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  1. Ma olin Saddami poeg / Latif Jahija

    Jahija, Latif


    Järg Jan/21.,28. lk. 7,5. L. Jahija sensatsiooniline raamat "Ma olin Saddami poeg", milles ta pajatab kuidas ta a. 1987-1991 oli Iraagi presidendi vanema poja teisik. Lühikokkuvõte sellest jutustusest

  2. Presidendi poeg: armee teeb meheks! / Karoliina Vasli

    Vasli, Karoliina


    President Toomas Hendrik Ilvese poeg Luukas Kristjan Ilves andis 11. septembril 2009 Tapal Kirde kaitseringkonna väeosas sõdurivande. Juuresoleval fotol riigipea oma poega õnnitlemas. Vt. ka juhtkiri lk. 8: Vahva sõdur Ilves

  3. Poeg lõpetas Tolkieni raamatu


    Järgmisel aastal peaks ilmuma J.R.R. Tolkieni lõpetamata jäänud "Children of Hurin" ("Hurini lapsed"). Lõpu kirjutas autori poeg Christopher Tolkien. Vt. ka SL Õhtuleht, 20. sept., lk. 12 ; Linnaleht : na russkom jazõke, 20. sept., lk. 10

  4. Presidendi poeg piinab isa poliitilisi vastaseid / Aadu Hiietamm

    Hiietamm, Aadu, 1954-


    Pärast Moskva-meelse Ahmad Kadõrovi valimist Tšetšeenia presidendiks valitseb olukord, kus presidendi poeg Ramzan peab vanglat ja tapab isa poliitilisi vastaseid, väidetakse maailma ajakirjanduses

  5. Viru poeg läheb sõtta / Yrjö Vanhanen, Risto Vahimets ; interv. Heidit Kaio

    Vanhanen, Yrjö


    Intervjuu Viru poega arendava firma Pontos juhi Yrjö Vanhaneniga ja juristi Risto Vahimetsaga Viru hotelli juurdeehituse peatamisest Tallinna linnavalitsuse poolt. Kommenteerib Igor Volkov. Vt. samas: Tallinlased, seadke end valmis - Viru Poeg tuleb!

  6. On the costs of self-interested economic behavior: how does stinginess get under the skin?

    Dunn, Elizabeth W; Ashton-James, Claire E; Hanson, Margaret D; Aknin, Lara B


    The present study examined how financial decisions 'get under the skin'. Participants played an economic game in which they could donate some of their payment to another student. Affect was measured afterward and salivary cortisol was measured before and afterward. Participants who kept more money for themselves reported less positive affect, more negative affect, and more shame. Shame predicted higher levels of post-game cortisol, controlling for pre-game cortisol; stingy economic behavior therefore produced a significant indirect effect on cortisol via shame. Thus, shame and cortisol represent plausible emotional and biological pathways linking everyday decisions with downstream consequences for health.

  7. Reaching the limits of reciprocity in favor exchange: The effects of generous, stingy, and matched favor giving on social status.

    Ouyang, Kan; Xu, Erica; Huang, Xu; Liu, Wu; Tang, Yipeng


    Group members gain social status via giving favors to others, but why and when they do so remain unclear in the literature. Building on social exchange theory and social status literature, we identify three types of favor giving among group members (generous, stingy, and matched) and propose that an affective mechanism (i.e., gratitude) and a cognitive mechanism (i.e., perceived competence) underlie the relationship between favor giving and status attainment. Specifically, generous/stingy favor giving has a linear relationship with status attainment through both gratitude and perceived competence, whereas matched favor giving has a curvilinear relationship with status attainment only through perceived competence. An experimental study and a field study lend support to our propositions. Our study complements the literature by offering a complete picture of how three types of favor giving among group members shape their social status in different ways. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved).

  8. Tolkieni poeg üritab viimasel hetkel takistada "Kääbiku"-filmi väntamist / Hendrik Vosman

    Vosman, Hendrik


    J.R.R. Tolkieni "Sõrmuste isanda" järgi loodud mängufilmide eest nõuavad kirjaniku pärijad kohtu kaudu filmikompaniilt New Line Cinema 80 miljonit naela maksmata jäänud autoriõiguste eest. Kirjaniku poeg Christopher Tolkien üritab seetõttu keelata kompaniil "Kääbiku" filmimise

  9. Speaking Personally--With Joe Freidhoff

    Clark, Tom


    This article presents an interview with Joe Freidhoff, the director of online learning research and innovation at the "Michigan Virtual University"[R] ("MVU"[R]), a nonprofit corporation in Michigan. He publishes and presents frequently in the area of K-12 online and blended learning research. Dr. Freidhoff completed his…

  10. Joe L. Kincheloe: Embracing Criticality in Science Education

    Bayne, Gillian U.


    This article reviews significant contributions made by Joe L. Kincheloe to critical research in science education, especially through a multimethodological, multitheoretical, and multidisciplinary informed lens that incorporates social, cultural, political, economic, and cognitive dynamics--the bricolage. Kincheloe's ideas provide for a compelling…

  11. Joe Celko's SQL for Smarties Advanced SQL Programming

    Celko, Joe


    SQL for Smarties was hailed as the first book devoted explicitly to the advanced techniques needed to transform an experienced SQL programmer into an expert. Now, 15 years later and in its fourth edition, this classic reference still reigns supreme as the only book written by a SQL master that teaches programmers and practitioners to become SQL masters themselves! These are not just tips and techniques; also offered are the best solutions to old and new challenges. Joe Celko conveys the way you need to think in order to get the most out of SQL programming efforts for both correctness and perfo

  12. Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties

    Celko, Joe


    The demand for SQL information and training continues to grow with the need for a database behind every website capable of offering web-based information queries. SQL is the de facto standard for database retrieval, and if you need to access, update, or utilize data in a modern database management system, you will need SQL to do it. The Second Edition of Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties covers two new sets of extensions over three entirely new chapters and expounds upon the changes that have occurred in SQL standards since the previous edition's public

  13. An Interview with Joe McMann: His Life Lessons

    McMann, Joe


    Pica Kahn conducted "An Interview with Joe McMann: His Life Lessons" on May 23, 2011. With over 40 years of experience in the aerospace industry, McMann has gained a wealth of knowledge. Many have been interested in his biography, progression of work at NASA, impact on the U.S. spacesuit, and career accomplishments. This interview highlighted the influences and decision-making methods that impacted his technical and management contributions to the space program. McMann shared information about the accomplishments and technical advances that committed individuals can make.

  14. Joe L. Kincheloe: Embracing criticality in science education

    Bayne, Gillian U.


    This article reviews significant contributions made by Joe L. Kincheloe to critical research in science education, especially through a multimethodological, multitheoretical, and multidisciplinary informed lens that incorporates social, cultural, political, economic, and cognitive dynamics—the bricolage. Kincheloe's ideas provide for a compelling understanding of, and insights into, the forces that shape the intricacies of teaching and learning science and science education. They have implications in improving science education policies, in developing actions that challenge and cultivate the intellect while operating in ways that are more understanding of difference and are socially just.

  15. 75 FR 47899 - Bayside Savings Bank, Port St. Joe, FL; Notice of Appointment of Receiver


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Office of Thrift Supervision Bayside Savings Bank, Port St. Joe, FL... section 5(d)(2) of the Home Owners' Loan Act, the Office of Thrift Supervision has duly appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as sole Receiver for Bayside Savings Bank, Port St. Joe, Florida...

  16. The Joe Rogan Experience: la revolución podcast

    Andrés Domínguez


    Full Text Available La llegada de las nuevas Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (TICs ha generado una cambio de modelo en la forma en la que producimos y consumimos información. El papel de interlocutor único asignado a los medios de comunicación se ve amenazado por la emergencia de emisores individuales que en pocos años han adquirido niveles de influencia social similares a los ejercidos por muchos profesionales vinculados a corporaciones mediáticas internacionales. En este artículo se discuten las características de este nuevo formato y hasta qué punto podría suponer un cambio del modelo mediocéntrico en la sociedad de consumo televisiva. Para ello, analizamos la evolución del podcast independiente The Joe Rogan Experience, un programa de infoentretenimiento multicanal iniciado en el salón de una casa en Los Ángeles en 2009 y reciente ganador del premio al mejor podcast de humor de iTunes en 2012.

  17. Kalimat – Kalimat Minor Dalam Film Captain America: Civil War Disutradarai Oleh Anthony & Joe Russo



    This study aims at describing the use of minor sentences in the film Captain America: Civil War directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. The writer used the theory of Charles Hockett (1958) to identify and analize the data that have been found in the film. The focus of this research is the minor sentences in the film Captain America: Civil War directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. The data in this research are minor sentences which obtained from the film. The collected data were analyzed by using des...

  18. 75 FR 11899 - Certificate of Alternative Compliance for the Tugboat MR JOE


    ... clicking ''Search.'' FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: If you have questions on this notice, call CWO2 David Mauldin, District Eight, Prevention Branch, U.S. Coast Guard, telephone 504-671-2153. If you have... issued for the tugboat MR JOE, O.N. 1218724. Full compliance with 72 COLREGS and Inland Rules Act would...

  19. 75 FR 11899 - Certificate of Alternative Compliance for the Offshore Supply Vessel JOE GRIFFIN


    ... ``Search.'' FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: If you have questions on this notice, call CWO2 David Mauldin, District Eight, Prevention Branch, U.S. Coast Guard, telephone 504-671-2153. If you have questions on... for the offshore supply vessel JOE GRIFFIN. Full compliance with 72 COLREGS and the Inland Rules Act...

  20. I Never Knew Joe Paterno: An Essay on Teamwork and Love.

    Herreid, Clyde


    Focuses on the importance of teamwork and describes Pennsylvania State University football coach Joe Paterno's cooperative teamwork methods. The five basic tenants of cooperation discussed include positive interdependence, face-to-face interaction, individual accountability, social skills, and group processing. (SAH)

  1. Views of Astronaut (Col.) Joe Engle and son Jon with L-5 Piper Cub


    Views of Astronaut (Col.) Joe Engle and son Jon with L-5 Piper Cub at Clover Airport. Photos include Engle turning propeller while his son sits in the cockpit (34323); both Engle and son examine propeller (34324); Engle works on engine while his son sits in cockpit (34325).

  2. Anarchic desires : deconstructing sexual and moral representations in Joe Orton's entertaining mr. sloane

    Werner Almeida Alves


    A presente dissertação tem como objetivo apresentar uma leitura da peça Entertaining Mr. Sloane do dramaturgo inglês Joe Orton, investigando de que formas os artifícios literários são construídos para interromper as representações normativas sobre sexualidade e moralidade. Na obra de Orton, os comportamentos e discursos das personagens ignoram autoridades representativas de instituições que, como a família, trabalham para ratificar a noção de modos sexuais ligados à matrix heterossexual que c...

  3. Joe L. Kincheloe: Genies and wishes: a review of Key Works in Critical Pedagogy

    Ali-Khan, Carolyne; Siry, Christina


    We review Key Works in Critical Pedagogy: Joe L. Kincheloe edited by kecia hayes, Shirley R. Steinberg and Kenneth Tobin, which gathers the seminal works of Joe. L. Kincheloe and pairs them with contemporary scholars who respond to and push forward Kincheloe's work. The chapters of Key Works in Critical Pedagogy are arranged to begin with Kincheloe's earlier works, going back to 1991, and progress through to the last works he published before his death in 2008. Through this format, readers are able to see the evolution of Kincheloe's scholarship. In addition to this, a few key authors provide a behind the scenes look at the man who wrote the texts. As Kincheloe's ideas and the ideas of the scholars that he drew from are presented, applied, reworked and reconfigured, they shift and transform. The response chapters work to (in effect) show us the notes in the margins of scholars who have been influenced by Kincheloe's ideas. Using the metaphors of lamps and wish-granting genies, we argue that this book is an important tool in illuminating the way forward for social justice work, published in an historical moment that requires precisely this.

  4. Joe Celko's complete guide to NoSQL what every SQL professional needs to know about non-relational databases

    Celko, Joe


    Joe Celko's Complete Guide to NoSQL provides a complete overview of non-relational technologies so that you can become more nimble to meet the needs of your organization. As data continues to explode and grow more complex, SQL is becoming less useful for querying data and extracting meaning. In this new world of bigger and faster data, you will need to leverage non-relational technologies to get the most out of the information you have. Learn where, when, and why the benefits of NoSQL outweigh those of SQL with Joe Celko's Complete Guide to NoSQL. This book covers three areas that make toda

  5. Artistic and Aesthetic Specifics of Using the Piano in the Acoustic Space of Joe Hisaishi Film Music

    Zaytseva Marina


    Full Text Available The article explains the problems of music functioning in the media text system, analyzes the stages of the creative collaboration of composer Joe Hisaishi and director Hayao Miyazaki in the creation of animated films, highlights the most important events in the biography of artists. On the example of the animated film "Spirited Away" (2001, the peculiarities of interaction of music, voice and video in the series are revealed, the role of the piano in the acoustic space of film music by Joe Hisaishi is defined.

  6. Geologic map of the St. Joe quadrangle, Searcy and Marion Counties, Arkansas

    Hudson, Mark R.; Turner, Kenzie J.


    This map summarizes the geology of the St. Joe 7.5-minute quadrangle in the Ozark Plateaus region of northern Arkansas. Geologically, the area lies on the southern flank of the Ozark dome, an uplift that exposes oldest rocks at its center in Missouri. Physiographically, the St. Joe quadrangle lies within the Springfield Plateau, a topographic surface generally held up by Mississippian cherty limestone. The quadrangle also contains isolated mountains (for example, Pilot Mountain) capped by Pennsylvanian rocks that are erosional outliers of the higher Boston Mountains plateau to the south. Tomahawk Creek, a tributary of the Buffalo River, flows through the eastern part of the map area, enhancing bedrock erosion. Exposed bedrock of this region comprises an approximately 1,300-ft-thick sequence of Ordovician, Mississippian, and Pennsylvanian carbonate and clastic sedimentary rocks that have been mildly deformed by a series of faults and folds. The geology of the St. Joe quadrangle was mapped by McKnight (1935) as part of a larger area at 1:125,000 scale. The current map confirms many features of this previous study, but it also identifies new structures and uses a revised stratigraphy. Mapping for this study was conducted by field inspection of numerous sites and was compiled as a 1:24,000-scale geographic information system (GIS) database. Locations and elevations of sites were determined with the aid of a global positioning satellite receiver and a hand-held barometric altimeter that was frequently recalibrated at points of known elevation. Hill-shade-relief and slope maps derived from a U.S. Geological Survey 10-m digital elevation model as well as U.S. Geological Survey orthophotographs from 2000 were used to help trace ledge-forming units between field traverses within the Upper Mississippian and Pennsylvanian part of the stratigraphic sequence. Strikes and dips of beds were typically measured along stream drainages or at well-exposed ledges. Beds dipping less

  7. Navajo Code Talker Joe Morris, Sr. shared insights from his time as a secret World War Two messenger


    Navajo Code Talker Joe Morris, Sr. shared insights from his time as a secret World War Two messenger with his audience at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center on Nov. 26, 2002. NASA Dryden is located on Edwards Air Force Base in California's Mojave Desert.

  8. The Future Is Unwritten. Joe Strummer. White label : Fuck yuo I am a robot. Kuula / DJ Pickney Tiger

    DJ Pickney Tiger, pseud., 1970-


    Heliplaatidest: "The Future Is Unwritten. Joe Strummer", The Nightwatchman "One Man Revolution", Def Räädu & J.O.C. "Succiety2", The Joshi Butler Trio "Grand National", "Biitparaadid 2", The Police "The Police", Laurie Anderson "Big Science", Dreamtheater "Systematic chaos", Ghosts "The World is Outside", Tokio Hotel "Scream", Bon Jovi "Lost Highway", Megadeth "United Abominations", Marilyn Manson "Eat Me, Drink Me"

  9. An Interview with Joe McMann: Lessons Learned from Fifty Years of Observing Hardware and Human Behavior

    McMann, Joe


    Pica Kahn conducted "An Interview with Joe McMann: Lessons Learned in Human and Hardware Behavior" on August 16, 2011. With more than 40 years of experience in the aerospace industry, McMann has gained a wealth of knowledge. This presentation focused on lessons learned in human and hardware behavior. During his many years in the industry, McMann observed that the hardware development process was intertwined with human influences, which impacted the outcome of the product.

  10. Tio Ie Soei Dan Nona Tjoe Joe (Pertjinta'an Jang Membawa Tjilaka: Tegangan Antara Konservatif dan Modern

    Dwi Susanto


    Full Text Available Nona Tjoe (Pertjinta'an Jang membawa Tjilaka adalah sebuah cerita yang berbeda dari pcngarang ccrita peranakan China pada era 1920. Cerita ini juga memberikan karakteristik yang berbeda dari cerita-cerita Tio le Soci. Tulisan ini bertujuan untuk mengeksplorasi dan mcnjclaskan keadaan kehidupan sosial masyarakat/komunitas China yang ter-refleksi dalam Nona Tjoe Joe. Dengan memfokuskan pada representasi kehidupan komunitas China, tulisan ini berusaha mcnjawab beberapa pertanyaan "dimanakah kita sekarang dan apa yang terjadi dengan kehidupan kita sekarang dan akan datang" (2 bagaimana masyarakat China merespon pengaruh Barat (3 dengan analogi posisi wanita, seperti apa pilihan identitas peranakan China. Untuk menjawab pertanyaan itu, artikel ini memfokusukan pada teks sebagai refleksi fakta sosial. Kemudian, refleksi itu dianggap sebagai fakta kemanusian seperti perasaan, identitas, strategi untuk. bertahan hidup masyarakat China Abstract: Nona Tjoe Joe (Pertjinta 'an Jang membawa Tjilaka is a different story compared to other peranakan Chinese stories in 1920 era. This story also gives the characteristic different from the other Tio le Soe.i stories, The study aims to explore and explain the condition of social life of Chinese community as reflected in Nona Tjoe Joe story. Giving the focus on the representation of the Chinese life, this article attempts to give answers of t.hc following questions: (1 how did Chinese community give answer "where is now and what happen with our present time and future", (2 how did Chinese community responds to the West influence, (3 with analogy of women position, what was the choices of identity peranakan Chinese. To answer those questions, this article gives the focus on the text as a reflection of social facts. The reflection is considered as human fact of feeling. identity, strategy to defending life of Chinese community. Keywords: reflection Chinese community, conservatism, modem

  11. The Video of Joe Himes' Comments on the Importance of Nomination Committees to People of Color: An Editorial Introduction

    George H. Conklin


    Full Text Available Only one video of Professor Joe Himes is known to exist. In this video, filmed in a social setting, Dr. Himes explains that he feels it is important for current black leaders to make sure good African Ameicans are nominated for election. While speaking of the American Sociological Association, the comment that if you do not nominate good minority candidates, you cannot vote for them holds true today, especially in light of the election of the first African American president of the United States. A script of the brief session is included due to high levels of background noise in the video.

  12. Comics Journalism and Fine Art: War, Massacre, and The Individual, in works of Pieter Bruegel, Joe Sacco and Otto Dix

    Sara Owj


    Full Text Available As a pioneer of Comics Journalism, Joe Sacco’s works have been linked to conflict studies, migration, education, and so on. But despite references that Sacco makes to 16th Century master painter, Pieter Bruegel, and 20th century New Objectivity painter Otto Dix in his interviews, there have been few studies on the potential link between comics of Sacco and works of these masters of fine art. In this study I explore this connection by examining the questions of war, individuality and portrayal of massacre in paintings of Bruegel and Dix and journalistic comics of Sacco. My greater aim is to demonstrate the potential of further comparative studies between arts and comics journalism, especially between Renaissance and modern artists.

  13. Review of Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs: What You Really Need to Know about the Numbers by Karen Berman and Joe Knight, with John Case

    H.L. Vacher


    Berman, Karen and Knight, Joe, with John Case. Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs: What You Really Need to Know about the Numbers, (Boston MA: Harvard Business Press, 2008). 285 pp. ISBN 978-1-4221-1915-0. From “The art of finance (and why it matters)” (Part One) through “Creating a financially intelligent company” (Part Eight), Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs is an engaging explanation and appreciation of financial statements and financial ratios. Short, easily digested cha...

  14. Crossing Canadian Cultural Borders: A study of the Aboriginal/White Stereotypical Relations in George Ryga's The Ecstasy of Rita Joe

    Maram M. Samman


    Full Text Available This paper traces the intercultural journey of a young Aboriginal girl into the hegemonic white society. Rita Joe crossed the imaginary border that separates her reserve from the other Canadian society living in the urban developed city. Through this play, George Ryga aims at achieving liberation and social equality for the Aboriginals who are considered a colonized minority in their land. The research illustrates how Ryga represented his personal version of the colonial Aboriginal history to provide an empowering body narrative that supports their identity in the present and resists the erosion of their culture and tradition. The play makes very strong statements to preserve the family, history and local heritage against this forced assimilation. It tells the truth as its playwright saw it. The play is about the trail of Rita Joe after she moved from her reserve in pursuit of the illusion of the city where she thought she would find freedom and social equality. In fact the audience and the readers are all on trial. Ryga is pointing fingers at everyone who is responsible for the plights of the Aboriginals as it is clear in the play. He questions the Whites’ stereotypical stand against the Aboriginals. The play is a direct criticism of the political, social and cultural systems in Canada. The paper reveals Aboriginals' acts of opposition to racism, assimilation and colonization as represented in The Ecstasy of Rita Joe.

  15. Spatial variability of damage around faults in the Joe Lott Tuff Member of the Mount Belknap Volcanics, southwestern Utah

    Okubo, C. H.


    In order to yield new insight into the process of faulting in fine-grained, poorly indurated volcanic ash, the distribution of strain around faults in the Miocene-aged Joe Lott Tuff Member of the Mount Belknap Volcanics, Utah, is investigated. Several distinct styles of inelastic strain are identified. Deformation bands are observed in tuff that is porous and granular in nature, or is inferred to have been so at the time of deformation. Where silicic alteration is pervasive, fractures are the dominant form of localized strain. Non-localized strain within the host rock is manifest as pore space compaction, including crushing of pumice clasts. Distinct differences in fault zone architecture are observed at different magnitudes of normal fault displacement, in the mode II orientation. A fault with cm-scale displacements is manifest as a single well-defined surface. Off-fault damage occurs as pore space compaction near the fault tips and formation of deformation band damage zones that are roughly symmetric about the fault. At a fault with larger meter-scale displacements, a fault core is present. A recognizable fault-related deformation band damage zone is not observed here, even though large areas of the host rock remain porous and granular and deformation bands had formed prior to faulting. The host rock is instead fractured in areas of pervasive alteration and shows possible textural evidence of fault pulverization. The zones of localized and distributed strain have notably different spatial extents around the causative fault. The region of distributed deformation, as indicated by changes in gas permeability of the macroscopically intact rock, extends up to four times farther from the fault than the highest densities of localized deformation (i.e., fractures and deformation bands). This study identifies a set of fault-related processes that are pertinent to understanding the evolution of fault systems in poorly indurated tuff. Not surprisingly, the type of

  16. Joe Simon | NREL

    , and analysis. To enable market transformation and growth, he continuously supports several DOE-funded Building science Renewable energy Modular construction Start-ups Solar Education Competitions Education

  17. The stingy hour: how accounting for time affects volunteering.

    DeVoe, Sanford E; Pfeffer, Jeffrey


    These studies examined how the practice of accounting for one's time-so that work can be billed or charged to specific clients or projects-affects the decision to allocate time to volunteer activities. Using longitudinal data collected from law students transitioning to their first jobs, Study 1 showed that exposure to billing time diminished individuals' willingness to volunteer, even after controlling for attitudes about volunteering held before entering the workforce as well as the individual's specific opportunity costs of volunteering time. Studies 2-5 experimentally manipulated billing time and confirmed its causal effect on individuals' willingness to volunteer and actual volunteering behavior. Study 5 showed that the effect of exposure to billing time on volunteering occurred above and beyond any effects on general self-efficacy or self-determination. Individual differences moderated the effects of billing, such that people who did not value money as much were less affected.

  18. Cuatro figuras de la música colombiana: Jairo Varela, Diomedes Díaz, Joe Arroyo y Carlos Vives, sus opciones musicales y los debates que sugieren

    Petrit Baquero


     En  ese sentido,  la música  popular puede  constituir la mejor  forma  de  expresar las realidades, vivencias,  los sueños,  las esperanzas y alternativas de vida, con lo cual, los criterios  que impone  la industria cultural  pueden también ser permeados desde abajo por esos localismos que irrumpen de manera permanente. Jairo Varela, Diomedes Díaz, Joe Arroyo y Carlos Vives representan a grandes artistas que, a su manera, transformaron la música colombiana al impulsar  distintos procesos  cuyos efectos se siguen viendo día a día.

  19. A pornografia como libertação: resistência aos construtos de gênero na narrativa das personagens Glauco Mattoso e Joe

    Diego Ravarotto da Costa


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho visa analisar a obra lírica do autor brasileiro Glauco Mattoso, com ênfase nos sonetos que apresentam elevado teor autobiográfico, buscando, a partir dessa análise, contrastar as características do eu lírico do personagem Glauco Mattoso com aquelas da personagem Joe, protagonista de Ninfomaníaca (2014, longa metragem escrito e dirigido pelo cineasta dinamarquês Lars von Trier. Partindo dessas vozes, uma do gênero masculino e outra do gênero feminino, objetivamos a identificação de características em suas personalidades que divergem daquelas ditadas pelos construtos de gênero referentes à sociedade atual. Para ambos, essas características divergentes encontram-se no papel que desempenham em suas relações sexuais: Glauco, masoquista e podólatra, encontra-se em uma posição de submissão durante o ato sexual; Joe, por outro lado, além de assumir sua sexualidade – atitude polêmica quando desempenhada por uma mulher –, também assume posição dita masculina em suas relações, não só sexuais, como amorosas, ao ser dominadora. Tais características, portanto, servem de resistência aos ditames de gênero, contrariando-os e insistindo que ao gênero está imbricada a fluidez. Quanto ao aporte teórico da pesquisa, levamos em consideração os escritos de Lauretis (1987, Figueiredo (2013 e Maingueneau (2010.

  20. Spatial distribution of damage around faults in the Joe Lott Tuff Member of the Mount Belknap Volcanics, Utah: A mechanical analog for faulting in pyroclastic deposits on Mars

    Okubo, Chris H.


    Volcanic ash is thought to comprise a large fraction of the Martian equatorial layered deposits and much new insight into the process of faulting and related fluid flow in these deposits can be gained through the study of analogous terrestrial tuffs. This study identifies a set of fault-related processes that are pertinent to understanding the evolution of fault systems in fine-grained, poorly indurated volcanic ash by investigating exposures of faults in the Miocene-aged Joe Lott Tuff Member of the Mount Belknap Volcanics, Utah. The porosity and granularity of the host rock are found to control the style of localized strain that occurs prior to and contemporaneous with faulting. Deformation bands occur in tuff that was porous and granular at the time of deformation, while fractures formed where the tuff lost its porous and granular nature due to silicic alteration. Non-localized deformation of the host rock is also prominent and occurs through compaction of void space, including crushing of pumice clasts. Significant off-fault damage of the host rock, resembling fault pulverization, is recognized adjacent to one analog fault and may reflect the strain rate dependence of the resulting fault zone architecture. These findings provide important new guidelines for future structural analyses and numerical modeling of faulting and subsurface fluid flow through volcanic ash deposits on Mars.

  1. Review of Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs: What You Really Need to Know about the Numbers by Karen Berman and Joe Knight, with John Case

    H.L. Vacher


    Full Text Available Berman, Karen and Knight, Joe, with John Case. Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs: What You Really Need to Know about the Numbers, (Boston MA: Harvard Business Press, 2008. 285 pp. ISBN 978-1-4221-1915-0. From “The art of finance (and why it matters” (Part One through “Creating a financially intelligent company” (Part Eight, Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs is an engaging explanation and appreciation of financial statements and financial ratios. Short, easily digested chapters; just-in-time boxes to introduce terminology; easy, direct, in-text calculations from bare-bones, hypothetical financial statements to illustrate concepts; a 44-page appendix of crafted exercises on the income statement, balance sheet, cash-flow statement, and financial ratios from two public companies for deeper understanding; a detailed 19-page index for quick, after-you’ve-read-it navigation – all make for an efficient learning opportunity for readers who want a painless way to know about the numbers used in the world of business. Two quantitative literacy principles emerge as themes. The first is the “art of finance” (social construction: that is, the numbers are not totally objective; to varying extents, they reflect decisions, assumptions, and estimates in the accounting. The second is that ratios provide a window into the story that financial statements are able to tell. Written for entrepreneurs and company owners, the book ends with OBM (open-book management—a management philosophy based on financial literacy. The vision of this book is businesses in which all employees are financially literate and managers and owners are financially intelligent.

  2. On the costs of self-interested economic behavior : How does stinginess get under the skin?

    Dunn, Elizabeth W.; Ashton-James, Claire E.; Hanson, Margaret D.; Aknin, Lara B.

    The present study examined how financial decisions 'get under the skin'. Participants played an economic game in which they could donate some of their payment to another student. Affect was measured afterward and salivary cortisol was measured before and afterward. Participants who kept more money

  3. 高频超声对桥本氏甲状腺炎的诊断分析%High Frequency Ultrasonography for Joe's Thyroid Inflammation of the Diagnostic Analysis



    Objective Explore two -dimensional ultrasound combining color doppler degree of valvular regurgitation caught by infective hashimoto thyroid inflammation of the diagnostic value. Methods Of the 100 patients in our hospital outpa-tient thyroid inflammation of the Joe's 2 d and color were of spectrum were retrospectively analyzed. Results 95 cases(95%) of the diffuse enlargement of the thyroid symmetry,89 cases(89%) of thyroid echo is reduced,15 cases (15%) internal nodules are visible. Conclusion Thyroid inflammation to hashimoto,2 d image with a characteristic audio-visual performance, CDFI can display in the color doppler lesions rich, in combination with the specific laboratory, ultrasound examination can be used as thyroid inflammation of clinical diagnosis hashimoto preferred imaging methods.%目的:探讨二维超声结合彩色多普勒血流显像( CDFI)对桥本甲状腺炎的诊断价值。方法对我院门诊的100例乔本氏甲状腺炎的二维及彩色多谱勒超声进行回顾性分析。结果95例(95%)甲状腺对称性弥漫性肿大,89例(89%)的甲状腺回声降低,15例(15%)内部可见结节。结论对桥本甲状腺炎,二维图像具有特征性声像表现,CDFI能显示病灶内丰富的彩色血流,同时结合特异的实验室检查,超声检查可作为桥本甲状腺炎临床诊断的首选影像学方法。

  4. "The Two Joes Meet--Joe College, Joe Veteran": The G. I. Bill, College Education, and Postwar American Culture.

    Clark, Daniel A.


    Examines how the World War II veterans' influx into higher education changed the perception of that institution in the minds of the public and its portrayal in popular media. Previously characterized as an upper-crust indulgence, college became an acceptable symbol of social mobility. Includes reproductions of magazine advertisements. (MJP)

  5. Berlinale 2003 : "Lenin" - poeg lavastab ema jaoks Saksa DV edasikestmise / Jaak Lõhmus

    Lõhmus, Jaak


    Festivalist, mis toimub loosungi all "Towards tolerance" ja võistluskava filmidest : briti režissööri Michael Winterbottomi "Siin maailmas", sakslase Wolfgang Beckeri absurdikomöödia "Jumalaga, Lenin!" ning Steven Soderberghi "Solaris"

  6. Kullassepatöösturi poeg taastab isa pärandit / Anneli Ammas

    Ammas, Anneli, 1962-


    Roman Tavasti kullassepatööstusest ja tema poja Raul Roman Tavasti tegevusest märgitööstuse ja Juveeli kullassepatehase juhina. Näitus Roman Tavasti kaubamärki kandvast kogust ja hilisema juveelitehase toodetest Rahvusraamatukogu harulduste saalis

  7. Kirjanikust poeg jätkab kunstnikust isa näitusi / Raimu Hanson

    Hanson, Raimu, 1957-


    Kirjanik Jaan Malin korraldab kunstnike rühmituse "Para" näitusi Jõhvis, Narvas, Tartus (Tartu Lastekunstikooli galeriis, Vanemuise Kontserdimajas) ja Soomes. Kunstinäitusel "Paranorm" eksponeeritakse parasürrealistide maale, graafikat, skulptuure. Näitusega kaasneb kataloog. Lühidalt Ilmar Malini (1924-1994) ja Ilmar Laabani (1921-2000) loomingust

  8. The Joe 2010 Joint Operating Environment


    population double (from 12 to 23 per 100 workers) as a result of better diet and improved medical care. Such demographic trends will make it Malaysia are Chinese territory obviously represent a set of troublesome flashpoints. The continuing dispute between India and Pakistan over

  9. Uue tehnoloogiaga varustatud William Morrise poeg = The son of William Morris - equipped with new technology / Peter Davey ; interv. Georg Poslawski

    Davey, Peter


    Inglise arhitekt ja arhitektuuriajaloolane Peter Davey arhitektuurikriitika traditsioonidest ja rollist, identiteedist ja kopeerimisest arhitektuuris, arhitektuuriajakirjade mõjust ühiskondlikule elule, soome arhitektuurist jm

  10. The twice-born personality. Interview by Joe Flower.

    Zaleznik, A


    Abraham Zaleznik focuses on some things that might seem old-fashioned: talent, the individual mind, and a fascination with the content, the product, the nuts and bolts of the business. He is the great champion of the individual in corporate life. There has been a lot of discussion about the difference between managers and leaders. It was Zaleznik who started the discussion some 15 years ago in a seminal Harvard Business Review article called "Managers and Leaders: Are They Different?" A lot of his colleagues at Harvard, prime developers of the profession of management, thought he was nuts. He argued that management and leadership involve completely different mindsets, and that great business enterprises suffer when they are given over to professional managers. His ideas strike sparks against those of other people we have interviewed in this series. He questions the value of the total quality movement, and the importance of teamwork. Where Russell Ackoff spoke of democracy and free markets within the corporation, Zaleznik praises hierarchy. Where Terry Deal found cohesion and motivation in the meanings and rituals of the workplace, Zaleznik dismisses workplace ritual as a waste of time and energy.

  11. GI Joe or Average Joe? The impact of average-size and muscular male fashion models on men's and women's body image and advertisement effectiveness.

    Diedrichs, Phillippa C; Lee, Christina


    Increasing body size and shape diversity in media imagery may promote positive body image. While research has largely focused on female models and women's body image, men may also be affected by unrealistic images. We examined the impact of average-size and muscular male fashion models on men's and women's body image and perceived advertisement effectiveness. A sample of 330 men and 289 women viewed one of four advertisement conditions: no models, muscular, average-slim or average-large models. Men and women rated average-size models as equally effective in advertisements as muscular models. For men, exposure to average-size models was associated with more positive body image in comparison to viewing no models, but no difference was found in comparison to muscular models. Similar results were found for women. Internalisation of beauty ideals did not moderate these effects. These findings suggest that average-size male models can promote positive body image and appeal to consumers. 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  12. Arnold : esimesed 60 aastat / Joe Wuebben ja Peter McGough ; tõlkinud Sebastian Vaikmaa

    Wuebben, Joe


    Sisaldab Arnold Schwarzeneggeri biograafiat, mis on esitatud kaheosalise filmistsenaariumina; artikli osa "Täielik Arnold" on kokkuvõte 30 aasta jooksul ajakirja Muscle & Fitness rubriikides "Küsi tšempionilt" ja "Küsi Arnoldilt" ilmunud Arnold Schwarzeneggeri artiklitest jõusaalis treenimisest; artikli osa "Täis elujõudu" on kokku kogutud nimekate kulturistide tsitaate Arnold Schwarzeneggerist; artikli osa "Kaaned" sisaldab kõiki Arnold Schwarzeneggeriga Weideri kulturismiajakirjade esikaani aastatest 1968-2007 ; intervjuus räägib Schwarzenegger oma edasisest karjäärist pärast kulturismiga lõpetamist 1980.

  13. Who says no to a good cup of joe? / Kristi Martin

    Martin, Kristi


    Tutvustus: Moldvaer, Anette. Coffee Obsession. London, 2014; Hoffmann, James. The world atlas of coffee. London, 2014; Steiman, Shawn. The Little Coffee Know-It-All. Massachusetts, 2015; Stephenson, Tristan. The Curious Barista's Guide to Coffee. London, 2015

  14. Organization for security and co-operation in Europe mission to Georgia / Joe McDonagh

    McDonagh, Joe


    22.-23. septembrini 2003 Vilniuses toimunud seminaril "South Caucasus: making the best use of external assistance for stability building and for co-operation with NATO" esitatud ettekanne OSCE missiooni tegevusest Gruusias

  15. Interview with Joe Freidhoff: A Bird's-Eye View of K-12 Online Learning

    Pourreau, Leslie


    The intent of this article is to introduce long-time "Online Learning" readership to the field of K-12 online learning while also providing direction for the K-12 online learning scholars about where the field is going or should be going in terms of meeting the needs of K-12 stakeholders. Recently an interview was conducted with Dr. Joe…

  16. Completion of Embankment and Spillway, Joe Pool Lake, Mountain Creek, Texas.


    approval. The strictly enforced time limitations, described above, eliminated any requirement for treatment of the exposed rock surfaces using moisture...34 *- FI 2L- -. CA6 70 -k 8A- - 7. , 7 L;...2t-ztt L*55PA 5$ __DA_____PEOO .. .. ... .... .>. __.. .. . L trA ~.’- AI2ZP ".M.s -# -s _e4- or

  17. 78 FR 61961 - Joe W. Morgan, D.O.; Decision and Order


    ... November 13, 2012, Respondent filed a pleading entitled: ``Motion and Request to Add Information Relevant to the Order to Show Cause Hearing Process.'' This pleading has been made a part of the record and... problematic nature in which the Government attempted to establish an adequate foundation for admission of the...

  18. 76 FR 51412 - Joe C. Fermo, M.D.; Revocation of Registration


    ... Agent was getting, what type of work she had previously done, her shopping habits, and whether she had a... thing. I wonder if I could get a hundred and twenty of the Xanax instead of a hundred?'' Registrant... Xanax 2 mg, and told her she had been getting it from another doctor, Registrant did not even ask her if...

  19. Viie tärni haiglad / Joe Flower ; tõlk. Marian Raamat

    Flower, Joe


    Tervihoiuasutuste äristrateegiast, mis põhineb patsientide kohtlemisel klientidena USA Connecticuti tööstuspiirkonnas asuva Griffini haigla näitel. Vt. samas: Tallinna suurima haigla juht Tõnis Allik: klienditeenindus tervishoius ei määra täna patsiendi valikuid

  20. Kehaline kasvatus - mängule kadunud aeg ja ruum? / Joe Noormets

    Noormets, Joe


    Autori väitel on üldhariduskooli kehalise kasvatuse tundidesse tunginud üha enam spordile omaseid tegevusmudeleid ja väärtusorientatsioone; mäng ja mängulisus on kehalises kasvatuses kaduma läinud

  1. "Heidegger and Joe:" Revisiting the "Thing" in the Context of a Student's Experience of an Online Community

    Naughton, Christopher


    In many countries it has become commonplace for students at school to undertake their own composing in the classroom. At the same time students often develop their own creative musical interests outside school hours. This paper looks at how teachers might re-evaluate students' self-initiated compositional activity. By utilising Martin Heidegger's…

  2. Ibn Tufail : tema aeg, elu ja koht islami-araabia filosoofia ajaloos / Haljand Udam

    Udam, Haljand, 1936-2005


    Varem ilmunud järelsõnana raamatus: Elav Ärganu poeg. Tallinn : Olion, 1992. 12. sajandil Araabia Hispaanias elanud filosoof Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Abd al-Malik ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Tufail. Tema põhiteosest, filosoofilisest jutustusest "Elav Ärganu poeg"

  3. Художники Кюгельгены. Ч. I-II / Марат Гайнуллин, Александра Мурре

    Гайнуллин, Марат, 1933-


    Saksa kunstnikest, Venemaal, sh. Eesti alal elanud ja töötanud kaksikvendadest Karl Ferdinand ja Gerhard Franz Kügelgenist ning nende kunstnikest järglastest Wilhelm von Kügelgenist (Gerhard Franzi poeg), Konstantin von Kügelgenist (Karl Ferdinandi poeg) ning viimase tütrest Sally von Kügelgenist

  4. Archaeological and Historical Investigations of Joe Pool Lake. Recovering Evidence of 6,000 Years of Human Occupation along Mountain Creek in North Central Texas


    extinct dinosaurs , birds, fish, and humanistic study of man and culture. shells millions of years old are not the subject of scientific inquiry by...archaeologists. Fossils of RESCUE AND CONSERVATION extinct forms of plants and animals are studied by ARCHAEOLOGY specialists educated in paleontology, a...accomplishments achieved to date. Most important- Nile in the 1960s, or the building of the subway ly, it illustrates some of the reasons why our

  5. Ballett kunstide sünteesina : neli näidet Djagilevi ajastust Bordeaux' Ooperi balletitrupi vahendusel / Heili Einasto

    Einasto, Heili


    Balletikriitik Heili Heinasto kirjutis Edinburghi rahvusvahelisel festivalil Bordeaux' Ooperi balletitrupi esituses nähtud kavast ühendpealkirjaga "Picasso ja tants" ("Paraad", Kolmnurkne kübar", "Ikaros" ja "Kadunud poeg")

  6. An artist and his double / Anu Allas

    Allas, Anu, 1977-


    Marko Raadi portreefilmist kunstnik Jaan Toomikust "Toomiku film" (Allfilm, 2008) ning näitlejast, lavastajast ja elukunstnikust Alar Sudakust (kunstnikunimega Elaan) "Isa, Poeg ja Teatri Vaim" (Allfilm, 2009) sarjast "Eesti lood"

  7. Keele salaelu / Kristiina Ross

    Ross, Kristiina, 1955-


    Vana Testamendi eestikeelsest tõlkest, mille tegid ajavahemikul 1687-1690 isa ja poeg Andreas ja Adrian Virginius. Rmt.: Esimene Moosese raamat. Iiobi raamat / tõlkinud 1687-1690 Andreas ja Adrian Virginius. Tallinn, 2003

  8. Märt Agu käib isa Mait Agu jälgedes / Heili Sibrits

    Sibrits, Heili, 1977-


    Koreograafi ja tantsupedagoogi Mait Agu poeg Märt Agu on Eesti Tantsuagentuuri tantsija ja Pedagoogilise Instituudi tantsujuhtimise viimase kursuse üliõpilane, kes esineb revüüteatris "Bel-⁹tage"

  9. Eesti päritolu naine tõmbab meediaäri niite / Priit Pullerits

    Pullerits, Priit, 1965-


    Meediamagnaat Rupert Murdochi eestlasest eksnaine Anna Murdoch Mann on välismeedia andmetel astunud otsustavaid samme, et kindlustada oma laste tulevane osalemine News Corporationi juhtimises. Lachlan Murdoch, Anna ja Rupert Murdochi vanem poeg on lahkunud ettevõtte juhtkonnast

  10. PÖFF köitis suhetega / Maris Balbat

    Balbat, Maris, 1936-


    PÖFFi sümpaatsemaid filme - vene mängufilmid "Memmeke" ("Babusja") ja "Isa ja poeg" ("Otets i sõn"), saksa "Keppivad kalad" ("Fickende Fische"), briti "Kordumatu kuusteist" ("Sweet Sixteen"). Lisatud auhinnatute nimekiri

  11. Esiterroristi perekonna mitu palet - kurikuulsa sugulase tume vari / Heiki Suurkask

    Suurkask, Heiki, 1972-


    Osama bin Ladeni elust ja perekonnast. Vt. samas Osama vennatütar laulab ja poseerib Ameerika ajakirjadele; Osama poeg tahab Briti alamaks saada. Lisad: Suguselts; Osama bin Laden; Aafriklanna oli Osama seksiori

  12. Kaks õhtut TMMis / Alo Põldmäe

    Põldmäe, Alo, 1945-


    23. II avati teatri- ja muusikamuuseumi ekspositsioonisaalis vitriin Miliza Korjuse kostüümiga, milles laulja esines 23. X 1944 Carnegie Hallis. Kostüümi valmistas Hattie Carnegie, kinkis TMMile M. Korjuse poeg Richard Foelsch

  13. Semeinõi albom Jurija Piljara / Svetlana Ragrina

    Ragrina, Svetlana


    Artiklis kirjanik Juri Pilar von Pilchaust on juttu ka samasse aadlisuguvõssa kuulunud kunstnik Aleksander Pilarist ja tema loomingust. A. Pilari poeg Boris kinkis isa akvarelli "Eesti" "Vesti" kunstikogule.

  14. Akvareli Aleksandra Pilara / Nelli Kuznetsova

    Kuznetsova, Nelli


    Aleksander Pilari akvarellinäitusest Tallinna Vene saatkonna galeriis. Organiseeris poeg Boris Pilar Eesti Kunstimuuseumi ja erakogudest. Näituse avamisel Mai Levin A. Pilari loomingust. A. Pilari kuulsast suguvõsast.

  15. Finance minister steps down / Arturas Racas

    Racas, Arturas


    Leedu rahandusminister Zigmantas Balcytis teatas tagasiastumisest, et kaitsta oma poega spekulatsioonide eest. Balcytise poeg koordineerib Euroopa Liidu rahalise abi jagamist ning teda süüdistati ametiseisundi kuritarvitamises, kuid mõisteti hiljem õigeks

  16. Silmapaistev Juri Lotmani ja Zara Mintsi arhiiv


    Tallinna Ülikoolis paikneb rahvusvaheliselt tunnustatud semiootiku Juri Lotmani ja tema abikaasa Zara Mintsi arhiiv ja raamatukogu. Juri Lotmani poeg ja Tallinna Ülikooli Eesti Humanitaarinstituudi professor Mihhail Lotman on rahul, et arhiiv asub Eestis

  17. Komentovaný překlad: Love and Stockholm Syndrome: The Mystery of Loving an Abuser. Joe Carver, PhD. http:

    Vašková, Adéla


    This bachelor's thesis consists of a Czech translation of an article Love and Stockholm Syndrome: The Mystery of Loving an Abuser written by an american author Joseph Carver, Ph.D., and a commentary on the translation. The commentary is divided into four parts: an analysis of the source text based on the model of Christiane Nord, the translation problems and their solutions, typology of the translation shifts based on the theory of Anton Popovič and the chosen translation method.

  18. Teacher Leaders: Transforming Schools from the inside. Occasional Paper Series 23

    Schmerler, Gil, Ed.; Mhatre, Nayantara; Stacy, Jill; Patrizio, Kami; Winkler, Jessica Endlich; Groves, Jennifer; Rockwood, Kathleen Dickinson; Lin, Clara E.; Hernandez, Lillian; Solorza, Cristian; Hummel, Robin E.


