Sample records for street map book

  1. Into a Mapping of Copenhagen Street Lighting 2014

    Bülow, Katja; Asp, Claus; Kongshaug, Jesper


    LED lighting is a new lighting component in urban Spaces. How does LED lighting change the visual experience of a street, how did it use to be and how will it become? The book presents a mapping method in which an overview map of light sources in the Copenhagen streets is combined with a video...... recording and a series of photos from a route, whick goes through different city parts and types of streets. The mapping is done in the crucial changing fase, in which the street lighting in Copenhagen is a mix of previously used light sources and LED....

  2. OpenStreetMap over WMS

    Přemysl Vohnout


    Full Text Available This paper discuss the issues which we faced, while preparing WMS server with OpenStreetMap data of whole Europe. This article is divided into three sections. First is about mandatory applications which are required for working WMS service with OpenStreetMap data. Second is focused on tuning up PostgreSQL. Third is focused on rendering time improvement of layers.

  3. Long Street: A Map of Post-Apartheid Cape Town

    Giovanni Spissu


    Full Text Available No map fully coincides with the territory it represents. If the map and territory do not coincide, what can the map capture of the territory? According to Bateson, the answer is its differences. Drawing from Gregory Bateson’s ideas, we can envision an ethnographic representation of the city through which we can represent the urban territory through the different ways its inhabitants perceive it. In this article, I describe the process that led me to build a map of post-apartheid Cape Town from Long Street. I took inspiration from Bateson’s book Naven and compared it with the District Six Museum map in Cape Town with the objective of representing post-apartheid Cape Town through its differences.

  4. MapBook

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Beginning with the systematic mapping of the lunar surface more than three decades ago, this database contains over 1600 maps of the planets and satellites of the...

  5. A qualitative enquiry into OpenStreetMap making

    Lin, Yu-Wei


    Based on a case study on the OpenStreetMap community, this paper provides a contextual and embodied understanding of the user-led, user-participatory and user-generated produsage phenomenon. It employs Grounded Theory, Social Worlds Theory, and qualitative methods to illuminate and explores the produsage processes of OpenStreetMap making, and how knowledge artefacts such as maps can be collectively and collaboratively produced by a community of people, who are situated in different places around the world but engaged with the same repertoire of mapping practices. The empirical data illustrate that OpenStreetMap itself acts as a boundary object that enables actors from different social worlds to co-produce the Map through interacting with each other and negotiating the meanings of mapping, the mapping data and the Map itself. The discourses also show that unlike traditional maps that black-box cartographic knowledge and offer a single dominant perspective of cities or places, OpenStreetMap is an embodied epistemic object that embraces different world views. The paper also explores how contributors build their identities as an OpenStreetMaper alongside some other identities they have. Understanding the identity-building process helps to understand mapping as an embodied activity with emotional, cognitive and social repertoires.

  6. OpenStreetMap e la prima conferenza OSMit

    Luca Dellucchi


    Full Text Available OpenStreetMap and the first OSMit conferenceThis month’s article features a brief presentation of the OpenStreetMap project, initiated by a single user in 2004 with the aim of creating a free map of the world, editable following wiki-like rules, and evolved in a few years in a system involving over 100,000 users contributing data from all over the world. The interest in presenting this topic is related also to the recent occurrence of the first meeting of the Italian OpenStreetMap Community. The meeting took place in Trento in early June 2009, organized by the Fondazione Bruno Kessler, and demonstrated the liveliness of this community, showcasing experience conducted over the past year, and highlighting developments for the future.

  7. a Method of Generating Panoramic Street Strip Image Map with Mobile Mapping System

    Tianen, Chen; Yamamoto, Kohei; Tachibana, Kikuo


    This paper explores a method of generating panoramic street strip image map which is called as "Pano-Street" here and contains both sides, ground surface and overhead part of a street with a sequence of 360° panoramic images captured with Point Grey's Ladybug3 mounted on the top of Mitsubishi MMS-X 220 at 2m intervals along the streets in urban environment. On-board GPS/IMU, speedometer and post sequence image analysis technology such as bundle adjustment provided much more accuracy level position and attitude data for these panoramic images, and laser data. The principle for generating panoramic street strip image map is similar to that of the traditional aero ortho-images. A special 3D DEM(3D-Mesh called here) was firstly generated with laser data, the depth map generated from dense image matching with the sequence of 360° panoramic images, or the existing GIS spatial data along the MMS trajectory, then all 360° panoramic images were projected and stitched on the 3D-Mesh with the position and attitude data. This makes it possible to make large scale panoramic street strip image maps for most types of cities, and provides another kind of street view way to view the 360° scene along the street by avoiding the switch of image bubbles like Google Street View and Bing Maps Streetside.


    C. Tianen


    Full Text Available This paper explores a method of generating panoramic street strip image map which is called as “Pano-Street” here and contains both sides, ground surface and overhead part of a street with a sequence of 360° panoramic images captured with Point Grey’s Ladybug3 mounted on the top of Mitsubishi MMS-X 220 at 2m intervals along the streets in urban environment. On-board GPS/IMU, speedometer and post sequence image analysis technology such as bundle adjustment provided much more accuracy level position and attitude data for these panoramic images, and laser data. The principle for generating panoramic street strip image map is similar to that of the traditional aero ortho-images. A special 3D DEM(3D-Mesh called here was firstly generated with laser data, the depth map generated from dense image matching with the sequence of 360° panoramic images, or the existing GIS spatial data along the MMS trajectory, then all 360° panoramic images were projected and stitched on the 3D-Mesh with the position and attitude data. This makes it possible to make large scale panoramic street strip image maps for most types of cities, and provides another kind of street view way to view the 360° scene along the street by avoiding the switch of image bubbles like Google Street View and Bing Maps Streetside.

  9. Affordance-based individuation of junctions in Open Street Map

    Simon Scheider


    Full Text Available We propose an algorithm that can be used to identify automatically the subset of street segments of a road network map that corresponds to a junction. The main idea is to use turn-compliant locomotion affordances, i.e., restricted patterns of supported movement, in order to specify junctions independently of their data representation, and in order to motivate tractable individuation and classification strategies. We argue that common approaches based solely on geometry or topology of the street segment graph are useful but insufficient proxies. They miss certain turn restrictions essential to junctions. From a computational viewpoint, the main challenge of affordance-based individuation of junctions lies in its complex recursive definition. In this paper, we show how Open Street Map data can be interpreted into locomotion affordances, and how the recursive junction definition can be translated into a deterministic algorithm. We evaluate this algorithm by applying it to small map excerpts in order to delineate the contained junctions.

  10. On Simplifying Features in OpenStreetMap database

    Qian, Xinlin; Tao, Kunwang; Wang, Liang


    Currently the visualization of OpenStreetMap data is using a tile server which stores map tiles that have been rendered from vector data in advance. However, tiled map are short of functionalities such as data editing and customized styling. To enable these advanced functionality, Client-side processing and rendering of geospatial data is needed. Considering the voluminous size of the OpenStreetMap data, simply sending region queries results of OSM database to client is prohibitive. To make the OSM data retrieved from database adapted for client receiving and rendering, It must be filtered and simplified at server-side to limit its volume. We propose a database extension for OSM database to make it possible to simplifying geospatial objects such as ways and relations during data queries. Several auxiliary tables and PL/pgSQL functions are presented to make the geospatial features can be simplified by omitting unimportant vertices. There are five components in the database extension: Vertices weight computation by polyline and polygon simplification algorithm, Vertices weight storage in auxiliary tables. filtering and selecting of vertices using specific threshold value during spatial queries, assembling of simplified geospatial objects using filtered vertices, vertices weight updating after geospatial objects editing. The database extension is implemented on an OSM APIDB using PL/pgSQL. The database contains a subset of OSM database. The experimental database contains geographic data of United Kingdom which is about 100 million vertices and roughly occupy 100GB disk. JOSM are used to retrieve the data from the database using a revised data accessing API and render the geospatial objects in real-time. When serving simplified data to client, The database allows user to set the bound of the error of simplification or the bound of responding time in each data query. Experimental results show the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed methods in building a

  11. D Topological Indoor Building Modeling Integrated with Open Street Map

    Jamali, A.; Rahman, A. Abdul; Boguslawski, P.


    Considering various fields of applications for building surveying and various demands, geometry representation of a building is the most crucial aspect of a building survey. The interiors of the buildings need to be described along with the relative locations of the rooms, corridors, doors and exits in many kinds of emergency response, such as fire, bombs, smoke, and pollution. Topological representation is a challenging task within the Geography Information Science (GIS) environment, as the data structures required to express these relationships are particularly difficult to develop. Even within the Computer Aided Design (CAD) community, the structures for expressing the relationships between adjacent building parts are complex and often incomplete. In this paper, an integration of 3D topological indoor building modeling in Dual Half Edge (DHE) data structure and outdoor navigation network from Open Street Map (OSM) is presented.

  12. Thinking Connections: Concept Maps for Life Science. Book B.

    Burggraf, Frederick

    The concept maps contained in this book (for grades 7-12) span 35 topics in life science. Topics were chosen using the National Science Education Standards as a guide. The practice exercise in concept mapping is included to give students an idea of what the tasks ahead will be in content rich maps. Two levels of concept maps are included for each…

  13. Application of OpenStreetMap (OSM) to Support the Mapping Village in Indonesia

    Swasti Kanthi, Nurin; Hery Purwanto, Taufik


    Geospatial Information is a important thing in this era, because the need for location information is needed to know the condition of a region. In 2015 the Indonesian government release detailed mapping in village level and their Parent maps Indonesian state regulatory standards set forth in Rule form Norm Standards, Procedures and Criteria for Mapping Village (NSPK). Over time Web and Mobile GIS was developed with a wide range of applications. The merger between detailed mapping and Web GIS is still rarely performed and not used optimally. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a WebGIS which can be utilized as Mobile GIS providing sufficient information to the representative levels of the building and can be used for mapping the village.Mapping Village using OSM was conducted using remote sensing approach and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), which's to interpret remote sensing imagery from OSM. The study was conducted to analyzed how far the role of OSM to support the mapping of the village, it's done by entering the house number data, administrative boundaries, public facilities and land use into OSM with reference data and data image Village Plan. The results of the mapping portion villages in OSM as a reference map-making village and analyzed in accordance with NSPK for detailed mapping Rukun Warga (RW) is part of the village mapping. The use of OSM greatly assists the process of mapping the details of the region with data sources in the form of images and can be accessed for Open Source. But still need their care and updating the data source to maintain the validity of the data.

  14. A Progressive Buffering Method for Road Map Update Using OpenStreetMap Data

    Changyong Liu


    Full Text Available Web 2.0 enables a two-way interaction between servers and clients. GPS receivers become available to more citizens and are commonly found in vehicles and smart phones, enabling individuals to record and share their trajectory data on the Internet and edit them online. OpenStreetMap (OSM makes it possible for citizens to contribute to the acquisition of geographic information. This paper studies the use of OSM data to find newly mapped or built roads that do not exist in a reference road map and create its updated version. For this purpose, we propose a progressive buffering method for determining an optimal buffer radius to detect the new roads in the OSM data. In the next step, the detected new roads are merged into the reference road maps geometrically, topologically, and semantically. Experiments with OSM data and reference road maps over an area of 8494 km2 in the city of Wuhan, China and five of its 5 km × 5 km areas are conducted to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the method. It is shown that the OSM data can add 11.96% or a total of 2008.6 km of new roads to the reference road maps with an average precision of 96.49% and an average recall of 97.63%.

  15. Mapping Citation Patterns of Book Chapters in the Book Citation Index

    Torres-Salinas, Daniel; Robinson-Garcia, Nicolas; Fdez-Valdivia, J; García, J A; 10.1016/j.joi.2013.01.004


    In this paper we provide the reader with a visual representation of relationships among the impact of book chapters indexed in the Book Citation Index using information gain values and published by different academic publishers in specific disciplines. The impact of book chapters can be characterized statistically by citations histograms. For instance, we can compute the probability of occurrence of book chapters with a number of citations in different intervals for each academic publisher. We predict the similarity between two citation histograms based on the amount of relative information between such characterizations. We observe that the citation patterns of book chapters follow a Lotkaian distribution. This paper describes the structure of the Book Citation Index using 'heliocentric clockwise maps' which allow the reader not only to determine the grade of similarity of a given academic publisher indexed in the Book Citation Index with a specific discipline according to their citation distribution, but al...

  16. The Enclosed World of the Book in the Capital of New Spain. Bookstores, Sale Posts and Street Vending (Eighteenth Century

    Olivia Moreno Gamboa


    Full Text Available The purpose of this work is to demonstrate the relevance of small bookstores in Mexico City’s book trade. Unpublished first-hand sources enable us to show the success of these small businesses in the second half of the eighteenth century, and, at the same time, highlight the existence of a large group of street sellers dealing in printed works. Both phenomena belong to a period when the Atlantic book trade and typographic production in New Spain were growing. Similarly, the article also demonstrates the close relationship between bookstore status and their location in the city, bearing in mind that the main-square bookstalls and nearby street sellers stood out for selling “popular” editions, minor and second-hand works.

  17. Temporal Analysis of Activity Patterns of Editors in Collaborative Mapping Project of OpenStreetMap

    Yasseri, Taha; Mashhadi, Afra


    In the recent years Wikis have become an attractive platform for social studies of the human behaviour. Containing millions records of edits across the globe, collaborative systems such as Wikipedia have allowed researchers to gain a better understanding of editors participation and their activity patterns. However, contributions made to Geo-wikis_wiki-based collaborative mapping projects_ differ from systems such as Wikipedia in a fundamental way due to spatial dimension of the content that limits the contributors to a set of those who posses local knowledge about a specific area and therefore cross-platform studies and comparisons are required to build a comprehensive image of online open collaboration phenomena. In this work, we study the temporal behavioural pattern of OpenStreetMap editors, a successful example of geo-wiki, for two European capital cities. We categorise different type of temporal patterns and report on the historical trend within a period of 7 years of the project age. We also draw a com...

  18. An expectation-based editing interface for OpenStreetMap

    ElSafty, Ahmed


    Building an open-source world map was one of the main reasons OpenStreetMap (OSM) was founded. Over 1.3 million contributors participate in editing the the world map collaboratively. Unfortunately, there is no support or any assistive technology solutions that helps blind and visually impaired users to blend into the OSM community. The aim of this thesis is to provide them with an assistive OSM editing application with an adaptive user interface that matches their needs. A mobile application ...

  19. OpenStreetMap: collaborer pour faire des cartes

    Nicolas Lambert


    Full Text Available Au tournant des années 2000, 20% des requêtes réalisées sur les moteurs de recherche concernaient des lieux ou des adresses. C’est ce qui a poussé de nombreuses sociétés privées à mettre en place des portails cartographiques gratuits (ou partiellement gratuits. Dans un univers très concurrentiel, Google s’est imposé facilement en mettant à la disposition des internautes, dès 2004, un service de cartographie et de vues aériennes d’une grande partie du monde, devenu «Google Maps» (sur le web et «Google Earth» (via un logiciel 3D. Révolutionnaire par sa facilité d’accès et sa simplicité d’utilisation, ce portail cartographique a bousculé d’emblée les us et coutumes de la cartographie et de la géomatique, jusque-là domaine réservé aux experts et aux professionnels.

  20. Using Latent Semantic Analysis to Identify Research Trends in OpenStreetMap

    Sukhjit Singh Sehra


    Full Text Available OpenStreetMap (OSM, based on collaborative mapping, has become a subject of great interest to the academic community, resulting in a considerable body of literature produced by many researchers. In this paper, we use Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA to help identify the emerging research trends in OSM. An extensive corpus of 485 academic abstracts of papers published during the period 2007–2016 was used. Five core research areas and fifty research trends were identified in this study. In addition, potential future research directions have been provided to aid geospatial information scientists, technologists and researchers in undertaking future OSM research.

  1. Self Organizing Map of Artificial Neural Network for Defining Level of Service Criteria of Urban Streets

    Smruti Sourava Mohapatra


    Full Text Available In India, Level of Service (LOS is not well defined for urban streets. The analysis procedure followed in India is that developed by HCM 2000. Speed ranges of LOS categories for various urban Street Classes defined by HCM are appropriate for developed countries having homogenous type of traffic flow. India being a developing country its traffic is very much heterogeneous having vehicles of different operational characteristics. Therefore, LOS criteria in Indian context should be defined correctly considering the traffic and geometric characteristics of urban streets. Defining LOS is basically a classification problem and application of cluster analysis is found to be a suitable technique to solve the problem. Self Organizing Map (SOM a type of Artificial Neural Network (ANN used to solve this classification problem. For this study, lot of speed data is required for which GPS is found to be the most suitable method of data collection and hence extensively used. Free flow speed (FFS and average travel speed during peak and off peak hours inventory of road segments are used in this study. FFS ranges for different urban Street Classes and speed ranges of LOS categories found to be lower than that mentioned in HCM-2000.

  2. Exploratory User Study to Evaluate the Effect of Street Name Changes on Route Planning Using 2d Maps

    Rautenbach, Victoria; Coetzee, Serena; Hankel, Melissa


    This paper presents the results of an exploratory user study using 2D maps to observe and analyse the effect of street name changes on prospective route planning. The study is part of a larger research initiative to understand the effect of street name changes on wayfinding. The common perception is that street name changes affect our ability to navigate an environment, but this has not yet been tested with an empirical user study. A combination of a survey, the thinking aloud method and eye tracking was used with a group of 20 participants, mainly geoinformatics students. A within-subject participant assignment was used. Independent variables were the street network (regular and irregular) and orientation cues (street names and landmarks) portrayed on a 2D map. Dependent variables recorded were the performance (were the participant able to plan a route between the origin and destination?); the accuracy (was the shortest path identified?); the time taken to complete a task; and fixation points with eye tracking. Overall, the results of this exploratory study suggest that street name changes impact the prospective route planning performance and process that individuals use with 2D maps. The results contribute to understanding how route planning changes when street names are changed on 2D maps. It also contributes to the design of future user studies. To generalise the findings, the study needs to be repeated with a larger group of participants.

  3. Exploring the Quality and Usability of OpenStreetMap Data

    Braune, Christopher; Klump, Jens


    OpenStreetMap (OSM) is an international project which provides free geographic data by creating and distributing continuously new geodata on a strictly voluntary basis [1]. The open availability of global geographical data invites a wide use of OSM data for a range of fields and applications in many different user groups. Though ongoing contribution of map data by OSM volunteers, and by new volunteers joining OSM, the total volume of OSM data increases steadily. The aim of this study is to explore the global OSM dataset and to define the quality of the dataset through its intrinsic properties instead of comparing its spatial location accuracy to a reference dataset. For instance, one hypothesis states that the spatial object density of OSM will correlated with population density. Other studies have already confirmed this correlation for specific study areas [2], but not on a global scale. Another aspect of this study is to explore the semantic properties of tags used to describe OSM elements. The project includes the implementation of suitable hard- and software environments and the definition of study parameters in terms of quality and usability oriented to the ISO 19113: Geographic information - Quality principles. Common tools for OSM data experience problems with the handling of object tags because unknown key-value combinations (elements of tags) are not supported in some software applications. This means that in the these objects may be missing the data subset used by a specific application. Approximately 36% of key-value pairs in OSM are unique. Only 10% of key-value pairs are widespread and commonly used world wide. Considering the total number of OSM elements exceeding 2 billion, the heterogeneity of tags used to characterise OSM objects offers both a trove of semantic richness but also poses a challenge to semantic interpretation of the global OSM dataset. References: [1] Offical OpenStreetMap Wiki, URL: (January 2014) [2

  4. A Photogrammetric Approach for Assessing Positional Accuracy of OpenStreetMap© Roads

    Peter Doucette


    Full Text Available As open source volunteered geographic information continues to gain popularity, the user community and data contributions are expected to grow, e.g., CloudMade, Apple, and Ushahidi now provide OpenStreetMap© (OSM as a base layer for some of their mapping applications. This, coupled with the lack of cartographic standards and the expectation to one day be able to use this vector data for more geopositionally sensitive applications, like GPS navigation, leaves potential users and researchers to question the accuracy of the database. This research takes a photogrammetric approach to determining the positional accuracy of OSM road features using stereo imagery and a vector adjustment model. The method applies rigorous analytical measurement principles to compute accurate real world geolocations of OSM road vectors. The proposed approach was tested on several urban gridded city streets from the OSM database with the results showing that the post adjusted shape points improved positionally by 86%. Furthermore, the vector adjustment was able to recover 95% of the actual positional displacement present in the database. To demonstrate a practical application, a head-to-head positional accuracy assessment between OSM, the USGS National Map (TNM, and United States Census Bureau’s Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding Referencing (TIGER 2007 roads was conducted.

  5. Quantifying Urban Natural Gas Leaks from Street-level Methane Mapping: Measurements and Uncertainty

    von Fischer, J. C.; Ham, J. M.; Griebenow, C.; Schumacher, R. S.; Salo, J.


    Leaks from the natural gas pipeline system are a significant source of anthropogenic methane in urban settings. Detecting and repairing these leaks will reduce the energy and carbon footprints of our cities. Gas leaks can be detected from spikes in street-level methane concentrations measured by analyzers deployed on vehicles. While a spike in methane concentration indicates a leak, an algorithm (e.g., inverse model) must be used to estimate the size of the leak (i.e., flux) from concentration data and supporting meteorological information. Unfortunately, this drive-by approach to leak quantification is confounded by the complexity of urban roughness, changing weather conditions, and other incidental factors (e.g., traffic, vehicle speed, etc.). Furthermore, the vehicle might only pass through the plume one to three times during routine mapping. The objective of this study was to conduct controlled release experiments to better quantify the relationship between mobile methane concentration measurements and the size and location of the emission source (e.g., pipeline leakage) in an urban environment. A portable system was developed that could release methane at known rates between 10 and 40 LPM while maintaining concentrations below the lower explosive limit. A mapping vehicle was configured with fast response methane analyzers, GPS, and meteorological instruments. Portable air-sampling tripods were fabricated that could be deployed at defined distances downwind from the release point and automatically-triggered to collect grab samples. The experimental protocol was as follows: (1) identify an appropriate release point within a city, (2) release methane at a known rate, (3) measure downwind street-level concentrations with the vehicle by making multiple passes through the plume, and (4) collect supporting concentration and meteorological data with the static tripod samplers deployed in the plume. Controlled release studies were performed at multiple locations and

  6. An exploration of future patterns of the contributions to OpenStreetMap and development of a contribution index

    Jokar Arsanjani, J; Mooney, P; Helbich, M; Zipf, A


    OpenStreetMap (OSM) represents one of the most well-known examples of a collaborative mapping project. Major research efforts have so far dealt with data quality analysis but the modality of OSM's evolution across space and time has barely been noted. This study aims to analyze spatio-temporal patte

  7. City Streets

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — This data set contains roadway centerlines for city streets found on the USGS 1:24,000 mapping series. In some areas, these roadways are current through the 2000...

  8. High-Resolution Air Pollution Mapping with Google Street View Cars: Exploiting Big Data.

    Apte, Joshua S; Messier, Kyle P; Gani, Shahzad; Brauer, Michael; Kirchstetter, Thomas W; Lunden, Melissa M; Marshall, Julian D; Portier, Christopher J; Vermeulen, Roel C H; Hamburg, Steven P


    Air pollution affects billions of people worldwide, yet ambient pollution measurements are limited for much of the world. Urban air pollution concentrations vary sharply over short distances (≪1 km) owing to unevenly distributed emission sources, dilution, and physicochemical transformations. Accordingly, even where present, conventional fixed-site pollution monitoring methods lack the spatial resolution needed to characterize heterogeneous human exposures and localized pollution hotspots. Here, we demonstrate a measurement approach to reveal urban air pollution patterns at 4-5 orders of magnitude greater spatial precision than possible with current central-site ambient monitoring. We equipped Google Street View vehicles with a fast-response pollution measurement platform and repeatedly sampled every street in a 30-km(2) area of Oakland, CA, developing the largest urban air quality data set of its type. Resulting maps of annual daytime NO, NO2, and black carbon at 30 m-scale reveal stable, persistent pollution patterns with surprisingly sharp small-scale variability attributable to local sources, up to 5-8× within individual city blocks. Since local variation in air quality profoundly impacts public health and environmental equity, our results have important implications for how air pollution is measured and managed. If validated elsewhere, this readily scalable measurement approach could address major air quality data gaps worldwide.


    A. Jamali


    Full Text Available Considering various fields of applications for building surveying and various demands, geometry representation of a building is the most crucial aspect of a building survey. The interiors of the buildings need to be described along with the relative locations of the rooms, corridors, doors and exits in many kinds of emergency response, such as fire, bombs, smoke, and pollution. Topological representation is a challenging task within the Geography Information Science (GIS environment, as the data structures required to express these relationships are particularly difficult to develop. Even within the Computer Aided Design (CAD community, the structures for expressing the relationships between adjacent building parts are complex and often incomplete. In this paper, an integration of 3D topological indoor building modeling in Dual Half Edge (DHE data structure and outdoor navigation network from Open Street Map (OSM is presented.

  10. Open Street Map Data as Source for Built-Up and Urban Areas on Global Scale

    Brinkhoff, Thomas


    Many types of applications require information about built-up areas and urban areas. Thus, there is a need for a global, vector-based, up-to-date, and free dataset of high resolution and accuracy. The OpenStreetMap (OSM) dataset fulfills those demands in principle. However, its focus is not land use or land cover. These observations lead to following questions: (1) Which OSM features can be used for computing built-up areas on global scale? (2) How can we derive built-up and urban areas on global scale in sufficient accuracy and performance by using standard software and hardware? (3) Is the quality of the result sufficient on global scale? In this paper, we investigate the first two questions in detail and give some insights into the third question.

  11. Testing the Potential of Volunteered Geoinformation in the Case of OpenStreetMap in Croatia

    Baldo Stančić


    Full Text Available The development of technologies, especially the information and communications technology (ICT and navigation technology, opened the possibility for collecting geospatial data to all interested parties. This trend has led to a new paradigm in the form of volunteered geoinformation (VGI. The speed of data collection as well as the amount of this data makes their use a great potential. On the other hand, there is a question of the quality of such data. They are by default collected by volunteers who have no formal training in the collection of spatial data. It is therefore important to examine the quality as well as to establish appropriate standards for data collection, but also for usage. This paper gives an overview of the phenomenon of VGI, its definition, the links with spatial data infrastructures (SDIs and the possibilities of its use. Some examples of collecting through and using the various VGI-based applications in Croatia are shown. Furthermore, an analysis of data completeness in the case of OpenStreetMap has been performed. The results of this research indicate that the completeness of VGI depends primarily on the interests of those who collect and use them. In the case of the OpenStreetMap data for Croatia, it is evident that the content of information is more complete in urban as well as coastal areas, while this is not the case in suburban and rural areas. A general trend of collecting and increasing the amounts of VGI already provides an alternative to the official spatial databases to a certain extent. Through appropriate standardization, VGI data can serve as a good source for the database updating and maintenance.

  12. Visual Overlay on OpenStreetMap Data to Support Spatial Exploration of Urban Environments

    Chandan Kumar


    Full Text Available Increasing volumes of spatial data about urban areas are captured and made available via volunteered geographic information (VGI sources, such as OpenStreetMap (OSM. Hence, new opportunities arise for regional exploration that can lead to improvements in the lives of citizens through spatial decision support. We believe that the VGI data of the urban environment could be used to present a constructive overview of the regional infrastructure with the advent of web technologies. Current location-based services provide general map-based information for the end users with conventional local search functionality, and hence, the presentation of the rich urban information is limited. In this work, we analyze the OSM data to classify the geo entities into consequential categories with facilities, landscape and land use distribution. We employ a visual overlay of heat map and interactive visualizations to present the regional characterization on OSM data classification. In the proposed interface, users are allowed to express a variety of spatial queries to exemplify their geographic interests. They can compare the characterization of urban areas with respect to multiple spatial dimensions of interest and can search for the most suitable region. The search experience is further enhanced via efficient optimization and interaction methods to support the decision making of end users. We report the end user acceptability and efficiency of the proposed system via usability studies and performance analysis comparison.

  13. Urban topography for flood modeling by fusion of OpenStreetMap, SRTM and local knowledge

    Winsemius, Hessel; Donchyts, Gennadii; Eilander, Dirk; Chen, Jorik; Leskens, Anne; Coughlan, Erin; Mawanda, Shaban; Ward, Philip; Diaz Loaiza, Andres; Luo, Tianyi; Iceland, Charles


    Topography data is essential for understanding and modeling of urban flood hazard. Within urban areas, much of the topography is defined by highly localized man-made features such as roads, channels, ditches, culverts and buildings. This results in the requirement that urban flood models require high resolution topography, and water conveying connections within the topography are considered. In recent years, more and more topography information is collected through LIDAR surveys however there are still many cities in the world where high resolution topography data is not available. Furthermore, information on connectivity is required for flood modelling, even when LIDAR data are used. In this contribution, we demonstrate how high resolution terrain data can be synthesized using a fusion between features in OpenStreetMap (OSM) data (including roads, culverts, channels and buildings) and existing low resolution and noisy SRTM elevation data using the Google Earth Engine platform. Our method uses typical existing OSM properties to estimate heights and topology associated with the features, and uses these to correct noise and burn features on top of the existing low resolution SRTM elevation data. The method has been setup in the Google Earth Engine platform so that local stakeholders and mapping teams can on-the-fly propose, include and visualize the effect of additional features and properties of features, which are deemed important for topography and water conveyance. These features can be included in a workshop environment. We pilot our tool over Dar Es Salaam.

  14. Public Transportation Management System based on GPSWiFi and Open Street Maps

    Saed Tarapiah


    Full Text Available Information technology (IT has transformed many industries, from education to health care to government, and is now in the early stages of transforming transportation systems. Transportation faces many issues like high accidents rate in general, and much more rate in developing countries due to the lack of proper infrastructure for roads, is one of the reasons for these crashes. In this project we focus on public transportation vehicles - such as buses, and mini-buses -, where the goal of the project is to design and deploy a smart/intelligent unit attached to public vehicles by using embedded microcontroller and sensors and empowering them to communicate with each other through wireless technologies. The proposed Offline Intelligent Public Transportation Management System will play a major role in reducing risks and high accidents rate, whereas it can increase the traveler satisfactions and convenience. Here, we propose a method, software as well as a framework as enabling technologies to for evaluation, planning and future improvement the public transportation system. Our system even though can be as whole or parts can be applied all over the world we mostly target developing countries. This limitation mostly appear by consider off-shelf technologies such as WiFi, GPS and Open Street Maps (OSM.

  15. True-3D accentuating of grids and streets in urban topographic maps enhances human object location memory.

    Dennis Edler

    Full Text Available Cognitive representations of learned map information are subject to systematic distortion errors. Map elements that divide a map surface into regions, such as content-related linear symbols (e.g. streets, rivers, railway systems or additional artificial layers (coordinate grids, provide an orientation pattern that can help users to reduce distortions in their mental representations. In recent years, the television industry has started to establish True-3D (autostereoscopic displays as mass media. These modern displays make it possible to watch dynamic and static images including depth illusions without additional devices, such as 3D glasses. In these images, visual details can be distributed over different positions along the depth axis. Some empirical studies of vision research provided first evidence that 3D stereoscopic content attracts higher attention and is processed faster. So far, the impact of True-3D accentuating has not yet been explored concerning spatial memory tasks and cartography. This paper reports the results of two empirical studies that focus on investigations whether True-3D accentuating of artificial, regular overlaying line features (i.e. grids and content-related, irregular line features (i.e. highways and main streets in official urban topographic maps (scale 1/10,000 further improves human object location memory performance. The memory performance is measured as both the percentage of correctly recalled object locations (hit rate and the mean distances of correctly recalled objects (spatial accuracy. It is shown that the True-3D accentuating of grids (depth offset: 5 cm significantly enhances the spatial accuracy of recalled map object locations, whereas the True-3D emphasis of streets significantly improves the hit rate of recalled map object locations. These results show the potential of True-3D displays for an improvement of the cognitive representation of learned cartographic information.

  16. True-3D accentuating of grids and streets in urban topographic maps enhances human object location memory.

    Edler, Dennis; Bestgen, Anne-Kathrin; Kuchinke, Lars; Dickmann, Frank


    Cognitive representations of learned map information are subject to systematic distortion errors. Map elements that divide a map surface into regions, such as content-related linear symbols (e.g. streets, rivers, railway systems) or additional artificial layers (coordinate grids), provide an orientation pattern that can help users to reduce distortions in their mental representations. In recent years, the television industry has started to establish True-3D (autostereoscopic) displays as mass media. These modern displays make it possible to watch dynamic and static images including depth illusions without additional devices, such as 3D glasses. In these images, visual details can be distributed over different positions along the depth axis. Some empirical studies of vision research provided first evidence that 3D stereoscopic content attracts higher attention and is processed faster. So far, the impact of True-3D accentuating has not yet been explored concerning spatial memory tasks and cartography. This paper reports the results of two empirical studies that focus on investigations whether True-3D accentuating of artificial, regular overlaying line features (i.e. grids) and content-related, irregular line features (i.e. highways and main streets) in official urban topographic maps (scale 1/10,000) further improves human object location memory performance. The memory performance is measured as both the percentage of correctly recalled object locations (hit rate) and the mean distances of correctly recalled objects (spatial accuracy). It is shown that the True-3D accentuating of grids (depth offset: 5 cm) significantly enhances the spatial accuracy of recalled map object locations, whereas the True-3D emphasis of streets significantly improves the hit rate of recalled map object locations. These results show the potential of True-3D displays for an improvement of the cognitive representation of learned cartographic information.

  17. Uncertainty of OpenStreetMap data for the road network in Cyprus

    Demetriou, Demetris


    Volunteered geographic information (VGI) refers to the geographic data compiled and created by individuals which are rendered on the Internet through specific web-based tools for diverse areas of interest. One of the most well-known VGI projects is the OpenStreetMap (OSM) that provides worldwide free geospatial data representing a variety of features. A critical issue for all VGI initiatives is the quality of the information offered. Thus, this report looks into the uncertainty of the OSM dataset for the main road network in Cyprus. The evaluation is based on three basic quality standards, namely positional accuracy, completeness and attribute accuracy. The work has been carried out by employing the Model Builder of ArcGIS which facilitated the comparison between the OSM data and the authoritative data provided by the Public Works Department (PWD). Findings showed that the positional accuracy increases with the hierarchical level of a road, it varies per administrative District and around 70% of the roads have a positional accuracy within 6m compared to the reference dataset. Completeness in terms of road length difference is around 25% for three out of four road categories examined and road name completeness is 100% and around 40% for higher and lower level roads, respectively. Attribute accuracy focusing on road name is very high for all levels of roads. These outputs indicate that OSM data are good enough if they fit for the purpose of use. Furthermore, the study revealed some weaknesses of the methods used for calculating the positional accuracy, suggesting the need for methodological improvements.

  18. From the Catalog to the Book on the Shelf: Building a Mapping Application for Vufind

    Kathleen Bauer


    Full Text Available At Yale University Library (YUL, recorded reference transactions revealed that after finding a book in the catalog patrons had difficulty knowing how to use the call number to find the book on the shelf. The Library created a mobile service to help locate the call number in the library stacks. From any call number of a book in Sterling Memorial Library at YUL, a map will be displayed which highlights that call number’s general area on a floor in the stacks. YUL introduced the mapping application in Yufind, a catalog in place at Yale since 2008 which is based on Vufind.

  19. Street Food Environment in Maputo (STOOD Map): a Cross-Sectional Study in Mozambique.

    Gelormini, Marcello; Damasceno, Albertino; Lopes, Simão António; Maló, Sérgio; Chongole, Célia; Muholove, Paulino; Casal, Susana; Pinho, Olívia; Moreira, Pedro; Padrão, Patrícia; Lunet, Nuno


    Street food represents a cultural, social, and economic phenomenon that is typical of urbanized areas, directly linked with a more sedentary lifestyle and providing a very accessible and inexpensive source of nutrition. Food advertising may contribute to shaping consumers' preferences and has the potential to drive the supply of specific foods. The purpose of this study is to characterize the street food offerings available to the urban population of Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, and the billboard food advertising in the same setting. People selling ready-to-eat foods, beverages, or snacks from venues such as carts, trucks, stands, and a variety of improvised informal setups (eg, shopping carts, trunks of cars, sides of vans, blankets on the sidewalk, etc) will be identified in the district of KaMpfumu. We will gather information about the actual food being sold through direct observation and interviews to vendors, and from the billboard advertising in the same areas. A second phase of the research entails collecting food samples to be analyzed in a specialized laboratory. The street food environment will be characterized, overall and according to socioeconomic and physical characteristics of the neighborhood, using descriptive statistics and spatial analysis. The study protocol was approved by the National Committee for Bioethics for Health in Mozambique. Data collection, including the identification of street food vending sites and billboard advertising, started on October 20, 2014, and lasted for 1 month. The collection of food samples took place in December 2014, and the bromatological analyses are expected to be concluded in August 2015. The district of KaMpfumu is the wealthiest and most urbanized in Maputo, and it is the area with the highest concentration and variety of street food vendors. The expected results may yield important information to assess the nutritional environment and the characteristics of the foods to which a great majority of

  20. Books

    White, Daniel O.


    Reviews books and curriculum materials for law-related courses for public schools coordinated by the National Center for Law-Focused Education in Chicago. Police and police behavior is the focus of this review. (DM)

  1. 基于规则的Open Street Map数据模型转换%Model Transformation of OpenStreetMap Based on Rules

    江瑜; 周晓光; 李志盛; 赵肄江


    周边区域地理信息的获取是我国地缘环境研究中的一个难题,志愿者地理信息( volunteered geographic in-formation, VGI)的兴起为解决该难题提供了一个可行的方法。在目前一系列的 VGI 项目中, OpenStreetMap ( OSM)是比较领先的应用,但OSM数据模型不同于我国周边应用的专业矢量数据模型,因此,利用OSM数据时首先需要对其进行模型转换。有鉴于此,本文提出了一种基于规则的OSM数据到专业应用矢量数据模型转换方法。该方法首先利用OSM定义的几何类型与地物属性作为分类依据,建立了模型转换基本规则库;对于志愿者根据自己的理解自行标注未包含在基本规则库中的目标采用人机交互方式进行模型转换,并在此过程中不断完善规则库,利用越南与巴基斯坦数据进行实验,最终形成了包括2344条转换规则的模型转换规则库,为OSM数据模型到专业应用矢量数据模型的转换提供了一条可行途径。%Spatial data acquisition is a bottleneck for borderland researching.In recent years, Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) has been proven to be a very successful means of acquiring timely and detailed global spatial data.OpenStreetMap (OSM) has been known as the most successful VGI resource.But OSM data model is far different from the traditional geographic information mod-el.Thus the OSM data needs to be converted to the scientist customized data model at first.Therefore, a rule_based transformation method is presented after analysing OSM data characteristics in this paper.In this method, a basic transformation rule base is estab-lished using geometry type and thematic attribute defined by OSM Features firstly.Then, the left unusual objects tagged by the volun-teers according to their understanding are converted by human-computer interaction and the responding transformation rules are re-membered into the rule base

  2. Tagging in Volunteered Geographic Information: An Analysis of Tagging Practices for Cities and Urban Regions in OpenStreetMap

    Nikola Davidovic


    Full Text Available In Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI projects, the tagging or annotation of objects is usually performed in a flexible and non-constrained manner. Contributors to a VGI project are normally free to choose whatever tags they feel are appropriate to annotate or describe a particular geographic object or place. In OpenStreetMap (OSM, the Map Features part of the OSM Wiki serves as the de-facto rulebook or ontology for the annotation of features in OSM. Within Map Features, suggestions and guidance on what combinations of tags to use for certain geographic objects are outlined. In this paper, we consider these suggestions and recommendations and analyse the OSM database for 40 cities around the world to ascertain if contributors to OSM in these urban areas are using this guidance in their tagging practices. Overall, we find that compliance with the suggestions and guidance in Map Features is generally average or poor. This leads us to conclude that contributors in these areas do not always tag features with the same level of annotation. Our paper also confirms anecdotal evidence that OSM Map Features is less influential in how OSM contributors tag objects.

  3. The Role of Citizen Science in Risk Mitigation and Disaster Response: A Case Study of 2015 Nepalese Earthquake Using OpenStreetMap

    Rieger, C.; Byrne, J. M.


    Citizen science includes networks of ordinary people acting as sensors, observing and recording information for science. OpenStreetMap is one such sensor network which empowers citizens to collaboratively produce a global picture from free geographic information. The success of this open source software is extended by the development of freely used open databases for the user community. Participating citizens do not require a high level of skill. Final results are processed by professionals following quality assurance protocols before map information is released. OpenStreetMap is not only the cheapest source of timely maps in many cases but also often the only source. This is particularly true in developing countries. Emergency responses to the recent earthquake in Nepal illustrates the value for rapidly updated geographical information. This includes emergency management, damage assessment, post-disaster response, and future risk mitigation. Local disaster conditions (landslides, road closings, bridge failures, etc.) were documented for local aid workers by citizen scientists working remotely. Satellites and drones provide digital imagery of the disaster zone and OpenStreetMap participants shared the data from locations around the globe. For the Nepal earthquake, OpenStreetMap provided a team of volunteers on the ground through their Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) which contribute data to the disaster response through smartphones and laptops. This, combined with global citizen science efforts, provided immediate geographically useful maps to assist aid workers, including the Red Cross and Canadian DART Team, and the Nepalese government. As of August 2014, almost 1.7 million users provided over 2.5 billion edits to the OpenStreetMap map database. Due to the increased usage of smartphones, GPS-enabled devices, and the growing participation in citizen science projects, data gathering is proving an effective way to contribute as a global citizen. This paper

  4. Generating Up-to-Date and Detailed Land Use and Land Cover Maps Using OpenStreetMap and GlobeLand30

    Cidália Costa Fonte


    Full Text Available With the opening up of the Landsat archive, global high resolution land cover maps have begun to appear. However, they often have only a small number of high level land cover classes and they are static products, corresponding to a particular period of time, e.g., the GlobeLand30 (GL30 map for 2010. The OpenStreetMap (OSM, in contrast, consists of a very detailed, dynamically updated, spatial database of mapped features from around the world, but it suffers from incomplete coverage, and layers of overlapping features that are tagged in a variety of ways. However, it clearly has potential for land use and land cover (LULC mapping. Thus the aim of this paper is to demonstrate how the OSM can be converted into a LULC map and how this OSM-derived LULC map can then be used to first update the GL30 with more recent information and secondly, enhance the information content of the classes. The technique is demonstrated on two study areas where there is availability of OSM data but in locations where authoritative data are lacking, i.e., Kathmandu, Nepal and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The GL30 and its updated and enhanced versions are independently validated using a stratified random sample so that the three maps can be compared. The results show that the updated version of GL30 improves in terms of overall accuracy since certain classes were not captured well in the original GL30 (e.g., water in Kathmandu and water/wetlands in Dar es Salaam. In contrast, the enhanced GL30, which contains more detailed urban classes, results in a drop in the overall accuracy, possibly due to the increased number of classes, but the advantages include the appearance of more detailed features, such as the road network, that becomes clearly visible.

