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  1. Qing Wang

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. Qing Wang. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 29 Issue 3 June 2006 pp 313-316 Composites. Anisotropic properties of aligned SWNT modified poly (methyl methacrylate) nanocomposites · Weixue Li Qing Wang Jianfeng Dai · More Details Abstract Fulltext ...

  2. Jun Wang

    0.32O2 solid solution on depositing -alumina washcoat on .... Volume 38 Issue 5 September 2015 pp 1435-1438. High-performance aqueous rechargeable batteries based on zinc anode and NiCo2O4 cathode · Jun Wang Zhijun Jia Songbo Li ...

  3. Zhu Qing Wang

    Home; Journals; Journal of Chemical Sciences. Zhu Qing Wang. Articles written in Journal of Chemical Sciences. Volume 121 Issue 4 July 2009 pp 543-548. Highly sensitive optical chemosensor for the detection of Cu using a rhodamine B spirolatam · Gen Hua Wu Dong Xiang Wang Da Yu Wu Yuan Gao Zhu Qing Wang.

  4. Editorial: Which Wei Wang?

    Sprouse, Gene D.


    The APS journals receive manuscripts from scientists all over the world. For authors whose names cannot be expressed in Latin characters, their names in the byline must be transliterated, a process that is not necessarily bidirectionally unique. For example, the eight Chinese names all transliterate as Wei Wang. To remove some of the ambiguity arising from this unfortunate degeneracy of names, APS will allow some authors the option to include their names in their own language in parentheses after the transliterated name, such as Wei Wang. The option to present names in the article byline in this manner is an experiment initially offered to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean authors, whose names can be expressed in Unicode characters. An example of a Japanese name is Tadanori Minamisono and a Korean name is Chang Kee Jung. In the English text the given name precedes the family name, while the reverse is true for the characters. As we gain experience, we may be able to broaden this offer to other languages. Authors who wish to try this option will need to prepare their manuscripts by following the special instructions at

  5. Wang Tiles in Computer Graphics

    Lagae, Ares


    Many complex signals in computer graphics, such as point distributions and textures, cannot be efficiently synthesized and stored. This book presents tile-based methods based on Wang tiles and corner tiles to solve both these problems. Instead of synthesizing a complex signal when needed, the signal is synthesized beforehand over a small set of Wang tiles or corner tiles. Arbitrary large amounts of that signal can then efficiently be generated when needed by generating a stochastic tiling, and storing only a small set of tiles reduces storage requirements. A tile-based method for generating a

  6. Wang Guowei's Application of Kant



    Full Text Available Wang Guowei (1887-1927 was a late Qing scholar who assumed a pioneer role in introducing Western philosophy and is regarded as the founder of Chinese ideas about philosophical and literary-aesthetic modernity. His introduction and interpretation not only has been inspiring later scholars to be interested in European philosophy but also being a “showcase” of the “localness” of a cultural interpretation. This paper focuses on Kant’s influence on Wang Guowei, especially Wang’s use of Kant’s epistemological, ethical and aesthetic theories to reconstruct the important Chinese philosophical conceptions, such as, 'xing'性, 'li'理, 'ming'命, 'ya'雅 and what he called as Confucius’ 'meiyuzhuyi'美育主義(aesthetic educational-ism and aims to achieve a better grasp of the continuity and revolution that accompany the emergence of Chinese modernity as well as a better understanding of comparative culture (philosophy in its “primitive” phase.

  7. The Wang-Landau Sampling Algorithm

    Landau, David P.


    Over the past several decades Monte Carlo simulations[1] have evolved into a powerful tool for the study of wide-ranging problems in statistical/condensed matter physics. Standard methods sample the probability distribution for the states of the system, usually in the canonical ensemble, and enormous improvements have been made in performance through the implementation of novel algorithms. Nonetheless, difficulties arise near phase transitions, either due to critical slowing down near 2nd order transitions or to metastability near 1st order transitions, thus limiting the applicability of the method. We shall describe a new and different Monte Carlo approach [2] that uses a random walk in energy space to determine the density of states directly. Once the density of states is estimated, all thermodynamic properties can be calculated at all temperatures. This approach can be extended to multi-dimensional parameter spaces and has already found use in classical models of interacting particles including systems with complex energy landscapes, e.g., spin glasses, protein folding models, etc., as well as for quantum models. 1. A Guide to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Physics, D. P. Landau and K. Binder (Cambridge U. Press, Cambridge, 2000). 2. Fugao Wang and D. P. Landau, Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 2050 (2001); Phys. Rev. E64, 056101-1 (2001).

  8. Important contributions of M.C. Wang and C.S. Wang Chang to non-equilibrium statistical physics

    Liu Jixing


    In the middle of the 20th century two Chinese women physicists, Ming-Chen Wang and Cheng-Shu Wang Chang made great contributions to statistical physics. The famous review article 'On the theory of the Brownian motion II' by Ming-Chen Wang and G.E. Uhlenbeck published in Rev. of Mod. Phys. in 1945 provided a complete scientific classification of stochastic processes which is still adopted by the scientific community as the standard classification. The Wang-Chang-Uhlenbeck (WCU) equation proposed jointly by C.S. Wang-Chang and Uhlenbeck became the fundamental kinetic equation for the treatment of transport properties of multi-atomic gases with internal degrees of freedom in the physics literature. These important scientific contributions are analyzed and reviewed

  9. The Rubber Band Revisited: Wang-Landau Simulation

    Ferreira, Lucas S.; Caparica, Alvaro A.; Neto, Minos A.; Galiceanu, Mircea D.


    In this work we apply Wang-Landau simulations to a simple model which has exact solutions both in the microcanonical and canonical formalisms. The simulations were carried out by using an updated version of the Wang-Landau sampling. We consider a homopolymer chain consisting of $N$ monomers units which may assume any configuration on the two-dimensional lattice. By imposing constraints to the moves of the polymers we obtain three different models. Our results show that updating the density of...

  10. Spatial chaos of Wang tiles with two symbols

    Chen, Jin-Yu; Chen, Yu-Jie; Hu, Wen-Guei; Lin, Song-Sun


    This investigation completely classifies the spatial chaos problem in plane edge coloring (Wang tiles) with two symbols. For a set of Wang tiles B , spatial chaos occurs when the spatial entropy h ( B ) is positive. B is called a minimal cycle generator if P ( B ) ≠ 0̸ and P ( B ' ) = 0̸ whenever B ' ⫋ B , where P ( B ) is the set of all periodic patterns on ℤ2 generated by B . Given a set of Wang tiles B , write B = C 1 ∪ C 2 ∪ ⋯ ∪ C k ∪ N , where Cj, 1 ≤ j ≤ k, are minimal cycle generators and B contains no minimal cycle generator except those contained in C1∪C2∪⋯∪Ck. Then, the positivity of spatial entropy h ( B ) is completely determined by C1∪C2∪⋯∪Ck. Furthermore, there are 39 equivalence classes of marginal positive-entropy sets of Wang tiles and 18 equivalence classes of saturated zero-entropy sets of Wang tiles. For a set of Wang tiles B , h ( B ) is positive if and only if B contains a MPE set, and h ( B ) is zero if and only if B is a subset of a SZE set.

  11. Dynamics analysis of fractional order Yu-Wang system

    Bhalekar, Sachin


    Fractional order version of a dynamical system introduced by Yu and Wang (Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research, 2, (2012) 209-215) is discussed in this article. The basic dynamical properties of the system are studied. Minimum effective dimension 0.942329 for the existence of chaos in the proposed system is obtained using the analytical result. For chaos detection, we have calculated maximum Lyapunov exponents for various values of fractional order. Feedback control method is then used to control chaos in the system. Further, the system is synchronized with itself and with fractional order financial system using active control technique. Modified Adams-Bashforth-Moulton algorithm is used for numerical simulations.

  12. On a conjecture of Chen-Guo-Wang

    Ning, Bo; Zheng, Yu


    Towards confirming Sun's conjecture on the strict log-concavity of combinatorial sequence involving the n$th$ Bernoulli number, Chen, Guo and Wang proposed a conjecture about the log-concavity of the function $\\theta(x)=\\sqrt[x]{2\\zeta(x)\\Gamma(x+1)}$ for $x\\in (6,\\infty)$, where $\\zeta(x)$ is the Riemann zeta function and $\\Gamma(x)$ is the Gamma function. In this paper, we first prove this conjecture along the spirit of Zhu's previous work. Second, we extend Chen et al.'s conjecture in the ...


    W. Shuai


    Full Text Available Er Wang Temple, in World Heritage Site "Dujiang Weirs and Qingchengshan Mountai", was severely destroyed in Wenchuan earthquake of May 2008. There are several problems at different level in every building, such as structural distortion, foundation displacement, wall fracture, roof damage, etc. The stage was completely collapsed in the earthquake. Tableland the stage situated had a huge crack and slope collapse. This article is for the stage renovation. The survey of damage in earthquake is the basis of Er Wang Temple restituting. Survey including field survey after the earthquake and the measurement and investigation for the remained construction member of the main wood structure. For field survey, the basis of pillars which had not have significantly affects in earthquake could be seem as the reference points for measurement. The investigation of remained main wood construction member, especially the size of the key structures and site and manufacture method of the joints, is the important basis for recovery stage. Our team did our utmost to restore the original appearance of stage in design, materials and craft by various tools, which include measured drawings in different times, old images collection, fine measuring by 3D laser scan, measurement of leftover pieces, logical inference.

  14. Multiple Walkers in the Wang-Landau Algorithm

    Brown, G


    The mean cost for converging an estimated density of states using the Wang-Landau algorithm is measured for the Ising and Heisenberg models. The cost increases in a power-law fashion with the number of spins, with an exponent near 3 for one-dimensional models, and closer to 2.4 for two-dimensional models. The effect of multiple, simultaneous walkers on the cost is also measured. For the one-dimensional Ising model the cost can increase with the number of walkers for large systems. For both the Ising and Heisenberg models in two-dimensions, no adverse impact on the cost is observed. Thus multiple walkers is a strategy that should scale well in a parallel computing environment for many models of magnetic materials.

  15. The Wang-Meng interacting model and the gravitational collapse

    Campos, Miguel de


    Full text: Several alternatives have appear in the literature to supply the accelerated process of universal expansion, and the simplest possibility is to consider the inclusion of a cosmological constant. The inclusion can be realized in both sides of the Einstein field equations, furnishing different physical interpretations in accord with the side of the Einstein field equations where the Λ is added. Considering the inclusion of the cosmological constant in the energy momentum tensor, this additional content is generally interpreted as the energy storage on the vacuum state of all fields in the universe. The inclusion of a vacuum component in the universal fluid furnishes an excellent description of the observed universe, but from the theoretical point of view we do not understand why the vacuum energy is so small and of the same order of magnitude of the matter density (cosmological constant problem). Depending on the point of view of the cosmological constant problem, competing approaches were developed considering a dynamical cosmological 'constant'. A more richer possibility is to consider a non-gravitational interaction models, where the interaction can occur between the dark components, the ordinary matter, and they do not evolve separately. The coupling between dark matter and dark energy has been considered in the literature in a three different ways: dark matter decaying to dark energy; dark energy decaying to dark matter; interacting in both directions. Wang and Meng (CQG 22, 283,2005) considered an alternative to the usual approach for the decay law of the Λ-term assuming the effect of the vacuum in the matter expansion rate. The simple manner adopt by the authors unified several current models that includes a vacuum decaying component interacting with matter content. The vacuum component alters the dynamics of the universal expansion process, then is a natural question: how is the influence of the vacuum energy in the gravitational collapse with a

  16. Rigorous lower bound on the dynamic critical exponent of some multilevel Swendsen-Wang algorithms

    Li, X.; Sokal, A.D.


    We prove the rigorous lower bound z exp ≥α/ν for the dynamic critical exponent of a broad class of multilevel (or ''multigrid'') variants of the Swendsen-Wang algorithm. This proves that such algorithms do suffer from critical slowing down. We conjecture that such algorithms in fact lie in the same dynamic universality class as the stanard Swendsen-Wang algorithm

  17. Dr. Yu Wang, Director, Natural Science Division, National Science Council, Taiwan

    Patrice Loïez


    Photo 01: L. to r.: Dr. Philippe Bloch, CERN CMS ECAL Deputy Project Manager, Dr. Yu Wang, Dr. Etiennette Auffray, CERN, responsible of the CERN ECAL Regional Centre. Photo 02: L. to r.: Dr. Yu Wang, Dr. Philippe Bloch, Dr. Apollo GO, National Central University, Taiwan, Dr. Etiennette Auffray.

  18. Yue Joseph Wang named Grant A. Dove Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Owczarski, Mark


    Yue Joseph Wang, professor of electrical and computer engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, has been named the Grant A. Dove Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

  19. A note on Wang et al's attack on Zhang et al's multiparty quantum secret sharing

    Gao Gan


    Recently, Wang et al (2008 Phys. Lett. A 373 65) proposed an attack on Zhang et al's (2007 Opt. Commun. 269 418) multiparty quantum secret sharing scheme, in which the first and the last agent are reported to be able to cooperatively eavesdrop on all the secret messages without being detected. In this paper, we show that in Wang et al's attack, on average no more than half the secret messages can be eavesdropped. (paper)

  20. Estimating the Partition Function Zeros by Using the Wang-Landau Monte Carlo Algorithm

    Kim, Seung-Yeon [Korea National University of Transportation, Chungju (Korea, Republic of)


    The concept of the partition function zeros is one of the most efficient methods for investigating the phase transitions and the critical phenomena in various physical systems. Estimating the partition function zeros requires information on the density of states Ω(E) as a function of the energy E. Currently, the Wang-Landau Monte Carlo algorithm is one of the best methods for calculating Ω(E). The partition function zeros in the complex temperature plane of the Ising model on an L × L square lattice (L = 10 ∼ 80) with a periodic boundary condition have been estimated by using the Wang-Landau Monte Carlo algorithm. The efficiency of the Wang-Landau Monte Carlo algorithm and the accuracies of the partition function zeros have been evaluated for three different, 5%, 10%, and 20%, flatness criteria for the histogram H(E).

  1. Cryptanalysis of Wang et al.’s lattice-based key exchange protocol

    Daya Sagar Gupta


    Full Text Available Wang et al. proposed a new hard problem on lattices which is an extension of the small integer solution (SIS on lattices. This new generated hard problem is named to be bilateral in-homogeneous small integer solution (Bi-ISIS. Using the hardness of Bi-ISIS, Wang et al. proposed a new key exchange protocol, which is based on the lattice-based cryptography. In this paper, we signalize that Wang et al.’s lattice-based key exchange protocol is vulnerable to an attack, namely, man-in-the-middle (MITM attack. Through this attack, Eavesdropper can intercept the authenticated messages and communicate the unauthentic messages among the communicating parties.

