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  1. USA peab senist kurssi jätkama / Colin L. Powell ; tõlk. Marek Laane

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Powell, Colin L.


    USA riigisekretär Colin Powell kinnitab, et Ameerika Ühendriikidel tuleb Iraagis ja Afganistanis jätkata demokratiseerimispoliitikat. Artikkel on kirjutataud Colin Powelli 10. nov. City College of New Yorkis peetud kõne põhjal

  2. Journal of Special Operations Medicine, Volume 4, Edition 4, Fall 2004 (United States)


    Donahue My American Journey Colin Powell (GEN Ret) & Joseph E Persico My Secret War Richard S Drury Night Jungle Operations Thomas B Bennett TITLE AUTHOR...USN Command Surgeon I keep General Colin Powell’s leadership primer on my desk top for reference and pull it out regular- ly to remind myself of what’s...point is important – immunization rates rivaled or exceeded those of the United States. Now, as Secretary of State Colin Powell may or may not have said

  3. Colin Ramm (1921 - 2014)

    CERN Multimedia


    One of the CERN's pioneering figures , Colin Ramm, passed away on 23 June.   Colin Ramm, CERN 1963. Colin was born in Perth, Western Australia, and gained a first-class honours degree in physics at the University of Western Australia in 1942. In 1947 he went to Birmingham University, where Europe’s first proton synchrotron was being built to produce an energy of 1 GeV and where he obtained his doctorate in 1951. In 1954, Colin joined CERN’s Proton Synchrotron Division as leader of the magnet group, which became responsible for the whole of the synchrotron’s magnet system. The magnet group – which became the Nuclear Physics Apparatus Division in 1961 – then turned towards helping to make the PS usable for experiments, and a number of projects took shape under Colin’s leadership: a heavy-liquid bubble chamber, magnets and lenses for guiding secondary beams, electrostatic separators, a high-energy antiproton beam, sc...

  4. NEWS: Colin Siddons (1913-1999) (United States)

    Baruch, John; Chapman, Bryan


    Colin Siddons Colin Siddons, who died on 8 November 1999 aged 86, was one of the most brilliant of the generation of physics teachers who came into teaching out of necessity rather than vocation in the 1930s. He elevated physics teaching into an art and it was for his inspirational physics teaching that he won international recognition. He was made an Honorary Life Member of the Association for Science Education, awarded an Honorary Master of Science degree by the University of Leeds in recognition of his `Outstanding Career in Science Teaching', and in 1992 the Institute of Physics awarded him its prestigious Bragg Medal for services to physics education. He was one of those science sons of Bradford who, along with the Noble Prize winner Sir Edward Appleton and the outstanding cosmologist Fred Hoyle, are hardly recognized in their own city. Colin wove together his politics and humanism in a career that could not but collide with the stuffy, class-ridden and prejudiced society of Britain in the thirties. He left Cambridge with a first-class honours degree in Physics, a product of the University Physics laboratories of Thompson and Rutherford, who did so much to break the mould of nineteenth century science, launching science into the modern era. With his degree he applied to work as a Meteorologist at the Air Ministry. His scientific competence was not in doubt but the fact that he read Tolstoy made him unacceptable to the interview panel. In the Britain of the thirties, with a working class background and a father out of work Colin had to get a job. After 83 applications and 13 interviews, in which he learned the hard way that teachers' personal lives were not allowed to deviate from convention, he got his first teaching post in Devon. He soon found that his school governors did not take kindly to teachers publicly challenging the support their local MP was expressing for Hitler and Mussolini. Later, when Colin had returned to Yorkshire, Chamberlain's notorious

  5. Changing of the Guard: Nation Building and the United States Military (United States)


    of Mesopotamian history. -Colin Powell During his January 1992 state of the union address, George H. W. Bush claimed...11 Benjamin Buley, The New American Way of War: Military Culture and the Political Utility of Force (New York, NY: Routledge, 2008), 80. and the home of the brave. 5 Balance of Power: Elucidating the Trend George Kennan claimed America is ―a nation which has no

  6. Towards a political ontology of state power: a comment on Colin Hay's article. (United States)

    Jessop, Bob


    This article offers some critical realist, strategic-relational comments on Colin Hay's proposal to treat the state as an 'as-if-real' concept. The critique first develops an alternative account of ontology, which is more suited to analyses of the state and state power; it then distinguishes the 'intransitive' properties of the real world as an object of investigation from the 'transitive' features of its scientific investigation and thereby provides a clearer understanding of what is at stake in 'as-if-realism'; and it ends with the suggestion that a concern with the modalities of state power rather than with the state per se offers a more fruitful approach to the genuine issues raised in Hay's article and in his earlier strategic-relational contributions to political analysis. © London School of Economics and Political Science 2014.

  7. Ameerika endised riigisekretärid heitsid pilgu tulevikku / Urmas Kiil

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kiil, Urmas


    Viis endist USA riigisekretäri - Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Madeleine Albright, Warren Christopher ja Colin Powell - andsid nõu tulevasele riigi presidendile, kuidas ta peaks suhtlema Venemaaga, kuidas tuleks lahendada Iraani tuumaprogrammi küsimus ja kuidas oleks võimalik taastada Ameerika prestiizhi maailmas. Vt. samas: Henry Alfred Kissinger, Madeleine Korbel Albright, Warren Minor Chistopher, Colin Luther Powell ja James Addison Baker

  8. Colin Bamford


    Harris, Julian


    Profile of Colin Bamford – the Chief Executive of the Financial Law Panel, providing a brief overview of his role and the projects being undertaken by the Panel. Published in the Profile section of Amicus Curiae - Journal of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and its Society for Advanced Legal Studies. The Journal is produced by the Society for Advanced Legal Studies at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London.

  9. Short of War: Major USAF Contingency Operations, 1947-1997 (United States)


    Evacuation Control Center at Tan Son Nhut. They collaborated with Col. Garvin McCurdy, USAF, DAO Air Attache, and Brig. Gen. Richard T. Drury , USAF, Pacific...cargo went by air until ships could arrive. Once they did, sea lift quickly surpassed airlift in terms of tonnage delivered . General Colin L. Powell...Roland I . Haitian Democracy Restored, 1991-1995 . New York: University Press of America, 1995. Powell, Colin L. My American Journey. New York: Random

  10. Colin S Pittendrigh: An Appreciation

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 1; Issue 6. Colin S. Pittendrigh: An Appreciation The life of a Darwinian Clock-Walcher. L Geetha. General Article Volume 1 Issue 6 June 1996 pp 58-60. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:

  11. 'n Kritiese evaluasie van Colin Brown se studie: Miracles and the critical mind

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. J. Vledder


    Full Text Available A critical evaluation of Colin Brown's study: Miracles and the critical mind As a historical survey of the viewpoints regarding miracles throughout the ages. Miracles and the critical mind of Colin Brown can be highly recommended as a reference work. In this lies its value. Brown has an interesting viewpoint. He states that miracles can only be interpreted when asked what the evangelists themselves meant by it in their Gospels. But to my mind. Brown does not successfully show that miracles enable us to make sense of the Gospels as history. The reason is that he cannot conclusively prove that miracles are historical facts, and thus the Gospels are history as well. Miracles should be accepted by faith. In this respect he stands fully in an age-old tradition, and as such does not contribute much new towards the debate about miracles. To follow is a critical evaluation of the abovementioned study.

  12. Art, Boys, and the Boy Scout Movement: Lord Baden-Powell (United States)

    Chalmers, F. Graeme; Dancer, Andrea A.


    Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell (1857-1941), founder of the Boy Scout Movement in 1907, was a British military hero during the Boer War. Within an ethos and era of empire-building, athleticism, soldier-heroes and the pursuit of "manliness," Baden-Powell valued the arts and adapted his artistic skill to his wartime and Scouting activities. His…

  13. American Grand Strategy in an Age of Terrorism (United States)


    as the NMS. Colin L. Powell and Andrew S. Natsios, U.S. Department of State and U.S. Agency for International Development Strategic Plan Fiscal Years...Mar-JUN 1994), (accessed January 31, 2006). A. Cooper Drury ,”Sanctions as Coercive Diplomacy: The U.S. President’s Initiate Economic Sanctions,” Political Research Quarterly 54, no. 3 (Sep 2001), (accessed January 31, 2006). 122 Drury

  14. Terrorikomisjon grillib Ühendriikide juhte / Neeme Raud

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Raud, Neeme, 1969-


    USA-s toimuvad erikomisjoni kuulamised 11. septembri 2001 terrorirünnakute asjus, kus tunnistusi annavad terrorivastast võitlust juhtinud Richard Clarke, endine välisminister Madeleine Albright, praegune välisminister Colin Powell, luurejuht George Tenet. Erikomisjoni avastused

  15. Enoch Powell, Empires, Immigrants and Education (United States)

    Tomlinson, Sally


    2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell's infamous "Rivers of Blood" speech, an intervention that is still viewed as one of the most incendiary statements of the perceived decay and violence likely to follow legislation intended to assure minoritised British citizens of equal rights regardless of their ethnic origin. In this…

  16. Colin Mackerras, China’s Ethnic Minorities and Globalisation


    Allès, Élisabeth


    In this short work, the Australian political scientist Colin Mackerras offers a general overview of the situation of ethnic minorities in China over the past twenty years. He takes as the basis for his study principal works published recently and his own interviews conducted in China since the beginning of the 1980s, while also collating statistical data. He synthesises data and elements of understanding of China’s policies with regard to minority peoples there. He analyses the economic data ...

  17. Alustatud töö tehakse lõpuni / Colin L Powell

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Powell, Colin L


    Hinnang vangide väärkohtlemisele. ÜRO ja rahvusvahelise üldsusega koostöös olev Iraagi valitsus viib riigi vabadele ja õiglastele valimistele ning iraaklased saavad ise oma saatuse üle otsustada, tõdeb USA riigisekretär. Osalemisest Lähis-Ida rahuprotsessis

  18. Transnational Impulses as Simulation in Colin Johnson's (Mudrooroo's Fiction.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Clare Archer-Lean


    Full Text Available Works of Australian Literature have frequently been situated within national literary frameworks. But there is much recent scholarship that contests such ideas and explores transnational engagement in literary production. An author that has been seen as embodying the spectral nature of the Australian literary paradigm is Colin Johnson, pseudonym Mudrooroo. While, the complexities around Mudrooroo's identity as black Australian author are infamous: these biographical complexities are not the focus of this paper. Instead, Mudrooroo's Master of the Ghost Dreaming Series is explored as an evocation of place that encompasses a series of ever widening spheres: the local, the regional, the national, the transnational, the trans-human and the cosmic.

  19. Baden-Powell on teeth: a centenary perspective of a pioneer of preventive dental health. (United States)

    Pearn, J


    In the era when dental care, particularly preventive dental health, did not enjoy a high public profile, Lieut-General (later Lord) Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941) was an influential advocate for the care of the teeth. He was a pioneer in a targeted outreach to youth, specifically boys and young men, emphasising the importance of dental health as an essential part of total body health and fitness. In his book, Scouting for boys, first published on 1 May 1908, he described personal accounts of the consequences of the neglect of oral hygiene and presented advice on how to make an effective 'camp tooth-brush' in order that dental hygiene would not be compromised even under the exigencies of conditions away from home. Baden-Powell wrote explicitly that daily dental hygiene was the single most important 'one civilised thing [teenage youths] could do', irrespective of one's physical circumstances. Scouting for boys was for more than five decades the world's best seller in English, after the Bible. It has run to, and now surpasses, 60 million copies in 30 languages and has been published in 35 editions. It is believed that Baden-Powell's frank and direct exhortations to preserve the teeth, with simple and direct advice on food and what today would be called oral hygiene, have been read by 350 million people throughout the world. His advocacy reached out to boys and young men as it does today to youths of both sexes in that 'window of opportunity' when life-long habits of healthcare are being inculcated and when important components of secondary dentition are forming. This paper is a centenary perspective of Baden-Powell's pioneering advocacy of modern preventive dental health.

  20. Grey Wolf Optimizer Based on Powell Local Optimization Method for Clustering Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sen Zhang


    Full Text Available One heuristic evolutionary algorithm recently proposed is the grey wolf optimizer (GWO, inspired by the leadership hierarchy and hunting mechanism of grey wolves in nature. This paper presents an extended GWO algorithm based on Powell local optimization method, and we call it PGWO. PGWO algorithm significantly improves the original GWO in solving complex optimization problems. Clustering is a popular data analysis and data mining technique. Hence, the PGWO could be applied in solving clustering problems. In this study, first the PGWO algorithm is tested on seven benchmark functions. Second, the PGWO algorithm is used for data clustering on nine data sets. Compared to other state-of-the-art evolutionary algorithms, the results of benchmark and data clustering demonstrate the superior performance of PGWO algorithm.

  1. U.S. Navy Capstone Strategies and Concepts (1981-1990): Strategy, Policy, Concept, and Vision Documents (United States)


    Contra Affair (1988) USS Iowa (BB-61) turret explosion, investigation (1989) US Naval Academy sexual harassment scandal (1989)  Female midshipman...down (1981); Grenada intervention (1983), Lebanon intervention (1982-3); Med hijacker force-down (1985); US assistance to Central American anti...LTG Colin Powell USA Reaction to disastrous USMC intervention in Lebanon (1983)  Forces for Unified Commands memorandum (Feb 1987)  JCS Pub 26

  2. Eddy Powell 1939 - 2003

    CERN Multimedia


    We were saddened to learn that Eddy Powell had passed away on Saturday 26 July after a long illness. Eddy had so many friends at CERN and made such a contribution to the Organisation that it is impossible that his passing goes without comment. Eddy was born in England on 4 August 1939 and, after serving his apprenticeship with the U.K. Ministry of Defence, he joined CERN in September 1965. As an electrical design draftsman with the Synchro-cyclotron Division he played an important role in the upgrades of that machine in the early 1970's, particularly on the RF systems and later on the development of the ISOLDE facility. This brought him into close contact with many of the technical support services in CERN and, unlike many of his compatriots, he acquired a remarkably good fluency in French. Always inquisitive on the physics carried out at CERN, he spent a great deal of time learning from physicists and engineers at all levels. When he felt sufficiently confident he became a CERN Guide for general public visit...

  3. HIV / AIDS is a challenge we have to face -- Colin Hollis. (United States)


    On July 21, 2000, the Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFPPD) Malaysia, in cooperation with the UN Population Fund and the UN Development Program (Malaysia), organized the National HIV/AIDS Seminar for Parliamentarians in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During the seminar, Mr. Colin Hollis, secretary general of AFPPD, spoke about the challenge posed by HIV/AIDS on the government. He noted that the epidemic is a part of life and these figures should not only challenge the assumptions of legislators but for them to act as well. He further informed that AFPPD would organize the Asia-Africa Meeting of Parliamentarians and Asia European Dialogue.

  4. Risks of vaginal breech delivery at term compared with elective cesarean section - reply to comments by Walker and Powell, and Sholapurkar

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vlemmix, Floortje; Mol, Ben Willem; Kok, Marjolein


    We thank both Walker and Powell (1), as well as Sholapurkar (2) for their interest in our work. Walker and Powell note that the risk of neonatal mortality for planned vaginal breech delivery (VBD) in our study is lower than the mortality reported in the term breech trial and comparable to the risk

  5. Colin Rowe y el equilibrio dinámico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pablo López Martín


    Full Text Available ResumenEn 1944 Gyorgy Kepes publica el que sin duda será su texto más influyente, El lenguaje de la visión. En él Kepes trata de llevar a cabo una guía que explique la gramática y la sintaxis del fenómeno de la visión, y que sirva como herramienta para enfrentarse al arte como experiencia puramente sensorial, desprovista de toda carga literaria, semántica o sentimental.De todos los conceptos que Kepes desgrana en su ensayo quizá el más determinante de todos sea el denominado como equilibrio dinámico y que aparece por primera vez en esta obra . Este término logra verbalizar algo que estaba en el aire, orbitando alrededor de toda la plástica moderna, pero que hasta el momento sólo había sido explicado de forma empírica.En Colin Rowe reverbera la lectura reciente de las ideas kepesianas cuando escribe sus artículos Transparencia literal y fenomenal y Neo-“clasicismo” y arquitectura moderna I y II tratando de poner en evidencia los principios fundacionales del movimiento moderno que negaban la dimensión plástica de la disciplina . El artículo tratará sacar de a la luz y explicar esta influencia. AbstractIn 1944 Gyorgy Kepes published what undoubtless will be his most influential text, "The language of vision". What Kepes tried to do was a guide of grammar and syntax of vision, which allows to face art as purely sensory experience or just visual, devisted of any literary , semantic or sentimental meaning.Among all the concepts that Kepes developes in his essay perhaps the most decisive one is the so called dynamic equilibrium, which is introduced in this work for fi rst time, verbalizing something that was in the air, orbiting around the entire modern plastic but far only explained in an empirical way.Colin Rowe reverberates the recent readed kepesian ideas on his own writings Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal and Neo-'Classicism' and Modern Architecture I and II, when the author tries to highlight the founding

  6. Nonlinear convective flow of Powell-Erying magneto nanofluid with Newtonian heating

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sajid Qayyum

    Full Text Available Objective of present article is to describe magnetohydrodynamic (MHD non-linear convective flow of Powell-Erying nanofluid over a stretching surface. Characteristics of Newtonian heat and mass conditions in this attempt is given attention. Heat and mass transfer analysis is examined in the frame of thermal radiation and chemical reaction. Brownian motion and thermophoresis concept is introduced due to presence of nanoparticles. Nonlinear equations of momentum, energy and concentration are transformed into dimensionless expression by invoking suitable variables. The series solutions are obtained through homotopy analysis method (HAM. Impact of embedded variables on the velocity, temperature and nanoparticles concentration is graphically presented. Numerical values of skin friction coefficient, local Nusselt and Sherwood numbers are computed and analyzed. It is concluded that velocity field enhances for fluid variable while reverse situation is noticed regarding Hartman number. Temperature and heat transfer rate behave quite reverse for Prandtl number. It is also noted that the concentration and local Sherwood number have opposite behavior in the frame of Brownian motion. Keywords: Powell-Erying nanofluid, Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD, Nonlinear convection, Thermal radiation, Chemical reaction, Newtonian heat and mass conditions

  7. Surface-water and ground-water quality in the Powell Creek and Armstrong Creek Watersheds, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, July-September 2001 (United States)

    Galeone, Daniel G.; Low, Dennis J.


    Powell Creek and Armstrong Creek Watersheds are in Dauphin County, north of Harrisburg, Pa. The completion of the Dauphin Bypass Transportation Project in 2001 helped to alleviate traffic congestion from these watersheds to Harrisburg. However, increased development in Powell Creek and Armstrong Creek Watersheds is expected. The purpose of this study was to establish a baseline for future projects in the watersheds so that the effects of land-use changes on water quality can be documented. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) (2002) indicates that surface water generally is good in the 71 perennial stream miles in the watersheds. PADEP lists 11.1 stream miles within the Armstrong Creek and 3.2 stream miles within the Powell Creek Watersheds as impaired or not meeting water-quality standards. Siltation from agricultural sources and removal of vegetation along stream channels are cited by PADEP as likely factors causing this impairment.

  8. The Feasibility of a Department of Defense Chaplaincy (United States)


    militia chaplains were available to swell the ranks of the Navy chaplaincy as was the common practice in Army mobilizations. Drury accurately identified...chaplaincies. General Colin Powell, in a Pentagon briefing on the Joint Chiefs of Staff report on "Roles and Missions of the Services," (Cable News...clergyman, but in that dread last moment they want someone to speak to them of God. (Nance, 152-53). 57Gushwa, 192. 74 58Quoted in Clifford M. Drury , The

  9. Synthetic Biology and the Moral Significance of Artificial Life: A Reply to Douglas, Powell and Savulescu. (United States)

    Christiansen, Andreas


    I discuss the moral significance of artificial life within synthetic biology via a discussion of Douglas, Powell and Savulescu's paper 'Is the creation of artificial life morally significant'. I argue that the definitions of 'artificial life' and of 'moral significance' are too narrow. Douglas, Powell and Savulescu's definition of artificial life does not capture all core projects of synthetic biology or the ethical concerns that have been voiced, and their definition of moral significance fails to take into account the possibility that creating artificial life is conditionally acceptable. Finally, I show how several important objections to synthetic biology are plausibly understood as arguing that creating artificial life in a wide sense is only conditionally acceptable. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  10. Colonial Fantasies, Narrative Borders, and the Canadian North in the Works of Germany's Colin Ross(1885-1945

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicole Pissowotzki


    Full Text Available This paper argues that the Canadian North is a discursive construction, within which German colonial fantasies emerge. In particular, I argue that it is through bordering that colonial fantasies of German Lebensraum ("living space" in the Canadian North are brought into being. I further argue that the German biologist and geographer Friedrich Ratzel (1844-1904, with his view of the "organic state," provides the ideological framework for colonial fantasies in the travel writings of Colin Ross. I focus on the writer's colonial imagination and his perception of borders, and on how both relate to the Canadian North. I show that seemingly bare geographical information and demographical data, provided in Ross' travelogues, carry colonial fantasies of German spaces in the Canadian North. Those spaces are bordered by "shared histories" and "narrative boundaries," thus constructing a collective German colonial identity (cf. Eder 2006, 255-257.

  11. Colin Rowe: Space as well-composed illusion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christoph Schnoor


    Full Text Available Architectural historian Colin Rowe, although well known for his intriguing analytical writings on modern architecture, rarely examined architectural space as a scholarly subject-matter. Historians examining Rowe’s writings rarely refer to the issue of space, either. Anthony Vidler, Werner Oechslin, Alexander Caragonne and others have examined Rowe’s investigations into urban space, his analyses of formal principles in architecture, or his critical stance towards the myths of modernism, but have not singled out architectural space as subject matter. Nevertheless, this paper argues that Rowe is indeed one of the few post-war historians writing in the English language to have conveyed analyses of architectural space, particularly in the volume The Mathematics of the Ideal Villa (1976. The paper examines how Rowe understood architectural space as relevant only when not seen as ‘pure’ but ‘contaminated’ with ambiguity and active character: notions of flatness versus depth and horizontal versus vertical, as well as the overlapping of conflicting scales or whole structural or spatial systems are central for Rowe’s reading of architectural space, which is also always infused with an idea of movement. Further, the paper traces influences of Rowe’s approach beyond the obvious influence by Rudolf Wittkower to Heinrich Wölfflin’s style and method, partially conveyed through the translation of Sigfried Giedion’s writings.

  12. AMI Go Home - Assessing the Realignment of U.S. Army Forces in Europe (United States)


    a major U.S. investment.37 According to Stuart Drury of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, deploying would be much more difficult from Eastern Europe...35 Ibid, xvi. 36 Ibid,12. 37 Ibid, 29. 38 Stuart P. Drury , “The Argument Against Relocating U.S. Forces in Europe,” National Defense University...Europe in the 21st Century,” Parameters (Autumn 2004): 61. 53 Colin Powell, “A Strategy of Partnership,” Foreign Affairs (Jan/Feb 2004): 22. 54 Michael

  13. Trajetória acadêmica e perspectivas acerca do turismo sob o olhar de Colin Michael Hall

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elayne Gouveia da Silva


    Full Text Available Este trabalho versa sobre a visão do Colin Michael Hall na temática do turismo. Para analisar essa temática imbricou-se em duas leituras principais como parâmetro para a discussão. A primeira é a obra “Planejamento turístico: política, processo e planejamento” e, a segunda, “Turismo como El Ciencia Social de La Movilidade”. Estas obras marcam a mudança de visão do autor, onde o mesmo se dedica a fomentar um novo olhar sobre o turismo suscitando sete aspectos para se pensar no turismo. O objetivo deste artigo é analisar a visão de Colin Michael Hall acerca do Turismo. Como metas intermediárias pretende-se, a partir da compilação de informações sobre sua vida acadêmica e suas principais contribuições realizar uma breve crítica. Para o trabalho utilizou-se a pesquisa bibliográfica, e entrevista com o autor. Como resultado obteve-se uma reunião das principais ideias e posições ideológicas do autor, e algumas de suas contribuições com o estudo do turismo.

  14. Lake tourism fatalities: a 46-year history of death at Lake Powell. (United States)

    Heggie, Travis W


    This study investigates tourist mortality at Lake Powell over a 46-year period. To date no comprehensive long-term investigation examining the relationship between the lake environment and tourist mortality exists. A retrospective study was conducted of all tourist fatalities between 1959 and 2005. There were 351 fatal incidents resulting in 386 deaths between 1959 and 2005. Over the 46-year period, the average number of fatalities was 8.4 (±5.26) per year. Out of all fatalities, 282 were classified as accidental, 80 were classified as natural deaths, 13 were suicides and 5 were classified as homicides. Males accounted for 80% of fatalities and tourists aged 20-29 years and 10-19 years accounted for 36% of all fatalities. The highest number of fatalities was recorded in July (74), May (64), August (63) and June (59). Out of all accidental deaths, boating (29%) and swimming (22%) were the most common pre-death activities. High winds capsizing boats and carbon monoxide poisoning from boat engines were common factors contributing to 31 boating fatalities. Fatigue and exhaustion contributed to 22 swimming deaths. Recreational boating and swimming account for over half of all accidental deaths. Tourists visiting Lake Powell for recreational purposes should be informed of the risks associated with the lake environment.

  15. MHD biconvective flow of Powell Eyring nanofluid over stretched surface (United States)

    Naseem, Faiza; Shafiq, Anum; Zhao, Lifeng; Naseem, Anum


    The present work is focused on behavioral characteristics of gyrotactic microorganisms to describe their role in heat and mass transfer in the presence of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) forces in Powell-Eyring nanofluids. Implications concerning stretching sheet with respect to velocity, temperature, nanoparticle concentration and motile microorganism density were explored to highlight influential parameters. Aim of utilizing microorganisms was primarily to stabilize the nanoparticle suspension due to bioconvection generated by the combined effects of buoyancy forces and magnetic field. Influence of Newtonian heating was also analyzed by taking into account thermophoretic mechanism and Brownian motion effects to insinuate series solutions mediated by homotopy analysis method (HAM). Mathematical model captured the boundary layer regime that explicitly involved contemporary non linear partial differential equations converted into the ordinary differential equations. To depict nanofluid flow characteristics, pertinent parameters namely bioconvection Lewis number Lb, traditional Lewis number Le, bioconvection Péclet number Pe, buoyancy ratio parameter Nr, bioconvection Rayleigh number Rb, thermophoresis parameter Nt, Hartmann number M, Grashof number Gr, and Eckert number Ec were computed and analyzed. Results revealed evidence of hydromagnetic bioconvection for microorganism which was represented by graphs and tables. Our findings further show a significant effect of Newtonian heating over a stretching plate by examining the coefficient values of skin friction, local Nusselt number and the local density number. Comparison was made between Newtonian fluid and Powell-Eyring fluid on velocity field and temperature field. Results are compared of with contemporary studies and our findings are found in excellent agreement with these studies.

  16. USA - Postponement of Deadline for Machine-Readable Passports

    CERN Multimedia


    U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has granted a postponement until October 26, 2004, as the date by which travellers holding Swiss passports must present a machine-readable passport at a U.S. port of entry to be admitted to the country without a visa. As in the past, citizens of Switzerland and other visa waiver program countries are permitted to enter the United States for general business or tourist purposes for a maximum of 90 days without needing a visa. Other categories of travellers such as students, journalists, individuals employed in the U.S., and all individuals staying for more than 90 days still require a visa. The postponement granted by the Secretary of State applies to a total to the following countries: Australia - Austria - Denmark - Finland - France - Germany - Iceland - Ireland - Italy - Japan - Monaco - Netherlands - New Zealand - Norway - Portugal - San Marino - Singapore - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - United Kingdom More information available: Your Carlson...

  17. On accelerated flow of MHD powell-eyring fluid via homotopy analysis method (United States)

    Salah, Faisal; Viswanathan, K. K.; Aziz, Zainal Abdul


    The aim of this article is to obtain the approximate analytical solution for incompressible magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow for Powell-Eyring fluid induced by an accelerated plate. Both constant and variable accelerated cases are investigated. Approximate analytical solution in each case is obtained by using the Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM). The resulting nonlinear analysis is carried out to generate the series solution. Finally, Graphical outcomes of different values of the material constants parameters on the velocity flow field are discussed and analyzed.

  18. The correlation and quantification of airborne spectroradiometer data to turbidity measurements at Lake Powell, Utah (United States)

    Merry, C. J.


    A water sampling program was accomplished at Lake Powell, Utah, during June 1975 for correlation to multispectral data obtained with a 500-channel airborne spectroradiometer. Field measurements were taken of percentage of light transmittance, surface temperature, pH and Secchi disk depth. Percentage of light transmittance was also measured in the laboratory for the water samples. Analyses of electron micrographs and suspended sediment concentration data for four water samples located at Hite Bridge, Mile 168, Mile 150 and Bullfrog Bay indicated differences in the composition and concentration of the particulate matter. Airborne spectroradiometer multispectral data were analyzed for the four sampling locations. The results showed that: (1) as the percentage of light transmittance of the water samples decreased, the reflected radiance increased; and (2) as the suspended sediment concentration (mg/l) increased, the reflected radiance increased in the 1-80 mg/l range. In conclusion, valuable qualitative information was obtained on surface turbidity for the Lake Powell water spectra. Also, the reflected radiance measured at a wavelength of 0.58 micron was directly correlated to the suspended sediment concentration.

  19. A Field Guide to Outdoor Learning in Powell County, Biome Descriptions, Field Activities, Field Sites. (United States)

    Powell County High School, Deer Lodge, MT.

    Serving as a guide to the outdoor areas of Powell County, Montana, and the surrounding area, this resource book is useful for teachers who wish to explore the out-of-doors with their students, particularly those interested in nature studies. Its aim is to produce a citizenry that is knowledgeable concerning the biophysical environment and its…

  20. A numerical investigation of the boundary layer flow of an Eyring-Powell fluid over a stretching sheet via rational Chebyshev functions (United States)

    Parand, Kourosh; Mahdi Moayeri, Mohammad; Latifi, Sobhan; Delkhosh, Mehdi


    In this paper, a spectral method based on the four kinds of rational Chebyshev functions is proposed to approximate the solution of the boundary layer flow of an Eyring-Powell fluid over a stretching sheet. First, by using the quasilinearization method (QLM), the model which is a nonlinear ordinary differential equation is converted to a sequence of linear ordinary differential equations (ODEs). By applying the proposed method on the ODEs in each iteration, the equations are converted to a system of linear algebraic equations. The results indicate the high accuracy and convergence of our method. Moreover, the effects of the Eyring-Powell fluid material parameters are discussed.

  1. Analysis of Eyring-Powell Fluid in Helical Screw Rheometer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. M. Siddiqui


    Full Text Available This paper aims to study the flow of an incompressible, isothermal Eyring-Powell fluid in a helical screw rheometer. The complicated geometry of the helical screw rheometer is simplified by “unwrapping or flattening” the channel, lands, and the outside rotating barrel, assuming the width of the channel is larger as compared to the depth. The developed second order nonlinear differential equations are solved by using Adomian decomposition method. Analytical expressions are obtained for the velocity profiles, shear stresses, shear at wall, force exerted on fluid, volume flow rates, and average velocity. The effect of non-Newtonian parameters, pressure gradients, and flight angle on the velocity profiles is noticed with the help of graphical representation. The observation confirmed the vital role of involved parameters during the extrusion process.

  2. MHD flow of Powell-Eyring nanofluid over a non-linear stretching sheet with variable thickness

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. Hayat

    Full Text Available This research explores the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD boundary layer flow of Powell-Eyring nanofluid past a non-linear stretching sheet of variable thickness. An electrically conducting fluid is considered under the characteristics of magnetic field applied transverse to the sheet. The mathematical expressions are accomplished via boundary layer access, Brownian motion and thermophoresis phenomena. The flow analysis is subjected to a recently established conditions requiring zero nanoparticles mass flux. Adequate transformations are implemented for the reduction of partial differential systems to the ordinary differential systems. Series solutions for the governing nonlinear flow of momentum, temperature and nanoparticles concentration have been executed. Physical interpretation of numerous parameters is assigned by graphical illustrations and tabular values. Moreover the numerical data of drag coefficient and local heat transfer rate are executed and discussed. It is investigated that higher wall thickness parameter results in the reduction of velocity distribution. Effects of thermophoresis parameter on temperature and concentration profiles are qualitatively similar. Both the temperature and concentration profiles are enhanced for higher values of thermophoresis parameter. Keywords: MHD, Variable thicked surface, Powell-Eyring nanofluid, Zero mass flux conditions

  3. A new nonlinear conjugate gradient coefficient under strong Wolfe-Powell line search (United States)

    Mohamed, Nur Syarafina; Mamat, Mustafa; Rivaie, Mohd


    A nonlinear conjugate gradient method (CG) plays an important role in solving a large-scale unconstrained optimization problem. This method is widely used due to its simplicity. The method is known to possess sufficient descend condition and global convergence properties. In this paper, a new nonlinear of CG coefficient βk is presented by employing the Strong Wolfe-Powell inexact line search. The new βk performance is tested based on number of iterations and central processing unit (CPU) time by using MATLAB software with Intel Core i7-3470 CPU processor. Numerical experimental results show that the new βk converge rapidly compared to other classical CG method.

  4. An optimized knife-edge method for on-orbit MTF estimation of optical sensors using powell parameter fitting (United States)

    Han, Lu; Gao, Kun; Gong, Chen; Zhu, Zhenyu; Guo, Yue


    On-orbit Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) is an important indicator to evaluate the performance of the optical remote sensors in a satellite. There are many methods to estimate MTF, such as pinhole method, slit method and so on. Among them, knife-edge method is quite efficient, easy-to-use and recommended in ISO12233 standard for the wholefrequency MTF curve acquisition. However, the accuracy of the algorithm is affected by Edge Spread Function (ESF) fitting accuracy significantly, which limits the range of application. So in this paper, an optimized knife-edge method using Powell algorithm is proposed to improve the ESF fitting precision. Fermi function model is the most popular ESF fitting model, yet it is vulnerable to the initial values of the parameters. Considering the characteristics of simple and fast convergence, Powell algorithm is applied to fit the accurate parameters adaptively with the insensitivity to the initial parameters. Numerical simulation results reveal the accuracy and robustness of the optimized algorithm under different SNR, edge direction and leaning angles conditions. Experimental results using images of the camera in ZY-3 satellite show that this method is more accurate than the standard knife-edge method of ISO12233 in MTF estimation.

  5. Weinberger-Powell and transformation perceptions of American power from the fall of Saigon to the fall of Baghdad


    Abonadi, Earl E. K.


    Throughout American history, policymakers have struggled with the use of American military power. The Limited War argument holds that the use of force needs to remain an option to support American diplomacy. The Never Again argument, meanwhile, holds that the use of American military power should be undertaken only in the face of threats against vital national interests. The most influential Never Again argument has been the 1984 Weinberger Doctrine, later expanded to the Weinberger-Powell Do...

  6. Exponentially varying viscosity of magnetohydrodynamic mixed convection Eyring-Powell nanofluid flow over an inclined surface (United States)

    Khan, Imad; Fatima, Sumreen; Malik, M. Y.; Salahuddin, T.


    This paper explores the theoretical study of the steady incompressible two dimensional MHD boundary layer flow of Eyring-Powell nanofluid over an inclined surface. The fluid is considered to be electrically conducting and the viscosity of the fluid is assumed to be varying exponentially. The governing partial differential equations (PDE's) are reduced into ordinary differential equations (ODE's) by applying similarity approach. The resulting ordinary differential equations are solved successfully by using Homotopy analysis method. The impact of pertinent parameters on velocity, concentration and temperature profiles are examined through graphs and tables. Also coefficient of skin friction, Sherwood and Nusselt numbers are illustrated in tabular and graphical form.

  7. An Efficient Hybrid Conjugate Gradient Method with the Strong Wolfe-Powell Line Search

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmad Alhawarat


    Full Text Available Conjugate gradient (CG method is an interesting tool to solve optimization problems in many fields, such as design, economics, physics, and engineering. In this paper, we depict a new hybrid of CG method which relates to the famous Polak-Ribière-Polyak (PRP formula. It reveals a solution for the PRP case which is not globally convergent with the strong Wolfe-Powell (SWP line search. The new formula possesses the sufficient descent condition and the global convergent properties. In addition, we further explained about the cases where PRP method failed with SWP line search. Furthermore, we provide numerical computations for the new hybrid CG method which is almost better than other related PRP formulas in both the number of iterations and the CPU time under some standard test functions.

  8. Theoretical investigation of the doubly stratified flow of an Eyring-Powell nanomaterial via heat generation/absorption (United States)

    Khan, M. Ijaz; Waqas, M.; Alsaedi, A.; Hayat, T.; Khan, M. Imran


    The mixed convective flow of an Eyring-Powell nanomaterial in a doubly stratified medium is addressed in this paper. The stretching surface has varying thickness. The nanofluid model given by Buongiorno is utilized in the formulation of energy and concentration expressions. Heat generation is also retained. Ordinary differential systems are obtained by utilizing the transformations procedure. Homotopy series solutions containing exponentially functions are developed. Significant characteristics of influential variables for velocity, temperature, nanoparticle concentration, skin friction coefficient and Nusselt and Sherwood numbers are reported through graphs and tables. It is found that stratification phenomenon leads to a decay in temperature and nanoparticle concentration.

  9. Aplicación de estrategias de seguridad y salud ocupacional basado en el modelo OHSAS 18001 en la Fábrica de Muebles Colineal


    Macancela Encalada, Diana Magali


    El presente trabajo se basa en el estudio y posterior aplicación de las Normas OHSAS 18001 en la fábrica de muebles COLINEAL. El primer capítulo contiene una breve descripción de la Norma de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional OHSAS 18001. Posteriormente se da a conocer la información General de la Empresa, la descripción del Proceso Productivo, la política de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional, pero sobre todo la evaluación y control de riesgos que es la base para la realización del presente El capítul...

  10. Application of Powell's optimization method to surge arrester circuit models' parameters

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Christodoulou, C.A.; Stathopulos, I.A. [National Technical University of Athens, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 9 Iroon Politechniou St., Zografou Campus, 157 80 Athens (Greece); Vita, V.; Ekonomou, L.; Chatzarakis, G.E. [A.S.PE.T.E. - School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, Department of Electrical Engineering Educators, N. Heraklion, 141 21 Athens (Greece)


    Powell's optimization method has been used for the evaluation of the surge arrester models parameters. The proper modelling of metal-oxide surge arresters and the right selection of equivalent circuit parameters are very significant issues, since quality and reliability of lightning performance studies can be improved with the more efficient representation of the arresters' dynamic behavior. The proposed approach selects optimum arrester model equivalent circuit parameter values, minimizing the error between the simulated peak residual voltage value and this given by the manufacturer. Application of the method in performed on a 120 kV metal oxide arrester. The use of the obtained optimum parameter values reduces significantly the relative error between the simulated and manufacturer's peak residual voltage value, presenting the effectiveness of the method. (author)

  11. 76 FR 7623 - Department of State Performance Review Board Members (United States)


    ...: February 2, 2011. Nancy J. Powell, Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources... following individuals to the Department of State Performance Review Board for Non-Career Senior Executive Service members: Jeanne-Marie Smith, Chairperson, Senior Advisor, Deputy Secretary for Management and...

  12. Sistema colinérgico: revisitando receptores, regulação e a relação com a doença de Alzheimer, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo


    Ventura,Ana L. M.; Abreu,Paula A.; Freitas,Rodrigo C. C.; Sathler,Plínio C.; Loureiro,Natália; Castro,Helena C.


    OBJETIVO: Revisar a estrutura e o funcionamento do sistema colinérgico central ressaltando seu papel na fisiologia e na fisiopatologia das doenças de Alzheimer e Parkinson, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo. MÉTODO: Foi realizada uma pesquisa bibliográfica no MedLine, LILACS, PubMed e ISI, e na Biblioteca da Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, RJ, selecionando-se o período de 1914 a 2009, utilizando os descritores: "receptors", "cholinergic", "Alzheimer disease", "schizophrenia", "epilepsy" e "smoking"...

  13. Financial Futures of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (United States)


    RAND Corporation, 2010. 8 Financial Futures of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ground memo sent to all workshop participants in advance ...been several credible reports, especially in the Financial Times and New York Times.23 The rest of this section draws from those accounts . The group... Financial Futures of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Findings from a RAND Corporation Workshop Colin P. Clarke, Kimberly Jackson, Patrick

  14. Mysteries of Mind and Matter in the Perspective of Colin McGinn’s Philosophy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dmytro Sepetyi


    Full Text Available The paper discusses the approach to the mind-body problem that was developed by Colin McGinn and is known as “mysterianism”. The basic thesis of this approach, which McGinn opposes to both materialism and dualism, is that consciousness and its relationship to physical reality is an inscrutable mystery that cannot be get over in principle, because of insurmountable, constitutive limitations of human mind. In this paper, the critical analysis of McGinn’s approach is given. It is pointed out that McGinn’s thesis of the inscrutablility of the mind-body relationship is based on the ungrounded idea that a mediating substance is necessary. An argument is made that the mind-body relationship is better understood as interaction that is mediated only by natural psychophysical laws. McGinn’s hypothesis of the origin of physical space in a non-spatial reality that has the same nature as consciousness is explained in the context of different interpretations of the Big Bang theo- ry. It is argued that McGinn’s hypothesis does not provide a solution to the problem of the origin of human consciousness, because consciousness belongs to mental individuals whose emergence is just as unexplainable by the hypothesis of non-spatial reality as it is by physical processes.

