Sample records for slabykh magnitnykh polyakh

  1. Istoriya otechestvennykh magnitnykh issledovanij v kosmose %t History of magnetic field national investigations in space (United States)

    Eroshenko, E. G.

    A short history of the magnetic field national investigations in space - starting from the flights of the first Russian artificial Earth's satellites till nowadays - is presented. The key problems which can be solved by the magnetic field study in space are determined. The main achievements of the national space program of the research of space magnetism, magnetic fields of planets and satellites are discussed: the detection of the ring current geomagnetic effect in terrestrial geomagnetosphere, the first estimations of the lunar global magnetic field according to the direct measurements in the Moon's vicinity and on its surface, the discovery of the induced magnetospheres of Venus and Mars, the detection of a special type of magnetic field distortions as result of the solar wind interaction with comets and small celestial bodies. The problems which arose in experimental work and some unsolved aspects of space magnetic field research are mentioned. The Russian research results are compared with those of their foreign colleagues. The role of the remarkable scientists M.V. Keldysh, S.P. Korolev and others in the creation of national space science and practice is specially emphasised. The contribution of many national investigators into space magnetology is also mentioned.

  2. Translations on USSR Science and Technology, Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences, Number 41 (United States)


    use of a "beam scalpel" in clinical oncology in the removal of malignant tumors will result in a significant decrease in recurring postoperative... Physiotherapy and Health Resort Treatment], Perm’, 1974, pp 147-148. 5. Kholodov, Yu. A. "Vliyaniye elektromagnitnykh i magnitnykh poley na