Sample records for spectroscopie des isotones

  1. Shape coexistence in N = 28 isotones

    Saxena, G.; Kaushik, M.; Kumawat, M.; Jain, S.K.


    Shape coexistence is one of the important nuclear phenomenon which appears throughout the periodic chart from light mass nuclei to superheavy nuclei. The evolution of ground-state shapes in an isotopic or isotonic chain is governed by changes of the shell structure of single-nucleon orbitals. In recent past, evolution of shell structure guiding shape coexistence, has been observed in the N = 20 and N = 28 isotones around proton drip line. In this paper we have investigated shape coexistence phenomenon for N = 28 isotones in the vicinity of proton drip line using Relativistic Mean Field plus BCS approach

  2. Backbending in the N = 96 isotones

    Michel, C.; Vervier, J.


    The backbending in the even-even, N = 96 isotones can be quantitatively accounted for by the rotation-alignment of the spins of neutrons in i 13/2 orbits, as shown by comparing the aligned angular momentum and relative Routhian for the s-bands in these isotones and for the i 13/2 bands in the corresponding isotopes with N = 97. The influence of protons on this backbending situation is shown to be indirect, acting through a change of the nuclear deformation, which yields a change of the moment of inertia of the g.s. band and of the non-rigid character of the rotation. The experimental data on the N = 96 and 97 isotones are in reasonable agreement with cranking model calculations. Possible reasons for the inhibition of backbending in the h 9/2 proton bands in the odd-Z, N = 96 isotones, all related to a change of deformation, are presented. (orig.)

  3. MR spectroscopy in metabolic disorders of the brain; MR-Spektroskopie bei Stoffwechselerkrankungen des Gehirns

    Yilmaz, U. [Universitaetsklinikum des Saarlandes, Klinik fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Neuroradiologie, Homburg/Saar (Germany)


    Metabolic disorders of the brain often present a particular challenge for the neuroradiologist, since the disorders are rare, changes on conventional MR are often non-specific and there are numerous differential diagnoses for the white substance lesions. As a complementary method to conventional brain MRI, MR spectroscopy may help to reduce the scope of the differential diagnosis. Entities with specific MR spectroscopy patterns are Canavan disease, maple syrup urine disease, nonketotic hyperglycinemia and creatine deficiency. (orig.) [German] Die Diagnostik metabolischer Erkrankungen des Gehirns stellt eine besondere Herausforderung in der Neuroradiologie dar, da die Erkrankungen insgesamt selten, die bildmorphologischen Befunde haeufig unspezifisch sind und es eine Vielzahl von Differenzialdiagnosen fuer die Veraenderungen der weissen Substanz gibt. Als zusaetzliche Technik kann die MR-Spektroskopie bei Stoffwechselerkrankungen helfen, die Diagnose einzugrenzen. Krankheitsentitaeten, die spezifische Veraenderungen in der Spektroskopie aufweisen, sind der Morbus Canavan, die Ahornsirupkrankheit, die nichtketotische Hyperglyzinaemie und Kreatinmangelsyndrome. (orig.)

  4. Shape coexistence in N = 40 isotones

    Saxena, G.; Kumawat, M.; Kaushik, M.; Jain, S.K.; Aggarwal, Mamta


    Recently, shape coexistence in 72 Ge is investigated using projectile multistep Coulomb excitation with GRETINA and CHICO-2 and shape coexistence in the Ge and Se isotopes are studied within the interacting boson model (IBM) with the microscopic input from the self-consistent meanfield calculation based on the Gogny-D1M energy density functional. We investigated the phenomenon of shape coexistence in N = 40 isotones using Relativistic Mean-Field (RMF) plus BCS approach with TMA parameter and Nilson Strutinsky (NS) method that includes triaxial shapes also

  5. Improvements in fast-neutron spectroscopy methods (1961); Amelioration des methodes de spectrometrie des neutrons rapides (1961)

    Cambou, F [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This research aimed at improving fast-neutron electronic detectors based on n-p elastic scattering. The first part concerns proportional counters; careful constructional methods have made it possible to plot mono-energetic neutron spectra in the range 700 keV - 3 MeV with a resolution of 7 per cent. The second part concerns scintillation counters: an organic scintillator and an inorganic scintillator covered with a thin layer of a scattering agent. An exact study of the types of scintillation has made it possible to develop efficient discriminator circuits. Different neutron spectra plotted in the presence of a strong gamma background are presented. The last part deals with the development of form discrimination methods for the study, in the actual beam, of the elastic scattering of 14.58 MeV electrons. With hydrogen, the distribution f ({phi}) of the recoil protons is f({phi}) = 1 + 0.034 cos {phi} + 0.042 cos{sup 2} {phi}. With tritium the scattering is strongly anisotropic; the curve representing the variation of the differential cross-section for the elastic scattering in the centre of mass system is obtained with a target containing 1 cm{sup 3} of tritium. (author) [French] Le travail a porte sur l'amelioration des detecteurs electroniques de neutrons rapides bases sur la diffusion elastique n-p. La premiere partie est relative aux compteurs proportionnels; des methodes soignees de fabrication ont permis des traces de spectres de neutrons monoenergetiques dans le domaine 700 keV - 3 MeV avec une resolution de 7 pour cent. La deuxieme partie est relative au compteur a scintillations; scintillateur organique et scintillateur mineral recouvert d'un diffuseur mince. Une etude precise des formes de scintillations a permis la mise au point de circuits discriminateurs efficaces. Differents spectres de neutrons traces en presence d'un fond gamma intense sont presentes. La derniere partie est relative a la mise en oeuvre des methodes de discrimination de forme pour l

  6. Projected shell model description of N = 114 superdeformed isotone nuclei

    Guo, R S; Chen, L M; Chou, C H


    A systematic description of the yrast superdeformed (SD) bands in N 114, Z = 80-84 isotone nuclei using the projected shell model is presented. The calculated γ-ray energies, moment of inertia and M1 transitions are compared with the data for which spin is assigned. Excellent agreement with the available data for all isotones is obtained. The calculated electromagnetic properties provide a microscopic understanding of those measured nuclei. Some predictions in superdeformed nuclei are also discussed

  7. Dynamic {sup 31}P-MR-spectroscopy of the quadriceps muscle. Influence of sex and age on spectroscopic results; Die dynamische 31-Phosphor-Magnetresonanz-Spektroskopie des M. quadriceps. Einfluss von Geschlecht und Alter auf spektroskopische Parameter

    Schunk, K.; Romaneehsen, B.; Kessler, S.; Schadmand-Fischer, S.; Thelen, M. [Mainz Univ. (Germany). Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Radiologie


    Purpose: {sup 31}P-MRS is used to assess the influence of sex and age on quadriceps muscle metabolism before and after exercise. Materials and Methods: 32 healthy volunteers (15 women, 17 men; mean age: 38{+-}17 yrs.) were examined by dynamic phosphorus-31 ({sup 31}P) magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). In the magnet, the quadriceps muscle was stressed by an isometric and an isotonic form of exercise until exhaustion, respectively. Results: Resting conditions: With increasing subjects` age, the ratio {beta}-adenosine triphosphate/total phosphate decreased (r=-0.37; p=0.02). With increasing subjects` age, the ratios inorganic phosphate/phosphocreatine (r=0.79; p=5x10{sup -8}), phosphomonoester/{beta}-adenosine triphosphate (r=0.74; p=10{sup -6}) and phosphodiester/{beta}-adenosine triphosphate (r=0.62; p=10{sup -4}) increased. The pH was the only one of the evaluated spectroscopic parameters which showed a sex-dependence: Female subjects had a significantly lower pH (7.03{+-}0.02) than male subjects (7.05{+-}0.03; p=0,01). Exercise: With increasing age, the maxima of inorganic phosphate/phosphocreatine were less extreme during both of the exercises (r=-0.42; p=0.0005). Likewise, the exercise-induced acidosis was less severe with increasing age (r=0.53; p=6x10{sup -6}). After the end of the exercise, the times of half recovery of inorganic phosphate/phosphocreatine and the pH correlated neither with the subjects` age nor with sex or cross-sectional area of the quadriceps muscle. Conclusion: Sex and age of volunteers affect spectroscopic results. This influence has to be considered in the interpretation of spectroscopic studies. (orig.) [Deutsch] Ziel: Die Ueberpruefung des Einflusses von Geschlecht und Alter gesunder Probanden auf phosphorspektroskopische Ergebnisse. Material und Methodik: 32 gesunde Probanden (15 Frauen, 17 Maenner) mit einem Durchschnittsalter von 38{+-}17 Jahren wurden mit der dynamischen 31-Phosphor-Magnetresonanz-Spektroskopie (MRS

  8. Proton-MR-spectroscopy of vertebral bone marrow: normal age- and sex-related patterns; Protonen-MR-Spektroskopie des Wirbelkoerpermarks. Analyse des physiologischen Signalverhaltens

    Jung, C.M.; Kugel, H.; Schulte, O.; Heindel, W. [Koeln Univ. (Germany). Inst. und Poliklinik fuer Radiologische Diagnostik


    Background. Magnetic resonance imaging has shown to be a sensitive method for diagnostics of the red bone marrow, the composition of which changes physiologically and during pathological processes. However, the interpretation of MRI in patients with disorders of the red bone marrow is very difficult. The aim of this study was the characterization of the proton spectrum of healthy bone marrow and its age- and sex-dependent changes to obtain a data basis for measurements in patients. Methods. 154 healthy volunteers have been examined. After imaging, a spectroscopic measurement was performed to determine the relative intensities of fat and water, and their respective T2 times. Results. While T2 (water: 46.9 ms and fat: 75.4 ms) does not depend on age or sex, the relative signal intensity of fat increases by about 6% per decade. In the age groups between 31 and 50 years it diverses significantly between men (43.5%) and woman (32.5%) (p{<=}0.01, Mann-Whitney-Test). Conclusions. Proton spectroscopy can increase the reliability of diagnosis by offering information on composition of the marrow. The analysis of spectroscopic measurements requires exact knowledge about normal physiological values. (orig.) [German] Hintergrund. Die Magnetresonanztomographie ist ein sensitives bildgebendes Verfahren zur Beurteilung des roten Knochenmarkraums. Die Zusammensetzung des Knochenmarks aendert sich mit zunehmenden Alter, aber auch bei krankhaften Prozessen. Als Basis fuer die Interpretation von Patientenuntersuchungen bei Erkrankungen des haematopoetischen Systems wurden im Rahmen der vorliegenden Studie an Probanden die alters- und geschlechtsabhaengigen Veraenderungen des Protoenenspektrums aus dem Knochenmarkraum analysiert. Methode. Bei 154 gesunden Probanden wurde nach einer MR-Bildgebung eine spektroskopische Messung des Lendenwirbelkoerpermarks zur Bestimmung der relativen Fett- und Wasseranteile sowie der T2-Relaxationszeiten durchgefuehrt. Ergebnis. Die T2-Zeiten (46,9 ms

  9. Spectroscopie d'impédance electrochimique locale : caracterisation de la de lamination des peintures et de la corrosion des alliages Al-Cu

    Jorcin, Jean-Baptiste


    Ce travail est consacré à l'étude, au développement et à différentes applications de la spectroscopie d'impédance électrochimique locale ou SIEL. La première partie de ce mémoire se focalise sur la description et le développement de la SIEL tant d'un point de vue expérimental que théorique. La seconde partie présente trois applications différentes dans lesquelles la SIEL apporte des informations déterminantes. La première application est consacrée à l'étude du CPE (constant phase element). Ce...

  10. Mineral Composition and Nutritive Value of Isotonic and Energy Drinks.

    Leśniewicz, Anna; Grzesiak, Magdalena; Żyrnicki, Wiesław; Borkowska-Burnecka, Jolanta


    Several very popular brands of isotonic and energy drinks consumed for fluid and electrolyte supplementation and stimulation of mental or physical alertness were chosen for investigation. Liquid beverages available in polyethylene bottles and aluminum cans as well as products in the form of tablets and powder in sachets were studied. The total concentrations of 21 elements (Ag, Al, B, Ba, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na, Ni, P, Pb, Sr, Ti, V, and Zn), both essential and toxic, were simultaneously determined in preconcentrated drink samples by inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) equipped with pneumatic and ultrasonic nebulizers. Differences between the mineral compositions of isotonic and energy drinks were evaluated and discussed. The highest content of Na was found in both isotonic and energy drinks, whereas quite high concentrations of Mg were found in isotonic drinks, and the highest amount of calcium was quantified in energy drinks. The concentrations of B, Co, Cu, Ni, and P were higher in isotonic drinks, but energy drinks contained greater quantities of Ag, Cr, Zn, Mn, and Mo and toxic elements, as Cd and Pb. A comparison of element contents with micronutrient intake and tolerable levels was performed to evaluate contribution of the investigated beverages to the daily diet. The consumption of 250 cm(3) of an isotonic drink provides from 0.32% (for Mn) up to 14.8% (for Na) of the recommended daily intake. For the energy drinks, the maximum recommended daily intake fulfillment ranged from 0.02% (for V) to 19.4 or 19.8% (for Mg and Na).

  11. Systematics on the low-lying spectra in N = 78 ~ 80 isotones

    Cheng, Y.Y.; Zhang, S.Q.; Li, X.Q.


    Combining the new spectroscopy results of 144 Tb and previous spectroscopy studies of neighboring nuclei, a systematic investigation on the low-lying spectra in N = 78 ~ 80 isotones is performed. Good systematics have been found for the coupling patterns which couple the odd nucleon(s), such as πh 11/2 , νh 11/2 —1 , νh 11/2 2 , νh 11/2 —2 , νh 11/2 —1 , to the 2 + , 4 + , 6 + and 3 - core excitations. It is found that the relative excitation energies of the states formed by coupling h 11/2 proton(s) to the 2 + , 4 + core excitations are pushed up, in contrast with those formed by coupling h 11/2 neutron hole(s) to the 2 + , 4 + core excitations, which are pulled down. According to the systematics, the interpretation that the 17/2 + states observed in 141 Sm and 143 Gd are the fully aligned member of coupling the odd h 11/2 neutron hole to the octupole 3 - core excitation, is explored to the isotones 145 Dy, 142 Eu, and 144 Tb. (author)

  12. OzDES multifibre spectroscopy for the Dark Energy Survey: first-year operation and results

    Yuan, Fang; Lidman, C.; Davis, T. M.; Childress, M.; Abdalla, F. B.; Banerji, M.; Buckley-Geer, E.; Carnero Rosell, A.; Carollo, D.; Castander, F. J.; D' Andrea, C. B.; Diehl, H. T.; Cunha, C. E.; Foley, R. J.; Frieman, J.; Glazebrook, K.; Gschwend, J.; Hinton, S.; Jouvel, S.; Kessler, R.; Kim, A. G.; King, A. L.; Kuehn, K.; Kuhlmann, S.; Lewis, G. F.; Lin, H.; Martini, P.; McMahon, R. G.; Mould, J.; Nichol, R. C.; Norris, R. P.; O' Neill, C. R.; Ostrovski, F.; Papadopoulos, A.; Parkinson, D.; Reed, S.; Romer, A. K.; Rooney, P. J.; Rozo, E.; Rykoff, E. S.; Sako, M.; Scalzo, R.; Schmidt, B. P.; Scolnic, D.; Seymour, N.; Sharp, R.; Sobreira, F.; Sullivan, M.; Thomas, R. C.; Tucker, D.; Uddin, S. A.; Wechsler, R. H.; Wester, W.; Wilcox, H.; Zhang, B.; Abbott, T.; Allam, S.; Bauer, A. H.; Benoit-L?vy, A.; Bertin, E.; Brooks, D.; Burke, D. L.; Carrasco Kind, M.; Covarrubias, R.; Crocce, M.; da Costa, L. N.; DePoy, D. L.; Desai, S.; Doel, P.; Eifler, T. F.; Evrard, A. E.; Fausti Neto, A.; Flaugher, B.; Fosalba, P.; Gaztanaga, E.; Gerdes, D.; Gruen, D.; Gruendl, R. A.; Honscheid, K.; James, D.; Kuropatkin, N.; Lahav, O.; Li, T. S.; Maia, M. A. G.; Makler, M.; Marshall, J.; Miller, C. J.; Miquel, R.; Ogando, R.; Plazas, A. A.; Roodman, A.; Sanchez, E.; Scarpine, V.; Schubnell, M.; Sevilla-Noarbe, I.; Smith, R. C.; Soares-Santos, M.; Suchyta, E.; Swanson, M. E. C.; Tarle, G.; Thaler, J.; Walker, A. R.


    We present results for the first three years of OzDES, a six-year program to obtain redshifts for objects in the Dark Energy Survey (DES) supernova fields using the 2dF fibre positioner and AAOmega spectrograph on the Anglo-Australian Telescope. OzDES is a multi-object spectroscopic survey targeting multiple types of targets at multiple epochs over a multi-year baseline, and is one of the first multi-object spectroscopic surveys to dynamically include transients into the target list soon after their discovery. At the end of three years, OzDES has spectroscopically confirmed almost 100 supernovae, and has measured redshifts for 17,000 objects, including the redshifts of 2,566 supernova hosts. We examine how our ability to measure redshifts for targets of various types depends on signal-to-noise, magnitude, and exposure time, finding that our redshift success rate increases significantly at a signal-to-noise of 2 to 3 per 1-A° ngstrom bin. We also find that the change in signal-to-noise with exposure time closely matches the Poisson limit for stacked exposures as long as 10 hours.We use these results to predict the redshift yield of the full OzDES survey, as well as the potential yields of future surveys on other facilities such as 4MOST, PFS, and MSE. This work marks the first OzDES data release, comprising 15,327 redshifts. OzDES is on target to obtain over 30,000 redshifts over the six-year duration of the survey, including a yield of approximately 5,700 supernova host-galaxy redshifts.

  13. Rotor calculations for neutron spectroscopy; Calculs des rotors de spectrometres a neutrons

    Gobert, G [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The determination of stress in a rotating disk plane of symmetry normal to the axis of rotation has been studied by a number of investigators. In a recent paper Reich gives an operating process for an analytical solution in an asymmetric rotating disk. In the report we give the calculation of finite difference stress solutions applicable to the two rotating disks. The equations are then programmed for the 360.75 computer by Fortran methods concerning the rotors of choppers. (author) [French] La determination des contraintes dans les disques symetriques, en rotation a ete etudiee par de nombreux auteurs. Dans un recent rapport, Reich donne une solution pour le calcul des disques asymetriques. Ce rapport concerne l'application du calcul des contraintes par differences finies aux deux types de rotors. Les equations ecrites en langage Fortran pour l'ordinateur 360.75 concerne les rotors de choppers. (auteur)

  14. Isotonic and hypertonic sodium loading in supine humans

    Andersen, L J; Jensen, T U; Bestle, M H


    extracellular volume were administered intravenously over 90 min either as isotonic saline or as hypertonic saline (850 mmol L(-1)). A third series without saline infusion served as time control. Experiments lasted 8 h. Water balance and sodium loads were maintained by replacing the excreted amounts every hour...

  15. An Annotated Bibliography of Isotonic Weight-Training Methods.

    Wysong, John V.

    This literature study was conducted to compare and evaluate various types and techniques of weight lifting so that a weight lifting program could be selected or devised for a secondary school. Annotations of 32 research reports, journal articles, and monographs on isotonic strength training are presented. The literature in the first part of the…

  16. Spectroscopy of hexafluorides with an odd number of electrons; Spectroscopie des hexafluorures a nombre impair d'electrons

    Boudon, V


    From a theoretical point of view, a tensorial formalism adapted to the study of molecules or octahedral ions with a half-integer angular momentum has been developed for the first time. We have used here the method of projective representations, more consistent than that of double groups. A complete set of coupling coefficients and formulas, as well as the corresponding computing programs have been elaborated. This has firstly allowed us to write a simple model describing the vibronic structure of colored hexafluorides. Then, some applications of this formalism to the study of ro-vibronic couplings of XY{sub 6} molecules in a fourfold degenerate electronic state have been considered, especially concerning operators associated to dynamic Jahn-Teller effect. From an experimental point of view, we have considered IrF{sub 6}, for which we have mastered the synthesis, purification and conservation processes. A first study at low resolution (absorption and Raman scattering) has been performed for this molecule. We have then set up two high resolution spectroscopic devices in the visible region (saturated absorption - tested with an iodine cell- and simple absorption with multiple pass). These especially use a dye laser. They should now allow the spectroscopy of the visible band of IrF{sub 6} in order to resolve for the first time its fine rotational structure. (author)

  17. Spectroscopy of hexafluorides with an odd number of electrons; Spectroscopie des hexafluorures a nombre impair d'electrons

    Boudon, V


    From a theoretical point of view, a tensorial formalism adapted to the study of molecules or octahedral ions with a half-integer angular momentum has been developed for the first time. We have used here the method of projective representations, more consistent than that of double groups. A complete set of coupling coefficients and formulas, as well as the corresponding computing programs have been elaborated. This has firstly allowed us to write a simple model describing the vibronic structure of colored hexafluorides. Then, some applications of this formalism to the study of ro-vibronic couplings of XY{sub 6} molecules in a fourfold degenerate electronic state have been considered, especially concerning operators associated to dynamic Jahn-Teller effect. From an experimental point of view, we have considered IrF{sub 6}, for which we have mastered the synthesis, purification and conservation processes. A first study at low resolution (absorption and Raman scattering) has been performed for this molecule. We have then set up two high resolution spectroscopic devices in the visible region (saturated absorption - tested with an iodine cell- and simple absorption with multiple pass). These especially use a dye laser. They should now allow the spectroscopy of the visible band of IrF{sub 6} in order to resolve for the first time its fine rotational structure. (author)

  18. Levels in 146Ce and the N = 88 isotones

    Gowdy, G.M.; Chrien, R.E.; Chu, Y.Y.


    An investigation of the level structure of 146 Ce following the beta decay of the low-spin isomer of 146 La has been carried out at the ISOL facility TRISTAN at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The half-life for the low spin isomer was found to be 6.0 +- 0.4s. A partial level scheme for 146 Ce below 2 MeV is given. The level energies and some B(E2) values extracted from our data have been compared with IBA-2 calculations done entirely with extrapolated parameters from neighboring Z nuclei in order to check the predictive power of the model. Systematics of the Z = 58 isotopes and N = 88 isotones indicate that although 146 Ce is more deformed than its isotones with Z greater than or equal to 60, the transition to the well-deformed region can probably more correctly be thought to occur after 146 Ce, between N = 88 and N = 90, as it does for Z greater than or equal to 60. The abrupt onset of deformation present in the higher Z isotopes is not seen in the Ce isotopes where the trend is found to be rather smooth throughout

  19. Clinical applications of proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the brain; Klinische Anwendungen der Protonen-Magnetresonanzspektroskopie des Gehirns

    Laubenberger, J.; Bayer, S.; Thiel, T.; Hennig, J.; Langer, M. [Radiologische Universitaetsklinik Freiburg (Germany). Abt. Roentgendiagnostik


    In spite of all the scientific advances of the past few years, proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the brain has not attained the status of a routine examination technique with clinically accepted indications. The method should be considered as an additional option to MR imaging for inherited and acquired encephalopathic changes as well as, in future, for localization diagnosis of epilepsies. A proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic investigation without a prior intensive clinical and imaging investigation is not useful. Above all, factors influencing metabolite distribution such as for example, serum osmolability must be known. Methodological prerequisites for the clinical application of proton resonance spectroscopy are, first of all, a high stability of the chosen technique as well as a sufficiently certain quantification of metabolites and the availability of a reference group. The use of short echo times is necessary for the quantification of glutamine and the osmolyte myo-inositol. Indications for individual cases in which clinical investigations and MR topography cannot provide sufficient certainty and spectroscopy can furnish additional information are, in addition to uses in neuropediatrics, the suspicion of Alzheimer`s dementia, HIV encephalopathy in early manifestations, and unclarified depressions of consciousness accompanying liver cirrhosis. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die Protonen-Magnetresonanzspektroskopie des Gehirns ist trotz aller wissenschaftlicher Fortschritte der letzten Jahre noch nicht zu einer Routineuntersuchung mit anerkannter klinischer Indikationsstellung geworden. Die Untersuchung muss bei angeborenen und erworbenen enzephalopathischen Veraenderungen sowie in Zukunft in der Lokalisationsdiagnostik von Epilepsien als Zusatzoption zur MR-Bildgebung erachtet werden. Eine protonenspektroskopische Untersuchung ohne ausgiebige klinische und bildgebende Basisuntersuchung ist nicht sinnvoll. Insbesondere muessen Einflussfaktoren, wie z

  20. Strength Development: Using Functional Isometrics in an Isotonic Strength Training Program.

    Jackson, Allen; And Others


    A study was made to determine if a combination of functional isometrics and standard isotonic training would be superior to a standard isotonic program in an instructional setting. The results provide support for functional isometrics as an enhancement where achievement of maximum strength is the goal. (Author/MT)

  1. A precision isotonic measuring system for isolated tissues.

    Mellor, P M


    An isotonic measuring system is described which utilizes an angular position transducer of the linear differential voltage transformer type. Resistance to corrosion, protection against the ingress of solutions, and ease of mounting and setting up were the mechanical objectives. Accuracy, linearity, and freedom from drift were essential requirements of the electrical specification. A special housing was designed to accommodate the transducer to overcome these problems. A control unit incorporating a power supply and electronic filtering components was made to serve up to four such transducers. The transducer output voltage is sufficiently high to drive directly even low sensitivity chart recorders. Constructional details and a circuit diagram are included. Fifty such transducers have been in use for up to four years in these laboratories. Examples of some of the published work done using this transducer system are referenced.

  2. RMF+BCS description of some traditional neutron magic isotones

    Saxena, G.; Singh, D.; Kaushik, M.


    The traditional neutron magic nuclei with N = 8, 20, 28, 50, 82 and 126, and those with neutron sub-magic number N = 40 are investigated within the relativistic mean-field plus BCS (RMF+BCS) approach. The results indicate appearance of new proton magic numbers as well as the disappearance of conventional magic numbers for nuclei with extreme isospin values. The calculated energies and densities do not indicate any tendency for the proton halo formations in any of the proton rich isotones due to Coulomb interaction and different single particle spectra. However, the potential barrier provided by the Coulomb interaction and that due to the centrifugal force may cause a long delay in the actual decay of proton rich nucleus resulting in the extended drip line. (authors)

  3. Spectroscopy

    Hellman, Hal


    This booklet discusses spectroscopy, the study of absorption of radiation by matter, including X-ray, gamma-ray, microwave, mass spectroscopy, as well as others. Spectroscopy has produced more fundamental information to the study of the detailed structure of matter than any other tools.

  4. Spectroscopy

    Walker, S


    The three volumes of Spectroscopy constitute the one comprehensive text available on the principles, practice and applications of spectroscopy. By giving full accounts of those spectroscopic techniques only recently introduced into student courses - such as Mössbauer spectroscopy and photoelectron spectroscopy - in addition to those techniques long recognised as being essential in chemistry teaching - sucha as e.s.r. and infrared spectroscopy - the book caters for the complete requirements of undergraduate students and at the same time provides a sound introduction to special topics for graduate students.

  5. Contribution to the study by infrared spectroscopy of addition compounds of boron fluorides and ethers-oxides or organic sulphides; Contribution a l'etude par spectroscopie infrarouge des composes d'addition des fluorures de bore et des ethers-oxydes ou des sulfures organiques

    Le Calve, Jacques


    This research thesis reports the study of complexes formed with boron fluoride and ethers or organic sulphides. In a first part, the author recalls vibration modes of free boron fluoride and of this compound in a complex. In the next parts, he reports the analysis of infrared spectra of groups present in addition compounds (between 400 and 1500 cm{sup -1}). He discusses spectrum modifications of electron donors by formation of a coordination bound. Experimental conditions are presented in appendix [French] Nous avons enregistre les spectres infrarouges de 400 a 4000 cm{sup -1} des composes d'addition du fluorure de bore et des oxydes de methyle, d'ethyle et du tetrahydrofuranne a l'etat gazeux, a l'etat liquide et a - 180 deg. a l'etat solide. Nous avons egalement etudie les complexes du fluorure de bore et des sulfures de methyle, d'ethyle et du tetrahydrothiophene a l'etat liquide. Le groupement c-c-OBF{sub 3} des trois composes des ethers avait fait l'objet d'une analyse tres recente que nous avons discutee. La comparaison des spectres et leur evolution en fonction de l'etat physique nous a notamment permis de mettre en evidence un couplage des vibrations de valence symetrique ν{sub s}(BF{sub 3}) et ν(OB) avec celles de meme symetrie du squelette de l'ether, en particulier la vibration ν{sub s}(COC). Ce couplage rend illusoires les correlations qui avaient ete proposees entre la basicite du donneur et la position d'une bande attribuee hativement a la vibration ν{sub s}(BF{sub 3}). Pour les composes d'addition des sulfures, nous avons attribue les principales vibrations du groupement C-C-SBF{sub 3}. La vibration de valence degeneree ν{sub s}(BF{sub 3}) apparait vers 1180 cm{sup -1}. Les vibrations de valence symetriques ν{sub s}(BF{sub 3}) et ν(SB) sont couplees et se manifestent dans les spectres par deux bandes vers 800 et 600 cm{sup -1}. Enfin, une absorption vers 460 cm{sup -1} correspond a l'une des vibrations de deformation symetrique ou degeneree

  6. The effect on serum enzymes of intramuscular injections of digoxin, bumetanide, pentazocine and isotonic sodium chloride

    Andersen, Klaus Ejner; Damsgaard, T


    Intramuscular injections of digoxin, bumetanide, pentazocine or isotonic sodium chloride have been given to 39 patients. We followed the serum concentrations of creatine kinase (CK), aspartate aminotransferase (ASAT), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and LDH isoenzymes for 4 days. Ten patients receiving...

  7. Effect of an isotonic rehydration sports drink and exercise on urolithiasis in rats

    Abreu N.P.


    Full Text Available The objective of the present study was to evaluate the role of physical exercise as well as the influence of hydration with an isotonic sports drink on renal function in male Wistar rats. Four groups were studied over a period of 42 days: 1 control (N = 9; 2 physical exercise (Exe, N = 7; 3 isotonic drink (Drink, N = 8; 4 physical exercise + isotonic drink (Exe + Drink, N = 8. Physical exercise consisted of running on a motor-driven treadmill for 1 h/day, at 20 m/min, 5 days a week. The isotonic sports drink was a commercial solution used by athletes for rehydration after physical activity, 2 ml administered by gavage twice a day. Urine cultures were performed in all animals. Twenty-four-hour urine samples were collected in metabolic cages at the beginning and at the end of the protocol period. Urinary and plasma parameters (sodium, potassium, urea, creatinine, calcium did not differ among groups. However, an amorphous material was observed in the bladders of animals in the Exe + Drink and Drink groups. Characterization of the material by Western blot revealed the presence of Tamm-Horsfall protein and angiotensin converting enzyme. Physical exercise and the isotonic drink did not change the plasma or urinary parameters measured. However, the isotonic drink induced the formation of intravesical matrix, suggesting a potential lithogenic risk.

  8. Spectroscopy

    Berg, Rolf W.

    This introductory booklet covers the basics of molecular spectroscopy, infrared and Raman methods, instrumental considerations, symmetry analysis of molecules, group theory and selection rules, as well as assignments of fundamental vibrational modes in molecules.......This introductory booklet covers the basics of molecular spectroscopy, infrared and Raman methods, instrumental considerations, symmetry analysis of molecules, group theory and selection rules, as well as assignments of fundamental vibrational modes in molecules....

  9. Investigation of the spatial structure of des-Gly9-[Arg8]vasopressin by the methods of two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy and theoretical conformational analysis

    Shenderovich, M.D.; Sekatsis, I.P.; Liepin'sh, E.E.; Nikiforovich, G.V.; Papsuevich, O.S.


    An assignment of the 1 H NMR signals of des-Gly 9 -[Arg 8 ]vasopressin in dimethyl sulfoxide has been made by 2D spectroscopy. The SSCCs and temperature coefficients Δδ/Δ T have been obtained for the amide protons and the system of NOE cross-peaks in the two-dimensional NOESY spectrum has been analyzed. The most important information on the spatial structure of des-Gly 9 -[Arg 8 ]vasopressin is given by the low value of the temperature coefficient Δδ/Δ T of the Asn 5 amide proton and the NOE between the α-protons of Cys 1 and Cys 6 . It is assumed that the screening of the NH proton of the Asn 5 residue from the solvent is connected with a β-bend of the backbone in the 2-5 sequence, and the distance between the C/sup α/H atoms of the Cys 1 and Cys 6 residues does not exceed 4 A. Bearing these limitations in mind, a theoretical conformational analysis of the molecule has been made. The group of low-energy conformations of the backbone obtained has been compared with the complete set of NMR characteristics

  10. spectroscopy



    Oct 14, 2015 ... characterized by using phenotypic, API and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy methods. One hundred and fifty-seven (157) strains were isolated from 13 cheese samples, and identification test was performed for 83 strains. At the end of the study, a total of 22 Lactococcus sp., 36 Enterecoccus ...

  11. Intraarterial digital subtraction angiography of peripheral arteries with isotonic contrast material

    Yashiro, Naobumi; Itai, Yuji; Ohtomo, Kuni; Furui, Shigeru; Iio, Masahiro


    Intraarterial digital subtraction angiography (IADSA) of peripheral arteries with isotonic contrast material, which was prepared by diluting meglumine amidotrizoate (65% Angiografin), was performed in ten patients. In six, both IADSA and conventional screen-film arteriography were performed for comparison. Painless peripheral arteriography was achieved by IADSA with isotonic contrast material. Five IADSAs were safely done on an outpatient basis. Visualization of arteries by IADSA was satisfactory, but the details of smaller arteries were better shown by screen-film arteriography. Visualization of faint stains was better in IADSA. The authors believe that IADSA with isotonic contrast material is a method of choice for the diagnosis of vascular diseases and tumorous conditions of extremities, as well as for the purpose of preoperative vascular mapping. It is safely performed with smaller dose of contrast material on outpatient basis, and with less discomfort and cost for the patient. (author)

  12. Fluid transport and ion fluxes in mammalian kidney proximal tubule: a model analysis of isotonic transport

    Larsen, E.H.; Møbjerg, N.; Sørensen, Jens Nørkær


    transport similar to rat proximal tubule. Na+ recirculation is required for truly isotonic transport. The tonicity of the absorbate and the recirculation flux depend critically on ion permeabilities of interspace basement membrane. Conclusion: Our model based on solute-solvent coupling in lateral space......Aim: By mathematical modelling, we analyse conditions for near-isotonic and isotonic transport by mammalian kidney proximal tubule. Methods: The model comprises compliant lateral intercellular space (lis) and cells, and infinitely large luminal and peritubular compartments with diffusible species......: Na+, K+, Cl and an intracellular non-diffusible anion. Unknown model variables are solute concentrations, electrical potentials, volumes and hydrostatic pressures in cell and lis, and transepithelial potential. We used data mainly from rat proximal tubule to model epithelial cells and interspace...

  13. Effects of isotonic and isometric exercises with mist sauna bathing on cardiovascular, thermoregulatory, and metabolic functions

    Iwase, Satoshi; Kawahara, Yuko; Nishimura, Naoki; Nishimura, Rumiko; Sugenoya, Junichi; Miwa, Chihiro; Takada, Masumi


    To clarify the effects of isometric and isotonic exercise during mist sauna bathing on the cardiovascular function, thermoregulatory function, and metabolism, six healthy young men (22 ± 1 years old, height 173 ± 4 cm, weight 65.0 ± 5.0 kg) were exposed to a mist sauna for 10 min at a temperature of 40 °C, and relative humidity of 100 % while performing or not performing ˜30 W of isometric or isotonic exercise. The effect of the exercise was assessed by measuring tympanic temperature, heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, chest sweat rate, chest skin blood flow, and plasma catecholamine and cortisol, glucose, lactate, and free fatty acid levels. Repeated measures ANOVA showed no significant differences in blood pressure, skin blood flow, sweat rate, and total amount of sweating. Tympanic temperature increased more during isotonic exercise, and heart rate increase was more marked during isotonic exercise. The changes in lactate indicated that fatigue was not very great during isometric exercise. The glucose level indicated greater energy expenditure during isometric exercise. The free fatty acid and catecholamine levels indicated that isometric exercise did not result in very great energy expenditure and stress, respectively. The results for isotonic exercise of a decrease in lactate level and an increase in plasma free fatty acid level indicated that fatigue and energy expenditure were rather large while the perceived stress was comparatively low. We concluded that isotonic exercise may be a more desirable form of exercise during mist sauna bathing given the changes in glucose and free fatty acid levels.

  14. A Comparison of Isotonic, Isokinetic, and Plyometric Training Methods for Vertical Jump Improvement.

    Miller, Christine D.

    This annotated bibliography documents three training methods used to develop vertical jumping ability and power: isotonic, isokinetics, and plyometric training. Research findings on all three forms of training are summarized and compared. A synthesis of conclusions drawn from the annotated writings is presented. The report includes a glossary of…

  15. Irrigation solutions in open fractures of the lower extremities: evaluation of isotonic saline and distilled water.

    Olufemi, Olukemi Temiloluwa; Adeyeye, Adeolu Ikechukwu


    Open fractures are widely considered as orthopaedic emergencies requiring immediate intervention. The initial management of these injuries usually affects the ultimate outcome because open fractures may be associated with significant morbidity. Wound irrigation forms one of the pivotal principles in the treatment of open fractures. The choice of irrigation fluid has since been a source of debate. This study aimed to evaluate and compare the effects of isotonic saline and distilled water as irrigation solutions in the management of open fractures of the lower extremities. Wound infection and wound healing rates using both solutions were evaluated. This was a prospective hospital-based study of 109 patients who presented to the Accident and Emergency department with open lower limb fractures. Approval was sought and obtained from the Ethics Committee of the Hospital. Patients were randomized into either the isotonic saline (NS) or the distilled water (DW) group using a simple ballot technique. Twelve patients were lost to follow-up, while 97 patients were available until conclusion of the study. There were 50 patients in the isotonic saline group and 47 patients in the distilled water group. Forty-one (42.3%) of the patients were in the young and economically productive strata of the population. There was a male preponderance with a 1.7:1 male-to-female ratio. The wound infection rate was 34% in the distilled water group and 44% in the isotonic saline group (p = 0.315). The mean time ± SD to wound healing was 2.7 ± 1.5 weeks in the distilled water group and 3.1 ± 1.8 weeks in the isotonic saline group (p = 0.389). It was concluded from this study that the use of distilled water compares favourably with isotonic saline as an irrigation solution in open fractures of the lower extremities. © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2017.

  16. Irrigation solutions in open fractures of the lower extremities: evaluation of isotonic saline and distilled water

    Olufemi Olukemi Temiloluwa


    Full Text Available Introduction: Open fractures are widely considered as orthopaedic emergencies requiring immediate intervention. The initial management of these injuries usually affects the ultimate outcome because open fractures may be associated with significant morbidity. Wound irrigation forms one of the pivotal principles in the treatment of open fractures. The choice of irrigation fluid has since been a source of debate. This study aimed to evaluate and compare the effects of isotonic saline and distilled water as irrigation solutions in the management of open fractures of the lower extremities. Wound infection and wound healing rates using both solutions were evaluated. Methods: This was a prospective hospital-based study of 109 patients who presented to the Accident and Emergency department with open lower limb fractures. Approval was sought and obtained from the Ethics Committee of the Hospital. Patients were randomized into either the isotonic saline (NS or the distilled water (DW group using a simple ballot technique. Twelve patients were lost to follow-up, while 97 patients were available until conclusion of the study. There were 50 patients in the isotonic saline group and 47 patients in the distilled water group. Results: Forty-one (42.3% of the patients were in the young and economically productive strata of the population. There was a male preponderance with a 1.7:1 male-to-female ratio. The wound infection rate was 34% in the distilled water group and 44% in the isotonic saline group (p = 0.315. The mean time ± SD to wound healing was 2.7 ± 1.5 weeks in the distilled water group and 3.1 ± 1.8 weeks in the isotonic saline group (p = 0.389. Conclusions: It was concluded from this study that the use of distilled water compares favourably with isotonic saline as an irrigation solution in open fractures of the lower extremities.

  17. {gamma} ray spectroscopy of neutron rich nuclei around N=20; Spectroscopie {gamma} des noyaux riches en neutrons autour de N=20

    Gelin, M


    There is an island of inversion around {sup 32}Mg (12 protons, 20 neutrons) in contradiction with a shell closure N=20. It means a coexistence of spherical and deformed shapes. This work is devoted to the study of {gamma}-ray spectroscopy for nuclei in this region, based on an experiment done at GANIL with a composite secondary beam produced by fragmentation. The originality of the method used here lies in the possibility to study simultaneously several nuclei, and for each of them to explore several reaction channels. The VAMOS spectrometer was used for the identification of the ejectiles. The {gamma}-rays were detected with EXOGAM, a germanium clover array. The detectors used before and after the target allowed for a unique identification and a selection of the reaction channel: inelastic scattering, transfer and fragmentation reaction. In this thesis the following nuclei were studied: {sup 28}Ne, {sup 30-32}Mg {sup 31-34}Al, {sup 33-35}Si, {sup 35}P. New {gamma}-rays have been observed. The {gamma}-ray angular distributions and {gamma}-{gamma} angular correlations have been measured for some transitions. Assignment of spins and parities has been proposed for some states. In particular, in {sup 34}Si, the 3{sup -} assignment is confirmed and a new candidate for the second 0{sup +} has been proposed. In {sup 32}Mg, the state at 2.321 MeV, for which conflicting assignment existed, is deduced from the present data as a 4{sup +}, and a 6{sup +} state is proposed. (author)

  18. Study of neutron deficient iridium isotopes by using laser spectroscopy; Etude des noyaux d'iridium deficients en neutrons par spectroscopie laser

    Verney, D


    Resonance ionization spectroscopy was performed on neutron deficient iridium isotopes {sup 182-189}Ir, {sup 186}Ir{sup m} and stable isotopes {sup 191,193}Ir. Hyperfine spectra were recorded from the optical transition at 351,7 nm between the 5d{sup 7}6s{sup 2} {sup 4}F{sub 9/2} ground state and the 5d{sup 7}6s6p {sup 6}F{sub 11/2} excited state. Radioactive iridium isotopes were obtained from {beta}{sup +}/EC decay of radioactive mercury nuclei deposited on a graphite substrate. The radioactive mercury nuclei were produced at the ISOLDE facility at CERN through spallation reactions, by bombarding a molten lead target with the 1 GeV proton beam delivered by the PS-Booster. Magnetic dipole moments and spectroscopic quadrupole moments were extracted from the hyperfine spectra. The mean square charge radius variations, as deduced from the measured isotopic shift, show a sharp change between {sup 187}Ir and {sup 186}Ir{sup g}, accompanied by a sudden increase in deformation: from {beta}2 {approx} 0,16 to {beta}2 > 0, 2. These results were analysed in the framework of an axial rotor plus one or two quasiparticles. The wave functions of the osmium and platinum cores which are used in order to describe the iridium nuclei were calculated from the HF+BCS method with the Skyrme SIII effective interaction. The cores were constrained to take the deformation parameters extracted from the isotopic shift measurements. One shows then that this sudden deformation change corresponds also to a change in the proton state that describes the odd nuclei ground state or that participates in the coupling with the neutron in odd-odd nuclei. This state is identified with the {pi}3/2{sup +}[402] orbital for the smaller deformations nuclei and with the {pi}1/2{sup -}[541] orbital stemming from the h{sub 9/2} subshell for bigger deformations nuclei. (author)

  19. A New Method for Obtaining the Baryons Mass under the Killingbeck Plus Isotonic Oscillator Potentials

    Nasrin Salehi


    Full Text Available The spectrum of ground state and excited baryons (N, Δ, Λ, Σ, Ξ, and Ω particles has been investigated by using nonrelativistic quantum mechanics under the Killingbeck plus isotonic oscillator potentials. Using the Jacobi coordinates, anzast method, and generalized Gürsey Radicati (GR mass formula the three-body-wave equation is solved to calculate the different states of the considered baryons. A comparison between our calculations and the available experimental data shows that the position of the Roper resonances of the nucleon, the ground states, and the excited multiplets up to three GeV are in general well reproduced. Also one can conclude that the interaction between the quark constituents of baryon resonances could be described adequately by using the combination of Killingbeck and isotonic oscillator potentials form.

  20. Nonlinear deformation of skeletal muscles in a passive state and in isotonic contraction

    Shil'ko, S. V.; Chernous, D. A.; Pleskachevskii, Yu. M.


    A procedure for a two-level modeling of deformation of skeletal muscles is offered. Based on a phenomenological model of an individual muscle fiber, consisting of a viscous, a contractive, and two nonlinearly elastic elements (the first level), various means for describing a skeletal muscle as a whole (the second, macroscopic level) are considered. A method for identification of a muscle model by utilizing experimental elongation diagrams in a passive state and in isotonic contraction is put forward. The results of a biomechanical analysis are compared with known experimental data for the isotonic and isometric activation regimes of tailor's muscle of a frog. It is established that preferable is the description of a muscle that takes into account the different lengths of muscle fibers and their twist.

  1. Muscle activity during knee-extension strengthening exercise performed with elastic tubing and isotonic resistance

    Jakobsen, Markus Due; Sundstrup, Emil; Andersen, Christoffer H


    muscle during 10-RM knee-extensions performed with elastic tubing and an isotonic strength training machine. METHODS: 7 women and 9 men aged 28-67 years (mean age 44 and 41 years, respectively) participated. Electromyographic (EMG) activity was recorded in 10 muscles during the concentric and eccentric......BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: While elastic resistance training, targeting the upper body is effective for strength training, the effect of elastic resistance training on lower body muscle activity remains questionable. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the EMG-angle relationship of the quadriceps...... tubing induces similar high (>70% nEMG) quadriceps muscle activity during the concentric contraction phase, but slightly lower during the eccentric contraction phase, as knee extensions performed using an isotonic training machine. During the concentric contraction phase the two different conditions...

  2. Muscle activity during knee-extension strengthening exercise performed with elastic tubing and isotonic resistance

    Jakobsen, Markus Due; Sundstrup, Emil; Andersen, Christoffer H


    tubing induces similar high (>70% nEMG) quadriceps muscle activity during the concentric contraction phase, but slightly lower during the eccentric contraction phase, as knee extensions performed using an isotonic training machine. During the concentric contraction phase the two different conditions......BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: While elastic resistance training, targeting the upper body is effective for strength training, the effect of elastic resistance training on lower body muscle activity remains questionable. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the EMG-angle relationship of the quadriceps...... muscle during 10-RM knee-extensions performed with elastic tubing and an isotonic strength training machine. METHODS: 7 women and 9 men aged 28-67 years (mean age 44 and 41 years, respectively) participated. Electromyographic (EMG) activity was recorded in 10 muscles during the concentric and eccentric...

  3. Decay properties of charm and bottom mesons in a quantum isotonic nonlinear oscillator potential model

    Rahmani, S.; Hassanabadi, H. [Shahrood University of Technology, Physics Department, Shahrood (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    Employing generalized quantum isotonic oscillator potential we determine wave function for mesonic system in nonrelativistic formalism. Then we investigate branching ratios of leptonic decays for heavy-light mesons including a charm quark. Next, by applying the Isgur-Wise function we obtain branching ratios of semileptonic decays for mesons including a bottom quark. The weak decay of the B{sub c} meson is also analyzed to study the life time. Comparison with other available theoretical approaches is presented. (orig.)

  4. Study of bubble structure in N = 20 isotones within relativistic mean-field plus BCS approach

    Kumawat, M.; Singh, U.K.; Jain, S.K.; Saxena, G.; Aggarwal, Mamta; Singh, S. Somorendro; Kaushik, M.


    Guided by various theoretical studies and encouraged with recent first experimental evidence of proton density depletion in "3"4Si, we have applied relativistic mean field plus BCS approach for systematic study of bubble structure in magic nuclei with N = 20 isotones. Our present investigations include single particle energies, deformations, separation energies as well as neutron and proton densities etc. It is found that proton sd shells (1d_5_/_2,2s_1_/_2,1d_3_/_2) in N = 20 isotones play very important role in the formation of bubble structure. The unoccupied 2s_1_/_2 state gives rise to bubble since this 2s_1_/_2 state does not have any centrifugal barrier, therefore for Z = 8 - 14 in the isotonic chain radial distributions of such state is found with peak in the interior of the nucleus with corresponding wave functions extending into the surface region. Consequently, in these nuclei with unoccupied s-state the central density found depleted as compared to the nucleus wherein this state is fully occupied. It is important to note here that in these nuclei depletion in proton density for "3"4Si is found with most significance which is in accord with the recent experiment. Moving further for higher Z value, Z = 16 and Z = 18 the 2s_1_/_2 state remains semi-occupied and contributing partially in the depletion of central density resulting semi-bubble structure for Z = 16 and 18. For Z≥20, 2s_1_/_2 state get fully occupied and no sign of bubble structures are seen for higher isotones

  5. Attenuated fatigue in slow twitch skeletal muscle during isotonic exercise in rats with chronic heart failure.

    Morten Munkvik

    Full Text Available During isometric contractions, slow twitch soleus muscles (SOL from rats with chronic heart failure (chf are more fatigable than those of sham animals. However, a muscle normally shortens during activity and fatigue development is highly task dependent. Therefore, we examined the development of skeletal muscle fatigue during shortening (isotonic contractions in chf and sham-operated rats. Six weeks following coronary artery ligation, infarcted animals were classified as failing (chf if left ventricle end diastolic pressure was >15 mmHg. During isoflurane anaesthesia, SOL with intact blood supply was stimulated (1s on 1s off at 30 Hz for 15 min and allowed to shorten isotonically against a constant afterload. Muscle temperature was maintained at 37°C. In resting muscle, maximum isometric force (F(max and the concentrations of ATP and CrP were not different in the two groups. During stimulation, F(max and the concentrations declined in parallel sham and chf. Fatigue, which was evident as reduced shortening during stimulation, was also not different in the two groups. The isometric force decline was fitted to a bi-exponential decay equation. Both time constants increased transiently and returned to initial values after approximately 200 s of the fatigue protocol. This resulted in a transient rise in baseline tension between stimulations, although this effect which was less prominent in chf than sham. Myosin light chain 2s phosphorylation declined in both groups after 100 s of isotonic contractions, and remained at this level throughout 15 min of stimulation. In spite of higher energy demand during isotonic than isometric contractions, both shortening capacity and rate of isometric force decline were as well or better preserved in fatigued SOL from chf rats than in sham. This observation is in striking contrast to previous reports which have employed isometric contractions to induce fatigue.