  5. Creation of a Web Map and Mobile Application Based on a Printed Book

    Holubec, V.; Valášková, T.; Halounová, L.


    The project describes a process of conversion of printed books into a web map and mobile application. The goal of the project is to make spatial data in the book accessible to wide public using GIS especially on web in order to spread the information about this topic. Moreover, as a result of the analysis and of the new perspectives gained from the data context, historians will be able to find new connections. The books that serve as sources of the project (two books with the scope of about 1400 pages featuring hundreds of locations where each location is associated with more events of different types) refer to places with many addresses in Prague and some villages in the Czech Republic which are related to events that took place during the World War II. The paper describes the steps of conversion, the design of the data model in Esri geodatabase and examples of outputs. The historical data are connected to actual addresses and thanks to such a combination of historical and actual locations, the project will help to discover a part of the history of the Czech Republic and it will show new context in data via GIS capabilities. This project is a continuation of a project which recorded a march of death on a map. This is a unique project created in cooperation with Academia Publishing. The outputs of the project will serve as a core resource for a multimedia history portal. The author of the book is currently writing sequels from the post-war period and at least two other books are envisioned, so the future of the project is ensured.

  6. Amateur or Professional: Assessing the Expertise of Major Contributors in OpenStreetMap Based on Contributing Behaviors

    Anran Yang


    Full Text Available Volunteered geographic information (VGI projects, such as OpenStreetMap (OSM, provide an alternative way to produce geographic data. Research has proven that the resulting data in some areas are of decent quality, which guarantees their usability in various applications. Though these achievements are normally attributed to the huge heterogeneous community mainly consisting of amateurs, it is in fact a small percentage of major contributors who make nearly all contributions. In this paper, we investigate the contributing behaviors of these contributors to deduce whether they are actually professionals. Various indicators are used to depict the behaviors on three themes: practice, skill and motivation, aiming to identify solid evidence for expertise. Our case studies show that most major contributors in Germany, France and the United Kingdom are hardly amateurs, but are professionals instead. These contributors have rich experiences on geographical data editing, have a decent grasp of professional software and work on the project with enthusiasm and concentration. It is less unexpected that they can create geographic data of high quality.

  7. [Who Hits the Mark? A Comparative Study of the Free Geocoding Services of Google and OpenStreetMap].

    Lemke, D; Mattauch, V; Heidinger, O; Hense, H W


    Geocoding, the process of converting textual information (addresses) into geographic coordinates is increasingly used in public health/epidemiological research and practice. To date, little attention has been paid to geocoding quality and its impact on different types of spatially-related health studies. The primary aim of this study was to compare 2 freely available geocoding services (Google and OpenStreetMap) with regard to matching rate (percentage of address records capable of being geocoded) and positional accuracy (distance between geocodes and the ground truth locations). Residential addresses were geocoded by the NRW state office for information and technology and were considered as reference data (gold standard). The gold standard included the coordinates, the quality of the addresses (4 categories), and a binary urbanity indicator based on the CORINE land cover data. 2 500 addresses were randomly sampled after stratification for address quality and urbanity indicator (approximately 20 000 addresses). These address samples were geocoded using the geocoding services from Google and OSM. In general, both geocoding services showed a decrease in the matching rate with decreasing address quality and urbanity. Google showed consistently a higher completeness than OSM (>93 vs. >82%). Also, the cartographic confounding between urban and rural regions was less distinct with Google's geocoding API. Regarding the positional accuracy of the geo-coordinates, Google also showed the smallest deviations from the reference coordinates, with a median of Google that nearly 95% and for OSM 50% of the addresses were geocoded within Google is superior to OSM regarding completeness and positional accuracy of the geocoded addresses. On the other hand, Google has several restrictions, such as the limitation of the requests to 2 500 addresses per 24 h and the presentation of the results exclusively on Google Maps, which may complicate the use for scientific purposes.

  8. Crediting his critics' concerns: remaking John Snow's map of Broad Street cholera, 1854.

    Koch, Tom; Denike, Kenneth


    Few cases in the history of epidemiology and public health are more famous than John Snow's investigation of a neighborhood cholera outbreak in the St. James, Westminster, area of London in 1854. In this study Snow is assumed to have proven that cholera was water rather than airborne through a methodology that became, and to a great extent remains, central to the science and social science of disease studies. And yet, Snow's work did not satisfy most of his contemporaries who considered his proof of a solely waterborne cholera interesting but unconvincing. Uniquely, this paper asks whether the caution of Snow's contemporaries was reasonable, and secondly, whether Snow might have been more convincing within the science of the day. The answers significantly alter our understanding of this paradigmatic case. It does so in a manner offering insights both into the origins of nineteenth century disease analysis and more generally, the relation of mapping in the investigation of an outbreak of uncertain origin. The result has general relevance-pedagogically and practically-in epidemiology, medical geography, and public health.

  9. Saving Mango Street

    Van Winkle, Katie


    The author first learned about cultural diversity and racial justice in Mr. Sanderson's middle school English class. They read a book called "The House on Mango Street" by Sandra Cisneros and learned about a different culture, but also about a community with striking similarities to their own. The main character in the novel, Esperanza,…

  10. Guided Classification System for Conceptual Overlapping Classes in OpenStreetMap

    Ahmed Loai Ali


    Full Text Available The increased development of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI and its potential role in GIScience studies raises questions about the resulting data quality. Several studies address VGI quality from various perspectives like completeness, positional accuracy, consistency, etc. They mostly have consensus on the heterogeneity of data quality. The problem may be due to the lack of standard procedures for data collection and absence of quality control feedback for voluntary participants. In our research, we are concerned with data quality from the classification perspective. Particularly in VGI-mapping projects, the limited expertise of participants and the non-strict definition of geographic features lead to conceptual overlapping classes, where an entity could plausibly belong to multiple classes, e.g., lake or pond, park or garden, marsh or swamp, etc. Usually, quantitative and/or qualitative characteristics exist that distinguish between classes. Nevertheless, these characteristics might not be recognizable for non-expert participants. In previous work, we developed the rule-guided classification approach that guides participants to the most appropriate classes. As exemplification, we tackle the conceptual overlapping of some grass-related classes. For a given data set, our approach presents the most highly recommended classes for each entity. In this paper, we present the validation of our approach. We implement a web-based application called Grass&Green that presents recommendations for crowdsourcing validation. The findings show the applicability of the proposed approach. In four months, the application attracted 212 participants from more than 35 countries who checked 2,865 entities. The results indicate that 89% of the contributions fully/partially agree with our recommendations. We then carried out a detailed analysis that demonstrates the potential of this enhanced data classification. This research encourages the development of

  11. Urban streets

    Schönfeld, von Kim Carlotta; Bertolini, Luca


    Today's urban streets are usually planned for purposes of mobility: pedestrians, as well as a variety of vehicles such as cars, trucks, and sometimes bicycles, are usually factored into an urban street plan. However, urban streets are also increasingly recognized as public spaces, accommodating stre

  12. An Investigation into the Completeness of, and the Updates to, OpenStreetMap Data in a Heterogeneous Area in Brazil

    Silvana Philippi Camboim


    Full Text Available The integration of user-generated content made in a collaborative environment is being increasingly considered a valuable input to reference maps, even from official map agencies such as USGS and Ordnance Survey. In Brazil, decades of lack of investment has resulted in a topographic map coverage that is both outdated and unequally distributed throughout the territory. This paper aims to analyze the spatial distribution of updates of OpenStreetMap in rural and urban areas in the country to understand the patterns of user updates and its correlation with other economic and developmental variables. This analysis will contribute to generating the knowledge needed in order to consider the use of this data as part of a reference layer of the National Spatial Database Infrastructure as well to design strategies to encourage user action in specific areas.

  13. Minimising street work disruption by mapping cavities derived from 3D GPR-data: a new sewerage project in Torrente (Valencia, Spain)

    Valls, Ana; Garcia, Francisco; Ramirez, Manuel; Benlloch, Javier


    Ground penetrating radar is usually employed for non-destructive detection of cavities in karst areas and road maintenance. This paper describes the inspection for cavity detection in a street located in Torrente (Valencia, Spain) where a new sewerage project was planned. Torrente population growth (more than 80,000 inhabitants last year) has caused urban development southwards from its downtown. According to municipality geologic configuration, new urbanized areas are located in mountains composed of limestone with presence of karst systems. During excavation work for a sewerage system installation, a 4 x 2 x 1.5 m shallow cave was found in one planned street. For this reason, digging activities were stopped and a GPR survey was carried out on the street. A 1x1 m grid was collected using a GSSI SIR-3000 equipment. A 400 MHz frequency antenna was used for reaching 2.5 m approx. depth, attending the characteristics of the discovered cave and the excavation project depth. GPR records were calibrated in situ, thanks to the unearthed cavity. The 3D GPR-data interpretation mapped several caves only on one side of the street. The detected cavities coincided with the sewerage system layout. These underground spaces were isolated from each other, as small individual karst caves. The outcomes of this study allowed the modification of the sewerage project. Therefore, the sewerage system layout was moved to the other side of the street where no cavities were detected with the GPR survey. GPR is proved to be an efficient tool to be taken into consideration by civil engineers and architects for designing new infrastructures (e.g. sewerage systems) in urban planning areas. We conclude GPR helps minimising cost, time and inconveniences to neighbourhood during excavation works, especially in cities.

  14. Street children

    Rončević Nevenka


    Full Text Available According to UNICEF, street child is any child under the age of 18 for whom the street has become home and/or source of income and which is not adequately protected or supervised by adult, responsible person. It has been estimated that there are between 100 and 150 million street children worldwide. Life and work on the street have long term and far-reaching consequences for development and health of these children. By living and working in the street, these children face the highest level of risk. Street children more often suffer from the acute illness, injuries, infection, especially gastrointestinal, acute respiratory infections and sexually transmitted diseases, inadequate nutrition, mental disorders, and drug abuse. They are more often victims of abuse, sexual exploitation, trafficking; they have higher rate of adolescent pregnancy than their peers from poor families. Street children and youth have higher rates of hospitalization and longer hospital stay due to seriousness of illness and delayed health care. Street children/youth are reluctant to seek health care, and when they try, they face many barriers. Street children are invisible to the state and their number in Serbia is unknown. Recently, some non­governmental organizations from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis have recognized this problem and tried to offer some help to street children, by opening drop­in centers, but this is not enough. To solve this problem, an engagement of the state and the whole community is necessary, and primary responsibility lies in health, social and educational sector. The best interests of the child must serve as a basic guideline in all activities aimed at improving health, quality of life and rights of children involved in the life and work in the street.

  15. E-books in the environment of the University of Ljubljana – useful manuals or a dead end street : experiences of the CTK

    Matjaž Eržen


    Full Text Available E-books are an essential part of the digitized material, which is available to the users of academic libraries. Compared to e-journals, which have already been embraced by the users, e-books do not meet the publishers’ expected usage level. The article also describes Central Technical Library’s experience with different suppliers and different e-books business models; and highlights the results of the one-year usage of NetLibrary e-books, which are accessible to the users of the University of Ljubljana. The usage results, comparisons and experiences imply some possible reasons and indicate some solutions that may result in a better usage of that material.

  16. Portraits of the earth a mathematician looks at maps

    Feeman, Timothy G


    Maps are exciting, visual tools that we encounter on a daily basis: from street maps to maps of the world accompanying news stories to geologic maps depicting the underground structure of the earth. This book explores the mathematical ideas involved in creating and analyzing maps, a topic that is rarely discussed in undergraduate courses. It is the first modern book to present the famous problem of mapping the earth in a style that is highly readable and mathematically accessible to most students. Feeman's writing is inviting to the novice, yet also interesting to readers with more mathematica

  17. A ubiquitous method for street scale spatial data collection and analysis in challenging urban environments: mapping health risks using spatial video in Haiti.

    Curtis, Andrew; Blackburn, Jason K; Widmer, Jocelyn M; Morris, J Glenn


    Fine-scale and longitudinal geospatial analysis of health risks in challenging urban areas is often limited by the lack of other spatial layers even if case data are available. Underlying population counts, residential context, and associated causative factors such as standing water or trash locations are often missing unless collected through logistically difficult, and often expensive, surveys. The lack of spatial context also hinders the interpretation of results and designing intervention strategies structured around analytical insights. This paper offers a ubiquitous spatial data collection approach using a spatial video that can be used to improve analysis and involve participatory collaborations. A case study will be used to illustrate this approach with three health risks mapped at the street scale for a coastal community in Haiti. Spatial video was used to collect street and building scale information, including standing water, trash accumulation, presence of dogs, cohort specific population characteristics, and other cultural phenomena. These data were digitized into Google Earth and then coded and analyzed in a GIS using kernel density and spatial filtering approaches. The concentrations of these risks around area schools which are sometimes sources of diarrheal disease infection because of the high concentration of children and variable sanitary practices will show the utility of the method. In addition schools offer potential locations for cholera education interventions. Previously unavailable fine scale health risk data vary in concentration across the town, with some schools being proximate to greater concentrations of the mapped risks. The spatial video is also used to validate coded data and location specific risks within these "hotspots". Spatial video is a tool that can be used in any environment to improve local area health analysis and intervention. The process is rapid and can be repeated in study sites through time to track spatio

  18. Youth and the City Streets.

    Husby, Lynn; Brendtro, Larry


    This "Voices of Pioneers" section of the journal highlights the work of Jane Addams, who founded the settlement house movement in America with the establishment of Hull House in Chicago in 1899. Presents excerpts from Addams' book "The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets (1909)" to illustrate her views on guns, stealing, rebellion, and drugs. (NB)

  19. Youth and the City Streets.

    Husby, Lynn; Brendtro, Larry


    This "Voices of Pioneers" section of the journal highlights the work of Jane Addams, who founded the settlement house movement in America with the establishment of Hull House in Chicago in 1899. Presents excerpts from Addams' book "The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets (1909)" to illustrate her views on guns, stealing,…

  20. Street Politics

    Michael J. Shapiro


    Full Text Available I write from Prague, where, unlike in most urban formations, the main city street plays an iconic role; it references a history of political protest. However, before elaborating on the protest iconography of the Prague street, Vaclavske nam, I want to locate the ways in which the design of urban space is actualized in everyday life in the cities of the world. Three functions stand out; the first involves dwelling, the second seeing, and the third moving. With respect to the first function – dwelling – the design partitions and coordinates residential, commercial and leisure functions. At times these are organized to segregate different classes (Robert Moses’ redesign of much of New York stands out with respect to the segregation function. With respect to the second function – seeing – the design of urban space is allegiance-inspiring; it involves sight lines that afford urban dwellers and visitors views of iconic buildings and statues, which reference key founding moments in the past and/or authoritative political functions in the present (Here, L’Enfants design for Washington DC stands out as exemplary. Its manifest intention was to make the buildings housing executive, legislative and judicial functions visible from many vantage points. Rarely are the streets themselves iconic. Their dominant role is involved with the effectuation of movement. As for this third function: As Lewis Mumford famously points out, streets were once part of an asterisk design, radiating out from an exemplary, often spiritual center...

  1. Strawberry Square. Song Book.

    Larson, Tom

    Designed to accompany a series of 33 television programs in music education for kindergarten and first grade children, this song book (containing sheet music) correlates with activities in the teacher's guide. Titles of songs included in the book are: Let a Song Tell a Story (short and long versions); If I Had a Hammer; A Happy Street; Let the…

  2. Book review: Mapping gendered routes and spaces in the early modern world

    Varanka, Dalia E.


    This book encapsulates and extends many seminal ideas presented at the eighth “Attending to Early Modern Women” conference held at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee in June 2012. Merry Wiesner-Hanks has done a masterful job editing these papers within a central theme of the interaction of spatial domains with gender-based phenomena. The fifteen chapters of this book are organized into four sections: “Framework,” discussing theoretical concepts; “Embodied Environments,” focusing on physicality; “Communities and Networks” of social patterns; and “Exchanges” across geographic space. Together, a global society shaped by gender and sexuality and intersected by race and class emerges.

  3. Simple street tree sampling

    David J. Nowak; Jeffrey T. Walton; James Baldwin; Jerry. Bond


    Information on street trees is critical for management of this important resource. Sampling of street tree populations provides an efficient means to obtain street tree population information. Long-term repeat measures of street tree samples supply additional information on street tree changes and can be used to report damages from catastrophic events. Analyses of...

  4. Book Reviews

    Daniel Eltringham


    Full Text Available Book reviews of the following academic titles: 'Late Modernism' and The English Intelligencer: 'On the Poetics of Community' by Alex Latter, London: Bloomsbury Academic, 276 pp., 2015 'The Writing Occurs as Song: A Kelvin Corcoran Reader' by Andy Brown (ed., Bristol: Shearsman, 260 pp., 2014 'Out of Everywhere 2: Linguistically Innovative Poetry by Women in North America & the UK' by Emily Critchley (ed., Hastings: Reality Street, 362 pp., 2015  'Women’s Experimental poetry in Britain 1970–2010: Body, Time, Locale' by David Kennedy and Christine Kennedy, Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 192 pp., 2013

  5. Street Talk

    Avital Ronell


    Full Text Available This essay investigates the fragile intersection where rumor and a more "authentic" modality of language can be shown to cross over into one another. Treating the relationship of Benjamin, Heidegger and Rousseau to rumoro-logical paranoia, "Street-Talk" interprets the epistemological teetering between the knowing and not-knowing around which Fama articulates her power. All three of these thinkers are shown to be exemplarily afflicted by rumorous utterances and share a drive to create, in their works, a rumor control center. Often these controls take over the features which they attempt to disown; thus the greatest moment of truth-telling appropriates the form of inferential small-talk. The essay analyzes a temporality of writing disclosed by Rousseau's Promenades in terms of an après-ma-mort structure. Finally, guided by Blanchot's insights and Huet's notion of monsterized publicity, the essay addresses the rapport of rumor to oeuvre: Ecce Fama .

  6. Book Review: Book review

    van der Linden, Sebastian


    Compiling a good book on urban remote sensing is probably as hard as the research in this disciplinary field itself. Urban areas comprise various environments and show high heterogeneity in many respects, they are highly dynamic in time and space and at the same time of greatest influence on connected and even tele-connected regions due to their great economic importance. Urban remote sensing is therefore of great importance, yet as manifold as its study area: mapping urban areas (or sub-categories thereof) plays an important (and challenging) role in land use and land cover (change) monitoring; the analysis of urban green and forests is by itself a specialization of ecological remote sensing; urban climatology asks for spatially and temporally highly resolved remote sensing products; the detection of artificial objects is not only a common and important remote sensing application but also a typical benchmark for image analysis techniques, etc. Urban analyses are performed with all available spaceborne sensor types and at the same time they are one of the most relevant fields for airborne remote sensing. Several books on urban remote sensing have been published during the past 10 years, each taking a different perspective. The book Global Urban Monitoring and Assessment through Earth Observation is motivated by the objectives of the Global Urban Observation and Information Task (SB-04) in the GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) 2012-2015 workplan (compare Chapter 2) and wants to highlight the global aspects of state-of-the-art urban remote sensing.

  7. MAPCERN links to Google Street View

    Matilda Heron


    CERN’s online maps, MAPCERN, now have the added bonus of Google Street View, thanks to the new release of images of many CERN sites captured by Google.   New Street View images of CERN sites have been added to MAPCERN, see bottom-right-hand image in the screenshot above.   Google Street View, an integrated service of Google Maps introduced in 2007, links 360-degree panoramic photos into a virtual tour. CERN and Google began collaborating on this Street View project in 2010 and now these Street View images have been embedded into MAPCERN, accessible by clicking the “Street View” tab in MAPCERN’s bottom-right-hand window. If you need to locate a building at CERN, or plan an operation on some equipment, you can save time by using the Street View images to check out the area in advance. The CERN Meyrin site has been fully mapped, as well as the surfaces of the eight LHC points, BA2 and BA3. New Street View images of CERN, including the Pr...

  8. Book reviews



    H.H. Allan, Flora of New Zealand. Vol. 1, 1961, liv + 1085 pp., 40 text figs., 4 end paper maps. Owen, Wellington. The author died in 1957; this volume, which contains the pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and dicots, was seen through the press by Lucy B. Moore. The book weighs no more than 560 grams, so

  9. Urban road design according to NACTO Urban Street Design Guide

    Velkavrh, Lara


    Urban road design according to NACTO follows the vision of traffic calming with visual elements. Gradual restoration of urban traffic areas will be presented according to american guidelines of NACTO Association, which published a book in 2013 called Urban Street Design Guide. Each type of existing roads in the urban area (the main street, the road in the neighborhood, residential shared street) can be, step by step, reconstructed with individual structural elements to ensure greater safety f...


    Mohammad Adib Adhi Prabowo


    Full Text Available Abstrak Seiring dengan perkembangan sistem operasi android, telah banyak aplikasi yang memanfaatkan fasilitas GPS dan Google Map, seperti untuk mencari rute, mendapatkan peta, mencari lokasi tertentu pada sebuah tempat. Akan tetapi seringkali pengguna perangkat bergerak kesulitan ketika ingin mengetahui beberapa tempat dan lokasi tertentu karena belum ada fasilitas yang menyediakan informasi lokasi suatu tempat. Walaupun ada informasi lokasi pada peta biasanya informasi yang diberikan lokasi tempat berskala besar, misalnya lokasi tempat wisata atau stasiun kereta api. Pengembangan aplikasi untuk skala kecil ini akan memberikan informasi yang dipresentasikan pada google map. Selama ini belum ada yang memberikan sebuah informasi lokasi tempat penting yang berskala kecil. Misalnya informasi lokasi  tambal ban, lokasi warung makan, lokasi laundry, dan lokasi bengkel motor. Oleh karena itu kami mencoba untuk mengembangkan aplikasi additional street berbasis android via App Inventor dengan bantuan google maps. Aplikasi additional street ini dapat memberikan informasi letak objek pada peta serta memberikan informasi jalan menuju lokasi tersebut dan detail informasi lokasi tersebut serta lokasi dari pengguna aplikasi tersebut. Kata Kunci: additional street, android, google maps, app inventor, GPS

  11. A Retrieval Method of Surveying and Mapping Books Based on Ontology%一种基于本体的测绘图书检索方法

    徐洪秀; 孙立志; 樊红


    Different from traditional surveying and mapping retrieval keyword matching and query mechanism ,a re-trieval method of surveying and mapping books based on ontology is proposed , through the construction of surveying and mapping information ontology and ontology mapping model according to the heterogeneous data source of books to deal with the retrieval request ,the semantic retrieval system of the surveying and mapping books based on the oracle 11g semantic techniques is designed and implemented and also book's retrieve which about the Information Technology Library of Wuhan University Library are tested ,the results show that the method can improve the retrieval precision and comprehensive .%区别于传统的测绘图书检索以关键词进行匹配和查询的机制,提出在测绘图书检索中加入语义技术,通过构建测绘信息本体库及针对图书资料数据存在着数据源异构问题构建本体映射模型来处理检索请求,基于Oracle 11g语义技术设计并实现测绘学科图书语义检索原型系统,以武汉大学图书馆信息科学分馆图书数据为检索对象进行检索实验,结果表明该方法可提高检索的查准性和查全性。

  12. Allegheny County Street Centerlines

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — This dataset contains the locations of the street centerlines for vehicular and foot traffic in Allegheny County. Street Centerlines are classified as Primary...

  13. Allegheny County Street Centerlines

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — This dataset contains the locations of the street centerlines for vehicular and foot traffic in Allegheny County. Street Centerlines are classified as Primary Road,...

  14. Allegheny County Street Centerlines

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — This dataset contains the locations of the street centerlines for vehicular and foot traffic in Allegheny County. Street Centerlines are classified as Primary Road,...

  15. Street typology in Kathmandu and street transformation

    Bijaya K. Shrestha


    Full Text Available The lively and pedestrian friendly streets of the Malla period and the unique streetscape of the Rana period, including streets in planned and haphazardly developed areas, are being rapidly transformed due to unmanaged urban growth, chaotic construction and a growing number of vehicles in Kathmandu. This has destroyed the physical form, reduced social activities, increased accidents and decreased pedestrian comfort on all types of streets. These negative consequences cannot be addressed through the existing legal and institutional frameworks of the urban development and traffic management authorities. Even recent street improvements have discouraged pedestrian movement, degraded the streetscape and replaced public spaces with traffic. This has further congested pedestrians and traffic in areas that were already crowded. To reverse this trend and to enhance the qualities of traditional streets of Kathmandu, a threefold urban design strategy is essential. This will decentralise business activities from urban centres, improve transitional spaces between streets (and sidewalks and ground floor activities of buildings on both sides of the streets, and strictly enforce traffic management, all supported by flexible design guidelines, incentives and consensus among various stakeholders.

  16. Guide book out-lining the 10 most common street attacks that occurs in the U.K. and how different self-defense and martial arts discipline evaluate and combat the situation.


    The purpose of this thesis is to produce a booklet as a teaching aid for self-defense and martial arts instructors. The Themes Valley Police and the office for national statics has been contacted to provide criminal statistic, identify the 10 most common street attacks and give detailed advice on how to stay safe and avoid dangerous situations. With the 10 most common street attacks identified, experts in different fields and disciplines of martial arts and self-defense have given step by st...

  17. Book Reviews

    Adrianus Koster; Peter Gathercole; Simon Kooijman; Roland Werner; P.E. de Josselin de Jong; John Ingleson; C.K. Jonker-de Putter; M. Jacq-Hergoualc’h; R. Hagesteijn; William Wood; B.G. Grijpstra; Robert Wessing; D.C. Geirnaert-Martin; Carl Lumholtz; P. van Emst


    - H.J.M. Claessen, David Lewis, From Maui to Cook: The discovery and settlement of the Pacific, Drawings by Walter Stackpool. Sydney: Doubleday, 1977. Bibliography. - P. van Emst, Carl Lumholtz, Among Cannibals. An account of four years travel in Australia and of camp life with the aborigines of Queensland. Firle: Caliban Books. 383 pp. Maps, illustrations and index. Reprinted from the first edition, London: John Murray. - D.C. Geirnaert-Martin, Robert Wessing, Cosmology and social behaviour ...




    InterContinental Financial Street Beijing opened its doors on May 1st, 2005, just days before the world's business leaders flooded into town for the Fortune Global Forum.The first international luxury hotel in the Chinese capital's new and rapidly growing Financial Street business center, the InterContinental Financial Street Beijing is the flagship property of FnterContinental Hotels and Resorts on the Chinese mainland, and as such a pioneer in Beijing's future,

  19. Books, Places, Regions: A Natural Blend.

    Oden, Pat


    Maintains that children love books, and through carefully selected books, geographic concepts can be taught. Explains how children's literature encourages geographic thinking, builds geographic skills, and develops lasting mental maps of places and regions. Discusses 14 suggested books. (CFR)

  20. OSMnx: New Methods for Acquiring, Constructing, Analyzing, and Visualizing Complex Street Networks

    Boeing, Geoff


    Scholars have studied street networks in many ways. However, there are some limitations to the current urban planning/street network analysis literature. To address these challenges, this study presents a new tool to make the collection of data and creation and analysis of street networks simple, consistent, and automatable. OSMnx is a new Python package that downloads administrative boundary shapes and street networks from OpenStreetMap. OSMnx contributes five significant new capabilities for researchers and city planners: first, the automatic downloading of administrative place boundaries and shapefiles; second, the tailored and automated downloading and constructing of street networks from OpenStreetMap (including driving, walking, biking, etc.); third, the automated correction and simplification of network topology; fourth, the ability to save street networks to disk as shapefiles, GraphML, or SVG files; and fifth, the ability to analyze street networks, calculate routes, project and visualize the network...

  1. Urban Street Gang Enforcement.

    Institute for Law and Justice, Inc., Alexandria, VA.

    Strategies to enhance prosecution of gang-related crimes are presented, with a focus on enforcement and prosecution targeting urban street gangs. The model programs introduced offer strategies largely based on the practical experiences of agencies that participated in a demonstration program, the Urban Street Gang Drug Trafficking Enforcement…

  2. Widening Sesame Street.

    Beck, T. Kay


    Traces the developmental history of Sesame Street from the initial efforts to obtain funding and set goals to present day importation of programs to other countries. It is recommended that Sesame Street producers incorporate Piagetian theories on cognitive development in order to realize learning gains. (Author)

  3. Road and Street Centerlines, Hogansville, Georgia Downtown City Streetscape Map, Published in 2007, 1:9600 (1in=800ft) scale, Chattahoochee-Flint Regional Development.

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — , published at 1:9600 (1in=800ft) scale, was produced all or in part from Hardcopy Maps information as of 2007. It is described as 'Hogansville, Georgia Downtown...

  4. Road and Street Centerlines, Chattahoochee-Flint Regional Road Map, Published in 2006, 1:12000 (1in=1000ft) scale, Chattahoochee-Flint Regional Development.

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — , published at 1:12000 (1in=1000ft) scale, was produced all or in part from Hardcopy Maps information as of 2006. It is described as 'Chattahoochee-Flint Regional...

  5. Road and Street Centerlines, Franklin, Georgia T-Project Map, Published in 2006, 1:12000 (1in=1000ft) scale, Chattahoochee-Flint Regional Development.

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — , published at 1:12000 (1in=1000ft) scale, was produced all or in part from Hardcopy Maps information as of 2006. It is described as 'Franklin, Georgia T-Project...

  6. Road and Street Centerlines, Meriwether County, Georgia Roads Map, Published in 2006, 1:9600 (1in=800ft) scale, Chattahoochee-Flint Regional Development.

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — , published at 1:9600 (1in=800ft) scale, was produced all or in part from Hardcopy Maps information as of 2006. It is described as 'Meriwether County, Georgia Roads...

  7. Road and Street Centerlines, Hogansville, Georgia T-Project Map, Published in 2006, 1:12000 (1in=1000ft) scale, Chattahoochee-Flint Regional Development.

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — , published at 1:12000 (1in=1000ft) scale, was produced all or in part from Hardcopy Maps information as of 2006. It is described as 'Hogansville, Georgia T-Project...

  8. Book Review: Book review

    Manohar, C. S.


    The subject of the theory of vibrations has carried an aesthetic appeal to generations of engineering students for its richness of ideas, and for the intellectual challenges it offers. Also, the diverse range of its applications (covering civil, mechanical, automotive, and aerospace structures) has provided obvious motivations for its study. For most students, the subject provides, perhaps, the first encounter in substantial application of mathematical tools (differential equations, calculus of variations, Fourier/Laplace transforms, and matrix algebra) to engineering problems. The intimate relationship that the subject of mechanics has with mathematics strikes home probably for the first time. While teaching this subject, the instructor is spoilt for choice in selecting a text book and so are the students who wish to pursue a self-study of the subject. Many luminaries in the field have offered their own exposition of the subject: starting from the classics of Rayleigh, Timoshenko, Den Hartog, Bishop and Johnson, and the works of more recent vintage (e.g., the books by Meirovich, Clough, and Penzien, and works with computational flavour, such as, those by Bathe and Petyt), several works easily come to one's mind. Given this milieu, it requires a distinctive conviction to write a new book on this subject. And, here we have a book, written by a practitioner, which aims to deal with fundamental aspects of vibrations of engineering systems. The scepticism that this reviewer had on the need for having one more such book vanished as he browsed through the book and read selectively a few sections. The author's gift for elegant explanations is immediately noticeable even in such a preliminary reading. After a more careful reading, the reviewer has found this book to be insightful and he considers the book to be a welcome addition to the family of books on vibration engineering. The author has struck a fine balance between physical explanations, mathematical niceties

  9. Securing The Streets


    Chongqing takes back its streets from gangs six people were sentenced to death and another five received jail terms during trials in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality on October 21 for their involvement in gang activity.

  10. Poole High Street study

    Kilburn, David


    A presentation given to key decision makers within Poole to improve the retail offer in Poole High Street and leverage the benefit of improved town planning and the introduction of quality retail companies.

  11. Correcting and Downscaling SRTM DEM Using Auxiliary Street Map and GPS Data%基于街道空间数据及GPS测量的SRTM-DEM校正和插值细化

    肖飞; Parrot J.F.; 杜耘; 凌峰


    We developed and tested a geo-statistical methodology to correct the spatially correlated errors of SRTM DEM and downscale the spatial resolution of the DEM using auxiliary street map and GPS data in city areas. The methodology was based on geo-statistics and spatial analysis techniques in GIS. The calculation procedures were illustrated using a case study in the Xico area of Mexico City. Spatial structures of all the surface features contributing the elevation value within a single SRTM resolution cell were separated into basic components. Then the syntagmatic relationships among the basic components were evaluated and verified using GPS survey data in the study area. Afterwards, spatial relations between the structure of the basic components and the errors surface of the DEM were analyzed using GIS spatial analytical methods. From spatial analysis, the error surface of SRTM DEM proved to be spatially correlated with spatial patterns of streets in the study area. A global error of the DEM was also identified through the above process. Accordingly, the spatially correlated random errors and the global error can be located and corrected by using the auxiliary street map and GPS data. Since the auxiliary street map has finer resolution than the SRTM DEM and is spatially correlated with the error surface of the DEM, the coarse-resolution DEM in the city area can be downscaled to a finer resolution DEM according to the spatial relations between DEM and the auxiliary street map using geo-statistical methodology. The result shows that the downscaled DEM has better performance on the representation of real topography and urban structure. Even though the result was determined by the accuracy of the original DEM, the methodology presented here is effective at downscaling of spatial resolution and the correction of the spatially correlated errors for SRTM in city areas, and could be helpful in topographical information collection provided that there are deficient of other

  12. Book Review: Book review

    Clevers, Jan G. P. W.


    For many years a good introductory book for undergraduate and postgraduate students on remote sensing of the Earth's land surface, which was not starting with an emphasis on traditional photographic techniques, was missing. In 2010 the first edition of the book Fundamentals of Satellite Remote Sensing by Emilio Chuvieco and Alfredo Huete was published by CRC Press and it was filling this gap. Now the second edition by Emilio Chuvieco was published by CRC Press. This second edition is made more attractive by the use of colour and including colour illustrations instead of the black-and-white ones in the first edition.

  13. Book Review: Book review

    Mishchenko, Michael I.


    This fundamental (and in many respects encyclopedic) 755-page monograph was published as part of the ;Mario Boella Series on Electromagnetism in Information and Communication; edited by P. L. E. Uslenghi. The main purpose of the book is systematic exposition of several important aspects of the electromagnetic scattering theory along with the presentation of the requisite mathematical apparatus and illustrative numerical results. What distinguishes this volume from the vast majority of related books is the extensive treatment of the time-domain scattering theory.

  14. Structural value of Yerevan streets

    Avetisyan Arsen Grantovich


    Full Text Available The absence of the methods of urban analysis in the process of urban development of Yerevan is the reason of urban planning activities that tend to decrease the urban value of Yerevan territories. Meanwhile the studies in the sphere of urban planning and urban analysis prove the dependence of the life in the city on its structure and distribution of the functions. The mentioned issue highlights the importance of urban analysis. The paper discusses space syntax, which is one of the initial methods of urban analysis. The basic concept of Space syntax is based on the assumption that urban fabric can be presented and studied as a power graph. The method provides the measures that evaluate the land use, traffic and pedestrian movement, land value and even carbon emissions. The paper discusses also recent attempts of integration of space syntax method into GIS environment. GIS databases provide researchers with vast amount of urban data. Analyses presented in the current paper were performed on the basis of the open street map, which was imported from the GIS environment. With the application of space syntax methods analysis of connectivity, integration choice (betweenness and depth from the city center were performed to evaluate the structural value of Yerevan streets. Municipal regions of Yerevan were classified by the level of their accessibility and by their distances from the city center on the base of the results of depth measures from the city center. Evaluation of the street network aims to define the most integrated and centrally positioned parts of the city. These areas can be locations for the organization of sub centers of Yerevan in the municipal regions.

  15. Book Reviews

    Cyril Skinner


    Full Text Available - Soebardi, Poerwanto Danoesoegondo, Bahasa Indonesia for beginners. Sydney University Press, 1966, Book I, 160 pp. - Soebardi, J.P. Sarumpaet, The structure of bahasa Indonesia. Department of Indonesian and Malayan Studies, University of Melbourne, 1966, 167 pp. Off-set Print. - Soebardi, J.P. Sarumpaet, Introduction to Bahasa Indonesia. Melbourne University Press, 1967, 111 pp., J.A.C. Mackie (eds. - Soebardi, T.S. Lie, Introducing Indonesian. Sydney, Angus & Robertson Ltd. Book I, 1965, 115 pp. Book II, 1966, 184 pp. - A. Teeuw, Joseph Verguin, Le Malais. Essai d’analyse fonctionnelle et structurale. Cahiers de l’Homme, Ethnologie - Géographie - Linguistique. Nouvelle Série VII. Mouton & Co. Paris, La Haye 1967, 146 pp. - R. Roolvink, Cyril Skinner, The civil war in Kelantan in 1839. Monographs of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, II, 1965. vii, 175 pp., 3 maps. - H.J. de Graaf, Generale missiven van Gouverneur-Generaal en Raden aan Heren XVII der Verenidge Oostindische Compagnie. Deel III: 1655-1674. Uitgegeven door Dr. W. Ph. Coolhaas. ‘s-Gravenhage. Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicatiën. Grote Serie 125. Verkrijkbaar bij Martinus Nijhoff. 1968. - Anthony Reid, G.J. Resink, Indonesia’s history between the myths: Essays in legal history and historical theory. Selected Studies on Indonesia, Vol. 7; The Hague, Van Hoeve, 1968, 457 pp. - R.F. Beerling, S. Takdir Alisjahbana, Values as integrating forces in personality, society and culture. University of Oxford Press, Kuala Lumpur, 1966, 248 bldz.

  16. Reading in Mirrors: Using Street Literature to Facilitate Practitioner Inquiry with Urban Public Service Librarians

    Irvin Morris, Vanessa


    This dissertation is about a group of African American inner-city public librarians who, over the course of 16 months, read the literary genre Street Lit in an inquiry-based book club for the purpose of professional development. I explore their literary responses to Street Literature to learn what it means to be an educated, African American…

  17. A Street With History


    A mixture of old and new,entertainment and business,Beijing’s Xidan Street is a booming area that attracts scores of visitors About 2 km west of Tiananmen Square is Xidan Street,one of the most famous com- mercial areas in Beijing and once the home of temples and entertainment venues. Xidan was a burgeoning commercial area as early as the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). At that time,businessmen,travelers and traders from southwest China used to stop in Xidan before heading for other parts of Beijing.They fuelled a boom in shops,markets,

  18. Book Review: Book review

    Wang, Christina Yan


    The world class Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide deposits associated with the Sudbury Igneous Complex (SIC) are quite unique on earth in the sense that the energy source and origin were triggered by a large meteorite impact event. The ore deposits in the SIC make up one of the largest Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide deposit camps in the world and have now been mined for over 100 years. This is the first complete reference book that focuses entirely on the SIC and covers the fields of economic geology, petrology, geochemistry and geophysics. The purpose of this book is to explore the linkage between sulfide and silicate magmas generated by the 1.85 Ga Sudbury impact event and to unite an understanding of the process of crustal melt sheet evolution with the formation of the magmatic sulfide mineralization. The author, Peter Lightfoot, has been based in Sudbury for 25 years. As a top scientist on magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide deposits and a Chief Geologist with the Brownfield Exploration group at Vale Base Metals, Peter has been positioned to develop and assemble the ideas presented in this book, which are perfectly balanced between industry and academia.

  19. Occupational Profile and Perceptions of Street Children in Surat City

    Patel NB, Desai Toral, Bansal RK, Girish Thakar


    Full Text Available Street children constitute a highly vulnerable, most deprived and marginalized section of the society, whose rights are constantly violated with impunity. This study attempts to explore the occupational profile of the street children in the city of Surat and pertinent aspects thereof. This cross-sectional study was conducted by interviewing 326 street children in Surat city. The study revealed that majority of the street children (79.8% start earning money as beggars. They soon switch over to other petty jobs/ activities. The street children select their occupation according to their choice of work, availability of an opportunity and the amount of money available to them. Their occupational profile changes according to their age; the period of stay in Surat; and, the money available with them. The earnings of these children fluctuate with the season. Leading five occupation adopted by street children includes Working in eatables and tea stalls (11.7%; Begging and or sweeping (11.3%; Selling newspapers, magazines and books (11.3%; Shoe shining (9.8% and Selling drinking water bottles & pouches & cold drinks (9.5%. Shoe shining is mostly carried out by the boys aged more than 12 years. Commercial sex work by girls is considered as inevitable by street girls. Illicit alcohol transport and selling is most lucrative and is often attract street children in to this occupation. Some street children become pick pockets under the guidance of an older pick pocket. Usually children who are very young, have recently come into the streets and their original families are often the most disadvantaged are more likely to engage in Picking up rags work as this requires no capital, no contacts and very less labour.

  20. Analysis of Carol's Paradoxical Characters in Main Street

    赵红璐; 高冰


    @@ 1. Introduction to Sinclair Lewis and Main Street Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951) is regarded as one of the foremost American satirists in the early twentieth century. He cared for books more than sports and felt limited by his rural hometown. In 1925, he rejected the Pulitzer Prize for Arrowsmith because he felt that he deserved the prize for Main Street. In 1930, he became the first American who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Lewis was a novelist who was interested in many different aspects of American society, from business and medicine to small town life. His works were famous for insightful and critical views of the society and capitalist values. Lewis' s Main Street is considered to be his first success and his favorite work which is written in a dark tone. Main Street was published in 1920, which became a runaway bestseller.

  1. Benjamin Franklin Street Academy.

    Wohl, Seth F.

    In this evaluation report of the sixth year of operation of the Benjamin Franklin-Urban League Street Academy in New York City, it is recommended that the program be continued for the seventh year despite the poorer than expected student gains in all studied components and the sporadic student attendance pattern and high dropout rate. Students…

  2. Book Review: Book review

    Pulte, Helmut

    In his Erkenntnisproblem, Ernst Cassirer described Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894) as the first great physicist who consequently elaborated a both hypothetical and objective concept of scientific theory, i.e. an understanding of physical theory, which combines a logical rigorous analysis of the different possibilities of conceptual foundation with a carefully thought-out renunciation of absolute truth for one of these possibilities. This judgment mainly refers to Hertz's book Die Prinzipien der Mechanik, in neuem Zusammenhange dargestellt (1894), which was the main result of his scientific research during the last 3 years of his short life.

