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  1. [Solitude].

    Delisle, I


    Solitude is a psychological phenomenon people experience at various points in their lives. And whether it is objective or subjective, it needs to be addressed. The author suggests various approaches and presents her ideas on constructive and destructive solitude, with accompanying examples. Readers conclude that each person can draw on their inner strength and inspiration to come to the best solution.

  2. The subjective experience of solitude

    Christopher Long; Thomas A. More; James R. Averill


    Solitude is a frequently cited motive for visiting parks, forests, and wilderness areas. But while visitors frequently say they achieve their solitude goals, most visit in groups of two or more, suggesting a conception that differs from the classical ideal of being profoundly alone with the universe. Moreover, solitude often can be experienced negatively, surrounded by...

  3. The Community of Solitude

    Pulte, Christopher


    ... of Solitude Perhaps the way in which Descartes himself was shaken by the discovery of this ego is significant as an indication to us lesser spirits that something truly great, indeed of the greatest magnitude, is announced in it, something which should one day emerge, through all the errors and confusions, as the "Archimedean point" of any genuine phi...

  4. The Practice of Solitude

    Senechal, Diana


    There is only one practice of solitude: to make a choice and carry it out well. The particulars assemble around this simple principle. One may later regret the choice; one may end up reversing or abandoning it. The choice may consist of doing nothing or refraining from a decision until the time is right. But no matter what it entails, one must…

  5. The Bliss of Solitude.

    Gibbens, Richard


    Discusses the solo experience as an outdoor training technique that promotes development of contemplation and insight; emphasizes man's oneness with nature; and seeks to win some moral, philosophical, spiritual, or religious benefit from solitude. Includes relevant quotations by Thoreau, Wordsworth, and others. (SV)

  6. Mistakenly seeking solitude.

    Epley, Nicholas; Schroeder, Juliana


    Connecting with others increases happiness, but strangers in close proximity routinely ignore each other. Why? Two reasons seem likely: Either solitude is a more positive experience than interacting with strangers, or people misunderstand the consequences of distant social connections. To examine the experience of connecting to strangers, we instructed commuters on trains and buses to connect with a stranger near them, to remain disconnected, or to commute as normal (Experiments 1a and 2a). In both contexts, participants reported a more positive (and no less productive) experience when they connected than when they did not. Separate participants in each context, however, expected precisely the opposite outcome, predicting a more positive experience in solitude (Experiments 1b and 2b). This mistaken preference for solitude stems partly from underestimating others' interest in connecting (Experiments 3a and 3b), which in turn keeps people from learning the actual consequences of social interaction (Experiments 4a and 4b). The pleasure of connection seems contagious: In a laboratory waiting room, participants who were talked to had equally positive experiences as those instructed to talk (Experiment 5). Human beings are social animals. Those who misunderstand the consequences of social interactions may not, in at least some contexts, be social enough for their own well-being.

  7. [Mental health and solitude in old age].

    Hazif-Thomas, Cyril


    Mental health and solitude in old age. Elderly people experience solitude as isolation, even more so when the person is ill. However, in the same circumstances, some people see solitude as an experience of maturity. Is it simply a question of inner strength?

  8. Solitude experiences: varieties, settings, and individual differences.

    Long, Christopher R; Seburn, Mary; Averill, James R; More, Thomas A


    Solitude may be positive or negative, depending on situational and personal factors. From prior research, nine types of solitude were identified. Based on data from a questionnaire study of undergraduate participants, factor analysis suggests that these nine types can be reduced to three dimensions, two positive and one negative. These are, respectively, Inner-Directed Solitude (characterized by self-discovery and inner peace), Outer-Directed Solitude (characterized by intimacy and spirituality), and Loneliness. Personality and value correlates, as well as situational correlates, of the various types of solitude also were explored.

  9. Bulimia: disturbed patterns of solitude.

    Larson, R; Johnson, C


    This research suggests that daily solitude has a central role in bulimia. A sample of 15 bulimic patients and 24 normal controls carried electronic pagers for one week and filled out self-reports on their experience in response to randomly timed signals. The bulimics reported the lowest mood states when alone at home, the context in which their symptomatic behavior usually takes place. Further, those who reported the worst experiences in this context were the one's showing the most severe behavioral and affective manifestations of the disorder.

  10. The gifts of silence and solitude.

    Schmidt Bunkers, Sandra


    In this column the author describes the importance of finding silence and solitude amid the noise and technology present today in the teaching-learning academy. Three gifts of silence and solitude are identified: the gift of comforting aloneness, the gift of vision for new horizons, and the gift of a sense of freedom. A humanbecoming perspective is used to explore the implications of these gifts. This column introduces a column by Diana Vander Woude describing her teaching-learning experience in leadership focusing on silence and solitude.

  11. On the Pedagogy of Accountability and of Solitude.

    Caranfa, Angelo


    Makes the case that inner growth or learning takes place in solitude. Argues that educators have failed to teach solitude and provides examples of accomplishing this by teaching the humanities as arts. (Contains 23 references.) (SK)

  12. Music for the dance: Some meanings of solitude.

    Morgan, O J


    Solitude is explored as a helpful environment for spiritual and psychological health. A short description of the experience of solitude is followed by an examination of its place within the dynamic make-up of the person. Some consideration of how one "chooses" to enter into solitude is given. Some further questions for study are provided.

  13. On solitude and loneliness in hermeneutical philosophy

    Adrian Costache


    Full Text Available Although it might seem to elicit only a marginal interest for philosophical inquiry, in 20th century continental philosophy the experience of solitude and loneliness were shown to have unexpected importance and gravity. For philosophers such as M. Heidegger, H. Arendt, H.-G. Gadamer or P. Sloterdijk, solitude and loneliness are to be seen, on the one hand, as an ontological determination of our Being and, on the other, as a cause for some of the most worrisome problems of our times such, as the birth of totalitarianism or the phenomenon of self-alienation wide-spread in the Western bureaucratic societies. But none of the philosophers dealing with these matters offers us a clear positive understanding of what solitude and loneliness actually are nor what the task of philosophy should be with regard to these experiences even though they give us to understand that philosophy has one. The present paper tarries upon this question, approaching it from the other end though an investigation of the status of alterity in Heidegger and Gadamer’s philosophy.

  14. Wilderness solitude: Beyond the social-spatial perspective

    Steven J. Hollenhorst; Christopher D. Jones


    The current scholarly and management approach to wilderness solitude has relied on substitute measures such as crowding and privacy to measure solitude. Lackluster findings have been only partially explained by additional social-spatial factors such as encounter norms, displacement, product shift, and rationalization. Missing from the discussion has been an exploration...

  15. Exploring the Power of Solo, Silence, and Solitude

    Knapp, Clifford E., Ed.; Smith, Thomas E., Ed.


    What do solitude experiences offer in this increasingly high-speed, technically dependent world? As this book inspiringly reveals, solo quests can provide powerful reconnection with the natural world, the true self, and the great mystery beyond. As Parker Palmer writes in "To Know as We Are Known," "Solitude calls us to confront…

  16. Stanton's "The Solitude of Self": A Rationale for Feminism.

    Campbell, Karlyn Kohrs


    Examines Elizabeth Cady Stanton's speech, "The Solitude of Self," as a philosophical statement of the principles underlying the nineteenth century struggle for woman's rights in the United States. Analyzes the lyric structure and tone of the speech and its tragic, existential rationale for feminism. (JMF)

  17. [Factors influencing health care needs of solitude elderly].

    Lee, Myung-Suk


    This study was to identify factors that influence the health care needs of that over 65 years of age in Mokpo, Korea. The data was collected from June 2002 to September 2002. The subjects were 120 homebound solitude elderly(age=76.8). Subjects were interviewed with structured questionnaire in order to identify the health care needs, health variables (perceived health status, risk of malnutrition, K-IADL), psychological variables(self-esteem, depression) and demographic variables. physiological health variables (height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar)were assessed after the interview. In general perceived health status was poor, risk of malnutrition was high, number of disease was 3 disease, self-esteem was low but depression was high and health care needs were relatively high. Among the elderly education & counseling needs topped the list. In regression analysis, health care needs were significantly influenced by IADL(23%), duration of solitudes(4%), sex(3%), and education(1%). These variables explained 31% of the variances in health care needs. The result identified that health care needs should be a considered in IADL, female, duration of solitudes and education for the solitude elderly.

  18. Lessons of Solitude: The Awakening of Aesthetic Sensibility

    Caranfa, Angelo


    This paper explores the contextual value of solitude in learning; in so doing, it attempts to suggest an alternative method of instruction that is based on aesthetics as the reciprocal relationship between emotions and intellect, and between action and contemplation. Such an aesthetic education or method seeks to guide the student towards the…

  19. The sense of solitude in the psychoanalytic encounter.

    Quinodoz, J M


    The author emphasises the importance of the sense of solitude for the integration of psychic life in both analysand and analyst. This complex affect is stated to accompany different levels of anxiety that can be worked through in the transference. While the normal sense of solitude is a manifestation of relative maturity, the author shows that it is not readily tolerated by some analysands when, in the form of a painful sense of loneliness, it signals the approach of the depressive position and of psychic integration. A discussion of the concept in the work of Freud, Klein and Winnicott is followed by a clinical sequence showing how a female patient uses projective identification to transfer intolerable transference separation feelings on to the analyst, who then experiences them as his own. When the analyst succeeds in distinguishing between the pathological aspect (depression) and the healthy side (psychic pain due to the prospect of integration) of these affects, he is able to interpret. The author draws attention to the dangers of acting out by both partners in the analysis if this is not possible. The author deems it important for the psychoanalyst to have acquired a well-developed sense of solitude and insists that particular consideration be devoted to its presence in prospective candidates for psychoanalytic training.

  20. The Solitude of Rural Teachers: Hebrew Teachers in Galilee Moshavot at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

    Seltenreich, Yair


    This article examines the need rural teachers felt for solitude and the place it took in their emotional world. Solitude was not seen by the teachers as a substitute for social life but, rather, considered as enriching it. Unlike loneliness, solitude was sought after and craved as it represented voluntary self-fulfilment in an environment that was…

  1. Embodied Humanism: Performative Argument for Natural Rights in "The Solitude of Self."

    Stormer, Nathan


    Discusses how Elizabeth Cady Stanton's "The Solitude of Self" grounds rights in the material paradox of chance life events and the corporeal permanence of human isolation by enacting human solitude through what J. Campbell calls lyric tragedy. Reverses the ground for humanism from the disembodied rationalism of the Enlightenment to an…

  2. Anxious Solitude and Peer Exclusion: A Diathesis-Stress Model of Internalizing Trajectories in Childhood.

    Gazelle, Heidi; Ladd, Gary W.


    Proposed and tested a diathesis-stress model in which the joint forces of individual vulnerability (anxious solitude) and interpersonal adversity (peer exclusion) predict children's depressive symptoms over time. Found that anxious solitude and peer exclusion co-occur in children soon after kindergarten entry and that anxious solitary children who…

  3. How We Experience Being Alone: Age Differences in Affective and Biological Correlates of Momentary Solitude.

    Pauly, Theresa; Lay, Jennifer C; Nater, Urs M; Scott, Stacey B; Hoppmann, Christiane A


    Spending time alone constitutes a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. As we get older, alone time increases. Less is known, however, about age differences in the experience of spending time alone (momentary solitude). We examined time-varying associations between momentary solitude, affect quality, and two hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity markers [salivary cortisol; dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAs)] to better understand the affective and biological correlates of momentary solitude across the adult life span. A total of 185 adults aged 20-81 years (mean age = 49 years, 51% female, 74% Caucasian) completed questionnaires on momentary solitude (alone vs. not alone) and current affect on a handheld device, and provided concurrent saliva samples up to seven times a day for 10 consecutive days. Data were analyzed using multilevel models, controlling for the overall amount of time participants spent alone during the study (overall solitude). Greater overall solitude was associated with decreased average high arousal positive affect and increased average cortisol and DHEAs levels. Momentary solitude was associated with reduced high arousal positive affect, increased low arousal positive affect, and increased low arousal negative affect. Age by momentary solitude interactions indicate that greater age was associated with increased high arousal positive affect and reduced low arousal negative affect during momentary solitude. Furthermore, momentary solitude was associated with increased cortisol and DHEAs. With greater age, the association between momentary solitude and cortisol weakened. Consistent with the negative connotations to loneliness and objective social isolation, greater overall solitude was associated with negative affective and biological correlates. Spending a large overall amount of time alone in old age might thus have negative ramifications for health and well-being. Momentary solitude, in contrast, can be a double-edged sword as

  4. The flight of uncontrolled rockets

    Gantmakher, F R; Dryden, H L


    International Series of Monographs on Aeronautics and Astronautics, Division VII, Volume 5: The Flight of Uncontrolled Rockets focuses on external ballistics of uncontrolled rockets. The book first discusses the equations of motion of rockets. The rocket as a system of changing composition; application of solidification principle to rockets; rotational motion of rockets; and equations of motion of the center of mass of rockets are described. The text looks at the calculation of trajectory of rockets and the fundamentals of rocket dispersion. The selection further focuses on the dispersion of f

  5. Self-care actions of chronic schizophrenics associated with meeting solitude and social interaction requisites.

    Harris, J L


    Solitude becomes a way of life and social interaction a scarce commodity for many chronic schizophrenics who are in institutional settings. This article describes the self-care actions associated with meeting solitude and social interaction requisites as reported by 10 institutionalized chronic schizophrenics. Eighteen solitude self-care actions and 10 social interaction self-care actions emerged from the interview data. The solitude self-care actions clustered around two distinct categories: distancing and organizing. The social interaction self-care actions clustered around one category, managing situations. The implications of this study extend to anyone who is in the position of providing care and support to an individual diagnosed as a chronic schizophrenic. Additional research is suggested to increase the generalizability of the findings of this study and to isolate conditions related to Orem's (1985) sets of actions for maintenance of a balance between solitude and social interaction.

  6. Solitude and cortisol: associations with state and trait affect in daily life.

    Matias, Gabriela P; Nicolson, Nancy A; Freire, Teresa


    The social context can impact psychological and physiological functioning. Being alone, in particular, is experienced as more negative on average than being with others, in both normative and pathological populations. This study investigates whether daily solitude is associated with changes in cortisol and, if so, whether momentary and trait affect can explain this relationship. Forty-four female college students used the Experience Sampling Method during a week, completing questionnaires and collecting saliva 8 times daily. Effects of current solitude, affect, and trait affectivity on cortisol were tested with multilevel regression. Cortisol levels were significantly higher when individuals were alone. Although momentary affective states changed during solitude and were also associated with cortisol, they did not fully explain the effects of solitude on cortisol. Trait affectivity moderated the association between solitude and cortisol. Findings may help clarify how daily experience may heighten risk of depression or other negative health outcomes in vulnerable individuals. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  7. [Examination of the relationship between preference for solitude and emotional well-being after controlling for the effect of loneliness].

    Toyoshima, Aya; Sato, Shinichi


    This study examined whether preference for solitude promotes emotional well-being after controlling for the influence of loneliness. We administered a questionnaire that included variables regarding preference for solitude, loneliness, positive affect, and negative affect. The sample consisted of 318 young adult university students and 253 individuals aged 65 and older. The results showed a significant negative correlation between preference for solitude and positive affect; however there was no correlation between preference for solitude and negative affect. Hierarchical multiple regression analysis confirmed a negative effect of preference for solitude on negative affect after controlling for the influence of loneliness, and there was no effect on positive affect. The results of this study supported the hypothesis concerning, the relationship between preference for solitude and negative affect, and demonstrated that preference for solitude decreased negative affect and promotes emotional well-being.

  8. Loneliness and solitude in adolescence: A confirmatory factor analysis of alternative models

    Goossens, Luc; Lasgaard, Mathias; Luyckx, Koen


    The present study tested a four-factor model of adolescent loneliness and solitude that comprises peer-related loneliness, family loneliness, negative attitude toward solitude, and positive attitude toward solitude. Nine different instruments for a total of 14 scales and derivative subscales were...... of the Loneliness and Aloneness Scale for Children and Adolescents (LACA) is recommended, because the instrument measures all four aspects of the model. Implications for current theories on adolescent loneliness and associated phenomena, such as adolescents' attitude toward being on their own, are briefly discussed....

  9. Effectiveness of art therapy on reduction of hopelessness and solitude in children with hearing impairment

    Salar Faramarzi


    Full Text Available Background and Aim: Deaf children face many psychological problems due to their inability to hear. The present study investigates the effectiveness of art therapy (painting in reducing the hopelessness and solitude experienced by these children.Methods: An experimental design with pre- and post-testing and a control group was used. Multi-stage method was used for selecting 30 children with hearing impairment (age range: 7-10 years from Isfahan. Subjects were randomly appointed to experimental and control groups. Data was collected using Kazdin hopelessness scale and Asher solitude scale. Analysis of covariance statistical method was used to analyze the data.Results: Findings indicated a significant difference between feelings of hopelessness and solitude of deaf children in experimental and control groups (p<0.001.Conclusion: From these findings it can be concluded that art therapy decreases the rate of hopelessness and solitude in deaf children and can be applied as an educational and therapeutic method.

  10. Face Recognition in Uncontrolled Environment

    Radhey Shyam


    Full Text Available This paper presents a novel method of facial image representation for face recognition in uncontrolled environment. It is named as augmented local binary patterns (A-LBP that works on both, uniform and non-uniform patterns. It replaces the central non-uniform pattern with a majority value of the neighbouring uniform patterns obtained after processing all neighbouring non-uniform patterns. These patterns are finally combined with the neighbouring uniform patterns, in order to extract discriminatory information from the local descriptors. The experimental results indicate the vitality of the proposed method on particular face datasets, where the images are prone to extreme variations of illumination.

  11. Preference-for-solitude and adjustment difficulties in early and late adolescence.

    Wang, Jennifer M; Rubin, Kenneth H; Laursen, Brett; Booth-LaForce, Cathryn; Rose-Krasnor, Linda


    Social withdrawal has been associated with adjustment difficulties across development. Although much is known about shyness, little is known about preference-for-solitude; even less is known about its relations with adjustment across different periods of adolescence. We examined whether preference-for-solitude might be differentially associated with adjustment difficulties in early and late adolescence. Self- and parent-reports of withdrawal motivations and adjustment were collected from 234 eighth graders (113 boys; M age = 13.43) and 204 twelfth graders (91 boys; M age = 17.25). Results from structural equation modeling demonstrated that above and beyond the effects of shyness, preference-for-solitude was more strongly associated with adjustment difficulties in 8th grade than in 12th grade. Preference-for-solitude was associated with greater anxiety/depression, emotion dysregulation, and lower self-esteem in 8th grade; these relations were not found in 12th grade. Although preference-for-solitude was associated with lower social competence in both 8th and 12th grades, this relation was significantly stronger in 8th grade than in 12th grade. Findings suggest preference-for-solitude has closer ties to maladjustment in early adolescence than in late adolescence. Interventions targeting preferred-solitary youth in early adolescence may be particularly fruitful.


    Alexandre Barbosa


    Full Text Available In this article, it is investigated the reasons why Latin America has a little qualitative and quantitative space in great press. This study is based on sociohistorical and journalistic aspects. This research demonstrates that the Latin-American continent is separated, because of historical processes, in the “official Latin America” and the “popular Latin America”. While the great press represents the “official Latin America”, the “popular Latin America” is represented by the alternative press. Thus, the myth of the impartiality is broken and it is concluded that, in order to not condemn Latin America to the solitude, it is necessary to develop and study the Latin-American social movements, including its communication processes.

  13. Anxious Solitude/Withdrawal and Anxiety Disorders: Conceptualization, Co-Occurrence, and Peer Processes Leading toward and Away from Disorder in Childhood

    Gazelle, Heidi


    This chapter contains (1) an analysis of commonalities and differences in anxious solitude and social anxiety disorder, and a review of empirical investigations examining (2) correspondence among childhood anxious solitude and anxiety and mood diagnoses and (3) the relation between peer difficulties and temporal stability of anxious solitude and…

  14. Anxious Solitude/Withdrawal and Anxiety Disorders: Conceptualization, Co-Occurrence, and Peer Processes Leading toward and Away from Disorder in Childhood

    Gazelle, Heidi


    This chapter contains (1) an analysis of commonalities and differences in anxious solitude and social anxiety disorder, and a review of empirical investigations examining (2) correspondence among childhood anxious solitude and anxiety and mood diagnoses and (3) the relation between peer difficulties and temporal stability of anxious solitude and…

  15. Why Classroom Climate Matters for Children High in Anxious Solitude: A Study of Differential Susceptibility.

    Hughes, Kathleen; Coplan, Robert J


    The goal of the current study was to examine the complex links among anxious solitude, classroom climate, engagement, achievement, and gender. In particular, drawing upon the differential susceptibility hypothesis (Belsky, 1997), we investigated if children high in anxious solitude were particularly sensitive and responsive to the classroom environment. Participants were N = 712 children in Grade 3, drawn from the National Institute of Child and Human Development (NICHD) Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development data set. Classroom climate and engagement were assessed using the Classroom Observation Scale (NICHD, 1998). Teachers completed the Teacher Report Form (Achenbach, 1991) as a measure of anxious solitude and the Academic Rating Scale (NICHD, 2010) as a measure of achievement. Hypothesized associations among variables were tested by way of a moderated-mediation model. Among the results, engagement was found to mediate the relation between classroom climate and achievement. In addition, anxious solitude and gender were found to moderate the relation between classroom climate and engagement. Support for the differential susceptibility hypothesis was found, suggesting that children high in anxious solitude may be more reactive (both positively and negatively) to elements of the classroom environment. In addition, gender differences were observed, indicating that boys may be more responsive to the classroom environment as compared with girls. Implications for future research and educational policies are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved).

  16. Masked Uncontrolled Hypertension in CKD.

    Agarwal, Rajiv; Pappas, Maria K; Sinha, Arjun D


    Masked uncontrolled hypertension (MUCH) is diagnosed in patients treated for hypertension who are normotensive in the clinic but hypertensive outside. In this study of 333 veterans with CKD, we prospectively evaluated the prevalence of MUCH as determined by ambulatory BP monitoring using three definitions of hypertension (daytime hypertension ≥135/85 mmHg; either nighttime hypertension ≥120/70 mmHg or daytime hypertension; and 24-hour hypertension ≥130/80 mmHg) or by home BP monitoring (hypertension ≥135/85 mmHg). The prevalence of MUCH was 26.7% by daytime ambulatory BP, 32.8% by 24-hour ambulatory BP, 56.1% by daytime or night-time ambulatory BP, and 50.8% by home BP. To assess the reproducibility of the diagnosis, we repeated these measurements after 4 weeks. Agreement in MUCH diagnosis by ambulatory BP was 75-78% (κ coefficient for agreement, 0.44-0.51), depending on the definition used. In contrast, home BP showed an agreement of only 63% and a κ coefficient of 0.25. Prevalence of MUCH increased with increasing clinic systolic BP: 2% in the 90-110 mmHg group, 17% in the 110-119 mmHg group, 34% in the 120-129 mmHg group, and 66% in the 130-139 mmHg group. Clinic BP was a good determinant of MUCH (receiver operating characteristic area under the curve 0.82; 95% confidence interval 0.76-0.87). In diagnosing MUCH, home BP was not different from clinic BP. In conclusion, among people with CKD, MUCH is common and reproducible, and should be suspected when clinic BP is in the prehypertensive range. Confirmation of MUCH diagnosis should rely on ambulatory BP monitoring.

  17. Detection of a Solitude Senior's Irregular States Based on Learning and Recognizing of Behavioral Patterns

    Aoki, Shigeki; Onishi, Masaki; Kojima, Atsuhiro; Fukunaga, Kunio

    Recently, attention is paid to monitoring systems that watch behavior of a solitude person in home as the population of solitude seniors has increased. This paper proposes a monitoring system focused on behavioral patterns of a solitude senior. In general, the number of behavioral patterns are limited in the case of aged person in a room. It is possible for a system like a HMM to learn the frequently appeared behavioral patterns. By utilizing HMMs to deal with behavioral patterns, the system can detect irregular pattern by the degree of likelihood in the case when non-daily behavioral patterns appeared. Such a case could be an irregular state of the living life of the person. Soon after, the system reports an alarm of occurrence of the irregular state according to demand.

  18. Uncontrolled Hypertension in a Child with Phaeochromocytoma ...


    Uncontrolled Hypertension in a Child with Phaeochromocytoma: Management Challenges In A Resource-Limited Setting. Type of ... resource-limited settings due to lack of ... neck but no fever, nausea or vomiting. ... The chest pain, localised to.

  19. Uncontrolled inexact information within bundle methods

    Malick, Jérôme; Welington De Oliveira, ·; Zaourar-Michel, Sofia


    International audience; We consider convex nonsmooth optimization problems where additional information with uncontrolled accuracy is readily available. It is often the case when the objective function is itself the output of an optimization solver, as for large-scale energy optimization problems tackled by decomposition. In this paper, we study how to incorporate the uncontrolled linearizations into (proximal and level) bundle algorithms in view of generating better iterates and possibly acc...

  20. Overcoming Pedagogical Solitude: The Transformative Power of Discipline-Specific Faculty Learning Communities

    Tovar, Mariela; Jukier, Rosalie; Ferris, Jennie; Cardoso, Kristen


    This article describes a multiyear Faculty Learning Community (FLC) program as a strategy to overcome pedagogical solitude (Shulman, 1993) in a discipline-specific context. Participant interviews shed light on their FLC experiences and perceived impact on their teaching and students' learning. Grounded within the particularities of the…

  1. Republic of Noise: The Loss of Solitude in Schools and Culture

    Senechal, Diana


    In "Republic of Noise," Diana Senechal confronts a culture that has come to depend on instant updates and communication at the expense of solitude. Where once it was common wisdom that the chatter of the present, about the present, could not always grasp the present, today we treat "real time" as though it were the only real time. Schools…

  2. Anxious Solitude, Unsociability, and Peer Exclusion in Middle Childhood: A Multitrait-Multimethod Matrix

    Spangler, Tamara; Gazelle, Heidi


    This study examines convergent and divergent validity for middle childhood anxious solitude, unsociability, and peer exclusion as assessed by five informants (peers, teachers, observers, the self, and parents). Participants were 163 (67 male, 96 female) third grade children (M age = 8.70 years). Parent reports were available for a subset of the…

  3. Overcoming Pedagogical Solitude: The Transformative Power of Discipline-Specific Faculty Learning Communities

    Tovar, Mariela; Jukier, Rosalie; Ferris, Jennie; Cardoso, Kristen


    This article describes a multiyear Faculty Learning Community (FLC) program as a strategy to overcome pedagogical solitude (Shulman, 1993) in a discipline-specific context. Participant interviews shed light on their FLC experiences and perceived impact on their teaching and students' learning. Grounded within the particularities of the…

  4. Solitude in the School: A Neglected Facet of Children's Development and Education

    Galanaki, Evangelia


    The individual's capacity to be alone is the necessary condition for the experience of solitude. The capacity to be alone, a major sign of emotional maturity, enables the child to simply exist without having to react to external stimuli or act with a purpose; only in this way can the child discover his or her own personal life--that is, his or her…

  5. Early Childhood Anxious Solitude and Subsequent Peer Relationships: Maternal and Cognitive Moderators

    Gazelle, Heidi; Spangler, Tamara


    It was hypothesized that the relation between early anxious solitude and subsequent peer relations would be moderated by early relational (maternal sensitivity) and individual factors (child school readiness). Participants were 1364 children from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's Study of Early Child Care and Youth…

  6. Are Children Able to Distinguish among the Concepts of Aloneness, Loneliness, and Solitude?

    Galanaki, Evangelia


    School-age children's ability to distinguish among the concepts of aloneness, loneliness, and solitude was the focus of this study. This ability has been largely neglected by researchers. Also, the relation of this ability with self-reported loneliness was examined. Individual interviews were conducted with 180 second, fourth, and sixth graders…

  7. The Necessity of the Literary Tradition: Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "One-Hundred Years of Solitude."

    Jupp, James C.


    Argues that literature from other countries, taught as multicultural literature, must be taught in the context of its own literary tradition in order to provide high-quality academic instruction. Offers an example with Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "One-Hundred Years of Solitude" to show how teaching multicultural literature can live up to…

  8. The Necessity of the Literary Tradition: Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "One-Hundred Years of Solitude."

    Jupp, James C.


    Argues that literature from other countries, taught as multicultural literature, must be taught in the context of its own literary tradition in order to provide high-quality academic instruction. Offers an example with Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "One-Hundred Years of Solitude" to show how teaching multicultural literature can live up to its…

  9. The Necessity of the Literary Tradition: Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "One-Hundred Years of Solitude."

    Jupp, James C.


    Argues that literature from other countries, taught as multicultural literature, must be taught in the context of its own literary tradition in order to provide high-quality academic instruction. Offers an example with Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "One-Hundred Years of Solitude" to show how teaching multicultural literature can live up to…

  10. Effects of controllable vs. uncontrollable stress on circadian temperature rhythms.

    Kant, G J; Bauman, R A; Pastel, R H; Myatt, C A; Closser-Gomez, E; D'Angelo, C P


    The effects of sustained stress on body temperature were investigated in rats implanted with mini-transmitters that permitted remote measurement of body temperature. Temperature was first monitored during control conditions. Following the control period, rats were either shaped to avoid/escape signalled around-the-clock intermittent footshock (controllable stress) or yoked to the controlling rats such that the controlling rat and the yoked rat received shock of the same duration, but only the controlling rat could terminate shock by pulling a ceiling chain. Under control conditions, rats demonstrated regular rhythms in body temperature which averaged 1 degree higher during the 12-h dark cycle than the light cycle. Stress disrupted the rhythm and markedly decreased the night-day difference in temperature, especially in the yoked rats in which almost no difference between light and dark cycle temperature was seen. The disruption was most marked for the first days of stress. A regular temperature rhythm was reestablished following about 5 days of stress although the stress condition continued. Leverpressing for food was also affected by the stress conditions with both stress groups leverpressing less than controls and the uncontrollable stress group pressing less than the controllable stress group. These data offer additional evidence of the increased pathophysiological effects of uncontrollable as compared to controllable stress.

  11. On the dissipativity of uncontrollable systems

    Camlibel, Mehmet; Willems, Jan C.; Belur, Madhu N.


    This paper deals with dissipativity of uncontrollable linear time-invariant systems with quadratic supply rates and storage functions. A definition of dissipativity appropriate for this class of systems is given. We present a necessary and sufficient condition for dissipativeness in the single input

  12. Release of solitude and the vacuum in the philosophy of Krishnamurti

    Manuel Suances Marcos


    Full Text Available The experience of loneliness and emptiness is one of the most serious problems of human existence. It's something structurally overwhelming, suffocating and an impediment to happiness. Krishnamurti shows with special finesse the nuances of this destructive reality. To avoid confusion, he distinguishes this solitude, the object of study, which is the insulating and disturbing solitude from the other full and creative solitude. Distinguishes the two English words «lonelinness» and «alone» respectively. The author analyzes in depth the very fact of loneliness, awareness of our emptiness: how the personal experience and isolation is unbearable. This feeling of not fitting in and feeling alone is a heritage of every human being. It affects everyone and forever. It's like an agony that shakes the man and leads to multiple forms of escape: obsessive activity, belonging to individuals, groups, nation, religion, attachment to family, friends, and ideals. None of these outputs solve the problem, but rather deepen it. He then addresses the causes of loneliness and emptiness such as the poor relations of dependency, self-centered activity and attachment to the past. And from here he addresses the challenge posed by the problem. A challenge that is overcome by understanding loneliness and emptiness, seeing them and watching them from within, not from outside. They are something of ourselves. We are the loneliness and emptiness. From that understanding that leads to communion with the problem emerges a loving way that transforms this solitude an space of silence, beauty and love. And thus appears creative aloneness that in silence links man with everything and everyone, with the entire universe.

  13. The emergence of solitude as a constructive domain of experience in early adolescence.

    Larson, R W


    Adolescents spend one-quarter of their waking hours alone, yet the significance of this time is little understood. This study evaluates developmental changes in the experience of solitude between late childhood and early adolescence. Four hundred eighty-three European American fifth through ninth graders provided experience-sampling reports on their companionship and subjective states at random times over a week. The findings show, first, that time alone becomes more voluntary across this age period. Second, time-series analysis shows that for seventh through ninth graders, but not fifth and sixth graders, solitude had a positive after effect on emotional state. Third, adolescents, but not preadolescents, who spent an intermediate amount of their time alone were better adjusted than those who spent little or a great deal of time alone. As a whole, the findings suggest that, while continuing to be a lonely time, in early adolescence solitude comes to have a more constructive role in daily life as a strategic retreat that complements social experience.

  14. A Brief Analysis of the Absurd Element in One Hundred Years of Solitude



      One Hundred Years of Solitude is a history of the isolated town of Macondo and the Buendia family. In the novel,the town has no contact with the outside world for years, except for the gypsies who occasionally visit there, peddling the so-called technical items like ice and telescopes. The members of the family live in solitude. After outside civilization comes to the town, Macondo changes from an idyllic, magic, and sheltered place to a town irrevocably connected to the outside world. By expressing the wax and wane of Macondo and the description of everybody’s extreme loneliness and hollowness, the essay dissects the reason for Latin America’s poverty and backwardness. Even more broadly, the essay is about Latin America’s struggles with colonialism and its own emergence and modernity. Through the analysis of absurdity in the novel, this essay aims at unfolding a panorama of the diverse cultures, religious beliefs, historical events as well as the national spirits to readers. Thus, readers can enjoy a grand, magic and mysterious painting of Latin America through One Hundred Years of Solitude.

  15. Clobazam: uncontrolled and standard controlled clinical trials.

    Ban, T A; Amin, M M


    1 In an uncontrolled clinical trial, carried out in 11 psychiatric patients with the clinical diagnoses of anxiety neurosis and depressive neurosis, clobazam, a new benzodiazepine preparation, in the dosage range 10-60 mg daily produced statistically significant improvement in the total and both factor scores of the Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAM-A). The lowest mean total HAM-A scores occurred with a mean clobazam dosage of 48 mg daily. 2 Results of the uncontrolled clinical trial were further substantiated in a standard-controlled clinical study in which no statistically significant difference between the therapeutic effectiveness of clobazam and diazepam could be revealed. The lowest mean total HAM-A scores occurred with a mean clobazam dosage of 49 mg daily. There was a lower incidence of adverse effects reported in patients receiving clobazam than in those taking the control drug (diazepam).

  16. Acute compartment syndrome caused by uncontrolled hypothyroidism.

    Modi, Anar; Amin, Hari; Salzman, Matthew; Morgan, Farah


    Acute compartment syndrome is increased tissue pressure exceeding perfusion pressure in a closed compartment resulting in nerve and muscle ischemia. Common precipitating causes are crush injuries, burns, substance abuse, osseous or vascular limb trauma. This is a case of 42year old female with history of hypothyroidism who presented to emergency room with acute onset of severe pain and swelling in right lower extremity. Physical examination was concerning for acute compartment syndrome of right leg which was confirmed by demonstration of elevated compartmental pressures. No precipitating causes were readily identified. Further laboratory testing revealed uncontrolled hypothyroidism. Management included emergent fasciotomy and initiating thyroid hormone replacement. This case represents a rare association between acute compartment syndrome and uncontrolled hypothyroidism. We also discuss the pathogenesis of compartment syndrome in hypothyroid patients and emphasize the importance of evaluating for less common causes, particularly in setting of non-traumatic compartment syndrome. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. Dissipative systems: uncontrollability, observability and RLC realizability

    Karikalan, Selvaraj; Abdulrazak, Rihab


    The theory of dissipativity has been primarily developed for controllable systems/behaviors. For various reasons, in the context of uncontrollable systems/behaviors, a more appropriate definition of dissipativity is in terms of the dissipation inequality, namely the {\\em existence} of a storage function. A storage function is a function such that along every system trajectory, the rate of increase of the storage function is at most the power supplied. While the power supplied is always expressed in terms of only the external variables, whether or not the storage function should be allowed to depend on unobservable/hidden variables also has various consequences on the notion of dissipativity: this paper thoroughly investigates the key aspects of both cases, and also proposes another intuitive definition of dissipativity. We first assume that the storage function can be expressed in terms of the external variables and their derivatives only and prove our first main result that, assuming the uncontrollable poles...

  18. Magic Realism in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude

    B.J Geetha


    Full Text Available In his One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez through the arsenal of magicrealism, deals with war, suffering, and death in the mid-1960 of Colombia which hadwitnessed two hundred thousand politically motivated deaths. The purpose behind portrayingthe politics of the region is to comment on how the nature of Latin American politics is towardsabsurdity, denial, and never-ending repetitions of tragedy. His magical flair is to mergefantastic with reality by introducing to the reader his Colombia, where myths, portents, andlegends exist side by side with technology and modernity. These myths, along with otherelements and events in the novel recount a large portion of Colombian history.

  19. The poorly explored impact of uncontrolled asthma

    O'Byrne, Paul M; Pedersen, Søren; Schatz, Michael


    The goal of asthma management is to achieve disease control; however, despite the availability of effective and safe medications, for many patients asthma remains uncontrolled. One reason for this is the fear of long-term side effects from the regular use of inhaled corticosteroids (ICSs). Adverse...... effects of poorly controlled asthma (for example, obesity, pneumonia, and risks to the fetus) can be perceived as side effects of ICSs. Poorly controlled asthma adversely affects children's cardiovascular fitness, while children with well-controlled asthma perform at the same level as their peers...... and concentration are negatively affected in patients with untreated asthma, and patients with asthma are at greater risk for depression. Also, poorly controlled asthma increases the risks of severe asthma exacerbations following upper respiratory and pneumococcal pulmonary infections. ICSs used to improve asthma...

  20. Cooperative Testing of Uncontrollable Timed Systems

    David, Alexandre; Larsen, Kim Guldstrand; Li, Shuhao


    Abstract. This paper deals with targeted testing of timed systems with uncontrollable behavior. The testing activity is viewed as a game between the tester and the system under test (SUT) towards a given test purpose. The SUT is modeled as Timed Game Automaton and the test purpose is specified...... in Timed CTL formula. We can employ a timed game solver UPPAAL-TIGA to check if the test purpose is ture w.r.t. the model, and if yes, to generate a winning strategy and use it for black-box conformance testing. Specifically, we show that in case the checking yields a negative result, we can still test...... the SUT against the test purpose as long as the SUT reacts to our moves in a cooperative style. We present an operational framework of cooperative winning strategy generation, test case derivation and execution. The test method is proved to be sound and complete. Preliminary experimental results indicate...

  1. Anxious Solitude and the Middle School Transition: A Diathesis × Stress Model of Peer Exclusion and Victimization Trajectories

    Shell, Madelynn D.; Gazelle, Heidi; Faldowski, Richard A.


    Consistent with a Diathesis × Stress model, it was hypothesized that anxious solitude (individual vulnerability) and the middle school transition (environmental stress) would jointly predict peer exclusion and victimization trajectories. Youth (N = 688) were followed from 3rd through 7th grade, with the middle school transition in 6th grade.…

  2. Elise Boulding's Work as a Framework for Dismantling "No Child Left Behind": Respect, Solitude, Imagination and Partnerships

    Shannon-Baker, Peggy


    This paper utilizes the work of Elise Boulding as a theoretical framework for analyzing the potentials and shortcomings of the US educational policy, "No Child Left Behind Act of 2001" (NCLB). The interrelated concepts of respect, solitude, imagination, and partnerships from Boulding's scholarship are detailed. NCLB is summarized along…

  3. Anxious Solitude and the Middle School Transition: A Diathesis × Stress Model of Peer Exclusion and Victimization Trajectories

    Shell, Madelynn D.; Gazelle, Heidi; Faldowski, Richard A.


    Consistent with a Diathesis × Stress model, it was hypothesized that anxious solitude (individual vulnerability) and the middle school transition (environmental stress) would jointly predict peer exclusion and victimization trajectories. Youth (N = 688) were followed from 3rd through 7th grade, with the middle school transition in 6th grade.…

  4. An Exploratory Study of the Restorative Benefits of Hiking in Wilderness Solitude and Its Relationship to Job Satisfaction

    Ellison, Mark Andrew


    The purpose of this exploratory research was to examine the relationship between the restorative benefits of hiking in wilderness solitude (RBHWS) and job satisfaction. This research is a jumping off point, intended to guide future research on the RBHWS, and the practical utilization of this in human resource development. This research sought to…

  5. One hundred years of solitude, accumulation and violence: A comparative historical analysis of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta Valley

    M.E. Bedoya Arias (María Eugenia )


    textabstractThis is an analysis of two moments in the Colombian history within a century of difference, where isolation, accumulation and violence interact in a region brought into the worlds’ imaginary by the Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez in One Hundred years of Solitude. A valley

  6. An Exploratory Study of the Restorative Benefits of Hiking in Wilderness Solitude and Its Relationship to Job Satisfaction

    Ellison, Mark Andrew


    The purpose of this exploratory research was to examine the relationship between the restorative benefits of hiking in wilderness solitude (RBHWS) and job satisfaction. This research is a jumping off point, intended to guide future research on the RBHWS, and the practical utilization of this in human resource development. This research sought to…

  7. One hundred years of solitude, accumulation and violence: A comparative historical analysis of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta Valley

    M.E. Bedoya Arias (María Eugenia )


    textabstractThis is an analysis of two moments in the Colombian history within a century of difference, where isolation, accumulation and violence interact in a region brought into the worlds’ imaginary by the Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez in One Hundred years of Solitude. A valley betw

  8. A Novel Solitude Conserving Location Monitoring Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks

    Pravallika. K


    Full Text Available Observing individual locations with a capable untrusted server impose secrecy threats to the monitored individuals. In this paper we propose “A Novel Solitude Conserving Location Monitoring approach for Wireless Sensor networks”. We design two approaches to study nondescript locations in-network approaches, namely quality-aware and resource-aware approaches, that aims to enable the system to give high end quality location monitoring services for end users, while conserving personal location privacy. Both approaches are worked based on k-anonymity solitude (i.e.,an object is indistinguishable among k objects, to enable highly trusted sensor nodes to provide the collective location data of monitored objects for our system. Each collective location is in a form of a observed area X along with the number of monitored objects reside in X. The resource-aware approach objective to optimize the computational and communication value, while quality-aware approach aims to increase the reliability of the collective location data by reducing their observing areas. We use spatial histogram methodology to estimates the distribution of observing objects based on the gathered collective location data. We evaluated these two approaches through simulated experiments. The simulation results shows that these approaches gives high quality location observing services for end users and assure the location secrecy of the monitored objects.

  9. Tezepelumab in Adults with Uncontrolled Asthma.

    Corren, Jonathan; Parnes, Jane R; Wang, Liangwei; Mo, May; Roseti, Stephanie L; Griffiths, Janet M; van der Merwe, René


    In some patients with moderate-to-severe asthma, particularly those with noneosinophilic inflammation, the disease remains uncontrolled. This trial evaluated the efficacy and safety of tezepelumab (AMG 157/MEDI9929), a human monoclonal antibody specific for the epithelial-cell-derived cytokine thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP), in patients whose asthma remained uncontrolled despite treatment with long-acting beta-agonists and medium-to-high doses of inhaled glucocorticoids. In this phase 2, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, we compared subcutaneous tezepelumab at three dose levels with placebo over a 52-week treatment period. The primary end point was the annualized rate of asthma exacerbations (events per patient-year) at week 52. The use of tezepelumab at a dose of 70 mg every 4 weeks (low dose; 145 patients), 210 mg every 4 weeks (medium dose; 145 patients), or 280 mg every 2 weeks (high dose; 146 patients) resulted in annualized asthma exacerbation rates at week 52 of 0.26, 0.19, and 0.22, respectively, as compared with 0.67 in the placebo group (148 patients). Thus, exacerbation rates in the respective tezepelumab groups were lower by 61%, 71%, and 66% than the rate in the placebo group (Ptezepelumab groups than in the placebo group (difference, 0.12 liters with the low dose [P=0.01], 0.11 liters with the medium dose [P=0.02], and 0.15 liters with the high dose [P=0.002]). A total of 2 patients in the medium-dose group, 3 in the high-dose group, and 1 in the placebo group discontinued the trial regimen because of adverse events. Among patients treated with long-acting beta-agonists and medium-to-high doses of inhaled glucocorticoids, those who received tezepelumab had lower rates of clinically significant asthma exacerbations than those who received placebo, independent of baseline blood eosinophil counts. (Funded by MedImmune [a member of the AstraZeneca Group] and Amgen; PATHWAY number, NCT02054130 .).

  10. Uncontrolled Donation After Circulatory Determination of Death.

    Ave, Anne L Dalle; Bernat, James L


    Uncontrolled donation after circulatory determination of death (uDCDD) refers to organ donation after a refractory cardiac arrest. We analyzed ethical issues raised by the uDCDD protocols of France, Madrid, and New York City. We recommend: (1) Termination of resuscitation (TOR) guidelines need refinement, particularly the minimal duration of resuscitation efforts before considering TOR; (2) Before enrolling in an uDCDD protocol, physicians must ascertain that additional resuscitation efforts would be ineffective; (3) Inclusion in an uDCDD protocol should not be made in the outpatient setting to avoid error and conflicts of interest; (4) The patient's condition should be reassessed at the hospital and reversible causes treated; (5) A no-touch period of at least 10 minutes should be respected to avoid the risk of autoresuscitation; (6) Once death has been determined, no procedure that may resume brain circulation should be used, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, artificial ventilation, and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; (7) Specific consent is required prior to entry into an uDCDD protocol; (8) Family members should be informed about the goals, risks, and benefits of planned uDCDD procedures; and (9) Public information on uDCDD is desirable because it promotes public trust and confidence in the organ donation system.

  11. Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma accompanied by uncontrollable eosinophilia.

    Shiraishi, Jun; Koyama, Hidenori; Seki, Miwako; Hatayama, Miki; Naka, Mariko; Kurajoh, Masafumi; Okazaki, Hirokazu; Shoji, Takuhito; Moriwaki, Yuji; Yamamoto, Tetsuya; Tsuchida, Yasuaki; Tsukamoto, Yoshitane; Hirota, Seiichi; Onoda, Naoyoshi; Namba, Mitsuyoshi


    Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma is a rare disease, and cases associated with eosinophilia are even rarer. We herein report a case of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma accompanied by remarkable and uncontrollable eosinophilia. A 71-year-old man was diagnosed with end-stage anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. Throughout the aggressive clinical course of the cancer, eosinophilia dramatically progressed and became extremely refractory to steroid treatment. We measured the serum levels of hematopoietic cytokines potentially involved in eosinophilia, including granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF), interleukin (IL)-3 and IL-5. Although the GM-CSF level was moderately elevated, both the IL-3 and IL-5 levels were within the normal ranges. In this case, the patient's eosinophilia may have been related to his severe dyspnea and was likely responsible for the allergic reaction to the anticancer drug. Therefore, it is essential to elucidate the etiology of eosinophilia in patients with thyroid cancer in order to improve the treatment for patients with anaplastic thyroid carcinoma.

  12. Determinants of blood pressure reduction by eplerenone in uncontrolled hypertension

    Jansen, Pieter M.; Frenkel, Wijnanda J.; van den Born, Bert-Jan H.; de Bruijne, Emile L. E.; Deinum, Jaap; Kerstens, Michiel N.; Arnoldus, Joyce H. A.; Woittiez, Arend Jan; Wijbenga, Johanna A. M.; Zietse, Robert; Danser, A. H. Jan; van den Meiracker, Anton H.


    Background: Add-on therapy with aldosterone receptor antagonists has been reported to lower blood pressure (BP) in patients with uncontrolled hypertension. We assessed potential predictors of this response. Methods: In essential hypertensive patients with uncontrolled BP, despite the use of at least

  13. Bias Analysis for Uncontrolled Confounding in the Health Sciences.

    Arah, Onyebuchi A


    Uncontrolled confounding due to unmeasured confounders biases causal inference in health science studies using observational and imperfect experimental designs. The adoption of methods for analysis of bias due to uncontrolled confounding has been slow, despite the increasing availability of such methods. Bias analysis for such uncontrolled confounding is most useful in big data studies and systematic reviews to gauge the extent to which extraneous preexposure variables that affect the exposure and the outcome can explain some or all of the reported exposure-outcome associations. We review methods that can be applied during or after data analysis to adjust for uncontrolled confounding for different outcomes, confounders, and study settings. We discuss relevant bias formulas and how to obtain the required information for applying them. Finally, we develop a new intuitive generalized bias analysis framework for simulating and adjusting for the amount of uncontrolled confounding due to not measuring and adjusting for one or more confounders.

  14. On the Controllability Principles and the Construction of Uncontrollability

    Friis, Ivar; Gevoll, Linn; Hansen, Allan

    A key challenge when it comes to coping with the controllability principle is to understand why and how uncontrollability occurs. In this paper we draw on the Actor-Network Theory to provide more insight to why and how uncontrollability emerges in organizations. By means of an in-depth case study...... of a wide range of heterogeneous actors that connects in multiple ways and that in combination forms a complex network of relations which affect delivery time performance. Our study adds to research on the controllability principle. Whereas prior research has characterized uncontrollability as determined...... uncontrollability more specifically is about. Thus, our study adds to as well as elaborates on prior research. We illustrate how uncontrollability arise in the intersects of several heterogeneous elements such as the product information systems, quality management, incentive systems, outsourcing and customers. We...

  15. Old Age, Widows and Rural Solitude in the Eighteenth Century Central-Southern Spain



    Full Text Available Current research about old age during the Ancient Regime in Spain is insufficient. And the same is the case with women, despite the large number of studies about gender and family history in the past decades. Taking, as a starting point, the analysis of widow women which became heads of households, this paper aims to know which specific characteristics had those households during their old age, composition, size, typology and the tendency to solitude; which activities and livelihood they had, paying attention to those differences as an expression of inequality; and which mechanisms and social reproduction strategies they followed to deal with the effects of aging. This paper is geografically focused in a wide rural area of central-southern Spain and aims to review the assumption that single and widow women in preindustrial age had subordinted lives. 

  16. From the Analysis of Daffodils, Studies are on William Wordsworth's Sense of Loneliness and Solitude



    Daffodils, a distinguished classic of William Wordsworth's lyric poems, portrays the picturesque scenery of daffodils in their full blossoms and his meditations and reminiscences of that experience later on. From the analysis of this poem which serves as a representative of Romantic lyrics, this paper attempts to expound the poet's sense of loneliness and solitude through his sincere reflections upon the nature, which in turn accomplishes his spiritual experience of self-transcendence.

  17. Widowhood, solitude and sexuality in old age: confronting and overcoming mechanisms

    Verónica Montes de Oca Zavala


    Full Text Available Widowhood is usually associated to negative aspects of life mainly when the people involved are in old age. However, depending on the moment this phase of life is faced, it is possible to activate certain mechanisms allowing confrontation and reorganization of life. This article presents, from an exploratory, qualitative and analytical perspective, three case studies in the state of Mexico showing how widowhood is seen, whatit means in old age, its social and economic impacts, as well as its discourses and antidiscoursesgenerated from the subjects analyzed so as to overcome solitude, isolation, the need for afection and love that go beyond what family and children provide for. Sexuality is seen from a critical perspective and it is an element that stands out both in the narrative of such three cases and when compared to the traditional view that analyses widowhood and old age. This article is composed of a bibliographic review, objectives, methodology and a section of final results and reflections.

  18. Political Ecology in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude

    Eman Mohammed ElSherief


    Full Text Available The roots of ecology prolong profoundly within earlier phases of history, when the naturalistic fabric was first evinced.  Bringing out his On the Origin of Species in 1859, Darwin not merely engendered a biological culmination but also heralded the revolutionary critical canon of naturalism that was virtually a stone thrown in the vast stagnant lake of traditional literature. Via the naturalistic lens, the whole bulk of man’s behavioral attributes are being expounded in terms of milieu and heredity. The mid-1990s witnessed the publication of The Environmental Imagination by Lawrence Buell in 1995, and The Ecocriticism Reader edited by Cheryll Gloffelty and Harold Fromm in 1996, which palpably underpinned ecocriticism as revolving around the inextricable liaison between literature and the physical environment. The political ecology term was coined to further scrutinize relations among people that pertain to nature. The present paper is an endeavor to pursue the ecological tenor of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s landmark novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, and how it was admirably exploited to address precarious postcolonial issues. Keywords: Political ecology, Marquez, naturalism, ecocriticism, post-colonialism.

  19. Designing Simulation Experiments with Controllable and Uncontrollable Factors

    Dehlendorff, Christian; Kulahci, Murat; Andersen, Klaus Kaae

    In this study we propose a new method for designing computer experiments inspired by the split plot designs used in physical experimentation. The basic layout is that each set of controllable factor settings corresponds to a whole plot for which a number of subplots, each corresponding to one...... combination of settings of the uncontrollable factors, is employed. The caveat is a desire that the subplots within each whole plot cover the design space uniformly. A further desire is that in the combined design, where all experimental runs are considered at once, the uniformity of the design space coverage...... should be guaranteed. Our proposed method allows for a large number of uncontrollable and controllable settings to be run in a limited number of runs while uniformly covering the design space for the uncontrollable factors....

  20. Cien años de soledad, de Gabriel García Márquez. La solitude ontologique d'un monde sans transcendance.

    Gladieu, Marie-Madeleine


    Gabriel García Márquez dans son roman Cent ans de solitude présente toute une lignée de personnages qui déambulent au fil de l'histoire pouvant laisser croire dans une premier temps en une apparente chaîne de solidarité qui se délite sous le poids de la mémoire et des événements historiques et ne laissant aucune transcendance qui pourrait apporter une consolation à la solitude absolue de Macondo.

  1. Cien años de soledad, de Gabriel García Márquez. La solitude ontologique d'un monde sans transcendance.

    Gladieu, Marie-Madeleine


    Gabriel García Márquez dans son roman Cent ans de solitude présente toute une lignée de personnages qui déambulent au fil de l'histoire pouvant laisser croire dans une premier temps en une apparente chaîne de solidarité qui se délite sous le poids de la mémoire et des événements historiques et ne laissant aucune transcendance qui pourrait apporter une consolation à la solitude absolue de Macondo.

  2. Uncontrolled removal of dentin during in vitro ultrasonic irrigant activation

    Boutsioukis, C.; Tzimpoulas, N.


    Introduction: The aim of this study was to evaluate uncontrolled removal of dentin during in vitro ultrasonic irrigant activation in prepared root canals using 2 different files. Methods: Fifty-four human single-rooted teeth with straight root canals were prepared to size 35/.06 taper. The specimens

  3. Problems of Controlled Vocabulary versus Uncontrolled Vocabulary in Subject Indexing

    Chao-chen Chen


    Full Text Available This article is mainly to survey the centennial controversy between controlled vocabulary v. uncontrolled vocabulary of subject indexing in the western library and information society. We also discuss the related problems in Chinese information retrieval systems and analyze the factors affecting their performance. [Article content in Chinese

  4. Uncontrolled removal of dentin during in vitro ultrasonic irrigant activation

    Boutsioukis, C.; Tzimpoulas, N.


    Introduction: The aim of this study was to evaluate uncontrolled removal of dentin during in vitro ultrasonic irrigant activation in prepared root canals using 2 different files. Methods: Fifty-four human single-rooted teeth with straight root canals were prepared to size 35/.06 taper. The specimens

  5. Conditions that Influence Drivers' Yielding Behavior for Uncontrolled Crossings

    Bourquin, Eugene; Emerson, Robert Wall; Sauerburger, Dona


    Pedestrians with visual impairments need to cross streets where traffic signals and traffic signage are not present. This study examined the influences of several interventions, including a pedestrian's use of a mobility cane, on the behavior of drivers when they were expected to yield to a pedestrian crossing at an uncontrolled crossing.…

  6. Conditions that Influence Drivers' Yielding Behavior for Uncontrolled Crossings

    Bourquin, Eugene; Emerson, Robert Wall; Sauerburger, Dona


    Pedestrians with visual impairments need to cross streets where traffic signals and traffic signage are not present. This study examined the influences of several interventions, including a pedestrian's use of a mobility cane, on the behavior of drivers when they were expected to yield to a pedestrian crossing at an uncontrolled crossing.…

  7. 14 CFR 31.19 - Performance: Uncontrolled descent.


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Performance: Uncontrolled descent. 31.19 Section 31.19 Aeronautics and Space FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AIRCRAFT... single failure of the heater assembly, fuel cell system, gas value system, or maneuvering vent system, or...

  8. Term Based Comparison Metrics for Controlled and Uncontrolled Indexing Languages

    Good, B. M.; Tennis, J. T.


