The highest mean WBGT was belonged to kiln section (30.8 °C. The mean WBGT at three heights of head, abdomen and legs were not statistically different (using t-test. The correlation coefficients between mean WBGT and mean oral, skin and ears temperatures were 0.203, 0.319, and 0.490, respectively, with the highest correlation belonged to the carotid arteries of ears. Moreover, WBGT showed no significant association with the mean heart rate, systolic, and diastolic blood pressure (P-value>0.05. Indoor and outdoor WBGT index was significantly different (P-value<0.05. .Conclusion: The level of heat stress in all brick-manufacturing units was higher than the recommended limits, and the workers in kiln

  6. Biological stress reactivity as an index of the two polarities of the experience model.

    Silva, Jaime R; Vivanco-Carlevari, Anastassia; Barrientos, Mauricio; Martínez, Claudio; Salazar, Luis A; Krause, Mariane


    The two-polarities model of personality argues that experience is organized around two axes: interpersonal relatedness and self-definition. Differential emphasis on one of these poles defines adaptive and pathological experiences, generating anaclitic or introjective tendencies. The anaclitic pattern, on one hand, has been conceptually related with an exaggerated emphasis on interpersonal relatedness. On the other hand, the introjective pattern has been connected to high levels of self-criticism. The aim of this study was to investigate the psychophysiological basis for this relationship. Specifically, we hypothesized that the anaclitic individual should have a higher biological reactivity to stress (BRS), measured by the cortisol concentration in saliva, in an interpersonal stress induction protocol (Trier Social Stress Test). Contrary to what was expected, the results indicated that introjective participants presented a higher BSR than the anaclitic group. Interestingly, in contrast to their higher BSR, the introjective group reported a diminished subjective stress in relation to the average. In the anaclitic group, a tendency that goes in the opposite direction was found. Theoretical implications of these findings were discussed. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  7. Development of a Hyperspectral Index for Detection of Initial Water Stress in Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga Canadensis)

    Wiener, M. J.; Rock, B. N.


    Hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsugae Annand) is an invasive insect pathogen that is causing significant mortality in existing eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis Carriere) stands across the Northeastern USA. Unchecked, A. tsugae will continue to decimate hemlock forests, initiating irreversible ecological alterations. Hemlock survival is dependent upon site conditions, where trees in mesic environments tend to decline at slower rates than trees in xeric ones. In addition, A. tsugae has been reported to restrict xylem flow in hemlock needles, potentially causing foliar drying. There has been little research on the ability of remote sensing tools to detect eastern hemlock water stress, a key factor in resistance to A. tsugae. In this study, 2007 hemlock needles were collected from 10 sites across the northeast and subjected to simulated water stress in order to determine the applicability of multispectral and hyperspectral indices in diagnosing hemlock water stress. Samples were dried in an oven at 65° C in two time groups: 60 minutes and 300 minutes. Spectral scans by a Visible Infrared Intelligent Spectrometer (VIRIS) in addition to percent water loss measurements were made at regular intervals throughout the drying period. Results include the rapid formation of reflectance peaks at 530 nm, 590 nm, and 644 nm which may be used to create hyperspectral water stress indices tailored to hemlocks that are extremely accurate in predicting both initial (R644/R669 r2=.773, p<.0001; Normalized R644/R669 r2=.801, p<.0001) and long-term (R644/R669 r2=.864, p<.0001; Normalized R644/R669 r2=.889, p<.0001) water stress. These findings can provide a significant tool in current management efforts of the HWA, by identifying both hemlock stands under environmental water stress, which are likely prone to infestation, in addition to regions under the initial stages of infestation. As a result, conservationists and forest managers will be afforded an opportunity to direct control

  8. Respiratory sinus arrhythmia as a non-invasive index of ′brain-heart′ interaction in stress

    Ingrid Tonhajzerova


    Full Text Available Respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA is accepted as a peripheral marker of cardiac-linked parasympathetic regulation. According to polyvagal theory, the RSA is also considered as the index of emotion regulation. The neurovisceral integration model posits that parasympathetic modulation of the heart marked by RSA is related to complex nervous regulation associated with emotional and cognitive processing. From this perspective, high resting RSA amplitude associated with a greater withdrawal during stressors and subsequent recovery could represent a flexible and adaptive physiological response system to a challenge. Conversely, low resting RSA accompanied by an inadequate reactivity to stress might reflect maladaptive regulatory mechanisms. The RSA reactivity is different with various types of stressors: while the RSA decreases to cognitive tasks indicating a vagal withdrawal, the RSA magnitude increases to emotional challenge indicating an effective cognitive processing of emotional stimuli. The RSA reactivity to stress could have important implications for several mental disorders, e.g. depressive or anxiety disorder. It seems that the study of the RSA, as a non-invasive index of ′brain-heart′ communication, could provide important information on the pathway linked to mental and physical health.

  9. Neutrophils stimulation index in people under consumption of broiler chickens meat at pre-slaughter stress correction

    S. Grabovskyi


    introduced before slaughter (experimental group. The neutrophils stimulation index decreased in men blood (–2,21 after consumption of broiler chickens meat at pre-slaughter stress (control group. The neutrophils stimulation index in men blood of experimental and control groups differed by 34,8%, but did not go beyond the physiological norm. At the final stage of poultry feeding it is necessary to consider pre-slaughter stress and to apply biologically active substances of natural origin, such as spleen extract. The results obtained in the experiment on broiler chickens can be used in studies of non-specific resistance indices of the farm animals for increasing the organism resistance, correction and avoiding of pre-slaughter stress and improvement of product quality

  10. Multistructure index in revealing complexity of regulatory mechanisms of human cardiovascular system at rest and orthostatic stress in healthy humans

    Makowiec, Danuta; Graff, Beata; Struzik, Zbigniew R.


    Biological regulation is sufficiently complex to pose an enduring challenge for characterization of both its equilibrium and transient non-equilibrium dynamics. Two univariate but coupled observables, heart rate and systolic blood pressure, are commonly characterized in the benchmark example of the human cardiovascular regulatory system. Asymmetric distributions of accelerations and decelerations of heart rate, as well as rises and falls in systolic blood pressure, recorded in humans during a head-up tilt test provide insights into the dynamics of cardiovascular response to a rapid, controlled deregulation of the system's homeostasis. The baroreflex feedback loop is assumed to be the fundamental physiological mechanism for ensuring homeostatic blood supply to distant organs at rest and during orthostatic stress, captured in a classical beat-to-beat autoregressive model of baroreflex by de Boer et al. (1987). For model corroboration, a multistructure index statistic is proposed, seamlessly evaluating the size spectrum of magnitudes of neural reflexes such as baroreflex, responsible for maintaining the homeostatic dynamics. The multistructure index exposes a distinctly different dynamics of multiscale asymmetry between results obtained from real-life signals recorded from healthy subjects and those simulated using both the classical and perturbed versions of the model. Nonlinear effects observed suggest the pronounced presence of complex mechanisms resulting from baroreflex regulation when a human is at rest, which is aggravated in the system's response to orthostatic stress. Using our methodology of multistructure index, we therefore show a marked difference between model and real-life scenarios, which we attribute to multiscale asymmetry of non-linear origin in real-life signals, which we are not reproducible by the classical model.

  11. Oxidative stress index (OSi) as a new tool to assess redox status in dairy cattle during the transition period.

    Abuelo, A; Hernández, J; Benedito, J L; Castillo, C


    Oxidative stress (OS) plays a key role in the initiation or progression of numerous diseases, and dairy cows undergo OS at the transition period. However, discrepancies between methodologies make it difficult to make comparisons between studies, and therefore research on this topic may not be implemented in farms. This study aims to test under field conditions the use of an oxidative stress index (OSi) as a combined measurement through a ratio between pro-oxidants and antioxidants throughout the transition period in dairy farms. Serum samples of high-yielding dairy cows were taken, and markers of oxidative damage and antioxidant capacity were measured in four different production stages: (i) late lactation (LL; -2 to -1 months); (ii) prepartum (PrP; -1 month until parturition); (iii) postpartum (PsP; delivery to +1 month); and (iv) peak of lactation (PkL; +1 to +2.5 months). Values were compared between production stages and against a metabolic baseline status (CTR, 4th to 5th month of gestation). To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report in the literature that discusses the values of these oxidative stress biomarkers (and the OS index) for cows with low metabolic demands, as to date most research in this area has focused on the transition period. With the joint evaluation through the OSi, differences were found that were not present with the separate evaluation of pro-oxidants or antioxidants, thus supporting our hypothesis that the OSi indicates more accurately the oxidative status of the animals. It was also confirmed that dairy cows undergo OS after parturition, and that antioxidant supplementation from 1 month before parturition until the peak of lactation may be needed to reduce the risk of OS.

  12. Redox homeostasis in stomach medium by foods: The Postprandial Oxidative Stress Index (POSI for balancing nutrition and human health

    Joseph Kanner


    Full Text Available Red-meat lipid peroxidation in the stomach results in postprandial oxidative stress (POS which is characterized by the generation of a variety of reactive cytotoxic aldehydes including malondialdehyde (MDA. MDA is absorbed in the blood system reacts with cell proteins to form adducts resulting in advanced lipid peroxidation end products (ALEs, producing dysfunctional proteins and cellular responses. The pathological consequences of ALEs tissue damage include inflammation and increased risk for many chronic diseases that are associated with a Western-type diet. In earlier studies we used the simulated gastric fluid (SGF condition to show that the in vitro generation of MDA from red meat closely resembles that in human blood after consumption the same amount of meat. In vivo and in vitro MDA generations were similarly suppressed by polyphenol-rich beverages (red wine and coffee consumed with the meal. The present study uses the in vitro SGF to assess the capacity of more than 50 foods of plant origin to suppress red meat peroxidation and formation of MDA. The results were calculated as reducing POS index (rPOSI which represents the capacity in percent of 100 g of the food used to inhibit lipid peroxidation of 200 g red-meat a POSI enhancer (ePOSI. The index permitted to extrapolate the need of rPOSI from a food alone or in ensemble such Greek salad, to neutralize an ePOSI in stomach medium, (ePOS–rPOSI=0. The correlation between the rPOSI and polyphenols in the tested foods was R2=0.75. The Index was validated by comparison of the predicted rPOSI for a portion of Greek salad or red-wine to real inhibition of POS enhancers. The POS Index permit to better balancing nutrition for human health.

  13. Consumption of a high glycemic load but not a high glycemic index diet is marginally associated with oxidative stress in young women.

    Arikawa, Andrea Y; Jakits, Holly E; Flood, Andrew; Thomas, William; Gross, Myron; Schmitz, Kathryn H; Kurzer, Mindy S


    Research studies have suggested that chronic consumption of high glycemic index foods may lead to chronically high oxidative stress. This is important because oxidative stress is suspected to be an early event in the etiology of many disease processes. We hypothesized that dietary glycemic index and glycemic load were positively associated with oxidative stress assessed by plasma F2-isoprostanes in healthy, premenopausal women (body mass index [BMI] = 24.7 ± 4.8 kg/m(2) and age 25.3 ± 3.5 years, mean ± SD). We measured plasma F2-isoprostanes in 306 healthy premenopausal women at the baseline visit for the Women In Steady Exercise Research study, using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Dietary glycemic index and load were calculated from the National Cancer Institute Diet History Questionnaire, and participants were divided into quartiles of dietary glycemic index and of glycemic load. Plasma F2-isoprostanes were compared across quartile groups of dietary glycemic index and glycemic load using linear regression models. Plasma F2-isoprostanes (pg/mL) increased with quartile of glycemic load (test for linear trend, P = .033), and also increased with quartile of glycemic index in participants with BMI ≥ 25 (P = .035) but not in those with BMI glycemic index and P = .065 for quartiles of glycemic load).

  14. A method for canopy water content estimation for highly vegetated surfaces-shortwave infrared perpendicular water stress index

    GHULAM; Abduwasit; LI; Zhao-Liang; QIN; QiMing; TONG; QingXi; WANG; JiHua; KASIMU; Alimujiang; ZHU; Lin


    In this paper, a new method for canopy water content (FMC) estimation for highly vegetated surfaces- shortwave infrared perpendicular water stress index (SPSI) is developed using NIR, SWIR wavelengths of Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) on the basis of spectral features and distribution of surface targets with different water conditions in NIR-SWIR spectral space. The developed method is further explored with radiative transfer simulations using PROSPECT, Lillesaeter, SailH and 6S. It is evident from the results of validation derived from satellite synchronous field measurements that SPSI is highly correlated with FMC, coefficient of determination (R squared) and root mean square error are 0.79 and 26.41%. The paper concludes that SPSI has a potential in vegetation water content estimation in terms of FMC.

  15. Probable preventive effects of placenta from oxidative stress; Evaluation of total antioxidant status, total oxidant status and oxidative stress index in fetal cord blood during the delivery.

    Camkurt, Mehmet Akif; Fındıklı, Ebru; Tolun, Fatma İnanç; Bakacak, Murat; Bal, Nilay Gül; Sakallı, Hilal; Güneş, Mehmet


    Depression in pregnancy may have negative effects on birth outcomes. It may also effect the intrauterine environment of the fetus. The umbilical cord is the conduit between the fetus and placenta, and functions in the transport between fetus and mother. Investigating biochemical parameters in fetal cord blood (FCB) during delivery may be helpful to understanding to what the fetus is exposed to, at least in the last trimester. In this study, we aimed to investigate total antioxidant status (TAS), total oxidant status (TOS), and oxidative stress index (OSI) in the FCB of depressed mothers and healthy controls during delivery. Our study included 33 depressed mothers and 37 healthy controls. TAS, TOS, and OSI were measured according to Erel's method. We found that TAS, TOS, and OSI levels were similar in patients and healthy controls; however, the birth weights of depressed patients were significantly lower than those of healthy controls. Our results suggest that the placental barrier may prevent from oxidative stress. Future studies should include blood samples collected simultaneously from mothers during delivery. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  16. Remote detection of water stress conditions via a diurnal photochemical reflectance index (PRI) improves yield prediction in rainfed wheat

    Magney, T. S.; Vierling, L. A.; Eitel, J.


    Employing remotely sensed techniques to quantify the existence and magnitude of midday photosynthetic downregulation using the photochemical reflectance index (PRI) may reveal new information about plant responses to abiotic stressors in space and time. However, the interpretation and application of the PRI can be confounded because of its sensitivity to several variables changing at the diurnal (e.g., irradiation, shadow fraction) and seasonal (e.g., leaf area, chlorophyll and carotene pigment concentrations, irradiation) time scales. We explored different techniques to correct the PRI for variations in canopy structure and relative chlorophyll content (ChlR) using highly temporally resolved (frequency = five minutes) in-situ radiometric measurements of PRI and the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) over eight soft white spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)field plots under varying nitrogen and soil water conditions over two seasons. Our results suggest that the influence of seasonal variation in canopy ChlR and LAI on the diurnally measured PRI (PRIdiurnal) can be minimized using simple correction techniques, therefore improving the strength of PRI as a tool to quantify abiotic stressors such as daily changes in soil volumetric water content (SVWC), and vapor pressure deficit (VPD). PRIdiurnal responded strongly to available nitrogen, and linearly tracked seasonal changes in SVWC, VPD, and stomatal conductance (gc). Utilizing the PRI as an indicator of stress, yield predictions significantly over greenness indices such as the NDVI. This study provides insight towards the future interpretation and scaling of PRI to quantify rapid changes in photosynthesis, and as an indicator of plant stress.

  17. Workplace stressors and lifestyle-related cancer risk factors among female physicians: assessment using the Occupational Stress Index.

    Belkić, Karen; Nedic, Olesja


    This study examined the relationship between work stressors and lifestyle-related cancer risk factors (LRCRF): smoking, obesity, sedentariness and alcohol consumption, among 112 female physicians in Novi Sad, a region of high LRCRF prevalence. The participation rate was 92.6%. Participants completed the physician-specific version of the Occupational Stress Index (OSI). Self-reported data concerning LRCRF and working conditions were cross-validated with medical records, as well as with worksite measurements and expert observations. A total of 35 (31.3%) of the physicians were current smokers and 10 (8.9%) were heavy smokers (>20 cigarettes/day); 23 (20.5%) had a body mass index (BMI) of 28 or more, and 11 (9.8%) were obese (BMI> or =30). Only 27 (24.1%) regularly engaged in recreational physical activity (PA). Slightly over 5% consumed alcohol daily. Altogether 15 (13.4%) had a low lifestyle-related cancer risk profile (not a current smoker, BMIobesity and/or sedentariness) and problems hampering patient care (smoking). There is an urgent need to lower the LRCRF among female physicians in this high risk region. Our findings suggest that diminishing the work stressor burden should be considered when developing intervention strategies aimed at these risk factors.

  18. Relationship between the Peroxidation of Leukocytes Index Ratio and the Improvement of Postprandial Metabolic Stress by a Functional Food

    Ilaria Peluso


    Full Text Available For the first time, we investigated the relationship between postprandial dysmetabolism and the Peroxidation of Leukocytes Index Ratio (PLIR, a test that measures the resistance of leukocytes to exogenous oxidative stress and their functional capacity of oxidative burst upon activation. Following a blind, placebo controlled, randomized, crossover design, ten healthy subjects ingested, in two different occasions, a high fat and high carbohydrates meal with Snello cookie (HFHCM-S or with control cookies (HFHCM-C. Snello cookie, a functional food covered by dark chocolate and containing glucomannan, inulin, fructooligosaccharides, and Bacillus coagulans strain GanedenBC30, significantly improved postprandial metabolic stress (insulin, glucose, and triglycerides and reduced the postprandial increase of uric acid. HFHCM-S improved PLIR of lymphocytes, but not of monocytes and granulocytes. Both meals increased granulocytes’ count and reduced the lipoperoxidation induced by both exogenous free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS produced by oxidative burst. Our results suggest that the healthy status of the subjects could be a limitation of this pilot study for PLIR evaluation on cells that produce ROS by oxidative burst. In conclusion, the relationship between PLIR and postprandial dysmetabolism requires further investigations.

  19. Unmanned aircraft system-derived crop height and normalized difference vegetation index metrics for sorghum yield and aphid stress assessment

    Stanton, Carly; Starek, Michael J.; Elliott, Norman; Brewer, Michael; Maeda, Murilo M.; Chu, Tianxing


    A small, fixed-wing unmanned aircraft system (UAS) was used to survey a replicated small plot field experiment designed to estimate sorghum damage caused by an invasive aphid. Plant stress varied among 40 plots through manipulation of aphid densities. Equipped with a consumer-grade near-infrared camera, the UAS was flown on a recurring basis over the growing season. The raw imagery was processed using structure-from-motion to generate normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) maps of the fields and three-dimensional point clouds. NDVI and plant height metrics were averaged on a per plot basis and evaluated for their ability to identify aphid-induced plant stress. Experimental soil signal filtering was performed on both metrics, and a method filtering low near-infrared values before NDVI calculation was found to be the most effective. UAS NDVI was compared with NDVI from sensors onboard a manned aircraft and a tractor. The correlation results showed dependence on the growth stage. Plot averages of NDVI and canopy height values were compared with per-plot yield at 14% moisture and aphid density. The UAS measures of plant height and NDVI were correlated to plot averages of yield and insect density. Negative correlations between aphid density and NDVI were seen near the end of the season in the most damaged crops.

  20. Relationship between the Peroxidation of Leukocytes Index Ratio and the Improvement of Postprandial Metabolic Stress by a Functional Food.

    Peluso, Ilaria; Manafikhi, Husseen; Reggi, Raffaella; Longhitano, Yaroslava; Zanza, Christian; Palmery, Maura


    For the first time, we investigated the relationship between postprandial dysmetabolism and the Peroxidation of Leukocytes Index Ratio (PLIR), a test that measures the resistance of leukocytes to exogenous oxidative stress and their functional capacity of oxidative burst upon activation. Following a blind, placebo controlled, randomized, crossover design, ten healthy subjects ingested, in two different occasions, a high fat and high carbohydrates meal with Snello cookie (HFHCM-S) or with control cookies (HFHCM-C). Snello cookie, a functional food covered by dark chocolate and containing glucomannan, inulin, fructooligosaccharides, and Bacillus coagulans strain GanedenBC30, significantly improved postprandial metabolic stress (insulin, glucose, and triglycerides) and reduced the postprandial increase of uric acid. HFHCM-S improved PLIR of lymphocytes, but not of monocytes and granulocytes. Both meals increased granulocytes' count and reduced the lipoperoxidation induced by both exogenous free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced by oxidative burst. Our results suggest that the healthy status of the subjects could be a limitation of this pilot study for PLIR evaluation on cells that produce ROS by oxidative burst. In conclusion, the relationship between PLIR and postprandial dysmetabolism requires further investigations.

  1. Evaluation of neural network modeing to calculate well-watered leaf temperature of wine grape

    Mild to moderate water stress is desirable in wine grape for controlling vine vigor and optimizing fruit yield and quality, but precision irrigation management is hindered by the lack of a reliable method to easily quantify and monitor vine water status. The crop water stress index (CWSI) that effec...

  2. Airborne Thermal Imagery to Detect the Seasonal Evolution of Crop Water Status in Peach, Nectarine and Saturn Peach Orchards

    Joaquim Bellvert


    Full Text Available In the current scenario of worldwide limited water supplies, conserving water is a major concern in agricultural areas. Characterizing within-orchard spatial heterogeneity in water requirements would assist in improving irrigation water use efficiency and conserve water. The crop water stress index (CWSI has been successfully used as a crop water status indicator in several fruit tree species. In this study, the CWSI was developed in three Prunus persica L. cultivars at different phenological stages of the 2012 to 2014 growing seasons, using canopy temperature measurements of well-watered trees. The CWSI was then remotely estimated using high-resolution thermal imagery acquired from an airborne platform and related to leaf water potential (ѰL throughout the season. The feasibility of mapping within-orchard spatial variability of ѰL from thermal imagery was also explored. Results indicated that CWSI can be calculated using a common non-water-stressed baseline (NWSB, upper and lower limits for the entire growing season and for the three studied cultivars. Nevertheless, a phenological effect was detected in the CWSI vs. ѰL relationships. For a specific given CWSI value, ѰL was more negative as the crop developed. This different seasonal response followed the same trend for the three studied cultivars. The approach presented in this study demonstrated that CWSI is a feasible method to assess the spatial variability of tree water status in heterogeneous orchards, and to derive ѰL maps throughout a complete growing season. A sensitivity analysis of varying pixel size showed that a pixel size of 0.8 m or less was needed for precise ѰL mapping of peach and nectarine orchards with a tree crown area between 3.0 to 5.0 m2.

  3. Impact of temperature-humidity index on egg-laying characteristics and related stress and immunity parameters of Japanese quails

    El-Tarabany, Mahmoud Salah


    The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of temperature-humidity index (THI) level on productive parameters, welfare, and immunity in Japanese quails. One hundred and eighty (180) birds of Japanese quail, 14 weeks old, were used. Birds were divided randomly into three equal groups, control (at low THI, less than 70), H1 (at moderate THI, 70-75), and H2 (at high THI, 76-80). Birds in the control group had higher body weight (281.2 g, p = 0.001), egg mass (745 g, p = 0.001), fertility (85.4 %, p = 0.039), hatchability (80.4 %, p = 0.001), and immune response titer to Newcastle disease virus ( p = 0.031), compared with H2 group. Furthermore, the thermoneutral group had higher internal egg quality score [albumen height (5.14 mm, p = 0.001), yolk height (10.88 mm, p = 0.015), yolk index (42.32 %, p = 0.039), and Haugh unit (92.67, p = 0.001)]. Nevertheless, there were no significant differences in fertility percentage, immune response, and corticosterone concentration between control and H1 group. Birds in the H2 group had the lowest total leucocytic count and lymphocyte percentage ( p = 0.001 and 0.020, respectively) but the highest H/L ratio (0.83, p = 0.001). Corticosterone concentration was lower in control and H1 groups (5.49 and 6.41 ng/mL, respectively, p = 0.024) than that in H2 group. Japanese quail exposed to heat stress revealed drop in production and immunological parameters, as well as a detrimental effects on welfare. Thus, practical approaches might be used to reduce the detrimental effects of greater THI level.

  4. Evaluation of total antioxidant status, total oxidant status and oxidative stress index in patients with alopecia areata.

    Motor, Sedat; Ozturk, Sahin; Ozcan, Oguzhan; Gurpinar, Ahmet Burak; Can, Yesim; Yuksel, Rana; Yenin, Julide Zehra; Seraslan, Gamze; Ozturk, O Hasan


    In this study, we aimed to evaluate total oxidative stress and total antioxidant capacity in serum samples from patients with Alopesia Areata (AA) in our laboratory conditions. In this study, 46 subjects with AA (26 females, 20 males) and the control subjects of 36 (20 females, 16 males) age- and sex-matched healthy volunteers from our hospital staffs were enrolled (the mean age was 23.7 ± 11.0 years). Blood samples were obtained following an overnight fasting state, and were collected on ice at 4°C. The serum samples were separated from the cells by centrifugation at 3000 rpm for 15 min and were stored at -80°C and used for the analysis of the Total Antioxidant Status (TAS) and Total Oxidant Status (TOS). Total Antioxidant Status (TAS) and Total Oxidant Status (TOS), Oxidative Stress Index (OSI) (TOS/TAS) levels of AA patients were 1.4777 ± 0.1986; 9.7490 ± 6.0445; 0.6593 ± 0.4069 respectively. TAS; TOS; OSİ (TOS/TAS) levels of controls were 1.4028 ± 0.1687; 9.4627 ± 4.2781; 0.6875 ± 0.3232 respectively. TAS, TOS and OSİ levels showed no significant difference between the control and AA group (p > 0.05). Future studies about AA pathogenesis should be based not only on oxidant/antioxidant balance but also on several other factors. Because it was observed that the disease showed recurrence in different situations. Since the selection criteria of patients is affected from disease severity and environmental and genetical factors, multicentric studies with better sampled patient population and higher patient number is required.

  5. Role of Ascorbic Acid on Germination Indexes and Enzyme Activity of Vicia faba Seeds Grown under Salinity Stress

    Awatif A. Mohsen


    Full Text Available The present work aimed to investigate changes in growth and some metabolic activities in NaCl-stressed bean seedlings, and assessing the role of ascorbic acid to alleviate these changes. The germination was carried out to study the response of presoaked faba bean seeds (Vicia faba cv. Misr 2 in freshly prepared ascorbic acid (50 ppm ≈ 0.3 mM; as recommended dose as described by El-Tayeb, 1995 or distilled water (control for 4 hrs at natural environmental conditions, to salinity stress during germination period. The radicle and plumule lengths were inhibited at high dose of NaCl but, ascorbic acid application to salt-treated seeds seemed to increase radicle and plumule elongation. The radicle and plumule fresh and dry weights were gradually decreased with increasing NaCl concentrations but, a noticeable increase of radicle and plumule fresh and dry weights were reached in seedlings treated with ascorbic acid. The pigment biosynthesis was substantially affected by salt treatment. Addition of ascorbic acid to stressed seedlings more or less furthered the inhibitory effects of salinity. Salinity enhanced the accumulation of reducing sugars in both radicle and plumule of Vicia faba seedlings as compared with control. Ascorbic acid treatment furthered the stimulatory effects of NaCl. Salinity gradually lowered the protein content of plumules. Ascorbic acid treatments raised the accumulation of protein contents in radicle to a great extent compared to those subjected only to NaCl. Plumule alkaloid content was lowered by low and moderate levels of NaCl. Coupling ascorbic acid to salt treated seeds induced a highly significant increase in alkaloid content of plumules compared to its corresponding controls. Sodium chloride treatments to Vicia faba seeds for two days caused a drastic suppression of α- and β-amylase activities. Ascorbic acid application to non-salinized seeds seemed without effects whereas, the salt-treated seeds showed more or less


    M Khodadadi

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT The use of compounds with antioxidant properties as a source of phelanoeid compounds is highly recommendable in the poultry industry. Therefore, the effect of Cichorium intybus L. herb on pathobiochemical indexes of chicken under heat stress was studied. After exposure to heat stress (from day 21 to day 42 of growth, hydroalcoholic extraction was provided to 270 broiler chicks randomly divided into six groups and placed in two distinct poultry houses (heat stress and normal conditions. The three groups were recipient group of Cichorium intybus L. (1; recipient group of vitamin C (2 and control group (3. The birds in one of the houses were exposed to heat stress conditions (35 °C for 8 hours for a time period between 22 to 42 days and the birds in the other house were reared under normal conditions (20-22°C for the same time period. Blood samples collected from the birds showed that Cichorium intybus L. herb caused significant decrease in uric acid, Triglyceride, Alanine aminotransferase (ALT, total body clearance factors (CL- factors and right ventricular failure index (RVF and significant increase in K+ under heat stress condition (p< 0.05. Vitamin C caused significant decrease in uric acid, ALT, CL- factors and RVF index and significant increase in K+ and Na+ under heat stress condition (p< 0.05. A significant decrease in cholesterol and triglyceride in recipient group of Cichorium intybus L was observed compared to the recipient group of vitamin C under heat stress condition (p< 0.05. In a pathologic examination normal observations were in recipient group of Cichorium intybus L and recipient group of vitamin C compared to the control group. According to this study, use of Cichorium intybus L extract and vitamin C in chicken under heat stress induced improvement in liver, kidney activity and fat metabolism.

  7. Psychometric properties of the Slovenian adaptation of the Revised Generic Occupational Stress Index Questionnaire (RG-OSI

    Nataša Sedlar


    Full Text Available The Revised Generic Occupational Stress Index questionnaire (RG-OSI employs the cognitive ergonomics approach that quantifies the burden of stressors on cognitive resources of the employee. The model is structured as a 2-dimensional matrix, where each element is scored from 0 to 2 (sometimes with intermediate values of 0.5, 1.5 or 1.75 as a combination of various items based on multiple criteria. Due to uncommon scoring system of the questionnaire, our study aimed to explore the appropriateness of the existing scoring system and to get some information on validity of the scale on a Slovenian sample. The questionnaire has been applied on 349 Slovenian employees from different occupational groups and the data were analysed by means of correspondence analysis, classical reliability and item analysis and item response theory analysis. The results of correspondence analysis demonstrate that the response categories on individual variables are not always ordered. Furthermore, we conducted reliability analysis for scales, developed short versions of the scales, and obtained some preliminary information on their validity. The current study provides evidence that the described original scoring system in psychological measures may not be appropriate from the psychometric viewpoint.

  8. Psychometric properties of the stress index radiooncology (SIRO) - a new questionnaire measuring quality of life of cancer patients during radiotherapy; Psychometrische Eigenschaften des Stress Index RadioOnkologie (SIRO) - ein neuer Fragebogen zur Erfassung der Lebensqualitaet bei Patienten unter Strahlentherapie

    Sehlen, S.; Fahmueller, H.; Lenk, M.; Duehmke, E. [Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Strahlentherapie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ., Klinikum Grosshadern, Muenchen (Germany); Herschbach, P. [Inst. und Poliklinik fuer Psychosomatische Medizin, Psychotherapie und Medizinische Psychologie, Technische Univ., Muenchen (Germany); Aydemir, U. [Inst. fuer Biometrie und Epidemiologie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ., Klinikum Grosshadern, Muenchen (Germany)


    Purpose: In the course of radiotherapy oncological patients often experience considerable psychosocial distress. For its measurement however, no specific questionnaire is available. The stress index radiooncology (SIRO), which is based upon the results of extensive preliminary studies, will be made available as a screening-instrument to facilitate measurement of psychosocial distress of cancer patients, including radiotherapy-induced distress. The aim of this study is, to psychometrically evaluate the preliminary version of the questionnaire, to transfer it to the final version (SIRO) and to gain information about the psychosocial distress of radiooncological patients at the beginning of radiotherapy. Patients and Methods: 104 cancer patients (18 to 85 years) with different diagnoses have been included in the study (Table 1). The data have been assessed by means of the preliminary version of the new questionnaire SIRO, the HADS, EORTC QLQ-C30 and LS. With 25 patients semistructured clinical interviews have been conducted. (orig.) [German] Hintergrund: Die strahlentherapeutische Behandlung von Tumorpatienten ist haeufig mit starken psychosozialen Belastungen verbunden, fuer deren Erfassung es bisher keinen spezifischen Fragebogen gibt. Mit dem stress index radioonkologie (SIRO), der auf den Analyseergebnissen umfangreicher Voruntersuchungen beruht, soll erstmals ein Screening-Instrument zur Verfuegung gestellt werden, mit dem die psychosozialen Belastungen von Tumorpatienten, einschliesslich der durch Strahlentherapie induzierten, erfasst werden koennen. Ziel dieser Studie ist, die Fragebogen-Vorform psychometrisch zu evaluieren und in die endgueltige Fragebogenversion (SIRO) zu ueberfuehren. Darueber hinaus sollen Informationen ueber das psychosoziale Belastungsprofil radioonkologischer Patienten zu Beginn einer Strahlentherapie gewonnen werden. Patienten und Methoden: 104 Tumorpatienten (18-85 Jahre) mit unterschiedlichen Diagnosen wurden in die Studie aufgenommen

  9. Root mass ratio: index derived by assimilation of synthetic aperture radar and the improved World Food Study model for heavy metal stress monitoring in rice

    Liu, Ming; Liu, Xiangnan; Liu, Meiling; Liu, Feng; Jin, Ming; Wu, Ling


    Dynamic assessment of heavy metal contamination in crops is essential for food security and the farmland ecological environment. A new index for monitoring heavy metal stress based on the assimilation of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data and the crop growth model is performed. The improved World Food Study (WOFOST) model was used in this study, which is embedded with two stress factors to improve the accuracy of assimilation. Biomass (BM) values retrieved by SAR data were assimilated into the improved WOFOST model to simulate dry weight of rice roots (WRT), and the root mass ratio (RMR, WRT/BM) was calculated as an index for monitoring heavy metal stress. SAR shows enormous potential for monitoring crop growth status in cloudy area. Compared with other physiological indices, RMR could weaken the weight change of rice caused by other background factors. In the temporal scale, RMR showed a faster significant decrease when the stress was greater. The spatial distribution of RMR and the stress factors exhibited good consistency. These results suggest that RMR derived from the assimilation method based on SAR data and the improved WOFOST model is effective for dynamically monitoring the rice growth status in cloudy regions under heavy metal stress.

  10. Effect of Body Mass Index on work related musculoskeletal discomfort and occupational stress of computer workers in a developed ergonomic setup

    Sethi Jasobanta


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Work urgency, accuracy and demands compel the computer professionals to spend longer hours before computers without giving importance to their health, especially body weight. Increase of body weight leads to improper Body Mass Index (BMI may aggravate work related musculoskeletal discomfort and occupational-psychosocial stress. The objective of the study was to find out the effect of BMI on work related musculoskeletal discomforts and occupational stress of computer workers in a developed ergonomic setup. Methods A descriptive inferential study has been taken to analyze the effect of BMI on work related musculoskeletal discomfort and occupational-psychosocial stress. A total of 100 computer workers, aged 25-35 years randomly selected on convenience from software and BPO companies in Bangalore city, India for the participation in this study. BMI was calculated by taking the ratio of the subject's height (in meter and weight (in kilogram. Work related musculoskeletal discomfort and occupational stress of the subjects was assessed by Cornell University's musculoskeletal discomfort questionnaire (CMDQ and occupational stress index (OSI respectively as well as a relationship was checked with their BMI. Results A significant association (p Conclusion From this study, it has been concluded that, there is a significant effect of BMI in increasing of work related musculoskeletal discomfort and occupational-psychosocial stress among computer workers in a developed ergonomic setup.

  11. Effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure on bone mineral density, thyroid, and oxidative stress index in electrical workers

    Kunt H


    Full Text Available Halil Kunt,1,* İhsan Şentürk,2,* Yücel Gönül,3,* Mehmet Korkmaz,4 Ahmet Ahsen,5 Ömer Hazman,6 Ahmet Bal,7 Abdurrahman Genç,8 Ahmet Songur3 1Department of Science Education, Faculty of Education, Dumlupinar University, Kütahya, 2Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, 3Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Afyon Kocatepe University, Afyonkarahisar, 4Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Dumlupinar University, Kütahya, 5Department of Nephrology, Faculty of Medicine, 6Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science and Arts, 7Department of General Surgery, 8Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Afyon Kocatepe University, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey *These authors contributed equally to this work Background: In the literature, some articles report that the incidence of numerous diseases increases among the individuals who live around high-voltage electric transmission lines (HVETL or are exposed vocationally. However, it was not investigated whether HVETL affect bone metabolism, oxidative stress, and the prevalence of thyroid nodule.Methods: Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA bone density measurements, serum free triiodothyronine (FT3, free thyroxine (FT4, RANK, RANKL, osteoprotegerin (OPG, alkaline phosphatase (ALP, phosphor, total antioxidant status (TAS, total oxidant status (TOS, and oxidative stress index (OSI levels were analyzed to investigate this effect.Results: Bone mineral density levels of L1–L4 vertebrae and femur were observed significantly lower in the electrical workers. ALP, phosphor, RANK, RANKL, TOS, OSI, and anteroposterior diameter of the left thyroid lobe levels were significantly higher, and OPG, TAS, and FT4 levels were detected significantly lower in the study group when compared with the control group.Conclusion: Consequently, it was observed that the balance between construction and destruction in the bone metabolism of the electrical workers who were employed in HVETL replaced toward

  12. Product of heart rate and first heart sound amplitude as an index of myocardial metabolic stress during graded exercise.

    Tanaka, Hiroaki; Matsuda, Takuro; Tobina, Takuro; Yamada, Yousuke; Yamagishi, Tamiharu; Sakai, Hideaki; Obara, Shigeru; Higaki, Yasuki; Kiyonaga, Akira; Brubaker, Peter H


    The double product (DP) breakpoint of heart rate (HR) and systolic blood pressure has been identified as coincident with anaerobic threshold (AT), but there are no simple methods for measuring cardiac metabolic stress (CMS) during an exercise test. It was hypothesized that the DP of HR and the amplitude of the first heart sound (AHS1) (DP-AHS1) would reflect CMS, and thus, the breakpoint in the DP-AHS1 (DPBP-AHS1) could be an alternative method for determining AT. Subjects (age range, 18-73 years) were recruited to perform a graded exercise test on a cycle ergometer with continuous monitoring of DP-AHS1, with left ventricular pressure (LVP; experiment 1, Ex1), plasma catecholamine and blood lactate (experiment 2, Ex2) and gas exchange (experiment 3, Ex3). Ex1: in all subjects there was a strong correlation between AHS1 and LVdP/dtmax (r=0.94-0.98), and between the DP-AHS1 and the triple product of HR, LVdP/dtmax, and max LVP (r=0.98-0.99). Ex2: DP-AHS1 was strongly correlated with adrenaline (r=0.97-1.00) and lactate (r=0.96-1.00) levels in all subjects. Ex3: there was a strong correlation between DPBP-AHS1, AT and maximum oxygen consumption. The present simple measure of DP-AHS1 can reflect plasma adrenaline and lactate levels during graded exercise testing. Further, DPBP-AHS1 is a surrogate marker of AT and a good index of functional aerobic capacity.

  13. Novel association between sperm deformity index and oxidative stress-induced DNA damage in infertile male patients

    Tamer M. Said; Nabil Aziz; Rakesh K. Sharma; Iwan Lewis-Jones; Anthony J. Thomas Jr; Ashok Agarwal


    Aim: To investigate the impact of abnormal sperm morphology using the sperm deformity index (SDI) on reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and its correlation with sperm DNA damage. Methods: Semen samples were collected from men undergoing infertility screening (n = 7) and healthy donors (n = 6). Mature spermatozoa were isolated and incubated with 5 mmol/L β-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH) for up to 24 h to induce ROS. Sperm morphology was evaluated using strict Tygerberg's criteria and the SDI. ROS levels and DNA damage were assessed using chemiluminescence and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated fluoresceindUTP nick end labeling (TUNEL) assays, respectively. Results: SDI values (median [interquartiles]) were higher in patients than donors (2 [1.8, 2.1] vs. 1.53 [1.52, 1.58], P = 0.008). Aliquots treated with NADPH showed higher ROS levels (1.22 [0.30, 1.87] vs. 0.39 [0.10, 0.57], P = 0.03) and higher incidence of DNA damage than those not treated (10 [4.69, 24.85] vs. 3.85 [2.58, 5.10], P = 0.008). Higher DNA damage was also seen following 24 h of incubation in patients compared to donors. SDI correlated with the percentage increase in sperm DNA damage following incubation for 24 h in samples treated with NADPH (r = 0.7, P = 0.008) and controls (r = 0.58, P = 0.04).Conclusion: SDI may be a useful tool in identifying potential infertile males with abnormal prevalence of oxidative stress (OS)-induced DNA damage. NADPH plays a role in ROS-mediated sperm DNA damage, which appears to be more evident in infertile patients with semen samples containing a high incidence of morphologically abnormal spermatozoa.

  14. A Framework for Assessing Soil Moisture Deficit and Crop Water Stress at Multiple Space and Time Scales Under Climate Change Scenarios Using Model Platform, Satellite Remote Sensing, and Decision Support System

    Mohanty, Binayak P.


    .g., crop rotation, soil modification, irrigation scheduling, better irrigation method/efficiency, water allocation, etc.) for risk reduction at field, county, state, region, and national scale using a web-based Decision Support System. This ongoing research provides a unifying global platform for forecasting several lagging indices for root zone soil moisture status as aridity index (AI), soil moisture deficit index (SMDI), and crop water stress index (CWSI) at the field, county, state, and regional scale on weekly, biweekly, monthly, and seasonal time scales by using various satellite and LDAS simulated data. Using available historical data, our approach is tested in various hydroclimatic regions (Great Plains, Midwest, West, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest) across the USA. These indices form the basis for developing efficient management Decision Support Systems (DSS) for agricultural drought risk reduction and mitigation/adaption under the evolving climatic scenarios.

  15. Water shortages raised a legitimate concern over the sustainable development of the drylands of northern China: Evidence from the water stress index.

    Li, Jingwei; Liu, Zhifeng; He, Chunyang; Yue, Huanbi; Gou, Siyuan


    Developing a greater understanding of water stress dynamics is crucial for sustainable development in global drylands. The primary goal of this study was to examine the water stress dynamics throughout the drylands of northern China (DNC). We first calculated the water stress index (WSI) of all 474 catchments in the DNC in 2003 and 2014. Then, we investigated the water stress dynamics in the DNC between 2003 and 2014 at multiple scales, which included the entire DNC, the drainage basins, and the main cities. In 2014, we found water stress in DNC over an area of 2.05×10(6)km(2), which accounted for 52.13% of the total area of the DNC. From 2003 to 2014, the water stress in the DNC increased primarily because of increases in the area of irrigated croplands and the population of urban areas, and the total increase in the water stress area reached 3.14×10(5)km(2), which accounted for 7.98% of the total area of the DNC. We also found that water shortages raised a legitimate concern over the sustainable development of the DNC because the population and urban land area exposed to water stress in the DNC have rapidly increased by 2.61×10(7) persons and 1.25×10(4)km(2) over the past two decades, respectively. Thus, we argue that effective actions are required to address the water stress in the DNC. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  16. Evaluation of neural network modeling to predict non-water-stressed leaf temperature in wine grape for calculation of crop water stress index

    Precision irrigation management in wine grape production is hindered by the lack of a reliable method to easily quantify and monitor vine water status. Mild to moderate water stress is desirable in wine grape for controlling vine vigor and optimizing fruit yield and quality. A crop water stress ind...