  6. Isotonic and isotopic dependence of the radiative neutron capture cross-section on the neutron excess

    Trofimov, Yu.N.


    The radiative neutron capture cross-section of nuclei has been derived as a function of neutron excess on the basis of the exponential dependence of the cross-section on the reaction energy. It is shown that unknown cross-sections of stable and radioactive nuclei may be evaluated by using the isotonic and isotopic dependence together with available reference cross-section measurements. (author). 4 refs, 3 figs

  7. [The effect of hypertonic seawater and isotonic seawater for nasal mucosa of allergic rhinitis mice model].

    Deng, Zhifeng; Xu, Yu; Ou, Jin; Xiang, Rong; Tao, Zezhang


    To study the effect of hypertonic seawater and isotonic seawater for nasal mucosa of allergic rhinitis mice model, and explore the possible mechanism of nasal irrigation with seawater in treatment of allergic rhinitis. We used Der pl to make allergic rhinitis model of BALB/c mice, and divided them into three groups randomly. Nasal irrigation with hypertonic seawater (HS) or isotonic seawater (IS) in the treatment group 1-14 days after modeling, and black control (BC) group was given no treatment after modeling. Normal control (NC) group was given no treatment, the number of rubs and sneezings in each group were counted in 30 min after the last nasal irrigation. Mice were then killed 24 h after the last therapy. The noses of mice from each group were removed and fixed, then the slices were stained with hematoxylin and eosin, the others were observed by transmission electron microscope. Mice with hypertonic seawater and isotonic seawater were significantly improved in rubs and sneezings compared to the black control group (P 0. 05); Ciliated columnar epithelium cells in mucosal tissues of HS group and IS group were arranged trimly, better than that in the black control group. Morphology and microstructure in nasal mucosal of HS group was closer to the normal group than in IS group. The injury of nasal mucosa ciliated epithelium was significantly improved by nasal irrigation with hypertonic seawater and isotonic seawater, and the former is better than the latter, the mechanism of nasal irrigation with seawater in treatment of allergic rhinitis may rely on repairing the injured nasal mucosa ciliated epithelium, thereby the symptoms of nasal was reduced.

  8. Neuromuscular and muscle-tendon system adaptations to isotonic and isokinetic eccentric exercise.

    Guilhem, G; Cornu, C; Guével, A


    To present the properties of an eccentric contraction and compare neuromuscular and muscle-tendon system adaptations induced by isotonic and isokinetic eccentric trainings. An eccentric muscle contraction is characterized by the production of muscle force associated to a lengthening of the muscle-tendon system. This muscle solicitation can cause micro lesions followed by a regeneration process of the muscle-tendon system. Eccentric exercise is commonly used in functional rehabilitation for its positive effect on collagen synthesis but also for resistance training to increase muscle strength and muscle mass in athletes. Indeed, eccentric training stimulates muscle hypertrophy, increases the fascicle pennation angle, fascicles length and neural activation, thus inducing greater strength gains than concentric or isometric training programs. Eccentric exercise is commonly performed either against a constant external load (isotonic) or at constant velocity (isokinetic), inducing different mechanical constraints. These different mechanical constraints could induce structural and neural adaptive strategies specific to each type of exercise. The literature tends to show that isotonic mode leads to a greater strength gain than isokinetic mode. This observation could be explained by a greater neuromuscular activation after IT training. However, the specific muscle adaptations induced by each mode remain difficult to determine due to the lack of standardized, comparative studies. 2010 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  9. Effect of an isotonic lubricant on sperm collection and sperm quality.

    Agarwal, Ashok; Malvezzi, Helena; Sharma, Rakesh


    To assess the influence of an isotonic lubricant used during sperm sample collection on [1] ease of collection and [2] resultant sperm quality. Paired randomized cross-over design. Tertiary hospital. Healthy men over 18 years old with normal semen analysis as per World Health Organization 2010 guidelines. Collection of semen sample from 22 subjects by masturbation with or without the use of Pre-Seed personal lubricant. Qualitative survey results and quantitative sperm function outcomes were measured to determine resultant sperm quality and collection experience with and without Pre-Seed lubricant. The qualitative questionnaire results showed that 73% of donors prefer the semen collection process with the isotonic lubricant and 55% recommended the use of lubricant in their everyday collection. The motility, viability, membrane integrity, levels of reactive oxygen species, total antioxidant capacity, and percentage of DNA damage in collected semen samples were not affected by the use of the lubricant. More donors prefer, and find it easier, to collect semen samples with the use of the lubricant. The isotonic lubricant Pre-Seed did not compromise sperm quality as evaluated in an array of sperm assays, suggesting its safe use in fertility patients as required during sperm collection. Copyright © 2013 American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  10. Effects of an isotonic beverage on autonomic regulation during and after exercise

    Moreno Isadora Lessa


    Full Text Available Abstract Background With prolonged physical activity, it is important to maintain adequate fluid balance. The impact of consuming isotonic drinks during and after exercise on the autonomic regulation of cardiac function is unclear. This study aimed to analyze the effects of consuming an isotonic drink on heart rate variability (HRV during and after prolonged exercise. Methods Thirty-one young males (21.55 ± 1.89 yr performed three different protocols (48 h interval between each stage: I maximal exercise test to determine the load for the protocols; II Control protocol (CP and; III. Experimental protocol (EP. The protocols consisted of 10 min at rest with the subject in the supine position, 90 min of treadmill exercise (60% of VO2 peak and 60 min of rest placed in the dorsal decubitus position. No rehydration beverage consumption was allowed during CP. During EP, however, the subjects were given an isotonic solution (Gatorade, Brazil containing carbohydrate (30 g, sodium (225 mg, chloride (210 mg and potassium (60 mg per 500 ml of the drink. For analysis of HRV data, time and frequency domain indices were investigated. HRV was recorded at rest (5–10 min, during exercise (25–30 min, 55–60 min and 85–90 min and post-exercise (5–10 min, 15–20 min, 25–30 min, 40–45 min and 55–60 min. Results Regardless of hydration, alterations in the SNS and PSNS were observed, revealing an increase in the former and a decrease in the latter. Hydrating with isotonic solution during recovery induced significant changes in cardiac autonomic modulation, promoting faster recovery of linear HRV indices. Conclusion Hydration with isotonic solution did not significantly influence HRV during exercise; however, after exercise it promoted faster recovery of linear indices.

  11. Phase II trial of isotonic fluid resuscitation in Kenyan children with severe malnutrition and hypovolaemia

    Boga Mwanamvua


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Children with severe malnutrition who develop shock have a high mortality. Contrary to contemporaneous paediatric practice, current guidelines recommend use of low dose hypotonic fluid resuscitation (half-strength Darrows/5% dextrose (HSD/5D. We evaluated the safety and efficacy of this guideline compared to resuscitation with a standard isotonic solution. Methods A Phase II randomised controlled, safety and efficacy trial in Kenyan children aged over 6 months with severe malnutrition and shock including children with severe dehydration/shock and presumptive septic shock (non-diarrhoeal shock. Eligible children were randomised to HSD/5D or Ringer's Lactate (RL. A maximum of two boluses of 15 ml/kg of HSD/5D were given over two hours (as recommended by guidelines while those randomised to RL received 10 ml/kg aliquots half hourly (maximum 40 ml/kg. Primary endpoint was resolution of shock at 8 and 24 hours. Secondary outcomes included resolution of acidosis, adverse events and mortality. Results 61 children were enrolled: 41 had shock and severe dehydrating diarrhoea, 20 had presumptive septic shock; 69% had decompensated shock. By 8 hours response to volume resuscitation was poor with shock persisting in most children:-HSD/5D 15/22 (68% and RL14/25 (52%, p = 0.39. Oliguria was more prevalent at 8 hours in the HSD/5D group, 9/22 (41%, compared to RL-3/25 (12%, p = 0.02. Mortality was high, HSD/5D-15/26(58% and RL 13/29(45%; p = 0.42. Most deaths occurred within 48 hours of admission. Neither pulmonary oedema nor cardiogenic failure was detected. Conclusions Outcome was universally poor characterised by persistence of shock, oliguria and high case fatality. Isotonic fluid was associated with modest improvement in shock and survival when compared to HSD/5D but inconclusive due to the limitations of design and effectiveness of either resuscitation strategy. Although isotonic fluid resuscitation did not result in cardiogenic heart

  12. Concerning moderate seniority mixing and the high spin states of some N=50 isotones

    Amusa, A.


    The high spin states of some N=50 isotones are studied in a shell model scheme involving the restriction of the valence nucleons to 2p 1/2 and 1g 9/2 orbits as well as the use of an interaction that has slight seniority non-conservation. Our results indicate that the high spin states of these nuclei, in direct contrast to their low spin states, have extra-(2p 1/2 ,1g 9/2 ) n space contributions that support violation of seniority conservation. (author). 17 refs, 2 figs, 1 tab

  13. Blood-brain barrier opening by isotonic saline infusion in normotensive and hypertensive animals

    Rapoport, S.I.


    The blood-brain barrier to intravascular Evans blue-albumin was opened in monkeys and rabbits by infusing isotonic saline for 15 s into the common carotid artery, when the external carotid was clamped temporarily and the lingual was catheterized for measuring pressure. Barrier opening correlated better with infusion pressure than with infusion rate, and occurred at carotid artery pressures above 170 mmHg. Systematic hypertension induced by Aramine increased barrier vulnerability by causing a higher net carotid artery pressure to be attained at a given infusion rate. (Auth.)

  14. Blood-brain barrier opening by isotonic saline infusion in normotensive and hypertensive animals

    Rapoport, S I [Baltimore City Hospitals, MD (USA)


    The blood-brain barrier to intravascular Evans blue-albumin was opened in monkeys and rabbits by infusing isotonic saline for 15 s into the common carotid artery, when the external carotid was clamped temporarily and the lingual was catheterized for measuring pressure. Barrier opening correlated better with infusion pressure than with infusion rate, and occurred at carotid artery pressures above 170 mmHg. Systematic hypertension induced by Aramine increased barrier vulnerability by causing a higher net carotid artery pressure to be attained at a given infusion rate.

  15. A comparison of sputum induction methods: ultrasonic vs compressed-air nebulizer and hypertonic vs isotonic saline inhalation.

    Loh, L C; Eg, K P; Puspanathan, P; Tang, S P; Yip, K S; Vijayasingham, P; Thayaparan, T; Kumar, S


    Airway inflammation can be demonstrated by the modem method of sputum induction using ultrasonic nebulizer and hypertonic saline. We studied whether compressed-air nebulizer and isotonic saline which are commonly available and cost less, are as effective in inducing sputum in normal adult subjects as the above mentioned tools. Sixteen subjects underwent weekly sputum induction in the following manner: ultrasonic nebulizer (Medix Sonix 2000, Clement Clarke, UK) using hypertonic saline, ultrasonic nebulizer using isotonic saline, compressed-air nebulizer (BestNeb, Taiwan) using hypertonic saline, and compressed-air nebulizer using isotonic saline. Overall, the use of an ultrasonic nebulizer and hypertonic saline yielded significantly higher total sputum cell counts and a higher percentage of cell viability than compressed-air nebulizers and isotonic saline. With the latter, there was a trend towards squamous cell contaminations. The proportion of various sputum cell types was not significantly different between the groups, and the reproducibility in sputum macrophages and neutrophils was high (Intraclass correlation coefficient, r [95%CI]: 0.65 [0.30-0.91] and 0.58 [0.22-0.89], p compressed-air nebulizers and isotonic saline. We conclude that in normal subjects, although both nebulizers and saline types can induce sputum with reproducible cellular profile, ultrasonic nebulizers and hypertonic saline are more effective but less well tolerated.

  16. On the quantum information entropies and squeezing associated with the eigenstates of the isotonic oscillator

    Ghasemi, A; Hooshmandasl, M R; Tavassoly, M K


    In this paper we calculate the position and momentum space information entropies for the quantum states associated with a particular physical system, i.e. the isotonic oscillator Hamiltonian. We present our results for its ground states, as well as for its excited states. We observe that the lower bound of the sum of the position and momentum entropies expressed by the Beckner, Bialynicki-Birula and Mycielski (BBM) inequality is satisfied. Moreover, there exist eigenstates that exhibit squeezing in the position information entropy. In fact, entropy squeezing, which occurs in position, will be compensated for by an increase in momentum entropy, such that the BBM inequality is guaranteed. To complete our study we investigate the amplitude squeezing in x and p-quadratures corresponding to the eigenstates of the isotonic oscillator and show that amplitude squeezing, again in x, will be revealed as expected, while the Heisenberg uncertainty relationship is also satisfied. Finally, our numerical calculations of the entropy densities will be presented graphically.

  17. Recent experiments at Brookhaven: level structure of N = 86 isotones 156Yb and 150Gd

    Sunyar, A.W.


    States of the N = 86 isotones 156 Yb and 150 Gd have been studied by means of the 144 Sm( 16 O,4n) 156 Yb, 113 In( 46 Ti,p2n) 156 Yb, and 124 Sn( 30 Si,4n) 150 Gd reactions. Levels have been established to spin 36 h-bar and over 12.5 MeV in excitation in 150 Gd and to beyond spin 25 h-bar in 156 Yb. The systematics of levels in the N = 86 isotones from 150 Gd to 156 Yb are described, and the near-spherical shell model description for states in this region to near spin 30 h-bar is discussed. A T/sub 1/2/ = 6 ns, 72-keV isomeric transition in 156 Yb has been discovered, and an E1 multipolarity is assigned to this transition. The spin-parity of the isomeric state is established as 11 - . 6 figures

  18. Quality and microbial safety evaluation of new isotonic beverages upon thermal treatments.

    Gironés-Vilaplana, Amadeo; Huertas, Juan-Pablo; Moreno, Diego A; Periago, Paula M; García-Viguera, Cristina


    In the present study, it was evaluated how two different thermal treatments (Mild and Severe) may affect the anthocyanin content, antioxidant capacity (ABTS(+), DPPH, and FRAP), quality (CIELAB colour parameters), and microbiological safety of a new isotonic drink made of lemon and maqui berry over a commercial storage simulation using a shelf life of 56days at two preservation temperature (7°C and 37°C). Both heat treatments did not affect drastically the anthocyanins content and their percentage of retention. The antioxidant capacity, probably because of the short time, was also not affected. The CIELAB colour parameters were affected by the heat, although the isotonic drinks remained with attractive red colour during shelf life. From a microbiological point of view, the Mild heat treatment with storage at 7°C is the ideal for the preservation of microbial growth, being useful for keeping the quality and safety of beverages in commercial life. Copyright © 2015. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  19. Multiparticle octupole coupling and magnetic moments of hn9/2 isomers in N=126 isotones

    Stuchbery, A.E.; Byrne, A.P.; Dracoulis, G.D.; Fabricius, B.; Kibedi, T.


    The influence of particle-vibration coupling on the g-factors of the (h 9/2 ) n > isomers in the N = 126 isotones is assessed using the multiparticle octupole coupling model. According to the model, admixtures of the configuration (h 9/2 ) n-1 f 7/2 > in the yrast 8 + and 21/2 - states, nominally associated with the configuration (h 9/2 ) n >, increase with n. On its own, the octupole mixing mechanism therefore predicts g-factors for these states that increase with the number of valence protons. This trend is the opposite of that predicted by core-polarization blocking. Combining multiparticle octupole coupling and first order core-polarization blocking significantly reduces the discrepancy between the experimental and theoretical g-factors of these states. It is concluded that the observed breakdown in additivity for the g-factors of the (h 9/2 ) n > isomers in the N = 126 isotones arises primarily from first order core-polarization blocking and the combination of configuration mixing due to multiparticle octupole coupling and shell model residual interactions. 40 refs., 5 tabs., 3 figs

  20. A computer-based servo system for controlling isotonic contractions of muscle.

    Smith, J P; Barsotti, R J


    We have developed a computer-based servo system for controlling isotonic releases in muscle. This system is a composite of commercially available devices: an IBM personal computer, an analog-to-digital (A/D) board, an Akers AE801 force transducer, and a Cambridge Technology motor. The servo loop controlling the force clamp is generated by computer via the A/D board, using a program written in QuickBASIC 4.5. Results are shown that illustrate the ability of the system to clamp the force generated by either skinned cardiac trabeculae or single rabbit psoas fibers down to the resolution of the force transducer within 4 ms. This rate is independent of the level of activation of the tissue and the size of the load imposed during the release. The key to the effectiveness of the system consists of two algorithms that are described in detail. The first is used to calculate the error signal to hold force to the desired level. The second algorithm is used to calculate the appropriate gain of the servo for a particular fiber and the size of the desired load to be imposed. The results show that the described computer-based method for controlling isotonic releases in muscle represents a good compromise between simplicity and performance and is an alternative to the custom-built digital/analog servo devices currently being used in studies of muscle mechanics.

  1. Neutron spin echo spectroscopy. Its application to the study of the dynamics of polymers in solution; La spectrometrie par echos de spins de neutrons. Application a l'etude de la dynamique des polymeres en solution

    Papoular, Robert


    This work focuses on Neutron Spin Echo (NSE) spectroscopy and on the NSE spectrometer MESS, which we have built at the L.L.B. (CE Saclay). After analyzing in detail the classical and quantum principles of this type of instrument, and illustrated them with optical analogies, we expound a simple formalism for the interpretation of polarized neutron experiments of the most general type. In a second part, we describe the MESS spectrometer extensively; its characteristics and performances as well as the first results obtained with this instrument. In particular, we include two papers showing how the neutron depolarization, spin rotation and echoes can be used to investigate high-Tc superconductors. The last part deals with the dynamics of Polymer-Polymer-Solvent ternary solutions and demonstrates how the Neutron Spin Echo technique becomes a privileged tool for such physico-chemical studies thanks to the joint use of NSE and contrast variation methods, coupled with the adequate ranges of time and scattering vectors accessible. Finally, we describe the specific case of partially deuterated polydimethyl-siloxane (PDMS) in semi-dilute solution in Toluene. We have experimentally and separately evidenced the cooperative and inter-diffusive diffusion modes predicted by the theory of Akcasu, Benoit, Benmouna et al. These results, obtained at the L.L.B. (CE Saclay) are the subject matter of the last paper included in this work. (author) [French] Ce memoire est centre sur la spectroscopie par echos de spins de neutrons, et plus particulierement, sur le spectrometre a echos de spins MESS que nous avons construit au L.L.B (CE/Saclay). Apres avoir detaille les principes classique et quantique de ce type d'instrument et les avoir illustres par des analogies optiques, nous detaillons un formalisme simple permettant d'interpreter les experiences utilisant les neutrons polarises dans le cas le plus general. Une seconde partie decrit de maniere approfondie le spectrometre MESS de Saclay

  2. SEMG analysis of astronaut upper arm during isotonic muscle actions with normal standing posture

    Qianxiang, Zhou; Chao, Ma; Xiaohui, Zheng

    sEMG analysis of astronaut upper arm during isotonic muscle actions with normal standing posture*1 Introduction Now the research on the isotonic muscle actions by using Surface Electromyography (sEMG) is becoming a pop topic in fields of astronaut life support training and rehabilitations. And researchers paid more attention on the sEMG signal processes for reducing the influence of noise which is produced during monitoring process and the fatigue estimation of isotonic muscle actions with different force levels by using the parameters which are obtained from sEMG signals such as Condition Velocity(CV), Median Frequency(MDF), Mean Frequency(MNF) and so on. As the lucubrated research is done, more and more research on muscle fatigue issue of isotonic muscle actions are carried out with sEMG analysis and subjective estimate system of Borg scales at the same time. In this paper, the relationship between the variable for fatigue based on sEMG and the Borg scale during the course of isotonic muscle actions of the upper arm with different contraction levels are going to be investigated. Methods 13 young male subjects(23.4±2.45years, 64.7±5.43Kg, 171.7±5.41cm) with normal standing postures were introduced to do isotonic actions of the upper arm with different force levels(10% MVC, 30%MVC and 50%MVC). And the MVC which means maximal voluntary contraction was obtained firstly in the experiment. Also the sEMG would be recorded during the experiments; the Borg scales would be recorded for each contraction level. By using one-third band octave method, the fatigue variable (p) based on sEMG were set up and it was expressed as p = i g(fi ) · F (fi ). And g(fi ) is defined as the frequent factor which was 0.42+0.5 cos(π fi /f0 )+0.08 cos(2π fi /f0 ), 0 f0 . According to the equations, the p could be computed and the relationship between variable p and the Borg scale would be investigated. Results In the research, three kinds of fitted curves between variable p and Borg

  3. Comparison of Changes in Central Corneal Thickness During Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking, Using Isotonic Riboflavin Solutions With and Without Dextran, in the Treatment of Progressive Keratoconus.

    Zaheer, Naima; Khan, Wajid Ali; Khan, Shama; Khan, M Abdul Moqeet


    To compare intraoperative changes in central corneal thickness (CCT) during corneal cross-linking, using 2 different isotonic riboflavin solutions either with dextran or with hydroxy propyl methylcellulose, in the treatment of progressive keratoconus. In this retrospective study, we analyzed records of corneal thickness measurements, taken during various steps of cross-linking. Cross-linking was performed using either isotonic riboflavin with dextran (group A) or isotonic riboflavin with hydroxy propyl methylcellulose (without dextran) (group B). CCT measurements were recorded before and after epithelial removal, after saturation with respective isotonic riboflavin solution, after use of hypotonic riboflavin in selected cases, and after ultraviolet A (UV-A) application. A mixed-way analysis of variance was conducted on CCT readings within each group and between both groups, and p dextran causes a significant decrease in corneal thickness, whereas dextran-free isotonic riboflavin causes a significant increase in corneal thickness, thus facilitating the procedure.

  4. Modélisation et Spectroscopie des Vitrocéramiques Fluorées dopés par des Ions de Terres Rares pour Applications en Amplification dans l'Infrarouge

    El Jouad , Mohamed


    This thesis concerns the characterization of rare earth doped fluoride glasses and glass ceramics. The interest of such materials and systems to achieve ultra-transparent with low losses and also with low phonon frequency avoiding the normal processes that limit the performance of laser emission. The study is based on two aspects: modeling and experimental spectroscopy. The emission spectroscopy measurements with site selection have the potential to probe the environment around the luminescen...

  5. The lateral intercellular space as osmotic coupling compartment in isotonic transport

    Larsen, E.H.; Willumsen, N.J.; Mobjerg, N.


    coupling of water absorption to ion flow is energized by lateral Na+/K+ pumps. We show that the theory accounts quantitatively for steady- and time dependent states of solute-coupled fluid uptake by toad skin epithelium. Our experimental results exclude definitively three alternative theories of epithelial......Solute-coupled water transport and isotonic transport are basic functions of low- and high-resistance epithelia. These functions are studied with the epithelium bathed on the two sides with physiological saline of similar composition. Hence, at transepithelial equilibrium water enters...... the epithelial cells from both sides, and with the reflection coefficient of tight junction being larger than that of the interspace basement membrane, all of the water leaves the epithelium through the interspace basement membrane. The common design of transporting epithelia leads to the theory that an osmotic...

  6. Protective Effect of Forced Hydration with Isotonic Saline, Potassium Chloride and Magnesium Sulfate on Cisplatin Nephrotoxicity: An Initial Evaluation

    Seyed Seifollah Beladi Mousavi


    How to cite this article: Beladi Mousavi SS, Hossainzadeh M, Khanzadeh A, Hayati F, Beladi Mousavi M, Zeraati AA, et al. Protective Effect of Forced Hydration with Isotonic Saline, Potassium Chloride and Magnesium Sulfate on Cisplatin Nephrotoxicity: An Initial Evaluation. Asia Pac J Med Toxicol 2013;2:136-9.

  7. Intraoperative corneal thickness measurements during corneal collagen cross-linking with isotonic riboflavin solution without dextran in corneal ectasia.

    Cınar, Yasin; Cingü, Abdullah Kürşat; Sahin, Alparslan; Türkcü, Fatih Mehmet; Yüksel, Harun; Caca, Ihsan


    Abstract Objective: To monitor the changes in corneal thickness during the corneal collagen cross-linking procedure by using isotonic riboflavin solution without dextran in ectatic corneal diseases. The corneal thickness measurements were obtained before epithelial removal, after epithelial removal, following the instillation of isotonic riboflavin solution without dextran for 30 min, and after 10 min of ultraviolet A irradiation. Eleven eyes of eleven patients with progressive keratoconus (n = 10) and iatrogenic corneal ectasia (n = 1) were included in this study. The mean thinnest pachymetric measurements were 391.82 ± 30.34 µm (320-434 µm) after de-epithelialization of the cornea, 435 ± 21.17 µm (402-472 µm) following 30 min instillation of isotonic riboflavin solution without dextran and 431.73 ± 20.64 µm (387-461 µm) following 10 min of ultraviolet A irradiation to the cornea. Performing corneal cross-linking procedure with isotonic riboflavin solution without dextran might not induce corneal thinning but a little swelling throughout the procedure.

  8. Muscle activity during knee-extension strengthening exercise performed with elastic tubing and isotonic resistance.

    Jakobsen, Markus Due; Sundstrup, Emil; Andersen, Christoffer H; Bandholm, Thomas; Thorborg, Kristian; Zebis, Mette K; Andersen, Lars L


    While elastic resistance training, targeting the upper body is effective for strength training, the effect of elastic resistance training on lower body muscle activity remains questionable. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the EMG-angle relationship of the quadriceps muscle during 10-RM knee-extensions performed with elastic tubing and an isotonic strength training machine. 7 women and 9 men aged 28-67 years (mean age 44 and 41 years, respectively) participated. Electromyographic (EMG) activity was recorded in 10 muscles during the concentric and eccentric contraction phase of a knee extension exercise performed with elastic tubing and in training machine and normalized to maximal voluntary isometric contraction (MVC) EMG (nEMG). Knee joint angle was measured during the exercises using electronic inclinometers (range of motion 0-90°). When comparing the machine and elastic resistance exercises there were no significant differences in peak EMG of the rectus femoris (RF), vastus lateralis (VL), vastus medialis (VM) during the concentric contraction phase. However, during the eccentric phase, peak EMG was significantly higher (ptubing (5.7±0.6) compared with knee extensions performed in training machine (5.9±0.5). Knee extensions performed with elastic tubing induces similar high (>70% nEMG) quadriceps muscle activity during the concentric contraction phase, but slightly lower during the eccentric contraction phase, as knee extensions performed using an isotonic training machine. During the concentric contraction phase the two different conditions displayed reciprocal EMG-angle patterns during the range of motion. 5.

  9. Etude par diffraction des rayons X in situ des mécanismes d'oxydation de l'acier AISI 304 entre 800°C et 1000°C. Influence des dépôts sol-gel de lanthane et de cérium. Apport de la spectroscopie infrarouge à l'identification des oxydes mixtes

    Karimi , Noureddine


    This work presents a study on the AISI 304 oxidation mechanism within the temperature range of 800 to 1000°C, in air. We have closely examined the effect of Lanthanum and Cerium sol-gel coating on the oxidation process. IR spectroscopy enables us to better identify the mixed oxides FeCr2O4 and Mn1,5Cr1,5O4 and the corundum type oxides Fe2O3 and Cr2O3. The combination of various analytical techniques such as: in situ XRD, IR spectroscopy, MEB, EDS and MET, lead us to propose a new oxidation me...

  10. Isotonic force modulates force redevelopment rate of intact frog muscle fibres: evidence for cross-bridge induced thin filament activation

    Vandenboom, Rene; Hannon, James D; Sieck, Gary C


    We tested the hypothesis that force-velocity history modulates thin filament activation, as assessed by the rate of force redevelopment after shortening (+dF/dtR). The influence of isotonic force on +dF/dtR was assessed by imposing uniform amplitude (2.55 to 2.15 μm sarcomere−1) but different speed releases to intact frog muscle fibres during fused tetani. Each release consisted of a contiguous ramp- and step-change in length. Ramp speed was changed from release to release to vary fibre shortening speed from 1.00 (2.76 ± 0.11 μm half-sarcomere−1 s−1) to 0.30 of maximum unloaded shortening velocity (Vu), thereby modulating isotonic force from 0 to 0.34 Fo, respectively. The step zeroed force and allowed the fibre to shorten unloaded for a brief period of time prior to force redevelopment. Although peak force redevelopment after different releases was similar, +dF/dtR increased by 81 ± 6% (P < 0.05) as fibre shortening speed was reduced from 1.00 Vu. The +dF/dtR after different releases was strongly correlated with the preceding isotonic force (r = 0.99, P < 0.001). Results from additional experiments showed that the slope of slack test plots produced by systematically increasing the step size that followed each ramp were similar. Thus, isotonic force did not influence Vu (mean: 2.84 ± 0.10 μm half-sarcomere−1 s−1, P < 0.05). We conclude that isotonic force modulates +dF/dtR independent of change in Vu, an outcome consistent with a cooperative influence of attached cross-bridges on thin filament activation that increases cross-bridge attachment rate without alteration to cross-bridge detachment rate. PMID:12205189

  11. Isotonic transport by the Na+-glucose cotransporter SGLT1 from humans and rabbit

    Zeuthen, T; Meinild, A K; Loo, D D


    water transport was divided about equally between cotransport, osmosis across the SGLT1 and osmosis across the native oocyte membrane. 6. Coexpression of AQP1 with the SGLT1 increased the water permeability more than 10-fold and steady state isotonic transport was achieved after less than 2 s of sugar......1. In order to study its role in steady state water transport, the Na+-glucose cotransporter (SGLT1) was expressed in Xenopus laevis oocytes; both the human and the rabbit clones were tested. The transport activity was monitored as a clamp current and the flux of water followed optically...... as the change in oocyte volume. 2. SGLT1 has two modes of water transport. First, it acts as a molecular water pump: for each 2 Na+ and 1 sugar molecule 264 water molecules were cotransported in the human SGLT1 (hSGLT1), 424 for the rabbit SGLT1 (rSGLT1). Second, it acts as a water channel. 3. The cotransport...

  12. A Review of Classification Techniques of EMG Signals during Isotonic and Isometric Contractions

    Nurhazimah Nazmi


    Full Text Available In recent years, there has been major interest in the exposure to physical therapy during rehabilitation. Several publications have demonstrated its usefulness in clinical/medical and human machine interface (HMI applications. An automated system will guide the user to perform the training during rehabilitation independently. Advances in engineering have extended electromyography (EMG beyond the traditional diagnostic applications to also include applications in diverse areas such as movement analysis. This paper gives an overview of the numerous methods available to recognize motion patterns of EMG signals for both isotonic and isometric contractions. Various signal analysis methods are compared by illustrating their applicability in real-time settings. This paper will be of interest to researchers who would like to select the most appropriate methodology in classifying motion patterns, especially during different types of contractions. For feature extraction, the probability density function (PDF of EMG signals will be the main interest of this study. Following that, a brief explanation of the different methods for pre-processing, feature extraction and classifying EMG signals will be compared in terms of their performance. The crux of this paper is to review the most recent developments and research studies related to the issues mentioned above.

  13. The moments of inertia of a rotational band 3/2- [521] isotones odd nuclei

    Karahodjaev, A.K.; Kuyjonov, H.


    The moments of inertia are received from experimental data from the following expression for energy of a level with spin I: E I = E 0 +ℎ 2 /2j·I(I+1), K≠l/2. The characteristics of low statuses of a rotational band 3/2 - [521] and inertial parameters 1.75A 1 keV ( A-1=ℎ 2 /2j) for nuclei 155 Dy and 155 Gd are given. The values of inertial parameters 1.75A1 keV for odd nuclei with N = 89, 91, 93, 95, 97, 99, 101 and 103 are presented. At quantity of neutrons N = 89 with increase of mass number of a nucleus the moment of inertia rather quickly grows. In nuclei with quantity of neutrons equal 91 and 93, with increase of mass number the moment of inertia of nuclei slowly changes and since A=159 and A=163, accordingly, begins sharply to grow. In isotones with N = 95, 97 and 99 moments of inertia decrease with increase of quantity neutrons in a nucleus. The reason of various dependence of the moment of inertia from mass number is, the coriolis interaction of an odd particle with even-even kernel and change of parameter of pair correlation because of presence of an odd particle above a kernel

  14. Use of ultrasound for gastric volume evaluation after ingestion of different volumes of isotonic solution

    Flora Margarida Barra Bisinotto


    Full Text Available Background and objectives: The current preoperative fasting guidelines allow fluid intake up to 2 h before surgery. The aim of this study was to evaluate the gastric volume of volunteers after an overnight fast and compare it with the gastric volume 2 h after ingestion of 200 and 500 mL of isotonic solution, by means of ultrasound assessment. Method: Eighty volunteers underwent gastric ultrasound at three times: after 8 h of fasting; 2 h after ingestion of 200 mL isotonic saline, followed by the first scan; and on another day, 2 h after ingestion of 500 mL of the same solution after an overnight fast. The evaluation was quantitative (antrum area and gastric volume, and the ratio of participants’ gastric volume/weight and qualitative (absence or presence of gastric contents on right lateral decubitus and supine positions. A p-value  0.05. Five volunteers (6.25% had a volume/weight over 1.5 mL kg−1 at fasting and 2 h after ingestion of 200 mL and 6 (7.5% after 500 mL. Qualitatively, the presence of gastric fluid occurred in more volunteers after fluid ingestion, especially 500 mL (18.7%, although not statistically significant. Conclusion: Ultrasound assessment of gastric volume showed no significant difference, both qualitative and quantitative, 2 h after ingestion of 200 mL or 500 mL of isotonic solution compared to fasting, although gastric fluid content has been identified in more volunteers, especially after ingestion of 500 mL isotonic solution. Resumo: Justificativa e objetivos: As diretrizes recentes de jejum pré-operatório permitem a ingestão de líquidos até 2 horas antes da cirurgia. O objetivo do presente estudo foi, por meio de ultrassonografia gástrica, avaliar o volume gástrico de voluntários após jejum noturno e comparar com o volume gástrico duas horas após a ingestão de 200 e 500 ml de solução isotônica. Método: Foram submetidos à ultrassonografia gástrica 80 voluntários em três momentos

  15. Pygmy dipole strength in {sup 86}Kr and systematics of N=50 isotones

    Schwengner, R.; Bemmerer, D.; Beyer, R.; Junghans, A.R.; Marta, M.; Schilling, K.D.; Wagner, A. [Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) (Germany); Massarczyk, R.; Hannaske, R. [Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) (Germany); TU Dresden (Germany); Rusev, G.; Kelley, J.H.; Kwan, E.; Raut, R.; Tonchev, A.; Tornow, W. [Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL), Durham NC (United States); Tsoneva, N.; Lenske, H. [Universitaet Giessen (Germany)


    We present results of the first photon-scattering study of {sup 86}Kr. Experiments were carried out with bremsstrahlung at the ELBE accelerator of HZDR and with monoenergetic, polarized γ rays at the HIγS facility of TUNL. A high-pressure gas target was used. We identified about 40 states with J{sup π} = 1{sup -} up to the neutron-separation energy for the first time. For the determination of the absorption cross section, strength in the quasicontinuum was taken into account and a correction of the cross section for inelastic transitions was performed on the basis of simulations of statistical γ-ray cascades. The resulting absorption cross section shows enhanced strength considered as a pygmy dipole resonance (PDR) and is compared with predictions of the quasiparticle-phonon model. The behavior of PDR strength within the series of N=50 isotones is discussed. Enhanced photon strength may influence neutron-capture reaction rates relevant for transmutation studies.

  16. Evaluation of sensorial, phytochemical and biological properties of new isotonic beverages enriched with lemon and berries during shelf life.

    Gironés-Vilaplana, Amadeo; Mena, Pedro; Moreno, Diego A; García-Viguera, Cristina


    The aim of this work was to design new isotonic drinks with lemon juice and berries: maqui (Aristotelia chilensis (Molina) Stuntz), açaí (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) and blackthorn (Prunus spinosa L.), following previous research. Quality parameters, sensorial attributes, antioxidant activities (ABTS(+), DPPH(•) and O2(•-) assays) and biological capacities (α-glucosidase and lipase inhibitory assays) were evaluated over 70 days of shelf-life period. Maqui isotonic blends were the most active in all antioxidant assays (8.35 and 3.07 mmol L(-1) Trolox for ABTS(+) and DPPH(•)), in the lipase inhibitory assay (43.19 U L(-1)), and showed the highest total phenol content by the Folin-Ciocalteu test (80.97 mg 100 mL(-1) gallic acid), as a result of its higher content of total anthocyanins (42.42 mg 100 mL(-1)). Berry mixtures were also the most potent inhibitors of α-glucosidase between all samples, and displayed an attractive red colour and good sensorial attributes. All the studied parameters remained quite stable during preservation, in general, and the new isotonic drinks can be useful to equilibrate redox balance in acute and intense exercise, and support weight loss programmes, avoiding triglyceride absorption and hyperglycaemia involved in obesity and diabetes mellitus, respectively. Further research in vivo is necessary to verify their beneficial effects for sports, nutrition and health. © 2013 Society of Chemical Industry.

  17. Comparison of 0.3% Hypotonic and Isotonic Sodium Hyaluronate Eye Drops in the Treatment of Experimental Dry Eye.

    Li, Ying; Cui, Lian; Lee, Hyo Seok; Kang, Yeon Soo; Choi, Won; Yoon, Kyung Chul


    To compare the efficacy of 0.3% hypotonic and isotonic sodium hyaluronate (SH) eye drops in the treatment of experimental dry eye. Experimental dry eye was established in female C57BL/6 mice by subcutaneous scopolamine injection and an air draft. The mice were divided into three groups (n = 15): control, preservative-free 0.3% isotonic SH, and preservative-free 0.3% hypotonic SH. The tear volume, tear film break-up time, and corneal fluorescein staining scores were measured 5 and 10 days after treatment. After conjunctival tissues were excised at 10 days, the levels of interleukin (IL)-6, IL-17, interferon (IFN)-γ, and IFN-γ inducible protein-10 were determined using the multiplex immunobead assay. In addition, PAS staining and flow cytometry were performed to evaluate the counts of conjunctival goblet cells and CD4+ IFN-γ+ T cells. Mice treated with 0.3% hypotonic SH showed a significant decrease in corneal staining scores (P = 0.04) and the levels of IL-6 (16.7 ± 1.4 pg/mL, P = 0.02) and IFN-γ (46.5 ± 11.5 pg/mL, P = 0.02) compared to mice treated with 0.3% isotonic SH (IL-6; 32.5 ± 8.8 pg/mL, IFN-γ; 92.0 ± 16.0 pg/mL) at day 10. Although no significant difference in CD4+ IFN-γ+ T cell numbers was observed, goblet cell counts were higher in the hyopotonic SH group than in the isotonic SH group (P = 0.02). When compared to 0.3% isotonic SH eye drops, 0.3% hypotonic SH eye drops can be more effective by improving corneal staining scores, decreasing inflammatory molecules, and increasing goblet cell counts for experimental dry eye. These data suggest that hypotonic artificial tears may be useful as an adjunctive treatment for inflammatory dry eye.

  18. Group Chemical Changes and Physical Property Correlations in Refining of Lube Base Stocks. Ir and Nmr Spectroscopy Corrélations entre les propriétés physiques et les changements de composition chimique au cours du raffinage des huiles de base. Spectrométrie infra rouge et résonance magnétique nucléaire

    Singh H.


    Full Text Available Changes occurring in the chemical composition of lubricating oil base stocks with different degreeand typeof refining have been investigated by IR and NMR spectroscopy. Significant conclusions about the chemical composition have been reached through the study of structural parameters. Correlations between molecular parameters such as aromaticity , average number of carbon atoms per alkyl substituentand the Viscosity Indexof base oils are reported. The term degree of refininghas been assigned a quantitative value in combination with the VI to denote the progressive refining of raw lube distillates to base stocks. Les modifications de la composition chimique d'huiles lubrifiantes au cours de divers type de raffinage à des degrés variables de sévérité sont étudiées par spectrométries IR et RMN. L'étude des paramètres structuraux aboutit à des conclusions significatives sur la composition chimique. Des corrélations entre l'indice de viscosité et des paramètres structuraux tels que l'aromaticité et le nombre moyen d'atomes de carbone par substituant alkyl sont dégagées. On attribue au terme degré de raffinage une valeur quantitative - combiné avec l'indice de viscosité pour signifier le raffinage progressif de distillats bruts en huiles de base.

  19. Serotoninergic Modulation of Basal Cardiovascular Responses and Responses Induced by Isotonic Extracellular Volume Expansion in Rats.

    Semionatto, Isadora Ferraz; Raminelli, Adrieli Oliveira; Alves, Angelica Cristina; Capitelli, Caroline Santos; Chriguer, Rosangela Soares


    Isotonic blood volume expansion (BVE) induced alterations of sympathetic and parasympathetic activity in the heart and blood vessels, which can be modulated by serotonergic pathways. To evaluate the effect of saline or serotonergic agonist (DOI) administration in the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus (PVN) on cardiovascular responses after BVE. We recorded pulsatile blood pressure through the femoral artery to obtain the mean arterial pressure (MAP), systolic (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP), heart rate (HR) and the sympathetic-vagal ratio (LF/HF) of Wistar rats before and after they received bilateral microinjections of saline or DOI into the PVN, followed by BVE. No significant differences were observed in the values of the studied variables in the different treatments from the control group. However, when animals are treated with DOI followed by BVE there is a significant increase in relation to the BE control group in all the studied variables: MBP (114.42±7.85 vs 101.34±9.17); SBP (147.23±14.31 vs 129.39±10.70); DBP (98.01 ±4.91 vs 87.31±8.61); HR (421.02±43.32 vs 356.35±41.99); and LF/HF ratio (2.32±0.80 vs 0.27±0.32). The present study showed that the induction of isotonic BVE did not promote alterations in MAP, HR and LF/HF ratio. On the other hand, the injection of DOI into PVN of the hypothalamus followed by isotonic BVE resulted in a significant increase of all variables. These results suggest that serotonin induced a neuromodulation in the PVN level, which promotes an inhibition of the baroreflex response to BVE. Therefore, the present study suggests the involvement of the serotonergic system in the modulation of vagal reflex response at PVN in the normotensive rats. Expansão de volume extracelular (EVEC) promove alterações da atividade simpática e parassimpática no coração e vasos sanguíneos, os quais podem ser moduladas por vias serotoninérgicas. Avaliar o efeito da administração de salina ou agonista serotonin

  20. Isometric Contractions Are More Analgesic Than Isotonic Contractions for Patellar Tendon Pain: An In-Season Randomized Clinical Trial.

    Rio, Ebonie; van Ark, Mathijs; Docking, Sean; Moseley, G Lorimer; Kidgell, Dawson; Gaida, Jamie E; van den Akker-Scheek, Inge; Zwerver, Johannes; Cook, Jill


    This study aimed to compare the immediate analgesic effects of 2 resistance programs in in-season athletes with patellar tendinopathy (PT). Resistance training is noninvasive, a principle stimulus for corticospinal and neuromuscular adaptation, and may be analgesic. Within-season randomized clinical trial. Data analysis was conducted blinded to group. Subelite volleyball and basketball competitions. Twenty jumping athletes aged more than 16 years, participating in games/trainings 3 times per week with clinically diagnosed PT. Two quadriceps resistance protocols were compared; (1) isometric leg extension holds at 60 degrees knee flexion (80% of their maximal voluntary isometric contraction) or (2) isotonic leg extension (at 80% of their 8 repetition maximum) 4 times per week for 4 weeks. Time under load and rest between sets was matched between groups. (1) Pain (0-10 numerical rating score) during single leg decline squat (SLDS), measured preintervention and postintervention sessions. (2) VISA-P, a questionnaire about tendon pain and function, completed at baseline and after 4 weeks. Twenty athletes with PT (18 men, mean 22.5 ± 4.7 years) participated (isotonic n = 10, isometric n = 10). Baseline median SLDS pain was 5/10 for both groups (isotonic range 1-8, isometric range 2-8). Isometric contractions produced significantly greater immediate analgesia (P < 0.002). Week one analgesic response positively correlated with improvements in VISA-P at 4 weeks (r = 0.64). Both protocols appear efficacious for in-season athletes to reduce pain, however, isometric contractions demonstrated significantly greater immediate analgesia throughout the 4-week trial. Greater analgesia may increase the ability to load or perform.

  1. Time-resolved x-ray diffraction from frog skeletal muscle during an isotonic twitch under a small load

    Sugi, Haruo; Amemiya, Yoshiyuki; Hashizume, Hiroo.


    A time-resolved x-ray diffraction technique was used to study the time course of change in the intensity ratio Isub(1,0)/Isub(1,1) during isotonic twitch (initial sarcomere, 2.4 μm) under a small load and to determine the kinetic properties of the crossbridges responsible for muscle contraction. Isotonic twitches in four other preparations with an initial sarcomere of 2.4 μm and in two with an initial sarcomere of 2.3 μm and 2.2 μm, respectively, were examined. In each case, the intensity ratio started to decrease at stimulation, reached a minimum value of 0.8 - 1.0 within the first 20 - 30% of the shortening phase, and maintained this value until the beginning of the relaxation phase. Gradual recovery of the intensity ratio to the resting value was seen during the relaxation phase. During the recovery phase, the intensity ratio appeared to exhibit oscillatory changes. Though the extent of shortening was reduced by about 30% at the end of each experiment, the duration of the shortening phase remained almost unchanged in all the preparations examined. The time course of change in the intensity ratio was also examined during an isometric twitch in four preparations (sarcomere, 2.4 μm) with the tibial end connected to a strain gauge. The extent of internal shortening of muscle fibres against the tendons and the recording system during an isometric twitch or a tetanus at low temperatures was estimated. The intensity ratio decreased to a minimum value of 0.5 - 0.6 during the rising phase of isometric tension and started to return to the resting value after the beginning of relaxation. In both isotonic and isometric twitches, a decrease in the intensity ratio resulted from both a decrease in the 1,0 intensity and an increase in the 1,1 intensity. (J.P.N.)

  2. Knee-joint proprioception during 30-day 6 degrees head-down bed rest with isotonic and isokinetic exercise training

    Bernauer, E. M.; Walby, W. F.; Ertl, A. C.; Dempster, P. T.; Bond, M.; Greenleaf, J. E.


    To determine if daily isotonic exercise or isokinetic exercise training coupled with daily leg proprioceptive training, would influence leg proprioceptive tracking responses during bed rest (BR), 19 men (36 +/- SD 4 years, 178 +/- 7 cm, 76.8 +/- 7.8 kg) were allocated into a no-exercise (NOE) training control group (n = 5), and isotonic exercise (ITE, n = 7) and isokinetic exercise (IKE, n = 7) training groups. Exercise training was conducted during BR for two 30-min periods.d-1, 5 d.week-1. Only the IKE group performed proprioceptive training using a new isokinetic procedure with each lower extremity for 2.5 min before and after the daily exercise training sessions; proprioceptive testing occurred weekly for all groups. There were no significant differences in proprioceptive tracking scores, expressed as a percentage of the perfect score of 100, in the pre-BR ambulatory control period between the three groups. Knee extension and flexion tracking responses were unchanged with NOE during BR, but were significantly greater (*p < 0.05) at the end of BR in both exercise groups when compared with NOE responses (extension: NOE 80.7 +/- 0.7%, ITE 82.9* +/- 0.6%, IKE 86.5* +/- 0.7%; flexion: NOE 77.6 +/- 1.5%, ITE 80.0 +/- 0.8% (NS), IKE 83.6* +/- 0.8%). Although proprioceptive tracking was unchanged during BR with NOE, both isotonic exercise training (without additional proprioceptive training) and especially isokinetic exercise training when combined with daily proprioceptive training, significantly improved knee proprioceptive tracking responses after 30 d of BR.