    Teacher leadership is "hard." Many of the reasons are obvious: Teaching is a highly labor-intensive profession to begin with, leaving little downtime for work with other adults. School schedules are notoriously stingy with space for adult collaboration. Teachers are rarely paid to exercise leadership; when they are, they are never paid…

  19. Conditions Leading to the Use of Retaliation. Final Report.

    Kahn, Arnold

    Three separate laboratory studies were conducted to determine the conditions under which a person reciprocates a past favor and retaliates a past harm. The first study utilized the framework of equity theory (Adams, 1965) and predicted that when faced with inequity due to the generosity or stinginess of another, one means of reducing the inequity…

  20. Development of the Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System (TAPAS) to Support Army Personnel Selection and Classification Decisions


    cordial, and amiable vs. antagonistic, rough, and combative. The Generosity facet was marked by adjectives such as charitable , helpful, and...compassionate, sensitive, and caring. Selflessness charitable , helpful, generous, stingy, selfish High scoring individuals are generous with their... Organisational Psychology, 68, 219-236. 6 Black, J. (2000). Personality testing and police selection: Utility of the Big Five. New Zealand Journal of

  1. Stolitsa mira / Oliver Ogjust

    Ogjust, Oliver


    Hitleri arhitekti Albert Speeri poeg Albert Speer junior (68) on valitud Pekingi 2008. a. Olümpiamängudeks ümberehitamise kavandajaks. Selgitab oma Pekingi rekonstrueerimisplaani, tõrjub võrdlusi isa 30-ndate aastate Berliini-projektiga

  2. Tiit Linnamägi - metsaga peab olema sina peal / Merle Rips

    Rips, Merle, 1950-


    Raplamaal Märjamaa vallas Purga külas Orava talus elab tänavu metsakultuuri kandja austava nimetuse pälvinud loodusemees Tiit Linnamägi. Kodumetsi majandab ta poeg Märdiga nii, et sealsed looduslikud ja kultuurilised rikkused säiliksid. Vestlusest Tiit ja Märt Linnamägiga

  3. Mälestusmärk iseendale / Rein Veidemann

    Veidemann, Rein, 1946-


    Lembit Petersonist ja tema lavastusest "Maarja kuulutamine", mille eest ta pälvis aastapreemia ja osatäitmiste eest samas lavastuses said aasta naisnäitlejapreemiad tema tütred Maria ja Laura Peterson. Poeg Marius Peterson sai preemia osatäitmise eest lavastuses "Linn"

  4. Ainuke püsiv asi on muutumine / Anneliis Aunapuu

    Aunapuu, Anneliis


    Taani audiovideotehnikat disainivast firmast Jacob Jensen Design. Jacob Jenseni (sünd. 1926) asutatud büroo loomingut tutvustab tema poeg Timothy Jacob Jensen (sünd. 1962). Eesti disaini tasemest, Jaapani disainitoodangust. Esikaanel ja lk. B3 fotod Timothy Jacob Jensenist

  5. Vene eliidi mõõdupuu : kuidas suhtute Võssotskisse?


    Sisu: Carindowsky, Emilie. [Vladimir Võssotski] ; Võssotski, Nikita. Kuulsa lauliku poeg taunib isa jumaldajaid / üles kirjut. Raul Ratman ; Simagin, Rudolf. Elu lõppes ja laat algas / üles kirjut. Raul Ratman. Tallinlasel Rudolf Simaginil on V. Võssotski materjalide kogu

  6. Stanford aitab Eestit tutvustada


    Tallinna okupatsioonide muuseumi rahastav Kistler-Ritso fond teeb miljonite dollarite suuruse annetuse USAs asuva Stanfordi ülikooli fondile. Üks sihtotstarve on Eesti ajaloo dokumentide digitaliseerimine. Kistler-Ritso Eesti Sihtasutuse liikmeks kutsuti ka president Toomas Hendrik Ilvese poeg, Stanfordi ülikooli vilistlane Luukas Ilves

  7. Stanfordi ülikool aitab Eesti ajalugu üle ilma tutvustada / Heidit Kaio

    Kaio, Heidit, 1971-


    Tallinna okupatsioonide muuseumi rahastav Kistler-Ritso fond teeb miljonite dollarite suuruse annetuse USAs asuva Stanfordi ülikooli fondile. Üks sihtotstarve on Eesti ajaloo dokumentide digitaliseerimine. Kistler-Ritso Eesti Sihtasutuse liikmeks kutsuti ka president Toomas Hendrik Ilvese poeg, Stanfordi ülikooli vilistlane Luukas Ilves

  8. Vladimir Võssotski : planeta? ulitsa? tsvetok! / Deniss Ushakov

    Ushakov, Deniss


    Vladimir Võssotski 70. sünniaastapäeva puhul meenutatakse viise, kuidas on püütud ja püütakse jäädvustada tema mälestust (raamatud, näitused, muuseumid, ausambad, tänavad jne). Sõna saavad ka poeg Nikita Võssotski ja teine abikaasa Ljudmila Abramova

  9. Pikantsed pajatused / Aita Kivi

    Kivi, Aita, 1954-


    Sisu : Louis Paul Boon. Menuett; Herbjırg Wassmo. Õnne poeg; Jean Stone. Sünnipäevatüdrukud; Jo︠l Schmidt. Constantinus Suure mälestused; Mari Vallisoo. Ainsuse olevik; Catherine Coulter. Märklaud; Ross Macdonald. Mees mulla all

  10. Noored eestlased Ladina-Ameerika narkokatlas / Krister Kivi

    Kivi, Krister, 1975-


    Ladina-Ameerika vanglates kannab praegu karistust 23 Eesti päritolu narkokullerit. Autor külastas Eestist pärit kinnipeetavaid Quito vanglas ning vestles naisega, kelle poeg kannab karistust Venezuelas. Vt. samas: Janar Filippov. Kullerite värbajaid pole tabatud; "Narkomuulade" teine laine

  11. "Гарри Поттер" уступил Толкиену


    Aprillis 2007 ilmus J.R.R. Tolkieni lõpetamata jäänud "Children of Hurin" ("Hurini lapsed"), millele kirjutas lõpu kirjaniku poeg Christopher Tolkien. Raamatu müügiedu edestab J. K. Rowlingi "Harry Potteri" 7. raamatut "Harry Potter and the deathly hallows" ("Harry Potter ja surmapühakud")

  12. Kimi mantlipärija sai mõjukatele ametipostidele / Kaivo Kopli

    Kopli, Kaivo


    Põhja-Korea pealinnas toimunud Tööliste Partei kongressil määrati riigi liidri Kim Jong-ili noorim poeg Kim Jong-un kesksõjakomisjoni aseesimeheks ja keskkomitee liikmeks. Poliitbüroosse määrati alternatiivliikmena Kim Jong-ili õe abikaasa Chang Song-taek

  13. Kloonitud Dan Põldroos TV3 ekraanil / Heili Sibrits

    Sibrits, Heili, 1977-


    Valmis on pilootosa kodumaisest 15-jaolisest koomilisest märuliseriaalist "Kodumaa parim poeg ehk Eriagent 1188" : stsenarist Toomas Kall : režissöör Peeter Simm : peaosas näitleja ja seriaali produtsent Dan Põldroos. Seriaali produtsent on ka Ruta Vahi. Kas seriaal tootmisse läheb, otsustatakse TV3s lähiajal

  14. Dan Põldroos mängib Eesti superkangelast / Eve Heinla

    Heinla, Eve, 1966-


    Eestlaste filmigrupp filmis Tuneesias esimest osa kodumaisest koomilisest märuliseriaalist "Kodumaa parim poeg ehk eriagent 1188" : stsenarist Toomas Kall : režissöör Peeter Simm : peaosades näitleja ja sarja produtsent Dan Põldroos ning teine režissöör Ervin Õunapuu

  15. Dan Põldroos teab, kuidas oleks ilus surra / Heili Sibrits

    Sibrits, Heili, 1977-


    Näitleja Dan Põldroos arutleb pilootosa üle kodumaisest koomilisest märuliseriaalist "Kodumaa parim poeg ehk eriagent 1188" (sts. Toomas Kall, rezh. Peeter Simm), mille idee autor, loominguline produtsent ja peaosaline ta on. Seriaali järgmised osad lähevad tootmisse ilmselt järgmisel kevadel

  16. Elluäratatud kauged ajad lasteraamatutes / Krista Kumberg

    Kumberg, Krista, 1959-


    Arvustus: Hainsalu Lemmiko, vanema poeg : üks lugu muinasaja lõpult / Lehte Hainsalu ; [pildid joonistanud ja kujundanud Valdek Alber]. [Tallinn] : Maalehe Raamat, 2005 ; Timmas, Eduard H. Samsu-Sin. Esimene osa, Tema noorus ja seiklused Babylonis : [romaan] / [rootsi keelest tõlkinud Allar Sooneste. Tallinn : Canopus, 2005

  17. Sisearhitekt Pille Lausmäe - Tallinna töö- ja toidukultuuri looja / Karen Jagodin

    Jagodin, Karen, 1982-


    Omanimelise arhitektuuribüroo omanik sisearhitekt Pille Lausmäe oma elust ja tööst, isast sisearhitekt Väino Tammest. Eesti Kunstiakadeemias õpib sisearhitektuuri ka Pille poeg Ville Lausmäe ja töötab ema büroos. Pillet iseloomustavad Priit Põldme, Riina Sildots, Rein Tallermo, Mari Kaljuste

  18. Eeslid / Ain Kaalep

    Kaalep, Ain, 1926-


    Sisu: Eeslid ; Luuletaja Koghazi ; Elav kuningas ; Neli legendi : Mungasuudlus ; Dorzhiin ; Legend meister Albrechtist ; Aafrika muld. Ballaad kombaini armastusest ; Kuningakatse ; Rapsoodiad : Draakoni talveuni ; Klaassepa poeg. Kaks indiaani metamorfoosi : Roti metamorfoos ; Ahvnaine. Paani surm ; Valgjärve legend ; Katsikõsõ'

  19. Vozvrashtshenije "Tihhogo Dona" / Tatjana Hartshenko

    Hartshenko, Tatjana


    Sergei Bondartshuki teleseriaali "Vaikne Don" (M. Sholohhovi teose järgi) lugu. 10-seerialine epopöa oli maksmata arvete katteks 15 aastat arestituna Itaalia pangas. Seriaali on asunud uuesti monteerima režissööri poeg Fjodor Bondartshuk. Ajalehe "Pjarnuski Ekspress" vahel olev lisaleht on dateeritud 4. aprill 2006, nr. 12

  20. Mahtra muuseumis ja Juuru vallas käisid auväärsed külalised / Tiia Truu

    Truu, Tiia, 1948-


    1. juulil 2009 külastasid Mahtra talurahvamuuseumi Mahtra sõja mälestusmärgi looja Johannes Tuti lesk Leili Tutt ja nende poeg Mait Tutt Rootsist ning tütar Eha Dascenzo USA-st Swanscast, nendega koos oli J. Tuti vennatütar Maie Vikat

  1. Väike kunst Berliini biennaalil : biennaalikunst / Raivo Kelomees

    Kelomees, Raivo, 1960-


    IV Berliini kaasaegse kunsti biennaal "Of Mice and Men / Hiirtest ja inimestest" (kuraatorid Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni, Ali Subotnick) Berliinis Auguststrasse ümbruses kuni 28. V. Näitusepaikadest, üldmulje kunstiteostest, kuraatorite loobumisest tavapärasest gigantomaaniast. Eestist on väljas Jaan Toomiku video "Isa ja poeg"

  2. Прикосновенность к тайне / Сергей Исаков

    Исаков, Сергей, 1931-2013


    Vene pagulastest Eestis: metseenina tuntud Viktor Ivanovitš Bazilevski elas 1919-1929 Narva-Jõesuus. Tema poeg Ivan tuli Eestisse Loodearmeega ning osales Ingeri pataljoni koosseisus Eesti Vabadussõjas. Ivan Bazilevski avaldas luuletusi I. Varvatsi nime all, oli abielus luuletajana tuntud Jelizaveta Roos-Bazilevskajaga, mõlemad lahkusid 1941. a. Eestist

  3. Базилевские: отец и сын / Сергей Исаков

    Исаков, Сергей, 1931-2013


    Vene pagulastest Eestis: metseenina tuntud Viktor Ivanovitš Bazilevski elas 1919-1929 Narva-Jõesuus. Tema poeg Ivan tuli Eestisse Loodearmeega ning osales Ingeri pataljoni koosseisus Eesti Vabadussõjas. Ivan Bazilevski avaldas luuletusi I. Varvatsi nime all, oli abielus luuletajana tuntud Jelizaveta Roos-Bazilevskajaga, mõlemad lahkusid 1941. a. Eestist

  4. Johann Urbi vanatädi / Simo Meinert

    Meinert, Simo


    Kanal 2 asub näitama Hollywoodi draamasarja "Mägi" ("The Mountain"), kus astub üles laulja Tarmo Urbi poeg Johann. Urbide perekondlikest suhetest räägib laulja Silvia Urb. Lisatud seriaali lühitutvustus ning loetelu J. Urbi varasematest rollidest. Sama artikkel ilma lisadeta: Teleleht nr. 22, 2005/Jun/6, lk. 7 : ill

  5. "Nu, pogodi!" vozvrashtshajetsja / Tatjana Rostova

    Rostova, Tatjana


    Populaarsele vene animafilmile "Oota sa!" ("Nu, pogodi!") valmis stuudios Christmas Films uus, 19. osa, mis tuleb ekraanile novembris. Filmi stsenarist on Aleksandr Kurljandski ja režissöör vana multifilmi tegija režissöör Vjatsheslav Kotjonotshkini poeg Aleksei

  6. Estonia näitas uut logo / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Ooperiteatri uue logo autor on Kristjan Kirsfeldt. Liis Kolle lavastab G. Rossini ooperi "Sinjoor Bruschino ehk Poeg juhuse tahtel", kunstnikud Liina Keevallik ja Reili Evart. 2. juunil Rahvusooperis etendunud rahvusooperi näiteringi "Welcome to Estonia" Neeme Kuninga kirjutatud ja lavastatud muusikalist "Minu veetlev Eedi".

  7. "Svoja Drama" na rasputje / Boris Tuch

    Tuch, Boris, 1946-


    Balti teatrifestivalist "OmaDraama 2006". Pikemalt Mart Kivastiku näidendi "Põrgu Wärk" lavastusest, Eesti Draamateatri lavastusest "Syrrealistid". Mõlemad lavastas Hendrik Toompere jun. Leedu luuletaja ja näitleja Birute Mar lavastuses "Poetess". Läti Rahvusteatri lavastusest "Kadunud poeg", lavastaja Peters Krilovs

  8. Tehing mulla ja päikesega / Heiki Raudla

    Raudla, Heiki, 1975-


    Ühendriikide ning kogu maailma novaatorlike farmerite tippu kuuluvad isa ja poeg, Wade ning Clay Mitchell, praktiseerivad kulude minimeerimiseks ja tulude maksimeerimiseks ainulaadset riba-(vahele)viljelust, maa harimisel kasutavad nad ülitäpset automaatjuhtimist. Vt. samas: Põlvest põlve; Strip-intercropping - tagasi muistsete võtete juurde

  9. Väike naine Swalloẁ tänavalt : [luuletused] / W. S. Merwin ; tõlk. Jüri Talvet

    Merwin, W. S.


    Sisu: Väike naine Swalloẁ tänavalt ; Õhk ; Mõned viimased küsimused ; On märts ; Kui sõda on möödas ; Asiaadid suremas ; Uks ; Eile ; Poeg. Elu- ja loomeloolisi andmeid autori kohta lk. 521

  10. Kolm keelt suus - sõlmes või selged? / Elo Odres

    Odres, Elo, 1969-


    Eestlanna Elery ja itaallase Andrea Pellagatti pojad Aaron ja Lucas räägivad eesti, inglise ja itaalia keelt, eestlanna Signe ja rootslase Ingvar Rehbinderi tütar Iris-Mariel oskab eesti, rootsi, inglise ja hispaania keelt ning poeg Erik-William eesti ja rootsi keelt

  11. Naised mustas, sõjasebimine, elektrivaras, lurjusluuletaja / Kristiina Davidjants

    Davidjants, Kristiina, 1974-


    Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivalil "EurAsia" võistlusprogrammi filmidest - Mohamed Al-Daradji'i "Paabeli poeg", Aureliano Amadei "20 sigaretti", Aktan Arym Kubati "Härra Valgus", Tomaš Mašini "Kolm aastaaega põrgus", Arto Haloneni "Printsess"

  12. Designing for sustainability : Breakthrough or suboptimisation?

    Pargman, Daniel; Ahlsén, Edvard; Engelbert, Cecilia


    Technological developments in screen technologies pitches the thinner, brighter and energy-stingy OLED screen as a possible replacement for today’s television, computer and smartphone LCD screens. An OLED screen does not consume any energy at all when it displays the color black, but the potentially large energy savings can unfortunately evaporate and instead turn to losses when white is displayed. There is thus a mismatch between on the one hand the energy profiles of OLED screens and on the...

  13. Soosteri lese mälestused toovad lagedale uusi episoode / Mihkel Kärmas

    Kärmas, Mihkel, 1974-


    Ülo Soosteri 1998. a. surnud lese Lidia Serh-Soosteri mälestused tahetakse trükkida Eestis. Selleks eraldas Eesti Kultuurkapital 20000 krooni. Kirjastamisega tegelevad ajakirjanik Ilja Sundelevitsh ja kunstniku Iisraelis elav poeg Tenno-Pent Sooster. Tõlkinud Teet Kallas. Ü. Soosteri kursuse- ja vanglakaaslase H. Roode meenutusi. Soosteri tööde ostmise vastu on huvi tundnud Zimmerli Art Museum ja Norton T. Dodge USAst

  14. Otto Graf Lambsdorff in memoriam / Wolter von Tiesenhausen

    Tiesenhausen, Wolter von


    Baltisaksa päritolu liberaalsest saksa poliitikust Otto Graf Lambsdorff'ist, kes täitis mitmel korral Saksamaa majandusministri kohuseid. Lisaks baltisaksa päritolule olid tal Baltimaadega isiklikud poliitilised seosed, vend Hagen töötas Saksa saatkonnas Riias ja poeg Nikolaus teenis diplomaadina Tallinnas. President Lennart Meri omistas Otto Graf Lambsdorffile Maarjamaa risti I klassi teenetemärgi

  15. Bits and Pieces ehk kolumna. White Label : Music For Your Plants - Air Koryo. Kuula / DJ Pickney Tiger

    DJ Pickney Tiger, pseud., 1970-


    Popmuusikauudised. Laulust. Heliplaatidest: Virre "Kolmas. Folk rokib", Paabel "Loomine", Luarvik-Luarvik "Enigma variatsioonid", Maikameikers "8Hz", Asian Dub Foundation "Punkara", Everlast "Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford", Pat Metheny & Anna Maria Jopek "Upojenie", Pat Metheny, Roy Hayness and Dave Holland "Questions and Answers", Kosmikud "Ainus, mis jääb, on beat", Metallica "Death Magnetic", Natty "Man Like I", 42Go "Miljonäri poeg"

  16. Fusion genetic analysis of jasmonate-signalling mutants in Arabidopsis

    Jensen, Anders Bøgh; Raventos, D.; Mundy, John Williams


    as two recessive mutants, designated joe1 and 2, that overexpress the reporter. Genetic analysis indicated that reporter overexpression in the joe mutants requires COI. joe1 responded to MeJA with increased anthocyanin accumulation, while joe2 responded with decreased root growth inhibition. In addition...... activity was also induced by the protein kinase inhibitor staurosporine and antagonized by the protein phosphatase inhibitor okadaic acid. FLUC bio-imaging, RNA gel-blot analysis and progeny analyses identified three recessive mutants that underexpress the FLUC reporter, designated jue1, 2 and 3, as well...

  17. Training May Affect Primary Care Staff Access to the Biomedical Electronic Evidence Base. A review of: Doney, Liz, Helen Barlow, and Joe West. “Use of Libraries and Electronic Information Resources by Primary Care Staff: Outcomes from a Survey.” Health Information and Libraries Journal 22.3 (September 2005: 182-188.

    Marcy L. Brown


    Full Text Available Objective – To assess use of existing local libraries, the Internet, and biomedical databases by primary care staff prior to implementation of the Primary Care Knowledge Management Projects. Additionally, to assess the need to train primary care staff to use the Internet and biomedical databases. Design – Cross‐sectional postal questionnaire survey. Setting – Nottingham and Rotherham, two cities in the Trent region of the UK. Subjects – Questionnaires were analyzed from 243 general practitioners, practice nurses, and practice managers in four Nottingham primary care trusts as well as practices in the Rotherham Health Authority area. Methods – Questionnaires and cover letters were sent between May 2001 and February 2002. To encourage response, a postage‐paid envelope was enclosed. A total of 709 questionnaires were sent in Nottingham, and 169 were returned for a response rate of 24%. In Rotherham, 179 questionnaires were sent and 61 returned, for a 34% response rate. Thirteen responses from a May 2001 pilot in Rotherham were also included in the data analysis. Survey questions included a variety of formats, including tick boxes and open‐ended questions. Data was entered into an Access database and analysis was performed using Stata software. Main results – Reported use of libraries was low overall, with only 30% of respondents claiming to have used library facilities. However, there was significant variation among professional groups. Practice nurses (PNs had significantly higher usage of libraries than general practitioners (GPs and practice managers (P Conclusion – Based on the results of this admittedly small study, additional training is needed – and desired – by primary care staff in both Nottingham and Rotherham. Developing and offering training in Internet searching and evaluation as well as use of the biomedical databases is one important way in which libraries can build partnerships with primary care practitioners. This will also enable added numbers of primary care staff to access and use the clinical evidence knowledge base. Additional studies are needed to identify and overcome barriers to training.

  18. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Chemical Sciences. I Hubert Joe. Articles written in Journal of Chemical Sciences. Volume 120 Issue 4 July 2008 pp 405-410. Surface enhanced Raman spectra of the organic nonlinear optic material: Methyl 3-(4-methoxy phenyl)prop-2-enoate · D Sajan I Hubert Joe V S Jayakumar Jacek Zaleski.

  19. 40 CFR 62.2353 - Identification of sources.


    ...) Champion International Corporation (Formerly St. Regis Paper Company) in Cantonment (d) Container... Paper Company in Jacksonville (g) St. Joe Paper Company in Port St. Joe (h) Southwest Forest Industries in Panama City (i) Arizona Chemical Company (Tall Oil Plant) in Panama City (j) Sylvachem Corporation...

  20. Baltic States get security reaffirmation from their key ally, the US / Linas Jegelevicius

    Jegelevicius, Linas


    Riias toimunud Balti riikide presidentide ja Ameerika Ühendriikide asepresidendi Joe Bideni kohtumisel arutleti Balti riikide julgeoleku ja julgeolekualase koostöö teemadel. Joe Biden kinnitas Ameerika Ühendriikide valmisolekut tulla võimaliku rünnaku korral Balti riike kaitsma

  1. Küünikute frustratsioon, europeldikute kassikuld ja alkohooliku elukibedus / Tarmo Teder

    Teder, Tarmo, 1958-


    II Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivali filme : "Ülestegemata voodid" ("Unmade Beds") : režissöör Nicholas Barker, "Ettevaatust, uksed sulguvad!" ("Sliding Doors") : režissöör Peter Howitt ja "Minu nimi on Joe" ("My Name Is Joe") : režissöör Ken Loach

  2. 77 FR 44525 - Drawbridge Operation Regulation; Apalachicola River, FL


    ... out of service and has an embargo to cease train operations for Port St. Joe and north of the Apalachicola River due to the absence of shipments coming in/out of Port St. Joe. While the embargo remains in... applied for and received an embargo for the suspension of train traffic on the line, the operation of the...

  3. Global challenges/chemistry solutions: Promoting personal safety and national security

    Joe Alper: Can you provide a little background about why there is a need for this type of assay? Mark Carter: Ricin is considered a biosecurity threat agent. A more efficient detection method was required. Joe Alper: How are these type of assays done today, or are current methods unsuitable for ...

  4. Totally James

    Owens, Tom


    This article presents an interview with James Howe, author of "The Misfits" and "Totally Joe". In this interview, Howe discusses tolerance, diversity and the parallels between his own life and his literature. Howe's four books in addition to "The Misfits" and "Totally Joe" and his list of recommended books with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,…

  5. Teaching Organizational Skills through Self-Regulated Learning Strategies

    Cahill, Susan M.


    This article presents a case story of how an occupational therapist worked with Joe, a junior high student with Asperger's Syndrome, to develop better organizational skills. Self-regulated learning strategies were used to teach Joe how to keep track of his assignments as well as his grades. In addition, the case story provides a clear example of…

  6. Final Environmental Statement and Supplemental Information for Aquilla Lake, Aquilla Creek, Hill County, Texas.


    P. Gregory Mr. Joe Yelderman, Jr. B. M. and Jan J. Jean Mr. James W. Wight Ms. Mary Ann Sulak Johnson County Rural Water Supply J. R. Joplin Mr. Loyd...Gregory Mr. Joe Yelderman, Jr. B. M. and Jan J. Jean Mr. James W. Wight Ms. Mary Ann Sulak Johnson County Rural Water Supply J. R. Joplin Mr. Loyd S

  7. Learning, Knowing and Being in the World: Postformalism, Einstein, and Lessons from a Kid Named Larry

    Steinberg, Shirley


    I describe how Joe Kincheloe experienced learning from a peer during his pre-school life only to see how his friend was unable to succeed at school. Joe's commitment to empowered cognition was grounded first, by his friend, Larry's mentorship--teaching him the environmental nuances of the mountains in rural Tennessee, and secondly, the…

  8. Analyzing NPS Scheduling Using OSIRIS


    School TEACHER SCHEDULE BLOCKS REPORT Date: 2/19/93 Period Name ID Term Days 1234 Adragna , Joe 170401 1 F xx Agrawal, Brij 120101 1 F xx Almquist...LOAD REPORT Date: 3/18/93 Total Max Consec Total Teacher ID Term Classes Classes Stud Adragna , Joe 170401 1 1 1 3 Agrawal, Brij 120101 1 2 2 98 Aiello

  9. Dynamics of stringy congruence in the early universe

    Cho, Yong Seung; Hong, Soon-Tae


    We study twist and shear aspects of the stingy geodesic surface congruence. Under some natural conditions we derive the equations of the twist and shear in terms of the expansion of the Universe. We observe in this higher dimensional cosmology that, as the early universe evolves with expansion rate, the twist of the stringy congruence decreases exponentially and the initial twist value should be large enough to sustain the rotations of the ensuing universe, while the effects of the shear are negligible to produce the isotropic and homogeneous universe. We also investigate the twist and shear of the geodesic surface congruence of the null strings.

  10. Elistagem eestimaist. Abikaasade meelevallas / Aita Kivi

    Kivi, Aita, 1954-


    Sisu : Anton Nigov [Tõnu Õnnepalu]. Harjutused; Elme Väljaste. Kiusatus; Reet Kudu. Täiskuu ja tänavalatern; Vaapo Vaher. Surmakuul & seemnepurse; Jelena Skulskaja. Vene rulett; Inge Ojala. Asendusema ja olematud lapsed; Inge Ojala. Andesta - ma kasvasin tänaval; Barbara Vine. Korstnapühkija poeg; Charlotte Bingham. Suveaeg; Lisa Gardner. Täiuslik abikaasa; Wendy Northcutt. Darwini auhinnad 2; Dean Foster. Euroopa riikide etikett ja tavad; J. P. Donleavy. Naine, kellele meeldisid puhtad tualettruumid; Karin Altvegen. Kadunud hing; Grant Naylor. Punane kääbus; Dylan Evans. Emotsioon. Sentimenditeooria

  11. Laureatõ premii "Zolotoi Oven"


    Parima filmi auhinna "Zolotoi Oven" võitis Andrei Zvjagintsevi "Tagasitulek" ("Vozvrashtshenije"), Vadim Abdrashitovi "Magnettormid" ("Magnitnõje buri") sai parima režissööri ja parima stsenaristi auhinna (Aleksandr Mindadze), Pjotr Buslovi "Bumer" sai vaid muusikaauhinna (Sergei Shnurov). Parim meesnäitleja oli Viktor Suhhorukov ("Vaene, vaene Paul") ja naisnäitleja Maria Zvonarjeva A. Proshkini "Trios". A. Sokurovi "Isa ja poeg" sai vaid kunstnikuauhinna (Natalja Kotshergina). Inna Tshurikova sai kõrvalosa auhinna ("S: Govoruhhini "Blagoslovite zhenshtshinu")

  12. EBSi-meeste meisterlik diil riigiga / Ralf-Martin Soe

    Soe, Ralf-Martin


    Ilmunud ka: Delovõje Vedomosti 13. aug. lk. 8. EBS-i omanik Madis Habakuk, tema poeg Mart Habakuk ning äripartnerid Sulo Nigul ja Arle Mölder soetasid 10,1 miljoni krooni eest EBSi hoone Tallinna südalinnas, praegu hindab hoone omanikfirma EBS Campus kinnistu väärtuseks 130 miljonit. Paar kuud enne tehingu jõustumist tegid EBSi omanikud suure rahalise annetuse Keskerakonnale ja Reformierakonnale. Vt. samas: Mailis Reps: annetus polnud seotud haridusministeeriumiga; EBS üritas riiki pankrotti ajada; Tehing EBSiga oli erand; Mart Habakuk: EBS maksis hullu hinna; Heinaru: koolipapale tehti hea äraolemine

  13. Selenium and other trace metals in fish inhabiting a fly ash stream: Implications for regulatory tissue thresholds

    Reash, Robin J.; Lohner, Timothy W.; Wood, Kenneth V.


    Bluegill sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus) and caddis flies (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae) were collected from a stream receiving fly ash discharge and nearby reference streams to determine tissue levels of selenium (Se) and other metals, and compare these levels to published 'no effect' thresholds. Stingy Run samples contained elevated levels of several metals. Mean Se concentrations in bullhead minnow whole body, bluegill whole body, bluegill ovary, and testes tissues were 44.6, 17.3, 32.5, and 37.1 μg/g (dry wt), respectively. These levels were 2-3 times higher than proposed toxic thresholds for fish whole body (7.9 μg/g) and ovary (17 μg/g). Although monitoring indicated a persistent bluegill population, some reproductive impairment may have occurred. Tissue residue data should be treated with caution because feral fish may accumulate several metals. In Stingy Run, persistence of a bluegill population may be explained by antagonistic interactions with other metals that were also elevated in the fish. - Bluegill sunfish inhabiting a coal fly ash receiving stream had elevated selenium levels in whole body and gonad tissue (9-10 times higher than reference fish), and antagonistic metal interactions may be one of several mechanisms allowing long-term persistence of the population

  14. 19 CFR 101.4 - Entry and clearance of vessels at Customs stations.


    ... Jacksonville. Port St. Joe Panama City. Indiana Fort Wayne Indianapolis. Maine Bucksport Belfast. Coburn Gore.... Ely Duluth, MN-Superior, WI. Lancaster Noyes. Oak Island Warroad. Mississippi Biloxi Mobile, AL...

  15. Comparative analysis of municipal solid waste (MSW) composition ...

    African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology ... BB Babatunde, IF Vincent-Akpu, GN Woke, E Atarhinyo, UC Aharanwa, AF Green, O Isaac-Joe ... could have several benefits including resources recovery and energy generation.

  16. Plaadid / Immo Mihkelson

    Mihkelson, Immo, 1959-


    Uutest plaatidest Robert Plant "Dreamfield", Roland Gift "Roland Gift", Joe Cocker "Respect Yourself", Piano Circus "Transmission", Tricky "A Ruff Guide", Jack Johnson "Brushfire Fairytales", Yann Tiersen "Amelie from Montmartre", Hall & Oates "The Essential Collection"

  17. Healthcare beyond reform: doing it right for half the cost

    Flower, Joe


    .... In Healthcare Beyond Reform: Doing It Right for Half the Cost, Joe Flower, a well respected healthcare futurist and industry thought leader, lays out his compelling practical vision of how healthcare can work better, and how we can get...

  18. LALIGENS, Vol.4 (1), January 2015



    Jan 9, 2015 ... Ocean, Joe Turner's Come and Gone and Ma Rainey's Black ... socio-economic and political life as a historical continuum of slavery. .... America fixes the black man's identity anachronistically such that no matter what the.

  19. 78 FR 8349 - National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, 2013


    ... known the pain and isolation of an abusive relationship, and we recommit to ending the cycle of violence... harnessing the power of technology to get the message out under Vice President Joe Biden's 1is2many...

  20. Justkui tükike Euroopat keset Seinäjoge : Apila-raamatukogu võlub suursuguse arhitektuuriga / Mervi Heikkilä ; intervjueerinud Mariliis Panov

    Heikkilä, Mervi


    Intervjuu Seinäjoe Apila-raamatukogu juhatajaga raamatukogust, mis esitati 2013. a maineka Euroopa Liidu moodsa arhitektuuri preemia konkursile, Mies van der Rohe auhinnale, kuigi võitjaks ei valitud

  1. 75 FR 71519 - National Family Week, 2010


    ... office, I established the White House Task Force on the Middle Class, chaired by Vice President Joe Biden... spend on care. I also signed the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, which provides increased...

  2. Rock kinoekraanil / Katrin Rajasaare

    Rajasaare, Katrin


    7.-11. juulini kinos Sõprus toimuval filminädalal "Rock On Screen" ekraanile jõudvatest rockmuusikuid portreteerivatest filmidest "Lou Reed's Berlin", "The Future Is Unwritten: Joe Strummer", "Control: Joy Division", "Hurriganes", "Shlaager"

  3. Suur Miller ja Väike Killer / Tiit Palu, Andrus Allikvee ; intervjueerinud Anu Tonts ja Sven Karja

    Palu, Tiit, 1970-


    Vanemuises esietenduvad 19. mail Arthur Milleri 'Sööst kuristikku' (lavastaja Andrus Allikvee) ja 20. mail Tracy Lettsi 'Killer Joe' (lavastaja Tiit Palu). Postimehe küsitlus lavastajatele (vastavad samadele küsimustele)

  4. RESEARCH Suicidal ideation and attempt among South African ...

    A study among medical students at the University of Pretoria found that 8.1% of ... questionnaire to medical students on demographics, mental health history ... Joe S, Stein DJ, Seedat S. Non fatal suicide behaviour among South Africans.

  5. Peace, love and Florence Nightingale.

    McDonald, Country Joe

    Legendary Woodstock music festival star Country Joe McDonald has a fascination with Florence Nightingale, dating from his work with Vietnam war veterans. Although her theories have diminished in popularity, he believes her life has lessons for modern nurses.

  6. Preparing for the Season (A Cup of Health with CDC)

    Flu season starts in the fall and goes through the spring, typically peaking between January and March in the United States. In this podcast, Dr. Joe Bresee discusses the importance of getting vaccinated against the flu every year.

  7. Genomic Data Commons launches

    The Genomic Data Commons (GDC), a unified data system that promotes sharing of genomic and clinical data between researchers, launched today with a visit from Vice President Joe Biden to the operations center at the University of Chicago.

  8. The NACA Exceptional Service Medal presented at the NACA High Speed Flight Station. L-R: Hugh Dryden


    The NASA exceptional Service Medal presented at the NACA High Speed Flight Station. L-R: Hugh Dryden, Joe Walker (X-1A research pilot), Stan Butchart (pilot of the B-29 mothership), Richard Payne (X-1A crew chief).

  9. 76 FR 8905 - Changes in Flood Elevation Determinations


    ...- December 8, 2010; The Honorable Jim December 24, 2010 060766 3624P). December 15, 2010; Frazier, Mayor...- December 15, 2010; The Honorable Joe December 8, 2010 375350 04-8305P). December 22, 2010; Collins, Mayor...

  10. Micrognathia

    ... structures. In: Dean JA, ed. McDonald and Avery's Dentistry of the Child and Adolescent . 10th ed. St ... Medicine, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, Hollywood, FL. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare ...

  11. Pop / Lauri Tikerpe

    Tikerpe, Lauri


    Heliplaatidest: Stereotyp "Keepin' Me", Bent "Intercept!", The Mars Volta "Amputechture", X-press 2 "Makeshift Feelgood", Kosmikud "Pulmad ja matused", Beck "The Information", Ursula "Armastan end aeglaselt", Envy "Insomniac Doze", Joe Colley & Jason Lescalleet "Annihilate This Week"

  12. 75 FR 38597 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Diabetes Mellitus


    ..., Duane C. Jackson, John J. Long, Jerry A. McMurdy, Steven L. Miller, Joe E. Montoya, Jonathan A. Morisoli.... Tomasik, Leonard D. Tournear, Booker T. Ware and Joseph H. Watkins, from the ITDM standard in 49 CFR 391...

  13. Arvustused / Mihkel Raud

    Raud, Mihkel


    Uute plaatide Joe Satriani "Engines of Creation", "Scream 3 The Album", Sole, "Skin Deep", Sisqo "Unleash The Dragon", "The Sopranos - Music From The HBO Original Series", "Space Age Playboys", Statix-X "Wisconsin Death Trip", Tan Dun "2000 Today" tutvustus

  14. Perception and Practice of Periodic Medical Checkup by Traders in ...

    Eke CO , Eke NO , Joe-Ikechebelu NN , Okoye. SC. ABSTRACT ... secondary school education and 1.2% had post secondary ... Age, gender and educational status were found not to ... to benefit maximally from periodic medical checkups.

  15. Anthropometric and Biochemical Profiles of Black South African ...

    Rev Dr Olaleye

    Anthropometric and biochemical profiles were determined according to standard methods. From the ... Email: ... 995 plots, Pahameng 1 711, Joe Slovo 1 359, and. Botchabela 2 ...... York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Steyn K ...

  16. Healthcare beyond reform: doing it right for half the cost

    Flower, Joe


    .... In Healthcare Beyond Reform: Doing It Right for Half the Cost, Joe Flower, a well respected healthcare futurist and industry thought leader, lays out his compelling practical vision of how healthcare can work better, and how we...

  17. Popmuusika / Valner Valme

    Valme, Valner, 1970-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Starsailor "On The Outside", Alabama "The Essential", Sean Paul "The Trinity", Nils Landgren & Joe Sample "Creole Love Call", Millionaire "Paradisiac", Kashmir "No Balance Palace", Bonnie Raitt "Souls Alike"

  18. Concentrating on the Enemy: The Transformation Under-Fire of Former Regime Militias into Post-Conflict Guerrillas

    Western, Charles A


    ... (Mobilisation Resistance Force) militia in the event of a war with Iran. The author uses Dr. Joe Strange's method of identifying the "center of gravity" and consequent critical vulnerabilities overlaying a System of Systems Analysis (SoSA) framework...

  19. Jõulueelne tähesadu / Christel Karits

    Karits, Christel, 1966-


    Kontsertidest: Ace Of Base 28. nov. Tallinna linnahallis, Enrique Iglesias 30. nov., Foreigner ja AliceCooper 2. dets. ja Joe Cocker 6. dets. Saku Suurhallis, Bryan Adams 5. dets. Eesti Näituste messikeskuses

  20. CIOs mangler fundamentale egenskaber for at lede den digitale transformation

    Bjørn-Andersen, Niels


    CIOs er dårligt rustet til at gå i spidsen for digital disruption og innovation, advarer den internationale topforsker Joe Peppard med afsæt i analyse af mere end 200 CIO-s personligheder......CIOs er dårligt rustet til at gå i spidsen for digital disruption og innovation, advarer den internationale topforsker Joe Peppard med afsæt i analyse af mere end 200 CIO-s personligheder...

  1. Implementing Effective Affordability Constraints for Defense Acquisition Programs


    version that appears in the Pentagon Digital Library at See also Joe Ferrara , “DOD’s 5000 Documents...costs.16 E. MIDS MIDS is a multinational (United States, France, Germany, Italy , Spain) cooperative development program with U.S. Joint Service...Congressional Research Service, 15 January 2014. Ferrara , Joe. “DOD’s 5000 Documents: Evolution and Change in Defense Acquisition Policy.” Acquisition

  2. Художественно-эстетическая специфика использования фортепиано в акустическом пространстве киномузыки Джо Хисаиши

    Zaytseva, Marina; Titova, Tatiana


    The article explains the problems of music functioning in the media text system, analyzes the stages of the creative collaboration of composer Joe Hisaishi and director Hayao Miyazaki in the creation of animated films, highlights the most important events in the biography of artists. On the example of the animated film "Spirited Away" (2001), the peculiarities of interaction of music, voice and video in the series are revealed, the role of the piano in the acoustic space of film music by Joe ...

  3. Do-gooder derogation in children: The social costs of generosity

    Arber eTasimi


    Full Text Available Generosity is greatly valued and admired, but can it sometimes be unappealing? The current study investigated 8- to 10-year-old children’s (N=128 preference for generous individuals, and the effects of social comparison on their preferences. In Experiment 1, children showed a strong preference for a generous to a stingy child; however, this preference was significantly reduced in a situation that afforded children a comparison of their own (lesser generosity to that of another child. In Experiment 2, children’s liking for a generous individual was not reduced when that individual was an adult, suggesting that similarity in age influences whether a child engages in social comparison. These findings indicate that, by middle childhood, coming up short in comparison with a peer can decrease one’s liking for a generous individual.

  4. Promoting cooperation and trust in "noisy" situations: the power of generosity.

    Klapwijk, Anthon; Van Lange, Paul A M


    The authors present an interdependence theoretical framework and advance the argument that generosity serves the important purpose of communicating trust, which is assumed to be of utmost importance to coping with incidents of negative noise (i.e., when the other every now and then behaves less cooperatively than intended). Using a new social dilemma task (the parcel delivery paradigm), it was hypothesized that incidents of negative noise would exert detrimental effects on trust and trust-related judgments and experiences, as well as cooperation, and that relative to tit for tat and self-regarding strategies (stingy or unconditionally cooperative strategies), other-regarding strategies (i.e., unconditional cooperation and generosity) would be more effective at reducing such as detrimental effects. Results from 2 studies provided strong support for these hypotheses, suggesting that the power of generosity is underestimated in the extant literature, especially in its ability to maintain or build trust, which is essential for coping with noise.

  5. Parametric and non-parametric approach for sensory RATA (Rate-All-That-Apply) method of ledre profile attributes

    Hastuti, S.; Harijono; Murtini, E. S.; Fibrianto, K.


    This current study is aimed to investigate the use of parametric and non-parametric approach for sensory RATA (Rate-All-That-Apply) method. Ledre as Bojonegoro unique local food product was used as point of interest, in which 319 panelists were involved in the study. The result showed that ledre is characterized as easy-crushed texture, sticky in mouth, stingy sensation and easy to swallow. It has also strong banana flavour with brown in colour. Compared to eggroll and semprong, ledre has more variances in terms of taste as well the roll length. As RATA questionnaire is designed to collect categorical data, non-parametric approach is the common statistical procedure. However, similar results were also obtained as parametric approach, regardless the fact of non-normal distributed data. Thus, it suggests that parametric approach can be applicable for consumer study with large number of respondents, even though it may not satisfy the assumption of ANOVA (Analysis of Variances).

  6. Cine Club

    Cine Club


    Thursday 21 February 2013 at 20:00 CERN Main Auditorium Joe Strummer : The Future is Unwritten Directed by Julien Temple (Ireland/UK, 2007) With:  Joe Strummer, Steve Jones, Mick Jones Original version english; 124 minutes As the front man of the Clash from 1977 onwards, Joe Strummer changed people’s lives forever. Four years after his death, his influence reaches out around the world, more strongly now than ever before. In “The Future Is Unwritten”, from British film director Julien Temple, Joe Strummer is revealed not just as a legend or musician, but as a true communicator of our times. Drawing on both a shared punk history and the close personal friendship which developed over the last years of Joe’s life, Julien Temple’s film is a celebration of Joe Strummer - before, during and after the Clash. For information: Projection from DVD – entrance 2 CHF

  7. Sonobuoy-Based, 3-D Acoustic Characterization of Shallow-Water Environments


    10.1109/JOE.2014.2362838, ( IEEE Xplore Early Access, 4 Dec 2014)]. For each type of buoy, the eigenvalues at 50, 75, 125, and 175 Hz were used as input...using sonobuoys,” IEEE J. Ocean. Eng., vol. 40, no. 3, pp. 607-620, Jul. 2015 (DOI: 10.1109/JOE.2014.2362838, ( IEEE Xplore Early Access, 4 Dec al, “Modal mapping experiment and geoacoustic inversion using sonobuoys,” IEEE J. Ocean. Eng., vol. 40, no. 3, pp. 607- 620, Jul. 2015 (DOI

  8. Take control of upgrading to Snow Leopard

    Kissell, Joe


    Installing a major new version of Mac OS X should be exciting and fun, but without proper guidance you may find it nerve-wracking or even risk losing valuable files. Fortunately, many thousands of people have upgraded Mac OS X calmly and successfully with Joe Kissell's previous best-selling Take Control of Upgrading... titles. Joe's friendly, expert steps-developed over innumerable test installations-help you to avoid trouble, understand what's going on when you install Snow Leopard, and easily recover from problem

  9. Learning, knowing and being in the world: postformalism, Einstein, and lessons from a kid named Larry

    Steinberg, Shirley R.


    I describe how Joe Kincheloe experienced learning from a peer during his pre-school life only to see how his friend was unable to succeed at school. Joe's commitment to empowered cognition was grounded first, by his friend, Larry's mentorship—teaching him the environmental nuances of the mountains in rural Tennessee, and secondly, the contradiction of schooling being unable to afford learning for Larry. This article discusses how Kincheloe became a scholar, the salience of Einstein's work with his own, and the evolution of his research and scholarship. Examples of Kincheloe's work addressed are: postformalism, bricolage, critical theory, and alternative knowledges, and how this work has contributed to science education.

  10. Work on CMS Muon Detector (CSCs) during Long Shutdown 1

    Lapka, Marzena


    These U.S. physicists made crucial contributions in preparing new electronics in the CMS effort to refurbish the first layer of the muon detector endcap. This effort recently passed a major review, suggesting the project is on track to be part of the experiment when detector operations resumes in early 2015. From left to right: Wells Wulsin (Oklahoma State), Nick Amin (Texas A&M), Indara Suarez (Texas A&M), Shalhout Shalhout (UC Davis), Joe Haley (Northeastern), Michael Gardner (UC Davis), and Justin Pilot (UC Davis). Inset: Joe Golf (left) and Manuel Franco Sevilla, both of UC Santa Barbara.

  11. A Bibliographic Database for the History of Pilot Training Selection


    pan 45966a33091 ). . "Uncle Joe" (J.F. Kerman)of the Knights of Columbus giving chocolate to Marie...Miscellaneous Coll. - Roy Coles Album 73.170 Title: ’Uncle Joe’ (J.F. Kerman) of the Knights of Columbus giving chocolate to Marie Chausson of La Besage...Tice, S. N., & James, E. J. (2005). The Aviator. Journal of Feminist Family Therapy , 17(1), 72- 74. Reviews the Martin Scorse movie, The Aviator

  12. Developing Senior Leaders’ Family and Social Strength in the Operational Army


    April 2007): 87. 19 Joe Doty & Jeff Fenlason, “ Narcissism and Toxic Leaders,” Military Review Online, (January-February 2013): 55-60. 20...Generations at Work (New York, NY: Amacom, 2010). 40Justin Menkes, “ Narcissism : The Difference Between High Achievers and Leaders,” Harvard Business

  13. Popmuusika / Valner Valme

    Valme, Valner, 1970-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Keane "Under The Iron Sea", DJ Krush "Stepping Stones", Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid De Los Austrias "Grand Slam", The Zutons "Tired Of Hanging Around", Radio 4 "Enimies Like This", mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris "All The roadrunning", Joe Satriani "Super Colossal", "17 Pictures", Urban Delights "Revolution"

  14. RSM Outlook Summer 2013 : Making Business Social

    J. Whittern (Justine); D. Schreiner (Dorine)


    markdownabstract#### Improving the impact of social business (Rebecca Morris) Business is a powerful tool for solving social problems. However, more businesses need to focus on social issues if a greater impact is to be achieved. #### The business of social media (Joe Figueiredo) From blogs

  15. Nanotube Interactions with Nanoparticles and Peptides


    Professor Jim Brody for the collaboration, his assistant Joe for the instructions on bioexperiments, Kirsty Salmon in the lab of ORU Genomics...suspension were deposited onto the patterned photoresist. After spinning on the suspension at 3400 rpm for 40 seconds, and after a 100 C 20 minute bake , lift

  16. Quaestiones Mathematicae - Vol 26, No 4 (2003)

    The metric theory of the tensor products (Grothendieck's Résumé Revisited) Part 5: Injective and projective tensor norms · EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Joe Diestel, Jan Fourie, Johan Swart, 479-499 ...