    Introduction: We define a collection of metrics for describing and comparing sets of terms in controlled and uncontrolled indexing languages and then show how these metrics can be used to characterize a set of languages spanning folksonomies, ontologies and thesauri. Method: Metrics for term set characterization and comparison were identified and…

  9. Unpredictable and Uncontrollable Events: A New Perspective on Experimental Neurosis

    Kihlstrom, John F.; Mineka, Susan


    Recent work has shown that unpredictable and/or uncontrollable events can produce a variety of cognitive, affective, and somatic disturbances to the organism. These disturbances are compared to and found to be quite similar to the symptoms of the classic cases of experimental neurosis described by Pavlov, Gantt, Liddell, Masserman, and Wolpe.…

  10. Facial EMG responses to odors in solitude and with an audience.

    Jäncke, L; Kaufmann, N


    Two experiments were undertaken to examine whether facial responses to odors correlate with the hedonic odor evaluation. Experiment 1 examined whether subjects (n = 20) spontaneously generated facial movements associated with odor evaluation when they are tested in private. To measure facial responses, EMG was recorded over six muscle regions (M. corrugator supercilii, M. procerus, M. nasalis, M. levator, M. orbicularis oculi and M. zygomaticus major) using surface electrodes. In experiment 2 the experimental group (n = 10) smelled the odors while they were visually inspected by the experimenter sitting in front of the test subjects. The control group (n = 10) performed the same experimental condition as those subjects participating in experiment 1. Facial EMG over four mimetic muscle regions (M. nasalis, M. levator, M. zygomaticus major, M. orbicularis oculi) was measured while subjects smelled different odors. The main findings of this study may be summarized as follows: (i) there was no correlation between valence rating and facial EMG responses; (ii) pleasant odors did not evoke smiles when subjects smelled the odors in private; (iii) in solitude, highly concentrated malodors evoked facial EMG reactions of those mimetic muscles which are mainly involved in generating a facial display of disgust; (iv) those subjects confronted with an audience showed stronger facial reactions over the periocular and cheek region (indicative of a smile) during the smelling of pleasant odors than those who smelled these odors in private; (v) those subjects confronted with an audience showed stronger facial reactions over the M. nasalis region (indicative of a display of disgust) during the smelling of malodors than those who smelled the malodors in private. These results were taken as evidence for a more social communicative function of facial displays and strongly mitigates the reflexive-hedonic interpretation of facial displays to odors as supposed by Steiner.

  11. Preference for Solitude, Social Isolation, Suicidal Ideation, and Self-Harm in Adolescents.

    Endo, Kaori; Ando, Shuntaro; Shimodera, Shinji; Yamasaki, Syudo; Usami, Satoshi; Okazaki, Yuji; Sasaki, Tsukasa; Richards, Marcus; Hatch, Stephani; Nishida, Atsushi


    Social isolation is associated with suicidal ideation (SI) and self-harm (SH) among adolescents. However, the association between preference for solitude (PfS), SI, and SH is unknown. The prevalence of adolescents who have both of PfS and social isolation and the risks for SI and SH among them are also unknown. Information on PfS, social isolation, SI, and SH was collected in a large-scale school-based survey on adolescents, using a self-report questionnaire. Associations between PfS, SI, and SH were examined by logistic regression analysis. The interactions between PfS and social isolation on SI and SH were also investigated. The odds of SI and SH were examined for groups defined by presence of PfS and social isolation. Responses from 17,437 students (89.3% of relevant classes) were available. After adjusting for demographic characteristics and social isolation, PfS was associated with increased odds of SI (odds ratio [OR] = 3.1) and SH (OR = 1.9). There was no interaction between PfS and social isolation on SI and SH. After adjusting for demographic characteristics, the odds for SI (OR = 8.6) and SH (OR = 3.8) were highest among adolescents with both PfS and social isolation (8.4% of all respondents). PfS was associated with increased odds of SI and SH in adolescents. No interaction effect between PfS and social isolation on SI and SH was found, but adolescents with PfS and social isolation had the highest risk for SI and SH. Parents and professionals should pay attention to suicide risk in adolescents with PfS. Copyright © 2017 Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  12. 'The quicksand of forgetfulness': semantic dementia in One hundred years of solitude.

    Rascovsky, Katya; Growdon, Matthew E; Pardo, Isela R; Grossman, Scott; Miller, Bruce L


    This multidisciplinary article compares the pattern of memory loss described in Gabriel García Márquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude to that exhibited by patients with semantic dementia (SD). In his renowned novel, García Márquez depicts the plight of Macondo, a town struck by the dreaded insomnia plague. The most devastating symptom of the plague is not the impossibility of sleep, but rather the loss of 'the name and notion of things'. In an effort to combat this insidious loss of knowledge, the protagonist, José Arcadio Buendía, 'marked everything with its name: table, chair, clock, door, wall, bed, pan'. 'Studying the infinite possibilities of a loss of memory, he realized that the day might come when things would be recognized by their inscriptions but that no one would remember their use'. The cognitive impairments experienced by Macondo's inhabitants are remarkably similar to those observed in SD, a clinical syndrome characterized by a progressive breakdown of conceptual knowledge (semantic memory) in the context of relatively preserved day-to-day (episodic) memory. First recognized in 1975, it is now considered one of the main variants of frontotemporal lobar degeneration. Writing within the realm of magical realism and investigating the power of language as a form of communication, García Márquez provides beautiful descriptions of the loss of 'the name and notion of things' typical of the syndrome. He further speculates on ways to cope with this dissolution of meaning, ranging from 'the spell of an imaginary reality' to José Arcadio's 'memory machine', strategies that resonate with attempts by semantic dementia patients to cope with their disease. Remarkably, García Márquez created a striking literary depiction of collective semantic dementia before the syndrome was recognized in neurology. The novel also provides an inspiring and human account of one town's fight against 'the quicksand of forgetfulness'.

  13. Anxious Solitude and Peer Exclusion Predict Social Helplessness, Upset Affect, and Vagal Regulation in Response to Behavioral Rejection by a Friend

    Gazelle, Heidi; Druhen, Madelynn J.


    It was hypothesized that combined individual child vulnerability (anxious solitude) and interpersonal stress (peer exclusion) would predict the strongest responses to experimentally manipulated behavioral peer rejection. Results indicated that in a sample of 3rd graders (N = 160, 59% girls), anxious solitary excluded children displayed more…

  14. Class Climate Moderates Peer Relations and Emotional Adjustment in Children with an Early History of Anxious Solitude: A Child x Environment Model

    Gazelle, Heidi


    Classroom emotional climate was hypothesized to moderate psychosocial adjustment in 1st grade for children with an early childhood history of anxious solitude. Participants were 1,364 children in the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Study of Early Child Care and their mothers, child-care providers, and teachers.…


    DiTommaso, Enrico; Turbide, Joanne; Poulin, Carmen; Robinson, Bryn


    .... The purpose of this study was to develop and validate L'Échelle de Solitude Sociale et Émotionnelle (l'ÉSSÉ). L'ÉSSÉ is a French translation of the short form of the Social and Emotional Loneliness Scale for Adults...

  16. Characteristics of Polycrystalline Garnets in Micaschists From the Southern Menderes Massif (Turkey) and the Solitude Range (BC, Canada)

    Anderson, C.; Whitney, D. L.; Seaton, N.


    Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) analysis of garnets in metamorphic rocks has revealed the presence of grain boundaries within what appear, based on morphology, to be single crystals. There have only been a few previous studies that have described these types of polycrystals in nature. In this study we analyzed garnets from two suites of metamorphic rocks: kyanite-staurolite schist from the Solitude Range, SW Rocky Mountains (BC, Canada), and mica schist from the southern Menderes Massif (western Turkey). Garnets from both sites are growth zoned and formed during a single metamorphic event, although the Solitude Range garnets record in their zoning and inclusion textures a change from chloritoid-present to staurolite- present (chloritoid-out) reaction history. The garnet-bearing rocks from these sites formed at P-T conditions of 430-550 C, 7-8 kbar (Menderes) and 550-600 C, 6-7 kbar (BC). Less than 10% of the garnets analyzed are polycrystals, but all polycrystals detected have similar characteristics: high-angle misorientation boundaries that crosscut inclusions and inclusion trails. Most polycrystals have 2-3 domains (crystals), but one complex polycrystal was comprised of 16 distinct lattice domains. In most cases, misorientation boundaries crosscut growth zoning, but one Menderes polycrystal exhibited distinct zoning in each domain. Most polycrystals likely formed early in the garnet growth history as closely-spaced nuclei coalesced, but clustering (coalescence) continued throughout the history of garnet crystallization in these rocks.

  17. Novel Heat Controller for Thermogenerators Working on Uncontrolled Stoves

    Juanicó, Luis E.; Rinalde, Fabián; Taglialavore, Eduardo; Molina, Marcelo


    This paper describes the development of a thermogenerator designed for uncontrolled firewood household stoves. It was built on BiTe thermoelectric (TE) modules, and it uses a water pot as a cooling device that also serves as a hot water source. An original heat controller was developed; it has low thermal resistance ( R) during low-power operation, but its R can be continuously increased according to the stove temperature so that the TE never overheats while its power generation is optimized.

  18. Uncontrolled seizures resulting from cerebral venous sinus thrombosis complicating neurobrucellosis

    Fardin Faraji


    Full Text Available Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis is a rare form of stroke caused by thrombosis in venous sinuses of the brain. In this study, we reported on a patient with venous sinus thrombosis and brucellosis who presented with uncontrolled seizure despite being treated with anti-epileptic drugs at high doses. The case was a 33-year-old woman with a history of controlled complex partial seizure who presented with headache, asthenia, and uncontrolled seizure for one month. She was febrile and a brain CT scan indicated hemorrhagic focus in the left posterior parietal and the temporal lobe. Magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance venography also proved venous sinus thrombosis in the left transverse sinus. Besides [In addition], a laboratory assessment confirmed brucellosis. Following the treatment with anti-coagulant, anti-brucellosis, and anti-epileptic agents, the patient was discharged in good condition with medical orders. Clinical suspicion and accurate evaluation of a patient′s history is the most important clue in diagnosis and treatment of brucellosis and cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, especially in uncontrolled seizure in patients who had previously been under control.

  19. A Class of Uncontrollable Diffusively Coupled Multiagent Systems with Multichain Topologies

    Cao, Ming; Zhang, Shuo; Camlibel, M. Kanat


    We construct systematically a class of uncontrollable diffusively coupled multiagent systems with a single leader and multichain topologies. For studying the controllability of diffusively coupled multiagent systems, such identified uncontrollable systems serve as counterexamples that prove the need

  20. A Class of Uncontrollable Diffusively Coupled Multiagent Systems with Multichain Topologies

    Cao, Ming; Zhang, Shuo; Camlibel, M. Kanat

    We construct systematically a class of uncontrollable diffusively coupled multiagent systems with a single leader and multichain topologies. For studying the controllability of diffusively coupled multiagent systems, such identified uncontrollable systems serve as counterexamples that prove the need

  1. ‘The quicksand of forgetfulness’: semantic dementia in One Hundred Years of Solitude

    Growdon, Matthew E.; Pardo, Isela R.; Grossman, Scott; Miller, Bruce L.


    This multidisciplinary article compares the pattern of memory loss described in Gabriel García Márquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude to that exhibited by patients with semantic dementia (SD). In his renowned novel, García Márquez depicts the plight of Macondo, a town struck by the dreaded insomnia plague. The most devastating symptom of the plague is not the impossibility of sleep, but rather the loss of ‘the name and notion of things’. In an effort to combat this insidious loss of knowledge, the protagonist, José Arcadio Buendía, ‘marked everything with its name: table, chair, clock, door, wall, bed, pan’. ‘Studying the infinite possibilities of a loss of memory, he realized that the day might come when things would be recognized by their inscriptions but that no one would remember their use’. The cognitive impairments experienced by Macondo's inhabitants are remarkably similar to those observed in SD, a clinical syndrome characterized by a progressive breakdown of conceptual knowledge (semantic memory) in the context of relatively preserved day-to-day (episodic) memory. First recognized in 1975, it is now considered one of the main variants of frontotemporal lobar degeneration. Writing within the realm of magical realism and investigating the power of language as a form of communication, García Márquez provides beautiful descriptions of the loss of ‘the name and notion of things’ typical of the syndrome. He further speculates on ways to cope with this dissolution of meaning, ranging from ‘the spell of an imaginary reality’ to José Arcadio's ‘memory machine’, strategies that resonate with attempts by semantic dementia patients to cope with their disease. Remarkably, García Márquez created a striking literary depiction of collective semantic dementia before the syndrome was recognized in neurology. The novel also provides an inspiring and human account of one town's fight against ‘the quicksand of forgetfulness’. PMID


    M. V. Smolnikova


    Full Text Available Bronchial asthma is a prevalent chronic allergic disease of lungs at early ages. A priority  task in allergology  is to search  biological  markers  related  to uncontrolled atopic  bronchial asthma. Cytokines fulfill their distinct function in pathogenesis of atopic  bronchial asthma, participating at the initiation, development and persistence of allergic inflammation in airways, causing different  variations of clinical course of the disease (with  respect  to its acuteness, severity, frequency of exacerbations. The  present  work has studied  indices  of cellular  and  humoral links of immunity, as well as levels of some  pro and  anti-inflammatory cytokines in peripheral blood serum (IL-4, IL-10, IL-2 and TNFα, aiming to determine potential markers of uncontrolled atopic bronchial asthma in children. A group of Caucasian (European children was involved into the research: Cohort 1, moderate atopic  bronchial asthma with controlled course during the last 3 months (n = 59; Cohort 2, severe/moderate-severe atopic bronchial asthma with uncontrolled course of the disease within last 3 months (n = 51,  Cohort 3 – control, practically healthy  children without signs of atopy  (n = 33. All the  children included in the group with atopic  bronchial asthma underwent regular mono/combined basic therapy  at high/ intermediate therapeutic doses.  We performed a comparative analysis  of cell  population indices  reflecting certain cellular  immunity links,  and  determined significantly  lower  levels of CD3+   lymphocytes, as well as decrease in relative  and  absolute  contents of CD4+  and  CD8+  cells in the  cohort with  uncontrolled course of atopic  bronchial asthma, as compared with controlled-course cohort. When  evaluating concentrations  of cytokines in peripheral blood serum of the patients with controlled and uncontrolled atopic  bronchial asthma, we revealed  significantly  higher

  3. BeppoSAX equatorial uncontrolled re-entry

    Portelli, C.

    The X-ray astronomy satellite BeppoSAX (Satellite per Astronomia X, "Beppo" in honor of Giuseppe Occhialini), is a project of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) with participation of the Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programs (NIVR). BeppoSAX was launched by an Atlas G Centaur directly into a circular 600 km- orbit at 3.9 degrees inclination on April 30th, 1996. The satellite is a three axis stabilized spacecraft with a total mass of about 1400 kg. The current (May 1, 2002) flight altitude is about 470 km and its uncontrolled re-entry is predicted late in 2002, or in 2003, with a 26 kg of hydrazine on board that could not be vented or used for controlled re-entry due to gyro's package total failure. Due to the relatively high mass of BeppoSAX, it has to be expected that parts of the satellite will survive the re-entry into the earth atmosphere. The Italian Space Agency has committed a study to HTG for the analysis of the destructive phase of the uncontrolled atmospheric re-entry by means of a dedicated European software tool (SCARAB). The expected outputs will be used in order to determine how much of the spacecraft and how many fragments parts of it will reach the ground on the equatorial earth zone. This paper will address the peculiarities of the spacecraft initial status, its risks at end of life and the SCARAB modelling as well as its 6D flight dynamics re-entry analysis results also in terms of the destruction history tree. Consideration will be made on the ground dispersion and casualt y area due to the very restricted equatorial zone impacted. References B. Fritsche, H. Klinkrad, A. Kashkovsky, E.Grinberg; Spacecraft Disintegration during uncontrolled atmospheric entry ; IAA-99-IAA.6.7.02; 50t h IAC 4-8 Oct. 1999

  4. Anxious Solitude and Self-Compassion and Self-Criticism Trajectories in Early Adolescence: Attachment Security as a Moderator.

    Peter, Divya; Gazelle, Heidi


    Youths' attachment representations with their parents were tested as moderators of the relation between peer-reported anxious solitude and self-compassion and self-criticism trajectories from fifth to seventh grades. Participants were 213 youth, 57% girls, M = 10.65 years of age. Growth curves revealed that attachment representations with both parents moderated the relation between AS and self-processes such that AS youth with (a) dual secure attachments demonstrated the most adaptive self-processes, (b) one secure attachment demonstrated intermediately adaptive self-processes, and (c) dual insecure attachments demonstrated the least adaptive self-processes over time. AS youth with dual insecure attachments are of most concern because they demonstrated elevated and increasing self-criticism over time, given evidence for relations between self-criticism and internalizing psychopathology. © 2017 The Authors. Child Development published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of Society for Research in Child Development.

  5. Valences temporal tuning fork in novel One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

    Victoria BARAGA


    Full Text Available Class time is experiencing a particularly wide spread in different spheres of human manifestation: in science and art, religion and everyday life. During World Literature the time becomes subject to interest. Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez in his creation, but especially in the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, with great talent show time category. In the present investigation, based on the content quality of time and in the figurative image of the movement, we deduced the most representative forms of temporal in garciamarquezian novel. We disclose specifics forms of macondiene time: Time of sacred history, time of eternal return, historical time and Apocalyptic time. Originality of macondian time consists of temporal relationship between these forms, the magic of virtualization game and their updates. And while macondian prodigious time impresses just by strength revealing of the imaginary area.

  6. Development and Psychometric Properties of the Solitude Behavior Scale%独处行为量表的编制

    陈小莉; 戴晓阳; 鲍莉; 王蒙; 刘萌


    目的:编制一个独处行为量表,并对其信效度进行检验.方法:独处行为量表包括积极独处、孤僻、社交回避和孤独4个独立分量表,共34个条目.测试样本分别为534名大学生,252名高中学生,55名精神分裂症病人及其对照样本55名普通人.结果:①除两个条目的D值在0.2水平外,其余各条目均在0.3以上;题总净相关在0.323至0.680之间;②α系数均在0.76以上,重测信度系数在0.65以上;③大学生样本探索性因素分析结果显示4个因子累计可以解释总体变异的44.25%,条目的因子负荷在0.3~0.7之间,条目没有跨因子负荷的现象;对高中生样本验证性因素分析显示x2/df=1.79,RMSEA=0.05,NFI=0.87,NNFI=0.93,CFI=0.94;④孤僻、社交回避及孤独三个分量表与社交回避及苦恼量表、UCLA孤独量表有不同程度的正相关;⑤正常人群在积极独处分量表的得分显著高于病人组,而在孤僻、孤独两个分量表的得分则相反.结论:结果显示独处行为量表有比较好的心理测量学指征.%Objective: To develop a Solitude Behavior Scale and examine its reliabilities and validities in this study. Methods: The scale consisted of Positive Solitude, Seclusiveness, Social Avoidance and Loneliness subscales. College students (N=534), high-school students (N=252), schizophrenic patients (N=55) and controls (N=55) were administrated. Results: ①The discriminations of most items were satisfactory (above 0.3). ②The Cronbach ot of the four subscales were between 0.762 and 0.863; the stabilites of the four subscales were from 0.654 to 0.760. ③The result of EFA for college sample showed the four-factor model explained 44.25% variance and the construct of factors was very distinct. The result of CFA for high school students sample showed x2/d/=1.79, RMSEA=0.05, NFI=0.87, NNFI=0.93, CFI=0.94.④There were significantly positive correlations (r from 0.318 to 0.821) among Seclusiveness, Social

  7. Adaptive Learning of Uncontrolled Restless Bandits with Logarithmic Regret

    Tekin, Cem


    In this paper we consider the problem of learning the optimal policy for the uncontrolled restless bandit problem. In this problem only the state of the selected arm can be observed, the state transitions are independent of control and the transition law is unknown. We propose a learning algorithm which gives logarithmic regret uniformly over time with respect to the optimal finite horizon policy with known transition law under some assumptions on the transition probabilities of the arms and the structure of the optimal stationary policy for the infinite horizon average reward problem.

  8. Development of a Portable Thermogenerator for Uncontrolled Heat Sources

    Juanicó, Luis E.; Rinalde, Fabián; Taglialavore, Eduardo; Molina, Marcelo


    This paper presents the development of a portable thermogenerator designed to work on uncontrolled heat sources. Its thermal behavior regarding both steady-state and transient regimens was analytically described and numerically solved by using a lumped capacity model. The ranges of heating power and power increasing rates have been determined to ensure safe operation, or give users advance warning in case of failure. In addition, this model is a useful tool for designing a controller system based on which a feasible thermogenerator can be developed. Experimental tests performed on a prototype based on a commercial BiTe module have demonstrated this goal.

  9. Different subtypes of impulsivity differentiate uncontrolled eating and dietary restraint.

    Leitch, Margaret A; Morgan, Michael J; Yeomans, Martin R


    The current study explored the relationship between three subtypes of impulsivity (Reflection Impulsivity, Impulsive Choice, and Impulsive Action) and measures of uncontrolled eating (TFEQ-D) and restraint (TFEQ-R). Eighty women classified as scoring higher or lower on TFEQ-D and TFEQ-R completed the Matching Familiar Figures Test (MFFT20), Delay Discounting Task (DDT), a Go No Go task, Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART), and the Barrett Impulsivity Scale-11 (BIS-11). To test whether these relationships were affected by enforced controls overeating, half of the participants fasted the night before and ate breakfast in the laboratory before testing and half had no such control. Women scoring higher on the TFEQ-D were significantly more impulsive on the MFFT20 and BIS-11 overall but not on DDT, Go No Go or BART. Women scoring higher on TFEQ-R were significantly less impulsive on the Go No Go task but did not differ on other measures. The eating manipulation modulated responses on the BART and BIS-11 non-planning scale depending on TFEQ-D classification. These results confirm recent data that high scores on TFEQ-D are related to impulsivity, but imply this relates more to Reflection Impulsivity rather than Impulsive Choice or Action. In contrast restrained eating was associated with better inhibitory control. Taken together, these results suggest that subtypes of impulsivity further differentiate uncontrolled eating and restraint, and suggest that a poor ability to reflect on decisions may underlie some aspects of overeating.

  10. Robust Crop and Weed Segmentation under Uncontrolled Outdoor Illumination

    Hong Y. Jeon


    Full Text Available An image processing algorithm for detecting individual weeds was developed and evaluated. Weed detection processes included were normalized excessive green conversion, statistical threshold value estimation, adaptive image segmentation, median filter, morphological feature calculation and Artificial Neural Network (ANN. The developed algorithm was validated for its ability to identify and detect weeds and crop plants under uncontrolled outdoor illuminations. A machine vision implementing field robot captured field images under outdoor illuminations and the image processing algorithm automatically processed them without manual adjustment. The errors of the algorithm, when processing 666 field images, ranged from 2.1 to 2.9%. The ANN correctly detected 72.6% of crop plants from the identified plants, and considered the rest as weeds. However, the ANN identification rates for crop plants were improved up to 95.1% by addressing the error sources in the algorithm. The developed weed detection and image processing algorithm provides a novel method to identify plants against soil background under the uncontrolled outdoor illuminations, and to differentiate weeds from crop plants. Thus, the proposed new machine vision and processing algorithm may be useful for outdoor applications including plant specific direct applications (PSDA.

  11. Robust crop and weed segmentation under uncontrolled outdoor illumination.

    Jeon, Hong Y; Tian, Lei F; Zhu, Heping


    An image processing algorithm for detecting individual weeds was developed and evaluated. Weed detection processes included were normalized excessive green conversion, statistical threshold value estimation, adaptive image segmentation, median filter, morphological feature calculation and Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The developed algorithm was validated for its ability to identify and detect weeds and crop plants under uncontrolled outdoor illuminations. A machine vision implementing field robot captured field images under outdoor illuminations and the image processing algorithm automatically processed them without manual adjustment. The errors of the algorithm, when processing 666 field images, ranged from 2.1 to 2.9%. The ANN correctly detected 72.6% of crop plants from the identified plants, and considered the rest as weeds. However, the ANN identification rates for crop plants were improved up to 95.1% by addressing the error sources in the algorithm. The developed weed detection and image processing algorithm provides a novel method to identify plants against soil background under the uncontrolled outdoor illuminations, and to differentiate weeds from crop plants. Thus, the proposed new machine vision and processing algorithm may be useful for outdoor applications including plant specific direct applications (PSDA).

  12. Facial Recognition in Uncontrolled Conditions for Information Security

    Qinghan Xiao


    Full Text Available With the increasing use of computers nowadays, information security is becoming an important issue for private companies and government organizations. Various security technologies have been developed, such as authentication, authorization, and auditing. However, once a user logs on, it is assumed that the system would be controlled by the same person. To address this flaw, we developed a demonstration system that uses facial recognition technology to periodically verify the identity of the user. If the authenticated user's face disappears, the system automatically performs a log-off or screen-lock operation. This paper presents our further efforts in developing image preprocessing algorithms and dealing with angled facial images. The objective is to improve the accuracy of facial recognition under uncontrolled conditions. To compare the results with others, the frontal pose subset of the Face Recognition Technology (FERET database was used for the test. The experiments showed that the proposed algorithms provided promising results.

  13. Facial Recognition in Uncontrolled Conditions for Information Security

    Xiao, Qinghan; Yang, Xue-Dong


    With the increasing use of computers nowadays, information security is becoming an important issue for private companies and government organizations. Various security technologies have been developed, such as authentication, authorization, and auditing. However, once a user logs on, it is assumed that the system would be controlled by the same person. To address this flaw, we developed a demonstration system that uses facial recognition technology to periodically verify the identity of the user. If the authenticated user's face disappears, the system automatically performs a log-off or screen-lock operation. This paper presents our further efforts in developing image preprocessing algorithms and dealing with angled facial images. The objective is to improve the accuracy of facial recognition under uncontrolled conditions. To compare the results with others, the frontal pose subset of the Face Recognition Technology (FERET) database was used for the test. The experiments showed that the proposed algorithms provided promising results.

  14. Is premating isolation in Drosophila overestimated due to uncontrolled factors?

    Pelayo Casares; Rafael Piñeiro; Maria C. Carracedo


    Sexual isolation in Drosophila is typically measured by multiple-choice mating tests. While many environmental variables during such tests are controlled by the researcher, there are some factors that are usually uncontrolled. We demonstrate, using Drosophila melanogaster and D. pseudoobscura flies, that the temperature of rearing, preadult density, and level of consanguinity, can all produce differences in mating propensity between genetically equivalent flies. These differences in mating propensity, in turn, can give rise to statistically significant results in multiple-choice mating tests, leading to positive isolation values and the artifactual inference of sexual isolation between populations. This fact agrees with a nonrandom excess of significant positive tests found in a review of the literature of Drosophila intraspecific mating choice. An overestimate of true cases of sexual isolation in Drosophila in the literature can, therefore, not be ruled out.

  15. Circulatory death determination in uncontrolled organ donors: a panel viewpoint.

    Bernat, James L; Bleck, Thomas P; Blosser, Sandralee A; Bratton, Susan L; Capron, Alexander M; Cornell, Danielle; DeVita, Michael A; Fulda, Gerard J; Glazier, Alexandra K; Gries, Cynthia J; Mathur, Mudit; Nakagawa, Thomas A; Shemie, Sam D


    One barrier for implementing programs of uncontrolled organ donation after the circulatory determination of death is the lack of consensus on the precise moment of death. Our panel was convened to study this question after we performed a similar analysis on the moment of death in controlled organ donation after the circulatory determination of death. We concluded that death could be determined by showing the permanent or irreversible cessation of circulation and respiration. Circulatory irreversibility may be presumed when optimal cardiopulmonary resuscitation efforts have failed to restore circulation and at least a 7-minute period has elapsed thereafter during which autoresuscitation to restored circulation could occur. We advise against the use of postmortem organ support technologies that reestablish circulation of warm oxygenated blood because of their risk of retroactively invalidating the required conditions on which death was declared.

  16. Uncontrolled Removal of Dentin during In Vitro Ultrasonic Irrigant Activation.

    Boutsioukis, Christos; Tzimpoulas, Nestor


    The aim of this study was to evaluate uncontrolled removal of dentin during in vitro ultrasonic irrigant activation in prepared root canals using 2 different files. Fifty-four human single-rooted teeth with straight root canals were prepared to size 35/.06 taper. The specimens were randomly allocated to 3 groups (n = 18). Two milliliters of 2% sodium hypochlorite was delivered 3 times to each root canal by a syringe and an open-ended needle. After each delivery, the irrigant was ultrasonically activated for 10 seconds at 35% power either by a size 15 ultrasonic K-file (group A) or a size 20 Irrisafe file (Acteon Satelec, Merignac, France) (group B) placed at 2 mm short of the working length. The irrigant in the control specimens (group C) was not activated. Specimens were scanned by micro-computed tomographic imaging at 10-μm voxel size before preparation, after preparation, and after the final irrigation/activation sequence. Scans were coregistered and segmented, and the amount of dentin removed during the final step was quantified by morphologic operations. Results were analyzed by nonparametric statistical tests. The level of significance was set to P ultrasonic files removed significantly more dentin than irrigant delivery in the control group (P ≤ .005). K-files removed significantly more dentin than Irrisafe files in the apical third (P = .001). Ultrasonic irrigant activation may result in uncontrolled removal of dentin in straight root canals and at manufacturer-recommended power settings. Copyright © 2016 American Association of Endodontists. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.




    Full Text Available Flights conducted in accordance with the instrument flight rules (IFR allow to perform flights below the minimums for visual meteorological conditions. Nowadays, in Poland none of the uncontrolled aerodromes have implemented any IFR procedures. The paper presents an analysis of the international and national law in terms of establishing the appropriate IFR procedures at the uncontrolled aerodromes. The exemplary solutions, based on European uncontrolled aerodromes, are presented.

  18. Remote Research

    Tulathimutte, Tony


    Remote studies allow you to recruit subjects quickly, cheaply, and immediately, and give you the opportunity to observe users as they behave naturally in their own environment. In Remote Research, Nate Bolt and Tony Tulathimutte teach you how to design and conduct remote research studies, top to bottom, with little more than a phone and a laptop.

  19. Clinical and economic impact of aliskiren in uncontrolled hypertensive patients

    Ezio Degli Esposti


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: the majority of hypertensive patients do not achieve adequate blood pressure (BP control and thus remain at risk of cardio-cerebrovascular events. Aliskiren, a novel antihypertensive drug acting as direct renin inhibitor, was authorized in Italy for the treatment of hypertension in patients who remain uncontrolled and at risk despite the use of at least two antihypertensive drugs. It was subject to an AIFA web-based monitoring registry. Results of the registry show a decrease of 20.8/9.2 mmHg in systolic/diastolic BP, within 6 months, when aliskiren is added to current therapy.OBJECTIVE: to evaluate the clinical and economic impact of such BP reduction in terms of avoidable cardio-cerebrovascular events.METHODS: an Excel-based Markov model compared aliskiren plus current antihypertensive treatment to current antihypertensive treatment alone over a 5-year horizon. Patients’ baseline characteristics and BP-reduction were taken from the AIFA registry and literature. Using Wilson and Anderson risk equations, the model simulated patient’s transitions from Pre-Event to Post-Event and Death, calculating the number of those who experience an event. Unit costs were assigned to treatments, events and follow-up. Sensitivity analyses considered: efficacy variability and societal costs of events.RESULTS: 2.47% of patients treated with aliskiren added-on to their antihypertensive therapy were expected to avoid an event. As observed in the AIFA registry, 19.8% of patients remained treated only with aliskiren whereas others reduced the number of antihypertensive treatments, leading to a 38.6% reduction of monthly concomitant antihypertensive treatment cost. Considering events and follow-up cost reduction, the per-patient annual incremental cost of aliskiren is calculated at € 187 and generates 0.042 QALYs over 5 years. The ICER was € 22,062 per QALY (€ 16,845 to € 30,771 for an efficacy range of ± 25%. Considering societal costs ICER

  20. Remote Sensing

    Khorram, Siamak; Koch, Frank H; van der Wiele, Cynthia F


    Remote Sensing provides information on how remote sensing relates to the natural resources inventory, management, and monitoring, as well as environmental concerns. It explains the role of this new technology in current global challenges. "Remote Sensing" will discuss remotely sensed data application payloads and platforms, along with the methodologies involving image processing techniques as applied to remotely sensed data. This title provides information on image classification techniques and image registration, data integration, and data fusion techniques. How this technology applies to natural resources and environmental concerns will also be discussed.

  1. Being alone, playing alone, and acting alone: distinguishing among reticence and passive and active solitude in young children.

    Coplan, R J; Rubin, K H; Fox, N A; Calkins, S D; Stewart, S L


    3 forms of solitude were studied in young children--reticence (onlooker and unoccupied behavior), solitary-passive behavior (solitary-constructive and -exploratory play), and solitary-active behavior (solitary-functional and -dramatic play). 48 4-year-old children grouped in quartets of same-sex unfamiliar peers were observed in several situations. Mothers completed the Colorado Temperament Inventory. Results indicated that (1) solitary-passive, solitary-active, and reticent behaviors were nonsignificantly intercorrelated; (2) reticence was stable and associated with the demonstration of anxiety and hovering near others, whereas solitary-passive and solitary-active play were stable yet unrelated to anxiety and hovering; (3) reticence during free play was generally associated with poor performance and displays of wariness in several other social situations, while solitary-passive and -active play were not; (4) reticence was associated with maternal ratings of child shyness, while solitary-active behavior was associated with maternal ratings of impulsivity. Results are discussed in terms of the underlying mechanisms associated with reticence and passive and active withdrawal.

  2. Rewriting rural community and dictatorial history through magical realism in Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude

    Abdullah Abu Shahid


    Full Text Available Márquez was greatly influenced by his grandmother’s story-telling ability, and was highly indebted to the socio-political history of Latin America, particularly Colombia. In One Hundred Years of Solitude, he wants to reconstruct the lost world of childhood by using magical realism which gives expression to the world-view of a rural people who live in isolation from modern world. By retelling the official history from the perspective of the oppressed, he reveals the fact that history is never factual and impartial but serves the interest of those who write it. Through the banana company massacre and the subsequent hide and seek over the number of dead workers, Márquez exposes the way official history becomes fabricated and distorted by authorities, and fails to provide the original occurrences. He was disgusted with the political violence and civil wars which had distraught people; he was also against capitalism, scientific and technological inventions, and so-called modernization, which are the means through which foreign culture brings corruption and brutality, dominates, exploits and oppresses the natives, and threatens the native culture and identity. By employing magical realism, he was able to recreate Colombian history to protest against the way capitalism dominated the socio-political and economic structure of the region.

  3. Crying in solitude or with someone for support and consolation--experiences from family members in palliative home care.

    Rydé, Kerstin; Strang, Peter; Friedrichsen, Maria


    Crying has not been studied from the perspective of family members of patients in palliative care. The aim of this study was to explore the significance of family members crying in a palliative care context with special reference to factors that influence crying. Interviews were carried out with 14 family members of patients admitted to palliative care. A hermeneutic approach according to Gadamer was used. Three main categories emerged. (1) Before the start of crying, some prerequisites for crying had to be fulfilled, such as an allowing attitude and courage, time, feeling secure, honesty, and trusting relationships. These prerequisites did not cause crying themselves; rather crying emerged when triggering factors occurred. (2) Triggers for crying were circumstances that created uncertainty and turbulence (bad news), exhaustion due to lack of own time, and sympathy from others. (3) Family members tried to do the best possible by adopting or hiding their crying, to ease the patient's burden and to create a positive counterbalance to suffering and grief. As an interpretation of the whole, crying could be expressed as being shared with someone for support and consolation or escape to solitude for integrity and respite. As a conclusion, crying may be an efficient strategy for family members in palliative care to express their suffering and to gain new energy to continue.

  4. Flies cope with uncontrollable stress by learned helplessness.

    Yang, Zhenghong; Bertolucci, Franco; Wolf, Reinhard; Heisenberg, Martin


    In a wide range of animals, uncontrollable stressful events can induce a condition called "learned helplessness." In mammals it is associated with low general activity, poor learning, disorders of sleep and feeding, ulcers, and reduced immune status, as well as with increased serotonin in parts of the brain. It is considered an animal model of depression in humans. Here we investigate learned helplessness in Drosophila, showing that this behavioral state consists of a cognitive and a modulatory, possibly mood-like, component. A fly, getting heated as soon as it stops walking, reliably resumes walking to escape the heat. If, in contrast, the fly is not in control of the heat, it learns that its behavior has no effect and quits responding. In this state, the fly walks slowly and takes longer and more frequent rests, as if it were "depressed." This downregulation of walking behavior is more pronounced in females than in males. Learned helplessness in Drosophila is an example of how, in a certain situation, behavior is organized according to its expected consequences.

  5. Model-Based Illumination Correction for Face Images in Uncontrolled Scenarios

    Boom, Bas; Spreeuwers, Luuk; Veldhuis, Raymond


    Face Recognition under uncontrolled illumination conditions is partly an unsolved problem. Several illumination correction methods have been proposed, but these are usually tested on illumination conditions created in a laboratory. Our focus is more on uncontrolled conditions. We use the Phong model


    V. S. Bogushevsky


    Full Text Available The article describes influence of uncontrollable disturbances for output parameters of converting smelting. You also find numerical values of impact impurity of scrap, falling mixer slag with cast iron, limestone instead of lime and water from cooled elements on decarbonization, bathtub temperature and slag basicity. Created a control algorithm with the influence of uncontrolled disturbance.

  7. Getting the basics right resolves most cases of uncontrolled and problematic asthma

    de Groot, Eric P.; Kreggemeijer, Wendy J.; Brand, Paul L. P.


    AimThe prevalence of true therapy-resistant asthma among children whose asthma remains uncontrolled, despite daily controller therapy, is unknown. The aim of this study was to investigate the underlying causes in children with uncontrolled asthma. MethodsThis was a retrospective chart review of 142

  8. Uncontrolled asthma at age 8 : The importance of parental perception towards medication

    Koster, Ellen S.; Wijga, Alet H.; Koppelman, Gerard H.; Postma, Dirkje S.; Brunekreef, Bert; De Jongste, Johan C.; Smit, Henriette A.; Hoekstra, Maarten O.; Raaijmakers, Jan A. M.; Maitland-van der Zee, Anke-Hilse


    Background: Despite existing effective treatment options, asthma is uncontrolled in a considerable proportion of patients. The aim of this study was to identify determinants of uncontrolled asthma at age 8 in children participating in the PIAMA birth cohort study. Methods: One hundred seventy childr

  9. The influence of the wind on the flight of the uncontrollable aircrafts

    Vasiliy Makeyev


    Full Text Available This article represents research of influence of wind on flight of uncontrollable flying devices. It is offered the method of taking into account influence of permanent wind as well as baffling wind on flight of uncontrollable aircrafts stabilized with rotation and empennage

  10. Getting the basics right resolves most cases of uncontrolled and problematic asthma

    de Groot, Eric P.; Kreggemeijer, Wendy J.; Brand, Paul L. P.


    AimThe prevalence of true therapy-resistant asthma among children whose asthma remains uncontrolled, despite daily controller therapy, is unknown. The aim of this study was to investigate the underlying causes in children with uncontrolled asthma. MethodsThis was a retrospective chart review of 142

  11. Uncontrollable Stress, Coping, and Subjective Well-Being in Urban Adolescents

    Coyle, Laura D.; Vera, Elizabeth M.


    The purpose of this study was to determine whether uncontrollable stress related to levels of subjective well-being (SWB) in a group of ethnically diverse urban adolescents. Additionally, the researchers examined what types of coping skills were utilized in the face of high levels of uncontrollable stress. Finally, a moderation model was proposed,…

  12. The Uncontrolled Sialylation is Related to Chemoresistant Metastatic Breast Cancer.

    Roncati, Luca; Barbolini, Giuseppe; Gatti, Antonietta Morena; Pusiol, Teresa; Piscioli, Francesco; Maiorana, Antonio


    Among the scientific communities, there is a convergence of results supporting a direct relationship between dysregulated sialylation and poor prognosis in many human cancers. For this reason, we have retrospectively investigated 169 cases of invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast, coming from female patients aged between 31 and 76 years old. The whole series was subdivided into two prognostic groups: the first group consisted of 138 patients, who showed a post-treatment survival time more than 5 years, while the second group was made up by 31 patients, died within 5 years despite of chemotherapy. All the surgical specimens were fixed in 10 % neutral buffered formalin, paraffin embedded and, then, submitted to routinely haematoxylin/eosin staining and to a further histochemical (Alcian Blue, DDD-Fast Blue B, Mercury Orange), immunohistochemical (ST3GAL5 sialyltransferase, Ki67, c-erbB2, ER, PR) and chemico-elemental characterization. In the 31 cases of breast cancer belonging to the second group, an overexpression of sialomucins and sialyltransferases has been detected. Our results lead us to support that in aggressive chemoresistant breast cancers, the altered expression of sialic acid, due to an uncontrolled sialylation, creates an excessive negative charge on cell membranes, which stimulates repulsion between neoplastic cells and their subsequent access into the blood stream. This event implies an early metastatization and a rapid disease progression with fatal outcome. The early application of Alcian Blue stain on diagnostic biopsies of breast cancer is able to cheaply reveal the sialomucin accumulations, providing for the disease course.

  13. Predictors of uncontrolled hypertension and antihypertensive medication nonadherence

    Morgado, Manuel; Rolo, Sandra; Macedo, Ana Filipa; Pereira, Luísa; Castelo-Branco, Miguel


    Background: Although hypertension is, in most cases, a controllable major risk factor in the development of cardiovascular disease, studies have demonstrated that hypertension remains poorly controlled in Portugal. Our aim was to evaluate the covariates associated with poor blood pressure (BP) control in a Portuguese hypertensive population. Patients and Results: We conducted a cross-sectional survey in a hospital hypertension outpatient clinic, located in the Eastern Central Region of Portugal. Patients attending the clinic from July to September 2009 were asked to participate in a structured interview including medication adherence and knowledge about hypertension. Eligible participants were all adults aged 18 or over with an established diagnosis of arterial hypertension and had been on antihypertensive drug treatment for at least 6 months. Exclusion criteria were dementia, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Detailed clinical information was prospectively obtained from medical records. A total of 197 patients meeting the inclusion criteria and consenting to participate completed the interview. Of these, only 33.0% had their BP controlled according to the JNC 7 guidelines. Logistic regression analysis revealed three independent predictors of poor BP control: living alone (OR = 5.3, P = 0.004), medication nonadherence (OR = 4.8, P < 0.001), and diabetes (OR = 4.4, P = 0.011). Predictors of medication nonadherence were: unawareness of target BP values (OR = 3.7, P < 0.001), a report of drug side effects (OR = 3.7, P = 0.002), lack of BP monitoring (OR = 2.5, P = 0.015) and unawareness of medication indications (OR = 2.4, P = 0.021), and of hypertension risks (OR = 2.1, P = 0.026). Conclusions: Poor medication adherence, lack of information about hypertension, and side effects should be considered as possible underlying causes of uncontrolled BP and must be addressed in any intervention aimed to improve BP control. PMID:21264184

  14. Controlled and uncontrolled motion in the circular, restricted three-body problem: Dynamically natural spacecraft formations

    Basilio, Ralph Ramos

    Spacecraft formation flying involves operating multiple spacecraft in a pre-determined geometrical shape such that the configuration yields both individual and system benefits. One example is an over-flight of the same spatial position by spacecraft in geocentric orbit with the intent to create a complementary data set of remotely sensed observables. Another example is controlling to a high degree of accuracy the distance between spacecraft in heliocentric orbit to create a virtual, large-diameter interferometer telescope. Although Keplerian orbits provide the basic framework for general and precision spacecraft formation flying they also present limitations. Spacecraft are generally constrained to operate only in circular and elliptical orbits, parabolic paths, or hyperbolic trajectories around celestial bodies. Applying continuation methods and bifurcation theory techniques to the circular, restricted three-body problem - where stable and unstable periodic orbits exist around equilibrium points - creates an environment that is more orbit rich. After surmounting a similar challenge with test particles in the circular, restricted three-vortex problem in fluid mechanics as a proof-of-concept, it was shown that spacecraft traveling in uncontrolled motion along separate and distinct planar or three-dimensional periodic orbits could be placed in controlled motion, i.e. a controller is enabled and later disabled at precisely the proper positions, to have them phase-locked on a single periodic orbit. Although it was possible to use this controller in a resonant frequency/orbit approach to establish a formation, it was clearly shown that a separate controller could be used in conjunction with the first to expedite the formation establishment process. Creation of these dynamically natural spacecraft formations or multi-spacecraft platforms will enable the 'loiter, synchronize/coordinate, and observe' approach for future engineering and scientific missions where flexibility

  15. Primal hypotheses: the relationship between naturalness, solitude, and the wilderness experience benefits of development of self, development of community, and spiritual development

    Dave D. White; John C. Hendee


    This paper describes what we call “the primal hypotheses,” which assert positive relationships between the legislated wilderness attributes of naturalness and solitude and three broad constructs that embrace human benefits from wilderness experience reported in the literature—“development of self” (DOS), “development of community” (DOC) and “spiritual development” (SD...

  16. Le Sentiment de la solitude dans Ourika de Mme de Duras ou l'Héroïde réinventée

    Langle, Catherine


    International audience; Cette étude traite du sentiment de !a solitude dont l'héroïne, Ourika fait état, et qui, au-delà de son assignation à des causes sociopolitiques, demeure énigmatique. Le témoignage de L'ancienne esclave constitue la substance même du roman : celui-ci montre les répercussions subjectives d 'une situation d'exclusion qui tient à une rigidité des structures sociales déterminant La polarisation des esprits sur un trait du visible : une peau noire. Mais le " noir " , déclin...

  17. Üksildus küberruumis: autori individuaalsus ja teksti autonoomia. Solitude in Cyberspace: the Individuality of an Author and the Autonomy of a Text

    Virve Sarapik


    Full Text Available The keywords in analyses of digital literature and cybertexts (literature that has been created by and is read on a computer mostly derive from the vocabulary of increasing collectivism: shared authorship, readerviewer interaction, their active participation in creating text etc. However, this article focuses on the opposite phenomenon: the essence of individualism in the process of digital text creation, that is, solitude. At the same time, the paradoxes related to collectivism and solitude are also addressed. In this article, solitude is regarded as a technical term, indicating the number of different agents in a creative process. This primarily means: whether the text can be associated with one author and his intention, or whether authorship is distributed between several people who have participated in the creation of the text, as well as if and how much texts presume activity on the part of the reader. We can claim that when writers write their texts they are usually on their own. A text is born in the writer’s head and he or she needs some kind of form to present it. When the form of literature was mostly what was recorded on paper, we could say that the author formalised his text in solitude – writing alone on pieces of paper. Only after the manuscript was handed in were other participants added, such as the editor, designer and printer, who took part in the completion process of the literary work. However, when the end result of production is not a printed book, but a cyber- or hypertext, we can assume that these relationships change significantly in the case of digital literature. In addition to the author of the text, cybertexts and hypertexts need active co-authors: programmers, designers etc. Creating a cybertext is, therefore, basically a collective act (although there are of course exceptions. The author of a cybertext is no longer the only and unique creator. At the same time, the solitude of a creative work in cyberspace

  18. Statistical Issues for Uncontrolled Reentry Hazards - Empirical Tests of the Predicted Footprint for Uncontrolled Satellite Reentry Hazards

    Matney, M.


    A number of statistical tools have been developed over the years for assessing the risk of reentering objects to human populations. These tools make use of the characteristics (e.g., mass, material, shape, size) of debris that are predicted by aerothermal models to survive reentry. The statistical tools use this information to compute the probability that one or more of the surviving debris might hit a person on the ground and cause one or more casualties. The statistical portion of the analysis relies on a number of assumptions about how the debris footprint and the human population are distributed in latitude and longitude, and how to use that information to arrive at realistic risk numbers. Because this information is used in making policy and engineering decisions, it is important that these assumptions be tested using empirical data. This study uses the latest database of known uncontrolled reentry locations measured by the United States Department of Defense. The predicted ground footprint distributions of these objects are based on the theory that their orbits behave basically like simple Kepler orbits. However, there are a number of factors in the final stages of reentry - including the effects of gravitational harmonics, the effects of the Earth's equatorial bulge on the atmosphere, and the rotation of the Earth and atmosphere - that could cause them to diverge from simple Kepler orbit behavior and possibly change the probability of reentering over a given location. In this paper, the measured latitude and longitude distributions of these objects are directly compared with the predicted distributions, providing a fundamental empirical test of the model assumptions.

  19. Dynamic determinants of the uncontrolled manifold during human quiet stance

    Yasuyuki Suzuki


    Full Text Available Human postural sway during stance arises from coordinated multi-joint movements. Thus, a sway trajectory represented by a time-varying postural vector in the multiple-joint-angle-space tends to be constrained to a low-dimensional subspace. It has been proposed that the subspace corresponds to a manifold defined by a kinematic constraint, such that the position of the center of mass (CoM of the whole body is constant in time, referred to as the kinematic uncontrolled manifold (kinematic-UCM. A control strategy related to this hypothesis (CoM-control-strategy claims that the central nervous system (CNS aims to keep the posture close to the kinematic-UCM using a continuous feedback controller, leading to sway patterns that mostly occur within the kinematic-UCM, where no corrective control is exerted. An alternative strategy proposed by the authors (intermittent control-strategy claims that the CNS stabilizes posture by intermittently suspending the active feedback controller, in such a way to allow the CNS to exploit a stable manifold of the saddle-type upright equilibrium in the state-space of the system, referred to as the dynamic-UCM, when the state point is on or near the manifold. Although the mathematical definitions of the kinematic- and dynamic-UCM are completely different, both UCMs play similar roles in the stabilization of multi-joint upright posture. The purpose of this study was to compare the dynamic performance of the two control strategies. In particular, we considered a double-inverted-pendulum-model of postural control, and analyzed the two UCMs defined above. We first showed that the geometric configurations of the two UCMs are almost identical. We then investigated whether the UCM-component of experimental sway could be considered as passive dynamics with no active control, and showed that such UCM-component mainly consists of high frequency oscillations above 1 Hz, corresponding to anti-phase coordination between the ankle and

  20. Sudden death in young persons with uncontrolled asthma--a nationwide cohort study in Denmark

    Gullach, Anders Juul; Risgaard, Bjarke; Lynge, Thomas Hadberg;


    BACKGROUND: Asthma is a common chronic disease among young adults, and several studies have reported increased mortality rates in patients with asthma. However, no study has described sudden unexpected death in a nationwide setting in patients with uncontrolled asthma. We defined uncontrolled...... in preventing sudden unexpected deaths. We therefore aimed to describe clinical characteristics, symptoms, causes of death, and contact with the healthcare system prior to sudden unexpected death in young persons with uncontrolled asthma. METHODS: Through the review of death certificates, we found 625 sudden...

  1. Remote Sensing.

    Williams, Richard S., Jr.; Southworth, C. Scott


    The Landsat Program became the major event of 1982 in geological remote sensing with the successful launch of Landsat 4. Other 1982 remote sensing accomplishments, research, publications, (including a set of Landsat worldwide reference system index maps), and conferences are highlighted. (JN)

  2. Remote medicine



    The international oil industry, catalyzed by a surge in exploration and production projects in remote regions, is giving health care for its travelers and expatriates a high priority. L.R. Aalund, the Journal`s Managing Editor--Technology, reports on why and how this is happening now. He covers this in articles on: health care in Russia, air ambulance evacuations, and the deployment of remote paramedics. Aalund gathered the information during trips to Finland and Russia and interviews with oil industry personnel, physicians, and other medical professionals in North America, Europe, and Siberia. Titles of the four topics presented in this special section on remote medicine are as follows: Oil companies focus on emergency care for expats in Russia; Air ambulance plan can be critical; Remote paramedics have high level of training; and Other facets of remote medicine.

  3. Female Images in One Hundred Years of Solitude%《百年孤独》中的女性形象



    《百年孤独》是哥伦比亚作家加西亚·马尔克斯的代表作,也是整个拉丁美洲魔幻现实主义文学的代表作,反映了拉丁美洲的历史社会图景。其作为20世纪最重要的经典文学著作,将神话传说、宗教故事、民间故事等各种带有神秘色彩的因素融合其中,呈现出一个不一样的世界。以《百年孤独》中的几个典型女性角色为出发点,剖析其女性角色的特点。%s:As a representative work of Colombian writer,García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude is typ-ical of entire Latin American magical realism literature, which reflects the historical social panorama of Latin Ameri-ca. As the most important literary classic in twentieth century, the factors of myths, legends, religious stories, folk tales and other various mysteries fuse in it, showing a different world. Taking several typical female characters in One Hundred Years of Solitude as the starting point, this paper analyzes of the characteristics of the female roles.

  4. Du caractère sociable de l’intime : le plaisir esthétique chez Kant, entre solitude et communication

    Raphaël Ehrsam


    Full Text Available Dans une large mesure, du XVIIe au XVIIIe siècle, on assiste à une métamorphose théorique des rapports entre plaisir, solitude et sociabilité. Tandis qu’au XVIIe siècle (et encore chez plusieurs auteurs du XVIIIe, le plaisir est décrit comme une expérience dont le lieu principal est la sociabilité, à l’inverse de la méditation sise de préférence dans la solitude, le XVIIIe siècle réinscrit le plaisir dans l’intimité solitaire du moi et majore l’idée d’une nécessaire communauté des sujets connaissant. La caractérisation kantienne de l’expérience esthétique, comme expérience d’un plaisir qui enveloppe immédiatement une prétention à l’universalité et à la communication, apparaît dès lors comme une façon de rompre la logique de ce chiasme.

  5. Virtual illumination grid for correction of uncontrolled illumination in facial images

    Boom, B.J.; Spreeuwers, L.J.; Veldhuis, R.N.J.


    Face recognition under uncontrolled illumination conditions is still considered an unsolved problem. In order to correct for these illumination conditions, we propose a virtual illumination grid (VIG) approach to model the unknown illumination conditions. Furthermore, we use coupled subspace models

  6. Linear Feedback Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems with an Uncontrollable Critical Mode


    mode that is uncontrollable. The results complement previous work on the synthesis of nonlinear stabilizing control laws. The present work addresses...analysis and stabilizing control design employ results on stability of bifurcations of parametrized systems.

  7. Physical Growth and Body Composition of Controlled Versus Uncontrolled Type 1 Egyptian Diabetic Children

    Nayera E. Hassan


    CONCLUSION: Growth was compromised in uncontrolled T1DM children. This is of utmost importance since most of the clinical features are reversible with better glycemic control and appropriate insulin management.

  8. Uncontrolled asthma and its risk factors in Chinese children: A cross-sectional observational study.

    Xiang, Li; Zhao, Jing; Zheng, Yuejie; Liu, Hanmin; Hong, Jianguo; Bao, Yixiao; Chen, Aihuan; Deng, Li; Ji, Wei; Zhong, Nanshan; Shen, Kunling


    Asthma afflicts many children in China but information about asthma management among Chinese pediatric asthma patients is limited. This study aims to evaluate asthma control among Chinese pediatric patients and identify risk factors associated with uncontrolled asthma. A total of 4223 patients with persistent asthma aged 2-16 years from 42 tertiary hospitals across all regions of mainland China except Tibet were surveyed. Asthma Control Test (ACT), Childhood Asthma Control Test (C-ACT) and Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) criteria were used to assess asthma control for children aged 12-16 years, 4-11 years and 2-3 years, respectively. Uncontrolled asthma was defined as ACT or C-ACT score ≤19 or GINA-defined uncontrolled asthma. Risk factors associated with uncontrolled asthma were identified using multivariate logistic regression models. Asthma was uncontrolled in 19.9% of the subjects. High rates of uncontrolled asthma were found in subjects with treatment non-adherence (44.1%), concomitant allergic rhinitis (AR) (23.3%), disease duration ≥ 1.5 years (22.8%), and first-degree relatives with AR (21.5%). The risk of uncontrolled asthma was much higher in the treatment non-adherence group compared to the complete adherence group (OR = 5.79, p asthma. About 20% of Chinese pediatric asthma patients had uncontrolled asthma. Treatment adherence and AR were the most significant risk factors. Tailored measures aimed at improving treatment adherence and diagnosis and treatment of AR should be adopted to improve the level of asthma control in Chinese children.

  9. Direct costs of asthma in Brazil: a comparison between controlled and uncontrolled asthmatic patients

    L.A. Santos


    Full Text Available Asthma is a common chronic illness that imposes a heavy burden on all aspects of the patient's life, including personal and health care cost expenditures. To analyze the direct cost associated to uncontrolled asthma patients, a cross-sectional study was conducted to determine costs related to patients with uncontrolled and controlled asthma. Uncontrolled patient was defined by daytime symptoms more than twice a week or nocturnal symptoms during two consecutive nights or any limitations of activities, or need for relief rescue medication more than twice a week, and an ACQ score less than 2 points. A questionnaire about direct cost stratification in health services, including emergency room visits, hospitalization, ambulatory visits, and asthma medications prescribed, was applied. Ninety asthma patients were enrolled (45 uncontrolled/45 controlled. Uncontrolled asthmatics accounted for higher health care expenditures than controlled patients, US$125.45 and US$15.58, respectively [emergency room visits (US$39.15 vs US$2.70 and hospitalization (US$86.30 vs US$12.88], per patient over 6 months. The costs with medications in the last month for patients with mild, moderate and severe asthma were US$1.60, 9.60, and 25.00 in the uncontrolled patients, respectively, and US$6.50, 19.00 and 49.00 in the controlled patients. In view of the small proportion of uncontrolled subjects receiving regular maintenance medication (22.2% and their lack of resources, providing free medication for uncontrolled patients might be a cost-effective strategy for the public health system.

  10. Vulnerability analysis of three remote voting methods

    Enguehard, Chantal


    This article analyses three methods of remote voting in an uncontrolled environment: postal voting, internet voting and hybrid voting. It breaks down the voting process into different stages and compares their vulnerabilities considering criteria that must be respected in any democratic vote: confidentiality, anonymity, transparency, vote unicity and authenticity. Whether for safety or reliability, each vulnerability is quantified by three parameters: size, visibility and difficulty to achieve. The study concludes that the automatisation of treatments combined with the dematerialisation of the objects used during an election tends to substitute visible vulnerabilities of a lesser magnitude by invisible and widespread vulnerabilities.

