Sample records for sotrudnichestva mezhlaboratornykh slichenij

  1. Teoreticheskie aspekty prigranichnogo jekonomicheskogo sotrudnichestva na osnove integracionnyh processov

    Bilchak V.


    Full Text Available In this article the author analyses theoretical aspects of border economy in the conditions of modern processes of integration. The author describes the existing schools and concepts of integration stressing the role of government regulation relating to the deformations in the development of the world economic mechanism. Modern studies focus on the evolution of integration processes, which has largely affected the key elements of the world economic mechanism from classical political economy, monopoly regulation. This resulted in monopolistic competition, imperfect competition, and oligopoly – largely, through all fields and poles of economic growth to certain elements of government regulation and social reproduction on the international scale. The author examines the key elements and stages of economic integration. These stages assume a number of consecutive forms: free trade zone, customs union, common market, complete economic integration, and economic union. The article shows that the transition occurs from the lowest to the highest stages — from the processes of integration involving, firstly, trade market and then capital and labour markets to the integration of social sphere. The theoretical aspects of all these transformations can be easily traced in the case of EU integration processes.

  2. Dinamika i perspektivy torgovo-jekonomicheskogo i investicionnogo sotrudnichestva Rossii i Jestonii v uslovijah krizisa

    Nevskaya A.


    Full Text Available The article deals with the development in Russian-Estonian relations during the crises of 2007 and 2014, taking into consideration the balance between political and economic factors in the decision-making by Estonian government. A number of special aspects, trends and problems in trade and investment ties are detected. The aim of the study is to uncover key motivation behind the actions of both Russia and Estonia, to identify the drivers for economic and political development in the region, and to work out recommendations to adjust them. The questions put forward by the authors of this article could not be more topical at the time, when Russian economic situation is obviously getting worse and capital flight (to the neighboring EU Member States is likely to increase. The method of the study is comparative analysis of the impact on economic ties made by Russian-Estonian crisis of 2007 and the current international tension around Ukraine. The regional fossil fuel market and the possibilities of Gazprom involvement in its development are also analyzed. It is concluded that political motives are still important for Estonian decisionmaking, though they are balanced out by measures of business support (despite some of these measures being taken by the EU bodies. The role of political factor for the Russian side is increasing. It is acknowledged that there is a growing number of missed economic opportunities in the Russian Northwest.

  3. «Goroda-bliznecy»: novaja forma prigranichnogo sotrudnichestva v Baltijskom regione? [Twin cities: a new form of cross-border cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region?

    Anishenko Anatoly


    Full Text Available The paper demonstrates the first attempt in Russian political studies to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the “twin city” movement as a form of cross-border cooperation in the Baltic region. This phenomenon emerged as a result of a global tendency towards more active involvement of municipal units in international cooperation, on the one hand, and aspirations of frontier cities and towns in the Baltic region to solve common problems together, on the other hand. This work is based on a comparative analysis method and a case study methodology. The authors consider four examples (city pairs: Tornio — Haparanda, Valga — Valka, Narva — Ivangorod and Imatra — Svetogorsk. The article specifies the terminological framework used in this field of research. The authors analyse achievements and failures of this type of international inter-municipal cooperation and emphasise that for twin cities it served not only as a means of survival in the difficult situation of the 1990s, but also as an experimental ground for new forms of crossborder cooperation. The authors arrive at the conclusion that this model proves to be promising for further development of integration processes in the Baltic region. This practice can be applied by Russian municipal, regional and federal authorities in promotion of cross-border cooperation not only in the Baltic region, but also in other regions of the country. Thus, influenced by the successful experience of Baltic frontier cities and towns, the Russian city of Nikel and the Norwegian city of Kirkenes decided to adopt this model for further development of their cooperation.

  4. Perspektivy setevogo sotrudnichestva Rossii i stran ES v innovacionnoj sfere na Baltike [Innovations in the Baltic Sea Region and Network Cooperation between Russia and the EU

    Fedorov Gennady


    Full Text Available Transnational (involving countries and cross-border (involving adjacent regions of different countries cooperation and integration are rapidly developing in the Baltic Sea region. Russia lags behind the Nordic countries and Germany as far as innovative development is concerned; yet our national pace here is comparable to that of Poland and the three Baltic States. At the same time, the features of innovative cooperation vary a great deal depending on the group of countries involved in cooperation processes. Independent of its type, however, international cooperation is beneficial for all parties concerned and should therefore be more actively encouraged. Northwestern Federal District traditionally plays a special role in the development of EU-Russia cooperation, since a number of its regions border on the EU countries. The district participates in the development of network innovative structures within the Baltic Sea region. It takes an active part in cross-border cooperation — activities that involve the formation of transborder innovative clusters. There are high expectations associated with the formation of such territorially localised innovative networks, as the Helsinki — Saint Petersburg — Tallinn and Tricity (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot — Kaliningrad — Klaipeda transborder innovative clusters. The city of Saint Petersburg and the adjacent Leningrad region, as well as the Kaliningrad region can become innovative development corridors between Russia and the EU and, eventually, develop into the ‘economic growth poles’ of the Russian Federation.

