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    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tshe dbang rdo rje ཚེ་དབང་རྡོ་རྗེ། (Caixiangduojie 才项多杰


    Full Text Available Uncle Ston pa worked very hard once he realized there were many young and beautiful nuns in the nunnery. Every day, he got up early and went to bed late, cooking, cleaning, and doing other chores for the young nuns. They enjoyed his delicious food and other thoughtful services, such as washing clothes. Slowly, the young nuns stopped cooking and cleaning and just relied on Uncle Ston pa. They also treated Uncle Ston pa well by giving him a good room, warm blankets, and nice robes to wear. ...

  2. Sixty Girls, Three Nuns, One Home. (United States)

    Smeltzer, Carolyn Hope


    This article describes the experience of a nurse volunteer working with girls in India who had been trafficked and/or were children of mothers who were (are) prostitutes. The article describes how nuns who care, provide values and a safe home give the girls opportunities. The article illustrates how, with little recourse, three nuns care for 60 girls living in one home. The girls range in age from 4 to 18 years. The girls are motivated to live happily, work hard, study often, and play together. Lessons learned from the nurse volunteer who worked and lived with the girls are described. This article illustrates how nurses in retirement can still fulfill their passion of helping others. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  3. Selected translations and analysis of "Further biographies of nuns"


    Tho, Annlaug


    ‘Further Biographies of Nuns’ was compiled by Master Zhenhua (1908 -1947) in the 1940s and presents the biographies of 200 Buddhist nuns from the Liang Dynasty (502-557) to the Republic of China (1912-1949). This thesis presents the translation of twelve biographies from ‘Further Biographies of Nuns.’ Though the Buddhist monks of China have been a source for many biographies and studies by both Asian and Western scholars throughout history, Chinese Buddhist nuns have received little atte...

  4. Nuns, Brothers, and the Religion and Stress Questionnaire. (United States)

    Rayburn, Carole A.; And Others

    Women have been entering into religious leadership positions in larger numbers, although the field is still male-dominated. Stress and strain of both men and women in the field of religion has been experienced from the impact of such change. In this study, Roman Catholic nuns, who have not been seen by their own church as clerical workers or even…

  5. Case Study of a Gifted and Talented Catholic Dominican Nun (United States)

    Lavin, Angela


    The case of a gifted and talented Catholic Dominican nun is described and analysed in the context of Renzulli's Three-Ring Conception of Giftedness and Gagne's Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent. Using qualitative methods, semi-structured interviews of relevant individuals were conducted and analysed. Based on the conclusions of this…

  6. Aging and Alzheimer's Disease: Lessons from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Snowdon, David A.


    Describes a woman who maintained high cognitive test scores until her death at 101 years of age despite anatomical evidence of Alzheimer's disease. The woman was part of a larger "Nun Study" in which 678 sisters donated their brains to teach others about the etiology of aging and Alzheimer's disease. Findings are discussed. (RJM)

  7. Mammary masses in Nigerian nuns | Muobike | International Journal ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    36.2%). Their respective mean ages of 33.3 ± 22.6 years and 28.1 ± 12.6 years were statistically significant. The mode of presentation was generally that of a painless lump. Nuns in Igboland are generally young, and their breast diseases ...

  8. The Startling Phenomenon of the Western Tibetan Buddhist Nun ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The author concludes that despite the difficulty of adopting an ancient Asian religious tradition and transplanting its monastic institution to the West, these nuns have contributed significantly in transforming gender prejudice within the ranks of Tibetan Buddhism, and furthermore render a diversity of services in the lay and ...

  9. Binding of transcription termination protein nun to nascent RNA and template DNA. (United States)

    Watnick, R S; Gottesman, M E


    The amino-terminal arginine-rich motif of coliphage HK022 Nun binds phage lambda nascent transcript, whereas the carboxyl-terminal domain interacts with RNA polymerase (RNAP) and blocks transcription elongation. RNA binding is inhibited by zinc (Zn2+) and stimulated by Escherichia coli NusA. To study these interactions, the Nun carboxyl terminus was extended by a cysteine residue conjugated to a photochemical cross-linker. The carboxyl terminus contacted NusA and made Zn2+-dependent intramolecular contacts. When Nun was added to a paused transcription elongation complex, it cross-linked to the DNA template. Nun may arrest transcription by anchoring RNAP to DNA.

  10. Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in Exile: Creating A Sacred Space to be at ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This article looks at the activities of the Tibetan Nuns Project in North India and the experience of Tibetan Buddhist nuns at Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute for Higher Learning and Shugsep Nunnery in the district of Dharamsala. It is argued that although these women are now in exile from Tibet, their home, they were in ...

  11. Nearest unlike neighbor (NUN): an aid to decision confidence estimation (United States)

    Dasarathy, Belur V.


    The concept of nearest unlike neighbor (NUN), proposed and explored previously in the design of nearest neighbor (NN) based decision systems, is further exploited in this study to develop a measure of confidence in the decisions made by NN-based decision systems. This measure of confidence, on the basis of comparison with a user-defined threshold, may be used to determine the acceptability of the decision provided by the NN-based decision system. The concepts, associated methodology, and some illustrative numerical examples using the now classical Iris data to bring out the ease of implementation and effectiveness of the proposed innovations are presented.

  12. Healthy aging and dementia: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Snowdon, David A


    The Nun Study is a longitudinal study of 678 Catholic sisters 75 to 107 years of age who are members of the School Sisters of Notre Dame congregation. Data collected for this study include early and middle-life risk factors from the convent archives, annual cognitive and physical function evaluations during old age, and postmortem neuropathologic evaluations of the participants' brains. The case histories presented include a centenarian who was a model of healthy aging, a 92-year-old with dementia and clinically significant Alzheimer disease neuropathology and vascular lesions, a cognitively and physically intact centenarian with almost no neuropathology, and an 85-year-old with well-preserved cognitive and physical function despite a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer disease and an abundance of Alzheimer disease lesions. These case histories provide examples of how healthy aging and dementia relate to the degree of pathology present in the brain and the level of resistance to the clinical expression of the neuropathology.

  13. Tooth loss, dementia and neuropathology in the Nun study. (United States)

    Stein, Pamela Sparks; Desrosiers, Mark; Donegan, Sara Jean; Yepes, Juan F; Kryscio, Richard J


    Numerous studies have linked dementia to the subsequent deterioration of oral health. Few investigators, however, have examined oral disease as a potential risk factor in the development of dementia. The authors conducted a study to investigate a potential association between a history of oral disease and the development of dementia. Longitudinal dental records supplemented data collected from 10 annual cognitive assessments of 144 Milwaukee participants in the Nun Study, a longitudinal study of aging and Alzheimer disease, who were 75 to 98 years old. Neuropathologic findings at autopsy were available for 118 participants who died. A low number of teeth increased the risk of higher prevalence and incidence of dementia. Participants with the fewest teeth had the highest risk of prevalence and incidence of dementia. Edentulism or very few (one to nine) teeth may be predictors of dementia late in life.

  14. The adolescence of a thirteenth-century visionary nun. (United States)

    Kroll, J; De Ganck, R


    Among the most notable features of the religious revival in western Europe in the early thirteenth century was the development of mysticism among the nuns and religious women of the lowlands. As scholarly attention becomes increasingly focused on this group of remarkable women, the question arises whether a psychiatric viewpoint has something of value to offer to the understanding of such individuals and the culture in which they struggled. The methodological and intellectual problems inherent in examining the life of a thirteenth-century mystic with a twentieth-century empirical frame of reference are illustrated in this study of the adolescence of Beatrice of Nazareth. Beatrice's stormy asceticism, ecstatic states and mood swings lend themselves to potentially competing hypotheses regarding the spiritual and psychopathological significance of her adolescent development and eventual life-course. Common grounds for reconciling these alternative models are discussed.

  15. Autonomous orientation predicts longevity: New findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Weinstein, Netta; Legate, Nicole; Ryan, William S; Hemmy, Laura


    Work on longevity has found protective social, cognitive, and emotional factors, but to date we have little understanding of the impact of motivational dynamics. Autonomy orientation, or stable patterns of self-regulation, is theorized to be a protective factor for long-term mental and physical health (Ryan & Deci, 2017), and it is therefore a prime candidate for examining how stable psychosocial factors are linked to longevity, or life expectancy. Essays written in the 1930s by participants in the Nun Study were coded for indicators of an autonomy orientation. These were selected in line with an extensive theoretical literature based in self-determination theory (Deci & Ryan, 1985). Essays were coded for the propensity for choice in action, susceptibility to pressure, self-reflection, integration of experiences, and parental support for autonomy. These coded variables were used to predict age of death. Using 176 codable essays provided by now-deceased participants, linear regression analyses revealed that choiceful behavior, self-reflection, and parent autonomy support predicted age of death. Participants who demonstrated these stable and beneficial motivational characteristics lived longer. Personality constructs reflecting a healthy form of self-regulation are associated with long-term health. Implications for health interventions are discussed. © 2018 The Authors. Journal of Personality Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  16. The Dark Night of the Soul: causes and resolution of emotional distress among contemplative nuns. (United States)

    Durà-Vilà, Glòria; Dein, Simon; Littlewood, Roland; Leavey, Gerard


    An ethnographic study was conducted in the Spanish Monastery of Santa Mónica whose community consists of ten contemplative Augustinian nuns. Through participant observation and interviews the stresses encountered by the nuns and the coping strategies they deployed are explored in depth. It was found that symptoms that otherwise might have been described as evidence of a depressive episode were understood by the nuns within the framework of the so-called Dark Night of the Soul narrative: an active process of transforming emotional distress into a process of self-reflection, attribution of religious meaning and spiritual growth. We conclude by discussing the clinical implications of this religious narrative, highlighting the importance of incorporating existential issues into clinical practice.

  17. The Militant Nun as Political Activist and Feminist in Martial Law Philippines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mina Roces


    Full Text Available During the martial law era (1972-1986, the militant nuns were the most visible symbols of political activism: they dominated the Task Force Detainees, they were active in the underground press, and were present in the labour strikes and demonstrations. But, in becoming political activists, they discovered the potential of moral power as women religious figures. During the People Power revolution, for example, the nuns – armed only with rosaries, confronted the military (the supreme example of machismo politics and triumphed. In the process of attacking political oppression, these nuns also began to challenge cultural constructions of the feminine – becoming the first overt feminists to do so in Philippine history. This paper explores how martial law transformed these women into militant activists and feminists. Although driven by their struggle to protect the victims of martial law, they also succeeded in empowering themselves. This new ‘moral power’ has since been harnessed for women’s issues.

  18. Healthy ageing in the Nun Study: definition and neuropathologic correlates. (United States)

    Tyas, Suzanne L; Snowdon, David A; Desrosiers, Mark F; Riley, Kathryn P; Markesbery, William R


    Although the concept of healthy ageing has stimulated considerable interest, no generally accepted definition has been developed nor has its biological basis been determined. To develop a definition of healthy ageing and investigate its association with longevity and neuropathology. Analyses were based on cognitive, physical, and post-mortem assessments from 1991 to 1998 in the Nun Study, a longitudinal study of ageing in participants 75+ years at baseline. We defined three mutually exclusive levels of healthy ageing (excellent, very good, and good) based on measures of global cognitive function, short-term memory, basic and instrumental activities of daily living, and self-rated function. Mortality analyses were based on 636 participants; neuropathologic analyses were restricted to 221 who had died and were autopsied. Only 11% of those meeting criteria for the excellent level of healthy ageing at baseline subsequently died, compared with 24% for the very good, 39% for the good, and 60% for the remaining participants. Survival curves showed significantly greater longevity with higher levels of healthy ageing. The risk of not attaining healthy ageing, adjusted for age, increased two-fold in participants with brain infarcts alone, six-fold in those with Alzheimer neuropathology alone, and more than thirteen-fold in those with both brain infarcts and Alzheimer neuropathology. The biological validity of our definition of healthy ageing is supported by its strong association with mortality and longevity. Avoiding Alzheimer and stroke neuropathology is critical to the maintenance of healthy ageing, and the presence of both pathologies dramatically decreases the likelihood of healthy ageing.

  19. The Nun Study and Alzheimer's disease: Quality of vocation as a potential protective factor? (United States)

    Keohane, Kieran; Balfe, Myles


    Data from the Nun Study, the most famous longitudinal epidemiology of Alzheimer's disease to date, are analyzed and reformulated in terms of Max Weber's discussion of the centrality of beruf - "calling" - fulfilling a life task in pursuit of a vocation. Qualitative differences in the Nuns' vocations are uncovered, which are correlated to their resilience to dementia. Extrapolating, we argue that Alzheimer's disease and the dementia reputed to it should be understood as a social pathology of contemporary civilization related to the loss of moral foundations from which coherent, meaningful life-projects can be conducted.

  20. Biosynthesis of the antimicrobial cyclic lipopeptides nunamycin and nunapeptin by Pseudomonas fluorescens strain In5 is regulated by the LuxR-type transcriptional regulator NunF. (United States)

    Hennessy, Rosanna C; Phippen, Christopher B W; Nielsen, Kristian F; Olsson, Stefan; Stougaard, Peter


    Nunamycin and nunapeptin are two antimicrobial cyclic lipopeptides (CLPs) produced by Pseudomonas fluorescens In5 and synthesized by nonribosomal synthetases (NRPS) located on two gene clusters designated the nun-nup regulon. Organization of the regulon is similar to clusters found in other CLP-producing pseudomonads except for the border regions where putative LuxR-type regulators are located. This study focuses on understanding the regulatory role of the LuxR-type-encoding gene nunF in CLP production of P. fluorescens In5. Functional analysis of nunF coupled with liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS) showed that CLP biosynthesis is regulated by nunF. Quantitative real-time PCR analysis indicated that transcription of the NRPS genes catalyzing CLP production is strongly reduced when nunF is mutated indicating that nunF is part of the nun-nup regulon. Swarming and biofilm formation was reduced in a nunF knockout mutant suggesting that these CLPs may also play a role in these phenomena as observed in other pseudomonads. Fusion of the nunF promoter region to mCherry showed that nunF is strongly upregulated in response to carbon sources indicating the presence of a fungus suggesting that environmental elicitors may also influence nunF expression which upon activation regulates nunamycin and nunapeptin production required for the growth inhibition of phytopathogens. © 2017 The Authors. MicrobiologyOpen published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  1. Biosynthesis of the antimicrobial cyclic lipopeptides nunamycin and nunapeptin by Pseudomonas fluorescens strain In5 is regulated by the LuxR-type transcriptional regulator NunF

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hennessy, Rosanna Catherine; Phippen, Christopher; Nielsen, Kristian Fog


    -producing pseudomonads except for the border regions where putative LuxR-type regulators are located. This study focuses on understanding the regulatory role of the LuxR-type-encoding gene nunF in CLP production of P. fluorescens In5. Functional analysis of nunF coupled with liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass......Nunamycin and nunapeptin are two antimicrobial cyclic lipopeptides (CLPs) produced by Pseudomonas fluorescens In5 and synthesized by nonribosomal synthetases (NRPS) located on two gene clusters designated the nun-nup regulon. Organization of the regulon is similar to clusters found in other CLP...... spectrometry (LC-HRMS) showed that CLP biosynthesis is regulated by nunF. Quantitative real-time PCR analysis indicated that transcription of the NRPS genes catalyzing CLP production is strongly reduced when nunF is mutated indicating that nunF is part of the nun-nup regulon. Swarming and biofilm formation...

  2. Biosynthesis of the antimicrobial cyclic lipopeptides nunamycin and nunapeptin by Pseudomonas fluorescens strain In5 is regulated by the LuxR-type transcriptional regulator NunF

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hennessy, Rosanna Catherine; Phippen, Christopher; Nielsen, Kristian Fog


    -producing pseudomonads except for the border regions where putative LuxR-type regulators are located. This study focuses on understanding the regulatory role of the LuxR-type-encoding gene nunF in CLP production of P. fluorescens In5. Functional analysis of nunF coupled with liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass...... spectrometry (LC-HRMS) showed that CLP biosynthesis is regulated by nunF. Quantitative real-time PCR analysis indicated that transcription of the NRPS genes catalyzing CLP production is strongly reduced when nunF is mutated indicating that nunF is part of the nun-nup regulon. Swarming and biofilm formation...... that environmental elicitors may also influence nunF expression which upon activation regulates nunamycin and nunapeptin production required for the growth inhibition of phytopathogens....

  3. External validation of the NUn score for predicting anastomotic leakage after oesophageal resection. (United States)

    Paireder, Matthias; Jomrich, Gerd; Asari, Reza; Kristo, Ivan; Gleiss, Andreas; Preusser, Matthias; Schoppmann, Sebastian F


    Early detection of anastomotic leakage (AL) after oesophageal resection for malignancy is crucial. This retrospective study validates a risk score, predicting AL, which includes C-reactive protein, albumin and white cell count in patients undergoing oesophageal resection between 2003 and 2014. For validation of the NUn score a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve is estimated. Area under the ROC curve (AUC) is reported with 95% confidence interval (CI). Among 258 patients (79.5% male) 32 patients showed signs of anastomotic leakage (12.4%). NUn score in our data has a median of 9.3 (range 6.2-17.6). The odds ratio for AL was 1.31 (CI 1.03-1.67; p = 0.028). AUC for AL was 0.59 (CI 0.47-0.72). Using the original cutoff value of 10, the sensitivity was 45.2% an the specificity was 73.8%. This results in a positive predictive value of 19.4% and a negative predictive value of 90.6%. The proportion of variation in AL occurrence, which is explained by the NUn score, was 2.5% (PEV = 0.025). This study provides evidence for an external validation of a simple risk score for AL after oesophageal resection. In this cohort, the NUn score is not useful due to its poor discrimination.

  4. Doing the Best You Can: A Study of Values in a Group of Nun Educators (United States)

    Hogard, Elaine


    A group of experienced and well-qualified nun educators were interviewed regarding their experiences and values. A recurrent phrase occurring in the interviews was "Doing the best you can". This phrase served to both justify and anticipate statements. A questionnaire was constructed to encourage elaboration of the phrase and to detect…

  5. The effect of meditation on psychological distress among Buddhist Monks and Nuns. (United States)

    Verma, Gauri; Araya, Ricardo


    This study aimed to ascertain whether there is an association between meditation and psychological distress. Within a cohort of meditating Monks and Nuns who have accomplished varying levels of skill in the art of meditation, we studied whether there are varying degrees of psychological distress, and if so, whether this correlates to how advanced the meditators are. In this cross-sectional study, Monks and Nuns were recruited from monasteries, nunneries, and volunteer centres throughout Dharamshala, Northern India. A total of 331 Monks and Nuns participated. Psychological distress was measured using the GHQ-12, and the expertise on meditation was assessed through the number of years practising meditation and the maximum length of time held in concentration in one sitting. A dose response association was found with more years meditating associated with increasingly lower GHQ scores. There was 0.21 points drop in GHQ scores for every year meditating (p = 0.001). This study shows that Monks and Nuns who are more advanced in practicing meditation show fewer signs of psychological distress than Monks and Nuns who are less advanced in the art of meditation. The practice of meditation may have therapeutic value in the management of psychological distress, and could be offered as a non-pharmacological treatment alternative in patients with anxiety and depression. This is a preliminary study with limitations. More robust evidence is needed before we can confidently establish a causal link between meditation and psychological wellbeing. Our findings should, however, encourage further research in this area to generate better evidence for the health benefits of what is a long established practice in Buddhist communities.

  6. Prevalences of rheumatoid arthritis in Roman Catholic nuns and the general female population in Brittany, France: a pilot study. (United States)

    Ollivier, Y; Saraux, A; Le Goff, P


    To evaluate the influence of lifestyle factors on the prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) by comparing Roman Catholic nuns and the general female population. RA prevalence in the general population was evaluated using a standardized telephone survey in 1857 homes taken at random. Individuals who reported an inflammatory joint disease were contacted by a rheumatologist of our unit, missing data were collected from the general practitioner or rheumatologist with the patient's permission, and if necessary a physical examination was done by a rheumatologist. The 9 largest Roman Catholic nun communities in Brittany were screened using the same standardized questionnaire administered face-to-face; nuns who reported an inflammatory joint disease were interviewed and examined by rheumatologists. In both populations, RA was diagnosed when (1) the rheumatologist of our unit who interviewed the patient considered the RA classification criteria positive and (2) the rheumatologist who examined the patient gave a diagnosis of RA independently from RA classification criteria. Data were available for 1706 adult females in the general population and 721 nuns. Of the 20 nuns who reported RA or polyarthritis, 11 received a diagnosis of RA (prevalence 1.52%). The prevalences adjustedfor the French population after 40 years were 1.66% (95% confidence interval, 0.84-2.44) and 1.33 (0.27-2.40) among the nuns and the general female population, respectively. Although our nun population was too small for definite conclusions, we found no evidence of a difference in RA prevalence among nuns and the general female population in Brittany.

  7. Engaging nuns: Exiled english convents and the politics of exclusion, 1590-1829


    Watkinson, C.


    This thesis addresses the communities of English women religious founded after the Reformation on the other side of the Channel from a new perspective. In echoes of contemporary Protestant propaganda, debates about nuns remain too often framed by a discourse around themes such as passivity or the idea of forced vocations. The mere fact that women religious played a role in such propaganda suggests, however, that they also figured in debates about identity and political order. These were, more...

  8. Positive emotions in early life and longevity: findings from the nun study. (United States)

    Danner, D D; Snowdon, D A; Friesen, W V


    Handwritten autobiographies from 180 Catholic nuns, composed when participants were a mean age of 22 years, were scored for emotional content and related to survival during ages 75 to 95. A strong inverse association was found between positive emotional content in these writings and risk of mortality in late life (p < .001). As the quartile ranking of positive emotion in early life increased, there was a stepwise decrease in risk of mortality resulting in a 2.5-fold difference between the lowest and highest quartiles. Positive emotional content in early-life autobiographies was strongly associated with longevity 6 decades later. Underlying mechanisms of balanced emotional states are discussed.

  9. Oral and written language in late adulthood: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Mitzner, Tracy L; Kemper, Susan


    As a part of the Nun Study, a longitudinal investigation of aging and Alzheimer's disease, oral and written autobiographies from 118 older women were analyzed to examine the relationship between spoken and written language. The written language samples were more complex than the oral samples, both conceptually and grammatically. The relationship between the linguistic measures and participant characteristics was also examined. The results suggest that the grammatical and conceptual characteristics of oral and written language are affected by participant differences in education, cognitive status, and physical function and that written language samples have greater power than oral language samples to differentiate between high- and low-ability older adults.

  10. An encounter between psychology and religion: humanistic psychology and the Immaculate Heart of Mary nuns. (United States)

    Kugelmann, Robert


    In the 1960s, humanistic psychology changed the relationship between psychology and religion by actively asserting the value of individual experience and self-expression. This was particularly evident in the encounter group movement. Beginning in 1967, Carl Rogers conducted a series of encounter groups, in order to promote "self-directed change in an educational system," for the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a religious order in California running an educational system. William Coulson, one of Rogers's associates in the project, later charged that the encounter groups undermined the religious order and played a major contributing part in the breakup of the order in 1970. The article examines these charges, situating the incident within the context of the changes occurring in religious life and in psychology in the 1960s. The article concludes that an already existing conflict the nuns had with the conservative Cardinal McIntyre of Los Angeles led to the departure of some 300 nuns from the order, who began the Immaculate Heart Community, an organization existing today. Nevertheless, encounter groups proved to be a psychological technology that helped to infuse a modern psychological--specifically, a humanistic psychological--perspective into contemporary religious life. 2005 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  11. Weight change and physical function in older women: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Tully, C L; Snowdon, D A


    To investigate the association between change in weight and decline in physical function in older women. Longitudinal study of a defined population of Catholic sisters (nuns) whose weight and function were assessed twice, an average of 584 days apart. Unique life communities (convents) located throughout the United States. 475 Catholic sisters who were 75 to 99 years of age (M = 82.1, SD = 4.8) and were independent in at least one Activity of Daily Living (ADL) at the first assessment of weight and function. None. At each assessment, weight, ADLs, and cognitive function were evaluated as part of the Nun Study--a longitudinal study of aging and Alzheimer's disease. Annual percent weight change was calculated using weights from the two assessments, as well as the number of days that elapsed between assessments. Mean weight at first assessment was 140 pounds (range 78 to 232, SD = 27). The mean annual percent weight change was 0.1% (range 22% loss to 16% gain, SD = 3.8). Age- and initial weight-adjusted findings indicated that those participants with an annual percent weight loss of 3% or greater had 2.7 to 3.9 times the risk of becoming dependent in each ADL, compared to the sisters with no weight change. The elevated risk persisted in those who were mentally intact or were independent in their eating habits. Monitoring of weight may be an easy and inexpensive method of identifying older individuals at increased risk of disability.

  12. Soil erosion planning using sediment yield index method in the Nun Nadi watershed, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hasan Raja Naqvi


    Full Text Available The study identifies the extent of soil loss and proposes a method for prioritization of micro-watershed in the Nun Nadi watershed. The study used the Sediment Yield Index (SYI method, based on weighted overlays of soil, topography, rainfall erosivity and land use parameters in 24 micro watersheds. Accordingly the values and thematic layers were integrated as per the SYI model, and minimum and maximum sediment yield values were calculated. The priority ranks as per the sediment yield values were assigned to all micro-watersheds. Then the values were classified into four priority zones according to their composite scores. Almost 14 percent area of three micro-watersheds (SW5b, SW6a and SW7b showed very high priority; approximately 30.57 percent of the study area fell under the high priority zones. These areas require immediate attention. Conservation methods are suggested, and the locations of check dams are proposed after considering drainage, slope and soil loss. Keywords: Check dam, Prioritization, Nun Nadi watershed, Soil loss, SYI

  13. Using Fishers Knowledge in Community Based Fisheries Management in the River Nun Estuary, Niger Delta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ngodigha Sabina


    Full Text Available A study of fishers’ knowledge in community based fisheries management practices in the Nun River estuary were conducted to assess the contribution of fishers’ knowledge to fisheries resources conservation. The total number of fishers that operated in the area were 390, and 221 fishers were interviewed based on a minimum of 10 years fishing experience using the socio-ecological approach. The laws introduced are banned on the use of mesh size less than five cm and banned on chemical fishing. Fishers caught using chemicals to fish were arrested and handed over to the police for prosecution. The management method has enhanced conservation of fisheries’ resources, which is a major source of livelihood for the people. It is therefore pertinent to introduce community based laws to check over exploitation of fisheries’ resources in fishing communities in the Niger Delta.

  14. Serum zinc, senile plaques, and neurofibrillary tangles: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Tully, C L; Snowdon, D A; Markesbery, W R


    Zinc appears to have a role in binding amyloid precursor protein in vitro, but it is not known whether zinc plays a role in senile plaque formation in vivo in humans. Serum zinc concentrations were available from 12 sisters who died in the Nun Study, a longitudinal study of aging and Alzheimer's disease. Fasting serum zinc concentrations, determined approximately 1 year before death, showed moderate to strong negative correlations with senile plaque counts in seven brain regions. In all brain regions combined, the age-adjusted negative correlations with serum zinc were statistically significant for total senile plaques and diffuse plaques, and suggestive for neuritic plaques. Thus serum zinc in the normal range may be associated with low senile plaque counts in the elderly.

  15. Language decline across the life span: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Kemper, S; Greiner, L H; Marquis, J G; Prenovost, K; Mitzner, T L


    The present study examines language samples from the Nun Study. Measures of grammatical complexity and idea density were obtained from autobiographies written over a 60-year span. Participants who had met criteria for dementia were contrasted with those who did not. Grammatical complexity initially averaged 4.78 (on a 0-to-7-point scale) for participants who did not meet criteria for dementia and declined .04 units per year; grammatical complexity for participants who met criteria for dementia initially averaged 3.86 and declined .03 units per year. Idea density averaged 5.35 propositions per 10 words initially for participants who did not meet criteria for dementia and declined an average of .03 units per year, whereas idea density averaged 4.34 propositions per 10 words initially for participants who met criteria for dementia and declined .02 units per year. Adult experiences, in general, did not moderate these declines.

  16. Stratigraphy of the Perrine and Nun Sulci quadrangles (Jg-2 and Jg-5), Ganymede (United States)

    Mcgill, George E.; Squyres, Steven W.


    Dark and light terrain materials in the Perrine and Nun Sulci quadrangles are divided into nine map units, four dark, and five light. These are placed in time-stratigraphic sequence primarily by means of embayment and cross-cutting relationships. Dark terrain is generally more heavily cratered and thus older that light terrain but, at least in these quadrangles, crater densities are not reliable indicators of relative ages among the four dark material units. The four mapped material units within dark terrain are: cratered dark materials (dc), grooved dark materials (dg), transitional dark materials (di), and dark materials, undivided (d). The five mapped units within light terrain are: intermediate light materials (li), grooved light materials (lg), irregularly grooved light materials (lgl), smooth light materials (ls), and light materials, undivided.

  17. TL, OSL and C-14 dating results of the sediments and bricks from mummified nuns' grave

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tudela, Diego R.G.; Tatumi, Sonia H.; Yee, Marcio; Brito, Silvio L.M.


    This paper presents the results of TL and OSL dating of soil and fragments of bricks from a grave, which was occupied by two mummified nuns, found at 'Luz' Monastery, located in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The TL and OSL ages were compared to C-14 dating ones obtained from bone collagens of the mummies. The majority of the ages is related to the eighteenth century. The gamma-ray spectroscopy was used to evaluate natural radioisotope concentrations in the samples, and by using these concentrations the annual dose rates, from 3.0 to 5.3 Gy/kyr, were obtained. Neutron activation analysis was performed and the radioisotope contents results are in agreement with those obtained by gamma-ray spectroscopy. The contents of U, Th and Ce elements were higher than those found in usual sediments. (author)

  18. Predictors of loneliness among students and nuns in Angola and Portugal. (United States)

    Neto, Félix; Barros, José


    The authors conducted 2 studies to examine the relationship between loneliness and psychosocial variables among people from Angola and Portugal. In the 1st study, the participants were 129 college students from Angola and 122 from Portugal, and in the 2nd study participants were 105 nuns from Angola and 74 from Portugal. The following instruments were administered to all participants in both studies: the Revised UCLA Loneliness Scale (D. Russell, L. Peplau, & C. Cutrona, 1980), the Neuroticism Scale (J. Barros, 1999), the Optimism Scale (J. Barros, 1998), and the Satisfaction With Life Scale (E. Diener, R. Emmons, R. Larsen, & S. Griffin, 1985). Ethnic differences were found in loneliness. The Angolan participants recorded higher scores for loneliness than did the Portuguese participants. For both samples the most prominent predictors of loneliness were neuroticism and dissatisfaction with life.

  19. Attempted validation of the NUn score and inflammatory markers as predictors of esophageal anastomotic leak and major complications. (United States)

    Findlay, J M; Tilson, R C; Harikrishnan, A; Sgromo, B; Marshall, R E K; Maynard, N D; Gillies, R S; Middleton, M R


    The ability to predict complications following esophagectomy/extended total gastrectomy would be of great clinical value. A recent study demonstrated significant correlations between anastomotic leak (AL) and numerical values of C-reactive protein (CRP), white cell count (WCC) and albumin measured on postoperative day (POD) 4. A predictive model comprising all three (NUn score >10) was found to be highly sensitive and discriminant in predicting AL and complications. We attempted a retrospective validation in our center. Data were collected on all resections performed during a 5-year period (April 2008-2013) using prospectively maintained databases. Our biochemistry laboratory uses a maximum CRP value (156 mg/L), unlike that of the original study; otherwise all variables and outcome measures were comparable. Analysis was performed for all patients with complete blood results on POD4. Three hundred twenty-six patients underwent resection, of which 248 had POD4 bloods. There were 21 AL overall (6.44%); 16 among those with complete POD4 blood results (6.45%). There were 8 (2.45%) in-hospital deaths; 7 (2.82%) in those with POD4 results. No parameters were associated with AL or complication severity on univariate analysis. WCC was associated with AL in multivariate binary logistic regression with albumin and CRP (OR 1.23 [95% CI 1.03-1.47]; P = 0.021). When a binary variable of CRP ≥ 156 mg/L was used rather than an absolute value, no factors were significant. Mean NUn was 8.30 for AL, compared with 8.40 for non-AL (P = 0.710 independent t-test). NUn > 10 predicted 0 of 16 leaks (sensitivity 0.00%, specificity 94.4%, receiver operator curve [ROC] area under the curve [AUC] 0.485; P = 0.843). NUn > 7.65 was 93% sensitive and 21.6% specific. ROC for WCC alone was comparable with NUn (AUC 0.641 [0.504-0.779]; P = 0.059; WCC > 6.89 93.8% sensitive, 20.7% specific; WCC > 15 6.3% sensitive and 97% specific). There were no associations between any parameters and other

  20. Walls of massive K\\"ahler sigma models on SO(2N)/U(N) and Sp(N)/U(N)


    Arai, Masato; Shin, Sunyoung


    We study the Bogomol'nyi-Prasad-Sommerfield wall solutions in massive K\\"ahler nonlinear sigma models on SO(2N)/U(N) and Sp(N)/U(N) in three-dimensional spacetime. We show that SO(2N)/U(N) and Sp(N)/U(N) models have 2^{N-1} and 2^N discrete vacua, respectively. We explicitly construct the exact BPS multiwall solutions for N\\le 3.

  1. “For the Salvation of This Girl’s Soul”: Nuns as Converters of Jews in Early Modern Italy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tamar Herzig


    Full Text Available This article argues that converting Jewish girls and women constituted an important expression of Italian nuns’ religiosity throughout the age of Catholic Reform. Unlike their male counterparts, however, converting nuns rarely left behind accounts of their conversionary efforts. Moreover, since these endeavors were directed exclusively at female Jews they are often obscured in the historical record and in modern historiography. The article tackles the difficulties of recovering the voices of converting nuns and presents examples that suggest how they could be circumvented. Exploring the potential of drawing on previously understudied texts, such as nuns’ supplications, the article calls for the integration of this specific manifestation of female devotion into the scholarship and teaching on women’s religious life in the early modern era.

  2. Veganism, bone mineral density, and body composition: a study in Buddhist nuns. (United States)

    Ho-Pham, L T; Nguyen, P L T; Le, T T T; Doan, T A T; Tran, N T; Le, T A; Nguyen, T V


    This cross-sectional study showed that, although vegans had lower dietary calcium and protein intakes than omnivores, veganism did not have adverse effect on bone mineral density and did not alter body composition. Whether a lifelong vegetarian diet has any negative effect on bone health is a contentious issue. We undertook this study to examine the association between lifelong vegetarian diet and bone mineral density and body composition in a group of postmenopausal women. One hundred and five Mahayana Buddhist nuns and 105 omnivorous women (average age = 62, range = 50-85) were randomly sampled from monasteries in Ho Chi Minh City and invited to participate in the study. By religious rule, the nuns do not eat meat or seafood (i.e., vegans). Bone mineral density (BMD) at the lumbar spine (LS), femoral neck (FN), and whole body (WB) was measured by DXA (Hologic QDR 4500). Lean mass, fat mass, and percent fat mass were also obtained from the DXA whole body scan. Dietary calcium and protein intakes were estimated from a validated food frequency questionnaire. There was no significant difference between vegans and omnivores in LSBMD (0.74 +/- 0.14 vs. 0.77 +/- 0.14 g/cm(2); mean +/- SD; P = 0.18), FNBMD (0.62 +/- 0.11 vs. 0.63 +/- 0.11 g/cm(2); P = 0.35), WBBMD (0.88 +/- 0.11 vs. 0.90 +/- 0.12 g/cm(2); P = 0.31), lean mass (32 +/- 5 vs. 33 +/- 4 kg; P = 0.47), and fat mass (19 +/- 5 vs. 19 +/- 5 kg; P = 0.77) either before or after adjusting for age. The prevalence of osteoporosis (T scores < or = -2.5) at the femoral neck in vegans and omnivores was 17.1% and 14.3% (P = 0.57), respectively. The median intake of dietary calcium was lower in vegans compared to omnivores (330 +/- 205 vs. 682 +/- 417 mg/day, P < 0.001); however, there was no significant correlation between dietary calcium and BMD. Further analysis suggested that whole body BMD, but not lumbar spine or femoral neck BMD, was positively correlated with the ratio of animal protein to vegetable protein. These



    GENÇ, Hanife Nalan


    Bu çalışmada Fransız Yazınının Aydınlanma Dönemi yazarlarından olan Jean-Jacques Rousseau’nun ağırlıkla eğitim konusuna adanmış olan Emile (Bir Çocuk Büyüyor) isimli yapıtında kadına bakış açısını irdelemeye çalıştık. İsmi kahramanının ismiyle özdeş olan roman, yazarın kuram ve görüşlerini bilimsel ilkeler ışığında geliştirdiği Emile’in eğitimini konu edinir. Yazıldığı dönemde derin yankılar uyandıran kitap, eğitbilim alanında uygulamaya dönük kuramlar geliştirilmiş ilk yapıt olmasıyla önemli...

  4. Hippocampal volume as an index of Alzheimer neuropathology: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Gosche, K M; Mortimer, J A; Smith, C D; Markesbery, W R; Snowdon, D A


    To determine whether hippocampal volume is a sensitive and specific indicator of Alzheimer neuropathology, regardless of the presence or absence of cognitive and memory impairment. Postmortem MRI scans were obtained for the first 56 participants of the Nun Study who were scanned. The area under receiver operating characteristic curves, sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive values were used to assess the diagnostic accuracy of hippocampal volume in predicting fulfillment of Alzheimer neuropathologic criteria and differences in Braak staging. Hippocampal volume predicted fulfillment of neuropathologic criteria for AD for all 56 participants (p < 0.001): 24 sisters who were demented (p = 0.036); 32 sisters who remained nondemented (p < 0.001), 8 sisters who remained nondemented but had memory impairment (p < 0.001), and 24 sisters who were intact with regard to memory and cognition at the final examination prior to death (p = 0.003). In individuals who remained nondemented, hippocampal volume was a better indicator of AD neuropathology than a delayed memory measure. Among nondemented sisters, Braak stages III and VI were distinguishable from Braak stages II or lower (p = 0.001). Among cognitively intact individuals, those in Braak stage II could be distinguished from those in stage I or less (p = 0.025). Volumetric measures of the hippocampus may be useful in identifying nondemented individuals who satisfy neuropathologic criteria for AD as well as pathologic stages of AD that may be present decades before initial clinical expression.

  5. Transitions to mild cognitive impairments, dementia, and death: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Tyas, Suzanne L; Salazar, Juan Carlos; Snowdon, David A; Desrosiers, Mark F; Riley, Kathryn P; Mendiondo, Marta S; Kryscio, Richard J


    The potential of early interventions for dementia has increased interest in cognitive impairments less severe than dementia. However, predictors of the trajectory from intact cognition to dementia have not yet been clearly identified. The purpose of this study was to determine whether known risk factors for dementia increased the risk of mild cognitive impairments or progression from mild cognitive impairments to dementia. A polytomous logistic regression model was used, with parameters governing transitions within transient states (intact cognition, mild cognitive impairments, global impairment) estimated separately from parameters governing the transition from transient to absorbing state (dementia or death). Analyses were based on seven annual examinations (1991-2002) of 470 Nun Study participants aged > or = 75 years at baseline and living in the United States. Odds of developing dementia increased with age primarily for those with low educational levels. In these women, presence of an apolipoprotein E gene *E4 allele increased the odds more than fourfold by age 95 years. Age, education, and the apolipoprotein E gene were all significantly associated with mild cognitive impairments. Only age, however, was associated with progression to dementia. Thus, risk factors for dementia may operate primarily by predisposing individuals to develop mild cognitive impairments; subsequent progression to dementia then depends on only time and competing mortality.

  6. Early life linguistic ability, late life cognitive function, and neuropathology: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Riley, Kathryn P; Snowdon, David A; Desrosiers, Mark F; Markesbery, William R


    The relationships between early life variables, cognitive function, and neuropathology were examined in participants in the Nun Study who were between the ages of 75 and 95. Our early life variable was idea density, which is a measure of linguistic ability, derived from autobiographies written at a mean age of 22 years. Six discrete categories of cognitive function, including mild cognitive impairments, were evaluated, using the Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer's Disease (CERAD) battery of cognitive tests. Neuropathologic data included Braak staging, neurofibrillary tangle and senile plaque counts, brain weight, degree of cerebral atrophy, severity of atherosclerosis, and the presence of brain infarcts. Early-life idea density was significantly related to the categories of late-life cognitive function, including mild cognitive impairments: low idea density was associated with greater impairment. Low idea density also was significantly associated with lower brain weight, higher degree of cerebral atrophy, more severe neurofibrillary pathology, and the likelihood of meeting neuropathologic criteria for Alzheimer's disease.

  7. Antioxidants and reduced functional capacity in the elderly: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Snowdon, D A; Gross, M D; Butler, S M


    This study investigated the relationship of plasma antioxidants to reduced functional capacity in the elderly. A hallmark of reduced functional capacity in the elderly is dependence in self-care (i.e., requiring assistance with bathing, walking, dressing, standing, toileting, and feeding). This relationship was assessed in a cross-sectional study of 88 Catholic sisters (nuns). These 77- to 98-year-old women lived in the same building, ate food prepared in the same kitchen, and had all nursing services provided by the same staff. In 1993, ability to perform self-care was assessed, and blood was drawn to determine plasma carotenoids (lycopene, beta carotene, alpha carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein combined, and beta cryptoxanthin) and alpha tocopherol. Dependence in self-care had a strong negative association with lycopene, but was not clearly related to other carotenoids or alpha tocopherol. Results from age-adjusted least squares regression indicated that a 30 micrograms/dl decrease in lycopene was associated with 2.4 additional dependencies in self-care (95% confidence interval = 1.5, 3.3; p study to report an association between lycopene and functional status. This finding needs to be replicated in other human and animal studies before the association is accepted as real.

  8. Delayed recall, hippocampal volume and Alzheimer neuropathology: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Mortimer, J A; Gosche, K M; Riley, K P; Markesbery, W R; Snowdon, D A


    To examine the associations of hippocampal volume and the severity of neurofibrillary lesions determined at autopsy with delayed verbal recall performance evaluated an average of 1 year prior to death. Hippocampal volumes were computed using postmortem brain MRI from the first 56 scanned participants of the Nun Study. Quantitative neuropathologic studies included lesion counts, Braak staging, and determination of whether neuropathologic criteria for Alzheimer disease (AD) were met. Multiple regression was used to assess the association of hippocampal volume and neuropathologic lesions with the number of words (out of 10) recalled on the Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer's Disease Delayed Word Recall Test administered an average of 1 year prior to death. When entered separately, hippocampal volume, Braak stage, and the mean neurofibrillary tangle counts in the CA-1 region of the hippocampus and the subiculum were strongly associated with the number of words recalled after a delay, adjusting for age and education. When hippocampal volume was entered together with each neuropathologic index, only hippocampal volume retained a significant association with the delayed recall measure. The association between hippocampal volume and the number of words recalled was present in both demented and nondemented individuals as well as in those with and without substantial AD neurofibrillary pathology. The association of neurofibrillary tangles with delayed verbal recall may reflect associated hippocampal atrophy.

  9. Alzheimer's neurofibrillary pathology and the spectrum of cognitive function: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Riley, Kathryn P; Snowdon, David A; Markesbery, William R


    The development of interventions designed to delay the onset of dementia highlights the need to determine the neuropathologic characteristics of individuals whose cognitive function ranges from intact to demented, including those with mild cognitive impairments. We used the Braak method of staging Alzheimer's disease pathology in 130 women ages 76-102 years who were participants in the Nun Study, a longitudinal study of aging and Alzheimer's disease. All participants had complete autopsy data and were free from neuropathologic conditions other than Alzheimer's disease lesions that could affect cognitive function. Findings showed a strong relationship between Braak stage and cognitive state. The presence of memory impairment was associated with more severe Alzheimer's disease pathology and higher incidence of conversion to dementia in the groups classified as having mild or global cognitive impairments. In addition to Braak stage, atrophy of the neocortex was significantly related to the presence of dementia. Our data indicate that Alzheimer's neurofibrillary pathology is one of the neuropathologic substrates of mild cognitive impairments. Additional studies are needed to help explain the variability in neuropathologic findings seen in individuals whose cognitive performance falls between intact function and dementia.

  10. Acute phase response and plasma carotenoid concentrations in older women: findings from the nun study. (United States)

    Boosalis, M G; Snowdon, D A; Tully, C L; Gross, M D


    This cross-sectional study investigated whether the acute phase response was associated with suppressed circulating levels of antioxidants in a population of 85 Catholic sisters (nuns) ages 77-99 y. Fasting blood was drawn to determine the presence of an acute phase response, as defined by an elevation in the serum concentration of C-reactive protein. Serum concentrations of albumin, thyroxine-binding prealbumin, zinc, copper, and fibrinogen were determined as were plasma concentrations of carotenoids and alpha tocopherol. Results showed that the presence of an acute phase response was associated with (1) an expected significant decrease in the serum concentrations of albumin (p < 0.001) and thyroxine-binding prealbumin (p < 0.001); (2) an expected significant increase in copper (p < 0.001) and fibrinogen (p = 0.003); and (3) a significant decrease in the plasma concentrations of lycopene (p = 0.03), alpha carotene (p = 0.02), beta carotene (p = 0.02), and total carotenoids (p = 0.01). The acute phase response was associated with decreased plasma levels of the antioxidants lycopene, alpha carotene, and beta carotene. This decrease in circulating antioxidants may further compromise antioxidant status and increase oxidative stress and damage in elders.

  11. Neuropathologic comorbidity and cognitive impairment in the Nun and Honolulu-Asia Aging Studies. (United States)

    White, Lon R; Edland, Steven D; Hemmy, Laura S; Montine, Kathleen S; Zarow, Chris; Sonnen, Joshua A; Uyehara-Lock, Jane H; Gelber, Rebecca P; Ross, G Webster; Petrovitch, Helen; Masaki, Kamal H; Lim, Kelvin O; Launer, Lenore J; Montine, Thomas J


    To examine frequencies and relationships of 5 common neuropathologic abnormalities identified at autopsy with late-life cognitive impairment and dementia in 2 different autopsy panels. The Nun Study (NS) and the Honolulu-Asia Aging Study (HAAS) are population-based investigations of brain aging that included repeated cognitive assessments and comprehensive brain autopsies. The neuropathologic abnormalities assessed were Alzheimer disease (AD) neuropathologic changes, neocortical Lewy bodies (LBs), hippocampal sclerosis, microinfarcts, and low brain weight. Associations with screening tests for cognitive impairment were examined. Neuropathologic abnormalities occurred at levels ranging from 9.7% to 43%, and were independently associated with cognitive impairment in both studies. Neocortical LBs and AD changes were more frequent among the predominantly Caucasian NS women, while microinfarcts were more common in the Japanese American HAAS men. Comorbidity was usual and very strongly associated with cognitive impairment. Apparent cognitive resilience (no cognitive impairment despite Braak stage V) was strongly associated with minimal or no comorbid abnormalities, with fewer neocortical AD lesions, and weakly with longer interval between final testing and autopsy. Total burden of comorbid neuropathologic abnormalities, rather than any single lesion type, was the most relevant determinant of cognitive impairment in both cohorts, often despite clinical diagnosis of only AD. These findings emphasize challenges to dementia pathogenesis and intervention research and to accurate diagnoses during life. © 2016 American Academy of Neurology.

  12. Progression of regional neuropathology in Alzheimer disease and normal elderly: findings from the Nun study. (United States)

    Wolf, D S; Gearing, M; Snowdon, D A; Mori, H; Markesbery, W R; Mirra, S S


    Although diffuse plaques in the neocortex may represent an early stage in the evolution of neuritic plaques, plaques in the striatum and cerebellum retain their predominantly diffuse nature in Alzheimer disease (AD), regardless of disease duration. We had the opportunity to explore the progression of these regional features by using autopsy brain specimens from 15 cognitively normal and five AD subjects, all Catholic sisters enrolled in the Nun Study, a longitudinal study on aging and AD. Neuropathologic changes were assessed in the temporal cortex, striatum, and cerebellum without knowledge of clinical status. We found diffuse plaques in the striatum in six (40%) and cerebellar plaques in none of the brains from the non-demented subjects. Striatal plaques were present in all five and cerebellar plaques in four of the five AD cases. In the 20 cases overall, the presence of striatal plaques generally paralleled the occurrence of neuritic plaques in neocortex and correlated with lower scores on several neuropsychologic tests assessing memory. Our findings suggest that striatal diffuse plaques occur relatively early in the progression of AD pathology and coincide with neocortical pathology and cognitive changes. Thus, it is unlikely that temporal factors alone account for regional differences in progression of AD neuropathology.

  13. Blood folate is associated with asymptomatic or partially symptomatic Alzheimer's disease in the Nun study. (United States)

    Wang, Huifen; Odegaard, Andrew; Thyagarajan, Bharat; Hayes, Jennifer; Cruz, Karen Santa; Derosiers, Mark F; Tyas, Suzanne L; Gross, Myron D


    Asymptomatic and partially symptomatic Alzheimer's disease (APSYMAD) are a series of cognitive states wherein subjects have substantial Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology (classification B or C by the Consortium to Establish a Registry for AD criteria), but have normal or only partially impaired cognitive function; all of these subjects are non-demented. These cognitive states may arise from the prevention or delay of clinical symptom expression by exposure to certain nutritional factors. This study examined blood levels of folate and antioxidants (i.e., carotenoids) in relation to APSYMAD, nested in the Nun study, a longitudinal study of aging and AD. Sixty elderly female subjects, who had AD on the basis of neuropathology exams, were included. Following adjustment for APOE4 status, education level, and age at blood draw, subjects with the highest blood folate levels had a higher likelihood of being in the APSYMAD group as compared to the demented (AD) group (odds ratio = 1.09, 95% CI = 1.00-1.18. p < 0.06). This association was not significantly influenced by additional adjustment for blood concentrations of carotenoids. Restriction of the population to subjects with near normal cognition on the cognitive state score (score = 1-3) indicated an elevated association with blood folate (odds ratio = 1.12, 95% CI = 1.01-1.25, p < 0.04). Blood carotenoids were not associated with APSYMAD. Thus, folate status may influence the expression of clinical symptoms of AD disease and aid in the delay or prevention of dementia.

  14. The Nun Study: risk factors for pathology and clinical-pathologic correlations. (United States)

    Mortimer, James A


    The Nun Study was the first cohort study to enroll and follow a large, well-defined population that included demented and non-demented participants, all of whom agreed to donate their brains for research. The inclusion of systematic neuropathologic analysis in this study has resulted in a greater understanding of the role of Alzheimer and vascular pathology in the expression of memory deficits and dementia and has provided data showing that biomarkers for the pathology may be evident many decades earlier in adult life. Findings related to neuropathology in this study have included the following: (1) Although clinical outcomes were strongly correlated with Alzheimer neuropathology, about one-third of the participants fulfilling criteria for neuropathologic Alzheimer's disease (AD) were not demented at the time of death. (2) Brain infarcts by themselves had little effect on cognitive status, but played an important role in increasing the risk of dementia associated with Alzheimer pathology. (3) Hippocampal volume was strongly correlated with Braak neurofibrillary stage even in participants with normal cognitive function. (4) A linguistic characteristic of essays written in early adult life, idea density, had a strong association with not only clinical outcomes in late life, but the severity of Alzheimer neuropathology as well. (5) The effect of apolipoprotein E-e4 on dementia was mediated through Alzheimer, but not vascular pathology.

  15. The Nun study: clinically silent AD, neuronal hypertrophy, and linguistic skills in early life. (United States)

    Iacono, D; Markesbery, W R; Gross, M; Pletnikova, O; Rudow, G; Zandi, P; Troncoso, J C


    It is common to find substantial Alzheimer disease (AD) lesions, i.e., neuritic beta-amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, in the autopsied brains of elderly subjects with normal cognition assessed shortly before death. We have termed this status asymptomatic AD (ASYMAD). We assessed the morphologic substrate of ASYMAD compared to mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in subjects from the Nun Study. In addition, possible correlations between linguistic abilities in early life and the presence of AD pathology with and without clinical manifestations in late life were considered. Design-based stereology was used to measure the volumes of neuronal cell bodies, nuclei, and nucleoli in the CA1 region of hippocampus (CA1). Four groups of subjects were compared: ASYMAD (n = 10), MCI (n = 5), AD (n = 10), and age-matched controls (n = 13). Linguistic ability assessed in early life was compared among all groups. A significant hypertrophy of the cell bodies (+44.9%), nuclei (+59.7%), and nucleoli (+80.2%) in the CA1 neurons was found in ASYMAD compared with MCI. Similar differences were observed with controls. Furthermore, significant higher idea density scores in early life were observed in controls and ASYMAD group compared to MCI and AD groups. 1) Neuronal hypertrophy may constitute an early cellular response to Alzheimer disease (AD) pathology or reflect compensatory mechanisms that prevent cognitive impairment despite substantial AD lesions; 2) higher idea density scores in early life are associated with intact cognition in late life despite the presence of AD lesions.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kundharu Saddhono


    Full Text Available This study aimed to describe the content of the novel Nun: In A Mirror by Afifah Afra in terms of literature sociology. This novel also has a character education materials and relevance to the senior high school teaching material in class 12, 2013. This novel curriculum Nun Tells about the characters and the problems of his life as an actress Ketoprak and economic problems. This study is a qualitative research approach through content analysis of literature study sociology. The results of this study is that the novel Nun: In a Mirror phenomenon shows that close to the community. This novel also provide elements of art and local culture are able to enrich the cultural knowledge of the people, especially for students. Therefore, the content of the novel has the potential to be used as teaching material in high school class 12, according to KD 3.1 and 4.1.

  17. Brain infarction and the clinical expression of Alzheimer disease. The Nun Study. (United States)

    Snowdon, D A; Greiner, L H; Mortimer, J A; Riley, K P; Greiner, P A; Markesbery, W R


    To determine the relationship of brain infarction to the clinical expression of Alzheimer disease (AD). Cognitive function and the prevalence of dementia were determined for participants in the Nun Study who later died. At autopsy, lacunar and larger brain infarcts were identified, and senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in the neocortex were quantitated. Participants with abundant senile plaques and some neurofibrillary tangles in the neocortex were classified as having met the neuropathologic criteria for AD. Convents in the Midwestern, Eastern, and Southern United States. A total of 102 college-educated women aged 76 to 100 years. Cognitive function assessed by standard tests and dementia and AD assessed by clinical and neuropathologic criteria. Among 61 participants who met the neuropathologic criteria for AD, those with brain infarcts had poorer cognitive function and a higher prevalence of dementia than those without infarcts. Participants with lacunar infarcts in the basal ganglia, thalamus, or deep white matter had an especially high prevalence of dementia, compared with those without infarcts (the odds ratio [OR] for dementia was 20.7, 95% confidence interval [95% CI], 1.5-288.0). Fewer neuropathologic lesions of AD appeared to result in dementia in those with lacunar infarcts in the basal ganglia, thalamus, or deep white matter than in those without infarcts. In contrast, among 41 participants who did not meet the neuropathologic criteria for AD, brain infarcts were only weakly associated with poor cognitive function and dementia. Among all 102 participants, atherosclerosis of the circle of Willis was strongly associated with lacunar and large brain infarcts. These findings suggest that cerebrovascular disease may play an important role in determining the presence and severity of the clinical symptoms of AD.

  18. Cognitive function and apolipoprotein E in very old adults: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Riley, K P; Snowdon, D A; Saunders, A M; Roses, A D; Mortimer, J A; Nanayakkara, N


    The epsilon4 allele of apolipoprotein E (APOE) has been associated with Alzheimer' s disease and with milder forms of cognitive impairment. We investigated the possibility that the absence of the epsilon4 allele may predict the maintenance of high cognitive function among very old individuals. Our data are from the Nun Study, a longitudinal study of aging and Alzheimer's disease in 678 Catholic sisters. All sisters participate in annual functional exams that include the Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer's Disease (CERAD) battery of cognitive tests. High cognitive function was defined as intact scores on five of the CERAD tests. A total of 241 participants aged 75 to 98 met this criterion at the first exam. Findings showed that 62% of the 241 participants maintained intact scores on the five CERAD tests throughout their participation in the study. Life table analyses indicated that those without the APOE epsilon4 allele spent more time with intact cognitive function than those with the epsilon4 allele (p = .007). Cox regression analyses indicated that those without the epsilon4 allele had half the risk of losing their intact status during the study when compared with those with the epsilon4 allele (p < .01). Our findings suggest that the APOE epsilon4 allele may be included among the variables that predict high cognitive function in cognitively intact, very old adults. Although the presence or absence of the epsilon4 allele is known to be related to the risk of dementia, it also appears to be related to maintaining high levels of cognitive function in old age.

  19. The use of convent archival records in medical research: the School Sisters of Notre Dame archives and the nun study. (United States)

    Patzwald, Gari-Anne; Wildt, Sister Carol Marie


    The School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) archives program in a cooperative system for the arrangement and preservation of the records of the SSND provinces in North America, including records of individual sisters. Archival records include autobiographies, school and college transcripts, employment histories, and family socioeconomic data. The Nun Study, a longitudinal study of Alzheimer's disease and aging in 678 SSND sisters, compares data extracted from these records with data on late-life cognitive and physical function and postmortem brain neuropathology to explore early life factor that may affect late-life cognitive function and longevity.

  20. Comment on “Methane on Mars: A product of H2O photolysis in the presence of CO” by A. Bar-Nun and V. Dimitrov (United States)

    Krasnopolsky, Vladimir A.


    Bar-Nun and Dimitrov [Bar-Nun, A., Dimitrov, V., 2006. Icarus 181, 320-322] suggested a sequence of reactions to form methane on Mars. These reactions are based on the study of products in the N 2-CO-H 2O mixture irradiated at 185 nm. The suggested scheme was not quantitatively justified by chemical kinetics. One of the key reactions is effectively blocked by O 2 in the martian atmosphere, and another key reaction does not exist. There are no pathways for effective formation of methane in the martian atmosphere.

  1. Resistance to Alzheimer Disease Neuropathologic Changes and Apparent Cognitive Resilience in the Nun and Honolulu-Asia Aging Studies. (United States)

    Latimer, Caitlin S; Keene, C Dirk; Flanagan, Margaret E; Hemmy, Laura S; Lim, Kelvin O; White, Lon R; Montine, Kathleen S; Montine, Thomas J


    Two population-based studies key to advancing knowledge of brain aging are the Honolulu-Asia Aging Study (HAAS) and the Nun Study. Harmonization of their neuropathologic data allows cross comparison, with findings common to both studies likely generalizable, while distinct observations may point to aging brain changes that are dependent on sex, ethnicity, environment, or lifestyle factors. Here, we expanded the neuropathologic evaluation of these 2 studies using revised NIA-Alzheimer's Association guidelines and compared directly the neuropathologic features of resistance and apparent cognitive resilience. There were significant differences in prevalence of Alzheimer disease neuropathologic change, small vessel vascular brain injury, and Lewy body disease between these 2 studies, suggesting that sex, ethnicity, and lifestyle factors may significantly influence resistance to developing brain injury with age. In contrast, hippocampal sclerosis prevalence was very similar, but skewed to poorer cognitive performance, suggesting that hippocampal sclerosis could act sequentially with other diseases to impair cognitive function. Strikingly, despite these observed differences, the proportion of individuals resistant to all 4 diseases of brain or displaying apparent cognitive resilience was virtually identical between HAAS and Nun Study participants. Future in vivo validation of these results awaits comprehensive biomarkers of these 4 brain diseases. © 2017 American Association of Neuropathologists, Inc. All rights reserved.

  2. Linguistic ability in early life and the neuropathology of Alzheimer's disease and cerebrovascular disease. Findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Snowdon, D A; Greiner, L H; Markesbery, W R


    Findings from the Nun Study indicate that low linguistic ability in early life has a strong association with dementia and premature death in late life. In the present study, we investigated the relationship of linguistic ability in early life to the neuropathology of Alzheimer's disease and cerebrovascular disease. The analyses were done on a subset of 74 participants in the Nun Study for whom we had handwritten autobiographies completed some time between the ages of 19 and 37 (mean = 23 years). An average of 62 years after writing the autobiographies, when the participants were 78 to 97 years old, they died and their brains were removed for our neuropathologic studies. Linguistic ability in early life was measured by the idea (proposition) density of the autobiographies, i.e., a standard measure of the content of ideas in text samples. Idea density scores from early life had strong inverse correlations with the severity of Alzheimer's disease pathology in the neocortex: Correlations between idea density scores and neurofibrillary tangle counts were -0.59 for the frontal lobe, -0.48 for the temporal lobe, and -0.49 for the parietal lobe (all p values < 0.0001). Idea density scores were unrelated to the severity of atherosclerosis of the major arteries at the base of the brain and to the presence of lacunar and large brain infarcts. Low linguistic ability in early life may reflect suboptimal neurological and cognitive development, which might increase susceptibility to the development of Alzheimer's disease pathology in late life.

  3. Les religieuses au cinéma : quelques pistes de réflexion Nuns at cinema

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura Pettinaroli


    Full Text Available Si les films consacrés aux religieuses sont souvent l’occasion de polémiques, l’approche scientifique -notamment historienne- de ces œuvres reste rare. Cet article se propose donc de définir un corpus de films consacrés aux religieuses. Pour illustrer l’intérêt de ce corpus (une cinquantaine de films réalisés dans la seconde moitié du XXe siècle à travers le monde, nous proposons d’ouvrir une réflexion autour de deux questions : la dimension historique et la figuration du cloître.The films dedicated to the Catholic nuns usually provoke a lot of debates and few historical studies. This article aims above all to define a corpus of films dedicated to Catholic nuns. This corpus is about 50 films, produced during the second half of the XXth century all across the world. Beyond this global approach, we focus on two questions: the historical dimension and the representation of the cloister.

  4. TL, OSL and C-14 dating results of the sediments and bricks from mummified nuns' grave

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diego R.G. Tudela


    Full Text Available This paper presents the results of TL and OSL dating of soil and fragments of bricks from a grave, which was occupied by two mummified nuns, found at "Luz" Monastery, located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The TL and OSL ages were compared to C-14 dating ones obtained from bone collagens of the mummies. The majority of the ages is related to the eighteenth century. The gamma-ray spectroscopy was used to evaluate natural radioisotope concentrations in the samples, and by using these concentrations the annual dose rates, from 3.0 to 5.3 Gy/kyr, were obtained. Neutron activation analysis was performed and the radioisotope contents results are in agreement with those obtained by gamma-ray spectroscopy. The contents of U, Th and Ce elements were higher than those found in usual sediments.Este artigo apresenta os resultados de datação por TL e OSL de solos, e fragmentos de tijolos de um túmulo, que foi ocupado por duas freiras mumificadas encontradas no Mosteiro da "Luz", localizado no Estado de São Paulo, Brasil. As idades encontradas por TL e OSL foram comparadas às obtidas a partir de C-14 dos colágenos contidos em amostras de osso das múmias. A maioria das idades obtidas são do século XVIII. A espectroscopia de radiação-gama foi utilizada para avaliar concentrações de radioisótopos naturais nas amostras e para calcular as taxas de dose anual que resultaram em 3,0 a 5,3 Gy/kano. As concentrações radioativas são próximas daquelas obtidas através de Análise por Ativação de Nêutrons. Os conteúdos de elementos U, Th e Ce são superiores aos encontrados na maioria dos sedimentos.

  5. Women with shaved heads: western Buddhist nuns and Haredi Jewish wives: polysemy, universalism and misinterpretations of hair symbolism in pluralistic societies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mira Niculescu


    Full Text Available This article focuses on female hair, or rather the absence of hair: it compares the symbols attached to shaved heads for Western Buddhist nuns and for Jewish married women from various Haredi or ‘ultra-orthodox’ groups, and the (mainly negative representations of these in the external, secular society.The comparison is based on fieldwork research undertaken by the author. When interviewing Western nuns of Jewish origin, it appeared that their shaved heads had been very difficult to cope with for their families, to whom it was a reminder of the Holocaust. The same body treatment can thus represent, on one side, bliss (for the Buddhist nun for whom it is a symbol of libertation and spiritual engagement, and on the other side, horror (for her family and sometimes, out of a Buddhist context, society. Also, the same body treatment can be used to express celibacy for the Buddhist nun, or marriage for the Haredi, or ultra-orthodox woman. Therefore the meaning of head shaving seems to be fluctuating and contextual: it can mean either­ religious commitment, or punishment, or disease.

  6. TL, OSL and C-14 dating results of the sediments and bricks from mummified nuns' grave

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tudela, Diego R.G.; Tatumi, Sonia H.; Yee, Marcio; Brito, Silvio L.M., E-mail: [Faculdades de Tecnologia de Sao Paulo (FATECs/CEETEPS/UNESP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Centro Estadual de Educacao Tecnologica Paula Souza; Morais, Jose L.; Morais, Daisy de; Piedade, Silvia C. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia; Munita, Casimiro S.P.; Hazenfratz, Roberto [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    This paper presents the results of TL and OSL dating of soil and fragments of bricks from a grave, which was occupied by two mummified nuns, found at 'Luz' Monastery, located in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The TL and OSL ages were compared to C-14 dating ones obtained from bone collagens of the mummies. The majority of the ages is related to the eighteenth century. The gamma-ray spectroscopy was used to evaluate natural radioisotope concentrations in the samples, and by using these concentrations the annual dose rates, from 3.0 to 5.3 Gy/kyr, were obtained. Neutron activation analysis was performed and the radioisotope contents results are in agreement with those obtained by gamma-ray spectroscopy. The contents of U, Th and Ce elements were higher than those found in usual sediments. (author)



    Kırzıoğlu, Banıçiçek


    ÖZETMakale, Türkolog Prof. Dr. M. Fahrettin Kırzıoğlu’nun , kardeşi M. Cemal Kırzıoğlu’na yazdığı bazı mektuplarından alıntılar ile; bu mektuplardan tespit edilebilen bir kısım mücadelelerini ihtiva etmektedir. ABSTRACTThis study includes some quotations from the letters that a Turcologist Prof. Dr. M.Fahrettin Kırzıoğlu wrote to his brother M. Cemal Kırzıoğlu and some of his contention determined through these letters.

  8. Maternal and child health from a human rights perspective: the Indian scenario and nuns as community health enablers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tomi Thomas


    Full Text Available All women need access to antenatal care in pregnancy, skilled care during childbirth, and care and support in the weeks after childbirth. This discussion tries to look into the life context of maternal and child health, and the health scenario of women/girl children in general in India from the perspective of Human Rights. Currently, most of the public and private health experts and organizations do not talk and act on the human rights perspective of health service delivery. Reversely, only a very few rights-based organizations advocate directly the right to health for the marginalized. Within the framework of a rights-based approach, the right to (Maternal Health on practical terms means “Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability and Quality.” Concluding, in the background of the Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI, the discussion also focuses on how the nun nurses play their role as “Community Health Enablers” to improve the situation.

  9. Evaluation of the Retinal Vasculature in Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease in an Elderly Population of Irish Nuns. (United States)

    McGowan, Amy; Silvestri, Giuliana; Moore, Evelyn; Silvestri, Vittorio; Patterson, Christopher C; Maxwell, Alexander P; McKay, Gareth J


    Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and hypertension are global public health problems associated with considerable morbidity, premature mortality and attendant healthcare costs. Previous studies have highlighted that non-invasive examination of the retinal microcirculation can detect microvascular pathology that is associated with systemic disorders of the circulatory system such as hypertension. We examined the associations between retinal vessel caliber (RVC) and fractal dimension (DF), with both hypertension and CKD in elderly Irish nuns. Data from 1233 participants in the cross-sectional observational Irish Nun Eye Study (INES) were assessed from digital photographs with a standardized protocol using computer-assisted software. Multivariate regression analyses were used to assess associations with hypertension and CKD, with adjustment for age, body mass index (BMI), refraction, fellow eye RVC, smoking, alcohol consumption, ischemic heart disease (IHD), cerebrovascular accident (CVA), diabetes and medication use. In total, 1122 (91%) participants (mean age: 76.3 [range: 56-100] years) had gradable retinal images of sufficient quality for blood vessel assessment. Hypertension was significantly associated with a narrower central retinal arteriolar equivalent (CRAE) in a fully adjusted analysis (P = 0.002; effect size = -2.16 μm; 95% confidence intervals [CI]: -3.51, -0.81 μm). No significant associations between other retinal vascular parameters and hypertension or between any retinal vascular parameters and CKD were found. Individuals with hypertension have significantly narrower retinal arterioles which may afford an earlier opportunity for tailored prevention and treatment options to optimize the structure and function of the microvasculature, providing additional clinical utility. No significant associations between retinal vascular parameters and CKD were detected.

  10. Retinal vascular caliber, iris color, and age-related macular degeneration in the Irish Nun Eye Study. (United States)

    McGowan, Amy; Silvestri, Giuliana; Moore, Evelyn; Silvestri, Vittorio; Patterson, Christopher C; Maxwell, Alexander P; McKay, Gareth J


    To evaluate the relationship between retinal vascular caliber (RVC), iris color, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in elderly Irish nuns. Data from 1233 participants in the cross-sectional observational Irish Nun Eye Study were assessed from digital photographs with a standardized protocol using computer-assisted software. Macular images were graded according to the modified Wisconsin Age-related Maculopathy Grading System. Regression models were used to assess associations, adjusting for age, mean arterial blood pressure, body mass index, refraction, and fellow RVC. In total, 1122 (91%) participants had gradable retinal images of sufficient quality for vessel assessment (mean age: 76.3 years [range, 56-100 years]). In an unadjusted analysis, we found some support for a previous finding that individuals with blue iris color had narrower retinal venules compared to those with brown iris color (P < 0.05), but this was no longer significant after adjustment. Age-related macular degeneration status was categorized as no AMD, any AMD, and late AMD only. Individuals with any AMD (early or late AMD) had significantly narrower arterioles and venules compared to those with no AMD in an unadjusted analysis, but this was no longer significant after adjustment. A nonsignificant reduced risk of any AMD or late AMD only was observed in association with brown compared to blue iris color, in both unadjusted and adjusted analyses. Retinal vascular caliber was not significantly associated with iris color or early/late AMD after adjustment for confounders. A lower but nonsignificant AMD risk was observed in those with brown compared to blue iris color. Copyright 2015 The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Inc.

  11. Evaluation of the Retinal Vasculature in Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease in an Elderly Population of Irish Nuns.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amy McGowan

    Full Text Available Chronic kidney disease (CKD and hypertension are global public health problems associated with considerable morbidity, premature mortality and attendant healthcare costs. Previous studies have highlighted that non-invasive examination of the retinal microcirculation can detect microvascular pathology that is associated with systemic disorders of the circulatory system such as hypertension. We examined the associations between retinal vessel caliber (RVC and fractal dimension (DF, with both hypertension and CKD in elderly Irish nuns.Data from 1233 participants in the cross-sectional observational Irish Nun Eye Study (INES were assessed from digital photographs with a standardized protocol using computer-assisted software. Multivariate regression analyses were used to assess associations with hypertension and CKD, with adjustment for age, body mass index (BMI, refraction, fellow eye RVC, smoking, alcohol consumption, ischemic heart disease (IHD, cerebrovascular accident (CVA, diabetes and medication use.In total, 1122 (91% participants (mean age: 76.3 [range: 56-100] years had gradable retinal images of sufficient quality for blood vessel assessment. Hypertension was significantly associated with a narrower central retinal arteriolar equivalent (CRAE in a fully adjusted analysis (P = 0.002; effect size = -2.16 μm; 95% confidence intervals [CI]: -3.51, -0.81 μm. No significant associations between other retinal vascular parameters and hypertension or between any retinal vascular parameters and CKD were found.Individuals with hypertension have significantly narrower retinal arterioles which may afford an earlier opportunity for tailored prevention and treatment options to optimize the structure and function of the microvasculature, providing additional clinical utility. No significant associations between retinal vascular parameters and CKD were detected.