  15. Chaos control of Hastings–Powell model by combining chaotic motions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Danca, Marius-F., E-mail: [Romanian Institute of Science and Technology, 400487 Cluj-Napoca (Romania); Chattopadhyay, Joydev, E-mail: [Agricultural and Ecological Research Unit Indian Statistical Institute, 203, B. T. Road, Kolkata 700 108 (India)


    In this paper, we propose a Parameter Switching (PS) algorithm as a new chaos control method for the Hastings–Powell (HP) system. The PS algorithm is a convergent scheme that switches the control parameter within a set of values while the controlled system is numerically integrated. The attractor obtained with the PS algorithm matches the attractor obtained by integrating the system with the parameter replaced by the averaged value of the switched parameter values. The switching rule can be applied periodically or randomly over a set of given values. In this way, every stable cycle of the HP system can be approximated if its underlying parameter value equalizes the average value of the switching values. Moreover, the PS algorithm can be viewed as a generalization of Parrondo's game, which is applied for the first time to the HP system, by showing that losing strategy can win: “losing + losing = winning.” If “loosing” is replaced with “chaos” and, “winning” with “order” (as the opposite to “chaos”), then by switching the parameter value in the HP system within two values, which generate chaotic motions, the PS algorithm can approximate a stable cycle so that symbolically one can write “chaos + chaos = regular.” Also, by considering a different parameter control, new complex dynamics of the HP model are revealed.

  16. Chaos control of Hastings-Powell model by combining chaotic motions. (United States)

    Danca, Marius-F; Chattopadhyay, Joydev


    In this paper, we propose a Parameter Switching (PS) algorithm as a new chaos control method for the Hastings-Powell (HP) system. The PS algorithm is a convergent scheme that switches the control parameter within a set of values while the controlled system is numerically integrated. The attractor obtained with the PS algorithm matches the attractor obtained by integrating the system with the parameter replaced by the averaged value of the switched parameter values. The switching rule can be applied periodically or randomly over a set of given values. In this way, every stable cycle of the HP system can be approximated if its underlying parameter value equalizes the average value of the switching values. Moreover, the PS algorithm can be viewed as a generalization of Parrondo's game, which is applied for the first time to the HP system, by showing that losing strategy can win: "losing + losing = winning." If "loosing" is replaced with "chaos" and, "winning" with "order" (as the opposite to "chaos"), then by switching the parameter value in the HP system within two values, which generate chaotic motions, the PS algorithm can approximate a stable cycle so that symbolically one can write "chaos + chaos = regular." Also, by considering a different parameter control, new complex dynamics of the HP model are revealed.

  17. Chaos control of Hastings–Powell model by combining chaotic motions

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Danca, Marius-F.; Chattopadhyay, Joydev


    In this paper, we propose a Parameter Switching (PS) algorithm as a new chaos control method for the Hastings–Powell (HP) system. The PS algorithm is a convergent scheme that switches the control parameter within a set of values while the controlled system is numerically integrated. The attractor obtained with the PS algorithm matches the attractor obtained by integrating the system with the parameter replaced by the averaged value of the switched parameter values. The switching rule can be applied periodically or randomly over a set of given values. In this way, every stable cycle of the HP system can be approximated if its underlying parameter value equalizes the average value of the switching values. Moreover, the PS algorithm can be viewed as a generalization of Parrondo's game, which is applied for the first time to the HP system, by showing that losing strategy can win: “losing + losing = winning.” If “loosing” is replaced with “chaos” and, “winning” with “order” (as the opposite to “chaos”), then by switching the parameter value in the HP system within two values, which generate chaotic motions, the PS algorithm can approximate a stable cycle so that symbolically one can write “chaos + chaos = regular.” Also, by considering a different parameter control, new complex dynamics of the HP model are revealed.

  18. Photography in the boundaries of the visible. From Santiago Ramón y Cajal to Cecil Frank Powell

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco López-Cantos


    Full Text Available In this article, we analyze the use of photographic technologies of two renowned researchers whose investigation results would have been impossible to carry out, as occurs in Galileo a few centuries before with the use of imaging techniques, without the use of photography: Santiago Ramón y Cajal and Cecil Frank Powell, Nobel Prize winners in medicine in 1906 and in physics in 1950, respectively. These researchers were selected, first, because of their close relation with photography and, second, to clearly illustrate the gradual transgression of scientific photographic representation starting in the late nineteenth century from the visible to the invisible.

  19. Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of a Decoy State Enabled Quantum Key Distribution System (United States)

    2015-03-26 Colin V. McLaughlin Research Physicist, Advanced Photonics Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC 20375 dirty version. In this figure, the green and red decoy Y1 yields appear to vary more than the black and blue signal Y1 yields. As illustrated

  20. United States Air Force Research Initiation Program for 1987. Volume 4. (United States)


    University of - 7 N. Carolina A&T State Univ. - I Dillard University - 1 N. Carolina-Greensboro, Univ - I Drury College - 1 Northwestern University - 1...Specialty: Educational Psychology Specialty: Management Science Dr. Michael Matthews Dr. Charles Lance (1986) Drury College University of Georgia...Molecular Biology of the Cell, pp 611-668, 918-947, Garland Publishing Company, Inc. New York, 1983. 2. Anderson, Colin , Manual for the Examination of

  1. Optimization of a 5 kW solar powered alpha stirling engine using Powell's method

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shamekhi, A. [Numeric Method Development Co., Shemiranat, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Aliabadi, A. [MAPNA Group, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    Many types of Stirling engines have been built in a variety of forms and sizes since its invention in 1816. The Stirling engine offers maximum efficiency; maximum power; and minimum costs. In this study, a solar powered alpha Stirling engine was simulated using a second order method. The paper presented the governing equations, including conservation of mass; pressure losses inside the heat exchangers; pressure losses inside the regenerator; and heat transfer in the heat exchangers. Methods to optimize the parameters in order to improve engine efficiency were also discussed. The study showed that the geometric parameter of the engine influences engine performance considerably. After 20 iterations of Powell's method for engine optimization, the engine performance was optimized to the value of 25.4 percent. 18 refs., 2 tabs., 8 figs.

  2. Radiation effect on boundary layer flow of an Eyring–Powell fluid over an exponentially shrinking sheet

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asmat Ara


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper was to examine the steady boundary layer flow of an Eyring–Powell model fluid due to an exponentially shrinking sheet. In addition, the heat transfer process in the presence of thermal radiation is considered. Using usual similarity transformations the governing equations have been transformed into non-linear ordinary differential equations. Homotopy analysis method (HAM is employed for the series solutions. The convergence of the obtained series solutions is carefully analyzed. Numerical values of the temperature gradient are presented and discussed. It is observed that velocity increases with an increase in mass suction S. In addition, for the temperature profiles opposite behavior is observed for increment in suction. Moreover, the thermal boundary layer thickness decreases due to increase in Prandtl number Pr and thermal radiation R.

  3. Flow of an Erying-Powell fluid over a stretching sheet in presence of chemical reaction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Khan Ilyas


    Full Text Available In this paper we study the flow of an incompressible Erying-Powell fluid bounded by a linear stretching surface. The mass transfer analysis in the presence of destructive /generative chemical reactions is also analyzed. A similarity transformation is used to transform the governing partial differential equations into ordinary differential equations. Computations for dimensionless velocity and concentration fields are performed by an efficient approach namely the homotopy analysis method (HAM and numerical solution is obtained by shooting technique along with Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg integration scheme. Graphical results are prepared to illustrate the details of flow and mass transfer characteristics and their dependence upon the physical parameters. The values for gradient of mass transfer are also evaluated and analyzed. A comparison of the present solutions with published results in the literature is performed and the results are found to be in excellent agreement.

  4. Scoping Summary Report: Development of Lower Basin Shortage Guidelines and Coordinated Management Strategies for Lake Powell and Lake Mead, Particularly Under Low Reservoir Conditions


    U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation


    The Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) acting on behalf of the Secretary of the Department of the Interior (Secretary) proposes to take action to adopt specific Colorado River Lower Basin shortage guidelines and coordinated reservoir management strategies to address operations of Lake Powell and Lake Mead, particularly under low reservoir conditions. This proposed Action will provide a greater degree of certainty to all water users and managers in the Colorado River Basin by providing more d...

  5. PAGES-Powell North America 2k database (United States)

    McKay, N.


    Syntheses of paleoclimate data in North America are essential for understanding long-term spatiotemporal variability in climate and for properly assessing risk on decadal and longer timescales. Existing reconstructions of the past 2,000 years rely almost exclusively on tree-ring records, which can underestimate low-frequency variability and rarely extend beyond the last millennium. Meanwhile, many records from the full spectrum of paleoclimate archives are available and hold the potential of enhancing our understanding of past climate across North America over the past 2000 years. The second phase of the Past Global Changes (PAGES) North America 2k project began in 2014, with a primary goal of assembling these disparate paleoclimate records into a unified database. This effort is currently supported by the USGS Powell Center together with PAGES. Its success requires grassroots support from the community of researchers developing and interpreting paleoclimatic evidence relevant to the past 2000 years. Most likely, fewer than half of the published records appropriate for this database are publicly archived, and far fewer include the data needed to quantify geochronologic uncertainty, or to concisely describe how best to interpret the data in context of a large-scale paleoclimatic synthesis. The current version of the database includes records that (1) have been published in a peer-reviewed journal (including evidence of the record's relationship to climate), (2) cover a substantial portion of the past 2000 yr (>300 yr for annual records, >500 yr for lower frequency records) at relatively high resolution (<50 yr/observation), and (3) have reasonably small and quantifiable age uncertainty. Presently, the database includes records from boreholes, ice cores, lake and marine sediments, speleothems, and tree rings. This poster presentation will display the site locations and basic metadata of the records currently in the database. We invite anyone with interest in

  6. Aircraft Flight Safety: A Bibliography. (La Securite en Vol: Une Bibliographie) (United States)


    having been installed 93A27135 with the wrong bolts during maintenance. An DRURY , COLIN G. (New York State Univ., analysis of the complex events...accident rates. The REJMAN, MICHAEL H.; SYMONDS, COLIN J.; 0 conclusion made is that, Judgement Training has SHEPHERD, ERIC W. (City of London Polytech...from training 0 software to controlled dynamic simulations 93N19702 conducted with mockups, tooling, and subjects in SYMONDS, COLIN J.; REJMAN

  7. The Powell Volcano Remote Sensing Working Group Overview (United States)

    Reath, K.; Pritchard, M. E.; Poland, M. P.; Wessels, R. L.; Biggs, J.; Carn, S. A.; Griswold, J. P.; Ogburn, S. E.; Wright, R.; Lundgren, P.; Andrews, B. J.; Wauthier, C.; Lopez, T.; Vaughan, R. G.; Rumpf, M. E.; Webley, P. W.; Loughlin, S.; Meyer, F. J.; Pavolonis, M. J.


    Hazards from volcanic eruptions pose risks to the lives and livelihood of local populations, with potential global impacts to businesses, agriculture, and air travel. The 2015 Global Assessment of Risk report notes that 800 million people are estimated to live within 100 km of 1400 subaerial volcanoes identified as having eruption potential. However, only 55% of these volcanoes have any type of ground-based monitoring. The only methods currently available to monitor these unmonitored volcanoes are space-based systems that provide a global view. However, with the explosion of data techniques and sensors currently available, taking full advantage of these resources can be challenging. The USGS Powell Center Volcano Remote Sensing Working Group is working with many partners to optimize satellite resources for global detection of volcanic unrest and assessment of potential eruption hazards. In this presentation we will describe our efforts to: 1) work with space agencies to target acquisitions from the international constellation of satellites to collect the right types of data at volcanoes with forecasting potential; 2) collaborate with the scientific community to develop databases of remotely acquired observations of volcanic thermal, degassing, and deformation signals to facilitate change detection and assess how these changes are (or are not) related to eruption; and 3) improve usage of satellite observations by end users at volcano observatories that report to their respective governments. Currently, the group has developed time series plots for 48 Latin American volcanoes that incorporate variations in thermal, degassing, and deformation readings over time. These are compared against eruption timing and ground-based data provided by the Smithsonian Institute Global Volcanism Program. Distinct patterns in unrest and eruption are observed at different volcanoes, illustrating the difficulty in developing generalizations, but highlighting the power of remote sensing

  8. Annual International Conference on Aging Aircraft (2nd) Held in Baltimore, Maryland on 3-5 October 1989 (United States)


    Industrial Inspection Colin G. Drury , Ph.D., The Center for Industrial Effectiveness, State U niversity of N ew York, Buffalo...671 (.0172) TOTAL 780 (.0200) 38,220 (.9800) 39,000 (1.0) Figure 7 212 Industrial Inspection COLIN G. DRURY , PH.D. The Center for Industrial...could well be procedural as However, if the item is in fact faulty, then to when you are searching lower rivets with an 214 Colin G. Drury NDI device to

  9. His Majesty Carl XVI Gustav, King of Sweden, Honorary President of the World Scout Foundation, and about 80 fellows, on the occasion of the 48th World Baden-Powell Fellowship Event on Saturday, 18th September 2004

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loiez


    His Majesty Carl XVI Gustav, King of Sweden, Honorary President of the World Scout Foundation, and about 80 fellows, on the occasion of the 48th World Baden-Powell Fellowship Event on Saturday, 18th September 2004

  10. Aspects of developed heat and mass flux models on 3D flow of Eyring-Powell fluid (United States)

    Hayat, Tanzila; Nadeem, S.

    The variable thermal conductivity impacts and generalized Fourier's and Fick's laws over an exponentially stretching surface are reported in this paper. Another heat flux idea involving mystery of heat conduction is exploited which is not quite the same as the usual literature. Such idea has been utilized as a part of perspective of Cattaneo-Christov heat flux theory. The characteristic of temperature and concentration relaxation features are described. Other than this, chemical reactions are additionally considered. To solve the system of six highly non-linear coupled differential equations, a numerical technique bvp4c is adopted. The skin friction coefficient for three dimensional Eyring-Powell fluid model is calculated. From the present analysis we observe that the temperature and concentration profiles declines for higher values of thermal and concentration relaxation parameters. Also, for higher values of strength of reaction parameters, the concentration profile decreases. Current effort for three dimensional Cattaneo-Christov double diffusion and homogeneous-heterogeneous reactions over an exponentially stretching surface does not yet exist in the literature.

  11. FAA-NASA Sixth International Conference on the Continued Airworthiness of Aircraft Structures (United States)


    Administration, and Colin G. Drury , State University of New York at Buffalo The Aging Aircraft Nondestructive Inspection Validation Center - A R esource for...William T. Shepherd FAA-Office of Aviation Medicine Washington, DC and Colin G. Drury State University of New York at Buffalo Buffalo, NY INTRODUCTION FAA’s...improvement, changing the task, the operator (inspector), machine, or environment as appropriate, e.g., review in Drury , 1992 (Ref. 1). 2. From the

  12. Internet Radicalization: Actual Threat or Phantom Menace? (United States)


    Devon and Cornwall Police Deputy Chief Constable Tony Melville has stated, “We believe that, despite his weak and vulnerable state, he was preyed...Court for the District of Oregon, U.S. v Mohamed Osman Mohamud, November 26, 2010, Criminal Complaint and Affidavit. Also see, Colin Miner, Liz Robbins ...mohamedosm anmohamud. Miner, Colin, Liz Robbins , and Erik Eckholm. “F.B.I Says Oregon Suspect Planned ‘Grand’ Attack.” NY Times. November 27, 2010

  13. Scalp and skull influence on near infrared photon propagation in the Colin27 brain template. (United States)

    Strangman, Gary E; Zhang, Quan; Li, Zhi


    Near-infrared neuromonitoring (NIN) is based on near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) measurements performed through the intact scalp and skull. Despite the important effects of overlying tissue layers on the measurement of brain hemodynamics, the influence of scalp and skull on NIN sensitivity are not well characterized. Using 3555 Monte Carlo simulations, we estimated the sensitivity of individual continuous-wave NIRS measurements to brain activity over the entire adult human head by introducing a small absorption perturbation to brain gray matter and quantifying the influence of scalp and skull thickness on this sensitivity. After segmenting the Colin27 template into five tissue types (scalp, skull, cerebrospinal fluid, gray matter and white matter), the average scalp thickness was 6.9 ± 3.6 mm (range: 3.6-11.2mm), while the average skull thickness was 6.0 ± 1.9 mm (range: 2.5-10.5mm). Mean NIN sensitivity - defined as the partial path length through gray matter divided by the total photon path length - ranged from 0.06 (i.e., 6% of total path length) at a 20mm source-detector separation, to over 0.19 at 50mm separations. NIN sensitivity varied substantially around the head, with occipital pole exhibiting the highest NIRS sensitivity to gray matter, whereas inferior frontal regions had the lowest sensitivity. Increased scalp and skull thickness were strongly associated with decreased sensitivity to brain tissue. Scalp thickness always exhibited a slightly larger effect on sensitivity than skull thickness, but the effect of both varied with SD separation. We quantitatively characterize sensitivity around the head as well as the effects of scalp and skull, which can be used to interpret NIN brain activation studies as well as guide the design, development and optimization of NIRS devices and sensors. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  14. Clinical treatment planning optimization by Powell's method for gamma unit treatment system

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Yan Yulong; Shu Huazhong; Bao Xudong; Luo Limin; Bai Yi


    Purpose: This article presents a new optimization method for stereotactic radiosurgery treatment planning for gamma unit treatment system. Methods and Materials: The gamma unit has been utilized in stereotactic radiosurgery for about 30 years, but the usual procedure for a physician-physicist team to design a treatment plan is a trial-and-error approach. Isodose curves are viewed on two-dimensional computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance (MR) image planes, which is not only time consuming but also seldom achieves the optimal treatment plan, especially when the isocenter weights are regarded. We developed a treatment-planning system on a computer workstation in which Powell's optimization method is realized. The optimization process starts with the initial parameters (the number of iso centers as well as corresponding 3D iso centers' coordinates, collimator sizes, and weight factors) roughly determined by the physician-physicist team. The objective function can be changed to consider protection of sensitive tissues. Results: We use the plan parameters given by a well-trained physician-physicist team, or ones that the author give roughly as the initial parameters for the optimization procedure. Dosimetric results of optimization show a better high dose-volume conformation to the target volume compared to the doctor's plan. Conclusion: This method converges quickly and is not sensitive to the initial parameters. It achieves an excellent conformation of the estimated isodose curves with the contours of the target volume. If the initial parameters are varied, there will be a little difference in parameters' configuration, but the dosimetric results proved almost to be the same

  15. Aspects of developed heat and mass flux models on 3D flow of Eyring-Powell fluid

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tanzila Hayat

    Full Text Available The variable thermal conductivity impacts and generalized Fourier’s and Fick’s laws over an exponentially stretching surface are reported in this paper. Another heat flux idea involving mystery of heat conduction is exploited which is not quite the same as the usual literature. Such idea has been utilized as a part of perspective of Cattaneo-Christov heat flux theory. The characteristic of temperature and concentration relaxation features are described. Other than this, chemical reactions are additionally considered.To solve the system of six highly non-linear coupled differential equations, a numerical technique bvp4c is adopted. The skin friction coefficient for three dimensional Eyring-Powell fluid model is calculated. From the present analysis we observe that the temperature and concentration profiles declines for higher values of thermal and concentration relaxation parameters. Also, for higher values of strength of reaction parameters, the concentration profile decreases. Current effort for three dimensional Cattaneo-Christov double diffusion and homogeneous-heterogeneous reactions over an exponentially stretching surface does not yet exist in the literature. Keywords: Three dimensional flow, Cattaneo-Christov double diffusion, Homogeneous-heterogeneous reactions, Variable thermal conductivity, Exponentially stretching surface

  16. Annual Report of the Assembly of Mathematical and Physical Sciences for Calendar Year 1978 (January 1, 1978 - December 31, 1978). (United States)


    Colin B. Bull (1980) College of Mathematical and Physical Bruce A. Taft (1981) Science Department of Oceanography Ohio State University Washington...Gottschalk, Joseph Kestin (1981) and Richard W. Kline Division of Engineering Department of Energy Brown University (Engineering) Harold E. Bamford ...Research and Engineering (Climate dynamics, international Laboratory cooperation) (Arctic ecology, soil science) George Gryc (1981) Colin B. Bull (1980

  17. Biological data for water in Lake Powell and from Glen Canyon Dam releases, Utah and Arizona, 1990–2009 (United States)

    Vernieu, William S.


    Biological samples from various locations on Lake Powell and in the Colorado River in the tail water downstream of Glen Canyon Dam were collected by the Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Geological Survey from December 1990 through December 2009 as part of a long-term water-quality monitoring program that began in 1964. These samples consisted of discrete (1-m deep) chlorophyll samples, discrete (1-m deep) wholewater phytoplankton samples, and 30-m vertically composited zooplankton samples filtered through an 80-µm plankton net. Chlorophyll concentration was determined by acetone extraction followed by trichromatic spectroscopy on 2,051 samples. Phytoplankton analysis consisted of identification to the genus or species level, enumeration, and estimation of biovolume on 1,397 samples. Phytoplankton analysis identified 646 different phytoplankton taxa. Zooplankton analysis consisted of identification to the genus or species level, enumeration, and estimation of biomass from 1,898 samples. Zooplankton analysis identified 114 different zooplankton taxa.

  18. Depth sensitivity and source-detector separations for near infrared spectroscopy based on the Colin27 brain template.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gary E Strangman

    Full Text Available Understanding the spatial and depth sensitivity of non-invasive near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS measurements to brain tissue-i.e., near-infrared neuromonitoring (NIN - is essential for designing experiments as well as interpreting research findings. However, a thorough characterization of such sensitivity in realistic head models has remained unavailable. In this study, we conducted 3,555 Monte Carlo (MC simulations to densely cover the scalp of a well-characterized, adult male template brain (Colin27. We sought to evaluate: (i the spatial sensitivity profile of NIRS to brain tissue as a function of source-detector separation, (ii the NIRS sensitivity to brain tissue as a function of depth in this realistic and complex head model, and (iii the effect of NIRS instrument sensitivity on detecting brain activation. We found that increasing the source-detector (SD separation from 20 to 65 mm provides monotonic increases in sensitivity to brain tissue. For every 10 mm increase in SD separation (up to ~45 mm, sensitivity to gray matter increased an additional 4%. Our analyses also demonstrate that sensitivity in depth (S decreases exponentially, with a "rule-of-thumb" formula S=0.75*0.85(depth. Thus, while the depth sensitivity of NIRS is not strictly limited, NIN signals in adult humans are strongly biased towards the outermost 10-15 mm of intracranial space. These general results, along with the detailed quantitation of sensitivity estimates around the head, can provide detailed guidance for interpreting the likely sources of NIRS signals, as well as help NIRS investigators design and plan better NIRS experiments, head probes and instruments.

  19. Peristaltic flow of Powell-Eyring fluid in curved channel with heat transfer: A useful application in biomedicine. (United States)

    Hina, S; Mustafa, M; Hayat, T; Alsaedi, A


    In this work, we explore the heat transfer characteristics in the peristaltic transport of Powell-Eyring fluid inside a curved channel with complaint walls. The study has motivation toward the understanding of blood flow in microcirculatory system. Formulation is developed in the existence of velocity slip and temperature jump conditions. Perturbation approach has been utilized to present series expressions of axial velocity and temperature distributions. Streamlines are prepared to analyze the interesting phenomenon of trapping. Moreover, the plots of heat transfer coefficient for a broad range of embedded parameters are presented and discussed. The results indicate that slip effects substantially influence the velocity and temperature distributions. Axial flow accelerates when slip parameter is incremented. Temperature rises and wall heat flux grows when viscous dissipation effect is strengthened. In contrast to the planar channels, here velocity and temperature functions do not exhibit symmetry with respect to the central line. In addition, bolus size and its shape are different in upper and lower portions of the channel. Heat transfer coefficient enlarges when the curvature effects are reduced. The behaviors of wall tension and wall mass parameters on the profiles are qualitatively similar. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  20. Relativistic and noise effects on multiplayer Prisoners' dilemma with entangling initial states (United States)

    Goudarzi, H.; Rashidi, S. S.


    Three-players Prisoners' dilemma (Alice, Bob and Colin) is studied in the presence of a single collective environment effect as a noise. The environmental effect is coupled with final states by a particular form of Kraus operators K_0 and K_1 through amplitude damping channel. We introduce the decoherence parameter 0≤p≤1 to the corresponding noise matrices, in order to controling the rate of environment influence on payoff of each players. Also, we consider the Unruh effect on the payoff of player, who is located at a noninertial frame. We suppose that two players (Bob and Colin) are in Rindler region I from Minkowski space-time, and move with same uniform acceleration (r_b=r_c) and frequency mode. The game is begun with the classical strategies cooperation ( C) and defection ( D) accessible to each player. Furthermore, the players are allowed to access the quantum strategic space ( Q and M). The quantum entanglement is coupled with initial classical states by the parameter γ \\in [0,π /2]. Using entangled initial states by exerting an unitary operator \\hat{J} as entangling gate, the quantum game (competition between Prisoners, as a three-qubit system) is started by choosing the strategies from classical or quantum strategic space. Arbitrarily chosen strategy by each player can lead to achieving profiles, which can be considered as Nash equilibrium or Pareto optimal. It is shown that in the presence of noise effect, choosing quantum strategy Q results in a winning payoff against the classical strategy D and, for example, the strategy profile ( Q, D, C) is Pareto optimal. We find that the unfair miracle move of Eisert from quantum strategic space is an effective strategy for accelerated players in decoherence mode (p=1) of the game.

  1. Importância da região AV3V e de mecanismos colinérgicos e angiotensinérgicos centrais para os efeitos cardiovasculares produzidos pela ativação da área rostroventrolateral do bulbo


    Alexandre Antonio Vieira


    Respostas cardiovasculares podem ser integradas em diferentes níveis do sistema nervoso central (SNC). No bulbo existem várias áreas importantes para o controle cardiovascular e dentre elas o principal sítio de ativação dos neurônios pré-ganglionares simpáticos para a coluna intermédio lateral (CIL), a área rostroventrolateral (RVL) cuja ativação glutamatérgica provoca resposta pressora. Semelhante à ativação glutamatérgica, também a ativação de receptores colinérgicos e ang...

  2. Sistema colinérgico: revisitando receptores, regulação e a relação com a doença de Alzheimer, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo Colinergic system: revisiting receptors, regulation and the relationship with Alzheimer disease, schizophrenia, epilepsy and smoking


    Ana L. M. Ventura; Paula A. Abreu; Rodrigo C. C. Freitas; Plínio C. Sathler; Natália Loureiro; Helena C. Castro


    OBJETIVO: Revisar a estrutura e o funcionamento do sistema colinérgico central ressaltando seu papel na fisiologia e na fisiopatologia das doenças de Alzheimer e Parkinson, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo. MÉTODO: Foi realizada uma pesquisa bibliográfica no MedLine, LILACS, PubMed e ISI, e na Biblioteca da Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, RJ, selecionando-se o período de 1914 a 2009, utilizando os descritores: "receptors", "cholinergic", "Alzheimer disease", "schizophrenia", "epilepsy" e "smoking"...

  3. Cattaneo-Christov on heat and mass transfer of unsteady Eyring Powell dusty nanofluid over sheet with heat and mass flux conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mamatha S. Upadhay


    Full Text Available Heat and mass flux conditions on magnetohydrodynamic unsteady Eyring-Powell dusty nanofluid over a sheet is addressed. The combined effect of Brownian motion and thermophoresis in nanofluid modeling are retained. The Cattaneo-Christov heat flux model is imposed. A set of similarity variables are utilized to form ordinary differential system from the prevailing partial differential equations. The problem of ordinary differential system (ODS is analyzed numerically through Runge-Kutta based shooting method. Graphical results of pertinent parameters on the velocity, temperature and nanoparticle concentration are studied. Skin friction coefficient, local Nusselt and Sherwood number are also addressed with help of graphs and also validated the present solutions with already existing solutions in the form of table. It is found that the thermal relaxation parameter improves the heat transfer rate and minimizes the mass transfer rate. The heat transfer rate is higher in prescribed heat flux (PHF case when compared with prescribed wall temperature (PWT case.

  4. Crisis, Criteria, and Coercion - Beyond Half Measures: The US Marine Corps and Mass Atrocity Response Operations (United States)


    Monograph Director Daniel G. Cox, PhD __________________________________, Seminar Leader James S. Powell, COL, PhD...for their support throughout this process. First, to my seminar leader , Colonel James Powell, for his impeccable leadership, advice, and...unanticipated flashpoints on the horizon.2 This assessment of genocide indicates a fundamental lack of understanding of failed states. Autocratic

  5. Current components, physical, and other data from moored current meters and CTD casts from the J. W. POWELL and other platforms from the Gulf of Mexico as part of the Texas-Louisiana Shelf Circulation and Transport Processes Study (LATEX PART A) from 17 March 1993 to 28 May 1993 (NODC Accession 9400043) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Current components, physical, and other data were collected by moored current meters and CTD casts from the J. W. POWELL and other platforms from the Gulf of Mexico...

  6. The presence and distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and inorganic elements in water and lakebed materials and the potential for bioconcentration in biota at established sampling sites on Lake Powell, Utah and Arizona (United States)

    Schonauer, Kurt T.; Hart, Robert J.; Antweiler, Ronald C.


    The National Park Service is responsible for monitoring the effects of visitor use on the quality of water, lakebed material (bottom sediments), and biota, in Lake Powell, Utah and Arizona. A sampling program was begun in 2010 to assess the presence, distribution, and concentrations of organic and inorganic compounds in the water column and bottom sediment. In response to an Environmental Impact Statement regarding personal watercraft and as a continuation from previous studies by the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Park Service, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, water samples were collected and analyzed for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) using semipermeable membrane devices and inorganic elements using a fixed-bottle sampler deployed at established monitoring sites during 2010 and 2011. Lakebed material samples were also analyzed for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and inorganic elements, some of which could be harmful to aquatic biota if present at concentrations above established aquatic life criteria. Of the 44 PAH compounds analyzed, 26 individual compounds were detected above the censoring limit in the water column by semipermeable membrane devices. The highest number of compounds detected were at Lone Rock Beach, Wahweap Marina, Rainbow Bridge National Monument, and Antelope Marina which are all located in the southern part of Lake Powell where visitation and boat use is high. Because PAHs can remain near their source, the potential for bioconcentration is highest near these sites. The PAH compound found in the highest concentration was phenol (5,902 nanograms per liter), which is included in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s priority pollutants list. The dissolved inorganic chemistry of water samples measured at the sampling sites in Lake Powell defined three different patterns of elements: (1) concentrations were similar between sites in the upper part of the lake near Farley Canyon downstream to Halls Crossing Marina, a

  7. Sistema colinérgico: revisitando receptores, regulação e a relação com a doença de Alzheimer, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo Colinergic system: revisiting receptors, regulation and the relationship with Alzheimer disease, schizophrenia, epilepsy and smoking

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana L. M. Ventura


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Revisar a estrutura e o funcionamento do sistema colinérgico central ressaltando seu papel na fisiologia e na fisiopatologia das doenças de Alzheimer e Parkinson, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo. MÉTODO: Foi realizada uma pesquisa bibliográfica no MedLine, LILACS, PubMed e ISI, e na Biblioteca da Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, RJ, selecionando-se o período de 1914 a 2009, utilizando os descritores: "receptors", "cholinergic", "Alzheimer disease", "schizophrenia", "epilepsy" e "smoking", além de referências cruzadas dos artigos selecionados e análise adicional de referências na literatura específica do tema. RESULTADOS: Efeitos importantes da ativação de receptores colinérgicos nicotínicos e muscarínicos sobre o desenvolvimento do sistema nervoso central (SNC têm sido descritos. A dessensibilização e a internalização dos receptores acoplados à proteína G mediadas pela ativação de proteínas cinases têm sido descritas em proliferação, diferenciação e morte celular, além de síndromes neuropsiquiátricas. CONCLUSÃO: As informações produzidas a partir de estudos do sistema de neurotransmissão colinérgica podem auxiliar no desenvolvimento de medicamentos mais específicos para o tratamento da doença de Alzheimer, esquizofrenia, epilepsia e tabagismo.OBJECTIVES: To review articles regarding important topics about cholinergic system and its ionotropic and G-protein coupled receptors as well as their regulation, also enlightening its importance in central nervous system (CNS development and in several neuropsychiatric conditions such as Alzheimer disease, schizophrenia, epilepsy and smoking. METHOD: Bibliographical research was completed through MedLine, LILACS, PubMed, ISI and the Fundação Oswaldo Cruz Library, RJ, specifically for 1914 to 2009, using the descritors: "receptors", "cholinergic", Alzheimer "disease", "schizophrenia", "epilepsy" and "smoking", in addition to the cross-reference of the

  8. Derivative free Davidon-Fletcher-Powell (DFP) for solving symmetric systems of nonlinear equations (United States)

    Mamat, M.; Dauda, M. K.; Mohamed, M. A. bin; Waziri, M. Y.; Mohamad, F. S.; Abdullah, H.


    Research from the work of engineers, economist, modelling, industry, computing, and scientist are mostly nonlinear equations in nature. Numerical solution to such systems is widely applied in those areas of mathematics. Over the years, there has been significant theoretical study to develop methods for solving such systems, despite these efforts, unfortunately the methods developed do have deficiency. In a contribution to solve systems of the form F(x) = 0, x ∈ Rn , a derivative free method via the classical Davidon-Fletcher-Powell (DFP) update is presented. This is achieved by simply approximating the inverse Hessian matrix with {Q}k+1-1 to θkI. The modified method satisfied the descent condition and possess local superlinear convergence properties. Interestingly, without computing any derivative, the proposed method never fail to converge throughout the numerical experiments. The output is based on number of iterations and CPU time, different initial starting points were used on a solve 40 benchmark test problems. With the aid of the squared norm merit function and derivative-free line search technique, the approach yield a method of solving symmetric systems of nonlinear equations that is capable of significantly reducing the CPU time and number of iteration, as compared to its counterparts. A comparison between the proposed method and classical DFP update were made and found that the proposed methodis the top performer and outperformed the existing method in almost all the cases. In terms of number of iterations, out of the 40 problems solved, the proposed method solved 38 successfully, (95%) while classical DFP solved 2 problems (i.e. 05%). In terms of CPU time, the proposed method solved 29 out of the 40 problems given, (i.e.72.5%) successfully whereas classical DFP solves 11 (27.5%). The method is valid in terms of derivation, reliable in terms of number of iterations and accurate in terms of CPU time. Thus, suitable and achived the objective.

  9. Report on the lands of the arid region of the United States with a more detailed account of the land of Utah with maps (United States)

    Powell, John Wesley


    A report from Maj. J. W.Powell, geologist in charge of the United States Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region, upon the lands of the Arid Region of the United States, setting forth the extent of said region, and making suggestions as to the conditions under which the lands embraced within its limit may be rendered available for agricultural and grazing purposes. With the report is transmitted a statement of the rainfall of the western portion of the United States, with reports upon the subject of irrigation by Capt. C. E. Button, U. S. A., Prof. A. H. Thompson, and Mr. G. K. Gilbert.

  10. Preliminary Results from Powell Research Group on Integrating GRACE Satellite and Ground-based Estimates of Groundwater Storage Changes (United States)

    Scanlon, B. R.; Zhang, Z.; Reitz, M.; Rodell, M.; Sanford, W. E.; Save, H.; Wiese, D. N.; Croteau, M. J.; McGuire, V. L.; Pool, D. R.; Faunt, C. C.; Zell, W.


    Groundwater storage depletion is a critical issue for many of the major aquifers in the U.S., particularly during intense droughts. GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) satellite-based estimates of groundwater storage changes have attracted considerable media attention in the U.S. and globally and interest in GRACE products continues to increase. For this reason, a Powell Research Group was formed to: (1) Assess variations in groundwater storage using a variety of GRACE products and other storage components (snow, surface water, and soil moisture) for major aquifers in the U.S., (2) Quantify long-term trends in groundwater storage from ground-based monitoring and regional and national modeling, and (3) Use ground-based monitoring and modeling to interpret GRACE water storage changes within the context of extreme droughts and over-exploitation of groundwater. The group now has preliminary estimates from long-term trends and seasonal fluctuations in water storage using different GRACE solutions, including CSR, JPL and GSFC. Approaches to quantifying uncertainties in GRACE data are included. This work also shows how GRACE sees groundwater depletion in unconfined versus confined aquifers, and plans for future work will link GRACE data to regional groundwater models. The wealth of ground-based observations for the U.S. provides a unique opportunity to assess the reliability of GRACE-based estimates of groundwater storage changes.

  11. The Technology Roadmap for Plant/Crop-Based Renewable Resources 2020 (United States)


    Marta Bourke Calgon Carbon Corporation Joe Bozell National Renewable Energy Laboratory Kyd Brenner Corn Refiners Association Robert Brown Iowa State...Rowe Dow Chemical Company Colin Scanes Iowa State University Tom Schechinger Iron Horse Custom Farming LLC Sharon Shoemaker California Institute of Food

  12. Numerical analysis for MHD thermal and solutal stratified stagnation point flow of Powell-Eyring fluid induced by cylindrical surface with dual convection and heat generation effects (United States)

    Khalil-Ur-Rehman; Malik, M. Y.; Bilal, S.; Bibi, M.

    The current analysis reports the untapped characteristics of magneto-hydrodynamic dual convection boundary layer stagnation point flow of Powell-Eyring fluid by way of cylindrical surface. Flow exploration is carried out with the combined effects of thermal and solutal stratification. The strength of temperature and concentration adjacent to the cylindrical surface is assumed to be greater than the ambient fluid. Flow conducting mathematically modelled equations are fairly transformed into system of coupled non-linear ordinary differential equations with the aid of suitable transformations. The computations are made against these resultant coupled equations through shooting technique by the support of fifth order Runge-Kutta algorithm. A parametric study is performed to examine the effect logs of various pertinent flow controlling parameters on the velocity, temperature and concentration flow regime. The achieved outcomes are validated by developing comparison with existing published literature. In addition, numerical values of skin friction coefficient and Nusselt number are presented graphically for two different geometries namely, plate and cylinder.

  13. Entropy Generation on Nanofluid Thin Film Flow of Eyring–Powell Fluid with Thermal Radiation and MHD Effect on an Unsteady Porous Stretching Sheet

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Ishaq


    Full Text Available This research paper investigates entropy generation analysis on two-dimensional nanofluid film flow of Eyring–Powell fluid with heat amd mass transmission over an unsteady porous stretching sheet in the existence of uniform magnetic field (MHD. The flow of liquid films are taken under the impact of thermal radiation. The basic time dependent equations of heat transfer, momentum and mass transfer are modeled and converted to a system of differential equations by employing appropriate similarity transformation with unsteady dimensionless parameters. Entropy analysis is the main focus in this work and the impact of physical parameters on the entropy profile are discussed in detail. The influence of thermophoresis and Brownian motion has been taken in the nanofluids model. An optima approach has been applied to acquire the solution of modeled problem. The convergence of the HAM (Homotopy Analysis Method has been presented numerically. The disparity of the Nusslet number, Skin friction, Sherwood number and their influence on the velocity, heat and concentration fields has been scrutinized. Moreover, for comprehension, the physical presentation of the embedded parameters are explored analytically for entropy generation and discussed.

  14. Surface-Water Techniques: On Demand Training Opportunities (United States)



    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has been collecting streamflow information since 1889 using nationally consistent methods. The need for such information was envisioned by John Wesley Powell as a key component for settlement of the arid western United States. Because of Powell?s vision the nation now has a rich streamflow data base that can be analyzed with confidence in both space and time. This means that data collected at a stream gaging station in Maine in 1903 can be compared to data collected in 2007 at the same gage in Maine or at a different gage in California. Such comparisons are becoming increasingly important as we work to assess climate variability and anthropogenic effects on streamflow. Training employees in proper and consistent techniques to collect and analyze streamflow data forms a cornerstone for maintaining the integrity of this rich data base.

  15. "Measuring up" to ethical standards in service delivery to college students on the Autism Spectrum: A practical application of Powell's model for ethical practices in clinical phonetics and linguistics. (United States)

    Weiss, Amy L; Rohland, Pamela


    This paper examined an interdisciplinary college-based support programme, the Communication Coaching Program (CCP), designed for students diagnosed on the autism spectrum in light of six ethical constructs described by Powell. Collecting data to monitor the successes and ongoing needs of individual participants in the programme is of vital importance, of course, but only addresses a portion of the efficacy question. In addition, the authors, who co-direct the programme and represent different professional expertise and perspectives, recognize the importance of determining whether their evolving intervention model has also been successful in meeting the ethical standards of their respective professions. Careful review of the 4 years of the CCP's operation in terms of ethical constructs has yielded evidence that the CCP, although based on sound principles of theory and scholarship, should be further individualized to meet the particular needs of participants diagnosed with deficits in social communication and executive functioning skills.

  16. Technical Documentation Challenges in Aviation Maintenance: A Proceedings Report (United States)


    ATP Keith Frable - -- - -- - -- - - ASO-27 Colin Drury - -- - -- - -- - - Applied Ergonomics Lynn Pierce - -- - -- - -- - - AEG-15 Dave...Evidence-Based practices Colin Drury – Applied Ergonomics Inc. Dr. Colin Drury , President of Applied Ergonomics, Inc. and Distinguished Professor...comprehend documentation, and 4. Fail to execute steps correctly Dr. Drury reviewed a documentation example where he worked with an airline partner

  17. Three dimensional rotating flow of Powell-Eyring nanofluid with non-Fourier's heat flux and non-Fick's mass flux theory (United States)

    Ibrahim, Wubshet


    This article numerically examines three dimensional boundary layer flow of a rotating Powell-Eyring nanofluid. In modeling heat transfer processes, non-Fourier heat flux theory and for mass transfer non-Fick's mass flux theory are employed. This theory is recently re-initiated and it becomes the active research area to resolves some drawback associated with the famous Fourier heat flux and mass flux theory. The mathematical model of the flow problem is a system of non-linear partial differential equations which are obtained using the boundary layer analysis. The non-linear partial differential equations have been transformed into non-linear high order ordinary differential equations using similarity transformation. Employing bvp4c algorithm from matlab software routine, the numerical solution of the transformed ordinary differential equations is obtained. The governing equations are constrained by parameters such as rotation parameter λ , the non-Newtonian parameter N, dimensionless thermal relaxation and concentration relaxation parameters δt and δc . The impacts of these parameters have been discussed thoroughly and illustrated using graphs and tables. The findings show that thermal relaxation time δt reduces the thermal and concentration boundary layer thickness. Further, the results reveal that the rotational parameter λ has the effect of decreasing the velocity boundary layer thickness in both x and y directions. Further examination pinpoints that the skin friction coefficient along x-axis is an increasing and skin friction coefficient along y-axis is a decreasing function of rotation parameter λ . Furthermore, the non-Newtonian fluid parameter N has the characteristic of reducing the amount of local Nusselt numbers -f″ (0) and -g″ (0) both in x and y -directions.