  5. Tradicii rossijskogo i evropejskogo predstavlenija o gosudarstvennoj granice v uslovijah transgranichnogo regional'nogo sotrudnichestva [The traditions of Russian and European perception of the state frontier in the conditions of transborder regional cooperation

    Kosov Yuri


    Full Text Available The article focuses on the state frontier in European and Russian political cultures as a major instrument for developing trans-border regional cooperation. The term ‘state frontier’ is defined through a prism of regional integration processes. The authors examine the role of trans-border relations between Russia and the European Union in promoting mutually beneficial strategic cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. Historical experience, geopolitical position, national psychology and some other factors shape common perceptions of the state frontier in mass consciousness, which can vary from country to country. The state frontier is a key imperative of trans-border regional cooperation. The trans-border relations between Russia and the EU serve a foundation for the development of strategic partnership, and it is cross-border cooperation in the Baltic Sea region that proves to be most efficient in this respect. At present, there are several cooperation mechanisms and programmes in place which are aimed at enhancing Russia — EU relations in the Baltic Sea region. In the long-term perspective, the development of regional integration processes in the Baltic Sea region is seen as one of the key elements for increasing and strengthening strategic cooperation between Russia and the EU.

  6. Use of Neutron Irradiations in the Brookhaven Mutations Programme; Irradiation Neutronique dans le Cadre du Programme de Mutations Radioinduites de Brookhaven; Primenenie nejtronnogo izlucheniya v brukkhejvenskoj programme po ispol'zovaniyu mutatsij; La Irradiacion Neutronica en el Marco del Programa de Mutaciones Radioinducidas de Brookhaven

    Miksche, J. P.; Shapiro, S. [Biology Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY (United States)


    colaboracion con expertos de Australia, Belgica, Costa Rica, Chile, Dinamarca, Ecuador, Formosa, Grecia, Guatemala, India, Irlanda, Italia, japon, Kenia, Mexico, Paises Bajos, Pakistan, Peru, Filipinas, Rumania, Sudafrica, Tailandia, Venezuela, Alemania Occidental y Yugoeslavia. Los autores presentaran una resefla de los proyectos precitados, deteniendose ante todo en el uso de los neutrones para inducir mutaciones. EBR, por ejemplo, la capacidad de restablecimiento y la manifestacion del efecto oxigeno, principalmente para dosis correspondientes a valores reducidos de la TLE. Si bien esta interpretacion debe considerarse provisional, la distribucion de la dosis en funcion de la TLE proporciona una base para la realizacion de nuevos experimentos sobre la relacion existente entre la EBR y la TLE. (author) [Russian] Programma sotrudnichestva po ispol'zovaniju radiomutacij byla razrabotana v Brukhejvenskoj nacional'noj laboratorii primerno desjat' let nazad, chtoby predostavit' vozmozhnost' rastenievodam i agronomam primenjat' metody obluchenija po programme uluchshenija sortov rastenija. V kachestve ustanovki dlja obluchenija po programme ispol'zovalis' teplovaja kolonna v Brukhejvenskom grafitovom jeksperimental'nom reaktore, rentgenovskij apparat (pikovoe naprjazhenie 250 kv) biologicheskogo otdela jadernoj tehniki, gamma-istochnik moshhnost'ju 12 kjuri v teplicah i istochnik Co{sup 60}, raspolozhennyj v pole ploshhad'ju 13 akrov. V jetoj programme sotrudnichestva na dolju Brukhejvenskoj laboratorii prihoditsja razrabotka oborudovanija metodov i teoreticheskih polozhenij, v to vremja kak rastitel'nyj material i semena predostavljajutsja jekspertami po sel'skomu hozjajstvu, o t vetstvennymi za vyrashhivanie obluchennogo materiala i otbor mutacij. Bo le e 150 uchenyh iz 45 shtatov i Pujerto-Riko uchastvujut v vypolnenii programmy. Nachato takzhe vypolnenie proektov s Avstraliej, Bel'giej, Chili, Ko sta'Rika, Daniej, Jekvadorom, Tajvanem, Greciej, G vatem a loj, Indiej

  7. Biological Aspects of Disposal of Radioactive Wastes in Marine Environments; Aspects Biologiques de l'Elimination des Dechets Radioactifs dans le Milieu Marin; 0411 0418 041e 041b 041e 0413 0418 0427 0414 ; Aspectos Biologicos de la Evacuacion de Desechos Radiactivos en Medios Marinos