    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Intra O cular Pressure (IOP changes following dynamic (Isotonic or Isokinetic and static (Isometric exercise. AIM: To study the effect of dynamic and static exercises on IOP and blood pressure in the same subject following each type of exercise and to correlate the changes in BP to the changes in the IOP. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study group consisted of 55 volunteers, visually normal as subjects, 30 boys and 25 girls in the age group of 18 to 20 years. Independent measurements of the IOP of each eye were obtained and BP was also measured in the resting state. Keelar Pulsair air i mpulse tonometer was used in all the subjects for IOP measurement. IOP was measured in the department of Ophthalmology, Teaching Hospital between 08AM to 10 AM on two consecutive mornings in a randomized manner. The subject undertook static exercise using the hand grip dynamometer and towards the end of the test, IOP and BP were measured. The next morning, resting IOP and the BP were measured and the subject undertook the dynamic exercise using the bicycle ergometer and the IOP’s and the BP were measured at the end of the test. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS : were done using Paired ‘t’ test. RESULTS: IOP decreased by 2.58±0.16 mmHg(R eye & 2.64±0.09 mmHg (L eye during exercise using Hand grip dynamometer and the systolic and diastolic blood pressures increased by 14 .73±0.87 & 12.98±1.01 mmHg respectively. The changes were statistically significant (P<0.001. IOP decreased by 2.55±0.07 mmHg(R eye & 2.49±0.1 mmHg(Leye following exercise using bicycle ergometer and the systolic increased by 15.73±1.71 mmHg and the dia stolic decreased by 10.83±2.46 mmHg. The changes were statistically significant (P<0.001. There was no correlation between the changes in BP to the changes in IOP. CONCLUSION: IOP decreased in both static and dynamic exercises. There was no correlation between the changes in BP to the changes in IOP

  4. The Laplace transform approach for a Dirac isotonic oscillator with a tensor potential in D-dimensions

    Roshanzamir-Nikou, M; Goudarzi, H


    The exact bound-state energy and the corresponding eigenfunctions of a relativistic spin 1/2 harmonic oscillator with a centripetal barrier, known as an isotonic oscillator including the tensor interaction term are obtained in D-dimensions. In particular, we use the Laplace transform method in the pseudospin symmetry limit. It is shown that our analytical results are consistent with those obtained by Agboola (2012 J. Math. Phys. 53 052302) and Ikhdair and Sever (2011 J. Math. Phys. 52 122108) in the absence of the tensor interaction using different methods. Further, we give some numerical results on the energy levels for different values of related quantum numbers. (paper)

  5. Resolution Improvement in Multidimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Proteins; Amelioration de la resolution dans la resonance magnetique nucleaire multidimensionnelle des proteines

    Duma, L


    The work presented in this thesis is concerned with both liquid-state and solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Most of this work is devoted to the investigation by solid-state NMR of C{sup 13}-enriched compounds with the principal aim of presenting techniques devised for further improving the spectral resolution in multidimensional NMR of microcrystalline proteins. In fully C{sup 13}-labelled compounds, the J-coupling induces a broadening of the carbon lineshapes. We show that spin-state-selective technique called IPAP can be successfully combined with standard polarisation transfer schemes in order to remove the J-broadening in multidimensional solid-state NMR correlation experiments of fully C{sup 13}-enriched proteins. We present subsequently two techniques tailored for liquid-state NMR spectroscopy. The carbon directly detected techniques provide chemical shift information for all backbone hetero-nuclei. They are very attracting for the study of large bio-molecular systems or for the investigation of paramagnetic proteins. In the last part of this thesis, we study the spin-echo J-modulation for homonuclear two-spin 1/2 systems. Under magic-angle spinning, the theory of J-induced spin-echo modulation allows to derive a set of modulation regimes which give a spin-echo modulation exactly equal to the J-coupling. We show that the chemical-shift anisotropy and the dipolar interaction tend to stabilize the spin-echo J-modulation. The theoretical conclusions are supported by numerical simulations and experimental results obtained for three representative samples containing C{sup 13} spin pairs. (author)

  6. Spectroscopy of odd Z trans-fermium nuclei: the nuclear structure of Md{sup 251}; Spectroscopie des transfermiums impairs en proton: la structure du noyau de {sup 251}Md

    Chatillon, A


    The objective of this thesis was to determine the structure of trans-fermium nuclei (Z 100) with odd proton number, which remained largely unexplored. These nuclei were produced in fusion-evaporation reactions with small cross sections below 1 {mu}b. The experimental methods of Recoil-Tagging and Recoil-Decay-Tagging were used for their identification. In order to identify the active orbitals in this mass region, {sup 255}Lr, {sup 251}M1d and {sup 247}Es nuclei have been studied by decay spectroscopy at the University of Jyvaskyla and at GANIL with the LISE spectrometer and the {alpha}-electron detector BEST coupled to four CLover detectors from the EXOGAM array. New states have been observed in each of the isotopes, and their configuration has been proposed. The collective properties were also studied in two experiments using prompt {gamma} and electron spectroscopy, combining the JUROGAM and SACRED arrays, respectively, with the recoil separator RITU and the GREAT spectrometer at its focal plane. A rotational band has been observed for the first time in a proton-odd trans-fermium nucleus. The interpretation of this collective structure is based on the theoretical HFB calculations. (author)

  7. Spectroscopy of very heavy nuclei with a view to study super-heavy nuclei; Spectroscopie de noyaux tres lourds en vue de l'etude des noyaux super-lourds

    Khalfallah, F


    Within the recent years, the spectroscopic study of single particle orbitals of very heavy elements (VHE) has become possible with the development of increasingly efficient experimental setups. This allows us, through nuclear deformation, to access with these deformed nuclei to orbitals situated around the Fermi level in the spherical superheavy elements (SHE) and learn more about the nuclear structure of these nuclei. The aim of this work is the spectroscopic studies of heavy and very heavy elements. Because of the experimental difficulties associated with the fusion reactions in the VHE region, a detailed optimization studies is essential. Simulation of energy loss and angular straggling of these nuclei due to the interaction in the target and to neutron's evaporation was carried out and allowed us to optimize the angular acceptance of the separators according to the target thickness. An extensive survey and exploration in the VHE region was also conducted on the basis of cross section's systematics in the literature and simulations carried out using the statistical code Hivap. In this framework, the possible extension of the range of validity of a set of Hivap parameters was investigated. This work has enabled us to prepare a list of experiments of interest for the production of very heavy nuclei. In this thesis, our work was concentrated on the spectroscopy of the nuclei No{sup 256} et Rf{sup 256} for which two experimental proposals were accepted. The octupole deformations predicted in the actinides region is studied in another part of this thesis, a part witch is dedicated to the gamma spectroscopy of Pa{sup 223}. The data from a new experiment carried out using the Jurogam-Ritu-Great setup are analysed and compared to previous results. They confirm the octupole deformed shape in this nucleus. (author)

  8. Total Counting and Spectroscopy in the Assessment of Alpha Radioactivity in Human Tissues; Determination de la Radioactivite Alpha des Tissus Humains par Dosage de l'Activite Globale et Spectroscopie; Obshchee izmerenie i spektroskopiya pri opredelenii al'fa-radioaktivnosti tkanej cheloveka; Evaluacion de la Actividad Alfa en los Tejidos Humanos por Recuento Global y Espectroscopia

    Mayneord, W. V.; Hill, C. R. [Physics Department, Institute of Cancer Research, Royal Cancer Hospital, Clifton Avenue, Belmont, Surrey (United Kingdom)


    A seven-year programme of measurements of alpha radioactivity is briefly reviewed. The programme which was based initially on a sensitive and simple counting technique, using thin zinc cadmium sulphide screens, now employs in addition techniques of alpha spectroscopy developed for work with very large area low-specific-activity sources. These techniques are capable of measuring specific activities down to 10{sup -13} c/g and can in certain cases provide energy resolution of the order of 40 keV together with independent identification based on half-life measurements. Two alpha spectrometers are described which have been used on a wide variety of human and environmental materials. Particular attention has been given to the study of Po{sup 210}, now known to be present in a variety of foods and human tissues. Techniques are also described for the study of Pu{sup 239} in the atmosphere and examples given of .the results of measurements of low-level air contamination with this material. Techniques for the measurement of Pu{sup 239} in normal human tissues are described and some results given. Consideration is given to the contribution made by Po{sup 210} to the natural background radiation dose-rate in human bone and reproductive organs. It is shown that this contribution may be a significant fraction of the total dose received. (author) [French] L'auteur fait brievement le point de l'execution d'un programme septennal de mesures de la radioactivite alpha. Au debut, on procedait seulement a un dosage simple et sensible au moyen d'ecrans minces de sulfure de cadmium et de zinc; maintenant, ce procede est complete par l'emploi de methodes de spectroscopie alpha qui ont ete mises au point a l'occasion de travaux sur des sources a faible activite specifique et a tres grande surface. Ces methodes permettent de mesurer des activites specifiques aussi faibles que 10{sup -13} c/g, d'obtenir, dans certains cas, une resolution en energie de l'ordre de 40 keV et, independamment, d



    1Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques (FSA), Université d'Abomey-Calavi (UAC), 01 BP 526 Cotonou Bénin. Email : 2Institut National des Recherches Agricoles du Bénin, Centre de Recherches Agricoles d'Agonkanmey (CRA-A),. Laboratoire des Sciences du Sol, Eau et Environnement (LSSEE).

  10. Effect of spaceflight on the isotonic contractile properties of single skeletal muscle fibers in the rhesus monkey

    Fitts, R. H.; Romatowski, J. G.; Blaser, C.; De La Cruz, L.; Gettelman, G. J.; Widrick, J. J.


    Experiments from both Cosmos and Space Shuttle missions have shown weightlessness to result in a rapid decline in the mass and force of rat hindlimb extensor muscles. Additionally, despite an increased maximal shortening velocity, peak power was reduced in rat soleus muscle post-flight. In humans, declines in voluntary peak isometric ankle extensor torque ranging from 15-40% have been reported following long- and short-term spaceflight and prolonged bed rest. Complete understanding of the cellular events responsible for the fiber atrophy and the decline in force, as well as the development of effective countermeasures, will require detailed knowledge of how the physiological and biochemical processes of muscle function are altered by spaceflight. The specific purpose of this investigation was to determine the extent to which the isotonic contractile properties of the slow- and fast-twitch fiber types of the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles of rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) were altered by a 14-day spaceflight.

  11. Impact of Isotonic Beverage on the Hydration Status of Healthy Chinese Adults in Air-Conditioned Environment

    Phei Ching Siow


    Full Text Available People living in tropical climates spend much of their time in confined air-conditioned spaces, performing normal daily activities. This study investigated the effect of distilled water (W or isotonic beverage (IB on the hydration status in subjects living under these conditions. In a randomized crossover design, forty-nine healthy male subjects either consumed beverage or IB over a period of 8 h (8 h in a controlled air-conditioned environment. Blood, urine, and saliva samples were collected at baseline and after 8 h. Hydration status was assessed by body mass, urine output, blood and plasma volume, fluid retention, osmolality, electrolyte concentration and salivary flow rate. In the IB group, urine output (1862 ± 86 mL vs. 2104 ± 98 mL was significantly lower and more fluids were retained (17% ± 3% vs. 7% ± 3% as compared to W (p < 0.05 after 8 h. IB also resulted in body mass gain (0.14 ± 0.06 kg, while W led to body mass loss (−0.04 ± 0.05 kg (p = 0.01. A significantly smaller drop in blood volume and lower free water clearance was observed in IB (−1.18% ± 0.43%; 0.55 ± 0.26 mL/min compared to W (−2.11% ± 0.41%; 1.35 ± 0.24 mL/min (p < 0.05. IB increased salivary flow rate (0.54 ± 0.05 g/min 0.62 ± 0.04 g/min. In indoor environments, performing routine activities and even without excessive sweating, isotonic beverages may be more effective at retaining fluids and maintaining hydration status by up to 10% compared to distilled water.

  12. Modelisation des effets physico-techniques pour la conception des ...

    automatisation dans les installations industrielles a besoin d'une régulation automatique des commandes des processus technologiques pour lesquelles certaines contraintes sont à relever compte tenu des exigences des innovations scientifiques de ...

  13. variabilite des productions et des revenus des exploitations

    3Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement (CIRAD), UMR Innovation,. Montpellier, France. Doubangolo COULIBALY, Email RESUME. La durabilité des systèmes de production à base de coton dans un contexte de variabilité des prix aux producteurs et de ...

  14. Civili, langue des Baloango

    Mavoungou, Paul Achille; Ndinga-Koumba-Binza, Hugues Steve

    , Congo, Angola, etc.) issus de la décolonisation. Il présente de façon succincte quelques phénomènes historiques, phonologiques, morphosyntaxiques, homonymiques et analogiques de la langue. Des faits sémantiques des emprunts linguistiques y sont également décrits dans le cadre des changements...

  15. Des racines et des ailes

    Stéphanie Vincent-Geslin


    Full Text Available Les mobilités pendulaires semblent être en augmentation en Europe depuis une dizaine d’années. Cette croissance du temps passé à se déplacer amène à remettre en question la conjecture de Zahavi et apparaît relativement inexplicable en regard du paradigme classique de l’acteur rationnel traditionnellement utilisé dans le champ des transports. Si, dans la littérature, les temps de déplacements sont principalement expliqués par le contexte résidentiel, la forme urbaine et le travail, ce cadre explicatif ne dit rien des processus de décision eux-mêmes qui amènent aux pendularités intensives.À partir d’une enquête qualitative menée auprès de pendulaires français, suisses et belges, cette contribution propose d’analyser les arbitrages et les éléments déterminants des processus de la grande pendularité. Les mobilités quotidiennes pendulaires apparaissent comme le résultat de compromis entre activité professionnelle, attachement résidentiel et choix de vie et prennent ainsi la forme de stratégies de conciliation entre vie privée et vie professionnelle. Ces mobilités spatiales permettent alors paradoxalement la préservation des ancrages résidentiels, sociaux et familiaux.Roots and wings. Long-distance commuting patterns, or how to conciliate professional and personal lifeLong-distance commuting patterns appear to be increasing in Europe over the last ten years. These raising mobility patterns lead to reappraise the Zahavi conjecture and appear largely inexplicable by the classical rational actor paradigm traditionally used in transportation research. In literature, commuting is mainly explained by residential contexts, urban forms and job. Nevertheless this theoretical frame says little about the decision-making processes themselves. Based on a qualitative survey conducted in three European countries - France, Belgium and Switzerland – among a population of high commuters, this paper proposes an analysis of

  16. The Tolerability and Efficacy of Oral Isotonic Solution versus Plain Water in Dengue Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

    Nainggolan, Leonard; Bardosono, Saptawati; Ibrahim Ilyas, Ermita I


    Plasma leakage plays an important role in dengue infection, and this condition can lead to hemoconcentration, hypovolemia, and shock. Fluid replacement is the main treatment for dengue. There is a lack of evidence to support certain oral fluid therapy as a treatment for dengue patients. The objective of this study is to evaluate tolerability and efficacy of oral isotonic solution (OIS) compared to plain water as a fluid replacement in dengue patients. A randomized, clinical trial with single-blinded groups was conducted to compare tolerability and efficacy of OIS and plain water in dengue patients. We evaluated gastrointestinal disturbances (nausea, vomiting, and bloating), body temperature, mean arterial pressure (MAP), fluid balance, hematocrit, Na + , and K + levels. Data were analyzed with SPSS 20.0, and figures were made with GraphPad Prism version 5.01. Twenty four subjects were included and divided equally into two groups. Our results showed that there are no significant differences but indicate several noteworthy trends. The intervention group (OIS) experienced less nausea, less vomiting, had positive fluid balance and higher MAP, and became afebrile faster compared to the control group (plain water). Although not statistically significant, this study shows the trend that OIS is well-tolerated and effective for dengue patients compared to plain water.

  17. Handgrip and general muscular strength and endurance during prolonged bedrest with isometric and isotonic leg exercise training

    Greenleaf, J. E.; Starr, J. C.; Van Beaumont, W.; Convertino, V. A.


    Measurements of maximal grip strength and endurance at 40 percent max strength were obtained for 7 men 19-21 years of age, 1-2 days before and on the first recovery day during three 2-week bedrest (BR) periods, each separated by a 3-week ambulatory recovery period. The subjects performed isometric exercise (IME) for 1 hr/day, isotonic exercise (ITE) for 1 hr/day, and no exercise (NOE) in the three BR periods. It was found that the mean maximal grip strength was unchanged after all three BR periods. Mean grip endurance was found to be unchanged after IME and ITE training, but was significantly reduced after NOE. These results indicate that IME and ITE training during BR do not increase or decrease maximal grip strength, alghough they prevent loss of grip endurance, while the maximal strength of all other major muscle groups decreases in proportion to the length of BR to 70 days. The maximal strength reduction of the large muscle groups was found to be about twice that of the small muscle groups during BR. In addition, it is shown that changes in maximal strength after spaceflight, BR, or water immersion deconditioning cannot be predicted from changes in submaximal or maximal oxygen uptake values.

  18. Intra-arterial digital subtraction portography with a blood-isotonic, non-ionic, dimeric contrast medium

    Minakuchi, Kazuo; Tamaoka, Koichi; Nishio, Hiroshi; Matsuo, Ryoichi; Takada, Keiji; Morimoto, Atsuko; Toyoshima, Masami; Murata, Katsuko; Onoyama, Yasuto


    Intra-arterial digital subtraction portography (IA-DSP) with a blood-isotonic, non-ionic, dimeric contrast medium was carried out in 27 patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. It was possible to obtain images of excellent or good quality of the portal vein and its bilateral main branches in all patients. The third-order branches of the portal vein in the right lobe could be identified in all patients, and images of excellent or good quality were obtained in a mean of 80.2% of patients. Images of third-order branches in the left lobe were of lower quality than those of third-order branches in the right lobe; in particular, images obtained were of poor quality for 27.3% of the medial branches of the left lobe. It was impossible to identify the caudal branches in almost all patients. The side effects of IA-DSP, pain and sensations of heat were very mild; only one patient complained of mild pain, while 18 patients (69.2%) complained of no sensations of heat whatsoever. (author)

  19. Test-retest reliability of knee extensor rate of velocity and power development in older adults using the isotonic mode on a Biodex System 3 dynamometer.

    Van Driessche, Stijn; Van Roie, Evelien; Vanwanseele, Benedicte; Delecluse, Christophe


    Isotonic testing and measures of rapid power production are emerging as functionally relevant test methods for detection of muscle aging. Our objective was to assess reliability of rapid velocity and power measures in older adults using the isotonic mode of an isokinetic dynamometer. Sixty-three participants (aged 65 to 82 years) underwent a test-retest protocol with one week time interval. Isotonic knee extension tests were performed at four different loads: 0%, 25%, 50% and 75% of maximal isometric strength. Peak velocity (pV) and power (pP) were determined as the highest values of the velocity and power curve. Rate of velocity (RVD) and power development (RPD) were calculated as the linear slopes of the velocity- and power-time curve. Relative and absolute measures of test-retest reliability were analyzed using intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC), standard error of measurement (SEM) and Bland-Altman analyses. Overall, reliability was high for pV, pP, RVD and RPD at 0%, 25% and 50% load (ICC: .85 - .98, SEM: 3% - 10%). A trend for increased reliability at lower loads seemed apparent. The tests at 75% load led to range of motion failure and should be avoided. In addition, results demonstrated that caution is advised when interpreting early phase results (first 50ms). To conclude, our results support the use of the isotonic mode of an isokinetic dynamometer for testing rapid power and velocity characteristics in older adults, which is of high clinical relevance given that these muscle characteristics are emerging as the primary outcomes for preventive and rehabilitative interventions in aging research.

  20. The effect of aroma stimulation during isotonic exercise on the rating of perceived exertion and blood fatigue factors of athletes with patellofemoral pain syndrome.

    Kim, Sangsoo; Choo, JongHoo; Ju, Sungbum


    [Purpose] The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of aroma stimulation during isotonic exercise on the rating of perceived exertion (RPE) and the blood fatigue factors of athletes who have patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). [Subjects and Methods] The research subjects were seven athletes in their twenties who suffer from PFPS. They were divided into a control group and an aroma stimulation group and performed isotonic exercises repeatedly. After exercising, the RPE and blood fatigue factors, including creatine phosphokinase (CPK), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), and ammonia, were measured through blood sampling. [Results] The aroma stimulus group showed significantly lower RPE than the control group immediately after exercising, which included leg presses, leg curls, bicep curls, and leg extensions. Among the blood fatigue factors, the change in LDH indicated the effect of aroma stimulation. [Conclusion] We confirmed that aroma stimulation during isotonic exercise has the positive effect of reducing the RPE and blood fatigue factors, such as blood LDH, of the athletes with PFPS.

  1. {sup 31}P-MR spectroscopy of all regions of the human heart at 1.5 T with acquisition-weighted chemical shift imaging; P-MR-Spektroskopie aller Wandabschnitte des menschlichen Herzens bei 1,5 T mit akquisitionsgewichteter Chemical-shift-Bildgebung

    Koestler, H.; Beer, M.; Buchner, S.; Sandstede, J.; Pabst, T.; Kenn, W.; Hahn, D. [Wuerzburg Univ. (Germany). Abt. fuer Roentgendiagnostik; Landschuetz, W.; Kienlin, M. von [Wuerzburg Univ. (Germany). Physikalisches Inst.; Neubauer, S. [Dept. of Cardiovascular Medicine, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford (United Kingdom)


    Aim: Aim of this study was to show whether or not acquisition-weighted chemical shift imaging (AW-CSI) allows the determination of PCr and ATP in the lateral and posterior wall of the human heart at 1.5 T. Methods: 12 healthy volunteers were examined using a conventional chemical shift imaging (CSI) and an AW-CSI. The sequences differed only in the number of repetitions for each point in k space. A hanning function was used as filter function leading to 7 repetitions in the center of the k space and 0 in the corners. Thus, AW-CSI had the same resolution as the CSI sequence. The results for both sequences were analyzed using identically positioned voxels in the septal, anterior, lateral and posterior wall. Results: The determined averaged AW-CSI signal to noise ratios were higher for PCr by a factor of 1.3 and for ATP by 1.4 than those of CSI. The PCr/ATP ratios were higher by a factor of 1.2 - 1.3 and showed a smaller standard deviation in all locations for AW-CSI. The mean PCr/ATP ratios determined by AW-CSI of septal, lateral and posterior wall were almost identical (1.72 - 1.76), while it was higher in the anterior wall (1.9). Conclusions: The reduced contamination in AW-CSI improves the signal to noise ratio and the determination of the PCr/ATP ratio in cardiac {sup 31}P spectroscopy compared to CSI with the same resolution. The results in volunteers indicate that AW-CSI renders {sup 31}P spectroscopy of the lateral and posterior wall of the human heart feasible for patient studies at 1.5 T. (orig.) [German] Ziel: Ziel der Arbeit war es zu untersuchen, ob die akquisitionsgewichtete Chemical-shift-Bildgebung (AW-CSI) die Bestimmung von PCr und ATP in der Seiten- und Hinterwand des menschlichen Herzens an einem klinischen 1,5 T MR-Tomographen erlaubt. Methoden: 12 gesunde Probanden wurden jeweils mit einer chemical shift imaging (CSI) und einer AW-CSI-Sequenz untersucht. Die Sequenzen unterschieden sich lediglich in der Anzahl der Wiederholungen der einzelnen

  2. Knee-Joint Proprioception During 30-Day 6 deg Head-Down Bed Rest with Isotonic and Isokinetic Exercise Training

    Bernauer, E. M.; Walby, W. F.; Ertl, A. C.; Dempster, P. T.; Bond, M.; Greenleaf, J. E.


    To determine if daily isotonic exercise or isokinetic exercise training coupled with daily log proprioceptive training, would influence log proprioceptive tracking responses during Bed Rest (BR), 19 men (36 +/- SD 4 years, 178 +/- 7 cm, 76.8 +/- 7.8 kg) were allocated into a NO-Exercise (NOE) training control group (n = 5), and IsoTanic Exercise (ITE, n = 7) and IsoKinetic Exercise (IKE, n = 7) training groups. Exercise training was conducted during BR for two 30-min period / d, 5 d /week. Only the IKE group performed proprioceptive training using a now isokinetic procedure with each lower extremity for 2.5 min before and after the daily exercise training sessions; proprioceptive testing occurred weekly for all groups. There were no significant differences in proprioceptive tracking scores, expressed as a percentage of the perfect score of 100, in the pro-BR ambulatory control period between the three groups. Knee extension and flexion tracking responses were unchanged with NOE during BR, but were significantly greater (*p less than 0.05) at the end of BR in both exercise groups when compared with NOE responses (extension: NOE 80.7 +/- 0.7%, ITE 82.9 +/- 0.6%, IKE 86.5* +/- 0.7%; flexion: NOE 77.6 +/- 1.50, ITE 80.0 +/- 0.8% (NS), IKE 83.6* +/- 0.8%). Although proprioceptive tracking was unchanged during BR with NOE, both lsotonic exercise training (without additional propriaceptive training) and especially isokinetic exercise training when combined with daily proprioceptive training, significantly improved knee proprioceptive tracking responses after 30 d of BR.

  3. Electron spectroscopy

    Hegde, M.S.


    An introduction to the various techniques in electron spectroscopy is presented. These techniques include: (1) UV Photoelectron spectroscopy, (2) X-ray Photoelectron spectroscopy, (3) Auger electron spectroscopy, (4) Electron energy loss spectroscopy, (5) Penning ionization spectroscopy and (6) Ion neutralization spectroscopy. The radiations used in each technique, the basis of the technique and the special information obtained in structure determination in atoms and molecules by each technique are summarised. (A.K.)

  4. Des Connaissances Aux Politiques

    Les synergies ont été mises en commun au fur et à mesure des progrès de la recherche. .... Recherche normative (sur le rôle et la performance des institutions .... Système national d'information sur la gestion environnementale connecté à 19 ...... Un fort contrôle centralisé sur l'élaboration des politiques nationales peut ...

  5. Évaluation des pratiques agricoles des légumes feuilles : le cas des ...


    30 sept. 2017 ... ... de Biochimie et Immunologie Appliquée, Centre de Recherche en Sciences Biologiques, Alimentaires et .... l'intoxication des agriculteurs et des consommateurs, ... source d'alimentation en eau et au pouvoir d'achat des.

  6. Etude par spectroscopie d'impédance globale et locale de la corrosion du magnésium et des alliages de magnésium AZ91.

    Galicia Aguilar , Gonzalo


    We have studied the microstructure influence on the corrosion behavior of two kinds of AZ91 magnesium alloy. The same qualitative electrochemical response has been explained taking into account that electrochemical techniques used (chronopotentiometry, voltametry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) involve a global answer of the whole surface metal.To overcome this problem, local electrochemical techniques have been used particularly local electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. In or...

  7. Gamma Spectroscopy

    Niemantsverdriet, J.W.; Butz, Tilman; Ertl, G.; Knözinger, H.; Schüth, F.


    No abstract. The sections in this article are 1 Introduction 2 Mössbauer Spectroscopy 3 Time-Differential Perturbed Angular Correlations (TDPAC) 4 Conclusions and Outlook Keywords: Mössbauer spectroscopy; gamma spectroscopy; perturbed angular correlation; TDPAC

  8. Gestion des risques

    Louisot, Jean-Paul


    Depuis le début du lie siècle, la gestion des risques connaît une véritable révolution culturelle. Jusqu'alors fonction technique, centrée autour de l'achat de couverture d'assurances, elle est devenue une discipline managériale et transversale : une valise d'instruments que chaque manager doit connaître et appliquer quels que soient son domaine de compétence et ses missions au sein de l'organisation. En effet, la gestion des risques est une culture qui doit être assimilée par chacun des acteurs. C'est précisément l'ambition des 101 questions rassemblées dans cet ouvrage : apporter à chaque manager d'entreprise, de collectivité, d'établissement de santé..., des réponses claires au " pourquoi " et au " comment " : Comment identifier les risques ? Comment analyser les risques ? Quels sont les objectifs de la gestion des risques ? Une carte des risques pour quoi faire ? Pourquoi faut-il financer les risques ? Les entreprises ont-elles des responsabilités pénales ? En quoi consiste la gestion...

  9. La gouvernance des risques naturels et la problematique des ...

    Depuis quelques années, la gouvernance des risques naturels dus aux inondations remet en cause les processus de mise en oeuvre des politiques urbaines et la qualité de la structure des aménagements dans les grandes villes du Golfe de Guinée. La perception de la gouvernance et l'application des politiques de ...

  10. The systematic study of the electroporation and electrofusion of B16-F1 and CHO cells in isotonic and hypotonic buffer.

    Usaj, Marko; Kanduser, Masa


    The fusogenic state of the cell membrane can be induced by external electric field. When two fusogenic membranes are in close contact, cell fusion takes place. An appropriate hypotonic treatment of cells before the application of electric pulses significantly improves electrofusion efficiency. How hypotonic treatment improves electrofusion is still not known in detail. Our results indicate that at given induced transmembrane potential electroporation was not affected by buffer osmolarity. In contrast to electroporation, cells' response to hypotonic treatment significantly affects their electrofusion. High fusion yield was observed when B16-F1 cells were used; this cell line in hypotonic buffer resulted in 41 ± 9 % yield, while in isotonic buffer 32 ± 11 % yield was observed. Based on our knowledge, these fusion yields determined in situ by dual-color fluorescence microscopy are among the highest in electrofusion research field. The use of hypotonic buffer was more crucial for electrofusion of CHO cells; the fusion yield increased from below 1 % in isotonic buffer to 10 ± 4 % in hypotonic buffer. Since the same degree of cell permeabilization was achieved in both buffers, these results indicate that hypotonic treatment significantly improves fusion yield. The effect could be attributed to improved physical contact of cell membranes or to enhanced fusogenic state of the cell membrane itself.

  11. Photonique des Morphos

    Berthier, Serge


    La photonique est déjà présente dans notre vie quotidienne, et on attend maintenant que la manipulation des photons permette aussi le traitement logique des informations. Cependant, l’élément de base qui permet cette manipulation de la lumière, le cristal photonique, est d’une réalisation complexe et mal contrôlée. Dans la course à la maîtrise de la lumière, les structures photoniques naturelles ont beaucoup à nous apprendre. C’est ce que nous montre Serge Berthier qui étudie dans ce livre la structure des écailles des Morphos. Tenant compte de l’essor récent des approches biomimétiques, il présente de manière détaillée plus de dix-huit techniques expérimentales utilisées pour ses analyses, ainsi que les diverses approches théoriques développées pour la modélisation de structures multi-échelles complexes. Première étude quasi-exhaustive des structures fines d’un genre et des propriétés optiques ainsi que colorimétriques générées, ce livre fournit aux entomologiste...

  12. Droit des organisations internationales

    Sorel, Jean-Marc; Ndior, Valère


    Cet ouvrage collectif offre aux enseignants et chercheurs en droit international, aux praticiens et aux étudiants, une analyse actualisée du droit des organisations internationales. Il dresse en cinq parties un tableau, illustré par des exemples variés, des problématiques que soulève le phénomène polymorphe d institutionnalisation de la société internationale. La première partie est consacrée au phénomène des « organisations internationales », sous l angle à la fois de l institutionnalisation progressive des relations internationales et de la difficulté à cerner une catégorie unifiée. La deuxième partie rend compte de la création, de la disparition et des mutations des organisations internationales, ici envisagées comme systèmes institutionnels et ordres juridiques dérivés. La troisième partie analyse l autonomie que l acquisition de la personnalité juridique et de privilèges et immunités, un organe administratif intégré, un personnel ou un budget propres confèrent aux organi...

  13. Dynamic 31phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the quadriceps muscle: Metabolic changes resulting from two different forms of exercise

    Schunk, K.; Kersjes, W.; Schadmand-Fischer, S.; Thelen, M.


    Purpose: The aim of the present investigation was to examine the metabolism of the quadriceps muscles of normal young individuals using dynamic 31 phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Methods: 22 normal individuals were examined in a 1.5 T-MRT using a 6 cm surface coil. The metabolic changes in the quadriceps muscle as shown by the phosphorus spectrum were evaluated during rest, exercise (isometric and isotonic exercise) and during a 36-second period of recovery. Results: The P i /PCr quotient rose from its resting value of 0.11±0.02 following exercise to a maximum of 0.83±0.47 (isometric) or 1.40±0.59 (isotonic) (difference p=0.0001). Half-time recovery of P i /PCr was 35±11 s or 31±10 s, respectively (p=0.13). During the recovery phase P i /PCr fell briefly but significantly below its rest value. Following an initial rise in pH, there was a continual fall. Minimum pH (6.68±0.21 and 6.53±0.27 respectively; p=0.01) occurred in the early recovery phase. The recovery process of pH values lasted longer following isotonic than after isometric exercise (half-value recovery time 229±72 s and 146±55 s, respectively; p=0.001). Conlcusion: Compared with isometric exercise, isotonic stress is more expensive in terms of metabolism. Dynamic 31 phosphorus MRT spectroscopy can differentiate changes in muscle metabolism during different forms of exercise. (orig.) [de

  14. Santé des adolescents et des jeunes au Burkina Faso : état des ...

    Il s'est agi d'une étude évaluative ayant utilisé une revue documentaire associée à une interview des acteurs clés et un atelier de validation et d'identification des interventions pertinentes pour un plan stratégique national. La situation de la santé des adolescents et des jeunes est caractérisée par des grossesses précoces ...

  15. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for sepia melanin

    Mbonyiryivuze, A


    Full Text Available Spectroscopy (FTIR) for assessing biogenic silica sample purity in geochemical analyses and palaeoenvironmental research,” Climate of the Past, vol. 7, p. 65- 74, 2011. [12] P. N. R. Sundar, Films minces à base de Si nanostructuré pour des cellules...

  16. Dental Encounter System (DES)

    Department of Veterans Affairs — Dental Encounter System (DES) is an automated health care application designed to capture critical data about the operations of VA Dental Services. Information on...

  17. Diethylstilbestrol (DES) and Cancer

    ... DES-exposed grandchildren have? Researchers are also studying possible health effects among women and men who are the children ... for unexposed men. In addition, researchers are studying possible health effects on the grandchildren of mothers who were exposed ...

  18. Table des illustrations


    Tableaux Dates d’inauguration des grands hôtels japonais entre 1860 et 1945… 19 Histoire, tourisme et hôtellerie en Corée depuis les années 1870… 59-60 Dates d’inauguration des grands hôtels chinois depuis 1863… 84 Les hôtels de luxe et leurs capacités d’hébergement en Corée en 2000… 103 Les flux de personnes suscités par les hôtels « super luxe » de Séoul en 2000… 105 L’activité des grands hôtels à Séoul en 1999 (en wons)… 106 Propriété et gestion des grands hôtels à Séoul en 1999…. 110 La c...

  19. Direction des Publications


    potential and surface properties of their mixtures were investigated, in an ... suppose that the electrostatic repulsive interactions between the two anion ... concentration, et de la conformation des ..... proteins and polysaccharides in solutions,.

  20. La revolution des savants

    Chavanne, A


    Premiere cassette : - 1666 : impact de la creation de l'Academie des Sciences par Colbert, trente ans apres le proces de Galile, et au moment des disparitions de Pascal, Descartes et Fermat. Elle dirigee par le hollandais Huyggens jusqu'a sa fuite de France au moment de la revocation de l'Edit de Nantes. - 1750 : l'Encyclopedie (ou "Dictionnaire raisonne des Sciences, des Arts et des Metiers") de Diderot et d'Alembert, soutenus par Malherbes, Buffon, Condorcet et Rousseau. - 1789 : Revolution francaise. - 8 aout 1793 : l'Assemblee, par une declaration de Marat, dissout l'Academie des Sciences. Celle-ci continue cependant ses travaux pour les poids et mesures jusqu'en 1795. - la Terreur : la condamnation a mort, pas au nom d'une "Revolution qui n'a pas besoin de savants" mais pour d'autres raisons, de trois grands hommes de science : Lavoisier, Bailly et Condorcet. - 1793-1794 : Au printemps 93, le Comite de Salut Publique s'inquiete du demi-million de soldats etrangers de toutes les pays frontaliers qui essai...

  1. High resolution neutron spectroscopy - a tool for the investigation of dynamics of polymers and soft matter; La spectroscopie de neutrons a haute resolution-un outil pour l'etude de la dynamique des polymeres et de la matiere molle

    Monkenbusch, M.; Richter, D. [Institut fur Festkorperforschung (IFF), Forschungszentrum Julich, Julich (Germany)


    Neutron scattering, with the ability to vary the contrast of molecular items by hydrogen/deuterium exchanges, is an invaluable tool for soft matter research. Besides the structural information on the mesoscopic scale that is obtained by diffraction methods like small angle neutron scattering, the slow dynamics of molecular motion on mesoscopic scale is accessible by high resolution neutron spectroscopy. The basic features of neutron backscattering spectroscopy, and in particular neutron spin-echo spectroscopy, are presented, in combination with illustrations of results from polymer melt dynamics to protein dynamics which are obtained by these techniques. (authors)

  2. {sup 31}P-MR spectroscopy of the brain in patients with anorexia nervosa: characteristic differences in the spectra between patients and healthy control subjects; {sup 31}P-MRS des Hirns bei Anorexia nervosa: charakteristische Unterschiede in den Spektren von Patienten und gesunden Vergleichspersonen

    Rzanny, R.; Reichenbach, J.R.; Mentzel, H.J.; Pfleiderer, S.O.R.; Kaiser, W.A. [Inst. fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie, Klinikum der Friedrich-Schiller-Univ. Jena (Germany); Freesmeyer, D.; Klemm, S.; Gerhard, U.J.; Blanz, B. [Klinik fuer Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie, Klinikum der Friedrich-Schiller-Univ. Jena (Germany)


    Purpose: To investigate whether {sup 31}P-MR spectroscopy can detect reduced concentrations of high-energy phosphates, like PCr and NTP, caused by decreased metabolic activity in the brain of patients with anorexia nervosa (AN) and, furthermore, whether any impairment of the cerebral membrane metabolism can be derived from the spectra. Material and Methods: 10 female patients, age range 12 - 20 years and mean BMI (body mass index) of 14.8 {+-} 1.6 kg/m{sup 2}, with clinically diagnosed AN (ICD-10, F50.0) and 10 healthy control subjects, age range 12 - 21 years and mean BMI 19.0 {+-} 2.1 kg/m{sup 2}, without nutritional disturbances: were investigated. {sup 31}P-MR spectroscopy was performed with a 1.5 T MRI unit using single volume selection in the frontal/prefrontal region of brain. Relative metabolic concentrations were quantified by normalizing the peak areas of the metabolites with the total area of the complete phosphorous spectrum, P{sub tot}, as well as with the peak area of β-NTP. Results: Significant differences between the two groups were observed for the metabolic ratios PDE/P{sub tot}, PDE/β-NTP and {alpha}-NTP/P{sub tot} which were lower in the patient group except for {alpha}-NTP/P{sub tot}. These ratios also revealed a statistically significant correlation with the BMI (r{sub PDE/Ptot} = 0.747, r{sub PDE/β-NTP} = 0.57, r{sub {alpha}}{sub -NTP/Ptot} = -0.56; p {<=} 0.1). Reduced relative concentrations of PCr/P{sub tot}, β-NTP/P{sub tot} or Pi/P{sub tot} were not encountered. Conclusion: The lowered PDE/P{sub tot} ratio for patients with AN and its correlation with BMI suggests that decreased BMI induces compositional changes of the phospholipids in the brain, which decrease the fraction of mobile phospholipids. (orig.) [German] Problemstellung: Das Ziel dieser Studie war es zu untersuchen, ob mit Hilfe der {sup 31}P-MR-Spektroskopie ({sup 31}P-MRS) im Gehirn von Patienten mit Anorexia nervosa (AN) verringerte Konzentrationen an

  3. Molecular spectroscopy

    Kokh, Eh.; Zonntag, B.


    The latest investigation results on molecular spectroscopy with application of synchrotron radiation in the region of vacuum ultraviolet are generalized. Some results on investigation of excited, superexcited and ionized molecule states with the use of adsorption spectroscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy, by fluorescent and mass-spectrometric methods are considered [ru

  4. Atom spectroscopy

    Kodling, K.


    Experiments on atom photoabsorption spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation in the 10-1000 eV range are reviewed. Properties of the necessary synchrotron radiation and the experiment on absorption spectroscopy are briefly described. Comparison with other spectroscopy methods is conducted. Some data on measuring photoabsorption, photoelectron emission and atom mass spectra are presented [ru

  5. Vibrational spectroscopy

    Umesh P. Agarwal; Rajai Atalla


    Vibrational spectroscopy is an important tool in modern chemistry. In the past two decades, thanks to significant improvements in instrumentation and the development of new interpretive tools, it has become increasingly important for studies of lignin. This chapter presents the three important instrumental methods-Raman spectroscopy, infrared (IR) spectroscopy, and...

  6. Contribution des radios communautaires a l'education des ...

    Contribution des radios communautaires a l'education des populations rurales pour un developpement durable au Benin: etude de cas. ... Journal de la Recherche Scientifique de l'Université de Lomé. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL ...

  7. La convergence des rôles respectifs des relationnistes et des journalistes influence-t-elle la perception qu'ils ont les uns des autres?

    Valentini, Chiara


    la convergence des rôles respectifs des praticiens des relations publiques et des journalistes a un effet favorable sur la perception qu’ils ont les uns des autres. L’effet est plus marqué chez les praticiens des relations publiques, car leur vision de la profession en journalisme correspond à celle...

  8. Promouvoir l'entrepreneuriat inclusif des jeunes et des femmes ...

    Le projet vise à analyser la contribution réelle et potentielle de l'entrepreneuriat inclusif au bien-être des jeunes et des femmes en Côte d'Ivoire, au Burkina Faso et au Kenya. Après un état des lieux de la pratique de l'entrepreneuriat inclusif dans chacun des pays ciblés, l'équipe de recherche étudiera son incidence sur ...

  9. Mapping the boundaries of the seniority regime and collective motion: Coulomb excitation studies of N = 122 isotones $^{206}$Po and $^{208}$Rn

    Butler, P; Voulot, D; Rahkila, P J; Darby, I G; Grahn, T; Bree, N C F; Julin, R J; Diriken, J V J; Jenkins, D G; Kroell, T; Huyse, M L

    In regions near magic nuclei, seniority can be regarded as a good quantum number. In the N = 122 isotones above the Z = 82 shell closure relative high-$\\textit{j}\\,$ single-particle proton orbitals dominate the structure and thus levels up to $\\textit{I}$ = 2$\\textit{j}$ - 1 could, in principle, be understood within the seniority scheme. While B(E2) values usually increase within the band with increasing $\\textit{I}$, the seniority scheme can lead to a contrasting result. The present proposal addresses this phenomenon through the measurements of previously unknown B(E2; 0$^{+}\\rightarrow$ 2$^{+}$) values in $^{206}$Po and $^{208}$Rn. The proposed Coulomb excitation measurements of radioactive beams will be carried out at the REX-ISOLDE facility using the MINIBALL $\\gamma$-ray spectrometer.

  10. Shell model calculations for the A ∼ 100 region: application to the even-Z N = 52 isotones 92Zr -100Cd

    Halse, P.


    Shell model calculations for the Z = 38 - 50 N > 50 region, with a space of protons in the 2p 1/2 , 1g 9/2 orbits and neutrons in the 2d 5/2 , 3s 1/2 , 2d 3/2 , 1g 7/2 orbits, are initiated by the selection of a schematic Hamiltonian and effective electromagnetic operators. An application to the Z-even N = 52 isotones gives a good description for energies of both low-spin and yrast high-spin levels, and for E2 and M1 transition strengths and moments where these have been measured, over the entire range of Z. The calculated E2 matrix elements for the lower-spin yrast states in 98 Pd and 100 Cd suggest a finite and stable prolate deformation with β ∼ 0.1, in marked contrast to previous collective interpretations. 28 refs., 4 tabs., 4 figs

  11. Ajuste de modelos de platô de resposta via regressão isotônica Response plateau models fitting via isotonic regression

    Renata Pires Gonçalves


    . The experiments of type dosage x response are very common in the determination of levels of nutrients in optimal food balance and include the use of regression models to achieve this objective. Nevertheless, the regression analysis routine, generally, uses a priori information about a possible relationship between the response variable. The isotonic regression is a method of estimation by least squares that generates estimates which preserves data ordering. In the theory of isotonic regression this information is essential and it is expected to increase fitting efficiency. The objective of this work was to use an isotonic regression methodology, as an alternative way of analyzing data of Zn deposition in tibia of male birds of Hubbard lineage. We considered the models of plateau response of polynomial quadratic and linear exponential forms. In addition to these models, we also proposed the fitting of a logarithmic model to the data and the efficiency of the methodology was evaluated by Monte Carlo simulations, considering different scenarios for the parametric values. The isotonization of the data yielded an improvement in all the fitting quality parameters evaluated. Among the models used, the logarithmic presented estimates of the parameters more consistent with the values reported in literature.

  12. Comparisons between shell-model calculations, seniority truncation, and quasiparticle approximations: Application to the odd Ni isotopes and odd N = 82 isotones

    Losano, L.; Dias, H.; Krmpotic, F.; Wildenthal, B.H.


    A detailed study of the results of correcting BCS approximation for the effects of particle-number projection and blocking has been carried out. A low-seniority shell-model approximation was used as the frame of reference for investigating the mixing of one- and three-quasiparticle states in odd-mass Ni isotopes and in odd-mass N = 82 isotones. We discuss the results obtained for the energy spectra and electromagnetic decay properties. Effects of seniority-five configurations on the low-lying states have also been studied through the comparison of the low-seniority shell-model results with those which arose from the corresponding full shell-model calculations

  13. Terahertz spectroscopy

    Jepsen, Peter Uhd


    In this presentation I will review methods for spectroscopy in the THz range, with special emphasis on the practical implementation of the technique known ad THz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS). THz-TDS has revived the old field of far-infrared spectroscopy, and enabled a wealth of new...... activities that promise commercial potential for spectroscopic applications in the THz range. This will be illustrated with examples of spectroscopy of liquids inside their bottles as well as sensitive, quantitative spectroscopy in waveguides....

  14. La fabrique des sciences des institutions aux pratiques

    Benninghoff, Martin; Crettaz von Roten, Fabienne; Merz, Martina


    Aujourd'hui, les façons de produire, d'organiser, d'évaluer et d'utiliser les savoirs sont en profond débat. De plus en plus, l'Etat, la société civile et l'économie tentent d'influencer les activités des universités et des laboratoires de recherche. Ces développements mettent à l'épreuve tout à la fois les fondements des systèmes d'enseignement supérieur et de recherche, l'autonomie des institutions scientifiques, la définition des frontières des savoirs et l'acceptation des sciences. Dans des contextes suisses et européens, cet ouvrage s'intéresse aux manières dont les sciences et les technologies sont fabriquées, en analysant leurs institutions et les pratiques. A partir d'une approche relationnelle, les sciences et les technologies sont conçues comme des phénomènes profondément sociaux, culturels et politiques. Une telle démarche déstabilise les visions parfois idéalisées et stéréotypées de la construction des savoirs. Des études de cas détaillées décrivent des phénomè...

  15. Effets des extraits vegetaux sur la dynamique de populations des ...

    La présente étude se propose de trouver une alternative de l'utilisation des pesticides chimiques en testant l'effet insecticide des extraits aqueux des feuilles de Hyptis suaveolens, graines de Ricinus communis et de Azadirachta indica contre les ravageurs du niébé en conditions de champ en utilisant le cyperméthrine ...

  16. Charte du Conseil des Gouverneurs

    Office 2004 Test Drive User

    7. favoriser des communications ouvertes et franches entre le personnel, la direction ..... de dresser le procès-verbal des réunions du Conseil et de ses comités et de veiller à ce ... et des résultats qu'il obtient, et non de sa gestion quotidienne.

  17. Le statut vitaminique des individus et des populations…

    Icart Jean-Claude


    Full Text Available Comme le souligne un récent rapport du Haut comité de santé publique, le statut vitaminique des individus et des populations demeure une question d’actualité. Si les études ne révèlent plus de signes évocateurs de carence, au plus des problèmes de déficiences pour certains groupes à risque, des interrogations, demeurent malgré le contexte d’abondance, concernant la couverture des besoins, laquelle pourrait s’avérer inférieure aux valeurs considérées comme satisfaisantes.

  18. Les lueurs des sables

    Les lueurs des sables


    Two CERN ladies are getting ready for the “Trophée Roses des Sables” rally adventure: Julie and Laetitia are finalizing the last details before setting off on Monday 7th October 2013. Julie from EN-MEF group and Laetitia from DGS-SEE group, met at the CERN Rugby club. This year, they are participating in the 100 % female rally which will take place in Morocco from 10 to 20 October. They will be carrying along 100 kg of humanitarian donation for children such as some clothes, books and medical material. Do not hesitate to show your support at their farewell party to be held on Monday 7 October, from 4 to 6 pm in front of the St Genis-Pouilly Mairie (city Hall). Follow their exciting adventure on the blog and on their association’s Facebook page Les Lueurs des Sables.

  19. Liste des auteurs


    Madeleine Akrich      Ecole des Mines – Centre de Sociologie de l’innovation – Paris Noël Barbe      Association comtoise des Arts et Traditions populaires – Besançon Lucien Bernot      Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) – Paris Anni Borzeix      Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) –     Groupement d’intérêt public (GIP) « Mutations industrielles » – Paris François Boudarias      Laboratoire d’Anthropologie et de sociologie de Tours (LAST) Dominique Boullier ...

  20. Spectroscopie de vibration infrarouge du silicium amorphe ...

    ... évaporé (a-Si:H) préparées dans un bâti ultra-vide (UHV). L'hydrogène atomique est obtenu à l'aide d'un plasma dans un tube à décharge dirigé vers le porte-substrat. Les fréquences de vibrations et la nature des liaisons Si-H ont été analysées à partir des mesures de spectroscopie infrarouge à transformée de Fourier.

  1. Etude des phenomenes dynamiques ultrarapides et des caracteristiques impulsionnelles d'emission terahertz du supraconducteur YBCO

    Savard, Stephane

    choisi, nous avons mesure les proprietes intrinseques du meme echantillon de YBa2Cu3O7- delta avec la technique pompe-visible et sonde-terahertz donnant, elle aussi, acces aux temps caracteristiques regissant l'evolution hors-equilibre de ce materiau. Dans le meilleur scenario, ces temps caracteristiques devraient correspondre a ceux evalues grace a la modelisation des antennes. Un bon controle des parametres de croissance des couches minces supraconductrices et de fabrication du dispositif nous a permis de realiser des antennes d'emission terahertz possedant d'excellentes caracteristiques en terme de largeur de bande d'emission (typiquement 3 THz) exploitables pour des applications de spectroscopie resolue dans le domaine temporel. Le modele developpe et retenu pour le lissage du spectre terahertz decrit bien les caracteristiques de l'antenne supraconductrice pour tous les parametres d'operation. Toutefois, le lien avec la technique pompe-sonde lors de la comparaison des proprietes intrinseques n'est pas direct malgre que les deux techniques montrent que le temps de relaxation des porteurs augmente pres de la temperature critique. Les donnees en pompe-sonde indiquent que la mesure du temps de relaxation depend de la frequence de la sonde, ce qui complique la correspondance des proprietes intrinseques entre les deux techniques. De meme, le temps de relaxation extrait a partir du spectre de l'antenne terahertz augmente en s'approchant de la temperature critique (T c) de YBa2Cu 3O7-delta. Le comportement en temperature du temps de relaxation correspond a une loi de puissance qui est fonction de l'inverse du gap supraconducteur avec un exposant 5 soit 1/Delta 5(T). Le travail presente dans cette these permet de mieux decrire les caracteristiques des antennes supraconductrices a haute temperature critique et de les relier aux proprietes intrinseques du materiau qui les compose. De plus, cette these presente les parametres a ajuster comme le courant applique, la puissance de

  2. Évaluation des pratiques agricoles des légumes feuilles : le cas des ...

    Face à ce constat, le défi de la recherche serait la détermination du niveau actuel de contamination des légumes feuilles et des eaux du barrage et celui de l'État serait l'initiation de programmes de sensibilisation des producteurs par rapport à une gestion plus rigoureuse des pesticides. Mots-clés : pratiques paysannes, ...

  3. Application des TIC à l'atténuation des effets des catastrophes dans ...

    L'Amérique centrale est souvent aux prises avec des inondations et des ... (SIG) et de traitement des images, afin de cartographier les dangers et de modéliser les ... de l'Institut d'étude du développement international de l'Université McGill.

  4. Modern spectroscopy

    Hollas, J Michael


    The latest edition of this highly acclaimed title introduces the reader to a wide range of spectroscopies, and includes both the background theory and applications to structure determination and chemical analysis.  It covers rotational, vibrational, electronic, photoelectron and Auger spectroscopy, as well as EXAFs and the theory of lasers and laser spectroscopy. A  revised and updated edition of a successful, clearly written book Includes the latest developments in modern laser techniques, such as cavity ring-down spectroscopy and femtosecond lasers Provides numerous worked examples, calculations and questions at the end of chapters.