  18. Gateway. Volume 13 (United States)


    Unclassified 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Hart, Sandra G ; Drury , Colin G ; Hancock, Peter A ; Szalma, James...interventions, thereby improving threat inspection and, ultimately, homeland security. n For more information please contact: Colin G. Drury , Ph.D. Buffalo, SUNY Department of Industrial Engineering 342 Bell Hell Hall Buffalo, NY 14260 A Unified Model of Security Inspection Colin G. Drury

  19. China’s Evolving Nuclear Deterrent: Major Drivers and Issues for the United States (United States)


    155 Implications for Extended Deterrence of Nuclear and Regional Political Stability . . . . . . . . . 159...Journal of Peace Research, Vol. 27, No. 3, August 1990. 4 Robert J. Powell, “Crisis Stability in the Nuclear Age,” American Political Science Review, Vol... instability and, potentially, rapid escalation. Regional crisis stability may be further undermined by nonstructural factors: Potential belligerents





    Varias décadas de investigaciones neuropatológicas e imagenológicas han proporcionado suficientes evidencias acerca de las alteraciones en la neurotransmisión colinérgica que acompañan a la disfunción dopaminérgica en la enfermedad de Parkinson (EP). El núcleo pedunculopontino tegmental laterodorsal (NPP) representa una de las fuentes principales de proyecciones colinérgicas en el cerebro y a su vez es el origen de la única proyección colinérgica que recibe la substantia nigra pars compacta (...

  1. United States Air Force Summer Faculty Research Program (1987). Program Technical Report. Volume 2. (United States)


    Psychology Dept. of Behavioral Sciences Assigned: HRL/MO Drury College Springfield, MO 65802 (417) 865-8731 Dr. Alastair McAulay Degree: Ph.D...Michael D. Matthews, Ph.D. Academic Rank: Assistant Professor Department: Behavioral Sciences Department University: Drury College Research Location... colin -matcd. 1 aWO :wcc.-io o the iceI for equal tie. Stiiyand lineanity C).~ ~ ~ ~ ~~It ret n-1’ 11~ ~eg~ ist be mea-siirec. to femy arialog ctio Aw

  2. A synopsis of the genus Ethmia Hübner in Costa Rica: biology, distribution, and description of 22 new species (Lepidoptera, Gelechioidea, Depressariidae, Ethmiinae), with emphasis on the 42 species known from Área de Conservación Guanacaste (United States)

    Phillips-Rodríguez, Eugenie; Powell, Jerry A.; Hallwachs, Winnie; Janzen, Daniel H.


    Abstract We discuss 45 Costa Rican species of Ethmia Hübner, 1819, including 23 previously described: Ethmia delliella (Fernald), Ethmia bittenella (Busck), Ethmia festiva Busck, Ethmia scythropa Walsingham, Ethmia perpulchra Walsingham, Ethmia terpnota Walsingham, Ethmia elutella Busck, Ethmia janzeni Powell, Ethmia ungulatella Busck, Ethmia exornata (Zeller), Ethmia phylacis Walsingham, Ethmia mnesicosma Meyrick, Ethmia chemsaki Powell, Ethmia baliostola Walsingham, Ethmia duckworthi Powell, Ethmia sandra Powell, Ethmia nigritaenia Powell, Ethmia catapeltica Meyrick, Ethmia lichyi Powell, Ethmia transversella Busck, Ethmia similatella Busck, Ethmia hammella Busck, Ethmia linda Busck, and 22 new species: Ethmia blaineorum, Ethmia millerorum, Ethmia dianemillerae, Ethmia adrianforsythi, Ethmia stephenrumseyi, Ethmia berndkerni, Ethmia dimauraorum, Ethmia billalleni, Ethmia ehakernae, Ethmia helenmillerae, Ethmia johnpringlei, Ethmia laphamorum, Ethmia petersterlingi, Ethmia lesliesaulae, Ethmia turnerorum, Ethmia normgershenzi, Ethmia nicholsonorum, Ethmia hendersonorum, Ethmia randyjonesi, Ethmia randycurtisi, Ethmia miriamschulmanae and Ethmia tilneyorum. We illustrate all species and their male and female genitalia, along with distribution maps of Costa Rican localities. Immature stages are illustrated for 11 species, and food plants are listed when known. Gesneriaceae is added as a new food plant family record for Ethmia. CO1 nucleotide sequences (“DNA barcodes”) were obtained for 41 of the species. PMID:25561859

  3. Directory of Manufacturing Research Centers (United States)


    Martin W. 51 Graff, Karl 176 Dornfeld, David 88 Gray, James 76 Doty, Keith 119 Gray, Vic 6 Driels, Morris 142 Green Jr., Robert E. 51 Drury , Colin 39...Buffalo Dr. Colin Drury , Executive Director Mr. Brian Kleiner, Administrative Director Technical areas include cost analysis, strategic planning

  4. Colin S Pittendrigh: An Appreciation

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    An introduction to the field of chronobiology to any student entails an introduction to the three musketeers, E Buenning,. C Pi ttendrigh and J Aschoff. The first seminar tha t many studen ts give is on one of the fascinating papers ofPittendrigh. It was thus, that I was introduced to him and the multitude of his research papers.

  5. Colin Stephenson Pittendrigh: A Memoir

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    spectives in the study of biological clocks", as well as experimental studies, such as his landmark ... At. the time he had written the book in 1943, Kahler's view .... Harvard University, Cambridge since 1966 and is one of the pioneers of modem.

  6. Jennifer Leavy and Colin Poulton

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    commercialization means more than the marketing of agricultural output, it means the product choice ... is still live). However ... Livestock, aquaculture and other forms of agriculture are not within the scope of this paper, although the arguments ...

  7. Homogeneity in Community-Based Rape Prevention Programs: Empirical Evidence of Institutional Isomorphism (United States)

    Townsend, Stephanie M.; Campbell, Rebecca


    This study examined the practices of 24 community-based rape prevention programs. Although these programs were geographically dispersed throughout one state, they were remarkably similar in their approach to rape prevention programming. DiMaggio and Powell's (1991) theory of institutional isomorphism was used to explain the underlying causes of…

  8. Edwin Powell Hubble

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    lum inosity relationship for C epheids,he proved that these nebulae w ere far aw ay,and had to be galaxies that lie beyond the M ilky W ay. H is 疸dings w ere revolutionary and changed the existing view of the U niverse,w hen it w as thought that allthe fuzzy nebulae w ere part ofthe M ilky W ay. H ubble also devised a classi ...

  9. Edwin Powell Hubble

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    ... and hence the U niverse m ust expand or contract depending on the available m atter. B ut since the idea app eared so far-fetched,E instein m odi¯ed his equations so that the U niverse rem ains static. E dw in H ubble's observations revolutionized astronom y,pre- senting the ¯rst evidence that the U niverse is expanding.

  10. Citizenship and Children's Identity in "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils" and "Scouting for Boys" (United States)

    Sundmark, Bjorn


    "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils" (1906-1907) by Selma Lagerlof and "Scouting for Boys" (1908) by Robert Baden-Powell are characteristic of their time and their respective national and cultural contexts--the Swedish nation state of the early twentieth century and the British Empire. Taking its cue from recent theories on…

  11. Moving-Bank Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation and Control Applied to a Large Flexible Space Structure (United States)


    was determined from the difference between the 24-state matrix product, HtP (t’)HT, and the six-state matrix product, HfPf (tT)HT’. For this...Houston: IMSL Inc., Houston, Texas (1989). 5. GNUPLOT USER’S MANUAL . "An Interactive Plotting Program." Williams, Thomas, and Colin Kelley. 6. Hawkes...Conference on Decision and Control: 712-717. Austin, Texas (December 1988). 13. LQGLIB USER’S MANUAL . "A Description of Computer Routines for Use in Linear

  12. Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance. Phase 3. Volume 1. Progress Report (United States)


    As a subcontractor for Galaxy Scientific, Dr. Colin Drury at the State University at New York at Buffalo is conducting a substantial research program...taxonomy. In addition, however, Dr. Drury has developed a simulated NDI task, using a SUN workstation, that incorporates the physical aspects both total task time and to the decision criterion used. Drury clearly feels, with some justification, that intensive investigation of individual

  13. The Battle for Fallujah: Al Fajr -- the Myth-buster (United States)


    6 Colin Freeman, ― Horror at Fallujah,‖ San Francisco Chronicle, 31 April 2004. 7 Robin Young and Bill Delaney, ―Bremer...Falluja,”14 Sep- tember 2004. Freeman, Colin, “ Horror at Fallujah,” San Francisco Chronicle, 31 April 2004. Jehl, Douglas with David E. Sanger...Not Evaluted (NE) 1 - incapable of executing political or security ops even w/substantial spt 2 - Patially capable; requires subtantial advisor

  14. Human Factors Issues In Aircraft Maintenance And Inspection (United States)


    Im z Cl) 4 w4 z z w . U .) ** DISPLAY0 00 LUU 40z:- z0 LL62 The Information Environment in Inspection Colin G. Drury , Ph.D. University at Buffalo...54 V. The Information Environment in Inspection Colin G. D ruy...tasks are sequenced within the Job ( Drury &t al., 1987; Shepherd, 1976). From such a Task Description we can determine how the demands of the tasks

  15. Post-Cold War American Foreign Policy: What, When, and Why (United States)


    asserted, international order would instead become international ―chaos.‖ 14 Colin Gray similarly defined America‘s role as the reluctant global...The Unipolar Moment,‖ Foreign Affairs 70, no. 1, (January 1991), 32. 15 Colin S. Gray , The Sherriff (Lexington, KY: University of Kentucky Press...Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, April 15, 2002, 1; Eileen Clausen, quoted in Mary H. Cooper, ―Global Warming Treaty,‖ CQ Researcher 11

  16. Minutes of the Explosives Safety Seminar (25th) Held in Anaheim, California on 18-20 August 1992. Volume 3 (United States)


    Secretary of Defense for Environment KEYNOTE ADDRESS ...................................................... 7 Mr. Colin McMillan, Assistant Secretary...11-547 McGuinness, Jack 111-161 Soleau, Edward W. 11-123 McMahon, Gordon W. 11-277 Song, So-Young 1-429, 11-85 McMillan, Colin 1-7 Spivey, Kathy H. 11...DRAKE JAMES APPLIED RESEARCH ASSOC. INC. MR. DRAKE RICHARD FLUOR DANIEL MR. DRURY CHUCK SHAMROCK SERVICES MR. DUA BALBIR DAY & ZIMMERMANN, INC. MR

  17. How Much Will Be Enough? Assessing Changing Defense Strategies Implications for Army Resource Requirements (United States)


    force management and modernization 59 See, for example, Tim Bonds, Glenn A. Kent, Colin Lampard, Randall Bowdish, John Birkler, Monti D. Callero... Tim , Glenn A. Kent, Colin Lampard, Randall Bowdish, John Birkler, Monti D. Callero, and James Chiesa, A Tool for Evaluating Force Modernization...Force Takes Shape at Fort Bliss ,” Army Magazine, Vol. 57, No. 3, March 2007. Harvey, Francis J., and Peter J. Schoomaker, 2007 Army Posture

  18. Warfighter Effectiveness Research Center Biannual Newsletter. Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2015 (United States)


    leadership assess- ment. The project is funded by ARI and the WERC PI is Capt Steve Raymer . Dr. Robert Patterson Visits from AFRL Dr. Robert Patterson...Systems Dr. Robert Patterson (AFRL) Potpourri Series Researcher Profile: Captain Katrina Powell Captain Katrina Powell graduated from the Virginia

  19. Implications of Modern Decision Science for Military Decision-Support Systems (United States)


    Stock of Naturalistic Decision Making," Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Vol. 14, No. 5, 2001, pp. 331-352. Llinas, James, Ann Bisantz, Colin Drury ...on aided adversarial decisionmaking (Llinas, Bisantz, Drury , Song, and Jian, 1998). Cohen argues for a situation-specific trust model: The problem of...and P. Fishwick, eds., 2000, pp. 1739-1746. Camerer, Colin F., "Individual Decision Making," in John H. Kagel and Alvin E. Roth, eds., Handbook of

  20. Minutes of the Explosives Safety Seminar (25). Volume 4. Held in Anaheim, California on 18-20 Aug 1992 (United States)


    7 Mr. Colin McMillan, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Production and Logistics NAVY SA FETY...McMahon, Gordon W. 11-277 Song, So-Young 1-429, 11-85 McMillan, Colin 1-7 Spivey, Kathy H. 11-547 McQueen, D. IV-203 Starkenberg, John 1-183 McVay, L. IV...FLUOR DANIEL MR. DRURY CHUCK SHAMROCK SERVICES MR. DUA BALBIR DAY & ZIMMERMANN, INC. MR. DUCHOCK JEFF MR. DUDLEY MICHAEL DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY

  1. Changing the Afghan Cycle of Conflict from the Outside, In (United States)


    accountid=12702 (accessed on 05/26/2011). 67 Riedel, Deadly Embrace, 122. 68 Christopher Paul, Colin P. Clarke, and Beth Grill, Victory Has a...2011); and Ian Drury , “Taliban Border between Afghanistan and Pakistan ’is Impossible to Seal’,” Daily Mail, on 04/09/2011). Ollapally, Deepa. The Politics of Extremism in South Asia. Cambridge University Press, 2008. Paul, Christopher, Colin

  2. Operations Events Census Report: Volume IV. 1981 through 1985. Sanitized Version. (United States)



  3. Flow Encountering Abrupt Topography (United States)


    Colin at the Coral Reef Research Foundation and Paul Collins, who has extensive experience with such data). Helen Reef Concerted UCTD measurements...sensors, weights , 45 m of line, and a float) which were arrayed around Helen Reef nominally on the 90-m isobath using Revelle’s workboat. Colin (CRRF...the main islands of Palau and diverts around the south and north ends of the island group (Figure 1, left and right; Section ). At Helen Reef and Toby

  4. The Maritime Strategy Debates: A Guide to the Renaissance of U.S. Naval Strategic Thinking in the 1980s. (United States)


    strategy, as well as strike warfare and tactical innovations). ** Gray, Colin , "Maritime Strategy", Proceedings, February 1986, pp 34-42. (Supportive...driven document). ** Gray, Colin S., "Keeping the Soviets Landlocked: Geostrategy for a Maritime America", The National Interest, Summer 1986, pp 24-36...latter on the role of U.S. and allied submarines in the Maritime Strategy: "We dare not go it alone"). ** Drury , F., "Naval Strike Warfare and the

  5. The Maritime Strategy Debates: A Guide to the Renaissance of U.S. Naval Strategic in the 1980s. Revision 2 (United States)


    1986, there’s always 10 percent who don’t get the word. ** Drury , F., "Naval Strike Warfare and the Outer Air Battle," Naya1 Forces IV/1986, pp 46-52...debate. * Gray, Colin S., "Keeping the Soviets Landlocked: Geostrategy for a Maritime America," The National Interest, Summer 1986, pp 24-36. Masterful...discussion of the relationships between geopolitics and the Maritime Strategy. ** Gray, Colin S., Maritime Strategy, Geopolitics, and the Defense of the

  6. Determining health expectancies

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Robine, Jean-Marie


    ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . xv Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jean-Marie Robine, Carol Jagger, Colin D...



    Abel Esterhuyse


    Robert D. Kaplan in his illuminating article "The Coming Anarchy", published in the Atlantic Monthly of February 1994, emphasises the fact that "Africa may be marginal in terms of conventional late-twentieth-century conceptions of strategy, but in an age of cultural and racial clash, when national defense is increasingly local, Africa's distress will exert a destabilizing influence on the United States ". This point was clearly illustrated during 1993 in a battle between American Colin Gray; ...

  8. Promoting Affordability in Defense Acquisitions: A Multi-Period Portfolio Approach (United States)


    has evolved out of many areas of research, ranging from economics to modern control theory (Powell, 2011). The general form of a dynamic programming...states 5 School of Aeronautics & Astronautics A Portfolio Approach: Background • Balance expected profit (performance) against risk ( variance ) (Markowitz 1952) • Efficiency frontier of optimal portfolios given investor risk averseness • Extends to multi-period case with various

  9. 77 FR 55796 - Sand Lick Fork Watershed Restoration Project; Daniel Boone National Forest, KY (United States)


    ..., conversion of 0.6 miles of Powell County Road 212 to Forest Service maintenance, conversion of 3.1 miles of..., 212A, 2045, 2120 and the section of county road to be transferred to Forest Service maintenance... miles of Powell County Road 212 to Forest Service maintenance, conversion of 3.1 miles of system roads...

  10. Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Genomic Instability in Brca-Deficient Cells (United States)


    repair defects asso- ciated with downstream mediators of the HR reaction (e.g., XRCC2, BRCA2, or PALB2) (Bouwman et al., 2010; Bowman- Colin et al., 2013...and BRCA-mutated breast cancers. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 17, 688–695. Bowman- Colin , C., Xia, B., Bunting, S., Klijn, C., Drost, R., Bouwman, P., Fine...chromosomes. It is thus surprising that cells use ‘quick and dirty ’ repair by NHEJ rather than the slower, more accurate repair by homologous recombination

  11. Strategic Agility: Using the Expeditionary Aerospace Force as a Framework for Assuring Strategic Relevancy in the USAF (United States)


    70 Deptula, interview. 71 Major General Charles Link quoted in Michael Barzelay and Colin Campbell, Preparing for the Future: Strategic Planning...interview. 32 Colin Clark, “Two War Strategy Dead: Cartwright” DoD Buzz, 15 July 2009,’s 2,250 fighters and that that ought to be our target. Well who says? Or why we have 1,763 F-35s as our target goal. Now the dirty

  12. The Value of an Independent Royal Air Force - Breaking the Oscar Wilde Paradigm in British Defence (United States)


    discussion. 11 Ian Drury , Defence Correspondent, "Could this be the end for the RAF? Military chief refuses to rule out merger with Navy as cuts loom...However, would it provide the flexibility to be effective if a different threat emerged in ten years time? In contrast to Smith‟s thesis, Colin ...1984), 88. 25 General Rupert Smith, The Utility of Force – The Art of War in the Modern World (New York, NY: Vintage Books, 2008), 5. 26 Colin

  13. An Analysis of Department of Defense Financial and Acquisition Policies in Support of Military Contingency Requirements. (United States)


    LEGION 64 (March 1958): 12-13+. 131 Goldich, Robert L. "Mobilization for the Apocalypse." ARMY 28 (May 1978): 22-25+. 132 Gray, Colin S. "The Military...Decerber 8, 1942): 5-7. 632 Drury , V.M. "Too Little, Too Late Again (Coordination Detween Armed Services for Peacetirme Planning of Industrial...System." ". Military Review 57 (November, 1977): 76-82. Gray, Colin S. "Military Requirements for U. S. Strategy." MiltarReview 59 (September 1979): 2

  14. A comparative entropy based analysis of Cu and Fe3O4/methanol Powell-Eyring nanofluid in solar thermal collectors subjected to thermal radiation, variable thermal conductivity and impact of different nanoparticles shape (United States)

    Jamshed, Wasim; Aziz, Asim


    The efficiency of any nanofluid based thermal solar system depend on the thermophysical properties of the operating fluids, type and shape of nanoparticles, nanoparticles volumetric concentration in the base fluid and the geometry/length of the system in which fluid is flowing. The recent research in the field of thermal solar energy has been focused to increase the efficiency of solar thermal collector systems. In the present research a simplified mathematical model is studied for inclusion in the thermal solar systems with the aim to improve the overall efficiency of the system. The flow of Powell-Eyring nanofluid is induced by non-uniform stretching of porous horizontal surface with fluid occupying a space over the surface. The thermal conductivity of the nanofluid is to vary as a linear function of temperature and the thermal radiation is to travel a short distance in the optically thick nanofluid. Numerical scheme of Keller box is implemented on the system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations, which are resultant after application of similarity transformation to governing nonlinear partial differential equations. The impact of non dimensional physical parameters appearing in the system have been observed on velocity and temperature profiles along with the entropy of the system. The velocity gradient (skin friction coefficient) and the strength of convective heat exchange (Nusselt number) are also investigated.

  15. Fra kogebog til madblog

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Povlsen, Karen Klitgaard


    analyse af madopskriften som genre for kulturfoirmidling og intim selvfremstilling i kogebogen, tv-køkkenet og madbloggen med vægt på Julia Child og Julie Powell......analyse af madopskriften som genre for kulturfoirmidling og intim selvfremstilling i kogebogen, tv-køkkenet og madbloggen med vægt på Julia Child og Julie Powell...

  16. Computer Aided Layout of Procedure Information for Training and Job Aiding. (United States)


    aspect of the project by Professor Colin G. Drury of the State University of New York at Buffalo. We are also grateful to those listed below well presented and reviewed by Drury (1981). The purpose of Task Analysis in 𔃻 -4C . . . ..’.77 . 7_1 ’ . . . . . . 12 the JPAs and PTAs...Manual, TAEG TR 107, August 1981, TAEG, Orlando, Florida. Drury , C. G., "Task Analysis" To appear in Journal of Applied Ergonomics. Dyer, J. S

  17. Approximate dynamic programming solving the curses of dimensionality

    CERN Document Server

    Powell, Warren B


    Warren B. Powell, PhD, is Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton University, where he is founder and Director of CASTLE Laboratory, a research unit that works with industrial partners to test new ideas found in operations research. The recipient of the 2004 INFORMS Fellow Award, Dr. Powell has authored over 100 refereed publications on stochastic optimization, approximate dynamic programming, and dynamic resource management.

  18. Ventana a la Farmacología

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oscar F. Ramos M.


    Full Text Available Usos y contraindicaciones del ketoroiaco: El ketorolaco administrado por vía oral, intramuscular o endovenosa por periodos breves, se recomienda para el tratamiento del dolor postoperatorio agudo, moderado o grave. / El tamoxifeno y el riesgo de cancer uterino: El tamoxifeno es una droga antiestrógena que se utiliza en el tratamiento del cáncer mamario. / Usos de Ia DNAs a para el tratamiento de la fibrosis quística: La FDA de Estados Unidos ha aprobado el uso de la DNAsa (domasa alfa, Pulmozyme para el tratamiento de la fibrosis quística, una enfermedad hereditaria caracterizada por la presencia de secreciones mucosas espesas en los pulmones. / Importancia de la acetilcolina neocortical en la memoria espacial: Varios estudios han demostrado la importancia de la acetilcolina en la memoria y el aprendizaje. Lesiones de los núcleos colinérgicos, manipulaciones farmacológicas del sistema colinérgico, transplantes intracerebrales de tejido fetal, y cambios anatómicos de las vías colinérgicas durante el envejecimiento se han correlacionado con alteraciones cognitivas.

  19. Canine Supply for Physical Security: An Analysis of the Royal Australian Air Force Military Working Dog Program (United States)


    PHYSICAL SECURITY: AN ANALYSIS OF THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE MILITARY WORKING DOG PROGRAM by Mark W. Powell March 2016 Thesis...AN ANALYSIS OF THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE MILITARY WORKING DOG PROGRAM 5. FUNDING NUMBERS 6. AUTHOR(S) Mark W. Powell 7. PERFORMING...increased demand on its physical security elements. Its military working dog (MWD) workforce is required to meet an inventory of 204 by end of year 2023 as

  20. A administração aguda de cafeína previne o comprometimento da memória pela escopolamina em camundongos adultos


    Paulo Henrique Saldanha Botton


    A cafeína é a substância psicoestimulante mais consumida no mundo todo. Muitos estudos já foram realizados avaliando os seus benefícios sobre as funções cognitivas. Algumas evidências sugerem a participação do sistema colinérgico nos efeitos da cafeína, mas os estudos ainda são incipientes. O objetivo desse estudo foi verificar os efeitos da administração aguda de cafeína frente ao bloqueio dos receptores colinérgicos muscarínicos pela administração do antagonista não-seletivo escopolamina. C...


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — Terrain data, as defined in FEMA Guidelines and Specifications, Appendix N: Data Capture Standards, describes the digital topographic data that was used to create...

  2. Spectroscopic Diagnosis of Excited-State Aromaticity: Capturing Electronic Structures and Conformations upon Aromaticity Reversal. (United States)

    Oh, Juwon; Sung, Young Mo; Hong, Yongseok; Kim, Dongho


    Aromaticity, the special energetic stability derived from cyclic [4 n + 2]π-conjugated electronic structures, has been the topic of intense interest in chemistry because it plays a critical role in rationalizing molecular stability, reactivity, and physical/chemical properties. Recently, the pioneering work by Colin Baird on aromaticity reversal, postulating that aromatic (antiaromatic) character in the ground state reverses to antiaromatic (aromatic) character in the lowest excited triplet state, has attracted much scientific attention. The completely reversed aromaticity in the excited state provides direct insight into understanding the photophysical/chemical properties of photoactive materials. In turn, the application of aromatic molecules to photoactive materials has led to numerous studies revealing this aromaticity reversal. However, most studies of excited-state aromaticity have been based on the theoretical point of view. The experimental evaluation of aromaticity in the excited state is still challenging and strenuous because the assessment of (anti)aromaticity with conventional magnetic, energetic, and geometric indices is difficult in the excited state, which practically restricts the extension and application of the concept of excited-state aromaticity. Time-resolved optical spectroscopies can provide a new and alternative avenue to evaluate excited-state aromaticity experimentally while observing changes in the molecular features in the excited states. Time-resolved optical spectroscopies take advantage of ultrafast laser pulses to achieve high time resolution, making them suitable for monitoring ultrafast changes in the excited states of molecular systems. This can provide valuable information for understanding the aromaticity reversal. This Account presents recent breakthroughs in the experimental assessment of excited-state aromaticity and the verification of aromaticity reversal with time-resolved optical spectroscopic measurements. To

  3. Optimal Learning for Efficient Experimentation in Nanotechnology and Biochemistry (United States)


    AFRL-AFOSR-VA-TR-2016-0018 Optimal Learning for Efficient Experimentation in Nanotechnology, Biochemistry Warren Powell TRUSTEES OF PRINCETON... Biochemistry 5a.  CONTRACT NUMBER 5b.  GRANT NUMBER FA9550-12-1-0200 5c.  PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 61102F 6. AUTHOR(S) Warren Powell 5d.  PROJECT NUMBER 5e...scientists. 15. SUBJECT TERMS Biochemistry 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT 18. NUMBER OF 19a.  NAME OF RESPONSIBLE PERSON Warren

  4. Application of genetic algorithm for extraction of the parameters from powder EPR spectra

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Spalek, T.; Pietrzyk, P.; Sojka, Z.


    The application of the stochastic genetic algorithm in tandem with the deterministic Powell method to automated extraction of the magnetic parameters from powder EPR spectra was described. The efficiency and robustness of such hybrid approach were investigated as a function of the uncertainty range of parameters, using simulated data sets. The discussed results demonstrate superior performance of the hybrid genetic algorithm in fitting of complex spectra in comparison to the common Monte Carlo Method joint with the Powell refinement. (author)

  5. The Geologic Story of the Uinta Mountains (United States)

    Hansen, Wallace R.


    than scientific; his second, more scientific trip was made 2 years later. Powell revisited the Uinta Mountains in 1874 and 1875 to complete the studies begun 6 years earlier. His classic 'Report on the Geology of the Eastern Portion of the Uinta Mountains and a Region of Country Adjacent Thereto' was published in 1876. King's survey?officially 'The United States Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel'?is better known simply as the '40th Parallel Survey.' King began working eastward from California in 1867. The Uinta Mountains region, however, was mapped by S. F. Emmons, under the supervision of King, in the summers of 1869 and 1871. Emmons' work was monumental, and although he emphasized in his letter of transmittal to King the exploratory nature of the work?as the formal title of the report indicates?his maps, descriptions, and conclusions reflect a comprehensive understanding of the country and its rocks. The 40th Parallel report contains the best, most complete early descriptions of the Uinta Mountains. It, indeed, is a treasurechest of information and a landmark contribution to the emerging science of geology. Hayden visited the Uinta Mountains in 1870, descending the valley of Henrys Fork to Flaming Gorge in the fall after having earlier examined the higher part of the range to the west. Most of Hayden's observations were cursory, and he repeatedly expressed regret at having insufficient time for more detailed studies. In reference to the area between Clay Basin and Browns Park, he remarked (Hayden, 1871, p. 67) somewhat dryly that 'the geology of this portion of the Uinta range is very complicated and interesting. To have solved the problem to my entire satisfaction would have required a week or two.' Eighty-odd years later I spent several months there?looking at the same rocks. Powell was perhaps more creative?more intuitive?than either King or Hayden, and his breadth of interest in the fields of geology, physiography, ethnology, an

  6. Origins and early days of the Bristol school of cosmic-ray physics

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lock, W.O.


    The founder of the Bristol School was Cecil Frank Powell, Nobel Laureate for Physics in 1950 for his discovery of the pi-meson and sometimes called the father of meson physics. The article describes first his early life and his many years of systematic work to perfect the nuclear emulsion technique. This is followed by a brief description of the circumstances of the discovery of the pi-meson and of the so-called 'strange particles'. An attempt is made to give a portrait of Powell and to explain his success in building up one of the first post-war international research teams, which paved the way for large international laboratories such as CERN. The account concludes with some personal memories of the award of the Nobel Prize and of the happy and creative atmosphere which Powell created around him at one of the most exciting times in the physics of cosmic rays since their discovery just after the beginning of the century. (author)

  7. Numerical resolution of a bi-temperature MHD model with a general Ohm's law: Roe solver - Front-tracking - Nonlinear transport equations with discontinuous coefficients. Simulation of a Plasma Opening Switch

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Brassier, Stephane


    The Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equations represent the coupling between fluid dynamics equations and Maxwell's equations. We consider here a new MHD model with two temperatures. A Roe scheme is first constructed in the one dimensional case, for a multi-species model and a general equation of state. The multidimensional case is treated thanks to the Powell approach. The notion of Roe-Powell matrix, generalization of the notion of Roe matrix for multidimensional MHD, allows us to develop an original scheme on a curvilinear grid. We focus on a second part on the modelling of a Plasma Opening Switch (POS). A front-tracking method is first set up, in order to correctly handle the deformation of the front between the vacuum and the plasma. Besides, by taking into account a general Ohm's law, we have to deal with the Hall effect, which leads to nonlinear transport equations with discontinuous coefficients. Several numerical schemes are proposed and tested on a variety of test cases. This work has allowed us to construct an industrial MHD code, intended to handle complex flows and in particular to correctly simulate the behaviour of the POS. (author) [fr

  8. Y. Laberge on Frédéric Salmon's Atlas historique des États-Unis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Frédéric Salmon, Atlas historique des États-Unis de 1783 à nos jours. Paris: Armand Colin, 2008. Pp.127. ISBN-13: 978-2200347604  This new, cultural, historical atlas of United States was entirely conceived by a French geographer named Frédéric Salmon; this is not a mere collection of old or already existing maps, but rather a brand new group of unique maps related to the geography, history and demographics of the USA, from the late 18th century to the early 21st century. It should not be mix...

  9. Estudio del sentido del humor: validación de un instrumento para medir el sentido del humor, análisis del cuestionario y su relación con el estrés


    Carbelo Baquero, Begoña


    Introducción. El futuro inmediato en los estudios sobre el humor se enfoca hacia modelos experimentales y aplicacionales (Russell, 1996; 2000), que permitan una correcta evaluación de los efectos sobre la salud y el bienestar (Roeckelein, 2002; Reiss, Mobbs, Greicius, Eiman y Menon, 2003). La necesidad de contar con métodos de evaluación hace del desarrollo de cuestionarios una fuente de interés en la investigación de este constructo (Thorson y Powell, 1991; 1993; Thorson, Powell, Sarmay-Shul...

  10. Propuesta pedagógica de las Exploradoras y las Guías italianas


    Bosna, Valeria Vittoria Aurora; Rodríguez, María Luisa García


    El escultismo, movimiento juvenil iniciado en 1907 en Inglaterra porRobert Baden Powell, tiene como fin para sus miembros femeninoshacer descubrir a las chicas y a las mujeres jóvenes su lugar en elconjunto de seres de la creación, prepararlas para realizar su vocaci-ón manteniéndose fieles a la Ley y a la Promesa scouts, y dirigirlashacia una presencia activa en la comunidad. El mensaje de BadenPowell ha recibido distintas interpretaciones al ser mirado desde di-ferentes perspectivas, a trav...

  11. Using Multi-Objective Optimization to Explore Robust Policies in the Colorado River Basin (United States)

    Alexander, E.; Kasprzyk, J. R.; Zagona, E. A.; Prairie, J. R.; Jerla, C.; Butler, A.


    The long term reliability of water deliveries in the Colorado River Basin has degraded due to the imbalance of growing demand and dwindling supply. The Colorado River meanders 1,450 miles across a watershed that covers seven US states and Mexico and is an important cultural, economic, and natural resource for nearly 40 million people. Its complex operating policy is based on the "Law of the River," which has evolved since the Colorado River Compact in 1922. Recent (2007) refinements to address shortage reductions and coordinated operations of Lakes Powell and Mead were negotiated with stakeholders in which thousands of scenarios were explored to identify operating guidelines that could ultimately be agreed on. This study explores a different approach to searching for robust operating policies to inform the policy making process. The Colorado River Simulation System (CRSS), a long-term water management simulation model implemented in RiverWare, is combined with the Borg multi-objective evolutionary algorithm (MOEA) to solve an eight objective problem formulation. Basin-wide performance metrics are closely tied to system health through incorporating critical reservoir pool elevations, duration, frequency and quantity of shortage reductions in the objective set. For example, an objective to minimize the frequency that Lake Powell falls below the minimum power pool elevation of 3,490 feet for Glen Canyon Dam protects a vital economic and renewable energy source for the southwestern US. The decision variables correspond to operating tiers in Lakes Powell and Mead that drive the implementation of various shortage and release policies, thus affecting system performance. The result will be a set of non-dominated solutions that can be compared with respect to their trade-offs based on the various objectives. These could inform policy making processes by eliminating dominated solutions and revealing robust solutions that could remain hidden under conventional analysis.

  12. Recomposing mined lands: Landscape as arena for education

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wessman, S.


    This project is an hypothetical design using landscape architectural principles and processes for land use in the near distant future. The site is the Powell River Project 1,700 acres of surface-mined coal country in southwestern Virginia. In this design, the author challenges the boundaries of normative reclamation and makes a case for using landscape architectural planning and design in reclamation decisions. The power of design is that it integrates the technical with the cultural and enables wider consideration for post-mining uses. The author's theses is that landscape can be the best teacher and influence of people's attitudes about their environment history and cultural conditions. To make informed decisions, a populace must understand these issues. In the design the Powell River Project landscape is a system composed of interrelated parts; actively mined areas, reclaimed areas (pre- and post- 1997), the nascent Education Center within the Project, the Powell River watershed, and nearby towns. This whole extends well beyond the Project's bounds out into the Appalachian region of Virginia's southwestern counties. The project design recomposes the parts in a way that considers both near-term uses and long-term economic growth potential. Phase 1 is a clearly defined and strengthened Education center and expansion of the Center's regional presence. Phase 2 is the development of the Norton-Wise-Powell River Project Triangle into a focus of regional cultural, economic and environmental affairs

  13. "Kak stat Aleksandrom Makedonskim"

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Antiigiaineline suurfilm "Aleksander" : režissöör Oliver Stone : Aleksander Suure rollis Colin Farrell : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2004. Discover Channeli programmist "Kuidas saada Makedoonia Aleksandriks"

  14. Synthetic biology and the moral significance of artificial life

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christiansen, Andreas


    , Powell and Savulescu's definition of artificial life does not capture all core projects of synthetic biology or the ethical concerns that have been voiced, and their definition of moral significance fails to take into account the possibility that creating artificial life is conditionally acceptable......I discuss the moral significance of artificial life within synthetic biology via a discussion of Douglas, Powell and Savulescu's paper 'Is the creation of artificial life morally significant’. I argue that the definitions of 'artificial life’ and of 'moral significance’ are too narrow. Douglas...

  15. Map showing principal drainage basins, principal runoff-producing areas, and selected stream flow data in the Kaiparowits coal-basin area, Utah (United States)

    Price, Don


    This is one of a series of maps that describe the geology and related natural resources in the Kaiparowits coal-basin area. Streamflow records used to compile this map and the accompanying table were collected by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the Utah State Engineer and the Utah Department of Transportation. The principal runoff-producing areas were delineated from a work map (scale 1:250,000) compiled to estimate water yields in Utah (Bagley and others, 1964). Information about Lake Powell was furnished by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

  16. Crockett ja Tubbs jõuavad Eesti kinodesse / Riho Laurisaar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laurisaar, Riho


    Ülipopulaarne teleseriaal "Miami Vice" (1984-1989) tuleb Michael Manni lavastuses suurele ekraanile, peaosades Colin Farrell ja Jamie Foxx. Meenutatakse seriaali ja selle peaosalisi Don Johnsonit ja Philip Michael Thomast

  17. La co-educación en el escultismo laico italiano : comunicar valores de igualdad entre las jóvenes y los jóvenes


    Bosna, Valeria Vittoria Aurora


    El Escultismo para chicos empezó en Inglaterra en 1907 por Robert Baden Powell y en 1910 antes con Agnes Baden Powell y después con Olave Sant Claire Soames iniciaron el Escultismo femenino y el Guidismo. El Movimiento educativo scout para chicos y chicas es la organización juvenil más difundida al mundo. En Italia el Escultismo masculino y femenino llegó en el 1912 y durante todo el siglo XX trabajó con chicos y chicas de manera separada hasta al 1976. Durante los años cincuenta y sesenta, g...

  18. Autumn MIST 2009 (United States)

    Forsyth, Colin


    MEETING REPORT Colin Forsyth, Nicola Longden, Andrew Walsh and Robert Wicks summarize a MIST meeting where ground-based ionospheric science came under the spotlight, amid the broader concerns of the MIST community.

  19. Matthew Fuller / Matthew Fuller ; interv. Tilman Baumgärtel

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Fuller, Matthew


    Osnabrückis tehtud intervjuu inglise kunstniku Matthew Fulleriga, kes koos Simon Pope'i ja Colin Greeniga asutasid 1994. a. Londonis kunstnikegrupi I/O/D. I/O/D-i Interneti-sirvijast Webstalker (1997)

  20. Laiem Lähis-Ida - vapustavad avaldused / Toomas Alatalu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Alatalu, Toomas, 1942-


    Mõiste Laiem Lähis-Ida (Wider Middle East) tähendusest. USA asehalduri Iraagis Paul Bremeri ja USA riigisekretäri Colin Powelli avaldustest USA Iraagist lahkumise ja Iisraeli vägivalla kohta Palestiinas

  1. The peronism of Perón and Menem


    Waldmann, Peter


    The peronism of Perón and Menem : from justicialism to liberalism? - In: Argentina in the crisis years (1983-1990) / ed. by Colin M. Lewis ... - London : Inst. of Latin American Studies, 1993. - S. 90-101

  2. “Real Men Die Wrapped in Horsehide” and Other Tales of Modern Military Heroism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sabine Frühstück


    Full Text Available D. Colin Jaundrill. Samurai to Soldier: Remaking Military Service in Nineteenth-Century Japan. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2016. Nicolas Schillinger. The Body and Military Masculinity in Late Qing and Early Republican China: The Art of Governing Soldiers. New York: Lexington Books, 2016. Historians D. Colin Jaundrill and Nicolas Schillinger have given us two books full of excellent reasons for historians to take the militarism of modernity most seriously. Despite the similarities across modernizing nation-states, as well as of notions of the modern man across national boundaries—on the surface at least—Jaundrill and Schillinger have two rather different puzzles to solve. In Japan, the modern soldier emerged from a long-standing warrior tradition. In China, the modern military emerged from the previous social and cultural neglect of the military; it was instead shaped to overcome the “sick man of East Asia” (dongya bingfu notion that was omnipresent around the turn of the twentieth century.... These scholars have turned the next corner of the historical analysis of military establishments in modern East Asia. They apply different critical methodologies to show the enormity of resources that have been invested in establishing and maintaining the military. They show how militaries as institutions shape and transform societies and how they have aggressively—and sometimes subtly—shaped and reshaped social processes and identities. Now, the rest of us just need to listen—or, rather, read.

  3. A detailed survey of numerical methods for unconstrained minimization. Pt. 1

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mika, K.; Chaves, T.


    A detailed description of numerical methods for unconstrained minimization is presented. This first part surveys in particular conjugate direction and gradient methods, whereas variable metric methods will be the subject of the second part. Among the results of special interest we quote the following. The conjugate direction methods of Powell, Zangwill and Sutti can be best interpreted if the Smith approach is adopted. The conditions for quadratic termination of Powell's first procedure are analyzed. Numerical results based on nonlinear least squares problems are presented for the following conjugate direction codes: VA04AD from Harwell Subroutine Library and ZXPOW from IMSL, both implementations of Powell's second procedure, DFMND from IBM-SILMATH (Zangwill's method) and Brent's algorithm PRAXIS. VA04AD turns out to be superior in all cases, PRAXIS improves for high-dimensional problems. All codes clearly exhibit superlinear convergence. Akaike's result for the method of steepest descent is derived directly from a set of nonlinear recurrence relations. Numerical results obtained with the highly ill conditioned Hilbert function confirm the theoretical predictions. Several properties of the conjugate gradient method are presented and a new derivation of the equivalence of steepest descent partan and the CG method is given. A comparison of numerical results from the CG codes VA08AD (Fletcher-Reeves), DFMCG (the SSP version of the Fletcher-Reevens algorithm) and VA14AD (Powell's implementation of the Polak-Ribiere formula) reveals that VA14AD is clearly superior in all cases, but that the convergence rate of these codes is only weakly superlinear such that high accuracy solutions require extremely large numbers of function calls. (orig.)