  3. Book Review: Book review

    da Costa, Newton C. A.; Krause, Décio

    This book contains a representative selection of Erhard Scheibe's writings on the philosophy of physics. It encompasses eight sections, with 38 papers, distributed as follows: (I) Between Rationalism and Empiricism (five papers from 1969 to 1994); (II) The Philosophy of the Physicists (five papers from 1988 to 1995); (III) Reconstruction (four papers, from 1979 to 1988); (IV) Laws of Nature (five papers, from 1989 to 1998); (V) Reduction (five papers from 1973 to 1995); (VI) Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (six papers from 1985 to 1993); (VII) Spacetime, Invariance, Covariance (four papers from 1982 to 1994), and (VIII) Mathematics and Physics (four papers from 1977 to 1997).

  4. Wall Street som kreationistisk forkynder

    Ekman, Susanne


    Artiklen gennemgår Karen Hos etnografi om Wall Street: "Liquidated: An ethnography of Wall Street" set i lyset af den offentlige debat vedrørende Goldman Sachs opkøb af Dong......Artiklen gennemgår Karen Hos etnografi om Wall Street: "Liquidated: An ethnography of Wall Street" set i lyset af den offentlige debat vedrørende Goldman Sachs opkøb af Dong...

  5. Bars in the Barkor Street


    In daytime,the Barkor Street is bustling with tourists,pious pilgrims and merchants crowded together.Only when darkness falls does the street become tranquil.Nevertheless,the area surrounding the Barkor Street(from Tibetan Hospital compound extending to east Beijing Road)is then revived by various kinds of bars.

  6. Multiply-interacting Vortex Streets

    Oskouei, Babak G; Newton, Paul K


    We investigate the behavior of an infinite array of (reverse) von K'arm'an streets. Our primary motivation is to model the wake dynamics in large fish schools. We ignore the fish and focus on the dynamic interaction of multiple wakes where each wake is modeled as a reverse von K'arm'an street. There exist configurations where the infinite array of vortex streets is in relative equilibrium, that is, the streets move together with the same translational velocity. We examine the topology of the streamline patterns in a frame moving with the same translational velocity as the streets which lends insight into fluid transport through the mid-wake region. Fluid is advected along different paths depending on the distance separating two adjacent streets. Generally, when the distance between the streets is large enough, each street behaves as a single von K'arm'an street and fluid moves globally between two adjacent streets. When the streets get closer to each other, the number of streets that enter into partnership in...

  7. Book Review: Book review

    Mishchenko, Michael I.


    The second - revised and enlarged - edition of this popular monograph is co-authored by Michael Kahnert and is published as Volume 145 of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences. As in the first edition, the main emphasis is on the mathematics of electromagnetic scattering and on numerically exact computer solutions of the frequency-domain macroscopic Maxwell equations for particles with complex shapes. The book is largely centered on Green-function solution of relevant boundary value problems and the T-matrix methodology, although other techniques (the method of lines, integral equation methods, and Lippmann-Schwinger equations) are also covered. The first four chapters serve as a thorough overview of key theoretical aspects of electromagnetic scattering intelligible to readers with undergraduate training in mathematics. A separate chapter provides an instructive analysis of the Rayleigh hypothesis which is still viewed by many as a highly controversial aspect of electromagnetic scattering by nonspherical objects. Another dedicated chapter introduces basic quantities serving as optical observables in practical applications. A welcome extension of the first edition is the new chapter on group theoretical aspects of electromagnetic scattering by particles with discrete symmetries. An essential part of the book is the penultimate chapter describing in detail popular public-domain computer programs mieschka and Tsym which can be applied to a wide range of particle shapes. The final chapter provides a general overview of available literature on electromagnetic scattering by particles and gives useful reading advice.

  8. Book Review:

    Fabris, Júlio C.


    , this book is a complete introduction to general relativity: the problems concerning the identification of black holes are presented (sometimes with their solutions), as well as different observational programmes in cosmology, like the supernova type Ia, the 2DFRGS mapping of galaxies and the anisotropy spectrum of the cosmic microwave background. Many of these discussions are introduced with the aid of boxes, which allows the author to expose specific topics without breaking the main developments of the text. In the third part (the remaining five chapters) differential geometry is presented, leading finally to Einstein's equations. Now the solutions discussed in the previous part can be obtained in a rigorous way. I had the feeling that the text here gets denser, 'heavy' in some sense. But all the beauty of general relativity has already been presented successfully. In any case, having in hand the complete mathematical structure of the theory, gravitational waves and stellar structure can be analysed in a more quantitative way. Four appendices, including a general glossary of formulae and proposals for possible pedagogical strategies, close the book. Teaching general relativity at undergradute level inevitably brings a dilemma: to be rigorous from the beginning, developing all the tools necessary to do it but risk discouraging the student with difficult new mathematics or to emphasize the physical aspects but risk being so qualitative that the full content of the theory cannot be grasped by the student. I think that this new book by J B Hartle solves this dilemma in a quite consistent way. The flavour of the physics which relies on general relativity theory is preserved and, at the same time, the reader can, at the end, perform calculations by himself. What more could we ask for in an introductory book on this difficult and fascinating subject?

  9. Street level society

    Vinum, Christine; Nissen, Morten


    , and we discuss some of the most central dilemmas in today's social work with young drug users. Among other things, we identify pervasive marginalizing dynamics in the social system that result partly from the deep-rooted cultural dichotomy between stigma and taboo that organizes the drug issue......, and partly from the decentralizing and specializing efforts characteristic of the Danish welfare state and its institutions. We discuss a general turn towards street level interventions to address the problems of social exclusion, as well as different attempts to create what we term street level heterotopias...... - sites of alternate ordering - where issues of drug use and other social problems can be dealt with and objectified in more flexible ways and handled as part of ongoing social practices of everyday life....

  10. Occupy Wall Street

    Jensen, Michael J.; Bang, Henrik


    This article analyzes the political form of Occupy Wall Street on Twitter. Drawing on evidence contained within the profiles of over 50,000 Twitter users, political identities of participants are characterized using natural language processing. The results find evidence of a traditional oppositio......This article analyzes the political form of Occupy Wall Street on Twitter. Drawing on evidence contained within the profiles of over 50,000 Twitter users, political identities of participants are characterized using natural language processing. The results find evidence of a traditional...... oppositional social movement alongside a legitimizing countermovement, but also a new notion of political community as an ensemble of discursive practices that are endogenous to the constitution of political regimes from the “inside out.” These new political identities are bound by thin ties of political...

  11. Modeling LED street lighting.

    Moreno, Ivan; Avendaño-Alejo, Maximino; Saucedo-A, Tonatiuh; Bugarin, Alejandra


    LED luminaires may deliver precise illumination patterns to control light pollution, comfort, visibility, and light utilization efficiency. Here, we provide simple equations to determine how the light distributes in the streets. In particular, we model the illuminance spatial distribution as a function of Cartesian coordinates on a floor, road, or street. The equations show explicit dependence on the luminary position (pole height and arm length), luminary angle (fixture tilt), and the angular intensity profile (radiation pattern) of the LED luminary. To achieve this, we propose two mathematical representations to model the sophisticated intensity profiles of LED luminaries. Furthermore, we model the light utilization efficiency, illumination uniformity, and veiling luminance of glare due to one or several LED streetlamps.

  12. Street level society

    Vinum, Christine; Nissen, Morten


    , and partly from the decentralizing and specializing efforts characteristic of the Danish welfare state and its institutions. We discuss a general turn towards street level interventions to address the problems of social exclusion, as well as different attempts to create what we term street level heterotopias......This paper aims to reflect on research findings from different empirical studies of social work with young drug users and socially excluded young people in Copenhagen. In the paper we account for historical changes in social policy and interventions into young people's drug taking in Copenhagen......, and we discuss some of the most central dilemmas in today's social work with young drug users. Among other things, we identify pervasive marginalizing dynamics in the social system that result partly from the deep-rooted cultural dichotomy between stigma and taboo that organizes the drug issue...

  13. Back Street Bounty



    @@ As soon as I stepped into the main street of the old city in Pingyao.Shanxi Province.I had a feeling I would not like the place.In fact.I basically made my mind up on the spot that I disliked it.It looked overly touristy.clichéd and lacking in the authenticity I was hoping for.My escape from Beijing's expat scene was looking shaky.

  14. Book Reviews

    Adrianus Koster


    Full Text Available - H.J.M. Claessen, David Lewis, From Maui to Cook: The discovery and settlement of the Pacific, Drawings by Walter Stackpool. Sydney: Doubleday, 1977. Bibliography. - P. van Emst, Carl Lumholtz, Among Cannibals. An account of four years travel in Australia and of camp life with the aborigines of Queensland. Firle: Caliban Books. 383 pp. Maps, illustrations and index. Reprinted from the first edition, London: John Murray. - D.C. Geirnaert-Martin, Robert Wessing, Cosmology and social behaviour in a West Javanese settlement, Papers in International Studies, Southeast Asia Series no. 47, Ohio University Center for International Studies, Southeast Asia Program, 1978, Athens, Ohio. - B.G. Grijpstra, William Wood, Cultural-ecological perspectives in Southeast Asia, edited and with an introduction by William Wood, Papers in International Studies, Southeast Asia Studies no. 41, Ohio University Center for International Studies, Southeast Asia Program, 1977, Athens, Ohio. - R. Hagesteijn, M. Jacq-Hergoualc’h, L’armement et l’organisation de l’armée khmère aux XIIe et XIIIe siècles; d’après les bas-reliefs d’Angkor Vat, du Bayon et de Bantay Chmar. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. - C.K. Jonker-de Putter, John Ingleson, Road to exile; The Indonesian nationalist movement, 1927-1934. ASAA Southeast Asia Publications Series, No. 1. Heinemann Educational Books (Asia Ltd., Singapore, 1979. xii + 254 blz. Bibliographie, index. - P.E. de Josselin de Jong, Roland Werner, Jah-het of Malaysia: art and culture, 1975. Kuala Lumpur: Penerbit Universiti Malaya. xxxv, 626 pp., 39 figs., 2 maps, 746 plates. - P.E. de Josselin de Jong, Roland Werner, Mah-Meri of Malaysia: Art and culture, 1974. Kuala Lumpur: Penerbit Universiti Malaya. xxvi, 485 pp., 13 figs., 3 maps, 460 plates. - Simon Kooijman, Peter Gathercole, The art of the Pacific Islands. National Gallery of Art, Washington, 1979, 365 pp., 386 illustrations + 6 sketch-maps., Adrienne L

  15. Book Reviews

    Alistair Lamb


    Full Text Available - B.V.A. Röling, Paul Shepard, Psycholex. Megwa, New York, 1960. 144 blz. - L. Sluimers, J.F. Cady, Southeast Asia: Its historical development. New York etc., McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1964. XVII, 657, IX blz., foto, krtn. - H.J. de Graaf, Nicholas Tarling, Piracy and politics in the Malay world. A study of British imperialism in nineteenth-century Sout-East Asia. F.W. Cheshire, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, 1963. 273 pp., frontispiece, endpaper maps. - W. Brand, N.A. Simoniya, Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia - A Russian study. Data Paper Number 45, Southeast Asia Program, Department of Far Eastern Studies, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, New York, December 1961, 151 blz. - B.H.M. Vlekke, Alistair Lamb, The China-India border, The origins of the disputed boundaries. Published for the Royal Institute of International Affairs by Oxford University Press, London 1964, XVI + 192 pp. - R.S. Karni, Beda Lim, Malaya, a background bibilography. Journal Malayan Branch, RAS, vol. XXXV, pts. 2 & 3, 1962; V. 199 pp. - L. Sluimers, R.K. Goldsen, Factors related to acceptance of innovation in Bang Chan, Thailand; Analysis of a survey conducted by the Cornell Cross-cultural Methodology Project, May 1955. Cornell Thailand Project Interim Report Series no. 3. Data Paper: No. 25 Southeast Asia Program Department of Far Eastern Studies Cornell University. 3de druk, Ithaca, Cornell University Press, 1963. VIII, 72, X blz., M. Rallis (eds.

  16. Self-Localization at Street Intersections.

    Fusco, Giovanni; Shen, Huiying; Coughlan, James M


    There is growing interest among smartphone users in the ability to determine their precise location in their environment for a variety of applications related to wayfinding, travel and shopping. While GPS provides valuable self-localization estimates, its accuracy is limited to approximately 10 meters in most urban locations. This paper focuses on the self-localization needs of blind or visually impaired travelers, who are faced with the challenge of negotiating street intersections. These travelers need more precise self-localization to help them align themselves properly to crosswalks, signal lights and other features such as walk light pushbuttons. We demonstrate a novel computer vision-based localization approach that is tailored to the street intersection domain. Unlike most work on computer vision-based localization techniques, which typically assume the presence of detailed, high-quality 3D models of urban environments, our technique harnesses the availability of simple, ubiquitous satellite imagery (e.g., Google Maps) to create simple maps of each intersection. Not only does this technique scale naturally to the great majority of street intersections in urban areas, but it has the added advantage of incorporating the specific metric information that blind or visually impaired travelers need, namely, the locations of intersection features such as crosswalks. Key to our approach is the integration of IMU (inertial measurement unit) information with geometric information obtained from image panorama stitchings. Finally, we evaluate the localization performance of our algorithm on a dataset of intersection panoramas, demonstrating the feasibility of our approach.

  17. Book Review:

    Poisson, E.


    discussion of the Reissner-Nordström and Kerr spacetimes is far more sketchy. I would have liked to see an equally detailed presentation of these spacetimes. Carroll also provides a good descriptive account of the general properties of black-hole spacetimes. The book's seventh chapter contains a very enjoyable discussion of the linearized approximation to general relativity. The traditional presentation of this topic makes immediate use of the Lorenz gauge condition, which tends to create the (wrong) impression that all components of the gravitational field are radiative. With his careful treatment of gauge transformations, and his exploration of different gauge conditions, Carroll achieves the best textbook presentation of linearized theory to date. The theory is applied to calculate the deflection of light in a weak static field, and to the propagation of gravitational waves in flat spacetime. Less successfully, however, it is also applied to the generation of gravitational waves. Carroll presents the usual derivation of the quadrupole formula but fails to mention that the linearized theory is not an adequate foundation in the context of self-gravitating systems. It is a pity that the application of the quadrupole formula to binary stars does not come with such an important warning. Carroll next moves on to cosmology, a field of research that evolves so rapidly that any new textbook runs the risk of becoming rapidly outdated. This coverage of cosmology is well informed by the recent spectacular developments (including the supernovae data which reveal an accelerated expansion and the mapping of the anisotropies of the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) which reveals a spatially flat universe). Carroll's presentation also includes a pedagogical account of the inflation paradigm, which has become an integral part of the standard cosmological model. This chapter, however, more than any other, left me wanting for more. I am disappointed that it contains no discussion

  18. Book reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    W. Collinwood ,Modern Bahamian society. Parkersburg IA: Caribbean Books, 1989. 278 pp., Steve Dodge (eds -Peter Hulme, Pierrette Frickey, Critical perspectives on Jean Rhys. Washington DC: Three Continents Press, 1990. 235 pp. -Alvina Ruprecht, Lloyd W. Brown, El Dorado and Paradise: Canada and the Caribbean in Austin Clarke's fiction. Parkersburg IA: Caribbean Books, 1989. xv + 207 pp. -Ineke Phaf, Michiel van Kempen, De Surinaamse literatuur 1970-1985: een documentatie. Paramaribo: Uitgeverij de Volksboekwinkel, 1987. 406 pp. -Genevieve Escure, Barbara Lalla ,Language in exile: three hundred years of Jamaican Creole. Tuscaloosa AL: University of Alabama Press, 1990. xvii + 253 pp., Jean D'Costa (eds -Charles V. Carnegie, G. Llewellyn Watson, Jamaican sayings: with notes on folklore, aesthetics, and social control.Tallahassee FL: Florida A & M University Press, 1991. xvi + 292 pp. -Donald R. Hill, Kaiso, calypso music. David Rudder in conversation with John La Rose. London: New Beacon Books, 1990. 33 pp. -Mark Sebba, John Victor Singler, Pidgin and creole tense-mood-aspect systems. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1990. xvi + 240 pp. -Dale Tomich, Pedro San Miguel, El mundo que creó el azúcar: las haciendas en Vega Baja, 1800-873. Río Piedras, Puerto Rico: Ediciones Huracán, 1989. 224 pp. -César J. Ayala, Juan José Baldrich, Sembraron la no siembra: los cosecheros de tabaco puertorriqueños frente a las corporaciones tabacaleras, 1920-1934. Río Piedras, Puerto Rico: Ediciones Huracán, 1988. -Robert Forster, Jean-Michel Deveau, La traite rochelaise. Paris: Kathala, 1990. 334 pp. -Ernst van den Boogaart, Johannes Menne Postma, The Dutch in the Atlantic slave trade, 1600-1815. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990. xiv + 428 pp. -W.E. Renkema, T. van der Lee, Plantages op Curacao en hun eigenaren (1708-1845: namen en data voornamelijk ontleend aan transportakten. Leiden, the Netherlands: Grafaria, 1989. xii + 87 pp. -Mavis C. Campbell, Wim

  19. Book Reviews

    J.G. Oosten


    Full Text Available - M.A. van Bakel, Frederic L. Pryor, The origins of the economy. A comparative study of distribution in primitive and peasant economies. Academic Press, New York 1977. XVIII + 475 blz. - H.J. de Graaf, W. Ph. Coolhaas, Generale missiven van Gouverneurs-Generaal en Raden aan heren XVII der Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie. Deel VII. 1713-1725. ‘s-Gravenhage 1979. Rijks geschiedkundige publicatiën. Grote Serie 164. - F.G.P. Jaquet, P. Sutikno, J. Bastin, Nineteenth century prints and illustrated books of Indonesia; with particular reference to the print collection of the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam; a descriptive bibliography. Utrecht etc., Het Spectrum, 1979. XIV, 386 pp. Ills., B. Brommer (eds. - S. Kooijman, Adrienne L. Kaeppler, “Artificial curiosities” being an exposition of native manufactures collected on the three Pacific voyages of Captain James Cook, R.N. at the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum January 18, 1978 - August 31, 1978 on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the European discovery of the Hawaiian islands by Captain Cook - January 18, 1778. Bernice P. Bishop Museum special publication 65, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1978. - J.G. Oosten, Marcel Mauss, Seasonal variations of the Eskimo. A study in social morphology. Marcel Mauss in collaboration with Henri Beuchat. Translated, with a foreword by James J. Fox. Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, Boston and Henley 1979. - Jérôme Rousseau, W.F. Schneeberger, Contributions to the ethnology of central Northeast Borneo (parts of Kalimantan, Sarawak and Sabah. The University of Berne, Institute of Ethnology, Berne 1979. Series: Studia ethnologica Bernensia, no. 2. 143 pages. Maps, figures, plates.

  20. Mapping the Heart

    Hulse, Grace


    In this article, the author describes how her fourth graders made ceramic heart maps. The impetus for this project came from reading "My Map Book" by Sara Fanelli. This book is a collection of quirky, hand-drawn and collaged maps that diagram a child's world. There are maps of her stomach, her day, her family, and her heart, among others. The…

  1. Mapping the Heart

    Hulse, Grace


    In this article, the author describes how her fourth graders made ceramic heart maps. The impetus for this project came from reading "My Map Book" by Sara Fanelli. This book is a collection of quirky, hand-drawn and collaged maps that diagram a child's world. There are maps of her stomach, her day, her family, and her heart, among others. The…

  2. Book Reviews

    Ger P. Reesink


    Full Text Available - Rogier Busser, Peter Post, Japanse bedrijvigheid in Indonesië, 1868-1942; Structurele elementen van Japan’s vooroorlogse economische expansie in Zuidoost Azië. Proefschrift Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, 1991, xviii + 374 pp. - H.J.M. Claessen, Arne Aleksej Perminow, The long way home; Dilemmas of everyday life in a Tongan village. Oslo: Scandinavian University Press, 1993, 166 pp. - Aone van Engelenhoven, René van den Berg, Studies in Sulawesi linguistics III. Jakarta: Badan Penyelenggara Seri Nusa, Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya, 1994, xii + 116 pp. [NUSA, Linguistic Studies of Indonesian and Other Languages in Indonesia 36.] - Will Derks, Wolfgang Marschall, Texts from the Islands; Oral and written traditions of Indonesia and the Malay world, (Procedings of the 7th European Colloquium on Indonesia and Malay Studies, Berne, June 1989 1994, iii + 411 pp. [Ethnologica Bernensia 4]. - Michael Kaden, Krishna Sen, Indonesian Cinema; Framing the New Order, London: Zed Books, 1994, x + 188 pp. - Nico Kaptein, Mona Abaza, Indonesian Students in Cairo; Islamic education perceptions and exchanges, Paris: Association Archipel, 1994, 198 pp. [Cahier d’Archipel 23.] - P. Keppy, Chris Manning, Indonesia assessment 1993; Labour: Sharing in the benefits of growth? Canberra: Australian National University, 1993, xxi + 326 pp., Joan Hardjono (eds. - Anke Niehof, Jan-Paul Dirkse, Development and social welfare; Indonesia’s experiences under the New Order, Leiden: KITLV Press, 1993, xi + 295 pp., Frans Hüsken, Mario Rutten (eds. - Hetty Nooy-Palm, Michale C. Howard, Textiles of Southeast Asia; An annotated and illustrated bibliography. Bangkok: White Lotus, 1994, 212 pp. + 64 pp. pf photographs in colour. - Harry A. Poeze, Hans van Miert, Een koel hoofd en een warm hart; Nationalisme, Javanisme en jeugdbeweging in Nederlands-Indië, 1918-1930. Amsterdam: De Bataafsche Leeuw, 1995, 424 pp. - Ger P. Reesink, Jürg Wassmann, Historical atlas of

  3. Differences of Street Connectivity Between Old And New Zones In Malaysian Small Town

    Ismail Said


    Full Text Available From the period before Malaysia’s independence until now, there are two significant characteristics of the town formed in small town. Pedestrian behavior in the streets is affected by the connectivity existed from the pattern of the street network of a town. Thus, the existing of characteristics of new and old zone require pedestrian to travel differently in those environments. By considering a small town consists of the old and new zone and population between 30,000 to 100,000, street network of Bandar Teluk Intan, Perak was selected. Three sets of data were produced from the land use map and Google Map image, then analyzed it using UCL Depthmap 10. Firstly, solid and void data was used in Visibility graph analysis to measure street connectivity from pedestrian visualization. Second data which convex space data used in Convex space graph analysis to measure street connectivity of spaces in street network that offer pedestrian interaction. Axial-line data is the third data was used in Axial-line graph analysis to measure street connectivity from pedestrian movement in street network. Finding shows that in old zone, junctions act as a connector to other streets when pedestrian visualize during travel, space in square and market chosen as meeting place, and main road as a guide when pedestrian move. In new zone, main road is a connecting feature for pedestrian because it's easy to find, connect with most streets, and the possible space to meet people during travel.

  4. Book Bonding.

    Elleman, Barbara


    Discusses nine books (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry) for children that center on bats. Focuses on one book ("Silverwing") as an example of the animal fantasy genre, which can tell the adventures of a particular animal, impart environmental knowledge and concerns, and include intriguing, solid facts about the animal in question. Offers…

  5. Professional Books.

    Gilstrap, Robert L.


    Reviews five books: "Garbage Pizza, Patchwork Quilts and Math Magic" (Ohanian), about elementary math instruction; "Ready for What?" (Graue), on school readiness; "The Braid of Literature: Children's Worlds of Reading" (Wolf and Heath); "The Best Years of Their Lives" (Zvirin), a book of resources for teenagers; and "Teaching and Learning in the…

  6. Book Reviews.

    Powicke, J. C.; And Others


    Reviews of 10 recent books and one new journal ("Catalyst: A Journal of Policy Debate") are provided. Topics of the books reviewed include: economics in modern Britain, world economics, the mixed economy, Milton Friedman's thought, British industry, economic issues, and London as a financial center. (JDH)

  7. Sesame Street: Socialization by Surrogate.

    Felsenthal, Norman A.

    This paper reviews some of the controversy surrounding "Sesame Street's" treatment of the socialization progress of preschool television viewers. Examined in detail are those portions of "Sesame Street" programs which contribute to children's learning of socially acceptable attitudes and behaviors. Some comparisons are made…

  8. The Regulation of Street Foods

    Forkour, John Boulard; Samuelsen, Helle; Yeboah, Eric Henry


    the challenges and negotiating strategies of regulators of street-vended foods in Ghana and analyses the implication for their relationship with street food vendors. The paper reveals that regulators operate in a context of limited resources, leading to a general feeling of neglect. In coping, regulators adopt...

  9. Book Reviews

    Brian Swann


    Full Text Available - G.J. Abbink, J.M. Schoffeleers, Missie en Ontwikkeling in Oost-Afrika. Een ontmoeting van culturen, Nijmegen-Baarn: Katholiek Studiecentrum - Ambo, 1983, 167 pp., H. Obdeijn (eds. - Gary Brana-Shute, Barry B. Levine, Benjy Lopez: A picaresque tale of emigration and return. Basic Books, 1980. 240 pages, bibliography, no index. - Victoria M. Clara van Groenendael, Günter Spitzing, Das indonesische Schattenspiel Bali - Java - Lombok, Köln: Dumont, 1981, 236 pages, photographs, illustrations, map, tables, glossary, bibliography, index. Dumont-Taschenbücher 110. - Dirk van Dusseldorp, B. Galjart, Participation of the poor in development. Contributions to a seminar. 325 pp. Leiden development studies 2, Institute of cultural and social studies, University of Leiden, Leiden 1982., D. Buys (eds. - C. van Dijk, R. de Bruin, Islam en nationalisme in door Japan bezet Indonesië: 1942-1945, ‘s-Gravenhage: Staatsuitgeverij, 1982. Rijksinstituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie, Cahiers over Nederland en de Tweede Wereldoorlog, nr. 3. - R. Hagesteijn, H.B. Sarkar, Literary heritage of Southeast Asia. Calcutta, Firma KLM Private Limited, 265 pages. - M. Hekker, S. Price, Afro-American arts of the Suriname rain forest. University of California Press, Berkeley/Los Angelos/London, 1981. 237 pp. Maps, Ill., R. Price (eds. - M. Hekker, S.R. Siregar, Adat, Islam and Christianity in a Batak Homeland. Athens, Ohio 1981. Papers in International studies, Southeast Asia series no. 57, Ohio University. 108 pp. - P.E. de Josselin de Jong, Wazir-Jahan Begum Karim, Ma’ Betisék concepts of living things, 1981. New Jersey: Athlone Press. London school of economics monographs on social anthropology no. 54. xv, 270 pp., 3 maps, 6 figs., 11 tables. - Peter Kloos, Paul Alexander, Sri Lanka Fishermen. Rural capitalism and peasant society. Canberra, Australian National University Monographs no. 7, 1982, 328 pp. - Peter Kloos, James Brow, Vedda villages of Anuradhapura. The



    4th Dalai Lama Yundain GyamcoAuthored by 5th Dalai Lama and translated by Chen Qingying and Ma Lianlong, the book tells the life of the 4th Dalai Lama who was the only non-Tibetan among the various generations of the Dalai Lama.As he was the first reincarnated Mongolian Living Buddha of the Gelug Sect, he held an important position in the history of the Gelug Sect. His period was a period filled with social changes, and little historical materials are found to cover his period. Publication of the book, published by the Tapei All Buddhist Cultural Undertakings Co. Ltd., is obviously a must-read book.

  11. Review of Street-Fighting Mathematics: The Art of Educated Guessing and Opportunistic Problem Solving by Sanjoy Mahajan

    Thomas J. Pfaff


    Full Text Available Mahajan, Sanjoy. Street-Fighting Mathematics: The Art of Educated Guessing and Opportunistic Problem Solving (The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2010. 152 pp. ISBN 978--0--262--51429--3 Street-Fighting Mathematics is an engaging collection of problem-solving techniques. The book is not for a general audience, as it requires a significant level of mathematical and scientific background knowledge. In particular, most of the book requires knowledge of Calculus I and there are examples that will require knowledge of Physics. At the same time, there are parts of the book that don't require this much background. While the title of the book may be misleading, as it is really street-fighting mathematics for people with a fair amount of training in the subject, there is a lot to be gained from reading this book, and calculus teachers may find it to be a useful resource.

  12. Street Drugs and Pregnancy

    ... Global Map Premature birth report card Careers Archives Pregnancy Before or between pregnancies Nutrition, weight & fitness Prenatal ... virus and pregnancy Folic acid Medicine safety and pregnancy Birth defects prevention Learn how to help reduce ...

  13. Simulations of Moscow megacity heat island with the COSMO-CLM model using two different urban canopy schemes and realistic building parameters, derived from OpenStreetMap data

    Varentsov, Mikhail; Wouters, Hendrik; Trusilova, Kristina; Samsonov, Timofey; Konstantinov, Pavel


    , we used originally technology of GIS-based processing of realistic OpenStreetMap data, which includes size and shape of the most of the in the city (Samsonov et al., 2015). Our testbed allows to make more detailed comparison between the modelling approaches, and also reveals the importance of correct definition of the of turbulent mixing in the ABL in the atmospheric model, and the realistic specification of the building morphology parameters and anthropogenic heat fluxes. In addition, strong seasonal variation of the importance of different factors, responsible for UHI appearance, was shown. Moreover, the framework allows to identify and solve issues regarding the different model approaches: detailed analysis of spatial and temporal variations of modelled urban temperature anomalies and their vertical extent has shown that version of COSMO-CLM model with TERRA-URB scheme simulate UHI effect in more realistic way. Research was supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and Russian Geographic Society (RGS): RFBR projects № 16-35-00474, 15-35-21129 and 16-05-00704 A, RGS-RFBR project № 13-05-41306. References: 1. Lokoshchenko, M. A. (2014). Urban 'heat island' in Moscow. Urban Climate, 10, 550-562. 2. Samsonov, T. E., Konstantinov, P. I., & Varentsov, M. I. (2015). Object-oriented approach to urban canyon analysis and its applications in meteorological modeling. Urban Climate, 13, 122-139. 3. Trusilova K., Früh, B., Brienen, S., Walter, A., Masson, V., Pigeon, G., Becker, P. Implementation of an Urban Parameterization Scheme into the Regional Climate Model COSMO-CLM// Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. 2013. Vol. 52. P. 2296-2311. 4. Wouters, H., Demuzere, M., Blahak, U., Fortuniak, K., Maiheu, B., Camps, J., & van Lipzig, N. P. (2016). The efficient urban canopy dependency parametrization (SURY) v1.0 for atmospheric modelling: description and application with the COSMO-CLM model for a Belgian summer. Geoscientific Model Development, 9

  14. Book Review:

    Gregory, Ruth


    The study of braneworlds has been an area of intense activity over the past decade, with thousands of papers being written, and many important technical advances being made. This book focuses on a particular aspect of braneworlds, namely perturbative gravity in one specific model: the Randall-Sundrum model. The book starts with an overview of the Randall-Sundrum model, discussing anti-de Sitter (AdS) space and the Israel equations in some detail. It then moves on to discuss cosmological branes, focusing on branes with constant curvature. The book then turns to brane gravity, i.e. what do we, as brane observers, perceive the gravitational interaction to be on the brane as derived from the actual five-dimensional gravitational physics? After a derivation of the general brane equations from the Israel equations, the remainder of the book deals with perturbative gravity. This part of the book is extremely detailed, with calculations given explicitly. Overall, the book is quite pedagogical in style, with the aim being to explain in detail the topics it chooses to cover. While it is not unusual to have books written on current and extremely popular research areas, it is unusual to have calculations written so explicitly. This is both a strength and a weakness of this book. It is a strength because the calculations are presented in a detail that students learning the topic will definitely appreciate; however, the narrow focus of the book also means that it lacks perspective and fails to present the broader context. In choosing to focus on one particular aspect of Randall-Sundrum branes, the book has not managed to communicate why a large number of theorists have worked so intensively on this model. In its early stages, the explicit detail of the Randall-Sundrum model would be extremely useful for a student starting out in this research area. In addition, the calculational detail later in the computation of the graviton propagator on the brane would also be welcome not

  15. Book Review

    Adrian Brown


    Full Text Available The second edition of Computational Physics by Rubin Landau, Manuel Paez and Cristian C. Bordeianu (published by Wiley hit bookshelves in 2007, and is steadily making its way into physics classrooms across the United States. Your reviewer first encountered the book at the Stanford Campus Book Store, where it is presumably being put to good use by students and faculty. The first edition was published in 1997 with Landau and Paez as authors [Computational Physics, 1st edn, Wiley, New York, 1997]. Rubin Landau is a very experienced computational physicist and staff member of the Oregon State University in Corvallis, where he directs the Computational Physics for Undergraduates course and teaches using this book. Landau is an incredibly active teacher to put it mildly – the code for the book is supplied in an accompanying DVD and he also posts applets and video lectures for his courses on his web page (

  16. Reviews: Books.

    Weiss, Bretta; And Others


    Reviews three books: "The Schoolhome: Rethinking Schools for Changing Families," by Jane Martin; "Godly Play," by Jerome Berryman; and "Five Kingdoms: An Illustrated Guide to the Phyla of Life on Earth," by Margulis and Schwartz. (TJQ)

  17. Nightmare book

    judithku; jajustin; tyler, d.


    In response to Kate Brown's review of Kate Moore's book The Radium Girls, which tells the depressing but important tale of female radium-dial painters in the early 1900s who contracted radiation poisoning.

  18. Book review

    questions enabling readers to consider how their organisation embodies each model. The ... discussed in detail and has more examples than other models in this book. ... theories and causes of organisational change and the second outlining ...

  19. Orange Book

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence (Orange Book or OB) is a list of drugs approved under Section 505 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act...

  20. Book Reviews

    F.L. van Holthoon


    Full Text Available - Yvan Simonis, Bertel Nathhorst, Formal or structural studies of traditional tales. The usefulness of some methodological proposals advanced by Vladimir Propp, Alan Dundes, Claude Levi-Strauss and Edmund Leach. Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis, Stockhlom Studies in Comparative Religion, 9 - Stockholm 1969. 80 p. bibliogr., index. - A.J.F. Köbben, G.P. Murdock, Ethnographic atlas. University of Pittsburgh Press, 1967. 128 pp. - J. Blauw, Banton Michael, Anthropological approaches to the study of religion. Tavistock Publications, London, 1966. XZII en 176p. - C. Baks, J.F. Boissevain, Netwerken en quasi-groepen; enkele beschouwingen over de plaats van de Niet-Groepen in de Sociale Wettenschappen. Oratie. Van Gorcum & Comp., Assen 1968. 44 pp. - C.J. Lammers, Tom Burns, Industrial man. Penguin Modern Sociology Readings. Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin Books Ltd. 1969. 414 pp. - P. van Daalen, M.M. Albinski, Maatschappelijke behoefte aan sociologen. Rede Katholieke Universiteit te Nijmegen. Van Gorcum, Assen 1969. 37 blz. - W. Brand, Louise B. Young, Population in perspective. Oxford University Press, New York/London/Toronto, 1968. 460 blz. - J.H.B. den Ouden, C. Baks, Afschaffing van Pacht. Een onderzoek naar de sociale gevolgen van de afschaffing van pacht in twee dorpen van Zuid-Gujerat, India. Publikatie no. 13. Afdeling Zuid- en Zuidoost-Azië. Antropologisch-Sociologisch Centrum. Universiteit van Amsterdam. 1969. 228 pp. - Mohan K. Gautam, William H. Newell, A study of Gaddi scheduled tribe - and affiliated castes. Census of India 1961. Vol. XX, Part V-B. Himachal Pradesh. Report on scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Government of India Press, Simla. 1967. I-IV plus 104 pp. with 14 black and white illustrations, appendices and bibliography. - P.J. van Winter, Monica Wilson, The Oxford history of South Africa. Vol. I, South Africa to 1870. Clarendon Press, Oxford 1969. XXXIII, 502 p., Leonard Thompson (eds. - Jan Knappert, Hasani bin

  1. A Mapping of an Agile Software Development Method to the Personal Productivity of the Knowledge Worker. A Systematic Review of Self-Help Books

    Helga Guðrún Óskarsdóttir 1987


    This work explores the problem of how to increase knowledge worker productivity by performing a systematic literature review of personal productivity self-help books. The assumption was that personal productivity self-help books are based on the same underlying concepts and that these concepts can give insight into the personal productivity of the knowledge worker. The intent was to identify these concepts, compare them to the state-of-the-art on knowledge worker productivity and the software...



    CHINA'S SPACE TRAVEL On October 16, 2003 China successfully launched its first manned space flight. This book records the course of China's manned space undertaking, and development of its manned space flight. It includes 200 color plates relating to the Seven Systems of China's Manned Space Mission; Development of the Shenzhou Spacecraft; City of Dreams in the Gobi Desert; Yang Liwei-China's First Astronaut; and Chronology of the First Manned Space Flight. The book is appended with Memorabilia of China'...

  3. Book Reviews

    Janet Rodenburg


    Full Text Available - Leonard Y. Andaya, H.A. Poeze, Excursies in Celebes; Een bundel bijdragen bij het afscheid van J. Noorduyn als directeur-secretaris van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde. Leiden: KITLV Uitgeverij, 1991, 348 pp., P. Schoorl (eds. - Anne Booth, Adrian Clemens, Changing economy in Indonesia Volume 12b; Regional patterns in foreign trade 1911-40. Amsterdam: Royal Tropical Institute, 1992., J.Thomas Lindblad, Jeroen Touwen (eds. - A.P. Borsboom, James F. Weiner, The empty place; Poetry space, and being among the Foi of Papua New Guinea. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1991. - Martin van Bruinessen, Ozay Mehmet, Islamic identity and development; Studies of the Islamic periphery. London and New York: Routledge, 1990 (cheap paperback edition: Kula Lumpur: Forum, 1990, 259 pp. - H.J.M. Claessen, Timothy Earle, Chiefdoms: power, economy, and ideology. A school of American research book. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991. 341 pp., bibliography, maps, figs. - H.J.M. Claessen, Henk Schulte Nordholt, State, village, and ritual in Bali; A historical perspective. (Comparitive Asian studies 7. Amsterdam: VU University press for the centre for Asian studies Amsterdam, 1991. 50 pp. - B. Dahm, Ruby R. Paredes, Philippine colonial democracy. (Monograph series 32/Yale University Southeast Asia studies. New Haven: Yale Center for international and Asia studies, 1988, 166 pp. - Eve Danziger, Bambi B. Schieffelin, The give and take of everyday life; Language socialization of Kaluli children. (Studies in the social and cultural foundations of language 9. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991. - Roy Ellen, David Hicks, Kinship and religion in Eastern Indonesia. (Gothenburg studies in social anthropology 12. Gothenburg: Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis, 1990, viii 132 pp., maps, figs, tbls. - Paul van der Grijp, Pierre Lemonnier, Guerres et festins; Paix, échanges et competition dans les highlands de Nouvelle

  4. Violence in the Street, Violence of the Street

    Heinskou, Marie Bruvik; Liebst, Lasse Suonperä

    While in his early and general theory of interaction rituals Randall Collins emphasised that social situations are both ’symbolic’ and ’material’, the latter dimension is largely absent from Collins’ theory of violence(Collins 2004; 1993: 214). Compared with criminology’s more recent situational...... studies of violence, it is noticeable that the analytical success of these studies is closely linked with understanding street violence as a spatial-situational phenomenon (Clarke 1997; Eck & Weisburd 1995; Bragand & Weisburd; 2010; Wikström et al. 2012; Sampson et al. 1997). In light of evidence...... for the spatial concentration of street violence, this paper takes its point of departure in a large study of Street Violence among youth in Copenhagen, Denmark (combining quantitative data from filed police reports (N = 501), data from CCTV (N=100) and qualitative analysis of selected cases of street violence...

  5. Young boys and street gangs

    Bruselius-Jensen, Maria; Pless, Mette

    of joining street gangs, this presentation demonstrates that, to the young boys, street gangs represent alternative societies that seems much more accessible than school and work communities. Street gangs seemingly gives access to social recognition and networks, economic opportunities and material status...... to the police sta- tion and a short police internship, show that the boys are very attracted to the police profession and find that it offers many of the same opportunities; network, recognition and thrills. Thus, indicating that, for the 40 boys, the line between civic and anti-civic participation can...