  2. [Professor WANG Fuchun's experience in the acupoint selection of clinical treatment with acupuncture and moxibustion].

    Jiang, Hailin; Liu, Chengyu; Ha, Lijuan; Li, Tie


    Professor WANG Fuchun 's experience in the acupoint selection of clinical treatment with acupuncture and moxibustion was summarized. The main acupoints are selected by focusing on the chief symptoms of disease, the supplementary points are selected by differentiating the disorders. The acupoints are modified in terms of the changes of sickness. The effective acupoints are selected flexibly in accordance with the specific effects of points. The summary on the acupoint selection reflects professor WANG Fuchun 's academic thoughts and clinical experience and effectively instructs the clinical practice of acupuncture and moxibustion.

  3. New Wang-Landau approach to obtain phase diagrams for multicomponent alloys

    Takeuchi, Kazuhito; Tanaka, Ryohei; Yuge, Koretaka


    We develop an approach to apply the Wang-Landau algorithm to multicomponent alloys in a semi-grand-canonical ensemble. Although the Wang-Landau algorithm has great advantages over conventional sampling methods, there are few applications to alloys. This is because calculating compositions in a semi-grand-canonical ensemble via the Wang-Landau algorithm requires a multidimensional density of states in terms of total energy and compositions, and constructing it is difficult from the viewpoints of both implementation and computational cost. In this study, we develop a simple approach to calculate the alloy phase diagram based on the Wang-Landau algorithm, and show that a number of one-dimensional densities of states could lead to compositions in a semi-grand-canonical ensemble as a multidimensional density of states could. Finally, we apply the present method to Cu-Au and Pd-Rh alloys and confirm that the present method successfully describes the phase diagram with high efficiency, validity, and accuracy.

  4. Evaluating Small Sphere Limit of the Wang-Yau Quasi-Local Energy

    Chen, Po-Ning; Wang, Mu-Tao; Yau, Shing-Tung


    In this article, we study the small sphere limit of the Wang-Yau quasi-local energy defined in Wang and Yau (Phys Rev Lett 102(2):021101, 2009, Commun Math Phys 288(3):919-942, 2009). Given a point p in a spacetime N, we consider a canonical family of surfaces approaching p along its future null cone and evaluate the limit of the Wang-Yau quasi-local energy. The evaluation relies on solving an "optimal embedding equation" whose solutions represent critical points of the quasi-local energy. For a spacetime with matter fields, the scenario is similar to that of the large sphere limit found in Chen et al. (Commun Math Phys 308(3):845-863, 2011). Namely, there is a natural solution which is a local minimum, and the limit of its quasi-local energy recovers the stress-energy tensor at p. For a vacuum spacetime, the quasi-local energy vanishes to higher order and the solution of the optimal embedding equation is more complicated. Nevertheless, we are able to show that there exists a solution that is a local minimum and that the limit of its quasi-local energy is related to the Bel-Robinson tensor. Together with earlier work (Chen et al. 2011), this completes the consistency verification of the Wang-Yau quasi-local energy with all classical limits.

  5. Deterministic integer multiple firing depending on initial state in Wang model

    Xie Yong [Institute of Nonlinear Dynamics, MSSV, Department of Engineering Mechanics, Xi' an Jiaotong University, Xi' an 710049 (China)]. E-mail:; Xu Jianxue [Institute of Nonlinear Dynamics, MSSV, Department of Engineering Mechanics, Xi' an Jiaotong University, Xi' an 710049 (China); Jiang Jun [Institute of Nonlinear Dynamics, MSSV, Department of Engineering Mechanics, Xi' an Jiaotong University, Xi' an 710049 (China)


    We investigate numerically dynamical behaviour of the Wang model, which describes the rhythmic activities of thalamic relay neurons. The model neuron exhibits Type I excitability from a global view, but Type II excitability from a local view. There exists a narrow range of bistability, in which a subthreshold oscillation and a suprathreshold firing behaviour coexist. A special firing pattern, integer multiple firing can be found in the certain part of the bistable range. The characteristic feature of such firing pattern is that the histogram of interspike intervals has a multipeaked structure, and the peaks are located at about integer multiples of a basic interspike interval. Since the Wang model is noise-free, the integer multiple firing is a deterministic firing pattern. The existence of bistability leads to the deterministic integer multiple firing depending on the initial state of the model neuron, i.e., the initial values of the state variables.

  6. Deterministic integer multiple firing depending on initial state in Wang model

    Xie Yong; Xu Jianxue; Jiang Jun


    We investigate numerically dynamical behaviour of the Wang model, which describes the rhythmic activities of thalamic relay neurons. The model neuron exhibits Type I excitability from a global view, but Type II excitability from a local view. There exists a narrow range of bistability, in which a subthreshold oscillation and a suprathreshold firing behaviour coexist. A special firing pattern, integer multiple firing can be found in the certain part of the bistable range. The characteristic feature of such firing pattern is that the histogram of interspike intervals has a multipeaked structure, and the peaks are located at about integer multiples of a basic interspike interval. Since the Wang model is noise-free, the integer multiple firing is a deterministic firing pattern. The existence of bistability leads to the deterministic integer multiple firing depending on the initial state of the model neuron, i.e., the initial values of the state variables

  7. [Professor WANG Linpeng's experience of acupuncture for migraine based on different stages and types].

    Wang, Shaosong


    By using the methods of experience summary and case report, professor WANG Linpeng 's clinical experience of acupuncture for migraine was summarized.Professor WANG proposed the different acupuncture plans should be established according to the active stage and remission stage of migraine; in the active stage acupuncture should be applied at gallbladder meridian with penetration needling technique to reinforce the stimulation intensity; in the remission stage the aim was to regulate zang-fu and back- shu points should be emphasized.In addition, attention should be paid on acupuncture technique and preventive treatment.For menstruation-type and psychological disorder-type migraine, different acupuncture plans should be adopted and regulating meridian and spirit was essential in the treatment.

  8. [Experience summary of professor WANG Fuchun's "Zhenjing Anshen" acupuncture method for insomnia].

    Li, Tie; Ha, Lijuan; Cao, Fang; Zhi, Mujun; Wang, Fuchun


    The experience of "Zhenjing Anshen" acupuncture method originally created by professor WANG Fuchun for treatment of insomnia was introduced in this paper. From aspects of insomnia pathogenesis, theoretical foundation, characteristics of acupoint selection, needing methods, needing time, etc., the experience of Professor WANG Fuchun for treatment of insomnia was explained. The "Zhenjing Anshen" acupuncture method proposed, for the first time, "new three layers" method of acupoint selection, including Sishencong (EX-HN 1), Shenmen (HT 7), Sanyinjiao (SP 6). This method presents the principles of acupoint selection along meridian, acupoint selection based on essence-qi-spirit, harmony of yin and yang. The acupuncture manipulation is emphasized, and treating time (the period of the day from 3 pm to 5 pm) is focused on; acupoint selection is simple but essential, and acupoint combination is scientific, which receives notable therapeutic effect in clinic.

  9. Wang-Landau Reaction Ensemble Method: Simulation of Weak Polyelectrolytes and General Acid-Base Reactions.

    Landsgesell, Jonas; Holm, Christian; Smiatek, Jens


    We present a novel method for the study of weak polyelectrolytes and general acid-base reactions in molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations. The approach combines the advantages of the reaction ensemble and the Wang-Landau sampling method. Deprotonation and protonation reactions are simulated explicitly with the help of the reaction ensemble method, while the accurate sampling of the corresponding phase space is achieved by the Wang-Landau approach. The combination of both techniques provides a sufficient statistical accuracy such that meaningful estimates for the density of states and the partition sum can be obtained. With regard to these estimates, several thermodynamic observables like the heat capacity or reaction free energies can be calculated. We demonstrate that the computation times for the calculation of titration curves with a high statistical accuracy can be significantly decreased when compared to the original reaction ensemble method. The applicability of our approach is validated by the study of weak polyelectrolytes and their thermodynamic properties.

  10. A power law of order 1/4 for critical mean field Swendsen-Wang dynamics

    Long, Yun; Ning, Weiyang; Peres, Yuval


    The Swendsen-Wang dynamics is a Markov chain widely used by physicists to sample from the Boltzmann-Gibbs distribution of the Ising model. Cooper, Dyer, Frieze and Rue proved that on the complete graph K_n the mixing time of the chain is at most O(\\sqrt{n}) for all non-critical temperatures. In this paper the authors show that the mixing time is \\Theta(1) in high temperatures, \\Theta(\\log n) in low temperatures and \\Theta(n^{1/4}) at criticality. They also provide an upper bound of O(\\log n) for Swendsen-Wang dynamics for the q-state ferromagnetic Potts model on any tree of n vertices.

  11. An Interview with Shiang-Kwei Wang: Digital Immigrants versus Digital Natives

    Shaughnessy, Michael F; Kleyn Kennedy, Cynthia Anne


    In the field of instructional technology and educational technology, there has always been a discussion about the “great divide“ between digital immigrants and digital natives. Teachers often express exasperation as to the lack of skills that students often possess, and the general consensus that purports that the pupils of today are technologically literate and that their “learning curve” is vastly superior to those of past generations. In this interview, Dr. Shiang-Wei Wang responds to ques...

  12. Two alternate proofs of Wang's lune formula for sparse distributed memory and an integral approximation

    Jaeckel, Louis A.


    In Kanerva's Sparse Distributed Memory, writing to and reading from the memory are done in relation to spheres in an n-dimensional binary vector space. Thus it is important to know how many points are in the intersection of two spheres in this space. Two proofs are given of Wang's formula for spheres of unequal radii, and an integral approximation for the intersection in this case.

  13. [Professor WANG Yin's academic thoughts and clinical application of acupuncture for spleen-sto-mach care].

    Niu, Hua; Cao, Haibo; Wang, Yin

    Professor WANG Yin 's academic thoughts and clinical application for difficult and miscellaneous di-seases, especially acupuncture for spleen-stomach care, are introduced. Based on TCM basic theory and "ten needles for elderly" by WANG Yueting , Professor WANG Yin proposes the acupuncture for spleen-stomach care. In this method, three-element acupoint selection is applied; the conception vessel, spleen meridian of foot taiyin and stomach meridian of foot yangming were selected. The deep and penetration acupuncture with 0.4 mm×100 mm elongated needles is used at Zhongwan (CV 12), Qihai (CV 6) and Zigong (EX-CA 1), and the mild reinforcing-reducing method is used at remaining acupoints. According to the severity of diseases, fire acupuncture combined with blood-letting cupping is applied at Tianshu (ST 25), Xuehai (SP 10) and Yinlingquan (SP 9); gene-rally, two acupoints are selected and 1 to 3 mL blood-letting is appropriate. The modification based on this me-thod can be applied for various difficult and miscellaneous diseases, leading to superior efficacy.

  14. The ABCs of Chinese Pop: Wang Leehom and the Marketing of a Global Chinese Celebrity

    Grace Wang


    Full Text Available How did singer Wang Leehom, a Chinese American raised in the suburbs of New York, end up becoming one of the industry heavyweights of Mandopop (Mandarin-language pop music? This essay uses Wang as a case study to investigate how discourses of race, market, and belonging are reworked in global contexts. Drawing on Sau-ling Wong’s theoretical insights on transnational processes of race, citizenship, and belonging, it argues that Wang capitalizes on a fluid dynamic of sameness and difference to appeal to a heterogeneous Chinese-speaking audience that stretches across China to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and the greater Chinese diaspora. Through an examination of the racial and national contexts that frame Wang’s participation in Mandopop, this essay analyzes the particular calibrations of Chineseness that emerge from the singer’s music and public image and the imperfect translation of identities such as Chinese American, Chinese diasporic, and Chinese across diverse linguistic and national communities.

  15. A series solution of the Falkner-Skan equation using the crocco-wang transformation

    Asaithambi, Asai

    A direct series solution for the Falkner-Skan equation is obtained by first transforming the problem using the Crocco-Wang transformation. The transformation converts the third-order problem to a second-order two-point boundary value problem. The method first constructs a series involving the unknown skin-friction coefficient α. Then, α is determined by using the secant method or Newton’s method. The derivative needed for Newton’s method is also computed using a series derived from the transformed differential equation. The method is validated by solving the Falkner-Skan equation for several cases reported previously in the literature.

  16. Comments on "Adaptive resolution simulation in equilibrium and beyond" by H. Wang and A. Agarwal

    Klein, R.


    Wang and Agarwal (Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics, this issue, 2015, doi: 10.1140/epjst/e2015-02411-2) discuss variants of Adaptive Resolution Molecular Dynamics Simulations (AdResS), and their applications. Here we comment on their report, addressing scaling properties of the method, artificial forcings implemented to ensure constant density across the full simulation despite changing thermodynamic properties of the simulated media, the possible relation between an AdResS system on the one hand and a phase transition phenomenon on the other, and peculiarities of the SPC/E water model.

  17. Security analysis of boolean algebra based on Zhang-Wang digital signature scheme

    Zheng, Jinbin


    In 2005, Zhang and Wang proposed an improvement signature scheme without using one-way hash function and message redundancy. In this paper, we show that this scheme exits potential safety concerns through the analysis of boolean algebra, such as bitwise exclusive-or, and point out that mapping is not one to one between assembly instructions and machine code actually by means of the analysis of the result of the assembly program segment, and which possibly causes safety problems unknown to the software

  18. Ning Wang, Making a Market Economy; Yan Sun, Corruption and Market in Contemporary China

    Guiheux, Gilles


    These two works shed light on the conditions under which, in the course of the last 25 years, the command economy has been dismantled and gradually replaced by a market system in China . Yan Sun, a professor of political science, is interested in corruption from a double perspective, both at the macro and the micro level. Ning Wang, a neo-institutionalist economist, asks how, thanks to the reforms, a region (Jingzhou, south of Hubei ) has been converted to pisciculture. Corruption is a crucia...

  19. Security analysis of boolean algebra based on Zhang-Wang digital signature scheme

    Zheng, Jinbin, E-mail: [School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Long Yan University, Longyan 364012 (China)


    In 2005, Zhang and Wang proposed an improvement signature scheme without using one-way hash function and message redundancy. In this paper, we show that this scheme exits potential safety concerns through the analysis of boolean algebra, such as bitwise exclusive-or, and point out that mapping is not one to one between assembly instructions and machine code actually by means of the analysis of the result of the assembly program segment, and which possibly causes safety problems unknown to the software.