  17. RJR Nabisco's cartoon camel promotes camel cigarettes to children.

    DiFranza, J R; Richards, J W; Paulman, P M; Wolf-Gillespie, N; Fletcher, C; Jaffe, R D; Murray, D


    To determine if RJR Nabisco's cartoon-theme advertising is more effective in promoting Camel cigarettes to children or to adults. To determine if children see, remember, and are influenced by cigarette advertising. Use of four standard marketing measures to compare the effects of Camel's Old Joe cartoon advertising on children and adults. High school students, grades 9 through 12, from five regions of the United States, and adults, aged 21 years and over, from Massachusetts. Recognition of Camel's Old Joe cartoon character, product and brand name recall, brand preference, appeal of advertising themes. Children were more likely to report prior exposure to the Old Joe cartoon character (97.7% vs 72.2%; P less than .0001). Children were better able to identify the type of product being advertised (97.5% vs 67.0%; P less than .0001) and the the Camel cigarette brand name (93.6% vs 57.7%; P less than .0001). Children also found the Camel cigarette advertisements more appealing (P less than .0001). Camel's share of the illegal children's cigarette market segment has increased from 0.5% to 32.8%, representing sales estimated at $476 million per year. Old Joe Camel cartoon advertisements are far more successful at marketing Camel cigarettes to children than to adults. This finding is consistent with tobacco industry documents that indicate that a major function of tobacco advertising is to promote and maintain tobacco addiction among children.

  18. Competitive Robotics Brings out the Best in Students

    Caron, Darrell


    This article features Advanced Competitive Science (ACS), a two-year course introduced by a science teacher, Joe Pouliot, in 2004 at Trinity High School in Manchester, New Hampshire. More than a traditional STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) course, ACS harnesses the excitement of robotics competitions to promote student…

  19. 77 FR 65397 - Federal Property Suitable as Facilities To Assist the Homeless


    ... accessibility/removal Arkansas Silver Hill Rock House Buffalo Nat'l River St. Joe AR 72875 Landholding Agency... sf.; 12 mons. vacant; residential; extensive mold; holes in interior/exterior; rodent infested; leaky...; rodent infested; leaky roof; secured area; contact Interior for info. on accessibility/ removal Tract...

  20. Policy, Power, and Predicaments: Negotiating Boundaries of Sexual Health and Curricular Leadership

    Dolder-Holland, Tiffany; Whiteman, Rodney S.; Fetter-Harrott, Alli


    Joe McGinnis, principal of Jackson High School, is caught in the conflict between community values, parents' rights, teacher speech, public health policy, and his own positioning within the community and faculty. He must decide whether and how to discipline a teacher and former mentor who, in the absence of a clear school district policy, supplied…

  1. Buying Green

    Layng, T. V. Joe


    In "Buying Green," Joe Layng recognizes that, like all choices we make, our decisions as consumers are more likely to be influenced by their short-term consequences for us as individuals (price, quality) than they are by their long-term consequences for society (environmental impact). He believes that the equation can be tilted in favor of greener…

  2. D/B/F 98: Final Report Of the AIAA Student Aircraft Design, Build & Fly Competition


    Melissa Clarke Airframe, CAD Pieter-Jan Dejaeghere Electrics, Motor Table 2.2. Project Schedule & Timing Milestone Planned Date (month /week) Actual...Shoemaker, Group Head Tom Scarberry Group Flight Test Members: Pete Cooke, Group Head Michael Benkert Joe Giordano Brandon Richards Faculty

  3. Ela ja sära - setu pitsist ekvaatorireisini / Andres Keil

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Eesti Kultuurkapitali "Ela ja sära" stipendiumi laureaadid kirjanik Eeva Park, kunstnik Kai Kaljo, sporditeadlane Joe Noormets, näitleja Kersti Kreismann, pitsikunstnik Ulve Kangro, režissöör Marko Raat, disainer Tarmo Luisk ja helilooja Urmas Sisask oma loomingulistest plaanidest

  4. Shock Wave Dynamics of Novel Aluminized Detonations and Empirical Model for Temperature Evolution from Post-Detonation Combustion Fireballs


    initially spherical shape into a mushroom shaped cloud. During his model development, Kansa also expresses the vertical speed of the top boundary of the...Vita Lieutenant Colonel Joe Motos Gordon was born in Manila, Philippines and grew up in the rice farming town of Minalabac in the Camarines Sur

  5. The National Shipbuilding Research Program: Solid Waste Segregation and Recycling


    decreasing landfill space, legislated recycling goals are being set, and your institution is expected to comply. The letter indicates that all...Larry Krull, (800) 837-3398, landfill covers, liners, and cap systems Canadian Forest Products, Ltd., New Westminister , BC, Joe Hargitt, (604) 520-9327

  6. Antiviral Drugs: Seasonal Flu


    In this podcast, Dr. Joe Bresee explains the nature of antiviral drugs and how they are used for seasonal flu.  Created: 9/29/2010 by National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).   Date Released: 9/29/2010.

  7. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Surface enhanced Raman spectra of the organic nonlinear optic material: Methyl 3-(4-methoxy phenyl)prop-2-enoate. D Sajan I Hubert Joe ... The absence of a C-H stretching vibrations and the observed C-H out-of-plane bending modes suggest that the MMP molecule may be adsorbed in a flat on orientation to the surface.

  8. Armed Forces 1996 Equal Opportunity Survey: Administration, Datasets, and Codebook


    Distribution Unlimited 19990712 025 Defense Manpower Data Center Survey & Program Evaluation Division 1600 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 400, Arlington, VA 22209...Texas at Austin), John Dovidio ( Colgate University), Joe Feagin (University of Florida), Jennifer Hochschild (Princeton University), James Jones... consumer -credit-information databases. Social security numbers of sample members with incomplete or out-of-date address information were forwarded to

  9. Divided dreamworlds? The cultural cold war in East and West

    Romijn, P.; Scott-Smith, G.; Segal, J.


    While the divide between capitalism and communism, embodied in the image of the Iron Curtain, seemed to be as wide and definitive as any cultural rift, Giles Scott-Smith, Joes Segal, and Peter Romijn have compiled a selection of essays on how culture contributed to the blurring of ideological

  10. The applications of sisal fibre-based materials in the built environment: opportunities for South Africa

    Dlungwana, Sihle


    Full Text Available of sisal fibre-based materials in the built environment: opportunities for South Africa Sihle Dlungwana, Joe Mapiravana, Naa Lamkai Ampofo-Anti and Nozonke Dumani Introduction: The building sector represented the largest uptake globally of natural fibre...

  11. Imagination and the Humanities in Honors across the Disciplines at a Jesuit University

    Kraus, Joe


    Not every student has done honors work in the humanities, but all students experience research at a human level that necessarily recalls the work of the humanities. This article describes how Joe Kraus, a professor of literature at the University of Scranton, was inspired to see applied humanities in stories of human experiences, which helped him…

  12. Preparing for the Season (A Cup of Health with CDC)


    Flu season starts in the fall and goes through the spring, typically peaking between January and March in the United States. In this podcast, Dr. Joe Bresee discusses the importance of getting vaccinated against the flu every year.  Created: 12/8/2016 by MMWR.   Date Released: 12/8/2016.

  13. A Transactional Approach to "Sing" by Raposo and Lichtenheld

    Cardany, Audrey Berger


    Tom Lichtenheld shares a new story of the power of music by illustrating Joe Raposo's classic "Sesame Street" song "Sing." In addition to lesson suggestions for general music classes, a discussion of and application to the theory of transactional reading are included.

  14. Sweating Like a Pig: Physics or Irony?

    Bohren, Craig F.


    In his interesting and informative book "Is That a Fact?," Joe Schwarcz avers that pigs do not sweat and the saying "sweating like a pig" originates in iron smelting. Oblong pieces of hot iron, with a fancied resemblance to a sow with piglets, cool in sand to the dew point of the surrounding air, and hence water condenses on…

  15. 77 FR 6013 - Drawbridge Operation Regulations; Cheesequake Creek, Morgan, NJ


    ... Federal holidays. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: If you have questions on this rule, call or email Mr. Joe Arca, Project Officer, First Coast Guard District, [email protected] , or (212) 668-7165. If you have questions on viewing the docket, call Renee V. Wright, Program Manager, Docket Operations...

  16. The Bard in the Bathroom: Literary Analysis, Filmmaking, and Shakespeare

    Bucolo, Joe


    Drawing on the expertise of colleagues in technology and filmmaking, high school teacher Joe Bucolo helps students demonstrate the critical comprehension, mastery, and creative insight that transpire from close study of Shakespeare's plays. Production Teams examine the context and language of Shakespeare's scenes, interview an expert, and address…

  17. On the Art Career Track: Behold... the Cow as Art

    Osterer, Irv


    Cows have been a favorite subject for many artists, including Canadian artist Joe Fafard. In this article, grade 11 graphic-design students do a series of exercises in their sketchbooks using the cow motif. Each exercise was designed to have students move from traditional pictures of the dairy cow to more eclectic visual solutions. Eight…

  18. Getting into the Game.

    Frase-Blunt, Martha


    Discusses how Hispanic athletes fare in professional sports. Lee Trevino, Pablo Morales, Mary Joe Fernandez, and Luis R. Mayoral discuss the importance of education, socioeconomic barriers to success, racism in sports, the adjustment of Hispanic athletes to U.S. culture, and planning for a career after sports. (LP)

  19. Quality Systems Manual (QSM) Version 5: Update


    Rei Mao; Charles Stoner  Air Force: John (Seb) Gillette  DOE: Joe Pardue; Todd Hardt  Contractor: Alyssa Wingard Questions ??? We have answers* Do...labs must be approved by appropriate DOE representative • Outsourced QS elements (such as data review) must comply with the standard and are subject to

  20. Reading presence and absence in Fax from Sarajevo’s rape narrative

    in ‘t Veld, L. (Laurike)


    textabstractIn Joe Kubert’s Fax from Sarajevo, the chapter ‘The Rape Camp’ deals with the mass rape of women by Serb troops during the Bosnian War. Kubert’s rape narrative displays a tension between presence and absence that is analysed on different (extra)textual levels. Formally, the two

  1. Briti filmiakadeemia nimetas parimaks "Lepituse"


    Briti filmiakdeemia auhinnad tehti teatavaks 10. veebruaril : parim film "Lepitus" (režii Joe Wright), parim režissöör Ethan ja Joel Coen ("Ei ole maad vanadele meestele"), parim meesnäitlelja Daniel Day-Lewis, naisnäitleja Marion Cotillard, parim muukeelne film "Teiste elu" (Saksamaa)

  2. 76 FR 20006 - Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Sun Valley to...


    ... District Office, Hassayampa Field Office, Attention: Joe Incardine/Sun Valley-Morgan Project, 21605 North... include steel monopole or lattice structures between 135- and 195-feet tall, with spans between structures... identified the following preliminary issues: visual, desert tortoise and other desert wildlife. Before...

  3. Bayou Vista: A Market-Driven Development

    Izzo, G. Martin; Teal, Elisabeth J.


    The case touches on several areas of marketing: ethics, sales issues, conflicts of interest, marketing forecasts, and issues of pricing. Joe Brice, the visionary and real estate broker for a 36-lot subdivision of moderately priced single-family homes targeting the $190,000 to $260,000 range, seems to have identified an unmet housing market,…

  4. REMEMBERING JOSEPHAT M. MATHE (30/5/47 – 23/4/13)



    Apr 23, 2013 ... Joe worked with IFSW on various committees, including the six-year project to ... during the 1990s and in planning to hold the 2002 IFSW World Conference in ... Prize for Best Social Work Student which he would be willing to ...

  5. P. W. Botha and the Space Research Corporation: Clandestine Operations and the Rise of a New Order in South Africa.


    in exile, leadership of the SON quickly passed to Joe Slovo, a uhite meber of the SACP. [241 Slovo uas married to Ruth First daughter of the founder of...region. [643 UNITA, liKe SLARPO, derived its support among the Ovambos in the region. By Spring 1975, the South African military had organized a ’ Zulu

  6. Jevrosojuz proigrõvajet norvezhskim rõbakam / Karina Vabson

    Vabson, Karina


    Euroopa Komisjoni kalanduse ja merenduse volinik Joe Borg väidab, et kalapüük Euroopa Liidus ei ole konkurentsivõimeline Norraga tänu kõrgetele hindadele ja vananenud tehnoloogiale. Tallinnas toimunud konverentsist "Euroopa Liidu kalanduspoliitika mõju Eestile"

  7. Computer-Assisted Eye Examination: Background and Prospects.


    comiputer would tutor the patient h~ tumanlj Intersiewer dJoes, when he has the time, patience, and( inclination. it h nipt’ler acs-histor% taker...4ra Phtrwl Pharma (di %ederl 14. tahir’jnn R i 9)sl The averaged electrical response to diffuse and to patterned light in the human Elc- n, . n %eiur

  8. High Flight: History of the U.S. Air Force Academy


    Modern Language Review/La Revue Canadienne des Langues Vivantes 64.1 (2007): 39-67. Gowaskie, Joe. "The Teaching of World History: A Status Report...Modern Language Review/La Revue Canadienne des Langues Vivantes 64.1 (2007): 39-67. Godrey, Mark F., Bruce A. Smith and Jock C.H. Schwank. "Visual

  9. Nutritional status of preschool children in informal settlement areas near Bloemfontein, South Africa.

    Dannhauser, A; Bester, C; Joubert, G; Badenhorst, P; Slabber, M; Badenhorst, A; Du Toit, E; Barnard, H; Botha, P; Nogabe, L


    To determine the nutritional status and household resources of preschool children. A cross-sectional survey. : Two informal settlement areas, Joe Slovo (JS) and JB Mafora (JBM) in Mangaung, near Bloemfontein, South Africa. Preschool children (poor household situation of the participants. The generally poor nutritional status and environmental conditions emphasize the urgency of intervention for these children.

  10. United States Army Special Operations Forces and Building Enduring Partner Enabler Capacity in Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines


    Monograph Director Christopher Marsh, Ph.D. , Seminar Leader Christopher T. Drew, COL, EN , Director, School of Advanced Military...56Robert Nolan , “Terror in the Philippines,” Foreign Policy Association Newsletter, 6 March 2003; Charles H. Briscoe...2007. Moroney, Jennifer, Beth Grill, Joe Hogler, Lianne Kennedy-Boudali, and Christopher Paul. How Successful Are US Efforts to Build Capacity in

  11. Candidate gene markers for Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus for ...

    Madhugiri Nageswara-Rao1 2 Mike Irey3 Stephen M Garnsey1 Siddarame Gowda1. University of Florida, IFAS, Citrus Research and Education Center, 700 Experiment Station Road, Lake Alfred, FL 33850, USA; Department of Plant Sciences, The University of Tennessee, 252 Ellington Plant Sciences, 2431 Joe Johnson ...

  12. Don't Get, Don't Spread: Seasonal Flu


    In this podcast, Dr. Joe Bresee describes how to keep from getting the seasonal flu and spreading it to others.  Created: 9/29/2010 by National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).   Date Released: 9/29/2010.

  13. Warning Signs: Seasonal Flu


    In this podcast, Dr. Joe Bresee describes the main symptoms of seasonal flu and when it is serious enough to seek medical help.  Created: 9/29/2010 by National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).   Date Released: 9/29/2010.

  14. Take Three: Seasonal Flu


    In this podcast, Dr. Joe Bresee describes how to keep from getting seasonal flu and spreading it to others by taking these three steps.  Created: 9/29/2010 by National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).   Date Released: 9/29/2010.

  15. Biographies Notices biographiques


    Joe Karaganis is vice president at The American Assembly at Columbia University. His work focuses on the relationship between digital convergence and cultural production, and has recently included research on broadband adoption, data policy, and media piracy. He is the editor of The Politics of Open. Source Adoption ...

  16. Community Colleges Today

    Crawford, Corinne; Jervis, Angela


    Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Joe Biden's wife, has been teaching in community colleges for the past 18 years. Dr. Biden believes that community colleges are "…uniquely American institutions where anyone who walks through the door is one step closer to realizing the American dream." This is an inspiring sentiment. However, of all the…

  17. Rock, rawk ja indie : Sound / Märt Milter

    Milter, Märt


    Uutest plaatidest Ugly Kid Joe "As Ugly As It Gets", Theaudience "theaudience", Del Amitri "Hatful Of Rain.Best Of", Terrovision "Shaving Peaches", Babybird "Theres Something Going On", Rob Zombie "Hellbilly Deluxe", The Dandys "Symphonic Screams", H.I.M."Greatest Lovesongs Vol.666"

  18. RSO Characterization with Photometric Data Using Machine Learning


    RSO Characterization with Photometric Data Using Machine Learning Michael Howard Charles River Analytics, Inc. Bernie Klem SASSO, Inc. Joe...and its behavior. This paper explores object characterization methods using photometric data. An important property of RSO photometric signatures is... photometric signature include geometry, orientation, material characteristics and stability. For this reason, it should be possible to recover these

  19. Genesis of a Joint Gallery of Sport Art.

    Kozar, Andrew J.


    The University of Pennsylvania's dual sport art gallery showcases the work of R. Taft McKenzie and Joe Brown, two of the premier sport artists of our time. This article briefly outlines the artists' careers and describes the planning which led to establishment of the gallery. (IAH)

  20. Bagatellid : maailm / Mirjam Tally

    Tally, Mirjam, 1976-


    Lahkus Joe Zawinul (1932 - 2007). Wigmore Hall panustab uudisloomingule. New York City Opera hooaja 2009/10 peamänedzheriks Gerard Mortier. Philip Glassi ooperi "Appomatox" esietendus San Franciscos. Rostropovitshi ja Vishnevskaja kunstikogu leidid omaniku. Kanada muuseum of Civilization avas näituse Glenn Gouldist. Praemium Imperiale auhind Daniel Barenboimile

  1. 75 FR 25919 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Diabetes Mellitus


    ... diabetic retinopathy. He holds a Class A CDL from North Dakota. Joe E. Montoya Mr. Montoya, 73, has had... drive a CMV safely. Mr. Montoya meets the requirements of the vision standard at 49 CFR 391.41(b)(10.... Joseph H. Watkins Mr. Watkins, 57, has had ITDM since 2009. His endocrinologist examined him in 2010 and...

  2. Martinus Justinus Godefriedus Veltman visits the CMS experiment

    Hoch, Michael


    Martinus Justinus Godefriedus Veltman is a Dutch theoretical physicist. He shared the 1999 Nobel Prize in physics with his former student Gerardus 't Hooft for their work on particle theory. He visited on the 18/09/2012 the CMS experiment at CERN / Cessy. He was guided in the experimental cavern by the CMS spokesperson Joe Incandela.

  3. Inglismaal jagati taas D&AD auhindu


    Keskkonnakujunduse kategoorias tõsteti 2007. a. esile: Heathrow Terminal 5 klubi (arhitektid Chris Bagot, Oliver Salway, disainerid Joe Ferry, Emma Lally, Monique van der Hurk, Hillary Clark jt.), Lohringi metroojaam Bohumis (Rübsamen & Partner, kunstnikud Eva-Maria Joeressen, Klaus Kessner), kauplus Freitag Zürichis (arhitektid Harald Echsle, Annette Spillmann, disainerid Daniel ja Markus Freitag)

  4. Phalanx. Volume 47, Number 1


    coordinator, Dr. Joe Adams (, with your ideas, questions, or comments. The Special Session lineup promises to be very interesting...Doctrinal Publication US Army Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) Army Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures 5-0.1 USMC Marine Corps Planning

  5. Ether the nothing that connects everything

    Milutis, Joe


    In Ether, the histories of the unseen merge with discussions of the technology of electromagnetism. Navigating more than three hundred years of the ether''s cultural and artistic history, Joe Milutis reveals its continuous reinvention and tangible impact without ever losing sight of its ephemeral, elusive nature. The true meaning of ether, Milutis suggests, may be that it can never be fully grasped.

  6. 2x Ben Affleck / Laurence Lumiere

    Lumiere, Laurence


    Põnevusfilm "Hollywoodland" : režissöör Allen Coulter : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2006 ja põnevuskomöödia "Äss mättasse" ("Smokin' Aces") : režissöör Joe Carnahan : Suurbritannia - Prantsusmaa - Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007. Mõlemas mängib Ben Affleck

  7. Pop / Priit Hõbemägi

    Hõbemägi, Priit, 1957-


    Heliplaatidest: Tony Joe White "Deep Cuts", Ray LaMontagne "Gossip In The Grain", Mogwai "The Hawk Is Howling", Kaiser Chiefs "Off With Their Heads", Static-X "Cannibal Killers Live", Hector Zazou "Corps Electriques", Hector Zazou & Swara "In the House of Mirrors", "Ladyhawke", "Friendly Fires"

  8. C : disainialfabeet / Kai Lobjakas

    Lobjakas, Kai, 1975-


    Andmeid disainerite kohta: Archille Castiglioni (1918-2002), Antonio Citterio (s. 1950), Luigi Colani (s. 1928), Joe Colombo (1930-1971), Terence Conran (s.1931). Briti disainerite Clare Page (s. 1975) ja Harry Richardsoni (s. 1975) firmast Committee. Cranbrooki kunstiakadeemiast USA-s

  9. Honored Teacher Shows Commitment.

    Ratte, Kathy


    Part of the acceptance speech of the 1985 National Council for the Social Studies Teacher of the Year, this article describes the censorship experience of this honored social studies teacher. The incident involved the showing of a videotape version of the feature film entitled "The Seduction of Joe Tynan." (JDH)

  10. China’s Defense Industry on the Path of Reform


    the fields of electronics and information systems integration. The company conducts some business as a franchise seller of electronics products...airbus_in_china.html. 86 Joe McDonald , “Chinese Aircraft Maker to Recruit Foreign Managers,” Associated Press, February 25, 2009, available at: http

  11. Formulation of a Product Containing the Multifunctional Corrosion Inhibitor System DNBM


    Ammonium Molybdate (M).. 4 Contract No. N62269-85-C-0218 Report No. NADC-90049-80 Table 2 ANALYSIS OF QUARTERNARY AMMONIUM MOLYBDATE (M) I TOTAL ISO I...Reynolds Metals Company Arlington, VA 22209 Metallurgy Laboratory P.O. Box 27003 Dr. Joe H. Payer ............... I Richmond, VA 23261 Dept. of Metallurgy

  12. Perception and Practice of Periodic Medical Checkup by Traders in ...

    CO Eke, NO Eke, NN Joe-Ikechebelu, SC Okoye ... population in south eastern Nigeria and are expected to benefit from periodic medical checkup. ... as well as the influence of age, gender and educational status on its practice in this group.

  13. Vpreddverii nastojashtshego prazdnika... / Jevgeni Levik

    Levik, Jevgeni


    USA komöödiafilmid "Raju reede" ("Freaky Friday") : režissöör Mark Waters ja "Looney Tunes tegutseb jälle" ("Looney Tunes Back In Action") : Joe Dante. Viimases on animatsioon koos tegutsevate näitlejatega

  14. Spatial change phenomena in SA – explorations and innovations

    Van Niekerk, Willemien


    Full Text Available We would like to dedicate this special edition to our beloved colleague and friend, Maria Joe Coetzee who passed away on 2 November 2014. The work depicted in this special edition is testimony of her visionary leadership, insightful contributions...

  15. Future manufacturing-towards a South African vision

    Mass Media


    Full Text Available Earlier this month a future manufacturing workshop presented by Dr Anthon Botha and Joe Manchu of Innovation Lab Pty Ltd and Lorraine Ngwenya of the Department of Science and Technology - was held at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria. Key roleplayers...

  16. Saksa filmilootusega tänavaelust ja hullusest / Robert Stadlober ; interv. Janno Zõbin

    Stadlober, Robert


    Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivalil näidatud saksa mängufilmis "Engel & Joe" (režissöör Vanessa Jopp) ühes peaosas esines festivali külastanud saksa näitleja Robert Stadlober (1982). Näitleja Engeli rollist ja oma elukogemusest, mis aitas seda rolli kehastada

  17. The Problem of Loyalty in Teaching Character

    Stoll, Sharon K.


    In the last year, two prominent, famous, and revered coaches, Jim Tressel and Joe Paterno, committed disastrous lapses of ethics. Both coaches preached that sport and athletics build character. They either taught ethics or leadership courses at their institutions or were exemplars of ethical behavior in their personal and professional lives. Both…

  18. Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology - Vol 88, No 1 (2017)

    DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Abdulmaula Hamza, Nicola Baccetti, Joe Sultana, Jaber Yahia, Marco Zantello, Adriano de Faveri, Nick Cutts, John Borg, Hichem Azafzaf, Pierre Defos du Rau, Esam Bourass, Khaled Etayeb, Michael Elliott, 53–58. ...

  19. Megawatt-Scale Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Testing of a Power Conversion Module for Naval Applications


    Carlton, Ryan Franzen, Christian Georgeff, James Helphrey, Donald Klick, William Mehlhorn, Andrew Nerbun, Stephen Peshman, David Powell, well as Rick Silverman of General Dynamics. The authors would like to thank Joe Borraccini and Sharon Beermann-Curtin of ONR for support during

  20. 76 FR 5505 - Airworthiness Directives; The Boeing Company Model 777-200 Series Airplanes


    ... partition software, the cabin area control panel (CACP) operational program software (OPS), the zone... receipt. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Joe Salameh, Aerospace Engineer, Systems and Equipment Branch...) core partition (CP) software, the cabin area control panel (CACP) operational program software (OPS...

  1. 76 FR 5503 - Airworthiness Directives; The Boeing Company Model 777-200 Series Airplanes


    ... software, as applicable; and making a change to the cabin services system (CSS) configuration database and... CONTACT: Joe Salameh, Aerospace Engineer, Systems and Equipment Branch, ANM-130S, FAA, Seattle Aircraft... operational program software. Installing cabin area control panel operational program software. Installing...


    ANTIANDROGENIC EFFECTS OF VINCLOZOLIN ON MALE RATS ARE PARTIALLY ATTENUATED BY TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATECynthia Wolf1,2 , Joe Ostby1, Jonathan Furr 1, Gerald A. LeBlanc2, and L. Earl Gray, Jr.11 US Environmental Protection Agency, NHEERL, RTD, RTP, NC 27711, 2 Departmen...


    Snyder, Richard A., Michael A. Lewis, Andreas Nocker and Joe E. Lepo. In press. Microbial Biofilms as Integrative Sensors of Environmental Quality. In: Estuarine Indicators Workshop Proceedings. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. 34 p. (ERL,GB 1198). Microbial biofilms are comple...

  4. Journal de la Recherche Scientifique de l'Université de Lomé ...

    Sites Internet: A n'utiliser que dans des cas exceptionnels ; préciser si possible les noms des auteurs et la date de consultation. [5] Smith, Joe, One of ... Inheriting the world: The atlas of children's health and environment. .... Privacy Statement.

  5. How Should We Assess the Fit of Rasch-Type Models? Approximating the Power of Goodness-of-Fit Statistics in Categorical Data Analysis

    Maydeu-Olivares, Alberto; Montano, Rosa


    We investigate the performance of three statistics, R [subscript 1], R [subscript 2] (Glas in "Psychometrika" 53:525-546, 1988), and M [subscript 2] (Maydeu-Olivares & Joe in "J. Am. Stat. Assoc." 100:1009-1020, 2005, "Psychometrika" 71:713-732, 2006) to assess the overall fit of a one-parameter logistic model…

  6. Congress OKs $2 Billion Boost for the NIH.


    President Donald Trump last week signed a $1.1 trillion spending bill for fiscal year 2017, including a welcome $2 billion boost for the NIH that will support former Vice President Joe Biden's Cancer Moonshot initiative, among other priorities. However, researchers who rely heavily on NIH grant funding remain concerned about proposed cuts for 2018. ©2017 American Association for Cancer Research.

  7. 78 FR 68019 - Performance Review Board Appointments


    ..., Arlean; Leonard, Joe; Linden, Ralph A.; Lippold, David; Lowe, Christopher S.; Lowe, Stephen O.; Maddux..., Michael; Nelson, Leiann H.; Willis, Brandon C.; Witt, Timothy; Worth, Thomas W. Food, Nutrition and...; Primrose, Edna; Ross, Robert H.; Salguero, Francisco. Rural Utilities Service Ackerman, Kenneth; Adams...

  8. 75 FR 54957 - Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision


    ... highway operating conditions: Rick A. Ervin, Stephen P. Goodall, John R. Kelly, Osvaldo R. Maldonado, Frank G. Merrill, Alberto Mireles, Jr., Montie Price, Daniel R. Rosas, David M. Sims, Stephen W... pounds for all or part of the 3-year period: Adam O. Carson, Joe H. Saine, Joseph W. Schmit. One...

  9. Temper tantrums

    ... a bad child. Shouting at or hitting your child will only make the situation worse. A quiet, peaceful response ... Emergency Medicine, Joe DiMaggio Childeren's Hospital, Hollywood, FL. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network. Also reviewed ... Child Development Read more ...

  10. The Technology Roadmap for Plant/Crop-Based Renewable Resources 2020


    Marta Bourke Calgon Carbon Corporation Joe Bozell National Renewable Energy Laboratory Kyd Brenner Corn Refiners Association Robert Brown Iowa State...Rowe Dow Chemical Company Colin Scanes Iowa State University Tom Schechinger Iron Horse Custom Farming LLC Sharon Shoemaker California Institute of Food

  11. Evidence of Impact: Examination of Evaluation Studies Published in the "Journal of Extension"

    Workman, Jeffrey D.; Scheer, Scott D.


    Research was conducted to explore the level of evidence of impact collected through program evaluation (outcome studies) by Extension as published in "JOE." Articles reviewed were those listed under the headings of "Feature Articles" and "Research in Brief" in 5-year increments (1965-69, 1975-79, 1985-89, 1995-99, and…

  12. PREDICT: Pattern Representation and Evaluation of Data Through Integration, Correlation and Transformation


    SB, Helbok R, et al. Cerebral perfusion pressure thresholds for brain tissue hypoxia and metabolic crisis after poor-grade subarachnoid hemorrhage...for future work. ALARMSMONITORINGDETAILED STATUS HOME Dove, J Doe, Joe Johnson, P. Myers, S Palli, H.Doe, E WBC Platelet Creatinine Lactic Acid AST

  13. The Binary Pulsar: Gravity Waves Exist.

    Will, Clifford


    Reviews the history of pulsars generally and the 1974 discovery of the binary pulsar by Joe Taylor and Russell Hulse specifically. Details the data collection and analysis used by Taylor and Hulse. Uses this discussion as support for Albert Einstein's theory of gravitational waves. (CW)

  14. CMS Young Researchers Award 2013 and Fundamental Physics Scholars Award from the CMS Experiment

    Lapka, Marzena


    Photo 2: CMS Fundamental Physics Scholars (FPSs) 1st prize: Joosep Pata, from Estonian National Institue of Chemical Physics and Biophysics / Photo 1 and 3: CMS Young Researchers Award. From left to right: Guido Tonelli, Colin Bernet, Andre David, Oliver Gutsche, Dmytro Kovalskyi, Andrea Petrucci, Joe Incandela and Jim Virdee

  15. Interwoven Story: A Narrative Study of Textiles as Educators

    Tremblay-Dion, Catherine-Laura


    Drawing from both narrative research and Joe Kincheloe's work of research bricolage this study inquired into how textiles have served as educator throughout my life. Weaving, as the earliest and most integral of textile fabrications, is particularly featured in this narrative inquiry. A loom, in its most basic form, consists of three components; a…

  16. After Higgins and Dunne: Imagining School Teaching as a Multi-Practice Activity

    Davies, Richard


    There remains a concern in philosophy of education circles to assert that teaching is a social practice. Its initiation occurs in a conversation between Alasdair MacIntyre and Joe Dunne which inspired a Special Issue of the "Journal of Philosophy of Education." This has been recently utilised in a further Special Issue by Chris Higgins.…

  17. 76 FR 9765 - National Coal Council


    ... DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY National Coal Council AGENCY: Department of Energy. ACTION: Notice of open meeting. SUMMARY: This notice announces a meeting of the National Coal Council (NCC). The Federal Advisory... Chairman Joe Hopf. Presentation by Coal Policy Committee Chairman Frank Blake on the findings and...

  18. List of Registered Participants


    Heald, George. ASTRON Hoeft, Matthias. Thueringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg Ishwara Chandra, C. H.. NCRA-TIFR Johnston-Hollitt, Melanie. School of Chemical & Physical Sciences. Jacob, Joe. Newman College.

  19. "In Honor of Excellence."

    Hughes, Anna May


    Spotlights seven outstanding secondary school theatre programs and their directors: Frank Bluestein, Germantown, TN; John Steele, Plano, TX; Joe Juliano, Hamden, CT; Jack Parkhurst, Ralston, NE; Robert Geuder (Thomas Jefferson High School) Cedar Rapids, IA; Judith Rethwisch (Affton High School) St. Louis, MO; and Henry Wicke (Packer Collegiate…

  20. 'Lazy' quantum ensembles

    Parfionov, George; Zapatrin, Roman


    We compare different strategies aimed to prepare an ensemble with a given density matrix ρ. Preparing the ensemble of eigenstates of ρ with appropriate probabilities can be treated as 'generous' strategy: it provides maximal accessible information about the state. Another extremity is the so-called 'Scrooge' ensemble, which is mostly stingy in sharing the information. We introduce 'lazy' ensembles which require minimal effort to prepare the density matrix by selecting pure states with respect to completely random choice. We consider two parties, Alice and Bob, playing a kind of game. Bob wishes to guess which pure state is prepared by Alice. His null hypothesis, based on the lack of any information about Alice's intention, is that Alice prepares any pure state with equal probability. Then, the average quantum state measured by Bob turns out to be ρ, and he has to make a new hypothesis about Alice's intention solely based on the information that the observed density matrix is ρ. The arising 'lazy' ensemble is shown to be the alternative hypothesis which minimizes type I error

  1. The fantastic language in “Coisas” – the rebellion needed

    Ana Marcia Alves Siqueira


    Full Text Available From the conception that the use of the fantastic constitutes a strategy of dialectical questions of reality to reflect, this work discusses the architecture of the fantastic language and its significant effects on the construction of the short story “Coisas” (Things, by José Saramago. The analysis of aesthetic artifices in the short story, such as the unusual and the absurd, aims to show the presence of methods of violence and persecution characteristic of the Salazarist dictatorship materialized in the stingy and rude oppression of the capitalist society that transforms everything into marketable objects. Finally, Saramago’s fantastic resource offers an interesting possibility of reading from the relationship between the meaningful tension of the sign, surfaced by the fantastic resource and the interlace occupied by objects and people in the Portuguese society post ‘Estado Novo’, working as a critical rupture of re-signification of reality with the intention to create another more lyrical and human.

  2. Fuentes pobres, métodos complejos. Producción agroganadera y sociedad en un área fronteriza del Río de la Plata tardocolonial: un análisis estadístico

    Djenderedjian, Julio César


    Full Text Available The economic analysis of frontier cases in Latin America often endures acute problems because of lack or stinginess of the sources. Here we will try to show how to extract full profit of a grain and livestock tithe register from present-day Argentine province of Entre Ríos, dated 1808-1809, not only valuable because of its rarity: that area had been experiencing a rapid economic growth in the previous decades, which probably anticipated the quick development of the argentine cattle economy on the first half of the XIX century.

    El estudio económico de casos de frontera en la América hispana colonial sufre a menudo por la pobreza y escasez de fuentes cuantitativas. Aquí trataremos de mostrar cómo logramos extraer utilidad de un registro de pago de diezmos de granos y ganado efectuado en la actual provincia argentina de Entre Ríos hacia 1808-1809, de valor no sólo por la absoluta excepcionalidad del documento, sino por tratarse de un área de rápido crecimiento agropecuario en las décadas previas, que podría haber sido un anticipo del desarrollo experimentado por la economía ganadera argentina en la primera mitad del siglo XIX.

  3. Sex Differences in Relationship Regret: The Role of Perceived Mate Characteristics

    Susan Coats


    Full Text Available The current set of studies examined regret involving action and inaction in the realm of romantic relationships by testing whether such regret is associated with the characteristics of one's mate. In study 1, 394 participants reported on a previous casual sexual encounter, and in study 2, 358 participants reported on a previous romantic relationship. In both, instances of actual engagement and instances of passing up opportunities were studied. Study 3 was experimental and elicited reactions to hypothetical scenarios from 201 participants. Regret reported by men in both study 1 and study 2 varied as a function of the perceived attractiveness of the participants' actual and potential mate. Regret reported by women in study 2 varied as a function of the perceived stinginess of the participant's mate and perceived wealth of the participants' potential mate. Study 3 found that sex differences in type of regret (with men regretting inaction more than women occurred only when the mate presented in the scenario was described in ways consistent with mate preferences. Together these findings suggest that regret differs between the sexes in ways consistent with sex differences in mate preferences.

  4. Cracking Bank PINs by Playing Mastermind

    Focardi, Riccardo; Luccio, Flaminia L.

    The bank director was pretty upset noticing Joe, the system administrator, spending his spare time playing Mastermind, an old useless game of the 70ies. He had fought the instinct of telling him how to better spend his life, just limiting to look at him in disgust long enough to be certain to be noticed. No wonder when the next day the director fell on his chair astonished while reading, on the newspaper, about a huge digital fraud on the ATMs of his bank, with millions of Euros stolen by a team of hackers all around the world. The article mentioned how the hackers had 'played with the bank computers just like playing Mastermind', being able to disclose thousands of user PINs during the one-hour lunch break. That precise moment, a second before falling senseless, he understood the subtle smile on Joe's face the day before, while training at his preferred game, Mastermind.

  5. From the CERN web: Collide@CERN, Fermilab neutrinos and more


    This new section highlights articles, blog posts and press releases published in the CERN web environment over the past weeks. This way, you won’t miss a thing...   Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. (Photo: Matthias H. Risse). Collide@CERN Ars Electronica Award goes to “Semiconductor” 10 August – Collide@CERN Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, two English artists collaborating under the name Semiconductor, are this year’s recipients of the Collide@CERN Ars Electronica Award. In the coming months, they will begin a two-month residency at CERN.  Continue to read…     Illustration: Fermilab/Sandbox Studio.   Fermilab experiment sees neutrinos change over 500 miles 7 August - Fermilab press release Scientists on the NOvA experiment saw their first evidence of oscillating neutrinos, confirming that the extraordinary detector built for the project not only functions as planned but is also making great p...

  6. A Guide to the Study and Use of Military History


    psychological, and quantitative techniques to older as well as newer forms of history. The legacy of ferment left from older debates in historical...Western expansion into Africa, Asia, and South America introduced ferment and instability into what had been areas of high social, economic, and political...the leading American figure there, Joseph W. (" Vinegar Joe") Stilwell, and because of the enigma of American relations with China and its generalissimo

  7. “Ethnic Composition of Female Entrepreneurs“

    Jordanova, Ivana


    Entrepreneurship, as a permanent process of reallocation of financial, physical and human resources from places of social reproduction where they are used irrationally, to places where they will provide greater effects, always requires a positive, i.e. an optimistic attitude. The entrepreneur, according to an analysis of the management philosophy of self development (SWOT-analysis and analysis of Harry Joe-window), must impartially and objectively assess his/her own capabilities, weaknesse...

  8. Situation Desperate: U.S. Army Engineer Disaster Relief Operations, Origins to 1950


    the Sabine River sub- office, for example, relayed the following sad report to headquarters: “I regret to report the loss of all property in with typhoid vaccine ; the cows and horses and dogs of every description wandering up and down the levees; the fur- niture, every kind of...215 Sabine River, 59 Sacramento Engineer District, 237, 238 Sacramento River, 186, 237 St. Francis River, 85, 87 St. Joe River, 217 St. Louis Engineer

  9. What Polar Bears Can Teach Us about Mission Creep


    directors in November 1917.8 Czech legionnaires, who needed to secure an evacuation route, quickly 6 Margaret McMillian, Paris 1919 – Six months...sign Treaty of Brest -Litovsk with Germans 26 March Bolsheviks agree to permit Czechs to return to Europe via Vladivostok 30 March Reports on German... Paris 1919 – Six months that changed the world. New York: Random House, 2003. Moroney, Jennifer D.P., Beth Grill, Joe Hagler, Lianne Kennedy

  10. Human radiation studies: Remembering the early years. Oral history of radiologist Earl R. Miller, M.D., August 9 and 17, 1994



    Dr. Earl R. Miller was interviewed by representatives of US DOE Office of Human Radiation Research (OHRE). The interview covers Dr. Miller`s involvement with the Manhattan Engineer District, with total body irradiation, and heavy-ion therapy. Dr. Miller`s remembrances include wartime work on radiation exposure, Joe Hamilton, Neutron Therapy research, means of obtaining isotopes, consent forms, infinite laminograms, invention of a baby holder to alleviate exposure of radiological technicians in diagnostic procedures involving infants, and several personages.

  11. The South Carolina Collaborative Undergraduate HBCU Student Summer Training Program


    found that lack of exercise and high fat and sugar filled diets aid greatly to the aid of AGE pools. Foods containing abundant AGE’s promote... Smoking & Cancer Michael Cummings, PhD July 11 (D) Periodontal Disease – BSB 451 Keith Kirkwood, DDS,PhD July 12 (D) Oral Pharyngeal Cancer – BSB...Materials – ROOM BSB 252 Joe Vuthiganon, DMD July 10 (C) Smoking & Cancer Michael Cummings, PhD July 10 (D) Periodontal Disease – BSB 252

  12. Virtual Team Communication and Collaboration in Army and Corporate Applications


    including e-mail, instant messaging, net meetings, audio conferences, and a virtual team work space (Lipnack and Stamps 2007, 1). This case study...Figure 15. Digital Avatar Filing System Example Source: Joe Fernandez, IBM Uses 3D Imaging to Visualise Patient Records...Use of multiple modes of media to transmit data. Examples include audio , video videoconference, and e-mail Structured Problem or Task Clearly

  13. Objective Versus Subjective Military Pilot Selection Methods in the United States of America


    a computerized test designed to assess pilot skills by measuring spatial orientation and psychomotor skills and multitasking . The second is the...AFRL-SA-WP-SR-2015-0028 Objective Versus Subjective Military Pilot Selection Methods in the United States of America Joe...September 2014 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Objective Versus Subjective Military Pilot Selection Methods in the United States of America 5a. CONTRACT

  14. Verification Tests of the US Electricar Corp. Lectric Leopard.


    Recharge control. The vehicle shall have a recharge control which is adequate to mieet the requirements of energy, life , and safety as such... life . (1) Time vehicle shall he capable of at least 75 percent of the range specified in 475.10 (e) after 12 imonths or 15.000 kin of norrmal use...Copies Addressee No. Coies Addrese I Department of Transportation 1 Conell Uiversity Library, FOB 10A, TAD494.6 Joe Roman, Associate Director 800

  15. Army Technology


    that allows them to perform applied research under the Institute for Biotechnology research team 1 2 3 20 | ARMY TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE ...DASA(R&T) Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research and Technology Download the magazine , view online or read each individual story with...Army photo by Conrad Johnson) Front and back cover designs by Joe Stephens EXECUTIVE DEPUTY TO THE COMMANDING GENERAL Army Technology Magazine is an

  16. Biological Assessment of the Effects of Military Associated Activities on Endangered Species at Fort Hood, Texas


    monographing the genus Croton. Dr. Joe Allen Farmer published a dissertation on the species in 1962. Studies on the Fort Hood population have begun under...Woodhouse, S.W., "Descriptions of New Species of the Genus Vireo, VieilL, and Zonorrichia, Swains," Proceeding of the Academy of Natural Sciences of...sinuata Skunkbush Saumac Rhus aroma tica Texas Oak Quercus texazza Texas Persimmon, Diospyros texana Texas Ashe Fraxinus texensis Virginia Creeper Paz

  17. Hezbollah: Psychological Warfare Against Israel


    Lebanese State” in Political Islam: Essays from the Middle East Report, ed. Joel Beinin and Joe Stork (Berkeley: Univ. of California Press 1997... lyrics : It is my right to defend my land and kick out occupiers; it is my right to declare my freedom and raise a flag for the oppressed; it is my...International Journal of Press/Politics 12 (2007): 43-66. Kfoury, Assaf. "Hizb Allah and the Lebanese State." In Political Islam: Essays from the

  18. Mari Laaniste soovitab : "Rock on Screen" / Mari Laaniste

    Laaniste, Mari, 1977-


    5.-11. juulini Tallinnas kinos Sõprus toimuvast muusikafilmide nädalast "Rock on Screen". Programmis on Julian Schnabeli kontsertfilm "Lou Reed's Berlin" (2007), Julien Temple'i "Tulevik on veel kirjutamata" (2007, pühendatud Joe Strummeri mälestusele), Anton Corbijni draama "Control" Joy Divisoni liidrist Ian Curtisest, JP Siili mängufilm "Hurriganes" (2007, soome rockansamblist) ja Peeter Urbla muusikafilm "Shlaager" (1983, filmi kangelannat kehastab Els Himma)

  19. Sensei: A Multi-Modal Framework for Assessing Stress Resiliency


    interest for the second subject is the upturn in the GSR response before the start of the Stroop test, possibly indicating some anticipatory stress ...Framework for Assessing Stress Resiliency (March 1-31, 2013) From: Ajay Divakaran, Technical Leader Jeffrey Lubin, Senior Research Scientist Joe...Period 15 (March 2013): Task 3.1: Capture Behavioral Stress Markers in Real-Time in Lab Environment with graded exposure to ICT’s scenarios MAC 1-6

  20. Understanding and Utilizing Waveguide Invariant Range-frequency Striations in Ocean Acoustic Waveguides


    providing often- needed comic relief. Mike Benjamin for his career guidance and keeping LAMSS down-to-earth. Joe Curcio for being such a great travel...of about 1% due to receiver motion . Such a shift may cause range estimate errors of about 1%, which is negligible compared to the overall expected...most cases the Doppler effect due to source/receiver motion has little effect on range-frequency striations. It also brief y mentions how to account

  1. Turkey: Background and U.S. Relations


    rate hikes . 71 Most analyses of Turkey’s economy express optimism about its fiscal position and banking system, while noting that Turkey’s...Turkish officials have threatened to curtail U.S. access to Turkish bases. Calculations regarding the costs and benefits to the United States of a U.S...of diplomatic relations. Reportedly, Vice President Joe Biden facilitated the rapprochement in part due to potential mutual benefits anticipated by

  2. 46th Annual Gun and Missile Systems Conference and Exhibition. Volume 3 - Thursday


    Coated Propellants Dr. Thelma Manning , U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC 11829 - Investment Cast Titanium in Gun and Missile Systems Mr. Chris Jensen, Alcoa...Design on the Interior Ballistic Performance of Deterrent Coated Propellants, Dr. Thelma Manning , U.S. Army, RDECOM- ARDEC – ENERGETICS II 11867 - IM...Jeff Siewert, Arrow Tech; Ms. Shellie Clift, NSWC-Dahlgren Emerging Technologies - Systems: u Mr. Mark Serben, U.S. Army ARDEC; Mr. Joe Buzzett, GD

  3. 46th Annual Gun and Missile Systems Conference and Exhibition. Volume 2. Wednesday


    Coated Propellants Dr. Thelma Manning , U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC 11829 - Investment Cast Titanium in Gun and Missile Systems Mr. Chris Jensen, Alcoa...Design on the Interior Ballistic Performance of Deterrent Coated Propellants, Dr. Thelma Manning , U.S. Army, RDECOM- ARDEC – ENERGETICS II 11867 - IM...Jeff Siewert, Arrow Tech; Ms. Shellie Clift, NSWC-Dahlgren Emerging Technologies - Systems: u Mr. Mark Serben, U.S. Army ARDEC; Mr. Joe Buzzett, GD

  4. Sound / Märt Milter

    Milter, Märt


    Uute plaatide Rolling Stones "No Security", Spiritualized "Live At The Royal Albert Hall", Kelly family "From Their Hearts", Arnold "Hillside Album", Joe Cocker "Greatest Hits", OST "Acid House", Songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jim Steinmans "Whistle Down The Wind", The Weather Girls "PuttinÒn The Hits", Cliff Richard "Real As I Wanna Be", Folkmill "Topelt rosin", SIG "Sig 20v. Juhla-EP", "Motown Celebrates Sinatra", John Lee Hooker "Best Of Friends"

  5. Impact of Diurnal Temperature Fluctuations during Larval Development on Adult Life History Traits and Insecticide Susceptibility in Two Vectors; Anopheles gambiae and Aedes aegypti


    ANOPHELES GAMBIAE AND AEDES AEGYPTI. by Jeffrey W. Clark Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Department of Preventive Medicine and...Vectors; Anopheles gambiae and Aedes aegypti." Name of Candidate: Jeffrey Clark Doctor of Philosophy Degree April 30, 2014 DISSERTATION AND ABSTRACT...for the many fruitful discussions and the standing offer to help whenever I needed it; and to Joe Wagman, for providing needed Aedes aegypti eggs from

  6. Mathematical Snippets Exploring mathematical ideas in small bites

    Pappas, Theoni


    From nutritional labels and box office statistics to terabytes and megapixels, the 21st century world is awash in numbers. How can the average Joe or Jane make sense of all that data? The key, Theoni Pappas argues, is math. In Mathematical Snippets, she draws readers into the fascinating world of math without overwhelming them with mind-numbing equations. Short, engaging sections on everything from golf to game theory introduce mathematical concepts and celebrate math's impact on daily life.