  6. Book Reviews

    R.A. Römer


    Full Text Available - A.J.C. Lach de Bére, Fernand van Langenhove, Consciences Tribales et Nationales en Afrique Noire. Institut Royal des Relations Internationales, Bruxelles. Martinus Nijhoff, ‘s-Gravenhage, 1960; 444 blz. - J.H. Scherer, A.H.J. Prins, The Swahili-speaking peoples of Zanzibar and the E. African Coast (Arabs, Shirazi and Swahili. Ethnographic Survey of Africa: East Central Africa, part XII. Uitgave van het International African Institute, London, 1961. 143 pp., m. kaart. - P. Driessens, Carol Brubaker, Geesten van het woud. Servire Luxe Pockets nr. 66. Servire, Den Haag 1963. 175 pp., 24 foto’s. - Joh. J. Hanrath, Indonesian Economics. The concept of dualism in theory and policy. Den Haag (W. van Hoeve 1961. 443 pp. - W. Ph. Coolhaas, H.R.C. Wright, East-Indian economic problems of the age of Cornwallis and Raffles. Luzac, London, 1961; 271 pp. - H.J. de Graaf, M.A.P. Meilink-Roelofsz, Asian trade and European influence in the Indonesian Archipelago between 1500 and about 1630. Academisch Proefschrift Amsterdam (S.U.. M. Nijhoff, ‘s-Gravenhage 1962. 471 pp. - Logemann, Herbert Feith, The decline of constitutional democracy in Indonesia. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, New York, 1962. XX en 608 blz. - F.D.K. Bosch, G. Coedés, Les peuples de la péninsule indochinoise. 228 pp., 16 pl., 1 carte; Ed. Dunod, Paris, 1962. - L. Sluimers, Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah, Viet-nam. London, Octagon Press, 1960. XV, 232 blz., krt. - L. Sluimers, J.G. Keyes, A bibliography of North Vietnamese Publications in the Cornell University Library. Ithaca, Cornell University, 1962. Data paper: Number 47. Southeast Asia Program. Department of Asian Studies. Cornell University. X, 116 blz., X. - A.F.P. Hulsewé, G.P. Oery, The Man-Shu (Book of the Southern Barbarians, translated by Gordon H. Luce, edited by G.P. Oery; Data Paper Nr. 44, Southeast Asia Program, Dept. of Far Eastern Studies, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N.Y.; 1961. (X + 116 pp., 1 map. - C.H.M. Palm, Felix M

  7. Book Reviews

    Danker H. Schaareman


    Full Text Available - H.J.M. Claessen, Jan van Bremen, Symposion. Tijdschrift voor Maatschappijwetenschap. Onder redactie van Jan van Bremen, Cees Cruson, Helle Snel, Jojada Verrips, Willem Wolters en Ton Zwaan. Uitgave: Stichting voor Maatschappijwetenschappelijk Onderzoek., Cees Cruson, Helle Snel (eds. - H.J.M. Claessen, Neil Lifuka, Logs in the current of the sea. Neil Lifuka’s story of Kioa and the Vaitupu colonists. Edited and introduced by Klaus-Friedrich Koch. With a foreword by Professor H.E. Maude. Cambridge, Mass.: Langdon Associates Press. 1978. - H.J.M. Claessen, R.R. Nayacakalou, Leadership in Fiji. 1975. Melbourne etc.: Oxford University Press. 170 pp. Appendices, tables, notes. - H.J.M. Claessen, Michael W. Young, The ethnography of Malinowski; The Trobriand Islands 1915-1918. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1979. Bibliography, Index, illustrations. - P.E. de Josselin de Jong, G.B. Milner, Natural symbols in South East Asia. School of Oriental and African Studies, London 1978. 181 p., 13 plates. - P. Kloos, G.N. Appell, Ethical dilemmas in anthropological inquiry: A case book, Waltham (Mass., Crossroads Press, 1978, xii + 291 pp. - David S. Moyer, M.B. Hooker, A concise legal history of South-East Asia. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1978. 289 pp. - J.G. Oosten, Henri J.M. Claessen, The early state. Mouton Publishers. The Hague, The Netherlands 1978. XII + 690 pages., P. Skalník (eds. - J.G. Oosten, Jean Poirier, Ethnologie Régionale 2. Asie-Amérique-Mascareignes. Sous la direction de Jean Poirier. Encyclopédie de la Pleiade. Gallimard, Paris 1978. - J.G. Oosten, A. de Ruyter, Een speurtocht naar het denken. Een inleiding tot het structuralisme van Claude Lévi Strauss. Van Gorcum & Comp. N.V., Assen 1979. Serie: Terreinverkenningen in de Culturele Anthropologie, nr. 16. - Anton Ploeg, Raymond C. Kelly, Etoro Social Structure. A study in structural contradiction. Foreword by Marshall Sahlins. The University of Michigan Press. Ann Arbor, 1974, 1977

  8. Censura e street creativity

    Edwige Comoy Fusaro


    Full Text Available Scopo di questo contributo è osservare la funzione seminale della censura nella street creativity e gli spostamenti dei confini tra lecito e illecito nei complessi rapporti tra censorship e creatività nell’ambiente urbano. Sono prese in considerazione tutte le produzioni iconografiche eseguite nello spazio pubblico, commissionate e non commissionate, qualunque siano i supporti prescelti e le tecniche di esecuzione, e  prescindendo da ogni giudizio estetico e artistico. Lo studio è basato su pezzi osservati in varie città d’Italia, Francia, Germania e Inghilterra nel 2014. Si prendono in considerazione la loro precisa collocazione, i motivi raffigurati e/o espressi e le motivazioni dei loro autori, quando sono note. Vari tipi di censura spingono i doers a esprimersi per strada: anzitutto la regolamentazione dell’occupazione visiva dell’ambiente urbano, le ingiunzioni e i divieti che emanano dai media autorizzati a occupare tale ambiente. I doers denunziano inoltre le menzogne delle autorità politiche, tramite rappresentazione delle verità censurate o azioni di artivism. All’origine del gesto espressivo di strada si trovano inoltre l’impulso trasgressivo, la volontà di comunicare con la gente e, soggiacente, la consapevolezza della caducità della vita.


    ... of higher cerebral functions like language, memory and problem solving. ... hormonal responses to exercise and the impact of these responses on different ... text to sports medicine. This book is not ... and classical music. He was widely read ...

  10. Electronic book – paperless book

    Mateja Ločniškar-Fidler


    Full Text Available The article presents the electronic book, which is accessible on the Internet, with particularities and drawbacks that the present and future users and librarians may encounter.It also presents devices (such as scanners and hand-helds and software required for reading and designing electronic books, as well as the details we should pay attention to when buying and using the above mentioned devices. Some of the most significant web pages dedicated to the selling and promoting of electronic books are also presented. The protection of authors’ works, distributed via the Internet and digital media, is gaining importance. In September 1999, Slovenia also joined the international agreement on the protection of copyrights. It is expected that electronic books will gradually become part of the collection of all types of libraries. Therefore, libraries will need appropriate technical equipment as well as trained personnel for the usage of this new medium.

  11. Book Reviews

    J. Bastin


    . - F.G.P. Jaquet, H.J. de Graaf, Wonderlijke verhalen uit de Indische historie, ‘s-Gravenhage, Moesson 1981. 173 pp. Ills. - F.G.P. Jaquet, J. Landwehr, De Nederlander uit en thuis; spiegel van het dagelijks leven uit bijzondere zeventiende-eeuwse boeken. Alphen aan den Rijn, Sijthoff, 1981. 200 pp. Ills. - P.E. de Josselin de Jong, Michael G. Peletz, Social history and evolution in the interrelationship of adat and Islam in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Research Notes and Discussions Paper no. 27, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore 1981. 59 pages. - P.E. de Josselin de Jong, Anthony Reid, Perceptions of the past in Southeast Asia, Heinemann Educational Books for Asian Studies Asociation of Australia, Singapore 1979. 436 pp. Bibliographical Appendix, Index, 3 maps., David Marr (eds. - J.E. van Lohuizen-de Leeuw, J. Bastin, Prints of Southeast Asia in the India Office Library - The East India Company in Malaysia and Indonesia 1786-1824, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, London, 1979, XIII + 228 pp. including 98 pls., frontispiece in colour., P. Rohatgi (eds. - Anke Niehof, Victor T. King, Essays on Borneo Society, Hull Monographs on South-East Asia 7, Oxford University Press, 1978, 256 pp. - C.H.M. Nooy-Palm, Renato Rosaldo, Ilongot headhunting 1883-1974, a study in society and history. Stanford University Press, Stanford, California, 1980. 313 pp., maps, photographs and diagrams. Chronological and general index. - Els Postel-Coster, Clio Presvelou, The household, women and agricultural development, Proceedings of a symposium organised by the Department of Home Economics, Agricultural University, Wageningen, Miscellaneous Papers 17, 1980, Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen, The Netherlands., Saskia Spijkers-Zwart (eds. - G.J. van Reenen, Claudine Salmon, Les Chinois de Jakarta; Temples et vie collective [The Chinese of Jakarta; Temples and communal life], Etudes insulindiennes - Archipel 1, Association Archipel, Paris, 1980 (deuxième impression, xxviii + 358 pp

  12. Sesame Street: Magic or Malevolence?

    Ratliff, Anne R.; Ratliff, Richard G.


    Despite its unusual potential, both educational and social, it seems that Sesame Street may be exposing children to unnecessary aggression...(which) often goes unpunished and, occasionally, is actively rewarded." (Author)

  13. Book Reviews

    R. de Ridder


    (50 pp. - R. de Ridder, Dennis Tedlock, The spoken word and the work of interpretation, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1983. ix + 365 pp., 8 ill. - R. de Ridder, Dennis Tedlock, Popol Vuh, The definitive edition of the Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life and the Glories of Gods and Kings, New York: Simon and Schuster, 1985. 380 pp., 32 ill. - G. van Roon, Dietmar Rothermund, Die Peripherie in der Weltwirtschaftskrise: Afrika, Asien und Lateinamerika 1929-1939, Paderborn: Ferdinand Schýningh, 1983, 295 pp. - Thilo C. Schadeberg, Gýnter Dabitz, Geschichte der erforschung der Nuba-Berge, Arbeiten aus dem Seminar fýr Výlkerkunde der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitýt Frankfurt am Main, Band 17, Wiesbaden: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1985. 280 pp., maps, tables, illus. - L. van Vroonhoven, Ger van Roon, Derde Wereld in depressie, Leiden: Nijhoff, 1985, 139 p. - Wim van Zanten, Nigel Phillips, Sijobang, sung narrative poetry of West Sumatra, Cambridge Studies in Oral and Literate Culture, no. 1, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1981. xi + 255 pp., photos, texts and translations, short glossary of Minangkabau words, Bibliography, index.

  14. Book Review

    Fritz, Steffen


    The book titled European Landscape Dynamics is a comprehensive compendium on the European CORINE land cover (CLC) and some other aspects such as fragmentation and ecosystem services in Europe. The authors constitute a wide selection of researchers and practitioners from across Europe active in this field. It contains 29 chapters of very different sizes ranging between 2 pages (Chapter 8) to 43 pages (Chapter 20). The book is structured in 5 different sections: 1. Introduction; 2. Methodology; 3. European CORINE data layers; 4. Case studies; and 5. CORINE Land Cover Perspective.

  15. Book Review

    Mishchenko, Michael I.


    The main purpose of this exemplary book is to provide a systematic exposition of the entire field of optical tweezers and their applications. The book is divided into three (approximately equal) parts summarizing the electromagnetic theory of optical tweezers (Part I), the practice of designing and building optical tweezers (Part II), and extensive applications of optical tweezers in various branches of science (Part III). The exposition is highly methodical and addresses the needs of anyone dealing with optical tweezers, be it a theoretician, an engineer/experimentalist, a routine practitioner, or an interested scientist.

  16. Book Review:

    Botet, R.


    The second edition of Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering by Riley et al is a great scientific textbook. The reader should not be intimidated by its size - over 1200 pages - and skimming through it, one is confronted with a vast amount of information (which could be daunting for students). However, when reading it in detail one realizes that the number of pages is justified and the result is a self-contained reference on mathematical methods for physics. The book is well organized: it starts at basic university undergraduate level and progresses to the highest graduate level. It is a tour de force to write mathematical sections that are both complete and at a appropriate academic level; the sequence of sections (and their content) has been chosen with great care in order that each section may introduce the following ones. The authors have clearly succeeded with this challenge, making this a remarkable pedagogical book. No precise knowledge is needed at the beginning, and all the material is presented in a logical progression. The student can confidently follow the material as it is presented. Even though this book is devoted to physics and engineering, it can be used by students in other scientific fields. The material covered in the book concentrates on applied theorems and formulae. But as the title of the book indicates, it is primarily written 'for physics and engineering' so this is to be expected and it greatly simplifies the text of the course. Consequently, derivations of the main results are essentially 'for physicists'. Frequently proofs are briefly outlined and are not as detailed as many mathematicians would like. Nevertheless, the final results are always clearly stated together with the technical conditions under which they should be used, thus providing a very comprehensive and practical textbook. The only criticism is that the sections on probability and statistics do not fit comfortably between their previous and following sections

  17. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available -Stephen J. Appold, Heidi Dahles ,Tourism and small entrepreneurs; Development, national policy, and entrepreneurial culture: Indonesian cases. Elmsford, New York: Cognizant Communication Corporation, 1999, vi + 165 pp., Karin Bras (eds -Jean-Pascal Bassino, Peter Boothroyd ,Socioeconomic renovation in Vietnam; The origin, evolution and impact of Doi Moi. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2001, xv + 175 pp., Pham Xuan Nam (eds -Peter Boomgaard, Patrick Vinton Kirch, The wet and the dry; Irrigation and agricultural intensification in Polynesia. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1994, xxii + 385 pp. -A.Th. Boone, Chr.G.F. de Jong, De Gereformeerde Zending in Midden-Java 1931-1975; Een bronnenpublicatie. Zoetermeer: Boekencentrum, 1997, xxiv + 890 pp. [Uitgaven van de Werkgroep voor de Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Zending en Overzeese Kerken, Grote Reeks 6.] -Okke Braadbaart, Colin Barlow, Institutions and economic change in Southeast Asia; The context of development from the 1960s to the 1990s. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, xi + 204 pp. -Freek Colombijn, Abidin Kusno, Behind the postcolonial; Architecture, urban space, and political cultures in Indonesia. London: Routledge, 2000, xiv + 250 pp. -Raymond Corbey, Michael O'Hanlon ,Hunting the gatherers; Ethnographic collectors, agents and agency in Melanesia, 1870s -1930s. Oxford: Bergahn Books, 2000, xviii + 286 pp. [Methodology and History in Anthropology 6.], Robert L. Welsch (eds -Olga Deshpande, Hans Penth, A brief histroy of Lan Na; Civilizations of North Thailand. Chiang Mai: Silkworm Books, 2000, v + 74 pp. -Aone van Engelenhoven, I Ketut Artawa, Ergativity and Balinese syntax. Jakarta: Badan Penyelenggaran Seri NUSA, Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya, 1998, v + 169 pp (in 3 volumes. [NUSA Linguistic Studies of Indonesian and Other Languages in Indonesia 42, 43, 44.] -Rens Heringa, Jill Forshee, Between the folds; Stories of cloth, lives, and travels from Sumba

  18. Book Reviews.

    Lance, Larry M.; And Others


    Reviews the following Human Sexuality books: "Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Human Sexuality" (Francoeur, R.T., 1987); "Annual Editions: Human Sexuality" (Pocs, O., 1987); "Personal Issues in Human Sexuality" (Gordon, S. and Snyder, W., 1986); "Journey Into Sexuality: An Exploratory Voyage" (Reiss, I.L., 1986); and…

  19. Book review



    This book is entirely dedicated to the functional role of fungi in all kind of ecosystems, and it attempts to show how the world would function if fungi were not there. It is conceived as an introduction to the subject for students in mycology and ecology. The introductory chapters deal with fundame


    tions of the survivors of the Coconut Grove fire disaster. Since then, every aspect of ... preface to the first edition, 'as any grown child knows, the quality of a book is in ... undertaken, and will be of particular value for preparation for postgraduate ...

  1. Electronic Books

    Clyde, Laurel A.


    Terje Hillesund points out that "information technology and especially the Internet have profoundly changed the ways of publishing." Recently, the book publishing industry has started to catch up, making digitized texts--including multimedia texts--available for sale through online bookstores, and in some cases, available for free downloading.…

  2. Recommended Books


    Book 1: (Editor-in-Chief: Shi Yafeng; Published by Elsevier and Science Press Beijing in 2008, 539 pages) Glaciers and Related Environments in China Since the professional institution for glaciology attached to the Chinese Academy of Sciences was established in 1958, studies of glaciers in alpine regions, and of Quaternary glaciations throughout

  3. Book review



    This book is entirely dedicated to the functional role of fungi in all kind of ecosystems, and it attempts to show how the world would function if fungi were not there. It is conceived as an introduction to the subject for students in mycology and ecology. The introductory chapters deal with

  4. Book reviews



    Since the publication of the first edition of this book, important developments in biotechnology and mushroom production made a new, revised version necessary. As it is written for the mushroom industry, it emphasizes on nutritional, medical, and cultivating aspects of edible and medicinal fungi. A

  5. Thin book

    En lille bog om teater og organisationer, med bidrag fra 19 teoretikere og praktikere, der deltog i en "Thin Book Summit" i Danmark i 2005. Bogen bidrager med en state-of-the-art antologi om forskellige former for samarbejde imellem teater og organisationer. Bogen fokuserer både på muligheder og...


    CHEN Shuaifeng; ZHANG Yun


    @@ The generic term"Chinese tradition"can be viewed from various perspectives.One thinks first of classic texts like The Four Books and The Five Classics,or the poetry of the Tang and the Song,as key parts of the genealogy of the "Chinese tradition."

  7. Book fair


    The Swiss academic publishing house 'Presses Polytechniques Universitaires Romandes'will be presenting its most recent scientific and technical publications at a book fair in the lobby of the Main Building (60) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday 28 September 2006.

  8. Book Reviews.

    Joyner, Christopher C.; And Others


    Scholarly reviews of nine books are presented. Topics include nuclear deterrence, urban planning in France, human rights in the Republic of China, the United States' support of Israel, U. S. military policy, an analysis of Rousseau's social contract, political influences on the U. S. presidency, the state and political theory, and the loss of…

  9. Book reviews



    The mycoflora of Nepal, a remote and not easily accessible country, has been poorly known so far. This book offers a welcome compilation of current knowledge, brought together by the author, and supplemented with his extensive own research. Introductory chapters deal with the phytogeography and

  10. Book Reviews.

    Cole, Michael; And Others


    Reviews four books: (1) "On Intelligence. . .More or Less: A Bioecological Treatise on Intellectual Development" (Stephen J. Ceci); (2) "Knowing Children: Experiments in Conversation and Cognition" (Michael Siegal); (3) "Adolescents and Their Families: Paths of Ego Development" (S. T. Hauser and others); and (4) "Adolescence: An Anthropological…

  11. Book review

    up for the new scientific outlook that these elite readily covet was relegated to the ... ness: Culture, Ideology and Discourse, his book published as issue number 44 of .... It Would Take Time projects two categories of pantheons with the first ... rin's recent text is a piece of poetry, a work of drama or a short form of prose fiction.

  12. Book Review

    New York: Columbia ... ISBN: 978-0-231-13350-2 by Archana Barua. The Present Personal is a book of our time. .... Chapter 2 (“The Limits of Language and the Dream ..... Archana Barua has also published a number of poems and short.

  13. Book review

    There is considerable overlap between the prison poems in the first section ... with which the new book opens, 'The Following Dawn the Boots', talks about the first ... Two spir- ited efforts express solidarity with the executed Nigerian writer, Ken ...

  14. !Book review

    In view of the fact that Soko's book was published in 1994, this is a belated review. The ... in by the further sub-title /zibongo Zesingoni (Ngoni praise poetry). ... two praise poets who are mentioned in the first chapter should have been .... attracts almost the whole population which is keen to witness the crowning of its new.



    Zhang Jingwu and Tibetan Liberation The Research Office of Party History of the Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region edited this book. In the 1950s, Zhang Jingwu received orders to Tibet. He was designated as the representative of the Central Government

  16. Books Reviews

    家本, 秀太郎


    Books Reviewed: "The Balance of Payments: Free Versus Fixed Exchange Rates"; "The Economics of Irrigation"; "Farmers and a Hungry World"; "French and EEC Grain Policies and Their Price Effects, 1920-1970"; "Growth and Structure in the Economy of Modern Italy"; "Production Yearbook 1966"; "The Cotton Industry: An Essay in American Economic History. Part I. The Cotton Culture and the Cotton Trade"



    Selected Works on Historical Documents of Tibet (XXI);Collection of Journals on Tibetan Studies;Guidance to Traditional Architecture in Tibet;Concise History of Tibetan Music;Concise History of Tibetan Fine Arts;Series Books on Himalayas;Trekking in Tibet。

  18. Digital books.

    Wink, Diane M


    In this bimonthly series, the author examines how nurse educators can use the Internet and Web-based computer technologies such as search, communication, and collaborative writing tools; social networking and social bookmarking sites; virtual worlds; and Web-based teaching and learning programs. This article describes digital books.

  19. Book notice

    Adema, Frits


    FOCKO WEBERLING & WILHELM TROLL: Die Infloreszenzen Band II, Teil 2, Monotele und polytele Synfloreszenzen. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Jena, Germany, 1998. 483 pp., illus. ISBN 3-437-35436-1. Price: DEM 238. A new volume in the monumental series of books on inflorescences in the tradition of Troll’s mor

  20. Book reviews



    Since the publication of the first edition of this book, important developments in biotechnology and mushroom production made a new, revised version necessary. As it is written for the mushroom industry, it emphasizes on nutritional, medical, and cultivating aspects of edible and medicinal fungi. A

  1. Book Reviews.

    Coates, Elizabeth; And Others


    Reviews three books: (1) "Jeux Populaires Traditionnels pour les Enfants d'aujourd'hui" (Traditional Popular Games for Today's Children) (Jacqueline Theriault and Denise Garon); "Early Childhood Education" (B. Persky and L. Golubchick, editors); and "Playing to Learn: The Young Child, Teacher and the Classroom" (Weininger and Daniel). (AC)

  2. Electronic Books

    Clyde, Laurel A.


    Terje Hillesund points out that "information technology and especially the Internet have profoundly changed the ways of publishing." Recently, the book publishing industry has started to catch up, making digitized texts--including multimedia texts--available for sale through online bookstores, and in some cases, available for free downloading.…

  3. Book reviews



    This book is dedicated to the world-known specialist in marine mycology, E. B. Gareth Jones on the occasion of his 65th birthday, for his substantial contribution to marine mycology. It contains 22 contributions by a multitude of authors, grouped around the central theme of Fungi in marine environme

  4. Book reviews



    This book is a concise and rewritten version of the author’s ‘Anatomie der Hymenomyceten’, published in 1997 by Koeltz Verlag (CH), which, unfortunately, never has been reviewed in this journal. In almost 500 pages the author leads us through the exciting world of the anatomy, cytology, and histolog



    CHINA'S SPACE TRAVEL On October 16, 2003 China successfully launched its first manned space flight. This book records the course of China's manned space undertaking, and development of its manned space flight. It includes 200 color plates relating to the Seven Systems of China's Manned Space Mission; Development of the Shenzhou Spacecraft; City of Dreams in the Gobi Desert; Yang



    CHINA'S SPACE TRAVEL On October 16, 2003 China successfully launched its first manned space flight. This book records the course of China's manned space undertaking, and development of its manned space flight. It includes 200 color plates relating to the Seven Systems of China's Manned Space Mission; Development of the

  7. Book Reviews.

    Eron, Leonard D.; And Others


    Reviews six books on developmental psychology: (1) "Children and Violence" (David Reiss and others); (2) "Television and the American Child" (George Comstock); (3) "Intellectual Development" (Robert Sternberg and Cynthia Berg); (4) "Context and Development" (Robert Cohen and Alexander Siegel); (5) "Adolescent Identity Formation" (Gerald Adams and…

  8. Book Reviews

    Tauer, Loren; Dalrymple, Dana G.; Brink, Lars


    Books Reviewed include: A Comprehensive Assessment of the Role of Risk in US Agriculture by Just Richard E., Rulon D. Pope; Providing Global Public Goods: Managing Globalization by Inge Kaul, Pedro Conceicao, Katell Le Goulven and Ronald U. Mendoza; Agricultural Policy Reform-Politics and Process in the EU and US in the 1990s by Wayne Moyer and Tim Josling



    CHINA’S SPACE TRAVEL On October 16, 2003 China successfully launched its first manned space flight. This book records the course of China’s manned space undertaking, and development of its manned space flight. It includes 200 color plates relating to the Seven Systems



    Study of Nuns of Tibetan Buddhism Nuns constitute a part of members of Tibetan Buddhism. Recent years have seen more girls and women apply to be nuns. Studying the why and the female body of the members of Tibetan Buddhism is therefore of practical significance. Authored by Degyi Zholma, the book provides a panoramic description of nuns, including history and status quo. To write



    This book by Professor Chen Yunü is a multi-faceted study of Buddhism during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).The aim of the research as stated by the author is to clarify the social role of Buddhist institutions during that period and to explicate the "laicization" of Buddhism during the Ming (pp.30-31).

  12. Book Review:

    Fallone, B. G.


    This book represents the proceedings of the five day programme on IMRT techniques presented at the 2003 American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Summer School held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The book is essentially an overview of IMRT techniques, discussing the history, the mathematical processes involved in the planning stages, the biological indices for evaluations, the off-line and on-line medical imaging that is required, the various IMRT delivery techniques available, positioning and motion verification, shielding and QA issues, and some clinical applications. There is some additional discussion on modulated electron and proton therapy, views on the clinical and financial impact of IMRT, as well as some speculation on the future uses of IMRT. The fact that the book is an `overview' must be emphasized. Medical physicists who are well-read in IMRT, or have implemented IMRT, even partially, may be a little disappointed with the book. Although specific details were purposely omitted, the well-read physicist would have preferred to go right to the `heart of the matter', something this book fails to do. As is typical of many proceedings-type books, there is a certain level of inconsistency of writing styles, as well as some redundancy between the different chapters. It is unfortunate that such a large volume does not have an index to allow a reader to explore a particular subject pertaining to IMRT. The reader would have to guide himself/herself by the table of contents before each chapter which could be a problem if the reader requires some information quickly. It is interesting to note that the book lends itself to a variety of professionals interested in IMRT, including administrators. It may be a source of help for medical physicists who wish to discuss IMRT issues with higher level administration, for example. Some clinical applications are also reviewed. The lack of details concerning the advantages of IMRT with respect to clinical outcome is

  13. Book Reviews

    Joseph Aquilina


    Full Text Available - John Beattie, Aylward Shorter, Chiefship in Western Tanzania: A political history of the Kimbu. Clarendon Press, Oxford 1972. Pp. xxvi, 439: 5 plates, 13 maps. - Jan Knappert, Francis Mading Deng, The Dinka and their songs. Oxford Library of African Literature. Oxford University Press 1973. 301 pp. - J.H. Konter, Carsten Murmann, Change and development in East African husbandry. A study of four societies during the colonial period. Akademisk Forlag, Kopenhagen 1974, 125 blz., 4 kaarten en auteurs index. - J.G. Oosten, Jean Buxton, Religion and healing in Mandari. Oxford 1973, 268 pp. Clarendon Press. - J.G. Oosten, Jozef Franz Thiel, La situation religieuse des Mbiem. Ceeba Publications, Série II, vol. I, Steyler Verlag, St. Augustin. Bandundu 1972. - J.J. de Wolf, A.F. Droogers, De gevaarlijke reis. Jongensinitiatie bij de Wagenia van Kisangani (Zäire. Academisch proefschrift. 1974, Vrije Universiteit te Amsterdam. - John Beattie, J.W. van Nieuwenhuijsen, Diviners and their ancestor spirits: study of the izangoma among the Nyuswa in Natal, South Africa. Uitgave 3, Afdeling Culturele Antropologie, Antropologische-Sociologische Centrum, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 1974. 37 pp. - Geert A. Banck, Peter Kloos, Het Indianenprobleem in Zuid Amerika. Terreinverkenningen in de Culturele Antropologie no. 2. Assen, Van Gorcum/Orion. 144 pag., paperback. - H. Heijmerink, S. Reissig Ortiz, Uncertainties in peasant farming, a Colombian case. London School of Economics Monographs on Social Anthropology, No. 46. University of London. The Athlone Press, New York. Humanities Press Inc., 1973, 294 pp. - Peter Kloos, Janet Siskend, To hunt in the morning. New York, Oxford University Press, 1973, 214 pp. - Ger van Roon, A.E. van Niekerk, Sociologie en sociale verandering in Latijns-Amerika. Deel II De naties, geredigeerd en ingeleid door Dr. A.E. van Niekerk. Universitaire Pers Rotterdam - Standaard Wetenschappelijke Uitgeverij Antwerpen 1974, 199 blz. - R

  14. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    studies. New Haven, 1990. xiii + 369 pp., W.J. O’Malley, A. Weidemann (eds. - Gisele de Meur, F. Tjon Sie Fat, Representing kinship; Simple models of elementary structures. 1990. (Doctoral thesis. Leiden, published by the author. - Toon van Meijl, Maurice Godelier, Big men and great men; Personifications of power in Melanesia, Cambridge/Paris: Cambridge University Press/Editions de la maison des sciences de l’Homme, 1991, xviii, 328 pp., maps, tables, figures, bibliography, index., Marilyn Strathern (eds. - J.A. de Moor, B.A. Hussainmiya, Orang rejimen; The Malays of the Ceylon rifle regiment. Bangi: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 1990, 185 pp. - Pieter Muysken, J.M.W. Verhaar, Melanesian pidgin and tok pisin; Studies in language companion series 20. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 1990, xiv + 409 pp. - Niels Mulder, Paul Voogt, Thailand. Amsterdam/’s-Gravenhage: Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen/NOVIB, 1991. 70 pp. + kaart, slappe kaft., Han ten Brummelhuis, Irene Stengs (eds. - Ton van Naerssen, George Cho, The Malaysian economy; Spatial perspectives. London: Routledge. 1990, 300 pp. - Julianti Parani, J.R. van Diessen, Jakarta/Batavia. Het centrum van het Nederlandse koloniale rijk in Azië en zijn cultuurhistorische nalatenschap. Cantecleer Kunst - Reisgidsen. De Bilt: Cantecleer, 1989. 343 pp. - A. Ploeg, Christopher J. Healey, Pioneers of the mountain forest, University of Sydney, 1985, Oceania Monographs no. 29, v + 64 pp., plates, figures, maps. - Els Postel-Coster, Carla Risseeuw, The fish don’t talk about the water; Gender transformation, power and resistance among women in Sri Lanka, Leiden: E.J.Brill, 1988, 415 pp., also published as Gender transformation, power and resistance among women in Sri Lanka; The fish don’t speak about the water, New Delhi: Manohar Book service, 1991. Ca. 400 pp., - Willem van Schendel, Mya Tan, Myanmar dilemmas and options; The challenge of economic transition in the 1990’s. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian studies, 1990

  15. Multicity HIV seroprevalence in street youth, Ukraine.

    Robbins, C L; Zapata, L; Kissin, D M; Shevchenko, N; Yorick, R; Skipalska, H; Finnerty, E; Ornstein, T; Marchbanks, P A; Jamieson, D J; Hillis, S D


    We conducted the first systematic, community-based, multicity assessment outside the USA of HIV seroprevalence, risk factors and linkage into clinical services among 929 street youth. After city-wide mapping, we used time-location sampling and randomly selected 74 venues in Odesa, Kyiv and Donetsk, Ukraine. Rapid HIV testing with post-test counselling was offered to all eligible youths aged 15-24 years. Overall, 18.4% (95% confidence interval 16.2-20.2) were HIV positive and 85% had previously unknown status. Rates were identical by sex. Subgroups with highest rates included orphans (26%), youths with histories of exchanging sex (35%), sexually transmitted infections (STIs) (37%), injection drug use (IDU) (42%) and needle sharing (49%). Independent predictors, similar across age groups and city, included being orphaned, time on the street, history of anal sex, STIs, exchanging sex, any drug use, IDU and needle sharing. Two-thirds (68%) of HIV-positive youths were linked to services. This high-risk population has many immediate needs.

  16. The (Street) Art of Resistance

    Awad, Sarah H.; Wagoner, Brady; Glaveanu, Vlad Petre


    This chapter focuses on the interrelation between resistance, novelty and social change We will consider resistance as both a social and individual phenomenon, a constructive process that articulates continuity and change and as an act oriented towards an imagined future of different communities....... In this account, resistance is thus a creative act having its own dynamic and, most of all, aesthetic dimension. In fact, it is one such visibly artistic form of resistance that will be considered here, the case of street art as a tool of social protest and revolution in Egypt. Street art is commonly defined...... in sharp contrast with high or fine art because of its collective nature and anonymity, its different kind of aesthetics, and most of all its disruptive, ‘anti-social’ outcomes. With the use of illustrations, we will argue here that street art is prototypical of a creative form of resistance, situated...

  17. Sensation Seeking in Street Violence

    Heinskou, Marie Bruvik; Liebst, Lasse Suonperä

    Sensation seeking leads to violence—runs an influential hypothesis in the social scientific study of violent behavior. Although studies confirm that violence is sometimes structured by sensation-seeking motives, the literature seldom comments on the limits to this explanation of violence....... The present study examines the scale of violence motivated by sensation seeking and the degree to which there are several distinct forms of sensation seeking motives operative in violence, rather than a sensation-seeking motive in the singular. The study draws on a sample of situations from Copenhagen...... involving street violence, which are coded quantitatively and qualitatively. Our analysis shows that sensation seeking only seldom seems to play a role in the structuring of street violence. Moreover, the data indicate that sensation seeking finds expression in street violence situations in two different...


    Stojadinović, Aleksandra; Batrnek Antonić, Daliborka; Perinović, Marija; Rončević, Nevenka


    Street children and youth are at risk of getting engaged in different behaviors including risky sexual behavior, which adversely affects their development and health. The aim of this study was to examine sexual behavior of street children and youth, and the risks and consequences associated with sexual behavior. A pilot study was conducted on a sample of 50 users of the Drop-in Centre for Street Children in Novi Sad, from 10 to 19 years of age. The study was conducted by a psychologist through structured interviews, with prior consent of the adolescent and parent. Among the respondents who were sexually active, 41.2% had had the first sexual intercourse by the age of 12, their median age at that time being 14 years, while the age at the time of the first sexual intercourse is 16 years in the general population of Serbia. The majority of sexually active adolescents had several partners, one male adolescent had sex with a person of the same sex, and one was paid for sex. Very few respondents used a condom. Among 15 male sexually active respondents, three (ages 11, 12 and 14) were forced to have unwanted sexual intercourse, and a quarter of adolescents (three boys and one girl) were forced to do something unwanted during sex. Despite a small and unrepresentative sample, the results of this study indicate serious problems and significant risks associated with sexual behavior of children and young people who live and work in streets. This pilot study suggests that it is necessary to conduct new research on sexual behavior of street children and youth on a representative sample and with appropriate methodology. The results of a new study should be used to plan and carry out appropriate preventive measures regarding sexual behavior of street children.

  19. Book Review

    Peralam Yegneswaran Prakash


    Full Text Available Since its primary release in 1992 and a second version in 2007 the book ‘Descriptions of Medical Fungi’ has been impressively advanced in its utility for identification of fungi. The initial editions of this book titled ‘Descriptions of Medical QAP Fungi’ were prepared as description sheets to facilitate identification of fungi at participant laboratories in the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA Mycology Quality Assurance Program (QAP. Keeping pace with the major shifts in fungal nomenclature, an updated and refurbished third edition is now available. The authors have attempted to reconcile and portray the present-day morphological description of medically important fungi with supplementary phylogenetic studies.

  20. Book Review

    Tanona, Scott

    There is more to this book than readers of this journal might expect from an author who has associated Bohr and Heisenberg with Derrida and Lacan (Plotnitsky, 1994, 2002). Plotnitsky has written in the past on trying to bridge the "two cultures" of the "science wars" by defending Derrida and others against what he perceives to have been too-quickly dismissive critiques (Plotnitsky, 1997), but he has not provided an extended philosophical analysis of Bohr to support the connections he has made. This book seems to be an attempt to engage in a careful analysis of Bohr in a way meant to satisfy critical readers and also support what he here calls "nonclassical epistemology".

  1. The Tragedy of V.S. Naipaul's Miguel Street

    Zanyar Kareem Abdul


    Full Text Available Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad (V.S. Naipaul was born in Trinidad in 1932. His works have been an enduring focus between rich and poor, colonizer and colonized. In The New York Review of Books, Naipaul has been called '”a master of English prose,” which indicates his weight in modern literature, especially in post colonialism. The paper depicts a dark area and tragedy in Miguel Street throughout the characters and their dialogues. Naipaul is famous for his sad-given-tonic moment in his novels. The paper also provides examples and explanations behind the tragedy of the novel and what the characters suffer from: misunderstanding, poverty, or losing humanity that no more communication works out. Miguel Street is a place where all the tragic moments happen in the novel. Each section of the story ends with sadness and disappointment.   Keywords: Tragic moment, Tragic novel, Trinidad society

  2. Book review

    Agnieszka Szefer


    Full Text Available Sally Meets Harry: Practical Primer to English Pronunciation and Spelling Author: Marta Nowacka, Piotr Cymbalista and Grzegorz A. Kleparski Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego ISBN: 978-837-33867-3-0 Pages: 208;How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck?’ English Pronunciation Practice Book Author: Anna Mańkowska, Marta Nowacka and Magdalena Kłoczowska Publisher: Konsorcjum Akademickie ISBN: 978-839-28763-2-8 Pages: 200.

  3. Book Review

    Salvatore Filippone


    Full Text Available The book by Arjen Markus is a veritable tour de force among the possibilities opened up by the latest incarnation of Fortran, the longest-lived programming language on the planet and still one of the favourites by scientific programmers. It is not an introduction to the syntax and semantics of the latest language standard: it is more of a gourmet cookbook showing off a wide range of examples of what the new features allow a daring programmer to do.

  4. Book Information

    Li; Caige


    The Cultural Gene of Ancient Chinese SpaceAuthor:Zhang Jie Year:2012Publisher:Tsinghua University Press ISBN:9787302273646(413 pages,in Chinese)From multiple perspectives of ancient astronomy,cultural geography and mountain modes,etiquette culture and system,artifacts and space archaeology,traditional painting,geomantic theory,etc.,this book systematically explores the main origins,concepts,con-



    CHINA'S SPACE TRAVEL On October 16, 2003 China successfully launched its first manned space flight. This book records the course of China's manned space undertaking, and development of its manned space flight. It includes 200 color plates relating to the Seven Systems of China's Manned Space Mission; Development of the Shenzhou Spacecraft; City of Dreams in the Gobi Desert; Yang Liwei-China's First Astronaut; and Chronology of the First

  6. Book Information

    Qian; Fang


    Worlding Cities:Asian Experiments anthe Art of Being Global Author:Ananya Roy;Editor:Aihwa Ong Year:2012Publisher:Wiley-Blackwell ISBN:1405192763(376 pages,in English)From Dubai to Delhi and from Singapore to Shanghai,cities across Asia are sites of intense experiments with different ways of being global.This book intervenes in urban theory focused on established

  7. Street Papers, Work, and Begging

    Cockburn, Patrick Joseph


    Street papers are publications produced specifically for sale by the homeless and other vulnerable people in many countries around the world. Their social status is, however, often conspicuously unstable: ‘Get a job!’ has been reported as a common insult addressed to vendors, and street paper...... organisations have responded with their own rhetoric and strategies that aim at disrupting any analogy with begging. The present analysis frames these rhetorical confrontations as a struggle over economic legitimacy, highlighting some of the ways in which social actors build and sever the normatively...

  8. Book Review:

    Folacci, Antoine; Jensen, Bruce


    Thanks to its impressive success in the second half of the 20th century, both in high-energy physics and in critical phenomena, quantum field theory has enjoyed an abundant literature. We therefore greet yet another book on this subject with caution: what can a monograph on quantum field theory bring now that is new, either conceptually or pedagogically? But when it is written by a physicist such as Bryce DeWitt, who has made his own contribution to the collection of field theory books with The Global Approach to Quantum Field Theory, all suspicion is naturally abandoned. One knows in advance that this book can only lead to a genuine enrichment of the literature. DeWitt has made a formidable contribution to various areas of physics: general relativity, the interpretation of quantum mechanics, and most of all the quantization of non-Abelian gauge theories and quantum gravity. In addition, his pedagogical publications, especially the Les Houches schools of 1963 and 1983 [1, 2], have had a great impact on quantum field theory. All this makes the reader keen to pick up his new work and a deeper reading confirms the reviewer's initial enthusiasm. We must begin by alerting the potential readers of this book that it cannot be compared to any other book in the field (unless of course we are talking about references [1] and [2], of which the book under review is an extension and reworking). This uniqueness applies to both the scientific content and the way the ideas are presented. A quick description of this book and a brief explanation of its title should convince the reader of the book's unique quality. For DeWitt, a central concept of field theory is that of `space of histories'. For a field varphii defined on a given spacetime M, the set of all varphii(x) for all x in all charts of M defines its history. It is the space Phi of all possible histories (dynamically allowed or not) of the fields defined on M which is called the `space of histories' by DeWitt. If only

  9. Book Review:

    Truscott, J. G.


    A book of this nature is long overdue; as could be expected from the pedigree of the editors, the coverage is comprehensive and, thanks to the authors selected, is of high quality. The book is divided into five sections, the central three of which are concerned with the measurement techniques themselves. The invasive techniques of mechanical testing and bone histology are dealt with in great detail at a level suitable for postgraduate students looking for an introduction to these techniques at a practical level. In the section dealing with the measurement techniques which use ionizing radiation, the chapters on DXA, neutron activation and radiogrammetry are well detailed and again at the appropriate level for postgraduate students. However, the chapters dealing with quantitative CT techniques are missing the sort of information that would have given them more authority. There is no mention of reconstruction algorithms or some of the typical shortcomings (e.g. partial volume artefacts) of these techniques and, given the excellent quality of the rest of the book, this was disappointing. The third of these technique sections deals with methods that do not use ionizing radiation. As one might expect with these two editors, the chapter on ultrasound is excellent and the coverage thorough and deep. The chapter on MRI and bone is particularly useful and timely as little has been published in this area and the debate about how best to measure bone quality in vivo has recently been rejoined. The chapters on finite element modelling and vibration analysis give a useful overview of the topics and have comprehensive reference lists for anyone who wishes to deepen their studies. The book has a useful introductory section. Bone biology is discussed in some detail, providing sufficient knowledge for the reader to be able to understand the basis and significance of the measurement techniques that follow. Exhaustive coverage is given to biological and radiation safety issues which

  10. Rethinking Culture on the Streets: Agency, Masculinity, and Style in the American City.

    Diamond, Andrew


    Reviews three books on street gangs that examine the formation of gangs between the 1940s and 1970s (a period that predates their connection to drug trafficking), look at masculinity in gang culture following the advent of their connection to drug trafficking, and highlight the role of the gangster in American culture in the 1920s and 1930s. (SM)

  11. "G" Is for Growing: Thirty Years of Research on Children and "Sesame Street."

    Fisch, Shalom M., Ed.; Truglio, Rosemarie T., Ed.

    "Sesame Street," 30-years-old in 1999, is possibly the most influential program in children's educational television. This book collects and synthesizes key research studies since the program's inception, describing the processes by which educational content and research are integrated into production, reviewing major studies of the…

  12. Book Review:

    Beenakker, C. W. J.