    Chipman, Walter A. [United States Bureau of Commercial Fisheries (United States)


    des eaux le long du littoral. (author) [Spanish] Al evacuar desechos radiactivos en las aguas de mar, es preciso tener en cuenta la acumulacion de radiactividad por la fauna y la flora marinas. Tal acumulacion por los organismos marinos que el hombre consume como alimento podrian influir en el aprovechamiento o abundancia de esos organismos. Como actividad cooperativa de la U.S. Atomic Energy Comission y del U.S. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, se estan llevando a cabo en Beaufort (North Carolina) estudios de laboratorio sobre la acumulacion, por el plancton marino, los invertebrados benticos y diversas especies de peces marinos, de una serie de radionuclidos presentes en diferentes desechos, asi como sobre los efectos biologicos que en dichos organismos ejerce la acumulacion de radiactividad. Estas investigaciones contribuyen a facilitar datos esenciales para la elaboracion de metodos de evacuacion de desechos y para asegurar la navegacion sin riesgos por las aguas costeras de buques propulsados por energia nuclear. Son asimismo utiles para el establecimiento de programas de monitoraje destinados a descubrir y evaluar los riesgos derivados de la contaminacion accidental de las aguas interiores. (author) [Russian] Udalenie radioaktivnyh othodov v morja mozhet vyzvat' skoplenie radioaktivnyh veshhestv vo vseh morskih organizmah. Takoe skoplenie radioaktivnyh veshhestv v organizmah, pitajushhihsja iskljuchitel'no produktami morja, mozhet otrazit'sja na vozmozhnosti ih ispol'zovanija i na ih prigodnosti. Laboratornye issledovanija skoplenija vazhnyh radioaktivnyh izotopov iz razlichnyh othodov, obnaruzhennyh v morskom planktone, v bespozvonochnyh zhivotnyh morskogo dna i v razlichnyh vidah morskoj ryby, i biologicheskogo vozdejstvija nakoplennyh radioaktivnyh veshhestv na jeti organizmy v nastojashhee vremja provodjatsja v Boforte, Severnaja Karolina, v porjadke sotrudnichestva mezhdu Komissiej po atomnoj jenergii SShA i Bjuro torgovogo rybolovstva SShA. Blagodarja jetim

  8. Scanning Study of 700 Livers Evaluation of Existing Diagnostic Procedures; Etude Scintigraphique de 700 Foies (Evaluation des Procedures Actuelles de Diagnostic); Issledovanie pecheni 700 bol'nykh s pomoshch'yu skennirovaniya; Exploracion Hepatica de 700 Pacientes (Evaluacion de los Metodos Actuales De Diagnostico); Exploracion Hepatica de 700 Pacientes (Evaluacion de los Metodos Actuales de Diagnostico)

    Czerniak, P. [Radium and Isotope Institute, Government Hospital, Tel-Hashomer (Israel)


    , a takzhe v 14% sluchaev drugih zabolevanij pecheni. Reakcii Vajnberga i Kasoni byli polozhitel'ny v 64% sluchaev jehinokokkovoj bolezni, a takzhe v 22%sluchaev drugih zabolevanij. Pri zlokachestvennyh zabolevanijah pecheni ogranichennyj uchastok porazhenija byl obnaruzhen v 44% sluchaev, nejasnaja skennogramma v 30%, morfologicheskie izmenenija -v*29%. V dvuh iz 158 sluchaev skennogramma oshibochno okazalas' normal'noj, odnako v 40% jetih zhe sluchaev laboratornye rezul'taty byli otricatel'nymi. Blagodarja primeneniju metoda dvuh i trehploskostnogo stereoskennirovanija v 45% sluchaev byli polucheny novye i dopolnitel'nye dannye o sostojanii pecheni. Skennirovanie pecheni primenjalos' takzhe pri posledujushhih issledovanijah. Bylo obnaruzheno, chto: 1) posle jehinokokkotomii ostaetsja otchetlivyj rubec kak ogranichennyj uchastok porazhenija; 2) cherez tri mesjaca posle izlechenija amebnogo abscessa proishodit polnaja regeneracija; 3) posle sozdanija porto-kaval'nogo anastomoza razmer skennogrammy pecheni umen'shaetsja , a selezenki -uvelichivaetsja, dazhe pri udovletvoritel'nom obshhem sostojanii; 4) pri nekotoryh diffuznyh porazhenijah pecheni citostaticheskie agenty mogut byt' vremenno jeffektivny; 5) pri povtornom skennirovanii predpolagaemoe zabolevanie mozhet okazat'sja ogranichennym uchastkom porazhenija ili ischeznut'. Takim obrazom diagnoz zavisit ot vremeni skennirovanija. Vyvody: 1. Skennirovanie pecheni mozhet schitat'sja ochen' poleznym metodom klinicheskogo, morfologicheskogo i topograficheskogo diagnoza pri patologicheskih izmenenijah pecheni. 2. Rezul'taty mogut byt' uluchsheny putem: a) uluchshenija apparatury i primenenija metodov stereoskennirovanija, b) luchshego sotrudnichestva mezhdu terapevtami i hirurgami. (author)