    Club de Yoga


    REPRISE DES COURS – Venez nombreux ! Yoga, Sophrologie, Tai Chi La liste des cours pour le semestre allant du 1er septembre 2015 au 31 janvier 2016 est disponible sur notre site web : Lieu Les cours ont lieu dans la salle des clubs, à l’entresol du restaurant No 2, Bât. 504 (dans la salle no 3 pour la Sophrologie). Prix des cours Le prix pour le semestre (environ 18 leçons) est fixé à 220 CHF plus 10 CHF d’adhésion annuelle au Club. Couple : 200 CHF par personne. 2 cours par semaine : 400 CHF. Inscriptions Les inscriptions aux cours seront prises directement auprès du professeur, lors de la 1ère séance. Avant de s’inscrire pour le semestre, il est possible d’essayer une séance gratuitement. Informations : -----------------------------------------

  6. Praxis des Klebens

    Theuerkauff, Petra


    Bei diesem Buch handelt es sich um einen Leitfaden fur Klebepraktiker. Es werden die verschiedenen Einzelschritte beim kleben beschrieben, als auch die vorbereitenden Massnahmen und anschliessenden Prufverfahren auf Festigkeit behandelt. Das Buch sollte an keinem Arbeitsplatz fehlen, wo man sich mit Problemen der Fugetechnik des Klebens beschaftigt.

  7. Dimensions des stabulations 2018

    Früh, Barbara; Maurer, Veronika; Schneider, Claudia; Schürmann, Stefan; Spengler Neff, Anet; Werne, Steffen


    Les «Dimensions des stabulations» contiennent toutes les dimensions pour les stabulations et les parcours pour la production animale en agriculture biologique. Cette liste sert d’instrument de planification pour les éleveurs, d’outil de travail pour la vulgarisation et d’ouvrage de référence pour le contrôle bio.

  8. Direction des Publications


    économique des services rendus par les écosystèmes marins. La richesse ... croissance plus rapide que la moyenne de l‟économie ...... services and natural capital. Nature. 387, 253-260. .... d‟interactions où l‟humain est partie prenante. In.

  9. La physique des infinis

    Bernardeau, Francis; Laplace, Sandrine; Spiro, Michel


    Écrire l'histoire de l'Univers, tel est l'objectif commun des physiciens des particules et des astrophysiciens. Pour y parvenir, deux approches s'épaulent : la voie de l'infiniment petit, que l'on emprunte via de gigantesques accélérateurs de particules, et celle de l'infiniment grand, dont le laboratoire est l'Univers. Un Univers qui est bien loin d'avoir livré tous ses secrets. On connaît à peine 4,8 % de la matière qui le constitue, le reste étant composé de matière noire (25,8 %) et d'énergie noire (69,4 %), toutes deux de nature inconnue. Et si la récente découverte du boson de Higgs valide le Modèle standard de la physique des particules, celui-ci est toujours incomplet et doit être étendu à ou dépassé. Est-on arrivé au bout du jeu de poupées russes de la matière ? Quelles sont les particules manquantes ? Faut-il revoir les lois fondamentales ? Quels instruments faut-il mettre en œuvre pour accéder à cette « nouvelle physique » ? Comment parler de Super Big Science aux citoye...

  10. Development and testing of a fast digital electronic system for ion identification and spectroscopy; Etude et realisation d'une chaine d'instrumentation numerique rapide pour l'identification des ions

    Legou, Th


    This report deals with a fast digital electronic system developed for ion identification and spectroscopy. The system, called IRIS, has been conceived for the super heavy element research program: FUSION. In order to observe a super heavy element, the energy of the compound nucleus implanted in a silicon detector must be measured, and the alpha decay also registered. The associated electronics must therefore handle a very wide range of energies and also exhibit a small recovery time after the implantation of the compound nucleus. IRIS is connected to the output of a charge preamplifier. It digitizes the signal and then executes two digital signal processes: the first to detect the particle, and the second to determine the energy deposited in the silicon detector. The use of programmed processing allows for the adjustment of the digital processing parameters, as well as a choice of other digital signal processing procedures, depending the application. After having explained why a conventional electronic system cannot be used for the detection of super-heavy ions, IRIS' structure is detailed and a number of digital signal processing procedures are studied and tested. (author)

  11. Nuclear spectroscopy in nuclei with Z ≥ 110

    Ackermann, D., E-mail:


    The nuclear structure of species at the extreme of highest atomic numbers Z and nuclear masses A promises to reveal intriguing new features of this exotic hadronic matter. Their stability itself they owe to quantum-mechanic effects only. They form metastable states which, governed by the subtle interplay of α decay and spontaneous fission versus quantum-mechanic stabilization via shell effects, are in some cases more robust against disintegration than their ground states. Following the isotopic and isotonic trends of single particle levels, as well as collective features like deformation, may reveal the path towards the gap in the level densities, expected for the next closed proton and neutron shells at the so-called “island of stability” of spherical superheavy nuclei. Their atomic configuration offers via X-ray spectroscopy a tool to identify the atomic number of heavy species, where other more traditional methods like evaporation residue (ER)–α correlation are not applicable.

  12. Injectabilite des coulis de ciment dans des milieux fissures

    Mnif, Thameur

    Le travail presente ici est un bilan du travaux de recherche effectues sur l'injectabilite des coulis de ciment dans lu milieux fissures. Un certain nombre de coulis a base de ciment Portland et microfin ont ete selectionnes afin de caracteriser leur capacite a penetrer des milieux fissures. Une partie des essais a ete menee en laboratoire. L'etude rheologique des differents melanges a permis de tester l'influence de l'ajout de superplastifiant et/ou de fumee de silice sur la distribution granulometrique des coulis et par consequent sur leur capacite a injecter des colonnes de sable simulant un milieu fissure donne. La classe granulometrique d'un coulis, sa stabilite et sa fluidite sont apparus comme les trois facteurs principaux pour la reussite d'une injection. Un facteur de finesse a ete defini au cours de cette etude: base sur la classe granulometrique du ciment et sa stabilite, il peut entrer dans la formulation theorique du debit d'injection avant application sur chantier. La deuxieme et derniere partie de l'etude presente les resultats de deux projets de recherche sur l'injection realises sur chantier. L'injection de dalles de beton fissurees a permis le suivi de l'evolution des pressions avec la distance au point d'injection. L'injection de murs de maconnerie a caractere historique a montre l'importance de la definition de criteres de performance des coulis a utiliser pour traiter un milieu donne et pour un objectif donne. Plusieurs melanges peuvent ainsi etre predefinis et mis a disposition sur le chantier. La complementarite des ciments traditionnels et des ciments microfins devient alors un atout important. Le choix d'utilisation de ces melanges est fonction du terrain rencontre. En conclusion, cette recherche etablit une methodologie pour la selection des coulis a base de ciment et des pressions d'injection en fonction de l'ouverture des fissures ou joints de construction.

  13. Screening phytochimique et identification spectroscopique des ...


    plante, effectuée pour la première fois, a révélé la présence des alcaloïdes, des flavonoïdes, des tanins catéchiques, des terpènes, des coumarines et des composés cyanogénétiques. Quant aux saponines et les quinones libres, ils sont présents chez les fleurs et absents chez les feuilles. La caractérisation des molécules.

  14. Efficacité des néonicotinoïdes et des pyréthrinoïdes utilisés contre le ...

    Efficacité des néonicotinoïdes et des pyréthrinoïdes utilisés contre le foreur des tiges du cacaoyer ( Eulophonotus myrmeleon Felder : Lepidoptera, Cossidae). Implications dans la stratégie de protection de la cacaoculture en Côte d'Ivoire.

  15. Neutron resonance spectroscopy

    Gunsing, F.


    The present document has been written in order to obtain the diploma 'Habilitation a Diriger des Recherches'. Since this diploma is indispensable to supervise thesis students, I had the intention to write a document that can be useful for someone starting in the field of neutron resonance spectroscopy. Although the here described topics are already described elsewhere, and often in more detail, it seemed useful to have most of the relevant information in a single document. A general introduction places the topic of neutron-nucleus interaction in a nuclear physics context. The large variations of several orders of magnitude in neutron-induced reaction cross sections are explained in terms of nuclear level excitations. The random character of the resonances make nuclear model calculation predictions impossible. Then several fields in physics where neutron-induced reactions are important and to which I have contributed in some way or another, are mentioned in a first synthetic chapter. They concern topics like parity nonconservation in certain neutron resonances, stellar nucleosynthesis by neutron capture, and data for nuclear energy applications. The latter item is especially important for the transmutation of nuclear waste and for alternative fuel cycles. Nuclear data libraries are also briefly mentioned. A second chapter details the R-matrix theory. This formalism is the foundation of the description of the neutron-nucleus interaction and is present in all fields of neutron resonance spectroscopy. (author)

  16. Neutron resonance spectroscopy

    Gunsing, F


    The present document has been written in order to obtain the diploma 'Habilitation a Diriger des Recherches'. Since this diploma is indispensable to supervise thesis students, I had the intention to write a document that can be useful for someone starting in the field of neutron resonance spectroscopy. Although the here described topics are already described elsewhere, and often in more detail, it seemed useful to have most of the relevant information in a single document. A general introduction places the topic of neutron-nucleus interaction in a nuclear physics context. The large variations of several orders of magnitude in neutron-induced reaction cross sections are explained in terms of nuclear level excitations. The random character of the resonances make nuclear model calculation predictions impossible. Then several fields in physics where neutron-induced reactions are important and to which I have contributed in some way or another, are mentioned in a first synthetic chapter. They concern topics like parity nonconservation in certain neutron resonances, stellar nucleosynthesis by neutron capture, and data for nuclear energy applications. The latter item is especially important for the transmutation of nuclear waste and for alternative fuel cycles. Nuclear data libraries are also briefly mentioned. A second chapter details the R-matrix theory. This formalism is the foundation of the description of the neutron-nucleus interaction and is present in all fields of neutron resonance spectroscopy. (author)

  17. La gestion des résultats des entreprises innovantes

    Dumas, Guillaume


    Cette thèse s’intéresse à la gestion des résultats dans le cadre des entreprises innovantes. Elle est constituée de trois articles. Dans le premier, il s’agit d’examiner si les résultats des entreprises innovantes sont gérés et si le stade de développement des innovations influence cette gestion des résultats. Il apparaît que les résultats des entreprises innovantes sont gérés à la hausse. Cette gestion ne semble intervenir qu’au cours de l’activité d’innovation (c’est-à-dire lorsque les entr...

  18. Des dispositions responsables à prendre pour la protection des ...

    En considérant l'effet néfaste des maladies, des parasites, du changement climatique et d'autres facteurs environnementaux (les OGM par exemple) sur la survie des abeilles, la baisse de leurs populations dans certaines parties du monde ne saurait être attribuée aux seules pesticides. En plus, l'impact de ces derniers sur ...

  19. Aspects des Onychomycoses chez des patients camerounais de ...

    ... biologiques et évolutifs des onychomycoses chez des patients camerounais. Méthode : Il s'agit d'une étude rétrospective et descriptive menée de mars 2011 à mars 2014 dans l'unité de dermatologie de l'hôpital général de Douala (HGD), incluant des patients chez lesquels le diagnostic d'onychomycose avait été posé.

  20. Laser spectroscopy

    Demtröder, Wolfgang

    Keeping abreast of the latest techniques and applications, this new edition of the standard reference and graduate text on laser spectroscopy has been completely revised and expanded. While the general concept is unchanged, the new edition features a broad array of new material, e.g., ultrafast lasers (atto- and femto-second lasers) and parametric oscillators, coherent matter waves, Doppler-free Fourier spectroscopy with optical frequency combs, interference spectroscopy, quantum optics, the interferometric detection of gravitational waves and still more applications in chemical analysis, medical diagnostics, and engineering.

  1. Usages des TIC et socialisation professionnelle des enseignants-chercheurs

    Lavielle-Gutnik, Nathalie; Massou, Luc


    En prenant appui sur une nouvelle analyse des données recueillies dans l’enquête Tec-Meus (2008-2011, MSH Lorraine) sur la place accordée par des enseignants-chercheurs en sciences humaines et sociales aux technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC) dans leur activité d’enseignement, nous souhaitons nous focaliser dans cet article sur la compréhension des processus de socialisation professionnelle en jeu dans leur usage déclaré des TIC. Par socialisation professionnelle, nous e...

  2. Direction des Publications


    Unité de Recherche des Matériaux et des Energies Renouvelables (U.R.M.E.R). Université Abou –Baker Belkaid B.p : 119 Tlemcen 13000 Algerie. 2. Unité de Développement de la Technologie Du Silicium. UDTS, BP 399, Alger, Algérie. Accepté le : 08/06/2011. صخلم. داوﻣﻟا نﻣ ﻲﺗﻟا ﺔﺻﺎﺧو ،ﺔﻋﺎﻧﺻ يأ رﯾوطﺗ ﻲﻓ ﺎﯾﺳﯾﺋر ﻼﻣﺎﻋ ةرﯾﺧﻷا تاوﻧﺳﻟا ...

  3. Mykotische Infektionen des Penis

    Mayser P


    Full Text Available Die häufigste mykotische Infektion des Penis stellt die Balanitis/Balonoposthitis durch Candida albicans dar. Sie weist eine steigende Inzidenz auf und scheint vornehmlich durch Genitalverkehr übertragen zu werden. Penile Infektionen durch Dermatophyten sind sehr selten, obwohl die Tinea inguinalis zu den häufigeren Erkrankungen zählt. Eine Mitbeteiligung des Penis im Rahmen von Systemmykosen kennzeichnet zumeist ein schwer verlaufende Erkrankung. Ursächlich kann beim immunoinkompetenten Patienten nahezu jeder Erreger in Frage kommen. Biopsie sowie Gewebekultur aus den meist ulzerativen Veränderungen können die Diagnose sichern. Die meisten superfiziellen Infektionen sprechen zufriedenstellend auf eine topische antimykotische Behandlung an, insbesondere wenn Provokationsfaktoren und die Möglichkeit der sexuellen Transmission berücksichtigt werden. Ausgedehnte Infektionen durch Dermatophyten, Hefen und natürlich systemische Infektionen erfordern eine systemische antimykotische Therapie.

  4. Chimie des processus biologiques

    Fontecave, Marc


    Cours : Chimie biologique radicalaire : de l’origine de l’ADN au métabolisme d’aujourd’hui Il est généralement admis que les radicaux libres, espèces chimiques très réactives, sont des poisons pour les systèmes vivants qui ont élaboré des mécanismes efficaces pour s’en protéger et s’en débarrasser lorsqu’ils viennent à se former, par accident. Par exemple ce qu’on appelle communément le stress oxydant est une situation caractérisée par une accumulation de radicaux issus de l’oxygène moléculai...

  5. Laser spectroscopy

    Letokhov, V.S.


    This article describes recent progress in the application of laser atomic spectroscopy to study parameters of nuclei available in very small quantities; radioactive nuclei, rare isotopes, nuclear isomers, etc, for which study by conventional spectroscopic methods is difficult. (author)

  6. La cogestion des Ressources naturelles

    L'eau, le sol, les nutriments, la lumière du soleil — ce sont des choses de la vie. .... habitent encore ces régions, soit de 9 % à 14 % de la population mondiale. ...... La guerre civile a fait vivre au Cambodge des années de chaos, d'anarchie et ...... et les allégeances politiques sont des facteurs qu'il est impossible d'ignorer.

  7. Study of the effect of shell stabilization of the collective isovector valence-shell excitations along the N=80 isotonic chain

    Blazhev, A A; Kruecken, R; Coquard, L; Bloch, T P; Wadsworth, R; Danchev, M T; Jenkins, D G; Kroell, T; Leske, J

    It is proposed to initiate an experimental program to study the quadrupole-collective isovector valence-shell excitations the so-called mixed-symmetry states (MSSs) of unstable nuclei from the N = 80 isotonic chain. The main aim of this program is to investigate the microscopic mechanism which leads to a concentration or a fragmentation of the MSSs, an effect dubbed $\\textit{shell stabilization}$ of MSSs. This will be achieved by identification of MSSs of the unstable nuclei $^{140}$Nd and $^{142}$Sm. The MSSs of these nuclei will be identified experimentally by measuring their relative populations with respect to the population of the first 2$^{+}$ states in inverse kinematics Coulomb excitation (CE) reactions on light targets. As a first step of this program we apply for a beam time for the radioactive $^{140}$Nd and $^{142}$Sm beams at beam energy of 2.85 MeV/u. These beams will be used to determine the absolute B(E2;2$_{1}^{+} \\rightarrow$ 0$_{1}^{+}$) values for $^{140}$Nd and $^{142}$Sm in Coulomb excit...

  8. Structure of even-odd spherical nuclei using the BCS approximations and the ACQPV model: application to isotones with N=82 and Ni, Zn and Cs'' isotopes

    Losano, L.


    Calculations of the (E,J Π ) spectra and the electromagnetic properties (fe,Q,BEZ,BM1) are made for Ni odd isotopes, and odd isotones with N=82, using the Shell Model (SM), the usual BCS approximation (one and three quasiparticles), blocking BCS (BBCS) and projected BCS (PBCS). The importance of the five quasiparticle correlations and of the correlation introduced in BCS are examined in detail. The collective degrees of freedom of the core are introduced through the quasiparticle-cluster-vibrator coupling (QPCVC), so that this formalism permits as well the inclusion of blocking as the projection in number of particles in the cluster of one and three quasiparticles. Comparative calculations are made between the version with blocking (BQPCV) and with projection (PQPCV) for spectra and electromagnetic properties of Zn old isotopes. The projected version is applied to the cesium isotopes in the description of the 5/2 + states generated by the anomalous coupling. In all examined cases, the comparison with the available experimental data is also shown. (L.C.) [pt

  9. Des Ogle's old stump

    Jones, M.; Sutton, D.; Wallace, R.


    On 17 October 1997 Sylvia Bryan of RD4 Kaitaia wrote to 'Dear Somebody-Everybody' at the Anthropology Department, University of Auckland, urging further examination of an adzed stump found by Des Ogle during planting out of the Te Aupouri forest. The authors have since sought out relevant information and present it here for the interests of our readers. (author). 7 refs., 1 fig

  10. Fluorescence spectroscopy

    Bagatolli, Luis


    Fluorescence spectroscopy is a powerful experimental tool used by scientists from many disciplines. During the last decades there have been important developments on distinct fluorescence methods, particularly those related to the study of biological phenomena. This chapter discusses the foundati......Fluorescence spectroscopy is a powerful experimental tool used by scientists from many disciplines. During the last decades there have been important developments on distinct fluorescence methods, particularly those related to the study of biological phenomena. This chapter discusses...

  11. Grundlagen des Tissue Engineering

    Mayer, Jörg; Blum, Janaki; Wintermantel, Erich

    Die Organtransplantation stellt eine verbreitete Therapie dar, um bei krankheitsoder unfallbedingter Schädigung eines Organs die Gesamtheit seiner Funktionen wieder herzustellen, indem es durch ein Spenderorgan ersetzt wird. Organtransplantationen werden für die Leber, die Niere, die Lunge, das Herz oder bei schweren grossflächigen Verbrennungen der Haut vorgenommen. Der grosse apparative, personelle und logistische Aufwand und die Risiken der Transplantationschirurgie (Abstossungsreaktionen) sowie die mangelnde Verfügbarkeit von immunologisch kompatiblen Spenderorganen führen jedoch dazu, dass der Bedarf an Organtransplantaten nur zu einem sehr geringen Teil gedeckt werden kann. Sind Spenderorgane nicht verfügbar, können in einzelnen Fällen lebenswichtige Teilfunktionen, wie beispielsweise die Filtrationsfunktion der Niere durch die Blutreinigung mittels Dialyse ersetzt oder, bei mangelnder Funktion der Bauchspeicheldrüse (Diabetes), durch die Verabreichung von Insulin ein normaler Zustand des Gesamtorganismus auch über Jahre hinweg erhalten werden. Bei der notwendigen lebenslangen Anwendung apparativer oder medikamentöser Therapie können für den Patienten jedoch häufig schwerwiegende, möglicherweise lebensverkürzende Nebenwirkungen entstehen. Daher werden in der Forschung Alternativen gesucht, um die Funktionen des ausgefallenen Organs durch die Implantation von Zellen oder in vitro gezüchteten Geweben möglichst umfassend wieder herzustellen. Dies erfordert biologisch aktive Implantate, welche die für den Stoffwechsel des Organs wichtigen Zellen enthalten und einen organtypischen Stoffwechsel entfalten.

  12. Dictionnaire des risques psychosociaux

    Zawieja, Philippe


    Stress, suicide, harcèlement, épuisement professionnel, workaholism... Au-delà de la souffrance qu'elles désignent, ces notions souvent récentes constituent une approche inédite, et demandent à mieux être comprises, dans leur ensemble et isolément. C'est tout l'enjeu de ce dictionnaire, pionnier en son genre. Le lecteur y trouvera représentés, avec les 314 entrées (rédigées par 251 contributeurs) qui le composent, tous les champs disciplinaires s'intéressant à la souffrance au travail : psychologie du travail et des organisations, psychologie sociale et psychosociologie, psychanalyse, psychopathologie et psychiatrie, ergonomie, sociologie du travail et des organisations, médecine du travail, droit du travail et de la sécurité sociale, sciences de gestion, philosophie... Y sont détaillés les principaux concepts, notions, approches, méthodes, théories, outils, études, etc., ayant cours dans l'étude des risques psychosociaux, mais aussi certaines professions emblématiques (infirmières,...

  13. Le vernis des apparences

    Grazia Nicosia


    Full Text Available Le but de cet article est de comprendre l’incidence sémiotique du nettoyage d’un tableau ainsi que la résultante cognitive induite sur l’observateur. Cette étude confronte l’analyse des phénomènes visuels engendrés par le jaunissement du vernis et son retrait, à des entretiens réalisés à dessein. Le retrait d’un vernis jauni change considérablement l’image. L’heure, le climat, la saison et l’activité même des personnages s’en trouvent ainsi modifié. La patine peut être perçue, soit comme un obstacle à l’exploration, soit pour ceux qui l’apprécient, comme le medium d’une relation plus intime entre l’œuvre et l’observateur.The purpose of this article is to understand the semiotic impact of the cleaning of a painting and the cognitive effects induced on the observer. This study analyses conjointly the visual phenomenon generated by yellowing varnish and its removal and controlled interviews of observers.The removal of yellowing varnish modifies considerably the perception of the picture. Daytime, climate, season and characters activities are modified. The patina may be perceived either as an obstacle to the painting exploration, or, for those who appreciate it, as a medium for a closer relationship between the painting and the observer.

  14. Harmonische Reduktion des linken Ventrikels

    Atila, M. (Mehmet)


    In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde die harmonische Reduktion des linken Ventrikels am Modell des ausgewachsenen Hausschweins, unter Verwendung von Saugkappen variabler Größe untersucht. In 10 Schweinen mit Herzen normaler Größe und Funktion wurde eine Saugkappe, in Größe und Form an das abzufaltende Wandsegment angepasst, auf die epikardiale Oberfläche des schlagenden Herzens gesetzt. Wir führten Messungen der linksventrik. und der pulmonalart. Drücke, des ventrikulären Durchmessers und der Her...

  15. Electron microscopy and auger spectroscopy study of the wetting of the grain boundaries in the systems Mo-Pb, Mo-Sn, Mo-Ni and Ni-Pb; Etude par microscopie electronique et spectroscopie auger du mouillage des joints de grains dans les systemes Mo-Pb, Mo-Sn, Mo-Ni et Ni-Pb

    Charai, A. [Faculte des Sciences et Techniques de Saint Jerome, Lab. TECSEN, UMR 6122 du CNRS, 13 - Marseille (France); Kutcherinenko, I.; Priester, L. [Paris-11 Univ., ISMA, 91 - Orsay (France); Penisson, J.M. [CEA Grenoble, Dept. de Recherche Fondamentale sur la Matiere Condensee, DRFMC-SP2M, 38 (France); Pontikis, V. [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Centre d' Etudes de Chimie Metallurgique, 94 - Vitry-sur-Seine (France); Wolski, K. [Ecole NationaleSuperieure des Mines de Saint Etienne, Centre SMS/MPI, URA 1884 du CNRS, 42 - Saint Etienne (France); Vystavel, T. [Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, Institute of Physics, Praha (Czech Republic)


    Understanding the mechanism of the intergranular penetration of a liquid phase into a metallic solid is an important problem. The structural and chemical characterization of nano-metric films at grain boundaries is now possible by using high resolution electron microscopy associated with X-ray micro-analysis, electron energy loss spectroscopy and Auger spectroscopy. In order to study this problem, two different classes of model materials were selected according to their crystallographic structure: a bcc metal (molybdenum) and an fcc one (nickel). The wetting element was either lead or tin or nickel. In a first approach, the metallic matrix was polycrystalline. The conditions in which the liquid phase penetrates into the grain boundaries were studied by using special preparation and observation techniques. In particular, the use of a Focused Ion Beam microscope (FIB) allowed the preparation of thin foils located very precisely inside the matrix as well as multi-scale observations. These specimens were further observed in electron microscopy with a very high resolution. (authors)

  16. La recherche en action : des solutions locales, des effets durables ...

    15 déc. 2010 ... Le Centre de recherches pour le développement international (CRDI) appuie la production et l'application de connaissances qui améliorent de façon notable la situation des habitants des pays en développement.

  17. Analyse des caractéristiques structurelles et des performances ...


    28 févr. 2014 ... performances technico-économiques de la riziculture irriguée en Côte d' .... en nous basant sur les prix des intrants et des produits en vigueur au cours ..... la recherche et de la vulgarisation et le transfert de technologies ; (2) ...

  18. Evaluation des pratiques de gestion des adventices en riziculture

    Les résultats ont montré que les méthodes de gestion de l'enherbement ont .... Le contrôle des adventices en riziculture irriguée a principalement .... mesurer la hauteur des plantes et la longueur ..... Performance agronomique du Sys- tème de ...

  19. Diversification des moyens de subsistance des petits producteurs de ...

    L'économie du Malawi repose essentiellement sur la culture du tabac, qui représente plus de 70 % des revenus d'exportation. Pour 60 % des 100 000 membres de la National Smallholder Farmers' Association of Malawi (NASFAM), le tabac est la seule et unique source de revenus. Les cultivateurs de tabac, au Malawi ...

  20. Culture du bambou : diversification des moyens de subsistance des ...

    Culture du bambou : diversification des moyens de subsistance des petits producteurs de tabac du sud de la province de Nyanza, au Kenya - phase II. Au cours de la première phase du projet (projet no 103765), les chercheurs ont effectué une analyse de marché pour le bambou et les produits du bambou, comparé les ...

  1. Roles et taches des accompagnateurs des patients hospitalises ...

    Roles et taches des accompagnateurs des patients hospitalises dans le service de pneumo-phtysiologie au Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Yalgado Ouedraogo de ... Logistical support represented by material support, drug supply, cleaning of premises, and littering occupied respectively 100%, 91%, 42% and 73%.

  2. Spectroscopy of transfermium isotopes at SHIP

    Antalic, Stanislav; Saro, Stefan; Venhart, Martin [Comenius University, Bratislava (Slovakia); Hessberger, Fritz Peter; Ackermann, Dieter; Heinz, Sophia; Kindler, Birgit; Kojouharov, Ivan; Lommel, Bettina; Mann, Rido; Streicher, Branislav [GSI Helmholtzzentrum fuer Schwerionenforschung GmbH, Darmstadt (Germany); Hofmann, Sigurd [GSI Helmholtzzentrum fuer Schwerionenforschung GmbH, Darmstadt (Germany); Goethe-Universitaet, Frankfurt am Main (Germany); Sulignano, Barbara [CEA-Saclay, DAPNIA/SPhN, Gif-sur-Yvette (France)


    Recent developments of experimental techniques suited for {alpha}-, {gamma}- and CE spectroscopy now allow to study nuclear structure in the region of trans-fermium nuclei. This opened the door to investigate nuclear structure under extreme conditions of heaviest nuclei (Z>100,A>250). Most interesting examples are studies of K-isomers. Experiments aimed to investigate such phenomena provide important information on the nuclear structure of the heaviest elements and are stringent tests for the quality of nuclear models. In this contribution the results from studies of multi-quasi-particle isomeric states in {sup 253}No and {sup 255}Lr performed at SHIP are presented in detail. Both nuclei are first odd-mass isotopes in the trans-fermium region for which high K-isomers were observed. By decay of the high K-isomer in {sup 253}No a rotational band was populated, which was not seen in previous in-beam studies. Additionally, also the recent results on the single particle level systematics for the N=149, 151 and 153 isotones are presented.

  3. {sup 31}P-MR-spectroscopy of the skeletal muscles under load: demonstration of normal energy metabolism compared to different neuromuscular diseases; {sup 31}P-MR-Spektroskopie der peripheren Skelettmuskulatur unter Belastung: Darstellung des normalen Energiestoffwechsels im Vergleich zu metabolischen Muskelerkrankungen

    Block, W.; Traeber, F.; Kuhl, C.K.; Keller, E.; Rink, H.; Schild, H.H. [Bonn Univ. (Germany). Radiologische Klinik; Lamerichs, R. [Philips Medical Systems, Best (Netherlands); Karitzky, J. [Bonn Univ. (Germany). Neurologische Klinik


    Purpose: {sup 31}P-MR spectroscopy of skeletal muscle under ecercise was used to obtain the range of normal variation and comparison was made for different neuromascular diseases. Methods: 41 examinations of 24 volunteers and 41 investigations in 35 patients were performed on 1.5 T MR systems (Gyroscan S15 und S15/ACSII, Philips). Localised {sup 31}P-MR spectra of the calf muscle were obtained in time series with a resolution of 12 s. Results: Two types of muscle energy metabolism were identified from the pattern of spectroscopic time course in volunteers: While the first group was characterised by a remarkable decline to lower pH values during exercise, the second group showed only small pH shifts (minimum pH: 6.48{+-}0.13 vs 6.87{+-}0.07, p<10{sup -6}) although comparable workload conditions were maintained. The pH-values correlated well with blood lactate analysis. Patients with metabolic disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) showed decreased resting values of PCr/(PCr+P{sub i}) and increased pH levels during exercise. PCr recovery was significantly delayed (0.31 vs 0.65 min{sup -1}, p<0.00005) in metabolic muscle disorders but was normal in CFS patients. Conclusion: Findings in volunteers indicate utilisation of different metabolic pathways which seems to be related to the fibre type composition of muscle. Reduced resting levels for PCr/(PCr+P{sub i}), altered pH time courses, and decreased PCr recovery seem to be helpful indicators for diagnosis of metabolic muscle disorders. (orig./MG) [Deutsch] Ziel: Bestimmung der Bandbreite des gesunden Energiestoffwechsels der peripheren Skelettmuskulatur mit Hilfe der {sup 31}P-MR-Spektroskopie als Grundlage der Diagnostik neuromuskulaerer Erkrankungen. Methoden: In Mehrfachuntersuchungen an 24 Probanden und 35 Patienten in 1,5 T MR-Systemen (Gyroscan S15 und S15/ACSII, Philips) wurden {sup 31}P-MR-Spektren unter Belastung akquiriert. Ergebnisse: Die Probanden liessen sich streng in zwei Gruppen einteilen

  4. Moessbauer spectroscopy

    Gonser, U.


    This book is addressed to persons interested in learning about what has been done and what can be done with Moessbauer spectroscopy. In an introductory chapter the basic principle is explained and the general parameters governing Moessbauer spectroscopy are tabulated. For the following chapters various disciplines are chosen and the wide applicability of this measuring technique is demonstrated. The second chapter discusses a few representative examples of chemical interesting information being reflected by isomer shifts and quadrupole splittings, particularly with respect to bonding and structural properties. The third chapter deals with some applications of Moessbauer spectroscopy for characterizing magnetic compounds and its use for magnetic structure investigations, particularly by making use of polarized radiation. The fourth chapter describes the use of the Moessbauer spectroscopy for studying iron in biological molecules. As an example of recent applications to mineralogy and geology the results of the studies of lunar samples are reviewed in the fifth chapter. Finally, in the last chapter, work is described on the use of Moessbauer spectroscopy in physical metallurgy, particularly quantitative analyses which have enabled metallurgists to solve many old problems. (orig./FW) [de

  5. Study of neutron-rich nuclei structure around the N=28 shell closure using the in-beam gamma spectroscopy technique; Etude de la structure des noyaux riches en neutrons autour de la fermeture de couches N=28 par spectroscopie gamma en ligne

    Bastin, B


    For a few years now, a loss of magicity in neutron-rich nuclei near the neutron drip-line at N=28 has been suggested and observed. Deformation in these nuclei has been observed. The deformation was explained in S isotopes as being due to a moderate reduction of the N=28 shell closure together with a proton induced collectivity originating from the near degeneracy of the proton d3/2 and s1/2 orbitals. As a consequence, the observed deformation seems to result from a subtle interplay between neutron and proton excitations. Since the proton configuration in the Si isotopes is expected to be more stable due to the Z=14 sub-shell gap, {sup 42}Si was considered as a key nucleus in order to distinguish the different effects responsible for the structural changes observed at N=28. Even if it is at the limits of our technical possibilities, an in-beam gamma-spectroscopy experiment using two-step fragmentation and one or several nucleons knockout reaction mechanisms was performed at GANIL. The measurement of the energy of the first excited state in {sup 42}Si, combined with the observation of {sup 38,40}Si and the spectroscopy of {sup 41,43}P, has given evidence for the loss of magicity at N=28 far from stability. Modifications of the effective interaction used in modern shell model calculations have been completed following this investigation, increasing its predictive character. This study confirms the role of the tensor force and the density dependence of the spin-orbit interaction in the collapse of the N=28 shell closure. (author)

  6. Optical Spectroscopy

    Thyrhaug, Erling

    The work presented in this thesis is broadly concerned with how complexation reactions and molecular motion can be characterized with the standard techniques in optical spectroscopy. The thesis aims to show a relatively broad range of methods for probing physico-chemical properties in fluorophore...... information about chemical equilibria, kinetics and molecular motion by monitoring changes in optical properties of the system. The five presented research projects are largely unrelated to each other both in aim and in what property is probed, however they are all connected in that they are fluorophore...... reactions by optical spectroscopy. In project 1 simple steady-state absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy is used to determine the stoichiometries and equilibrium constants in the inclusion complex formation between cyclodextrins and derivatives of the water-insoluble oligo(phenylene vinylene) in aqueous...

  7. Utilisation sans risque des eaux usées, des excréta et des eaux ...

    Les responsables de ce projet piloteront l'application et l'adaptation des principes directeurs relatifs à l'utilisation sans risque des eaux usées, des excreta et des eaux grises en agriculture et en aquaculture (Guidelines for the Safe Use of Wastewater, Excreta and Greywater in Agriculture and Aquaculture), que ...

  8. Optogalvanic spectroscopy

    Pianarosa, P.; Demers, Y.; Gagne, J.M.


    Laser induced optogalvanic spectroscopy in a hollow cathode-produced plasma has been used to resolve the isotopic structure of some absorption lines in uranium. We have shown that the optogalvanic signal associated with any isotope can be related to the concentration of that isotope in a multi-isotopic sample. From the results we have obtained, optogalvanic spectroscopy of sputtered samples appears to be an interesting approach to the isotopic analysis of both natural and enriched uranium and could easily be applied to the analysis of other fissile elements, such as the plutonium isotopes

  9. Photoelectron spectroscopy

    Price, W.C.


    A survey is given of the development of x-ray and ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy. Applications of photoelectron spectroscopy to studies of atomic electronic configurations are discussed, including photoelectron spectra of hydrides isoelectronic with the inert gases; photoelectron spectra of the halogen derivatives of methane; photoelectron spectra of multiple bonded diatomic molecules; spectra and structure of some multiple bonded polyatomic molecules; spectra and structure of triatomic molecules; and methods of orbital assignment of bands in photoelectron spectra. Physical aspects are considered, including intensities; selection rules; dependence of cross section on photoelectron energy; autoionization; angular distribution of photoelectrons; electron-molecule interactions; and transient species. (26 figures, 54 references) (U.S.)

  10. Direction des Publications


    mélange pulvérulent de coke et de calcaire. La réduction est assurée par le gaz CO à 1250°C [2]. Le procédé Kawazaki iron powder utilise la calamine comme matière première et aussi CO comme gaz réducteur pour élaborer des poudres de fer. [3]. Un autre procédé plus connu qui fabrique les poudres de fer à partir de la.

  11. Glossaire des sigles


    ABM Anti-ballistic missile = Missile antimissile balistique AGM Air-to-ground missile = Missile air-sol AIEA Agence Internationale de l’Energie Atomique ALCM Air-launched cruise missile = Missile de croisière air-sol ANSEA Association des Nations du Sud-Est asiatique ANT* Arme nucléaire tactique ASAT Anti-satellite = Arme antisatellite ASW Anti-submarine warfare = Guerre anti-sous-marine AWACS Airborne warning and control system = Système aérien de contrôle et d’alerte BMD Ballistic missile d...

  12. Influence des défauts de la structure du verre sur la résistance mécanique des fibres optiques

    Chmel, A.; Baptizmanski, V. V.; Kharshak, A. A.


    For silica (pure and doped) optical fibers prepared from preforms irradiated by thermal neutrons and Ar^+ ions, the measurements of lifetime under transverse stress were carried out. It is found that the neutron bombardment leads to decrease of the lifetime and the strength of fiber while the ion implantation results in increasing of these parameters. The influence of particle irradiation on the glass strength is explained by the generation of structural defects which were observed by the infrared an Raman spectroscopy methods. The direction of the change of mechanical properties of fibers is determined by the type of defects and their distribution in the cross-section of fiber. Des préformes de fibres optiques de silice ont été exposées à un bombardement par des faisceaux de neutrons thermiques et d'ions Ar^+ à énergie de 40 keV afin d'engendrer des défauts de la structure respectivement dans le volume ou dans la couche superficielle des échantillons. Les fibres obtenues des préformes irradiées et non irradiées ont été mises en charge de flexion. On a déterminé leur temps de rupture sous diverses contraintes de traction sur la surface extérieure de la fibre en flexion. On a observé une diminution du temps de rupture des fibres après le bombardement neutronique et une augmentation après l'implantation ionique. L'analyse de la nature des défauts en faisant appel à la spectroscopie infrarouge et Raman a fait ressortir que l'irradiation aux ions entraînait essentiellement des liaisons chimiques dans une fine couche superficielle de l'échantillon alors que l'irradiation aux neutrons occasionnait une déformation des zones du réseau silicique dans toute la section de la préforme et de la fibre. L'amélioration de la résistance mécanique s'explique par une augmentation de la mobilité des éléments structuraux de la matrice de verre par suite d'une rupture partielle des liaisons chimiques et sa diminution par l'apparition de concentrateurs

  13. Evaluating the effect of administrating hypertonic and isotonic saline solutions on clinical improvement, serum electrolyte concentrations and renal function of calves affected by diarrhea

    A Hasanpour


    This study was conducted on 40 calves under the age of one mouth with 30 calves affected by diarrhea allocated to 3 treatment groups of 10 calves each and the control group consisting of 10 calves. The control group received neither treatment nor any injections. In the first treatment group, only antibiotics were administered without any fluid therapy. In the second treatment group, apart from antibiotic therapy of diarrhea, hypertonic saline solution (7.5% was administered at a dose of 5 ml/kg as slow intravenous infusion alongside oral ORS solution whereas in the third treatment group isotonic saline solution (0.9% was given intravenously according to the formula (Body weight × %Dehydration alongside oral ORS solution. In all groups, clinical examination and blood sampling was undertaken at times 0, 1, 2, 8 and 24 hours following treatment. At time 0, the diarrhea had resulted in clinical and laboratory signs such as a fever, the dehydration, tachycardia, oligopnea, increased packed sell volume, hypernatremia, hyperchloremia, hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia, hypercalcemia, increased serum creatinine and BUN values. Following treatment, fever subsided and the dehydration was corrected and this correction occurred faster in calves which had received hypertonic saline solution. Correction of sodium, potassium, chloride, phosphorus and calsium imbalance occurred faster in patients which were treated by hypertonic solution. Fluid therapy with saline solutions prevented the increase in serum creatinine and BUN values. In conclusion, the administration of hypertonic saline solutions leads to much faster and more reliable clinical improvement and electrolyte imbalance correction in calves affected by diarrhea.

  14. Isolement et identification des levures.



    Full Text Available La fermentation du moût de raisin est assurée par les levures qui se trouvent sur la pellicule du raisin, sur les rafles, et aussi, par celles qui envahissent le matériel de vendange et de vinification dès que la récolte est commencée. L'apparition deLa fermentation du moût de raisin est assurée par les levures qui se trouvent sur la pellicule du raisin, sur les rafles, et aussi, par celles qui envahissent le matériel de vendange et de vinification dès que la récolte est commencée. L'apparition des signes de la fermentation est spontanée. La fermentation est rapide dans la majorité des cas, si elle devient trop violente et que la température s'élève dangeureusement, il faut la « canaliser », la calmer. Des accidents peuvent se produire; des arrêts de fermentation laissant des sucres non fermentés pouvant être attaqués par d'autres microorganismes, des développements de levures formant des substances nuisibles à la qualité; par la suite, il s'agit d'obtenir la stabilité du vin, en particulier, éviter les refermentations des vins doux. L'étude de ces problèmes nécessite une étude préliminaire, celle des levures responsables de la fermentation alcoolique du jus de raisin, qui ne peut être faite que sur des cultures pures, isolées au préalable à l'aide de prélèvements soigneusement réalisés.s signes de la fermentation est spontanée. La fermentation est rapide dans la majorité des cas, si elle devient trop violente et que la température s'élève dangeureusement, il faut la « canaliser », la calmer. Des accidents peuvent se produire; des arrêts de fermentation laissant des sucres non fermentés pouvant être attaqués par d'autres microorganismes, des développements de levures formant des substances nuisibles à la qualité; par la suite, il s'agit d'obtenir la stabilité du vin, en particulier, éviter les refermentations des vins doux. L'étude de ces problèmes nécessite une étude pr

  15. Le Débat des semences

    Solutions pour les lois nationales régissant le contrôle des ressources génétiques et des ...... des pouvoirs) qui reconnaissent, dans une certaine mesure, les droits de gestion collectifs des ...... documentés, les performances physiques, etc.

  16. Application of a gamma spectroscopy system to the measurement of neutron cross sections necessary to the development of nuclear energy; Mise au point d'un systeme de spectroscopie pour mesurer des sections efficaces neutroniques applicables a un possible developpement du nucleaire comme source d'energie

    Deruelle, O


    This work concerns the development of nuclear energy and nuclear waste management in particular. Two parts of this study can be distinguished. In the first part (theoretical), a thorium-plutonium fuel based on MOX and dedicated for PWR was investigated in order to transmute plutonium in a potentially low waste fuel cycle. It was shown that this type of fuel is not regenerative but could be used for a transition to the industrial thorium fuel cycle without building new reactors. Thanks to moderated neutron spectra and high loaded actinide mass in the core, U-233 is quickly created ({approx}300 kg/y) for a loss of about {approx}1200 kg of fissile plutonium. In the second part (experimental), we have developed and built a new reaction chamber to measure neutron cross sections of actinides by alpha-gamma spectroscopy. This experimental device (in principle transportable) was commissioned in the high flux reactor of ILL Grenoble. Neutron flux was measured by gamma spectroscopy of irradiated Al and Co samples and was found to be of the order of 6,0. 10{sup 14}{sup -2}.s{sup -1} (4%). By the irradiation of 11{mu}g of Am-243 and Pu-242, corresponding capture cross sections were measured in the thermal neutron flux at 50 deg C. These are the results: {sup 243}Am(n,{gamma}) {sup 244fond.}Am = 4,72{+-}1,42b; {sup 243}Am(n,{gamma}) {sup 244total}Am = 74,8{+-}3,25b; {sup 242}Pu (n,{gamma}){sup 243}Pu = 22,7{+-}1,09b. Uncertainties of the measurements are mostly due to the determination of the neutron flux, efficiency of the electronics and ambiguities related to the definition of the area under {alpha}-{gamma} spectra. Although our measured cross sections deviate (by 10-30%) from the corresponding values widely used in evaluated data libraries such as ENDF, JEF and JENDL, in this work we have demonstrated the feasibility and principle of our experimental method. Furthermore, the value for the 243-americium capture cross-section is in very good agreement with the last two

  17. Application of a gamma spectroscopy system to the measurement of neutron cross sections necessary to the development of nuclear energy; Mise au point d'un systeme de spectroscopie pour mesurer des sections efficaces neutroniques applicables a un possible developpement du nucleaire comme source d'energie

    Deruelle, O


    This work concerns the development of nuclear energy and nuclear waste management in particular. Two parts of this study can be distinguished. In the first part (theoretical), a thorium-plutonium fuel based on MOX and dedicated for PWR was investigated in order to transmute plutonium in a potentially low waste fuel cycle. It was shown that this type of fuel is not regenerative but could be used for a transition to the industrial thorium fuel cycle without building new reactors. Thanks to moderated neutron spectra and high loaded actinide mass in the core, U-233 is quickly created ({approx}300 kg/y) for a loss of about {approx}1200 kg of fissile plutonium. In the second part (experimental), we have developed and built a new reaction chamber to measure neutron cross sections of actinides by alpha-gamma spectroscopy. This experimental device (in principle transportable) was commissioned in the high flux reactor of ILL Grenoble. Neutron flux was measured by gamma spectroscopy of irradiated Al and Co samples and was found to be of the order of 6,0. 10{sup 14}{sup -2}.s{sup -1} (4%). By the irradiation of 11{mu}g of Am-243 and Pu-242, corresponding capture cross sections were measured in the thermal neutron flux at 50 deg C. These are the results: {sup 243}Am(n,{gamma}) {sup 244fond.}Am = 4,72{+-}1,42b; {sup 243}Am(n,{gamma}) {sup 244total}Am = 74,8{+-}3,25b; {sup 242}Pu (n,{gamma}){sup 243}Pu = 22,7{+-}1,09b. Uncertainties of the measurements are mostly due to the determination of the neutron flux, efficiency of the electronics and ambiguities related to the definition of the area under {alpha}-{gamma} spectra. Although our measured cross sections deviate (by 10-30%) from the corresponding values widely used in evaluated data libraries such as ENDF, JEF and JENDL, in this work we have demonstrated the feasibility and principle of our experimental method. Furthermore, the value for the 243-americium capture cross-section is in very good agreement with the last two

  18. Raman spectroscopy

    Raman spectroscopy has gained increased use and importance in recent years for accurate and precise detection of physical and chemical properties of food materials, due to the greater specificity and sensitivity of Raman techniques over other analytical techniques. This book chapter presents Raman s...

  19. Bioimpedance Spectroscopy

    Klösgen, Beate; Rümenapp, Christine; Gleich, Bernhard


    causes relaxation processes with characteristic contributions to the frequency-dependent complex dielectric constant. These dipolar relaxations were initially described by Debye (Polare Molekeln 1929). They are the basis of impedance spectroscopy (K’Owino and Sadik Electroanalysis 17(23):2101–2113, 2005...

  20. Mécanique des sols et des roches

    Vullier, Laurent; Zhao, Jian


    La mécanique des sols et la mécanique des roches sont des disciplines généralement traitées séparément dans la littérature. Pour la première fois, un traité réunit ces deux spécialités, en intégrant également les connaissances en lien avec les écoulements souterrains et les transferts thermiques. A la fois théorique et pratique, cet ouvrage propose tout d'abord une description détaillée de la nature et de la composition des sols et des roches, puis s'attache à la modélisation de problèmes aux conditions limites et présente les essais permettant de caractériser les sols et les roches, tant d'un point de vue mécanique qu'hydraulique et thermique. La problématique des sols non saturés et des écoulements multiphasiques est également abordée. Une attention particulière est portée aux lois de comportement mécanique et à la détermination de leurs paramètres par des essais in situ et en laboratoire, et l'ouvrage offre également une présentation détaillée des systèmes de classi...

  1. Chirurgie des grassmanniennes

    Lafforgue, Laurent


    Les compactifications diverses de variétés de modules sont un thème important et récurrent des mathématiques modernes, et elles connaissent un grand nombre d'applications. Ce livre traite le cas de cellules de Schubert minces, qui sont de sous-variétés naturelles de grassmanniennes. L'auteur a été amené à traiter ces questions par un cas particulier lié à ses travaux sur le programme de Langlands. Dans cette monographie, il en développe une théorie plus systématique, présentant le fortes similarités avec celle des modules du courbes stables. The various compactifications of moduli spaces are an important recurrent theme of modern mathematics, and they have a large number of applications. This book treats the case of thin Schubert varieties, which are natural subvarieties of Grassmannians. The author was led to these questions by a particular case linked to his work on the Langlands program. In this monograph, he develops the theory in a more systematic way, which exhibits strong similarities...

  2. Comportement des polluants des eaux pluviales urbaines en ...

    développement et la croissance des organismes vivant dans l'eau et particulièrement les micro- organismes. Le suivi des températures enregistrées oscille entre 9 et 16°C dans les trois sites d'observation durant la période ... de la lumière du soleil. Le site C est bien aéré et .... Effets de différents modes de gestion des eaux ...

  3. Approche historique des classifications en psychiatrie

    Garrabé , J.


    Resume Des le milieu du xixe siecle s?est posee la question des criteres de classification des maladies. Pour les maladies mentales, diverses classifications ont alors ete proposees par des auteurs francais (Morel) et allemands (Kahlbaum, Kraepelin). A partir de la fin du xixe siecle, le Bureau International de Statistique (Paris) a publie a une Classification Internationale des Maladies, a revision decennale (J. Bertillon). Cette tache a ete poursuivie dans l?entre-deux-guerres pa...

  4. Complications du traitement traditionnel des fractures : aspects ...

    Tous les patients reçus avec des complications du traitement traditionnel des fractures ont été inclus dans ce travail. Le diagnostic des lésions était clinique et radiologique. Nous avions reçu 51 patients porteurs de complications suite à des traitements de médecine traditionnelle, soit 13,7% du total des patients hospitalisés ...