    Quantum Noise is advertised as a handbook, and this is indeed how it functions for me these days: it is a book that I keep within hand's reach, ready to be consulted on the proper use of quantum stochastic methods in the course of my research on quantum dots. I should point out that quantum optics, the target field for this book, is not my field by training. So I have much to learn, and find this handbook to be a reliable and helpful guide. Crispin Gardiner previously wrote the Handbook of Stochastic Methods (also published by Springer), which provides an overview of methods in classical statistical physics. Quantum Noise, written jointly with Peter Zoller, is the counterpart for quantum statistical physics, and indeed the two books rely on each other by frequent cross referencing. The fundamental problem addressed by Quantum Noise is how the quantum dynamics of an open system can be described statistically by treating the environment as a source of noise. This is a general problem in condensed matter physics (in particular in the context of Josephson junctions) and in quantum optics. The emphasis in this book in on the optical applications (for condensed matter applications one could consult Quantum Dissipative Systems by Ulrich Weiss, published by World Scientific). The optical applications centre around the interaction of light with atoms, where the atoms represent the open system and the light is the noisy environment. A complete description of the production and detection of non-classical states of radiation (such as squeezed states) can be obtained using one of the equivalent quantum stochastic formulations: the quantum Langevin equation for the field operators (in either the Ito or the Stratonovich form), the Master equation for the density matrix, or the stochastic Schrödinger equation for the wave functions. Each formulation is fully developed here (as one would expect from a handbook), with detailed instructions on how to go from one to the other. The

  13. Pecan Street Grid Demonstration Program. Final technology performance report

    None, None


    , is a 711-acre LEED Neighborhood Development mixed-use, urban infill redevelopment on the site of Austin’s former airport, currently under development through a public-private project between the City of Austin, and Catellus Austin LLC. Currently, Mueller is less than 50% complete and more than 3,500 people live or work at Mueller. At full build-out, the project will include more than 3 million square feet of commercial and institutional space, more than 13,000 residents from approximately 5,700 single-family and multi-family dwelling units. Figure 1 shows a Google Map image of the Mueller community, zoomed in on the residential streets participating in the project.

  14. Wary Eyes Monitoring Wall Street

    Jacobson, Linda


    School business officials kept a close watch on the financial markets this week--and on district investment portfolios and teacher-retirement funds--as stock prices gyrated and once-sound institutions got government bailouts or crumbled into bankruptcy. While financial observers said it was too soon to predict how Wall Street's upheaval might…

  15. Wary Eyes Monitoring Wall Street

    Jacobson, Linda


    School business officials kept a close watch on the financial markets this week--and on district investment portfolios and teacher-retirement funds--as stock prices gyrated and once-sound institutions got government bailouts or crumbled into bankruptcy. While financial observers said it was too soon to predict how Wall Street's upheaval might…

  16. Street Rhymes around the World.

    Yolen, Jane, Ed.

    Based on the idea that although children of every nation speak different languages the language of play is international, this collection of 32 street rhymes from 17 nations and republics offers each rhyme in its native language (Portuguese, Tamil, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, German, Bantu (Mambwe), Danish, Cheyenne,…

  17. Street photography as social interaction

    Andrea Mubi Brighenti


    Full Text Available Street photographers know quite well that taking a picture is a form of social interaction. The birth of this genre of photography, they have been discussing at length about the ethical problems involved in taking pictures of personal strangers in public places without asking permission.

  18. Red lantern Streets- Chinese Style



    WHEN speaking of ""red lantern streets,""what's the first thing that comes to mind?Sordid alleys, haunted by ladies of the night? While ""red lantern districts"" both in the East and the West have something in common, pleasures here in China are purely gastronomical in nature.

  19. Best Books 1982.

    School Library Journal, 1982


    This annotated bibliography lists 45 children's books and 29 young adult books selected by School Library Journal's Book Review staff and Young Adult Review committee, respectively. Arrangement is alphabetical by author with the grade level indicated for children's books. (EJS)

  20. Book Review:

    Vespignani, A.


    Networks have been recently recognized as playing a central role in understanding a wide range of systems spanning diverse scientific domains such as physics and biology, economics, computer science and information technology. Specific examples run from the structure of the Internet and the World Wide Web to the interconnections of finance agents and ecological food webs. These networked systems are generally made by many components whose microscopic interactions give rise to global structures characterized by emergent collective behaviour and complex topological properties. In this context the statistical physics approach finds a natural application since it attempts to explain the various large-scale statistical properties of networks in terms of local interactions governing the dynamical evolution of the constituent elements of the system. It is not by chance then that many of the seminal papers in the field have been published in the physics literature, and have nevertheless made a considerable impact on other disciplines. Indeed, a truly interdisciplinary approach is required in order to understand each specific system of interest, leading to a very interesting cross-fertilization between different scientific areas defining the emergence of a new research field sometimes called network science. The book of Dorogovtsev and Mendes is the first comprehensive monograph on this new scientific field. It provides a thorough presentation of the forefront research activities in the area of complex networks, with an extensive sampling of the disciplines involved and the kinds of problems that form the subject of inquiry. The book starts with a short introduction to graphs and network theory that introduces the tools and mathematical background needed for the rest of the book. The following part is devoted to an extensive presentation of the empirical analysis of real-world networks. While for obvious reasons of space the authors cannot analyse in every detail all the


    Balamber, Burcak


    ... to street based artists such as Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat entering to the galleries, and transformed into an artistic manner of expression having aesthetic concerns by adopting a more inclusive definition ‘street art...

  2. Golden book


    On 19 October, CERN reached the climax of its Jubilee with the official celebration in the presence of very high representatives of the Member and Observer States. Above, one of the high moments of the day: the signing of the golden book by the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, and at his right the Director-General of CERN, Robert Aymar, the President of the Swiss Confederation, Joseph Deiss, and the President of the Republic of France, Jacques Chirac. A complete report of this event will be in the next issue of the Bulletin.

  3. Real-time visualization of Karman vortex street in water flow field by using digital holography.

    Sun, Weiwei; Zhao, Jianlin; Di, Jianglei; Wang, Qian; Wang, Le


    The Karman vortex street generated behind a circular cylinder in water flow field is displayed and analyzed in real time by means of digital holography. Using a modified Mach-Zehnder interferometer, a digital hologram of the flow field in still state and then a video of continuous digital holograms in flowing state are recorded at 14.6 frames per second by a CCD camera, respectively. A series of sequential phase maps of the flow field are numerically reconstructed from the holograms in different states above based on double-exposure holographic interferometry. By seriating these phase maps, the shape and evolution of Karman vortex street can be displayed in real time in the form of a movie. For comparison, numerical simulation of the Karman vortex street under the boundary conditions adopted in the experiment is also presented, and the consistent results indicate that the experimental observation of Karman vortex street by using digital holography is successful and feasible.

  4. "Moving On": Learning to Cross Streets Independently.

    Pattavina, Sylvia; And Others


    A 12-year-old boy with severe disabilities was taught street-crossing skills through the use of photographs with verbal rehearsal of appropriate street crossing, followed by community-based instruction. The skills were acquired, maintained at follow up, and generalized to new streets. (JDD)

  5. Book Review

    Kragh, Helge


    Ever since the days of William Blake there has been an underground resistance against the soulless yet triumphant science and its unholy alliance with money, technology and political power. With the nearly undisputed hegemony that science and technological innovation has attained in the post-World War II era, this kind of resistance has resulted in numerous books and articles that in different ways warn against the dark sides of science and the socio-economic system that nourishes a science in degeneration. Classical examples include Herbert Marcuse's One-Dimensional Man (1964), Jacques Ellul's The Technological Society (1965), Theodore Roszak's The Making of a Counter Culture (1968), and Paul Feyerabend's Science in a Free Society (1978). A fair part of the literature written by sociologists and philosophers is not only critical to trends in modern science, but tends to or is overtly anti-science. The book under review belongs in some respects to this heterogeneous literary tradition, but Twilight of the Scientific Age is primarily directed against the institutional system of science and its associated ideology and not against science itself. Indeed, the author is himself a practicing scientist, an astrophysicist, and he emphasizes several times that he firmly believes in science, even that he loves it. He is not a "stupid cultural relativist," he asserts (p. 11), but a critical freethinker independent of dogmatic beliefs.

  6. Book Review:

    Das, Ashok


    It is not usual for someone to write a book on someone else's Ph.D. thesis, but then Feynman was not a usual physicist. He was without doubt one of the most original physicists of the twentieth century, who has strongly influenced the developments in quantum field theory through his many ingenious contributions. Path integral approach to quantum theories is one such contribution which pervades almost all areas of physics. What is astonishing is that he developed this idea as a graduate student for his Ph.D. thesis which has been printed, for the first time, in the present book along with two other related articles. The early developments in quantum theory, by Heisenberg and Schrödinger, were based on the Hamiltonian formulation, where one starts with the Hamiltonian description of a classical system and then promotes the classical observables to noncommuting quantum operators. However, Dirac had already stressed in an article in 1932 (this article is also reproduced in the present book) that the Lagrangian is more fundamental than the Hamiltonian, at least from the point of view of relativistic invariance and he wondered how the Lagrangian may enter into the quantum description. He had developed this idea through his 'transformation matrix' theory and had even hinted on how the action of the classical theory may enter such a description. However, although the brief paper by Dirac contained the basic essential ideas, it did not fully develop the idea of a Lagrangian description in detail in the functional language. Feynman, on the other hand, was interested in the electromagnetic interactions of the electron from a completely different point of view rooted in a theory involving action-at-a-distance. His theory (along with John Wheeler) did not have a Hamiltonian description and, in order to quantize such a theory, he needed an alternative formulation of quantum mechanics. When the article by Dirac was brought to his attention, he immediately realized what he was

  7. General Analyzing and Research on Uncertainty of Multi-Scale Representation for Street-Block Settlement

    Xu, F.; Niu, J.; Chi, Z.; Xie, W.


    Analyzing and evaluating the reliability of multi-scale representation of spatial data are already becoming an important issue of the current digital cartography and GIS. Settlement place is the main content of maps. For this reason, studying on the uncertainty of multi-scale representation of settlement place is one of important contents of the uncertainty of multi-scale representation of spatial data. In this paper, uncertainty of multi-scale representation of street-block settlement was get comprehensive analysis and system research. This paper holds that map generalization is the essential cause leading to uncertainty of multi-scale representation of streetblock settlement. First, it is explored of essence and types of uncertainty on multi-scale representation of street-block settlement, and it divides these uncertainties into four large classes and seven subclasses. Second, among all kinds of uncertainties of multi-scale representation of street-block settlement, this paper mainly studies the uncertainty of settlement of street-block symbolic representation, and establishes the evaluation content and evaluation indexes and computing method of uncertainty of street-block and street network generalization and building generalization. The result can use for evaluating the good and bad of scale transfer methods and the uncertainty of products of multi-scale representation of street-block settlement.

  8. Book Review:

    Poisson, E.


    The motion of a charged particle interacting with its own electromagnetic field is an area of research that has a long history; this problem has never ceased to fascinate its investigators. On the one hand the theory ought to be straightforward to formulate: one has Maxwell's equations that tell the field how to behave (given the motion of the particle), and one has the Lorentz-force law that tells the particle how to move (given the field). On the other hand the theory is fundamentally ambiguous because of the field singularities that necessarily come with a point particle. While each separate sub-problem can easily be solved, to couple the field to the particle in a self-consistent treatment turns out to be tricky. I believe it is this dilemma (the theory is straightforward but tricky) that has been the main source of the endless fascination. For readers of Classical and Quantum Gravity, the fascination does not end there. For them it is also rooted in the fact that the electromagnetic self-force problem is deeply analogous to the gravitational self-force problem, which is of direct relevance to future gravitational wave observations. The motion of point particles in curved spacetime has been the topic of a recent Topical Review [1], and it was the focus of a recent Special Issue [2]. It is surprising to me that radiation reaction is a subject that continues to be poorly covered in the standard textbooks, including Jackson's bible [3]. Exceptions are Rohrlich's excellent text [4], which makes a very useful introduction to radiation reaction, and the Landau and Lifshitz classic [5], which contains what is probably the most perfect summary of the foundational ideas (presented in characteristic terseness). It is therefore with some trepidation that I received Herbert Spohn's book, which covers both the classical and quantum theories of a charged particle coupled to its own field (the presentation is limited to flat spacetime). Is this the text that graduate students

  9. Book Review:

    Borcherds, P.


    This book achieves what its subtitle indicates. The author skilfully weaves together the story of Bragg's life and of the scientific developments with which he was most closely involved. The author has a good understanding of Bragg's scientific work which he explains in considerable detail, with a number of diagrams reproduced from Bragg's papers, and manages to convey the excitement generated by Bragg's discoveries. The salient points of Bragg's life are well known. He was born and brought up in Australia and is still the youngest ever winner of a Nobel prize (though Josephson did his seminal work at a comparable age, it took many years for him to get his Prize). From 1914 to 1918 Bragg was involved with acoustic methods of detecting enemy guns. From 1919 to 1938 he was Professor of Physics in Manchester, and for about a year he was Director of the National Physical Laboratory. He then went to Cambridge as Cavendish Professor until 1953, when he moved to the Royal Institution (where his father had been). While an undergraduate at Cambridge 'Bragg's most influential teacher was...C T R Wilson [Nobel Laureate, 1927]...[whose] lectures "were the best, and delivery the worst, of any lectures to which I have ever been. He mumbled facing the board, he was very hesitant in his delivery, and yet the way he presented the subject was quite brilliant'' '. One wonders how long Wilson's inspirational teaching would survive today, with continual inspections and the requirement to satisfy the demands of the jobsworths. Bragg's comments on this would make interesting reading! Bragg was a very successful public lecturer on science. He made use of vivid analogies, many of which are quoted by Hunter. Since this book is published by Oxford University Press, I hope that some of them may appear in future editions of The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. (Bragg is included in Mackay's A Dictionary of Scientific Quotations (Bristol: Institute of Physics Publishing)). There are too many



    <正>Review article:Alain SCHNAPP et al.(eds.).2014.World Antiquarianism.Comparative Perspectives.Los Angeles:Getty Research Institute.ISBN:978-1-60606-148-0,pp.464,23 color and 81 b/w illustrations,4 maps,$60.Reviewed by Sven Günther,Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations,

  11. Book reviews



    Nature Conservation in western Malaysia, 1961. Edited by J. wyatt-Smith & P.R. Wycherley. An issue to mark the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the founding of the Malayan Nature Society 1940-1961. viii + 258 pp., 44 plates, maps. There is all reason to congratulate the Malayan Nature Society wit

  12. Book Review:

    Kiefer, C.


    The most difficult unsolved problem in fundamental theoretical physics is the consistent implementation of the gravitational interaction into a quantum framework, which would lead to a theory of quantum gravity. Although a final answer is still pending, several promising attempts do exist. Despite the general title, this book is about one of them - loop quantum gravity. This approach proceeds from the idea that a direct quantization of Einstein's theory of general relativity is possible. In contrast to string theory, it presupposes that the unification of all interactions is not needed as a prerequisite for quantum gravity. Usually one divides theories of quantum general relativity into covariant and canonical approaches. Covariant theories employ four-dimensional concepts in its formulation, one example being the path integral approach. Canonical theories start from a classical Hamiltonian version of the theory in which spacetime is foliated into spacelike hypersurfaces. Loop quantum gravity is a variant of the canonical approach, the oldest being quantum geometrodynamics where the fundamental configuration variable is the three-metric. Loop quantum gravity has developed from a new choice of canonical variables introduced by Abhay Ashtekar in 1986, the new configuration variable being a connection defined on a three-manifold. Instead of the connection itself, the loop approach employs a non-local version in which the connection is integrated over closed loops. This is similar to the Wilson loops used in gauge theories. Carlo Rovelli is one of the pioneers of loop quantum gravity which he started to develop with Lee Smolin in two papers written in 1988 and 1990. In his book, he presents a comprehensive and competent overview of this approach and provides at the same time the necessary technical background in order to make the treatment self-contained. In fact, half of the book is devoted to 'preparations' giving a detailed account of Hamiltonian mechanics, quantum

  13. Street art - vandalismus nebo umění?

    Grabmüllerová, Eva


    The diploma thesis ‚Street Art - Vandalism or Art?' deals with a world-wide phenomenon of contemporary art. The thesis focuses on the characterization of street art and history of street art (its origin and development) and analyzes the difference between street art and graffiti. The thesis presents street art techniques as well as notable street artists. The thesis also observes street art scene in the Czech Republic and depicts features that street art has in common with other art movements...


    *F. Nejadkoorki, E. Yousefi, F. Naseri


    Full Text Available A model is demonstrated that describes street traffic-induced noise pollution in 2008 in Yazd, Iran. Sound levels were measured using a Bruel and Kjaer-2260 sound level meter on 10 streets across the city over this period during the morning rush hour and different vehicle types were counted simultaneously at various sampling points. Geographical Information System was used to generate, store and retrieve the spatial data and map the sound levels using an interpolation technique. The minimum and maximum sound levels appeared to be 70.9 dBA and 80.7 dBA, respectively and these values were above the national legislated norm. Cars and motorcycles were the most commonly used vehicle type in the city, comprising 61.2% and 23.7 % of the total traffic volume, respectively. These data were followed by trucks, buses and bicycles. A number of parameters which were assumed to impact on noise pollution were collected and considered, including geographical position, elevation, the distance to the nearest intersection, street geometry and the numbers of vehicles according to class. The modelling demonstrated that there is a significant relationship between the average sound level and traffic flow (R2 = 0.5. The results showed that although street traffichas increased between 2002 and 2008, the sound levels in the city decreased slightly and this has been attributed to advances in vehicle design.

  15. Streets Apart: Does Social Capital Vary with Neighbourhood Design?

    Lisa Wood


    Full Text Available While neighbourhood differences in social capital have been mapped, few empirical studies have considered the nexus between specific physical characteristics of communities and social capital. In this study we hypothesised that social capital would be positively associated with a more walkable street network design, but inversely associated with negative experiences and perceptions of neighbourhood environments. Data was gathered through a random cross-sectional telephone survey of adults (n=339 from three suburbs with differing street network design. Although there was some relationship between street network layout and social capital, this was not always as hypothesised by previous studies. Perceived incivilities, lower levels of trust and support were among factors that may have countered some of the positive influences of a walkable street network design on social capital. Overall, our findings suggest that the built environment may influence neighbourhood social capital at both a real and perceived level. While the actual presence and type of facilities, neighbourhood design and walkability may impact on social capital formation and maintenance, so too can perceptions of the physical and social environment. Understanding the complex intertwining of physical neighbourhood features, perceptions and social dynamics is relevant to growing public policy interest in strengthening social capital for enhanced community wellbeing.

  16. Book Review:

    Webb, Steve


    The Polish physicist Józio (Joseph, Josh, Jo) Rotblat was catapulted into the public eye when he (and the 'Pugwash Conferences' organization) received the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize. His life prior to that had been most distinguished but conducted well out of the public eye. Born and raised as a Jewish physicist in pre-World War II Poland, and thus potentially educationally disadvantaged, he battled away for education and scientific achievement. He came to Liverpool University just before the outbreak of World War II, worked in James Chadwick's laboratory on the early beginnings of neutron fission physics, moved to Los Alamos to take part in the US-UK collaborative Manhattan Project to build a nuclear bomb and was motivated by a desire to rid Poland of Nazi 'racial cleansing'. On realizing the US-UK goal was somewhat wider, he resigned this work and dedicated his life to the peaceful uses of radiation and the campaigns to rid the world of the potential world-eliminating possibility of nuclear war. For this purpose he interacted with Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell, and in July 1957 founded the 'Pugwash Conferences', named for a small fishing village in Nova Scotia, Canada where the first was held. Along the way his personal life was no less dramatic. Cruel events conspired, and his wife Tola remained in Poland and was killed in the Nazi extermination camp at Majdanek. He grieved for his beloved Poland and those left behind or unaccounted for. He was suspected by some Americans of being a spy and had his personal papers and family artefacts impounded. After the war he was Professor of Medical Physics at St Bartholomew's Hospital, London for 30 years up to retirement. After John Roberts, he was the second editor of this journal Physics in Medicine and Biology from 1961-72 (see e.g. Bob Burns' paper in our 50th birthday issue, 2006. Kit Hill's little book which chronicles the life and times of Rotblat weaves together the key events in his personal and professional

  17. Book Review:

    Barbour, J. B.


    These colloquium proceedings will be valuable, the blurb says, for graduate students and researchers in cosmology and theoretical astrophysics. Specifically, the book 'looks at both the strengths and weaknesses of the current big bang model in explaining certain puzzling data' and gives a 'comprehensive coverage of the expanding field of cosmology'. The reality is rather different. Conference proceedings rarely compare in value with a solid monograph or good review articles, and Current Issues in Cosmology is no exception. The colloquium was convened by the two editors, who have both long harboured doubts about the big bang, and was held in Paris in June 2004. The proceedings contain 19 presented papers and relatively brief summary comments by four panel speakers. The questions and answers at the end of each talk and a general discussion at the end were recorded and transcribed but contain little of interest. The nature of the colloquium is indicated by panellist Francesco Bertola's comment: 'While in the 1950s it was possible to speak of rival theories in cosmology, now the big-bang picture has no strong rivals. This is confirmed by the fact that out of 1500 members of the IAU Division VIII (Galaxies and the Universe) only a dozen, although bright people, devote their time to the heterodox views.' This was largely a platform for them to give their views. At least half of the dozen, all the 'usual suspects', were present: Geoffery and Margaret Burbidge, Jayant Narlikar, Halton Arp, Chandra Wickramasinghe and, in spirit only but playing a role somewhat like the ghost of Hamlet's father, the late Fred Hoyle. Doubters presented 12 of the 19 papers. Orthodoxy should certainly be challenged and the sociology of science questioned, but I found two main problems with this book. The papers putting the orthodox view are too short, even perfunctory. The most that a serious graduate student would get out of them is a reference to a far better review article or book on modern

  18. Book Review:

    Dray, T.


    Null hypersurfaces are a mathematical consequence of the Lorentzian signature of general relativity; singularities in mathematical models usually indicate where the interesting physics takes place. This book discusses what happens when you combine these ideas. Right from the preface, this is a no-nonsense book. There are two principal approaches to singular shells, one distributional and the other 'cut and paste'; both are treated in detail. A working knowledge of GR is assumed, including familiarity with null tetrads, differential forms, and 3 + 1 decompositions. Despite my own reasonably extensive, closely related knowledge, there was material unfamiliar to me already in chapter 3, although I was reunited with some old friends in later chapters. The exposition is crisp, with a minimum of transition from chapter to chapter. In fact, my main criticism is that there is no clear statement of the organization of the book, nor is there an index. Everything is here, and the story is compelling if you know what to look for, although it is less easy to follow the story if you are not already familiar with it. But this is really a book for experts, and the authors certainly qualify, having played a significant role in developing and extending the results they describe. It is also entirely appropriate that the book is dedicated to Werner Israel, who pioneered the thin-shell approach to (non-null) singular surfaces and later championed the use of similar methods for analysing null shells. After an introductory chapter on impulsive signals, the authors show how the Bianchi identities can be used to classify spacetimes with singular null hypersurfaces. This approach, due to the authors, generalizes the framework originally proposed by Penrose [1]. While astrophysical applications are discussed only briefly, the authors point out that detailed physical characteristics of signals from isolated sources can be determined in this manner. In particular, they describe the behaviour

  19. Polynomial mappings

    Narkiewicz, Wŀadysŀaw


    The book deals with certain algebraic and arithmetical questions concerning polynomial mappings in one or several variables. Algebraic properties of the ring Int(R) of polynomials mapping a given ring R into itself are presented in the first part, starting with classical results of Polya, Ostrowski and Skolem. The second part deals with fully invariant sets of polynomial mappings F in one or several variables, i.e. sets X satisfying F(X)=X . This includes in particular a study of cyclic points of such mappings in the case of rings of algebrai integers. The text contains several exercises and a list of open problems.


    Burcak Balamber


    Full Text Available Graffiti movement, born as a result of an effort of the youth, who felt themselves socially excluded and alone, to show their existence and identities during the 1960s, expanded its scope owing to street based artists such as Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat entering to the galleries, and transformed into an artistic manner of expression having aesthetic concerns by adopting a more inclusive definition ‘street art’. During this transformation of street art,street artists experimented with various methods from many different disciplines and hence created works in a wide range of varieties in terms of plastic and artistic values. Among these disciplines, printmakinghastaken its own place in street artas a discipline thatdeeply influenced street artists.Printmaking has fascinated street artists and become a part of their production process, not only with its philosophy sharing common grounds with street art and advantages in terms of its tecnical practices but also its unique plastic and linear values.Thanks to the opportunities of printmaking, street art has succeeded creating a tremendous impression worldwide, and even positioned itself into today’s greatest museums/gallery halls. This article aims to show how and in what way printmaking has influenced street art being in a transformation since the 1960s, and to put an emphasis on theimportance of printmaking on today’s street art.

  1. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available - J.E. Chr. Geissler, I.H. Enklaar, Joseph Kam, “Apostel der Molukken”. Boekencentrum N.V., ‘s-Gravenhage 1963; XV en 186 pag. - I. Schöffer, George Masselman, The cradle of colonialism. Yale University Press, New Haven & London 1963. 534 pp. (Bibliography pp. 477-511 & index pp. 511-34, 6 ills., 11 maps. - H.J. der Graaf, J. Bastin, Malayan and Indonesian Studies presented to Sir Richard Windstedt. Clarendon Press: Oxford University Press, Oxford 1964. 339 pp., R. Roolvink (eds. - A. Peeters, Atlas of South-East Asia. With an introduction by D.G.E. Hall, Professor Emeritus in the University of London. Djambatan. Amsterdam 1964. 60 pp. Maps, 42 plates. - P.J. Idenburg, W.J. Ganshof van der Meersch, Fin de la Souveraineté Belge au Congo, Documents et reflexions. Koninklijk Instituut voor Internationale Betrekkingen, Brussel - ’s-Gravenhage 1963. 684 blz. - ,

  2. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    -Valerie I.J. Flint, Margarita Zamora, Reading Columbus. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993. xvi + 247 pp. -Riva Berleant-Schiller, Historie Naturelle des Indes: The Drake manuscript in the Pierpont Morgan Library. New York: Norton, 1996. xxii + 272 pp. -Neil L. Whitehead, Charles Nicholl, The creature in the map: A journey to Eldorado. London: Jonathan Cape, 1995. 398 pp. -William F. Keegan, Ramón Dacal Moure ,Art and archaeology of pre-Columbian Cuba. Pittsburgh: University of P...

  3. Book Reviews


    -Valerie I.J. Flint, Margarita Zamora, Reading Columbus. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993. xvi + 247 pp. -Riva Berleant-Schiller, Historie Naturelle des Indes: The Drake manuscript in the Pierpont Morgan Library. New York: Norton, 1996. xxii + 272 pp. -Neil L. Whitehead, Charles Nicholl, The creature in the map: A journey to Eldorado. London: Jonathan Cape, 1995. 398 pp. -William F. Keegan, Ramón Dacal Moure ,Art and archaeology of pre-Columbian Cuba. Pittsburgh: University of P...

  4. Book Review:

    Unruh, W. G.


    Quantum mechanics is one of the most successful theoretical structures in all of science. Developed between 1925-26 to explain the optical spectrum of atoms, the theory over the succeeding 80 years has been extended, first to quantum field theories, gauge field theories, and now even string theory. It is used every day by thousands of physicists to calculate physical phenomena to exquisite precision, with no ambiguity in the results. To claim that this is a theory which is not understood by those physicists is absurd. And yet, as eminent a physicist as Richard Feynman, who did as much as anyone else to extend quantum theory to field theories and was a master at producing those exquisite calculations, could say that anyone who claimed they understood quantum theory clearly did not understand quantum theory. One hundred years ago Einstein postulated one of the most unsettling features of the theory, the wave-particle duality, with his particulate explanation for light of the photoelectric effect, and an explanation which was in direct conflict with Maxwell's brilliant development of a wave, or field, theory of light. Einstein believed that the particulate nature would ultimately be explainable by some sort of non-linear theory of electromagnetism, and was outraged by the acceptance of the community of the probabilistic quantum theory. His programme was of course dealt a (near?) fatal blow by Bell's discovery that the three desiderata - a theory which agrees with experiment, a theory which is local in its effects, and a theory in which nature, at its heart, is not probabilistic - are incompatible. That discomfort felt by Einstein and by Feynman is felt by numerous other people as well. This discomfort is heightened by the fact that the theory of gravity, another of Einstein's great achievements, has resisted all efforts at reconciliation with quantum mechanics. This book explores that discomfort, and tries to pin down what the locus of that discomfort is. For many

  5. Renaming Zagreb Streets and Squares

    Jelena Stanić


    Full Text Available The paper deals with changes in street names in the city of Zagreb. Taking the Lower Town (Donji grad city area as an example, the first part of the paper analyses diachronic street name changes commencing from the systematic naming of streets in 1878. Analysis of official changes in street names throughout Zagreb’s history resulted in categorisation of five periods of ideologically motivated naming/name-changing: 1. the Croatia modernisation period, when the first official naming was put into effect, with a marked tendency towards politicisation and nationalisation of the urban landscape; 2. the period of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croatians and Slovenians/Yugoslavia, when symbols of the new monarchy, the idea of the fellowship of the Southern Slavs, Slavenophilism and the pro-Slavic geopolitical orientation were incorporated into the street names, and when the national idea was highly evident and remained so in that process; 3. the period of the NDH, the Independent State of Croatia, with decanonisation of the tokens of the Yugoslavian monarchy and the Southern Slavic orientation, and reference to the Ustashi and the German Nazi and Italian Fascist movement; 4. the period of Socialism, embedding the ideals and heroes of the workers’ movement and the War of National Liberation into the canonical system; and, 5. the period following the democratic changes in 1990, when almost all the signs of Socialism and the Communist/Antifascist struggle were erased, with the prominent presence of a process of installing new references to early national culture and historical tradition. The closing part of the paper deals with public discussions connected with the selection of a location for a square to bear the name of the first president of independent Croatia, Franjo Tuđman. Analysis of these public polemics shows two opposing discourses: the right-wing political option, which supports a central position for the square and considers the chosen area to

  6. Book Reviews

    J. van Goor


    Full Text Available - Peter Boomgaard, Christine Dobbin, Asian entrepreneurial minorities; Conjoint communities in the making of the world economy, 1570-1940. Richmond: Curzon Press, 1996, xiii + 246 pp. [Nordic Institute of Asian Studies Monograph Series 71.] - Ian Brown, Fukuda Shozo, With sweat and abacus; Economic roles of Southeast Asian Chinese on the eve of World War II, edited by George Hicks. Singapore: Select Books, 1995, xii + 246 pp. - Ian Brown, George Hicks, Chinese organisations in Southeast Asia in the 1930s. Singapore: Select Books, 1996, xv + 168 pp. - Matthew I. Cohen, Laurie J. Sears, Shadows of empire; Colonial discourse and Javanese tales. Durham/London: Duke University Press, 1996, xxi + 349 pp. - J. van Goor, Anthony Reid, Southeast Asia in the age of commerce 1450-1680. Vol. II: Expansion and crisis. New Haven/London: Yale University Press, 1993, xv + 390 pp. - J. van Goor, Anthony Reid, Southeast Asia in the age of commerce 1450-1680. Vol. I: The lands below the winds. New Haven/London: Yale University Press, 1988, xvi + 275 pp. - David Henley, Saya S. Shiraishi, Young heroes; The Indnesian family in politics. Ithaca/New York: Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, Southeast Asia Program Publications, 1997, 183 pp. [Studies on Southeast Asia 22.] - Gerrit Knaap, P. Jobse, Bronnen betreffende de Midden-Molukken 1900-1942. Den Haag: Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis, 1997. 4 volumes. Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicatiën, Kleine Serie, 81, 82, 83, 84. Volume 1 bewerkt door P. Jobse, 2 en 3 door Ch.F. van Fraassen, 4 door Ch.F van Fraassen en P. Jobse. xii + 578, xii + 578, xii + 711, x + 655, xi + 261 pp., Ch. F. van Fraassen (eds. - Indro Nugroho-Heins, Clara Brakel-Papenhuyzen, Classical Javanese dance; The Surakarta tradition and its terminology. Leiden: KITLV Press, 1995, xi + 252 pp. [Verhandelingen 155.] - László Sluimers, Shigeru Sato, War, nationalism and peasants; Java under the Japanese occupation, 1942-1945. Armonk, New

  7. "The Cow Loves To Learn": The Hao-Xue-Xin Learning Model as a Reflection of the Cultural Relevance of "Zhima Jie," China's "Sesame Street."

    Li, Jin; Li, Jimei


    Examined the cultural basis and relevance of "Zhima Jie," a Chinese adaptation of "Sesame Street." Found that most of 3- to 6-year-olds in the sample desired books and learning materials, with disadvantaged children more likely than more advantaged children to desire books and learning materials. Older children showed a greater…

  8. Best Books of 1977

    Gerhardt, Lillian N.; And Others


    School Library Journal book review editors have selected and annotated their choices for the best children's and young adults' books from those books that were submitted for review during 1977 by general book trade book publishers. Included in the annotations are: author, title, publisher, price, and recommended reading and interest levels. (JPF)

  9. The Economics of Books

    Canoy, M.F.M.; van Ours, J.C.; van der Ploeg, F.


    The tensions between books and book markets as expressions of culture and books as products in profit-making businesses are analysed and insights from the theory of industrial organisation are given.Governments intervene in the market for books through laws concerning prices of books, grants for aut

  10. Book Review:

    Peacock, John


    ), but the latter is surprising in the context of a subject whose whole purpose is to observe the properties of primordial perturbations that may have arisen from inflation. Instead, the text concentrates on the technical heartland of the transport theory for CMB photons, and the Newtonian and relativistic theory for the development of CMB anisotropies, including polarization. It closes with more observationally-based chapters on general statistical aspects of the CMB sky, a digest of the recent results from WMAP, and an outlook. These are welcome, but the book really stands or falls on its treatment of the core physics of anisotropies. Without going too much into specifics, it can be fairly stated that the treatment given of the main material on CMB fluctuations is geared more to working professionals than to students. There is a good deal of useful technical detail, but it is not always derived systematically, and sometimes arises by reference to the research literature. There are no problem sets or worked examples, and not much attempt at intuitive illumination. As an example, one might point to the large-angle anisotropies of the CMB, which were first analysed in the classic Sachs Wolfe paper of 1967. The relativistic transport equation is there, but one looks in vain for the separation into the Sachs Wolfe effect proper (potential perturbations at last scattering) and the integrated effect of evolution since then. This latter ISW effect is in fact of huge interest in current research, since it is one of the methods for probing whether the vacuum energy differs from a cosmological constant. In general, the text seems strangely patchy on issues of contemporary interest, certainly in terms of its emphasis. It is as if the three authors contributed material separately without achieving a full integration. On the more positive side, the book has the advantage that it presents a Russian view of the subject. So much of the initial work on the `Relic Radiation' (a much



    Qing Dynasty Archives On the Dalai lamasThe Dalai Lama was one of the two leaders of the Gelug (Yellow) Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It won the honorific title of the Dalai lama in 1653 from Qing Emperor Shunzhi, and the Living Buddha had since been following the reincarnation system under the supervision of the Central Government. His soul boy was not legal until he won the confirmation of the Central Government. Whenever there is the need not to go through the set system, Central Government permission is a must.The Dalai Lama also did his best to seek authorization of the Central Government which would therefore issue him certificate of authority and seal of power.All these were recorded in archives, part of which are contained in the book. Its major chapters contain 154 pieces of archives related with certification of the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Erdeni under the reign of Qing Emperor Shunzhi, the demise of the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Erdeni, efforts made to look for their soul boys, selection of th

  12. Book reviews

    T. Abdel-Motey., C. Urfels., K. Rodriguez., J. Mardikian., J.A. Drobnicki., V. Diodato.


    Full Text Available Title:(1 The Library and Information Professional’s Guide to the Internet. (2 Reinvention of the Public Library for the 21st Century. (3 Public Library Collection Development in the Information Age. (4 Making Sense of Journals in the Life Science: From Specialty Origins to Contemporary Assortment. (5 The Holocaust: Memories, Research, Reference. (6 How to Index Your Local Newspaper Using WordPerfect or Microsoft Word for Windows. (7 Effective Utilization and Management of Emerging Information Technologies. (8 Information Technology and Organizations: Challenges of New Technologies. (9 Facilities Planning for School Media and Technology Centers. (10 Libraries Without Walls 2: The Delivery of Library Services to Distance Users. (11 New International Directions in HIV Prevention for Gay and Bisexual Men. (12 Soaring to Excellence Videos: Tools of Our Trade III: Books, the Internet, and Beyond.Author:(1Reviewed by Teresa Abdel-Motey. (2Review by Claire Urfels. (3Reviewed by Dr. Ketty Rodriguez. (4Reviewed by Jackie Mardikian. (5Reviewed by John A. Drobnicki.(6Reviewed by Dr. Virgil Diodato. (7Reviewed by Dr. Lisa M. Covi. (8Reviewed by Tom Zillner. (9Reviewed by Dr. W. Bernard Lukenbill. (10Reviewed by Dr. Elizabeth Buchanan. (11Reviewed by Aisha White. (12Reviewed by Phyllis Tragash

  13. Book Reviews

    Hans Antlöv


    , vii + 231 pp., Ulricht Mai (eds. - Tineke Hellwig, Brigitte Müller, Op de wipstoel; De niet-gewettigde inheemse vrouw van de blanke Europeaan in Nederlands-Indië (1890-1940; Een literatuuronderzoek naar beeldvorming en werkelijkheid. Amsterdam: Vakgroep Culturele Antropologie/Sociologie der Niets-Westerse Samenlevingen, 1995, xii + 131 pp. - Jan van der Putten, Liaw Yock Fang, Standard Malay made simple. Singapore: Times Books International, 1988. - Jan van der Putten, Liaw Yock Fang, Standard Indonesian made simple, written with the assistance of Nini Tiley-Notodisuryo, Singapore: Times Books International, 1990. - Jan van der Putten, Liaw Yock Fang, Speak standard Malay; A beginner’s guide. Singapore: Times Books International, 1993, xxii + 280 pp. - Jan van der Putten, Liaw Yock Fang, Speak Indonesian; A beginner’s guide, written in collaboration with Munadi Padmadiwiria and Abdullah Hassan. Singapore: Times Books International, 1990. - Alle G. Hoekema, Chr.G.F. de Jong, Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Zending op Zuid-Sulawesi 1852-1966; Een bronnenpublicatie. Oegstgeest: Raad voor de Zending der Nederlands Hervormde Kerk, 1995, xi + 524 pp. - George Hotze, Ronald G. Gill, De Indische stad op Java en Madura; Een morfologische studie van haar ontwikkeling. Delft: Publikatieburo Bouwkunde, Technische Universiteit Delft, 1995, 350 pp. - H.A.J. Klooster, Holk H. Dengel, Neuere Darstellung der Geschichte Indonesiens in Bahasa Inonesia; Entwicklung und Tendenzen der indonesischen Historiographie. Stuttgart: Steiner, 1994, vii + 269 pp. - Harry A. Poeze, Hans Antlöv, Imperial policy and Southeast Asian nationalism 1930-1957. Richmond: Curzon Press, 1995, xiii + 323 pp., Stein Tonnesson (eds. - P.W. Preston, Michael Hill, The politics of nation building and citizenship in Singapore. London: Routledge, 1995, x + 285 pp., Lian Kwen Fee (eds. - J.W. (Pim Schoorl, Michael Southon, The navel of the perahu; Meaning and values in the maritime trading economy of a Butonese

  14. Book Reviews

    Christopher Clapham


    Full Text Available This publication includes reviews of the following books:The Horn of Africa by Kidane Mengisteab. Cambridge: Polity, 2014. £15.99 (pbk.. Pp. 240+index. ISBN: 9780745651217. Review by Christopher Clapham. Ethiopia: the last two frontiers by John Markakis. Woodbridge: James Currey, 2011. Pp. 399. $34.95 (pbk.. ISBN: 9781847010742. Review by Christopher Clapham.Regime change and succession politics in Africa: five decades of misrule, edited by Maurice Nyamanga Amutabi and Shadrack Wanjala Nasong’o. New York and London: Routledge, 2013. Pp. 237+bibliography+index, £80.00 (hbk. ISBN13: 9780415534086. Review by Tim Kelsall.China’s resource diplomacy in Africa: powering development? by Marcus Power, Giles Mohan and May-Tan Mullins. New York and Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan, 2012. Pp. 329 + xix, £63 (hbk.. ISBN: 9780230229129. Review by Pádraig Carmody.Dealing with government in South Sudan: histories of chiefship, community and state by Cherry Leonardi. Suffolk: James Currey (Eastern African Series, 2013. Pp. 224 + notes + bibliography + index. £45.00 (hbk. ISBN: 9781847010674. Review by Jonathan Fisher. 

  15. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available - F.D.K. Bosch, J. Boisselier, Manuel d’ archéologie d’ Extrême-Orient. Première Partie: Asie du Sud-Est I. Le Cambodge. Sous la direction de G. Coedès. J. Picard et Cie., Paris, 1966. XVI and 480 pp., 72 figs., 64 pls., 4 plans and 2 maps. - H.J. de Graaf, Generale Missiven, van Gouverneurs-Generaal en Raden aan Heren XVII der Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie. Deel II: 1639-1655. Uitgegeven door Dr. W. Ph. Coolhaas. Martinus Nijhoff, ‘s-Gravenhage 1964. XIV en 870 blzz. - M.A.P. Meilink-Roelofsz, John Bastin, The British in West Sumatra, 1685-1825. A selection of documents with an introduction and notes. University of Malaya Press. Kuala Lumpur 1965. XLII, 209 p., ill., maps. - H.J. de Graaf, Nicholas Tarling, Southeast Asia; Past and present. F.W. Cheshire Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney 1966. 334 bladzijden, met 5 kaarten. - D. van Velden, Harry J. Benda, Japanese military administration in Indonesia: Selected documents. Translation Series No. 6. Southeast Asia Studies, Yale University. New Haven, 1965. XXVI, 279 pp., glossary., James K. Irikura, Koichi Kishi (eds. - L. Sluimers, B. Dahm, Sukarnos Kampf um Indonesiens Unabhängigkeit: Werdegang und Ideen eines asiatischen Nationalisten. Band XVIII der Schriften des Instituts für Asienkunde. Alfred Metzner Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin 1966. XVI, 295 Seiten. - W.L. Idema, Maurice Freedman, Chinese lineage and society: Fukien and Kwantung. London School of Economics, Monographs on Social Anthropology No. 33; Athlone Press, London 1966. 207 pp., ills., krtn. - ,

  16. Book Reviews

    E.Ch.L. van der Vliet; W. Arens; P. van de Velde; T. Lemaire; Arie de Ruijter; Jan van Bremen; Els Postel-Coster; Ria Kloppenborg; J. van Goor; R.A.L.H. Gunawardana; Geert A. Banck; Benno Galjart; Hugo G. Nutini; Raymond Buve; Alfred Bühler


    - Rita Bolland, Alfred Bühler, The patola of Gujarat. Double ikat in India. Krebs AG Basel, 1979. Vol. 1, 360 p. tekst, ill. Vol. 2, afb. in kleur en zwart/wit, krt. tab. noten, verkl. woorden. litl., Eberhard Fischer (eds.) - Raymond Buve, Hugo G. Nutini, Ritual kinship. The structure and historical development of the Compadrazgo system in rural Tlaxcala, Vol. I. Princeton University Press, N.J., 1980, XVI plus 494 pp., maps, tables, glossary and index., Betty Bell (eds.) - Benno G...