    Marek Tyburec


    Full Text Available Wang tiles proved to be a convenient tool for the design of aperiodic tilings in computer graphics and in materials engineering. While there are several algorithms for generation of finite-sized tilings, they exploit the specific structure of individual tile sets, which prevents their general usage. In this contribution, we reformulate the NP-complete tiling generation problem as a binary linear program, together with its linear and semidefinite relaxations suitable for the branch and bound method. Finally, we assess the performance of the established formulations on generations of several aperiodic tilings reported in the literature, and conclude that the linear relaxation is better suited for the problem.

  1. Surface adsorption of lattice HP proteins: Thermodynamics and structural transitions using Wang-Landau sampling

    Li Yingwai; Landau, David P; Wüst, Thomas


    Wang-Landau sampling has been applied to investigate the thermodynamics and structural properties of a lattice hydrophobic-polar heteropolymer (the HP protein model) interacting with an attractive substrate. For simplicity, we consider a short HP sequence consisting of only 36 monomers interacting with a substrate which attracts all monomers in the sequence. The conformational “phase transitions” have been identified by a canonical analysis of the specific heat and suitable structural observables. Three major “transitions”, namely, adsorption, hydrophobic core formation and “flattening” of adsorbed structures, are observed. Depending on the surface attractive strength relative to the intra-protein attraction among the H monomers, these processes take place in different sequences upon cooling.

  2. Chen-Nester-Tung quasi-local energy and Wang-Yau quasi-local mass

    Liu, Jian-Liang; Yu, Chengjie


    In this paper, we show that the Chen-Nester-Tung (CNT) quasi-local energy with 4D isometric matching references is closely related to the Wang-Yau (WY) quasi-local energy. As a particular example, we compute the second variation of the CNT quasi-local energy for axially symmetric Kerr-like spacetimes with axially symmetric embeddings at the obvious critical point (0 , 0) and find that it is a saddle critical point in most of the cases. Also, as a byproduct, we generalize a previous result about the coincidence of the CNT quasi-local energy and Brown-York mass for axially symmetric Kerr-like spacetimes by Tam and the first author Liu and Tam (2016) to general spacetimes.

  3. Interview with Xiaoli Wang PhD winner of CACA 2016 Young Investigator Award

    Xiaoli Wang


    Full Text Available Xiaoli Wang is currently an R&D Senior Scientist in Agilent’s HPLC instrument R&D group at Agilent Technologies, Waldbronn, Germany. Prior to this, he was an R&D manager in Agilent’s CrossLab Group in the US focusing on development of novel chromatographic columns. He has a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Peking University, Beijing China and a PhD. degree in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 2006. He started his industrial career in the pharmaceutical industry at AstraZeneca for four years before joining Agilent Technologies in 2010. Recently, he won the prestigious 2016 Young Investigator Award from Chinese American Chromatography Association (CACA. This interview was conducted by Roland J.W. Meesters PhD, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Applied Bioanalysis.

  4. From Wang-Chen System with Only One Stable Equilibrium to a New Chaotic System Without Equilibrium

    Pham, Viet-Thanh; Wang, Xiong; Jafari, Sajad; Volos, Christos; Kapitaniak, Tomasz


    Wang-Chen system with only one stable equilibrium as well as the coexistence of hidden attractors has attracted increasing interest due to its striking features. In this work, the effect of state feedback on Wang-Chen system is investigated by introducing a further state variable. It is worth noting that a new chaotic system without equilibrium is obtained. We believe that the system is an interesting example to illustrate the conversion of hidden attractors with one stable equilibrium to hidden attractors without equilibrium.

  5. Pengaruh insektisida deltametrin terhadap perilaku orientasi parasitoid Anagrus nilaparvatae (Pang et Wang (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae

    Araz Meilin


    Full Text Available Host searching behaviour by a parasitoid includes orientation to the volatile compounds (odor relesead by host or host plant. The aim of this study was to determine the changes in the orientation behaviour of Anagrus nilaparvatae (Pang et Wang, the egg parasitoid of rice brown planthoppers (Nilaparvata lugens (Stål, after being exposed to sublethal concentrations of deltamethrin. The impact of residue on plants to the behaviour of parasitoid was also studied. The sublethal concentrations (LC10 and LC40 used were 0.023 ppm and 2.235 ppm, respectively. Deltamethrin applied to the rice plants were 12.5 ppm and 6.25 ppm, and its effect was observed at 3 hours, 1, 3 and 7 days after application. Orientation behavior was studied using Y-tube olfactometer. Application of deltamethrin at subletal concentration reduced the ability of surviving A. nilaparvatae to detect odors (volatile ompounds released by the host, N. lugens. The higher the concentration of deltamethrin applied to the parasitoid or to the rice plants, the more prominent effect observed in the changing in the parasitoid behavious, in particular disruption to the parasitoid’s orientation to find their host. As consequences, effects of deltamethrin may lead to reduce the effectiveness of A. nilaparvatae as biological control agents in the field as a result of declining their searching capacity. 

  6. Comparison of the Wang and Wachsmuth models for π production with measurements at 12 GeV/c

    Fernow, R.C.


    We converted the invariant cross section measurements of Blobel et al. at 12 GeV/c into the form d 2 σ/dΩdp as a function of the LAB total momentum p and p T . We adjusted the parameters of the pion production models of Wang and of Wachsmuth-Hagedorn-Ranft to obtain the best fit to the data. Neither model gave a statistically accurate fit to the data. copyright 1995 American Institute of Physics

  7. Becoming an International Scientist in South Korea: Ho Wang Lee’s Research Activity about Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever

    Miyoung SHIN


    Full Text Available In the 1960-70s, South Korea was still in the position of a science latecomer. Although the scientific research environment in South Korea at that time was insufficient, there was a scientist who achieved outcomes that could be recognized internationally while acting in South Korea. He was Ho Wang Lee(1928~ who found Hantann Virus that causes epidemic hemorrhagic fever for the first time in the world. It became a clue to identify causative viruses of hemorrhagic diseases that were scattered here and there throughout the world. In addition, these outcomes put Ho Wang Lee on the global center of research into epidemic hemorrhagic fever. This paper examines how a Korean scientist who was in the periphery of virology could go into the central area of virology. Also this article shows the process through which the virus found by Ho Wang Lee was registered with the international academia and he proceeded with follow-up research based on this progress to reach the level at which he generalized epidemic hemorrhagic fever related studies throughout the world. While he was conducting the studies, experimental methods that he had never experienced encountered him as new difficulties. He tried to solve the new difficulties faced in his changed status through devices of cooperation and connection. Ho Wang Lee’s growth as a researcher can be seen as well as a view of a researcher that grew from a regional level to an international level and could advance from the area of non-mainstream into the mainstream. This analytic tool is meaningful in that it can be another method of examining the growth process of scientists in South Korea or developing countries.

  8. Influence of yield on in vitro accumulation of aflatoxins in pecan (Carya illinoensis (Wang.) K. Koch) nutmeats.

    McMeans, J L


    Pecans were harvested from trees (Carya illinoensis (Wang.) K. Koch) in November of 1977 through 1979. Kernel meals from high-, medium-, and low-yielding trees were inoculated with a spore suspension of Aspergillus parasiticus and incubated for 7 days at 25 degrees C. Significant differences in aflatoxin accumulation were found among the three substrates, with a direct correlation between high aflatoxin concentration and tree yield.

  9. Influence of yield on in vitro accumulation of aflatoxins in pecan (Carya illinoensis (Wang.) K. Koch) nutmeats.

    McMeans, J L


    Pecans were harvested from trees (Carya illinoensis (Wang.) K. Koch) in November of 1977 through 1979. Kernel meals from high-, medium-, and low-yielding trees were inoculated with a spore suspension of Aspergillus parasiticus and incubated for 7 days at 25 degrees C. Significant differences in aflatoxin accumulation were found among the three substrates, with a direct correlation between high aflatoxin concentration and tree yield.

  10. Entropic sampling of simple polymer models within Wang-Landau algorithm

    Vorontsov-Velyaminov, P N; Volkov, N A; Yurchenko, A A


    In this paper we apply a new simulation technique proposed in Wang and Landau (WL) (2001 Phys. Rev. Lett. 86 2050) to sampling of three-dimensional lattice and continuous models of polymer chains. Distributions obtained by homogeneous (unconditional) random walks are compared with results of entropic sampling (ES) within the WL algorithm. While homogeneous sampling gives reliable results typically in the range of 4-5 orders of magnitude, the WL entropic sampling yields them in the range of 20-30 orders and even larger with comparable computer effort. A combination of homogeneous and WL sampling provides reliable data for events with probabilities down to 10 -35 . For the lattice model we consider both the athermal case (self-avoiding walks, SAWs) and the thermal case when an energy is attributed to each contact between nonbonded monomers in a self-avoiding walk. For short chains the simulation results are checked by comparison with the exact data. In WL calculations for chain lengths up to N = 300 scaling relations for SAWs are well reproduced. In the thermal case distribution over the number of contacts is obtained in the N-range up to N = 100 and the canonical averages - internal energy, heat capacity, excess canonical entropy, mean square end-to-end distance - are calculated as a result in a wide temperature range. The continuous model is studied in the athermal case. By sorting conformations of a continuous phantom freely joined N-bonded chain with a unit bond length over a stochastic variable, the minimum distance between nonbonded beads, we determine the probability distribution for the N-bonded chain with hard sphere monomer units over its diameter a in the complete diameter range, 0 ≤ a ≤ 2, within a single ES run. This distribution provides us with excess specific entropy for a set of diameters a in this range. Calculations were made for chain lengths up to N = 100 and results were extrapolated to N → ∞ for a in the range 0 ≤ a ≤ 1.25

  11. ¿Cómo podemos usar el móvil para comunicarnos mediante el pensamiento? Entrevista con Yijun Wang

    Ángel Correa


    Full Text Available Un equipo de neurocientíficos ha desarrollado una interfaz cerebro ordenador basada en un teléfono móvil. Las personas con movilidad reducida podrían beneficiarse de este innovador sistema en un futuro próximo. En el experimento que aparece en la fotografía de portada, el participante utiliza únicamente su pensamiento para marcar un número de teléfono. Ciencia Cognitiva ha entrevistado al Dr. Yijun Wang, ingeniero biomédico de la Universidad de California en San Diego, que trabaja en este proyecto.

  12. Systematic errors due to linear congruential random-number generators with the Swendsen-Wang algorithm: a warning.

    Ossola, Giovanni; Sokal, Alan D


    We show that linear congruential pseudo-random-number generators can cause systematic errors in Monte Carlo simulations using the Swendsen-Wang algorithm, if the lattice size is a multiple of a very large power of 2 and one random number is used per bond. These systematic errors arise from correlations within a single bond-update half-sweep. The errors can be eliminated (or at least radically reduced) by updating the bonds in a random order or in an aperiodic manner. It also helps to use a generator of large modulus (e.g., 60 or more bits).

  13. Predictive Control of the Blood Glucose Level in Type I Diabetic Patient Using Delay Differential Equation Wang Model.

    Esna-Ashari, Mojgan; Zekri, Maryam; Askari, Masood; Khalili, Noushin


    Because of increasing risk of diabetes, the measurement along with control of blood sugar has been of great importance in recent decades. In type I diabetes, because of the lack of insulin secretion, the cells cannot absorb glucose leading to low level of glucose. To control blood glucose (BG), the insulin must be injected to the body. This paper proposes a method for BG level regulation in type I diabetes. The control strategy is based on nonlinear model predictive control. The aim of the proposed controller optimized with genetics algorithms is to measure BG level each time and predict it for the next time interval. This merit causes a less amount of control effort, which is the rate of insulin delivered to the patient body. Consequently, this method can decrease the risk of hypoglycemia, a lethal phenomenon in regulating BG level in diabetes caused by a low BG level. Two delay differential equation models, namely Wang model and Enhanced Wang model, are applied as controller model and plant, respectively. The simulation results exhibit an acceptable performance of the proposed controller in meal disturbance rejection and robustness against parameter changes. As a result, if the nutrition of the person decreases instantly, the hypoglycemia will not happen. Furthermore, comparing this method with other works, it was shown that the new method outperforms previous studies.

  14. Macroscopically constrained Wang-Landau method for systems with multiple order parameters and its application to drawing complex phase diagrams

    Chan, C. H.; Brown, G.; Rikvold, P. A.


    A generalized approach to Wang-Landau simulations, macroscopically constrained Wang-Landau, is proposed to simulate the density of states of a system with multiple macroscopic order parameters. The method breaks a multidimensional random-walk process in phase space into many separate, one-dimensional random-walk processes in well-defined subspaces. Each of these random walks is constrained to a different set of values of the macroscopic order parameters. When the multivariable density of states is obtained for one set of values of fieldlike model parameters, the density of states for any other values of these parameters can be obtained by a simple transformation of the total system energy. All thermodynamic quantities of the system can then be rapidly calculated at any point in the phase diagram. We demonstrate how to use the multivariable density of states to draw the phase diagram, as well as order-parameter probability distributions at specific phase points, for a model spin-crossover material: an antiferromagnetic Ising model with ferromagnetic long-range interactions. The fieldlike parameters in this model are an effective magnetic field and the strength of the long-range interaction.

  15. Reflection and transmission characteristics of a layer obeying the two-pressure field poroelastic phenomenological model of Berryman and Wang.

    Kachkouch, F; Franklin, H; Tinel, A


    The characteristics of the reflection and transmission by a fluid-loaded double porosity layer are studied. The medium obeys the two-pressure field poroelastic phenomenological model of Berryman and Wang. The open pore hydraulic conditions applied at the interfaces yield factorized expressions for the coefficients exhibiting on the one hand a separation allowing to distinguish between symmetrical and antisymmetrical motions and on the other hand the way each of the three dilatational waves associate with the shear wave. The numerical study done for a layer of Berea sandstone saturated by water shows clearly the role of each of the dilatational waves. There are peculiarities such as the absence of the fundamental antisymmetrical mode (zero order) and a singular behaviour of the symmetrical fundamental mode. The low frequency approximation for this latter is derived from the proposed formulas and compared with the numerical results. Copyright © 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  16. Smoke (Paul Auster et Wayne Wang, 1995 : une œuvre à la croisée des arts

    Delphine Letort


    Full Text Available The adaptation of the short story entitled “Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story” (1990 gathered the writer Paul Auster and the director Wayne Wang around a film project that allowed them to share their artistic practices in a collaborative work. This paper examines the question that underpins the narrative of the short-story by grappling with the appropriations of the real in other artistic modes. Paul Auster’s first encounter with the cinema points out the convergence between aural writing and cinematic writing, evoked through the double figure of the writer and that of the tale-teller/photographer in both the film and the short story.L’adaptation de la nouvelle « Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story » (1990 réunit l’écrivain Paul Auster et le réalisateur Wayne Wang autour d’un projet qui leur permit de croiser leurs pratiques artistiques dans un travail de collaboration. Cet article prolonge le questionnement artistique qui sous-tend le récit de la nouvelle en interrogeant les modalités de l’appropriation du réel par d’autres arts. La première rencontre entre Paul Auster et le cinéma met en relief les points de convergence entre écriture verbale et écriture cinématographique, évoqués autour de la double figure de l’écrivain et du conteur/photographe dans le film et dans la nouvelle.