  12. Biosynthesis of the antimicrobial cyclic lipopeptides nunamycin and nunapeptin by Pseudomonas fluorescens strain In5 is regulated by the LuxR‐type transcriptional regulator NunF


    Hennessy, Rosanna C.; Phippen, Christopher B. W.; Nielsen, Kristian F.; Olsson, Stefan; Stougaard, Peter


    Abstract Nunamycin and nunapeptin are two antimicrobial cyclic lipopeptides (CLPs) produced by Pseudomonas fluorescens In5 and synthesized by nonribosomal synthetases (NRPS) located on two gene clusters designated the nun–nup regulon. Organization of the regulon is similar to clusters found in other CLP‐producing pseudomonads except for the border regions where putative LuxR‐type regulators are located. This study focuses on understanding the regulatory role of the LuxR‐type‐encoding gene nun...

  13. Age, education, and changes in the Mini-Mental State Exam scores of older women: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Butler, S M; Ashford, J W; Snowdon, D A


    To describe the relationship of Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) scores and changes over time in MMSE scores to age and education in a population of older women. A prospective study of a defined population. Various motherhouses and church-run health care facilities in the Eastern, Midwestern, and Southern regions of the United States. Catholic sisters (nuns) participating in the Nun Study, a study of aging and Alzheimer's Disease. The 678 participants were 75 to 102 years old (mean 83.3, standard deviation 5.5, median 82.3) at the time of the first functional assessment. Second assessments were obtained an average of 1.6 years later on 575 survivors. The outcome variables were MMSE scores at the first assessment (Time-one), and MMSE scores at the second assessment (Time-two). The independent variables were age at Time-one, and education (bachelor's degree or no bachelor's degree). Time-one MMSE scores decreased with age at Time-one. The decrease in MMSE scores with age was less in sisters with bachelor's degrees than in sisters without bachelor's degrees. The changes in MMSE scores had a "U-shaped" relationship with Time-one score, where the greatest declines occurred in sisters with intermediate Time-one scores. Stratified analysis by age, education, and Time-one MMSE scores of 20 or greater because of the small numbers of sisters with Time-one scores less than 20. In sisters with Time-one MMSE scores in the categories 20 to 23, 24 to 26, or 27 to 30, older ages at Time-one were associated with greater decline in those with bachelor's degrees, but not in those without bachelor's degrees. Also, lower education was associated with greater decline in sisters aged 75 to 84 years at Time-one, but this education effect disappeared or reversed in sisters who were 85 years of age or older at Time-one. Cognitive function as measured by the MMSE decreased with age at Time-one, most steeply as a function of age in those without bachelor's degrees. Cognitive function declined

  14. Linguistic ability in early life and cognitive function and Alzheimer's disease in late life. Findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Snowdon, D A; Kemper, S J; Mortimer, J A; Greiner, L H; Wekstein, D R; Markesbery, W R


    To determine if linguistic ability in early life is associated with cognitive function and Alzheimer's disease in late life. Two measures of linguistic ability in early life, idea density and grammatical complexity, were derived from autobiographies written at a mean age of 22 years. Approximately 58 years later, the women who wrote these autobiographies participated in an assessment of cognitive function, and those who subsequently died were evaluated neuropathologically. Convents in the United States participating in the Nun Study; primarily convents in the Milwaukee, Wis, area. Cognitive function was investigated in 93 participants who were aged 75 to 95 years at the time of their assessments, and Alzheimer's disease was investigated in the 14 participants who died at 79 to 96 years of age. Seven neuropsychological tests and neuropathologically confirmed Alzheimer's disease. Low idea density and low grammatical complexity in autobiographies written in early life were associated with low cognitive test scores in late life. Low idea density in early life had stronger and more consistent associations with poor cognitive function than did low grammatical complexity. Among the 14 sisters who died, neuropathologically confirmed Alzheimer's disease was present in all of those with low idea density in early life and in none of those with high idea density. Low linguistic ability in early life was a strong predictor of poor cognitive function and Alzheimer's disease in late life.

  15. Orphanages run by nuns in Druga Rzeczpospolita (The Second Republic of Poland – Poland between 1918-1939. An outline of the history of foster care (outside the family in Poland.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available : Child foster care organized by nuns and meant for children deprived of infamily upbringing dates back as far as the 13 century. The prototypes of orphanages run by nuns were medieval hospitals, that is care institutions for all those in need. The beginnings of care/educational work with orphaned and abandoned children are connected with the activity of The Holy Spirit de Saxia male congregation, whose members were called “duchaki” in Poland. Since the 16 century the members of the Sisters of Mercy and Sisters of Charity congregations have specialized in institutional foster care. In nationally sovereign Druga Rzeczpospolita orphanages run by nuns were numerous and they were characterized by relative financial stability, the continuity of educational processes and creativity in finding new solutions to be used in the work with the children who were cared for

  16. Self-rated function, self-rated health, and postmortem evidence of brain infarcts: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Greiner, P A; Snowdon, D A; Greiner, L H


    Self-rated function is a new global measure. Previous findings suggest that self-rated function predicts future functional decline and is strongly associated with all-cause mortality. We hypothesized that the strength of the relationship of self-rated function to all-cause mortality was in part due to functional decline, such as would occur with brain infarcts. Self-ratings of function and health (on a 5-point scale, ranging from excellent to poor) were assessed annually on 630 participants in the Nun Study. Mortality surveillance extended from October 31, 1991 to March 1, 1998, and, among those who died, neuropathological examination determined postmortem evidence of brain infarcts. Cox regression modeling with self-rated function and health as time-dependent covariates and stratification by assessment period were used in these analyses. Self-rated function and health ratings of good, fair, and poor were significantly associated with doubling of the risk of mortality, compared with ratings of very good and excellent. Self-rated function ratings of fair or poor were associated with a threefold increase in the risk of mortality with brain infarcts, but self-rated function and health ratings of fair and poor were comparable in their association with all-cause mortality and mortality without brain infarcts. Self-rated function was significantly associated with mortality with brain infarcts, suggesting that brain infarcts may be experienced as functional loss but not recognized or labeled as disease. Our results suggest that self-rated function and health should be explored simultaneously in future research.

  17. Serum folate and the severity of atrophy of the neocortex in Alzheimer disease: findings from the Nun study. (United States)

    Snowdon, D A; Tully, C L; Smith, C D; Riley, K P; Markesbery, W R


    Previous studies suggested that low concentrations of folate in the blood are related to poor cognitive function, dementia, and Alzheimer disease-related neurodegeneration of the brain. Our aim was to determine whether serum folate is inversely associated with the severity of atrophy of the neocortex. Nutrients, lipoproteins, and nutritional markers were measured in the blood of 30 participants in the Nun Study from one convent who later died when they were 78-101 y old (mean: 91 y). At autopsy, several neuropathologic indicators of Alzheimer disease were determined, including the degree of atrophy of 3 lobes of the neocortex (frontal, temporal, and parietal) and the number of neocortical Alzheimer disease lesions (ie, senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles) as assessed by a neuropathologist. The correlation between serum folate and the severity of atrophy of the neocortex was -0.40 (P = 0.03). Among a subset of 15 participants with significant numbers of Alzheimer disease lesions in the neocortex, the correlation between folate and atrophy was -0.80 (P = 0.0006). Atrophy may be specific to low folate because none of the 18 other nutrients, lipoproteins, or nutritional markers measured in the blood had significant negative correlations with atrophy. Among elderly Catholic sisters who lived in one convent, ate from the same kitchen, and were highly comparable for a wide range of environmental and lifestyle factors, low serum folate was strongly associated with atrophy of the cerebral cortex. Definitive evidence for this relation and its temporal sequence awaits the findings of other studies.

  18. Alzheimer disease pathology in subjects without dementia in 2 studies of aging: the Nun Study and the Adult Changes in Thought Study. (United States)

    SantaCruz, Karen S; Sonnen, Joshua A; Pezhouh, Maryam Kherad; Desrosiers, Mark F; Nelson, Peter T; Tyas, Suzanne L


    Individuals with antemortem preservation of cognition who show autopsy evidence of at least moderate Alzheimer disease (AD) pathology suggest the possibility of brain reserve, that is, functional resistance to structural brain damage. This reserve would, however, only be relevant if the pathologic markers correlate well with dementia. Using data from the Nun Study (n = 498) and the Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) Study (n = 323), we show that Braak staging correlates strongly with dementia status. Moreover, participants with severe(Braak stage V-VI) AD pathology who remained not demented represent only 12% (Nun Study) and 8% (ACT study) of nondemented subjects. Comparison of these subjects to those who were demented revealed that the former group was often significantly memory-impaired despite not being classified as demented. Most of these nondemented participants showed only stage V neurofibrillary pathology and frontal tangle counts that were slightly lower than a comparable (Braak stage V) dementia group. In summary, these data indicate that, in individuals with AD-type pathology who do not meet criteria for dementia, neocortical neurofibrillary tangles are somewhat reduced and incipient cognitive decline is present. Our data provide a foundation for helping to define additional factors that may impair, or be protective of, cognition in older adults.

  19. Alzheimer Disease Pathology in Subjects Without Dementia in Two Studies of Aging: The Nun Study and the Adult Changes in Thought Study (United States)

    SantaCruz, Karen S.; Sonnen, Joshua A.; Pezhouh, Maryam Kherad; Desrosiers, Mark F.; Nelson, Peter T.; Tyas, Suzanne L.


    Individuals with antemortem preservation of cognition who show autopsy evidence of at least moderate Alzheimer disease (AD) pathology suggest the possibility of brain reserve, that is, functional resistance to structural brain damage. This reserve would, however, only be relevant if the pathologic markers correlate well with dementia. Using data from the Nun Study (n = 498) and the Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) Study (n = 323), we show that Braak staging correlates strongly with dementia status. Moreover, participants with severe (Braak stage V–VI) AD pathology who remained not demented represent only 12% (Nun Study) and 8% (ACT study) of nondemented subjects. Comparison of these subjects to those who were demented revealed that the former group was often significantly memory impaired despite not being classified as demented. Most of these nondemented participants showed only stage V neurofibrillary pathology and frontal tangle counts that were slightly lower than a comparable (Braak stage V) dementia group. In summary, these data indicate that, in individuals with AD-type pathology who do not meet criteria for dementia, neocortical neurofibrillary tangles are somewhat reduced and incipient cognitive decline is present. Our data provide a foundation for helping to define additional factors that may impair, or be protective of, cognition in older adults. PMID:21937909

  20. Neuropathological findings processed by artificial neural networks (ANNs can perfectly distinguish Alzheimer's patients from controls in the Nun Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Snowdon David


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Many reports have described that there are fewer differences in AD brain neuropathologic lesions between AD patients and control subjects aged 80 years and older, as compared with the considerable differences between younger persons with AD and controls. In fact some investigators have suggested that since neurofibrillary tangles (NFT can be identified in the brains of non-demented elderly subjects they should be considered as a consequence of the aging process. At present, there are no universally accepted neuropathological criteria which can mathematically differentiate AD from healthy brain in the oldest old. The aim of this study is to discover the hidden and non-linear associations among AD pathognomonic brain lesions and the clinical diagnosis of AD in participants in the Nun Study through Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs analysis Methods The analyses were based on 26 clinically- and pathologically-confirmed AD cases and 36 controls who had normal cognitive function. The inputs used for the analyses were just NFT and neuritic plaques counts in neocortex and hippocampus, for which, despite substantial differences in mean lesions counts between AD cases and controls, there was a substantial overlap in the range of lesion counts. Results By taking into account the above four neuropathological features, the overall predictive capability of ANNs in sorting out AD cases from normal controls reached 100%. The corresponding accuracy obtained with Linear Discriminant Analysis was 92.30%. These results were consistently obtained in ten independent experiments. The same experiments were carried out with ANNs on a subgroup of 13 non severe AD patients and on the same 36 controls. The results obtained in terms of prediction accuracy with ANNs were exactly the same. Input relevance analysis confirmed the relative dominance of NFT in neocortex in discriminating between AD patients and controls and indicated the lesser importance

  1. Neuropathological findings processed by artificial neural networks (ANNs) can perfectly distinguish Alzheimer's patients from controls in the Nun Study. (United States)

    Grossi, Enzo; Buscema, Massimo P; Snowdon, David; Antuono, Piero


    Many reports have described that there are fewer differences in AD brain neuropathologic lesions between AD patients and control subjects aged 80 years and older, as compared with the considerable differences between younger persons with AD and controls. In fact some investigators have suggested that since neurofibrillary tangles (NFT) can be identified in the brains of non-demented elderly subjects they should be considered as a consequence of the aging process. At present, there are no universally accepted neuropathological criteria which can mathematically differentiate AD from healthy brain in the oldest old. The aim of this study is to discover the hidden and non-linear associations among AD pathognomonic brain lesions and the clinical diagnosis of AD in participants in the Nun Study through Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) analysis The analyses were based on 26 clinically- and pathologically-confirmed AD cases and 36 controls who had normal cognitive function. The inputs used for the analyses were just NFT and neuritic plaques counts in neocortex and hippocampus, for which, despite substantial differences in mean lesions counts between AD cases and controls, there was a substantial overlap in the range of lesion counts. By taking into account the above four neuropathological features, the overall predictive capability of ANNs in sorting out AD cases from normal controls reached 100%. The corresponding accuracy obtained with Linear Discriminant Analysis was 92.30%. These results were consistently obtained in ten independent experiments. The same experiments were carried out with ANNs on a subgroup of 13 non severe AD patients and on the same 36 controls. The results obtained in terms of prediction accuracy with ANNs were exactly the same. Input relevance analysis confirmed the relative dominance of NFT in neocortex in discriminating between AD patients and controls and indicated the lesser importance played by NP in the hippocampus. The results of this study

  2. APOε2 and education in cognitively normal older subjects with high levels of AD pathology at autopsy: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Iacono, Diego; Zandi, Peter; Gross, Myron; Markesbery, William R; Pletnikova, Olga; Rudow, Gay; Troncoso, Juan C


    Asymptomatic Alzheimer's disease (ASYMAD) subjects are individuals characterized by preserved cognition before death despite substantial AD pathology at autopsy. ASYMAD subjects show comparable levels of AD pathology, i.e. β-amyloid neuritic plaques (Aβ-NP) and tau-neurofibrillary tangles (NFT), to those observed in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and some definite AD cases. Previous clinicopathologic studies on ASYMAD subjects have shown specific phenomena of hypertrophy in the cell bodies, nuclei, and nucleoli of hippocampal pyramidal neurons and other cerebral areas. Since it is well established that the allele APOε4 is a major genetic risk factor for AD, we examined whether specific alleles of APOE could be associated with the different clinical outcomes between ASYMAD and MCI subjects despite equivalent AD pathology. A total of 523 brains from the Nun Study were screened for this investigation. The results showed higher APOε2 frequency (p < 0.001) in ASYMAD (19.2%) vs. MCI (0%) and vs. AD (4.7%). Furthermore, higher education in ASYMAD vs. MCI and AD (p < 0.05) was found. These novel autopsy-verified findings support the hypothesis of the beneficial effect of APOε2 and education, both which seem to act as contributing factors in delaying or forestalling the clinical manifestations of AD despite consistent levels of AD pathology.

  3. The relationship of self-rated function and self-rated health to concurrent functional ability, functional decline, and mortality: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Greiner, P A; Snowdon, D A; Greiner, L H


    We investigated the relationship of self-rated function (i.e., the ability to take care of oneself) and self-rated health to concurrent functional ability, functional decline, and mortality in participants in the Nun Study, a longitudinal study of aging and Alzheimer's disease. A total of 629 of the 678 study participants self-rated their function and health and completed an initial functional assessment in 1991-93. Survivors completed a second assessment in 1993-94. Overall, self-rated function had a stronger relationship to functional ability at the first assessment and to functional decline between the first and second assessments than did self-rated health. Self-rated function also had a stronger relationship to mortality than did self-rated health. Self-rated function may be a better marker of global function than is self-rated health and may be a useful addition to clinical assessment and scientific investigation of the relationships among function, health, and disease.

  4. Exploration of a possible cause of magnetic reconfiguration/reconnection due to generation, rather than annihilation, of magnetic field in a nun-uniform thin current sheet (United States)

    Huang, Y. C.; Lyu, L. H.


    Magnetic reconfiguration/reconnection plays an important role on energy and plasma transport in the space plasma. It is known that magnetic field lines on two sides of a tangential discontinuity can connect to each other only at a neutral point, where the strength of the magnetic field is equal to zero. Thus, the standard reconnection picture with magnetic field lines intersecting at the neutral point is not applicable to the component reconnection events observed at the magnetopause and in the solar corona. In our early study (Yu, Lyu, & Wu, 2011), we have shown that annihilation of magnetic field near a thin current sheet can lead to the formation of normal magnetic field component (normal to the current sheet) to break the frozen-in condition and to accelerate the reconnected plasma flux, even without the presence of a neutral point. In this study, we examine whether or not a generation, rather than annihilation, of magnetic field in a nun-uniform thin current sheet can also lead to reconnection of plasma flux. Our results indicate that a non-uniform enhancement of electric current can yield formation of field-aligned currents. The normal-component magnetic field generated by the field-aligned currents can yield reconnection of plasma flux just outside the current-enhancement region. The particle motion that can lead to non-uniform enhancement of electric currents will be discussed.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bahar DOĞAN


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to figure out the folklore elements in Eyuboglu’s poems. Thus, his poem books Dol Karabakır Dol and Karadut were examined. In this study, research model was used. In interpreting the results of the study 25 items which were classified by Ornek in his book “Turk Halk Bilimi”, were used.The examples in Eyuboglu’s poems includes village,town and city life; folk architecture; vecihles and transportation technics; ecomomic type; classic folk-economy; nutrition, cuisine, storeroom; measurement, weighing and calculating methods; folk arts and handmade craft; folklore; folk believes, customs and traditions; transition period; stereotyped behaves and expression; folk literature; folk dance; folk music and folk musical instruments.The poet in his pems give place to folk songs and folk arts enormously. The poets who says “ Whenever I hear a village song , I feel shame of my poesy’’ aslo give places to beauty of his country. Occasionally usuing local accents in his poems makes him a simple one from the public.According to this study giving place Eyuboglu’s poems in the textbooks can be an important step for growing up persons who have versatile personality. Bu araştırma Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu’nun şiirlerindeki halk bilimi unsurlarını belirlemek amacıyla yapılmıştır. Bu doğrultuda Eyüboğlu’nun Dol Karabakır Dol ve Karadut şiir kitapları incelenmiştir. Araştırmada tarama modeli kullanılmıştır. Elde edilen bulguların yorumlanmasında Örnek’in, Türk Halk Bilimi kitabında halk biliminin çalışma konularını sınıflandırdığı yirmi beş madde kullanılmıştır.Eyüboğlu’nun şiirlerinde köy, kasaba ve kent yaşamı; halk mimarisi; taşıtlar ve taşıma teknikleri; ekonomi türleri; halk ekonomisi; beslenme, mutfak, kiler; ölçme, tartma, hesaplama biçimleri; halk sanatları ve zanaatları; halk bilgisi; halk inançları, töreler, adetler, gelenek ve görenekler; geçiş d

  6. A computational linguistic measure of clustering behavior on semantic verbal fluency task predicts risk of future dementia in the nun study. (United States)

    Pakhomov, Serguei V S; Hemmy, Laura S


    Generative semantic verbal fluency (SVF) tests show early and disproportionate decline relative to other abilities in individuals developing Alzheimer's disease. Optimal performance on SVF tests depends on the efficiency of using clustered organization of semantically related items and the ability to switch between clusters. Traditional approaches to clustering and switching have relied on manual determination of clusters. We evaluated a novel automated computational linguistic approach for quantifying clustering behavior. Our approach is based on Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) for computing strength of semantic relatedness between pairs of words produced in response to SVF test. The mean size of semantic clusters (MCS) and semantic chains (MChS) are calculated based on pairwise relatedness values between words. We evaluated the predictive validity of these measures on a set of 239 participants in the Nun Study, a longitudinal study of aging. All were cognitively intact at baseline assessment, measured with the Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer's Disease (CERAD) battery, and were followed in 18-month waves for up to 20 years. The onset of either dementia or memory impairment were used as outcomes in Cox proportional hazards models adjusted for age and education and censored at follow-up waves 5 (6.3 years) and 13 (16.96 years). Higher MCS was associated with 38% reduction in dementia risk at wave 5 and 26% reduction at wave 13, but not with the onset of memory impairment. Higher [+1 standard deviation (SD)] MChS was associated with 39% dementia risk reduction at wave 5 but not wave 13, and association with memory impairment was not significant. Higher traditional SVF scores were associated with 22-29% memory impairment and 35-40% dementia risk reduction. SVF scores were not correlated with either MCS or MChS. Our study suggests that an automated approach to measuring clustering behavior can be used to estimate dementia risk in cognitively normal

  7. Apocryphal Angels in Nun Convents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mario Ávila Vivar


    Full Text Available The preponderance of studies about viceregal angelic series, and the widespread belief that the representation of apocryphal angels is a specific peculiarity of viceregal angelology, have created such a close relation between it and the apocryphal angels, that they are even considered as synonymous. However, both the texts and the presence of this angels in the spanish convents of the XVII century, evidence that the apocryphal angels appeared and they were represented in Spain long before that in its american viceregal. Therefore, it is here where their origins and their meaning should be sought.

  8. La monja que conquistó Europa. Sor Juana Inés en la cruz de la crítica // The nun who conquered Europe: Sor Juana Inés on the cross of criticism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emil Volek


    Full Text Available The article situates the phenomenon of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1651–1695 within the myth of the “return of the caravels,” invented from the Spanish American side as a proof of parity with the former “Mother Country,” achieved apparently towards the end of the 19th century. However, “caravels” were “returning” much earlier. Based on the author’s book La mujer que quiso ser amada por Dios (The Woman who Wanted to be Loved by God, 2016 and on recent archival discoveries, the study then focuses on the Mexican nun, the history of her publications in Spain during her lifetime, and the consequences of the historical entanglements of her supporters for her literary heritage; finally, it takes to task the surprising generalized shortcomings of the sorjuanista criticism, among others, reading her work out of its internal (“genetic” and external contexts, and not having asked some most elemental questions about her works in both the modern and the ancient editions.

  9. Karamık Gölü (Afyonkarahisar'deki Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758 (Sazan'nun Metazoon Parazitleri Üzerinde Anatomik, Morfolojik ve Ekolojik Bir Araştırma.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. Levent Kutlu


    Full Text Available 13 Mart 2004 ile 28 Mayıs 2005 tarihleri arasında yapılan bu araştırmada, Karamık Gölü (Afyonkarahisar’nden yakalanan 71 Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758 (sazan’nun metazoon parazitleri üzerinde incelemeler yapılmıştır. Konak balıkta üç parazit türü tanımlanmıştır: Gyrodactylus elegans, Nordmann, 1832; Dactylogyrus extensus Mueller ve Van Cleave, 1932 (Monogenoidea, Plathelmintes; Bothriocephalus acheilognathi, Yamaguti, 1934 (Cestoidea, Plathelmintes. Bu türlerden G. elegans 16 balığın yüzgeçlerinde (% 22,5; 7,6 parazit/balık ve 2 balığın solungaçlarında (% 2,8; 5,0 parazit/balık, D. extensus 65 balığın solungaçlarında (% 91,5; 22,1 parazit/balık, B. acheilognathi ise 10 balığın bağırsaklarında (% 14,0; 10,8 parazit/balık görülmüştür. Konak balıktaki dominant parazit türü D. extensus’tur. İlgili parazite ait en yüksek enfeksiyon oranına ve parazit sayısına kış aylarında, en düşük değerlere ise ilkbahar ve yaz aylarında rastlanılmıştır. D. extensus ile enfekte olma oranı küçük boylu sazanlarda büyüklere göre daha fazladır. G. elegans, orta boylu sazanların yüzgeçlerinde ilkbaharda, solungaçlarında ise kış aylarında kaydedilmiştir. Küçük ve orta boylu sazanlarda görülen B. acheilognathi enfeksiyonu kış aylarında yüksek, ilkbahar ve yaz aylarında ise düşük bulunmuştur

  10. Saksamaa poliitiline patiseis : Was nun? / Jeroen Bult

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Bult, Jeroen


    Pärast parlamendivalimisi Saksamaal kujunenud poliitilisest patiseisust: võimulolev Sotsiaaldemokraatlik Partei ja Roheliste Partei kaotas parlamendis enamuse, samal ajal kui Kristlik Demokraatliku Partei ja Vabade Demokraatide ühisrinne ei saa vajalikul arvul kohti parempoolse koalitsiooni loomiseks. Vt. samas: Joshka Fischer tõmbub tagasi


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pervin ÇAPAN


    önemi roman ve hikâyesinde başarılı eserlere imza atan ve aynı zamanda akademisyen sıfatıyla da ilmî çalışmaları olan Nazan Bekiroğlu’nun Lâ-Sonsuzluk Hecesi adlı romanının da temasını oluşturmaktadır. Bu makalede, söz konusu romanın tematik özelliği ışığında evrensel mânâdaki aşkın, gelenekteki yansımasıyla birleşen doğuş, gelişme ve işlenişi dikkatlere sunulacaktır.

  12. Kemalettin Kamu’nun Hayatı, Sanatı, Şahsiyeti ve Hicret Şiirinin Tahlili The Life, Art, Personalitey Of Kemalettin Kamu And The Analysis Of His Poem "Hicret"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmet ADIGÜZEL


    dünyasına ve felsefe anlayışına yerleşen bu malzemeler aslında bütünsel bir terkipten ibarettir. Yalın, salt yavan ve tek başlarına vücuda gelmiş değillerdir. Bunların varlığına, oluşumuna saikler çeşitlidir. İşte biz böyle bir donanıma sahip bir sanatkârın hayat hikâyesine, dahası onun şahsiyetine bir yorum getireceksek sadece manay-ı ismi ile değil manay-ı harfiyle de ele almalıyız. Ancak, biz bu durumda sağlıklı bir sonuç elde edebilirizKemalettin Kamu; ihtilallerin, savaşların, yıkılışların, çökülüşlerin “Hicret” ve kuruluşların yaşandığı bir iklimin ve atmosferin insanıdır. Bütün bunların boyası ile boyanmış, bütün bunları derinlemesine yaşamış içli bir sanatkârıdır. O, böyle bir dünyaya doğdu ve bu duruma uygun olan mizacı gereği de doğduğu bu dünyanın bir parçası oldu. Bu dünyanın bütün olumsuzluklarını, bedbinliğini, yalnızlığını, göçünü derinden hissetti, yaşadı ve bunları en ince çizgileriyle şiirine bir siluet olarak resmetti, onun şiir muvaffakiyeti Milli Mücadele yıllarındaydı. Neden? Çünkü Anadolu insanı, sadece maddi düşmanları olan Yunan, Rus, Ermeni, İngiliz, Fransız ve İtalyanlar ile savaşmıyordu; kıtlıkla, yoklukla, sürgünle, göçle de mücadele ediyordu. Mekân, zaman, olay ve diğer malzemeler Kamu’nun sanat heybesini lebalep dolduracak bir fırsatlar zenginliği, imkânlar yumağı ve serveti sağlamıştı.“Şiir, hüzünden ziyade ruhun kanatlandığı anı benimser.” Kamu iç dünyasının esiri değil de müessiri olmuş olsaydı, bu hislerin, duyguların bir parçası değil de onları benlik potasında eriten yüksek bir seviyeye ulaşabilseydi; Bâkî, Fuzulî, Yahya Kemal, Tanpınar, Malermé ve Valéry ayarında sanatını icra edebilirdi. Bu durum, biraz da kabiliyet gerektiren, şairlik melekesinin oluşumuna ve inkişafına bağlıdır. Kemalettin Kamu, Doğu medeniyeti içerisinde yeti

  13. Orman Kanunu’nun 16’ncı maddesi uygulamalarında alınan bedellerin hesaplanma yaklaşımının değer belirleme yöntemleriyle karşılaştırmalı irdelenmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Prof.Dr. Kenan Ok


    Full Text Available Orman alanlarında sıklıkla maden çıkarılmak istenmektedir. Bu istek, madencilik üretimini artırırken ormancılık üretimlerini azaltmaktadır. Refah ekonomisinin klasik sorunu olan, sektörler arası tahsis kararları, ülkemiz ormancılık uygulamaları içerisinde, arazi izin ve ağaçlandırma bedellerinin belirlenmesi sorunu şeklinde görülmektedir. Bu çalışmanın amacı, Orman Genel Müdürlüğünün (OGM Orman Kanunu’nun 16’ncı maddesi gereği verdiği izinlerde talep ettiği bedelleri hesaplama yaklaşımı ile evrensel değer belirleme yöntemlerini karşılaştırmalı olarak irdelemektir. Bu amaçla, seçilen gerçek bir olayın verileri örnek alınarak OGM’nin ilgili yönetmeliğinin kabul ettiği değer hesapları yapılmıştır. Bu hesaplama yaklaşımı ile evrensel değer belirleme yaklaşımları karşılaştırılmış ve yönetmelikle ortaya konan yaklaşımın kısmen maliyetlere dayalı bir bakış içerdiği, pazar fiyatları, toplumsal tercihler ve transfer edilen faydalarla ilgilenmediği görülmüştür. Buna ek olarak, yönetmelikle ortaya konan yaklaşımın temel bileşenlerinin, bilimsel bulgular yerine idari kararlara dayalı olarak kurgulandığı saptanmıştır.

  14. Erken Tabgaç (T’o-pa Tarihinin Ana Hatları (Wei Shu’nun İlk Bölümüne Göre Outlines of Early Tabgach (T’o-pa History (According to First Chapter of Wei Shu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kürşat YILDIRIM


    in kaynaklarında yer almaya başlamışlardır. Tabgaçlar Li-wei (220-277 devrinde devlet yapılarını güçlendirmiş ve tüm komşularını tâbiliğe almışlardır. 314 yılında I-lu’nun hükümdarlığı altında bir Tai Devleti kurulmuş ve bu devlet 376 yılına kadar devam etmiştir. Bilhassa Shih-i-chien devrinde (338-376 devlet çok büyümüş ve sınırları doğuda Liao-ning’den batıda Fergana’ya kadar uzanmıştır. Tabgaçların en büyük devlet yapılanması 386 yılında kurup tüm Çin’e hâkim kıldıkları ve sonradan Çinlileşen Kuzey Wei Devleti’dir. Makalemiz 386 yılına kadar olan bu devreyi Tabgaç Sülâlesi’nin resmî sülâle yıllığı olan Wei Shu’nun ilk bölümüne dayanarak incelemek maksadındadır. Ayrıca Shih Chi, Han Shu, Hou Han Shu, San Kuo Chih, Chin Shu, T’ai P’ing Yü Lan, Ts’e Fu Yüan Kuei, T’ung Chih, Wen Hsien T’ung Kao, Tzu Chih T’ung Chien, T’ung Tien gibi ana kaynaklara ve araştırma eserlerine müracaat edilmiştir. Genel Türk Tarihi sahasındaki bu çalışmamızla Tabgaçlarla ilgili bundan sonraki siyasî tarih, dil bilim ve kültür tarihi çalışmalarına katkı sağlayacağımızı ümit ediyoruz.

  15. Two Renaissance Dominican processionals written for Bavarian nuns

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... a Medieval or Renaissance past, they are of great cultural importance, since they are representative of the countries of origin of a fairly large section of the population. Fourteen of these are music manuscripts that are known, but have not all been studied fully. In this article two Processionals of the Roman Catholic Church, ...

  16. GUL Herbaryumu'nun Ranunculaceae Familyası Envanteri


    Özçelik, Hasan; Korkmaztürk, Mahmut


    This study is based on the rearrangement of Ranunculaceae family samples which are included in Herbarium GUL, the preparation of datebase in the website, the diagnosis of the samples which have not been diagnoised, checking the diagnosed ones according to present literature and the properties that don’t comply with the definitions in the basic systematic works. With this study, 16 genara in Ranunculaceae family in Herbarium GUL and 132 taxa belong to these genara have been determined. 26 of t...

  17. GUL Herbaryumu'nun Ranunculaceae Familyası Envanteri

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hasan Özçelik


    Full Text Available Özet: Bu çalışma, GUL Herbaryumu'nda bulunan Ranunculaceae familyası örneklerinin yeniden düzenlenmesi, internet sitesinde veri tabanı hazırlanması, teşhis edilmemiş örneklerin teşhis edilmesi, teşhislilerin mevcut literatür ışığında kontrol edilmesi esasına dayanmaktadır. Bu çalışma ile GUL Herbaryumu'nda Ranunculaceae familyasına bağlı 16 cins ve bu cinslere ait 132 takson belirlenmiştir. Bu taksonlardan 26'ısı Türkiye için endemiktir. Endemizm oranı ise % 19,6'dır. GUL'daki Ranunculaceae familyasının tür zenginliği yönünden ilk 5 sıradaki cinsleri: Ranunculus (62 takson, Delphinium (17 takson, Consolida (16 takson, Nigella (6 takson, Thalictrum (6 takson'dur. Bunlardan; 17 takson LR, 9 takson VU, 3 takson EN ve 1 takson ise CR kategorisindedir. Anahtar kelimeler: Ranunculaceae, GUL herbaryumu, envanter, biyolojik çeşitlilik, Isparta, Türkiye. Ranunculaceae Family Inventory of Herbarium Gul Abstract: This study is based on the rearrangement of Ranunculaceae family samples which are included in Herbarium GUL, the preparation of datebase in the website, the diagnosis of the samples which have not been diagnoised, checking the diagnosed ones according to present literature and the properties that don't comply with the definitions in the basic systematic works. With this study, 16 genara in Ranunculaceae family in Herbarium GUL and 132 taxa belong to these genara have been determined. 26 of these taxa are endemics for Türkiye and endemism ratio is % 19,6. The top 5 genera in term of kind abundance in Ranunculaceae family in Herbarium GUL are Ranunculus (62 taxa, Delphinium (17 taxa, Consolida (16 taxa, Nigella (6 taxa, Thalictrum (6 taxa. 17 taxa belong to LR category, 9 taxa belong to VU category, 3 taxa belong to EN category ve 1taxon belong to CR category. Key words: Ranunculaceae, herbarium GUL, inventory, biodiversity, Isparta, Türkiye.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yasemin DEMİR ÖZGÜN


    Full Text Available Juan Goytisolo Çağdaş İspanyol Edebiyatı’nın en önemli yazarlarından birisidir. Yazarın birçok kitabı Türkçe’ye çevrilmesine ve özellikle son dönemlerde yazdığı kitaplarında Türk kültürünün unsurlarına yer vermesine rağmen kendisi hakkında dilimizde yapılan çalışmalar yok denecek kadar azdır. Bu makalenin amaçlarından birincisi yazarın Kırk Günlük Süre adlı romanında Hristiyanlık ve Müslümanlık unsurlarını ele alarak Batı ve Doğu kültürlerini incelemek; ikincisi ise İspanyol Edebiyatı üzerine çalışmalar yapan kişilerin dikkatini yazara ve eserlerine çekmektir.İspanya İç Savaşı’ndan (1936-1939  kısa bir süre önce 1931 yılında Barselona’da doğan Goytisolo iç savaş sırasında çocukluğunu yaşamış talihsiz 30’lar kuşağı yazarlarındandır. Yazar iç savaş sonrası başlayan General Franco’nun Hristiyanlıktan başka dinlere ve kültürlere karşı katı ve hoşgörüsüz olan diktatörlüğü döneminde gençlik yıllarını geçirmiştir. 1956 yılında kesin olarak Paris’e yerleşen yazar bulduğu özgürlük ortamıyla farklı din ve kültürlerle de ilgilenmeye başlamıştır. Doğu kültürü ile tanışması Cezayir olayları nedeniyle olmuştur. Cezayir bağımsızlık savaşı sırasında Fransız hükümetinin ve aydınlarının gösterdikleri davranışlardan dolayı yazar hayal kırıklığına uğramış ve Fransa’da yaşayan birçok Afrika kökenli kişinin polis tarafından tutuklanması yazarın Avrupa’ya ve içinde bulunduğu kültüre karşı bakış açısının değişmesine ve Doğu felsefesini ve kültürünü incelemesine neden olmuştur.İslamiyet’in Batı dünyasında yanlış anlaşıldığını düşünen Goytisolo İslam kültürü ilgili birçok yazı yazmış ve romanlarında sadece Hristiyanlık öğelerini değil İslam kültürünün unsurlarını da kullanmıştır. Her iki kültürü birlikte kullandığı yap

  19. Determination of strange sea distributions from {nu}N deep inelastic scattering

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alekhin, S. [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Zeuthen (Germany)]|[Inst. for High Energy Physics, Protvino (Russian Federation); Kulagin, S. [Academy of Sciences of Russia, Moscow (Russian Federation). Inst. for Nuclear Research; Petti, R. [South Carolina Univ., Columbia, SC (United States). Dept. of Physics and Astronomy


    We present an analysis of the nucleon strange sea extracted from a global Parton Distribution Function fit including the neutrino and anti-neutrino dimuon data by the CCFR and NuTeV collaborations, the inclusive charged lepton-nucleon Deep Inelastic Scattering and Drell-Yan data. The (anti-)neutrino induced dimuon analysis is constrained by the semi-leptonic charmed-hadron branching ratio B{sub {mu}}=(8.8{+-}0.5)%, determined from the inclusive charmed hadron measurements performed by the FNAL-E531 and CHORUS neutrino emulsion experiments. Our analysis yields a strange sea suppression factor {kappa}(Q{sup 2}=20 GeV{sup 2})=0.62{+-}0.04, the most precise value available, an x-distribution of total strange sea that is slightly softer than the non-strange sea, and an asymmetry between strange and anti-strange quark distributions consistent with zero (integrated over x it is equal to 0.0013{+-}0.0009 at Q{sup 2}=20 GeV{sup 2}). (orig.)

  20. Trends in mortality in older women: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Butler, S M; Snowdon, D A


    During this century, Catholic sisters have remained constant in many life-style characteristics such as smoking and reproduction (Catholic sisters are nonsmoking and nulliparous). It is therefore of interest to compare trends in the health of elderly Catholic sisters to those in the general population. In this study, mortality rates at ages 50 to 84 years in a population of 2,573 Catholic sisters were compared to those in the general population during the years 1965 to 1989. The Catholic sisters had a mortality advantage that increased dramatically over calendar time, and from early to more recent birth cohorts. This coincided with increases in smoking by U.S. women, while during the same time period the Catholic sisters had very low rates of mortality from smoking-related diseases. The Catholic sisters had high rates of mortality from cancers of the breast and reproductive organs, suggesting an effect of nulliparity manifested in older women.

  1. Production of charmed particles in nuN collisions due to neutral weak currents

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rekalo, M.P.


    A study is made of associated production of charmed particles in neutrino-nucleon interactions due to neutral weak currents. The angular distribution of the jets of charmed hadrons in nN interactions is determined in the lowest approximation in the quark-gluon coupling constant, according to which a charmed quark and antiquark are produced in an annihilation of a vector gluon and a virtual Z boson. It is shown that only a P-even dependence on the azimuthal angle v occurs in the studied approximation, the P-odd dependence which is possible in the general case being equal to zero. The total cross section for charmed-particle production in neutrino-nucleon interactions is calculated, and the origin of the violation of scale invariance is demonstrated

  2. Dental amalgam and cognitive function in older women: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Saxe, S R; Snowdon, D A; Wekstein, M W; Henry, R G; Grant, F T; Donegan, S J; Wekstein, D R


    The authors determined the number and surface area of occlusal dental amalgams in a group of 129 Roman Catholic sisters who were 75 to 102 years of age. Findings from this study of women with relatively homogeneous adult lifestyles and environments suggest that existing amalgams are not associated with lower performance on eight different tests of cognitive function.

  3. Head circumference, education and risk of dementia: findings from the Nun Study. (United States)

    Mortimer, James A; Snowdon, David A; Markesbery, William R


    To examine the prevalence of dementia associated with having a smaller brain, lower education or both of these characteristics, 294 Catholic sisters were assessed annually for dementia. Sixty participants died and their brains were evaluated to determine fulfillment of neuropathological criteria for Alzheimer's disease (AD). Lower educational attainment and the interaction of smaller head circumference with lower education were associated with the presence of dementia, controlling for age and the presence of one or more apolipoprotein E-epsilon 4 alleles. By contrast, neither low educational attainment nor head circumference was significantly associated with fulfillment of neuropathological criteria for AD. Individuals having both low education and small head circumference were four times as likely to be demented as the rest of the sample. The findings suggest that higher education and larger head size, alone or in combination, may reduce the risk of expressing dementia in late life.

  4. Sustainability with an Ethical Aim: Lessons from an American Nun in Amazonia (United States)

    Demaree, Stephanie


    Research Topic: An exploration into human imagination, ethical aim and action are the progenitors for reconciliation between humans and their environment. This study of two successful projects in Brazil provides an example of working toward a balance between human endeavors and sustainable environments. This inquiry is an exploration that…

  5. Anxious bliss: a case study of dissociation in a Mexican nun. (United States)

    Lester, Rebecca J


    This is a case study of Celeste, postulant in a Roman Catholic convent in Mexico who experienced frequent episodes of leaving her body to commune with God. During these experiences, Celeste felt immersed in an ;incredibly beautiful profound silence' where ;time and space were broken.' But as much as Celeste craved these experiences, they also alarmed her; she was acutely aware that they might be indicative of psychological or neurological dysfunction. This article chronicles Celeste's struggles to make sense of her experiences in light of competing explanatory models. Her ultimate resolution suggests intriguing new directions for transcultural psychiatric research.

  6. Shamans, Nuns and Surfing Doctors : Medical Pluralism on Siberut Island, Indonesia


    Ruottu, Maria Eveliina


    Endast sammandrag. Inbundna avhandlingar kan sökas i Helka-databasen ( Elektroniska kopior av avhandlingar finns antingen öppet på nätet eller endast tillgängliga i bibliotekets avhandlingsterminaler. Only abstract. Paper copies of master’s theses are listed in the Helka database ( Electronic copies of master’s theses are either available as open access or only on thesis terminals in the Helsinki University Library. Vain tiivi...

  7. Dietary patterns and chronic kidney disease: a cross-sectional association in the Irish Nun Eye Study. (United States)

    Paterson, Euan N; Neville, Charlotte E; Silvestri, Giuliana; Montgomery, Shannon; Moore, Evelyn; Silvestri, Vittorio; Cardwell, Christopher R; MacGillivray, Tom J; Maxwell, Alexander P; Woodside, Jayne V; McKay, Gareth J


    Associations between dietary patterns and chronic kidney disease are not well established, especially in European populations. We conducted a cross-sectional study of 1033 older Irish women (age range 56-100 years) with a restricted lifestyle. Dietary intake was assessed using a food frequency questionnaire. Renal function was determined by estimated glomerular filtration rate. Two dietary patterns were identified within the study population using factor analysis. A significant negative association was found between unhealthy dietary pattern adherence and renal function in both unadjusted and adjusted models controlling for potential confounding variables (p for trend <0.001), with a mean difference in estimated glomerular filtration rate of -6 ml/min/1.73 m 2 between those in the highest fifth of adherence to the unhealthy dietary pattern compared to the lowest, in the fully adjusted model. Chronic kidney disease risk was significantly greater for the highest fifth, compared to the lowest fifth of unhealthy dietary pattern adherence in adjusted models (adjusted odds ratio = 2.62, p < 0.001). Adherence to the healthy dietary pattern was not associated with renal function or chronic kidney disease in adjusted models. In this cohort, an unhealthy dietary pattern was associated with lower renal function and greater prevalence of chronic kidney disease.

  8. The disturbing virgin : an analysis of criticism on Mary Wilkins Freeman's short story "A New England Nun"


    Tidemann, Line Næstby


    Abstract Few female literary characters have been treated with more scorn and ridicule than the ‘spinster’. In this essay, I examine how modern critics of Mary Wilkins Freeman’s “A New England Nun” (1891) have interpreted the unmarried female protagonist of this short story, Louisa Ellis. Representative critical strategies are analysed with focus on how they interpret the protagonist, and what the political and methodological implications of choosing a particular strategy are. The two com...

  9. VUV Fourier-Transform absorption study of the np pi (1)Pi(-)(u) nu,N

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Glass-Maujean, M.; Jungen, C.; Dickenson, G.D.; Ubachs, W.M.G.; de Oliveira, N.; Joyeux, D.


    Abstract The DESIRS beamline of the SOLEIL synchrotron facility, equipped with a vacuum ultraviolet Fourier-Transform spectrometer has been used to measure Q(N″)(N-N″=0) absorption transitions of the D

  10. Nun sag, wie hast du‘s mit der Religion?“. Am Beispiel jugendlicher Religiosität.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ilse Kögler


    Full Text Available ENGLISH: When Gretchen wants to know about her future beau‘s attitude to religion, Faust doesnʼt react in a traditional-denominational way. Instead his answers are religious-based. Similar ones could describe many varieties of contemporary adolescent religiosity. The article initially refers to transformations in the religious area, whose influences become noticeable in everyday denominational RE (religious education as well as in selected results of (Austrian empirical researches concerning the religiosity of young people. Following this, it outlines by what concepts of religion insights into the religiosity of adolescents are gained. Finally the relevance of „Gretchenʼs Question“ in denominational RE is shortly discussed. DEUTSCH: Wenn Gretchen ihren Faust mit der Frage nach seiner Einstellung zur Religion konfrontiert, antwortet er nicht religiös im traditionell- konfessionellen Sinn, doch immer noch in einer Art religiösen Haltung. Ähnlich könnten heute viele Formen jugendlicher Religiosität beschrieben werden. Der Artikel nennt zunächst Wandlungen im religiösen Feld, deren Einfluss sich tagtäglich im Religionsunterricht bemerkbar machen, sowie ausgewählte Ergebnisse (österreichischer empirischer Untersuchungen zur Religiosität Jugendlicher. Anschließend wird skizziert, mit welchen Bestimmungen von Religion Einsichten zur Religiosität Jugendlicher gewonnen werden, und zuletzt wird die Bedeutung der Gretchenfrage für den Religionsunterricht kurz aufgezeigt.



    TANSI, Sezen


    Isatis tinctoria Cruciferae familyasından bir bitkidir. Çiviotu Türkiye'de doğal olarak bulunan ve iyi gelişen çok yıllık bir boya bitkisidir. Mavi boyanın kaynağı indigotindir. İndigotin, yapraklarda bulunan isatan B adlı bir maddenin hava ile temasından mavi renge dönüşmesi ile üretilmektedir. Bu gün ev boyacılığında kullanılan bir yöntemle yaprakların su ile kaynatılması ile kolaylıkla elde edilen Isatan B'nin alkali solüsyonu ile indigo elde edilmektedir. Bu araştırmada, Çukurov...

  12. Dinler Tarihi'ne İlk Modern Türk Katkısı Hikmet Tanyu (1918- 1992’nun Etnografik Fenomenolojisinin Temelleri

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mustafa Alıcı


    Full Text Available The History of Religions, along with its other functional features, is very interested in the religious ethnology, and so it is considered as “the science of the religious peoples” both in global and local perspectives. This article deals with Hikmet Tanyu (1918- 1992’s ethnographical phenomenology who is the mentor of the Turkish tradition of the History of Religions and the founder of the environment called “Ecole of Hikmet Tanyu” in the Republican Era. His approach is the original one, dating from the ancient historical roots of all Turkish nation as a whole and dealing with some certain ethnographic phenomena such as “the cult of Celestial Tengri”, “devotional sacrifice”, “stone”, “mount”, “tree”, and “fire”, which are still valid psycho-social facts, in some respect, continuing in the very religio-cultural values of Turkish nation. He also uses philology, comparative mythology and especially comparative historical approaches in order to “classify”, “fix up” and “interpret” them well

  13. Susceptibility of larvae of nun moth, Lymantria monacha (Linnaeus 1758) (Lepidoptera), to the entomopathogenic fungus, Entomophaga maimaiga Humber, Shimazu and Soper (Entomophthorales) under laboratory and field conditions (United States)

    Daniela Pilarska; Ann E. Hajek; Melody Keena; Andreas Linde; Manana Kereselidze; Georgi Georgiev; Margarita Georgieva; Plamen Mirchev; Danail Takov; Slavimira. Draganova


    Susceptibility of Lymantria monacha larvae to Entomophaga maimaiga was investigated under laboratory and field conditions, using larvae of the natural host, Lymantria dispar, as positive controls. In laboratory bioassays, L. monacha and L. dispar were injected with...



    KIZILÇİM, Yavuz; Kızılçim, Yavuz


    Biz, bu çalışmada, seçili iki şairde ateş üzerine kurulmuş söylemleri çözümlemeyi denedik. İnce ayrıntılar üzerinde yoğunlaşarak Ece Ayhan üzerindeki, Arthur Rimbaud etkisini göstermeye çalıştık. Bir yandan çarpıcı benzerlikleri, diğer yandan farklılıkları çözümledik. Her iki şairde, belirli ölçülerde dili bozmayı; yani, dilin iç yapısıyla oynamayı göze alarak daha baştan şiirdeki değişimci yanın temsilcileri olmuşlardır. Her iki şair de, ateş’ten yola çıkarak, tutarlı bir mantığa göre sırası...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Derya BOSTANCI


    Full Text Available Özet: Bu çalışmada, Bafra Balık Gölü'ndeki Havuz balığının (Carassius gibelio kondisyon faktörü ve boy-ağırlık ilişkisini belirlemek amacıyla, Ocak 2000-Eylül 2002 tarihleri arasında aylık olarak örneklenen 173 birey incelenmiştir. Populasyonda 168 ♀ (% 97.11, 5 ♂ (% 2.89 birey bulunmaktadır. Populasyonun çatal boy dağılımı 16.9-30 cm arasında, ağırlık dağılımı ise 125-730 g arasında değişmiş, boy-ağırlık ilişkisi W = 0.0265 L2,978 olarak hesaplanmıştır. Kondisyon faktörü ise 1.976–3.776 arasında değişmiş ve ortalama kondisyon faktörü 2.494±0.018 olarak belirlenmiştir. Anahtar kelimeler: Carassius gibelio, Kondisyon faktörü, Boy-ağırlık ilişkisi, Bafra Balık Gölü DETERMINATION OF CONDITION FACTOR AND LENGTH-WEİGHT RELATIONSHIP OF THE CRUCIAN CARP, Carassıus gıbelıo (BLOCH, 1782 INHABITING BAFRA FISH LAKE Abstract: In this study, it is examined the crucian carp (Carassius gibelio which is captured by montly sampling during the period of January 2000 to September 2002 in the Bafra Fish Lake to investigate for the condition factor and length-weight relationship. There are 168 ♀ (% 97.11, 5 ♂ (% 2.89 specimens in the population. The fork length distribution from 16.9 to 30 cm and weight varied between of 125 to 730 g; length-weight relationship was calculated as W = 0.0265 L2.978. Condition factors varied from 1.976 to 3.776 and the mean condition factors were determined as 2.494±0.018. Key words: Carassius gibelio, Condition factor, Length-weight relationship, Bafra Fish Lake

  16. 1:0 for Spain. After the soccer World Championship, Spain won an important solar contest in South Africa; 1:0 fuer Spanien. Nach der Fussball-WM hat Spanien in Suedafrika nun einen wichtigen Solarwettbewerb gewonnen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rosell, Alejandro Diego; Mattke, Sascha


    Spanish manufacturers acquired more orders for construction of industrial-scale PV systems in South Africa than their competitors from other countries. German manufacturers managed to get contracts as partners in several projects.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hatice YURTTAŞ


    Full Text Available This article compares Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go and Mark Romanek’s film adaptation of the text with the same title. Discussing the novel’s deconstructive strategies through which the categories of the human, authenticity and copy are unsettled, it is suggested that Ishiguro’s text distinguishes itself from science fiction genre where these categories are affirmed by relocating them in a hierarchical relationship. Ishiguro reveals the power of fiction and stories in constructing identity based on dualities and this applies to both the clone and the human. The film, on the other hand, is a reassuring science fiction where the human is offered as a determined category by setting the identity of the human against its other- nonhuman or clone.

  18. ‘Listening at the threshold’ – ’n Lesing van godsdiens in ’n paar uittreksels uit drie van Iris Murdoch se boek romans: Henry and Cato, Nuns and soldiers and The unicorn

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stella Prozesky


    Full Text Available Hierdie artikel het die godsdienstige aspekte van drie van Iris Murdoch se romans binne die raamwerk van ’n Christelike leesteorie ontleed. Die artikel het die gebruik van die Christelike leesteorie verdedig eerder as teorieë wat dekonstruksie, Marxistiese teorie of psigoanalise as vertrekpunte neem. Die argument in die artikel was dat, alhoewel Murdoch nie self ’n ortodokse Christelike geloof voorgestaan het nie, daar wel in haar werk ’n echo of the Divine, soos beskryf deur Laurence Hemming, bespeur kan word. Dit was veral duidelik wanneer sy oor godsdiens skryf in die drie romans wat in die artikel in oorweging gekom het. Hierdie geestelike weerklanke is geloofwaardig en kom ook opvallend ooreen met ortodoks Christelike spiritualiteit. Die doel van die artikel was dus om ’n paar indrukke te noteer, ’n belangrike vraag aan die orde te stel en om ’n paar antwoorde te oorweeg oor die aard van die echo of the Divine wat aangetref word in die gekose uittreksels uit hierdie drie romans.



    TÜMKAYA, Doç. Dr. Songül; ÇAM, Yrd. Doç. Dr. Sabahattin; ÇAVUŞOĞLU, İlknur


    This study mainly aims at investigating reliability and validity of the Turkish adaptation of the Burnout Syndrome Inventory short version developed by Pines 2005 – on students in non thesis master’s program and people from different professions The participants of this study were senior student teachers from Çukurova University The Faculty of Education 233 students 137 females and 98 males participated in the study The data of this research were collected through the Burnout Syndro...

  20. Ikea and the sun. The furniture giant operates photovoltaic power plants already for years; Ikea und die Sonne. Der Moebelgigant betreibt schon seit Jahren Photovoltaikanlagen. Nun will er sie auch verkaufen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Siemer, Jochen


    The Swedish furniture giant IKEA operates large photovoltaic power plants in many countries. In Germany alone, photovoltaic power plants with a performance of nearly 5 megawatts are installed. Now, Ikea stores also want to offer photovoltaic power systems for the final customer in Great Britain. This announcement caused a commotion at the end of the last year. It is speculated eagerly whether this is the beginning of a mighty competition for the solar installers in Europe.

  1. Türkiye’de Yeni Medya Düzeninin Oluşumunda Tasarruf Mevduatı Sigorta Fonu’nun Rolü / The Role of Savings Deposit Insurance Fund in the Formation of New Media Order in Turkey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bora ERDEM


    Full Text Available Türkiye’de özellikle 1990 sonrasında medya ve sermaye alanında önemli değişimler yaşandı. 1980’li yıllarda başlayan serbest piyasa ekonomisine geçiş sonrasında ekonomi alanında yeni aktörler yer aldı. Aynı dönemde yaşanan siyasi ve ekonomik krizler, bünyesinde banka ve medya şirketleri barındıran holdinglerin batması sonucunu doğurdu. Batan bankalardaki mevduat sahiplerini koruma amacı ile kurulan Tasarruf Mevduatı Sigorta Fonu (TMSF, bahse konu holdinglerin şirketlerine el koydu. Böylece önemli medya şirketleri de bir yönü ile iktidar kontrolüne geçmiş oldu. Bir müddet TMSF tarafından yönetilen bu şirketler kamu ihale kanununa tabi olmayan ihalelerle iktidara yakın işadamlarına tahsisli olarak satıldı. Hükümete karşı oldukça yıpratıcı yayınlar yapabilen bu muhalif medya gruplarının (TMSF’nin odağında olduğu bu süreç sonrasında bir anda hükümeti destekler konuma geçmesi, iktidar lehine ‘taraflı bir medya yapısı tasarımı’ algısı oluşturdu. Elbette TMSF kurumsal anlamda bu sonucun oluşmasındaki tek unsur değildir. Çalışmanın sonunda görüleceği üzere, birçok devlet kurumu ve enstrümanı bu sonucun ortaya çıkmasında etkili olmuştur. Ancak burada konunun sınırlandırılması bakamından, TMSF’nin kuruluş ve işlevleri, medya TMSF ilişkisi ve bu süreçte TMSF marifetiyle sahiplik yapısı değiştirilen bazı medya şirketleri ele alınacaktır. / Significant changes have been witnessed in Turkey especially after 1990 in the fields of media and capital. After the transition to free markets which began in 1980s new actor took place in economy. Political and economic crisis which were experienced in the same period led to the bankruptcy of holdings consisting of banks and media companies. Saving Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF which was founded in order to protect the depositors of the bankrupt banks took over the companies of the said companies. Thus, in one way, critical media companies went under the control of the governing party. These companies which were managed by TMSF for a certain period were sold with private placement to the businessmen close to the governing party with tender which were not subject to public tenders act. The fact that these opposition media groups which used to air very back-breaking broadcasts against the government suddenly became very supportive of the government (after this process in the centre of which TMSF stood created the perception that a “partisan media structure” was designed in favour of the government. It is sure that TMSF institutionally is not the only element for creating this result. As will be seen in the end of the paper, several government agencies and instruments played active role in obtaining this result. However, due to space limitations, this paper will deal with foundation and functions of TMSF, the relations between media and TMSF and some media companies of which ownership structure was changed in this process with the intervention of TMSF.



    Kırzıoğlu, M. Cemal


    ÖZETMakale, Erzurum Tarihini Araştırma ve Tanıtma Derneği’nin “ Erzurum tarihini yeniden yazma” konusunda: biri Erzurumlu Tarih Hocası Tahsin (Akgün) Aşıroğlu(1911-1984), diğeri M. Fahrettin Kırzıoğlu(1917-2005)’na ait olmak üzere iki ayrı belgeyi ihtiva etmektedir. ABSTRACTThis study includes two separate documents belonged to a history teacher from Erzurum, Tahsin(Akgün) Aşıroğlu(1911-1984), and M. Fahrettin Kırzıoğlu(1917-2005 about rewritin...

  3. Characterizing Resilience and Growth Among Soldiers: A Trajectory Study (United States)


    studies that showed the possible link between positive psychological assets and health outcomes is The Nun Study .38 A group of American nuns who were...38. Danner DD, Snowdon DA, Friesen VW. Positive emotions in early life and longevity: findings from the nun study . J Pers Soc Psychol. 2000; 80...Trajectory Study PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Nansook Park CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

  4. Identifying Future Sacred Heart Administrators by Examining the Characteristics, Commonalities, and Personal Motivations of Current School Leaders (United States)

    Teixeira, Julie Brill


    Since their inception, all schools of the Sacred Heart have been headed by nuns of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus [RSCJ]. As the years have passed, many RSCJ nuns have aged and retired leaving vacancies that have proven difficult to fill. In this qualitative study, the characteristics, commonalities, and personal motivations of Sacred…

  5. Foreign and Catholic: A Plea to Protestant Parents on the Dangers of Convent Education in Victorian England. (United States)

    Kollar, Rene


    Discusses Catholic convent schools in 19th century England. Focuses on a perceived viewpoint that Protestant females would convert to Catholicism if they were taught by Catholic nuns. Considered nuns as substandard teachers using poor curriculum. Concludes anti-Catholicism waned as a strong force during the early 20th century, minimizing criticism…

  6. What Determines the Speed of Lexical Access: Homophone or Specific-Word Frequency? A Reply to Jescheniak et al. (2003) (United States)

    Caramazza, Alfonso; Bi, Yanchao; Costa, Albert; Miozzo, Michelle


    A. Caramazza, A. Costa, M. Miozzo, and Y. Bi (2001) reported a series of experiments showing that naming latencies for homophones are determined by specific-word frequency (e.g., frequency of nun) and not homophone frequency (frequency of nun + none). J. D. Jescheniak, A. S. Meyer, and W. J. M. Levelt (2003) have challenged these studies on a…

  7. The De-Genderization of Knowledge Production: The Case of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. (United States)

    Salazar, Norma


    All societies have official knowledge. Life of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, 17th-century nun and literary genius, illustrates who discovers knowledge is more important than what knowledge is promulgated. Real issue was not what Sor Juana wrote but whether nun or woman should engage in producing and publishing knowledge. Her efforts have inspired…

  8. [Disease in the cloisters: requests to leave Convento da Ajuda, Rio de Janeiro, for the treatment of contagious diseases, c.1750-1780]. (United States)

    Martins, William de Souza


    This article discusses the requests submitted by nuns from Convento da Ajuda (Ajuda Convent) to leave their life of enclosure to receive treatment for contagious diseases. Disease was one of the few cases in which nuns were granted permission to leave. The female orders were strictly cloistered in order to preserve their purity as virgins consecrated to Christ. Extant documents detail the causes of the diseases, the ways they were transmitted, and the treatments used to fight them. These processes shed light on the procedures adopted outside the cloisters so that the nuns did not jeopardize their reclusion and honor when they went to distant places in search of treatment.

  9. Communication: Relativistic Fock-space coupled cluster study of small building blocks of larger uranium complexes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tecmer, Paweł; Visscher, Lucas; Severo Pereira Gomes, André; Knecht, Stefan


    We present a study of the electronic structure of the [UO 2 ] + , [UO 2 ] 2 + , [UO 2 ] 3 + , NUO, [NUO] + , [NUO] 2 + , [NUN] − , NUN, and [NUN] + molecules with the intermediate Hamiltonian Fock-space coupled cluster method. The accuracy of mean-field approaches based on the eXact-2-Component Hamiltonian to incorporate spin–orbit coupling and Gaunt interactions are compared to results obtained with the Dirac–Coulomb Hamiltonian. Furthermore, we assess the reliability of calculations employing approximate density functionals in describing electronic spectra and quantities useful in rationalizing Uranium (VI) species reactivity (hardness, electronegativity, and electrophilicity)

  10. Communication: Relativistic Fock-space coupled cluster study of small building blocks of larger uranium complexes (United States)

    Tecmer, Paweł; Severo Pereira Gomes, André; Knecht, Stefan; Visscher, Lucas


    We present a study of the electronic structure of the [UO2]+, [UO2]2 +, [UO2]3 +, NUO, [NUO]+, [NUO]2 +, [NUN]-, NUN, and [NUN]+ molecules with the intermediate Hamiltonian Fock-space coupled cluster method. The accuracy of mean-field approaches based on the eXact-2-Component Hamiltonian to incorporate spin-orbit coupling and Gaunt interactions are compared to results obtained with the Dirac-Coulomb Hamiltonian. Furthermore, we assess the reliability of calculations employing approximate density functionals in describing electronic spectra and quantities useful in rationalizing Uranium (VI) species reactivity (hardness, electronegativity, and electrophilicity).


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Social learning theory is one of the important theories of gender role education in children. According to this theory, children imitate the role models that they created from the same-sex selection of people that they encounter in their entourage, by means of visual media, through the lecture books they read in the school or fictional story books that are suitable for their age, and that they imagined in their fantasies through these inputs. By this way, the children adopt the gender role by the conditioning of these stimulus generated by their social environment. In this study, twenty two novels have been chosen among approximately three hundred children’s and young adult novels of Kemalettin Tugcu with simple random sampling. Document analysis technique within qualitative research methodology has been applied. The aim of the study is to investigate the gender roles phenomenon in Children’s Literature through Tugcu’s work in terms of the gender division of labour within the household, stereotypes and occupational stereotypes.

  12. A não-ordenação feminina: delimitando as assimetrias de gênero na Igreja Católica a partir de rapazes e moças vocacionados/as The denial of female ordination: gender asymmetries in the Catholic Church from the point of view of prospective nuns and priests

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sílvia Regina Alves Fernandes


    Full Text Available A não-ordenação feminina no catolicismo é abordada neste texto a partir da ótica de jovens seminaristas e moças que desejam ingressar em conventos. Trata-se de um estudo sociológico e qualitativo que analisa comparativamente as percepções de rapazes e moças sobre as relações de gênero na Igreja Católica. Suas narrativas demonstram claramente a existência de desigualdades de gênero no nível hierárquico e revelam que as moças tendem a ser mais críticas e questionadoras e os rapazes tendem a manter o status quo.The denial of female ordination is approached in this paper from the perspective of young men and women that desire to enter convents. This is a sociological and qualitative study that comparativily analyses the perceptions of young men and women of gender relations in the Catholic Church. Their testimonies clearly show the existence of gender inequality in the church"s hierarchy and reveal that the young women have a tendency to be more critical and inquisitive, while the young men tend to maintain the status quo.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nilgun Sazak


    Full Text Available This study contains preparation step of the ‘Board Game ‘’ and ıt can be used by both teachers and students ındıvıdually ın order to contrıbute to teaching ‘’Listening Singing –Play’’,’’Musical Perception and Exposition ‘’and ‘’Musical Culture ‘’ learning areas.To measure the availability of material develpoed by the researcher was asked questions to the music teachers (n=19 , music ınstructers (n=4 and instructional technology experts of Education Faculty (n=2 with semi-structured interview technique .In the light of the findings music teachers and music instructors reported views about the issues of approprance and usefulness the teaching program and areas ,then the Instructional Technology experts reported view about compliance with technical specification and constructivist learning approach.To aimed making up different teaching material which have educational features,determined the teaching program about objectives and content also usefulness of the visual design principles in terms of the formal characteristics with the design of ‘’Music Road Board Game ‘’ for the music lessons .

  14. Mehmet Akif Ersoy’a Göre Doğu’nun Geri Kalmışlığının, Batının Gelişmişliğinin Eğitim-Öğretim İle İlişkisi


    KESKİN, Mustafa


    Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devleti’nin kuruluşu kolay olmamıştır. Birinci Dünya Savaşı’ndan sonra neredeyse bütün ümitleri tükenmiş bir durumda olan Türk halkına yeni bir heyecan ve ruh kazandırmak için bazı fikir adamlarımız birtakım çözüm önerileri sunmuşlardır. Bunlardan birisi, millî şair ve düşünürümüz M. Âkif ERSOY’dur. M. A. Ersoy, “Fatih Kürsüsünde” adlı eserinde, bilime bigane kalmış, ümitsizlik girdabına düşmüş, yoksulluk ve fakirlik içinde yorgun ve dermansız kalmış, kısaca yok olmak üzer...

  15. Küresel Tarih Yaklaşimina Göre Qing İmperatorluğu’nun Çöküşü: Yeni Bir Kavrayiştan Söz Edilebilir mi? (The Fall of the Qing Empire in a Global History Perspective: New Insights?)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Douw, L.M.; Sina Akşin, S.; Balci, S.; Bariş, B.


    This essay is meant to provide background materials for the comparison of the Young Turk Revolution of 1908 and the nearly simultaneous fall of the Qing Dynasty in China in 1911. This will be done by summarizing several of the academic debates, which since the 1990s have profoundly changed the

  16. Common Terms (United States)

    ... Generic name: nateglinide) dawn phenomenon (feh-NAH-meh-nun) the early-morning (4 a.m. to 8 ... energy. Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) a study by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive ...

  17. ‘Divine Love and the Negotiation of Emotions in Early Modern English Convents’,


    Lux-Sterritt, Laurence


    International audience; This essay explores the affectivity of the English Benedictine nuns in exile in the seventeenth century; it relies mostly on documents which belonged to the houses at Cambrai and Paris. In conventual writings, the ‘terrene’ affections which emanated from the senses and gratified the appetites were unanimously condemned, whilst only one emotion was praised as holy and spiritual: that of divine love. Zealous contemplative nuns embarked upon a personal crusade against the...

  18. On p-mode oscillations in stars from 1 solar mass to 2 solar masses (United States)

    Audard, N.; Provost, J.


    The structure of stars more massive than about 1.2 solar masses is characterized by a convective core. We have studied the evolution with age and mass of acoustic frequencies of high radical order n and low degree l for models of stars of 1, 1.5 and 2 solar masses. Using a polynomial approximation for the frequency, the p-mode spectrum can be characterized by derived global asteroseismic coefficients, i.e. the mean separation nu0 is approximately equal to nun, l - nun - 1, l and the small frequency separation Delta nu0, 2 is approximately equal to nun, l = 0 - nun - 1, l = 2. The diagram (nu0, delta nu0, 2/nu0) plotted along the evolutionary tracks would help to separate the effects of age and mass. We study the sensitivity of these coefficients and other observable quantities, like the radius and luminosity, to stellar parameters in the vicinity of 1 solar mass and 2 solar masses; this sensitivity substantially depends on the stellar mass and must be taken into account for asteroseismic calibration of stellar clusters. Considering finally some rapid variations of the internal structure, we show that the second frequency difference delta2 nu = nu(subn, l) - 2 nun - 1, l + nun - 2, l exponent gamma in the He II ionization zone.

  19. Klâsik Türk Edebiyatında Metinler Arasılık Alanında Bibliyografya Denemesi ve Hasibe Mazıoğlu’nun “Fuzûlî-Hâfız” Örneği A Bibliyography Trial On Intertextuality In Classical Turkish Literature And A Case Study Of “Fuzûlî-Hâfız” By Hasibe Mazıoğlu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nagehan UÇAN EKE


    Full Text Available The development of the civilizations is impossible if they do notmeet richer cultures and civilizations and do not benefit from them. Theolder and great civilizations like Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Latin andIslam civilizations survive their presence by receiving something fromthe previous civilizations and giving something to latter civilizations. Alot of famous writer benefit from the language and culture they met andenrich their philosophy. Writer who uses works of different languagesand different cultures has the opportunity of the comparison of differentcultures. A way to compare it to “the other person to come and discoverhim to face with” means. Each literary work or text, although ownoriginality, there are other artifacts are a reflection on them and getsthe location within the network, enters into the relationships ofharmony and affinity. Comparison of two different literature or culturewas regarded as the concept of “comparative literature”, in later yearsas an interdisciplinary field of literature-sociology, literaturepsychology,literature-philosophy, literature and other arts-painting,music, photos, relationships, especially in recent years, is regarded asan extension of literature with close ties to the movie and compare it tothese different areas are technical, such as aspects of style. Butconsidiring the context in which information, comparative literature,different cultures and different literatures are treated as an unfoldingand vanishing expansion. In this study, first “intertextuality” and“comparative literature” concepts are briefly described than a generalBibliography on Classical Turkish Literature and Intertextuality of workuntil today are presented and finally “Fuzûlî-Hâfız: A comparison of twopoet” is presented from Hasibe Mazıoğlu, which is one of the first andmost notable work in this area.

  20. Two novel cyclic peptides are key components of the antimicrobial activity of the Greenlandic isolate Pseudomonas sp. In5

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hennessy, Rosanna Catherine; Phippen, Christopher; Nielsen, Kristian F.

    suppressive soil, Pseudomonas sp. In5 is therefore a promising potential biocontrol agent with potent activity against plant pathogens. Studies to date have shown nunamycin and nunapeptin as key components underpinning this antimicrobial activity. Current research is focussed on unravelling the regulation...... and antimicrobial mode of action of both peptides. Functional characterisation of the LuxR-type regulatory gene nunF by targeted knock-out and complementation resulted in the loss and gain of both antimicrobial activity and peptide synthesis respectively. Located downstream of the nunamycin biosynthetic genes, nun......F shows homology to syrF from P. syringae pv. syringae involved in the regulation of the antifungal peptide syringomycin. These results show that nunF is a key component of antimicrobial activity and synthesis of nunamycin and nunapeptin....

  1. Antigone a Port-Royal: obbedienza monastica e autonomia femminile in un’abbazia di Antico Regime

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvana Bartoli


    Full Text Available Can a superior command to the conscience? Set inside a female religious tradition which for centuries answered in an affirmative way to this question, the nuns of Port Royal became rebels “proud as demons”, when they decided to say no to a document that required from them blind obedience. The History of Port Royal is indeed a history of a rebellion. The “day of the judas” and the denial of the Formulary are just the tip of the iceberg: the responsible consensus given by the nuns to the Benedettinian rules implies in itself the opposition to the rules of power. The model of an obedient nun is swept away by the obedience itself. Is it possible to apply Rossana Rossanda’s question «why disobedience is woman» to a monastery of the ancient regime?