  11. Remote viewing.

    Scott, C


    Remote viewing is the supposed faculty which enables a percipient, sited in a closed room, to describe the perceptions of a remote agent visiting an unknown target site. To provide convincing demonstration of such a faculty poses a range of experimental and practical problems, especially if feedback to the percipient is allowed after each trial. The precautions needed are elaborate and troublesome; many potential loopholes have to be plugged and there will be strong temptations to relax standards, requiring exceptional discipline and dedication by the experimenters. Most reports of remote viewing experiments are rather superficial and do not permit assessment of the experimental procedures with confidence; in many cases there is clear evidence of particular loopholes left unclosed. Any serious appraisal of the evidence would have to go beyond the reports. Meanwhile the published evidence is far from compelling, and certainly insufficient to justify overthrow of well-established scientific principles.

  12. On the Female Characters in One Hundred Years of Solitude%试论《百年孤独》中的女性形象



    马尔克斯的《百年孤独》塑造了多位女性形象:有贤妻良母型的,有为爱痴狂型的,有纯真无害型的,有放纵情欲型的。她们以各自的秉性与心理,在马贡多谱写了多样的人生,展示了女性的独特魅力。%One H undred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez has created various female characters:a good wife and loving mother ,a woman who can do all kinds of crazy things for love ,a woman who is naive and harmless ,and a woman who is sexually passionate .These women with their different dispositions and mentalities ,living in various lives in Macondo ,have shown the unique charm of their own .

  13. Limits of control: the effects of uncontrollability experiences on the efficiency of attentional control.

    Bukowski, Marcin; Asanowicz, Dariusz; Marzecová, Anna; Lupiáñez, Juan


    Two experiments were conducted to explore the effects of experiencing uncontrollability on the efficiency of attentional control. The experience of uncontrollability was induced either by unsolvable tasks (Experiment 1) or by tasks in which non-contingent feedback was provided (Experiment 2). A version of the Attentional Network Test-Interactions with an additional measure of vigilance (ANTI-V) was used to evaluate the efficiency of the attentional networks (i.e., alerting, orienting, and executive). Results of both experiments revealed a decreased efficiency of executive attention in participants who experienced stable control deprivation but no negative effects in participants who were able to restore their sense of previously deprived control. Additionally, when participants were asked to perform unsolvable tasks and did not receive feedback (Experiment 1), detrimental effects on the orienting network and vigilance were observed. The motivational and cognitive mechanisms underlying the effects of various uncontrollability experiences on conflict resolution and attentional control are discussed.

  14. Young-age gender differences in mathematics mediated by independent control or uncontrollability.

    Zirk-Sadowski, Jan; Lamptey, Charlotte; Devine, Amy; Haggard, Mark; Szűcs, Dénes


    We studied whether the origins of math anxiety can be related to a biologically supported framework of stress induction: (un)controllability perception, here indicated by self-reported independent efforts in mathematics. Math anxiety was tested in 182 children (8- to 11-year-olds). Latent factor modeling was used to test hypotheses on plausible causal processes and mediations within competing models in quasi-experimental contrasts. Uncontrollability perception in mathematics, or (in)dependence of efforts, best fit the data as an antecedent of math anxiety. In addition, the relationship of math anxiety with gender was fully mediated by adaptive perception of control (i.e. controllability). That is, young boys differ from girls in terms of their experience of control in mathematics learning. These differences influence math anxiety. Our findings are consistent with recent suggestions in clinical literature according to which uncontrollability makes women more susceptible to fear and anxiety disorders. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  15. Remote BCDGs

    Erastova, L. K.


    The remote BCDGs with z>0.05 from the Second Byurakan Survey (SBS) are extracted. They are analogs of similar BCDGs in low-z Universe. The properties of these objects are discussed. Definitions of other physical types of active galaxies are considered and also clarified.

  16. Le sentiment de solitude dans Bruixa de dol (1977-1979) de Maria-Mercè Marçal entre desmitificación y mitificación (1952-1998)

    Massip i Graupera, Estrella


    La solitude est le sentiment initial du fragment de trajectoire existentielle que les poèmes de Bruixa de dol (1977-1979), de Maria-Mercè Marçal (1952-1998), offrent au lecteur. Ce sentiment est déclenché par le désamour et par la prise de conscience de la locutrice poématique de l’impossible complémentarité des amants. Elle ne révolte pas contre la solitude : elle l’assume sans pathos et la prend comme condition inhérente de l’individu. Son identité sortira renforcée de l’expérience de la so...

  17. Le sentiment de solitude dans Bruixa de dol (1977-1979) de Maria-Mercè Marçal entre desmitificación y mitificación (1952-1998)

    Massip i Graupera, Estrella


    La solitude est le sentiment initial du fragment de trajectoire existentielle que les poèmes de Bruixa de dol (1977-1979), de Maria-Mercè Marçal (1952-1998), offrent au lecteur. Ce sentiment est déclenché par le désamour et par la prise de conscience de la locutrice poématique de l’impossible complémentarité des amants. Elle ne révolte pas contre la solitude : elle l’assume sans pathos et la prend comme condition inhérente de l’individu. Son identité sortira renforcée de l’expérience de la so...

  18. “All the others inside me” : les enjeux ambigus de la citation dans “The Book of Memory” (The Invention of Solitude de Paul Auster

    Sophie VALLAS


    Full Text Available En 1982 Paul Auster, jusqu’alors poète, essayiste et traducteur connu seulement d’un petit cercle de spécialistes, fait paraître un volume étrange, The Invention of Solitude, qui marque son abandon (définitif jusqu’à ce jour de la poésie. Après une première partie biographique sur son père qui vient de mourir (dont il ne sera pas question ici, Auster se replie sur lui-même dans un second volet, “The Book of Memory”. La mort du père, on le comprend très tôt dans The Invention of Solitude, a ...

  19. [Remote consequences of the long-term uncontrollable consumption of anxiolytics and hypnotics in elderly: a problem of drug dependence].

    Ivanets, N N; Kinkulkina, M A; Avdeeva, T I; Tikhonova, Yu G


    Цель исследования. Выявление основных клинико-психопатологических характеристик больных психиатрического стационара пожилого возраста, регулярно употребляющих анксиолитические и снотворные бензодиазепиновые препараты без контроля врача. Материал и методы. В исследование были включены 56 женщин старше 50 лет, госпитализированных в связи с наличием психических расстройств. До момента госпитализации все они регулярно самостоятельно (без назначения врача) принимали бензодиазепиновые препараты более 2 мес. В течение 4 нед больные наблюдались в условиях стационара. Для оценки тяжести и динамики состояния помимо психологического анализа применялись общепринятые психометрические шкалы. Кроме того, авторы использовали собственный вариант шкалы оценки патологического влечения к бензодиазепинам. Результаты и заключение. Обоснование диагностики болезни зависимости проводилось при наличии трех основных критериев: симптомов патологического влечения к бензодиазепинам, синдрома отмены с тяжелыми соматовегетативными симптомами и обострением патологического влечения, роста толерантности к бензодиазепиновым анксиолитикам и снотворным. Болезнь зависимости от седативных и снотворных средств была диагностирована у 64,3% больных. При анализе факторов риска развития такой болезни в пожилом возрасте было выявлено: большой риск при меньшем возрасте больных (до 60 лет и ниже), а также у пациентов, предпочитавших употреблять диазепам, и повышение риска — при предпочтении феназепама.

  20. Mars Observer's costly solitude

    Travis, John


    An evaluation is presented of the ramifications of the loss of contact with the Mars Observer spacecraft in August, 1993; the Observer constituted the first NASA mission to Mars in 17 years. It is noted that most, if not all of the scientists involved with the mission will have to find alternative employment within 6 months. The loss of the Observer will leave major questions concerning the geologic history of Mars, and its turbulent atmospheric circulation, unanswered. A detailed account of the discovery of the loss of communications, the unsuccessful steps taken to rectify the problem, and the financial losses incurred through the failure of the mission, are also given.

  1. [Solitude in the elderly].

    Delisle, I


    Elderly people who are deprived of the warmth of human contact are at the risk of turning inward. For the very old, an atmosphere such as this can become psychologically catastrophic and lead to depressive syndromes such as extreme sadness, a desire to do nothing, sleep problems and even dementia. An in-depth analysis of the environment of the elderly inspires readers to address care objectives and interventions that will minimize and prevent these negative consequences.

  2. Defining The Other Solitude

    Gruson, Valerie; Bates, Joanna


    The changing content of urban-based family practice needs to be redefined so that appropriate family medicine training programs can be planned to meet the primary care health needs of Canada's urban-based population. Although the core content of family practice is common to both rural and urban areas, each requires specific skills and attitudes dictated by differences in patient characteristics, disease incidence, physician expectations, and professional contexts. A challenge for the future is the development of both rural-based and urban-based streams of family medicine training that will unite rather than divide the profesiion. PMID:21233947

  3. [Solitude at all ages].

    Delisle, I


    The feeling of loneliness follows us throughout our lives--we can't get away from it, maintains the author. However, we can learn to cope with loneliness in a positive way, by discovering how to enjoy our own company. Even from earliest infancy, children can be given the security and self-confidence needed to resist the inevitable separations from their parents and significant others. For adults, the author suggests concrete ways in which loneliness can be mastered and overcome. For example, sharing one's house with another person, having a pet, doing volunteer work, travelling, taking up a hobby, etc. In short, we need to reach out to life and not wait for it to come to us.

  4. Uncontrolled removal of dentin during in vitro ultrasonic irrigant activation in curved root canals

    Retsas, A.; Koursoumis, A.; Tzimpoulas, N.; Boutsioukis, C.


    Introduction: The aim of this study was to examine the effect of file type and activation time on the uncontrolled removal of dentin during in vitro ultrasonic irrigant activation in prepared curved root canals. Methods: Seventy-two curved mesial root canals of human mandibular molars were prepared

  5. Effects of food on cortisol and mood in vulnerable subjects under controllable and uncontrollable stress

    Markus, R.; Panhuysen, G.; Tuiten, A.; Koppeschaar, H.


    The aim of this study was to investigate whether in stress-prone subjects, carbohydrate-rich, protein-poor food (CR/PP) diminished depressive mood and a cortisol response under controllable as well as uncontrollable laboratory stress. Twenty-two subjects with high stress proneness (HS) and 23

  6. Effects of food on cortisol and mood in vulnerable subjects under controllable and uncontrollable stress

    Markus, R.; Panhuysen, G.; Tuiten, A.; Koppeschaar, H.


    The aim of this study was to investigate whether in stress-prone subjects, carbohydrate-rich, protein-poor food (CR/PP) diminished depressive mood and a cortisol response under controllable as well as uncontrollable laboratory stress. Twenty-two subjects with high stress proneness (HS) and 23 subjec

  7. Sodium intake, dietary knowledge, and illness perceptions of controlled and uncontrolled rural hypertensive patients.

    Kamran, Aziz; Azadbakht, Leila; Sharifirad, Gholamreza; Mahaki, Behzad; Sharghi, Afshan


    Introduction and Objectives. Nutritional knowledge of the patients is important in dietary adherence. This study aimed to determine the relationship between illness perceptions and nutritional knowledge with the amounts of sodium intake among rural hypertensive patients. Methods. In a cross-sectional study, 671 hypertensive patients were selected in a multistage random sampling from the rural areas of Ardabil city, Iran, in 2013. Data were collected using a questionnaire consisting of four sections and were analyzed using Pearson correlation and multiple linear regressions by SPSS-18. Results. The mean of sodium intake in the uncontrolled hypertensive patients was 3599 ± 258 mg/day and significantly greater than controlled group (2654 ± 540 mg/day) (P < 0.001). Knowledge and illness perceptions could predict 47.2% of the variation in sodium intake of uncontrolled group. A significant negative relationship was found between knowledge and illness perceptions of uncontrolled hypertensive patients with dietary sodium intake (r = -0.66, P < 0.001 and r = -0.65, P < 0.001, resp.). Conclusion. Considering the fact that patients' nutritional knowledge and illness perceptions could highly predict their sodium intake, the importance of paying more attention to improve patients' information and perceptions about hypertension is undeniable, especially among the uncontrolled hypertensive patients.

  8. Sodium Intake, Dietary Knowledge, and Illness Perceptions of Controlled and Uncontrolled Rural Hypertensive Patients

    Aziz Kamran


    Full Text Available Introduction and Objectives. Nutritional knowledge of the patients is important in dietary adherence. This study aimed to determine the relationship between illness perceptions and nutritional knowledge with the amounts of sodium intake among rural hypertensive patients. Methods. In a cross-sectional study, 671 hypertensive patients were selected in a multistage random sampling from the rural areas of Ardabil city, Iran, in 2013. Data were collected using a questionnaire consisting of four sections and were analyzed using Pearson correlation and multiple linear regressions by SPSS-18. Results. The mean of sodium intake in the uncontrolled hypertensive patients was 3599±258 mg/day and significantly greater than controlled group (2654±540 mg/day (P<0.001. Knowledge and illness perceptions could predict 47.2% of the variation in sodium intake of uncontrolled group. A significant negative relationship was found between knowledge and illness perceptions of uncontrolled hypertensive patients with dietary sodium intake (r=-0.66, P<0.001 and r=-0.65, P<0.001, resp.. Conclusion. Considering the fact that patients’ nutritional knowledge and illness perceptions could highly predict their sodium intake, the importance of paying more attention to improve patients’ information and perceptions about hypertension is undeniable, especially among the uncontrolled hypertensive patients.

  9. Managing the uncontrollable: Empirical studies of user-generated content online

    Lee, H.H.


    Addressing "uncontrollability' of online buzz, this thesis examines unstructured user-generated content in response to corporate social responsibility communications in the blogosphere and explores the content of company-administered co-creation communities. Analyzing text-based content online, the

  10. Glycogenic hepatopathy, an underdiagnosed cause of relapsing hepatitis in uncontrolled type 1 diabetes mellitus

    Sarkhy, Ahmed A. Al; Zaidi, Zafar A.; Babiker, Amir M.


    Glycogenic hepatopathy is a rare condition that causes significant hepatomegaly and elevated liver enzyme levels in uncontrolled type 1 diabetic patients. It develops due to excessive accumulation of glycogen in the hepatocytes. It is typically reversible with good glycemic control and rarely progresses to mild fibrosis, but not cirrhosis. PMID:28042636

  11. Long-term use of aldosterone-receptor antagonists in uncontrolled hypertension: A retrospective analysis

    P.M. Jansen (Pieter); K. Verdonk (Koen); B.P. Imholz (Ben); A.H.J. Danser (Jan); A.H. van den Meiracker (Anton)


    textabstractBackground. The long-term efficacy of aldosterone-receptor antagonists (ARAs) as add-on treatment in uncontrolled hypertension has not yet been reported. Methods. Data from 123 patients (21 with primary aldosteronism, 102 with essential hypertension) with difficult-to-treat hypertension

  12. Uncontrolled removal of dentin during in vitro ultrasonic irrigant activation in curved root canals

    Retsas, A.; Koursoumis, A.; Tzimpoulas, N.; Boutsioukis, C.


    Introduction: The aim of this study was to examine the effect of file type and activation time on the uncontrolled removal of dentin during in vitro ultrasonic irrigant activation in prepared curved root canals. Methods: Seventy-two curved mesial root canals of human mandibular molars were prepared

  13. Determinants of uncontrolled dyslipidaemia among adult type 2 diabetes in Malaysia: the Malaysian Diabetes Registry 2009.

    Chew, Boon How; Ismail, Mastura; Lee, Ping Yein; Taher, Sri Wahyu; Haniff, Jamaiyah; Mustapha, Feisul Idzwan; Bujang, Mohd Adam


    Numerous studies with compelling evidence had shown a clear relationship between dyslipidaemia and cardiovascular (CV) events in patients with diabetes mellitus. This was an observational study based on secondary data from the online registry database Adult Diabetes Control and Management (ADCM) looking into the determinants of uncontrolled dyslipidaemia in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. Independent predictors were identified using multivariate logistic regression. A total of 303 centres (289 health clinics, 14 hospitals) contributed a total of 70,889 patients (1972 or 2.8% patients were from hospital). About thirty eight percent were reported to have dyslipidaemia. There were 40.7% patients on lipid-lowering agents and of those above age 40 years old, only 38.1% of them were on a statin. Malay ethnicity and younger age groups (major determinants of uncontrolled LDL-C, TG and HDL-C. Female gender and uncontrolled blood pressure were determinants of uncontrolled LDL-C, and poor glycaemic control was related independently to high TG. This study has highlighted the suboptimal management of diabetic dyslipidaemia in Malaysia. Pharmacological treatment of dyslipidaemia could be more effective. Healthcare stakeholders in this country, especially in the primary care, have to recognize these shortfalls and take immediate remedial measures. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. Young-Age Gender Differences in Mathematics Mediated by Independent Control or Uncontrollability

    Zirk-Sadowski, Jan; Lamptey, Charlotte; Devine, Amy; Haggard, Mark; Szucs, Dénes


    We studied whether the origins of math anxiety can be related to a biologically supported framework of stress induction: (un)controllability perception, here indicated by self-reported independent efforts in mathematics. Math anxiety was tested in 182 children (8- to 11-year-olds). "Latent factor modeling" was used to test hypotheses on…

  15. Experimental stress and immunological reactivity : A closer look at perceived uncontrollability

    Brosschot, JF; Godaert, GLR; Benschop, RJ; Olff, M; Ballieux, RE; Heijnen, CJ


    Objective: Although stressor uncontrollability has been shown to suppress immune responses in animals and for human subjects, the results have been inconsistent. We reanalyzed results of our previous study regarding stress-related immune deviation in man, to establish whether perceived uncontrollabi

  16. Combination antihypertensive therapy in clinical practice. The analysis of 1254 consecutive patients with uncontrolled hypertension.

    Petrák, O; Zelinka, T; Štrauch, B; Rosa, J; Šomlóová, Z; Indra, T; Turková, H; Holaj, R; Widimský, J


    The aim of the study was to analyze the clinical use of different types of combination therapy in a large sample of consecutive patients with uncontrolled hypertension referred to Hypertension Centre. We performed a retrospective analysis of combination antihypertensive therapy in 1254 consecutive patients with uncontrolled hypertension receiving at least triple-combination antihypertensive therapy. Among the most prescribed antihypertensive classes were renin-angiotensin blockers (96.8%), calcium channel blockers (82.5%), diuretics (82.0%), beta-blockers (73.0%), centrally acting drugs (56.0%) and urapidil (24.1%). Least prescribed were spironolactone (22.2%) and alpha-1-blockers (17.1%). Thiazide/thiazide-like diuretics were underdosed in more than two-thirds of patients. Furosemide was prescribed in 14.3% of patients treated with diuretics, while only indicated in 3.9%. Inappropriate combination therapy was found in 40.4% of patients. Controversial dual and higher blockade of renin-angiotensin system occurred in 25.2%. Incorrect use of a combination of two antihypertensive drugs with the similar mechanism of action was found in 28.1%, most commonly a combination of two drugs with central mechanism (13.5%). In conclusion, use of controversial or incorrect combinations of drugs in uncontrolled hypertension is common. Diuretics are frequently underdosed and spironolactone remains neglected in general practice. The improper combination of antihypertensive drugs may contribute to uncontrolled hypertension.

  17. Eating traits questionnaires as a continuum of a single concept. Uncontrolled eating.

    Vainik, Uku; Neseliler, Selin; Konstabel, Kenn; Fellows, Lesley K; Dagher, Alain


    Research on eating behaviour has identified several potentially relevant eating-related traits captured by different questionnaires. Often, these questionnaires predict Body Mass Index (BMI), but the relationship between them has not been explicitly studied. We studied the unity and diversity of questionnaires capturing five common eating-related traits: Power of Food, Eating Impulsivity, emotional eating, Disinhibition, and binge eating in women from Estonia (n = 740) and Canada (n = 456). Using bifactor analysis, we showed that a) these questionnaires are largely explained by a single factor, and b) relative to this shared factor, only some questionnaires offered additional variance in predicting BMI. Hence, these questionnaires seemed to characterise a common factor, which we label Uncontrolled Eating. Item Response Theory techniques were then applied to demonstrate that c) within this common factor, the questionnaires could be placed on a continuum of Uncontrolled Eating. That is, Eating Impulsivity focused on the milder degree, Power of Food Scale, emotional eating scales, and Disinhibition on intermediate degrees, and the Binge Eating Scale on the most severe degrees of Uncontrolled Eating. In sum, evidence from two samples showed that questionnaires capturing five common BMI-related traits largely reflected the same underlying latent trait - Uncontrolled Eating. In Estonia, some questionnaires focused on different severities of this common construct, supporting a continuum model of Uncontrolled Eating. These findings provide a starting point for developing better questionnaires of the neurobehavioural correlates of obesity, and provide a unifying perspective from which to view the existing literature. R scripts and data used for the analysis are provided. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  18. Uncontrollable and unpredictable stress interacts with subclinical depression and anxiety scores in determining anxiety response.

    Havranek, Michael M; Bolliger, Bianca; Roos, Sophie; Pryce, Christopher R; Quednow, Boris B; Seifritz, Erich


    According to learned helplessness theory, uncontrollable stress is assumed to be a critical etiological factor in the pathogenesis of depression. In contrast, unpredictability of stressors is assumed to facilitate the development of sustained anxiety. Despite the frequent co-morbidity of depression and anxiety disorders, these two factors have rarely been studied simultaneously in humans. Therefore, we investigated whether there are interaction effects of uncontrollability and unpredictability on anxiety response in healthy participants. Seventy-nine healthy participants performed a visual dot probe task with emotional faces, while receiving mild electrical shocks in four different conditions (2 × 2 factorial design). In (un)controllable conditions, participants were (not) able to attenuate shock intensity. In (un)predictable conditions, participants were (not) able to anticipate shock occurrence. Before the experiment, participants' subclinical depression and anxiety scores were measured using the Beck Depression and Anxiety Inventories (BDI/BAI). During the experiment, continuous skin conductance and self-reported state anxiety were assessed and attentional biases towards angry faces were calculated. As expected, participants showed greater anxiety in uncontrollable compared to controllable and in unpredictable compared to predictable conditions. Additionally, anxiety decreased within the test sessions in participants with low BDI/BAI scores but not in participants with higher BDI/BAI scores. Most importantly, controllability and predictability interacted with each other and with BDI/BAI scores with regard to anxiety. Our results provide evidence that uncontrollability and unpredictability of stressors not only have separate but also interaction effects on several anxiety measures in susceptible individuals and may provide insights into the psychological mechanisms underlying a depressive/anxiety co-morbidity.

  19. Hemodynamic responses and serum nitrite concentration during uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock in normotensive and hypertensive rats.

    Khazaei, Majid; Barmaki, Babak; Nasimi, Ali


    We evaluated the effect of hypertension on hemodynamic responses and serum nitrite concentrations in normotensive (NT) and deoxycorticosteron acetate (DOCA)-Salt hypertensive (HT) rats. Uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock was induced in NT and HT rats (n=7 each) by preliminary bleed of 25 ml/kg followed by a 75% tail amputation. The mean arterial pressure (MAP), heart rate and serum nitrite were measured pre-hemorrhage and during hemorrhage. Changes in time-averaged MAP after hemorrhage were significantly greater in HT group than NT. After resuscitation, the HT rats failed to restore MAP to baseline level. Serum nitrite level in both groups was significantly increased during shock period. Survival rate of HT animals was lower than NT group, although it was not statistically significant. Marked reduction of MAP and less improvement after resuscitation suggested the less adaptation of cardiovascular system in HT animals which may interfere with management of these subjects during uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock.

  20. Efficacy of asthma education program on asthma control in children with uncontrolled asthma.

    Arıkan-Ayyıldız, Zeynep; Işık, Sakine; Çağlayan-Sözmen, Şule; Anal, Özden; Karaman, Özkan; Uzuner, Nevin


    We aimed to evaluate the efficacy of a group education program on asthma control for children with uncontrolled asthma. Patients were randomized to receive 1-hour group education program with their parents or usual care. Our primary outcome was the change in asthma control test (ACT) between baseline and month 3 and secondary outcomes were health care utilizations and self report of exacerbations of asthma symptoms and missed school days. Change of ACT between baseline and 1st month and 3rd month was not significant in education and usual care groups. Health care utilizations and self reported exacerbations in the study groups were similar while missed school days were significantly higher in usual care group. The results of the study suggest that group education may play a useful role in the management of children with uncontrolled asthma but it is not significantly effective when compared with usual care.

  1. The Comparison of Dietary Behaviors among Rural Controlled and Uncontrolled Hypertensive Patients

    Aziz Kamran; Ali Akbar Shekarchi; Elham Sharifian; Heshmatolah Heydari


    Nutrition is a dominant peripheral factor in increasing blood pressure; however, little information is available about the nutritional status of hypertensive patients in Iran. This study aimed to compare nutritional behaviors of the rural controlled and uncontrolled hypertensive patients and to determine the predictive power of nutritional behaviors from blood pressure. This cross-sectional study was conducted on 671 rural hypertensive patients, using multistage random sampling method in Arda...

  2. Origin of uncontrolled water emissions in Alicante: use of discriminant analysis

    Chinchón Payá, Servando; Blas Bravo, Isabel de; Nueda Roldán, María José; García Andreu, Francisco


    A model has been developed to predict the origin of uncontrolled water flows. For this purpose, we analysed a total of 52 elements using ICP techniques on 72 water samples in all: 40 of them from leaks in the drinking water supply network and the remaining 32 from groundwater outcrops. The study focused on the cases registered within the Alicante town limits (Spain). The use of multivariate statistical classification tools such as discriminant analysis made it possible not only to reduce the ...

  3. Neglected Bilateral Posterior Shoulder Fracture Dislocation in an Uncontrolled Seizure patient

    Amir, Moaath A.; Alenazi, Bashir; Wyse, Richard K.H.; Tamimi, Waleed; Kujan, Omar; Khan, Tajdar; Alenzi, Faris Q.


    Posterior dislocation of the shoulder is a rare injury that occurs secondary to trauma and seizures. Diagnosis is often missed and treatment is challenging. Neglected posterior dislocation is associated with Hill-Sachs lesion which leads to locking of dislocation. Correct diagnosis is achieved by history taking, a physical examination and appropriate imaging. In neglected shoulder dislocation with uncontrolled seizure and humeral head defects of up to 45% the McLaughlin procedure shows excellent results at follow-up. PMID:26430452

  4. Bakri balloon as a uterus preserving treatment of uncontrollable haemorrhage one month post-partum

    Bonnici, Mia; Markauskas, Algirdas; Munk, Torben


    In this case Bakri balloon was used to stop haemorrhage one month post-partum. The case introduces the use of this device outside usual indications. A 27-year-old woman was admitted several times with vaginal bleeding after caesarean section. She was treated pharmacologically and with curettage. ....... One month post-partum hysteroscopic removal of placental tissue was done. During this uncontrollable haemorrhage occurred and hysterectomy was considered. An attempt to save the uterus with Bakri balloon was made succesfully....

  5. Obesity susceptibility loci and uncontrolled eating, emotional eating and cognitive restraint behaviors in men and women

    Cornelis, Marilyn C.; Rimm, Eric B; Curhan, Gary C.; Kraft, Peter; Hunter, David J; Hu, Frank B; Van Dam, Rob M.


    Objective: Many confirmed genetic loci for obesity are expressed in regions of the brain that regulate energy intake and reward-seeking behavior. Whether these loci contribute to the development of specific eating behaviors has not been investigated. We examined the relationship between a genetic susceptibility to obesity and cognitive restraint, uncontrolled and emotional eating. Design and Methods Eating behavior and body mass index (BMI) were determined by questionnaires for 1471 men and 2...

  6. Provider experiences with improvised uterine balloon tamponade for the management of uncontrolled postpartum hemorrhage in Kenya.

    Natarajan, Abirami; Alaska Pendleton, Anna; Nelson, Brett D; Ahn, Roy; Oguttu, Monica; Dulo, Lidu; Eckardt, Melody J; Burke, Thomas F


    To understand healthcare providers' experiences with improvised uterine balloon tamponade (UBT) for the management of uncontrolled postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). In a qualitative descriptive study, in-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted between November 2014 and June 2015 among Kenyan healthcare providers who had previous experience with improvising a UBT device. Interviews were conducted, audio-recorded, and transcribed. Overall, 29 healthcare providers (14 nurse-midwifes, 7 medical officers, 7 obstetricians, and 1 clinical officer) were interviewed. Providers perceived improvised UBT as valuable for managing uncontrolled PPH. Reported benefits included effectiveness in arresting hemorrhage and averting hysterectomy, and ease of use by providers of all levels of training. Providers used various materials to construct an improvised UBT. Challenges to improvising UBT-e.g. searching for materials during an emergency, procuring male condoms, and inserting fluid via a small syringe-were reported to lead to delays in care. Providers described their introduction to improvised UBT through both formal and informal sources. There was universal enthusiasm for widespread standardized training. Improvised UBT seems to be a valuable second-line treatment for uncontrolled PPH that can be used by providers of all levels. UBT might be optimized by integrating a standard package across the health system. Copyright © 2016 International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics. Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  7. Breakthrough pain in patients with controlled or uncontrolled pain: An observational study

    Gatti, Antonio; Gentili, Marta; Baciarello, Marco; Lazzari, Marzia; Marzi, Rossella; Palombo, Elisa; Sabato, Alessandro F; Fanelli, Guido


    BACKGROUND: Breakthrough pain (BTP) is traditionally defined as a pain exacerbation in patients with chronic controlled pain. However, this definition has recently been challenged. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the prevalence of unsatisfactory control in patients with chronic cancer pain, and investigate the frequency and intensity of BTP episodes. METHODS: A total of 665 patients with chronic cancer pain attending 21 pain therapy units in Italy were evaluated for baseline pain intensity and number of BTP episodes over a 30-day period. All patients started, continued or modified treatment for BTP at enrollment, according to medical judgment. RESULTS: The number of BTP events was higher in patients with uncontrolled baseline pain, although the intensity and duration of episodes were similar. In patients with uncontrolled baseline pain, the number of events decreased with time and reached values comparable with those reported in patients with controlled pain. Both the intensity of the pain and the duration of the BTP events exhibited similar values in the two groups at all time points, following increased monitoring and the prescription of analgesic medication. CONCLUSION: Patients with uncontrolled baseline pain experienced BTP flares with higher frequency, but similar intensity and duration with respect to patients with controlled pain at baseline. Notably, a close follow-up and adequate management of the BTP episodes led to an improvement of BTP in the observed patients. PMID:24945289

  8. Uncontrolled hypertension and orthostatic hypotension in relation to standing balance in elderly hypertensive patients.

    Shen, Shanshan; He, Ting; Chu, Jiaojiao; He, Jin; Chen, Xujiao


    To investigate the associations among uncontrolled hypertension, orthostatic hypotension (OH), and standing balance impairment in the elderly hypertensive patients referred to comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA). In a cross-sectional study, a total of 176 elderly hypertensive patients who underwent CGA were divided into OH group (n=36) and non-OH group (n=140) according to blood pressure measurement in the supine position, after immediate standing up, and after 1 minute and 3 minutes of standing position. Uncontrolled hypertension was defined as blood pressure of ≥140/90 mmHg if accompanied by diabetes mellitus (DM) or chronic kidney disease (CKD), or ≥150/90 mmHg if no DM and no CKD. Standing balance, including immediate standing balance and prolonged standing balance, was assessed in side-by-side and tandem stance. Neither uncontrolled hypertension nor OH was associated with prolonged standing balance impairment in elderly hypertensive patients (P>0.05). Blood pressure decrease after postural change was significantly associated with immediate standing balance impairment in side-by-side and tandem stance (Pbalance impairment in both side-by-side and tandem stance than those without OH (odds ratio [OR] 3.44, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.26-9.33, Pbalance impairment in side-by-side stance (OR 2.96, 95% CI 1.31-6.68, Pbalance impairment, and therefore, a better understanding of the underlying associations might have major clinical value.

  9. Low literacy is associated with uncontrolled blood pressure in primary care patients with hypertension and heart disease.

    McNaughton, Candace D; Jacobson, Terry A; Kripalani, Sunil


    To evaluate the association between low literacy and uncontrolled blood pressure (BP) and their associations with medication adherence. Cross-sectional study of 423 urban, primary care patients with hypertension and coronary disease. The relationship between low literacy (Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine ≤ 44) and uncontrolled BP (≥140/90 mmHg, ≥130/80 mmHg for patients with diabetes) was evaluated by crude and adjusted logistic regression. Relationships with self-reported adherence and refill adherence were explored using adjusted linear and logistic regression. Overall, 192 (45%) subjects had low literacy and 227 (52.9%) had uncontrolled BP. Adjusting for age, gender, race, employment, education, mental status, and self-reported adherence, low literacy was associated with uncontrolled BP (OR 1.75, 95% CI 1.06-2.87). Lower self-reported adherence was associated with uncontrolled BP; the relationship between refill adherence and uncontrolled BP was not statistically significant. Low literacy is independently associated with uncontrolled BP. Awareness of the relationships among patient literacy, BP control, and medication adherence may guide healthcare providers as they communicate with patients. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  10. Rates and predictors of uncontrolled bronchial asthma in elderly patients from western Romania

    Marincu I


    Full Text Available Iosif Marincu,1 Stefan Frent,1 Mirela Cleopatra Tomescu,2 Stefan Mihaicuta1 1Department of Infectious Diseases, Pulmonology, Epidemiology and Parasitology, 2Department of Internal Medicine I, Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania Purpose: Bronchial asthma (BA is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways, featuring variable and often reversible airflow limitations. An accurate assessment of BA control is difficult in practice, especially in the elderly, requiring the assessment of several clinical and paraclinical parameters that are influenced not only by asthma, but also by comorbidities. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the predictors of uncontrolled BA in a group of elderly patients from western Romania.Patients and methods: We retrospectively evaluated 126 elderly patients (aged ≥ 65 years, who were consecutively evaluated in the Pulmonology Department of Victor Babes Hospital, Timisoara, Romania, between March 2009 and July 2012. We collected demographic data, performed pulmonary function testing and an asthma control test (ACT, and evaluated the level of BA control based on the 2012 Global Initiative for Asthma guidelines. Statistical processing of the data was done using the Epi Info and STATA programs.Results: In our study group, 36 (29% patients were men and 90 (71% were women; their mean age was 74.42±8.32 years (range: 65–85 years. A total of 14.28% of patients were smokers. About 30.15% of patients had an ACT score <19, 54.76% had an ACT score 20–24, and 15.09% had an ACT of 25. Moreover, 59.52% had normal spirometry results. Infectious exacerbations were found in 58.73% of patients. A history of allergies was demonstrated in 48.41% of patients, 34.12% had occupational exposure, and 82.53% of patients were treated with inhaled corticosteroids. Our results showed that 30.15% of patients had uncontrolled BA. We found six predictive factors for uncontrolled BA: infectious exacerbation

  11. 浅析《百年孤独》女性形象%An analysis of female character in One Hundred Years of Solitude



    One Hundred Years of Solitude is a novel by Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez that follows seven generations of the Buendías and the rise and fall of Macondo. The Women in this novel have distinct personality, they’re brave and hardworking, intransigent and innocent, they Interpret the connotation of the novel in their own inimitable way.%哥伦比亚作家马尔克斯的作品《百年孤独》描写了布恩迪亚家族七代人的传奇经历,反映了拉丁美洲的百年风云变幻。小说中的女性们风采各异,或勤劳勇敢,或顽冥不化,或纯真善良,她们用自己独特的方式阐释着作品的内涵。

  12. The role of the verbal periphrasis haber de + infinitive in the temporal structure of the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude

    Jasmina Markič


    Full Text Available The article analyzes some temporal and aspectual values (past future, imminence of an event intermingled with modal values (epistemic values of obligation, necessity and probability of the Spanish verbal periphrasis haber de + infinitive which convey very special stylistic values and meanings in Gabriel García Márquez´s novel One Hundred Years of Solitude. Haber de + infinitive (in the imperfect tense of the indicative: había de + infinitive introduces the first sentence and activates the events in the novel, giving them a particular temporal and spatial frame. Through the narrative techniques of flashback and flash forward – present in this novel in which the dominant theme is time and the inevitable repetition of history in Macondo – the above-mentioned verbal periphrasis plays an important role in signalling events that can be neither avoided nor stopped. With its strong expressive force, and due to its basic temporal and modal meanings, the verbal periphrasis haber de + infinitive has a premonitory function in the novel: it predicts fatal events in the lives of the inhabitants of Macondo – inhabitants who are controlled by their pasts and the complexity of time – and in the history of the town, which seems to be doomed and predetermined in its very existence.

  13. Multiple node remote messaging

    Blumrich, Matthias A. (Ridgefield, CT); Chen, Dong (Croton on Hudson, NY); Gara, Alan G. (Mount Kisco, NY); Giampapa, Mark E. (Irvington, NY); Heidelberger, Philip (Cortlandt Manor, NY); Ohmacht, Martin (Yorktown Heights, NY); Salapura, Valentina (Chappaqua, NY); Steinmacher-Burow, Burkhard (Esslingen, DE); Vranas, Pavlos (Danville, CA)


    A method for passing remote messages in a parallel computer system formed as a network of interconnected compute nodes includes that a first compute node (A) sends a single remote message to a remote second compute node (B) in order to control the remote second compute node (B) to send at least one remote message. The method includes various steps including controlling a DMA engine at first compute node (A) to prepare the single remote message to include a first message descriptor and at least one remote message descriptor for controlling the remote second compute node (B) to send at least one remote message, including putting the first message descriptor into an injection FIFO at the first compute node (A) and sending the single remote message and the at least one remote message descriptor to the second compute node (B).

  14. Central arteriovenous anastomosis for the treatment of patients with uncontrolled hypertension (the ROX CONTROL HTN study): a randomised controlled trial.

    Lobo, Melvin D


    Hypertension contributes to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. We assessed the safety and efficacy of a central iliac arteriovenous anastomosis to alter the mechanical arterial properties and reduce blood pressure in patients with uncontrolled hypertension.

  15. Intensity-only measurement of partially uncontrollable transmission matrix: demonstration with wave-field shaping in a microwave cavity

    del Hougne, Philipp; Daudet, Laurent; Lerosey, Geoffroy


    Transmission matrices (TMs) have become a powerful and widely used tool to describe and control wave propagation in complex media. In certain scenarios the TM is partially uncontrollable, complicating its identification and use. In standard optical wavefront shaping experiments, uncontrollable reflections or additional sources may be the cause; in reverberating cavities, uncontrollable reflections off the walls have that effect. Here we employ phase retrieval techniques to identify such a partially uncontrollable system's TM solely based on random intensity-only reference measurements. We demonstrate the feasibility of our method by focusing both on a single target as well as on multiple targets in a microwave cavity, using a phase-binary Spatial-Microwave-Modulator.

  16. Effect of uncontrolled freezing on biological characteristics of human dental pulp stem cells.

    Kumar, Ajay; Bhattacharyya, Shalmoli; Rattan, Vidya


    Human dental pulp stem cells (hDPSCs) hold great promise as a source of adult stem cells for utilization in regenerative medicine. Successful storage and post thaw recovery of DPSCs without loss of function is a key issue for future clinical application. Most of the cryopreservation methods use controlled rate freezing and vapor phase nitrogen to store stem cells. But these methods are both expensive and laborious. In this study, we isolated DPSCs from a patient undergoing impacted mandibular third molar extraction. We adopted eight different methods of cryopreservation at -80 °C for long term storage of the DPSC aliquots. Various parameters like proliferation, cell death, cell cycle, retention of stemness markers and differentiation potential were studied post cryopreservation period of 1 year. We observed successful recovery of stem cells in every method and a significant difference in proliferation potential and cell death between samples stored by different methods. However, post thaw, all cells retained their stemness markers. All DPSCs stored by different methods were able to differentiate into osteoblast like cells, adipocytes and neural cells. Based on these parameters we concluded that uncontrolled freezing at a temperature of -80 °C is as effective as controlled freezing using ethanol vessels and other cryopreservation methods. To the best of our knowledge, our study provides the first proof of concept that long term storage in uncontrolled freezing of cells at -80 °C in 10 % DMSO does not affect the revival capacity of hDPSCs. This implies that DPSCs may be used successfully for tissue engineering and cell based therapeutics even after long term, uncontrolled cryopreservation.

  17. Uncontrolled hypertension secondary to leukemic cell infiltration of kidneys in a hemodialysis patient

    Kultigin Turkmen


    Full Text Available Kultigin Turkmen1, Lutfullah Altintepe2, Ibrahim Guney2, Ismet Aydogdu3, Osman Koc4, Mehmet Ali Erkut5, Halil Zeki Tonbul11Department of Nephrology, Meram School of Medicine, Selcuk University, 2Meram Training and Research Hospital, Selcuk University, 3Department of Hematology, Meram School of Medicine, Selcuk University, 4Department of Radiology, Meram School of Medicine, Selcuk University, 5Department of Hematology, Meram Training and Research Hospital, Selcuk UniversityAbstract: Leukemic infiltration of the kidney is usually silent, and the admission of the patients with renal dysfunction or acute kidney injury is uncommon. We present a 34-year old hemodialysis patient with new onset of uncontrolled hypertension, erythropoietin-resistant anemia, thrombocytopenia, and Bell’s palsy. On admission, his blood pressure (BP was 210/110 mmHg and he had petechiae and purpura at upper and lower extremities. Renal ultrasonography (USG showed bilaterally enlarged kidneys without hydronephrosis, unlike his previous USG, which determined bilaterally atrophic kidneys. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, hypertensive crisis due to bilateral leukemic cell infiltration of kidneys, tumor lysis syndrome, and leukemic involvement of the facial nerve were diagnosed. Despite intense antihypertensive management, his BP was not controlled. After prednisolone, daunorubicine, and vincristine therapy, the size of kidneys diminished and his BP dropped under normal range. In conclusion, pathological findings such as uncontrolled hypertension, flank pain, skin rashes, and abnormal blood count should be considered carefully, even in patients with end-stage renal disease receiving renal replacement therapy.Keywords: leukemic cell infiltration, uncontrolled hypertension, hemodialysis

  18. La satisfaction et le sentiment de solitude des sans-papiers dans l'accès aux soins: comparaison des populations soignées et non soignées à la CAMSCO : travail de Bachelor

    Macedo Fraga, Jirlane; Kozuch-Lyzwa, Dorota; Vieru, Victoria; Sorg, Emmanuelle


    Dans le cadre de notre travail de fin d’études de Bachelor, nous avons choisi de traiter le sujet des sans-papiers fréquentant la CAMSCO (Consultation ambulatoire mobile de soins communautaires) à Genève. Nous avons orienté notre étude sous différents aspects : le sentiment de solitude, l’accès aux soins de ce public particulier, et leur satisfaction quant à ce service, en comparant ces résultats aux personnes sans-papiers n’ayant jamais fréquenté la CAMSCO.

  19. Hemorrhagic shock due to hirudotherapy made with uncontrolled multiple leech bites

    Mustafa Yilmaz


    Full Text Available Hirudotherapy is a alternative treatment method using leeches. It is especially used for the treatment of pain, sialadenitis, osteoartritis and venous insufficiency. Hirudin which is one of the secreted substances of leeches prevents blood coagulation and causes bleeding. In this paper, we aimed to draw attention to the unconsciously and uncontrolled done hirudotherapy which can become a serious life-threatening health problem. For this purpose, a rare case using warfarin for deep vein thrombosis in his legs and who admitted to emergency department with skin hemorrhages and hemorrhagic shock due to unconsciously done hirudotherapy is presented.

  20. Data on the oral CRTh2 antagonist QAW039 (fevipiprant) in patients with uncontrolled allergic asthma.

    Erpenbeck, Veit J; Popov, Todor A; Miller, David; Weinstein, Steven F; Spector, Sheldon; Magnusson, Baldur; Osuntokun, Wande; Goldsmith, Paul; Weiss, Markus; Beier, Jutta


    This article contains data on clinical endpoints (Peak Flow Expiratory Rate, fractional exhaled nitric oxide and total IgE serum levels) and plasma pharmacokinetic parameters concerning the use of the oral CRTh2 antagonist QAW039 (fevipiprant) in mild to moderate asthma patients. Information on experimental design and methods on how this data was obtained is also described. Further interpretation and discussion of this data can be found in the article "The oral CRTh2 antagonist QAW039 (fevipiprant): a phase II study in uncontrolled allergic asthma" (Erpenbeck et al., in press) [1].

  1. Data on the oral CRTh2 antagonist QAW039 (fevipiprant in patients with uncontrolled allergic asthma

    Veit J. Erpenbeck


    Full Text Available This article contains data on clinical endpoints (Peak Flow Expiratory Rate, fractional exhaled nitric oxide and total IgE serum levels and plasma pharmacokinetic parameters concerning the use of the oral CRTh2 antagonist QAW039 (fevipiprant in mild to moderate asthma patients. Information on experimental design and methods on how this data was obtained is also described. Further interpretation and discussion of this data can be found in the article “The oral CRTh2 antagonist QAW039 (fevipiprant: a phase II study in uncontrolled allergic asthma” (Erpenbeck et al., in press [1].

  2. Right pulmonary artery agenesis presenting with uncontrolled asthma in an adult: a case report

    Thammasitboon Supat


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction Unilateral absence of the pulmonary artery (UAPA or pulmonary artery agenesis is a rare congenital disorder presenting with a wide spectrum of symptoms. The clinical presentation is variable and many patients can be asymptomatic for many years and even throughout their lives. Case presentation We report the case of a 53-year-old African-American woman who was diagnosed with right pulmonary artery agenesis after presenting with uncontrolled asthma and recurrent bronchopulmonary infections. Conclusion In an unexplained case of recurrent respiratory infections and shortness of breath, the possibility of a rare congenital anomaly like UAPA should be considered and an appropriate evaluation should be done.

  3. Decision making under stress: scanning of alternatives under controllable and uncontrollable threats.

    Keinan, G


    This study tested the proposition that deficient decision making under stress is due, to a significant extent, to the individual's failure to fulfill adequately an elementary requirement of the decision-making process, that is, the systematic consideration of all relevant alternatives. One hundred one undergraduate students (59 women and 42 men), aged 20-40, served as subjects in this experiment. They were requested to solve decision problems, using an interactive computer paradigm, while being exposed to controllable stress, uncontrollable stress, or no stress at all. There was no time constraint for the performance of the task. The controllability of the stressor was found to have no effect on the participants' performance. However, those who were exposed to either controllable or uncontrollable stress showed a significantly stronger tendency to offer solutions before all available alternatives had been considered and to scan their alternatives in a nonsystematic fashion than did participants who were not exposed to stress. In addition, patterns of alternative scanning were found to be correlated with the correctness of solutions to decision problems.

  4. [Uncontrolled factors of blood pressure in essential hypertension: from "patient's high blood pressure" to "hypertensive patient"].

    Xiong, Xing-Jiang; Wang, Jie


    Hypertension is a significant medical and public health issue which puts an enormous burden on health care resources and the community. It is a chronic medical condition in which the systemic arterial blood pressure (BP) is elevated. Serious complications including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases would be preventable if the rise in BP with age could be prevented or diminished. The majority of hypertensive patients require long-term treatment. Oral antihypertensive drugs, lifestyle modification including exercise and dietary modification are milestones for hypertension therapy. However, the control rate of hypertension hasn't reached the expected requirements currently. "Three lows" status quo, just low awareness, low treatment, and low control, are still the major problems confronting modern medicine. Recently, uncontrolled factors of blood pressure are widely concerned, which include insomnia, constipation, mood disorders, exogenous, etc. What's more, the control strategies of hypertension should not only pay close attention to "patient's high blood pressure", but also to "hypertensive patient". Therefore, the treatment of uncontrolled factors of blood pressure plays an important role in hypertensive therapy, which could be further research priorities.

  5. Undiagnosed and uncontrolled hypertension and hyperlipidemia among immigrants in the US.

    Zallman, Leah; Himmelstein, David H; Woolhandler, Steffie; Bor, David H; Ayanian, John Z; Wilper, Andrew P; McCormick, Danny


    Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of mortality and disability. We analyzed the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (1998-2008). We used logistic regression analysis to compare the odds of having undiagnosed and uncontrolled hypertension and hyperlipidemia among FB and US born adults sequentially adjusting for (1) age and gender, (2) income and education, and (3) insurance status. Among FB individuals, we identified factors independently associated with having each outcome using logistic regression analyses. Of 27,596 US adults, 22.6 % were foreign-born. In age- and -gender adjusted analyses, FB were more likely to have undiagnosed hypertension (OR 1.35, 95 % CI 1.13-1.63, p hyperlipidemia (OR 1.35, 95 % CI 1.11-1.63, p = 0.002), while undiagnosed hyperlipidemia approached significance (OR 1.24, 95 % CI 0.99-1.56, p = 0.057). Having insurance was associated with a 5-15 % decrease in FB-US born disparities. Immigrants are at increased risk of undiagnosed and uncontrolled hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

  6. The medical antigravity suit for management of surgically uncontrollable bleeding associated with abdominal pregnancy.

    Sandberg, E C; Pelligra, R


    Three patients with abdominal pregnancy have been treated at Stanford University Hospital in recent years. Common to each was surgically uncontrolled hemorrhage for which circumferential pneumatic compression (supplied by a medical antigravity suit) was used to stop the bleeding. In each patient, the hemostatic effect of treatment was dramatic. In published accounts of the use of the garment in other severely hemorrhaging patients, the effects have been similarly dramatic and equally successful. These observations lead to a compelling consideration in regard to optimum management of patients with abdominal pregnancy. If our experience is confirmed by others, optimum management in abdominal pregnancy hereafter should regularly and routinely include removal of the placenta at the primary operation. This approach would anticipate use of the medical antigravity suit to provide hemostasis if surgically uncontrollable bleeding is encountered. Theoretically, the complications and long-term morbidity associated with retention of the placenta would be eliminated by this means while the previous disadvantage of placental removal, the potential for exsanguinating hemorrhage, would be circumvented.

  7. Pilot randomised trial of a healthy eating behavioural intervention in uncontrolled asthma.

    Ma, Jun; Strub, Peg; Lv, Nan; Xiao, Lan; Camargo, Carlos A; Buist, A Sonia; Lavori, Philip W; Wilson, Sandra R; Nadeau, Kari C; Rosas, Lisa G


    Rigorous research on the benefit of healthy eating patterns for asthma control is lacking.We randomised 90 adults with objectively confirmed uncontrolled asthma and a low-quality diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) scores Asthma Control Questionnaire scores (-0.2 (-0.5, 0) versus 0 (-0.3, 0.3); difference -0.2 (-0.5, 0.1)) at 6 months. The mean group differences in changes in Mini Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire overall and subdomain scores consistently favoured the intervention over the control group: overall 0.4 (95% CI 0, 0.8), symptoms 0.5 (0, 0.9), environment 0.4 (-0.1, 1.0), emotions 0.4 (-0.2, 0.9) and activities 0.3 (0, 0.7). These differences were modest, but potentially clinical significant.The DASH behavioural intervention improved diet quality with promising clinical benefits for better asthma control and functional status among adults with uncontrolled asthma. A full-scale efficacy trial is warranted.

  8. Alternate Sequential Suture Tightening: A Novel Technique for Uncontrolled Postpartum Hemorrhage

    Sharda Brata Ghosh


    Full Text Available Objective. The most commonly described technique of modified B-Lynch suture may not be suitable for all the patients presenting with flabby, atonic uterus. Study Design. A retrospective analysis of twelve patients with uncontrolled postpartum haemorrhage, who underwent this procedure from March 2007 to September 2012, was conducted. In this novel technique, sutures are passed in the lower uterine segment and are tightened alternately to control uterine bleeding. Results. Average duration of the procedure was 4 minutes (range 2–7 minutes. Average blood loss was 1625 mL (range 1300–1900 mL. Eleven patients (91.66% were seen to have a successful outcome with only this technique. No patient required hysterectomy and one patient (8.33% required additional bilateral internal iliac artery ligation. All the patients had a minimum follow-up of 2 yrs and none of them reported any infertility problems. Conclusion. This technique is simple, quick, and effective. There was no adverse effect on the fertility potential for the observed 2 years; however, a long-term follow-up is required to comment on its actual rate. This technique cannot replace the standard modified B-Lynch technique for uncontrolled postpartum haemorrhage but can be used for unresponsive, flabby, and atonic uterus.

  9. Hypertensive patients in a general practice setting: comparative analysis between controlled and uncontrolled hypertension.

    Santiago, Luiz Miguel; Pereira, Carolina; Botas, Philippe; Simões, Ana Rita; Carvalho, Rosa; Pimenta, Gonçalo; Neto, Glória


    To study the differences between controlled and uncontrolled hypertensive patients. This was a cross-sectional observational study of the hypertensive population on the lists of three general practitioners in the district of Coimbra in central Portugal in 2013, with a margin of error of 6% and 95% confidence interval in each sample, organized in ascending order of health care user numbers. Data were gathered electronically by the investigators after approval by the Regional Health Authority's ethics committee. A sample of 201 individuals was studied, of whom 104 (51.7%) were male and 86 (42.8%) were aged under 65 (p=0.127 for gender and age-group). Hypertension was controlled in 130 (64.7%). We found significant differences in target organ damage, more frequent in those with controlled hypertension (33.1% vs. 19.7%, p=0.031), in hypertension control, better in those taking at least one anti-hypertensive drug at night (56.9% vs. 29.6%, p<0.001), and in prescription of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, more frequent in those with uncontrolled hypertension (11.3% vs. 3.8%, p=0.043). Hypertension control is significantly associated with target organ damage, taking at least one anti-hypertensive drug at night and not taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs simultaneously. Copyright © 2013 Sociedade Portuguesa de Cardiologia. Published by Elsevier España. All rights reserved.

  10. [Pulmonary mucormycosis in a patient with kidney transplant and uncontrolled haemoptysis].

    Navarro Vergara, Dulce Iliana; Barragán Pola, Gloria; Bonifaz, Alexandro; Núñez Pérez-Redondo, Carlos; Choreño García, Omar; Cicero Sabido, Raúl


    Pulmonary mucormycosis is a rare opportunistic infection with high mortality that is caused by species of Mucorales. The most common species involved are Rhizopus, Mucor, Lichtheimia, and Rhizomucor. A 56 year-old woman presented with a clinical history of diabetes mellitus type 2 and chronic renal disease. She underwent a cadaveric kidney transplantation two years before her admission, for which immunomodulating therapy with thymoglobulin, tacrolimus, mofetil-microphenolate and prednisone was established. The patient suffered a pneumonic process with cough, expectoration, and dyspnoea. The computed tomography scan showed a cavitation in the right upper lobe. With all these findings an invasive broncopulmonary aspergillosis was suspected and the patient began an antifungal treatment with voriconazole without improvement. Rhizomucor pusillus was isolated from a clinical specimen obtained by fine needle aspiration, and its identification was confirmed by PCR. After this finding amphotericin B was administered, but the patient had an uncontrolled haemoptysis and died. Pulmonary mucormycosis is a rare infection, usually fatal in kidney transplant recipients with anti-rejection therapy. Mucorales species usually produce thrombotic phenomena, associated with necrosis and parenchymal destruction that caused a fatal uncontrolled haemoptysis in our patient. Early diagnosis is important in order to perform any surgical treatment and to administer amphotericin B. Copyright © 2017 Asociación Española de Micología. Publicado por Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.

  11. Intention-Aware Autonomous Driving Decision-Making in an Uncontrolled Intersection

    Weilong Song


    Full Text Available Autonomous vehicles need to perform social accepted behaviors in complex urban scenarios including human-driven vehicles with uncertain intentions. This leads to many difficult decision-making problems, such as deciding a lane change maneuver and generating policies to pass through intersections. In this paper, we propose an intention-aware decision-making algorithm to solve this challenging problem in an uncontrolled intersection scenario. In order to consider uncertain intentions, we first develop a continuous hidden Markov model to predict both the high-level motion intention (e.g., turn right, turn left, and go straight and the low level interaction intentions (e.g., yield status for related vehicles. Then a partially observable Markov decision process (POMDP is built to model the general decision-making framework. Due to the difficulty in solving POMDP, we use proper assumptions and approximations to simplify this problem. A human-like policy generation mechanism is used to generate the possible candidates. Human-driven vehicles’ future motion model is proposed to be applied in state transition process and the intention is updated during each prediction time step. The reward function, which considers the driving safety, traffic laws, time efficiency, and so forth, is designed to calculate the optimal policy. Finally, our method is evaluated in simulation with PreScan software and a driving simulator. The experiments show that our method could lead autonomous vehicle to pass through uncontrolled intersections safely and efficiently.

  12. Emotional and uncontrolled eating styles and chocolate chip cookie consumption. A controlled trial of the effects of positive mood enhancement.

    Turner, Sally Ann; Luszczynska, Aleksandra; Warner, Lisa; Schwarzer, Ralf


    The study tested the effects of positive mood enhancement on chocolate chip cookie consumption in the context of emotional and uncontrolled eating styles. The relationship between emotional eating style and chocolate chip cookie intake was assumed to be mediated by uncontrolled eating style. Further, it was hypothesized that the effectiveness of the positive mood enhancement may be more salient among those who have effective control of their eating. In this experimental study, respondents (N=106, 70% women, aged 16-45 years old) were assigned by means of cluster randomization to the control or positive mood enhancement condition (a comedy movie clip). Compared to the control condition, positive mood enhancement resulted in consuming on average 53.86 kcal less. Relationships between emotional eating style and cookie intake were mediated by uncontrolled eating. Moderated mediation analysis indicated that the effect of a mediator (uncontrolled eating) on cookie intake was moderated by the group assignment. Positive mood enhancement resulted in eating on average 3.3 cookies less among individuals with a more controlled eating style. By contrast, among those who presented uncontrolled eating, positive mood enhancement led to consuming an average of 1.7 cookies more.