  17. 干旱胁迫对蕨类植物生理指标的影响%Effect of Drought Stress on Physiological Index of Fern

    杨海艳; 李雪玲; 王波; 蒋熙原; 徐成东


    [目的]研究干旱胁迫下蕨类植物生理指标的变化.[方法]采用人工模拟干旱胁迫-复水方法,对5种蕨类植物(肾蕨、凤尾蕨、蜈蚣蕨、铁线蕨、毛蕨)进行干旱处理,研究了干旱胁迫对其叶片相对含水量、相对电导率、叶绿素含量及游离脯氨酸含量等相关生理指标的影响.[结果]随着干旱胁迫时间的延长,5种蕨类植物叶片相对含水量和叶绿素含量均呈下降趋势,而相对电导率和游离脯氧酸含量呈上升趋势;干旱胁迫下,肾蕨各生理指标均好于其他蕨类植物,尤其在胁迫12 d时,差异达显著水平,说明肾蕨的抗旱能力最强;复水后,5种蕨类植物的生理指标均有不同程度的恢复.[结论]该研究可为蕨类植物的开发利用提供理论依据.%[ Objective ] The physiological index variation of fern was studied under drought stress. [ Method ] By means of artificial simulated drought stress and rehydration, the effect of drought stress on physiological indexes ( leaf relative water content, relative conductivity, chlorophyll content and free proline content) of five ferns ( Nephrolepis auriculata, Pteris multiflda, Pteris vittata, Adiantum capillus and Cyclosorus interruptus ) was studied in our paper. [ Result ] With drought stress time prolonging, the leaf relative water content and chlorophyll content of five ferns showed decrease trend, while there was an increase trend in relative conductivity and free proline content; the physiological indexes of Nephrolepis auriculata under drought stress were better than other ferns, with obvious difference after 12 days of stress, and it showed that Nephrolepis auriculata had strongest drought-resistant ability; after rehydration, the physiological indexes of five ferns recovered at different degree. [ Conclusion] Our study could provide theoretical basis for the development and utilization of fern.

  18. Patient Characteristics Impacting Health State Index Scores, Measured by the EQ-5D of Females with Stress Urinary Incontinence Symptoms

    Tincello, Douglas; Sculpher, Mark; Tunn, Ralf; Quail, Deborah; van der Vaart, Huub; Falconer, Christian; Manning, Martina; Timlin, Louise


    Objective: To describe the characteristics of women seeking treatment for symptoms of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and to investigate the association of SUI symptoms with generic health-related quality of life (HRQoL) as measured by the EuroQol (EQ-5D) instrument. Methods: The Stress Urinary In

  19. Patient Characteristics Impacting Health State Index Scores, Measured by the EQ-5D of Females with Stress Urinary Incontinence Symptoms

    Tincello, Douglas; Sculpher, Mark; Tunn, Ralf; Quail, Deborah; van der Vaart, Huub; Falconer, Christian; Manning, Martina; Timlin, Louise


    Objective: To describe the characteristics of women seeking treatment for symptoms of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and to investigate the association of SUI symptoms with generic health-related quality of life (HRQoL) as measured by the EuroQol (EQ-5D) instrument. Methods: The Stress Urinary In

  20. Hair cortisol levels, perceived stress and body mass index in women and children living in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods: the READI study.

    Olstad, Dana Lee; Ball, Kylie; Wright, Craig; Abbott, Gavin; Brown, Erin; Turner, Anne Isabella


    Disadvantaged communities provide adverse psychosocial exposures that have been linked to high levels of stress, and this may provide one explanatory pathway linking socioeconomic disadvantage to obesity. This study used hair cortisol analysis to quantify associations between stress and body mass index (BMI), and between hair cortisol and perceived psychological stress levels, in women and children living in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Participants were a volunteer sample of 70 women from the Resilience for Eating and Activity Despite Inequality study, including 30 maternal-child pairs. Women self-reported body weight, height and perceived psychological stress using the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS), and provided hair samples for themselves and their child. Children's body weight and height were measured. Following extraction, hair cortisol levels were measured using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Multiple linear regression models examined associations between stress and BMI, and between hair cortisol and perceived stress levels in women and children. Women's hair cortisol levels were not associated with their BMI or PSS scores. Women's PSS scores were positively associated with their BMI (p = 0.015). Within maternal-child pairs, mothers and children's hair cortisol levels were strongly positively associated (p = 0.006). Maternal hair cortisol levels and PSS scores were unrelated to their child's zBMI. Children's hair cortisol levels were not associated with their zBMI or with their mother's PSS score. Findings suggest that cortisol-based and perceived psychological measures of stress may be distinct among women and children living in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Perceived psychological measures may be more important predictors of weight-related risk.

  1. Perceived stress and coping strategies in relation to body mass index: cross-sectional study of 12,045 Japanese men and women.

    Chisato Shimanoe

    Full Text Available Accumulated evidence suggests a weak positive relationship between psychosocial stress and body mass index (BMI, but little is known about stress coping strategies and BMI.We aimed to examine if perceived stress and coping strategies are related to BMI, with any of their mutual interactions on BMI.This cross-sectional study included 5,063 men and 6,982 women aged 40-69 years. A self-administered questionnaire ascertained perceived stress and 5 items of coping strategies (emotion expression, emotional support seeking, positive reappraisal, problem solving, and disengagement. Analyses were performed by gender with adjustment for age, socioeconomic status, and lifestyle factors.No significant associations were detected between perceived stress and BMI in either men (P(trend = 0.09 or women (P(trend = 0.58. In men, however, 'disengagement' showed an inverse association with BMI (P(trend < 0.001, and 'positive reappraisal' and 'problem solving' revealed a positive association with BMI (P(trend = 0.04 and 0.007, respectively even after controlling for perceived stress. A possible interaction between perceived stress and 'disengagement' on BMI was found in men (P(interaction = 0.027; the inverse association between 'disengagement' and BMI was more evident in higher levels of stress (β = -0.13, P(trend = 0.21 in low; β = -0.22, P(trend = 0.01 in medium; and β = -0.24, P(trend = 0.06 in high. In men, 'disengagement' was inversely associated with overweight/obesity (odds ratio 0.79, 95% confidential interval 0.67-0.95, and "positive reappraisal" was positively associated with it (1.25, 1.02-1.54.Coping strategies may have an important role in developing overweight/obesity, particularly in men.

  2. Canopy-Level Photochemical Reflectance Index from Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Leaf-Level Non-Photochemical Quenching as Early Indicators of Water Stress in Maize

    Shuren Chou


    Full Text Available In this study, we evaluated the effectiveness of photochemical reflectance index (PRI and non-photochemical quenching (NPQ for assessing water stress in maize for the purpose of developing remote sensing techniques for monitoring water deficits in crops. Leaf-level chlorophyll fluorescence and canopy-level PRI were measured concurrently over a maize field with five different irrigation treatments, ranging from 20% to 90% of the field capacity (FC. Significant correlations were found between leaf-level NPQ (NPQleaf and the ratio of chlorophyll to carotenoid content (Chl/Car (R2 = 0.71, p < 0.01 and between NPQleaf and the actual photochemical efficiency of photosystem II (ΔF/Fm′ (R2 = 0.81, p < 0.005. At the early growing stage, both canopy-level PRI and NPQleaf are good indicators of water stress (R2 = 0.65 and p < 0.05; R2 = 0.63 and p < 0.05, respectively. For assessment of extreme water stress on plant growth, a relationship is also established between the quantum yield of photochemistry in PSII (ΦP and the quantum yield of fluorescence (ΦF as determined from photochemical quenching (PQ and non-photochemical quenching (NPQleaf of excitation energy at different water stress levels. These results would be helpful in monitoring soil water stress on crops at large scales using remote sensing techniques.

  3. Effect of yoga on short-term heart rate variability measure as a stress index in subjunior cyclists: a pilot study.

    Patil, Satish G; Mullur, Lata M; Khodnapur, Jyoti P; Dhanakshirur, Gopal B; Aithala, Manjunatha R


    Subjunior athletes experience mental stress due to pressure from the coach, teachers and parents for better performance. Stress, if remains for longer period and not managed appropriately can leads to negative physical, mental and cognitive impact on children. The present study was aimed to evaluate the effect of integrated yoga module on heart rate variability (HRV) measure as a stress index in subjunior cyclists. Fast furrier transform technique of frequency domain method was used for the analysis of HRV. We have found a significant increase in high frequency (HF) component by 14.64% (P yoga group. In the control group, there was decrease in the HF component and, no significant difference in the LF component of HRV spectrum and LF/HF ratio. The results show that yoga practice decreases sympathetic activity and causes a shift in the autonomic balance towards parasympathetic dominance indicating a reduction in stress. In conclusion, yoga practice helps to reduce stress by optimizing the autonomic functions. So, it is suggested to incorporate yoga module as a regular feature to keep subjunior athletes both mentally and physically fit.

  4. Preliminary approach on early post mortem stress and quality indexes changes in large size bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus

    R. Ugolini


    Full Text Available Bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus is very appreciated on Japan and USA market for the preparation of sushi and sahimi. The market price of the fresh product can vary from 8 to 33 Euro/kg (gate farm/producers prices according to size, shape, fat level, meat colour, consistency and freshness (absence of “hyake”, all parameters strictly connected to feeding quality and quantity, rearing and killing stress factors and refrigeration times and conditions after death. Excessive levels of stress during the slaughtering can affect meat quality, contributing to significantly decrease of tuna’s price. The present trial was carried out to evaluate the possible harvesting/slaughtering stress effect on reared bluefin tuna meat quality, starting from the examination of the most important stress and quality parameters changes during the early post mortem period.

  5. Application of A Physiological Strain Index in Evaluating Responses to Exercise Stress – A Comparison Between Endurance and High Intensity Intermittent Trained Athletes

    Żebrowska, Aleksandra


    Abstract The study evaluated differences in response to exercise stress between endurance and high-intensity intermittent trained athletes in a thermoneutral environment using a physiological strain index (PSI). Thirty-two subjects participated in a running exercise under normal (23°C, 50% RH) conditions. The group included nine endurance trained athletes (middle-distance runners - MD), twelve high-intensity intermittent trained athletes (soccer players - HIIT) and eleven students who constituted a control group. The exercise started at a speed of 4 km·h–1 which was increased every 3 min by 2 km·h–1 to volitional exhaustion. The heart rate was recorded with a heart rate monitor and aural canal temperature was measured using an aural canal temperature probe. The physiological strain index (PSI) and the contribution of the circulatory and thermal components to the overall physiological strain were calculated from the heart rate and aural canal temperature. The physiological strain index differed between the study and control participants, but not between the MD and HIIT groups. The physiological strain in response to exercise stress in a thermoneutral environment was mainly determined based on the circulatory strain (MD group - 73%, HIIT group – 70%). The contribution of the circulatory and thermal components to the physiological strain did not differ significantly between the trained groups (MD and HIIT) despite important differences in morphological characteristics and training-induced systemic cardiovascular and thermoregulatory adaptations. PMID:28149347

  6. Application of A Physiological Strain Index in Evaluating Responses to Exercise Stress – A Comparison Between Endurance and High Intensity Intermittent Trained Athletes

    Pokora Ilona


    Full Text Available The study evaluated differences in response to exercise stress between endurance and high-intensity intermittent trained athletes in a thermoneutral environment using a physiological strain index (PSI. Thirty-two subjects participated in a running exercise under normal (23°C, 50% RH conditions. The group included nine endurance trained athletes (middle-distance runners - MD, twelve high-intensity intermittent trained athletes (soccer players - HIIT and eleven students who constituted a control group. The exercise started at a speed of 4 km·h–1 which was increased every 3 min by 2 km·h–1 to volitional exhaustion. The heart rate was recorded with a heart rate monitor and aural canal temperature was measured using an aural canal temperature probe. The physiological strain index (PSI and the contribution of the circulatory and thermal components to the overall physiological strain were calculated from the heart rate and aural canal temperature. The physiological strain index differed between the study and control participants, but not between the MD and HIIT groups. The physiological strain in response to exercise stress in a thermoneutral environment was mainly determined based on the circulatory strain (MD group - 73%, HIIT group – 70%. The contribution of the circulatory and thermal components to the physiological strain did not differ significantly between the trained groups (MD and HIIT despite important differences in morphological characteristics and training-induced systemic cardiovascular and thermoregulatory adaptations.

  7. The Past and Future Trends of Heat Stress Based On Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Index in Outdoor Environment of Tehran City, Iran



    Full Text Available Background: The workers who are working in the open and warm environments are at risk of health effects of climate and heat changes. It is expected that the risk is increase with global warming. This study aimed to investigate the changes of Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT index in the past and to predict their trend of future changes in Tehran, capital of Iran.Methods: The meteorological data recorded in Tehran, Iran during the statistical period between 1961 and 2009 were obtained from the Iran Meteorological Organization and based on them, WBGT index was calculated and processed using Man-Kendall correlation test.Results: The results of Man-Kendall correlation test showed that the trend of changes of annual mean WBGT during the statistical period under study (1961-2009 has been significantly increasing. In addition, the result of proposed predictive model estimated that an increase of about 1.55 degree in WBGT index will be seen over 40 years from 2009 to 2050 in Tehran.Conclusion: Climate change in Tehran has had an effect on person's exposure to heat stresses consistent with global warming. Keywords: Climate change, Heat stress, WBGT, Global warming

  8. Plasma nitrite levels, total antioxidant status, total oxidant status, and oxidative stress index in patients with tension-type headache and fibromyalgia.

    Neyal, Munife; Yimenicioglu, Fatih; Aydeniz, Ali; Taskin, Abdullah; Saglam, Sadullah; Cekmen, Mustafa; Neyal, Abdurrahman; Gursoy, Savas; Erel, Ozcan; Balat, Ayse


    Tension-type headache (TTH) and fibromyalgia syndrome (FM) are worldwide seen chronic pain syndromes of unknown etiology. Despite the growing body of data on pathophysiology and generation mechanisms of pain; our knowledge on pain mechanisms in both FM and TTH is yet to be limited. We investigated the plasma nitrite levels, total antioxidant status (TAS), total oxidant status (TOS), and oxidative stress index (OSI) in 35 TTH, 33 FM patients and 31 healthy controls. The mean plasma nitrite levels and TAS levels were significantly low and OSI was found to be significantly high in TTH and FM groups compared to the control group (p=0.001, p=0.001, p=0.001 and p=0.001, respectively). The mean serum TOS levels were also significantly higher in FM group according to the control group (p=0.034), but there was not a significant difference between TTH and control groups (p=0.066). These results indicated that; FM and TTH patients revealed higher oxidative stress index and lower total nitrite levels than healthy controls. We conclude that oxidative stress may have a role in the pathophysiological mechanisms of TTH and FM, although, whether it is the cause or the consequence, is not clear. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  9. Stress

    ... diabetes. Your Stress-Free System for Family Dinners! - 2017-03-book-oclock-scramble.html Your Stress-Free System for Family Dinners! A year of delicious meals to help prevent ...

  10. Stress

    ... sudden negative change, such as losing a job, divorce, or illness Traumatic stress, which happens when you ... stress, so you can avoid more serious health effects. NIH: National Institute of Mental Health

  11. Relations of pulsatility index and particle residence time to the wall-shear-stress properties in pulsating flows with reverse flow phase

    Kersh, Dikla


    Pulsating flows with a \\emph{total reverse flow} phase are ubiquitous in physiological systems in normal and pathological conditions. Irregularity of hemodynamic parameters in such flows is correlated with the appearance and development of several arterial pathologies. We study the relations between flow waveform parameters and the wall shear stress (WSS) related quantities such as mean, root-mean-square, gradient of WSS and the oscillating shear index. The phase-averaged velocity profiles measured by the digital particle image velocimetry are used to estimate WSS utilizing the Womersley pulsating flow model. In addition to the Reynolds and Womersley numbers, another dimensionless parameter, pulsating index (PI) which is the ratio of forward flow rate to the reverse flow rate is required. PI is essential for the complete description of the flow patterns with the total flow reversal. We demonstrate significant effects on the WSS quantities due to the pulsating frequency and PI. Furthermore, the particle reside...

  12. Analysis of stages of labor, stress indexes and coagulation function in dexmedetomidine combined with regular discontinuous epidural injection for labor analgesia

    Jing-Yi Zhang; Yu-Qiang Su; Ke-Xin Du


    Objective:To study the changes in stages of labor, stress indexes and coagulation function in dexmedetomidine combined with regular discontinuous epidural injection for labor analgesia. Methods:A total of 128 cases of full-term primiparas receiving epidural labor analgesia in our hospital between May 2013 and December 2015 were randomly divided into the dexmedetomidine (Dex group) and control group, the analgesia method for Dex group was dexmedetomidine combined with regular discontinuous epidural injection, and the analgesia method for control group was regular discontinuous epidural injection. The analgesic effect, time of stages of labor as well as stress indexes and coagulation function indexes in serum were evaluated.Results:The analgesic onset time and effective time of Dex group were significantly shorter than those of control group, the hold time was significantly longer than that of control group, latency time was not different from that of control group, and the time of the second stage of labor and the time of the third stage of labor were significantly shorter than those of control group; in the second and third stages of labor, blood glucose, blood cortisol, blood insulin, epinephrine and norepinephrine content of Dex group were significantly lower than those of control group; 24 h after childbirth, PT, APTT and TT of Dex group were significantly longer than those of control group, and FIB and D-D content were significantly lower than those of control group.Conclusions:Compared with epidural labor analgesia, the dexmedetomidine combined with regular discontinuous epidural injection can improve the analgesic effect, promote the progress of labor and reduce stress reaction as well as postpartum hypercoagulable state, and it is a more ideal solution for labor analgesia.

  13. 职业紧张对体质指数的影响%Effect of occupational stress on body mass index

    杨艳; 余善法; 周世义


    目的 探讨职业紧张相关因素对体质指数(BMI)的影响.方法 采用横断面研究方法对115名机车调度员进行调查,以职业紧张调查量表测试职业紧张因素、人格特征、心理性紧张反应,测量身高、体质量,计算BMI.结果 工作困难、外控性和紧张易感性高水平组超重与肥胖率高于低水平组,决定自由度和工作中的人际关系高水平组超重与肥胖率低于低水平组,差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05).多因素logistic回归分析显示,紧张易感性是引起BMI增加的危险因素(OR=1.328),而工作中的人际关系是降低BMI的保护因素(OR=0.362).结论 职业紧张因素和不利于应对应激的人格特征可能会引起BMI的改变.%Objective To explore the impact of occupational stress on body mass index(BMI). Methods A cross - sectional epidemiological study was conducted in 115 dispatchers. The occupational stressors, personalities, occupational strain and coping with stress were measured using Occupational Stress Instrument. Height and weight were measured and BMI was calculated by [weight/height2 ]. Results Chi-square test analysis indicated that the rates of overweight and obesity were higher in high score groups of job difficulty, external control and susceptibility to stress than those of the low score groups, but the rates of overweight and obesity were lower in high score groups of decision attitude and work relationships than those of the lower groups. Multiple logistic regression analysis indicated that susceptibility to stress was the risk factor of BMI (OR = 1.328), while work relationships might be the protective factor of BMI (OR = 0.362). Conclusions Relevant factors of occupational stress and inappropriate personality to cope with the stress may lead to the change of the body mass index.

  14. Modulation Methods for Three-level Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverter Achieving Stress Redistribution under Moderate Modulation Index

    Ma, Ke; Blaabjerg, Frede


    This letter investigates the loss and thermal behaviors of a three-level neutral-point-clamped (3L-NPC) inverter undergoing moderate modulation index, which is typically presented during minor voltage sags of the power grid or speed changes of the electric machines. A series of new space vector m...

  15. Effect of water stress on total biomass, tuber yield, harvest index and water use efficiency in Jerusalem artichoke

    The objectives of this study were to determine the effect of drought on tuber yield, total biomass, harvest index, water use efficiency of tuber yield (WUEt) and water use efficiency of biomass (WUEb), and to evaluate the differential responses of Jerusalem artichoke (JA) varieties under drought str...

  16. Thermal, physiological strain index and perceptual responses in Iranian Muslim women under Thermal Condition in order to Guide in Prevention of Heat Stress

    Peymaneh Habibi


    Full Text Available Heat stress risk assessment, as a harmful agent at workplace, is essential for controlling heat strain. The purpose of this study was relation between physiological and perceptual heat strain responses in Iranian veiled women under laboratory thermal conditions. This experimental study was carried out on 36 healthy females (age 22.3 ± 2.0 yr, height 162.76±5. 57cm, weight 55.82 ± 9.27kg in sitting state under thermal conditions (27 - 38° C in the hot-dry climatic condition for 120 min. In order to calculate the physiological strain index (PSI, oral temperature and heart rate were measured every 5 min. Physiological factors, and Heat Strain Score Index (HSSI questionnaires are simultaneous measurements taken at any 5 min during the exposure and physiological factors, and Heat Strain Score Index (HSSI questionnaires are the initial measurements. The data were analyzed using correlation and line regression by test spss16. The results showed that the average heart rate and oral temperature at resting and sitting were between 83.06 ±9.41bpm, 87.91 ±7.87 bpm and 36.7° C, 37. 1° C respectively. Also, the results have revealed a direct and significant and direct correlation among HSSI with WBGT (R2 = 0.97, P< 0.001, PSI (R2 = 0.96, P< 0.001, oral temperature (R2 = 0.96, P< 0.001 and heart rate (R2 = 0.62, P< 0.01 indices. The results have shown that simultaneously with the increase in valid indices of heat stress evaluation such as WBGT and PSI indices, the amount of HSSI index has also increased with high power. Therefore, it can be conclude that when there is no access to a reliable heat stress method such as WBGT or PSI indices, HSSI index, an objective and subjective heat strain method, can be used as a simple, fast and inexpensive method for evaluating the heat strain in women.


    Awatif A. Mohsen; Mohsen K. H. Ebrahim; Wael F. S. Ghoraba


    The present work aimed to investigate changes in growth and some metabolic activities in NaCl-stressed bean seedlings, and assessing the role of ascorbic acid to alleviate these changes. The germination was carried out to study the response of presoaked faba bean seeds (Vicia faba cv. Misr 2) in freshly prepared ascorbic acid (50 ppm ≈ 0.3 mM; as recommended dose as described by El-Tayeb, 1995) or distilled water (control) for 4 hrs at natural environmental conditions, to salinity stress duri...

  18. The Defecation Index as a Measure of Emotionality: Questions Raised by HPA Axis and Prolactin Response to Stress in the Maudsley Model.

    Blizard, David A; Eldridge, J Charles; Jones, Byron C


    The Maudsley Reactive and Maudsley Non-Reactive strains have been selectively bred for differences in open-field defecation (OFD), a putative index of stress. We investigated whether variations in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis are correlated with strain differences in OFD in the Maudsley model. Exposure to the open-field test did not result in increases in ACTH in male rats of either strain and there were no strain differences in the large increases in ACTH and corticosteroid that occurred in response to intermittent footshock. Parallel studies of prolactin showed that Maudsley Reactive rats had greater response to the open-field and to footshock than Maudsley Non-Reactive rats. The lack of correlation between strain differences in OFD and reactivity of the HPA axis is consistent with the idea that HPA response to stress and OFD reflect the output of different neural systems and that individual differences in emotionality, as indexed by OFD do not influence other measures of stress-reactivity in a simple manner, if at all. The reactivity of the prolactin system to the open-field test and lack of response of ACTH to the same situation is consistent with the idea that the prolactin system is sensitive to lower levels of stress than the HPA axis, a finding at variance with the presumed extreme sensitivity of the latter system. Earlier comparisons of the HPA axis in these strains implicate local factors such as neuropeptide-Y peptide in the adrenal in attenuating the response of the adrenal cortex to ACTH and hints at the complexity of regulation of the HPA axis.

  19. [Simplification of crop shortage water index and its application in drought remote sensing monitoring].

    Liu, Anlin; Li, Xingmin; He, Yanbo; Deng, Fengdong


    Based on the principle of energy balance, the method for calculating latent evaporation was simplified, and hence, the construction of the drought remote sensing monitoring model of crop water shortage index was also simplified. Since the modified model involved fewer parameters and reduced computing times, it was more suitable for the operation running in the routine services. After collecting the concerned meteorological elements and the NOAA/AVHRR image data, the new model was applied to monitor the spring drought in Guanzhong, Shanxi Province. The results showed that the monitoring results from the new model, which also took more considerations of the effects of the ground coverage conditions and meteorological elements such as wind speed and the water pressure, were much better than the results from the model of vegetation water supply index. From the view of the computing times, service effects and monitoring results, the simplified crop water shortage index model was more suitable for practical use. In addition, the reasons of the abnormal results of CWSI > 1 in some regions in the case studies were also discussed in this paper.




    Full Text Available Proponents of the efficient market hypothesis believe that active portfolio management is largely wasted effort and unlikely to justify the expenses incurred. Therefore, they advocate a passive investment strategy that makes no attempt to outsmart the market. One common strategy for passive management is indexing where a fund is designed to replicate the performance of a broad-based index of stocks and bonds. Traditionally, indexing was used by institutional investors, but today, the use of index funds proliferated among individual investors. Over the years, both international and domestic index funds have disproportionately outperformed the market more than the actively managed funds have.

  1. Sublethal effects of catch-and-release fishing: measuring capture stress, fish impairment, and predation risk using a condition index

    Campbell, Matthew D.; Patino, Reynaldo; Tolan, J.M.; Strauss, R.E.; Diamond, S.


    The sublethal effects of simulated capture of red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) were analysed using physiological responses, condition indexing, and performance variables. Simulated catch-and-release fishing included combinations of depth of capture and thermocline exposure reflective of environmental conditions experienced in the Gulf of Mexico. Frequency of occurrence of barotrauma and lack of reflex response exhibited considerable individual variation. When combined into a single condition or impairment index, individual variation was reduced, and impairment showed significant increases as depth increased and with the addition of thermocline exposure. Performance variables, such as burst swimming speed (BSS) and simulated predator approach distance (AD), were also significantly different by depth. BSSs and predator ADs decreased with increasing depth, were lowest immediately after release, and were affected for up to 15 min, with longer recovery times required as depth increased. The impairment score developed was positively correlated with cortisol concentration and negatively correlated with both BSS and simulated predator AD. The impairment index proved to be an efficient method to estimate the overall impairment of red snapper in the laboratory simulations of capture and shows promise for use in field conditions, to estimate release mortality and vulnerability to predation.

  2. Profil Leukosit, Diferensial Leukosit, dan Indeks Stres Luwak Jawa (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus (LEUCOCYTE COUNT, LEUCOCYTE DIFFERENTIATION, AND STRESS INDEX OF COMMON PALM CIVETS (PARADOXURUS HERMAPHRODITUS

    Aryani Sismin Satyaningtijas


    Full Text Available Common palm civets (Paradoxurushermaphroditus have a potential to be commercial commodityanimal which produce best coffee, parfume, but also as reservoir potential infection desease such as SevereAcute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS. Therefore, their health status is very important. This study wasaimed to discribe the leukocyte profile, and stress index of 4 males Java common pal civets and 4 females.Blood sampling was taken from vena femoralis and done at weeks 1st, 5th, 6th, and 7th. Leukocyte profilewere examined using haemocytometerand blood smear. The average leukocyte count of males and femalescommon palm civets per mm3 were (3.33±0.86x103 and (2.83±0.70x103, neutrophil were (1.01±0.47x103and (0.68±0.30x103, eosinophil were (0.16±0.18x103 and (0.04±0.05x103, lymphocyte were (2.06±0.42x103and (2.05±0.59x103, monocyte were (0.09±0.06x103 and (0.06±0.06x103. Stress index were (0.49±0.18for males and (0.37±0.22 for females. Generally, leukocyte count of males Java common palm civet werehigher than those of females.

  3. Cotton Water Use Efficiency under Two Different Deficit Irrigation Scheduling Methods

    Jeffrey T. Baker


    Full Text Available Declines in Ogallala aquifer levels used for irrigation has prompted research to identify methods for optimizing water use efficiency (WUE of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. In this experiment, conducted at Lubbock, TX, USA in 2014, our objective was to test two canopy temperature based stress indices, each at two different irrigation trigger set points: the Stress Time (ST method with irrigation triggers set at 5.5 (ST_5.5 and 8.5 h (ST_8.5 and the Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI method with irrigation triggers set at 0.3 (CWSI_0.3 and 0.6 (CWSI_0.6. When these irrigation triggers were exceeded on a given day, the crop was deficit irrigated with 5 mm of water via subsurface drip tape. Also included in the experimental design were a well-watered (WW control irrigated at 110% of potential evapotranspiration and a dry land (DL treatment that relied on rainfall only. Seasonal crop water use ranged from 353 to 625 mm across these six treatments. As expected, cotton lint yield increased with increasing crop water use but lint yield WUE displayed asignificant (p ≤ 0.05 peak near 3.6 to 3.7 kg ha−1 mm−1 for the ST_5.5 and CWSI_0.3 treatments, respectively. Our results suggest that WUE may be optimized in cotton with less water than that needed for maximum lint yield.

  4. Role of oxidative stress and intracellular calcium in nickel carbonate hydroxide-induced sister-chromatid exchange, and alterations in replication index and mitotic index in cultured human peripheral blood lymphocytes

    M' Bemba-Meka, Prosper [Universite de Montreal, Human Toxicology Research Group (TOXHUM), Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, Main Station, P.O. Box 6128, Montreal, QC (Canada); University of Louisville, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Center for Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Louisville, KY (United States); Lemieux, Nicole [Universite de Montreal, Department of Pathology and Cellular Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Main Station, P.O. Box 6128, Montreal, QC (Canada); Chakrabarti, Saroj K. [Universite de Montreal, Human Toxicology Research Group (TOXHUM), Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, Main Station, P.O. Box 6128, Montreal, QC (Canada)


    Human peripheral lymphocytes from whole blood cultures were exposed to either soluble form of nickel carbonate hydroxide (NiCH) (0-60 {mu}M), or of nickel subsulfide (Ni{sub 3}S{sub 2}) (0-120 {mu}M), or of nickel oxide (NiO) (0-120 {mu}M), or nickel sulfate (NiSO{sub 4}) (0-120 {mu}M) for a short duration of 2 h. The treatments occurred 46 h after the beginning of the cultures. The cultures were harvested after a total incubation of 72 h, and sister-chromatid exchange (SCE), replication index (RI), and mitotic index (MI) were measured for each nickel compound. The soluble form of NiCH at 30 {mu}M but those of Ni{sub 3}S{sub 2} and NiO at 120 {mu}M produced significant increase in the SCE per cell compared to the control value, whereas NiSO{sub 4} failed to produce any such significant increase. Except NiSO{sub 4}, the soluble forms of NiCH, Ni{sub 3}S{sub 2}, and NiO produced significant cell-cycle delay (as measured by the inhibition of RI) as well as significant inhibition of the MI at respective similar concentrations as mentioned above. Pretreatment of human blood lymphocytes with catalase (H{sub 2}O{sub 2} scavenger), or superoxide dismutase (superoxide anion scavenger), or dimethylthiourea (hydroxyl radical scavenger), or deferoxamine (iron chelator), or N-acetylcysteine (general antioxidant) inhibited NiCH-induced SCE, and changes in RI and MI. This suggests the participation of oxidative stress involving H{sub 2}O{sub 2}, the superoxide anion radical, the hydroxyl radical, and iron in the NiCH-induced genotoxic responses. Cotreatment of NiCH with either verapamil (inhibitor of intracellular calcium ion ([Ca{sup 2+}]{sub i}) movement through plasma membranes), or dantrolene (inhibitor of [Ca{sup 2+}]{sub i} release from sarcoplasmic reticulum), or BAPTA (Ca{sup 2+} chelator) also inhibited the NiCH-induced responses. These results suggest that [Ca{sup 2+}]{sub i} is also implicated in the genotoxicity of NiCH. Overall these data indicate that various types

  5. Does body mass index moderate the association between posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and suicidal ideation in Iraq/Afghanistan veterans?

    Kittel, Julie A; DeBeer, Bryann B; Kimbrel, Nathan A; Matthieu, Monica M; Meyer, Eric C; Gulliver, Suzy Bird; Morissette, Sandra B


    Suicide, PTSD, and obesity co-occur at high rates among returning veterans, yet limited research exists regarding the relationship among these variables. Self-report and diagnostic interview data from a longitudinal study of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans (N=130) enrolled in VA healthcare examined these inter-relations. As hypothesized, body mass index (BMI) significantly moderated the association between PTSD and suicidal ideation such that the association between PTSD and suicidal ideation was strongest among individuals with a high BMI. Programs that focus on health promotion, trauma treatment, and weight management should continue to monitor suicide risk.

  6. The HumanIndexMod and New Calculations Demonstrating Heat Stress Effects All Aspects of Human Life Through Industry, Agriculture, and Daily Life.

    Buzan, J. R.; Huber, M.


    We show the new climatic tool, HumanIndexMod (HIM), for quantitatively assessing key climatic variables that are critical for decision making. The HIM calculates 9 different heat stress and 4 moist thermodynamic quantities using meteorological inputs of T, P, and Q. These heat stress metrics are commonly used throughout the world. We show new methods for integrating and standardizing practices for applying these metrics with the latest Earth system models. We implemented the HIM into CLM4.5, a component of CESM, maintained by NCAR. These heat stress metrics cover philosophical approaches of comfort, physiology, and empirically based algorithms. The metrics are directly connected to the Urban, Canopy, Bare Ground, and Lake modules, to differentiate distinct regimes within each grid cell. The module calculates the instantaneous moisture-temperature covariance at every model time step and in every land surface type, capturing all aspects of non-linearity. The HIM uses the most accurate and computationally efficient moist thermodynamic algorithms available. Additionally, we show ways that the HIM may be effectively integrated into climate modeling and observations. The module is flexible. The user may decide which metrics to call, and there is an offline version of the HIM that is available to be used with weather and climate datasets. Examples include using high temporal resolution CMIP5 archive data, local weather station data, and weather and forecasting models. To provide comprehensive standards for applying the HIM to climate data, we executed a CLM4.5 simulation using the RCP8.5 boundary conditions. Preliminary results show moist thermodynamic and heat stress quantities have smaller variability in the extremes as compared to extremes in T (both at the 95th percentile). Additionally, the magnitude of the moist thermodynamic changes over land is similar to sea surface temperature changes. The metric changes from the early part of the 21st century as compared to the

  7. Evaluation of total antioxidant status, total oxidant status and oxidative stress index in patients with alopecia areata

    Motor, Sedat; Ozturk, Sahin; Ozcan, Oguzhan; Gurpinar, Ahmet Burak; Can, Yesim; Yuksel, Rana; Yenin, Julide Zehra; Seraslan, Gamze; Ozturk, O Hasan


    Objectives: In this study, we aimed to evaluate total oxidative stress and total antioxidant capacity in serum samples from patients with Alopesia Areata (AA) in our laboratory conditions. Methods: In this study, 46 subjects with AA (26 females, 20 males) and the control subjects of 36 (20 females, 16 males) age- and sex-matched healthy volunteers from our hospital staffs were enrolled (the mean age was 23.7 ± 11.0 years). Blood samples were obtained following an overnight fasting state, and ...

  8. Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia as an Index of Vagal Activity during Stress in Infants: Respiratory Influences and Their Control

    Ritz, Thomas; Bosquet Enlow, Michelle; Schulz, Stefan M.; Kitts, Robert; Staudenmayer, John; Wright, Rosalind J.


    Respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) is related to cardiac vagal outflow and the respiratory pattern. Prior infant studies have not systematically examined respiration rate and tidal volume influences on infant RSA or the extent to which infants' breathing is too fast to extract a valid RSA. We therefore monitored cardiac activity, respiration, and physical activity in 23 six-month old infants during a standardized laboratory stressor protocol. On average, 12.6% (range 0–58.2%) of analyzed breaths were too short for RSA extraction. Higher respiration rate was associated with lower RSA amplitude in most infants, and lower tidal volume was associated with lower RSA amplitude in some infants. RSA amplitude corrected for respiration rate and tidal volume influences showed theoretically expected strong reductions during stress, whereas performance of uncorrected RSA was less consistent. We conclude that stress-induced changes of peak-valley RSA and effects of variations in breathing patterns on RSA can be determined for a representative percentage of infant breaths. As expected, breathing substantially affects infant RSA and needs to be considered in studies of infant psychophysiology. PMID:23300753

  9. Respiratory sinus arrhythmia as an index of vagal activity during stress in infants: respiratory influences and their control.

    Thomas Ritz

    Full Text Available Respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA is related to cardiac vagal outflow and the respiratory pattern. Prior infant studies have not systematically examined respiration rate and tidal volume influences on infant RSA or the extent to which infants' breathing is too fast to extract a valid RSA. We therefore monitored cardiac activity, respiration, and physical activity in 23 six-month old infants during a standardized laboratory stressor protocol. On average, 12.6% (range 0-58.2% of analyzed breaths were too short for RSA extraction. Higher respiration rate was associated with lower RSA amplitude in most infants, and lower tidal volume was associated with lower RSA amplitude in some infants. RSA amplitude corrected for respiration rate and tidal volume influences showed theoretically expected strong reductions during stress, whereas performance of uncorrected RSA was less consistent. We conclude that stress-induced changes of peak-valley RSA and effects of variations in breathing patterns on RSA can be determined for a representative percentage of infant breaths. As expected, breathing substantially affects infant RSA and needs to be considered in studies of infant psychophysiology.

  10. Stress

    Keller, Hanne Dauer


    Kapitlet handler om stress som følelse, og det trækker primært på de få kvalitative undersøgelser, der er lavet af stressforløb.......Kapitlet handler om stress som følelse, og det trækker primært på de få kvalitative undersøgelser, der er lavet af stressforløb....

  11. Stress

    Keller, Hanne Dauer


    Kapitlet handler om stress som følelse, og det trækker primært på de få kvalitative undersøgelser, der er lavet af stressforløb.......Kapitlet handler om stress som følelse, og det trækker primært på de få kvalitative undersøgelser, der er lavet af stressforløb....

  12. Psychometric properties of the Parenting Stress Index-Short Form (PSI-SF) in a high-risk sample of mothers and their infants.

    Barroso, Nicole E; Hungerford, Gabriela M; Garcia, Dainelys; Graziano, Paulo A; Bagner, Daniel M


    The goal of the present study was to evaluate the psychometric properties of the English and Spanish versions of the Parenting Stress Index-Short Form (PSI-SF) with mothers of 12- to 15-month-old infants with elevated levels of behavior problems and from predominately Hispanic, low-income backgrounds. Mothers of 58 infants were assessed as part of a larger study examining a brief home-based intervention for infants with elevated behavior problems. Internal consistency was good for all 3 subscales (i.e., Parental Distress, Parent-Child Dysfunctional Interaction, and Difficult Child) and the Total Stress scale. Convergent validity of subscales was supported by correlations with measures of theoretically related constructs, including maternal depressive symptoms, maternal parenting practices, and infant behavior. Furthermore, examination of the optimal clinical cutoff by examining sensitivity and specificity suggested that for this high-risk sample lower percentile scores (73rd-77th), relative to the published 85th percentile cutoff, were sufficient for identifying mothers with clinically elevated depressive symptoms and infants with clinically elevated behavioral and emotional difficulties. The current results provide psychometric support for the PSI-SF as an effective and appropriate measure for use with high-risk families that have been underrepresented in previous research, including mothers of very young children with behavior problems, Hispanic and Spanish-speaking populations, and low-income families. (PsycINFO Database Record

  13. Stress

    Jensen, Line Skov; Lova, Lotte; Hansen, Zandra Kulikovsky; Schønemann, Emilie; Larsen, Line Lyngby; Colberg Olsen, Maria Sophia; Juhl, Nadja; Magnussen, Bogi Roin


    Stress er en tilstand som er meget omdiskuteret i samfundet, og dette besværliggør i en vis grad konkretiseringen af mulige løsningsforslag i bestræbelsen på at forebygge den såkaldte folkesygdom. Hovedkonklusionen er, at selv om der bliver gjort meget for at forebygge, er der ikke meget der aktivt kan sættes i værk for at reducere antallet af stressramte, før en fælles forståelse af stressårsager og effektiv stresshåndtering er fremlagt. Problemformuleringen er besvaret gennem en undersø...

  14. Effects of arterial blood flow on walls of the abdominal aorta: distributions of wall shear stress and oscillatory shear index determined by phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging.

    Sughimoto, Koichi; Shimamura, Yoshiaki; Tezuka, Chie; Tsubota, Ken'ichi; Liu, Hao; Okumura, Kenichiro; Masuda, Yoshitada; Haneishi, Hideaki


    Although abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs) occur mostly inferior to the renal artery, the mechanism of the development of AAA in relation to its specific location is not yet clearly understood. The objective of this study was to evaluate the hypothesis that even healthy volunteers may manifest specific flow characteristics of blood flow and alter wall shear or oscillatory shear stress in the areas where AAAs commonly develop. Eight healthy male volunteers were enrolled in this prospective study, aged from 24 to 27. Phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was performed with electrocardiographic triggering. Flow-sensitive four-dimensional MR imaging of the abdominal aorta, with three-directional velocity encoding, including simple morphological image acquisition, was performed. Information on specific locations on the aortic wall was applied to the flow encodes to calculate wall shear stress (WSS) and oscillatory shear index (OSI). While time-framed WSS showed the highest peak of 1.14 ± 0.25 Pa in the juxtaposition of the renal artery, the WSS plateaued to 0.61 Pa at the anterior wall of the abdominal aorta. The OSI peaked distal to the renal arteries at the posterior wall of the abdominal aorta of 0.249 ± 0.148, and was constantly elevated in the whole abdominal aorta at more than 0.14. All subjects were found to have elevated OSI in regions where AAAs commonly occur. These findings indicate that areas of constant peaked oscillatory shear stress in the infra-renal aorta may be one of the factors that lead to morphological changes over time, even in healthy individuals.

  15. Posttraumatic stress symptoms and body mass index among World Trade Center disaster-exposed smokers: A preliminary examination of the role of anxiety sensitivity.

    Farris, Samantha G; Paulus, Daniel J; Gonzalez, Adam; Mahaffey, Brittain L; Bromet, Evelyn J; Luft, Benjamin J; Kotov, Roman; Zvolensky, Michael J


    Among individuals exposed to the World Trade Center (WTC) disaster on September 11, 2001, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and symptoms are both common and associated with increased cigarette smoking and body mass. However, there is little information on the specific processes underlying the relationship of PTSD symptoms with body mass. The current study is an initial exploratory test of anxiety sensitivity, the fear of internal bodily sensations, as a possible mechanism linking PTSD symptom severity and body mass index (BMI). Participants were 147 adult daily smokers (34.0% female) exposed to the WTC disaster (via rescue/recovery work or direct witness). The direct and indirect associations between PTSD symptom severity and BMI via anxiety sensitivity (total score and subscales of physical, cognitive, and social concerns) were examined. PTSD symptom severity was related to BMI indirectly via anxiety sensitivity; this effect was specific to physical concerns about the meaning of bodily sensations. Interventions focusing on anxiety sensitivity reduction (specifically addressing physical concerns about bodily sensations) may be useful in addressing elevated BMI among trauma-exposed persons.

