Sample records for steel-15kh1m1fl

  1. Effect of metal properties of casts of steel-15Kh1M1FL on the crack resistance at 565 deg C

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gladshtejn, V.I.; Sheshenev, M.F.


    Results are given of prolonged tests of the metal of industrial casts with various fluidity limits. It has been shown experimentally that a quite satisfactory crack resistance is characteristic of a metal with a fluidity limit in the range 30-50 kgf/mm 2 . Metallographic studies have been conducted. Upon variation of the structure and properties of the 15Kh1M1FL steel during operation, the rate of growth of small cracks (up to 2.0 mm) decreases almost by 3 orders of ten (from 1.4x10 -4 to 2.0x10 -7 mm/hour). Subsequent structural changes during prolonged operation (over 50000 hours) result in a gradual increase in the rate of crack growth. At the same time resistance towards appearance of the impermissible high rate of the crack growth, Ksub(10sup(-3)), diminishes monotonically with the operation time. The metal of industrial 15Kh1M1FL steel casts has good crack resistance (Ksub(10sup(-3)) =30-70 kgf/mmsup(3/2) and Vsub(ef) =) kgf/mm 2 ) and a satisfactory local plasticity (critical opening being no more than 0.20 mm for 10 3 hours)