  7. Uus plaat


    Uutest plaatidest Europe "Start From The Dark", The Music "Welcome To The North", K.D. Lang "hymns of the 49th parallel", Tom jones & Jools Holland, Phil Collins "Love Songs", Moby "Play: The B Sides", Los Lonely Boys, Joe Cocker "Heart & Soul", Louis Armstrong "What A Wonderful World", The Harem World Tour "Live From Las Vegas", R.E.M. "Around The Sun", "Late Nigth Moods", Jean Michel Jarre "AERO", Norah Jones "Feels Like Home"

  8. Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material: Proceedings of the North Atlantic Regional Conference Held in Baltimore, Maryland on 12-14 May 1987.


    coastal wetlands viewpoint. Joe has worked in coastal wetlands and mosquito research and biocontrol for a - -- number of years. S . The fifth coastal...levels. Meiobenthos were primarily nematodes and small crusta- ceans. On the reference sites, meiobenthos were more abundant, while the macrobenthos...this on a long-term basis? MR. ALLEN: We’re shooting for long-term tests on FTB’s and other biocontrol techniques in subsequent work, on a larger site

  9. How to Bootstrap Anonymous Communication

    Jakobsen, Sune K.; Orlandi, Claudio


    formal study in this direction. To solve this problem, we introduce the concept of anonymous steganography: think of a leaker Lea who wants to leak a large document to Joe the journalist. Using anonymous steganography Lea can embed this document in innocent looking communication on some popular website...... anonymous steganography, { A construction showing that anonymous steganography is possible (which uses recent results in circuits obfuscation), { A lower bound on the number of bits which are needed to bootstrap anonymous communication....

  10. How to Bootstrap Anonymous Communication

    Jakobsen, Sune K.; Orlandi, Claudio


    formal study in this direction. To solve this problem, we introduce the concept of anonymous steganography: think of a leaker Lea who wants to leak a large document to Joe the journalist. Using anonymous steganography Lea can embed this document in innocent looking communication on some popular website...... defining anonymous steganography, - A construction showing that anonymous steganography is possible (which uses recent results in circuits obfuscation), - A lower bound on the number of bits which are needed to bootstrap anonymous communication....

  11. T(2)-weighted microMRI and evoked potential of the visual system measurements during the development of hypomyelinated transgenic mice.

    Martin, Melanie; Reyes, Samuel D; Hiltner, Timothy D; Givogri, M Irene; Tyszka, J Michael; Fisher, Robin; Campagnoni, Anthony T; Fraser, Scott E; Jacobs, Russell E; Readhead, Carol


    Our objective was to follow the course of a dysmyelinating disease followed by partial recovery in transgenic mice using non-invasive high-resolution (117 x 117 x 70 microm) magnetic resonance (microMRI) and evoked potential of the visual system (VEP) techniques. We used JOE (for J37 golli overexpressing) transgenic mice engineered to overexpress golli J37, a product of the Golli-mbp gene complex, specifically in oligodendrocytes. Individual JOE transgenics and their unaffected siblings were followed from 21 until 75-days-old using non-invasive in vivo VEPs and 3D T2-weighted microMRI on an 11.7 T scanner, performing what we believe is the first longitudinal study of its kind. The microMRI data indicated clear, global hypomyelination during the period of peak myelination (21-42 days), which was partially corrected at later ages (>60 days) in the JOE mice compared to controls. These microMRI data correlated well with [Campagnoni AT (1995) "Molecular biology of myelination". In: Ransom B, Kettenmann H (eds) Neuroglia--a Treatise. Oxford University Press, London, pp 555-570] myelin staining, [Campagnoni AT, Macklin WB (1988) Cellular and molecular aspects of myelin protein gene-expression. Mol Neurobiol 2:41-89] a transient intention tremor during the peak period of myelination, which abated at later ages, and [Lees MB, Brostoff SW (1984) Proteins in myelin. In: Morell (ed) Myelin. Plenum Press, New York and London, pp 197-224] VEPs which all indicated a significant delay of CNS myelin development and persistent hypomyelination in JOE mice. Overall these non-invasive techniques are capable of spatially resolving the increase in myelination in the normally developing and developmentally delayed mouse brain.

  12. Pitching Flexible Propulsors: Experimental Assessment of Performance Characteristics


    McPherson Timothy Snipes Dan Rhodes Tom Price David Majerowicz Louise Becnel Brandon Stanley Joe Dillard Fritz Woolford Bill Beaver Daniel Rodgerson...cogging is more prevalent when there is low or no current in the stator windings, which was the case for the low frequency oscillations that require...less effort from the motor. The experiments were adjusted to only use oscillation frequencies between 2 Hz and 4 Hz, which reduced the prevalence of

  13. Air Force Intelligence Role in Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction (Maxwell Paper, Number 39)


    Zielinski , National Counterproliferation Center chief of staff, interview by the author, 3 February 2006. 42...Col Joe Pridotkas, NASIC/CC, interview by the author, 28 Febru- ary 2006. 29 78. Report to the President, 6. 79. Sandi Zielinski , National...Force C-CBRNE Master Plan, 30 June 2004, 5. 84. Dave Coffey, Air Combat Command IS/FPI, interview by the author, 2 February 2006. 85. Col

  14. Cellular Basis for ADT-Induced Acceleration of Sarcopenia


    1 AWARD NUMBER: W81XWH-14-1-0454 TITLE: Cellular Basis for ADT-Induced Acceleration of Sarcopenia PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Joe V...AND SUBTITLE Cellular Basis for ADT-Induced Acceleration of Sarcopenia 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER W81XWH-14-1-0454 5c. PROGRAM...cell function and thereby regenerative capability contribute to the acceleration of sarcopenia observed in prostate cancer patients undergoing ADT

  15. Plaadid / Mart Normet

    Normet, Mart, 1979-


    Uutest heliplaatidest Vaiko Eplik ja Eliit "1", Scandinavian Music Group "Hölmö Rakkaus Ylpeä Sydän", No Big Silence "War In Wonderland", Cool Calm Pete "Lost", A-Rühm "Leegion", "Ruuhkatukka vol 2", "Broken Dreams II", Jane Birkin "Fictions", Joe Satriani "Super Colossal", The Ipanemas "Samba Is Our Gift", "The Little Willies", The Shapeshifters "Sound Advice", Röyksopp "Röykspopp's Night Out", Pink "I'm Not Dead"

  16. At the United Nation Foundation's Social Good Summit, Vice President Biden Announces New Cancer Moonshot International Cooperation and Investments | Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research

    This week, Vice President Joe Biden announced progress on his global vision for the Cancer Moonshot.  Announced were 10 new Memoranda of Understanding or Memoranda of Cooperation for international cancer research and care, as well as new efforts in the emerging scientific areas of precision oncology, the funding of collaborative research centers to address cancer disparities in low- and middle- income (LMIC) countries, and a strengthening of existing U.S. bilateral science and technology engagements around cancer.  

  17. Proceedings of the 1989 Antenna Applications Symposium. Volume 2


    Utilizing Closely 283 Spaced Printed Circuit Flared Slot Antenna Elements for Active Transmit and Receive Phased Array Demonstration," Mark J. Povinelli ...Notch Array, Mark J. Povinelli and John D’Angelo 19. "EHF Active Array, Joe Kobus 343 20. "Unique Joint Stars Phased-Array Antenna," H. Shnitkin 360 Propagat., vol. AP-33, pp. 1392-1400, Dec. 1985. [4] M. J. Povinelli and J. A. Johnson, "Design and performance of wideband, dual polarized

  18. Human radiation studies: Remembering the early years. Oral history of radiologist Earl R. Miller, M.D., August 9 and 17, 1994


    Dr. Earl R. Miller was interviewed by representatives of US DOE Office of Human Radiation Research (OHRE). The interview covers Dr. Miller's involvement with the Manhattan Engineer District, with total body irradiation, and heavy-ion therapy. Dr. Miller's remembrances include wartime work on radiation exposure, Joe Hamilton, Neutron Therapy research, means of obtaining isotopes, consent forms, infinite laminograms, invention of a baby holder to alleviate exposure of radiological technicians in diagnostic procedures involving infants, and several personages

  19. McCain, Lieberman ja meie / Marek Strandberg, Indrek Tarand

    Strandberg, Marek, 1965-


    USA senaatorite, vabariiklase John McCaini ja demokraat Joe Liebermani poolt USA senati menetlusse antud kahest seaduseelnõust, millest esimene kohustab USA presidenti astuma samme Venemaa ajutiseks väljaheitmiseks rikaste riikide ühendusest G7 ja teine on tuntud kui Climate Stewardship Act ehk kliimahoole seaduseelnõu. Artikli autorid Ilmahoole algatusrühmast kutsuvad üles toetama McCaini-Liebermani initsiatiivi, mis kaitseb ka Eesti välispoliitika huve

  20. The Ho Chi Minh Campaign: Operational Art in the Fall of Saigon


    the proper blend of tactical units to support strategic success. Soviet military thinking viewed depth as vital to operational art, enabled by the...Politburo learned a valuable lesson from the limited offensive. They underestimated the effectiveness of U.S. airpower, resulting in an under...of 1974, the NVA launched its first major attack focused at the Tam KY, the provincial capital of Quang Tin. The purpose of 31Anthony James Joes

  1. How Can Air Force Civil Engineers Use Expert Systems?


    Acknowledgements On this academic path called "thesis", many individuals have befriended me along the way. I would like to express my thanks to Maj James R...that provided their insight into civil engineering throughout the interviews: Col James G. Zody, Col Thomas E. Lollis, Col Joe L. Hicks, Col Nicholas role" ( Basden , 1984: 63-64). Consultant. Using an expert system as a consultant, the non- specialist can obtain counsel, guidance, or information

  2. A More Nuanced Approach to the Fourth Estate


    and accurately.117 Veteran reporter Joe Galloway writing before the start of OIF, stated “Any reporter who has the [courage] to go into combat is...arguably crossing the line from objective reporter to active combatant.119 Boston Globe Journalist, Scott Bernard Nelson, also disclosed that (accessed September 14, 2011). Donnelly, Mike, Mitch Gettle, Greg Scott , and Dana Warr. “Embedded Journalism: How War

  3. Perspectives on Global and Regional Security and Implications of Nuclear and Space Technologies: U.S.-Brazil Strategic Dialogue, Phase 2 Report


    enhanced leverage in South- South and BRICs groupings. 6 Under President Lula da Silva’s leadership, Brazil sought to actively enhance and promote its...State,” 25, 35-36; Joe Leahy and James Lamont, “ BRICs to Debate Creation of Common Bank,” Financial Times, March 20, 2012.   4   Challenges in the...conflict. As previously, mentioned, UNASUR is viewed as a proto-security community. The BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) grouping

  4. EOD, Up!: How Explosive Ordnance Disposal Forces Can Best Support Special Operations Forces


    Columbine High School shooting in 1999, Deputy Inspector Joe Dempsey...Porter, Jim. “Bomb Squad Integration.” Email to author, 11 September 2005. 107 Rosegrant, Susan. “The Shootings at Columbine High School ... Columbine High School : Responding to a New Kind of Terrorism, Sequel,” Kennedy School of Government Case Program, C16-01-1612.1, (President and Fellows

  5. Prostate Cancer Clinical Consortium Clinical Research Site: Targeted Therapies


    Physics of Cancer Metabolism This application seeks to put together a multidiscipline team of experts in various institutions in USA to assemble and...of this project is to build a research cohort of engaged volunteers that reflects the racial , ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of New York City...assessed in a randomized, phase III clinical trial. Conflict of interest: Advisory Board: Joe O’Sullivan holds consulting/ advisory roles with Bayer

  6. Climatic Atlas of the Outer Continental Shelf Waters and Coastal Regions of Alaska. Volume 2. Bering Sea. Revision


    Joe D. Elms , for their editorial evaluation of the vironmental Assessmant Program. Additional depends to a large extent on weather condi- isopleth...waves, icing rates are open waters and coastal sectionsofAlaska.The temperatures less than 8°C, winds of 25 knots lower. icing causes slippery decks...thereby bias the oceanic climatology towards fair weather. A recent study by Elms (1986), in which he compared the Volunteer Observing Ship (VOS) data

  7. Climatic Atlas of the Outer Continental Shelf Waters and Coastal Regions of Alaska. Volume 3. Chukchi-Beaufort Sea


    activities Joe D. Elms , for their editorial evaluation of the vironmental Assessmant Program. Additional depends to a large extent on weathcr cond...winds of 25 knots lower. icing causes slippery decks, renders moving (13 meters per second) or more, and air tempera- parts inoperable, and, in extreme...try to avoid foul weather an thereby bias the oceanic climatology towards fair weather. A recent study by Elms (1986), in which he compared the

  8. Viatec Recovery System, Inc.: A case study

    Williams, L.D.; Kensington, K.


    I will tell you how we transferred a technology from the US Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest Laboratory to the private sector. I'll begin by telling about the technology and what it does. Then I'll tell you how we found a commercial partner to market the technology. And I'll end by telling you some of the lessons we learned and what our customer thinks about the partnership. This is a success for two reasons. First, the people who developed the technology had faith in its potential. And second, they took an active part in the transfer; they didn't sit back and wait for someone else to do it. That reminds me of Joe. Night after night, Joe prayed for help in winning the lottery, but his prayers went unanswered. Finally he cried out in desperation: ''Lord, give me a break exclamation point Please let me win the lottery exclamation point'' Suddenly, lightning flashed across the sky and thunder crashed around him. Then, he heard a voice from above: ''Joe exclamation point You give ME a break exclamation point BUY A TICKET exclamation point'' To succeed in tech transfer, you've got to have more than faith. You've got to buy a ticket. You've got to invest time, energy, imagination, and effort. And that's just what the developers of the waste acid detoxification and reclamation process did

  9. Evaluation of Different Rice Genotypes Tolerance to Saline Irrigation Water

    S. Jafari Rad


    Full Text Available To study the responses of seven rice genotypes (Khazar, SA13, Deylam, Sange Joe, Sepidrud, 831 and T5 to different levels of irrigation water salinity, and determining grain yield based on tolerance indices, a CRD based factorial pot experiment with five levels of irrigation water salinity (1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 dSm-1 and three replications was carried out at Rice Research Institute of Iran in 2011. Indices such as SSI, TOL, MP, GMP, HM, STI, YI and YSI were calculated and their correlations with grain yield were estimated for both stress and non-stress conditions. Results indicated significant differences among genotypes and the indices within both conditions. Results also showed that STI and MP indices could be considered as the best indices to screen salt tolerant genotypes. Among the genotypes used in the experiment, T5 produced the highest yield in both non-stress (19.71 g/plant and stress (10.69 g/plant conditions, while the lowest yield in normal (11.84 g/plant and stressful (4.29 g/plant conditions was recorded for Deylam and Khazar, respectively. The highest and the lowest percentage of yield reduction were found in Khazar (69.49% and Sange Joe (31.48% in stressful conditions, respectively. Overall, genotypes T5, 831, Sepidrud and Sange Joe can probably be considered as superior high yielding genotypes in both saline and non-saline conditions for further research.

  10. EPA's proposed Worker Protection Standard and the burdens of the past.

    Bohme, Susanna Rankin


    An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendation for extensive changes to the Agency's 40-year-old Worker Protection Standard is currently stalled in the "proposed rule" stage. The proposal, which was available for public comment until 18 August, would improve safety, training, and hazard communication policies for agricultural pesticides. Exposure to hazards, including high heat, heavy machinery, stoop labor, and pesticides, makes occupational illness uncommonly common among the USA's estimated 2.5 million farm workers. To consider the proposed revisions' likelihood of addressing historical gaps in farmworker protection. The proposal was compared to the existing Worker Protection Standard, and key aspects were analyzed in relation to existing science on farm labor hazards, as well as historic occupational health, labor and immigration policy. US law historically has left farm workers largely unprotected. These exclusions and delays have been tolerated in part thanks to the myth of the independent family farmer, but more significant is the stingy nativism that presumes to benefit from immigrant labor without assuming any responsibility to protect the humans who provide it. In the first half of the 1970s, workers lobbied for robust protections, but rule making was impeded by lack of data and by the disproportionate influence of agricultural employers who sought minimal regulation. In 1974, the EPA passed the first Worker Protection Standard for farm workers. Key aspects of the proposed revision include stronger protections against drift and re-entry exposures, better information provision and training, and increased protections for workers under 16 years. The proposed changes represent an improvement over existing legislation, but do not go far enough. The revision should be strengthened along lines suggested by farm workers themselves, and other labor laws must also be amended to give the men, women, and children who work in the fields of this country full

  11. Take control of Apple Mail in Leopard

    Kissell, Joe


    Go under the hood with new (and old) features in Apple Mail in Leopard! Are you using Apple Mail in Leopard effectively? In this book, completely updated from its previous Panther and Tiger editions, author Joe Kissell provides comprehensive guidance, with a focus on new and updated features. You'll learn how to use and customize the Mail window, control the size and styling of incoming messages, and make rules to move messages into different mailboxes automatically. The book covers outgoing mail, showing you smart ways to address messages, send attachments, and send HTML-based messages. Bu

  12. Mac Security Bible

    Kissell, Joe


    Your essential, no-holds-barred guide to Mac security threats and solutions. Myth number one: Macs are safer than PCs. Not really, says author Joe Kissell, named one of MacTech's "25 Most Influential People" in the Mac community for 2008. In this timely guide, he not only takes you beyond the myths, he also delves into the nitty-gritty of each potential threat, helping you weigh the pros and cons of the solutions you might choose. Learn to measure risk versus inconvenience, make informed decisions, and protect your Mac computers, your privacy, and your data with this essential guide.

  13. Merger of Science Agencies Proposed


    A bill proposing the establishment of a cabinet-level Department of Science, Space, Energy and Technology was introduced in the House of Representatives on July 1 by Robert Walker (R-Pa.), George Brown (D-Calif.), Ron Packard (R-Calif.), and Joe Kolter (D-Pa.). The department would be a conglomerate of existing civilian science and technology agencies, including NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the National Technical Information Service, and research functions at the Department of Energy.

  14. Hairpin-Hairpin Molecular Beacon Interactions for Detection of Survivin mRNA in Malignant SW480 Cells.

    Ratajczak, Katarzyna; Krazinski, Bartlomiej E; Kowalczyk, Anna E; Dworakowska, Beata; Jakiela, Slawomir; Stobiecka, Magdalena


    Cancer biomarkers offer unique prospects for the development of cancer diagnostics and therapy. One of such biomarkers, protein survivin (Sur), exhibits strong antiapoptotic and proliferation-enhancing properties and is heavily expressed in multiple cancers. Thus, it can be utilized to provide new modalities for modulating the cell-growth rate, essential for effective cancer treatment. Herein, we have focused on the development of a new survivin-based cancer detection platform for colorectal cancer cells SW480 using a turn-on fluorescence oligonucleotide molecular beacon (MB) probe, encoded to recognize Sur messenger RNA (mRNA). Contrary to the expectations, we have found that both the complementary target oligonucleotide strands as well as the single- and double-mismatch targets, instead of exhibiting the anticipated simple random conformations, preferentially formed secondary structure motifs by folding into small-loop hairpin structures. Such a conformation may interfere with, or even undermine, the biorecognition process. To gain better understanding of the interactions involved, we have replaced the classical Tyagi-Kramer model of interactions between a straight target oligonucleotide strand and a hairpin MB with a new model to account for the hairpin-hairpin interactions as the biorecognition principle. A detailed mechanism of these interactions has been proposed. Furthermore, in experimental work, we have demonstrated an efficient transfection of malignant SW480 cells with SurMB probes containing a fluorophore Joe (SurMB-Joe) using liposomal nanocarriers. The green emission from SurMB-Joe in transfected cancer cells, due to the hybridization of the SurMB-Joe loop with Sur mRNA hairpin target, corroborates Sur overexpression. On the other hand, healthy human-colon epithelial cells CCD 841 CoN show only negligible expression of survivin mRNA. These experiments provide the proof-of-concept for distinguishing between the cancer and normal cells by the proposed

  15. Cultural Resource Investigations within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans to Venice Hurricane Protection Project


    0.5 km north of the town of Phoenix, along the Joe Gravolet Canal. In 1923, when the Gravolet Canal was being excavated, the dredge pulled up a few hewn...when the Gravolet Canal was excavated, the dredge pulled up a few hewn timbers purportedly associated with the Fort. Based on these remains and used in the determination of trade networks (Research Goal 2), and the level of technology used at the factory and living areas (Research Goali 3

  16. Russian Compliance with the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty: Background and Issues for Congress


    February 25, 2014. See also, Rubio et al ., S.Con.Res. 34, letters cited in H.R. 1960, §1055, para 7. 8 U.S. House, Committee on Armed Services. Letter...New York Times, October 19, 2016. 6 Joe Gould , “U.S. Lawmakers Urge...National Security Strategy of the United States, White House, January 1988 , p. 16. 13 Article V states, “The Parties agree that an armed attack

  17. Lenguaje: Errores comunes en el lenguaje periodístico. Neologismos en la horma del zapato.

    Espinosa Cordero, Simón


    Liz y Jenny van de shopping. -¿A qué mall irán? Irán al "Mall del Sol" y allá van las dos, cual rubias hermanitas de rinseado pelo estyled como se usa en USA. Compran bacon, pancakes, lomo para roast-beef, aftershave para el Johnsito al que le están saliendo los primeros pelos, slips para Kenny, shorts para el Richard, y boxers para que las balls del Joe resalten mejor. Son tan chiquitas, pobrecito. A media mañana se toman un coffee break en la bakery del mall. Y deciden, porque tienen el ...

  18. Magistritööde kaitsmine


    30.01.98. omistati Anne Uusenile, Maia Muldmale ja Monika Pulleritsule pedagoogikamagistri kraad, 12.02.98. Kaire Tõugule ja Tõnu Martmale magister scientsarum geoökoloogia alal, 6.03.98. Tõnu Laasile magister scientsarum füüsika alal, 20.03.98. Joe Noormetsale magister artium sporditeaduste alal, 25.03.98. Ülle Soosalule magister artium infoteaduste alal, 1.04.98. Ene Kullile ja Lea Kivipõllule magister artium sotsiaaltöö alal

  19. 戦争SFの成立と背景

    白鳥, 克弥


    Science Fiction novels have a lot of War novels. Particularly famous works are Robert A. Heinlein's "Starship troopers" and Joe Haldeman's "THE FOREVER WAR". "Starship Troopers" is known as a warlike novel, and "THE FOREVER WAR" is known as an antiwar novel."Starship Troopers" is a famous warlike and right wing novel, and a view of war is based on the early American ideal. The ideal has a self righteous side, and makes others inferior human, because "Starship Troopers" is a warlike novel.On t...

  20. Entree Production Guides for Modified Diets at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Part V. Renal Diet Items


    Cheese 21 Sloppy Joe 24 Spanish Rice ; 27 Swedish Meatballs 30 Tuna Noodle Casserole 33 Wheat Starch Apple Pie 36 Mean Ratings of Food Technologists...Plant Production of Frozen Entree Items for the Navy. Natick/TR-76-31A (FEL 59) September 1976 (A.D. A031327) 6G. Walker, J. Tuomy, C. Kanter; Egg ...sheet pan and bake in 400 F convection oven ten minutes or until browned. 19U 4 GRILLED CREAM CHEESE SANDWICH Renal Diet INGREDIENTS Dairy Foods and Eggs

  1. Prehistory and History of the El Dorado Lake Area, Kansas. Phase II.


    ae,()A5201018A520202,dosl ae (d) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ , veta ae e 540100,dra ae f eta faeyg 510201 osa ae h eta ae(;~ 4308 Assuming that the sizes of edge...Anthropology Ŗ Project Rept..Xeries ’ e /-A. Number 47 Y / - REHISTORY AND HISTORY OF THE EL DORADO LAKE AREA, KANSAS (PHASE Z)/ ./-- °/ . 7 / Edited by...Mary J. dair Contributors: Mary J. Adair Joe Alan Artz Marie E . Brown Darrell Drew Ch4rie E . Haury Gary R. Leaf Ricky L. Roberts Matthew J. Root Mary

  2. Air & Space Power Journal. Volume 28, Number 3, May-June 2014


    Lt Col Jason Evenson, Maj Cyn- thia Wittnam, Maj Jason Haufschild, Capt Joe Rice , Capt D. Jerred Cooper, Capt Holden Leute, Capt Hudson Graham, Jim...thesis, Naval Postgraduate School, March 2011), 17–38, 543725. 55. MSgt Louis A. Arana-Barradas, “ Black ...Samuels point out, Even with the best of intentions, it is common to make surface-level, of- ten cosmetic , changes in the hope of alleviating the problem

  3. Norwegians led the way in training wartime weather officers

    Levin, Sheldon M.

    The physics majors at The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) were fond of “Big Joe,” as he was called behind his back. There was an air of boyishness about him when playing in the annual faculty-student softball game. Yet Dr. Joseph Kaplan (Figure 1) could be formal and imposing when discussing a thesis or a research project. He had been the popular chairman of the Physics Department since 1936, when he was 34. The pipe clenched between his teeth was ever present, even when he was sliding into third base.

  4. Talking about Life

    Impey, Chris


    Preface; Part I. Introduction Timothy Ferris, Iris Fry, Steven Dick, Ann Druyan, Pinky Nelson, Neil Tyson, Steve Benner and William Bains; Part II. Earth Roger Buick, Lynn Rothschild, John Baross, Joe Kirschvink, Andrew Knoll, Simon Conway Morris, Roger Hanlon and Lori Marino; Part III. Solar System Chris McKay, David Grinspoon, Jonathan Lunine, Carolyn Porco, Laurie Leshin, Guy Consolmagno and Peter Smith; Part IV. Exoplanets Alan Boss, Geoff Marcy, Debra Fischer, Sara Seager, David Charbonneau and Vikki Meadows; Part V. Frontiers Jill Tarter, Seth Shostak, Ray Kurzweil, Nick Bostrom, Paul Davies, Martin Rees, Ben Bova and Jennifer Michael Hecht; Reading list; Glossary; Index.

  5. Baltimore Harbor and Channels Deepening Study; Chesapeake Bay Hydraulic Model Investigation.


    SYMBOL DEPTH 0 ( a 20 - BASE 25 - SIMBOL DEPTH x 4 0 13 15 S20 P PL AN -5 PL QN - RSF -10 SU IF PCE 0 MIOOLF BOTTOM L - 1 A 1_ I I I I I 0 Joe Pee 3e...DAYS Plate 86. Sta CBC-1 salinity time-history lee a lee 266 306 4e6 5ee le ie ... e SOLA0R DASs 5 SIMBOL DEPTHI x 2 O 14N 10 BASE SYMBOL DEPTH )1 2 0

  6. Phalanx. Volume 47, Number 4


    at $23,200 an hour. So that’s another $1.2M a day. Pete: Don’t they shoot at you? Joe: Well, we usually wire together a bunch of microwave ovens we...Officer, to break his vow never to sail on a “ bird farm.” MORS welcomes Kevin Williams as the new AF sponsor. He became the Director of...person shall be subject to a penalty for failing to comply with a collection of information if it does not display a currently valid OMB control number

  7. Antenna toolkit

    Carr, Joseph


    Joe Carr has provided radio amateurs and short-wave listeners with the definitive design guide for sending and receiving radio signals with Antenna Toolkit 2nd edition.Together with the powerful suite of CD software, the reader will have a complete solution for constructing or using an antenna - bar the actual hardware! The software provides a simple Windows-based aid to carrying out the design calculations at the heart of successful antenna design. All the user needs to do is select the antenna type and set the frequency - a much more fun and less error prone method than using a con

  8. 23rd Annual National Test and Evaluation Conference


    Mr. Gene Hudgins, BAE Systems FS D1.6 TRACER: A Tradespace Analysis Framework - Mr. Jerry Belcher, ASARDA Focus Session D1 Session Chair: Dr. Anne...Lockheed Martin Joe Sweeney Lockheed Martin Jon Neasham Cubic Gene Fraser Northrop Grumman Tom Quinn BAH Larry Graviss Jacobs Engineering • MEETINGS The...Des/Fab/Test UM CEV ATP UM Demo UM CEV1 Des/Fab UM LV ATP UM LV1 LV2 ATP Rework PPass PFail (Rework) PFail (Redesign)Des/Fab Man-rated Escape

  9. STS-89 crew arrives at KSC's SLF and speaks to the press


    The STS-89 crew speak with the press after arriving at Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility in preparation for launch later this week. From left to right the crew include Commander Terrence Wilcutt; Pilot Joe Edwards Jr.; and Mission Specialists Bonnie Dunbar, Ph.D.; Salizhan Sharipov with the Russian Space Agency; Michael Anderson; James Reilly, Ph.D.; and Andrew Thomas, Ph.D. (at microphone). Dr. Thomas will succeed David Wolf, M.D., on the Russian Space Station Mir. Launch is scheduled for January 22 at 9:48 p.m. EST.

  10. Environmental Assessment for Explosives Ordnance Disposal Proficiency Training Range at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio


    ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY V1E1N JOE LEASING SPECIALIST EXCEL PM VIEW JOB NEWS PHOTOS & VIDEOS i~.-... --: i\\ ... I ,. j ... ’TouchdoW"n Jesus ’ i n...t Bald Eoglr - Wloll!rwll’/ c::::J Blllllng Star Skm Bom 209 Commttr=t Plrtwav P.D.Bax12B CottageGrovt.WI SJ$27·0128 phone: 606-839~1998 fu...line and the base hospital . The views of the residents of the Brick Quarters were solicited through the public notice put in the Dayton Daily News and

  11. Catalog of Audiovisual Productions. Volume 3. Air Force and Miscellaneous DoD Productions


    operation of betatrons, cyclotrons, synchrotrons , etc. For atomic and molecular structure and spectra, see T/02 CrhAisILr. For application, see 0...STRATOSPHERE 0/03 SYNCHRONOUS SATELLITES X/02 STRAW J/06 SYNCHROTRONS T/06 STREAMS(iMETEOROLOGY), JET D/CS SYNTAX B/10 STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING F/12...ENEMIES 50579-DF JOHNNY LINGOGOD26B0 GODF TEA FOR ELSA 26927-OF RESURRECTION OF JOE C HAMMOND 5OSSO.DF CIPHER IN THE SNOW 26505-OF LAND OF THE BRAVE 2692




    Nesse trabalho, mostramos como simular um fluido em duas dimensões em um domínio com fronteiras arbitrárias. Nosso trabalho é baseado no esquema stable fluids desenvolvido por Joe Stam. A implementação é feita na GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), permitindo velocidade de interação com o fluido. Fazemos uso da linguagem Cg (C for Graphics), desenvolvida pela companhia NVidia. Nossas principais contribuições são o tratamento das múltiplas fronteiras, o...

  13. Comics Activism: An Interview with Comics Artist and Activist Kate Evans

    Dominic Davies


    Full Text Available This is an interview with comics artist Kate Evans, author of 'Red Rosa' (2015 and 'Threads: From the Refugee Experience' (2017, as well as a number of other comics, about her recent work, which operates at the intersection of several of the most exciting genre developments in comics in recent years. In the interview Evans reflects on recent shifts in comics journalism, as well as other trends in the field such as the rise of graphic memoir, through examples taken from Evans’s own work as well as that of Joe Sacco, Lynda Barry, Alison Bechdel and others.

  14. PoC, LGBTQ, and gender: The intersectionality of America Chavez.

    Jiménez, Laura M


    The Life and Times of America Chavez was a comic book series eventually published in trade form. Written by Gabby Rivera, queer Latinx young adult literature author, this iteration of Marvel Comic's Miss America (America Chavez) possesses an awareness and authenticity of Latinx culture and lesbian identity that was nothing less than revolutionary. Joe Quinones's artwork, rich in color, spirit, and pride, underscored the need for Latinx voices (both visual and verbal) to tell our stories. In this essay, I provide both a scholarly view of AMERICA as a superhero tale and illuminate the experience of reading her as a Latina lesbian.

  15. Test pilots 1962 - Armstrong, Walker, Dana, Peterson, McKay, Thompson, Butchart


    The research pilots at what in 1962 was called the Flight Research Center standing in front of the X-1E. They are (left to right) Neil Armstrong, Joe Walker, Bill Dana, Bruce Peterson, Jack McKay, Milt Thompson, and Stan Butchart. of the group, Armstrong, Walker, Dana, McKay and Thompson all flew the X-15. Bruce Peterson flew the M2-F2 and HL-10 lifting bodies, while Stan Butchart was the B-29 drop plane pilot for many of the D-558-II and X-1 series research aircraft.

  16. Attempt to compare two arc orbit correction schemes analytically

    Chao, A.; Weng, W.


    Consider a transport line that consists of periodic cells. Let the beam position monitors and the orbit correctors be located with the same period as the cells and let the BPM's and the corrector distributions interlace each other. The arrangement does not always provide a stable orbit correction. The criterion for stability has been derived by Joe Murray and is reproduced. We calculate the rms orbit, the effect of BPM errors and the rms corrector strength in such correction schemes, yielding analytic formulae for these quantities. We then apply these formulae to the SLC arcs

  17. Um pedaço de carne que pensa A piece of meat which thinks

    Gustavo Bernardo Krause


    Full Text Available A partir do corpo despedaçado do personagem Joe, do livro e do filme Johnny got his gun, de Dalton Trumbo, este artigo estuda a fragmentação da História e da Ciência na Pós-História. O conceito de Pós-História, por sua vez, formulado por Vilém Flusser, entende que Auschwitz e Hiroshima, longe de serem acidentes de percurso da racionalidade ocidental, revelaram-se suas conseqüências lógicas e instituíram crise de representação tão intensa que alterou a própria noção de progresso.This article studies the fragmentation of History and Science in Post-History, based on the shattered body of the character Joe from Dalton Trumbo's novel and movie Johnny Got His Gun. In turn, according to the concept of Post-History formulated by Vilém Flusser, Auschwitz and Hiroshima proved to be the logical consequences of (rather than mere accidents in Western rationality, launching an intense representational crisis, to the point of altering the very notion of progress.

  18. Free zinc ion and dissolved orthophosphate effects on phytoplankton from Coeur d'Alene Lake, Idaho

    Kuwabara, J.S.; Topping, B.R.; Woods, P.F.; Carter, J.L.


    Coeur d'Alene Lake in northern Idaho is fed by two major rivers: the Coeur d'Alene River from the east and the St. Joe River from the south, with the Spokane River as its outlet to the north. This phosphorus-limited lake has been subjected to decades of mining (primarily for zinc and silver) and other anthropogenic inputs. A 32 full-factorial experimental design was used to examine the interactive effects of free (uncomplexed) zinc ion and dissolved-orthophosphate concentrations on phytoplankton that were isolated from two sites along a longitudinal zinc-concentration gradient in Coeur d'Alene Lake. The two sites displayed different dominant taxa. Chlorella minutissima, a dominant species near the southern St. Joe River inlet, exhibited greater sensitivity to free Zn ions than Asterionella formosa, collected nearer the Coeur d'Alene River mouth with elevated dissolved-zinc concentrations. Empirical phytoplankton-response models were generated to describe phytoplankton growth in response to remediation strategies in the surrounding watershed. If dissolved Zn can be reduced in the water column from >500 nM (i.e., current concentrations near and down stream of the Coeur d'Alene River plume) to management of phosphorus inputs by surrounding communities will ultimately determine the limnologic state of the lake.

  19. ‘Wot larx!’: William Morris, Charles Dickens, and Fatherly Feelings

    Wendy Parkins


    Full Text Available This essay explores the significance of William Morris’s reading of Dickens for Morris’s articulation of fatherly feelings. Recent scholarship on Victorian fatherhood has begun to overturn the stereotype of the dour, emotionally distant paterfamilias as providing only a partial understanding of forms of middle-class fatherhood and William Morris may serve as an example of a Victorian father whose parenting style eschewed detached authoritarianism, and instead combined nurture, play, and creativity. While Morris referred to Dickens’s works and characters in letters to a range of correspondents, his repeated usage of Joe Gargery’s catchphrase ‘Wot larx!’ (variously spelled occurs exclusively in letters to his wife and daughters, especially the latter. I will consider how the character of Joe Gargery, who combines nurturing tenderness with manly labour, was deployed by Morris to perform a playful and affectionate paternal persona. While Morris’s use of Joe’s catchphrase seems to express a spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling its status as a quotation also works to mark (and mask a disavowal of powerfully ambivalent feelings concerning his own emotional agency as husband and father.

  20. Particle Physics at the University of Pittsburgh Summary Report for Proposal Period FY'09-11

    Boudreau, Joe [Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA (United States); Dytman, Steven [Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA (United States); Mueller, James [Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA (United States); Naples, Donna [Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA (United States); Paolone, Vittorio [Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA (United States); Savinov, Vladimir [Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA (United States)


    Presented is the final summary report for grant DOE-FG02-91ER40646. The HEP group at the University consists of three tasks: B,D and L. Task B supports Pitt's CDF group at the energy frontier which includes Joe Boudreau and Paul Shepard. Work of the group includes Hao Song's thesis on the measurement of the B_c lifetime using exclusive J/psi+pion decays, and an update of the previous B_c semi-leptonic analyses under the supervision of Paul Shepard. Task D supports Pitt's neutrino group at the intensity frontier which includes PIs Dytman, Naples and Paolone. The group also includes postdoctoral research associate Danko, and thesis students Isvan (MINOS), Eberly (Minerva ), Ren (Minerva )and Hansen (T2K). This report summarizes their progress on ongoing experiments which are designed to make significant contributions to a detailed understanding of the neutrino mixing matrix. Task L supports Pitt's ATLAS group at the energy frontier and includes investigators Vladimir Savinov, James Mueller and Joe Boudreau. This group contributed both to hardware (calorimeter electronics, Savinov) and to software (Simulation, Detector Description, and Visualization: Boudreau and Mueller; MC generators: Savinov) and a summary of their progress is presented.

  1. A busy week for Arts@CERN

    Antonella Del Rosso


    Last week, Semiconductor – the winners of the Collide@CERN Ars Electronica award for 2015 – and artists Francesco Mariotti and José­-Carlos Mariátegui visited CERN and met the scientists.   Ruth Jarman (left) and Joe Gerhardt (right) of Semiconductor with Peter Jenni, one of the scientists they met during their visit to ATLAS.   Just a few weeks ago, Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, two English artists collaborating under the name Semiconductor, were awarded the Collide@CERN Ars Electronica prize for 2015. Last week, they came on their first visit to CERN to meet the scientists and select their scientific partner in preparation for their residency. They will soon begin a two-month residency at CERN before going to Linz (Austria), where they will spend a month at the Ars Electronica Futurelab. During their residency, the artists aim to create a digital artwork elaborating on the n...

  2. Send and Receive fax documents using electronic mail


    Any CERN Staff Member can now send and receive faxes directly through email using the new fax service. To do so, you need to register and obtain your “personal” fax number using the page Once you have your fax number, you can fax someone by sending an email message to the address of the form, for example: In the example, “000441719999999” is the fax number to call, as seen from inside CERN, in this case, in London. “Joe.Bloggs” is the name of your correspondent and it will appear on the cover page along with your name, email address, your “personal” fax number, and the subject of the email. Documentation and additional examples of fax addresses are on The eventual text of your email will be transmitted in the fax, followed by the optional attachments, as extra pages. Attachments can be in Acrobat (.pdf), Text (.txt), Word (.doc) , Excel (.xls) or Powerpoint (.ppt) formats. Once the ...

  3. Send and Receive fax documents using electronic mail


    Any CERN Staff Member can now send and receive faxes directly through email using the new fax service. To do so, you need to register and obtain your “personal” fax number using the page Once you have your fax number, you can fax someone by sending an email message to the address of the form, for example: In the example, “000441719999999” is the fax number to call, as seen from inside CERN, in this case, in London. “Joe.Bloggs” is the name of your correspondent and it will appear on the cover page along with your name, email address, your “personal” fax number, and the subject of the email. Documentation and additional examples of fax addresses are on The eventual text of your email will be transmitted in the fax, followed by the optional attachments, as extra pages. Attachments can be in Acrobat (.pdf), Text (.txt), Word (.doc) , Excel (.xls) or Powerpoint (.ppt) formats. Once ...

  4. A preliminary study on drought events in Peninsular Malaysia

    Zin, Wan Zawiah Wan; Nahrawi, Siti Aishah; Jemain, Abdul Aziz; Zahari, Marina


    In this research, the Standard Precipitation Index (SPI) is used to represent the dry condition in Peninsular Malaysia. To do this, data of monthly rainfall from 75 stations in Peninsular Malaysia is used to obtain the SPI values at scale one. From the SPI values, two drought characteristics that are commonly used to represent the dry condition in an area that is the duration and severity of a drought period are identified and their respective values calculated for every station. Spatial mappings are then used to identify areas which are more likely to be affected by longer and more severe drought condition from the results. As the two drought characteristics may be correlated with each other, the joint distribution of severity and duration of dry condition is considered. Bivariate copula model is used and five copula models were tested, namely, the Gumbel-Hougard, Clayton, Frank, Joe and Galambos copulas. The copula model, which best represents the relationship between severity and duration, is determined using Akaike information criterion. The results showed that the Joe and Clayton copulas are well-fitted by close to 60% of the stations under study. Based on the results on the most appropriate copula-based joint distribution for each station, some bivariate probabilistic properties of droughts can then be calculated, which will be continued in future research.

  5. Ombud’s Corner: Do you speak CERNese?

    Sudeshna Datta-Cockerill


    CERNese is the language spoken here: based on English and French, it’s a mixture of accents, pronunciations and body languages that go well together. CERNese is also an attitude: we make an effort to understand others and to ensure that other people understand what we say. Do you speak this language?   Joe works in an office with four colleagues who all share a national language, their direct supervisor also happens to be of the same nationality, and most of the communication in the team therefore also takes place in this language - one that Joe does not speak. Moreover, they often go for coffee together and although they sometimes remember their CERNese and invite him to go with them, they inevitably end up switching to the national language that he does not share. He feels very uncomfortable because he is not included in the conversations. Sometimes he suspects that they are talking about his work. What is worse is that sometimes he realises that they have shared...

  6. The measurement problem in quantum mechanics: A phenomenological investigation

    Hunter, Joel Brooks


    This dissertation is a phenomenological investigation of the measurement problem in quantum mechanics. The primary subject matter for description and analysis is scientific instruments and their use in experiments which elicit the measurement problem. A methodological critique is mounted against the ontological commitments taken for granted in the canonical interpretations of quantum theory and the scientific activity of measurement as the necessary interface between theoretical interest and perceptual results. I argue that an aesthetic dimension of reality functions as aproto-scientific establishment of sense-making that constantly operates to set integratively all other cognitively neat determinations, including scientifically rendered objects that are intrinsically non-visualizable. The way in which data "key in" to the original and originative register of the sensible in observation is clarified by examining prostheses, measuring apparatuses and instruments that are sense-conveying and -integrative with the human sensorium. Experiments, technology and instrumentation are examined in order to understand how knowing and that which is known is bonded by praxis-aisthesis. Quantum measurement is a praxic-dynamie activity and homologically structured and structur ing functional engagement in terms of instantiation, quantifiability, and spatiotemporal differentiation. The distinctions between a beauty-aesthetic and praxis-aisthesis are delineated. It is argued that a beauty-aesthetic is a construal of the economic dimension of scientific objects and work, and is not the primary manner in which the aesthetic dimension is disclosed. The economic dimension of abstractions reduces to an austere aesthetic of calculative economy. Nature itself, however, is not stingy; it is intrinsically capacious, extravagant, full of surprise, nuance, ambiguity and allusiveness. The capaciousness of Nature and the way in which we are integratively set within Nature in a materiality

  7. Voluntarist theology and early-modern science: The matter of the divine power, absolute and ordained.

    Oakley, Francis


    This paper is an intervention in the debate inaugurated by Peter Harrison in 2002 when he called into question the validity of what has come to be called 'the voluntarism and early-modern science thesis'. Though it subsequently drew support from such historians of science as J. E. McGuire, Margaret Osler, and Betty-Joe Teeter Dobbs, the origins of the thesis are usually traced back to articles published in 1934 and 1961 respectively by the philosopher Michael Foster and the historian of ideas Francis Oakley. Central to Harrison's critique of the thesis are claims he made about the meaning of the scholastic distinction between the potentia dei absoluta et ordinata and the role it played in the thinking of early-modern theologians and natural philosophers. This paper calls directly into question the accuracy of Harrison's claims on that very matter.

  8. Environmental Conditions and Occupant Perceptions in European Office Buildings

    Stoops, J.L. [Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Goeteborg (Sweden). Dept. of Building Services Engineering


    This is a preliminary report regarding a portion of the environmental conditions and occupant comfort perceptions from a five nation, 26 building European field data collection effort. Approximately 1,000 participants were involved in this project which included twelve monthly visits to each building. Climate, building and cultural variation will be illustrated for the five countries involved - France, Greece, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom (UK). Each country used identical instrumentation; questionnaires and experimental protocols imbedded in a custom hardware/software system. The comfort survey was based on the ASHRAE model. The physical measurements included air temperature, globe temperature, relative humidity, air movement, CO{sub 2}, light, and sound levels. Where possible, connections and explanations between variables are made. Potential energy and policy ramifications are illustrated. (The publication includes two reports from EU JOULE III projects JOE3CT970066 'Smart controls and thermal comfort project)

  9. Théâtre Les 50

    Théâtre Les 50


    Vendredi 1 et samedi 2 octobre 2010 à 20h00 Théâtre en langue anglaise.   WAITING FOR GODOT From Samuel Beckett A Theatre Someone production    Cast Estragon Gary Bird, Vladimir Alan Leather, Lucky Andrew Brookes, Pozzo Joe Pirri, A boy Gabriel Bird Crew Director Sue Humphreys, Producer Dave Humphreys, Technical Steve Pavis   Waiting for Godot is an absurdist play by Samuel Beckett, in which two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, wait for someone named Godot. Godot's absence, as well as numerous other aspects of the play, have led to many different interpretations since the play's premiere. The play is considered by some critics to be one of the most prominent works of the "Theatre of the Absurd".   Théâtre Les 50 à Saint Jean de Gonville Vendredi 1 octobre 2010 à 20h Samedi 2 octobre 2010 à 20h Tarif plein : 18 € Tarif abonné, ense...