  17. New contributions to the knowledge of Chinese flea beetle fauna (III): Revision of Meishania Chen & Wang with description of five new species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae)

    The flea beetle genus Meishania Chen & Wang is revised and five new species - M. cangshanensis sp. nov., M. flavipennis sp. nov., M. fulvotigera sp. nov., and M. sichuanica sp. nov. from China and M. bhutanensis sp. nov. from Bhutan - are described. All species of Meishania are illustrated and a key...

  18. H.E. Professor Wang Liheng, Minister of Aviation of the People's Republic of China, President, China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation

    Patrice Loïez


    H. E. Professor Wang Liheng, Minister of Aviation, and President, China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation, People's Republic of China (2nd from left) with (from left to right) Professor Hans Hofer, Professor Roger Cashmore, Research Director for Collider Programmes, Professor Samuel C. C. Ting, CERN and Professor Lei Gang, Secretary to the Minister, September 2001.

  19. Answer to Wang and Luo, "Polyploidization increases meiotic recombination frequency in Arabidopsis: a close look at statistical modelling and data analysis"

    Pecinka Ales


    Full Text Available Abstract This article is a response to Wang and Luo. See correspondence article [WEBCITE] and the original research article [WEBCITE].

  20. All-atom simulation study of protein PTH(1-34) by using the Wang-Landau sampling method

    Kim, Seung-Yeon [Korea National University of Transportation, Chungju (Korea, Republic of); Kwak, Woo-Seop [Chosun University, Gwangju (Korea, Republic of)


    We perform simulations of the N-terminal 34-residue protein fragment PTH(1-34), consisting of 581 atoms, of the 84-residue human parathyroid hormone by using the all-atom ECEPP/3 force field and the Wang-Landau sampling method. Through a massive high-performance computation, the density of states and the partition function Z(T), as a continuous function of T, are obtained for PTH(1-34). From the continuous partition function Z(T), the partition function zeros of PTH(1-34) are evaluated for the first time. From both the specific heat and the partition function zeros, two characteristic transition temperatures are obtained for the all-atom protein PTH(1-34). The higher transition temperature T{sub 1} and the lower transition temperature T{sub 2} of PTH(1-34) can be interpreted as the collapse temperature T{sub θ} and the folding temperature T{sub f} , respectively.

  1. Risky choice with heuristics: reply to Birnbaum (2008), Johnson, Schulte-Mecklenbeck, and Willemsen (2008), and Rieger and Wang (2008).

    Brandstätter, Eduard; Gigerenzer, Gerd; Hertwig, Ralph


    E. Brandstätter, G. Gigerenzer, and R. Hertwig (2006) showed that the priority heuristic matches or outperforms modifications of expected utility theory in predicting choice in 4 diverse problem sets. M. H. Birnbaum (2008) argued that sets exist in which the opposite is true. The authors agree--but stress that all choice strategies have regions of good and bad performance. The accuracy of various strategies systematically depends on choice difficulty, which the authors consider a triggering variable underlying strategy selection. Agreeing with E. J. Johnson, M. Schulte-Mecklenbeck, and M. C. Willemsen (2008) that process (not "as-if") models need to be formulated, the authors show how quantitative predictions can be derived and test them. Finally, they demonstrate that many of Birnbaum's and M. O. Rieger and M. Wang's (2008) case studies championing their preferred models involved biased tests in which the priority heuristic predicted data, whereas the parameterized models were fitted to the same data. The authors propose an adaptive toolbox approach of risky choice, according to which people first seek a no-conflict solution before resorting to conflict-resolving strategies such as the priority heuristic. (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved

  2. Public health impact of disease-behavior dynamics. Comment on "Coupled disease-behavior dynamics on complex networks: A review" by Z. Wang et al.

    Wells, Chad R.; Galvani, Alison P.


    In a loop of dynamic feedback, behavior such as the decision to vaccinate, hand washing, or avoidance influences the progression of the epidemic, yet behavior is driven by the individual's and population's perceived risk of infection during an outbreak. In what we believe will become a seminal paper that stimulates future research as well as an informative teaching aid, Wang et. al. comprehensively review methodological advances that have been used to incorporate human behavior into epidemiological models on the effects of coupling disease transmission and behavior on complex social networks [1]. As illustrated by the recent outbreaks of measles and Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), here we highlight the importance of coupling behavior and disease transmission that Wang et al. address.

  3. Comment on "Electron impact excitation of N-like ions from the ICFT R-matrix calculation" by HB Wang, G Jiang, XF Li, and ZC He in At. Data Nucl. Data Tables 120 (2018) 373-429

    Aggarwal, Kanti M.


    The paper "Electron impact excitation of N-like ions from the ICFT R-matrix calculation" by Wang et al. [1] lacks details of calculations, presents only limited data, and has a few anomalies, as listed below.

  4. Reply to Comment on ``Effects of fast and slow solar wind on the correlations between interplanetary medium and geomagnetic activity'' by C. B. Wang and J. K. Chao

    Ballatore, Paola


    The paper [2002] (the paper commented) shows that the statistical significance of the correlations between the interplanetary parameters and the geomagnetic indices (Kp or Dst) is generally less significant during the fastest solar wind. On the other hand, at these fast solar wind periods, the significance of the Kp versus Dst correlation is equal to or higher than during slower solar wind. These results, together with further observations related to substorm periods and with previously published findings, are interpreted in terms of a difference in the interplanetary-magnetospheric coupling for solar wind faster or slower than a certain threshold (identified between about 500 and 600 km/s). Specifically, it is suggested that a possible linear approximation of the geomagnetic-interplanetary coupling is more appropriate during solar wind speed (Vsw) slower than this threshold, being nonlinear processes more dominant during the fastest speeds. This reply highlights that the correlation coefficients shown by [2003] are in agreement with these findings. In addition, Wang and Chao show that the statistical significance of the difference between the correlation coefficients for Vsw ≥ 550 km/s and those for Vsw Wang and Chao is wrong. Moreover, Wang and Chao recalculate the correlations between the interplanetary parameters and the ΔDst instead of Dst; in fact they note that the time derivative of this index (not the index itself) is driven by the interplanetary medium. Here we note that on the contrary, they show that the correlation coefficients between interplanetary parameters and Dst are larger than those obtained using ΔDst and we suggest a possible interpretation in terms of nonlinearity.

  5. Epigenetic battle of the sexes. Comment on: ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Wu, Song


    Qian Wang et al. present an interesting framework, named epigenetic game theory, for modeling sex-based epigenetic dynamics during embryogenesis from a new viewpoint of evolutionary game theory [1]. That is, epigenomes of sperms and oocytes may coordinate through either cooperation or competition, or both, to affect the fitness of embryos. The work uses a set of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) to describe longitudinal trajectories of DNA methylation levels in both parental and maternal gametes and their dependence on each other. The insights gained from this review, i.e. dynamic methylation profiles and their interaction are potentially important to many fields, such as biomedicine and agriculture.

  6. Grateloupia tenuis Wang et Luan sp. nov. (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta: A New Species from South China Sea Based on Morphological Observation and rbcL Gene Sequences Analysis

    Ling Yu


    Full Text Available Grateloupia tenuis Wang et Luan sp. nov. is a new species described from Lingshui, Hainan Province, South China Sea. Based on the external form and internal structure, combined with rbcL gene sequence analysis, Grateloupia tenuis is distinct from other Grateloupia species as follows: (1 thalli is slippery and cartilaginous in texture; possess fewer branches, relatively slight main axes, and two or three dichotomous branches; (2 cortex is 5-6 layers; medulla is solid when young, but hollow in old branches; reproductive structures are dispersed in main axes of thalli and lower portions of branchlets; exhibits Grateloupia-type auxiliary cell ampullae; (3 the four studied G. tenuis sequences were positioned in a large Grateloupia clade of Halymeniaceae, which included sister group generitype G. filicina with 68 bp differences; G. tenuis was determined to be a sister taxon to the G. catenata, G. ramosissima, G. orientalis, and G. filiformis subclade. The pairwise distances between G. tenuis and these species were 39 to 50 bp. The sequences of G. tenuis differed by 81–108 bp from the sequences of other samples in Grateloupia; there are 114–133 bp changes between G. tenuis and other genera of Halymeniaceae. In final analysis, we considered Grateloupia tenuis Wang et Luan sp. nov. to be a new species of genus Grateloupia.

  7. Grateloupia tenuis Wang et Luan sp. nov. (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta): a new species from South China Sea based on morphological observation and rbcL gene sequences analysis.

    Yu, Ling; Wang, Hongwei; Luan, Rixiao


    Grateloupia tenuis Wang et Luan sp. nov. is a new species described from Lingshui, Hainan Province, South China Sea. Based on the external form and internal structure, combined with rbcL gene sequence analysis, Grateloupia tenuis is distinct from other Grateloupia species as follows: (1) thalli is slippery and cartilaginous in texture; possess fewer branches, relatively slight main axes, and two or three dichotomous branches; (2) cortex is 5-6 layers; medulla is solid when young, but hollow in old branches; reproductive structures are dispersed in main axes of thalli and lower portions of branchlets; exhibits Grateloupia-type auxiliary cell ampullae; (3) the four studied G. tenuis sequences were positioned in a large Grateloupia clade of Halymeniaceae, which included sister group generitype G. filicina with 68 bp differences; G. tenuis was determined to be a sister taxon to the G. catenata, G. ramosissima, G. orientalis, and G. filiformis subclade. The pairwise distances between G. tenuis and these species were 39 to 50 bp. The sequences of G. tenuis differed by 81-108 bp from the sequences of other samples in Grateloupia; there are 114-133 bp changes between G. tenuis and other genera of Halymeniaceae. In final analysis, we considered Grateloupia tenuis Wang et Luan sp. nov. to be a new species of genus Grateloupia.

  8. Grateloupia ramosa Wang & Luan sp. nov. (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta), a new species from China based on morphological evidence and comparative rbcL sequences

    Cao, Cuicui; Liu, Miao; Guo, Shaoru; Zhao, Dan; Luan, Rixiao; Wang, Hongwei


    Grateloupia ramosa Wang & Luan sp. nov. (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta) is newly described from Hainan Province, southern China. The organism has the following morphological features: (1) purplish red, cartilaginous and lubricous thalli 5-10 cm in height; (2) compressed percurrent axes bearing abundant branches with opposite arrangement; (3) claw-like apices on top, constricted to 2-4 cm at the base; (4) cortex consisting of 3-6 layers of elliptical or anomalous cells and a medulla covered by compact medullary filaments; (5) reproductive structures distributed throughout the thallus, especially centralized at the bottom of the end portion of the branches; and (6) 4-celled Carpogonial branches and 3-celled auxiliary-cell branches, both of the Grateloupia-type. The morphological diff erences were supported by molecular phylogenetics based on ribulose-1, 5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase ( rbcL) gene sequence analysis. There was only a 1 bp divergence between specimens collected from Wenchang and Lingshui of Hainan province. The new species was embedded in the large Grateloupia clade of the Halymeniaceae. The pairwise distances between G. ramosa and other species within Grateloupia ranged from 26 to 105 bp, within pairwise distances of 13-111 bp between species of the large genus Grateloupia in Halymeniaceae. Thus, we propose this new species as G. ramosa Wang & Luan sp. nov.

  9. Grateloupia tenuis Wang et Luan sp. nov. (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta): A New Species from South China Sea Based on Morphological Observation and rbcL Gene Sequences Analysis

    Wang, Hongwei; Luan, Rixiao


    Grateloupia tenuis Wang et Luan sp. nov. is a new species described from Lingshui, Hainan Province, South China Sea. Based on the external form and internal structure, combined with rbcL gene sequence analysis, Grateloupia tenuis is distinct from other Grateloupia species as follows: (1) thalli is slippery and cartilaginous in texture; possess fewer branches, relatively slight main axes, and two or three dichotomous branches; (2) cortex is 5-6 layers; medulla is solid when young, but hollow in old branches; reproductive structures are dispersed in main axes of thalli and lower portions of branchlets; exhibits Grateloupia-type auxiliary cell ampullae; (3) the four studied G. tenuis sequences were positioned in a large Grateloupia clade of Halymeniaceae, which included sister group generitype G. filicina with 68 bp differences; G. tenuis was determined to be a sister taxon to the G. catenata, G. ramosissima, G. orientalis, and G. filiformis subclade. The pairwise distances between G. tenuis and these species were 39 to 50 bp. The sequences of G. tenuis differed by 81–108 bp from the sequences of other samples in Grateloupia; there are 114–133 bp changes between G. tenuis and other genera of Halymeniaceae. In final analysis, we considered Grateloupia tenuis Wang et Luan sp. nov. to be a new species of genus Grateloupia. PMID:24455703

  10. Zhuyi: From Absence to Bustle? Some Comments on Wang Jianjiang’s Article “The Bustle and the Absence of Zhuyi”

    Aleš Erjavec


    Full Text Available The article is a response to the article published in Filozofski vestnik in 2016 and written by Prof. Wanf Jianjiang who in recent years devoted much of his efforts to the influence of of Western aesthetics and philosophy on Chinese humanities. Thus a notion introduced by Prof. Wang Jianjiang – Zhuyi – became the center of discussion in the papers that are to be found in this volume of AM Journal. Prof. Jianjiang claims that Zhuyi has a similar meaning as Western -ism and argues that Chinese aestheticians and intellectuals in general must develop their own theories (-isms if they want to gain speech and not remain stuck with voice (cf. Jacques Rancière.   Article received: May 3, 2017; Article accepted: May 8, 2017; Published online: September 15, 2017 Original scholarly paper How to cite this article: Erjavec, Aleš. "Zhuyi: From Absence to Bustle? Some Comments on Wang Jianjiang’s Article 'The Bustle and the Absence of Zhuyi'." AM Journal of Art and Media Studies 13 (2017: 111-121. doi: 10.25038/am.v0i13.189

  11. 王弼《老子注》的詮釋辨證/ Interpretative Dialectics of Wang Bi’s Exegesis of Lao-Tzu

    Jung-Tao TSAI


    Wang Bi, the most prominent scholar of metaphysics of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, was an unprecedented genius throughout the history of Chinese philosophy. In this article, the author examines the brilliant contributions made by Lin Li Zhen, Yu Dun Kang and Rudolf G. Wagner, who are noticed for their research of Exegesis of Lao-Tzu. It is a synthesis of the directions of investigation, approaches, and significant findings they have come up with. Among the three interpretations, Lin focuses on the explanation of Wang’s metaphysic thinking while Yu emphasizes Wang’s secular concerns by proposing the “philosophy of thoroughness” and political holism. As for Wagner, he approaches this work with the views of linguistic philosophy and suggests refined stylistics as interpretative strategy, which functions to enrich the textual contents.