  17. Book Review:

    Wainwright, John


    The present volume is an introduction to general relativity and cosmology, at a level suitable for beginning graduate students or advanced undergraduates. The book consists of two main parts, the first entitled `Elements of differential geometry', and the second `The theory of gravitation'. Chapters 2-7, part I, introduce the basic ideas of differential geometry in a general setting, and are based on previously unpublished notes by one of the authors. On the one hand, the treatment is modern in that it uses a `top-down' approach, i.e. starting with general differentiable manifolds, and deferring the introduction of a metric tensor until after the notions of affine connection and curvature have been introduced. On the other hand, the treatment is classical in that it relies heavily, though not exclusively, on index notation. The general material, chapters 1-7, is then followed by four more specialized chapters dealing with matters of specific interest for general relativity. Topics include symmetry groups acting on Riemannian manifolds, with spherically symmetric spacetimes and spatially homogeneous spacetimes as examples, the efficient calculation of curvature, and the Petrov classification of the Weyl curvature tensor using spinors. Part II deals with general relativity and cosmology. The basic assumptions of the theory and its application to spherically symmetric gravitational fields are discussed in two chapters, and there is some historical material and motivation for the basic assumptions at the beginning of the book. The final chapter contains a detailed discussion of the Kerr solution. But the main emphasis in part II is on relativistic cosmology, in particular the analysis of cosmological models more general than the familiar Friedmann-Lemaitre (FL) models. The material on cosmology begins with a discussion of relativistic hydrodynamics and thermodynamics. The kinematical quantities (rate of expansion, shear, etc, of a timelike congruence) are introduced

  18. Book Reviews

    Jeremy Kemp


    Full Text Available - Anne Booth, W.L. Korthals Altes, Changing economy in Indonesia, Amsterdam: Royal Tropical Institute (General trade statistics, 1822-1949; volume 12a. - Wim van den Doel, Robert Cribb, Historical dictionary of Indonesia. Metuchen, N.J., & London: The Scarecrow Press, 1992. - C.D. Grijns, Kingsley Bolton, Sociolinguistics today; International perspectives. London and New York: Routledge, 1992, 383 pp., Helen Kwok (eds. - David Henley, Ole Bruun, Asian perceptions of nature: Papers presented at a Workshop, NIAS, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 1991. Copenhagen: Nordic Institute of Asian studies (Nordic Proceedings in Asian studies No. 3, 1992, 261 pp., Arne Kalland (eds. - Ward Keeler, Jonathon Falla, True love and Bartholomew: Rebels on the Burmese border. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991. - Elsbeth Locher-Scholten, Mary F. Somers Heidhues, Bangka tin and mentok pepper; Chinese settlement on an Indonesian island. Singapore: Institute of South-east Asian studies, 1992, 296 pp. - Marie Alexandrine Martin, Christin Kocher Schmid, Of people and plants. A botanical ethnography of Nokopo village, Madang and Morobe provinces, Papua New Guinea. Ethnologisches Seminar der Universität und Museum für Völkerkunde, Basel, 1991, 336 pp. - J. Noorduyn, Bernhard Dahm, Regions and regional developments in the Malay-Indonesian world: 6 European Colloquium on Indonesian and Malay studies (ECIMS June 1987 Passau. Wiesbaden: Harassowitz, 1992, x + 221 pp., maps. - J. Noorduyn, J.N. Sneddon, Studies in Sulawesi Linguistics, Part II, NUSA, Linguistic studies of Indonesian and other languages in Indonesia, volume 33. Jakarta: Baden Penyelenggara Seri Nusa, Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya. 1991, x + 115 pp., maps. - Anton Ploeg, Richard Michael Bourke, Taim hangre: Variation in subsistence food supply in the Papua New Guinea highlands, Unpublished PhD thesis, submitted in the department of human geography, The Australian National University, RSPac

  19. Book reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available David Brion Davis, Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World (Trevor Burnard Louis Sala-Molins, Dark Side of the Light: Slavery and the French Enlightenment (R. Darrell Meadows Stephanie E. Smallwood, Saltwater Slavery: A Middle Passage from Africa to American Diaspora (Stephen D. Behrendt Ruben Gowricharn, Caribbean Transnationalism: Migration, Pluralization, and Social Cohesion (D. Aliss a Trotz Vilna Francine Bashi, Survival of the Knitted: Immigrant Social Networks in a Stratified World (Riva Berleant Dwaine E. Plaza & Frances Henry (eds., Returning to the Source: The Final Stage of the Caribbean Migration Circuit (Karen Fog Olwig Howard J. Wiarda, The Dutch Diaspora: The Netherlands and Its Settlements in Africa, Asia, and the Americas (Han Jordaan J. Christopher Kovats-Bernat, Sleeping Rough in Port-au-Prince: An Ethnography of Street Children & Violence in Haiti (Catherine Benoît Ginetta E.B. Candelario, Black Behind the Ears: Dominican Racial Identity from Museums to Beauty Shops (María Isabel Quiñones Paul Christopher Johnson, Diaspora Conversions: Black Carib Religion and the Recovery of Africa (Sarah England Jessica Adams, Michael P. Bibler & Cécile Accilien (eds., Just Below South: Intercultural Performance in the Caribbean and the U.S. South (Jean Muteba Rahier Tina K. Ramnarine, Beautiful Cosmos: Performance and Belonging in the Caribbean Diaspora (Frank J. Korom Patricia Joan Saunders, Alien-Nation and Repatriation: Translating Identity in Anglophone Caribbean Literature (Sue N. Greene Mildred Mortimer, Writings from the Hearth: Public, Domestic, and Imaginative Space in Francophone Women’s Fiction of Africa and the Caribbean (Jacqueline Couti Colin Woodard, The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down (Sabrina Guerra Moscoso Peter L. Drewett & Mary Hill Harris, Above Sweet Waters

  20. Book reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available Globalization and the Po st-Creole Imagination: Notes on Fleeing the Plantation,by Michaeline A. Crichlow with Patricia Northover (reviewed by Raquel Romberg Afro-Caribbean Religions: An Introduction to their Historical, Cultural, and Sacred Traditions, by Nathaniel Samuel Murrell (reviewed by James Houk Africas of the Americas: Beyond the Search for Origins in the Study of Afro-Atlantic Religions, edited by Stephan Palmié (reviewed by Aisha Khan Òrì?à Devotion as World Religion: The Globalization of Yorùbá Religious Culture, edited by Jacob K. Olupona & Terry Rey (reviewed by Brian Brazeal Sacred Spaces and Religious Traditions in Oriente Cuba, by Jualynne E. Dodson (reviewed by Kristina Wirtz The Coolie Speaks: Chinese Indentured Laborers and African Slaves of Cuba, by Lisa Yun (reviewed by W. Look Lai Cuba and Western Intellectuals since 1959, by Kepa Artaraz (reviewed by Anthony P. Maingot Inside El Barrio: A Bottom-Up View of Neighborhood Life in Castro’s Cuba, by Henry Louis Taylor, Jr. (reviewed by Mona Rosendahl On Location in Cuba: Street Filmmaking During Times of Transition, by Ann Marie Stock (reviewed by Cristina Venegas Cuba in The Special Period: Culture and Ideology in the 1990s, edited by Ariana Hernandez-Reguant (reviewed by Myrna García-Calderón The Cubans of Union City: Immigrants and Exiles in a New Jersey Community. Yolanda Prieto (reviewed by Jorge Duany Target Culebra: How 743 Islanders Took On the Entire U.S. Navy and Won, by Richard D. Copaken (reviewed by Jorge Rodríguez Beruff The World of the Haitian Revolution, edited by David Patrick Geggus & Norman Fiering (reviewed by Yvonne Fabella Bon Papa: Haiti’s Golden Years, by Bernard Diederich (reviewed by Robert Fatton, Jr. 1959: The Year that Inflamed the Caribbean, by Bernard Diederich (reviewed by Landon Yarrington Dominican Cultures: The Making of a Caribbean Society, edited by Bernardo Vega

  1. Book reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    upland Southeast Asia. (Guido Sprenger Guido Sprenger, Die Männer, die den Geldbaum fällten; Konzepte von Austausch und Gesellschaft bei den Rmeet von Takheung, Laos. (Oliver Tappe Review Essay Two books on East Timor. Carolyn Hughes, Dependent communities; Aid and politics in Cambodia and East Timor. David Mearns (ed., Democratic governance in Timor-Leste; Reconciling the local and the national. (Helene van Klinken Review Essay Two books on Islamic terror Zachary Abuza, Political Islam and violence in Indonesia. Noorhaidi Hasan, Laskar jihad; Islam, militancy, and the quest for identity in post-New Order Indonesia. (Gerry van Klinken Korte Signaleringen Janneke van Dijk, Jaap de Jonge en Nico de Klerk, J.C. Lamster, een vroege filmer in Nederlands-Indië. Griselda Molemans en Armando Ello, Zwarte huid, oranje hart; Afrikaanse KNIL-nazaten in de diaspora. Reisgids Indonesië; Oorlogsplekken 1942-1949. Hilde Janssen, Schaamte en onschuld; Het verdrongen oorlogsverleden van troostmeisjes in Indonesië. Jan Banning, Comfort women/Troostmeisjes. (Harry Poeze

  2. Book Review:

    Carlip, S.


    The early 1980s, when I first learned theory, were desperate times for graduate students. We searched frantically for coherent introductions, passing tattered copies of review articles around like samizdat, struggling over obscure references to ancient models of strong interactions, and flocking to lectures—not least those by Joe Polchinski—that promised to really explain what was going on. If only this book had been around, it would have saved much grief. Volume I, The Bosonic String, offers a clear and well organized introduction to bosonic string theory. Topics range from the 'classical' (spectra, vertex operators, consistency conditions, etc.) to the 'modern' (D-branes first appear in an exercise at the end of chapter 1, noncommutative geometry shows up in chapter 8). Polchinski does not hesitate to discuss sophisticated matters—path integral measures, BRST symmetries, etc.—but his approach is pedagogical, and his writing is lucid, if sometimes a bit terse. Chapters end with problems that are sometimes difficult but never impossible. A very useful annotated bibliography directs readers to resources for further study, and a nearly 30-page glossary provides short but clear definitions of key terms. There is much here that will appeal to relativists. Polchinski uses the covariant Polyakov path integral approach to quantization from early on; he clearly distinguishes Weyl invariance from conformal invariance; he is appropriately careful about using complex coordinates on topologically nontrivial manifolds; he keeps the string world sheet metric explicit at the start instead of immediately hiding it by a gauge choice. Volume II includes an elegant introduction to anticommuting coordinates and superconformal transformations. A few conventions may cause confusion—%, Polchinski's stress energy tensor, for instance, differs from the standard general relativistic definition by a factor of -2π, and while this is briefly mentioned in the text, it could easily be

  3. Book Review:

    Borcherds, P. H.


    There is a new tradition in England called Apple Day which is held on some day in October. The actual day varies from place to place. For instance, in 2003, 23 October was Apple Day at Woolsthorpe Manor, the house where Isaac Newton was born and where, during the Plague, he is said to have developed the theory of gravity. (For information on future Apple Days see, for example, Last year in our garden we picked an apple which weighed one pound, thirteen and a half ounces (1 lb 13 1/2 oz or 29 1/2 oz). The following day we went to an Apple Day event where there were many exotic apples on display, varieties which are not sold in shops. One of the varieties there was called 'Twenty Ounce'. By now you may be wondering what all this has to do with the book being reviewed. We shall return to this later. This entertaining book is ostensibly about units, in particular about Imperial and metric units, but there are numerous informative digressions. The author reminds us that almost every country 'with the exception of the United States, North and South Yemen, Burma and Brunei' has gone metric. He points out that the United States (US) became officially metric in 1893. However, as early as 1866, the US legal definition of the metre was 39.370000 inches. He tells us that after World War II the (US) inch was rounded down (from 25.400051) to 25.4 mm. There is no mention that the Imperial (British) inch was simultaneously rounded up from 25.399956 mm to 25.4 mm. The author frequently digresses, covering such matters as the trisection of angles and Eratosthenes' graphic solution for duplicating the cube. There is an informative discussion on the length of the day: appropriately 25 December, which lasts for 24 h and 30 s, is the longest day. He shows how with cycles and epicycles one can construct an ellipse. Ptolemy did not realize the importance of the focus of the ellipse. The author discusses various topics in the development of

  4. Book Reviews

    J. Noorduyn


    Full Text Available - C. van Dijk, M.C. Ricklefs, A history of modern Indonesia. C. 1300 to the present, London and Basingstoke, The MacMillan Press Ltd., 1981. xii + 335 pp. MacMillan Asian Histories Series. - L.A. Hoedemaker, S.C. Graaf van Randwijck, Handelen en denken in dienst der zending (Oestgeest 1897-1942, 2 delen, Den Haag Boekencentrum, 1981. - G.J. Knaap, Hubert Jacobs SJ, Documenta Malucensia II (1577-1606, annotated by Hubert Jacobs SJ, Monumenta Missionum Societatis Iesu volumen XXXIX, Missiones Orientalis, Rome, Jesuit Historical Institute; 1980, XXXI + 65* + 794 blz. - David S. Moyer, H. Sutherland, The making of a bureaucratic elite; The colonial transformation of the Javanese Priyayi, Asian studies association of Australia, Southeast Asia publication series no. 2, Heinemann educational books (Asia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, 1979, xx + 182 pp. - S.A. Niessen, Garrett Solyom, The world of the Javanese Keris, 1978, East-West Centre, Honolulu, Hawaii., Bronwen Solyom (eds. - S.A. Niessen, Anne Leonard, Patterns of Paradise; The styles and significance of bark cloth around the world, 1980, Field museum of natural history., John Terrell (eds. - S.A. Niessen, Kirk Endicott, Batek Negrito Religion, 1979, Oxford Clarendon Press. - J. Noorduyn, Olivier Carré, L’Islam et l’état dans le monde d’aujourd’hui, Paris, Presses Universitaires de France, 1982. 270 p. - H.A. Poeze, Joop Morriën, Indonesië los van Holland. De CPN en de PKI in hun strijd tegen het Nederlands kolonialisme, Pegasus Amsterdam, 1982, 272 pp.

  5. Book Reviews

    Yu. V. Maretin


    Full Text Available - J. Prins, Buiten de grenzen, sociologische opstellen aangeboden aan Prof. Dr. W.F. Wertheim, benevens een “bibliografie van de geschriften van W.F. Wertheim”. Boom, Meppel 1971. 365 blz. - H.C.G. Schoenaker, Ethnologische Zeitschrift Zuerich I, 1972. Festschrift Alfred Steinmann. Verlag Herbert Lang & Cie A.G., Bern. 397 pp. - J.C. Neuteboom, Harald Eidheim, Aspects of the Lappish minority situation. Universitetsforlaget, Oslo 1971. 86 pags. Fig. - H.J.M. Claessen, Paul Ottino, Rangiroa; parenté étendue, résidence et terres dans un atoll ploynésien. Editions Cujas. Paris 1972. 530 p. Bibl., appendices, 37 fig. en kaarten, registers. - David S. Moyer, Adelin Linton, Ralph Linton. Leaders of Modern Anthropological Series, American University Publishers Group. London 1971, pp. 196., C. Wagley (eds. - R.A.M. van Zantwijk, Carlo J.E. Gay, Chalcacingo. Drawings by Frances Pratt. Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt. Graz 1971. 119 blz., geïll., XXIV fotopag. - P. van Emst, Yu. V. Maretin, Countries and peoples of the East. Vol. XIII, Countries and peoples of the Pacific Basin. Book 2. Nauka Publishing House. Central Department of Oriental Literature. Moscow 1972. (Strany i narody vostoka. Pod obscej redakciej D.A. Ol’derogge. Vypusk XIII. Strany i narody bassejna Tichogo Okeana. Kniga 2. - H. van Mierlo, Atlantische Commissie, De school en het buitenlands beleid IX. De internationale politieke vormingstaak van de school. Atlantische Commissie, Den Haag 1970, 56 blz. - Geert A. Banck, Philip Staniford, Pioneers in the tropics. The political organization of Japanese in an immigrant community in Brazil. London School of Economics Monographs on Social Anthropology no. 45. London; The Athlone Press. 1973. xvi + 201 pag.

  6. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


    Full Text Available -Selwyn R. Cudjoe, John Thieme, The web of tradition: uses of allusion in V.S. Naipaul's fiction, -A. James Arnold, Josaphat B. Kubayanda, The poet's Africa: Africanness in the poetry of Nicolás Guillèn and Aimé Césaire. Westport CT: Greenwood, 1990. xiv + 176 pp. -Peter Mason, Robin F.A. Fabel, Shipwreck and adventures of Monsieur Pierre Viaud, translated by Robin F.A. Fabel. Pensacola: University of West Florida Press, 1990. viii + 141 pp. -Alma H. Young, Robert B. Potter, Urbanization, planning and development in the Caribbean, London: Mansell Publishing, 1989. vi + 327 pp. -Hymie Rubinstein, Raymond T. Smith, Kinship and class in the West Indies: a genealogical study of Jamaica and Guyana, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1988. xiv + 205 pp. -Shepard Krech III, Richard Price, Alabi's world, Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1990. xx + 445 pp. -Graham Hodges, Sandra T. Barnes, Africa's Ogun: Old world and new, Bloomington & Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1989. xi + 274 pp. -Pamela Wright, Philippe I. Bourgois, Ethnicity at work: divided labor on a Central American banana plantation, Baltimore MD: John Hopkins University Press, 1989. xviii + 311 pp. -Idsa E. Alegría-Ortega, Andrés Serbin, El Caribe zona de paz? geopolítica, integración, y seguridad, Caracas: Editorial Nueva Sociedad, 1989. 188 pp. (Paper n.p. [Editor's note. This book is also available in English: Caribbean geopolitics: towards security through peace? Boulder CO: Lynne Rienner, 1990. -Gary R. Mormino, C. Neale Ronning, José Martí and the émigré colony in Key West: leadership and state formation, New York; Praeger, 1990. 175 pp. -Gary R. Mormino, Gerald E. Poyo, 'With all, and for the good of all': the emergence of popular nationalism in the Cuban communities of the United States, 1848-1898, Durham NC: Duke University Press, 1989. xvii + 182 pp. -Fernando Picó, Raul Gomez Treto, The church and socialism in Cuba, translated from

  7. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


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  8. Book Reviews

    J. van Baal


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  9. Book Reviews

    J. Peter White


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  10. Book Reviews

    W.F. Wertheim


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  11. The Economics of Books

    Canoy, M.F.M.; Ours, J. C. van; van der Ploeg, F.


    The tensions between books and book markets as expressions of culture and books as products in profit-making businesses are analysed and insights from the theory of industrial organisation are given. Governments intervene in the market for books through laws concerning prices of books, grants for authors and publishers, a lower value-added tax, public libraries and education in order to stimulate the diversity of books on offer, increase the density of retail outlets and to promote reading. A...

  12. Traditional to Digital Books



    @@ A book fair wouldn't be a book fair without books.And while the number of book fairs in China has increased in recent years,the Guangzhou Book Fair has been helping to redefine the very nature of books by promoting digital works and reading technology.This year,the fair again set up an exclusive digital reading experience exhibition hall to showcase the host province's latest achievements in the field.

  13. Book Review:

    Fulling, S. A.


    saying that gravity was not only an honourable member of the forces of nature, but ultimately the source of them all. It has become a cliche that the unification of relativity with quantum theory is the central problem of contemporary physics. In the 1950s, before strings, non-Abelian monopoles, or even quasars, Bryce DeWitt was applying the quantum-field-theoretical methods and conceptual framework of his mentor, Julian Schwinger, to gravity. His central insight was that the conceptual and technical problems of quantum gravity were closely analogous to those of gauge theories. He developed a unified, relentlessly abstract, and highly personal vision of the fundamentals of physical theory. It was, and is, expressed in idiosyncratic and condensed notation often different from the languages of mainstream field theorists, traditional relativists, and mathematicians alike. In short, he has never been easy reading. His ideas were systematically presented in famous lecture series at the Les Houches summer schools on Relativity, Groups and Topology in 1963 [1] and 1983 [2], the book Supermanifolds [3], and a number of (relatively) shorter expositions that have been widely read. By the middle 1970s the methods that he had developed mainly for gravity were widely recognized as very useful for Yang Mills gauge theories, and his work had become part of the mainstream. Now, another 20 years after the second Les Houches, we have this final testament of Bryce DeWitt's ideas. At over 1000 pages in two volumes in a fabric-covered slipcase, it is the sort of work usually described as 'magisterial' (meaning, perhaps, 'no one has yet succeeded in reading it all the way through'). Over the years, of course, DeWitt learned many new things and thought of ways to say the old things better. Accordingly, the new books consist of reworkings of the most important parts of the older writings together with some new material. Oxford University Press is to be thanked and congratulated for the care it

  14. Book Reviews

    Pierre Labrousse


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  15. Book Reviews

    A.J. Bernet Kempers


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  16. Book Reviews

    Christine Oppong


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  17. Book Reviews

    S. Husin Ali


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  18. Book Reviews

    Jerome Rousseau


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  19. Defining and Generating Axial Lines from Street Center Lines for better Understanding of Urban Morphologies

    Liu, Xintao


    Axial lines are defined as the longest visibility lines for representing individual linear spaces in urban environments. The least number of axial lines that cover the free space of an urban environment constitute what is often called an axial map. This is a fundamental tool in space syntax, a theory developed by Bill Hillier and his colleagues for characterizing the underlying urban morphologies. For a long time, generating axial lines with help of some graphic software has been a tedious manual process that is criticized for being time consuming, subjective, or even arbitrary. In this paper, we redefine axial lines as the least number of individual straight line segments mutually intersected along natural streets that are generated from street center lines using the Gestalt principle of good continuity. Based on this new definition, we develop an automatic solution to generating the newly defined axial lines from street center lines. We apply this solution to six typical street networks (three from North Am...

  20. Book Reviews

    Dieuwke Wendelaar Bonga


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  1. Georges Charpak street sign unveiled

    Paola Catapano


    While it might not be the only French street named in honour of the late Georges Charpak, who passed away in September 2010 at the age of 87, the street chosen by the mayor of Saint-Genis-Pouilly is certainly the only one located directly opposite the CERN "campus". The road overlooks buildings on the CERN Meyrin site, where Georges Charpak spent most of his career as a physicist, conducting the research that won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1992.   From left to right: Sigurd Lettow, Dominique Charpak and the mayor of Saint-Genis-Pouilly. The unveiling took place on 17 October and was organised by the mayor of Saint-Genis-Pouilly. George Charpak’s wife, Dominique, and Sigurd Lettow, CERN Director of Administration and General Infrastructure, attended what was an intimate and touching ceremony. The mayor’s speech at the event praised Georges’ commitment to scientific education. The highlight of the event, however, was a witty and humorous ...

  2. Book Reviews

    Arvind N. Das


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  3. Book Reviews

    Soemarsaid Moertono


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  4. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


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  6. Book Reviews

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  7. The projective heat map

    Schwartz, Richard Evan


    This book introduces a simple dynamical model for a planar heat map that is invariant under projective transformations. The map is defined by iterating a polygon map, where one starts with a finite planar N-gon and produces a new N-gon by a prescribed geometric construction. One of the appeals of the topic of this book is the simplicity of the construction that yet leads to deep and far reaching mathematics. To construct the projective heat map, the author modifies the classical affine invariant midpoint map, which takes a polygon to a new polygon whose vertices are the midpoints of the original. The author provides useful background which makes this book accessible to a beginning graduate student or advanced undergraduate as well as researchers approaching this subject from other fields of specialty. The book includes many illustrations, and there is also a companion computer program.

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  11. Book Reviews

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  12. School Me, School Me Not, Street Me, Street Me Not…

    Gravesen, David Thore; Frostholm, Peter Hornbæk


    of 2014, we conducted an ethnographic fieldwork (Atkinson & Hammersley 2007; Hastrup 2010; Spradley 1980) among urban youth in a mid-sized Danish provincial town. Different groupings of youth attended the skater and parkour facilities at the central squares, all of them with each their strategies....... Obviously, the skaters attend the site to skate. But also other, more vulnerable groupings, use the site to socialize, meet peers and perhaps escape an unreliable and risky family arena. One particular group, the self-named Thugz, primarily formed around a number of young boys with non-Danish ethnic...... the vulnerable urban youth cope with the obvious challenges related to the dissimilar imperatives of the street, the family and the school?...

  13. Assessing canopy cover over streets and sidewalks in street tree populations

    S.E. Maco; E.G. McPherson


    Total canopy cover and canopy cover over street and sidewalk surfaces were estimated for street trees in Davis, California, U.S. Calculations were made using simple trigonometric equations based on the results of a sample inventory. Canopy cover from public trees over streets and sidewalks varied between 4% and 46% by city zone, averaging 14% citywide. Consideration of...

  14. Relationships between the Sociodemographic and Family Characteristics, Street Life Experiences and the Hopelessness of Street Children

    Duyan, Veli


    Throughout its history, street children have been a major concern of Turkish society and have lately been uppermost on social workers agenda. This study examines the relationships between sociodemographic and family characteristics, family relations, street life experiences and the hopelessness of street children. The study focuses on a population…

  15. Adolescent Hopefulness in Tanzania: Street Youth, Former Street Youth, and School Youth

    Nalkur, Priya G.


    This study compares hope in street youth, former street youth, and school youth (aged 12-18) in Tanzania. Responding to Snyder's hope theory, the author argues that not only personal agency but also the stability of living context (street, shelter, home) shapes hopefulness. Employing qualitative and quantitative analyses, the author presents a…

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  1. Book Reviews

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  7. Book Reviews

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  8. Book reviews

    Redactie KITLV


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  15. Book Reviews

    A.A. Trouwborst


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  16. Book Reviews

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  17. The Shrinking Scholarly Book.

    Heller, Scott


    Economic pressures in the publishing industry are causing faculty to write shorter books. The authors want their books to be readable, and publishers want to reduce costs and make the books affordable for a wider audience, including students. Brief but broad surveys, short introductory primers, quick biographies, and books with very basic themes…

  18. Writing a book review.

    Bryson, David; Hudson, Robert


    Book reviews are a good way to get started with writing for a journal and this Learning and CPD activity takes you through the process of understanding the aims of book review, undertaking practice pieces through to reviewing a book and advice on the dos and don'ts of book reviewing.


    Stewart, Eric A; Simons, Ronald L


    The study outlined in this article drew on Elijah Anderson's (1999) code of the street perspective to examine the impact of neighborhood street culture on violent delinquency. Using data from more than 700 African American adolescents, we examined 1) whether neighborhood street culture predicts adolescent violence above and beyond an adolescent's own street code values and 2) whether neighborhood street culture moderates individual-level street code values on adolescent violence. Consistent with Anderson's hypotheses, neighborhood street culture significantly predicts violent delinquency independent of individual-level street code effects. Additionally, neighborhood street culture moderates individual-level street code values on violence in neighborhoods where the street culture is widespread. In particular, the effect of street code values on violence is enhanced in neighborhoods where the street culture is endorsed widely.

  20. The Street Children Development in Open House

    Didin Saripudin


    Full Text Available Problem statement: The street children handling through open house has been developed in Indonesia since 1998. One of street children handling steps in open house is resocialization. This study is conducted to evaluate the effect of resocialization program implemention in open house on the street children and to determine how far such program reached its goal. Approach: The design of this study was program evaluation using quantitative approach. This study used Context, Input, Process and Product (CIPP evaluation model by focusing on three of four components of CIPP evaluation model such as input, process and product. The population and sample of the study were administrator, facilitator and street children chosen from 16 open houses in Bandung City, West Java Province, Indonesia. Results: The perception of administrator, facilitator and street children on input relevance was positive in avarage level. The perception of administrator, facilitator and street children on process was positive in avarage and high level. This study also presents input and process variables contribute significantly toward the product variable. Conclusion/Recommendations: The street children resocialization program in open house in Bandung, from input, process and product components, is generally in average level, there are still some weaknesses that can be handled. In order to reach the goal of street children resocialization in open house, corrective action can be taken comprehensively and synergically by the responsible ones.

  1. Psychological Characteristics of South African Street Children.

    le Roux, Johann; Smith, Cheryl Sylvia


    Attempts to identify the psychological characteristics that predispose certain children to run away and to survive, often for long periods, on the streets of South Africa. Examines vulnerability and resilience as well as social conditions that mediate the psychological predisposition to become a street child. (Author/GCP)

  2. Trauma among Street-Involved Youth

    Bender, Kimberly A.; Thompson, Sanna J.; Ferguson, Kristin M.; Yoder, Jamie R.; Kern, Leah


    Previous research documents that street-involved youth experience rates of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that are significantly higher than their housed counterparts. Trauma and PTSD are of particular concern for homeless youth as they can negatively affect youths' ability to function adaptively and to transition off the streets.…

  3. Street Photography from the Subject's Viewpoint.

    Nottingham, Emily

    To investigate the reaction of the public to being photographed on the street, a study was devised whereby seven photojournalists approached people on the street, photographed them, and requested identification for a questionnaire follow up. Of 102 people approached, 87% cooperated fully with the photographers and 81% of that group returned the…

  4. Trauma among Street-Involved Youth

    Bender, Kimberly A.; Thompson, Sanna J.; Ferguson, Kristin M.; Yoder, Jamie R.; Kern, Leah


    Previous research documents that street-involved youth experience rates of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that are significantly higher than their housed counterparts. Trauma and PTSD are of particular concern for homeless youth as they can negatively affect youths' ability to function adaptively and to transition off the streets.…

  5. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


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  6. Book Reviews

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  7. Book Reviews

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  11. Book Review:

    Sanders, J. H.


    The NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Erice, Sicily, in November 1981 brought together specialists in precise measurement to present a tutorial introduction to quantum metrology and the measurement of the fundamental physical constants. Ever since the evolution of experimental physics as a scientific pursuit the measurement of the values of quantities accepted to be constants of nature has commanded the attention of some of the world's most accomplished workers in this field. Their efforts to seek out the sources of systematic error and to reduce the random errors have produced significant advances in techniques and a continual interest in their results from users and critics: as Raymond T Birge, who pioneered the evaluation of the 'best' values of the constants from the available measurements, observed (perhaps with tongue-in-cheek) "it is the continual variation in the values of these quantities that furnishes most of the interest in the subject". Long before the recognition of the fundamental constants the measurement of mass, length and time grew as a matter of necessity in organized communities, especially in agriculture, commerce and navigation. The adoption of standards, first local, then national, and now international, was a natural consequence. It is particularly relevant that the published proceedings of the NATO school opens with a historical survey by Pierre Giacomo of the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, which places the subsequent papers in perspective. Measurements which realize the standards of length and time, and those from which values of the fundamental constants are derived, are of such a nature that a considerable background knowledge of physics is needed for their understanding. (The principle of the caesium frequency standard and the physics of the Josephson junction are a long haul from Michelson's measurement of the speed of light and the Millikan oil drop experiment familiar in the school books.) With this in mind, George

  12. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


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  13. Book Reviews

    C. Salmon


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  14. Book Reviews

    Göran Aijmer


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  15. Book Reviews

    Harry A. Poeze


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  16. Book Reviews

    Peter Pels


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  17. Book Reviews

    Margaret Leidelmeijer


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  18. Book Reviews

    S.O. Robson


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  19. Book Reviews

    C.R. Harms


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  20. Book Reviews

    Anthony Reid


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  1. Map projections cartographic information systems

    Grafarend, Erik W; Syffus, Rainer


    This book offers a timely review of map projections including sphere, ellipsoid, rotational surfaces, and geodetic datum transformations. Coverage includes computer vision, and remote sensing space projective mappings in photogrammetry.

  2. Books Are Good Friends


    Books are our friends because they are bridges to knowledge.Knowledge is valuable because it enriches our life and brings us happiness.Almost all great men in the history of mankind loved books.We have every reason to believe it is the knowledge in books that led them to success.There is no genius without books.Because books give them knowledge and knowledge gives them

  3. Book Reviews

    Jan Michiel Otto


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  4. Book Reviews

    Jan Nederveen Pieterse


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  5. Book Reviews

    ? Parakitri


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  6. Traffic Sign Inventory from Google Street View Images

    Tsai, Victor J. D.; Chen, Jyun-Han; Huang, Hsun-Sheng


    Traffic sign detection and recognition (TSDR) has drawn considerable attention on developing intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and autonomous vehicle driving systems (AVDS) since 1980's. Unlikely to the general TSDR systems that deal with real-time images captured by the in-vehicle cameras, this research aims on developing techniques for detecting, extracting, and positioning of traffic signs from Google Street View (GSV) images along user-selected routes for low-cost, volumetric and quick establishment of the traffic sign infrastructural database that may be associated with Google Maps. The framework and techniques employed in the proposed system are described.

  7. PLC based Smart Street Lighting Control

    D.V.Pushpa Latha


    Full Text Available Conventional street lighting systems in most of the areas are Online at regular intervals of time irrespective of the seasonal variations. The street lights are simply switched on at afternoon and turned off in the morning. The consequence is that a large amount of Power is wasted meaninglessly. As energy consumption is an issue of increasing interest, possible energy savings in public street lighting systems are recently discussed from different viewpoints. The purpose of this work is to describe the Smart Street Lighting system, an approach to accomplish the demand for flexible public lighting systems using a Programmable Logic controller (PLC. The main difference from other computers is that PLCs are armoured for severe conditions such as dust, moisture, heat, cold etc., and have the facility for extensive input/output (I/O arrangements. In the proposed paper, street lights are controlled using millennium 3 PLC taking the seasonal variations into consideration.

  8. Book Reviews

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  9. Book Reviews

    Douglas James Hayward


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  10. Book Reviews

    Jan Knappert


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  11. Book Reviews

    Nico G. Schulte Nordholt


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  12. Book Reviews

    Th. J.J. Leyenaar


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  13. Book Reviews

    Harry A. Poeze


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  14. Book Reviews

    Harry A. Poeze


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  15. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


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  16. Book Reviews

    David Pace


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  17. Book Reviews

    Redactie KITLV


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  18. Book Reviews

    M. Schoffeleers


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  19. Communicating Flood Risk with Street-Level Data

    Sanders, B. F.; Matthew, R.; Houston, D.; Cheung, W. H.; Karlin, B.; Schubert, J.; Gallien, T.; Luke, A.; Contreras, S.; Goodrich, K.; Feldman, D.; Basolo, V.; Serrano, K.; Reyes, A.


    Coastal communities around the world face significant and growing flood risks that require an accelerating adaptation response, and fine-resolution urban flood models could serve a pivotal role in enabling communities to meet this need. Such models depict impacts at the level of individual buildings and land parcels or "street level" - the same spatial scale at which individuals are best able to process flood risk information - constituting a powerful tool to help communities build better understandings of flood vulnerabilities and identify cost-effective interventions. To measure understanding of flood risk within a community and the potential impact of street-level models, we carried out a household survey of flood risk awareness in Newport Beach, California, a highly urbanized coastal lowland that presently experiences nuisance flooding from high tides, waves and rainfall and is expected to experience a significant increase in flood frequency and intensity with climate change. Interviews were completed with the aid of a wireless-enabled tablet device that respondents could use to identify areas they understood to be at risk of flooding and to view either a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood map or a more detailed map prepared with a hydrodynamic urban coastal flood model (UCI map) built with grid cells as fine as 3 m resolution and validated with historical flood data. Results indicate differences in the effectiveness of the UCI and FEMA maps at communicating the spatial distribution of flood risk, gender differences in how the maps affect flood understanding, and spatial biases in the perception of flood vulnerabilities.

  20. Inquiring Wei Yuan’s Modern Diplomatic Ideas From His Book the Maps and Records of the World%从《海国图志》看魏源的近代外交思想

    胡慧娥; 黄盾


    魏源是我国近代“睁眼看世界”的先进士人之一,面对近代中国出现的“数千年来未有之变局”,魏源立足现实,审时度势,着手收集中外古今史料,编写出了中国近代史上第一部比较全面的史地著作——《海国图志》,并在该书中提出了富有近代色彩的外交理念,主要包括三个方面的内涵:即“以夷款夷”的经济外交,“博取众长,宽容开放”的文化外交以及“以夷攻夷”、“师夷长技以制夷”的军事外交。%Wei Yuan is one of the advanced intellectuals in modern China to “open your eyes and see the world". In modern China, people faced changeable situation which was different from thousands years of ancient Chinese history. Based on reality, Wei Yuan judged the time suitably and sized up the situation, setting to collect ancient and modern historical materials about China and other foreign countries, and he wrote out a more comprehensive book of world history and geography in modern Chinese history——the Maps and Records of the World. In this book, he put forward rich modern diplomatic ideas which mainly includes three aspects: the economic diplomacy, which means mobilizing western countries to control western countries; the cultural diplomacy, means having open minds and learning from others strong points; the military diplomacy, means "mobilize enemies of Western countries to attack Western countries" and "learn the strengths of Western countries to restrict Western countries".


    Stewart, Eric A.; Simons, Ronald L.


    The study outlined in this article drew on Elijah Anderson’s (1999) code of the street perspective to examine the impact of neighborhood street culture on violent delinquency. Using data from more than 700 African American adolescents, we examined 1) whether neighborhood street culture predicts adolescent violence above and beyond an adolescent’s own street code values and 2) whether neighborhood street culture moderates individual-level street code values on adolescent violence. Consistent w...

  2. Axis Map Analysis of Facility Network and Place Network in Walkable Community: Investigation of the Senior Community in Anshan Street, Shanghai%步行社区中设施网络与场所网络的轴线图分析——以上海鞍山街道社区的老年社群调研为例

    王松; 王伯伟


    This article criticized the blind application of space syntax, which confused index concepts to discuss micro issues in city. There were two shortcomings in space syntax models: firstly, unable to cover complex path network; secondly, axis map models were lack of social activity information directly. Therefore, the study needed clear transportation information to make models and had to compare cases within the frame of special model. This article put up with the concept of 'place network' taking the Senior Community in Anshan Street, Shanghai as an example. The author combined facility network and place network, to describe accessibility and spatial characteristics in the walkable community, which were compared to analyze the community space.%该文对空间句法的一些盲目应用作出反思.空间句法的轴线图解,虽然可以提供城市研究的量化参照形态,但是存在两点不足:首先,轴线图模型无法涵盖城市复杂动线;其次,模型缺乏实存社会活动的直接信息.该文针对其不足,尝试探讨:基于具体社群调研的场所网络图解方法.文章结合上海鞍山街道社区的老年社群调研的实例,从设施网络和社会网络两个方面入手,来描述步行社区的“设施网络的可达性能”与“场所网络的空间特征”;并通过比较二者来分析社区空间.

  3. Urban street structure and traffic safety.

    Mohan, Dinesh; Bangdiwala, Shrikant I; Villaveces, Andres


    This paper reports the influence of road type and junction density on road traffic fatality rates in U.S. cities. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) files were used to obtain fatality rates for all cities for the years 2005-2010. A stratified random sample of 16 U.S. cities was taken, and cities with high and low road traffic fatality rates were compared on their road layout details (TIGER maps were used). Statistical analysis was done to determine the effect of junction density and road type on road traffic fatality rates. The analysis of road network and road traffic crash fatality rates in these randomly selected U.S. cities shows that, (a) higher number of junctions per road length was significantly associated with a lower motor- vehicle crash and pedestrian mortality rates, and, (b) increased number of kilometers of roads of any kind was associated with higher fatality rates, but an additional kilometer of main arterial road was associated with a significantly higher increase in total fatalities. When compared to non-arterial roads, the higher the ratio of highways and main arterial roads, there was an association with higher fatality rates. These results have important implications for road safety professionals. They suggest that once the road and street structure is put in place, that will influence whether a city has low or high traffic fatality rates. A city with higher proportion of wider roads and large city blocks will tend to have higher traffic fatality rates, and therefore in turn require much more efforts in police enforcement and other road safety measures. Urban planners need to know that smaller block size with relatively less wide roads will result in lower traffic fatality rates and this needs to be incorporated at the planning stage. Copyright © 2017 National Safety Council and Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. Road and Street Centerlines, Centerlines for all federal, state, county, town and private roads used for addressing in Washburn County were digitized from 1998 Othophotos. This dataset is used to assist county addressing efforts, land use planning activities and general map productio, Published in 2006, 1:4800 (1in=400ft) scale, Washburn County Government.

    NSGIC Local Govt | GIS Inventory — Road and Street Centerlines dataset current as of 2006. Centerlines for all federal, state, county, town and private roads used for addressing in Washburn County...

  5. is produced by the bibliophiles at 13th Generation Media of Berkeley, California. Our goal is to provide fellow readers unbiased realtime information about books available online. Rather than selling books ourselves (does the world rea wannabe?), we've teamed up with over 15,000 of the finest booksellers online to bring you the largest book catalog available anywhere, either online or offline.

  6. Pühendusega isadele - Baker Street


    Üritusest 7. novembril Kuressaares Arensburg lounge-restoranis Muusa toimuvast isadepäevahõngulisest üritusest, esinevad Virgo Veldi & Band kavaga "Baker Street", erikülalisena Villu Veski. Saksofonistist Virgo Veldist

  7. Marking Streets to Improve Parking Density

    Xu, Chao


    Street parking spots for automobiles are a scarce commodity in most urban environments. The heterogeneity of car sizes makes it inefficient to rigidly define fixed-sized spots. Instead, unmarked streets in cities like New York leave placement decisions to individual drivers, who have no direct incentive to maximize street utilization. In this paper, we explore the effectiveness of two different behavioral interventions designed to encourage better parking, namely (1) educational campaigns to encourage parkers to "kiss the bumper" and reduce the distance between themselves and their neighbors, or (2) painting appropriately-spaced markings on the street and urging drivers to "hit the line". Through analysis and simulation, we establish that the greatest densities are achieved when lines are painted to create spots roughly twice the length of average-sized cars. Kiss-the-bumper campaigns are in principle more effective than hit-the-line for equal degrees of compliance, although we believe that the visual cues of...