  13. Introduction to remote sensing

    Cracknell, Arthur P


    Addressing the need for updated information in remote sensing, Introduction to Remote Sensing, Second Edition provides a full and authoritative introduction for scientists who need to know the scope, potential, and limitations in the field. The authors discuss the physical principles of common remote sensing systems and examine the processing, interpretation, and applications of data. This new edition features updated and expanded material, including greater coverage of applications from across earth, environmental, atmospheric, and oceanographic sciences. Illustrated with remotely sensed colo

  14. An Uncontrolled Item of Enterprise ICT Innovation: the High Level Digital Divide

    Maurizio Pighin


    Full Text Available The globalization phenomena strongly stresses western countries’ economies. Especially in industrial districts, companies are reacting with continuous innovations in product and process, based mainly on the introduction of ICT. This continuous organizational change process forces employees to keep in touch with the working environment in an endless learning process. Therefore, the introduction of new ICT seems to bring a cultural development for individuals. Is this always true? Our conviction is that the strong ICT impact generates a new form of digital-divide, a “High-Level Digital Divide” (HLDD: an increasing cultural distance between people able to follow the enterprise ICT evolution and complexity, and people with a lower cultural growth ability. An uncontrolled growth of HLDD may limit the evolution capacity of the enterprise and drop out people from labor market.

  15. Reduction of uncontrollable spilled beam in RF-knockout slow extraction

    Mizushima, K.; Shirai, T.; Furukawa, T.; Sato, S.; Iwata, Y.; Noda, K.; Uchiyama, H.


    A 3D-scanning irradiation method gated with the patient's respiration has been developed for the new Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator treatment facility in Chiba. The RF-knockout slow-extraction method has been used for fast on/off switching of the beam from the synchrotron during scanning irradiation. However, a small amount of beam that remained just inside the separatrix spilled out even without the transverse RF field, and limits the controllable low beam rate. We proposed to apply another transverse RF field with a frequency component matched with the betatron frequency of particles near the stopband in addition to the original transverse RF field. The particles just inside the separatrix can be selectively extracted during the irradiation, and the uncontrollable spilled beam can be suppressed. The spilled beam was measured with the ion chamber, and was reduced to 0.4% compared to the original method.

  16. Effectiveness of exercise at workplace in physical fitness: uncontrolled randomized study.

    Grande, Antônio José; Silva, Valter; Parra, Sérgio Alencar


    To investigate the effectiveness of workplace exercise for employee health by means of health-related physical activity components. A randomized uncontrolled study with 20 workers was carried out during three months to evaluate a workplace exercise program. The selected outcomes were flexibility, body mass, fat percentage, lean mass, blood pressure, and heart rate. For statistical analysis, the paired t test and the intent-to-treat analysis were used. There was a significant increase in weight, fat percentage, blood pressure, and heart rate. However the clinical significance was 10% in the size of the effect. The changes verified in the outcomes analyzed were not significant; the variables are within normality ranges proposed by academic organizations.


    Bala Subramanya


    Full Text Available The anaesthetic management of patient with uncontrolled hyperthyroidism requiring emergency cesarean section is presented here. Elevated free T3 and T4 and severely suppressed TSH levels confirmed the diagnosis. Propyl thio uracil was started preoperatively. IV Metoprolol was used to control the pre-operative heart rate. After adequate preloading with crystalloids, spinal anaesthesia was administered. There were three episodes of hypotension and tachycardia which were successfully managed with small dose of IV Phenylephrine. Post-operative anaelgesia was administered through epidural catheter. Patient was observed in intensive care unit for congestive cardiac failure and thyroid storm. Anti-thyroid drugs, Propranolol and Dexamethasone were given in the post-operative period.

  18. Endocrine response patterns after uncontrollable experimental stress: an application of CFA

    Matthias J. Müller


    Full Text Available According to biological stress theories cortisol increases (C+ and testosterone decreases (T- characterize uncontrollable (UC stress and the opposite pattern is observed in controllable (CON stress. The influence of CON/UC on hormone responses to a mental (d2 and a physical (E short-term stressor was tested by two-sample configural frequency analysis in a cross-over design on 74 healthy males assigned to either CON or UC conditions. Areas under the response curves of saliva C and T were computed and dichotomized (+/-. The evaluation of bivariate response patterns (C/T revealed that the combination C+T- was significantly more prevalent after UC than after CON with both stressors. The pattern C-T+ constituted a significant discrimination type between CON and UC across both stressors.

  19. Effects of increasing levothyroxine on pregnancy outcomes in women with uncontrolled hypothyroidism.

    Maraka, Spyridoula; Singh Ospina, Naykky M; O'Keeffe, Derek T; Rodriguez-Gutierrez, Rene; Espinosa De Ycaza, Ana E; Wi, Chung-Il; Juhn, Young J; Coddington, Charles C; Montori, Victor M


    Uncontrolled hypothyroidism has been associated with an increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes. We aimed to assess the effectiveness of increasing levothyroxine (LT4) dose on reducing the risk of adverse outcomes for pregnant women with TSH level greater than the recommended 1st trimester limit. We reviewed the electronic medical records of pregnant women evaluated from January 2011 to December 2013, who had history of LT4-treated hypothyroidism and were found to have TSH > 2·5 mIU/l in 1st trimester. Women were divided into two groups: group A - LT4 dose was increased within two weeks from the TSH test, group B - LT4 dose remained stable. We compared the frequency of pregnancy loss (primary outcome) and other prespecified pregnancy-related adverse outcomes between groups. There were 85 women in group A (median TSH: 5·0, interquartile range 3·8-6·8 mIU/l) and 11 women in group B (median TSH: 4·5, interquartile range 3·2-4·9 mIU/l). The groups were not different in baseline clinical and socioeconomic characteristics. The mean interval between TSH test and LT4 dose increase was 4·5 (SD 4·6) days. Pregnancy loss was significantly lower in group A (2/85, 2·4%) vs group B (4/11, 36·4%) (P = 0·001). Other pregnancy-related adverse outcomes were similar between groups. Increasing LT4 dose for women with uncontrolled hypothyroidism in the 1st trimester of pregnancy was associated with a decreased risk of pregnancy loss. Given the limitations of our study, this association awaits further confirmation from larger studies. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  20. Emissions of PCDD/F and PCB from uncontrolled combustion of domestic waste in Sweden

    Gonczi, M.; Gunnarsson, M.; Johansson, N. [Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Stockholm (Sweden). Dept. of Environmental Assessment; Hedman, B.; Naslund, M.; Marklund, S. [Umea Univ., Umea (Sweden). Dept. of Environmental Chemistry


    Combustion-related activities are the principal source of dioxin and furan (PCDD/F) and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) emissions. However, municipal waste combustion is thought to have a low impact on total PCDD/F and PCB total emissions. This study investigated the impacts of uncontrolled backyard combustion of domestic waste. The aim of the study was to determine levels of unintentionally produced persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in Sweden. Nineteen combustion tests were conducted in a steel barrel, and a further 2 tests were conducted using open fires. The garden waste was comprised of wood branches, leaves, and grass. Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) consisted of municipal waste where the combustible fractions had been mechanically sorted from non-combustible waste and waste suitable for composting. PCDD/Fs and PCBs in the flue gas were iso-kinetically sampled with a cooled probe and sampling train. Emission factors were calculated from the relative amounts of carbon in fuel and in sampled emissions of carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}), carbon monoxide (CO) and HC. Values were corrected for the loss of flue-gas in sampling. Results of the tests were comparable with other studies on uncontrolled combustion. The emissions from the open fires had relatively high levels of PCDD/Fs. It was not possible to determine the cause of significantly higher PCDD/F emissions noted during one of the combustion tests conducted in the steel barrel. It was concluded that levels of PCDD/F emissions in backyard fires are difficult to assess. 4 refs., 1 tab., 1 fig.

  1. Serum Fructosamine Concentration in Uncontrolled Hyperthyroid Diabetic Cats Is within the Population Reference Interval

    Arnon Gal


    Full Text Available Diabetes mellitus is a common endocrinopathy of cats that is characterized by persistent fasting hyperglycemia. However, stress induces substantial hyperglycemia in cats that poses a challenge to the veterinarian who may wrongly interpret the high serum concentration of blood glucose as evidence of diabetes mellitus. Fructosamine is a glycated serum protein that serves as an index of glycemic control in cats and is useful because it is not affected by stress hyperglycemia. However, factors such as body weight, hypoproteinemia, and increased serum thyroid hormone concentration can alter fructosamine concentration. The goal of this retrospective study was to compare the fructosamine concentrations in diabetic and nondiabetic cats with and without uncontrolled hyperthyroidism. A secondary goal was to determine the effect of sex, age, different populations of cats, and diabetes on the variability of fructosamine. We found that the mean (±SE serum fructosamine of hyperthyroid diabetic cats (332 ± 24 µmol/L, 95% CI 291–379 µmol/L was within the population-based reference interval (200–360 µmol/L and significantly lower in comparison to euthyroid diabetic cats (527 ± 10 µmol/L, 95% CI 515–553 µmol/L. Additionally, in this study, diabetes accounted only for approximately 50% of the variance in serum fructosamine, while age, sex, and population made a minor contribution to this variance. In conclusion, finding serum fructosamine that is within the population-based reference interval in an uncontrolled diabetic cat should alert the veterinarian to the possibility of concurrent hyperthyroidism. Additionally, the veterinary clinician should consider that serum fructosamine might be substantially affected by factors other than diabetes.

  2. The efficacy of viscocanalostomy for uncontrollable primary open-angle glaucoma in a developing country

    Khodadad Moradian


    Full Text Available Purpose: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of viscocanalostomy in the management of medically uncontrollable primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG in a developing country. Materials and Methods: This is a prospective, non-randomized case series of 14 consecutive eyes with medically uncontrollable POAG, all subjected to viscocanalostomy. The main outcome measure was success rate based on the intraocular pressure (IOP level achieved post-operatively. The procedure was considered a complete success if IOP was less than 21 mmHg without any anti-glaucoma medication. Qualified success was defined as IOP of less than 21 mmHg with anti-glaucoma medication. All patients had a regular follow-up of at least 12 months. Results: IOP was reduced from a mean baseline value of 27.9 ± 7.3 mmHg (range: 21-40 mmHg to a mean final value of 16.0 ± 2.7 mmHg (range: 13-22 mmHg, which was statistically highly significant (P < 0.005. The mean number of pre-operative anti-glaucoma medications was 3.0 ± 0.4 (range: 2-4, which was reduced significantly (P < 0.0001 to 0.3 ± 0.6 (range: 0-2 at the last follow-up visit. One year post-operatively, complete success was achieved in 71% and qualified success was observed in 21.4% of patients, summing up to an overall success rate of 92.4%. There were no major complications in any of the patients. Conclusion: Viscocanalostomy could be performed effectively and safely for control of POAG in developing countries.

  3. Potential early predictors for outcomes of experimental hemorrhagic shock induced by uncontrolled internal bleeding in rats.

    Zaid A Abassi

    Full Text Available Uncontrolled hemorrhage, resulting from traumatic injuries, continues to be the leading cause of death in civilian and military environments. Hemorrhagic deaths usually occur within the first 6 hours of admission to hospital; therefore, early prehospital identification of patients who are at risk for developing shock may improve survival. The aims of the current study were: 1. To establish and characterize a unique model of uncontrolled internal hemorrhage induced by massive renal injury (MRI, of different degrees (20-35% unilateral nephrectomy in rats, 2. To identify early biomarkers those best predict the outcome of severe internal hemorrhage. For this purpose, male Sprague Dawley rats were anesthetized and cannulas were inserted into the trachea and carotid artery. After abdominal laparotomy, the lower pole of the kidney was excised. During 120 minutes, hematocrit, pO2, pCO2, base excess, potassium, lactate and glucose were measured from blood samples, and mean arterial pressure (MAP was measured through arterial tracing. After 120 minutes, blood loss was determined. Statistical prediction models of mortality and amount of blood loss were performed. In this model, the lowest blood loss and mortality rate were observed in the group with 20% nephrectomy. Escalation of the extent of nephrectomy to 25% and 30% significantly increased blood loss and mortality rate. Two phases of hemodynamic and biochemical response to MRI were noticed: the primary phase, occurring during the first 15 minutes after injury, and the secondary phase, beginning 30 minutes after the induction of bleeding. A Significant correlation between early blood loss and mean arterial pressure (MAP decrements and survival were noted. Our data also indicate that prediction of outcome was attainable in the very early stages of blood loss, over the first 15 minutes after the injury, and that blood loss and MAP were the strongest predictors of mortality.

  4. Rescue pre-operative treatment with Lugol’s solution in uncontrolled Graves’ disease

    Falhammar, Henrik


    Background Graves’ disease is a common cause of hyperthyroidism. Three therapies have been used for decades: pharmacologic therapy, surgery and radioiodine. In case of adverse events, especially agranulocytosis or hepatotoxicity, pre-treatment with Lugol’s solution containing iodine/potassium iodide to induce euthyroidism before surgery could be advocated, but this has rarely been reported. Methods All patients hospitalised due to uncontrolled hyperthyroidism at the Karolinska University Hospital 2005–2015 and treated with Lugol’s solution were included. All electronic files were carefully reviewed manually, with focus on the cause of treatment and admission, demographic data, and effects of iodine on thyroid hormone levels and pulse frequency. Results Twenty-seven patients were included. Lugol’s solution had been chosen due to agranulocytosis in 9 (33%), hepatotoxicity in 2 (7%), other side effects in 11 (41%) and poor adherence to medication in 5 (19%). Levels of free T4, free T3 and heart rate decreased significantly after 5–9 days of iodine therapy (free T4 53–20 pmol/L, P = 0.0002; free T3 20–6.5 pmol/L, P = 0.04; heart rate 87–76 beats/min P = 0.0007), whereas TSH remained unchanged. Side effects were noted in 4 (15%) (rash n = 2, rash and vomiting n = 1, swelling of fingers n = 1). Thyroidectomy was performed in 26 patients (96%) and one was treated with radioiodine; all treatments were without serious complications. Conclusion Treatment of uncontrolled hyperthyroidism with Lugol’s solution before definitive treatment is safe and it decreases thyroid hormone levels and heart rate. Side effects were limited. Lugol’s solution could be recommended pre-operatively in Graves’ disease with failed medical treatment, especially if side effects to anti-thyroid drugs have occurred. PMID:28325735

  5. Counterfactual Reasoning for Regretted Situations Involving Controllable Versus Uncontrollable Events: The Modulating Role of Contingent Self-Esteem


    We report a study that examined the modulating impact of contingent self-esteem on regret\\ud intensity for regretted outcomes associated with controllable versus uncontrollable events.\\ud The Contingent Self-Esteem Scale (e.g., Kernis & Goldman, 2006) was used to assess the extent\\ud to which a person’s sense of self-worth is based on self and others’ expectations. We found\\ud that there was an influence of self-esteem contingency for controllable but not for uncontrollable\\ud regret types. F...

  6. Dose-response association of uncontrolled blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk factors with hyperuricemia and gout.

    Stephen P Juraschek

    Full Text Available First-line therapy of hypertension includes diuretics, known to exert a multiplicative increase on the risk of gout. Detailed insight into the underlying prevalence of hyperuricemia and gout in persons with uncontrolled blood pressure (BP and common comorbidities is informative to practitioners initiating antihypertensive agents. We quantify the prevalence of hyperuricemia and gout in persons with uncontrolled BP and additional cardiovascular disease (CVD risk factors.We performed a cross-sectional study of non-institutionalized US adults, 18 years and older, using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys in 1988-1994 and 1999-2010. Hyperuricemia was defined as serum uric acid >6.0 mg/dL in women; >7.0 mg/dL in men. Gout was ascertained by self-report of physician-diagnosed gout. Uncontrolled BP was based on measured systolic BP≥140 mmHg and diastolic BP≥90 mmHg. Additional CVD risk factors included obesity, reduced glomerular filtration rate, and dyslipidemia. The prevalence of hyperuricemia was 6-8% among healthy US adults, 10-15% among adults with uncontrolled BP, 22-25% with uncontrolled BP and one additional CVD risk factor, and 34-37% with uncontrolled BP and two additional CVD risk factors. Similarly, the prevalence of gout was successively greater, at 1-2%, 4-5%, 6-8%, and 8-12%, respectively, across these same health status categories. In 2007-2010, those with uncontrolled BP and 2 additional CVD risk factors compared to those without CVD risk factors had prevalence ratios of 4.5 (95% CI 3.5-5.6 and 4.5 (95% CI: 3.1-6.3 for hyperuricemia and gout respectively (P<0.01.Health care providers should be cognizant of the incrementally higher prevalence of hyperuricemia and gout among patients with uncontrolled BP and additional CVD risk factors. With one in three people affected by hyperuricemia among those with several CVD risk factors, physicians should consider their anti-hypertensive regimens carefully and potentially

  7. Symbolism, solitude and modernity: science and scientists in porfirian Mexico Simbolismo, solidão e modernidade: ciência e cientistas no México porfiriano

    Natalia Priego


    Full Text Available The quest of Mexico for a distinctive national identity throughout the 19th century reached a climax during the period known as the Porfiriato, one of the principal features of which was the deep desire of Porfirio Díaz and his circle to turn Mexico into a 'modern' country perhaps without a clear definition of the meaning of this concept. The debate about national identity had addressed such issues as the rejection of indigenous cultures, blind passion for French culture, and how to go about criating a modern nation by means of industrialization and scientific modernization. The concept of nation in Mexico is definitively linked with the search for a national 'I', and with the struggle to overcome the solitude identified by Octavio Paz. Paradoxically, this very quest forms a part of this identity, and it seems to remain inconclusive.Ao longo do século XIX, a tentativa de construir uma identidade nacional para o México atingiu seu ápice no período conhecido como Porfiriato, que teve como uma das principais características o desejo profundo de Porfírio Díaz e seu grupo de transformar o país em uma nação moderna, sem ter uma definição clara do significado desse conceito. O debate sobre identidade nacional tinha enfrentado questões como a negação de culturas indígenas; a paixão cega pela cultura francesa e todo um savoir faire diante do esforço de se criar uma nação moderna através da industrialização e da modernização científica. O conceito de nação, no México, é estreitamente vinculado à busca pelo 'eu' nacional e à luta para ultrapassar a solidão descrita por Octávio Paz. Paradoxalmente, esta busca forma uma parte dessa identidade, e parece inconclusa.

  8. 论《百年孤独》的历史书写策略%The Strategies of Historical Writing in One Hundred Years of Solitude



    1982年,马尔克斯凭借《百年孤独》的巨大影响,获得诺贝尔文学奖,他在这部小说中采用了独特的历史书写策略。通过叙述视角的转换和虚构的奥雷利亚诺家族的百年历史,《百年孤独》整个文本在理性审视和书写拉丁美洲历史的过程中,从不同的价值层面诠释了历史的多种可能性。马尔克斯在使读者认识了一个拉丁美洲当下正在“发生的历史”,并以亲历者的身份进行观察和评价后,通过奥雷利亚诺家族发展的历史,以揶揄的口吻批判了外来殖民者对拉美土著居民的“民族志”历史进行的随意篡改,以及对土著居民话语权利的刻意扭曲。可以说,从追忆历史和审视历史,马尔克斯的《百年孤独》为我们演绎了一幅生活在拉丁美洲大陆上的各个民族之间的生动历史画卷。%In One Hundred Years of Solitude which won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1982 , the unique historical writing strategy is adopted by Marquez .By the transformation of the narrative perspective and one hundred years of history of the Aureliano ’ s family, the text interprets the various possibilities of history from the value of the different levels .Marquez makes readers know the presence of history in Latin American;with Aureliano’s family history, He criticizes the immigrants’ settlers in a mocking tone, for they distort their native ethnography and discourse .Thus, Marquez describes a vivid historical picture of ethnic groups .

  9. Glutathione synthesis is diminished in patients with uncontrolled diabetes and restored by dietary supplementation with cysteine and glycine

    Sustained hyperglycemia is associated with low cellular levels of the antioxidant glutathione (GSH), which leads to tissue damage attributed to oxidative stress. We tested the hypothesis that diminished GSH in adult patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes is attributed to decreased synthesis and ...

  10. Association between prescribing patterns of anti-asthmatic drugs and clinically uncontrolled asthma: a cross-sectional study

    Davidsen, Jesper Rømhild; Hallas, Jesper; Søndergaard, Jens;


    Studies based on prescription data have shown that many asthmatics tend to use large quantities of inhaled beta-2-agonists, suggesting poorly controlled disease. The aim of the present study was to investigate the association between clinically uncontrolled asthma and prescribing patterns of anti...

  11. Physical and chemical stability of expired fixed dose combination artemether-lumefantrine in uncontrolled tropical conditions

    Hess Kimberly


    Full Text Available Abstract Background New artemisinin combination therapies pose difficulties of implementation in developing and tropical settings because they have a short shelf-life (two years relative to the medicines they replace. This limits the reliability and cost of treatment, and the acceptability of this treatment to health care workers. A multi-pronged investigation was made into the chemical and physical stability of fixed dose combination artemether-lumefantrine (FDC-ALU stored under heterogeneous, uncontrolled African conditions, to probe if a shelf-life extension might be possible. Methods Seventy samples of expired FDC-ALU were collected from private pharmacies and malaria researchers in seven African countries. The samples were subjected to thin-layer chromatography (TLC, disintegration testing, and near infrared Raman spectrometry for ascertainment of active ingredients, tablet integrity, and chemical degradation of the tablet formulation including both active ingredients and excipients. Results Seventy samples of FDC-ALU were tested in July 2008, between one and 58 months post-expiry. 68 of 70 (97% samples passed TLC, disintegration and Raman spectrometry testing, including eight samples that were post-expiry by 20 months or longer. A weak linear association (R2 = 0.33 was observed between the age of samples and their state of degradation relative to brand-identical samples on Raman spectrometry. Sixty-eight samples were retested in February 2009 using Raman spectrometry, between eight and 65 months post-expiry. 66 of 68 (97% samples passed Raman spectrometry retesting. An unexpected observation about African drug logistics was made in three batches of FDC-ALU, which had been sold into the public sector at concessional pricing in accordance with a World Health Organization (WHO agreement, and which were illegally diverted to the private sector where they were sold for profit. Conclusion The data indicate that FDC-ALU is chemically and

  12. Mitigating the Impacts of Uncontrolled Air Flow on Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Demand in Non-Residential Buildings

    Hugh I. Henderson; Jensen Zhang; James B. Cummings; Terry Brennan


    This multi-faceted study evaluated several aspects of uncontrolled air flows in commercial buildings in both Northern and Southern climates. Field data were collected from 25 small commercial buildings in New York State to understand baseline conditions for Northern buildings. Laboratory wall assembly testing was completed at Syracuse University to understand the impact of typical air leakage pathways on heat and moisture transport within wall assemblies for both Northern and Southern building applications. The experimental data from the laboratory tests were used to verify detailed heat and moisture (HAM) simulation models that could be used to evaluate a wider array of building applications and situations. Whole building testing at FSEC's Building Science Laboratory (BSL) systematically evaluated the energy and IAQ impacts of duct leakage with various attic and ceiling configurations. This systematic test carefully controlled all aspects of building performance to quantify the impact of duct leakage and unbalanced flow. The newest features of the EnergyPlus building simulation tool were used to model the combined impacts of duct leakage, ceiling leakage, unbalanced flows, and air conditioner performance. The experimental data provided the basis to validate the simulation model so it could be used to study the impact of duct leakage over a wide range of climates and applications. The overall objective of this project was to transfer work and knowledge that has been done on uncontrolled air flow in non-residential buildings in Florida to a national basis. This objective was implemented by means of four tasks: (1) Field testing and monitoring of uncontrolled air flow in a sample of New York buildings; (2) Detailed wall assembly laboratory measurements and modeling; (3) Whole building experiments and simulation of uncontrolled air flows; and (4) Develop and implement training on uncontrolled air flows for Practitioners in New York State.

  13. La zoothérapie au service de la personne âgée: quand la zoothérapie intervient pour soulager le sentiment de solitude des personnes âgées institutionnalisées

    Meyer, Marie; Quinodoz, Marie-Noëlle


    Les problématiques rencontrées par les personnes âgées institutionnalisées ont de tout temps préoccupé les soignants. Le sentiment de solitude en fait partie, ayant des répercussions à la fois sur le résident et l’équipe de soins. En parallèle, une thérapie basée sur le lien entre l’humain et l’animal a gagné en popularité dans le domaine de la santé. Utilisée dans un milieu institutionnel auprès de personnes âgées, cette thérapie serait à même d’apporter de nombreux bénéfices vis-à-vis de le...

  14. A simplified approach for slope stability analysis of uncontrolled waste dumps.

    Turer, Dilek; Turer, Ahmet


    Slope stability analysis of municipal solid waste has always been problematic because of the heterogeneous nature of the waste materials. The requirement for large testing equipment in order to obtain representative samples has identified the need for simplified approaches to obtain the unit weight and shear strength parameters of the waste. In the present study, two of the most recently published approaches for determining the unit weight and shear strength parameters of the waste have been incorporated into a slope stability analysis using the Bishop method to prepare slope stability charts. The slope stability charts were prepared for uncontrolled waste dumps having no liner and leachate collection systems with pore pressure ratios of 0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5, considering the most critical slip surface passing through the toe of the slope. As the proposed slope stability charts were prepared by considering the change in unit weight as a function of height, they reflect field conditions better than accepting a constant unit weight approach in the stability analysis. They also streamline the selection of slope or height as a function of the desired factor of safety.


    Ana Cristina Pelosi


    Full Text Available The present paper reports on partial findings of a major research project entitled Interdisciplinary project on social cognitive representations in the conceptualization of violence in urban Brazilian centers. It aims at providing some insight into an embodied and social-culturally situated concept of representation – a social cognitive representation, as I understand it, by presenting both a theoretic-philosophical basis for this kind of concept as well as some preliminary findings of an analysis of focus groups talks about urban violence. The methodology is focused on discursive and cognitive aspects which emerge from and influence people’s verbal interactions. The qualitative analysis performed suggests, among others not discussed here, the emergence of two metaphors in participants’ talks: VIOLENCE IS A PRODUCT MANUFACTURED BY THE MEDIA and VIOLENCE IS A SPREADING CONTAGIOUS DISEASE. This appears to be due to the Media’s sensationalist trivialization of violence which results in violence being thought of as present anywhere and everywhere like an UNCONTROLLED FORCE. The trivialization of violence by the Media contributes to negative attitudes and feelings of lack of control, distrust, prejudice and hurt.

  16. Immunotherapy using purified protein derivative in the treatment of warts: An open uncontrolled trial

    Vikrant Saoji


    Full Text Available Background: Warts are known to clear spontaneously with the development of cell-mediated immunity (CMI to the virus. Purified protein derivative (PPD of tuberculin bacilli has been used as a non-specific stimulant of CMI to achieve this outcome. Aim: To study the effect of PPD in the treatment of warts. Methods: Patients with difficult-to-treat warts were selected for immunotherapy. Each patient received 2.5 TU of PPD intralesionally in a few warts. A total of four sessions were given at 2 weekly intervals and patients were followed up for 6 months after the last dose. Results: Sixty-one patients were recruited of which 55 completed 6 months follow up and were available for analysis. Of these, 25 had verruca vulgaris, 18 had verruca plana and 12 had plantar warts. Forty two (76% patients showed complete clearance after four sessions while the remaining 13 (24% patients were non-responders. One patient developed a recurrence after total clearance during the follow-up period. Adverse effects were erythema, edema and pain at the site of injections. Limitations: As this was an uncontrolled trial, there is no comparison with a non-intervention group. Also, a Mantoux test was not done due to practical difficulties. Conclusion: Immunotherapy with PPD is helpful in the treatment of cutaneous warts.

  17. Leachate characterization and identification of dominant pollutants using leachate pollution index for an uncontrolled landfill site

    S. De


    Full Text Available Landfill leachates are potential threats for environmental degradation. This study was conducted to determine the leachate quality, to identify the dominant pollutants and to evaluate the leachate pollution potential of an active and closed dumping ground of an uncontrolled municipal solid waste landfill site in Kolkata, India using leachate pollution index. The results of the physico-chemical and biological analyses of leachate indicated that landfill site was in its methanogenic phase. Among the analysed leachate pollutants, TDS, BOD5, COD, TKN, NH3-N, Cl¯, TCB, Pb, and Hg surpassed the leachate discharge standards for inland surface water as specified by the municipal solid waste (Management and Handling Rules, 2013 for both the dumping grounds. Moreover the concentrations of total Cr and Zn also exceeded the leachate disposal standards for the active dumping ground. The leachate pollution potentialities of both the active and closed dumping grounds were comparable as the overall LPI obtained 34.02 and 31.80 respectively. The overall LPI, LPI organic (LPIor, LPI inorganic (LPIin and LPI heavy metals (LPIhm of both the dumping grounds largely exceeded the LPI and sub-LPI values for treated leachate before disposal to the inland surface water. In terms of the individual pollution rating, total coliform bacteria, TKN, NH3-N and Hg were identified as the dominant pollutants and major contributing factors for the leachate pollution potential.

  18. Binary Large Object-Based Approach for QR Code Detection in Uncontrolled Environments

    Omar Lopez-Rincon


    Full Text Available Quick Response QR barcode detection in nonarbitrary environment is still a challenging task despite many existing applications for finding 2D symbols. The main disadvantage of recent applications for QR code detection is a low performance for rotated and distorted single or multiple symbols in images with variable illumination and presence of noise. In this paper, a particular solution for QR code detection in uncontrolled environments is presented. The proposal consists in recognizing geometrical features of QR code using a binary large object- (BLOB- based algorithm with subsequent iterative filtering QR symbol position detection patterns that do not require complex processing and training of classifiers frequently used for these purposes. The high precision and speed are achieved by adaptive threshold binarization of integral images. In contrast to well-known scanners, which fail to detect QR code with medium to strong blurring, significant nonuniform illumination, considerable symbol deformations, and noising, the proposed technique provides high recognition rate of 80%–100% with a speed compatible to real-time applications. In particular, speed varies from 200 ms to 800 ms per single or multiple QR code detected simultaneously in images with resolution from 640 × 480 to 4080 × 2720, respectively.

  19. Ear Detection under Uncontrolled Conditions with Multiple Scale Faster Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks

    Yi Zhang


    Full Text Available Ear detection is an important step in ear recognition approaches. Most existing ear detection techniques are based on manually designing features or shallow learning algorithms. However, researchers found that the pose variation, occlusion, and imaging conditions provide a great challenge to the traditional ear detection methods under uncontrolled conditions. This paper proposes an efficient technique involving Multiple Scale Faster Region-based Convolutional Neural Networks (Faster R-CNN to detect ears from 2D profile images in natural images automatically. Firstly, three regions of different scales are detected to infer the information about the ear location context within the image. Then an ear region filtering approach is proposed to extract the correct ear region and eliminate the false positives automatically. In an experiment with a test set of 200 web images (with variable photographic conditions, 98% of ears were accurately detected. Experiments were likewise conducted on the Collection J2 of University of Notre Dame Biometrics Database (UND-J2 and University of Beira Interior Ear dataset (UBEAR, which contain large occlusion, scale, and pose variations. Detection rates of 100% and 98.22%, respectively, demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

  20. Outcomes of autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells for cerebral palsy: an open label uncontrolled clinical trial.

    Nguyen, Liem Thanh; Nguyen, Anh Tuan; Vu, Chinh Duy; Ngo, Doan V; Bui, Anh V


    Stem cell therapy has emerged as a promising method for improving motor function of patients with cerebral palsy. The aim of this study is to assess the safety and effectiveness of autologous bone marrow mononuclear stem cell transplantation in patients with cerebral palsy related to oxygen deprivation. An open label uncontrolled clinical trial was carried out at Vinmec International Hospital. The intervention consisted of two administrations of stem cells, the first at baseline and the second 3 months later. Improvement was monitored at 3 months and 6 months after the first administration of stem cells, using the Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM) and Modified Ashworth Score which measures muscle tone. No severe complications were recorded during the study. After transplantation, 12 patients encountered fever without infections and 9 patients experienced vomiting which was easily managed with medications. Gross motor function was markedly improved 3 months or 6 months after stem cell transplantation than at baseline. The post-transplantation GMFM-88 total score, each of its domains and the GMFM-66 percentile were all significantly higher (p-value  0.05). Autologous bone marrow mononuclear cell transplantation appears to be a safe and effective therapy for patients with cerebral palsy. Identifier: NCT02569775 . Retrospectively registered on October 15, 2015.

  1. [Non-surgical periodontal treatment in uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitus patients].

    Garzón-Sanabria, Verónica; Olmos-Bringas, Marisol; Mota-Sanhu, Vanessa; Enríquez-Bárcenas, Luis Fernando; García-Ruiz, Erika; Rivas-Ayala, Lourdes; Rojas-Jiménez, José Alberto


    To evaluate the effect of non-surgical periodontal treatment on the metabolic control, measured by HbA1c in uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with periodontal disease treated with the ADA-EASD algorithm. The study group consisted of 38 patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease, attending a benefit clinic. HbA1c measures were obtained before and after 3 months of the non-surgical periodontal treatment. T student test for dependent samples was applied with a p value less than 0.05 for statistical significance. From the total sample, 79% was female, and mean age was of 51 +/- 9.8 years old. Mean HbA1c at baseline was of 8.6 and 8% at exit. The mean reduction was statistically significant (p = 0.026). After non-surgical periodontal treatment, the prevalence of periodontal disease was of 8%. The mean of personal plaque control before and after the treatment decreased from 82.6% to 35.5% (p periodontal disease and improved personal plaque control.

  2. Diffuse and uncontrolled vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation in rapidly progressing pediatric moyamoya disease.

    Reid, Amy J; Bhattacharjee, Meenakshi B; Regalado, Ellen S; Milewicz, Allen L; El-Hakam, Lisa M; Dauser, Robert C; Milewicz, Dianna M


    Moyamoya disease is a rare stroke syndrome of unknown etiology resulting from stenosis or occlusion of the supraclinoid internal carotid artery (ICA) in association with an abnormal vascular network in the basal ganglia. Although the highest incidence of moyamoya disease is in pediatric patients, pathology reports have been primarily limited to adult samples and describe occlusive fibrocellular lesions in the intimae of affected arteries. We describe the case of a young girl with primary moyamoya disease who presented at 18 months of age with right hemiparesis following an ischemic stroke. Angiography showed stenosis of the distal left ICA, left middle cerebral artery, and right ICA. An emergent left-sided dural inversion was performed. Recurrent strokes and alternating hemiplegia necessitated a right dural inversion 6 months later. Nonetheless, her aggressive disease proved uniquely refractory to surgical revascularization, and she succumbed to recurrent strokes and neurological deterioration at 2.5 years of age. Pathological specimens revealed a striking bilateral occlusion of the anterior carotid circulation resulting from intimal proliferation of smooth muscle cells (SMCs). Most strikingly, the ascending aorta and the superior mesenteric artery demonstrated similar intimal proliferation, along with SMC proliferation in the media. The systemic pathology involving multiple arteries in this extremely young child, the first case of its kind available for autopsy, suggests that globally uncontrolled SMC proliferation, in the absence of environmental risk factors and likely resulting from an underlying genetic alteration, may be a primary etiologic event leading to moyamoya disease.

  3. Detecting non-adherence by urine analysis in patients with uncontrolled hypertension: rates, reasons and reactions.

    Pucci, M; Martin, U


    Poor adherence with pharmacotherapy is well recognised as one of the main barriers to achieving satisfactory blood pressure control, although accurately measuring patient adherence has historically been very challenging. Urine analysis by high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry has recently become routinely available as a method of screening for non-adherence. In addition to measuring rates of adherence in hypertensive patients, this study aimed to investigate the reasons for non-adherence given by patients and how patients react when they are informed of their results. This was a retrospective observational study looking at results from the routine use of this assay in a specialist hypertension clinic in Birmingham, UK, in patients with uncontrolled hypertension and those under consideration for renal denervation. Out of the 131 patients analysed, only 67 (51%) were taking all their medications as prescribed. Forty-three patients (33%) were taking some of their medications, whilst 21 patients (16%) were completely non-adherent. The most common reasons cited for non-adherence were adverse effects of medication and forgetfulness. Adherence rates for thiazide/thiazide-like diuretics and spironolactone were lower than for other classes of antihypertensive drug. Despite the objective nature and high sensitivity of the test, 36% of non-adherent patients disputed the results. A minority of patients did not attend follow-up. Further research investigating the implications of a 'non-adherence' result on the patient-clinician relationship is required.

  4. Detection of melanoma from dermoscopic images of naevi acquired under uncontrolled conditions.

    Tenenhaus, Arthur; Nkengne, Alex; Horn, Jean-François; Serruys, Camille; Giron, Alain; Fertil, Bernard


    Several systems for the diagnosis of melanoma from images of naevi obtained under controlled conditions have demonstrated comparable efficiency with dermatologists. However, their robustness to analyze daily routine images was sometimes questionable. The purpose of this work is to investigate to what extent the automatic melanoma diagnosis may be achieved from the analysis of uncontrolled images of pigmented skin lesions. Images were acquired during regular practice by two dermatologists using Reflex 24 x 36 cameras combined with Heine Delta 10 dermascopes. The images were then digitalized using a scanner. In addition, five senior dermatologists were asked to give the diagnosis and therapeutic decision (exeresis) for 227 images of naevi, together with an opinion about the existence of malignancy-predictive features. Meanwhile, a learning by sample classifier for the diagnosis of melanoma was constructed, which combines image-processing with machine-learning techniques. After an automatic segmentation, geometric and colorimetric parameters were extracted from images and selected according to their efficiency in predicting malignancy features. A diagnosis was subsequently provided based on selected parameters. An extensive comparison of dermatologists' and computer results was subsequently performed. The KL-PLS-based classifier shows comparable performances with respect to dermatologists (sensitivity: 95% and specificity: 60%). The algorithm provides an original insight into the clinical knowledge of pigmented skin lesions.

  5. Effectiveness of a behavior modification program for older people with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes.

    Ounnapiruk, Liwan; Wirojratana, Virapun; Meehatchai, Nitaya; Turale, Sue


    This quasi-experimental study examined the effectiveness of a behavior modification program for diabetic control in Thai elders with uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes. Purposive sampling was used to select 30 elders from one community as an intervention group, and 30 from a neighboring community as a control group. The intervention group participated in a program of 12 weeks' duration involving activities related to group counseling, group discussion, and an empowerment process that enhanced appropriate consumption of healthy diet, medication taking, and exercise. Data were collected by interviews using a questionnaire to assess knowledge of diabetes, perceived self-efficacy, and diabetes control behavior, including fasting blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin, were examined at the baseline and three months thereafter. At program completion, the intervention group had significantly higher scores of knowledge, self-efficacy, and health behaviors than those in the control group, but blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin were not significantly different. Although nurses can use aspects of this program to benefit elders with diabetes who require support and education, further research is required to provide improved health outcomes such as better glycemic control.

  6. Optical remote sensing

    Prasad, Saurabh; Chanussot, Jocelyn


    Optical remote sensing relies on exploiting multispectral and hyper spectral imagery possessing high spatial and spectral resolutions respectively. These modalities, although useful for most remote sensing tasks, often present challenges that must be addressed for their effective exploitation. This book presents current state-of-the-art algorithms that address the following key challenges encountered in representation and analysis of such optical remotely sensed data: challenges in pre-processing images, storing and representing high dimensional data, fusing different sensor modalities, patter


    remote sensing from satellites. Sensing of oceanographic variables from aircraft began with the photographing of waves and ice. Since then remote measurement of sea surface temperatures and wave heights have become routine. Sensors tested for oceanographic applications include multi-band color cameras, radar scatterometers, infrared spectrometers and scanners, passive microwave radiometers, and radar imagers. Remote sensing has found its greatest application in providing rapid coverage of large oceanographic areas for synoptic and analysis and

  8. Remote Maintenance Monitoring System -

    Department of Transportation — The Remote Maintenance and Monitoring System (RMMS) is a collection of subsystems that includes telecommunication components, hardware, and software, which serve to...

  9. Remote Systems Design & Deployment

    Bailey, Sharon A.; Baker, Carl P.; Valdez, Patrick LJ


    The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) was tasked by Washington River Protection Solutions, LLC (WRPS) to provide information and lessons learned relating to the design, development and deployment of remote systems, particularly remote arm/manipulator systems. This report reflects PNNL’s experience with remote systems and lays out the most important activities that need to be completed to successfully design, build, deploy and operate remote systems in radioactive and chemically contaminated environments. It also contains lessons learned from PNNL’s work experiences, and the work of others in the national laboratory complex.

  10. Optical Remote Sensing Laboratory

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Optical Remote Sensing Laboratory deploys rugged, cutting-edge electro-optical instrumentation for the collection of various event signatures, with expertise in...

  11. Invisible myths--On"one hundred years of solitude"from the prototype theory%隐形的神话--从原型理论解析《百年孤独》



    "One hundred years of solitude"as an immortal magic realism novel, the content is bizarre twists and turns, through the rise and fall of a family, to show the Columbia and even the history of nearly hundred years throughout Latin America, most incisive display in front of the reader. The author Garcia Marcks not only has rich imagination, but also religious allusions, local customs and legends with works, makes the integration of reality and illusion. This paper attempts to explore the prototype theory in"one hundred years of solitude", and then explain the profound connotation of the prototype system to convey.%《百年孤独》作为一部不朽的魔幻现实主义小说,内容曲折离奇,通过一个家族的兴衰历程,将哥伦比亚甚至整个拉丁美洲近百年的历史淋漓尽致的展现在读者面前。其作者加西亚·马尔克斯不仅具有丰富的想象力,同时也将宗教典故、地域风俗以及神话传说结合到作品中去,使得现实与虚幻相互融合。本文试图通过原型理论探索《百年孤独》中隐藏在“孤独”背后的一系列神话原型,进而阐释其原型体系所传达出的深刻内涵。

  12. 天道不孤:《百年孤独》中的道家思想观照%The Natural Law Is shared:Taoism Reflected inOne Hundred Years of Solitude



      从文化的视角看,《百年孤独》是一部东西文化结合的“混血儿”。这部作品所体现的宇宙观、哲学观、人生观和中国道家思想存在着某种程度的不谋而合,具体表现为:人世兴灭,天道周行;机心一起,纷争不止;天人互渗,生死同一;情爱已殇,心归枯寂。《百年孤独》在东、西方的同时成功,进一步证明了人类文明和不同文化之间存在着契合和交融的可能性。%Approached from a cultural perspective, One Hundred Years of Solitude is a hybrid of Eastern and Western cultures. The concepts of cosmology, philosophy and life embodied in this novel coincide to a certain degree with the Taoism in China. These are elaborately manifested as things like vicissitudes of life, circling of Heaven, ruses and tricks, endless wran-gles, mixing of man and nature, sharing of thick and thin, premature love and death, and depression of human nature. The suc-cess ofOne Hundred Years of Solitude in both the East and the West has further proved a possible existence of the unison and perfect harmony between human civilization and different cultures.

  13. Relations between Preference for Solitude and Psychological Adjustment in Middle Childhood and Early Adolescence:A Moderated Mediating Model%儿童中期和青春期早期独处偏好与心理适应之关系:有调节的中介效应

    刘俊升; 周颖; 李丹; 陈欣银


    Socially withdrawn children remove themselves from opportunities for social interaction. Most previous research has focused shy children (who withdraw due to a social fear and wariness), whereas less is known about children who may simply have apreference for solitude. Empirical studies have found that although preference for solitude appears to be a relatively benign form of social withdrawal in Western societies, children who prefer solitude or aloneness tend to report higher level of adjustment problems in China. However, most of the studies conducted in Western societies have relied on children’s self reports, whereas the findings in China have been based primarily on peer evaluations of preference for solitude. These methodological inconsistencies reduce the comparability of the results. Thus, the first aim of the present study was to examine the relations between Chinese children’s self-reports of preference for solitude and indices of psychological maladjustment. According to the contextual-developmental perspective, cultural context plays an important role in the development of individual social and behavioral functioning. Whereas most Western societies emphasize independence and self-expression, Chinese society places greater emphasis on interdependent ties among individuals and group harmony. As a result, children who prefer aloneness and maintain distance from the group may be viewed as anti-collective, and thus would be more likely to be rejected by peers. Such negative feedback from peers may, in turn, place unsociable children at a higher risk for psychological maladjustment. In this regard, peer relationships would be expected to play an important mediating role in the relations between preference for solitude and psychological adjustment. As compared to the middle childhood, a significant developmental change during pre-adolescence is the increased value placed on privacy and alone time. Adolescents may begin to respect unsociable individuals

  14. Impact of uncontrolled blood pressure on diagnostic accuracy of coronary flow reserve for detecting significant coronary stenosis in hypertensive patients

    LI Wei-hong; XU Wei-xian; LI Zhao-ping; LI Cui-ping; WANG Xin-yu; HE Li-yun; ZHAO Wei


    Baciground Impaired coronary flow reserve (CFR) in patients with hypertension may be caused by epicardial coronary stenosis or microvascular dysfunction.Antihypertensive treatment has been shown to improve coronary microvascular dysfunction.The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of uncontrolled blood pressure (BP) on diagnostic accuracy of CFR for detecting significant coronary stenosis.Methods A total of 98 hypertensive patients scheduled for coronary angiography (CAG) due to chest pain were studied.Of them,45 patients had uncontrolled BP (defined as the office BP >140/90 mmHg (1 mmHg=0.133 kPa) in general hypertensive patients,or >130/80 mmHg in hypertensive individuals with diabetes mellitus),and the remaining 53 patients had well-controlled BP.CFR was measured in the left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD) during adenosine triphosphate-induced hyperemia by non-invasive transthoracic Doppler echocardiography (TTDE) within 48 hours prior to CAG.Significant LAD stenosis was defined as >70% luminal narrowing.Diagnostic accuracy of CFR for detecting significant coronary stenosis was analyzed with a receiver operating characteristic analysis.Results CFR was significantly lower in patients with uncontrolled BP than in those with well-controlled BP (2.1±0.6 vs.2.6±0.9,P <0.01).Multivariate linear regression analysis of the study showed that the value of CFR was independently associated with the angiographically determined degree of LAD stenosis (β=-0.445,P <0.0001) and the presence of uncontrolled BP (β=-0.272,P=0.014).With a receiver operating characteristic analysis,CFR <2.2 was the optimal cut-off value for detecting LAD stenosis in all hypertensive patients (AUC 0.83,95%C/0.75-0.91) with a sensitivity of 75%,a specificity of 78%,and an accuracy of 77%.A significant reduction of diagnostic specificity was observed in patients with uncontrolled BP compared with those with well-controlled BP (67% vs.93%,P=0

  15. Hyperspectral remote sensing

    Eismann, Michael


    Hyperspectral remote sensing is an emerging, multidisciplinary field with diverse applications that builds on the principles of material spectroscopy, radiative transfer, imaging spectrometry, and hyperspectral data processing. This book provides a holistic treatment that captures its multidisciplinary nature, emphasizing the physical principles of hyperspectral remote sensing.

  16. Remote actuated valve implant

    McKnight, Timothy E.; Johnson, Anthony; Moise, Kenneth J.; Ericson, Milton Nance; Baba, Justin S.; Wilgen, John B.; Evans, Boyd Mccutchen


    Valve implant systems positionable within a flow passage, the systems having an inlet, an outlet, and a remotely activatable valve between the inlet and outlet, with the valves being operable to provide intermittent occlusion of the flow path. A remote field is applied to provide thermal or magnetic activation of the valves.

  17. Persistent toxic substances released from uncontrolled e-waste recycling and actions for the future

    Man, Ming [Croucher Institute for Environmental Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong); Naidu, Ravi [Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of Environments (CRC CARE), University of South Australia (Australia); Wong, Ming H., E-mail: [Croucher Institute for Environmental Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)


    The Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal was adopted on March 22, 1989 and enforced on May 5, 1992. Since then, the USA, one of the world's largest e-waste producers, has not ratified this Convention or the Basel Ban Amendment. Communities are still debating the legal loophole, which permits the export of whole products to other countries provided it is not for recycling. In January 2011, China's WEEE Directive was implemented, providing stricter control over e-waste imports to China, including Hong Kong, while emphasizing that e-waste recycling is the producers' responsibility. China is expected to supersede the USA as the principal e-waste producer, by 2020, according to the UNEP. Uncontrolled e-waste recycling activities generate and release heavy metals and POPs into the environment, which may be re-distributed, bioaccumulated and biomagnified, with potentially adverse human health effects. Greater efforts and scientific approaches are needed for future e-product designs of minimal toxic metal and compound use, reaping greater benefits than debating the definition and handling responsibilities of e-waste recycling. - Highlights: ► We recommended to ban uses of deca-BDE in addition to penta- and octa-BDEs. ► We suggested to replace PVC in electronic products with non-chlorinated polymers. ► Spend less time on debating responsibilities and definition of e-waste and recycling. ► Proposed to work more on eliminating sources and potentials of toxic substances.

  18. The influence of cognition, anxiety and psychiatric disorders over treatment adherence in uncontrolled hypertensive patients.

    Úrsula Jacobs

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Poor adherence is estimated to cause 125 thousand deaths per year and is linked to 10% of all hospital stays in the U.S. Up to one third of elderly hypertensive patients don't have adherence, which is responsible for high proportion of hospitalizations. Hypertension is also related to poor performance in tests that assess cognitive functions. On the other hand, poor cognitive performance is associated with low adherence to treatment. OBJECTIVE: To assess the association between cognitive function, anxiety and psychiatric disorders with adherence to drug treatment in patients with hypertension. METHODOLOGY AND PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: This a cohort studies with 56 adult patients with uncontrolled hypertension who participated of all meetings of a pharmaceutical intervention in a randomized clinical trial of pharmaceutical care. Cognitive function was measured by the Mini Mental State Examination (Mini-mental. The memory was measured by digit and word spans, tower and church shadow test, short story test and metamemory. Anxiety and psychiatric disorders were evaluated by the State Trace Anxiety Inventory and the Self-Report Questionnaire, respectively. The participants were classified as adherent or non-adherent to the drug treatment, according to the identification of plasma levels of hydrochlorothiazide. All non-adherent patients (n = 12 and 35 out 44 (79.5% patients with adherence to treatment had at least one memory test with an altered score (P = 0.180. Participants with an unsatisfactory score in the Mini-mental had six-fold higher risk of non-adherence to treatment when compared to those with a normal score (RR = 5.8; CI 95%: 1.6-20.8; P = 0.007. The scores of anxiety and psychiatric disorders were not associated with adherence to the pharmacological treatment. CONCLUSION: Cognitive deficit impairs adherence to drug therapy and should be screened as part of a program of pharmaceutical care to improve adherence to

  19. Behavior of two-wheelers at limited priority uncontrolled T-intersections

    Gopal R. Patil


    Full Text Available Being convenient and affordable, motorized two-wheeler is the most widely used personal mode for short and medium distance trips in India, thereby resulting in a very high concentration of two-wheelers on Indian roads. Its compact size and aggressive nature of two-wheeler riders have significant impact on the overall traffic characteristics and safety. A large number of unsignalized intersections in India do not have stop or yield sign, and even if it exists, drivers in general do not follow the intended priorities. The combinations of these factors create complex conditions at unsignalized intersections. At some intersections, where the drivers clearly perceive major and minor roads, priority rules are followed to a certain extent. Such partially controlled intersections where limited priorities are observed are studied here. The focus of this paper is on analyzing and modeling gap acceptance behavior of two-wheelers at limited priority unsignalized T-intersections in India. The data collected at four intersections revealed that accepted gaps/lags follow lognormal distribution. Logit models are developed for major and minor road right turnings which show that the probability of accepting a gap is higher if the driver is young, the conflicting vehicle is a two-wheeler, or both. Critical gap values are estimated using Raff's method, lag method, Ashworth's method, logit method, and maximum likelihood method. These values vary from 2.38 to 3.06 s for major road right turning and 2.77 to 3.71 s for minor road right turning. The maximum likelihood method is found to give the most consistent values. The findings of this study are useful in developing performance and safety evaluation of uncontrolled intersections in India.

  20. Overcoming barriers to intranasal corticosteroid use in patients with uncontrolled allergic rhinitis

    Bridgeman MB


    Full Text Available Mary Barna Bridgeman1,2 1Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administration, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Piscataway, NJ, USA; 2Department of Pharmacy, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ, USA Abstract: Patients suffering from allergic rhinitis often attempt to self-manage their ­symptoms and may seek advice from pharmacists about nonprescription product choices. Several drug classes, both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC, are available, including intranasal corticosteroids (INCSs; oral, intranasal, and ocular antihistamines; leukotriene antagonists; and topical and systemic decongestants, as well as immunotherapies. Selection of the optimal treatment approach depends on the temporal pattern, frequency, and severity of symptoms as well as the patient’s age. Nasal congestion is typically the most bothersome symptom, although rhinorrhea, postnasal drip, and ocular symptoms are also problematic. Together, these symptoms may adversely impact the quality of life, work productivity, sleep quality, and the ability to perform daily activities, particularly when uncontrolled. Practice guidelines recognize that INCSs are the most effective medications for controlling allergic rhinitis symptoms, including nasal congestion. Available INCS products have comparable safety and efficacy profiles, but they differ in formulation characteristics and sensory attributes. Several barriers can impede the use of INCSs, including concerns about safety, misperceptions regarding the loss of response from frequent use, and undesirable sensations associated with intranasal administration. Given the increasing number of INCSs available OTC, pharmacists can help allay these concerns by discussing treatment expectations, recommending INCS products with favorable formulation characteristics, and reviewing proper use and technique for the administration of the selected product. These steps can help

  1. Recombinant-activated factor VII in patients with uncontrolled bleeding: A retrospective observational analysis

    Said D Abuhasna


    Full Text Available Background: Factor VIIa (recombinant has an off-label use to control life-threatening bleeding that is refractory to other measures and was shown to decrease transfusion requirements. Objective: The primary objective of this study was to assess the safety and effectiveness of factor VIIa (recombinant on blood transfusion requirements and coagulation parameters when used in patients whose bleeding was uncorrected by other means. The pharmacoeconomic impact for any discrepancy from our protocol was evaluated. Secondary outcomes included 4-hour and 28-day mortality, as well as safety of this agent in terms of thromboembolic complications. Materials and Methods: We retrospectively evaluated patients who received recombinant-activated factor VII (rFVIIa for uncontrolled bleeding from June 2008 to April 2011. The medical records of 33 patients were evaluated. Coagulation parameters and blood products were determined 24 hours before and 24 hours after administration of rFVIIa, and the results compared. Patients were also screened for any thromboembolic complications. Results: Administration of rFVIIa reduced blood transfusion requirements and improved coagulation parameters significantly (P<0.05. No thromboembolic complications were reported. Most of the dosing was consistent with those recommended in our institutional protocol, with discrepancies resulting in an average cost of $56 058. Moreover, pH was reported in only 67% of patients. All patients treated with rFVIIa survived up to 4 hours after receiving this agent, while the 28-day mortality was 24% (8/33. Conclusion: The use of rFVIIa appears to be safe and effective in promoting hemostasis, as evident from reducing transfusion requirements and improving the coagulation variables.

  2. Factors associated with severe uncontrolled asthma and the perception of control by physicians and patients.

    Vennera, María del Carmen; Picado, César; Herráez, Lys; Galera, Jordi; Casafont, Jordi


    Despite current treatments, more than half of patients with asthma are not controlled. The objective was to evaluate the correlation between control perceived by patients and physicians, compared with control evaluated according to criteria of the Spanish Guidelines for Asthma Management (GEMA), and to investigate the factors associated with that control. Multicenter, cross-sectional, observational study including 343 patients with severe persistent asthma according to GEMA criteria seen in the Department of Pulmonology and Allergology. The correlation between asthma control perceived by the patient, the physician and according to clinical judgment based on the GEMA criteria was calculated, and a multivariate analysis was used to determine variables related to the perception of asthma control. According to GEMA criteria, only 10.2% of patients were well controlled, 27.7% had partial control and 62.1% were poorly controlled. Both the physicians and the patients overestimated control: 75.8% and 59.3% of patients had controlled asthma according to the patient and the physician, respectively, and were not controlled according to GEMA (P<.0001). Patients with uncontrolled asthma according GEMA had higher body mass index (P=.006) and physical inactivity (P=.016). Factors associated with a perceived lack of control by both physicians and patients were: nocturnal awakenings (≥ 1 day/week), frequent use of rescue medication (≥ 5 days/week) and significant limitation in activities. Discrepant factors between physicians and patients were dyspnea and emergency room visits (patients only), FEV1 ≤ 80% and a poorer understanding of the disease by the patient (physicians only). Only 10% of patients with severe asthma evaluated in this study are controlled according to GEMA criteria. Patients and physicians overestimate control and the overestimation by patients is greater. Physical inactivity and obesity are associated with a lack of control according to GEMA. Copyright

  3. Examination of Temporal Changes of Tekirdağ City Center with Remote Sensing

    M. Özyavuz

    Full Text Available Uncontrolled spatiotemporal changes in large urban areas can produce several problems such as environmental pollution, diminishing valuable agricultural lands; irregular industrialization and urbanization due to number and proportion of residents continue to increase. Remote sensing and GIS have become important tools to evaluate uncontrolled temporal changes in urban areas, because these techniques allow examination and management large amount of spatial and tabular data which would be impossible using manual interpretation. In this study, 2000 and 2010 Landsat TM satellite images and ancillary data were used to detect urban changes. Results showed that the city is expanding 6,3 percent annually. As a result of the classification and evaluation, it was determined that 580,57 ha. lands was converted to urban areas between the years 2000-2010.