  12. Simple deterministic models and applications. Comment on "Coupled disease-behavior dynamics on complex networks: A review" by Z. Wang et al.

    Yang, Hyun Mo


    Currently, discrete modellings are largely accepted due to the access to computers with huge storage capacity and high performance processors and easy implementation of algorithms, allowing to develop and simulate increasingly sophisticated models. Wang et al. [7] present a review of dynamics in complex networks, focusing on the interaction between disease dynamics and human behavioral and social dynamics. By doing an extensive review regarding to the human behavior responding to disease dynamics, the authors briefly describe the complex dynamics found in the literature: well-mixed populations networks, where spatial structure can be neglected, and other networks considering heterogeneity on spatially distributed populations. As controlling mechanisms are implemented, such as social distancing due 'social contagion', quarantine, non-pharmaceutical interventions and vaccination, adaptive behavior can occur in human population, which can be easily taken into account in the dynamics formulated by networked populations.

  13. A new concept: Epigenetic game theory. Comment on: ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Zheng, Xiu-Deng; Tao, Yi


    The evolutionary significance of the interaction between paternal and maternal genomes in fertilized zygotes is a very interesting and challenging question. Wang et al. developed the concept of epigenetic game theory, and they try to use this concept to explain the interaction between paternal and maternal genomes in fertilized zygotes [1]. They emphasize that the embryogenesis can be considered as an ecological system in which two highly distinct and specialized gametes coordinate through either cooperation or competition, or both, to maximize the fitness of embryos under Darwinian selection. More specifically, they integrate game theory to model the pattern of coordination of paternal genome and maternal genomes mediated by DNA methylation dynamics, and they called this epigenetic game theory.

  14. De Hemingway au chinois classique : le travail de la langue de l’écrivain taïwanais Wang Wen-hsing

    Sandrine Marchand


    Full Text Available Dans les années 1970, l’« occidentalisation » de Wang Wen-hsing lui attire les foudres de la critique. On lui reproche, entre autres choses, de mal écrire, d’être incompréhensible et d’écrire dans une langue occidentalisée. Lui-même semble prendre pour modèle son professeur de français, dont le niveau de chinois classique était très élevé. Entre chinois classique, moderne, dialecte de sa région natale (très proche du dialecte de Taïwan, anglais, et français idéalisé, Wang Wen-hsing invente sa propre langue. Dans les manuscrits de son premier roman, il recourt au syllabaire que les enfants utilisent en cours d’apprentissage de la langue chinoise pour remplacer les caractères d’écriture, syllabaire qui disparaît ensuite à la publication. Que nous apprend l’utilisation de ce syllabaire sur le travail créatif de l’auteur ?Wang Wen-hsing est un auteur qui, entre extrême précision et violence, consacre sa vie et toute son énergie au travail de la langue. Quelle langue tente-t-il d’approcher : le chinois normatif des temps anciens, la langue américaine de Hemingway, ou un mélange des deux ?Multilingue à l’intérieur de la langue chinoise moderne, elle-même langue encore proche du chinois classique, abandonné seulement au début du xxe siècle, l’écriture romanesque de Wang Wen-hsing, qui a pour critère de valeur le « tong-shun » (clarté et aisance, est le fruit de l’oralité et d’une langue expérimentale. Ce rapport à la langue vient-il de sa situation d’émigration, de son isolement des milieux politiques et intellectuels, comme cela lui a été reproché lorsque justement on l’accusait d’écrire dans une langue incompréhensible pour le lecteur ? Pourquoi ces romans sont-ils jugés incompréhensibles ? En raison du niveau du lecteur moyen ? Pour des raisons géopolitiques, car il est un émigré en position dominante dans l’île ? Parce que la langue chinoise est dans

  15. Game theory in epigenetic reprogramming. Comment on: ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Hsu, Fei-Man; Chen, Pao-Yang


    Von Neumann and Morgenstern published the Theory of Games and Economic Behavior in 1944, describing game theory as a model in which intelligent rational decision-makers manage to find their best strategies in conflict, cooperative or other mutualistic relationships to acquire the greatest benefit [1]. This model was subsequently incorporated in ecology to simulate the ;fitness; of a species during natural selection, designated evolutionary game theory (EGT) [2]. Wang et al. proposed ;epiGame;, taking paternal and maternal genomes as ;intelligent; players that compete, cooperate or both during embryogenesis to maximize the fitness of the embryo [3]. They further extended game theory to an individual or single cell environment. During early zygote development, DNA methylation is reprogrammed such that the paternal genome is demethylated before the maternal genome. After the reset, the blastocyst is re-methylated during embryogenesis. At that time, the paternal and maternal genomes have a conflict of interest related to the expression of their own genes. The proposed epiGame models such interactive regulation between the parental genomes to reach a balance for embryo development (equation (2)).

  16. Scaling behavior can be tricky: Comment on "Universal scaling for the dilemma strength in evolutionary games" by Z. Wang et al.

    Hui, Pak Ming; Xu, Chen


    Evolutionary game theory is a powerful tool for studying the emergence of cooperation among competing individuals [1]. Popularly studied games include the prisoner's dilemma [2], snowdrift game [3] and stag hunt game [4]. They have been extensively studied for the extent of cooperative behavior under different dilemma strengths. Generally, the games can be defined by a 2 × 2 matrix and thus four payoff elements, T, R, P, and S, for the possible payoffs to players when they use pure strategies against each other. Detailed definitions of the four payoffs are given in the review by Wang et al. [5]. For simplicity, it is often the case that fewer parameters are invoked, e.g. a single parameter [3] and more generally two parameters [6]. Generally speaking, reducing the number of parameters has the effect of restricting the system to a certain subspace of the unreduced case. In addition, the spatial structures, such as a well-mixed population or a population forming a complex network, that govern the competing relationship and environment of the agents, and the evolutionary rules, that govern how agents update their strategies, are vital in determining how cooperation evolves, as well documented in the references of [5].

  17. Analisis senyawa volatil dari ekstrak tanaman yang berpotensi sebagai atraktan parasitoid telur wereng batang coklat, Anagrus nilaparvatae (Pang et Wang (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae

    Surjani Wonorahardjo


    Full Text Available Plants produce volatiles as communication cues intra- or inter- species. Infested plants by herbivores will produce volatiles as indirect defense mechanism that attracts natural enemies of herbivores. Analysis of volatiles compounds produced by rice plant as result of infested brown plant hopper (BPH, Nilaparvata lugens Stâl, was done to identify compounds in the volatiles that potentially can be used as attractant for egg parasitoids of BPH, Anagrus nilaparvatae (Pang et Wang (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae. This research was an early stage to develop formulation of parasitoid attractant. The research activities include volatiles extraction of infested rice stem by BPH eggs using acetone, n-hexane as the extraction solvents; analyses of volatile compounds with GC-MS; and bioassay of parasitoid orientation behavior to the volatiles using olfactometer methods. Extraction methods applied were maceration and continuous extraction followed by concentration. Bioassay on the parasitoid orientation behavior was done by using Y-tube olfactometer and every lot of bioassay using 30 parasitoid females with 3 replicates. The results showed that the volatile compounds of extract of infested rice stem by BPH eggs comprise of 16 components. The highest proportion of the components extracted with acetone is 2-Pentanone, 4-hydroxy-4-methyl (19,9%, while those with n-hexane is Hexanedioic acid, dioctyl ester (65%. A. nilaparvatae showed positive response to the volatiles extracted from infested rice plant by N. lugens eggs. Therefore, the volatiles can be used as an attractant for the egg A. nilaparvatae to support rice pest management.

  18. Absorption of SO/sub 2/ by pecan (Carya illinoensis (Wang) K. Koch) and alfalfa (Medicago sativa L. ) and its effect on net photosynthesis

    Sisson, W.B.; Booth, J.A.; Throneberry, G.O.


    Absorption rates of SO/sub 2/ by pecan (Carya illinoensis (Wang) K. Koch) leaflets exposed to 2.6, 5.2, and 7.8 mg SO/sub 2/ m/sup -3/ were measured over a 2 h period. SO/sub 2/ was rapidly absorbed by the leaflets in all treatments during the initial 30-50 min; the rate of uptake decreased to a rather constant level thereafter. Total SO/sub 2/ absorbed during the 2 h period was 15.6, 25.6, and 38.9 nmol cm/sup -2/ for the low, medium, and high SO/sub 2/ concentrations, respectively. Reductions in net photosynthetic rates were proportional to ambient SO/sub 2/ concentrations and total SO/sub 2/ absorbed. Partial photosynthetic recovery occurred in all treatments during a 2 hr post-treatment period and full recovery occurred during a 12 h dark period. Exposure to SO/sub 2/ resulted in slight increases in stomatal and boundary layer resistances to CO/sub 2/ and substantial increases in residual resistances. Absorption rates of SO/sub 2/ by alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) exposed to 5.2 mg SO/sub 2/ m/sup -3/ for 1 h were approximately double those of pecan exposed to the same ambient SO/sub 2/ concentration. Alfalfa net photosynthetic rates were reduced 74% after 1 h exposure to 5.2 mg SO/sub 2/ m/sup -3/ while a depression of 42% occurred in pecan.

  19. Petrochemistry and zircon U-Pb geochronology of granitic rocks in the Wang Nam Khiao area, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand: Implications for petrogenesis and tectonic setting

    Fanka, Alongkot; Tsunogae, Toshiaki; Daorerk, Veerote; Tsutsumi, Yukiyasu; Takamura, Yusuke; Sutthirat, Chakkaphan


    Carboniferous biotite granite, Late Permian hornblende granite, and Triassic biotite-hornblende granite, all of which belong to the Eastern Granite Belt, expose in the Wang Nam Khiao area, Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand. The Carboniferous biotite granite is dominated by quartz, K-feldspar, plagioclase, and biotite. The Late Permian hornblende granite contains dominant assemblages of plagioclase, quartz, K-feldspar, hornblende, and minor amount of biotite, while the Triassic biotite-hornblende granite consists of quartz, plagioclase, K-feldspar with small amounts of biotite, and hornblende. The REE patterns with steep decrease from light to heavy REE together with the LILE (e.g. K, Sr) enrichment and depletion of some particular HFSE (e.g. Nb, Ti) indicate low degree of partial melting. Mineral chemistry of biotite and hornblende in the granites reflects crystallization from hydrous calc-alkaline arc-derived magmas possibly formed by subduction. Amphibole-plagioclase thermometry and Al-in-hornblende barometry indicate that the Late Permian hornblende granite and the Triassic biotite-hornblende granite may have equilibrated at 3.0-5.8 kbar/700-820 °C and 2.0-3.2 kbar/600-750 °C, respectively, in the middle-upper crust (about 10-15 km depth). Zircon U-Pb geochronology of the Carboniferous biotite granite, Late Permian hornblende granite and Triassic biotite-hornblende granite yielded intrusion ages of 314.6-284.9 Ma, 253.4 Ma, and 237.8 Ma, respectively, which implies multiple episodes of arc-magmatism formed by Palaeo-Tethys subduction beneath Indochina Terrane during Late Carboniferous/Early Permian, Late Permian and Middle Triassic.

  20. Essays on Korean online game communities: A sense of place: Media and motivation in Korea by the Wang-tta effect; Order and chaos in an ethnography of Korean online game communities

    Chee, Florence


    Essay 1 : This paper presents an ethnographic analysis of the different ways Korean game players establish community. I look at Korean PC game rooms as "third places,", and peer relations associated with online video gaming activities. A synthesis of the Korean concept "Wang-tta" and application of the TEDA Ethos protocol provides extra insight into the motivations to excel at digital games and one of the strong drivers of such community membership. Essay 2: This paper explores the dichotomy ...

  1. A mathematical view for ordinary differential equation models. Comment on ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Fu, Guifang


    Qian Wang et al. have written an interesting article to propose a modeling framework named epiGame in this issue of Physics of Life Reviews [1]. The epiGame framework models how the methylation state of paternal and maternal genomes regulates the embryogenesis as an ecological system in which two highly distinct and specialized gametes coordinate through either cooperation or competition, or both, to maximize the fitness of embryos. Qian Wang et al. also provide solid simulation studies and real data analysis to validate the correctness of their epiGame framework. The importance of embryo development and fertility mechanism cannot be overemphasized, hence, I think that the present review by Qian Wang et al. will stand as a useful modeling guide for practicing biologists or researchers in fertility health to quantify how sperms and oocytes interact through epigenetic process to determine embryo development. In addition, it will serve as a source of many important references to work in the reproductive biology field.

  2. Topological phase transition in the two-dimensional anisotropic Heisenberg model: A study using the Replica Exchange Wang-Landau sampling

    Figueiredo, T. P.; Rocha, J. C. S.; Costa, B. V.