  16. Post-traumatic stress symptoms and childhood abuse categories in a national representative sample for a specific age group: associations to body mass index

    Sidsel H. Karsberg


    Full Text Available Background: Studies of specific groups such as military veterans have found that posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD is linked to adverse health outcomes including unhealthy weight. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between PTSD symptoms, experiences of childhood trauma and weight in a community sample. Methods: A stratified random probability survey was conducted in Denmark by the Danish National Centre for Social Research between 2008 and 2009 with 2,981 participants born in 1984, achieving a response rate of 67%. The participants were interviewed with a structured interview with questions pertaining PTSD symptomatology, exposure to childhood abuse, exposure to potentially traumatizing events, height, and weight. Underweight was defined by a body mass index (BMI <18.5, overweight was defined by a BMI ≥25 and <30 and obesity was defined by a BMI ≥30. Results: PTSD symptomatology and childhood abuse were significantly associated with both underweight and overweight/obesity. Childhood emotional abuse was especially associated with underweight, whereas sexual abuse and overall abuse were particularly associated with overweight/obesity. Conclusion: These findings indicate that health care professionals may benefit from assessing PTSD and childhood abuse in the treatment of both overweight and underweight individuals.

  17. The effects of chronic periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis on serum and gingival crevicular fluid total antioxidant/oxidant status and oxidative stress index.

    Esen, Cağrı; Alkan, Banu Arzu; Kırnap, Mehmet; Akgül, Ozgür; Işıkoğlu, Semra; Erel, Ozcan


    Chronic periodontitis (CP) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) appear to share many pathologic features. Oxygen metabolism has an important role in the pathogenesis of both CP and RA. The aim of this study is to evaluate the relationship between these two chronic inflammatory diseases with regard to antioxidant and oxidant status. A total of 80 participants were divided into four groups of 20 each: group RA-CP (patients with RA and CP), group RA (periodontally healthy patients with RA), group CP (systemically healthy patients with CP), and group C (periodontally and systemically healthy volunteers) were included in the study. After assessment of periodontal measurements, gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) samples were taken at one incisor, premolar, and molar tooth and stored with serum samples at -80°C for the antioxidant/oxidant assay. Although all clinical measurements in groups RA-CP and CP were statistically higher compared to those of C and RA groups (P 0.05). GCF total oxidant status (TOS) values of CP and RA-CP groups were higher than those of the RA group (P oxidative stress index (OSI) values of the RA-CP group were higher than those of the RA group (P 0.05). Local OSI values in groups with patients with CP were higher, whereas systemic OSI values showed no difference among the groups. The presence of RA seems not to affect local and systemic OSI values in patients with CP.

  18. Musculoskeletal stress marker (MSM) differences in the modern American upper limb and pectoral girdle in relation to activity level and body mass index (BMI).

    Godde, K; Taylor, Rebecca Wilson


    Obesity is a widespread condition affecting modern Americans. The prevalence of obesity has led to questions of how it can affect the skeleton, and if so can it be identified in unknown skeletal material. This study attempts to decipher the effects of activity level and body mass in modern Americans by employing musculoskeletal stress markers (MSM) to estimate osseous responses to workload and body weight. A total sample of 108 skeletons of known activity level and body mass index (BMI) was observed for MSM in the upper extremity (excluding hands). The entheses selected included arm muscles used during the sit-to-stand transition, which is common in most persons, regardless of activity level and BMI. Using the three categories: normal, active, and obese, logistic regression was calculated on MSM to ascertain which markers were the best indicators of these three categories. Numerous muscles of the upper limb were significant predictors of activity level and body mass, although they did not perform much better than chance. MSM may be used as predictors of activity level and/or BMI in forensic contexts; however, they should be used in conjunction with other indications of workload and/or BMI. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  19. Impact of heat stress on conception rate of dairy cows in the moderate climate considering different temperature-humidity index thresholds, periods relative to breeding, and heat load indices.

    Schüller, L K; Burfeind, O; Heuwieser, W


    The objectives of this retrospective study were to investigate the relationship between temperature-humidity index (THI) and conception rate (CR) of lactating dairy cows, to estimate a threshold for this relationship, and to identify periods of exposure to heat stress relative to breeding in an area of moderate climate. In addition, we compared three different heat load indices related to CR: mean THI, maximum THI, and number of hours above the mean THI threshold. The THI threshold for the influence of heat stress on CR was 73. It was statistically chosen based on the observed relationship between the mean THI at the day of breeding and the resulting CR. Negative effects of heat stress, however, were already apparent at lower levels of THI, and 1 hour of mean THI of 73 or more decreased the CR significantly. The CR of lactating dairy cows was negatively affected by heat stress both before and after the day of breeding. The greatest negative impact of heat stress on CR was observed 21 to 1 day before breeding. When the mean THI was 73 or more in this period, CR decreased from 31% to 12%. Compared with the average maximum THI and the total number of hours above a threshold of more than or 9 hours, the mean THI was the most sensitive heat load index relating to CR. These results indicate that the CR of dairy cows raised in the moderate climates is highly affected by heat stress.

  20. Validation of the French Version of the Child Post-Traumatic Stress Reaction Index: Psychometric Properties in French Speaking School-Aged Children

    Olliac, Bertrand; Birmes, Philippe; Bui, Eric; Allenou, Charlotte; Brunet, Alain; Claudet, Isabelle; Sales de Gauzy, Jérôme; Grandjean, Hélène; Raynaud, Jean-Philippe


    Background Although the reliable and valid Child Post-Traumatic Stress Reaction Index (CPTS-RI) is a widely used measure of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in children, it has not been validated in French-speaking populations. The present study aims to assess the psychometric properties of the CPTS-RI in three samples of French-speaking school-children. Methods Data was obtained from three samples. Sample 1 was composed of 106 children (mean (SD) age = 11.7(0.7), 50% females) victims of an industrial disaster. Sample 2 was composed of 50 children (mean (SD) age = 10.8(2.6), 44% females) who had received an orthopaedic surgical procedure after an accident. Sample 3 was composed of 106 children (mean (SD) age = 11.7(2.2), 44% females) admitted to an emergency department after a road traffic accident. We tested internal consistency using Cronbach's alpha. We examined test-retest reliability using intraclass correlation coefficient. In order to assess the convergent validity of the French version of the CPTS-RI and the Clinician Administered PTS Scale-Child and Adolescent (CAPS-CA), spearman-correlation coefficient was computed. To verify the validity of the cut-off scores, a ROC curve was constructed which evaluated the sensitivity and specificity of each score compared to the diagnosis with the CAPS-CA. We also used principal components analysis with varimax rotation to study the structure of the French version of the CPTS-RI. Results Cronbach's alpha coefficient was 0.87 for the French version of the CPTS-RI. Two-week test-retest intraclass correlation coefficient (n = 30) was 0.67. The French version of the CPTS-RI was well correlated with the CAPS-CA (r = 0.76, p24 for the CPTS-RI, the sensitivity and specificities were 100% and 62.6%, respectively. The French version of the CPTS-RI demonstrated a three-factor structure. Conclusions The CPTS-RI is reliable and valid in French-speaking children. PMID:25460912

  1. Indexing Images.

    Rasmussen, Edie M.


    Focuses on access to digital image collections by means of manual and automatic indexing. Contains six sections: (1) Studies of Image Systems and their Use; (2) Approaches to Indexing Images; (3) Image Attributes; (4) Concept-Based Indexing; (5) Content-Based Indexing; and (6) Browsing in Image Retrieval. Contains 105 references. (AEF)

  2. The Effect of Spatial and Temporal Resolution of Cine Phase Contrast MRI on Wall Shear Stress and Oscillatory Shear Index Assessment

    Gijsen, Frank J.; Marquering, Henk; van Ooij, Pim; vanBavel, Ed; Wentzel, Jolanda J.; Nederveen, Aart J.


    Introduction Wall shear stress (WSS) and oscillatory shear index (OSI) are associated with atherosclerotic disease. Both parameters are derived from blood velocities, which can be measured with phase-contrast MRI (PC-MRI). Limitations in spatiotemporal resolution of PC-MRI are known to affect these measurements. Our aim was to investigate the effect of spatiotemporal resolution using a carotid artery phantom. Methods A carotid artery phantom was connected to a flow set-up supplying pulsatile flow. MRI measurement planes were placed at the common carotid artery (CCA) and internal carotid artery (ICA). Two-dimensional PC-MRI measurements were performed with thirty different spatiotemporal resolution settings. The MRI flow measurement was validated with ultrasound probe measurements. Mean flow, peak flow, flow waveform, WSS and OSI were compared for these spatiotemporal resolutions using regression analysis. The slopes of the regression lines were reported in %/mm and %/100ms. The distribution of low and high WSS and OSI was compared between different spatiotemporal resolutions. Results The mean PC-MRI CCA flow (2.5±0.2mL/s) agreed with the ultrasound probe measurements (2.7±0.02mL/s). Mean flow (mL/s) depended only on spatial resolution (CCA:-13%/mm, ICA:-49%/mm). Peak flow (mL/s) depended on both spatial (CCA:-13%/mm, ICA:-17%/mm) and temporal resolution (CCA:-19%/100ms, ICA:-24%/100ms). Mean WSS (Pa) was in inverse relationship only with spatial resolution (CCA:-19%/mm, ICA:-33%/mm). OSI was dependent on spatial resolution for CCA (-26%/mm) and temporal resolution for ICA (-16%/100ms). The regions of low and high WSS and OSI matched for most of the spatiotemporal resolutions (CCA:30/30, ICA:28/30 cases for WSS; CCA:23/30, ICA:29/30 cases for OSI). Conclusion We show that both mean flow and mean WSS are independent of temporal resolution. Peak flow and OSI are dependent on both spatial and temporal resolution. However, the magnitude of mean and peak flow, WSS and

  3. Effects of Hydrargyrum Stress on Physiological Indexes of Grape Plants%Hg污染胁迫对葡萄果树生理特性的影响

    马堃; 冯圣东; 杨志新


    [目的]研究Hg污染胁迫对葡萄果树生理特性的影响.[方法]通过盆栽试验,研究不同浓度汞胁迫下葡萄果树细胞膜透性、游离脯氨酸含量、MDA含量及SOD、POD、CAT保护酶活性在不同生长发育期的变化规律.[结果]随着土壤汞浓度的增加,葡萄叶片相对电导率、MDA含量、游离脯氨酸含量以及SOD活性均逐渐升高.POD活性则呈现出随Hg浓度增加先升高后降低的变化趋势.CAT活性却随汞浓度增加而下降.在葡萄不同的生育时期,相对电导率和MDA含量随葡萄果树生长而减少,其顺序为成熟期>转色期>幼果生长期>开花期,游离脯氨酸含量和SOD活性则呈现出相反的顺序,即开花期>幼果生长期>转色期>成熟期,POD活性随时间的变化顺序为转色期>幼果生长期>开花期>成熟期,CAT活性随时间的变化顺序则是幼果生长期>转色期>开花期>成熟期.[结论]葡萄植株在较短生长期内对低浓度Hg有较强的抵御能力,而在较长生长期内对高浓度Hg的抵抗力下降,并受到Hg污染的严重伤害.%[Objective]The research aimed to study the effects of hydrargyrum stress on physiological indexes of grape plants. [Method]Grapes was planted in pot and different content of hydrargyrum was added to soil. The chang of cell membrane permeability, proline contents,MDA content and SOD,POD,CAT activities in grape leaf in different cultivation times were analyzed. [Result] With the inerease of Hg content in soil,relative electric conductivity,MDA content,proline content and SOD activity in leaves of grape increased. POD ativity increased first and then decreased. Hg obviously inhibited CAT activity. In different cultivation times, relative electric conductivity and MDA content decreased with the growth of grape trees. It showed in an order of flowering period young fruit growth period > turn color period > mature period. POD activity showed mature period turn color

  4. The long-term influence of body mass index on the success rate of mid-urethral sling surgery among women with stress urinary incontinence or stress-predominant mixed incontinence: comparisons between retropubic and transobturator approaches.

    Seong Jin Jeong

    Full Text Available Mid-urethral sling (MUS surgery for the treatment of urinary incontinence has been widespread since the introduction of tension-free vaginal tape in the mid-1990s. The majority of studies with short-term follow-up <2 years found no differences in the surgical outcomes according to body mass index (BMI. However, considering the chronic influence of obesity on pelvic floor musculature, it is cautiously speculated that higher BMI could increase stress on pelvic floor and sub-urethral tape, possibly decreasing the long-term success rate in the obese population. We aimed to compare the long-term effects of BMI on the outcomes of MUS between women with retropubic and transobturator approaches.We performed a retrospective analysis on 243 consecutive women who received MUS and were followed up for ≥36 months. The influence of BMI on the success rates was separately estimated and the factors for treatment failure were examined using logistic regression in either approach.The mean follow-up was 58.4 months, and 30.5% were normal weight, 51.0% overweight, and 18.5% obese. Patients received either the retropubic (30.5% or transobturator (69.5% approach. The success rates (% under the transobturator approach differed according to the BMI groups (94.3, 88.6, and 78.6, respectively; P = 0.037 while those under the retropubic approach were not different according to the BMI groups. However, in multivariate models, only the presence of preoperative mixed urinary incontinence (MUI was proven to be the risk factor for treatment failure in the transobturator approach (OR 6.39, P = 0.003. The percent of subjects with MUI was higher in obese women than in non-obese women with the transobturator approach.BMI was not independently associated with failures in either approach. Higher success rates in women with lower BMI in the transobturator approach were attributed to the lower percent of preoperative MUI in those with lower BMI.

  5. A retrospective cohort study on the influence of UV index and race/ethnicity on risk of stress and lower limb fractures

    Montain, Scott J; McGraw, Susan M.; Ely, Matthew R.; Grier, Tyson L; Knapik, Joseph J.


    Background Low vitamin D status increases the risk of stress fractures. As ultraviolet (UV) light is required for vitamin D synthesis, low UV light availability is thought to increase the risk of vitamin D insufficiency and poor bone health. The purpose of this investigation was to determine if individuals with low UV intensity at their home of record (HOR) or those with darker complexions are at increased risk of developing stress fractures and lower limb fractures during U.S. Army Basic Com...

  6. AP Index

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Planetary Amplitude index - Bartels 1951. The a-index ranges from 0 to 400 and represents a K-value converted to a linear scale in gammas (nanoTeslas)--a scale that...

  7. Speech Indexing

    Ordelman, R.J.F.; Jong, de F.M.G.; Leeuwen, van D.A.; Blanken, H.M.; de Vries, A.P.; Blok, H.E.; Feng, L.


    This chapter will focus on the automatic extraction of information from the speech in multimedia documents. This approach is often referred to as speech indexing and it can be regarded as a subfield of audio indexing that also incorporates for example the analysis of music and sounds. If the objecti

  8. A Study of the Design of Stock Index Fluctuation Stress Testing Scenario: Based on ARMA-GARCH Model%基于ARMA-GARCH模型的股指波动压力测试情景设计研究



    Aiming at such characteristics as the heteroscedasticity, sharp peak and thick tail, serial autocorrelation and so on during some time series of stock index returns, this paper combines the ARMA model with GARCH model to set up a regression model, so as to estimate the VaR value of the annual return rate of the related stock index, which can effectively predict the stock volatility and the accompanying probability under the similar market conditions. Therefore, during the stress testing practices of the securities companies, reasonably designed stress testing scenarios of downward stock index based on accompanied probability can further improve the scientificalness of the design of stress testing scenarios and enhance the practical guidance of the stress testing results. At the same time, the idea of this paper can be applied to the empirical analysis of financial time series with abundant historical data of interest rates, exchange rates, market trading volume etc., so as to guide the design of stress test scenarios, such as bond market fluctuations, foreign exchange fluctuations and fluctuations in market trading volumes.%针对股指收益率时间序列某期间的异方差、尖峰厚尾以及序列自相关等特性,将ARMA模型与GARCH模型相结合,回归建模测算相关股指年度收益率VaR值,可以有效预测类似市场条件下股指的波动以及相伴概率。因此,在证券公司压力测试实践中,基于相伴概率合理设计股指下跌的压力测试情景,可以进一步提高压力测试情景设计的科学性,增强压力测试结果的现实指导意义。同时,可以将本文研究思路推广应用于利率、汇率、市场交易量等历史数据较充分的金融时间序列的实证分析,借以指导债市波动、汇市波动以及市场交易量波动等压力测试情景的设计工作。

  9. Exploring the potential impact of implementing carbon capture technologies in fossil fuel power plants on regional European water stress index levels

    Schakel, W.B.; Pfister, Stephan; Ramirez, C.A.


    Equipping power plants with carbon capture technology can affect cooling demand and water use. This study has explored the potential impact of large scale deployment of power plants with carbon capture technologies on future regional water stress in Europe. A database including 458 of European large

  10. Exploring the potential impact of implementing carbon capture technologies in fossil fuel power plants on regional European water stress index levels

    Schakel, W.B.; Pfister, Stephan; Ramirez, C.A.

    Equipping power plants with carbon capture technology can affect cooling demand and water use. This study has explored the potential impact of large scale deployment of power plants with carbon capture technologies on future regional water stress in Europe. A database including 458 of European

  11. Exploring the potential impact of implementing carbon capture technologies in fossil fuel power plants on regional European water stress index levels

    Schakel, W.B.; Pfister, Stephan; Ramirez, C.A.


    Equipping power plants with carbon capture technology can affect cooling demand and water use. This study has explored the potential impact of large scale deployment of power plants with carbon capture technologies on future regional water stress in Europe. A database including 458 of European large

  12. AA Index

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The geomagnetic aa index provides a long climatology of global geomagnetic activity using 2 antipodal observatories at Greenwich and Melbourne- IAGA Bulletin 37,...

  13. Walkability Index

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — The Walkabiliy Index dataset characterizes every Census 2010 block group in the U.S. based on its relative walkability. Walkability depends upon characteristics of...

  14. Evaluation of mentum deformities of Chironomus spp. (Chironomidae: Diptera) larvae using modified toxic score index (MTSI) to assess the environmental stress in Juru River Basin, Penang, Malaysia.

    Al-Shami, Salman Abdo; Salmah, Mad Rawi Che; Hassan, Ahmad Abu; Azizah, Mohd Nor Siti


    Morphological mentum deformities which represent sublethal effect of exposure to different types of pollutants were evaluated in Chironomus spp. larvae inhabiting three polluted rivers of Juru River Basin in northwestern peninsular Malaysia. Using mentum deformity incidences, the modified toxic score index (MTSI) was developed based on Lenat's toxic score index (TSI). The suggested MTSI was compared with TSI in terms of its effectiveness to identify different pollutants including heavy metals. The MTSI showed stronger relationship to total deformity incidence expressed as percentage. Additionally, the multivariate RDA model showed higher capability of MTSI to explain the variations in heavy metal contents of the river sediments. The MTSI was recommended in bioassessment of water and sediment quality using the mentum deformities of Chironomus spp. larvae from aquatic ecosystems receiving anthropogenic, agricultural, or industrial discharges.

  15. The Prophylactic Effect of Vitamin C on Oxidative Stress Indexes Following Exposure to Radio Frequency Wave Generated by a BTS Antenna Model in Rat Liver and Kidney

    Gholamali Jelodar


    Full Text Available Background: Radio frequency wave (RFW generated by base transceiver station (BTS has been reported to make deleterious effects on liver and kidney, possibly through oxidative stress. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of radiofrequency wave (RFW-induced oxidative stress in the liver and kidney and the prophylactic effect of vitamin C on this organs by measuring the antioxidant enzymes activity including: glutathione peroxidase (GPx, superoxide dismutase (SOD and catalase (CAT, and malondialdehyde (MDA. Materials and Methods: In this experimental study, thirty-two adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into four experimental groups and treated daily for 45 days as follows: control, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid 200 mg/kg of body weight/day by gavage, test (exposed to 900MHz RFW and the treated group (received vitamin C in addition to exposure to RFW. At the end of the experiment all animals were sacrificed and their liver and kidney were removed and were used for measurement of antioxidant enzymes and MDA activity. Results: The results indicate that exposure to RFW in the test group decreased antioxidant enzymes activity and increased MDA compared with the control groups (p<0.05. In the treated group vitamin C improved antioxidant enzymes activity and reduced MDA compared to the test group (p<0.05. Conclusion: It can be concluded that RFW causes oxidative stress in liver and kidney, and vitamin C improves the antioxidant enzymes activity and decreases MDA.

  16. Virginia ESI: INDEX (Index Polygons)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector polygons representing the boundaries of all hardcopy cartographic products produced as part of the Environmental Sensitivity Index...

  17. Louisiana ESI: INDEX (Index Polygons)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector polygons representing the boundaries of all the hardcopy cartographic products produced as part of the Environmental Sensitivity Index...

  18. Maryland ESI: INDEX (Index Polygons)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector polygons representing the boundaries of all hardcopy cartographic products produced as part of the Environmental Sensitivity Index...

  19. Use of thermal imaging to determine leaf conductance along a canopy gradient in European beech (Fagus sylvatica).

    Reinert, Stefan; Bögelein, Rebekka; Thomas, Frank M


    Using an infrared camera, we measured the leaf temperature across different canopy positions of a 23-m-tall deciduous forest tree (Fagus sylvatica L.) including typical sun and shade leaves as well as intermediate leaf forms, which differed significantly in specific leaf area (SLA). We calculated a temperature index (I(G)) and a crop water stress index (CWSI) using the surface temperatures of wet and dry reference leaves. Additional indices were computed using air temperature plus 5 °C (I(G) + 5, CWSI + 5) as dry references. The minimum temperature of the wet leaf and the maximum temperature of the dry leaf proved to be most suitable as reference values. We correlated the temperature indices with leaf area-related conductance to water vapor (g(L)) using porometry at the leaf level and using xylem sap flow at the branch level. At the leaf and at the branch level, I(G) and CWSI were equally well suited as proxies of g(L), whereas the relationships of I(G) + 5 and CWSI + 5 with g(L) were only weak or even insignificant. At the leaf level, the correlations of I(G) and CWSI with g(L) were significant in all parts of the crown. The slopes of g(L) vs. I(G) and CWSI did not differ significantly among the crown parts; this indicates that they were not influenced by SLA or irradiance. At the branch level, close correlations (r > 0.8) were found between temperature indices and g(L) across the crown. These results demonstrate that satisfactory relationships between temperature indices and g(L) can be established in tall trees even in those canopy parts that are exposed to relatively low levels of irradiance and exhibit relatively low values of g(L).

  20. The environmental vegetation index: A tool potentially useful for arid land management. [Texas and Mexico, plant growth stress due to water deficits

    Gray, T. I., Jr.; Mccrary, D. G. (Principal Investigator)


    The NOAA-6 AVHRR data sets acquired over South Texas and Mexico during the spring of 1980 and after Hurricane Allen passed inland are analyzed. These data were processed to produce the Gray-McCrary Index (GMI's) for each pixel location over the selected area, which area contained rangeland and cropland, both irrigated and nonirrigated. The variations in the GMI's appear to reflect well the availability of water for vegetation. The GMI area maps are shown to delineate and to aid in defining the duration of drought; suggesting the possibility that time changes over a selected area could be useful for irrigation management.


    Kock, L.J.


    A device is presented for loading and unloading fuel elements containing material fissionable by neutrons of thermal energy. The device comprises a combination of mechanical features Including a base, a lever pivotally attached to the base, an Indexing plate on the base parallel to the plane of lever rotation and having a plurality of apertures, the apertures being disposed In rows, each aperture having a keyway, an Index pin movably disposed to the plane of lever rotation and having a plurality of apertures, the apertures being disposed in rows, each aperture having a keyway, an index pin movably disposed on the lever normal to the plane rotation, a key on the pin, a sleeve on the lever spaced from and parallel to the index pin, a pair of pulleys and a cable disposed between them, an open collar rotatably attached to the sleeve and linked to one of the pulleys, a pin extending from the collar, and a bearing movably mounted in the sleeve and having at least two longitudinal grooves in the outside surface.

  2. 尿中氧化应激指标作为学生体检中测定指标的意义%Value of urine oxidative stress index as a biomarker in student health examination

    郭琪; 吕兆阳; 任艳苹; 王家仲


    [Objective] To explore the value of urine oxidative stress index as a biomarker in student health examination. [ Methods ] Through morning urine collection of 34 obesity college students with body mass index ( BMI) over 30, the urinary sodium, creatinine, oxidative stress indices (H2O2 and thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) were determined. [Results] The urine TBARS level was significantly correlated with daily salt intake, obesity , blood pressure , blood lipids(P <0. 05). [ Conclusion] It is recommended that the urine oxidative stress index (urine TBARS excretion) as a biomarker in student health examination which can provide specific guidance in lifestyle of the student population with quantitative data basis, at the same time as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease can deepen students'understanding of cardiovascular disease hazards as quantization marker.%目的 探讨尿中氧化应激指标作为学生体检中测定指标的意义.方法 通过对体重指数(BMI)30以上的肥胖大学生34人进行晨尿采集,测定尿钠、肌酐、氧化应激指标[(H202和硫代巴比妥酸反应产物(TBARS)],观察尿中氧化应激水平和摄盐量(通过晨尿钠和肌酐公式测算)及现有体检指标(肥胖、血压、血脂等)的关系.结果 尿中TBARS排泄量和日食盐摄入量、肥胖、血压、血脂之间有统计学意义的相关性(P<0.05).结论 建议学生体检中增加尿中TBARS排泄量测定,可以为学生人群的具体生活方式的指导提供量化的数据依据,同时作为一个心血管疾病的危险因子可以加深学生对心血管等疾病危害性的量化认识.

  3. 盐胁迫对10个墨西哥柏种源幼苗生理生化的影响%Effects of salt stress on physiological and biochemical index of ten provenances of Cupressus lusitanica

    刘奕琳; 万福绪; 娄晓瑞


    采用5个盐分梯度,对10种墨西哥柏(Cupressus lusitanica)幼苗进行盐胁迫处理.通过对苗高、地径净生长量、叶片含水量、叶绿素总含量、相对电导率、脯氨酸和丙二醛含量等指标的测定,观测其在盐胁迫下的一系列生理生化反应.结果表明:随着盐胁迫的加剧,墨西哥柏苗高、地径净生长量、叶片含水量逐渐降低,且盐胁迫对苗高的影响较对地径的大;叶片脯氨酸、丙二醛含量则随着盐胁迫程度增加显著上升;叶绿素总含量在低强度胁迫下增大而在高强度胁迫下降低;相对电导率不能真实地反映出墨西哥柏受盐胁迫的影响程度.根据隶属函数法综合评价各种源耐盐能力,筛选出了3个强抗盐种源为:D10(‘Ejido sierra de agua’)、D3(‘La cienega’)、D4(‘La cumbre del manzano’).%This article aimed to determine the effect of salt stress on physiological and biochemical index of 10 provenances of Cupressus lusitanica by measuring seedling height,ground diameter,relative water content,chlorophyll content,relative conductivity,proline content and malonaldehyde (MDA) content under five salinity gradient levels.The results showed that under salt stress,the seedling's height,ground diameter and relative water content decreased,while proline content and malonaldehyde (MDA) content increased outstandingly.Salt stress affected the height growth more than ground diameter growth.Total content of chlorophyll increased under low level of salt stress and decreased under high level of salt stress.Relative conductivity could not show the real growth condition of Cupressus lusitanica suffering salt stress.Based on subordination function method,the three high salt-resistant provenances (D10,D3 and D4) among ten provenances are obtained.

  4. Afghanistan Index

    Linnet, Poul Martin


    The Afghanistan index is a compilation of quantitative and qualitative data on the reconstruction and security effort in Afghanistan. The index aims at providing data for benchmarking of the international performance and thus provides the reader with a quick possibility to retrieve valid...... basis. The data are divided into different indicators such as security, polls, drug, social, economic, refugees etc. This represents a practical division and does not indicate that a picture as to for instance security can be obtained by solely looking at the data under security. In order to obtain...... a more valid picture on security this must incorporate an integrated look on all data meaning that for instance the economic data provides an element as to the whole picture of security....



    2, 4, 6-trinitrobenzenesulphonic acid, zinc sulfate, experimental colitis, 2003328AC133 antigen, hematopoietic stem cells, fetal blood, immunophe-notyping, 2003138ALR2 gene, eNOS gene, PON1 gene, RAGE gene, 2003179 ATN-ISI, prognosis, acute renal failure, acute tubular necrosis-individual severity index, acute physiology and chronic health evaluation, 2003118 Alzheimer disease, interleukin-1 beta, tumor necrosis factor alpha,

  6. Modelling spatial and temporal vegetation variability with the Climate Constrained Vegetation Index: evidence of CO2 fertilisation and of water stress in continental interiors

    S. O. Los


    Full Text Available A model was developed to simulate spatial, seasonal and interannual variations in vegetation in response to temperature, precipitation and atmospheric CO2 concentrations; the model addresses shortcomings in current implementations. The model uses the minimum of 12 temperature and precipitation constraint functions to simulate NDVI. Functions vary based on the Köppen–Trewartha climate classification to take adaptations of vegetation to climate into account. The simulated NDVI, referred to as the climate constrained vegetation index (CCVI, captured the spatial variability (0.82 r r = 0.83 and interannual variability (median global r = 0.24 in NDVI. The CCVI simulated the effects of adverse climate on vegetation during the 1984 drought in the Sahel and during dust bowls of the 1930s and 1950s in the Great Plains in North America. A global CO2 fertilisation effect was found in NDVI data, similar in magnitude to that of earlier estimates (8 % for the 20th century. This effect increased linearly with simple ratio, a transformation of the NDVI. Three CCVI scenarios, based on climate simulations using the representative concentration pathway RCP4.5, showed a greater sensitivity of vegetation towards precipitation in Northern Hemisphere mid latitudes than is currently implemented in climate models. This higher sensitivity is of importance to assess the impact of climate variability on vegetation, in particular on agricultural productivity.

  7. Psychometric Validation of Stress and Compliance Scale for ...

    Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Malaysia stress scale, Stress and compliance scale for diabetes, Stress, ... International Pharmaceutical Abstract, Chemical Abstracts, Embase, Index Copernicus, .... also, the researcher and co-researchers.

  8. Lipid peroxidation levels and total oxidant/antioxidant status in serum and saliva from patients with chronic and aggressive periodontitis. Oxidative stress index: a new biomarker for periodontal disease?

    Baltacıoğlu, Esra; Yuva, Pınar; Aydın, Güven; Alver, Ahmet; Kahraman, Cemil; Karabulut, Erdem; Akalın, Ferda Alev


    In this study, levels of malondialdehyde (MDA), which is a significant product of lipid peroxidation (LPO), total oxidant status (TOS), total antioxidant capacity (TAOC), and the oxidative stress index (OSI), a novel value as a marker of periodontal disease activity, are investigated in serum and saliva from patients with chronic (CP) and generalized aggressive (GAgP) periodontitis. A total of 98 patients (33 with CP, 35 patients with GAgP, and 30 periodontally healthy controls) enrolled in the study. After clinical measurements and sample collection, the MDA level, TOS, and TAOC were measured by high-performance liquid chromatography and a novel automatic colorimetric method. The OSI was calculated as [(TOS/TAOC) × 100]. Although the salivary MDA levels and serum and salivary TOS and OSI values were significantly higher in the periodontitis groups than in the control group (P 0.05). Furthermore, oxidative stress parameters were higher in the GAgP group than in the CP group (except the serum and salivary MDA levels and serum TAOC). Significant positive and negative correlations were observed between periodontal parameters and the MDA levels and TOS, TAOC, and OSI values (except serum MDA) (P <0.05). The present findings suggest that an increased TOS and decreased TAOC, rather than LPO, play important roles in the pathology of periodontitis and are closely associated with clinical periodontal status. Furthermore, the OSI may be a useful and practical parameter for evaluating periodontal disease activity.

  9. Effect of Water Stress on Physiological and Biochemical Indexes of 10 Varieties of Cupressus lusitanica%水分胁迫对10种墨西哥柏生长及生理生化指标的影响

    娄晓瑞; 万福绪; 孙波


    以10种不同种源的墨西哥柏为材料,采用室内试验与野外观测相结合的方法,研究了10种墨西哥柏在不同水分胁迫条件下生长指标和生理生化指标的变化.结果表明,水分胁迫减缓了墨西哥柏苗高和地径的长势;随胁迫强度的增大,各种源相对含水量明显下降;相对电导率和叶绿素总合量呈先下降而后上升的趋势;脯氨酸和可溶性蛋白质含量明显上升.根据隶属函数法综合评价各种源抗旱能力由强至弱依次为D6、D2、D8、D10、D3、D1、D5、D9、D4、D7.%Based on C. Lusitanica of different provenances as materials, using the combination method of laboratory experiment and field observation, this article studied the changes of growth index and physiological and biochemical indexes of 10 varieties of C. Lusitanica at seedling stage in the condition of different water stress, the results show that water stress slow down the growth vigor of seedling height and root-stem; with the increasing of stress intensity, the relative water content of every variety drops obviously, relative electric conductivity and chlorophyll content appear drop to rise, but the content of proline and soluble protein rise obviously. Based on subordination function method, the drought-resistant abilities of 10 varieties from the high to low are D6, D2, D8, D10, D3, Dl, D5 , D9, D4, D7.

  10. Lifestyle, stress and cortisol response: Review I: Mental stress

    Fukuda, Sanae; Morimoto, Kanehisa


    The incidences of diseases related to mental stress are increasing in Japan. Mental stress, unacknowledged for long periods, has been shown to lead to the development of a number of diseases. Thus, an index for mental stress is important to induce awareness of its presence. We focused on the relationship between cortisol and mental stress in this review. We will discuss both the usefulness and problems of cortisol as a mental stress index by summarizing the relationship between cortisol and m...

  11. Effects of Exogenous Hydrogen Peroxide on the Physiological Index of Wheat Seedlings under Salt Stress%外源H2O2对盐胁迫下小麦幼苗生理指标的影响

    李金亭; 赵萍萍; 邱宗波; 张元昊; 王明梅; 毕真真; 张佩佩


    In order to determine the effect of hydrogen peroxide on the physiological index of -wheat seedlings under salt stress, wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. ' Zhengmai-004') seedlings were treated with hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide treatment in combination with catalase (CAT) and ascorbate acid (AsA).The results showed that treatments with exogenous H2O2 significantly decreased MDA content, O2 production rate,increased the activities of SOD,POD,CAT, APX and GSH content in wheat seedlings under salt stress, and remarkably promoted wheat seedling growth (plant height, dry weight, root length and root dry weight). The promoting effect of exogenous H2O2 on salt stress could be reversed by the addition of CAT and AsA. It was suggested that exogenous H2O2 induced changes in MDA,O2 -·antioxidant enzymes and antioxidant compounds were responsible for the increase in salt stress tolerance observed in the experiments. Therefore, H2O2 may participate in antioxidant enzymes and antioxidant compounds induced tolerance of wheat seedlings to salt stress. The results also showed that exogenous H2O2 had a positive physiological effect on the growth and development of salt-stressed seedlings.%以‘郑麦-004’小麦幼苗为供试材料,采用Hoagland营养液培养方法,通过添加H2O2的清除剂过氧化氢酶(CAT)和抗坏血酸(ASA),研究0.05 μmol/L外源H2O2处理对150 mmol/L NaCl胁迫下小麦幼苗生长和抗氧化系统活性的影响,探讨低浓度外源H2O2对盐胁迫下小麦幼苗伤害的防护作用及其生理机制.结果显示:外源H2O2能缓解盐胁迫对小麦幼苗生长的抑制效应,降低丙二醛(MDA)含量和超氧自由基(O2-)的产生速率,使小麦幼苗的株高、根长和干重均显著增加,并能提高超氧化物歧化酶( SOD)、过氧化物酶(POD)、CAT、抗坏血酸氧化酶(APX)等保护酶活性和抗氧化物质谷胱甘肽(GSH)的含量;而H2O2清除剂(CAT和AsA)能够逆转外源H2O2对盐胁迫下小麦幼苗生长

  12. Effects of NaCl Stress on the Physiological and Biochemical Indexes in Seedling Leaves of Populus euphratica Oliv.%NaCl胁迫对胡杨幼苗叶生理生化指标的影响

    史军辉; 王新英; 刘茂秀


    proline, MDA, Na+ and Cl- were increased gradually with increasing NaCl salinity. Nevertheless, K+ content and K + /Na+ ratio were decreased. In contrast, the activities of SOD and soluble protein content decreased first and then increased with NaCl stress enhancement. The high NaCl salinity had significant effects on the measured physiological chemical indexes. [Conclusion] Under NaCl stress, physiological process in the seedling had somewhat adapted to salt stress, (1) under salt stress, the pro content increased significantly, therefore it was an important osmotic regulation substances for osmotic requilibrium in the leaves. (2) Salt stress and soluble protein in its leaves were decreased significantly by salt stress. (3) under salt stress, the activities of SOD was promoted, so it enhanced the seedling ability to enduring salt. (4) Under low salt stress, the seedling had a relative high level for absorbing K+ to keep ionic requilibrium.

  13. Analysis of relations between crop temperature indices and yield of different sunflower hybrids foliar treated by biopreparations

    Kovár Marek


    Full Text Available The application of biological active preparations (BAPs and remote-sensing control in the management of agronomic intervention are an important part of successful crop cultivation. The effects of foliar application of two BAPs (containing amino acids or Abiestins® on yield and yield-forming, as well eco-physiological traits calculated from infrared thermographs data (crop water stress index, CWSI and index of stomatal conductance, Ig of three hybrids of sunflower were studied in field poly-factorial experiments, realised during two years (2012 and 2013. The results showed that the application of selected BAPs has contributed to an increase of the sunflower yield, in particular through an increase in the weight of thousand seeds (rp = 0.761, P < 0.001. Similarly, oil content in achenes was significantly higher in treatments with BAPs, mainly with preparation containing free amino acids. The study describes the quantitative relationship between yield and quality of sunflower production (rp = −0.41, P < 0.01. Selected hybrids of sunflower in two growth stages showed the significant differences in CWSI and Ig (both at P < 0.01, respectively. An analysis of negative linear relation between the yield of achenes and CWSI (rp = −0.654, P < 0.001 confirmed that higher value of plant stress resulted in a smaller yield and vice-versa. The opposite trend was observed between yield and Ig index (rp = 0.576, P < 0.001. The data obtained from IR thermography can be used for monitoring the physiological health of sunflower plants, as well in potential prediction and control of yield.

  14. 断奶应激对仔猪4项血清脂类代谢指标的影响%Effect of Weanling Stress on Four Serum Lipid Metabolism Indexes of Piglets

    都占林; 李生芳


    为了确定断奶应激对仔猪脂类营养代谢的影响,随机选取体重相近的12头断奶仔猪,分别于仔猪断奶时,断奶后第7天、第14天采取血液进行血清脂类代谢指标测定。结果显示,被检仔猪血清CHO、TG活性在断奶后显著(P〈0.05)或极显著升高(P〈0.01)。血清HDL、LDL在整个试验期间虽有变化,但均无统计学意义(P〉0.05)。表明断奶后第14天时,仔猪对脂类物质吸收增强,脂肪沉积增多,该时期可在饲料中适当添加脂类营养物质,这将有利于调节机体代谢和营养调控。%In order to understand the effect of weanling stress on serum lipid metabolism of piglets, 12 weaned piglets with similar body weight were randomly selected, and serum lipid metabolism indexes of their blood were determined when piglets were weaned, 7 days and 14 days after weaning. Result showed that CHO and TG activities of piglet serum were significantly or very significantly increased, but HDL and LDL activities of serum had no significant change. It is suggested that after piglets were weaned for 14 days, they strengthened to absorb lipid materials, and fat deposition increased, so serum nutrients should be properly added into feed during this stage, and it is helpful to adjust body′s metabolism and nutrition regulation.

  15. Index and Indexing Assessment: Criteria and Standards

    Hassan Ashrafi


    Full Text Available Indexing is one of the most important methods of content representation where by assigning descriptors to the documents, their subject content are made known. Since index and indexing are remarkably significant in information retrieval, its quality and evaluation and provision of criteria and standards had always been the mainstay of researchers in this field. Given the fact that Indexing is a complex process, offering definitions, principles and methods could be step towards optimal use of the information. The present study, while offering a capsule definition of index, will investigate the indexing evaluation criteria and would follow it up with a definition of indexing. Finally a number of standards in the field of indexing are presented and would make its conclusions.

  16. 应激对猪生产性能、行为及血液理化指标影响的研究进展%Research Progress on Effects of Stress on Production Performance,Behaviour and Blood Physiological-biochemical Indexes in Pigs

    杨培歌; 顾宪红


    Significant changes of production performance,behaviour and blood physiological-biochemical indexes were found under stress conditions, and stress could damage animals. Thus,it was suggested that every efforts should be made to prevent stress,especially severe stress in livestock production,so as not to affect the orderly production,damage animals welfare and reduce economic benefits. The influence of weaning,cold,heat,transportation and slaughter stress on production performance,behaviour and blood physiological-biochemical indexes in pigs were mainly reviewed in this paper.%应激条件下会影响猪的生产性能、行为及血液生理生化指标,对动物机体造成危害.因此,在畜牧生产实践中应尽一切努力防止应激特别是严重应激的发生,以免影响生产的有序进行,损害动物福利,降低经济效益.作者主要综述了断奶、冷、热、运输、屠宰等常见应激因素对猪的生产性能、行为及血液生理生化指标的影响.

  17. EJSCREEN Indexes 2015 Internal

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — There is an EJ Index for each environmental indicator. There are 12 EJ Indexes in EJSCREEN reflecting the 12 environmental indicators. The EJ Index names are:...

  18. EJSCREEN Indexes 2016 Public

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — There is an EJ Index for each environmental indicator. There are eleven EJ Indexes in EJSCREEN reflecting the 11 environmental indicators. The EJ Index names are:...

  19. EJSCREEN Indexes 2015 Public

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — There is an EJ Index for each environmental indicator. There are eight EJ Indexes in EJSCREEN reflecting the 8 environmental indicators. The EJ Index names are:...

  20. Could be the future climate change an opportunity for the winegrowers? The case study of Aglianico wine in southern Italy.

    Bonfante, Antonello; Basile, Angelo; Dragonetti, Giovanna; De Lorenzi, Francesca; De Mascellis, Roberto; Gambuti, Angelita; Giorio, Pasquale; Guida, Giampiero; Manna, Piero; Minieri, Luciana; Oliva, Marco; Orefice, Nadia; Terribile, Fabio


    Water deficit is a limiting factor to yield production and crop adaptation to future climate conditions. This is true for crops addressed mainly for biomass production (e.g. maize, wheat, etc.) but not for those where the quality is relevant. Specifically, in grapevine water stress (mid or limited) - occurring during specific phenological phases - is a factor to produce good quality wines. It induces for example the production of anthocyanins and aroma precursors. Therefore, the water stress, due to the future increase of temperature and the rainfall decrease, could represent an opportunity to increase winegrowers' incomes. The study was carried out in Campania region (Southern Italy), in an area vocated to high quality wines production (ZOVISA project: Viticultural zoning at farm scale) The study was realized in two different soils (calcisol and cambisol), under the same climate, on Aglianico cultivar, standard clone population on 1103 Paulsen rootstocks placed along a slope of 90 m length with 11% of gradient. The agro-hydrological model SWAP was calibrated and applied to estimate soil-plant water status at the various crop phenological phases for three vintages (2011-2013). Crop water stress index (CWSI) - estimated by the model - was related to physiological measurements (e.g leaf water potential), grape bunches measurements (e.g. sugar content) and wine quality (e.g. tannins). For both soils, the correlation between measurements and CWSI were high (e.g. -0.97** with sugar; 0.895* with anthocyanins in the skins). Then, the model was applied to future climate condition (2021-2051) obtained from statistical downscaling of GCM in order to estimate the effect of the climate on CWSI and hence on vine quality. The results show that the effects of the climate change on the vine quality is dependent by the soil, being relevant to the cambisol and less pronounced to the calcisol, with an expected improvement of wine quality in the cambisol.