  2. The Army Study Program. (United States)



  3. On the Analytical and Numerical Properties of the Truncated Laplace Transform II (United States)


    La,b)∗ ◦ La,b) (un)) (t) = ∫ b a 1 t+ s un(s)ds = α 2 nun (t). (32) Similarly, the left singular functions vn of La,b are eigenfunctions of the...odd in the sense that Un(s) = (−1) nUn (−s). (83) 3.5 Decay of the coefficients Since the left singular function vn (defined in (27)) is a associated with the right singular function un via (41) and (42) and it is studied in [12]. Lemma 3.13. Suppose that un be the n+ 1-th right

  4. Impact of Emerging NDE-NDI Methods on Aircraft Design, Manufacture and Maintenance (L’Impact des Nouvelles Methodes d’Examen Non Destructif et de Controle Non Destructif (NDE-NDI) sur la Conception, la Fabrication et la Maintenance des Aeronefs) (United States)


    canique et refroidissenent A eau p1Ilot6 par l’autanate de la crmande nun~rIque. - Le banc est tout A fait compatible avec un syst~me d’analyse...SAPIR est un syst~me de traitement et de restitution d’irnages, i1 assure la nun~risation sur 12 bits (512 points par ligne) des signaux requs des...avant ou aprbs le traitement . Lc SAPIR est cmnand6 et configurA par l’utilisateur au moyen d’un terminal de dialogue, et est pourvu d’une liaison rapide

  5. Estimation of the reaction rate for the formation of CH3O from H + H2CO - Implications for chemistry in the solar system (United States)

    Yung, Yuk L.; Drew, William A.; Pinto, Joseph P.; Friedl, Randall R.


    Troe's (1977) approximate theory is presently used in conjunction with transition state theory to estimate the rate coefficient of the reaction by which CO is reduced to CH4; attention is given to the role that may be played in the reduction process by the formation of the CH3O radical from H + H2CO. Attention is given to the implications of such a reaction (1) for the CO chemistry on Jupiter and within the solar nebula, (2) for the interpretation of such experimental results as those of Bar-Nun and Shaviv (1975) and Bar-Nun and Chang (1983), and (3) for organic synthesis in the prebiotic terrestrial atmosphere.

  6. Resveratrol y artritis reumatoide: efecto protector en un modelo animal de artritis y estudio de sus propiedades antiinflamatorias en sinoviocitos artríticos humanos en cultivo


    Riveiro Naveira, Romina R.


    [Resumo]Neste traballo estudouse o efecto do resveratrol na artrite reumatoide (AR) in vivo, nun modelo animal de artrite inducida por antíxeno (AlA), e in vitro, en sinoviocitos artríticos humanos en cultivo. Para o estudo in vivo do efecto do resveratrol nun modelo AlA en ratas, éste administrouse dun xeito oral durante dous meses antes da indución da artrite e ata o remate do estudo, dous días despois da indución, coincidindo coa fase aguda da enfermidade. Atopouse que o ...

  7. The Church: Black Catholic Women Religious in Antebellum Period. (United States)

    McNally, Michael J.


    Describes the formation of the Oblate Sisters of Providence and the Congregation of the Holy Family, two orders of Black nuns founded in the American South prior to the Civil War for the purposes of educating Black children and caring for orphans and elderly, abandoned slaves. (GC)

  8. Wireless Power für mobile Geräte

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Waffenschmidt, E.


    Um die mobile Geräte wie z.B. Mobiltelefone, Music-Player, Digitalkameras Kommunikationsmittel mit Energie zu versorgen, wird gerade fürMassenanwendungen in letzter Zeit häufig induktive kontaktlose Energieübertragung vorgeschlagen. In diesem Artikel werden nun Limitierungen in Hinblick auf die

  9. 13 Febr. 1955. B. GD r . B. G emser , Hebreeuse Spraakkuns, JL van ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    onder die paradigma is dit korrek gegee). Die herhalingsoefening na die werkwoord met laryngale en beginalef sal goeie diens doen om die student homself nogeens goed rekenskap te laat gee van die reëls betreffende die keelklanke. By die behandeling van die pe-nun verba mis ons die dikwels voorkomende emfatiese ...

  10. Ausbreitung des parasitischen Unkrauts Phelipanche ramosa in der deutschen Landwirtschaft

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kohlschmid, Eva; Müller-Stöver, Dorette Sophie; Sauerborn, J.


    Petersilie auf ihren Flächen anzubauen. Dies hatte zur Folge, dass diese nun mit P. ramosa befallen wurde. Noch vor 10 Jahren als Fallenpflanze eingesetzt, hatte die Petersilie eine eher geringe Wirkung auf die verzweigte Sommerwurz. Dieses Gefährdungspotential vor allem durch weitere potentielle...

  11. The finfish species caught with various fishing gear in Odi River ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The finfish species caught with various fishing gear in Odi River was studied in the Kolokuma/Opokuma axis of River Nun for six months (November – December 2011 and January, 2012 for dry season and May, June and July 2012 for wet season) to enhance management of its and similar water bodies fishery. Drift gillnet ...

  12. Mechanik deformierbarer fester Stoffe (United States)

    Heintze, Joachim

    In Bd. I/I haben wir die Mechanik des Massenpunkts und des starren Körpers behandelt; wir wollen nun berücksichtigen, dass sich alle Körper unter dem Einfluss der einwirkenden Kräfte deformieren können.

  13. Marketing in der Postmoderne


    Löbler, Helge


    Das Marketing befindet sich in einem fundamentalen Umbruch. Es entwickelt sich von einem modernen Verständnis zu einer postmodernen Arena. Wer das postmoderne Marketing nicht versteht und nicht anwendet, wird definitiv ins Hintertreffen geraten. Dies zeigt sich bereits heute, da manche Unternehmen sehr erfolgreich in das postmoderne Marketing eingetreten sind. Wodurch zeichnet sich nun das postmoderne Marketing aus?

  14. Muusikamaailm : Ateena konkurss tuleb esinduslik. Kaks raamatut juubilar-lauljatest. David Robertson lahkub Pariisist. Jean-Pierre Rampal surnud / Priit Kuusk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kuusk, Priit, 1938-


    Septembris Ateenas toimuvast D. Mitropoulose nim. rahvusvahelisest noorte dirigentide konkursist. Saksamaal ilmus kaks raamatut nimekatelt lauljatelt ئ D. Fischer-Dieskau "Zeit eines Lebens. Auf Fährtensuche" ja J. King'i "Nun sollt Ihr mich befragen". D. Robertson lahkub Ensemble InterContemporaini kunstilise juhi kohalt, dirigendi edasisest tegevuskavast. J.-P. Rampal'i muusikuteest

  15. The Undergraduate as Researcher: Selected Studies in Mass Communication. (United States)

    Felsenthal, Norman A.

    Reporting on a group of class projects undertaken by a series of his college-level "Broadcasting and Society" courses, the author concludes that there is great value in encouraging undergraduates to do their own original research. Among the topics researched by the students are the effect of television on nuns, television news viewing habits of…

  16. The "Visions of Hildegard" and the "Silent Period": A Case Study of Language Acquisition through Aural and Visual Memory. (United States)

    Atherton, Mark


    The medieval writer, the nun Hildegard von Bingen, learned Latin without any formal instruction in it. Her case is described as an example of language acquisition by hearing it read, sung, and expounded and by visualizing it as though it were written down in a kind of phonetic script. (21 references) (Author/LB)

  17. Mineralogy and geochemistry of density-separated Greek lignite fractions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Iordanidis, A.; Doesburg, van J.D.J.


    In this study, lignite samples were collected from the Ptolemais region, northern Greece, homogenized, crushed to less than I nun, and separated in three density fractions using heavy media. The mineralogical investigation of the density fractions showed a predominance of pyrite in the light

  18. Toward the Realization of a Compact Chemical Sensor Platform using Quantum Cascade Lasers (United States)


    capable of trace gas detection at parts-per-trillion (ppt) levels.5, 6 Although these studies demonstrate the sensitivity capabilities of...sensor system, we have acllieved a detection limit well below the suggested value of 1 ppm (Tlu·eshold Limit Value, 20 nun exposme) . (A) 0020 :;; 0

  19. Elder Gongga 貢噶老人 (1903-1997) between China, Tibet and Taiwan : Assessing Life, Mission and Mummification of a Buddhist Woman

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Travagnin, Stefania


    Elder Gongga (1903-1997), a Chinese Buddhist woman native of Beiping, played a crucial role in the transmission of Tibetan Buddhism in China and Taiwan, bridged Dharma traditions, and merged Buddhist and cultural identities; she also became an eminent nun in the history of female Buddhism for life

  20. Alltägliche Lebensführung in der Kindergartenpraxis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Chimirri, Niklas Alexander

    dient dem Workshop als Grundlage, um mit Interessierten auch über deren Praxiserfahrungen mit Kindern (ob das nun „Forschung“ oder eine andere Praxis ist) zu diskutieren. Wer Lust hat, möge mir bis zum 1.9. 1-2 Seiten zum eigenen Projekt bzw. der eigenen Fragestellung per Mail zu schicken: VERSTECKTE...

  1. Women Religious Leaders and Stress. (United States)

    Rayburn, Carole A.; And Others

    This study examined stress, strain, and coping mechanisms in women religious leaders. Subjects were nuns (N=51), Reform women rabbis (N=45), Episcopal women priests (N=32), United Methodist clergywomen (N=45) and Presbyterian clergywomen (N=45), matched for age and years on the job and pulpit assignments. All subjects were given the Osipow and…

  2. Digital Technology in Preservation of Buddist Monastery Treasures (United States)

    Shaftel, A.


    Treasure Caretaker Training (Digital Monastery Project), teaches Buddhist monks, nuns and community cultural caretakers to protect and preserve their own monastery sacred art treasures. Participants learn to create digital inventories by use of their own mobile phones. Included in this documentation is the video interview of elders who hold the oral history of many of the treasures. Risk assessment and disaster mitigation are taught.

  3. Rebels with a Cause: Obedience, Resistance and Convent Life, 1800-1940 (United States)

    Raftery, Deirdre


    This article examines the biographies and personal records of nineteenth-century Catholic nuns who worked in education, with a view to determining how they reconciled their individuality with the demands of religious life. Their resistance to rules, and the ways in which they wrestled with the vow of obedience, is examined. The roles of the Novice…

  4. Neue molekulare Mechanismen zellulärer Interaktionen an der Gefäßwand und ihre Bedeutung für die Pathogenese der Atherosklerose


    Borst, Oliver Alexander


    Hintergrund: EMMPRIN (Extracellular matrix metalloproteinase Inducer) ist ein immunglobulinähnliches Glykoprotein, das auf verschiedenen Zellen exprimiert wird. Erstmals beschrieben wurde EMMPRIN auf Tumorzellen. Zwischenzeitlich ist bekannt, dass EMMPRIN auch auf verschiedenen weiteren Zellen (z.B. auf Fibroblasten, Monozyten oder glatten Muskelzellen) exprimiert wird. Erst vor kurzem konnte eine aktivierungsabhängige Expression von EMMPRIN nun auch auf Thrombozyten nachgewiesen w...

  5. Response of Adult Lymantriid Moths to Illumination Devices in the Russian Far East (United States)

    William E. Wallner; Lee M. Humble; Robert E. Levin; Yuri N. Baranchikov; Ring T. Carde; Ring T. Carde


    In field studies in the Russian Far East, five types of illuminating devices were evaluated for attracting adult gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar (L.), pink gypsy moth, L. mathura Moore, and nun moth, L. monacha (L.). Our objective was to determine if light from commercial lamps suited to out-of-doors floodlighting could be modified to reduce their attractiveness to moths...

  6. Full service; Voller Einsatz

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weber, Tilman


    Maintenance of wind turbines is a core business for the manufacturers. With long-term contracts they retain customers. Are now all carefree? [German] Instandhaltung von Windturbinen wird fuer die Hersteller ein Kerngeschaeft. Mit Langzeitvertraegen binden sie Kunden an sich. Sind nun alle rundum sorgenfrei?.

  7. Viertes LSDMA Symposium: Neue Entwicklungen im Bereich Big Data


    Çayoğlu, Uğur


    Auch in diesem Jahr trafen sich zahlreiche Wissenschaftler aus unterschiedlichen Wissenschaftsgebieten beim internationalen Symposium „The Challenge of Big Data in Science“, der Helmholtz Initiative Large-Scale Data Management and Analysis (LSDMA). Das Steinbuch Centre for Computing veranstaltete diese Tagung nun das vierte Mal. Es waren über 90 Teilnehmer aus Deutschland, Frankreich, Spanien, China und den Vereinigten Staaten zu Gast.

  8. Propositional Density in Spoken and Written Language of Czech-Speaking Patients With Mild Cognitive Impairment

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Smolík, Filip; Štěpánková, H.; Vyhnálek, M.; Nikolai, T.; Horáková, K.; Matějka, Š.


    Roč. 59, č. 6 (2016), s. 1461-1470 ISSN 1092-4388 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA13-26779S Institutional support: RVO:68081740 Keywords : Alzheimers-disease * life-span * verbal fluency * idea density * speech errors * older adults * age * memory * nun * complexity Subject RIV: AN - Psychology Impact factor: 1.771, year: 2016

  9. Kaks elunägemist Edinburghi rahvusvaheliselt filmifestivalislt / Siim Vatalin

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Vatalin, Siim


    Edinburghi rahvusvahelisest filmifestivalist. Kahest festivalil linastunud dokumentaalfilmist - "Klooster. Hr Vig ja nunn" ("The Monastery: Mr Vig and the Nun"), Taani 2006, režii ja kaamera Pernille Rose GrınkjΜr ja "Kuidas toota vastuhakku? Michael Moore'i varjatud pale" ("Manufacturing Dissent: Uncovering Michael Moore"), Kanada 2007, režii Deborah Melnik ja Rick Caine, kaamera Rick Caine

  10. Spectrum Analysis of Inertial and Subinertial Motions Based on Analyzed Winds and Wind-Driven Currents from a Primitive Equation General Ocean Circulation Model. (United States)


    1Muter.Te Motions Based on Ana lyzed Winds and wind-driven December 1982 Currents from. a Primitive Squat ion General a.OW -love"*..* Oean Circulation...mew se"$ (comeS.... do oISN..u am ae~ 00do OWaor NUN Fourier and Rotary Spc , Analysis Modeled Inertial and Subinrtial Motion 4 Primitive Equation

  11. Effects of ignoring baseline on modeling transitions from intact cognition to dementia. (United States)

    Yu, Lei; Tyas, Suzanne L; Snowdon, David A; Kryscio, Richard J


    This paper evaluates the effect of ignoring baseline when modeling transitions from intact cognition to dementia with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and global impairment (GI) as intervening cognitive states. Transitions among states are modeled by a discrete-time Markov chain having three transient (intact cognition, MCI, and GI) and two competing absorbing states (death and dementia). Transition probabilities depend on two covariates, age and the presence/absence of an apolipoprotein E-epsilon4 allele, through a multinomial logistic model with shared random effects. Results are illustrated with an application to the Nun Study, a cohort of 678 participants 75+ years of age at baseline and followed longitudinally with up to ten cognitive assessments per nun.

  12. Interim Research Performance Report (Contract N00014-11-1-0752, The University of Mississippi) (United States)


    CONSIDERED • let Nozzle - CiHiic Section Convecging-Diveigiog Nozzle: Design Mach, Alj = 1.74. - Exil Diamcler. I), - 5II.X nun • Pressure Matched...waveform analysis (wavelet based) to study spectral properties a tl •;■ " i 0. ,\\IK",V"is||<s \\£j-r+ru^^ SlUOXK kl NIMM: E3ÜÜ3«. UKC Annual Rait...R.lii« R|! 74 CATALOG OF RUN CONDITIONS l- «(MiHiiivpi -V /- AU",V’».^1K’> t4-. vT.: T,r^4j>- 201» (INK kl Nun « ki’duiluNi IIRC AIUHMI Hii\\i«w

  13. Effects of rootstocks on fruit yield and some quality traits of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rana Kurum


    Full Text Available In this study the effects of rootstocks on watermelon fruit quality and yield were investigated by comparing grafted plants with non-grafted and self-grafted ones in open field conditions in over two consecutive years (2013-2014. The watermelon cultivar Crimson Tide was grafted onto Ferro RZ, Maximus, Nun 9075, RS 841, No:3, Strong Tosa and TZ 148 rootstocks. Non-grafted and self-grafted plants were used as control. Grafting increased the average fruit yield between 17.45% and 52.56% compared to non-grafted treatment. It was concluded that among the tested rootstocks No:3 along with Nun 9075 and TZ 148 rootstocks can be advised due to the increase in fruit yield, total soluble solids and taste panel test values and that the use of grafted plants can be advantageous alternative in watermelon production for producers.

  14. On the Analytical and Numerical Properties of the Truncated Laplace Transform (United States)


    classical study of the truncated Fourier trans- form. The resulting algorithms are applicable to all environments likely to be encountered in applications...other words, (((La,b)∗ ◦ La,b) (un)) (t) = ∫ b a 1 t+ s un(s)ds = α 2 nun (t). (2.69) Observation 2.22. Similarly, La,b ◦ (La,b)∗ of a function g ∈ L2(0...3.20)) are even and odd functions in the regular sense: Un(s) = (Cγ(un)) (s) = (−1) nUn (−s). (3.25) In particular, at the point s = 0, we have: U2j+1(0

  15. Hungry women: sin and rebellion through food and music in the early modern era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gioia Filocamo


    Full Text Available Longing for food has always had different implications for men and women: associated with power and strength for men, it tends to have a worrying proximity to sexual pleasure for women. Showing an interesting parallelism throughout the Cinquecento, Italian humanists and teachers insisted on forbidding women music and gluttony. Food and music were both considered dangerous stimulants for the female senses, and every woman was encouraged to consider herself as a kind of food to be offered to the only human beings authorized to feel and satisfy desires: men and babies. Women could properly express themselves only inside monastic circles: the most prolific female composer of the seventeenth century was a nun, as was the first woman who wrote down recipes. Elaborate music and food became the means to maintain a lively relationship with the external world. Moreover, nuns also escaped male control by using the opposite system of affirming themselves through fasting and mortifying the flesh.

  16. Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora — el paraíso terrenal en la Nueva España // Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora — The idea of the earthly paradise in New Spain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katarína Zatlkajová


    Full Text Available This paper deals with different possible ways to approach the idea of the “Earthly Paradise” in a religious chronicle, written by Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora. His work connects the mythological and utopian understanding of the “Paradise”, placed in the West, with its religious and allegorical dimension. His possible aim is to display the patriotic pride through the hagiographical depiction of virtuous nuns.

  17. AGARD/SMP Review Damage Tolerance for Engine Structures. 2. Defects and Quantitative Materials Behaviour (United States)


    ROUES DE TURBINE COULEES MONOBLOC par D. FOURNIER TURBOMECA BORDES 64320 BIZANOS FRANCE 1. INTRODUCTION La conception d’une piece aeronautique...Lycoming LTS 101 - Turbomeca ARRIEL 1A. Les avantages et les inconvenients de cette technologie sont resumes dans le tableau ci-dessous : AVANTAGES... tableau de la figure 6. 5. DEFAUTS Aucun defaut superieur a 0,2 nun n’a ete detecte sur I’une des 250 coupes diame- trales de roues examinees

  18. Paulo Freire, filósofo, pedagogo e cientista social: Singularidade e a universalidade do seu pensamento

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Rubens L. Jardilino


    Full Text Available This paper deals with a summary of the ideas of the small book stated by the author, beginning within the filing of the Freire is thought. This version comes in Portuguese, it deals with the biographic remnants of life span and the thought of the educator Paulo Freire. We also invite the readers of the Rhela to keep a record about life span and thought of the emblematic educator Pablo Nun, who died ten years ago.

  19. Pasireotid: Eine neue Therapieoption bei Morbus Cushing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luger A


    Full Text Available Im Behandlungsalgorithmus des Morbus Cushing war bisher keine zugelassene pharmakologische Behandlungsmöglichkeit verfügbar. Mit dem Multirezeptor-Somatostatinanalogon Pasireotid steht nun mit der im April 2012 erfolgten Zulassung die erste, spezifisch für die Therapie dieses Krankheitsbildes entwickelte Substanz zur Verfügung. Die Studienevidenz belegt eine schnelle und nachhaltige Reduktion der ACTH- und Kortisolproduktion mit klinischer Besserung bei einem Großteil der Patienten.

  20. Reactions of laser ablated uranium with nitrogen studied using matrix isolation spectroscopy

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sankaran, K.; Sundararajan, K.; Viswanathan, K.S.


    Unusual reactions were found to occur when uranium was laser ablated in the presence of nitrogen. The reaction products were trapped in a rigid inert gas matrix and studied using infrared spectroscopy. The species formed were strongly dependent on the partial pressure of nitrogen in the matrix gas used during the ablation process; at low nitrogen partial pressures uranium dinitride (NUN) was the major reaction product, while at high partial pressures of nitrogen the mononitride, UN, was the predominant product. (author)

  1. Design and Demonstration of RSFQ Processor Datapath for High Performance Computing (United States)


    Microarchitecture for Wide Datapath RSFQ Processors: Design Study , IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, (06 2011): 787. doi: 10.1109/TASC...undergraduates funded by your agreement who graduated during this period and will receive scholarships or fellowships for further studies in science...size of 4.4 mm x 3.0 nun and consists of - 4000 Josephson junctions. The total length of passive transmission lines (PTL) used in wiring is - 0.2m

  2. Collaborative Research and Development (CR&D) III Task Order 0090: Image Processing Framework: From Acquisition and Analysis to Archival Storage (United States)


    Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate was conducted from 11 June 2010 through 18 April 2013. The objective of this study ...Finite E lement Method algorithms. data acqui sition sensitivity studi es and linking material properties to material structure. T he software is s...PA); distribution unlimited. uu .... u j Ji s j ~ 5 \\.1 - 10 ..... 01 -.. .. ~, ., I f .a.,:"’ u I U - .... C.Oir- ’ .rill nun •cr

  3. Regulation der FOXO-Gene durch E2F-1und die induzierbare systemische Rekombination eines konditionellen Allels in der Maus


    Geßner, Christine Ruth


    1.) FOXO1 und FOXO3A sind Zielgene von E2F-1 in Neuroblastomzellen. 2.) In einem Mausstamm, der ubiquitär ein CRE-ER Fusionsprotein exprimiert, konnte nach Tamoxifen Gabe die Rekombination des konditionellen mutierten p300 AS Gens in der untersuchten Geweben des entsprechenden Mausstammes nachgewiesen werden. Auf Basis dieses Experimentes kann nun die Tumorsuppressor von p300 in vivo untersucht werden.

  4. Forschungsförderung: geschlechtsneutral – Spitzenpositionen: männlich

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela Heitzmann


    Full Text Available Seit Juli 2002 ist die Förderung der „Chancengleichheit von Männern und Frauen in der Wissenschaft“ als Vereinszweck der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG festgeschrieben. Drei Jahre später begann ein von der DFG unterstütztes Forschungsprojekt, in dem die Geschlechter(ungleichheit im Antrags- und Bewilligungswesen sowie die Repräsentanz von Wissenschaftlerinnen in den Gremien und Ausschüssen der DFG untersucht wurden; dessen Dokumentation liegt nun vor.

  5. Rebels with a cause: obedience, resistance and convent life, 1800-1940


    Raftery, Deirdre


    This article examines the biographies and personal records of nineteenth-century Catholic nuns who worked in education, with a view to determining how they reconciled their individuality with the demands of religious life. Their resistance to rules, and the ways in which they wrestled with the vow of obedience, is examined. The roles of the Novice Mistress and the Superior in teaching and managing the members of their religious communities are explored, with particular reference to three orde...

  6. Sexting im Schulumfeld

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barbara Buchegger


    Full Text Available Wir wollten es einfach wissen. Wie steht es nun mit diesem "Sexting" – also der Übermittlung von Nacktaufnahmen, die Jugendliche untereinander teilen? Stimmt unser Eindruck aus den Workshops in Schulen, dass es bereits ein "übliches Verhalten" der Jugendlichen geworden ist? hat im November/Dezember 2014 eine Studie durch das Institut für Jugendkulturforschung rund um das Thema "Sexting" in Auftrag gegeben.

  7. Fünf Jahre Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO)


    Weerth, Carsten


    Der Zugelassene Wirtschaftsbeteiligte (AEO) wurde mit Wirkung vom 1. Januar 2008 geschaffen. Vier Jahre sind vergangen, nach denen es nun erneut gilt, eine Zwischenbilanz zu ziehen – wurden die Erwartungen und Antragszahlen erreicht, was gibt es an Neuerungen und welche Tendenzen sind erkennbar? Neue rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen gelten bereits seit dem 1. Januar 2009 – die Kriterien für alle zollrechtlichen Bewilligungen von vereinfachten Anmeldeverfahren und Anschreibeverfahren (Einfuhr und ...

  8. EU-Verordnung zu "Konfliktmineralien": Ein Schritt zu höherer Rechenschaftspflicht im Rohstoffsektor?


    Küblböck, Karin; Grohs, Hannes


    "No blood in my cell phone" - Anfang der 2000er-Jahre zeigten Kampagnen von Nichtregierungsorganisationen (NGOs) Verbindungen zwischen Rohstoffen in Elektronikprodukten und der Finanzierung des Krieges in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo (DRC) auf. In diesem Zusammenhang rückte auch die Verantwortung von Unternehmen für die Gestaltung ihrer Lieferkette verstärkt ins öffentliche Bewusstsein. 2017 tritt nun eine EU-Verordnung in Kraft, die verhindern soll, dass Unternehmen durch ihre Rohstoffb...

  9. Tutorial on Using LISP Object-Oriented Programming for Blackboards: Solving the Radar Tracking Problem (United States)


    1977. Pp. 1-229. 25. V. Lesser and R. Fennell. "Parallelism in Aritificial Intelligence Problem Solving: A Case Study of Hearsay II," IEEE Transactions...artificial intelligence architecture used to solve the radar tracking problem. The research described was performed at Purdue University during long...TION 1 COSA TI CODES 18 SUBJECT TERMS in ,,tnu; . ’ .’ , .., ,’ a-, ,’£ ,i-, ,4’o4,, nun br) ,LD I GROUP SUB.GROu P Artificial intelligence Object

  10. Review: Keith F. Punch (2005). Introduction to Social Research—Quantitative & Qualitative Approaches


    Constantinos N. Phellas


    Introduction to Social Research enthält insgesamt zwölf sehr detaillierte und gut zugängliche Kapitel über quantitative, qualitative und mixed-method Ansätze und richtet sich an Personen, die gerade beginnen, sich mit den Sozialwissenschaften zu befassen. In die nun vorgelegte 2. Auflage wurden zahlreiche illustrative Anwendungsbeispiele aufgenommen, die es Studierenden ermöglichen, die Grundlagen sozialwissenschaftlicher Forschung zu verstehen. Ich selbst werde dieses Buch neuen Studentinnen...

  11. Review: Keith F. Punch (2005). Introduction to Social Research – Quantitative & Qualitative Approaches


    Phellas, Constantinos N.


    Introduction to Social Research enthält insgesamt zwölf sehr detaillierte und gut zugängliche Kapitel über quantitative, qualitative und mixed-method Ansätze und richtet sich an Personen, die gerade beginnen, sich mit den Sozialwissenschaften zu befassen. In die nun vorgelegte 2. Auflage wurden zahlreiche illustrative Anwendungsbeispiele aufgenommen, die es Studierenden ermöglichen, die Grundlagen sozialwissenschaftlicher Forschung zu verstehen. Ich selbst werde dieses Buch neuen Studentinnen...

  12. Dollar Summary of Prime Contract Awards with Principal Place of Performance Outside the U.S. by Country and Contractor, FY83. (United States)



  13. Bowing to the Dharma: Japanese Buddhist Women Leaders & Healers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paula Arai


    Full Text Available The prodigious stream of Japanese Buddhist women in roles of leadership and healing extends the length of Japanese Buddhist history. This article will highlight the transformative power of bowing that helped galvanize Sōtō Zen nuns on the eve of the twentieth century and feature twentieth-century leaders who institutionalized their disciplined commitments. It will also offer a window into the creative healing practices that characterizes women’s activity in the home.

  14. Transcriptional Regulation by KLF6, A Novel Tumor Suppressor Gene in Prostate Cancer, Through Interaction with HATS and HDACS (United States)


    Kimmelman1, Rui F Qiao1, Goutham Narla2, Asoka Banno1, Nelson Lau3, Paula D Bos1, Nelson Nuñez Rodriguez1, Bertrand C Liang4, Abhijit Guha3, John A...Shen Yao, 1 Asoka Banno, 3 Eldad Hod, 1 Helen L. Reeves, 1 Rui F. Qiao, 3 Olga Camacho-Vanegas, 2 Alice Levine, 1 Alexander Kirschenbaum, 1,4 Andrew M

  15. Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik. Eine logisch mathematische Untersuchung über den Begriff der Zahl


    Frege, Gottlob


    Auf die Frage, was die Zahl Eins sei, oder was das Zeichen 1 bedeute, wird man meistens die Antwort erhalten: nun, ein Ding. Und wenn man dann darauf aufmerksam macht, dass der Satz "die Zahl Eins ist ein Ding" keine Definition ist, weil auf der einen Seite der bestimmte Artikel, auf der andern der unbestimmte steht, dass er nur besagt, die Zahl Eins gehöre zu den Dingen, aber nicht, welches Ding sie sei, so wird man vielleicht aufgefordert, sich irgendein Ding zu wählen, das man Eins nenn...

  16. High-quality heating systems still need advertising. Reflections; Alle Truempfe fuer die Heizungstechnik. Doch das Gute verkauft sich nicht von selbst

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Genath, B.


    New buildings must be plannted in accordance with the new German Energy Conservation Ordinance. Innovations by the heating industry are required. [German] Was ist zu tun? Nachdem die Energieeinsparverordnung das Bundeskabinett passiert hat und sowohl an den Bundesrat gegangen ist als auch auf das Plazet aus Bruessel wartet, muss nun eiligst die Branche ihre Hausaufgaben machen. Denn es wird hoechstens noch ein Jahr vergehen, bis Haeuser nach den verschiedenen Varianten der Verordnung geplant werden muessen. Nur: Die Papiere regeln das Ziel, nicht den Weg. (orig.)



    De Felice, Camillo


    Il femminiello rappresenta il terzo sesso, il travestito… E questo pezzo parla del rito d’iniziazione di un uomo alla femminilità… retaggi di riti apotropaici, greci... legati alla fertilità. N’usanza segreta, a Torre del Greco,alchemica, eretica, esoterica…Nu rituale iniziatico,fatto in clandestinità ! ‘A tammorra nchiova ‘o tiempe, abballa e nun smove ‘o viente.Nu femmenielle ncopp’ ‘o lettino,sgrava, turcenno ‘e stentine. ‘A parente che le da ‘a mano chiagne stregnenno ‘a suttana, at...

  18. Santa Teresa of Jesus as Example for the Novo Hispanic Mystics. The Work of Alonso Ramos about Catarina de San Juan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gisela von Wobeser


    Full Text Available The life and work of Santa Teresa of Jesus had a great influence on the New Spain spiritual atmosphere by enabling a more intimate and direct relationship of women with God and contribute to the proliferation of nuns and beatified. In the Wonders of the Omnipotence and Miracles of the Grace in the life of the Venerable Servant of God Catharina of San Joan, Alonso Ramos writes the biography of Catarina of San Juan, a free slave considered saint, to whom in many passages compares with Santa Teresa. The purpose of Ramos was to create a female life model based on Teresian spirituality and values.

  19. Die Altäre von Selinunt


    Voigts, Clemens


    In der Dissertation wurden die Altäre von Selinunt, einer griechischen Kolonie auf Sizilien, mit den Methoden der Bauforschung untersucht. Die neun behandelten Brandopferaltäre sind monumentale Quaderbauten, die bis zu 20 m Länge erreichen. Sie stammen aus der Blütezeit Selinunts, dem 6. und 5. Jh. v. Chr. Die Bauten waren bereits im 19. und 20. Jh. freigelegt worden und wurden nun in Bauaufnahmen dokumentiert, zeichnerisch rekonstruiert und zeitlich eingeordnet. Dabei ließ sich an ihnen eine...

  20. Studie Digital Banking 2025: Generation-Y treibt den digitalen Wandel – vier Banktypen werden entstehen


    Gassmann, Oliver


    Digitalisierung, FinTechs, Block­chain…­ – die traditionelle Rolle etablierter Bank­institutionen als Dienstleister für den Zahlungs-, Kredit- und Kapitalverkehr befindet sich durch aktuelle Entwicklungen und Innovationen im Wandel – getrieben durch die Generation-Y. Banken müssen sich nun neu definieren, um weiter bestehen zu können. Diese und weitere Zukunftsszenarien für die Bank 2025 beschreiben Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann und Kollegen in der Studie "Digital Banking 2025".

  1. Möglichkeiten der Umsetzung einer Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung unter Verwendung kooperativer Lernformen im Geographieunterricht


    Stange, Sarah


    „Ohne Nachhaltigkeit gibt es keine gute Zukunft“ betonte die Bildungsstaatssekretärin Cornelia Quennet-Thielen in einem Interview Anfang Oktober (BMBF 2015). Sie erklärte weiter: „Und ohne Bildung bleibt Nachhaltigkeit nur eine Forderung.“ (ebd.) Genau zehn Jahre sind vergangen, seit die Vereinten Nationen die UN-Dekade für Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung, kurz BNE, ausriefen. Der Leitgedanken der Nachhaltigkeit sollte über die Bildung Eingang in die Alltagswelten finden. Nun ist die UN-D...

  2. Milli eğitim bakanlığı sisteminin kuvvetler ayrılığından kuvvetler birliğine doğru dönüştürülmesi [The transformation of ministry of national education system from separation of powers to unity of powers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    İrfan ERDOĞAN


    Full Text Available Kuramsal ve tarihsel bir değerlendirme niteliğinde olan bu makalenin amacı genelde Türkiye’deki Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı’nı (MEB demokratik bir sistem örneği temelinde ele almak, özelde de MEB bünyesindeki Talim ve Terbiye Kurulu’nun (TTK işlevlerindeki değişiklikleri irdelemektir. MEB’e ve TTK’ya dair irdelemeler, demokratik sistemlerin dayalı olduğu kuvvetler ayrılığı prensibi ile işleyen hukuk düzeni temel alınarak yapılmıştır. Bu anlamda MEB sisteminin çağdaş hukuk düzeninin temel dayanağı olan yasama, yürütme ve yargı unsurlarından oluşan bir sistem olarak yapılandırılmış olduğu; Talim ve Terbiye Kurulu’nun da bu düzenin temel organlarından biri olduğu varsayılmaktadır. Makalede MEB’in yapısının Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi’nden geçen yeni torba yasayla değiştiği ve Talim ve Terbiye Kurulu’nun karar organı olmaktan çıkarılarak danışma birimi haline getirildiği ileri sürülmektedir. Bu şekilde yetki ve sorumlulukların büyük ölçüde bir merkezde toplanmış olduğu, bununla birlikte MEB sisteminin daha merkeziyetçi hale dönüşeceği, dolayısıyla daha katı ve otoriter eğilimlerin ortaya çıkacağı iddia edilmektedir. Bu bağlamda Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı sisteminin tekrar ele alınması ve Talim ve Terbiye Kurulu’nun sistem içindeki yerinin ve rolünün güçlendirilmesi gerektiği önerilmektedir.

  3. Weiße und Braune Zwerge zeigen sich unwirtlich (United States)

    Heller, René


    Mehr als 850 Exoplaneten haben Astronomen seit dem Jahr 1992 nachgewiesen. Die meisten von ihnen umkreisen normale Hauptreihensterne, aber es wurden auch Trabanten im Umlauf um Braune oder Weiße Zwerge aufgespürt. Nun haben Rory Barnes von der University of Washington in Seattle und René Heller am Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam die Bewohnbarkeit möglicher Planeten um solche Objekte untersucht und dabei festgestellt, dass sie für Leben, wie wir es kennen, ungeeignet sind.

  4. Leologisch! Alltagsrätsel einfach erklärt

    CERN Document Server

    Ludick, Leo


    Wie entsteht ein Regenbogen? Warum ist der Himmel blau? Was sind Lichtjahre? Wie ist das mit den Jahreszeiten? Was sind Schwarze Löcher? Lauter Fragen, die Klein und Groß immer wieder beschäftigen. Der Physiker Leo Ludick hat im Lauf der Zeit solche Fragen gesammelt und in seiner Kolumne "Alltagsrätsel" in der Tageszeitung "Oberösterreichische Nachrichten" wöchentlich prägnante und einleuchtende Antworten darauf gegeben. Dieses Büchlein fasst nun diese Erklärungen thematisch sortiert zusammen. Einfach leologisch!

  5. Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhism

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Borup, Jørn

    or "spiritual" aspects. This book investigates the contemporary living reality of the largest Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhist group, Myōshinji. Drawing on textual studies and ethnographic fieldwork, Jørn Borup analyses how its practitioners use and understand their religion, how they practice their religiosity...... and how different kinds of Zen Buddhists (monks, nuns, priest, lay people) interact and define themselves within the religious organization. Living Zen portrays a living Zen Buddhism being both uniquely interesting and interestingly typical for common Buddhist and Japanese religiosity...

  6. Kaufst du noch oder streamst du schon?


    Liese, Christin


    Die Zeiten der Plattensammlung sind vorbei, Kassetten und CDs sind der MP3-Datei gewichen und nun wird Musik ausschließlich gestreamt. Dieses Zukunftsszenario ist bis dato noch nicht eingetreten, aber wird dies überhaupt passieren? Wird der Kauf von physischen Musikdatenträgern und digitalen Musikdateien dank der immer stärker ansteigenden Streaming Aktivitäten komplett eingestellt? Oder können beide Formen nebeneinander existieren? Um diesen Fragen auf den Grund zu gehen, wurde im Rahmen die...

  7. Passive Attenuating Communication Earphone (PACE): Noise Attenuation and Speech Intelligibility Performance When Worn in Conjunction with the HGU-56/P and HGU-55/P Flight Helmets (United States)


    right) eartips The purpose of this study was to integrate the HGU-56/P and HGU-55/P flight helmets with PACE to measure the noise attenuation and...55/P flight helmet integrated with PACE 2.0 METHODS 2.1 Subjects Twenty paid volunteer subjects (9 male, 11 female) participated in the study ...Pan Pad Pat Path Pack Pass Buff Bus But Bug Buck Bun Sat Sag Sass Sack Sad Sap Run Sun Bun Gun Fun Nun 8 Distribution A: Approved for

  8. Poetika světské lásky v hagiografickém spise o Maríi de Jesús Tomellín // The poetics of profane love in the hagiography on Maria de Jesus Tomellin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katarína Zatlkajová


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to analyze different possible ways to approach the code of love in the hagiographical biography of New Spain’s nun María de Jesús Tomellín, who lived in the 16th century in Puebla de los Ángeles. Firstly, it focuses on the relation between the understanding of love in the so called nuptial mysticism and the profane amorous code, especially courtly love. After that we study possible parallels between the secular and sacred amorous realm in the hagiographical text.

  9. Transmitting Information by Propagation in an Ocean Waveguide: Computation of Acoustic Field Capacity (United States)


    and optics literature [6, 7]. Primary motivation for the resurgence of interest in the study of fundamental relationships between (classical) wave...approximated by a finite number of degrees of freedom, and the information-theoretic analysis used for studying MIMO capacity can be applied to determine the...vectors are given by νm,n(ρ ′,z′,φ ′) = am, nun (z′)Jm(knρ ′)e−imφ ′ (42) with m,n corresponding to azimuthal and depth eigenvalue indices. Finally

  10. Hypothetical Mine Hunting Sonar - Internal Wave Impact on Performance (United States)


    5e-02 1 OeOO~. ?’•’~~~·0 0 20 40 60 SE dB 80 100 120 Histogrilm of SE45200 FM=174 w=BO 11e-01l 𔃺 5 e-0 2 I n. nUn ~ OeOO -4...question its use as a reliable mine detection system. This signal excess variability study needs to be improved in a number of ways: 1. the impact of...profile and its perturbation by the seasonally changing internal wave fields needs to be addressed and 4. acoustic signal propagation studies focused

  11. Review of Audits Issued by the Defense Contract Audit Agency in FY 2012 and FY 2013 (United States)


    cng.lnc.•ct•in~~ lahlw hnnrs. I h:: alsn .;:əllaincd lh<d lha1 i1 is aul the.: n,l.; .,.f •he ~’we.: nun ..:nt ..:ngin..:t’l hl .;valuo\\lc lite <.l...Perform a preliminary study of DMIS reporting of price proposal audit results at other DCAA locations and determine that net savings has been...Attachment 11 (cont’d) DODIG-2014-109 │ 93 Attachment 11 (cont’d) b. Where the preliminary study perfonned in 2.a shows that other DCAA locations have not

  12. Proceedings of the TRADOC/Training Developments Institute Fifth Chiefs of Analysis Seminar. (United States)



  13. A web-based survey of the relationship between buddhist religious practices, health, and psychological characteristics: research methods and preliminary results. (United States)

    Wiist, W H; Sullivan, B M; Wayment, H A; Warren, M


    A Web-based survey was conducted to study the religious and health practices, medical history and psychological characteristics among Buddhist practitioners. This report describes the development, advertisement, administration and preliminary results of the survey. Over 1200 Buddhist practitioners responded. Electronic advertisements were the most effective means of recruiting participants. Survey participants were mostly well educated with high incomes and white. Participants engaged in Buddhist practices such as meditation, attending meetings and obtaining instruction from a monk or nun, and practiced healthful behaviors such as regular physical activity and not smoking. Buddhist meditative practice was related to psychological mindfulness and general health.

  14. Differenzieren und Kooperieren: die Visegrád-Staaten bleiben für die deutsche Europapolitik trotz Differenzen relevant


    Lang, Kai-Olaf


    Die vier Länder der Visegrád-Gruppe (Polen, Slowakei, Tschechien und Ungarn) haben sich aktiv in die Diskussion über die künftige Gestalt der Europäischen Union eingeschaltet. Sie haben bereits unter dem Eindruck des Brexit-Votums und des informellen Gipfels von Bratislava im September 2016 zu gemeinsamen Positionen gefunden und nun im Vorfeld der Jubiläumserklärung von Rom ihre Präferenzen für die Reform der EU artikuliert. Zwar betonten sie bei dieser Gelegenheit zum wiederholten Male ihre ...

  15. Les nourritures substantielles du corps et de l’Esprit

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roselyne Roth-Haillote


    Full Text Available Cet article examine, dans un monastère de contemplatives1, de quelles façons s’alternent ou se superposent les nourritures du corps et de l’esprit, fournissant aux épouses du Seigneur une préservation physique et spirituelle pour mieux atteindre la finalité de leur vocation.Taking place in a monastery of contemplative nuns2, this article looks at the various ways of feeding the mind and the body, thus giving the Lord’s wives both a physical and spiritual strengh to reach the highlight of their vocation.

  16. Green electricity in abundance. A photovoltaic roof lends a ranch in the style of the 50s a contemporary note; Gruenstrom im Ueberfluss. Ein Photovoltaikdach verleiht einer Ranch im Stil der 50er-Jahre einen zeitgenoessischen Akzent

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hirsch, Matthew; Krause, Matthias B.


    Landlady Kate Kennedy wanted to build her property in a conservation area three hours' drive south of San Francisco in a ranch-style house. Architect Jonathan Feldman added energy-efficient elements and a roof-integrated photovoltaic system to the project. Kennedy now produces more electricity than it can consume. [German] Hausherrin Kate Kennedy wollte ihr Anwesen in einem Naturschutzgebiet drei Autostunden suedlich von San Francisco unbedingt im Stil eines Ranch-Hauses bauen. Architekt Jonathan Feldman fuegte dem Projekt energieeffiziente Elemente und eine dachintegrierte Photovoltaikanlage hinzu. Nun produziert Kennedy mehr Solarstrom, als sie verbrauchen kann.

  17. Ai margini della cittadinanza: le detenute dopo l’Unità italiana (1860-1915

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mary Gibson


    Full Text Available This article explores the gendered nature of the Italian prison system after unification in 1860. Despite its liberal and secular principles, the new Italian parliamentary state left penal institutions for women and girls in the control of religious orders of nuns. While the state instituted a series of reforms for male prisons during the first fifty years after unification, it ignored the deplorable conditions for female inmates. This failure to secularize female prisons denied women the “negative right” to equal punishment and constituted one of the many ways in which women were denied full citizenship in united Italy.



    YÖNTEN, Yrd.Doç.Dr.Uğur


    Yrd.Doç.Dr.Uğur YÖNTEN D.Ü.Eğitim Fakültesi Fransız Dili Eğitimi A.B.D Bu çalışmamızda Jean-Jacques Rousseau'nun Julie ou La Nouvelle Héloïse (Julie Ya da Yeni Héloïse) adlı romanında "doğa tutkusunu" incelemeye çalıştık. Romandaki doğa yansımalarını ele almadan önce yazardaki bu duygunun nasıl ve ne zam...

  19. New jobs in the field of photovoltaic energy conversion. 2001: A boom like none before; Photovoltalik schafft Arbeitsplaetze. 2001 brachte Boom wie noch nie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lemme, H.


    In 2001, the demand for solar power systems nearly doubled, and there is continued interest in 2002 although a growth rate like this cannot be continued infinitely. The future of the industry will depend on the decisions of the new German government. [German] Die Nachfrage nach Solarstromanlagen hat sich im letzten Jahr in Deutschland fast verdoppelt. Zwar setzt sich diese Zuwachsrate nicht mehr genauso fort, doch insgesamt bleibt das Interesse an dieser erneuerbaren Energie hoch. Wie sich die Branche langfristig weiterentwickelt, haengt nun entscheidend von der Foerderpolitik der naechsten Regierung ab. (orig.)

  20. PHP und MySQL der Web-Baukasten fur Einsteiger und Individualisten

    CERN Document Server

    Damaschke, Giesbert


    Sie haben schon eigene Webseiten gebaut und mochten diese nun mit Funktionen ausstatten, fur die Sie PHP und MySQL benotigen? Giesbert Damaschke zeigt Ihnen in diesem Buch, wie Sie das schaffen. Schritt fur Schritt erlernen Sie die benotigten Programmier- und Datenbankgrundlagen - immer im Rahmen von typischen dynamischen Anwendungen. So erheben und speichern Sie zum Beispiel mit Formularen Kontaktdaten, prufen Benutzereingaben, erstellen Menus, richten einen Besucherzahler ein, verschicken E-Mails mit PHP oder entwickeln sogar einen eigenen Blog. Alle Codebeispiele werden ausfuhrlich erklart,

  1. A study on the different roles’ leadership and school culture within the Catholic middle schools in Taiwan


    Wei-Ling Tchong


    In Taiwan, Catholic schools are now facing a crisis of leadership as the available number of priests and nuns who are able to lead these schools is declining rapidly. The question is now being asked as to whether the ministry of the Catholic school’s mission can be sustained as more and more lay principals are needed and appointed to replace principals affiliated with religious orders. This basic question led to an exploration of three research questions. First, what differences, if any, are ...

  2. The Monastery of Santa Lucia in Foligno and the Legenda of Santa Chiara. From Beguine Community to Scriptorium.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Latifah Troncelliti Ph.D


    Full Text Available During the fifteenth century female convents flourished in north-central Italy revealing a flurry of extraordinary literary production together with an unprecedented intellectual activity among women: the monastery of St. Lucia in Foligno is particularly interesting for being emblematic of this new direction among female institutions. From the old beghine of lay communities to the enterprising wealthy nuns of later monasteries, women found their way through social discrimination. They were capable of surviving marginalization by using and reversing to their advantage the same religious establishment that was relentlessly persecuting them.

  3. Child to parent violence


    Ansede Fariña, Silvia


    [GAO] A violencia filio – parental converteuse nun fenómeno en incremento na nosa sociedade, que se constata, principalmente, polo aumento de denuncias xudiciais interpostas polos pais agredidos. Realizamos un traballo de investigación documental, a través dunha metodoloxía baseada na busca e revisión bibliográfica sobre a temática, co fin de conceptualizar e describir este fenómeno. Expoñemos os principais modelos explicativos propostos por diferentes autores, os factores impl...

  4. System Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of the Optical Broadband Correlator (United States)


    shear-mode TeO2 , Model No. N45075-6-20, manufactured by Newport Electro- Optic Systems with a length of 75 pjs, acoustic direction 1110], optical...optical aperture (or useful length) TOA of our cells are shown in Table 3. The Bragg cells are shear-mode TeO2 , Model No. N45075-6-20, manufactured by...focusing or integrating (Fourier transform) lens is a laser diode glass doublet Model 06LAI013/076, from Melles Griot. Its focal length is 145 nun at 830



    Olegario Muñiz Ugarte; Mirelys Rodríguez Alfaro; Alfredo Montero Álvarez; Juan Estévez Álvarez; Adriana M. de Aguiar Accioly; Clístenes W. Araujo Do Nascimento


    El contenido de Níquel (Ni) en el suelo es muydependiente del material parental que le dio origen. Por otraparte, el Ni existente en su superficie, puede ser tambiénun reflejo de su contaminación. La literatura internacionalseñala valores de Ni total en los suelos del mundo entre0,2 y 450 mg kg-1. Se conoce en la actualidad, que aunqueel Ni es esencial para las plantas superiores, su exceso enforma disponible puede ser tóxico, por lo que se consideraun Metal Pesado. En Cuba las encuestas real...

  6. Algúns conceptos básicos de radiometría e fotometría


    Flores Seijas, José Ramón


    Licenciatura de Física Os optoelectrónicos son dispositivos de base electrónica que emiten, modulan ou detectan radiación óptica, i.e. radiación electromagnética ultravioleta, visíbel ou infravermella. A maior parte deste tipo de dispositivos están baseados en semicondutores inorgánicos, se ben é posíbel que nun futuro os semicondutores orgánicos pasen a desempeñar un papel máis importante. Nesta unidade introdúcense unha serie de conceptos relacionados coa radiación electromagn...

  7. How many quarks are there

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Harari, H


    The experimental information which was accumulated in the last 18 months in e/sup +/e/sup -/ collisions and scattering indicates that more than four kinds of quarks are already present. Six different pieces of evidence for the existence of six quarks: the triangle anomalies, the value of R, psi-spectroscopy, neutrino processes, CP-violation and the possible existence of V+A currents are discussed. It is concluded that there is strong (but not yet conclusive) evidence for the existence of six quarks and six leptons.

  8. A fragilidade das Instituições Sociais e o rompimento da Ética no filme Agnes de Deus.


    Marco Antonio Palermo Moretto


    Research about the fragilities of the social institutions in the movie Agnes of God and the ethic and moral. There are a mistery in the story:a murder of the baby inside the convent.  The young nun, Agnes killed her baby and a psichiatrist. Dra. Martha Livingstone  begans a investigation since the childhood of Agnes until the crime. The presence of the Superior Mother, Mirian Ruth is important to the story. She is an administrator and protect Agnes in many situations. Such social institutions...

  9. Im Bild sprechen: Cixous Visual Instruction: Cixous


    Jens E. Sennewald


    Gemeinsam von Künstlern und Wissenschaftlern/Philosophen erstellte Bücher sind selten und nicht immer erfolgreich. Eines der Fährnisse ist das Verhältnis zwischen bildlichen und schriftlichen Anteilen: Nicht selten wird der künstlerische Anteil zur Illustration der dominierenden Schrift. Eine Neupositionierung des Bildes im Buch ist nun der amerikanischen Künstlerin Roni Horn gelungen. Mehr als „sujet“ ihres Buches, ist die französische Philosophin Hélène Cixous gleichsam instruierende „Stimm...

  10. Die Ukraine-Krise und kritische Fragen an die EU-Erweiterungspolitik


    Lippert, Barbara


    Die Ukraine-Krise konfrontiert die EU mit kritischen Fragen zu ihrer Erweiterungs-politik. Muss sie nach der Osterweiterung 2004/07 und dem gerade erst begonnenen Einzug der Westbalkan-Staaten nun mit Osteuropa für die übernächste Erweiterungs-runde rechnen? Sollte sie sich gar alsbald politisch verpflichten, interessierte und beitrittsfähige osteuropäische Länder eines Tages aufzunehmen? Wie jetzt auch viel-fach von EU-Akteuren geäußert, wäre dies voreilig: Denn in der konfliktgeladenen und ...

  11. Clinical neuroanatomy and diagnostic imaging and evaluation of the brain. MRI and CT atlas. 3. new rev. and enl. ed.; Klinische Neuroanatomie und kranielle Bilddiagnostik. Atlas der Magnetresonanztomographie und Computertomographie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kretschmann, H.J. [Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Germany); Weinrich, W. [Krankenhaus Nordstadt, Klinikum Hannover (Germany)


    New features of this 3rd German edition are: - Number of the MR and CT images almost doubled, all pictures now in large format, displaying much more brain structures. - New knowledge and insight incorporated in the text and pictures. (orig./CB) [German] In der vorliegenden 3. Auflage wurden die MR- und CT-Bilder des Bildatlas durch grossformatige Abbildungen ersetzt. Ihre Anzahl wurde nahezu verdoppelt. In den nun grossen Abbildungen konnte die Zahl der bezeichneten Hirnstrukturen wesentlich erhoeht werden. Neues Wissen wurde in den Text und in die Abbildungen aufgenommen. (orig./AJ)

  12. Organizing for Effective Joint Warfare: A Deductive Analysis of U.S. Armed Forces Joint Doctrine (United States)


    8217, Unpublished SAMS Monogram , (U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS: i988) p. 25. 3. Frank 0. Hough, et al, History of...SAMS Monogram , (U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS: 1988) , p, 16 and p. 29; and William 0. Pierce, ’Span of Control and...The Operational Commandetr: Is it More Than Just a Nun:ber?", Unpublished SAMS Monogram , (U.S. Army Command and Ueneral Staff College, Fort Leavenworth

  13. A Concurrent Smalltalk Compiler for the Message-Driven Processor (United States)


    apj with bits from low-bit (inclusive) to high-bit (exclusive) set. ;;;Low-bit defaults to zero. (defmacro brange (high-bit &optional low-bit) (list...n2) (null (cddr num))) (aetg bits (b+ bits (if (>- nl n2) ( brange (1+ nl) n2) ( brange (1+ n2) ni)))) (error "Bad bmap range: -S" flu.)))) (t (error...vlocs) flat ((vlive (b- finst-vllv* mast) *I.( brange firat-context-slot-nun))) (next (inst-next last))) (if (bempty vlive) (delete-module module inat

  14. A Case Study of Anorexia Nervosa Driven by Religious Sacrifice


    Amelia A. Davis; Mathew Nguyen


    Anorexia nervosa (AN) is considered a relatively “modern” disorder; however, a number of scholarly works have cited examples of voluntary self-starvation dating back to several centuries. In particular, there are many examples of female starvation for religious reasons during the medieval period, with many being elevated to sainthood. We present a case of an elderly woman with AN who began restricting her diet when she was 13-years old while studying to be a nun at a Catholic convent. She rep...

  15. Cosmic ray neutrino tests for heavier weak bosons and cosmic antimatter (United States)

    Brown, R. W.; Stecker, F. W.


    A program for using high energy neutrino astronomy with large neutrino detectors to directly test for the existence of heavier weak intermediate vector bosons (ivb) and cosmic antimatter is described. Such observations can provide a direct test of baryon symmetric cosmologies. Changes in the total cross section for nu(N) yields mu(X) due to additional propagators are discussed and higher mass resonances in the annihilation channel bar-nu sub e e(-) yields X are analyzed. The annihilation channel is instrumental in the search for antimatter, partcularly if heavier IVB's exist.

  16. “Interpretation of garb…”. The history and symbolism of the Carmelite habit in Polish convents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Małgorzata Łukawska


    Full Text Available The habit of the Carmelite Nuns of the Ancient Observance, formed on the basis of their constitutions of 1482, combined forms borrowed from the habit of the Carmelite Monks (tunics with the models that came from Polish women’s fashion (headwear used by married women and widows – mob cap, wimple. The analysis of the habit of the Discalced Carmelite Nuns is based on extensive written sources as well as iconography. Their habit demonstrated the reception of forms of women’s clothing of Spanish provenance (a dress called saya and toca – a headdress, modified in accordance with the spirit of poverty and austerity. In the dress of candidates and in the symbols introduced to the vestition ceremony, native elements are visible. The symbolism of the habit is connected with Carmelite spirituality, whose main features are the cult of the Virgin Mary, that of the Passion, and the spirit of expiation. It also contains some meanings that come from the monastic tradition: the nuptial and baptismal significance being the symbol of new life. The habit is also the tunica sacra and the armour of the Miles Christianus.

  17. Analysis of potential energy saving strategies in a Bangkok school building. With CD-ROM; Analyse von Energieeinsparpotentialen am Beispiel einer Schule in Bangkok

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Temming, H.V.


    In cooperation with the Gesellschaft fuer technische Zusammenarbeit GTZ, a school building in Thailand was selected for an analysis of potentials for energy saving. The selected school was the New International School of Thailand (NIST) in Bangkok. Energy-relevant data were acquired by measurements, and solutions for more efficient energy supply were developed. Recommendations were made on this basis. This dissertation is also available on CD-ROM. [German] In Zusammenarbeit mit der Gesellschaft fuer technische Zusammenarbeit GTZ wurde als Beispielobjekt eine thailaendische Schule, die New International School of Thailand (NIST) in Bangkok ausgewaehlt. An diesem Objekt wurden die verschiedenen energetischen Messungen durchgefuehrt. Diese wurden bedarfsgerecht ausgewertet. Auf der Basis der Ergebnisse wurden Loesungsmoeglichkeiten fuer eine effizientere Energieversorgung der Schule konstruiert und diese Alternativen wie oben beschrieben bewertet, woraus sich entsprechende Empfehlungen ergeben. Der Aufbau dieser Arbeit stellt sich nun folgendermassen dar: Nachdem in einem ersten Schritt die fuer diesen Kontext wichtigsten Parameter Thailands und des Untersuchungsobjektes dargestellt werden, schliesst sich hieran die Vorstellung verschiedener technische Alternativen zur Erzeugung von Kaelte an, da hier ein Fokus fuer moegliche Energieeinsparungen gesetzt wird. Anschliessend werden einige in der Arbeit verwandte Berechnungsverfahren fuer energetische oder wirtschaftliche Zuammenhaenge sowie eine ausfuehrliche Beschreibung der energetischen 1st-Situation des Untersuchungsobjektes dargestellt. Darauf aufbauend folgt nun die Vorstellung der verschiedenen Energieeinsparpotentiale durch technische und verhaltensinduzierte Optimierungsmassnahmen. Diese Arbeit endet mit der Bewertung aller aufgedeckten Potentiale und einem Gesamtfazit aus der Untersuchung. (Diese Diplomarbeit liegt auch in Form einer CD-ROM vor.) (orig./AKF)

  18. The role of monastic embroidery workshops in the formation of the early modern Polish embroidery

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karolina Stanilewicz


    Full Text Available The article presents the state of research and the research problems concerning the early modern Polish embroidery and the role of the monastic workshops in its formation. Embroidery was one of the regular occupation in the female congregations. Nuns embroidered for their churches, as well as they took the orders from outside – from male congregations, the higher clergy and the secular customers. Their importance has increased in the 17th century, and in the 18th century nearly all convents dealt with this craft. The preserved embroideries reflect the general stylish trends prevailing in the handicrafts, but they are characterized by greater conservatism. Their level is very varied, from perfect works to very weak and inept ones. Nuns rarely prepared themselves patterns for embroideries, more often they used the services of craftsmen or they were repeating the proven solutions. They certainly used the embroidery pattern books. An important inspiration for them were also patterns of fabrics. While the floral motifs showed high proficiency, in less common figural presentations we often see much incompetence. Vestments decorated with the elaborate symbolic representations are distinguished among them. At this stage of research it seems that the monastic workshops have had a major impact on the prosperity of embroidery in the Republic of Poland and that along with the guilds they developed a certain style and taste. Preserved objects are waiting for being catalogued and for insightful research that let us connect more of them with definite workshops.

  19. Fermats letzter Satz die abenteuerliche Geschichte eines mathematischen Rätsels

    CERN Document Server

    Singh, Simon


    Der Satz des Pythagoras: a²+b²=c² steht im Zentrum des Rätsels, um das es hier geht. Diese »Urformel« gilt immer und überall, aber nur in der Zweier-Potenz, mit keiner anderen ganzen Zahl. In den Notizen des französischen Mathematikers Pierre Fermat, der im 17. Jahrhundert lebte, gibt es einen Hinweis, dass er den Beweis für dieses Phänomen gefunden hat. Doch der Beweis selbst ist verschollen. 350 Jahre lang versuchten nun die Mathematiker der nachfolgenden Generationen, diesen Beweis zu führen. Keinem wollte es gelingen, manche trieb das Problem sogar in den Selbstmord. Schließlich wurde ein Preis für die Lösung des Rätsels ausgesetzt. Nun gelang dem britischen Mathematiker Andrew Wiles 1995 der Durchbruch. Simon Singh wiederum gelang es, diese auf den ersten Blick abgelegene Geschichte so zu erzählen, dass niemand und auch kein Mathematikhasser sich ihrer Faszination entziehen kann: Ein Glanzlicht des modernen Wissenschaftsjournalismus! »Dieses Buch ist ein Wunder.

  20. Tridentine enclosure gaps. Controversies and Limitations of Policies for Nuns…Still with Felipe IV

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ángela Atienza López


    Full Text Available The Council of Trent ordered that the strict enclosure for nuns should be carried out. The aim of this paper is to contribute to the analysis of those provisions, pointing out that such monastic discipline had a highly questionable success. The process was full of problems. Even one century after Trent, King Felipe IV still cried out to the situation and deployed a political offensive to reach its imposition. The study of these sources allows us to show the Trent enclosure gaps: how the lack of consent was spread even among the elites of secular and ecclesiastical power, and it hampered its implementation; also how the reality of monastic vows and convent life imposed limits hindering its success; how nuns refused and got support from different sectors; and, on the end, how daily practice of enclosure ran through other channels, where stringency rules could be reconsidered in time and place and could meet their arrangements, more or less lenient, and could be negotiated and renegotiated in everyday life, so that strains could be overcome.

  1. Conventual Writing and Context: The Case of Port-Royal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John J. Conley


    Full Text Available Many of the spiritual texts produced in the early modern period were written by nuns. To teach these texts adequately, it is not sufficient to study the work itself or the biography of the author. Effective exegesis of the texts requires detailed attention to the conventual culture in which these works were written, since this culture is foreign to the vast majority of contemporary students and readers. This contextual analysis operates on three levels. The first level introduces the students to the general nature of the convent and the life of a nun: the evangelical vows, the rule/constitution of the order, and the different types of religious orders. The second level focuses on the specific culture of the convent where the texts were composed. This involves analysis of the convent’s particular spirituality, apostolate, literary genres of communication, and relationship to broader ecclesiastical and political movements of the times. The third level studies the gendered nature of the nuns’ writings. This contextualist-cultural method of teaching écriture couventuelle is illustrated through analysis of the writings of the prolific Port-Royal abbess, Angélique de Saint-Jean Arnauld d’Andilly.

  2. Matrix isolation infrared spectra of O2 and N2 insertion reactions with atomic uranium

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hunt, R.D.; Toth, L.M.; Yustein, J.T.; Andrews, L.


    Laser ablation of refractory metals can be an effective source of vapor for matrix isolation IR studies. This combination of techniques was used for the first time to study the mechanisms of U vapor reactions with atmospheric components. U atoms and O 2 were codeposited with excess Ar at 12 K. The dominant codeposition products were UO 2 and UO 3 . In contrast, the UO yield was always small because UO 2 is formed by an insertion mechanism. This mechanism was verified in the 16 O 2 / 18 O 2 experiments which failed to produce 16 OU 18 O. The effects of UV photolysis and matrix annealings were also examined. The U atoms and O 2 reaction requires little or no activation energy since UO 2 was formed from cold reagents. New charge-transfer species, (UO 2+ 2 )(O 2- 2 ) and (UO + 2 )(O - 2 ), and a weak complex, UO 3 --O 2 , were primarily produced under conditions which favored further O 2 reactions. Similar U atom and N 2 experiments produced only linear NUN which is also produced by an insertion mechanism. This U reaction represents the first time that atom was observed breaking and inserting into the triple bond of N 2 . Photolysis dramatically increased the NUN yield by 3-fold. Matrix annealings produced weak UN 2 --N 2 and UN 2 --2N 2 complexes

  3. Matrix isolation infrared spectra of O2 and N2 insertion reactions with atomic uranium (United States)

    Hunt, Rodney D.; Toth, L. Mac; Yustein, Jason T.; Andrews, Lester


    Laser ablation of refractory metals can be an effective source of vapor for matrix isolation IR studies. This combination of techniques was used for the first time to study the mechanisms of U vapor reactions with atmospheric components. U atoms and O2 were codeposited with excess Ar at 12 K. The dominant codeposition products were UO2 and UO3. In contrast, the UO yield was always small because UO2 is formed by an insertion mechanism. This mechanism was verified in the 16O2/18O2 experiments which failed to produce 16OU18O. The effects of UV photolysis and matrix annealings were also examined. The U atoms and O2 reaction requires little or no activation energy since UO2 was formed from cold reagents. New charge-transfer species, (UO2+2)(O2-2) and (UO+2)(O-2), and a weak complex, UO3-O2, were primarily produced under conditions which favored further O2 reactions. Similar U atom and N2 experiments produced only linear NUN which is also produced by an insertion mechanism. This U reaction represents the first time that atom was observed breaking and inserting into the triple bond of N2. Photolysis dramatically increased the NUN yield by 3-fold. Matrix annealings produced weak UN2-N2 and UN2-2N2 complexes.

  4. Quasirelativistic pseudopotential study of species isoelectronic to uranyl and the equatorial coordination of uranyl

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pyykkoe, P.; Li, J.; Runeberg, N.


    The calculated trends of geometries and vibrational frequencies of several uranyl isoelectronic species, like the known NUN and CUO, and the unknown CUN - , NUO + , and NUF 2+ , are reported. The NUN and CUO results support the matrix spectroscopic assignments. The simplest example of equatorial coordination to uranyl is the C 2d species UO 3 . Its calculated vibrational frequencies also support matrix spectroscopic ones. We earlier suggested that the large range of uranyl bond lengths in UO 6 6- -type systems could be interpreted in terms of a open-quotes frozen, soft e g vibrational modeclose quotes. Further studies on UF 6 , U(OH) 6 , [(OUO)(F eq ) n ] (n-2) -, [(OUO)(NO 3 ) 3 ] - , and [(OUO)(CO 3 ) 3 ] 4- show only small variation of R ax as function of R eq . Thus, the all-oxide case is a special one, where all ligands are capable of single and multiple bonding. 44 refs., 10 figs., 7 tabs

  5. Markov Transition Model to Dementia with Death as a Competing Event. (United States)

    Wei, Shaoceng; Xu, Liou; Kryscio, Richard J


    This study evaluates the effect of death as a competing event to the development of dementia in a longitudinal study of the cognitive status of elderly subjects. A multi-state Markov model with three transient states: intact cognition, mild cognitive impairment (M.C.I.) and global impairment (G.I.) and one absorbing state: dementia is used to model the cognitive panel data; transitions among states depend on four covariates age, education, prior state (intact cognition, or M.C.I., or G.I.) and the presence/absence of an apolipoprotein E-4 allele (APOE4). A Weibull model and a Cox proportional hazards (Cox PH) model are used to fit the survival from death based on age at entry and the APOE4 status. A shared random effect correlates this survival time with the transition model. Simulation studies determine the sensitivity of the maximum likelihood estimates to the violations of the Weibull and Cox PH model assumptions. Results are illustrated with an application to the Nun Study, a longitudinal cohort of 672 participants 75+ years of age at baseline and followed longitudinally with up to ten cognitive assessments per nun.

  6. Phoebus Apollo in the epic plot in the Memorial of the Christ’s Childhood and Triumph of the divine Love (1639 by Soror Maria de Mesquita Pimentel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabio Mario da Silva


    Full Text Available This article focuses on how it is represented the figure of Apollo in the religious epic by Soror Maria de Mesquita Pimentel (1581-1661 that had taken her vows at the Monastery of Saint Benedict of Cástris in the city of Évora as a nun of the Cistercian Order. She became a pionery because written and published the first epic work by a woman in Portuguese language: Memorial da Infância de Christo e Triumpho do Divino Amor (1639. This book is a key work for our understanding of both gender and epic studies, both in the context of Portuguese literature and from the standpoint the greek mythology including in the monasteries. For this we will make a survey around what the critics say about this god and which are the appropriations that the writer-nun gives to this myth in her text because he figures quite often, more than other mythological gods, with clearly intended to demonstrate the symbolic plurality of this deity in the service of what is benevolent and Christian.

  7. Mayor gloria de Dios es que lo sea una mujer... Sor María de Jesús de Ágreda y Sor Francisca Josefa de la Concepción del Castillo (sobre la escritura conventual en los siglos XVI y XVII

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ferrús Antón, Beatriz


    Full Text Available During the 16th and 17th centuries the convents were the best space for women’s writing. A Spanish nun, Sor María de Jesús de Ágreda, and a Latin-American nun, Sor Francisca Josefa de la Concepción del Castillo, are two of the most important writers of that time, and they serve like a example to comment the feminine writing in the convent. The autobiography, as a space for self analysis, receives a special attention.Durante los siglos XVI y XVII, los conventos se convirtieron en el espacio privilegiado para la escritura femenina. Una monja española, Sor María de Jesús de Ágreda, y otra latinoamericana Sor Francisca Josefa de la Concepción del Castillo, autoras de textos de referencia para las letras de su tiempo, nos sirven de ejemplo para analizar las claves de la escritura femenina (conventual durante estos siglos. La narración autobiográfica, como espacio de expresividad y autoanálisis femenino recibe aquí una especial atención.

  8. The Use of Intercessory Prayer to Reduce Disruptive Behaviors of Patients With Dementia: A Pilot Feasibility Study. (United States)

    Struve, Ann Riesselman; Lu, Der-Fa; Hart, Laura K; Keller, Theresa


    A prospective longitudinal design was used to identify the feasibility, and preliminary efficacy of 12 weeks of intercessory prayer to reduce the disruptive behaviors of six late-stage dementia patients. One group of Catholic nuns offered the Lord's Prayer for assigned patients twice a day. Intercessory prayer for the entire subject group was also offered, by a second group of nuns, via a Latria (modality) called "Perpetual Adoration." Disruptions were documented from 3 weeks preintervention to 3 weeks postintervention. Consents were received for two thirds of invited patients. Retention was reduced by the death of two patients. Fidelity, assessed by retrospective report, was maintained throughout the study. Use of off-label antipsychotic medications was reduced or discontinued in four patients during the trial. The repeated measures analysis of variance, while indicative of a trend, did not reach a level of significance, likely due to small sample size. However, the average effect on behavior resulted in a reduction of disruptive incidents, for the group, in approximately 27 behavior categories/week. This study suggests that it is feasible to improve the life quality of patients in the terminal phase of their illness through prayer reducing their need to respond to life in a disturbed manner. © The Author(s) 2015.

  9. Tridentine renewal and spiritual education of women in the experience of female monasticism. The case of Verona in the sixteenth century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elisabetta Patrizi


    Full Text Available The catholic world of the Sixteenth century, especially after the Council of Trent, exalted the condition of monastic life as the most perfect and noblest of the conditions of life traditionally reserved for women. The monastic state became the model to which the educational path of every woman had to conform to, even if she was destined to live in the world (as mother, virgin, widow, or married woman. The strong paradigmatic value exerted by the monastic condition of life is clear from the analysis of the pedagogical literature devoted to women published in this period.The present article focuses on two relevant examples of this literature: the Costituzioni per le monache (Constitutions for Nuns, 1539 by Gian Matteo Giberti and the Ricordi lasciati alle monache (Recollections left to nuns, 1575 by Agostino Valier. The two texts contain very interesting reasons for understanding the pedagogical directions of the time, which are highlighted by the author with specific references to the historical context and thanks to the support of documentary and published sources. These two works were written by two great reformer bishops, and are highly meaningful not only because they complement each other, since both were prepared for the religious women of the diocese of Verona, but mainly because they offer one very vivid insight into the growing importance assigned to the monastic modus vivendi in Sixteenth century Catholic society.