  4. Subsidence feature discrimination using deep convolutional neral networks in synthetic aperture radar imagery

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Schwegmann, Colin P


    Full Text Available International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 23-28 July 2017, Fort Worth, TX, USA SUBSIDENCE FEATURE DISCRIMINATION USING DEEP CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORKS IN SYNTHETIC APERTURE RADAR IMAGERY Schwegmann, Colin P Kleynhans, Waldo...

  5. Cellular and molecular biology of filamentous fungi

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Borkovich, Katherine A; Ebbole, Daniel J



  6. Ⅱ. Pragmatic Interaction between Big Powers

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ Lu: It is very difficult to summarize the relationship among bigpowers in 2004. Looking east, there existed a "small cold war" named by some media between Europe and Russia and between the United States and Russia; with regard to the "orange revolution" in Ukraine at the end of the year, a rival show was displayed between America, Europe and Russia. Looking east, a fresh scent seems to fill the air: under the Six Party Talks, China, the United States, Russia and Japan jointly discuss the method to solve the Korean nuclear crisis; China and America's position on the Taiwan issue come closer. Powell regards Sino-U. S. relations as entering "the best period in history." How do we view the phenomenon? How will it develop in 2005?

  7. Minerals, lands, and geology for the common defence and general welfare, Volume 2, 1879-1904 : A history of geology in relation to the development of public-land, federal-science, and mapping policies and the development of mineral resources in the United States during the first 25 years of the U.S. Geological Survey (United States)

    Rabbitt, Mary C.


    In the traditional view of the Survey's first 25 years, which are the subject of much of this volume, John Wesley Powell, with his broad view of science and advanced ideas of land and water in the West, is the heroic figure. Clarence King is dismissed as brilliant but with a limited view of science as mining geology, and Charles D. Walcott is regarded primarily as a brilliant paleontologist chosen by Powell to succeed him. The Survey's first quarter century, however, spanned a watershed in American history that separated a primarily rural and agrarian nation and a primarily urban and industrial nation, a nation intent on conquering the continent and isolated from the Old World and a nation involved in world politics, a nation that believed in the virtues of competition and limited government and a nation that saw the virtue of cooperation and insisted on reform and regulation to ensure equal opportunities to all. Science itself changed during this period. The age of instruments was just beginning when the Survey was established; by the turn of the century, instruments had almost revolutionized science and the era of the lone investigator had to give way to an era of organized effort in the solution of problems.

  8. Between Democracy and Governance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bang, Henrik


    and preventing the much needed repoliticizations that can bring the old, strong combination of hard state power and thickly integrated citizenship back in. I do not think this type of politicization strategy will work. There are good reasons why it has fizzled out over time. New forms of political participation...... and social movements indicate a need for reconnecting political authorities and laypeople on the output side as a form of alternative political problematization strategy. Hay and Stoker want to mobilize citizens for repoliticizing latent or hidden interest and identity conflicts on the input side......The work of Gerry Stoker and Colin Hay considers the alliance between neoliberalism and public choice theory to be the motor of anti-politics and depoliticization in contemporary Western societies. Their effects have been to hollow out strong statecraft and hard state capacity, as well as the thick...

  9. "Золотой лев" в израильском танке / Борис Тух

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Тух, Борис, 1946-


    Venezia 66. rahvusvahelise filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : parim film Samuel Maozi "Liibanon", parim režissöör iraanlane Shirin Neshat ("Ilma meesteta naised"), parim meesnäitleja Colin Firth ("Üksik mees"), parim naisnäitleja Ksenija Rappoport ("Topelttund")

  10. Iisraeli tankistid võitsid Venezia festivali Kuldlõvi / Andres Laasik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Venezia 66. rahvusvahelise filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : parim film Samuel Maozi "Liibanon", parim režissöör iraanlane Shirin Neshat ("Ilma meesteta naised"), parim meesnäitleja Colin Firth ("Üksik mees"), parim naisnäitleja Ksenia Rappoport ("Topelttund")

  11. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Applications: Proton NMR In Biological Objects Subjected To Magic Angle Spinning

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wind, Robert A.; Hu, Jian Zhi


    Proton NMR in Biological Objects Submitted to Magic Angle Spinning, In Encyclopedia of Analytical Science, Second Edition (Paul J. Worsfold, Alan Townshend and Colin F. Poole, eds.), Elsevier, Oxford 6:333-342. Published January 1, 2005. Proposal Number 10896

  12. Targeted 2D/3D registration using ray normalization and a hybrid optimizer

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Dey, Joyoni; Napel, Sandy


    X-ray images are often used to guide minimally invasive procedures in interventional radiology. The use of a preoperatively obtained 3D volume can enhance the visualization needed for guiding catheters and other surgical devices. However, for intraoperative usefulness, the 3D dataset needs to be registered to the 2D x-ray images of the patient. We investigated the effect of targeting subvolumes of interest in the 3D datasets and registering the projections with C-arm x-ray images. We developed an intensity-based 2D/3D rigid-body registration using a Monte Carlo-based hybrid algorithm as the optimizer, using a single view for registration. Pattern intensity (PI) and mutual information (MI) were two metrics tested. We used normalization of the rays to address the problems due to truncation in 3D necessary for targeting. We tested the algorithm on a C-arm x-ray image of a pig's head and a 3D dataset reconstructed from multiple views of the C-arm. PI and MI were comparable in performance. For two subvolumes starting with a set of initial poses from +/-15 mm in x, from +/-3 mm (random), in y and z and +/-4 deg in the three angles, the robustness was 94% for PI and 91% for MI, with accuracy of 2.4 mm (PI) and 2.6 mm (MI), using the hybrid algorithm. The hybrid optimizer, when compared with a standard Powell's direction set method, increased the robustness from 59% (Powell) to 94% (hybrid). Another set of 50 random initial conditions from [+/-20] mm in x,y,z and [+/-10] deg in the three angles, yielded robustness of 84% (hybrid) versus 38% (Powell) using PI as metric, with accuracies 2.1 mm (hybrid) versus 2.0 mm (Powell)

  13. Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia - Vol 23, No ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Robert Wise, Kim de Vasconcellos, David Skinner, Reitze Rodseth, Dean Gopalan, David Muckart, Zohra Banoo, Tashmin Bisseru, Steve Blakemore, Jenine de Meyer, Michael Faurie, Kom Govender, Timothy Hardcastle, Prakash Jeena, Nicky Kalafatis, Kroshlan Kistan, Theroshnie Kisten, Carolyn Lee, Colin Mitchell, ...

  14. Delivering More Than Bombs: The Utility of Long-Range Strike Platforms (United States)


    actors in order to communicate, advertise , train, equip, and achieve their own objectives. The RMA has enhanced military conventional capability...Strategic Aircraft Programs. Westport, Conn.: Praeger, 2000. Ethell, Jeffrey. B-17 Flying Fortress. New York: Arms & Armour Press, 1986. Gray, Colin

  15. We Will Find A Way: Understanding the Legacy of Canadian Special Operations Forces (United States)


    planners briefed him on the Commando raiding program and, more importantly, the work of Brigadier Colin Gubbins’ SOE and their Norwegian sabotage... Drury , Assistant Military Attaché, Canadian 53. Legation, Washington to the Directorate of Military Operations & Intelligence, NDHQ, Washington, 7

  16. Communicating science: Reflections of an AGU public affairs intern (United States)

    Huth, Tyler


    This past summer, I read a biography of the geologist and anthropologist John Wesley Powell. Among his many important accomplishments, Powell was a legendary explorer of the then largely unknown American West, a leader in the founding of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and its second director, and the founder of the Cosmos Club in Washington, D. C. He was a student of the Earth from an early age, fought and lost an arm for the Union during the Civil War, advanced to the rank of major, led the first successful expedition down the entirety of the Grand Canyon, and then spent the rest of his life coupling scientific knowledge with public policy.

  17. 76 FR 45644 - Montana Disaster Number MT-00063 (United States)


    ..., Liberty, Madison, Park, Pondera, Powell, Ravalli, Richland, Sheridan, Teton, Toole, and the Blackfeet... Federal Domestic Assistance Numbers 59002 and 59008) James E. Rivera, Associate Administrator for Disaster...

  18. From Theory to Practice: The Powell Doctrine (United States)


    along a common theme. In 1990 Reagan’s Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger, wrote that the “ myths ” about Reagan’s disengagement and lack of...position or congratulated me on getting it.”193 “ Scary ” was Powell’s more frank description of Reagan’s lack of guidance and decision.194 In

  19. Seasonal Dynamics of River Corridor Exchange Across the Continental United States (United States)

    Gomez-Velez, J. D.; Harvey, J. W.; Scott, D.; Boyer, E. W.; Schmadel, N. M.


    River corridors store and convey mass and energy from landscapes to the ocean, altering water quality and ecosystem functioning at the local, reach, and watershed scales. As water moves through river corridors from headwaters streams to coastal estuaries, dynamic exchange between the river channel and its adjacent riparian, floodplain, and hyporheic zones, combined with ponded waters such as lakes and reservoirs, results in the emergence of hot spots and moments for biogeochemical transformations. In this work, we used the model Networks with EXchange and Subsurface Storage (NEXSS) to estimate seasonal variations in river corridor exchange fluxes and residence times along the continental United States. Using a simple routing scheme, we translate these estimates into a cumulative measure of river corridor connectivity at the watershed scale, differentiating the contributions of hyporheic zones, floodplains, and ponded waters. We find that the relative role of these exchange subsystems changes seasonally, driven by the intra-seasonal variability of discharge. In addition, we find that seasonal variations in discharge and the biogeochemical potential of hyporheic zones are out of phase. This behavior results in a significant reduction in hyporheic water quality functions during high flows and emphasizes the potential importance of reconnecting floodplains for managing water quality during seasonal high flows. Physical parameterizations of river corridor processes are critical to model and predict water quality and to sustainably manage water resources under present and future socio-economic and climatic conditions. Parsimonious models like NEXSS can play a key role in the design, implementation, and evaluation of sustainable management practices that target both water quantity and quality at the scale of the nation. This research is a product of the John Wesley Powell Center River Corridor Working Group.

  20. 76 FR 54521 - Montana Disaster Number MT-00062 (United States)


    ..., Broadwater, Carter, Chouteau, Fallon, Flathead, Golden Valley, Madison, Park, Phillips, Pondera, Powell... 59008) James E. Rivera, Associate Administrator for Disaster Assistance. [FR Doc. 2011-22419 Filed 8-31...

  1. Backyard Poultry

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Dr. Colin Basler, an epidemiologist with CDC, discusses his article on Salmonella infections associated with keeping live poultry in backyards.  Created: 1/18/2017 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 1/18/2017.

  2. Sacrifice and dystopia: imagining Karachi through Edhi

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jaffri, Y.; Verkaaik, O.; Anjaria, J.S.; McFarlane, C.


    Introduction : conceptualising the city in South Asia / Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria and Colin McFarlane -- pt. 1. Contested landscapes. The nuisance of slums : environmental law and the production of slum illegality in India / D. Asher Ghertner ; Poverty as geography : motility, stoppage and circuits

  3. Mysterianism about Consciousness and the Trinity

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Vohánka, Vlastimil

    -, č. 14 (2013), s. 69-90 ISSN 1212-9038 Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : mysterianism * the hard problem of consciousness * the logical problem of the Trinity * McGinn * Colin (*1950) * Šanda, Vojtěch (1873–1953) Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  4. Performance and teleology

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Peder Pedersen, Claus


    This article presents a generalized discussion of American and Dutch architectural ositions. The article uses Colin Rowes introduction to "Five Architects" as a prism for this discussion. He criticizes the ideological foundation of heroic modernist architecture, especially its claim of unifying f...

  5. Establishment for Nuclear Equipment: Overview

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pracz, J.


    Full text: In 1998 ZdAJ was mainly involved in the production of accelerators, simulators and tables ordered by the domestic market or destined for export. ZDAJ produced 28 POLKAM 15 therapeutic tables, 7 SIMAX X-ray simulators, 2 Coline soft accelerators and 2 Neptun accelerators. In addition 2D ALFARD treatment planning system was introduced for sale and five planning systems were installed in Polish hospitals. An order was received for the delivery of target chambers for the Isolde experiment carried out by CERN European Laboratory in Geneva. It is noteworthy that we got 1998 ''Teraz Polska'' prize, a reward for the best industrial product of the year based on Polish technical solutions, for the SACON cancer treatment therapeutic range. The SACON therapeutic range includes SMIAX diagnostic simulator with POLKAM 15 table, ALFARD treatment planning system, as well as Coline and Neptun accelerators. (author)

  6. Knots and Links

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    in a fashion similar to sound waves, whose medium is air. Ether was believed ..... [3] Colin C Adams, The Knot Book, W H Freeman and Company, New. York. ... [5] Kelly S Chichak, Stuart j CantriU, Antony R Pease, Sheng-Hsien. Chiu, Gareth ...

  7. Spread of Canine Flu

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    Dr. Colin Parrish, a Professor of Virology at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, discusses the spread of influenza among dogs.  Created: 4/5/2018 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 4/5/2018.

  8. Scopus: Journal of East African Ornithology - Vol 33 (2014)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The study and ringing of Palaearctic birds at Ngulia Lodge, Tsavo West National Park, Kenya, 1969–2012: An overview and update · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. David Pearson, Graeme Backhurst, Colin Jackson ...

  9. Mau Mau War: British Counterinsurgency In Colonial Kenya (United States)


    supporters. 92 Colin P. Clarke, Molly Dunigan, Beth Grill, and Christopher Paul, Paths to Victory: Detailed Insurgency Case Studies (Washington, DC: RAND...labor pool for imperial dirty work, the decision to deputize untrained and ill-disciplined volunteers backfired. A third example of how British

  10. Fuel Cell Power Systems for Navy Applications (United States)


    DAMES & MOORE LIBRARY LOS ANGELES. CA DRURY COLLEGE Physics Dept. Springfield. MO FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY Boca Raton. FL (McAllister) FOREST... Colin Ramage) Dept of Meteorology Honolulu HI: HONOLULU. HI (SCIENCE AND TECH. DIV.); Natd Energy Inst (DR Neill) Honolulu HI UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (Hall

  11. Legitimizing Political Science or Splitting the Discipline? Reflections on DA-RT and the Policy-making Role of a Professional Association

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schwartz-Shea, Peregrine; Yanow, Dvora


    We have been invited by Politics & Gender's editors to review the origins and current standing of the Data Access and Research Transparency (DA-RT) policy, an effort initiated by the eponymous American Political Science Association (APSA) Ad Hoc Committee and led primarily by Colin Elman,

  12. Unifying Learning Object Repositories in MACE

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Prause, Christian; Ternier, Stefaan; De Jong, Tim; Apelt, Stefan; Scholten, Marius; Wolpers, Martin; Eisenhauer, Markus; Vandeputte, Bram; Specht, Marcus; Duval, Erik


    Prause, C., Ternier, S., De Jong, T., Apelt, S., Scholten, M., Wolpers, M., et al. (2007). Unifying Learning Object Repositories in MACE. In D. Massart, J.-N. Colin & F. V. Assche (Eds.). Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Learning Object Discovery & Exchange (LODE'07). September,

  13. All-or-Nothing Dictator Games : A Field Experiment

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bekkers, R.


    The dictator game has become well known for its results violating predictions based on ‘rational choice’ models of human behavior with orthodox assumptions on self-interest (Colin F. Camerer, 2003). Prosocial allocations in dictator games seem to suggest that there is some altruism in ‘human

  14. Human Factors in the 21st Century(Les facteurs humains au 21th siecle) (United States)


    Communication, 6(2). Kerbrat-Orrechioni, C. (1990) Les interactions verbales, Armand- Colin , Paris. Lewis, D. 1969 Convention. Cambridge, MA : Harward...decision support (e.g. Taylor, Finnie and Hoy, 1997; Taylor, and Dru Drury , 2001). This is needed to determine the required levels of human control over

  15. Veneetsia filmifestivali võidufilm vaatleb sõda tanki sisemusest

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Venezia 66. rahvusvahelise filmifestivali auhinnasaajatest : parim film Samuel Maozi "Liibanon", parim režissöör iraanlane Shirin Neshat ("Ilma meesteta naised"), parim meesnäitleja Colin Firth ("Üksik mees"), parim naisnäitleja Ksenia Rappoport ("Topelttund"), žürii eripreemia Fatih Akini "Soul Kitchen"

  16. Intoxicação exógena por carbamato: relato de caso

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luciana Rodrigues Façanha Barreto Medeiros


    Full Text Available Os carbamatos usados com inseticidas são compostos anticolinesterásicos com variado grau de toxicidade para o ser humano. A maioria das intoxicações por esses agentes ocorre por exposição acidental da derme. Entretanto, ocorrem também ingestões acidentais e suicidas. Este relato de caso objetiva abordar o manejo intensivo da síndrome colinérgica em unidade de terapia intensiva e propor um fluxograma prático de manejo da intoxicação por carbamato. Abordamos o caso de um paciente jovem do sexo masculino, internado na UTI clínica do Hospital Universitário Walter Cantídio, admitido após ingestão intencional da substância aldicarbe (“chumbinho”, que é utilizado de forma irregular como raticida e sabidamente possui efeitos colinérgicos. O paciente apresentava rebaixamento do nível de consciência, bradicardia, sialorréia e insuficiência respiratória.

  17. What Happens If They Say No? Preserving Access to Critical Commercial Space Capabilities during Future Crises (United States)


    Overview. 3. Warren Ferster and Colin Clark, “NRO Confirms Chinese Laser Test Illuminated U.S. Spacecraft,” Space News, 3 October 2006, http...military/2008/11/11/blue-force-tracking-system-upgrade-seen-as-crucial; Rick Lober, “Why the Military Needs Commercial Satellite Technology,” Defense One

  18. Heath Ledgeri viimane film tehakse lõpuni

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Terry Gilliam teatas, et jätkab võtteid mängufilmi "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" lõpetamiseks (film jäi näitleja Heath Ledgeri surma tõttu pooleli), lastes tema rolli esitada kolmel väljapaistval näitlejal (Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Jude Law)

  19. Another record of a hadrosaurid dinosaur from the Maastrichtian type area (The Netherlands, Belgium): Seeley revisited

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mulder, E. W A; Jagt, J. W M; Schulp, Anne S.


    An incomplete left tibia of an indeterminate hadrosaurid from the type area of the Maastrichtian Stage, contained in the collections of the Museum für Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universität Berlin (ex Binkhorst van den Binkhorst Colin), is described, illustrated and compared with the type lot of

  20. The Shock and Vibration Bulletin. Part 4. Damping and Machinery Dynamics (United States)


    VIBRATION CHALLENGES IN J^.CROELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING Dr. Eric Ungar, Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc., Cambridge, MA and Colin G. Gordon, Bolt...Modes)," Shock and Vibra- tion Bulletin No. 48, Sept. 1978. B.K. Wada, R. Bamford , and J.A. Garba, "Equivalent Spring-Mass Sys- tems: A Physical

  1. Barriers to the widespread take-up of standardised e-learning

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Koper, Rob


    Introduction to the panel discussion at the Online Educa Berlin, December 2, 2004.
    Members of the discussion panel:
    Prof. Erik Duval, KUL, Belgium
    Dr. Dexter Fletcher, ADL. USA
    Prof. Oleg Liber, CETIS, Bolton, UK
    Dr. Colin Tattersall, OUNL, The Netherlands
    Prof. Rob Koper,

  2. WOCSDICE󈧇 The 27th Workshop on Compound Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits Held in Europe May 26 - 28, 2003 Forigen, Switzerland (United States)


    Rodrigues-Girones, M. Saglam, A. Megej, H.L. Hartnagel vi Recent Advances, Remaining Challenges in Wide Bandgap Semiconductors Colin ...R. H. Friend, and H. Sirringhaus, Science, 299, pp. 1881-1884, 2003. 19. C. J. Drury , C. M. J. Mutsaers, C. M. Hart, M. Matters, and D. M. de Leeuw

  3. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Russell N Van Gelder. Articles written in Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Volume 11 Issue 5 May 2006 pp 14-21 General Article. Colin Pittendrigh: The Lion in Winter · Russell N Van Gelder · More Details Fulltext PDF ...

  4. The Origins of the Second Cold War

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Beyrle, John


    In November 2002. the administration of President Cohn Powell was confronted with one of its worst strategic nightmares as a waking reality the massing of Russian military forces in the area bordering the Baltic...

  5. Repouso da junção neuromuscular no tratamento de crises miastênicas e colinérgicas Management of the myasthenic and cholinergic crisis by neuromuscular junction rest

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Lamartine de Assis


    Full Text Available Os autores trataram 18 crises miastênicas e colinérgicas desenvolvidas em 12 pacientes com forma generalizada e severa de miastenia grave, mediante o "repouso" da junção neuromuscular. Êste foi conseguido, em um grupo de 6 enfermos, pela suspensão das drogas anticolinesterásicas, emprego da respiração artificial e alimentação por sonda nasogástrica — "repouso relativo". Outro grupo de 6 pacientes foi submetido ao "repouso absoluto" da junção neuromuscular, mediante o uso da respiração artificial, alimentação por sonda nasogástrica e curarização prolongada pela galamina. Em mais de 50% das crises observaram-se melhoras imediatas e acentuadas com o método de tratamento pelo "repouso" da junção neuromuscular, ao lado de redução significativa da taxa de mortalidade nas crises. A evolução mostrou que os pacientes que responderam melhor durante e logo após o tratamento da crise, tiveram, também, melhor evolução ulterior. Dos 12 enfermos somente um era portador de timoma e, mesmo nesse paciente, a evolução foi satisfatória. A sensibilidade inicial ao curare foi muito grande em todos os doentes submetidos à curarização prolongada, mas, em prazo relativamente curto (alguns dias, esta hipersensibilidade diminuiu sensivelmente. Apesar de todos os cuidados, as infecções respiratórias foram a regra, exigindo tratamento enérgico e bem orientado.The neuromuscular junction rest method was employed in the treatment of 18 myasthenic and cholinergic crisis occurring in 12 patients with severe forms of myasthenia gravis. Six of these patients received a "relative rest" and other six patients received an "absolute rest" treatment. In the first group of patients the method consisted essentially in withdrawal of anticholinesterase therapy and mechanical respiratory support with early performance of traqueostomy and use of the intermitente positive pressure breathing (I.P.P.B. with cuffed traqueostomy tube. The patients of

  6. Work-Based Learning: A New Higher Education? (United States)

    Boud, David, Ed.; Solomon, Nicky, Ed.

    This three-part book contains 16 chapters exploring work-based learning from a theoretical and case-study perspective in the United Kingdom. Part 1, Framing Work-based Learning, contains the following four chapters: "New Practices for New Times" (David Boud, Nicky Solomon, and Colin Symes); "Repositioning Universities and Work"…

  7. The Future of Air Power in the Aftermath of the Gulf War (United States)


    thinkers like Colin S . Gray, the arguments presented above amounted to an "Americanizing" of the Soviet Union . This was highly ethnocentric and...of the not-too-distant past . Pressures for short-term results will continue to exist and are likely to increase . Furthermore, staffing of the R&D

  8. Operational Maneuver and Fires: A Role for Naval Forces in Land Operations (United States)


    34 Military Review, (February 1983), 13-34. Drury , M.T., "Naval Strike Warfare and the Outer Battle." Naval Forces, Vol.VII, (1986), 46-49. Fedyszn...Fort Leavenworth, KS., June 1987. Martin, Cormander Colin L., "Tomahawk Technology and the Maritime Strategy." Paper, Naval War College, Newport, RI

  9. Book Review: Nelson Mandela: A Jacana Pocket Biography ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Book Title: Nelson Mandela: A Jacana Pocket Biography. Author: Colin Bundy. Jacana: Auckland Park, 2015. 159 pp. Full Text: EMAIL FULL TEXT EMAIL FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT · AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL... for Researchers · for Librarians · for Authors ...

  10. Trust-Guided Behavior Adaptation Using Case-Based Reasoning (United States)


    Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 53(5):517–527, 2011. [Jian et al., 2000] Jiun-Yin Jian, Ann M. Bisantz, and Colin G. Drury . Foundations for an...2014] Michelle S. Carlson, Munjal Desai, Jill L. Drury , Hyangshim Kwak, and Holly A. Yanco. Identifying factors that influence trust in automated cars

  11. Load Carriage Capacity of the Dismounted Combatant - A Commanders’ Guide (United States)


    Brigadier Colin Kahn, DSO, former CO of the 5 RAR Dawn Service Address, 1987 detailing mental images that summed up Vietnam quoted and women. Journal of Applied Physiology 76 (3) March 1, 1994 1247-1255 Stuempfle, K. J., Drury , D. G. and Wilson, A. L. (2004) Effect of load

  12. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Annual Meetings · Mid Year Meetings · Discussion Meetings · Public Lectures · Lecture Workshops · Refresher Courses · Symposia · Live Streaming. Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 11; Issue 5. Colin Pittendrigh: The Lion in Winter. Russell N Van Gelder. General Article Volume 11 Issue ...

  13. CMS Young Researchers Award 2013 and Fundamental Physics Scholars Award from the CMS Experiment

    CERN Multimedia

    Lapka, Marzena


    Photo 2: CMS Fundamental Physics Scholars (FPSs) 1st prize: Joosep Pata, from Estonian National Institue of Chemical Physics and Biophysics / Photo 1 and 3: CMS Young Researchers Award. From left to right: Guido Tonelli, Colin Bernet, Andre David, Oliver Gutsche, Dmytro Kovalskyi, Andrea Petrucci, Joe Incandela and Jim Virdee

  14. Sex and Fertility After SCI

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... of Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Kristine Cichowski, MS Occupational Therapy after Spinal Cord Injury Katie Powell, OT ... does not provide medical advice, recommend or endorse health care products or services, or control the information ...

  15. Preventing Pressure Sores

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... of Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Kristine Cichowski, MS Occupational Therapy after Spinal Cord Injury Katie Powell, OT ... does not provide medical advice, recommend or endorse health care products or services, or control the information ...

  16. Basics of SCI Rehabilitation

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... of Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Kristine Cichowski, MS Occupational Therapy after Spinal Cord Injury Katie Powell, OT ... does not provide medical advice, recommend or endorse health care products or services, or control the information ...

  17. Spinal Cord Injury 101

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... of Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Kristine Cichowski, MS Occupational Therapy after Spinal Cord Injury Katie Powell, OT ... does not provide medical advice, recommend or endorse health care products or services, or control the information ...

  18. Vanemuislased jagasid oma majja tunnustust

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Vanemuise loomenõukogu jagas aastaauhindu. Autospiriti-nimeline draamaauhind läks Maarja Mittile, Torrese-nimelise balletiauhinna sai Colin Thomas Maggs, Kinema-nimelise tehnilise töötaja auhinna sai Jaan Koiduaru, loomenõukogu eripreemia sai trupijuht Eda Hinno ning haldustöötaja müügiassistendi preemia Sanna Pindma. Samuti jagati kolleegipreemiaid

  19. AA magnet measurement team

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN PhotoLab


    Quickly improvised measurement equipment for the AA (Antiproton Accumulator) was all the tight schedule permitted, but the high motivation of the team made up for the lack of convenience. From left to right: Roy Billinge (Joint AA Project Leader, the other one was Simon van der Meer); Bruno Autin, Brian Pincott, Colin Johnson.

  20. Karl popper's architectural legacy : An intertextual reading of collage city (1)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Komez-Daglioglu, E.


    Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter's book Collage City has been one of the most inspiring works in the field of architecture with its elaborate and stimulating critique of Modernist and Post-war architecture and city planning. Published first as an article in 1975 and later as a book in 1978, Collage

  1. An Analysis of the Distinction between Deep and Shallow Expert Systems (United States)


    Standards Yorktown Heighta, NY 10500 Gaithersburg, MD 20896 Dr. Saul Amarel Dept. of Computer Science Dr. Harold Bamford CDR Robert Carter Rutgero...Michigan Marina Del Ray, CA 00232 320 Packard Read Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Mr. Colin Sheppard Dr. Diana We.r-e AXC2 Block I Mr. Prasad Tadepalli Department of

  2. The Transition From Event Reports to Measurable Organizational Impact: Workshop Proceedings Report (United States)


    Airlines Colin Drury - - - - - - - - - - - - - Applied Ergonomics Douglas Farrow - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FAA AFS-280 Terry Gober... cost , at their Seattle location. Also, Boeing supports presentations regarding MEDA at international conferences, which greatly increased the number...approach to a true safety culture involves human factors and error management training that includes management; a Just Policy and accountability , an

  3. Public Affairs Training for the Army’s Officer Corps: Need or Neglect? (United States)


    Individual Research Project, No. AD-783-802. Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, 1974. McKenzie, Colin . "A Look at the News Media." US Army War College Mono...SAID IN 1978 Cronkite, Walter. "On Value of Newspaper Training for TV Reporters." San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle. March 5, 1978, p. 38. Drury

  4. Leadership and innovation in nursing seen through a historical lens. (United States)

    Harris, Ruth; Bennett, Janette; Ross, Fiona


    To explore nurses' archived accounts of Matron Muriel Powell's management and leadership style and the impact of this on the implementation and sustainability of innovation in the workplace. In popular discourse, the matron has become an emblem of leadership. Although the title disappeared in the UK in the late 1960s as part of the re-organization recommended by the Salmon Report, it re-appeared in 2002 in an attempt to improve care standards by reasserting a strong nursing presence and clinical leadership role. Secondary data analysis using qualitative thematic analysis. This paper draws on interview data held in the 'Nurses Voices' archive. The interview transcripts of 132 nurses who trained or worked at St George's hospital in 1920-1980 were analysed in depth between March 2011-January 2012 and themes were generated inductively by grouping together emergent codes in the data with similar meaning. Looking back, the nurses recalled strong memories of the leadership of Matron Powell. Her presence emerged as a significant influence throughout the interviews. Two resonant themes were identified: innovation and open communication. Through her visibility and direct access with patients and staff, Dame Muriel Powell showed what we would now call transformative leadership qualities. Her leadership created a culture of open communication and innovation that initiated change in the organization and the nursing workforce. Looking back and learning from historical figures can deepen understanding and provide pointers for the nurse leaders of today. © 2013 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  5. Oyelami & Dada (14)

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    in manufacturing industries for quality control and reduction of .... solved using MATLAB. ... Along y* - axis in the fluid ... + g. (2). (3). (4). (5). Oyelami and Dada: Transient Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of Eyring-Powell Fluid in A Porous Medium ...

  6. Täägid paradiisis / Colin MacCabe ; tõlk. Indrek Koff

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    MacCabe, Colin


    Mängufilm "Peenike punane joon" ("The Thin Red Line") : režissöör ja stsenarist James Jonesi romaani põhjal Terrence Malick : Ameerika Ühendriigid 1998. Lisa : Terrence Malickþi elu- ja loominguloolised andmed

  7. Dancing in the sun: The musical as touristic hook in ‘Honeymoon’

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lidia Merás


    Full Text Available The British/Spanish co-production Honeymoon (Luna de miel, Michael Powell, 1959 is a curious case of an export for foreign audiences that won the Technical Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival yet was a commercial failure. Taking this now forgotten film as a case study, we will investigate the musical genre from a transnational perspective. Recently restored to its original length, Honeymoon includes compositions by Manuel de Falla and Sarasate, as well as performances by ballet dancer Ludmilla Tchérina and Spanish dance star Antonio (Ruiz Soler, both choreographed by Léonide Massine. We examine the interplay between national and transnational elements in a musical that tries to emulate the success of The Red Shoes (Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1948 by putting it in the context of the Spanish cultural and economic policies of promoting the country.

  8. Do Stochastic Traffic Assignment Models Consider Differences in Road Users Utility Functions?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Otto Anker


    of travel time versus travel length). A simple heuristic modification on SUE is presented which models both. To illustrate the theoretical discussions in the paper, bundles of routes between two zones in Copenhagen are presented according to the different principles and compared with results from a stop...... to overcome this problem. Sheffi & Powell (1981) presented a practically operational solution algorithm in which the travel resistance for each road segment is adjusted according to a Monte Carlo simulation following the Normal-distribution. By this the road users’ ‘perceived travel resistances’ are simulated....... A similar concept is used as a part of the Sto-chastic User Equilibrium model (SUE) suggested by Daganzo and Sheffi (1977) and operationalized by Sheffi & Powell (1982). In the paper it is discussed whether this way of modelling the ‘perceived travel resistance’ is sufficient to describe the road users...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Varias décadas de investigaciones neuropatológicas e imagenológicas han proporcionado suficientes evidencias acerca de las alteraciones en la neurotransmisión colinérgica que acompañan a la disfunción dopaminérgica en la enfermedad de Parkinson (EP. El núcleo pedunculopontino tegmental laterodorsal (NPP representa una de las fuentes principales de  proyecciones colinérgicas en el cerebro y a su vez es el origen de la única proyección colinérgica que recibe la substantia nigra pars compacta (SNpc. Actualmente el estudio de la participación del NPP en la fisiopatología de la EP toma en cuenta dos vertientes: el impacto de la pérdida temprana de la influencia excitatoria pontina sobre la SNpc asociado a la degeneración  temprana del NPP y la estimulación a baja frecuencia del NPP como tratamiento quirúrgico beneficioso para los signos axiales de la EP. El NPP ha emergido como una estructura esencial en la comprensión de la fisiopatología de la EP dado sus relaciones con los núcleos de los ganglios basales, el tálamo, la corteza motora y la médula espinal. La degeneración de algunas de sus poblaciones neuronales en etapas pre sintomáticas de la EP ha sugerido una relación causa-efecto entre este hallazgo y la muerte de las células dopaminérgicas nigrales. Por otra parte la estimulación del NPP tiene resultados favorables sobre los trastornos posturales y de la marcha, los cuales se presentan en etapas tardías de la EP y son refractarios a otros tratamientos farmacológicos y quirúrgicos.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    include;1) Invasive aspergillosis seen mostly in stem cell and organ transplant recipients, patients with haematological malignancies, cancer ...... 1977; 86(4): p. ... 1982; 96(3): p. 286-91. 46. Denning, D.W. O'Driscoll, B.R., Powell, G., et al.

  11. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    George H Kitzman Professor of Genetics, Chief, Division of Cellular and Molecular Therapy, Departments of Pediatrics, Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, Powell Gene Therapy Center, Assistant Director, General Clinical Research Center, Cancer and Genetics Research Complex, 1376 Mowry Road, Room 492-A, ...

  12. Book Reviews


    Matthews, Alan; Goldin, Ian; Colman, David; Bickerton, Thomas W.; Beghin, John C.; Croci-Angelini, Elisabetta


    Books reviewed include: Principles of Agricultural Economics by D. Colman and T. Young; World Agriculture: Toward 2000 by Nikos Alexandratos; Food Subsidies in Developing Countries: Costs, Benefits and Policy Options; Elasticities in International Agricultural Trade by Colin A. Carter and W. H. Gardiner; Macroeconomics, Agriculture and Exchange Rates; Government and Agriculture in Western Europe, 1880-1988 by M. Tracy

  13. Interval Routing and Minor-Monotone Graph Parameters

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bakker, E.M.; Bodlaender, H.L.; Tan, R.B.; Leeuwen, J. van


    We survey a number of minor-monotone graph parameters and their relationship to the complexity of routing on graphs. In particular we compare the interval routing parameters κslir(G) and κsir(G) with Colin de Verdi`ere’s graph invariant μ(G) and its variants λ(G) and κ(G). We show that for all the

  14. The Rose Report [Continued]: "The Invisible Worm" (United States)

    Drummond, Mary Jane


    While Colin Richards' article is a trenchant analysis of the big themes and missed opportunities of the Rose Report, this response examines some of the small print. It concludes that the document is disfigured by many minor blemishes, and is also fatally flawed by a crude misapprehension of the nature of progress and the purpose of education.

  15. Browse Title Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 451 - 500 of 941 ... Vol 13, No 2 (1999), Determination and delineation of the amount of platinum in various segments of an automotive catalyst using carbon paste electrode technique with electrode binder. Details PDF. F A Adekola, C Colin, D Bauer. Vol 2, No 1 (1988), Determination of γ-BHC in breast milk of Kenyan ...

  16. The Intelligence Revolution: A Historical Perspective (United States)


    dimension. Orbis 24:771-86, Winter 1981. Gray, Colin S. Moscow is cheating. Foreign Polic No.56:141-152, 1984. Knight, Amy W. The KGB’s special... Bamford , James. The puzzle palace: a report on America’s most secret agency. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 1982. (UB 251 .U5 B35 1982) Braswell, Nancy S

  17. Financial crimes and financial misdemeanours


    Bamford, Colin


    The author argues that undesirable behaviour in the financial markets has not been countered by appropriate controls. Article by Colin Bamford (Barrister, 3-4 South Square) published in Amicus Curiae - Journal of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies. The Journal is produced by the Society for Advanced Legal Studies at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London.

  18. Mobilization Bibliography: Periodical Articles (1915 - 1982), (United States)


    12-13+. 131 Goldich, Robert L. "Mobilization for the Apocalypse." ARMY 28 (May 1978): 22-25+. 132 Gray, Colin S. "The Military Requirements of U.S...the Last Year; The Obstacles Which Stand in the Way of an All-Out Record; Some Problems and Proposals." NEW MASSES (December 8, 1942): 5-7. 632 Drury

  19. Browse Author Index

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    B. Bamford, Jan Katherine · Baptista, Isabel · Bardelle, Carolina · Bastos, Sênia · Beard, Colin · Beqo, Ina · Blain, Matthew · Bolt, Ester Ellen Trees · Bosma, Robert · Bossema, Jan · Budhiastra, I. Made Mahendra · Buijtendijk, Harald 1 - 12 of 12 Items. ISSN: 2224-3534. AJOL African Journals Online. HOW TO USE AJOL.

  20. Education Policy and Practice "under" New Labour: An Epistolary Critique (United States)

    Richards, Colin


    Since the election of 1997 New Labour's education policy has been subject to variety of forms of critique--in this journal and others. One of the sources for such critique has been a barrage of letters unleashed for over a decade by Colin Richards in the "Times Educational Supplement". Here are reproduced a self-edited selection of his…

  1. Factors Controlling Nitrogen Loadings in Major River Basins Across the United States (United States)

    Boyer, E. W.; Alexander, R. B.; Galloway, J. N.; Golden, H. E.; Moore, R. B.; Schwarz, G. E.; Harvey, J. W.; Gomez-Velez, J. D.; Scott, D.; Clune, J.


    Inputs of reactive nitrogen (all N species except for N2) have been increasing worldwide, largely due to human activities associated with food production and energy consumption via the combustion of fossil fuels and biofuels. Despite the obvious essential benefits of a plentiful supply of food and energy, the adverse consequences associated with the accumulation of N in the environment are large. Most of the N created by human activities is released to the environment, often with unintended negative consequences. The greater the inputs of N to the landscape, the greater the potential for negative effects - caused by greenhouse gas production, ground level ozone, acid deposition, and N overload; which in turn can contribute to climate change, degradation of soils and vegetation, acidification of surface waters, coastal eutrophication, hypoxia, habitat loss, and loss of stratospheric ozone. Here we present a contemporary inventory of reactive N inputs to major water regions in the United States, and discuss accounting methods for quantifying N sources and transport. Furthermore, we quantify loadings of N from terrestrial headwaters downstream to coastal estuaries and embayments. N delivery to downstream waters is influenced by nutrient sources as well as coupled hydrological and biogeochemical processes occurring along the river corridor (e.g., travel time distributions, denitrification, and storage) that scale with stream size and are affected by impoundments such as lakes and reservoirs. This underscores the need to account for the nonlinear interactions of aquatic transport processes with watershed nutrient sources, as well as cumulative effects, in developing efficient nutrient reduction strategies. Our work is useful as a benchmark of the current N situation against which future progress can be assessed in varying water regions of the country; amidst changing N inputs, policies, and management strategies. Our results stem from the EPA Integrated Nitrogen


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available From its origins in the mid 19th century, photography has been used by different scientific and humanistic disciplines, serving as a way to document and investigate the different processes and phenomena occurring along the Earth. The relationship between landscape and photography continued throughout the rest of the nineteenth century; during the colonization of Africa and Asia. The major European nations made huge photographic works for anthropological research (Ryan, 1994. The first scientific studies that use photography as a tool began in the colonization of the current territory of the United States, identifying the appropriate route for the transcontinental railway routes, (Bell, 1869, in Webb, 2010 or illustrating geologic characteristics of the Earth (Powell 1895 in Webb, 2010. 

  3. 78 FR 72851 - Commission Seeks Comment on Licensing Models and Technical Requirements in the 3550-3650 MHz Band (United States)


    ..., small cell networks are generally characterized by: Lower transmit power, lower local RF transmissions.... However, some preliminary estimated values for transmission power levels, whether field strength or power... INFORMATION section of this document. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Paul Powell, Attorney Advisor, Wireless...