  1. Using Plant Temperature to Evaluate the Response of Stomatal Conductance to Soil Moisture Deficit

    Ming-Han Yu


    Full Text Available Plant temperature is an indicator of stomatal conductance, which reflects soil moisture stresses. We explored the relationship between plant temperature and soil moisture to optimize irrigation schedules in a water-stress experiment using Firmiana platanifolia (L. f. Marsili in an incubator. Canopy temperature, leaf temperature, and stomatal conductance were measured using thermal imaging and a porometer. The results indicated that (1 stomatal conductance decreased with declines in soil moisture, and reflected average canopy temperature; (2 the variation of the leaf temperature distribution was a reliable indicator of soil moisture stress, and the temperature distribution in severely water-stressed leaves exhibited greater spatial variation than that in the presence of sufficient irrigation; (3 thermal indices (Ig and crop water stress index (CWSI were theoretically proportional to stomatal conductance (gs, Ig was certified to have linearity relationship with gs and CWSI have a logarithmic relationship with gs, and both of the two indices can be used to estimate soil moisture; and (4 thermal imaging data can reflect water status irrespective of long-term water scarcity or lack of sudden rainfall. This study applied thermal imaging methods to monitor plants and develop adaptable irrigation scheduling, which are important for the formulation of effective and economical agriculture and forestry policy.

  2. Financial Stress Indices and Financial Crises

    Vermeulen, Robert; Hoeberichts, Marco; Vasicek, Borek; Zigraiova, Diana; Smidkova, Katerina; de Haan, Jakob


    This paper develops a Financial Stress Index (FSI) for 28 OECD countries and examines its relationship to crises using a novel database for financial crises. A stress index measures the current state of stress in the financial system and summarizes it in a single statistic. Our results suggest that

  3. Nucleic acid indexing

    Guilfoyle, Richard A.; Guo, Zhen


    A restriction site indexing method for selectively amplifying any fragment generated by a Class II restriction enzyme includes adaptors specific to fragment ends containing adaptor indexing sequences complementary to fragment indexing sequences near the termini of fragments generated by Class II enzyme cleavage. A method for combinatorial indexing facilitates amplification of restriction fragments whose sequence is not known.

  4. 臭氧胁迫下外源喷施亚精胺和EDU对小麦生理指标的影响%Effects of Spermidine and EDU on Physiological Indexes of Wheat under Ozone Stress

    隋立华; 黄益宗; 王玮; 耿春梅; 殷宝辉


    采用开顶式气室模拟研究外源喷施亚精胺(Spd)和EDU对O3胁迫下小麦生理指标变化的影响,测定的生理指标包括丙二醛含量(MDA)、超氧化物歧化酶活性(SOD)、过氧化物酶活性(POD)、过氧化氢酶活性(CAT)、可溶性蛋白质含量、还原型谷胱甘肽含量(GSH)、谷胱甘肽还原酶活性(GR)、抗坏血酸含量(ASA)和抗坏血酸过氧化物酶活性(APX).结果表明,外源喷施Spd 和EDU可不同程度地提高小麦叶片的SOD、POD、CAT、APX和GR活性,降低MDA和ASA含量,提高GSH和可溶性蛋白含量.当Spd的浓度为0.25、0.50和0.75 mmol·L-1时,小麦叶片POD活性比对照处理提高90.0% ~ 226.7%,CAT活性提高21.4%~ 40.6%,APX活性提高164.2%~ 191.0%,MDA含量降低9.7%~42.5%.喷施300 mag·L-1 EDU可导致小麦叶片POD、CAT和APX活性分别比对照处理提高76.8%、27.4%和128.1%,MDA和ASA含量降低,GSH含量提高25.6%.以上结果说明Spd和EDU是2种比较有效的缓解小麦O3胁迫的抗氧化剂,可用来防护O3对小麦的毒害.%Effects of exogenous spermidine (Spd) and ethylenediurea (EDU) on active oxygen scavenging system under ozone stress were studied by open top chambers (OTCs). Some physiological indexes including malondialdehyde (MDA), soluble protein, ascorbic acid (ASA), ghitathione (GSH), superoxide dismutase (SOD), peroxidase (POD), cata-lase (CAT), ascorbate peroxidase (APX) and glutathione reductase (GR) of wheat were investigated. The results showed that both Spd and EDU improved activities of SOD, POD, CAT, APX and GR, contents of GSH and soluble protein, while decreased the contents of MDA and ASA. Compared to the control treatment, activities of POD, CAT and APX in wheat leaf increased 90.0% -226.7% , 21.4% -40.6% and 164.2% - 191.0% , respectively, while the contents of MDA decreased 9.7% -42.5% at Spd concentrations of 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75 mmol·L-1. Compared to the control treatment, EDU concentration of 300

  5. CENDI Indexing Workshop


    The CENDI Indexing Workshop held at NASA Headquarters, Two Independence Square, 300 E Street, Washington, DC, on September 21-22, 1994 focused on the following topics: machine aided indexing, indexing quality, an indexing pilot project, the MedIndEx Prototype, Department of Energy/Office of Scientific and Technical Information indexing activities, high-tech coding structures, category indexing schemes, and the Government Information Locator Service. This publication consists mostly of viewgraphs related to the above noted topics. In an appendix is a description of the Government Information Locator Service.

  6. Stress fractures in runners.

    McCormick, Frank; Nwachukwu, Benedict U; Provencher, Matthew T


    Stress fractures are a relatively common entity in athletes, in particular, runners. Physicians and health care providers should maintain a high index of suspicion for stress fractures in runners presenting with insidious onset of focal bone tenderness associated with recent changes in training intensity or regimen. It is particularly important to recognize “high-risk” fractures, as these are associated with an increased risk of complication. A patient with confirmed radiographic evidence of a high-risk stress fracture should be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon. Runners may benefit from orthotics, cushioned sneakers, interval training, and vitamin/calcium supplementation as a means of stress fracture prevention.

  7. Columbia River ESI: INDEX (Index Polygons)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector polygons representing the boundaries of all hardcopy cartographic products produced as part of the Environmental Sensitivity Index...

  8. American Samoa ESI: INDEX (Index Polygons)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector polygons representing the boundaries of all the hardcopy cartographic products produced as part of the Environmental Sensitivity Index...

  9. Human Use Index (Future)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Human land uses may have major impacts on ecosystems, affecting biodiversity, habitat, air and water quality. The human use index (also known as U-index) is the...

  10. Human Use Index

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Human land uses may have major impacts on ecosystems, affecting biodiversity, habitat, air and water quality. The human use index (also known as U-index) is the...

  11. Master Veteran Index (MVI)

    Department of Veterans Affairs — As of June 28, 2010, the Master Veteran Index (MVI) database based on the enhanced Master Patient Index (MPI) is the authoritative identity service within the VA,...

  12. Audio Indexing for Efficiency

    Rahnlom, Harold F.; Pedrick, Lillian


    This article describes Zimdex, an audio indexing system developed to solve the problem of indexing audio materials for individual instruction in the content area of the mathematics of life insurance. (Author)

  13. Glycemic index and diabetes

    ... this page: // Glycemic index and diabetes To use the sharing features on ... GI diet also may help with weight loss. Glycemic Index of Certain Foods Low GI foods (0 to ...

  14. IndexCat

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — IndexCat provides access to the digitized version of the printed Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon General's Office; eTK for medieval Latin texts; and...

  15. Stress Management: Job Stress

    Healthy Lifestyle Stress management Job stress can be all-consuming — but it doesn't have to be. Address your triggers, keep perspective and ... stress triggers, it's often helpful to improve time management skills — especially if you tend to feel overwhelmed ...

  16. Unified Index Unveiled



    China unveiled a unified stock index to track both markets in Shanghai and Shenzhen in April, a move likely to open a floodgate for more trading derivatives such as index futures. The new index, with 300 component companies traded on Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, will be the first of its kind on the mainland. The index members will be the largest 300 stocks - 180 from Shanghai and 120 from Shenzhen - in terms of market capitalization,

  17. Index to Volume 110

    Marriott, R. A.


    The Subject Index references items under general headings; where a contribution covers two or more clearly defined subjects, each is separately referenced, but otherwise sub-headings within the same topic are not included. Book and other reviews are indexed as such, but their subjects are not further cross-indexed. The Author Index details all named contributions, including talks at Ordinary Meetings, but not questions from the floor.

  18. Indexing Executive Compensation Contracts

    I. Dittmann (Ingolf); E.G. Maug (Ernst); O.G. Spalt (Oliver)


    textabstractWe analyze the efficiency of indexing executive pay by calibrating the standard model of executive compensation to a large sample of US CEOs. The benefits from linking the strike price of stock options to an index are small and fully indexing all options would increase compensation costs

  19. Textile Index Monitor


    Part I–Price Index National Index for China Textile City (located in Keqiao, Shaoxing county in Zhejiang Province, east of China) concludes its price index (periodic code:20101101) at 100.31 points rise of 0.68% as against its previous week.

  20. Textile Index Monitor


    Part I—Price IndexNational Index for China Textile City (located in Keqiao,Shaoxing county in Zhejiang Province,east of China) concludes its price index (periodic code:20110606) at 110.56 points.

  1. Effects of future climate change on grape and wine quality: a case study for the Aglianico grape, Campania. Italy.

    Bonfante, Antonello; Gambuti, Angelita; Monaco, Eugenia; Langella, Giuliano; Manna, Piero; Orefice, Nadia; Albrizio, Rossella; Basile, Angelo; Terribile, Fabio


    Water deficits limit yields and this is one of the negative aspects of climate change. However, this applies particularly when emphasis is on biomass production (e.g. for crops like maize, wheat, etc.) but not for plants where quality, not quantity is most relevant. For example, water stress occurring during specific phenological phases of grapevine development is an important factor when producing good quality wines. It induces, for example, the production of anthocyanins and aroma precursors. Water stress due to future increases of temperature and decreases of rainfall due to climate change can, therefore, represent an opportunity to increase winegrowers' incomes. This study was carried out in Campania region (Southern Italy), an area well known for high quality wine production. Growth of the Aglianico grapevine cultivar, with a standard clone population on 1103 Paulsen rootstocks, was studied on two different types of soil: Calcisols and Cambisols occurring along a slope of 90 m length with 11% gradient. The agro-hydrological model SWAP was calibrated and applied to estimate soil-plant water status at the various crop phenological phases for three vintages (2011-2013). Then, the Crop water stress index (CWSI), as estimated by the model, was related to physiological measurements (e.g. leaf water potential), grape bunches measurements (e.g. sugar content) and wine quality (e.g. tannins). For both soils, the correlation between measurements and CWSI were high (e.g. -0.97** with sugar; 0.895* with anthocyanins in the skins). Next, the model was applied to future climate conditions (2021-2051) obtained from statistical downscaling of Global Circulation Models (AOGCM) in order to estimate the effect of the climate on CWSI and hence on vine quality. Results show that the effects of climate change on grape and wine quality are not expected to be significant for this particular grape variety when grown on these Calcisols and Cambisols. However, significant differences

  2. Childhood Stress

    ... Kids to Be Smart About Social Media Childhood Stress KidsHealth > For Parents > Childhood Stress Print A A ... and feel stress to some degree. Sources of Stress Stress is a function of the demands placed ...

  3. Analysis in indexing

    Mai, Jens Erik


    is presented as an alternative and the paper discusses how this approach includes a broader range of analyses and how it requires a new set of actions from using this approach; analysis of the domain, users and indexers. The paper concludes that the two-step procedure to indexing is insufficient to explain...... the indexing process and suggests that the domain-centered approach offers a guide for indexers that can help them manage the complexity of indexing. © 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved....

  4. Glycemic index, insulinemic index, and satiety index of kefir.

    Kong, Kai Ling; Hendrich, Suzanne


    To determine glycemic, insulinemic, and satiety indices of 3 types of kefir. This study was divided into 3 phases. In phase 1, 50 g of available carbohydrate from low-fat strawberry kefir or orange kefir was tested, and in phase 2, low-fat plain kefir containing 25 g of available carbohydrates was tested for glycemic index (GI), in both cases compared with an equivalent amount of glucose. In phase 3, 1000-kJ portions of all 3 types of kefirs were compared with white bread with the same energy content to determine the insulinemic index (II) and satiety index (SI) of all 3 kefirs. In all phases, a single-meal, randomized crossover design was performed in which the test meals were given to healthy adults, 5 men and 5 women. The total incremental plasma glucose area under the curve (iAUC) for strawberry, orange, and plain kefirs was significantly lower compared with the respective high-GI control food, which was glucose solution. However, the IIs and SIs of kefir did not differ significantly from the white bread. Kefir is a low- to moderate-GI food; however, its II was high. Although kefir had higher water content, the SI of kefir was not significantly different from white bread.

  5. On eccentric connectivity index

    Zhou, Bo


    The eccentric connectivity index, proposed by Sharma, Goswami and Madan, has been employed successfully for the development of numerous mathematical models for the prediction of biological activities of diverse nature. We now report mathematical properties of the eccentric connectivity index. We establish various lower and upper bounds for the eccentric connectivity index in terms of other graph invariants including the number of vertices, the number of edges, the degree distance and the first Zagreb index. We determine the n-vertex trees of diameter with the minimum eccentric connectivity index, and the n-vertex trees of pendent vertices, with the maximum eccentric connectivity index. We also determine the n-vertex trees with respectively the minimum, second-minimum and third-minimum, and the maximum, second-maximum and third-maximum eccentric connectivity indices for


    SHANK, R


    Recent trends in indexing emphasize mechanical, not intellectual, developments. Mechanized operations have produced indexes in depth (1) of information on limited areas of science or (2) utilizing limited parameters for analysis. These indexes may include only citations or both useful data and citations of source literature. Both keyword-in-context and citation indexing seem to be passing the test of the marketplace. Mechanical equipment has also been successfully used to manipulate EAM cards for production of index copy. Information centers are increasingly being used as control devices in narrowly defined subject areas. Authors meet growing pressures to participate in information control work by preparing abstracts of their own articles. Mechanized image systems persist, although large systems are scarce and the many small systems may bring only limited relief for information control and retrieval problems. Experimentation and limited development continue on theory and technique of automatic indexing and abstracting.

  7. The Glycemic Index

    Williams, Pauline


    The glycemic index is a ranking of carbohydrate containing foods. Foods are ranked according to their immediate effect on blood sugar levels. The higher a f ood raises blood sugar, the higher its glycemic index. Scientists published the first index in 1981 when they were researching diet therapy for diabetes. This first list contained 51 foods, and the list has continued to expand, with the most recent official list containing 750 foods. Fruits, grains, dairy products, some vegetables, pastas...

  8. Supplement: Commodity Index Report

    Commodity Futures Trading Commission — Shows index traders in selected agricultural markets. These traders are drawn from the noncommercial and commercial categories. The noncommercial category includes...

  9. Semantic Text Indexing

    Zbigniew Kaleta


    Full Text Available This article presents a specific issue of the semantic analysis of texts in natural language – text indexing and describes one field of its application (web browsing.The main part of this article describes the computer system assigning a set of semantic indexes (similar to keywords to a particular text. The indexing algorithm employs a semantic dictionary to find specific words in a text, that represent a text content. Furthermore it compares two given sets of semantic indexes to determine texts’ similarity (assigning numerical value. The article describes the semantic dictionary – a tool essentialto accomplish this task and its usefulness, main concepts of the algorithm and test results.


    IJBE Volume 2


    Full Text Available SUBJECT INDEX IJBE VOLUME 2access credit, 93acquisition, 177AHP, 61, 82, 165arena simulation,43BMC, 69Bojonegoro, 69brand choice, 208brand image, 208brand positioning, 208bullwhip effect, 43burger buns, 1business synergy and financial reports, 177capital structure, 130cluster, 151coal reserves, 130coffee plantation, 93competitiveness, 82consumer behaviour, 33consumer complaint behavior, 101cooking spices, 1crackers, 1cross sectional analytical, 139crosstab, 101CSI, 12direct selling, 122discriminant analysis, 33economic value added, 130, 187employee motivation, 112employee performance, 112employees, 139EOQ, 23farmer decisions, 93farmer group, 52financial performance evaluation, 187financial performance, 52, 177financial ratio, 187financial report, 187fiva food, 23food crops, 151horticulture, 151imports, 151improved capital structure, 177IPA, 12leading sector, 151life insurance, 165LotteMart, 43main product, 61marketing mix, 33, 165matrix SWOT, 69MPE, 61multiple linear regression, 122muslim clothing, 197Ogun, 139Pangasius fillet, 82Pati, 93pearson correlation, 101perceived value, 208performance suppy chain, 23PLS, 208POQ, 23portfolio analyzing, 1product, 101PT SKP, 122pulp and papers, 187purchase decision, 165purchase intention, 33remuneration, 112re-purchasing decisions, 197sales performance, 122sawmill, 52SCOR, 23sekolah peternakan rakyat, 69SEM, 112SERVQUAL, 12Sido Makmur farmer groups, 93SI-PUHH Online, 12small and medium industries (IKM, 61socio-demographic, 139sport drink, 208stress, 139supply chain, 43SWOT, 82the mix marketing, 197Tobin’s Q, 130trade partnership, 52uleg chili sauce, 1 AUTHOR INDEX IJBE VOLUME 2Achsani, Noer Azam, 177Andati, Trias, 52, 177Andihka, Galih, 208Arkeman, Yandra, 43Baga, Lukman M, 69Cahyanugroho, Aldi, 112Daryanto, Arief, 12David, Ajibade, 139Djoni, 122Fahmi, Idqan, 1Fattah, Muhammad Unggul Abdul, 61Hakim, Dedi Budiman, 187Harianto, 93Hartoyo, 101Homisah, 1Hubeis, Musa, 112Hutagaol, M. Parulian, 93Jaya, Stevana

  11. In 6- to 8-year-old children, hair cortisol is associated with body mass index and somatic complaints, but not with stress, health-related quality of life, blood pressure, retinal vessel diameters, and cardiorespiratory fitness.

    Gerber, Markus; Endes, Katharina; Brand, Serge; Herrmann, Christian; Colledge, Flora; Donath, Lars; Faude, Oliver; Pühse, Uwe; Hanssen, Henner; Zahner, Lukas


    Hair cortisol measurement has become an increasingly accepted approach in endocrinology and biopsychology. However, while in adult research hair cortisol has been proposed as a relevant biomarker for chronic stress (and its adverse consequences), studies with children are scarce. Therefore, the goal of the present exploratory study was to examine the associations between hair cortisol concentrations (HCCs), stress, and a series of health-related outcomes in a sample of Swiss first grade schoolchildren. The sample consisted of 318 children (53% girls, Mage=7.26, SD=0.35). Hair strands were taken near the scalp from a posterior vertex position, and HCCs were tested for the first 3-cm hair segment. Parents provided information about their children's age, gender, parental education, children's stress (recent critical life events, daily hassles), health-related quality of life, and psychosomatic complaints. Body composition, blood pressure, retinal vessel diameters, and cardiorespiratory fitness were measured with established methods. In multiple regression analyses, higher HCCs were weakly associated with increased BMI in girls (β=0.22, pquality of life, blood pressure, retinal vessel diameters, and cardiorespiratory fitness. Although small significant relationships were found between HCCs, BMI and somatic complaints, the findings of this exploratory study challenge the view that HCCs can be used as a reliable biomarker of recent critical life events, daily hassles, health-related quality of life, and cardiovascular health indicators in non-clinical young children. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  12. Manage Stress

    ... Manage Stress Print This Topic En español Manage Stress Browse Sections The Basics Overview Signs and Health ... and Health Effects What are the signs of stress? When people are under stress, they may feel: ...

  13. Stress Incontinence

    Stress incontinence Overview Urinary incontinence is the unintentional loss of urine. Stress incontinence happens when physical movement or activity — such ... coughing, sneezing, running or heavy lifting — puts pressure (stress) on your bladder. Stress incontinence is not related ...

  14. Universal Index System

    Kelley, Steve; Roussopoulos, Nick; Sellis, Timos; Wallace, Sarah


    The Universal Index System (UIS) is an index management system that uses a uniform interface to solve the heterogeneity problem among database management systems. UIS provides an easy-to-use common interface to access all underlying data, but also allows different underlying database management systems, storage representations, and access methods.

  15. Global Ecosystem Restoration Index

    Fernandez, Miguel; Garcia, Monica; Fernandez, Nestor


    The Global ecosystem restoration index (GERI) is a composite index that integrates structural and functional aspects of the ecosystem restoration process. These elements are evaluated through a window that looks into a baseline for degraded ecosystems with the objective to assess restoration...

  16. Browse Title Index

    Items 201 - 250 of 292 ... Vol 18, No 2 (2011), Prevalence and Significance of Sickle Cell .... between Cardio-Respiratory Fitness Index and Body Mass Index ... Vol 14, No 1 (2007), Review of public health implications of cell phone radiation and ...

  17. 2016 GRI Index

    World Bank


    This 2016 World Bank Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index provides an overview of sustainability considerations within the World Bank’s lending and analytical services as well as its corporate activities. This index of sustainability indicators has been prepared in accordance with the internationally recognized standard for sustainability reporting GRI guidelines (https://www.globalrepo...

  18. EJSCREEN Supplementary Indexes 2015 Internal

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — There are 60 supplementary EJ Indexes in EJSCREEN that are divided into 5 categories: EJ Index with supplementary demographic index, Supplementary EJ Index 1 with...

  19. EJSCREEN Supplementary Indexes 2015 Public

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — There are 40 supplementary EJSCREEN indexes that are divided into 5 categories: EJ Index with supplementary demographic index, Supplementary EJ Index 1 with...

  20. Eccentric connectivity index

    Ilić, Aleksandar


    The eccentric connectivity index $\\xi^c$ is a novel distance--based molecular structure descriptor that was recently used for mathematical modeling of biological activities of diverse nature. It is defined as $\\xi^c (G) = \\sum_{v \\in V (G)} deg (v) \\cdot \\epsilon (v)$\\,, where $deg (v)$ and $\\epsilon (v)$ denote the vertex degree and eccentricity of $v$\\,, respectively. We survey some mathematical properties of this index and furthermore support the use of eccentric connectivity index as topological structure descriptor. We present the extremal trees and unicyclic graphs with maximum and minimum eccentric connectivity index subject to the certain graph constraints. Sharp lower and asymptotic upper bound for all graphs are given and various connections with other important graph invariants are established. In addition, we present explicit formulae for the values of eccentric connectivity index for several families of composite graphs and designed a linear algorithm for calculating the eccentric connectivity in...

  1. 玉米萌发期种子耐低温鉴定指标的筛选%Effects of Chilling Stress on Chill-resistance Physiological Indexes of Maize Germinating Seeds

    张雪峰; 张立军; 胡滨


    16个玉米品种通过建立5、10℃低温下萌发的种子活力指标综合体系表明,玉米种子萌发对低温的敏感期在萌发后12 h,玉米耐低温萌发能力鉴定可在此期间进行.根据5℃和10℃低温对各品种种子萌发的发芽率、发芽势、发芽指数和活力指数的综合变化,郑单958和吉单415为萌发期耐低温强的品种,铁单18和辽单632为耐低温性差的品种.10℃低温下4项指标可以构建综合活力指标,郑单958和吉单415能维持低温下细胞膜结构和功能的稳定性,铁单18和辽单632种子萌发的低温耐性弱,细胞膜受到损伤.低温耐性强的品种在萌发早期积累高水平的可溶性糖和脯氨酸,维持细胞膜的渗透压,以抵御低温伤害,低温耐性弱的品种在后期脯氨酸含量的大幅度升高可能是受到低温伤害所致.%Sixteen varieties are used to study the effect on vigor of seed germination stage for maize chilling tolerance and its physiological mechanism under different low temperature.The results showed that seed germination index and vigor index can reflect the difference of chilling tolerance between low temperatures (5,10 ℃ ).The indexes of 10 ℃ is well corresponding with their ability of low temperature tolerance.The optional identification stage is during 12 h after normal temperature germinating.And the relative elongation rate of germinating seed can well reflect the chilling tolerance ability of low temperature tolerance.So the relative elongation rate of seed under low temperature can show the difference temperature tolerance among varieties.Seed vigor comprehensive index may also constitute an appraisal system that can explore maize germinating seed low temperature tolerance.zhengdan958 and jidan415 is the strongest resistance; tiedanl8 and liaodan632 is the weakest resistance.The high chilling-resistance cultivar showed small raising trend of these indexes,lower permeability of plasma membrane and production of

  2. 硼胁迫对不同基因型西瓜部分生理指标的影响%Boron Stress on Some Physiological Indexes of Different Watermelon Genotypes

    陈晟; 施木田; 吴宇芬; 李永裕


    为了研究硼胁迫对不同基因型西瓜细胞壁、细胞膜以及碳氮代谢的影响,以籽瓜、‘黑美人’西瓜和野生西瓜为材料,设4个硼浓度,测定3种类型西瓜细胞膜透性、游离脯氨酸、可溶性糖、可溶性蛋白含量及PAL和PPO活性.结果表明:3种类型西瓜在硼胁迫下的PPO活性上升,细胞膜透性与游离脯氨酸含量上升,可溶性糖和可溶性蛋白含量有所减少.PAL活性在缺硼胁迫时下降,在高硼胁迫时应激上升.硼胁迫破坏了3种类型西瓜细胞壁结构,产生醌等大量次生产物损伤细胞膜,使细胞膜透性增强,细胞内离子浓度失衡脱水.进而阻碍了细胞正常功能运转,间接削弱西瓜碳代谢系统与氮代谢系统,减少了可溶性糖与可溶性蛋白质等代谢产物的生成.%In order to study the effect of boron stress on cytoderm,cell membrane and carbon-nitrogen metabolism of different watermelon genotypes,seed-used watermelon,‘ Heimeiren' and wild watermelon were used in this test,cell membrane permeability,free proline content,soluble sugar content,soluble protein content and PAL,PPO activity were measured under four boron concentrations.The results showed that the PPO activity,cell membrane permeability and free proline content increased under boron stress,soluble sugar and soluble protein content decreased.PAL activity decreased when boron was deficient,while it increased under boron stress.Boron stress destroyed cytoderm structure of these three varieties,and the secondary production such as quinone could damage cytomembrane,which could increase cell membrane permeability and lead to dehydration,then the normal motion function was blocked,weakening the carbon and nitrogen metabolic system,and reducing the production of metabolites such as soluble sugar and soluble protein.

  3. Supersymmetric Berry index

    Ilinskii, K N; Melezhik, V S; Ilinski, K N; Kalinin, G V; Melezhik, V V


    We revise the sequences of SUSY for a cyclic adiabatic evolution governed by the supersymmetric quantum mechanical Hamiltonian. The condition (supersymmetric adiabatic evolution) under which the supersymmetric reductions of Berry (nondegenerated case) or Wilczek-Zee (degenerated case) phases of superpartners are taking place is pointed out. The analogue of Witten index (supersymmetric Berry index) is determined. As the examples of suggested concept of supersymmetric adiabatic evolution the Holomorphic quantum mechanics on complex plane and Meromorphic quantum mechanics on Riemann surface are considered. The supersymmetric Berry indexes for the models are calculated.

  4. The disposition index

    Faerch, K; Brøns, C; Alibegovic, A C


    hyperbola with the product of the two variables being constant for individuals with the same degree of glucose tolerance (the disposition index). Strengths and limitations of the disposition index have been widely debated in the literature. In this review we will focus on another and until recently...... unrecognized dimension of the disposition index, namely the issue of adjusting insulin secretion for hepatic versus peripheral insulin sensitivity. An underlying assumption of this issue is that the liver as compared to muscle plays a different role in the regulation of in vivo insulin secretion....

  5. Glycemic index and disease.

    Pi-Sunyer, F Xavier


    It has been suggested that foods with a high glycemic index are detrimental to health and that healthy people should be told to avoid these foods. This paper takes the position that not enough valid scientific data are available to launch a public health campaign to disseminate such a recommendation. This paper explores the glycemic index and its validity and discusses the effect of postprandial glucose and insulin responses on food intake, obesity, type 1 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Presented herein are the reasons why it is premature to recommend that the general population avoid foods with a high glycemic index.

  6. Pacing stress echocardiography

    Agrusta Marco


    Full Text Available Abstract Background High-rate pacing is a valid stress test to be used in conjunction with echocardiography; it is independent of physical exercise and does not require drug administration. There are two main applications of pacing stress in the echo lab: the noninvasive detection of coronary artery disease through induction of a regional transient dysfunction; and the assessment of contractile reserve through peak systolic pressure/ end-systolic volume relationship at increasing heart rates to assess global left ventricular contractility. Methods The pathophysiologic rationale of pacing stress for noninvasive detection of coronary artery disease is obvious, with the stress determined by a controlled increase in heart rate, which is a major determinant of myocardial oxygen demand, and thereby tachycardia may exceed a fixed coronary flow reserve in the presence of hemodynamically significant coronary artery disease. The use of pacing stress echo to assess left ventricular contractile reserve is less established, but promising. Positive inotropic interventions are mirrored by smaller end-systolic volumes and higher end-systolic pressures. An increased heart rate progressively increases the force of ventricular contraction (Bowditch treppe or staircase phenomenon. To build the force-frequency relationship, the force is determined at different heart rate steps as the ratio of the systolic pressure (cuff sphygmomanometer/end-systolic volume index (biplane Simpson rule. The heart rate is determined from ECG. Conclusion Two-dimensional echocardiography during pacing is a useful tool in the detection of coronary artery disease. Because of its safety and ease of repeatability noninvasive pacing stress echo can be the first-line stress test in patients with permanent pacemaker. The force-frequency can be defined as up- sloping (normal when the peak stress pacing systolic pressure/end-systolic volume index is higher than baseline and intermediate stress

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    Items 1 - 50 of 319 ... Journal Home > Advanced Search > Browse Title Index ... Vol 6, No 1 (2006), Analysis of staff training activities of Borno States Agricultural ... oil companies on the chieftaincy institution in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, Abstract PDF.

  8. Topographic Accessability Index

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The topographic accessibility index is a measure of elevation in relation to valley floor corrected for variation in valley floor elevation across the western United...

  9. Arizona - Social Vulnerability Index

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — The Social Vulnerability Index is derived from the 2000 US Census data. The fields included are percent minority, median household income, age (under 18 and over...

  10. VT Nitrate Leaching Index

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — (Link to Metadata) Nitrate Leaching Index data for the state of Vermont. This is a derivative product based on the SSURGO soils data for all counties except Essex...

  11. Regional Snowfall Index (RSI)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NOAA's National Climatic Data Center is now producing the Regional Snowfall Index (RSI) for significant snowstorms that impact the eastern two thirds of the U.S. The...

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    Items 101 - 111 of 111 ... Journal Home > Advanced Search > Browse Title Index ... Vol 6, No 2 (2016), Uses of systemic approach and chemist's triangle in ... nomenclature: Effect on senior secondary students' performance in rivers state of ...

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    ... conditions for the optimisers of certain class of linear programming problems ... of A. Cellulose from Pennisetum purpureum as a disintegrant in tablet formulation ... Power Station, S.E. Nigeria: Molecular index and Multi-Variate Approaches ...

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    Items 51 - 100 of 183 ... Journal Home > Advanced Search > Browse Title Index ... Exploring the job satisfaction and organisational commitment of employees in ... Job insecurity, organisational commitment and work engagement among staff in ...

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    Items 451 - 500 of 1075 ... Browse Title Index ... EL Stellenberg, V Corfield ... programme on coronary artery disease risk in male employees ... Vol 14, No 4 (2008):, Influence of exercise on preconception, pregnant women, the development ...

  16. Browse Title Index

    Items 951 - 1000 of 1075 ... ... therapy (DMT) on the body image of female adolescents, Abstract ... on the functional fitness in overweight and obese children, Abstract ... on a coronary risk index and health status of male managers, Abstract.

  17. National Death Index

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The National Death Index (NDI) is a centralized database of death record information on file in state vital statistics offices. Working with these state offices, the...

  18. Browse Title Index

    Items 51 - 100 of 198 ... Vol 15, No 4 (2015), Dental Emergencies: Knowledge, Practices ... Facial Index of Bini Tribe on Plain Skull Radiograph, Abstract ... Vol 2, No 2 (2008), Hysterosalpingography and Risks of HIV Dissemination in Women ...

  19. Index of Glossary Terms

    ... be limited. Home Visit Global Sites Search Help? Index of Glossary Terms Share this page: Was this ... Serum Serum Sickness Shock Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome Sideroblastic Anemia Sigmoidoscopy Sign Somatic Cells Specificity Spina bifida Spirochete ...

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    Items 1 - 50 of 65 ... Journal Home > Advanced Search > Browse Title Index .... Vol 20, No 1 (2013), Implementation of Broad-Based Black Economic ... from the lean construction perspective: A focus on supply chain management, Abstract PDF.

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    Items 1 - 50 of 200 ... Journal Home > Advanced Search > Browse Title Index ... Vol 11, No 1 (2016), Assessment of supply chain management in Nigerian ... Vol 4, No 1 (2009), Democracy as a political imperative for successful implementation of ...

  2. Textile Index Monitor


    Textile Index Monitor is a new column that delivers a textile-specific price index profile in weeks that are bygone when this monthly magazine comes to your hand. China Textile City is the name of the world-largest yarn&fabric marketplace in the famous town of Keqiao in Zhejiang,China.Several years ago,Ministry of Commerce(MOC)set up a national price index centre for textiles-specific category,China Textile City takes the leading role in publishing its analytical report of textile price index on weekly,monthly,quarterly and yearly basis,making it possible for Keqiao or its textile city to be the weathercock for textiles market trend in China and in the world as well.From this issue,a new column is given to cover the gist&feeds of the latest developments&gradients in this market barometer.

  3. TOMS Absorbing Aerosol Index

    Washington University St Louis — TOMS_AI_G is an aerosol related dataset derived from the Total Ozone Monitoring Satellite (TOMS) Sensor. The TOMS aerosol index arises from absorbing aerosols such...

  4. ParkIndex

    Kaczynski, Andrew T; Schipperijn, Jasper; Hipp, J Aaron


    A lack of comprehensive and standardized metrics for measuring park exposure limits park-related research and health promotion efforts. This study aimed to develop and demonstrate an empirically-derived and spatially-represented index of park access (ParkIndex) that would allow researchers......, planners, and citizens to evaluate the potential for park use for a given area. Data used for developing ParkIndex were collected in 2010 in Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO). Adult study participants (n=891) reported whether they used a park within the past month, and all parks in KCMO were mapped and audited...... using ArcGIS 9.3 and the Community Park Audit Tool. Four park summary variables - distance to nearest park, and the number of parks, amount of park space, and average park quality index within 1 mile were analyzed in relation to park use using logistic regression. Coefficients for significant park...

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    Items 1 - 50 of 145 ... Journal Home > Advanced Search > Browse Title Index ... Vol 16, No 2 (2008), Access to and use of computers among clinical dental ... of undergraduate clinical dental students towards orthodontics and orthodontists in a ...

  6. Palmer Drought Severity Index

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — PDSI from the Dai dataset. The Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) is devised by Palmer (1965) to represent the severity of dry and wet spells over the U.S. based...

  7. Browse Title Index

    , No 2 (2011), A Review of Tip Apex Distance (TAD) in Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS) ... Vol 2, No 1 (2003), A Survey Of The Injured Patients In The .... Dislocation of Index Finger:Case Report and Review of Literature, Abstract.

  8. Index Conditions of Resolution

    Xiao-Chun Cheng


    In this paper, the following results are proved: (1) Using both deletion strategy and lock strategy, resolution is complete for a clause set where literals with the same predicate or proposition symbol have the same index. (2) Using deletion strategy, both positive unit lock resolution and input lock resolution are complete for a Horn set where the indexes of positive literals are greater than those of negative literals. (3) Using deletion strategy, input half-lock resolution is complete for a Horn set.

  9. Nudibranch Systematic Index


    This is an index of my approximately 6,200 nudibranch reprints and books. I have indexed them only for information concerning systematics, taxonomy, nomenclature, & description of taxa. This list should allow you to quickly find information concerning the description, taxonomy, or systematics of almost any species of nudibranch. The full citation for any of the authors and dates listed may be found in the nudibranch bibliography at

  10. Index of Financial Inclusion

    Mandira Sarma


    The promotion of an inclusive financial system is considered a policy priority in many countries. While the importance of financial inclusion is widely recognized, the literature lacks a comprehensive measure that can be used to measure the extent of financial inclusion across economies. This paper attempts to fill this gap by proposing an index of financial inclusion (IFI). The IFI is a multi-dimensional index that captures information on various dimensions of financial inclusion in one sing...

  11. Nuclear stress test

    ... Persantine stress test; Thallium stress test; Stress test - nuclear; Adenosine stress test; Regadenoson stress test; CAD - nuclear stress; Coronary artery disease - nuclear stress; Angina - nuclear ...

  12. Insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables: common test methods part 4-1: methods specific to polyethylene and polypropylene compounds – resistance to environmental stress cracking – measurement of the melt flow index – carbon black and/or mineral filler content measurement in polyethylene by direct combustion – measurement of carbon black content by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) – assessment of carbon black dispersion in polyethylene using a microscope

    International Electrotechnical Commission. Geneva


    Specifies the test methods to be used for testing polymeric insulating and sheathing materials of electric cables for power distribution and telecommunications including cables used on ships. Gives the methods for measurements of the resistance to environmental stress cracking, for wrapping test after thermal ageing in air, for measurement of melt flow index and for measurement of carbon black and/or mineral filler content, which apply to PE and PP coumpounds, including cellular compounds and foam skin for insulation.

  13. Financial stress spillovers in advanced economies

    Apostolakis, G.; Papadopoulos, A.


    Financial stress co-movements are positively associated with crisis periods. Dynamic conditional correlations increase during periods of high uncertainty. The US is the dominant transmitter of financial stress spillovers. The total stress spillover index explains 19.9% of the forecast error variance

  14. Financial stress spillovers in advanced economies

    Apostolakis, G.; Papadopoulos, A.


    Financial stress co-movements are positively associated with crisis periods. Dynamic conditional correlations increase during periods of high uncertainty. The US is the dominant transmitter of financial stress spillovers. The total stress spillover index explains 19.9% of the forecast error variance

  15. Congruence as a Predictor of Occupational Stress.

    Sutherland, Lynette F.; And Others


    An examination of the relationship among nine measures of Holland's concept of congruence and their relationship to job stress used data from 154 workers. Iachan's M index was the best predictor of stress and strain. The relationship between congruence and stress was significant but dependent on the congruence measure used. (SK)

  16. Financial stress spillovers in advanced economies

    Apostolakis, G.; Papadopoulos, A.


    Financial stress co-movements are positively associated with crisis periods. Dynamic conditional correlations increase during periods of high uncertainty. The US is the dominant transmitter of financial stress spillovers. The total stress spillover index explains 19.9% of the forecast error

  17. Bispectral Index Monitor


    Executive Summary The objective of this analysis was to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the bispectral index (BIS) monitor, a commercial device to assess the depth of anesthesia. Conventional methods to assess depth of consciousness, such as cardiovascular and pulmonary measures (e.g., heart rate, systolic/diastolic blood pressure, mean arterial pressure, respiratory rate, and level of oxygen in the blood), and clinical signs (e.g., perspiration, shedding of tears, and limb movement) are not reliable methods to evaluate the brain status of anesthetized patients. Recent progress in understanding the electrophysiology of the brain has led to the development of cerebral monitoring devices that identify changes in electrophysiologic brain activity during general anesthesia. The BIS monitor, derived from electroencephalogram (EEG) data, has been used as a statistical predictor of the level of hypnosis and has been proposed as a tool to reduce the risk of intraoperative awareness. Anesthesia that is too light can result in the recall of events or conversations that happen in the operation room. Patients have recalled explicit details of conversations that happened while under anesthesia. This awareness is frightening for patients and can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Conversely, anesthesia that is too deep can cause hemodynamic disturbances necessitating the use of vasoconstrictor agents, which constrict blood vessels, to maintain normal blood pressure and cardiac output. Overly deep anesthesia can also result in respiratory depression requiring respiratory assistance postoperatively. Monitoring the depth of anaesthesia should prevent intraoperative awareness and help to ensure that an exact dose of anaesthetic drugs is given to minimize adverse cardiovascular effects caused by overly large doses. Researchers have suggested that cerebral monitoring can be used to assess the depth of anesthesia, prevent awareness, and speed early recovery

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    Items 151 - 200 of 238 ... ... of healthy living and stabilized family life among married women ... Vol 6, No 1 (1998), Predictors of Stress in Nigerian Executives, Abstract ... among parents of children with hearing impairments in Zimbabwe, Abstract.

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    Items 151 - 200 of 493 ... ... of sweet corn hybrids under water stress conditions, Abstract PDF ... Part 4, Environmental psychology, Privacy in the workplace (analysis of private ... Evaluation of dimensions, approaches and concepts of resilience in ...

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    communities of Koto forest ... Vol 3, No 1 (2009), Eco-physiological assessment of crude oil ... Vol 8, No 3 (2014), Effect of academic stress on serum cortisol level ... water quality parameters in freshwater fish culture, Abstract PDF.

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    Items 1 - 50 of 463 ... South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and ... activity levels and medical expenditure of the Korean middle aged, Abstract ... for monitoring athletes' emotional stress and pain perception, Abstract.

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    ), Cognitive Training Programme in the Decrease of Stress of Daily Functioning ... Mastery Techniques In Fostering Emotional Intelligence Among ... of Senior Secondary School Students across Gender, Year of Study, ...

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    Items 151 - 200 of 446 ... An enquiry into gender and trucking, Abstract ... Vol 15, No 1 (2012), Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Work Family ... Vol 19, No 1 (2016), Influence of organizational change and stress on employee psychological ...

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    Items 101 - 150 of 515 ... Gender and Behaviour. ... Vol 7, No 1 (2009), Dual–Career Couples: Coping With Multiple Role Stress, Abstract ... Vol 13, No 1 (2015), Emotional Intelligence, Academic Procrastination and Academic Achievement in ...

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    Items 51 - 100 of 390 ... ... effects of low dose Musa paradisiaca on the semen quality of male ... of a positive nuclear stress test but negative coronary angiography in a ... and HBV among Nigerian patients and blood donors at Sagamu, Abstract.

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    ), Effects of Ascorbic Acid on Garlic-induced Alterations in Semen ... to postural stress or cutaneous cold stimulation in healthy young men, Abstract ... Vol 16, No 2 (2009), Eye Donation for corneal transplant surgery: ...

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    Items 401 - 450 of 493 ... Journal of Science and Technology (Ghana) ... Vol 34, No 2 (2014), Stress and coping mechanisms of nursing students .... Vol 34, No 1 (2014), The influence of information and communication technology on graphic ...

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    Items 251 - 300 of 446 ... ... organizational politics and getting satisfied or dissatisfied with job, Abstract ... Personality as Correlate of Perceived Job Stress Among Electoral ... of job satisfaction and stability at work of secondary school teachers ...

  9. Caregiver Stress

    ... Home A-Z Health Topics Caregiver stress Caregiver stress > A-Z Health Topics Caregiver fact sheet (PDF, ... receive Publications email updates Enter email Submit Caregiver stress Caregivers care for someone with an illness, injury, ...

