Sample records for steel-1kh18n10t

  1. Effect of operational conditions of electroerosion machining on the surface microgeometry parameters of steels and alloys

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Foteev, N.K.


    Studies the influence of pulse duration and a series of operating conditions of a ShGI-40-440 spark-machining generator on changes in the basic surface microgeometry characteristics of components of stainless steel 1Kh18N10T, steel St 45 and hard alloy T14K8. The microgeometry characteristics of spark-machined surfaces differ significantly from the corresponding characteristics of surfaces machined by cutting and vibro-rolling

  2. Study of the accuracy of radiation field calculations in media

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bolyatko, V.V.; Vyrskij, M.Yu.; Ilyushkin, A.I.; Mashkovich, V.P.; Sakharov, V.K.; Stroganov, A.A.


    The sensitivity p of the radiation transport calculations to variations of input parameters Xsub(i) is theoretically analyzed, and the calculational errors induced by uncertainties of initial data are evaluated. Two calculational methods are considered: the direct substitution method using the ROZ-5 code and method using the linear perturbation theory. In order to calculate p(Xsub(i)) and bilinear convolutions of the conjugated transport equations the ZAKAT code has been developed. The calculations use the ZAKAT, ROZ-11 and APAMAKO-2F codes. As an example of practical use of the method proposed a shielding composition characteristic for fast reactors was analyzed. A plane monodirectional neutron beam of the BR-10 reactor falls onto a 5-layer stainless steel (1Kh18N10T)-carbon barrier. The sensitivily of the neutron dose absorbed in tissue to the cross sections of all the shielding constituents and to the source and detector representation functions has been calculated. A comparison of the calculations with experimental data proves the validity of the calculational method [ru