  10. Neutrino-nucleus neutral current elastic interactions measurement in MiniBooNE (United States)

    Perevalov, Denis

    The MiniBooNE experiment at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) was designed to search for numu → nu e neutrino oscillations at Deltam 2 ˜ 1 eV2 using an intense neutrino flux with an average energy Enu ˜ 700 MeV. From 2002 to 2009 MiniBooNE has accumulated more than 1.0x1021 protons on target (POT) in both neutrino and antineutrino modes. MiniBooNE provides a perfect platform for detailed measurements of exclusive and semi-inclusive neutrino cross-sections, for which MiniBooNE has the largest samples of events up to date, such as neutral current elastic (NCE), neutral current pi 0, charged current quasi-elastic (CCQE), charged current pi +, and other channels. These measured cross-sections, in turn, allow to improve the knowledge of nucleon structure. This thesis is devoted to the study of NCE interactions. Neutrino-nucleus neutral current elastic scattering (nuN → nu N) accounts for about 18% of all neutrino interactions in MiniBooNE. Using a high-statistics, high purity sample of NCE interactions in MiniBooNE, the flux-averaged NCE differential cross-section has been measured and is being reported here. Further study of the NCE cross-section allowed for probing the structure of nuclei. The main interest in the NCE cross-section is that it may be sensitive to the strange quark contribution to the nucleon spin, Deltas, this however requires a separation of NCE proton (nup → nu p) from NCE neutron (nunnun ) events, which in general is a challenging task. MiniBooNE uses a Cherenkov detector, which imposes restrictions on the measured nucleon kinematic variables, mainly due to the impossibility to reconstruct the nucleon direction below the Cherenkov threshold. However, at kinetic energies above this threshold MiniBooNE is able to identify NCE proton events that do not experience final state interactions (FSI). These events were used for the Deltas measurement. In this thesis MiniBooNE reports the NCE (n+p) cross-section, the measurement

  11. "Y yo pasé, sereno entre los viles: Estado, Revolución e Iglesia en Cuba, 1959-1961"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: El presente artículo aborda las relaciones mantenidas entre la Iglesia católica y el gobierno de La Habana desde el triunfo de la Revolución hasta 1961, fecha de la salida de numerosos sacerdotes y religiosas de la isla. Se reconstruye y analiza un corto período de tiempo que marcaría un punto de inflexión en dichas relaciones, iniciando una nueva etapa dentro del largo proceso revolucionario cubano.ABSTRACT: The present article studies the relations between the Catholic Church and the govenment of Havana from the triumph of the Revolution to 1961; in this year, most of the priests and nuns were sent of the island. The article analyzes that time which means a valuable change in the nature of those relations, beginning a new phase within the long Cuban revolutionary process.

  12. Really off? Results of the Land-wide stand-by-function-off campaign of the energy trust Energiestiftung Schleswig-Holstein; Wirklich aus? Ergebnisse der landesweiten Stromsparkampagne der Energiestiftung Schleswig-Holstein

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wortmann, K.; Moehring-Hueser, W. [Energiestiftung Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel (Germany); Schoetz, D. [Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, Osnabrueck (Germany); Krieg, O. [TNS-Emnid, Bielefeld (Germany)


    The article refers to the energy efficiency campaign launched last year in the Land of Schleswig-Holstein (and reported in ''et'' 51 (2001)). The campaign was intended to enhance awareness of the general public of the money and energy savings that are possible by as simple a measure as to turn off the stand-by function of electric appliances. The results of the campaign in terms of feedback and change in consumer behavior are presented in full detail. (orig./CB) [German] Das Ziel der schleswig-holsteinischen Energieeffizienzkampagne 'aus. wirklich aus?' war es, auf witzig lockere Art aufzuklaeren, den Wunsch nach tieferer Information zu wecken und so schliesslich die Voraussetzung fuer ein geaendertes Nutzungs- und Nachfrageverhalten zu schaffen. Nun liegen exzellente Daten zur Werbewirkungskontrolle vor, die zeigen, dass die Kampagne ihr Ziel erreicht hat. (orig./CB)

  13. LLNL large-area inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source: Experiments

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Richardson, R.A.; Egan, P.O.; Benjamin, R.D.


    We describe initial experiments with a large (76-cm diameter) plasma source chamber to explore the problems associated with large-area inductively coupled plasma (ICP) sources to produce high density plasmas useful for processing 400-mm semiconductor wafers. Our experiments typically use a 640-nun diameter planar ICP coil driven at 13.56 MHz. Plasma and system data are taken in Ar and N 2 over the pressure range 3-50 mtorr. RF inductive power was run up to 2000W, but typically data were taken over the range 100-1000W. Diagnostics include optical emission spectroscopy, Langmuir probes, and B probes as well as electrical circuit measurements. The B and E-M measurements are compared with models based on commercial E-M codes. Initial indications are that uniform plasmas suitable for 400-mm processing are attainable

  14. Parameters for viable process combinations; Randbedingungen fuer sinnvolle Verfahrenskombinationen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lahl, U.; Zeschmar-Lahl, B. [BZL Kommunikation und Projektsteuerung GmbH, Oyten (Germany)


    The following parameters merit examination in determining the viability of process combinations: conceptual and technical soundness, environmental acceptability, energy balance, flexibility, costs, economic risk potential. The present contribution on this subject is not intended to take the place of or cover the scope of single-case studies. In practice, viability studies on process combinations have to deal with concrete plans involving precisely defined material flow balances, emissions, costs etc. The present paper therefore only presents the basic principles of this type of study. [Deutsch] Folgende Randbedingungen fuer sinnvolle Verfahrenskombinationen sind zu untersuchen: - konzeptionelle und technische Stimmigkeit, - Umweltvertraeglichkeit, - energetische Bilanz, - Flexibilitaet, - Kosten, - oekonomisches Risikopotential. Nun kann dieser Beitrag zum Thema keine Einzelfallbetrachtung ersetzen bzw. abdecken. Im Rahmen einer echten Pruefung auf `Sinnhaftigkeit` einer Kombinationsloesung stehen sich ganz konkrete Planungen gegenueber, die wiederum mit definierten Stoffflussbilanzen, Emissionen, Kosten usw. verbunden sind. Im Rahmen dieser Betrachtung koennen nur die Grundzuege einer derartigen Pruefung dargestellt werden. (orig.)

  15. Lviv Copy of Missing Painting by Iacomo Negretti Called Palma II Vechio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marta Giżyńska-Matecka


    Full Text Available For over a hundred years in a private collection in Cracow there has been a distemper painting on parchment with an image of the Holy Family. Dark letters show through the faded front as the back was originally a document written in the Roman type. When the document expired, the other side of the parchment was used for a painting and the format was moved by 90 degrees. The document is a decorated copy of a church fair privilege given by pope Pius VI to the Bemardine Nuns in Lviv in 1777. At the bottom there is an authentication issued in the Obroszyn castle by a Lviv archbishop Waclaw Hieronim Sierakowski. Thus, both the copy and the authentication were issued jointly in Lviv Archbishop Curia in Lviv.

  16. Review Essay: "To Go to the Body." Advances in Phenomenological-sociological Identity Theory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thorsten Berndt


    Full Text Available Starting with a critique of conventional research on identity, which neglects the body as a fundamental entity of identity, GUGUTZER develops a theoretical framework from the works of PLESSNER, MERLEAU-PONTY, SCHMITZ and BOURDIEU. From this framework GUGUTZER has carried out an empirical study on the relationship between identity on the one hand, and "to have a body" ("Körper"/ "being a body" ("Leib" on the other, which is PLESSNER's basic differentiation. The study employs the methodology of Grounded Theory. Interviews were conducted with ballet dancers, monks and nuns, grounded and supplemented with observations. The results bring the complex of "being a body" ("Leib" and bodily sensation into a central relationship to identity, in which the use of the body is seen under the aspect of self-evaluation, memory, control and borderline situations. GUGUTZER's book is an important contribution to the phenomenological-sociological theory of identity. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0303101

  17. Rezension zu: Yvonne Haffner, Beate Krais: Arbeit als Lebensform? Frankfurt am Main u.a.: Campus Verlag 2008

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela Heitzmann


    Full Text Available Nachdem der Mythos des unerbittlich arbeitenden Wissenschaftlers, der sich mit Haut und Haar ‚seiner‘ Forschung verschrieben hat, langsam zu bröckeln beginnt, stellt sich aus der Genderperspektive die Frage nach der Bedeutung der Arbeitskultur für die fortbestehende Unterrepräsentanz von Frauen in der Wissenschaft, besonders in leitenden Positionen. Gleichzeitig trägt die allmähliche ‚Entdeckung‘ des Privaten für Männer, die nun auch Väter und Lebenspartner sein sollen (können, zur Entmythologisierung bei. Der vorliegende Sammelband widmet sich dem Balance-Akt zwischen Arbeits- und Privatleben, den Frauen und Männer zu leisten haben. Auf Grundlage zahlreicher empirischer Untersuchungen wird ein umfassendes und erkenntnisreiches Panorama über die Verquickungen individueller und struktureller Anforderungen an berufstätige Akademikerinnen und Akademiker vorgelegt.

  18. Implantate und Verfahren in der Augenheilkunde (United States)

    Neuhann, Tobias H.

    Das in der Medizin mit am häufigsten verwendete Implantat weltweit ist die Intraokulare Linse (IOL). Die Gründe hierfür sind vielschichtig: einmal haben die Operationstechniken in den letzten 30 Jahren eine wesentliche Steigerung an Gleichmäßigkeit, Erfolg und Effizienz erfahren, zum anderen verursachen die gestiegenen Anforderungen des Alltags in den Industrienationen und im Berufsleben den höheren Anspruch an das Sehvermögen. Ist die menschliche Linse Ursache für schlechtes Sehvermögen, besteht meist eine Trübung des Linsenproteins. Diese Trübung nennt wird Volksmund Grauer Star genannt, wissenschaftlich die Katarakt (cataracta). Es gibt unterschiedliche Formen wie angeborene (congenita) oder erworbene, traumatische, krankheitsoder altersbedingte Formen [45]. Wird die eingetrübte Linse nun mittels moderner Operationsverfahren entfernt, muss für Ersatz dieses lichtbrechenden Mediums gesorgt werden [2].

  19. Kritische Sicht der Literatur über die (südslawische Entsprechung der Gruppe tl/dl unter spezieller Berücksichtigung des rumänischen mocirlǎ

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Varja Orešnik Cvetko


    Full Text Available Das Problem der Entsprechung der urslawischen Verbindung *tl/dl in den siisla­ wischen Sprachen war teilweise Gegenstand von kontroversen Interpretationen. Noch besonders strittig war die Interpretation des zweifachen Nachweises in den Preisinger Denkmfilem. So stellt z.B. Issatschenko 1943 in seiner deutschen Zusammenfassung folgendes fest (S. 85: "Neben dl in modliti, modlim, vzedli II 59, 36, 62 haben wir bereits assimiliertes l in crilatcem I 4. /.../ Ramovš vertritt nun, ebenso wie Grafenau­ er, die These, Preis. I sei in Kärnten entstanden /.../. Aber gerade die Kärntner slov. Dialekte haben altes dl bewahrt, vgl. gailtalerisch kridųo. Warum  haben  wir dann nicht auch *kridlatcem ? Für uns ist hier wichtig, dass Preis. II eine andere Lautung hat, als die beiden Beichten, die, nach Ramovš, den 'jüngeren' Sprachstand aufwei­ sen."

  20. El Internado de Villa de las Niñas como comunidad emocional: disciplina y control de los cuerpos en el encierro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Josefina Ramírez Velázquez


    Full Text Available From the perspective of the anthropology of emotions, the narrative of suffering, and the concept of emotional communities coined in the area of the history of emotions, I aim to show, through ethnographic data obtained from in-depth interviews, the main explanations that a group of former students of a boarding school run by nuns in Mexico gave to reveal the epidemic outbreak of mass-hysteria they faced there in 2007. Based on that, it shows how a new system of morality and emotional expression, required intra-muros, and driven by discipline and control of the bodies and souls of the boarding students, was imposed in this liminal space in which illness, punished, turned into a form of body language that revealed the social suffering.

  1. Threshold limit values, test values and sanitation values for soil sanitation; Richt-, Pruef- und Sanierungswerte fuer den Bodenschutz

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Karlaganis, G.; Dettwiler, J. [Bundesamt fuer Umwelt, Wald und Landschaft (BUWAL), Bern (Switzerland). Abt. Stoffe, Boden, Biotechnologie


    Soils, the basis for human, plant and animal life, are exposed to quantitative and qualitative deterioration. Quantitative deterioration refers to paving of ground but also to erosion and soil destruction. There are new regulations for physical protection of soil which refer to soil erosion, compacting and handling of soil during building construction. (orig.) [Deutsch] Boden als natuerliche Lebensgrundlage fuer Mensch, Tiere und Pflanzen ist quantitativen und qualitativen Beeintraechtigungen ausgesetzt. Als quantitative Beeintraechtigung gilt jede Art von Verminderungen der Boeden durch Bauten und Anlagen, aber auch durch Erosion oder Bodenschwund. Erlassen worden sind nun neue Bestimmungen fuer drei Bereiche des physikalischen Bodenschutzes, naemlich fuer die Bodenerosion, die Bodenverdichtung und fuer den Umgang mit dem Boden vor allem beim Bauen. Die Verordnung vom 1. Juli 1998 ueber Belastungen des Bodens (VBBo`98) erhaelt neu drei Arten von Beurteilungs- bzw. Massnahmewerten, naemlich Richtwerte, Sanierungswerte und Pruefwerte. (orig./ABI)

  2. Score Normalization for Keyword Search (United States)


    oluşabilir. Mevcut ASA sistemlerinin çoğu otomatik konuşma tanıma (OKT) çıktılarına metin geri This study uses the IARPA Babel Program base period...belirli sayıda tekrar etmesini gerektiren döngü yapıları eklenir. Örneğin, Şekil 1’de gösterilen “Ali” sorgusu- nun ASDD’si için bulunan eşleşmede...2012. [5] M. Saraclar, A. Sethy, B. Ramabhadran, L. Mangu, J. Cui, X. Cui, B. Kingsbury, and J. Mamou, “An empirical study of confusion mod- eling

  3. Comparative study of the displacement of the selected clips in the cavity measured by orthogonal kilovoltage X-ray film in conditions of free breath and active breathing control for patients treated by external-beam partial breast irradiation

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Li Jianbin; Han Lei; Zhang Yingjie; Xu Min; Fan Tingyong; Shao Qing; Gong Guanzhong


    Objective: To compare the displacements of the clips in the cavity measured with orthogonal kilovoltage (KV) X-my plain film in conditions of moderate deep inspiration breathing hold (mDIBH) and free breath (FB), and compare the margins from clinical target volume (CTV) to planning target volume (PTV) based on the displacements. Methods: Before radiotherapy, 2 and 5 sets of orthogonal KV plain film were respectively collected in mDIBH and FB group, then the automatic registration of the reconstructed KV plain film and DRR derived from the planning CT images was finished. In conditions of mDIBH and FB, the displacements of the selected clip at the same location in the different directions and of the different selected clips in the same direction were compared. The margins in three dimensional directions were calculated and compared in conditions of mDIBH and FB. Results: In FB hold group, the difference of displacement in left-right (LR), cranial-caudal (CC) and anterior-posterior (AP) directions were statistically significant between the clips at the cranial and caudal border of the cavity (9.7 mm and 10.6 nun (Z = -2.12, P =0.037) ,7.3 mm and 8.3 mm (Z = -2.31 ,P=0.041) ,15.5 mm and 16.1 nun (Z = -2.32,P = 0.041)), but not statistically significant for the clips at the bottom and lateral P=0.814),15.7 mm and 16.5 mm (Z=-0.26, P=0.856)). The corresponding differences in the different directions were statistically significant (5.0 mm and 7.8 mm(Z = -2.31, P =0.036), 5.0 mm and 9. 3 nun (Z= -2.21, P=0.021), 7.8 mm and 9.3 mm (Z= -2.11, P=0.041)). In FB group, the differences of the displacements of the four selected clips were statistically significant in CC and AP directions (7.3 mm and 8.4 mm (Z= -2.45, P=0.021), 15.5 mm and 16.5 mm (Z= -2.41, P= 0.043)), but not in LF direction (10.6 nun and 10.6 mm (Z= -0.24, P=0.815)). In mDIBH group, the displacements in LF direction were statistically significant (4.4 mm and 5.4 mm (Z = -2.31, P = O. 031)), but not in CC and

  4. Plasticity following early-life brain injury: Insights from quantitative MRI. (United States)

    Fiori, Simona; Guzzetta, Andrea


    Over the last decade, the application of novel advanced neuroimaging techniques to study congenital brain damage has provided invaluable insights into the mechanisms underlying early neuroplasticity. The concept that is clearly emerging, both from human and nun-human studies, is that functional reorganization in the immature brain is substantially different from that of the more mature, developed brain. This applies to the reorganization of language, the sensorimotor system, and the visual system. The rapid implementation and development of higher order imaging methods will offer increased, currently unavailable knowledge about the specific mechanisms of cerebral plasticity in infancy, which is essential to support the development of early therapeutic interventions aimed at supporting and enhancing functional reorganization during a time of greatest potential brain plasticity. Copyright © 2015. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  5. Effects of salinity stress on chlorophyll and carotenoid contents and stomata size of grafted and ungrafted galia c8 melon cultivar

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Yarsi, G.; Sivaci, A.; Dasgan, H.Y.; Altuntas, O.


    Salinity is known as the most important abiotic stress that decreases crop production and plant growth, and changes the anatomy and morphology of plants. In this study, the growth rate of grafted and ungrafted melon plants were studied under salinity stress. Maximus F1, Shintoza F-90 F1 and Nun 9075 F1 (Cucurbita maxima x Cucurbita moschata) were used as a rootstock and Galia C8 melon cultivar was used as a scion. In this study, the stomata size and chlorophyll and carotenoid contents were investigated. According to the results, chlorophyll and carotenoid contents and stomata length and width of upper and lower surface of leaf were generally reduced under salinity stress. (author)

  6. Diagnostic and prognostic role of semantic processing in preclinical Alzheimer's disease. (United States)

    Venneri, Annalena; Jahn-Carta, Caroline; Marco, Matteo De; Quaranta, Davide; Marra, Camillo


    Relatively spared during most of the timeline of normal aging, semantic memory shows a subtle yet measurable decline even during the pre-clinical stage of Alzheimer's disease. This decline is thought to reflect early neurofibrillary changes and impairment is detectable using tests of language relying on lexical-semantic abilities. A promising approach is the characterization of semantic parameters such as typicality and age of acquisition of words, and propositional density from verbal output. Seminal research like the Nun Study or the analysis of the linguistic decline of famous writers and politicians later diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease supports the early diagnostic value of semantic processing and semantic memory. Moreover, measures of these skills may play an important role for the prognosis of patients with mild cognitive impairment.

  7. Actinide chemistry using singlet-paired coupled cluster and its combinations with density functionals (United States)

    Garza, Alejandro J.; Sousa Alencar, Ana G.; Scuseria, Gustavo E.


    Singlet-paired coupled cluster doubles (CCD0) is a simplification of CCD that relinquishes a fraction of dynamic correlation in order to be able to describe static correlation. Combinations of CCD0 with density functionals that recover specifically the dynamic correlation missing in the former have also been developed recently. Here, we assess the accuracy of CCD0 and CCD0+DFT (and variants of these using Brueckner orbitals) as compared to well-established quantum chemical methods for describing ground-state properties of singlet actinide molecules. The f0 actinyl series (UO22+, NpO23+, PuO24+), the isoelectronic NUN, and thorium (ThO, ThO2+) and nobelium (NoO, NoO2) oxides are studied.

  8. A case study of anorexia nervosa driven by religious sacrifice. (United States)

    Davis, Amelia A; Nguyen, Mathew


    Anorexia nervosa (AN) is considered a relatively "modern" disorder; however, a number of scholarly works have cited examples of voluntary self-starvation dating back to several centuries. In particular, there are many examples of female starvation for religious reasons during the medieval period, with many being elevated to sainthood. We present a case of an elderly woman with AN who began restricting her diet when she was 13-years old while studying to be a nun at a Catholic convent. She reports that, during the development of her disease, she had no mirrors and, rather than restricting her diet to be thin or attractive, she restricted her diet to be closer to God in hopes of becoming a Saint. This unique case presents an opportunity to deepen our understanding of AN and the cultural context that affects its development.

  9. A nonstationary Markov transition model for computing the relative risk of dementia before death (United States)

    Yu, Lei; Griffith, William S.; Tyas, Suzanne L.; Snowdon, David A.; Kryscio, Richard J.


    This paper investigates the long-term behavior of the k-step transition probability matrix for a nonstationary discrete time Markov chain in the context of modeling transitions from intact cognition to dementia with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and global impairment (GI) as intervening cognitive states. The authors derive formulas for the following absorption statistics: (1) the relative risk of absorption between competing absorbing states, and (2) the mean and variance of the number of visits among the transient states before absorption. Since absorption is not guaranteed, sufficient conditions are discussed to ensure that the substochastic matrix associated with transitions among transient states converges to zero in limit. Results are illustrated with an application to the Nun Study, a cohort of 678 participants, 75 to 107 years of age, followed longitudinally with up to ten cognitive assessments over a fifteen-year period. PMID:20087848

  10. „Ein Buch von so fürchterlicher, aufrüttelnder Wahrheit”. Gabriele Reuters Aus guter Familie (1896 in einer Neuedition “A book of terrible, jolting truth": A New Edition of Gabriele Reuter’s From a Good Family (1896

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikola Roßbach


    Full Text Available Frauenroman, Tendenzroman, Künstlerroman, naturalistischer oder realistischer Roman: Gabriele Reuters Aus guter Familie. Leidensgeschichte eines Mädchens (1896 wurde seinerzeit breit rezipiert und kontrovers diskutiert. Nun ist der Erstdruck in einer Studienausgabe, angereichert mit zahlreichen Informationen und Dokumenten, wieder zugänglich: eine solide Basis für weitere Forschung zu einer großen Unbekannten.A women’s novel, a novel of purpose (Tendenzroman, an artist’s novel (Künstlerroman, a naturalist or realist novel: Gabriele Reuter’s From a Good Family: The Life Story of a Girl (Aus guter Familie. Leidensgeschichte eines Mädchens was, at the time of its publication in 1896, widely reviewed and controversially discussed. Now the first printing has been made available in a standard edition, enriched with a multitude of additional information and documents. This edition forms the solid basis for the continued study of a great unknown.

  11. “My capacities and talents can only be expressed by my pen”: Linguistic aspects and literary discourse in Aphra Behn's history of Isabella and Villenoys

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan de Dios Torralbo Caballero


    Full Text Available This paper frames Aphra Behn’s mastery through The History of the Nun in order to single out the outstanding discursive and linguistic strategies from the beginning until Villenoys’s departure. This study highlights the interrelationship between the morphosyntactic tools and the semantic techniques to illustrate the author’s intention within the context of her work. This close reading allows us to scrutinize a few samples of lexical and semantic groupings as well as some homophonic puns found along the story without leaving aside the valuable writer’s purpose. It also explores the narrative geographies, the chronological coordinates and the historical landmarks that generate a very realistic scenario which paves the way towards the emergence of the English novel.

  12. A Case Study of Anorexia Nervosa Driven by Religious Sacrifice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amelia A. Davis


    Full Text Available Anorexia nervosa (AN is considered a relatively “modern” disorder; however, a number of scholarly works have cited examples of voluntary self-starvation dating back to several centuries. In particular, there are many examples of female starvation for religious reasons during the medieval period, with many being elevated to sainthood. We present a case of an elderly woman with AN who began restricting her diet when she was 13-years old while studying to be a nun at a Catholic convent. She reports that, during the development of her disease, she had no mirrors and, rather than restricting her diet to be thin or attractive, she restricted her diet to be closer to God in hopes of becoming a Saint. This unique case presents an opportunity to deepen our understanding of AN and the cultural context that affects its development.

  13. Quality of energy consultancy services - Requirements, criteria for evaluation, and a case report; Energieberatungsqualitaet - Anforderungen, Messung und ein Fallbeispiel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hausser, K.


    The article initially pictures an optimized model of energy consultancy and continues with explaining an instrument available for quality assessment of services in general, (SERVQUAL), presenting approaches for modifying this tool so as to make it applicable to evaluating the quality of energy consultancy activities. Finally, the capabilities of the modified tool are discussed referring to a case study in an electric utility, the Neckarwerke Stuttgart. (orig./CB) [German] Energieberatung durch Energieversorgungsunternehmen wird in Deutschland fast flaechendeckend angeboten. Im Beitrag wird zuerst aufgezeigt, welche Anforderungen eine optimale Energieberatung erfuellen muss. Danach wird ein Instrument vorgestellt, das die Qualitaet von Dienstleistungen im allgemeinen misst und im Rahmen der o.g. Arbeit so weiterentwickelt wurde, dass es von nun an auch als Instrument zur Messung der Qualitaet von Energieberatung im Besonderen dienen kann: SERVQUAL (von SERVice QUALity). Zuletzt werden die Ergebnisse praesentiert, die in der o.g. Untersuchung unter Anwendung von SERVQUAL bei den Neckarwerken Stuttgart erzielt wurden. (orig./RHM)

  14. Recent Shuttle Post Flight MMOD Inspection Highlights (United States)

    Hyed, James L.; Christiansen, Eric L.; Lear, Dana M.; Herrin, Jason S.


    Post flight inspections on the Space Shuttle Atlantis conducted after the STS-11.5 mission revealed a 0.11 inch (2.8 mm) hole in the outer face sheet of the starboard payload bay door radiator panel #4. The payload bay door radiators in this region are 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) thick aluminum honeycomb with 0.011 in (0.279 mm) thick aluminum face sheets topped with 0.005 in (0.127 mm) silver-Teflon tape. Inner face sheet damage included a 0.267 in (6.78 mm) long through crack with measureable deformation in the area of 0.2 in (5.1 mm). There was also a 0.031 in (0.787 nun) diameter hole in the rear face sheet. A large approximately l in (25 mm) diameter region of honeycomb was also destroyed. Since the radiators are located on the inside of the shuttle payload bay doors which are closed during ascent and reentry, the damage could only have occurred during the on-orbit portion of the mission. During the August 2007 STS-118 mission to the International Space Station, a micro-meteoroid or orbital debris (MMOD) particle impacted and completely penetrated one of shuttle Endeavour's radiator panels and the underlying thermal control system (TCS) blanket, leaving deposits on (but no damage to) the payload bay door. While it is not unusual for shuttle orbiters to be impacted by small MMOD particles, the damage from this impact is larger than any previously seen on the shuttle radiator panels. One of the largest impacts ever observed on a crew module window occurred during the November 2008 STS-126 mission to the International Space Station. Damage to the window was documented by the crew on orbit. Post flight inspection revealed a 0.4 in (10.8 mm) crater in the window pane, with a depth of 0.03 in (0.76 mm). The window pane was replaced due to the damage caused by this impact. Analysis performed on residue contained in dental mold impressions taken of the site indicated that a meteoroid particle produced this large damage site. The post flight inspection after the subsequent

  15. GEC Alsthom put their hopes on fuel cells: A large potential for PEM fuel cells; GEC Alsthom setzt auf Brennstoffzellen: Grosses Potential fuer PEMFC

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Fuel cells are regarded as one of the high-tech products of great promise for future energy supplies. High hopes are pinned on the PEM technology: This low-temperature fuel cell is applicable to both mobile applications as well as stationary systems, i.e. from small-scale heating systems through to CHP systems of medium output. GEC Alsthom, who entered into a strategic alliance with Ballard, the market leader in fuel cell technology, are the first power plant manufacturers to commit themselves in the fuel cell market sector. (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Brennstoffzellen gelten als einer der Hoffnungstraeger der zukuenftigen Energieversorgung. Grosse Erwartungen werden dabei in die PEM-Technologie gesetzt: Diese Niedertemperatur-Brennstoffzelle eignet sich sowohl fuer mobile Anwendungen als auch fuer den stationaeren Einsatz - von kleinen Hausheizungsanlagen bis hin zu BHKW mittlerer Leistungklasse. Mit GEC Alsthom und seinem Engagement beim Marktfuehrer Ballard steigt nun erstmals ein grosser Energieanlagenhersteller verstaerkt in dieses Marktsegment ein. (orig.)

  16. Der Weg zum Java-Profi Konzepte und Techniken für die professionelle Java-Entwicklung

    CERN Document Server

    Inden, Michael


    Sie haben bereits Einiges an Erfahrung mit Java und möchten Ihre Entwicklungstätigkeit nun professionalisieren? Oder sind Sie schon auf dem Weg zum Profi, benötigen aber ein Nachschlagewerk, das Ihnen die wichtigen Themen aus der Java-Welt kompakt und kompetent vermittelt? Dieses Buch bietet eine umfassende Einführung in die professionelle Entwicklung und vermittelt Ihnen das notwendige Wissen, um stabile und erweiterbare Softwaresysteme auf Java-SE-Basis zu bauen. Praxisnahe Beispiele helfen dabei, das Gelernte rasch umzusetzen. Neben der Praxis wird viel Wert auf das Verständnis zugrunde liegender Konzepte gelegt. Dabei kommen dem Autor Michael Inden seine umfangreichen Schulungs- und Entwicklererfahrungen zugute - und Ihnen als Leser damit ebenso. Diese Neuauflage wurde durchgehend überarbeitet, aktualisiert und erweitert. Natürlich darf das aktuelle Java 8 nicht fehlen. Verschiedene Kapitel sind Java 8 und seinen Neuerungen gewidmet. Dort wird ein fundierter Einstieg in die umfangreichen Erweit...

  17. The founder of the church of Saint George at Pološko

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavlović Dragana


    Full Text Available The paper seeks to establish who was the founder of the church of Saint George at Pološko and revise the conclusions of previous researchers regarding this issue. According to the opinion commonly adopted in the scholarly literature, Jovan Dragušin, a cousin of King Dušan, had merely undertaken the construction of church at Pološko, whereas his mother was responsible for the completion of construction and painting of frescoes in the church. Through an analysis of written and visual sources the conclusion is reached that the sole person responsible for the construction and painting of the church at Pološko was the nun Maria, the mother of Jovan Dragušin. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 177036: Srpska srednjovekovna umetnost i njen evropski kontekst

  18. Erektile Dysfunktion - Was kommt nach Viagra?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jungwirth A


    Full Text Available Man darf nie vergessen, daß es sich bei der erektilen Dysfunktion nicht um ein "Life-Style"-Thema, sondern um eine Erkrankung handelt, welche die Lebensqualität der Patienten deutlich verschlechtert. Die Therapie der erektilen Dysfunktion hat sich in den letzten Jahren revolutioniert und wie man sieht, ist sowohl die Forschung als auch die Pharmaindustrie bemüht, für den Patienten neue, bessere, schneller wirksame und nebenwirkungsärmere Medikamente zu entwickeln. Diese neuen Entwicklungen werden für uns Andrologen/Urologen das Armamentarium für die Therapie der erektilen Dysfunktion bereichern. Welche der nun genannten Substanzen letztendlich übrigbleiben und mit welchen Substanzen wir uns in der näheren Zukunft zu befassen haben, werden die weiteren Entwicklungen zeigen.

  19. The EU Offshore Safety Directive and its potential effects. Opportunity or handicap?; Die EU Offshore Safety Directive und ihre moeglichen Auswirkungen. Chance oder Handicap?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schwiederowski, Claudia [RWE Dea AG, Hamburg (Germany)


    The purpose of the EU Offshore Safety Directive, which took effect on 18 July 2013, is to define minimum requirements for the prevention of severe accidents in connection with offshore crude oil or natural gas activities of any kind and the containment of the follow-on effects of such accidents. This is without question a logical consequence of the offshore incidents seen around the globe over the past decades. An interesting question in this context is for whom the EU Offshore Safety Directive has become an opportunity and for whom a handicap. [German] Ziel der am 18. Juli 2013 in Kraft getretenen EU Offshore Safety Direktive ist die Festlegung von Mindestanforderungen fuer die Verhinderung schwerer Unfaelle bei Offshore-Erdoel- bzw. - Erdgasaktivitaeten und die Begrenzung etwaiger Unfallfolgen. Nach den weltweiten Offshore- Ereignissen der vergangenen Jahrzehnte ist dies ohne Zweifel eine logische Entwicklung. Nun stellt sich die Frage: Fuer wen entwickelt sich die EU Offshore Safety Directive zur Chance, fuer wen zum Handicap?.



    KAROĞLU, Ertuğrul; ÇAPKULAÇ, Onur


    Araştırmanın amacı Türkiye’deki kurumsal yönetim uygulamalarının inşa edilmesinde kullanılan söylemi ortaya koymaktır. Bu amaç doğrultusunda TÜSİAD’ın (Türk Sanayicileri ve İşadamları Derneği) ve TKYD’nin (Türkiye Kurumsal Yönetim Derneği) 2002 ile 2015 yılları arasındaki kurumsal yönetim ile ilgili söylemleri Aristo’nun Ethos, Pathos ve Logos retorik stratejilerine göre analiz edilmiştir. TÜSİAD ve TKYD’nin kurumsal yönetimin inşası noktasındaki söylemlerinin analizi sonucunda elde edilmiş o...

  1. Tanz der Geschlechter The dance of the sexes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janine Schulze


    Full Text Available Kaum eine andere Theaterform bietet so viele Anknüpfungspunkte für die Forschungsinteressen der Geschlechterforschung wie die Körperkunst Tanz. Gleichzeitig gilt noch immer jede deutschsprachige Publikation im Kreuzungsbereich von Tanzwissenschaft und Gender Studies als Ausnahmeerscheinung. Dorion Weickmann nähert sich nun diesem Themenkomplex als Sozial- und Wirtschaftshistorikerin. Den Schwerpunkt legt sie hierbei auf die zunehmende gesellschaftliche Disziplinierung des Körpers, die sich in den Tanzentwicklungen von 1580 bis 1870 deutlich widerspiegeln.No other form of theatre presents as many points of departure for gender research as dance. Nevertheless, German language publications combining performance and gender studies are a rarity. The social and economic historian Dorion Weickmann addresses precisely this area and her main focus is the increasing social disciplining of the body, which is clearly visible in developments of dance between 1580 and 1870.

  2. El discernimento espiritual teresiano entre el charisma paulino y el paradigma Gersoniano

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Facundo Sebastián Macías


    Full Text Available This work aims to show how to the barefoot nun Teresa of Ávila, wrapped in the need to know her own inner development, to maintain intraconventual serenity, and insinuating a potential reading to her spiritual directors for the approval of their related experiences, the application of the discretio spirituum became an urgent matter. Thus, discernment of spirits, key in the penitent-confessor relationship, became a theological device that herself should serve if she wanted to bring to fruition such things. The result was the coexistence of autodiscernment as an infused gift -the ancient pauline charisma- and the discernment as an institutional control mechanism - nourished by the disciplinary gersonian paradigm -, in the eyes of the future saint.

  3. Clerical "concubines" in northern Italy during the fourteenth century. (United States)

    Cossar, Roisin


    This essay reconstructs the lives of a neglected group of women in the Christian church during the later Middle Ages. So-called clerical “concubines” were well-known in their communities, but their lived experience has been largely ignored by modern historians. Yet studying clerical concubines sheds light not only on the women themselves, but also on the social organization of the medieval Christian church. Drawing on information gathered from notarial acts across the northern Italian peninsula, I argue that concubines were not a unitary group. Their experiences varied instead according to their status and the regions they inhabited. For instance, while laywomen who became priests’ concubines moved into their lovers’ homes, nuns retained cells in their religious houses during these relationships. Furthermore, concubines in cities such as Treviso could openly live with their lovers and share their property, while in other places, such as Bergamo, severe legal restrictions on concubines made them a particularly vulnerable group.

  4. Pezzotti in mostra: percorsi giocosi dominati da ombre. Tra didattica anti-fake e tutela della creatività

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Colourful, seductive, cheap, seemingly the same as the original, false toys are so widespread that they often get the paradox of not being perceived as such by those who buy them. This paper focuses on the problem of “fake” starting from the exhibition project of the didactic exhibition “Con i giocattoli nun s’pazzea” organized at the Complesso San Domenico Maggiore of Naples (December, 8, 2016 – March, 19, 2017. The paper also focuses on the social and economic implications of counterfeiting in general, starting from the appreciation of the importance of creativity and “cultural industry”. Finally, the paper addresses the issue of the protection of intellectual property based on the Kantian argument of “mediation”.

  5. Divine Epiphany in Greek Literature and Culture (Review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Şeyma Kömürcüoğlu


    Full Text Available Bu yazı, Georgia Petridou'nun Divine Epiphany in Greek Literature and Culture adlı eserini tanıtmak ve değerlendirmek üzere yazılmış bir değerlendirmesi yazısıdır.  Eser, Antik yunan kültüründe insanî ve tanrısal doğanın bir araya gelmesinin çeşitli örnekleri üzerinde durmaktadır. Eser, epifani adı verilen bu durumu kültürel, sanatsal, dini ve dilsel yönleriyle çok yönlü bir biçimde incelemektedir.

  6. [Religious and pharmacie in France after the french révolution]. (United States)

    Bonnemain, Bruno


    The Germinal an XI law is supposed to close a period of time where several people were allowed to prepare and deliver drugs. Concerning clergy, this law will not be totally applied. Several priests and religious, during the XIXe century, will create and distribute pharmaceutical products. Oudin, Cottance and Chaupitre, all priests, are a few of key examples. L'abbé Perdrigeon was a priest that discover his calling to cure by treating Napoleon III's soldiers during 1870 war. It remains form it the so-called "Contrecoups de l' Abbé Perdrigeon ", product still commercialized. The present publication describes the legal and cultural feature in which illegal exercise of Pharmacy and Medicine took place by clergy, and the reasons why priests and nuns wanted to pursue this usage until the 1941 law.

  7. Risk factors of suicide in Uygur patients with schizophrenia at Xinjiang area%新疆维吾尔族住院精神分裂症患者自杀危险因素分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈霞; 李新琳; 何碧辉


    目的:调查新疆维吾尔族精神分裂症患者出现自杀倾向的危险因素。方法:127例维族精神分裂症患者依据自杀倾向标准将其分为有自杀倾向组51例和无自杀倾向组76例,调查两组的一般资料及采用人格障碍诊断问卷( personality disorder diagnosis questionnaire,PDQ-4+)测评人格障碍类型,对影响患者自杀倾向的因素建立决策树模型分析。结果:有自杀倾向组中独居、病程≥5年及有家族自杀史的患者比例显著高于无自杀倾向组;≥大专学历和收入>5万/年的患者比例显著低于无自杀倾向组(P<0.05或P<0.001)。有自杀倾向组PDQ-4+在偏执型(t=4.808)、分裂型(t=3.443)、边缘型(t=4.776)、反社会型(t=5.647)、强迫型(t=2.695)、被动攻击型(t=3.327)及抑郁型(t=2.221)人格障碍得分明显高于无自杀倾向组(P<0.05或P<0.001)。结论:维族精神分裂症患者出现自杀倾向的危险因素依次是家族自杀史、婚姻状况、收入水平、病程和学历。%Objective:To investigate the risk factors of suicide in Uygur patients with schizophrenia at Xinjiang. Method:One hundred and twenty-seven cases were selected from Uyghur patients with schizophre-nia,grouped by suicide risk standard. We divided into suicide risk group and nun-risk group,with 51 and 76 ca-ses each. General information and personality disorder type were collected by using personality disorder diagnosis questionnaire( PDQ-4 +). Decision tree model were established to determine risk factors of suicide in Uygur pa-tients with schizophrenia. Results:The living alone,more than 5 years of disease course,and family suicide history were higher in suicide risk group than in nun-risk group;and higher education( above junior college), higher income(above 5 0000 per year)was lower in suicide risk group than in nun-risk group(P<0. 05 or P<0. 001). Paranoid type(t=4. 808),schizotypal type

  8. Health Care between Medicine and Religion : The Case of Catholic Western Germany around 1800

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruchhausen, Walter


    Full Text Available The current revision of the relationship between religion and medicine in the ‘post-secular’ or ‘desecularised’ society invites a new look on their function for each other at the beginning of the modern era, i.e. the political and economic secularisation during the dissolution of the Ancient Empires in Europe. Exemplified by the Prince-Archbishoprics of Western Germany, the consequences of the church’s change from state power to mere pastoral care are demonstrated for the three groups of Catholic physicians in academic medicine, priests in rural health care and nuns in nursing. During the turn from the enlightenment idea of religion serving medicine to the romantic concept of medicine contributing to religion their activities shifted dramatically: Whereas more members of religious congregations entered nursing than before, priests had to give up any medical work and Christian doctors were forced to cope with the separation between academic medicine and the religious world view.

  9. Women, Families and Social Welfare in Spain from the 18th Century to the Present

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Gracia Cárcamo


    Full Text Available This is a contribution to the debate on the development of Social Welfare in Southern Europe. Emphasis is placed on factors such as educational formation of women for their task of responsibility for welfare and care within the families; this made possible improvements in Public Health. We note the relevance of women in the charitable activities of the public sphere grew paradoxically through reactionary movements. Emphasis is placed on the importance of women in Social Welfare during the Catholic Revival as receivers of charity (in Christian trade unions, in catholic mutual aid societies…, as intermediaries for poor families (facing priests, nuns and charitable ladies, as assistants (teachers in religious schools and nurses in hospitals and as leaders (Catholic ladies. There was an increase during the Francoist dictatorship in the participation of women in the reception, intermediation and offer of charity (in groups closer to fascism and in Catholic organisations.

  10. Embedding the Past in the Present - Final Remarks

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Van Hove, Erik


    Archives get lost, monuments are often destroyed or their meaning forgotten. A third way to retain the past is to make it part of present daily life. Prof. Van Hove talked about an organisation that takes care of handicapped children, which originated out of an old boarding school run by nuns. He was involved in a project about how to constitute an archive and give such an institution its memory back. The background of this project is the fact that such organisations are today less backed by the caring spirit, the cultural, idealistic context of before, and ever more becoming part of an average business environment. The project thus wanted to make past and present meet. In trying to do so, oral tradition was a major source of information. Such traditions developed for instance through practices such as younger nuns looking after sick, elder nuns, during which a lot of talking was done. Moreover there existed written sources of information, such as personal diaries, letters,.. By putting these different pieces together, the past was reconstructed. The speaker pointed out that every record is almost a story of itself, under the condition that the interpreter has some historical background. This memory circulation and transition is enabled by community feeling; connectedness. Prof. Van Hove thus highlighted the notion of a 'human memory'. He referred in this regard to the relationship between local communities and RWM implementers. This is not about handing out written information documents, but about 'inseminating information into the community'. Living information, for example about incidents and strange things that happened one day, can be added to promote a 'human memory' among local communities. Archives take information outside society, and hide it somewhere far away from daily life. If we want to make the past useful for the present and future, we need to take into consideration the living memory. There are various types of means to insert people with

  11. Anaerobic co-treatment of organic waste from industrial processes at municipal sewage treatment plant; Anaerobe Mitbehandlung organischer Abfaelle aus der industriellen Produktion in kommunalen Klaerwerken

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rolfs, C.H. [Stadt Duesseldorf (Germany). Stadtverwaltung; Schmitt, W. [Henkel KGaA, Duesseldorf (Germany)


    The discussions of the years past have contributed much enlightenment to the handling of organic waste. The operators of sewage treatment plant are welcoming the elaboration of a basis for the official licencing procedure in the short term. The now available results of this year-long large-scale experiment, which confirm all preliminary investigations, impressively corroborate the claim that co-fermentation makes ecological and economic sense provided defined boundary conditions are complied with. (orig.) [German] Die Diskussion der letzten Jahre hat viel Klarheit in den Umgang mit organischen Abfaellen gebracht. Von den Betreibern der Abwasseranlagen wird die zeitnahe Schaffung einer Grundlage fuer das behoerdliche Genehmigungsverfahren sehr begruesst. Mit den nun vorliegenden Ergebnissen des einjaehrigen Grossversuches, durch die alle Voruntersuchungen bestaetigt und abgesichert wurden, wird eindrucksvoll untermauert, dass die Co-Fermentation bei Einhaltung definierter Rahmenbedingungen oekologisch und oekonomisch sinnvoll ist. (orig.)

  12. Rezension von: Barbara Holland-Cunz: Gefährdete Freiheit. Über Hannah Arendt und Simone de Beauvoir. Opladen u.a.: Verlag Barbara Budrich 2012.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mirjam Dierkes


    Full Text Available Von Barbara Holland-Cunz, die sich mit Simone de Beauvoir und Hannah Arendt bereits einzeln beschäftigt hat, liegt nun ein Band vor, in dem sie sich diesen herausragenden Denkerinnen des 20. Jahrhunderts gemeinsam widmet. In einer beinahe synoptisch anmutenden Herangehensweise fokussiert sie dabei auf den Begriff der Freiheit, der bei beiden von eminenter Bedeutung für das jeweilige Theoriegebäude ist. Holland-Cunz zufolge verstehen beide, bei einigen Unterschieden, Freiheit so, dass sie sich vor allem durch eine in sich eingeschriebene Gefährdung auszeichnet: Diese resultiert aus einem heroisch-emphatischen Gestus, der in paradoxer Weise gepaart wird mit einem abgeklärten Realismus. Über weite Strecken liest sich der Weg zu dieser Deutung, v. a. auch wegen einer teilweise sympathisch unkonventionellen und originellen Herangehensweise, sehr anregend und überzeugend.

  13. The new Tenant Electricity Law. No or one contribution to the energy transition?; Das neue Mieterstromgesetz. (K)ein Beitrag zur Energiewende?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kortlaender, Jenny [Kanzlei Rechtsanwaelte Guenther, Hamburg (Germany).; Zengerling, Cathrin [HafenCity Univ., Hamburg (Germany). Nachwuchsforschungsgruppe ' ' Urban Footprints' '


    With the new Tenant Electricity Act, the federal legislator is pursuing two main goals: Firstly, tenants should now benefit from solar power subsidies in addition to homeowners. On the other hand, the number of solar systems on residential buildings should increase significantly. The article explores the question of whether and to what extent the concrete structure of the Tenant Electricity Act published by the EU Commission on 24 July 2017 in the Federal Law Gazette and approved by the EU Commission in November 2017 contributes to achieving these goals. [German] Mit dem neuen Mieterstromgesetz verfolgt der Bundesgesetzgeber zwei wesentliche Ziele: Zum einen sollen neben Hauseigentuemern nun auch Mieter von der Solarstromfoerderung profitieren. Zum anderen soll die Zahl der Solaranlagen auf Wohngebaeuden deutlich steigen. Der Artikel geht der Frage nach, ob und inwieweit die konkrete Ausgestaltung des am 24. Juli 2017 im Bundesgesetzblatt veroeffentlichten und im November 2017 von der EU-Kommission beihilferechtlich genehmigten Mieterstromgesetzes dazu beitraegt, diese Ziele zu erreichen.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luz Ángela Martínez


    Full Text Available Centrado en las representaciones plásticas de Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, el presente trabajo reflexiona sobre la relación entre la representación del Barroco de Indias y su contexto de producción. A partir de las anteriores coordenadas, revisa la obra de la monja y la orientación epistolar que adquieren sus poemas como forma de evasión de la celda y el hábito.Focused on the visual representations of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, this paper reflects on the relationship between the Baroque of the Indies aesthetics and their context o production. Based on the above coordinates, it reviews the nun's work and the epistolary orientation that her poems acquire as a form of escape from the convent and habit.

  15. A fragilidade das Instituições Sociais e o rompimento da Ética no filme Agnes de Deus.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Antonio Palermo Moretto


    Full Text Available Research about the fragilities of the social institutions in the movie Agnes of God and the ethic and moral. There are a mistery in the story:a murder of the baby inside the convent.  The young nun, Agnes killed her baby and a psichiatrist. Dra. Martha Livingstone  begans a investigation since the childhood of Agnes until the crime. The presence of the Superior Mother, Mirian Ruth is important to the story. She is an administrator and protect Agnes in many situations. Such social institutions are showed as Family, Religion and the Justice. Methods are explained: questions and the hipnosis. Agnes has mistics experiences and reveal the conflict between cience and religion.

  16. Avrupa Bilimetri Yaz Okulundan İzlenimler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Güleda Doğan


    Full Text Available Bu yazıda, 1-7 Temmuz 2012 tarihlerinde Belçika’nın Leuven şehrinde düzenlenen Avrupa Bilimetri Yaz Okulu’nda (ESSS - European Summer School for Scientometrics edinilen izlenimler aktarılmıştır. Avrupa Bilimetri Yaz Okulu, 2010 yılından beri Almanya, Belçika ve Avusturya ortaklığında, özellikle bibliyometri ve bilimetri alanında tanınmış kişilerin katkılarıyla sürdürülmektedir. Yaz Okulu’nun 2013 yılı eğitimi, 8-13 Eylül tarihlerinde Berlin’de yapılacaktır.

  17. Transfer normativer Ordnungen – Baumaterial für junge Nationalstaaten

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Stolleis


    Full Text Available Seit dem 17. Jahrhundert gibt es historische Reflexionen darüber, wie und warum das antike römische Recht, geformt durch Lehre und Praxis des mittelalterlichen Italiens nördlich der Alpen, »rezipiert« worden sei. Ebenso diskutierte man seit dem 19. Jahrhundert über das Lübecker Stadtrecht im Rahmen der Hanse sowie die Ausbreitung des Magdeburger Rechts auf Städte im slawischen Osten. Die heutige Rechtsgeschichte sucht nach neuen Modellen und Terminologien, um den Transfer von Gesetzbüchern, Rechtsprinzipien, Institutionen, Rechtssprache oder kulturellem Habitus von Rechtsanwendern angemessener zu erfassen. Berichtet wird hier über ein Südosteuropaprojekt (1850 bis 1933 mit Blick auf den Transfer normativer Ordnungen (Verfassungsrecht, Zivilrecht, Strafrecht in ehemaligen Provinzen des Osmanischen Reichs, die nun zu jungen Nationalstaaten wurden, etwa Griechenland, Rumänien, Bulgarien, Serbien, Montenegro und Albanien.

  18. Bartter sendromu Derleme


    Önal, Hasan; Adal, Erdal; Ercan, Oya


    Bartter Sendromu hipokalemik metabolik alkaloz sekonder hiperaldosteronizm ve hiperreninemiye karşın normal sınırlarda kan basıncı ve jükstaglomerüler hiperplazi ile belirgindir Çocuklarda somatik gelişme geriliğinin nadir görülen nedenlerinden biridir Bartter sendromu’nun klinik ve genetik açıdan üç farklı şekli bildirilmiştir Neonatal Bartter sendromu klasik nbsp; Bartter sendromu ve Gitelman sendromu adı verilen bu varyasyonlar “Bartter benzeri sendrom” başlığı altında birleştirilmiştir...

  19. Optimization of power distribution networks; Optimierung von Energieverteilungsnetzen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Casteren, J. van [Digsilent GmbH (Netherlands); Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Goeteborg (Sweden)


    In a competition-oriented power market the optimization of distribution networks is more and more becoming a search for minimum investment and operating cost where all relevant cost factors should be taken into account. A so far neglected factor is the expectation of reliability-related cost. A new analytical calculation method permits flexible, realistic estimation of interruption costs to be expected. (orig.) [German] In einem wettbewerbsorientierten Strom-Markt wird die Optimierung der Verteilungsnetze mehr und mehr zu einer Suche nach den minimalen Investitions- und Betriebskosten, wobei moeglichst alle relevanten Kostenfaktoren beruecksichtigt werden muessen. Ein bisher vernachlaessigter Faktor ist dabei die Erwartung der zuverlaessigkeitsbedingten Kosten. Ein neues analytisches Berechnungsverfahren erlaubt nun flexibel eine realistische Abschaetzung der zu erwarteten Unterbrechungskosten. (orig.)

  20. A dam against the Yangtse floods; Ein Bollwerk gegen die Fluten des Jangtse

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sauer, H.D.


    China`s history has always been landmarked by fights against flooded rivers. Ever since the earliest dynasties, China`s leaders have attempted to control the devastating effects of floods. The new government carries out an unequalled programme of dam construction to control the forces of nature. The most gigantic of these is the ``Three Canyons Project`` on the Yangtse river. (orig.) [Deutsch] Chinas Geschichte ist gepraegt vom Kampf mit dem Wasser. Seit den fruehesten Dynastien haben die Herrscher im Reich der Mitte versucht, den verheerenden Ueberschwemmungen Einhalt zu gebieten. Mit einem weltweit beispiellosen Programm von Dammbauten versucht die Regierung nun, gegen die Naturgewalten die Oberhand zu gewinnen. Ein Vorhaben stellt dabei alle anderen in den Schatten: Das `Drei-Schluchten-Projekt` am Jangtse. (orig.)

  1. Lights in the shadows: Florence Nightingale and others who made their mark. (United States)

    Stanley, David


    Florence Nightingale, the 'lady with the lamp' became the image of 'heroic womanhood' (Bostridge 2004) when she returned from the Crimean War an iconic figure and ever since she has remained fated to wear the mantel of nursings' leading light. But she wasn't the only woman who made their mark or who undertook to risk their live caring for the sick and injured, wounded and dying in the Crimea. Sadly, Nightingale's iconic status has also succeeded in overshadowing the existence and the achievements of the many others who nursed during the Crimean war. These women, nuns, ordinary nurses, lady volunteers and others, working in Nightingale's shadow, contributed much to the comforts of the wounded and dying and this article seeks to illuminate their presence and contribution. It also highlights other aspects of Nightingale's work and in doing so, allows us to look into the shadows and shed more light on the others who were also there.

  2. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-DDIS-01-0111 [SEVENS

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available CBRC-DDIS-01-0111 ref|NP_060837.2| phytoceramidase, alkaline [Homo sapiens] ref|XP_...001175032.1| PREDICTED: phytoceramidase, alkaline isoform 3 [Pan troglodytes] sp|Q9NUN7|APHC_HUMAN Alkaline ...phytoceramidase (aPHC) (Alkaline ceramidase) (Alkaline dihydroceramidase SB89) gb|AAK71923.1|AF214454_1 phytoceramidase [Homo sapiens] gb|AAL56013.1|AF327353_1 alkaline dihydrocera...midase SB89 [Homo sapiens] gb|AAH73853.1| Phytoceramidase, alkaline [Homo sapiens] gb|EAW75010.1| phytoceramidase, alkaline, isoform CRA_b [Homo sapiens] NP_060837.2 3e-23 29% ...

  3. The Israeli–Palestinian Separation Wall and the Assemblage Theory: The Case of the Weekly Rosary at the Icon of Our Lady of the Wall

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elisa Farinacci


    Full Text Available In this work I analyse the ethnographic case study of the icon of Our Lady of the Wall as establishing a unique ritual landscape among the cement slabs of the Israeli–Palestinian Wall separating Jerusalem from Bethlehem. Although the Wall has been widely described as a technology of occupation on one side and as a device to ensure security on the other, through Latour’s concept of assemblages I unearth its agency in developing a Christian shrine. Through a decade of weekly recitations of the Rosary along the Wall near Checkpoint 300, the Elizabethan nuns of the Caritas Baby Hospital have been invoking Mary’s help to dismantle the Wall. This weekly ritual represents both political dissent against the bordering action enacted by the Wall, as well as giving visibility to the plea of the Palestinian Christian right to live in this territory in the face of their status as an ethno-religious minority.

  4. Alrededor de la(s) convergencia(s): conversaciones teóricas, divergencias conceptuales y transformaciones en el ecosistema de medios


    Scolari, Carlos Alberto, 1963-


    Se han desarrollado numerosos conceptos para describir/nla convergencia de lenguajes en el sistema de medios/ncontemporáneo. El artículo propone una reflexión teórica/nsobre la llamada convergencia retórica o semiótica,/nun tipo específico de convergencia que se expresa de/nforma paralela a las convergencias tecnológica y económica./nDespués de pasar revista al caos conceptual/nque rodea a la convergencia, el artículo analiza cómo/nlos lenguajes se contaminan y generan espacios híbridos/nde p...

  5. Avrupa Bilimetri Yaz Okulundan İzlenimler


    Güleda Doğan; Zehra Taşkın


    Bu yazıda, 1-7 Temmuz 2012 tarihlerinde Belçika’nın Leuven şehrinde düzenlenen Avrupa Bilimetri Yaz Okulu’nda (ESSS - European Summer School for Scientometrics) edinilen izlenimler aktarılmıştır. Avrupa Bilimetri Yaz Okulu, 2010 yılından beri Almanya, Belçika ve Avusturya ortaklığında, özellikle bibliyometri ve bilimetri alanında tanınmış kişilerin katkılarıyla sürdürülmektedir. Yaz Okulu’nun 2013 yılı eğitimi, 8-13 Eylül tarihlerinde Berlin’de yapılacaktır....

  6. Diálogos con la Reina de los Cielos. Visiones y locuciones de una monja chilena del siglo XVIII

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Millar Carvacho, René


    Full Text Available This article analyses an unpublished text written by a nun in Santiago of Chile around the mid-eighteenth century. The text, written by her confessor’s command, recounts the visions and locutions that she had with the Virgin Mary, which revolved around the figure of the confessor. This makes quite a special report because the priest appears as a central character of the visions, and the one who benefits from the intercession of the nun before the heavenly beings. At the same time, the account gives evidence of the nun’s awareness of her role, her limitations as a woman and her mediator power. On the other hand, the nun’s narrative shows not only the way of living her faith, but also allows us to get nearer to the ‘religious mentality’ of her time.El artículo analiza un texto inédito escrito por una monja de Santiago de Chile, a mediados del siglo XVIII, por mandato de su confesor. En él se refieren las visiones y locuciones tuvo con la Virgen, las que giran en torno a la figura del confesor. Esto hace bastante especial el relato, pues el sacerdote aparece como un personaje central de las visiones, que se beneficia de la intercesión de la religiosa ante los seres celestiales. Pero al mismo tiempo, la narración deja en evidencia a una religiosa muy consciente de su papel, de sus limitaciones como mujer y de su poder mediador. Por otra parte, el relato de la monja muestra no sólo su manera de vivir la fe, sino también nos permite acercarnos a la mentalidad religiosa de su época.

  7. La leyenda histórica y la leyenda urbana: Rivas en «El cuento de un veterano»

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vega Rodríguez, Pilar


    Full Text Available «El cuento de un veterano» has been usually reputed as an odd text compared to those of Romances Historicos as a whole, a work in which Rivas has shown a particular idea of Spanish National History. Within this context, we find in «El cuento de un veterano» a fictional composition, closer to popular stories about passion crimes and revenges, and therefore quite isoleted from the epic and peculiar inspiration of Romances Historicos. Some testimonies that appeared at the press contemporary with Rivas reveal the probable source of inspiration for this romance: a scary story based on the gothic tradition of the «Bleeding Nun» which, together with the reconstruction as an urban legend upon the «Monaca di Monza» incident, could be the motif inspiration for Rivas.Tradicionalmente se ha considerado «El cuento de un veterano» un texto diverso al conjunto de los Romances Históricos, en los que Rivas traduce una particular idea de la Historia nacional española. En este contexto, «El cuento de un veterano» aparece como un romance de inspiración novelesca, próximo a las horrorosas narraciones populares de crímenes y venganzas, despegado de la visión unitaria que la crítica asigna a los Romances Históricos. Los testimonios de la prensa contemporánea a Rivas desvelan la fuente de inspiración de este extraño romance en una «scary story» que pudo circular entonces, derivada de la tradición gótica de la «Bleeding Nun», la reconstrucción como leyenda urbana del episodio de la «Monaca di Monza».

  8. Association between polychlorinated biphenyls and Parkinson's disease neuropathology. (United States)

    Hatcher-Martin, Jaime M; Gearing, Marla; Steenland, Kyle; Levey, Allan I; Miller, Gary W; Pennell, Kurt D


    Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are synthetic chemicals primarily used as coolants and insulators in electrical equipment. Although banned for several decades, PCBs continue to exist in the environment because of their long half-life, continued presence in items produced before the ban, and poor disposal practices. Epidemiological and experimental studies have identified exposure to PCBs as a potential risk factor for Parkinson's disease, perhaps more so in females. The objective of this work was to examine the association between PCB levels in post-mortem human brain tissue and the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, as well as the degree of nigral depigmentation. We also sought to determine if this association was more significant when patients were stratified by sex. Post-mortem brain samples from control patients and those diagnosed with Parkinson's disease were obtained from the Emory University Brain Bank and from the Nun Study. Concentrations of eight prevalent PCB congeners were extracted from post-mortem brain tissue and analyzed using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. PCB congeners 153 and 180 were significantly elevated in the brains of Parkinson's disease patients. When stratified by sex, the female Parkinson's disease group demonstrated significantly elevated concentrations of total PCBs and specifically congeners 138, 153, and 180 compared to controls, whereas PCB concentrations in males were not significantly different between control and Parkinson's disease groups. In a separate population of women (Nun Study) who had no clinical signs or symptoms of PD, elevated concentrations total PCB and congeners 138, 153 and 180 were also observed in post-mortem brain tissue exhibiting moderate nigral depigmentation compared to subjects with mild or no depigmentation. These quantitative data demonstrate an association between brain PCB levels and Parkinson's disease-related pathology. Furthermore, these data support epidemiological and laboratory studies

  9. Studies of the mechanical properties of planar and patterned films with picosecond ultrasonics (United States)

    Antonelli, George Andrew

    We describe a series of investigations of the mechanical properties of thin films and nanostructures. The experiments were performed with picosecond ultrasonics. In this method, sub-picosecond optical pulses are used to excite and detect acoustic phenomena. Several variations of the conventional experimental apparatus were developed and will be described. In the first study, we endeavor to analyze the vibrations of a nanostructure. From measurements of the change in the reflectivity, it is possible to determine the frequencies nun and damping rates Gamma n of a number of the normal modes of the structure. To understand the nature of these vibrations we developed a coarse-grained molecular dynamics model. By comparison of the measured nun and Gamma n with the frequencies and damping rates calculated from the computer simulation, we have been able to identify different normal modes and deduce their vibration patterns. We have also developed a new technique allowing the measurement of the transit time of an acoustic pulse in a thin film with great accuracy. This technique was applied to the study of elastic and anelastic effects in thin metal films. A strain was induced in the film either by heating the film-substrate system or bending the substrate. From measurements of these samples, we were able to extract a certain combination of second- and third-order elastic constants and detect the onset of plastic flow in the metal film. Finally, we describe a technique that can be used to generate high frequency surface waves. A transmission diffraction grating is formed on a transparent wafer, and then placed very close to the surface of the sample. A light pulse passing through the grating will give rise to a spatially-varying light intensity on the sample. This sets up a periodic thermal stress on the sample surface which in turn generates a standing surface acoustic wave.

  10. Magmatic Longevity Constrained by ID-TIMS U-Pb Dating of Zircon and Titanite (United States)

    Szymanowski, D.; Wotzlaw, J. F.; Ellis, B. S.; Bachmann, O.; Von Quadt, A.


    Clues about the timescales and thermal conditions associated with the growth and evacuation of large silicic magma reservoirs are frequently drawn from radiometric dating, diffusion modelling, or thermomechanical modelling. A growing amount of petrological and geochronological evidence, supported by thermal modelling, suggests that many silicic magma reservoirs may exist for some 104-106 years in the form of high-crystallinity mushes at relatively low temperatures ( 700-750°C; [1-3]). Geochronological studies addressing this issue typically utilise the U-Pb system in zircon capable of recording extended periods of crystallisation, particularly in evolved calc-alkaline systems that spend most of their lifetime zircon-saturated. In this study, we integrate U-Pb dating of zircon and titanite to investigate the longevity of the magma reservoir that produced the Kneeling Nun Tuff, a 35 Ma, >900 km3 crystal-rich rhyolitic super-eruption from the Mogollon-Datil volcanic field in New Mexico (USA). High-precision ID-TIMS U-Pb dates of single crystals of both zircon and titanite independently record a continuous crystallisation history over >400,000 years. We combine the dating of both accessory phases with textural, major, trace element and isotopic studies of single crystals, placing tight constraints on the thermal conditions of magma accumulation and storage while recording differentiation and rejuvenation processes within the magma reservoir. The results suggest a protracted `cool' upper-crustal storage of magma prior to the Kneeling Nun Tuff eruption followed by a melting event which reduced the magma crystallinity and conditioned it for eruption. [1] Bachmann & Bergantz (2004), J. Petrol. 45, 1565-1582. [2] Gelman et al. (2013), Geology 41, 759-762. [3] Cooper & Kent (2014), Nature 506, 480-483.

  11. Association between polychlorinated biphenyls and Parkinson’s disease neuropathology (United States)

    Hatcher-Martin, Jaime M.; Gearing, Marla; Steenland, Kyle; Levey, Allan I.; Miller, Gary W.; Pennell, Kurt D.


    Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are synthetic chemicals primarily used as coolants and insulators in electrical equipment. Although banned for several decades, PCBs continue to exist in the environment because of their long half-life, continued presence in items produced before the ban, and poor disposal practices. Epidemiological and experimental studies have identified exposure to PCBs as a potential risk factor for Parkinson’s disease, perhaps more so in females. The objective of this work was to examine the association between PCB levels in post-mortem human brain tissue and the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, as well as the degree of nigral depigmentation. We also sought to determine if this association was more significant when patients were stratified by sex. Post-mortem brain samples from control patients and those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease were obtained from the Emory University Brain Bank and from the Nun Study. Concentrations of eight prevalent PCB congeners were extracted from post-mortem brain tissue and analyzed using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. PCB congeners 153 and 180 were significantly elevated in the brains of Parkinson’s disease patients. When stratified by sex, the female Parkinson’s disease group demonstrated significantly elevated concentrations of total PCBs and specifically congeners 138, 153, and 180 compared to controls, whereas PCB concentrations in males were not significantly different between control and Parkinson’s disease groups. In a separate population of women (Nun Study) who had no clinical signs or symptoms of PD, elevated concentrations total PCB and congeners 138, 153 and 180 were also observed in post-mortem brain tissue exhibiting moderate nigral depigmentation compared to subjects with mild or no depigmentation. These quantitative data demonstrate an association between brain PCB levels and Parkinson’s disease-related pathology. Furthermore, these data support epidemiological and

  12. Protein Esaslı Yağ İkame Maddesi Kullanımının Yağsız Yoğurdun Kalitesi Üzerine Etkisi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatma Sezen


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmada, protein esaslı yağ ikame maddesi olan Dairy-Lo™ 'nun %1 ve %2 gibi iki farklı oranı kullanılarak, rekonstitüe sütten üretilen, yağsız set tipi yoğurtların fiziksel, kimyasal, tekstürel ve duyusal özellikleri incelenmiştir. Yoğurt örneklerinde depolamanın 1., 7. ve 15. günlerinde titrasyon asitliği, pH, asetaldehit, laktik asit, serum ayrılması, viskozite, konsistens değerleri saptanmıştır. Ayrıca yoğurt örneklerinde duyusal değerlendirmeler de yapılmıştır.  Bu çalışma sonucu elde edilen bulgular, protein esaslı yağ ikame maddesi Dairy-Lo™ ilavesinin yağsız yoğurdun konsistens ve viskozitesini artırıp, serum ayrılmasını azalttığını göstermiştir. Dairy-Lo™ 'nun %2 oranında kullanımının yağsız set tip yoğurdun kalitesini iyileştirdiği belirlenmiştir.

  13. Residencia de Jesuitas, en Munich – Alemania

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schneider-Esleben, P.


    Full Text Available This new residence and publishing office includes 19 sleeping cells for the priests, a chapel, a large library and reading room and space for 160 000 volumes, a refectory, 4 editing rooms, a guests dining room, a porter's flat, four bedrooms for nuns, living rooms for priests and nuns, and reception room for visitors. The basic concept of this design is the individual cell, consisting of an office-cum-bedroom, the bed being separated by a curtain, and including a small bathroom. These cells are very suitable for quiet work and meditation. The total project is planned on an hexagonal reticular module, and the basic material is untreated concrete.Esta nueva Residencia y Centro de redacción contiene: 19 celdas-dormitorios de los padres; una capilla; una gran biblioteca con salas de lectura y depósito con capacidad para 160.000 volúmenes, aproximadamente; un refectorio; 4 locales de redacción; un comedor para invitados; un apartamento para el portero; 4 dormitorios para monjas; una sala de estar de padres y otra de monjas; salas de consulta para visitantes; etcétera. El punto de arranque de proyecto ha sido la célula individual, constituida por una habitación de trabajo-dormitorio —con una cama separada por una cortina, un pequeño cuarto de aseo y un armario—, en la que se disfruta de una adecuada tranquilidad propicia para el trabajo y la meditación. Ha sido modulada según una retícula hexagonal, y el hormigón visto es el material fundamental utilizado.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sol Serrano


    Full Text Available La decadencia del modelo religioso femenino representado por los conventos de monjas contemplativas, entre fines del XVIII y la primera mitad del siglo XIX, es parte de un proceso de reforma propia del despotismo ilustrado, del liberalismo de los estados nacionales y también, en el caso chileno que aquí se estudia, del reformismo eclesiástico. Este artículo sugiere que las monjas contemplativas dejaron de ser mujeres para el liberalismo, por no cumplir su rol de madres, y en el catolicismo fueron desplazadas por las religiosas de vida activa, que eran un modelo de religiosas en el mundo que cumplían roles de madres sociales. La exclusión de las mujeres de los derechos políticos está vinculada con este proceso, en cuanto la formación del nuevo espacio público requería la formación de un espacio privado gobernado por madres. Este artículo estudia las tres etapas del reformismo ilustrado, del liberal y del religioso en el caso chileno.The decline of the women religious model represented by contemplative nun convents between the end of the eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth, was part of a reform process experienced in different spheres of influence. Among them it is possible to mention the enlightened despotism, the liberalism exerted by National States and the ecclesiastical reformism of Chile. This article shows that contemplative nuns stopped being considered as women for liberalism because they did not fulfill a mother role. Moreover they were displaced within the Catholic realm by religious women with active roles in society, who fulfilled the role of social mothers. The exclusion of women from the enjoyment of political rights was linked to this process because the formationof a new public space required the conformation of a private space governed by mothers.

  15. Kundenfokus: Startpunkt für die digitale Transformation bei Stadtwerken (United States)

    Fett, Perry; Küller, Philipp

    Big Data, Internet der Dinge, Mobile Computing und soziale Medien - die modernen Informationstechnologien durchdringen den Alltag der meisten Menschen und lösen hierdurch eine digitale Transformation aus. Im Unternehmenskontext manifestiert sich die Digitalisierung durch eine neue Qualität der wissensbasierten Entscheidungsunterstützung und der Automatisierung bzw. Autonomisierung der Geschäftsprozesse. Für Stadtwerke gilt es nun, die Chancen der Digitalisierung zu ihren Gunsten zu nutzen. Ein Startpunkt könnte hierbei sein, wie Stadtwerke zukünftig mit ihren Kunden interagieren. Ausgelöst durch die Liberalisierung der Märkte rückt der Kunde heute stärker in den Mittelpunkt - die Energiewirtschaft steht nun vor der Herausforderung, dem Wettbewerb einen Schritt voraus zu sein und dem Kunden ein absolut positives Kundenerlebnis (Customer Experience) sowohl als Maßnahme zur Kundenbindung als auch zum Kundenaufbau zu bieten. Das vorliegende Kapitel zeigt hierfür die Erfolgskriterien für die gelungene Etablierung des Kundenfokus im eigenen Unternehmen auf. Mit dem Customer-Focus-Cycle-Modell von Fujitsu, angelehnt an den Deming-Kreislauf, wird ein allgemeingültiger Ansatz für ein mögliches Vorgehen beim Aufbau des Kundenfokus vorgestellt. Die sechs Phasen werden dabei anhand praktischer Beispiele erläutert und geben zudem Hinweise zu Methoden und Tools. Aus dem vorgestellten "Werkzeugkasten" wird ferner die Customer-Journey-Methode im Detail erläutert. Weiter soll das präsentierte Reifegradmodell Unternehmen dabei unterstützen, den eigenen Status quo festzustellen und die persönlichen Ziele auf dem Weg zur kundenzentrierten Organisation festzulegen.