  10. Ethnicity and Social Critique in Tony Hilleman’s Crime Fiction

    Bubíková Šárka


    Full Text Available American mystery writer Tony Hillerman (1925-2008 achieved wide readership both within the United States and abroad, and, significantly, within the US both among white Americans and Native Americans. This article discusses Hillerman’s detective fiction firstly within the tradition of the genre and then focuses on particular themes and literary means the writer employs in order to disseminate knowledge about the Southwestern nations (tribes among his readers using the framework of mystery (crime fiction. Hillerman’s two literary detectives Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Sergeant Jim Chee, both of the Navajo Tribal Police, are analyzed and contrasted with female characters. Finally, the article analyzes the ways in which Hillerman makes the detectives’ intimate knowledge of the traditions, beliefs and rituals of the southwestern tribes and of the rough beauty of the landscape central to the novels’ plots, and how he presents cultural information.

  11. Apollo 14 crewmen near site of volcanic eruption on Hawaii


    Prime crewmen and backup crewmen of the Apollo 14 mission look over an area near the site of a volcanic eruption in Aloi Alae, Hawaii. Astronauts Alan B. Shepard Jr. (leaning with left hand on ground) and Edgar D. Mitchell (behind Shepard, wearing dark glasses) are the prime crewmen scheduled to walk on the moon. Astronauts Eugene A. Cernan (almost obscured at extreme left) and Joe H. Engle (partially visible, on Cernan's right) are back-up crew commander and lunar module pilot, respectively, for the mission. Others in the photograph are Pat Crosland (in hard hat), a geologist and a park ranger in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; Michael C McEwen (facing Mitchell) of the Geology Branch, Lunar and Earth Sciences Division, Manned Spacecraft Center; and Astronaut Bruce McCandless II, who made the trip to serve as a spacecraft communicator during simulations of extravehicular activity (EVA) on the lunar surface.

  12. O escudo da América: o discurso patriótico na revista Captain America Comics (1941-1954)

    Priscilla Ferreira Cerencio


    Quando nos deparamos com a imagem do personagem Capitão América tendemos a relacioná-lo com um herói confiante, tão patriótico que veste a bandeira de seu país. O super-herói, criado por Joe Simon e Jack Kirby na década de 1940, ao longo do século XX se transformou em um ícone tão representativo da nação americana quanto o próprio Tio Sam. Nesta dissertação nos propomos a analisar os aspectos centrais do discurso patriótico contido na revista Captain America Comics, publicada nos Estados Unid...

  13. 1st International Industrial Symposium on the Supercollider

    IISSC; Supercollider 1


    IISSC '89 was a tremendous success. A total of 635 people attended this educational forum which was dedicated to further the understanding of the design, construction and operation of the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC). A total of 110 presentations and addresses were given. The topics discussed covered .all aspects of the SSC including: Magnet Technology Cryogenics Conventional Facilities Technical Systems Detectors Related Accelerator Technology Superconducting Wire/Cable ApproXimately 38% of the presentations addressed superconducting magnet technology, 16% were devoted to detector technology, 10% addressed superconducting wire/ cable, and the balance was equally split between the remaining topics. A special award was presented to Professor M. Tigner for his meritorious contribution to the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC). The award was presented on behalf of the IISSC Board of Directors. Keynote speakers included: Gerald 'Bachy, CERN Joe Barton, Representative from Texas, 6th Disctrict Ed...

  14. FAST-PT II: an algorithm to calculate convolution integrals of general tensor quantities in cosmological perturbation theory

    Fang, Xiao; Blazek, Jonathan A.; McEwen, Joseph E.; Hirata, Christopher M., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics, Department of Physics, The Ohio State University, 191 W Woodruff Ave, Columbus OH 43210 (United States)


    Cosmological perturbation theory is a powerful tool to predict the statistics of large-scale structure in the weakly non-linear regime, but even at 1-loop order it results in computationally expensive mode-coupling integrals. Here we present a fast algorithm for computing 1-loop power spectra of quantities that depend on the observer's orientation, thereby generalizing the FAST-PT framework (McEwen et al., 2016) that was originally developed for scalars such as the matter density. This algorithm works for an arbitrary input power spectrum and substantially reduces the time required for numerical evaluation. We apply the algorithm to four examples: intrinsic alignments of galaxies in the tidal torque model; the Ostriker-Vishniac effect; the secondary CMB polarization due to baryon flows; and the 1-loop matter power spectrum in redshift space. Code implementing this algorithm and these applications is publicly available at

  15. Neutrino masses twenty-five years later

    Valle, J.W.F.


    The discovery of neutrino mass marks a turning point in elementary particle physics, with important implications for nuclear and astroparticle physics. Here I give a brief update, where I summarize the current status of three-neutrino oscillation parameters from current solar, atmospheric, reactor and accelerator neutrino data, discuss the case for sterile neutrinos and LSND, and also the importance of tritium and double beta decay experiments probing the absolute scale of neutrino mass. In this opinionated look at the present of neutrino physics, I keep an eye in the future, and a perspective of the past, taking the opportunity to highlight Joe Schechter's pioneering contribution, which I have had the fortune to share, as his PhD student back in the early eighties

  16. Human radiation studies: Remembering the early years. Oral history of Dr. John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., December 20, 1994


    Dr. John W. Gofman was interviewed by representatives of US DOE Office of Human Radiation Experiments (OHRE) concerning his research at the University of California, Berkeley and his biomedical work at Lawrence Livermore Radiation Laboratory. Following a short biographical sketch, Dr. Gofman relates his remembrances with the discovery and chemistry of uranium-233, the Manhattan project, laboratory production of the first milligram of plutonium, pre-1945 medical use of high-dosage radiation, medical treatments with phosphorus 32, and fallout. Dr. Gofman also discusses his relationships with Professor Oppenheimer, Joe Hamilton, Ernest Lawrence, and other. Then Dr. Gofman describes his pioneering work on his true interests concerning heart disease, heparin, and lipoproteins. Finally intra-AEC political issues are discussed relating to testing of atomic weapons

  17. Notre Top 11 des films anglophones de 2016

    Roche, David; Souladié, Vincent


    2016 aura été une très grande année pour le cinéma anglophone, et ce dans toutes ses ramifications. Certains blockbusters n’ont pas été au rendez-vous – les tant attendus Suicide Squad (USA, David Ayer) et Batman v. Superman : Dawn of Justice (USA, Zack Snyder) –, d’autres ont surpris – Captain America : Civil War (USA, Anthony et Joe Russo) et son discours métafictionnel sur la dimension éthique du récit de superhéros, et surtout le provocateur et ultra-méta Deadpool (USA, Tim Miller). Des c...

  18. The Hammer Award is presented to KSC and 45th Space Wing.


    KSC's Director of Public Affairs Joe Gordon (left) applauds as Ed Gormel and Chris Fairey are named recipients of the Hammer Award at a special presentation in the IMAX 2 Theater in the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Presenting the award is Morley Winograd (at the podium), director of the National Partnership for Reinventing Government. The Hammer Award is Vice President Al Gore's special recognition of teams of federal employees who have made significant contributions in support of the principles of the National Partnership for Reinventing Government. This Hammer Award acknowledges the accomplishments of a joint NASA and Air Force team that established the Joint Base Operations and Support Contract (J-BOSC) Source Evaluation Board (SEB). Gormel and Fairey are co-chairs of the SEB. The team developed and implemented the acquisition strategy for establishing a single set of base operations and support service requirements for KSC, Cape Canaveral Air Station and Patrick Air Force Base.

  19. Recipients of 2013 EPS High Energy & Particle Physics Prize

    ATLAS, Experiment


    (From left) Joe Incandela, Peter Higgs, Francois Englert, Tejinder Virdee, Dave Charlton, and Peter Jenni. Higgs and Englert gave the prizes to the recipients of the 2013 European Physical Society's High Energy and Particle Physics Prize, for an outstanding contribution to high energy physics. "For the discovery of a Higgs boson, as predicted by the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism," the prize was awarded to the ATLAS and CMS collaborations. Spokesperson for CMS, Incandela, and Spokesperson for ATLAS, Charlton, accepted the awards on their collaborations' behalf. "For their pioneering and outstanding leadership roles in the making of the ATLAS and CMS experiments," the prize was awarded to Jenni, Virdee, and Michel Della Negra (not present). Image: ATLAS

  20. Adventures in Modern Time Series Analysis: From the Sun to the Crab Nebula and Beyond

    Scargle, Jeffrey


    With the generation of long, precise, and finely sampled time series the Age of Digital Astronomy is uncovering and elucidating energetic dynamical processes throughout the Universe. Fulfilling these opportunities requires data effective analysis techniques rapidly and automatically implementing advanced concepts. The Time Series Explorer, under development in collaboration with Tom Loredo, provides tools ranging from simple but optimal histograms to time and frequency domain analysis for arbitrary data modes with any time sampling. Much of this development owes its existence to Joe Bredekamp and the encouragement he provided over several decades. Sample results for solar chromospheric activity, gamma-ray activity in the Crab Nebula, active galactic nuclei and gamma-ray bursts will be displayed.

  1. Black plague

    MacIsaac, M.


    The Canadian government has eliminated the subsidy that Cape Breton Development Corporation (Devco) has received for the past 27 years (averaging $59.5 million annually for the last decade). Other problems facing Devco include privatization of two of Devco`s major customers, demand for lower coal prices, absenteeism, union difficulties, and problems with the Phalen mine. Pittsburgh`s John T. Boyd Co. was hired in May to assess Devco`s operations and its ability to compete with other coal mining companies. In July, Joe Shannon was appointed as the new president of Devco and given the mandate of making Devco commercially viable, with privatization in the longer term. Shannon will attempt to determine whether the mine`s problems with production are due to bad management or to technical problems and geology. 1 fig.

  2. Introduction to biomedical engineering

    Enderle, John D; Blanchard, Susan M


    Under the direction of John Enderle, Susan Blanchard and Joe Bronzino, leaders in the field have contributed chapters on the most relevant subjects for biomedical engineering students. These chapters coincide with courses offered in all biomedical engineering programs so that it can be used at different levels for a variety of courses of this evolving field. Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, Second Edition provides a historical perspective of the major developments in the biomedical field. Also contained within are the fundamental principles underlying biomedical engineering design, analysis, and modeling procedures. The numerous examples, drill problems and exercises are used to reinforce concepts and develop problem-solving skills making this book an invaluable tool for all biomedical students and engineers. New to this edition: Computational Biology, Medical Imaging, Genomics and Bioinformatics. * 60% update from first edition to reflect the developing field of biomedical engineering * New chapters o...

  3. HALO, a large-scale art installation conceived at CERN and inspired by ATLAS data and exhibited during 2018 Art Basel

    marcelloni, claudia


    Celebrating the ties between art, science and technology, HALO is an immersive art installation inspired by raw data generated by ATLAS in 2015. It has been conceived and executed by CERN’s former artists-in-residence, the “Semiconductor” duo of Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, in collaboration with Mónica Bello, curator and head of Arts at CERN. Using kaleidoscopic images of slowed-down particle collisions, which trigger piano wires to create sound, the experience takes you on a magical voyage into the subatomic world of particles. The artwork is the annual commission of the Swiss watchmaking company Audemar Piguet and a collaboration with CERN. The exhibition is free entry and suitable for all audiences.

  4. Noise Measurements of the VAIIPR Fan

    Mendoza, Jeff; Weir, Don


    This final report has been prepared by Honeywell Aerospace, Phoenix, Arizona, a unit of Honeywell International, Inc., documenting work performed during the period September 2004 through November 2005 for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, under the Revolutionary Aero-Space Engine Research (RASER) Program, Contract No. NAS3- 01136, Task Order 6, Noise Measurements of the VAIIPR Fan. The NASA Task Manager was Dr. Joe Grady, NASA Glenn Research Center, Mail Code 60-6, Cleveland, Ohio 44135. The NASA Contract Officer was Mr. Albert Spence, NASA Glenn Research Center, Mail Code 60-6, Cleveland, Ohio 44135. This report focuses on the evaluation of internal fan noise as generated from various inflow disturbances based on measurements made from a circumferential array of sensors located near the fan and sensors upstream of a serpentine inlet.

  5. The changing face of American compassion: ethnicity, religion, and worldview conflicts

    J. Hexham


    Full Text Available When Barack Obama announced his support for “Faith Based Initiatives” in August 2008 many people were shocked. Others saw it as a political ploy because they regarded the policy as one of the Bush Administration’s more unpopular programmes. In fact, the idea of “Faith Based Initiatives” was first proposed during the Clinton Presidency with support from such liberals as Senator Joe Liebermann. In this article popular misunderstandings of the role of religion in the USA will be discussed to show that the issue is far more complex than the media and a host of critical authors want us to believe and that the attack on “Faith Based Initiatives” has far-reaching implications for the relationship between Christianity and politics in both America and the rest of the world. It also raises issues about ethnicity, religion and the conflict of worldviews.

  6. Multicultural Museum Education in and beyond Exhibit: Local and Transnational Synergies from Canada’s Oldest Chinatown

    Tzu-I Chung


     TiF featured a unique centerpiece: a handcrafted lantern created in the 1930s by Victoria’s Chinese Freemasons, one of the oldest Chinese organizations in Canada (Figure 2. It is the oldest-known such lantern in North America and Southeast Asia. ‘Objects,’ as scholars of material culture point out, ‘help [people] to know, understand, and situate [them]selves within the world, both externally and internally’(Clouse 2008: 6. The connections of objects to lived experiences render them historically and culturally meaningful. In tracing the history of the lantern, we consulted both members of the Chinese Freemasons, including elder Jon Joe who helped to identify the names listed on the lantern, and Chinatown’s former residents and descendants, in accordance with the RBCM’s practice of multicultural community outreach and participation.

  7. The LHC at the AAAS

    CERN Bulletin


    The American Association for the Advancement of Science held its annual meeting in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. last week.   Veteran science writer Tim Radford introduces LHC scientists during a media briefing at the AAAS annual meeting. Left to right: Felicitas Pauss, Tom LeCompte, Yves Schutz and Nick Hadley. As the world’s largest popular science meeting, the AAAS meeting is a major event in the calendar of science journalists.  At this year’s LHC session, CERN’s coordinator for international relations, Felicitas Pauss, opened the discussion, paving the way for Tom LeCompte of ATLAS, Joe Incandela of CMS, Yves Schutz of ALICE and Monica Pepe-Altarelli of LHCb to report on the status of the first year’s analysis from their experiments.    

  8. FAST-PT: a novel algorithm to calculate convolution integrals in cosmological perturbation theory

    McEwen, Joseph E.; Fang, Xiao; Hirata, Christopher M.; Blazek, Jonathan A., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics, Department of Physics, The Ohio State University, 191 W Woodruff Ave, Columbus OH 43210 (United States)


    We present a novel algorithm, FAST-PT, for performing convolution or mode-coupling integrals that appear in nonlinear cosmological perturbation theory. The algorithm uses several properties of gravitational structure formation—the locality of the dark matter equations and the scale invariance of the problem—as well as Fast Fourier Transforms to describe the input power spectrum as a superposition of power laws. This yields extremely fast performance, enabling mode-coupling integral computations fast enough to embed in Monte Carlo Markov Chain parameter estimation. We describe the algorithm and demonstrate its application to calculating nonlinear corrections to the matter power spectrum, including one-loop standard perturbation theory and the renormalization group approach. We also describe our public code (in Python) to implement this algorithm. The code, along with a user manual and example implementations, is available at

  9. AIDS cannot be an exception to offer of lower bus fares.


    U.S. District Judge Joe Billy McDade ruled that the Metro Link bus system of Rock Island, IL cannot exclude people with AIDS from a special rate program afforded to those with mobility, visual, or hearing impairments. The suit was brought by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of [name removed] who wished to obtain a reduced-fare card because his AIDS condition severely impaired his ability to walk. Metro Link's application for reduced fare explicitly states that those whose sole disability is AIDS are ineligible for the program. Judge McDade ruled that the application violates the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act because it discriminated against [name removed] exclusively because of his disability. The policy also violated [name removed]'s right to equal protection under the 14th Amendment.

  10. An Analysis of the Impact of Ownership Types on Companies’ Innovative Capacity in China

    Münch, Angela; Becker, Nadine


    : In order to change the growth strategy of the Chinese economy, from the recent production focused towards an innovation-oriented approach, the government is trying to foster innovation capacity building among companies operating in China. The implementation of the current Science and Technology...... Development Plan (2006-2020) has granted enterprises special support and subsidies to increase their innovative capacity. Yet, due to specific ownership forms of firms in China the government aid varies tremendously between the various ownership types. Based on their registration status enterprise types can...... be classified as state-owned (SOE), collective-owned (COE), joint-operated enterprises (JOE), private-owned (POE), and foreign-owned enterprises (FOE) as well as foreign joint ventures (FJV). These specific company forms are exposed to different political and regulatory conditions and can be further divided...

  11. PREFACE 16 ISCMP: Progress in Solid State and Molecular Electronics, Ionics and Photonics

    Dimova-Malinovska, Doriana; Nesheva, Diana; Petrov, Alexander G.; Primatarowa, Marina T.


    We are pleased to introduce the Proceedings of the 16 ISCMP, organized by the Institute of Solid State Physics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The Chairman of the School was Professor Alexander G Petrov. The School was dedicated to the late Professor Joe Marshall, who served for a long time as Chairman and Honorary Chairman and left us just after having completed the proceedings of the previous School. Like previous events, the School took place in the beautiful Black Sea resort of Saint Constantine and Elena near Varna, going back to the renewed facilities of the Panorama hotel. Participants from 19 different countries delivered 34 invited lecturers and 75 posters, contributing to three sessions of poster presentations. Papers submitted to the Proceedings were refereed according to the high standards of the Journal of Physics: Conference Series and the articles published in this volume illustrate the diversity and the high level of the contributions. Not the least significant factor in the success of the 16 ISCMP was the social program, both the organized events (Welcome and Farewell Parties) and the variety of pleasant local restaurants and beaches. These Proceedings are published for the first time in Journal of Physics: Conference Series. We are grateful to the Journal's staff for encouraging this idea. The Scientific Committee of the ISCMP dedicates this volume of the Proceedings to the living memory of Professor Joe Marshall, Honorary Chairman of the ISCMP. The Committee decided that the next event will take place again in Saint Constantine and Elena, in September 2012. It will be entitled: Open Problems in Condensed Matter Physics, Biomedical Physics and their Applications. Doriana Dimova-Malinovska, Diana Nesheva, Alexander G Petrov and Marina T Primatarowa

  12. Materialism in Clifford Odets' Golden Boy and Edward Albee's The American Dream

    Nadia Ali Akbar


    Full Text Available The degration in the modern pattern of heroism during the 20th century America started with the advent of science and materialistic look of life. Modern scientific studies proposed that "man is alone, absolutely alone in a universe in which his very appearance is a cosmic accident" tending, at his best, towards an animal ancestor. Man was not cared for by spiritual or moral providence. The over soul, which the American hero was supposed to melt in, was replaced by the machine which ironically metamorphosed his significance. Modern American's pursuit of worldly gains was ultimately made at the expense of his essential spiritual and moral priorities as any material gain must be balanced against a spiritual loss. This fact is made concrete in the dehumanized character of Joe, the protagonist of Clifford Odets's Golden Boy (1937, through his aggressive anti-social behaviour. He is characterized by a lack of community. Golden Boy shows how the Americans are increasingly enervated by economic strains, racist tensions and political intimidation. Almost everywhere was the lost sense of community, a sense of inner defeat and lost self-esteem. The lost sense of community was very harmful as the Americans started looking for survival at the expense of society itself; social and economic injustices arose. Odets introduces such a motif in the character of Joe. Edward Albee (1928 is one of the significant American dramatists of the 20th century, uses the dramatic forms that were prominent on the postwar European stage to articulate an unsetting vision of the United States. He wrote about the emptiness of American cultures and the uncertainties of human existence. His work castigated what he sees as a blindly materialistic society devoid of any real sense of values and national purpose. He is against the materialism in the society which goes along with consumerism. The characters in The American Dream (1961 are materialistic. Mommy represents women's addiction

  13. Using Space Science to Excite Hispanic Students in STEM

    Reiff, P. H.; Galindo, C.; Garcia, J.; Morris, P. A.; Allen, J. S.


    Over the past ten years, NASA and its cosponsors have held an annual "NASA Space Science Day" at the University of Texas at Brownsville. The event is held over two days, with the Friday evening program featuring a space scientist or astronaut, this year Joe Acaba, giving a public lecture (plus a free planetarium show). The Saturday event starts with a keynote speech from the same speaker. Then the students circulate among six or seven hands-on workshops, plus a scheduled trip to the "Demo room" where NASA missions show their materials, and a planetarium show in the Discovery Dome. The students, 4th through 8th graders, are drawn from schools all across south Texas, and have included students coming as far as Zapata, with a four-hour bus ride each way. Over the ten years of the program, more than 5000 students have been reached. Most of the hands-on activities are led by undergraduate student mentors. The university students (42 in 2013) received science and engineering content and mentor training on the activities at Johnson Space Center before the January event. In addition, an additional 40 local high school students helped with activities and with escorting each group of students from one activity station to the next. The program has been so successful that students have "graduated" from participant, to volunteer, and now to University student mentor. Most of the mentors go on to complete a degree in a STEM discipline, and many have gone on to graduate school. Thus the mentors not only help with the program, they are beneficiaries as well. The program is being expanded to reach other underserved communities around the US, with its first "expansion" event held in Utah in 2011.; Puerto Rican Astronaut Joe Acaba and the Discovery Dome were two of the highlights for the students.

  14. Margins in Swedish district heating systems; Marginaler i Fjaerrvaermesystem

    Selinder, Patrik; Zinko, Heimo [ZW Energiteknik AB, Nykoeping (Sweden)


    occasions with power deficiency will occur more often. The lower limit for the reduction of connection power is depending on the level of comfort the customers are prepared to accept. These questions have been discussed with selected customer representatives. The mentioned practice of oversizing of the heating power deliverable to the buildings presents a relatively large margin for reduction of consumable power without decreasing the level of heating comfort too much. In the report this method is recommended under the name 'stingy' (= adequate) dimensioning; it is still according to the recommendation of the Swedish building code based on DUT20 and following the regulations of the Swedish District Heating Association for the domestic hot water dimensioning. The result will be a decrease of about 30% of the connected power in most buildings, and somewhat more in the heaviest buildings. Further reduction of the connecting power will implicate a more strong impact on the heating comfort. We call this 'deficiency dimensioning' and we cannot really recommend it apart from some special customer groups who might accept this heating quality by receiving some kind of economic compensation.

  15. Contemplation on Plot and Personification in Tehran Makhuf

    Mohammad Pashaei


    account. In some cases, he approaches to story characters specifications and in other cases, he distances from traditional personification due to familiarity with western countries particularly Russian and French writers .Indeed, it can be said that personification in “Tehran-e- Makhuf” is passing from traditional to modern and western style. The characters of “Tehran-e- Makhuf” are classified in two categories: the first category involves aristocrats and their purpose is power and wealth and prevention of any social shift. They are identified by traits like “reveler”, “hypocrite”, “stingy” and “rich” .The characters like Siyavash Mirza, F.Saltaneh, Shazdeh and Ali Ashraf khan are in this group .The second category is identified by traits like “noble”, “loyal”, “sufferer “ and “patient” and they are common people. Characters like Farrokh, Javad, servant of Farrokh, Mahin and Efat are in this group and they are noble and humanely and good .The main and secondary personages are constant and static in this novel .They attend in the story without changing. All characters introduced by Kazemi in “Tehran-e- Makhuf” are real and they reflect society realities .The characters reflect historical and social realities of particular place and time

  16. Lithostratigraphy of Upper Ordovician strata exposed in Kentucky

    Weir, Gordon Whitney; Peterson, Warren Lee; Swadley, W.C.


    Creek Limestone in the western and central parts. In east-central Kentucky, the Grant Lake is classified as a member of the Ashlock Formation, an assemblage of lithologically distinct units that were combined to facilitate mapping in the southeastern and southern part of the region. The Ashlock consists of the following members, in ascending order: The Tate (calcitic and dolomitic mudstone), the Grant Lake, the Gilbert (micrograined limestone and shale), the Stingy Creek (nodular-bedded mudstone and limestone), the Terrill (dolomitic and calcitic mudstone), the Sunset (micrograined limestone), and the Reba (nodular-bedded limestone and shale). The Bull Fork Formation, which overlies the Grant Lake Limestone, is made up of subequal amounts of thin-bedded highly fossiliferous limestone and shale; limestone makes up about 80 percent of the basal part of the formation and decreases in abundance irregularly upward to only 20 percent of the top part. On the east side of the Blue Grass region, the Bull Fork grades into the Reba Member of the Ashlock Formation; on the west side, it grades into the Grant Lake. The uppermost formation in the region is the Drakes Formation, which in east-central Kentucky consists of the Rowland Member (calcitic to dolomitic mudstone) overlain by the Preachersville Member (dolomitic to calcitic mudstone and dolomite and dolomitic siltstone). In northeast Kentucky, the Drakes is represented by only the Preachersville Member. In most of central and north-central Kentucky, the formation consists of three members: the Rowland at the base (dolomitic mudstone to muddy limestone), the Bardstown (fossiliferous limestone and shale), and the Saluda Dolomite (dolomite, in part calcitic and muddy). In northern north-central Kentucky, the Drakes is represented by only the Saluda Dolomite Member. The top of the Ordovician sequence in the Blue Grass region is generally formed by members of the Drakes Formation, which are overlain by str

  17. Estimation of volume and mass and of changes in volume and mass of selected chat piles in the Picher mining district, Ottawa County, Oklahoma, 2005-10

    Smith, S. Jerrod


    From the 1890s through the 1970s the Picher mining district in northeastern Ottawa County, Oklahoma, was the site of mining and processing of lead and zinc ore. When mining ceased in about 1979, as much as 165–300 million tons of mine tailings, locally referred to as “chat,” remained in the Picher mining district. Since 1979, some chat piles have been mined for aggregate materials and have decreased in volume and mass. Currently (2013), the land surface in the Picher mining district is covered by thousands of acres of chat, much of which remains on Indian trust land owned by allottees. The Bureau of Indian Affairs manages these allotted lands and oversees the sale and removal of chat from these properties. To help the Bureau of Indian Affairs better manage the sale and removal of chat, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, estimated the 2005 and 2010 volumes and masses of selected chat piles remaining on allotted lands in the Picher mining district. The U.S. Geological Survey also estimated the changes in volume and mass of these chat piles for the period 2005 through 2010. The 2005 and 2010 chat-pile volume and mass estimates were computed for 34 selected chat piles on 16 properties in the study area. All computations of volume and mass were performed on individual chat piles and on groups of chat piles in the same property. The Sooner property had the greatest estimated volume (4.644 million cubic yards) and mass (5.253 ± 0.473 million tons) of chat in 2010. Five of the selected properties (Sooner, Western, Lawyers, Skelton, and St. Joe) contained estimated chat volumes exceeding 1 million cubic yards and estimated chat masses exceeding 1 million tons in 2010. Four of the selected properties (Lucky Bill Humbah, Ta Mee Heh, Bird Dog, and St. Louis No. 6) contained estimated chat volumes of less than 0.1 million cubic yards and estimated chat masses of less than 0.1 million tons in 2010. The total volume of all

  18. Marcadores fAFLP na caracterização de três genótipos de umezeiro selecionados como porta-enxertos para pessegueiro fAFLP markers to characterize three mume genotypes selected as rootstocks for peach tree

    Ester Wickert


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi caracterizar a diversidade genética existente em três genótipos de umezeiro (Clone 05, cv. Rigitano e Clone 15 e identificar marcadores moleculares fAFLP (fluorescent Amplified Fragment Lenght Polymorphism passíveis de serem utilizados na discriminação dos três genótipos de umezeiro selecionados como porta-enxertos para pessegueiro. Foram utilizadas 24 diferentes combinações de primers seletivos fAFLP que geraram 648 marcas, das quais 272 foram diferenciadoras dos três genótipos entre si. As marcas diferenciadoras permitiram o agrupamento dos clones de umezeiro de acordo com sua similaridade através do Método da Distância e algorítmo Neighbour Joining. As mesmas marcas foram utilizadas para calcular a distância genética entre os clones. Com o uso de marcadores fAFLP foi possível discriminar os três genótipos de umezeiro entre si, destacando-se as combinações Fam ACT/CAT, Joe AGG/CTT e Ned AGC/CAA, que permitiram a diferenciação individual de cada um dos clones. A maior distância genética foi encontrada entre a cv. Rigitano e o Clone 15. Os marcadores fAFLP revelaram maior proximidade genética entre o Clone 05 e a cv. Rigitano.The objective of this work was the identification of fAFLP markers to be used in molecular characterization of three mume genotypes selected as rootstocks for peach tree. Twenty-four different fAFLP primer combinations were used and allowed the recognition of 648 markers, comprising 272 markers which were able to discriminate the three clones one from the other. These markers were used to calculate the groupment of the clones according to their similarities with the distance method and neighbour joining algorithm. The same markers were also used to calculate the genetic distance among the clones. The fAFLP markers were efficient to identify the clones, mainly by the combinations of selective primers Fam ACT/CAT, Joe AGG/CTT and Ned AGC/CAA. fAFLP markers allowed the

  19. 《八月之光》的存在主义解读



    《八月之光》讲述了一个种族主义压抑人性的悲惨故事。主人公乔作为一个身体里流淌着黑人血统的混血儿,却身处在白人之上的国度里,必然遭受到白人的排斥,经历与他人隔离的荒诞感:他体内潜在的黑人血统正是他毕生想要摆脱和感到羞愧的根源,而他对白人的生活充满了既爱又恨的复杂情结,他矛盾的内心体现出.他深受种族主义异化的影响。直到死亡临近的时候,乔终于明白他生命的无意义和荒诞,于是他淡然地面对了死亡。存在主义的重要概念诸如荒诞、异化、死亡在乔的一生中得到具体地展现。%Light in August narrates a tragic story about oppression on humanity imposed by racism. The role called Joe Christmas, who is a hybrid with black bodyhne, unfortunately lives in a country where the White occupies dominant stature; therefore he is bound to suffer discrimination from the White and experience absurd sense of segregation. The latent black line is the origin that he wants to escape and feels ashamed, on contrary; he ha complicated sensation toward life of the White. Dilemma faces by him shows that he is influenced by dissimilation of racism. Joe does not understand the nonsense and absurdity of life until he is threatened by death. At last he confronts death in peace. Some important concepts in Existentialism such as absurdity, dissimilation and death have been illustrated in Joe's life time.

  20. Ending a HarperCollins Boycott (February 27, 2011-August 7, 2013

    Brett Bonfield


    Full Text Available On February 24, 2011, Joe Atzenberger broke the news that HarperCollins would begin distributing self-destructing ebooks through OverDrive. This was not welcome news.At the time, if public libraries wanted to lend ebooks to the communities they served, signing a contract with OverDrive was the only viable way for them to do it. The fact that OverDrive agreed to this stipulation from HarperCollins meant that libraries had no choice. Any ebooks they licensed from HarperCollins would become inoperable after 26 circulations. If libraries wished to continue to circulate these titles, they would have to pay for a license that granted them another 26 circulations.After reading Atzenberger’s post, Bobbi Newman wrote a post about HarperCollins’ self-destructing ebooks on her widely read blog, Librarian by Day. Over the next week, she updated her post, adding links to responses from OverDrive President and Chief Executive Officer, Steve Potash, as well as responses by dozens of librarians and non-librarians.One of the ideas people raised was a HarperCollins boycott. The day after Bobbi Newman’s post, my friend Gabriel Farrell and I got together and created a website to let the world know that many people were going to boycott HarperCollins until it changed its policies, and to explain why people were making this decision.

  1. Update on the use of dutasteride in the management of benign prostatic hypertrophy

    Joe Miller


    Full Text Available Joe Miller, Thomas H TarterDivision of Urology, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL, USAAbstract: Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH is a frequent cause of lower urinary symptoms, with a prevalence of 50% by the sixth decade of life. Hyperplasia of stromal and epithelial prostatic elements that surround the urethra cause lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS, urinary tract infection, and acute urinary retention. Medical treatments of symptomatic BPH include; 1 the 5α-reductase inhibitors, 2 the α1-adrenergic antagonists, and 3 the combination of a 5α-reductase inhibitor and a α1-adrenergic antagonist. Selective α1-adrenergic antagonists relax the smooth muscle of the prostate and bladder neck without affecting the detrussor muscle of the bladder wall, thus decreasing the resistance to urine flow without compromising bladder contractility. Clinical trials have shown that α1-adrenergic antagonists decrease LUTS and increase urinary flow rates in men with symptomatic BPH, but do not reduce the long-term risk of urinary retention or need for surgical intervention. Inhibitors of 5α-reductase decrease production of dihydrotestosterone within the prostate resulting in decreased prostate volumes, increased peak urinary flow rates, improvement of symptoms, and decreased risk of acute urinary retention and need for surgical intervention. The combination of a 5α-reductase inhibitor and a α1-adrenergic antagonist reduces the clinical progression of BPH over either class of drug alone.Keywords: prostatic hyperplasia, 5α-reductase, dutasteride

  2. A comparison of the lattice discrete particle method to the finite-element method and the K&C material model for simulating the static and dynamic response of concrete.

    Smith, Jovanca J.; Bishop, Joseph E.


    This report summarizes the work performed by the graduate student Jovanca Smith during a summer internship in the summer of 2012 with the aid of mentor Joe Bishop. The projects were a two-part endeavor that focused on the use of the numerical model called the Lattice Discrete Particle Model (LDPM). The LDPM is a discrete meso-scale model currently used at Northwestern University and the ERDC to model the heterogeneous quasi-brittle material, concrete. In the first part of the project, LDPM was compared to the Karagozian and Case Concrete Model (K&C) used in Presto, an explicit dynamics finite-element code, developed at Sandia National Laboratories. In order to make this comparison, a series of quasi-static numerical experiments were performed, namely unconfined uniaxial compression tests on four varied cube specimen sizes, three-point bending notched experiments on three proportional specimen sizes, and six triaxial compression tests on a cylindrical specimen. The second part of this project focused on the application of LDPM to simulate projectile perforation on an ultra high performance concrete called CORTUF. This application illustrates the strengths of LDPM over traditional continuum models.

  3. Identifying the Source of Misfit in Item Response Theory Models.

    Liu, Yang; Maydeu-Olivares, Alberto


    When an item response theory model fails to fit adequately, the items for which the model provides a good fit and those for which it does not must be determined. To this end, we compare the performance of several fit statistics for item pairs with known asymptotic distributions under maximum likelihood estimation of the item parameters: (a) a mean and variance adjustment to bivariate Pearson's X(2), (b) a bivariate subtable analog to Reiser's (1996) overall goodness-of-fit test, (c) a z statistic for the bivariate residual cross product, and (d) Maydeu-Olivares and Joe's (2006) M2 statistic applied to bivariate subtables. The unadjusted Pearson's X(2) with heuristically determined degrees of freedom is also included in the comparison. For binary and ordinal data, our simulation results suggest that the z statistic has the best Type I error and power behavior among all the statistics under investigation when the observed information matrix is used in its computation. However, if one has to use the cross-product information, the mean and variance adjusted X(2) is recommended. We illustrate the use of pairwise fit statistics in 2 real-data examples and discuss possible extensions of the current research in various directions.

  4. Which perceived characteristics make product innovations appealing to the consumer? A study on the acceptance of fruit innovations using cross-cultural consumer segmentation.

    Onwezen, Marleen C; Bartels, Jos


    In general, fruit consumption in the EU does not meet governments' recommended levels, and innovations in the fruit industry are thought to be useful for increasing fruit consumption. Despite the enormous number of product innovations, the majority of new products in the market fail within the first two years, due to a lack of consumer acceptance. Consumer segmentation may be a useful research tool to increase the success rates of new fruit products. The current study aims to identify consumer segments based on individual importance rankings of fruit choice motives. We conducted a cross-national, online panel survey on fresh fruit innovations in four European countries: the Netherlands (n=251), Greece (n=246), Poland (n=250), and Spain (n=250). Our cluster analysis revealed three homogeneous consumer segments: Average Joe, the Naturally conscious consumer, and the Health-oriented consumer. These consumer segments differed with respect to their importance ratings for fruit choice motives. Furthermore, the willingness to buy specific fruit innovations (i.e., genetically modified, functional food and convenience innovation) and the perceived product characteristics that influence this willingness differed across the segments. Our study could lead to more tailored marketing strategies aimed at increasing consumer acceptance of fruit product innovations based on consumer segmentation. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. ATLAS Point-1 System Administration Group

    Marc Dobson


    Hello, my name is Joe Blog and I am about to go on shift at ATLAS. When I enter the control room shown below with my CERN ID card, I go to the subsystem desk for which I am responsible. This is the first shift of the run period and there is a login window displayed on the screens. I just need to hit return and the control room desktop is started. Before I can do anything I must give my credentials in the shifter window which is then synchronised with the shift plan. After that I have access to all the allowed commands and can start preparing for the run. In order not to forget any steps I consult the documentation on how to prepare for a run on the Point-1 web. I can also check what the general status is for the ATLAS online computing farm, the sub-detectors and the LHC by using the utilities provided. ATLAS Control Room. The situation described is made up but the conditions are real. But the control room that the shifters and general public see is only the tip of the iceberg. Behind these tools lie the...

  6. Nobel Prize ceremony 2013


    On 10 December 2013 particle physics took central stage at the Nobel ceremony in Stockholm. Among the invitees were Fabiola Gianotti, former ATLAS spokesperson, Joseph Incandela, CMS Spokesperson, and CERN theorist Luis Alvarez-Gaume. They share their feelings of the memorable day with us.   Overview of the 2013 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall. © Nobel Media AB 2013. Photo: Alex Ljungdahl. Fabiola Gianotti and Joe Incandela, at the Nobel Banquet in the Stockholm City Hall.   "It was an honour and a thrill for us to attend such a memorable Nobel prize ceremony and we are very grateful to Peter Higgs for having included us among his invited guests. The ceremony held some special moments for the LHC. In his speech prior to the award of the Nobel prize to Francois Englert and Peter Higgs by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Lars Brink (Chair of the Physics Nobel Prize Committee) stressed the importance of the results from the LHC exper...

  7. Cine club

    Cine club


    Wednesday 13 April 2016 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber Mushrooming   Directed by Toomas Hussar Estonia, 2012, 93 minutes A journalist has gotten wind of corruption rumors involving a politician. On the day the journalist tries to contact him, he decides to go mushrooming with his wife. Original version Estonian; English subtitles Wednesday 20 April 2016 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber Very Big Shot   Directed by Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya  Lebanon / Qatar, 2016, 107 minutes In partnership with FIFOG, le Festival International du Film Oriental de Genève Brothers Ziad and Joe run a small but lucrative drug dealing business out of their takeout pizzeria in one of Beirut's working class districts. With their youngest brother Jad about to be released from prison - where he was serving a sentence for a crime that Ziad had committed - Ziad plans to go straight by using their coke-peddling profits to open a restaurant. But Ziad's supplier, a powerful drug lord who is n...

  8. Sunyaev-Zeldovich Predictions for the Atacama Cosmology Telescope

    Menanteau, Felipe; Hughes, J. P.; Jimenez, R.; Barkhouse, W.; Berta, Z.; Hansen, S.; Hernandez-Monteagudo, C.; Kosowsky, A.; Lin, Y. T.; Moodley, K.; Ngeow, C.; Roche, N.; Spergel, D.; Tucker, D.; Verde, L.


    We present predictions for the microwave sky in a low-extinction region centered near RA = 23:00 and Dec = -55:12, which will be surveyed in the coming year at 145 GHz by the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT, PI: Lyman Page) and in the X-ray band by XMM-Newton (PI: Hans Boehringer). The predictions are based on Sunyaev-Zeldovich distortions drawn from optical data collected by the Blanco Cosmology Survey (BCS). We also compare the predictions with X-ray data from the ROSAT All Sky Survey. The BCS (PI: Joe Mohr) is a NOAO large, wide-field survey project that has been awarded 45 nights on the CTIO Blanco 4-meter telescope to image two 50 square-degree patches of the southern sky in four bands (griz). The survey began in 2005 and has completed two (out of three) years of data taking. A preliminary automated image reduction and analysis pipeline for the BCS data is briefly summarized. Financial support was provided by the NSF under the PIRE program (OISE-0530095).

  9. "Till This Moment I Never Knew Myself”: Adapting Pride and Prejudice

    Anđelka Raguž


    Full Text Available Adaptations are always a matter of hard choices: the scriptwriter and the director have their interpretations of what an adaptation should be, very much like every reader has his/her own vision of the characters and the plot, and very rarely do the two visions coincide. This paper was inspired by the on-going debate amongst Jane Austen fans on Internet forums as to which adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is more faithful to the 1813 novel. The main two contenders appear to be the 1995 BBC mini-series starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth, and Joe Wright’s 2005 film with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen in the lead roles. This paper will attempt to identify the cardinal points of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to illustrate that both the 1995 and 2005 adaptations are faithful to the original. Furthermore, it shall look at the strengths and weaknesses of the mini-series and the feature film as genres, before analysing the respective strengths and weaknesses of the adaptations themselves. The paper will suggest that Wright’s film fully captures “the spirit” of Austen’s novel through its masterful use of point of view and symbolism in less than half the time the 1995 mini-series does.

  10. Good news for coffee addicts.

    Lee, Thomas H


    Whether it's a basic Mr. Coffee or a gadget that sports a snazzy device for grinding beans on demand, the office coffee machine offers a place for serendipitous encounters that can improve the social aspect of work and generate new ideas. What's more, a steaming cup of joe may be as good for your health as it is for the bottom line, says Lee, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the CEO of Partners Community HealthCare. Fears of coffee's carcinogenic effects now appear to be unfounded, and, in fact, the brew might even protect against some types of cancer. What's more, coffee may guard against Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia and somehow soften the blow of a heart attack. Of course, its role as a pick-me-up is well known. So there's no need to take your coffee with a dollop of guilt, especially if you ease up on the sugar, cream, double chocolate, and whipped-cream topping.

  11. Ground Zero/Fresh Kills: Cataloguing Ruins, Garbage, and Memory

    Cinzia Scarpino


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to show how the rise and fall of the Twin Towers can be read in relation to the rise and fall of the Staten Island Fresh Kills landfill, how their destinies were entwined from the start, and how the immediate cultural response to the collapse of the former and the closing of the latter recurred to the form of catalogues of objects, words, and images. From this angle it will be possible to posit the events within a larger, if somewhat unusual, cultural frame encompassing the history of two different yet complementary symbols of New York up to 2001 (the WTC and Fresh Kills. From Don DeLillo’s Underworld (1997 and Falling Man (2007 through Holman, Steve Zeitlin e Joe Dobkin’s Crisis (2001-2002; from Art Spiegelman’s In the Shadows of No Tower (2004 to Artists Respond’s 9-11 (2002; from the New York Times to Bearing Witness to History, the 2003-2006 retrospective of the Smithsonian Museum, relevant collective or individual responses to the 2001 attacks took the form of a catalogue, a list, a vertical or horizontal juxtaposition of data, objects, and memories, evoking a suggestive parallel to the organizing principle of past relics collected in museums and garbage stratified in sanitary landfills.

  12. Macmillan Encyclopedia of Chemistry (edited by Joseph J. Lagowski)

    Kauffman, George B.


    Macmillan: New York, 1997. Four volumes. Figs., tables. lxxi + 1696 pp. 22.0 x 28.5 cm. $400. ISBN 0-02-897225-2. This latest addition to Macmillan's series of comprehensive core science encyclopedias (previous sets dealt with physics and earth sciences) will be of particular interest to readers of this Journal, for it is edited by longtime Journal of Chemical Education editor Joe Lagowski, assisted by a board of five distinguished associate editors. The attractively priced set offers clear explanations of the phenomena and concepts of chemistry and its materials, whether found in industry, the laboratory, or the natural world. It is intended for a broad spectrum of readers-professionals whose work draws on chemical concepts and knowledge (e.g., material scientists, engineers, health workers, biotechnologists, mathematicians, and computer programmers), science teachers at all levels from kindergarten to high school, high school and college students interested in medicine or the sciences, college and university professors, and laypersons desiring information on practical aspects of chemistry (e.g., household cleaning products, food and food additives, manufactured materials, herbicides, the human body, sweeteners, and animal communication).

  13. The Astronomy Genealogy Project

    Tenn, Joseph S.


    The Astronomy Genealogy Project, to be known as AstroGen, will list as many as possible of the world's astronomers with their academic parents (aka thesis advisors) and enable the reader to trace both academic ancestors and descendants. It will be very similar to the highly successful Mathematics Genealogy Project (MGP), available at The MGP, which has been in operation since 1996, now contains the names of about 170,000 "mathematicians." These include many physicists and astronomers, as well as practitioners of related sciences. Mitchel Keller, the director of the MGP, has generously shared the software used in that project, and the American Astronomical Society (AAS) will host AstroGen, a project of the Historical Astronomy Division, on its website. We expect to start seeking entries soon, depending on the availability of computational assistance from the AAS IT department. We are seeking volunteers to help run the project. If you are interested, please contact me at

  14. Cine Club

    Cine Club


    Wednesday 18 November 2015 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber Johnny Got His Gun Directed by Dalton Trumbo USA, 1971, 111 minutes Joe, a young American soldier, is hit by a mortar shell on the last day of World War I. He lies in a hospital bed in a fate worse than death - a quadruple amputee who has lost his arms, legs, eyes, ears, mouth and nose. He remains conscious and able to think, thereby reliving his life through strange dreams and memories, unable to distinguish whether he is awake or dreaming. He remains frustrated by his situation, until one day he discovers a unique way to communicate with his caregivers. Original version english; french subtitles   Wednesday 25 November 2015 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber War Horse Directed by JSteven Spielberg USA, 2011, 146 minutes Dartmoor 1914: To his wife's dismay farmer Narracott buys a thoroughbred horse rather than a plough animal, but when his teenage son Albert trains the horse and calls him Joey, the two become inseparable. When harvest...

  15. Is paramecium swimming autonomic?

    Bandyopadhyay, Promode R.; Toplosky, Norman; Hansen, Joshua


    We seek to explore if the swimming of paramecium has an underlying autonomic mechanism. Such robotic elements may be useful in capturing the disturbance field in an environment in real time. Experimental evidence is emerging that motion control neurons of other animals may be present in paramecium as well. The limit cycle determined using analog simulation of the coupled nonlinear oscillators of olivo-cerebellar dynamics (ieee joe 33, 563-578, 2008) agrees with the tracks of the cilium of a biological paramecium. A 4-motor apparatus has been built that reproduces the kinematics of the cilium motion. The motion of the biological cilium has been analyzed and compared with the results of the finite element modeling of forces on a cilium. The modeling equates applied torque at the base of the cilium with drag, the cilium stiffness being phase dependent. A low friction pendulum apparatus with a multiplicity of electromagnetic actuators is being built for verifying the maps of the attractor basin computed using the olivo-cerebellar dynamics for different initial conditions. Sponsored by ONR 33.

  16. Determination of self-(incompatibility in some Turkish cultivated and wild apricots

    Pinar Hasan


    Full Text Available In this study, self-(in compatibility of 34 wild apricot genotypes, called as Sakit apricots, sampled from Sakit valley located in east Mediterranean region of Turkey and 9 well known Turkish apricot cultivars were determined by using molecular methods. Genomic PCR with S-RNase and SFB-specific primers was conducted using the degenerate primers EM-PC2consFD and EM-PC3consRD for the amplification of the second intron region of the S-RNase gene. To amplify the first intron, the fluorescently labelled (JOE forward primer SRc-F was used in combination with the reverse primer SRc-R. According to the results, Sc (self-compatible allele is not present in all wild and cultivated materials. All wild genotypes had same S allele (S6S19 composition indicating they do not carry the SC-haplotype. These wild materials previously reported self-compatible by fruit set studies on field. Mutations rendering the S-locus non-functional in these genotypes can be supposed and checked in the future. The most important dried apricot cultivars of Turkey such as Hacihaliloglu, Kabaasi, and Cataloglu were observed to be self-incompatible cultivars.