  5. Plasma diagnostics of the SIMPA Ecr ion source by X-ray spectroscopy, Collisions of H-like Neon ions with Argon clusters; Diagnostic du plasma de la source d'ions ECR SIMPA par spectroscopie X, Collision d'ions neon hydrogenoides avec des agregats d'argon

    Adrouche, N


    The first part of this thesis is devoted to the SIMPA ECR ion source characterization, first, I explored the ion source's capacities on the point of view of extracted currents for three elements, argon, krypton and neon. By analyzing the Bremsstrahlung spectra, I determined the electronic temperature in the plasma and the electronic and ionic densities. In a second time, I recorded high resolution X-spectra of argon and krypton plasma's. By taking into account the principal mechanisms of production of a K hole in the ions inside the plasma, I determined the ionic densities of the high charge states of argon. Lastly, I highlighted a correlation between the ions charge states densities with the intensities of extracted currents. The second part of the thesis is devoted to Ne{sup 9+-} argon clusters collisions. First, I presented simple and effective theoretical models allowing to describe the phenomena occurring during a collision, from the point of view of the projectile. I carried out a simulation for a collision of an ion Ne{sup 9+} with an argon cluster of a given size, which has enabled us to know the energy levels populated during the electronic capture and to follow the number of electrons in each projectile shell. Lastly, I presented the first results of a collision between a Ne{sup 9+} beam and argon clusters. These results, have enabled me by using projectile X-ray spectroscopy during the ions-clusters collision, to evidence a strong clustering of targets atoms and to highlight an electronic multi-capture in the projectile ion excited states. (author)

  6. Spectroscopy of exotic nuclei with A {approx} 190: single particle states and collective properties of {sup 187,189}Bi and {sup 188}Pb; Spectroscopie de noyaux exotiques dans la region de masse A {approx} 190: la structure des isotopes {sup 187,189}Bi et {sup 188}Pb

    Huerstel, A


    This thesis is devoted to the study of very neutron deficient nuclei in the lead region of the nuclear chart and more precisely to the investigation of the single particle states and collective properties of the {sup 187,189}Bi isotopes by gamma-ray spectroscopy. These nuclei were produced via fusion-evaporation reaction induced by a krypton beam on a silver target. In this mass region, the cross section for producing these nuclei are very low, of the order of a few micro-barns, making experimental studies very difficult. The identification of the nuclei was done using the very powerful RDT (Recoil Decay Tagging) technique, based on the selection of the isotopes through their characteristic alpha-particle decays. The experiments were performed at the university of Jyvdskyla (Finland) with the facility combining the gamma-ray spectrometer JUROSPHERE and the magnetic gas-filled separator RITU. Isomeric states were observed in both nuclei and their life-times measured. The systematics of individual proton states in odd-mass bismuth isotopes have been reproduced with a shell model up to 20 neutrons away from the valley of stability. Furthermore, rotational bands, a signature of collective nuclear motion, have been established for the first time in these nuclei. The interpretation of these results led to the conclusion that {sup 187,189}Bi have a prolate shape at low excitation energy, unlike the heavier bismuth isotopes which have been interpreted to have oblate deformation, implying a shape transition in this mass region. Hartree-Fock-Bogolyubov calculations are consistent with the experimental indication of shape coexistence, as seen in the neighbouring even-even lead nuclei. (author)

  7. Des cartes dans la classe…

    R. Gimeno


    Full Text Available La majorité des enseignants qui veulent faire des cartes — et les faire réaliser aux élèves — pour répondre aux exigences des instructions officielles, doivent surmonter leur manque de compétences en cartographie et en didactique ainsi que les difficultés propres aux logiciels de cartographie encore peu performants. Ces compétences et la réflexion qui les accompagne sont pourtant accessibles aux enfants de l’école élémentaire…

  8. Diversification des moyens de subsistance des petits producteurs de ...

    Cette subvention permettra à l'Institut international de recherche sur les cultures des zones tropicales ... In ROSSA's latest bulletin issue: A farewell message from Simon Carter, the Regional Director of the ... Cigarette Taxation in Tanzania.

  9. L'exode des cerveaux et le renforcement des capacités en Afrique ...

    1 févr. 2011 ... Ce phénomène ébranle les assises économiques et politiques de bien des pays africains. ... le défi consiste à recruter ces cerveaux. ... des missions africaines, des organisations non gouvernementales et des groupes de la diaspora réunis pour parler de l'exode des cerveaux en Afrique et des stratégies à ...

  10. Evaluation des pratiques de gestion des adventices en riziculture ...

    Le riz est l'aliment principal pour la quasi-totalité des populations vivant en Côte d'Ivoire. Cependant, les adventices sont considérées comme la contrainte biologique la plus importante faisant obstacle à la production rizicole. L'objectif de cette étude menée en 2015 était d'évaluer différentes techniques de gestion des ...

  11. Cartographie des zones d'intervention des partenaires techniques et ...

    cartographier les zones d'intervention des partenaires techniques et financiers au Bénin. L'approche méthodologique utilisée a consisté à la recherche documentaire, à la collecte de données auprès des partenaires techniques et financiers et à l'analyse de ces données. Les résultats ont permis de constater que cent dix ...

  12. Modernisation des marchés agroalimentaires - inclusion des petits ...

    Les marchés agroalimentaires connaissent de rapides changements dans les pays en développement et les pays en transition. Sous l'influence de la libéralisation du commerce et des nouvelles technologies de transformation des aliments et de commerce de détail, les marchés agroalimentaires évoluent vers une plus ...

  13. Isotope analysis by emission spectroscopy; Analyse isotopique par spectroscopie d'emission

    Artaud, J; Gerstenkorn, S [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Blaise, J [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Lab. Aime Cotton, 92 - Meudon-Bellevue (France)


    Quantitative analysis of isotope mixtures by emission spectroscopy is resulting from the phenomenon called 'isotope shift', say from the fact that spectral lines produced by a mixture of isotopes of a same element are complex. Every spectral line is, indeed, resulting from several lines respectively corresponding to each isotope. Then isotopic components are near one to others, and their separation is effected by means of Fabry-Perot calibration standard: the apparatus allowing to measure abundances is the Fabry-Perot photo-electric spectrometer, designed in 1948 by MM. JACQUINOT and DUFOUR. This method has been used to make abundance determination in the case of helium, lithium, lead and uranium. In the case of lithium, the utilised analysis line depends on the composition of examined isotopic mixture. For mixtures containing 7 to 93 pour cent of one of isotopes of lithium, this line is the lithium blue line: {lambda} = 4603 angstrom. In other cases the red line {lambda} = 6707 angstrom is preferable, though it allows to do easily nothing but relative determinations. Helium shows no particular difficulty and the analysis line selected was {lambda} = 6678 angstrom. For lead the line {lambda} = 5201 angstrom gives the possibility to determine the isotope abundance for the four isotopes of lead notwithstanding the presence of hyperfine structure of {sup 207}Pb. For uranium, line {lambda} 5027 angstrom is used, and this method allows to determine the composition of isotope mixtures, the content of which in {sup 235}U may shorten to 0,1 per cent. Relative precision is about 2 per cent for contents in {sup 235}U over 1 per cent. For lower contents, this line {lambda} = 5027 angstrom will allow relative measures when using previously dosed mixtures. (author) [French] L'analyse quantitative des melanges isotopiques par spectroscopie d'emission doit son existence au phenomene appele 'deplacement isotopique', c'est-a-dire au fait que les raies spectrales emises par un

  14. Photoelectron spectroscopy

    Bosch, A.


    In this work examples of the various aspects of photoelectron spectroscopy are given. The investigation was started with the development of an angle-resolved spectrometer so that the first chapters deal with angle-resolved ultra-violet photoelectron spectroscopy. To indicate the possibilities and pitfalls of the technique, in chapter II the theory is briefly reviewed. In chapter III the instrument is described. The system is based on the cylindrical mirror deflection analyzer, which is modified and improved for angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy. In combination with a position sensitive detector, a spectrometer is developed with which simultaneously several angle-resolved spectra can be recorded. In chapter IV, the results are reported of angle-integrated UPS experiments on dilute alloys. Using the improved energy resolution of the instrument the author was able to study the impurity states more accurately and shows that the photoemission technique has become an important tool in the study of impurities and the interactions involved. XPS and Auger results obtained from dilute alloys are presented in chapter V. It is shown that these systems are especially suited for the study of correlation effects and can provide interesting problems related to the satellite structure and the interaction of the impurity with the host. In chapter VI, the valence bands of ternary alloys are studied with UPS and compared to recent band structure calculation. The core level shifts are analyzed in a simple, thermodynamic scheme. (Auth.)

  15. Fusion spectroscopy

    Peacock, N.J.


    This article traces developments in the spectroscopy of high temperature laboratory plasma used in controlled fusion research from the early 1960's until the present. These three and a half decades have witnessed many orders of magnitude increase in accessible plasma parameters such as density and temperature as well as particle and energy confinement timescales. Driven by the need to interpret the radiation in terms of the local plasma parameters, the thrust of fusion spectroscopy has been to develop our understanding of (i) the atomic structure of highly ionised atoms, usually of impurities in the hydrogen isotope fuel; (ii) the atomic collision rates and their incorporation into ionization structure and emissivity models that take into account plasma phenomena like plasma-wall interactions, particle transport and radiation patterns; (iii) the diagnostic applications of spectroscopy aided by increasingly sophisticated characterisation of the electron fluid. These topics are discussed in relation to toroidal magnetically confined plasmas, particularly the Tokamak which appears to be the most promising approach to controlled fusion to date. (author)

  16. Die Versprachlichung des Sakralen

    Larsen, Øjvind


    transformation of the sacred as a harmonious theory of secularization. However, if we follow Weber in his religious-sociological considerations of modernity, we reach a tragic theory of secularization that poses the real problem that modernity’s connection to the sacred has been dissolved.......Habermas claims in connection with his development of the theory of communicative action that the sacred is transformed in a positive way and can take the form of free deliberation in society, the so-called Versprachlichung des Sakralen. The thesis is that the authority which could be found...... in religion and which is of fundamental significance for the integration of pre-modern societies is taken over by modern societies in forms of deliberation. Habermas develops his thesis in a discussion of Durkheim’s religious-sociological considerations. Habermas presents his thesis about the linguistic...

  17. Code des baux 2018

    Vial-Pedroletti, Béatrice; Kendérian, Fabien; Chavance, Emmanuelle; Coutan-Lapalus, Christelle


    Le code des baux 2018 vous offre un contenu extrêmement pratique, fiable et à jour au 1er août 2017. Cette 16e édition intègre notamment : le décret du 27 juillet 2017 relatif à l’évolution de certains loyers dans le cadre d’une nouvelle location ou d’un renouvellement de bail, pris en application de l’article 18 de la loi n° 89-462 du 6 juillet 1989 ; la loi du 27 janvier 2017 relative à l’égalité et à la citoyenneté ; la loi du 9 décembre 2016 relative à la transparence, à la lutte contre la corruption et à la modernisation de la vie économique ; la loi du 18 novembre 2016 de modernisation de la justice du xxie siècle

  18. The efficacy of hypotonic and near-isotonic saline for parenteral fluid therapy given at low maintenance rate in preventing significant change in plasma sodium in post-operative pediatric patients: protocol for a prospective randomized non-blinded study

    Stigzelius Shayarina


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Hyponatremia is the most frequent electrolyte abnormality observed in post-operative pediatric patients receiving intravenous maintenance fluid therapy. If plasma sodium concentration (p-Na+ declines to levels below 125 mmol/L in vs. restricted rate of infusion and the composition of solutions used for parenteral maintenance fluid therapy (hypotonic vs. isotonic solutions contribute to the development of hyponatremia. So far, there is no definitive pediatric data to support a particular choice of parenteral fluid for maintenance therapy in post-surgical patients. Methods/Design Our prospective randomized non-blinded study will be conducted in healthy children and adolescents aged 1 to 14 years who have been operated for acute appendicitis. Patients will be randomized either to intravenous hypotonic (0.23% or 0.40% sodium chloride in glucose, respectively or near-isotonic (0.81% sodium chloride in glucose solution given at approximately three-fourths of the average maintenance rate. The main outcome of interest from this study is to evaluate 24 h post-operatively whether differences in p-Na+ between treatment groups are large enough to be of clinical relevance. In addition, water and electrolyte balance as well as regulatory hormones will be measured. Discussion This study will provide valuable information on the efficacy of hypotonic and near-isotonic fluid therapy in preventing a significant decrease in p-Na+. Finally, by means of careful electrolyte and water balance and by measuring regulatory hormones our results will also contribute to a better understanding of the physiopathology of post-operative changes in p-Na+ in a population at risk for hyponatremia. Trial registration The protocol for this study is registered with the current controlled trials registry; registry number: ISRCTN43896775.

  19. Digitalisierung des Kulturellen Erbes (Europas)

    Gruber, Marion


    Gruber, M. R. (2011, 13 December). Digitalisierung des Kulturellen Erbes (Europas). Guest lecture at the IPMZ - Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research, Devision Media Change & Innovation, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

  20. Etude par calorimétrie à titrage isotherme (ITC) et spectroscopie de résonnance magnétique nucléaire (RMN) des effets de protonation liés à l'interaction entre l'alpha-chymotrypsine et la proflavine / Gilles Bruylants

    Bruylants, Gilles


    Le nombre de cibles potentielles pour la conception de nouvelles molécules à activité thérapeutique ne cesse de croître. Pour chaque cible, il est nécessaire d’identifier des molécules actives et de les optimiser afin d’atteindre l’affinité et la sélectivité recherchées. Ces nouveaux défis accentuent la nécessité d’améliorer notre compréhension des facteurs qui mènent à la reconnaissance moléculaire entre une drogue potentielle et une macromolécule biologique, et particulièrement des facteurs...

  1. Vecteurs Singuliers des Theories des Champs Conformes Minimales

    Benoit, Louis

    En 1984 Belavin, Polyakov et Zamolodchikov revolutionnent la theorie des champs en explicitant une nouvelle gamme de theories, les theories quantiques des champs bidimensionnelles invariantes sous les transformations conformes. L'algebre des transformations conformes de l'espace-temps presente une caracteristique remarquable: en deux dimensions elle possede un nombre infini de generateurs. Cette propriete impose de telles conditions aux fonctions de correlations qu'il est possible de les evaluer sans aucune approximation. Les champs des theories conformes appartiennent a des representations de plus haut poids de l'algebre de Virasoro, une extension centrale de l'algebre conforme du plan. Ces representations sont etiquetees par h, le poids conforme de leur vecteur de plus haut poids, et par la charge centrale c, le facteur de l'extension centrale, commune a toutes les representations d'une meme theorie. Les theories conformes minimales sont constituees d'un nombre fini de representations. Parmi celles-ci se trouvent des theories unitaires dont les representation forment la serie discrete de l'algebre de Virasoro; leur poids h a la forme h_{p,q}(m)=[ (p(m+1) -qm)^2-1] (4m(m+1)), ou p,q et m sont des entiers positifs et p+q= 2. Ces representations possedent un sous-espace invariant engendre par deux sous-representations avec h_1=h_{p,q} + pq et h_2=h_{p,q} + (m-p)(m+1-q) dont chacun des vecteurs de plus haut poids portent le nom de vecteur singulier et sont notes respectivement |Psi _{p,q}> et |Psi_{m-p,m+1-q}>. . Les theories super-conformes sont une version super-symetrique des theories conformes. Leurs champs appartiennent a des representation de plus haut poids de l'algebre de Neveu-Schwarz, une des deux extensions super -symetriques de l'algebre de Virasoro. Les theories super -conformes minimales possedent la meme structure que les theories conformes minimales. Les representations sont elements de la serie h_{p,q}= [ (p(m+2)-qm)^2-4] /(8m(m+2)) ou p,q et m sont

  2. Direct observation of multistep energy transfer in LHCII with fifth-order 3D electronic spectroscopy.

    Zhang, Zhengyang; Lambrev, Petar H; Wells, Kym L; Garab, Győző; Tan, Howe-Siang


    During photosynthesis, sunlight is efficiently captured by light-harvesting complexes, and the excitation energy is then funneled towards the reaction centre. These photosynthetic excitation energy transfer (EET) pathways are complex and proceed in a multistep fashion. Ultrafast two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy (2DES) is an important tool to study EET processes in photosynthetic complexes. However, the multistep EET processes can only be indirectly inferred by correlating different cross peaks from a series of 2DES spectra. Here we directly observe multistep EET processes in LHCII using ultrafast fifth-order three-dimensional electronic spectroscopy (3DES). We measure cross peaks in 3DES spectra of LHCII that directly indicate energy transfer from excitons in the chlorophyll b (Chl b) manifold to the low-energy level chlorophyll a (Chl a) via mid-level Chl a energy states. This new spectroscopic technique allows scientists to move a step towards mapping the complete complex EET processes in photosynthetic systems.

  3. Laser spectroscopy

    Demtröder, Wolfgang


    Keeping abreast of the latest techniques and applications, this new edition of the standard reference and graduate text on laser spectroscopy has been completely revised and expanded. While the general concept is unchanged, the new edition features a broad array of new material, e.g., frequency doubling in external cavities, reliable cw-parametric oscillators, tunable narrow-band UV sources, more sensitive detection techniques, tunable femtosecond and sub-femtosecond lasers (X-ray region and the attosecond range), control of atomic and molecular excitations, frequency combs able to synchronize independent femtosecond lasers, coherent matter waves, and still more applications in chemical analysis, medical diagnostics, and engineering.

  4. L'accumulation des métaux lourds au niveau des cultures : Cas des ...

    Le Bassin de Sebou présente une importance socio-économique pour le Maroc. En effet, il est sujet de diverses utilisations ; eau potable, eau d'irrigation et eau industrielle. Toutefois, ce bassin subit des pressions multiples, notamment par la pollution métallique. Considérant le risque de bioaccumulation des métaux par ...

  5. NMR spectroscopy

    Gruenert, J.


    The book reviews the applications of NMR-spectroscopy in medicine and biology. The first chapter of about 40 pages summarizes the history of development and explains the chemical and physical fundamentals of this new and non-invasive method in an easily comprehensible manner. The other chapters summarize diagnostic results obtained with this method in organs and tissues, so that the reader will find a systematic overview of the available findings obtained in the various organ systems. It must be noted, however, that ongoing research work and new insight quite naturally will necessitate corrections to be done, as is the case here with some biochemical interpretations which would need adjustment to latest research results. NMR-spectroscopy is able to measure very fine energy differences on the molecular level, and thus offers insight into metabolic processes, with the advantage that there is no need of applying ionizing radiation in order to qualitatively or quantitatively analyse the metabolic processes in the various organ systems. (orig./DG) With 40 figs., 4 tabs [de

  6. Hadron spectroscopy

    Igi, K.


    This paper is related to mini-rapporteur talk on baryonium spectroscopy. First of all, the models of baryonium, namely the diquark model, the string picture, the linear baryonium and the bag model, are described. All of these models so far discussed are highly suggestive. In this paper, discussions are confined to the spectroscopy of the string and the bag models. Because of the color degree of freedom, the bag model has mock diquonium and mock mesonium besides true baryonium. It might be possible that the string model takes into account only a part of them. The constraints among baryonium, baryon and boson trajectories using duality and unitarity were proposed as a guide for classifying various spectra. Inequalities were derived as the modest and reliable constraints on baryonium intercepts from baryon and boson intercepts by imposing unitarity and Regge behaviors on scattering amplitudes. As a consequence of residue factorization and duality, the baryonium slopes were derived. The spin of S (1936) was also obtained. The baryonium containing s or c quarks can also be studied. Topics such as the EXD patterns of baryons, linear baryons, linear Regge trajectories for all Q-anti Q families, and the Al and two Q mesons, are presented in this paper. Comments on di-baryon are described. (Kato, T.)

  7. Hadron spectroscopy

    Oka, Makoto


    Spectra of hadrons show various and complex structures due to the strong coupling constants of the quantum chromodynamics (QCD) constituting its fundamental theory. For their understandings, two parameters, i.e., (1) the quark mass and (2) their excitation energies are playing important roles. In low energies, for example, rather simple structures similar to the positronium appear in the heavy quarks such as charms and bottoms. It has been, however, strongly suggested by the recent experiments that the molecular resonant state shows up when the threshold to decay to mesons is exceeded. On the other hand, chiral symmetry and its breaking play important roles in the dynamics of light quarks. Strange quarks are in between and show special behaviors. In the present lecture, the fundamental concept of the hadron spectroscopy based on the QCD is expounded to illustrate the present understandings and problems of the hadron spectroscopy. Sections are composed of 1. Introduction, 2. Fundamental Concepts (hadrons, quarks and QCD), 3. Quark models and exotic hadrons, 4. Lattice QCD and QCD sum rules. For sections 1 to 3, only outline of the concepts is described because of the limited space. Exotic hadrons, many quark pictures of light hadrons and number of quarks in hadrons are described briefly. (S. Funahashi)

  8. Terre des hommes

    Staff Association


    Transformez votre téléphone portable en geste de solidarité ! Collecte du 12 au 23 novembre 2012   Faites un geste simple et utile en déposant vos téléphones portables inutilisés dans les urnes installées dans les trois restaurants du CERN. En Suisse, une personne change tous les 12 à 18 mois de téléphone portable. La plupart de nos vieux appareils sont simplement laissés à l’abandon avec comme seule fonction de parer une éventuelle panne à venir. On  estime ainsi que 8 millions de portables sont inutilisés, alors qu'entre 30 et 50% peuvent être réutilisés. L'action Solidarcomm leur offre une deuxième vie ! Terre des Hommes Suisse, dans le cadre de la campagne Solidarcomm, collecte et valorise vos téléphones inutilis&...

  9. Onlinespieler abseits des Mainstreams

    Harald Baumgartlinger


    Full Text Available MMO(RPGs „Massively Multiplayer Online (Role-Playing Games“ nehmen einen Sonderstatus unter den Onlinespielen ein, welcher durch den wachsenden wirtschaftlichen Erfolg, insbesondere durch den „breakthrough hit“ (Duchenaut et al. 2006: 407 World of Warcraft (WoW, auch an Bedeutung für die Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft gewinnt (vgl. Inderst 2009: 15; vgl. Seifert/Jöckel 2008: 297. Der Primus des Genres, WoW, repräsentiert gemeinsam mit einigen nahezu identen Titeln insgesamt 85 Prozent der gespielten MMOGs (vgl. Williams et al. 2008: 999. Daher befasst sich auch die Mehrheit der vorliegenden Studien mit eben diesen Spielen. Neue Formen von MMO(Gs können jedoch zu ebenso neuartigen Spielerfahrungen führen und damit unterschiedliche Nutzungsmotive befriedigen (vgl. Seifert/Jöckel 2008: 309 und folglich zu einem gänzlich anderen Spielerleben führen. Während im Mainstream die kooperativen Spielerbeziehungen überwiegen, dominiert in Darkfall Online der soziale Wettbewerb. Der von Williams et al. 2008 verwendete Fragebogen diente als Rohling für die Kreation eines für die speziellen Anforderungen adaptierten Erhebungstools zur Erforschung der Spielertypologie und der Motive der Darkfall-Online-SpielerInnen. Die in der Onlinebefragung (N = 506 gesammelten Daten belegen, dass sich sowohl die Spielerdemographie, als auch die Motive der Spieler von den Mainstream MMOs unterscheiden. Zudem konnten realweltliche Eigenschaften der Spieler als signifikante Einflussfaktoren für die Spielzuwendung identifiziert werden.

  10. Gyrodactylidae et Gyrodactylose des Salmonidae



    Full Text Available Vingt et une espèces de Gyrodactylus de Salmonidae arrangées en six groupes sont présentées. Les observations concernant ces espèces dans les milieux naturels et en pisciculture sont résumées. Sur la base de données générales relatives aux espèces de Gyrodactylus en milieu naturel en Scandinavie et Baltique, les observations biologiques, écologiques et comportementales de G. salaris Malmberg, 1957 et G. derjavini MALMBERG et MALMBERG (1987 des salmonidae sauvages des rivières norvégiennes et suédoises sont présentées. La viviparité unique, la reproduction asexuée et sexuée et le pouvoir de reproduction chez les Gyrodactylus sont développés. La Gyrodactylose à G. salaris est abordée en milieu naturel, dans les rivières norvégiennes et en pisciculture, en Suède et au Danemark. L'étude ultrastructurale des blessures causées par G. salaris ainsi que les résultats expérimentaux sur les espèces norvégiennes et canadiennes sont présentés. La distribution géographique naturelle des Salmonidae, les modifications liées à l'homme et à l'activité économique ainsi que les Salmonidae élevés sont revus. La présence de six groupes d'espèces de Gyrodactylus en Amérique du Nord et Eurasie est discutée en fonction de la distribution géographique des espèces hôtes. Il est souligné qu'une propagation intercontinentale des espèces de Gyrodactylus de Salmonidae a dû être impossible à cause de leur origine limnique d'une part et de la salinité élevée des océans atlantique et pacifique d'autre part. Les exigences micro et macro environnementales des espèces sont discutées dans les conditions naturelles et les variations saisonnières, préférendums et tolérances du parasitisme sont signalés. L'effet des conditions de pisciculture sur les espèces de Gyrocactylus sont discutées : la capacité reproductrice et de propagation ainsi que la spécificité — stricte dans la nature — peuvent être influenc

  11. Moessbauer spectroscopy

    Zemcik, T.


    The emission and absorption of photons taking place without changes in the frequency spectrum of the crystal lattice are known as the Moessbauer effect. It takes place in the low energy levels of heavy nuclei in solid lattices at low temperatures. On the basis of the hyperfine structure of Moessbauer spectra the notions are explained of isomer shift, quadrupole splitting and magnetic splitting. The principle and function are explained of Moessbauer spectrometers and the methods of graphical processing of spectra, also the use of the least square fit. Moessbauer spectroscopy is nondestructive, highly sensitive and selective and makes structural resolution possible. It is used for quantitative and qualitative analysis of compounds. Examples are given of the use of this method for mineralogical and crystallo-chemical analysis of lunar minerals and rocks, for analysis of corrosion products of iron and for phase analysis of alloys. (M.D.)

  12. Current algebra; Algebre des courants

    Jacob, M [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The first three chapters of these lecture notes are devoted to generalities concerning current algebra. The weak currents are defined, and their main properties given (V-A hypothesis, conserved vector current, selection rules, partially conserved axial current,...). The SU (3) x SU (3) algebra of Gell-Mann is introduced, and the general properties of the non-leptonic weak Hamiltonian are discussed. Chapters 4 to 9 are devoted to some important applications of the algebra. First one proves the Adler- Weisberger formula, in two different ways, by either the infinite momentum frame, or the near-by singularities method. In the others chapters, the latter method is the only one used. The following topics are successively dealt with: semi leptonic decays of K mesons and hyperons, Kroll- Ruderman theorem, non leptonic decays of K mesons and hyperons ( {delta}I = 1/2 rule), low energy theorems concerning processes with emission (or absorption) of a pion or a photon, super-convergence sum rules, and finally, neutrino reactions. (author) [French] La premiere partie de ce cours (trois premiers chapitres), traite des generalites concernant l'algebre de courants. Apres une definition rapide des courants faibles et un rappel de leurs proprietes (hypothese V-A, conservation du courant vecteur, regles de selection, courant axial partiellement conserve,...), l'on introduit l'algebre de Gell-Mann SU (3) x SU (3), et discute les proprietes generales de l'Hamiltonien faible non leptonique. Les chapitres IV a IX sont consacres a des applications importantes de l'algebre des courants. En premier lieu l'on demontre la formule de Adler et Weisberger, par deux methodes differentes, celle dite du repere de moment infini et celle des singularites proches. Cette derniere est seule utilisee dans la suite. Puis, l'on traite successivement les problemes suivants: desintegrations semi-leptoniques des mesons K et des hyperons, theoreme de Kroll-Ruderman, desintegrations non leptoniques des mesons

  13. Photoelectron spectroscopy

    Shirley, D.A.


    Research activities in photoelectron spectroscopy at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory during 1976 are described. Topics covered include: the orientation of CO on Pt(III) and Ni(III) surfaces from angle-resolved photoemission; photoemission from CO on Pt(III) in the range 40 eV less than or equal to dirac constant ω less than or equal to 150 eV; photoemission studies of electron states at clean surfaces using synchrotron radiation; angle and energy dependent photoemission studies of plasmon loss structure in Al and In; d-orbital directed photoemission from copper; interpretation of angle-resolved x-ray photoemission from valence bands; atomic cross-section effects in soft x-ray photoemission from Ag, Au, and Pt valence bands; x-ray photoelectron spectroscopic studies of the electronic structure of transition metal difluorides; x-ray photoemission investigation of the density of states of B'-NiAl; the electronic structure of SrTiO 3 and some simple related oxides; fluorescence lifetime measurements of np 5 (n+1)S' states in krypton and xenon; Zeeman beats in the resonance fluorescence of the 3P 1 , states in krypton and xenon; lifetime measurements of rare-gas dimers; configuration interaction effects in the atomic photoelectron spectra of Ba, Sm, Eu, and Yb; glow discharge lamps as electron sources for electron impact excitation; electron impact excitation of electron correlation states in Ca, Sr, and Ba; photoelectron spectroscopy of atomic and molecular bismuth; relativistic effects in the uv photoelectron spectra of group VI diatomic molecules; and relative gas-phase acidities and basicities from a proton potential model


    SEI Joseph

    pollution. L'objectif du présent travail est l'étude de la qualité des eaux superficielles et souterraines pour évaluer le degré de pollution provenant des lixiviats de la décharge et des cours d'eaux dans lesquels les ..... Les métaux lourds dosés ont montré une pollution métallique des eaux souterraine par rapport à la norme.


    SEI Joseph

    D'autre part, à cause de la corrélation directe entre l'étendue des inondations et les quantités de poissons et de pâturages fournies par la plaine, il y a eu dégradation des ... aux changements climatiques en zone sahélienne du Cameroun. Un des objectifs de notre étude était de préciser le comportement des agriculteurs ...

  16. Architecture, des normes et des systèmes d'information libres, phase ...

    Architecture, des normes et des systèmes d'information libres, phase II (OASIS II) - Renforcement des capacités dans l'ensemble de l'Afrique. Sur presque tout le continent africain, la prestation des services de santé est limitée en raison des maigres ressources disponibles et de la charge de morbidité de plus en plus ...

  17. Prise en charge des urgences au service d'accueil des urgences ...

    Introduction: La prise en charge des patients dans les services d'accueil des urgences est une des meilleures vitrines d'un système de santé. En Afrique subsaharienne, la gestion des urgences se heurte à des difficultés humaines et matérielles. Le but de ce travail était d'évaluer les difficultés de prise en charge au Service ...

  18. Evaluer des études de gestion des entreprises : combiner des éléments principales avec des éléments pratiques

    Pennink, B.J.W.


    Evaluer la recherche de gestion demande une combinaison des critères classiques et des critères pratiques. Par cette combinaison il est possible de trouver une réponse cerrecte concernant la validité et l'effet de la recherche. Dans cet article nous allons décrire comment une combinaison des

  19. Perceptions locales de la manifestation des changements ...


    . PRPR. ERMA. DC. UD cluster 1 cluster 2. Pauvres. Riches et moyens. Figure 4. Positionnement des classes d'impacts socio-économiques des changements climatiques dans un système d'axes de l'analyse factorielle des ...

  20. Migration transnationale des Vietnamiennes en Asie | IDRC ...

    Souvent, cependant, les pays d'origine ne disposent pas des politiques ni des lois ayant force exécutoire qui permettraient d'assurer des pratiques d'embauche ... Women's movements in India are struggling to address problems arising from rapidly changing social relations and vulnerabilities associated with, among other ...

  1. Innovation, apprentissage et cadres institutionnels dans des ...

    Trois secteurs de transformation des ressources naturelles - ceux des pâtes et ... devrait déboucher sur des recommandations concrètes pour l'élaboration de ... bibliothèque de ressources aideront à améliorer les systèmes d'information et ...

  2. Aux origines des Jeux olympiques.

    Isabelle Debilly


    Full Text Available Si les Jo modernes sont régulièrement sous les feux de l’actualité, soit par la répétition temporelle des Olympiades elle-même, soit par les enjeux économiques féroces qui découlent du choix des lieux, ceux de l’Antiquité sont en général cantonnés au domaine scolaire ou universitaire. Néanmoins, ils bénéficient tous les quatre ans d`un éclairage médiatique. L’ouvrage Olympie. La victoire pour les dieux est au croisement des deux domaines. En effet, écrit par un ...

  3. Romagnat – Bois des Goules

    Leguet, Daniel


    Lien Atlas (MCC) :;45.698;3.133;45.745 La parcelle prospectée se situe sur le flanc nord du col des Goules, passage traditionnel vers l’oppidum de Gergovie, dans un profond thalweg emprunté jadis par un chemin descendant sur Romagnat. Sur la pente actuelle entièrement boisée, on trouve des sentiers récents et des pistes de motocross. C’est sur l’une de ces dernières que nous avions recueilli un poids ...

  4. Cardiotoxicité des psychotropes

    TAHIRI, Abdallah


    Même à dose thérapeutique, les médicaments psychotropes sont susceptibles d'engendrer des troubles du rythme cardiaque graves avec risque létal concourant à expliquer la pré valence de la mort subite dans la population psychiatrique. Les situations cliniques à risque telles que poly médication (des psychotropes entre eux ou d'un psychotrope avec un non psychotrope allongeur de QTc), interactions médicamenteuses aussi bien pharmacodynamiques que pharmacocinétiques, traitement pa...

  5. Tombes et cimetières éthiopiens : des rois, des saints, des anonymes1

    Derat, Marie-Laure


    L’histoire des tombes et cimetières éthiopiens, dans la longue durée, en est encore à ses balbutiements. Si les tombes des saints et des rois nous sont un peu mieux connus grâce à des textes témoignant à la fois des enjeux entourant les sépultures de ces personnages hors du commun et des soins apportés à leur inhumation, en revanche, les cimetières ordinaires échappent encore largement à l’enquête, en grande partie parce que le commun des mortels est inhumé dans l’anonymat et dans un grand dé...

  6. SIMP spectroscopy

    Hochberg, Yonit [Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California,Berkeley, CA 94720 (United States); Department of Physics, University of California,Berkeley, CA 94720 (United States); Kuflik, Eric [Department of Physics, LEPP, Cornell University,Ithaca NY 14853 (United States); Murayama, Hitoshi [Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California,Berkeley, CA 94720 (United States); Department of Physics, University of California,Berkeley, CA 94720 (United States); Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (WPI),University of Tokyo Institutes for Advanced Study, University of Tokyo,Kashiwa 277-8583 (Japan); Center for Japanese Studies, University of California,Berkeley, CA 94720 (United States)


    We study the interactions between strongly interacting massive particle dark matter and the Standard Model via a massive vector boson that is kinetically mixed with the hypercharge gauge boson. The relic abundance is set by 3→2 self-interactions of the dark matter, while the interactions with the vector mediator enable kinetic equilibrium between the dark and visible sectors. We show that a wide range of parameters is phenomenologically viable and can be probed in various ways. Astrophysical and cosmological constraints are evaded due to the p-wave nature of dark matter annihilation into visible particles, while direct detection methods using electron recoils can be sensitive to parts of the parameter space. In addition, we propose performing spectroscopy of the strongly coupled dark sector at e{sup +}e{sup −} colliders, where the energy of a mono-photon can track the resonance structure of the dark sector. Alternatively, some resonances may decay back into Standard Model leptons or jets, realizing ‘hidden valley’ phenomenology at the LHC and ILC in a concrete fashion.

  7. SIMP spectroscopy

    Hochberg, Yonit; Kuflik, Eric; Murayama, Hitoshi


    We study the interactions between strongly interacting massive particle dark matter and the Standard Model via a massive vector boson that is kinetically mixed with the hypercharge gauge boson. The relic abundance is set by 3→2 self-interactions of the dark matter, while the interactions with the vector mediator enable kinetic equilibrium between the dark and visible sectors. We show that a wide range of parameters is phenomenologically viable and can be probed in various ways. Astrophysical and cosmological constraints are evaded due to the p-wave nature of dark matter annihilation into visible particles, while direct detection methods using electron recoils can be sensitive to parts of the parameter space. In addition, we propose performing spectroscopy of the strongly coupled dark sector at e + e − colliders, where the energy of a mono-photon can track the resonance structure of the dark sector. Alternatively, some resonances may decay back into Standard Model leptons or jets, realizing ‘hidden valley’ phenomenology at the LHC and ILC in a concrete fashion.

  8. Planetary spectroscopy

    Fink, U.


    The main goal of the research is charge coupled device (CCD) spectroscopic and imaging studies of the solar system in support of spacecraft investigations. Studies include the physical behavior of comets, the atmosphere of the gaseous planets, and the solid surfaces of satellites and asteroids. The major observing program consisted of approximately 50 nights of photometry of Comet Halley in order to resolve the controversy over this comet's rotation period. This data is presently being analyzed. Additional observing projects included the spectroscopic occultation of Charon by Pluto, reflection spectroscopy of Mercury, and a spectrum of the satellite Oberon. Mercury data does not corroborate the Fe(++) absorption feature reported by McCord and Clark at 8800 A but instead potentially shows a weaker feature at longer wavelengths. This position is in much closer accord with expectations for Mercury since a band center near 8800 A implies too little Fe(++) on Mercury, especially if band shifts with temperature are considered. The Pluto project proved that the deep methane absorptions visible in their combined specta are due soley to Pluto with Charon showing a flat and featureless spectrum. It appears that if Charon ever contained a substantial methane component, the satellite's low surface gravity could not hold it and the methane evaporated and escaped

  9. Intermolecular spectroscopy

    Gelbart, W.M.


    In this article some of the theoretical background is presented for the following papers on 'Intermolecular Spectroscopy and Dynamical Properties of Dense Systems'. In Section 1 we outline a simple semi-classical description of the interaction between optical radiation and matter. The motion of a many-body polarizability is introduced; limiting forms of this complicated quantity lead to the familiar cases of light scattering spectra. In Section 2 we consider the linear response approximation, and the equation of motion for the many-body density matrix is solved to first order in the matter-radiation interaction. The often quoted fluctuation-dissipation theorem and the time-dependent, equilibrium correlation functions are discussed. Section 3 treats the problem of the local field. In Section 4 we consider the special case of collision-induced light scattering by atomic fluids in the low-density limit. This allows us to focus on determining the interaction polarizability for simple gases. Finally, in Section 5 we distinguish between collision-induced and multiple light scattering, and discuss the double-light-scattering analyses which provide new information about critical and thermodynamically unstable fluids. (KBE)

  10. Traits morphologiques des graines et vigueur des jeunes plants de ...

    écologique du Sénégal afin de pouvoir sélectionner une meilleure semence qui sera destinée aux programmes de développement des énergies renouvelables. Morphological traits of seeds and seedling vigor of two sources of Jatropha curcas L. in ...

  11. Traits morphologiques des graines et vigueur des jeunes plants de ...


    écologique du Sénégal afin de pouvoir sélectionner une meilleure semence qui sera destinée aux programmes de développement des énergies renouvelables. Journal of Applied Biosciences 88:8249– 8255. ISSN 1997–5902 ...

  12. Original Paper Dynamique des peuplements des Parcelles d'Essais ...

    permanentes (PFTP) à Bensékou visait à évaluer la dynamique de la population de ... est alors important de mettre en œuvre une sensibilisation de la population locale sur les mérites de la gestion ..... contrôle des PES se sont encore montré.

  13. Evaluation des conditions de germination des noyaux de Grewia ...


    31 janv. 2014 ... 1Laboratoire de Physiologie et Production Végétales, Université Marien NGOUABI,. Faculté des Sciences et Techniques, BP.69. Brazzaville, Republique du Congo. 2Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie et Forestérie, Université Marien NGOUABI,. BP. 69. Brazzaville, Republique du Congo.

  14. High precision spectroscopy of pionic and antiprotonic atoms; Spectroscopie de precision des atomes pioniques et antiprotoniques

    El-Khoury, P


    The study of exotic atoms, in which an orbiting electron of a normal atom is replaced by a negatively charged particle ({pi}{sup -}, {mu}{sup -}, p, {kappa}{sup -}, {sigma}{sup -},...) may provide information on the orbiting particle and the atomic nucleus, as well as on their interaction. In this work, we were interested in pionic atoms ({pi}{sup -14} N) on the one hand in order to determine the pion mass with high accuracy (4 ppm), and on the other hand in antiprotonic atoms (pp-bar) in order to study the strong nucleon-antinucleon interaction at threshold. In this respect, a high-resolution crystal spectrometer was coupled to a cyclotron trap which provides a high stop density for particles in gas targets at low pressure. Using curved crystals, an extended X-ray source could be imaged onto the detector. Charge-Coupled Devices were used as position sensitive detectors in order to measure the Bragg angle of the transition to a high precision. The use of gas targets resolved the ambiguity owing to the number of K electrons for the value of the pion mass, and, for the first time, strong interaction shift and broadening of the 2p level in antiprotonic hydrogen were measured directly. (author)

  15. La maison des mathématiques

    Villani, Cédric; Moncorgé, Vincent


    Comment travaillent les mathématiciens ? C'est peut-être en se promenant dans les couloirs de la première des " maisons des mathématiques " de France, l'institut Henri Poincaré, que l'on trouvera quelques réponses. Le mathématicien Cédric Villani et le physicien Jean-Philippe Uzan nous invitent à découvrir cette discipline et ses acteurs. Au fil des pages on suit, à travers de superbes images signées du photographe Vincent Moncorgé, la façon dont se fabrique cette science qui reste souvent mystérieuse. Toutes les dimensions, scientifique, esthétique et poétique, des mathématiques sont convoquées grâce à des regards croisés : la diversité des inspirations des chercheurs, la source de leur créativité, l'imaginaire littéraire et artistique des mathématiques, la drôle de tribu des mathématiciens. Un voyage au cœur de cette " auberge espagnole " des mathématiques, campus " à la française " accueillant des centaines de chercheurs du monde entier, devenu un lieu d'émulation et d'éc...

  16. Etude des erreurs d'estimation des populations par la méthode des captures successives (DeLURY, 2 captures et des captures-recaptures (PETERSEN



    Full Text Available L'estimation des populations naturelles par capture-recapture et par captures successives est souvent entachée d'erreur car, dans de nombreux cas, l'hypothèse fondamentale d'égalité des probabilités de captures pour tous les individus dans le temps et dans l'espace n'est pas respectée. Dans le cas des populations de poissons envisagés ici, les captures ont lieu par la pêche électrique. On a pu chiffrer l'ordre de grandeur des erreurs systématiques faites sur l'estimation des peuplements, en fonction des conditions particulières, biotiques et abiotiques, des différents milieux inventoriés.

  17. Annual report on theoretical work of the S.T.G.I. (Section de theorie des gaz ionises)


    This report presents in a detailed form the theoretical work of the STGI (Section Theorie des Gaz Ionises). It is thus hoped that the present report will be useful for physicists interested in additional information. Works an plasma equilibrium and its evolution are shortly presented together with works on plasma heating and current drive. Kinetic theory and spectroscopy are not forgotten

  18. Reduction des effectifs ou licenciements

    Maiani, Luciano


    "Vous faites un amalgame entre la reduction en cours des effectifs du CERN (organisation europeenne pour la recherche nucleaire) et les economies que le laboratoire doit realiser dans les cinq ans a venir pour financer le projet de grand collisionneur de hadrons (Le Monde du 4 septembre)" (1/2 page).

  19. Les parcs des porcelainiers Haviland

    Colette Chabrely


    Full Text Available Les parcs du Reynou et de Mont-Méry en Limousin, anciennes propriétés des porcelainiers Haviland, présentent l’un et l’autre un grand intérêt paysager et botanique. Dans les deux cas, l’attribution de la création est incertaine. Cet article propose pour le Reynou une analyse de documents figurés anciens permettant de préciser la chronologie des travaux du château et du parc. Pour Mont-Méry il s’agit de poser de nouveaux jalons pour une étude plus approfondie des sources et de la composition des jardins afin d’envisager de nouvelles pistes pour leur attribution.The Reynou and Mont-Méry parks near Limoges originally belonged to the city’s porcelain manufacturers, the Havilands. Both parks are of considerable interest in terms of their landscaping and their botany. In both cases, there is some uncertainty as to the identity of their designers. This article offers an analysis of the graphic representations of the Reynou park, clarifying the chronology of the creation of the château and its park. For the Mont-Méry park, the aim is to offer some guidelines for further research in the source material and on the design of the park itself, perhaps allowing for the designer to be identified.

  20. Bangalore, ville des nouvelles technologies

    Clarisse Didelon


    Full Text Available Bangalore est devenue la Silicon Valley de l’Inde. Une partie de ses habitants y vit à l’occidentale mais le reste de la population souffre de la croissance spectaculaire de la ville. Face à l’insuffisance des infrastructures, Bangalore devient de moins en moins attractive pour les entreprises internationales.

  1. Isotopic analysis using optical spectroscopy (1963); Analyse isotopique par spectroscopie optique (1963)

    Gerstenkorn, S [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The isotopic displacement in the atomic lines of certain elements (H, He, Li, Ne, Sr, Hg, Pb, U, Pu) is used for dosing these elements isotopically. The use of the Fabry-Perot photo-electric interference spectrometer is shown to be particularly adapted for this sort of problem: in each case we give on the one hand the essential results obtained with this apparatus, and on the other hand the results previously obtained with a conventional apparatus (grating, photographic plate). These results together give an idea of the possibilities of optical spectroscopy: in the best case, the precision which may be expected is of the order of 1 to 2 per cent for isotopes whose concentration is about 1 per cent. (author) [French] Le deplacement isotopique dans les raies atomiques de certains elements (H, He, Li, Ne, Sr, Hg, Pb, U, Pu) est utilise pour effectuer le dosage isotopique de ces elements. L'utilisation du spectrometre interferentiel Fabry-Perot photoelectrique se revele particulierement adapte a ce genre de probleme: dans chaque cas, nous donnons d'une part l'essentiel des resultats obtenus avec cet appareil, et d'autre part, les resultats obtenus anterieurement a l'aide de l'appareillage classique (reseau, plaque photographique). L'ensemble de ces informations donne une idee des possibilites offertes par la spectroscopie optique: dans le meilleur des cas, la precision que l'on peut esperer est de l'ordre de 1 a 2 pour cent pour des isotopes dont la concentration est de l'ordre de 1 pour cent. (auteur)

  2. Structure, stoichiometry and spectroscopy of oxide superconductors

    Rao, C. N. R.

    In the new oxide superconductors, structure and oxygen stoichiometry play the most crucial role. Thus, all the high-temperature oxide superconductors are orthorhombic perovskites with low-dimensional features. Oxygen stoichiometry in YBa2Cu3O7-δ has an important bearing on the structure as well as superconductivity. This is equally true in the La3-xBa3+xCu 6O14+δ system of which only the 123 oxide (x = 1) with the orthorhombic structure shows high Tc. Orthorhombicity though not essential, is generally found ; it is necessary for the formation of twins. The nature of oxygen and copper in the cuprates has been examined by electron spectroscopy. Copper in these cuprates is only in 1 + and 2 + states. It seems likely that oxygen holes are responsible for superconductivity of the cuprates as well as Ba(Bi, Pb)O3. High Tc superconductivity is also found in oxides of the Bi-(Ca, Sr)-Cu-O and related oxides possessing Cu-O sheets. Dans les nouveaux oxydes supraconducteurs, la structure et la stoechiométrie de l'oxygène jouent un rôle absolument crucial. Ainsi, tous les oxydes supraconducteurs à haute température critique sont des pérovskites orthorhombiques possédant des propriétés de basse dimensionnalité. La stoechiométrie de l'oxygène dans YBa2Cu3O7- δ a une influence importante tant sur la structure que sur la supraconductibilité. Ceci est également valable pour les composés du type La3 -xBa3 + xCu 6O14 + δ parmi lesquels seul l'oxyde 123 (x = 1) à structure orthorhombique présente un grand T. Bien que ce ne soit pas essentiel, cette orthorhombicité est fréquente ; elle est nécessaire à la formation de macles. La nature de l'oxygène et du cuivre a été observée par spectroscopie électronique... Dans ces cuprates, le cuivre est dans les seuls états de valence + 1 et + 2. Vraisemblablement, les trous logés sur l'oxygène sont responsables de la supraconductibilité des cuprates comme de Ba(Bi, Pb)O3. La supraconductibilité existe aussi

  3. Évaluation de la valeur nutritive et recherche des substances ...


    30 juin 2016 ... et des lipides. Puis, l'évaluation a été effectuée sur ces échantillons pour rechercher la présence des alcaloïdes, des saponines, des quinones, des stéroïdes, des terpenoïdes, des flavonoïdes, des leucoanthocyanes, des tannoïdes et des hétérosides cyanogénétiques. Les teneurs moyennes en humidité ...

  4. Auger electron spectroscopy, ionization loss spectroscopy, appearance potential spectroscopy

    Riwan, R.


    The spectroscopy of surfaces using an incident electron beam is studied. The fundamental mechanisms are discussed together with the parameters involved in Auger emission: excitation of the atom, de-excitation by electron emission, and the migration of electrons towards the surface and their ejection. Some examples of applications are given (surface structures, metallurgy, chemical information). Two new techniques for analyzing surfaces are studied: ionization spectroscopy, and appearance potential spectroscopy [fr

  5. Osteoporose und Genetik des Knochenstoffwechsels

    Obermayer-Pietsch B


    Full Text Available Osteoporose ist in hohem Maß genetisch determiniert. Neue Wege der molekularbiologischen Forschung haben sich in den letzten Jahren auf diesem Gebiet etabliert. "Gene mapping" mit polymorphen genetischen Markern auf der Suche nach Phänotyp-assoziierten Genen ist ein aufwendiges, aber vielversprechendes Verfahren und wird durch die Erkenntnisse des Human Genome Projects beschleunigt. So wurde jüngst u. a. das Low-density Lipoprotein 5-Gen als wichtig für den Knochenstoffwechsel identifiziert. Kandidaten-gene wie Hormonrezeptor-, Cytokin- oder Kollagen-Gene werden hinsichtlich ihrer Gen-Gen- und Gen-Umwelt- Interaktionen untersucht und erlauben neue funktionelle Einsichten in Erkrankungen des Knochenstoffwechsels. Mutationen der Kollagen-Gene sind bei einigen seltenen Erkrankungen, wie dem Osteoporose-Pseudogliom-Syndrom oder der Osteogenesis imperfecta gefunden worden, könnten aber auch für häufige Varianten von Bindegewebsstörungen wie der congenitalen Hüftdysplasie verantwortlich sein, die etwa 10 % der weiblichen kaukasischen Bevölkerung in unterschiedlichem Ausmaß betrifft. Osteoporose am Schenkelhals und erhöhte Gelenkslaxizität sowie andere generalisierte Veränderungen des Knochen- und Kollagenstoffwechsels können hier möglicherweise ebenfalls durch Störungen des Kollagen I alpha 1-Gens erklärt werden. In Summe können wir zahlreiche neue Einsichten in die Pathophysiologie des Skelettsystems erwarten, die uns auch neue Zugangswege für Diagnostik und Therapie unserer Patienten ermöglichen werden.