  8. Pühendusega isadele - Baker Street


    Üritusest 7. novembril Kuressaares Arensburg lounge-restoranis Muusa toimuvast isadepäevahõngulisest üritusest, esinevad Virgo Veldi & Band kavaga "Baker Street", erikülalisena Villu Veski. Saksofonistist Virgo Veldist

  9. Hiding in Plain Sight: Street artists online

    Kim Barbour


    Full Text Available Identity and privacy concerns related to social media are the subject of widespread academic enquiry and mass media reporting. Although in most circumstances academic research tends to present identity play and online self­presentation as positive, media reporting in Australia makes much of the risks of identity theft, privacy breaches and online predators. This research explores the phenomenological experience of creating an online persona, focusing particularly on street artists. For street artists, the threat of unwanted exposure has to be balanced with the positive implications of sharing their creative work outside its geographical and temporal constraints. I argue that street artists use complex persona­creation strategies in order to both protect and promote themselves. The two street artists discussed in this article experience their engagement with social media and digital networks in ways that offer new insight into the opportunities and problems associated with the presentation of a persona online.

  10. F&G Street Marsh Contaminants Investigation

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — F&G Street Marsh, located in San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Chula Vista, San Diego, California, is a tidally influenced wetland providing habitat for...

  11. Companionship of Books



    A man may usually be known by the books he reads as well as by the company he keeps; for there is a companionship of books as well as of men~ and one should always live in the best company, whether it be of books or of men.

  12. Thinking outside the Book

    Eaton, Dolores E.


    A title, a cover, and pages with "substance" bound together--this is what the author's eighth-grade students decided were the essential elements of a book. There could be more, but no less. In art, one does judge a book by its cover. In this article, the author describes how her students created their books. (Contains 1 online resource.)

  13. Air Quality at Your Street

    Jensen, Steen Solvang; Becker, Thomas; Ketzel, Matthias

    Citizens are frequently concerned about the air quality where they live, where they go to work, where their children go to kindergarten or where they want to move to. Municipalities may also have an interest in location based air quality information e.g. in relation to screening of complaints from...... concerned citizents, or in the context of localization of institutions, etc. The purpose of the project ‘Air Quality at Your Street’ is to create interactive air quality maps on the internet using webGIS to illustrate the geographical variation of air quality in Denmark for selected health related air...... pollutants. The maps show annual means of NO2, PM2.5 or PM10 for 2012. The user interface presents modelled air quality data on a map where the user can select map view, pan, zoom in and out, etc. It is also possible to get the air quality for a particular address by entering a specific address. Air quality...


    XIE Xiao-min; WANG Jia-song; HUANG Zhen


    Spatial distributions of traffic-related pollutants in street canyons were investigated by field measurements and Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD).Two typical street canyons were selected for field monitoring,and a three-dimensional numerical model was built based on Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations equipped with the standard k-ε turbulence models for CFD simulations.The study shows that the pollutant concentrations of vehicle emission correlate well with the traffic volume variation,wind direction and wind speed.The wind direction and speed at the roof level determine overwhellmingly the flow field and the distributions of pollutant concentrations in the street canyon.When the wind speed is equal to zero,the pollutant concentrations on the breath height of the both sides of the street canyon are almost the same.When the wind direction is perpendicular to the street,one main vortex is formed with a shape depending on the building structure on both sides of the street,the pollutant is accumulated on the leeward side,and the pollutant concentrations at the breath height on the leeward side are 2 to 3 times as those at the breath height on the windward side.If the wind direction makes some angles with the street canyon,the pollutant concentration will be higher on the leeward side because one main vortex will also be formed in the vertical section of the canyon by the perpendicular component of the wind.But pollutant concentrations decrease in the canyon because pollutants are dispersed along the axis of the street.Pollutants at different heights of the vertical section decrease with height,i.e.there are concentration gradients in the vertical section,and the pollutant concentrations on the leeward side of the upstream building are much higher than those on the windward side of the downstream building.

  15. Explaining temporal patterns in street robbery

    Tompson, L. A.


    This thesis is concerned with explaining spatio-temporal patterns in street robbery through the lens of environmental criminology. The research question ‘what makes a place criminogenic for street robbery at some times and not others?’ is used to frame seven hypotheses. These centre on some of the features of the natural and built environment that can be considered criminogenic (i.e. crime producing). Specifically, the hypotheses test the time-varying influence of darkness, weather conditions...

  16. Graffiti a Street Art, jejich sociokulturní a umělecké kontexty

    Fejtová, Klára


    FEJTOVÁ, Klára. Graffiti and street art, their's socioculturals and art's contextes. Prague, 2013. Thesis. Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts. Supervisor PhDr. Jan Šmíd, Ph.D., 232 pages.(Appendices: 3 plastic objects) In my diploma paper, I attempted to map the origins and evolution of graffiti and street art. Their possible starting point, sources of inspiration and connection to art throughout history and the present day. I have also mentioned the o...

  17. The Vixen Star Book user guide how to use the star book ten and the original star book

    Chen, James


    This book is for anyone who owns, or is thinking of owning, a Vixen Star Book Ten telescope mount or its predecessor. A revolution in amateur astronomy has occurred in the past decade with the wide availability of high tech, computer-driven, Go-To telescopes. Vixen Optics is leading the way by offering the Star Book Ten system, with its unique star map graphics software. The Star Book Ten is the latest version of computer telescope control using star map graphics as a user interface, first introduced in the original Star Book first offered in 2003. The increasingly complicated nature of this software means that learning to optimize this program is not straightforward, and yet the resulting views when all features are correctly deployed can be phenomenal. After a short history of computerized Go-To telescopes for the consumer amateur astronomer market, Chen offers a treasury of technical information. His advice, tips, and solutions aid the user in getting the most out of the Star Book Ten system in observing s...

  18. Child work in Bogotá streets

    Ángela María Pinzón, MD, MPH


    Full Text Available Title: Child Labor in the Streets of Bogotá.There are many children working in the streetsof Bogotá. The exact number is unknown andthere is very little information available aboutthis group. Methodology: Descriptive study.Children working in certain streets of Bogotáwere surveyed on Saturday July 19th 2003.Results: A total of 162 children were surveyed,52.5% boys and 47.5% girls; 38.5% youngerthen 5 years and 64.2% older; 61.1% were bythemselves and the rest with an adult; 49.4% werechildren of displaced families and the others werechildren of families from Bogotá. A 33.3% rateof school desertion and a rate of 38.9% lack ofsocial security affiliation were found. The lack ofsocial security affiliation is higher in desplaced families and within this group it is higher in thefamilies that have been living a short period oftime in Bogotá. Discusion: Data suggest a strongrelationship between child labor in the street andthe problem of displaced families; a serious impacton school desertion, and long working hoursexposed to various security, phisical, chemical,ergonomic, and psicosocial risk factors. There arethree groups of children working in the streets ofBogotá: Children of displaced families; childrenthat work in the streets, and children that live inthe streets. Conclusions: Child labor in thestreets of Bogotá is a serious problem, whichrequires attention based on knowledge of causesand the pursuit of effective measures for itseradication.

  19. Street Cries and the urban ritornelle

    Jacob Kreutzfeldt


    Full Text Available Street cries, though rarely heard in Northern European cities today, testify to ways in which audible practices shape and structure urban spaces. Paradigmatic for what Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari call ‘the refrain’, the ritualised and stylised practice of street cries may point at the dynamics of space-making, through which the social and territorial construction of urban space is performed. The article draws on historical material, documenting and describing street cries, particularly in Copenhagen in the years 1929 to 1935. Most notably, the composer Vang Holmboe and the architect Steen Eiler Rasmussen have investigated Danish street cries as a musical and a spatial phenomenon, respectably. Such studies – from their individual perspectives – can be said to explore the aesthetics of urban environments, since street calls are developed and heard specifically in the context of the city. Investigating the different methods employed in the two studies and presenting Deleuze and Guattari’s theory of the refrain as a framework for further studies in the field, this article seeks to outline a fertile area of study for sound studies: the investigation of everyday refrains and the environmental relations they express and perform. Today changed sensibilities and technologies have rendered street crying obsolete in Northern Europe, but new urban ritornells may have taken their place.

  20. The New Russian Book

    Pristed, Birgitte Beck

    print culture to a post-Soviet book market. It delivers a profound and critical exploration of Russian visual imaginary of classic, popular, and contemporary prose. Among all the carelessly bungled covers of mass-published post-Soviet series the study identifies gems from experimental designers......This book takes up the obtrusive problem of visual representation of fiction in contemporary Russian book design. By analyzing a broad variety of book covers, the study offers an absolutely unique material that illustrates a radically changing notion of literature in the transformation of Soviet...... the fields of Russian studies, contemporary book and media history, art, design, and visual studies....

  1. Love British Books 2012

    Middleton, Paul; Puzzovio, Carolyn


    The book is a catalogue of an exhibition of British books to be held in Armenia in June 2012 at the 'Armenian Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries'. This is an event arranged with the Armenian Ministry of Culture as part of the UNESCO: 'Yerevan, International Book Capital 2012' & the Armenian 2012 celebrations to mark the 500th anniversary of the first printed book in the Armenian language. The catalogue describes all the books in the exhibition, with a photograph of each and...

  2. BOOK REVIEW: Two Books about FRBR, Compared

    Christine Schwartz


    Full Text Available This article reviews 2 books on FRBR published in the past year. Although both books aim to be introductions to FRBR, their approaches are very different. One is sort of a FRBR study guide with commentary, the other a collection of essays. Robert Maxwell's book, FRBR: A Guide for the Perplexed, takes the study guide approach. Arlene Taylor edited Understanding FRBR: What It Is and How It Will Affect Our Retrieval Tools, a book of essays about FRBR and FRAD, written by cataloging experts, aimed at a broader audience, not just the cataloging specialist. The first seven chapters lay out the basics: introductions to FRBR and FRAD, FRBR research, FRBR and the history of cataloging, FRBR and RDA. These chapters provide an excellent introduction for those new to FRBR. The last seven chapters each look at different types of resources in relation to FRBR.

  3. Public Reactions to New Street Tree Planting

    Ruth A. Rae


    Full Text Available MillionTreesNYC, which has the goal of planting one million trees in New York City by 2017, is intended to make New York City a greener, more sustainable city and is part of the Mayor’s comprehensive long term strategic plan, PlaNYC. Through planting a tree at every suitable sidewalk location in the city, the City of New York is transforming blocks and communities, and providing a variety of environmental, social and aesthetic benefits. This article examines the large scale municipal planting of new street trees and the reaction by some of the pubic to this planting.Trees offer benefits to the city overall, but the public may not understand these benefits or the street tree planting process. Between 2007 and 2009, the Department of Parks & Recreation planted 53,235 new street trees, and received 4,108 items of correspondence from the public. The majority of this correspondence consisted of public comments about the City’s new street tree planting policies and processes including placement objections, maintenance concerns, reports of resultant damage from tree planting operations, requests for new street trees and reports of tree conditions.This study describes the operational policies that guide New York City's municipal street tree planting, and results of content and spatial analysis of the correspondence. Qualitative analysis of the correspondence revealed the public perceptions and concerns related to the MillionTreesNYC program. Spatial analysis explored the relationship between the planting locations of new street trees and the locations of the citizen correspondence.Public reactions to this large scale municipal planting are related to the dual public and private nature of the sidewalk, issues of territoriality, responsibility, aesthetics and place attachment. Correspondence volume was associated with the scale of the new street tree block planting program, and the effectiveness of NYC’s 311 Customer Service Center. The discussion

  4. Temperature and human thermal comfort effects of street trees across three contrasting street canyon environments

    Coutts, Andrew M.; White, Emma C.; Tapper, Nigel J.; Beringer, Jason; Livesley, Stephen J.


    Urban street trees provide many environmental, social, and economic benefits for our cities. This research explored the role of street trees in Melbourne, Australia, in cooling the urban microclimate and improving human thermal comfort (HTC). Three east-west (E-W) oriented streets were studied in two contrasting street canyon forms (deep and shallow) and between contrasting tree canopy covers (high and low). These streets were instrumented with multiple microclimate monitoring stations to continuously measure air temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and mean radiant temperature so as to calculate the Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI) from May 2011 to June 2013, focusing on summertime conditions and heat events. Street trees supported average daytime cooling during heat events in the shallow canyon by around 0.2 to 0.6 °C and up to 0.9 °C during mid-morning (9:00-10:00). Maximum daytime cooling reached 1.5 °C in the shallow canyon. The influence of street tree canopies in the deep canyon was masked by the shading effect of the tall buildings. Trees were very effective at reducing daytime UTCI in summer largely through a reduction in mean radiant temperature from shade, lowering thermal stress from very strong (UTCI > 38 °C) down to strong (UTCI > 32 °C). The influence of street trees on canyon air temperature and HTC was highly localized and variable, depending on tree cover, geometry, and prevailing meteorological conditions. The cooling benefit of street tree canopies increases as street canyon geometry shallows and broadens. This should be recognized in the strategic placement, density of planting, and species selection of street trees.

  5. Playing with the city: street art and videogames/Jugando con la ciudad: street art y videojuegos

    Israel Márquez; Susana Tosca


    ... culture. Keywords: Street art; graffiti; videogames; play; city. [es] Jugando con la ciudad: street art y videojuegos Resumen. En este artículo se presenta y describe el fenómeno del street art inspirado en videojuegos como un tipo específico de street art. Se considera su materialidad e importancia, y se conceptualiza a partir de una doble mani...

  6. Mapping with Drupal

    Palazzolo, Alan


    Build beautiful interactive maps on your Drupal website, and tell engaging visual stories with your data. This concise guide shows you how to create custom geographical maps from top to bottom, using Drupal 7 tools and out-of-the-box modules. You'll learn how mapping works in Drupal, with examples on how to use intuitive interfaces to map local events, businesses, groups, and other custom data. Although building maps with Drupal can be tricky, this book helps you navigate the system's complexities for creating sophisticated maps that match your site design. Get the knowledge and tools you ne

  7. Realistic page-turning of electronic books

    Fan, Chaoran; Li, Haisheng; Bai, Yannan


    The booming electronic books (e-books), as an extension to the paper book, are popular with readers. Recently, many efforts are put into the realistic page-turning simulation o f e-book to improve its reading experience. This paper presents a new 3D page-turning simulation approach, which employs piecewise time-dependent cylindrical surfaces to describe the turning page and constructs smooth transition method between time-dependent cylinders. The page-turning animation is produced by sequentially mapping the turning page into the cylinders with different radii and positions. Compared to the previous approaches, our method is able to imitate various effects efficiently and obtains more natural animation of turning page.

  8. Wildlife of New Mexico: A Coloring Book.

    MacCarter, Don L.; Oldham, Pat

    This coloring book showing 31 of New Mexico's wild animals was prepared in conjunction with Project WILD, an environmental and conservation education program for elementary and secondary school students. Each page contains a large line drawing of a wild animal, a brief description of its habitat and behavior, and a range map that indicates the…

  9. Organizing Books and Authors by Multilayer SOM.

    Zhang, Haijun; Chow, Tommy W S; Wu, Q M Jonathan


    This paper introduces a new framework for the organization of electronic books (e-books) and their corresponding authors using a multilayer self-organizing map (MLSOM). An author is modeled by a rich tree-structured representation, and an MLSOM-based system is used as an efficient solution to the organizational problem of structured data. The tree-structured representation formulates author features in a hierarchy of author biography, books, pages, and paragraphs. To efficiently tackle the tree-structured representation, we used an MLSOM algorithm that serves as a clustering technique to handle e-books and their corresponding authors. A book and author recommender system is then implemented using the proposed framework. The effectiveness of our approach was examined in a large-scale data set containing 3868 authors along with the 10500 e-books that they wrote. We also provided visualization results of MLSOM for revealing the relevance patterns hidden from presented author clusters. The experimental results corroborate that the proposed method outperforms other content-based models (e.g., rate adapting poisson, latent Dirichlet allocation, probabilistic latent semantic indexing, and so on) and offers a promising solution to book recommendation, author recommendation, and visualization.

  10. From the street to the store. The formalization of street vendors in Quito, Ecuador

    S. Ferragut (Sergio); G.M. Gómez (Georgina)


    markdownabstract__Abstract__ With the support of local and international organisations, the municipality of Quito, Ecuador, relocated approximately 6000 street vendors from the streets to eleven Popular Commercial Centres. The research examines the extent to which formalisation has al-tered their

  11. Assessing species habitat using Google Street View: a case study of cliff-nesting vultures.

    Olea, Pedro P; Mateo-Tomás, Patricia


    The assessment of a species' habitat is a crucial issue in ecology and conservation. While the collection of habitat data has been boosted by the availability of remote sensing technologies, certain habitat types have yet to be collected through costly, on-ground surveys, limiting study over large areas. Cliffs are ecosystems that provide habitat for a rich biodiversity, especially raptors. Because of their principally vertical structure, however, cliffs are not easy to study by remote sensing technologies, posing a challenge for many researches and managers working with cliff-related biodiversity. We explore the feasibility of Google Street View, a freely available on-line tool, to remotely identify and assess the nesting habitat of two cliff-nesting vultures (the griffon vulture and the globally endangered Egyptian vulture) in northwestern Spain. Two main usefulness of Google Street View to ecologists and conservation biologists were evaluated: i) remotely identifying a species' potential habitat and ii) extracting fine-scale habitat information. Google Street View imagery covered 49% (1,907 km) of the roads of our study area (7,000 km²). The potential visibility covered by on-ground surveys was significantly greater (mean: 97.4%) than that of Google Street View (48.1%). However, incorporating Google Street View to the vulture's habitat survey would save, on average, 36% in time and 49.5% in funds with respect to the on-ground survey only. The ability of Google Street View to identify cliffs (overall accuracy = 100%) outperformed the classification maps derived from digital elevation models (DEMs) (62-95%). Nonetheless, high-performance DEM maps may be useful to compensate Google Street View coverage limitations. Through Google Street View we could examine 66% of the vultures' nesting-cliffs existing in the study area (n = 148): 64% from griffon vultures and 65% from Egyptian vultures. It also allowed us the extraction of fine-scale features of cliffs

  12. Road and Street Centerlines - COUNTY_STREET_CENTERLINES_IDHS_IN: Street Centerlines Maintained by County Agencies in Indiana (Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Line Shapefile)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — COUNTY_STREET_CENTERLINES_IDHS_IN is a line shapefile that contains street centerlines maintained by county agencies in Indiana, provided by personnel of Indiana...

  13. Road and Street Centerlines - COUNTY_STREET_CENTERLINES_IDHS_IN: Street Centerlines Maintained by County Agencies in Indiana (Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Line Shapefile)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — COUNTY_STREET_CENTERLINES_IDHS_IN is a line feature class that contains street centerlines maintained by county agencies in Indiana, provided by personnel of Indiana...

  14. Road and Street Centerlines - COUNTY_STREET_CENTERLINES_IDHS_IN: Street Centerlines Maintained by County Agencies in Indiana (Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Line Shapefile)

    NSGIC State | GIS Inventory — COUNTY_STREET_CENTERLINES_IDHS_IN is a line feature class that contains street centerlines maintained by county agencies in Indiana, provided by personnel of Indiana...

  15. [Street children and AIDS in Haiti].

    Bernier, M; Ascensio, P


    This study is a qualitative inquiry KAP about sexuality, and adoption and preservation of safe sexual behaviors, among the children of the street in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Three groups of participating children of the street were observed in Port-au-Prince for three months, during June through August 1991. The information was collected with the use of pre-tested charts for each theme chosen. Then, individual interviews were conducted with leaders identified among the educators and children of the street. One of the main goals of Aids educational programs of street children should be to make them believe in the existence of the disease, and the real risk it poses for death. The strategies that we will use to convince them should deal with the different social, psychological, economical, and environmental factors that characterized the children as follows: 1) their adherence to a peer group and the relationship of power between the older and younger children; 2) the fundamental importance of money in their life, and that all relationships that they have are based on the capacity of people to give them something, such as money; 3) the role of their social appearance and their need to behave like other children for even one day; 4) their low self-esteem; 5) their feeling of powerlessness and resignation related to their living conditions; 6) the influence of the street culture; and 7) their understanding of sexuality as an immediate pleasure.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  16. English Book Club

    English Book Club


    The CERN English Book Club will hold its 2012 AGM at 17h30 on Monday 5th March in the club rooms (club barrack 564). Club members are invited to attend. Any members wishing to add points on to the agenda should contact one of the committee before February 27th. The English Book Club has a collection of over 4500 English language books, mostly general fiction with a sprinkling of nonfiction and children’s books. New books are purchased regularly and the books are shelved in our club room which is accessible to members at all times. Membership is open to all (staff and external) and there is a special tariff for short term students. See the club’s website at for more details.

  17. English Book Club

    CERN English Book Club


    AGM  --  AGM  -- 2010 --  AGM  --  AGM The CERN ENGLISH BOOK CLUB will hold its 2010 AGM at 18h00 on Monday November 22nd in the club rooms (club barrack 564). Club members are invited to attend. Any members wishing to add points on to the agenda should contact one of the committee before November 12th. AGM  --  AGM  -- 2010 --  AGM  --  AGM The English Book Club has a collection of over 4500 English language books, mostly general fiction with a sprinkling of nonfiction and children’s books. New books are purchased regularly and the books are shelved in our club room which is accessible to members at all times. Membership is open to all (staff and external) and there is a special tariff for short term students. See the club’s website at for more details.  

  18. Software engineer's pocket book

    Tooley, Michael


    Software Engineer's Pocket Book provides a concise discussion on various aspects of software engineering. The book is comprised of six chapters that tackle various areas of concerns in software engineering. Chapter 1 discusses software development, and Chapter 2 covers programming languages. Chapter 3 deals with operating systems. The book also tackles discrete mathematics and numerical computation. Data structures and algorithms are also explained. The text will be of great use to individuals involved in the specification, design, development, implementation, testing, maintenance, and qualit

  19. Electrical engineer's reference book

    Laughton, M A


    Electrical Engineer's Reference Book, Fourteenth Edition focuses on electrical engineering. The book first discusses units, mathematics, and physical quantities, including the international unit system, physical properties, and electricity. The text also looks at network and control systems analysis. The book examines materials used in electrical engineering. Topics include conducting materials, superconductors, silicon, insulating materials, electrical steels, and soft irons and relay steels. The text underscores electrical metrology and instrumentation, steam-generating plants, turbines

  20. Making maps a visual guide to map design for GIS

    Krygier, John


    Acclaimed for its innovative use of visual material, this book is engaging, clear, and compelling-exactly how an effective map should be. Nearly every page is organized around maps and other figures (many in full color) that illustrate all aspects of map making, including instructive examples of both good and poor design choices. The book covers everything from locating and processing data to making decisions about layout, symbols, color, and type. Readers are invited to think critically about both the technical features and social significance of maps as they learn to create better maps of t

  1. Notes on LED Installations in Street Illumination

    Elisabeta Spunei


    Full Text Available The paper presents a study made on choosing LED street lighting installations, such that the quality requirements for exterior artificial lighting are fulfilled. We analyze two types of LED street lighting installations from a technical point of view, together with lighting level and brightness values obtained during the measurements. Following on the field measurements, the lighting quality parameters are calculated, and, for the lighting installation with the best performance, optimal mounting suggestions are made. The optimal quality parameters are calculated by simulations using the Dialux software. The same software and the same light sources we also compute an optimal street lighting by determining the size of the installation that provides the best lighting parameter values.

  2. Turbulent ventilation of a street canyon

    Nielsen, Morten


    A selection of turbulence data corresponding to 185 days of field measurements has een analysed. The non-ideal building geometry influenced the circulation patterns in the street canyon and the largest average vertical velocities were observed in the wake of an unbroken line of buildings. The sta......A selection of turbulence data corresponding to 185 days of field measurements has een analysed. The non-ideal building geometry influenced the circulation patterns in the street canyon and the largest average vertical velocities were observed in the wake of an unbroken line of buildings...... small, and this suggests that most of the velocity fluctuations were fairly local and not caused by unsteady street vortices. The observed velocities scaled with the ambient wind speed except under low-wind conditions....

  3. Street canyon ventilation and atmospheric turbulence

    Salizzoni, P.; Soulhac, L.; Mejean, P.

    Operational models for pollutant dispersion in urban areas require an estimate of the turbulent transfer between the street canyons and the overlying atmospheric flow. To date, the mechanisms that govern this process remain poorly understood. We have studied the mass exchange between a street canyon and the atmospheric flow above it by means of wind tunnel experiments. Fluid velocities were measured with a Particle Image Velocimetry system and passive scalar concentrations were measured using a Flame Ionisation Detector. The mass-transfer velocity between the canyon and the external flow has been estimated by measuring the cavity wash-out time. A two-box model, used to estimate the transfer velocity for varying dynamical conditions of the external flow, has been used to interpret the experimental data. This study sheds new light on the mechanisms which drive the ventilation of a street canyon and illustrates the influence of the external turbulence on the transfer process.

  4. Old Books and E-Books

    Darnton, Robert


    The crisis in academic publishing has reached a point where young scholars in many fields of the humanities may no longer be able to communicate their research in the time-honoured manner - that is, in the form of a traditional codex printed by a university press. Sooner or later, most monographs will probably have to be published on the Internet. What form will they take? A tentative answer to that question is provided by a sketch for an electronic book about publishing and the book trade in...

  5. Give a Book, Take a Book | Poster

    Collection has begun for the 15th Annual Book & Media Swap sponsored by the Scientific Library. NCI at Frederick staff can use this opportunity to clear out personal book and DVD shelves of unwanted materials, donate them to the swap, and then receive “new” materials in return. The library staff will collect materials through Tuesday, Oct. 27. Kick-off day for the event is Wednesday, Oct. 28, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the lobby of the Conference Center in Building 549.

  6. Street Cries and the urban refrain

    Kreutzfeldt, Jacob


    Street cries, though rarely heard in North European cities today, testify to ways in which audible practices shape and structure urban space. As paradigmatic for what Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari call the refrain, the ritualized and stylized practice of street cries may point at the dynamics...... the different methods employed in the two studies and presenting Deleuze and Guattaris theory about the refrain as a framework for further studies in the field, this article seeks to outline a fertile area of study for sound studies: the investigation of everyday refrains and the environmental relations...

  7. Street art, spaces and visual rhetoric

    Marco Mondino


    Full Text Available Street-art is a widespread urban phenomenon characterised by several different styles and concepts. This essay will introduce few artistic works, analysing the rhetoric strategies used. Artists create unpredictable narratives catching the audiences’ attention through various regimes of visibility and some figures of speech, such as hyperbole, apostrophe, and camouflage. Therefore, the relationship between street artworks and the audience can trigger a discourse of challenge, conflict or complicity showed by the practice of rewriting or deleting of urban art that we will study.

  8. Street-Level Bureaucrats as Individual Policymakers:

    Baviskar, Siddhartha; Winter, Søren


    Lipsky (1980) pointed out that street-level bureaucrats (SLBs) are important policymakers due to the discretion they exercise and argued from a structural perspective that these workers manifest relatively similar coping behaviors owing to their shared working conditions, characterized by chronic......Lipsky (1980) pointed out that street-level bureaucrats (SLBs) are important policymakers due to the discretion they exercise and argued from a structural perspective that these workers manifest relatively similar coping behaviors owing to their shared working conditions, characterized...... and local political inefficacy, and their conceptual modification of job contents are all related to their use of coping....

  9. 2011 Renewable Energy Data Book (Book)

    Gelman, R.


    This Renewable Energy Data Book for 2011 provides facts and figures on energy in general, renewable electricity in the United States, global renewable energy development, wind power, solar energy, geothermal power, biopower, hydropower, advanced water power, hydrogen, renewable fuels, and clean energy investments.

  10. 2012 Renewable Energy Data Book (Book)

    Gelman, R.


    This Renewable Energy Data Book for 2012 provides facts and figures in a graphical format on energy in general, renewable electricity in the United States, global renewable energy development, wind power, solar power, geothermal power, biopower, hydropower, advanced water power, hydrogen, renewable fuels, and clean energy investment.

  11. 2013 Renewable Energy Data Book (Book)

    Esterly, S.


    This Renewable Energy Data Book for 2013 provides facts and figures on energy in general, renewable electricity in the United States, global renewable energy development, wind power, solar power, geothermal power, biopower, hydropower, advanced water power, hydrogen, renewable fuels, and clean energy investment.

  12. 2010 Renewable Energy Data Book (Book)

    Gelman, R.


    This Renewable Energy Data Book for 2010 provides facts and figures on energy in general, renewable electricity in the United States, global renewable energy development, wind power, solar energy, geothermal power, biopower, hydropower, advanced water power, hydrogen, renewable fuels, and clean energy investments.

  13. ATLAS Colouring Book

    Anthony, Katarina


    The ATLAS Experiment Colouring Book is a free-to-download educational book, ideal for kids aged 5-9. It aims to introduce children to the field of High-Energy Physics, as well as the work being carried out by the ATLAS Collaboration.

  14. Astronomy books in Spanish

    Fierro, Julieta

    Great cultures have created language. They have discovered its strength among other reasons for education. For a long time the Bible was one of the few books available in western culture, its influence is beyond any doubt. Many developing nations have no science books in their mother tongue. They might carry a few translations but these do not convey the local culture so it is harder for students to grasp the concepts and to build on what they know. Books, even if they are extremely simple, should be written in local languages because that will facilitate the conveying of knowledge and the creation of scientific culture. In the books examples that pertain to every day local life must be given, in particular examples that have to do with women. Women play a central role in developing nations by child bearing; if they become literate they will influence enormously the quality of their children's education, in particular their science comprehension. In Mexico a collection that includes astronomy books has recently been edited by the National Council for Culture and Arts. The books are small and light, which encourages middle-school students to carry them around and read them while traveling in public transportation, such as the subway. Every other page is a new subject, that carries illustrations, abstracts and conclusions. The astronomy books are on search for extraterrestrial life, the stars and the universe. These books are distributed nation-wide and are inexpensive. They have been written by Mexican astronomers.

  15. More than Comic Books

    Boerman-Cornell, Bill


    Graphic novels (book-length fiction or nonfiction narratives told using the conventions of a comic book) bring together text and image in a way that seems to capture students' imaginations. Right now, there is little more than anecdotal research about how graphic novels can be used within specific middle school and high school disciplines. As…

  16. More than Comic Books

    Boerman-Cornell, Bill


    Graphic novels (book-length fiction or nonfiction narratives told using the conventions of a comic book) bring together text and image in a way that seems to capture students' imaginations. Right now, there is little more than anecdotal research about how graphic novels can be used within specific middle school and high school disciplines. As…

  17. Data communications pocket book

    Tooley, Michael


    Data Communications Pocket Book, Second Edition presents information relevant to data communication. The book provides tabulated reference materials with a brief description and diagrams. The coverage of the text includes abbreviations, terminal control codes, and conversion tables. The text will be of great use to individuals involved in the interconnection of computer systems.

  18. English Book Club

    English Book Club

    The minutes of the AGM held on Tuesday November 17th can now be found on the club web-site: A new version of the club’s book data-base is also available on the web: The last book selection for 2009 is done and the order for the new books has been placed, with luck they will be on the shelves before the end of year break. The English Book Club has a growing collection of over 4500 English language books, mostly general fiction with a sprinkling of nonfiction and children’s books. New books are purchased regularly and the books are shelved in our club room which is accessible to members at all times. Membership is open to all (staff and external) and there is a special tariff for short term students. See the club’s website at for more details.

  19. The Book Club Exploded

    Hoffert, Barbara


    One leader, 12 readers, and a few well-thumbed copies of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice." That is all a book club once required, but this is no longer the case. This article describes how the runaway popularity of book clubs has brought with it a whole new set of possibilities. Thematic discussion? A fiction/nonfiction mix? Videoconferencing?…

  20. Test Scoring [book review].

    Meijer, Rob R.


    This book discusses how to obtain test scores and, in particular, how to obtain test scores from tests that consist of a combination of multiple choice and open-ended questions. The strength of the book is that scoring solutions are presented for a diversity of real world scoring problems. (SLD)

  1. Why Write Book Reviews?

    Obeng-Odoom, Franklin


    The pressure to publish or perish or, more recently, to be visible or vanish, marginalises a culture of critical reading and reflection that has historically been the province of book reviews. Today, book reviews are roundly rejected by academic bureaucrats as unimportant, easy to write and hence, easy to get published, mere summaries, uncritical…

  2. Death, Children, and Books.

    Carr, Robin L.

    The books listed in this annotated bibliography are intended to help children understand the reality of death and deal with the mystery and emotions that accompany it. Each entry indicates the genre and reading level of the book and provides a brief description of the attitude toward death that it conveys. The selections include fables, fantasy,…

  3. The Book of Joshua

    Noort, E


    "The Book of Joshua contains the papers of the Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense 2010 on the Book of Joshua and the Land of Israel. Not for the sake of plurality as such, but as a signal of the state of the art in Joshua research in the post-Noth era this volume functions as a platform for different

  4. Books in the Family.

    Swinger, Alice K.


    Opportunities for parents to encourage reading in the family are noted and ways to enhance the reading experience are discussed, including writing letters to book characters, singing combined with reading aloud, supplementing school subjects with enjoyable reading, sharing books at family gatherings, and using family experiences for book…

  5. Books in Our Future.

    Boorstin, Daniel J.

    This study explores the changing role of the book in the future. The report draws on interviews with authors, publishers, booksellers, computer experts, librarians, scientists, educators, and scholars and on the experience of the Library of Congress staff. The first part, "The Culture of the Book: Today and Tomorrow," includes sections…

  6. The Book Club Exploded

    Hoffert, Barbara


    One leader, 12 readers, and a few well-thumbed copies of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice." That is all a book club once required, but this is no longer the case. This article describes how the runaway popularity of book clubs has brought with it a whole new set of possibilities. Thematic discussion? A fiction/nonfiction mix? Videoconferencing?…

  7. China Connections Reference Book.

    Kalat, Marie B.; Hoermann, Elizabeth F.

    This reference book focuses on six aspects of the geography of the People's Republic of China. They are: territory, governing units, population and land use, waterways, land forms, and climates. Designed as a primary reference, the book explains how the Chinese people and their lifestyles are affected by China's geography. Special components…

  8. Multi-city assessment of lifetime pregnancy involvement among street youth, Ukraine.

    Zapata, Lauren B; Kissin, Dmitry M; Robbins, Cheryl L; Finnerty, Erin; Skipalska, Halyna; Yorick, Roman V; Jamieson, Denise J; Marchbanks, Polly A; Hillis, Susan D


    Although street youth are at increased risk of lifetime pregnancy involvement (LPI), or ever becoming or getting someone pregnant, no reports to date describe the epidemiology of LPI among systematically sampled street youth from multiple cities outside of North America. The purpose of our assessment was to describe the prevalence of and risk factors associated with LPI among street youth from three Ukrainian cities. We used modified time-location sampling to conduct a cross-sectional assessment in Odesa, Kyiv, and Donetsk that included citywide mapping of 91 public venue locations frequented by street youth, random selection of 74 sites, and interviewing all eligible and consenting street youth aged 15-24 years found at sampled sites (n = 929). Characteristics of youth and prevalence of LPI overall and by demographic, social, sexual, and substance use risk factors, were estimated separately for males and females. Adjusted odds ratios (AORs) were calculated with multivariable logistic regression and effect modification by gender was examined. Most (96.6%) eligible youth consented to participate. LPI was reported for 41.7% of females (93/223) and 23.5% of males (166/706). For females, LPI was significantly elevated and highest (>70%) among those initiating sexual activity at ≤12 years and for those reporting lifetime anal sex and exchanging sex for goods. For males, LPI was significantly elevated and highest (>40%) among those who reported lifetime anal sex and history of a sexually transmitted infection. Overall, risk factors associated with LPI were similar for females and males. Among the total sample (females and males combined), significant independent risk factors with AORs ≥2.5 included female gender, being aged 20-24 years, having five to six total adverse childhood experiences, initiating sex at age ≤12 or 13-14 years, lifetime anal sex, most recent sex act unprotected, and lifetime exchange of sex for goods. Among street youth with LPI (n = 259), the

  9. One book too many

    Andrej Blatnik


    Full Text Available The article is exploring the changes in the communication value of Slovenian book after the year 1991. The shifted (selfunderstanding of the publishing business going from activity of ‘special social importance’to explicitly profit-making activity has not only changed the ways of book production, but also the products themselves. This has influenced also those factors in the communication circuit of the book which still belong to the public sector. Following the example of two bestsellers published in 2008,the author points out the differences in public and market functioning of structurally same books and emphasizes the importance of a conscious choice which positions the adequate product into the communication circuit of the book.

  10. Physical Experiments to Investigate the Effects of Street Bottom Heating and Inflow Turbulence on Urban Street-Canyon Flow

    Jae-Jin KIM; Jong-Jin BAIK


    The effects of street bottom heating and inflow turbulence on urban street-canyon flow are experimentally investigated using a circulating water channel. Three experiments are carried out for a street canyon with a street aspect ratio of 1. Results from each experiment with bottom heating or inflow turbulence are compared with those without bottom heating and appreciable inflow turbulence. It is demonstrated that street bottom heating or inflow turbulence increases the intensity of the canyon vortex. A possible explanation on how street bottom heating or inflow turbulence intensifies the canyon vortex is given from a fluid dynamical viewpoint.

  11. Talking about Books: Karen Hesse.

    Beck, Cathy; Gwyn, Linda; Koblitz, Dick; O'Connor, Anne; Pierce, Kathryn Mitchell; Wolf, Susan


    Presents an interview with Karen Hesse, author of 12 books of fiction for young, middle, and older readers, and winner of the 1998 Newbery Award. Offers an overview of Hesse's books, organized into picture books, transition chapter books, and novels. Presents a discussion of the themes found in her books, highlighting children's discussion…

  12. Implementation Regimes and Street-Level Bureaucrats

    Winter, Søren; T. Dinesen, Peter; J. May, Peter

    -government regimes foster greater policy commitment, attention to rules, and adherence among frontline workers than is the case for a local-government implementation regime. These lead to actions of street-level bureaucrats in central-government regimes that are more in line with national policies than those...

  13. Strolling Along Barkor Street(Ⅰ)


    Barkor Street has witnessed enormous changes over the past few decades.But the Monument to theTang-Tubo Alliance,willow trees of the Tang Dynasty and large sutra pole, existing in front of JokhangMonastery, retains their original demeanor.

  14. [Agnosia for streets and defective root finding].

    Takahashi, Nobuyoshi


    Topographical disorientation is identified as a condition in which patients are unable to find their way in familiar surroundings, such as their home neighborhood or the admitting hospital after the onset of illness. I proposed to classify topographical disorientation into two categories: agnosia for streets (landmark agnosia) and defective root finding (heading disorientation). Patients with agnosia for streets are unable to identify familiar buildings and landscapes. They can, however, morphologically perceive them and remember their way around familiar areas. The lesions are located in the right posterior part of the parahippocampus gyrus, anterior half of the lingual gyrus and adjacent fusiform gyrus. Clinical findings and functional imaging studies suggest that these regions play a crucial role in the interaction between the visual information of streets and memories of them, which are thought to be retained in the right anterior part of the temporal lobe. In particular, the posterior part of the parahippocampus gyrus is critical for the acquisition of novel information. On the other hand, patients with defective root finding can identify familiar streets, but cannot remember their own location or positional relation between two points within a comparatively wide range not surveyable at one time. The lesions are located in the right retrosplenial cortex (Areas 29, 30), posterior cingulate cortex (Areas 23, 31) and precuneus. Clinical findings and functional imaging studies suggest that these regions are involved in the orientation function for navigating in wide spaces. In particular, the retrosplenial cortex is critical for encoding novel information.

  15. Trauma among Street-Involved Youth

    Bender, Kimberly A.; Thompson, Sanna J.; Ferguson, Kristin M.; Yoder, Jamie R.; Kern, Leah


    Previous research documents that street-involved youth experience rates of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that are significantly higher than their housed counterparts. Trauma and PTSD are of particular concern for homeless youth as they can negatively affect youths' ability to function adaptively and to transition off the…

  16. Vortex Cloud Street during AMTEX 75

    Jensen, Niels Otto; Agee, E. M.


    Strong northerly flow across Cheju Island, Korea, during the 1975 Air Mass Transformation Experiment (AMTEX 75) resulted in a pronounced vortex cloud street to the lee of the island on February 17 1975. This pattern has been studied and explained in terms of classical von Karman eddies shed...

  17. The Earl Lee Street Art Campaign



    This article describes a catchy phrase with more to its meaning than first view. A slogan "All the girls love Earl Lee," appears in street art around the world. Earl Lee is a lovable, handsome man who owns the fictitious Earl Lube industries. Originally intended to bring a smile to people's faces at a time when there wasn't much to smile…

  18. Politicians, Managers, and Street-Level Bureaucrats

    May, Peter J.; Winter, Søren


    This article addresses the influence of politicians, managers, and the dispositions of street-level bureaucrats in shaping actions at the frontlines of policy implementation. We investigate these for the implementation of employment policy reforms in Denmark. Our findings show a large percentage ...

  19. Sesame Street Viewing Volunteer Training Manual.

    Filep, Robert T.; And Others

    This guide was prepared to aid volunteers working with preschool children who view the television program, "Sesame Street". The suggestions in this booklet grew out of a study called the "Sesame Mother Pilot Project," conducted in 1970-71 by the Institute for Educational Development. This guide is divided into nine main parts:…

  20. Taking health promotion on to the streets.

    Filgueiras, A


    In Brazil, until 1990, the authorities could legally arrest a child found alone in the streets, and put them in prison-like institutions. Their crime? To be poor, usually black and living on the streets. The Brazilian Center for the Defense of the Rights of Children and Adolescents (SOS Crianca) was set up a few years ago with the aim of changing this legislation. Together with other nongovernment organizations, SOS Crianca drew up new legislation, lobbied politicians and policymakers, and publicized the issue at a new Child and Adolescent Statute, based on the International Declaration of Children's Rights, was made law. Lawyers volunteered their services to SOS Crianca, making sure that young people had access to legal support, so that the new law could be put into practiced. AIDS has added to the difficulties of young people living on the streets. In 1988, using a strategy similar to the one above, SOS Crianca started to work with key organizations and the children themselves, to draw up an HIV prevention strategy for street children. As well as being threatened with violence and police arrest, these children lack a basic human right--access to health care. Public health services in Brazil do not reach the 40% of the population who live in absolute poverty, which includes young people on the streets. Preventing AIDS is seen by SOS Crianca to be just a part of promoting better health and providing overall healthcare. Educational activities will not work if children do not have access to treatment, or to basic needs like food and shelter. SOS Crianca does not employ doctors because it is not the role of nongovernment organizations to take over the state's responsibility to provide basic health care. But how can the public clinics, staffed with underpaid professionals and lacking basic equipment meet the needs of street children? Meetings were organized with different health professionals, involving those most sensitive to the problem in setting up a referral

  1. Food safety knowledge and practices of street foodvendors in Atbara ...

    Food safety knowledge and practices of street foodvendors in Atbara City (Naher Elneel State Sudan) ... African Journal of Biotechnology ... The study was conducted to evaluate the food safety knowledge and practices of street food vendors ...