  4. Counterfactual reasoning for regretted situations involving controllable versus uncontrollable events: the modulating role of contingent self-esteem.

    Wilkinson, Meredith R; Ball, Linden J; Alford, David


    We report a study that examined the modulating impact of contingent self-esteem on regret intensity for regretted outcomes associated with controllable versus uncontrollable events. The Contingent Self-Esteem Scale (e.g., Kernis & Goldman, 2006) was used to assess the extent to which a person's sense of self-worth is based on self and others' expectations. We found that there was an influence of self-esteem contingency for controllable but not for uncontrollable regret types. For controllable regret types individuals with a high contingent (i.e., unstable) self-esteem reported greater regret intensity than those with a low contingent (i.e., stable) self-esteem. We interpret this finding as reflecting a functional and adaptive role of high contingent self-esteem in terms of mobilizing the application of counterfactual reasoning and planning mechanisms that can enable personal expectations to be achieved in the future.

  5. Counterfactual Reasoning for Regretted Situations Involving Controllable Versus Uncontrollable Events: The Modulating Role of Contingent Self-Esteem

    Wilkinson, Meredith R.; Ball, Linden J.; Alford, David


    We report a study that examined the modulating impact of contingent self-esteem on regret intensity for regretted outcomes associated with controllable versus uncontrollable events. The Contingent Self-Esteem Scale (e.g., Kernis & Goldman, 2006) was used to assess the extent to which a person’s sense of self-worth is based on self and others’ expectations. We found that there was an influence of self-esteem contingency for controllable but not for uncontrollable regret types. For controllable regret types individuals with a high contingent (i.e., unstable) self-esteem reported greater regret intensity than those with a low contingent (i.e., stable) self-esteem. We interpret this finding as reflecting a functional and adaptive role of high contingent self-esteem in terms of mobilizing the application of counterfactual reasoning and planning mechanisms that can enable personal expectations to be achieved in the future. PMID:25883697

  6. Ten Thousand Years of Solitude

    Benford, G. (Los Alamos National Lab., NM (USA) California Univ., Irvine, CA (USA). Dept. of Physics); Kirkwood, C.W. (Los Alamos National Lab., NM (USA) Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ (USA). Coll. of Business Administration); Harry, O. (Los Alamos National Lab., NM (USA)); Pasqualetti, M.J. (Los Alamos National Lab., NM (USA) Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ (USA))


    This report documents the authors work as an expert team advising the US Department of Energy on modes of inadvertent intrusion over the next 10,000 years into the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) nuclear waste repository. Credible types of potential future accidental intrusion into the WIPP are estimated as a basis for creating warning markers to prevent inadvertent intrusion. A six-step process is used to structure possible scenarios for such intrusion, and it is concluded that the probability of inadvertent intrusion into the WIPP repository over the next ten thousand years lies between one and twenty-five percent. 3 figs., 5 tabs.

  7. Determinants of uncontrolled hypertension in adult type 2 diabetes mellitus: an analysis of the Malaysian diabetes registry 2009

    Chew Boon How


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Uncontrolled blood pressure (BP is a significant contributor of morbidity and even mortality in type 2 diabetes (T2D patients. This study was done to determine the significant determinants of uncontrolled blood pressure in T2D patients in Malaysia. Methods Between 1st January 2009 to 31st December 2009, data from 70 889 patients with Type 2 diabetes was obtained from the Adult Diabetes Control and Management Registry for analysis; 303 centers participated in the study. Their demographic characteristics, the nature of their diabetes, their state of hypertension, treatment modalities, risk factors, and complications are described. Based on their most recent BP values, subjects were divided into controlled BP and uncontrolled BP and their clinical determinants compared. Independent determinants were identified using multivariate logistic regression. Results The mean age of patients at diagnosis of diabetes was 52.3 ± 11.1 years old. Most were women (59.0 % and of Malay ethnicity (61.9 %. The mean duration of diabetes was 5.9 ± 5.6 years. A total of 57.4 % were hypertensive. Of the 56 503 blood pressure (BP measured, 13 280 (23.5 % patients had BP two anti-hypertensive agents. Health clinics without doctor, older age (≥ 50 years old, shorter duration of diabetes ( Conclusions Major independent determinants of uncontrolled BP in our group of T2D patients were Malay ethnicity, older age, recent diagnosis of diabetes, overweight and follow-up at health clinics without a doctor and possibly the improper use of anti hypertensive agent. More effort, education and resources, especially in the primary health care centres are needed to improve hypertensive care among our patients with diabetes.

  8. Out of control mortality matters: the effect of perceived uncontrollable mortality risk on a health-related decision

    Gillian V. Pepper


    Full Text Available Prior evidence from the public health literature suggests that both control beliefs and perceived threats to life are important for health behaviour. Our previously presented theoretical model generated the more specific hypothesis that uncontrollable, but not controllable, personal mortality risk should alter the payoff from investment in health protection behaviours. We carried out three experiments to test whether altering the perceived controllability of mortality risk would affect a health-related decision. Experiment 1 demonstrated that a mortality prime could be used to alter a health-related decision: the choice between a healthier food reward (fruit and an unhealthy alternative (chocolate. Experiment 2 demonstrated that it is the controllability of the mortality risk being primed that generates the effect, rather than mortality risk per se. Experiment 3 showed that the effect could be seen in a surreptitious experiment that was not explicitly health related. Our results suggest that perceptions about the controllability of mortality risk may be an important factor in people’s health-related decisions. Thus, techniques for adjusting perceptions about mortality risk could be important tools for use in health interventions. More importantly, tackling those sources of mortality that people perceive to be uncontrollable could have a dual purpose: making neighbourhoods and workplaces safer would have the primary benefit of reducing uncontrollable mortality risk, which could lead to a secondary benefit from improved health behaviours.

  9. Ability of bacteriophage in resolving wound infection caused by multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in uncontrolled diabetic rats.

    Shivaswamy, VinodKumar Chickmangalure; Kalasuramath, Suneeta Basavaraj; Sadanand, Chethan Kumar; Basavaraju, Abhishek Kilagere; Ginnavaram, Varsha; Bille, Sumanth; Ukken, Sanjay Saju; Pushparaj, Usha Nandini


    Acinetobacter baumannii, a substantial nosocomial pathogen, has developed resistance to almost all available antimicrobial drugs. Bacteriophage therapy is a possible alternative treatment for multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacterial infections. In this study, we have successfully isolated bacteriophage active against clinical strains of A. baumannii by enrichment from hospital sewage sludge using representatives of those strains. The bacteriophage isolated against A. baumannii formed plaques against beta-lactamases producing strains of A. baumannii. The utility of bacteriophage specific for A. baumannii to resolve wound infection in uncontrolled diabetic rats was evaluated. Five groups of uncontrolled diabetic rats were used. Group I was noninfected (Control), Group II was infected with MDR A. baumannii and challenged with bacteriophage, Group III was infected with MDR A. baumannii, Group IV was infected with MDR A. baumannii and challenged with antibiotic colistin, and Group V consisted of noninfected rats and sprayed with phage (Phage control). A significant decrease in infection, period of epithelization, and wound contraction was observed in the phage-challenged group when compared with antibiotic-treated uncontrolled diabetic rats and the control group. To conclude the study, new insights are provided into the biology of the broad host range of A. baumannii phage, demonstrating that A. baumannii phage has prospects for the treatment of infections caused by the MDR A. baumannii.

  10. Prevalence of Urinary Tract Infection and Antimicrobial Susceptibility among Diabetic Patients with Controlled and Uncontrolled Glycemia in Kuwait

    May Sewify


    Full Text Available Diabetic patients have higher risk of urinary tract infection (UTI. In the present study, we investigated the impact of glycemic control in diabetic patients on UTI prevalence, type of strains, and their antimicrobial drugs susceptibility. This study was conducted on urine samples from 722 adult diabetic patients from which 252 (35% samples were positive for uropathogens. Most UTI cases occurred in the uncontrolled glycemic group (197 patients versus 55 patients with controlled glycemia. Higher glycemic levels were measured in uncontrolled glycemia group (HbA1c = 8.3 ± 1.5 and 5.4 ± 0.4, resp., P<0.0001. Females showed much higher prevalence of UTI than males in both glycemic groups (88.5% and 11.5%, resp., P<0.0001. In the uncontrolled glycemia group 90.9% of the UTI cases happened at ages above 40 years and a clear correlation was obtained between patient age ranges and number of UTI cases (r=0.94; P=0.017, whereas in the group with controlled glycemia no trend was observed. Escherichia coli was the predominant uropathogen followed by Klebsiella pneumoniae and they were together involved in 76.2% of UTI cases. Those species were similarly present in both diabetic groups and displayed comparable antibiotic resistance pattern. These results highlight the importance of controlling glycemia in diabetic patients to reduce the UTI regardless of age and gender.

  11. Proton irradiation in a single fraction for hepatocellular carcinoma patients with uncontrollable ascites. Technical considerations and results

    Hata, Masaharu [Tsukuba Univ., Ibaraki (Japan). Proton Medical Research Center; Tsukuba Univ., Ibaraki (Japan). Dept. of Radiation Oncology; Yokohama City Univ. Graduate School of Medicine, Kanagawa (Japan). Dept. of Radiology; Tokuuye, Koichi; Fukumitsu, Nobuyoshi; Hashimoto, Takayuki; Akine, Yasuyuki [Tsukuba Univ., Ibaraki (Japan). Proton Medical Research Center; Tsukuba Univ., Ibaraki (Japan). Dept. of Radiation Oncology; Sugahara, Shinji; Ohnishi, Kayoko; Nemoto, Keiko; Ohara, Kiyoshi [Tsukuba Univ., Ibaraki (Japan). Dept. of Radiation Oncology; Tohno, Eriko [Tsukuba Univ., Ibaraki (Japan). Dept. of Radiology; Sakae, Takeji [Tsukuba Univ., Ibaraki (Japan). Proton Medical Research Center


    Purpose: To present technical considerations and results of proton irradiation in a single fraction for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients with uncontrollable ascites. Patients and Methods: Three HCC patients with uncontrollable ascites underwent proton irradiation of 24 Gy in a single fraction. Hepatic tumors were solitary in two patients, and multiple in one, and tumor sizes were 30, 30, and 33 mm in maximum diameter. No patient had lymph node or distant metastases. The center position of radiation fields was determined and the beam range was adjusted, using CT data taken immediately before irradiation to compensate for changes in the volume of ascites. Adjustment of the beam range was within 6 mm in water-equivalent thickness. Results: All irradiated tumors showed objective responses, and were controlled during the follow-up period. Of the three patients, two were alive with no evidence of disease at 13 and 30 months, respectively, after treatment. The remaining patient died of ruptured esophageal varices 6 months after treatment. No therapy-related toxicity of grade 3 or more was observed. Conclusion: Proton beams were successfully adjusted immediately before irradiation. Single-dose irradiation with precisely adjusted proton beams may be tolerable for HCC patients with uncontrollable ascites. (orig.)


    Campos, Josemberg; Ramos, Almino; Szego, Thomaz; Zilberstein, Bruno; Feitosa, Heládio; Cohen, Ricardo


    Even considering the advance of the medical treatment in the last 20 years with new and more effective drugs, the outcomes are still disappointing as the control of obesity and type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) with a large number of patients under the medical treatment still not reaching the desired outcomes. To present a Metabolic Risk Score to better guide the surgical indication for T2DM patients with body mass index (BMI) where surgery for obesity is still controversial. Research was conducted in PubMed, Medline, PubMed Central, Scielo and Lilacs between 2003-2015 correlating headings: metabolic surgery, obesity and type 2 diabetesmellitus. In addition, representatives of the societiesinvolved, as an expert panel, issued opinions. Forty-five related articles were analyzed by evidence-based medicine criteria. Grouped opinions sought to answer the following questions: Why metabolic and not bariatric surgery?; Mechanisms involved in glycemic control; BMI as a single criterion for surgical indication for uncontrolled T2DM; Results of metabolic surgery studies in BMIestilo de vida, em parte através de mecanismos independentes da perda ponderal. Não há correlação entre o IMC inicial e perda ponderal em longo prazo com os índices de sucesso do tratamento cirúrgico. O tratamento cirúrgico é opção para os pacientes portadores de DMT2 sem adequado controle clínico, com IMC entre 30 e 35, após minuciosa avaliação seguindo os parâmetros dispostos no Escore de Risco Metabólico aqui proposto. DGYR é a técnica indicada para os pacientes selecionados no Escore, existindo a possibilidade de indicação da gastrectomia vertical para os casos em que exista contraindicação para ela. O paciente deve ser avaliado por equipe multiprofissional envolvida na indicação, preparo e acompanhamento após as operações e acompanhados com monitorização de complicações micro e macrovasculares.

  13. High-circulating leptin levels are associated with increased blood pressure in uncontrolled resistant hypertension.

    de Haro Moraes, C; Figueiredo, V N; de Faria, A P C; Barbaro, N R; Sabbatini, A R; Quinaglia, T; Ferreira-Melo, S E; Martins, L C; Demacq, C; Júnior, H M


    Leptin and aldosterone have been associated with the pathophysiological mechanisms of hypertension. However, despite studies showing the association of leptin with intima-media thickness, arterial distensibility and sympathetic nerve activation, the relationship between leptin and blood pressure (BP) in resistant hypertension (RHTN) is unknown. We aimed to assess the correlation of plasma leptin and aldosterone levels with BP in uncontrolled controlled RHTN (UCRHTN) and CRHTN patients. Plasma leptin and aldosterone levels, office BP, ambulatory BP monitoring and heart rate were measured in 41 UCRHTN, 39 CRHTN and 31 well-controlled HTN patients. No differences were observed between the three groups regarding gender, body mass index and age. The UCRHTN group had increased leptin when compared with CRHTN and well-controlled HTN patients (38.2±21.4, 19.6±8.7 and 20.94±13.9 ng ml(-1), respectively; P<0.05). Aldosterone levels values were also statistically different when comparing RHTN, CRHTN and well-controlled HTN patients (9.6±3.8, 8.1±5.0 and 8.0±4.7 ng dl(-1), respectively; P<0.05). As expected, UCRHTN patients had higher heart rate values compared with CRHTN and well-controlled HTN patients (86.2±7.2, 83.5±6.7 and 83.4±8.5, respectively; P<0.05). Plasma leptin positively correlated with systolic (SBP) and diastolic BP (DBP), and aldosterone (r=0.43, 0.35 and 0.47, respectively; all P<0.05) in UCRHTN, but neither in the CRHTN nor in the HTN group. Simple linear regression showed that SBP, DBP and aldosterone may be predicted by leptin (r(2)=0.16, 0.15 and 0.19, respectively; all P<0.05) only in the UCRHTN subgroup. In conclusion, UCRHTN patients have higher circulating leptin levels associated with increased plasma aldosterone and BP levels when compared with CRHTN and HTN subjects.

  14. Uncontrolled Manifold Reference Feedback Control of Multi-Joint Robot Arms.

    Togo, Shunta; Kagawa, Takahiro; Uno, Yoji


    The brain must coordinate with redundant bodies to perform motion tasks. The aim of the present study is to propose a novel control model that predicts the characteristics of human joint coordination at a behavioral level. To evaluate the joint coordination, an uncontrolled manifold (UCM) analysis that focuses on the trial-to-trial variance of joints has been proposed. The UCM is a nonlinear manifold associated with redundant kinematics. In this study, we directly applied the notion of the UCM to our proposed control model called the "UCM reference feedback control." To simplify the problem, the present study considered how the redundant joints were controlled to regulate a given target hand position. We considered a conventional method that pre-determined a unique target joint trajectory by inverse kinematics or any other optimization method. In contrast, our proposed control method generates a UCM as a control target at each time step. The target UCM is a subspace of joint angles whose variability does not affect the hand position. The joint combination in the target UCM is then selected so as to minimize the cost function, which consisted of the joint torque and torque change. To examine whether the proposed method could reproduce human-like joint coordination, we conducted simulation and measurement experiments. In the simulation experiments, a three-link arm with a shoulder, elbow, and wrist regulates a one-dimensional target of a hand through proposed method. In the measurement experiments, subjects performed a one-dimensional target-tracking task. The kinematics, dynamics, and joint coordination were quantitatively compared with the simulation data of the proposed method. As a result, the UCM reference feedback control could quantitatively reproduce the difference of the mean value for the end hand position between the initial postures, the peaks of the bell-shape tangential hand velocity, the sum of the squared torque, the mean value for the torque change

  15. Uncontrollable behavior or mental illness? Exploring constructions of bulimia using Q methodology.

    Churruca, Kate; Perz, Janette; Ussher, Jane M


    In medical and psychological literature bulimia is commonly described as a mental illness. However, from a social constructionist perspective the meaning of bulimia will always be socially and historically situated and multiple. Thus, there is always the possibility for other understandings or constructions of bulimia to circulate in our culture, with each having distinct real-world implications for those engaging in bulimic behaviors; for instance, they might potentially influence likelihood of help-seeking and the success of treatment. This study used Q methodology to explore culturally-available constructions of bulimia nervosa. Seventy-seven adults with varying experience of eating disorders took part in this Q methodological study. Online, they were asked to rank-order 42 statements about bulimia, and then answer a series of questions about the task and their knowledge of bulimia. A by-person factor analysis was then conducted, with factors extracted using the centroid technique and a varimax rotation. Six factors satisfied selection criteria and were subsequently interpreted. Factor A, "bulimia as uncontrolled behavior", positions bulimia as a behavioral rather than psychological issue. Factor B, entitled "bulimia is a distressing mental illness", reflects an understanding of bulimic behaviors as a dysfunctional coping mechanism, which is often found in psychological literature. Other perspectives position bulimia as about "self-medicating with food" (Factor C), "the pathological pursuit of thinness" (Factor D), "being the best at being thin" (Factor E), or as "extreme behavior vs. mentally ill" (Factor F). These constructions have distinct implications for the subjective experience and behavior of those engaged in bulimic behaviors, with some constructions possibly being more useful in terms of help-seeking (Factor B), while others position these individuals in ways that may be distressing, for instance as shallow (Factor D) or to blame (Factor E). This

  16. Remote Sensing Information Gateway

    Remote Sensing Information Gateway, a tool that allows scientists, researchers and decision makers to access a variety of multi-terabyte, environmental datasets and to subset the data and obtain only needed variables, greatly improving the download time.

  17. Remote Control Reading.

    Ervin, Helen


    Explains how students who have difficulty remembering what they have read may be taught how to reread sections of text by suggesting to them that reading is analogous to watching a video with the remote control in hand. (TB)

  18. Assessing the Impact of a Remote Digital Coaching Engagement Program on Patient Reported Outcomes in Asthma.

    Rasulnia, Mazi; Burton, Billy Stephen; Ginter, Robert P; Wang, Tracy Y; Pleasants, Roy Alton; Green, Cynthia L; Lugogo, Njira


    Low adherence and poor outcomes provide opportunity for digital coaching to engage patients with uncontrolled asthma in their care to improve outcomes. To examine the impact of a remote digital coaching program on asthma control and patient experience. We recruited 51 adults with uncontrolled asthma, denoted by albuterol use of > 2 times per week and/or exacerbations requiring corticosteroids, and applied a 12-week patient-centered remote digital coaching program using a combination of educational pamphlets, symptom trackers, best peak flow establishment, physical activity, and dietary counseling, as well as coaches who implemented emotional enforcement  to motivate disease self-management through telephone, text, and email. Baseline and post-intervention measures were quality of life (QOL), spirometry, Asthma Control Test (ACT), Asthma Symptom Utility Index (ASUI), rescue albuterol use, and exacerbation history. Among 51 patients recruited, 40 completed the study. Eight subjects required assistance reading medical materials. Significant improvements from baseline were observed for PROMIS mental status (p = 0.010), body weight and outpatient exacerbation frequency (p = 0.028). The changes from baseline in ACT (p = 0.005) was statistically significant but did not achieve the pre-specified minimum clinically important difference (MCID). Whereas for ASUI, the MCID and statistical significance were achieved. Spirometry and rescue albuterol use were no different. A patient-oriented, remote digital coaching program that utilized trained health coaches and digital materials led to statistically significant improvement in mental status, outpatient exacerbations, body weight, and ASUI. Digital coaching programs may improve some outcomes in adults with uncontrolled asthma.

  19. The Antihypertensive Efficacy of Chlorthalidone and Telmisartan in Indian Hypertensive Patients who were Uncontrolled with Hydrochlorothiazide and Telmisartan Combination-A Prospective and an Open Label Study

    Sagarad, Suresh V; Kerure, Sudha Biradar; Kumar S, Chaitanya; Ramakrishna


    Objective: The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the antihypertensive efficacy of the chlorthalidone and telmisartan combination in Indian hypertensive patients who remained uncontrolled after taking the hydrochlorothiazide and telmisartan combination.

  20. Participation in a farmers' market fruit and vegetable prescription program at a federally qualified health center improves hemoglobin A1C in low income uncontrolled diabetics

    Richard Bryce


    Access to a fruit and vegetable prescription program over a 13-week period led to decreased HbA1C concentrations in uncontrolled type 2 diabetic patients living in an urban area of predominately-lower socioeconomic status.

  1. LIDAR and atmosphere remote sensing

    Venkataraman, S


    Full Text Available and to consist of theory and practical exercises • Theory: Remote sensing process, Photogrammetry, introduction to multispectral, remote sensing systems, Thermal infra-red remote sensing, Active and passive remote sensing, LIDAR, Application of remotely... Aerosol measurements and cloud characteristics head2right Water vapour measurements in the lower troposphere region up to 8 km head2right Ozone measurements in the troposphere regions up to 18 km Slide 22 © CSIR 2008 www...

  2. Automated office and home phone-transmitted blood pressure recordings in uncontrolled hypertension treated with valsartan and hydrochlorothiazide.

    Girerd, Xavier; Denolle, Thierry; Yau, Caroline; Fiquet, Béatrice; Brunel, Patrick; Moulin, Bruno; Herpin, Daniel


    The study objective was to evaluate, by means of automated office and phone-transmitted home blood pressure (OBP and HBP) recordings, the effects of a fixed combination of valsartan 160 mg and hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) 25 mg in hypertensive patients previously uncontrolled with the combination of an angiotensin receptor antagonist and HCTZ. From 241 selected patients, 171 (71%) had uncontrolled hypertension OBP and HBP [mean baseline OBP and HBP systolic and diastolic (SBP/DBP): 157/91 and 152/87 mmHg]. In this open-design study, patients were directly switched from other angiotensin receptor blocker combination products to valsartan/HCTZ for 6 weeks. The same validated automated device was used for OBP and HBP recordings. At baseline, mean HBP was 152 +/- 15/87 +/- 10 mmHg and mean OBP was 157 +/- 12/91 +/- 9 mmHg. After 6 weeks of treatment with valsartan 160 mg and HCTZ 25 mg, a significant decrease in BP was observed both at home (146 +/- 17/83 +/- 12 mmHg) and at the office (151 +/- 18/87 +/- 11 mmHg), with a difference from baseline of -4 mmHg, p home control was 24% and 23% respectively, with a kappa index at 0.459. Elevated OBP only (office hypertension) was observed in 3.6% and elevated HBP only (masked hypertension) in 10% of patients. In conclusion, treatment with valsartan and HCTZ 25 mg in patients with confirmed uncontrolled hypertension induced a clinically relevant decrease in BP with approximately 23% of additional patients strictly controlled with a single tablet. The use of an automated oscillometric device at the office and at home allowed the detection of controlled subjects with good agreement.

  3. A Systematic Review: Family Support Integrated with Diabetes Self-Management among Uncontrolled Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients.

    Pamungkas, Rian Adi; Chamroonsawasdi, Kanittha; Vatanasomboon, Paranee


    The rate of type-2 diabetes mellitus (T2D) is dramatically increasing worldwide. Continuing diabetes mellitus (DM) care needs effective self-management education and support for both patients and family members. This study aimed to review and describe the impacts of diabetes mellitus self-management education (DSME) that involve family members on patient outcomes related to patient health behaviors and perceived self-efficacy on self-management such as medication adherence, blood glucose monitoring, diet and exercise changes, health outcomes including psychological well-being and self-efficacy, and physiological markers including body mass index, level of blood pressure, cholesterol level and glycemic control. Three databases, PubMed, CINAHL, and Scopus were reviewed for relevant articles. The search terms were "type 2 diabetes," "self-management," "diabetes self-management education (DSME)," "family support," "social support," and "uncontrolled glycaemia." Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) guidelines were used to determine which studies to include in the review. Details of the family support components of DSME intervention and the impacts of these interventions had on improving the health outcomes patients with uncontrolled glycaemia patients. A total of 22 intervention studies were identified. These studies involved different DSME strategies, different components of family support provided, and different health outcomes to be measured among T2D patients. Overall, family support had a positive impact on healthy diet, increased perceived support, higher self-efficacy, improved psychological well-being and better glycemic control. This systematic review found evidence that DSME with family support improved self-management behaviors and health outcomes among uncontrolled glycaemia T2D patients. The findings suggest DSME models that include family engagement can be a useful direction for improving diabetes care.

  4. [Lung transplantation with uncontrolled non-heart-beating donors. Transplantation. Donor prognostic factor and immediate evolution post transplant].

    Rodríguez, Diego A; Del Río, Francisco; Fuentes, Manuel E; Naranjo, Sara; Moradiellos, Javier; Gómez, David; Rubio, Juan José; Calvo, Elpidio; Varela, Andrés


    Uncontrolled donation after cardiac death (DACD) has become an alternative to lung transplantation with encephalic-death donation. The main objective of this study is to describe the incidence of clinically relevant events in the period of thirty days after lung transplant with uncontrolled DACD and the influence of factors depending on the donor and donation process as well. Historical cohort study of 33 lung transplant receivers at Hospital Puerta de Hierro and Hospital Marqués de Valdecilla with 32 DACD from Hospital Clínico San Carlos from 2002 to 2008. We studied surgical and medical complications, primary graft dysfunction, acute rejection, pneumonia and mortality. We made an evaluation of the donor characteristics and donation procedure times (minutes). Median age of recipients was 50.5 years (interquartile range, 38.5-58). There were 28 males and 5 females. Cumulative incidence of events in the first month was: pneumonia 10 (31.3%); primary graft dysfunction 15 (46.9%); rejection 12 (37.5%); mortality 4 (12.1%); medical complications 25 (78.1%); and surgical complications 18 (56.3%). Median time of cardiac arrest was higher in those who presented pneumonia (15 vs. 7.5; p = 0.027). Median time of cold ischemia was higher in those who presented surgical complications and mortality (436 vs. 343.5; p = 0.04; 505 vs. 410; p = 0.033, respectively), and median of total ischemia times were longer in the recipients who died (828 vs. 695; p = 0.036). Uncontrolled DACD are a valid alternative for expanding the donor pool in order to mitigate the current shortage of lungs that are valid for transplantation. The incidence of complications is comparable with published data in the literature. Copyright © 2010 SEPAR. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  5. Burden and Socio-Behavioral Correlates of Uncontrolled Abnormal Glucose Metabolism in an Urban Population of India

    Mahapatra, Tanmay; Chakraborty, Kaushik; Mahapatra, Sanchita; Mahapatra, Umakanta; Pandey, Naren; Thomson, Peter L.; Musk, Arthur W.; Mitra, Ramendra N.


    Background Progressive burden of diabetes mellitus is a major concern in India. Data on the predictors of poor glycemic control among diabetics are scanty. A population-based cross-sectional study nested in an urban cohort was thus conducted in West Bengal, India to determine the burden and correlates of total and uncontrolled abnormalities in glucose metabolism (AGM) in a representative population. Methods From 9046 adult cohort-members, 269 randomly selected consenting subjects (non-response = 7.24%) were interviewed, examined [blood pressure (BP), anthropometry], tested for fasting plasma glucose (FPG) and glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1C). Those having pre-diagnosed diabetes or FPG ≥126 or HbA1c≥6.5 were defined as diabetic. Among non-diabetics, subjects with FPG (mg/dl) = 100–125 or HbA1C(%) = 5.7–6.4 were defined as pre-diabetic. Pre-diagnosed cases with current FPG ≥126 were defined as uncontrolled AGM. Descriptive and regression analyses were conducted using SAS-9.3.2. Results Among participants, 28.62% [95% Confidence Interval (95%CI) = 23.19–34.06)] were overweight [body mass index(BMI) = (25–29.99)kg/meter2], 7.81% (4.58–11.03) were obese(BMI≥30kg/meter2), 20.82% (15.93–25.70) were current smokers, 12.64% (8.64–16.64) were current alcohol-drinkers and 46.32% of responders (39.16–53.47) had family history of diabetes. 17.84% (13.24–22.45) had stage-I [140≤average systolic BP (AvSBP in mm of mercury)business-owners [OR = 25.53(24.91–16.18)], retired [OR = 46.53(45.38–47.72)], ex-smokers [OR = 4.75(1.09–20.78)], ex-drinkers [OR = 22.43(4.62–108.81)] and hypertensives [ORStage II = 13.17(1.29–134.03)] were more likely to have uncontrolled AGM. Conclusions Burden of uncontrolled AGM was high among participants. Efforts to curb the diabetes epidemic in urban India should include interventions targeting appropriate diabetic control among relatively older persons, unemployed, business-owners, retired, ex-smokers, ex

  6. Runoff source control strategies and uncontrolled changes in an urban catchment. Case-study of 'Village Parisien

    Petrucci, Guido


    In the « Village Parisien » district, in Champigny-sur-Marne, several sewer overflows have been observed. The district (23 ha) is mainly occupied by detached private housing. On 30% of the houses, the county administration installed cisterns for roofs rainwater harvesting. This paper describes a hydrological analysis of the district before and after cisterns' installation. We calibrated the SWMM 5 model using a genetic algorithm, in order to show the evolutions occurred on the district's hydrology on a 3-years period. The results show that uncontrolled anthropogenic changes in imperviousness and flowpaths have effects of the same magnitude that the cisterns' installation.

  7. Extended spectrum β-lactamase producing Shigella flexneri serotype-2 causing bacteremia in a patient with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus

    Marilyn M Ninan


    Full Text Available We report a case of Shigella flexneri serotype-2 causing bacteremia in an elderly gentleman with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, who had no other apparent risk factors. Antibiotic susceptibility testing revealed that the organism was a multidrug resistant extended spectrum beta-lactamase producing straian, which was confirmed by molecular characterization. This rare case alerts both the clinician and microbiologist to a previously unaddressed risk factor of Shigella spp. causing bacteremia, as well as emerging resistant strains that are on the rise in immunocompromised patients.

  8. The Uncontrollable Mnemonic Fragments within Consciousness Reflecting Ophelia’s and Lady Macbeth’s Disturbed Minds

    Ekmekçioğlu Neslihan


    Full Text Available Memory plays an important role in most of Shakespeare’s plays. Shakespeare delves into the dark realms of human consciousness to reflect the disturbed minds and gnawing consciences of his characters with a profound psychological insight into the human psyche. Time, memory, madness and death seem to be the basic issues dealt with in his canon. My paper will address the uncontrollable mnemonic fragments within the human consciousness which reflect past traumas, fears and disturbances and will examine the cases of Ophelia and Lady Macbeth from a feminist reading of women.

  9. Remote Nanodiamond Magnetometry

    Ruan, Yinlan; Jeske, Jan; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, Heike; Lau, Desmond W M; Ji, Hong; Johnson, Brett C; Ohshima, Takeshi; V., Shahraam Afshar; Hollenberg, Lloyd; Greentree, Andrew D; Monro, Tanya M; Gibson, Brant C


    Optical fibres have transformed the way people interact with the world and now permeate many areas of science. Optical fibres are traditionally thought of as insensitive to magnetic fields, however many application areas from mining to biomedicine would benefit from fibre-based remote magnetometry devices. In this work, we realise such a device by embedding nanoscale magnetic sensors into tellurite glass fibres. Remote magnetometry is performed on magnetically active defect centres in nanodiamonds embedded into the glass matrix. Standard optical magnetometry techniques are applied to initialize and detect local magnetic field changes with a measured sensitivity of 26 micron Tesla/square root(Hz). Our approach utilizes straight-forward optical excitation, simple focusing elements, and low power components. We demonstrate remote magnetometry by direct reporting of the magnetic ground states of nitrogen-vacancy defect centres in the optical fibres. In addition, we present and describe theoretically an all-optica...

  10. Introduction to remote sensing

    Campbell, James B


    A leading text for undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, this book introduces widely used forms of remote sensing imagery and their applications in plant sciences, hydrology, earth sciences, and land use analysis. The text provides comprehensive coverage of principal topics and serves as a framework for organizing the vast amount of remote sensing information available on the Web. Including case studies and review questions, the book's four sections and 21 chapters are carefully designed as independent units that instructors can select from as needed for their courses. Illustrations in

  11. Remote sensing image fusion

    Alparone, Luciano; Baronti, Stefano; Garzelli, Andrea


    A synthesis of more than ten years of experience, Remote Sensing Image Fusion covers methods specifically designed for remote sensing imagery. The authors supply a comprehensive classification system and rigorous mathematical description of advanced and state-of-the-art methods for pansharpening of multispectral images, fusion of hyperspectral and panchromatic images, and fusion of data from heterogeneous sensors such as optical and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images and integration of thermal and visible/near-infrared images. They also explore new trends of signal/image processing, such as

  12. 论《百年孤独》中“生死相通”的死亡观%Discussion on the Thanatopsis in One Hundred Years of Solitude

    虞江; 成秀萍


    Birth and death, which a human is definitely supposed to go through, is the beginning and ending of one’s whole life. Literature from home and abroad dwells on birth and death, concerning not only about the meaning of birth but the viewpoints of death while death deepens and widens our understanding about life. One Hundred Years of Solitude, a typical masterpiece of Latin American magical realism, describes in great detail the optimistic attitude of Latin culture when death is inevitably coming.%人的一生,必将经历生存与死亡,古今中外的文学作品,均赋予其不同的阐释。拉美魔幻现实主义的经典作品《百年孤独》,紧扣“死亡与孤独”这一主题,传递着一个至高无上的生命在深受残酷现实的压迫,甚至死亡将至时的乐观豁达的人生态度,让读者领悟到深厚而独特的拉美文化及在其熏陶下人们对死亡的另一种理解。

  13. 叙述孤独与孤独叙述——解读师陀的《果园城记》%Narrating Solitude and Solitary Narration --Interpretation of Shi Tuo' s Records of Orchard Town



    中国现代知识分子的精神孤独代代传承,抒写孤独是中国现代文学不可或缺的一个主题。1940年代的师陀更是将孤独主题在其小说集《果园城记》中发挥到了极致。在《果园城记》中,叙述孤独与孤独叙述二者有机融合,建构和彰显了文本强烈的“孤独”主题。%The modern Chinese intellectual' s lonely spirit is inherited, and expressing loneliness composes an integral part of their theme. Shi Tuo in the 1940s displayed the theme of loneliness extremely in his novel collection Records of Orchard Town. This article intends to start from the text of Records of Orchard Town, from two aspects: narrating solitude and solitary narration.

  14. 《百年孤独》与《水乳大地》魔幻叙事之比较%Comparative Study on the Magical Narration in "One Hundred Years of Solitude" and "The Harmonious Land"



    加西亚·马尔克斯的《百年孤独》是魔幻现实主义的代表作,因此而成为许多中国作家学习的案头书和范本。范稳创作的长篇小说《水乳大地》在模仿《百年孤独》同时,也极力创新。文章运用比较的方法,从魔幻叙事的角度切入,分成魔幻时空叙事、魔幻事象叙事和魔幻叙事手法三个部分来论述《百年孤独》与《水乳大地》的异同。%Garcia Marquez' s "One hundred Years of Solitude" is a representative master- piece of magical realism,which has become a model for many Chinese writers. FAN Wen' s "The Harmonious Land" is not only a mimic of the former but also an innovation. The compari- son is made from the perspective of narration : magical time-space narration, magical image nar- ration, and magical narrative method.

  15. Freedom and solitude as an interpretation of A Slow Boat to China by Haruki Murakami%自由与孤独--村上春树《去中国的小船》解读

    何忆鸽; 史锦秀


    A Slow Boat to China is a fiction that describes the metropolis solitude by Murakami .In the novel ,China only stands for a sign of place where the protagonist belongs ,so only the protagonist under-stands China .%《去中国的小船》是一篇描写都市生活中孤独者故事的小说,这也是村上春树一直以来的小说主题。小说中的“中国”不发挥指向现实社会问题的机能,它只是一个原乡的符号,是指向主人公内心的仅仅属于“我一个人的中国,是唯我一人能读懂的中国,是指向我一个人发出呼唤的中国”。

  16. [Prevalence of asymmetrical blood pressure in uncontrolled hypertensive patients is high and highly related with cardiovascular diseases prevalence].

    Allaert, F-A; Fouchères, G; Elias-Billon, I; Maigret, P


    A meta-analysis has shown that an asymmetry of the blood pressure (ABP) between arm≥15mmHg and perhaps≥10mmHg is associated with an increase of cardiovascular diseases. To describe the prevalence of ABP in patients presenting an uncontrolled blood pressure (BP) under treatment, an observational cross sectional study was conducted. Factors influencing prevalence of ABP were identified and relation of ABP with the frequency of the cardiovascular diseases or subclinicals organs damages was evaluated. A total of 2417 patients, 63.3±11.0years old, presenting uncontrolled BP (according ESC criteria) by a previous antihypertensive therapy were included. Only 36.8% (95% CI [34.9-38.7]) were presenting a between-arm difference in systolic blood pressure≥10mmHg, and 17.1% (95% CI [15.6-18.6])≥15mmHg. MRA shows systolic ABP≥10mmHg prevalence was influenced by dyslipidemia (OR: 1.5 [1.2-1.7], PABP≥10mmHg influences the frequency of sub-clinical impairment of target organ (OR: 1.6 [1.3-1.9], PABP≥15mmHg (OR: 1.6 [1.1-2.4], PABP should help to identify clinically patients with high risk of cardiovascular diseases or with subclinical organs damages.

  17. Evaluation of an mHealth Medication Regimen Self-Management Program for African American and Hispanic Uncontrolled Hypertensives.

    Davidson, Tatiana M; McGillicuddy, John; Mueller, Martina; Brunner-Jackson, Brenda; Favella, April; Anderson, Ashley; Torres, Magaly; Ruggiero, Kenneth J; Treiber, Frank A


    African Americans and Hispanics have disproportionate rates of uncontrolled essential hypertension (EH) compared to Non-Hispanic Whites. Medication non-adherence (MNA) is the leading modifiable behavior to improved blood pressure (BP) control. The Smartphone Medication Adherence Stops Hypertension (SMASH) program was developed using a patient-centered, theory-guided, iterative design process. Electronic medication trays provided reminder signals, and Short Message Service [SMS] messaging reminded subjects to monitor BP with Bluetooth-enabled monitors. Motivational and reinforcement text messages were sent to participants based upon levels of adherence. Thirty-eight African-American (18) and Hispanic (20) uncontrolled hypertensives completed clinic-based anthropometric and resting BP evaluations prior to randomization, and again at months 1, 3 and 6. Generalized linear mixed modeling (GLMM) revealed statistically significant time-by-treatment interactions (p evidence that efficacious mHealth, chronic disease, medical regimen, self-management programs can be developed following principles of patient-centered, theory-guided design.

  18. Effect of home blood pressure telemonitoring with self-care support on uncontrolled systolic hypertension in diabetics.

    Logan, Alexander G; Irvine, M Jane; McIsaac, Warren J; Tisler, Andras; Rossos, Peter G; Easty, Anthony; Feig, Denice S; Cafazzo, Joseph A


    Lowering blood pressure reduces cardiovascular risk, yet hypertension is poorly controlled in diabetic patients. In a pilot study we demonstrated that a home blood pressure telemonitoring system, which provided self-care messages on the smartphone of hypertensive diabetic patients immediately after each reading, improved blood pressure control. Messages were based on care paths defined by running averages of transmitted readings. The present study tests the system's effectiveness in a randomized, controlled trial in diabetic patients with uncontrolled systolic hypertension. Of 244 subjects screened for eligibility, 110 (45%) were randomly allocated to the intervention (n = 55) or control (n = 55) group, and 105 (95.5%) completed the 1-year outcome visit. In the intention-to-treat analysis, mean daytime ambulatory systolic blood pressure, the primary end point, decreased significantly only in the intervention group by 9.1 ± 15.6 mmHg (SD; P blood pressure telemonitoring combined with automated self-care support reduced the blood pressure of diabetic patients with uncontrolled systolic hypertension and improved hypertension control. Home blood pressure monitoring alone had no effect on blood pressure. Promoting patient self-care may have negative psychological effects.

  19. Residential Proximity to Freeways is Associated with Uncontrolled Asthma in Inner-City Hispanic Children and Adolescents

    Peter Huynh


    Full Text Available Background. Proximity to heavy traffic has been linked to increased asthma severity. However, it is unknown whether exposure to heavy traffic is associated with the ability to maintain asthma control. Objectives. This study examines whether exposure to heavy traffic is associated with the ability to maintain asthma control in inner-city children. Methods. 756 inner-city asthmatic Hispanic children were followed for one year in a pediatric asthma management program (Breathmobile. At each scheduled visit, asthma specialist tracked patients' asthma severity and managed their asthma based on the NAEPP guidelines. The patients' residential distance from the nearest freeway was calculated based on residential address at study entry. Distance to nearest freeway was used as a surrogate marker for high exposure from traffic-related air pollutants. Results. Patients who lived near a freeway were significantly more likely to have asthma that was not well controlled (=.03. Patients with intermittent and mild baseline severity have a two-fold increased risk of having asthma that is uncontrolled if they lived <2 miles from a freeway (OR=2.2, =.04. Conclusion. In children with asthma, residential proximity to freeways is associated with uncontrolled asthma.

  20. Measuring organic carbon, nutrients and heavy metals in rivers receiving leachate from controlled and uncontrolled municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills.

    Yusof, N; Haraguchi, A; Hassan, M A; Othman, M R; Wakisaka, M; Shirai, Y


    Since landfilling is the common method of waste disposal in Malaysia, river water is greatly exposed to the risk of contamination from leachate unless proper leachate management is carried out. In this study, leachates from three different types of landfills, namely active uncontrolled, active controlled and closed controlled, were characterized, and their relationships with river water chemistry were examined monthly for a year. The influence of leachate on river water chemistry from each type of landfill depended on many factors, including the presence of a leachate control mechanism, leachate characteristics, precipitation, surface runoff and the applied treatment. The impact of leachate from an active uncontrolled landfill was the highest, as the organic content, NH(4)(+)-N, Cd and Mn levels appeared high in the river. At the same time, influences of leachate were also observed from both types of controlled landfills in the form of inorganic nitrogen (NH(4)(+)-N, NO(3)(-)-N and NO(2)(-)-N) and heavy metals (Fe, Cr, Ni and Mn). Improper treatment practice led to high levels of some contaminants in the stream near the closed controlled landfill. Meanwhile, the active controlled landfill, which was located near the coastline, was exposed to the risk of contamination resulting from the pyrite oxidation of the surrounding area.

  1. Salivary Alkaline Phosphatase as a Noninvasive Marker for Periodontal Disease in Children with Uncontrolled Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.

    Sridharan, Srirangarajan; Sravani, Paruchuri; Satyanarayan, Aparna; Kiran, K; Shetty, Varun

    The aim of this pilot study was to determine whether salivary alkaline phosphatase levels can be a non invasive marker for early inflammatory periodontal disease in children with uncontrolled type 1 diabetes mellitus. 10 healthy children (group 1), 10 children with recently diagnosed type 1 diabetes mellitus (group 2) and 10 children with type 1 diabetes mellitus for more than 4 years (group 3) were recruited for the study. All three groups were matched for age, gender and socioeconomic status. Periodontal health was assessed by plaque index, gingival index and probing pocket depth. Metabolic status was assessed by glycosylated hemoglobin levels, salivary alkaline phosphatase levels were determined by spectrophotometer. Data was analyzed by Kruskal Wallis ANOVA, Mann-Whitney U test and Spearman's rank correlation method. Salivary alkaline phosphatase levels correlated significantly with the periodontal parameters in the diabetic group. An increase in salivary alkaline phosphatase levels increased with increased values of gingival index and probing pocket depth. Group 3 showed greater correlation than group 2 and group 1. At p value pperiodontal disease parameters. Salivary alkaline phosphatase levels could be a useful tool in analyzing periodontal status of children with uncontrolled type I diabetes mellitus.

  2. Small doses of arginine vasopressin in combination with norepinephrine "buy" time for definitive treatment for uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock in rats.

    Liu, Liangming; Tian, Kunlun; Xue, Mingying; Zhu, Yu; Lan, Dan; Peng, Xiaoyong; Wu, Yue; Li, Tao


    Implementation of fluid resuscitation and blood transfusion are greatly limited in prehospital or evacuation settings after severe trauma or war wounds. With uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock rats, we investigated if arginine vasopressin (AVP) in combination with norepinephrine (NE) is independent (or slightly dependent) of fluid resuscitation and can "buy" time for the subsequently definitive treatment of traumatic hemorrhagic shock in the present study. The results showed that AVP (0.4 U/kg) alone or with NE (3 μg/kg) with one-eighth and one-fourth volumes of total blood volume of lactated Ringer's infusion significantly increased and maintained the mean arterial pressure. Among all groups, 0.4 U/kg of AVP + NE (3 μg/kg) with one-eighth volume of lactated Ringer's infusion had the best effect: it significantly increased and maintained hemodynamics and prolonged the survival time. This early treatment strategy significantly improved the effects of subsequently definitive treatments (after bleeding controlled): it increased the subsequent survival, improved the hemodynamic parameters, improved the cardiac function, and increased the tissue blood flow and oxygen delivery. These results suggested that early application of small doses of AVP (0.4 U/kg) + NE before bleeding control can "buy" time for the definitive treatment of uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock, which may be an effective measure for the early treatment of traumatic hemorrhagic shock.

  3. Remote RF Battery Charging

    Visser, H.J.; Pop, V.; Op het Veld, J.H.G.; Vullers, R.J.M.


    The design of a remote RF battery charger is discussed through the analysis and design of the subsystems of a rectenna (rectifying antenna): antenna, rectifying circuit and loaded DC-to-DC voltage (buck-boost) converter. Optimum system power generation performance is obtained by adopting a system in

  4. Remote Inspection Challenge

    Roman, Harry T.


    The ability to remotely inspect equipment of an aging infrastructure is becoming of major interest to many industries. Often the ability to just get a look at a piece of critical equipment can yield very important information. With millions of miles of piping installed throughout the United States, this vast network is critical to oil, natural…


    The 2006 transgenic corn imaging research campaign has been greatly assisted through a cooperative effort with several Illinois growers who provided planting area and crop composition. This research effort was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of remote sensed imagery of var...

  6. Section summary: Remote sensing

    Belinda Arunarwati Margono


    Remote sensing is an important data source for monitoring the change of forest cover, in terms of both total removal of forest cover (deforestation), and change of canopy cover, structure and forest ecosystem services that result in forest degradation. In the context of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), forest degradation monitoring requires information...

  7. Remote sensing: best practice

    Brown, Gareth [Sgurr Energy (Canada)


    This paper presents remote sensing best practice in the wind industry. Remote sensing is a technique whereby measurements are obtained from the interaction of laser or acoustic pulses with the atmosphere. There is a vast diversity of tools and techniques available and they offer wide scope for reducing project uncertainty and risk but best practice must take into account versatility and flexibility. It should focus on the outcome in terms of results and data. However, traceability of accuracy requires comparison with conventional instruments. The framework for the Boulder protocol is given. Overviews of the guidelines for IEA SODAR and IEA LIDAR are also mentioned. The important elements of IEC 61400-12-1, an international standard for wind turbines, are given. Bankability is defined based on the Boulder protocol and a pie chart is presented that illustrates the uncertainty area covered by remote sensing. In conclusion it can be said that remote sensing is changing perceptions about how wind energy assessments can be made.

  8. Remote Agent Experiment

    Benard, Doug; Dorais, Gregory A.; Gamble, Ed; Kanefsky, Bob; Kurien, James; Millar, William; Muscettola, Nicola; Nayak, Pandu; Rouquette, Nicolas; Rajan, Kanna; Norvig, Peter (Technical Monitor)


    Remote Agent (RA) is a model-based, reusable artificial intelligence (At) software system that enables goal-based spacecraft commanding and robust fault recovery. RA was flight validated during an experiment on board of DS1 between May 17th and May 21th, 1999.

  9. Remote implementation of quantum operations

    Huelga, Susana F [Quantum Physics Group, STRI, Department of Physics, Astrophysics and Mathematics, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Herts AL10 9AB (United Kingdom); Plenio, Martin B [QOLS, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London, London SW7 2BW (United Kingdom); Xiang Guoyong [Key Laboratory of Quantum Information and Department of Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026 (China); Li Jian [Key Laboratory of Quantum Information and Department of Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026 (China); Guo Guangcan [Key Laboratory of Quantum Information and Department of Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026 (China)


    Shared entanglement allows, under certain conditions, the remote implementation of quantum operations. We revise and extend recent theoretical results on the remote control of quantum systems as well as experimental results on the remote manipulation of photonic qubits via linear optical elements.

  10. Remote Implementation of Quantum Operations

    Huelga, S F; Xiang, G Y; Guo, J L G C; Huelga, Susana F.; Plenio, Martin B.; Xiang, Guo-Yong; Guo, Jian Li}and Guang-Can


    Shared entanglement allows, under certain conditions, the remote implementation of quantum operations. We revise and extend recent theoretical results on the remote control of quantum systems as well as experimental results on the remote manipulation of photonic qubits via linear optical elements.

  11. Remote Sensing and the Earth.

    Brosius, Craig A.; And Others

    This document is designed to help senior high school students study remote sensing technology and techniques in relation to the environmental sciences. It discusses the acquisition, analysis, and use of ecological remote data. Material is divided into three sections and an appendix. Section One is an overview of the basics of remote sensing.…

  12. Remote Sensing and the Earth.

    Brosius, Craig A.; And Others

    This document is designed to help senior high school students study remote sensing technology and techniques in relation to the environmental sciences. It discusses the acquisition, analysis, and use of ecological remote data. Material is divided into three sections and an appendix. Section One is an overview of the basics of remote sensing.…

  13. AB012. Current burden of uncontrolled asthma in the general population: the OPCRD asthma state of the Union study

    Nibber, Anjan; Thomas, Mike; Thomas, Vicky; van Aalderen, Wim; Bleecker, Eugene; Campbell, Jonathan; Roche, Nicolas; Haughney, John; Van Ganse, Eric; Park, Hye-Yun; Rhee, Chin Kook; Skinner, Derek; Chisholm, Alison; van Boven, Job FM; Soriano, Joan B.; Price, David


    Background Questionnaire-based surveys report that uncontrolled asthma is common in Europe, and associated with high healthcare costs. The relationship between treatment step control are less well described. To quantify the asthma burden within routine primary care in the UK, specifically the distribution of asthma control across guideline-recommended management steps and the association between patients’ control and smoking status. Methods Patients were retrospectively identified using the Optimum Patient Care Research Database and prospectively followed-up for at least 1-year. Patients’ routine clinical data and self reports were used to assess GINA control status; clinical records were used to categorise current treatment by GINA management steps and patients’ smoking status. Results A total of 105,018 eligible asthma patients were identified, mean (SD) age 45 (23) years; 55% female; 15% current and 24% ex-smokers. Only 20% of patients were controlled, 59% were partially controlled and 21% were uncontrolled. Control was only weakly correlated to GINA management steps (Spearman’s rho=0.15, P<0.001), 27.5%, 21.5%, 20.3%, 15.1% and 12.1% achieving control across Step 1 to 5, respectively. Similarly, the proportion with uncontrolled asthma rose across higher GINA steps (12.6%, 18.2%, 19.6%, 29.2% and 36.6%). About 13% of patients experienced at least one exacerbation in the 1-year follow-up period. Frequent exacerbations (2 or more per year) were very uncommon at lower treatment steps (step 1 11.6%, step 2 12.8%) but were significantly more common at steps 3 and 4 at 18.8% and 28.2% respectively (P<0.001 for trend with ascending treatment step). Conclusions In this cohort of UK primary care asthma patients, the majority failed to achieve GINA defined control. GINA management step was only weakly correlated with control status, but higher step management was associated with a greater risk of exacerbation.

  14. Remote maintenance development for ITER

    Tada, Eisuke [Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Tokai, Ibaraki (Japan). Tokai Research Establishment; Shibanuma, Kiyoshi


    This paper describes the overall ITER remote maintenance design concept developed mainly for in-vessel components such as diverters and blankets, and outlines the ITER R and D program to develop remote handling equipment and radiation hard components. Reactor structures inside the ITER cryostat must be maintained remotely due to DT operation, making remote handling technology basic to reactor design. The overall maintenance scenario and design concepts have been developed, and maintenance design feasibility, including fabrication and testing of full-scale in-vessel remote maintenance handling equipment and tool, is being verified. (author)

  15. Hopf bifurcation and uncontrolled stochastic traffic-induced chaos in an RED-AQM congestion control system

    Wang, Jun-Song; Yuan, Rui-Xi; Gao, Zhi-Wei; Wang, De-Jin


    We study the Hopf bifurcation and the chaos phenomena in a random early detection-based active queue management (RED-AQM) congestion control system with a communication delay. We prove that there is a critical value of the communication delay for the stability of the RED-AQM control system. Furthermore, we show that the system will lose its stability and Hopf bifurcations will occur when the delay exceeds the critical value. When the delay is close to its critical value, we demonstrate that typical chaos patterns may be induced by the uncontrolled stochastic traffic in the RED-AQM control system even if the system is still stable, which reveals a new route to the chaos besides the bifurcation in the network congestion control system. Numerical simulations are given to illustrate the theoretical results.

  16. Upper Bounds for the Distance between a Controllable Switched Linear System and the Set of Uncontrollable Ones

    Josep Clotet


    Full Text Available The set of controllable switched linear systems is an open and dense set in the space of all switched linear systems. Therefore it makes sense to compute the distance from a controllable system to the nearest uncontrollable one. In the case of a standard system, x˙t=Axt+But, R. Eising, D. Boley, and W. S. Lu obtain some results for this distance, both in the complex and real cases. In this work we explore this distance, for switched linear systems in the real case, obtaining upper bounds for it. The main contribution of the paper is to prove that a natural generalization of the upper bound obtained by D. Boley and W. S. Lu is true in the case of switched linear systems.

  17. Wine bottle colour and oxidative spoilage: whole bottle light exposure experiments under controlled and uncontrolled temperature conditions.

    Dias, Daniel A; Clark, Andrew C; Smith, Trevor A; Ghiggino, Kenneth P; Scollary, Geoffrey R


    Exposure of a Chardonnay wine to light from a mercury vapour lamp under controlled temperature conditions showed that colour enhancement was dependent on bottle colour. The increase in colouration was Antique Greenlight exposure. Without temperature control, wine colour development was highest in Antique Green and lowest in Flint. This alternate order reflects the ability of the darker bottles to retain heat longer than lighter coloured ones as confirmed by surface temperature decay rates. Specific pigments contributing to the wine colour enhancement in uncontrolled temperature/light exposure experiments could not be identified, although tentative evidence was obtained for the presence of flavan-3-ol based compounds. The different bottle glass surfaces did not influence the rate of loss of dissolved oxygen or oxidation of ascorbic acid. The potential to develop the results obtained in this study to identify markers for light and/or temperature exposure of white wines is discussed.

  18. Hopf bifurcation and uncontrolled stochastic traffic-induced chaos in an RED-AQM congestion control system

    Wang Jun-Song; Yuan Rui-Xi; Gao Zhi-Wei; Wang De-Jin


    We study the Hopf bifurcation and the chaos phenomena in a random early detection-based active queue management (RED-AQM) congestion control system with a communication delay. We prove that there is a critical value of the communication delay for the stability of the RED-AQM control system. Furthermore,we show that the system will lose its stability and Hopf bifurcations will occur when the delay exceeds the critical value. When the delay is close to its critical value,we demonstrate that typical chaos patterns may be induced by the uncontrolled stochastic traffic in the RED-AQM control system even if the system is still stable,which reveals a new route to the chaos besides the bifurcation in the network congestion control system. Numerical simulations are given to illustrate the theoretical results.

  19. [Effect of heat transfer in the packages on the stability of thiamine nitrate under uncontrolled temperature conditions].

    Nakamura, Toru; Yamaji, Takayuki; Takayama, Kozo


    To accurately predict the stability of thiamine nitrate as a model drug in pharmaceutical products under uncontrolled temperature conditions, the average reaction rate constant was determined, taking into account the heat transfer from the atmosphere to the product. The stability tests of thiamine nitrate in the three packages with different heat transfers were performed under non-isothermal conditions. The stability data observed were compared with the predictions based on a newly developed method, showing that the stability was well predicted by the method involving the heat transfer. By contrast, there were some deviations observed from the predicted data, without considering heat transfer in the packages with low heat transfer. The above-mentioned result clearly shows that heat transfer should be considered to ensure accurate prediction of the stability of commercial pharmaceutical products under non-isothermal atmospheres.