  10. A p53-like transcription factor similar to Ndt80 controls the response to nutrient stress in the filamentous fungus, Aspergillus nidulans [v1; ref status: indexed,

    Margaret E Katz


    Full Text Available The Aspergillus nidulans xprG gene encodes a putative transcriptional activator that is a member of the Ndt80 family in the p53-like superfamily of proteins. Previous studies have shown that XprG controls the production of extracellular proteases in response to starvation. We undertook transcriptional profiling to investigate whether XprG has a wider role as a global regulator of the carbon nutrient stress response. Our microarray data showed that the expression of a large number of genes, including genes involved in secondary metabolism, development, high-affinity glucose uptake and autolysis, were altered in an xprGΔ null mutant. Many of these genes are known to be regulated in response to carbon starvation. We confirmed that sterigmatocystin and penicillin production is reduced in xprG- mutants. The loss of fungal mass and secretion of pigments that accompanies fungal autolysis in response to nutrient depletion was accelerated in an xprG1 gain-of-function mutant and decreased or absent in an xprG- mutant. The results support the hypothesis that XprG plays a major role in the response to carbon limitation and that nutrient sensing may represent one of the ancestral roles for the p53-like superfamily. Disruption of the AN6015 gene, which encodes a second Ndt80-like protein, showed that it is required for sexual reproduction in A. nidulans.

  11. 干旱胁迫对玉米幼苗根系几个生理生化指标的影响%Effects of Drought Stress on Several Physiological and Biochemical Indexes of Maize Seedling Roots

    崔立梅; 王欣欣; 轩慧冬; 宋希云; 裴玉贺


    The changes of several physiological and biochemical indexes of seedling roots of new maize variety Qingnong 8 were studied under the simulated drought conditions through water shortage and 18%PEG-6000.The results showed that under drought condition, the content of soluble protein, malonialdehy ( MDA) and the activity of superoxide dismutase ( SOD) and peroxidase ( POD) in roots of maize seedlings significantly increased, and the increasing amplitude reduced after water shortage for 96 hours.The re-wate-ring treatment results after water shortage for 48 hours showed that the SOD and POD activities and the MDA content could recover to normal level, and the soluble protein content was lower than normal content.This study showed that the maize seedlings of Qingnong 8 suffered drought injury could grow normally after re-wa-tering treatment.%以玉米品种青农8号为材料,采用缺水和18% PEG-6000溶液模拟干旱条件的方法,研究玉米幼苗根系几个生理生化指标的变化。结果表明:干旱条件下,玉米幼苗根系可溶性蛋白含量、丙二醛( MDA)含量及超氧化物歧化酶( SOD)和过氧化物酶( POD)活性都呈明显增加趋势,并且在缺水处理96 h后增幅减小;缺水48 h后复水可使干旱时迅速增加的SOD、POD活性和丙二醛含量恢复到正常状态,可溶性蛋白含量比正常含量低。

  12. Estimating the Upcrossings Index

    Sebastião, João Renato; Ferreira, Helena; Pereira, Luísa


    For stationary sequences, under general local and asymptotic dependence restrictions, any limiting point process for time normalized upcrossings of high levels is a compound Poisson process, i.e., there is a clustering of high upcrossings, where the underlying Poisson points represent cluster positions, and the multiplicities correspond to cluster sizes. For such classes of stationary sequences there exists the upcrossings index $\\eta,$ $0\\leq \\eta\\leq 1,$ which is directly related to the extremal index $\\theta,$ $0\\leq \\theta\\leq 1,$ for suitable high levels. In this paper we consider the problem of estimating the upcrossings index $\\eta$ for a class of stationary sequences satisfying a mild oscillation restriction. For the proposed estimator, properties such as consistency and asymptotic normality are studied. Finally, the performance of the estimator is assessed through simulation studies for autoregressive processes and case studies in the fields of environment and finance.

  13. evaluation index system

    Liu Jiankun


    Full Text Available Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS has the control characteristics of efficiency, flexibility and reliability. The introduction of FACTS in power system is superior to any other control methods, and different FACTS devices have different features. In this paper, a comprehensive evaluation index system is developed to study a variety of comparisons on different FACTS devices. The proposed index takes power flow controllability as its main indicator, and loss reduction, static voltage stability improvement and load shedding reduction as complementary indicators. Finally, the peak load case in 2016 of a province is adopted for case studies. The results not only show that the proposed comprehensive evaluation index is systematic, scientific, practical, but also show the superiority of unified power flow controller (UPFC.

  14. Beyond the Kubler index

    Eberl, D.D.; Velde, B.


    The value of peak width at half-height for the illite 001 XRD reflection is known as the Kubler index or the illite "crystallinity' index. This measurement, which has been related to the degree of metamorphism of very low-grade, pelitic rocks, is a function of at least two crystal-chemical factors: 1) illite X-ray scattering domain size; and 2) illite structural distortions (especially swelling). Reynolds' NEWMOD computer program is used to construct a grid with which these two contributions to illite peak width can be determined independently from measurements of the 001 peak width at half-height and the Srodon intensity ratio. This method yields more information about changes undergone by illite during metamorphism than application of the Kubler index method alone. -Authors

  15. Diet quality assessment indexes

    Kênia Mara Baiocchi de Carvalho


    Full Text Available Various indices and scores based on admittedly healthy dietary patterns or food guides for the general population, or aiming at the prevention of diet-related diseases have been developed to assess diet quality. The four indices preferred by most studies are: the Diet Quality Index; the Healthy Eating Index; the Mediterranean Diet Score; and the Overall Nutritional Quality Index. Other instruments based on these indices have been developed and the words 'adapted', 'revised', or 'new version I, II or III' added to their names. Even validated indices usually find only modest associations between diet and risk of disease or death, raising questions about their limitations and the complexity associated with measuring the causal relationship between diet and health parameters. The objective of this review is to describe the main instruments used for assessing diet quality, and the applications and limitations related to their use and interpretation.

  16. Guidebook/index


    The Guidebook/Index introduces information dealing with the general rationale for energy conservation and deals with some of the definitions and concepts common to each of the subjects covered in the series of 10 booklets. The master index for the series is presented. Subjects covered are saving money in heating, cooling, and lighting; in process design and heat recovery; through production optimization; through combustion control; through steam and compressed air management; in transportation and delivery; through efficient people moving; in office practices; and through employee motivation and participation.

  17. Variation of left ventricular diastolic function indexes in coronary artery disease during dobutamine stress echocardiography%多巴酚丁胺负荷试验中冠心病患者左室舒张功能的参数变化

    吴巧英; 钱蕴秋; 张军; 周晓东; 朱永胜; 李楠; 李寰


    目的:探讨多巴酚丁胺负荷试验中左室舒张功能的参数变化及其在冠心病诊断中的意义。方法:对18例正常人和30例冠心病患者进行多巴酚丁胺负荷超声心动图检查,分析比较静息状态与峰值负荷状态下两组左室舒张功能各参数的变化情况。结果:多巴酚丁胺负荷后,两组心率、收缩压均明显增加,组间比较有明显差异;左室舒张早期峰值血流速度(E)和左室舒张早期血流传播速度(RFP)在对照组表现为增加,在冠心病组为减低;冠心病组出现局部室壁运动异常(RWMA)25例,对照组有1例出现RWMA。结论:多巴酚丁胺负荷试验中左室舒张功能的参数变化是反映冠心病心肌缺血的敏感指标,可为冠心病诊断提供有力帮助。%AIM:To investigate the variation of left ventricular diastolic function indexes during dobutamine stress echocardiography. METHODS:Changes of left ventricular diastolic function indexes were observed in 18 normal subjects and 30 patients with coronary artery stenosis. RESULTS:In both groups dobutamine induced similar increases in heart rate and systolic blood pressure;dobutamine caused increases in control subjects and decreases in patients in peak early filling velocity(E) and rate of flow propagation (RFP);during the test,25 patients had wall motion abnormalities,and ischemia occurred to one of the control subjects. CONCLUSION:During dobutamine stress test,an abnormal response of left ventricular diastolic function is a sensitive index for myocardial ischemia and of high value in detecting coronary artery diseases.

  18. Path indexing for term retrieval


    Different methods for term retrieval in deduction systems have been introduced in literature. This report eviews the three indexing techniques discrimination indexing, path indexing, and abstraction tree indexing. A formal approach to path indexing is presented and algorithms as well as data structures of an existing implementation are discussed. Eventually, experiments will show that our implementation outperforms the implementation of path indexing in the OTTER theorem prover.

  19. Effects of work stress and home stress on autonomic nervous function in Japanese male workers.

    Maeda, Eri; Iwata, Toyoto; Murata, Katsuyuki


    Autonomic imbalance is one of the important pathways through which psychological stress contributes to cardiovascular diseases/sudden death. Although previous studies have focused mainly on stress at work (work stress), the association between autonomic function and stress at home (home stress) is still poorly understood. The purpose was to clarify the effect of work/home stress on autonomic function in 1,809 Japanese male workers. We measured corrected QT (QTc) interval and QT index on the electrocardiogram along with blood pressure and heart rate. Participants provided self-reported information about the presence/absence of work/home stress and the possible confounders affecting QT indicators. Home stress was related positively to QT index (p=0.040) after adjusting for the possible confounders, though work stress did not show a significant relation to QTc interval or QT index. The odds ratio of home stress to elevated QT index (≥105) was 2.677 (95% CI, 1.050 to 6.822). Work/home stress showed no significant relation to blood pressure or heart rate. These findings suggest that autonomic imbalance, readily assessed by QT indicators, can be induced by home stress in Japanese workers. Additional research is needed to identify different types of home stress that are strongly associated with autonomic imbalance.

  20. Browse Title Index

    Items 1 - 50 of 179 ... ... index in Egyptian patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, Abstract ... Vol 26, No 1 (2008), Alkaline Phosphatases From Camel Small Intestine, Abstract ... Vol 22, No 2 (2004), Ameliorative effect on Nigella Sativa on aflatoxin ...

  1. Graded-index magnonics

    Davies, C. S.; Kruglyak, V. V.


    The wave solutions of the Landau-Lifshitz equation (spin waves) are characterized by some of the most complex and peculiar dispersion relations among all waves. For example, the spin-wave ("magnonic") dispersion can range from the parabolic law (typical for a quantum-mechanical electron) at short wavelengths to the nonanalytical linear type (typical for light and acoustic phonons) at long wavelengths. Moreover, the long-wavelength magnonic dispersion has a gap and is inherently anisotropic, being naturally negative for a range of relative orientations between the effective field and the spin-wave wave vector. Nonuniformities in the effective field and magnetization configurations enable the guiding and steering of spin waves in a deliberate manner and therefore represent landscapes of graded refractive index (graded magnonic index). By analogy to the fields of graded-index photonics and transformation optics, the studies of spin waves in graded magnonic landscapes can be united under the umbrella of the graded-index magnonics theme and are reviewed here with focus on the challenges and opportunities ahead of this exciting research direction.

  2. Browse Title Index

    Items 451 - 500 of 973 ... Vol 2, No 1 (1988), Comparison of the properties of the Ca2+and Cd2+ ... Vol 26, No 1 (2012), Composition, mineral safety index, calcium, zinc and ... L.) and irrigation water around Meki Town and Lake Ziway, Ethiopia, Abstract PDF ... using carbon paste electrode technique with electrode binder.

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    Items 1 - 50 of 522 ... Journal Home > Advanced Search > Browse Title Index ... Vol 12, No 1 (2006), A clinical comparison of disposable airway devices ... Vol 22, No 2 (2016), A new option in airway management: evaluation of the TotalTrack® ...

  4. Indexing Moving Points

    Agarwal, Pankaj K.; Arge, Lars Allan; Erickson, Jeff


    also describe an indexing scheme in which the number of I/Os required to answer a query depends monotonically on the difference between the query time stamp t and the current time. Finally, we develop an efficient indexing scheme to answer approximate nearest-neighbor queries among moving points.......We propose three indexing schemes for storing a set S of N points in the plane, each moving along a linear trajectory, so that any query of the following form can be answered quickly: Given a rectangle R and a real value t, report all K points of S that lie inside R at time t. We first present...... an indexing structure that, for any given constant >0, uses O(N/B) disk blocks and answers a query in O((N/B)1/2+ +K/B) I/Os, where B is the block size. It can also report all the points of S that lie inside R during a given time interval. A point can be inserted or deleted, or the trajectory of a point can...

  5. The Misery Index.

    Bracey, Gerald W.


    U.S. taxpayers score lower on the "Forbes" Misery Index than taxpayers of other industrialized nations. A recent report concludes that public-school students challenge their schools more than private-school counterparts. Low birth weight and demographic factors (gender, poverty, and race) affect Florida's burgeoning special-education placements.…

  6. $Local^{3}$ Index Theorem

    Teleman, Nicolae


    $Local^{3}$ Index Theorem means $Local(Local(Local \\;Index \\; Theorem)))$. $Local \\; Index \\; Theorem$ is the Connes-Moscovici local index theorem \\cite{Connes-Moscovici1}, \\cite{Connes-Moscovici2}. The second "Local" refers to the cyclic homology localised to a certain separable subring of the ground algebra, while the last one refers to Alexander-Spanier type cyclic homology. The Connes-Moscovici work is based on the operator $R(A) = \\mathbf{P} - \\mathbf{e}$ associated to the elliptic pseudo-differential operator $A$ on the smooth manifold $M$, where $\\mathbf{P}$, $\\mathbf{e}$ are idempotents, see \\cite{Connes-Moscovici1}, Pg. 353. The operator $R(A)$ has two main merits: it is a smoothing operator and its distributional kernel is situated in an arbitrarily small neighbourhood of the diagonal in $M \\times M$. The operator $R(A)$ has also two setbacks: -i) it is not an idempotent (and therefore it does not have a genuine Connes-Chern character); -ii) even if it were an idempotent, its Connes-Chern character ...

  7. Browse Title Index

    Items 101 - 150 of 490 ... Vol 197 (2003), Determination of land and tree values of hybrid poplar ... Vol 76, No 1 (2014), Dynamic base-age invariant site index models for ... nitens hybrid clonal trials and their response to snow events, Abstract.

  8. A Tourism Conditions Index

    C-L. Chang (Chia-Lin); H-K. Hsu (Hui-Kuang); M.J. McAleer (Michael)


    markdownabstract__Abstract__ This paper uses monthly data from April 2005 to August 2013 for Taiwan to propose a novel tourism indicator, namely the Tourism Conditions Index (TCI). TCI accounts for the spillover weights based on the Granger causality test and estimates of the multivariate BEKK mode

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    Items 201 - 250 of 426 ... Journal Home > Advanced Search > Browse Title Index ... Vol 21, No 1 (2016), Maximum potential cost-savings attributable to generic ... Vol 22, No 1 (2017), Movement as a critical concept in model generation to attain ... factors influencing paediatric adherence to anti-retroviral therapy, Abstract PDF.

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    Items 151 - 200 of 411 ... Browse Title Index ... Issue, Title ... Vol 1, No 1 (2012), From Theory into Practice: Theatre-in-Education and Child ... Vol 1, No 4 (2012), Inflation - Adjusted Accounting and Corporate Value Redefinition: Fixing Nigeria ...

  11. Nitrate Leaching Index

    The Nitrate Leaching Index is a rapid assessment tool that evaluates nitrate (NO3) leaching potential based on basic soil and climate information. It is the basis for many nutrient management planning efforts, but it has considerable limitations because of : 1) an oversimplification of the processes...

  12. Browse Title Index

    Items 51 - 100 of 475 ... Vol 41, No 3 (2014), Body mass index of children aged 2 to 15 years in Enugu Nigeria ... Vol 40, No 1 (2013), Caecal duplication in a neonate causing intestinal ... Vol 42, No 3 (2015), Challenges of childhood obesity in a ...

  13. Refractive index based measurements


    A refractive index based measurement of a property of a fluid is measured in an apparatus comprising a variable wavelength coherent light source (16), a sample chamber (12), a wavelength controller (24), a light sensor (20), a data recorder (26) and a computation apparatus (28), by - directing...

  14. Refractive index based measurements


    In a method for performing a refractive index based measurement of a property of a fluid such as chemical composition or temperature by observing an apparent angular shift in an interference fringe pattern produced by back or forward scattering interferometry, ambiguities in the measurement caused...

  15. Refractive index based measurements


    In a method for performing a refractive index based measurement of a property of a fluid such as chemical composition or temperature, a chirp in the local spatial frequency of interference fringes of an interference pattern is reduced by mathematical manipulation of the recorded light intensity...

  16. Indexical Hybrid Tense Logic

    Blackburn, Patrick Rowan; Jørgensen, Klaus Frovin


    In this paper we explore the logic of now, yesterday, today and tomorrow by combining the semantic approach to indexicality pioneered by Hans Kamp [9] and refined by David Kaplan [10] with hybrid tense logic. We first introduce a special now nominal (our @now corresponds to Kamp’s original now...

  17. Index for Inclusion

    Smith, Allister


    Index for Inclusion is a programme to assist in developing learning and participation in schools. It was written by Tony Booth and Mel Ainscow from the Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education, UK. Central Normal School was pleased to have the opportunity to trial this programme.

  18. Browse Title Index

    Items 201 - 250 of 1236 ... Vol 7, No 4 (2001), Bacteria causing spoilage of beef in meat shops in ... of erythrocyte and plasma electrolytes, urea and creatinine as an index ... against infestation of stored maize and cowpea by three stored product ...

  19. A data fusion-based drought index

    Azmi, Mohammad; Rüdiger, Christoph; Walker, Jeffrey P.


    Drought and water stress monitoring plays an important role in the management of water resources, especially during periods of extreme climate conditions. Here, a data fusion-based drought index (DFDI) has been developed and analyzed for three different locations of varying land use and climate regimes in Australia. The proposed index comprehensively considers all types of drought through a selection of indices and proxies associated with each drought type. In deriving the proposed index, weekly data from three different data sources (OzFlux Network, Asia-Pacific Water Monitor, and MODIS-Terra satellite) were employed to first derive commonly used individual standardized drought indices (SDIs), which were then grouped using an advanced clustering method. Next, three different multivariate methods (principal component analysis, factor analysis, and independent component analysis) were utilized to aggregate the SDIs located within each group. For the two clusters in which the grouped SDIs best reflected the water availability and vegetation conditions, the variables were aggregated based on an averaging between the standardized first principal components of the different multivariate methods. Then, considering those two aggregated indices as well as the classifications of months (dry/wet months and active/non-active months), the proposed DFDI was developed. Finally, the symbolic regression method was used to derive mathematical equations for the proposed DFDI. The results presented here show that the proposed index has revealed new aspects in water stress monitoring which previous indices were not able to, by simultaneously considering both hydrometeorological and ecological concepts to define the real water stress of the study areas.

  20. Comprehensive analysis of oxidative stress indexs in hunman serum with endemic fluorosis of coal burning%氟中毒病区人群血清中多种氧化应激指标的综合分析

    陈修文; 万昌武; 官志忠; 吴昌学; 朱按英; 李福成; 唐福


    目的:观察氟中毒病区人群抗氧化能力及过氧化产物水平,为筛选氟中毒早期诊断指标提供依据。方法选取贵州省六盘水市陡箐乡氟病区165人为病区组,同市非病区花嘎乡90人为对照组,经体检及氟斑牙判定后采集空腹血液、尿液,分别检测尿氟、血清中超氧化物歧化酶(SOD)、谷胱甘肽过氧化酶(GSH-Px)、总抗氧化能力(T-AOC)活力,同时检测血清中丙二醛(MDA)、8-异前列腺素 F2α(8-iso-PGF2α)、晚期氧化蛋白产物(AOPPs)和8-羟基脱氧鸟苷(8-OHdG)含量,分析氧化应激指标与氟斑牙及尿氟水平的相关性。结果病区组尿氟高于对照组(P0.05)。结论氟中毒病区人群普遍处于氧化应激状态,并存在脂质生物膜、蛋白质及DNA的多种损伤。%Objective To observe the changes of the antioxidant ability and the levels of peroxidation products in hunman with endemic fluorosis of coal burning,and to provide the provement for early diagnosis of endemic fluorosis.Methods 165 residents were selected from Douqing town of Guiyang province,the endemic fluorosis of coal burning area,as the experimental group.90 residents were selected from Huaga town of Guiyang province,the non-endemic fluorosis of coal burning area as the control group.Urine and blood was collected on the empty stomach in the morning after medical examination and diagnosis of dental fluorosis.Flouride contents of urine,the activities of SOD,GSH-Px,T-AOC and contecnts of MDA,8-OhDG,8-iso-PGF2α,AOPPs in serum were measured respectively.Meanwhile the correlation between the activities and the degree of dental fluorosis and levels of the urinary fluoride should be analyzed.Results The flouride contents of urine in experimental group were significant higher than the control group(P0.05 ).Conclusions The people with the the endemic fluorosis of coal burning were in the state of oxidative stress generally.In the meantime, the membrane,protein and DNA have been damaged.

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    Items 1 - 50 of 446 ... Vol 7, No 2 (2004), Adolescents\\' Risky Sexual Behaviour and Efficacy of ... and the risk of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among youths within the school ... Vol 15, No 1 (2012), Attitude of Women towards Family Planning in ...

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    Items 1 - 50 of 69 ... Vol 2, No 1 (2009), Gender differences in job ability perception and task ... Vol 3, No 1 (2010), Influence of parenting styles on adolescent ... Vol 3, No 2 (2010), Personality Traits as Predictors of Stress among female Teachers ...

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    Items 4301 - 4350 of 11090 ... Vol 11, No 16 (2012), Effects of rhizobia and plant growth ... Vol 9, No 31 (2010), Effects of RNAi-mediated cathepsin L gene ... Vol 8, No 19 (2009), Effects of salt stress on germination of some maize (Zea mays L.) ... Vol 8, No 20 (2009), Effects of seeding rate on forage yield and quality of vetch ...

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    Items 4901 - 4950 of 11090 ... Stevels] exposed to crude oil contaminated soil in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria, Abstract PDF ... Evidence for an association in corn between stress tolerance and ... Vol 12, No 28 (2013), Evidence of cross gene regulation of some virulence ... Vol 13, No 30 (2014), Evidence of salicylic acid regulatory ...

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    Items 1 - 50 of 55 ... Vol 33, No 1 (2014), Coping strategies for marital stress as reported by lecturers of ... Vol 33, No 2 (2014), Emotional Intelligence, Self-Concept and ... and gender difference in self-reported depressive symptomatology among ...

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    Items 351 - 400 of 515 ... Gender and Behaviour. ... Vol 14, No 2 (2016), Post traumatic stress in the Niger Delta of ... Vol 14, No 3 (2016), Practising male, in a “woman's world”: gender, age and dimensions of emotional intelligence among nurse ...

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    Items 1 - 50 of 69 ... Vol 3, No 1 (2010), Effects of learning styles on career preferences of senior ... of Stress among female Teachers in Osun State Teaching Service, Abstract PDF ... Vol 1, No 1 (2008), Psychological Techniques In Helping Rape ...

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    Items 151 - 200 of 229 ... Vol 20, No 1 (2008), Stabilized jellium model-derived surface stress of metals, Abstract ... Vol 17, No 1 (2005), Studies on relaxation length of wood by ... Vol 20, No 2 (2008), Study of active crossover network, Abstract.

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    Items 201 - 250 of 446 ... Vol 11 (2008), Job Status Differences In Employees' Judgment Of Organisational Restructuring Policy Effectiveness ... Vol 5, No 2 (2000), Lack of career progress and work/homes conflict as predictors of stress for .... Vol 14, No 2 (2011), Perceived Social Support and Students' Life Satisfaction among ...

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    Items 51 - 100 of 126 ... Vol 6, No 2 (2015), Impact of staff organizational culture on the ... gender and working experience on librarians' job satisfaction in university libraries in ... Vol 7, No 1 (2016), Job Stress and coping strategies among staff of ...

  11. Scientific Journal Indexing

    Getulio Teixeira Batista


    Full Text Available It is quite impressive the visibility of online publishing compared to offline. Lawrence (2001 computed the percentage increase across 1,494 venues containing at least five offline and five online articles. Results shown an average of 336% more citations to online articles compared to offline articles published in the same venue. If articles published in the same venue are of similar quality, then they concluded that online articles are more highly cited because of their easier access. Thomson Scientific, traditionally concerned with printed journals, announced on November 28, 2005, the launch of Web Citation Index™, the multidisciplinary citation index of scholarly content from institutional and subject-based repositories (http://scientific.thomson. com/press/2005/8298416/. The Web Citation Index from the abstracting and indexing (A&I connects together pre-print articles, institutional repositories and open access (OA journals (Chillingworth, 2005. Basically all research funds are government granted funds, tax payer’s supported and therefore, results should be made freely available to the community. Free online availability facilitates access to research findings, maximizes interaction among research groups, and optimizes efforts and research funds efficiency. Therefore, Ambi-Água is committed to provide free access to its articles. An important aspect of Ambi-Água is the publication and management system of this journal. It uses the Electronic System for Journal Publishing (SEER - This system was translated and customized by the Brazilian Institute for Science and Technology Information (IBICT based on the software developed by the Public Knowledge Project (Open Journal Systems of the British Columbia University ( The big advantage of using this system is that it is compatible with the OAI-PMH protocol for metadata harvesting what greatly promotes published articles

  12. Two-dimensional refractive index and birefringence profiles of a graded index bent optical fibre

    Ramadan, W. A.; Wahba, H. H.; Shams El-Din, M. A.


    A theory to recover refractive index profile of the bent graded index (GRIN) optical fibre, in core region, is proposed. This theory is applied to the bent GRIN optical fibre when it is located orthogonal in the light path of the object arm in digital holographic phase shifting interferometer; like Mach-Zehnder interferometer. In the experiment, the fibre is bent with two different bending radii and fixed on a microscope slide keeping it immersed in matching liquid. The produced phase shifted holograms, with the presence of the fibre, are recorded using an attached CCD camera. Two different processes controlling the index profile shape of the bent GRIN optical fibre are assumed. In the first process, a linear index variation is evolved from stresses in the direction of the bent radius. In the second one, there is a release of these stresses near the fibre surface, which depends on the fibre's radius. This will affect the outer free surface of the cladding. Based on these assumptions, we are able to construct the index profile in two dimensions normal to the optical axis. We propose two functions to describe the refractive index profiles in cladding and the core regions of the bent GRIN optical fibre. The recorded phase shifted holograms are combined, reconstructed and analyzed to get the phase map of the bent GRIN optical fibre. Comparing the extracted optical phase differences with the calculated ones, a good agreement between them is found. This means that the used two dimensional proposed functions, which are describing cladding and the core indices profiles, are the most proper in this situation. Thus, we are able to determine a realistic induced birefringence profile inside the fibre which is generated by a bending operation, not only in the cladding but also in graded index core region as well.

  13. Fracturing and brittleness index analyses of shales

    Barnhoorn, Auke; Primarini, Mutia; Houben, Maartje


    The formation of a fracture network in rocks has a crucial control on the flow behaviour of fluids. In addition, an existing network of fractures , influences the propagation of new fractures during e.g. hydraulic fracturing or during a seismic event. Understanding of the type and characteristics of the fracture network that will be formed during e.g. hydraulic fracturing is thus crucial to better predict the outcome of a hydraulic fracturing job. For this, knowledge of the rock properties is crucial. The brittleness index is often used as a rock property that can be used to predict the fracturing behaviour of a rock for e.g. hydraulic fracturing of shales. Various terminologies of the brittleness index (BI1, BI2 and BI3) exist based on mineralogy, elastic constants and stress-strain behaviour (Jin et al., 2014, Jarvie et al., 2007 and Holt et al., 2011). A maximum brittleness index of 1 predicts very good and efficient fracturing behaviour while a minimum brittleness index of 0 predicts a much more ductile shale behaviour. Here, we have performed systematic petrophysical, acoustic and geomechanical analyses on a set of shale samples from Whitby (UK) and we have determined the three different brittleness indices on each sample by performing all the analyses on each of the samples. We show that each of the three brittleness indices are very different for the same sample and as such it can be concluded that the brittleness index is not a good predictor of the fracturing behaviour of shales. The brittleness index based on the acoustic data (BI1) all lie around values of 0.5, while the brittleness index based on the stress strain data (BI2) give an average brittleness index around 0.75, whereas the mineralogy brittleness index (BI3) predict values below 0.2. This shows that by using different estimates of the brittleness index different decisions can be made for hydraulic fracturing. If we would rely on the mineralogy (BI3), the Whitby mudstone is not a suitable

  14. Just In Time Indexing

    Mitra, Pinaki; Sundaram, Girish; PS, Sreedish


    One of the major challenges being faced by Database managers today is to manage the performance of complex SQL queries which are dynamic in nature. Since it is not possible to tune each and every query because of its dynamic nature, there is a definite possibility that these queries may cause serious database performance issues if left alone. Conventional indexes are useful only for those queries which are frequently executed or those columns which are frequently joined in SQL queries. This p...

  15. Stress Management

    ... with regions of your brain that control mood, motivation and fear. The body's stress-response system is ... events. People who were neglected or abused as children tend to be particularly vulnerable to stress. The ...

  16. Heat Stress

    ... Publications and Products Programs Contact NIOSH NIOSH HEAT STRESS Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir NEW OSHA- ... hot environments may be at risk of heat stress. Exposure to extreme heat can result in occupational ...

  17. Cold Stress

    ... Publications and Products Programs Contact NIOSH NIOSH COLD STRESS Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir Workers who ... cold environments may be at risk of cold stress. Extreme cold weather is a dangerous situation that ...

  18. Negative refractive index metamaterials

    Willie J. Padilla


    Full Text Available Engineered materials composed of designed inclusions can exhibit exotic and unique electromagnetic properties not inherent in the individual constituent components. These artificially structured composites, known as metamaterials, have the potential to fill critical voids in the electromagnetic spectrum where material response is limited and enable the construction of novel devices. Recently, metamaterials that display negative refractive index – a property not found in any known naturally occurring material – have drawn significant scientific interest, underscoring the remarkable potential of metamaterials to facilitate new developments in electromagnetism.

  19. Cryogenic Refractive Index of Heraeus Homosil Glass

    Miller, Kevin H.; Quijada, Manuel A.; Leviton, Douglas B.


    This paper reports measurements of the refractive index of Homosil (Heraeus) over the wavelength range of 0.343.16 m and temperature range of 120335 K. These measurements were performed by using the Cryogenic High Accuracy Refraction Measuring System (CHARMS) facility at the NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center. These measurements were in support of an integrated Structural-Thermal-Optical-Performance (STOP) model that was developed for a field-widened Michelson interferometer that is being built and tested for the High Spectral Resolution Lidar (HSRL) project at the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). The cryogenic refractive index measurements were required in order to account for the highly sensitivity performance of the HSRL instrument to changes in refractive index with temperature, temperature gradients, thermal expansion, and deformation due to mounting stresses. A dense coverage of the absolute refractive index over the aforementioned wavelength and temperature ranges was used to determine the thermo-optic coefficient (dndT) and dispersion relation (dnd) as a function of wavelength and temperature. Our measurements of Homosil will be compared with measurements of other glasses from the fused silica family studied in CHARMS as well as measurements reported elsewhere in literature.

  20. Stress Fractures

    Stress fractures Overview Stress fractures are tiny cracks in a bone. They're caused by repetitive force, often from overuse — such as repeatedly jumping up and down or running long distances. Stress fractures can also arise from normal use of ...

  1. Which price index for Eurozone index-linked bonds

    Arnold, I.J.M.


    Index-linked bonds (ILBs) constitute a small but growing segment of the eurozone bond market. Issuers of index-linked bonds face a choice between linking to either a eurozone or a national price index. This paper examines this choice both theoretically and empirically and ends up with the following

  2. Growth Index after Planck

    Xu, Lixin


    To investigate the possible deviation from the standard $\\Lambda$CDM model and the Einstein's gravity theory in the dynamical perspectives, the growth index $\\gamma_L$ was proposed. Recently, thanks to the measurement of the cosmic growth rate via the redshift-space distortion, one can understand the evolution of density contrast through $f\\sigma_8(z)$, where $f(z)=d\\ln \\delta/d \\ln a$ is the growth rate of matter and $\\sigma_8(z)$ is the rms amplitude of the density contrast $\\delta$ at the comoving $8h^{-1}$ Mpc scale. In this paper, we use the red-shift space distortion data points to investigate the growth index on the bases of the Einstein's gravity theory and a modified gravity theory under the assumption $f=\\Omega_m(a)^{\\gamma_L}$. To fix the background evolution, the cosmic observational data points from the type Ia supernovae SNLS3, cosmic microwave background radiation from {\\it Planck} and baryon acoustic oscillation are used. Via the Markov Chain Monte Carlo method, the $\\gamma_L$ values were obta...

  3. Analyzing refractive index changes and differential bending in microcantilever arrays

    Huber, François; Lang, Hans Peter; Hegner, Martin; Despont, Michel; Drechsler, Ute; Gerber, Christoph


    A new microcantilever array design is investigated comprising eight flexible microcantilevers introducing two solid bars, enabling to subtract contributions from differences in refractive index in an optical laser read out system. Changes in the refractive index do not contribute undesirably to bending signals at picomolar to micromolar DNA or protein concentrations. However, measurements of samples with high salt concentrations or serum are affected, requiring corrections for refractive index artifacts. Moreover, to obtain a deeper understanding of molecular stress formation, the differential curvature of cantilevers is analyzed by positioning the laser spots along the surface of the levers during pH experiments.

  4. Remotely sensing the photochemical reflectance index, PRI

    Vanderbilt, Vern; Daughtry, Craig; Dahlgren, Robert


    In remote sensing, the Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI) provides insight into physiological processes occurring inside leaves in a plant stand. Developed by1,2, PRI evolved from laboratory reflectance measurements of individual leaves. Yet in a remotely sensed image, a pixel measurement may include light from both reflecting and transmitting leaves. We compared values of PRI based upon polarized reflectance and transmittance measurements of water and nutrient stressed leaves. Our results show the polarized leaf surface reflection should be removed when calculating PRI and that the leaf physiology information is in leaf interior reflectance, not leaf transmittance.

  5. 2013 Traffic Safety Culture Index

    ... death in the United States. 2013 Traffic Safety Culture Index January 2014 607 14th Street, NW, Suite ... org | 202-638-5944 Title 2013 Traffic Safety Culture Index (January 2014) About the Sponsor AAA Foundation ...

  6. An improved molecular connectivity index

    李新华; 俞庆森; 朱龙观


    Through modification of the delta values of the molecular connectivity indexes, and connecting the quantum chemistry with topology method effectively, the molecular connectivity indexes are converted into quantum-topology indexes. The modified indexes not only keep all information obtained from the original molecular connectivity method but also have their own virtue in application, and at the same time make up some disadvantages of the quantum and molecular connectivity methods.

  7. Indexing Depth and Retrieval Effectiveness

    Seely, Barbara J.


    There are six major studies of the effect of indexing depth on retrieval performance. They differ in purpose, methodology, measures, indexing language, field of study, and data base--nevertheless, all have found depth of indexing to have the same effect upon information retrieval. (13 references) (Author/NH)

  8. Heart rate index

    Haedersdal, C; Pedersen, F H; Svendsen, J H


    The present study compares the variables assessed by standard exercise test with the left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) measured by multigated radionuclide angiocardiography (MUGA) in 77 patients early after myocardial infarction. The exercise test and MUGA were performed within two weeks...... after the myocardial infarction. A significant correlation (Spearman's correlation coefficient rs, p less than 0.05) was found between LVEF at rest and the following variables assessed at exercise test: 1) the heart rate at rest, 2) rise in heart rate, 3) ratio between maximal heart rate and heart rate...... at rest, 4) rise in systolic blood pressure, 5) rate pressure product at rest, 6) rise in rate pressure product, 7) ratio (rHR) between maximal rate pressure product and rate pressure product at rest, 8) total exercise time. The heart rate was corrected for effects caused by age (heart index (HR...

  9. Life quality index revisited

    Ditlevsen, Ove Dalager


    The derivation of the life quality index (LQI) is revisited for a revision. This revision takes into account the unpaid but necessary work time needed to stay alive in clean and healthy conditions to be fit for effective wealth producing work and to enjoyable free time. Dimension analysis...... consistency problems with the standard power function expression of the LQI are pointed out. It is emphasized that the combination coefficient in the convex differential combination between the relative differential of the gross domestic product per capita and the relative differential of the expected life...... at birth should not vary between countries. Finally the distributional assumptions are relaxed as compared to the assumptions made in an earlier work by the author. These assumptions concern the calculation of the life expectancy change due to the removal of an accident source. Moreover a simple public...

  10. Automated Water Extraction Index

    Feyisa, Gudina Legese; Meilby, Henrik; Fensholt, Rasmus


    Classifying surface cover types and analyzing changes are among the most common applications of remote sensing. One of the most basic classification tasks is to distinguish water bodies from dry land surfaces. Landsat imagery is among the most widely used sources of data in remote sensing of water...... resources; and although several techniques of surface water extraction using Landsat data are described in the literature, their application is constrained by low accuracy in various situations. Besides, with the use of techniques such as single band thresholding and two-band indices, identifying...... an appropriate threshold yielding the highest possible accuracy is a challenging and time consuming task, as threshold values vary with location and time of image acquisition. The purpose of this study was therefore to devise an index that consistently improves water extraction accuracy in the presence...

  11. Canopy Temperature Depression as a Potential Selection Criterion for Drought Resistance in Wheat


    Field studies were conducted at Bushland, Texas, USA, in 2004 to examine usefulness of canopy temperature depression (CTD), the difference of air-canopy temperature, in screening wheat (Triticum aestivurm L.) genotypes for yield under dryland and irrigated. Forty winter wheat genotypes were grown under irrigation and dryland. CTDs were recorded after heading between 1 330 and 1530 h on 6 clear days for dryland and 9 days for irrigation. Drought susceptible index (DSI) for each genotype was calculated using mean yield under dryland and irrigated conditions. Genotypes exhibited great differences in CTD under each environment. The dryland CTDs averaged 1.33℃ ranging from -0.67 to 2.57℃, and the average irrigation CTD were 4.59℃ ranging from 3.21 to 5.62℃. A low yield reduction was observed under dryland conditions relative to irrigated conditions for high-CTD genotypes. CTD values were highly negatively correlated with DSI under dryland, and genotypes of CTDs=1.3℃ in dryland condition were identified as drought resistant. For 21 genotypes classified as drought resistant by DSI, their CTDs were 1.68℃ for dryland and 4.35℃ for irrigation on average; for 19 genotypes classified as drought susceptible by DSI, average CTD was 0.94℃ in dryland and 4.85℃ in irrigation. The high-yield genotypes consistently had high CTD values, and the low-yield ones had low CTD values for all measurements in dryland. After heading, genotypes maintained consistent ranking for CTD. Regression results for CTD and yield suggested that the best time for taking CTD measurement was 3-4 weeks after heading in irrigation but any time before senescence in dryland. Crop water stress index (CWSI) calculated from CTD data was highly correlated with CWSI calculated from yield, which suggesting traditional costly CWSI measurement may be improved by using portable infrared thermometers. Most importantly, grain yield was highly correlated with CTD under dryland (R2=0.79-0.86) and irrigation

  12. Review of Cohesion in Indexing

    Hasan Ashrafi Rizi


    Full Text Available Indexers often disagree on judging terms that best reflect the content of a document. Difference of opinion highlights one of the characteristics of indexing which is indexing cohesion. Also known as consistency, little study of the subject matter has been undertaken in the past few years. However, its importance has been recently acknowledged in effective information retrieval and expansion of access points to the document content. The present paper investigates cohesion in indexing. In addition of presenting the definitions offered by experts, it takes note of the factors influencing indexing cohesion. Methods for measuring cohesion are offered.

  13. effect of low glycaemic index meals on insulin secretion



    Dec 2, 2012 ... Keywords: type 2 diabetics, low glycaemic index, insulin, insulinogenic indices. INTRODUCTION ... Salmeron et al., 1997b) and heart disease (Liu et al.,. 2000). ... excessive insulin secretion may increase oxidative stress and ... instructed not to change their physical activity patterns .... Reducing the rate of.

  14. Efficient Index for Handwritten Text

    Kamel, Ibrahim

    This paper deals with one of the new emerging multimedia data types, namely, handwritten cursive text. The paper presents two indexing methods for searching a collection of cursive handwriting. The first index, word-level index, treats word as pictogram and uses global features for retrieval. The word-level index is suitable for large collection of cursive text. While the second one, called stroke-level index, treats the word as a set of strokes. The stroke-level index is more accurate, but more costly than the word level index. Each word (or stroke) can be described with a set of features and, thus, can be stored as points in the feature space. The Karhunen-Loeve transform is then used to minimize the number of features used (data dimensionality) and thus the index size. Feature vectors are stored in an R-tree. We implemented both indexes and carried many simulation experiments to measure the effectiveness and the cost of the search algorithm. The proposed indexes achieve substantial saving in the search time over the sequential search. Moreover, the proposed indexes improve the matching rate up to 46% over the sequential search.

  15. Solar index generation and delivery

    Lantz, L.J.


    The Solar Index, or, more completely defined as the Service Hot Water Solar Index, was conceptualized during the spring of 1978. The purpose was to enhance public awareness to solar energy usability. Basically, the Solar Index represents the percentage of energy that solar would provide in order to heat an 80 gallon service hot water load for a given location and day. The Index is computed by utilizing SOLCOST, a computer program, which also has applications to space heating, cooling, and heat pump systems and which supplies economic analyses for such solar energy systems. The Index is generated for approximately 68 geographic locations in the country on a daily basis. The definition of the Index, how the project came to be, what it is at the present time and a plan for the future are described. Also presented are the models used for the generation of the Index, a discussion of the primary tool of implementation (the SOLCOST program) and future efforts.

  16. CDC's Social Vulnerability Index (SVI)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Social vulnerability refers to the resilience of communities when confronted by external stresses on human health, stresses such as natural or human-caused...