  17. On calculating the probability of a set of orthologous sequences

    Junfeng Liu


    Full Text Available Junfeng Liu1,2, Liang Chen3, Hongyu Zhao4, Dirk F Moore1,2, Yong Lin1,2, Weichung Joe Shih1,21Biometrics Division, The Cancer, Institute of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ, USA; 2Department of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Piscataway, NJ, USA; 3Department of Biological Sciences, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA; 4Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USAAbstract: Probabilistic DNA sequence models have been intensively applied to genome research. Within the evolutionary biology framework, this article investigates the feasibility for rigorously estimating the probability of a set of orthologous DNA sequences which evolve from a common progenitor. We propose Monte Carlo integration algorithms to sample the unknown ancestral and/or root sequences a posteriori conditional on a reference sequence and apply pairwise Needleman–Wunsch alignment between the sampled and nonreference species sequences to estimate the probability. We test our algorithms on both simulated and real sequences and compare calculated probabilities from Monte Carlo integration to those induced by single multiple alignment.Keywords: evolution, Jukes–Cantor model, Monte Carlo integration, Needleman–Wunsch alignment, orthologous

  18. Transgressing Boundaries: Belfast and the “Romance-Across-the-Divide”

    Stephanie Schwerter


    Full Text Available One of the most popular sub-genres of Northern Irish Troubles fiction is the so called ‘Romance-across-the-divide’, a narrative in which two characters from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds struggle to overcome the region’s sectarian divide. As the centre of the Northern Irish conflict, Belfast epitomises the obstacles posed by the political situation for lovers attempting to defy socio-cultural and denominational boundaries. Joe Cleary argues that in the Northern Irish context the romance narrative is employed to illustrate the possibility of a reconciliation of opposed political camps. This article attempts to refute Cleary’s view. Focussing on Naomi May’s Troubles (1976, Dermot Healy’s A Goat’s Song (1994 and Kate O’Riordan’s Involved (1995 it sets out to demonstrate that unhappy unions of lovers cutting across sectarian lines serve instead largely to depict the ongoing political division within Northern Irish society and the breach between the North and the South of Ireland.

  19. Plane answers to complex questions the theory of linear models

    Christensen, Ronald


    This book was written to rigorously illustrate the practical application of the projective approach to linear models. To some, this may seem contradictory. I contend that it is possible to be both rigorous and illustrative and that it is possible to use the projective approach in practical applications. Therefore, unlike many other books on linear models, the use of projections and sub­ spaces does not stop after the general theory. They are used wherever I could figure out how to do it. Solving normal equations and using calculus (outside of maximum likelihood theory) are anathema to me. This is because I do not believe that they contribute to the understanding of linear models. I have similar feelings about the use of side conditions. Such topics are mentioned when appropriate and thenceforward avoided like the plague. On the other side of the coin, I just as strenuously reject teaching linear models with a coordinate free approach. Although Joe Eaton assures me that the issues in complicated problems freq...

  20. Real-time multiplex PCR assay for detection of Yersinia pestis and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis.

    Matero, Pirjo; Pasanen, Tanja; Laukkanen, Riikka; Tissari, Päivi; Tarkka, Eveliina; Vaara, Martti; Skurnik, Mikael


    A multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay was developed for the detection of Yersinia pestis and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis. The assay includes four primer pairs, two of which are specific for Y. pestis, one for Y. pestis and Y. pseudotuberculosis and one for bacteriophage lambda; the latter was used as an internal amplification control. The Y. pestis-specific target genes in the assay were ypo2088, a gene coding for a putative methyltransferase, and the pla gene coding for the plasminogen activator. In addition, the wzz gene was used as a target to specifically identify both Y. pestis and the closely related Y. pseudotuberculosis group. The primer and probe sets described for the different genes can be used either in single or in multiplex PCR assays because the individual probes were designed with different fluorochromes. The assays were found to be both sensitive and specific; the lower limit of the detection was 10-100 fg of extracted Y. pestis or Y. pseudotuberculosis total DNA. The sensitivity of the tetraplex assay was determined to be 1 cfu for the ypo2088 and pla probe labelled with FAM and JOE fluorescent dyes, respectively.

  1. Serbian President visits CERN

    Katarina Anthony


    On Tuesday 10 January, Serbian President Boris Tadić visited the Laboratory to sign the Agreement of granting the status of Associate Membership as the pre-stage to full Membership of CERN.    Before the signing ceremony, the President, welcomed by Director-General Rolf Heuer at CERN’s Point 5, took the opportunity to visit CERN. After a general introduction, the President took advantage of the shutdown to visit the LHC’s underground caverns. Leading the President through their respective experiments were spokespersons Fabiola Gianotti (ATLAS) and Joe Incandela (CMS).  After a morning of tours, President Tadić and Rolf Heuer signed the Agreement. Serbia’s status as an Associate Member as pre-stage to full Membership is expected to come into force following ratification by the Serbian Parliament. After a maximum period of five years, the CERN Council will decide on the admission of Serbia to full Membership. This new agreement continues Serbia&a...

  2. A Brief Analysis on the Male Characters of Their Eyes Were Watching God%赫斯顿《他们眼望上苍》的黑人男性形象论析



    佐拉·尼尔·赫斯顿的经典之作《他们眼望上苍》写的是女主人公珍妮对自己的独立意识所进行的一次自我发现到自我实现的历程。洛根·基利克斯是种族主义的受害者和男性霸权的代表,乔·斯塔克斯黑皮肤下拥有的是白灵魂,“甜点心”是一个新黑人男性形象,这三个黑人男性在珍妮找寻自我和实现自我的过程中扮演者不可或缺的角色。%The classic novel Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston relates the independence-minded process of the heroine Jane who undergoes from self-finding to the self-formation. Logan Killicks is a victim of racism and a representative of the male supremacy. Joe Starks has a soul of the white race under his black skin. “Tea Cake” is a new black male character. The three male characters play the indispensable roles in the process of Jane’s self-discovery and self-actualization.

  3. Behind the scenes of HALO, a large-scale art installation conceived at CERN and inspired by ATLAS data will be exhibited during Art Basel

    marcelloni, claudia


    A large-scale immersive art installation entitled HALO is the artistic interpretation of the Large Hadron Collider’s ATLAS experiment and celebrates the links between art, science and technology. Inspired by raw data generated by ATLAS, the artwork has been conceived and executed by CERN’s former artists-in-residence, the “Semiconductor” duo Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, in collaboration with Mónica Bello, curator and head of Arts at CERN. The artwork is part of the 4th Audemars Piguet Art Commission. HALO is a cylindrical structure, measuring ten metres in diameter and surrounded by 4-metre-long vertical piano wires. On the inside, an enormous 360-degree screen creates an immersive visual experience. Using kaleidoscopic images of slowed-down particle collisions, which trigger piano wires to create sound, the experience takes the visitors into the realm of subatomic matter through the multiple patterns generated in the space. HALO is conceived as an experiential reworking of the ATLAS experiment. Its...

  4. The team behind HALO, a large-scale art installation conceived at CERN and inspired by ATLAS data, exhibited at 2018 Art Basel.

    Marcelloni, Claudia


    Merging particle physics and art, a CERN-inspired artwork is being featured for the first time at Art Basel, the international art fair in Basel, Switzerland from 13 to 17 June. A large-scale immersive art installation entitled HALO is the artistic interpretation of the Large Hadron Collider’s ATLAS experiment and celebrates the links between art, science and technology. Inspired by raw data generated by ATLAS, the artwork has been conceived and executed by CERN’s former artists-in-residence, the “Semiconductor” duo Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, in collaboration with Mónica Bello, curator and head of Arts at CERN. During their three-month Arts at CERN residency in 2015, Semiconductor had the chance to explore particle-collision data in collaboration with scientists from the University of Sussex ATLAS group and work with them on the data later used in the artwork. HALO is a cylindrical structure, measuring ten metres in diameter and surrounded by 4-metre-long vertical piano wires. On the inside, an en...

  5. The Edward Teller medal lecture: The evolution toward Indirect Drive and two decades of progress toward ICF ignition and burn

    Lindl, J.D.


    In 1972, I joined the Livermore ICF Theory and Target Design group led by John Nuckolls, shortly after publication of John's seminal Nature article on ICF. My primary role, working with others in the target design program including Mordy Rosen, Steve Haan, and Larry Suter, has been as a target designer and theorist who utilized the LASNEX code to perform numerical experiments, which along with analysis of laboratory and underground thermonuclear experiments allowed me to develop a series of models and physical insights which have been used to set the direction and priorities of the Livermore program. I have had the good fortune of working with an outstanding team of scientists who have established LLNL as the premier ICF laboratory in the world. John Emmett and the LLNL Laser Science team were responsible for developing a series of lasers from Janus to Nova which have given LLNL unequaled facilities. George Zimmerman and the LASNEX group developed the numerical models essential for projecting future performance and requirements as well as for designing and analyzing the experiments. Bill Kruer, Bruce Langdon and others in the plasma theory group developed the fundamental understanding of laser plasma interactions which have played such an important role in ICF. And a series of experiment program leaders including Mike Campbell and Joe Kilkenny and their laser experimental teams developed the experimental techniques and diagnostic capabilities which have allowed us to c increasingly complex and sophisticated experiments

  6. The N250 brain potential to personally familiar and newly learned faces and objects

    Lara Justine Pierce


    Full Text Available Studies employing event-related potentials (ERPs have shown that when participants are monitoring for a novel target face, the presentation of their own face elicits an enhanced negative brain potential in posterior channels approximately 250 ms after stimulus onset. Here, we investigate whether the own-face N250 effect generalizes to other highly familiar objects, specifically, images of the participant’s own dog and own car. In our experiments, participants were asked to monitor for a pre-experimentally unfamiliar target face (Joe, a target dog (Experiment 1: Joe’s Dog or a target car (Experiment 2: Joe’s Car. The target face and object stimuli were presented with non-target foils that included novel face and object stimuli, the participant’s own face, their own dog (Experiment 1 and their own car (Experiment 2. The consistent findings across the two experiments were the following: 1 the N250 potential differentiated the target faces and objects from the non-target face and object foils and 2 despite being non-targets, the own face and own objects produced an N250 response that was equal in magnitude to the target faces and objects by the end of the experiment. Thus, as indicated by its response to personally familiar and recently familiarized faces and objects, the N250 component is a sensitive index of individuated representations in visual memory.

  7. An Urgent Need for Ethics Education for Accountants

    Desti Kannaiah


    Full Text Available Social, political and technological changes have challenged traditional idea of professional practice by accountants. Accounting is both an essential practice and a vital profession in the economically developed world of today (Ronald F.Duska and Brenda Shay Duska,2003. Today, professional accountants cannot exist by technical knowledge alone; they have to posses and apply that within a framework of professional values, ethics and attitudes.(Peter Williams, 2007.  Ethics, values and principles serve as benchmarks of the accounting profession. They determine what is right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate, on a universal basis every time. (Joe Lienandt, 2003. Enron‟s bankruptcy case, in which their auditors and consultants from the accounting firm Arthur Anderson, came under criticism for not apparently carrying out their responsibilities as accountants. The  Enron/Arthur Anderson‟s case has raised the ethical question, „what is the appropriate behaviour for accountants?‟ and „what are the accountants supposed to do?‟ This paper attempts to address the following issues: How to teach ethics to those entering the profession; How to ensure that the ethical standards and behaviour of experienced accountants are as fresh and relevant as technical knowledge.

  8. Autopsy on the AMA: An Analysis of Healthcare Delivery Systems in America [1970

    Joe Woodard


    Full Text Available Prepared by: Cy Schoenfield, Janet Brown, Joe Woodard, Jeff Brown, Martin Brown, Charles Turner, Jill Hill Published in 1970 by Student Research Facility, Berkeley, California Reproduced from the US Heath Activism History Collection Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Pennsylvania "The United States (has a quality of medical care unsurpassed anywhere," said Dr. Milford O. Rouse, President of the American Medical Association (the AMA in 1967. His position at the pinnacle of the most powerful country's most powerful medical organization certainly gave him the authority to say that with confidence. "People respect doctors. In fact, 92% of the public feels most doctors can be trusted. People in the medical therapy professions are admired and the communities they serve reward them well for their work. Doctors averaged $31,400 a year in 1967 and their median income was $32,170 in 1968. These figures are approximately five times the average and median incomes for the general population. "Medically speaking, things seem to be going well. The drama of headlines about organ transplants and new medical advances in the laboratory also serve to indicate that the System that provides health care for Americans does its job splendidly. But does it, really?"

  9. The Empire Bites Back: Sherlock Holmes as an Imperial Immune System

    Laura Otis


    Full Text Available Trained as a physician in the bacteriological age, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created a detective-hero who acts both like a masterful bacteriologist and an imperial immune system. Doyle's experiences as a doctor in South Africa taught him that the colonies' microbes were his Empire's worst enemy. In 1890, Doyle visited Berlin, where Robert Koch was testing a "cure" for tuberculosis, and in Doyle's subsequent character sketch of Koch, the scientist sounds remarkably like Sherlock Holmes. Based on Doyle's medical instructor Joe Bell, Holmes shares Koch's relentless drive to hunt down and unmask tiny invaders. Imperialism, by the 1880s, had opened Europe to the peoples, cultures, and diseases of the lands it claimed. Holmes plays a defensive role, as an imperial intelligence network to detect foreigners "passing" in British society. The revenge, blackmail, and counterfeiting around which the Holmes stories are built reflect readers' anxieties about infiltration, about punishment for their colonial theft, and about the legitimacy of their own identity in a socio-economic system built on contradictions. Holmes thus responds to conflicting social demands, exposing interlopers who mimic traditional signs of respectability, and protecting "respectable" citizens from the consequences of their colonial crimes.

  10. Evaluation of Water consumption and savings achieved in Datacenters through Air side Economization

    Mishra, Ravi

    Recent researches and a few facility owners have focused on eliminating the chiller plant altogether by implementing 'Evaporative Cooling', as an alternative or augmentation to compressor-based air conditioning since the energy consumption is dominated by the compressor work (around 41%) in the chiller plant. Because evaporative cooling systems consume water, when evaluating the energy savings potential of these systems, it is imperative to consider not just their impacts on electricity use, but also their impacts on water consumption as well since Joe Kava, Google's head of data center operations, was quoted as saying that water is the "big elephant in the room" for data center companies. The objective of this study was to calculate the savings achieved in water consumption when these evaporative cooling systems were completely or partially marginalized when the facility is strictly working in the Economizer mode also known as 'free cooling' considering other modes of cooling required only for a part of the time when outside temperature, humidity and pollutant level were unfavorable causing improper functioning and reliability issues. The analysis was done on ASHRAE climatic zones with the help of TMY-3 weather data.

  11. The Ukraine Crisis Reflections in the Speeches of USA and Russian Political Leaders

    Unikaitė-Jakuntavičienė Ingrida


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on the rhetoric of USA and Russian political leaders during the Ukraine crisis by analyzing changes appearing in their speeches during the different stages of the crisis. The goal of the analysis is to investigate the speeches delivered by political leaders of the United States and Russia, being important actors in the Ukraine crisis, by identifying both countries’ attitudes to one another, further intentions regarding the management of the crisis and changes of topics in each stage. The speeches of the following most influential politicians in foreign policy formation in the USA and Russia are analyzed: President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden, President Vladimir Putin, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. The speeches were collected from the official websites of U.S. and Russian government institutions. The analysis revealed that from the beginning of the crisis the main tool in the Ukraine crisis was rhetoric. Western parties began to take real actions only later: sanctions on Russia were imposed, international organizations started to play more active role, ceasefire agreements were signed. In terms of communications strategies used by both countries, the USA rhetoric and its communication strategy as well as Russian leaders were using a combination of proactive and reactive strategies.

  12. Energy- and climate policy of the USA. Goals of the new government; Energie- und Klimapolitik der USA. Zielsetzungen der neuen Regierung

    Schiffer, Hans-Wilhelm [RWE AG, Essen (Germany). Abt. Allgemeine Wirtschaftspolitik/Wissenschaft


    US president Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden announced a detailed new political agenda on 20 January 2009 when they took over from the Bush government. The internet pages of the White House list 24 items, including an action plan for energy and environment. This ''New Energy for America Plan'' comprises the following goals: Creation of 5 million new jobs by supporting private efforts for clean energy supply with strategic investments of 150 thousand million US dollars for the next decade; Savings of petroleum that are higher than the volume currently imported from the Middle East and Venezuela within the next decade; Ensuring that about 1 million US-made plug-in hybrid cars are on the roads by 2015; Achieving a share of 10 percent by 2012 and 25 percent by 2025 for renewable energy sources; Implementation of a ''cap-and-trade system'' for the whole US economy in order to reduce climate-relevant gaseous emissions by 80 percent until 2050. (orig.)

  13. Tail dependence and information flow: Evidence from international equity markets

    Al Rahahleh, Naseem; Bhatti, M. Ishaq; Adeinat, Iman


    Bhatti and Nguyen (2012) used the copula approach to measure the tail dependence between a number of international markets. They observed that some country pairs exhibit only left-tail dependence whereas others show only right-tail. However, the flow of information from uni-dimensional (one-tail) to bi-dimensional (two-tails) between various markets was not accounted for. In this study, we address the flow of information of this nature by using the dynamic conditional correlation (DCC-GARCH) model. More specifically, we use various versions of the DCC models to explain the nexus between the information flow of international equity and to explain the stochastic forward vs. backward dynamics of financial markets based on data for a 15-year period comprising 3,782 observations. We observed that the information flow between the US and Hong Kong markets and between the US and Australian markets are bi-directional. We also observed that the DCC model captures a wider co-movement structure and inter-connectedness compared to the symmetric Joe-Clayton copula.

  14. Erosion can't hide from laser scanner

    Konstant, D.A.


    Particles of topsoil blown by wind will bounce along the soil surface and finally escape a field, leaving it less able to support crops. Water will wash away valuable topsoil and nutrients. And how rough the soil surface is influences whether the soil will erode. Until now, soil scientists have had no suitable technique to measure soil roughness - or microtopography - on the small scale. ARS soil scientists Joe M. Bradford and Chi-hua Huang, of the National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory in West Lafayette, Indiana, have developed a portable scanner that can. It measures the tiny ridges left in the soil by tilling or clods of soil particles that clump together naturally. What does the scanner do? It measures soil elevation by shining a low-power laser beam onto the surface and detecting the position of the laser spot reflected from the soil with a 35-mm camera. In place of film, the scanner camera uses electronic circuitry somewhat similar to that in a video camera to transmit the spot's position to a small computer about 30,000 times a minute. The laser and camera are mounted on the frame of a motor-driven carriage. The computer controls the carriage movement. At the end of a scan, a microtopographic map is stored in the computer. Scientists can analyze it immediately and can compare it to previous maps to see whether erosion has occurred

  15. Proceedings of the 34th International Conference in High Energy Physics (ICHEP08), Philadelphia, PA, 2008

    Lockyer, Nigel S.; Smith, A.J. Stewart


    In 2004 a team from the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and the Institute for Advanced Study proposed to host the 2008 International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP) on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The proposal was approved later that year by the C-11 committee of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. The Co-Chairs were Nigel S. Lockyer (U. Penn/TRIUMF) and A.J. Stewart Smith (Princeton); Joe Kroll of U. Penn served as Deputy Chair from 2007 on. Highlights of the proposal included 1. greatly increased participation of young scientists, women scientists, and graduate students 2. new emphasis on formal theory 3. increased focus on astrophysics and cosmology 4. large informal poster session (170 posters) in prime time 5. convenient, contiguous venues for all sessions and lodging 6. landmark locations for the reception and banquet. The conference program consisted of three days of parallel sessions and three days of plenary talks.

  16. Press Conference: Update on the search for the Higgs boson at CERN on 4 July 2012

    CERN. Geneva


    PRESS CONFERENCE Update on the search for the Higgs boson at CERN on the eve of the ICHEP 2012 Conference Geneva, 22 June 2012.  Dear Journalists, CERN will hold a scientific seminar at 9:00 CEST on 4 July to deliver the latest update in the search for the Higgs boson. At this seminar, coming on the eve of the year’s major particle physics conference, ICHEP, in Melbourne, the ATLAS and CMS experiments will deliver the preliminary results of their 2012 data analysis. The seminar begins at 9:00 CEST. The auditorium in which the seminar will be held is reserved for CERN personnel and researchers from the laboratory’s user community, but a video stream will be relayed to another auditorium. A press conference will follow the seminar in presence of CERN Director General, Rolf Heuer, ATLAS spokesperson, Fabiola Gianotti and CMS spokesperson, Joe Incandela. Media wishing to attend the press conference on CERN site should fill in the registration form. Both the seminar a...

  17. The Edward Teller medal lecture: The evolution toward Indirect Drive and two decades of progress toward ICF ignition and burn

    Lindl, J.D.


    In 1972, I joined the Livermore ICF Theory and Target Design group led by John Nuckolls, shortly after publication of John`s seminal Nature article on ICF. My primary role, working with others in the target design program including Mordy Rosen, Steve Haan, and Larry Suter, has been as a target designer and theorist who utilized the LASNEX code to perform numerical experiments, which along with analysis of laboratory and underground thermonuclear experiments allowed me to develop a series of models and physical insights which have been used to set the direction and priorities of the Livermore program. I have had the good fortune of working with an outstanding team of scientists who have established LLNL as the premier ICF laboratory in the world. John Emmett and the LLNL Laser Science team were responsible for developing a series of lasers from Janus to Nova which have given LLNL unequaled facilities. George Zimmerman and the LASNEX group developed the numerical models essential for projecting future performance and requirements as well as for designing and analyzing the experiments. Bill Kruer, Bruce Langdon and others in the plasma theory group developed the fundamental understanding of laser plasma interactions which have played such an important role in ICF. And a series of experiment program leaders including Mike Campbell and Joe Kilkenny and their laser experimental teams developed the experimental techniques and diagnostic capabilities which have allowed us to c increasingly complex and sophisticated experiments.

  18. All-star sports medicine film panel

    Rogers, L.F.; Braunstein, E.M.; De Smet, A.A.; Helms, C.A.; Pavlov, H.; Suker, J.R.; Torg, J.S.


    The RSNA has spared no expense to assemble the winners of this year's competition for the best all-round sports medicine physicians and radiologists. The all-star cast comes from the length and breadth of America to share with you the bounty of their wisdom and benefit of their experience on the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries. Semitough and tough cases are shown as unknowns to the panelists to disclose the common presentation of injuries in the locker room, as revealed by Chicago Cubs team physician Jake Suker; the proper approach to the diagnosis and manifestations of such injuries in the radiology department, as discussed by our noted radiology panelists; and the proper care of such injuries, as outlined by noted sports surgeon Joe Torg of Philadelphia. The cases have been selected to present injuries sustained by both the novice professional athlete, common and uncommon injuries requiring an understanding of the stresses of athletic participation, and the important role of imaging in the analysis and diagnosis of injuries in the athlete as well as the athletically inclined

  19. Il "complesso di Louise": la mostra Tempo libero (13. Triennale, Milano 1964, dentro e fuori dal Palazzo

    Francesca Zanella


    Full Text Available «Il “complesso di Louise” aleggia sulla Triennale: intendo ovviamente riferirmi a Louise Nevelson [...] per l’intero processo di ‘riempimento’ operato dagli allestitori nei confronti del palazzo di Giovanni Muzio, sede ormai deprecata di questa manifestazione» (Tentori 1964, p. 49. This is the Francesco Tentori’s review on the 13th Triennale exhibition in Milan on Leisure. The Louise Nevelson sculptures become a metaphore of the dialogue between layout, objects, images and Giovanni Muzio’s architecture. This is one of the crucial themes of the exhibition that has been pointed out as one of the most significant experiment for the dialogue between visual arts and exhibit design in the main and theoretical area. An other element of interest is the interaction between the central section and national displays. The Great Britain section is one of the most interesting for the ‘pop’ visualization of the theme designed by Theo Crosby, with contributions of Natasha Kroll and Fletcher Forbes e Gill, and Joe Tilson, Eduardo Paolozzi, Peter Startup, Barnet Saidman, Roger Mayne, Johnny Scott, Harold Cohen.

  20. Democratic candidates call for change in the health care system: wider use of home and community-based care, chronic disease management, universal coverage, and greater use of telehealth.

    Marsh, Aaron G


    Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate for president, and Senator Joe Biden, the party's candidate for vice president, have made health care reform a central pillar of their campaign. The Democrats want to target the 12 percent of Americans who are responsible for 69 percent of health care costs. Such individuals generally have multiple and complex health care problems, which if left untreated, require them to seek care in hospital emergency rooms which are vastly overcrowded. In order to solve the problem, they believe first that universal coverage along the lines of the Federal Government Employees' health plan is necessary, followed by a shift away from institutionally-based care, making home and community-based care, which integrates telehealth and other technologies, the norm. The party's platform includes this committment to help solve the problem of long-term care, which affects not only the nation's 35 million elderly, but increasingly will affect the 78 million baby boomers who are entering their retirement years.

  1. Energy- and climate policy of the USA. Goals of the new government

    Schiffer, Hans-Wilhelm


    US president Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden announced a detailed new political agenda on 20 January 2009 when they took over from the Bush government. The internet pages of the White House list 24 items, including an action plan for energy and environment. This ''New Energy for America Plan'' comprises the following goals: Creation of 5 million new jobs by supporting private efforts for clean energy supply with strategic investments of 150 thousand million US dollars for the next decade; Savings of petroleum that are higher than the volume currently imported from the Middle East and Venezuela within the next decade; Ensuring that about 1 million US-made plug-in hybrid cars are on the roads by 2015; Achieving a share of 10 percent by 2012 and 25 percent by 2025 for renewable energy sources; Implementation of a ''cap-and-trade system'' for the whole US economy in order to reduce climate-relevant gaseous emissions by 80 percent until 2050. (orig.)

  2. Induced mutations for soybean rust resistance

    Smutkupt, S.; Wongpiyasatid, A.; Lamseejan, S.


    Soybean mutation experiments for inducing rust resistance in the cultivars G 8375, Wakashima mutant number 10, Taichung N, S.J.2, S.J.4, BM 50, BM 98, G 8377, G 8586 and G 8587 have been carried out since 1979. Six pods from each of 4438 control and 43,907 M 1 plants were randomly harvested. M 2 seeds of each cultivar of different doses were bulked (M 2 bulk). In addition, 270 good M 1 plants were selected and threshed singly (M 2 single). M 2 -bulk and M 2 -single seeds were advanced to M 3 . Both, M 3 -bulk and M 3 -single plants, together with the remaining M 2 -bulk seeds were screened for rust resistance in the rainy season of 1980 in Nong Hoi Valley (altitude about 1000 m above sea level) and at Mae Joe Station, both in Chiang Mai Province (latitude 18 deg. 31'-19 deg. N). Based on the IWGSR rating system, soybean plants with slow growth of rust were selected from both locations. The results were as follows: Six plants were selected from a total of 2802 control plants, and 115 from a total of 28,834 M 2 and M 3 plants. Further evaluation of these selections for rust resistance will be carried out in the rainy season of 1981 in Nong Hoi Valley, Chiang Mai. (author)

  3. Selection and evaluation of soybean lines derived from gamma irradiation for rust resistance

    Smutkupt, S.; Wongpiyasatid, A.; Lamseejan, S.


    In 1979, seeds of 11 soybean cultivars were gamma irradiated with 15 and 30 krad. Treated and control seeds of each cultivar were planted in the rainy season. In the rainy season of 1980, M 3 populations were screened for rust resistance in Nong Hoi Valley and Mae Joe Experiment Station, both in Chiang Main province. The IWGSR rust rating system was used. Based upon the slow growth of rust on soybean plants, 6 and 115 plants were selected from 2,802 control plants and from 28,824 treated plants, respectively. Selected lines were evaluated in Nong Hoi Valley in the rainy season of 1981. Sixteen selections with average good seed yield per plant and low percentage of shrivelled seeds were obtained. Among them, two lines, namely G8586/Line number 81-1-072 and S.J. 4/Line number 81-1-037 gave the higher average seed yield per plant than other lines. They are at present in a preliminary yield trial in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai. (author)

  4. Edgar Buchanan: dentist and popular character actor in movies and television.

    Christen, A G; Christen, J A


    Edgar Buchanan, D.D.S., pursued a diverse mix of careers during his lifetime: as he practiced dentistry, he also worked as a popular film and television actor. Although he eventually relinquished a full-time dental practice for acting, he continued his commitment to clinical dentistry. Acting in 100 films and four television series across a 35-year span (1939-1975). He personified a scheming, yet well-meaning rustic who specialized in "cracker-barrel" philosophy. Typically, he was cast in classic western movies as a bewhiskered character actor. In several films he played a frontier dentist who was always portrayed in a sympathetic and authentic manner. His unique gravelly voice, subtle facial expressions, folksy mannerisms and portly build enabled Buchanan to step into a wide variety of character roles. His most memorable television role was in the classic situation comedy, "Petticoat Junction," (1963-1970), where he played Uncle Joe, a folksy, lovable, free-loader whose many entertaining schemes created chaos.


    Maryani Maryani


    Full Text Available Nowadays, business activity in every organization will not be parted from information system (IS and information technology (IT. STMIK XYZ is one private college that has a good business growth. In order to reach the objective of the college in its vision and mission, it needs business strategy and IS/IT strategy. The basic concept in arranging framework IS/IT strategic planning in STMIK XYZ is John Ward and Joe Peppard’s concept. The framework of IS/IT strategic planning consists of 5 steps, that are initialization preparation strategic planning of IS/IT, understanding business and information needs, defining target of IS/IT, defining strategic IS/IT, and planning and implementation. Strategic analysis uses PEST analysis method, BCG matrix analysis, five Porter power analysis, SWOT analysis, value chain analysis, CSF and KPI analysis. The research result is to make a framework of IS/IT integrated strategic planning so it could ease the management to manage resources to produce information that needed, accurate, and could be used by anybody.Keywords: planning, business strategy, IS/IT strategy, information system strategic planning, Ward & Peppard method.

  6. Pathways, Networks and Systems Medicine Conferences

    Nadeau, Joseph H. [Pacific Northwest Research Institute


    The 6th Pathways, Networks and Systems Medicine Conference was held at the Minoa Palace Conference Center, Chania, Crete, Greece (16-21 June 2008). The Organizing Committee was composed of Joe Nadeau (CWRU, Cleveland), Rudi Balling (German Research Centre, Brauschweig), David Galas (Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle), Lee Hood (Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle), Diane Isonaka (Seattle), Fotis Kafatos (Imperial College, London), John Lambris (Univ. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia),Harris Lewin (Univ. of Indiana, Urbana-Champaign), Edison Liu (Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore), and Shankar Subramaniam (Univ. California, San Diego). A total of 101 individuals from 21 countries participated in the conference: USA (48), Canada (5), France (5), Austria (4), Germany (3), Italy (3), UK (3), Greece (2), New Zealand (2), Singapore (2), Argentina (1), Australia (1), Cuba (1), Denmark (1), Japan (1), Mexico (1), Netherlands (1), Spain (1), Sweden (1), Switzerland (1). With respect to speakers, 29 were established faculty members and 13 were graduate students or postdoctoral fellows. With respect to gender representation, among speakers, 13 were female and 28 were male, and among all participants 43 were female and 58 were male. Program these included the following topics: Cancer Pathways and Networks (Day 1), Metabolic Disease Networks (Day 2), Day 3 ? Organs, Pathways and Stem Cells (Day 3), and Day 4 ? Inflammation, Immunity, Microbes and the Environment (Day 4). Proceedings of the Conference were not published.

  7. New Management for CMS

    CERN Bulletin


    As of January 2010, Guido Tonelli becomes the new CMS Spokesperson with a two-year term of office. A Professor of General Physics at the University of Pisa, Italy, and a CERN Staff Member since January 2010, Tonelli had already been appointed as Deputy Spokesperson under the previous management. He has taken over from Jim Virdee, who was CMS Spokesperson from January 2007 to December 2009. Guido Tonelli, new CMS spokesperson At the same time as Tonelli becomes Spokesperson, two new Deputies, Albert De Roeck and Joe Incandela, as well as a whole new set of Coordinators, are also starting their terms of office. ”With the first data-taking run we have shown that CMS is an excellent experiment. The next challenge will be to transform CMS into a discovery machine with a view to making it synonymous with scientific excellence. This will be very tough but, again, the winning element will be the focus and coherent effort of the whole collaboration. On my side I'll do my best but I will need...

  8. Control and Chance in Music and Art a Survey of Philosophies

    Shuang Cai


    Full Text Available This article is a survey and review of several writings on the philosophies and compositional techniques involving control and chance in the creation of modern art and music. The purpose of discussing and comparing these writings is to trace different understandings, reactions, and interpretations of these philosophies in order to offer a more informed perspective on these oft misunderstood techniques. The first article analyzed is Robert Charles Clark’s “Total Control and Chance in Musics: A Philosophical Analysis,” which discusses fundamental issues regarding both total control and chance music. The second article, Stephanie Ross’ “Chance, Constraint, and Creativity: The Awfulness of Modern Music,” presents some of the adverse reactions to these methods of composition. The third and fourth articles, Roland Barthes’ “The Death of the Author” and “From Work to Text,” offer a broader philosophical viewpoint on the different roles of the author and their product when creating art. The final article, Jeongwon Joe and S. Hoon Song’s “Roland Barthes’ ‘Text’ and Aleatoric Music: Is the ‘Birth of the Reader’ the Birth of the Listener?” concludes this survey by tying Barthes’ concepts back to music.

  9. Ambitious Icelanders: The Background and Beginning of Icelandic International Development Stórhuga Íslendingar: Forsaga og upphaf íslenskrar þróunarsamvinnu

    Kristín Loftsdóttir


    æri sem hefðu yfir að ráða tæknilegri sérfræðiþekkingu sem færa myndi samfélög frá einu stigi þróunar yfir á annað. Söfnun upplýsinga til að staðsetja samfélög á þróunarskala náði til smæstu þátta mannlegs samfélags og gaf hugmyndinni um þróunarlönd áþreifanlegt inntak. Í greinin er upphaf íslenskrar þróunarsamvinnu skoðað og leitast við að setja hana í samhengi við alþjóðlegar hugmyndir um þróunarsamvinnu. Umfjöllunin hefst á umræðu um mótun alþjóðlegrar þróunarsamvinnu út í hinum stóra heimi og hugmyndafræðilegt forræði hennar. Síðan er gerð grein fyrir því hvernig viðfangsefnið "þróunarlönd" birtist í íslensku samhengi á ákveðnu tímabili og hvernig má sjá áhrif frá alþjóðlegum straumum, sem endurspeglast meðal annars í auknum þrýstingi á stjórnvöld að hefja þróunarsamvinnu. Fyrstu skref stofnunarinnar Aðstoð Íslands við þróunarlöndin sem sett var á fót 1971 endurspegla þó lítinn áhuga stjórnvalda á þróunarsamvinnu. Greinin varpar einnig ljósi á áhrif þessa alþjóðlegu straumar á Íslandi og hvernig þeir virkjuðu hluta þjóðarinnar í ákalli um mikilvægi þess að íslenska þjóðin sinnti þróunarsamvinnu.


    Nugroho Ajie Hartono


    Full Text Available ABSTRAKPenelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui kegiatan special event yang dilakukan Lovepink Indonesiadalam menyelenggarakan Jakarta Goes Pink 2015 untuk meningkatkan kesadaran. Penelitian inimenggunakan Event Management Process Joe Goldblatt sebagai landasan konsep.Penelitian ini adalah penelitian kualitatif dengan pendekatan studi deskriptif. Teknik pengumpulan datadilakukan dengan wawancara mendalam, observasi partisipan pasif, dan studi kepustakaan, dengan teknik pengumpulan key informan purposive sampling. Teknik analisis data menggunakan tiga tahap yaitu reduksi data, penyajian data, serta penarikan kesimpulan. Teknik validitas data menggunakantriangulasi sumber data.Hasil penelitian ini mengemukakan bahwa manajemen special event Jakarta Goes Pink dikategorikandalam riset, desain, perencanaan, koordinasi, dan evaluasi. Riset yang dilakukan meliputi analisissituasi terkait kesadaran masyarakat Indonesia tentang kanker payudara, hasil riset menyatakanbahwa kesadaran masih rendah, terutama dibandingkan dengan aktivitas Pink Ribbon diluar negeridan evaluasi acara tahun sebelumnya. Desain acara dilakukan menggunakan unsur warna untukmemerahmudakan Jakarta, edukasi pengunjung terhadap kanker payudara, dan unsur hiburan dengankonsep fair and festival. Perencanaan Jakarta Goes Pink meliputi penentuan tujuan yang kemudiandapat menentukan tanggal dan lokasi, penetapan anggaran, pembagian tugas pengurus, dan publikasiyang dilakukan melalui media sosial dan bantuan mitra media. Koordinasi dilakukan sebagai upayapengelolaan komunikasi antara pihak eksternal seperti komunitas, relawan, sponsor, dan mitra media;serta pihak internal yaitu kepengurusan Jakarta Goes Pink. Tahap evaluasi yang dilakukan JakartaGoes Pink meliputi evaluasi acara, feedback langsung dari orang terdekat, dan penghitungan jumlahliputan media massa dan sifat pemberitaan.Kata kunci: Special event, kesadaran, organisasi, kanker payudara, event management process ABSTRACTThis study

  11. Nelfinavir is effective against human cervical cancer cells in vivo: a potential treatment modality in resource-limited settings

    Davis MA


    Full Text Available Mitzie-Ann Davis,* Joe R Delaney,* Chandni B Patel, Ryan Storgard, Dwayne G Stupack Division of Gynecologic Oncology, Department of Reproductive Medicine, Rebecca and John UCSD Moores Cancer Center, La Jolla, CA, USA *These authors contributed equally to this work Objective: The standard treatment for cervical cancer in developed countries includes surgery and chemoradiation, with standard of care lagging in developing countries. Even in the former case, treatment frequently yields recalcitrant tumors and women succumb to disease. Here we examine the impact of nelfinavir, an off-patent viral protease inhibitor, which has shown promise as an antineoplastic agent. Methods: We evaluated the morphological and proliferative effects of the autophagy-stressing drug nelfinavir in normal and cisplatin-resistant cervical cancer cells. Immunofluorescent validation of autophagy markers was performed and the impact of nelfinavir in an in vivo model of tumor growth was determined. Results: Nelfinavir exhibits cytotoxicity against both cisplatin-sensitive and -resistant ME-180 human cervical cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. Immunoblotting and immunofluorescence showed an expression of the autophagy marker LC3-II in response to nelfinavir treatment. Conclusion: Nelfinavir, now available as an inexpensive generic orally dosed agent (Nelvir, is cytotoxic against cervical cancer cells. It acts by burdening the autophagy pathway to impair tumor cell survival and a modest induction of apoptosis. While further studies are needed to elucidate the optimal method of application of nelfinavir, it may represent an appealing global option for the treatment of cervical cancer. Keywords: cervical cancer, nelfinavir, cisplatin resistance, autophagy, responsible medicine

  12. Something Spacey for Everyone

    Bonett, D.; Cabana, C.; Thompson, P.; Noel, M.; Johnson, K.


    LPI scientists, education/outreach staff, and library staff participated in Space Day at K.E. Little Elementary in Bacliff, Texas on May 3. The school, which serves 925 students and more than 50 faculty, suspended regular classes for the entire day so that all could participate. Dr. Allan Treiman gave a talk on meteorites; Dr. Joe Hahn gave a talk on comets; Dr. Paul Spudis gave a talk on the Moon; Dr. Carl Allen (JSC) gave a presentation on Mars exploration; and Dr. Paul Schenk presented the solar system in 3D in the computer lab. Sandra Cherry, Delilah Cranford, Mary Ann Hager, Diane Myers, Mary Noel, and Pam Thompson gave presentations to K-5 classes on rocketry and space capsules and guided students in doing a related hands-on activity project. These activities were part of the EXPLORE Fun with Science program. Ms. Thompson also led a hands-on reflectance spectrometry lab with the 5th grade gifted and talented cluster. Space Day 2001 was a full day of hands on interactive space experience for all students pre-kindergarten to fifth grade. With the permission of principal, Mary Ann Cole, the school shut down the normal and went into outer space. Whether making moon cookies out of rice krispies and peanut butter, parachuting an "eggstronaut" from a fire truck, throwing a frisbee across the scaled solar system or listening to a planetary geologist discuss man's discoveries on the moon, Space Day 2001 at KE Little Elementary school wet the appetites of it's students and faculty and had everyone saying, "Lets do this again next year"!

  13. Herbert L. Pick Jr. (1930-2012).

    Rieser, John J; Lockman, Jeffrey J


    Presents an obituary for Herbert L. Pick Jr. For 49 years at the University of Minnesota's Institute of Child Development, new students were often greeted by an unassuming guy who rode to work on his bike, helped them carry boxes of books to their offices, and turned out to be a famous professor. Herbert L. Pick Jr. was a fabulous mentor, teacher, and developmental scientist. His work on perception and perceptual development spanned basic and applied science, laboratory and real-world settings. He was honored with the Division 7 (Developmental Psychology) Mentor Award from the American Psychological Association in 1998. He was honored again in 2002, jointly with his wife Anne D. Pick, with a volume of the Minnesota Symposium on Child Psychology based on a central theme of their work and titled "Action as an Organizer of Learning and Development." Two weeks before his death he was honored yet again with a Festschrift titled "Realism to Relevance: An Ecological Approach to Perception, Action and Cognition." Former students and academic admirers gave talks focused on the scientific themes Herb championed, namely, effects of experience on learning and development, organism-environment fit, environmental structure, and societal applications of research about basic psychological processes. He gave the final talk, and after thanking everyone in his typically humble way, he discussed his new research on visual-locomotor coordination. Herb died on June 18, 2012. He is greatly missed by Anne, his wife of 50 years; his sister Barbara; his daughters (and their husbands) Cindy (Jon), Karen (John), and Gretchen (Michael); and his grandchildren Alex, Ted, Katy, Joe, Eva, Sam, Rowan, and Culley. He is also missed by his many students, colleagues, friends, and admirers.

  14. The 10,000 Year Plan



    Pallavi Pharkya thinks a lot about the future. Pharkya, a Ph.D. candidate in materials science and engineering, works in the area of corrosion science, predicting how materials will perform over extended periods of time. Her particular focus is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy called C-22, a highly corrosion-resistant metal. Pharkya's aim is to help determine whether containers made from C-22 can be used to store high-energy nuclear waste--for 10,000 years and longer. Pharkya's work is part of a plan by the U.S. Department of Energy to consolidate the country's nuclear waste in a single proposed repository. The proposed repository is in Yucca Mountain located in a remote Nevada desert. Currently about 70,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste are divided between approximately 100 sites around the country. The undertaking, Pharkya emphasizes, is massive. To study just the corrosion aspects of the packaging, Case is collaborating with eight other universities, five national labs and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. Even with so many players, the study will likely take several years to complete. Heading the entire group is Joe Payer, a professor of materials science and engineering at Case and Pharkya's mentor. ''I came here to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Payer, an expert in corrosion, but I didn't know specifically what I would be working on'', Pharkya recalls. ''I was pretty thrilled when I learned about the vastness of the project--my research would be just a small part of this huge topic--and the impact of the research we would be doing''

  15. Indiplon in the management of insomnia

    Michael D Lemon


    Full Text Available Michael D Lemon1, Joe D Strain2, Annie M Hegg1, Debra K Farver3 1Department of Pharmacy Practice, South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy, VA Black Hills Health Care System, Fort Meade, SD, USA; 2Department of Pharmacy Practice, South Dakota State University College of  Pharmacy, Rapid City Regional Hospital, Rapid City, SD, USA; 3Department of Pharmacy Practice, South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy, South Dakota Human Services Center, Yankton, SD, USAAbstract: Indiplon is a novel pyrazolopyrimidine, nonbenzodiazepine γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA agonist studied for the treatment of insomnia. This article reviews the chemistry, pharmacology, clinical pharmacokinetics, drug interactions, clinical trials, safety, tolerability, contraindications, use in special populations, and dosing of indiplon. OVID, International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA, and PubMed databases were searched (1966 to February 2009 for the keywords indiplon, NBI-34060, and insomnia. References of key articles were also reviewed to identify additional publications. Only English language articles were selected for review. Indiplon has been shown to have high affinity and selectivity for the GABAα1 receptor subunit associated with sedation. In clinical studies, indiplon has demonstrated efficacy in improving latency to sleep onset, latency to persistent sleep, total sleep time, wake time after sleep onset, number of awakenings after sleep onset, and overall sleep quality when compared to placebo. Indiplon has a favorable safety profile with limited rebound insomnia and no tolerance. Neurocrine Biosciences, Incorporated received an Approvable Letter from the United States Food and Drug Administration in December 2007 for the indiplon IR 5 mg and 10 mg capsules based on meeting three additional requirements. At the time of this writing, indiplon remains unapproved.Keywords: indiplon, insomnia, NBI-34060

  16. Annual Report and Accounts 1998


    This report outlines the work of the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) during 1998. The RPII reports that levels of technetium-99 in the Irish marine environment, which had risen steeply since 1994 consequent on increased discharges from Sellafield, reached a peak in early 1998, but began to decline later that year. The levels prevailing, while very undesirable, were not so high as to constitute a significant hazard to health. The Institute through its marine monitoring programme will be watching this situation closely. In the most serious radiological incident which occurred in Ireland during the year, an industrial radiographer received a radiation dose of 36 millisieverts (mSv), considerably in excess of the legal dose limit for a radiation worker of 20 mSv in one year. During the year the Institute took three successful prosecutions for breaches of licensing regulations governing uses of ionising radiation, but the total number of incidents involving radioactivity was somewhat less than in the previous year. The Institute has a key role in the National Emergency Plan for Nuclear Accidents, and the report welcomes a revision of the Plan introduced in 1998 by the Minister of State with responsibility for Nuclear Safety, Mr Joe Jacob, T.D. Most importantly, the establishment of a Committee of Ministers to provide policy direction, regarding countermeasures which might be implemented in an emergency, is a major step in ensuring that, following a serious nuclear accident affecting Ireland, crucial decisions would be taken speedily at an appropriate political level. In 1998 the Institute began the first phase of its survey, commissioned by the Minister for Education and Science, of radon levels in all schools in the country. The survey is planned to extend over three school years


    Rob Linrothe


    Full Text Available Over the course of several summer and winter visits to A mdo Reb gong in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I had the privilege of meeting 'Teacher Kevin' and several of his students (of Tibetan and various ethnicities and teaching colleagues in Xining. I sat in on more than one of the evenings at his apartment with his amazingly proficient language students. Often these rather jolly gatherings ended with a performance fest: going round the room, each person was obliged to sing a song. Without either musicality or a good memory for lyrics, and in the face of some truly extraordinary musical talents among the Tibetan-speaking young men, I usually begged off. I vividly recall one evening, however, when I was somehow convinced or inspired to uncharacteristically sing a bawdy song taught to me in the winter of 1971 by my friends Chief and Skeezix, two Chippewa Native Americans who were resident, as I was that year, on Madelaine Island in the Wisconsin side of Lake Superior. The ditty started, "There once was an Indian maid, a shy little prairie maid..." and went downhill from there. In Xining that night, we all recovered, and I even had the good fortune soon after to be able to steer Skidmore College into admitting, in consecutive years, two of Teacher Kevin's students, Spencer (Don grub dbang chen and Joe (Sgrol ma don grub, who both graduated with BA degrees. The point of this anecdote is to suggest that Kevin's methods may have been unorthodox, but, to put it mildly, they did work, not only with Tibetan students and the English language, but also to the mutual benefit with the world of Tibet-related scholars, so many of whom came to know and appreciate Kevin, his colleagues, and his students. ...