  4. Managing work-life policies : disruption versus dependency arguments

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dulk, Laura den; Ruijter, Judith de


    What factors shape managerial attitudes towards the utilization of work-life policies? The influence of disruptiveness (Powell and Mainiero 1999) and dependency (Klein, Berman and Dickson 2000) arguments on managerial attitudes is examined using a vignette design. In this study, managers in four

  5. Estimation of Panel Data Regression Models with Two-Sided Censoring or Truncation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Alan, Sule; Honore, Bo E.; Hu, Luojia


    This paper constructs estimators for panel data regression models with individual speci…fic heterogeneity and two–sided censoring and truncation. Following Powell (1986) the estimation strategy is based on moment conditions constructed from re–censored or re–truncated residuals. While these moment...

  6. Megawatt-Scale Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Testing of a Power Conversion Module for Naval Applications (United States)


    Carlton, Ryan Franzen, Christian Georgeff, James Helphrey, Donald Klick, William Mehlhorn, Andrew Nerbun, Stephen Peshman, David Powell, well as Rick Silverman of General Dynamics. The authors would like to thank Joe Borraccini and Sharon Beermann-Curtin of ONR for support during

  7. Over regulering internettelefonie: nut en noodaak van de regulering van VoIP

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Poort, J.P.; Baarsma, B.E.; Teulings, C.N.


    Internettelefonie wordt door velen gezien als een ontwikkeling die de telefoniemarkt op zijn grondvesten doet schudden: ‘It is probably the most significant paradigm shift in the entire history of modern telecommunications, since the invention of the telephone’, aldus Michael Powell, voorzitter van

  8. Population size does not explain past changes in cultural complexity. (United States)

    Vaesen, Krist; Collard, Mark; Cosgrove, Richard; Roebroeks, Wil


    Demography is increasingly being invoked to account for features of the archaeological record, such as the technological conservatism of the Lower and Middle Pleistocene, the Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition, and cultural loss in Holocene Tasmania. Such explanations are commonly justified in relation to population dynamic models developed by Henrich [Henrich J (2004)Am Antiq69:197-214] and Powell et al. [Powell A, et al. (2009)Science324(5932):1298-1301], which appear to demonstrate that population size is the crucial determinant of cultural complexity. Here, we show that these models fail in two important respects. First, they only support a relationship between demography and culture in implausible conditions. Second, their predictions conflict with the available archaeological and ethnographic evidence. We conclude that new theoretical and empirical research is required to identify the factors that drove the changes in cultural complexity that are documented by the archaeological record.

  9. A Dreissena Risk Assessment for the Colorado River Ecosystem (United States)

    Kennedy, Theodore A.


    Executive Summary Nonnative zebra and quagga mussels (Dreissena polymorpha and Dreissena bugensis, respectively; see photo above) were accidentally introduced to the Great Lakes in the 1980s and subsequently spread to watersheds of the Eastern United States (Strayer and others, 1999). The introduction of Dreissena mussels has been economically costly and has had large and far-reaching ecological impacts on these systems. Quagga mussels were found in Lakes Mead and Havasu in January 2007. Given the likelihood that quagga mussels and, eventually, zebra mussels will be introduced to Lake Powell and the Colorado River at Lees Ferry, it is important to assess the risks that introduction of Dreissena mussels pose to the Colorado River ecosystem (here defined as the segment of river from just below Glen Canyon Dam to Diamond Creek; hereafter CRE). In this report, I assess three different types of risks associated with Dreissena and the CRE: (1) the risk that Dreissena will establish at high densities in the CRE, (2) the risk of ecological impacts should Dreissena establish at high densities in the CRE or in Lake Powell, and (3) the risk that Dreissena will be introduced to tributaries of the CRE. The risk of Dreissena establishing within the CRE is low, except for the Lees Ferry tailwater reach where the risk appears high. Dreissena are unlikely to establish at high densities within the CRE or its tributaries because of high suspended sediment, high ratios of suspended inorganic:organic material, and high water velocities, all of which interfere with the ability of Dreissena to effectively filter feed. The rapids of Grand Canyon may represent a large source of mortality to larval Dreissena, which would limit their ability to disperse and colonize downstream reaches of the CRE. In contrast, conditions within the Lees Ferry tailwater generally appear suitable for Dreissena establishment, with the exception of high average water velocity. If Dreissena establish within the

  10. Small Bandwidth Asymptotics for Density-Weighted Average Derivatives

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cattaneo, Matias D.; Crump, Richard K.; Jansson, Michael

    This paper proposes (apparently) novel standard error formulas for the density-weighted average derivative estimator of Powell, Stock, and Stoker (1989). Asymptotic validity of the standard errors developed in this paper does not require the use of higher-order kernels and the standard errors...

  11. Teacher and School Characteristics and Their Influence on Curriculum Implementation (United States)

    Roehrig, Gillian H.; Kruse, Rebecca A.; Kern, Anne


    Reform-based curriculum materials have been suggested as a mechanism to make inquiry-based instruction more prevalent in secondary science classrooms, specifically when accompanied by comprehensive professional development (Loucks-Horsley, Hewson, Love, & Stiles, [1998]; Powell & Anderson, [2002]). This research examines the implementation of a…

  12. 75 FR 57969 - Center for Scientific Review; Notice of Closed Meetings (United States)


    ... applications. Place: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, 1150 22nd Street, NW., Washington, DC 20037. Contact Person... applications. Place: St. Gregory Hotel, 2033 M Street, NW., Washington, DC 20036. Contact Person: Yvonne.... Place: Villa Florence Hotel, 225 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. Contact Person: Maria...

  13. The NASA Library and Researchers at Goddard: A Visitor's Perspective (United States)

    Powell, Jill H.


    Jill Powell, engineering librarian from Cornell University, visited the library at NASA Goddard in Greenbelt, Maryland in July 2013, interviewing library staff and selected NASA scientists. She studied the library's digital projects, publications, services, and operations. She also interviewed several NASA scientists on information-seeking…

  14. Species status and conservation issues of New Zealand's endemic Latrodectus spider species (Araneae: Theridiidae)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vink, Cor J; Sirvid, Phillip J; Malumbres-Olarte, Jagoba


    New Zealand has two endemic widow spiders, Latrodectus katipo Powell, 1871 and L. atritus Urquhart, 1890. Both species face many conservation threats and are actively managed. The species status of the Latrodectus spiders of New Zealand was assessed using molecular (COI, ITS1, ITS2...

  15. Symbolisme et gestion endogène de l'eau en milieu Shabè dans la ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    31 déc. 2015 ... Armand Colin, 127p. Durkheim E, 1898. Représentations individuelles et représentations Collectives. In : Revue de métaphysique et de morale. Page). Durkheim E, 2008. Les formes élémentaires de la vie religieuse. Paris, Presse Universitaire de. France. Eliade M, 2009. Le mythe de l'éternel retour. Paris,.

  16. L Geetha

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    L Geetha. Articles written in Resonance – Journal of Science Education. Volume 1 Issue 3 March 1996 pp 66-77 General Article. Time in a Timeless Environment My Life in a Bunker · L Geetha · More Details Fulltext PDF. Volume 1 Issue 6 June 1996 pp 58-60 General Article. Colin S. Pittendrigh: An Appreciation The life of ...

  17. Strategists Break All the Rules (United States)


    without my lovely bride, best friend, and harshest critic, Dr. Eileen U. Godinez, I would never have attempted this school or this career choice...Senge, 73. 42 Colin S. Gray , The Strategy Bridge: Theory For Practice (Oxford: Oxford University Press, USA, 2011), 168. 15 the conventional wars, that an apolitical army meant a professional army. 70 Ambrose, 131. 71 Gray

  18. Forbidden minors for the class of graphs G with $\\xi (G) \\leq 2$

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hogben, L.; Holst, van der H.


    For a given simple graph G, is defined to be the set of real symmetric matrices A whose (i,j)th entry is nonzero whenever i¿j and ij is an edge in G. In [F. Barioli, S. Fallat, L. Hogben, A variant on the graph parameters of Colin de Verdière: Implications to the minimum rank of graphs, Electron. J.

  19. Euroopa teadis USA salavanglaist / Tõnis Erilaid

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Erilaid, Tõnis, 1943-


    USA endise välisministri Colin Powelli sõnul pole see tema sõpradele Euroopas uudiseks, et USA on viinud vange riikidesse, kus tema seadused ei kehti. USA praeguse välisministri Condoleezza Rice'i sõnul on USA vange üle kuulanud väljaspool USA-d. USA Today kirjeldab Stare Kiejkuty küla Poolas, kus arvatavasti on olnud salavangla

  20. Biomarkers of Fatigue: Ranking Mental Fatigue Susceptibility (United States)


    Powell, J.W., Ott, G.E., Aptowicz, C., & Pack, A.I. (1997). Cumulative sleepiness, mood disturbance, and psychomotor vigilance performance decrements...RESTRICTIONS Wed Thurs Fri & Sat Caffeinated Food/Drink (e.g. coffee, cola, chocolate ) reduce by 1/3 reduce by 1/3 NONE after Thurs midnight

  1. 76 FR 72901 - Notice of Petitions by Firms for Determination of Eligibility To Apply for Trade Adjustment... (United States)


    .... attachments for excavators and backfill equipment and other attachments and parts for heavy equipment. Modular... furniture in wood, metal, stone and upholstery. Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Inc........ 1 Clock Tower Place, 24-Oct-11 The firm manufactures Suite 300, Maynard, intermediate and MA 01754. student musical...

  2. 78 FR 43202 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applicants (United States)


    .... Alsea Global Logistics, LLC dba Alsea Global Logistics (NVO & OFF), 4836 SE Powell Blvd., Portland, OR... NVO & OFF License. Atlant Consulting Inc. dba Avro Logistics (NVO & OFF), 3626 Geary Blvd., Suite 206..., Officers: Paul Selvage, Member (QI), Steven Periman, Member/Manager, Application Type: Add Trade Name Blu...

  3. Eight Nobel prizewinners at CERN in 1962

    CERN Multimedia


    In 1962, CERN hosted the 11th International Conference on High Energy Physics. Among the distinguished visitors were eight Nobel prizewinners. Left to right: Cecil F Powell, Isidor I Rabi, Werner Heisenberg, Edwin M McMillan, Emile Segre, Tsung Dao Lee, Chen Ning Yang and Robert Hofstadter.

  4. 76 FR 38503 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; 12-Month Finding on a Petition To List a Distinct... (United States)


    ... finding, related Federal Register notices, and other pertinent information, may be obtained online at http...; Powell 1993, p. 170). Direct aggression between individuals in the wild has not been observed, although.... 977). Montana Department of Fish and Game (now Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MTFWP)) initiated a...

  5. 76 FR 69198 - Proposed Establishment of the Middleburg Virginia Viticultural Area (United States)


    ..., University of California Press, 1974, pp. 61-64). One degree day accumulates for each degree Fahrenheit that... John Leven Powell Returns to Middleburg,'' Audrey Windsor Bergner, Middleburg Press, 1995). Originally..., creeks, roads, elevation points, a national park boundary line, and other points shown on the USGS maps...

  6. Perspectives on the Viable Mobile Virtual Community for Telemedicine

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van 't Klooster, J.W.J.R.; Pawar, P.; van Beijnum, Bernhard J.F.; Dulawan, Chariz; Hermens, Hermanus J.


    A virtual community is an electronically supported social network: it can be seen as a group of people who have regular social interaction, independent of time and space, because of a common interest such as a problem, task, or feeling exchange (Eysenbach, Powell, Englesakis, Rizo, & Stern, 2004;

  7. People of Color Rising up and Speaking out: Oppression and Knowledge Production. Proceedings for the Annual African American & Latino/a American Adult Education Research Symposium (11th, Chicago, Illinois, April 6, 2002). (United States)

    Garth, Phyllis Ham, Ed.

    This document contains 14 papers from an annual symposium on research in adult education for African Americans and Latin Americans. Representative papers include the following: "Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Keeping the Faith and Representing the Race--From the Pulpit to Politics" (Roudell Kirkwood); "Religious Education and…

  8. 77 FR 51824 - Environmental and Related Services (United States)


    ... . FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Project Leader Jennifer Powell (202- 205-3450 or [email protected] ) or Deputy Project Leader Joann Peterson (202-205-3032 or [email protected] ) for... related services, that, to the extent practicable: Estimates the size of the U.S. and global markets for...

  9. 96 International Conference on Nonlinear Programming

    CERN Document Server


    About 60 scientists and students attended the 96' International Conference on Nonlinear Programming, which was held September 2-5 at Institute of Compu­ tational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing (ICMSEC), Chi­ nese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. 25 participants were from outside China and 35 from China. The conference was to celebrate the 60's birthday of Professor M.J.D. Powell (Fellow of Royal Society, University of Cambridge) for his many contributions to nonlinear optimization. On behalf of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice president Professor Zhi­ hong Xu attended the opening ceremony of the conference to express his warm welcome to all the participants. After the opening ceremony, Professor M.J.D. Powell gave the keynote lecture "The use of band matrices for second derivative approximations in trust region methods". 13 other invited lectures on recent advances of nonlinear programming were given during the four day meeting: "Primal-dual methods for nonconvex optimization" by...

  10. A New Modified Three-Term Conjugate Gradient Method with Sufficient Descent Property and Its Global Convergence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bakhtawar Baluch


    Full Text Available A new modified three-term conjugate gradient (CG method is shown for solving the large scale optimization problems. The idea relates to the famous Polak-Ribière-Polyak (PRP formula. As the numerator of PRP plays a vital role in numerical result and not having the jamming issue, PRP method is not globally convergent. So, for the new three-term CG method, the idea is to use the PRP numerator and combine it with any good CG formula’s denominator that performs well. The new modification of three-term CG method possesses the sufficient descent condition independent of any line search. The novelty is that by using the Wolfe Powell line search the new modification possesses global convergence properties with convex and nonconvex functions. Numerical computation with the Wolfe Powell line search by using the standard test function of optimization shows the efficiency and robustness of the new modification.

  11. Field science in the Railroad Era: the tools of knowledge empire in the American West, 1869-1916 Pesquisas de campo na era das ferrovias: os instrumentos do império dos conhecimentos no Oeste dos Estados Unidos, 1869-1916

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeremy Vetter


    Full Text Available Focusing on the field sciences during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, this paper analyzes how railroads served as tools of knowledge empire in the American West. The political economy of this region, shaped by the rise of Populism and capitalist development with federal and state government support, provided the context for cooperation between field scientists and railroad companies. Early on, the displacement of American Indians and their concentration on reservations was intertwined with the research of the Bureau of Ethnology under John Wesley Powell. Later, railroad companies became important patrons of field research, primarily through their provision of free or reduced-fare passes for travel. This research ranged from state universities undertaking research in horticulture and irrigation engineering to metropolitan natural history museums whose field work in paleontology had cultural or symbolic value.Ao analisar pesquisas de campo realizadas no final do século XIX e início do XX, o artigo mostra como as estradas de ferro foram instrumentos do império dos conhecimentos no Oeste dos Estados Unidos. A economia política da região foi modelada pela ascensão do populismo e pelo desenvolvimento do capitalismo com o apoio dos governos estaduais e federal. Criaram-se assim as condições para a cooperação entre cientistas e companhias ferroviárias. Num primeiro momento, o deslocamento dos índios e sua concentração em reservas estiveram relacionados às pesquisas do Escritório de Etnologia, então dirigido por John Wesley Powell. As companhias ferroviárias tornaram-se importantes patrocinadoras de pesquisas de campo fornecendo passagens gratuitas ou a custos reduzidos para as viagens dos cientistas, desde aqueles ligados a universidades públicas que promoviam estudos sobre horticultura e engenharia da irrigação, até museus metropolitanos de história natural, cujos trabalhos de campo em paleontologia tinham


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) Database depicts flood risk information and supporting data used to develop the risk data. The primary risk...

  13. What America Will Need from Its Community Colleges by the Year 2000. (United States)

    Perkins, Carl D.; And Others


    Five authors offer short essays representing diverse points of view on the future role of community, technical, and junior colleges. The authors are Congressman Carl D. Perkins, board of trustee member Pattie T. Powell, Professor Dorothy U. Seyler, University President Stephen J. Trachtenberg, and President Lawrence W. Tyree. (DMM)

  14. Ma ka Hana ka 'Ike (In the Work Is the Knowledge): Kaona as Rhetorical Action (United States)

    McDougall, Brandy Nalani; Nordstrom, Georganne


    Malea Powell's description of composition and rhetoric's scholarship on American Indian texts echoes assertions made by Scott Richard Lyons, who writes that while the literature of the past decade demonstrates the discipline's efforts at including Native ways of knowing in scholarly discussions and classroom curricula, representations of Native…

  15. Patterns of Bureaucracy in Intercollegiate Athletic Departments (United States)

    Rocha, Claudio M.


    The theoretical argument of the current research is that athletic departments have been effective in attaining their conflicting goals mainly because they have become highly effective in managing institutional rules. Neo-institutionalism (DiMaggio & Powell, 1991), loose coupling (Meyer & Rowan, 1977), and patterns of bureaucracy (Gouldner, 1954)…

  16. Sticking to standards : Technical and other isomorphic pressures in deploying ERP-systerns

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Benders, J.; Batenburg, R.; van der Blonk, H.C.

    This paper focuses on how and to what extent homogenization coincides with the deployment of ERP-systems. Using the work of DiMaggio and Powell on isomorphic pressures, we argue that the use of ERP-systems may in several ways lead to standardization within and between organizations. Competitive and

  17. Language, Rhetoric, and Politics in a Global Context: A Decolonial Critical Discourse Perspective on Nigeria's 2015 Presidential Campaign (United States)

    Ahmed, Yunana


    In this dissertation, I conceptualize a rhetorical and linguistic analysis of politics from a decolonial framework (Mignolo, 2011; Smith, 2012). My analysis draws on classical rhetoric (Aristotle, 2007), cultural rhetoric (Mao, 2014; Powell, et al., 2014; Yankah, 1995), and linguistics (Chilton, 2004) to reveal the different ways ideological and…


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    forest, the rural respondents had zero knowledge of many of the services. Despite the ... “production, regulating, habitat, carrier, and information, to provide capacity to produce a ... plants and birds, remain unstudied in large areas". Powell ... synonymous with life itself, with spiritual sustenance, with wealth and prosperity ...

  19. Animal minds and neuroimaging--bridging the gap between science and ethics? (United States)

    Buller, Tom


    As Colin Allen has argued, discussions between science and ethics about the mentality and moral status of nonhuman animals often stall on account of the fact that the properties that ethics presents as evidence of animal mentality and moral status, namely consciousness and sentience, are not observable "scientifically respectable" properties. In order to further discussion between science and ethics, it seems, therefore, that we need to identify properties that would satisfy both domains. In this article I examine the mentality and moral status of nonhuman animals from the perspective of neuroethics. By adopting this perspective, we can see how advances in neuroimaging regarding (1) research into the neurobiology of pain, (2) "brain reading," and (3) the minimally conscious state may enable us to identify properties that help bridge the gap between science and ethics, and hence help further the debate about the mentality and moral status of nonhuman animals.

  20. USA väed võivad hakata Iraagist lahkuma / Kaarel Kaas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaas, Kaarel, 1978-


    USA on Iraagis toimuvate valimiste eel saatnud sinna lisavägesid. Vägivalla tõttu võivad mõnes Iraagi piirkonnas valimised ära jääda. USA välisministri Colin Powelli sõnul võivad USA sõdurid juba sel aastal hakata järk-järgult Iraagist lahkuma, kui Iraagil endal õnnestub saada suurem roll turvalisuse tagamisel. Lisa: Kaotused Iraagis

  1. Bιβλιοκρισία του: V. SYROS, Die Rezeption der aristotelischen politischen Philosophie bei Marsilius von Padua. Eine Untersuchung zur ersten Diktion des Defensor pacis [Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions, ed. by A. C. Gow, v. 134], Leiden, 2007

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Στυλιανός ΛΑΜΠΑΚΗΣ


    Full Text Available   Βιβλιοκρισία του : V. SYROS, Die Rezeption der aristotelischen politischen Philosophie bei Marsilius von Padua. Eine Untersuchung zur ersten Diktion des Defensor pacis. [Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions, edited by Andrew Colin Gow, volume 134], Brill, Leiden-Boston 2007, σελ. X+364, ISSN 1573-4188

  2. Engineering Data Compendium. Human Perception and Performance. Volume 2 (United States)


    Solanch Consultant J.W. Whitlow Rutgers University Section 10.0 Effects of Environmental Stressors Colin Corbridge Institute of Sound Vibration...surrounding discs. Human Factors, 14, 139-148. 2. Drury , C, & Clement. M. (1978). The effect of area, density, and number of background charac- ters...nontargets are often difficult to distinguish. Key References * 1. Drury , C., & Clement, M. (1978). The effect of area, density, and number of

  3. When Family Considerations Influence Work Decisions: Decision-Making Processes (United States)

    Powell, Gary N.; Greenhaus, Jeffrey H.


    The work-family literature has provided an abundance of evidence that various family factors are linked to various work decisions, suggesting that the "family-relatedness" of work decisions is a prevalent phenomenon (Greenhaus & Powell, 2012). However, the cognitive processes by which such linkages occur have received little attention. We offer a…

  4. Being Prepared: The Application of Character Building and the Beginning of the Boy Scouts of America. (United States)

    Phelps, Richard

    The beginnings of the Boy Scouts are traced, with particular emphasis on ideological foundation, social reform objectives of the founders (Sir Robert Baden-Powell, Daniel Carter Beard, and Ernest Thompson) and its relationship to other reform movements of the Progressive Era. The philosophical base of scouting is characterized as: 1) a…

  5. 78 FR 14571 - Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations (United States)


    ... Oceanside (12- The Honorable Jim Wood, City Hall, Planning December 31, 2012 060294 1277). 09-1206P). Mayor... Honorable Mark P. St. Johns County December 31, 2012 125147\\ 1277). of St. Johns County Miner, Chairman, St..., Chairman, Planning 04-3513P). Sumter County Board of Department, 7375 Commissioners, 7375 Powell Road...

  6. Montessori Practices: Options for a Digital Age (United States)

    Powell, Mark


    Mark Powell's plea for an open-minded view on the full scope of technology that is compatible with Montessori education enriches Maria Montessori's clear modernism of welcoming science into her educational vision. Growing up digital can be intelligently managed so that "technology may offer an effective, adaptable, and easily available means…

  7. Transgenerational Radiation Epigenetics (United States)


    Powell,C.A., Downes,S., and Terrell ,J.D. (1990). Results of case-control study of leukaemia and lymphoma among young people near Sellafield nuclear...hepatocyte growth factor for non-small cell lung cancer. Ann . Thorac. Surg. 66, 1915- 1918. Tawa,R., Kimura,Y., Komura,J., Miyamura,Y., Kurishita,A

  8. Engaging Students in Learning: Findings from a Study of Project-Led Education (United States)

    Fernandes, Sandra; Mesquita, Diana; Flores, Maria Assunção; Lima, Rui M.


    This paper reports on findings from a three-year study of project-based learning implemented in the first year of the Industrial Engineering and Management programme, at the University of Minho, Portugal. This particular model was inspired on project-led education (PLE), following Powell and Weenk's [2003. "Project-Led Engineering…

  9. Point-counterpoint in physics: theoretical prediction and experimental discovery of elementary particles

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Leite Lopes, J.


    A report is given on the theoretical prediction and the experimental discovery of elementary particles from the electron to the weak intermediate vector bosons. The work of Lattes, Occhialini and Powell which put in evidence the pions predicted by Yukawa was the starting point of the modern experimental particle physics

  10. Building a Foundation on Sand: The Demise of Leaders Resulting from Toxic Followership (United States)


    Toxic Followers, Prototype Theory, Mission Command, Operational Art, McClellan, Johnston, MacArthur, Powell, 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: a. REPORT... Prototypical Differences, Toxicity, and Civil War Relationships. .........................................20 Analysis and Conclusion...West Point Cadets and College Students,” Journal of Political and Military Sociology, vol 29 (Summer 2001), 92-97. 4

  11. Working with Family, Friend, and Neighbor Caregivers: Lessons from Four Diverse Communities (United States)

    Powell, Douglas R.


    This article is excerpted from "Who's Watching the Babies? Improving the Quality of Family, Friend, and Neighbor Care" by Douglas R. Powell ("ZERO TO THREE," 2008). The article explores questions about program development and implementation strategies for supporting Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) caregivers: How do programs and their host…

  12. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | Indian Academy of ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 14; Issue 3. Edwin Powell Hubble. Swara Ravindranath. Article-in-a-Box Volume 14 Issue 3 March 2009 pp 211-213. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link: Author Affiliations.

  13. Arc-Dynamic Calculations In The Rail Gun (United States)


    16. C,A.L. Westerdahl , 1. Pinto, G,L, Ferrentino, T. Gora, ’Larse-Railsun Residue Material Photoelectron Spectroscopy,’ IEEE Trans. on (1983). D...8217 Ballistic Research Laboratory Report No. ARBRL-TR-02530, Oct 83. 15. J.D. Powell, private communication. • 16. C.A.L. Westerdahl , J. Pinto, G.L

  14. Is unemployment a major reason for firearm attacks in rural South ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    were interviewed using a pre-tested questionnaire and records from the district surgeon and police were ... to the police or doctor when they were seen to. Powell and Tanz noted that families in urban communities with ... 4. Elfawal MA, Awad OA. Firearm fatalities in Eastern Saudi Arabia: impact of culture and legislation. Am.

  15. Analysis of Genetic diversity and reltionships in local Tunisian barley ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    tools in the characterization and evaluation of genetic diversity within and between species and populations. It has been shown that different markers might reveal different classes of variation (Powell et al., 1996; Russell et al., 1997). It is correlated with the genome fraction surveyed by each kind of marker, their distribution ...

  16. Point-counterpoint in physics: theoretical prediction and experimental discovery of elementary particles

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lopes, J.L.


    A report is given on the theoretical prediction and the experimental discovery of elementary particles from the electron to the weak intermediate vector bosons. The work of Lattes, Occhialini and Powell which put in evidence the pions predicted by Yukawa was the starting point of the modern experimental particle physics. (Author) [pt

  17. Lake St. Clair: Storm Wave and Water Level Modeling (United States)


    R. A. Luettich, C. Dawson, V. J. Cardone , A. T. Cox, M. D. Powell, H. J. Westerink, and H. J. Roberts. 2010. A high resolution coupled riverine flow...Storm Wave and Water Level Modeling 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Tyler J. Hesser

  18. Challenges of German Land Forces 2030 and Beyond (United States)


    Defense, Army Staff, February 2009 - May 2010). 52 VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Gerras, Stephen J., ed., Strategic...2007). Gerras, Stephen J., ed., Strategic Leadership Primer, 3rd ed. (Carlisle: U.S. Army War College, 2010). Gray, Colin S., Modern Strategy (Oxford...Profession, 2nd rev. and exp. ed. (Boston: Mc Graw Hill Custom Publishing, 2005). Alan G. Stolberg, “Crafting National Interests in the 21st

  19. Are you British or Muslim; Can You be Both? (United States)


    in Great Britain to offer halal foods . However, the requirements for separate preparation and storage for halal and non- halal foods may become such...identity with traditional values. Colin Dye, the senior minister and Leader of Kensington Temple / London City Church, cites the example of halal ... foods as a tool for the Islamization of Great Britain. He describes the incursion this way, ―the expanding Muslim market has encouraged many businesses

  20. Hardening Software Defined Networks (United States)


    Zarifis,Peyman Kazemian:Leveraging SDN layering to systematically troubleshoot networks. HotSDN 2013: 37-42 21. Aurojit Panda ,Colin Scott,Ali Ghodsi...Unlimited. 21 ICN.SIGCOMM 2013: 147-158 23. Sangjin Han (U.C.Berkeley), Norbert Egi (Huawei Corp.), Aurojit Panda , Sylvia Ratnasamy (U.C.Berkeley...balancers, traffic-shapers, and so on. SDN brings software and processing power to bear on all this complexity. While a large Data Center may be

  1. An analysis of a typology of family health nursing practice. (United States)

    Macduff, Colin


    In this article, Colin Macduff analyses the construction and testing of a typology of family health nursing practice. Following a summary of relevant methods and findings from two linked empirical research studies, more detailed analysis of the conceptual foundations, nature and purpose of the typology is presented. This process serves to exemplify and address some of the issues highlighted in the associated article that reviews the use of typologies within nursing.

  2. Closed-Loop Optimal Control Implementations for Space Applications (United States)


    with standard linear algebra techniques if is converted to a diagonal square matrix by multiplying by the identity matrix, I , as was done in (1.134...OPTIMAL CONTROL IMPLEMENTATIONS FOR SPACE APPLICATIONS by Colin S. Monk December 2016 Thesis Advisor: Mark Karpenko Second Reader: I. M...COVERED Master’s thesis, Jan-Dec 2016 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE CLOSED-LOOP OPTIMAL CONTROL IMPLEMENTATIONS FOR SPACE APPLICATIONS 5. FUNDING NUMBERS

  3. Cultural Resource Investigations for the Lyons Ferry Fish Hatchery Project, Near Lyons Ferry, Washington. (United States)


    Intermontane Plateau of Western North America. In The Explanation of Culture Change: Models in Prehistory, edited by Colin Renfrew, University ( Drury 1958:257). 72 1841 Charles Wilkes, linguist and explorer, traveled from Whitman Mission to Fort Colvile by the site (Wilkes 1856 4:466...Parts of the Continent of North America during the Years 1824-󈧝-󈧞-󈧟. Oregon Historical Quarterly, 5(4):325-369, Portland. Drury , Clifford M

  4. BDA: Anglo-American Air Intelligence, Bomb Damage Assessment, and the Bombing Campaigns Against Germany, 1914-1945 (United States)


    attention at the Bombing 8 See Colin Sinnott, The RoyalAir Force andAircraft Design, 1923-1939: Air Staff Operational Requirements (London: Frank Cass...supporting, motorized unit fielding five detached parties for ground surveys. The BAU was commanded by Group Captain E.S.D. Drury , the Chief Armament...dossiers, collective analysis of materials, and collaborative production of finished reports. A combined committee, chaired by Drury and Fickel, met

  5. Ceremony 25 years Cern

    CERN Multimedia



    Le D.G.H.Schopper remercie le personnel pour son engagement, collaboration et enthousiasme pendant leur 25 ans de service; il remercie aussi sincèrement les épouses et époux pour leur compréhension, ainsi que le chef gérant du restaurant Coop pour ses précieux services depuis 1956. Colin Taylor joue au piano les hymnes nationaux des differents pays; remise des souvenirs par (?)

  6. Applanationstonometrie zur nichtinvasiven kontinuierlichen Blutdruckmessung:Vergleich mit der Fingerlichtplethysmographie bei der Kipptisch-Orthostase Testung und Anwendbarkeit für die ergometrische Blutdruckmessung


    Lammers, D. (Dirk)


    Die Applanationstonometrie wird mit der Fingerlichtplethysmographie während der Kipptisch-Testung verglichen und die Nutzbarkeit für die Ergometrie geprüft. 31 Patienten wurden einem Kipptisch Orthostase Test unterzogen. Der Patient erhielt kontinuierliches Blutdruckmonitoring durch Colin CBM 7000 am einen und Ohmeda Finapres am anderen Arm. Gleichzeitig wurden Referenzmessungen mittels Oszillometrie durchgeführt. Bei 22 weiteren Patienten wurden Belastungs-EKG’s durchgeführt. Die applanatio...

  7. Improving American Innovation, (United States)


    Why has Jap~m succeeded: western technology and the Japanese ethos. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1982. (NC 462 MO634 Norman , Colin...productivity growth. Review of Economics and Statistics 64:627-34, N~ovember 1982. Smith, G. W. and W. N. Smallwood . Preparing for breakthroughs: the rewards of...recommendations. Edited by Charles E. Larsen and WI. Novis Smith. Washington: American Chemical Society, 1980. Kobert, Norman . Agressivn management style

  8. Studies of E-Beam Pumped Molecular Lasers (United States)


    positive and Vegard- Kaplan systems remains to be demonstrated. Our survey also indicated the promise of energy transfer from xenon to oxygen containing...Murray, and C. K. Rhodes, Appl. Phys. Lett. 25, 730 (1974). PMR74b H. T. Powell, J. R. Murray, and C. K. Rhodes, Paper MA2 4th Conf. on Chem

  9. Aging Well and the Environment: Toward an Integrative Model and Research Agenda for the Future (United States)

    Wahl, Hans-Werner; Iwarsson, Susanne; Oswald, Frank


    Purpose of the Study: The effects of the physical-spatial-technical environment on aging well have been overlooked both conceptually and empirically. In the spirit of M. Powell Lawton's seminal work on aging and environment, this article attempts to rectify this situation by suggesting a new model of how older people interact with their…

  10. Behavioral Science in the Army: A Corporate History of the Army Research Institute (United States)


    we asked for; Andrea DeLaGarza of Editorial Experts, Inc., for her editorial assistance; Jean Lee, Inga Jackman , and Debbie Leon of ARI for their...HumRRO were General John E. Dahlquist, General Bruce C. Clarke, General Herbert B. Powell, and General Hugh P. Harris. From the 1960s to the early 1970s

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    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Items 101 - 150 of 172 ... Vol 32, No 3 (2003): Narrative Understanding, One's remembered past: narrative thinking, emotion, and the external perspective, Abstract. Peter Goldie. Vol 32, No 2 (2003):, Ontological Order in ... Vol 34, No 2 (2005):, Revisiting Nagel on Altruism, Abstract. Brian K Powell. Vol 35, No 1 (2006):, Rowe's ...

  12. Family Mastery Enhances Work Engagement in Chinese Nurses: A Cross-Lagged Analysis (United States)

    Lu, Chang-qin; Siu, Oi-ling; Chen, Wei-qing; Wang, Hai-jiang


    Based on Greenhaus and Powell's (2006) theory of work-family enrichment and the job demands-resources (JD-R) model of work engagement (Bakker & Demerouti, 2008), this study focused on the family-to-work enrichment process by investigating the effect of family mastery on work engagement in a Chinese context. A sample of 279 Chinese female…

  13. Mixed Convection Flow of Magnetic Viscoelastic Polymer from a Nonisothermal Wedge with Biot Number Effects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Abdul Gaffar


    Full Text Available Magnetic polymers are finding increasing applications in diverse fields of chemical and mechanical engineering. In this paper, we investigate the nonlinear steady boundary layer flow and heat transfer of such fluids from a nonisothermal wedge. The incompressible Eyring-Powell non-Newtonian fluid model is employed and a magnetohydrodynamic body force is included in the simulation. The transformed conservation equations are solved numerically subject to physically appropriate boundary conditions using a second-order accurate implicit finite difference Keller Box technique. The numerical code is validated with previous studies. The influence of a number of emerging nondimensional parameters, namely, the Eyring-Powell rheological fluid parameter (ε, local non-Newtonian parameter based on length scale (δ, Prandtl number (Pr, Biot number (γ, pressure gradient parameter (m, magnetic parameter (M, mixed convection parameter (λ, and dimensionless tangential coordinate (ξ, on velocity and temperature evolution in the boundary layer regime is examined in detail. Furthermore, the effects of these parameters on surface heat transfer rate and local skin friction are also investigated.

  14. Geochemistry of hot springs in the Ie Seu’um hydrothermal areas at Aceh Besar district, Indonesia (United States)

    Idroes, R.; Yusuf, M.; Alatas, M.; Subhan; Lala, A.; Saiful; Suhendra, R.; Idroes, G. M.; Marwan


    Indonesia geothermal resources are the largest in the world, about 40 percent of the total geothermal resources worldwide with a potential energy of 28,617 MW. Geothermal energy is one of the renewable energy in the world that can be developed sustainably. This kind of energy is not only environmentally friendly but also highly prospective compared to fossil energy. One of the potential geothermal energy in Indonesia is Seulawah Agam geothermal field with some manifestation areas. The fluid type of Ie Seu’um manifestation was chloride (Cl-) obtained from the ternary diagram Cl--SO4 2--HCO3 -, using UV-Vis spectrophotometry, argentometry and acidimetry method. The reservoir range temperature was 188,7 ± 9,3°C calculated using geothermometer Na-K-Ca, Na-K Fournier and Na-K Giggenbach by applying Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy method. This data processing was carried out using liquid chemistry plotting spreadsheet version 3 powell geoscience Ltd.3 September 2012 by Powell & Cumming. The potential in the geothermal manifestation of Ie Seu’um was estimated about 50-100 MW (medium enthalpy).

  15. 14 Week Group Counselling Proposal for Increasing Self-Esteem in Adolescent Females (United States)

    Coleman, Katherine; Mills, Bethany


    This psychoeducational counselling group is designed to explore the many facets of the emerging female adolescent identity and foster a high level of self-esteem. According to Powell (2004) adolescence is a time, and even more so for females, which can be marked by many identity conflicts and low levels of self-esteem. As such, this 14 week…

  16. Estimating the economic value of recreation losses in Rocky Mountain National Park due to a mountain pine beetle outbreak (United States)

    Randall S. Rosenberger; Lauren A. Bell; Patricia A. Champ; Eric M. White


    Forest insects have long-standing ecological relationships with their host trees. Many insects have a benign or beneficial relationship with trees, but a few species are characterized by unpredictable population eruptions that have great ecological and economic implications (Logan, Régnière, and Powell 2003). These insect outbreaks are a major agent of natural...

  17. Validation of Delft3D as a Coastal Surge and Inundation Prediction System (United States)


    control number. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN YOUR FORM TO THE ABOVE ADDRESS. 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 5d. PROJECT NUMBER...H. Holthuijsen, R. A. Luettich Jr., M. D. Powell, V. J. Cardone , A. T. Cox, H. Pourtaheri, H. J. Roberts, J. H. Atkinson, S. Tanaka, H. J



    Kozma, Tímea; Gyenge, Balázs


    Many scientific researches look for and study the success factors of businesses. (Colins, 2001; Móricz 2009; Osterwalder-Pigneur 2002:3; Chesbrough-Rosenbloom 2002:535; Casadesus-Masanell-Ricart 2008; Stähler 2002:6; ) After the economic crisis of 2008, attention has especially drawn to those businesses which successfully survived the previous hard times, probably due to their “best practices”. In addition to internal resources, the external environment effects taking place outside the walls ...

  19. Nanoparticle albumin-bound (nab)-paclitaxel for the treatment of pancreas ductal adenocarcinoma


    Weekes, Colin; Narayanan,Vignesh


    Vignesh Narayanan,1 Colin D Weekes1,2 1Division of Medical Oncology, Department of Medicine, 2Developmental Therapeutics Program, University of Colorado Cancer Center, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, CO, USA Abstract: Pancreatic adenocarcinoma is a leading cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide, and surgical resection offers the only chance of cure. Since the majority of patients have unresectable disease at presentation, the emphasis has been on identifying effective...

  20. Diversity along a speciation continuum : ecology and morphology of northern European whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus)


    Siwertsson, Anna


    Papers 1 and 4 of this thesis are not available in Munin: 1. Anna Siwertsson, Rune Knudsen and Per-Arne Amundsen: 'Temporal stability in gill raker numbers of subarctic European whitefish populations', Advances in Limnology (2012), vol. 63:229-240. Available at 4. Anna Siwertsson, Rune Knudsen, Colin Adams and Per-Arne Amundsen: 'Replicated morphological divergence supports inci...

  1. ÉTUDE DE CAS — Cuba : Le logement et le capital humain à Cuba ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    10 janv. 2011 ... Colin Campbell. Des projets communautaires améliorent la santé du cœur de La Havane. La vie en plein centre-ville peut mettre à rude épreuve la résistance des gens. Lorsque les quartiers périclitent, le dépérissement de la santé humaine suit de près. Un projet mené à Cuba avec l'appui du Centre de ...

  2. High Efficiency Large-Angle Pancharatnam Phase Deflector Based on Dual Twist Design (United States)


    construction and characterization of a ±40° beam steering device with 90% diffraction efficiency based on our dual-twist design at 633nm wavelength...N. & Escuti, M. J. Achromatic Wollaston prism beam splitter using polarization gratings. Opt. Lett. 41, 4461–4463 (2016). 13. Slussarenko, S., et...High-efficiency large-angle Pancharatnam phase deflector based on dual-twist design Kun Gao1, Colin McGinty1, Harold Payson2, Shaun Berry2, Joseph

  3. The French Polemic: Nationalism, Racism and Atlanticism in the Past, Present and Future (United States)


    as described by Hannah Arendt , was a "curious mixture of frustrated nobleman and romantic ntellectual who invented racism almost by accident. Gobineau...34 of which they disapproved. 4" 43Hannah Arendt , The Origins of Totalitarianism (New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1951): 172. ൴Ibid. 4...L’immigration en France au XXe :iecle, Armand Colin Editeur, 1990. Arendt , -1. The Origins of Totalitarianism, Harcourt, Brace Co., 1951. Aziz, P., "France-Europe

  4. Nanowarriors: Military Nanotechnology and Comic Books


    Milburn, Colin


    (Colin Milburn, "Nanowarriors: Military Nanotechnology and Comic Books," Intertexts 9.1 (2005): 77-103. This article is posted at the University of California eScholarship Repository by permission of Texas Tech University Press.) In 2002, MIT's Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN) appropriated copyrighted images from the comic book Radix in a grant proposal to the U.S. Army—a proposal that succeeded in securing $50 million for foundation of the Institute. While this case d...