  2. Microbiological assessment of ethnic street foods of the Himalayas

    Niki Kharel


    Conclusion: The risks associated with street foods may be controlled by educating vendors about hygienic conditions. In conclusion, street foods are important ethnic foods sold in popular tourist spots in India for marginal local vendors.

  3. Microbiological Safety of Street Vended Foods in Jigjiga City ...


    RESULTS: The majority of the street food vendors were women, 120(90.9%), with the average age group of ... street food and fast foods are commonly consumed .... from each tube was seeded on appropriate media ... Time (h) Temperat ure.

  4. Street Littering in Nigerian Towns: towards a Framework for ...

    Nekky Umera

    riders, and all those practicing their trades along the streets. Respondents ... indicators (contents of our questionnaire) which helped to assess patterns of behaviour ... Litter levels were very high along the streets contiguous to very big markets.

  5. Vulnerability to violence of girls of the street in Mauritania

    Ballet, Jérôme; Sirven, N.; Bhukuth, A.; Rousseau, S.


    This article is concerned with an empirical study of girls of the street in Mauritania. This study is original for three main reasons. First, it investigates Mauritania, a country where there have been very few studies of the phenomenon of children of the street. Secondly, it seems to us that though the academic literature on street children sometimes provides comparisons between girls and boys, very few studies focus specifically on girls of the street. Thirdly, the literature focusing on ch...

  6. Off-street commercial sex : an exploratory study

    O'Doherty, Tamara Carrine


    This thesis explores women’s experiences working in off-street prostitution venues in Vancouver, BC. The victimization experienced by street-based sex workers has led many people to conclude that prostitution is inherently dangerous. However, street-based workers form the minority of sex workers in Canada. The question remains, can their experiences be generalized to other types of prostitution? Consequently, this thesis examines whether female off-street sex workers face the same degree of v...

  7. Harvesting rockfall hazard evaluation parameters from Google Earth Street View

    Partsinevelos, Panagiotis; Agioutantis, Zacharias; Tripolitsiotis, Achilles; Steiakakis, Chrysanthos; Mertikas, Stelios


    Rockfall incidents along highways and railways prove extremely dangerous for properties, infrastructures and human lives. Several qualitative metrics such as the Rockfall Hazard Rating System (RHRS) and the Colorado Rockfall Hazard Rating System (CRHRS) have been established to estimate rockfall potential and provide risk maps in order to control and monitor rockfall incidents. The implementation of such metrics for efficient and reliable risk modeling require accurate knowledge of multi-parametric attributes such as the geological, geotechnical, topographic parameters of the study area. The Missouri Rockfall Hazard Rating System (MORH RS) identifies the most potentially problematic areas using digital video logging for the determination of parameters like slope height and angle, face irregularities, etc. This study aims to harvest in a semi-automated approach geometric and qualitative measures through open source platforms that may provide 3-dimensional views of the areas of interest. More specifically, the Street View platform from Google Maps, is hereby used to provide essential information that can be used towards 3-dimensional reconstruction of slopes along highways. The potential of image capturing along a programmable virtual route to provide the input data for photogrammetric processing is also evaluated. Moreover, qualitative characterization of the geological and geotechnical status, based on the Street View images, is performed. These attributes are then integrated to deliver a GIS-based rockfall hazard map. The 3-dimensional models are compared to actual photogrammetric measures in a rockfall prone area in Crete, Greece while in-situ geotechnical characterization is also used to compare and validate the hazard risk. This work is considered as the first step towards the exploitation of open source platforms to improve road safety and the development of an operational system where authorized agencies (i.e., civil protection) will be able to acquire near

  8. An Analysis of the Street-Children Phenomenon in the City of Isfahan

    Seyed Alireza Afshani


    Circumstances: Examples of Street and War-Traumatized Children," (Chapter 15 in Childhood and Adolescence: Cross-Cultural Perspectives and Applications. Praeger Publishers: Westport, CT.   Batmanghelidjh, C. (2006 Shattered Lives: Children Who Live With Courage and Dignity, Jessica Kingsley: London   Bose A. B. (1992. The Disadvantaged Urban Child in India, Innocenti Occasional Papers, Urban Child Series No. 1, UNICEF International Child Development Centre.   Boydon, J. (1986. Children in Development: Policy and Programming for Especially Disadvantaged Children in Lima, Peru. Oxford: United Nations Children’s Fund.   Baker, T. L. (1998. Doing Social Research. Boston: McGraw-Hill   Campos, R., M. Raffaelli, W. Ude, M. Greco, A. Ruff, J. Rolf, C. Antunes, N. Halsey, and D. Greco, (1994. "Social Networks and Daily Activities of Street Youth in Belo Horizonte, Brazil." Child Development 65(2: 319-330.   Connolly, M. (1990. "Adrift in the City: A Comparative Study of Street Children in Bogotd, Colombia and Guatemala City." In N. Boxhill (Ed., Homeless children: The watchers and the waiters (pp. 129-149. New York: Haworth Press.   Consortium for Street Children (2011 "Street Children: A Mapping and Gapping Review of the Literature from 2000 to 2010," Online available at: /_ uploads/publications/ Street_Children _Mapping__Gapping_Literature_Review_-_FINAL_VERSION_-_February_2011.pdf .   de Pineda, V, E. de Munoz, P. de Pineda, Y. Echeverry, and J. Arias, (1978. El Gamin su alberque socialy su familia (Vol. 1 [The gamins’ social home and family] Bogota: Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar.   Donald, D. and J. Swart (1994. "The South African Street Child: Developmental Implications." South African Journal of Psychology 24(4: 169-174.   Eghlima, M. (2007. "Homeless Children in Tehran", Political & Economic Ettela'at 21(239-240: 142-147.   . Felsman, K. (1979. Invulnerability: On Risk, Resiliency and Adaptation in Childhood

  9. POLICY EVALUATION OF RESTRUCTURING STREET VENDORS IN SURAKARTA CITY (Study of Street Vendors in Monument Park Banjarsari and Street Vendors in Manahan Stadium

    Frahlevi Prajasari


    Full Text Available This study examined the policy evaluation of restructuring street vendors in Surakarta city. Street vendors represent the economic actors in the informal sector of urban economic activity. The government of City/District usually removes these street vendors by disguising this activity behind the reason of structuring, . The study used descriptive research with a qualitative approach. The relocation of street vendors in Surakarta City is orderly and smooth without violence which may impact badly on physic and material because the government of Surakarta City, especially Surakarta Mayor, uses persuasive approach. Notoharjo Market is a relocation place for street vendors at Banjarsari Monument Park. In the beginning, Notoharjo Market is crowded with buyers but current days, street vendors who occupy Notoharjo Market complain about lack of buyers. The lack of buyers at Notoharjo Market is because the facilities previously provided by the government of Surakarta City are not well maintained. The government of Surakarta City must listening all complains of street vendors for the smoothness and orderliness of trading activity of street vendors. Not only listening, but the government of Surakarta City also gives appropriate and best solution to street vendors such that street vendors feel comfort in selling and their income is better than before.

  10. Book Presentation | 27 February

    The CERN Library


    "A caccia del bosone di Higgs. Magneti, governi, scienziati e particelle nell'impresa scientifica del secolo" by Luciano Maiani and Romeo Bassoli, published by Mondadori. On Wednesday 27 February Luciano Maiani will present the book "A caccia del bosone di Higgs. Magneti, governi, scienziati e particelle nell'impresa scientifica del secolo". More information here. The presentation will take place in the Council Chamber at 16.00 and will be followed by a debate and book signing. The book will be on sale. You are cordially invited.

  11. Closing the Book


    @@ When Bertelsmann Direct Group,the music and book direct-marketing arm of German media conglomerate Bertelsmann AG,launched its business in China in 1995,it seemed like a winning idea.The company's book clubs,a catalog mail-order operation offering cut-price books in return for a monthly membership fee,had proven a hugely lucrative business in Europe;and China,with its huge,highly literate population,seemed an ideal market for expansion.

  12. An Art of Resistance: From the Street to the Classroom

    Chung, Sheng Kuan


    Rooted in graffiti culture and its attitude toward the world, street art is regarded as a postgraffiti movement. Street art encompasses a wide array of media and techniques, such as traditional spray-painted tags, stickers, stencils, posters, photocopies, murals, paper cutouts, mosaics, street installations, performances, and video projections…

  13. Street language. A multilingual youth register in the Netherlands

    Schoonen, R.; Appel, R.


    This paper reports on an empirical study of street language, a multilingual youth register in the Netherlands. Nearly 300 secondary school students completed a questionnaire on their acquaintance with and use of street language. A subsample of students was also interviewed. Use of street language wi

  14. What Research Indicates about the Educational Effects of "Sesame Street."

    Children's Television Workshop, New York, NY.

    This paper reviews the results of several studies that examined the educational effects of Sesame Street. Three studies by the Educational Testing Service on Sesame Street's first two seasons determined that among children who watched Sesame Street, those who watched the most scored highest on an achievement measure; frequent viewers made more…

  15. The Relationship among User, Activity and Space of Street Furniture Placed at Kanuni Campus - Karadeniz Technical University

    Kurdoğlu, B. C.; Çelik, K. T.; Konakoğlu, S. S. Kurt; Erbaş, Y. S.


    The purpose of this study, 2369 street furniture at the campus mentioned to the thesis study named "Generating a GIS-Based Campus Street Furniture Information System (YEDBIS): Example of Kanuni Campus - Karadeniz Technical University" are to question the harmony statuses of space form, actual activity in space, space size, natural materials used space, usage density of space, surface materials of space, users, and the other of them. The harmony statuses of the street furniture were fixed by observation works and field determinations at the campus. Findings obtained observations were recorded to identification cards by writing "0" value for disharmony, "1" value for partly harmony and "2" value for harmony. Then, the data were analyzed in YEDBIS, which is based on GIS. Then, the data were analyzed in YEDBIS, which is based on GIS, by using ArcMap 10.0 programme. However, due to the absence of web support generated for the YEDBIS, with current data querying and analysis of this data was carried out only in a computer where YEDBIS is located. The results of the analysis indicates that 2369 street furniture were found to be disharmony with space form, with surface materials of space, with natural materials used space and with other street furniture in space, and to be partly harmony actual activity in space, space size, usage density of space and users. Also, the regions and nearby around of the buildings at the campus where were disharmony, partly harmony and harmony of the street furniture were established by using YEDBIS.

  16. Generalized metric spaces and mappings

    Lin, Shou


    The idea of mutual classification of spaces and mappings is one of the main research directions of point set topology. In a systematical way, this book discusses the basic theory of generalized metric spaces by using the mapping method, and summarizes the most important research achievements, particularly those from Chinese scholars, in the theory of spaces and mappings since the 1960s. This book has three chapters, two appendices and a list of more than 400 references. The chapters are "The origin of generalized metric spaces", "Mappings on metric spaces" and "Classes of generalized metric spaces". Graduates or senior undergraduates in mathematics major can use this book as their text to study the theory of generalized metric spaces. Researchers in this field can also use this book as a valuable reference.

  17. Adapting to e-books

    Miller, William


    Electronic books are now having a major impact on library collections. This book provides models for acquisitions policies and reports on several surveys of faculty and librarian attitudes toward e-books. It discusses issues in acquiring cataloguing and collection development regarding this important new library resource.Its subject matter deals with the different types of e-books, statistical data available for e-book usage, the development of e-book collections, learning environments, integrating e-books into local catalogues, acquisitions and usage monitoring of e-books.Thi

  18. Development of the Electrical Book

    金澤, 邦生


    This research is inventing “Electrical Book” to argue about elements required for books after “Electronic Book” appearance. Electrical Book is the book made of printed circuit board printed text and illustration work as electronic circuit. We can read it as book and use it as electronic device. Today appearance of Electronic Book is changing the concept of book. We need make new model for book as media and goods. I study book design in this university so I try tackle this subject by making El...

  19. Silent screen: book review.

    Ó Drisceoil, Donal


    Book Review. Kevin Rockett, Irish film censorship: a cultural journey from silent cinema to internet pornography (Dublin, 2004) and Mary Corcoran and Mark O'Brien (eds), Political censorship and the democratic state: the Irish broadcasting ban (Dublin, 2005)

  20. Climate Record Books

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Climate Record Books contain daily, monthly, seasonal, and annual averages, extremes, or occurrences. Most data are sequential by period of record 1871-1910,...

  1. Best Books of 1971

    Gerhardt, Lillian N.; And Others


    The forty-two titles selected by the editors of School Library Journal" are the best among over 2,100 new children's books reviewed since last January. Also included are 25 top notch Young Adult titles. (67 references) (MM)

  2. The book house

    Jensen, Niels Henrik; Agger, Steen


    The BOOK HOUSE (and its predecessor, the BOOK AUTOMAT) are computer systems aimed at supporting library users in finding fiction. They are examples of systems using a cognitive work analysis as the basis for design and evaluation - and build on studies of the information retrieval task using actual...... user-librarian negotiations. These studies led to the identification of a set of strategies for searching and retrieving literature as well as a mutri-kimensional framework for classifying fiction. Both of these have been necessary prerequisites for the design of the BOOK HOUSE, a flexible on-line data...... base retrieval system for novice users - both adults and children. The use of icons within a spatial metaphor to facilitate direct manipulation of the displayed objects on the screen forms the basis for the interface in guiding the users' navigation in the BOOK HOUSE. This report, one of three...

  3. Recensione / Recension / Book review

    Bravo Fabio


    Full Text Available Book review of:Sette R., Cases on Technologies for Teaching Criminology and Victimology: Methodologies and practices, IGI Global – Information Science Reference, Hershey PA, 2010

  4. Smart Book Charts

    Chinnapongse, Ronald L.


    Smart book charts for TPSM: Heatshield for Extreme Entry Environment Technology (HEEET), Conformal Ablative TPS (CA-TPS), 3D Woven Multifunctional Ablative TPS (3D MAT), and Adaptable, Deployable, Entry and Placement Technology (ADEPT).

  5. New Fashioned Book Burning.

    Gardner, Robert


    Reports on results of a teacher's experiment in book burning as a lesson accompanying the teaching of Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451." Discusses student reactions and the purpose of or justification for the experimental lesson. (TB)

  6. Book Reviews 2015

    Hilling Axel


    Full Text Available This section contains three book reviews. First the book Swedish Taxation, Development since 1862 is reviewed. This volume comprises six studies that examine the development of Swedish taxation from 1862 to 2013, and will likely be of great value in future Nordic tax research because of its comprehensiveness. The second review is about a book written in Swedish:Momsfri sjukvård (The VAT exemption for health care. This volume discusses a topical issue and presents convincing recommendations for changes in the Swedish VAT legislation. Finally, the Danish book International Skatteret, i et dansk perspektiv (International Tax Law, in a Danish perspective is presented as highly recommended literature for students and practitioners in the field of international tax law. This volume discusses and illustrates general matters in international tax law, as well as specific matters relevant for Danish international tax law.

  7. Batik to Book

    Tisinger, Betty


    Article describes how fifth- and sixth-graders first wrote Japanese Haiku poetry, then made books with batik covers. Materials needed and technique to follow are outlined, with photographs showing some details. (PD)

  8. New Economics Books

    Economics Library, Journal of


    A wide ranged Editor Selection of economic books published within the last 3 months by the publishers (for now; Cambridge University Press, Edward Elgar, Elsevier, MIT Press, Palgrave MacMillan, Springer, Wiley, and World Scientific) which are reached out “the consensus of no copyright infringement exists” could be found under this title. Afterwards, JEL will continue to publish the economic books published within the last 3 months as listing them in its quarter edition. This is expected to e...

  9. Books 'n' stuff

    Christoffersen, Ellen


    The book "Kommunikations-Controlling" by Manfred Piwinger/Viktor Porák (eds.) is an interim report in which several authors analyse the state of the art in the discussion of communications controlling.......The book "Kommunikations-Controlling" by Manfred Piwinger/Viktor Porák (eds.) is an interim report in which several authors analyse the state of the art in the discussion of communications controlling....

  10. Electronics engineer's reference book

    Turner, L W


    Electronics Engineer's Reference Book, 4th Edition is a reference book for electronic engineers that reviews the knowledge and techniques in electronics engineering and covers topics ranging from basics to materials and components, devices, circuits, measurements, and applications. This edition is comprised of 27 chapters; the first of which presents general information on electronics engineering, including terminology, mathematical equations, mathematical signs and symbols, and Greek alphabet and symbols. Attention then turns to the history of electronics; electromagnetic and nuclear radiatio

  11. Book Review: Stop, Write!

    Hans Thulesius


    Full Text Available This book on writing grounded theory is intended for the empirical GT researcher who wants to pursue his/her research until publication. It is the first book devoted entirely to such a crucial issue as writing grounded theory. Thus, Stop, Write: Writing Grounded Theory, is a practical book that fills a gap in GT methodology. In the first chapter of the book, Dr. Glaser says, “Stop unending conceptualization, unending data coverage, and unending listening to others who would egg you on with additional data, ideas and/or requirements or simply wait too long”. The book teaches the reader how to actually write a grounded theory by “simply” writing up the sorted memos. This requires efficient sorting that is dealt with in chapter two on Sorting Memos, which includes precious repetition from Theoretical Sensitivity (1978. How writing can be done effectively is outlined in chapter three The Working Paper. Then follows chapter four on how to rework the first draft with the different tasks of editing for language and professionalism. Thereafter Dr. Glaser discusses Writing Problems in chapter five where he gives useful guidance on how to overcome writing blocks and problems with supervisors and dissertation committees. The book also deals with publishing and with collaboration as experienced between Barney Glaser and the cofounder of grounded theory, Anselm Strauss.


    Ion Nelu Leu


    Full Text Available Data and facts presented here will show measurement methods for time, land, buildings and first map designs of Israel County used during time. There are also described the instruments and measurement units used to perform these types of measurements, like the plot of land, the cubit, the mason string, the cane and the pole. Like any scientific approach, the land measurement domain begins with training specialists to elaborate all projects needed. This can be done “with the help of the Holy Ghost that gives us wisdom, skills and patience”, like those that made the Tent of God, the Temple of God and the surroundings, House of Solomon and others. All measurement methods are presented and supported with quotations from the Holy Book. In the end there are presented the modern equivalents for these antique measure units for weight, length, capacity and coins mentioned in the Old and New Testament.

  13. Seeing into Books: Lessons from Rare Book School

    Hendrickson, Lois G.


    Recently, the author spent a week at Rare Book School (RBS) immersed in a course entitled "Teaching the History of the Book;" an investigation into different ways of thinking about, designing, and conducting a course on the history of the book. The goal was to learn how to convert teaching and outreach experiences in rare book collections from a…

  14. Assessing Species Distribution Using Google Street View: A Pilot Study with the Pine Processionary Moth

    Dekri, Anissa; Garcia, Jacques; Goussard, Francis; Vincent, Bruno; Denux, Olivier; Robinet, Christelle; Dorkeld, Franck; Roques, Alain; Rossi, Jean-Pierre


    Mapping species spatial distribution using spatial inference and prediction requires a lot of data. Occurrence data are generally not easily available from the literature and are very time-consuming to collect in the field. For that reason, we designed a survey to explore to which extent large-scale databases such as Google maps and Google street view could be used to derive valid occurrence data. We worked with the Pine Processionary Moth (PPM) Thaumetopoea pityocampa because the larvae of that moth build silk nests that are easily visible. The presence of the species at one location can therefore be inferred from visual records derived from the panoramic views available from Google street view. We designed a standardized procedure allowing evaluating the presence of the PPM on a sampling grid covering the landscape under study. The outputs were compared to field data. We investigated two landscapes using grids of different extent and mesh size. Data derived from Google street view were highly similar to field data in the large-scale analysis based on a square grid with a mesh of 16 km (96% of matching records). Using a 2 km mesh size led to a strong divergence between field and Google-derived data (46% of matching records). We conclude that Google database might provide useful occurrence data for mapping the distribution of species which presence can be visually evaluated such as the PPM. However, the accuracy of the output strongly depends on the spatial scales considered and on the sampling grid used. Other factors such as the coverage of Google street view network with regards to sampling grid size and the spatial distribution of host trees with regards to road network may also be determinant. PMID:24130675

  15. Assessing species distribution using Google Street View: a pilot study with the Pine Processionary Moth.

    Jérôme Rousselet

    Full Text Available Mapping species spatial distribution using spatial inference and prediction requires a lot of data. Occurrence data are generally not easily available from the literature and are very time-consuming to collect in the field. For that reason, we designed a survey to explore to which extent large-scale databases such as Google maps and Google Street View could be used to derive valid occurrence data. We worked with the Pine Processionary Moth (PPM Thaumetopoea pityocampa because the larvae of that moth build silk nests that are easily visible. The presence of the species at one location can therefore be inferred from visual records derived from the panoramic views available from Google Street View. We designed a standardized procedure allowing evaluating the presence of the PPM on a sampling grid covering the landscape under study. The outputs were compared to field data. We investigated two landscapes using grids of different extent and mesh size. Data derived from Google Street View were highly similar to field data in the large-scale analysis based on a square grid with a mesh of 16 km (96% of matching records. Using a 2 km mesh size led to a strong divergence between field and Google-derived data (46% of matching records. We conclude that Google database might provide useful occurrence data for mapping the distribution of species which presence can be visually evaluated such as the PPM. However, the accuracy of the output strongly depends on the spatial scales considered and on the sampling grid used. Other factors such as the coverage of Google Street View network with regards to sampling grid size and the spatial distribution of host trees with regards to road network may also be determinant.

  16. Assessing species distribution using Google Street View: a pilot study with the Pine Processionary Moth.

    Rousselet, Jérôme; Imbert, Charles-Edouard; Dekri, Anissa; Garcia, Jacques; Goussard, Francis; Vincent, Bruno; Denux, Olivier; Robinet, Christelle; Dorkeld, Franck; Roques, Alain; Rossi, Jean-Pierre


    Mapping species spatial distribution using spatial inference and prediction requires a lot of data. Occurrence data are generally not easily available from the literature and are very time-consuming to collect in the field. For that reason, we designed a survey to explore to which extent large-scale databases such as Google maps and Google Street View could be used to derive valid occurrence data. We worked with the Pine Processionary Moth (PPM) Thaumetopoea pityocampa because the larvae of that moth build silk nests that are easily visible. The presence of the species at one location can therefore be inferred from visual records derived from the panoramic views available from Google Street View. We designed a standardized procedure allowing evaluating the presence of the PPM on a sampling grid covering the landscape under study. The outputs were compared to field data. We investigated two landscapes using grids of different extent and mesh size. Data derived from Google Street View were highly similar to field data in the large-scale analysis based on a square grid with a mesh of 16 km (96% of matching records). Using a 2 km mesh size led to a strong divergence between field and Google-derived data (46% of matching records). We conclude that Google database might provide useful occurrence data for mapping the distribution of species which presence can be visually evaluated such as the PPM. However, the accuracy of the output strongly depends on the spatial scales considered and on the sampling grid used. Other factors such as the coverage of Google Street View network with regards to sampling grid size and the spatial distribution of host trees with regards to road network may also be determinant.

  17. Strategies to ensure the welfare of street children

    Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava


    Full Text Available Street children refer to a vulnerable section of children who lives on the street in the absence of any guidance of a responsible person, to ensure their own or their family′s survival. Multiple determinants have been ascertained in the causation of the menace of street children. In order to address the challenges faced by street children, there is an indispensable need to develop a comprehensive strategy by involving all the concerned stakeholders. To conclude, to counter the menace of street children, there is a definite need to understand the role of heterogeneous determinants that push children towards street life, so that the welfare needs of street children can be safeguarded and the problem can be addressed at the grass root level.

  18. Towards a street-level pollen concentration and exposure forecast

    van der Molen, Michiel; Krol, Maarten; van Vliet, Arnold; Heuvelink, Gerard


    Atmospheric pollen are an increasing source of nuisance for people in industrialised countries and are associated with significant cost of medication and sick leave. Citizen pollen warnings are often based on emission mapping based on local temperature sum approaches or on long-range atmospheric model approaches. In practise, locally observed pollen may originate from both local sources (plants in streets and gardens) and from long-range transport. We argue that making this distinction is relevant because the diurnal and spatial variation in pollen concentrations is much larger for pollen from local sources than for pollen from long-range transport due to boundary layer processes. This may have an important impact on exposure of citizens to pollen and on mitigation strategies. However, little is known about the partitioning of pollen into local and long-range origin categories. Our objective is to study how the concentrations of pollen from different sources vary temporally and spatially, and how the source region influences exposure and mitigation strategies. We built a Hay Fever Forecast system (HFF) based on WRF-chem,, and geo-statistical downscaling techniques. HFF distinguishes between local (individual trees) and regional sources (based on tree distribution maps). We show first results on how the diurnal variation of pollen concentrations depends on source proximity. Ultimately, we will compare the model with local pollen counts, patient nuisance scores and medicine use.

  19. When Do Children Read Books?

    van Ours, Jan C.


    This paper investigates the reading of fiction books by 15 year olds in 18 OECD countries. It appears that girls read fiction books more often than boys, whereas boys read comic books more often than girls. Parental education, family structure, and the number of books and televisions at home influence the intensity with which children read fiction…

  20. Software patterns, knowledge maps, and domain analysis

    Fayad, Mohamed E; Hegde, Srikanth GK; Basia, Anshu; Vakil, Ashka


    Preface AcknowledgmentsAuthors INTRODUCTIONAn Overview of Knowledge MapsIntroduction: Key Concepts-Software Stable Models, Knowledge Maps, Pattern Language, Goals, Capabilities (Enduring Business Themes + Business Objects) The Motivation The Problem The Objectives Overview of Software Stability Concepts Overview of Knowledge Maps Pattern Languages versus Knowledge Maps: A Brief ComparisonThe Solution Knowledge Maps Methodology or Concurrent Software Development ModelWhy Knowledge Maps? Research Methodology Undertaken Research Verification and Validation The Stratification of This Book Summary


    English Book Club

    2009-01-01 A note to our members Dear Members, Many thanks to all of you who have paid up now. However, there are still some late payers and Morna would appreciate knowing if they will pay for 2009/2010 or if they have left the club. At the AGM on 17 November it was decided that a 3 month delay for key reimbursement will be given to all present and past members, BUT after 31.3.2010 no reimbursement will be given out. We are in the process of making changes to the access to the club for paid-up, active members only. Some of you have told Morna you will pay on your next visit to CERN, that is ok but please try to do this by 15 December if possible. A new version of the club’s book data-base is available on the web: The English Book Club has a growing collection of over 4500 English language books, mostly general fiction with a sprinkling of nonfiction and children’s books. New books...

  2. From Screens to Streets: The Dissemination of Guy Fawkes Image in Physical and Living Media

    S. Yigit Soncul


    Full Text Available From New York and Cairo, to São Paulo and Istanbul; Guy Fawkes mask embodies the changing face of contemporary mass mobilizations around the world. The initial signification of the Guy Fawkes image that is rooted from the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, has gone under transformations through its employments in the comic book V for Vendetta (Alan Moore and David Lloyd, 1981 and the film version V for Vendetta (James McTeigue, 2006. Though, the recent utilization of the mask by the hacktivist group Anonymous has supplied a stronger link between the screen and the street. Through using Hans Belting’s image analysis approach that he had developed in the book, An Anthropology of Images (2011, this paper aims to analyze a sample of contagious embodiments of public images in twenty-first century screen culture—where one can designate a relationship of power between screens (physical media and bodies (living media. The questions that are likely to emerge from such analysis will be discussed vis-a-vis the bodily potentials for political expression on the street today.  The employment of the public images by the protestors as a rhetorical tool will be examined and positioned in this context. 

  3. Mapping the gendered city

    Almahmood, Mohammed Abdulrahman M; Scharnhorst, Eric; Carstensen, Trine Agervig


    opportunities for gender interaction. However, streets are socially conceived as men’s walkscapes, which limits women’s presence, especially at certain times of the day. This paper reveals how walking experience, tempo-rhythm, sense of place and range of walkscapes are not only determined by ‘universal’ spatial......Walking is a mode of perceiving the city which also contributes to health and social benefits. This paper studies the influence of the socio-cultural aspects on the practice of walking and the meaning of walkscapes in Riyadh, one of the most auto-dependent and gender-segregated cities on the Arab....... The results of mapping where the respondents walk show a city consisting of gender-specific walkscapes. Indoor environments, such as shopping malls, function as ‘urban shelters’ for women, so they use such spaces for walking. On the other hand, young men mainly walk in urban streets, which provide greater...

  4. Olympic Maps Available


    Beijing is publishing a set of Olympic maps covering everything from the location of sporting venues to the city’s history As soon as Zhou Liyi hopped off the train from Shanghai to Beijing, he hurried to Wangfujing Xinhua Book Store,one of the largest of its kind in Beijing,to buy an Olympic map. Zhou is a Shanghai resident who came to Beijing on business and plans to return as a

  5. Book reviews 2016

    Hilling Axel


    Full Text Available This section contains reviews of two Swedish books on international taxation. First, the book Skatteavtal och generalklausuler, Ett komparativt perspektiv (Tax Agreements and General Anti-Avoidance Regulations, A Comparative Perspective is recommended for those who study and work with international tax law. The book analyses how tax treaties’ function to limit contracting states’ taxing powers relates to national GAARs. A comparative analysis is made between Sweden and Canada. In the second review, the doctoral dissertation EU-domstolens restirktionsprövning i mal om de grundläggande frihterna och direkta skatter (The EU Court of Justice’s examination of the restriction requirement in its direct tax case law is reviewed. The dissertation systemizes relevant CJEU’s case law and analyzes the Courts reasoning in deciding whether or not certain tax regulation is in conflict with EU fundamental freedoms.

  6. Interactive Sample Book (ISB)

    Heimdal, Elisabeth Jacobsen; Lenau, Torben Anker; Guglielmi, Michel


    involving designers and engineers. It is carried out by Elisabeth Heimdal as her Master thesis from Design & Innovation, The Technical University of Denmark. Collaboration partners are the design bureau Diffus, textile designer Priya Mani, master student in medialogy at AAU Marija Andonovska and DTU......, with the aim of exploring and communicating some of the possibilities within interactive textiles. The applications for interactive textiles range from medical applications to architecture, and from the fashion industry to costume design. In relation to the sample book, focus will be on texture, lightning...... and senses in relation to integrated decoration and function primarily to indoor applications. The result of the project will be a number of interactive textiles, to be gathered in an interactive sample book (ISB), in a similar way as the sample books of wallpapers one can take home from the shop and choose...

  7. Year book Australia 1986

    Castles, I. (comp.)


    The Year Book is the principal reference work produced by the Central Office of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It provides a comprehensive and detailed statistical review of all asepcts of the economy and social conditions of Australia. In addition, it contains descriptive matter dealing with Australia's history, geography, physiography, climate and meteorology, government, defence, international relations, culture and environment. The first Official Year Book was published early in 1908. This is the seventieth Year Book issued under the authority of the Commonwealth Government and follows a similar pattern to previous editions. However chapters have been revised and new material has been added. Most of the statistics contained in this volume relate to the years ended June or December 1984 to 1985. More detailed, and in most cases more recent, statistics are available in other ABS publications.

  8. Household and family characteristics of street children in Aracaju, Brazil.

    Abdelgalil, S; Gurgel, R G; Theobald, S; Cuevas, L E


    To describe the family background of street children in Aracaju, Brazil, their parents' perception of street life, and the reasons for the high prevalence of males observed among street children. Cross sectional study using semi-structured interviews and qualitative focus group discussions with parents of purposively selected index street children. Fifty eight families were enrolled. Most participants were single parent, female headed families living in slums or low cost housing, with high levels of illiteracy, drug use, unemployment, and a history of migration. Most parents reported receiving financial support from their children and were aware of the dangers of the street. Many parents had lived in the street, worked from an early age, and had been adolescent parents themselves. Parents perceived that the street was more dangerous for girls than for boys. Besides economic reasons, parents highlighted the role of peers and drug use in pulling their children to the street. A total of 187 siblings were identified. Siblings had poor school performance with high school drop out rates. Twenty per cent of the adolescent girl siblings were not living at home. Gender determined the type of work undertaken by children and adolescents. Males worked in the streets and females worked as housemaids, shop assistants, and in restaurants and bars. Family disintegration, poverty, drug use, adolescent pregnancy, peer pressure, and socially constructed gender roles determine the characteristics of children in the street. There is an urgent need for increased social support in this area.

  9. Check Out These Books

    Collins, Michelle (Editor); Mulenburg, Gerald


    The book entitled "Fusion Leadership: Unlocking the Subtle Forces that Change People and Organizations Richard L. Daft and Robert H. Lengel (1998) Berett-Koehler Publishers, Inc." was Reviewed by Dr. Michelle Collins, NASA Headquarters. If you've already read books on leadership and organizational change by authors such as Moshe Rubinstein and Iris Firstenberg, Peter Senge, Tom Peters, and Steven Covey, and you were thinking of rereading them, you don't have to do that now. Just read this book instead. It's a fusion of many of their same concepts presented from a different view. The book does not explore any particular subject in depth. Rather the authors "skim" many subjects and concepts, interlacing them to develop the concept of "Fusion Leadership". The fundamental concept of treating people as people rather than machines is the main theme. "Fusion Leadership" is the process of fusing people together by nurturing six "subtle" forces: mindfulness, courage, vision, heart, communication, and integrity. To do so, hierarchy is diminished and responsibility both for oneself as well as for the team is emphasized. There are a number of organizations and managers that will find such a change threatening. The concepts behind such a management style are straightforward and the benefits are intuitive once you've reflected on them; however, the obvious benefits of the behavioral change proposed in Fusion Leadership can be completely lost in a fear-based system. The concept of caring about people in one's organization was the common thread in Chris Turner's book All Hat, No Cattle (see book review, ASK 5). Much is being written about the re-humanizing of the workplace, but the basis of it is so common sense that one wonders what's taking so long for the workplace to change? Whether you're in a position to change your organization or simply your project team, you'll find the concepts in fusion leadership equally applicable.

  10. The effects of urban warming on herbivore abundance and street tree condition.

    Dale, Adam G; Frank, Steven D


    Trees are essential to urban habitats because they provide services that benefit the environment and improve human health. Unfortunately, urban trees often have more herbivorous insect pests than rural trees but the mechanisms and consequences of these infestations are not well documented. Here, we examine how temperature affects the abundance of a scale insect, Melanaspis tenebricosa (Comstock) (Hemiptera: Diaspididae), on one of the most commonly planted street trees in the eastern U.S. Next, we examine how both pest abundance and temperature are associated with water stress, growth, and condition of 26 urban street trees. Although trees in the warmest urban sites grew the most, they were more water stressed and in worse condition than trees in cooler sites. Our analyses indicate that visible declines in tree condition were best explained by scale-insect infestation rather than temperature. To test the broader relevance of these results, we extend our analysis to a database of more than 2700 Raleigh, US street trees. Plotting these trees on a Landsat thermal image of Raleigh, we found that warmer sites had over 70% more trees in poor condition than those in cooler sites. Our results support previous studies linking warmer urban habitats to greater pest abundance and extend this association to show its effect on street tree condition. Our results suggest that street tree condition and ecosystem services may decline as urban expansion and global warming exacerbate the urban heat island effect. Although our non-probability sampling method limits our scope of inference, our results present a gloomy outlook for urban forests and emphasize the need for management tools. Existing urban tree inventories and thermal maps could be used to identify species that would be most suitable for urban conditions.

  11. Vulnerability of Bangladeshi street-children to HIV/AIDS: a qualitative study.

    Uddin, Md Jasim; Sarma, Haribondhu; Wahed, Tasnuva; Ali, Md Wazed; Koehlmoos, Tracey Perez; Nahar, Quamrun; Azim, Tasnim


    Children living on the streets are an underprivileged population of Bangladesh and are likely to be more vulnerable to STIs/HIV for their day-to-day risky behaviours and lifestyles. This study assessed the vulnerability of Bangladeshi street-children to HIV/AIDS using qualitative participatory methods. This ethnographic participatory, qualitative study was conducted during February 2010- December 2011 among children aged 5-12 years, who live and/or work on the streets in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Data were collected in three phases: (a) social mapping (n = 493), (b) participatory group discussions (n = 119), and (c) individual interviews (n = 36). Results showed that street-children were engaged in behaviour that entails risk of exposure to HIV/AIDS. They possessed poor knowledge of the transmission of disease and of the benefits of using condoms; most of them reported never using a condom. The experience of selling sex for money and a variety of sexual activities, like anal, vaginal and oral sex, were commonly reported. The children also reported that they were regular users of one or more types of drugs, including those taken by injection. The deplorable living conditions of street children, with no obvious rights or way out, make them highly vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. Urgent attention of the policy- makers to implement services addressing issues relating to social conditions, sexual health, and drug-use is warranted to prevent the possible epidemic of HIV/AIDS among this group of population.

  12. The effects of urban warming on herbivore abundance and street tree condition.

    Adam G Dale

    Full Text Available Trees are essential to urban habitats because they provide services that benefit the environment and improve human health. Unfortunately, urban trees often have more herbivorous insect pests than rural trees but the mechanisms and consequences of these infestations are not well documented. Here, we examine how temperature affects the abundance of a scale insect, Melanaspis tenebricosa (Comstock (Hemiptera: Diaspididae, on one of the most commonly planted street trees in the eastern U.S. Next, we examine how both pest abundance and temperature are associated with water stress, growth, and condition of 26 urban street trees. Although trees in the warmest urban sites grew the most, they were more water stressed and in worse condition than trees in cooler sites. Our analyses indicate that visible declines in tree condition were best explained by scale-insect infestation rather than temperature. To test the broader relevance of these results, we extend our analysis to a database of more than 2700 Raleigh, US street trees. Plotting these trees on a Landsat thermal image of Raleigh, we found that warmer sites had over 70% more trees in poor condition than those in cooler sites. Our results support previous studies linking warmer urban habitats to greater pest abundance and extend this association to show its effect on street tree condition. Our results suggest that street tree condition and ecosystem services may decline as urban expansion and global warming exacerbate the urban heat island effect. Although our non-probability sampling method limits our scope of inference, our results present a gloomy outlook for urban forests and emphasize the need for management tools. Existing urban tree inventories and thermal maps could be used to identify species that would be most suitable for urban conditions.

  13. CMS Comic Book

    Gill, Karl Aaron


    Titled "CMS Particle Hunter," this colorful comic book style brochure explains to young budding scientists and science enthusiasts in colorful animation how the CMS detector was made, its main parts, and what scientists hope to find using this complex tool. Book invites young students to get involved in particle physics themselves to join the adventure. Written by Dave Barney and Aline Guevera. Layout and drawings by Eric Paiharey and Frederic Vignaux. Available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Year Produced: 2006. Update: September 2013.

  14. Newnes electrical pocket book

    Reeves, E A


    Newnes Electrical Pocket Book, Twenty-first Edition, provides engineers with convenient access to various facts, tables, and formulae relating to the particular branch of engineering being dealt with. In the case of electrical engineering, it is essential that the engineer have a clear understanding of the methods by which the various formulae are derived to ensure that any particular formulae is applicable to the conditions being considered. The first section of the Pocket Book is devoted to the theoretical groundwork upon which all the practical applications are based. This covers symbols,

  15. Chemistry WebBook

    SRD 69 NIST Chemistry WebBook (Web, free access)   The NIST Chemistry WebBook contains: Thermochemical data for over 7000 organic and small inorganic compounds; thermochemistry data for over 8000 reactions; IR spectra for over 16,000 compounds; mass spectra for over 33,000 compounds; UV/Vis spectra for over 1600 compounds; electronic and vibrational spectra for over 5000 compounds; constants of diatomic molecules(spectroscopic data) for over 600 compounds; ion energetics data for over 16,000 compounds; thermophysical property data for 74 fluids.

  16. Newnes microprocessor pocket book

    Money, Steve


    Newnes Microprocessor Pocket Book explains the basic hardware operation of a microprocessor and describes the actions of the various types of instruction that can be executed. A summary of the characteristics of many of the popular microprocessors is presented. Apart from the popular 8- and 16-bit microprocessors, some details are also given of the popular single chip microcomputers and of the reduced instruction set computer (RISC) type processors such as the Transputer, Novix FORTH processor, and Acorn ARM processor.Comprised of 15 chapters, this book discusses the principles involved in bot

  17. The MCAT Physics Book

    Biehle, Garrett


    Comprehensive, Rigorous Prep for MCAT Physics. The MCAT Physics Book offers the most comprehensive and rigorous analysis of MCAT physics available. Including,. Features:. * 500 MCAT-style practice problems and detailed solutions to all problems. * 49 MCAT-style passages. Illustrations and tables are included wherever necessary to focus and clarify key ideas and concepts. Dr. Biehle's classic MCAT Physics Book presents a clear, insightful analysis of MCAT physics. His lively prose and subtle wit make this challenging topic more palatable. Dr. Biehle received his Ph.D. from Caltech (California I

  18. Electronics engineer's reference book

    Mazda, F F


    Electronics Engineer's Reference Book, Sixth Edition is a five-part book that begins with a synopsis of mathematical and electrical techniques used in the analysis of electronic systems. Part II covers physical phenomena, such as electricity, light, and radiation, often met with in electronic systems. Part III contains chapters on basic electronic components and materials, the building blocks of any electronic design. Part IV highlights electronic circuit design and instrumentation. The last part shows the application areas of electronics such as radar and computers.

  19. Electronics pocket book

    Parr, E A


    Electronics Pocket Book, Fourth Edition is a nonmathematical presentation of the many varied topics covered by electronics. The book tackles electron physics, electronic components (i.e. resistors, capacitors, and conductors), integrated circuits, and the principles of a.c. and d.c. amplifiers. The text also discusses oscillators, digital circuits, digital computers, and optoelectronics (i.e., sensors, emitters, and devices that utilize light). Communications (such as line and radio communications, transmitters, receivers, and digital techniques); the principles and examples of servosystems; a

  20. Mechanical engineer's reference book

    Parrish, A


    Mechanical Engineer's Reference Book: 11th Edition presents a comprehensive examination of the use of Systéme International d' Unités (SI) metrication. It discusses the effectiveness of such a system when used in the field of engineering. It addresses the basic concepts involved in thermodynamics and heat transfer. Some of the topics covered in the book are the metallurgy of iron and steel; screw threads and fasteners; hole basis and shaft basis fits; an introduction to geometrical tolerancing; mechanical working of steel; high strength alloy steels; advantages of making components as castings