  16. The aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases had only a marginal role in the origin of the organization of the genetic code: Evidence in favor of the coevolution theory. (United States)

    Di Giulio, Massimo


    The coevolution theory of the origin of the genetic code suggests that the organization of the genetic code coevolved with the biosynthetic relationships between amino acids. The mechanism that allowed this coevolution was based on tRNA-like molecules on which-this theory-would postulate the biosynthetic transformations between amino acids to have occurred. This mechanism makes a prediction on how the role conducted by the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases (ARSs), in the origin of the genetic code, should have been. Indeed, if the biosynthetic transformations between amino acids occurred on tRNA-like molecules, then there was no need to link amino acids to these molecules because amino acids were already charged on tRNA-like molecules, as the coevolution theory suggests. In spite of the fact that ARSs make the genetic code responsible for the first interaction between a component of nucleic acids and that of proteins, for the coevolution theory the role of ARSs should have been entirely marginal in the genetic code origin. Therefore, I have conducted a further analysis of the distribution of the two classes of ARSs and of their subclasses-in the genetic code table-in order to perform a falsification test of the coevolution theory. Indeed, in the case in which the distribution of ARSs within the genetic code would have been highly significant, then the coevolution theory would be falsified since the mechanism on which it is based would not predict a fundamental role of ARSs in the origin of the genetic code. I found that the statistical significance of the distribution of the two classes of ARSs in the table of the genetic code is low or marginal, whereas that of the subclasses of ARSs statistically significant. However, this is in perfect agreement with the postulates of the coevolution theory. Indeed, the only case of statistical significance-regarding the classes of ARSs-is appreciable for the CAG code, whereas for its complement-the UNN/NUN code-only a marginal

  17. Release of N 2, CH 4, CO 2, and H 2O from surface ices on Enceladus (United States)

    Hodyss, Robert; Goguen, Jay D.; Johnson, Paul V.; Campbell, Colin; Kanik, Isik


    We vapor deposit at 20 K a mixture of gases with the specific Enceladus plume composition measured in situ by the Cassini INMS [Waite, J.H., Combi, M.R., Ip, W.H., Cravens, T.E., McNutt, R.L., Kasprzak, W., Yelle, R., Luhmann, J., Niemann, H., Gell, D., Magee, B., Fletcher, G., Lunine, J., Tseng, W.L., 2006. Science 311, 1419-1422] to form a mixed molecular ice. As the sample is slowly warmed, we monitor the escaping gas quantity and composition with a mass spectrometer. Pioneering studies [Schmitt, B., Klinger, J., 1987. Different trapping mechanisms of gases by water ice and their relevance for comet nuclei. In: Rolfe, E.J., Battrick, B. (Eds.), Diversity and Similarity of Comets. SP-278. ESA, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, pp. 613-619; Bar-Nun, A., Kleinfeld, I., Kochavi, E., 1988. Phys. Rev. B 38, 7749-7754; Bar-Nun, A., Kleinfeld, I., 1989. Icarus 80, 243-253] have shown that significant quantities of volatile gases can be trapped in a water ice matrix well above the temperature at which the pure volatile ice would sublime. For our Enceladus ice mixture, a composition of escaping gases similar to that detected by Cassini in the Enceladus plume can be generated by the sublimation of the H 2O:CO 2:CH 4:N 2 mixture at temperatures between 135 and 155 K, comparable to the high temperatures inferred from the CIRS measurements [Spencer, J.R., Pearl, J.C., Segura, M., Flasar, F.M., Mamoutkine, A., Romani, P., Buratti, B.J., Hendrix, A.R., Spilker, L.J., Lopes, R.M.C., 2006. Science 311, 1401-1405] of the Enceladus "tiger stripes." This suggests that the gas escape phenomena that we measure in our experiments are an important process contributing to the gases emitted from Enceladus. A similar experiment for ice deposited at 70 K shows that both the processes of volatile trapping and release are temperature dependent over the temperature range relevant to Enceladus.

  18. Trapping of CH4, CO, and CO2 in Amorphous Water Ice (United States)

    Mastrapa, R. M. E.; Brown, R. H.; Anicich, V. G.; Cohen, B. A.; Dai, W.; Lunine, J. I.


    In this study, CO, CH4, and CO2 were trapped in H2O at temperatures as low as 20 K and pressures between 10-5 and 10-8 Torr. IR spectra were taken of each sample before sublimation to confirm the presence of volatiles. The samples were then heated at rates from 0.25 K/min to 1 K/min and the escape ranges were measured with a mass spectrometer. The volatiles escaped from the ice mixtures in temperature ranges similar to those found in previous work (1, 2, 3), namely 48-52 K, 145-160 K, 170-185 K. H2O is released from 150 K to 185 K. However, the temperature range of escape is strongly dependent on deposition temperature and heating rate. If the deposition temperature is below the point where the solid volatile rapidly sublimates in the ambient environment of our experiment, then the first range of volatile escape is centered around it's sublimation point, and there is little of the volatile remaining from 170-185 K. The location of the third escape range shifts to lower temperatures with slower sublimation rate. It was determined that 0.5 K/min is the ideal sample heating rate to determine these escape ranges. In our data, the infrared spectrum of CO trapped in water ice shows a splitting of the 2145 cm-1 solid CO line into two bands at 2343 cm-1 and 2135 cm-1. These shifts are similar to those seen by Sandford, et al. (4). (1) Bar-Nun, A., G. Herman, D. Laufer, and M. L. Rappaport, (1985), Icarus, 63, 317-332. (2) Bar-Nun, A., J. Dror, E. Kochavi, and D. Laufer, (1987), Physical Review B, 35, no. 5, 2427-2435. (3) Hudson, R. L., and B. Donn, (1991), Icarus, 94, 326-332. (4) Sandford, S. A., L. J. Allamandola, A. G. G. M. Tielens, and G. J. Valero, (1988), Astrophysical Journal, 329, 498-510.

  19. Emigración gallega en el siglo XVI: el linaje Bahamonde en Chiloé

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pérez, Pablo A.


    Full Text Available The article discusses about a Galician emigrant who was part of a military troop destined for the War of Arauco. He had established himself in the captaincy of Chile, leaving signifi cant offspring in the southern island of Chiloé -which name of conquest was precisely province of Nueva Galiciauntil today. It shows historical data on the migrant as well as some genealogical notes about the lineage itself, making evident the need to complete a study that already started some years ago. In summary, a contribution to the presence and heritage of Galician origin outside its borders.

    El artículo analiza el uso de la conocida como Proporción Armónica o Proporción Áurea en un tipo concreto de esculturas en el noroeste de la Iberia de la Edad del Hierro procedentes del sur de Gallaecia. Se propone que la aplicación de un concepto tan elaborado en la solución de una serie de problemas técnicos implica la existencia de artesanos especializados. Se considera que las esculturas de guerreros fueron un instrumento de legitimación de un grupo social dominante en un contexto de una sociedad de jefatura compleja. Estas esculturas, como artefactos ideológicos, fueron usadas en la Gallaecia de la tardía Edad del Hierro como una representación material del poder social. [gl] O artigo analiza o uso da coñecida como Proporción Harmónica ou Proporción Áurea nun tipo concreto de esculturas no noroeste da Iberia da Idade do Ferro procedentes do sur de Gallaecia. Proponse que a aplicación dun concepto tan elaborado na solución dunha serie de problemas técnicos implica a existencia de artesáns especializados. Considérase que as esculturas de guerreiros foron un instrumento de lexitimación dun grupo social dominante nun contexto dunha sociedade de xefatura complexa. Estas esculturas, como artefactos ideolóxicos, foron usadas na Gallaecia da tardía Idade do Ferro como unha representación material do poder social.

  20. Coro de cisnes, cantos de sirenas: una aproximación a la música en los monasterios del Chile colonial Swan Choirs, Siren Songs: An Approach to the Music in the Monasteries of Colonial Chile

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alejandro Vera


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo explora por vez primera la práctica musical en los monasterios de monjas del Chile colonial. Partiendo de la información inédita recopilada en el archivo del Monasterio de La Victoria de Santiago, se analizan aspectos históricos y musicales tales como la imagen de la monja música en la historiografía tradicional y postmoderna; su estatus social en el período colonial; la evolución de las plantillas musicales (instrumentistas y cantoras, con sus correspondientes cambios estilísticos y la injerencia que tenían los músicos ajenos al monasterio. Por último, se cuestiona la supuesta independencia de género de las monjas y se plantea la hipótesis de que las repetidas censuras a sus prácticas artístico-musicales estuvieron motivadas no sólo por propósitos moralizantes, sino también por la necesidad del clero secular y la autoridad civil de limitar el crecimiento de las instituciones monásticas.This is the first study about the musical practice in convents of Colonial Chile on the basis of new data collected in the archive of the convent of La Victoria in Santiago. It considers historical and musical aspects such as the image of the nun musician in traditional and postmodern historiography, her social status during the colonial period, the evolution of music groups (instrumentalists and singers, the stylistic changes associated with them, and the role played by foreign mule musicians in the monastery. Finally, it questions the assumption that nun musicians enjoyed an independence from masculine gender. Furthermore, it puts forward as a hypothesis that the frequent prohibitions of their musical and artistic practices originated not only in moralistic purposes, but also in the need of the secular clergy and civic authorities of limiting the growth of monastic institutions.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mete Kaan KAYAPINAR


    Full Text Available 1844 yılında Heybeliada’daki Umut Tepesi’nde açılan Heybeliada Ruhban Okulu, İstanbul’un fethi sonrası Türklerin hâkimiyetine girmesine rağmen, Osmanlı İmparatorluğu tarafından varlığı tutulan İstanbul Rum Ortodoks Patrikhanesi’nin doğrudan ilgi ve yetki alanında hareket eden bir kurumdur. Doğu Bloku’nun çöküşü ve küreselleşme süreçleriyle birlikte dinî değerlerin toplumlar nezdinde yükselişe geçmesi, dinin dünya siyasetinde öneminin artıp daha belirgin bir araç olarak kullanılması, Türkiye’de hem İstanbul Rum Ortodoks Patrikhanesi’ni hem de 1971’de kapatılmış olan HRO’yu gündeme taşımıştır. 1971 yılından bu yana kapalı olan Heybeliada Ruhban Okulu, özellikle bu tarihten sonra Türkiye, Yunanistan ve Patrikhane arasında siyasî, hukukî ve kültürel gelişme ve ihtilaflara konu olan temel kurumsal bir sorun konumu kazanmıştır. Hatta bu sorun, son yıllarda ABD ve AB’nin de müdahil olduğu uluslararası bir nitelik kazanmıştır. Bu çalışmanın amacı, her şeyden önce bir hukuk devleti olarak Türkiye Cumhuriyeti’nin Heybeliada Ruhban Okulu’nun geleceği konusunda uygulayabileceği siyasayı, söz konusu okulun geçmişten günümüze İstanbul Rum Ortodoks Patrikhanesi ile ilişkileri, statüleri ve Türk-Yunan sorunlarına etkileri açısından salt hukukî mülahazalar çerçevesinde irdeleyerek ortaya koymaktır.

  2. The presentation of the results of Alexander von Humboldt's voyage to Carlos IV

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miguel Ángel Puig-Samper


    Full Text Available Resumen  Desde nuestras primeras investigaciones sobre la estancia de Alexander von Humboldt en España siempre nos sorprendió la ausencia de una mínima relación posterior del sabio prusiano con la corona española y sus autoridades. Iniciada una nueva investigación, encontramos que efectivamente se produjo el envío de un primer trabajo a Carlos IV desde Roma acompañado de una carta de gratitud por la protección recibida durante su viaje americano y de sumisión a la corona española, que ahora presentamos.   Summary Ever since our first research into Alexander von Humboldt's stay in Spain, the absence of an ensuing relationship between the wise Prussian and the Spanish Crown and Authorities had always surprised us. On starting new research, we found that indeed he sent his first work to Carlos IV from Rome accompanied by a letter of gratitude for the protection he had received during his American trip and submission to the Spanish Crown, which we now present. This first literary fruit of his voyage, which Alexander von Humboldt alluded to in the letter is the first instalment of his work Plantes Équinoxiales, Recueillies au Mexique, dans l’ile de Cuba, dans les provinces de Caracas, de Cumana etc., published in Paris in 1805.   Zusammenfassung Seit unseren ersten Forschungen über den Aufenthalt Alexander von Humboldts in Spanien hat uns das Fehlen einer hieran anschließenden Beziehung des preußischen Wissenschaftlers mit der spanischen Krone und ihren Behörden erstaunt. Im Laufe einer erneuten Aufnahme der Forschung, haben wir nun entdeckt, dass Humboldt in der Tat von Rom aus eine erste Arbeit an Karl IV gesandt hatte, zusammen mit einem Schreiben des Dankes (für den während der amerikanischen Reise erhaltenen Schutz sowie seiner Unterordnung unter die spanische Krone, das wir nun präsentieren. Das erste literarische Ergebnis seiner Reise, auf das Humboldt in diesem Brief verweist, ist der erste Faszikel seines Werkes

  3. Experimental investigations on inlet flow of ducted turbines. A contribution to turbine intake optimization; Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Anstroemung von Rohrturbinen. Ein Beitrag zur Optimierung des Turbineneinlaufes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Godde, D. [Technische Univ. Muenchen, Obernach (Germany). Versuchsanstalt fuer Wasserbau und Wasserwirtschaft (Oskar-von-Miller-Institut)


    In the borderline region between hydraulic engineering and turbine technology, a wide range of conjectures on cause-effect relationships in connection with turbine inflow have existed for quite some time. It is remarkable that these conjectures, which are partly based on observations and `a feeling for hydraulics`, have not as yeet been subject to scientific scrutiny. This is more the remarkable when one considers the requirements specified by turbine manufacturers concerning the quality of the intake flow based upon such uncertain conjectures. However, extensive contructional measures are sometimes necessary to satisfy these requirements, which are also formulated in general terms in numerous publications. Within the scope of this treatise the new investigations in this field - at a model and a turbine test rig - concentrate on the separating pier, the trash rack and the adjoining convergence channel in the intake region of bulb turbines. The experimental results serve to clarify a number of relationships, partly negate or confirm previous assumptions and relativize some of the requirements. Although the results must be assessed in the light of model-specific restrictions and the characteristics of the turbines tested, they are nevertheless generally applicable to a certain degree owing to the wide scope of the investigations. (AKF) [Deutsch] Im Grenzbereich zwischen Wasserbau und Turbinentechnologie besteht seit geraumer Zeit zu Fragen der Turbinenanstroemung eine Reihe von Vermutungen ueber Ursache-Wirkung-Zusammenhaenge. Es ist bemerkenswert, dass diese zum Teil auf Beobachtungen und `hydraulischem Gefuehl` basierenden Deutungen bisher keiner wissenschaftlichen Ueberpruefung unterzogen wurden. Das ist um so bemerkenswerter, als auf der Grundlage solcher unsicheren Vermutungen seitens der Turbinenhersteller nun Anforderungen an die Stroemungsqualitaet im Einlaufbereich erhoben werden. Es erfordert aber mitunter grossen baulichen Aufwand, diese Forderungen zu

  4. Kongre İzlenimleri

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Faruk Aşıcıoğlu


    Full Text Available 6th Indo Pasific Congress on Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences 26-30 Temmuz 1998 Kobe Üniversitesinin ev sahipliğini yaptığı ve denizden doldurularak oluşturulan şehir merkezi ile bağlantılı yapay bir ada üzerinde bulunan Kobe Uluslararası Konferans Merkezinde yapılan kongreye 30 ayrı ülkeden yaklaşık 300 kişi katıldı. 7 ayrı salonda yürütülen Kongre Bilimsel programı çerçevesinde 4 konferans, 3 sempozyum, 110 sözlü bildiri, 185 poster sunumu yapıldı. Poster sunumları başında 6 dakikalık sözlü sunum ve 2 dakikalık tartışma süresiyle kısıtlandırılmış olmasına rağmen oturum başkanları bu sürelerin aşılmasına hoşgörüyle yaklaştı. Türkiye’den Prof.Dr.Sevil Atasoy’un 2 sözlü bildiri, 2 poster sunumu, Dr.Faruk Aşıcıoğlu’nun 3 poster sunumu ile katıldığı kongrede, 2 poster oturumu Türk katılımcıların başkanlığında yapıldı. Hyogo Polis Bandosu’nun konseri geleneksel davul gösterisi, çay seramonisi, çiçek düzenleme ve Takarazuka Revüsünün gösterileri katılımcılara geleneksel Japon kültürünü tanıma fırsatı verdi. INPALMS genel kurulunun da yapıldığı kongrede uzun yıllar birliğin başkanlığını yapan Prof.Dr. MS Laksman Salgada (Sri Lanka yerini Prof.Dr. Yoshitsugu Tatsunc’a (Japonya devretti. Dr.Faruk Aşıcıoğlu

  5. Seyle’s biological stressors influence dramatically skin physiology: our experiences with electrical admittance magnitude measurements

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lorenzo Martini


    Full Text Available Introduction: Abrupt changes of environmental temperatures and assault of chemical and physical assaults belong to the series of biological stresses recorded by the austro-canadian endocrinologist Seyle onto skin, phenomena that are progressively overset all natural events and anthropological lifestyles, are too often depreciated and underestimated by dermatologists and cosmetologists at all. Aims of our study is to evaluate by electrical admittance magnitude measurements the influence these two irrefutable afflictions, designed as stressors, influence negatively human skin and to do this we have selected, to conduct the study, peculiar individuals that, owing to their choice of living, may or not be injured by extreme changes of temperatures and aggressions by chemical and physical pollutants. Materials and Methods: We have recruited 20 nuns in a cloistered convent in Mid Italy: ten of these have been always accustomed to live inside the cloister and their life-style permits the good conservation of the intact skin physiology (that is living at air temperature and medium-low relative humidity and the other ten are accustomed to live and work outdoor and to be assaulted by abrupt and extreme changes of environmental temperature and pollutants. Cloistered nuns have the chance to choose where to live, indoor or aoutdoor. We measured the electrical admittance magnitude (in μmho at the beginning and at the end of the experiment that lasts 29 weeks, using an appropriate instrument based on the system developed by Feldman, working at a single frequency of 30kHz. Results and Conclusion: It is self evident that after the simulation of phyto-induced cortisol release onto the skins of all the 20 volunteers, the subjects that which live outdoor show an exaggerated value of dehydration with regard to the subjects that live indoor. Changes of environmental temperatures and chemical pollutants, is self evident, jeopardize human skin integrity and safety, but

  6. Binge Eating Disorder


    Senol Turan; Cana Aksoy Poyraz; Armagan Ozdemir


    Tıkınırcasına Yeme Bozukluğu, yeme davranışı üzerine kontrol kaybının hissedildiği, tekrarlayan aşırı yeme dönemleriyle kendini gösteren ve kişinin tıkınırcasına yeme nöbetlerinin yol açabileceği etkileri giderebilmek için bir takım yöntemlere başvurmadığı bir yeme bozukluğudur ve Mental Bozuklukların Tanı ve İstatistiğinin Elkitabı’nda yeni bir yeme bozukluğu olarak sınıflandırılmıştır. Tıkınırcasına Yeme Bozukluğu’nun, erişkinlerde görülen en yaygın yeme bozukluğu olduğu ifade edilmektedir....

  7. Die Soldatenmütter Sankt Petersburg The Soldiers’ Mothers of St. Petersburg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frauke Wetzel


    Full Text Available Eine wachsende Zahl von Frauen in Rußland schafft es, gegen die tragende Rolle des Militärs zu rebellieren. Sie leisten Widerstand gegen die undemokratischen Streitkräfte, in denen Wehrdienstleistende mißhandelt und gefoltert werden. Eva Maria Hinterhuber, selbst für einige Zeit Mitarbeiterin der Soldatenmütter Sankt Petersburg, schreibt in ihrer nun veröffentlichten Diplomarbeit über eine Gruppe von Widerständigen, ihre Rolle im Transformationsprozeß und ihre Bedeutung für das Entstehen einer Zivilgesellschaft in Rußland.An increasing number of women is successfully rebelling against the Russian army. They try to resist an undemocratic military force where soldiers are ill-treated and tortured. Eva Maria Hinterhuber, a former employee at the St. Peterburg Soldiers’ Mothers, writes in her recently published thesis about one group of opposers, their role in the process of transformation and their importance for the development of a civil society in Russia.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reviewed by Konchok Gelek (Dkon mchog dge legs དཀོན་མཆོག་དགེ་ལེགས། (Gengqiu Gelai 更求格来


    Full Text Available Thomas K. Shor. 2012. A Step Away from Paradise: A Tibetan Lama's Extraordinary Journey to a Land of Immortality. [Kindle version]. ASIN B006TR0Y7W (7.03USD; ISBN 0999291890 (paperback 19.95USD. The author was fascinated by the account of Tulshuk Lingpa's disciple, Dorje Wangmo, a Bhutanese nun and a disciple who abandoned her worldly possessions to pursue the land of dreams and imagined paradise. The author dug deeper by interviewing Kungsang, Tulshuk Lingpa's son, and other key disciples who were participants in the search of the same hidden realm on the slope of a glacier. Elements of this tale resemble magical realism with its narration detailing participants' experiences of magic, a parallel world, and a portal to the hidden land. The story centers on a continuing search for locating this paradise with each step holding the possibility of drawing nearer to the destination. This holds readers' curiosity to the end. In 1962, Tulshuk Lingpa led 300 followers from Sikkim and Bhutan to an adjacent area along the Nepal-Sikkim border. He then took a few close disciples to Kangchenjunga, a remote area located on the border between Sikkim and Nepal, and attempted to pass through a gate that he believed led to a heavenly place, paralleling our own existence. At that moment, an avalanche enveloped them, killing Tulshuk and injuring the two others with him. ...

  9. Validation of a Novel Instrument to Measure Elements of Franciscan-Inspired Spirituality in a General Population and in Religious Persons

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arndt Büssing


    Full Text Available Today there are several approaches for bringing mindfulness, which conceptually refers to the Buddhist Vipassana tradition, into organizations. Programs referring to value-based attitudes and behaviors derived from specific Christian contexts are rarely evaluated. A prerequisite are reliable instruments for measuring the respective outcomes. We therefore performed a cross-sectional study among 418 participants to validate an instrument measuring specific aspects of Franciscan-inspired spirituality (FraSpir, particularly the core dimensions and transformative outcomes. Exploratory factor analysis of this FraSpir questionnaire with 26 items pointed to four main factors (i.e., “Live from Faith/Search for God”; “Peaceful attitude/Respectful Treatment”; “Commitment to Disadvantaged and Creation”; “Attitude of Poverty”. Their internal consistency (Cronbach’s alpha ranged from 0.79 to 0.97. With respect to convergent validity, there were sound correlations with engagement in religious practices, gratitude and awe, and prosocial-humanistic practices. The 26-item instrument was found to be a reliable and valid instrument for use in training and education programs. Interestingly, nuns and monks scored significantly higher on the Faith and Poverty subscales than others, but similarly on the two subscales addressing considerate action in the world. These attitudes and behaviors are not exclusively valued by those of religious faith, but by all.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fethi Ahmet YÜKSEL


    Full Text Available Batı Anadolu Bouguer Gravite haritasının yoruma hazırlanması için iki boyutlu alçak geçişli süzgeçler kullanılmıştır. Elde edilen rejyonal Bouguer gravite anomali haritasından alınan uygun doğrultudaki profillere Talwani yöntemi uygulanarak Batı Anadolu kabuk kalınlığı geometrisi modellenmiştir. Batı Anadolu kabuk kalınlığı kuzeyde Karadeniz sahillerinde ortalama 30 km'den başlayarak Göller Bölgesinde 35-40 km'ye ulaşmakta ve güneyde Akdeniz sahillerinde tekrar 32 km'ye düşerek inceldiği hesaplanmıştır. Ege sahillerinde ise, kabuk ortalama 32 km'den başlayarak Anadolu'nun içlerine doğru B-D doğrultusunda, 40 km. kalınlığa ulaştığı belirlenmiştir.

  11. Authority, Religion, and Women Writers in the Italian Counter-Reformation: Teaching Diodata Malvasia’s Histories

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shannon McHugh


    Full Text Available Recent decades have seen the rediscovery of a significant number of texts authored by Italian women between 1560 and 1630. And yet the commonplace that the Counter-Reformation silenced women writers has persisted. One figure useful for teaching a more nuanced vision of post-Tridentine Italy is the Bolognese nun Diodata Malvasia (c. 1532–post-1617. She authored a pair of histories recounting her convent’s efforts to maintain their way of life amidst an era of convent reform, employing strategies that capitalized on their education, familial and civic connections, and position of spiritual privilege. Malvasia’s writings demonstrate the ways in which women not only published in this period but began to speak with increasing authority. I offer some possibilities for how Malvasia’s chronicles can be used to teach students about women writers’ agency in post-Tridentine Italy, as well as the complex thinking with which one must approach a regime like the Counter-Reformation.

  12. Determining the quark charges by one and two photon processes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Janah, A.


    Testable predictions are presented, which may be used to decide between the gauge theories of integer and fractionally charged quarks (icq and fcq). Two distinctive features of icq are exploited, namely (a) presence of color non-singlet components in weak and electromagnetic currents and (b) possible liberation of color non-singlet states above a threshold energy. Consequences are sought in lepton-hadron interaction processes, taking into account the known color-suppression effect. Single photon/weak-boson processes such as nuN → nuX distinguish between icq and fcq only above color-threshold. Experimental consequences of color-liberation in the above process are obtained. It is found that the gluon-parton contribution survives color-suppression to produce a significant rise in the structure functions when color-threshold is exceeded. Two-photon processes such as e + e - → e + e - + 2 jets distinguish between the two theories even below color threshold. To obtain the icq predictions for this process, one must take into account (a) the (momentum-dependent) color suppression and (b) the added contribution from pair production of charged gluons

  13. Elevator without traveling cable: Non-contact transmission of power and data; Haengekabelloser Aufzug: Beruehrungsfreie Informations- und Energieuebertragung

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Thumm, G. [ThyssenKrupp Aufzuege, Stuttgart-Vaihingen (Germany); Jetter, M. [ThyssenKrupp Aufzugswerke, Neuhausen (Germany)


    For many years, traveling cables have been used to supply power to elevator cabs and transmit the required control signals. In difficult conditions, however, e.g. exposed outdoor elevators or installations in very tall structures, traveling cables can be problematic and frequently disrupt operations. In such cases, new technologies such as inductive energy transmission and radio transmission of safety-related signals allow the traveling cable to be dispensed with completely and guarantee safe and reliable elevator operation even in difficult conditions. (orig.) [German] Es ist eine seit vielen Jahren bewaehrte Technik, den Aufzugsfahrkorb ueber ein Haengekabel mit Energie zu versorgen und ueber dieses auch die notwendigen Steuerungssignale zu uebertragen. Es gibt aber Einsatzbereiche in schwierigen Umgebungsbedingungen, z.B. im Freien oder bei grossen Foerderhoehen, bei denen die Anwendung eines Haengekabels mit grossen Schwierigkeiten verbunden ist und im Betrieb oftmals zu Stoerungen fuehrt. Neue Technologien, wie die induktive Energieuebertragung und eine sicherheitsgerichtete Datenuebertragung per Funk, erlauben es nun in diesen Faellen, ganz auf das Haengekabel zu verzichten und den sicheren und zuverlaessigen Betrieb der Aufzugsanlagen auch in schwierigem Umfeld zu gewaehrleisten. (orig.)

  14. Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Eugenia Góngora


    Full Text Available This article develops some of the themes related to the Vision and the senses using as example the visionary texts of the third part of the “Liber divinorum operum” (LDO, III,3 of Hildegard von Bingen, the German nun who lived between 1093 ane 1179: The “senses” must be understood here, in the first place, as the vision (external and internal in accordance with the augustinian tradition and the audition; in the second place, as the search for a “sense” as an activity oriented towards knowledge, as for example the hermeneutic activity implicit in the reading and in the interpretation of a given texts or of an image. In this context, we propose that the writing and the iconographic illustration of her works were taken by Hildegard and by her contemporaries as a searching process for sense through the Vision: seeing, knowing (writing and imagining. This process leads to the discovery of a “sense” for the visible word and: in the last resort, may lead to the contemplation of the supernatural realities through the exercise of the “corporal” and “spiritual” senses. The visionary Image will thus become the meeting point of the two worlds, the visible and the invisible. Hildegard von Bingen- Visionary image- seeing – knowing -imagining

  15. Heat tracing with flexible metal hoses. New calculation program for reliable and economic design; Begleitheizung mit flexiblen Metallschlaeuchen. Neues Berechnungsprogramm fuer zuverlaessige und wirtschaftliche Auslegung

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Seeger, B. [Witzenmann GmbH, Pforzheim (Germany)


    Heat tracing does not only allow the transport of chocolate through pipe systems; particularly in chemical plants it ensures a stable viscosity of the transported media or protects it from freezing. By using flexible metal hoses instead of rigid copper or stainless steel pipes, the installation costs can be reduced considerably. Until now, no verified fundamental design principles or calculation programs for heat tracing with metal hoses were available. However, these are essential for a reliable and economical operation, as well as for a minimisation of the investment costs. Based on extensive field and laboratory measurements, a dedicated calculation model has now been established and verified. (orig.) [German] Begleitheizungen ermoeglichen nicht nur bei Schokolade den Transport durch Rohrleitungen. Vor allem in chemischen Anlagen erhalten sie die Viskositaet der transportierten Medien oder schuetzen gegen Einfrieren. Durch Verwendung von flexiblen Metallschlaeuchen anstelle von Glattrohren aus Kupfer oder Edelstahl laesst sich der Montageaufwand betraechtlich reduzieren. Fuer diese Metallschlauch-Begleitheizungen gab es bisher keine verifizierten Auslegungsgrundlagen oder Berechnungsprogramme. Fuer eine zuverlaessigen und wirtschaftlichen Betrieb sowie eine Minimierung der Investitionskosten sind diese jedoch unerlaesslich. Nun wurde auf der Basis umfangreicher Betriebs- und Labormessungen ein Berechnungsmodell erstellt und verifiziert. (orig.)

  16. La iglesia de base Chilena vista con ojos de mujer. Perspectiva histórica a través del testimonio de Francisca Morales

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernández Fernández, David


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the recent history of the Church in Chile through an interview with a nun, who militated in Cristianos por el Socialismo. The interviewed person describes the Christian revolutionary action in the Sixties. It identifies itself with the socialist program of Unidad Popular. It narrates the opposition to Pinochet and shows a certain delusion by the political evolution from the dictatorship to democracy. The interview was made the 4 of December of 1993 in Santiago of Chile.

    El artículo analiza la historia reciente de la Iglesia en Chile a través de una entrevista con una religiosa, que militó en Cristianos por el Socialismo. Describe la acción revolucionaria cristiana en los años sesenta. Se identifica con el programa socialista de Unidad Popular. Narra la oposición a Pinochet y manifiesta una cierta desilusión por la situación actual. La entrevista se realizó el 4 de diciembre de 1993 en Santiago de Chile.

  17. The representation of nurses in 1950s melodrama: a cross-cultural approach. (United States)

    Babini, Elisabetta


    Melodrama is identified as one of the most prolific cinematic genres in terms of the representation of nurses. Its contribution to the overall media depiction of the professional category has therefore been significant. This paper explores melodramatic portrayals of nurses with a specific focus on cinema of the 1950s, the golden age of Western melodrama, and concentrates on two representative case studies: Anna (ITA, 1951), and The Nun's Story (USA, 1959). These films enable a fruitful comparison, sharing several narrative elements, featuring religious nurses as protagonists, and yet eventually conferring on the nursing vocation different values. Such similar nurses' images are examined through a multidisciplinary approach, spanning feminist film theory, gender and cultural studies, cultural history and the social history of nursing. Among the goals of this study is to consider whether different national origins--in these films, Italy and America--have also been influential in the depiction of the respective nurse-character. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  18. Das Recht vor seinem Gesetz: Franz Kafka zur (Un‐Möglichkeit einer Selbstreflexion des Rechts / The Law before its Law: Franz Kafka on the (Im‐Possibility of Law’s Self‐Reflection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gunther Teubner


    Full Text Available Stellen wir uns vor, der Mann vom Lande in Kafkas Parabel „Vor dem Gesetz“ sei nicht, wie es in der vorschnellen Rollenfixierung zahlreicher Kafka‐Interpretationen heißt, das menschliche Individuum, das der Gewalt der institutionalisierten Gesetzlichkeit (der Macht, der Moral, der Religion etc. ausgeliefert ist. Er sei stattdessen ein Richter „vom Lande“, einer der draußen im Lande einen Rechtsfall nach Recht und Gesetz zu behandeln hat und der nun in seinen Entscheidungsqualen mit dem Gesetz nicht zu Recht kommt. Let us imagine that the man from the country in Kafka’s parable “Before the law” is not the human individual who has been delivered up to the force of institutionalised legalism (power, morality, religion etc, as we find in numerous Kafka interpretations with their somewhat over‐hasty role fixation. Let us suppose instead that he is a judge “from the country”, who – back there, in the country – has to deal with a legal case according to the law, and who now, in the torment of decision‐making, cannot find what is right according to the law.

  19. Relativitätstheorie ein Sachcomic

    CERN Document Server

    Bassett, Bruce


    E = mc² – so einfach ist eine Revolution! Nichts ist schneller als Licht! Wie lange noch? Was fangen wir mit einer vierten Dimension an und mit krummen Räumen? Einstein gilt als größter Physiker der Neuzeit, das amerikanische Magazin „Time“ machte ihn sogar zum Mann des Jahrhunderts. Einstein ist das Lieblingsgenie vieler Menschen: ein Radikaler im wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten und engagierter sozialistischer Pazifist. Es ist nun gut hundert Jahre her, seit Einsteins Relativitätstheorie unseren Blick auf Raum, Zeit und Materie revolutionierte. Einsteins Gedankenexperimente sind berüchtigt für ihre Komplexität, aber sie bieten fesselnde Beschreibungen der Grundlagen, auf denen die Welt funktioniert. Relativitätstheorie und Quantentheorie sind die zwei Hauptsäulen der modernen Physik. Dieser Sachcomic nimmt Sie mit auf eine unterhaltsame Bildungsreise durch Raum und Zeit vorbei an Schwarzen Löchern und quer durch Gravitationsfelder (Je schneller Sie lesen, desto jünger werden Sie!!). Sie werden ...

  20. What causes an icy fault to slip? Investigating strike-slip failure conditions on Ganymede at Dardanus and Tiamat Sulcus. (United States)

    Cameron, M. E.; Smith-Konter, B. R.; Burkhard, L. M.; Collins, G. C.; Seifert, F.; Pappalardo, R. T.


    Ganymede exhibits two geologically distinct terrains known as dark and light (grooved) terrain. The mechanism for a transition from dark to light terrain remains unclear; however, inferences of strike-slip faulting and distributed shear zones suggest that strike-slip tectonism may be important to the structural development of Ganymede's surface and in this transition. Here we investigate the role of tidal stresses on Ganymede in the formation and evolution of strike-slip structures in both dark and grooved terrains. Using numerical code SatStress, we calculate both diurnal and non-synchronous rotation (NSR) tidal stresses at Ganymede's surface. Specifically, we investigate the role of fault friction and orbital eccentricity in the development of ~45 km of right-lateral offset at Dardanus Sulcus and a possible case of study with a detailed morphological mapping of strike-slip morphologies (en echelon structures, strike-slip duplexes, laterally offset pre-existing features, and possible strained craters) at Nun Sulcus and several other locations. These structures serve as example regions to provide improved constraints for global stress mechanisms responsible for strike-slip fault evolution on Ganymede.

  1. Quantitative validation of a new coregistration algorithm

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pickar, R.D.; Esser, P.D.; Pozniakoff, T.A.; Van Heertum, R.L.; Stoddart, H.A. Jr.


    A new coregistration software package, Neuro9OO Image Coregistration software, has been developed specifically for nuclear medicine. With this algorithm, the correlation coefficient is maximized between volumes generated from sets of transaxial slices. No localization markers or segmented surfaces are needed. The coregistration program was evaluated for translational and rotational registration accuracy. A Tc-99m HM-PAO split-dose study (0.53 mCi low dose, L, and 1.01 mCi high dose, H) was simulated with a Hoffman Brain Phantom with five fiducial markers. Translation error was determined by a shift in image centroid, and rotation error was determined by a simplified two-axis approach. Changes in registration accuracy were measured with respect to: (1) slice spacing, using the four different combinations LL, LH, HL, HH, (2) translational and rotational misalignment before coregistration, (3) changes in the step size of the iterative parameters. In all the cases the algorithm converged with only small difference in translation offset, 0 and 0. At 6 nun slice spacing, translational efforts ranged from 0.9 to 2.8 mm (system resolution at 100 mm, 6.8 mm). The converged parameters showed little sensitivity to count density. In addition the correlation coefficient increased with decreasing iterative step size, as expected. From these experiments, the authors found that this algorithm based on the maximization of the correlation coefficient between studies was an accurate way to coregister SPECT brain images

  2. Ecology of the aging human brain. (United States)

    Sonnen, Joshua A; Santa Cruz, Karen; Hemmy, Laura S; Woltjer, Randall; Leverenz, James B; Montine, Kathleen S; Jack, Clifford R; Kaye, Jeffrey; Lim, Kelvin; Larson, Eric B; White, Lon; Montine, Thomas J


    Alzheimer disease, cerebral vascular brain injury, and isocortical Lewy body disease (LBD) are the major contributors to dementia in community- and population-based studies. To estimate the prevalence of clinically silent forms of these diseases in cognitively normal (CN) adults. Autopsy study. Community- and population based. A total of 1672 brain autopsies from the Adult Changes in Thought study, Honolulu-Asia Aging Study, Nun Study, and Oregon Brain Aging Study, of which 424 met the criteria for CN. Of these, 336 cases had a comprehensive neuropathologic examination of neuritic plaque density, Braak stage for neurofibrillary tangles, LB distribution, and number of cerebral microinfarcts. Forty-seven percent of CN cases had moderate or frequent neuritic plaque density; of these, 6% also had Braak stage V or VI for neurofibrillary tangles. Fifteen percent of CN cases had medullary LBD; 8% also had nigral and 4% isocortical LBD. The presence of any cerebral microinfarcts was identified in 33% and of high-level cerebral microinfarcts in 10% of CN individuals. Overall, the burden of lesions in each individual and their comorbidity varied widely within each study but were similar across studies. These data show an individually varying complex convergence of subclinical diseases in the brain of older CN adults. Appreciating this ecology should help guide future biomarker and neuroimaging studies and clinical trials that focus on community- and population-based cohorts.

  3. Dichtung als Blüte der Wahrheit Fiction as Blossom of Truth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susanne Gramatzki


    Full Text Available Kaum eine andere Schriftstellerin hat so konsequent – man ist versucht, zu sagen: so ernsthaft – mit fremden Identitäten gespielt wie Else Lasker-Schüler, die sich selbst als Tino von Bagdad oder Prinz Jussuf von Theben imaginierte und ihren Freunden erfindungsreiche Namen beilegte. Realität und Phantasie flossen in ihrem Leben und Werk stets zusammen. Sigrid Bauschinger, ehemalige Professorin an der University of Massachusetts und bereits 1980 mit einer umfangreichen Studie über Else Lasker-Schüler hervorgetreten (Else Lasker-Schüler. Ihr Werk und ihre Zeit, hat es nun unternommen, auf Grundlage bisher unveröffentlicher Dokumente eine neue Biographie der bedeutenden Wuppertaler Autorin zu verfassen.Almost no other female author has played with foreign identities as consistently—one could almost say as seriously—as Else Lasker-Schüler, who fashioned herself as Tino von Baghdad or Prince Jussuf von Theben and affixed her friends with imaginative names. Reality and fantasy were intertwined in her life and work. Sigrid Bauschinger, formerly professor at the University of Massachusetts, already presented a comprehensive study of Else Lasker-Schüler in 1980 (Else Lasker-Schüler. Ihr Werk und ihre Zeit/Else Lasker-Schüler. Her Work and Her Time. She has now written a new biography of the Wuppertal author based on previously unpublished documents.

  4. Emerging issues on the sustainability of the community based rural water resources management approach in Zimbabwe: A case study of Gwanda District

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thulani Dube


    Full Text Available Although there is considerable on-going debate about the suitability and sustainability of community based water resources management (CBWRM in Africa as a water provision strategy, evidence shows that this approach has gone a long way in promoting access to clean water amongst rural African communities. CBWRM provides an alternative approach to water provision for rural communities. This paper examines how the strategy has been operationalised in Gwanda District in Zimbabwe. The paper examines the experiences of rural communities in using CBWRM. Data was collected using focus group discussions, key informant in-depth interviews and a survey of 685 households in Gwanda district across five wards. The findings of this study are that 67% of the surveyed rural communities in Gwanda depended on community managed water resources mostly in the form of boreholes and protected wells. High rates of nun-functional sources were reported at 60-70% in most wards. Several system weaknesses were noted in the current CBWRM set-up including a depletion of committee memberships, inadequate community resources, limited agency and government support. This paper makes several recommendations on strengthening the capacity of CBWRM in Zimbabwe and Africa.

  5. An analysis of England's nursing policy on compassion and the 6Cs: the hidden presence of M. Simone Roach's model of caring. (United States)

    Bradshaw, Ann


    In 2012, chief nursing officers (CNO) in England published a policy on compassion in response to serious criticisms of patients' care. Because their objective is fundamentally to shape nursing, this study argues, following Popper, that the policy should be analysed. An appraisal tool, developed from Popper, Gadamer, Jauss and Thiselton, is the framework for this analysis. The CNO policy document identified six values and behaviours, termed '6Cs', required by all nurses, midwives and care staff. The document contains no data, references or acknowledgements, but is similar to the 6Cs defined by the Canadian nursing nun, Sister M. Simone Roach, in her theory of caring published 30 years earlier. Roach considered caring and the components of it, including compassion, to be moral virtues, an inner motivation to care. This study suggests that without explicit reference to Roach's ideas, and her underlying theoretical base, the CNO requirement has the effect of turning virtues into commodities and a form of external control, described by Ritzer as a McDonaldized dehumanization. This study, which has international relevance beyond England and the UK, suggests that the CNO revise their policy by acknowledging Roach's 6Cs and openly discuss the implications of her work for their policy. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  6. Idea density measured in late life predicts subsequent cognitive trajectories: implications for the measurement of cognitive reserve. (United States)

    Farias, Sarah Tomaszewski; Chand, Vineeta; Bonnici, Lisa; Baynes, Kathleen; Harvey, Danielle; Mungas, Dan; Simon, Christa; Reed, Bruce


    The Nun Study showed that lower linguistic ability in young adulthood, measured by idea density (ID), increased the risk of dementia in late life. The present study examined whether ID measured in late life continues to predict the trajectory of cognitive change. ID was measured in 81 older adults who were followed longitudinally for an average of 4.3 years. Changes in global cognition and 4 specific neuropsychological domains (episodic memory, semantic memory, spatial abilities, and executive function) were examined as outcomes. Separate random effects models tested the effect of ID on longitudinal change in outcomes, adjusted for age and education. Lower ID was associated with greater subsequent decline in global cognition, semantic memory, episodic memory, and spatial abilities. When analysis was restricted to only participants without dementia at the time ID was collected, results were similar. Linguistic ability in young adulthood, as measured by ID, has been previously proposed as an index of neurocognitive development and/or cognitive reserve. The present study provides evidence that even when ID is measured in old age, it continues to be associated with subsequent cognitive decline and as such may continue to provide a marker of cognitive reserve.

  7. Brain pathologies in extreme old age. (United States)

    Neltner, Janna H; Abner, Erin L; Jicha, Gregory A; Schmitt, Frederick A; Patel, Ela; Poon, Leonard W; Marla, Gearing; Green, Robert C; Davey, Adam; Johnson, Mary Ann; Jazwinski, S Michal; Kim, Sangkyu; Davis, Daron; Woodard, John L; Kryscio, Richard J; Van Eldik, Linda J; Nelson, Peter T


    With an emphasis on evolving concepts in the field, we evaluated neuropathologic data from very old research volunteers whose brain autopsies were performed at the University of Kentucky Alzheimer's Disease Center, incorporating data from the Georgia Centenarian Study (n = 49 cases included), Nun Study (n = 17), and University of Kentucky Alzheimer's Disease Center (n = 11) cohorts. Average age of death was 102.0 (range: 98-107) years overall. Alzheimer's disease pathology was not universal (62% with "moderate" or "frequent" neuritic amyloid plaque densities), whereas frontotemporal lobar degeneration was absent. By contrast, some hippocampal neurofibrillary tangles (including primary age-related tauopathy) were observed in every case. Lewy body pathology was seen in 16.9% of subjects and hippocampal sclerosis of aging in 20.8%. We describe anatomic distributions of pigment-laden macrophages, expanded Virchow-Robin spaces, and arteriolosclerosis among Georgia Centenarians. Moderate or severe arteriolosclerosis pathology, throughout the brain, was associated with both hippocampal sclerosis of aging pathology and an ABCC9 gene variant. These results provide fresh insights into the complex cerebral multimorbidity, and a novel genetic risk factor, at the far end of the human aging spectrum. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  8. „Spielen die jetzt Soziologen?“ Nutzerstudien mit ethnografischen Methoden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Corinna Haas


    Full Text Available Ausgehend von den USA ist der Trend zur Nutzerforschung mit Methoden aus der Ethnografie nun auch in Deutschland angekommen. Den Durchbruch brachte die Studie „Studying Students“ (2007 der University of Rochester, deren Ansatz des „Participatory Design“ inzwischen viele andere akademische Bibliotheken gefolgt sind. Auch im deutschen Sprachraum gibt es bereits Aktivitäten in diese Richtung. Wie eine Stichprobe der Autorin an fünf Bibliotheken zeigt, sind theoretische und methodische Kenntnisse der Nutzerforschung in der Fachcommunity jedoch noch nicht ausreichend verbreitet. Starting in the USA, user research carried out with ethnographical methods has reached Germa­ny. The breakthrough-study “Studying Students” (2007 at the university of Rochester which used the “par­ticipatory design” approach has been perceived by academic libraries. However, user studies in general, let alone the implementation of ethnographic methods, are still impeded by the lack of theoretical knowledge and methodological skills among library professionals in Germany. At least, this impression is given by in­terviews the author conducted with directors in five different libraries.

  9. Design of an Acceleration / Deceleration Lens System for Ion Beam Focusing Emerging from Penning Ion Source

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    El-Khabeary, H.


    In this study, design of the deceleration lens system has been done by using SIMION 3D version 7.0 computer program. A parallel beam of singly charged argon ions of diameter 2. mm with energy of 5 KeV emerging from Penning ion source was started at a distance of 140 mm before entering the Einzel lens system (three cylinder electrodes ). In order to design this deceleration lens system, two and three cylinder lenses with different parameters are studied. Ion beam emittance as a function of the gap width of the deceleration lens system has been studied for singly charged argon ion trajectories. Influence of the deceleration voltage applied on the deceleration electrode with different voltages of the four electrodes on the ion beam emittance has been investigated with gap widths of 3, 7, 9, 11 and 15 nun. The deceleration lens system was also used as an acceleration lens system by changing and optimising the voltage on each electrode of the deceleration lens system and of the intermediate electrode of the Einzel lens

  10. Semi-Markov models for interval censored transient cognitive states with back transitions and a competing risk. (United States)

    Wei, Shaoceng; Kryscio, Richard J


    Continuous-time multi-state stochastic processes are useful for modeling the flow of subjects from intact cognition to dementia with mild cognitive impairment and global impairment as intervening transient cognitive states and death as a competing risk. Each subject's cognition is assessed periodically resulting in interval censoring for the cognitive states while death without dementia is not interval censored. Since back transitions among the transient states are possible, Markov chains are often applied to this type of panel data. In this manuscript, we apply a semi-Markov process in which we assume that the waiting times are Weibull distributed except for transitions from the baseline state, which are exponentially distributed and in which we assume no additional changes in cognition occur between two assessments. We implement a quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC) method to calculate the higher order integration needed for likelihood estimation. We apply our model to a real dataset, the Nun Study, a cohort of 461 participants. © The Author(s) 2014.

  11. Probleme mit „Modernisierung als Interpretationsrahmen von sozialer Arbeit und ‚Mütterlichkeit‘“ Problems with “Modernisierung als Interpretationsrahmen von sozialer Arbeit und ‘Mütterlichkeit’” (Modernization as Interpretive Structure for Social Work and ‘Motherliness’

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brita Rang


    Full Text Available Unverändert ist das bereits 1986 von Christoph Sachße vorgelegte Buch nun ein drittes Mal, allerdings in einem anderen Verlag erschienen. Gegenstand ist die Entstehung der modernen beruflichen Sozialarbeit, die – so die These –, aus einer Verbindung von bürgerlich-kommunaler Wohlfahrtspflege und bürgerlich-konservativer Frauenbewegung hervorging. Deren ethisches Konzept der ‚geistigen Mütterlichkeit‘ habe jedoch von Beginn an in einem Spannungsverhältnis zur zunehmenden Verberuflichung und Bürokratisierung der sozialen Arbeit im Ersten Weltkrieg und der Weimarer Republik gestanden.Christoph Sachße’s 1986 work has been published for the third time in an unaltered form, albeit with a different publisher. The object of study is the origin of modern occupational social work that—according to the thesis—developed from the alliance of middle-class/municipal welfare work and the middle-class/conservative women’s movement. Their ethical concept of ‘spiritual motherliness’, however, maintained a tense relationship to the increasing bureaucratization of social work and the incorporation thereof as a mode of occupation during World War I and the Weimar Republic.

  12. Cross-section measurement for quasi-elastic production of charmed baryons in $\

    CERN Document Server

    Kayis-Topaksu, A; Van Dantzig, R; De Jong, M; Melzer, O; Oldeman, R G C; Pesen, E; Spada, F R; Visschers, J L; Güler, M; Köse, U; Serin-Zeyrek, M; Sever, R; Tolun, P; Zeyrek, M T; Catanesi, M G; De Serio, M; Ieva, M; Muciaccia, M T; Radicioni, E; Simone, S; Bülte, A; Winter, Klaus; Van de Vyver, B; Vilain, P; Wilquet, G; Pittoni, G L; Saitta, B; Di Capua, E; Ogawa, S; Shibuya, H; Artamonov, A V; Chizhov, M; Doucet, M; Hristova, I R; Kawamura, T; Kolev, D; Meinhard, H; Panman, J; Papadopoulos, I M; Ricciardi, S; Rozanov, A; Tsenov, R V; Uiterwijk, J W E; Zucchelli, P; Goldberg, J; Chikawa, M; Arik, E; Song, J S; Yoon, C S; Kodama, K; Ushida, N; Aoki, S; Hara, T; Delbar, T; Favart, D; Grégoire, G; Kalinin, S; Makhlyoueva, I V; Gorbunov, P; Khovanskii, V D; Shamanov, V V; Tsukerman, I; Bruski, N; Frekers, D; Hoshino, K; Kawada, J; Komatsu, M; Miyanishi, M; Nakamura, M; Nakano, T; Narita, K; Niu, K; Niwa, K; Nonaka, N; Sato, O; Toshito, T; Buontempo, S; Cocco, A G; D'Ambrosio, N; De Lellis, G; De Rosa, G; Di Capua, F; Ereditato, A; Fiorillo, G; Marotta, A; Messina, M; Migliozzi, P; Pistillo, C; Scotto-Lavina, L; Strolin, P; Tioukov, V; Nakamura, K; Okusawa, T; Dore, U; Loverre, P F; Ludovici, L; Righini, P; Rosa, G; Santacesaria, R; Satta, A; Barbuto, E; Bozza, C; Grella, G; Romano, G; Sirignano, C; Sorrentino, S; Sato, Y; Tezuka, I


    A study of quasi-elastic production of charmed baryons in charged-current interactions of neutrinos with the nuclear emulsion target of CHORUS is presented. In a sample of about 46000 interactions located in the emulsion, candidates for decays of short-lived particles were identified by using new automatic scanning systems and later confirmed through visual inspection. Criteria based both on topologival and kinematical characteristics of quasi-elastic charm production allowed a clear separation between events of this type and those in which charm is produced in deep inelastic processes. A final sample containing 13 candidates consistent with quasi-elastic production of a charmed baryon with an estimated background of 1.7 events was obtained. At the average neutrino energy of 27GeV the cross section for total quasi-elastic production of charmed baryons relative to the nuN charged-current cross-section was measured to be sigma(QE)/sigma(CC)=(0.23^+0.12_-0.06(stat)^+0.02_-0.03(syst))x10^-2. Through an analysis o...

  13. Medea: Aggression im Dienste weiblicher Subjektivierung Medea: How aggression works for female subjugation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monika Gsell


    Full Text Available Aggression wurde in der Geschlechterforschung bisher meist nicht nur unter negativen Vorzeichen – nämlich als zerstörerische und fehlgeleitete Kraft – thematisiert und mit Gewalt in eins gesetzt, sondern darüberhinaus fast ausschließlich mit Männlichkeit konnotiert. Nur langsam setzt sich demgegenüber die Einsicht durch, dass Aggression zunächst einmal eine grundsätzlich positive Kraft ist, derer es zur Subjektivierung und Erlangung von Selbstbestimmung bedarf. Damit scheint nun auch eine fruchtbare Auseinandersetzung mit Weiblichkeit und Aggression möglich geworden zu sein. Ein lehrreicher Beitrag dazu ist Roxana Hidalgos Medea-Studie, gerade weil sie die eigentlich heiklen Fragen weder stellt noch beantwortet.So far, gender studies have tended to thematise aggression not only as a destructive, misdirected force, but one that is regarded almost without exception as masculine. Slowly, though, understanding is growing that aggresion should be viewed in principle as a positive force that is vital for the process of gaining subjectivity and self-determination. This insight seems to have opened the potential to discuss femininity and aggression in new and fruitful ways. Roxana Hidalgos’s study of Medea is an instructive contribution to this discussion – especially/above all because the author neither asks nor answers the really tricky questions.

  14. A stochastic estimation procedure for intermittently-observed semi-Markov multistate models with back transitions. (United States)

    Aralis, Hilary; Brookmeyer, Ron


    Multistate models provide an important method for analyzing a wide range of life history processes including disease progression and patient recovery following medical intervention. Panel data consisting of the states occupied by an individual at a series of discrete time points are often used to estimate transition intensities of the underlying continuous-time process. When transition intensities depend on the time elapsed in the current state and back transitions between states are possible, this intermittent observation process presents difficulties in estimation due to intractability of the likelihood function. In this manuscript, we present an iterative stochastic expectation-maximization algorithm that relies on a simulation-based approximation to the likelihood function and implement this algorithm using rejection sampling. In a simulation study, we demonstrate the feasibility and performance of the proposed procedure. We then demonstrate application of the algorithm to a study of dementia, the Nun Study, consisting of intermittently-observed elderly subjects in one of four possible states corresponding to intact cognition, impaired cognition, dementia, and death. We show that the proposed stochastic expectation-maximization algorithm substantially reduces bias in model parameter estimates compared to an alternative approach used in the literature, minimal path estimation. We conclude that in estimating intermittently observed semi-Markov models, the proposed approach is a computationally feasible and accurate estimation procedure that leads to substantial improvements in back transition estimates.

  15. Propositional density and cognitive function in later life: findings from the Precursors Study. (United States)

    Engelman, Michal; Agree, Emily M; Meoni, Lucy A; Klag, Michael J


    We used longitudinal data from the Johns Hopkins Precursors Study to test the hypothesis that written propositional density measured early in life is lower for people who develop dementia categorized as Alzheimer's disease (AD). This association was reported in 1996 for the Nun Study, and the Precursors Study offered an unprecedented chance to reexamine it among respondents with different gender, education, and occupation profiles. Eighteen individuals classified as AD patients (average age at diagnosis: 74) were assigned 2 sex-and-age matched controls, and propositional density in medical school admission essays (average age at writing: 22) was assessed via Computerized Propositional Idea Density Rater 3 linguistic analysis software. Adjusted odds ratios (ORs) for the matched case-control study were calculated using conditional (fixed-effects) logistic regression. Mean propositional density is lower for cases than for controls (4.70 vs. 4.99 propositions per 10 words, 1-sided p = .01). Higher propositional density substantially lowers the odds of AD (OR = 0.16, 95% confidence interval = 0.03-0.90, 1-sided p = .02). Propositional density scores in writing samples from early adulthood appear to predict AD in later life for men as well as women. Studies of cognition across the life course might beneficially incorporate propositional density as a potential marker of cognitive reserve.

  16. Detection of DNA lesion induced by heavy ion irradiation using DNA repair related proteins in cultured cells

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Eguchi-Kasai, Kiyomi; Tsujita, Sena


    We studied the localization of phosphorylated H2AX (γ-H2AX) in cultured human fibroblasts after irradiation with heavy ion beams. Asynchronous human normal fibroblasts (NB1RGB) were irradiated with X-rays, C (LET≅85 keV/μm), Si (240 keV/μm), Ar (85 keV/μm), and Fe (440 keV/μm) ion beams. Gamma-H2AX was measured in irradiated cells from 0 to 24 h after irradiation using flow cytometry. The fluorescent signal of γ-H2AX increased just after irradiation of each radiation and reached maximum around 30 nun and then, decreased. At 30 min after irradiation, γ-H2AX signal increased with increasing the radiation dose for both X-rays and Fe ion. The slope of fitting line for the Fe ion was bigger than that of X-rays. Foci of γ-H2AX on cell nuclei were counted under the laser scanning confocal microscopy at 30 min after. Number of foci per nucleus was increased with increasing dose of each radiation. (author)

  17. Assessing Consent through External Signs. Three Cases of Madness, Repulsion and Love before the Tribunal of the Roman Rota (1579-1619

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isabelle Poutrin


    Full Text Available How can it be assumed that an individual is incapable of giving consent or does not give it freely? This article analyses three cases handled by the Tribunal of the Roman Rota between 1579 and 1619: the case of a nun from the monastery of Odivelas (Portugal suffering from mental disorders, and two demands for nullification of marriage based on the grounds of duress exerted by immediate family; the case of Doña Antonia Portocarrero y Cárdenas, of the diocese of Seville, married to Don Felipe de Guzman y Aragón; and the case of Manuel de Meneses and Branca de Baredo of the diocese of Coimbra. The testimonies on file relate the words and actions of the main parties involved, revealing affects and intentions. Auditors embarked on a complex operation to translate this information into the language of the law, in the light of legal experts’ theories on individual responsibility and the nature of violence or constraints that may alter freedom of consent. Yet this also encompassed social practices and representations in which individual behaviours exist. This study illustrates the contrast between judges’ know-how in assessing the absence of consent regarding marriage or religious profession and the fact that these notions were not taken into account regarding consent to baptism.

  18. Between the Ecstasy and the Writing – Santa Teresa de los Andes’s Intimate Diary

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leandro Garcia Rodrigues


    Full Text Available Lives, trajectories, frustrations, discoveries and verifications.  These are some of the several sensations perceived when we research the daily writing.  These narratives cannot been read as truth because we can feel the fictional intention in some of the autobiographical writings.  Some of them were written during times of suffering, that’s why these reading bring to light some unspoken ghosts and pains, spread into the paper through a desperate writing.  This situation tends to get worse when God himself participates in this dialogue, as we can read in the mystical diaries of some saints.  In this paper, we want to deal with these questions looking inside Santa Teresa de los Andes Intimate Diary, a Chilean carmelite nun, canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1993.  Teresa left an interesting personal archive compound of letters, notes and the most important – her Spiritual Diary.  Published in Brazil only in 2000, we are going to use this publication in order to do our study theoretic conclusions. 

  19. Effects of foreign object damage from small hard particles on the high-cycle fatigue life of titanium-(6)aluminum-(4)vanadium (United States)

    Hamrick, Joseph L., II

    Thin rectangular samples of Ti-6Al-4V were damaged by four methods to represent foreign object damage found in turbine engine blades: (1) impact with 2 mm. and 5 mm diameter glass spheres at 305 m/s, (2) impact with 2 mm and 4 mm diameter steel spheres at 305 m/s, (3) quasi-static displacement controlled indentation using steel chisels with 1 mm, 2 nun and 5 mm diameter tips and (4) shearing notches with a 2 mm. diameter chisel point under a quasi-static loading condition. Finite element analysis was used to study the relationship between the stress state created by the plastic damage and the fatigue strength. A new method of quantifying the amount of plastic damage from multiple methods was developed. The fatigue strength required for crack initiation at 10E7 cycles was found to be a function of the total depth from the edge of the undeformed specimen up to the end of the plastically deformed zone. For damage depths less than 1750 mum, the reduction in fatigue strength is proportional to the depth of total damage. For depths > 1750 mum, there appears to be a threshold value of fatigue strength.

  20. Austrian pharmacy in the 18 and 19th century. (United States)

    Kletter, Christa


    This overview reflects the extensive changes in the health care system which had significant effects on the apothecaryâs profession and education. In the 18(th) century Maria Theresia assigned Gerard van Swieten to modernize the medical curriculum and to work out reforms for health care. The resulting sanitary bill released in 1770 and amended in 1773 became effective for the whole empire and influenced greatly the apothecaryâs profession. The Viennese Medical Faculty continued to be the supervisory body for the apothecaries, a situation which prolonged the conflicts between the faculty and the apothecaries. The financial and social distress prevalent in the 19(th) century also affected the apothecary business and led to a crisis of the profession. Furthermore, the apothecariesâ missing influence over the sanitary authorities delayed the release of a badly needed new apothecary bill until 1906. The introduction of a specific pharmaceutical curriculum at the university in 1853 was a great step forward to improve the pharmaceutical education. Nevertheless, the secondary school exam was not compulsory for the studies until 1920 and, therefore, the graduates were not on a par with other university graduates before that date. Women, except nuns, were not allowed to work as pharmacists until 1900.

  1. Shi Cihang 航慈釋. The First Case of Mummified Buddhist in Taiwan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefania Travagnin


    Full Text Available Shi Cihang 航慈釋 (1895-1954, is one of the eminent figures in the so-called Modern Buddhism in Taiwan. Engaged in improving education and training of Buddhist monks and nuns, and promoter of the so-called renjian fojiao 教佛間人 (Buddhism for the Human Realm, which refuses any sort of superstitious understanding and practice of Buddhism and calls for the return to the original and pure essence of the Dharma, Cihang is also the first Buddhist monk in Taiwan who attempted to, and eventually succeeded in, preserving his body afterdeath. Nowadays, the gilded relic-body of Cihang is enshrined and venerated in Xizhi, Taipei county, as well as being included in the list of the roushen pusa 薩菩身肉 (flesh-body Bodhisattvas who appeared in the history of Chinese Buddhism. This paper analyses Cihang’s relic-body as case-study of Chinese mummified Buddhist in the scene of contemporary Taiwan and modern Taiwanese Buddhim, discussing the Buddhist significance, sociological implications and eventual impact of mummification within the reality of the new renjian fojiao.

  2. KörperFluch(ten Fleeing the Body

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dunja M. Mohr


    Full Text Available Aus verschiedenen Disziplinen wird im vorliegenden Sammelband schlaglichtartig die „Wiederentdeckung“ des Körpers in Beziehung zur Mediengeschichte, d.h. der medialen Vermittlung von Körperkonzepten und veränderten Identitätsvorstellungen gesetzt. Postbiologische Ansätze, die das Novum eines, nun scheinbar möglichen revolutionären Ausbruchs aus dem „Körpergefängnis“ suggerieren bzw. prophezeien, werden einerseits durch eine historische Rückbindung an die Mediengeschichte als „gar nicht so neu“ (7 entlarvt und andererseits durch eine kritische Beleuchtung der Möglichkeiten und Begrenzungen der elektronischen Medien relativiert.Using contributions from a variety of disciplines, this anthology presents the re-discovery of the body and of materiality in relation to media history. In other words, the contributions deal with the media-based representation of bodily concepts and of changing ideas about identity. The new forms of representation of new media bring about changes in self-perception of the body and the self. The authors unearth the myth of post-biological approaches which suggest or predict the novelty of a now apparently feasible jailbreak from the “prison of the body” as not being all that novel after all (p. 7, but as having existed throughout history. This outlook also helps put into perspective the possibilities and limits which the electronic media may offer.

  3. Bir Felaketin Anatomisi Bazar de La Charite Yangını

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anıl Özgüç


    Full Text Available Bazar de la Charite, 1885 yılında Katolik Fransız Aristokratlan tarafından yardım ve hayır amacıyla Paris'de kurulmuştur. 1897 yılında yangına kadar yıllık bir organizasyon olarak varlığını sürdürmüştür. Yangında çoğu aristokrat 126 kişi hayatmı kaybetmiştir. Yangının ardından 30 ceset yakınlan tarafından teşhis edilememiş, kimliklendirme amacıyla diş hekimlerine başvurulmuştur. Dr. Oscar Amoedo'nun yürüttüğü çalışmalann sonucunda teşhis edilemeyen cesetler kimliklendirilmiştir. Dr. Oscar Amoedo, yangın sonrası kimliklendirmede diş hekimlerinin rolünü anlatan makalesi ve ardından yayınladığı “L'Art dentaire en Medecine Legale” adlı kitabıyla adli odontolojinin temellerini kurmuştur. Anahtar kelimeler: Bazar de la Charite, adli odontoloji, yangın, Paris

  4. Shifting boundaries: religion, medicine, nursing and domestic service in mid-nineteenth-century Britain. (United States)

    Helmstadter, Carol


    The boundaries between medicine, religion, nursing and domestic service were fluid in mid-nineteenth-century England. The traditional religious understanding of illness conflicted with the newer understanding of anatomically based disease, the Anglican sisters were drawing a line between professional nursing and the traditional role of nurses as domestic servants who looked after sick people as one of their many duties, and doctors were looking for more knowledgeable nurses who could carry out their orders competently. This prosopographical study of the over 200 women who served as government nurses during the Crimean War 1854-56 describes the status of nursing and provides a picture of the religious and social structure of Britain in the 1850s. It also illustrates how religious, political and social factors affected the development of the new nursing. The Crimean War nurses can be divided into four major groups: volunteer secular ladies, Roman Catholic nuns, Anglican sisters and working-class hospital nurses. Of these four groups I conclude that it was the experienced working-class nurses who had the greatest influence on the organization of the new nursing.

  5. Drought prediction and sustainable development of the ecological environment. (United States)

    Xu, X H; Lv, Z Q; Zhou, X Y; Jiang, N


    In the 1990s ecological early warning research began with the aim of elucidating the effect of drought in dry regions of the world. Drought has been a prevalent natural disaster, ravaging the Yun'nan province of China for over 5 years since 2009. Due to the extensive range, depth and devastating losses, the drought has reached a once-in-a-century severity. Yun'nan province suffered particularly badly from the drought, which took its toll on both the ecological environment and the sustainable economic development of the province. We chose to study Pu'er city in Yun'nun province for this research, and analysed the drought traits of Pu'er city utilizing geographic information technology. We applied the Mann-Kendall test for trend, linear tendency estimation and percentage of precipitation anomalies, as well as using combinations of monthly data searches of meteorological reports from 1980-2010. The results showed that except for a small rise in spring precipitation, the overall rainfall of Pu'er city showed a decreasing trend. The results of this study can provide an adequate and reliable theoretical basis and technological methods for use in government decision making, and promote research into early warning ecology.

  6. Personal strengths and traumatic experiences among institutionalized children given up at birth (Les Enfants de Duplessis--Duplessis' children): I: Early experiences. (United States)

    Perry, J Christopher; Sigal, John J; Boucher, Sophie; Paré, Nikolas; Ouimet, Marie Claude


    We examined childhood and early adult strengths and adverse experiences of a group of orphans given up at or near birth and raised in Quebec institutions into early adulthood. A follow-up interview of 81 adults (41 women, 40 men) at a mean age of 59.2 years included retrospective assessments of childhood experiences. Most participants reported multiple early adverse experiences, including, in descending order, unfair rules and excessive punishment, physical abuse, emotional neglect, witnessing violence, verbal abuse, physical neglect, sexual abuse, and serious illness. Adverse experiences were mainly due to lay caretakers, not peers or nuns. Twelve childhood strengths, such as self-protectiveness and athletic talent, were scored at each of four age periods, yielding a median score equivalent to one strength at each period. Over half had significant childhood attachments, but of limited intimacy. Childhood variables correlated with their respective variables in later adulthood. Overall, these older adults reported a high prevalence of adverse or traumatic childhood experiences, counterbalanced by modest levels of individual strengths and attachment relationships. Institutionalization of children--if unavoidable--must build in effective safeguards against adverse experiences.

  7. Dynamic loads caused by pressure blasts, steam explosions, and earth quakes; Dynamische Belastungen durch Druckstoesse, Dampfexplosionen und Erdbeben

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hofmann, H H [SDK Ingenieurunternehmen GmbH, Basel (Switzerland)


    The paper deals with description of structures and the relevant dynamic loads. As to the structures, gas, fluid, or solid structures are to be considered. They determine the characteristic vibrational behaviour of the structures in the interconnected system. The excitation type determines the component that will be induced to change characteristic vibrational behaviour of the structure, depending on the load increasing time and the period of excitation. Three examples are given to illustrate the processes. (Water tank subject to quasi-seismic conditions; pipeline affected by blow-down; shut-off valve for a pipe). (orig./CB) [Deutsch] In diesem Beitrag soll auf die Erfassung der Strukturen und die Erfassung der dynamischen Belastungen eingegangen werden. Zur Erfassung der Strukturen sind `Gas-, Fluid- und Festkoerper-Strukturen` zu beachten. Sie bestimmen das Eigenschwingverhalten im Verbund. Die Erregung bestimmt nun, welcher Bereich aus dem Eigen-Schwingverhalten der Struktur ueber die Lastanstiegs-Zeit und die Zeitdauer der Erregung anregbar ist. Drei Beispiele sollen die Aufgabenstellung erlaeutern (Wasserbehaelter unter erdbebenaehnlichen Bedingungen; Rohrleitung unter `Blow-down-Belastung`; Absperrklappe fuer eine Rohrleitung). (orig./MM)

  8. European Commission (Hg.: Flexible working time arrangements and gender equality. A comparative review of 30 European countries. Luxemburg: Publications Office of the European Union 2010.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bianca Muschiol


    Full Text Available Die Flexibilisierung der Arbeitszeitgestaltung und die Gleichstellung der Geschlechter sind zentrale Bestandteile europäischer Direktive. Der Expertenbericht der Europäischen Kommission bietet nun eine Zusammenfassung über die gegenwärtigen Praktiken flexibler Arbeitszeitmodelle in den 27 EU-Ländern und drei EWR-EFTA-Staaten und stellt deren Auswirkungen auf die Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter dar. Besonderes Augenmerk liegt hierbei auf der internen Flexibilität, was einesteils die flexible Gestaltung der Arbeitsdauer beinhaltet und anderenteils die flexible Organisation der Arbeitszeit. Die Ergebnisse lassen darauf schließen, dass beide Größen wichtige Voraussetzungen für den wirtschaftlichen Aufschwung darstellen. Es zeigt sich allerdings auch, dass eine zunehmende Flexibilisierung der Arbeitszeitgestaltung den Frauen auch zum Nachteil gereichen kann.Flexibilizing the organization of working hours and treating all genders as equals are central constituents of the European directives. The European Commission’s expert report does now offer a summary of the current practices of flexible work time in the 27 EU countries and three EEA-EFTA countries and portrays their effects on equal opportunities for all genders. Special attention is paid to internal flexibility, both with regard to the flexible realization of the work duration and the flexible organization of working hours. The results imply that both components are important prerequisites for economic advancement. However, it can also be seen that an increased flexibilization of the organization of working hours can lead to disadvantages for women.