    IJBE Volume 1


    Full Text Available SUBJECT INDEX IJBE VOLUME 1EPA, 1Agrotourism, 148AHP, 148balance scorecard, 63batik tulis Rolla Junior, 23Broiler, 90business model canvas, 137business performance,32capital structure, 81cashew industry,158CHAID,106CLI,42coal transportation service,63company’s characteristics, 81competitive advantage, 12competitive strategy, 127consumer satisfaction, 51CSI, 42customer loyalty, 42customer satisfaction,42decision of visitors, 72development strategy, 23development,158entrepreneurship, 32Feasibility studies, 90FEM, 81gap analysis, 1Indonesia Stock Exchange, 177Indosat, 137investor,177Kawah Putih, 72kedai sop durian lodaya (KSDL,51klassen typology, 96leading sector, 96less cash society, 137liquidity ratio, 165location quotient, 96logistic regression, 115market, 177marketing development strategy, 148Marketing mix, 72mobile payment, 137modern and Traditional cage, 90multiple regression analyse,165multiple regression, 177net working capital, 165organic tofu product, 115Padang, 106paired comparison, 63partnership, 1, 32Pecking Order Theory, 81PLS, 81Portfolio, 96power, 32product quality, 51profitability ratio, 165Prol Tape Primadona, 127purchase decision, 115purchase intention, 51purchasing interest,115QSPM, 23, 127refilled drinking water, 106seed,1segmentation, 106SEM, 42, 51service quality, 51SMEs, 96specialty coffee, 12stock,177strategic diagnosis,137strategy, 158Sukorambi Botanic Garden, 148SWOT, 23, 127, 148, 158SWOT-AHP, 12tourists,72UD. Primadona, 127value chain, 12VRIO,12 AUTHOR INDEX IJBE VOLUME 1Adiningsih, Kartika Puspitasari,42Aknesia, Vharessa,12Amalia, Firda Rachma,90Andati, Trias, 177Anggraeni, Lukytawati,23Asriani,158Daryanto, Arief,12, 90Djamaludin, MD., 42Djohar, Setiadi,96Fachrodji, Achmad,72Fahmi, Idqan,1, 63, 127Fasyni, Awisal,106Hubeis, Musa,148Iskandar, Dodi,51Juanda, Bambang, 165Kirbrandoko, 12, 106, 115Lumbantoruan, Dewi Margareth,96Maulana, TB Nur Ahmad,81Muksin, 148Mukti Soleh, Cecep,63Najib, Mukhamad,106Noor, Tajudin,81

  18. Oxidative stress

    Osredkar Joško


    Full Text Available The human organism is exposed to the influence of various forms of stress, either physical, psychological or chemical, which all have in common that they may adversely affect our body. A certain amount of stress is always present and somehow directs, promotes or inhibits the functioning of the human body. Unfortunately, we are now too many and too often exposed to excessive stress, which certainly has adverse consequences. This is especially true for a particular type of stress, called oxidative stress. All aerobic organisms are exposed to this type of stress because they produce energy by using oxygen. For this type of stress you could say that it is rather imperceptibly involved in our lives, as it becomes apparent only at the outbreak of certain diseases. Today we are well aware of the adverse impact of radicals, whose surplus is the main cause of oxidative stress. However, the key problem remains the detection of oxidative stress, which would allow us to undertake timely action and prevent outbreak of many diseases of our time. There are many factors that promote oxidative stress, among them are certainly a fast lifestyle and environmental pollution. The increase in oxidative stress can also trigger intense physical activity that is directly associated with an increased oxygen consumption and the resulting formation of free radicals. Considering generally positive attitude to physical activity, this fact may seem at first glance contradictory, but the finding has been confimed by several studies in active athletes. Training of a top athlete daily demands great physical effort, which is also reflected in the oxidative state of the organism. However, it should be noted that the top athletes in comparison with normal individuals have a different defense system, which can counteract the negative effects of oxidative stress. Quite the opposite is true for irregular or excessive physical activity to which the body is not adapted.

  19. 花铃期棉花对地下水埋深和高温的响应及排渍指标确定%Response of cotton during flowering and boll-forming period to groundwater table and heat stress as well as determination of drainage index

    杨威; 朱建强; 吴启侠; 王曾桢; 叶浩; 程伦国


    Cotton production is frequently limited by periods of subsurface waterlogging and heat stress in Hubei plain area of China in summer, but the combined effects of surface waterlogging and heat stress on cotton have been rarely studied. In order to investigate the effects of groundwater table (WT) on main morph-physiological traits and yield of cotton under high temperature (HT) condition as well as determination of drainage index, the combination of WT and HT stresses was carried out by test-pit in Irrigation and Drainage Experimental Station of the Four Lake Engineering Management Bureau, Jingzhou, China in 2012 and 2013. WT were set as 0, 30 and 50 cm with waterlogging for 10 days and HT duration for 6 days (from 10:00 to 16:00 per day) during flowering and boll-forming period of cotton. The morphological indexes as plant height (PH) and complex ratio of red stem to green stem (R/G), and physiological traits as photosynthetic efficiency, leaf pigments and antioxidant enzymes along with yield components were measured and analyzed. The results were as follows: the PH and R/G of cotton were decreased in WT treatments of 0 and 30 cm, whereas they were not significantly different in HT situation. Chlorophyll (Chl) content and photosystem II potential photochemical conversion efficiency of leaf (4 th from top) decreased with increasing WT under HT condition. The relationship of either Chl or photochemical conversion efficiency with WT and HT could be described by linear models (R2=0.961-0986,P<0.01). Superoxide dismutase (SOD) and peroxidase (POD) activities of leaves (4th from top) increased firstly and then declined and catalase (CAT) activity declined with the increment in WT, but malondialdehyde (MDA) content increased. SOD and POD activities decreased remarkably while MDA content increased rapidly at WT of 0-30 cm with HT stress, indicating that HT exacerbated the degree of membrane lid peroxidation. However, HT contributed to subsurface waterlogging tolerance by

  20. Generalizations of Wiener polarity index and terminal Wiener index

    Ilic, Aleksandar


    In theoretical chemistry, distance-based molecular structure descriptors are used for modeling physical, pharmacologic, biological and other properties of chemical compounds. We introduce a generalized Wiener polarity index $W_k (G)$ as the number of unordered pairs of vertices $\\{u, v\\}$ of $G$ such that the shortest distance $d (u, v)$ between $u$ and $v$ is $k$. For $k = 3$, we get standard Wiener polarity index. Furthermore, we generalize the terminal Wiener index $TW_k (G)$ as the sum of distances between all pairs of vertices of degree $k$. For $k = 1$, we get standard terminal Wiener index. In this paper we describe a linear time algorithm for computing these indices for trees and partial cubes, and characterize extremal trees maximizing the generalized Wiener polarity index and generalized terminal Wiener index among all trees of given order $n$.

  1. Work Stress

    Roeters, Anne


    Most of us agree that stress is a growing problem within organizations. We hear about the postal workers who had killed fellow employees and supervisors, and then hear that a major cause of tension is at work. Friends tell us that they are stressed due to increased workload and he has to work overtime because the company is restructured. We read the polls that employees complain about the stress in trying to balance family life with the work. Stress is a dynamic condition in which an individu...

  2. Ankle Brachial Index

    Wikstroem, J.; Hansen, T.; Johansson, L.; Lind, L.; Ahlstroem, H. (Dept. of Radiology and Dept. of Medical Sciences, Uppsala Univ. Hospital, Uppsala (SE))


    Background: Whole-body magnetic resonance angiography (WBMRA) permits noninvasive vascular assessment, which can be utilized in epidemiological studies. Purpose: To assess the relation between a low ankle brachial index (ABI) and high-grade stenoses in the pelvic and leg arteries in the elderly. Material and Methods: WBMRA was performed in a population sample of 306 subjects aged 70 years. The arteries below the aortic bifurcation were graded after the most severe stenosis according to one of three grades: 0-49% stenosis, 50-99% stenosis, or occlusion. ABI was calculated for each side. Results: There were assessable WBMRA and ABI examinations in 268 (right side), 265 (left side), and 258 cases (both sides). At least one >=50% stenosis was found in 19% (right side), 23% (left side), and 28% (on at least one side) of the cases. The corresponding prevalences for ABI <0.9 were 4.5%, 4.2%, and 6.6%. An ABI cut-off value of 0.9 resulted in a sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive value of 20%, 99%, 83%, and 84% on the right side, and 15%, 99%, 82%, and 80% on the left side, respectively, for the presence of a >= 50% stenosis in the pelvic or leg arteries. Conclusion: An ABI <0.9 underestimates the prevalence of peripheral arterial occlusive disease in the general elderly population

  3. Applied Parallel Metadata Indexing

    Jacobi, Michael R [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    The GPFS Archive is parallel archive is a parallel archive used by hundreds of users in the Turquoise collaboration network. It houses 4+ petabytes of data in more than 170 million files. Currently, users must navigate the file system to retrieve their data, requiring them to remember file paths and names. A better solution might allow users to tag data with meaningful labels and searach the archive using standard and user-defined metadata, while maintaining security. last summer, I developed the backend to a tool that adheres to these design goals. The backend works by importing GPFS metadata into a MongoDB cluster, which is then indexed on each attribute. This summer, the author implemented security and developed the user interfae for the search tool. To meet security requirements, each database table is associated with a single user, which only stores records that the user may read, and requires a set of credentials to access. The interface to the search tool is implemented using FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace). FUSE is an intermediate layer that intercepts file system calls and allows the developer to redefine how those calls behave. In the case of this tool, FUSE interfaces with MongoDB to issue queries and populate output. A FUSE implementation is desirable because it allows users to interact with the search tool using commands they are already familiar with. These security and interface additions are essential for a usable product.

  4. Glycaemic index methodology.

    Brouns, F; Bjorck, I; Frayn, K N; Gibbs, A L; Lang, V; Slama, G; Wolever, T M S


    The glycaemic index (GI) concept was originally introduced to classify different sources of carbohydrate (CHO)-rich foods, usually having an energy content of >80 % from CHO, to their effect on post-meal glycaemia. It was assumed to apply to foods that primarily deliver available CHO, causing hyperglycaemia. Low-GI foods were classified as being digested and absorbed slowly and high-GI foods as being rapidly digested and absorbed, resulting in different glycaemic responses. Low-GI foods were found to induce benefits on certain risk factors for CVD and diabetes. Accordingly it has been proposed that GI classification of foods and drinks could be useful to help consumers make 'healthy food choices' within specific food groups. Classification of foods according to their impact on blood glucose responses requires a standardised way of measuring such responses. The present review discusses the most relevant methodological considerations and highlights specific recommendations regarding number of subjects, sex, subject status, inclusion and exclusion criteria, pre-test conditions, CHO test dose, blood sampling procedures, sampling times, test randomisation and calculation of glycaemic response area under the curve. All together, these technical recommendations will help to implement or reinforce measurement of GI in laboratories and help to ensure quality of results. Since there is current international interest in alternative ways of expressing glycaemic responses to foods, some of these methods are discussed.

  5. No myocardial vulnerability to mental stress in Takotsubo stress cardiomyopathy.

    Olov Collste

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVES: Due to the frequent use of coronary angiography the awareness of Takotsubo stress cardiomyopathy (TSC has increased although the exact pathophysiology of TSC is still largely unknown. Our objective was to investigate the effects of mental stress on myocardial function, heart rate variability (HRV and salivary cortisol (SC in TSC patients. DESIGN: This study is a case-control study and a sub-study of the Stockholm Myocardial Infarction with Normal Coronaries (SMINC study. SETTING: Mental stress test was performed more than 6 months after the acute event in TSC patients and age- and sex-matched controls. Standard echocardiography and tissue Doppler imaging (TDI -derived time-phases of cardiac cycle were recorded to calculate myocardial performance index (MPI to assess ventricular function before and during mental stress. Holter-ECG recording was made to estimate HRV before, during and after mental stress. SC was measured at baseline, before and 20 minutes after mental stress. SUBJECTS: Twenty-two TSC patients and 22 sex-and age-matched controls were recruited from the SMINC-study and investigated with a mental stress test. All TSC patients had a previous normal cardiovascular magnetic resonance investigation. RESULTS: There were no significant differences at rest or during mental stress for left and right ventricular MPI or other standard diastolic variables between TSC patients and controls. HRV did not differ between TSC patients and controls. There was a trend towards less increase in SC after mental stress in TSC patients compared to controls. CONCLUSION: Mental stress did not induce a significant difference in myocardial function or HRV response between TSC and controls. Moreover, no significant difference could be seen in SC response at baseline, during or after mental stress. This study indicates that myocardial vulnerability to mental stress does not persist in TSC patients.

  6. The Harary index of trees

    c, Aleksandar Ili\\'; Feng, Lihua


    The Harary index of a graph $G$ is recently introduced topological index, defined on the reverse distance matrix as $H(G)=\\sum_{u,v \\in V(G)}\\frac{1}{d(u,v)}$, where $d(u,v)$ is the length of the shortest path between two distinct vertices $u$ and $v$. We present the partial ordering of starlike trees based on the Harary index and we describe the trees with the second maximal and the second minimal Harary index. In this paper, we investigate the Harary index of trees with $k$ pendent vertices and determine the extremal trees with maximal Harary index. We also characterize the extremal trees with maximal Harary index with respect to the number of vertices of degree two, matching number, independence number, domination number, radius and diameter. In addition, we characterize the extremal trees with minimal Harary index and given maximum degree. We concluded that in all presented classes, the trees with maximal Harary index are exactly those trees with the minimal Wiener index, and vice versa.

  7. 急性心肌梗死患者血糖应激性升高和PEEL预后指数的关系及护理%Relationship and nursing between stress rise of blood glucose and the PEEL prognostic index of pa-tients with acute myocardial infarction

    刘春雪; 章洁; 邢攸红; 李财美; 朱秀琴


    Objective To study the relationship between stress rise of blood glucose and the PEEL prognostic index of the patients with acute myocardial infarction, and provide the basis for a quick judgement and evaluation of prognosis to nurses. Methods Taking the 6.8,7.8 and 8.8 mmol/L as demarcation point to study the PEEL prognostic index in 59 patients with acute myocardial infarction, and compare the PEEL score value on two sides of each demarcation point. Results No significant difference in PEEL evaluation score when taking 6.8 mmol/L as the demarcation point, there was significant difference when taking 7.8 mmol/L as the demarcation point, PEEL score in blood glucose > 7.8 mmol/L group was higher than that of ≤7.8mmol/L group, so was when taking 8.8 mmol/L as the demarcation point. Conclusions There was instructive signifi-cance for nurses to observe a stress rise of blood glucose timely in evaluating the prognosis of patients with a-cute myocardial infarction. Nurses should strengthen disease observation and preventive nursing of admission patients whose fasting blood glucose are above 7.8 mmol/L as well their blood glucose monitoring.%目的 研究急性心肌梗死患者血糖应激性升高和PEEL预后指数的关系,为护士快速判断和评价急性心肌梗死患者预后提供依据.方法 分别以6.8,7.8,8.8 mmol/L为空腹血糖的分界点对59例急性心肌梗死患者的PEEL预后指数进行分析研究,比较每个分界点两侧PEEL评分值的差异.结果 以6.8 mmol/L为分界点,空腹血糖>6.8 mm01]L组与空腹血糖≤6.8 mmol/L组间PEEL评分分值无明显差异.以7.8 mmol/L为分界点,空腹血糖>7.8 mmol/L组PEEL评分明显高于空腹血糖≤7.8 mmol/L组,差异有显著性.以8.8 mmol/L为分界点.空腹血糖>8.8 mmol/L组PEEL评分明显高于空腹血糖≤8.8 mmol/L组,差异有显著性.结论 及时发现血糖应激性升高对护士评估急性心肌梗死患者预后有指导意义.护士应

  8. Effects of NaCl stress on growth and physiological indexes of five greening plant seedlings and comprehensive evaluation of their salt tolerance%NaCl胁迫对5种绿化植物幼苗生长和生理指标的影响及耐盐性综合评价

    魏秀君; 殷云龙; 芦治国; 莫海波; 华建峰; 徐建华


    采用分次浇灌的方法,对2、4、6、8和10 mg·g-1 NaCl胁迫条件下光叶决明(Cassiafloribunda Cav.)、紫穗槐(Amorpha fruticosa L.)、海滨木槿(Hibiscus hamabo Zucc.)、决明[Senna tora(L.)Roxb.]和田菁[Sesbania cannabina(Retz.)Poir.]幼苗的3个生长指标和6个生理指标的变化进行了测定和分析,采用相关性分析、主成分分析(PCA)与隶属函数法相结合的方法对5种植物对NaCl的耐性进行了鉴定和综合评价,并利用回归分析确定了5种植物的生长临界NaCl浓度(C50).结果表明:在2~10 mg·g-1 NaCl胁迫条件下,5种植物幼苗的株高生长量和全株干质量总体上小于对照,且总体上随着NaCl质量浓度的提高而降低.随NaCl质量浓度的提高,5种植物幼苗的相对电导率、叶绿素含量、丙二醛含量、脯氨酸含量、可溶性糖含量和SOD活性均受到不同程度的影响,说明5种植物对NaCl胁迫的响应不同.除MDA含量外,5种植物的生长和生理指标间大多存在显著或极显著的相关性.通过主成分分析和隶属函数法获得的5种植物的综合评价值D及C50均表明田菁和海滨木槿对NaCl的耐性较强,其次为紫穗槐和决明,光叶决明对NaCl的耐性最差.%The changes of three growth indexes and six physiological indexes of seedlings of Cassia floribunda Cav., Amorpha fruticosa L., Hibiscus hamabo Zucc., Senna tora (L.) Roxb.and Sesbania cannabina (Retz.) Poir.were determined and analyzed under NaCl stress conditions with 2, 4,6, 8 and 10 mg· g-1 by franctional irrigation method.And the tolerance of five plants to NaCl was identified and comprehensively evaluated by correlation analysis method and principal component analysis method (PCA) combined with subordination function method, and the growth critical NaCl concentration (C50) of five plants was calculated by regression analysis.The results show that under 2-10 mg · gNaCl stress conditions, height increment and dry weight of

  9. Stress at work : stress management

    Shchuka, Aljona


    Stress has been experienced since ancient times, but it has never been worse than it is here in the early 21st century. Nowadays stress is responsible for more than fifty percent of all illness. Despite this fact, the phenomenon of stress still hasn’t been that deeply studied. Contemporary society has to deal with the relatively new concept of “workplace stress” more and more often. In order to answer the questions as to: “Why?” and “What to do?” the problem of stress should be looked at...

  10. Geopotential Stress

    Schiffer, Christian; Nielsen, S.B.

    Density heterogeneity in the Earth’s lithosphere causes lateral pressure variations. Horizontal gradients of the vertically integrated lithostatic pressure, the Geopotential Energy (GPE), are a source of stresses (Geopotential Stress) that contribute to the Earth’s Stress Field. In theory the GPE...... is linearly related to the lithospheric part of the Geoid. The Geopotential Stress can be calculated if either the density structure and as a consequence the GPE or the lithospheric contribution to the Geoid is known. The lithospheric Geoid is usually obtained by short pass filtering of satellite Geoid...... are not entirely suitable for the stress calculations but can be compiled and adjusted. We present an approach in which a global lithospheric density model based on CRUST2.0 is obtained by simultaneously fitting topography and surface heat flow in the presence of isostatic compensation and long-wavelength lateral...

  11. Index Bioclimatic "Wind-Chill"

    Teodoreanu Elena


    Full Text Available This paper presents an important bioclimatic index which shows the influence of wind on the human body thermoregulation. When the air temperature is high, the wind increases thermal comfort. But more important for the body is the wind when the air temperature is low. When the air temperature is lower and wind speed higher, the human body is threatening to freeze faster. Cold wind index is used in Canada, USA, Russia (temperature "equivalent" to the facial skin etc., in the weather forecast every day in the cold season. The index can be used and for bioclimatic regionalization, in the form of skin temperature index.

  12. Malaysian Education Index (MEI): An Online Indexing and Repository System

    Kabilan, Muhammad Kamarul; Ismail, Hairul Nizam; Yaakub, Rohizani; Yusof, Najeemah Mohd; Idros, Sharifah Noraidah Syed; Umar, Irfan Naufal; Arshad, Muhammad Rafie Mohd.; Idrus, Rosnah; Rahman, Habsah Abdul


    This "Project Sheet" describes an on-going project that is being carried out by a group of educational researchers, computer science researchers and librarians from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. The Malaysian Education Index (MEI) has two main functions--(1) Online Indexing System, and (2) Online Repository System. In this brief…

  13. Semiotics and Indexing: An Analysis of the Subject Indexing Process.

    Mai, Jens-Erik


    Explains some major problems related to the subject indexing process and proposes semiotics as a framework for understanding the interpretive nature of the process. Explores the approach to studies of indexing and library and information science suggested by Fairthorne, Blair, Benediktsson, and others. Offers an explanation of what occurs in the…

  14. Learn to manage stress

    Stress - managing; Stress - recognizing; Stress - relaxation techniques ... LEARN TO RECOGNIZE STRESS The first step in managing stress is recognizing it in your life. Everyone feels stress in a different way. ...

  15. Satisfiability with Index Dependency

    Hong-Yu Liang; Jing He


    We study the Boolean satisfiability problem (SAT) restricted on input formulas for which there are linear arithmetic constraints imposed on the indices of variables occurring in the same clause.This can be seen as a structural counterpart of Schaefer's dichotomy theorem which studies the SAT problem with additional constraints on the assigned values of variables in the same clause.More precisely,let k-SAT(m,A) denote the SAT problem restricted on instances of k-CNF formulas,in every clause of which the indices of the last k-m variables are totally decided by the first m ones through some linear equations chosen from A.For example,if A contains i3 =i1+2i2 and i4 =i2-i1 + 1,then a clause of the input to 4-SAT(2,A) has the form yi1∨yi2∨yi1+2i2∨yi2-i1+1,with yi being xi or (xi).We obtain the following results:1) If m ≥2,then for any set A of linear constraints,the restricted problem k-SAT(m,A) is either in P or NP-complete assuming P ≠ NP.Moreover,the corresponding #SAT problem is always #P-complete,and the MAx-SAT problem does not allow a polynomial time approximation scheme assuming P ≠ NP.2) m =1,that is,in every clause only one index can be chosen freely.In this case,we develop a general framework together with some techniques for designing polynomial-time algorithms for the restricted SAT problems.Using these,we prove that for any A,#2-SAT(1,A) and MAX-2-SAT(1,A) are both polynomial-time solvable,which is in sharp contrast with the hardness results of general #2-SAT and MAX-2-SAT.For fixed k≥ 3,we obtain a large class of non-trivial constraints A,under which the problems k-SAT(1,A),#k-SAT(1,A)and MAx-k-SAT(1,A) can all be solved in polynomial time or quasi-polynomial time.

  16. The Pemberton Happiness Index

    Paiva, Bianca Sakamoto Ribeiro; de Camargos, Mayara Goulart; Demarzo, Marcelo Marcos Piva; Hervás, Gonzalo; Vázquez, Carmelo; Paiva, Carlos Eduardo


    Abstract The Pemberton Happiness Index (PHI) is a recently developed integrative measure of well-being that includes components of hedonic, eudaimonic, social, and experienced well-being. The PHI has been validated in several languages, but not in Portuguese. Our aim was to cross-culturally adapt the Universal Portuguese version of the PHI and to assess its psychometric properties in a sample of the Brazilian population using online surveys. An expert committee evaluated 2 versions of the PHI previously translated into Portuguese by the original authors using a standardized form for assessment of semantic/idiomatic, cultural, and conceptual equivalence. A pretesting was conducted employing cognitive debriefing methods. In sequence, the expert committee evaluated all the documents and reached a final Universal Portuguese PHI version. For the evaluation of the psychometric properties, the data were collected using online surveys in a cross-sectional study. The study population included healthcare professionals and users of the social network site Facebook from several Brazilian geographic areas. In addition to the PHI, participants completed the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS), Diener and Emmons’ Positive and Negative Experience Scale (PNES), Psychological Well-being Scale (PWS), and the Subjective Happiness Scale (SHS). Internal consistency, convergent validity, known-group validity, and test–retest reliability were evaluated. Satisfaction with the previous day was correlated with the 10 items assessing experienced well-being using the Cramer V test. Additionally, a cut-off value of PHI to identify a “happy individual” was defined using receiver-operating characteristic (ROC) curve methodology. Data from 1035 Brazilian participants were analyzed (health professionals = 180; Facebook users = 855). Regarding reliability results, the internal consistency (Cronbach alpha = 0.890 and 0.914) and test–retest (intraclass correlation coefficient = 0.814) were

  17. The HLD (CalMod) index and the index question.

    Parker, W S


    The malocclusion index problem arises because of the need to identify which patient's treatments will be paid for with tax dollars. Both the civilian (Medicaid) and military (Champus) programs in the United States require that "need" be demonstrated. Need is defined as "medically necessary handicapping malocclusion" in Medicaid parlance. It is defined by Champus as "seriously handicapping malocclusion." The responsible specialty organization (the AAO) first approved the Salzmann Index in 1969 for this purpose and then reversed course in 1985 and took a formal position against the use of any index. Dentistry has historically chosen a state of occlusal perfection as ideal and normal and declared that variation was not normal hence abnormal and thus malocclusion. This "ideal" composes from 1% to 2% of the population and fails all statistical standards. Many indexes have been proposed based on variations from this "ideal" and fail for that reason. They are not logical. The HLD (CalMod) Index is a lawsuit-driven modification of some 1960 suggestions by Dr. Harry L. Draker. It proposes to identify the worst looking malocclusions as handicapping and offers a cut-off point to identify them. In addition, the modification includes two situations known to be destructive to tissue and structures. As of Jan. 1, 1998, the California program has had 135,655 patients screened by qualified orthodontists using this index. Of that number, 49,537 patients have had study models made and screened by qualified orthodontists using the index. Two separate studies have been performed to examine results and to identify problems. Necessary changes have been made and guidelines produced. The index problem has proven to be very dynamic in application. The HLD (CalMod) Index has been successfully applied and tested in very large numbers. This article is published as a factual review of the situation regarding the index question and one solution in the United States.

  18. NaCl胁迫对洋甘菊种子萌发与幼苗生长和生理指标及解剖结构的影响%Effects of NaCl stress on seed germination and seedling growth, physiological index and anatomical structure of Matricaria chamomilla

    邰玉玲; 杨秀梅; 袁艺; 江玲; 余德强; 胡芳


    Status of seed germination,changes of seedling growth and some physiological indexes in leaf of Matricaria chamomilla Linn.under NaCl stress condition with mass ratios of 0.2%,0.4%,0.6%,0.8%,1.0%,1.2% and 1.4% were analyzed,and change of transection anatomical structure of its different organs after NaCl stress was also observed by paraffin method.The results show that with rising of NaCl mass ratio,relative germination rate,germination energy and germination rate of seeds gradually decrease,while relative salt injury rate gradually increases; root length,plant height,fresh and dry weights per plant of seedlings gradually decrease,but decreasing range of root length is larger than that of plant height and that of fresh weight is larger than that of dry weight; chlorophyll content in leaf appears a trend of firstly increasing and then decreasing,while soluble sugar content,proline content and POD activity appear a gradually increasing trend.Under NaCl stress condition,relative germination rate,germination energy and germination rate of seeds all are extremely significantly (P<0.01) or significantly (P<0.05) lower than those of the control (0.0% NaCl),except 0.2% NaCl treatment group,relative salt injury rate of other treatment groups is extremely significantly higher than that of the control,and under 1.4% NaCl stress condition,all seeds can not germinate normally.Under NaCl stress condition,root length,plant height,fresh and dry weights per plant of seedlings of all treatment groups are significantly or extremely significantly lower than those of the control,while soluble sugar content,proline content and POD activity in leaf are significantly or extremely significantly higher than those of the control; and except 1.2% NaCl treatment group,chlorophyll content of other treatment groups is also extremely significantly higher than that of the control.Under NaCl stress condition,there are obvious changes in plant morphology and transection

  19. Maslov index for Hamiltonian systems

    Alessandro Portaluri


    Full Text Available The aim of this article is to give an explicit formula for computing the Maslov index of the fundamental solutions of linear autonomous Hamiltonian systems in terms of the Conley-Zehnder index and the map time one flow.

  20. Refractive Index of Fly Rhabdomeres

    Stavenga, D.G.


    The refractive index reported previously for the rhabdomeres of flies (1.349) has been corrected for waveguide effects. The presented correction method has yielded n1 = 1.365 ± 0.006. It is argued that an acceptable estimate for the refractive index of the inhomogeneous surroundings of fly

  1. Geoscience indexing at petroleum abstracts

    Finnegan, M.A.


    Geoscience literature received by Petroleum Abstracts Information System is indexed by Scientist with field experience. The indexing consists of relating concepts produced by the author to a controlled vocabulary used at Petroleum Abstracts. The primary emphasis of selection of the literature at Petroleum Abstracts is petroleum-related, but not petroleum restricted. Geoscience literature indexed at Petroleum Abstracts comprises the following subjects: Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Mineral Commodities. The depth of indexing attributed to each article does in fact depend on the amount of petroleum-related subject matter in the article. Once the indexing is completed, the abstract is then cut to approximately 150 words. The scientist who indexes at Petroleum Abstracts is not expected to know or remember every detail or concept ever published. But he or she is expected to be able to go to an atlas, dictionary, or any other reference material available and apply the concepts to a controlled vocabulary. This is somewhat of a restriction on scientists, but it is the only way to maintain any kind of consistency in the indexing. Successful searching of the Petroleum Abstracts Information System can be accomplished with an understanding of the indexing strategy and the importance and necessity of referencing the thesauri controlled vocabulary. It may be more time-consuming, but will certainly be more accurate in the retrieval of the information.

  2. Indexed Languages and Unification Grammars

    Burheim, T


    Indexed languages are interesting in computational linguistics because they are the least class of languages in the Chomsky hierarchy that has not been shown not to be adequate to describe the string set of natural language sentences. We here define a class of unification grammars that exactly describe the class of indexed languages.

  3. The International Wealth Index (IWI)

    Smits, J.P.J.M.; Steendijk, R.


    This paper presents the International Wealth Index (IWI), the first comparable asset based index of household’s material well-being, or economic status, that can be used for all low and middle income countries. IWI is similar to the widely used wealth indices included in the Demographic and Health

  4. A Tourism Financial Conditions Index

    C-L. Chang (Chia-Lin); H-K. Hsu (Hui-Kuang); M.J. McAleer (Michael)


    markdownabstract__Abstract__ The paper uses monthly data on financial stock index returns, tourism stock sub-index returns, effective exchange rate returns and interest rate differences from April 2005 – August 2013 for Taiwan that applies Chang’s (2014) novel approach for constructing a tourism fi

  5. Developments in Indexing Picture Collections.

    Cawkell, A. E.


    Discussion of electronic image processing focuses on the need for indexing to ensure adequate retrieval. Highlights include icons, i.e., reduced pictorial surrogates; file staging; indexing languages, including examples of thesauri; and pictorial languages, including a HyperCard system. (Contains eight references.) (LRW)

  6. 多胺及其合成抑制剂对干旱胁迫下杏苗生理指标的影响%Effects of polyamine and its synthetic inhibitors on physiological indexes of Armeniaca vulgaris Lam. seedlings under drought stress

    王尚堃; 杜红阳


    [Objective]The present experiment was conducted to study effects of polyamine and its synthetic inhibitor methylglyoxal bis-guanylhydrazone(MGBG) on physiological indexes of Armeniaca vulgaris Lam. Jintaiyang seedlings un-der drought stress, in order to provide reference basis for anti-drought cultivation. [Method]One-year grafted seedlings of A. vulgaris Lam. Jintaiyang were taken as experimental materials. Six treatments including treatment 1(CK),treatment 2(D.), treatment 3[CK+spermine(Spd)],treatment 4(D.+Spd),treatment 5(D.+MGBG) and treatment 6(D.+MGBG+Spd) were applied. The seedlings were sprayed one time every two days. Contents of malondialdehyde(MDA),soluble sugar and pro-line(Pro) and chlorophyll, photosynthetic parameters in leaves of A. vulgaris Lam. Jintaiyang seedlings were measured af-ter being treated for 30 days. [Result]Under drought stress, contents of MDA,soluble sugar and Pro in A. vulgaris Lam. Jintaiyang seedling leaves increased, and total content of chlorophyll and photosynthetic parameters decreased. Spd (1.0 mmol/L) treatment improved contents of MDA,soluble sugar and Pro, total content of chlorophyll and most photosynthetic parameters in A. vulgaris Lam. Jintaiyang seedling leaves. Spd(1.0 mmol/L) treatment under drought stress increased sig-nificantly contents of MDA, soluble sugar and Pro, total content of chlorophyll and most photosynthetic parameters in A. vulgaris Lam. Jintaiyang seedling leaves(P<0.05). MGBG(1.0 mmol/L) treatment under drought stress decreased contents of MDA,soluble sugar and proline,total content of chlorophyll and most photosynthetic parameters in A. vulgaris Lam. Jin-taiyang seedling leaves. [Conclusion]Spd(1.0 mmol/L) treatment can improve A. vulgaris Lam. Jintaiyang seedlings adap-tation capacity to drought stress, which can be applied in large-scale cultivation.%【目的】探讨喷施多胺及其合成抑制剂甲基乙二醛双脒基腙(MGBG)对干旱胁迫杏苗生理指标的影响,为杏抗旱

  7. The Carbon City Index (CCI)

    Boyd, Britta; Straatman, Bas; Mangalagiu, Diana

    This paper presents a consumption-based Carbon City Index for CO2 emissions in a city. The index is derived from regional consumption and not from regional production. It includes imports and exports of emissions, factual emission developments, green investments as well as low carbon city...... development policies and stakeholder engagement. The index is based on a multi-region input-output model used in most parts of the world for more than half a century. We demonstrate the index through comparative case studies of three Danish regions: a rural region with a city center, the municipality...... of Sønderborg, a mid-sized city region, the municipality of Odense, and a metropolitan area, the municipality of Copenhagen. We demonstrate how city initiatives implemented to reduce emissions are translated into easy to access input-output parameters changes and how the index transparently assesses...

  8. Wallah. Indexing the new locality

    Skovse, Astrid Ravn

    This paper aims to add new, empirically based insights to the understanding of the dynamics by which linguistic features come to index locality. It does so through examining the indexicalities of the term wallah among adolescents living in the suburban, multi-ethnic Danish neighborhood Vollsmose....... The paper shows how the term wallah, by being emblematic of the enregistered voices of somewhat competing, locally constructed characterological figures (Agha 2005), comes to serve as an index of highly specific kinds of locality. The data comes from an experimental mapping method tapping into informants...... in a wide range of multi-ethnic settings in Scandinavia – wallah is nevertheless capable of indexing both local and supralocal sociolinguistic scales at once, reflecting the multiscalarity of the “new localities” of globalization (Blommaert 2010). By considering the possibility of features indexing a range...

  9. Trajectory Indexing Using Movement Constraints

    Pfoser, D.; Jensen, Christian Søndergaard


    With the proliferation of mobile computing, the ability to index efficiently the movements of mobile objects becomes important. Objects are typically seen as moving in two-dimensional (x,y) space, which means that their movements across time may be embedded in the three-dimensional (x,y,t) space...... is to reduce movements to occur in one spatial dimension. As a consequence, the movement occurs in two-dimensional (x,t) space. The advantages of considering such lower-dimensional trajectories are that the overall size of the data is reduced and that lower-dimensional data is to be indexed. Since off......-the-shelf database management systems typically do not offer higher-dimensional indexing, this reduction in dimensionality allows us to use existing DBMSes to store and index trajectories. Moreover, we argue that, given the right circumstances, indexing these dimensionality-reduced trajectories can be more efficient...

  10. [ATD index in Perthes disease].

    Grzegorzewski, Andrzej; Synder, Marek; Szymczak, Wiesław; Kowalewski, Maciej; Kozłowski, Piotr


    Authors present an estimation of articulo-trochanteric-distance (ATD) and ATD index in patients with Perthes disease and if there is any correlation between ATD and ATD index and age at the onset, gender, type of treatment, Herring and Stulberg classification. The study population consisted of 242 patients (35 female and 207 male) who had reached skeletal maturity at last follow up. The mean age at the onset of symptoms was 7 years and 4 months. All patients were treated by containment methods (bed rest and traction in abduction, brace, Petri cast, varus osteotomy, Salter osteotomy and shelf operation). ATD was estimated according to the Edgren methods and ATD index was calculated as relation ATD on Perthes site to ATD in normal joint. The late results were classified according to the Stulberg classification. Statistical analysis did not revealed any correlation between the age at the onset, gender and ATD index and ATD during last follow up. Both parameters decreased with poor results according to the Stulberg classifications. ATD index and ATD were statistically significant less after surgical treatment than after non-operative treatment. The same relations were seen between patients with leg length discrepancy (LLD) and without LLD. Patients in Herring group A had statistically significant bigger both parameters than patients in group B, C and patients in Herring group B than C. Articulo-trochanteric-distance and ATD index decreased during follow up and ATD decreased also in normal joint. In our opinion ATD index is a more reliable radiological parameter than ATD. ATD index decreases with bigger necrosis of the femoral head and poor result according to the Stulberg classification. This parameter is an evidence of the dysfunction proximal femoral growth plate in patients with LLD. The most decreased ATD index was observed after surgical treatment. There was no correlation between the age at the onset, gender and ATD index at last follow up.

  11. Body mass index and adult female urinary incontinence

    Mommsen, Søren; Foldspang, Anders


    rate of response was 85%, and the present analysis comprises 2,589 women who supplied information about their body weight and height. The period prevalence of all UI, stress UI, urge UI, and mixed stress and urge UI was 17%, 15%, 9%, and 7%, respectively. The mean body mass index (BMI) was 22.7 kg/m2......The aim of the present investigation was to study the possible role of obesity in the etiology of adult female urinary incontinence (UI). A random population sample of 3,114 women aged 30–59 years were mailed a questionnaire concerning UI and, among other things, body weight and height. The overall....... Irrespective of other risk indicators, BMI was positively associated with UI prevalence (OR, 1.07/BMI unit; PBMI interacted with childbirth in predicting stress UI prevalence, with cystitis in predicting urge UI, and with both in predicting mixed UI. Stress UI proved to be the UI type most closely...

  12. Retrospective indexing (RI) - A computer-aided indexing technique

    Buchan, Ronald L.


    An account is given of a method for data base-updating designated 'computer-aided indexing' (CAI) which has been very efficiently implemented at NASA's Scientific and Technical Information Facility by means of retrospective indexing. Novel terms added to the NASA Thesaurus will therefore proceed directly into both the NASA-RECON aerospace information system and its portion of the ESA-Information Retrieval Service, giving users full access to material thus indexed. If a given term appears in the title of a record, it is given special weight. An illustrative graphic representation of the CAI search strategy is presented.

  13. Comprehensive lipid tetrad index, atherogenic index and lipid peroxidation: Surrogate markers for increased cardiovascular risk in psoriasis

    S Sunitha


    Full Text Available Background and Objectives: Recently, the concept of "psoriatic march" has come to the fore, in which chronic cutaneous inflammation in psoriasis leads to systemic inflammation which, in conjunction with increased oxidative stress, triggers a cascade of events resulting in increased cardiovascular risk in patients with severe psoriasis. We, therefore, decided to study the levels of some biochemical cardiovascular risk markers: lipid peroxidation (malondialdehyde, lipoprotein (a, lipid indices and atherogenic index, in patients with psoriasis and their association with disease severity. Methods: Fortyfive patients with psoriasis and 45 age and gender-matched healthy controls were included in this cross-sectional study. Disease severity was assessed by the Psoriasis Area Severity Index (PASI. Serum malondialdehyde, lipoprotein (a and fasting lipid profile were estimated in all study subjects. Lipoprotein ratios were computed using standard formulae. Atherogenic index was calculated as ratio of lipoprotein (a/high-density lipoprotein. Results: In psoriasis, we observed significantly higher levels of malondialdehyde, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, lipoprotein (a, lipid ratios, atherogenic index and comprehensive lipid tetrad index, compared to controls. These levels were directly proportional to disease severity. Serum levels of malondialdehyde correlated positively with serum lipoprotein (a, comprehensive lipid tetrad index and atherogenic index. Limitations: Different morphological types of psoriasis were not included and follow-up post-therapy was not done. A larger sample size would have validated the results further. Conclusion: Our results indicate that psoriasis, especially the severe variants, are associated with increased oxidative stress and dyslipidemia, which correlate positively with atherogenic index and hence, an increased cardiovascular risk.

  14. Childhood Stress

    ... Kids Say About: Handling Stress Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias How to Talk to Your Child About the ... on KidsHealth® is for educational purposes only. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor. © ...

  15. Stressing academia?

    Opstrup, Niels; Pihl-Thingvad, Signe

    short of individual need while high degrees of fit will mitigate stress. The analysis is based on a stratified random sample including 2127 researchers at 64 Danish university departments and covering all main areas of research and all academic staff categories. The results show that fit with regard......Incongruences between the individual and the organizational work context are potential stressors. The present study focuses on the relationship between a complementary need-supply fit and Danish researchers’ self-perceived job stress. Strain is expected to increase as organizational supplies fall...... to “soft” dimensions as freedom and independence in the job, personal and professional development at work, and receiving peer recognition is highly significant for the researchers’ self-perceived stress-level. The better the fit is the lower stress-levels the researchers’ on average report. On the other...

  16. Feline stress

    Hirsch, Elin Netti


    Group-housing of domestic cats (Felis silvestris lybica) may induce a stress response with consequences such as cats developing infectious disease or problem behaviours. Still, there is no validated behavioural protocol to assess stress in cats. The aim of this thesis was to investigate the effect of group-housing of cats, and how this can be assessed non-invasively, by advancing a behavioural assessment tool. In Study I, frequency of group-housing and related issues such as management wa...


    Sternberg, Virginia


    You have heard about issues surrounding indexing and retrieval of nuclear records and automation and micrographics of these records. Now we are going to get each of you involved in indexing and assigning keywords. The first part of this hands-on workshop will be a very basic, elementary step-by-step introduction, concentrating on how to assign keywords. It is a workshop for beginners, People who have never done it before. It is planned to demonstrate what an analyst has to do to index and assign keywords to a document. Then I will take some pages of a report and demonstrate how I choose keywords for it. Then each of you will have a chance to do the same thing with similar pages from another report. Then we will discuss the variations ln the keywords you individually assigned. There are many systems that can be used. In this particular workshop we will cover only a system of building your own keyword listing as you index your documents. We will be discussing keywords or descriptors or subject words, but first I want to point out a few other critical points about indexing. When developing an indexing project the most important thing to do first lS decide what elements you want to retrieve by. Whether you go into a large computer retrieval system or a small three-by-five card system, you have to decide in advance what you want to retrieve. Then you can go on from there. If you only need to search by equipment number or by purchase order or by contract number, then you can use a very simple retrieval system. But if you want to be able to retrieve a record by any combination of elements, then you have to consistently input these into your system. For example, if you want to be able to ask for the drawings of the piping in the secondary cooling system, level 3, manufactured by a certain vendor, then you must have put the information into the index by a retrieval file point, in advance. I want to stress that the time spent in deciding what has to be retrievable is never

  18. Bristol Bay, Alaska Subarea ESI: INDEX (Index Polygons)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector polygons representing the boundaries of all the hardcopy cartographic products produced as part of the Environmental Sensitivity Index...

  19. Louisiana ESI: LG_INDEX (Large Index Polygons)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector polygons representing the boundaries of all the hardcopy cartographic products produced as part of the Environmental Sensitivity Index...

  20. Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands ESI: INDEX (Index Polygons)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector polygons representing the boundaries of all hardcopy cartographic products produced as part of the Environmental Sensitivity Index...

  1. Louisiana ESI: SM_INDEX (Small Index Polygons)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector polygons representing the boundaries of all the hardcopy cartographic products produced as part of the Environmental Sensitivity Index...

  2. Cook Inlet and Kenai Peninsula, Alaska ESI: INDEX (Index Polygons)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector polygons representing the boundaries used in the creation of the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) for Cook Inlet and Kenai...