  5. Histological, biochemical and pharmacologycal characterization of the gastric muscular layer in Chagas disease Caracterização histológica, bioquímica e farmacológica da musculatura gástrica na doença de Chagas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wagner Carlucci


    correlação entre o número de neurônios e a sensibilidade a drogas colinérgicas e a atividade da acetilcolinesterase em pacientes chagásicos. MÉTODOS: Em 10 pacientes chagásicos crônicos (6 homens submetidos à cirurgia de megaesôfago ou de megacólon e em 10 pacientes não chagásicos (4 homens submetidos a outros tipos de cirurgia (grupo controle, respectivamente com idade média de 52,3 e 50,1 anos, retirou-se uma tira de 3x1 cm da camada muscular da parede anterior do estômago, sempre junto á cisura angular, que serviu para os estudos histológicos e farmacológicos. A ação de drogas colinérgicas foi feita em preparação isolada de acordo com o método de superfusão de Ferreira e Costa, e a determinação da atividade da acetilcolinesterase pelo método de Ellman. Para a contagem de neurônios a tira muscular foi submetida a cortes de 8 micra segundo método padronizado por Alcântara. RESULTADOS: Houve diferença do número de neurônios entre os grupos chagásico (5,6 e controle (7,3. A atividade da acetilcolinesterase mostrou-se diminuída nos chagásicos (4,32 expressa como número de moles do substrato hidrolisado por minuto por grama de tecido, em relação aos controles (7,30. Não se encontrou hipersensibilidade da musculatura gástrica a drogas colinérgicas, encontrando-se inclusive efeito máximo reduzido ao carbacol e betanecol no grupo chagásico. CONCLUSÕES: A redução de neurônios no plexo mioentérico do estômago de pacientes chagásicos crônicos pode ser demonstrada mesmo na ausência de gastropatia chagásica clínica. A hipersensibilidade da musculatura gástrica a drogas colinérgicas provavelmente depende de desnervação intensa. A redução da atividade da acetilcolinesterase demonstra o comprometimento da inervação colinérgica no estômago de pacientes chagásicos crônicos. Não houve correlação entre número de neurônios, sensibilidade a drogas colinérgicas e atividade da acetilcolinesterase na musculatura g

  6. 78 FR 38922 - Order Relating to Billy L. Powell, Sr. (United States)


    ..., that, pursuant to the Debt Collection Act of 1982, as amended (31 U.S.C. 3701-3720E (2000)), the civil... facilitates the acquisition or attempted acquisition by the Denied Person of the ownership, possession, or... or attempts to acquire such ownership, possession or control; C. Take any action to acquire from, or...

  7. How much runoff originates as snow in the western United States and what its future changes tell us? (United States)

    Li, D.; Wrzesien, M.; Durand, M. T.; Adam, J. C.; Lettenmaier, D. P.


    Snow is a vital hydrologic cycle component in the western United States. The seasonal phase of snowmelt bridges between winter-dominant precipitation and summer-dominant human and ecosystem water demand. Current estimates of the fraction of total annual runoff generated by snowmelt (f_Q,snow) are not based on defensible, systematic analyses. Here, based on hydrological model simulations, we describe a new algorithm that explicitly quantifies the contribution of snow to runoff in the Western U.S. Specifically, the algorithm tracks the fate of the snowmelt runoff in the modeled hydrological fluxes in the soil, surface water, and the atmosphere, and accounts for the exchanges among the three. The hydrological fluxes are simulated by the Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) model using an ensemble of ten general circulation model (GCM) outputs trained by ground observations. We conducted the tracking to the VIC modeling ensemble and reported the mean of the ten tracking results. We computed the historical f_Q,snow with the modeling estimates from 1960 to 2005, and predicted the future f_Q,snow using the modeling estimates from 2006 to 2100 in the RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 scenarios. Our tracking results show that from 1960 to 2005, slightly over one-half of the total runoff in the western United States originated as snowmelt, despite only 37% of the region's total precipitation falling as snow; snowfall is more efficient than rainfall in runoff generation. Snow's importance varies physiographically: snowmelt from the mountains is responsible for over 70% of the total runoff in the West. Snowmelt-derived runoff currently makes up about 2/3 of the inflow to the region's major reservoirs; for Lake Mead and Lake Powell, which are the two largest reservoirs of the nation, snow contributes over 70% of their storage. The contribution of snowmelt to the total runoff will decrease in a warmer climate, by about 1/3 over the West by 2100. Snow will melt earlier and the snowmelt

  8. Chemotherapy-Induced Cognitive Impairment: A Novel Prospective Study of the Cognitive Effects of Platinum Taxane-Based Chemotherapy in Ovarian Cancer Patients (United States)


    new data on neurocognitive testing for CICI in gynecologic cancers, provide validation for counseling gynecologic oncology patients, and offer...physician in OB/GYN and Gynecologic Oncology. Dr. Miller has experience as the principal investigator for both cooperative group and investigator... group -randomized behavioral intervention studies. Dr. Shelton will work with the research team in analyzing and interpreting the data. David Powell



    Putin’s intent. What we can do is learn from his actions, and what we see suggests growing Russian capabilities, significant military modernization...AU/ACSC/POWELL, N/AY16 AIR COMMAND AND STAFF COLLEGE AIR UNIVERSITY THE MYTH OF THE RUSSIAN EXISTENTIAL THREAT...The methodology focuses on Russian capability, capacity, and intention to threaten NATO members’ existence. While Russia does possess nuclear weapons

  10. Peripheral nerve blocks versus general anesthesia for total knee replacement in elderly patients on the postoperative quality of recovery


    Hong, Zhang; Wang,Mingjun; Yuan,Weixiu; Wang,Xiaolin; Maowei,Gong; Gong,Maowei; Zhao,Yi


    JunLe Liu,1,* WeiXiu Yuan,1,* XiaoLin Wang,1,* Colin F Royse,2,3 MaoWei Gong,1 Ying Zhao,1 Hong Zhang1 1Anesthesia and Operation Center, Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital and Medical School of Chinese People's Liberation Army, Beijing, People's Republic of China; 2Anesthesia and Pain Management Unit, Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 3Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management, The Royal Melbourne Hospital...

  11. High-Amplitude, Rapid Photometric Variation of the New Polar Master OT J132104.0+560957.8 (United States)


    HIGH-AMPLITUDE, RAPID PHOTOMETRIC VARIATION OF THE NEW POLAR MASTER OT J132104.04+560957.8 LITTLEFIELD, COLIN;1,2 GARNAVICH, PETER;1 MAGNO, KATRINA;1...18.5 during each photometric cycle, becoming so faint that we could no longer detect it. The data showed a period of roughly 91 minutes with each...TYPE 3. DATES COVERED 00-00-2015 to 00-00-2015 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE High-Amplitude, Rapid Photometric Variation Of The New Polar Master OT

  12. Dirty Pop: Contemporary British Painting, Group Exhibition


    Stubbs, Michael


    Phil Allen, Peter Ashton Jones, Jake Clark, Richard Clegg, Dan Coombs, Nelson Diplexcito, Nadine Feinson, Mick Finch, Richard Hamilton, Dan Hays, Gavin Lockheart, Andrea Medjesi Jones, David Leeson, Duncan Newton, Sarah Pickstone, Colin Smith, John Stark, Michael Stubbs, James White, Mark Wright.\\ud \\ud Dirty Pop, curated for &Model by Mark Wright, presents twenty contemporary painters whose work connects with Pop Art of the 1960’s, and particularly the legacy of the important British artist ...

  13. Figure-ground: history and practice of a planning technique


    Hebbert, M.


    Figure-ground plans show the footprints of buildings and the pattern of unbuilt voids in urban space. Compared historically they reveal the erosion of the public realm over time and provide an analytical basis for tissue repair. The paper traces the communicative power of figure-ground technique to its roots in gestalt psychology, and follows its revival from Colin Rowe’s studio at Cornell through to controversies in post-reunification Berlin. The impact of computerisation is discussed and th...

  14. The Balanced Scorecard and Beyond – Applying Theories of Performance Measurement, Employment and Rewards in Management Accounting Education


    Eisenberg, Paul


    This study applies the prevailing scholarly theories of strategic management, employment decisions, cost accounting and share reward schemes to a panel of questions raised by Colin Drury (2012) in the case study of the fictitious company Integrated Technology Services (UK) Ltd., ITS (UK). The paper provides model answers which can be used when working with the case study at institutions of higher education. The merit of the work lies in three areas. First, it provides an overview of theories ...

  15. Autonomous Military Robotics: Risk, Ethics, and Design (United States)


    close scrutiny of the robotics industry with respect to those ethical issues, e.g., the book Love and Sex with Robots published late last year that...thank and credit Wendell Wallach and Colin Allen for their contribution to many of the discussions here, drawn from their new book Moral Machines... secondhand smoke is more objectionable than firsthand, because the passive smoker did not consent to the risk even if ▌64 A u t o n o m o

  16. FY07 NRL DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program Annual Reports (United States)


    41 Mark R. Pederson ,1 Tunna Baruah,2 Steven Richardson,3 Rajendre Zope,1 and Reeshemah Allen1 1Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC...DC vii Acoustic Propagation in Littoral Sub-Mesoscale Model Environments.....................61 Roger M. Oba,1 Colin Shen,1 Patrick...R ea ct io n ra te , K gm ol e/ m 1 s ec ( l ef t p ic tu re ) 12 Title: Simulations of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere Author(s): S. P

  17. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Computational Electronics Held at Leeds University (United Kingdom) on August 11-13 1993 (United States)


    Drury , Sponsored by UK SERC and MIA-COM (USA). Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of research or private study, or criticism or review, as...field effect 128 transistors R Drury , R E Miles and C M Snowden, University of Leeds Poster Session II Determination of diffusion coefficients and...V V V y V V V Device simulation by means of a direct solution of the coupled Poisson/Boltzmann Transport enuations Conor J. Donnelly and Colin Lyden

  18. European Committee for Future Accelerators

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mulvey, John


    Nearly 21 years ago, in December 1962, Viktor Weisskopf and Cecil Powell, then respectively CERN's Director General and Chairman of the Scientific Policy Committee, called together a group of European high energy physicists to advise on steps to reach higher energy. The CERN PS had been in operation since 1959, its experimental programme was well established and the time had come to think of the future. The Chairman of the group, which later took the title 'European Committee for Future Accelerators', was Edoardo Amaldi and his influential report, presented to the CERN Council in June 1963, reviewed the whole structure and possible development of the field in the CERN Member States. Its proposals included the construction of the Intersecting Storage Rings (ISR), and of a 300 GeV proton accelerator which was then envisaged as being the major facility of a second CERN Laboratory elsewhere in Europe

  19. Cascade Optimization for Aircraft Engines With Regression and Neural Network Analysis - Approximators (United States)

    Patnaik, Surya N.; Guptill, James D.; Hopkins, Dale A.; Lavelle, Thomas M.


    The NASA Engine Performance Program (NEPP) can configure and analyze almost any type of gas turbine engine that can be generated through the interconnection of a set of standard physical components. In addition, the code can optimize engine performance by changing adjustable variables under a set of constraints. However, for engine cycle problems at certain operating points, the NEPP code can encounter difficulties: nonconvergence in the currently implemented Powell's optimization algorithm and deficiencies in the Newton-Raphson solver during engine balancing. A project was undertaken to correct these deficiencies. Nonconvergence was avoided through a cascade optimization strategy, and deficiencies associated with engine balancing were eliminated through neural network and linear regression methods. An approximation-interspersed cascade strategy was used to optimize the engine's operation over its flight envelope. Replacement of Powell's algorithm by the cascade strategy improved the optimization segment of the NEPP code. The performance of the linear regression and neural network methods as alternative engine analyzers was found to be satisfactory. This report considers two examples-a supersonic mixed-flow turbofan engine and a subsonic waverotor-topped engine-to illustrate the results, and it discusses insights gained from the improved version of the NEPP code.

  20. Extension of the Hapke bidirectional reflectance model to retrieve soil water content

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G.-J. Yang


    Full Text Available Soil moisture links the hydrologic cycle and the energy budget of land surfaces by regulating latent heat fluxes. An accurate assessment of the spatial and temporal variation of soil moisture is important to the study of surface biogeophysical processes. Although remote sensing has proven to be one of the most powerful tools for obtaining land surface parameters, no effective methodology yet exists for in situ soil moisture measurement based on a Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF model, such as the Hapke model. To retrieve and analyze soil moisture, this study applied the soil water parametric (SWAP-Hapke model, which introduced the equivalent water thickness of soil, to ground multi-angular and hyperspectral observations coupled with, Powell-Ant Colony Algorithm methods. The inverted soil moisture data resulting from our method coincided with in situ measurements (R2 = 0.867, RMSE = 0.813 based on three selected bands (672 nm, 866 nm, 2209 nm. It proved that the extended Hapke model can be used to estimate soil moisture with high accuracy based on the field multi-angle and multispectral remote sensing data.

  1. Murder-suicide involving BC doctor raises troubling questions about euthanasia. (United States)

    Wilson, V


    The deaths last September of a British Columbia physician and his wife have raised troubling questions about euthanasia and Alzheimer's disease. Police described the deaths of Dr. Tom Powell and his wife Dr. Lorraine Miles, a retired dentist, as a murder-suicide. Friends of the couple wonder if more lenient laws concerning euthanasia and assisted suicide might have saved Miles' life. Images p1856-a PMID:7773902

  2. Military Leadership Evaluations: Effects of Sex, Leadership Style and Gender-Role Attitudes (United States)


    stereotype and transformational leadership in typical feminine work contexts. Sociedad Valenciana de Psicologia Social , 9(3), 53-71. Luthar, H. K. (1996...the “glass ceiling” barring women from the highest levels of leadership and management. Powell (1999) offered a summary of social -system centered...situation-centered, and person-centered explanations to account for the small proportion of women in the highest levels of management. Social -system

  3. Strong coupling in electromechanical computation

    CERN Document Server

    Fuezi, J


    A method is presented to carry out simultaneously electromagnetic field and force computation, electrical circuit analysis and mechanical computation to simulate the dynamic operation of electromagnetic actuators. The equation system is solved by a predictor-corrector scheme containing a Powell error minimization algorithm which ensures that every differential equation (coil current, field strength rate, flux rate, speed of the keeper) is fulfilled within the same time step.

  4. Strong coupling in electromechanical computation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fuezi, J. E-mail:


    A method is presented to carry out simultaneously electromagnetic field and force computation, electrical circuit analysis and mechanical computation to simulate the dynamic operation of electromagnetic actuators. The equation system is solved by a predictor-corrector scheme containing a Powell error minimization algorithm which ensures that every differential equation (coil current, field strength rate, flux rate, speed of the keeper) is fulfilled within the same time step.

  5. The Philippine Scouts: A Case Study in the Use of Indigenous Soldiers, Northern Luzon, the Philippine Islands, 1899 (United States)


    26 Robert Baden-Powell..o.. ...... .... ................... 26 Zulu Scoutso .... 0......0...................... 27 Elminas and Adansi Scouts...return, and braggadocio-like, swear vengeance, threatening to exterminate the tribe ; and mounting their caballos, pretend to give chase, buf taking good...outside of Columbus on the Platte River in Nebraska, had come to know the Pawnee tribe and speak the Pawnee language. During the fall of 1860, both Frank

  6. Iron ore pollution in Mandovi and Zuari estuarine sediments and its fate after mining ban

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Kessarkar, P.M.; Suja, S.; Sudheesh, V.; Srivastava, S.; Rao, V.P.

    ). Another possibility could be formation of ferritized iron crust (Mathe et al. 1997) during lateritic weathering. Magnetic properties of upstream sediments of Ma-Zu estuaries Sediments from the upstream of Mandovi (M6-M9) and Zuari (Z6-Z9) estuaries... for late Quaternary climatic change. Marine Geology, 220, 59-82. Maher, B. A., & Taylor, R. M. (1988). Formation of ultrafine-grained magnetite in soils. Nature, 336, 368-370. Mathe, P. E., Rochette, P., & Colin, F. (1997). The origin of magnetic...

  7. Nonne gratum habere debuerunt: Martyrdom as a Spiritual Test in the Luciferian Libellus Precum


    Whiting, Colin


    Looking out from the center, Colin Whiting examines the ways in which a group might conceive of “the other” in their rhetoric. Specifically focusing on the ways in which Christians defined themselves in antiquity, Whiting shows some of the ways in which terms and ideas about previously encountered enemies—Jews and Pagans—were brought forward and used again on groups of other Christians. In Borderlands theory, the maintenance of boundaries and borders is a well-known phenomenon, and it often t...

  8. Are we running out of oil? : ConCERNed for Humanity

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN. Geneva; Jørgensen, C


    Are we running out of oil? Speaker: Jean Laherrere. Jean Laherrere is a geophysicist and a former deputy exploration manager of TOTAL. Together with Colin Campbell, he warned humanity in the now famous Scientific American article "The end of cheap oil" (1998). Only seven years later the exploding oil price seems to indicate that the moment of truth is close. The speaker will discuss the scientific basis of peak oil and its probable consequences for humanity. See also:

  9. Great ape skeletal collections: making the most of scarce and irreplaceable resources in the digital age. (United States)

    Gordon, Adam D; Marcus, Emily; Wood, Bernard


    Information about primate genomes has re-emphasized the importance of the great apes (Pan, Gorilla, and Pongo) as, for most purposes, the appropriate comparators when generating hypotheses about the most recent common ancestor of the hominins and panins, or the most recent common ancestor of the hominin clade. Great ape skeletal collections are thus an important and irreplaceable resource for researchers conducting these types of comparative analyses, yet the integrity of these collections is threatened by unnecessary use and their availability is threatened by financial pressures on the institutions in which the collections reside. We discuss the general history of great ape skeletal collections, and in order to get a better sense of the utility and potential of these important sources of data we assemble the equivalent of a biography of the Powell-Cotton Collection. We explore the history of how this collection of chimpanzee and gorilla skeletons was accumulated, how it came to be recognized as a potentially important source of comparative information, who has made use of it, and what types of data have been collected. We present a protocol for collecting information about each individual animal (e.g., which bones are preserved, their condition, etc.) and have made that information about the Powell-Cotton Collection freely available in an online relational database (Human Origins Database, As an illustration of the practical application of these data, we developed a tabular summary of ontogenetic information about each individual (see Appendices A and B). Collections like the Powell-Cotton are irreplaceable sources of material regarding the hard-tissue evidence and recent history of the closest living relatives of modern humans. We end this contribution by suggesting ways that curators and the researchers who use and rely on these reference collections could work together to help preserve and protect them so that future generations

  10. Quantifying Changes in Accessible Water in the Colorado River Basin (United States)

    Castle, S.; Thomas, B.; Reager, J. T.; Swenson, S. C.; Famiglietti, J. S.


    The Colorado River Basin (CRB) in the western United States is heavily managed yet remains one of the most over-allocated rivers in the world providing water across seven US states and Mexico. Future water management strategies in the CRB have employed land surface models to forecast discharges; such approaches have focused on discharge estimates to meet allocation requirements yet ignore groundwater abstractions to meet water demands. In this analysis, we illustrate the impact of changes in accessible water, which we define as the conjunctive use of both surface water reservoir storage and groundwater storage, using remote sensing observations to explore sustainable water management strategies in the CRB. We employ high resolution Landsat Thematic Mapper satellite data to detect changes in reservoir storage in the two largest reservoirs within the CRB, Lakes Mead and Powell, and the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) terrestrial water storage anomalies to isolate changes in basin-wide groundwater storage in the Upper and Lower CRB from October 2003 to December 2012. Our approach quantifies reservoir and groundwater storage within the CRB using remote sensing to provide new information to water managers to sustainably and conjunctively manage accessible water.

  11. Groundwater Depletion During Drought Threatens Future Water Security of the Colorado River Basin (United States)

    Castle, Stephanie L.; Thomas, Brian F.; Reager, John T.; Rodell, Matthew; Swenson, Sean C.; Famiglietti, James S.


    Streamflow of the Colorado River Basin is the most overallocated in the world. Recent assessment indicates that demand for this renewable resource will soon outstrip supply, suggesting that limited groundwater reserves will play an increasingly important role in meeting future water needs. Here we analyze 9 years (December 2004 to November 2013) of observations from the NASA Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment mission and find that during this period of sustained drought, groundwater accounted for 50.1 cu km of the total 64.8 cu km of freshwater loss. The rapid rate of depletion of groundwater storage (5.6 +/- 0.4 cu km/yr) far exceeded the rate of depletion of Lake Powell and Lake Mead. Results indicate that groundwater may comprise a far greater fraction of Basin water use than previously recognized, in particular during drought, and that its disappearance may threaten the long-term ability to meet future allocations to the seven Basin states.

  12. No universal scale-dependent impacts of invasive species on native plant species richness. (United States)

    Stohlgren, Thomas J; Rejmánek, Marcel


    A growing number of studies seeking generalizations about the impact of plant invasions compare heavily invaded sites to uninvaded sites. But does this approach warrant any generalizations? Using two large datasets from forests, grasslands and desert ecosystems across the conterminous United States, we show that (i) a continuum of invasion impacts exists in many biomes and (ii) many possible species-area relationships may emerge reflecting a wide range of patterns of co-occurrence of native and alien plant species. Our results contradict a smaller recent study by Powell et al. 2013 (Science 339, 316-318. (doi:10.1126/science.1226817)), who compared heavily invaded and uninvaded sites in three biomes and concluded that plant communities invaded by non-native plant species generally have lower local richness (intercepts of log species richness-log area regression lines) but steeper species accumulation with increasing area (slopes of the regression lines) than do uninvaded communities. We conclude that the impacts of plant invasions on plant species richness are not universal.

  13. Fort Bragg Old Post Historic District Landscape Report (United States)


    proved to be of substantial economic value (Lefler and Powell 1973). Lon- gleaf pines ( Pinus palustris) produce higher quality pine resin/crude gum than...plants that have the same characteristics as the historic varieties; na- tive plants require relatively little upkeep, are drought tolerant, and can... Pinus palustris Longleaf Pine 1933/IDG 2009 Native Quercus alba White Oak Large Evergreen Trees 1933/IDG 2009 Native Magnolia grandiflora Southern

  14. Å speide etter spiritualitet. En analyse av spiritualitetsbegrepet i speiderbevegelsen


    Holmefjord, Aina


    Denne masteroppgaven inneholder analyser av speiderbevegelsens bruk av begrepet "spiritualitet" i to bøker skrevet av bevegelsens grunnlegger; "Scouting for Boys" og "Rovering to Succes" og to dokumenter av The World Organization of he Scoutmovement . Robert Baden-Powell grunnlag speiderbevegelsen i 1908 og hans litteratur og bøker publisert på tidlig 1900-tallet setter rammeverk for mye av dagens speiderbevegelses ideologi og visjon. Speiderbevegelsen har et r...

  15. At the XI International Conference on High Energy Accelerators

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN PhotoLab


    The Conference was held at CERN and attracted some 300 specialists (see CERN Courier 1980 p. 231). The conference was a success thanks also to many CERN people. Here, first raw, Susannah Tracy, Ingrid Barnett, ..?, Danièle Lajust, Simon Newman, Owen Lock. Second raw, (2) Ed Powell, (3) Ernest Bissa, (7) Myrna Guarisco, (8) Barbara Strasser, (10) Michèle Compoint, (11) Anne Caton, (12) Mike Crowley-Milling.

  16. Application of Advanced Laser Diagnostics to High-Impact Technologies: Science and Applications of Ultrafast, Ultraintense Lasers (United States)


    near the dense spray region of a fuel nozzle that is used in diesel engines [Powell et al., 2003]. Several years ago we made an unsuccessful attempt...12: Drilled and shaped Silicon Carbide. The cutting of nozzle shapes for fuel injectors was also investigated. The machining algorithm was...possible previously [Poola et al., 2000]. The problem has been that conventional laser diagnostics could not penetrate the near- nozzle opaque region of

  17. System Design for Navy Occupational Standards Development (United States)


    including, Mr. Thomas Crain, Deputy Director, Workforce Classifications Department, LCDR Juan Carrasco, Michele Jackson, and Johnny Powell. David...and Carrasco, Juan ; Navy Job Analysis Management Project Description, NAVMAC, January 2010. 34  Lists of validated tasks, sorted by Functional...34 runat="server"> <div> <rsweb:ReportViewer ID="ReportViewerSample" runat="server" Font -Names="Verdana" Font -Size=Ŝpt

  18. A new family of Polak-Ribiere-Polyak conjugate gradient method with the strong-Wolfe line search (United States)

    Ghani, Nur Hamizah Abdul; Mamat, Mustafa; Rivaie, Mohd


    Conjugate gradient (CG) method is an important technique in unconstrained optimization, due to its effectiveness and low memory requirements. The focus of this paper is to introduce a new CG method for solving large scale unconstrained optimization. Theoretical proofs show that the new method fulfills sufficient descent condition if strong Wolfe-Powell inexact line search is used. Besides, computational results show that our proposed method outperforms to other existing CG methods.

  19. A Preliminary Investigation into Cognitive Aptitudes Predictive of Overall MQ-1 Predator Pilot Qualification Training Performance (United States)


    of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and Wechsler’s theory of intelligence [12]. The MAB-II manual has well-documented internal consistency... Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale -3rd Edition (WAIS-3®). San Antonio (TX): Harcourt Assessment; 1997. 13. Powell DH, Kaplan EF, Whitla D, Weintraub S...n = 46) Adequate Performers M (SD) (n = 43) r rc Intelligence Quotients Full Scale 120.26 (16.83) 118.30 (6.60) .08

  20. Gaming Sea-based Multinational HA/DR Operations at PACOM Amphibious Leaders Symposium 2016 (United States)


    to average 1 hour per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, searching existing data sources, gathering and maintaining the data...J. Jackson, 5d. PROJECT NUMBER N/A Daniel Powell, Elizabeth A. Collins, Nilanthi R. Samaranayake 5e. TASK NUMBER B64300 5f. WORK UNIT NUMBER 7...from the 22 Asian , Latin American, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries participating in PALS formed coalitions, planned how they

  1. A Survey of Scattering, Attenuation, and Size Spectra Studies of Bubble Layers and Plumes Beneath the Air-Sea Interface. (United States)


    soluble iron in the ocean [201] - a factor which may have global ecological implications since these creatures may account for a significant removal...submerged plateau) and seamount -dense environments. In these contexts the existing measurements in lakes and shallow water need follow-up work in...Studies of Bubble Layers and Plumes Beneath the Air-Sea Interface EDWARD POWELL Acoustic Svstems Branch Acoustics Division August 30, 1991 Si~ T 91-10188

  2. Breastfeeding Initiation and Maintenance Among African Americans and Blacks Enrolled in a Nurse Home Visitation Program: An Outcomes Focused Program Evaluation (United States)


    Spull:er Kathi 8arber, ru; FOWtder AfricanAmerDll ~Aliilna! trtmdrcDan by Nia ~~ MS»Eda,. MPH, ANU>S.M.LL£ Nlll2 Recoi:;nm- ilnd Appreciation...HNttwr Ross, AAHP P’nlgrillm Manag’l!lr Morqomery Cowrty [)e.piwb’i IEf1t of Health and Human ServicM Rafltll! D.,_inc Nia Wllliims-Myle, RN, MSN-Edu...Journal of the California Perinatal Association 28: 505 -10 54. Colin WB, Scott JA. 2002. Breastfeeding: reasons for starting, reasons for stopping

  3. Towards the application of stress-in-motion (SIM) results in pavement design and infrastructure protection

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    De Beer, Morris


    Full Text Available stream_source_info De Beer_2005_3.pdf.txt stream_content_type text/plain stream_size 53150 Content-Encoding UTF-8 stream_name De Beer_2005_3.pdf.txt Content-Type text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Proceedings 8th International...: Conference Planners TOWARDS THE APPLICATION OF STRESS-IN-MOTION (SIM) RESULTS IN PAVEMENT DESIGN AND INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION Morris De Beer1, Colin Fisher1 and Louw Kannemeyer2 1CSIR Transportek Pretoria, 0001. Tel: +27-(0)-(012) 841-2953. Fax: +27...

  4. Savings in its sights for Somerset Trust. (United States)

    Russell, Colin


    Colin Russell, healthcare specialist at Schneider Electric (pictured), explains how the company has recently worked with Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust to implement a major energy-saving project at the Trust's Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton. He argues that, at a time when all areas of the service are being asked to reduce costs, such partnerships can potentially save the institution millions of pounds and significantly reduce carbon emissions, while "revitalising" parts of the NHS estate, and ensuring continuity of vital hospital services for facilities managers.

  5. Geochemical and Rheological Constraints on the Dynamics of the Oceanic Upper Mantle (United States)


    this past year and I hope it continues for years to come. I thank my parents, Margaret and Colin , who have supported me in whatever I have 6 al., 1990; Drury et al., 1991; Jaroslow et al., 1996; Jin et al., 1998; Newman et al., 1999; Jiang et al., 2000). For the sample in Fig. 2. 1...plagioclase with decreasing pressure (e.g., Furusho and Kyuichi, 1999; Newman et al., 1999); see Drury et al. (1991 ) for a review of earlier literature

  6. Responsibilities in Elderly Care: Mr Powell's Narrative of Duty and Relations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Abma, T.A.; Bruijn, A.; Kardol, T.; Schols, J.; Widdershoven, G.A.


    In Western countries a considerable number of older people move to a residential home when their health declines. Institutionalization often results in increased dependence, inactivity and loss of identity or self-worth (dignity). This raises the moral question as to how older, institutionalized

  7. Modifying the Weinberger-Powell Doctrine for the Modern Geo-Strategic Environment (United States)


    Critical Introduction (London: Pluto Press, 2004), 98. 16 legal concepts of sovereignty and justification for war, sociological, and psychological ...developed, elections are held, and cultural shifts take place). Much of the dynamic change will be evolutionary in nature but not always. Revolutionary...aberrant degree of violence and crossing the threshold for war. War within the SQT may be best described as the use of force to contend with

  8. Mecanismos do ciclo sono-vigília Sleep-wake cycle mechanisms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Flávio Alóe


    Full Text Available Três sub-divisões hipotalâmicas são importantes no ciclo sono-vigília: o hipotálamo anterior (núcleos gabaérgicos e núcleos supraquiasmáticos, o hipotálamo posterior (núcleo túbero-mamilar histaminérgico e o hipotálamo lateral (sistema hipocretinas. O sistema gabaérgico inibitório do núcleo pré-óptico ventro-lateral (VLPO do hipotálamo anterior é responsável pelo início e manutenção do sono NREM. Os neurônios supraquiasmáticos (NSQs do hipotálamo anterior são responsáveis pelo ritmo circadiano do ciclo sono-vigília. Os núcleos aminérgicos, histaminérgicos, as hipocretinas e núcleos colinérgicos do prosencéfalo basal apresentam-se ativos durante a vigília, inibindo o núcleo pré-óptico ventro-lateral, promovendo a vigília. O processo de inibição-estimulação é a base do modelo da interação recíproca entre os grupos de células wake-off-sleep-on e células wake-off-sleep-on reguladores do ciclo sono-vigília. O modelo da interação recíproca também se aplica aos núcleos colinérgicos (células REM-on e aminérgicos (células REM-off do tronco cerebral no controle temporal do sono REM-NREM.Neurochemically distinct systems interact regulating sleep and wakefulness. Wakefulness is promoted by aminergic, acetylcholinergic brainstem and hypothalamic systems. Each of these arousal systems supports wakefulness and coordinated activity is required for alertness and EEG activation. Neurons in the pons and preoptic area control rapid eye movement and non-rapid eye movement sleep. Mutual inhibition between these wake- and sleep-regulating systems generate behavioral states. An up-to-date understanding of these systems should allow clinicians and researchers to better understand the effects of drugs, lesions, and neurologic disease on sleep and wakefulness.

  9. Graafikakiri Krakowist / Anne Untera

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Untera, Anne, 1951-


    Krakowi graafikatriennaalist, mis tähistab tänavu 40. aastapäeva. 1991. aastast muutus graafikabiennaali rütm kolmeaastaseks - triennaaliks. Ühe kümnest võrdsest preemiast pälvis Evi Tihemets töödega "Pühendus (Leib)" ja "Pühendus (Pirnid)". Grand prix' - Ingrid Ledent. Virge Jõekalda, Marje Üksise, Ülle Marksi, Jüri Kassi, Davida Kiddi ja Basil Colin Franki töödest triennaalil. Torunis kutsutud osalejatega näitusel "Värv graafikas" osalevad Eestist Benjamin Vasserman ja Virge Jõekalda

  10. Mas, afinal, o que é o Tinder? – Um estudo sobre a percepção que os usuários têm do aplicativo


    Souza, Ana Luiza de Figueiredo; escritora, pesquisadora independente


    Colin Campbell afirma que o hedonismo, ou seja, a busca pelo prazer, é o que movimenta tanto os desejos de consumo quanto as relações interpessoais dos indivíduos modernos. Já Zygmunt Bauman defende que, na sociedade de consumidores, a conduta e as relações dos indivíduos são influenciadas por valores de mercado inseridos na essência de atividades cotidianas. Este artigo apresenta uma pesquisa survey na qual são entrevistados usuários do aplicativo Tinder, a fim de verificar até onde as propo...

  11. Bibliographie



    Ariès P., (1960), L’Enfant et la vie familiale sous l’Ancien Régime, Paris, Plon. Ballion R., (1982), Les consommateurs d’école (stratégies éducatives des familles), Paris, Stock/Laurence Pernoud. Barral P., (1968), Les agrariens français de Méline à Pisani, Paris, Armand Colin. Bastide R., (1971), Anthropologie appliquée, Paris, Payot. Baugnet L., (1998), L’identité sociale, Paris, Dunod. Becker H. S., (1985), Outsiders (Études de sociologie de la déviance), Paris, Métailié, (trad. de 1963, ...

  12. Prevalencia de autoanticuerpos contra receptores autonómicos en pacientes panameños con cardiopatía chagásica crónica y con otras formas de cardiopatía


    Azael Saldaña; José E. Calzada; Juan Garisto; Salomón Zebedes; Franklyn E. Samudio; Roberto Blandón; Óscar Avilés


    Introducción. La enfermedad de Chagas es la principal causa de cardiomiopatía crónica en Centroamérica. Existe controversia sobre los mecanismos causantes de la patología cardiaca observada durante la fase crónica de esta parasitosis. Varios estudios han detectado la presencia de autoanticuerpos circulantes dirigidos contra receptores beta-adrenérgicos y colinérgicos muscarínicos del miocardio en pacientes chagásicos, que pueden desencadenar señales intracelulares y alterar la función cardiac...

  13. Basic structures of reality essays in meta-physics

    CERN Document Server

    McGinn, Colin


    In Basic Structures of Reality, Colin McGinn deals with questions of metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of mind from the vantage point of physics. Combining general philosophy with physics, he covers such topics as the definition of matter, the nature of space, motion, gravity, electromagnetic fields, the character of physical knowledge, and consciousness and meaning. Throughout, McGinn maintains an historical perspective and seeks to determine how much we really know of the world described by physics. He defends a version of "structuralism": the thesis that our knowledge is p

  14. Vinicius de Moraes, Parceiros e Amigos: Relações entre Amizade e Música


    Christianny Maria Brambila; Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo; Agnaldo Garcia; Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo


    This study investigated the relationship between music and musical partnership in the work of Vinicius de Moraes,based on the dialectical perspective of Robert Hinde on interpersonal relationships and the model proposed byAdams and Bliezsner regarding friendships among adults. The material for analysis were the lyrics of songs inpartnership composed with Tom Jobim, Carlos Lyra, Baden Powell and Toquinho. These compositions weresubject to analysis of content and the songs were compared for the...

  15. Patent Foramen Ovale as a Risk Factor for Altitude Decompression Illness (United States)


    Medical Issues in Hypo-and Hyperbaric Conditions [les Questions medicales a caractere oprationel liees aux conditions hypobares ou hyperbares ] To order the...on "Operational Medical Issues in Hypo- and Hyperbaric Conditions ", held in Toronto, Canada, 16-19 October 2000, and published in RTO MP-062. 3-2...Space Environ Med 1996; 67: 1092-6. Powell MR, Norfleet WT, Kumar KV, Butler BD. Patent foramen ovale and hypobaric decompression. Aviat Space Environ

  16. Air Force Management of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund: Opportunities for Improvement (United States)


    savings, such as subsidized cafeteria food and free snacks and beverages . 51 Work-Life Balance and Flexible Work Some of the perks described above...John A. Ausink, Lisa M. Harrington, Laura Werber, William A. Williams, John E. Boon, Jr., Michael H. Powell Air Force Management of the Defense...charter requires the Director of Acquisition Career Management in each of the services to provide DoD with measurable objectives and to track the

  17. Optimization algorithms and applications

    CERN Document Server

    Arora, Rajesh Kumar


    Choose the Correct Solution Method for Your Optimization ProblemOptimization: Algorithms and Applications presents a variety of solution techniques for optimization problems, emphasizing concepts rather than rigorous mathematical details and proofs. The book covers both gradient and stochastic methods as solution techniques for unconstrained and constrained optimization problems. It discusses the conjugate gradient method, Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno algorithm, Powell method, penalty function, augmented Lagrange multiplier method, sequential quadratic programming, method of feasible direc

  18. Feasibility Study of a Novel Diet-Based Intervention for Prostate Cancer (United States)


    Trial of Diet to Alter Disease Progression in Prostate Cancer Patients on Active Surveillance.” Peter Van Veldhuizen , Jr., MD will be joining the...Administrator Nathan Eriksen SWOG Prevention Committee Chairs Powel H. Brown, MD, PhD Gary E. Goodman, MD New SWOG Co-Chair Peter Van Veldhuizen , Jr...above. The Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB) will be responsible for circulating all revisions of the protocol to Dr. Peter Van Veldhuizen , Jr

  19. Small-Firm Networks: hybrid arrangement or organizational form?


    Verschoore, Jorge Renato; Balestrin, Alsones; Perucia, Alexandre


    In the field of organizations, one relevant question is whether or not to consider networks as organizational forms. On the one hand, Williamson (1985) says that networks are hybrid arrangements. On the other, authors like Powell (1990) argue that networks constitute themselves as organizational forms. Given this dilemma, the present article proposes the analysis of organizational characteristics of small-firm networks (SFN). To reach such objective, twelve SFNs in distinct stages of developm...

  20. Modeling Cyber Situational Awareness Through Data Fusion (United States)


    following table: Table 3.10: Example Vulnerable Hosts for Criticality Assessment Experiment Example Id OS Applications/Services Version 1 Mac OS X VLC [4] Blasch, E., I. Kadar, J. Salerno, M. Kokar, S. Das, G. Powell, D. Corkill, and E. Ruspini. “Issues and challenges of knowledge representation...Holsopple. “Issues and challenges in higher level fusion: Threat/impact assessment and intent modeling (a panel summary)”. Information Fusion (FUSION

  1. Nuclear proliferation: prospects, problems, and proposals

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    This issue of the ANNALS addresses itself to three aspects of nuclear proliferation: the prospect that new nuclear powers will come on the scene, the problems that their arrival may create, and ways of coping with those problems. In an introductory paper, ''Quo Vadimus,'' Joseph I. Coffey investigates the pros and cons of proliferation, concluding that it is not a question of whether there will be nuclear proliferation, but in what countries. Part I, Where We Are, contains five papers preceded by introductory comments by Joseph I. Coffey. The papers and their authors are: Why States Go--and Don't Go--Nuclear, William Epstein; How States Can ''Go Nuclear,'' Frank C. Barnaby; What Happens If. . .Terrorists, Revolutionaries, and Nuclear Weapons, David Kreiger; Safeguards Against Diversion of Nuclear Material: An Overview, Ryukichi Imai; and Reducing the Incentives to Proliferation, George H. Quester. Part II, And Where We May Go, again includes some introductory remarks by Joseph I. Coffey. The seven succeeding papers are: Nth Powers of the Future, Ashok Kapur; Nuclear Proliferation and World Politics, Lewis A. Dunn; Arms Control in a Nuclear Armed World, Colin Gray; The United Nations, the Superpowers, and Proliferation, Abraham Bargman; Proliferation and the Future: Destruction or Transformation, Frederick C. Thayer; Decision Making in a Nuclear Armed World, Michael Brenner; and The United States in a World of Nuclear Powers, Michael Nacht. This special report is concluded with a glossary

  2. Politics as Usual? Theatre, the Northern Irish Assembly, and the Romanticization of Normality

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eleanor Owicki


    Full Text Available This article explores the treatment of Northern Irish electoral politics in two plays featuring Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs as major characters. Between 2007 and 2016, many viewed the stability of the Northern Irish Assembly as evidence of the continued success of the peace process. Although the principle of mandatory coalition at the system’s heart bears witness to the lasting nature of divisions within the state, the collaboration between once-bitter enemies demonstrates a real shift in Northern Irish politics. Until the institution’s (perhaps temporary collapse in 2017, many commentators and politicians suggested that its success proved that the state was progressing in the nebulous but desirable direction of ‘normality’. Colin Bell’s 'God’s Country' (2010 and Rosemary Jenkinson’s 'Planet Belfast' (2013 suggest, however, that a valorization of normality obscures the dangers posed to Northern Ireland by problems that occur on more global levels. 'God’s Country' explores the dangerous impact of homophobia in the North, and particularly within unionist politics, while 'Planet Belfast' depicts the combined threat of environmental destruction and corporate interference. Both plays depict Northern Irish politics functioning smoothly, with minimal evidence of sectarian divisions deeper than the partisanship present in most democracies. In spite of this, however, they caution against treating normality as an end goal or as evidence that the state is safe. Instead, they suggest that the state faces a wide array of problems that have been obscured by the focus on sectarianism and the legacy of the Troubles.

  3. Book Review ~ Telecentres: Case Studies and Key Issues. Edited by Colin Latchem and David Walker

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reviewed by Rozhan M. Irdus


    Full Text Available In the wake of globalization and the current deluge of technological innovations, the digital divide that is now appearing and the fact that virtuality sometimes seems more real than reality itself, this book on telecentres has placed itself as a perfect bridge, which spans the past, present, and future.