  6. L'astronomie des Anciens

    Nazé, Yaël


    Quelle que soit la civilisation à laquelle il appartient, l'être humain cherche dans le ciel des réponses aux questions qu'il se pose sur son origine, son avenir et sa finalité. Le premier mérite de ce livre est de nous rappeler que l'astronomie a commencé ainsi à travers les mythes célestes imaginés par les Anciens pour expliquer l'ordre du monde et la place qu'ils y occupaient. Mais les savoirs astronomiques passés étaient loin d'être négligeables et certainement pas limités aux seuls travaux des Grecs : c'est ce que l'auteur montre à travers une passionnante enquête, de Stonehenge à Gizeh en passant par Pékin et Mexico, fondée sur l'étude des monuments anciens et des sources écrites encore accessibles. Les tablettes mésopotamiennes, les annales chinoises, les chroniques médiévales, etc. sont en outre d'une singulière utilité pour les astronomes modernes : comment sinon remonter aux variations de la durée du jour au cours des siècles, ou percer la nature de l'explosion qui a frappé tant d'observateurs en 1054 ? Ce livre offre un voyage magnifiquement illustré à travers les âges, entre astronomie et archéologie.

  7. Properties of 15/2- states in 215Ra and 217Th; evaluation of the 15/2- to 9/2+ E3 strength in N=127 isotones

    Dracoulis, G.D.; Riess, R.; Stuchbery, A.E.; Bark, R.A.; Gupta, S.L.; Baxter, A.M.; Kruse, M.


    The lifetime of the yrast 15/2 - state in 215 Ra was measured using pulsed beams and γ-ray and electron techniques. Transition multipolarities were established from measured conversion coefficients. The B(E3) of the 15/2 - → 9/2 + transition is found to be considerably larger than previously reported. A candidate for the corresponding transition in 217 Th was also observed. The E3 strength of the 15/2 - → 9/2 + transition in the N=127 isotones is evaluated in the light of these and other recent results. Interpretation in the framework of particle-octupole vibration coupling requires a systematic lowering of the core 3 - vibration as proton pairs are added to 208 Pb

  8. Enquête de satisfaction des restaurants

    Staff Association


    Comité de surveillance des restaurants L’Association du personnel est représentée dans plusieurs comités dont le Comité de surveillance des restaurants (CSR) qui a pour mandat : de donner son avis sur toute question relative à la politique générale de l’Organisation en matière de restauration sur le site, y compris en ce qui concerne les termes et l’attribution des contrats d’exploitation des restaurants ; de définir dans le cadre des contrats d’exploitation des restaurants, les prestations correspondant aux besoins et, dans la mesure du possible, aux désirs du personnel ; de surveiller les prestations des restaurants, y compris en ce qui concerne la qualité et la préparation des produits ; de négocier avec les concessionnaires des restaurants au sujet des tarifs et de surveill...

  9. Administration et gestion des contrats XL

    Senouf, J


    Les grands contrats de travaux génèrent un grand nombre de commandes (OSVC) passées par un grand nombre de responsables techniques. Ils sont généralement basés sur des bordereaux de prix associés à un éventail de conditions économiques adaptées aux besoins complexes et variés des multiples utilisateurs du CERN nécessitant des calculs sophistiqués. L'administration des commandes, le suivi des travaux et de la facturation doivent répondre aux besoins de tous les acteurs. Les responsables techniques doivent jouir de la plus large indépendance administrative dans le respect des règlements CERN et des conditions contractuelles. Le contrôle des métrés et décomptes doit être rigoureux et d'une traçabilité complète. L'utilisation des bases de données Oracle a déjà permis l'intégration des données administratives et techniques. Le Web nous invite à une communication totale et transparente entre les utilisateurs, les services techniques et les contractants. De nouveaux types de contrat so...

  10. La production mondiale des vins

    Pierre GALET


    On sait peu de choses précises sur l'origine de la culture de la vigne en Gaule. Il est probable qu'il existait des lambrusques sauvages dans les forêts et les sous-bois dont les habitants récoltaient les raisins pour les consommer à l'état frais et peut-être en tiraient-ils aussi une boisson fermentée comme ils le faisaient pour l'orge ou pour le miel (hydromel. Il est vraisemblable aussi que les navigateurs phocéens, venus commercer sur les rivages de la Méditerranée, apportèrent du vin aux gaulois, leur apprirent à tailler la vigne et finalement, en établissant des comptoirs, amenèrent des boutures de vignes de leur propre pays. On sait que les gaulois apprécièrent très vite le vin et ce fut une des raisons de leurs invasion de la Toscane pour y consommer sur place cette « boisson magique ». Plus tard avec l'occupation romaine la culture de la vigne s'étendit dans toute la province narbonnaise, dans la vallée du Rhône jusqu'aux portes de Lyon, puis en Aquitaine. A leur tour les romains se mirent à apprécier les vins gaulois, de qualité supérieure à ceux récoltés en Italie sur les Hautains. A l'aide de la navigation fluviale sur le Rhône les vins gagnèrent Rome, ainsi que ceux embarqués dans les petits ports du rivage méditerranéen. Puis au cours des siècles et grâce notamment aux religieux catholiques la vigne se répandit dans toutes les provinces. A la veille de la Révolution, en 1788, on estimait la superficie cultivée à 1.567.000 hectares, produisant 27 millions d'hectolitres. Au cours du XIXe siècle, les plantations augmentèrent en raison des facilités de transport que permettait l'établissement des lignes de chemin de fer. Le ravitaillement des grandes villes fut assuré par la création d'un important vignoble dans le Midi. En 1875, la superficie cultivée dépassait 2,4 millions d'hectares et la France produisit 83,8 millions d'hectolitres, record absolu qui ne fut jamais plus atteint depuis. La crise phyllox

  11. La territorialisation des politiques environnementales

    Amédée Mollard


    Full Text Available Le point de départ de cet article est la grande variabilité de la pollution nitrique diffuse de l’eau due à l’agriculture. Celle-ci dépend en particulier du climat, des types de sol et des systèmes de production agricole. Nos recherches réalisées de façon interdisciplinaire à partir de deux sites différents en France, montrent que cette hétérogénéité spatio-temporelle conditionne les pratiques agricoles mises en œuvre pour réduire la pollution au niveau de la norme admise. De ce fait, les pratiques les plus « coût-efficaces » diffèrent d’un territoire à l’autre, en fonction des caractéristiques locales. Ces résultats mettent donc en évidence une efficacité potentielle d’une territorialisation des politiques publiques. En théorie, de telles politiques sont considérées comme optimales par les économistes, car elles incitent les agents à moduler leurs efforts en fonction de la sensibilité du milieu. Mais, selon les études empiriques, cet avantage serait annulé par un coût élevé de mise en œuvre, de contrôle et de surveillance. Pour maintenir leur avantage sur des politiques uniformes, les politiques territorialisées devraient être mises en œuvre à un niveau spatial optimal. Un tel niveau devrait au minimum atteindre un compromis entre l’économie réalisée grâce à une modulation adaptée aux conditions locales et les sur-coûts dus à la décentralisation des solutions mises en œuvre. Cet article analyse la pertinence d’une prise en compte de ces spécificités par des politiques territorialisées. L’efficacité d’une régulation différenciée de la pollution nitrique est étudiée ici en évaluant l’importance de la variabilité spatiale des paramètres physiques et des coûts de la territorialisation.The paper starts with the wide variability of nonpoint water nitrogenous pollution generated by agriculture. This variability depends especially on climate, soil types and farming

  12. Multiphoton Ionization Detection in Collinear Laser Spectroscopy of Isolde Beams


    The experiments using the multiphoton ionization technique have been continued in the beginning of 1990 with stable beam tests on the modified apparatus and with another radioactive beam time on Yb. Higher laser power and an increased vacuum in the ionization region (see figure) yielded a further gain in sensitivity, mainly due to the better suppression of the background ions produced in rest gas collisions. For even Yb isotopes we have now reached a detection efficiency of $\\epsilon$~=~1~x~10$^{-5}$ ions per incoming atom at a background count rate of 30~ions from a beam of 5~x~10$^9$. This sensitivity was high enough for spectroscopy on $^{157}$Yb, where the typical ISOLDE yield of 5~x~10$^7$Yb ions is covered by an isobaric contamination of more than 10$^{10}$ ions. Measurements have also been performed on $^{175}$Yb. These give the first precise value for the magnetic moment of this isotope, $\\mu$~=~0.766(8)$ mu _{N} $, which agrees rather well with the magnetic moment of the isotone $^{177}$Hf. The isoto...

  13. Discrete spectroscopy in {sup 180}Os at high spins

    Marti, G; Venkova, Ts; Morek, T; Schnare, H; Gast, W; Georgiev, A; Spohr, K M; Lieder, R M [Institut fuer Kernphysik, KFA-Juelich (Germany); Maier, K H [Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin GmbH (Germany); Zell, K O [Institut fuer Kernphysik, Universitaet Koeln (Germany)


    New information on rotational bands in {sup 180}Os was obtained from a discrete spectroscopy experiment in which the final nucleus was populated through the {sup 150}Nd({sup 36}S,6n) reaction at 177 MeV. A new strongly-coupled rotational band starting at a relatively high excitation energy was found. The observation and placement of the 185.6 keV in the level scheme gives strong support to a hypothetical 2-quasineutron configuration assigned to the 7{sup -} isomeric bands in {sup 180}Os and the isotone {sup 178}W. Band mixing between the (-,1){sub 1} and (-,1){sub 3} bands of same parity and signature was observed, and the interaction strength was estimated from experimental branching ratios. The authors` results confirm a previous assignment for the yrast and yrare sequences in this nucleus. With the identification of new transitions above the states with I {approx_equal} 24, previously assigned bands had to be revised, with the result that the second band crossing vanishes. 23 refs., 3 figs.


    Son but est simple : veiller à ce que les personnes les plus vulnérables dans le monde, en particulier ... Simple et pourtant très efficace, le filtre biosable fournit de l'eau potable dans plus de 300 000 foyers de par le ... de rétablir la fertilité des sols dégradés par l'extraction de l'argile nécessaire à la fabrication de briques, ...

  15. Regroupement des statistiques sur le secteur des TIC et analyse ...

    La présence et l'influence des technologies de l'information et de la communication (TIC) continuent de s'élargir et de s'accroître, tout comme leurs répercussions sur le développement économique. Toutefois, il reste encore beaucoup de travail à faire avant de pouvoir comprendre d'une manière systématique et ...

  16. Étude cytogenetique des aberrations chromosomiques chez des ...

    Ces techniciens et volontaires témoins ont été soumis à l'épreuve de prélèvement de 5 ml de sang veineux au pli du coude dans des tubes d'héparine sodique. Après 48 ... These technicians and Volunteers (controls) were subjected to the test sample of 5 ml of venous blood to the elbow crease in sodium heparin tubes.

  17. Des experts discutent des conflits non conventionnels dans les ...

    21 juil. 2015 ... Le rapport souligne les principaux défis à relever lorsqu'il est question de conflits non conventionnels et de violence dans les Amériques. ... Bien que de nombreux États aient recours à la médiation avec des acteurs du crime organisé en vue de réduire le nombre de leurs actes de violence ou d'y mettre fin, ...

  18. Effets des biomasses vertes de Tithonia diversifolia et des engrais ...

    même dans les sols peu fertiles (McKey et al.,. 2012 ; Temegne et al., 2015). Cependant, il peut aussi produire beaucoup plus lorsqu'il est cultivé avec un supplément judicieux d'engrais. La fertilisation minérale conventionnelle est incompatible avec le contexte économique du paysan camerounais du fait du coût élevé des ...

  19. Caractérisation des plantes médicinales à flavonoïdes des marchés ...

    Les espèces guinéo-congolaises sont les plus abondantes et le mode de dissémination majoritaire des diaspores est la zoochorie. Les plantes à flavonoïdes les plus utilisées sont : Combretum micranthum, Aloe vera, Ageratum conyzoïdes et Cylicodiscus gabonensis. Elles rentrent dans le traitement de 73 maladies parmi ...

  20. La participation des femmes à la vie politique se traduit par des ...

    La participation des femmes à la vie politique se traduit par des économies locales plus vigoureuses. 08 juin 2016. Image. Des femmes assistent à une réunion d'un groupe d'entraide près d'. Edgard Rodriguez - IDRC. Des femmes assistent à une réunion d'un groupe d'entraide près d'Hyderabad, en Inde. Keenara ...

  1. statut de la matiere organique des cambisols et des lixisols sous


    L'étude vise à évaluer la matière organique des Cambisols et des Lixisols sous formations naturelles de longue durée en zone climatique nord-soudanienne et à établir, les relations entre ... sont supérieures à celles des sols des zones sahélienne et sud-soudanienne. ... globale a eu une corrélation positive avec le pH.

  2. Renforcement de l'autonomie des collectivités au moyen des ...

    Cette subvention permettra au ministère des Communications et des Technologies de l'information de l'Égypte ainsi qu'au fonds spécial réservé aux TI de consolider le modèle actuel des clubs de TI en Égypte, par l'entremise de services d'assistance sur demande, d'activités de formation à l'intention du personnel des ...

  3. Accès à l'eau : des solutions techniques et sociales aident des ...

    Grâce à la modélisation par ordinateur faisant appel à des techniques de pointe et à la consultation des collectivités, l'organisme bolivien Agua Sustentable a trouvé des solutions politiques à des conflits qui auraient pu s'avérer désastreux au sujet de l'accès à l'eau. Cet organisme de recherche subventionné par le CRDI a ...

  4. Connaissances, attitudes et pratiques des prestataires de santé des ...

    ... des prestataires interrogés avaient respectivement une bonne connaissance des facteurs de risque et des moyens de dépistage. Les signes évocateurs et les examens complémentaires nécessaires au diagnostic du cancer du sein étaient connus par 15,3 % des prestataires. La définition du cancer du sein et les moyens ...

  5. Incidence des prix et des taxes sur la consommation de produits du ...

    Incidence des prix et des taxes sur la consommation de produits du tabac en Argentine, en Bolivie et au Chili. Partout en Amérique du Sud, les adultes et les enfants font une grande consommation de tabac. Un nouveau projet de recherche se penchera sur les avantages et les limites des stratégies de fixation des prix et de ...

  6. La production mondiale des vins

    Pierre GALET


     Le continent européen constitue le principal foyer de la culture de la vigne. Il vient en tête, non seulement par l'importance de la superficie cultivée, mais également par le volume global de la récolte et par la qualité des produits qui y sont récoltés : vins fins rouges, rosés et blancs, vins mousseux, vins de dessert ou vins généreux, eaux-de-vie, raisins de table frais et raisins secs. Les pays européens sont également les principaux consommateurs de vins du monde et la majeure partie des échanges commerciaux se font vers l'Europe ou partent de ce continent.

  7. Poser et reposer des choix.

    Corinne Van Hauwermeiren- Echement


    Full Text Available IntroductionEn 1955, le legs de la collection Franckignoul – composée notamment d’un ensemble de quatre panneaux du XVIe siècle – vient enrichir les collections du Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Liège (Belgique. La fermeture de ce dernier en 1976 débouche sur  la scission des collections. Une partie est donnée au Musée de l’Art Wallon, l’autre partie allant au Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain (Mamac. Toutes les œuvres n’entrant pas dans ces deux collections sont reléguées en r...

  8. (TEC) et ciblage des pauvres au Mali

    Comment est-ce que c'est vrai. La preuve par … □ Différentiel de ciblage entre P et NP. □ Part normalisée de consommation/achat des Pauvres. □ Part normalisée de la pression fiscale. (totale et de porte) sur les achats des P. □ Part normalisée des "exonérations" revenant aux Pauvres ...


    SEI Joseph

    programme d'installations minières pour l'exploitation de l'or et du manganèse, intéressant des emprises foncières importantes. ... pour maitriser les risques liés aux sols pollués, lesquels peuvent conduire à des effets négatifs sur le long terme Meusy, & Giorni .... kaolinite et de type bentonite industrielle (SFBD). Le pH des ...

  10. Dynamik des Kaufverhaltens im Bio-Sortiment

    Buder, Fabian; Hamm, Ulrich; Bickel, Malte; Bien, Barbara; Michels, Paul


    Das Gesamtziel des vorliegenden Forschungsprojekts war es, eine detaillierte Informationsgrundlage zum tatsächlichen Kaufverhalten von deutschen Haushalten bei ökologischen Lebensmitteln auf der Basis von Haushaltspaneldaten zu erstellen. Dazu sollten zum einen relevante Aspekte des Kaufverhaltens von Haushalten bei Öko-Lebensmitteln im Zeitverlauf von 2004 bis 2008 analysiert und zum anderen die Einflussfaktoren des Kaufverhaltens bei Öko-Lebensmitteln für das Jahr 2008 identifiziert werden....

  11. Revision des Symphurus du Siboga

    Chabanaud, Paul


    Ce m’est un devoir particulièrement agréable que de saisir l’occasion de ce petit mémoire pour remercier M. L. F. DE BEAUFORT, M. H. ENGEL, Directeur du Zoologisch Museum, ainsi que M. J. J. HOEDEMAN de l’accueil qu’à diverses reprises, j’ai reçu de leur part, au Zoölogisch Museum, et aussi des

  12. Contribution des TICs à l'abandon des mutilations génitales ...

    Contribution des TIC à l'abandon des MGF en Afrique de l'Ouest francophone : rôle des jeunes citoyennes; rapport technique no. 5 (rapport technique final), 18 octobre 2008 - 31 mars 2009. Download PDF. Related content. New website will help record vital life events to improve access to services for all. A new website ...

  13. Etat des lieux de la gestion des insecticides au Togo, Afrique de l ...

    Pour parvenir à une gestion optimale des maladies à transmission vectorielle ou tout au moins la nuisance culicidienne, une surveillance permanente des facteurs de risque devient nécessaire. Le principal facteur de risque est le vecteur qui transmet la maladie, et le contrôle du vecteur passe par des stratégies de lutte qui ...

  14. Ethnobotanique des plantes médicinales anti hémorroïdaires des ...



    Dec 31, 2015 ... but est de valoriser la médecine à base des plantes dans le traitement des pathologies ... médicinales anti hémorroïdaires et le coût réduit des recettes serait pour les populations démunies, ...... l'Afrique, Unesco/Aetfat/Unso.

  15. La production mondiale des vins

    Pierre GALET


    Full Text Available La culture de la vigne en Autriche remonterait à l'occupation romaine, les premières plantations ayant été faites par les légions romaines de l'empereur Probus, dans la seconde moitié du IIIe siècle (Probus était né à Sirmium près du Danube et il favorisa l'extension des vignobles dans cette région pour approvisionner ses armées. Après la chute de l'empire romain et les invasions des Awares, on doit à Charlemagne le renouveau de la culture de la vigne, notamment dans la Wachau, en Basse- Autriche. Puis plus tard, à chaque avance de la colonisation, les vignes se répandirent sur les bords du Danube et dans les vallées latérales, l'extension étant favorisée par les communautés religieuses catholiques qui devinrent propriétaires de grands vignobles. La navigation sur le fleuve fut également un facteur favorable pour la culture de la vigne. Au XVIe siècle, apogée des cultures, le vin se vendait jusqu'en Pologne et dans les Etats Baltes.

  16. Analytical applications of spectroscopy

    Creaser, C.S.


    This book provides an up to date overview of recent developments in analytical spectroscopy, with a particular emphasis on the common themes of chromatography - spectroscopy combinations, Fourier transform methods, and data handling techniques, which have played an increasingly important part in the development of all spectroscopic techniques. The book contains papers originally presented at a conference entitled 'Spectroscopy Across The Spectrum' held jointly with the first 'International Near Infrared Spectroscopy Conference' at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, in July 1987, which have been edited and rearranged with some additional material. Each section includes reviews of key areas of current research as well as short reports of new developments. The fields covered are: Near Infrared Spectroscopy; Infrared Spectroscopy; Mass Spectroscopy; NMR Spectroscopy; Atomic and UV/Visible Spectroscopy; Chemometrics and Data Analysis. (author)

  17. Modalites de consommation et valeur nutritionnelle des ...

    Les légumineuses niébé, voandzou et zamnè sont consommées sous forme de ragout et de plats associés à des céréales respectivement par 99%, 93% et 76%. L'arachide et le soja sont utilisés comme des ingrédients ou comme des collations. Les légumineuses ont des teneurs importantes en protéines, 35,76%, 31,04%, ...


    D Slimani


    Full Text Available Des couches minces du titane pur ont été déposées avec la méthode de pulvérisation cathodique sur des substrats en acier, type FF80 K-1 contenants ~1% mass. en carbone. La réaction entre les deux parties du système substrat-couche mince est activée avec des traitements thermiques sous vide dans l’intervalle de températures de 400 à900°Cpendant 30 minutes. Les Spectres de diffraction de rayons x confirment l’inter- diffusion des éléments  chimiques du système résultants la formation et la croissance des nouvelles phases en particulier le carbure binaire TiC ayant des caractéristiques thermomécaniques importantes. L’analyse morphologique des échantillons traités  avec le microscope électronique à balayage (MEB montre l’augmentation du flux de diffusion atomique avec la température de recuit, notamment la diffusion du manganèse et du fer vers la surface libre des échantillons aux températures élevées provoquant la dégradation des propriétés mécaniques des revêtements contrairement au premiers stades d’interaction où on a obtenu des bonnes valeurs de la microdureté.

  19. Spectroscopy of few-particle nuclei around magic 132Sn from fission product γ-ray studies

    Zhang, C. T.


    We are studying the yrast structure of very neutron-rich nuclei around doubly magic 132 Sn by analyzing fission product γ-ray data from a 248 Cm source at Eurogam II. Yrast cascades in several few-valence-particle nuclei have been identified through γγ cross coincidences with their complementary fission partners. Results for two-valence-particle nuclei 132 Sb, 134 Te, 134 Sb and 134 Sn provide empirical nucleon-nucleon interactions which, combined with single-particle energies already known in the one-particle nuclei, are essential for shell-model analysis in this region. Findings for the N = 82 nuclei 134 Te and 135 I have now been extended to the four-proton nucleus 136 Xe. Results for the two-neutron nucleus 134 Sn and the N = 83 isotones 134 Sb, 135 Te and 135 I open up the spectroscopy of nuclei in the northeast quadrant above 132 Sn

  20. Développer le leadership dans des villes de l'Amérique latine et des ...

    Développer le leadership dans des villes de l'Amérique latine et des Caraïbes dans le contexte des changements climatiques. En raison des changements climatiques, de la croissance démographique et de l'urbanisation rapide non planifiée, les villes des pays en développement sont à la fois le principal déclencheur des ...

  1. Static and Dynamic Disorder in Bacterial Light-Harvesting Complex LH2: A 2DES Simulation Study.

    Rancova, Olga; Abramavicius, Darius


    Two-dimensional coherent electronic spectroscopy (2DES) is a powerful technique in distinguishing homogeneous and inhomogeneous broadening contributions to the spectral line shapes of molecular transitions induced by environment fluctuations. Using an excitonic model of a double-ring LH2 aggregate, we perform simulations of its 2DES spectra and find that the model of a harmonic environment cannot provide a consistent set of parameters for two temperatures: 77 K and room temperature. This indicates the highly anharmonic nature of protein fluctuations for the pigments of the B850 ring. However, the fluctuations of B800 ring pigments can be assumed as harmonic in this temperature range.

  2. Impact de la preparation des anodes crues et des conditions de cuisson sur la fissuration dans des anodes denses

    Amrani, Salah

    La fabrication de l'aluminium est realisee dans une cellule d'electrolyse, et cette operation utilise des anodes en carbone. L'evaluation de la qualite de ces anodes reste indispensable avant leur utilisation. La presence des fissures dans les anodes provoque une perturbation du procede l'electrolyse et une diminution de sa performance. Ce projet a ete entrepris pour determiner l'impact des differents parametres de procedes de fabrication des anodes sur la fissuration des anodes denses. Ces parametres incluent ceux de la fabrication des anodes crues, des proprietes des matieres premieres et de la cuisson. Une recherche bibliographique a ete effectuee sur tous les aspects de la fissuration des anodes en carbone pour compiler les travaux anterieurs. Une methodologie detaillee a ete mise au point pour faciliter le deroulement des travaux et atteindre les objectifs vises. La majorite de ce document est reservee pour la discussion des resultats obtenus au laboratoire de l'UQAC et au niveau industriel. Concernant les etudes realisees a l'UQAC, une partie des travaux experimentaux est reservee a la recherche des differents mecanismes de fissuration dans les anodes denses utilisees dans l'industrie d'aluminium. L'approche etait d'abord basee sur la caracterisation qualitative du mecanisme de la fissuration en surface et en profondeur. Puis, une caracterisation quantitative a ete realisee pour la determination de la distribution de la largeur de la fissure sur toute sa longueur, ainsi que le pourcentage de sa surface par rapport a la surface totale de l'echantillon. Cette etude a ete realisee par le biais de la technique d'analyse d'image utilisee pour caracteriser la fissuration d'un echantillon d'anode cuite. L'analyse surfacique et en profondeur de cet echantillon a permis de voir clairement la formation des fissures sur une grande partie de la surface analysee. L'autre partie des travaux est basee sur la caracterisation des defauts dans des echantillons d'anodes crues

  3. Using XML to encode TMA DES metadata

    Oliver Lyttleton


    Full Text Available Background: The Tissue Microarray Data Exchange Specification (TMA DES is an XML specification for encoding TMA experiment data. While TMA DES data is encoded in XML, the files that describe its syntax, structure, and semantics are not. The DTD format is used to describe the syntax and structure of TMA DES, and the ISO 11179 format is used to define the semantics of TMA DES. However, XML Schema can be used in place of DTDs, and another XML encoded format, RDF, can be used in place of ISO 11179. Encoding all TMA DES data and metadata in XML would simplify the development and usage of programs which validate and parse TMA DES data. XML Schema has advantages over DTDs such as support for data types, and a more powerful means of specifying constraints on data values. An advantage of RDF encoded in XML over ISO 11179 is that XML defines rules for encoding data, whereas ISO 11179 does not. Materials and Methods: We created an XML Schema version of the TMA DES DTD. We wrote a program that converted ISO 11179 definitions to RDF encoded in XML, and used it to convert the TMA DES ISO 11179 definitions to RDF. Results: We validated a sample TMA DES XML file that was supplied with the publication that originally specified TMA DES using our XML Schema. We successfully validated the RDF produced by our ISO 11179 converter with the W3C RDF validation service. Conclusions: All TMA DES data could be encoded using XML, which simplifies its processing. XML Schema allows datatypes and valid value ranges to be specified for CDEs, which enables a wider range of error checking to be performed using XML Schemas than could be performed using DTDs.

  4. Using XML to encode TMA DES metadata.

    Lyttleton, Oliver; Wright, Alexander; Treanor, Darren; Lewis, Paul


    The Tissue Microarray Data Exchange Specification (TMA DES) is an XML specification for encoding TMA experiment data. While TMA DES data is encoded in XML, the files that describe its syntax, structure, and semantics are not. The DTD format is used to describe the syntax and structure of TMA DES, and the ISO 11179 format is used to define the semantics of TMA DES. However, XML Schema can be used in place of DTDs, and another XML encoded format, RDF, can be used in place of ISO 11179. Encoding all TMA DES data and metadata in XML would simplify the development and usage of programs which validate and parse TMA DES data. XML Schema has advantages over DTDs such as support for data types, and a more powerful means of specifying constraints on data values. An advantage of RDF encoded in XML over ISO 11179 is that XML defines rules for encoding data, whereas ISO 11179 does not. We created an XML Schema version of the TMA DES DTD. We wrote a program that converted ISO 11179 definitions to RDF encoded in XML, and used it to convert the TMA DES ISO 11179 definitions to RDF. We validated a sample TMA DES XML file that was supplied with the publication that originally specified TMA DES using our XML Schema. We successfully validated the RDF produced by our ISO 11179 converter with the W3C RDF validation service. All TMA DES data could be encoded using XML, which simplifies its processing. XML Schema allows datatypes and valid value ranges to be specified for CDEs, which enables a wider range of error checking to be performed using XML Schemas than could be performed using DTDs.

  5. Using XML to encode TMA DES metadata

    Lyttleton, Oliver; Wright, Alexander; Treanor, Darren; Lewis, Paul


    Background: The Tissue Microarray Data Exchange Specification (TMA DES) is an XML specification for encoding TMA experiment data. While TMA DES data is encoded in XML, the files that describe its syntax, structure, and semantics are not. The DTD format is used to describe the syntax and structure of TMA DES, and the ISO 11179 format is used to define the semantics of TMA DES. However, XML Schema can be used in place of DTDs, and another XML encoded format, RDF, can be used in place of ISO 11179. Encoding all TMA DES data and metadata in XML would simplify the development and usage of programs which validate and parse TMA DES data. XML Schema has advantages over DTDs such as support for data types, and a more powerful means of specifying constraints on data values. An advantage of RDF encoded in XML over ISO 11179 is that XML defines rules for encoding data, whereas ISO 11179 does not. Materials and Methods: We created an XML Schema version of the TMA DES DTD. We wrote a program that converted ISO 11179 definitions to RDF encoded in XML, and used it to convert the TMA DES ISO 11179 definitions to RDF. Results: We validated a sample TMA DES XML file that was supplied with the publication that originally specified TMA DES using our XML Schema. We successfully validated the RDF produced by our ISO 11179 converter with the W3C RDF validation service. Conclusions: All TMA DES data could be encoded using XML, which simplifies its processing. XML Schema allows datatypes and valid value ranges to be specified for CDEs, which enables a wider range of error checking to be performed using XML Schemas than could be performed using DTDs. PMID:21969921

  6. Introductory Raman spectroscopy

    Ferraro, John R


    Praise for Introductory Raman Spectroscopy Highlights basic theory, which is treated in an introductory fashion Presents state-of-the-art instrumentation Discusses new applications of Raman spectroscopy in industry and research.

  7. Sub-Doppler spectroscopy

    Hansch, T.W.


    This chapter examines Doppler-free saturation spectroscopy, tunable cw sources, and Doppler-free two-photon spectroscopy. Discusses saturation spectroscopy; continuous wave saturation spectroscopy in the ultraviolet; and two-photon spectroscopy of atomic hydrogen 1S-2S. Focuses on Doppler-free laser spectroscopy of gaseous samples. Explains that in saturation spectroscopy, a monochromatic laser beam ''labels'' a group of atoms within a narrow range of axial velocities through excitation or optical pumping, and a Doppler-free spectrum of these selected atoms is observed with a second, counterpropagating beam. Notes that in two-photon spectroscopy it is possible to record Doppler-free spectra without any need for velocity selection by excitation with two counterpropagating laser beams whose first order Doppler shifts cancel

  8. Vers une meilleure comprehension des savoirs disciplinaires et curriculaires des enseignants ou Ie paradigme retrouve

    Stephane Martineau


    Full Text Available eet article se veut essentieUement un travail de synthese sous la forme d 'une breve revue de litterature au sujet des savoirs disciplinaires et curriculaires en enseignement. Plus specifiquement, il vise a determiner queUes sont les principales conclusions qui se degagent de la lecture des recherches empiriques sur les savoirs disciplinaires et curriculaires des enseignants des ordres d'enseignement primaire et secondaire. Il propose donc une classification des differentes dimensions constitutives du rapport entre les savoirs disciplinaires et curriculaires et la pratique enseignante. Les resultats mis au jour permettent d 'une part, d'identifier les facteurs qui entrainent des differences dans les connaissances disciplinaires et curriculaires des enseignants et d'autre part, de mieux saisir comment ces connaissances de l'enseignant peuvent influencer en retour sa pratique.

  9. Allergene des Wiesenlieschgrases Phleum pratense als Stimulatoren des angeborenen Immunsystems

    Röschmann, Kristina


    Heuschnupfen und Asthma zählen weltweit zu den häufigsten chronischen Erkrankungen. Etwa 20 % der Bevölkerung westlicher Industriestaaten und bis zu 40 % der atopischen Individuen weisen eine Gräserpollenallergie auf17;32;43;44. Sowohl aus medizinischer, als auch aus volkwirtschaftlicher Sicht besteht daher ein großes Interesse an der näheren Untersuchung der Gräserpollenallergie. Da respiratorische Epithelien den Ort des ersten Kontaktes mit Aeroallergenen darstellen, war es Ziel dieser Arbe...

  10. Dynamique des populations du foreur des tiges du cacaoyer ...


    30 nov. 2014 ... déprédateur dans la région du Haut-Sassandra, la deuxième plus grande région de production de cacao en. Côte d'ivoire. Méthodologie et résultats : L'étude a été réalisée de 2009 à 2013 dans les plantations villageoises de la région du Haut-Sassandra en Côte d'Ivoire. Les variations des taux d'attaques ...

  11. Processamento e avaliação de estabilidade de bebida isotônica em garrafa plástica Processing and stability evaluation of isotonic drink in plastic bottle

    Rodrigo Rodrigues Petrus


    Full Text Available Processou-se uma mistura isotônica com pH 3,4; objetivando-se a produção de uma bebida microbiologicamente estável, prescindindo de refrigeração. A bebida isotônica foi pasteurizada a 85°C/5s em trocador de calor a placas e acondicionada em garrafas de polietileno tereftalato (PET sanificadas por aspersão com solução de ácido peracético 0,3% durante 5s, a 30°C. Foram processados 1 lote com 50mg/L de sorbato de potássio, 1 lote com 100mg/L e 1 lote sem sorbato. Os 3 lotes foram mantidos a 25°C durante 26 semanas, sendo realizadas determinações de pH, sólidos solúveis, acidez total titulável, ácido ascórbico, testes de aceitação sensorial e contagens de microrganismos mesófilos aeróbios totais, bolores e leveduras durante a estocagem. Verificou-se diferença significativa (pThe objective of this work was to obtain an isotonic drink by using pasteurization and packing into aseptic bottles, stable at room temperature, without the addition of chemical preservatives. For the sanitation of the plastic bottles some sanitizers were tested, based on their efficiency to destroy microorganism, maintaining minimum residual hydrogen peroxide, and keeping the drink sensory quality. The isotonic drink (pH 3,40 was thermaly processed in a plate pasteurizer at 85ºC/5s and packed into PET bottles sanitized by spraying peracetic acid at 0.3%/5s at 30ºC. The processed drink contained three different concentrations of potassium sorbate (control, 50 and 100mg/L. The stability of the products were evaluated at 25ºC for 26 weeks by measuring the pH, soluble solids, titrable acidity, ascorbic acid, microbial count, and sensory tests. The sensory evaluation and the count of the total mesophilic aerobic bacteria, moulds and yeast were measured during storage. There was no difference (p<0,05 for the pH, soluble solids and acidity of the processed drinks during the storage period except for the ascorbic acid which reduced to about 30% of the

  12. Advances in atomic spectroscopy

    Sneddon, J


    This series describes selected advances in the area of atomic spectroscopy. It is primarily intended for the reader who has a background in atmoic spectroscopy; suitable to the novice and expert. Although a widely used and accepted method for metal and non-metal analysis in a variety of complex samples, Advances in Atomic Spectroscopy covers a wide range of materials. Each Chapter will completely cover an area of atomic spectroscopy where rapid development has occurred.

  13. Basic molecular spectroscopy

    Gorry, PA


    BASIC Molecular Spectroscopy discusses the utilization of the Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC) programming language in molecular spectroscopy. The book is comprised of five chapters that provide an introduction to molecular spectroscopy through programs written in BASIC. The coverage of the text includes rotational spectra, vibrational spectra, and Raman and electronic spectra. The book will be of great use to students who are currently taking a course in molecular spectroscopy.

  14. GENOMIQUE ET LIPIDES Génomique et métabolisme des lipides des plantes

    Delseny Michel


    Full Text Available Il existe dans les bases de données publiques une énorme quantité de séquences d’ADN dérivées de plantes, et notamment la séquence complète du génome d’Arabidopsis thaliana, une plante modèle pour les oléagineux, proche parente du colza. Ces données constituent une ressource importante non seulement pour la compréhension de métabolisme lipidique et de sa régulation, mais aussi pour la sélection et le développement de variétés nouvelles d’oléagineux produisant davantage d’huiles ou des huiles de composition nouvelle. Cette abondance de séquences peut être exploitée, en utilisant les recherches d’homologies, pour identifier les gènes, pour obtenir des informations sur leur fonction, comme pour repérer des gènes candidats codant des fonctions nouvelles. L’analyse de ces bases de données a révélé que la majeure partie des gènes codant des enzymes impliquées dans le métabolisme lipidique appartient à des petites familles multigéniques, reflétant la diversification des fonctions des isoformes. Une analyse du catalogue des ADNc séquencés en aveugle reflète les niveaux d’expression des différents gènes et fournit un aperçu des régulations des flux au travers des voies métaboliques conduisant à la biosynthèse des lipides de réserve. La disponibilité de mutants et de lignées transgéniques d’Arabidopsis et le développement de puces à ADN qui permettent l’analyse simultanée de plusieurs milliers de gènes conduiront à une meilleure compréhension des facteurs qui régulent le métabolisme des huiles dans les graines. Une telle connaissance facilitera la manipulation de la composition des huiles et des quantités produites dans les graines.

  15. Differntiation genetique des populations geographiques de ...

    Differntiation genetique des populations geographiques de Colletotrichum kahawae, agent pathogene responsable de l\\'anthracnose des baies du cafeier Arabica. B Manga, J V Fabre, D Bieysse, J A Mouen Bedimo, C Herail, D Berry. Abstract. No Abstract. Cameroon Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 1 (2) 2005 pp.

  16. Le language des masques burkinabè


    2 juil. 2007 ... un faire transformateur cognitif devient un esprit qui a des fonctions hautement spirituelles, religieuses et aussi souvent esthétiques. Le langage et le discours des masques. Les masques sont un langage et un discours. Un langage est un système de communi- cation et d'expression. L'unité de base de ...

  17. Mycotrophie Et Connaissances Paysannes Des Essences ...

    Dacryodes edulis, Elaesis guineensis, Citrus sinensis, Citrus reticulata, Mangifera indica et Persea americana sont plus fréquentes dans les deux sites. La classification des paysans des essences fertilitaires est basée sur certains attributs fonctionnels tels que le système racinaire et la surface foliaire. La comparaison entre ...

  18. Identites et apprentissage des langues Camerounaises | Assob ...

    PROMOTING ACCESS TO AFRICAN RESEARCH ... L'étude analyse l'effet des identités multiples sur la motivation des apprenants. ... of multiples identities on learners' motivation and suggests approaches for a rational management ... That is why the study identifies them as key stakeholders whose implication may further ...

  19. Symposium on atomic spectroscopy


    Topics covered by the conference include: fast beam spectroscopy; astrophysical and other spectra; highly ionized spectroscopy; complex spectra; rydberg levels; fine structure, hyperfine structure and isotope shift; lineshapes; lifetimes, oscillator strengths and Einstein coefficients; and spectroscopy with lasers. Abstracts of the conference papers are presented. (GHT)

  20. Symposium on atomic spectroscopy


    Topics covered by the conference include: fast beam spectroscopy; astrophysical and other spectra; highly ionized spectroscopy; complex spectra; rydberg levels; fine structure, hyperfine structure and isotope shift; lineshapes; lifetimes, oscillator strengths and Einstein coefficients; and spectroscopy with lasers. Abstracts of the conference papers are presented

  1. Improved Mask Protected DES using RSA Algorithm

    Asha Latha S.


    Full Text Available The data encryption standard is a pioneering and farsighted standard which helped to set a new paradigm for encryption standards. But now DES is considered to be insecure for some application. Asymmetric mask protected DES is an advanced encryption method for effectively protecting the advanced DES. There are still probabilities to improve its security. This paper propose a method, which introduce a RSA key generation scheme in mask protected DES instead of plain key, which result in enhancement in the security of present asymmetric mask protected DES. We further propose a Vedic mathematical method of RSA implementation which reduce the complexity of computation in RSA block thereby resulting in reduced delay (four timesthat improves the performance of overall system. The software implementation was performed using Xilinx 13.2 and Model-Sim was used for the simulation environment.

  2. La tuberculose des amygdales palatines

    Oudidi Abdelatif


    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION:La localisation tuberculeuse des amygdales palatines est très rare même dans un pays d’endémie tuberculeuse. Le diagnostic peut être suspecté cliniquement dans un contexte évocateur, mais il ne peut être certifié qu’au stade histologique. PATIENTS ET METHODES:Cinq cas de tuberculose des amygdales palatine ont été diagnostiqués sur une période de 5 ans et inclus dans une étude rétrospective. Nous avons recensé trois hommes et deux femmes (âge moyen de 28 ans. La dysphagie haute était le maître symptôme. L’examen a objectivé une hypertrophie amygdalienne chez tous les patients avec des ulcérations chez trois d’entre eux. Une biopsie a été effectuée chez trois patients et une amygdalectomie a été réalisée chez les deux autres. L’étude anatomopathologique a posé le diagnostic chez tous les patients. Un traitement médical antituberculeux selon un régime court allant de 6 à 9 mois a été instauré. Dans tous les cas, l’évolution à long terme a été favorable avec un recul moyen de 13 mois. CONCLUSION: La tuberculose amygdalienne est rare. Son diagnostic repose essentiellement sur le résultat anatomopathologique de la biopsie où de l’amygdalectomie. L’évolution sous traitement anti-bacillaire est souvent favorable, la récidive est exceptionnelle.

  3. Spectroscopy in catalysis : an introduction

    Niemantsverdriet, J.W.


    Spectroscopy in Catalysis describes the most important modern analytical techniques used to investigate catalytic surfaces. These include electron spectroscopy (XPS, UPS, AES, EELS), ion spectroscopy (SIMS, SNMS, RBS, LEIS), vibrational spectroscopy (infrared, Raman, EELS), temperature-programmed

  4. Analyste des politiques (h/f) | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour le ...

    Le titulaire doit contribuer par son savoir et son savoir-faire à la planification stratégique et opérationnelle; produire des documents à la demande du Conseil des ... en rédigeant des propositions, des lignes directrices et des annexes, et en organisant des consultations du personnel et des conférences électroniques.

  5. Agent (h/f) - Santé des voyageurs et mieux-être | CRDI - Centre de ...

    Fixer des rendez-vous au nom des voyageurs et envoyer des rappels à ces derniers. Fournir aux nouveaux voyageurs des directives au sujet des formulaires de santé-voyage à remettre. Envoyer les ordonnances à la pharmacie et prendre les dispositions voulues relatives à la livraison des médicaments et des vaccins, ...

  6. Advances in atomic spectroscopy

    Sneddon, J


    This fifth volume of the successful series Advances in Atomic Spectroscopy continues to discuss and investigate the area of atomic spectroscopy.It begins with a description of the use of various atomic spectroscopic methods and applications of speciation studies in atomic spectroscopy. The emphasis is on combining atomic spectroscopy with gas and liquid chromatography. In chapter two the authors describe new developments in tunable lasers and the impact they will have on atomic spectroscopy. The traditional methods of detection, such as photography and the photomultiplier, and how they are being replaced by new detectors is discussed in chapter three. The very active area of glow discharge atomic spectrometry is presented in chapter four where, after a brief introduction and historical review, the use of glow discharge lamps for atomic spectroscopy and mass spectrometry are discussed. Included in this discussion is geometry and radiofrequency power. The future of this source in atomic spectroscopy is also dis...

  7. Membrane fluidization by alcohols inhibits DesK-DesR signalling in Bacillus subtilis.

    Vaňousová, Kateřina; Beranová, Jana; Fišer, Radovan; Jemioła-Rzemińska, Malgorzata; Matyska Lišková, Petra; Cybulski, Larisa; Strzałka, Kazimierz; Konopásek, Ivo


    After cold shock, the Bacillus subtilis desaturase Des introduces double bonds into the fatty acids of existing membrane phospholipids. The synthesis of Des is regulated exclusively by the two-component system DesK/DesR; DesK serves as a sensor of the state of the membrane and triggers Des synthesis after a decrease in membrane fluidity. The aim of our work is to investigate the biophysical changes in the membrane that are able to affect the DesK signalling state. Using linear alcohols (ethanol, propanol, butanol, hexanol, octanol) and benzyl alcohol, we were able to suppress Des synthesis after a temperature downshift. The changes in the biophysical properties of the membrane caused by alcohol addition were followed using membrane fluorescent probes and differential scanning calorimetry. We found that the membrane fluidization induced by alcohols was reflected in an increased hydration at the lipid-water interface. This is associated with a decrease in DesK activity. The addition of alcohol mimics a temperature increase, which can be measured isothermically by fluorescence anisotropy. The effect of alcohols on the membrane periphery is in line with the concept of the mechanism by which two hydrophilic motifs located at opposite ends of the transmembrane region of DesK, which work as a molecular caliper, sense temperature-dependent variations in membrane properties. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


    bolique des 10T/ha en 1991 (Cf. Graphe n°2) et la hausse des rende- ments obtenue ... la culture primeur souffre d'handicaps spécifiques qui ne lui per- mettent que des .... moyenne annuelle, 88 298 tonnes des semences pour une valeur de.

  9. Gestionnaire - Division de l'administration des subventions | CRDI ...

    Résumé des fonctions Le gestionnaire est chargé d'un portefeuille de projets en cours ... du Centre au personnel de la gestion des subventions, à la clientèle, aux collègues de la Direction générale des ... Administration et contrôle des projets.

  10. Connaissances et attitudes des manipulateurs radio du Togo sur l ...

    Objectif : Evaluer les connaissances et les attitudes des manipulateurs togolais sur l'irradiation médicale des grossesses. Matériels et Méthode : Etude transversale menée en Avril 2011 chez 72 manipulateurs de radiologie des structures sanitaires publiques et privées du Togo. Résultats : Le quart des manipulateurs ...

  11. Évaluation des émissions de gaz à effet de serre des filières de traitement et de valorisation des boues issues du traitement des eaux usées

    Reverdy, A.L.; Pradel, M.


    / Ce rapport présente l'inventaire des différentes consommations énergétiques, en consommables et des GES pour chaque poste de traitement et de valorisation des boues issues du traitement des eaux usées.

  12. New methods and applications in emission spectroscopy (1960); Methodes et applications nouvelles en spectroscopie d'emission (1960)

    Baudin, G [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Emission spectroscopy, are already well-established instrumental analytical technique, has in recent years known important developments. Two mains factors are responsible; firstly the demands of metallurgy for purer and purer materials or alloys which are increasingly complex and difficult to analyse by chemical means; secondly, progress in optics, especially in the production of gratings, and in electronics in the field of photomultiplier tubes. We will not here catalogue all the new applications and methods, but we will consider a few amongst the most representative outside the conventional field. (author) [French] La spectroscopie d'emission, technique analytique instrumentale deja ancienne, a pris, depuis quelques annees, une extension notable. Deux facteurs principaux ont contribue a ce succes: d'une part, l'exigence de la metallurgie en materiaux de plus en plus pur ou en alliages de plus en plus complexes, difficiles a analyser chimiquement, d'autre part, les progres realises en optique, principalement dans la fabrication des reseaux, et en electronique dans le domaine des tubes photomultiplicateurs. Nous ne ferons pas ici le recensement de toutes les applications ou methodes nouvelles, mais nous en choisirons quelques unes des plus representatives hors du domaine classique. (auteur)

  13. Complexation studies of actinides (U, Pu, Am) with linear polyamino-carboxylate ligands and sidero-chelates; Etudes de la chelation d'actinides (U, Pu, Am) par des ligands polyaminocarboxylate lineaires et des siderochelates d'interet environnemental

    Nguyen, L.V.


    'aide de mesures par spectroscopie EXAFS (Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure) effectuees au synchrotron de l'ESRF. Ces travaux ont ete completes par des etudes thermodynamiques realisees en couplant des mesures potentiometriques et spectrophotometriques UV-Visible afin d'identifier la nature des complexes d'uranium(VI) et d'americium(III) formes en solution et d'evaluer leur stabilite. A l'aide des constantes d'equilibre, il est possible de simuler le diagramme de speciation dans les conditions de traitement des effluents du centre de Valduc et de definir ainsi une gamme de pH dans laquelle le ligand est efficace pour atteindre une decontamination 'ultime'

  14. Isomers chart; Table des isomeres

    Dupont-Gautier, P; Chantelot, S; Moisson, N [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The nuclear isomers are nuclides offering the same mass number and the same atomic number, but different energy levels. In the following chart the zero energy ground states are omitted and the metastable isomers, i.e. of non-zero energy, known and of measurable lifetime, are listed. The lower limit of this lifetime was set here to 0.1 x 10{sup -6} s. The various isomers were classified in increasing lifetimes. (authors) [French] Les isomeres nucleaires sont des nucleides presentant le meme nombre de masse et le meme numero atomique, mais des niveaux energetiques differents. Dans la table suivante, on a neglige les etats fondamentaux d'energie nulle et on a recense les isomeres metastables, c'est-a-dire d'energie non nulle, connus et de periode mesurable. La limite inferieure de cette periode a ete fixee ici a 0,1 x 10{sup -6} s. Les differents isomeres ont ete classes par periodes croissantes. (auteurs)

  15. Isomers chart; Table des isomeres

    Dupont-Gautier, P.; Chantelot, S.; Moisson, N. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The nuclear isomers are nuclides offering the same mass number and the same atomic number, but different energy levels. In the following chart the zero energy ground states are omitted and the metastable isomers, i.e. of non-zero energy, known and of measurable lifetime, are listed. The lower limit of this lifetime was set here to 0.1 x 10{sup -6} s. The various isomers were classified in increasing lifetimes. (authors) [French] Les isomeres nucleaires sont des nucleides presentant le meme nombre de masse et le meme numero atomique, mais des niveaux energetiques differents. Dans la table suivante, on a neglige les etats fondamentaux d'energie nulle et on a recense les isomeres metastables, c'est-a-dire d'energie non nulle, connus et de periode mesurable. La limite inferieure de cette periode a ete fixee ici a 0,1 x 10{sup -6} s. Les differents isomeres ont ete classes par periodes croissantes. (auteurs)

  16. À l’aube des dieux

    Pascal Semonsut


    Full Text Available De l’avis même des préhistoriens, la Préhistoire assiste à la naissance du sentiment religieux. Cette religion des origines, quelle image en ont les Français ? Telle est la question que cet article aborde à partir de l’étude des manuels scolaires et des œuvres de fiction (littérature, cinéma et bande dessinée de la seconde moitié du XXe siècle. Si l’enseignement et la fiction n’accordent pas la même place à ce thème, en revanche tous deux font des préhistoriques des polythéistes adorant le soleil, construisant des mégalithes et prenant le plus grand soin de leurs morts. Ce mélange d’obscurantisme et de vraie spiritualité n’a qu’un but : montrer que notre espèce ne pouvait être que victorieuse dans ce combat qu’est l’humanisation.

