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  1. La planificación nacional en Ecuador: planes de desarrollo y ordenamiento territorial, y el sistema de seguimiento y evaluación SIGAD

    Peñaherrera-Cabezas, Jorge


    Full Text Available The National Secretariat of Planning and Development (SENPLADES develops mechanisms, methodologies and procedures applicable to the generation and management of information for planning, and quality standards for it; further defines the procedures and standards for reporting the Plans PDOT into an evaluation System for Decentralized Autonomous Governments SIGAD. In order to optimize public interventions and to implement paragraph 3 of Article 272 of the Constitution; the autonomous governments report annually to the National Secretariat of Planning and Development the accomplishment of the goals set out in their respective plans. The purpose of this study is to analyze key aspects of the methodological development guide of PDOT applied between 2014 -2015 and the evaluation system SIGAD, in order to diagnose their weaknesses, and try to capture recommendations and alternatives for better performance. First a diagnosis of the most representative points of the development of PDOT will be held, to then address the issues of the evaluation system SIGAD.

  2. "See õpilasmalev on ikka täitsa tume maa" / Jaanus Kulli

    Kulli, Jaanus, 1955-


    Stsenaristide-režissööride Jaak Kilmi ja Rene Reinumägi poolt läbiviidud castingutest filmi "Sigade revolutsioon" peaosaliste leidmiseks, valiti välja õpilased Uku Uusberg, Lilian Alto ja Jass Seljamaa

  3. Kus on, tuleb juurde / Mari Laaniste

    Laaniste, Mari, 1977-


    Riias toimuvast Arsenalsi rahvusvahelisest filmifoorumist ja Matsalu loodusfilmide festivalist. Arsenalsi festivali Balti võistlusprogrammis osalevad "Somnambuul"; "Sigade revolutsioon"; "Instinkt"; Porgand!", "Hungerburger", "Buss", "Elav jõud", "Vali kord". Lisa : lühiintervjuud režissööri Andres Maimiku ja Matsalu festivali direktori Tiit Mesilaga

  4. Omad võõraste hulgas / Viktor Matizen ; tõlk. Tamara Korts

    Matizen, Viktor


    Moskvas lõppes XXVI rahvusvaheline filmifestival. Peapreemia sai venelase Dmitri Meshijevi "Omad" ("Svoi"), FIPRESCI auhinna Marina Razbezhkina "Lõikuse aeg" ("Vremja zhatvõ"), publiku auhinna Vladimir Mashkovi "Isa" ("Papa!"), vene kriitikute auhinna brasiillase Heitor Dhalia "Nina", konkursi "Perspektiiv" auhinna jaapanlane Hideta Takahata ("Hotell Veenus") ja žürii eriauhinna Hõbedase Püha Jüri eestlaste Jaak Kilmi ja Rene Reinumägi "Sigade revolutsioon"

  5. Evaluation of natural regulatory T cells in subjects with selective IgA deficiency: from senior idea to novel opportunities.

    Soheili, Habib; Abolhassani, Hassan; Arandi, Narges; Khazaei, Hossein Ali; Shahinpour, Shervin; Hirbod-Mobarakeh, Armin; Rezaei, Nima; Aghamohammadi, Asghar


    Selective IgA deficiency (SIgAD) is the most common primary immunodeficiency disorder, which is characterized by significantly decreased serum levels of IgA. Abnormalities of CD4+CD25(high)forkhead box P3 (FoxP3)+ regulatory T cells (T(reg)) have been shown in association with autoimmune and inflammatory disorders. In order to evaluate the relationship between autoimmunity and T(reg) in SIgAD, we studied 26 IgA-deficient patients (aged 4-17 years) with serum IgA levels 2.36%. Autoimmunity was recorded in 9 patients (53.3%) of G1 and only 1 patient of G2, respectively (p = 0.034). Although a defect in class switching recombination was observed in 40% of the patients in G1, none of the G2 patients had such a defect (p = 0.028). This study showed decreased proportions of T(reg) in SIgAD patients, particularly in those with signs of chronic inflammation. Copyright © 2012 S. Karger AG, Basel.

  6. Eesti filmid tõid Lätist auhindu


    Arsenalsi festivali Balti võistlusprogrammis osalenud Sulev Keeduse "Somnambuul" võitis parima Balti mängufilmi tiitli ja 2000 USA dollarit. Jaak Kilmi-Rene Reinumäe "Sigade revolutsioon" sai Vienna Laboratory eripreemia. Laila Pakalnina kolme Balti riigi ja Soome ühistööna valminud "Buss" võitis nii parima Balti filmi kui ka parima Balti dokumentaalfilmi tiitli. Festivali grand prix' sai Kanada režissööri Guy Maddini film "The Saddest Music in the World"

  7. B-cell activation with CD40L or CpG measures the function of B-cell subsets and identifies specific defects in immunodeficient patients.

    Marasco, Emiliano; Farroni, Chiara; Cascioli, Simona; Marcellini, Valentina; Scarsella, Marco; Giorda, Ezio; Piano Mortari, Eva; Leonardi, Lucia; Scarselli, Alessia; Valentini, Diletta; Cancrini, Caterina; Duse, Marzia; Grimsholm, Ola; Carsetti, Rita


    Around 65% of primary immunodeficiencies are antibody deficiencies. Functional tests are useful tools to study B-cell functions in vitro. However, no accepted guidelines for performing and evaluating functional tests have been issued yet. Here, we report our experience on the study of B-cell functions in infancy and throughout childhood. We show that T-independent stimulation with CpG measures proliferation and differentiation potential of memory B cells. Switched memory B cells respond better than IgM memory B cells. On the other hand, CD40L, a T-dependent stimulus, does not induce plasma cell differentiation, but causes proliferation of naïve and memory B cells. During childhood, the production of plasmablasts in response to CpG increases with age mirroring the development of memory B cells. The response to CD40L does not change with age. In patients with selective IgA deficiency (SIgAD), we observed that switched memory B cells are reduced due to the absence of IgA memory B cells. In agreement, IgA plasma cells are not generated in response to CpG. Unexpectedly, B cells from SIgAD patients show a reduced proliferative response to CD40L. Our results demonstrate that functional tests are an important tool to assess the functions of the humoral immune system. © 2016 The Authors. European Journal of Immunology published by WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.