    Although the topological Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition was for the first time described by 40 years ago, it is still a matter of discussion. It has been used to explain several experiments in the most diverse physical systems. In contrast with the ordinary continuous phase transitions the BKT-transition does not break any symmetry. However, in some contexts it can easily be confused with other continuous transitions, in general due to an insufficient data analysis. The two-dimensional XY (or sometimes called planar rotator) spin model is the fruit fly model describing the BKT transition. As demonstrated by Bramwell and Holdsworth (1993) the finite-size effects are more important in two-dimensions than in others due to the logarithmic system size dependence of the properties of the system. Closely related is the anisotropic two dimensional Heisenberg model (AH). Although they have the same Hamiltonian the spin variable in the former has only two degrees of freedom while the AH has three. Many works treat the AH model as undergoing a transition in the same universality class as the XY model. However, its characterization as being in the BKT class of universality deserve some investigation. This paper has two goals. First, we describe an analytical evidence showing that the AH model is in the BKT class of universality. Second, we make an extensive simulation, using the numerical Replica Exchange Wang-Landau method that corroborate our analytical calculations. From our simulation we obtain the BKT transition temperature as TBKT = 0 . 6980(10) by monitoring the susceptibility, the two point correlation function and the helicity modulus. We discuss the misuse of the fourth order Binder's cumulant to locate the transition temperature. The specific heat is shown to have a non-critical behavior as expected in the BKT transition. An analysis of the two point correlation function at low temperature, C(r) ∝r - η(T), shows that the exponent, η, is consistent

  3. Epigenetic information in gametes: Gaming from before fertilization. Comment on ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Shi, Junchao; Zhang, Xudong; Liu, Ying; Chen, Qi


    In their interesting article [1] Wang et al. proposed a mathematical model based on evolutionary game theory [2] to tackle the fundamental question in embryo development, that how sperm and egg interact with each other, through epigenetic processes, to form a zygote and direct successful embryo development. This work is based on the premise that epigenetic reprogramming (referring to the erasure and reconstruction of epigenetic marks, such as DNA methylation and histone modifications) after fertilization might be of paramount importance to maintain the normal development of embryos, a premise we fully agree, given the compelling experimental evidence reported [3]. Wang et al. have specifically chosen to employ the well-studied DNA methylation reprogramming process during mammalian early embryo development, as a basis to develop their mathematical model, namely epigenetic game theory (epiGame). They concluded that the DNA methylation pattern in mammalian early embryo could be formulated and quantified, and their model can be further used to quantify the interactions, such as competition and/or cooperation of expressed genes that maximize the fitness of embryos. The efforts by Wang et al. in quantitatively and systematically analyzing the beginning of life apparently hold value and represent a novel direction for future embryo development research from both theoretical and experimental biologists. On the other hand, we see their theory still at its infancy, because there are plenty more parameters to consider and there are spaces for debates, such as the cases of haploid embryo development [4]. Here, we briefly comment on the dynamic process of epigenetic reprogramming that goes beyond DNA methylation, a dynamic interplay that involves histone modifications, non-coding RNAs, transposable elements et al., as well as the potential input of the various types of 'hereditary' epigenetic information in the gametes - a game that has started before the fertilization.

  4. Using game theory to investigate the epigenetic control mechanisms of embryo development: Comment on: "Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition" by Qian Wang et al.

    Zhang, Le; Zhang, Shaoxiang


    A body of research [1-7] has already shown that epigenetic reprogramming plays a critical role in maintaining the normal development of embryos. However, the mechanistic quantitation of the epigenetic interactions between sperms and oocytes and the related impact on embryo development are still not clear [6,7]. In this study, Wang et al., [8] develop a modeling framework that addresses this question by integrating game theory and the latest discoveries of the epigenetic control of embryo development. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  5. Tai An's Famous and Aristocratic Official Families in Korean---New Research on Wang Yiwen Family Adherent to the End of Ming Dynasty%流寓韩国的泰安名臣世家--明末遗民王以文族系新考



    韩国历史上著名之“九义士”,乃指明清之际随同朝鲜质子入境的九位明朝士人。其中之王以文,传系明臣王楫孙。王楫为明泰安州人,故里即今岱岳区范镇大王庄。范镇王氏所藏道光钞本《王氏族谱》中,不少内容堪与韩国史料相印证。两者在王楫及其先世的记述基本一致,而王楫之后则存在较大差异。入朝王氏系出于泰安范镇王氏家族洵无疑义,但王以文是否为王楫之孙,仍有进一步查证之余地。%The famous "nine righteous men" in Korean history was the nine scholars who had been ac-companying Korean hostage back to Korean at the end of Ming Dynasty. Wang Yiwen, the grandson of Wang Ji, the Ming minister who was from Da Wang Village of Fan County in Tai An. The book Wangs Pedigree of a Clan formed in Dao Guang of Qing Dynasty contained the same contents with Korean historical materials. Wang Ji and his ancestors' documents are generally the same, and his offspring's are different. So it is con-firmed that Wangs in Korea are from Tai An, but Wang Yiwen's origin should give further investigation.

  6. 古今文献中与“尪痹”相关的病证名研究%A Study on the Disorders Relevant with“ Wang Bi”in the Ancient and Modern Literatures

    孟小燕; 王育林


    Differentiation of disease and differentiation of syndrome are equally important in the di-agnosis and treatment of TCM. Disease is the entire process of some abnormal life state and syndrome is a cer-tain stage in the abnormal process in the life. The terms of disease and syndrome are related with each other. In the study of the ancient and modern literatures on the term Wang Bi(尪痹),it was found that the term for syndrome was also involved. Wang Bi(尪痹)is the new term of a disease proposed by TCM master,Jiao Shude. By investigating the name and origin of the disease,Wan Bi was identified as the term of syndrome. The connection of Wang Bi(尪痹)and Wan Bi was attempted to build so as to contribute to the correct un-derstanding of the disease and construction of medical history in TCM.%中医诊治强调辨病与辨证并重,中医学探讨某病时兼及“病”“证”。疾病指人体某种异常生命状态的全过程,而证候是这个全部生命异常过程中的某个阶段。病证名即与病、证发生发展相关的称谓。在考察古今文献中与“尪痹”相关称谓时,发现还有证名的存在,因此为客观全面,该文使用了“病证名”而非“病名”的概念。“尪痹”是已故中医学家焦树德提出的新病名,考察古今文献中与“尪痹”相关的称谓,可以发现还有证名的存在。对这些病证的名实与源流进行考察,考证“尪痹”之源,辨析病证名“顽痹”。力图呈现与“尪痹”相关病证名的大致面貌,以利于准确把握这一疾病,俾于中医疾病史的建构。

  7. Yan Sun, Corruption and Market in Contemporary China, Ithaca (N.Y.), Cornell University Press, 2004 et Ning Wang, Making a Market Economy. The Institutional Transformation of a Freshwater Fishery in a Chinese Community, Londres et New York, Routledge, 200

    Guiheux, Gilles


    Ces deux ouvrages éclairent les conditions dans lesquelles, au cours des 25 dernières années, l’économie de commande a été démantelée et remplacée progressivement par un système de marché. Yan Sun, professeur de sciences politiques, s’intéresse à la corruption dans une double perspective macro et micro. Ning Wang, économiste néo-institutionnaliste, se demande comment, à la faveur des réformes, une région (Jingzhou, au sud du Hubei) s’est convertie à la pisciculture. La corruption est une ques...

  8. Wang Haili, The History of Egypt

    Han Jianwei[1


    The History of Egypt is the first monograph on Egyptian history written by a single Chinese author. As a comprehensive study both in Egyptology and in Egyptian history, it represents a new level of Egyptian historical research in Chinese academia.

  9. DONG JIE Zhang, LIANG Wang, ZHON


    development, hairless nude skin, and short life (Abitbol et al., 2015; Bryson et al., 2013). On the ... Foxn1 maintains TECs to support T-cell development via mcm2 ... were ligated upstream of the firefly luciferase gene in the plasmid pGL3-Basic.

  10. Epigenetic game theory and its application in plants. Comment on: ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Zhang, Yuan-Ming; Zhang, Yinghao; Guo, Mingyue


    Wang's et al. article [1] is the first to integrate game theory (especially evolutionary game theory) with epigenetic modification of zygotic genomes. They described and assessed a modeling framework based on evolutionary game theory to quantify, how sperms and oocytes interact through epigenetic processes, to determine embryo development. They also studied the internal mechanisms for normal embryo development: 1) evolutionary interactions between DNA methylation of the paternal and maternal genomes, and 2) the application of game theory to formulate and quantify how different genes compete or cooperate to regulate embryogenesis through methylation. Although it is not very comprehensive and profound regarding game theory modeling, this article bridges the gap between evolutionary game theory and the epigenetic control of embryo development by powerful ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The epiGame framework includes four aspects: 1) characterizing how epigenetic game theory works by the strategy matrix, in which the pattern and relative magnitude of the methylation effects on embryogenesis, are described by the cooperation and competition mechanisms, 2) quantifying the game that the direction and degree of P-M interactions over embryo development can be explained by the sign and magnitude of interaction parameters in model (2), 3) modeling epigenetic interactions within the morula, especially for two coupled nonlinear ODEs, with explicit functions in model (4), which provide a good fit to the observed data for the two sexes (adjusted R2 = 0.956), and 4) revealing multifactorial interactions in embryogenesis from the coupled ODEs in model (2) to triplet ODEs in model (6). Clearly, this article extends game theory from evolutionary game theory to epigenetic game theory.

  11. Retracted: Addition of a single methyl group to a small molecule sodium channel inhibitor introduces a new mode of gating modulation, by L Wang, SG Zellmer, DM Printzenhoff and NA Castle. British Journal of Pharmacology, volume 172(20): 4905-4918, published in October 2015; DOI 10.1111/bph.13259.


    The above article, published by the British Journal of Pharmacology in October 2015 (, has been retracted by agreement between the authors, the journal Editor in Chief and John Wiley & Sons Limited. The retraction has been agreed owing to the discovery of errors in the chemical structure of the synthetic compounds generated. The corrected structure is now available in the article PF-06526290 can both enhance and inhibit conduction through voltage gated sodium channels by L Wang, SG Zellmer, DM Printzenhoff and NA Castle, 2018, Reference Wang L, Zellmer SG, Printzenhoff DM, Castle NA (2015). Addition of a single methyl group to a small molecule sodium channel inhibitor introduces a new mode of gating modulation. Br J Pharmacol 172: 4905-4918. © 2018 The British Pharmacological Society.

  12. 王友仁点穴开合按动法针对踝关节扭伤推拿经验浅析%Discussion on WANG You-ren's Treatment for Sprain of Ankle with Andong Therapy of Pressing Acupoint Combined with Joint Switching



    This article focused on WANG You-ren chief physician's Andong therapy theory system, systematically summarized the treatment ideas and characteristics of acute phase for the sprain of ankle. Combined with typical cases, details of WANG You-ren chief physician's treatment with specific press method, remote press method, holographic press method, and corresponding to the press method for the acupoints principle were introduced. WANG You-ren chief physician also proposed early treatment and active protection when people have sprain of ankle, with a purpose to achieve the good efficacy, such as relieve acute pain, reduce swelling, and few sequelae.%本文重点对王友仁主任医师以按动疗法理论体系为纲要,对踝关节扭伤急性期的治疗思路和特色手法进行系统总结,并结合典型病例,详细介绍王友仁主任医师用特定按动法、远端按动法、全息按动法、对应按动法为取穴原则,以达到点穴镇痛在先、开合按动顺筋归位在后的推拿治疗方法.王友仁主任医师提出踝关节扭伤后应及早治疗、积极防护,达到急者镇痛、消肿,缓者后遗症少的理念,在临床上获得满意疗效.

  13. Discussion of "Carbon benefits of wolfberry plantation on secondary saline land in Jingtai oasis, Gansu - A case study on application of the CBP model" by Yaolin Wang, Chuanyan Zhao, Quanlin Ma, Yingke Li, Hujia Jing, Tao Sun, Eleanor Milne, Mark Easter, Keith Paustian, Hoi Wen Au Yong, John McDonagh (2015) [Journal of Environmental Management 157, 303-310].

    Azarnivand, Ali


    Wang et al. (2015) employed driving force-pressure-state-impact-response (DPSIR) framework to provide a robust decision-making structure for carbon emission reduction by use of wolfberry plantation in the Jingtai oasis, China. DPSIR appropriately identified the causes of problem along with adopting the responses to the barriers associated with wolfberry plantation. However, the discusser argues that, the paper could have prepared more viable outcomes, if the authors had used causal network rather than causal chains through the DPSIR framework. Furthermore, they could have quantified the mutual relationship among the relevant factors to provide a detailed economic assessment. With this knowledge in hand, the current discussion letter suggests eDPSIR and meDPSIR to address drawbacks regarding conventional DPSIR framework. Due to proper performance of eDPSIR and meDPSIR, they are recommended as practical tools in the future environmental studies. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  14. ‘Quadrilateral’ in Philosophy and Bie-modernism (Comments on Aleš Erjavec’s “Zhuyi: From Absence to Bustle? Some Comments on Wang Jianjiang's Article ‘The Bustle and the Absence of Zhuyi’”

    Wang Jianjiang


    Full Text Available Aleš Erjavec proposed the global philosophical quadrilateral, giving Chinese philosophy, aesthetics, and humanities an expectation. However, the realization of this expectation hinges on the question whether Chinese philosophy as well as aesthetics and the humanities can rid themselves of the staggering level of ‘voice’ and develop their ‘speech’. To make ‘speech’, any nation should have its own idea, theory and Zhuyi. How to overcome the embarrassment that ‘quadrilateral’ expectation implies? Time spatialization and four-phase development theories of the Bie-modern, and great leap forward pause theory have provided an answer. The quadrilateral expectation as shown by Aleš Erjavec, is encountering the antagonism between ‘cosmopolitanism’ and ‘nationalism’. The key to resolving this antagonism is ‘my’ original achievement consisting of ‘Chinese traditional philosophy, Western philosophy, Marxism and I (myself’. Bie-modernism is a Zhuyi of self-regulation, self-renewal and self-transcendence and of their practical implementation.   Article received: May 21, 2017; Article accepted: May 24, 2017; Original scholarly paper How to cite this article: Jianjiang, Wang. "‘Quadrilateral’ in Philosophy and Bie-modernism (Comments on Aleš Erjavec’s “Zhuyi: From Absence to Bustle? Some Comments on Wang Jianjiang's Article ‘The Bustle and the Absence of Zhuyi’”." AM Journal of Art and Media Studies 13 (2017: 123-142. doi: 10.25038/am.v0i13.190

  15. 论王安石“善恶由习”人性论的理论渊源及其内容%On the Theoretical Origins and Contents of Wang Anshi's Theory of Human Nature on the Good and Evil Emerged from the Habit and Custom



    Traditional ethical thinking theory of human nature provided theoretical basis for Wang Anshi' s. The theory of human nature in traditional ethical thinking history is mainly as follows, that is, the theory advanced by Mencius that human nature is good from birth, the theory put forward by Xunzi that human nature is evil from birth, the theory put forward by Sh- ishuo that human nature is both good and evil from birth, the Sanpin theory advanced by Dong Zhongshu, the theory put for-ward by Yangxiong that human nature is mixed goodness and evilness, and the Sanpin theory of disposition advanced by Hanyu. Wang Anshi's theory of human nature on the good and evil emerged from the habit and custom originates from critical-ly drawing on the results of previous theory of human nature. It is to the traditional theory of human nature to inject new mean-ing, to open up new realm, and thus it has an important position in traditional ethical thinking history in China.%传统人性论是王安石人性论形成的理论来源。传统伦理思想史上的人性论主要有孟子的性善论、告子的性无善无恶论、苟子的性恶论、世硕的性有善有恶论、董仲舒的性三品论、扬雄的性善恶混论和韩愈的性情三品说。王安石批判地吸收了前人的人性论成果,形成了他的“善恶由习”的人性论。他的人性论给传统人性论注入了新的内涵,开拓了新的境界,因而在中国伦理思想史上具有重要的地位。

  16. Retraction RETRACTION of "Methylation of the RASSFIA promoter in breast cancer" by Y. Ji, H.H. Jin, M.D. Wang, W.X. Cao, J.L. Bao - Genet. Mol. Res. 15 (2): gmr.15028261 (2016) - DOI: 10.4238/gmr.15028261.