  20. Efficacy of Prompt Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy in the Treatment of Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Triggered by Uncontrolled Human Immunodeficiency Virus

    Bryan P. Fitzgerald


    Full Text Available Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH is a life-threatening, rapidly progressive hematologic disorder involving uncontrolled immune system activation. HLH has been associated with viral infections, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV infections. We report a case of a critically ill 30-year-old female who was hospitalized with HIV-associated HLH, with a CD4 count of 4 cells/mL and HIV viral load of 1,842,730 copies/mL. After ruling out other potential infectious causes of HLH, antiretroviral therapy (ART was initiated with darunavir, ritonavir, tenofovir, and emtricitabine. Within one week of initiation of ART, the patient began to improve clinically and hematologically and was stable enough for discharge from the hospital three weeks after starting therapy. This case suggests that treatment with ART in patients with HIV-associated HLH should be considered even in critically ill patients with low CD4 counts.

  1. Evaluation of an mHealth Medication Regimen Self-Management Program for African American and Hispanic Uncontrolled Hypertensives

    Tatiana M. Davidson


    Full Text Available African Americans and Hispanics have disproportionate rates of uncontrolled essential hypertension (EH compared to Non-Hispanic Whites. Medication non-adherence (MNA is the leading modifiable behavior to improved blood pressure (BP control. The Smartphone Medication Adherence Stops Hypertension (SMASH program was developed using a patient-centered, theory-guided, iterative design process. Electronic medication trays provided reminder signals, and Short Message Service [SMS] messaging reminded subjects to monitor BP with Bluetooth-enabled monitors. Motivational and reinforcement text messages were sent to participants based upon levels of adherence. Thirty-eight African-American (18 and Hispanic (20 uncontrolled hypertensives completed clinic-based anthropometric and resting BP evaluations prior to randomization, and again at months 1, 3 and 6. Generalized linear mixed modeling (GLMM revealed statistically significant time-by-treatment interactions (p < 0.0001 indicating significant reductions in resting systolic blood pressure (SBP and diastolic blood pressure (DBP for the SMASH group vs. the standard care (SC control group across all time points. 70.6% of SMASH subjects vs. 15.8% of the SC group reached BP control (< 140/90 mmH at month 1 (p < 0.001. At month 6, 94.4% of the SMASH vs. 41.2% of the SC group exhibited controlled BP (p < 0.003. Our findings provide encouraging evidence that efficacious mHealth, chronic disease, medical regimen, self-management programs can be developed following principles of patient-centered, theory-guided design.


    L. S. Namazova-Baranova


    Full Text Available Background. Patients registers help obtain the latest information about the clinical course of a disease, safety and effectiveness of the medical technology. Objective: Our aim was to analyze the efficiency and safety of omalizumab with children suffering from uncontrolled severe persistent bronchial asthma (BA according to the data of the developed register. Methods.  A register of patients with severe asthma of uncontrolled course receiving omalizumab in addition to basic therapy has been developed. Results. Results of treatment of 101 children aged 6–17 have been analyzed. The duration of therapy with omalizumab lasted from 1 to 85 months, with a median of 16 (10; 44 months. The drug was used in doses of 75 to 600 mg, with a median of 300 (225; 375 mg. The therapy with omalizumab allowed achieving a better control of the disease (AST test prior to start of therapy — 14 (11; 17 points, in 1 year — 20 (13; 25; p < 0,001; reduction of the volume of daily base therapy (prior to start of therapy, average dose of inhaled corticosteroids in terms of fluticasone was 629 ± 304 mg (n = 15, in 4 years — 524 ± 342 mg; p = 0.065; reduction of the number of aggravations and the need to use short-effectiv   2-agonists.  No adverse systemic effects of the introduction of genetically engineered biological drugs have been found. Conclusion. Register of patients with severe persistent asthma can be used as a tool for long-term  monitoring and integrated assessment of the efficiency and safety of therapy.

  3. Accessing Remote Knowledge

    Maskell, Peter


    Work on clusters during the last few decades convincingly demonstrates enhanced opportunities for local growth and entrepreneurship, but external upstream knowledge linkages are often overlooked or taken for granted. This article is an attempt to remedy this situation by investigating why and how...... young, single-site firms search for distant sources of complementary competences. The discussion is positioned within a comprehensive framework that allows a systematic investigation of the approaches available to firms engaged in globally extended learning. By utilizing the distinction between problem...... awareness (what remote knowledge is needed?) and source awareness (where does this knowledge reside?) the article explores the relative merits and inherent limitations of pipelines, listening posts, crowdsourcing and trade fairs to acquire knowledge and solutions from geographically and relationally remote...

  4. Recruiting in remote locations

    Ionel, C. [Enerflex Systems Ltd., Calgary, AB (Canada)


    This presentation provided details of Enerflex, a leading supplier of products and services to the oil and gas industry, and outlined their personnel hiring policies. Enerflex's core values include community involvement and divisional logo branding. The extensive training that is provided places an emphasis on employee empowerment. The company also places an emphasis on employee safety, diversity, and team building. Competitive salaries are offered along with generous equipment allowances and a flexible benefits program. Benefits include travel and overtime rates; health benefits; retirement savings; scholarship programs; career opportunities; and apprenticeship programs. External technical training is provided. An employee referral program has been developed, and the company's recruitment program also advertises in remote newspapers to develop career streams within remote communities. tabs., figs.



    The basics of remotely controlled sewers [1] are presented focusing on Leipzig Municipality’s sewer control project [2] located in Germany. The consequences of sewer surcharge events are outlined considering possible counter measures. The required data basis, the controllable sewer objects and their relevant control units are pointed out. The presentation is finished exposing the types of control network, possible control algorithms as well as important aspects regarding the decision for / ag...

  6. Remote switch actuator

    Haas, Edwin Gerard; Beauman, Ronald; Palo, Jr., Stefan


    The invention provides a device and method for actuating electrical switches remotely. The device is removably attached to the switch and is actuated through the transfer of a user's force. The user is able to remain physically removed from the switch site obviating need for protective equipment. The device and method allow rapid, safe actuation of high-voltage or high-current carrying electrical switches or circuit breakers.

  7. Uncontrolled asthma: assessing quality of life and productivity of children and their caregivers using a cross-sectional Internet-based survey

    Dean Bonnie B


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Results of a national survey of asthmatic children that evaluated management goals established in 2004 by the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP indicated that asthma symptom control fell short on nearly every goal. Methods An Internet-based survey was administered to adult caregivers of children aged 6-12 years with moderate to severe asthma. Asthma was categorized as uncontrolled when the caregiver reported pre-specified criteria for daytime symptoms, nighttime awakening, activity limitation, or rescue medication based on the NAEPP guidelines. Children's health-related quality of life (HRQOL and caregivers' quality of life (QOL were assessed using the Child Health Questionnaire Parent Form 28 (CHQ-PF28 and caregiver's work productivity using a modified Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Questionnaire. Children with uncontrolled vs. controlled asthma were compared. Results 360 caregivers of children with uncontrolled asthma and 113 of children with controlled asthma completed the survey. Children with uncontrolled asthma had significantly lower CHQ-PF28 physical (mean 38.1 vs 49.8, uncontrolled vs controlled, respectively and psychosocial (48.2 vs 53.8 summary measure scores. They were more likely to miss school (5.5 vs 2.2 days, arrive late or leave early (26.7 vs 7.1%, miss school-related activities (40.6 vs 6.2%, use a rescue inhaler at school (64.2 vs 31.0%, and visit the health office or school nurse (22.5 vs 8.8%. Caregivers of children with uncontrolled asthma reported significantly greater work and activity impairment and lower QOL for emotional, time-related and family activities. Conclusions Poorly controlled asthma symptoms impair HRQOL of children, QOL of their caregivers, and productivity of both. Proper treatment and management to improve symptom control may reduce humanistic and economic burdens on asthmatic children and their caregivers.

  8. Advanced laser remote sensing

    Schultz, J.; Czuchlewski, S.; Karl, R. [and others


    This is the final report of a three-year, Laboratory-Directed Research and Development (LDRD) project at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Remote measurement of wind velocities is critical to a wide variety of applications such as environmental studies, weather prediction, aircraft safety, the accuracy of projectiles, bombs, parachute drops, prediction of the dispersal of chemical and biological warfare agents, and the debris from nuclear explosions. Major programs to develop remote sensors for these applications currently exist in the DoD and NASA. At present, however, there are no real-time, three-dimensional wind measurement techniques that are practical for many of these applications and we report on two new promising techniques. The first new technique uses an elastic backscatter lidar to track aerosol patterns in the atmosphere and to calculate three dimensional wind velocities from changes in the positions of the aerosol patterns. This was first done by Professor Ed Eloranta of the University of Wisconsin using post processing techniques and we are adapting Professor Eloranta`s algorithms to a real-time data processor and installing it in an existing elastic backscatter lidar system at Los Alamos (the XM94 helicopter lidar), which has a compatible data processing and control system. The second novel wind sensing technique is based on radio-frequency (RF) modulation and spatial filtering of elastic backscatter lidars. Because of their compactness and reliability, solid state lasers are the lasers of choice for many remote sensing applications, including wind sensing.

  9. The THOSE remote interface

    Klawon, Kevin; Gold, Josh; Bachman, Kristen


    The DIA, in conjunction with the Army Research Lab (ARL), wants to create an Unmanned Ground Sensor (UGS) controller that is (a) interoperable across all controller platforms, (b) capable of easily adding new sensors, radios, and processes and (c) backward compatible with existing UGS systems. To achieve this, a Terra Harvest controller was created that used Java JRE 1.6 and an Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi) platform, named Terra Harvest Open Software Environment (THOSE). OSGi is an extensible framework that provides a modularized environment for deploying functionality in "bundles". These bundles can publish, discover, and share services available from other external bundles or bundles provided by the controller core. With the addition of a web GUI used for interacting with THOSE, a natural step was then to create a common remote interface that allows 3rd party real-time interaction with the controller. This paper provides an overview of the THOSE system and its components as well as a description of the architectural structure of the remote interface, highlighting the interactions occurring between the controller and the remote interface and its role in providing a positive user experience for managing UGSS functions.

  10. TITLE: Memory, Solitude, and Death in La hoja roja (The Red Leaf, by Miguel Delibes. TÍTULO: Memoria, soledad y muerte en La hoja roja, de Miguel Delibes

    Agustín Cuadrado Gutiérrez


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: The seventh novel written by Miguel Delibes, "La hoja roja" (1959 is branded by a recognizable individual style in which is found a double compromise that can’t be easily separated: human –preoccupied with the creation of voracious and intimate characters– and geographical –by utilizing his native Castile, both urban and rural, as the setting for his stories. With the objective of achieving the highest degree of credibility regarding the characters of his novels, Delibes makes use of various narrative techniques, among which it is important to mention one in particular: the fact that his characters have memories. This characteristic, together with the description of with the practices of their everyday lives, contributes to create individuals with a personal past as well as a present where interaction with the rest of the characters results crucial. Paradoxically, within the numerous and varied critical approaches to Delibes’ work, the topic of memory has never been considered as the central element in the investigation, although there are instances in which it is obliquely mentioned. Through these particular stories, that interweave the lives of the principal and secondary characters, Delibes recovers a collective memory as he narrates the present. In the author’s particular vision one can read the direct relationship between solitude and death as a warning on the precarious condition in human relationships in Spain’s society in the fifties, where the main pathology is solitude.. RESUMEN: Séptima novela escrita por Miguel Delibes, "La hoja roja" (1959 está marcada por un reconocido estilo propio donde se puede distinguir un doble compromiso de difícil separación: humano –preocupado por crear personajes veraces y entrañables– y geográfico –que utiliza su Castilla natal, la rural y la urbana, como escenario de sus historias–. Con el fin de alcanzar una amplia cota de credibilidad en cuanto a los personajes de

  11. Narraciones de Cien Años de Soledad Acerca del Conflicto Armado y la Violencia Política en Colombia (Naratives of One Hundred Years of Solitude About the Armed Conflict and Political Violence in Colombia

    Camilo Eduardo Umaña Hernández


    Full Text Available This paper intends to explore the narrations of the conflict and political violence embedded in the novel One hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. As one of the most important Colombian books of the last century, “One Hundred years of Solitude” evidences the magical narrative and imagination of the Caribbean as well as the reality of life, death, family, love, work, social conflicts and other aspects that are relevant for understanding and exploring the perceptions of justice of a certain society. After a brief recount of certain relevant descriptions of the novel, this essay proposes the analysis of these narrations focusing in the narrations of violence and of the Colombian armed conflict in the novel. El presente artículo explora y analiza las narraciones del conflicto y la violencia política en Colombia inmersas en Cien años de soledad de Gabriel García Márquez. Como uno de los más destacados libros colombianos del último siglo, esta novela propone una narración que se desliza en un vaivén de magia e imaginación, tanto como de realidad. Un vaivén de vida y muerte, que transita por la familia, el amor, el trabajo, los conflictos sociales y otros tantos ingredientes fundamentales para entender y explorar las percepciones de justicia de una cierta sociedad. Después de hacer un recuento breve de las narraciones del libro, a través del análisis de estos relatos, el presente trabajo reflexiona sobre diferentes aspectos de la realidad colombiana inmersos en la novela, concentrándose en las narraciones de violencia política y del conflicto armado en Colombia.DOWNLOAD THIS PAPER FROM SSRN:

  12. Remotely controllable liquid marbles

    Zhang, Lianbin


    Liquid droplets encapsulated by self-organized hydrophobic particles at the liquid/air interface - liquid marbles - are prepared by encapsulating water droplets with novel core/shell-structured responsive magnetic particles, consisting of a responsive block copolymer-grafted mesoporous silica shell and magnetite core (see figure; P2VP-b-PDMS: poly(2-vinylpyridine-b- dimethylsiloxane)). Desirable properties of the liquid marbles include that they rupture upon ultraviolet illumination and can be remotely manipulated by an external magnetic field. 2012 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  13. Remote robotic countermine systems

    Wells, Peter


    QinetiQ North America (QNA) has approximately 27 years experience in the mine/countermine mission area. Our expertise covers mine development, detection, and neutralization and has always been intertwined with deployment of remote robotic systems. Our countermine payload systems have been used to detect limpet mines on ship hulls, antiassault mines in shallow water and littoral zones and currently for clearance and render safe of land-based routes. In our talk, we will address the challenges encountered in addressing the ongoing countermine mission over a diverse range of operational scenarios, environmental conditions and strategic priorities.

  14. PresenceRemote

    Sokoler, Tomas; Svensson, Marcus Sanchez


    This paper reports on our early experiences with the design of Social TV for senior citizens. Even though there seems to be a straight forward match between new interactive TV technologies on the rise and the notion of supporting social interaction amongst elderly TV viewers it is not at all clear...... how these technologies can accommodate the specific challenges related to the everyday life of elderly people. In particular, using an example concept – the PresenceRemote – we will discuss how the stigma associated with being lonely, an inherent part of senior living, can be addressed by leaving room...

  15. Remote Electro-Analytical Laboratory

    Ratnanjali Gandhi; Rehan Mohd; Soami Satsangee


    Remote Laboratories are web based distance learning laboratories that have immense potential to disseminate technology in the area of practical science. These laboratories can be accessed through Internet. In the present paper, we will be discussing our experiences in setting up a remote analytical laboratory at our center. Further, we will discuss remote experiments in the area of electro-analytical chemistry & colorimetry and their role in strengthening the system of science educat...

  16. Remote Sensing and Imaging Physics


    Program Manager AFOSR/RSE Air Force Research Laboratory Remote Sensing and Imaging Physics 7 March 2012 Report Documentation Page Form...00-00-2012 to 00-00-2012 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Remote Sensing And Imaging Physics 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT...Imaging of Space Objects •Information without Imaging •Predicting the Location of Space Objects • Remote Sensing in Extreme Conditions •Propagation

  17. Remote Electro-Analytical Laboratory

    Ratnanjali Gandhi


    Full Text Available Remote Laboratories are web based distance learning laboratories that have immense potential to disseminate technology in the area of practical science. These laboratories can be accessed through Internet. In the present paper, we will be discussing our experiences in setting up a remote analytical laboratory at our center. Further, we will discuss remote experiments in the area of electro-analytical chemistry & colorimetry and their role in strengthening the system of science education.

  18. UAV remote sensing image processing and classification in Wenchuan earthquake district

    Zeng, Tao; Yang, Wunian; Peng, Li; Wu, Hao


    Remote sensing image presented as one of the most effective methods to acquire the disaster information in the Wenchuan earthquake. For its technical advantages such as rapid and flexible takeoff, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) played an important role in the "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake emergency relief. The UAV remote sensing image has some special characteristics contrasting with other RS image, so how to process quickly the images is the key issue. In this paper, a fast method is presented for moisacing the remote sensing images from the UAV without ground control points. The method grounds on two principles, parallel computing and digital photogrammetry. The experimental results justify the needs of uncontrolled mosaic images production for the requirements of post-disaster emergency. The mosaic images without correction by ground control points provide no geographic information, but they can provide panoramic and macro-information of earthquake-stricken areas. Then the geometric correction technique was employed to correct the panoramic mosaic images to obtain the high-precise digital orthophoto based on the pre-disaster information such as topographic maps. By using the object-oriented method for the information extraction and rapid automatic classification of the UVA remote sensing image can achieve the anticipative goals.

  19. Factores relacionados con el descontrol de la presión arterial Factors associated with uncontrolled hypertension

    Oliva Mejía-Rodríguez


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Evaluar las características de la atención del paciente hipertenso, y su relación con el descontrol de la presión arterial, en una unidad de medicina familiar. MATERIAL Y MÉTODOS: Diseño: estudio transversal. Se revisó la mitad de 8 080 (4 040 expedientes. Se registraron las características de los pacientes, los médicos tratantes y la unidad de atención. RESULTADOS: Se encontraron como factores asociados a la hipertensión descontrolada la edad (RM, 1.43; IC95%: 1.015-1.030, IMC (RM, 1.03; IC95%: 1.02-1.05, creatinina (RM, 1.16; IC95%: 1.03-1.30, tomar tres o más fármacos antihipertensivos (RM, 1.48; IC95%: 1.31-1.07, ser atendido por un médico con más de 20 años de antigüedad (RM, 1.21; IC95%: 1.06-1.39, sin especialidad (RM, 1.43; IC95%: 1.20-1.71 y ser atendido en el turno matutino (RM, 1.21; IC95%: 1.07-1.56. CONCLUSIONES: La presión arterial está bien controlada en la mayoría de los pacientes. En el descontrol de la presión arterial intervienen factores relacionados con el paciente mismo, pero las características del sistema de salud también tienen un papel significativo.OBJECTIVE: To assess health care characteristics for hypertensive patients and their association with uncontrolled hypertension in a primary care outpatient clinic. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Design: cross-sectional.A review was conducted of 50% of 8080 (n= 4040 files. Patient, physician and primary health care clinic characteristics were recorded. RESULTS: The factors associated with uncontrolled hypertension were: age (OR, 1.43; CI95% : 1.015-1.030, BMI (OR, 1.03; CI95%: 1.02-1.05, creatinine serum levels (OR, 1.16; CI95%: 1.03-1.30, three or more different antihypertensive drugs (OR, 1.48; CI95%: 1.31-1.07, to be treated by a physician with more than 20 years of medical practice (OR, 1.21; CI95%; 1.06-1.39 or by a non-specialist physician (OR, 1.43; CI95%: 1.20-1.71 and to be treated in the morningshift (OR, 1.21; CI95%: 1.07- 1.56. CONCLUSIONS

  20. [Relationship between two aspects of self-oriented perfectionism and self-evaluative depression: using coping styles of uncontrollable events as mediators].

    Ogai, Yasukazu


    Self-oriented perfectionism has two aspects: pursuing perfection simply as a goal (Personal Standard: PS) and not accepting imperfection (Concern for Mistake: CM, Doubting of Action: D). The former is said to enhance mental health, while the latter deteriorates it. The latter aspect may also have vulnerability to uncontrollable events. The present study used causal modeling to investigate the relation of these two aspects, self-evaluative depression (composed of Self-Esteem and Depression: SED), and styles of coping with uncontrollable events. A questionnaire measuring these concepts was completed by 169 college students, and the following results were yielded: Of the two aspects of self-oriented perfectionism, PS lowered SED, while CM and D heightened SED. PS increased such coping styles that attempt to control uncontrollable events as "Face and Act", "Positive expectation" and "Rumination", whereas CM increased "Avoidance", "Negative expectation" and "Self-blame" copings, which represent vulnerability to uncontrollable events. Moreover, Self-blame coping increased SED. These results suggested that CM was related, via Self-blame, to negative evaluation of imperfect self.

  1. Does small-volume resuscitation with crystalloids or colloids influence hemostasis and survival of rabbits subjected to lethal uncontrolled hemorrhage?

    Kheirabadi, Bijan Shams; Miranda, Nahir; Terrazas, Irasema B; Gonzales, Mary D; Grimm, Rose C; Dubick, Michael A


    Prehospital, small-volume resuscitation of combat casualties with a synthetic colloid (6% hydroxyethyl starch [HES] 670/0.75) has been recommended when blood or blood components are unavailable. We studied hemostatic effects of a newer synthetic colloid (6% HES, 130/0.4) compared with either a natural colloid (albumin) or to crystalloids in an uncontrolled hemorrhage model. Spontaneously breathing New Zealand white rabbits (3.4 ± 0.1 kg) were anesthetized, instrumented, and subjected to a splenic injury with uncontrolled bleeding. Fifteen minutes after injury, rabbits were in shock (mean arterial pressure [MAP] = 26 ± 1.3 mm Hg, and received colloids (6% HES, 130/0.4 or 5% albumin at 15 mL/kg), or crystalloids (normal saline at 30 mL/kg or 5% hypertonic saline at 7.5 mL/kg) for resuscitation in two intravenous bolus injections (15 minutes apart) to raise their MAP to 65 mm Hg, n = 9/group. Animals were monitored for 2.5 hours or until death, and blood losses were measured. Blood samples were analyzed for arterial blood gas, complete blood count, and coagulation measures. There were no differences among groups in baseline measures and initial hemorrhage volume (11.9 ± 0.6 mL/kg) at 15 minutes postinjury. Twenty minutes after fluid resuscitation (1 hour postinjury), MAP was higher, shock indices were lower, and blood pH was higher in colloids versus. crystalloids groups (p colloid produced the largest hemodilution (54% decrease in hematocrit, p < 0.05 vs. hypertonic saline). Activated partial thromboplastin time increased approximately 35% above baseline in all groups except in 6% HES 130/0.4 group in which it doubled. Clot strength was reduced (15%) only in the 6% HES 130/0.4 group. 6% HES 130/0.4 resuscitation produced the largest blood loss and 33% survival rate that was not different than the crystalloid groups. Albumin produced the best hemostatic and survival outcomes (78%). Small-volume resuscitation with crystalloids appeared inadequate to treat

  2. Increasing the doses of both diuretics and angiotensin receptor blockers is beneficial in subjects with uncontrolled systolic hypertension

    Lacourcière, Yves; Poirier, Luc; Lefebvre, Jean; Ross, Stuart A; Leenen, Frans H


    BACKGROUND: Blood pressure (BP) control is frequently difficult to achieve in patients with predominantly elevated systolic BP. Consequently, these patients frequently require combination therapy including a thiazide diuretic such as hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) and an agent blocking the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. Current clinical practice usually limits the daily dose of HCTZ to 25 mg. This often leads to the necessity of using additional antihypertensive agents to control BP in a high proportion of patients. OBJECTIVES: To compare the efficacy of two doses of losartan (LOS)/HCTZ combinations in patients with uncontrolled ambulatory systolic hypertension after six weeks of treatment with LOS 100 mg/HCTZ 25 mg (LOS100/HCTZ25). METHODS: Following a two- to four-week washout period, subjects with a mean clinic sitting systolic BP of 160 mmHg or higher and a mean ambulatory daytime systolic BP (MDSBP) of 135 mmHg or higher on LOS100/HCTZ25 (n=105; 33 women and 72 men) were randomly assigned to receive LOS 150 mg/HCTZ 25 mg (group 1; n=53) or LOS 150 mg/HCTZ 37.5 mg (LOS150/HCTZ37.5, group 2; n=52). The primary end point was the difference in MDSBP reductions. RESULTS: At the end of the six-week treatment period, the respective additional decreases in MDSBP were 1.2 mmHg (P=0.335) on LOS 150 mg/HCTZ 25 mg and 5.6 mmHg (P<0.0001) on LOS150/HCTZ37.5 (difference of 4.4 mmHg; P=0.011). Daytime systolic ambulatory BP goal (lower than 130 mmHg) achievement tended to be higher (25% versus 17%; P=0.313) with LOS150/HCTZ37.5, while it was significantly higher (65% versus 43%; P=0.024) for mean daytime diastolic BP (lower than 80 mmHg). No deleterious metabolic changes were observed. CONCLUSIONS: In patients with uncontrolled systolic ambulatory hypertension receiving LOS100/HCTZ25, increasing both HCTZ and LOS dosages simultaneously to LOS150/HCTZ37.5 may be an effective strategy that does not affect metabolic parameters. PMID:20931100

  3. Clinical outcomes and health care costs combining metformin with sitagliptin or sulphonylureas or thiazolidinediones in uncontrolled type 2 diabetes patients

    Degli Esposti L


    Full Text Available Luca Degli Esposti, Stefania Saragoni, Stefano Buda, Ezio Degli Esposti Health, Economics and Outcome Research, Clicon Srl, Ravenna, ItalyObjectives: To compare clinical outcomes and health care costs across three cohorts of uncontrolled diabetic patients who initiated treatment with one of the following: sulphonylureas (SU, thiazolidinediones (TZD or sitagliptin (SITA.Materials and methods: We performed a retrospective study based on a linkage between administrative and laboratory databases maintained by three Italian local health units. The index period ranged from July 2008–June 2010. Patients were treatment-naïve to either SU, TZD, or SITA, but they were already treated with other oral hypoglycemic agents. Demographics and clinical characteristics were assessed at baseline. Adherence was measured by the medication possession ratio and adherent was defined a patient with a medication possession ratio of 80% or greater. We used a Poisson regression model to estimate the risk ratios for disease-related hospitalizations that occurred during the 18-month follow-up period. The total annual costs included all the pharmacological treatments and the direct costs due to hospitalizations and outpatient services.Results: We identified 928 patients treated with SU, 330 patients treated with TZD, and 83 patients treated with SITA. SITA patients were significantly younger and with fewer previous hospital discharges. The baseline mean glycated hemoglobin level was 8.1% for SU, 8.0% for TZD, and 8.3% for SITA patients. SITA-naïve patients resulted more adherent than the SU- and TZD-naïve patients (79.5% versus 53.2% and 62.8%, respectively; P<0.001. The SU and TZD group showed a significant increased risk of disease-related hospitalizations compared with the SITA group (the unadjusted rate was 10.42 and 7.16 per 100 person-years versus 1.64 per 100 person-years, P=0.003; compared with SU, the adjusted incidence rate ratio for SITA was 0.21, P=0.030. The

  4. Wireless Remote Control System

    Adrian Tigauan


    Full Text Available This paper presents the design of a wireless remote control system based on the ZigBee communication protocol. Gathering data from sensors or performing control tasks through wireless communication is advantageous in situations in which the use of cables is impractical. An Atmega328 microcontroller (from slave device is used for gathering data from the sensors and transmitting it to a coordinator device with the help of the XBee modules. The ZigBee standard is suitable for low-cost, low-data-rate and low-power wireless networks implementations. The XBee-PRO module, designed to meet ZigBee standards, requires minimal power for reliable data exchange between devices over a distance of up to 1600m outdoors. A key component of the ZigBee protocol is the ability to support networking and this can be used in a wireless remote control system. This system may be employed e.g. to control temperature and humidity (SHT11 sensor and light intensity (TSL230 sensor levels inside a commercial greenhouse.

  5. Effects of packaging and heat transfer kinetics on drug-product stability during storage under uncontrolled temperature conditions.

    Nakamura, Toru; Yamaji, Takayuki; Takayama, Kozo


    To predict the stability of pharmaceutical preparations under uncontrolled temperature conditions accurately, a method to compute the average reaction rate constant taking into account the heat transfer from the atmosphere to the product was developed. The average reaction rate constants computed with taken into consideration heat transfer (κ(re) ) were then compared with those computed without taking heat transfer into consideration (κ(in) ). The apparent thermal diffusivity (κ(a) ) exerted some influence on the average reaction rate constant ratio (R, R = κ(re) /κ(in) ). In the regions where the κ(a) was large (above 1 h(-1) ) or very small, the value of R was close to 1. On the contrary, in the middle region (0.001-1 h(-1) ), the value of R was less than 1.The κ(a) of the central part of a large-size container and that of the central part of a paper case of 10 bottles of liquid medicine (100 mL) fell within this middle region. On the basis of the above-mentioned considerations, heat transfer may need to be taken into consideration to enable a more accurate prediction of the stability of actual pharmaceutical preparations under nonisothermal atmospheres.

  6. OPERA- A CNES Tool to Monitor Short and Middle Term Uncontrolled Re-Entries Using Mean Theories

    Dolado, J. C.; Agueda, A.; Aivar, L.; Tirado, J.


    Objects in Low-Earth Orbits (LEO) and Highly Elliptical Orbits (HEO) are subjected to decay and re- entry into the atmosphere due mainly to the drag force. While being this process the best solution to avoid the proliferation of debris in space and ensure the sustainability of future space activities, it implies a threat to the population on ground. Thus, the prediction of the in-orbit lifetime of an object and the evaluation of the risk on population and ground assets constitutes a crucial task. This paper will concentrate on the first of these tasks.Unfortunately the lifetime of an object in space is remarkably difficult to predict. This is mainly due to the dependence of the atmospheric drag on a number of uncertain elements such as the density profile and its dependence on the solar activity, the atmospheric conditions, the mass and surface area of the object (very difficult to evaluate), its uncontrolled attitude, etc.In this paper we will present a method for the prediction of this lifetime based on publicly available Two-Line Elements (TLEs) from the American USSTRATCOM's Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC). TLEs constitute an excellent source to access routinely orbital information for thousands of objects even though of their reduced and unpredictable accuracy.Additionally, the implementation of the method on a CNES's Java-based tool will be presented. This tool (OPERA) is executed routinely at CNES to predict the orbital lifetime of a whole catalogue of objects.

  7. Application of Value Engineering in Wireless Nano- sensor Network to Monitor Global warming Affected by Uncontrolled Urbanization

    Vimal Upadhyay


    Full Text Available In the present scenario weather uncertainty is established as the greatest collective challenge faced by human beings. It is also well established that in weather science the most crucial variables are the least well predicted. Assessments of weather change impacts, which are useful for stakeholders and policymakers, depend critically on regional and decadal scale projections of weather extremes. Thus, weather scientists often need to develop qualitative inferences about inadequately predicted weather extremes based on insights from observations or conceptual understanding. These urgent societal priorities offer grounds for knowledge discovery approaches. The factors responsible for weather change in terms of environmental degradation and subsequently global warming leading subsequent change in agriculture, food production and food security. It also causes the uncertain storm and heavy rainfall which turns into flood. So, in this research work it is preferred to find out the relationship between climate degradation and global warming due environmental pollution and biological wastes through wireless nano sensors network (WNSN caused by highly congested and uncontrolled development of urbanization to manage the habitant problem of huge population which is the major requirement of growth in developing countries like India.

  8. Emissions of polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans and polychlorinated biphenyls from uncontrolled burning of garden and domestic waste (backyard burning).

    Hedman, Björn; Näslund, Morgan; Nilsson, Calle; Marklund, Stellan


    To assess emissions of dioxins (chlorinated dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans) and PCB from uncontrolled domestic combustion of waste ("backyard burning"), test combustions in barrels and open fires were monitored. The waste fuels used were garden waste, paper, paper and plastic packaging, refuse-derived fuel (RDF), PVC, and electronic scrap. Combustions including PVC and electronic scrap emitted several orders of magnitude more dioxins than the other waste fuels. Emissions from the other fuels had considerable variations, but the levels were difficult to relate to waste composition. Emission factors of PCDD/F and PCB from the backyard burning ranged from 2.2 to 13 000 ng (WHO-TEQ)/kg. The levels found in ash usually were less than 5% of the total. For assessment of total emissions of dioxins and PCB from backyard burning of low and moderately contaminated wastes, an emission factor range of 4-72 ng (WHO-TEQ)/kg is suggested. These figures implythat combusting waste in the backyard could contribute substantially to total emissions, even if the amounts of fuel involved are equivalent to just a few tenths of a percent of the amounts combusted in municipal waste incinerators.

  9. Quality of cowpea seeds treated with chemicals and stored in controlled and uncontrolled temperature and humidity conditions

    Lucicléia Mendes de Oliveira


    Full Text Available The cowpea is a Fabaceae originated in Africa cultivated in the northern and northeastern of Brazil, where stands out as the main source of protein for the population. For the establishment of culture, seeds are treated to control and prevent pest attacks and diseases, can also attach nutrients to the seeds which will be available for plant development. The objective of the research was to evaluate the performance of cowpea seeds treated with chemical products and stored in controlled and uncontrolled temperature and humidity conditions. The following seeds treatments were applied: control (no treatment; micronutrient Comol 118, insecticide thiamethoxam, fipronil and pyraclostrobin+thiophanate-methyl and imidacloprid+thiodicarb were then stored in a cold environment and natural. The assessment of physiological seed quality was made initially and every 45 days through the germination and vigor. Among all products used, the imidacloprid + thiodicarb and fipronil + pyraclostrobin + thiophanate methyl provides stimulating effect on seed performance; seeds treated with thiamethoxam were less affected by storage than the untreated seeds; seeds treated with micronutrients exhibits similar behavior to untreated seeds and storage in a controlled environment better preserves the seed physiological quality.




    Full Text Available Emphysematous pyelonephritis a life - threatening, fulminant, necrotizing upper urinary tract infection associated with gas within the kidney . W hich is a rare condition. Only 1 - 2 cases per year are encountered in a urological department in the United States. Emphysematous cholecystitis is a variant of acute cholecystitis which is generally caused by gas - forming organisms. This condition d evelops in approximately 1% of all cases of acute cholecystitis. Compared with typical acute pyelonephritis and typical acute cholecystitis , emphysematous pyelonephritis and emphysematous cholecystitis is associated with much higher rates of morbidity and significantly increased rates of mortality (15 - 25%. Individually these conditions are less reported, there by, Simultaneous occcurance of emphysematous pyelonephritis and emphysematous cholecystitis are uncommon and only two cases are reported in literature . As clinical course of both entities are individually severe and life - threatening if not recognized and treated promptly, so in a case of simultaneous occurrence, early diagnosis is to be made and a potentially devastating outcome is to be avoided. We present a case of emphysematous pyelonephritis with emphysematous cholecystitis and pneumoperitoneum in a middle aged uncontrolled diabetic patient and discussed etio - pathogenesis, classification and therapy of these entities.

  11. Uncontrolled manifold analysis of arm joint angle variability during robotic teleoperation and freehand movement of surgeons and novices.

    Nisky, Ilana; Hsieh, Michael H; Okamura, Allison M


    Teleoperated robot-assisted surgery (RAS) is used to perform a wide variety of minimally invasive procedures. However, current understanding of the effect of robotic manipulation on the motor coordination of surgeons is limited. Recent studies in human motor control suggest that we optimize hand movement stability and task performance while minimizing control effort and improving robustness to unpredicted disturbances. To achieve this, the variability of joint angles and muscle activations is structured to reduce task-relevant variability and increase task-irrelevant variability. In this study, we determine whether teleoperation of a da Vinci Si surgical system in a nonclinical task of simple planar movements changes this structure of variability in experienced surgeons and novices. To answer this question, we employ the UnControlled manifold analysis that partitions users' joint angle variability into task-irrelevant and task-relevant manifolds. We show that experienced surgeons coordinate their joint angles to stabilize hand movements more than novices, and that the effect of teleoperation depends on experience--experts increase teleoperated stabilization relative to freehand whereas novices decrease it. We suggest that examining users' exploitation of the task-irrelevant manifold for stabilization of hand movements may be applied to: (1) evaluation and optimization of teleoperator design and control parameters, and (2) skill assessment and optimization of training in RAS.

  12. Analysis of accuracy in pointing with redundant hand-held tools: a geometric approach to the uncontrolled manifold method.

    Campolo, Domenico; Widjaja, Ferdinan; Xu, Hong; Ang, Wei Tech; Burdet, Etienne


    This work introduces a coordinate-independent method to analyse movement variability of tasks performed with hand-held tools, such as a pen or a surgical scalpel. We extend the classical uncontrolled manifold (UCM) approach by exploiting the geometry of rigid body motions, used to describe tool configurations. In particular, we analyse variability during a static pointing task with a hand-held tool, where subjects are asked to keep the tool tip in steady contact with another object. In this case the tool is redundant with respect to the task, as subjects control position/orientation of the tool, i.e. 6 degrees-of-freedom (dof), to maintain the tool tip position (3dof) steady. To test the new method, subjects performed a pointing task with and without arm support. The additional dof introduced in the unsupported condition, injecting more variability into the system, represented a resource to minimise variability in the task space via coordinated motion. The results show that all of the seven subjects channeled more variability along directions not directly affecting the task (UCM), consistent with previous literature but now shown in a coordinate-independent way. Variability in the unsupported condition was only slightly larger at the endpoint but much larger in the UCM.

  13. Immediate effect of couple relationship education on low-satisfaction couples: a randomized clinical trial plus an uncontrolled trial replication.

    Kim Halford, W; Pepping, Christopher A; Hilpert, Peter; Bodenmann, Guy; Wilson, Keithia L; Busby, Dean; Larson, Jeffry; Holman, Thomas


    Couple relationship education (RE) usually is conceived of as relationship enhancement for currently satisfied couples, with a goal of helping couples sustain satisfaction. However, RE also might be useful as a brief, accessible intervention for couples with low satisfaction. Two studies were conducted that tested whether couples with low relationship satisfaction show meaningful gains after RE. Study 1 was a three-condition randomized controlled trial in which 182 couples were randomly assigned to RELATE with Couple CARE (RCC), a flexible delivery education program for couples, or one of two control conditions. Couples with initially low satisfaction receiving RCC showed a moderate increase in relationship satisfaction (d=0.50) relative to the control. In contrast, couples initially high in satisfaction showed little change and there was no difference between RCC and the control conditions. Study 2 was an uncontrolled trial of the Couple Coping Enhancement Training (CCET) administered to 119 couples. Couples receiving CCET that had initially low satisfaction showed a moderate increase in satisfaction (g=.44), whereas initially highly satisfied couples showed no change. Brief relationship education can assist somewhat distressed couples to enhance satisfaction, and has potential as a cost-effective way of enhancing the reach of couple interventions.

  14. Application of Value Engineering in Wireless Nano- sensor Network to Monitor Global warming Affected by Uncontrolled Urbanization

    Mr. Vimal Upadhyay


    Full Text Available In the present scenario weather uncertainty isestablished as the greatest collective challenge facedby human beings. It is also well established that inweather science the most crucial variables are theleast well predicted. Assessments of weather changeimpacts, which are useful for stakeholders andpolicymakers, depend critically on regional anddecadal scale projections of weather extremes.Thus, weather scientists often need to developqualitative inferences about inadequately predictedweather extremes based on insights fromobservations or conceptual understanding. Theseurgent societal priorities offer grounds forknowledge discovery approaches. The factorsresponsible for weather change in terms ofenvironmental degradation and subsequently globalwarming leading subsequent change in agriculture,food production and food security. It also causes theuncertain storm and heavy rainfall which turns intoflood. So, in this research work it is preferred tofind out the relationship between climatedegradation and global warming due environmentalpollution and biological wastes through wirelessnano sensors network (WNSN caused by highlycongested and uncontrolled development ofurbanization to manage the habitant problem ofhuge population which is the major requirement ofgrowth in developing countries like India.

  15. Rates and Predictors of Uncontrolled Hypertension Among Hypertensive Homeless Adults Using New York City Shelter-Based Clinics.

    Asgary, Ramin; Sckell, Blanca; Alcabes, Analena; Naderi, Ramesh; Schoenthaler, Antoinette; Ogedegbe, Gbenga


    We undertook a study to determine the rates, predictors, and barriers to blood pressure control among homeless and nonhomeless hypertensive adult patients from 10 New York City shelter-based clinics. The study was a retrospective chart review of blood pressure measurements, sociodemographic characteristics, and factors associated with homelessness and hypertension extracted from the medical records of a random sample of hypertensive patients (N = 210) in 2014. Most patients were African American or Hispanic; 24.8% were female, and 84.3% were homeless for a mean duration of 3.07 years (SD = 5.04 years). Homeless adult patients were younger, had less insurance, and were more likely to be a current smoker and alcohol abuser. Of the 210 hypertensive patients, 40.1% of homeless and 33.3% of nonhomeless patients had uncontrolled blood pressure (P = .29) when compared with US rates for hypertensive adults, which range between 19.6% and 24.8%, respectively; 15.8% of homeless patients had stage 2 hypertension (P = .27). Homeless hypertensive patients with diabetes or multiple chronic diseases had better blood pressure control (P hypertension among hypertensive homeless adults is alarming. We propose comprehensive approaches to improve social support, access to medical insurance, and medication adherence, the lack of which complicate blood pressure control, targeted health education, and life style modifications using mobile health strategies for this mobile population. © 2016 Annals of Family Medicine, Inc.

  16. A Remote-Sensing Mission

    Hotchkiss, Rose; Dickerson, Daniel


    Sponsored by NASA and the JASON Education Foundation, the remote Sensing Earth Science Teacher Education Program (RSESTeP) trains teachers to use state-of-the art remote-sensing technology with the idea that participants bring back what they learn and incorporate it into Earth science lessons using technology. The author's participation in the…

  17. A Remote-Sensing Mission

    Hotchkiss, Rose; Dickerson, Daniel


    Sponsored by NASA and the JASON Education Foundation, the remote Sensing Earth Science Teacher Education Program (RSESTeP) trains teachers to use state-of-the art remote-sensing technology with the idea that participants bring back what they learn and incorporate it into Earth science lessons using technology. The author's participation in the…

  18. A Remote Quantum Adding Machine

    张圣醒; 龙桂鲁; 刘晓曙


    We design a scheme to perform additions of N remote addends. This adder is useful for some quantum information processing purposes, such as statistics and multi-party quantum game. The quantum remote adder is constructed by using a multi-party superdense coding scheme.

  19. Remote Microelectronics Fabrication Laboratory MEFLab

    Jan Machotka


    Full Text Available Over the last decade, there has been a move towards using remote laboratories in engineering education. The majority of these laboratories are static, involving limited user-controlled mechanical movements. The University of South Australia has developed such a laboratory, called NetLab that has been successfully utilized for teaching both on-campus and transnational programs in electrical and electronics engineering. Following this success, we are now developing a remote laboratory for microelectronic fabrication, MEFLab. The first stage of the development is a remote laboratory for visual inspection and testing of electronic circuits directly on the silicon wafer under a microscope which is normally conducted in a cleanroom. The major challenge of this project is the accurate positioning of micro-probes remotely over the internet. This paper presents the details of the setup of this new remote laboratory, with a particular emphasis on the development of the hardware, software and graphical user interface.

  20. Remote control for motor vehicle

    Johnson, Dale R. (Inventor); Ciciora, John A. (Inventor)


    A remote controller is disclosed for controlling the throttle, brake and steering mechanism of a conventional motor vehicle, with the remote controller being particularly advantageous for use by severely handicapped individuals. The controller includes a remote manipulator which controls a plurality of actuators through interfacing electronics. The remote manipulator is a two-axis joystick which controls a pair of linear actuators and a rotary actuator, with the actuators being powered by electric motors to effect throttle, brake and steering control of a motor vehicle adapted to include the controller. The controller enables the driver to control the adapted vehicle from anywhere in the vehicle with one hand with minimal control force and range of motion. In addition, even though a conventional vehicle is adapted for use with the remote controller, the vehicle may still be operated in the normal manner.

  1. Mobile Remote Control Architecture

    George Stefan Bogdan


    Full Text Available When mobile device become more and more popular the need to have a software bridge between them and the old fashioned computers became evident. Many different solutions have appeared to fill the void but few offer more than file sinking or remote SSH (secure shell connections. For computer professionals and other alike a tool that can do more regarding this connectivity and control gap became necessary. With this paper it is described an architecture and an implementation for creating such a system, underlining the difficulties, challenges and the many choices regarding overall system design, security and implementation that need to be made in order to provide the user with a secure, reliable and professional solution.

  2. In uncontrolled diabetes, thyroid hormone and sympathetic activators induce thermogenesis without increasing glucose uptake in brown adipose tissue.

    Matsen, Miles E; Thaler, Joshua P; Wisse, Brent E; Guyenet, Stephan J; Meek, Thomas H; Ogimoto, Kayoko; Cubelo, Alex; Fischer, Jonathan D; Kaiyala, Karl J; Schwartz, Michael W; Morton, Gregory J


    Recent advances in human brown adipose tissue (BAT) imaging technology have renewed interest in the identification of BAT activators for the treatment of obesity and diabetes. In uncontrolled diabetes (uDM), activation of BAT is implicated in glucose lowering mediated by intracerebroventricular (icv) administration of leptin, which normalizes blood glucose levels in streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats. The potent effect of icv leptin to increase BAT glucose uptake in STZ-diabetes is accompanied by the return of reduced plasma thyroxine (T4) levels and BAT uncoupling protein-1 (Ucp1) mRNA levels to nondiabetic controls. We therefore sought to determine whether activation of thyroid hormone receptors is sufficient in and of itself to lower blood glucose levels in STZ-diabetes and whether this effect involves activation of BAT. We found that, although systemic administration of the thyroid hormone (TR)β-selective agonist GC-1 increases energy expenditure and induces further weight loss in STZ-diabetic rats, it neither increased BAT glucose uptake nor attenuated diabetic hyperglycemia. Even when GC-1 was administered in combination with a β(3)-adrenergic receptor agonist to mimic sympathetic nervous system activation, glucose uptake was not increased in STZ-diabetic rats, nor was blood glucose lowered, yet this intervention potently activated BAT. Similar results were observed in animals treated with active thyroid hormone (T3) instead of GC-1. Taken together, our data suggest that neither returning normal plasma thyroid hormone levels nor BAT activation has any impact on diabetic hyperglycemia, and that in BAT, increases of Ucp1 gene expression and glucose uptake are readily dissociated from one another in this setting.

  3. Investigation of the radiation risk due to environmental contamination by 241Am from lightning rods disposed at uncontrolled garbage dumps.

    Marumo, Júlio T; Isiki, Vera L K; Miyamoto, Hissae; Ferreira, Rafael V P; Bellini, Maria H; de Lima, Luis F C P


    Radioactive lightning rods were manufactured in Brazil until 1989, when the licenses for using radioactive sources in these products were lifted by the national nuclear authority. Since then, these rods have been replaced by the Franklin type and collected as radioactive waste. However, only 20% of the estimated total number of installed rods has been delivered to the Brazilian Nuclear Commission. This situation causes concern, since there is the possibility of the rods to be disposed as domestic waste. In Brazil, 64% of the municipal solid waste is disposed at garbage dumps without sufficient control. In addition, (241)Am, the radionuclide most commonly employed, is classified as a high-toxicity element, when incorporated. In the present study, (241)Am migration experiments were performed by means of a lysimeter system, in order to evaluate the risk of contamination caused by radioactive lightning rods disposed as common solid waste. (241)Am sources removed from lightning rods were placed inside lysimeters filled with organic waste that was collected at the restaurant of the Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares. The generated leachate was periodically analyzed, and characteristics such as pH, redox potential, solid content and the concentration of the radioactive material were determined. The equivalent dose for members of the public was calculated considering ingestion of contaminated drinking water as the major path of exposure. Estimated doses were about 20-times below the effective dose limit of 1 mSv year(-1) for members of the public as recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection. This suggests the radiation risk caused by lightning rods disposed at uncontrolled garbage dumps to be low. It should be noted, however, that the number of investigated lightning rods was quite small. The results of this study might therefore not be entirely representative and should be interpreted with care. They provide, however, a very first

  4. First report of the Global SYMPLICITY Registry on the effect of renal artery denervation in patients with uncontrolled hypertension.

    Böhm, Michael; Mahfoud, Felix; Ukena, Christian; Hoppe, Uta C; Narkiewicz, Krzysztof; Negoita, Manuela; Ruilope, Luis; Schlaich, Markus P; Schmieder, Roland E; Whitbourn, Robert; Williams, Bryan; Zeymer, Uwe; Zirlik, Andreas; Mancia, Giuseppe


    This study aimed to assess the safety and effectiveness of renal denervation using the Symplicity system in real-world patients with uncontrolled hypertension (NCT01534299). The Global SYMPLICITY Registry is a prospective, open-label, multicenter registry. Office and 24-hour ambulatory blood pressures (BPs) were measured. Change from baseline to 6 months was analyzed for all patients and for subgroups based on baseline office systolic BP, diabetic status, and renal function; a cohort with severe hypertension (office systolic pressure, ≥160 mm Hg; 24-hour systolic pressure, ≥135 mm Hg; and ≥3 antihypertensive medication classes) was also included. The analysis included protocol-defined safety events. Six-month outcomes for 998 patients, including 323 in the severe hypertension cohort, are reported. Mean baseline office systolic BP was 163.5±24.0 mm Hg for all patients and 179.3±16.5 mm Hg for the severe cohort; the corresponding baseline 24-hour mean systolic BPs were 151.5±17.0 and 159.0±15.6 mm Hg. At 6 months, the changes in office and 24-hour systolic BPs were -11.6±25.3 and -6.6±18.0 mm Hg for all patients (Phypertension (P70% and 5 cases of hospitalization for a hypertensive emergency. In clinical practice, renal denervation resulted in significant reductions in office and 24-hour BPs with a favorable safety profile. Greater BP-lowering effects occurred in patients with higher baseline pressures. URL: Unique identifier: NCT01534299. © 2015 American Heart Association, Inc.

  5. Comparative risk of renal, cardiovascular, and mortality outcomes in controlled, uncontrolled resistant, and non-resistant hypertension

    Sim, John J.; Bhandari, Simran K.; Shi, Jiaxiao; Reynolds, Kristi; Calhoun, David A.; Kalantar-Zadeh, Kamyar; Jacobsen, Steven J.


    We sought to compare the risk of end stage renal disease (ESRD), ischemic heart event (IHE), congestive heart failure (CHF), cerebrovascular accident (CVA), and all-cause mortality among 470,386 individuals with resistant and nonresistant hypertension (non-RH). Resistant hypertension (60,327 individuals) was sub-categorized into 2 groups; 23,104 patients with cRH (controlled on 4 or more medicines) and 37,223 patients with uRH (uncontrolled on 3 or more medicines) in a 5 year retrospective cohort study. Cox proportional hazard modeling was used to estimate hazard ratios adjusting for age, gender, race, body mass index, chronic kidney disease (CKD), and co-morbidities. Resistant hypertension (cRH and uRH) compared to non-RH, had multivariable adjusted hazard ratios (95% confidence intervals) of 1.32 (1.27–1.37), 1.24 (1.20–1.28), 1.46 (1.40–1.52), 1.14 (1.10–1.19), and 1.06 (1.03–1.08) for ESRD, IHE, CHF, CVA, and mortality, respectively. Comparison of uRH to cRH had hazard ratios of 1.25 (1.18–1.33), 1.04 (0.99–1.10), 0.94 (0.89–1.01), 1.23 (1.14–1.31), and 1.01 (0.97–1.05) for ESRD, IHE, CHF, CVA, and mortality, respectively. Males and Hispanics had greater risk for ESRD within all 3 cohorts. Resistant hypertension had greater risk for ESRD, IHE, CHF, CVA, and mortality. The risk of ESRD and CVA and were 25% and 23% greater, respectively, in uRH compared to cRH supporting the linkage between blood pressure and both outcomes. PMID:25945406

  6. Leukocyte telomere length in HIV-infected and HIV-exposed uninfected children: shorter telomeres with uncontrolled HIV viremia.

    Hélène C F Côté

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVES: Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs used in HIV antiretroviral therapy can inhibit human telomerase reverse transcriptase. We therefore investigated whether in utero or childhood exposure to NRTIs affects leukocyte telomere length (LTL, a marker of cellular aging. METHODS: In this cross-sectional CARMA cohort study, we investigated factors associated with LTL in HIV-1-infected (HIV(+ children (n = 94, HIV-1-exposed uninfected (HEU children who were exposed to antiretroviral therapy (ART perinatally (n = 177, and HIV-unexposed uninfected (HIV(- control children (n = 104 aged 0-19 years. Univariate followed by multivariate linear regression models were used to examine relationships of explanatory variables with LTL for: a all subjects, b HIV(+/HEU children only, and c HIV(+ children only. RESULTS: After adjusting for age and gender, there was no difference in LTL between the 3 groups, when considering children of all ages together. In multivariate models, older age and male gender were associated with shorter LTL. For the HIV(+ group alone, having a detectable HIV viral load was also strongly associated with shorter LTL (p = 0.007. CONCLUSIONS: In this large study, group rates of LTL attrition were similar for HIV(+, HEU and HIV(- children. No associations between children's LTL and their perinatal ART exposure or HIV status were seen in linear regression models. However, the association between having a detectable HIV viral load and shorter LTL suggests that uncontrolled HIV viremia rather than duration of ART exposure may be associated with acceleration of blood telomere attrition.

  7. Nonaccidental Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in an Urban Area as a Potential Source of Uncontrolled Organ Donors.

    Pabisiak, Krzysztof; Krejczy, Arkadiusz; Dutkiewicz, Grażyna; Safranow, Krzysztof; Sienko, Jerzy; Bohatyrewicz, Romuald; Ciechanowski, Kazimierz


    BACKGROUND Donation after cardiac death offers the possibility of increasing the pool of organs for transplantation by up to 30%. Maastricht category type 3 (M3) dominates in most countries with active DCD programs. During preparations to introduce a permanent program for uncontrolled donation after circulatory death in Szczecin, Poland, the donor pool has been estimated. In Poland, Maastricht category type 2 (M2) is considered a basic source for organ recovery. MATERIAL AND METHODS This was a retrospective cohort study of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA) reported to local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) between 1 December 2014 and 30 November 2015. The following inclusion criteria were used in the analysis: demographic (age 18-60 years, known identity), clinical (no chest or abdominal injury, no cachexia as an equivalent of wasting diseases), and organizational (weekdays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm). RESULTS During 12-month period, 118 EMS interventions were recorded in response to sudden cardiac arrest. The stratification process mentioned above used criteria to establish potential, eligible, qualified, and actual donor pools (27 (30.3%), 24 (26.4%), 7 (7.3%), and 6 (6.7%), respectively). To establish a "virtual" actual number of uDCD, the nationwide average level of lack of authorization for donation was 12%. CONCLUSIONS Activation of a permanent program of organ recovery from uDCD would increase the donor pool by 6 cases. Compared to the number of brain-dead donors referred from regional hospitals, this increase would be equivalent to the formation of a new reporting center. The number of transplantable organs could increase by 22% per year.

  8. A Pharmaco-Economic Analyzis of Treating Severe Uncontrolled Child Asthma with Omalizumab — Actual Russian Clinical Practice Data

    A. S. Kolbin


    Full Text Available Background: Omalizumab is the first and yet the only biopreparation for asthma which combines high efficiency and high cost. The clinical-economic expediency of using omalizumab in asthmatic children has not been previously studied in Russia.Objective: Our aim was to evaluate the clinical and economic expediency of using omalizumab as additive treatment (to basic or supporting therapy in children with severe uncontrolled atopic asthma under the Russian economic conditions.Methods: We conducted a mathematical simulation of asthma treatment in children with an increased frequency of hospitalization (9 times per year with an average monthly omalizumab requirement of 558 mg. The model is based on the Markov chain. The model includes direct and non-direct costs. The planning horizons were 2 and 5 years. We analyzed the efficiency and utility of the costs and their influence on the budget. The stability of received data is proven by sensitivity analyzis.Results: Over a 5-year planning horizon the cost of an additional year of quality life (due to using omalizumab was 1,259,185 roubles, while the “society’s solvency” is 1 341 308 roubles (cost utility analizis. It takes 39,820 rubles to prevent one hospitalization with omalizumab over a 5-year planning horizon (cost efficiency analizis, which is comparable to the cost of hospitalization (43,141 rubles. Total costs for treating 100 children with asthma, 7 of which would be treated with omalizumab, were equal to the amount of money which is enough to treat 105 children without omalizumab (analysis of budgetary influence.Conclusion: The analyses of cost efficiency and utility have shown that the strategy of using omalizumab together with standard treatment is economically expedient. Budgetary influence analysis has not detected a significant burden on the budget.

  9. Uncontrolled manifold analysis of single trials during multi-finger force production by persons with and without Down syndrome.