  4. Surface Chemistry Manipulation of Gold Nanorods Displays High Cellular Uptake In Vitro While Preserving Optical Properties for Bio-Imaging and Photo-Thermal Applications (United States)


    at room temperature with a growth solution of CTAB (0.1 M), chlorauric acid (0.1 M) silver nitrate (0.1 M) ascorbic acid (0.1 M). The CTAB was...purchased from GFS chemicals (Powell, OH, USA). The chloroauric acid, ascorbic acid, silver nitrate , sodium borohydride, sodium Chloride, MOPS buffer and...Figure 6B). This supports the finding of Zhang et al (2013a) that demonstrated the long term retention of gold nanoparticles in NDA-MB-231 breast cancer

  5. Evaluation of the In Vitro Effect of Gold Nanorod Aspect Ratio, Surface Charge and Chemistry on Cellular Association and Cytotoxicity (United States)


    chlorauric acid (0.1 M) was combined at room temperature with a growth solution of CTAB (0.1 M), chlorauric acid (0.1 M) silver nitrate (0.1 M) ascorbic...acid (0.1 M). The CTAB was purchased from GFS chemicals (Powell, OH, USA). The chloroauric acid, ascorbic acid, silver nitrate , sodium cancer imaging and therapy. Advanced Materials, 23(12), H18-H40. Bouhelier, A., Bachelot, R., Lerondel, G., Kostcheev, S., Royer, P

  6. CiOpt: a program for optimization of the frequency response of linear circuits


    Miró Sans, Joan Maria; Palà Schönwälder, Pere


    An interactive personal-computer program for optimizing the frequency response of linear lumped circuits (CiOpt) is presented. CiOpt has proved to be an efficient tool in improving designs where the inclusion of more accurate device models distorts the desired frequency response, as well as in device modeling. The outputs of CiOpt are the element values which best match the obtained and the desired frequency response. The optimization algorithms used (the Fletcher-Powell and Newton's methods,...

  7. Skin permeability and pharmacokinetics of diclofenac epolamine administered by dermal patch in Yorkshire-Landrace pigs


    Tse S; Powell KD; MacLennan SJ; Moorman AR; Paterson C; Bell RR


    Susanna Tse,1 Kendall D Powell,2 Stephen MacLennan,3 Allan R Moorman,4 Craig Paterson,5 Rosonald R Bell11Pfizer Inc, Groton, CT, USA; 2Tandem Labs, Durham, NC, USA; 3BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc, Durham, NC, USA; 4Alta Vetta Pharmaceutical Consulting LLC, Durham, NC, USA; 5Salix Pharmaceuticals Inc, Raleigh, NC, USAPurpose: This study compared the pharmacokinetic profile, and systemic and local absorption of diclofenac, following dermal patch application and oral administration in Yorkshire- ...

  8. Perspectives on the Viable Mobile Virtual Community for Telemedicine


    van 't Klooster, J.W.J.R.; Pawar, P.; van Beijnum, Bernhard J.F.; Dulawan, Chariz; Hermens, Hermanus J.


    A virtual community is an electronically supported social network: it can be seen as a group of people who have regular social interaction, independent of time and space, because of a common interest such as a problem, task, or feeling exchange (Eysenbach, Powell, Englesakis, Rizo, & Stern, 2004; Rheingold, 1993). When independence of time and space is achieved through the use of mobile devices and wireless communication technologies, such a virtual community is called a Mobile Virtual Commun...

  9. Electrothermal-Chemical Modeling and Diagnostics Workshop. Volume 1 (United States)


    z ox IOX OLVox 110~ Table 2: Summary of the theorctical rcsuilts (J Powell and Zielinski (ideal plasma) Shot VTr T P.’ 4 Volts (cV) (.Pa) (. m) 2 1221...Gloria P. Wren Ballistic Research Laboratory ATTN: SLCBR-IB-B Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005-5066 (301) 278-6199 Mr. Alex Zielinski Ballistic Research...Park Road, SE Warren, MI 48090-2074 Albuquerque, NM 87106 General Dynamics Land Systems Division 1 Teledyne Brown Engineering ATTN: Dave Toepler ATTN

  10. Foreword. The Knowledge Economy: The Present Future


    Constantin Bratianu


    All the statistics and evaluations show that the Knowledge Economy is our future. However, a close look at the developed economies demonstrates that the Knowledge Economy is already here, shaping our present time. Although there are many definitions of this new economic framework, their core content stresses the importance of data, information, and knowledge in the production of goods and delivering services in creating value for society. For instance, Powell and Snellman (2004, p.1999) defin...

  11. Simulation of Blast on Porcine Head (United States)


    Powell BJ, Baumer TG, Passalacqua NV, Wagner CD, Haut RC, Fenton TW, Yang KH. A forensic pathology tool to predict pediatric skull fracture patterns...biophysics, pathology , and required research focus. J Trauma. 2009;66(5):1468–1477. 44 Chan P, Lu Z, Rigby P, Takhounts E, Zhang J, Yoganandan N...Makin A, Herron AJ, Clubb FJ, Frazier KS. Swine as models in biomedical research and toxicology testing. Veterinary Pathology . 2012;49(2):344–356

  12. State of the States 2016: Arts Education State Policy Summary (United States)

    Aragon, Stephanie


    The "State of the States 2016" summarizes state policies for arts education identified in statute or administrative code for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Information is based on a comprehensive search of state education statute and codes on each state's relevant websites. Complete results from this review are available in…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yasin OZARSLAN,


    Full Text Available Open and distance learning (ODL is one of the most important trends in education in Asia as well as all around the world. This book reviews ODL/ICT developments in schools, colleges, universities, open schooling, workplace training, professional development and non-formal adult and community education. It examines ODL and ICT experiences, successes and failures of Asian education and training.This is one of the comprehensive books on distance education applications in Asia. It is written by Colin Latchem and Insung Jung. Colin Latchem is an Australian-based consultant in open and distance learning. Insung Jung is Professor of Education, Media & Society at the International Christian University in Tokyo. The book's broader audience is anyone who is interested in ODL. If you are looking for on developments in ODL in Asia, this book is primarily for you. The book is consisted of 266 pages (+xiv covering 12 chapters with a conclusion part in each chapter.These conclusion parts provide a critical look at that chapter‘s issue Topics covered in the book are as follows: Technology, E-readiness And E-learning Readiness, Open Schooling, SchoolNets and Information and Communications Technology (ICT Integration in Classrooms, Higher Education, Lifelong Learning, Workplace Training, Professional Development and Non-Formal Adult and Community Education, New Providers and New Markets, ICT Integration In and Beyond the School, Instructional Design, Learner Support and Assessment in E-Learning, Leadership for Educational Change and Innovation, Quality Assurance and Accreditation, Staff Training and Development, Research, Publication and Translating Research into Practice.

  14. The Effect of Bond Albedo on Venus' Atmospheric and Surface Temperatures (United States)

    Bullock, M. A.; Limaye, S. S.; Grinspoon, D. H.; Way, M.


    In spite of Venus' high planetary albedo, sufficient solar energy reaches the surface to drive a powerful greenhouse effect. The surface temperature is three times higher than it would be without an atmosphere. However, the details of the energy balance within Venus' atmosphere are poorly understood. Half of the solar energy absorbed within the clouds, where most of the solar energy is absorbed, is due to an unknown agent. One of the challenges of modeling Venus' atmosphere has been to account for all the sources of opacity sufficient to generate a globally averaged surface temperature of 735 K, when only 2% of the incoming solar energy is deposited at the surface. The wavelength and spherically integrated albedo, or Bond albedo, has typically been cited as between 0.7 and 0.82 (Colin 1983). Yet, recent photometry of Venus at extended phase angles between 2 and 179° indicate a Bond albedo of 0.90 (Mallama et al., 2006). The authors note an increase in cloud top brightness at phase angles fixed. Figure 1b (right). Venus surface temperature as Bond Albedo changes. Radiative-convective equilibrium models predict the correct globally averaged surface temperature at a=0.81. Calculations here show that a Bond albedo of a=0.9 would yield a surface temperature of 666.4 K, about 70 K too low, unless there is additional thermal absorption within the atmosphere that is not understood. Colin, L.,, Venus, University of Arizona Press, Tucson, 1983, pp 10-26. Mallama, A., et al., 2006. Icarus. 182, 10-22.

  15. Department for Nuclear Equipment '' High Technology Center - HITEC '' - Overview

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pracz, J.


    Our main achievement was to obtain a positive result on the external audit carried out by the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification (PCfTaC) on the medical accelerator Coline. This successful audit allowed for the issue of a compliance certificate CE No MD-88/1/2007 by an EU certified auditor numbered 1434. This in turn opened EU markets for our products. The procedure for assessing compliance of accelerators' parameters with the Medical Directive required conceptional work as well as many tests. These tests resulted in a number of improvements, of which the most important one was the introduction of a new control system based on modern module microprocessors of PLC type. The new software takes account of the existing norms and law requirements as well as the safety of patients, medical personnel and environment. The above goal was achieved by detail software requirements and multiplication of hardware parts responsible for safety. Results of numerous analyses and tests were included in the technical documentation, which was checked and confirmed by PCfTaC experts. Coline type accelerators were registered as medical products complying with existing EU procedures. The research and development activities conducted during 2006 in the field of accelerators led to a significant progress of work on a new medium energy accelerator and a neutron system of radiography. Results of these activities were presented at a national conference of the Polish Association of Medical Physics, as well as at the exposition of apparatus for non-destructive testing in India. (author)

  16. Systematics and faunistics of Neotropical Eucosmini. 1. Chimoptesis Powell, 1964 (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). (United States)

    Razowski, Ózef; Becker, Vitor Osmar


    Twenty-one new species of Chimoptesis are described and illustrated: C. costaricae (TL: Costa Rica: San José), C. phanera (TL: Mexico: Chiapas), C. rubigo (TL: Mexico: Chiapas), C. rosariana (TL: Cuba: Pinar Rio), C. miniaula (TL: Mexico: Chiapas), C. kallion (TL: Mexico: Chiapas), C. potosiana (TL: Mexico: Nuevo Leon), C. obliquaria (TL: Mexico: Nuevo Leon), C. angulata (TL: Mexico: Chiapas), C. dentitia (TL: Mexico: Chiapas), C. faceta (TL: Mexico: Nuevo Leon), C. caera (TL: Mexico: Chiapas), C. castanescens (TL: Mexico: Chiapas), C. albomixta (TL: Mexico: Distrito Federal), C. cornigera (TL: Mexico: Nuevo Leon), C. mitrion (TL: Mexico: Nuevo Leon), C. setoses (TL: Cuba: Santiago), C. juniptesis (TL: Mexico: Chiapas), C. tamaulipasia (TL: Mexico: Tamaulipas), C. zoquiapana (Mexico: Distrito Federal), and C. rufobrunnea (TL: Costa Rica: San José). Formerly known only from the U.S., Chimoptesis is recorded south to Costa Rica in Central America and Cuba in the Caribbean.

  17. State of the States, 2012: Arts Education State Policy Summary (United States)

    Arts Education Partnership (NJ1), 2012


    The "State of the States 2012" summarizes state policies for arts education identified in statute or code for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Information is based primarily on results from the AEP Arts Education State Policy Survey conducted in 2010-11, and updated in April 2012.

  18. Guyton de Morveau


    Grison, Emmanuel


    Portrait de Guyton de Morveau Directeur de l’Ecole de 1798 à 1804 Les trois chimistes fondateurs Dans la liste des premiers instituteurs de l’Ecole polytechnique figurent trois chimistes qui furent, de diverses façons, étroitement associés à la fondation de l’Ecole, à sa mise en route, à son soutien dans les premières difficultés : ce sont Guyton de Morveau, Fourcroy et Berthollet. Seuls les deux derniers furent jugés dignes, à l’époque de Colin, d’être admis dans la galerie des portraits. I...

  19. Berthollet


    Grison, Emmanuel


    Portrait de Berthollet Un des deux premiers professeurs de chimie, Sénateur en 1800, il continue son cours gratuitement La mémoire de l’Ecole était décidément bien ingrate, au temps de notre peintre Colin, envers ce pauvre Guyton : le cartouche qu’on plaça sous le portrait de Berthollet ne reconnaît que deux professeurs de chimie, Fourcroy et lui. Nous avons rendu justice au troisième instituteur, tombé dans l’oubli, mais nous verrons que Berthollet a, de fait, laissé dans l’histoire de la c...

  20. Characterizing the Hypermutated Subtype of Advanced Prostate Cancer as a Predictive Biomarker for Precision Medicine (United States)


    instability, MSI, MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, PMS2 , metastasis, precision medicine 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT 18. NUMBER OF PAGES...hypermutation, hyper-mutation, microsatellite instability, MSI, MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, PMS2 , metastasis, precision medicine Colin Pritchard MD, PhD 2015-2016 Year 2...BRCC3 BRIP1 CHEK1 CHEK2 FAM175A MLH1 MRE11A MSH2 MSH6 NBN PALB2 PMS2 PRSS1 PTEN RAD50 RAD51B RAD51C RAD51D RBBP8 TP53 TP53BP1 XRCC2 Additional

  1. QED, QCD en pratique


    Aurenche , P; Guillet , J.-Ph; Pilon , E


    3rd cycle; Ces notes sont une introduction à l'application de l'électrodynamique quantique (QED) et de la chromodynamiques quantique (QCD) aux réactions de diffusion à hautes énergies. Le premier thème abordé est celui des divergences ultraviolettes et de la renormalisation à une boucle, avec comme conséquence pour QCD la liberté asymptotique. Le deuxième thème est celui des divergences infrarouges et colinéaires qui dans QCD sont traitées dans le cadre du modèle des partons avec l'introducti...

  2. Introducing Systems Approaches (United States)

    Reynolds, Martin; Holwell, Sue

    Systems Approaches to Managing Change brings together five systems approaches to managing complex issues, each having a proven track record of over 25 years. The five approaches are: System Dynamics (SD) developed originally in the late 1950s by Jay Forrester Viable Systems Model (VSM) developed originally in the late 1960s by Stafford Beer Strategic Options Development and Analysis (SODA: with cognitive mapping) developed originally in the 1970s by Colin Eden Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) developed originally in the 1970s by Peter Checkland Critical Systems Heuristics (CSH) developed originally in the late 1970s by Werner Ulrich

  3. A comparative analysis of pressure sore treatment modalities in community settings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. Small


    Full Text Available The management of pressure sores in community settings, poses a clinical problem which challenges the patient’s tolerance and the clinician’s diligence and ingenuity. Pressure sores can be painful, lead to infection and are associated with considerable morbidity and increased mortality (Patterson & Bennett, 1995:919; Bale, Banks, Hagelstein & Harding, 1998:65. Treatment costs of these wounds are high in terms of resources (Colin 1995:65; Wood, Griffiths & Stoner, 1997:256. However, since there are untold cost in terms of pain and suffering to the patient, it is impossible to calculate the true cost of pressure sores (Dealey, 1994:87.

  4. Riot at the calc exam and other mathematically bent stories

    CERN Document Server

    Adams, Colin


    What's so funny about math? Lots! Especially if you're mathematically bent. In the world of Colin Adams, differential equations bring on tears of laughter. Hollywood producers hire algebraic geometers to punch up a script. In this world, math and humor are synonymous. Riot at the Calc Exam is a proof of this fact. A collection of humorous math stories, this book gives a window into mathematics and the culture of mathematicians. Appropriate for mathematicians, math students, math teachers, lay people with an interest in mathematics, and indeed everyone else. This book is a romp through the wild

  5. Atròfia muscular espinal: mecanismes patogènics i estratègies terapèutiques en models murins de la malaltia


    Cerveró Cebrià, Clàudia


    L’atròfia muscular espinal (AME) és una malaltia genètica que cursa amb mort de motoneurones espinals i atròfia muscular. S’ha caracteritzat un model murí d’AME, l’Smn2B/-, amb una clínica menys severa que la mostrada per altres models més extensament utilitzats. S’ha evidenciat una alteració multisistèmica acompanyant a la clàssicament coneguda del sistema neuromuscular. S’han estudiat les sinapsis colinèrgiques tipus C en l’AME i testat el paper del PRE-084 (agonista del receptor sigm...

  6. Utility regulation and competition policy

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Robinson, Colin


    Contents: 1. The New Electricity Trading Arrangements in England and Wales: A Review - David Currie, 2. A Critique of Rail Regulation - Dieter Helm, 3. Moving to a Competitive Market in Water - Colin Robinson, 4. The New Gas Trading Arrangements - George Yarrow, 5. A Review of Privatization and Regulation Experience in Britain - Irwin M. Stelzer, 6. Converging Communications: Implications for Regulation - Mark Armstrong, 7. Opening European Electricity and Gas Markets - Graham Shuttleworth, 8. Concurrency or Convergence? Competition and Regulation Under the Competition Act 1998 - Tom Sharpe QC, 9. Ten Years of European Merger Control - Paul Seabright. (Author)

  7. A practical globalization of one-shot optimization for optimal design of tokamak divertors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Blommaert, Maarten, E-mail: [Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK-4), FZ Jülich GmbH, D-52425 Jülich (Germany); Dekeyser, Wouter; Baelmans, Martine [KU Leuven, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 3001 Leuven (Belgium); Gauger, Nicolas R. [TU Kaiserslautern, Chair for Scientific Computing, 67663 Kaiserslautern (Germany); Reiter, Detlev [Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK-4), FZ Jülich GmbH, D-52425 Jülich (Germany)


    In past studies, nested optimization methods were successfully applied to design of the magnetic divertor configuration in nuclear fusion reactors. In this paper, so-called one-shot optimization methods are pursued. Due to convergence issues, a globalization strategy for the one-shot solver is sought. Whereas Griewank introduced a globalization strategy using a doubly augmented Lagrangian function that includes primal and adjoint residuals, its practical usability is limited by the necessity of second order derivatives and expensive line search iterations. In this paper, a practical alternative is offered that avoids these drawbacks by using a regular augmented Lagrangian merit function that penalizes only state residuals. Additionally, robust rank-two Hessian estimation is achieved by adaptation of Powell's damped BFGS update rule. The application of the novel one-shot approach to magnetic divertor design is considered in detail. For this purpose, the approach is adapted to be complementary with practical in parts adjoint sensitivities. Using the globalization strategy, stable convergence of the one-shot approach is achieved.

  8. Titanium Diboride Electrodeposited Coatings (United States)


    4 Ti02. This material was deposited in the form of a porous mass or loose particles which must be leached in water and acid to remove adherent...poudres metallique par electrolyse ignee. Revue de Metallurgie, v. 45, 1948, p. 49-59. 7. POWELL, C. F. Borides in High Temperature Materials and... water solution of thallium formate-thallium malonate 50-50 mole percent mixture with a density ranging from about 5 g/cm^ at the bottom to about 2 g/cm

  9. Artificial Neural Network Analysis System (United States)


    Contract No. DASG60-00-M-0201 Purchase request no.: Foot in the Door-01 Title Name: Artificial Neural Network Analysis System Company: Atlantic... Artificial Neural Network Analysis System 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Powell, Bruce C 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e. TASK NUMBER...34) 27-02-2001 Report Type N/A Dates Covered (from... to) ("DD MON YYYY") 28-10-2000 27-02-2001 Title and Subtitle Artificial Neural Network Analysis

  10. Lake Michigan Storm: Wave and Water Level Modeling (United States)


    does appear the ice implementation does well to replicate either iced (flagged for ice coverage), or for a low wave energy environment. Granted there...Jensen, D.T. Resio, R.A. Luettich, C. Dawson, V.J. Cardone , A.T. Cox, M.D. Powell, H.J. Westerink, and H.J. Roberts. (2010). “A high resolution coupled...coast,” In Preparation, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, MS. ERDC/CHL TR-12-26 310 Jensen, R.E., V.J. Cardone , and A.T

  11. Bootstrapping Density-Weighted Average Derivatives

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cattaneo, Matias D.; Crump, Richard K.; Jansson, Michael

    Employing the "small bandwidth" asymptotic framework of Cattaneo, Crump, and Jansson (2009), this paper studies the properties of a variety of bootstrap-based inference procedures associated with the kernel-based density-weighted averaged derivative estimator proposed by Powell, Stock, and Stoker...... (1989). In many cases validity of bootstrap-based inference procedures is found to depend crucially on whether the bandwidth sequence satisfies a particular (asymptotic linearity) condition. An exception to this rule occurs for inference procedures involving a studentized estimator employing a "robust...

  12. Neural-Network Quantum States, String-Bond States, and Chiral Topological States (United States)

    Glasser, Ivan; Pancotti, Nicola; August, Moritz; Rodriguez, Ivan D.; Cirac, J. Ignacio


    Neural-network quantum states have recently been introduced as an Ansatz for describing the wave function of quantum many-body systems. We show that there are strong connections between neural-network quantum states in the form of restricted Boltzmann machines and some classes of tensor-network states in arbitrary dimensions. In particular, we demonstrate that short-range restricted Boltzmann machines are entangled plaquette states, while fully connected restricted Boltzmann machines are string-bond states with a nonlocal geometry and low bond dimension. These results shed light on the underlying architecture of restricted Boltzmann machines and their efficiency at representing many-body quantum states. String-bond states also provide a generic way of enhancing the power of neural-network quantum states and a natural generalization to systems with larger local Hilbert space. We compare the advantages and drawbacks of these different classes of states and present a method to combine them together. This allows us to benefit from both the entanglement structure of tensor networks and the efficiency of neural-network quantum states into a single Ansatz capable of targeting the wave function of strongly correlated systems. While it remains a challenge to describe states with chiral topological order using traditional tensor networks, we show that, because of their nonlocal geometry, neural-network quantum states and their string-bond-state extension can describe a lattice fractional quantum Hall state exactly. In addition, we provide numerical evidence that neural-network quantum states can approximate a chiral spin liquid with better accuracy than entangled plaquette states and local string-bond states. Our results demonstrate the efficiency of neural networks to describe complex quantum wave functions and pave the way towards the use of string-bond states as a tool in more traditional machine-learning applications.

  13. State-to-state and state-to-all-states reactive scattering angular distributions: F+H 2→HF+H

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Emmons, R.W.; Suck, S.H.


    How each state-to-state reactive transition determines nonundulatory ''state-to-all-states'' angular distribution has not yet been investigated. Here we present a complete exposure of state-to-state distorted-wave Born-approximation angular distributions in order to examine how the nonoscillatory and backward-peaked state-to-all-states reactive scattering angular distribution occurs

  14. State of the States (United States)

    Journal of Education Finance, 2017


    In 2016, a group of school finance scholars and public school practitioners gathered in Jacksonville, Florida, for the National Education Finance Academy's annual conference to discuss, among an array of topics, the state of P-20 finance in all 50 states. At the roundtable discussion, 36 states were represented, and scholars representing 30 states…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Suwarno Suwarno


    Full Text Available This research examines about graph coloring using Welch-Powell algorithm. This research begins by trying to understand about graph coloring and its algorithm. The case study was conducted at the intersection of Pangeran Antasari Street. In the formation of graph obtained 12 vertices as traffic flow and 16 edges as traffic path. The results of this study obtained 4 chromatic numbers which describes 4 stages of traffic light arrangement. This paper also explains the application of Mathematica software in graph coloring.

  16. Fatigue Countermeasures in Aviation (United States)


    rbucks® Short 1 Starbucks ® Tall 1 Sta rbucks® Grande 1 Coke® 1 Mountain Dew® 1 cup tea 2 Anacin® 2 Excedrin Xtra. Strength 1 Max. Strength NoDoz® 46...72. Dinges OF, Price N],Maislin G, Powell JW, Ecker AJ, Malli.s MM. Szuba, et a1. Prospective laboratory re-validation of ocular-based drowsiness...detection technologies and countermeasures. In: Wierwille WW, Hanowski RJ, Olson RL, Dinges OF, Price NJ, Maislin G, et a1. NHTSA Drowsy Driver ·Detection

  17. Adaption and Self-expression in Julie/Julia


    Kanzler, Katja


    Julie/Julia stands out in several ways. What had begun, in 2002/2003, as a highly popular blog, in which New Yorker Julie Powell tracks her experience of cooking all the recipes in Julia Child’s classic cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cookery, became one of the first notable, commercially successful "blooks"—a neologism that denotes blogs adapted into books. As a visible sign of this achievement, The Ju-lie/Julia Project was awarded with the inaugural “Blooker Prize” in 2006. A few years...

  18. Emission constrained secure economic dispatch

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Arya, L.D.; Choube, S.C.; Kothari, D.P.


    This paper describes a methodology for secure economic operation of power system accounting emission constraint areawise as well as in totality. Davidon-Fletcher-Powell's method of optimization has been used. Inequality constraints are accounted for by a penalty function. Sensitivity coefficients have been used to evaluate the gradient vector as well as for the calculation of incremental transmission loss (ITL). AC load flow results are required in the beginning only. The algorithm has been tested on IEEE 14- and 25-bus test systems. (Author)

  19. Transport operations and closure notification

    CERN Multimedia


    Please note that the car parks for the following buildings will be closed owing to transport operations involving an exceptional load: 228 110 192, 191, 190 182 582 279 584 609 The car parks will be closed from 5.30 p.m. on Friday 2 February 2007 until the evening of Tuesday 6 February 2007. Traffic on the Routes SCHRODINGER, BORN, POWEL, PERRIN, and GREGORY will be disrupted on Tuesday 6 February 2007. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Group TS-IC - Tel. 163012 - 160319

  20. Hair analysis by proton-induced-X-ray emission and atomic absorption. Part of a coordinated programme on nuclear-based methods for analysis of pollutants in human hair

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mangelson, N.F.


    Specimens of small wild rodents comprised of 5 species were collected in an area near Lake Powell, Utah, (U.S.A.). Liver, lung, kidney and hair were sampled and analysed for several elements using proton-induced X-ray emission (PIXE). Various statistical tests were performed on the data gathered. Although many elements highly correlate among all tissues and animal species studies, it was not possible to determine from the present study which animal species or tissue type is the best indicator for the polluting elements surveyed

  1. Whitney towers, Gropes and Casson-Gordon style invariants of links


    Kim, Min Hoon


    In this paper, we prove a conjecture of Friedl and Powell that their Casson-Gordon type invariant of 2-component link with linking number one is actually an obstruction to being height 3.5 Whitney tower/grope concordant to the Hopf Link. The proof employs the notion of solvable cobordism of 3-manifolds with boundary, which was introduced by Cha. We also prove that the Blanchfield form and the Alexander polynomial of links in $S^3$ give obstructions to height 3 Whitney tower/grope concordance....

  2. Quantum State Engineering Via Coherent-State Superpositions (United States)

    Janszky, Jozsef; Adam, P.; Szabo, S.; Domokos, P.


    The quantum interference between the two parts of the optical Schrodinger-cat state makes possible to construct a wide class of quantum states via discrete superpositions of coherent states. Even a small number of coherent states can approximate the given quantum states at a high accuracy when the distance between the coherent states is optimized, e. g. nearly perfect Fock state can be constructed by discrete superpositions of n + 1 coherent states lying in the vicinity of the vacuum state.

  3. Review: Local Government in England: Centralisation, Autonomy and Control by Colin Corpus, Mark Roberts, Rachel Wall

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonathan Carr-West


    Full Text Available Local Government in England: Centralisation, Autonomy and Control is a serious book and an important contribution to the scholarship around local government. It opens however, with a pleasingly comic tableau as academics from England, Portugal and Poland bicker amiably at a conference and on Twitter about whose country is really the most centralised. The rest of the book is devoted to showing why the English academics were right, why it matters and what should be done about it. The main thrust of the text is an analysis of the impact of the dominant policy narratives around centralism and localism. The argument that Copus, Wall and Roberts put forward could be boiled down to the assertion that the problem with local government in England is that it is neither local nor government. But to make this case they first helpfully unpack several sets of concepts that are all too often elided together.

  4. An efficient method based on the uniformity principle for synthesis of large-scale heat exchanger networks

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Zhang, Chunwei; Cui, Guomin; Chen, Shang


    Highlights: • Two dimensionless uniformity factors are presented to heat exchange network. • The grouping of process streams reduces the computational complexity of large-scale HENS problems. • The optimal sub-network can be obtained by Powell particle swarm optimization algorithm. • The method is illustrated by a case study involving 39 process streams, with a better solution. - Abstract: The optimal design of large-scale heat exchanger networks is a difficult task due to the inherent non-linear characteristics and the combinatorial nature of heat exchangers. To solve large-scale heat exchanger network synthesis (HENS) problems, two dimensionless uniformity factors to describe the heat exchanger network (HEN) uniformity in terms of the temperature difference and the accuracy of process stream grouping are deduced. Additionally, a novel algorithm that combines deterministic and stochastic optimizations to obtain an optimal sub-network with a suitable heat load for a given group of streams is proposed, and is named the Powell particle swarm optimization (PPSO). As a result, the synthesis of large-scale heat exchanger networks is divided into two corresponding sub-parts, namely, the grouping of process streams and the optimization of sub-networks. This approach reduces the computational complexity and increases the efficiency of the proposed method. The robustness and effectiveness of the proposed method are demonstrated by solving a large-scale HENS problem involving 39 process streams, and the results obtained are better than those previously published in the literature.

  5. Comparative study of Eyring and Carreau fluids in a suspension of dust and nickel nanoparticles with variable conductivity (United States)

    Mamatha Upadhya, S.; Mahesha; Raju, C. S. K.


    A theoretical analysis is carried out to investigate the magnetohydrodynamic unsteady flow of Eyring-Powell and Carreau non-Newtonian fluids in a suspension of dust and nickel nanoparticles by considering variable thermal conductivity and thermal radiation. Dispersion of nickel nanoparticles in dusty fluids finds applications in heat exchanger systems, rechargeable batteries, chemical catalysts, metallurgy, conducting paints, magnetic recording media, drug delivery, nanofibers, textiles, etc. The initially arising set of physical governing partial differential equations is transformed to ordinary differential equations (ODEs) with the aid of similarity transformations. Consequentially, the nonlinear ODEs are solved numerically through the Runge-Kutta Fehlberg scheme (RKFS). The computational results for non-dimensional temperature and velocity profiles are presented through graphs. Furthermore, the numerical values of friction factor and heat transfer rate are tabulated numerically for the unsteady and steady cases of the Eyring and Carreau fluid cases and of the dusty non-Newtonian (φ=0) and the dusty non-Newtonian nanofluid (φ≠ 0) cases of the unsteady flow. We also validated the present results with previous published studies and found them to be highly satisfactory. The formulated model reveals that the rate of heat transfer is higher in the mixture of the nickel + Eyring-Powell case compared to the nickel + Carreau case. From this we can highlight that, depending on the industrial appliances, we can use heating or cooling processes for Eyring and Carreau fluids, respectively.

  6. Références bibliographiques de congrès concernant les indépendances des pays africains, publiés entre 1960 et 2010.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bernadette Joseph


    Full Text Available 1963Décolonisation et régimes politiques en Afrique noire.Actes du colloque organisé par le Centre d'études des relations internationales de Paris et le Centre d'études d'Afrique noire de l'université de Bordeaux, 30 novembre-1er décembre 1963, sur le thème «  Les régimes des nouveaux Etats et leurs relations extérieures. Sous la direction d'Albert Mabileau et Jean Meyriat.- Paris : Colin, 1967.- 276 p.1977The transfer of power in Africa : decolonization, 1940-1960.D'après le congrès tenu à B...

  7. Basic Maths Practice Problems For Dummies

    CERN Document Server

    Beveridge, Colin


    Fun, friendly coaching and all the practice you need to tackle maths problems with confidence and ease In his popular Basic Maths For Dummies, professional maths tutor Colin Beveridge proved that he could turn anyone - even the most maths-phobic person - into a natural-born number cruncher. In this book he supplies more of his unique brand of maths-made- easy coaching, plus 2,000 practice problems to help you master what you learn. Whether you're prepping for a numeracy test or an employability exam, thinking of returning to school, or you'd just like to be one of those know-it-alls who says

  8. Conferences on first aid

    CERN Multimedia

    Leclerc; Lugon,N


    Trois orateurs exposent leurs expériences dans différents domaines du secourisme: le Dr Leclerc de Charleroi en Belgique parle de l'intervention des grands brûlés avec présentation et explication des dias, Mme le medecin capitaine Colin fait un exposé sur le secourisme dans l'entreprise française et son enseignement et Mons.Noel Lugnon, instructeur auprès de la police et gendarmerie genevoise qui forment l'ensemble des équipes de secours de la police, explique comment se fait la formation des spécialistes en secourisme et comment travaille la brigade motorisée à Genève.

  9. 7 CFR 1220.615 - State and United States. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 10 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false State and United States. 1220.615 Section 1220.615... CONSUMER INFORMATION Procedures To Request a Referendum Definitions § 1220.615 State and United States. State and United States include the 50 States of the United States of America, the District of Columbia...

  10. 7 CFR 1220.129 - State and United States. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 10 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false State and United States. 1220.129 Section 1220.129... CONSUMER INFORMATION Soybean Promotion and Research Order Definitions § 1220.129 State and United States. The terms State and United States include the 50 States of the United States of America, the District...

  11. 7 CFR 1209.21 - State and United States. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 10 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false State and United States. 1209.21 Section 1209.21... Definitions § 1209.21 State and United States. (a) State means any of the several States, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. (b) United States means collectively the several States of...

  12. «Halvdød av frost, men levende og beredt». Speiderbevegelsen som disiplineringsprosjekt


    Schaanning, Espen


    I det som gjerne betegnes som speidernes Bibel, Scouting for Boys (1908), løftet speiderbevegelsens grunnlegger, Robert Baden-Powell (1857–1941), fram personer som alle speidergutter burde ha som forbilder. Et slikt forbilde beskrives slik: «Den romerske soldaten fra gamle dager, som ble stående på sin post da Pompeii ble begravd av lava og aske fra vulkanen Vesuv, viste lojalitet mot sin plikt. De har funnet liket hans og kan se hvordan han holdt hånden foran munn og nese for ikke å bli kval...

  13. Regulation & Development of Membrane Transport Processes. (United States)


    communication when they reach confluency. REFERENCES I. Adams, R. J., Schwartz, A., Grupp, G., Grupp, I., Lee , S. W., Wallick, E. T., Powell, T., Twist, V. W...Kyte, J. (1971) J. Biol. Chem., 246, 4157-4165. 16. Ledbetter , M. L. S. and Lubin, M. (1979) J. Cell Biol., 80, 150-165. 17. Louvard, D. (1980) Proc...Medicine Seattle, Washington 10 4 , tI 238 I) IVI "iLOJ(PMENT OF I’X-SEKNSI’I’IVI, Na (’IIANNI"IS The development of skeletal muscle has been studied

  14. Innovative methods for numerical solution of partial differential equations

    CERN Document Server

    Hafez, M M


    This book consists of 20 review articles dedicated to Prof. Philip Roe on the occasion of his 60th birthday and in appreciation of his original contributions to computational fluid dynamics. The articles, written by leading researchers in the field, cover many topics, including theory and applications, algorithm developments and modern computational techniques for industry. Contents: "A One-Sided View": The Real Story (B van Leer); Collocated Upwind Schemes for Ideal MHD (K G Powell); The Penultimate Scheme for Systems of Conservation Laws: Finite Difference ENO with Marquina's Flux Splitting

  15. The Acute aortic syndrome – what do we know and what should we know?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Houlind, Kim Christian

    . Intramural hematomas (IMH) are often found on CT-scans in patients with typical aortic pain. They are characterized by the presence of a hematoma in the media , but the absence of flow in the false lumen and the absence of a primary intimal tear. An intimal tear may, however, occur secondary to the IMH...... al. International heterogeneity in diagnostic frequency and clinical outcomes of ascending aortic intramural hematoma. J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2007;20:1260-8 4.Nienaber CA, Powell J. Management of Acute Aortic Syndromes. European Heart Journal 2012; 33:26-35...

  16. Windmills and wind motors how to build and run them

    CERN Document Server

    Powell, F E


    Free, clean, and sustainable energy: wind power is an essential resource everyone can harness. This comprehensive and compact historical work provides everything you need to learn about the theory and construction of everyday windmills, from small ones intended solely as models to those large enough to generate electricity. Powell provides all the necessities to get you on your way, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and designs for every part of the project.Types of windmill projects include:A model windmill with sails two feet acrossA

  17. A Modified Conjugacy Condition and Related Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Method

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shengwei Yao


    Full Text Available The conjugate gradient (CG method has played a special role in solving large-scale nonlinear optimization problems due to the simplicity of their very low memory requirements. In this paper, we propose a new conjugacy condition which is similar to Dai-Liao (2001. Based on this condition, the related nonlinear conjugate gradient method is given. With some mild conditions, the given method is globally convergent under the strong Wolfe-Powell line search for general functions. The numerical experiments show that the proposed method is very robust and efficient.

  18. Optimal resource states for local state discrimination (United States)

    Bandyopadhyay, Somshubhro; Halder, Saronath; Nathanson, Michael


    We study the problem of locally distinguishing pure quantum states using shared entanglement as a resource. For a given set of locally indistinguishable states, we define a resource state to be useful if it can enhance local distinguishability and optimal if it can distinguish the states as well as global measurements and is also minimal with respect to a partial ordering defined by entanglement and dimension. We present examples of useful resources and show that an entangled state need not be useful for distinguishing a given set of states. We obtain optimal resources with explicit local protocols to distinguish multipartite Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger and graph states and also show that a maximally entangled state is an optimal resource under one-way local operations and classical communication to distinguish any bipartite orthonormal basis which contains at least one entangled state of full Schmidt rank.

  19. Tannin bark Melalauca cajuputi powell (gelam) as green corrosion inhibitor of mild steel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Talib, Nur Atiqah Abu; Zakaria, Sarani; Hua, Chia Chin; Othman, Norinsan Kamil [School of Applied Physic, Faculty Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor (Malaysia)


    Tannin was extracted from gelam bark and used to produce corrosion inhibitor for mild steel. Tannin was extracted from gelam bark using 70% aqueous acetone for 6 hour. Tannin powder was characterization using fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to analyse chemical component in tannin and Scanning electron microscope (SEM) for tannin physical structure. The tannin effect on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel has been investigated in 1Mol HCl solution for 6 hour followed ASTM. The weight loss method were applied to study the mild steel corrosion behavior in the present and absend of different concentration of tannin (250, 300, 350)ppm. Tannin act good inhibitor as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in acid medium. Surface morphology of carbon steel with and without inhibitor was investigated by scanning electron microscopy.

  20. Minimally conscious state or cortically mediated state? (United States)

    Naccache, Lionel


    Durable impairments of consciousness are currently classified in three main neurological categories: comatose state, vegetative state (also recently coined unresponsive wakefulness syndrome) and minimally conscious state. While the introduction of minimally conscious state, in 2002, was a major progress to help clinicians recognize complex non-reflexive behaviours in the absence of functional communication, it raises several problems. The most important issue related to minimally conscious state lies in its criteria: while behavioural definition of minimally conscious state lacks any direct evidence of patient's conscious content or conscious state, it includes the adjective 'conscious'. I discuss this major problem in this review and propose a novel interpretation of minimally conscious state: its criteria do not inform us about the potential residual consciousness of patients, but they do inform us with certainty about the presence of a cortically mediated state. Based on this constructive criticism review, I suggest three proposals aiming at improving the way we describe the subjective and cognitive state of non-communicating patients. In particular, I present a tentative new classification of impairments of consciousness that combines behavioural evidence with functional brain imaging data, in order to probe directly and univocally residual conscious processes.

  1. State laws on tobacco control--United States, 1998. (United States)

    Fishman, J A; Allison, H; Knowles, S B; Fishburn, B A; Woollery, T A; Marx, W T; Shelton, D M; Husten, C G; Eriksen, M P


    State laws addressing tobacco use, the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, are summarized. Laws address smoke-free indoor air, minors' access to tobacco products, advertising of tobacco products, and excise taxes on tobacco products. Legislation effective through December 31, 1998. CDC identified laws addressing tobacco control by using an on-line legal research database. CDC's findings were verified with the National Cancer Institute's State Cancer Legislative Database. Since a previous surveillance summary on state tobacco-control laws published in November 1995 (covering legislation effective through June 30, 1995), several states have enacted new restrictions or strengthened existing legislation that addresses smoke-free indoor air, minors' access to tobacco, tobacco advertising, and tobacco taxes. Five states strengthened their smoke-free indoor air legislation. All states and Washington, D.C., continued to prohibit the sale and distribution of tobacco products to minors; however, 21 states expanded minors' access laws by designating enforcement authorities, adding license suspension or revocation for sale to minors, or requiring signage. Since the 1995 report, eight additional states (a total of 19 states and Washington, D.C.) now ban vending machines from areas accessible to minors. Thirteen states restrict advertising of tobacco products, an increase of four states since the 1995 report. Although the number of states that tax cigarettes and smokeless tobacco did not change, 13 states increased excise taxes on cigarettes, and five states increased excise taxes on smokeless tobacco products. The average state excise tax on cigarettes is 38.9 cents per pack, an increase of 7.4 cents compared with the average tax in the 1995 report. State laws addressing tobacco control vary in relation to restrictiveness, enforcement and penalties, preemptions, and exceptions. The data summarizing state tobacco-control laws are available through CDC

  2. Where U.S. utilities seek fuel to power reactors after 1985

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    How utilities try to assure uranium supplies emerged Feb. 25 at a press conference in Canberra with four representatives of utilities that supply 20% of the operating nuclear capacity in the United States. Earlier, the speakers indicated that American import requirements would far exceed Australian estimates of the potential export market for Australian uranium. Australia, with the world's largest uncommitted uranium reserves, is wary of exporting because the opposition Labor Party adamantly opposes uranium development. If Labor returns to power, it could decide not to honor contracts by the present government. Participants included: Bernard Cherry, fuel manager at General Public Utilities; Colin Campbell of the Yankee Atomic Service Co., which provides engineering and fuel-supply service for seven New England nuclear plants; Jack Gilleland, assistant manager of power at the Tennessee Valley Authority; and Ralph Bostian, manager for systems results and fuel management at the Duke Power Co. When asked about available uranium supplies from Africa, the participants were dubious about those supplies; this led to a discussion on why the utilities are seeking their own sources. The answers are obvious. ERDA has indicated that about one-half of the operating reactors have fuel coverage beyond six reloads and about one-half of the reactors under construction have fuel coverage beyond two reloads

  3. Citizen versus consumer: challenges in the UK green power market

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Batley, S.L.; Fleming, P.D.; Urwin, P.