  9. Diagrammatik und Wissensorganisation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sascha Freyberg


    Full Text Available EinleitungDie Formen des „Sichtbarmachens“ in der Wissenschaft reichen von „Abbildungen“ über „Modelle“ bis hin zu „Simulationen“. Sie können u.a. gezeichnet, fotografiert, geometrisch konstruiert oder durch Sensorik vermittelt, digital prozessiert werden. Ihre Funktionen erstrecken sich von der Orientierung bis hin zur (hypothetischen Voraussage und somit auch vom Überblick bis zur Evidenzsuggestion. Generell handelt es sich um vereinfachte (und vereinfachende Darstellungen von (teilweise sehr komplexen Sachverhalten, zu deren Verständnis sie beitragen sollen; daher können sie bei Lernprozessen, d.h. in der Vermittlung und auch bei der Organisation von Wissen eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Diese kommt ihnen nun nicht nur zu, weil sie – wie in den mittelalterlichen Mnemotechniken – als Gedächtnisstützen für bekannte Sachverhalte dienen. Sondern resultiert auch aus ihrem Potenzial für die Entdeckung von neuen Zusammenhängen. Der folgende Artikel diskutiert die Darstellungsform des Diagramms. Es wird hier mit dem Gedanken gespielt, dass die in der universalen Zeichentheorie von C.S. Peirce entwickelte Diagrammatik wichtige Impulse für eine Untersuchung des Zusammenhangs von Wissen und Bildlichkeit geben kann.

  10. Waste management - a child grows up; Abfallwirtschaft - ein Kind wird erwachsen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Suter, J. [Hauptabteilung Abfallwirtschaft und Betriebe, Amt fuer Gewaesserschutz und Wasserbau, Zurich (Switzerland)


    During the phase of childhood, which lasted to about 1970, waste had to make itself known by water pollution. If that had not been so, nobody would yet today take notice of this unloved child. During the phase of puberty, until 1994, it was tried to newly straighten out the waste management technically, financially and organisationally. Successes and failures changed in rapid succession. However, thanks to a clear objectivity, layed down in the model for the Swiss waste management, this phase came, on the whole, to a clear success. In the now following phase of growing up, the tasks, among others, is to integrate the aims of the waste management into the supraordinated state and enterprise objectives, to acknowledge energy as a key magnitude and to rehabilitate the abandoned polluted areas. (orig.) [Deutsch] In der Phase der Kindheit, die bis etwa 1970 dauerte, musste sich der Abfall durch Gewaesserverschmutzungen selber bemerkbar machen. Sonst wuerde sich noch heute niemand um das ungeliebte Kind kuemmern. In der Pubertaetsphase, bis 1994, wurde versucht, die Abfallwirtschaft technisch, finanziell und organisatorisch neu auszurichten. Erfolge und Misserfolge wechselten in rascher Folge. Dank der klaren Zielsetzung, dargelegt im Leitbild fuer die schweizerische Abfallwirtschaft, wurde die Phase aber insgesamt zu einem klaren Erfolg. In der nun folgenden Phase des Erwachsenseins gilt es unter anderem, die Ziele der Abfallwirtschaft in die uebergeordneten Staats- bzw. Unternehmensziele zu integrieren, die Energie als Schluesselgroesse zu anerkennen und die Altlasten zu sanieren. (orig.)

  11. Energy efficiency in buildings. Yearbook 2016; Energieeffizienz in Gebaeuden. Jahrbuch 2016

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Poeschk, Juergen (ed.)


    Viewpoints, concepts and projects of policy and practice are the main focus of the Yearbook, which has become the standard work of housing and real estate sector in Germany in the 2016th. The energy transition has long been only a electricity transition. ''Building'' has become a topic of increasing concern to the political and public debate - and quite controversial. In this yearbook attempt is made to illuminate the topic of energy efficiency in buildings in its complexity. The more than 30 contributions by renowned specialist authors are divided into the following chapters: Political strategies and positions; studies and concepts; energy research for buildings and districts; models from practice; tenant electricity: concepts and projects, human factor: information - motivation - behavior change. [German] Standpunkte, Konzepte und Projekte aus Politik und Praxis bilden auch in 2016 die Schwerpunkte des Jahrbuchs, das sich zum Standardwerk der Wohnungs- und Immobilienwirtschaft in Deutschland entwickelt hat. Die Energiewende war lange Zeit ausschliesslich eine Stromwende. Nun aber rueckt das Themenfeld ''Gebaeude'' immer staerker in den Fokus der politischen wie oeffentlichen Diskussion - und zwar durchaus kontrovers. In vorliegenden Jahrbuch wird der Versuch unternommen, das Themenfeld Energieeffizienz in Gebaeuden in seiner Vielschichtigkeit zu beleuchten. Die ueber 30 Beitraege renommierter Fachautoren gliedern sich in folgende Kapitel: Politische Strategien und Positionen, Studien und Konzepte, Energieforschung fuer Gebaeude und Quartiere; Vorbilder aus der Praxis, Mieterstrom: Konzepte und Projekte; Faktor Mensch: Information - Motivation - Verhaltensaenderung.

  12. Weser river water quality report 2002. Flussgebietsgemeinschaft Weser; Flussgebietsgemeinschaft Weser. Weserguetebericht 2002

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    In July 2003, the Flussgebietsgemeinschaft Weser (FGG Weser) was founded to replace the former Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Reinhaltung der Weser (ARGE Weser). The new working group comprises members of all German states bordering on the Weser river, i.e. the former members Bremen, Hessen, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, and Thuringia, as well as the new members Bavaria and Sachsen-Anhalt. The annual report will be continued for the time being, as it has been a useful instrument for informing the expert public on changes in the water quality of the Werra, Fulda, Aller and Weser rivers. [German] Im Juli 2003 hat sich aus der Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Reinhaltung der Weser (ARGE Weser) die Flussgebietsgemeinschaft Weser (FGG Weser) entwickelt. Nun arbeiten alle Bundeslaender, die Anteile an der Flussgebietseinheit Weser besitzen, zusammen. Dies sind neben den bisherigen Mitgliedern Bremen, Hessen, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen und Thueringen jetzt auch Bayern und Sachsen-Anhalt. Der bisher jaehrlich erscheinende Weserguetebericht, der die Ergebnisse des Programmes zur Qualitaetsueberwachung der Weser anschaulich darstellt, hat sich in der Vergangenheit als Informationsinstrument sehr bewaehrt. Er soll vorerst erhalten bleiben und die Fachoeffentlichkeit ueber die Veraenderungen der Wasserbeschaffenheit von Werra, Fulda, Aller und Weser informieren. (orig.)

  13. The Arizona Radio Observatory 1 mm Spectral Survey of IRC (plus)10216 and VY Canis Majoris (215-285 GHz) (United States)

    Tenenbaum, E. D.; Dodd, J. L.; Milam, S. N.; Woolf, N. J.; Ziurys, L. M.


    A low noise (1(sigma) rms approx. 3 mK) 1. nun spectral survey (214.5-285.5 GHz) of the oxygen-rich supergiant VY Canis Majoris and the carbon-rich asymptotic giant branch star IRC +10216 has been conducted using the Arizona Radio Observatory's 10 m Submillimeter Telescope. Here the complete data set is presented. This study, carried out with a new ALMA-type receiver, marks the first continuous band scan of an O-rich circumstellar envelope, and the most sensitive survey to date of IRC +10216. In VY CMa, 130 distinct molecular lines were detected, 14 of which cannot be identified; in IRC +10216, 717 lines were observed, with 126 features remaining unidentified. In the 1 mm bands of VY CMa and IRC +10216, emission is present from 18 and 32 different chemical compounds, respectively, with 10 species common to both sources. Many narrow emission lines were observed in both circumstellar shells, arising from vibrationally excited molecules and from refractory-containing species. Line profiles in VY CMa also exhibit a variety of different shapes, caused by the complex, asymmetric outflow of this object. The survey highlights the fact that C-rich and O-rich circumstellar envelopes are chemically interesting, and both are sources of new interstellar molecules. The high number of unidentified lines and the unreliable, rest frequencies for known species such as NaCN indicate the need for additional laboratory spectroscopy studies.

  14. Gender culture in Hinduism, traditionalist and modernization issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. O. Svyatnenko


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the relationship between the traditional and the modernization of gender dimensions in the culture of Hinduism. The author concludes that women in classical Hindu texts, so often perceived as being of a lower order, sometimes reduced to Sudra level, regardless of their actual caste. On the other hand, images of women positioned in a variety of goddesses, which is obviously positive prototypes dharmichnyh women. However, the traditional gender roles of women in Hindu household in India has changed over the past fifty or a hundred years. Western countries have influenced these changes. The continued recovery of the social status of women has led to significant changes concern a wide range of issues: education, health measures, rural and industrial schemes of social security, the problems of early marriage, wearing the burqa, the status of widows, suffrage, women, women’s representation in government. Positioning social status of women improved substantially thanks to Buddhism. Women and men are equal in ethics that has been softened significantly in terms of expanding the number of women’s rights. While patriarchal society and patriarchal and sexist gender culture Brahmanism remained unchanged in the Buddhist society women have gained more freedom and considered as independent - they were allowed to become nuns and religious and be social and active individuals.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmet USLU


    Full Text Available In this article, with the help of intertextuality technique, the sources of Nazan BEKİROĞLU’S novel “Lâ: Sonsuzluk Hecesi” will be mentioned and the causes and the effects of this situation will be expressed. By clarifying the effects of traditional narrative styles on this novel with the help of intertextuality, which assumes that each text is a re-writing product, the fact that these intertextuality relationships will create polyphony in a novel and if these relationships contribute to the heteroglossia of different statements will be questioned Bu makalede metinlerarasılık tekniği yolu ile Nazan BEKİROĞLU’nun “Lâ: Sonsuzluk Hecesi” romanını besleyen kaynaklar üzerinde durularak, bu durumun sebep ve sonuçları açıklanmaya çalışılacaktır. Her metnin bir yeniden yazma olduğu kabul edilen metinlerarasılık kuramına göre geleneksel metinlerin bu roman üzerindeki etkileri açıklanarak kurulan bu metinlerarası ilişkilerin romanda çoksesliliğin oluşmasına ve çeşitli söylemlerin çarpışmasına katkıda bulunup bulunmadığı sorusuna cevaplar aranacaktır.

  16. La espiritualidad de Hipólita de Rocabertí y la construcción de su imagen en el siglo XVII

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alabrús Iglesias, Rosa María


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the objective characteristics of spirituality of Hipólita de Rocabertí expressed in his Autobiography. It contrast the religiosity of the Dominican nun with the construction of her image in the Seventeenth century: the gloss of the jesuit Jaume Puig, the biography written by Antonio de Lorea and the promotion and operation of the beatification developeds for his nephew Juan Tomás Rocabertí. There are studied the reasons of his process of unsuccessful beatification.El artículo analiza las características objetivas de la espiritualidad de Hipólita de Rocabertí, manifestadas en su Autobiografía. Se contrasta la religiosidad de la monja dominica con los esfuerzos de construcción de su imagen en el siglo XVII: la glosa del jesuita Jaume Puig, la biografía escrita por Antonio de Lorea y la operación de promoción a la beatificación que desarrolló su sobrino Juan Tomás de Rocabertí. Se estudian las causas de su proceso de beatificación fallida.

  17. Cine Club

    CERN Document Server

    Cine Club


    Thursday 10 January 2013 at 20:00 CERN Council Chamber Viridiana Directed by Luis Buñuel (Spain/Mexico, 1961) With: Silvia Pinal, Fernando Rey, Francisco Rabal Original version spanish; english subtitles; 90 minutes Viridiana, a young novice about to take her final vows as a nun, accedes to a request from her widowed uncle to visit him. Moved purely by a sense of obligation, she does so. Her uncle is moved by her resemblance to his late wife to attempt to seduce Viridiana, and tragedy ensues. In the aftermath, Viridiana tries to assuage her guilt by creating a haven for the destitute folk who live around her uncle’s estate. But from these good intentions, too, comes little good. Simon of the Desert Directed by Luis Buñuel (Spain/Mexico, 1965) With: Silvia Pinal, Claudio Brook, Enrique Alvarez Félix Original version spanish; english subtitles; 45 minutes Simon, a deeply religious man living in the 4th century, wants to be nearer to God so he climbs a c...

  18. The role of the Director Zmago Slokan in the development of Maribor General Hospital in the first period after the Second World War (1953-1970). (United States)

    Pivec, Gregor


    The author explores and explains the role of the director of Maribor General Hospital in the first period after Second World War. The period was problematic on account of the difficult economic situation and changes in the political system. On one hand the hospital suffered relatively large damage due to bombing attacks during the war and on the other it had to face numerous staffing problems, especially with a lack of physicians and trained nursing staff (from 1948 an executive order entered into force forbidding the nursing nuns from performing nursing care in hospitals). The change in the political system required the management of the hospital to be taken over by an individual who enjoyed the political, professional and economic trust of the then authorities. Based on his engagement during the Second World War, the director, Zmago Slokan, represented a form of guarantee for the political system of that time, which nevertheless wanted the quality-based, professional and economic progress of the hospital. Using his personal characteristics, professional medical and economic knowledge as well as political experience, he was able to manage different tendencies to continue the quality-based progress of the institution. Thus, he set a proper foundation for its development in the periods that followed, in the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia as well as in the independent Republic of Slovenia (after 1991). The author discusses the role of the director in the hospital's progress chronologically.

  19. La vida cotidiana conventual a fines del siglo XVIII en cinco provincias de la America hispana de la orden de predicadores

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Esponera Cerdán, Alfonso


    Full Text Available Dominican Daily life in the past is very little known. In this paper, we present some unpublished rules issued by the Visitador Joan Ubach op, dated in 1778, which aspired to govern everyday life – personal and convent- of the Dominicans -friar and nun- five provinces of Spanish America (Santiago de Mexico, Santos Angeles de Puebla, San Hipólito Mártir de Oaxaca, San Vicente de Chiapa y Guatemala, and Santa Cruz de las Indias. These full rules were based, with appropriate adaptation, in those given in 1766 for the Spanish Dominicans of Aragon Province.La vida cotidiana dominicana en el pasado es bastante poco conocida. En este trabajo, se presentan unas inéditas normas dictadas por el Visitador Joan Ubach op, fechadas en 1778, que aspiraban a regir la vida cotidiana -conventual y personal- de los dominicos -frailes y monjas- de cinco Provincias de la América Hispana (Santiago de México, Santos Angeles de Puebla, San Hipólito Mártir de Oaxaca, San Vicente de Chiapa y Guatemala, y Santa Cruz de las Indias. Estas completas reglas se basaron, con las pertinentes adaptaciones, en las dadas en 1766 para los dominicos de la hispana Provincia de Aragón.

  20. Las órdenes militares en la Edad Moderna en la historiografía española desde 1995. Notas para un balance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: La bibliografía sobre las órdenes militares en España durante la Edad Moderna ha crecido de manera abundante en los últimos años. Se revisan las convocatorias de congresos y seminarios, las reediciones de fuentes, la aparición de revistas especializadas, y las monografías, especialmente las que se ocupan de aspectos ideológicos y sociales de los miembros (caballeros, clérigos y monjas, así como de los estudios particulares sobre el territorio, la administración del señorío, patrimonio, aspectos artísticos y otros muchos que se pueden acometer con la documentación de las órdenes militares. La información queda recogida en una base de datos de acceso libre en Internet.ABSTRACT: The bibliography on the Military Orders in Spain during the Early Modern Age has incessantly grown during the last years. This article reviews conferences and seminar calls, sources' reprints, the birth of some specialized periodicals and books, focusing on works dealing with ideological and social aspects of the members (knights, clergymen and nuns and paying attention to particular surveys on the land, lordship management, heritage, art and many historical matters that we can research with the help of the archives of the Military Orders. The bibliographical records will be on a free access data base on Internet.

  1. Ultrasonic testing of pre-turned contours for large components made of ductile iron; Ultraschallpruefung an Vordrehkonturen fuer grosse Bauteile aus Gusseisen mit Kugelgraphit

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schmitte, Till; Chichkov, Nikolai; Nemitz, Oliver; Orth, Thomas [Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH, Duisburg (Germany); Hocks, Heinrich Jr.; Rusche, Sascha; Opalla, Dirk; Frank, Joerg [GNS Gesellschaft fuer Nuklear-Service mbH, Essen (Germany)


    In the ultrasonic testing of large, thick-walled components made of ductile iron partial acoustic paths of several meters are needed. Considered here are cylindrical components such as the body of CASTOR containers with diameters 2-3 m, a height of up to 6 m and a wall thickness of 500 mm. So far, an automated technique for this is not available, therefore such components are checked in a complex and lengthy process by manual ultrasonic testing. The development and design of the testing by means of simulations and the realization as a mobile testing device are topics of this paper. Measurements on a reference body with test reflectors in different depths are presented and discussed. [German] Bei der Ultraschall-Pruefung von grossen, dickwandigen Bauteilen aus Gusseisen mit Kugelgraphit werden teilweise Schallwege von mehreren Metern noetig. Betrachtet werden hier zylinderfoermige Bauteile, wie die Koerper von CASTOR-Behaeltern, mit Durchmessern zwischen 2 und 3 m, einer Hoehe von bis zu 6 m und Wanddicken von ca. 500 mm. Bisher ist eine automatisierte Technik hierfuer nicht verfuegbar, daher werden derartige Bauteile in einem aufwaendigen und langwierigen Prozess mittels manueller Schallung geprueft. Zur Erhoehung der Nachweissicherheit und zur Steigerung der Effizienz im Pruefablauf sollen nun senkrecht zur Achse des zylinderfoermigen Bauteils liegende unzulaessige Anzeigen im gesamten Mantelvolumen durch eine teilautomatisierte Pruefung ausgeschlossen werden. Die Entwicklung und Auslegung der Prueftechnik mittels Simulationen und die Realisierung als mobile Pruefvorrichtung sind Themen dieses Beitrags. Messungen an einem Referenzkoerper mit Testreflektoren in verschiedenen Tiefen werden vorgestellt und diskutiert.

  2. The Greek charter of the Hungarian King Stephen I

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stojkovski Boris


    Full Text Available The first Hungarian Christian ruler, King Stephen I (997-1038 issued several charters that have survived to this day. One of them is the charter issued on behalf of the nuns from the Monastery of the Holy Theotokos in Veszprémvölgy. The charter was written in the Greek language, and has been the subject of many studies. The original has not been preserved; what remains is a copy from the time of King Coloman, dated to 1109. The charter has not been published in a critical edition in any language other than Hungarian and even though it has been examined by numerous Hungarian scholars, many questions remain open. The aim of the author is to provide a critical edition and an English translation of the charter, but also to clarify some remaining doubts about the charter and its contents. Furthermore, some comparisons will be made with the Byzantine charters issued at the beginning of the 11th and during the 12th century.

  3. Measuring technology using holography and interferometry. HOLOMETEC. Pamphlet for the concluding presentation; Holografisch-interferometrische Messtechnik. HOLOMETEC. Broschuere zur Abschlusspraesentation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The German Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology (BMBF) provided funds to the focal item of research, `Laser science and laser technology`, for the development of measuring and testing methods based on holography and interferometry, for applications such as quality assurance and experimental stress analysis. The main objective of research activities with collaborators from science and industry was to develop the holographic and interferometric techniques to a contactless measuring technology fit for applications in industry. The BMBF contributed for the R and D programme financial support amounting to DM 6.6 million, in a total budget of DM 9.6 million. The concluding presentation was intended to summarize and demonstrate the work performed and results achieved. (orig./MM) [Deutsch] Das Bundesministerium fuer Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie foerderte im Foerderschwerpunkt ``Laserforschung und Lasertechnik`` die Erarbeitung von Verfahrensgrundlagen zur holografisch-interferometrischen Messtechnik fuer die Qualitaetssicherung und experimentelle Spannungsanalyse. Wesentliches Ziel der Forschungsarbeiten, an denen sich Partner aus Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft beteiligten, war es, die holografisch-interferometrische Messtechnik als beruehrungsloses Mess- und Pruefverfahren fuer die industrielle Anwendung tauglich zu machen. Das BMBF unterstuetzte die F und E-Arbeiten mit insgesamt 6.6 Mio DM bei einem Gesamtaufwand von 9.6 Mio DM. Mit der Abschlusspraesentation sollen der Fachoeffentlichkeit die nun vorliegenden Ergebnisse der Forschungsarbeiten vorgestellt werden. (orig./MM)

  4. [The anatomists who started anthropology in Turkey and their contributions]. (United States)

    Uluçam, E; Gökçe, N; Başağaoğlu, J


    The Turkish Institute of Antropology was estabilished in 1925 as a unit of the Medical School of Istanbul University (Darülfünun), named the Antropology Research Center (Antropoloji Tetkikat Merkezi). It was a part of the medical faculty until 1932. After the university reform it was connected to the School of Science and in late 1935 it was transfered to the School of Languages History and Geography (Dil Tarih Coğrafya Fakültesi) in Ankara. The center started to publish "The Journal of Turkish Anthropology" with Dr. Nuretttin Ali Berkols researches in 1925. It was published in two languages, Turkish and French. The faculty members of the institute, Dr. Mouchet, Dr. Süreyya Ali and Dr. Ismail Hakki formed the editorial board of the journal. We see that from the first issue of the journal in 1925 until the special issue prepared for the XVIII. Anthropology and Prehistorical Archealogy Congress in 1939, Dr. Nurettin Ali Berkol and Dr. Mouchet were members of the administrative committee of the journal. In this article; we studied the contributions of the anatomists to the development of anthropology in Turkey.

  5. Self-regulation - advantages and disadvantages in a German network operator's view; Selbstregulierung - Vor- und Nachteile aus Sicht eines deutschen Netzbetreibers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marquis, G. [Lech-Elektrizitaetswerke AG, Augsburg (Germany)


    After a very short time the existing mechanisms of self-regulation in connection with the tariff control and the cartel control resulted in an intense and dynamic competition in Germany's energy sector. Within the scope of self-regulation it is now essential to successively eliminate the problems identified during the implementation of competition. The introduction of a regulator as such is no guarantee of quality for competition. A number of problems during the implementation of the liberalisation are based on causes a regulator cannot remove either. (orig.) [German] Die vorhandenen Mechanismen der Selbstregulierung haben in Verbindung mit der Tarifaufsicht und der Kartellaufsicht in kuerzester Zeit zu einem intensiven und dynamischen Wettbewerb im Energiesektor in Deutschland gefuehrt. Im Rahmen der Selbstregulierung gilt es nun, die erkannten Probleme in der Umsetzung des Wettbewerbs sukzessive zu beheben. Die Einfuehrung eines Regulators per se stellt keine Qualitaetsgarantie fuer den Wettbewerb dar. Eine Reihe von Problemen in der Umsetzung der Liberalisierung haben Ursachen, die auch ein Regulator nicht beheben kann. (orig.)

  6. Discovery of Small-Scale Spiral Structures in the Disk of SAO 206462 (HD 135344B)(exp 1): Implications for the Physical State of the Disk from Spiral Density Wave Theory (United States)

    Muto, T.; Grady, C. A.; Hashimoto, J.; Fukagawa, M.; Hornbeck, J. B.; Sitko, M.; Russell, R.; Werren, C.; Cure, M; Currie, T.; hide


    We present high-resolution, H-band, imaging observations, collected with Subaru /HiCIAO, of the scattered light from the transitional disk around SAO 206462 (HD 1353448). Although previous sub-mm imagery suggested the existence of the dust-depleted cavity at r spiral structures lying within 0".5 (approx 70 AU). We present models for the spiral structures using the spiral density wave theory, and derive a disk aspect ratio of h approx. 0.1, which is consistent with previous sub-mm observations. This model can potentially give estimates of the temperature and rotation profiles of the disk based on dynamical processes. independently from sub-nun observations. It also predicts the evolution of the spiral structures, which can be observable on timescales of 10-20 years, providing conclusive tests of the model. While we cannot uniquely identify the origin of these spirals, planets embedded in the disk may be capable of exciting the observed morphology. Assuming that this is the case, we can make predictions on the locations and, possibly, the masses of the unseen planets. Such planets may be detected by future multi-wavelengths observations,



    AKTAŞ, Celalettin


    Türkiye'de İnternet, kullanıma girdiği günden itibaren çok yaygınlaşmamıştır. Türk Toplumu içerisinde İnternet kullanımı, bilgisayar kullanımına bağlı olarak düşük oranlarda artış göstermiştir. Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu'nun (TÜİK) verilerine göre 2005 yılı Nisan-Haziran döneminde bilgisayar kullanım oranı yüzde 17,65 ve İnternet kullanım oranı yüzde 13,93 iken; 2004 yılının aynı döneminde bilgisayar kullanım oranı yüzde 16,80 ve İnternet kullanım oranı yüzde 13,25'dir. TÜİK...

  8. O texto como unidade de trabalho no ensino de línguas e de tradução

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Masa Nomura


    Full Text Available Seit Mitte der 80er Jahre hat sich ein Paradigmenwechsel in der Übersetzungsforschung vollzogen: Der bis dahin vorrangig behandelte Ausgangstext tritt nun in den Hintergrund, um den verschiedenen Faktoren Raum zu geben, die bei der Rezeption des übersetzten Textes eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Dieser Wechsel hat Folgen für den Begriff der Übersetzungskompetenz: von angehenden ÜbersetzerInnen wird nicht nur verlangt, dass sie über ausreichende Sprachkentnisse verfügen, sondern auch, dass sie bei der Rezeption des zu übersetzenden Textes andere Wissensbestände aktivieren und bei der Verfassung des Zieltextes Strategien entwickeln, die ihnen ermöglichen, Probleme, die ihnen aus mangelnden Sprachkenntnissen erwachsen, auftragsgemäβ zu lösen. Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit ist es, aufzuzeigen, dass die systematische Anwendung von Konzeptionen der kontrastiven Sprachforschung (Deutsch/Portugiesisch sowie der Textlinguistik im Übersetzungsunterricht dazu beitragen kann, den Studenten sowohl bei der Erweiterung und Vertiefung ihrer Deutschkenntnisse, als auch im Anfangsstadium ihrer Übersetzerausbildung zu helfen. Die theoretischen Erwägungen (Teil I werden durch ein exemplarisches Beispiel (Teil II erläutert.

  9. [The creation of hospitals by charities in Minas Gerais (Brazil) from 18th to 20th century]. (United States)

    Marques, Rita de Cássia


    This article is the fruit of research into the cultural heritage of healthcare in Minas Gerais (Brazil) and explores the construction of hospitals supported by Catholic charities from the 18th to 20th century. Catholicism has always been strong in Minas Gerais, partly because the Portuguese Crown prohibited the free travel of priests, who were suspected of illegally trading in gold from the mines. A brotherhood was responsible for creating the first Santa Casa, in Vila Rica. Another very important religious group in Brazil, the Vincentians, was also devoted to charitable works and propagated the ideas on charity of Frederico Ozanan, based on the work of St. Vincent de Paul. This group comprised both a lay movement, supported by conferences organized by the St. Vincent de Paul Society, and a religious order, the Vincentian priests and nuns. Catholic physicians make up the third group studied here, organized in a professional association promoted by the Catholic Church. The brotherhoods, Vincentians, and associations, with their Santa Casas, represent a movement that is recognized worldwide. The enormous Catholic participation in these charitable works brought in the physicians, who would often make no charge and exerted efforts to create hospitals that served the population. Although the capital of Minas Gerais was the creation of republicans and positivists in the 20th century, with their ideas of modernity, it remained dependent on Christian charity for the treatment of the poor.

  10. Gıdalarda Genetik Yapısı Değiştirilmiş Organizmaların (GDO Belirlenmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fadime Kıran


    Full Text Available Genetiği değiştirilmiş organizmalar (GDO kullanılarak elde edilen ürünler artan bir şekilde dünyanın gıda kaynağı olarak tanıtılmakta ve genetiği değiştirilmiş (GD gıdalar sıklıkla gündemde yer almaktadır. Avrupa birliği komisyonu, GDO kullanılarak elde edilen ve tespit edilebilir miktarlarda DNA veya protein içeren gıda ürünlerinin ve içeriklerinin etiketlenmesi gerektiğini öngörmektedir. Bu aşamada, genetik modifikasyonun belirlenmesi (kalitatif analiz ve ölçümü (kantitatif analiz oldukça önemli olmaktadır. Bundan dolayı, GDO’nun belirlenmesi, ölçümü ve izlenmesi için güvenilir, tekrarlanabilir, doğru ve hassas yöntemler gerekmektedir. Bu derlemede genetik değişiklikler, protein ve DNA esaslı kalitatif ve kantitatif GDO tanımlama yöntemleri, bu yöntemlerin uygulama zorlukları ve gelişmekte olan yeni teknolojiler incelenmiştir.

  11. Religious Belief and Mental Health in Lay and Consecrated Italian Teachers. (United States)

    Chirico, Francesco


    There is compelling evidence that teachers and clergy are stressful occupations. This study aimed to compare the rate of job strain and burnout among lay and consecrated teachers and to study the effect of religious coping on the mental health of these two groups. A cross-sectional survey study was carried out in Catholic kindergarten, preschool and primary schools of an Italian Congregation of nuns, in South Italy. The Italian versions of the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Educator Survey (MBI-ES) scale, of the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) and a study-specific questionnaire with sociodemographic variables and indicators of subjective (self-reported religiosity) and objective (prayer personal and church attendance) religiousness were used. Data were analyzed according to the guidelines for data processing and an analysis of the scales used. The participation rate of this study was 88 %. There was a significant difference between two groups in religiousness and job strain/burnout scores (lay teachers were the most affected group). Moreover, religiousness scores had a positive correlation with personal accomplishment, job satisfaction and perceived performance and a negative correlation with emotional exhaustion, turnover intention and morbidity psychiatric. Therefore, according to religious coping's research, prayer personal and church attendance can be recommended as two of the ways to prevent job strain and burnout in the teacher work.

  12. Measurements of sea ice by satellite and airborne altimetry

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kildegaard Rose, Stine

    the modal freeboard heights of 55 cm retrieved from the laser scanner data with the 25 cm retrieved from CryoSat-2 indicates a snow layer of 30 cm, due to the theory that a laser is reflected at the air/snow interface, while the radar is reflected at the snow/ice interface. In the other area, the modal...... freeboard is found to be 35 cm for both the airborne and satellite data implying, that the radar signal is here reflected from the snow surface, probably due to weather conditions. CryoSat-2 is very sensitive to returns from specular surfaces, even if they appear o_-nadir. This contaminates the “true...... and in fjord systems. The Greenland fjords exhange freshwater between the glaciers and the ocean. Measuring a snapshot of the ice mélange in front of Kangiata Nunˆta Sermia in southwest Greenland with airborne LiDAR, gives an estimate of the ice disharge since last autuum. The total volume of 1:70 _ 1:26 GT...

  13. Utilization scenarios for driving support systems in cargo traffic and their evaluation; Einsatzszenarien fuer Fahrerassistenzsysteme im Gueterverkehr und deren Bewertung

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Henning, K.; Preuschoff, E. (eds.)


    The report presents a summary of the project of the above title (EFAS project). While earlier projects focused on the technical side, EFAS is the first to present a systematic analysis, presentation and evaluation of the parameters influencing driving support systems. With the aid of a systemic analysis, the key influencing factors are defined and analyzed, and three scenarios are developed which take account of user-oriented, organizational, operational, technical, infrastructural and legal aspects. The scenarios are evaluated with the aid of driving and traffic simulations in the fields of humans, organization and technology, and actions are recommended on this basis for driving support systems in cargo transport. [German] Der Bericht fasst die Ergebnisse des Projektes ''Einsatzszenarien fuer Fahrerassistenzsysteme im Gueterverkehr'' (EFAS) zusammen. Bisher wurde die Thematik Fahrerassistenzsysteme hauptsaechlich auf der Seite der Fahrzeugtechnik vorangetrieben. Das Projekt EFAS stellt nun zum ersten Mal eine umfassende Analyse, Darstellung und Bewertung dar. Mit Hilfe einer systemischen Analyse werden die wesentlichen Einflussfaktoren fuer die Einbindung von Fahrerassistenzsystemen in das Gesamtsystem ''Verkehr'' bestimmt und untersucht. Hieraus werden drei Einsatzszenarien entwickelt, die nutzerbezogene, organisatorische, betriebliche, fahrzeugtechnische, infrastukturelle und rechtliche Aspekte zu Zukunftsbildern zusammenfuegen. Die Szenarien werden mit Hilfe von Fahr- und Verkehrssimulationen in den Bereichen Mensch, Organisation und Technik bewertet. Aus den Ergebnissen werden konkrete Handlungsempfehlungen fuer den Einsatz von Fahrerassistenzsystemen im Strassengueterverkehr abgeleitet. (orig.)

  14. Çok Etmenli Sistemlerde NetLogo İle Karınca Kolonisi Optimizasyonu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mustafa Tüker


    Full Text Available Çok etmenli sistemler (ÇES, karmaşık optimizasyon problemlerinin modellenmesi ve çözülmesi için etkin bir yol sunarlar. Bu çalışmada, Gezgin Satıcı Problemi (GSP'ni çözmek için ÇES ve karınca kolonileri birlikte kullanılmıştır. Sistem benzetimi, etmen tabanlı bir programlama ortamı olan NetLogo ile gerçekleştirilmiştir. Problemin modellenmesi ve benzetimi için NetLogo'nun nasıl kullanılacağı kodlarla ayrıntılı olarak açıklanmıştır. Algoritma farklı düğüm sayıları için denenmiş ve elde edilen sonuçlar tartışılmıştır.

  15. Jacint Verdaguer, un poeta teresià fora vol

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joan Requesens i Piquer


    Full Text Available Aquestes pàgines fan una anàlisi de les veus poètiques –a través de les tres veus gramaticals– que parlen en una dotzena de poemes de Jacint Verdaguer dedicats a Teresa de Jesús. El resultat aporta llum sobre una original relació de devoció religiosa que el poeta li professava i, de més a més, revela que la monja carmelita va convertir-se en el seu model d’aspiració a tenir una vivència, com ella, mística. These pages make an analysis of the poetic voices -through the three gramatical voicesthat speak, in a dozen of poems of Jacint Verdaguer, dedicated to Teresa of Jesus. The result sheds light about an original relationship of religious devotion that the poet professed to her, and also it reveals that the Carmelite nun became his aspiring model to have, as she had, a mystique experience.

  16. Metallography of pitted aluminum-clad, depleted uranium fuel

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Nelson, D.Z.; Howell, J.P.


    The storage of aluminum-clad fuel and target materials in the L-Disassembly Basin at the Savannah River Site for more than 5 years has resulted in extensive pitting corrosion of these materials. In many cases the pitting corrosion of the aluminum clad has penetrated in the uranium metal core, resulting in the release of plutonium, uranium, cesium-137, and other fission product activity to the basin water. In an effort to characterize the extent of corrosion of the Mark 31A target slugs, two unirradiated slug assemblies were removed from basin storage and sent to the Savannah River Technology Center for evaluation. This paper presents the results of the metallography and photographic documentation of this evaluation. The metallography confirmed that pitting depths varied, with the deepest pit found to be about 0.12 inches (3.05 nun). Less than 2% of the aluminum cladding was found to be breached resulting in less than 5% of the uranium surface area being affected by corrosion. The overall integrity of the target slug remained intact

  17. The powerline technology has been developed to market maturity (energy supply companies as 'dark cable' communication service and access providers). A member of Ascom Powerline Communications AG explains the system; Das Powerline-System ist marktreif (EVU als 'Dark-Cable-Anbieter' und 'Access-Provider'). Powerline aus der Sicht des Entwicklungsunternehmens

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Martinez, D. [Ascom Powerline Communications AG, Bern (Switzerland)


    Combining communication processes and power transmission on one means of transport, - a fascinating idea, and not at all far-fetched but rather simple, actually. The article explains the basic ideas underlying the development of the powerline communication technology and the first commercially available service offered by Ascom Powerline Communications AG. (orig./CB) [German] Kommunikationssignale und Strom in einen Transportweg zusammenzufassen - eine faszinierende wie nahe liegende Idee. So nahe liegend wie die naechste Steckdose. Im Outdoor-Bereich wird in der jeweiligen Ortsnetzstation beides auf das Stromnetz gekoppelt. Von dort aus gelangt der 'Daten-Strom' dann ueber das Niederspannungsnetz zum Endverbraucher (Letzte Meile). Innerhalb des Hauses, im Indoor-Bereich, sind lediglich Adapter noetig, um Strom und Kommunikation wieder voneinander zu trennen und ihren individuellen Anwendungen zuzufuehren. Die Notwendigkeit einer separaten Telefon- oder Datenverkabelung entfaellt, da die Steckdose nun weit mehr ist als ein Elektrizitaetsanschluss: Sie wird zu einer leistungsfaehigen Kommunikationsschnittstelle - sei es zur Ueberbrueckung der 'Letzten Meile' fuer den Highspeed-Internet-Zugang oder zur Vernetzung innerhalb des Hauses. Die Vorteile fuer private Nutzer wie fuer Unternehmen sind enorm. (orig.)

  18. Fetal lung development on MRI. Normal course and impairment due to premature rupture of membranes; Fetale Lungenentwicklung in der MRT. Normaler Verlauf und Beeintraechtigung durch vorzeitigen Blasensprung

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kasprian, G. [Medizinische Universitaet Wien (Austria). Klinik fuer Radiodiagnostik; Zentrum fuer Anatomie und Zellbiologie der Medizinischen Universitaet Wien (Austria). Arbeitsgruppe Integrative Morphologie; Brugger, P.C. [Zentrum fuer Anatomie und Zellbiologie der Medizinischen Universitaet Wien (Austria). Arbeitsgruppe Integrative Morphologie; Helmer, H.; Langer, M. [Medizinische Universitaet Wien (Austria). Klinik fuer Frauenheilkunde; Balassy, C.; Prayer, D. [Medizinische Universitaet Wien (Austria). Klinik fuer Radiodiagnostik


    A well-organized interplay between many molecular factors as well as mechanical forces influence fetal lung development. At the end of this complex process a sufficiently sized and structurally mature organ should ensure the postnatal survival of the newborn. Besides prenatal ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can now be used to investigate normal and pathological human lung growth in utero. Oligohydramnios, due to premature rupture of membranes (PROM), is an important risk factor for compromised fetal lung growth. In these situations MR volumetry can be used to measure the size of the fetal lung quite accurately. Together with the evaluation of lung signal intensities on T2-weighted sequences, fetuses with pulmonary hypoplasia can be readily detected. (orig.) [German] Die fetale Lungenentwicklung wird einerseits durch eine Vielzahl molekularer Faktoren und andererseits durch mechanisch-physiologische Kraefte beeinflusst. Ein geordnetes Zusammenspiel dieser Mechanismen fuehrt zu einem ausreichend grossen und strukturell reifen Organ, das sofort nach der Geburt das Ueberleben des Neugeborenen sicherstellt. Neben der praenatalen Ultraschalluntersuchung bietet nun auch die Magnetresonanztomographie (MRT) die Moeglichkeit, die normale und pathologische fetale Lungenentwicklung zu untersuchen. Ein wesentlicher Risikofaktor fuer eine Beeintraechtigung der Lungenentwicklung ist die verminderte Fruchtwassermenge nach vorzeitigem Blasensprung. In diesen Faellen kann die MR-Volumetrie dazu eingesetzt werden, die Groesse der fetalen Lungen relativ genau zu bestimmen. Gemeinsam mit der Beurteilung der MR-Signalintensitaeten des Lungengewebes auf T2-gewichteten Sequenzen koennen Feten mit hypoplastischen Lungen mit zunehmender Sicherheit bereits praenatal identifiziert werden. (orig.)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katarzyna Kaczor-Scheitler


    Full Text Available This article presents the issues tackled in the “Preface” to "Szata wzorzysta doskonałości, zakonnicę w oczach Boskich zdobiąca i wszelkim stanom ludzi żyć duchownie pragnących pożyteczna" ("The Patterned Robe of Perfection Worn by the Nun before the Eyes of God and Useful to All People Wishing to Lead a Spiritual Life" (Kraków 1649 by Daniel Zieliński, a Bernadine from Alwernia. Noteworthy in this work, orientated toward awakening prayer activity and promoting religious life, is the dedication to Mary, which constitutes an expression of the tribute to Mary made by the author as well as a testimony of his personal experience. The article shows that the “Preface” was written for the purpose of the cult of Mary and constitutes a testimony of the spirituality of the post-tridentine era. The author also reflected on the cult of Mary in Polish Catholicism, as manifested in the christenings, scapulars and rosaries, Marian Sodalities, the increasing role of sanctuaries to Mary (including Jasna Góra, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and the related pilgrimage movement. The cult of Mary was spread through prayer books, sermons, religious poetry and devotional books.

  20. Generationen weiblicher Dichter um 1700 in Altenburg. Anna Carrdus legt eine sorgfältige Textedition vor Generations of Female Poets Around 1700 in Altenburg—Anna Carrdus Presents a Careful Edition of Texts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mechthilde Vahsen


    Full Text Available Es lässt sich nicht sagen, dass mit Margaretha Susanna von Kuntsch alles anfing, aber die in Altenburg um 1700 ansässige Frau ist intensiv mit dem geistigen und kulturellen Leben der aufstrebenden Stadt verbunden. Ebenso wie 16 andere Frauen, größtenteils aus ihrem Verwandten- und Freundeskreis. Sie alle zeichnen sich dadurch aus, dass sie Gedichte verfassen, die nun in einer hervorragend edierten und kommentierten Ausgabe vorliegen. Damit werden Werke von Autorinnen der Frühen Neuzeit der literarisch interessierten, breiten Öffentlichkeit wieder zugänglich gemacht: Ein existentiell wichtiger Beitrag zur Geschlechtergeschichte, der sich dem Werk und der Wiederentdeckung von Autorinnen widmet.It is impossible to claim that everything began with Margaretha Susanna von Kutsch, however this woman who lived in Altenburg around 1700 is integrally connected to the intellectual and cultural life of the aspiring city. This is also the case for 16 other women, the majority of whom were part of her family or circle of friends. Each of these women wrote poetry, which is now presented in an excellently edited and commented volume. Texts by female authors of the early modern period are thus now made accessible to a wide literary public. The volume is an important contribution to gender history that devotes itself to the work and rediscovery of female authors.

  1. A black sun in a white mind: In memory of Sudan mission 1848–1858

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marko Frelih


    Full Text Available Ignacij Knoblehar (1819–1858 worked as a Catholic missionary in southern Sudan, in particular among the Bari people. He sent regular reports home about his work and many newspapers also published his letters. Above all, he became known when he sailed beyond 4° north latitude. He was the first European to carry out systematic measurements of the White Nile and his discoveries were reported in both Europe and America. While he lived there, Slovenians became acquainted for the first time in their history with a part of Africa. In 1850 he brought a large collection of diverse artifacts from the Nilotic peoples back to Ljubljana. These artifacts are preserved in the Slovene Ethnographic Museum today, and part of the collection was put on display in a temporary exhibition entitled “Sudan Mission 1848–1858” at the museum in May 2009. The arrival of a number of African children in Ljubljana arguably constituted the highpoint of this early Slovenian contact with Africa. Missionaries bought the children at a slave market and brought them back to Europe with the intention of training the boys to be priests and the girls to be nuns. However, the plan fell through because the children all died of pneumonia and tuberculosis. The public baptism of the African children and the relationship of the general public to them in the mid-nineteenth century helped shape stereotypical representations of Africans as well as certain forms of racial discrimination that are still present today.

  2. Tevfik Fikret’in Özgürlük Yolundaki “İzler”i “İzler” of Tevfik Fikret in the Wake of Freedom

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mutlu DEVECİ


    Full Text Available Artists of Servet-i Fünun introvert isolated persons who are under the influence of those that are individualistic. Tevfik Fikret also comes into prominence mostly with his poems that prioritize individualism as a matter of his sources of influence, upbringing and his temperament. Poet feels himself separated from the community in his poems he externalizes those that are social in thematic viewpoint, and he holds on the life by means of freedom provided by isolation and solitude. Poem “İzler” is an existence poem fictionalized about this theme. Mood of a person who faces himself/herself is described in this poem in which it is expressed that subject is alone and by himself/herself in the way of freedom. Loneliness which is an ontological problem creates non-communication sourced from individual and social within the context of derealization. Poet who political, social and economical conditions of period give shape, feels alone and as by himself with character and effect of upbringing within non-communication situations. In “İzler”, as not dying away under of dense darkness of loneliness directed to him, poet confronts his existence in the world and perceives loneliness as a power. In poem, Tevfik Fikret who looks himself, world and around with an understanding similar to freedom understanding of Existential philosophers, within anxiety because of non-relationship with external world realizes that his actions aimed at meaning seeking are different from others. Tevfik Fikret is a poet from Servet-i Fünun generation that conflicts with world, to be far away existential problems as starting inner journey reflects mood of subject that starts confronting himself and therapy period of abandoned anxiety. Servet-i Fünun sanatçıları, bireysel olanın etkisi altında kalan içe dönük soyutlanmış tiplerdir. Tevfik Fikret de etki kaynakları, yetişme tarzı ve mizacı gereği çoğu zaman bireyselliği önceleyen şiirleri ile ön plana

  3. Hard coal; Steinkohle

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Loo, Kai van de; Sitte, Andreas-Peter [Gesamtverband Steinkohle e.V. (GVSt), Herne (Germany)


    International the coal market in 2014 was the first time in a long time in a period of stagnation. In Germany, the coal consumption decreased even significantly, mainly due to the decrease in power generation. Here the national energy transition has now been noticable affected negative for coal use. The political guidances can expect a further significant downward movement for the future. In the present phase-out process of the German hard coal industry with still three active mines there was in 2014 no decommissioning. But the next is at the end of 2015, and the plans for the time after mining have been continued. [German] International war der Markt fuer Steinkohle 2014 erstmals seit langem wieder von einer Stagnation gekennzeichnet. In Deutschland ging der Steinkohlenverbrauch sogar deutlich zurueck, vor allem wegen des Rueckgangs in der Stromerzeugung. Hier hat sich die nationale Energiewende nun spuerbar und fuer die Steinkohlennutzung negativ ausgewirkt. Die politischen Weichenstellungen lassen fuer die Zukunft eine weitere erhebliche Abwaertsbewegung erwarten. Bei dem im Auslaufprozess befindlichen deutschen Steinkohlenbergbau mit noch drei aktiven Bergwerken gab es 2014 keine Stilllegung. Doch die naechste steht zum Jahresende 2015 an, und die Planungen fuer die Zeit nach dem Bergbau sind fortgefuehrt worden.

  4. Türkiye’de Eğitim Ekonomik Büyümeyi Etkiliyor mu? Nedensellik Analizleriyle Bir İnceleme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Süleyman Yurtkuran


    Full Text Available         ÖzBu çalışmada ekonomik büyüme ve eğitim arasındaki ilişkiler Standart Granger nedensellik, Hsiao’nun Granger nedensellik ve Dolado-Lütkepohl VAR nedensellik yöntemleriyle 1950-2012 dönemi Türkiye ekonomisi için ampirik yönden incelenmiştir. Ekonometrik analizler, ekonomik büyümeden yükseköğretim mezunu sayısına; meslek lisesi ve genel lise mezun sayısından ekonomik büyümeye doğru pozitif bir nedenselliğin olduğunu göstermektedir.Anahtar Kelimeler: Türkiye, Büyüme, Eğitim, Nedensellik, VARJEL Sınıflandırma Kodları: C22, I21, O11, I25  

  5. Namık Kemal’in Sanat/Sanatçı Algısında Romantizm ve Victor Hugo Etkisi Influence of Romanticism and Victor Hugo on Namık Kemal’s Perception of Art/Artist

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdulhalim AYDIN


    ağdaşlaşma, yenilenme ihtiyacıyla yüzünü Batı’ya çevirdiği bir yapılanma dönemidir. Tanzimat edebiyatı da bu sürecin edebi tarafını oluşturmuştur. Dönemin diğer yazarları gibi bu edebiyatın en büyük simalarından N. Kemal’in üzerinde de romantizmin ve özellikle Hugo’nun etkilerinin büyük boyutlarda olduğu bilinen bir şeydir. Hugo’nun şiirlerini de okumakla beraber tiyatroları ve romanlarına daha büyük ilgi duyan N. Kemal’de bu ilginin sonuçları kendini göstermekte gecikmez. Eserlerinde, büyük bir Hugo hayranlığı sonucu, romantizmin ve şefinin etkileri aslında artık herkesin bildiği “Hernani-Zavallı Çocuk” ve “Cromwell Önsözü-Celaleddin Önsözü” ile sınırlı değildir. Ama bu çalışmada asıl üzerinde durmak istediğimiz şey, N. Kemal’in sanat ve sanatçı algısında romantizm ve Hugo’nun etki veya katkısının mahiyetidir. Klasik okulun akılcılığı, kuralcılığı ve hitapta benimsediği seçkinciliğine karşı bir devrim gerçekleştiren romantik okulla, edebiyatı geniş bir perspektife yaymakla beraber bir tezin savunulması (litterature engagée biçiminde de algılayan Hugo’nun yazarımız üzerindeki etki ve/ya yönlendirmelerin ne kadar etkin olduğu çalışmamızın cevabını bulmaya çalıştığı temel soru olacaktır. Çalışmada da üzerinde durduğumuz gibi, esasen Hugo tarzı sanat ve edebiyat yapma biçimi Namık Kemal’in edebiyattan beklentilerine büyük ölçüde uyuyordu. Ne de olsa o da Hugo gibi, kemal de yeni bir toplum oluşturmada sanat ve edebiyatın büyük rolüne inanıyordu. Bu bağlamda, “Realizme ve temsilcilerine yönelseydi acaba bu gün karşımızda yine aynı Kemal’i bulur muyduk? Kemal’in gür halkçı sesiyle romantik bireyciliği nasıl bağdaştırmalı?” gibi sorular çalışmada bizi meşgul edecek sorulardır.

  6. Fermente bir Soya Ürünü “Miso”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kamuran Ayhan


    Full Text Available Miso, Uzakdoğu’da üretilen ve insanlarca fazla miktarda tüketilen fermente bir soya ürünüdür. Miso üretiminde hammadde olarak soya fasulyesi, pirinç veya arpa, tuz ve mikroorganizma kültürü (Aspergillus oryzae kullanılmaktadır. Miso’nun rengi koyu kahverenginden açık sarıya kadar değişim göstermektedir. Fermentasyon sırasında soya fasulyesinde bulunan protein, karbonhidrat ve yağlar daha basit bileşim unsurlarına parçalanmaktadır. Miso, %12.5-19.0 protein, %1.4-6.9 yağ, %5.5-13 oranında tuz içermekte, lezzet verici bir gıda maddesi özelliği taşımaktadır. Miso özellikle esansiyel amino asitlerce zengindir. Protein kalitesini belirleyen NPU (Net protein kullanımı değeri misoda %72’dir. Protein kalitesi açısından bilinen protein kaynaklı gıdalar içinde ilk sırayı almaktadır.

  7. Rupture-control via T-Branches - now with precise indication of the rupture; Abrissueberwachung ueber T-Weichen mit Lokalisierung des Abrisses

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lentz, S. [Roetter Industrieelektronik GmbH, Kaiserslautern (Germany)


    In hierarchical monitoring systems, normally only the main line can be checked automatically for rupture of the sensor wire. During the AGFW lecture conference in 1998 in Essen, a solution was introduced, where through closing the branch lines with endpieces by the Roetter Industrieelektronik GmbH, the branch lines could be also monitored for ruptures automatically. This process has been further developed since then and now offers the possibility to directly indicate the ruptured branch and if there is more than one rupture, this can be indicated separately as well. (orig.) [German] In hierarchischen Ueberwachungssystemen kann ueblicherweise nur die Hauptleitung automatisch auf Abriss des Sensordrahtes geprueft werden. Bereits auf der AGFW Vortragstagung 1998 in Essen wurde eine Loesung vorgestellt, durch Abschluss der Abzweigleitungen mit Endstuecken von Roetter Industrieelektronik GmbH auch die Abzweigleitungen automatisch auf Abriss zu ueberwachen. Dieses Verfahren wurde praxisgerecht weiterentwickelt und bietet nun die Moeglichkeit, den vom Abriss betroffenen Abzweig direkt anzuzeigen, bei mehreren Abrissen ist jeder einzelne zuzuordnen. (orig.)

  8. Das Curriculum Health Technology Assessment (HTA, Version 2.0

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Perleth, Matthias


    Full Text Available Health Technology Assessments (HTAs liefern für zahlreiche Entscheidungen im Gesundheitswesen relevante Informationen. Die Erstellung von HTA-Berichten erfordert gut ausgebildete, interdisziplinär arbeitende Spezialisten, die angemessene Interpretation und Umsetzung in Entscheidungen erfordert Verständnis seitens der Entscheidungsträger.Der Verein zur Förderung der Technologiebewertung im Gesundheitswesen (Health Technology Assessment e.V. und das Deutsche Netzwerk Evidenzbasierte Medizin e.V. haben bereits 2006 ein HTA-Curriculum entwickelt, das als Grundlage für HTA-Fortbildungskurse sowohl für Nutzer von HTA-Informationen wie auch für HTA-Autoren dient. Das Curriculum ist u.a. Grundlage für Fortbildungskurse an mehreren Universitäten. Aufgrund methodischer Weiterentwicklungen wurde nun eine Überarbeitung des Curriculums erforderlich. Das Curriculum greift auf Struktur und Inhalte international etablierter Studiengänge zurück, berücksichtigt aber auch die Besonderheiten der Regulation von Technologien und der Entscheidungsfindung in den Gesundheitssystemen der deutschsprachigen Länder. Es ist in insgesamt 10 Module untergliedert, die neben Grundlagen und Prinzipien von HTA u.a. auf die Statusbestimmung von Technologien, Prioritätensetzung, Wissens- und Informationsmanagement, Methodik der Erstellung von HTA-Berichten und Interessenkonflikte eingehen. Gegenüber der ursprünglichen Version wurden viele Inhalte präzisiert und Erfahrungen aus Lehrveranstaltungen, die das Curriculum umsetzen, wurden berücksichtigt.

  9. RANK und RANKL - Vom Knochen zum Mammakarzinom

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sigl V


    Full Text Available RANK („Receptor Activator of NF-κB“ und sein Ligand RANKL sind Schlüsselmoleküle im Knochenmetabolismus und spielen eine essenzielle Rolle in der Entstehung von pathologischen Knochenveränderungen. Die Deregulation des RANK/RANKL-Systems ist zum Beispiel ein Hauptgrund für das Auftreten von postmenopausaler Osteoporose bei Frauen. Eine weitere wesentliche Funktion von RANK und RANKL liegt in der Entwicklung von milchsekretierenden Drüsen während der Schwangerschaft. Dabei regulieren Sexualhormone, wie zum Beispiel Progesteron, die Expression von RANKL und induzieren dadurch die Proliferation von epithelialen Zellen der Brust. Seit Längerem war schon bekannt, dass RANK und RANKL in der Metastasenbildung von Brustkrebszellen im Knochengewebe beteiligt sind. Wir konnten nun das RANK/RANKLSystem auch als essenziellen Mechanismus in der Entstehung von hormonellem Brustkrebs identifizieren. In diesem Beitrag werden wir daher den neuesten Erkenntnissen besondere Aufmerksamkeit schenken und diese kritisch in Bezug auf Brustkrebsentwicklung betrachten.

  10. Kırşehir ve Çevresinde İlk Ticari Faaliyetler First Trade Activities in Kırşehir and Around

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Veli ÜNSAL


    Asurlular’ın kurdukları Kültepe, Acemhöyük ve Alişar gibi önemli pazaryerlerine yakın bir coğrafi alanda bulunmaktadır. Kırşehir ve çevresi, coğrafi konum itibariyle Anadolu’nun orta bölgesi durumundadır. Bu özelliği sayesinde Kırşehir, Anadolu’nun doğusundan batısına ve kuzeyinden güneyine gerçekleşen kültür akışını üstlenerek, eski medeniyetlerin bir kavşak yeri olmuştur.Kırşehir ve çevresinde ticari faaliyetlerin bilinçli olarak yapıldığı dönem Asur Ticaret Kolonileri Çağı’dır. Bu dönem yerleşmeleri arasında ikisi özellikle ön plana çıkar. Bunlardan biri uzun süreden beri kazılarına devam edilen Kaman Kalehöyük, diğeri ise benzerlerine büyük pazaryerlerinde rastlanan bir saray kompleksine sahip olan Yassıhöyük’tür. Kaman Kalehöyük ve Yassıhöyük, gerek Kırşehir gerekse Orta Anadolu’nun önemli yerleşmeleri arasındadır. Her iki yerleşmenin bu önemleri, Asur Ticaret Kolonileri Çağında yerleşme görmelerinin sonucu olarak, Kırşehir ve çevresini Anadolu’nun yazı ile tanışan ilk bölgeleri arasında yer almasını sağlamaları noktasında karşımıza çıkar.

  11. Residencia para ancianos. Waiblingen - Alemania Federal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kammerer, H.


    Full Text Available The action of Caritas makes it possible for the elderly to carry on their normal lives within a community adapted to their habits and necessities, enabling them at the same time to retain their independence and privacy. This building, with all the progress the present moment allows, satisfies the outlined plan perfectly lt is built partly of unfaced and partly of prefabricated concrete. It includes all facilities, 74 single rooms, 12 double rooms and 3 apartments. The nuns' area, with a capacity for 22 sisters, works independly but with adequate communication.La actuación de Caritas hace posible que personas de edad avanzada puedan realizar su vida normal en una comunidad adaptada a sus costumbres y necesidades, al mismo tiempo que conservar su independencia y su intimidad personal. Este edificio, con todos los adelantos que proporciona el momento actual, cumple perfectamente el plan descrito. Parte es de hormigón visto y parte prefabricado. La residencia comprende todos los servicios, 74 habitaciones individuales, 12 dobles y 3 apartamentos. La zona de religiosas, capaz para 22 hermanas, funciona independiente, pero con la adecuada correlación.

  12. Safe disposal of nuclear submarines of the Russian Federation. Final report on the German-Russian project. Reporting period: October 2003 - December 2016; Sichere Entsorgung von Atom-U-Booten der Russischen Foederation. Abschlussbericht ueber das Deutsch-Russische Projekt. Berichtszeitraum: Oktober 2003 - Dezember 2016

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    As part of the ''Global Partnership Against the Proliferation of Weapons and Materials for Mass Destruction'' agreed by the G8 countries in June 2002, the Federal Republic of Germany has taken on the project ''Safe Disposal of Nuclear Submarines of the Russian Federation''. Following the conclusion of an intergovernmental agreement, project work began at the end of 2003 under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Economics. At the end of 2016, this project of German-Russian cooperation could now be completed successfully, within the set financial and time frame. The final report documents the project goals, project organization as well as the task, work results and financial expenses of several sub-projects and summarizes the results of the overall project. [German] Im Rahmen der von den G8-Staaten im Juni 2002 vereinbarten ''Globalen Partnerschaft gegen die Verbreitung von Massenvernichtungswaffen und -materialien'' hat die Bundesrepublik Deutschland das Projekt ''Sichere Entsorgung von Atom-U-Booten der Russischen Foederation'' uebernommen. Nach Abschluss eines Regierungsabkommens begannen Ende 2003 unter der Federfuehrung des Bundeswirtschaftsministeriums die Projektarbeiten. Ende 2016 konnte dieses Projekt deutsch-russischer Kooperation nun vollumfaenglich, innerhalb des gesetzten Finanz- und Zeitrahmens erfolgreich abgeschlossen werden. Der Abschlussbericht dokumentiert die Projektziele, Projektorganisation sowie Aufgabenstellung, Arbeitsergebnisse und finanziellen Aufwendungen mehrerer Teilprojekte und fasst die Ergebnisse des Gesamtprojekts zusammen.

  13. Modificações dos componentes de parede celular do melão tipo Galia durante a maturação Cell wall components changes in 'Galia' melons during maturation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Josivan B. MENEZES


    Full Text Available O presente estudo caracterizou quantitativa e qualitativamente as mudanças nos componentes de parede celular do melão tipo Galia, híbrido Nun 1380, associadas ao processo de maturação. Os frutos foram avaliados em cinco estádios de maturação (I-V. O material de parede celular e suas frações foram determinados por gravimetria. Determinou-se o conteúdo de açúcares neutros na fração hemicelulósica e no resíduo celulósico, o teor de ácidos urônicos e o grau de esterificação na fração de substâncias pécticas, e o teor de cálcio total e ligado. A fração de substâncias pécticas foi submetida à cromatografia de filtração em gel e os açúcares neutros da fração hemicelulósica foram analisados por cromatografia a gás. O conteúdo do material de parede celular (MPC mostrou pouca variação durante a maturação. O conteúdo de ácidos urônicos da fração péctica e o conteúdo de açúcares neutros na fração hemicelulósica (ramnose, arabinose e glicose apresentaram tendência de redução com o avanço da maturação do fruto. Praticamente não houve variação para o grau de esterificação (% de esterificação da fração de substâncias pécticas e para o teor de cálcio ligado. Houve redução no teor de celulose durante a maturação. A cromatografia em gel não revelou tendência de despolimerização das substâncias pécticas.This research characterized changes in the cell wall components in ‘Galia’, hybrid Nun 1380 melons during maturation. Fruits were evaluated at five maturation stages (I-V. Cell wall material and their fractions were determined by gravimetry method. Neutral sugars in hemicellulosic fraction and cellulosic residue, uronics acids content in pectic fraction, degree of esterification, total calcium and bound calcium were analyzed. The pectic fraction was analyzed by gel chromatography and neutral-sugars in hemicellulosic fraction were analyzed by gas chromatography. Minimum variation

  14. «Cual doctora en cielo graduada... ». La poesia femenina per als certàmens literaris amb motiu de la beatificació i canonització de Teresa de Jesús (València, 1614 i 1621; Barcelona, 1614

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Verònica Zaragoza Gómez


    Full Text Available L’objectiu d’aquest estudi és examinar les composicions poètiques aportades per dones als tres certàmens celebrats a València i Barcelona, amb motiu de la beatificació (1614 i posterior canonització (1622 de Teresa de Jesús; dos moments clau per a la consolidació de la fama de la carmelitana avilesa que van possibilitar l’exhibició pública i impressió de poesia femenina. Analitzem també la participació femenina catalana al certamen celebrat a Saragossa el 1614 per la beatificació. L’estudi està enfocat des d’una perspectiva femenina, a través de la revisió de dihuit poesies amb signatura de dones que ens han transmès les extenses relacions impreses. Al llarg del comentari dels poemes, analitzem la percepció general que aquestes dones tenen de Teresa de Jesús y ens centrem en algunes de les imatges tòpiques sobre la vida i l’obra de la fundadora. Incidim en la documentació biogràfica de les autores, setze poetes ‘de circumstàncies’ conegudes tan sols per un nom i cognom(s estampats a la rúbrica. A més, proporcionem unes breus pinzellades sobre la recepció femenina de la figura de la carmelita avilesa a l’àmbit lingüístic català. The aim of this study is to examine the poetic compositions made by women in the three contests held in Valencia and Barcelona on the occasion of the beatification (1614 and subsequent canonization (1622 of Teresa of Jesus; two special moments for the consoli-dation of the fame of the Carmelite nun which allowed the public display and then its printing of feminine poetry. We also analyze the Catalan female participation in the con-test held in Zaragoza in 1614 for the beatification. The study is focused from a female perspective, through the review of eighteen poems signed by women which arrived to us through extensive printed relations. Throughout the commentary of the poems, we analyze the general perception that these women have about Teresa of Jesus and we focus on some


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tunç Boran


    Full Text Available 1895 yılında Paris’teki ilk gösteriminden kısa bir süre sonra sinema, Osmanlı devletinin merkezi İstanbul’a geldi. Taşrada ilk film gösterimleri ve sinema salonları 1908 yılında Meşrutiyet’in ilanından sonra gerçekleşebildi. Cumhuriyet’e kadar Anadolu’nun belli başlı büyük şehirlerinde sinema salonları açıldı.  Ancak nüfusun önemli bir kısmını barındıran taşra şehirleri, sinemadan habersizdi. Cumhuriyet’ten sonra taşrada, sinema seyri yaygınlaştı. Orta Anadolu’nun küçük ve yoksul bir şehri olan Çankırı’da da sinema seyri, Cumhuriyet’ten sonra başladı. Sinema salonları, genel olarak bir özel sektör girişimidir. Taşranın pek çok yerinde olduğu gibi Çankırı’da da sinema işletmeciliğini üstlenebilecek özel sektör ve sermaye birikimi yok denecek durumdaydı. Çankırı’da sinema işletmeciliği işini, devletin ve devlete bağlı örgütlenmeler olan Türk Ocağı ve Halkevinin üstlendiği görülmektedir. Sinemayı modern hayatın terbiye ve irfan ocağı olarak gören taşra aydınlarının girişimleri, sinemanın Çankırı’ya ulaşmasında etkili oldu. Ancak Çankırı’da sinema seyrinin, siyasi merkez Ankara’nın aldığı kararlar ile sekteye uğradığı görülmektedir. Bu çalışmada, Erken Cumhuriyet Dönemi olarak adlandırdığımız 1923-1950 yılları arasındaki dönemde, Çankırı’da sinema seyrinin başlangıcı ve gelişimi aktarılacaktır. 

  16. Short circuit - How our power supply became more expensive and got worse. A critical balance after eight years ''deregulation'' of the German Energy Economy; Kurzschluss - Wie unsere Stromversorgung teurer und schlechter wurde. Eine kritische Bilanz nach acht Jahren ''Liberalisierung'' der deutschen Energiewirtschaft

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Leuschner, U.


    Since 16 years the author, a journalist, pursues the economical and political development of the German power economy. Many facts of this book prove: the impacting consequences as the clear scarcity of 1998 introduced deregulation, which has permitted 8 years long the discrimination of competitors and enabled in this way an exampleless concentration of market might (pt. 1); how supply reliability became worse and power and gas got more and more expensive (pt. 2); the complete insufficient practice of cartel agreements which is exchanged by administrative grid charges respectively ''incentive regulation'' (pt. 3); the relation between management and policy which has become still more distantless than in the epoche of membership books (pt. 4); the development of the German power economy from the beginning in the 19th century to the deregulation incl. the reorganization on the area of the former German Democratic republic. (GL) [German] Im ersten Teil des Buches (''Stromwirtschaft im Umbruch'') befasst sich Leuschner nun noch eingehender mit den politischen Hintergruenden der verfehlten Deregulierung. Er stellt fest, dass es die letzte Regierung unter Helmut Kohl war, die von Anfang an die Weichen falsch gestellt hat. Die Hauptverantwortung fuer die Nichtkorrektur des Fehlers und den fortgesetzten ''Schmusekurs mit den Konzernen'' sieht er aber bei den beiden folgenden rot-gruenen Bundesregierungen. Er verdeutlicht ferner, dass die erhoehten Belastungen durch Stromsteuer, EEG und KWK-Gesetz keine hinreichende Begruendung fuer den Strompreisanstieg liefern. Wo nicht minder wichtige Faktoren fuer den Preisanstieg liegen, veranschaulicht er im Kapitel ueber die ''Preisveredelung an der EEX''. Im zweiten Teil, der die technischen Hintergruende und Risiken der Deregulierung behandelt, findet man jetzt auch ausfuehrlich die europaweite Netzstoerung beschrieben, die EON am 4. November 2006

  17. Santi Asoke Buddhism and the Occupation of Bangkok International Airport

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marja-Leena Heikkilä-Horn


    Full Text Available Thailand experienced dramatic political turmoil from February 2006 to November 2008 culminating in the occupation of the Bangkok International Airport. The demonstrations against then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his political allies were organised by the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD. One of the PAD leaders, Major-General Chamlong Srimuang, is an active member of the Buddhist Santi Asoke group. The group is controversial as it is not under the state Buddhist authorities and has implicitly criticised the Thai state Buddhist monks for moral corruption. Known as the ‘Dharma Army’, hundreds of Santi Asoke monks, nuns and lay people participated in PAD demonstrations. This paper analyses what the Santi Asoke Buddhist group represents, what the ‘Dharma Army’ is, how its reality differs from media images, what the ideological reasons for Asoke to initially support Thaksin were, and why the group finally turned against him. The paper argues that the group cannot be viewed as a monolithic community. Instead, it should be considered as an amalgamation of monks and nuns, urban and rural temple residents, lay followers of Asoke monks, practitioners of organic agriculture in Asoke village communities, students and former students of Asoke schools, and supporters of Major-General Chamlong Srimuang. Representatives of all these networks participated in the demonstrations albeit with different intensity. ----- Zwischen Februar 2006 und November 2008 stand Thailand unter dem Zeichen tiefgehender politischer Unruhen, die in der Besetzung des internationalen Flughafens ihren Höhepunkt fanden. Organisiert wurden diese Demonstrationen, die sich gegen den damaligen Premierminister Thaksin Shinawatra und seine politischen Verbündeten richteten, von der Volksallianz für Demokratie (PAD. Einer ihrer Anführer, Generalmajor Chamlong Srimuang, ist aktives Mitglied der buddhistischen Santi Asoke Gruppe. Da sich Santi Asoke nicht der

  18. ILO: Grev Hakkına İlişkin Kriz / ILO: Crisis in Terms of Right to Strike

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sevda KÖSE


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmanın amacı, 2012 yılında Uluslararası Çalışma Örgütü Konferansındaki işveren grubunun grev hakkı ile ilgili yaptığı sert itirazların Uluslararası Çalışma Örgütü (ILO bağlamında bir krize yol açıp açmadığının incelenmesidir. ILO ve denetim mekanizmaları aracılığı ile oluşturulan içtihatlar bağlamında 60 yıl boyunca grev hakkına, örgütlenme özgürlüğünün bir parçası olarak yer verilerek, toplu sözleşme, sendika hakkı ve grev hakkı bir bütün olarak düşünülmüştür. Bu içtihatların, grev hakkının uluslararası alanda tanınmasına olan katkısı fazladır. Bu durum ta ki 2012 yılındaki ILO Konferansı’na kadar devam etmiştir. İşveren grubundan ciddi bir itiraz ile birlikte grev hakkı ile ilgili ILO’da bir kriz olup olmadığı sorusu gündeme gelmeye başlamıştır. Bu durum ILO’nun denetim mekanizmasının etkinliğinin sorgulanmasına neden olurken aynı zamanda ILO’nun denetim organları içindeki eşgüdümün de eleştirilmesine yol açmıştır. / The purpose of this study is to examine whether the rigid objections made by the employers’ group at the International Labor Organization Conference in 2012 on the right to strike led to a crisis the context of the International Labor Organization. For sixty years in the context of jurispurudence of ILO’s superbody mechanicsm when it is thought that right to strike has been included as a part of freedom of association and at the same time, the right to collective bargaining, trade union rights and right to strike has been considered as a whole. This situation continued until 2012 ILO Conference. With a serious objection from the employers’ group, the question of whether there was a crisis in the ILO regarding the right to strike began to come to the fore. This led to the questioning of the effectiveness of the ILO’s superbody mechanism and at the same time the ILO’s criticism of its coordination

  19. Consumption of fruits and vegetables and associations with risk factors for non-communicable diseases in the Yangon region of Myanmar: a cross-sectional study. (United States)

    Kjøllesdal, Marte; Htet, Aung Soe; Stigum, Hein; Hla, Ne Yi; Hlaing, Hlaing Hlaing; Khaine, Ei Kay; Khaing, Win; Khant, Aung Kyaw; Khin, Naw Ohn Khin; Mauk, Kay Khine Aye; Moe, Ei Ei; Moe, Hla; Mon, Kyawt Kyawt; Mya, Kyaw Swa; Myint, Chomar Kaung; Myint, Cho Yi; Myint, Maung Maung; Myint, Ohnmar; New, Aye Aye; Oo, Ei Sanda; Oo, Khin Sandar; Pyone, Zin Zin; Soe, Yin Yin; Wai, Myint Myint; Win, Nilar; Bjertness, Espen


    To explore the intake of fruits and vegetables in the Yangon region, Myanmar, and to describe associations between intake of fruits and vegetables (FV) and established risk factors for non-communicable diseases. 2 cross-sectional studies, using the STEPs methodology. Urban and rural areas of the Yangon region of Myanmar. 1486, men and women, 25-74 years, were recruited through a multistage cluster sampling method. Institutionalised people, military personnel, Buddhist monks and nuns were not invited. Physically and mentally ill people were excluded. Mean intake of fruit was 0.8 (SE 0.1) and 0.6 (0.0) servings/day and of vegetables 2.2 (0.1) and 1.2 (0.1) servings/day, in urban and rural areas, respectively. Adjusted for included confounders (age, sex, location, income, education, smoking and low physical activity), men and women eating ≥2 servings of fruits and vegetables/day had lower odds than others of hypertriglyceridaemia (OR 0.72 (95% CI 0.56 to 0.94)). On average, women eating at least 2 servings of fruits and vegetables per day had cholesterol levels 0.28 mmol/L lower than the levels of other women. When only adjusted for sex and age, men eating at least 2 servings of fruits and vegetables per day had cholesterol levels 0.27 mmol/L higher than other men. A high intake of FV was associated with lower odds of hypertriglyceridaemia among men and women. It was also associated with cholesterol levels, negatively among women and positively among men. Published by the BMJ Publishing Group Limited. For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to

  20. Jardín infantil, en Beniarjó, Valencia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    García Ordóñez, F. M.


    Full Text Available This children's nursery has been provided so that the children of the town can be looked after during the periods when their mothers are busy collecting oranges. The building has, in addition to the director's quarters, eight school rooms, wash rooms, covered playing ground, indoor garden, living quarters for the nuns and a cloister. The various functional parts of the building are well differentiated, both spatially and in style. The lighting and ventilation has been the object of special study, and all the rooms have plenty of light, and are extremely diaphanous. The style aims at giving the children a sense of liberty, and integrating the beauty of the outdoor scenery with the indoor design. The structure is metallic, and the walls are made of light cream coloured brick in the schoolrooms, whilst the small convent walls have a rustic tyrolean surface.Este jardín infantil ha sido construido con el fin de que los niños de Beniarjó puedan ser atendidos, durante la ausencia de sus madres, en la época de la recolección de la naranja. El edificio consta de las siguientes zonas: dirección, ocho aulas, laboratorios, aseos, juegos cubiertos, jardín interior, residencia de religiosas y claustro. Cada una constituye un elemento bien diferenciado dentro del conjunto, por su individualidad volumétrica y por su carácter. Han sido cuidadosamente estudiadas la iluminación y ventilación de las diversas dependencias, y se ha conseguido, felizmente, que el conjunto ofrezca una gran diafanidad, crear un ambiente de gran libertad en los niños, e incorporar la belleza del paisaje a todos los rincones del edificio. La estructura es metálica y predomina el ladrillo visto, de color hueso, en las aulas y la tirolesa rústica en el pequeño convento.