    Scholz, John P; Kang, Ning; Patterson, David; Latash, Mark L


    Recently, the framework of the uncontrolled manifold (UCM) hypothesis has been used to study multi-finger synergies based on analysis of motor variability across large sets of trials. We introduce a similar method of analysis, which can be applied to single trials, and hence may be more relevant to studies of atypical populations. In one experiment, results of across-trials and single-trial UCM analysis were compared for control participants who performed accurate ramp force production trials by pressing with four fingers of the hand. Both types of analysis revealed selective stabilization of total force by co-variations of individual finger forces. The stabilization was more pronounced at higher forces. When the participants purposefully varied the relative involvement of fingers during the ramp, significantly higher UCM effects were observed. However, high-pass filtering of the data at 4 Hz made these results similar to those observed in trials with natural patterns of force production. These observations allow assessment of the contribution of processes at two levels of a hypothetical hierarchical control system to the stabilization of total force. We also applied the single-trial UCM method to re-analyze previously published data from another experiment to study the motor variability in a group of persons with Down syndrome (DS) because these persons have difficulty in motor planning and timing as well as in force stabilization. Results of single-trial UCM analysis demonstrated force stabilization in these persons. The degree of force stabilization improved significantly after three days of practice. The analysis also showed that the total pronation/supination moment generated by the four fingers with respect to the midpoint was stabilized. The degree of moment stabilization did not change with practice. We conclude that the single-trial method of UCM analysis allows the analysis of hypotheses about stabilization of different performance variables by alleged

  10. Signal processing for remote sensing

    Chen, CH


    Written by leaders in the field, Signal Processing for Remote Sensing explores the data acquisitions segment of remote sensing. Each chapter presents a major research result or the most up to date development of a topic. The book includes a chapter by Dr. Norden Huang, inventor of the Huang-Hilbert transform who, along with and Dr. Steven Long discusses the application of the transform to remote sensing problems. It also contains a chapter by Dr. Enders A. Robinson, who has made major contributions to seismic signal processing for over half a century, on the basic problem of constructing seism

  11. Practical lessons in remote connectivity.

    Kouroubali, A.; Starren, J.; Barrows, R. C.; Clayton, P. D.


    Community Health Information Networks (CHINs) require the ability to provide computer network connections to many remote sites. During the implementation of the Washington Heights and Inwood Community Health Management Information System (WHICHIS) at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center (CPMC), a number of remote connectivity issues have been encountered. Both technical and non-technical issues were significant during the installation. We developed a work-flow model for this process which may be helpful to any health care institution attempting to provide seamless remote connectivity. This model is presented and implementation lessons are discussed. PMID:9357643

  12. Classification of remotely sensed images

    Dudeni, N


    Full Text Available (s)) is the data vector for a pixel located at s θ(s) is an unknown ground class to which pixel s belongs Objective is to classify the pixel at location s to the one of the k clusters Classification of remotely sensed images N. Dudeni, P. Debba...(s) is an unknown ground class to which pixel s belongs Objective is to classify the pixel at location s to the one of the k clusters Classification of remotely sensed images N. Dudeni, P. Debba Introduction to Remote Sensing Introduction to Image...

  13. Reduction of uncontrollable mine gas emission in the Czech part of Upper Silesian hard coal basin devastated by past mining activity

    Novotny, R.; Platenik, M.; Takla, G.; Kral, V. [OKD, DPB PASKOV, a.s. Paskov (Czech Republic)


    The paper draws attention to danger of uncontrollable mine gas emissions from wound-up underground mines. It elucidates methods of defining territories according to danger of potential uncontrollable mine gas emissions, principle of operative measurement of content of mine gases in soil air by means of modified gasometric method called atmogeochemistry and application of this method for searching abandoned old mine workings (shafts, drifts). It deals with problems of reduction of real danger of emission and propagation of mine gases in built-up surface areas. Organisation of mine gas emission monitoring in abandoned surface ending mine workings and in gas drainage boreholes is described as well as organisation of continuous methane concentration measurement in premises and subsequent operative application of hereby obtained data for protection of inhabitants. 3 figs.

  14. Characterization of the contamination produced by uncontrolled dumping of aromatic hydrocarbons; Caracterizacion de la contaminacion producida por el vertido incontrolado de hidrocarburos aromaticos

    Navarro Flores, A.; Collado Fernandez, D.


    Uncontrolled dumping of aromatic hydrocarbons (m, o and p-xylen, ethylbenzene, etc) in the Tenes Valley aquifer (Besos river bassin) has produced a very important contamination of alluvial aquifer, that shows high concentrations of m, p xylen (41 mg/l) in groundwater, at a very vulnerable area. site characterization shows high concentrations of Fe, Mn and Ba in groundwater, originated by degradation of organic pollutants. Numerical simulation of plume movement shows a conditioned mobilization contaminants by biodegradation process. (Author) 11 refs.

  15. The effect of aged garlic extract on blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors in uncontrolled hypertensives: the AGE at Heart trial

    Ried K; Travica N; Sali A


    Karin Ried,1–3 Nikolaj Travica,1 Avni Sali1 1National Institute of Integrative Medicine, Melbourne, 2Faculty of Health Science and Medicine, Bond University, Gold Coast, 3Department of General Practice, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia Background: Hypertension affects 30% of adults worldwide. Garlic supplements have shown promise in the treatment of uncontrolled hypertension, and the mechanism of action is biologically plausible. Our trial is the first to assess the effe...

  16. Remote direct memory access

    Archer, Charles J.; Blocksome, Michael A.


    Methods, parallel computers, and computer program products are disclosed for remote direct memory access. Embodiments include transmitting, from an origin DMA engine on an origin compute node to a plurality target DMA engines on target compute nodes, a request to send message, the request to send message specifying a data to be transferred from the origin DMA engine to data storage on each target compute node; receiving, by each target DMA engine on each target compute node, the request to send message; preparing, by each target DMA engine, to store data according to the data storage reference and the data length, including assigning a base storage address for the data storage reference; sending, by one or more of the target DMA engines, an acknowledgment message acknowledging that all the target DMA engines are prepared to receive a data transmission from the origin DMA engine; receiving, by the origin DMA engine, the acknowledgement message from the one or more of the target DMA engines; and transferring, by the origin DMA engine, data to data storage on each of the target compute nodes according to the data storage reference using a single direct put operation.

  17. remote sensor network

    von Unold, Georg; Junker, Astrid; Altmann, Thomas


    High-throughput (HT) plant phenotyping systems enable the quantitative analysis of a variety of plant features in a fully automated fashion. The comprehensive phenomics infrastructure at IPK comprises three LemnaTec conveyor belt-based (plant-to-sensor) systems for the simultaneous analysis of large numbers of individual plants of different sizes. For monitoring of environmental conditions within the plant growth area and soil conditions in individual pots, highly modular and flexible remote sensing devices are required. We present the architecture of a wireless sensor network implemented in the HT plant phenotyping systems at IPK in the frame of the German Plant Phenotyping Network (DPPN). This system comprises 350 soil monitoring modules, each measuring water content, water matrix potential, temperature and electric conductivity. Furthermore small and large sensor platforms enable the continuous monitoring of environmental parameters such as incident photosynthetic active radiation, total radiation balance, relative humidity and CO2 concentration and more. Finally we present an introduction into data management and maintenance."


    Ginns, D.W.


    A means for handling remotely a sample pellet to be irradiated in a nuclear reactor is proposed. It is comprised essentially of an inlet tube extending through the outer shield of the reactor and being inclined so that its outer end is at a higher elevation than its inner end, an outlet tube extending through the outer shield being inclined so that its inner end is at a higher elevation than its outer end, the inner ends of these two tubes being interconnected, and a straight tube extending through the outer shield and into the reactor core between the inlet and outlet tubes and passing through the juncture of said inner ends. A rod-like member is rotatably and slidely operated within the central straight tube and has a receptacle on its inner end for receiving a sample pellet from the inlet tube. The rod member is operated to pick up a sample pellet from the inlet tube, carry the sample pellet into the irradiating position within the core, and return to the receiving position where it is rotated to dump the irradiated pellet into the outlet tube by which it is conveyed by gravity to the outside of the reactor. Stop members are provided in the inlet tube, and electrical operating devices are provided to control the sequence of the operation automatically.

  19. Remote Sensing of Environmental Pollution

    North, G. W.


    Environmental pollution is a problem of international scope and concern. It can be subdivided into problems relating to water, air, or land pollution. Many of the problems in these three categories lend themselves to study and possible solution by remote sensing. Through the use of remote sensing systems and techniques, it is possible to detect and monitor, and in some cases, identify, measure, and study the effects of various environmental pollutants. As a guide for making decisions regarding the use of remote sensors for pollution studies, a special five-dimensional sensor/applications matrix has been designed. The matrix defines an environmental goal, ranks the various remote sensing objectives in terms of their ability to assist in solving environmental problems, lists the environmental problems, ranks the sensors that can be used for collecting data on each problem, and finally ranks the sensor platform options that are currently available.

  20. Remote sensing of oil slicks

    Fondekar, S.P.; Rao, L.V.G.

    the drawback of expensive conventional surveying methods. An airborne remote sensing system used for monitoring and surveillance of oil comprises different sensors such as side-looking airborne radar, synthetic aperture radar, infrared/ultraviolet line scanner...

  1. Designing Zoning of Remote Sensing Drones for Urban Applications: a Review

    Norzailawati, M. N.; Alias, A.; Akma, R. S.


    This paper discusses on-going research related to zoning regulation for the remote sensing drone in the urban applications. Timestamped maps are presented here follow a citation-based approach, where significant information is retrieved from the scientific literature. The emergence of drones in domestic air raises lots understandable issues on privacy, security and uncontrolled pervasive surveillance that require a careful and alternative solution. The effective solution is to adopt a privacy and property rights approach that create a drone zoning and clear drone legislatures. In providing a differential trend to other reviews, this paper is not limited to drones zoning and regulations, but also, discuss on trend remote sensing drones specification in designing a drone zones. Remote sensing drone will specific according to their features and performances; size and endurance, maximum airspeed and altitude level and particular references are made to the drones range. The implementation of laws zoning could lie with the urban planners whereby, a zoning for drone could become a new tactic used to specify areas, where drones could be used, will provide remedies for the harm that arise from drones, and act as a different against irresponsible behaviour. Finally, underlines the need for next regulations on guidelines and standards which can be used as a guidance for urban decision makers to control the drones' operating, thus ensuring a quality and sustainability of resilience cities simultaneously encouraging the revolution of technology.

  2. Scale issues in remote sensing

    Weng, Qihao


    This book provides up-to-date developments, methods, and techniques in the field of GIS and remote sensing and features articles from internationally renowned authorities on three interrelated perspectives of scaling issues: scale in land surface properties, land surface patterns, and land surface processes. The book is ideal as a professional reference for practicing geographic information scientists and remote sensing engineers as well as a supplemental reading for graduate level students.

  3. Remote Atmospheric Nonlinear Optical Magnetometry


    Boyd , Nonlinear Optics (Elsevier, Burlington, MA, 2008). [13] M. Scully and S. Zubairy, Quantum Optics (Cambridge U. Press, Cambridge, UK, 1997...Naval Research Laboratory Washington, DC 20375-5320 NRL/MR/6703--14-9548 Remote Atmospheric Nonlinear Optical Magnetometry PhilliP SPrangle...b. ABSTRACT c. THIS PAGE 18. NUMBER OF PAGES 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT Remote Atmospheric Nonlinear Optical Magnetometry Phillip Sprangle, Luke

  4. Response of a continuous biomethanation process to transient organic shock loads under controlled and uncontrolled pH conditions.

    Kim, Jaai; Lee, Changsoo


    The organic loading rate (OLR) is a critical factor that controls the treatment efficiency and biogas production in anaerobic digestion (AD). Therefore, organic shock loads may cause significant process imbalances accompanied by a drop in pH and acid accumulation or even failure. This study investigated the response of a continuous mesophilic anaerobic bioreactor to a series of transient organic shock loads of the substrate whey permeate, a high-strength organic wastewater from cheese making. The reactor was subjected to organic shock loads of increasing magnitude (a one-day pulse of elevated feed organic concentration) under controlled (near 7) and uncontrolled pH conditions at a fixed HRT of 10 days. The reactor was resilient to up to a shock load of up to 8.0 g SCOD/L·d under controlled pH conditions but failed to recover from the serious imbalance caused by a 3.0-g SCOD/L·d shock load, thus indicating the critical effect of pH on system resilience. The acidified reactor was not restored by interrupted feeding under the acidic conditions that were formed (pH ≤ 4.5) but was successfully restored after pH adjustment to 7. The reactor subsequently reverted to continuous mode without pH control and showed a performance comparable to the stable performance at the design OLR of 1.0 g SCOD/L·d. The bacterial community structure shifted dynamically in association with disturbances in the reactor conditions, whereas the archaeal community structure remained simple and less variable during the shock loading experiments. The structural shifts of the bacterial community were well correlated with the process performance changes, and performance recovery was generally accompanied by recovery of the bacterial community structure. The overall results suggest that the reactor pH, rather than simply acting as an accumulation of organic acids, had a crucial effect on the resilience and robustness of the microbial community and thus on the reactor performance under organic

  5. Uncontrolled donors with controlled reperfusion after sixty minutes of asystole: a novel reliable resource for kidney transplantation.

    Oleg N Reznik

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Organ shortage leads to usage of kidneys from donors after sudden cardiac death, or uncontrolled donors (UDCD. Ischemic injury due to cessation of circulation remains a crucial problem that limits adoption of UDCD. Our clinical investigation was to determine the applicability of kidneys obtained from UDCD and resuscitated by extracorporeal perfusion in situ after 60 minutes of asystole. METHODS: In 2009-2011, organ procurement service of St. Petersburg, obtained kidneys from 22 UDCD with critically expanded warm ischemic time (WIT. No patients were considered as potential organ donors initially. All donors died after sudden irreversible cardiac arrest. Mean WIT was 61.4±4.5 minutes. For kidney resuscitation, the subnormothermic extracorporeal abdominal perfusion with thrombolytics and leukocyte depletion was employed. Grafts were transplanted into 44 recipients. The outcomes of transplantation of resuscitated kidneys were compared to outcomes of 87 KTx from 74 brain death donors (BDDs. RESULTS: Immediate functioning of kidney grafts was observed in 21 of the 44 recipients, with no cases of primary non function. By the end of the first post-transplant year there was an acute rejection rate of 9.1% (4 episodes of rejection in the UDCD group versus 14.2% (13 episodes of rejection in the BDD group. The actual 1-year graft survival rate was 95.5% (n = 42 in UDCD group, and 94.6% (n = 87 in BDD group. Creatinine levels at the end of the first year were 0.116±0.008 and 0.115±0.004 mmol/l in UDCD and BDD groups, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: UDCD kidneys with critically expanded WIT could be succefully used for transplantation if in situ organ "resuscitation" perfusion is included into procurement protocol. The results of 1-year follow-up meet the generally accepted criteria for graft survival and function. In situ reperfusion may exert a therapeutic effect on grafts before procurement. This approach could substantially expand the

  6. Concentration of Endogenous Secretory Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products and Matrix Gla Protein in Controlled and Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients

    Dwi Yuniati Daulay


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Advanced glycation end products (AGE and their receptor (RAGE system play an important role in the development of diabetic vascular complications. Recently, an endogenous secretory RAGE (esRAGE has been identified as a novel splice variant, which lacks the transmembrane domain and is secreted in human sera. Interestingly, it was reported that esRAGE binds AGE ligands and neutralizes AGE actions. Many studies have reported that diabetes mellitus correlates with vascular calcification event and increases progressively in uncontrolled diabetes. Matrix Gla Protein (MGP is known to act as an inhibitor in vascular calcification. The aim of this study was to observe progress of vascular calcification in uncontrolled diabetes patient by biochemical markers MGP as inhibitor in vascular calcification, via mechanism of AGEs. METHODS: This study was an observational study with cross sectional design on adult type 2 diabetic male patients who were defined by the 2011 Indonesian diabetes mellitus consensus criteria. RESULTS: The results of this study showed that there was a positive significant correlation between esRAGE and HbA1C (r=0.651, p=0.009, and negative correlation between MGP and HbA1C (r=-0.465, p=0.081 in controlled diabetes group. In uncontrolled diabetes group there was a positive significant correlation between MGP and HbA1C (r=0.350, p=0.023, despite the fact esRAGE showed no significant correlation with HbA1C. There was no significant difference in level of esRAGE and MGP in controlled and uncontrolled diabetes group, but MGP showed lower level in uncontrolled diabetes group, contrary to esRAGE that had higher concentration. CONCLUSIONS: In diabetes condition, complications of vascular calcification are caused by the mechanism of increased AGE formation represented by esRAGE. In diabetes control it is very important to keep the blood vessels from complications caused by vascular calcification. KEYWORDS: type 2 diabetes mellitus

  7. Remote Nodes Management Using RMI

    Saurabh Malgaonkar


    Full Text Available We have focused upon the design and development of a remote desktop management system using Remote Method Invocation, since it has many advantages in terms of remote computation, software optimization, data access and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system. In this type of a system we have two types of users - clients and the server. The server can control all the activities of the clients and also impose certain restrictions on the clients. The clients can use the data or shared resources, software and information that are provided by the server to computers and other devices as a utility over a network. The major elements of desktop management are assets management, software deployment, patch management, remote desktop sharing, active directory reports and user logon reports. Remote desktop sharing enables users to access and use their own desktop from other machines or locations. This system is focused upon the real time events.

  8. Photogrammetry - Remote Sensing and Geoinformation

    Lazaridou, M. A.; Patmio, E. N.


    Earth and its environment are studied by different scientific disciplines as geosciences, science of engineering, social sciences, geography, etc. The study of the above, beyond pure scientific interest, is useful for the practical needs of man. Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (defined by Statute II of ISPRS) is the art, science, and technology of obtaining reliable information from non-contact imaging and other sensor systems about the Earth and its environment, and other physical objects and of processes through recording, measuring, analyzing and representation. Therefore, according to this definition, photogrammetry and remote sensing can support studies of the above disciplines for acquisition of geoinformation. This paper concerns basic concepts of geosciences (geomorphology, geology, hydrology etc), and the fundamentals of photogrammetry-remote sensing, in order to aid the understanding of the relationship between photogrammetry-remote sensing and geoinformation and also structure curriculum in a brief, concise and coherent way. This curriculum can represent an appropriate research and educational outline and help to disseminate knowledge in various directions and levels. It resulted from our research and educational experience in graduate and post-graduate level (post-graduate studies relative to the protection of environment and protection of monuments and historical centers) in the Lab. of Photogrammetry - Remote Sensing in Civil Engineering Faculty of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

  9. Remote sensing of natural phenomena

    Miodrag D. Regodić


    Full Text Available There has always been a need to directly perceive and study the events whose extent is beyond people's possibilities. In order to get new data and to make observations and studying much more objective in comparison with past syntheses - a new method of examination called remote sensing has been adopted. The paper deals with the principles and elements of remote sensing, as well as with the basic aspects of using remote research in examining meteorological (weather parameters and the conditions of the atmosphere. The usage of satellite images is possible in all phases of the global and systematic research of different natural phenomena when airplane and satellite images of different characteristics are used and their analysis and interpretation is carried out by viewing and computer added procedures. Introduction Remote sensing of the Earth enables observing and studying global and local events that occur on it. Satellite images are nowadays used in geology, agriculture, forestry, geodesy, meteorology, spatial and urbanism planning, designing of infrastructure and other objects, protection from natural and technological catastrophes, etc. It it possible to use satellite images in all phases of global and systematic research of different natural phenomena. Basics of remote sensing Remote sensing is a method of the acquisition and interpretation of information about remote objects without making a physical contact with them. The term Daljinska detekcija is a literal translation of the English term Remote Sensing. In French it isTeledetection, in German - Fernerkundung, in Russian - дистанционие иследования. We also use terms such as: remote survailance, remote research, teledetection, remote methods, and distance research. The basic elements included in Remote Sensing are: object, electromagnetic energy, sensor, platform, image, analysis, interpretation and the information (data, fact. Usage of satellite remote research in

  10. Remote Sensing for Wind Energy

    The Remote Sensing in Wind Energy Compendium provides a description of several topics and it is our hope that students and others interested will learn from it. The idea behind this compendium began in year 2008 at Risø DTU during the first PhD Summer School: Remote Sensing in Wind Energy. Thus...... of the compendium, and we also acknowledge all our colleagues in the Meteorology and Test and Measurements Programs from the Wind Energy Division at Risø DTU in the PhD Summer Schools. We hope to continue adding more topics in future editions and to update and improve as necessary, to provide a truly state......-of-the-art compendium available for people involved in Remote Sensing in Wind Energy....

  11. Remote Sensing for Wind Energy

    The Remote Sensing in Wind Energy Compendium provides a description of several topics and it is our hope that students and others interested will learn from it. The idea behind this compendium began in year 2008 at Risø DTU during the first PhD Summer School: Remote Sensing in Wind Energy. Thus...... in the Meteorology and Test and Measurements Programs from the Wind Energy Division at Risø DTU in the PhD Summer Schools. We hope to add more topics in future editions and to update as necessary, to provide a truly state-of-the-art compendium available for people involved in Remote Sensing in Wind Energy....

  12. Remote Sensing for Wind Energy

    Peña, Alfredo; Hasager, Charlotte Bay; Badger, Merete

    The Remote Sensing in Wind Energy report provides a description of several topics and it is our hope that students and others interested will learn from it. The idea behind it began in year 2008 at DTU Wind Energy (formerly Risø) during the first PhD Summer School: Remote Sensing in Wind Energy...... colleagues in the Meteorology and Test and Measurements Sections from DTU Wind Energy in the PhD Summer Schools. We hope to continue adding more topics in future editions and to update and improve as necessary, to provide a truly state-of-the-art ‘guideline’ available for people involved in Remote Sensing...... in Wind Energy....

  13. Remote Sensing for Wind Energy

    Peña, Alfredo; Hasager, Charlotte Bay; Lange, Julia

    The Remote Sensing in Wind Energy report provides a description of several topics and it is our hope that students and others interested will learn from it. The idea behind it began in year 2008 at DTU Wind Energy (formerly Risø) during the first PhD Summer School: Remote Sensing in Wind Energy...... for their work in the writing of the chapters, and we also acknowledge all our colleagues in the Meteorology and Test and Measurements Sections from DTU Wind Energy in the PhD Summer Schools. We hope to continue adding more topics in future editions and to update and improve as necessary, to provide a truly...... state-of-the-art ‘guideline’ available for people involved in Remote Sensing in Wind Energy....

  14. Remote preparation of quantum states

    Bennett, C H; Leung, D W; Shor, P W; Winter, A; Bennett, Charles H; Hayden, Patrick; Leung, Debbie W.; Shor, Peter W.; Winter, Andreas


    Remote state preparation is the variant of quantum state teleportation in which the sender knows the quantum state to be communicated. The original paper introducing teleportation established minimal requirements for classical communication and entanglement but the corresponding limits for remote state preparation have remained unknown until now: previous work has shown, however, that it not only requires less classical communication but also gives rise to a trade-off between these two resources in the appropriate setting. We discuss this problem from first principles, including the various choices one may follow in the definitions of the actual resources. Our main result is a general method of remote state preparation for arbitrary states of many qubits, at a cost of 1 bit of classical communication and 1 bit of entanglement per qubit sent. In this "universal" formulation, these ebit and cbit requirements are shown to be simultaneously optimal by exhibiting a dichotomy. This then yields the exact trade-off c...


    Reecha Ranjan Singh , Sangeeta Agrawal , Saurabh Kapoor ,S. Sharma


    Full Text Available A modern world contains varieties of electronic equipment and systems like: TV, security system, Hi-fi equipment, central heating systems, fire alarm systems, security alarm systems, lighting systems, SET Top Box, AC (Air Conditioner etc., we need to handle, ON/OFF or monitor these electrical devices remotely or to communicate with these but, if you are not at the home or that place and you want to communicate with these device. So the new technology for handled these devices remotely and for communication to required the GSM, mobile technology, SMS (short message service and some hardware resources. SMS based remote control for home appliances is beneficial for the human generation, because mobile is most recently used technology nowadays.

  16. Remote sensing for urban planning

    Davis, Bruce A.; Schmidt, Nicholas; Jensen, John R.; Cowen, Dave J.; Halls, Joanne; Narumalani, Sunil; Burgess, Bryan


    Utility companies are challenged to provide services to a highly dynamic customer base. With factory closures and shifts in employment becoming a routine occurrence, the utility industry must develop new techniques to maintain records and plan for expected growth. BellSouth Telecommunications, the largest of the Bell telephone companies, currently serves over 13 million residences and 2 million commercial customers. Tracking the movement of customers and scheduling the delivery of service are major tasks for BellSouth that require intensive manpower and sophisticated information management techniques. Through NASA's Commercial Remote Sensing Program Office, BellSouth is investigating the utility of remote sensing and geographic information system techniques to forecast residential development. This paper highlights the initial results of this project, which indicate a high correlation between the U.S. Bureau of Census block group statistics and statistics derived from remote sensing data.

  17. Remote field eddy current testing

    Cheong, Y. M.; Jung, H. K.; Huh, H.; Lee, Y. S.; Shim, C. M


    The state-of-art technology of the remote field eddy current, which is actively developed as an electromagnetic non-destructive testing tool for ferromagnetic tubes, is described. The historical background and recent R and D activities of remote-field eddy current technology are explained including the theoretical development of remote field eddy current, such as analytical and numerical approach, and the results of finite element analysis. The influencing factors for actual applications, such as the effect of frequency, magnetic permeability, receiving sensitivity, and difficulties of detection and classification of defects are also described. Finally, two examples of actual application, 1) the gap measurement between pressure tubes and calandria tube in CANDU reactor and, 2) the detection of defects in the ferromagnetic heat exchanger tubes, are described. The future research efforts are also included.

  18. Weekly self-monitoring and treatment adjustment benefit patients with partly controlled and uncontrolled asthma: an analysis of the SMASHING study

    Assendelft Willem JJ


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Internet-based self-management has shown to improve asthma control and asthma related quality of life, but the improvements were only marginally clinically relevant for the group as a whole. We hypothesized that self-management guided by weekly monitoring of asthma control tailors pharmacological therapy to individual needs and improves asthma control for patients with partly controlled or uncontrolled asthma. Methods In a 1-year randomised controlled trial involving 200 adults (18-50 years with mild to moderate persistent asthma we evaluated the adherence with weekly monitoring and effect on asthma control and pharmacological treatment of a self-management algorithm based on the Asthma Control Questionnaire (ACQ. Participants were assigned either to the Internet group (n = 101 that monitored asthma control weekly with the ACQ on the Internet and adjusted treatment using a self-management algorithm supervised by an asthma nurse specialist or to the usual care group (UC (n = 99. We analysed 3 subgroups: patients with well controlled (ACQ ≤ 0.75, partly controlled (0.75>ACQ ≤ 1.5 or uncontrolled (ACQ>1.5 asthma at baseline. Results Overall monitoring adherence was 67% (95% CI, 60% to 74%. Improvements in ACQ score after 12 months were -0.14 (p = 0.23, -0.52 (p 2-agonists between the Internet group and usual care. Conclusions Weekly self-monitoring and subsequent treatment adjustment leads to improved asthma control in patients with partly and uncontrolled asthma at baseline and tailors asthma medication to individual patients' needs. Trial registration Current Controlled Trials ISRCTN79864465

  19. Cost Effectiveness of Insulin Degludec Plus Liraglutide (IDegLira) in a Fixed Combination for Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Sweden.

    Ericsson, Åsa; Lundqvist, Adam


    Patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) are a priority group for intensified therapy without weight gain and with low risk of hypoglycaemia. This study evaluates the cost effectiveness of insulin degludec plus liraglutide (IDegLira, Xultophy(®)) compared with six potential intensification treatment options for patients with T2DM that is uncontrolled with basal insulin. The Swedish Institute for Health Economics (IHE) Cohort Model of Type 2 Diabetes was used with Swedish input data, a 40-year time frame and a societal perspective. The comparators for treatment intensification included insulin glargine, neutral protamine Hagedorn (NPH) insulin, insulin aspart plus either glargine or NPH, and liraglutide plus either glargine or NPH. Clinical data for all comparators (except NPH insulin) were based on an indirect treatment comparison of several studies. Prices were obtained from the 2014 Swedish Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (Tandvårds- och läkemedelsförmånsverket [TLV]) database, and utility values were obtained from published studies. Sensitivity analyses were undertaken. Overall incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICER) were Swedish krona (SEK) 70,000 or lower per quality-adjusted life-year (QALY). IDegLira compared with intensified basal insulin showed an ICER of SEK 28,000 per QALY versus insulin glargine, SEK70,000 per QALY versus NPH insulin and SEK 60,000 per QALY versus NPH insulin plus liraglutide. IDegLira was dominant over insulin glargine plus liraglutide and insulin aspart plus insulin glargine or NPH insulin. Results were driven by the difference in glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) reduction between treatments, as confirmed by sensitivity analyses. IDegLira is estimated to be a cost-effective treatment in Sweden compared with commonly used intensification treatments for patients with T2DM uncontrolled with basal insulin.

  20. Comparison of telmisartan/amlodipine and telmisartan/hydrochlorothiazide in the treatment of Japanese patients with uncontrolled hypertension: the TAT-Kobe study.

    Kondo, Kensuke; Toh, Ryuji; Ishida, Tatsuro; Mori, Kenta; Yasuda, Tomoyuki; Hirata, Ken-Ichi


    The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy and safety of telmisartan plus amlodipine with telmisartan plus hydrochlorothiazide for the treatment of uncontrolled hypertension. Japanese hypertensive patients with uncontrolled hypertension, despite taking angiotensin II receptor blockers, were assigned randomly to either a fixed-dose combination of telmisartan/amlodipine (n=36) or telmisartan/hydrochlorothiazide (n=39). The primary endpoint was the change in office blood pressure from the baseline value at 12 weeks. Both telmisartan/amlodipine and telmisaratan/hydrochlorothiazide reduced the office blood pressure efficiently (systole: -25.5±12.1 vs. -24.3±15.0 mmHg, P=0.705; diastole: -10.8±13.8 vs. -11.4±12.3 mmHg, P=0.832). Treatment with telmisartan/hydrochlorothiazide resulted in the quicker onset of blood pressure-lowering effects compared with telmisartan/amlodipine. The target therapeutic blood pressure was similar in both groups at the 12-week visit. Home blood pressure measurements taken in the mornings and evenings were also similar in both groups. Compared with the telmisartan/amlodipine group, serum potassium and brain natriuretic peptide levels decreased and uric acid and hemoglobin A1c levels increased significantly in the telmisartan/hydrochlorothiazide group. Both treatment groups showed a significant reduction in urine albumin. However, the estimated glomerular filtration rate decreased slightly but significantly in the telmisartan/hydrochlorothiazide group alone. Severe adverse effects were not observed in both groups. Combination therapy with telmisartan/amlodipine or telmisartan/hydrochlorothiazide led to efficient blood pressure reduction among Japanese patients with previously uncontrolled hypertension with angiotensin II receptor blocker monotherapy.

  1. The effect of aged garlic extract on blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors in uncontrolled hypertensives: the AGE at Heart trial.

    Ried, Karin; Travica, Nikolaj; Sali, Avni


    Hypertension affects 30% of adults worldwide. Garlic supplements have shown promise in the treatment of uncontrolled hypertension, and the mechanism of action is biologically plausible. Our trial is the first to assess the effect of aged garlic extract on central blood pressure and arterial stiffness, regarded as important risk factors for cardiovascular morbidity. A total of 88 general practice patients and community members with uncontrolled hypertension completed a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial of 12 weeks investigating the effect of daily intake of aged garlic extract (1.2 g containing 1.2 mg S-allylcysteine) or placebo on blood pressure, and secondary outcome measures of central-hemodynamics and other cardiovascular markers, including cholesterol, homocysteine, platelet function, and inflammatory markers. Mean blood pressure was significantly reduced by 5.0±2.1 mmHg (P=0.016) systolic, and in responders by 11.5±1.9 mmHg systolic and 6.3±1.1 mmHg diastolic compared to placebo (Pblood pressure, central pulse pressure, mean arterial pressure, augmentation pressure, pulse-wave velocity, and arterial stiffness. While changes in other cardiovascular markers did not reach significance due to small numbers in subgroups with elevated levels, trends in beneficial effects of garlic on the inflammatory markers TNFα, total cholesterol, low-density lipid cholesterol, and apolipoproteins were observed. Aged garlic extract was highly tolerable and acceptable, and did not increase the risk of bleeding in patients on blood-thinning medication. Our trial suggests that aged garlic extract is effective in reducing peripheral and central blood pressure in a large proportion of patients with uncontrolled hypertension, and has the potential to improve arterial stiffness, inflammation, and other cardiovascular markers in patients with elevated levels. Aged garlic extract was highly tolerable with a high safety profile as a stand-alone or adjunctive

  2. Fundamentals of polarimetric remote sensing

    Schott, John R


    This text is for those who need an introduction to polarimetric signals to begin working in the field of polarimetric remote sensing, particularly where the contrast between manmade objects and natural backgrounds are the subjects of interest. The book takes a systems approach to the physical processes involved with formation, collection, and analysis of polarimetric remote sensing data in the visible through longwave infrared. Beginning with a brief review of the polarized nature of electromagnetic energy and radiometry, Dr. Schott then introduces ways to characterize a beam of polarized ene

  3. Lighting for remote viewing systems

    Draper, J.V.


    Scenes viewed by television do not provide the same channels of information for judgement of distances as scenes viewed directly, since television eliminates or degrades several depth perception cues. However, it may be possible to improve depth perception of televised scenes by enhancing the information available through depth cues that are available from lighting. A literature survey and expert opinions were integrated to design a remote lighting arrangement which could enhance depth perception of operators performing remote handling operations. This paper describes the lighting arrangement and discusses some of its advantages and disadvantages. 10 references, 2 figures.

  4. Lighting for remote viewing systems

    Draper, J.V.


    Scenes viewed by television do not provide the same channels of information for judgment of distances as scenes viewed directly, since television eliminates or degrades several depth perception cues. However, it may be possible to improve depth perception of televised scenes by enhancing the information available through depth cues that are available from lighting. A literature survey and expert opinions were integrated to design a remote lighting arrangement which could enhance depth perception of operators performing remote handling operations. This paper describes the lighting arrangement and discusses some of its advantages and disadvantages. 10 references, 2 figures.

  5. Remote Synchronization in Complex Networks

    Gambuzza, Lucia Valentina; Fiasconaro, Alessandro; Fortuna, Luigi; Gómez-Gardeñes, Jesús; Frasca, Mattia


    We show the existence of a novel dynamical state called remote synchronization in general networks of coupled oscillators. This state is characterized by the synchronization of pairs of nodes that are not directly connected via a physical link or any sequence of synchronized nodes. This phenomenon cannot be observed in networks of phase oscillators as its underlying mechanism is the modulation of the amplitude of those intermediary nodes between the remotely synchronized units. Our findings thus show the ubiquity and robustness of these states and bridge the gap from their recent observation in simple toy graphs to complex networks.

  6. Emergency Medicine in Remote Regions.

    Renouf, Tia; Pollard, Megan


    Rural and remote places like Sable Island (Nova Scotia) or François (Newfoundland) pose a challenge in delivering both health care and appropriate education that today's learners need to practice in a rural setting. This education can be difficult to deliver to students far from academic centers. This is especially true for learners and practitioners at offshore locations like ships, oil installations, or in the air when patients are transported via fixed wing aircraft or helicopter. The following editorial provides a snapshot of the setting and the challenges faced while working as a physician on a ship, in remote regions.

  7. Remote Testing of Timed Specifications

    David, Alexandre; Larsen, Kim Guldstrand; Mikucionis, Marius


    We present a study and a testing framework on black box remote testing of real-time systems using UPPAAL TIGA. One of the essential challenges of remote testing is the communication latency between the Tester and the System Under Test (IUT) that may lead to interleaving of inputs and outputs......-testability criterion for the requirement model where Delta describes the communication latency. The test case generation problem is then reduced into a controller synthesis problem. We use UPPAAL TIGA for this purpose to solve a timed game with partial observability between the tester and the communication media...

  8. Deterministic joint remote state preparation

    An, Nguyen Ba, E-mail: [Center for Theoretical Physics, Institute of Physics, 10 Dao Tan, Ba Dinh, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Bich, Cao Thi [Center for Theoretical Physics, Institute of Physics, 10 Dao Tan, Ba Dinh, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Physics Department, University of Education No. 1, 136 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Don, Nung Van [Center for Theoretical Physics, Institute of Physics, 10 Dao Tan, Ba Dinh, Hanoi (Viet Nam); Physics Department, Hanoi National University, 334 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi (Viet Nam)


    We put forward a new nontrivial three-step strategy to execute joint remote state preparation via Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen pairs deterministically. At variance with all existing protocols, in ours the receiver contributes actively in both preparation and reconstruction steps, although he knows nothing about the quantum state to be prepared. -- Highlights: → Deterministic joint remote state preparation via EPR pairs is proposed. → Both general single- and two-qubit states are studied. → Differently from all existing protocols, in ours the receiver participates actively. → This is for the first time such a strategy is adopted.

  9. Training Helps Autistic Children Emerge from Solitude


    Amother considers her child to be a continuation of her own life, and places her own desires that she cannot achieve on her child. A child is a mother’s sun, a mother’s hope. In this world, however, there exists another group of mothers whose children have autism. These children act as if they are completely alone, do not interact with others, and even refuse the love of

  10. Presumed consent for organ preservation in uncontrolled donation after cardiac death in the United States: a public policy with serious consequences

    Rady Mohamed Y


    Full Text Available Abstract Organ donation after cessation of circulation and respiration, both controlled and uncontrolled, has been proposed by the Institute of Medicine as a way to increase opportunities for organ procurement. Despite claims to the contrary, both forms of controlled and uncontrolled donation after cardiac death raise significant ethical and legal issues. Identified causes for concern include absence of agreement on criteria for the declaration of death, nonexistence of universal guidelines for duration before stopping resuscitation efforts and techniques, and assumption of presumed intent to donate for the purpose of initiating temporary organ-preservation interventions when no expressed consent to donate is present. From a legal point of view, not having scientifically valid criteria of cessation of circulation and respiration for declaring death could lead to a conclusion that organ procurement itself is the proximate cause of death. Although the revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act of 2006 provides broad immunity to those involved in organ-procurement activities, courts have yet to provide an opinion on whether persons can be held liable for injuries arising from the determination of death itself. Preserving organs in uncontrolled donation after cardiac death requires the administration of life-support systems such as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. These life-support systems can lead to return of signs of life that, in turn, have to be deliberately suppressed by the administration of pharmacological agents. Finally, allowing temporary organ-preservation interventions without expressed consent is inherently a violation of the principle of respect for a person's autonomy. Proponents of organ donation from uncontrolled donation after cardiac death, on the other hand, claim that these nonconsensual interventions enhance respect for autonomy by allowing people, through surrogate decision making, to execute their right to donate organs

  11. Remote sensing in soil science.

    Mulders, M.A.


    This book provides coverage of remote sensing techniques and their application in soil science. A clear, step-by-step approach to the various aspects ensures that the reader will gain a good grasp of the subject so that he can apply the techniques to his own field of study. The book opens with an in

  12. Remotely Accessible Management System (RAMS).

    Wood, Rex

    Oakland Schools, an Intermediate School District for Administration, operates a Remotely Accessible Management System (RAMS). RAMS is composed of over 100 computer programs, each of which performs procedures on the files of the 28 local school districts comprising the constituency of Oakland Schools. This regional service agency covers 900 square…

  13. Explosive Welding for Remote Applications

    Bement, L. J.


    Explosive seam welding produces up to 100-percent joint strength. Ribbon explosive activated by remote energy source produces metallurgically sound joint. Success of technique verified for joints between like metals and joints between two different metals. Applications include structural assembly in toxic atmospheres and in radioactive or otherwise hazardous environments.

  14. A remote coal deposit revisited

    Bojesen-Kofoed, Jørgen A.; Kalkreuth, Wolfgang; Petersen, Henrik I.


    In 1908, members of the “Danmark Expedition” discovered a coal deposit in a very remote area in western Germania Land, close to the margin of the inland ice in northeast Greenland. The deposit was, however, neither sampled nor described, and was revisited in 2009 for the first time since its disc...

  15. Remote input/output station


    A general view of the remote input/output station installed in building 112 (ISR) and used for submitting jobs to the CDC 6500 and 6600. The card reader on the left and the line printer on the right are operated by programmers on a self-service basis.

  16. Remote Sensing of Water Pollution

    White, P. G.


    Remote sensing, as a tool to aid in the control of water pollution, offers a means of making rapid, economical surveys of areas that are relatively inaccessible on the ground. At the same time, it offers the only practical means of mapping pollution patterns that cover large areas. Detection of oil slicks, thermal pollution, sewage, and algae are discussed.

  17. Decoding the TV Remote Control.

    O'Connell, James


    Describes how to observe the pulse structure of the infrared signals from the light-emitting diode in a TV remote control. This exercise in decoding infrared digital signals provides an opportunity to discuss semiconductors, photonics technology, cryptology, and the physics of how things work. (WRM)

  18. Adaptive Control Of Remote Manipulator

    Seraji, Homayoun


    Robotic control system causes remote manipulator to follow closely reference trajectory in Cartesian reference frame in work space, without resort to computationally intensive mathematical model of robot dynamics and without knowledge of robot and load parameters. System, derived from linear multivariable theory, uses relatively simple feedforward and feedback controllers with model-reference adaptive control.

  19. Remote Biometrics for Robust Persistent Authentication

    Ingwar, Mads Ingerslew; Jensen, Christian D.


    that fusion of two remote biometric modalities, facial recognition and appearance analysis, gives a significant improvement over each of the individual experts. Furthermore, the experimental results show that using remote biometrics increases the performance of tracking in persistent authentication...

  20. Remote Sensing Wind and Wind Shear System.

    Contents: Remote sensing of wind shear and the theory and development of acoustic doppler; Wind studies; A comparison of methods for the remote detection of winds in the airport environment; Acoustic doppler system development; System calibration; Airport operational tests.

  1. Remote Sensing Best Paper Award 2013

    Prasad Thenkabail


    Remote Sensing has started to institute a “Best Paper” award to recognize the most outstanding papers in the area of remote sensing techniques, design and applications published in Remote Sensing. We are pleased to announce the first “Remote Sensing Best Paper Award” for 2013. Nominations were selected by the Editor-in-Chief and selected editorial board members from among all the papers published in 2009. Reviews and research papers were evaluated separately.

  2. Systolic and diastolic short-term blood pressure variability and its determinants in patients with controlled and uncontrolled hypertension: a retrospective cohort study.

    Pengo, Martino F; Rossitto, Giacomo; Bisogni, Valeria; Piazza, Daniele; Frigo, Anna Chiara; Seccia, Teresa Maria; Maiolino, Giuseppe; Rossi, Gian Paolo; Pessina, Achille C; Calò, Lorenzo A


    Absolute blood pressure (BP) values are not the only causes of adverse cardiovascular consequences. BP variability (BPV) has also been demonstrated to be a predictor of mortality for cardiovascular events; however, its determinants are still unknown. This study considers 426 subjects with ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) measuring 24-h, diurnal and nocturnal absolute BP values and their standard deviations of the mean, along with nocturnal fall, age, sex and current treatment. Patients were divided in two subgroups, controlled and uncontrolled BP, and BPV of patients with "true" and "false" resistant hypertension was also analyzed. Nocturnal and 24-h BPV were higher in the group with uncontrolled hypertension. Multiple regression analysis showed that absolute BP, age, nocturnal fall, but not sex predicted BPV. Patients with "true" resistant hypertension had greater BPV than "false" resistant hypertension patients. Absolute BP resulted as the main determinant of 24-h and nocturnal BPV but not daytime BPV. Also nocturnal BP fall and age resulted as predictors of BPV in treated and untreated patients. Patients with "true" resistant hypertension have a higher BPV, suggesting a higher sympathetic activation. Evidence is still limited regarding the importance of short-term BPV as a prognostic factor and assessment of BPV cannot yet represent a parameter for routine use in clinical practice. Future prospective trials are necessary to define which targets of BPV can be achieved with antihypertensive drugs and whether treatment-induced reduction in BPV is accompanied by a corresponding reduction in cardiovascular events.

  3. Mitral valve replacement via right thoracotomy approach for prevention of mediastinitis in a female patient with long-term uncontrolled diabetes mellitus: a case report

    Fujiwara Hiroshi


    Full Text Available Abstract A 76-year-old woman with a history of percutaneous transvenous mitral commissurotomy and repeated hospital admissions due to heart failure was referred for an operation for severe mitral valve stenosis. She presented with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and cerebral infarction with stenosis of right internal carotid artery, retinopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy caused by long-term uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, hemoglobin A1c of 9.4%, and New York Heart Association (NYHA functional classification of 3/4. Echocardiography revealed severe mitral valve stenosis with mitral valve area of 0.6 cm2, moderate tricuspid valve regurgitation, and dilatation of the left atrium. Taking into consideration the NYHA functional classification and severe mitral valve stenosis, an immediate surgical intervention designed to prevent mediastinitis was performed. The approach was via the right 4th thoracotomy, as conventional sternotomy would raise the risk of mediastinitis. Postoperative antibiotics were administered intravenously for 2 days, and signs of infection were not recognized. In patients with long-term uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, mid-line sternotomy can easily cause mediastinitis. The choice of operative approach plays an important role in preventing this complication. In this report, the importance of the conventional right thoracotomy for prevention for mediastinitis is reviewed.

  4. Medical Applications of Remote Electronic Browsing.

    Chadwick, Joseph

    The purposes of this study are to identify and define viable remote browsing techniques and the requirements for an interactive medical information system that would permit the use of such techniques. The main emphasis is in the areas of: (1) remote viewing of page material; and (2) remote interrogation of fact banks with question-answering…

  5. Is there a place for crystalloids and colloids in remote damage control resuscitation?

    Medby, Christian


    Crystalloids and colloids are used in prehospital fluid resuscitation to replace blood loss and preserve tissue perfusion until definite surgical control of bleeding can be achieved. However, large volumes of fluids will increase bleeding by elevating blood pressure, dislodging blood clots, and diluting coagulation factors and platelets. Hypotensive fluid resuscitation strategies are used to avoid worsening of uncontrolled bleeding. This is largely supported by animal studies. Most clinical evidence suggests that restricting fluid therapy is associated with improved outcome. Remote damage control resuscitation emphasizes the early use of blood products and restriction of other fluids to support coagulation and tissue oxygenation. Controversy regarding the optimal choice and composition of resuscitation fluids is ongoing. Compared with crystalloids, less colloid is needed for the same expansion of intravascular volume. On the other hand, colloids may cause coagulopathy not only related to dilution. The most important advantage of using colloids is logistical because less volume and weight are needed. In conclusion, prehospital fluid resuscitation is considered the standard of care, but there is little clinical evidence supporting the use of either crystalloids or colloids in remote damage control resuscitation. Alternative resuscitation fluids are needed.

  6. An overview of GNSS remote sensing

    Yu, Kegen; Rizos, Chris; Burrage, Derek; Dempster, Andrew G.; Zhang, Kefei; Markgraf, Markus


    The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals are always available, globally, and the signal structures are well known, except for those dedicated to military use. They also have some distinctive characteristics, including the use of L-band frequencies, which are particularly suited for remote sensing purposes. The idea of using GNSS signals for remote sensing - the atmosphere, oceans or Earth surface - was first proposed more than two decades ago. Since then, GNSS remote sensing has been intensively investigated in terms of proof of concept studies, signal processing methodologies, theory and algorithm development, and various satellite-borne, airborne and ground-based experiments. It has been demonstrated that GNSS remote sensing can be used as an alternative passive remote sensing technology. Space agencies such as NASA, NOAA, EUMETSAT and ESA have already funded, or will fund in the future, a number of projects/missions which focus on a variety of GNSS remote sensing applications. It is envisaged that GNSS remote sensing can be either exploited to perform remote sensing tasks on an independent basis or combined with other techniques to address more complex applications. This paper provides an overview of the state of the art of this relatively new and, in some respects, underutilised remote sensing technique. Also addressed are relevant challenging issues associated with GNSS remote sensing services and the performance enhancement of GNSS remote sensing to accurately and reliably retrieve a range of geophysical parameters.

  7. Remote creation of quantum coherence

    Ma, Teng; Zhao, Ming-Jing; Fei, Shao-Ming; Long, Gui-Lu


    We study remote creation of coherence (RCC) for a quantum system, A, with the help of quantum operations on another system, B, and one-way classical communication. We show that all the nonincoherent quantum states are useful for RCC and all the incoherent-quantum states are not. The necessary and sufficient conditions of RCC for the quantum operations on system B are presented for pure states. The upper bound of average RCC is derived, giving a relation among the entanglement (concurrence), the RCC of the given quantum state, and the RCC of the corresponding maximally entangled state. Moreover, for two-qubit systems we find a simple factorization law for the average remote-created coherence.

  8. Incoherence-Mediated Remote Synchronization

    Zhang, Liyue; Motter, Adilson E.; Nishikawa, Takashi


    In previously identified forms of remote synchronization between two nodes, the intermediate portion of the network connecting the two nodes is not synchronized with them but generally exhibits some coherent dynamics. Here we report on a network phenomenon we call incoherence-mediated remote synchronization (IMRS), in which two noncontiguous parts of the network are identically synchronized while the dynamics of the intermediate part is statistically and information-theoretically incoherent. We identify mirror symmetry in the network structure as a mechanism allowing for such behavior, and show that IMRS is robust against dynamical noise as well as against parameter changes. IMRS may underlie neuronal information processing and potentially lead to network solutions for encryption key distribution and secure communication.

  9. Remote sensing and water resources

    Champollion, N; Benveniste, J; Chen, J


    This book is a collection of overview articles showing how space-based observations, combined with hydrological modeling, have considerably improved our knowledge of the continental water cycle and its sensitivity to climate change. Two main issues are highlighted: (1) the use in combination of space observations for monitoring water storage changes in river basins worldwide, and (2) the use of space data in hydrological modeling either through data assimilation or as external constraints. The water resources aspect is also addressed, as well as the impacts of direct anthropogenic forcing on land hydrology (e.g. ground water depletion, dam building on rivers, crop irrigation, changes in land use and agricultural practices, etc.). Remote sensing observations offer important new information on this important topic as well, which is highly useful for achieving water management objectives. Over the past 15 years, remote sensing techniques have increasingly demonstrated their capability to monitor components of th...

  10. Sensitivity analysis in remote sensing

    Ustinov, Eugene A


    This book contains a detailed presentation of general principles of sensitivity analysis as well as their applications to sample cases of remote sensing experiments. An emphasis is made on applications of adjoint problems, because they are more efficient in many practical cases, although their formulation may seem counterintuitive to a beginner. Special attention is paid to forward problems based on higher-order partial differential equations, where a novel matrix operator approach to formulation of corresponding adjoint problems is presented. Sensitivity analysis (SA) serves for quantitative models of physical objects the same purpose, as differential calculus does for functions. SA provides derivatives of model output parameters (observables) with respect to input parameters. In remote sensing SA provides computer-efficient means to compute the jacobians, matrices of partial derivatives of observables with respect to the geophysical parameters of interest. The jacobians are used to solve corresponding inver...

  11. Remote sensing of natural resources

    Wang, Guangxing


    "… a comprehensive view on and real world examples of remote sensing technologies in natural resources assessment and monitoring. … state-of-the-art knowledge in this multidisciplinary field. Readers can expect to finish the book armed with the required knowledge to understand the immense literature available and apply their knowledge to the understanding of sampling design, the analysis of multi-source imagery, and the application of the techniques to specific problems relevant to natural resources."-Yuhong He, University of Toronto Mississauga, Ontario, Canada"The list of topics covered is so complete that I would recommend the book to anyone teaching a graduate course on vegetation analysis through digital image analysis. … I recommend this book then for anyone doing advanced digital image analysis and environmental GIS courses who want to cover topics related to applied remote sensing work involving vegetation analysis."-Charles Roberts, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, USA, in Economic Bota...

  12. The neuroscience of remote memory

    Squire, Larry R; Bayley, Peter J


    Recently, there has been renewed interest in the organization and neurobiology of remote memory, and the pace of work in this area has accelerated. Yet the recent literature does not suggest that a consensus is developing, and there is disagreement about both facts and their interpretation. This article undertakes a comprehensive review of the three kinds of evidence that have been most prominent in recent discussion: studies of retrograde amnesia in memory-impaired patients who have well-characterized lesions, neuroimaging of healthy volunteers, and work with experimental animals including lesion studies, imaging and mouse genetics. The available evidence tells a coherent story and leads to some straightforward conclusions about the neuroscience of remote memory. PMID:17336513

  13. Remote Control of Home Appliances

    Mayola Reena Fernandes


    Full Text Available The paper entitled "Remote Control of Home Appliances" aims at providing access to home appliances from a far-off location over the Internet. The paper is designed and implemented to achieve control on the appliances such as light bulbs, fans, serial lights and a dot-matrix display over the internet. The paper is deployed by dividing it into three major modules namely Input, Computation and Output where the modules interact with each other to bring out the overall functionality the paper desires to. The significance of implementing the paper is, the remote control of home appliances over the internet. The other important advantages are: It eliminates re-programming the microcontroller of the dot-matrix display and also it eliminates the need for a person to be present to operate and control any of the home appliances, thus reducing the labor.

  14. Instrument Remote Control Application Framework

    Ames, Troy; Hostetter, Carl F.


    The Instrument Remote Control (IRC) architecture is a flexible, platform-independent application framework that is well suited for the control and monitoring of remote devices and sensors. IRC enables significant savings in development costs by utilizing extensible Markup Language (XML) descriptions to configure the framework for a specific application. The Instrument Markup Language (IML) is used to describe the commands used by an instrument, the data streams produced, the rules for formatting commands and parsing the data, and the method of communication. Often no custom code is needed to communicate with a new instrument or device. An IRC instance can advertise and publish a description about a device or subscribe to another device's description on a network. This simple capability of dynamically publishing and subscribing to interfaces enables a very flexible, self-adapting architecture for monitoring and control of complex instruments in diverse environments.

  15. Systems design for remote healthcare

    Bonfiglio, Silvio


    This book provides a multidisciplinary overview of the design and implementation of systems for remote patient monitoring and healthcare. Readers are guided step-by-step through the components of such a system and shown how they could be integrated in a coherent framework for deployment in practice. The authors explain planning from subsystem design to complete integration and deployment, given particular application constraints. Readers will benefit from descriptions of the clinical requirements underpinning the entire application scenario, physiological parameter sensing techniques, information processing approaches and overall, application dependent system integration. Each chapter ends with a discussion of practical design challenges and two case studies are included to provide practical examples and design methods for two remote healthcare systems with different needs. ·         Provides a multi-disciplinary overview of next-generation mobile healthcare system design; ·         Includes...

  16. Remote Sensing Information Science Research

    Clarke, Keith C.; Scepan, Joseph; Hemphill, Jeffrey; Herold, Martin; Husak, Gregory; Kline, Karen; Knight, Kevin


    This document is the final report summarizing research conducted by the Remote Sensing Research Unit, Department of Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara under National Aeronautics and Space Administration Research Grant NAG5-10457. This document describes work performed during the period of 1 March 2001 thorough 30 September 2002. This report includes a survey of research proposed and performed within RSRU and the UCSB Geography Department during the past 25 years. A broad suite of RSRU research conducted under NAG5-10457 is also described under themes of Applied Research Activities and Information Science Research. This research includes: 1. NASA ESA Research Grant Performance Metrics Reporting. 2. Global Data Set Thematic Accuracy Analysis. 3. ISCGM/Global Map Project Support. 4. Cooperative International Activities. 5. User Model Study of Global Environmental Data Sets. 6. Global Spatial Data Infrastructure. 7. CIESIN Collaboration. 8. On the Value of Coordinating Landsat Operations. 10. The California Marine Protected Areas Database: Compilation and Accuracy Issues. 11. Assessing Landslide Hazard Over a 130-Year Period for La Conchita, California Remote Sensing and Spatial Metrics for Applied Urban Area Analysis, including: (1) IKONOS Data Processing for Urban Analysis. (2) Image Segmentation and Object Oriented Classification. (3) Spectral Properties of Urban Materials. (4) Spatial Scale in Urban Mapping. (5) Variable Scale Spatial and Temporal Urban Growth Signatures. (6) Interpretation and Verification of SLEUTH Modeling Results. (7) Spatial Land Cover Pattern Analysis for Representing Urban Land Use and Socioeconomic Structures. 12. Colorado River Flood Plain Remote Sensing Study Support. 13. African Rainfall Modeling and Assessment. 14. Remote Sensing and GIS Integration.

  17. Connecting Remote Clusters with ATM

    Hu, T.C.; Wyckoff, P.S.


    Sandia's entry into utilizing clusters of networked workstations is called Computational Plant or CPlant for short. The design of CPlant uses Ethernet to boot the individual nodes, Myrinet to communicate within a node cluster, and ATM to connect between remote clusters. This SAND document covers the work done to enable the use of ATM on the CPlant nodes in the Fall of 1997.

  18. Remote Operations Control Center (ROCC)


    Students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY, monitor the progress of the Isothermal Dendritic Growth Experiment (IDGE) during the U.S. Microgravity Payload-4 (USMP-4) mission (STS-87, Nov. 19 - Dec. 5, 1997). Remote Operation Control Center (ROCC) like this one will become more common during operations with International Space Station. IDGE, flown on three Space Shuttle missions, is yielding new insights into virtually all industrially relevant metal and alloy forming operations. Photo credit: Renssenlaer Polythnic Institute (RPI)

  19. Remote sensing in biological oceanography

    Esaias, W. E.