  17. Points névralgiques au regard des changements climatiques ...

    28 oct. 2016 ... Ce rapport se base sur une recension des écrits et des études de cas pour combler le vide au sujet des travaux de recherche réalisés par des consortiums. Photo collage des jeunes chercheurs de l'IRCAAA. Cette série d'articles porte sur les expériences de jeunes chercheurs travaillant dans le cadre de l' ...

  18. Transformation des feuilles de palmier en bois | CRDI - Centre de ...

    27 avr. 2016 ... Grâce à la création de la Egyptian Society for the Endogenous Development of Local Communities (EGYCOM) [Société égyptienne pour le développement endogène des collectivités locales], il collabore maintenant étroitement avec des artisans et des fermiers des plus pauvres villages d'Égypte. L'un des ...

  19. L'espace mondial des grandes manifestations sportives internationales

    Daniel MATHIEU


    Full Text Available La carte des grandes manifestations sportives mondiales montre une forte concentration des épreuves dans un petit nombre de pays développés, en particulier l'Europe occidentale. L'examen des nations concernées par les tournois majeurs du tennis et par le cyclisme professionnel soulignent, avec les nuances propres à chacun des sports, l'étroitesse des espaces intéressés.

  20. Mouvements transfrontaliers, migration des femmes et droits de la ...

    Jusqu'à récemment, les femmes ont été exclues des analyses de la migration, ou ont été perçues comme des personnes passives et dépendantes des migrants masculins ou comme des non-migrantes attendant le retour de leur mari. Toutefois, les chercheurs et les défenseurs des droits commencent à examiner le rôle ...

  1. Les representations sociales des musees par les jeunes de la ...

    La participation culturelle des jeunes reste un élément fondamental de la vie sociale. Ainsi, les musées sont des institutions culturelles qui contribuent à cette perspective. Mais, il est à constater que les visites muséales sont presque absentes des activités culturelles des jeunes. Le présent article propose une analyse des ...

  2. Riz des femmes, riz des hommes au Guidimaka (Mauritanie)

    Blanchard de La Brosse, Véronique


    À l'époque précoloniale et jusque dans la première moitié du XXe siècle, les femmes soninké ont participé activement au commerce interrégional. Aujourd'hui, n'ayant pas comme les hommes la possibilité du recours à l'émigration, elles sont les principales victimes du déclin et du repli sur soi de l'économie villageoise. Elles continuent cependant d'assumer, sur leur propre production, des obligations qui conditionnent leur statut dans la société. Ce sont les femmes, en particulier, qui ...

  3. Mutual influences in solution spectroscopy of Fe, Ni Cr, Ti elements taken two by two

    Baudin, Guy; Henon, Genevieve


    The effect of third elements in solution spectroscopy has been studied for Fe, Ni Cr, Ti elements taken two by two. The existence of a linear relation Δc x /c x = f(c y ) between this effect and the third element concentration has been evidenced and opens interesting perspectives for the analysis of stainless steels. Reprint of a paper published in Comptes rendus des seances de l'Academie des Sciences, t. 250, p. 1463-1465, sitting of 22 February 1960 [fr

  4. Laser-spectroscopy measurements of 72-96Kr spins, moments and charge radii

    Keim, M.


    The spins, moments and radii of krypton isotopes have been investigated by collinear fast-beam laser spectroscopy in combination with ultra-sensitive collisional ionization detection. The sequence of isotopes under study ranges from the neutron-deficient N=Z=36 isotope 72 Kr to the neutron-rich 96 Kr (N=60). The mean-square charge radii in the neighbourhood of the N=50 neutron-shell closure exhibit a pronounced shell effect which has recently been explained in the framework of relativistic mean-field theory. The results for the neutron-deficient nuclei are related to the shape coexistence of strongly prolate and near-spherical states which is known from nuclear spectroscopy. Here, an inversion of the odd-even staggering is observed below the neutron number N=45. The neutron-rich transitional nuclei are influenced by the N=56 subshell closure. In contrast to the N=60 isotones 97 Rb, 98 Sr and 100 Zr, the new isotope 96 Kr is not strongly deformed. ((orig.))

  5. Valorisation des pellicules de raisins par compostage

    D. Faure


    Il a été possible de déterminer la succession des populations microbiennes. Les micro-organismes intervenant dès le début du processus sont des moisissures et des levures. Puis dès que la température augmente et que le pH se basifie, ceux-ci disparaissent et laissent la place à une flore bactérienne, responsable en grande partie de la dégradation de la matière organique.

  6. A l'écoute des professionnels

    Lebre-Peytard, Monique


    Cet ouvrage s'adresse aux étudiants de niveau moyen ou avancé en français. Il propose un travail d'écoute, de réflexion et d'expression autour d'interview authentiques. Des professionnels parlent de leur métier, des entreprises où ils travaillent, des fonctions qu'ils occupent... Ils appartiennent à divers secteurs de l'économie : banque, mode, tourisme, agriculture, télécommunications, etc.

  7. Les frameworks au coeur des applications web

    Moro, Arielle; Daehne, Peter


    Depuis quelques années, Internet est vraiment entré dans les mœurs : tant dans les entreprises qu’au sein de chaque foyer. En effet, Internet permet de communiquer à travers le monde en quelques secondes, de vendre toute sorte de produits en déployant des solutions e-commerce facilement et bien d’autres choses. Internet est donc un véritable vecteur de communication, de commerce et à présent, avec le Web 2.0, un vrai berceau d’informations (tant des informations personnelles que des informati...

  8. Les non-usages des TIC

    Abid-Zarrouk, Sandoss Ben; Alava, Séraphin; Andrieu, Bernard; Audran, Jacques; Avanzini, Guy; Azzimani, Toufik; Béziat, Jacques; Bouamri, Abderrahmane; Boujelbène, Younes; Bréant, Françoise; Chauvel, Séverine; Daguet, Hervé; Daniel, Marie-France; Dessus, Philippe; Dupré, Damien


    Les ENT (Environnements Numériques de Travail), les plates formes d'EAD (Enseignement A Distance) et les logiciels éducatifs sont généralement étudiés dans la perspective de rendre compte des transformations des situations d'enseignement-apprentissage dans lequelles ils sont utilisés. Les recherches occultent ainsi, de façon non intentionnelle, tout ce qui reste dans l'ombre de l'introduction désormais massive des TIC (Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication), et qui explique pro...

  9. Dégâts des bruches sur le pouvoir germinatif des graines de quatre ...


    29 févr. 2016 ... cultures vivrières de base en Afrique Occidentale et centrale (MULEBA et al., 1997). En RD Congo il est ... correspondant à deux cycles de reproduction, avec des trous ou des œufs sur elles. Les trous ... tout simplement de déterminer le nombre des bruches et leurs espèces à charger dans chaque boite ...

  10. Contraintes d'adoption des technologies de gestion de la fertilite des ...

    La baisse de fertilité des sols, l'une des principales contraintes du secteur agricole au Togo, sévit encore plus dans la riziculture irriguée où les terres sont exploitées chaque année sans jachère. Face à cette situation, diverses solutions comme les technologies de gestion de la fertilité des sols ont été proposées.

  11. contraintes d'adoption des technologies de gestion de la fertilite des ...

    La baisse de fertilité des sols, l'une des principales contraintes du secteur agricole au Togo, sévit encore plus dans la riziculture irriguée où les terres sont exploitées chaque année sans jachère. Face à cette situation, diverses solutions comme les technologies de gestion de la fertilité des sols ont été proposées.

  12. De la problématique des articles synopsis dans la compilation des ...

    Autrement dit, au Gabon l'attention doit porter sur l'utilisation des articles synopsis dans la compilation des dictionnaires, en vue de refléter dans ses ouvrages la diversité linguistique et culturelle de ce pays. Ceci est d'autant plus vrai que l'utilisation des articles synopsis ne dépend aucunement de la typologie du ...

  13. Épuration des eaux usées des villes pour soutenir l'agriculture ...

    2 févr. 2011 ... Les eaux usées : manne liquide ? ... Les racines de la plante emprisonnent les matières solides en ... le compostage des déchets ménagers ou l'arrosage des pépinières. ... à la gestion locale de la demande », dans Épuration des eaux usées et l'agriculture urbaine, Editions Enda, Dakar, août 2002. Mbodj ...

  14. Performances de ponte et qualité des oeufs des poules pondeuses ...

    Les performances de ponte et la qualité des oeufs de 216 poules pondeuses ISA Brown âgées de 21 semaines ont été déterminées en les alimentant avec des rations contenant des feuilles séchées de manioc (Manihot esculenta, Crantz). Pendant douze semaines, trois groupes de 72 poules chacun (réparties en trois ...

  15. utilisation des donnees pour l'evaluation de l'heterogeneite des sols


    étude a permis de caractériser l'hétérogénéité des sols ferrallitiques, à travers sa couleur. Mots-clés : Couleur ... ainsi qu'à l'application des recommandations des doses de fertilisant. ..... de « système sol » en zone de contact forêt- savane du ...

  16. Améliorer les conditions de vie des jeunes et des femmes en ...

    Améliorer les conditions de vie des jeunes et des femmes en développant la petite entreprise : mesure de l'impact. Durant les années 2000, la croissance économique et l'augmentation des investissements sociaux ont réduit la pauvreté et offert aux populations de l'Amérique latine de multiples débouchés sur le marché du ...

  17. L' approche des options stratégiques des acteurs dans i' etude des relations tu travail

    López Pino, Carmen Marina


    Faire une analyse de la proposition analytique développée par le MIT (Masachussetts Institute of Tecnology) inspirée du concept des options stratégiques pour I' objet de cet article. En premier lieu, les sujets traités seront la problematique des relations du travail et les découvertes fondamentales des différentes recherches de I' equipe du MIT. Après, I' étude fait une courte présentatión sur I' approche des systémes de Dunlop dont I' èquipe cherche améliorer. Ensuite, sont présentés...

  18. Progress in atomic spectroscopy

    Beyer, H.J.; Kleinpoppen, H.


    This book presents reviews by leading experts in the field covering areas of research at the forefront of atomic spectroscopy. Topics considered include the k ordering of atomic structure, multiconfiguration Hartree-Fock calculations for complex atoms, new methods in high-resolution laser spectroscopy, resonance ionization spectroscopy (inert atom detection), trapped ion spectroscopy, high-magnetic-field atomic physics, the effects of magnetic and electric fields on highly excited atoms, x rays from superheavy collision systems, recoil ion spectroscopy with heavy ions, investigations of superheavy quasi-atoms via spectroscopy of electron rays and positrons, impact ionization by fast projectiles, and amplitudes and state parameters from ion- and atom-atom excitation processes

  19. Innovation pour la santé des mères et des enfants d'Afrique | CRDI ...

    L'initiative Innovation pour la santé des mères et des enfants d'Afrique (ISMEA) cherche à améliorer la santé des mères, des nouveau-nés et des enfants en ... Cette initiative de 36 millions de dollars sur sept ans – financée conjointement par les Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada, Affaires mondiales Canada et le ...

  20. Contrôle des Circuits Auxiliaires des PFW (arrêt machines 2002/2003)

    Ottaviani, J


    Les PFW sont des nappes polaires installées sur les pôles des aimants du PS. Elles sont au nombre de 4 par unité d aimant et constituées d un circuit principal (dans lequel circule le courant désiré selon le cycle magnétique utilisé) et de circuits auxiliaires. Les circuits auxiliaires sont des enroulements de correction (boucles de tour et pick-up brasés sur les enroulements). Pendant la variation du champ magnétique de l aimant PS, on utilise des tensions induites dans ces circuits auxiliaires pour corriger les erreurs de champ dues aux courants de Foucault dans la chambre à vide. Chaque année, pendant l arrêt machine, on vérifie si les caractéristiques des circuits auxiliaires correspondent aux normes (mesures des résistances des boucles de tours, résistances entre pick-up et isolation des circuits) afin de faire un suivi. Les 404 PFW sont ainsi vérifiées. Dans cette note, on ne relèvera que les PFW ayant des défauts (valeurs hors tolérances, boucles ouvertes ou en court-circuit, déf...

  1. Influence de l'occupation des terres sur la dynamique des ...

    L'objectif de la présente étude est d'évaluer l'impact de mise en culture, des pâturages, des jachères et l'influence des villages sur la dynamique des communautés végétales de la commune de ..... mais il n'y a que peu de recrutement. Au-delà de cinq ans, taille et phytovolume diminuent, témoignant du vieillissement de la ...

  2. Les lexiques des jeunes dans les discours écrits des blogs : pour une approche descriptive

    Lorenz Paulina


    Full Text Available S’il ne faut pas confondre ce qui est appelé communément « langage SMS » et « langage des jeunes », nous avancerons toutefois que les pratiques langagières écrites des jeunes sur les supports modernes de communication, et notamment dans les blogs, présentent des particularités encore peu étudiées. Les traits observables les plus saillants sont ceux de la morphologie graphique, mais il n’en reste pas moins que certains jeunes utilisent des lexiques particuliers dans les blogs qui méritent une attention particulière. Nous nous proposons donc d’étudier les différents lexiques utilisés par des jeunes de 12 à 22 ans dans les blogs de la plateforme aux niveaux de sa diversité, de ses usages sémantiques variable d’un scripteur à l’autre pour un même mot, et de ses particularités morphosyntaxiques. En effet, nous observerons des lexiques divers allant des lexiques perçus comme relevant des cités à des lexiques perçus comme étant « branchés-jeunes », ou encore à des lexiques propres aux supports modernes de communication. Ainsi, nous analyserons des lexiques variés dans leurs usages écrits tels que bolos, bédave, gérer, ouf, tigen, ou encore des lexiques empruntés tels que mouv, full, etc., ainsi que des emplois particuliers de séquences autonomes comme lol. Quelques questions périphériques complèteront notre analyse telle que celles qui concerne l’influence des usages lexicaux entre pairs et le savoir partagé, la distinction de différentes communautés en fonction des lexiques utilisés, ou encore la variabilité des représentations graphiques d’un même mot.

  3. La cire cuticulaire des grains de raisin et des feuilles de la vigne



    Full Text Available Je voudrais parler ici des recherches que j'ai effectuées dans le cadre d'un programme de recherches de l'Organisation australienne de recherches (C.S.I.R.O.. Ce sont des recherches sur la structure, la composition chimique et le rôle de la cire cuticulaire des grains de raisins et des feuilles. Ces recherches ont été effectuées principalement lors de l'étude des problèmes relatifs au séchage des raisins pour la production des raisins. Cependant, l'importance de la cire cuticulaire ne se limite pas seulement au séchage des raisins, car elle concerne aussi l'œnologie et les problèmes de la conservation des raisins de table. Je pense donc que mon exposé peut présenter pour vous un certain intérêt.

  4. Etat des lieux des soins de premier recours des malades mentaux à Antananarivo : étude rétrospective

    Bakohariliva, Hasina Andrianarivony; Rafehivola, Imisanavalona Hanitrinihaja; Raobelle, Evah Norotiana; Raharivelo, Adeline; Rajaonarison, Bertille Hortense


    Résumé Religion et guérisseurs traditionnels occupent encore une place prépondérante dans la prise en charge des maladies mentales à Madagascar. Ainsi, nous nous sommes fixés comme objectif d'établir un état des lieux sur les soins de premier recours des malades mentaux. Nous avons mené une étude rétrospective descriptive s'étalant sur une période de 16 mois allant de janvier 2014 en avril 2015 au sein du service de psychiatrie du CHU de Befelatanana à Antananarivo. La prévalence des psychoses était de 25%. Le genre féminin (53%), l'ethnie merina (77%), les étudiants (45%), le niveau d'étude secondaire (40%), les célibataires (72%), la religion protestante (45%), ainsi que le niveau socio-économique moyen (57,5%) étaient prédominants. Dans les paramètres cliniques, le mode de début brutal (52%), le premier recours à la religion (40%), la présence d'antécédents des cas similaire (90%), étaient majoritaires. La schizophrénie était la pathologie la plus rencontrée dans la moitié des cas. Le délai d'amélioration en cas de traitement religieux et traditionnels était dans la moitié des cas de plus de 10 jours d'hospitalisation. Les patients ayant reçu une prise en charge psychiatrique en premier recours, étaient améliorés dans 75 % cas en moins de 10jours. Le retard du recours aux soins psychiatriques est une réalité à Madagascar qui aggrave le pronostic des psychoses. PMID:29632623

  5. New Hadronic Spectroscopy

    Faccini, R.


    In the past few years the field of hadron spectroscopy has seen renewed interest due to the publication, initially mostly from B-Factories, of evidences of states that do not match regular spectroscopy, but are rather candidates for bound states with additional quarks or gluons (four quarks for tetraquarks and molecules and two quarks and gluons for hybrids). A huge effort in understanding the nature of this new states and in building a new spectroscopy is ongoing. This paper reviews the experimental and theoretical state of the art on heavy quarkonium exotic spectroscopy, with particular attention on the steps towards a global picture.

  6. Advances in DUV spectroscopy

    Buchhave, Preben; Tidemand-Lichtenberg, Peter; Mogensen, Claus Tilsted

    The would-be advantages of deep UV (DUV) spectroscopy are well known, but the potential applications have so far not been fully realized due to technological limitations and, perhaps, lack of bright ideas. However, new components and new knowledge about DUV spectra and spectroscopic methods...... combined with increasing needs for solutions to practical problems in environmental protection, medicine and pollution monitoring promise a new era in DUV spectroscopy. Here we shall review the basis for DUV spectroscopy, both DUV fluorescence and DUV Raman spectroscopy, and describe recent advances...

  7. Spectroscopy for Dummies

    Lindvold, Lars René

    This presentation will give short introduction to the most pertinent topics of optical spectroscopy. The following topics will be discussed: • The origin of spectra in UV, VIS and IR spectral range • Spectroscopic methods like absorption, luminescence and Raman • Wavelength dispersive optical...... components • Materials for use optical spectroscopy • Spectrometer geometries • Detectors for use in spectrometer • Practical examples of optical spectroscopy The objective of this presentation is to give the audience a good feel for the range of possibilities that optical spectroscopy can provide....

  8. Utilisation des mousses et des pâtes syntactiques pour combler les lacunes des poteries archéologiques

    Viviane Bechoux


    Full Text Available Filling potteries missing parts with plaster raises now complex problems during the de-restoration treatments. Ceramics restorers have recurrently questions on the use of plaster in the field of archaeological ceramics restoration. Some researches point to the choice of other filling materials. At the present time other methods can be devised by proposing plaster replacement by a lightened composite material: syntactic foams and pastes.Le comblement des lacunes des poteries à partir du plâtre pose actuellement des problèmes complexes lors des traitements de dérestauration. Les restaurateurs de céramiques s'interrogent de manière récurrente sur l'utilisation du plâtre dans le domaine de la restauration des céramiques archéologiques. Des recherches s'orientent vers le choix d'autres matériaux d'obturation. Actuellement, d'autres méthodes peuvent être mises en place en proposant le remplacement du plâtre par un matériau composite allégé, les mousses et les pâtes syntactiques.

  9. Sur des erres de jazz

    Daverat, Xavier


    Une opinion commune considère que le jazz vivrait une période de dépérissement ou de ressassement. Cette conception est d’abord basée sur une erreur qui consiste à croire que le jazz évolue uniquement au travers de relèves entre les générations, de substitutions complètes de nouveaux styles à des formes d’expression qui se démoderaient aussitôt, d’instaurations systématiques de nouveaux langages opposés à ceux qui les ont précédés. Au contraire, les caractéristiques de chaque style s’imbrique...

  10. Optical spectroscopy of Cm{sup 3+} in the elpasolite Cs{sub 2} NaYCl{sub 6}. Application in the structural study of Cm(III) sorption on phosphate materials; Spectroscopie optique de Cm{sup 3+} dans l`elpasolite Cs{sub 2}NaYCl{sub 6}. Application a l`etude structurale de la sorption de Cm(III) sur des materiaux phosphates

    Cavellec, Ronan [Universite de Paris Sud, 91 - Orsay (France)


    Radwaste management involves important research. In order to contribute to this program we proposed the examination of two different and complementary aspects of nuclear waste: the detection by laser spectroscopy of trivalent actinide ions diluted in a crystal host and the migration of radionuclides through different barriers in geosphere that is related to understanding and modelling the sorption processes. In both cases the spectro-fluorimetry laser is used to investigate different phenomenological processes at microscopic scale. The first part of the thesis deals with the investigation of Cm{sup 3+} energy levels in Cs{sub 2}NaYCl{sub 6}. From the analysis of excitation and emission spectra 52 crystal-field levels have been assigned and the phenomenological parameters calculated. A discussion about these parameters, compared with those in case of LaCl{sub 3} and ThO{sub 2} cases, is given. An intense green fluorescence has been found for the first time for Cm{sup 3+} in elpasolite. Thus, this material seems to be a promising solid for the analytical application of actinides such as Cm{sup 3+} and Am{sup 3+} ions. In the second part the sorption of curium (5{center_dot}10{sup -8} mol {center_dot}l{sup -1}) onto phosphate materials was studied. The ionic strength, electrolyte nature and complexing agent were investigated. The laser spectro-fluorimetry is shown to be a powerful technique. The formation of surface complexes for ZrP{sub 2}O{sub 7}, Zr{sub 2}O(PO{sub 4}){sub 2} and Th{sub 4}(PO{sub 4}){sub 4}P{sub 2}O{sub 7} has been demonstrated. Fluorescence lifetime measurements indicate that in complexing medium the aqueous complex of Cm is sorbed preferentially to the Cm{sup 3+} free ion onto the solid 82 refs., 54 figs., 35 tabs.

  11. Depistage clinique des infections sexuellement transmissibles chez ...

    Depistage clinique des infections sexuellement transmissibles chez les personnes vivant avec le VIH suivies au Centre de Traitement Ambulatoire du Centre National Hospitalier Universitaire Hubert Koutoukou Maga de Cotonou.

  12. La carte des 36 000 communes

    Aliette DELAMARRE


    Full Text Available La carte généralisée du maillage communal français, obtenue à partir d'un sondage spatial au quart, met en évidence des modèles régionaux caractérisés par des mailles inégalement fines. Cette division du territoire, héritée de la trame paroissiale, a été mise en mémoire par la création, en 1789, de l'institution communale. Seuls les travaux de géographie historique permettront de découvrir les mécanismes de sa mise en place à dater des Xe-XIe, voire des VIe et VIIe siècles.

  13. La reputation scientifique contestee des freres Bogdanov

    Morin, H


    "Les celebres jumeaux sont revenus a la television apres avoir obtenu des theses en mathematiques et physique theorique. Depuis, ils sont la cible de virulentes critiques portant sur la qualite reelle de leurs travaux" (1 page).

  14. Schellings Wesensbestimmung des Christentums in den ...


    SW V, 214) die besonderen Wissenschaften als Darstellungen des Absoluten zu begreifen. In diesem Kosmos der Wissenschaften findet auch die. Theologie neben Jurisprudenz und Medizin ihren Ort. Sie wird von Schelling als “die erste und ...

  15. Die Psychologie des Lügens

    Jordan, Jochen


    Die Lüge gehört zur Psychologie des Alltagsverhaltens. Sie ist in jedem sozialen Kontext einsetzbar und mit jeder denkbaren Motivstruktur zu verbinden. Definitorisch ist davon auszugehen, dass nur dann von einer Lüge gesprochen werden kann, wenn eine bewusste Entscheidung des Akteurs vorliegt (nicht vollständig aufrichtig zu sein) und das Opfer keine Zustimmung zu dieser Verhaltensvariante gegeben hat. So wie man nicht nicht kommunizieren kann (Watzlawick), so kann man demnach nicht leben ohn...

  16. Coordonnateur, Gestion des documents | CRDI - Centre de ...

    Classifier, indexer, faire des références croisées et identifier les documents relatifs aux projets et aux activités administratives du CRDI en attribuant, conformément au plan de classification des documents du Centre, le numéro de dossier et le titre appropriés de chaque dossier et les mots-clés servant à la recherche;.


    SEI Joseph

    interfaces entre les solides, une solution aqueuse et un gaz généralement l'air. Ce procédé est favorisé par l'introduction de réactifs spécifiques appelés les collecteurs. Dans notre travail, on tient à déterminer les formes d'adsorption des collecteurs sur les surfaces minérales des carbonates (calcite et dolomite) et le quartz ...

  18. Tabanidae (Diptera) des pays-bas

    Leclercq, M.


    INTRODUCTION Cette mise au point des Tabanides des Pays-Bas a été rendue possible grâce à la collaboration de M. V. S. van der Goot, département d'Entomologie, Zoölogisch Museum, Amsterdam, que nous remercions pour son amabilité. Nous avons pu étudier aussi les collections du Rijksmuseum van


    SEI Joseph

    gibbérellique (GA3) pendant 24 heures avant leur mise en germination en présence de la lumière. La viabilité des semences a significativement diminué avec le vieillissement des semences. Ainsi, le pourcentage de germination est de 88,6 % pour les semences de l'année, de 74,7 % pour celles âgées d'un an et de 51,1 ...

  20. Amenagements sportifs et developpement durable : Des enjeux ...

    ... contredite » éprouvée par (Jeu, 1977), comme l'apanage d'une double hybridation culturelle des pays en développement. Derrière l'apparence de la dislocation des héritages, doit émerger une définition nouvelle sur les rapports que les sports devraient entretenir avec l'environnement pour un développement durable.

  1. La Gestion des Déchets Urbains

    les acteurs et leurs responsabilités, la perception et l'exercice de ces ..... Cependant, contre toute attente, la présidence de cette commission n'a pas été confiée au ...... A cause de ces facteurs d'attraction, la migration des régions rurales aux ...... exemple, pour la prestation des services primaires d'éducation et de santé).


    George NICULESCU


    Full Text Available Les activités de services sont difficiles à gérer dans le cadre du marketing-mix traditionnel car, contrairement aux biens tangibles produits la qualité des services est très dépendante de facteurs personnels. De même, la nature intangible des services n’est pas prise en compte dans la plupart des analyses du marketing-mix. Par exemple, la distribution physique ne coïncide pas avec la distribution d’éléments invisibles et la politique de communication de l’approche traditionnelle du marketingmix (4P’s ne reconnaît pas la communication des services établie sur le lieu de rencontre entre le personnel de contact de la firme et les clients. Même si les opinions sont partagées et que le débat n’est pas clos, on peut considérer que des éléments supplémentaires s’imposent pour élaborer un marketing qui permette de satisfaire les attentes des parties contractantes de la façon la plus satisfaisante possible

  3. Des batisseurs d'univers creent au CERN de minuscules antimondes


    "Apres des annees de travail des physiciens du CERN en creant artificiellement des dizaines de milliers de minuscules antimondes - des atomes d'antihydrogene - dont la revue Nature rend compte dans son edition du 18 septembre 2002" (1 page).

  4. Infrared diode laser spectroscopy

    Civiš, Svatopluk; Cihelka, Jaroslav; Matulková, Irena


    Roč. 18, č. 4 (2010), s. 408-420 ISSN 1230-3402 R&D Projects: GA AV ČR IAA400400705 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z40400503 Keywords : FTIR spectroscopy * absorption spectroscopy * laser diodes Subject RIV: CF - Physical ; Theoretical Chemistry Impact factor: 1.027, year: 2010

  5. Acoustic force spectroscopy

    Sitters, G.; Kamsma, D.; Thalhammer, G.; Ritsch-Marte, M.; Peterman, E.J.G.; Wuite, G.J.L.


    Force spectroscopy has become an indispensable tool to unravel the structural and mechanochemical properties of biomolecules. Here we extend the force spectroscopy toolbox with an acoustic manipulation device that can exert forces from subpiconewtons to hundreds of piconewtons on thousands of

  6. Coherent atomic spectroscopy

    Garton, W.R.S.


    The Argonne Spectroscopy Laboratory, initiated and advanced over several decades by F.S. Tomkins and M. Fred, has been a major international facility. A range of collaborative work in atomic spectroscopy is selected to illustrate advances in experimental physics which have been made possible by combination of the talents of Tomkins and Fred with the unique facilities of the Argonne Laboratory. (orig.)

  7. Efeito do treinamento contra-resistência isotônico com duas velocidades de movimento sobre os ganhos de força Effects of isotonic resistance training at two movement velocities on strength gains

    Marta Inez Rodrigues Pereira


    Full Text Available Considerando a necessidade de prescrever o treinamento adequadamente, o objetivo deste estudo foi comparar o efeito do treinamento contra-resistência, isotônico, a 0,44 e 1,75 rad·s¹ sobre os ganhos de força muscular. Quatorze voluntários saudáveis foram estratificados em grupos lento (GL: 0,44 rad·s¹; n = 8; 26 ± 7 anos; 66 ± 12 kg e rápido (GR: 1,75 rad·s¹; n = 6; 28 ± 7 anos; 55 ± 9 kg exercitando agachamento e supino reto (1 série, 8-10 RM, 3 x/semana, 12 semanas. Seis desses sujeitos fizeram parte de um grupo de comparação (GC: 25 ± 6 anos; 59 ± 13 kg e não treinaram durante um período de controle de 12 semanas antecedendo o treinamento. O teste t dependente não mostrou diferenças nas variáveis medidas para GC. A ANOVA 2 x 2 com medidas repetidas mostrou ganhos significativos (P Considering the need to adequately prescribe training, the aim of this study was to compare the effect of isotonic resistance training at 0.44 and 1.75 rad·s-1 on gains in muscular strength. Fourteen healthy volunteers were stratified into slow (SG: 0.44 rad·s-1; n = 8; 26 ± 7 yr; 66 ± 12 kg and fast (FG: 1.75 rad·s-1; n = 6; 28 ± 7 yr; 55 ± 9 kg groups exercising squat and bench press (1 set, 8-10 RM, 3 x/wk, 12 weeks. Six of these subjects took part in a comparison group (CG: 25 ± 6 yr; 59 ± 13 kg, and did not train during a control period of 12 weeks preceding training. Paired t-test showed no differences in the measured variables for CG. Repeated measures 2 x 2 ANOVA showed significant (P < .05 gains for both training groups and exercises in 1 RM (SG: 27.6 ± 16.8% and 16.8 ± 11.8%; FG: 21.4 ± 12.6% and 16.2 ± 14.1%, squat and bench press, respectively and 8-10 RM tested at 0.44 rad·s-1 (SG: 36.0 ± 22.4% and 14.7 ± 9.2%; FG: 31.1 ± 19.2% and 18.8 ± 8.7% and 1.75 rad·s-1 (SG: 27.2 ± 11.1% and 15.2 ± 11.4%; FG: 23.6 ± 19.2% and 20.9 ± 9.8%, with no significant differences between groups. Results of this study did not

  8. La Question de L'impunité des Auteurs de Violations des Droits de L'homme

    Maria dos Remédios Fontes Silva


    Full Text Available Ce travail pretend faire reflechir à propos de la question de l'impunite des autorites de L'Etat face aux violations des droits de l'homme. On abordera cet egard: a le role de I'amnistie ble complicite des autoritesadministratives c la lenteur des procedures judicieuse.     L'analyse de cette question montre qui L'impunite des responsables des violations des droits de l'homme fait peser une menace sur I'ensemble du systeme de protection universelle des droits de l'homme.          On peut on conduire qu 'aucune societe que aspire à la democratie et ala justice ne peut se construire sur I'amoralite des crimes impunis et I'amnesie officielle.

  9. Utilisation des espèces du genre Aframomum ( Aframomum ...

    La génération des radicaux libres résultant de l'oxydation des lipides est l'un des problèmes associés à la perte des aliments et des maladies notamment celles liées au surpoids et à l'obésité. Les espèces oxygénées réactives telles que le radical hydroxyle et les hydroperoxydes sont généralement produites par des ...

  10. Structure et comportement des modeles mathematiques en biologie

    Gouzé , Jean-Luc


    Nous décrivons une méthodologie assez générale pour construire des modèles mathématiques en biologie. A partir de la structure du modèle, on peut déduire des résultats sur le comportement des solutions du système différentiel : existence et stabilité de spoints stationnaires, des solutions périodiques... Ces résultats dépendent suelement des relations structurelles dans le modèle, et pas de la formulation quantitative des fonctions qui décrivent ces relations.

  11. Ensembles de donnees nationales : sources d'information sur la garde des enfants au Canada

    Forer, Barry; Hertzman, Clyde; Kohen, Dafna


    La presente etude fournit une description des differents ensembles de donnees canadiennes qui pourraient etre utilises pour examiner des questions relatives au recours aux services de garde. Les ensembles de donnees nationales qui traitent des tendances de l'emploi, de l'emploi du temps, des revenus familiaux, du soutien social ainsi que des mesures de la sante des enfants, des adolescents et des adultes ont ete inclus. On a conclu que de nombreuses questions demeurent sans reponse en ce qui ...

  12. 237 Impacts socio-sanitaires et environnementaux de la gestion des ...


    pollution des eaux, érosion des berges des mayo et alluvionnement des drains, amènent à suggérer des ... D'après TUCCI [1], les principaux défis de la gestion des inondations sont liés à l'occupation des ... populations aux impacts des inondations de plaine est due, d'après TUCCI [1], au manque de connaissance.

  13. Étude des impacts écologiques du dynamisme spatio-temporel des ...

    transformer radicalement les occupations du sol. Toutefois, le recul des .... également de cette protection (Roberge et Angelstam 2004). L'objectif est de ... distribution des espèces cibles a ensuite été cartographiée sur la couche d'unités de ...

  14. 127 Impact des rejets urbains et industriels sur la qualité des eaux ...


    scour of surfaces and underground. Keywords :aquifer, hydrochimy, rejections, pollution, El Kantara, Biskra, Algeria. 1. Introduction. La qualité des ..... A case study: Suquıa River Basin Au vue des résultats d'analyses hydrochimique, les concentrations en sulfates dépassent la norme (200-400mg/L). (Cordoba-. Argentina).

  15. Traitements ethno-vétérinaires des parasitoses digestives des petits ...


    entretien comme support d'interview ... montré que 50.5% des éleveurs utilisaient concomitamment la médecine vétérinaire moderne et ... Les tradipraticiens vétérinaires qui prestent pour ces éleveurs ... général et celles des petits ruminants en.

  16. Incidence des prix et des taxes sur la consommation de produits du ...

    Incidence des prix et des taxes sur la consommation de produits du tabac en Argentine, en Bolivie et au Chili. Partout en Amérique du Sud, les adultes et les enfants font une grande ... New website will help record vital life events to improve access to services for all. A new website and resource library will help improve ...

  17. Prise en charge des complications orbitaires et endocrâniennes des ...

    Le traitement du foyer sinusien est systématique aussi bien pour les complications orbitaires ou endocrâniennes si l'indication chirurgicale est retenue. Les complications orbitaires sont traitées par des antibiotiques visant les bactéries en cause avec des indications chirurgicales selon la classification scannographique de ...

  18. Des universitaires de l'Asie et de l'Afrique échangent des ...

    17 oct. 2017 ... Depuis 2007, des conférences de CPRsouth ont eu lieu chaque année; ... de la recherche sur les télécommunications, et des technologies de ... la façon dont les applications mobiles peuvent stimuler l'utilisation d'Internet.

  19. autonomisation économique des femmes et économie du soin des ...

    Alanna Karpa

    dépend en grande partie d'un financement versé par des bailleurs de fonds et qui est aux prises avec ... services dont leurs enfants ont besoin et à intégrer le marché du travail. ..... roulement, qui produit des services de soins de faible qualité.

  20. Agent des projets et des partenariats (h/f) | CRDI - Centre de ...

    Gestion de projets. L'agent(e) : fournit un encadrement technique, notamment en analysant les rapports d'étape, en participant à des ateliers, en effectuant des recherches ... travaille et contribue à l'élaboration du plan de travail de la Division et du portefeuille de projets en découlant, au sein de la structure de la DPDA; et.

  1. Comment obtenir des fonds pour la prévention des maladies non ...

    ... une analyse des parties prenantes, une analyse documentaire et des entrevues semi-structurées. Les participants à l'étude proviendront d'organismes gouvernementaux, d'organismes de développement, d'ONG locales et internationales, de groupes professionnels et d'établissements d'enseignement et de recherche.

  2. Analyse de la fiabilité des statistiques des pêcheries maritimes ...


    31 janv. 2016 ... SEDZRO Kossi Maxoe¹ *, FIOGBE Emile Didier¹, GUERRA Eduardo Balguerias², STAMATOPOULOS. Constantine³. ¹Laboratoire de Recherche sur les Zones Humides, Faculté des Sciences et des Techniques, Université d'Abomey-. Calavi, 01BP526 Cotonou Bénin, Tél. (229) 95268262. ²Institut Espagnol ...

  3. Impacts des caractéristiques physico-chimiques des eaux sur la ...

    Impacts des caractéristiques physico-chimiques des eaux sur la distribution du ... chimiques qui sont à l'origine d'une dégradation croissante de la qualité d'eau. ... Les valeurs d'indice de diversité de Shannon Weaver traduisent une grande ...

  4. Évaluation des propriétés antimicrobiennes des javels vendues à ...


    31 janv. 2016 ... 2 : Laboratoire de Chimie des Eaux, Facultés des Sciences (FDS) ... Evaluation of the antimicrobial properties of bleaches sold in Lomé on some bacteria ... Materials and Methods: This consisted of microbiological analysis of ...

  5. Des collectivités forestières du Nigeria prennent des mesures pour ...

    8 juin 2016 ... Des drones survolant le delta. La région du delta du fleuve Volta, au Ghana, est particulièrement vulnérable au changement climatique. Voir davantageDes drones survolant le delta ...

  6. Original Paper Caractérisation et écologie des peuplements des ...

    Richard MAHAMBA BYANIKIRO1,2*, Jacob NDJAKI NSILA2,. Alidor KANKONDA BUSANGA2, Joseph ULYELALI-PATHO2,3 et. Jean-Claude MICHA4. 1Université de Goma, Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques,. Département de Phytotechnie, B.P : 204 Goma, R .D. Congo. ²Université de Kisangani, Faculté des Sciences,.

  7. Report of visiting Laboratoire de Physique des Gaz et des Plasmas, Universite Paris-Sud

    Ferreira, J.L.


    The activities carried out by identification mission to the Laboratoire de Physique des Gaz et des Plasmas (LPGP) of Paris-Sud University are related. The mission is part of the project of Study on Plasma wave and Plasma turbulence which is part of international agreement between CAPES and COFECUB in France. (M.C.K.)

  8. Valorisation des plantes médicinales à coumarines des marchés de ...



    Jan 30, 2015 ... marchés Est de la ville de Douala concernant les différents usages des plantes à coumarines. ... ces plantes dans la médecine traditionnelle et leurs utilisations à des fins thérapeutiques, curatives ...... UNESCO : Paris ; 50.

  9. Multi-pollutants sensors based on near-IR telecom lasers and mid-IR difference frequency generation: development and applications; Instruments de mesure multi-polluants par spectroscopie infrarouge bases sur des lasers fibres et par generation de difference de frequences: developpement et applications

    Cousin, J


    At present the detection of VOC and other anthropic trace pollutants is an important challenge in the measurement of air quality. Infrared spectroscopy, allowing spectral regions rich in molecular absorption to be probed, is a suitable technique for in-situ monitoring of the air pollution. Thus the aim of this work was to develop instruments capable of detecting multiple pollutants for in-situ monitoring by IR spectroscopy. A first project benefited from the availability of the telecommunications lasers emitting in near-IR. This instrument was based on an external cavity diode laser (1500 - 1640 nm) in conjunction with a multipass cell (100 m). The detection sensitivity was optimised by employing a balanced detection and a sweep integration procedure. The instrument developed is deployable for in-situ measurements with a sensitivity of < 10{sup -8} cm{sup -1} Hz{sup -1/2} and allowed the quantification of chemical species such as CO{sub 2}, CO, C{sub 2}H{sub 2}, CH{sub 4} and the determination of the isotopic ratio {sup 13}CO{sub 2}/{sup 12}CO{sub 2} in combustion environment The second project consisted in mixing two near-IR fiber lasers in a non-linear crystal (PPLN) in order to produce a laser radiation by difference frequency generation in the middle-IR (3.15 - 3.43 {mu}m), where the absorption bands of the molecules are the most intense. The first studies with this source were carried out on detection of ethylene (C{sub 2}H{sub 4}) and benzene (C{sub 6}H{sub 6}). Developments, characterizations and applications of these instruments in the near and middle IR are detailed and the advantages of the 2 spectral ranges is highlighted. (author)

  10. Impact écotoxicologique de mélanges de pesticides sur des fonctions microbiennes des sols : apport d’une prise en compte écologique dans l’évaluation des risques

    Devers-Lamrani, Marion; Rouard, Nadine; Cheviron, Nathalie; Grondin, Virginie; Martin-Laurent, Fabrice


    L’utilisation de pesticides permet d’assurer la qualité de la production végétale mais elle contribue à la contamination des sols et des eaux et produit des effets sur des organismes noncibles. L’évaluation des risques requièrent actuellement une meilleure prise en compte des effets des pesticides sur le fonctionnement des écosystèmes. Or, les démarches et indicateurs classiques manquent de représentativité écologique. La fonction microbienne de biodégradation des pesticides est essentielle c...

  11. Services de transfert des savoirs

    Albert Simard


    Full Text Available Le présent article décrit un modèle visant à faciliter la compréhension du processus de transfert du contenu depuis sa source jusqu’à son utilisation. Un groupe de travail de Ressources naturelles Canada a étudié la nature du transfert des savoirs à l’aide d’un modèle de services, afin de découvrir et comprendre les modèles et processus sous-jacents. Les services de savoir sont des programmes qui créent et fournissent des produits organisationnels basés sur un contenu et ayant une valeur intégrée. Ces programmes sont destinés à être utilisés en interne ou transférés pour répondre aux souhaits et besoins d’un utilisateur externe. Les critères de conception du modèle sont les suivants : indépendance par rapport au contenu, concentration sur l’organisation, évolutivité, deux pilotes et deux niveaux de résolution. Le modèle est basé sur une chaîne de valeur dans laquelle la valeur est intégrée, déplacée ou extraite. Un système de services de savoir se divise en neuf étapes : générer, transformer, gérer, utiliser en interne, transférer, ajouter de la valeur, utiliser professionnellement, utiliser personnellement et évaluer. Les services de savoir sont fournis par l’intermédiaire d’un spectre de distribution allant de complexe à accessible. À chaque région du spectre de distribution correspond une série d’attributs qui influencent la manière dont les services sont fournis.This paper describes a model intended to increase understanding of how content is transferred from its source to its use. A Natural Resources Canada task group explored the nature of knowledge transfer with a services paradigm to discover and understand underlying patterns and processes. Knowledge Services are programs that produce and pro-vide content-based organizational outputs with embedded value that are intended to be used internally or transferred to meet external user wants or needs. Model design criteria

  12. Effets perturbateurs endocriniens des pesticides organochlores.

    Charlier, C; Plomteux, G


    Xenoestrogens such organochlorine pesticides are known to induce changes in reproductive development, function or behaviour in wildlife. Because these compounds are able to modify the estrogens metabolism, or to compete with estradiol for binding to the estrogen receptor, it may be possible that these products affect the risk of developing impaired fertility, precocious puberty or some kinds of cancer in man. Le plus ancien récit de lutte contre la pollution remonte à une légende indienne racontant que la divinité Sing-bonga était incommodée par les émanations des fours dans lesquels les Asuras fondaient leurs métaux (1). Evidemment depuis, la problématique n-a cessé de s-accroître et la contamination de la Terre par de nombreux polluants est devenue aujourd-hui un problème majeur de notre Société. La protection de notre environnement est une question capitale qui doit être respectée malgré la pression économique actuelle et qui ne cessera de croître au cours des prochaines années même si l-identification objective et indiscutable de ce qui est essentiel - donc devant être prioritairement garanti sur la planète - est difficile à cerner (2). « Un oiseau en mauvais état ne pond pas de bons oeufs » disait un proverbe grec. Mais ce n-est qu-à partir de la seconde moitié du XXème siècle que les toxicologues ont commencé à identifier les effets qu-avaient entraînés à l-échelle mondiale les pollutions émises aux XIXème siècle sur la faune sauvage et sur le cheptel (3). L-histoire contemporaine des pesticides industriels commence vers 1874 (synthèse des organochlorés) et se poursuit tout au long de ces 2 siècles en passant par la synthèse des organophosphorés (1950), des carbamates (1970) et des pyréthroïdes (1975) (4). Le dichlorodiphényltrichloroéthane (DDT) a été synthétisé pour la première fois par un étudiant en cours de préparation de sa thèse de doctorat : Othmer Zeidler. La production, reprise par les

  13. Contrôle hormonal des caractéristiques des fibres musculaires après la naissance

    Cassar-Malek, Isabelle; Listrat, Anne; Picard, Brigitte


    Après la naissance, la croissance et les propriétés contractiles et métaboliques des fibres musculaires sont soumises à une régulation endocrinienne complexe. A l’exception des glucocorticoïdes, la plupart des hormones présente une action anabolique sur le tissu musculaire. Leur influence sur les caractéristiques des fibres est cependant très différente. Ainsi, les hormones somatotropes affectent peu la composition en fibres des muscles. La GH, comme l’IGF-1, régulerait cependant l’expression...

  14. Contribution to the study of influences in emission spectrography on solutions. Application to a general analysis method for stainless steels (1961); Contribution a l'etude des influences en spectographie d'emission sur solution. Application a une methode generale d'analyse des aciers inoxydables (1961)

    Baudin, G [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    In order to establish a general method of analysis of stainless steels, by means of spark spectroscopy on solutions, a systematic study has been made of the factors involved. The variations in acidity of the solutions, or in the ratio of concentrations of two acids at constant pH, lead to a displacement of the calibration curve. Simple relations have been established between the concentration of the extraneous elements, and the effects produced, for the constituents Fe, Ti, Ni, Cr, Mn; a general method using abacus is proposed for steels containing only these elements. The interactions in the case of the elements Mo, Nb, Ta, W, were more complex, so that the simultaneous separation was studied with the help of ion-exchange resins. A general method of analysis is proposed for stainless steels. (author) [French] En vue d'etablir une methode generale d'analyse des aciers inoxydables par spectrographie d'etincelles sur solution, on a effectue une etude systematique des influences. Les variations de l'acidite des solutions ou du rapport des concentrations de deux acides a pH constant, entrainent un deplacement des courbes d'etalonnage. On a etabli des relations simples entre la teneur des tiers elements et les effets produits pour les constituants Fe, Ti, Ni, Cr, Mn; une methode generale avec abaques est proposee pour les aciers contenant ces seuls elements. Les influences dans le cas des elements Mo, Nb, Ta, W etant plus complexes, on eut a etudier la separation simultanee a l'aide de resines echangeuses d'ions. On propose une methode generale d'analyse des aciers inoxydables. (auteur)

  15. Cavity-enhanced spectroscopies

    van Zee, Roger


    ""Cavity-Enhanced Spectroscopy"" discusses the use of optical resonators and lasers to make sensitive spectroscopic measurements. This volume is written by the researcchers who pioneered these methods. The book reviews both the theory and practice behind these spectroscopic tools and discusses the scientific discoveries uncovered by these techniques. It begins with a chapter on the use of optical resonators for frequency stabilization of lasers, which is followed by in-depth chapters discussing cavity ring-down spectroscopy, frequency-modulated, cavity-enhanced spectroscopy, intracavity spectr

  16. Homogeneity spoil spectroscopy

    Hennig, J.; Boesch, C.; Martin, E.; Grutter, R.


    One of the problems of in vivo MR spectroscopy of P-31 is spectra localization. Surface coil spectroscopy, which is the method of choice for clinical applications, suffers from the high-intensity signal from subcutaneous muscle tissue, which masks the spectrum of interest from deeper structures. In order to suppress this signal while maintaining the simplicity of surface coil spectroscopy, the authors introduced a small sheet of ferromagnetically dotted plastic between the surface coil and the body. This sheet destroys locally the field homogeneity and therefore all signal from structures around the coil. The very high reproducibility of the simple experimental procedure allows long-term studies important for monitoring tumor therapy

  17. Baryon spectroscopy at KAON

    Comyn, Martin


    The unique opportunities for the study of baryon spectroscopy at the TRIUMF KAON Factory are outlined. Related issues in other areas of hadron spectroscopy are discussed. The complex of accelerators that comprise the TRIUMF KAON Factory, and the properties of the separated beams that will be available to experimenters, are described. Initial design considerations for detectors to be used in the study of hadron spectroscopy are presented, along with a proposed detector configuration. The progress towards realization of the TRIUMF KAON Factory is examined, and the timetable for the determination of the initial experimental programme and facilities is explained. 23 refs., 4 figs., 5 tabs.

  18. Running Club - Nocturne des Evaux

    Running club


    Les coureurs du CERN sont encore montés sur les plus hautes marches du podium lors de la course interentreprises. Cette course d’équipe qui se déroule de nuit et par équipe de 3 à 4 coureurs est unique dans la région de par son originalité : départ groupé toutes les 30 secondes, les 3 premiers coureurs doivent passer la ligne d’arrivée ensemble. Double victoire pour le running club a la nocturne !!!! 1ère place pour les filles et 22e au classement général; 1ère place pour l'équipe mixte et 4e au général, battant par la même occasion le record de l'épreuve en mixte d'environ 1 minute; 10e place pour l'équipe homme. Retrouvez tous les résultats sur

  19. Zum Typus des ossetischen Kasussystems

    Karl Horst Schmidt


    Full Text Available Altiranisch ist das altindogermanische Kasussystem weitgehend erhalten geblieben; im Singular (Sg. der avestischen (av. Nominaldeklination werden noch die acht Kasus Nominativ, Akkusativ, Genetiv, Dativ, Ablativ, Lokativ, Instrumenta! und Vokativ unterschieden; z.B. o-Stamm ahura- 'Gott': ahuri5, ahuram, ahurahyii., ahurai usw.; im Altpersischen ist dieses System durch den Zusammenfall von Dativ und Genetiv um einen Kasus reduziert worden. Auch in der typologischen Anordnung der Morpheme hat das Altiranische den aus dem Indogermanischen (idg. ererbten Status einer flektierenden Sprache bewahrt. Es ist charakterisiert durch Merkmale wie die Differenzierung von rrwnothematischer und heteroklitischer Deklination2 (vgl. Stamm vs. r/n-Stamm: av. ahura- vs. hvarǝ 'Sonne', Genetiv xvǝng, Caland-Wackernagelschen Suffixwechsel (av. dǝrǝz-ra- 'fest' : dǝrǝz-i-ra0a- 'festen Wagen habend' 3, Ablaut (av. dātā 'Geber', Genetiv dāvro, Formvariation4 (aav. Genetiv Sg. ahura-hyā vs. dāvr-ō oder Autonomie des Wortes.