  1. Yvonne Haffner, Beate Krais: Arbeit als Lebensform? Frankfurt am Main u.a.: Campus Verlag 2008

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniela Heitzmann


    Full Text Available Nachdem der Mythos des unerbittlich arbeitenden Wissenschaftlers, der sich mit Haut und Haar ‚seiner‘ Forschung verschrieben hat, langsam zu bröckeln beginnt, stellt sich aus der Genderperspektive die Frage nach der Bedeutung der Arbeitskultur für die fortbestehende Unterrepräsentanz von Frauen in der Wissenschaft, besonders in leitenden Positionen. Gleichzeitig trägt die allmähliche ‚Entdeckung‘ des Privaten für Männer, die nun auch Väter und Lebenspartner sein sollen (können, zur Entmythologisierung bei. Der vorliegende Sammelband widmet sich dem Balance-Akt zwischen Arbeits- und Privatleben, den Frauen und Männer zu leisten haben. Auf Grundlage zahlreicher empirischer Untersuchungen wird ein umfassendes und erkenntnisreiches Panorama über die Verquickungen individueller und struktureller Anforderungen an berufstätige Akademikerinnen und Akademiker vorgelegt.The mythology of the relentlessly working scholar who has dedicated “his” entire life to research has started to crumble. From a gender perspective, this naturally brings up the question as to the meaning of work culture for the continuing underrepresentation of women in scholarship, and in particular in leading positions. At the same time, the gradual “discovery” of the private sphere for men, who now should (can also be fathers and partners, adds to this demythologization. The collected volume at hand looks at the balancing act women and men must achieve between work and private life. On the basis of numerous empirical examinations, the book provides a comprehensive panorama rich in insights into the combinations of individual and structural demands placed on working academics.

  2. Ivan Karlov’s “Tsaritsyn Anabasis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Matvei I. Davydov


    Full Text Available This paper acquaints the historians with a curious incident that took place in Suzdal in 1674. The present case surprisingly resembles a well-known plot twist of Jaroslav Hašek’s novel The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War – so called “Budějovice anabasis”, the protagonist’s epic grueling trek around Southern Czechia in the search for his regiment, which billeted in Budějovice. But if Švejk, despite all the vicissitudes, finally managed to achieve the ultimate objective successfully, Suzdal resident Ivan Karlov – a troublemaker and drunkard, sentenced to exile by local writ office and driven out from the city under the supervision of two constables to Tsaritsyn – conversely, some time later all of a sudden returned back to Suzdal teamwise with the convoy. The analysis of that episode revealed two facts worth mentioning. First of all, Suzdal writ office had a decentralized organizational structure: voyevoda’s court was located within the city whilst minor clerks worked apart from him at the Intercession of Theotokos convent. And secondly, it should be emphasized that for much of the 17th century not the voyevoda himself but the convent’s external administrator played the leading role in the writ office’s business routine. Expectedly, the functioning of the named governmental institution had been directly and very adversely affected by both those peculiarities, and only the nuns at the Intercession of Theotokos convent gained an advantage from that extraordinary situation. The publication of primary historical sources describing Ivan Karlov’s banishment complements the study.

  3. German Environmental Information Network - GEIN; Grundlagen der Umweltpolitik, Umweltstrategien. Umweltinformationsnetz Deutschland - GEIN

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bandholtz, T.


    . Seit der offiziellen Eroeffnung am 9. Juni 2000 fand GEIN starke Akzeptanz in der allgemeinen Oeffentlichkeit wie in der Fachwelt, so dass nun ueber kapazitative Erweiterungen und ueber eine moegliche Internationalisierung auf europaeischer Ebene nachzudenken ist. (orig.)

  4. Paperbark and pinard: A historical account of maternity care in one remote Australian Aboriginal town. (United States)

    Ireland, Sarah; Belton, Suzanne; McGrath, Ann; Saggers, Sherry; Narjic, Concepta Wulili


    Maternity care in remote areas of the Australian Northern Territory is restricted to antenatal and postnatal care only, with women routinely evacuated to give birth in hospital. Using one remote Aboriginal community as a case study, our aim with this research was to document and explore the major changes to the provision of remote maternity care over the period spanning pre-European colonisation to 1996. Our research methods included historical ethnographic fieldwork (2007-2013); interviews with Aboriginal women, Aboriginal health workers, religious and non-religious non-Aboriginal health workers and past residents; and archival review of historical documents. We identified four distinct eras of maternity care. Maternity care staffed by nuns who were trained in nursing and midwifery serviced childbirth in the local community. Support for community childbirth was incrementally withdrawn over a period, until the government eventually assumed responsibility for all health care. The introduction of Western maternity care colonised Aboriginal birth practices and midwifery practice. Historical population statistics suggest that access to local Western maternity care may have contributed to a significant population increase. Despite population growth and higher demand for maternity services, local maternity services declined significantly. The rationale for removing childbirth services from the community was never explicitly addressed in any known written policy directive. Declining maternity services led to the de-skilling of many Aboriginal health workers and the significant community loss of future career pathways for Aboriginal midwives. This has contributed to the current status quo, with very few female Aboriginal health workers actively providing remote maternity care. Copyright © 2015 Australian College of Midwives. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  5. [Rehabilitation of adolescent mothers at the Wayerema center in Sikasso. The rejects of yesterday become good matches]. (United States)

    Sow, E B


    In Mali, only girls pay the penalties for having sexual intercourse. Pregnant girls are taken out of school. In 1975, the Sikasso city government established the Feminine Promotion Center of Wayerema. Today, it receives girls aged 15-23 at a cost of 5000 francs per girl. The girls tend to have been sent away from school for insufficient intelligence or physical inaptitude (i.e., pregnancy). 80% of attendees are adolescent mothers, 45% of whom are illiterate. The youth spend 3 years at Wayerema Center. They learn about nutrition and prepare for family life by learning about sex education, birth spacing, and contraceptive use. They learn how to improve their socioeconomic status through apprenticeships in sewing, embroidery, gardening, livestock raising, and dyeing and how to work in a group. Training and family life education provide them the means to take charge of their lives. The Malinian Association for the Protection and Promotion of the Family submitted a grant proposal to IPPF to increase the Center's financial resources to meet the growing demand for its services. The number of students has increased from 107 in 1983 to 210 in 1990. IPPF funds went to buying about 20 sewing machines (65,000 francs/new machine). Sales of sewn items and of kitchen garden products allow the Center to be self-supporting. The municipality pays for electricity, water, staff, and seven external teachers. The Catholic church intervenes at the planning level and favors natural family planning methods and sexual abstinence. The Center's director is a nun of the Catholic mission. The Center appears to be effective. Adolescent pregnancy has decreased from 20% in 1980 to 10% in 1988. Sikasso has 3 centers providing maternal and child health and family planning services. Yesterday's rejects have become educated and literate women who can generate their own income. In fact, men come to the center to find a quality wife who can share the economic burden.

  6. Experimental investigations for provision of a data basis for optimization of active surge control. Final report; Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Bereitstellung einer Datenbasis fuer die Optimierung der aktiven Stabilitaetsverbesserung. Teilverbund-Projekt: Aktive Stabilitaetsverbesserung - Analyseverfahren der Arbeitsgemeinschaft AG Turbo II. Abschlussbericht zum Vorhaben 1.1.4

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Seume, J.; Reissner, A.


    Presently axial compressors have to run with considerable distance to operation points of high load although usually the best efficiencies can be obtained there. In those areas there is high danger of surge which brings high damaging potential to the compressor. The prediction time to surge presently is very short (<<1s) and depends on the load and rotor rotation of the compressor. The goal of this project is the production of a data basis to investigate stall inception (which is the precursor of surge) and to develop and test better precursory warning algorithms. An extensive set of data as well in stable as in unstable operating points in different load areas was developed which now is ready for use in research, verification and for comparison of forewarning systems. (orig.) [German] Zur Zeit ist es notwendig, Axialverdichter mit deutlichem Abstand von den hoch belasteten Betriebspunkten zu betreiben, obwohl haeufig dort die besten Wirkungsgrade zu erzielen waeren. In diesen Bereichen kann es leicht zu sog. Pumpen kommen, wodurch der Verdichter einem extremen Schaedigungspotential ausgesetzt ist. Die Vorwarnzeiten fuer das Pumpen sind bisher noch sehr kurz. Sie liegen in einem Bereich von deutlich weniger als einer Sekunde (abhaengig von der Belastung und der Drehzahl des Verdichters). Ziel dieser Untersuchungen ist es, eine Datenbasis zu liefern, anhand derer die Entstehungsmechanismen untersucht und moeglichst fruehzeitige Vorwarnalgorithmen entwickelt bzw. erprobt werden koennen. Es wurde eine umfangreiche Datenbasis sowohl an verschiedenen stabilen als auch instabilen Betriebspunkten in unterschiedlichen Lastbereichen erstellt, die nun zur Entwicklung, zur Verifizierung und zum Vergleich von Fruehwarnsystemen zur Verfuegung steht. (orig.)

  7. Kompressionstherapie bei Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum. (United States)

    Dissemond, Joachim; Assenheimer, Bernd; Bültemann, Anke; Gerber, Veronika; Gretener, Silvia; Kohler-von Siebenthal, Elisabeth; Koller, Sonja; Kröger, Knut; Kurz, Peter; Läuchli, Severin; Münter, Christian; Panfil, Eva-Maria; Probst, Sebastian; Protz, Kerstin; Riepe, Gunnar; Strohal, Robert; Traber, Jürg; Partsch, Hugo


    Wund-D.A.CH. ist der Dachverband deutschsprachiger Fachgesellschaften, die sich mit den Thematiken der Wundbehandlung beschäftigen. Experten verschiedener Fachgesellschaften aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz haben nun einen aktuellen Konsens der Kompressionstherapie für Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum erstellt. In Europa ist das Ulcus cruris venosum eine der häufigsten Ursachen für chronische Wunden. Neben der konservativen und interventionellen Wund- und Venentherapie, ist die Kompressionstherapie die Basis der Behandlungsstrategien. Die Kompressionstherapie kann heute mit sehr unterschiedlichen Materialien und Systemen durchgeführt werden. Während in der Entstauungsphase insbesondere Verbände mit Kurzzugbinden oder Mehrkomponentensysteme zur Anwendung kommen, sind es anschließend überwiegend Ulkus-Strumpfsysteme. Eine weitere, bislang wenig verbreitete Alternative sind adaptive Kompressionsbandagen. Insbesondere für die Rezidivprophylaxe werden medizinische Kompressionsstrümpfe empfohlen. Durch die Vielzahl der heute zur Verfügung stehenden Behandlungsoptionen, kann für nahezu alle Patienten ein Konzept entwickelt werden, dass sich an den individuellen Bedürfnissen und Fähigkeiten orientiert und daher auch akzeptiert und durchgeführt wird. Die Kompressionstherapie ist für die Behandlung von Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum essentiell. In den letzten Jahren sind viele verschiedene Therapieoptionen verfügbar, die in den deutschsprachigen Ländern unterschiedlich angewendet oder durchgeführt werden. Daher soll dieser Expertenkonsens dazu beitragen, konkrete Empfehlungen für die praktische Durchführung der Kompressionstherapie von Patienten mit Ulcus cruris venosum darzustellen. © 2016 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  8. Krankheitsverlauf, medizinische Versorgung und Lebensqualität von Patienten mit kongenitalen melanozytären Nävi - Auswertung des deutschsprachigen KMN-Registers. (United States)

    Elisabeth Wramp, Maria; Langenbruch, Anna; Augustin, Matthias; Zillikens, Detlef; Krengel, Sven


    Kongenitale melanozytäre Nävi (KMN) bedeuten für Patienten und Familien eine psychologische Belastung und bergen zudem medizinische Risiken. Das 2005 gegründete deutschsprachige KMN-Register wurde nun einer Zwischenauswertung bezüglich des Krankheitsverlaufes, der medizinischen Versorgung und der Lebensqualität unterzogen. 100 Patienten, die sich in den Jahren 2005 bis 2012 mit einem Erstmeldebogen registriert hatten, wurde im Rahmen einer prospektiven Kohortenstudie Anfang 2013 ein Folgemeldebogen zugesandt. Außerdem wurden mithilfe standardisierter Fragebögen Daten zu Lebensqualität (dermatology life quality index, DLQI) und Stigmatisierungserfahrungen (perceived stigmatization questionnaire, PSQ; social comfort questionnaire, SCQ) erhoben. 83 % der Patienten oder deren Eltern antworteten (Altersdurchschnitt 11,2 Jahre, Median 6 Jahre; mittleres Follow-up 4,4 Jahre). Im Gesamtkollektiv wurden vier Melanome diagnostiziert, davon zwei zerebrale Melanome im Kindesalter, ein kutanes Melanom im Erwachsenenalter und eines, das sich als proliferierender Knoten erwies. Bei vier Kindern wurde eine neurokutane Melanozytose festgestellt, drei davon mit neurologischer Symptomatik. Chirurgisch behandelt wurden 88 % (73/83). Achtundsiebzig Prozent der Befragten berichteten eine geringe oder keine Beeinträchtigung der Lebensqualität. Die wahrgenommene Stigmatisierung beziehungsweise Beeinträchtigung des sozialen Wohlbefindens war generell ebenfalls gering. Die Ergebnisse geben einen Überblick über die Situation von Patienten mit KMN in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Ein Melanom entwickelte sich in 3 %, eine ZNS-Beteiligung bestand in 4 % der Fälle. © 2017 Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (DDG). Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

  9. Altern als Widerstand Aging as Resistance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberta Maierhofer


    Full Text Available Gullettes kulturwissenschaftliche Untersuchung Aged by Culture ist wie bereits ihre zwei vorangehenden Werke, die sich mit Altern beschäftigen – Safe at Last in the Middle Years: The Invention of the Midlife Progress Novel (1988 und Declining to Decline. Cultural Combat and the Politics of the Middle (1997 –, von großem persönlichen Engagement und durch ein politisches Anliegen motiviert. Sowohl die Dringlichkeit als auch der Widerstand, den Gullette, die sich als „age critic“ definiert, als moralische und politische Notwendigkeit postuliert, werden in der Zweiteilung der Abhandlung angesprochen: „Cultural Urgencies“ und „Theorizing Age Resistantly“. Während Gullette den Begriff „aged by culture“ bereits in Declining to Decline einführt, stellt sie ihn nun in den Mittelpunkt ihrer Untersuchung. Das Buch ist einerseits einer gesellschaftspolitischen Analyse der USA gewidmet, andererseits wird eine Theorie des Widerstands gegenüber Altersdiskriminierung entwickelt.Gullette’s cultural studies based analysis Aged by Culture is marked by great personal engagement and motivated by political goals, as are her two previous texts that deal with aging: Safe at Last in the Middle Years: The Invention of the Midlife Progress Novel (1988 and Declining to Decline. Cultural Combat and the Politics of the Middle (1997. Both the urgency as well as the resistance that Gullette, who defines herself as an “age critic,” postulates as a moral and political necessity are addressed in the two parts of the text: “Cultural Urgencies” and “Theorizing Age Resistantly.” Whereas Gullette had already introduced the concept “aged by culture” in Declining to Decline, now she has placed it at the center of her examination. On the one hand, the book is devoted to a sociopolitical analysis of the USA; on the other hand, it develops a theory of resistance to age discrimination.

  10. The pre-calculation of the operating behaviour of axial sliding bearings at high circumferential speeds and high specific loads. Final report; Vorausberechnung des Betriebsverhaltens von Axialgleitlagern bei hohen Umfangsgeschwindigkeiten und hohen spezifischen Belastungen. Abschlussbericht

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Glienicke, J.; Lindloff, K.; Medhioub, M.


    The reliable pre-calculation of the important axial bearing parameters is of decisive importance for the safe running of high speed rotors with high axial thrust. However, the computer programs available now contain simplified assumptions which can lead to considerable discrepancies between measured and calculated values at high speeds of sliding and high specific loads. By expanding the existing sliding bearing computer program, in which the exact segment geometry, the local lubricating film turbulence, the centrifugal forces and entry losses of the oil, the flow resistance, both incoming and outgoing, the thermal conduction in the tracking ring and the bearing, the thermal pocket mixing, the elastic and thermal segment deformation and the coupling of the lubrication films in double-acting axial bearings are now included, good agreement between measured and calculated results is obtained for all bearing shapes examined. (orig./AKF) [Deutsch] Fuer den betriebssicheren Lauf hochtouriger Rotoren mit hohem Axialschub ist die zuverlaessige Vorausberechnung der massgebenden Axiallager-Kennwerte von entscheidender Bedeutung. Die heute verfuegbaren Rechenprogramme enthalten jedoch vereinfachende Annahmen, die bei hohen Gleitgeschwindigkeiten und hohen spezifischen Belastungen zu wesentlichen Abweichungen zwischen Mess- und Rechenwerten fuehren koennen. Durch Erweiterung eines vorhandenen Gleitlager-Rechenprogramms, in dem nun die genaue Segmentgeometrie, die lokale Schmierfilmturbulenz, die Fliehkraefte und Eintrittsverluste des Oels, die Durchflusswiderstaende im Zu- und Abfluss, die Waermeleitung in Spurscheibe und Lager, die thermische Taschenmischung, die elastischen und thermischen Segmentverformungen und die Kopplung der Schmierfilme bei doppeltwirkenden Axiallagern erfasst werden, wird fuer alle untersuchten Lagerbauformen eine gute Uebereinstimmung von Mess- und Rechenwerten erreicht. (orig./AKF)

  11. The Catholic response to the population problem. (United States)

    Vicente, A A


    A survey of efforts led or sponsored by the Catholic church in response to the population problem in the Philippines. These efforts stem from the Church's belief that population growth is related to the overall picture of development, and that priority must go to social and economic justice. The Catholic Church of the Philippines (to which 85% of the population belong) views it as a problem basically involving care of people, and directs its efforts primarily at internal human sexual control rather than external contraceptive control. Family Life Education began as a program in the church in the 1960s. Efforts by priests, nuns, and lay leaders in Mindanao eventually resulted in counseling in husband-wife relations, marriage commitment, human sexuality, parent-child relations, and responsible parenthood, and to the creation of college courses to prepare teachers in tackling sex education. A program offering natural family planning was also started, initially for employees of a packing firm and later expanding throughout the province. In 1975, the program was launched in Manila, and a year later had 3 family life centers. The ovulation (or Billings) method is offered -- an advantage to low income people because it does not require purchase of a thermometer. Success of this method requires a sense of responsibility on the part of both husband and wife. Widespread international interest in the ovulation method has led to formation of an International Federation for Family Life Promotion, to which the Philippine Federation for Natural Family Planning has applied for membership. The IFFLP is working with the WHO Human Reproduction Unit on 2 projects, part of one of them (a field trial for evaluation) being conducted in Iligan City, Iloilo City, and Manila. Among the concerns of the IFFLP-WHO collaboration is developing a standardized Natural Family Planning curriculum or educational package.

  12. Zur Materialfrage in der Implantatchirurgie des Deszensus: Vergleich zwischen Polypropylenvlies und dermaler porciner azellulärer Kollagenmatrix unter Berücksichtigung der Erfahrungen nach 7 Jahren Anwendung von Implantaten

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fischer A


    Full Text Available Ziel der Studie: Die Studie beschreibt Verwendung, Effektivität und Nebenwirkungen zwei verschiedener Implantate, die in der Senkungschirurgie verwendet werden und stellen die Ergebnisse in einen Zusammenhang mit den Erfahrungen mit anderen Implantaten seitens der Autoren und in der Literatur. Material und Methode: 180 Patientinnen mit verschiedenen Formen von Genitalprolaps werden mit Biomesh(R behandelt, 185 Patientinnen mit Pelvicol(R in der Zeit von Juli 2000 bis Dezember 2002. Die Ergebnisse werden verglichen. Ergebnisse: Die Verwendung von Implantaten ist häufig erforderlich, vor allen Dingen in Fällen eines stark zerstörten Beckenbodensystems oder bei Rezidiven. Die Verwendung von Netz-Implantaten in der Senkungschirurgie ist sicher, solange eine vernünftige Implantatstruktur zugrunde liegt. Beide in dieser Studie untersuchten Implantate erfüllen dies zufriedenstellend. Rezidiv- und Senkungszustände der benachbarten Kompartimente müssen getrennt ausgewertet werden, um eine Verwechslung zwischen einem schlechten Therapieergebnis (obwohl es eigentlich gut ist und Strukturschwächen in den (noch nicht behandelten Kompartimenten nicht in einem Topf zu werfen. Die Notwendigkeit einer Explantation, das Ausbilden von Abszessen oder die Abstoßungsreaktion wurden nur gesehen, wenn multifilamente mikroporöse Bänder oder entsprechend strukturiertes Nahtmaterial zur gleichen Zeit eingesetzt worden sind, oder wenn Blutergußbildung nicht durch subtile Hämostase während des Eingriffs unterdrückt werden konnte. Schlußfolgerung: Beide Materialien (Biomesh(R und Pelvicol(R liefern in der Verwendung bei implantatunterstützter Deszensus-Chirurgie gute Ergebnisse, gleich, wo sie auch eingesetzt werden. Es gibt keine signifikanten Unterschiede in der Effektivität oder in der Nebenwirkungsrate. Es bedarf nun der größer angelegten multizentrischen Studien, um alloplastisch unterstützte rekonstruktive Beckenbodenchirurgie nicht nur in den

  13. Florence Nightingale: Appreciating our legacy, envisioning our future. (United States)

    Malpas, Phyllis


    "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music that he hears, however measured or far away." This quote is attributed to Henry David Thoreau, (Walden, 1854) not Florence Nightingale, but it certainly can describe Florence, particularly in early life. Florence, you can say, "had it all": wealth, education, a doting extended family, and a life of leisure, which included the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world. Even her name was given because she was born in Florence, Italy, during her parents' 3-year honeymoon tour of Europe. But inside Florence, "the different drummer" quietly but steadily beat, and her life was compelled to seek until she could find or, in her case, create the music she heard. After years of searching, Florence determined that "nursing," a practice every woman engaged in, was not simply a matter of kindness and care, but rather a body of knowledge, an art and a science. She never lost sight of her goal that nursing should become a profession in its own right, and not a branch of medicine. Nursing at that time was reserved for nuns in Germany, Ireland, and France, or for family and friends caring for relatives who were ill. Florence felt nursing was her "calling" and her mission. Once she discovered nursing, she pursued it for more than 50 years until the last moment of her life. Her dedication has a good deal to do with how and why we are nursing today.

  14. Further development of whole-body cooling and breathing systems for mine rescue squats. Modifications for extended applications; Weiterentwicklung von Ganzkoerperkuehl- und Atemschutzsystemen der Grubenwehr (Forts.). Systemmodifikationen zur Anpassung an erweiterte Einsatzmoeglichkeiten

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bresser, G. [Hauptstelle fuer das Grubenrettungswesen DSK, Herne (Germany)


    Mine rescue brigades in Germany use two different types of whole-body cooling systems: The cooling and breathing system of Draegerwerk AG and the Antidust cooling and breathing protective suit of Vorndamme AG. The two systems were investigated at temperatures of 40 - 60 C. The Draegerwerk AG system had to be modified to make it more user-friendly and more ergonomic. The protective suit was tested both underground and above ground in order to obtain data on its maximum time of use and underground characteristics. [German] Im deutschen Steinkohlenbergbau sind zwei Ganzkoerperkuehlsysteme fuer Grubenwehreinsaetze vorhanden: - Das Kuehl- und Atemschutzsystem der Grubenwehr (KAS) der Draegerwerk AG und - der Antidust- Kuehl- und Atemschutzanzug der Vorndamme AG. Fuer die beiden unterschiedlichen Systeme sollten abgesicherte Einsatzdauertabellen fuer den Grubenwehreinsatz erstellt werden. Im Unterschied zum vorangegangenen Vorhaben sollte nun der Schwerpunkt der Untersuchung bei Temperaturen von 40 C bis 60 C liegen. Das Kuehl- und Atemschutzsystem musste modifiziert werden. Das System war so zu vereinfachen, dass jede Grubenwehr - auch ohne besondere Ausbildung und regelmaessiges Training unter Anleitung weniger Spezialisten - die Geraete nutzen kann. Als Ersatz fuer das Atemschutzmodul auf Chemikalsauerstoffbasis sollten vorhandene Drucksauerstoffkreislaufgeraete von Typ Draeger 174 genutzt werden. Um auf einem Rueckentragegestell die moeglichst unveraenderte Technik eines BG 174 und den Waermetauscher (KAS) unterbringen zu koennen, war es notwendig, neue Rueckentragegestelle zu entwickeln. Hierbei sollten ergonomische Gesichtspunkte besser als bisher beruecksichtigt werden. Der Antidust- Kuehl- und Atemschutzanzug war unter und ueber Tage zu erproben, um auch hier eine gesicherte Aussage zur Einsatzdauer und zur Handhabung unter Tage machen zu koennen. (orig.)

  15. Der II. Hauptsatz der Wärmelehre (United States)

    Heintze, Joachim

    Wir haben in (4.44) den II. Hauptsatz als empirische Tatsache folgendermaßen formuliert: (i) Wärmeenergie geht von selbst nur von einem wärmeren Körper auf einen kälteren über, niemals in der umgekehrten Richtung. Nun werden wir beweisen, dass sich aus diesem Prinzip folgende äquivalente Formulierungen für den II. Hauptsatz ableiten lassen: (ii) Es ist unmöglich, ein Perpetuum mobile zweiter Art zu bauen, d. h. eine Maschine, die fortlaufend Wärmeenergie vollständig in mechanische Arbeit umsetzen kann. Eine Wärmekraftmaschine, die einen Kreisprozess mit der höchsten Temperatur Tw und der niedrigsten Temperatur Tk durchläuft, hat höchstens den Carnotschen Wirkungsgrad c = (Tw - Tk)/Tw. Wenn in der Maschine nur reversible Prozesse ablaufen, die gesamte Wärmezufuhr bei der Temperatur Tw erfolgt und ausschließlich bei der Temperatur Tw gekühlt wird, ist ihr Wirkungsgrad = C. Es gibt keine Wärmekraftmaschine, die eine bessere Ausnutzung der Wärmeenergie ermöglicht. (iv) In jedem thermodynamischen System existiert die Zustandsgröße Entropie, definiert durch ihr Differential dS = (dQrev)/T . Entropie kann erzeugt, aber nicht vernichtet werden. Bei Zustandsänderungen, die in einem abgeschlossenen System ablaufen, nimmt die Entropie entweder zu (irreversible Prozesse), oder sie bleibt konstant (reversible Prozesse). Im Anschluss an (iii) werden wir zur Definition der thermodynamischen Temperatur und bei der Diskussion von (iv) zu einem tieferen Verständnis der Entropie gelangen. Es zeigt sich, dass die Entropie das eigentliche Bindeglied zwischen Mechanik und Wärmelehre darstellt. Am Ende des Kapitels werden wir einige Anwendungen des II. Hauptsatzes betrachten.

  16. Thompson revisited. Ein empirisch fundiertes Modell zur Qualität von „Quality-TV“ aus Nutzersicht

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Harnischmacher


    Full Text Available Was bedeutet das Attribut „Quality-TV“ eigentlich für das Publikum? Nach welchen Kriterien beurteilen Zuschauerinnen und Zuschauer, ob eine Serie Qualitätsfernsehen ist oder nicht? Im Bereich der rezipientenorientierten Qualitätsforschung bezüglich Fernsehserien sind bislang fast ausschließlich qualitativ erhobene Modelle bedeutsam, am bekanntesten sicherlich die bereits 1996 von Robert J. Thompson vorgeschlagenen 12 Kriterien. Die vorliegende Untersuchung widmet sich nun der Frage, ob diese Qualitätskriterien tatsächlich die „richtigen“ sind. Sind sie für die Zuschauer/innen von Serien bedeutsam für die Einschätzung, ob ein Programm „Quality-TV“ ist oder nicht? Bislang fehlt eine empirische Fundierung der einzelnen Merkmale. Ebenso ungeklärt ist bislang, ob es eine Rangfolge dieser Merkmale gibt. Welche sind bedeutsamer, welche weniger wichtig für die Wahrnehmung einer Serie als Qualitätsprodukt? Die Studie hat Thompsons Vorschlag (unter Bezugnahme auf weitere Studien zum Thema (z.B. Cardwell 2007; Feuer 2007; Dreher 2010; Blanchett 2011; Kumpf 2011 operationalisiert und in einer standardisierten Befragung der Nutzer von 13 Onlineforen zu Qualitätsserien (n=1382 getestet. Auf Basis dieser Befragung kann statistisch nachgewiesen werden, welche Merkmale von den Zuschauer/innen als besonders wichtig angesehen werden und wie diese zu Qualitätsfaktoren zusammengefasst werden können, die das Phänomen „Quality-TV“ aus Zuschauersicht tatsächlich beschreiben können.

  17. Using neuronal nets for modelling and control of internal combustion engines; Der Einsatz neuronaler Netze zur Modellierung, Steuerung und Regelung von Verbrennungsmotoren

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Isermann, R.; Hafner, M.; Mueller, N.; Schueler, M. [Technische Univ. Darmstadt (Germany). Inst. fuer Regelungstechnik


    Design and testing of digital electronic control systems necessitate relatively accurate mathematical models of the static and dynamic characteristics of internal combustion engines. Control variables are injection volume, injection angle, ignition point and several others, which means a large number of characteristic fields and long measuring times in engine test stands. Neuronal nets enable a more compact description than characteristic field grids and are also more easily adaptable in test stand measurements. The contribution describes a particularly favourable local linear radial basis function net (LOLIMOT) and shows how it can be used for modelling the steady-state and dynamic exhaust characteristics of a diesel engine and the dynamic characteristics of an exhaust turbocharger. It also shows how combustion chamber control with adaptive control of the ignition pooint can be designed for a spark ignition engine with the aid of a neuronal net. [German] Entwurf und Test von digitalelektronischen Steuerungen und Regelungen erfordern in zunehmendem Masse relativ genaue mathematische Modelle fuer das statische und dynamische Gesamtverhalten von Verbrennungsmotoren. Ausser den Stellgroessen Einspritzmenge, Einspritzwinkel und Zuendzeitpunkt kommen noch weitere Stellgroessen hinzu. Die Zahl der in modernen Motorsteuerungen zu realisierenden Kennfelder steigt deshalb sehr stark an und damit auch die erforderliche Messzeit an Motorenpruefstaenden. Kuenstliche neuronale Netze bieten nun die Moeglichkeit, mehrdimensionale Kennfelder wesentlich kompakter zu beschreiben als Rasterkennfelder. Sie erlauben ausserdem eine wesentlich bessere Adaption bei Pruefstandsversuchen. Im Beitrag wird ein besonders geeignetes lokal lineares Radial-Basis-Funktions-Netz (LOLIMOT) beschrieben und dessen Anwendung gezeigt zur Modellierung des stationaeren und dynamischen Abgasverhaltens eines Dieselmotors und des dynamischen Verhaltens eines Abgas-Turboladers. Dann wird gezeigt, wie man eine

  18. Claudia Bruns: Politik des Eros. Der Männerbund in Wissenschaft, Politik und Jugendkultur (1880–1934. Köln u.a.: Böhlau Verlag 2008.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefan Müller


    Full Text Available Quer zur Standardrezeption analysiert Claudia Bruns in ihrer Dissertation Blühers Konzeption von Mann, Männlichkeit und mann-männlicher Beziehung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung damit einhergehender Ausschlüsse. Zentral legt sie das Konzept des Männerbundes zugrunde, das den Dreh- und Angelpunkt der vorliegenden Untersuchung bildet, und zieht die Theorien Blühers als paradigmatisches Beispiel dafür heran. Dieses Vorgehen ist aus verschiedenen Gründen klug gewählt und vorteilhaft. Bislang ist kaum der ideologisch vielschichtige Gehalt von Diskussionen, wie sie Blüher führte und führen konnte, in die Geschichts- und Gesellschaftswissenschaften eingegangen. Zudem gab es bislang kein Gesamtverzeichnis der Schriften Blühers, wodurch die Rezeption erschwert wurde, und das sich nun im Anhang der Arbeit dankenswerterweise findet.In her dissertation, Claudia Bruns analyses Blüher’s concept of man, masculinity, and male-male-relationships with specific attention to that which is excluded, thus going against its standard reception. She places the concept of the male society central to the examination and it becomes the pivot around which the study is created. She does so by consulting the theories of Blüher as a paradigmatic example. This is a very astute and advantageous choice for many reasons. To date the ideologically multilayered content of Blüher’s actual and possible discussions has barely been inserted into discourse in history and the social sciences. Additionally, a comprehensive catalogue of Blüher’s writings has yet to be produced, which impedes its reception. This has now thankfully been rectified in the form of an appendix to this study.

  19. Murine but not human basophil undergoes cell-specific proteolysis of a major endoplasmic reticulum chaperone.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bei Liu

    Full Text Available Basophil has been implicated in anti-parasite defense, allergy and in polarizing T(H2 response. Mouse model has been commonly used to study basophil function although the difference between human and mouse basophils is underappreciated. As an essential chaperone for multiple Toll-like receptors and integrins in the endoplasmic reticulum, gp96 also participates in general protein homeostasis and in the ER unfolded protein response to ensure cell survival during stress. The roles of gp96 in basophil development are unknown.We genetically delete gp96 in mice and examined the expression of gp96 in basophils by Western blot and flow cytometry. We compared the expression pattern of gp96 between human and mouse basophils.We found that gp96 was dispensable for murine basophil development. Moreover, gp96 was cleaved by serine protease(s in murine but not human basophils leading to accumulation of a nun-functional N-terminal ∼50 kDa fragment and striking induction of the unfolded protein response. The alteration of gp96 was unique to basophils and was not observed in any other cell types including mast cells. We also demonstrated that the ectopic expression of a mouse-specific tryptase mMCP11 does not lead to gp96 cleavage in human basophils.Our study revealed a remarkable biochemical event of gp96 silencing in murine but not human basophils, highlighting the need for caution in using mouse models to infer the function of basophils in human immune response. Our study also reveals a novel mechanism of shutting down gp96 post-translationally in regulating its function.

  20. Defoliating Insect Mass Outbreak Affects Soil N Fluxes and Tree N Nutrition in Scots Pine Forests

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maren M. Grüning


    Full Text Available Biotic stress by mass outbreaks of defoliating pest insects does not only affect tree performance by reducing its photosynthetic capacity, but also changes N cycling in the soil of forest ecosystems. However, how insect induced defoliation affects soil N fluxes and, in turn, tree N nutrition is not well-studied. In the present study, we quantified N input and output fluxes via dry matter input, throughfall, and soil leachates. Furthermore, we investigated the effects of mass insect herbivory on tree N acquisition (i.e., organic and inorganic 15N net uptake capacity of fine roots as well as N pools in fine roots and needles in a Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L. forest over an entire vegetation period. Plots were either infested by the nun moth (Lymantria monacha L. or served as controls. Our results show an increased N input by insect feces, litter, and throughfall at the infested plots compared to controls, as well as increased leaching of nitrate. However, the additional N input into the soil did not increase, but reduce inorganic and organic net N uptake capacity of Scots pine roots. N pools in the fine roots and needles of infested trees showed an accumulation of total N, amino acid-N, protein-N, and structural N in the roots and the remaining needles as a compensatory response triggered by defoliation. Thus, although soil N availability was increased via surplus N input, trees did not respond with an increased N acquisition, but rather invested resources into defense by accumulation of amino acid-N and protein-N as a survival strategy.

  1. Defoliating Insect Mass Outbreak Affects Soil N Fluxes and Tree N Nutrition in Scots Pine Forests. (United States)

    Grüning, Maren M; Simon, Judy; Rennenberg, Heinz; L-M-Arnold, Anne


    Biotic stress by mass outbreaks of defoliating pest insects does not only affect tree performance by reducing its photosynthetic capacity, but also changes N cycling in the soil of forest ecosystems. However, how insect induced defoliation affects soil N fluxes and, in turn, tree N nutrition is not well-studied. In the present study, we quantified N input and output fluxes via dry matter input, throughfall, and soil leachates. Furthermore, we investigated the effects of mass insect herbivory on tree N acquisition (i.e., organic and inorganic 15 N net uptake capacity of fine roots) as well as N pools in fine roots and needles in a Scots pine ( Pinus sylvestris L.) forest over an entire vegetation period. Plots were either infested by the nun moth ( Lymantria monacha L.) or served as controls. Our results show an increased N input by insect feces, litter, and throughfall at the infested plots compared to controls, as well as increased leaching of nitrate. However, the additional N input into the soil did not increase, but reduce inorganic and organic net N uptake capacity of Scots pine roots. N pools in the fine roots and needles of infested trees showed an accumulation of total N, amino acid-N, protein-N, and structural N in the roots and the remaining needles as a compensatory response triggered by defoliation. Thus, although soil N availability was increased via surplus N input, trees did not respond with an increased N acquisition, but rather invested resources into defense by accumulation of amino acid-N and protein-N as a survival strategy.

  2. Quantitative Comparison of Dense-Core Amyloid Plaque Accumulation in Amyloid-β Precursor Protein Transgenic Mice (United States)

    Liu, Peng; Reichl, John H.; Rao, Eshaan R.; McNellis, Brittany M.; Huang, Eric S.; Hemmy, Laura S.; Forster, Colleen L.; Kuskowski, Michael A.; Borchelt, David R.; Vassar, Robert; Ashe, Karen H.; Zahs, Kathleen R.


    There exist several dozen lines of transgenic mice that express human amyloid-β precursor protein (AβPP) with Alzheimer’s disease (AD)-linked mutations. AβPP transgenic mouse lines differ in the types and amounts of Aβ that they generate and in their spatiotemporal patterns of expression of Aβ assemblies, providing a toolkit to study Aβ amyloidosis and the influence of Aβ aggregation on brain function. More complete quantitative descriptions of the types of Aβ assemblies present in transgenic mice and in humans during disease progression should add to our understanding of how Aβ toxicity in mice relates to the pathogenesis of AD. Here, we provide a direct quantitative comparison of amyloid plaque burdens and plaque sizes in four lines of AβPP transgenic mice. We measured the fraction of cortex and hippocampus occupied by dense-core plaques, visualized by staining with Thioflavin S, in mice from young adulthood through advanced age. We found that the plaque burdens among the transgenic lines varied by an order of magnitude: at 15 months of age, the oldest age studied, the median cortical plaque burden in 5XFAD mice was already ~4.5 times that of 21-month Tg2576 mice and ~15 times that of 21–24-month rTg9191 mice. Plaque-size distributions changed across the lifespan in a line- and region-dependent manner. We also compared the dense-core plaque burdens in the mice to those measured in a set of pathologically-confirmed AD cases from the Nun Study. Cortical plaque burdens in Tg2576, APPSwePS1ΔE9, and 5XFAD mice eventually far exceeded those measured in the human cohort. PMID:28059792

  3. An engineering design study of the support platform assembly for the SSC SDC detector

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Krebs, H.J.; Western, J.L.; Wands, R.H.


    A large angular acceptance high energy physics particle detector is presently being designed by the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration for the purposes of doing high pt physics at the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory. The support platform assembly is the structural device which transfers the 30,000 tonne gravitational load of the octagonally shaped muon barrel toroid and the other detector components to the foundation below. The detector components are very sensitive to differential deflection and rely on the barrel toroid and support platform for stability. The operational load path is provided by two pairs of inclined longitudinal plates resting at 67.5 degree on three pairs of plate girders that are positioned in-line in Z. The plate girders are held together laterally with 38 tie bars and supported vertically by the vertical adjustment system. The lateral stability of the inclined plates is provided by 22 stabilizer beams with cross bracing between each beam. The Z location of each split in the plate girder is coincident with the Z location of the gap in the calorimeter (4428 nun from the detector center.) The width of each split is 155 mm to allow installation of the alignment reference system. The collider beam line in the IR-8 underground experimental hall is oriented at a 2.16 mm/m slope from south to north as shown in Figure 2. The support is designed and installed to provide this slope at the top surface of the inclined plates. The assembled support rests on a ten foot thick steel reinforced 8000 psi concrete slab. The slab has a 2 mm differential deflection criteria under nominal gravitational loading

  4. Rapid identification of the Asian gypsy moth and its related species based on mitochondrial DNA. (United States)

    Wu, Ying; Du, Qiuyang; Qin, Haiwen; Shi, Juan; Wu, Zhiyi; Shao, Weidong


    The gypsy moth- Lymantria dispar (Linnaeus)-is a worldwide forest defoliator and is of two types: the European gypsy moth and the Asian gypsy moth. Because of multiple invasions of the Asian gypsy moth, the North American Plant Protection Organization officially approved Regional Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 33. Accordingly, special quarantine measures have been implemented for 30 special focused ports in the epidemic areas of the Asian gypsy moth, including China, which has imposed great inconvenience on export trade. The Asian gypsy moth and its related species (i.e., Lymantria monocha and Lymantria xylina ) intercepted at ports are usually at different life stages, making their identification difficult. Furthermore, Port quarantine requires speedy clearance. As such, it is difficult to identify the Asian gypsy moth and its related species only by their morphological characteristics in a speedy measure. Therefore, this study aimed to use molecular biology technology to rapidly identify the Asian gypsy moth and its related species based on the consistency of mitochondrial DNA in different life stages. We designed 10 pairs of specific primers from different fragments of the Asian gypsy moth and its related species, and their detection sensitivity met the need for rapid identification. In addition, we determined the optimal polymerase chain reaction amplification temperature of the 10 pairs of specific primers, including three pairs of specific primers for the Asian gypsy moth ( L. dispar asiatic ), four pairs of specific primers for the nun moth ( L. monocha ), and three pairs of specific primers for the casuarina moth ( L. xylina ). In conclusion, using our designed primers, direct rapid identification of the Asian gypsy moth and its related species is possible, and this advancement can help improve export trade in China.

  5. Substantia nigra depigmentation and exposure to encephalitis lethargica. (United States)

    Hack, Nawaz; Jicha, Gregory A; Abell, Annalisa; Dean, Dawson; Vitek, Jerrold L; Berger, Joseph R


    Parkinsonism has occasionally been reported as a consequence of infectious diseases. The present study examines the clinical and pathological correlates of parkinsonism across birth cohorts in relation to critical exposure to the encephalitis lethargica epidemic in the early 1900s. The study population consisted of 678 participants in the Nun Study, of whom 432 died and came to autopsy. Qualitative indices of substantia nigra (SN) depigmentation were verified in a subset of 40 randomly selected subjects using quantitative stereological techniques. SN depigmentation, detected neuropathologically, was correlated with clinical parameters of Parkinson disease, age, and birth cohort. SN depigmentation was detected in 57 (13.2%) of the cohort. Although qualitative SN depigmentation correlated modestly with age (p = 0.02), it correlated best with birth cohort (p = 0.009) for women born in the years 1895-1899. Quantitative measures of SN depigmentation were increased in this birth cohort compared to age matched subjects from flanking birth cohorts 1890-1894 and 1900-1904 (p < 0.001). SN depigmentation correlated with speed of 6- and 50-foot walk (p < 0.0001), up and go test (p < 0.0001), and hand coordination (p < 0.0001). Subjects in the birth cohort 1895-1899 would have been in their late teens and 20s at the onset and during the peak of the encephalitis lethargica epidemic. These were precisely the age ranges of persons who were most often affected by the illness. These data suggest the possibility that the coexistence of parkinsonism and SN depigmentation in this birth cohort may have resulted from the yet undetermined infectious agent responsible for encephalitis lethargica. Copyright © 2012 American Neurological Association.

  6. Quantitative Comparison of Dense-Core Amyloid Plaque Accumulation in Amyloid-β Protein Precursor Transgenic Mice. (United States)

    Liu, Peng; Reichl, John H; Rao, Eshaan R; McNellis, Brittany M; Huang, Eric S; Hemmy, Laura S; Forster, Colleen L; Kuskowski, Michael A; Borchelt, David R; Vassar, Robert; Ashe, Karen H; Zahs, Kathleen R


    There exist several dozen lines of transgenic mice that express human amyloid-β protein precursor (AβPP) with Alzheimer's disease (AD)-linked mutations. AβPP transgenic mouse lines differ in the types and amounts of Aβ that they generate and in their spatiotemporal patterns of expression of Aβ assemblies, providing a toolkit to study Aβ amyloidosis and the influence of Aβ aggregation on brain function. More complete quantitative descriptions of the types of Aβ assemblies present in transgenic mice and in humans during disease progression should add to our understanding of how Aβ toxicity in mice relates to the pathogenesis of AD. Here, we provide a direct quantitative comparison of amyloid plaque burdens and plaque sizes in four lines of AβPP transgenic mice. We measured the fraction of cortex and hippocampus occupied by dense-core plaques, visualized by staining with Thioflavin S, in mice from young adulthood through advanced age. We found that the plaque burdens among the transgenic lines varied by an order of magnitude: at 15 months of age, the oldest age studied, the median cortical plaque burden in 5XFAD mice was already ∼4.5 times that of 21-month-old Tg2576 mice and ∼15 times that of 21-24-month-old rTg9191 mice. Plaque-size distributions changed across the lifespan in a line- and region-dependent manner. We also compared the dense-core plaque burdens in the mice to those measured in a set of pathologically-confirmed AD cases from the Nun Study. Cortical plaque burdens in Tg2576, APPSwePS1ΔE9, and 5XFAD mice eventually far exceeded those measured in the human cohort.

  7. “End-Stage” Neurofibrillary Tangle Pathology in Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease: Fact or Fiction? (United States)

    Abner, Erin L.; Kryscio, Richard J.; Schmitt, Frederick A.; SantaCruz, Karen S.; Jicha, Gregory A.; Lin, Yushun; Neltner, Janna M.; Smith, Charles D.; Van Eldik, Linda J.; Nelson, Peter T.


    Among individuals who were cognitively intact before death, autopsies may reveal some Alzheimer's disease-type pathology. The presence of end-stage pathology in cognitively intact persons would support the hypothesis that pathological markers are epiphenomena. We assessed advanced neurofibrillary (Braak stages V and VI) pathology focusing on nondemented individuals. Data from the National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center database (n = 4,690 included initially) and from the Nun Study (n = 526 included initially) were analyzed, with antemortem information about global cognition and careful postmortem studies available from each case. Global cognition (final Mini-Mental State Examination scores [MMSE] and clinical ‘dementia’ status) was correlated with neuropathology, including the severity of neurofibrillary pathology (Braak stages and neurofibrillary tangle counts in cerebral neocortex). Analyses support three major findings: 1. Braak stage V cases and Braak VI cases are significantly different from each other in terms of associated antemortem cognition; 2. There is an appreciable range of pathology within the category of Braak stage VI based on tangle counts such that brains with the most neurofibrillary tangles in neocortex always had profound antemortem cognitive impairment; and 3. There was no nondemented case with final MMSE score of 30 within a year of life and Braak stage VI pathology. It may be inappropriate to combine Braak stages V and VI cases, particularly in patients with early cognitive dysfunction, since the two pathological stages appear to differ dramatically in terms of both pathological severity and antemortem cognitive status. There is no documented example of truly end-stage neurofibrillary pathology coexisting with intact cognition. PMID:21471646

  8. Comets, impacts, and atmospheres (United States)

    Owen, Tobias; Bar-Nun, Akiva

    Studies of element abundances and values of D/H in the atmospheres of the giant planets and Titan have emphasized the important role of icy planetesimals in the formation of these bodies. In these atmospheres, C/H and D/H increase as the relative masses of the 'cores' of the planets increase. N/H appears to deviate from this trend in an interesting way. In the inner solar system, the traditional approach of using carbonaceous chondrites as the source of planetary volatiles is in serious trouble because of the depletion of xenon and the unusual pattern of xenon isotopes found in the atmospheres of Earth and Mars, and because of the solar-type abundance ratios of argon, krypton and xenon and the large amounts of neon and argon on Venus. Recent studies of elemental abundances in comets, especially P/Halley, coupled with laboratory studies of the trapping of gas in ice formed at low temperatures by A. Bar-Nun et al. provide a consistent interpretation of all of these results. This interpretation emphasizes the fundamental importance of icy planetesimals (comets) and the randomness of early impacts in the formation of planetary systems. Cometary delivery by itself will not explain the noble gas abundances on the inner planets. There is good evidence for at least one additional source, which presumably consists of the rocky material making up the bulk of the planets. The existence of this rocky reservoir is manifested in the nucleogenic isotopes and in the neon which is found in all these atmospheres and is also present in the Earth's mantle. This neon may well be a relic of the planets' earliest, accretional atmospheres.

  9. Estimating recharge at yucca mountain, nevada, usa: comparison of methods

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Flint, A. L.; Flint, L. E.; Kwicklis, E. M.; Fabryka-Martin, J. T.; Bodvarsson, G. S.


    Obtaining values of net infiltration, groundwater travel time, and recharge is necessary at the Yucca Mountain site, Nevada, USA, in order to evaluate the expected performance of a potential repository as a containment system for high-level radioactive waste. However, the geologic complexities of this site, its low precipitation and net infiltration, with numerous mechanisms operating simultaneously to move water through the system, provide many challenges for the estimation of the spatial distribution of recharge. A variety of methods appropriate for and environments has been applied, including water-balance techniques, calculations using Darcy's law in the unsaturated zone, a soil-physics method applied to neutron-hole water-content data, inverse modeling of thermal profiles in boreholes extending through the thick unsaturated zone, chloride mass balance, atmospheric radionuclides, and empirical approaches. These methods indicate that near-surface infiltration rates at Yucca Mountain are highly variable in time and space, with local (point) values ranging from zero to several hundred millimeters per year. Spatially distributed net-infiltration values average 5 mm/year, with the highest values approaching 20 nun/year near Yucca Crest. Site-scale recharge estimates range from less than I to about 12 mm/year. These results have been incorporated into a site-scale model that has been calibrated using these data sets that reflect infiltration processes acting on highly variable temporal and spatial scales. The modeling study predicts highly non-uniform recharge at the water table, distributed significantly differently from the non-uniform infiltration pattern at the surface. [References: 57

  10. Murine but not human basophil undergoes cell-specific proteolysis of a major endoplasmic reticulum chaperone. (United States)

    Liu, Bei; Staron, Matthew; Li, Zihai


    Basophil has been implicated in anti-parasite defense, allergy and in polarizing T(H)2 response. Mouse model has been commonly used to study basophil function although the difference between human and mouse basophils is underappreciated. As an essential chaperone for multiple Toll-like receptors and integrins in the endoplasmic reticulum, gp96 also participates in general protein homeostasis and in the ER unfolded protein response to ensure cell survival during stress. The roles of gp96 in basophil development are unknown. We genetically delete gp96 in mice and examined the expression of gp96 in basophils by Western blot and flow cytometry. We compared the expression pattern of gp96 between human and mouse basophils. We found that gp96 was dispensable for murine basophil development. Moreover, gp96 was cleaved by serine protease(s) in murine but not human basophils leading to accumulation of a nun-functional N-terminal ∼50 kDa fragment and striking induction of the unfolded protein response. The alteration of gp96 was unique to basophils and was not observed in any other cell types including mast cells. We also demonstrated that the ectopic expression of a mouse-specific tryptase mMCP11 does not lead to gp96 cleavage in human basophils. Our study revealed a remarkable biochemical event of gp96 silencing in murine but not human basophils, highlighting the need for caution in using mouse models to infer the function of basophils in human immune response. Our study also reveals a novel mechanism of shutting down gp96 post-translationally in regulating its function.

  11. L’affaire de la Religieuse de Rivette (1965-1967 “The Nun”, a film by Jacques Rivette

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sabine Rousseau


    Full Text Available Suzanne Simonin, la religieuse de Diderot, film de Jacques Rivette, réalisateur lié aux Cahiers du cinéma et à la Nouvelle Vague, a été censuré par le pouvoir gaulliste en 1966. Quel est le rôle de l’Eglise catholique dans cette interdiction ? A l’intérieur de l’institution, les avis sont partagés. Le père Jean Pihan et Pierre Goursat de l’Office catholique du cinéma, de la radio et la télévision, ont œuvré à cette interdiction en mobilisant les religieuses de l’Union des supérieures majeures. Pour eux, la défense de la morale est une priorité absolue. Mais d’autres chrétiens comme Marc Oraison et Françoise Vandermeersch estiment au contraire que la censure est inutile et que les films doivent être appréciés pour leur valeur esthétique.Suzanne Simonin, la religieuse de Diderot, a film byJacques Rivette, a director connected with LaNouvelle Vague and Les cahiers du cinéma, was censored in 1966 under de Gaulle's presidency. What role did the CatholicChurch play in this decision? Among Christians, there were two different attitudes. Father Jean Pihan and Pierre Goursat from the Office catholique du cinéma, de la radio et de la télévision, rallied the nuns from the Union des supérieures majeures against the film. According to them, morality had to be saved. On the contrary, other Christians, such as Marc Oraison and Françoise Vandermeersch, thought that censorship was useless and that films must be appreciated for their aesthetic qualities.

  12. „Weltwissen“ und/oder „Medienwissen“ von Kindern. „Wissensforschung“ – ein Desiderat pädagogisch orientierter Medienforschung?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hans-Dieter Kübler


    Full Text Available „Was sollte heute ein Kind in den ersten sieben Lebensjahren wissen, können, erfahren haben? Womit sollte es zumindest in Berührung gekommen sein?“ (Elschenbroich 2002, S. 20. Mit ihrem Katalog eines so genannten „Weltwissens“ für Siebenjährige und seiner aus vielerlei Erfahrungen geschöpften Begründung hat Donata Elschenbroich, Pädagogin am Deutschen Jugendinstitut, einen Bestseller gelandet, der wie kaum ein anderes pädagogisches Buch schon fast zwei Jahre auf den Charts steht und eine ungeahnte Auflage erreicht hat. Zwar bleibt der zentrale Begriff „Weltwissen“ in dem Buch vage – wie bei den meisten Verwendungen, sofern man sich nicht an Karl Poppers Drei-Welten-Theorie hält, wonach das „Weltwissen“ die Welt 3 umfasst, also die „objektiven Produkte oder Ideen des menschlichen Geistes (einschließlich aller Theorien über die Welt und über uns“ [Popper 1993, S. 75], die externalisiert und dokumentiert sind; früher hatte man noch den Begriff des Alltagswissens im Gegensatz zum Schulwissen zur Verfügung; immerhin sind D. Elschenbroichs Konzept und ihre Argumentation weitaus vielfältiger und offener angelegt, als es der Titel mit seinem Kanonversprechen für Siebenjährige vermuten lässt, denn es wird ‚nur’ ein „offener Bildungskanon“ angeboten, der recht vielseitig und nicht nur durch Instruktion zu erreichen ist. Doch die öffentliche Rezeption des Buches hat sich schon – soweit erkennbar – darauf kapriziert, dass nun eine schlüssige Orientierung, ein vorbildlicher „Wissens- und Erfahrungskatalog“ für Eltern und Erzieher vorliegt, an den sie sich in ihrem Erziehungsverhalten halten können – wie normativ oder rigide er auch immer ausfällt.

  13. Ground water chemistry. Practice oriented guideline for the numerical modelling concerning condition, contamination and remediation of aquatic systems. 2. ed.; Grundwasserchemie. Praxisorientierter Leitfaden zur numerischen Modellierung von Beschaffenheit, Kontamination und Sanierung aquatischer Systeme

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Merkel, Broder J.; Planer-Friedrich, Britta [TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany). Inst. fuer Geologie


    The second print run of 'ground water chemistry' is supposed to be a practice oriented guideline for a fast introduction into the thermodynamic modeling. Besides a minimum theoretical background the book is focused to practical examples using the computer program PHREEQC. The reprint includes the additional possibilities of the CD-MUSIC concept for surface modeling. Examples concerning reactive mass transport include not only the 1D transport code PGREEQC, but also a 3D example using PHAST und the graphical user interface WPHAST. Uncertainties of thermodynamic data may be modeled using the program LJGUNSKILE. As before detailed descriptions allow the user to reach step by step more complex hydrogeochemical modeling. All of the cited computer codes are compiled on an enclosed CD. [German] Auch die zweite Auflage von 'Grundwasserchemie' bietet als praxisorientierter Leitfaden einen schnellen Einstieg in die thermodynamische Modellierung. Neben einem minimalen theoretischen Hintergrund liegt der Fokus auf praktischen Beispielen mit dem Computerprogramm PHREEQC. In der Neuauflage sind nun zusaetzlich die Moeglichkeiten des CD-MUSIC Konzepts zur Oberflaechenmodellierung erklaert. Beispiele zum reaktiven Stofftransport umfassen nicht nur den 1d Transport in PHREEQC, sondern auch ein 3d Beispiel mittels PHAST und der graphischen Benutzeroberflaeche WPHAST. Unsicherheiten thermodynamischer Daten koennen mit Hilfe des Programms LJGUNSKILE modelliert werden. Wie in der ersten Auflage helfen detaillierte Beschreibungen der Loesungen dem Nutzer, Schritt fuer Schritt von einfachen hin zu immer komplexeren hydrogeochemischen Modellierungen zu gelangen. Alle Programme sowie die Loesungen zu den Aufgaben befinden sich auf der CD zum Buch. (orig.)

  14. Energy for Germany 2000. Facts, views and positions in a global trend. Goals of the global and national policies in the 21st century: Competitive strength, assured supply, environmental compatibility; Energie fuer Deutschland 2000. Fakten, Perspektiven und Positionen im globalen Kontext. Schwerpunktthema 'Ziel globaler und nationaler Energiepolitik im 21. Jahrhundert: Wettbewerbsfaehig - versorgungssicher - umweltvertraeglich'

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The publication is based on the publication 'Energy for Tomorrow's World - Acting Now.', which was published by the World Energy Council in 2000. It presents an analysis of the current situation and contains suggestions for actions that should be taken in the period up to 2020. While national energy policy will still be required, it can only be successful if global aspects are not neglected. This includes the consideration of the responsibility of the industrial nations for third world countries. The energy concept presented here intends to take account of the decisive global aspects. [German] Die Darstellung der globalen Aspekte stuetzt sich auf die Standortbestimmung 2000 des Weltenergierates 'Energy for Tomorrow's World - Acting Now.'. Diese Standortbestimmung unterzieht die Anfang der 90er Jahre erschienene globale Studie des Weltenergierates einer kritischen Ueberpruefung, stellt Abweichungen von den damals angenommenen Entwicklungsperspektiven fest und gibt vor allem konkrete Handlungsempfehlungen fuer die Zeit bis zum Jahr 2020, also fuer die Zeitspanne, die konkret ueberschaubar und gestaltbar ist. Die neue Standortbestimmung des Weltenergierates unterstreicht, dass nationale Energiepolitik zwar weiterhin notwendig ist, aber nur dann auf Dauer erfolgreich sein wird, wenn sie auf diese globalen Aspekte ausgerichtet ist. Dazu gehoert auch, dass westliche, entwickelte Laender sich bewusst sind, dass eine nationale Energiepolitik zu Lasten der Dritten Welt nicht nur keine Zukunft hat, sondern vor allem nicht zu verantworten ist. Dies gilt natuerlich ebenso fuer die Umweltpolitik. An diesen Massstaeben wird sich auch das konkrete Energiekonzept messen lassen muessen, das nun fuer die Bundesrepublik Deutschland auf der Basis des 'Energiedialogs 2000' erarbeitet werden soll. Mit der hier vorgelegten Publikation will das Deutsche Nationale Komitee des Weltenergierates dazu beitragen, dass in diesem Energiekonzept die

  15. Santa Teresa en los conventos de monjas de Nueva España

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lavrin, Asuncion


    Full Text Available The transfer of the spiritual message of Saint Teresa to the viceregal court of New Spain tested the ability of Teresa’s teachings to adapt to new societies within the Spanish empire. Although the Carmelites founded only seven convents in Mexico, the Order succeeded in following the key precepts of the Teresian charisma, although nuanced by a baroque style of observance that insisted on spiritual and corporal mortification, complete humility and obedience, visionary experiences, and the imitation of Christ to achieve God’s love. Despite their small numbers, Carmelite nuns earned the respect of colonial society for their dedication to an ascetic way of life, personal poverty and the centrality of prayer.El trasplante de la espiritualidad teresiana a Nueva España fue una experiencia que puso a prueba la capacidad de adaptar su mensaje reformista a las circunstancias de nuevas sociedades en formación en el imperio español. Con sólo siete conventos femeninos en el nuevo virreinato, la Orden logró seguir los preceptos esenciales de Santa Teresa aunque matizados por una religiosidad barroca que insistía en mortificaciones espirituales y corporales, completa humildad y obediencia, experiencias visionarias, e imitatio Christi para acceder al amor de Dios. A pesar de su corto número las Carmelitas ganaron el respeto de la sociedad colonial por su dedicación a la vida ascética, la pobreza personal y la centralidad de la práctica de la oración.

  16. Materials science and engineering. An introduction; Materialwissenschaften und Werkstofftechnik. Eine Einfuehrung

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Callister, William D. Jr. [Utah Univ., Salt Lake City, UT (United States). Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering; Rethwisch, David G. [Utah Univ., UT (United States). Dept. of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


    William Callister's bestseller ''Materials Science and Engineering'' is THE textbook of materials science. This is the new German language edition, whose contents have been adapted optimally to the requirements of German students. The ''Callister'' covers all aspects of materials science and engineering for studies and preparation of exams. It follows a well-tried didactic concept, favouring understanding over formalism, and supports the students' learning process: 1. Clearly defined learning goals; 2. At regular intervals, questions to check the understanding of the subject matter just learned; 3. Summaries at the end of each chapter comprising subject matter, equations, key words and cross-references to other chapters; 4. Exemplary calculations, questions and answers, problems and solutions; 5. Digressions to industrial applications; 6. Units and materials names adapted to the German language area. [German] William Callisters englischsprachiger Bestseller ''Materials Science and Engineering'' ist das klassische Lehrbuch der Materialwissenschaften. Nun erscheint die deutsche Ausgabe, deren Inhalte optimal auf die Beduerfnisse der hiesigen Studenten angepasst wurden. Der ''Callister'' bietet den gesamten Stoff der Materialwissenschaften und Werkstofftechnik fuer Studium und Pruefungsvorbereitung. Das erprobte didaktische Konzept zielt ab auf ''Verstaendnis vor Formalismus'' und unterstuetzt den Lernprozess der Studierenden: 1. ausformulierte Lernziele; 2. regelmaessig eingestreute Verstaendnisfragen zum gerade vermittelten Stoff; 3. Kapitelzusammenfassungen mit Lernstoff, Gleichungen, Schluesselwoertern und Querverweisen auf andere Kapitel; 4. durchgerechnete Beispiele, Fragen und Antworten sowie Aufgaben und Loesungen; 5. Exkurse in die industrielle Anwendung; und 6. an den deutschen Sprachraum angepasste Einheiten und Werkstoffbezeichnungen.

  17. Rehabilitation of deaf persons with cochlear implants; Rehabilitation Hoergeschaedigter mit Cochlearimplantaten

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gstoettner, W.; Hamzavi, J. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde, Wien (Austria); Czerny, C. [Universitaetsklinik fuer Radiologie, Wien (Austria)


    In the last decade, the rehabilitation of postlingually deaf adults and prelingually deaf children with cochlear implants has been established as a treatment of deafness. The technological development of the implant devices and improvement of the surgical technique have led to a considerable increase of hearing performance during the last years. The postlingually deaf adults are able to use the telephone and may be integrated in their original job. Prelingually deaf children can even visit normal schools after cochlear implantation and hearing rehabilitation training. In order to preoperatively establish the state of the cochlear, radiological diagnosis of the temporal bone is necessary. High resolution computerized tomography imaging of the temporal bone with coronar and axial 1 mm slices and MRI with thin slice technique (three dimensional, T2 weighted turbo-spinecho sequence with 0.7 mm slices) have proved to be valuable according to our experience. Furthermore a postoperative synoptical X-ray, in a modified Chausse III projection, offers good information about the position of the implant and insertion of the stimulating electrode into the cochlea. (orig.) [Deutsch] In der letzten Dekade hat sich der operative Einsatz von Cochlearimplantaten fuer die Rehabilitation taubgeborener Kinder und ertaubter Erwachsenen als erfolgreiche Therapie etabliert. Durch technische Weiterentwicklung der Implantatsysteme und Verbesserung der Operationstechnik konnten in den letzten Jahren die Hoerleistungen der Patienten deutlich verbessert werden. Postlingual ertaubte Erwachsene koennen nun oftmals wieder ins Berufsleben eingegliedert werden und praelingual ertaubte Kinder koennen regulaere Schulen besuchen. Im Rahmen der Voruntersuchung fuer die Cochlearimplantation ist die radiologische Felsenbeindiagnostik von besonderer Bedeutung. Hochaufloesendes CT des Felsenbeins in koronaren und axialen Ebenen mit 1 mm Schichtdicke und MRT in Duennschichttechnik (dreidimensionale, T2

  18. Kasseler symposium on energy-related system engineering: renewable energy sources and rational energy use. Proceedings '98; Kasseler Symposium Energie-Systemtechnik: Erneuerbare Energien und Rationelle Energieverwendung. Tagungsband '98

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schwarz, R. [comp.


    The ISET ended the 10th anniversary year since its foundation in 1998 with already the third Kassel symposium on energy-related system engineering: renewable energy sources and rational energy use. Covering several special subjects talks were given about the topics modelling and simulation in the fields of wind energy, photovoltaic systems, hybrid systems or sewage water treatment. The keen interest of the participants shows the importance that modelling of conditions or processes has gained in the meantime in the field of system engineering of renewable energy sources. The core of each simulation is the integration of differential equations, which describe the system. Properties of the system can be easily varied and affects on the overall system can be easily investigated. Critical conditions can be discovered and be taken into consideration at the hardware engineering. Mistakes in terms of component design can be avoided and engineering cost can be reduced considerably. The present conference book gives an ideal overview of the topics discussed during the symposium. (orig.) [German] Sein Jubilaeumsjahr zum zehnjaehrigen Bestehen beschloss das ISET 1998 mit dem nun bereits 3. Kasseler Symposium Energie-Systemtechnik - Erneuerbare Energien und Rationelle Energieverwendung. Fachgebietsuebergreifend wurde zu den Themen Modellbildung und Simulation in Bereichen wie Windenergie, Photovoltaik, Hybridsysteme oder Abwasserbehandlung referiert. Das rege Interesse der Teilnehmer unterstreicht die Bedeutung, die die Modellierung von Zustaenden oder Prozessen in der Systementwicklung bei den erneuerbaren Energien inzwischen gewonnen hat. Der Kern einer jeden Simulation ist die Integration der systembeschreibenden Differentialgleichungen. Eigenschaften des Systems koennen in einfacher Weise variiert und die Auswirkungen auf das Gesamtsystem untersucht werden. Kritische Zustaende koennen entdeckt und in der Entwicklung der Hardware entsprechend beruecksichtigt werden. Fehler

  19. [About da tai - abortion in old Chinese folk medicine handwritten manuscripts]. (United States)

    Zheng, Jinsheng


    Of 881 Chinese handwritten volumes with medical texts of the 17th through mid-20th century held by Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin and Ethnologisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem, 48 volumes include prescriptions for induced abortion. A comparison shows that these records are significantly different from references to abortion in Chinese printed medical texts of pre-modern times. For example, the percentage of recipes recommended for artificial abortions in handwritten texts is significantly higher than those in printed medical books. Authors of handwritten texts used 25 terms to designate artificial abortion, with the term da tai [see text], lit.: "to strike the fetus", occurring most frequently. Its meaning is well defined, in contrast to other terms used, such as duo tai [see text], lit: "to make a fetus fall", xia tai [see text], lit. "to bring a fetus down", und duan chan [see text], lit., to interrupt birthing", which is mostly used to indicate a temporary or permanent sterilization. Pre-modern Chinese medicine has not generally abstained from inducing abortions; physicians showed a differentiating attitude. While abortions were descibed as "things a [physician with an attitude of] humaneness will not do", in case a pregnancy was seen as too risky for a woman she was offered medication to terminate this pregnancy. The commercial application of abortifacients has been recorded in China since ancient times. A request for such services has continued over time for various reasons, including so-called illegitimate pregnancies, and those by nuns, widows and prostitutes. In general, recipes to induce abortions documented in printed medical literature have mild effects and are to be ingested orally. In comparison, those recommended in handwritten texts are rather toxic. Possibly to minimize the negative side-effects of such medication, practitioners of folk medicine developed mechanical devices to perform "external", i.e., vaginal approaches.