  18. Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, rehabilitation, and return to play: 2015 update



    Full Text Available John Nyland,1,2 Alma Mattocks,1 Shane Kibbe,2 Alaa Kalloub,2,3 Joe W Greene,4 David N M Caborn2,3 1Athletic Training Program, Kosair Charities College of Health and Natural Sciences, Spalding University, Louisville, KY, USA; 2Department of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, USA; 3Shea Orthopedic Group, Louisville, KY, USA; 4Norton Orthopedic and Sports, Louisville, KY, USA Abstract: Anatomical discoveries and a growing appreciation of the knee as a complex organ are driving innovations in patient care decision-making following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL injury. Surgeons are increasing their efforts to restore combined mechanical-neurosensory ACL function and placing more consideration on when to reconstruct versus repair native anatomical structures. Surgical options now include primary repair with or without reinforcing the injured ACL with suture-based internal bracing, and growing evidence supports biological augmentation using platelet-rich plasma and mesenchymal stem cells to enhance tissue healing. Physical therapists and athletic trainers are increasing their efforts to facilitate greater athlete cognitive engagement during therapeutic exercise performance to better restore nonimpaired neuromuscular control activation amplitude and timing. Knee brace design and use needs to evolve to better match these innovations and their influence on the rehabilitation plan timetable. There is a growing appreciation for the multifaceted characteristics of the rehabilitation process and how they influence neuromuscular, educational, and psychobehavioral treatment goal achievement. Multiple sources may influence the athlete during the return to sports process and clinical outcome measures need to be refined to better evaluate these influences. This update summarizes contemporary ACL surgical, medical, and rehabilitation interventions and future trends. Keywords: arthroscopy, knee, function, outcomes, decision-making 

  19. WIRED BY WEBER: The Story of the First Searcher and Searches for Gravitational Waves

    Trimble, Virginia


    Joe Weber, the last child of eastern European immigrants, had a ham radio license at age 10. He also wired the mess hall of the US Naval Academy for sound, causing the chatter and clashing crockery of his fellow midshipmen to be drowned out by Schubert's Great C Major symphony. He kept a 6 cm radar (not standard equipment on submarine chasers) working before and during the Sicilian landing and ended ``his'' war in charge of electronic countermeasures for the Navy. Hired as a full professor of electrical engineering and ordered to get a PhD in something, somewhere, by the University of Maryland in 1949, he talked with George Gamow (a story for a different time), but ended up working with Keith Laidler at Catholic University of America on the inversion spectrum of ammonia, building and using a 2-meter traveling wave tube. That, plus a lecture by Karl Herzfeld on the Einstein A and B coefficients, led him to think about inverted populations as amplifiers and spectrometers. His talk at an IEEE conference and the subsequent paper were the first ``open source'' presentations of what we now call masers and lasers. Then came his interest in General Relativity and the desire to bring this beautiful theory into contact with laboratory science. He started building and then operating bar detectors for gravitational waves in 1965-66, and reporting results from 1968-69. The scientific community first took an enormous interest in his work, then ``voted him off the island'' starting in about 1973. He continued to operate bar detectors, and later perfect crystal detectors for neutrinos, until his death on 30 September 2000 (Rosh Hashonah that year). The first LIGO event was recorded on his 15th Jarhzeit. We had, by that time, been married for 28.5 years, and it was a joy to watch him pick the right resistor or capacitor out of a box of miscellaneous electronic components.

  20. Treasure Your Exceptions: An Interview with 2017 George Beadle Award Recipient Susan A. Gerbi.

    Gerbi, Susan A


    THE Genetics Society of America's (GSA) George W. Beadle Award honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the community of genetics researchers and who exemplify the qualities of its namesake. The 2017 recipient is Susan A. Gerbi, who has been a prominent leader and advocate for the scientific community. In the course of her research on DNA replication, Gerbi helped develop the method of Replication Initiation Point (RIP) mapping to map replication origins at the nucleotide level, improving resolution by two orders of magnitude. RIP mapping also provides the basis for the now popular use of λ-exonuclease to enrich nascent DNA to map replication origins genome-wide. Gerbi's second area of research on ribosomal RNA revealed a conserved core secondary structure, as well as conserved nucleotide elements (CNEs). Some CNEs are universally conserved, while other CNEs are conserved in all eukaryotes but not in archaea or bacteria, suggesting a eukaryotic function. Intriguingly, the majority of the eukaryotic-specific CNEs line the tunnel of the large ribosomal subunit through which the nascent polypeptide exits. Gerbi has promoted the fly Sciara coprophila as a model organism ever since she used its enormous polytene chromosomes to help develop the method of in situ hybridization during her Ph.D. research in Joe Gall's laboratory. The Gerbi laboratory maintains the Sciara International Stock Center and manages its future, actively spreading Sciara stocks to other laboratories. Gerbi has also served in many leadership roles, working on issues of science policy, women in science, scientific training, and career preparation. This is an abridged version of the interview. The full interview is available on the Genes to Genomes blog, at Copyright © 2017 by the Genetics Society of America.

  1. Mercury CEM Calibration

    John F. Schabron; Joseph F. Rovani; Susan S. Sorini


    The Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR) which was published in the Federal Register on May 18, 2005, requires that calibration of mercury continuous emissions monitors (CEMs) be performed with NIST-traceable standards. Western Research Institute (WRI) is working closely with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to facilitate the development of the experimental criteria for a NIST traceability protocol for dynamic elemental mercury vapor generators. The traceability protocol will be written by EPA. Traceability will be based on the actual analysis of the output of each calibration unit at several concentration levels ranging from about 2-40 ug/m{sup 3}, and this analysis will be directly traceable to analyses by NIST using isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma/mass spectrometry (ID ICP/MS) through a chain of analyses linking the calibration unit in the power plant to the NIST ID ICP/MS. Prior to this project, NIST did not provide a recommended mercury vapor pressure equation or list mercury vapor pressure in its vapor pressure database. The NIST Physical and Chemical Properties Division in Boulder, Colorado was subcontracted under this project to study the issue in detail and to recommend a mercury vapor pressure equation that the vendors of mercury vapor pressure calibration units can use to calculate the elemental mercury vapor concentration in an equilibrium chamber at a particular temperature. As part of this study, a preliminary evaluation of calibration units from five vendors was made. The work was performed by NIST in Gaithersburg, MD and Joe Rovani from WRI who traveled to NIST as a Visiting Scientist.

  2. Extensive spatio-temporal assessment of flood events by application of pair-copulas

    M. Schulte


    Full Text Available Although the consequences of floods are strongly related to their peak discharges, a statistical classification of flood events that only depends on these peaks may not be sufficient for flood risk assessments. In many cases, the flood risk depends on a number of event characteristics. In case of an extreme flood, the whole river basin may be affected instead of a single watershed, and there will be superposition of peak discharges from adjoining catchments. These peaks differ in size and timing according to the spatial distribution of precipitation and watershed-specific processes of flood formation. Thus, the spatial characteristics of flood events should be considered as stochastic processes. Hence, there is a need for a multivariate statistical approach that represents the spatial interdependencies between floods from different watersheds and their coincidences. This paper addresses the question how these spatial interdependencies can be quantified. Each flood event is not only assessed with regard to its local conditions but also according to its spatio-temporal pattern within the river basin. In this paper we characterise the coincidence of floods by trivariate Joe-copula and pair-copulas. Their ability to link the marginal distributions of the variates while maintaining their dependence structure characterizes them as an adequate method. The results indicate that the trivariate copula model is able to represent the multivariate probabilities of the occurrence of simultaneous flood peaks well. It is suggested that the approach of this paper is very useful for the risk-based design of retention basins as it accounts for the complex spatio-temporal interactions of floods.

  3. Ingenol mebutate in low amounts for the treatment of actinic keratosis in Korean patients

    Joe HJ


    Full Text Available Hyun Jae Joe, Byung Ho Oh Department of Dermatology, Keimyung University, College of Medicine, Daegu, Republic of Korea Background: Ingenol mebutate (IM, a novel agent for field therapy of actinic keratosis (AK, has a drawback of inducing local skin reactions (LSRs, which may cause discomfort in patients. To reduce the LSRs, we tried the application of IM in low amounts.Objective: The purpose of this study was to review Korean patients with AK being treated with IM and evaluate the LSRs and therapeutic outcomes of low amounts of IM.Methods: We retrospectively reviewed 47 patients with AK on the face. A total of 20 and 27 patients were treated by applying recommended amount of 18.8 mg/cm2 and the lower amount of 10 mg/cm2, respectively.Results: The mean composite LSR score for the low amount group (LAG; 12.18±3.29 was significantly lower than that for the recommended amount group (RAG; 15.45±2.70 (P<0.01, independent sample t-test. The 2-month clearance rate calculated by the number of AKs before and after treatment in each patient was significantly higher for RAG (88.16%, compared with 75.56% for LAG (P<0.001.Conclusion: Low amount of IM for the treatment of facial AK significantly reduced LSRs in Korean patients. Minimizing LSRs may allow for a secondary targeting treatment of IM for the residual lesions, depending on initial treatment outcomes. Keywords: actinic keratosis, field therapy, ingenol mebutate 

  4. Inventory of gate-sensing equipment at 14 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dams in Texas

    Harwell, Glenn R.


    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is a worldwide organization that provides engineering services, environmental restoration, and construction support for a wide variety of civil and military projects. The primary civil mission of the USACE is developing and managing the Nation's water resources. USACE develops projects to reduce flood damage, improve navigation channels and harbors, protect wetlands, and preserve, safeguard, and enhance the environment. Additional missions of the Corps include managing federal real estate, assisting communities with emergency operations and recovery, and providing recreation opportunities.Accurate and timely information on reservoir gate openings is critical for managing flood pools, reducing flood damage downstream from reservoirs, delivering drinking-water supplies, and meeting an assortment of competing downstream water-use needs. Documentation, operation, and maintenance of gate sensors are needed so that reliable, timely information is available to USACE to make reservoir operation decisions.USACE requested that the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) prepare an inventory and documentation of existing gate-sensing equipment at 14 reservoirs that will serve as a user’s manual for operating the equipment. The 14 reservoirs include Aquilla Lake, Bardwell Lake, Benbrook Lake, Canyon Lake, Georgetown Lake, Granger Lake, Grapevine Lake, Jim Chapman Lake, Joe Pool Lake, Lake O’ the Pines, Ray Roberts Lake, Somerville Lake, Stillhouse Hollow Lake, and Wright Patman Lake.This report presents the inventory and documentation of the existing gate-sensing equipment at the 14. The report is organized by lake; information in each lake section includes location of lake and intake structure, directions to each lake (road log), access, equipment description, operation and maintenance information, job hazard analysis, wiring diagrams, photographs, and datalogger programs. The report also includes a list of contact information for the

  5. [Self-regulation systems to control tobacco advertising. An empirical analysis].

    Martín, Marta; Quiles, M del Carmen; López, Carmen


    Against the background of the debate aroused by the tobacco advertising ban as a result of Directive 98/43/EC and of the Proposed Directive of 5/9/2001, we aimed to evaluate how self-regulation of tobacco advertising systems has worked in the last 5 years and to evaluate its effectiveness and relevance as a potential tool in public health prevention. We performed a content and discourse analysis of all advertisements appearing in the Sunday supplements of the three weekly newspapers with the widest circulation in Spain (El Pais, El Mundo, and ABC) between January 1995 and January 2000 to detect infractions of the norms of the self-regulation code of the Spanish Tobacco Association (Asociacion Espanola de Tabaco [AET]) regarding: a) the identity of models used in advertising; b) direct or indirect claims for the therapeutic properties of smoking; c) depiction of cigarettes in advertisements, and d) printed warnings on advertisements. We examined 910 banners and 369 advertisements. Very few advertisements displayed rational arguments on elements such as price (13%) or product components (7%). Although the AET's code was generally respected, the advertisements displayed a series of subtleties that allowed the industry to get around the code: 10 of the 369 advertisements reviewed depicted famous people (mainly pilots and artists) and one third of them used iconic personages (Joe Camel or Marlboro Man); one advertisement suggested the therapeutic properties of tobacco and almost all linked smoking with social success and leisure. Although cigarettes were not depicted, 18% of the advertisements showed substitutes for cigarettes in various places (12%) and a large percentage infringed the code's recommendations on printed warnings. The industry's use of creative subtleties infringing its self-imposed norms begs the question of how far self-regulation is viable when a failure in the system can have serious consequences for public health.

  6. Introducing the AAS Working Group on Astroinformatics and Astrostatistics

    Ivezic, Zeljko


    In response to two White Papers submitted to the Astro2010 Decadal Survey (1,2), a new AAS Working Group on Astroinformatics and Astrostatistics (WGAA) has been approved by the AAS Council at the 220th Meeting, June 2012, in Anchorage. The motivation for this WG is the growing importance of the interface between astronomy and various branches of applied mathematics, computer science and the emerging field of data science. With the new data-intensive projects envisioned for the coming decade, the need for advice derived from the focused attention of a group of AAS members who work in these areas is bound to increase. The Working Group is charged with spreading awareness of rapidly advancing computational techniques, sophsticated statistical methods, and highly capble software to further the goals of astronomical and astrophysical research. The three main strategic goals adopted by the WGAA Steering Committee for the next few years are to: (i) develop, organize and maintain methodological resources (such as software tools, papers, books, and lectures); (ii) enhance human resources (such as foster the creation of career paths, establish a Speakers' Bureau, establish and maintain an archived discussion forum, enable periodic news distribution); and (iii) organize topical meetings. The WGAA Steering Committee at this time includes twelve members: Kirk Borne, George Djorgovski, Eric Feigelson, Eric Ford, Alyssa Goodman, Joe Hilbe, Zeljko Ivezic (chair), Ashish Mahabal, Aneta Siemiginowska, Alex Szalay, Rick White, and Padma Yanamandra-Fisher. I will summarize our accomplishments since July 2012. (1) Astroinformatics: A 21st Century Approach to Astronomy (Borne & 90 coauthors), (2) The Astronomical Information Sciences: A Keystone for 21st-Century Astronomy (Loredo & 72 coauthors)

  7. Joint Urban 2003: Study Overview And Instrument Locations

    Allwine, K Jerry; Flaherty, Julia E.


    Quality-assured meteorological and tracer data sets are vital for establishing confidence that indoor and outdoor dispersion models used to simulate dispersal of potential toxic agents in urban atmospheres are giving trustworthy results. The U.S. Department of Defense-Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security joined together to conduct the Joint Urban 2003 atmospheric dispersion study to provide this critically-needed high-resolution dispersion data. This major urban study was conducted from June 28 through July 31, 2003, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with the participation of over 150 scientists and engineers from over 20 U.S. and foreign institutions. The Joint Urban 2003 lead scientist was Jerry Allwine (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) who oversaw study design, logistical arrangements and field operations with the help of Joe Shinn (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Marty Leach (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Ray Hosker (Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division), Leo Stockham (Northrop Grumman Information Technology) and Jim Bowers (Dugway Proving Grounds). This report gives a brief overview of the field campaign, describing the scientific objectives, the dates of the intensive observation periods, and the instruments deployed. The data from this field study is available to the scientific community through an on-line database that is managed by Dugway Proving Ground. This report will be included in the database to provide its users with some general information about the field study, and specific information about the instrument coordinates. Appendix A of this document provides the definitive record of the instrument locations during this field campaign, and Appendix B lists all the study principal investigators and participants.

  8. Cenozoic Methane-Seep Faunas of the Caribbean Region.

    Steffen Kiel

    Full Text Available We report new examples of Cenozoic cold-seep communities from Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad, and Venezuela, and attempt to improve the stratigraphic dating of Cenozoic Caribbean seep communities using strontium isotope stratigraphy. Two seep faunas are distinguished in Barbados: the late Eocene mudstone-hosted 'Joes River fauna' consists mainly of large lucinid bivalves and tall abyssochrysoid gastropods, and the early Miocene carbonate-hosted 'Bath Cliffs fauna' containing the vesicomyid Pleurophopsis, the mytilid Bathymodiolus and small gastropods. Two new Oligocene seep communities from the Sinú River basin in Colombia consist of lucinid bivalves including Elongatolucina, thyasirid and solemyid bivalves, and Pleurophopsis. A new early Miocene seep community from Cuba includes Pleurophopsis and the large lucinid Meganodontia. Strontium isotope stratigraphy suggests an Eocene age for the Cuban Elmira asphalt mine seep community, making it the oldest in the Caribbean region. A new basal Pliocene seep fauna from the Dominican Republic is characterized by the large lucinid Anodontia (Pegophysema. In Trinidad we distinguish two types of seep faunas: the mudstone-hosted Godineau River fauna consisting mainly of lucinid bivalves, and the limestone-hosted Freeman's Bay fauna consisting chiefly of Pleurophopsis, Bathymodiolus, and small gastropods; they are all dated as late Miocene. Four new seep communities of Oligocene to Miocene age are reported from Venezuela. They consist mainly of large globular lucinid bivalves including Meganodontia, and moderately sized vesicomyid bivalves. After the late Miocene many large and typical 'Cenozoic' lucinid genera disappeared from the Caribbean seeps and are today known only from the central Indo-Pacific Ocean. We speculate that the increasingly oligotrophic conditions in the Caribbean Sea after the closure of the Isthmus of Panama in the Pliocene may have been unfavorable for such large

  9. Full text publication rates of research abstracts presented at the European Society of Endodontology (ESE) Congresses in the last 20 years.

    Tzanetakis, G N; Tzimpoulas, N; Floratos, S; Agrafioti, A; Kontakiotis, E G; Shemesh, H


    To evaluate the full-text publication rates of scientific research abstracts presented at the European Society of Endodontology (ESE) Congresses held between 1993 and 2013 (a total of 11 occasions) and to determine factors associated with the manuscripts. An electronic database search was conducted from January 2015 to December 2016 to identify full text English written publications of the research abstracts presented at the last 11 ESE Biennial Congresses from 1993 to 2013. For each occasion, research abstract information were retrieved from the International Endodontic Journal (IEJ) through the official website of the ESE and the following parameters for each abstract presentation were recorded: Year of presentation, first author's affiliation, geographic origin, and type of study. Following full-text article identification, additional information was recorded such as: Year and journal of publication, elapsed time until full publication and number of authors per presentation and publication. A total of 1165 research abstracts were presented, of which 401 (34.4%) were finally published as full-length articles. Overall 235 articles (58.6%) were published either in the International Endodontic Journal (IEJ, 35.7%) or Journal of Endodontics (JOE, 22.9%). The mean time between abstract presentation and full-text publication was 18.95 months. Munich (2001) had the highest publication rate (44%) whereas Lisbon (2013) had the highest number of published articles (77). Turkey was the country with the highest number of published abstracts (56). However, the Netherlands was the country with the highest number of publications related to the number of presentations (21/26) (80.7%). Differences in authorship between presentation and full publication were found in 179 (44.6%) articles. A substantial number of research abstracts presented at ESE congresses were not published in peer reviewed journals. Authors prefer to publish their research papers in international journals with

  10. The activation of visual face memory and explicit face recognition are delayed in developmental prosopagnosia.

    Parketny, Joanna; Towler, John; Eimer, Martin


    Individuals with developmental prosopagnosia (DP) are strongly impaired in recognizing faces, but the causes of this deficit are not well understood. We employed event-related brain potentials (ERPs) to study the time-course of neural processes involved in the recognition of previously unfamiliar faces in DPs and in age-matched control participants with normal face recognition abilities. Faces of different individuals were presented sequentially in one of three possible views, and participants had to detect a specific Target Face ("Joe"). EEG was recorded during task performance to Target Faces, Nontarget Faces, or the participants' Own Face (which had to be ignored). The N250 component was measured as a marker of the match between a seen face and a stored representation in visual face memory. The subsequent P600f was measured as an index of attentional processes associated with the conscious awareness and recognition of a particular face. Target Faces elicited reliable N250 and P600f in the DP group, but both of these components emerged later in DPs than in control participants. This shows that the activation of visual face memory for previously unknown learned faces and the subsequent attentional processing and conscious recognition of these faces are delayed in DP. N250 and P600f components to Own Faces did not differ between the two groups, indicating that the processing of long-term familiar faces is less affected in DP. However, P600f components to Own Faces were absent in two participants with DP who failed to recognize their Own Face during the experiment. These results provide new evidence that face recognition deficits in DP may be linked to a delayed activation of visual face memory and explicit identity recognition mechanisms. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  11. Rediscovering market segmentation.

    Yankelovich, Daniel; Meer, David


    In 1964, Daniel Yankelovich introduced in the pages of HBR the concept of nondemographic segmentation, by which he meant the classification of consumers according to criteria other than age, residence, income, and such. The predictive power of marketing studies based on demographics was no longer strong enough to serve as a basis for marketing strategy, he argued. Buying patterns had become far better guides to consumers' future purchases. In addition, properly constructed nondemographic segmentations could help companies determine which products to develop, which distribution channels to sell them in, how much to charge for them, and how to advertise them. But more than 40 years later, nondemographic segmentation has become just as unenlightening as demographic segmentation had been. Today, the technique is used almost exclusively to fulfill the needs of advertising, which it serves mainly by populating commercials with characters that viewers can identify with. It is true that psychographic types like "High-Tech Harry" and "Joe Six-Pack" may capture some truth about real people's lifestyles, attitudes, self-image, and aspirations. But they are no better than demographics at predicting purchase behavior. Thus they give corporate decision makers very little idea of how to keep customers or capture new ones. Now, Daniel Yankelovich returns to these pages, with consultant David Meer, to argue the case for a broad view of nondemographic segmentation. They describe the elements of a smart segmentation strategy, explaining how segmentations meant to strengthen brand identity differ from those capable of telling a company which markets it should enter and what goods to make. And they introduce their "gravity of decision spectrum", a tool that focuses on the form of consumer behavior that should be of the greatest interest to marketers--the importance that consumers place on a product or product category.

  12. New Programs Utilizing Light Scattering and Flow Imaging Techniques for Macromolecular Crystal Growth and Fluid Dynamics Studies


    Dr. Phil Segre, a physicist by training, is a recent addition to the Biotech group, SD46, having joined NASA in August of 2000. Over the past two years he has been developing a laboratory for the study of macromolecular and protein crystal growth. The main apparatus for this work is a Dynamic Light Scattering apparatus, DLS, which is capable of making highly precise measurements of size distributions of both protein solutions and protein crystals. With Drs. Chernov and Thomas (USRA), he has begun a collaboration studying the affects of protein impurities on protein crystal growth and subsequent crystal quality. One of the hypotheses behind the differences between Earth and space grown protein crystals is that the absorption of harmful impurities is reduced in space due to the absence of convective flows. Using DLS measurements we are examining crystal growth with varying amounts of impurities and testing whether there is a strong physical basis behind this hypothesis. With Dr. Joe Ng of UAH he has been collaborating on a project to examine the folding/unfolding dynamics of large RNA complexes. A detailed understanding of this process is necessary for the handling of RNA in biotech applications, and the DLS instrument gives details and results beyond that of other instruments. With Prof. Jim McClymer of the University of Maine (summer faculty visitor to NASA in 2001, 2002), we have been studying the crystallization process in model colloidal suspensions whose behavior in some cases can mimic that of much smaller protein solutions. An understanding of the self-assembly of colloids is the first step in the process of engineering novel materials for photonic and light switching applications. Finally, he has begun an investigation into the physics of particle sedimentation. In addition to the DLS instrument he also has an instrument (called PIV) that can measure flow fields of fluids. The applications are to the dynamics of protein crystal motions both on earth and in

  13. Potent efficacy signals from systemically administered oncolytic herpes simplex virus (HSV1716 in hepatocellular carcinoma xenograft models

    Braidwood L


    Full Text Available Lynne Braidwood, Kirsty Learmonth, Alex Graham, Joe Conner Virttu Biologics Ltd, Department of Neurology, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, UK Abstract: Oncolytic herpes simplex virus (HSV1716, lacking the neurovirulence factor ICP34.5, has highly selective replication competence for cancer cells and has been used in clinical studies of glioma, melanoma, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, pediatric non-central nervous system solid tumors, and malignant pleural mesothelioma. To date, 88 patients have received HSV1716 and the virus is well tolerated, with selective replication in tumor cells and no spread to surrounding normal tissue. We assessed the potential value of HSV1716 in preclinical studies with two human hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines, HuH7 and HepG2-luc. HSV1716 displayed excellent replication kinetics in vitro in HepG2-luc cells, a cell line engineered to express luciferase, and virus-mediated cell killing correlated with loss of light emissions from the cells. In vivo, the HepG2-luc cells readily formed light-emitting xenografts that were easily visualized by an in vivo imaging system and efficiently eliminated by HSV1716 oncolysis after intratumoral injection. HSV1716 also demonstrated strong efficacy signals in subcutaneous HuH7 xenografts in nude mice after intravenous administration of virus. In the HuH7 model, the intravenously injected virus replicated prolifically immediately after efficient tumor localization, resulting in highly significant reductions in tumor growth and enhanced survival. Our preclinical results demonstrate excellent tumor uptake of HSV1716, with prolific replication and potent oncolysis. These observations warrant a clinical study of HSV1716 in hepatocellular carcinoma. Keywords: oncolytic herpes simplex virus, HSV1716, hepatocellular carcinoma, xenografts, efficacy 

  14. Deduction and Analysis of the Interacting Stress Response Pathways of Metal/Radionuclide-reducing Bacteria

    Zhou, Jizhong [University of Oklahoma; He, Zhili [University of Oklahoma


    Project Title: Deduction and Analysis of the Interacting Stress Response Pathways of Metal/Radionuclide-reducing Bacteria DOE Grant Number: DE-FG02-06ER64205 Principal Investigator: Jizhong (Joe) Zhou (University of Oklahoma) Key members: Zhili He, Aifen Zhou, Christopher Hemme, Joy Van Nostrand, Ye Deng, and Qichao Tu Collaborators: Terry Hazen, Judy Wall, Adam Arkin, Matthew Fields, Aindrila Mukhopadhyay, and David Stahl Summary Three major objectives have been conducted in the Zhou group at the University of Oklahoma (OU): (i) understanding of gene function, regulation, network and evolution of Desulfovibrio vugaris Hildenborough in response to environmental stresses, (ii) development of metagenomics technologies for microbial community analysis, and (iii) functional characterization of microbial communities with metagenomic approaches. In the past a few years, we characterized four CRP/FNR regulators, sequenced ancestor and evolved D. vulgaris strains, and functionally analyzed those mutated genes identified in salt-adapted strains. Also, a new version of GeoChip 4.0 has been developed, which also includes stress response genes (StressChip), and a random matrix theory-based conceptual framework for identifying functional molecular ecological networks has been developed with the high throughput functional gene array hybridization data as well as pyrosequencing data from 16S rRNA genes. In addition, GeoChip and sequencing technologies as well as network analysis approaches have been used to analyze microbial communities from different habitats. Those studies provide a comprehensive understanding of gene function, regulation, network, and evolution in D. vulgaris, and microbial community diversity, composition and structure as well as their linkages with environmental factors and ecosystem functioning, which has resulted in more than 60 publications.


    Regina Moreira Borges de Macedo


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi de realizar avaliação da biomecânica de ciclistas, que realizaram tratamento para lombalgia, por meio do método de biofotogrametria . Foi realizado um estudo de caso-controle onde foram selecionados 9 atletas, que foram submetidos a um programa de tratamento de 10 atendimentos de aproximadamente 1 hora por meio de um protocolo de exercícios propostos pelo método McKenzie (22,56 ± 5,5anos; altura 1,76 ± 0,07 m; IMC 23,48 ± 1,76. Foram realizadas avaliações posturais e através da biofotogramtria no pré e no pós tratamento. Em relação a avaliação postural foram encontradas diferenças estatisticamente significativas, corroborando com a hipótese inicial deste estudo. Na vista anterior, em NO1, nivelamento do ombro, houve diminuição da média pré e pós tratamento, passando de 92,13° para 90,84° com p=0,038; na vista lareral em JOE, joelho, houve diminuição também de 177,97° para 171,14° com p=0,015. O ângulo RCM, relação cabeça maléolo, passou de 3,33° para 3,13° com p=0,030. Na vista posterior, o ângulo CI, coluna inferior, teve diminuição de 90,76° para 88,06° , com p=0,021; e o ângulo AIO, ângulo intraolecraniano, passou de 66,90 ° para 63,64° com p=0,028.

  16. Análise dos co-movimentos entre os mercados de capitais do Brasil e dos EUA

    Daniel Reed Bergmann


    Full Text Available Neste artigo, a teoria de cópulas é utilizada para analisar os co-movimentos entre os mercados de capitais do Brasil e dos EUA. Na finalidade de implementação de uma estratégia de alocação de ativos é importante entender os eventos extremos - tanto os positivos (boom como os negativos (crashes - e seus efeitos sobre os mercados. Os índices de mercado usados são o IBOVESPA e o S&P 500 cobrindo o período de 03/2001 a 04/2007. A aderência aos log-retornos das principais cópulas encontradas na literatura financeira é avaliada. Os seguintes critérios foram escolhidos: o Log-likelihod, o critério de informação de Akaike e o critério de informação bayesiano. Os resultados mostram que a cópula de Joe-Clayton simetrizada é a mais adequada para modelar a estrutura de dependência entre os log-retornos do IBOVESPA e os do S&P500. Este trabalho difere de alguns estudos já realizados [e.g. Mendes e Moretti(2005 e Canela e Collazo(2005], pois leva em consideração a modelagem de cópulas dinâmicas introduzida por Patton (2006. Finalmente, através dos índices de dependência caudal ao longo do tempo, pode-se concluir que a ocorrência de eventos extremos negativos (crashes no mercado norte americano tende a afetar mais o mercado brasileiro quando da comparação da ocorrência dos eventos extremos positivos (booms.

  17. Cree, Canadian and American: Negotiating Sovereignties with Jeff Lemire's Equinox and "Justic League Canada"

    Will Smith


    Full Text Available Canadian and Torontonian Joe Shuster co-created Superman in 1938, drawing on his experiences at the Toronto Daily Star to define Clark Kent’s everyday life as a reporter. Despite Shuster’s Canadian co-authorship of the definitive American comic book superhero, John Bell suggests “Canadians are probably too wary of the uncritical portrayal of unrestrained heroism and power for the superhero genre ever to become a mainstay of the country's indigenous comic art” (84. Bell’s comments express national scepticism towards American myths of heroism, perhaps best summed up in the equally iconic Canadian trope of the ‘beautiful loser’. Whilst comic books may heighten these distinct senses of a national narrative, they are also the potential sites of encounter for intersecting national cultural narratives. Onesuch encounter can be seen in the recent “Justice League Canada” storyline of American publisher DC Comics’ Justice League United. Echoing its past connections with Canada, DC Comics’ Canadian cartoonist Jeff Lemire has created a superhero team storyline set explicitly in Northern Ontario, Canada, also introducing an Indigenous female superhero named Equinox to the DC comic book universe. Cree, and from Moose Factory, Ontario, the hero Equinox is in everyday life the teenager Miiyahbin Marten. Whilst the ‘DC universe’ is firmly a realm of the fantastic, Lemire’s storyline underscores how its characters provide real-life negotiations of American, Canadian and Indigenous identity. National boundaries, identities and sovereignties are potentially re-enforced and challenged through “Justice League Canada,” and particularly in the visualisation of Equinox. The mainstream storyworlds of American comic books are complicated by this negotiation of plural sovereignties.

  18. Magruder Park Swamp

    Hotchkiss, N.; Uhler, F.M.


    The last Tuesday in August, between five-thirty and seven in the evening, we zigzaged through this glorious jungle, attended by a family of Wood Pewees for whom we seemed to be stirring up a feast of flying insects. There was gentle background music by Mole Crickets. A few steps in from the playing field and we were out of sight in ten-foot-high Cattails. All through, we met -- as high as we, or higher--clumped Cinnamon Ferns, deep-rose Joe Pye Weed, and orange, pendent flowers of Jewelweed (first cousins to Balsam and Sultana). Here and there were soft, white spikes of Canadian Burnet, a rare plant hereabouts, and deep purple Ironweed. Dense-foliaged Hempweed climbed over bushes and up small trees, filling the air with its delicate fragrance. Arrowleaf Tear-thumb snatched at us with tiny prongs on its angled stems. Once in a while we tripped over huge sedge tussocks, half-hidden in the tangle. A few times we steered around a small bush of Poison Sumac. The next day We remembered seeing ninety kinds of plants on this hasty trip. Skunk Cabbage leaves recalled April, when a person, from the edge of the lawn, could see huge clumps of them all the way across the swamp. The sky had been washed by last week's downpours; scattered Gums were reddening; and Maples were getting ready for crimson beauty a month from now. There wasn't a mosquito! (Ed. Note.-The Hyattsville City Council is taking pains to preserve this interesting swamp.)

  19. Cosmic Noise: The Pioneers of Early Radio Astronomy and Their Discoveries

    Sullivan, Woodruff T., III


    Extraterrestrial radio waves (the galactic background), often referred to as "cosmic noise", were first detected accidentally by Karl Jansky at a frequency of 20 MHz in 1932, with significant followup by Grote Reber. Yet after World War II it was England and Australia that dominated the field. An entirely different sky from that of visual astronomy was revealed by the discoveries of solar noise, "radio stars” (discrete sources such as Cas A, Tau A, Cyg A, Cen A and Vir A), galactic noise, lunar and meteor radar experiments, the detection of the 21 cm hydrogen line, and eventually optical identifications such as the Crab Nebula and M87. Key players included wartime radar experts such as Stanley Hey (the British Army's Operational Research Group), Martin Ryle (Cambridge University), Bernard Lovell (Jodrell Bank) and Joe Pawsey (Radiophysics Lab, Sydney). Younger leaders also emerged such as Graham Smith, Tony Hewish, John Davies, "Chris" Christiansen, Bernie Mills, Paul Wild, and John Bolton. Some optical astronomers (Jan Oort, Henk van de Hulst, Jesse Greenstein, Rudolph Minkowski, and Walter Baade) were also extremely supportive. By the end of the postwar decade, radio astronomy was firmly established within the gamut of astronomy, although very few of its practitioners had been trained as astronomers. I will also trace the technical and social aspects of this wholly new type of astronomy, with special attention on military and national influences. I argue that radio astronomy represents one of the key developments in twentieth century astronomy not only because of its own discoveries, but also its pathfinding for the further opening the electromagnetic spectrum. This study is based on exhaustive archival research and over one hundred interviews with pioneering radio astronomers. Full details are available in the book "Cosmic Noise: A History of Early Radio Astronomy" (Cambridge Univ. Pr.).

  20. Hydrology of the Ferron sandstone aquifer and effects of proposed surface-coal mining in Castle Valley, Utah, with sections on stratigraphy and leaching of overburden

    Lines, Gregory C.; Morrissey, Daniel J.; Ryer, Thomas A.; Fuller, Richard H.


    Coal in the Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale of Cretaceous age has traditionally been mined by underground techniques in the Emery Coal Field in the southern end of Castle Valley in east-central Utah. However, approximately 99 million tons are recoverable by surface mining. Ground water in the Ferron is the sole source of supply for the town of Emery, but the aquifer is essentially untapped outside the Emery area.The Ferron Sandstone Member crops out along the eastern edge of Castle Valley and generally dips 2 ? to 10 ? to the northwest. Sandstones in the Ferron are enclosed between relatively impermeable shale in the Tununk and Blue Gate Members of the Mancos Shale. Along the outcrop, the Ferron ranges in thickness from about 80 feet in the northern part of Castle Valley to 850 feet in the southern part. The Ferron also generally thickens in the subsurface downdip from the outcrop. Records from wells and test holes indicate that the full thickness of the Ferron is saturated with water in most areas downdip from the outcrop area.Tests in the Emery area indicate that transmissivity of the Ferron sandstone aquifer ranges from about 200 to 700 feet squared per day where the Ferron is fully saturated. Aquifer transmissivity is greatest near the Paradise Valley-Joes Valley fault system where permeability has been increased by fracturing. Storage coefficient ranges from about 10 .6 to 10 -3 where the Ferron sandstone aquifer is confined and probably averages 5 x 10-2 where it is unconfined.

  1. Planetary Rings

    Nicholson, P. D.


    A revolution in the studies in planetary rings studies occurred in the period 1977--1981, with the serendipitous discovery of the narrow, dark rings of Uranus, the first Voyager images of the tenuous jovian ring system, and the many spectacular images returned during the twin Voyager flybys of Saturn. In subsequent years, ground-based stellar occultations, HST observations, and the Voyager flybys of Uranus (1986) and Neptune (1989), as well as a handful of Galileo images, provided much additional information. Along with the completely unsuspected wealth of detail these observations revealed came an unwelcome problem: are the rings ancient or are we privileged to live at a special time in history? The answer to this still-vexing question may lie in the complex gravitational interactions recent studies have revealed between the rings and their retinues of attendant satellites. Among the four known ring systems, we see elegant examples of Lindblad and corotation resonances (first invoked in the context of galactic disks), electromagnetic resonances, spiral density waves and bending waves, narrow ringlets which exhibit internal modes due to collective instabilities, sharp-edged gaps maintained via tidal torques from embedded moonlets, and tenuous dust belts created by meteoroid impact onto parent bodies. Perhaps most puzzling is Saturn's multi-stranded, clumpy F ring, which continues to defy a simple explanation 20 years after it was first glimpsed in grainy images taken by Pioneer 11. Voyager and HST images reveal a complex, probably chaotic, dynamical interaction between unseen parent bodies within this ring and its two shepherd satellites, Pandora and Prometheus. The work described here reflects contributions by Joe Burns, Jeff Cuzzi, Luke Dones, Dick French, Peter Goldreich, Colleen McGhee, Carolyn Porco, Mark Showalter, and Bruno Sicardy, as well as those of the author. This research has been supported by NASA's Planetary Geology and Geophysics program and the

  2. Construction of 2 intraspecific linkage maps and identification of resistance QTLs for Phytophthora capsici root-rot and foliar-blight diseases of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.).

    Ogundiwin, Ebenezer A; Berke, Terry F; Massoudi, Mark; Black, Lowell L; Huestis, Gordon; Choi, Doil; Lee, Sanghyeob; Prince, James P


    Two linkage maps of pepper were constructed and used to identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs) conferring resistance to Phytophthora capsici. Inoculations were done with 7 isolates: 3 from Taiwan, 3 from California, and 1 from New Mexico. The first map was constructed from a set of recombinant inbred lines (RILs) of the PSP-11 (susceptible) x PI201234 (resistant) cross; and the second map was from a set of F(2) lines of the Joe E. Parker' (susceptible) x 'Criollo de Morelos 334' (resistant) cross. The RIL map covered 1466.1 cM of the pepper genome, and it consisted of 144 markers -- 91 amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs), 34 random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPDs), 15 simple sequence repeats (SSRs), 1 sequence characterized amplified region (SCAR), and 3 morphological markers -- distributed over 17 linkage groups. The morphological markers mapped on this population were erect fruit habit (up), elongated fruit shape (fs(e)), and fasciculate fruit clusters (fa). The F(2) map consisted of 113 markers (51 AFLPs, 45 RAPDs, 14 SSRs, and 3 SCARs) distributed in 16 linkage groups, covering a total of 1089.2 cM of the pepper genome. Resistance to both root rot and foliar blight were evaluated in the RIL population using the 3 Taiwan isolates; the remaining isolates were used for the root-rot test only. Sixteen chromosomal regions of the RIL map contained single QTLs or clusters of resistance QTLs that had an effect on root rot and (or) foliar blight, revealing a complex set of genetics involved in resistance to P. capsici. Five QTLs were detected in the F(2) map that had an effect on resistance to root rot.

  3. JAZZ和声应用研究



    和声学是一门讨论和弦以及和声与和弦之间相互关系的学科,理解和声的语汇是理解音乐语汇的必要基础。而Jazz和声学是整个大和声学体系中一个新的分支。在我看来,Jazz是一个独立而重要的美国音乐艺术形式,它起源于19世纪末20世纪初,经历了一百多年甚至更长的发展演变,Jazz乐发展为一种即兴、节奏摇摆、大量切分旋律和节奏、约定俗成的声部进行核和声的高度严密的音乐风格。Jazz作曲家如Duke Elligton,Charlie Parker,Thelonious Monk,Thad Jones, Joe Pass等为Jazz作出了重大贡献,留下了众多值得纪念的精细的作品遗产。是什么让他们如此经典而流行呢?当然可能是旋律,还有和声、Jazz和声。本文主要讨论他们是如何做到的,以及我们怎样在自己的作品中运用这些技术。

  4. Особливості зимового календарного циклу покутян в студіях польських дослідників другої половини XIX – початку XX ст. / Winter holidays cycle of Pokuttia in the studies of Polish researchers in the second half of XIX - early XX century.

    Лілія Триняк


    Pokuttya are showed in the article. L. Weigel wrote down an interesting ethnology information in his intelligence "Essay About Town of Kolomyia" (1877. His ethnographic data on the Christmas ritual is rather stingy. But his record reveals some local Christmas and New Year customs. In particular, it is using such objects of livestock as yoke, povisma and hay. He was one of the first in the scientific literature who drew attention to the ritual use of candle-trinity in Jordan in Pokuttya. K. Mrochko left us a valuable intelligence called “Snyatynschyna. Comments to the edge of Ethnography” about Christmas rituals in Snyatyn district. From his work we can learn interesting facts. For example, protecting and medical properties of hay that was on the table during the Christmas eve, divination on the future harvest, pokutyan`s faith in the protecting force of the flame from the candles-trinity. The most comprehensive work in the second half of the XIX century was O.Kolberg`s work in four volumes “Pokuttya”. The first volume of his work was added by the unknown information about Christmas and New Year customs. So we can learn about the youth fun in the villages during Advent. Records of the girls` divination before St. Andrew`s Day, about the rite of "the burning of the Didukh" are also interesting additions. We can also find valuable records of caroling, malankuvannya, and the custom of "bulls" (“bychky”, which had a local feature in Pokuttya. An important addition to intelligence are records of the texts of Christmas carols and shchedrivkas. When analyzing the studies of Polish researchers O. Kolberg, K.Mrochko, L. Weigel we may mark that winter ritual in Pokuttya had its own peculiarities in customs, beliefs and omens. A ritual table, the worship of ancestors, household and family magic, cheering rounds and congratulations (caroling, shchedruvannya, sowing were the main pokutyan`s complexes of the Christmas and New Year cycle. But note that lots of Christmas

  5. Surface Soil Moisture Memory Estimated from Models and SMAP Observations

    He, Q.; Mccoll, K. A.; Li, C.; Lu, H.; Akbar, R.; Pan, M.; Entekhabi, D.


    Soil moisture memory(SMM), which is loosely defined as the time taken by soil to forget an anomaly, has been proved to be important in land-atmosphere interaction. There are many metrics to calculate the SMM timescale, for example, the timescale based on the time-series autocorrelation, the timescale ignoring the soil moisture time series and the timescale which only considers soil moisture increment. Recently, a new timescale based on `Water Cycle Fraction' (Kaighin et al., 2017), in which the impact of precipitation on soil moisture memory is considered, has been put up but not been fully evaluated in global. In this study, we compared the surface SMM derived from SMAP observations with that from land surface model simulations (i.e., the SMAP Nature Run (NR) provided by the Goddard Earth Observing System, version 5) (Rolf et al., 2014). Three timescale metrics were used to quantify the surface SMM as: T0 based on the soil moisture time series autocorrelation, deT0 based on the detrending soil moisture time series autocorrelation, and tHalf based on the Water Cycle Fraction. The comparisons indicate that: (1) there are big gaps between the T0 derived from SMAP and that from NR (2) the gaps get small for deT0 case, in which the seasonality of surface soil moisture was removed with a moving average filter; (3) the tHalf estimated from SMAP is much closer to that from NR. The results demonstrate that surface SMM can vary dramatically among different metrics, while the memory derived from land surface model differs from the one from SMAP observation. tHalf, with considering the impact of precipitation, may be a good choice to quantify surface SMM and have high potential in studies related to land atmosphere interactions. References McColl. K.A., S.H. Alemohammad, R. Akbar, A.G. Konings, S. Yueh, D. Entekhabi. The Global Distribution and Dynamics of Surface Soil Moisture, Nature Geoscience, 2017 Reichle. R., L. Qing, D.L. Gabrielle, A. Joe. The "SMAP_Nature_v03" Data

  6. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects

    Vinson JA


    Full Text Available Joe A Vinson1, Bryan R Burnham3, Mysore V Nagendran31Chemistry Department, 2Psychology Department, University of Scranton, Scranton, PA, USA; 3Health Sciences Clinic, Bangalore, IndiaBackground: Adult weight gain and obesity have become worldwide problems. Issues of cost and potential side effects of prescription weight loss drugs have led overweight and obese adults to try nutraceuticals that may aid weight loss. One promising nutraceutical is green coffee extract, which contains high concentrations of chlorogenic acids hat are known to have health benefits and to influence glucose and fat metabolism. A 22-week crossover study was conducted to examine the efficacy and safety of a commercial green coffee extract product GCA™ at reducing weight and body mass in 16 overweight adults.Methods: Subjects received high-dose GCA (1050 mg, low-dose GCA (700 mg, or placebo in separate six-week treatment periods followed by two-week washout periods to reduce any influence of preceding treatment. Treatments were counterbalanced between subjects. Primary measurements were body weight, body mass index, and percent body fat. Heart rate and blood pressure were also measured.Results: Significant reductions were observed in body weight (-8.04 ± 2.31 kg, body mass index (-2.92 ± 0.85 kg/m2, and percent body fat (-4.44% ± 2.00%, as well as a small decrease in heart rate (-2.56 ± 2.85 beats per minute, but with no significant changes to diet over the course of the study. Importantly, the decreases occurred when subjects were taking GCA. Body mass index for six subjects shifted from preobesity to the normal weight range (<25.00 kg/m2.Conclusion: The results are consistent with human and animal studies and a meta-analysis of the efficacy of green coffee extract in weight loss. The results suggest that GCA may be an effective nutraceutical in reducing weight in preobese adults, and may be an inexpensive means of preventing obesity in overweight adults

  7. An Odyssey to Viral Pathogenesis.

    Oldstone, Michael B A


    This odyssey is mine from early junior high school, where my dreams for adventure were shaped by Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, Percival Christopher Wren's Beau Geste, and best of all the remarkable explorers in Paul de Kruif's Microbe Hunters. My birth site was in Manhattan (my mother was a Vogue model and my father worked in retail), and I traveled to college at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, where my love of history and English literature was shaped along with a sufficient exposure to biology, chemistry, and genetics to meet requirements for entering medical school. By the second year at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, through expert teachers such as Theodore (Ted) Woodward and Sheldon (Shelly) Greisman in medicine and Charles Weissmann in virology and microbiology, I found that understanding why and how people became ill was more my cup of tea than identifying and treating their illnesses. Although I was becoming competent in diagnosis and treatment, I left medical school at the end of my sophomore year to seek a more basic understanding of biology and chemistry. I achieved this by working toward a PhD in biochemistry at Johns Hopkins McCollum-Pratt Institute combined with study of rickettsial toxin at Maryland. This was a very important time in my life, because it convinced me that addressing biologic and medical questions in a disciplined scientific manner was what my life voyage should be. That voyage led me initially, through Woodward's contact, to work a summer in Joe Smadel's unit at Walter Reed (Smadel being one of the deans of American virology) and to meet several times with Carleton Gajdusek and then John Enders at Harvard, who pointed me to Frank Dixon at Scripps in La Jolla, California, for postdoctoral training. Dixon was among the founders of modern immunology and a pathfinder for immunopathology. Training by and association with Dixon and his other postdoctoral fellows, my independent position at Scripps, early

  8. A validation study of the CirCom comorbidity score in an English cirrhosis population using the Clinical Practice Research Datalink

    Crooks CJ


    Full Text Available Colin J Crooks,1,2 Joe West,1,2 Peter Jepsen3,4 1Division of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK; 2Nottingham Digestive Diseases Biomedical Research Centre, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK; 3Department of Hepatology and Gastroenterology, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark; 4Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark Purpose: The CirCom score has been developed from Danish data as a specific measure of comorbidity for cirrhosis to predict all-cause mortality. We compared its performance with the Charlson Comorbidity Index (CCI in an English cirrhosis population. Patients and methods: We used comorbidity scores in a survival model to predict mortality in a cirrhosis cohort in the Clinical Practice Research Datalink. The discrimination of each score was compared by age, gender, socioeconomic status, cirrhosis etiology, cirrhosis stage, and year after cirrhosis diagnosis. We also measured their ability to predict liver-related versus non-liver-related death.Results: There was a small improvement in the C statistic from the model using the CirCom score (C=0.63 compared to the CCI (C=0.62, and there was an overall improvement in the net reclassification index of 1.5%. The improvement was more notable in younger patients, those with an alcohol etiology, and those with compensated cirrhosis. Both scores performed better (C statistic >0.7 for non-liver-related deaths than liver-related deaths (C statistic <0.6, as comorbidity was only weakly predictive of liver-related death.Conclusion: The CirCom score provided a small improvement in performance over the CCI in the prediction of all-cause and non-liver mortality, but not liver-related mortality. Therefore, it is important to include a measure of comorbidity in studies of cirrhosis survival, alongside a measure of cirrhosis severity. Keywords: cirrhosis, mortality, comorbidity, prognosis

  9. Workers exposure to 0-300 GHz electromagnetic fields - The New European Directive 2013/35/UE


    The non-ionizing radiations section of the French Society for Radiation Protection (SFRP) has organized this conference with the aim to present the new European Directive 2013/35/UE about the occupational exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. The topics approached have permitted to better understand its content, background and practical impact for labour physicians, safety engineers and any other people involved in labour risks monitoring. The document brings together 15 presentations (slides) and their corresponding abstract. Content is as follows: Session 1 - electromagnetic fields and health: What is an electromagnetic field? (Alain Azoulay (Consultant)); What are the health impacts of fields? (Isabelle Lagroye (IMS Bordeaux univ.)); Who are the most concerned workers? (Martine Souques (EDF)); Session 2 - Presentation of the directive, from its foundation to its transposition (Isabelle Magne (EDF)): ICNIRP's (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) guidelines (Bernard Veyret (IMS Bordeaux univ.)); The New European Directive 2013/35/UE (Patrick Moureaux (INRS)); transposition works of the directive into French law (Peggy Mathieu (DGT)); Session 3 - Evaluation of electromagnetic fields exposure levels (Allal Ouberehil (TDF)): how to measure and electromagnetic field and to estimate its measurement uncertainty? (Emmanuel Nicolas (Bureau Veritas)); ELF - how to calculate the electric field induced in the human body and with which uncertainty? (Noel Burais (Ampere Univ. Lyon)); how to calculate the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) in the human body and with which uncertainty? (Joe Wiart (Orange Labs)); Session 4 - Occupational exposures - overview and experience feedbacks (Martine SOUQUES (EDF)): overview of occupational exposures (Patrick Moureaux (INRS)); Implementation of the 2004/40/CE directive at TDF and perspectives of the 2013/35/UE directive (Allal Ouberehil (TDF)); Implementation of the 2004/40/CE directive at RTE

  10. Space Solar Power Exploratory Research and Technology (SERT) Technical Interchange Meeting 2 (SERT TIM 2)

    Howell, Joe; Sanders, Clark W.