  20. Dans le tourbillon des particules

    Zito, Marco


    Accélérateurs géants, détecteurs complexes, particules énigmatiques... La physique subatomique peut sembler bien intimidante pour le novice. Et pourtant, qui n a jamais entendu parler du boson de Higgs et du CERN, le laboratoire européen où il a été découvert en 2012 ? Nul besoin d être un spécialiste pour comprendre de quoi il s agit. Aujourd hui, une théorie extraordinairement élégante, le Modèle Standard, décrit tous les résultats des expériences dans le domaine. Trente-sept particules élémentaires et quatre forces fondamentales : c est tout ce dont nous avons besoin pour expliquer la matière et l Univers ! Ce livre, destiné à un large public, raconte sans équations le long parcours qui a abouti au Modèle Standard. Ce parcours, parfois sinueux, a été entamé lorsque les Grecs anciens, et peut-être d autres avant eux, ont imaginé que la matière est composée de petites « billes ». Il faudra attendre plusieurs siècles pour qu on réalise que la matière, à l échelle micros...

  1. ordination et classification de la vegetation des zones humides


    classes des Phragmitetea Tüxen & Pressing 1942 et des Potametea Tuxen et ... ORDINATION AND CLASSIFICATION OF WETLAND VEGETATION IN ... Principal Component Analysis, Cluster .... ensemble ; ce qui a permis d'avoir une vue.

  2. Participation en projets et dissonance cognitive des beneficiaires en ...

    Participation en projets et dissonance cognitive des beneficiaires en Afrique : la symbolique des paradoxes de la double contrainte institutionnelle dans la mise en oeuvre d'un projet de developpement au Benin.

  3. Adaptation dans les zones cruciales au regard des changements ...

    ) vise à accroître la résilience des populations pauvres dans trois « zones cruciales » au regard des changements climatiques : les bassins hydrographiques, les deltas et les régions semi-arides.

  4. Dictionnaire d'analyse et de gestion des risques

    Desroches, Alain


    Ce dictionnaire présente les principaux termes utilisés en analyse et gestion des risques, pour tous les secteurs d'activité industrielle ou de service. Il permet de clarifier des terminologies existantes présentant des variations plus ou moins importantes et parfois des contradictions de sens. Il propose : premièrement, la définition des auteurs, définition correspondant à l'usage le plus courant du terme , deuxièmement, les différences avec les terminologies existantes (essentiellement des normes) , troisièmement, des compléments à la définition, lorsque cela semble nécessaire et notamment lorsqu'il est important de préciser le contexte d'utilisation du terme , en dernier lieu, des exemples pratiques d'application, lorsque cela peut apporter un éclairage complémentaire pertinent.

  5. Archives: Afrique Science: Revue Internationale des Sciences et ...

    Items 1 - 31 of 31 ... Archives: Afrique Science: Revue Internationale des Sciences et Technologie. Journal Home > Archives: Afrique Science: Revue Internationale des Sciences et Technologie. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads.

  6. Catastrophes et consommation des substances psychoactives

    Krivokapić Žilijeta


    Full Text Available (francuski Les catastrophes, les accidents, les stress, les traumatismes sont des expériences négatives de vie accompagnées de changements physiologiques, cognitifs, émotionnels et comportementaux. Les stratégies les plus courantes inefficaces à résoudre les expériences de vie négatives sont: l' agression - ouverte (physique et / ou verbale, passive et latente, le retrait social, le placage, la dépression, l'impuissance, l' isolement et l' abus de médicaments, en particulier de drogues. Les personnes se trouvant dans des situations stressantes essayent de s' aider elles-mêmes souvent en recourant à des substances qui procurent une amélioration de leur état et suppriment le malaise momentané. Cette 'thérapie par auto-thérapie' comporte de graves risques La personne qui, après une période de consommation de ces substances devenaient dépendante, manifeste des changements visibles au niveau physique et psychologique. Elle se dérobe à ses obligations, rompt avec les activités auxquelles elle prenait plaisir autrefois de même qu' avec ses loisirs et ses intérêts; elle change des amis, ses relations familiales et amicales deviennent pauvres et remplies de nombreux conflits; elle devient moins critique et plus manipulative, commence à mentir, trompe pour dissimuler sa toxicomanie, rejoint un groupe de ses semblables, se livre à des activités criminogènes, de plus en plus se dégrade physiquement. L' alcool qui, étant le plus accessible et par conséquent généralement 'la première mesure d' auto-thérapie', a un impact particulièrement dévastateur sur l' organisme sensible au point de vue psycho-physique. Nous assistons à de nombreuses difficultés et des problèmes qui, à la suite de la consommation d' alcool, aggravent ceux liés à des expériences des événements traumatisants. De même l' efficacité de certains comprimés de réduire les tensions ou d' améliorer l' état du patient conduit fréquemment

  7. MR imaging of prostate cancer; MR-Tomographie des Prostatakarzinoms

    Heuck, A.; Scheidler, J.; Sommer, B.; Graser, A. [Radiologisches Zentrum Muenchen-Pasing (Germany); Mueller-Lisse, U.G. [Institut fuer Klinische Radiologie, Universitaet Muenchen (Germany); Massmann, J. [Gemeinschaftspraxis Pathologie, Muenchen (Germany)


    Accurate diagnosis and staging of prostate cancer (PC) is developing into an important health care issue in light of the high incidence of PC and the improvements in stage-adapted therapy. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview on the current role of MR imaging and MR spectroscopy in the diagnosis and staging of PC.Material and methods Pertinent literature was searched and evaluated to collect information on current clinical indications, study techniques, diagnostic value, and limitations of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy. Major indications for MR imaging of patients with supected PC are to define tumor location before biopsy when clinical or TRUS findings are inconclusive, and to provide accurate staging of histologically proven PC to ascertain effective therapy. Current MR imaging techniques for the evaluation of PC include multiplanar high-resolution T2-weighted FSE and T1-weighted SE sequences using combined endorectal and phased-array coils. Using these techniques, the reported accuracy of MR imaging for the diagnosis of extracapsular tumor extension ranges between 82 and 88% with sensitivities between 80 and 95%, and specificities between 82 and 93%. Typical MR findings of PC in different stages of disease, as well as diagnostic problems, such as chronic prostatitis, biopsy-related hemorrhage and therapy-related changes of prostatic tissue are discussed. In addition, the current perspectives and limitations of MR spectroscopy in PC are summarized. Current MR imaging techniques provide important diagnostic information in the pretherapeutic workup of PC including a high staging accuracy, and is superior to TRUS. (orig.) [German] Der Diagnostik des Prostatakarzinoms kommt wegen seiner hohen Inzidenz und den verbesserten stadienadaptierten Therapiemoeglichkeiten eine grosse Bedeutung zu. Dabei spielen bildgebende Verfahren bei den klinisch oft unzureichend diagnostizierbaren Faellen eine wesentliche Rolle fuer die praetherapeutische

  8. Extraction, fractionnement et concentration des huiles marines

    Linder Michel


    Full Text Available Les huiles marines représentent des sources potentielles d’acides gras polyinsaturés (AGPI dont les implications au niveau de la nutrition et de la santé sont avérées. Ces molécules sont extraites à partir de poissons, algues ou co-produits de la filière halieutique par des procédés de cuisson-pression, en présence de solvants ou par des techniques enzymatiques beaucoup moins drastiques. Des fractions plus ou moins purifiées en AGPI sont obtenues par cristallisation à froid, en présence de solvants organiques, complexation avec de l’urée, distillation moléculaire ou extraction par fluide supercritique. L’utilisation de lipases stéréospécifiques dans des procédés d’hydrolyse et d’estérification conduit à une diversité de molécules d’acylglycérols riches en AGPI trouvant de nombreuses applications dans le domaine de l’agroalimentaire et de la santé.

  9. Organisation des travaux ST-CV

    Martel, C; CERN. Geneva. ST Division


    Débutée il y a deux ans, la phase de construction des installations de refroidissement du LHC a atteint en 2003 son apogée. De nombreux autres projets sont également gérés par le groupe dans divers secteurs du laboratoire. La spécificité du groupe est de réaliser des installations complexes impliquant des spécificités diverses telles qu’aéraulique, hydraulique, électrique, etc. Pour faire face à ces demandes la section travaux du groupe ST CV a adopté une structure capable de réaliser ces divers projets avec un minimum de personnel. La première partie de ce document décrit l’organisation de la section travaux ST CV. Dans une deuxième partie, les auteurs dressent un état des lieux des chantiers par projet en décrivant plus particulièrement les activités dans les domaines du traitement d’air et de refroidissement par eau.

  10. Stabilisation de la formule des traces tordue

    Moeglin, Colette


    Ce travail en deux volumes donne la preuve de la stabilisation de la formule des trace tordue. Stabiliser la formule des traces tordue est la méthode la plus puissante connue actuellement pour comprendre l'action naturelle du groupe des points adéliques d'un groupe réductif, tordue par un automorphisme, sur les formes automorphes de carré intégrable de ce groupe. Cette compréhension se fait en réduisant le problème, suivant les idées de Langlands, à des groupes plus petits munis d'un certain nombre de données auxiliaires; c'est ce que l'on appelle les données endoscopiques. L'analogue non tordu a été résolu par J. Arthur et dans ce livre on suit la stratégie de celui-ci. Publier ce travail sous forme de livre permet de le rendre le plus complet possible. Les auteurs ont repris la théorie de l'endoscopie tordue développée par R. Kottwitz et D. Shelstad et par J.-P. Labesse. Ils donnent tous les arguments des démonstrations même si nombre d'entre eux se trouvent déjà dans les travaux d'Ar...

  11. Study of irradiation effects in the silicon carbide cubic polytype by photoluminescence and electron spin resonance spectroscopies; Etude des effets d'irradiation dans le polytype cubique du carbure de silicium par les techniques spectroscopiques de photoluminescence et de resonance paramagnetique electronique

    Lefevre, J


    This experimental work has consisted in the study of point defects induced by an electronic irradiation in the cubic crystallographic structure of silicon carbide with low temperature photoluminescence and electron spin resonance spectroscopies. The first one of these measurement tools has allowed to estimate the displacement threshold energy in the silicon sub-lattice and then to analyze the thermal stability of the irradiation defects in the low temperature range: (10-300 K) and then in the high temperature range: (300-1400 K). Besides, on the base of a recent theoretical model, this thesis has confirmed the proposition of the isolated silicon antisite for the D1 center whose running beyond the nominal running temperature of fission nuclear reactors (generation IV), for which SiC is in part intended, seems to be particularly problematic. Measurements carried out by ESR under lighting have at last allowed to detect a new defect in its metastable spin state S=1, possibly associated to a silicon interstitial configuration. (O.M.)

  12. IR Spectroscopy. An introduction

    Guenzler, H.; Gremlich, H.U.


    The following topics are dealt with: absorption and molecular design, spectrometers, sample preparation, qualitative spectral interpretation and assertions, near-infrared and far-infrared spectroscopy, reference spectra and expert systems

  13. Charmonium spectroscopy, 1987

    Cahn, R.N.


    The state of charmonium spectroscopy is reviewed. All analyses proceed from a spin-dependent, non-relativistic Schroedinger equation. Many of the possible branching ratios for charm like states are investigated. 17 refs

  14. Dual THz comb spectroscopy

    Yasui, Takeshi


    Optical frequency combs are innovative tools for broadband spectroscopy because a series of comb modes can serve as frequency markers that are traceable to a microwave frequency standard. However, a mode distribution that is too discrete limits the spectral sampling interval to the mode frequency spacing even though individual mode linewidth is sufficiently narrow. Here, using a combination of a spectral interleaving and dual-comb spectroscopy in the terahertz (THz) region, we achieved a spectral sampling interval equal to the mode linewidth rather than the mode spacing. The spectrally interleaved THz comb was realized by sweeping the laser repetition frequency and interleaving additional frequency marks. In low-pressure gas spectroscopy, we achieved an improved spectral sampling density of 2.5 MHz and enhanced spectral accuracy of 8.39 × 10-7 in the THz region. The proposed method is a powerful tool for simultaneously achieving high resolution, high accuracy, and broad spectral coverage in THz spectroscopy.

  15. Multidimensional high harmonic spectroscopy

    Bruner, Barry D; Soifer, Hadas; Shafir, Dror; Dudovich, Nirit; Serbinenko, Valeria; Smirnova, Olga


    High harmonic generation (HHG) has opened up a new frontier in ultrafast science where attosecond time resolution and Angstrom spatial resolution are accessible in a single measurement. However, reconstructing the dynamics under study is limited by the multiple degrees of freedom involved in strong field interactions. In this paper we describe a new class of measurement schemes for resolving attosecond dynamics, integrating perturbative nonlinear optics with strong-field physics. These approaches serve as a basis for multidimensional high harmonic spectroscopy. Specifically, we show that multidimensional high harmonic spectroscopy can measure tunnel ionization dynamics with high precision, and resolves the interference between multiple ionization channels. In addition, we show how multidimensional HHG can function as a type of lock-in amplifier measurement. Similar to multi-dimensional approaches in nonlinear optical spectroscopy that have resolved correlated femtosecond dynamics, multi-dimensional high harmonic spectroscopy reveals the underlying complex dynamics behind attosecond scale phenomena. (paper)

  16. Foundations of laser spectroscopy

    Stenholm, Stig


    A simple presentation of the theoretical foundations of steady-state laser spectroscopy, this text helps students to apply theory to calculations with a systematic series of examples and exercises. 1984 edition.

  17. Surface vibrational spectroscopy (EELS)

    Okuyama, Hiroshi


    Adsorbed states of hydrogen on metal surfaces have been studied by means of electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS). In this article, typical spectra and analysis as well as recent development are introduced. (author)

  18. The commercialization of decentralized energy systems (DES) in the Philippines

    Bernardo, J.Y.; Navarro, L.B.; Abito, G.; Lim, B.P.


    PNOC-ERDC is implementing the project ''Commercialization of Decentralized Energy Systems or DES'' with assistance from the European Community. The project hopes to promote the utilization of DES technologies by providing financial and technical assistance to enterpreneurs engaged in the manufacture and/or distribution of DES technologies. At present, the DES project has provided loans totalling P17.9 million to 6 entrepreneurs. Technologies supported include photovoltaics, biogas and agricultural waste-fired dryers. (auth.). 2 tabs

  19. Autonomisation des femmes | CRDI - Centre de recherches pour le ...

    8 mars 2018 ... J'aurais préféré ne pas le savoir » : pourquoi les femmes au Swaziland évitent de subir des tests de dépistage du cancer. par Nomthandazo Malambo. Une mère avec son enfant. L'enregistrement des naissances représente le fondement de la progression de l'égalité entre les sexes et des droits des ...

  20. Processus hydrogéochimiques et origine des sources naturelles ...

    Dr Gatsing

    minéralisées. La signature chimique des eaux de sources marquée par de faibles conductivités se rapproche nettement de celle des eaux de puits qui captent les altérites, et s'éloigne de celle des eaux de forages qui interceptent le socle fissuré. Le calcul des indices de saturation par rapport à la dolomie et la calcite, et.

  1. caracterisation des conflits homme-elephant dans le departement

    Prp= ((Pt-Pve)/Pt) x100 avec Prp : Proportion des pertes, Pt : Production totale, Pve : Production après la visite des éléphants. Les différents tests statistiques ont été réalisés. Les origines des conflits sont liées au transfert des éléphants dans la zone et à leurs maraudes dans les cultures pour la recherche de nourriture.

  2. Evaluation des caractéristiques ethnobotaniques et structurales de ...

    La dégradation des habitats naturels des espèces forestière évolue de façon croissance avec l'augmentation de la taille de la population du Bénin. L'objectif de cette étude est de contribuer à la conservation de Nesogordonia kabingaensis qui est l'une des espèces à habitat unique dans le pays. Des enquêtes ...

  3. La cartog ra ph ie des inc iden ce s


    che d'ingénierie des incidences à la recherche pour le développe- ment. .... çoivent des stratégies visant à les doter des outils, techniques et ressources utiles pour contribuer au développement. Axer le ... Comment ? La première phase, la définition des intentions, aide le programme à en arriver à un consensus sur les.

  4. Objectif : les zones cruciales au regard des changements climatiques

    ruissellement et les phénomènes climatiques extrêmes constituent des menaces pour les deltas en. Afrique et en Asie du Sud, où sont situées quelques-unes des plus grandes villes de la planète. Des centaines de millions de personnes sont exposées, et tout particulièrement celles qui vivent dans des établissements.

  5. Evaluation de la mise en oeuvre des mesures de radioprotection ...

    Résultats : Sur les 62 services de radiologie recensés, 27.4% avaient des surfaces des salles comprises entre 10-20 m2 et 87.6% avaient des parois en briques pleines. Les portes des services étaient en bois dans 67.7% et en aluminium dans 32.3%. La grande majorité (95.2%) de ses portes étaient plombées.

  6. Analyse de la distribution spatiale des Acanthaceae en Afrique ...


    d'échantillons sont: Justicia Lin. avec 1595 échantillons (17,1% des échantillons; 58 espèces), Thunbergia Retz avec 813 échantillons. (8,7% des échantillons; 36 espèces), et. Asystasia Blume avec 638 échantillons (6,8% des échantillons; 11 espèces). La carte de distribution des. 9181 échantillons d'Acanthaceae (Fig.

  7. Reduction de la sensation des malaises thermiques: determination ...

    La présente étude a pour objet de contribuer à la réduction de la sensation des malaises thermiques à travers la recherche des orientations préférentielles des bâtiments dans les différentes zones du Togo à partir des conditions aérodynamiques et climatiques locales. Les données climatiques à savoir la température, ...

  8. Gestion des ressources hydriques dans un contexte de ...

    Gestion des ressources hydriques dans un contexte de changements climatiques dans des établissements humains côtiers en Angola. Durant la guerre civile angolaise, de très nombreux habitants des zones de conflit en milieu rural se sont déplacés vers des endroits vulnérables aux phénomènes climatiques extrêmes, ...

  9. Gestionnaire (h/f), Administration des subventions | CRDI - Centre ...

    En qualité de personne-ressource clé, le gestionnaire doit donner des conseils éclairés en matière d'administration des subventions, d'évaluation des risques administratifs liés aux institutions, de gestion financière et de préparation de documents juridiques pendant tout le cycle de vie des projets ou programmes.

  10. EDITORIAL: Nano Meets Spectroscopy Nano Meets Spectroscopy

    Birch, David J. S.


    The multidisciplinary two-day Nano Meets Spectroscopy (NMS) event was held at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Teddington, UK, in September 2011. The event was planned from the outset to be at the interface of several areas—in particular, spectroscopy and nanoscience, and to bring together topics and people with different approaches to achieving common goals in biomolecular science. Hence the meeting cut across traditional boundaries and brought together researchers using diverse techniques, particularly fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy. Despite engaging common problems, these techniques are frequently seen as mutually exclusive with the two communities rarely interacting at conferences. The meeting was widely seen to have lived up to its billing in good measure. It attracted the maximum capacity of ~120 participants, including 22 distinguished speakers (9 from outside the UK), over 50 posters and a vibrant corporate exhibition comprising 10 leading instrument companies and IOP Publishing. The organizers were Professor David Birch (Chair), Dr Karen Faulds and Professor Duncan Graham of the University of Strathclyde, Professor Cait MacPhee of the University of Edinburgh and Dr Alex Knight of NPL. The event was sponsored by the European Science Foundation, the Institute of Physics, the Royal Society of Chemistry, NPL and the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance. The full programme and abstracts are available at The programme was quite ambitious in terms of the breadth and depth of scope. The interdisciplinary and synergistic concept of 'X meets Y' played well, cross-fertilization between different fields often being a source of inspiration and progress. Fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy provided the core, but the meeting had little repetition and also attracted contributions on more specialist techniques such as CARS, super-resolution, single molecule and chiral methods. In terms of application the

  11. Positron annihilation spectroscopy

    Sundar, C.S.; Viswanathan, B.


    An overview of positron annihilation spectroscopy, the experimental techniques and its application to studies on defects and electronic structure of materials is presented. The scope of this paper is to present the requisite introductory material, that will enable a better appreciation of the subsequent specialized articles on the applications of positron annihilation spectroscopy to investigate various problems in materials science. (author). 31 refs., 3 figs

  12. Ultrafast infrared vibrational spectroscopy

    Fayer, Michael D


    The past ten years or so have seen the introduction of multidimensional methods into infrared and optical spectroscopy. The technology of multidimensional spectroscopy is developing rapidly and its applications are spreading to biology and materials science. Edited by a recognized leader in the field and with contributions from top researchers, including experimentalists and theoreticians, this book presents the latest research methods and results and will serve as an excellent resource for other researchers.

  13. Spectroscopy stepping stones

    Hammer, M.R.; Sturman, B.T.


    Determining the elemental composition of samples has long been a basic task of analytical science. Some very powerful and convenient approaches are based on the wavelength-specific absorption or emission of light by gas-phase atoms. Techniques briefly described as examples of analytical atomic spectrometry include atomic emission and absorption spectroscopy, inductively coupled plasma emission and mass spectroscopy and laser induced breakdown spectrometry

  14. Fast antihydrogen beam spectroscopy

    Neumann, R.


    The motivation for production and precision spectroscopy of antihydrogen atoms is outlined. An experimental configuration is considered, concerning laser-microwave spectroscopy of a fast hydrogen beam with characteristics similar to those of an antihydrogen beam emanating from an antiproton-positron overlap region in an antiproton storage ring. In particular, a possible experiment for the measurement of the ground state hyperfine structure splitting is described. (orig.)

  15. L’impact de la participation bancaire dans le capital des entreprises sur la politique de distribution des dividendes

    Naoel Mezgani


    Full Text Available L’objectif de ce papier est de tester l’incidence de la participation bancaire dans le capital des entreprises non financières sur la politique de distribution des dividendes. En utilisant des données de panel des trente entreprises tunisiennes durant la période de 1999 à 2004, nous vérifions si en détenant le capital et la dette, la banque a la possibilité de contraindre la distribution des dividendes pour garantir le remboursement de ses fonds prêtés. Les résultats empiriques obtenus ne confirment pas l’impact significatif des banques actionnaires majoritaires et principaux créditeurs sur la distribution des dividendes dans les entreprises tunisiennes. Ces dernières soutiennent surtout la stabilité du niveau des dividendes payés d’une année à une autre.

  16. Distribution spatiale intra-urbaine des particules fines : monitoring ...


    30 sept. 2014 ... En outre, l'accumulation des particules fines est faible pendant un mois pluvieux par rapport à un mois sec ..... benjamina, et la structure (tige, branches) des arborées ... par Zhang et al., (2006) sur des feuilles de Pinus pumila.

  17. (Vitaceae) dans le Parc National des Iles de la M


    31 juil. 2015 ... 3Ecole Régionale Post-Universitaire d'Aménagement et de gestion Intégrés des Forêts et ... Méthodologie et résultats : Des essais de contrôle biologique et physique ont été testés. ..... Dynamique des populations de l'arbre.

  18. Annales des Sciences Agronomiques - Vol 16, No 2 (2012)

    Effet de la monoculture des poacees sur le controle de Hyptis suaveolens ... Dynamique des champignons endomycorhiziens dans les jachères manioc sur ... de gestion de la fertilité des sols dans la commune de ouaké au Nord-Ouest du ...

  19. Activites antimicrobiennes des extraits de trios plantes medicinales ...

    Les propriétés antimicrobiennes des extraits hydroéthanoliques des feuilles de Spondias mombin L. (Anacardiaceae), de Psidium guajava L. (Myrtaceae) et de Pterocarpus santalinoides L. (Papilionadeae) sont étudiées afin de justifier leur utilisation pour le traitement des infections et toxi-infections alimentaires au Bénin.

  20. Note - Des macrophytes pour épurer les eaux ?

    BOUTIN, Catherine


    Full Text Available Utiliser des macrophytes pour mieux satisfaire les besoins humains est une part importante des recherches qui les concernent. Pour l’épuration des eaux usées et les aménagements associés, qu’en est-il ?

  1. Statutes of limitations: the special problem of DES suits

    Feigin, C.A.


    In 1971, medical studies determined that DES causes a rare type of vaginal cancer in a small number of daughters of mothers who took DES during pregnancy. Subsequently, medical studies determined that exposure to DES can cause other vaginal abnormalities in the daughters, some of which may be precancerous. As a result of these discoveries, many lawsuits have been filed by these daughters against DES manufacturers. Many DES suits may be barred by statutes of limitations, both because the number of years between the daughters' exposure to DES in utero and the discovery that DES can cause injuries exceeds the statutory period, and because the cancer or other injuries caused by DES may not develop for many additional years. This Note discusses two methods that DES plaintiffs may be able to use to overcome the potential statutes of limitations bar: the discovery rule, and state provisions which toll the statute of limitations for minors. The Note contends that courts should apply an expanded discovery rule to DES suits to avoid the unfair result of barring a claim before the plaintiff could have known that she had a cause of action. In addition, the Note argues that the injury which causes the statute of limitations to begin to run in DES suits should not be rigidly defined. Finally, the Note urges that courts allow eligible DES plaintiffs to take advantage of applicable state provisions that toll the statute of limitations for minors

  2. caracterisation des systemes de production a base d'anacardier


    Mots clés : Systèmes de culture, anacardier, gestion des plantations, rentabilité économique, Bénin. .... qui élimine au fur et à mesure les variables .... regard à la performance des arbres. ..... le contrôle des mauvaises herbes et la meilleure.

  3. Gouvernance et gestion des ressources communes au Vietnam ...

    Gouvernance et gestion des ressources communes au Vietnam. La subvention permettra au Collège d'agriculture et de foresterie de l'Université de Huê de se pencher sur des questions reliées à la gestion des ressources communes et à la pauvreté dans ... New funding opportunity for gender equality and climate change.

  4. TEDx Place Des Nations | 11 December


    On 11 December, Geneva will host the TEDxPlaceDesNations event.   TEDxPlaceDesNations, in the spirit of TED’s “Ideas Worth Spreading” principle, will involve innovators, humanitarians, entrepreneurs, scientists and peacemakers. The eleven speakers will share how their work can help find solutions to today’s challenges. Among the speakers will be Javier Serrano, a CERN physicist and electronics engineer. He is the co-author of the CERN Open Hardware License and the creator of the Open Hardware Repository, a web platform where companies, institutes and individuals can share their hardware designs for free. Additional information is available at the TEDxPlaceDesNations site. The detailed programme will be posted on 28 November. Seats are limited, so registration is essential. The event can be followed by live webcast here.

  5. Das Konzept des 'Medialen Habitus'

    Sven Kommer


    Full Text Available Sven Kommer fragt in seinem Beitrag, inwieweit das Habitus-Konzept als Erklärungsmuster für die beobachtbare Zementierung sozialer Ungleichheit im Schulsystem greift. Dabei konstatiert der Beitrag, dass alle an der Weiterschreibung des Habitus-Konzepts beteiligten AutorInnen sich darin einig sind, dass es wichtige Beiträge für die Selbst-Aufklärung einer weitestgehend mediatisierten Gesellschaft leistet. Der Artikel geht dabei – auch angesichts der PISA-Studien – von dem empirischen Befund aus, dass die individuelle Ausprägung der Medienkompetenz aufs engste mit den Ressourcen des Elternhauses verbunden ist und sich dabei die elterlichen Formen der Medienerziehung unübersehbar mit den aktuellen medialen Handlungspraxen verbinden. Dieser Befund deckt sich auf weite Strecken auch mit den Ergebnissen der Bildungssoziologie Pierre Bourdieus, weshalb die Diskussionen zum medialen Habitus im Rahmen dieser Ausführungen auch mit empirischen Argumenten unterfüttert werden. Ganz in diesem Sinne arbeitet der Artikel auch heraus, dass die aus dem Kontext der Cultural Studies stammenden Thesen zur Nivellierung kultureller Milieu-Unterschiede wenig empirisch fundiert sind. Der Artikel betont dahingehend, dass hier eine unreflektierte Infiltration durch genuin neoliberales Gedankengut vorliegt, da mit ihr auch die Annahme einer "freien Wahl" von Lebensweg, Milieuzugehörigkeit oder Gender verbunden werden kann. Dabei wir auch eingehend der "Clash of Habitus" diskutiert, der zwischen Lehrenden und Lernenden stattfindet und das Augenmerk ein Mal mehr auf die Tatsache lenkt, das unser Bildungssystem auf dieser pädagogisch relevanten Ebene durch soziale Ungleichheiten gekennzeichnet ist. In his essay, Sven Kommer questions whether the notion of habitus is suitable to support the understanding of the obvious consolidation of inequality in the school system. He shows that all authors active in the continued use of the notion of habitus agree that it

  6. L'enrichissement des sols et des semences permet d'améliorer la ...

    6 juin 2016 ... Grâce à des sols en meilleure santé et à l'utilisation de variétés améliorées, les agriculteurs du sud de l'Éthiopie ont multiplié par deux le rendement du pois chiche. L'amélioration des méthodes de transformation et de préparation de cet aliment, conjuguée à des programmes d'éducation, s'est traduite par ...

  7. Etat des lieux de la reproduction sexuée des ignames africaines ...

    Les ignames sont d'importantes plantes alimentaires à multiplication végétative dont l'amélioration et la création variétale dépendent, comme chez les végétaux, de la maîtrise de la biologie de la reproduction sexuée. L'état des lieux des cultivars florifères des ignames africaines Dioscorea cayenensis – D. rotundata a été ...


    KADARI, Abdelhamid


    Depuis les temps les plus anciens, l’utilisation des plantes dans le domaine de la santé est toujours d’actualité (1), dans la mesure où elle représente une alternative sérieuse ou tout au moins un complément appréciable à la pharmacie classique issue de la chimie moderne. En effet, plus de 25 % des médicaments prescrits dans le monde entier dérivent directement ou indirectement des plantes (2). Cependant, en tant que sources de médicaments, les plantes restent encore sous plusieurs études, s...

  9. La réforme des politiques sociales : Évolution des perspectives du ...

    Le XXe siècle est une époque remarquable sur le plan des progrès matériels et des transformations d'ordre social et politique. Partout dans le monde, les conditions de vie de la population ont profondément changé à bien des égards: le taux de mortalité infantile et l'analphabétisme chez les adultes ont diminué de façon ...

  10. Analyse des mécanismes de transmission des infections sexuellement transmissibles

    Abraham, Shahnaz


    Ce travail comprend une étude de l'épidémiologie des infections sexuellement transmissibles (IST) et du VIH à Genève et en Suisse. Nous constatons une recrudescence des IST pendant la période analysée 1999-2004, supersosable à la situation observée dans les autres métropoles européennes, tandis que l'incidence du VIH est restée stable. Nous analysons les facteurs importants pour la transmission des IST-VIH et soulignons l'importance de poursuivre les campagnes de prévention, visant non seulem...

  11. Les caractéristiques des stomates des feuilles de Ficus benjamina L ...


    25 mars 2014 ... gaz d'échappement des véhicules et des cheminés des usines (Barima et al., 2014). En outre, ces .... inférieures de celle-ci ont été nettoyées à l'eau distillée. Une partie de chaque face inférieure de la feuille a ..... réaction de la plante à empêcher l'absorption de polluants tout en optimisant l'absorption de ...

  12. Étude sur la nutrition menée dans des écoles de la Grenade - des ...

    Étude sur la nutrition menée dans des écoles de la Grenade - des données probantes pour éclairer les politiques. Prévention des maladies non transmissibles. (PMNT). PROFIL DE PROJET. Le programme Prévention des maladies non transmissi- bles (PMNT) soutient la production de nouvelles connais- sances en vue ...


    Wegmann , Grégory


    International audience; Le thème de la gestion des risques a été peu abordé en contrôle de gestion et le fonctionnement des outils traditionnels comme les budgets postulent une maîtrise des risques et des incertitudes. L'émergence de nouvelles approches en contrôle de gestion montre une évolution sur ce point.

  14. Innovation pour la santé des mères et des enfants d'Afrique

    Corey Piccioni

    ... détermineront les interventions devant absolument faire partie de la formation des travailleurs de santé communautaire. Cela pourrait comprendre des régimes de vitamines prénatals et des billets de transport à des établissements de santé pour le dépistage de troubles d'hypertension ou d'infection au VIH, entre autres.

  15. Innova on pour la santé des mères et des enfants d'Afrique

    19 janv. 2018 ... Les conclusions révèlent des similitudes parmi les cas de divers contextes na onaux, fournissant une riche base de preuves afin d'inspirer des ini a ves visant à améliorer l'équité en ma ère de santé. OUVRIR LE PDF | COMMANDER LE LIVRE. Innova on pour la santé des mères et des enfants d'Afrique.

  16. Recueillir des données probantes à l'échelle des collectivités pour ...

    Ce projet contribue à la collecte, à l'échelle des collectivités, de données probantes sur les souvenirs des victimes de violations des droits de la personne. Il vise aussi à trouver des stratégies de reconstruction post-atrocités dans un cadre local sûr. Enfin, l'équipe a créé un site Web et produit plusieurs publications.

  17. Étude de la compétitivité de complexation des métaux issus des ...

    Les analyses chimiques effectuées sur le phosphate naturel révèlent la présence des métaux lourds. Pour étudier les risques de rétrogradation de ces engrais phosphatés, notre étude s'est portée sur la complexation des substances humiques naturelles extraites des sols sur des ions métalliques tels que le calcium, ...

  18. Modélisation des propriétés diélectriques des nanocomposites ...

    Dans ce travail, nous nous intéressons aux propriétés diélectriques dans le domaine des micro-ondes (2.45, 9.50 et 35 GHz) des composites constitués des inclusions de noir de carbone dans une matrice résine époxyde. Nous avons utilisé deux types de carbone : le monarch 700 et le sterling, dont les diamètres des ...

  19. Biometrische Untersuchungen des Stylopodiums, Zygopodiums und Metapodiums pleistozäner Ursiden im Hinblick auf die Evolution des Höhlenbären und die Klassifizierung des Fundmaterials Einhornhöhle / Harz

    Athen, Kerstin Anja


    In der vorliegenden Dissertation "Biometrische Untersuchungen des Stylopodiums, Zygopodiums und Metapodiums pleistozäner Ursiden im Hinblick auf die Evolution des Höhlenbären und die Klassifizierung des Fundmaterials Einhornhöhle / Harz" wurden Daten des oberpliozänen Ursus etruscus, des pleistozänen Ursus deningeri sowie des Ursus spelaeus ausgewertet. Zur Datenerhebung wurden 249 Messgrößen an den Skelettelementen Humerus, Ulna, Radius, Metacarpalia I-V, Femur, Tibia, Fibula und Metatarsali...

  20. Isotonic exercise during hemodialysis improves dialysis efficiency

    Freire, Ana Paula Coelho Figueira; Rios, Cibele Silva; Moura, Raquel Souza; Burneiko, Regina Coeli Vasques de Miranda; Padulla, Susimary Aparecida Trevizan; Lopes, Francis da Silva


    INTRODUÇÃO: A doença renal crônica (DRC) é decorrente de uma lesão renal e perda progressiva e irreversível da função dos rins. A hemodiálise substitui parcialmente essa função, com o objetivo de corrigir as alterações metabólicas na DRC. Para acompanhar a adequação da diálise, é determinado o Kt/V - índice de depuração da ureia por sessão de hemodiálise. O exercício físico de moderada intensidade tem se mostrado de fundamental importância para melhorar os efeitos adversos ao tratamento dialí...

  1. Avaliação do teor e da estabilidade de vitaminas do complexo B e vitamina C em bebidas isotônicas e energéticas Evaluation of the amount and stability of B group vitamins and vitamin C in power and isotonic beverages

    Fernanda J. de Castro


    Full Text Available Vitamin C stability and concentration was evaluated in isotonic beverages and B group vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 in power beverages. The amount of vitamins was found to be above of that declared on the labels, even after the shelf life had been exceeded. A small decrease in the amount of B group vitamins was observed during the shelf life of the products. In the case of vitamin C this decrease was slightly higher. The present research shows the need of increased quality control and inspection.

  2. Raman spectra of ordinary and deuterated liquid ammonias; Spectres Raman des ammoniacs ordinaire et deuteries liquides

    Ceccaldi, M; Leicknam, J P [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, 91 - Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires, direction des materiaux et des combustibles nucleaires, departement de physico-chimie, service des isotopes stables, service de spectrometrie de masse


    The three deuterated ammonia molecules, as well as ordinary ammonia, have been examined in the liquid state by Raman spectroscopy using a high-pressure cell described elsewhere. This work thus completes the infrared spectrometry studies. We have examined the NH and ND valency absorption regions. The polarization measurements and isotope effect considerations make it possible to confirm most of the attributions recently proposed for interpreting the infrared spectra of the four isotopic molecules: the apparent disagreement between the NH{sub 3} and ND{sub 3} spectra obtained in this region by infrared and Raman spectroscopy is discussed: by the first technique the number of bands in the spectra corresponds well to the theoretically expected number, and the relative intensities conform more or less to expectations; the Raman spectra however have a strong supplementary band in the same region, produced by a Fermi resonance; it is possible to explain, from theoretical considerations, why this resonance appears so easily in the Raman spectrum, whereas it is detected in the infrared only by a very detailed analysis of the effects of solvents on the ammonia. (authors) [French] Les trois ammoniacs deuteries, ainsi que l'ammoniac ordinaire, sont examines a l'etat liquide par spectrometrie Raman, a l'aide d'une cuve haute pression decrite par ailleurs. Ce travail complete donc les etudes effectuees par spectrometrie infra-rouge. Nous avons examine les regions d'absorption de valence NH et ND. Les mesures de polarisation et des considerations sur les effets isotopiques permettent de confirmer la plupart des attributions proposees recemment pour interpreter les spectres infra-rouges des quatre molecules isotopiques: on discute egalement l'apparent desaccord entre les spectres de NH{sub 3} et de ND{sub 3} obtenus dans cette region par infra-rouge et Raman: par la premiere technique le nombre de bandes relevees sur les spectres correspond bien au nombre theoriquement attendu et

  3. L'incidence du prix et des stratégies d'emballage des produits du ...

    Des données internationales, en provenance surtout des pays à revenu élevé, ... pour s'attaquer aux stratégies de marketing ciblant des groupes vulnérables dans ... Les conclusions d'un programme financé par le CRDI au premier plan de la ...

  4. 258 Typologie des granitoïdes de la région de Tiassalé (Sud de la ...

    Afrique Sciences

    contexte distensif post-subduction [23, 24]. ... en compte une participation de la croûte continentale à la genèse des magmas, selon. Didier [25] et Laurent [26]. Tout ceci montre une origine double des magmas granitoïdes dans cette région :.

  5. 50 Modélisation des propriétés diélectriques des nanocomposites ...


    3 Laboratoire de Physique des Solides et des Couches Minces, Faculté des Sciences,. Sémlalia ... renfort (fibres de verre, carbone ou Kevlar,..) ont alors été utilisés ... diélectrique. Par ailleurs, pour modéliser le comportement diélectrique à la.

  6. Développer le leadership dans des villes de l'Amérique latine et des ...

    urbanisation rapide non planifiée, les villes des pays en développement sont à la fois le principal déclencheur des changements climatiques et le lieu approprié pour mettre en oeuvre des solutions. À l'heure actuelle, les villes de taille ...

  7. L’alimentation des sans-abri

    Amistani, Carole; Terrolle, Daniel


    L’alimentation des sans-logis est analysable, à partir du terrain, selon deux versants, parfois utilisés conjointement, qui sont celui de leur autonomie et/ou celui de leur dépendance envers le don alimentaire. Dans ce dernier cas, les contenus comme les formes témoignent trop souvent d’une impossibilité d’assurer l’équilibre nutritionnel de ces mangeurs et le respect des multiples aspects socialisants compris dans l’acte alimentaire. Le choix d’un traitement social dans l’ « urgence » et par...

  8. Analyse und Verbesserung der Simulationsmethode des Bremsenquietschens

    Gräbner, Nils


    Bremsenquietschen ist ein Phänomen, bei dem das gesamte Bremssystem innerhalb des hörbaren Frequenzbereichs von 1 kHz – 16 kHz schwingt. Aus Sicht von Kunden stellt das Quietschen von Kfz-Bremsen einen erheblichen Qualitätsmangel dar und berechtigt unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen sogar zur Rückgabe des Fahrzeuges. Die Entwicklung geräuscharmer Bremsen ist im Allgemeinen keine triviale Aufgabe. Häufig kann das Quietschverhalten von neu entwickelten Kfz-Scheibenbremsen erst an Prototypen in au...

  9. La rentabilité des immeubles "verts"

    Thalmann, Philippe


    Les immeubles verts ont un faible impact environnemental tout en offrant aussi de bonnes conditions sociales, voire des gains environnementaux (qualité de l'air, biodiversité). Ils sont donc exemplaires dans divers domaines: énergie, utilisation du sol, biodiversité, matériaux. Est-ce que cela implique forcément un sur-coût? Est-il possible de rentabiliser ce sur-coût ou le développer doit-il se contenter des retombées favorables pour l'environnement et la société?

  10. Des relations plus humaines ?

    Ricciardi, Ferruccio


    À partir d’une approche sociohistorique, cet article s’intéresse aux effets de la croissance économique sur l’identité des cadres, en l’occurrence les groupements de cadres et patrons italiens qui, au lendemain de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, essaient de conjuguer les principes du catholicisme social dont ils se réclament dans l’arène publique avec les logiques issues du productivisme managérial américain qui s’impose en Europe occidentale. Le prisme des méthodes de « relations humaines » pour...

  11. Nuclear moments and deformation changes in the lightest Pt isotopes measured by laser spectroscopy

    Roussière, B; Crawford, J; Duong, H T; Genevey, J; Girod, M; Huber, G; Ibrahim, F; Krieg, M; Le Blanc, F; Lee, J K P; Obert, J; Oms, J; Peru, S; Pinard, J; Putaux, J C; Sauvage, J; Sebastian, V; Zemlyanoi, S G; Forkel-Wirth, Doris; Lettry, Jacques


    Laser spectroscopy measurements are performed with the lightest neutron-deficient platinum isotopes using the experimental setup COMPLIS installed at the ISOLDE-Booster facility. The hyperfine spectra of /sup 182-178/Pt and /sup 183m/Pt are recorded for the first time from the optical transition 5d/sup 9/6s/sup 3/D/sub 3/ to 5d/sup 9/6p/sup 3/P/sub 2/. The variation in the mean-square charge radius of these nuclei and the magnetic and quadrupole (for I>or=1) moments of the odd isotope nuclei are found. A large deformation change between the /sup 183g/Pt and /sup 183m/Pt nuclei, quite large inverted odd-even staggering of the charge radius around the neutron midshell N=104, and a nuclear deformation drop in the region A=179 are revealed. All the results are discussed in terms of nuclear shape variation and are compared with the results of Hartree-Fock- Bogoliubov calculations involving the Gogny force. Comparison of the deformation measured from /sup 183g, m/Pt to the odd-odd isotone /sup 184g, m/Au shows that...

  12. Les peptides antimicrobiens d'origine microbienne: cas des ...

    Les bactéries à Gram positif et à Gram négatif et les archées produisent respectivement des bactériocines et des archéocines. Les bactériocines et les archéocines sont des peptides antimicrobiens. Au fil des ans leur rôle dans la sûreté des produits alimentaires n'a cessé d'être démontré, faisant de ces peptides naturels ...

  13. Des broussailles dans les prairies alpines

    Olivier Camacho


    Full Text Available Landscape closing due to the decline in agricultural activity is considered to be a major problem in the Alps. Abondance Valley provides a good example of this phenomenon and is also representative of a paradox commonly found in the Northern French Alps: the mountainsides and alpine pastures are still used, whereas they are becoming increasingly afforested. Environmental conditions play a major role in the localisation of agricultural land uses, but they are not sufficient to explain why pastures still in use are being invaded by shrub. Even if cutting makes it possible to effectively control the encroachment by woody species, this is not true for uncut pastures where grazing is not able to keep up with grass production. This situation is repeated every year and is the likely cause of the colonisation by woody species. To ensure their forage system and to simplify their work, farmers tend to establish grazing units that are oversized in relation to the needs of their animals. They implement compensatory practices that consist of mechanical maintenance as a complement to grazing to limit the dynamics of woody species. These labour-intensive practices are not used on all of the pastures. The analysis of farmers’ practices by agronomists is therefore a useful complement to studies of physical and socio-economic environments, at the level of the grazed field as well as at that of the valley as a whole.La dégradation des paysages par suite du recul de l’activité agricole est considérée comme un enjeu majeur dans les Alpes. La vallée d’Abondance illustre bien ce phénomène de fermeture de l’espace mais elle est en outre représentative d’un paradoxe assez répandu dans les Alpes du nord françaises : les versants et les alpages sont encore exploités et pourtant ils se boisent progressivement. Les conditions de milieux jouent un rôle majeur sur la localisation des usages agricoles de l'espace, mais elles ne peuvent pas suffire pour

  14. Rezension: Der Beweis des Jahrhunderts. Die faszinierende Geschichte des Mathematikers Grigori Perelman von Masha Gessen

    Raffaela Rogy


    Full Text Available Masha Gessen nimmt die Leserschaft in ihrer Biografie Der Beweis des Jahrhunderts über den russischen Mathematiker Grigori Perelman auf eine sowjetisch-spannende Zahlenexpedition mit – und entwickelt dabei eine eigenständige Ursachentheorie.

  15. Perancangan Enkripsi Pada Citra Bitmap Dengan Algoritma Des, Triple Des, dan Idea

    Agustinna Yosanny


    Full Text Available Rapid development of Information Technology causes information can access easier without space boundaries. Image is a form of information, which contains many information. Some image contains confidential information that cannot distribute to unauthorized persons. Therefore, image encryption application is create to encrypt part of image that has confidential information. The image encryption application is encrypt image by applying DES, Triple DES, and IDEA algorithms. The research was applying analysis and design methodology. The analysis methodology was undertaken through literature study and algorithm research and testing. The design methodology was undertaken through database, features, system, and screen layout design. Results of the research are image encryption application that can encrypt part of image and or all of image by applying three algorithms such as DES, Triple DES, and IDEA. This application is show comparation of these algorithms. In conclusion, method of encryption can apply to image, so that confidential information of the image can protect from unauthorized person. 


    Kovacs , Yves; Forestier , Ségolène; Lahidji , Ulf; Stevens , Barrie; Radisch , Jack; Schieb , Pierre-Alain


    18 p.; International audience; Méthodologie En coopération avec le gouvernement Japonais, le programme de l'OCDE sur l'avenir a entrepris en 2006 une évaluation de la politique Japonaise en matière de gestion des inondations. L'équipe sélectionnée par l'OCDE en charge de cette évaluation était composée d'experts indépendants. Suite à une étude préliminaire, l'équipe d'experts s'est déplacée au Japon pour interviewer des membres du gouvernement, des collectivités locales, des associations non ...

  17. Rôle et limites des tiers-lieux dans la fabrique des villes contemporaines

    Besson, Raphaël


    La notion de tiers-lieux se développe de manière essentiellement empirique. Elle recouvre des réalités multiples, comme des projets de coworking spaces, de living labs et de fab labs. Certains tiers-lieux s’intéressent tout particulièrement à la ville et aux nouvelles conditions de la fabrique urbaine. En s’appuyant sur des méthodes d’innovation ouverte et le potentiel des outils numériques, ces tiers-lieux défendent l’idée d’un urbanisme qui ne soit plus le patrimoine exclusif d’experts, mai...

  18. In vivo spectroscopy

    Williams, S.R.; Cady, E.B.


    The technique which the authors describe in this chapter provides alternative information to imaging, although based upon the same physical principles. The experiments are carried out differently and have instrumental requirements which are not met by a standard imaging system. Furthermore, although the clinical efficacy of NMR imaging has been proven, clinical spectroscopy is very much in its infancy. With the exception of some specific /sup 31/P applications not is not even clear how spectroscopic investigations will be performed. This is particularly true with regard to localization techniques for investigating other than superficial organs and and in the use of /sup 1/H spectroscopy. They attempt to show what information spectroscopy can provide in principle and point out some of the problems associated with such investigations. NMR has come to the notice of the clinical community mainly through its use as an imaging technique, and many may consider spectroscopy as a secondary discipline. NMR spectroscopy, however, has a longer history than imaging and has been a standard technique in chemistry laboratories for more than two decades. It is a technique without peer for structural analysis of molecules and no new chemical compound is discovered or synthesized without an NMR spectrum being taken. The influence of molecular structure on resonant frequency has been termed the chemical shift

  19. Moessbauer spectroscopy. Tutorial book

    Yoshida, Yutaka; Langouche, Guido


    First textbook on Moessbauer Spectroscopy covering the complete field. Offers a concise introduction to all aspects of Moessbauer spectroscopy by the leading experts in the field. Tutorials on Moessbauer Spectroscopy. Since the discovery of the Moessbauer Effect many excellent books have been published for researchers and for doctoral and master level students. However, there appears to be no textbook available for final year bachelor students, nor for people working in industry who have received only basic courses in classical mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, chemistry and materials science. The challenge of this book is to give an introduction to Moessbauer Spectroscopy for this level. The ultimate goal of this book is to give this audience not only a scientific introduction to the technique, but also to demonstrate in an attractive way the power of Moessbauer Spectroscopy in many fields of science, in order to create interest among the readers in joining the community of Moessbauer spectroscopists. This is particularly important at times where in many Moessbauer laboratories succession is at stake.

  20. Developpements numeriques recents realises en aeroelasticite chez Dassault Aviation pour la conception des avions de combat modernes et des avions d’affaires


    Cost through Advanced Modelling and Virtual Simulation [La reduction des couts et des delais d’acquisition des vehicules militaires par la modelisation...sont les 6quations de restitution, par le mod~e, des frdquences et des amortissements des modes adrodlastiques mesurds h une prdcision F- donnde. Afin... amortissements mesurds h 37800 Pa et 60000 Pa (points nettemnent inferieurs A la vitesse critique). Comme le montre ce diagramme, le calcul, recal6 h