    Ji, Y; Jin, H H; Wang, M D; Cao, W X; Bao, J L


    The retracted article is: Ji Y, Jin HH, Wang MD, Cao WX, et al. (2016). Methylation of the RASSFIA promoter in breast cancer. Genet. Mol. Res. 15: gmr.15028261. There are significant parts of this article (particularly, in the discussion section) that are copied from "Methylation of HIN-1, RASSF1A, RIL and CDH13 in breast cancer is associated with clinical characteristics, but only RASSF1A methylation is associated with outcome", by Jia Xu, Priya B Shetty, Weiwei Feng, Carol Chenault, Robert C Bast Jr, Jean-Pierre J Issa, Susan G Hilsenbeck and Yinhua Yu, published in BMC Cancer 2012; 12: 243. DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-12-243. The first paragraphs of both discussions are identical. This is concerning. The abstract and introduction sections have much of their text plagiarized. Overall, there is high plagiarism detected. The GMR editorial staff was alerted and after a thorough investigation, we have strong reason to believe that the peer review process was failure and, after review and contacting the authors, the editors of Genetics and Molecular Research decided to retract the article in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The authors and their institutions were advised of this serious breach of ethics.

  17. A rare adverse reaction of sorafenib | Wang | Libyan Journal of ...


    Sorafenib is a multikinase inhibitor thought to target vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptor. The European Medicines Agency (EAMA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of sorafenib in late-stage hepatic cellular cancer (HCC) on October 30, 2007, and November 19, 2007, respectively.

  18. Proteomic analysis of human oral verrucous carcinoma | Wang ...

    Peptide mass fingerprints (PMFs) obtained by the MALDI-TOF analysis were applied to National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), SWISS-PROT and MSDB databases using Mascot software. Then the 2-DE gel imaging showed that 74, 36 and 31 differential protein spots were found between OVC and OSCC, ...

  19. Origin of the Wang-Sheeley-Arge solar wind model

    Sheeley, Neil R., Jr.


    A correlation between solar wind speed at Earth and the amount of magnetic field line expansion in the corona was verified in 1989 using 22 years of solar and interplanetary observations. We trace the evolution of this relationship from its birth 15 years earlier in the Skylab era to its current use as a space weather forecasting technique. This paper is the transcript of an invited talk at the joint session of the Historical Astronomy Division and the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society during its 224th meeting in Boston, MA, on 3 June 2014.

  20. Rice field for the treatment of pond aquaculture effluents | Wang ...

    We conducted an experiment to evaluate the efficiency of rice fields in treating pond aquaculture effluent and its responses to different fertilizer treatments. Four treatments was considered in the experiment: no rice planted as the control (CT); rice planted and no fertilizer input (RE); rice planted and a rate of approximately ...

  1. 76 FR 72387 - Order Relating to Xun Wang


    ... was under construction in Islamabad, Pakistan, and was a subordinate entity under the ownership and... and timely payment of $200,000 as set forth above. Second, that, pursuant to the Debt Collection Act... facilitates the acquisition or attempted acquisition by the Denied Person of the ownership, possession, or...

  2. A simple extension of “An alternative approach to sea surface aerodynamic roughness” by Zhiqiu Gao, Qing Wang, and Shouping Wang

    Gao, Zhiqiu; Wang, Linlin; Bi, Xueyan; Song, Qingtao; Gao, Yuchao


    Based on the data previously collected during the Humidity Exchange over the Sea Main Experiment (HEXMAX), the methods used to parameterize aerodynamic roughness (z0), friction velocity (u*), and the neutral drag coefficient (CDN) under moderate wind speed conditions originally proposed by Gao et al. (2006) were extended by using the nondimensional significant wave height (gHs/u*2 or gHs/U10N2) instead of wave age (cp/u* or cp/U10N), where g is the acceleration of gravity, Hs is the significant wave height, U10Nis the horizontal wind speed at 10-m height under the neutral atmospheric condition, andcp is the phase velocity of the peak wave spectrum. The results show (1) u* = 0.024U10N(gHs/U10N2)-1/4, (2) z0 = 10 × exp[-4.797(gHs/u*2)1/6] or z0 = 10 × exp[-16.613(gHs/U10N2)1/4], and (3) CDN = 0.007(gHs/u*2)-1/3 or CDN = 5.76 × 10-4(gHs/U10N2)-1/2. The present parameterization schemes were experimentally tested.

  3. Wang et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2016) 13(1):134 ...


    University of Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou 510405, Guangdong Province, China .... (3) Regular diet not addicted to alcohol and tobacco, tea, coffee, etc., normal sleep ... Exclusion criteria: (1) Metal in the body, such as a pacemaker or metal ... (1) Transverse T1-weighted image (T1WI) sequence: 1 min, 51 s, Fast Spin ...

  4. Wang et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2016) 13(1):134 ...


    ACTIVATION OF DIFFERENT CEREBRAL FUNCTIONAL REGIONS FOLLOWING ACUPUNCTURE AT BOT .... Therefore, on basis of previous studies, in order to explore the brain function ... The location of KI3 and LR3 were identified in .... and face, and perception of space relation; 3) emotion functions, including emotion.

  5. Wang et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2014) 11(4):89-93 ...


    ... FOR ITS DELIVERY. TO THE KIDNEYS - A REVIEW ... Key words: silencing RNA, kidney disease, targeting proteins, signal pathways. Introduction ... Silencing RNA application in local drug delivery have been effective while system delivery ...

  6. Wang et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2015) 12(3):183 ...


    Cooney ... There were more than 400,000 deaths caused by breast cancer per year in past few years .... the rates were 24.9±2.9% (P<0.01), 32.8±4.2% (P<0.01) and 44.9±7.7% (P<0.01) at 24 hours' time point. .... triple negative breast cancer.

  7. Wang et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2015) 12(5):118 ...


    Using randomized controlled clinical research method, random number table was generated by statistics software. 30 healthy volunteers ..... Observation on activating effectiveness of acupuncture at acupoints and non-acupoints on different brain ... children with ADHD revealed by resting-state functional MRI. Brain Dev ...

  8. Hiina mõistatus : Wang-Ba ja palju muudki / Erkki Bahovski

    Bahovski, Erkki, 1970-


    Artikli autor annab ülevaate Euroopa Välissuhete Nõukogu tegevdirektori Mark Leonardi raamatust "What Does China Think?". Raamatu autori väide on lihtne: selleks, et aru saada maailma poliitikast, tuleb aru saada Hiinas toimuvast

  9. JPRS Report, China, Wang Meng’s ’Hard Thin Gruel’.


    honey and chocolate, how could our national strength, our science, our technology, our arts, our sports, our housing, our education, our per capita car...bad and diarrhea is not better. If constipation happens, then cure the constipation; if diarrhea happens, then cure the diarrhea. It would be best if...especially Grandfather’s—expression. If Grandfather coughed once, Mother would immedi- ately start muttering, Is there sand in the gruel? Are the pickled

  10. Wang et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2013) 10(2):251 ...


    perilla suppressed HCC tumor growth via blocking PI3K/Akt signaling pathway. ... Two hepatoma cell carcinoma-derived cell line-Huh-7 and Hep3B were used as ... system and quantified by Genetools software. β-tubulin was considered as a ...

  11. Understanding Korean experiences of online game hype, identity, and the menace of the "Wang-tta".

    Chee, Florence


    THEME: Internationalism: Worlds at Play The context South Korea continues to set the pace in the world of online games. The nation is a world leader in broadband penetration rates and has a very high level of online game playing. This study reports on the intricate relationship between the sociocultural factors at work in Korean game communities and the context of how games are received. The original field research reported here adds to current knowledge of the interplay between science, tech...

  12. Wang et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med., (2017) 14 (5): 201 ...


    trace elements are maybe other functional compounds for medicinal effects. ... having a variety of biological activities, including anti-aging, immunoregulation, ... Unlike synthetic drugs, herbal medicine is a ... Material (100μg/mL) and were diluted to the corresponding metal solution. .... Isolation, structural characterization,.

  13. Wang and Li Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2016) 13(1):99 ...


    It possesses antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-cancer and antioxidant ... All experiments on animals were conducted in accordance with and after approval by the ... With the content of gallic acid control as horizontal coordinate and the ... The kinetic constants were calculated based on Michaelis-Menten equation ...

  14. Wang et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2015) 12(4):151 ...


    However, antimicrobial treatment increases the risk of antibiotic residues in milk and antimicrobial resistance, ..... Short communication: Antimicrobial efficacy of intramammary treatment with a novel .... factors associated with subclinical mastitis in dairy farms from the high plains of the northern Antioquia, Colombia. J. Dairy ...

  15. How Should English Grammar Be Taught in Middle Schools By Wang Shikun



    This paper mainly deals with the idea that whether grammar teaching should be weakened or not ,the importance of grammar teaching,the present situation of grammar and some suggestions on how to teach grammar ,aiming at the improvement of English teaching and learning.

  16. VizieR Online Data Catalog: BVRI light curves of GR Boo (Wang+, 2017)

    Wang, D.; Zhang, L.; Han, X. L.; Lu, H.


    We observed the eclipsing binary GR Boo on May 12, 22 and 24 in 2015 using the SARA 90-cm telescope located at Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona, USA. This telescope was equipped with an ARC CCD camera with a resolution of 2048x2048pixels but used at 2x2 binning, resulting in 1024x1024pixels. We used the Bessel BVRI filters. (1 data file).

  17. VizieR Online Data Catalog: AQ Boo VRI differential light curves (Wang+, 2016)

    Wang, S.; Zhang, L.; Pi, Q.; Han, X. L.; Zhang, X.; Lu, H.; Wang, D.; Li, T.


    On March 22 and April 19 in 2014, we observed AQ Boo with the 60cm telescope at Xinglong Station of the National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC). The CCD camera on this telescope has a resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels and its corresponding field of view is 17'x17' (Yang, 2013NewA...25..109Y). The other three days of data were obtained using the 1-m telescope at Yunnan Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences, on January 20, 21 and February 28 in 2015. The CCD camera on this telescope has a resolution of 2048x2048 pixels and its corresponding field of view is 7.3'x7.3'. Bessel VRI filters were used. The exposure times are 100-170s, 50-100s and 50-80s in the V, R, I bands, respectively. (1 data file).

  18. Computational Thermodynamics of Materials Zi-Kui Liu and Yi Wang

    Devanathan, Ram


    This authoritative volume introduces the reader to computational thermodynamics and the use of this approach to the design of material properties by tailoring the chemical composition. The text covers applications of this approach, introduces the relevant computational codes, and offers exercises at the end of each chapter. The book has nine chapters and two appendices that provide background material on computer codes. Chapter 1 covers the first and second laws of thermodynamics, introduces the spinodal as the limit of stability, and presents the Gibbs-Duhem equation. Chapter 2 focuses on the Gibbs energy function. Starting with a homogeneous system with a single phase, the authors proceed to phases with variable compositions, and polymer blends. The discussion includes the contributions of external electric and magnetic fields to the Gibbs energy. Chapter 3 deals with phase equilibria in heterogeneous systems, the Gibbs phase rule, and phase diagrams. Chapter 4 briefly covers experimental measurements of thermodynamic properties used as input for thermodynamic modeling by Calculation of Phase Diagrams (CALPHAD). Chapter 5 discusses the use of density functional theory to obtain thermochemical data and fill gaps where experimental data is missing. The reader is introduced to the Vienna Ab Initio Simulation Package (VASP) for density functional theory and the YPHON code for phonon calculations. Chapter 6 introduces the modeling of Gibbs energy of phases with the CALPHAD method. Chapter 7 deals with chemical reactions and the Ellingham diagram for metal-oxide systems and presents the calculation of the maximum reaction rate from equilibrium thermodynamics. Chapter 8 is devoted to electrochemical reactions and Pourbaix diagrams with application examples. Chapter 9 concludes this volume with the application of a model of multiple microstates to Ce and Fe3Pt. CALPHAD modeling is briefly discussed in the context of genomics of materials. The book introduces basic thermodynamic concepts clearly and directs readers to appropriate references for advanced concepts and details of software implementation. The list of references is quite comprehensive. The authors make liberal use of diagrams to illustrate key concepts. The two Appendices at the end discuss software requirements and the file structure, and present templates for special quasi-random structures. There is also a link to download pre-compiled binary files of the YPHON code for Linux or Microsoft Windows systems. The exercises at the end of the chapters assume that the reader has access to VASP, which is not freeware. Readers without access to this code can work on a limited number of exercises. However, results from other first principles codes can be organized in the YPHON format as explained in the Appendix. This book will serve as an excellent reference on computational thermodynamics and the exercises provided at the end of each chapter make it valuable as a graduate level textbook. Reviewer: Ram Devanathan is Acting Director of Earth Systems Science Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA.

  19. Wang et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2014) 11(6):92-104


    Every year, millions of people suffer the danger of major disability or even death from burns, caused by hot water, flame and boiling oil. People ... Burn Liniment has been used for burn treatment since ancient times in China, and achieved exact curative effect in clinical trials.The objective of ... respectively were taken.

  20. Analysis of Optical Variations of BL Lac Object AO 0235+164 Wang ...

    obtain statistically meaningful values for the cross-correlation time lags ... deviation, the fifth represents the largest variations, the sixth represents the fractional ..... 6. Conclusions. The multi-band optical data are collected on the object of AO 0235 + 164. The time lags among the B, V, R and I bands have been analysed.

  1. Optical Spectra Evolution of BL Lac Objects XW Bi1,∗ , BZ Wang2

    low-frequency peaked BL Lac objects (LBLs) is steeper than the high- frequency peaked BL Lac ... vision of BL Lac objects. Many investigators .... We are grateful to the Scientific Research Foundation of the Education Department of Yunnan ...

  2. Criticality of the random-site Ising model: Metropolis, Swendsen-Wang and Wolff Monte Carlo algorithms



    Full Text Available We apply numerical simulations to study of the criticality of the 3D Ising model with random site quenched dilution. The emphasis is given to the issues not being discussed in detail before. In particular, we attempt a comparison of different Monte Carlo techniques, discussing regions of their applicability and advantages/disadvantages depending on the aim of a particular simulation set. Moreover, besides evaluation of the critical indices we estimate the universal ratio Γ+/Γ- for the magnetic susceptibility critical amplitudes. Our estimate Γ+/Γ- = 1.67 ± 0.15 is in a good agreement with the recent MC analysis of the random-bond Ising model giving further support that both random-site and random-bond dilutions lead to the same universality class.