  3. Porcentagem de parênquima e índice apoptótico da bolsa cloacal em frangos de corte em ambiente de conforto e estresse térmico Parenchymal percentage and apoptotic index of cloacal bursa of broiler chickens maintained in thermal comfort or stress

    E.B. Guimarães


    Full Text Available Noventa e seis pintos de corte foram mantidos em diferentes temperaturas ambientais (calor, 29ºC; neutro, 24ºC; frio, 15ºC e oito aves de cada grupo de temperatura (tratamento foram sacrificadas nos dias 1, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 e 42, e suas bolsas cloacais (BC coletadas e processadas segundo técnica de rotina para inclusão em parafina. Cortes de 4m m, corados em HE, foram submetidos à análise histométrica utilizando-se o programa Kontron KS300, V 2.0. De cada corte foram mensurados a porcentagem de parênquima e o índice apoptótico nas BC. As médias da porcentagem de parênquima nas BC das aves com cinco semanas foram significativamente menores quando mantidas em ambiente frio (53,0%, quando comparadas com as do ambiente neutro (78,5%. As médias do índice apoptótico foram significativamente maiores nas BC de aves mantidas no ambiente frio (0,26, em relação às do neutro (0,12. Conclui-se que o estresse térmico induz apoptose de linfócitos e, conseqüentemente, hipotrofia da bolsa cloacal, alterando sua maturação.Ninety six broiler chickens were kept in climatic chambers and submitted to three different environmental temperatures 24h/day: 29ºC (hot, 24ºC (neutral and 15ºC (cold. Eight chickens of each temperature group were sacrificed at 1, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 and 42 days, and the cloacal bursae (CB were collected, processed and embedded in paraffin. Sections were stained with HE and histometric evaluation was carried out. From each section, parenchyma ratio (PR and apoptotic index (AI were measured. The CB of five week-old chickens kept in lower temperature showed PR lower than CB of chickens kept in neutral temperature. The CB of five week-old chickens kept in lower temperature showed an AI greater than CB of chickens submitted to neutral temperature. The present study shows that environmental temperature stress induces lymphocytes apoptosis, cloacal bursae atrophy and affects CB maturation.

  4. 社会环境压力对中国树鼩血液学和骨髓象指标的影响%Effects of the social environment stress on the indexes of hematology and myelogram in Chinese tree shrews

    俞发荣; 连秀珍


    BACKGROUND: The stress can induce sympathic nervous-adrenalmedulla system to release a lot of noradrenalin(NE) and adrenalin(E),pro mote bone marrow hemopoietic stem cells to differentiate towards lympho cyte and plasmocyte,decrease the number of granulocyte,thus organism can adapt to surrounding stress,so as to protect critical organs from damage. OBJECTIVE: To observe effect of confinement and vibration stress on in dexes of hematology and myelogram in Chinese tree shrews. DESIGN: Sex-marched and controlled experiment. MATERIALS: Thirty Chinese tree shrews (15 females, 15 males) weigh ing 120 g to 140 g were selected. Self-made experimental cylinders with many vent-holes, 16 cm length and 6cm inside diameter,were used, one side of which was sealed with plexglass,and the other side was blocked by mov able plexiglass for animals in and out.The air bath and homothermal vibra tor(Type SHZ-82,made in Changzhou,China). METHODS: The experiment was completed at the Experimental Center of Public Security, Gansu Political Science and Law Institute from March to October in 2003. ①Thirty Chinese tree shrews were randomly divided into five groups(n=6):The animals in the control group(C group) were fed nor mally; The experimental groups consisted of reserpine + vibration and vi bration groups. The animals in the reserpine + vibration (R+V)group were administered reserpine (0.05 mg/kg, im.) and vibrated at 140 beats/min; the vibration groups (V1,V2,V3) were vibrated at 70, 140, 210 beats/min, respectively. ② The animals in experimental groups were individually kept in the experimental tubes for 5 minutes, then put the tubes into the air bath and homothermal vibrator for 2 minutes. ③ The bleeding time, blood sedimentation, clotting time, and indexes of hemogram were determined with the methods of Duke, Westergren, glass capillary, and full-automatic biochemical instruments (type 721, Japan), respectively. ④ Dunnett ANO- VA was used to compare the differences between

  5. Reseach on Physiological and Biochemical Index Reponse of Halophytes and Non-Salt Plants under Mixed Saline-alkali Stress%盐生和非盐生植物对混合盐碱胁迫的生理生化指标的响应

    盖玉红; 董宝池; 魏健


    Using SOD activity materials, morphological response characteristics of artificially regulated halophytes and non-salt plants under mixed saline-alkali stress were studied. At the same time, the effect of SOD activity increased substance on plant salt resistance was also discussed. Halophyte Chenopodium quinoa are Chenopodium album L.and Kochia sieversiana (Pallas) C. A. Mey.Non-salt plants are Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.and Ambrosia trijida L. The results showed that SOD activity increased substance could obviously improve the physical and biochemical indexes of halophytes and non-salt plants, and the effect on halophytes was more remarkable. Relative conductivity under high-concentration mixed saline and alkali decreased by 21 %, SOD activity of two halophytes increased to 28 U/g and 37 U/g respectively. Leaf chlorophyll content of Chenopodium album reached 19.7 mg/g, close to that of the control. Halophytes often have higher SOD activity, which may effectively recover the damage of salinization.%利用SOD活性增强物质,研究了人工调控下盐生和非盐生植物对混合盐碱胁迫的形态响应特点,同时探讨了SOD活性增强物质对植物抗盐性的影响.结果表明:SOD活性增强物质对盐生植物和非盐生植物的生理生化指标影响有明显改善作用,并且对盐生植物的作用更显著,高浓度混合盐碱条件下相对电导率降低了21%;2种盐生植物的SOD活性分别增大到28 U/g和37 U/g;而藜的叶片叶绿素含量达到19.7 mg/g,接近对照水平,这与盐生植物常具有较高的SOD活性使得植物盐害得到有效修复有关.

  6. Methods for Predicting Stock Indexes

    Martha Cecilia García


    Full Text Available This paper presents a literature review on methods that have been used in the last two decades to predict Stock Market Indexes. Methods studied range from those enabling to grab the linear characteristics present in the stock market indexes, going through those that focus on non-linear features and finally hybrid methods that are more robust, since they capture linear and non-linear features. In addition, this research includes methods that use macroeconomic variables to predict indexes from different stock exchanges around the world.

  7. Effect of CCU noise on psychological stress and related immune index of patients with coronary heart disease%CCU 噪音对冠心病患者的心理应激及相关免疫指标影响



    ABSTRACT:Objective To investigate effect of CCU noise on neuroendocrine, immune system and psychological stress of patients with coronary heart disease. Method divide108 patients with coronary heart disease into experimental and control group by convenience sampling, 54 cases in each. Through noise detection, measure noise exposure levels of two groups, and through test changes of serum epinephrine IL-2 and T lymphocyte subsets of two groups, discuss effect of noise stress on nervous, endocrine and immune system; through symptom checklist (SCL-90), evaluate mental stress state of two groups. Results after noise intervension, noise level in experimental group was significantly lower than control group (P < 0.05), which showed statistical significance. Compare physiological index of patients in different noise level, the greater noise intensity, the greater changes of blood pressure and heart rate. And the longer duration, the more obvious of change. EPI values of two groups increased in 7th day of being hospitalized, and control group was significantly higher, P<0.05, which shows statistical significance. CD3, CD4/CD8 of experimental group in 7th day of being hospitalized decreased, and CD 8 increased, CD3, CD4, CD4/CD8 of control group decreased obviously, and CD8 increased obviously, P<0.05, which shows statistical significance. Among SCL-90 of experimental group in 7th day of being hospitalized, except psychotic factors, rest factors of total scores, total average scores, positive items amont, average scores of positive symptoms were obviously lower than control group with significanct difference(P < 0.05). Conclusion noise makes patients in CCU in a strong psychological stress state, increases blood adrenaline level, and inhibits function of T cells, prevents release of IL-2, and CD2, CD4, CD3 and CD3/CD4 levels of T lymphocyte subsets decrease, CD8 level increases. Study confirmes bidirectional feedback and regulation function among nervous, endocrine and

  8. [Stress fractures of the distal fibula in an osteoporotic woman].

    Schwartz, Frederik; Heerfordt, Ida Marie


    We report a case of an 81-year-old osteoporotic woman, who suffered stress fractures of the distal fibula on both sides within a two-year period. The risk factors for stress fractures are reviewed and the importance of a high index of suspicion for stress fractures is emphasized. When a stress fracture is suspected it should lead to plain radiography and treatment with protected weight-bearing with crutches or a brace.

  9. Stress vulnerability and the effects of moderate daily stress on sleep polysomnography and subjective sleepiness.

    Petersen, Helena; Kecklund, Göran; D'Onofrio, Paolo; Nilsson, Jens; Åkerstedt, Torbjörn


    The purpose of this study was to investigate if and how sleep physiology is affected by naturally occurring high work stress and identify individual differences in the response of sleep to stress. Probable upcoming stress levels were estimated through weekly web questionnaire ratings. Based on the modified FIRST-scale (Ford insomnia response to stress) participants were grouped into high (n = 9) or low (n = 19) sensitivity to stress related sleep disturbances (Drake et al., 2004). Sleep was recorded in 28 teachers with polysomnography, sleep diaries and actigraphs during one high stress and one low stress condition in the participants home. EEG showed a decrease in sleep efficiency during the high stress condition. Significant interactions between group and condition were seen for REM sleep, arousals and stage transitions. The sensitive group had an increase in arousals and stage transitions during the high stress condition and a decrease in REM, whereas the opposite was seen in the resilient group. Diary ratings during the high stress condition showed higher bedtime stress and lower ratings on the awakening index (insufficient sleep and difficulties awakening). Ratings also showed lower cognitive function and preoccupation with work thoughts in the evening. KSS ratings of sleepiness increased during stress for the sensitive group. Saliva samples of cortisol showed no effect of stress. It was concluded that moderate daily stress is associated with a moderate negative effect on sleep sleep efficiency and fragmentation. A slightly stronger effect was seen in the sensitive group. © 2012 European Sleep Research Society.

  10. Imaging stress.

    Brielle, Shlomi; Gura, Rotem; Kaganovich, Daniel


    Recent innovations in cell biology and imaging approaches are changing the way we study cellular stress, protein misfolding, and aggregation. Studies have begun to show that stress responses are even more variegated and dynamic than previously thought, encompassing nano-scale reorganization of cytosolic machinery that occurs almost instantaneously, much faster than transcriptional responses. Moreover, protein and mRNA quality control is often organized into highly dynamic macromolecular assemblies, or dynamic droplets, which could easily be mistaken for dysfunctional "aggregates," but which are, in fact, regulated functional compartments. The nano-scale architecture of stress-response ranges from diffraction-limited structures like stress granules, P-bodies, and stress foci to slightly larger quality control inclusions like juxta nuclear quality control compartment (JUNQ) and insoluble protein deposit compartment (IPOD), as well as others. Examining the biochemical and physical properties of these dynamic structures necessitates live cell imaging at high spatial and temporal resolution, and techniques to make quantitative measurements with respect to movement, localization, and mobility. Hence, it is important to note some of the most recent observations, while casting an eye towards new imaging approaches that offer the possibility of collecting entirely new kinds of data from living cells.

  11. VT - Vermont Social Vulnerability Index

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — Social vulnerability refers to the resilience of communities when responding to or recovering from threats to public health. The Vermont Social Vulnerability Index...

  12. Scheduling Linearly Indexed Assignment Codes

    Kailath, Thomas; Roychowdhury, Vwani P.


    It has been recently shown that linearly indexed Assignment Codes can be efficiently used for coding several problems especially in signal processing and matrix algebra. In fact, mathematical expressions for many algorithms are directly in the form of linearly indexed codes, and examples include the formulas for matrix multiplication, any m-dimensional convolution/correlation, matrix transposition, and solving matrix Lyapunov's equation. Systematic procedures for converting linearly indexed Assignment Codes to localized algorithms that are closely related to Regular Iterative Algorithms (RIAs) have also been developed. These localized algorithms can be often efficiently scheduled by modeling them as RIAs; however, it is not always efficient to do so. In this paper we shall analyze and develop systematic procedures for determining efficient schedules directly for the linearly indexed ACs and the localized algorithms. We shall also illustrate our procedures by determining schedules for examples such as matrix transposition and Gauss-Jordan elimination algorithm.

  13. Metamaterials and Negative Refractive Index

    D. R. Smith; J. B. Pendry; M. C. K. Wiltshire


    .... Artificial magnetism and negative refractive index are two specific types of behavior that have been demonstrated over the past few years, illustrating the new physics and new applications possible...

  14. Ozone - Current Air Quality Index

    GO! Local Air Quality Conditions Zip Code: State : My Current Location Current AQI Forecast AQI Loop More Maps AQI: Good (0 - 50) ... credits available from CDC. Learn more more announcements Air Quality Basics Air Quality Index | Ozone | Particle Pollution | Smoke ...

  15. Region 9 - Social Vulnerability Index

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — The Social Vulnerability Index is derived from the 2000 US Census data. The fields included are percent minority, median household income, age (under 18 and over...

  16. The Callias index formula revisited

    Gesztesy, Fritz


    These lecture notes aim at providing a purely analytical and accessible proof of the Callias index formula. In various branches of mathematics (particularly, linear and nonlinear partial differential operators, singular integral operators, etc.) and theoretical physics (e.g., nonrelativistic and relativistic quantum mechanics, condensed matter physics, and quantum field theory), there is much interest in computing Fredholm indices of certain linear partial differential operators. In the late 1970’s, Constantine Callias found a formula for the Fredholm index of a particular first-order differential operator (intimately connected to a supersymmetric Dirac-type operator) additively perturbed by a potential, shedding additional light on the Fedosov-Hörmander Index Theorem. As a byproduct of our proof we also offer a glimpse at special non-Fredholm situations employing a generalized Witten index.

  17. Introduction to indexing and abstracting

    Cleveland, Ana


    Successful information access in the digital information age requires robust systems of indexing and abstracting. This book provides a complete introduction to the subject that covers the many recent changes in the field.

  18. VT - Vermont Heat Vulnerability Index

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — This map shows: The overall vulnerability of each town to heat related illness. This index is a composite of the following themes: Population Theme, Socioeconomic...

  19. VT US National Grid Index

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — (Link to Metadata) USNGVT is a U.S. National Grid Index (1000m x 1000m) covering Vermont. It is a polygon feature class originally constructed by the Center for...

  20. Index Grids - MDC_DMLIndex

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — A polygon feature class of Miami-Dade County, Digital Map Library (DML) index layer. This layer identifies the areas, which is divided into square mile that we have...

  1. Allegheny County Map Index Grid

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — Map Index Sheets from Block and Lot Grid of Property Assessment and based on aerial photography, showing 1983 datum with solid line and NAD 27 with 5 second grid...

  2. Allegheny County Map Index Grid

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — Map Index Sheets from Block and Lot Grid of Property Assessment and based on aerial photography, showing 1983 datum with solid line and NAD 27 with 5 second grid...

  3. Stator Indexing in Multistage Compressors

    Barankiewicz, Wendy S.


    The relative circumferential location of stator rows (stator indexing) is an aspect of multistage compressor design that has not yet been explored for its potential impact on compressor aerodynamic performance. Although the inlet stages of multistage compressors usually have differing stator blade counts, the aft stages of core compressors can often have stage blocks with equal stator blade counts in successive stages. The potential impact of stator indexing is likely greatest in these stages. To assess the performance impact of stator indexing, researchers at the NASA Lewis Research Center used the 4 ft diameter, four-stage NASA Low Speed Axial Compressor for detailed experiments. This compressor has geometrically identical stages that can circumferentially index stator rows relative to each other in a controlled manner; thus it is an ideal test rig for such investigations.

  4. Nudibranch Systematic Index, second edition


    This is an index of my approximately 7,000 nudibranch reprints and books. I have indexed them only for information concerning systematics, taxonomy, nomenclature, & description of taxa. This list should allow you to quickly find information concerning the description, taxonomy, or systematics of almost any species of nudibranch. The full citation for any of the authors and dates listed may be found in the nudibranch bibliography at

  5. What Is Stress Management?

    ... Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit What Is Stress Management? Updated:Jul 7,2016 What is Stress Management? ... FAQs About Stress Last reviewed - 6/2014 Stress Management • Home • How Does Stress Affect You? Introduction FAQs ...

  6. 复方中草药添加剂对热应激下奶牛生产性能、生理和生化指标的影响研究%Effects of Compound Chinese Herbal Medicine Additives on Production Performance, Physiological and Biochemical Indexes of Dairy Cows under Heat Stress

    刘海林; 贺建华; 肖兵南; 张佰忠


    The goal of this article is to investigate the impact and manchisms on compound Chinese herbal medicine additives to dairy cows under heat stress. According to the similar principles in milk yield, calving number, lactation, body condition score, 40 healthy Holstein cows were selected and divided into five groups: control group, group I (herbs), group II ( herbs+buffer) , group III (herbs + probiotics) , group IV (herbs+GABA). The experiment results were compared by measuring production performance, physiological and biochemical indexes. The results were as follows: (l)for average milk yield, group IV > group HI >group I > group II > control group, among which group Ⅲ and group IV increased respectively 1. 25 kg/d and 1. 28 kg/d(P<0. 05) than that of control group. However, the milk composition of experimental groups was not significantly changed. (2)for physiological indexes, the rectal temperature and respiratory rate of experimental groups were all lower than that of control group(F>0. 05). (3) for serum biochemical signs, T3 concentration of experimental groups were all higher than that of control group, in which group II increased by 37. 33% (P<0. 05) from control group;T4 concentration of group I , group Ⅱ and group IV were higher than that of control group; While Cor and ACTH concentrations, as well as IL-2 concentrations of experimental groups were lower than those of control group; the concentrations of CK, ALP and AST in serum of experimental groups were lower than that of the control group, while ALT levels were higher. So, the compound Chinese herbal medicine additives can ease the physiology symptoms, improve hormone, enzyme and immune factor of cow to enhance the production performance in heat stress period. As far as improving the production performance is concerned, the formulas of herbal + probiotics and herbal + GABA are of best effect.%试验按产奶量、胎次、泌乳时间和体况评分相近的原则选取40头健康荷

  7. Stress Analysis

    Burcharth, Hans F.

    The following types of forces contribute to the stresses in a Dolos in a pack exposed to waves: 1)Gravity forces Compaction forces (mainly due to settlements, gravity and flow forces) 2) Flow forces 3) Impact forces (impacts between moving concrete blocks)......The following types of forces contribute to the stresses in a Dolos in a pack exposed to waves: 1)Gravity forces Compaction forces (mainly due to settlements, gravity and flow forces) 2) Flow forces 3) Impact forces (impacts between moving concrete blocks)...

  8. Body mass index and musculoskeletal pain: is there a connection?

    Seaman, David R.


    Background Back pain is one of the most common complaints that patients report to physicians and two-thirds of the population has an elevated body mass index (BMI), indicating they are either overweight or obese. It was once assumed that extra body weight would stress the low back and lead to pain, however, researchers have reported inconsistencies association between body weight and back pain. In contrast, more recent studies do indicate that an elevated BMI is associated with back pain and ...

  9. Cold Stress at High Altitudes

    N. C. Majumdar


    Full Text Available The problem of cold at high altitudes has been analysed from a purely physical standpoint. It has been shown that Siple's Wind-Chill Index is not reliable because (i it does not make use of the well established principles governing the physical processes of heat transfer by convection and radiation, and (ii it assumes that the mean radiant temperature of the surroundings is the same as the ambient dry bulb temperature. A Cold Stress Index has been proposed which is likely to be a more reliable guide for assessing the climatic hazards of high altitude environments. The Index can be quickly estimated with the help of two nomograms devised for the purpose.

  10. Oxidative Stress and Periodontal Disease in Obesity.

    Dursun, Erhan; Akalin, Ferda Alev; Genc, Tolga; Cinar, Nese; Erel, Ozcan; Yildiz, Bulent Okan


    Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the jaws and is more prevalent in obesity. Local and systemic oxidative stress may be an early link between periodontal disease and obesity. The primary aim of this study was to detect whether increased periodontal disease susceptibility in obese individuals is associated with local and systemic oxidative stress. Accordingly; we analyzed periodontal status and systemic (serum) and local (gingival crevicular fluid [GCF]) oxidative status markers in young obese women in comparison with age-matched lean women.Twenty obese and 20 lean women participated. Periodontal condition was determined by clinical periodontal indices including probing depth, clinical attachment level, gingival index, gingival bleeding index, and plaque index. Anthropometric, hormonal, and metabolic measurements were also performed. Blood and GCF sampling was performed at the same time after an overnight fasting. Serum and GCF total antioxidant capacity (TAOC), and total oxidant status (TOS) levels were determined, and oxidative stress index (OSI) was calculated.Clinical periodontal analyses showed higher gingival index and gingival bleeding index in the obese group (P = 0.001 for both) with no significant difference in probing depth, clinical attachment level, and plaque index between the obese and the lean women. Oxidant status analyses revealed lower GCF and serum TAOC, and higher GCF and serum OSI values in the obese women (P periodontal indices showed significant correlations with body mass index, insulin, and lipid levels, and also oxidant status markers.Our results suggest that young obese, otherwise healthy, women show findings of early periodontal disease (gingival inflammation) compared with age-matched healthy lean women, and that local/periodontal oxidative stress generated by obesity seems to be associated with periodontal disease.

  11. Kitap İndeksleri / Book Indexing

    Meral Alakuş


    Full Text Available This article is a review of Book Indexes from a variety of points, which are in fact the oldest indexes used in the world. They are different than journal indexes and database indexes which are ongoing projects. Book indexes, on the other hand, are unique in their own frameworks, as each one is a completed and finished unit. Construction of book indexes, types of indexes (according to subject headings and proper names, synthesis and analytic methods; and formats of indexes (indented and run-in formats are described. There is a list of important conventions relating to book indexes at the end of the article

  12. Quality indexing with computer-aided lexicography

    Buchan, Ronald L.


    Indexing with computers is a far cry from indexing with the first indexing tool, the manual card sorter. With the aid of computer-aided lexicography, both indexing and indexing tools can provide standardization, consistency, and accuracy, resulting in greater quality control than ever before. A brief survey of computer activity in indexing is presented with detailed illustrations from NASA activity. Applications from techniques mentioned, such as Retrospective Indexing (RI), can be made to many indexing systems. In addition to improving the quality of indexing with computers, the improved efficiency with which certain tasks can be done is demonstrated.

  13. Prediction of massive bleeding. Shock index and modified shock index.

    Terceros-Almanza, L J; García-Fuentes, C; Bermejo-Aznárez, S; Prieto-Del Portillo, I J; Mudarra-Reche, C; Sáez-de la Fuente, I; Chico-Fernández, M


    To determine the predictive value of the Shock Index and Modified Shock Index in patients with massive bleeding due to severe trauma. Retrospective cohort. Severe trauma patient's initial attention at the intensive care unit of a tertiary hospital. Patients older than 14 years that were admitted to the hospital with severe trauma (Injury Severity Score >15) form January 2014 to December 2015. We studied the sensitivity (Se), specificity (Sp), positive and negative predictive value (PV+ and PV-), positive and negative likelihood ratio (LR+ and LR-), ROC curves (Receiver Operating Characteristics) and the area under the same (AUROC) for prediction of massive hemorrhage. 287 patients were included, 76.31% (219) were male, mean age was 43,36 (±17.71) years and ISS was 26 (interquartile range [IQR]: 21-34). The overall frequency of massive bleeding was 8.71% (25). For Shock Index: AUROC was 0.89 (95% confidence intervals [CI] 0.84 to 0.94), with an optimal cutoff at 1.11, Se was 91.3% (95% CI: 73.2 to 97.58) and Sp was 79.69% (95% CI: 74.34 to 84.16). For the Modified Shock Index: AUROC was 0.90 (95% CI: 0.86 to 0.95), with an optimal cutoff at 1.46, Se was 95.65% (95% CI: 79.01 to 99.23) and Sp was 75.78% (95% CI: 70.18 to 80.62). Shock Index and Modified Shock Index are good predictors of massive bleeding and could be easily incorporated to the initial workup of patients with severe trauma. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier España, S.L.U. y SEMICYUC. All rights reserved.

  14. Stress echocardiography

    A. Salustri (Alessandro)


    textabstractIn the studies reported in this thesis, stress echocardiography (either with exercise or with pharmacological agents) and myocardial perfusion scintigraphy have been performed in different groups of patients and in different clinical conditions. Some practical aspects on the protocols of

  15. Stress echocardiography

    A. Salustri (Alessandro)


    textabstractIn the studies reported in this thesis, stress echocardiography (either with exercise or with pharmacological agents) and myocardial perfusion scintigraphy have been performed in different groups of patients and in different clinical conditions. Some practical aspects on the protocols

  16. Stress incontinence

    ... incontinence URL of this page: // Stress urinary incontinence To use the ... irritation. Smoking also increases your risk for bladder cancer. Avoid alcohol ... keep the muscle around your urethra strong and working well. This may help keep ...

  17. The Effects of Heat Stress on Job Satisfaction, Job Performance and Occupational Stress in Casting Workers



    Full Text Available Background Job satisfaction, job performance, job stress and heat stress affect the productivity of workers. Objectives This research aimed to study the relationship between heat stress indices with job satisfaction, job performance and job stress in casting workers. Patients and Methods This descriptive-analytical cross sectional survey was performed during summer 2013 on one hundred casting workers. Data were collected by questionnaires of occupational stress, job satisfaction and job performance. Heat stress was measured by the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT and Heat Strain Score Index (HSSI questionnaire. The data were analyzed using correlation coefficient by the SPSS16 software. Results The results showed that job satisfaction had a negative correlation with WBGT index (R = -0.42, P < 0.001 and HSSI (R = -0.49, P < 0.001. Also, there was no statistical correlation among occupational stress and job performance with heat stress indices. Conclusions The present study showed that heat stress had a negative effect on job satisfaction; also there were no significant effects on job stress and job performance.

  18. Indexes of Indoor Thermal Environment with Asymmetrical Radiant Field

    钟珂; 刘加平; 亢燕铭


    The main features of top-floor rooms with natural ventilation are identified by investigating indoor thermal environment in summer season. One is high indoor air temperature, for this reason the indoor climate is far beyond the thermal comfort standard; the other is the inhomogeneous temperature distribution of the inner wall surfaces, and high temperature of the inner surface of the roof causes much scorching to the head of occupant. This is the characteristic of such rooms.Both features mentioned above should be considered comprehensively for thc evaluation of indoor thermal environment of the top-floor rooms with asymmetric radiant field. In order to characterize the indoor thermal environment of the rooms, the heat stress index, HSI and radiant heat flux reaching human head, QR should be introduced simultaneously as thermal indexes for the indoor climate evaluation. The application of the indexes to a topfloor room is presented and analyzed.

  19. DIDA: Distributed Indexing Dispatched Alignment.

    Hamid Mohamadi

    Full Text Available One essential application in bioinformatics that is affected by the high-throughput sequencing data deluge is the sequence alignment problem, where nucleotide or amino acid sequences are queried against targets to find regions of close similarity. When queries are too many and/or targets are too large, the alignment process becomes computationally challenging. This is usually addressed by preprocessing techniques, where the queries and/or targets are indexed for easy access while searching for matches. When the target is static, such as in an established reference genome, the cost of indexing is amortized by reusing the generated index. However, when the targets are non-static, such as contigs in the intermediate steps of a de novo assembly process, a new index must be computed for each run. To address such scalability problems, we present DIDA, a novel framework that distributes the indexing and alignment tasks into smaller subtasks over a cluster of compute nodes. It provides a workflow beyond the common practice of embarrassingly parallel implementations. DIDA is a cost-effective, scalable and modular framework for the sequence alignment problem in terms of memory usage and runtime. It can be employed in large-scale alignments to draft genomes and intermediate stages of de novo assembly runs. The DIDA source code, sample files and user manual are available through The software is released under the British Columbia Cancer Agency License (BCCA, and is free for academic use.

  20. Index

    Antonio Juan Sánchez


    Full Text Available The Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal (ADCAIJ is an open access journal that publishes articles which contribute new results associated with distributed computing and artificial intelligence,and their application in different areas.The artificial intelligence is changing our society. Its application in distributed environments, such as the Internet, electronic commerce, mobile communications, wireless devices, distributed computing and so on, is increasing and becoming and element of high added value and economic potential in industry and research. These technologies are changing constantly as a result of the large research and technical effort being undertaken in both universities and businesses. The exchange of ideas between scientists and technicians from both academic and business areas is essential to facilitate the development of systems that meet the demands of today's society.We would like to thank all the contributing authors for their hard and highly valuable work. Their work has helped to contribute to the success of this special issue. Finally, the Editors wish to thank Scientific Committee of Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal for the collaboration of this special issue, that notably contributes to improve the quality of the journal. We hope the reader will share our joy and find this special issue very useful.

  1. Index

    Antonio Juan SÁNCHEZ


    Full Text Available The Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal (ADCAIJ is an open access journal that publishes articles which contribute new results associated with distributed computing and artificial intelligence,and their application in different areas. The artificial intelligence is changing our society. Its application in distributed environments, such as the Internet, electronic commerce, mobile communications, wireless devices, distributed computing and so on, is increasing and becoming and element of high added value and economic potential in industry and research. These technologies are changing constantly as a result of the large research and technical effort being undertaken in both universities and businesses. The exchange of ideas between scientists and technicians from both academic and business areas is essential to facilitate the development of systems that meet the demands of today's society. We would like to thank all the contributing authors for their hard and highly valuable work. Their work has helped to contribute to the success of this special issue. Finally, the Editors wish to thank Scientific Committee of Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal for the collaboration of this special issue, that notably contributes to improve the quality of the journal. We hope the reader will share our joy and find this special issue very useful.

  2. Index

    Antonio Juan Sánchez


    Full Text Available The Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal (ISSN: 2255-2863 is an open access journal that publishes articles which contribute new results associated with distributed computing and artificial intelligence, and their application in different areas. The artificial intelligence is changing our society. Its application in distributed environments, such as the Internet, electronic commerce, mobile communications, wireless devices, distributed computing and so on, is increasing and becoming and element of high added value and economic potential in industry and research. These technologies are changing constantly as a result of the large research and technical effort being undertaken in both universities and businesses. The exchange of ideas between scientists and technicians from both academic and business areas is essential to facilitate the development of systems that meet the demands of today's society.

  3. Witten Index for Noncompact Dynamics

    Lee, Seung-Joo


    Among gauged dynamics motivated by string theory, we find many with gapless asymptotic directions. Although the natural boundary condition for ground states is $L^2$, one often turns on chemical potentials or supersymmetric mass terms to regulate the infrared issues, instead, and computes the twisted partition function. We point out how this procedure generically fails to capture physical $L^2$ Witten index with often misleading results. We also explore how, nevertheless, the Witten index is sometimes intricately embedded in such twisted partition functions. For $d=1$ theories with gapless continuum sector from gauge multiplets, such as non-primitive quivers and pure Yang-Mills, a further subtlety exists, leading to fractional expressions. Quite unexpectedly, however, the integral $L^2$ Witten index can be extracted directly and easily from the twisted partition function of such theories. This phenomenon is tied to the notion of the rational invariant that appears naturally in the wall-crossing formulae, and ...

  4. Socializing the h-index

    Cormode, Graham; Muthukrishnan, S; Thompson, Brian


    A variety of bibliometric measures have been proposed to quantify the impact of researchers and their work. The h-index is a notable and widely-used example which aims to improve over simple metrics such as raw counts of papers or citations. However, a limitation of this measure is that it considers authors in isolation and does not account for contributions through a collaborative team. To address this, we propose a natural variant that we dub the Social h-index. The idea is to redistribute the h-index score to reflect an individual's impact on the research community. In addition to describing this new measure, we provide examples, discuss its properties, and contrast with other measures.

  5. Index for Wind Power Variability

    Kiviluoma, Juha; Holttinen, Hannele; Cutululis, Nicolaos Antonio; Litong-Palima, Marisciel; Scharff, Richard; Milligan, Michael; Weir, David Edward


    Variability of large scale wind power generation is dependent on several factors: characteristics of installed wind power plants, size of the area where the plants are installed, geographic dispersion within that area and its weather regime(s). Variability can be described by ramps in power generation, i.e. changes from time period to time period. Given enough data points, it can be described with a probability density function. This approach focuses on two dimensions of variability: duration of the ramp and probability distribution. This paper proposes an index based on these two dimensions to enable comparisons and characterizations of variability under different conditions. The index is tested with real, large scale wind power generation data from several countries. Considerations while forming an index are discussed, as well as the main results regarding what the drivers of variability experienced for different data.

  6. Effective indexing for face recognition

    Sochenkov, I.; Sochenkova, A.; Vokhmintsev, A.; Makovetskii, A.; Melnikov, A.


    Face recognition is one of the most important tasks in computer vision and pattern recognition. Face recognition is useful for security systems to provide safety. In some situations it is necessary to identify the person among many others. In this case this work presents new approach in data indexing, which provides fast retrieval in big image collections. Data indexing in this research consists of five steps. First, we detect the area containing face, second we align face, and then we detect areas containing eyes and eyebrows, nose, mouth. After that we find key points of each area using different descriptors and finally index these descriptors with help of quantization procedure. The experimental analysis of this method is performed. This paper shows that performing method has results at the level of state-of-the-art face recognition methods, but it is also gives results fast that is important for the systems that provide safety.

  7. Cacti with maximum Kirchhoff index

    Wang, Wen-Rui; Pan, Xiang-Feng


    The concept of resistance distance was first proposed by Klein and Randi\\'c. The Kirchhoff index $Kf(G)$ of a graph $G$ is the sum of resistance distance between all pairs of vertices in $G$. A connected graph $G$ is called a cactus if each block of $G$ is either an edge or a cycle. Let $Cat(n;t)$ be the set of connected cacti possessing $n$ vertices and $t$ cycles, where $0\\leq t \\leq \\lfloor\\frac{n-1}{2}\\rfloor$. In this paper, the maximum kirchhoff index of cacti are characterized, as well...

  8. Witten Index and Wall Crossing

    Hori, Kentaro; Yi, Piljin


    We compute the Witten index of one-dimensional gauged linear sigma models with at least ${\\mathcal N}=2$ supersymmetry. In the phase where the gauge group is broken to a finite group, the index is expressed as a certain residue integral. It is subject to a change as the Fayet-Iliopoulos parameter is varied through the phase boundaries. The wall crossing formula is expressed as an integral at infinity of the Coulomb branch. The result is applied to many examples, including quiver quantum mechanics that is relevant for BPS states in $d=4$ ${\\mathcal N}=2$ theories.

  9. Indexes to Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances



    Digests and indexes for issuances of the Commission (CLI), the Atomic Safety and licensing Board Panel (LBP), the Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) the Directors` Decisions (DD), and the Decisions on Petitions for Rulemaking (DPRM) are presented in this document. These digests and indexes are intended to serve as a guide to the issuances. Information elements are displayed in one or more of five separate formats arranged as follows: Case Name Index; Headers and Digests; Legal Citations Index; Subject Index; and Facility Index.

  10. Indexing from thesauri to the semantic web

    de Keyser, Piet


    Indexing consists of both novel and more traditional techniques. Cutting-edge indexing techniques, such as automatic indexing, ontologies, and topic maps, were developed independently of older techniques such as thesauri, but it is now recognized that these older methods also hold expertise. Indexing describes various traditional and novel indexing techniques, giving information professionals and students of library and information sciences a broad and comprehensible introduction to indexing. This title consists of twelve chapters: an Introduction to subject readings and theasauri; Automatic i

  11. Indexing spoken audio by LSA and SOMs


    This paper presents an indexing system for spoken audio documents. The framework is indexing and retrieval of broadcast news. The proposed indexing system applies latent semantic analysis (LSA) and self-organizing maps (SOM) to map the documents into a semantic vector space and to display the semantic structures of the document collection. The SOM is also used to enhance the indexing of the documents that are difficult to decode. Relevant index terms and suitable index weights are computed by...

  12. Venture Capital Industry Index Portfolio Analysis

    Dagang Yang


    Full Text Available This paper using index analysis method, knowledge of venture capital as well as index funds investment ideas, successively set up the Markowitz model and the single index model of index investing. Markowitz model for the calculation of the risk of workload is too big and single-index model although accuracy is slightly lower, but can certainly be very well used in practice. Therefore, We use index invest to invest in Shanghai 10 index securities with the single-index model , and apply lingo software to figure out the venture capital portfolio which have different yields.

  13. MATRIS Indexing and Retrieval Thesaurus (MIRT): Definitions of Indexing Terms


    states, or as a means to effect control over certain physiological processes. Mvia Biofeedback procedures 3 Mvk Medical procedures / diagnosis...use of various techniques, such as recreation, meditation , counseling, physical exercise, etc., as a means for controlling and reducing personal stress

  14. Equiseparability on Terminal Wiener Index

    Deng, Xiaotie; Zhang, Jie


    The aim of this work is to explore the properties of the terminal Wiener index, which was recently proposed by Gutman et al. (2004) [3], and to show the fact that there exist pairs of trees and chemical trees which cannot be distinguished by using it. We give some general methods for constructing...

  15. Teaching Physiology with Citation Index

    Klemm, W. R.


    Explains use of the Citation Index in writing term papers by assigning an older publication as a starting point in a literature search. By reading the original research report and following its subsequent use by other researchers, the student discovers the impact of the original research. (CS)

  16. Mining and Indexing Graph Databases

    Yuan, Dayu


    Graphs are widely used to model structures and relationships of objects in various scientific and commercial fields. Chemical molecules, proteins, malware system-call dependencies and three-dimensional mechanical parts are all modeled as graphs. In this dissertation, we propose to mine and index those graph data to enable fast and scalable search.…

  17. Coming to Schools: Creativity Indexes

    Robelen, Erik W.


    At a time when U.S. political and business leaders are raising concerns about the need to better nurture creativity and innovative thinking among young people, several states are exploring the development of an index that would gauge the extent to which schools provide opportunities to foster those qualities. In Massachusetts, a new state…

  18. Index coding via linear programming

    Blasiak, Anna; Lubetzky, Eyal


    Index Coding has received considerable attention recently motivated in part by applications such as fast video-on-demand and efficient communication in wireless networks and in part by its connection to Network Coding. The basic setting of Index Coding encodes the side-information relation, the problem input, as an undirected graph and the fundamental parameter is the broadcast rate $\\beta$, the average communication cost per bit for sufficiently long messages (i.e. the non-linear vector capacity). Recent nontrivial bounds on $\\beta$ were derived from the study of other Index Coding capacities (e.g. the scalar capacity $\\beta_1$) by Bar-Yossef et al (FOCS'06), Lubetzky and Stav (FOCS'07) and Alon et al (FOCS'08). However, these indirect bounds shed little light on the behavior of $\\beta$ and its exact value remained unknown for \\emph{any graph} where Index Coding is nontrivial. Our main contribution is a hierarchy of linear programs whose solutions trap $\\beta$ between them. This enables a direct information-...

  19. Future of gradient index optics

    Hashizume, Hideki; Hamanaka, Kenjiro; Graham, Alan C., III; Zhu, X. Frank


    First developed over 30 years ago, gradient index lenses play an important role not only in telecommunications technology, but also in applications such as information interface and biomedical technology. Traditional manufacturing consists of doping a certain ion, A+ into the mother glass, drawing the glass into rods and then immersing the rods into s molten salt bath containing another certain ion B+. During a thermal ion exchange process, the original ion migrates out of the mother glass, and is replaced by the alternate ion, creating a refractive index variation. Current research is being conducted to improve the thermal ion exchange technology, and open new applications. This research includes extending working distances to greater than 100mm, decreasing the lens diameter, increasing the effective radius, and combining the technology with other technologies such as photolithographically etched masks to produce arrays of gradient index lenses. As a result of this ongoing research, the gradient index lens is expected to continue to be the enabling optical technology in the first decade of the new millennium and beyond.

  20. USGS 1-min Dst index

    Gannon, J.L.; Love, J.J.


    We produce a 1-min time resolution storm-time disturbance index, the USGS Dst, called Dst8507-4SM. This index is based on minute resolution horizontal magnetic field intensity from low-latitude observatories in Honolulu, Kakioka, San Juan and Hermanus, for the years 1985-2007. The method used to produce the index uses a combination of time- and frequency-domain techniques, which more clearly identifies and excises solar-quiet variation from the horizontal intensity time series of an individual station than the strictly time-domain method used in the Kyoto Dst index. The USGS 1-min Dst is compared against the Kyoto Dst, Kyoto Sym-H, and the USGS 1-h Dst (Dst5807-4SH). In a time series comparison, Sym-H is found to produce more extreme values during both sudden impulses and main phase maximum deviation, possibly due to the latitude of its contributing observatories. Both Kyoto indices are shown to have a peak in their distributions below zero, while the USGS indices have a peak near zero. The USGS 1-min Dst is shown to have the higher time resolution benefits of Sym-H, while using the more typical low-latitude observatories of Kyoto Dst. ?? 2010.

  1. Index theorems for quantum graphs

    Fulling, S A; Wilson, J H


    In geometric analysis, an index theorem relates the difference of the numbers of solutions of two differential equations to the topological structure of the manifold or bundle concerned, sometimes using the heat kernels of two higher-order differential operators as an intermediary. In this paper, the case of quantum graphs is addressed. A quantum graph is a graph considered as a (singular) one-dimensional variety and equipped with a second-order differential Hamiltonian H (a "Laplacian") with suitable conditions at vertices. For the case of scale-invariant vertex conditions (i.e., conditions that do not mix the values of functions and of their derivatives), the constant term of the heat-kernel expansion is shown to be proportional to the trace of the internal scattering matrix of the graph. This observation is placed into the index-theory context by factoring the Laplacian into two first-order operators, H =A*A, and relating the constant term to the index of A. An independent consideration provides an index f...

  2. The weighted vertex PI index

    c, Aleksandar Ili\\'


    The vertex PI index is a distance--based molecular structure descriptor, that recently found numerous chemical applications. In order to increase diversity of this topological index for bipartite graphs, we introduce weighted version defined as $PI_w (G) = \\sum_{e = uv \\in E} (deg (u) + deg (v)) (n_u (e) + n_v (e))$, where $deg (u)$ denotes the vertex degree of $u$ and $n_u (e)$ denotes the number of vertices of $G$ whose distance to the vertex $u$ is smaller than the distance to the vertex $v$. We establish basic properties of $PI_w (G)$, and prove various lower and upper bounds. In particular, the path $P_n$ has minimal, while the complete tripartite graph $K_{n/3, n/3, n/3}$ has maximal weighed vertex $PI$ index among graphs with $n$ vertices. We also compute exact expressions for the weighted vertex PI index of the Cartesian product of graphs. Finally we present modifications of two inequalities and open new perspectives for the future research.

  3. Anomalies and noncommutative index theory

    Perrot, D


    These are the notes of a lecture given during the summer school "Geometric and Topological Methods for Quantum Field Theory", Villa de Leyva, Colombia, july 11 - 29, 2005. We review basic facts concerning gauge anomalies and discuss the link with the Connes-Moscovici index formula in noncommutative geometry.

  4. Prevalent Color Extraction and Indexing



    Full Text Available Colors in an image provides tremendous amount of information. Using this color information images can be segmented, analyzed, labeled and indexed. In content based image retrieval system, color is one of the basic primitive features used. In Prevalent Color Extraction and indexing, the most extensive color on an image is identified and it is used for indexing. For implementation, Asteroideae flower family image dataset is used. It consist of more than 16,000 species, among them nearly 100 species are considered and indexed by dominating colors. To extract the most appealable color from the user defined images, the overall color of an image has to be quantized. Spatially, quantizing the color of an image to extract the prevalent color is the major objective of this paper. A combination of K-Mean and Expectation Minimization clustering algorithm called hidden-value learned K-mean clustering quantization algorithm is used to avoid the over clustering behavior of K-Mean algorithm. The experimental result shows the marginal differences between these algorithms.