    The University of Alabama in Huntsville's (UAH) Propulsion Research Center hosted the Space Solar Power Exploratory Research & Technology (SERT) Technical Interchange Meeting TIM) 2 in Huntsville, Alabama December 7-10. 1999 with 126 people in attendance. The SERT program includes both competitively procured activities. which are being implemented through a portfolio of focused R&D investments--with the maximum leveraging of existing resources inside and outside NASA. and guided by these system studies. Axel Roth. Director of the Flight Projects Directorate NASA MSFC, welcomed the SERT TIM 2 participants and challenged them to develop the necessary technologies and demonstrations that will lead to Space Solar Power (SSP) International implementation. Joe Howell, NASA MSFC, reiterated the SERT TIM 2 objectives: 1) Refining and modeling systems approaches for the utilization of SSP concepts and technologies, ranging, from the near-term e.g. for space science, exploration and commercial space applications to the far-term (e. g. SSP for terrestrial markets), including systems concepts, technology, infrastructure (i.g., transportation), and economics. 2) Conducting technology research, development and demonstration activities to produce "proof- of-concept" validation of critical SSP elements for both the nearer and farther-term applications. 3) Initiating partnerships Nationality and Internationally that could be expanded, as appropriate, to pursue later SSP technology and applications (e.g., space science. colonization, etc.). Day one began with the NASA Centers presenting their SERT activities summary since SERT TIM 1 and wound up with a presentation by Masahiro Mori, NASDA titled "NASDA In-house Study for SSP". Demonstration for the Near-Term. Day two began with the SERT Systems Studies and Analysis reports resulting from NRA 8-23 followed by presentations of SERT Technology Demonstrations reports resulting from NRA 8-23. Day two closed with John Mankins presentation

  11. Lunabotics Mining Competition: Inspiration Through Accomplishment

    Mueller, Robert P.


    NASA's Lunabotics Mining Competition is designed to promote the development of interest in space activities and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. The competition uses excavation, a necessary first step towards extracting resources from the regolith and building bases on the moon. The unique physical properties of lunar regolith and the reduced 1/6th gravity, vacuum environment make excavation a difficult technical challenge. Advances in lunar regolith mining have the potential to significantly contribute to our nation's space vision and NASA space exploration operations. The competition is conducted annually by NASA at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The teams that can use telerobotic or autonomous operation to excavate a lunar regolith geotechnical simulant, herein after referred to as Black Point-1 (or BP-1) and score the most points (calculated as an average of two separate 10-minute timed competition attempts) will eam points towards the Joe Kosmo Award for Excellence and the scores will reflect ranking in the on-site mining category of the competition. The minimum excavation requirement is 10.0 kg during each competition attempt and the robotic excavator, referred to as the "Lunabot", must meet all specifications. This paper will review the achievements of the Lunabotics Mining Competition in 2010 and 2011, and present the new rules for 2012. By providing a framework for robotic design and fabrication, which culminates in a live competition event, university students have been able to produce sophisticated lunabots which are tele-operated. Multi-disciplinary teams are encouraged and the extreme sense of accomplishment provides a unique source of inspiration to the participating students, which has been shown to translate into increased interest in STEM careers. Our industrial sponsors (Caterpillar, Newmont Mining, Harris, Honeybee Robotics) have all stated that there is a strong need for skills in the workforce related

  12. PERSPECTIVE: Translational neural engineering: multiple perspectives on bringing benchtop research into the clinical domain

    Rousche, Patrick; Schneeweis, David M.; Perreault, Eric J.; Jensen, Winnie


    strongly encouraged open industrial academic partnerships as an efficient path forward in the translational process. Joe Pancrazio, PhD, a Program Director at NIH's National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, emphasized that NIH funding for translational research was aimed at breaking down scientific barriers to clinic entrance. Vivian Weil, PhD, (Director of Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions at the Illinois Institute of Technology) a specialist on ethics in science and engineering, spoke of the usefulness of developing a code of ethics for addressing ethical aspects of translation from the bench to clinical implementation and of translation across disciplines in multi-disciplinary projects. Finally, the patient perspective was represented by Mr Jesse Sullivan. A double-arm amputee and patient of Dr Kuiken's, Mr Sullivan demonstrated the critically important role of the patient in successful translational neural engineering research.

  13. Translational neural engineering: multiple perspectives on bringing benchtop research into the clinical domain.

    Rousche, Patrick; Schneeweis, David M; Perreault, Eric J; Jensen, Winnie


    strongly encouraged open industrial-academic partnerships as an efficient path forward in the translational process. Joe Pancrazio, PhD, a Program Director at NIH's National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, emphasized that NIH funding for translational research was aimed at breaking down scientific barriers to clinic entrance. Vivian Weil, PhD, (Director of Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions at the Illinois Institute of Technology) a specialist on ethics in science and engineering, spoke of the usefulness of developing a code of ethics for addressing ethical aspects of translation from the bench to clinical implementation and of translation across disciplines in multi-disciplinary projects. Finally, the patient perspective was represented by Mr Jesse Sullivan. A double-arm amputee and patient of Dr Kuiken's, Mr Sullivan demonstrated the critically important role of the patient in successful translational neural engineering research.

  14. Spirit Hits a Home Run


    informally named for Josh Gibson, 'Bullet Joe' Rogan, and Cumberland Posey. Stay tuned this month, as the Baseball Hall of Fame elects more players from the Negro Leagues and Spirit continues to examine these spectacular rocks. Spirit took this mosaic of images using the panoramic camera on the rover's 746th day, or sol (Feb. 7, 2006), of exploring Mars. Scientists are acquiring and processing image data for more views of the same terrain in approximate true color.

  15. Cardiac Auscultation Using Smartphones: Pilot Study.

    Kang, Si-Hyuck; Joe, Byunggill; Yoon, Yeonyee; Cho, Goo-Yeong; Shin, Insik; Suh, Jung-Won


    HIu). ©Si-Hyuck Kang, Byunggill Joe, Yeonyee Yoon, Goo-Yeong Cho, Insik Shin, Jung-Won Suh. Originally published in JMIR Mhealth and Uhealth (, 28.02.2018.

  16. [Effects of nitrogen-supply levels on leaf senescence and characteristics of distribution and utilization of 13C and 15N in Fuji 3 apple grafted on different stocks].

    Chen, Qian; Ding, Ning; Zhu, Zhan Ling; Peng, Ling; Ge, Shun Feng; Jiang, Yuan Mao


    Two-year-old potted Fuji 3 apple trees on different rootstocks [Fuji 3/M. micromalus Makin (joe), Fuji 3/M7 (semi-dwarf) and Fuji 3/M26/M. micromalus Makin (dwarf)] were used to study leaf morphology and photosynthesis and the characteristics of distribution and utilization of 13 C and 15 N at different nitrogen supply levels (0N, 25%N and 100%N, the N content in 100% N treatment was the same as that in Hoagland complete nutrient solution) under sand culture condition. The main results were as follows: At shoot growth cessation stage in autumn, the leaf chlorophyll content (SPAD), leaf nitrogen content and photosynthetic rate were found the highest in Fuji 3/M. micromalus Makin, followed by Fuji 3/M7, and the lowest was found in Fuji 3/M26/M. micromalus Makin under the same nitrogen stress treatments (0N and 25%N), however, under normal nitrogen treatment (100%N) Fuji 3/M26/M. micromalus Makin had the highest leaf SPAD value, photosynthetic rate and the nitrogen content, followed by Fuji 3/M7, and the lowest was found in Fuji 3/M. micromalus Makin. The leaf SOD and CAT activities showed Fuji 3/M. micromalus Makin > Fuji 3/M7 > Fuji 3/M26/M. micromalus Makin under the same nitrogen stress treatments, but showed Fuji 3/M26/M. micromalus Makin > Fuji 3/M7 > Fuji 3/M. micromalus Makin under the normal nitrogen treatment. There were significant differences in the distributions of 15 N and 13 C in root and leaf in the 3 scion-stock combinations, and the distribution rates of 15 N and 13 C in roots were the highest under nitrogen stress treatments and in the order of Fuji 3/M. micromalus Makin > Fuji 3/M7 > Fuji 3/M26/M. micromalus Makin. The distribution rates of 15 N and 13 C in leaves were the highest under the normal nitrogen treatment and in the order of Fuji 3/M26/M. micromalus Makin > Fuji 3/M7 > Fuji 3/M. micromalus Makin. The 15 N utilization ratio differed significantly among the 3 scion-stock combinations under different nitrogen application levels and was in

  17. Effects of inhaled anesthetic isoflurane on long-term potentiation of CA3 pyramidal cell afferents in vivo

    Ballesteros KA


    Full Text Available Kristen A Ballesteros,1 Angela Sikorski,2 James E Orfila,3 Joe L Martinez Jr41Department of Biology, The University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA; 2Texas A&M University Texarkana, Texarkana, TX, USA; 3University of Colorado in Denver, Denver, CO, USA; 4University of Illinois in Chicago, Chicago, IL, USAAbstract: Isoflurane is a preferred anesthetic, due to its properties that allow a precise concentration to be delivered continually during in vivo experimentation. The major mechanism of action of isoflurane is modulation of the γ-amino butyric acid (GABAA receptor-chloride channel, mediating inhibitory synaptic transmission. Animal studies have shown that isoflurane does not cause cell death, but it does inhibit cell growth and causes long-term hippocampal learning deficits. As there are no studies characterizing the effects of isoflurane on electrophysiological aspects of long-term potentiation (LTP in the hippocampus, it is important to determine whether isoflurane alters the characteristic responses of hippocampal afferents to cornu ammonis region 3 (CA3. We investigated the effects of isoflurane on adult male rats during in vivo induction of LTP, using the mossy fiber pathway, the lateral perforant pathway, the medial perforant pathway, and the commissural CA3 (cCA3 to CA3, with intracranial administration of Ringer’s solution, naloxone, RS-aminoindan-1, 5-dicarboxylic acid (AIDA, or 3-[(R-2-carboxypiperazin-4-yl]-propo-2-enyl-1-phosphonic acid (CPP. Then, we compared these responses to published electrophysiological data, using sodium pentobarbital as an anesthetic, under similar experimental conditions. Our results showed that LTP was exhibited in animals anesthetized with isoflurane under vehicle conditions. With the exception of AIDA in the lateral perforant pathway, the defining characteristics of the four pathways appeared to remain intact, except for the observation that LTP was markedly reduced in animals

  18. Introduction: Theory, Methods, Review

    Mook, Willem G.


    The first volume of this series of textbooks on environmental isotopes in the hydrologic cycle is the result of a revision and extension part of the notes I used during the year where I teach students at the Universite Libre Amsterdam, an annual course on isotope hydrology. During these years, my colleague and friend, Joe Pearson and myself had decided to publish lecture notes, but we did not find time to accomplish this task. Today, I realize everything he taught me and I am very grateful. The need for international agreement on definitions and use of symbols can not be over emphasized. In this introductory volume, I have emphasized the consistency and accuracy in mathematics and physics. However, it was not possible, for historical reasons, to maintain this consistency in the following volumes. The second important point of this volume has been not to call any equation dealing with isotopes without associating differential equations correct and understandable. After an introductory chapter on the hydrological cycle, this volume presents the principles of radioactivity and isotopic reactions for stable isotopes. The elements hydrogen, carbon and oxygen are discussed in detail since they form the isotope applications in water cycle. The contribution of other isotopes is discussed superficially. Practical applications in hydrology, presented here only by way of illustration, are developed in much more detail by my colleagues in the following volumes. We thought it better that subjects of more general interest for the other volumes, such as aqueous inorganic carbon chemistry, processing water samples in the field or laboratory techniques for isotopic analysis, or the statistical treatment of data, are addressed in the first volume. The six volumes of this series are designed as textbooks. This leads to different requirements from those of traditional books. In particular, in this introductory volume, I did give a limited number of bibliographical references, for

  19. Oncolytic herpes viruses, chemotherapeutics, and other cancer drugs

    Braidwood L


    Full Text Available Lynne Braidwood,1 Sheila V Graham,2 Alex Graham,1 Joe Conner11Virttu Biologics Ltd, Department of Neurology, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, UK; 2MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research, Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences, Jarrett Building, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UKAbstract: Oncolytic viruses are emerging as a potential new way of treating cancers. They are selectively replication-competent viruses that propagate only in actively dividing tumor cells but not in normal cells and, as a result, destroy the tumor cells by consequence of lytic infection. At least six different oncolytic herpes simplex viruses (oHSVs have undergone clinical trials worldwide to date, and they have demonstrated an excellent safety profile and intimations of efficacy. The first pivotal Phase III trial with an oHSV, talimogene laherparepvec (T-Vec [OncoVexGM-CSF], is almost complete, with extremely positive early results reported. Intuitively, therapeutically beneficial interactions between oHSV and chemotherapeutic and targeted therapeutic drugs would be limited as the virus requires actively dividing cells for maximum replication efficiency and most anticancer agents are cytotoxic or cytostatic. However, combinations of such agents display a range of responses, with antagonistic, additive, or, perhaps most surprisingly, synergistic enhancement of antitumor activity. When synergistic interactions in cancer cell killing are observed, chemotherapy dose reductions that achieve the same overall efficacy may be possible, resulting in a valuable reduction of adverse side effects. Therefore, the combination of an oHSV with “standard-of-care” drugs makes a logical and reasonable approach to improved therapy, and the addition of a targeted oncolytic therapy with “standard-of-care” drugs merits further investigation, both preclinically and in the clinic. Numerous publications report

  20. Operationalising performance management in local government: The use of the balanced scorecard

    Zwelinzima J. Ndevu


    Full Text Available Orientation: Local government forms that part of the public sector closest to citizens and therefore indispensable in its role of providing essential goods and services and developing the local area. Local government has the authority and functions necessary to provide services for the maintenance and promotion of the well-being of all people within their area and should provide access to basic services such as water, electricity and health care. Research purpose: This study examines performance management as a tool in local government effective provision service delivery. The critical question addressed in this paper was how the balanced scorecard (BSC can be used to improve performance in the context of local government and assist in eradicating the current challenges of lack of quality services, poverty and infrastructure development. Motivation for the study: The need for continuous improvement in service delivery at local government compounded by high levels of service delivery protest requires regular review of performance management system. Research approach: To understand the current context and challenges facing local government, the applicable legislative framework including the Constitution, white paper and the National Development Plans were perused to better understand the legal environment in which local government operates. A literature review was undertaken to evaluate theory on organisational effectiveness. Semi-structured interviews were used to solicit expert opinions. Main findings/managerial implications: The BSC approach emerged as the preferred tool because the method offered the authors the opportunity to review non-financial and financial factors to arrive at a balanced conclusion. A BSC tool was developed and applied to the Joe Gqabi District Municipality as a case study. Practical implications: The BSC as a performance management tool enables organisations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them

  1. Mobile App to Streamline the Development of Wearable Sensor-Based Exercise Biofeedback Systems: System Development and Evaluation.

    O'Reilly, Martin; Duffin, Joe; Ward, Tomas; Caulfield, Brian


    personalized classification model displayed excellent system accuracy even when assessing acute deviations in compound exercises with a single IMU. ©Martin O'Reilly, Joe Duffin, Tomas Ward, Brian Caulfield. Originally published in JMIR Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology (, 21.08.2017.

  2. Enhanced low-template DNA analysis conditions and investigation of allele dropout patterns.

    Hedell, Ronny; Dufva, Charlotte; Ansell, Ricky; Mostad, Petter; Hedman, Johannes


    labelled with JOE (green) and fluorescein (blue). Overall, the marker D10S1248 has the lowest allele dropout probability and D8S1179 the highest. The marker effect is mainly pronounced for 30-32 PCR cycles. Such effects would not be expected if the amplification efficiencies were identical for all markers. Understanding allele dropout risks and the variability in peak heights and balances is important for correct interpretation of forensic DNA profiles. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  3. The New York City Research Initiative: A Model for Undergraduate and High School Student Research in Earth and Space Sciences and Space Technology

    Scalzo, F.; Frost, J.; Carlson, B. E.; Marchese, P.; Rosenzweig, C.; Austin, S. A.; Peteet, D. M.; Druyan, L.; Fulakeza, M.; Gaffin, S.; Baruh, H.; Decker, S.; Thangam, S.; Miles, J.; Moshary, F.; Rossow, W.; Greenbaum, S.; Cheung, T. K.; Johnson, L. P.


    1 Frank Scalzo, 1 Barbara Carlson, 2 Leon Johnson, 3 Paul Marchese, 1 Cynthia Rosenzweig, 2 Shermane Austin, 1 Dorothy Peteet, 1 Len Druyan, 1 Matthew Fulakeza, 1 Stuart Gaffin, 4 Haim Baruh, 4 Steven Decker, 5 Siva Thangam, 5 Joe Miles, 6 James Frost, 7 Fred Moshary, 7 William Rossow, 7 Samir Ahmed, 8 Steven Greenbaum and 3 Tak Cheung 1 NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, USA 2 Physical, Environmental and Computer Sciences, Medgar Evers College, CUNY, Brooklyn, NY, USA 3 Physics, Queensborough Community College, CUNY, Queens, NY, USA 4 Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, USA 5 Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, USA 6 Physics, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY, Queens, NY, USA 7 Electrical Engineering, City College of New York, CUNY, USA 8 Physics, Hunter College, CUNY, USA The New York City Research Initiative (NYCRI) is a research and academic program that involves high school, undergraduate and graduate students, and high school teachers in research teams under the mentorship of college/university principal investigator of NASA funded projects and/or NASA scientists. The principal investigators are at 7 colleges/universities within a 20-mile radius of New York City (NYC and Northern New Jersey), as well as the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies. The program supports research in Earth Science, Space Science, and Space Technology. Research investigations include: Sea Surface Temperature and Precipitation in the West African Monsoon, Urban Heat Island: Sun and Rain Effects, Decadal Changes in Aerosol and Asthma, Variations in Salinity and River Discharge in the Hudson River Estuary, Environmental Change in the Hudson Estuary Wetlands, Verification of Winter Storm Scale Developed for Nor’easters, Solar Weather and Tropical Cyclone Activity, Tropospheric and Stratospheric Ozone Investigation in Metropolitan NYC, Aerosol Optical Depth through use of a MFRSR, Detection of Concentration in the Atmosphere Using a Quantum Cascade Laser System

  4. Planetary Rings: a Brief History of Observation and Theory

    Nicholson, P. D.


    parent bodies. I will conclude with a glimpse at what may well be a dynamicist's worst nightmare --- Saturn's multi-stranded, kinky and clumpy F ring, which continues to puzzle 20 years after it was first seen. The author would like to acknowledge many discussions with Joe Burns, Jeff Cuzzi, Luke Dones, Jim Elliot, Dick French, Peter Goldreich, Mark Showalter and Bruno Sicardy, as well as generous support from NASA.

  5. Geochemical modelling. Pt.1, Pt.2

    Skytte Jensen, B.; Jensen, H.; Pearson, F.J.


    This work is carried out under cost-sharing contract with the European Atomic Energy Community in the framework of its fourth research programme on radioactive waste management and radioactive waste storage. This final report is subdivided into two parts. In the first part, JENSEN, a computer code for the computation of chemical equilibria in aqueous systems, describes the structure, function and use of a new geochemical computer program intended for PC's. The program, which is written in Turbo Pascal, version 4, is fundamentally similar to most other geochemical programs, but combines in one program several of the merits these programs have. The intention has been to make an advanced program, which also should be user friendly and fast, and to attain this several new algorithms have been developed and implemented. The program has a built-in database mainly based on the CHEMVAL compilation containing data for 395 soluble species and 149 minerals. The program can find equilibria in the presence of all or some of these soluble species, under conditions or fixed or floating pH and / or Redox potential. The program by itself eliminates a bad guess of a candidate for precipitation. In the present version, the program can identify which minerals and how much of them there will be formed when equilibrium is established. In the second part, LITTLE JOE, an expert system to support geochemical modelling, describes the construction of a minor expert system for use in the evaluation of analytical data for the composition of ground waters from limestone formation. Although the example given is rather limited in scope, the application of the expert system for the evaluation of the analytical data clearly demonstrates the mature expert knowledge imbedded in the system which is contrasted with the uncritical acceptance of analytical or theoretical data. With the overall neglect of ion-exchange and the formation of solid solutions in geochemical calculations, geochemistry is

  6. ESO's Hidden Treasures Brought to Light


    Telescope in Paranal, Chile, with guided tours and the opportunity to participate in a night's observations. Runner-up prizes included an iPod, books and DVDs. Furthermore, the highest ranked images will be released for the world to see on as Photo Releases or Pictures of the Week, co-crediting the winners. The jury evaluated the entries based on the quality of the data processing, the originality of the image and the overall aesthetic feel. As several of the highest ranked images were submitted by the same people, the jury decided to make awards to the ten most talented participants, so as to give more people the opportunity to win a prize and reward their hard work and talent. The ten winners of the competition are: * First prize, a trip to Paranal + goodies: Igor Chekalin (Russia). * Second prize, an iPod Touch + goodies: Sergey Stepanenko (Ukraine). * Third Prize, VLT laser cube model + goodies: Andy Strappazzon (Belgium). * Fourth to tenth prizes, Eyes on the Skies Book + DVD + goodies: Joseph (Joe) DePasquale (USA), Manuel (Manu) Mejias (Argentina), Alberto Milani (Italy), Joshua (Josh) Barrington (USA), Oleg Maliy (Ukraine), Adam Kiil (United Kingdom), Javier Fuentes (Chile). The ten winners submitted the twenty highest ranked images: 1. M78 by Igor Chekalin. 2. NGC3169 & NGC3166 and SN 2003cg by Igor Chekalin. 3. NGC6729 by Sergey Stepanenko. 4. The Moon by Andy Strappazzon. 5. NGC 3621 by Joseph (Joe) DePasquale. 6. NGC 371 by Manuel (Manu) Mejias. 7. Dust of Orion Nebula (ESO 2.2m telescope) by Igor Chekalin. 8. NGC1850 EMMI by Sergey Stepanenko. 9. Abell 1060 by Manuel (Manu) Mejias. 10. Celestial Prominences NGC3582 by Joseph DePasquale. 11. Globular Cluster NGC288 by Alberto Milani. 12. Antennae Galaxies by Alberto Milani. 13. Sakurai's Object by Joshua (Josh) Barrington. 14. NGC 1929, N44 Superbubble by Manuel (Manu) Mejias. 15. NGC 3521 by Oleg Maliy. 16. NGC 6744 by Andy Strappazzon. 17. NGC 2217 by Oleg Maliy. 18. VIMOS.2008-01-31T07_16_47j by

  7. Los sistemas de autorregulación como mecanismos de control de la publicidad de tabaco: evaluación mediante análisis empírico Self-regulation systems to control tobacco advertising: An empirical analysis

    Marta Martín


    Full Text Available Objetivos: Examinar el marco del debate en torno a la prohibición de la publicidad de tabaco en Europa, a raíz de la Directiva 98/43/CE y de la Propuesta de Directiva del 5/9/2001, el funcionamiento de los sistemas de autorregulación en el último lustro, y valorar su eficacia y pertinencia como potenciales herramientas para velar por la no lesión de la salud pública. Métodos: Análisis de contenido y de discurso de todos los manifiestos publicitarios aparecidos en los suplementos dominicales de los 3 semanales de mayor difusión (El País, El Mundo y ABC entre enero de 1995 y enero de 2000 para valorar el respeto a las normas del Código de la Asociación Española de Tabaco referidas a la identidad de los modelos publicitarios, la reivindicación directa o indirecta de las propiedades terapéuticas del tabaco en los manifiestos publicitarios, la aparición de cigarrillos en los anuncios y la inserción de las leyendas de advertencia. Resultados: Tras examinar 910 inserciones y 369 anuncios, y después de hacer una descripción del discurso publicitario, se observa que escasos anuncios presentan argumentos racionales sobre elementos movilizadores para el receptor, como el precio (13% o los componentes del producto (7%. Aunque hay un respeto generalizado por las normas del código de autorregulación, en los anuncios se detecta una serie de sutilezas creativas que permiten bordear dichas normas: 10 de los 369 manifiestos presentan a personajes famosos (sobre todo pilotos y artistas y un tercio se sirve de «personajes icono» («Joe Camel» o «Marlboro Man»; algún manifiesto reivindica propiedades terapéuticas del tabaco y casi todos inducen a pensar que éste se asocia con el éxito social y el ocio. Aunque no se presentan cigarrillos servidos, en un 18% de los anuncios aparecen objetos sustitutivos del tabaco en diversos lugares (12%, en la mano o en la boca, a pesar de la prohibición de mostrar el producto. Y un alto porcentaje de

  8. A Picture-perfect Pure-disc Galaxy


    The bright galaxy NGC 3621, captured here using the Wide Field Imager on the 2.2-metre telescope at ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile, appears to be a fine example of a classical spiral. But it is in fact rather unusual: it does not have a central bulge and is therefore described as a pure-disc galaxy. NGC 3621 is a spiral galaxy about 22 million light-years away in the constellation of Hydra (The Sea Snake). It is comparatively bright and can be seen well in moderate-sized telescopes. This picture was taken using the Wide Field Imager on the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope at ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile. The data were selected from the ESO archive by Joe DePasquale as part of the Hidden Treasures competition [1]. Joe's picture of NGC 3621 was ranked fifth in the competition. This galaxy has a flat pancake shape, indicating that it hasn't yet come face to face with another galaxy as such a galactic collision would have disturbed the thin disc of stars, creating a small bulge in its centre. Most astronomers think that galaxies grow by merging with other galaxies, in a process called hierarchical galaxy formation. Over time, this should create large bulges in the centres of spirals. Recent research, however, has suggested that bulgeless, or pure-disc, spiral galaxies like NGC 3621 are actually fairly common. This galaxy is of further interest to astronomers because its relative proximity allows them to study a wide range of astronomical objects within it, including stellar nurseries, dust clouds, and pulsating stars called Cepheid variables, which astronomers use as distance markers in the Universe [2]. In the late 1990s, NGC 3621 was one of 18 galaxies selected for a Key Project of the Hubble Space Telescope: to observe Cepheid variables and measure the rate of expansion of the Universe to a higher accuracy than had been possible before. In the successful project, 69 Cepheid variables were observed in this galaxy alone. Multiple monochrome images taken through




    Full Text Available Antsupova Vita, Natalia Pirogova, Ostapchuk Valentine. Forgotten names of Kyiv maecenas: Michael Parfentievісh Degterev (historical overview. The article is devoted to littleknown fact of life and philanthropy hereditary Анцупова В. , Пирогова Н. , Остапчук В. . Забуті імена... АПСНІМ. – 2016. – № 2 (10 77 honorary citizen of Kyiv Michael Parfentiyovych Dehterov. He considered sponsorship of the foundation and development of Kyiv free Tsarevich Nicholas Hospital for laborers and chariitable institutions M.P. Dehterova in Kiev. Beginning charity project Kyiv free Tsarevich Nicholas Hospital for laborers filed the History of National Specialized Hospital “OHMATDYT”. Details of the construction of a hospital for the poor reveals the process of building hospitals, building stages, participants fouder groups, some statistics on the financial costs, the number and composition of patients, hospital equipment features. The focus of this article emphasized the role of Michael Parfentientiyovych Dehterov in building clinic (today – Administration and surgical barracks (today – toxicological department are still operating and are used with some modifications in the intrior and exterior. Driven statistics on gratuitous Tsarevich Nicolas Hospital for laborers. Dean project of Dehterov on devellopment of charitable institutions in Lukyanovka m. Kyiv will disclose sold posthumous bequest. For archives shows the idea of building a town charity, goals, and values for poor people early twentieth century. Dehterov among Kyiv citizens consiidered stingy man, but after his death opened up the details of his congregation, according to which Michael Parfentiyovych left Kyiv city money and property. In the life of hereditary honhonorary citizen of Kyiv merchant Dehterov saved on the whoe, had restrained and ascetic lifestyle accumulated money for charitable projects. On his money was built Ambulatory Surgiical

  10. Radiation Physics for Personnel and Environmental Protection

    Cossairt, J.D.


    The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory FERMILAB- TM- 1834 Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government. Neither the United States Government nor any agency thereof, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, expressed or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Reference herein to any specific commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the United States Government or any agency thereof. The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States Government or any agency thereof. This manuscript has been authored by Universities Research Association, Inc. under con- tract No. DE- ACO% 76CH03000 with the U. S. Department of Energy. The United States Government and the publisher, by accepting the article for publication, acknowledges that the United States Government retains a nonexclusive, paid- up, irrevocable, worldwide license to publish or reproduce the published form of this manuscript, or allow others to do so, for This text is dedicated to my wife Claudia, and our children, Joe and Sally, who provided me with love, cheerfulness, and their support during the long hours spent in the preparation of various versions of this text. I acknowledge the opportunity provided by the Fermilab Director, John Peoples, Jr., to be a part of the U. S. Particle Accelerator School. Also, the encouragement of Mel Month and A. Lincoln Read to teach in the USPAS has been sincerely appreciated. Several members of the Fermilab Environment, Safety and Health Section have greatly assisted me during the

  11. A Review of the MLAS Parachute Systems

    Taylor, Anthony P.; Kelley, Christopher; Magner, Eldred; Peterson, David; Hahn, Jeffrey; Yuchnovicz, Daniel E.


    The NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) is developing the Max Launch Abort System (MLAS) as a risk-mitigation design should problems arise with the baseline Orion spacecraft launch abort design. The Max in MLAS is dedicated to Max Faget, the renowned NASA spacecraft designer. The MLAS flight test vehicle consists of boost skirt, coast skirt and the MLAS fairing which houses a full scale boilerplate Orion Crew Module (CM). The objective of the flight test is to prove that the CM can be released from the MLAS fairing during pad abort conditions without detrimental recontact between the CM and fairing, achieving performance similar to the Orion launch abort system. The boost and coast skirts provide the necessary thrust and stability to achieve the flight test conditions and are released prior to the test -- much like the Little Joe booster was used in the Apollo Launch Escape System tests. To achieve the test objective, two parachutes are deployed from the fairing to reorient the CM/fairing to a heatshield first orientation. The parachutes then provide the force necessary to reduce the total angle of attack and body angular rates required for safe release of the CM from the fairing. A secondary test objective after CM release from the fairing is to investigate the removal of the CM forward bay cover (FBC) with CM drogue parachutes for the purpose of attempting to synchronously deploying a set of CM main parachutes. Although multiple parachute deployments are used in the MLAS flight test vehicle to complete its objective, there are only two parachute types employed in the flight test. Five of the nine parachutes used for MLAS are 27.6 ft D(sub 0) ribbon parachutes, and the remaining four are standard G-12 cargo parachutes. This paper presents an overview of the 27.6 ft D(sub 0) ribbon parachute system employed on the MLAS flight test vehicle for coast skirt separation, fairing reorientation, and as drogue parachutes for the CM after separation from the fairing

  12. Geophysical Remote Sensing Using the HF Pumped Stimulated Brillouin Scatter (SBS) Emission Lines Produced by HAARP

    Bernhardt, P. A.; Selcher, C. A.


    resonance altitude where the pump wave electric fields reach their maximum values. All of these measurements of the HF modified ionosphere are made possible at HAARP because of (1) the recently increased transmitter power to 3.6 MW into the large antenna array and (2) the new digital receiver diagnostics that allow up to 100 dB dynamic range in the stimulated electromagnetic emission measurements. Paul A. Bernhardt, Craig A. Selcher, Robert H. Lehmberg, Serafin Rodriguez, Joe Thomason, Mike McCarrick, Gordon Frazer, Determination of the Electron Temperature in the Modified Ionosphere over HAARP Using the HF Pumped Stimulated Brillouin Scatter (SBS) Emission Lines, Annales Geophysicae, in press, 2009. Norin, L., Leyser, T. B., Nordblad, E., Thidé, B., and McCarrick, M., Unprecedentedly strong and narrow electromagnetic emissions stimulated by high-frequency radio waves in the ionosphere, Phys. Rev. Lett., 102, 065003, 2009.

  13. airGRteaching: an R-package designed for teaching hydrology with lumped hydrological models

    Thirel, Guillaume; Delaigue, Olivier; Coron, Laurent; Andréassian, Vazken; Brigode, Pierre


    discharges, which are updated immediately (a calibration only needs a couple of seconds or less, a simulation is almost immediate). In addition, time series of internal variables, live-visualisation of internal variables evolution and performance statistics are provided. This interface allows for hands-on exercises that can include for instance the analysis by students of: - The effects of each parameter and model components on simulated discharge - The effects of objective functions based on high flows- or low flows-focused criteria on simulated discharge - The seasonality of the model components. References Winston Chang, Joe Cheng, JJ Allaire, Yihui Xie and Jonathan McPherson (2016). shiny: Web Application Framework for R. R package version 0.13.2. Coron L., Thirel G., Perrin C., Delaigue O., Andréassian V., airGR: a suite of lumped hydrological models in an R-package, Environmental Modelling and software, 2017, submitted. Coron, L., Perrin, C. and Michel, C. (2016). airGR: Suite of GR hydrological models for precipitation-runoff modelling. R package version 1.0.3. Olivier Delaigue and Laurent Coron (2016). airGRteaching: Tools to simplify the use of the airGR hydrological package by students. R package version 0.0.1. R Core Team (2016). R: A language and environment for statistical computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria. URL

  14. Editorial:

    Wald, Robert M.


    I am very pleased to be assuming the Editorship of Classical and Quantum Gravity for the next five years. I hope to continue the successful policies that have made this journal well known for its openness to new developments in the field, for the efficiency of its editorial process, and for the quality and importance of its articles. Classical and Quantum Gravity has truly blossomed under the guidance of its previous Editors-in-Chief, Malcolm MacCallum, Kellogg Stelle, Gary Gibbons and Hermann Nicolai. During the past 12 months, a total of 847 manuscripts have been submitted, representing an increase of nearly 50% over the past four years alone. Beginning in 2000, the frequency of publication was increased from 12 to 24 issues per year. The rate of full-text downloads is now 7200 per month, nearly a three-fold increase over four years. For regular manuscripts, the average time between receipt and first decision now stands at only 59 days, the receipt-to-acceptance time is now only 72 days, and the receipt-to-online publication time is only 116 days. The corresponding times for letters are 36 days, 44 days and 62 days, respectively. Much of the improvement in refereeing and publication times can be directly attributed to the state-of-the art Web-based refereeing system, maintained by the able administration of the IOP editorial team, consisting of Andrew Wray, Joe Tennant, Joanne Rowse and Susannah Bruce. Both the growth in journal size and the decrease in publication times have been accomplished without any decrease in quality. As one objective measure of this, the 'impact factor' index of Classical and Quantum Gravity has risen steadily over the past four years. Even more significantly, Classical and Quantum Gravity has undergone major intellectual growth since its founding. In 1984, modern string theory was in the process of being born, the subject of 'loop quantum gravity' did not exist at all, 'new inflation' truly was 'new', and the possibility of observing

  15. The Future of Theoretical Physics and Cosmology

    Gibbons, G. W.; Shellard, E. P. S.; Rankin, S. J.


    Preface; List of contributors; 1. Introduction; Part I. Popular Symposium: 2. Our complex cosmos and its future Martin J. Rees; 3. Theories of everything and Hawking's wave function of the Universe James B. Hartle; 4. The problem of space-time singularities: implications for quantum gravity? Roger Penrose; 5. Warping spacetime Kip Thorne; 6. 60 years in a nutshell Stephen W. Hawking; Part II. Spacetime Singularities: 7. Cosmological perturbations and singularities George F. R. Ellis; 8. The quantum physics of chronology protection Matt Visser; 9. Energy dominance and the Hawking-Ellis vacuum conservation theorem Brandon Carter; 10. On the instability of extra space dimensions Roger Penrose; Part III. Black Holes: 11. Black hole uniqueness and the inner horizon stability problem Werner Israel; 12. Black holes in the real universe and their prospects as probes of relativistic gravity Martin J. Rees; 13. Primordial black holes Bernard Carr; 14. Black hole pair creation Simon F. Ross; 15. Black holes as accelerators Steven Giddings; Part IV. Hawking Radiation: 16. Black holes and string theory Malcolm Perry; 17. M theory and black hole quantum mechanics Joe Polchinski; 18. Playing with black strings Gary Horowitz; 19. Twenty years of debate with Stephen Leonard Susskind; Part V. Quantum Gravity: 20. Euclidean quantum gravity: the view from 2002 Gary Gibbons; 21. Zeta functions, anomalies and stable branes Ian Moss; 22. Some reflections on the status of conventional quantum theory when applied to quantum gravity Chris Isham; 23. Quantum geometry and its ramifications Abhay Ashtekar; 24. Topology change in quantum gravity Fay Dowker; Part VI. M Theory and Beyond: 25. The past and future of string theory Edward Witten; 26. String theory David Gross; 27. A brief description of string theory Michael Green; 28. The story of M Paul Townsend; 29. Gauged supergravity and holographic field theory Nick Warner; 30. 57 varieties in a NUTshell Chris Pope; Part VII. de Sitter Space

  16. Collaborative Cyberinfrastructure: Crowdsourcing of Knowledge and Discoveries (Invited)

    Gay, P.


    The design and implementation of programs to crowdsource science presents a unique set of challenges to system architects, programmers, and designers. In this presentation, one solution, CosmoQuest's Citizen Science Builder (CSB), will be discussed. CSB combines a clean user interface with a powerful back end to allow the quick design and deployment of citizen science sites that meet the needs of both the random Joe Public, and the detail driven Albert Professional. In this talk, the software will be overviewed, and the results of usability testing and accuracy testing with both citizen and professional scientists will be discussed. The software is designed to run on one or more LINUX systems running Apache webserver with MySQL and PHP. The interface is HTML5 and relies on javascript and AJAX to provide a dynamic interactive experience. CosmoQuest currently runs on Amazon Web Services and uses VBulletin for logins. The public-facing aspects of CSB provide a uniform experience that allows citizen scientists to use a simple set of tools to achieve a diversity of tasks. This interface presents users with a large view window for data, a toolbar reminiscent of MS Word or Adobe Photoshop with tools from drawing circles or segmented lines, flagging features from a dropdown menu, or marking specific objects with a set marker. The toolbar also allows users to select checkboxes describing the image as a whole. In addition to the viewer and toolbar, volunteers can also access tooltips, examples, and a video tutorial. The scientist interface for CSB gives the science team the ability to prioritize images, download results, create comparison data to validate volunteer data, and also provides access to downloadable tools for doing data analysis. Both these interfaces are controlled through a simple set of config files, although some tasks require customization of the controlling javascript. These are used to point the software at YouTube tutorials, graphics, and the correct

  17. Computational Needs for the Next Generation Electric Grid Proceedings

    Birman, Kenneth; Ganesh, Lakshmi; Renessee, Robbert van; Ferris, Michael; Hofmann, Andreas; Williams, Brian; Sztipanovits, Janos; Hemingway, Graham; University, Vanderbilt; Bose, Anjan; Stivastava, Anurag; Grijalva, Santiago; Grijalva, Santiago; Ryan, Sarah M.; McCalley, James D.; Woodruff, David L.; Xiong, Jinjun; Acar, Emrah; Agrawal, Bhavna; Conn, Andrew R.; Ditlow, Gary; Feldmann, Peter; Finkler, Ulrich; Gaucher, Brian; Gupta, Anshul; Heng, Fook-Luen; Kalagnanam, Jayant R; Koc, Ali; Kung, David; Phan, Dung; Singhee, Amith; Smith, Basil


    engagement. I also would like to thank Joe Eto and Bob Thomas for their vision and leadership in bringing together such a well-structured and productive forum.

  18. The asteroid 2014 JO25

    Vodniza, Alberto; Pereira, Mario


    The asteroid 2014 JO25 was discovered by A. D. Grauer at the Mt. Lemmon Survey on May 2014, and Joe Masiero used observations from the NEOWISE in 2014 to estimate a diameter of 650 meters [1]. However, using the radio telescope at Arecibo-Puerto Rico, astronomers obtained radar images on April 17-2017 and Edgar Rivera Valentín (scientist at Arecibo) said: “We found 2014 JO25 is a contact binary asteroid, two space rocks that were originally separate bodies, and each segment is about 640 meters and 670 meters, for a total of about 1.3 km long. Its rotation is of 3.5 hours” [2]. This asteroid flew past Earth on April 19 at a distance of about 4.6 lunar distances from the Earth. This was the closest approach by an asteroid since 4179 Toutatis. Toutatis flew past Earth on September 2004 at a distance of about 4 lunar distances from the Earth [3]. In April 12-2020 the asteroid will be at a minimum possible distance of 0.1617280 A.U from Earth [4]. From our observatory, located in Pasto-Colombia, we obtained a lot of pictures. Our data was published by the Minor Planet Center [5] and also appears at the web page of NEODyS [6]. Astrometry and photometry were carried out, and we calculated the orbital elements. We obtained the following orbital parameters: eccentricity=0.88454+/-0.00152, semi-major axis= 2.0573+/- 0.0216 A.U, orbital inclination=25.22+/-0.10 deg, longitude of the ascending node =30.6530+/-0.0032 deg, argument of perihelion=49.586+/-0.012 deg, mean motion = 0.33402+/-0.00527 deg/d, perihelion distance=0.237524+/-0.000644 A.U, aphelion distance=3.8770+/-0.0449 A.U, absolute magnitude =18.1. The parameters were calculated based on 164 observations. Dates: 2017 April: 22 to 24 with mean residual=0.22 arcseconds.The asteroid has an orbital period of 2.95 years.[1][2][3] https


    Looney, B; Dawn S. Kaback, D; Eugene L. LeBoeuf, E; Joe Rossabi, J; Karen L. Skubal, K; David L. Cocke, D; Paul C. Deutsch, P


    Beginning in 2006, the US Department of Energy (DOE) supported nine applied research projects to improve the protection of the Columbia River and mitigate the impacts of Hanford Site groundwater. These projects were funded through a supplemental Congressional budget allocation, and are now in various stages of completion in accordance with the research plans. The DOE Office of Environmental Management Groundwater and Soil Cleanup Technologies (EM-22) sponsored a technical peer review meeting for these projects in Richland WA, July 28-31, 2008. The overall objective of the peer review is to provide information to support DOE decisions about the status and potential future application of the various technologies. The charge for the peer review panel was to develop recommendations for each of the nine 'technologies'. Team members for the July 2008 review were Brian Looney, Gene LeBoeuf, Dawn Kaback, Karen Skubal, Joe Rossabi, Paul Deutsch, and David Cocke. Previous project reviews were held in May 2007 and March-May of 2006. The team used the following four rating categories for projects: (a) Incorporate the technology/strategy in ongoing and future EM activities; (b) Finish existing scope of applied research and determine potential for EM activities when research program is finished; (c) Discontinue current development activities and do not incorporate technology/strategy into ongoing and future EM activities unless a significant and compelling change in potential viability is documented; and (d) Supplement original funded work to obtain the data needed to support a DOE decision to incorporate the technology into ongoing and future EM activities. The supplemental funding portfolio included two projects that addressed strontium, five projects that addressed chromium, one project that addressed uranium and one project that addressed carbon tetrachloride. The projects ranged from in situ treatment methods for immobilizing contaminants using chemical

  20. Formative Work to Develop a Tailored HIV Testing Smartphone App for Diverse, At-Risk, HIV-Negative Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Focus Group Study.

    Mitchell, Jason W; Torres, Maria Beatriz; Joe, Jennifer; Danh, Thu; Gass, Bobbi; Horvath, Keith J


    encourage regular HIV testing by providing feedback on test reminders, tailored testing interval recommendations, HIV test locator, and monitoring of personal sexual behaviors. Mobile apps for HIV prevention have proliferated, despite relatively little formative research to understand best practices for their development and implementation. The findings of this study suggest key design characteristics that should be used to guide development of an HIV testing app to promote regular HIV testing for MSM. The features and functions identified in this and prior research, as well as existing theories of behavior change, should be used to guide mobile app development in this critical area. ©Jason W Mitchell, Maria Beatriz Torres, Jennifer Joe, Thu Danh, Bobbi Gass, Keith J Horvath. Originally published in JMIR Mhealth and Uhealth (, 16.11.2016.