    This paper investigates the potential advantages and disadvantages of green power products, as opposed to the traditional fossil fuel levy (which was the UK's chosen tax regime), as a means of developing renewable energy in the UK. Willingness to pay for electricity generated from renewables is investigated. Results indicate that willingness to pay varies with social status and income. However results demonstrate that there is a significant minority in full support of some sort of fiscal initiative. Electricity generated from renewables is a concept supported by the majority. However, given the stated willingness to pay it is unlikely that any new renewable capacity will result from green tariff schemes in the near term. It is concluded that the green citizen must continue to co-exist with the green power purchaser if the UK is to make any significant improvement in the contribution of renewable energy to electricity demand. The authors would like to acknowledge the support of Irene Lorenzoni and Jane Powell of the Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment, University of East Anglia; Leicester Energy Efficiency Advice Centre; and Leicester Energy Agency. (author)

  4. Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center (United States)

    Hamill, John F.


    The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, one of the world's most spectacular gorges, is a premier U.S. National Park and a World Heritage Site. The canyon supports a diverse array of distinctive plants and animals and contains cultural resources significant to the region's Native Americans. About 15 miles upstream of Grand Canyon National Park sits Glen Canyon Dam, completed in 1963, which created Lake Powell. The dam provides hydroelectric power for 200 wholesale customers in six western States, but it has also altered the Colorado River's flow, temperature, and sediment-carrying capacity. Over time this has resulted in beach erosion, invasion and expansion of nonnative species, and losses of native fish. Public concern about the effects of Glen Canyon Dam operations prompted the passage of the Grand Canyon Protection Act of 1992, which directs the Secretary of the Interior to operate the dam 'to protect, mitigate adverse impacts to, and improve values for which Grand Canyon National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area were established...' This legislation also required the creation of a long-term monitoring and research program to provide information that could inform decisions related to dam operations and protection of downstream resources.

  5. Transcriptome States Reflect Imaging of Aging States. (United States)

    Eckley, D Mark; Coletta, Christopher E; Orlov, Nikita V; Wilson, Mark A; Iser, Wendy; Bastian, Paul; Lehrmann, Elin; Zhang, Yonqing; Becker, Kevin G; Goldberg, Ilya G


    In this study, we describe a morphological biomarker that detects multiple discrete subpopulations (or "age-states") at several chronological ages in a population of nematodes (Caenorhabditis elegans). We determined the frequencies of three healthy adult states and the timing of the transitions between them across the lifespan. We used short-lived and long-lived strains to confirm the general applicability of the state classifier and to monitor state progression. This exploration revealed healthy and unhealthy states, the former being favored in long-lived strains and the latter showing delayed onset. Short-lived strains rapidly transitioned through the putative healthy state. We previously found that age-matched animals in different age-states have distinct transcriptome profiles. We isolated animals at the beginning and end of each identified state and performed microarray analysis (principal component analysis, relative sample to sample distance measurements, and gene set enrichment analysis). In some comparisons, chronologically identical individuals were farther apart than morphologically identical individuals isolated on different days. The age-state biomarker allowed assessment of aging in a novel manner, complementary to chronological age progression. We found hsp70 and some small heat shock protein genes are expressed later in adulthood, consistent with the proteostasis collapse model.

  6. Competing States in the t-J Model: Uniform d-Wave State versus Stripe State versus Stripe State

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Corboz, P.R.; Rice, T.M.; Troyer, M.


    Variational studies of the t-J model on the square lattice based on infinite projected-entangled pair states confirm an extremely close competition between a uniform d-wave superconducting state and different stripe states. The site-centered stripe with an in-phase d-wave order has an equal or only

  7. The association between state attachment security and state Mindfulness.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christopher A Pepping

    Full Text Available Recent research suggests that attachment and mindfulness are related, though the nature of this association is unclear. Here we present two studies examining whether there is a causal relationship between state attachment and state mindfulness. Study 1 investigated the effects of experimentally increasing state mindfulness on state attachment security. State mindfulness was successfully enhanced, but this led to no change in state attachment security. Study 2 investigated the effects of experimentally enhancing state attachment security on state mindfulness. State attachment security was successfully enhanced, but this did not lead to any change in state mindfulness. These findings suggest that there is not a direct, immediate causal relationship between state attachment and state mindfulness as a result of brief experimental manipulations. Future research should examine these associations in longer term interventions.

  8. Teleportations of Mixed States and Multipartite Quantum States

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YU Chang-Shui; WANG Ya-Hong; SONG He-Shan


    In this paper, we propose a protocol to deterministically teleport an unknown mixed state of qubit by utilizing a maximally bipartite entangled state of qubits as quantum channel. Ifa non-maximally entangled bipartite pure state is employed as quantum channel, the unknown mixed quantum state of qubit can be teleported with 1 - √1 - C2 probability, where C is the concurrence of the quantum channel. The protocol can also be generalized to teleport a mixed state of qudit or a multipartite mixed state. More important purpose is that, on the basis of the protocol, the teleportation of an arbitrary multipartite (pure or mixed) quantum state can be decomposed into the teleportation of each subsystem by employing separate entangled states as quantum channels. In the case of deterministic teleportation,Bob only needs to perform unitary transformations on his single particles in order to recover the initial teleported multipartite quantum state.

  9. Supersqueezed states from squeezed states

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Nieto, M.M.


    Using super-Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff relations on the elements of the supergroup OSP(2/2), we derive the supersqueeze operator and the supersqueezed states, which are the supersymmetric generalization of the squeezed states of the harmonic oscillator

  10. Quantum States Transfer by Analogous Bell States

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mei Di; Li Chong; Yang Guohui; Song Heshan


    Transmitting quantum states by channels of analogous Bell states is studied in this paper. We analyze the transmitting process, constructed the probabilitic unitary operator, and gain the largest successful transfer quantum state probability.

  11. State-to-State Mode Specificity: Energy Sequestration and Flow Gated by Transition State. (United States)

    Zhao, Bin; Sun, Zhigang; Guo, Hua


    Energy flow and sequestration at the state-to-state level are investigated for a prototypical four-atom reaction, H2 + OH → H + H2O, using a transition-state wave packet (TSWP) method. The product state distribution is found to depend strongly on the reactant vibrational excitation, indicating mode specificity at the state-to-state level. From a local-mode perspective, it is shown that the vibrational excitation of the H2O product derives from two different sources, one attributable to the energy flow along the reaction coordinate into the newly formed OH bond and the other due to the sequestration of the vibrational energy in the OH spectator moiety during the reaction. The analysis provided a unified interpretation of some seemingly contradicting experimental observations. It is further shown that the transfer of vibrational energy from the OH reactant to H2O product is gated by the transition state, accomplished coherently by multiple TSWPs with the corresponding OH vibrational excitation.

  12. Noisy teleportation of qubit states via the Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger state or the W state

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Yan-Ling, Li; Mao-Fa, Fang; Xing, Xiao; Chao, Wu; Li-Zhen, Hou


    The effects of distributing entanglement through the amplitude damping channel or the phase damping channel on the teleportation of a single-qubit state via the Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger state and the W state are discussed. It is found that the average fidelity of teleportation depends on the type and rate of the damping in the channel. For the one-qubit affected case, the Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger state is as robust as the W state, i.e., the same quantum information is preserved through teleportation. For the two-qubit affected case, the W state is more robust when the entanglement is distributed via the amplitude damping channel; if the entanglement is distributed via the phase damping channel, the W state is more robust when the noisy parameter is small while the Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger state becomes more robust when it is large. For the three-qubit affected case, the Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger state is more robust than the W state. (general)

  13. Social acceptability urban form and sustainability in urban neighborhoods in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudia Gabriela Vargas Fernández


    Full Text Available In the field of urban planning, questioning around sustainability and the possibility of sustainable urban planning has led to a new set of approaches and discussions that impact studies on urban form and sustainable livelihoods. This approach characterized the work presented by Mike Jenks and Colin Jones (2010, Dimensions of the Sustainable City, where a set of variables are presented about urban sustainability from the neighbourhood level of analysis. In that sense, this article proposes the analysis of three social housing neighborhoods in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México, integrating aspects of urban form and social acceptability, in order to understand the relationship between the physical and sociocultural dimensions of the concept of urban sustainability.

  14. Multiple fractures in infancy: scurvy or nonaccidental injury?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Colin R Paterson


    Full Text Available Colin R PatersonFormerly of Department of Medicine, University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland, UKAbstract: The child with unexplained fractures has a differential diagnosis that includes nonaccidental injury but also a number of bone disorders including osteogenesis imperfecta and rickets. This paper reports a 14-month-old girl who was found to have seven fractures, several hematomas and widespread sub-periosteal reactions. She was found to have biochemical evidence of vitamin C deficiency. While nonaccidental injury could not be excluded, it seemed likely that the major cause of the fractures was scurvy. It is important to consider the whole differential diagnosis in a child with unexplained fractures.Keywords: scurvy, vitamin C deficiency, nonaccidental injury, fractures, ascorbic acid

  15. “Don’t Be Frightened Dear … This Is Hollywood”: British Filmmakers in Early American Cinema

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ian Scott


    Full Text Available British visitors to Hollywood from the late 1920s onward have captured the attention of writers as importing a particular view of their home country in a succession of ”British-Hollywood” movies. This article argues, however, that there was an initial wave of such trans-national pioneers – writer-directors Charles Brabin, Colin Campbell, Reginald Barker and Frank Lloyd – who not only did not demonstrate such “Britishness” in their work but instead made a crucial contribution to the development of classical Hollywood filmmaking. At times, they also offered a more nuanced view of social and historical complexities of the American past than many US-born directors.

  16. Nutrition in neonatal congenital heart disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Morgan CT


    Full Text Available Conall T Morgan,1 Anne Marie Shine,2 Colin J McMahon1 1Department of Pediatric Cardiology, 2Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland Abstract: There are 40,000 infants born in the USA with congenital heart disease annually. Achievement of adequate oral nutrition is difficult in this population. Malnutrition is common. Single ventricle physiology, the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis, and cardiopulmonary bypass prevent the establishment of normal oral feeding patterns. Improved nutrition results in improved surgical outcomes, lower mortality, and shorter hospital stay. In this review, we discuss the challenges this population faces. Keywords: necrotizing enterocolitis, malnutrition, growth failure, hypoplastic left heart

  17. State nuclear initiatives in the United States

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Strauss, P.L.; Stoiber, C.R.


    The paper deals with State nuclear initiatives regarding the role of nuclear power in the energy future of the United States. The question of whether and under what circumstances nuclear facilities should be used to generate electricity was put to the popular vote in several States in 1976. Some general principles of Federal-State relations are discussed with specific reference to nuclear regulations. The initiative mechanism itself is described as well as its legal form and background. The parallel developments in the State and Federal legislative consideration of nuclear issues is reviewed and the suggested reasons for the defeat of the proposals in the seven States concerned are discussed. Finally, the author draws some conclusions on the effects of the 1976 initiatives on future decision-making in the US on energy policy in general and nuclear power in particular. (NEA) [fr

  18. Anybody can do Value at Risk: A Teaching Study using Parametric Computation and Monte Carlo Simulation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yun Hsing Cheung


    Full Text Available The three main Value at Risk (VaR methodologies are historical, parametric and Monte Carlo Simulation.Cheung & Powell (2012, using a step-by-step teaching study, showed how a nonparametric historical VaRmodel could be constructed using Excel, thus benefitting teachers and researchers by providing them with areadily useable teaching study and an inexpensive and flexible VaR modelling option. This article extends thatwork by demonstrating how parametric and Monte Carlo Simulation VaR models can also be constructed inExcel, thus providing a total Excel modelling package encompassing all three VaR methods.

  19. Las Exploradoras en Italia, cien años de historia educativa (1912-2012)


    Valeria Vittoria Aurora BOSNA; María Luisa GARCÍA RODRÍGUEZ


    Robert Baden Powell, fundador del movimiento scout en el Reino Unido en 1907, y su hermana Agnes, tras la demanda recibida por parte de un grupo de mujeres jóvenes en el Palacio de Cristal de Londres en 1909, apoyaron durante los años 1910, 1911 y 1912 las iniciativas surgidas en muy diversas zonas de la tierra para la implantación del Escultismo en su versión femenina. Italia fue uno de los países que acogió actividades de las Exploradoras en la primera etapa de su andadura. En las celebraci...

  20. The far side of investigation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ángeles Franco-López


    Full Text Available According to American law, the results of all clinical trials must be published within twelve months. The situation is that 50% of all clinical trials are not published. This is a major problem because it is not possible to progress adequately towards the discovery and development of new therapies if there is no transparency in the results. Powell Smith and Goldcare have developed a new informatics tool, the Trials Tracker, which identifies automatically all concluded clinical trials, determines which of them have not been published and makes statistics. This tool allows disclosing the sponsors that hide their negative results.

  1. The Application of Simulation Method in Isothermal Elastic Natural Gas Pipeline (United States)

    Xing, Chunlei; Guan, Shiming; Zhao, Yue; Cao, Jinggang; Chu, Yanji


    This Elastic pipeline mathematic model is of crucial importance in natural gas pipeline simulation because of its compliance with the practical industrial cases. The numerical model of elastic pipeline will bring non-linear complexity to the discretized equations. Hence the Newton-Raphson method cannot achieve fast convergence in this kind of problems. Therefore A new Newton Based method with Powell-Wolfe Condition to simulate the Isothermal elastic pipeline flow is presented. The results obtained by the new method aregiven based on the defined boundary conditions. It is shown that the method converges in all cases and reduces significant computational cost.

  2. An algorithm for online optimization of accelerators

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Huang, Xiaobiao [SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States); Corbett, Jeff [SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States); Safranek, James [SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States); Wu, Juhao [SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States)


    We developed a general algorithm for online optimization of accelerator performance, i.e., online tuning, using the performance measure as the objective function. This method, named robust conjugate direction search (RCDS), combines the conjugate direction set approach of Powell's method with a robust line optimizer which considers the random noise in bracketing the minimum and uses parabolic fit of data points that uniformly sample the bracketed zone. Moreover, it is much more robust against noise than traditional algorithms and is therefore suitable for online application. Simulation and experimental studies have been carried out to demonstrate the strength of the new algorithm.

  3. An exploration of viscosity models in the realm of kinetic theory of liquids originated fluids (United States)

    Hussain, Azad; Ghafoor, Saadia; Malik, M. Y.; Jamal, Sarmad

    The preeminent perspective of this article is to study flow of an Eyring Powell fluid model past a penetrable plate. To find the effects of variable viscosity on fluid model, continuity, momentum and energy equations are elaborated. Here, viscosity is taken as function of temperature. To understand the phenomenon, Reynold and Vogel models of variable viscosity are incorporated. The highly non-linear partial differential equations are transfigured into ordinary differential equations with the help of suitable similarity transformations. The numerical solution of the problem is presented. Graphs are plotted to visualize the behavior of pertinent parameters on the velocity and temperature profiles.

  4. Parameter and State Estimator for State Space Models

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ruifeng Ding


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a parameter and state estimator for canonical state space systems from measured input-output data. The key is to solve the system state from the state equation and to substitute it into the output equation, eliminating the state variables, and the resulting equation contains only the system inputs and outputs, and to derive a least squares parameter identification algorithm. Furthermore, the system states are computed from the estimated parameters and the input-output data. Convergence analysis using the martingale convergence theorem indicates that the parameter estimates converge to their true values. Finally, an illustrative example is provided to show that the proposed algorithm is effective.

  5. 31 CFR 515.321 - United States; continental United States. (United States)


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false United States; continental United... General Definitions § 515.321 United States; continental United States. The term United States means the United States and all areas under the jurisdiction or authority thereof, including the Trust Territory of...

  6. 31 CFR 500.321 - United States; continental United States. (United States)


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false United States; continental United... General Definitions § 500.321 United States; continental United States. The term United States means the United States and all areas under the jurisdiction or authority thereof, including U.S. trust territories...

  7. 31 CFR 535.321 - United States; continental United States. (United States)


    ... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false United States; continental United... General Definitions § 535.321 United States; continental United States. The term United States means the United States and all areas under the jurisdiction or authority thereof including the Trust Territory of...

  8. Rapanos v. United States & Carabell v. United States (United States)

    Documents associated with guidance for implementing the definition of waters of the United States under the Clean Water Act following the Rapanos v. United States, and Carabell v. United States Supreme Court decision.

  9. Quantum Teleportation of Tripartite Arbitrary State via W State

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    XUE Zheng-Yuan; YI You-Min; CAO Zhuo-Liang


    A scheme of teleportation of a tripartite state via W state is suggested. The W state serves as quantum channels. Standard Bell-state measurements and Von Neumann measurements are performed. After the sender operates the measurements and informs the receiver her results, he can reconstruct the original state by the corresponding unitary transformation. The probability of the successful teleportation is also obtained.

  10. Determination of Al concentration in Al doped ZnO using Auger spectra excited by Mo X-rays

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Toth, J.; Koever, L.; Cserny, I.; Varga, D.


    Complete text of publication follows. A good conductor with excellent transparency is of crucial importance for the window layer of CIGS solar cells. Al doped ZnO is a good candidate for this purpose, its conductivity depends on the concentration and chemical state of the Al dopant atoms. It was demonstrated that the non-conventional XPS using Mo X-rays for excitation is a very sensitive tool for the detection of Al, P, Si [1, 2, 3]. The present paper compares the experimental ratios for Zn/Al photoinduced peak intensity ratios obtained using both Al and Mo X-ray excitations. The Mo excited Zn/Al intensity ratios can be determined with higher selectivity and sensitivity than the Zn/Al intensity ratios excited by Al X-rays. The experiments were performed with a hemispherical deflector electron spectrometer [4]. The chemical state of the Al was identified to be close to that in Al 2 O 3 . The atomic concentrations were determined using a calibration curve based on ZnO/Al samples with known composition of Al. The energy dependent efficiency of the electron spectrometer was determined comparing REELS spectra of Cu specimen to standard spectra measured by K. Goto (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan). For evaluation of the Al atomic concentrations from the measured photoelectron intensities the photoionisation cross-sections of Band et al [5] and the IMFP data of S. Tanuma et al [6] and C.J. Powell and A. Jablonski [7] were used. (author)

  11. Overlaps of partial Néel states and Bethe states

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Foda, O; Zarembo, K


    Partial Néel states are generalizations of the ordinary Néel (classical anti-ferromagnet) state that can have arbitrary integer spin. We study overlaps of these states with Bethe states. We first identify this overlap with a partial version of reflecting-boundary domain-wall partition function, and then derive various determinant representations for off-shell and on-shell Bethe states. (paper: quantum statistical physics, condensed matter, integrable systems)

  12. State cigarette minimum price laws - United States, 2009. (United States)


    Cigarette price increases reduce the demand for cigarettes and thereby reduce smoking prevalence, cigarette consumption, and youth initiation of smoking. Excise tax increases are the most effective government intervention to increase the price of cigarettes, but cigarette manufacturers use trade discounts, coupons, and other promotions to counteract the effects of these tax increases and appeal to price-sensitive smokers. State cigarette minimum price laws, initiated by states in the 1940s and 1950s to protect tobacco retailers from predatory business practices, typically require a minimum percentage markup to be added to the wholesale and/or retail price. If a statute prohibits trade discounts from the minimum price calculation, these laws have the potential to counteract discounting by cigarette manufacturers. To assess the status of cigarette minimum price laws in the United States, CDC surveyed state statutes and identified those states with minimum price laws in effect as of December 31, 2009. This report summarizes the results of that survey, which determined that 25 states had minimum price laws for cigarettes (median wholesale markup: 4.00%; median retail markup: 8.00%), and seven of those states also expressly prohibited the use of trade discounts in the minimum retail price calculation. Minimum price laws can help prevent trade discounting from eroding the positive effects of state excise tax increases and higher cigarette prices on public health.

  13. Functional State Modelling of Cultivation Processes: Dissolved Oxygen Limitation State

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Olympia Roeva


    Full Text Available A new functional state, namely dissolved oxygen limitation state for both bacteria Escherichia coli and yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae fed-batch cultivation processes is presented in this study. Functional state modelling approach is applied to cultivation processes in order to overcome the main disadvantages of using global process model, namely complex model structure and a big number of model parameters. Alongwith the newly introduced dissolved oxygen limitation state, second acetate production state and first acetate production state are recognized during the fed-batch cultivation of E. coli, while mixed oxidative state and first ethanol production state are recognized during the fed-batch cultivation of S. cerevisiae. For all mentioned above functional states both structural and parameter identification is here performed based on experimental data of E. coli and S. cerevisiae fed-batch cultivations.

  14. Inter-state coupling and definitions of bright and dark states

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mensik, Miroslav; Nespurek, Stanislav


    Contrary to a standard definition of diabatic states (i.e., those without momentum-dependent coupling), based on the construction from adiabatic ones, we defined diabatic states as bright and dark states of a given experiment. Namely, they are defined as states providing maximum, respectively, zero value of electronic transition dipole moments projected to a given polarization vector. Second, the state from (or to) which the optical transition is performed is not from the space of investigated electronic excited state manifold, but it is chosen by the observer. It is shown, for this case, that the inter-state coupling is a general function of vibrational coordinates. The explicit dependence of the inter-state coupling on vibrational coordinates is particularly important for system with strong Stokes shift. The role of exact definitions of bright and dark states as well as the inter-state coupling is discussed with respect to the coherent structure of electronic population observed in optical spectroscopy

  15. James Dwight Dana and John Strong Newberry in the US Pacific Northwest: The roots of American fluvialism (United States)

    O'Connor, Jim E.


    Recognition of the power of rivers to carve landscapes transformed geology and geomorphology in the late nineteenth century. Wide acceptance of this concept—then known as “fluvialism”—owes to many factors and people, several associated with exploration of western North America. Especially famous are the federal geographic and geologic surveys of the US Southwest with John Wesley Powell and Grove Karl Gilbert, which produced key insights regarding river processes. Yet earlier and less-known surveys also engaged young geologists embarking on tremendously influential careers, particularly the 1838–1842 US Exploring Expedition with James Dwight Dana and the 1853–1855 railroad surveys including John Strong Newberry. Informed but little constrained by European and British perspectives on landscape formation, Dana and Newberry built compelling cases for the erosive power of rivers, largely from observations in the US Pacific Northwest. They seeded the insights of the later southwestern surveys, Dana by his writings and station at Yale and his hugely influential Manual of Geology, published in 1863, and Newberry by becoming the first geologist to explore the dramatic river-carved canyons of the Southwest and then a forceful proponent of the federal surveys spotlighting the erosional landscapes. Newberry also gave Gilbert his start as a geologist. Although Dana and Newberry are renowned early American geologists, their geomorphic contributions were overshadowed by the works of Powell, Gilbert, and William Morris Davis. Yet Dana and Newberry were the first ardent American proponents of fluvialism, providing strong roots that in just a few decades transformed western geology, roots nourished in large measure by the geologically fertile landscapes of the US Pacific Northwest.

  16. Assessment of dissolved-solids loading to the Colorado River in the Paradox Basin between the Dolores River and Gypsum Canyon, Utah (United States)

    Shope, Christopher L.; Gerner, Steven J.


    Salinity loads throughout the Colorado River Basin have been a concern over recent decades due to adverse impacts on population, natural resources, and regional economics. With substantial financial resources and various reclamation projects, the salt loading to Lake Powell and associated total dissolved-solids concentrations in the Lower Colorado River Basin have been substantially reduced. The Colorado River between its confluence with the Dolores River and Lake Powell traverses a physiographic area where saline sedimentary formations and evaporite deposits are prevalent. However, the dissolved-solids loading in this area is poorly understood due to the paucity of water-quality data. From 2003 to 2011, the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation conducted four synoptic sampling events to quantify the salinity loading throughout the study reach and evaluate the occurrence and impacts of both natural and anthropogenic sources. The results from this study indicate that under late-summer base-flow conditions, dissolved-solids loading in the reach is negligible with the exception of the Green River, and that variations in calculated loads between synoptic sampling events are within measurement and analytical uncertainties. The Green River contributed approximately 22 percent of the Colorado River dissolved-solids load, based on samples collected at the lower end of the study reach. These conclusions are supported by water-quality analyses for chloride and bromide, and the results of analyses for the stable isotopes of oxygen and deuterium. Overall, no significant sources of dissolved-solids loading from tributaries or directly by groundwater discharge, with the exception of the Green River, were identified in the study area.

  17. Femmes cinéastes en France : l'après-mai 68


    ROLLET, Brigitte


    Agnès Varda, Coline Serreau, Nelly Kaplan, trois noms parmi des dizaines qui illustrent chacun à leur manière une nouvelle façon de faire du cinéma : même si la carrière de la première est antérieure à mai 68, son nom comme celui des autres est lié à ce qu’on appellera dans les années 1970 le « cinéma des femmes ». Cet article propose une interrogation sur ce cinéma au féminin, afin d’envisager à la fois le contexte particulier dans lequel il émerge, les problématiques qu’il soulève, et ce en...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dr. Miles R. Cone

    The state and society are mutual symbionts as far as their political, economic and social relationships .... consequences have played a role in the African state's deviation from the 'strong state' ideal. .... International Olympic Committee (IOC).

  19. Matrix product state description of Halperin states (United States)

    Crépel, V.; Estienne, B.; Bernevig, B. A.; Lecheminant, P.; Regnault, N.


    Many fractional quantum Hall states can be expressed as a correlator of a given conformal field theory used to describe their edge physics. As a consequence, these states admit an economical representation as an exact matrix product state (MPS) that was extensively studied for the systems without any spin or any other internal degrees of freedom. In that case, the correlators are built from a single electronic operator, which is primary with respect to the underlying conformal field theory. We generalize this construction to the archetype of Abelian multicomponent fractional quantum Hall wave functions, the Halperin states. These can be written as conformal blocks involving multiple electronic operators and we explicitly derive their exact MPS representation. In particular, we deal with the caveat of the full wave-function symmetry and show that any additional SU(2) symmetry is preserved by the natural MPS truncation scheme provided by the conformal dimension. We use our method to characterize the topological order of the Halperin states by extracting the topological entanglement entropy. We also evaluate their bulk correlation lengths, which are compared to plasma analogy arguments.

  20. Remote state preparation through hyperentangled atomic states (United States)

    Nawaz, Mehwish; ul-Islam, Rameez-; Ikram, Manzoor


    Hyperentangled states have enhanced channel capacity in quantum processing and have yielded` evident increased communication speed in quantum informatics as a consequence of excessively high information content coded over each quantum entity. In the present article, we intend to demonstrate this fact by utilizing atomic states simultaneously entangled both in internal as well as external degrees of freedom, i.e. the de Broglie motion for remote state preparation (RSP). The results clearly demonstrate that we can efficiently communicate two bit information while manipulating only a single quantum subsystem. The states are prepared and manipulated using atomic Bragg diffraction as well as Ramsey interferometry, both of which are now considered as standard, state of the art tools based on cavity quantum electrodynamics. Since atomic Bragg diffraction is a large interaction time regime and produces spatially well separated, decoherence resistant outputs, the schematics presented here for the RSP offer important perspectives on efficient detection as well as unambiguous information coding and readout. The article summarizes the experimental feasibility of the proposal, culminating with a brief discussion.

  1. State diagrams of tokamaks and state transitions

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Minardi, E.


    In a simple one-fluid cylindrical model of transport and of dissipative effects, the family of the magnetic states of the Tokamak which correspond to a vanishing entropy production in the confinement region is characterized by a define relation or ''state equation'' involving the relevant parameters of the discharge. An investigation is made as to how the entropy production changes when the current density profile is rearranged by a perturbation which conserves the poloidal magnetic flux. It is shown that for a sufficiently short time interval, that is to say t 2 E τ s where τ E is the energy confinement time and τ s is the resistive time, neighbouring bifurcating equilibria exist which can be reached with a flux-conserving transition and with increase of the magnetic entropy. The family of these new states can also be characterized by a state equation involving the relevant discharge parameters. When the state equations of the two families are simultaneously satisfied by the same set of parameter values, a flux-conserving, entropy-increasing transition may take place between states of the two families. The modifications of the current density and of the temperature profiles involved in the transition and the conditions that the discharge parameters should satisfy in order that the transition could occur are investigated. (author)

  2. A state comparison amplifier with feed forward state correction (United States)

    Mazzarella, Luca; Donaldson, Ross; Collins, Robert; Zanforlin, Ugo; Buller, Gerald; Jeffers, John


    The Quantum State Comparison AMPlifier (SCAMP) is a probabilistic amplifier that works for known sets of coherent states. The input state is mixed with a guess state at a beam splitter and one of the output ports is coupled to a detector. The other output contains the amplified state, which is accepted on the condition that no counts are recorded. The system uses only classical resources and has been shown to achieve high gain and repetition rate. However the output fidelity is not high enough for most quantum communication purposes. Here we show how the success probability and fidelity are enhanced by repeated comparison stages, conditioning later state choices on the outcomes of earlier detections. A detector firing at an early stage means that a guess is wrong. This knowledge allows us to correct the state perfectly. The system requires fast-switching between different input states, but still requires only classical resources. Figures of merit compare favourably with other schemes, most notably the probability-fidelity product is higher than for unambiguous state discrimination. Due to its simplicity, the system is a candidate to counteract quantum signal degradation in a lossy fibre or as a quantum receiver to improve the key rate of continuous variable quantum communication. The work was supported by the QComm Project of the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/M013472/1).

  3. Developing State Level Approaches under the State Level Concept

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Budlong Sylvester, K.; Murphy, C.L.; Boyer, B.; Pilat, J.F.


    With the pursuit of the State-Level Concept (SLC), the IAEA has sought to further evolve the international safeguards system in a manner which maintains (or improves) the effectiveness of the system in an environment of expanding demands and limited resources. The IAEA must not remain static and should continuously examine its practices to ensure it can capture opportunities for cost reductions while adapting to, and staying ahead of, emerging proliferation challenges. Contemporary safeguards have been focused on assessing the nuclear programme of the State as a whole, rather than on the basis of individual facilities. Since the IAEA's integrated safeguards program, State-level Approaches (SLAs) have been developed that seek to optimally combine the measures provided for by the Additional Protocol with those of traditional safeguards. This process resulted in facility specific approaches that, while making use of a State's broader conclusion, were nonetheless prescriptive. Designing SLAs on a State-by-State basis would avoid the shortcomings of a one-size-fits-all system. It would also enable the effective use of the Agency's information analysis and State evaluation efforts by linking this analysis to safeguards planning efforts. Acquisition Path Analysis (APA), along with the State Evaluation process, can be used to prioritize paths in a State in terms of their attractiveness for proliferation. While taking advantage of all safeguards relevant information, and tailoring safeguards to individual characteristics of the State, paths of the highest priority in all States will necessarily meet the same standard of coverage. Similarly, lower priority paths will have lower performance targets, thereby promoting nondiscrimination. Such an approach would improve understanding of safeguards implementation under the SLC and the rational for safeguards resource allocation. The potential roles for APA and performance targets in SLA development will be reviewed

  4. State of the States. Fuel Cells in America 2012

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Curtin, Sandra [Fuel Cells 2000, Washington, DC (United States); Gangi, Jennifer [Fuel Cells 2000, Washington, DC (United States); Skukowski, Ryan [Fuel Cells 2000, Washington, DC (United States)


    This report, written by Fuel Cells 2000 and partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Fuel Cell Technologies Program, continues to build on the April 2010 State of the States report that provided a snapshot of fuel cell and hydrogen activity in the 50 states and District of Columbia. This update report provides more details on the progress and activities that happened since the second report, issued in June 2011. Details reported for each state include new policies and funding, recent and planned fuel cell and hydrogen installations, and recent activity by state industry and universities.

  5. Beam propagation in Cu +-Na + ion exchange channel waveguides

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Villegas Vicencio, L. J.; Khomenko, A. V.; Salazar, D.; Marquez, H. [Centro de Investigacion Cientifica y de Educacion Superior de Ensenada, Baja California (Mexico); Porte, H. [Universite de Franche-Comte, UFR des Sciences et Techniques, Besancon, Cedex (France)


    We employ the fast Fourier transform beam propagation method to simulate the propagation of light in graded index channel waveguides, these have been obtained by solid state diffusion of copper ions in soda-lime glass substrates. Longitudinal propagation has been simulated, the input light beam has a gaussian profile. Two cases have been analyzed, in the first, the Gaussian beam is collinear center to center with respect to waveguide; in the second, a small lateral offset and angular tilt have been introduced. Modal beating and bending effects have been founded. We have proven the validity of our numerical results in detailed comparison with experimental data. [Spanish] Se ha empleado el metodo de propagacion de haces por la transformada rapida de Fourier para simular la propagacion de la luz en guias de onda de indice de gradiente. Estas han sido fabricadas por difusion de iones de cobre en estado solido en substratos de vidrios sodicos-calcicos. Se han simulado dos casos, el primero, el perfil de luz de entrada, que es gaussiano, es colineal centro a centro respecto al centro de la guia de ondas: el segundo, se ha dado un pequeno corrimiento lateral y una inclinacion angular. Como consecuencia de los casos anteriores se ha observado efectos de batimiento modal. Los resultados de la simulacion se han validado con resultados experimentales.

  6. Vani K Borooah & Colin Knox, The Economics of Schooling in a Divided Society: The Case for Shared Education


    CHAKRAVARTY, Shanti P.


    Abstract. Our identity is defined by the stories we tell about the past and the stories that we suppress. Segregation in schooling by religion at an early age inculcates a narrative of identity that excludes the other. That is not helpful for either peace or prosperity. This book discusses one aspect of the peace process in a conflict society, Northern Ireland, which is attempting to break the circle of violence. The authors examine the potential benefits of integrated education.Keywords. Maj...

  7. Controlled Remote State Preparation via General Pure Three-Qubit State

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuebo Zha


    Full Text Available The protocols for controlled remote state preparation of a single qubit and a general two-qubit state are presented in this paper. The general pure three-qubit states are chosen as shared quantum channel, which are not Local operations and classical communication (LOCC equivalent to the mostly used GHz state. This is the first time that general pure three-qubit states have been introduced to complete remote state preparation. The probability of successful preparation is presented. Moreover, in some special cases, the successful probability could reach a unit value.

  8. Stagnation point flow towards nonlinear stretching surface with Cattaneo-Christov heat flux (United States)

    Hayat, T.; Zubair, M.; Ayub, M.; Waqas, M.; Alsaedi, A.


    Here the influence of the non-Fourier heat flux in a two-dimensional (2D) stagnation point flow of Eyring-Powell liquid towards a nonlinear stretched surface is reported. The stretching surface is of variable thickness. Thermal conductivity of fluid is taken temperature-dependent. Ordinary differential systems are obtained through the implementation of meaningful transformations. The reduced non-dimensional expressions are solved for the convergent series solutions. Convergence interval is obtained for the computed solutions. Graphical results are displayed and analyzed in detail for the velocity, temperature and skin friction coefficient. The obtained results reveal that the temperature gradient enhances when the thermal relaxation parameter is increased.

  9. Neural Models for the Broadside-Coupled V-Shaped Microshield Coplanar Waveguides (United States)

    Guney, K.; Yildiz, C.; Kaya, S.; Turkmen, M.


    This article presents a new approach based on multilayered perceptron neural networks (MLPNNs) to calculate the odd-and even-mode characteristic impedances and effective permittivities of the broadside-coupled V-shaped microshield coplanar waveguides (BC-VSMCPWs). Six learning algorithms, bayesian regulation (BR), Levenberg-Marquardt (LM), quasi-Newton (QN), scaled conjugate gradient (SCG), resilient propagation (RP), and conjugate gradient of Fletcher-Powell (CGF), are used to train the MLPNNs. The neural results are in very good agreement with the results reported elsewhere. When the performances of neural models are compared with each other, the best and worst results are obtained from the MLPNNs trained by the BR and CGF algorithms, respectively.

  10. Rethinking State Politics: The Withering of State Dominant Machines in Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    André Borges


    Full Text Available Research on Brazilian federalism and state politics has focused mainly on the impact of federal arrangements on national political systems, whereas comparative analyses of the workings of state political institutions and patterns of political competition and decision-making have often been neglected. The article contributes to an emerging comparative literature on state politics by developing a typology that systematizes the variation in political competitiveness and the extent of state elites’ control over the electoral arena across Brazilian states. It relies on factor analysis to create an index of “electoral dominance”, comprised of a set of indicators of party and electoral competitiveness at the state level, which measures state elites’ capacity to control the state electoral arena over time. Based on this composite index and on available case-study evidence, the article applies the typological classificatory scheme to all 27 Brazilian states. Further, the article relies on the typological classification to assess the recent evolution of state-level political competitiveness. The empirical analysis demonstrates that state politics is becoming more competitive and fragmented, including in those states that have been characterized as bastions of oligarchism and political bossism. In view of these findings, the article argues that the power of state political machines rests on fragile foundations: in Brazil’s multiparty federalism, vertical competition between the federal and state governments in the provision of social policies works as a constraint on state bosses’ machine-building strategies. It is concluded that our previous views on state political dynamics are in serious need of re-evaluation.

  11. The State of Preschool 2012: State Preschool Yearbook. Executive Summary (United States)

    Barnett, W. Steven; Carolan, Megan E.; Fitzgerald, Jen; Squires, James H.


    The 2012 "State Preschool Yearbook" profiles state-funded prekindergarten programs in the United States. The "Yearbook" compares each state program's standards against a checklist of 10 research-based quality standards benchmarks. Although the benchmarks against which the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER)…

  12. Parent di-nuclear quasimolecular states as exotic resonant states

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Grama, N.


    It in shown that the parent di-nuclear quasimolecular state is an exotic resonant state that corresponds to a S-matrix pole in the neighbourhood of an attractor in the k-plane. The properties of the parent quasimolecular states i.e. energy, widths, deviation from the linear dependence of the energy on l(l + 1) doorway character and criteria for observability, result naturally from the general properties of the exotic resonant states. (author)

  13. SwingStates: adding state machines to the swing toolkit


    Appert , Caroline; Beaudouin-Lafon , Michel


    International audience; This article describes SwingStates, a library that adds state machines to the Java Swing user interface toolkit. Unlike traditional approaches, which use callbacks or listeners to define interaction, state machines provide a powerful control structure and localize all of the interaction code in one place. SwingStates takes advantage of Java's inner classes, providing programmers with a natural syntax and making it easier to follow and debug the resulting code. SwingSta...

  14. steady – state performance of induction and transfer state

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    This paper presents paper presents paper presents the steady the steady the steady–state performance state performance state performance comparison comparison comparison between polyphase induction motor and polyphase between polyphase induction motor and polyphase. TF motor operating in. TF motor ...

  15. Multi-state Quantum Teleportation via One Entanglement State

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Guo Ying; Zeng Guihua; Lee, Moon Ho


    A multi-sender-controlled quantum teleportation scheme is proposed to teleport several secret quantum states from different senders to a distance receiver based on only one Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) pair with controlled-NOT (CNOT) gates. In the present scheme, several secret single-qubit quantum states are encoded into a multi-qubit entangled quantum state. Two communication modes, i.e., the detecting mode and the message mode, are employed so that the eavesdropping can be detected easily and the teleported message may be recovered efficiently. It has an advantage over teleporting several different quantum states for one scheme run with more efficiency than the previous quantum teleportation schemes

  16. State of the States: Fuel Cells in America

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This 2011 report, written by Fuel Cells 2000 and partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Fuel Cell Technologies Program, provides an update of fuel cell and hydrogen activity in the 50 states and District of Columbia. State activities reported include new policies and funding, recent and planned fuel cell and hydrogen installations, and recent activities by state industries and universities.

  17. Multiparty Quantum Secret Sharing of Quantum States Using Entanglement States

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ying, Guo; Da-Zu, Huang; Gui-Hua, Zeng; Ho, Lee Moon


    A multi-partite-controlled quantum secret sharing scheme using several non-orthogonal entanglement states is presented with unconditional security. In this scheme, the participants share the secret quantum state by exchanging the secret polarization angles of the disordered travel particles. The security of the secret quantum state is also guaranteed by the non-orthogonal multi-partite-controlled entanglement states, the participants' secret polarizations, and the disorder of the travelling particles. Moreover, the present scheme is secure against the particle-number splitting attack and the intercept-and-resend attack. It may be still secure even if the distributed quantum state is embedded in a not-so-weak coherent-state pulse

  18. States Moving from Accreditation to Accountability. Accreditation: State School Accreditation Policies (United States)

    Wixom, Micah Ann


    Accreditation policies vary widely among the states. Since Education Commission of the States last reviewed public school accreditation policies in 1998, a number of states have seen their legislatures take a stronger role in accountability--resulting in a move from state-administered accreditation systems to outcomes-focused state accountability…

  19. Influence of Noises on Remote State Preparation Using GHZ State

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Liang Huaqiu; Liu Jinming


    Using a quantum channel consisting of a GHZ state exposed to noisy environment, we investigate how to remotely prepare an entangled state and a qubit state, respectively. By solving the master equation in the Lindblad form, the influence of the various types of noises on the GHZ state is first discussed. Then we use the fidelity to describe how close the remotely prepared state and the initial state are. Our results show that the fidelity is a function of the decoherence rates and the angles of the initial state. It is found that for each of the two RSP schemes, the influence of the noise acting simultaneously in x, y, and z directions on the average fidelity is the strongest while the influence of the noise acting in x or z direction on the average fidelity is relatively weaker

  20. Generalized Choi states and 2-distillability of quantum states (United States)

    Chen, Lin; Tang, Wai-Shing; Yang, Yu


    We investigate the distillability of bipartite quantum states in terms of positive and completely positive maps. We construct the so-called generalized Choi states and show that it is distillable when it has negative partial transpose. We convert the distillability problem of 2-copy n× n Werner states into the determination of the positivity of an Hermitian matrix. We obtain several sufficient conditions by which the positivity holds. Further, we investigate the case n=3 by the classification of 2× 3× 3 pure states.