Sample records for steel-kh12

  1. Stainless austenitic steels strengthened due to reversible phase transformations and by ageing

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sagaradze, V.V.; Kositsyna, I.I.; Ozhiganov, A.V.


    The effect of the reversible phase transformations, consisting in the conduction of the direct and reverse martensite transformations and aging, during which the intermetallide γ'-phase of the composition Ni 3 Ti is formed, on the streng-thening of alloys in the Fe-Cr-Ni-Ti system is considered. Stainless austenitic steels Kh12N12T3 and Kh12N14T3, which acquire high mechanical properties: σsub(0.2)=685-785 MPa, σsub(B)=1275 MPa, delta >= 20%, as a result of reversible phase transformations and aging, are suggested. After the reversible phase transformations and ageing the steels possess a high resistance to γ-α-transformation during cold treatment [ru