  20. The Literary Legacy Inherited by Ankara of the Republican Era: Literary Life and Milieux in Ankara until the Republic Era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Necati Tonga


    Full Text Available Ankara became one of the most important circles of literary activities after the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in 1923. In this era, the most prevalent factor for this nourishment was that Ankara was chosen as the capital city and Turkey would be governed from Ankara from then on. Besides this fact, before being the capital, Ankara had a rich background in terms of literature. The city had a strong tradition of Divan and Sufi literature in the ruling periods of Seljuks and Ottomans. Many Divan poets and minstrels lived in Ankara throughout history. In those times, in addition to madrasahs, dervish lodges and mosques, there were taverns, inns, mansions, coffeehouses, vineyards and gardens that were used for gatherings where poems were recited and talks about literature took place. Before the establishment of the Republic, in the years between 1919 and 1922, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk proclaimed Ankara as the headquarters of the national movements. This choice brought out a liveliness to Ankara in terms of literature. In this period until the Republic, many places serving as dervish lodges, coffeehouses, restaurants, gardens, taverns, and shops, and newspaper editorials such as Tâceddin Dergâhı (Taceddin’s Lodge, Kuyulu Kahve (Coffee-shop, Merkez Kıraathanesi (Central coffee-shop, Hakimiyet-i Milliye and Yenigün Newspaper Editorial Offices, Anadolu Lokantası (Anadolu Restaurant, Teceddüt Lokantası (Teceddüt Restaurant, Abdullah Efendi Lokantası (Abdullah Efendi Restaurant, Muallimler Birliği (Teachers Union, Şehir Bahçesi (City Garden, Dayko’nun Tütüncü Dükkânı (Dayko’s Tobacco Shop and Efe Haydar’ın Meyhanesi (Efe Haydar’s Tavern were prominent gathering places that flourished in the literary activities of Ankara.

  1. Survival and development of Lymantria monacha (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) on North American and introduced Eurasian tree species. (United States)

    Keena, M A


    Lymantria monacha (L.) (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae), the nun moth, is a Eurasian pest of conifers that has potential for accidental introduction into North America. To project the potential host range of this insect if introduced into North America, survival and development of L. monacha on 26 North American and eight introduced Eurasian tree species were examined. Seven conifer species (Abies concolor, Picea abies, P. glauca, P. pungens, Pinus sylvestris with male cones, P. menziesii variety glance, and Tsuga canadensis) and six broadleaf species (Betula populifolia, Malus x domestica, Prunus serotiaa, Quercus lobata, Q. rubra, and Q. velutina) were suitable for L. monacha survival and development. Eleven of the host species tested were rated as intermediate in suitability, four conifer species (Larix occidentalis, P. nigra, P. ponderosa, P. strobus, and Pseudotsuga menziesii variety menziesii) and six broadleaf species (Carpinus caroliniana, Carya ovata, Fagus grandifolia, Populus grandidentata, Q. alba, and Tilia cordata) and the remaining 10 species tested were rated as poor (Acer rubrum, A. platanoidies, A. saccharum, F. americana, Juniperus virginiana, Larix kaempferi, Liriodendron tulipfera, Morus alba, P. taeda, and P. deltoides). The phenological state of the trees had a major impact on establishment, survival, and development of L. monacha on many of the tree species tested. Several of the deciduous tree species that are suitable for L. monacha also are suitable for L. dispar (L.) and L. mathura Moore. Establishment of L. monacha in North America would be catastrophic because of the large number of economically important tree species on which it can survive and develop, and the ability of mated females to fly and colonize new areas.

  2. Linear open-loop and closed-loop control theory. Modelling of control paths, robust stability, design of robust controllers, trajectory control with follow-up contorl, polynomial description of MIMO systems, time discrete control loops and scanning control loops; Lineare Regelungs- und Steuerungstheorie. Modellierung von Regelstrecken, Robuste Stabilitaet und Entwurf robuster Regler, Trajektoriensteuerung mit Folgeregelung, Polynomiale Beschreibung von MIMO-Systemen, Zeitdiskrete und Abtastregelkreise

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Reinschke, K. [Technische Univ. Dresden (Germany). Inst. fuer Regelungs- und Streuerungstheorie


    After the introduction of bachelor and master studies in Germany, new training concepts are required. In the field of engineering, there is a lack of research-oriented German-language textbooks which are also suited for further training of professionally experienced engineers. The author addresses readers with good prior knowledge of mathematics and application-oriented basic training in open-loop and control-loop engineering who intend to deepen their knowledge of the methods of control of linear time-continuous processes. The reader is enabled to apply the mathematical tools of linear system theory for control purposes. Unavoidable uncertainties in the modelling of control paths are considered. The focus is on function theoretical and algebraic aspects which enable the design of robust stabilising controllers as well as trajectory control and follow-up control and also the time-continuous treatment of scanning control loops. There are many examples to illustrate the general laws that are presented. (orig.) [German] Die Einfuehrung von gestuften Bachelor- und Master-Studiengaengen erfordert neue Ausbildungskonzepte. Fuer die Master- und Promotionsstudiengaenge der Ingenieure mangelt es bisher an forschungsorientierten deutschsprachigen Lehrwerken, die zugleich auch zur Fortbildung von berufserfahrenen Ingenieuren geeignet sind. Dieses Buch traegt zur Behebung dieses Mangels bei. Der Autor wendet sich an Leser, die eine gute mathematische Vorbildung und eine anwendungsorientierte Grundausbildung in Regelungs- und Steuerungstechnik abgeschlossen haben und nun tiefer in die Methoden der Regelung und Steuerung von linearen zeitkontinuierlichen Prozessen eindringen wollen. Der Leser wird befaehigt, die mathematischen Werkzeuge der linearen Systemtheorie fuer regelungstechnische Zwecke einzusetzen. Bei der Modellierung von Regelstrecken werden die unvermeidlichen Unbestimmtheiten beruecksichtigt. Im Zentrum stehen die funktionentheoretischen und algebraischen


    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Bunce, G.; Fields, D.; Vogelsang, W.


    The joint UNM/RBRC 'Workshop on Parton Orbital Angular Momentum' was held on February 24th through 26th at the University of New Mexico Department of Physics and Astronomy in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was sponsored by The University of New Mexico (Physics Department, New Mexico Center for Particle Physics, Dean of Arts and Sciences, and Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development) and the NUN-BNL Research Center. The workshop was motivated by recent and upcoming experimental data based on methods which have been proposed to access partonic angular momenta, including Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering, measuring the Sivers functions, and measuring helicity dependent k t in jets. Our desire was to clarify the state of the art in the theoretical understanding in this area, and to help define what might be learned about partonic orbital angular momenta Erom present and upcoming high precision data, particularly at RHIC, Jlab, COMPASS and HERMES. The workshop filled two rather full days of talks fiom both theorists and experimentalists, with a good deal of discussion during, and in between talks focusing on the relationship between the intrinsic transverse momentum, orbital angular momentum, and observables such as the Sivers Function. These talks and discussions were particularly illuminating and the organizers wish to express their sincere thanks to everyone for contributing to this workshop. Each workshop speaker is encouraged to select a few of the most important transparencies from his or her presentation, accompanied by a page of explanation. This material is collected at the end of the workshop by the organizer to form proceedings, which can therefore be available within a short time. To date there are eighty proceeding volumes available

  4. Cholera: tackling the epidemic in a hostile environment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The Painted Veil (2006 is a love story which takes place in the nineteen twenties, between an Englishman, Dr Walter Fane, a bacteriologist, and Kitty, an English upper class girl, who marry for convenience hardly knowing each other. Soon after the wedding they move to Shangai, where Walter is in charge of a government laboratory. Also in Shangai Kitty meets Charles, a married vice consul with whom she has an affair. When Walter discovers that his wife has been unfaithful to him he threatens to divorce her if she refuses to go with him to a village in Inner China, where there is an outbreak of cholera and where his help is required. They settle on the outskirts of Mei?tan?fu. The relationship between Walter and kitty cannot go worse; they hardly talk to each other, and while Walter is working day and night, trying to stop the spread of cholera, Kitty feels lonely and useless . One day she visits a group of French nuns who collaborate in the hospital and run an orphanage, in which Kitty is finally able to help as a music teacher. The fight against cholera is arduous: customs, religion, and politics make the doctor’s work even harder. It is then that Walter and Kitty discover qualities in each other that they did not know of; finally love and reconciliation emerge. When it seems that the outbreak of cholera is already under control, people from downstream villages, where there is no doctor, arrive. Walter feels obliged to set up a refugee camp on the outskirts of the city, where he finally contracts cholera and dies.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alejandra Araya


    Full Text Available La obra Convento Espiritual, de la religiosa Úrsula de San Diego, posiblemente escrita en el siglo XVI en Granada, España, forma parte de una tradición de escritura de mujeres como ejercicio ascético-místico en la vida religiosa y devota a ambos lados del Atlántico. En este trabajo se presenta un modo de leerlo en tanto género textual derivado de prácticas de organización del conocimiento provenientes de las artes de la memoria y, como tal, una forma de construcción del sujeto. Estas características son notables en este texto, y si bien no son exclusivas de él, es importante por formar parte de la historia de los primeros impresos en Chile luego de la independencia indicando con ello el reconocimiento pedagógico de este tipo de escritura femenina en las sociedades del Antiguo Régimen.The book Convento Espiritual (Spiritual Convent ofthe Spanish nun Ursula de San Diego, possibly written during the sixteenth century in Granada, Spain, is part of a tradition of womens' writing as an exercise in mystical-ascetic and devout religious life on both sides of the Atlantic. This essay proposes a reading this text within the frame of a textual genre originated in those practices of knowledge organization derived from the arts of memory; as a textual genre, it can also be understood as aform of subject construction. These are remarkable features to be foundin this text, and though they are not exclusive to it, they are important because the Convento espiritual belongs to the history of the early books printed in Chile after the Independence; this points out to the recognition of the educational value  of this type of writing women in those societies belonging to the Old Regime.

  6. Digital control of the performance of reciprocating compressors in industrial refrigeration; Digitale Leistungsregelung fuer Hubkolbenverdichter in der Gewerbekaelte

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kaemmer, Norbert; Tomski, Thomas [Emerson Climate Technologies GmbH, Aachen (Germany); Majer, Igor [Emerson Climate Technologies s.r.o., Mikulov (Czech Republic)


    During the past few years, digital continuous control has become the primary control concept for scroll compressors. Recently, it has also been applied to reciprocating compressors. This is an interesting alternative to frequency converters and conventional systems and can also be combined with these. In a test facility that simulates a supermarket, various combinations of output-regulated reciprocating compressors were investigated. The refrigeration performance, electric power consumption and other data were recorded for different stationary load states. The experimental set-up, plant parameters and first results are presented in the contribution. Reliable quality data are not available as yet. Intended further investigations and improvements in the experimental set-up are gone into. [German] Im Bereich der Scrollverdichter hat sich in den letzten Jahren bei Verfluessigungssaetzen und kleineren Verbundanlagen die digitale stufenlose Leistungsregelung etabliert. In diesem Segment kann die Technologie ihre Vorzuege, Einfachheit und geringe zusaetzliche installierte Kosten bezogen auf das Gesamtsystem, am Besten ausspielen. Die digitale Regelung ist nun auch fuer Hubkolbenverdichter verfuegbar. Einerseits bietet sie eine interessante Alternative zu Frequenzumrichtern und herkoemmlichen Entlastungssystemen. Andererseits kann sie auch in Kombination mit diesen Technologien eingesetzt werden. In einer Versuchsanlage, die einen Supermarkt simuliert, wurden verschiedene Kombinationsmoeglichkeiten von leistungsgeregelten Hubkolbenverdichtern untersucht. Dazu wurden fuer verschiedene stationaere Lastzustaende die Kaelteleistung, die elektrische Leistungsaufnahme und andere Anlagenwerte erfasst. Die Versuchsanlage, die untersuchten Anlagenparameter und erste Messergebnisse werden dargestellt. Da die Versuchsanlage und der Versuchsbetrieb noch nicht seinen endgueltigen Reifegrad erreicht hat, koennen noch keine verlaesslichen Anlagenguetegrade vorgestellt werden. Es wird

  7. Information Literacy Threshold Concepts and the Association of College and Research Libraries' Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gayle Schaub


    Full Text Available The 2014 release of the Association of College and Research Libraries’ Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education had a significant impact on information literacy scholarship and practice in the United States. The revision process of the previous Competency Standards and the purpose and implementation of the new Framework are still widely discussed as librarians work out what the Framework means to individual institutions and to information literacy as a whole. Organized around six threshold concepts in information literacy as identified in recent research, the Framework reflects developments in the information landscape as threshold concepts have become influential. The authors, who began their research in threshold concepts at the same time as the use and discussion of information literacy threshold concepts increased in the United States, discuss how their work fits into a larger, national conversation on conceptual information literacy instruction and the creation of a high-profile document.   Die Verabschiedung des Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education der Association of College and Research Libraries 2014 hatte beachtliche Auswirkungen auf Theorie und Praxis der Vermittlung von Informationskompetenz in den USA. Der Überarbeitungsprozess der früheren Standards Informationskompetenz sowie Zielrichtung und Umsetzung des neuen Framework werden nach wie vor breit diskutiert, da Bibliothekar/inn/e/n nun konkretisieren, was das Framework für ihre jeweilige Einrichtung und für Informationskompetenz insgesamt bedeutet. Indem es um sechs threshold concepts gruppiert ist, die die aktuelle Forschung zu Informationskompetenz identifiziert hat, bezieht das Framework gezielt Entwicklungen der Informationslandschaft auf diese richtungsweisenden threshold concepts. Die Autorinnen, die ihre Untersuchungen zu threshold concepts just zu der Zeit begannen, zu der der Einsatz von und die Diskussion um threshold concepts in

  8. The new radiation protection ordinance from the viewpoint of the nuclear medicine technologist; Die neue Strahlenschutzverordnung aus der Sicht der medizinisch-technischen Radiologieassistentin/des medizinisch-technischen Radiologieassistenten

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fischer, S. [Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Nuklearmedizin, Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. Muenchen (Germany)


    The new radiation protection ordinance for the first time acknowledges the role of the nuclear medicine technologists for the technical assistance in the use of radiopharmaceuticals and radiation with human beings in medicine. Therefore changes are required for the technologists in terms of their qualification and continuing education during their professional life and in the daily routine in a nuclear medicine department. The new ordinance clearly defines which group of people is allowed to work as nuclear medicine technologists and also which special knowledge in radiation protection is mandatory to make sure that nobody without this certified education is performing the work of a nuclear medicine technologist. The new effective dose limit for people working with radiation will not change the daily work, but new regulations for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers working in nuclear medicine will bring dramatic changes. (orig.) [German] Die neue Strahlenschutzverordnung beruecksichtigt zum ersten Mal ausdruecklich die Rolle des medizinisch-technischen Personals bei der 'technischen Mitwirkung bei der Anwendung radioaktiver Stoffe oder ionisierender Strahlung am Menschen in der Heilkunde oder der Zahnheilkunde'. Dadurch ergeben sich fuer die MTRA neue Anforderungen in Bezug auf Ausbildungsvoraussetzungen, berufliche Fortbildung und auch auf die Ablaeufe in der taeglichen Routine. Der Personenkreis, der zur technischen Mitwirkung berechtigt ist, wurde genau definiert, ebenso wie dessen Fachkunde, mit der nun sichergestellt werden soll, dass keine Personen ohne Kenntnisse im Strahlenschutz die Taetigkeiten der MTRA ausfuehren. Die neu festgelegte Obergrenze der effektiven Dosis fuer beruflich strahlenexponiertes Personal wird fuer das technische Personal keine merkbaren Auswirkungen mit sich bringen, dafuer aber die Neuerungen bezueglich der Beschaeftigung von Schwangeren und stillenden Frauen. (orig.)

  9. Does monastic life predispose to the risk of Saint Anthony's fire (herpes zoster)? (United States)

    Gaillat, Jacques; Gajdos, Vincent; Launay, Odile; Malvy, Denis; Demoures, Bruno; Lewden, Lucie; Pinchinat, Sybil; Derrough, Tarik; Sana, Claudine; Caulin, Evelyne; Soubeyrand, Benoît


    The consequences of the epidemiology of varicella for zoster epidemiology are still debated. We therefore compared the frequency of herpes zoster in an adult population with virtually no varicella zoster virus (VZV) exposure with that in the general population (GP). We performed a national, multicenter, observational, exposed versus nonexposed, comparative study. The nonexposed population consisted of members of contemplative monastic orders (CMO) of the Roman Catholic Church living in 40 isolated monasteries in France. The exposed population consisted of a sample of the GP representative of the French population in terms of age group, sex, socio-occupational categories, and regions. The primary analysis population comprised 920 members of CMO (41.5% nuns; mean age, 64.2 years) and 1533 members of the GP (51.9% women; mean age, 64.6 years). The reported frequency of zoster was 16.2% among CMO and 15.1% in the GP (P = .27, adjusted for sex and age). The reported mean age of onset of zoster was 54.8 and 48.6 years, respectively (P = .06). This study failed to demonstrate an increased risk or earlier onset of zoster in members of CMO not exposed to VZV, compared with that in the GP. Although adults highly exposed to VZV could have a reduced risk of zoster, compared with the GP, our results suggest that the opposite is not true: adults not exposed to VZV are not at increased risk of zoster when compared with the GP, challenging the relevance of the assumptions and forecasts of current epidemiological models.

  10. Measuring water content in soil using TDR: A state-of-the-art in 1998

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Topp, G.C.; Ferre, P.A.


    Over the past decade or so, the development and continuing refinement of the time-domain reflectometry (TDR) technique for in-situ, nondestructive measurement of water content has revolutionized the study and management of the transfer and storage of water within the soil profile. The principles for the application of TDR to water content are now well accepted and straight forward. For many mineral soils, the calibration for water content has a linear relationship with the square root of the relative permittivity measured by TDR. This allows a two-point calibration. TDR-measured water content has been applied successfully to water balance studies ranging from the km scale of small watersheds to the nun scale of the root-soil interface. Soil probes can be designed to meet many and varied requirements. The performance of a number of probe geometries is presented, including some of their strengths and weaknesses. Although coated soil probes allow measurement in more conductive soils, the probe coatings alter the water-content calibration both in sensitivity and linearity. Three general options are available for determining profiles of soil water content from the soil surface to a depth of 1 m. Soil probes of differing total depths extending to the surface are the most accessible. Soil probes buried at selected depths provide easily repeatable values. The vertically installed single probe, Aith depth segments separated by diodes, allows repeated measurement in a single vertical slice. The portability of TDR instrumentation coupled with the simplicity and flexibility of probes has allowed the mapping of spatial patterns of water content and field-based spatial and temporal soil water content distributions. The usefulness and power of the TDR technique for characterizing soil water content is increasing rapidly through continuing improvements in instrument operating range, probe design, multiplexing and automated data collection. (author)

  11. Ultrasonography of ankle ligaments

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Peetrons, P.A.; Silvestre, A.; Cohen, M.; Creteur, V.


    The lateral collateral ligament of the ankle is a complex of 3 ligaments: The anterior and posterior talofibular ligaments and the calcaneofibular ligament; these ligaments work together to support the lateral aspect of the ankle. The anterior talofibular (ATF) ligament (Fig. 1) runs from the anterior of the talus. The probe is placed in a slightly oblique position from the malleolus toward the forefoot. The ligament is hyperechoic when its fibres are perpendicular to the ultrasound beam (anisotropy artifact is present in ligaments as well as in tendons). It is approximately 2 mm thick and, during examination, must be straight and tight from one insertion point to the other, as seen in Fig. 2. The posterior talofibular (PTF) ligament, which runs from the posterior part of the malleolus to the posterior part of the talus, is difficult to see on US, being partially or sometimes completely hidden by the malleolus. The calcaneofibular ligament forms the middle portion of the lateral collateral ligament. It is tight between the inferior part of the lateral malleolus and the calcaneus, and runs in a slightly posterior oblique direction toward the heel (Fig. 3). The ligament lies on the deep surface of the fibular tendons, forming a hammock to fall deep on the calcaneus surface (Fig. 4). The calcaneofibular ligament is approximately 2-3 nun thick and is hyperechoic in the distal two-thirds only because of the obliquity of the proximal part. When examining this ligament, it is mandatory that the ankle be flexed dorsally; this stretches the ligament so that it can be seen clearly. (author)

  12. Meditation increases the depth of information processing and improves the allocation of attention in space

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sara evan Leeuwen


    Full Text Available During meditation, practitioners are required to center their attention on a specific object for extended periods of time. When their thoughts get diverted, they learn to quickly disengage from the distracter. We hypothesized that learning to respond to the dual demand of engaging attention on specific objects and disengaging quickly from distracters enhances the efficiency by which meditation practitioners can allocate attention. We tested this hypothesis in a global-to-local task while measuring electroencephalographic activity from a group of eight highly trained Buddhist monks and nuns and a group of eight age and education matched controls with no previous meditation experience. Specifically, we investigated the effect of attentional training on the global precedence effect, i.e., faster detection of targets on a global than on a local level. We expected to find a reduced global precedence effect in meditation practitioners but not in controls, reflecting that meditators can more quickly disengage their attention from the dominant global level. Analysis of reaction times confirmed this prediction. To investigate the underlying changes in brain activity and their time course, we analyzed event-related potentials. Meditators showed an enhanced ability to select the respective target level, as reflected by enhanced processing of target level information. In contrast with control group, which showed a local target selection effect only in the P1 and a global target selection effect in the P3 component, meditators showed effects of local information processing in the P1, N2 and P3 and of global processing for the N1, N2 and P3. Thus, meditators seem to display enhanced depth of processing. In addition, meditation altered the uptake of information such that meditators selected target level information earlier in the processing sequence than controls. In a longitudinal experiment, we could replicate the behavioral effects, suggesting that

  13. Neutral strange particle production in high energy charged current neutrino deuterium interactions

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Son, D.


    In an exposure of the Fermilab 15-foot deuterium filled bubble chamber to a single horn focused wide band neutrino beam with energies between 10 and 250 GeV, 311 K/sub s/, 219 lambda and 7 Anti lambda are observed. These correspond to K 0 anti(K 0 ), lambda(Σ 0 ) and anti lambda production rates per charged current interaction of 0.170 +/- 0.010, 0.060 +/- 0.004, and 0.002 +/- 0.001, respectively, in 18.9 +/- 0.09% V 0 events of total charged current events. The inclusive lambda rate in nun interactions is significantly higher than that in nup interactions. The multiplicity of K 0 increases (or decreases) with increasing E/sub nu/, W, and Q 2 (or x/sub BETA), while that of lambda shows no significant variations. From a detailed study of lambda, lambda K 0 ], lambda K/sup */ +0 systems, the production rate of lambda from the charm quark decay is found to be (2.1 +/- 1.0)% of the total charged current, which leads to a small cross section for charmed baryon quasielastic production -40 cm 2 (90% CL) and a small semileptonic branching ratio of lambda/sub c/ + decay, B(lambda/sub c/ + → e + lambda x + , K 0 p, lambda π + π + π - , and antiK 0 pπ + π - decay modes of lambda/sub c/ + are studied and found consistent with our previous results. The gross probability that an (ss) pair is produced in lambda S = 0 neutrino reactions is estimated to be 0.19 +/- 0.06, which agrees well with that in hadronic experiments. The inclusive x/sub F/ and p/sub T 2 / distributions and their average values are very similar to those in hadronic experiments, which suggest that the majority of neutral strange particles are produced in neutrino reactions via the associated production mechanism

  14. Alley cropping of legumes with grasses as forages : Effect of different grass species and row spacing of gliricidia on the growth and biomass production of forages

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Siti Yuhaeni


    Full Text Available A study to evaluate the effect of different grass species and row spacing of gliricidia (Gliricidia sepium on the growth and biomass production of forages in an alley cropping system was conducted in two different agroclimatical zones i.e. Bogor, located at 500 m a .s .l . with an average annual rainfall of 3,112 nun/year and Sukabumi located at 900 m a .s .l . with an average annual rainfall of 1,402 mm/year . Both locations have low N, P, and K content and the soil is classified as acidic. The experimental design used was a split plot design with 3 replicates . The main plots were different grass species i.e. king grass (Pennisetum purpureum x P. typhoides and elephant grass (P. purpureum. The sub plots were the row spacing of gliricidia at 2, 3, 4, 6 m (1 hedgerows and 4 m (2 hedgerows. The results indicated that the growth and biomass production of grasses were significantly affected (P<0 .05 by the treatments in Bogor. The highest biomass productions was obtained from the 2 m row spacing which gave the highest dry matter production of grasses (1 .65 kg/hill and gliricidia (0 .086 kg/tree . In Sukabumi the growth and biomass production of grasses and gliricidia were also significantly affected by the treatments . The highest dry matter production was obtained with 2 m row spacing (dry matter of grasses and gliricidia were 1 .12 kg/hill and 0 .026 kg/tree, respectively . The result further indicated that biomass production of forages increased with the increase in gliricidia population. The alley cropping system wich is suitable for Bogor was the 2 m row spacing of gliricidia intercropped with either king or elephant grass and for Sukabumi 2 and 4 m (2 rows of gliricidia row spacing intercropped with king or elephant grass .

  15. Developments of the climate protection law and the climate change policy 2014-2015. Pt. 2. Federal government, federal states and municipalities; Entwicklungen des Klimaschutzrechts und der Klimaschutzpolitik 2014/2015. T. 2. Bund, Bundeslaender und Kommunen

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Staesche, Uta [Hochschule fuer Wirtschaft und Recht (HWR), Berlin (Germany). Inst. fuer Klimaschutz, Energie und Mobilitaet (IKEM)


    According to the motto of the energy transition the Federal Government set herself targets in the areas of greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Main emphasis of its climate change policy is the implementation of the 2014/15 Action Programme Climate Protection 2020. A key measure discussed here is the climate contribution of the German electricity sector, is now being implemented in a significantly modified form. With a view on the long-term climate objectives prepares the federal government the national climate change plan 2050; the federal government promote locally climate protection within the framework of the National Climate Protection Initiative (NKI) in a Variety of projects. On the level of the federal states intensifies clearly the trend of the legal protection of federal climate protection targets. In addition to the federal levels are also the municipalities still active in various climate protection projects. [German] Unter dem Leitwort der Energiewende hat sich die Bundesregierung Ziele in den Bereichen Treibhausgasemissionen, erneuerbare Energien und Energieeffizienz gesetzt. Schwerpunkt ihrer Klimaschutzpolitik bildet 2014/15 die Umsetzung des Aktionsprogramms Klimaschutz 2020. Als eine zentrale Massnahme wurde hier der Klimabeitrag des deutschen Stromsektors diskutiert, der nun in deutlich abgewandelter Form umgesetzt wird. Mit Blick auf die langfristigen Klimaschutzziele bereitet die Bundesregierung den nationalen Klimaschutzplan 2050 vor; Klimaschutz vor Ort foerdert sie im Rahmen der Nationalen Klimaschutzinitiative (NKI) in einer Vielzahl von Projekten. Auf Ebene der Bundeslaender verstaerkt sich deutlich der Trend der gesetzlichen Absicherung von Landesklimaschutzzielen. Neben den ueberregionalen Ebenen sind auch die Kommunen weiterhin in vielfaeltigen Klimaschutzprojekten aktiv.

  16. Empowering people. Alleviating poverty through self-sufficiency. (United States)

    Nahariya, R


    Highlights from an interview with Benjamin D. de Leon, who was appointed Presidential Assistant for Social Development in the Philippines in September 1992, are presented. Mr. de Leon's concern for the marginal sectors of society in health, employment, housing, social welfare, and manpower training as well as his goals of poverty alleviation and people empowerment account for this appointment. Duties include formulating a social development agenda; assisting the Social Development Committee of the Cabinet and the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) in program implementation; and providing weekly information packages about family planning (FP), health, children, women, and the environment. The social development agenda of the Philippine Medium-term Plan (1992-1998) includes employment, income, wages; population, health and nutrition, and family planning; and housing, education, manpower development, social welfare, and community development. The Plan recognizes that poverty is aggravated by rapid population growth, and it strives to ensure that adolescents, military males, high-risk women, and young unmarried couples receive FP information and services from government agencies and nongovernmental organizations. Adequate resources for population and FP as well as recognizing the relationship among population, resources, and the environment are essential to meet the goals of the plan. The present population and FP policy is based on the 1987 Constitution, which spells out responsible parenthood but also rejects abortion as a method of contraception. The official FP program calls for child survival and safe motherhood and accessible, available, and affordable FP services. The Roman Catholic Church opposes the program, since the Church promotes only the rhythm method, but the other religions approve of the program. Some priests and nuns did not object to the promotion of FP. Sufficient financial support from the international community for the Philippine

  17. Mujer y escritura en la época de Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: El artículo rastrea la existencia de escritoras coetáneas a sor Juana Inés de la Cruz que, como la monja mexicana, lucharon contra la alienación a la que eran sometidas por su condición de mujeres escritoras. A través de una serie de estrategias retóricas muy similares a las utilizadas en la «Respuesta a sor Filotea de la Cruz», las españolas María de San José, María de Zayas, la inglesa Mary Astell y la colombiana Francisca Josefa del Castillo, demostraron en distinto grado hasta qué punto el ser humano ha luchado a lo largo de su historia por conformarse como sujeto frente a un pensamiento –en este caso, la misoginia– que frustra sus intentos de expresión.ABSTRACT: This article seeks out the existence of female writers contemporary to sor Juana Inés de la Cruz who, like the Mexican nun, fought against the alienation to which they were subjected by their condition as women writers. Through a series of rethorical strategies very similar to the one’s applied in «Respuesta a sor Filotea de la Cruz», the Spanish women writers María de San José and María de Zayas, the English Mary Astell and the Colombian Francisca Josefa del Castillo demonstrated, to differing degrees, the exent to which human beings have fought throughout history to establish themselves as a subject facing a frame of mind –namely, misogyny–, that frustates their efforts of expression.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The religious perception in Turkish novel begins with novel writing movement which starts with Tanzimat period, administrative reforms. Very intensive religious perception isn’t experienced in the first novel patterns in Tanzimat period and Servet-i Fünun period. In that period pieces, some concepts about religion are talked about in shortly and mental way. Being situated religious perception in novel intensely begins in National literature and republic periods. Religious perception is negative mostly in that period pieces. Religious men are generally dishonest, unreliable, self-seeker, uneducated and rude people. The profile of that religious man is presented to readers by a repulsive figure becomes subject in Turkish novel during long period. We don’t meet a novel which is written in respect of the viewpoint of the victorian people. Because, the victorian people don’t show interest to novel genre. One of the first islamic novel examples is “Minyeli Abdullah” novel which is written by Hekimoğlu İsmail in 1967. After that, too many islamic novels are published. Later, especially in 1980s and 1990s, religious novels gain importance. There is a cliche fiction in novel which is named “The right way novel” and generally taken shape with love theme. A religious young man and a young girl in search are protagonists of the novel. The fiction of the novel continues with love between them. Generally, the young girl finds the right way by being impressed with the religious young man. She puts on headscarf and assimilates islamic lifestyle. In thet work, three “the right way novel” examples will be discussed about fiction similarities.

  19. Continuity and change in medicinal plant use: the example of monasteries on Cyprus and historical iatrosophia texts. (United States)

    Lardos, Andreas; Heinrich, Michael


    How medicinal plant knowledge changes over time is a question of central importance in modern ethnopharmacological research. However, only few studies are available which undertook a comprehensive exploration of the evolution of plant use in human cultures. In order to understand this dynamic process, we conduct a systematic diachronic investigation to explore continuity and change in two knowledge systems which are closely related but separated in time-historical iatrosophia texts and today's Greek Orthodox monasteries on Cyprus. An ethnobotanical study was conducted in 21 of the island's monasteries involving various types of interview as well as a written questionnaire survey. Data about medicinal plant use collected in the monasteries was analysed and quantitatively compared to historical iatrosophia texts using data from our pre-existing dataset. We found a core group of plant taxa for which a high consensus exists among the monasteries regarding their medicinal usefulness. Various means and routes of knowledge transmission appear to be involved in the development of this knowledge. The systematic comparison between the monasteries and the iatrosophia shows similarities and differences on various levels. While the plants used by the nuns and monks have by the majority a relationship to the iatrosophia and show a remarkable historical consistency in terms of their use for defined groups of ailments, the importance of many of these plants and the use of herbal medicines in general have changed. This is one of the first studies from the Mediterranean region which is based on a systematic ethnopharmacological analysis involving comprehensive datasets of historical and modern ethnographic data. The example illustrates continuity and change in 'traditional' knowledge as well as the adoption of new knowledge and provides the opportunity to look beyond the dichotomy between traditional and modern concepts of plant usage. Overall, the study suggests that a systematic

  20. Dergilerden Özetler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Şebnem Korur Fincancı


    experiences in Kosovo Sch "afer A T Arch Kriminol, 2000 Mar-Apr; 205(3-4: 110-6. Eski Yugoslavya için kurulan Uluslararası Kriminal Mahkemesinin isteği üzerine CID görevlileri ve adli patologlardan oluşan bir Alman ekibi olası savaş suçlarını araştırmak üzere 1999 yazında Koso- va’ya gönderildi. Bu amaç için, tanıklar bulunmalı, sorgulanmalı ve kurbanların mezarları belirlenip, cesetler çıkartılmalı ve adli tıbbi incelenmeleri gerekliydi. Çalışmalar sırasında yaklaşık 200 ceset bulundu ve incelendi, çoğu erkekti ve ateşli silah yaralanmaları ağırlıklıydı. Cesetlerin büyük bir yüzdesi kimlik- lendirilebilcii. Makale bu şekilde bir incelemenin değişik adli ve patolojik özelliklerini ele almaktadır. KOMPLEKS TRAVMA SONRASI STRESS BOZUKLUĞU (TSSB: YENİ KAVRAMLARIN GÖZDEN GEÇİRİLMESİ Complex PTSD: a review of current issues. ide N, Paez A. Int J Emerg Ment Health 2000 Winter; 2(1: 43-9. TSSB’nun tanı kriterleri gündeme geldiği 1980 başlarından beri çok büyük gelişme göstermiştir. Bununla birlikte bugün tanımlanan biçimi ile TSSB’nun travmatik olaylara psikolojik yanıtı ne kadar iyi kapsadığı tartışılabilir. TSSB’nun yeni tanımlarının bir uzantısı olarak "kompleks TSSB" kavramı gözden geçirilmiştir. Kompleks TSSB’nun yeni TSSB tanımlarına üstünlüğü bozukluğun 3 ana alanında görülmektedir: lKompleks semptomlar ile ortaya çıkma 2ka- raktere bağlı sorunlar 3 tekrarlayan travmaya açık olma Bu sorunlar gözden geçirilerek kompleks TSSB’nun resmi olarak tanınabilmesi için destek sağlanmıştır. UÇAK KAZASI SONRASI İNSAN KALINTILARINDA KİMLİKLENDİRME: SOSYAL HİZMETLERİN ROLÜ Identifying human remains following an air disaster: the role of social work. Newhill CE, Sites EW. Soc Work Health Care 2000; 31(4: 85-105. Afet bölgesinde çalışan ve insan kalıntılarını bulma ve kimliklendirme ile görevli olanlarda travma oluşum riski yüksektir. Cesetler

  1. ІСТОРІЯ ЗАРОДЖЕННЯ ТА СТАНОВЛЕННЯ МЕДСЕСТРИНСТВА: ЄВРОПЕЙСКИЙ КОНТЕКСТ / The History of Origin and Formation of Nursing: European context

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Тимофійчук Інга


    Full Text Available Тимофийчук І., Семененко С., Роман Л.,Савчук Т., Слободян К., Васкул Н. История зарождения и становления медсестринства: европейский контекст. В статье исследуются этапы зарождения и становления такого важного звена в сфере медицинского обслуживания как медсестринство. На примере выдающихся фигур (графиня Елизавета, Флоренс Найнтингель, мать Тереза дан краткий экскурс в историю медсестринства в европейском контексте. Отражено нелегкие времена, коллизии и сложные условия, в которых формировались основы современного медсестринства. Отмечено большую роль и значительный вклад именно женщины в развитие медицины в целом и медсестринства в частности. Ключевые слова: история медсестринства, монахиня, сестры милосердия, Флоренс Найтингейл, графиня Елизавета, мать Тереза, медицина. Tymofyychuk I., Semenenko S., Roman L. Savchuk T., Slobodian K., Vaskul N. THE HISTORY OF ORIGIN AND FORMATION OF NURSING: EUROPEAN CONTEXT The article examines the stages of the origin and formation of such an important link in the health care as nursing. On the example of prominent figures (Countess Elizabeth Florence Nayntinhel, Mother Teresa a brief excursion into the history of nursing in the European context is made. It is well known that the profession of nurses was launched by a nun. But nuns had the possibility to take care

  2. Santa María de A Franqueira: de monasterio a santuario mariano

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cendón Fernández, Marta


    de don Juan Fernández de Sotomayor I, y se afilia a la orden del Císter siendo obispo don Juan Fernández de Sotomayor II y no como hasta ahora se había insistido a finales del siglo XIII. La obra se remata en 1342, data que aparece en un epígrafe bajo el tímpano siendo Gonzalo I, abad que la comenzó y acabó. Será él quien, como promotor, se egia en el propio tímpano inmerso en la escena de la epifanía. La insistencia en los emblemas heráldicos de los Sotomayor indica el apoyo que el monasterio tuvo de este linaje, del que recibe importantes donaciones a finales del siglo XIV. Quizá por la vinculación que algunos miembros del mismo tuvieron con el monasterio cisterciense de Melón, en un momento en el que los monasterios benedictinos estaban en absoluta decadencia, se produjo su afiliación al Císter; esta se situaría entre 1421, fecha en la que el obispo de Tui ratifica la elección de un nuevo abad para este monasterio todavía benedictino y 1435, data en la que no aparece entre los monasterios de dicha orden que han sido anexionados a la mesa capitular siguiendo la bula de Eugenio IV. Asimismo el análisis de las manifestaciones artísticas que se corresponden con el gótico del siglo XIV, corrobora su similitud con obras del estilo orensano, a través del convento dominico de Ribadavia y no con las de los vecinos monasterios de Oseira o Melón, más reticentes con la imagen. Entre ellas, se insiste en la devoción mariana, la propia de un santuario que recibe peregrinos que acuden a él en busca de la salvación. [gl] Esta investigación pretende o estudo dun mosteiro beneditino, Santa María da Franqueira, con posibles raíces altomedievais que se converte nun importante santuario mariano. O devandito mosteiro reconstrúese en 1293, baixo o episcopado de don Juan Fernández de Soutomaior I e afilíase á orde do Císter sendo bispo don Juan Fernández de Soutomaior II e, non como ata agora se insistira a finais do século XIII. A obra rem

  3. Eşiktekiler (Batılılaşmanın İki Ucunda İki Çocuk Tipi: Ömer ve Şermin Ones At The Threshold (Two Children Types at The End of Both Sides Of Westernization: Ömer And Şermin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Westernization, which is an approach which aims to reach tosocial and scientific of perception of the Western Europe, has beenemerged in Ottoman Empire and took quite different dimensions inRepublican Turkey. This idea firstly appeared as moderate in Ottomantimes, in addition to this sometimes appeared in different dimensionswhich criticize our radical-traditional cultural elements and becomeopposed to them.In this context, firstly problems in the social and political orderhas been tried to overcome, and then small-scale reform movements,works of out of government groups suggesting that connection ofreforms with modernity project is essential, finally transformation ofempire to nation-state has completed by disperse of the empire.Tanzimat period was quite tricky for Ottoman Empire which hasexperienced these phases. “West” which was managed to be handledespecially in social life, art and literature contexts, could find a way foritself. Westernization had started to be experienced more radical andFrench literature was taken as sample for art and literature in Servet-iFünun (Fortune of Sciences period, which was following Tanzimatperiod.In this respect, the Tanzimat is more Eastern when comparedwith Servet-i Fünun, than there are two intellectual types remained inthis period: first ones are confused intellectuals of the second period ofTanzimat and seconds are the ones who were trying to be as aWesterner. These two types of intellectuals tried to live and keep alivetheir own perception of “West”; dreamed next generation in thisdirection.In that case, looking at perception of Muallim Naci, one of theartists of second period of Tanzimat, who appears more Westerner andperception of westerner Tevfik Fikret about children, may be moresignificant to figure out how they drew a future from two differentfronts. In our study a comparison of these two points of views will bepracticed and basics of this comparison are two works:

  4. Wall paintings from the late 15th century in the Monastery church of St. Paraskeve - Brajčino

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Popovska-Korobar Viktorija


    Full Text Available The Monastery of St. Paraskevy is located above the village Brajčino, on the east shore of Lake Prespa in the Republic of Macedonia. In accordance with the incomplete donor’s inscription this one aisle church with a pitched roof was built and decorated at the same time. Reparations came around 1800, when rebuilding was done on the longitudinal walls and the narthex (without fresco decoration. The fresco paintings from the 15th century are preserved on the west facade, and on the east and west wall of the naos. The decorative program in the interior was common for the small type monastery churches without narthex. From the old edifice, on the corner of the outside southwest wall visible are remains of figures, a monk and a man in laymen’s attire facing eastward. The iconographic program of the west facade is interesting for the scenes which encompass the patrons niche: a reduced Last Judgment (Royal Deesis, Hell and Paradise, where the monk Pahomios above the gate is depicted in prayer and the equestrian figures of St. George and St. Mena. A parallel for the rare iconography of St. Mena with the tamed beasts is found in an unpublished icon, which most probably was painted in the last quarter of the 15th century, and is kept presently on the iconostasis of the church of Panagia tou Apostolaki in Kastoria. In accordance with all the considered characteristics by means of comparative analysis, we assume that the anonymous master could be an individual who belonged to the painting workshops which are credited for painting the church of St. Nicholas of the nun Eupraxia in Kastoria. We suppose the painter worked in Brajčino soon after the year 1486 and before 1493, when the decoration of the church in Kremikovci was completed, in which he most likely took part as a member of another large workshop. Regarding the question about the origins of the style of the 'master from the 1480’s', the paper articulates an opinion that they should be traced

  5. Famulaturreife: Eine Idee auf dem Prüfstand [Clerkship maturity: Does the idea of training clinical skills work?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stosch, Christoph


    Full Text Available [english] Background: With the reformed curriculum “4C”, the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne has started to systematically plan practical skills training, for which Clerkship Maturity is the first step. The key guidelines along which the curriculum was development were developed by experts. This approach has now been validated. Materials and methods: Both students and teachers were asked to fill in a questionnaire regarding preclinical practical skills training to confirm the concept of Clerkship Maturity. Results and discussion: The Cologne training program Clerkship Maturity can be validated empirically overall through the activities of the students awaiting the clerkship framework and through the evaluation by the medical staff providing the training. The subjective ratings of the advantages of the training by the students leave room for improvement. Apart from minor improvements to the program, the most likely solution providing sustainable results will involve an over-regional strategy for establishing skills training planned as part of the curriculum.[german] Hintergrund: Mit dem Modellstudiengang Humanmedizin hat die Medizinische Fakultät der Universität zu Köln begonnen, die praktische Ausbildung, deren erster Schritt die „Famulaturreife“ ist, systematisch zu planen. Dabei wurden die handlungsleitenden Strukturen, entlang derer das Curriculum entwickelt wurde, auf Experteneinschätzung basierend entworfen. Dieses Vorgehen wurde nun einer Validierung unterworfen.Material und Methode: Sowohl Studierende als auch Lehrende wurden mit einem Fragebogen zur Ausbildung in Praktischen Fertigkeiten konfrontiert, um das Konstrukt „Famulaturreife“ zu bestätigen. Ergebnisse und Diskussion: Das Kölner Ausbildungsprogramm zur „Famulaturreife“ kann insgesamt empirisch durch die Tätigkeiten der Studierenden im Rahmen der Famulatur sowie durch die Einschätzung seitens der ausbildenden Ärzte bestätigt werden. Der

  6. Biological effect and tumor risk of diagnostic x-rays. The ''war of the theories''; Biologische Wirkung und Tumorrisiko diagnostischer Roentgenstrahlen. Der ''Krieg der Modelle''

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Selzer, E.; Hebar, A. [Medizinische Universitaet Wien, Abteilung fuer Strahlenbiologie, Klinik fuer Strahlentherapie, Wien (Austria)


    Since the introduction of ionizing radiation as a treatment and diagnostic tool in humans, scientists have been trying to estimate its side effects and potential health risks. There is now ample evidence for the principal existence of a direct relationship between higher doses and the risks of side effects. Most of the uncertainties lie in the field of low-dose effects especially with respect to the risk of cancer induction. Low-dose effects are usually of relevance in diagnostic medicine while high-dose radiation effects are typically observed after radiotherapeutic treatment for cancer or after nuclear accidents. The current state of the ''war of theories'' may be summarized as follows: one group of scientists and health regulatory officials favors the hypothesis that there is no threshold dose, i.e. the linear-no-threshold hypothesis (LNT) of radiation which can be regarded as safe. On the contrary, the critics of this hypothesis suggest that the risks of doses below 50 mSv are not measurable or even of clinical relevance and are not adequately described by a linear dose-response relationship. The aim of this article is to summarize the major unresolved issues in this field. Arguments are presented why the validity of the LNT model in the low-dose range should be regarded as at least inconsistent and is thus questionable. (orig.) [German] Seit der Einfuehrung ionisierender Strahlen als ein Mittel zur Behandlung und Diagnose beim Menschen haben Wissenschaftler versucht, ihre Nebenwirkungen und potenziellen Risiken fuer die Gesundheit einzuschaetzen. Es gibt nun ausreichende Evidenz fuer das grundsaetzliche Vorliegen einer direkten Beziehung zwischen hoeheren Dosen und Nebenwirkungsrisiken. Die meisten Unsicherheiten liegen auf dem Gebiet der Niedrigdosisforschung v. a. im Hinblick auf das Risiko der Induktion von Krebs. Niedrigdosiseffekte sind ueblicherweise von Bedeutung in der diagnostischen Medizin, waehrend Hochdosisbestrahlungseffekte

  7. Hippocampal sclerosis in advanced age: clinical and pathological features. (United States)

    Nelson, Peter T; Schmitt, Frederick A; Lin, Yushun; Abner, Erin L; Jicha, Gregory A; Patel, Ela; Thomason, Paula C; Neltner, Janna H; Smith, Charles D; Santacruz, Karen S; Sonnen, Joshua A; Poon, Leonard W; Gearing, Marla; Green, Robert C; Woodard, John L; Van Eldik, Linda J; Kryscio, Richard J


    Hippocampal sclerosis is a relatively common neuropathological finding (∼10% of individuals over the age of 85 years) characterized by cell loss and gliosis in the hippocampus that is not explained by Alzheimer's disease. Hippocampal sclerosis pathology can be associated with different underlying causes, and we refer to hippocampal sclerosis in the aged brain as hippocampal sclerosis associated with ageing. Much remains unknown about hippocampal sclerosis associated with ageing. We combined three different large autopsy cohorts: University of Kentucky Alzheimer's Disease Centre, the Nun Study and the Georgia Centenarian Study to obtain a pool of 1110 patients, all of whom were evaluated neuropathologically at the University of Kentucky. We focused on the subset of cases with neuropathology-confirmed hippocampal sclerosis (n=106). For individuals aged≥95 years at death (n=179 in our sample), each year of life beyond the age of 95 years correlated with increased prevalence of hippocampal sclerosis pathology and decreased prevalence of 'definite' Alzheimer's disease pathology. Aberrant TAR DNA protein 43 immunohistochemistry was seen in 89.9% of hippocampal sclerosis positive patients compared with 9.7% of hippocampal sclerosis negative patients. TAR DNA protein 43 immunohistochemistry can be used to demonstrate that the disease is usually bilateral even when hippocampal sclerosis pathology is not obvious by haematoxylin and eosin stains. TAR DNA protein 43 immunohistochemistry was negative on brain sections from younger individuals (n=10) after hippocampectomy due to seizures, who had pathologically confirmed hippocampal sclerosis. There was no association between cases with hippocampal sclerosis associated with ageing and apolipoprotein E genotype. Age of death and clinical features of hippocampal sclerosis associated with ageing (with or without aberrant TAR DNA protein 43) were distinct from previously published cases of frontotemporal lobar degeneration TAR

  8. New approaches for the reliability-oriented structural optimization considering time-variant aspects; Neue Ansaetze fuer die zuverlaessigkeitsorientierte Strukturoptimierung unter Beachtung zeitvarianter Aspekte

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kuschel, N.


    The optimization of structures with respect to cost, weight or performance is a well-known application of the nonlinear optimization. However reliability-based structural optimization has been subject of only very few studies. The approaches suggested up to now have been unsatisfactory regarding general possibility of application or easy handling by user. The objective of this thesis is the development of general approaches to solve both optimization problems, the minimization of cost with respect to constraint reliabilty and the maximization of reliability under cost constraint. The extented approach of an one-level-method will be introduced in detail for the time-invariant problems. Here, the reliability of the sturcture will be analysed in the framework of the First-Order-Reliability-Method (FORM). The use of time-variant reliability analysis is necessary for a realistic modelling of many practical problems. Therefore several generalizations of the new approaches will be derived for the time-variant reliability-based structural optimization. Some important properties of the optimization problems are proved. In addition some interesting extensions of the one-level-method, for example the cost optimization of structural series systems and the cost optimization in the frame of the Second-Order-Reliabiity-Method (SORM), are presented in the thesis. (orig.) [German] Die Optimierung von Tragwerken im Hinblick auf die Kosten, das Gewicht oder die Gestalt ist eine sehr bekannte Anwendung der nichtlinearen Optimierung. Die zuverlaessigkeitsorientierte Strukturoptimierung wurde dagegen weit seltener untersucht. Die bisher vorgeschlagenen Ansaetze koennen bezueglich ihrer allgemeinen Verwendbarkeit oder ihrer nutzerfreundlichen Handhabung nicht befriedigen. Das Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit ist nun die Entwicklung allgemeiner Ansaetze zur Loesung der beiden Optimierungsprobleme, einer Kostenminimierung unter Zuverlaessigkeitsrestriktionen und einer

  9. Threshold-Konzepte, das ANCIL-Curriculum und die Metaliteracy – Überlegungen zu Konsequenzen für die Förderung von Informationskompetenz in deutschen Hochschulen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wilfried Sühl-Strohmenger


    Full Text Available Das Verständnis von Informationskompetenz, wie es sich im deutschsprachigen Raum seit etwa 15 Jahren entwickelt hat, steht auch aufgrund neuer Ansätze und Ideen zur Information Literacy aus dem angloamerikanischen Raum zur Diskussion. Vor allem bezieht sich das auf die Threshold-Konzepte sowie das Framework-Modell der US-amerikanischen Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL, ferner die Metaliteracy-Theorie von Mackey und Jacobson und schließlich auf das neue britische ANCIL-Curriculum. Nun sind aus deutscher bibliothekarischer Sicht nicht alle mit den oben genannten neuen Konzepten verbundenen Gedankengänge und Argumente der Kolleginnen und Kollegen aus den USA und aus Großbritannien ohne weiteres nachvollziehbar gewesen. Und wie verhalten sie sich zu den Standards der Informationskompetenz? Jetzt liegen erste Ansätze in den USA vor, die explizit auf dem Threshold-Modell bzw. dem ACRL-Framework aufbauen, so dass eine konkretere Grundlage für mögliche Übertragungen der Modelle auf Kurs- und Schulungskonzepte zur Förderung von Informationskompetenz im deutschsprachigen Raum gegeben ist.   The concept of information competency, as developed in the German-speaking countries for about 15 years, has recently come up for discussion because of new approaches and ideas about information literacy from the Anglo-American countries. This mostly refers to the threshold concepts as well as the framework model of the US-American ACRL, the Metaliteracy Theory by Mackey and Jacobson and finally the new curriculum of the British ANCIL. From a German librarian's point of view, not all of the ideas and arguments of our American and British colleagues which are connected to the above-mentioned new concepts were easy to understand. Another question is how they relate to the standards of information competency. By now, first approaches in the US, which are explicitly based on the Threshold Model or the ACRL Framework, have been made available

  10. Workflows des Projektes Mengenentsäuerung im Deutschen Literaturarchiv

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melanie Kubitza


    Full Text Available Das Deutsche Literaturarchiv Marbach (DLA begann 1998 mit der Evaluation geeigneter Entsäuerungsverfahren für seine unikalen Archiv- und Bibliotheksbestände. Seit 2013 erfolgt eine kontinuierliche Entsäuerungsbehandlung der Buchbestände mit dem Papersave-Verfahren der Nitrochemie AG, mit einer jährlichen Entsäuerungsleistung von insgesamt rund 4,0 t in acht Chargen. Neben den Magazinbeständen mit Erstausgaben bis hin zur Sekundärliteratur zu den einzelnen Autoren, wurden nun auch erstmals erfolgreich Bände aus den Spezialsammlungen des DLA entsäuert, zu denen auch Autorenbibliotheken gehören. Der Beitrag erläutert neben der Zusammenarbeit des Referats Bestandserhaltung mit den Abteilungen Bibliothek und Archiv auch Teilaspekte der Workflows aus restauratorischer Sicht. Dabei steht die intern entwickelte Barcode-unterstützte Dokumentation der Maßnahme auf Exemplarsebene im Bestandskatalog Kallías im Fokus. Sie enthält neben den verfahrensrelevanten Daten u. a. Informationen zu den Ausschlusskriterien oder alternativen und ergänzenden Maßnahmen der Verpackung, Restaurierung oder Digitalisierung. Das Marbacher Mengenentsäuerungsprojekt führt an den Originalen eine Qualitätskontrolle bezüglich aufgetretener Nebenwirkungen am Bibliotheksgut durch und kontrolliert die Langzeitwirkung der Entsäuerung an originalähnlichen Referenzbänden mit nicht zerstörungsfreien Messungen. In 1998 the German Literature Archive (DLA began to evaluate appropriate deacidification processes for its unique archive and library stock. Since 2013, Nitrochemie’s papersave procedure has been used for an ongoing deacidification treatment of the bookstock with an annual output of about 4,0 t in eight batches. The deacidification process has been successfully used for primary and secondary literature as well as - for the first time - for volumes of the rare materials collection of the DLA, including authors‘ libraries. The article describes the

  11. My elder brother Fr Prof.Benignus Józef Wanat OCD. Personal family reminiscences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edward Wanat


    Full Text Available Father Józef Benignus Wanat OCD was born in Frydrychowice, near Wadowice, into a large and impoverished farming family. He had seven brothers and one sister and was the third son of Franciszek and Maria Wanat. His hard working family was one of character displaying religious devotion, and demonstrating generosity to others in times of need. During the Nazi occupation, his parents took into their two-roomed house, a family of eight who were deprived of their own home in brutal circumstances. Out of necessity, and due to lack of space, the three oldest sons slept in the stable under the roof on a makeshift bed. After graduating from High School, and in answer to his calling, Benignus entered a novitiate in the Discalced Carmelites’ Monastery in Czerna. He completed his philosophy studies in Poznan and his theological studies at the Major Seminary of Discalced Carmelite Fathers in Kraków, where he was ordained a priest. In Krakow, at the Jagiellonian University’s Faculty of History and Philosophy, Fr. Benignus pursued extramural studies in the field of archives. He graduated from the Pontifical Academy of Theology in Kraków in the History of Art and having successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, he earned the the title of professor doctor. He was a member of the faculty of art in this university and he lectured on the History of Art of the Church with emphasis on European art. He was the founder of the Archives of the Discalced Carmelites in Czerna. He wrote prolifically on the History of Art of the Discalced Carmelite Order and the Discalced Carmelite Nuns researching and visiting many and various sites for his articles. This led to his magnumopus, a monograph on the Discalced Carmelite Order in Poland. He was elected several times as Provincial Superior of the Discalced Carmelites Province in Poland and he was appointed the first Provincial Superior of the Province of Kraków which included being the Prior of several monasteries

  12. Safety - thanks to the freedom to decide; Sicherheit durch Entscheidungsfreiheit

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brandes, B. [Brandes GmbH, Eutin (Germany)


    The pipe manufacturers who are grouped together in the EuHP have reached agreement on offering bare copper wire as `their` compatible standard sensor. This is not a new decision: This always was the case, and was always sold as such if the customer did not express any particular wishes of their own in this respect when placing the order. The inspiration for this action is, rather, concern with some monitoring systems. These have become the subject of gossip over the past few years, and we too view this development with concern. Only the `Nordic system` and the resistance comparison measuring system process are unaffected by this. Against this background, attempts are also being made to have copper declared as the sole standard. This decision is in fact only a logical defence of interests, because compatibility between not only the pipe manufacturers but also between the laying processes is only available with the resistance wire - and that has always been the case. It is important not to treat the topic as an `article of faith`, but in such a way that the way is open to solutions which really are acceptable to all parties. (orig./KO) [Deutsch] Die im EuHP zusammengefassten Rohrhersteller haben sich nun darauf verstaendigt, kuenftig zwei Kupferadern als `ihren` Standardsensor anzubieten. Das ist keine neue Entscheidung, denn das war schon immer so und wurde immer dann verkauft, wenn der Kunde keine feste eigene Meinung in die Auftragsvergabe einbrachte. Neu ist, dass man kuenftig `keine stoerenden Komponenten` in den Rohren mehr will und dass man das `Kupfersystem` offensiv nach aussen traegt. Mit diesem Hintergrund ist es verstaendlich, dass manche bei dieser Gelegenheit gleich den Sensor, der ihnen als Rohrhersteller am angenehmsten ist, zum Standard erklaeren moechten. Dieser Beschluss ist konsequente Interessenwahrnehmung. Denn: Wirkliche Kompatibilitaet nicht nur zwischen den Verlegeverfahren, gibt es mit dem Widerstandsdraht schon seit ueber 20 Jahren. Ob der

  13. Urban-rural differences in the prevalence of diabetes mellitus among 25-74 year-old adults of the Yangon Region, Myanmar: two cross-sectional studies. (United States)

    Aung, Wai Phyo; Htet, Aung Soe; Bjertness, Espen; Stigum, Hein; Chongsuvivatwong, Virasakdi; Kjøllesdal, Marte Karoline Råberg


    To investigate the association between urban-rural location and the occurrence of diabetes mellitus (DM) in the Yangon Region, and to estimate the proportion of urban and rural participants already diagnosed with DM, and of those, the proportion under treatment and under control. Two cross-sectional studies, using the WHO STEPs methodology. The Yangon Region of Myanmar, urban and rural areas. Men and women, aged 25-74 years, included during the study period from September-November 2013 (urban) and 2014 (rural areas) (n=1372). Institutionalised people, physically and mentally ill person, monks and nuns were excluded. The age-standardised prevalence of DM was 12.1% in urban and 7.1% in rural areas (p=0.039). In urban areas, the prevalence of DM was lowest in the highest educational groups (prural areas, those who were physically inactive had a low intake of fruit and vegetable and were overweight/obese had a higher DM prevalence than others. In a logistic regression, the OR for DM in rural compared with urban areas was 0.38 (0.22, 0.65), adjusted for sociodemographic variables and behavioural risk factors. In urban areas, 43.1% of participants had the experience of receiving blood glucose measurements by a doctor or health worker, and 61.5% of all cases of DM were already diagnosed, 78.7% were under treatment and 45.8% were under control. The corresponding proportions in rural areas were 26.4%, 52.4%, 78.1% and 32.0%, respectively. The prevalence of DM in the Yangon Region was high, and significantly higher in urban than in rural areas. More health services are needed to serve this population with a large proportion of undiagnosed diabetes. Preventive measures to halt and reduce the prevalence of DM are urgently needed. © Article author(s) (or their employer(s) unless otherwise stated in the text of the article) 2018. All rights reserved. No commercial use is permitted unless otherwise expressly granted.

  14. Ibn Arabi, Malami-Bayrami Dervish Order and the 17th Century Ottoman Balkans / İbn Arabî, Melamî-Bayrâmî Tarikatı ve 17 Yüzyılda Osmanlı Balkanları

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Efdal Özkul


    Öz Muhyuddîn ibn ‘Arabi’nin (ö. 1240 Osmanlı İmparatorluğu’nun entelektüel hayatında bıraktığı manevi mirası üzerine tartışmalar 17. yüzyılın ilk on yılında zirveye ulaşmıştır. İbn-i Arabi’nin öğretilerinde, Şeyh-i Ekber’in eserinin en fazla etki bıraktığı tarikatların (özellikle Halvetî ve Bayrâmî üyelerinin, ilgili diyalogda en önde gelenler arasında olmaları gayet doğaldır. Söz konusu dönem Melamî-Bayramî tarikatının devlet otoritesi ve ulema ile barışma teşebbüsüne denk gelmekteydi. Adı geçen tarikatın itibar kazanmasında Hamza Bali’nin halifesi Hasan Kabaduz (ö. 1601’un Balkan asıllı müritleri olan Hüseyin Lamekani (ö. 1625 ve Abdüllah Bosnevi (ö. 1644 önemi büyüktür. Ibn ‘Arabi’nin Osmanlı Devleti’ndeki çağdaşları arasında vahdet-i vücûdun en önemli savunuculardan sayılan Abdüllah Bosnevî, İbnü ‘l-Arebî’nin başyapıtı Fusûsu‘l-Hikem’ın şarihi olarak alelumum ün kazanmıştır.

  15. Evolution of H2O related species in the neutral coma of 67P (United States)

    Bieler, A. M.; Altwegg, K.; Balsiger, H. R.; Bar-Nun, A.; Berthelier, J. J.; Bochsler, P. A.; Briois, C.; Calmonte, U.; Combi, M. R.; De Keyser, J.; van Dishoeck, E.; Fiethe, B.; Fuselier, S. A.; Gasc, S.; Gombosi, T. I.; Hansen, K. C.; Hässig, M.; Jäckel, A.; Kopp, E.; Korth, A.; Le Roy, L.; Mall, U.; Maggiolo, R.; Marty, B.; Mousis, O.; Owen, T. C.; Reme, H.; Rubin, M.; Sémon, T.; Tzou, C. Y.; Waite, J. H., Jr.; Walsh, C.; Wurz, P.


    The ROSINA-DFMS mass spectrometer has been probing the coma of 67Psince the spacecraft arrived at the comet in August 2014.The acquired data set covers a large range of viewing geometries forthe ever changing conditions of 67P along its journey to pericenter. With the high temporal resolutionof ROSINA-DFMS we are able to examine diurnal and seasonal changesof different species in the gaseous coma.Large scale heterogeneities in the coma have been reported since the very first measurements of the neutral inventory at 67P.Many of the minor species are seen to follow one of the major compounds,H2O, CO or CO2.In this paper we will present the latest results on H2O related species.We will discuss the possible trapping/building mechanisms responsible for these species and why it is different from other species such asCO, N2 or CO2. Acknowledgements:Work at the University of Michigan was funded by NASA contract JPL-1266313.Work at UoB was funded by the State of Bern, the Swiss National Science Foundationand the European Space Agency PRODEX Program. Work at MPS was funded by the Max-Planck Society and BMWI contract 50QP1302. Work at Southwest Research institute was supported by subcontract #1496541 from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Work at BIRA-IASB was supported by the Belgian Science Policy Office via PRODEX/ROSINA PEA 90020. This work has been carried out thanks to the support of the A*MIDEX project (n° ANR-11-IDEX-0001-02) funded by the « Investissements d'Avenir » French Government program, managed by the French National Research Agency (ANR). This work was supported by CNES grants at IRAP, LATMOS, LPC2E, UTINAM, CRPG, and by the European Research Council (grant no. 267255 to B. Marty). A. Bar-Nun thanks the Ministry of Science and the Israel Space agency. Work by JHW at Southwest Research Institute was funded by the NASA JPL subcontract NAS703001TONMO710889. EvD and CW are supported by A-ERC grant 291141 CHEMPLAN and an NWO Veni award. We acknowledge herewith the

  16. O cemitério como espaço devocional: um estudo sobre a devoção a Irmã Benigna (The cemetery as devotional space: a study about the devotion to sister Benigna

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ilza Mara Lima


    Full Text Available Este artigo pretende analisar os cemitérios como espaço de múltiplas devoções, dentre elas as devoções marginais: as diversas formas com as quais as pessoas cultuam seus mortos, através de seus túmulos. As devoções que são manifestadas perante esses túmulos dentro dos cemitérios demonstram esta prática de fé, que se denomina de devoção marginal. Pessoas comuns que após a morte, ganham a veneração de fieis que lhe pedem a interseção junto ao sagrado, são cultuadas como milagreiras.  Após o pedido realizado, o devoto passa há ornamentar o tumulo do Milagreiro, com Flores, Velas, Ex votos em forma de agradecimento. O túmulo então se torna objeto de veneração e peregrinação. O artigo examina como esta devoção no cemitério do Bonfim, em Belo Horizonte, mais especificamente no túmulo da milagreira Irmã Benigna, auxilia os devotos nos momentos de suas angústias e aflições. Analisa-se como essa devoção se perpetua à margem da crença oficial. Palavras-chave: Morte. Enterramento. Túmulo. Devoção. Irmã Benigna.   Abstract This article analyzes the cemeteries as a place of many devotions, devotions among them marginal. the various ways in which people worship their dead through their graves. The devotions that are manifested before these graves within the cemeteries demonstrate the practice of faith is called the marginal devotion. Ordinary people who are worshiped as a miracle worker. The article examines how this devotion in the cemetery of Bonfim in Belo Horizonte City, more specifically in the miraculous Num Benigna’s Tomb helps the devotees by the time their distress happene. It looks at how devotion is perpetuated the margin of the official belief. Keywords: Death. Burial. Grave. Devotion. Nun Benigna’s. 

  17. Late Cenozoic tephrochronology, stratigraphy, geomorphology, and neotectonics of the Western Black Mountains Piedmont, Death Valley, California: Implications for the spatial and temporal evolution of the Death Valley fault zone (United States)

    Knott, Jeffrey Rayburn

    This study presents the first detailed tephrochronologic study of the central Death Valley area by correlation of a Nomlaki-like tuff (>3.35 Ma), tuffs of the Mesquite Spring family (3.1 -- 3.35 Ma), a tuff of the lower Glass Mountain family (1.86 -- 2.06 Ma), and tephra layers from the upper Glass Mountain family (0.8 -- 1.2 Ma), the Bishop ash bed (0.76 Ma), the Lava Creek B ash bed (~0.66 Ma), and the Dibekulewe ash bed (~0.51 Ma). Correlation of these tuffs and tephra layers provides the first reliable numeric-age stratigraphy for late Cenozoic alluvial fan and lacustrine deposits for Death Valley and resulted in the naming of the informal early to middle Pleistocene Mormon Ploint formation. Using the numeric-age stratigraphy, the Death Valley fault zone (DVFZ) is interpreted to have progressively stepped basinward since the late Pliocene at Mormon Point and Copper Canyon. The Mormon Point turtleback or low-angle normal fault is shown to have unequivocal late Quaternary slip at its present low angle dip. Tectonic geomorphic analysis indicates that the (DVFZ) is composed of five geomorphic segments with the most persistent segment boundaries being the en-echelon step at Mormon Point and the bedrock salient at Artists Drive. Subsequent geomorphic studies resulting from the numeric-age stratigraphy and structural relations include application of Gilberts field criteria to the benches at Mormon Point indicating that the upper bench is a lacustrine strandline and the remaining topographically-lower benches are fault scarps across the 160--185 ka lake abrasion platform. In addition, the first known application of cosmogenic 10Be and 26Al exposure dating to a rock avalanche complex south of Badwater yielded an age of 29.5 +/- 1.9 ka for the younger avalanche. The 28 meter offset of the older avalanche may be interpreted as post-160--185 ka yielding a 0.1 mm/year slip rate, or post-29.5 +/- 1.9 ka yielding a maximum slip rate of 0.9 nun/year for the DVFZ. A consequence


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In a r etrospective s t udy on the c ancer o f the gal l bladder, done in Iran, it s e ems tha t it compr ises 0 . 36% o f a ll the malignant tumors . 1 .7 5% of the patients were fema les and the maximum incidenc e wa s in t he s i x th decade of l i f e. It was interesting t o note that the age ratio bet ween t he males and f ema le s reverses with t he advance o f a ge, s o at the 7th and 8t h decade of life , the inciden ce o f the disease 1n males wa s muc h highe r than f emales."nAt the 8th dec ade , the nun~er of male patients was twice as f emales . The presenting symptoms in most c a ses were; pain,j aun- d ice, l o s s o f we i gh t , and in a f ew c ases t here was a hist or y of long l asting s~np tom s , re fe r able t o the bili a ry s ystem. After admission and surgical opening of the abdomen , 60% o f patie nts we re c ons i dere d ino perable. Al l the pat ients suf fe ring f rom anaplast ic carcinoma , which comprised 5% of all case s , were female and had a long l ast i ng history of gall b ladder infe c tions. The prevalence o f stone f ormation in g a l l blad der malignancie s i s a known f act but whether t he c au s e of thi s coincidenc e i s due t o some factors, suc h as irritation dysp:asia,or only CO~~ Ibi na tion o f t hese , is not def i n i t ly known.

  19. Spectroscopic and theoretical study of the "azo"-dye E124 in condensate phase: evidence of a dominant hydrazo form. (United States)

    Almeida, Mariana R; Stephani, Rodrigo; Dos Santos, Hélio F; de Oliveira, Luiz Fernando C


    Spectroscopic techniques, including Raman, IR, UV/vis, and NMR were used to characterize the samples of the azo dye Ponceau 4R (also known as E124, New Coccine; Cochineal Red; C.I. no. 16255; Food Red No. 102), which is 1,3-naphthalenedisulfonic acid, 7-hydroxy-8-[(4-sulfo-1-naphthalenyl) azo] trisodium salt in aqueous solution and solid state. In addition, first principle calculations were carried out for the azo (OH) and hydrazo (NH) tautomers in order to assist in the assignment of the experimental data. The two intense bands observed in the UV/vis spectrum, centered at 332 and 507 nm, can be compared to the calculated values at 296 and 474 nm for azo and 315 and 500 nm for hydrazo isomer, with the latter in closer agreement to the experiment. The Raman spectrum is quite sensitive to tautomeric equilibrium; in solid state and aqueous solution, three bands were observed around 1574, 1515, and 1364 cm(-1), assigned to mixed modes including deltaNH + betaCH + nuCC, deltaNH + nuC horizontal lineO + nuC horizontal lineN + betaCH and nuCC vibrations, respectively. These assignments are predicted only for the NH species centered at 1606, 1554, and 1375 cm(-1). The calculated Raman spectrum for the azo (OH) tautomer showed two strong bands at 1468 (nuN = N + deltaOH) and 1324 cm(-1) (nuCC + nuC-N), which were not obtained experimentally. The (13)C NMR spectrum showed a very characteristic peak at 192 ppm assigned to the carbon bound to oxygen in the naphthol ring; the predicted values were 165 ppm for OH and 187 for NH isomer, supporting once again the predominance of NH species in solution. Therefore, all of the experimental and theoretical results strongly suggest the food dye Ponceau 4R or E124 has a major contribution of the hydrazo structure instead of the azo form as the most abundant in condensate phase.

  20. Infrared spectroscopy, vibrational predissociation dynamics and stability of the hydrogen trioxy (HOOO) radical and estimation of its abundance in the atmosphere (United States)

    Derro, Erika L.

    The hydrogen trioxy (HOOO) radical has been implicated as an important intermediate in key processes in the atmosphere. In the present studies, HOOO is produced by the combination of O2 and photolytically generated OH radicals in the collisional region of a pulsed supersonic expansion. Rotationally cooled HOOO is probed in the effectively collision-free region of the expansion using infrared action spectroscopy, an infrared-pump, ultraviolet-probe technique, in which HOOO is vibrationally excited and the nascent OH products of vibrational predissociation are probed via laser-induced fluorescence. High resolution infrared spectra of HOOO and DOOO were observed in the fundamental and overtone OH/D stretching regions (nui and 2nu 1), which comprise a rotationally structured band attributed to the trans conformer, and an unstructured component assigned to the cis conformer. Infrared spectra of HOOO and DOOO combination bands composed of the OH stretch and a low frequency mode (nu1 + nun) were also observed. This allowed identification of vibrational frequencies for five of the six modes for trans-H/DOOO and four of the six modes for cis-HOOO and DOOO. Identification of low frequency modes provides critical information on the vibrational dynamics and thermochemical properties of the HOOO radical, and furthermore, provides a potential means for detecting HOOO in situ in the atmosphere. In addition, the nascent OH X2pi products following vibrational predissociation of HOOO have been investigated. The product state distributions reveal a distinct preference for population of pi(A ') Λ-doublets in OH that is indicative of a planar dissociation of trans-HOOO in which the symmetry of the bonding orbital is maintained. The highest observed OH quantum state allows determination of the stability of HOOO relative to the OH + O 2 asymptote using a conservation of energy approach. In conjunction with a similar investigation of DOOO, the binding energy is determined to be ≤ 5