    The main attribute of remote sensing is seen as its ability to measure distributions over large areas on a synoptic basis and to repeat this coverage at required time periods. The way in which the Coastal Zone Color Scanner, by showing the distribution of chlorophyll a, can locate areas productive in both phytoplankton and fishes is described. Lidar techniques are discussed, and it is pointed out that lidar will increase the depth range for observations.

  20. Crystalline silica dust and respirable particulate matter during indoor concrete grinding - wet grinding and ventilated grinding compared with uncontrolled conventional grinding.

    Akbar-Khanzadeh, Farhang; Milz, Sheryl; Ames, April; Susi, Pamela P; Bisesi, Michael; Khuder, Sadik A; Akbar-Khanzadeh, Mahboubeh


    The effectiveness of wet grinding (wet dust reduction method) and ventilated grinding (local exhaust ventilation method, LEV) in reducing the levels of respirable crystalline silica dust (quartz) and respirable suspended particulate matter (RSP) were compared with that of uncontrolled (no dust reduction method) conventional grinding. A field laboratory was set up to simulate concrete surface grinding using hand-held angle grinders in an enclosed workplace. A total of 34 personal samples (16 pairs side-by-side and 2 singles) and 5 background air samples were collected during 18 concrete grinding sessions ranging from 15-93 min. General ventilation had no statistically significant effect on operator's exposure to dust. Overall, the arithmetic mean concentrations of respirable crystalline silica dust and RSP in personal air samples during: (i) five sessions of uncontrolled conventional grinding were respectively 61.7 and 611 mg/m(3) (ii) seven sessions of wet grinding were 0.896 and 11.9 mg/m(3) and (iii) six sessions of LEV grinding were 0.155 and 1.99 mg/m(3). Uncontrolled conventional grinding generated relatively high levels of respirable silica dust and proportionally high levels of RSP. Wet grinding was effective in reducing the geometric mean concentrations of respirable silica dust 98.2% and RSP 97.6%. LEV grinding was even more effective and reduced the geometric mean concentrations of respirable silica dust 99.7% and RSP 99.6%. Nevertheless, the average level of respirable silica dust (i) during wet grinding was 0.959 mg/m(3) (38 times the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists [ACGIH] threshold limit value [TLV] of 0.025 mg/m(3)) and (ii) during LEV grinding was 0.155 mg/m(3) (6 times the ACGIH TLV). Further studies are needed to examine the effectiveness of a greater variety of models, types, and sizes of grinders on different types of cement in different positions and also to test the simulated field lab experimentation in the field.

  1. Development of Remote Operations Technology

    Yoon, Ji Sub; Kwon, Sung Gyu; Kim, Ki Ho; Park, Byung Suk; Park Young Soo; Lee, Won Sang [Korea Atomic Energry Research Institute, Taejon (Korea, Republic of)


    To control the swing of the load suspended to overhead crane, various devices, anti-swing control algorithms, and experimental and pilot-scaled cranes have been developed since 1989. In this year, the problems of control algorithm are identified and new algorithms which adopt an acceleration profile planning, a velocity feedback control, a fuzzy control, and an anti-swing/position control methods are developed. Also, the report includes the program of transferring the anti-swing overhead crane technology to industry. And, to improve the cask handling safety and to increase the cask handling capacity of a facility, a Remote Cask Grappling and Lid Unbolting Device (RCG=LUD) which is suspended to an anti-swing crane and remotely controlled to hold the cask and unbolt the cask lid is developed. the controller using PMAC is tested for successful remote operations. Technology for this device has the potential for developing other technologies, such as nuclear reactor maintenance and repair. 62 refs., 73 figs., 27 tabs.

  2. Magnetic Biocomposites for Remote Melting.

    Zhou, Mengbo; Liebert, Tim; Müller, Robert; Dellith, Andrea; Gräfe, Christine; Clement, Joachim H; Heinze, Thomas


    A new approach toward the fabrication of biocompatible composites suitable for remote melting is presented. It is shown that magnetite nanoparticles (MNP) can be embedded into a matrix of biocompatible thermoplastic dextran esters. For that purpose, fatty acid esters of dextran with adjustable melting points in the range of 30-140 °C were synthesized. Esterification of the polysaccharide by activation of the acid as iminium chlorides guaranteed mild reaction conditions leading to high quality products as confirmed by FTIR- and NMR spectroscopy as well as by gel permeation chromatography (GPC). A method for the preparation of magnetically responsive bionanocomposites was developed consisting of combined dissolution/suspension of the dextran ester and hydrophobized MNPs in an organic solvent followed by homogenization with ultrasonication, casting of the solution, drying and melting of the composite for a defined shaping. This process leads to a uniform distribution of MNPs in nanocomposite as revealed by scanning electron microscope. Samples of different geometries were exposed to high frequency alternating magnetic field. It could be shown that defined remote melting of such biocompatible nanocomposites is possible for the first time. This may lead to a new class of magnetic remote control systems, which are suitable for controlled release applications or self-healing materials.

  3. Testbed for remote telepresence research

    Adnan, Sarmad; Cheatham, John B., Jr.


    Teleoperated robots offer solutions to problems associated with operations in remote and unknown environments, such as space. Teleoperated robots can perform tasks related to inspection, maintenance, and retrieval. A video camera can be used to provide some assistance in teleoperations, but for fine manipulation and control, a telepresence system that gives the operator a sense of actually being at the remote location is more desirable. A telepresence system comprised of a head-tracking stereo camera system, a kinematically redundant arm, and an omnidirectional mobile robot has been developed at the mechanical engineering department at Rice University. This paper describes the design and implementation of this system, its control hardware, and software. The mobile omnidirectional robot has three independent degrees of freedom that permit independent control of translation and rotation, thereby simulating a free flying robot in a plane. The kinematically redundant robot arm has eight degrees of freedom that assist in obstacle and singularity avoidance. The on-board control computers permit control of the robot from the dual hand controllers via a radio modem system. A head-mounted display system provides the user with a stereo view from a pair of cameras attached to the mobile robotics system. The head tracking camera system moves stereo cameras mounted on a three degree of freedom platform to coordinate with the operator's head movements. This telepresence system provides a framework for research in remote telepresence, and teleoperations for space.

  4. Smart Cards and remote entrusting

    Aussel, Jean-Daniel; D'Annoville, Jerome; Castillo, Laurent; Durand, Stephane; Fabre, Thierry; Lu, Karen; Ali, Asad

    Smart cards are widely used to provide security in end-to-end communication involving servers and a variety of terminals, including mobile handsets or payment terminals. Sometime, end-to-end server to smart card security is not applicable, and smart cards must communicate directly with an application executing on a terminal, like a personal computer, without communicating with a server. In this case, the smart card must somehow trust the terminal application before performing some secure operation it was designed for. This paper presents a novel method to remotely trust a terminal application from the smart card. For terminals such as personal computers, this method is based on an advanced secure device connected through the USB and consisting of a smart card bundled with flash memory. This device, or USB dongle, can be used in the context of remote untrusting to secure portable applications conveyed in the dongle flash memory. White-box cryptography is used to set the secure channel and a mechanism based on thumbprint is described to provide external authentication when session keys need to be renewed. Although not as secure as end-to-end server to smart card security, remote entrusting with smart cards is easy to deploy for mass-market applications and can provide a reasonable level of security.

  5. Remote sensing for wind energy

    Pena, A.; Bay Hasager, C.; Lange, J. [Technical Univ. of Denmark. DTU Wind Energy, DTU Risoe Campus, Roskilde (Denmark) (and others


    The Remote Sensing in Wind Energy report provides a description of several topics and it is our hope that students and others interested will learn from it. The idea behind it began in year 2008 at DTU Wind Energy (formerly Risoe) during the first PhD Summer School: Remote Sensing in Wind Energy. Thus it is closely linked to the PhD Summer Schools where state-of-the-art is presented during the lecture sessions. The advantage of the report is to supplement with in-depth, article style information. Thus we strive to provide link from the lectures, field demonstrations, and hands-on exercises to theory. The report will allow alumni to trace back details after the course and benefit from the collection of information. This is the third edition of the report (first externally available), after very successful and demanded first two, and we warmly acknowledge all the contributing authors for their work in the writing of the chapters, and we also acknowledge all our colleagues in the Meteorology and Test and Measurements Sections from DTU Wind Energy in the PhD Summer Schools. We hope to continue adding more topics in future editions and to update and improve as necessary, to provide a truly state-of-the-art 'guideline' available for people involved in Remote Sensing in Wind Energy. (Author)

  6. Effects of different resuscitation fluids on pulmonary expression of aquaporin1 and aquaporin5 in a rat model of uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock and infection.

    Ju Gao

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: To investigate the effects of fluids resuscitation on pulmonary expression of aquaporin1 and aquaporin5 in a rat model of uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock and infection. METHODS: Sixty Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly assigned to five groups, sham operation group (Group C and four treated groups: no fluid resuscitation group (Group NF, groups resuscitated with Lactated Ringer's (LR,7.5% NaCl (HTS and Hydroxyl ethyl starch (HES respectively. Three-phased uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock and infection model was used. Phase I: Massive hemorrhage with a mean arterial pressure of 35-40 mmHg for 60 min, and followed by infection of lipopolysaccharide. Then some animals were resuscitated with solutions mentioned above, until 90 min. Phase II: At hemorrhagic shock 90 minutes, phase II of 60 minutes began with hemostasis and returning of all the initial shed blood. Phase III: Observation phase for 3.5 hours. After phase III, arterial blood gas analysis and the survival rates of the rats were recorded, Wet-to-dry lung weight ratio, BALF protein, pulmonary permeability index, and expressions of aquaporin1 and aquaporin5 were tested. RESULTS: The expressions of aquaporin1 and aquaporin5 were decreased in treatment groups comparing with sham operation group. Group HES and Group HTS decreased pulmonary vascular permeability and Wet-to-dry lung weight ratio, improved arterial blood gas analysis and survival rates, and attenuated the decreased pulmonary expression of aquaporin1 and aquaporin5 after the "two-hit", comparing with groups NF and LR,but these beneficial effects were blunted in group HTS. CONCLUSION: The expression of aquaporin1 and aquaporin5 may play important roles in formation of pulmonary edema. Resuscitation with HTS and HES, especially HES can reduce lung injury after hemorrhagic shock, partly by up-regulating the expressions of aquaporin1 and aquaporin5.

  7. Glucose-reducing effect of the ORMD-0801 oral insulin preparation in patients with uncontrolled type 1 diabetes: a pilot study.

    Roy Eldor

    Full Text Available UNLABELLED: The unpredictable behavior of uncontrolled type 1 diabetes often involves frequent swings in blood glucose levels that impact maintenance of a daily routine. An intensified insulin regimen is often unsuccessful, while other therapeutic options, such as amylin analog injections, use of continuous glucose sensors, and islet or pancreas transplantation are of limited clinical use. In efforts to provide patients with a more compliable treatment method, Oramed Pharmaceuticals tested the capacity of its oral insulin capsule (ORMD-0801, 8 mg insulin in addressing this resistant clinical state. Eight Type I diabetes patients with uncontrolled diabetes (HbA1c: 7.5-10% were monitored throughout the 15-day study period by means of a blind continuous glucose monitoring device. Baseline patient blood glucose behavior was monitored and recorded over a five-day pretreatment screening period. During the ensuing ten-day treatment phase, patients were asked to conduct themselves as usual and to self-administer an oral insulin capsule three times daily, just prior to meal intake. CGM data sufficient for pharmacodynamics analyses were obtained from 6 of the 8 subjects. Treatment with ORMD-0801 was associated with a significant 24.4% reduction in the frequencies of glucose readings >200 mg/dL (60.1 ± 7.9% pretreatment vs. 45.4 ± 4.9% during ORMD-0801 treatment; p = 0.023 and a significant mean 16.6% decrease in glucose area under the curve (AUC (66055 ± 5547 mg/dL/24 hours vs. 55060 ± 3068 mg/dL/24 hours, p = 0.023, with a greater decrease during the early evening hours. In conclusion, ORMD-0801 oral insulin capsules in conjunction with subcutaneous insulin injections, well tolerated and effectively reduced glycemia throughout the day. TRIAL REGISTRATION: NCT00867594.

  8. Trend in prevalence of uncontrolled total serum cholesterol for cardio-cerebro-vascular disease in a mediterranean area, 1988/89-2008/09.

    Capuano, Vincenzo; Lamaida, Norman; Capuano, Ernesto; Borrelli, Maria Immacolata; Capuano, Rocco; Notari, Elisabetta; Iannone, Anna Grazia; Marchese, Federica; Sonderegger, Matteo; Capuano, Eduardo


    To examine trends of uncontrolled total serum cholesterol, treatment and control in a Mediterranean region (Campania). We considered and compared the data collected as part of "Montecorvino Rovella Project" 1988-1989 and cross-sectional data from the two phases of the "VIP Project-Valle dell'Irno Prevenzione": 1998-1999 (1(st) phase) and 2008-2009 (2(nd) phase), in the 35-74-year-old-population. Data show a reduction of mean cholesterolemia in the last twenty years of 7.3 mg/dL for men and unchanged values for women. In the three surveys the mean values for serum cholesterol are in men: 205.2 ± 47.1 mg/dL (1988/89), 200 ± 38.9 mg/dL (1998/99) and 197.9 ± 40.2 mg/dL (2008/09); in the women: 203.1 ± 42.5 mg/dL (1988/89), 198.9 ± 37.9 mg/dL (1998/99) and 203.3 ± 39.3 mg/dL (2008/09). Prevalence of uncontrolled high cholesterol ≥ 240 mg/dL for men decreased from 20.8% (1988/89) to 14.3% (1998/99) and 13.9% (2008/9), P = 0.002; for women the values decreased from 19.9% (1988/89), to 18.2% (1998/99) and 18.1% (2008/09), P = 0.007. Is statistically increased the number of patients treated and those treated to target. Encouraging increases in awareness, treatment, and control of hypercholesterolemia occurred from 1988 through 2008. Nevertheless, control of hypercholesterolemia remains poor.

  9. Add-on therapy with a nighttime dose of doxazosin in patients with uncontrolled hypertension: effects on autonomic modulation of the cardiovascular system.

    Guzik, Przemyslaw; Wykretowicz, Andrzej; Krauze, Tomasz; Piskorski, Jaroslaw; Adamska, Karolina; Milewska, Agata; Wesseling, Karel H; Wysocki, Henryk


    This study was designed to determine whether or not the addition of a single nighttime dose of doxazosin in extended-release form (GITS; gastrointestinal therapeutic system) would affect the autonomic modulation of the cardiovascular system in patients with uncontrolled hypertension treated with a multi-drug regimen. Resting 5-min noninvasive finger blood pressure and ECG signals, as well as 24-h Holter ECGs, were recorded in 30 patients with uncontrolled hypertension on multi-drug treatment before and after 16-week add-on therapy with doxazosin GITS. Cardiovascular autonomic modulation was evaluated by spectral analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) and a cross-correlation method for spontaneous baroreflex sensitivity (BRS) in 5-min resting recordings, and by the analysis of Poincaré plots and phase-rectified signal averaging of the duration of cardiac cycles in 24-h ECG recordings. This combined therapy significantly reduced systolic pressure (19.4+/-3.5 mmHg; p<0.0001), diastolic blood pressure (9.4+/-2.0 mmHg; p=0.0003), and pulse pressure (10.0+/-2.8 mmHg; p=0.0021). Concomitantly, there was a significant increase in resting spontaneous BRS (p=0.0191) and increases in 24-h short-term (p=0.0129) and total (p=0.0153) HRV, but with no significant change in heart rate or other measures of HRV. The improvements in HRV and BRS were observed mainly in patients already treated with thiazide diuretics. There was a significant association (r=0.49; p=0.0065) between the degree of change in diastolic blood pressure and short-term HRV caused by the combined treatment. The addition of 4 mg doxazosin GITS to multi-drug antihypertensive therapy is associated with an improvement in cardiovascular autonomic control.

  10. Remotely Operating a Fourier Transform Spectrometer for Atmospheric Remote Sensing

    Blavier, J.-F.; Toon, G. C.; Sen, B.


    This paper describes how the MkIV instrument was adapted for remote operation from the Barcroft site, where the harsh winter conditions make access difficult. Some of the main technical challenges will be discussed including, (i) operation from solar panels and batteries, (ii) cooling the detectors with LN2, (iii) instrument control and monitoring over a cellular phone, and (iv) data storage, processing and analysis. Finally, MkIV spectra measured from Barcroft and compared with those measured from JPL to highlight the advantages of the higher altitude site.

  11. Relations Between Atherogenic Index of Plasma, Ratio of Small Dense Low Density Lipoprotein/Lecithin Cholesterol Acyl Transferase and Ratio of Small Dense Low Density Lipoprotein/Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein of Controlled and Uncontrolled Type 2 DM

    Ellis Susanti


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Patients with Diabetes Melitus are proven to be prone to atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, especially type 2 Diabetes Melitus (T2DM patient who have higher risk and mortality for cardiovascular risk factor. The Dyslipidemia condition is very common in T2DM as one of the risk factors. Diabetic dyslipidemia is marked by the increased triglyceride (TG, low HDL cholesterol (HDL-C, and increased small dense LDL and apolipoprotein B. Therefore the aim of this study is to assess the differential and correlation between Atherogenic Index of Plasma (AIP, ratio of small dense low density lipoprotein (sdLDL/lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase (LCAT and ratio of sdLDL/cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP of controlled and uncontrolled T2DM. METHODS: This study was observational with cross sectional design. In total of 72 patients with T2DM consist of 36 controlled and 36 uncontrolled, participated in this study. The serum TG, HDL-C, sdLDL, LCAT and CETP were examined in their relationship with to T2DM risk. RESULTS: The results of the study indicate that the AIP (p<0.001 increase controlled and uncontrolled T2DM and the ratio of sdLDL/CETP (p=0.004, odds ratio of AIP was 4 (95% CI: 1.501-10.658 and odds ratio of sdLDL/CETP ratio was 4 (95% CI: 1.501-10.658 in uncontrolled T2DM. CONCLUSIONS: This study showed that the AIP and ratio of small dense LDL/CETP had a significant correlation with the uncontrolled T2DM. The AIP and ratio of small dense LDL/CETP increase was found at the uncontrolled T2DM to be 4 times greater than the controlled T2DM. KEYWORDS: T2DM, atherosclerosis, atherogenic index of plasma, small dense LDL, LCAT, CETP, ratio of sdLDL/LCAT, ratio of sdLDL/CETP.

  12. Introductory remote sensing principles and concepts principles and concepts

    Gibson, Paul


    Introduction to Remote Sensing Principles and Concepts provides a comprehensive student introduction to both the theory and application of remote sensing. This textbook* introduces the field of remote sensing and traces its historical development and evolution* presents detailed explanations of core remote sensing principles and concepts providing the theory required for a clear understanding of remotely sensed images.* describes important remote sensing platforms - including Landsat, SPOT and NOAA * examines and illustrates many of the applications of remotely sensed images in various fields.

  13. Remote Sensing and Reflectance Profiling in Entomology.

    Nansen, Christian; Elliott, Norman


    Remote sensing describes the characterization of the status of objects and/or the classification of their identity based on a combination of spectral features extracted from reflectance or transmission profiles of radiometric energy. Remote sensing can be benchtop based, and therefore acquired at a high spatial resolution, or airborne at lower spatial resolution to cover large areas. Despite important challenges, airborne remote sensing technologies will undoubtedly be of major importance in optimized management of agricultural systems in the twenty-first century. Benchtop remote sensing applications are becoming important in insect systematics and in phenomics studies of insect behavior and physiology. This review highlights how remote sensing influences entomological research by enabling scientists to nondestructively monitor how individual insects respond to treatments and ambient conditions. Furthermore, novel remote sensing technologies are creating intriguing interdisciplinary bridges between entomology and disciplines such as informatics and electrical engineering.

  14. Remote control of planetary surface vehicles.

    Heer, E.


    A remotely manned system consisting of an earth-based control center and a remote rover system on the planetary surface is assumed to extend to the remote site the sensory, manipulative and certain intellectual capabilities of humans here on earth. Required system functions, including scientific payload functions, vehicle functions and ground-based human control functions are discussed and the effects of communication delay and increased remote automaticity on system performance are investigated. To accomplish the required operations for scientific exploration, the control of the remote system requires the development of techniques to deal with problems of long communication time delays so that the performance in terms of operation speed can be increased to acceptable levels. Increased operational performance can be achieved primarily by increasing the rate of useful information flow in the man-machine sensor-control loop, or by increasing the autonomous capabilities of the remote system or by both.

  15. A Basic Analysis on Carlos Fuentes’s Autobiographical Novel and FictionDiana, the Huntress of Solitude%浅析卡洛斯·富恩特斯《狄安娜,孤寂的女猎手》自传体小说与虚构写作



    Diana, the Huntress of Solitude is an autobiographical novel by Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes. He created a now novel style, which brings those real autobiographical materials into the framework of ifctional novels to acquire a new type that is different to typical ifctional novels and traditional biographical novels. The author integrates ifction and biography writing techniques to narrate and comment current political issues and literature, and airs his own views on society, life, death, belief, and ideal.%《狄安娜,孤寂的女猎手》是墨西哥作家卡洛斯·富恩特斯创作的自传体小说,他开创了一种新的小说体裁,即把真实的自传素材纳入虚构的小说框架内,显示出一种既不同于典型的虚构小说,又与传统的自传体小说有本质区别的新类型。在糅合小说和自传技法的同时,作家夹叙夹议,评论时政、评述文学,并对社会、人生、死亡、信仰、理想等问题发表独到的看法。

  16. Cry from Inspiration, Close to Isolation A Phonetic Rhetoric Analysis on the First and the Final Sentence in the Rabassa ’ s English Version of One Hundred Years of Solitude%神来呼唤,孤寂而去--《百年孤独》拉巴萨英译本首尾句语音修辞的妙用



    《百年孤独》是一部绝世经典之作,其首尾句的拉巴萨英译本妙笔生花,精致唯美,蕴含着独特乐感和情感,颇令人称道,极具文学价值。运用文体学理论,聚焦这一英译本首尾句音韵妙用和由其衍生的情意展现,分析其绝妙的语音修辞感染力。%"One Hundred Years of Solitude"is a classic masterpiece written by the most famous Latin A-merican novelist Garcia Marquez , which recently drastically catch people ’ s eyes shortly after the writer ’ s death.The first and the final sentences of this novel in the Rabassa ’ s English Version are very delicate and elegant with its apt and smart writing skills and unique in both pronunciation and emotion , which receives wide popularity and its literary value deserves researches .Based on the theory of stylistics , this paper focuses on the phonetic rhetoric of the two sentences to analyze how the phonological features and emotions derived from the features rise up the splendid expressiveness .

  17. Biogeochemical cycling and remote sensing

    Peterson, D. L.


    Research is underway at the NASA Ames Research Center that is concerned with aspects of the nitrogen cycle in terrestrial ecosystems. An interdisciplinary research group is attempting to correlate nitrogen transformations, processes, and productivity with variables that can be remotely sensed. Recent NASA and other publications concerning biogeochemical cycling at global scales identify attributes of vegetation that could be related or explain the spatial variation in biologically functional variables. These functional variables include net primary productivity, annual nitrogen mineralization, and possibly the emission rate of nitrous oxide from soils.

  18. Magnetic Anomaly Detection by Remote Means


    effort we have demonstrated the detection of Xe using the remote Radar REMPI technique and the excitation of Xe atoms remotely using UV laser pulses...unlimited. 13. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 14. ABSTRACT Research on the possibility of detecting magnetic anomalies remotely using laser excitation of a... using laser excitation of a naturally occurring atomic or molecular species in air has focused on the use of Xe129. Although Xe129 is only present in

  19. Development of standard components for remote handling

    Taguchi, Kou; Kakudate, Satoshi; Nakahira, Masataka; Ito, Akira [Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Tokai, Ibaraki (Japan). Tokai Research Establishment


    The core of Fusion Experimental Reactor consists of various components such as superconducting magnets and forced-cooled in-vessel components, which are remotely maintained due to intense of gamma radiation. Mechanical connectors such as cooling pipe connections, insulation joints and electrical connectors are commonly used for maintenance of these components and have to be standardized in terms of remote handling. This paper describes these mechanical connectors developed as the standard component compatible with remote handling and tolerable for radiation. (author)

  20. An overview of GNSS remote sensing

    Kegen, Yu; Rizos, Chris; Burrage, Derek; Dempster, Andrew; Zhang, Kefei; Markgraf, Markus


    The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals are always available, globally, and the signal structures are well known, except for those dedicated to military use. They also have some distinctive characteristics, including the use of L-band frequencies, which are particularly suited for remote sensing purposes. The idea of using GNSS signals for remote sensing - the atmosphere, oceans or Earth surface - was first proposed more than two decades ago. Since then, GNSS remote ...




    The INTRODUCTION to this paper summarizes the history of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN) concept and the recent workshops that discussed the relationship between GAN and Remote Operations. The REMOTE OPERATIONS SCENARIOS section brings out the organizational philosophy embodied in GAN-like and to non-GAN-like scenarios. The set of major TOPICS RAISED AT THE WORKSHOPS are only partially resolved. COLLABORATION TOOLS are described and discussed, followed by examples of REMOTE ACCELERATOR CONTROL PROJECTS around the world.

  2. LWIR Microgrid Polarimeter for Remote Sensing Studies


    Polarimeter for Remote Sensing Studies 5b. GRANT NUMBER FA9550-08-1-0295 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 1. Scott Tyo 5e. TASK...and tested at the University of Arizona, and preliminary images are shown in this final report. 15. SUBJECT TERMS Remote Sensing , polarimetry 16...7.0 LWIR Microgrid Polarimeter for Remote Sensing Studies J. Scott Tyo College of Optical Sciences University of Arizona Tucson, AZ, 85721 tyo

  3. Basic Remote Sensing Investigations for Beach Reconnaissance.

    Progress is reported on three tasks designed to develop remote sensing beach reconnaissance techniques applicable to the benthic, beach intertidal...and beach upland zones. Task 1 is designed to develop remote sensing indicators of important beach composition and physical parameters which will...ultimately prove useful in models to predict beach conditions. Task 2 is designed to develop remote sensing techniques for survey of bottom features in

  4. Preface: Remote Sensing in Coastal Environments

    Deepak R. Mishra; Gould, Richard W.


    The Special Issue (SI) on “Remote Sensing in Coastal Environments” presents a wide range of articles focusing on a variety of remote sensing models and techniques to address coastal issues and processes ranging for wetlands and water quality to coral reefs and kelp habitats. The SI is comprised of twenty-one papers, covering a broad range of research topics that employ remote sensing imagery, models, and techniques to monitor water quality, vegetation, habitat suitability, and geomorphology i...

  5. Design of Wireless Remote Control Solar Cleaner

    Ma Zhicai


    Full Text Available This paper describes the operation principle and the hardware composition of the wireless remote control cleaner by adopting solar panel power supply mode in detail. The experimental circuit is designed and on based on the designed experimental circuit the wireless remote control solar cleaner is made. The experimental results show that it is feasible that the combination of solar panels and wireless remote control cleaner.

  6. Use of remote sensing in agriculture

    Pettry, D. E.; Powell, N. L.; Newhouse, M. E.


    Remote sensing studies in Virginia and Chesapeake Bay areas to investigate soil and plant conditions via remote sensing technology are reported ant the results given. Remote sensing techniques and interactions are also discussed. Specific studies on the effects of soil moisture and organic matter on energy reflection of extensively occurring Sassafras soils are discussed. Greenhouse and field studies investigating the effects of chlorophyll content of Irish potatoes on infrared reflection are presented. Selected ground truth and environmental monitoring data are shown in summary form. Practical demonstrations of remote sensing technology in agriculture are depicted and future use areas are delineated.

  7. Remotely piloted LTA vehicle for surveillance

    Seemann, G. R.; Harris, G. L.; Brown, G. J.


    Various aspects of a remotely piloted mini-LTA vehicle for surveillance, monitoring and measurement for civilian and military applications are considered. Applications, operations and economics are discussed.

  8. Virtual Planetary Analysis Environment for Remote Science

    Keely, Leslie; Beyer, Ross; Edwards. Laurence; Lees, David


    All of the data for NASA's current planetary missions and most data for field experiments are collected via orbiting spacecraft, aircraft, and robotic explorers. Mission scientists are unable to employ traditional field methods when operating remotely. We have developed a virtual exploration tool for remote sites with data analysis capabilities that extend human perception quantitatively and qualitatively. Scientists and mission engineers can use it to explore a realistic representation of a remote site. It also provides software tools to "touch" and "measure" remote sites with an immediacy that boosts scientific productivity and is essential for mission operations.

  9. Web-Enabled Remote Laboratories

    K. Ganesan


    Full Text Available

    This paper describes about accessing the real laboratories using web services.   Students doing the course on “Embedded systems” can perform the various experiments such as analyzing the frequency measurement, generation of pulse width modulation using Freescale-semiconductor’s kit and Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO by giving different input parameters from anywhere at anytime through Internet or Intranet using a webpage provided in a client browser and submit it to a lab server (LS, which is interfaced with Freescale-semiconductor’s kit and digital storage oscilloscope (DSO.

    The experimental specification is forwarded to the lab server through a service broker. Based on the experimental specifications given by the user, experiments can be conducted on the lab server side using real equipment interfaced with the LS. The application can be executed and the output generated on the DSO can be captured by the lab server machine and one can even convert the results into XML file and send those results to service broker. If user needs, the results can even be displayed on the remote client machine by the service broker. The present work uses iLab architecture which provides three tier client / broker / server architecture for the development and deployment of remote labs.

  10. Remote Laser Diffraction PSD Analyzer

    Batcheller, Thomas Aquinas; Huestis, Gary Michael; Bolton, Steven Michael


    Particle size distribution (PSD) analysis of radioactive slurry samples were obtained using a modified "off-the-shelf" classical laser light scattering particle size analyzer. A Horiba Instruments Inc. Model La-300 PSD analyzer, which has a 0.1 to 600 micron measurement range, was modified for remote application in a "hot cell" (gamma radiation) environment. The general details of the modifications to this analyzer are presented in this paper. This technology provides rapid and simple PSD analysis, especially down in the fine and microscopic particle size regime. Particle size analysis of these radioactive slurries down in this smaller range was not achievable - making this technology far superior than the traditional methods used previously. Remote deployment and utilization of this technology is in an exploratory stage. The risk of malfunction in this radiation environment is countered by gaining of this tremendously useful fundamental engineering data. Successful acquisition of this data, in conjunction with other characterization analyses, provides important information that can be used in the myriad of potential radioactive waste management alternatives.

  11. Remote Excavation System test plan

    Walker, S.; Hyde, R.A.


    The Office of Technology Development (OTD) established the Robotics Technology Development Program (RTDP) to integrate robotic development activities on a national basis; provide needs-oriented, timely, and economical robotics technology to support environmental and waste operations activities at Department of Energy (DOE) sites; and provide the focus and direction for the near term (less than five years) and guidance for the tong-term (five to twenty years) research and development efforts for site-specific problems. The RTDP consists of several programs including the Buried Waste Robotics Program (BWRP), which addresses remote buried waste applications. The Remote Excavation System (RES) was developed under the RTDP to provide a safer method of excavating hazardous materials for both the DOE and the Department of Defense (DOD). The excavator, initially developed by the DOD as a manually-operated small excavator, has been modified for teleoperation with joint funding from the BWRP and the DOD. The Buried Waste Integrated Demonstration (BWID) and the Uranium Soils Integrated Demonstration (USID) are funding the demonstration, testing, and evaluation of the RES covered in this test plan. This document covers testing both at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL), as funded by BWID and USID. This document describes the tests planned for the RES demonstration for the BWRP. The purposes of the test plan are (1) to establish test parameters to ensure that the demonstration results are deemed useful and usable and (2) to demonstrate performance in a safe manner within all regulatory requirements.


    Sharmili Minu.DH


    Full Text Available Health is an important factor of every human being. Remote health monitoring messenger is needed for the people to reduce their inconvenience in travel to hospitals due to ailing health. Ill-patientrequires accurate decision to be taken immediately in critical situations, so that life-protecting and lifesaving therapy can be properly applied. In recent years, sensors are used in each and every fast developing application for designing the miniaturized system which is much easier for people use. A remote health monitoring messenger informs the doctor about the patient condition through wireless media such as Global System for Mobile communication. The system specifically deals with the signal conditioning and data acquisition of heart beat, temperature, and blood pressure of human body. The Heart beat sensor is used to read the patient’s beats per minute (bpm and temperature sensor to measure the body temperature of patient externally and pressure sensor to measure the level of pressure in blood. Signals obtained from sensors are fed into the microcontroller for processing and medicine is prescribed as first aid for patient to control the parameters through visual basic. A message is then sent to the doctor for further actions to be taken for treatment of patient after first aid. The system has a very good response time and it is cost effective.

  13. Data Quality in Remote Sensing

    Batini, C.; Blaschke, T.; Lang, S.; Albrecht, F.; Abdulmutalib, H. M.; Barsi, Á.; Szabó, G.; Kugler, Zs.


    The issue of data quality (DQ) is of growing importance in Remote Sensing (RS), due to the widespread use of digital services (incl. apps) that exploit remote sensing data. In this position paper a body of experts from the ISPRS Intercommission working group III/IVb "DQ" identifies, categorises and reasons about issues that are considered as crucial for a RS research and application agenda. This ISPRS initiative ensures to build on earlier work by other organisations such as IEEE, CEOS or GEO, in particular on the meritorious work of the Quality Assurance Framework for Earth Observation (QA4EO) which was established and endorsed by the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) but aims to broaden the view by including experts from computer science and particularly database science. The main activities and outcomes include: providing a taxonomy of DQ dimensions in the RS domain, achieving a global approach to DQ for heterogeneous-format RS data sets, investigate DQ dimensions in use, conceive a methodology for managing cost effective solutions on DQ in RS initiatives, and to address future challenges on RS DQ dimensions arising in the new era of the big Earth data.

  14. Accuracy of dual-source CT to identify significant coronary artery disease in patients with uncontrolled hypertension presenting with chest pain: comparison with coronary angiography.

    Marwan, Mohamed; Pflederer, Tobias; Schepis, Tiziano; Seltmann, Martin; Klinghammer, Lutz; Muschiol, Gerd; Ropers, Dieter; Daniel, Werner G; Achenbach, Stephan


    It has been previously reported that the sensitivity and specificity of multislice CT for detecting significant CAD (coronary artery disease) is high. Chest pain is a common presentation in patients with uncontrolled hypertension. We investigated the sensitivity and specificity of dual-source CT to detect and rule out significant CAD in patients presenting with uncontrolled hypertension accompanied by chest pain. 260 consecutive patients presenting with acute chest pain in the context of stage 2 hypertension (systolic pressure ≥160 and/or diastolic pressure ≥100) were enrolled in the study. After admission, control of blood pressure and risk stratification, 82 patients were excluded due to renal insufficiency, prior coronary revascularisation or refused participation in the study. 90 further patients with low pre-test probability of CAD were also excluded. 88 remaining patients were subjected to CT coronary angiography using dual-source CT (Definition, Siemens Medical Solutions, Forchheim, Germany) within 24 h before invasive coronary angiography. A contrast-enhanced volume dataset was acquired (120 kV, 400 mAs/rot, collimation 2 × 64 × 0.6 mm, retrospective ECG gating). Data sets were evaluated concerning the presence or absence of significant coronary stenoses and validated against invasive coronary angiography. A significant stenosis was assumed if the diameter reduction was ≥50%. 88 patients (mean age 66 ± 11 years, mean heart rate 61 ± 9 bpm) were evaluated regarding the presence or absence of significant CAD (at least one stenosis ≥50% diameter reduction). Mean systolic blood pressure on presentation was 203 ± 20 mmHg and mean diastolic blood pressure was 103 ± 13 mmHg. On a per patient basis, the sensitivity and specificity for dual-source CT to detect significant CAD in vessels >1.5 mm diameter was 100% (36/36, 95% CI 90-100) and 90% (47/52, 95% CI 79-97), respectively with a negative predictive value (NPV) of 100% (47/47, 95% CI 92-100) and a

  15. Patient-led versus physician-led titration of insulin glargine in patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes: a randomized multinational ATLAS study.

    Garg, Satish K; Admane, Karim; Freemantle, Nick; Odawara, Masato; Pan, Chang-Yu; Misra, Anoop; Jarek-Martynowa, Iwona R; Abbas-Raza, Syed; Mirasol, Roberto C; Perfetti, Riccardo


    Self-adjustment of insulin dose is commonly practiced in Western patients with type 2 diabetes but is usually not performed in Asian patients. This multinational, 24-week, randomized study compared patient-led with physician-led titration of once-daily insulin glargine in Asian patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes who were on 2 oral glucose-lowering agents. Patient-led (n = 275) or physician-led (n = 277) subjects followed the same dose-titration algorithm guided by self-monitored fasting blood glucose (FBG; target, 110 mg/dL [6.1 mmol/L]). The primary endpoint was change in mean glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) at week 24 in the patient-led versus physician-led titration groups. Patient-led titration resulted in a significantly higher drop in HbA1c value at 24 weeks when compared with physician-led titration (-1.40% vs. -1.25%; mean difference, -0.15; 95% confidence interval, -0.29 to 0.00; P = .043). Mean decrease in FBG was greatest in the patient-led group (-2.85 mmol/L vs. -2.48 mmol/L; P = .001). The improvements in HbA1c and FBG were consistent across countries, with similar improvements in treatment satisfaction in both groups. Mean daily insulin dose was higher in the patient-led group (28.9 units vs. 22.2 units; P<.001). Target HbA1c of <7.0% without severe hypoglycemia was achieved in 40.0% and 32.9% in the patient-led and physician-led groups, respectively (P = .086). Severe hypoglycemia was not different in the 2 groups (0.7%), with an increase in nocturnal and symptomatic hypoglycemia in the patient-led arm. Patient-led insulin glargine titration achieved near-target blood glucose levels in Asian patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes who were on 2 oral glucose-lowering drugs, demonstrating that Asian patients can self-uptitrate insulin dose effectively when guided.

  16. Temporary balloon occlusion as therapy for uncontrollable arterial hemorrhage in multiply injured patients; Temporaere Ballonokklusion als Therapie unkontrollierbarer arterieller Blutungen bei Polytraumapatienten

    Rieger, J.; Linsenmaier, U.; Rock, C.; Pfeifer, K.J. [Abt. fuer Radiologie, Klinikum Innenstadt, Ludwig-Maximilian-Univ., Muenchen (Germany); Euler, E. [Chirurgische Klinik und Poliklinik, Klinikum Innenstadt, Ludwig-Maximilian-Univ., Muenchen (Germany)


    Purpose: Presentation of temporary balloon occlusion as an interventional radiological method for managing hemorrhage in multiply injured patients with uncontrollable loss of blood. Method: Temporary, non-selective arterial occlusion by introduction of a balloon catheter contralaterally to the source of bleeding has been performed since 1992 on 7 patients with multiple injuries, hemorrhagic shock requiring reanimation, and angiographic demonstration of an arterial hemorrhage in the supply region of the internal iliac artery with complex pelvic fracture. In each case a PTA balloon catheter was introduced transfemorally, non-selectively positioned proximal to the bleeding source, and left in place for 24-48 h under manometric control. Control angiographies were performed prior to catheter removal. Results: The bleeding was stopped immediately in all 7 patients. The hemodynamic stability made transport and thus further surgical management and/or a short-term treatment in the intensive-care station possible. Control angiographies confirmed that the bleeding had stopped in all patients. Conclusions: We recommend temporary balloon occlusion as a rapid and effective method for the management of bleeding in otherwise uncontrollable traumatic hemorrhages in the supply region of the internal iliac artery. (orig.) [Deutsch] Ziel: Vorstellung der temporaeren Ballonokklusion als interventionell-radiologischer Methode zur Blutungskontrolle bei Polytraumapatienten mit unkontrollierbarem Blutverlust. Methode: Temporaerer, nicht-selektiver arterieller Gefaessverschluss mit kontralateral der Blutungsquellen eingefuehrten PTA-Ballonkathetern bei seit 1992 insgesamt 7 Patienten mit Polytrauma, reanimationspflichtigem haemorrhagischem Schock und angiographischem Nachweis einer arteriellen Blutung im Versorgungsgebiet der A. iliaca interna im Rahmen einer komplexen Beckenfraktur. Transfemoral wurde jeweils ein PTA-Ballonkatheter eingefuehrt, nicht selektiv proximal der Blutungsquelle

  17. Gauze packing for uncontrolled bleeding of abdominal surgery%纱布填塞用于腹部手术难以控制的大出血

    胡宁; 江艺; 张小进


    目的 探讨纱布填塞法用于腹部手术难以控制的大出血的价值.方法 对15例腹部手术中大出血病人采用纱布填塞法.其中腹膜后肿瘤1例,创伤性肝破裂2例,肝癌行肝右三叶切除肝创面渗血1例,门静脉高压症行断流术食管旁、脾窝渗血3例,急性肝功能衰竭行原位肝移植术中肾上腺区域、肝裸区腔静脉旁后腹膜创面广泛渗血8例.结果 15例术后腹腔引流量均逐日减少,填塞纱条术后5~10 d内拔出,2例因感染继发多器官衰竭死亡.结论 对于腹部手术难以控制的大出血,纱布填塞止血方法仍不失为一项重要的、简单有效的止血手段.%Objective To explore the value of gauze packing for uncontrolled bleeding of abdominal surgery. Methods Fifteen cases of massive haemorrhage during abdominal surgery were treated with gauze packing method. Among them, there was 1 case of retroperitoneal tumor, 2 cases of traumatic rupture of the liver, 1 case of liver wound oozing blood in hepatocellular carcinoma after resection of hepatic right 3 lobes,3 cases of paraesophageal,splenic fossa oozing blood in portal hypertension after devascularization,8 cases of retroperitoneal wound bleeding extensively in the adrenal region and the bare area of the liver next to inferior vena cava in acute liver failure after orthotopic liver transplantation. Results In 15 cases, postoperative peritoneal drainage volume was decreased daily. The packed gauze was pulled out 5-10 days after operation. There were 2 cases of multiple organ failure to death due to secondary infection. Conclusion For uncontrolled massive haemorrhage in abdominal surgery, gauze packing method was still a major means of simple and effective hemostasis.

  18. Performance Analysis of VPN Remote Access Tunnels

    Dymora Paweł


    Full Text Available The purpose of the study is to analyze the efficiency of communication with the server using the methods of secure remote access, as well as checking and comparing the quality of services provided by the server depending on the method of secure remote connection. The article focuses on VPN technology implemented in the latest Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system.

  19. Remote Ischemic Conditioning: Its Benefits and Limitations.

    Kloner, Robert A


    This editorial describes benefits and limitations of remote ischemic conditioning. Remote ischemic conditioning was shown to reduce myocardial intact size in at least 4 sizeable clinical trials of acute myocardial infarction. It was not effective in recent studies of cardiac surgery. Reasons for these differences are discussed.

  20. Natural Resource Information System. Remote Sensing Studies.

    Leachtenauer, J.; And Others

    A major design objective of the Natural Resource Information System entailed the use of remote sensing data as an input to the system. Potential applications of remote sensing data were therefore reviewed and available imagery interpreted to provide input to a demonstration data base. A literature review was conducted to determine the types and…

  1. Remote Control of Experiments via Matlab

    Michal Sedlak


    Full Text Available The paper demonstrates two possibilities of remote control of real experiments using Matlab software environment. We introduced basic approaches to Matlab remote access using Matlab Web Server, COM and Virtual Reality Toolbox. The proposed concepts were used and tested for control of magnetic levitation system. The gained experience was also discussed in the paper.

  2. Archimedes Remote Lab for Secondary Schools

    Garcia Zubia, J.; Angulo Martinez, I.; Martinez Pieper, G.; Lopez de Ipina Gonzalez de Artaza, D.; Hernandez Jayo, U.; Orduna Fernandez, P.; Dziabenko, O.; Rodriguez Gil, L.; Riesen, van S.A.N.; Anjewierden, A.A.; Kamp, E.; Jong, de A.J.M.


    This paper presents a remote lab designed for teaching the Archimedes’ principle to secondary school students, as well as an online virtual lab on the general domain of buoyancy. The Archimedes remote lab is integrated into WebLab-Deusto. Both labs are promoted for usage in frame of the Go-Lab Europ

  3. Remote sensing and reflectance profiling in entomology

    Remote sensing is about characterizing the status of objects and/or classifies their identity based on a combination of spectral features extracted from reflectance or transmission profiles of radiometric energy. Remote sensing can be ground-based, and therefore acquired at a high spatial resolutio...

  4. Archimedes Remote Lab for Secondary Schools

    Garcia Zubia, J.; Angulo Martinez, I.; Martinez Pieper, G.; Lopez de Ipina Gonzalez de Artaza, D.; Hernandez Jayo, U.; Orduna Fernandez, P.; Dziabenko, O.; Rodriguez Gil, L.; van Riesen, Siswa; Anjewierden, Anjo Allert; Kamp, Ellen; de Jong, Anthonius J.M.


    This paper presents a remote lab designed for teaching the Archimedes’ principle to secondary school students, as well as an online virtual lab on the general domain of buoyancy. The Archimedes remote lab is integrated into WebLab-Deusto. Both labs are promoted for usage in frame of the Go-Lab

  5. Planning and Implementation of Remote Sensing Experiments.

    Contents: TEKTITE II experiment-upwelling detection (NASA Mx 138); Design of oceanographic experiments (Gulf of Mexico, Mx 159); Design of oceanographic experiments (Gulf of Mexico, Mx 165); Experiments on thermal pollution; Remote sensing newsletter; Symposium on remote sensing in marine biology and fishery resources.

  6. Preface: Remote Sensing of Water Resources

    Deepak R. Mishra; Eurico J. D’Sa; Sachidananda Mishra


    The Special Issue (SI) on “Remote Sensing of Water Resources” presents a diverse range of papers studying remote sensing tools, methods, and models to better monitor water resources which include inland, coastal, and open ocean waters. The SI is comprised of fifteen articles on widely ranging research topics related to water bodies. This preface summarizes each article published in the SI.

  7. Two-object remote quantum control

    Yu, Yafei; Liu, Tangkun; Huang, Yanxia; Zhan, Mingsheng


    We consider the two-object remote quantum control for a special case in which all the object qubits are in a telecloning state. We propose a scheme which achieves the two-object remote quantum control by using two particular four-particle entangled states.

  8. Technology Progress Report for Microwave Remote Sensing

    JIANG Jingshan; DONG Xiaolong; LIU Heguang


    In this presentation, technological progress for China's microwave remote sensing is introduced. New developments of the microwave remote sensing instruments for China's lunar exploration satellite (Chang'E-1), meteorological satellite FY-3 and ocean dynamic measurement satellite (HY-2) are reported.

  9. Developing a Remote Laboratory for Engineering Education

    Fabregas, E.; Farias, G.; Dormido-Canto, S.; Dormido, S.; Esquembre, F.


    New information technologies provide great opportunities for education. One such opportunity is the use of remote control laboratories for teaching students about control systems. This paper describes the creation of interactive remote laboratories (RLs). Two main software tools are used: Simulink and Easy Java Simulations (EJS). The first is a…

  10. A proposed configuration for remote current measurements

    Joseph, A.; Desai, R.G.P.

    stream_size 9 stream_content_type text/plain stream_name 5_Int_Symp_Acoust_Remote_Sens_Proc_1990_230.pdf.txt stream_source_info 5_Int_Symp_Acoust_Remote_Sens_Proc_1990_230.pdf.txt Content-Encoding ISO-8859-1 Content-Type text...

  11. Remote Library Users: Needs and Expectations.

    Cooper, Rosemarie; Dempsey, Paula R.; Menon, Vanaja; Millson-Martula, Christopher


    Discusses remote library users in an academic environment. Highlights include user needs and expectations; user satisfaction; service to remote customers in nonlibrary environments, such as industry; the distance-learning context; student demographics; distance learning and library services; course design; and a case study at De Paul University.…

  12. An Investigation of Information Technology-Enabled Remote Management and Remote Work Issues

    D. Sandy Staples


    Full Text Available A two phase research study was done to investigate remote work and remote management issues. In Phase 1, focus groups were carried out with remote managers and remote employees to identify key issues. The most common key issues dealt with communications, information technology, leadership and coaching, teamwork, building trust, and performance management. In the second phase, a questionnaire was used to test hypotheses developed from phase 1. The findings supported that higher trust leads to higher job satisfaction and lower job stress, and that more communication between the manager and the remote employee develops higher levels of employee organizational commitment.

  13. Virtual control room, the REMOT project, networking pilot studies

    Andree, H. M. A.; Habets, J.; Koopmans, M.; Kooijman, W.; Kemmerling, G.; Korten, M.; de Laat, C. T. A. M.; Lourens, W.; van der Meer, E. A.; Oomens, A. A. M.; Venema, J.


    The Remote Experiment Monitoring and Control (REMOT) project objective is to develop a system architecture to allow remote control of scientific experiments and facilities that require real time operation and multimedia information feedback, using available or deploying communications infrastructure

  14. Remote detection of forest damage

    Rock, B. N.; Vogelmann, J. E.; Vogelmann, A. F.; Hoshizaki, T.; Williams, D. L.


    The use of remote sensing to discriminate, measure, and map forest damage is evaluated. TM spectal coverage, a helicopter-mounted radiometer, and ground-based surveys were utilized to examine the responses of the spruces and firs of Camels Hump Mountain, Vermont to stresses, such as pollution and trace metals. The basic spectral properties of vegetation are described. Forest damage at the site was estimated as 11.8-76.0 percent for the spruces and 19-43.8 percent for the balsam firs. Shifts in the spectra of the conifers in particular in the near IR region are analyzed, and variations in the mesophyll cell anatomy and pigment content of the spruces and firs are investigated. The relations between canopy moisture and damage is studied. The TM data are compared to aircraft data and found to be well correlated.

  15. Remote instruction in groundwater hydrology

    staff of the Interactive Remote Instructional System

    Wright State University (Dayton, Ohio) is preparing for its fourth cycle of the Interactive Remote Instructional System (IRIS) in groundwater hydrology beginning July 15, 1986. The Department of Geological Sciences proudly announces that the first two cycles recorded an impressive 83% completion ratio for registered participants. This completion rate is a significant departure from success rates traditionally recorded by courses of this nature; it is the result of 2 years of implementation and refinement and demonstrates the progressive orientation of the program. The third cycle has been underway since January. This comprehensive hydrogeology program was originally developed for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service to prepare their personnel for professional practice work. As a result of that cooperative effort, the IRIS program has evolved to meet the needs of participants by developing a curriculum that reflects current trends in the groundwater industry and has provided a unique educational approach that ensures maximum interaction between the instructional staff and participants.

  16. Geological remote sensing in Africa

    Sabins, Floyd F., Jr.; Bailey, G. Bryan; Abrams, Michael J.


    Programs using remote sensing to obtain geologic information in Africa are reviewed. Studies include the use of Landsat MSS data to evaluate petroleum resources in sedimentary rock terrains in Kenya and Sudan and the use of Landsat TM 30-m resolution data to search for mineral deposits in an ophiolite complex in Oman. Digitally enhanced multispectral SPOT data at a scale of 1:62,000 were used to map folds, faults, diapirs, bedding attitudes, and stratigraphic units in the Atlas Mountains in northern Algeria. In another study, SIR-A data over a vegetated and faulted area of Sierra Leone were compared with data collected by the Landsat MSS and TM systems. It was found that the lineaments on the SIR-A data were more easily detected.

  17. Lunar remote sensing and measurements

    Moore, H.J.; Boyce, J.M.; Schaber, G.G.; Scott, D.H.


    Remote sensing and measurements of the Moon from Apollo orbiting spacecraft and Earth form a basis for extrapolation of Apollo surface data to regions of the Moon where manned and unmanned spacecraft have not been and may be used to discover target regions for future lunar exploration which will produce the highest scientific yields. Orbital remote sensing and measurements discussed include (1) relative ages and inferred absolute ages, (2) gravity, (3) magnetism, (4) chemical composition, and (5) reflection of radar waves (bistatic). Earth-based remote sensing and measurements discussed include (1) reflection of sunlight, (2) reflection and scattering of radar waves, and (3) infrared eclipse temperatures. Photographs from the Apollo missions, Lunar Orbiters, and other sources provide a fundamental source of data on the geology and topography of the Moon and a basis for comparing, correlating, and testing the remote sensing and measurements. Relative ages obtained from crater statistics and then empirically correlated with absolute ages indicate that significant lunar volcanism continued to 2.5 b.y. (billion years) ago-some 600 m.y. (million years) after the youngest volcanic rocks sampled by Apollo-and that intensive bombardment of the Moon occurred in the interval of 3.84 to 3.9 b.y. ago. Estimated fluxes of crater-producing objects during the last 50 m.y. agree fairly well with fluxes measured by the Apollo passive seismic stations. Gravity measurements obtained by observing orbiting spacecraft reveal that mare basins have mass concentrations and that the volume of material ejected from the Orientale basin is near 2 to 5 million km 3 depending on whether there has or has not been isostatic compensation, little or none of which has occurred since 3.84 b.y. ago. Isostatic compensation may have occurred in some of the old large lunar basins, but more data are needed to prove it. Steady fields of remanent magnetism were detected by the Apollo 15 and 16 subsatellites

  18. Remote Whispering Applying Time Reversal

    Anderson, Brian Eric [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    The purpose of this project was to explore the use of time reversal technologies as a means for communication to a targeted individual or location. The idea is to have the privacy of whispering in one’s ear, but to do this remotely from loudspeakers not located near the target. Applications of this work include communicating with hostages and survivors in rescue operations, communicating imaging and operational conditions in deep drilling operations, monitoring storage of spent nuclear fuel in storage casks without wires, or clandestine activities requiring signaling between specific points. This technology provides a solution in any application where wires and radio communications are not possible or not desired. It also may be configured to self calibrate on a regular basis to adjust for changing conditions. These communications allow two people to converse with one another in real time, converse in an inaudible frequency range or medium (i.e. using ultrasonic frequencies and/or sending vibrations through a structure), or send information for a system to interpret (even allowing remote control of a system using sound). The time reversal process allows one to focus energy to a specific location in space and to send a clean transmission of a selected signal only to that location. In order for the time reversal process to work, a calibration signal must be obtained. This signal may be obtained experimentally using an impulsive sound, a known chirp signal, or other known signals. It may also be determined from a numerical model of a known environment in which the focusing is desired or from passive listening over time to ambient noise.

  19. Remote application for spectral collection

    Cone, Shelli R.; Steele, R. J.; Tzeng, Nigel H.; Firpi, Alexer H.; Rodriguez, Benjamin M.


    In the area of collecting field spectral data using a spectrometer, it is common to have the instrument over the material of interest. In certain instances it is beneficial to have the ability to remotely control the spectrometer. While several systems have the ability to use a form of connectivity to capture the measurement it is essential to have the ability to control the settings. Additionally, capturing reference information (metadata) about the setup, system configuration, collection, location, atmospheric conditions, and sample information is necessary for future analysis leading towards material discrimination and identification. This has the potential to lead to cumbersome field collection and a lack of necessary information for post processing and analysis. The method presented in this paper describes a capability to merge all parts of spectral collection from logging reference information to initial analysis as well as importing information into a web-hosted spectral database. This allows the simplification of collecting, processing, analyzing and storing field spectra for future analysis and comparisons. This concept is developed for field collection of thermal data using the Designs and Prototypes (D&P) Hand Portable FT-IR Spectrometer (Model 102). The remote control of the spectrometer is done with a customized Android application allowing the ability to capture reference information, process the collected data from radiance to emissivity using a temperature emissivity separation algorithm and store the data into a custom web-based service. The presented system of systems allows field collected spectra to be used for various applications by spectral analysts in the future.

  20. A Complex Multiherbal Regimen Based on Ayurveda Medicine for the Management of Hepatic Cirrhosis Complicated by Ascites: Nonrandomized, Uncontrolled, Single Group, Open-Label Observational Clinical Study.

    Patel, Manish V; Patel, Kalapi B; Gupta, Shivenarain; Michalsen, Andreas; Stapelfeldt, Elmar; Kessler, Christian S


    Hepatic cirrhosis is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, especially if complicated by ascites. This chronic condition can be related to the classical disease entity jalodara in Traditional Indian Medicine (Ayurveda). The present paper aims to evaluate the general potential of Ayurvedic therapy for overall clinical outcomes in hepatic cirrhosis complicated by ascites (HCcA). In form of a nonrandomized, uncontrolled, single group, open-label observational clinical study, 56 patients fulfilling standardized diagnostic criteria for HCcA were observed during their treatment at the P. D. Patel Ayurveda Hospital, Nadiad, India. Based on Ayurvedic tradition, a standardized treatment protocol was developed and implemented, consisting of oral administration of single and compound herbal preparations combined with purificatory measures as well as dietary and lifestyle regimens. The outcomes were assessed by measuring liver functions through specific clinical features and laboratory parameters and by evaluating the Child-Pugh prognostic grade score. After 6 weeks of treatment and a follow-up period of 18 weeks, the outcomes showed statistically significant and clinically relevant improvements. Further larger and randomized trials on effectiveness, safety, and quality of the Ayurvedic approach in the treatment of HCcA are warranted to support these preliminary findings.