  5. Diffusion Indexes with Sparse Loadings

    Kristensen, Johannes Tang

    to the problem by using the LASSO as a variable selection method to choose between the possible variables and thus obtain sparse loadings from which factors or diffusion indexes can be formed. This allows us to build a more parsimonious factor model which is better suited for forecasting compared...

  6. Dualizability and index of subfactors

    Henriques, Andre|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/314131132; Douglas, Christopher; Bartels, Arthur


    In this paper, we develop the theory of bimodules over von Neumann algebras, with an emphasis on categorical aspects. We clarify the relationship between dualizability and finite index. We also show that, for von Neumann algebras with finite dimensional centers, the Haagerup L2-space and Connes fusi

  7. Mining and Indexing Graph Databases

    Yuan, Dayu


    Graphs are widely used to model structures and relationships of objects in various scientific and commercial fields. Chemical molecules, proteins, malware system-call dependencies and three-dimensional mechanical parts are all modeled as graphs. In this dissertation, we propose to mine and index those graph data to enable fast and scalable search.…

  8. An automatic bibliography indexing programme

    J. W. Morris


    Full Text Available A relatively simple FORTRAN IV programme, designed for a small computer, for author and key-word indexes to bibliographic records is described, and examples of output are given. It is com­pared with some other systems. Suggested improvements to the programme are given.

  9. Transportation Environment Data Bank index

    Davidson, C.A.; Foley, J.T.


    In an effort to determine the environment intensities to which energy materials in transit will be exposed, a ''Data Bank'' of environmental information has been established by Sandia Laboratories, Division 1285 for the ERDA Division of Environmental Control Technology. This document is an index which can be used to request data of interest.

  10. Index to AEC Information Booklets



    The U. S. Atomic Energy Commission publishes a series of information booklets for the general public. These booklets explain many aspects of nuclear science. Because these booklets cover such a variety of scientific fields, this index was prepared to help the reader find quickly those booklets that contain the information he needs.

  11. 1988 Bulletin compilation and index



    This document is published to provide current information about the national program for managing spent fuel and high-level radioactive waste. This document is a compilation of issues from the 1988 calendar year. A table of contents and one index have been provided to assist in finding information.

  12. Bidirectional crosstalk between stress-induced gastric ulcer and depression under chronic stress.

    Shuang Zhang

    Full Text Available Stress contributes to a variety of diseases and disorders such as depression and peptic ulcer. The present study aimed to investigate the correlation between stress ulcer and depression in pathogenesis and treatment by using chronic stress depression (CSD, chronic psychological stress ulcer (CPSU and water immersion restrain stress models in rats. Our data showed that the ulcer index of the animals after CSD exposure was significantly higher than that of controls. Depression-like behaviors were observed in rat after CPSU exposure. Fluoxetine hydrochloride significantly reduced the ulcer index of rats exposed to CPSU stress, while ranitidine inhibited depression-like behavior of the animals in CSD group. The ulcer index of rats administered with mifepristone after CPSU stress was markedly reduced compared to CPSU group, although there was no significant difference in the depression-like behavior between mifepristone-treated CSD group and naive controls. We also found that the rats exposed to CPSU or CSD stress displayed a lower level of corticosterone than naive controls, however, the acute stress (AS group showed an opposite result. Additionally, in order to study the relevance of H(2 receptors and depression, we treated the CSD group with cimetidine and famotidine respectively. The data showed that cimetidine inhibited depression-like behavior in CSD rats, and famotidine had no impact on depression. Overall our data suggested that the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA axis dysfunction may be the key role in triggering depression and stress ulcer. Acid-suppressing drugs and antidepressants could be used for treatment of depression and stress ulcer respectively. The occurrence of depression might be inhibited by blocking the central H(2 receptors.

  13. Obesity and female stress urinary incontinence.

    Osborn, David James; Strain, Matthew; Gomelsky, Alex; Rothschild, Jennifer; Dmochowski, Roger


    The purpose of this article was to review the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and treatment options for stress urinary incontinence in the obese female patient and draw conclusions regarding the optimal treatment of this condition in this unique patient population. Obesity results in increased intra-abdominal pressure and this leads to weakening of the pelvic floor innervation and musculature. Weight loss through lifestyle modification and bariatric surgery improves stress urinary incontinence. Success of stress urinary incontinence surgery in obese women is similar to nonobese patients. Obese women should not be excluded from potentially curative surgery based on their body mass index (BMI) alone.

  14. Stress and Mood

    ... Relaxation Emotions & Relationships HealthyYouTXT Tools Home » Stress & Mood Stress & Mood Many people who go back to smoking ... story: Time Out Times 10 >> share What Causes Stress? Read full story: What Causes Stress? >> share The ...

  15. Stress Management: Positive Thinking

    Healthy Lifestyle Stress management Positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health. Practice overcoming negative self-talk ... with optimism is a key part of effective stress management. And effective stress management is associated with ...

  16. Overcoming job stress

    ... or not advancing in your career. How Job Stress Affects Your Health Like any kind of stress, job stress that continues for a long time can affect your health. Job stress may increase your risk for health problems such ...

  17. Stress and Mood

    ... Relaxation Emotions & Relationships HealthyYouTXT Tools Home » Stress & Mood Stress & Mood Many people who go back to smoking ... story: Time Out Times 10 >> share What Causes Stress? Read full story: What Causes Stress? >> share The ...

  18. Stress optical path difference analysis of off-axis lens ray trace footprint

    Hsu, Ming-Ying; Chan, Chia-Yen; Lin, Wei-Cheng; Wu, Kun-Huan; Chen, Chih-Wen; Chan, Shenq-Tsong; Huang, Ting-Ming


    The mechanical and thermal stress on lens will cause the glass refractive index different, the refractive index of light parallel and light perpendicular to the direction of stress. The refraction index changes will introduce Optical Path Difference (OPD). This study is applying Finite Element Method (FEM) and optical ray tracing; calculate off axis ray stress OPD. The optical system stress distribution result is calculated from finite element simulation, and the stress coordinate need to rotate to optical path direction. Meanwhile, weighting stress to each optical ray path and sum the ray path OPD. The Z-direction stress OPD can be fitted by Zernike polynomial, the separated to sag difference, and rigid body motion. The fitting results can be used to evaluate the stress effect on optical component.

  19. Development of indoor environmental index: Air quality index and thermal comfort index

    Saad, S. M.; Shakaff, A. Y. M.; Saad, A. R. M.; Yusof, A. M.; Andrew, A. M.; Zakaria, A.; Adom, A. H.


    In this paper, index for indoor air quality (also known as IAQI) and thermal comfort index (TCI) have been developed. The IAQI was actually modified from previous outdoor air quality index (AQI) designed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). In order to measure the index, a real-time monitoring system to monitor indoor air quality level was developed. The proposed system consists of three parts: sensor module cloud, base station and service-oriented client. The sensor module cloud (SMC) contains collections of sensor modules that measures the air quality data and transmit the captured data to base station through wireless. Each sensor modules includes an integrated sensor array that can measure indoor air parameters like Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, Oxygen, Volatile Organic Compound and Particulate Matter. Temperature and humidity were also being measured in order to determine comfort condition in indoor environment. The result from several experiments show that the system is able to measure the air quality presented in IAQI and TCI in many indoor environment settings like air-conditioner, chemical present and cigarette smoke that may impact the air quality. It also shows that the air quality are changing dramatically, thus real-time monitoring system is essential.

  20. The Biodiversity Informatics Potential Index

    Ariño Arturo H


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Biodiversity informatics is a relatively new discipline extending computer science in the context of biodiversity data, and its development to date has not been uniform throughout the world. Digitizing effort and capacity building are costly, and ways should be found to prioritize them rationally. The proposed 'Biodiversity Informatics Potential (BIP Index' seeks to fulfill such a prioritization role. We propose that the potential for biodiversity informatics be assessed through three concepts: (a the intrinsic biodiversity potential (the biological richness or ecological diversity of a country; (b the capacity of the country to generate biodiversity data records; and (c the availability of technical infrastructure in a country for managing and publishing such records. Methods Broadly, the techniques used to construct the BIP Index were rank correlation, multiple regression analysis, principal components analysis and optimization by linear programming. We built the BIP Index by finding a parsimonious set of country-level human, economic and environmental variables that best predicted the availability of primary biodiversity data accessible through the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF network, and constructing an optimized model with these variables. The model was then applied to all countries for which sufficient data existed, to obtain a score for each country. Countries were ranked according to that score. Results Many of the current GBIF participants ranked highly in the BIP Index, although some of them seemed not to have realized their biodiversity informatics potential. The BIP Index attributed low ranking to most non-participant countries; however, a few of them scored highly, suggesting that these would be high-return new participants if encouraged to contribute towards the GBIF mission of free and open access to biodiversity data. Conclusions The BIP Index could potentially help in (a identifying

  1. The Biodiversity Informatics Potential Index


    Background Biodiversity informatics is a relatively new discipline extending computer science in the context of biodiversity data, and its development to date has not been uniform throughout the world. Digitizing effort and capacity building are costly, and ways should be found to prioritize them rationally. The proposed 'Biodiversity Informatics Potential (BIP) Index' seeks to fulfill such a prioritization role. We propose that the potential for biodiversity informatics be assessed through three concepts: (a) the intrinsic biodiversity potential (the biological richness or ecological diversity) of a country; (b) the capacity of the country to generate biodiversity data records; and (c) the availability of technical infrastructure in a country for managing and publishing such records. Methods Broadly, the techniques used to construct the BIP Index were rank correlation, multiple regression analysis, principal components analysis and optimization by linear programming. We built the BIP Index by finding a parsimonious set of country-level human, economic and environmental variables that best predicted the availability of primary biodiversity data accessible through the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) network, and constructing an optimized model with these variables. The model was then applied to all countries for which sufficient data existed, to obtain a score for each country. Countries were ranked according to that score. Results Many of the current GBIF participants ranked highly in the BIP Index, although some of them seemed not to have realized their biodiversity informatics potential. The BIP Index attributed low ranking to most non-participant countries; however, a few of them scored highly, suggesting that these would be high-return new participants if encouraged to contribute towards the GBIF mission of free and open access to biodiversity data. Conclusions The BIP Index could potentially help in (a) identifying countries most likely to

  2. Oxidative stress

    Stevanović Jelka


    Full Text Available The unceasing need for oxygen is in contradiction to the fact that it is in fact toxic to mammals. Namely, its monovalent reduction can have as a consequence the production of short-living, chemically very active free radicals and certain non-radical agents (nitrogen-oxide, superoxide-anion-radicals, hydroxyl radicals, peroxyl radicals, singlet oxygen, peroxynitrite, hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, and others. There is no doubt that they have numerous positive roles, but when their production is stepped up to such an extent that the organism cannot eliminate them with its antioxidants (superoxide-dismutase, glutathione-peroxidase, catalase, transferrin, ceruloplasmin, reduced glutathion, and others, a series of disorders is developed that are jointly called „oxidative stress.“ The reactive oxygen species which characterize oxidative stress are capable of attacking all main classes of biological macromolecules, actually proteins, DNA and RNA molecules, and in particular lipids. The free radicals influence lipid peroxidation in cellular membranes, oxidative damage to DNA and RNA molecules, the development of genetic mutations, fragmentation, and the altered function of various protein molecules. All of this results in the following consequences: disrupted permeability of cellular membranes, disrupted cellular signalization and ion homeostasis, reduced or loss of function of damaged proteins, and similar. That is why the free radicals that are released during oxidative stress are considered pathogenic agents of numerous diseases and ageing. The type of damage that will occur, and when it will take place, depends on the nature of the free radicals, their site of action and their source. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 173034, br. 175061 i br. 31085

  3. Assessment of agricultural drought in Rajasthan (India using remote sensing derived Vegetation Condition Index (VCI and Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI

    Dipanwita Dutta


    Full Text Available Owing to its severe effect on productivity of rain-fed crops and indirect effect on employment as well as per capita income, agricultural drought has become a prime concern worldwide. The occurrence of drought is mainly a climatic phenomenon which cannot be eliminated. However, its effects can be reduced if actual spatio-temporal information related to crop status is available to the decision makers. The present study attempts to assess the efficiency of remote sensing and GIS techniques for monitoring the spatio-temporal extent of agricultural drought. In the present study, NOAA-AVHRR NDVI data were used for monitoring agricultural drought through NDVI based Vegetation Condition Index. VCI was calculated for whole Rajasthan using the long term NDVI images which reveals the occurrence of drought related crop stress during the year 2002. The VCI values of normal (2003 and drought (2002 year were compared with meteorological based Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI, Rainfall Anomaly Index and Yield Anomaly Index and a good agreement was found among them. The correlation coefficient between VCI and yield of major rain-fed crops (r > 0.75 also supports the efficiency of this remote sensing derived index for assessing agricultural drought.

  4. Battlefield Stress.


    confidence in the system. 8 *M. DPEDENCE ON TECNO =G. The failure of a soldiers’g own "wonder weapons" to live up to expectations or an unexpected...limits a soldier can expect to achieve: A. Chart nimnber three from U.S. Army Field Manual 26-2 shows the usual response pattern of a soldier reacting to...Performance in Continous Operations. Field Manual 22-9. Washington, D.C., 8 December, 1983. 17. Headquarters, Department of the Army. Management of Stress

  5. Finding Chemical Information through Citation Index Searching

    Smith, Allan L.


    The concept of indexing the scientific literature through cited references (citation indexing) is explained and reviewed. Both print and electronic products based on citation indexing are discussed, and examples of searching the latter are included. Citation indexing is also useful in mapping the scientific literature itself and in assessing the contributions of individual scientists.

  6. Indexing and Retrieval for the Web.

    Rasmussen, Edie M.


    Explores current research on indexing and ranking as retrieval functions of search engines on the Web. Highlights include measuring search engine stability; evaluation of Web indexing and retrieval; Web crawlers; hyperlinks for indexing and ranking; ranking for metasearch; document structure; citation indexing; relevance; query evaluation;…

  7. Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment Method to Determine Tectonic Stress Patterns

    ZHANG Hai; QI Lan; HAO Caizhe; GUO Lei


    The tectonic stress patterns were determined by a fuzzy comprehensive assessment method. Data of in-situ survey and fault information were utilized in the method. First, by making pressure and tension in the directions of along-river, cross-river, shear clockwise, and shear counter-clockwise, 26 types of tectonic stress patterns were presented. And the stress vector of each pat-tern was obtained with FE software by taking unit displacement as boundary load. Then, by takingthe 26 types of tectonic stress patterns as index set and 3 main stresses as factor set and choosing various operators, comparison of directions of computational stress vector and survey stress vector was made and the most possible tectonic stress pattern was obtained. Taking the 26 types of tectonic stress patterns as index set and strike angle as factor set, comparison of relationships between formation of fault and tectonic stress was made, and the tectonic stress patterns were assessed with known fault information. By summarizing the above assessment results, the most impossible tectonic stress pattern was obtained. Finally an engineering case was quoted to validate that the method is more feasible and reliable than traditional empirical method.

  8. Fundamentals of database indexing and searching

    Bhattacharya, Arnab


    Fundamentals of Database Indexing and Searching presents well-known database searching and indexing techniques. It focuses on similarity search queries, showing how to use distance functions to measure the notion of dissimilarity.After defining database queries and similarity search queries, the book organizes the most common and representative index structures according to their characteristics. The author first describes low-dimensional index structures, memory-based index structures, and hierarchical disk-based index structures. He then outlines useful distance measures and index structures

  9. Trajectory Indexing Using Movement Constraints

    Pfoser, D.; Jensen, Christian Søndergaard


    With the proliferation of mobile computing, the ability to index efficiently the movements of mobile objects becomes important. Objects are typically seen as moving in two-dimensional (x,y) space, which means that their movements across time may be embedded in the three-dimensional (x,y,t) space....... Further, the movements are typically represented as trajectories, sequences of connected line segments. In certain cases, movement is restricted; specifically, in this paper, we aim at exploiting that movements occur in transportation networks to reduce the dimensionality of the data. Briefly, the idea...... is to reduce movements to occur in one spatial dimension. As a consequence, the movement occurs in two-dimensional (x,t) space. The advantages of considering such lower-dimensional trajectories are that the overall size of the data is reduced and that lower-dimensional data is to be indexed. Since off...

  10. Performance Indexes: Similarities and Differences

    André Machado Caldeira


    Full Text Available The investor of today is more rigorous on monitoring a financial assets portfolio. He no longer thinks only in terms of the expected return (one dimension, but in terms of risk-return (two dimensions. Thus new perception is more complex, since the risk measurement can vary according to anyone’s perception; some use the standard deviation for that, others disagree with this measure by proposing others. In addition to this difficulty, there is the problem of how to consider these two dimensions. The objective of this essay is to study the main performance indexes through an empirical study in order to verify the differences and similarities for some of the selected assets. One performance index proposed in Caldeira (2005 shall be included in this analysis.

  11. Body Mass Index and Stroke

    Andersen, Klaus Kaae; Olsen, Tom Skyhøj


    Although obesity is associated with excess mortality and morbidity, mortality is lower in obese than in normal weight stroke patients (the obesity paradox). Studies now indicate that obesity is not associated with increased risk of recurrent stroke in the years after first stroke. We studied...... the association between body mass index (BMI) and stroke patient's risk of having a history of previous stroke (recurrent stroke)....

  12. Biomimetic Gradient Index (GRIN) Lenses


    optics include single lenses inspired by cephalopod (octopus) eyes and a three-lens, wide field of view, optical system for a surveillance Details are easily resolv- able with the polymer lens. This lens system was installed on an Evolution unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a...lens system was installed in an NRL Evolution UAV and used to record video images at a height of up to 1000 ft. The index gradients in the polymer

  13. Need for an Ecological Index

    Rohan Wickramasinghe


    Full Text Available The article was published in the Sri Lankan newspaper 'The Island' on the 30th November 2005 after the World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC held in Milan. Author hopes it could provide a base for a project for senior school children or more senior students to devise an Ecological Index and ‘If nothing else, it could help them in thinking out the issues involved!’ Author supposes that could be a form of environmental education.

  14. The Net Reclassification Index (NRI)

    Pepe, Margaret S.; Fan, Jing; Feng, Ziding;


    The Net Reclassification Index (NRI) is a very popular measure for evaluating the improvement in prediction performance gained by adding a marker to a set of baseline predictors. However, the statistical properties of this novel measure have not been explored in depth. We demonstrate the alarming...... performance improvement, such as measures derived from the receiver operating characteristic curve, the net benefit function, and the Brier score, cannot be large due to poorly fitting risk functions....

  15. Fast Digit-Index Permutations

    Dorothy Bollman


    Full Text Available We introduce a tensor sum which is useful for the design and analysis of digit-index permutations (DIPs algorithms. Using this operation we obtain a new high-performance algorithm for the family of DIPs. We discuss an implementation in the applicative language Sisal and show how different choices of parameters yield different DIPs. The efficiency of the special case of digit reversal is illustrated with performance results on a Cray C-90.

  16. Type-indexed data types

    Hinze, R.; Jeuring, J.T.; Löh, A.


    A polytypic function is a function that can be instantiated on many data types to obtain data type specific functionality. Examples of polytypic functions are the functions that can be derived in Haskell, such as show, read, and ‘==’.More advanced examples are functions for digital searching, pattern matching, unification, rewriting, and structure editing. For each of these problems, we not only have to define polytypic functionality, but also a type-indexed data type: a data type that is con...

  17. Formaldehyde stress


    Formaldehyde,one of the most toxic organic compounds,is produced and processed in human cells.The level of human endogenous formaldehyde is maintained at a low concentration(0.01-0.08 mmol L-1 in blood) under physiological conditions,but the concentration increases during ageing(over 65 years old).Clinical trials have shown that urine formaldehyde concentrations are significantly different between elderly Alzheimer’s patients(n=91) and normal elderly volunteers(n=38)(P<0.001).Abnormally high levels of intrinsic formaldehyde lead to dysfunction in cognition such as learning decline and memory loss.Excess extracellular and intracellular formaldehyde could induce metabolic response and abnormal modifications of cellular proteins such as hydroxymethylation and hyperphosphorylation,protein misfolding,nuclear translocation and even cell death.This cellular response called formaldehyde stress is dependent upon the concentration of formaldehyde.Chronic impairments of the brain resulted from formaldehyde stress could be one of the mechanisms involved in the process of senile dementia during ageing.

  18. Deterministic indexing for packed strings

    Bille, Philip; Gørtz, Inge Li; Skjoldjensen, Frederik Rye


    Given a string S of length n, the classic string indexing problem is to preprocess S into a compact data structure that supports efficient subsequent pattern queries. In the deterministic variant the goal is to solve the string indexing problem without any randomization (at preprocessing time...... or query time). In the packed variant the strings are stored with several character in a single word, giving us the opportunity to read multiple characters simultaneously. Our main result is a new string index in the deterministic and packed setting. Given a packed string S of length n over an alphabet σ......, we show how to preprocess S in O(n) (deterministic) time and space O(n) such that given a packed pattern string of length m we can support queries in (deterministic) time O (m/α + log m + log log σ), where α = w/log σ is the number of characters packed in a word of size w = θ(log n). Our query time...

  19. Indexing the etymological lexicographic systems

    Volodymyr Shyrokov


    Full Text Available Indexing the etymological lexicographic systems The main problems and directions for the development of the etymological lexicographic systems in the digital environment are studied. The formal conceptual model of the lexicographic system for fundamental academic Etymological Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language (EDUL is developed. The lexicographic structure of the EDUL individual elements are developed and described. The EDUL metalanguage was studied and described. The formal model and technology of the EDUL parsing are worked out. That made it possible to convert automatically the EDUL text into the lexicographic database, which corresponds to the conceptual model of the lexicographic system. The conceptual foundations of instrumental tool to form the etymological dictionaries are developed to create the Virtual Lexicographic Laboratory «Etymological Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language», which was implemented with a modern approach to the real lexicographic array of the EDUL. That allowed to form the database of the EDUL multilingual index (about 250 languages in the automatic mode. This index is a basis of the seventh (final volume of the EDUL. The possibility of applying the developed models to other etymological dictionaries are studied. The conceptual foundations for integration of the etymological lexicographic systems are discussed.

  20. On modular semifinite index theory

    Kaad, Jens


    We propose a definition of a modular spectral triple which covers existing examples arising from KMS-states, Podles sphere and quantum SU(2). The definition also incorporates the notion of twisted commutators appearing in recent work of Connes and Moscovici. We show how a finitely summable modular spectral triple admits a twisted index pairing with unitaries satisfying a modular condition. The twist means that the dimensions of kernels and cokernels are measured with respect to two different but intimately related traces. The twisted index pairing can be expressed by pairing Chern characters in reduced versions of twisted cyclic theories. We end the paper by giving a local formula for the reduced Chern character in the case of quantum SU(2). It appears as a twisted coboundary of the Haar-state. In particular we present an explicit computation of the twisted index pairing arising from the sequence of corepresentation unitaries. As an important tool we construct a family of derived integration spaces associated...

  1. Succincter Text Indexing with Wildcards

    Thachuk, Chris


    We study the problem of indexing text with wildcard positions, motivated by the challenge of aligning sequencing data to large genomes that contain millions of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)---positions known to differ between individuals. SNPs modeled as wildcards can lead to more informed and biologically relevant alignments. We improve the space complexity of previous approaches by giving a succinct index requiring $(2 + o(1))n \\log \\sigma + O(n) + O(d \\log n) + O(k \\log k)$ bits for a text of length $n$ over an alphabet of size $\\sigma$ containing $d$ groups of $k$ wildcards. A key to the space reduction is a result we give showing how any compressed suffix array can be supplemented with auxiliary data structures occupying $O(n) + O(d \\log \\frac{n}{d})$ bits to also support efficient dictionary matching queries. The query algorithm for our wildcard index is faster than previous approaches using reasonable working space. More importantly our new algorithm greatly reduces the query working space to ...

  2. The glycemic index: physiological significance.

    Esfahani, Amin; Wong, Julia M W; Mirrahimi, Arash; Srichaikul, Korbua; Jenkins, David J A; Kendall, Cyril W C


    The glycemic index (GI) is a physiological assessment of a food's carbohydrate content through its effect on postprandial blood glucose concentrations. Evidence from trials and observational studies suggests that this physiological classification may have relevance to those chronic Western diseases associated with overconsumption and inactivity leading to central obesity and insulin resistance. The glycemic index classification of foods has been used as a tool to assess potential prevention and treatment strategies for diseases where glycemic control is of importance, such as diabetes. Low GI diets have also been reported to improve the serum lipid profile, reduce C-reactive protein (CRP) concentrations, and aid in weight control. In cross-sectional studies, low GI or glycemic load diets (mean GI multiplied by total carbohydrate) have been associated with higher levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), with reduced CRP concentrations, and, in cohort studies, with decreased risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In addition, some case-control and cohort studies have found positive associations between dietary GI and risk of various cancers, including those of the colon, breast, and prostate. Although inconsistencies in the current findings still need to be resolved, sufficient positive evidence, especially with respect to renewed interest in postprandial events, suggests that the glycemic index may have a role to play in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.

  3. Condensed Extended Hyper-Wiener Index

    LI Xin-Hua; Abraham F. Jalbout; JI Zhi


    According to the definitions of molecular connectivity and hyper-Wiener index, a novel set of hyper-Wiener indexes (Dn, mDn) were defined and named as condensed extended hyper-Wiener index, the potential usefulness of which in QSAR/QSPR is evaluated by its correlation with a number of C3-C8 alkanes as well as by a favorable comparison with models based on molecular connectivity index and overall Wiener index.

  4. Cognitive emotion regulation fails the stress test.

    Raio, Candace M; Orederu, Temidayo A; Palazzolo, Laura; Shurick, Ashley A; Phelps, Elizabeth A


    Cognitive emotion regulation has been widely shown in the laboratory to be an effective way to alter the nature of emotional responses. Despite its success in experimental contexts, however, we often fail to use these strategies in everyday life where stress is pervasive. The successful execution of cognitive regulation relies on intact executive functioning and engagement of the prefrontal cortex, both of which are rapidly impaired by the deleterious effects of stress. Because it is specifically under stressful conditions that we may benefit most from such deliberate forms of emotion regulation, we tested the efficacy of cognitive regulation after stress exposure. Participants first underwent fear-conditioning, where they learned that one stimulus (CS+) predicted an aversive outcome but another predicted a neutral outcome (CS-). Cognitive regulation training directly followed where participants were taught to regulate fear responses to the aversive stimulus. The next day, participants underwent an acute stress induction or a control task before repeating the fear-conditioning task using these newly acquired regulation skills. Skin conductance served as an index of fear arousal, and salivary α-amylase and cortisol concentrations were assayed as neuroendocrine markers of stress response. Although groups showed no differences in fear arousal during initial fear learning, nonstressed participants demonstrated robust fear reduction following regulation training, whereas stressed participants showed no such reduction. Our results suggest that stress markedly impairs the cognitive regulation of emotion and highlights critical limitations of this technique to control affective responses under stress.

  5. Remotely Sensing the Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI)

    Vanderbilt, Vern


    In remote sensing, the Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI) provides insight into physiological processes occurring inside the leaves in a stand of plants. Developed by Gamon et al., (1990 and 1992), PRI evolved from laboratory measurements of the reflectance of individual leaves (Bilger et al.,1989). Yet in a remotely sensed image, a pixel measurement may include light from both reflecting and transmitting leaves. We conducted laboratory experiments comparing values of PRI based upon polarized reflectance and transmittance measurements of water and nutrient stressed leaves. We illuminated single detached leaves using a current controlled light source (Oriel model 66881) and measured the leaf weight using an analytical balance (Mettler model AE 260) and the light reflected and transmitted by the leaf during dry down using two Analytical Spectral Devices spectroradiometers. Polarizers on the incident and reflected light beams allowed us to divide the leaf reflectance into two parts: a polarized surface reflectance and a non-polarized 'leaf interior' reflectance. Our results underscore the importance when calculating PRI of removing the leaf surface reflection, which contains no information about physiological processes ongoing in the leaf interior. The results show that the leaf physiology information is in the leaf interior reflectance, not the leaf transmittance. Applied to a plant stand, these results suggest use of polarization measurements in sun-view directions that minimize the number of sunlit transmitting leaves in the sensor field of view.

  6. The influence of uncertainty in illness, stress appraisal, and hope on coping in survivors of breast cancer.

    Wonghongkul, T; Moore, S M; Musil, C; Schneider, S; Deimling, G


    On the basis of Mishel's uncertainty in illness theory, Lazarus and Folkman's stress on appraisal and coping, and Herth's perspective of hope, this cross-sectional, correlational study was designed to examine the influence of uncertainty, stress appraisal, and hope on coping in 71 survivors of breast cancer. Uncertainty was measured by the Mishel Uncertainty in Illness: Community Scale, stress appraisal by the Stress Appraisal Index, hope by the Herth Hope Index, and coping by the Ways of Coping Questionnaires (WCQ).

  7. Heat stress in an open-pit iron ore mine and its relationship with physiological strain

    Mohammad Javad Jafari


    (P value<0.001. The Pearson’s correlation coefficients were obtained 0.658 and 0.566 respectively, between WBGT index and values of PSI and PSIHR. Conclusion: WBGT index showed a higher correlation with physiological strain Index; and level of heat stress in all work units of mine was higher than recommended thresholds. Thus, countermeasures should be adopted to control heat stress for the workers in this field.

  8. Calibration of the physiological equivalent temperature index for three different climatic regions

    Krüger, E.; Rossi, F.; Drach, P.


    In human biometeorology, the integration of several microclimatic variables as a combined index facilitates the understanding of how users perceive thermal environments. Indices, such as the physiological equivalent temperature (PET) index, translate the combined effects of meteorological variables on humans in terms of thermal stress or comfort and serve as important aids to climate-responsive urban and regional planning as well as heat stress and thermal comfort analyses. However, there is a need for adjusting proposed comfort/stress ranges of a given index when using it in different climatic contexts. The purpose of this study is to present a preliminary calibration procedure for the PET index for three different climatic regions: Curitiba, Brazil, a subtropical location; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a tropical city; and Glasgow, UK, a high-latitude location. Field studies have been carried out by the authors according to a similar protocol and using similar equipment, yielding actual thermal sensation votes and microclimate data, post-processed as PET data. The calibration procedure uses exclusively thermal sensation data as reported by pedestrians during outdoor comfort campaigns and concurrent microclimatic data recorded during the interviews. PET comfort/stress classes differ among the three locations and, in general, are less restrictive as in the original ranges proposed by the index developers.

  9. Calibration of the physiological equivalent temperature index for three different climatic regions

    Krüger, E.; Rossi, F.; Drach, P.


    In human biometeorology, the integration of several microclimatic variables as a combined index facilitates the understanding of how users perceive thermal environments. Indices, such as the physiological equivalent temperature (PET) index, translate the combined effects of meteorological variables on humans in terms of thermal stress or comfort and serve as important aids to climate-responsive urban and regional planning as well as heat stress and thermal comfort analyses. However, there is a need for adjusting proposed comfort/stress ranges of a given index when using it in different climatic contexts. The purpose of this study is to present a preliminary calibration procedure for the PET index for three different climatic regions: Curitiba, Brazil, a subtropical location; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a tropical city; and Glasgow, UK, a high-latitude location. Field studies have been carried out by the authors according to a similar protocol and using similar equipment, yielding actual thermal sensation votes and microclimate data, post-processed as PET data. The calibration procedure uses exclusively thermal sensation data as reported by pedestrians during outdoor comfort campaigns and concurrent microclimatic data recorded during the interviews. PET comfort/stress classes differ among the three locations and, in general, are less restrictive as in the original ranges proposed by the index developers.

  10. Experimental comparison between speech transmission index, rapid speech transmission index, and speech intelligibility index.

    Larm, Petra; Hongisto, Valtteri


    During the acoustical design of, e.g., auditoria or open-plan offices, it is important to know how speech can be perceived in various parts of the room. Different objective methods have been developed to measure and predict speech intelligibility, and these have been extensively used in various spaces. In this study, two such methods were compared, the speech transmission index (STI) and the speech intelligibility index (SII). Also the simplification of the STI, the room acoustics speech transmission index (RASTI), was considered. These quantities are all based on determining an apparent speech-to-noise ratio on selected frequency bands and summing them using a specific weighting. For comparison, some data were needed on the possible differences of these methods resulting from the calculation scheme and also measuring equipment. Their prediction accuracy was also of interest. Measurements were made in a laboratory having adjustable noise level and absorption, and in a real auditorium. It was found that the measurement equipment, especially the selection of the loudspeaker, can greatly affect the accuracy of the results. The prediction accuracy of the RASTI was found acceptable, if the input values for the prediction are accurately known, even though the studied space was not ideally diffuse.

  11. Diagnosis of GLDAS LSM based aridity index and dryland identification.

    Ghazanfari, Sadegh; Pande, Saket; Hashemy, Mehdy; Sonneveld, Ben


    The identification of dryland areas is crucial for guiding policy aimed at intervening in water-stressed areas and addressing the perennial livelihood or food insecurity of these areas. However, the prevailing aridity indices (such as UNEP aridity index) have methodological limitations that restrict their use in delineating drylands and may be insufficient for decision-making frameworks. In this study, we propose a new aridity index based on based on 3 decades of soil moisture time series by accounting for site-specific soil and vegetation that partitions precipitation into the competing demands of evaporation and runoff. Our proposed aridity index is the frequency at which the dominant soil moisture value at a location is not exceeded by the dominant soil moisture values in all of the other locations. To represent the dominant spatial template of the soil moisture conditions, we extract the first eigenfunction from the empirical orthogonal function (EOF) analysis from 3 GLDAS land surface models (LSMs): VIC, MOSAIC and NOAH at 1 × 1 degree spatial resolution. The EOF analysis reveals that the first eigenfunction explains 33%, 43% and 47% of the VIC, NOAH and MOSAIC models, respectively. We compare each LSM aridity indices with the UNEP aridity index, which is created based on LSM data forcings. The VIC aridity index displays a pattern most closely resembling that of UNEP, although all of the LSM-based indices accurately isolate the dominant dryland areas. The UNEP classification identifies portions of south-central Africa, southeastern United States and eastern India as drier than predicted by all of the LSMs. The NOAH and MOSAIC LSMs categorize portions of southwestern Africa as drier than the other two classifications, while all of the LSMs classify portions of central India as wetter than the UNEP classification. We compare all aridity maps with the long-term average NDVI values. Results show that vegetation cover in areas that the UNEP index classifies as

  12. Assessing the adaptive capacity of maize hybrids to climate change in an irrigated district of Southern Italy

    Monaco, Eugenia; Bonfante, Antonello; De Mascellis, Roberto; Alfieri, Silvia Maria; Menenti, Massimo; De Lorenzi, Francesca


    resolution generated with general circulation models (AOGCMs) were down-scaled by means of a statistical model (Tomozeiu et al., 2007). The downscaled climate scenario includes 50 realizations of daily minimum, maximum temperature and precipitation data, on a regular grid with a spatial resolution of 35 km. The hydraulic properties of 25 representative soils of the "Destra Sele" area were estimated with HYPRES pedo-transfer function previously tested in the area. The model SWAP was run to determine the soil water balance with different irrigation strategies: optimal irrigation, no irrigation, and deficit irrigation, in both climate periods. Deficit irrigation was scheduled applying water volumes equal to 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% of optimal ones. From the outputs of the model runs the relative evapotranspiration deficit (or Crop Water Stress Index - CWSI) was calculated and compared with the yield response functions of the hybrids. By means of these functions, for each hybrid a critical value of CWSI was identified, namely a CWSI value corresponding to a relative yield of 0.9. By comparing the CWSI of soil units with hybrid's critical values, cultivar's adaptability to future water regime was determined, both as a function of irrigation scheduling and of soils' physical properties. The case study shows how, in the future climate scenario, with limited water resources, the intra-specific variability will allow to maintain current crop production system. The work was carried out within the Italian national project AGROSCENARI funded by the Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forest Policies (MIPAAF, D.M. 8608/7303/2008)

  13. Minimal dispersion refractive index profiles.

    Feit, M D


    The analogy between optics and quantum mechanics is exploited by considering a 2-D quantum system whose Schroedinger equation is closely related to the wave equation for light propagation in an optical fiber. From this viewpoint, Marcatili's condition for minimal-dispersion-refractive-index profiles, and the Olshansky- Keck formula for rms pulse spreading in an alpha-profile fiber may be derived without recourse to the WKB approximation. Besides affording physical insight into these results, the present approach points out a possible limitation in their application to real fibers.


    CHEN Zhixiang


    The agility of production planning is defined as two characters: synchronization and flexibility. Measurement indexes for evaluating agility are then divided into two dimensions separately. Synchronization includes two horizontal indexes: order lead time ratio and demand fulfilling rate; Two vertical indexes: instruction-reaction cycle time and resource matching rate.Flexibility includes five indexes: scope flexibility, delivery flexibility, variety flexibility, capacity buffer, inventory buffer and modification flexibility. Quantitative formulas for each measurement index are constructed. One application is discussed to illustrate the feasibility and reasonability of the indexes.

  15. Alterations in the growth and adhesion pattern of Vero cells induced by nutritional stress conditions.

    Genari, S C; Gomes, L; Wada, M L


    The pattern of growth, adhesion and protein synthesis in Vero cells submitted to nutritional stress conditions was investigated. The control cells presented a characteristic pattern, with monolayer growth, while the stressed cells presented multilayered growth, with aggregate or spheroid formation which detached on the flask surface and continued their growth in another region. In the soft agar assay, with reduced amount of nutrients, only the stressed cells presented growth, indicating physical and nutritional independence. A 44-kDa protein was observed in stressed cells and was absent in non-stressed cells. The adhesion index and fibronectin synthesis and distribution were altered in stressed cells. After confluence, control cells presented fibronectin accumulation in lateral cell-cell contact regions, while this fibronectin accumulation pattern was not observed in stressed cells. These alterations may be responsible for the multilayered growth and decreased adhesion index observed in stressed cells which were transformed by nutritional stress conditions.

  16. Managing Leadership Stress

    Bal, Vidula; McDowell-Larsen, Sharon


    Everyone experiences stress, and leaders face the additional stress brought about by the unique demands of leadership: having to make decisions with limited information, to manage conflict, to do more with less . . . and faster! The consequences of stress can include health problems and deteriorating relationships. Knowing what signs of stress to look for and having a strategy for increasing your resources will help you manage leadership stress and be more effective over a long career.Table of ContentsThe Stress of Leadership 7Why Is Leadership Stressful? 8Stress Assessment 13When Stress Is Wh

  17. Potential Water Availability Index (PWAI): A New Water Vulnerability Index for Africa Based on GRACE Data

    Hasan, E.; Tarhule, A.; Hong, Y.; Moore, B., III


    The critical role of water in enabling or constraining human wellbeing and socio-economic activities has led to interest in quantitatively establishing the status or index of water (in)sufficiency over time and space. Introduced in 1989, the first widely accepted index expressed the status of water resources availability in terms of vulnerability, stress, or scarcity. Since then, numerous refinements and modifications to the concept have been published but nearly all adopt the same basic formulation; water status is a function of available water resources and demand or use. However, accurately defining and assessing `available water' has proved problematic especially in data scarce regions, such as Africa. In this paper, we use Total Water Storage (TWS) estimated from NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) in lieu of observational hydrologic data, to estimate the Water Scarcity Index (WSI) for Africa at country level. The monthly TWS Positive anomalies represent periods of net system recharge while negative anomalies represent net system loss due to evapotranspiration and anthropogenic withdrawals. The procedure is as follows. First, we calculated the long-term (2002-2014) Internal Water Storage (IWS) for each country using the monthly precipitation data from the Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC). Next, the yearly cumulative positive and negative anomalies were added to the long-term IWS to obtain volumetric Potential Water Storage (VPWS) per country. By dividing VPWS by population, we obtain estimates of per capita water availability which can be grouped into vulnerability classes using established thresholds. Our VPWS showed very high correlation (R2 =0.94, p=0.0001) with the values of Internal Renewable Water Resources (IRWR) estimated by AQUSTAT. Additionally, the GWSI is highly correlated (R2 =0.94, p=0.0001) with the existing WSI index from the world bank data center. The novelty and contribution of our approach is in using GRACE

  18. Environmental/Biomedical Terminology Index

    Huffstetler, J.K.; Dailey, N.S.; Rickert, L.W.; Chilton, B.D.


    The Information Center Complex (ICC), a centrally administered group of information centers, provides information support to environmental and biomedical research groups and others within and outside Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In-house data base building and development of specialized document collections are important elements of the ongoing activities of these centers. ICC groups must be concerned with language which will adequately classify and insure retrievability of document records. Language control problems are compounded when the complexity of modern scientific problem solving demands an interdisciplinary approach. Although there are several word lists, indexes, and thesauri specific to various scientific disciplines usually grouped as Environmental Sciences, no single generally recognized authority can be used as a guide to the terminology of all environmental science. If biomedical terminology for the description of research on environmental effects is also needed, the problem becomes even more complex. The building of a word list which can be used as a general guide to the environmental/biomedical sciences has been a continuing activity of the Information Center Complex. This activity resulted in the publication of the Environmental Biomedical Terminology Index (EBTI).

  19. Dietary glycemic index: health implications.

    Brand-Miller, Jennie; McMillan-Price, Joanna; Steinbeck, Katherine; Caterson, Ian


    Weight loss can be achieved by any means of energy restriction, but the challenge is to achieve sustainable weight loss and prevent weight "creep" without increasing the risk of chronic disease. The modest success of low fat diets has prompted research on alternative dietary strategies, including high protein diets and low glycemic index (GI) diets. Conventional high carbohydrate diets, even when based on wholegrain foods, increase postprandial glycemia and insulinemia and may compromise weight control via mechanisms related to appetite stimulation, fuel partitioning, and metabolic rate. This paper makes the case for the benefits of low glycemic index diets over higher protein diets. Both strategies are associated with lower postprandial glycemia, and both are commonly labeled as "low glycemic load," but the long-term health effects are likely to be different. A large body of evidence, which now comprises observational prospective cohort studies, randomized controlled trials, and mechanistic experiments in animal models, provides robust support for low GI carbohydrate diets in the prevention of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Although lower carbohydrate, higher protein diets increase the rate of weight loss, cohort studies and meta-analyses of clinical trials suggest the potential for increased mortality.

  20. Viscosity Index Improvers and Thickeners

    Stambaugh, R. L.; Kinker, B. G.

    The viscosity index of an oil or an oil formulation is an important physical parameter. Viscosity index improvers, VIIs, are comprised of five main classes of polymers: polymethylmethacrylates (PMAs), olefin copolymers (OCPs), hydrogenated poly(styrene-co-butadiene or isoprene) (HSD/SIP/HRIs), esterified polystyrene-co-maleic anhydride (SPEs) and a combination of PMA/OCP systems. The chemistry, manufacture, dispersancy and utility of each class are described. The comparative functions, properties, thickening ability, dispersancy and degradation of VIIs are discussed. Permanent and temporary shear thinning of VII-thickened formulations are described and compared. The end-use performance and choice of VI improvers is discussed in terms of low- and high-temperature viscosities, journal bearing oil film thickness, fuel economy, oil consumption, high-temperature pumping efficiency and deposit control. Discussion of future developments concludes that VI improvers will evolve to meet new challenges of increased thermal-oxidative degradation from increased engine operating temperatures, different base stocks of either synthetic base oils or vegetable oil-based, together with alcohol- or vegetable oil-based fuels. VI improvers must also evolve to deal with higher levels of fuel dilution and new types of sludge and also enhanced low-temperature requirements.