  3. [Commentary on "group and organization: a dimension of collaboration of anthropology and epidemiology" by Song LM and Wang N].

    Liao, Su-Su; Zhang, Qing-Ning; Hou, Lei


    Epidemiology, as the study of occurrence and distribution of diseases or health events in specified populations and the application of the study to control health problems, is not just a method to study determinants of diseases at individual level through analysis of mass data based on individuals. To achieve the aims on the control of health problems in specified populations, Epidemiology should be public health-oriented to reduce incidence, prevalence and mortality, and should include study on determinants at the population level. Interdisplinarity and systems science will facilitate the breakthrough in improving health of the populations.

  4. A new morphological type of operculate microspore, Discinispora sinensis gen. nov., from the Permian petrified Noeggerathialean strobilus Discinites sinensis Wang

    Wang, J.; Zhang, G.; Bek, Jiří; Pfefferkorn, H. W.


    Roč. 128, č. 1 (2004), s. 1-17 ISSN 0034-6667 Grant - others:Chinese National Natural Science Foundation(CN) 40102002; NIGPAS(CN) 003102; NIGPAS(CN) 023117 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z3013912 Keywords : in situ spores * Noeggerathiales * Permian Subject RIV: DB - Geology ; Mineralogy Impact factor: 0.886, year: 2004

  5. The Societal Security Standardization Promotes Social Management Sdentification——Interview with Wang Zhongmin, President of CNIS


    China Standardization:In February 2011,President Hu Jintao gave an important speech on the opening ceremony of the seminar of social management and its innovation for provincial and ministerial level leaders,stressing that the scientific level of social management must be raised and building a social management system with Chinese socialism charactetistics.Would you please talk about the role of the societal security standardization in improving the scientific social manageraent?

  6. Risky Choice with Heuristics: Reply to Birnbaum (2008), Johnson, Schulte-Mecklenbeck, and Willemsen (2008), and Rieger and Wang (2008)

    Brandstatter, Eduard; Gigerenzer, Gerd; Hertwig, Ralph


    E. Brandstatter, G. Gigerenzer, and R. Hertwig (2006) showed that the priority heuristic matches or outperforms modifications of expected utility theory in predicting choice in 4 diverse problem sets. M. H. Birnbaum (2008) argued that sets exist in which the opposite is true. The authors agree--but stress that all choice strategies have regions of…

  7. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    pp 107-116 Research Article. Highly conserved D-loop-like nuclear mitochondrial sequences (Numts) in tiger (Panthera tigris) · Wenping Zhang Zhihe Zhang Fujun Shen Rong Hou Xiaoping Lv Bisong Yue · More Details Abstract Fulltext PDF. Using oligonucleotide primers designed to match hypervariable segments I ...

  8. PREFACE: XXVIII International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC 2013)

    Xiao, Guoqing; Cai, Xiaohong; Ding, Dajun; Ma, Xinwen; Zhao, Yongtao


    express its great appreciation to National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), IMP, and IMP-YIPA for financial support, to Fangfang Ruan, Qiang Liang, Dacheng Zhang, Shukai Tian, Yuyu Wang, Wenping Zhu, Wei Liang, Mingwu Zhang, Haibo Yuan, Shan Sha, Jieru Ren, Jie Yang and Zhenhai Chen for their contributions to the organization, and to the volunteer group from Lanzhou University, the High School Attached Northwest Normal University and IMP for their excellent volunteer work. The Local Organizing Committee would like to thank all of the participants and the authors of the proceedings for their supports and contributions to the conference. Guoqing Xiao Director of Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  9. Timing of metamorphism of the Lansang gneiss and implications for left-lateral motion along the Mae Ping (Wang Chao) strike-slip fault, Thailand

    Palin, R. M.; Searle, M. P.; Morley, C. K.; Charusiri, P.; Horstwood, M. S. A.; Roberts, N. M. W.


    The Mae Ping fault (MPF), western Thailand, exhibits dominantly left-lateral strike-slip motion and stretches for >600 km, reportedly branching off the right-lateral Sagaing fault in Myanmar and extending southeast towards Cambodia. Previous studies have suggested that the fault assisted the large-scale extrusion of Sundaland that occurred during the Late Eocene-Early Oligocene, with a geological offset of ˜120-150 km estimated from displaced high-grade gneisses and granites of the Chiang Mai-Lincang belt. Exposures of high-grade orthogneiss in the Lansang National Park, part of this belt, locally contain strong mylonitic textures and are bounded by strike-slip ductile shear zones and brittle faults. Geochronological analysis of monazite from a sample of sheared biotite-K-feldspar orthogneiss suggests two episodes of crystallization, with core regions documenting Th-Pb ages between c. 123 and c. 114 Ma and rim regions documenting a significantly younger age range between c. 45-37 Ma. These data are interpreted to represent possible magmatic protolith emplacement for the Lansang orthogneiss during the Early Cretaceous, with a later episode of metamorphism occurring during the Eocene. Textural relationships provided by in situ analysis suggest that ductile shearing along the MPF occurred during the latter stages of, or after, this metamorphic event. In addition, monazite analyzed from an undeformed garnet-two-mica granite dyke intruding metamorphic units at Bhumipol Lake outside of the Mae Ping shear zone produced a Th-Pb age of 66.2 ± 1.6 Ma. This age is interpreted to date the timing of dyke emplacement, implying that the MPF cuts through earlier formed magmatic and high-grade metamorphic rocks. These new data, when combined with regional mapping and earlier geochronological work, show that neither metamorphism, nor regional cooling, was directly related to strike-slip motion.

  10. Apuntes sobre las nuevas dinámicas de la Oralidad: Escuchando a "Wang-Fo" en el lenguaje hiper-vincular

    Alexander Díaz


    Full Text Available El presente escrito es una reflexión-narración de cómo la oralidad puede hallarse en estado implícito en las comunidades inmersas en la sociedad mediática de consumo. En este mestizaje semiótico de la tradición, la "Cuenteria" alcanza un valor excepcional en Colombia. Existe la evidencia que en las últimas dos décadas, hombres y mujeres de diversos estratos socioeconómicos y niveles de formación académica diferentes, se reúnen a participar de la cultura oral renovada, un paso delante de los medios masivos; tal portento es una alternativa real y viable para la Oralidad.

  11. Towards unified characterization of cooperation mechanisms. Comment on "Universal scaling for the dilemma strength in evolutionary games" by Z. Wang et al.

    Han, The Anh


    "I will jump into the river to save two brothers or eight cousins": This famous quote by J.B.S. Haldane accurately anticipates the conditions under which cooperation is the favorable choice in an interaction between genetic relatives. The general condition can later be formulated as a surprisingly simple mathematical expression, known as the Hamilton's rule, stating that natural selection favors cooperation if the genetic relatedness (r) between the donor and the recipient of a cooperative act is greater than its cost (c) to benefit (b) ratio [1]: r > c / b. Motivated by Hamilton's elegant early studies, researchers have attempted to find simple and concise rules that characterize the conditions for cooperation to be selected under various social viscosity [2,3]. For example, the seminal work by M. Nowak [3] in 2006 shows that similarly simple rules can be derived that govern each of the other four popular mechanisms of cooperation-direct reciprocity, indirect reciprocity, group selection and network reciprocity-, which can be expressed via the cost-to-benefit ratio being smaller than some critical value associated with the mechanism at work (as seen, for kin interactions, the critical value is relatedness). However, these rules are restricted to the donor and recipient (D&R) paradigm. The question is thus whether it is possible to obtain simple rules even for the general case? The answer is not trivial as a general two-player game is described by four independent parameters, not just two as in the D&R game.

  12. Connecting human behavior and infectious disease spreading. Comment on "Coupled disease-behavior dynamics on complex networks: A review" by Wang et al.

    Holme, Petter


    Vaccination against measles is one of the great success stories of 20th century medicine. In the USA, before the introduction of the vaccine in 1963, three to four million adolescents were infected annually, around 500 died, around 5000 got serious complications (primarily encephalitis, swelling of the brain), and around 50,000 were hospitalized [7]. With the vaccine, measles virtually vanished and by 2000 it was declared extinct from the USA. This was, however, not the end of the story. There is still a small fraction of parents who do not let their children be vaccinated. The reasons vary-fear of side effects, an aversion of exposing children to something ;unnatural;, and a large number of other ideas. (For a non-academic account of the psychology of vaccination, we recommend Eula Biss's On Immunity[3].) The last few decades, anti-vaccination ideas have been spreading in social media and united people opposing vaccination into something of a movement [4]. In December 2014 there was a first larger outbreak (over 500 cases) of the century, centered around Disneyland (Anaheim, California) [10], and the anti-vaccination movement got much of the blame [4]. This example illustrates how ideas and opinions-that just like diseases are spreading over networks of people-can facilitate outbreaks. The reverse is, thankfully, more common-people, aware of an emerging outbreak, try to lower the chance of contagion by improving hygiene etc., which impedes the outbreak.

  13. 圖書館事業與交流/What Cloud Computing Means to Libraries and Information Services/Xiaocan (Lucy Wang, Jie Huang

    Xiaocan (Lucy Wang, Jie Huang Xiaocan (Lucy Wang, Jie Huang


    Full Text Available Cloud computing, as an emerging style of computing that involves various technologies and provides virtual and scalable IT-related services over the Internet, has become a popular topic in the past few years. Much has been written about this concept and its applications in the IT and business fields, but little has been done in the library setting. This paper first introduces cloud computing with respect to its concepts, types, and general applications. The focus is then shifted to what cloud computing might mean to libraries and information services. The impact of cloud computing on the storage of libraries’ digital assets, integrated library systems, libraries’ IT infrastructures, as well as library services and internal work, has been investigated. The paper also explores the potential benefits of incorporating cloud computing in the library environment and points out some concerns and challenges libraries may have. 雲端計算作為一種新興的、利用多元技術來提供基於網路的IT 服務計算模式,在近幾年來已成為熱門話題。許多文章論述了有關雲端計算的概念及其在IT 和商業中的應用模式,但卻少見對其在圖書館領域中運用的闡述。本文首先介紹有關雲端計算的概念、類型,以及一些基本的應用模式。隨後,本文著眼於雲端計算對圖書館和資訊服務的意義,探討雲端計算在圖書館數位資源儲存、整合圖書館系統、圖書館資訊科技的設施建設、圖書館服務和內部作業等方面產生的影響以及圖書館運用雲端計算的潛在效益。本文剖析圖書館採用雲端計算的益處之時,也同時探討可能面臨的一些問題和挑戰。 頁次:166-174

  14. The importance of accurately modelling human interactions. Comment on "Coupled disease-behavior dynamics on complex networks: A review" by Z. Wang et al.

    Rosati, Dora P.; Molina, Chai; Earn, David J. D.


    Human behaviour and disease dynamics can greatly influence each other. In particular, people often engage in self-protective behaviours that affect epidemic patterns (e.g., vaccination, use of barrier precautions, isolation, etc.). Self-protective measures usually have a mitigating effect on an epidemic [16], but can in principle have negative impacts at the population level [12,15,18]. The structure of underlying social and biological contact networks can significantly influence the specific ways in which population-level effects are manifested. Using a different contact network in a disease dynamics model-keeping all else equal-can yield very different epidemic patterns. For example, it has been shown that when individuals imitate their neighbours' vaccination decisions with some probability, this can lead to herd immunity in some networks [9], yet for other networks it can preserve clusters of susceptible individuals that can drive further outbreaks of infectious disease [12].

  15. Scaling up complexity in host-pathogens interaction models. Comment on "Coupled disease-behavior dynamics on complex networks: A review" by Z. Wang et al.

    Aguiar, Maíra


    Caused by micro-organisms that are pathogenic to the host, infectious diseases have caused debilitation and premature death to large portions of the human population, leading to serious social-economic concerns. The persistence and increase in the occurrence of infectious diseases as well the emergence or resurgence of vector-borne diseases are closely related with demographic factors such as the uncontrolled urbanization and remarkable population growth, political, social and economical changes, deforestation, development of resistance to insecticides and drugs and increased human travel. In recent years, mathematical modeling became an important tool for the understanding of infectious disease epidemiology and dynamics, addressing ideas about the components of host-pathogen interactions. Acting as a possible tool to understand, predict the spread of infectious diseases these models are also used to evaluate the introduction of intervention strategies like vector control and vaccination. Many scientific papers have been published recently on these topics, and most of the models developed try to incorporate factors focusing on several different aspects of the disease (and eventually biological aspects of the vector), which can imply rich dynamic behavior even in the most basic dynamical models. As one example to be cited, there is a minimalistic dengue model that has shown rich dynamic structures, with bifurcations (Hopf, pitchfork, torus and tangent bifurcations) up to chaotic attractors in unexpected parameter regions [1,2], which was able to describe the large fluctuations observed in empirical outbreak data [3,4].

  16. Unifying perspectives on cooperation under social viscosity. Comment on "Universal scaling for the dilemma strength in evolutionary games" by Z. Wang et al.

    Bauch, Chris T.


    How cooperation evolved in populations of self-interested agents puzzled Charles Darwin, who portrayed the paradox in The Descent of Man as such: "He who was ready to sacrifice his life, as many a savage has been, rather than betray his comrades, would often leave no offspring to inherit his noble nature" [1]. Darwin invoked group selection to explain cooperation: if groups of cooperating individuals could work together to outcompete groups of selfish individuals, cooperation could thrive. Fundamentally, this mechanism works by allowing cooperators to interact preferentially with one another: cooperators tend to interact with other co-operators whereas selfish "defectors" tend to interact with other defectors. Since cooperators cooperate and defectors defect, groups of cooperators should do better, on average.

  17. Finding Their Identities

    Lum, Lydia


    Every time Dr. Larry Shinagawa teaches his "Introduction to Asian American Studies" course at the University of Maryland (UMD), College Park, he finds that 10 to 20 percent of his students are adoptees. Among other things, they hunger to better comprehend the social and political circumstances overseas leading to their adoption. In…

  18. High Performance Computing Application: Solar Dynamo Model Project II, Corona and Heliosphere Component Initialization, Integration and Validation


    distribution at this level replaced a constant temperature assumption, and density was calculated locally through a balance of radiation loss, thermal...G. References Altschuler, M. D., and G. Newkirk, Jr. (1969), Magnetic fields and the structure of the solar corona. I: Methods of calculating ...Weather, 11, 17-33, doi:10.1029/2012SW000853. Nakamizo, A., T. Tanaka, Y. Kubo , S. Kamei, H. Shimazu, and H. Shinagawa (2009), Development of the

  19. 專論/數位環境的著作權法制思考/賴文智;王文君 | Rethinking Copyright Law System in Digital Environment / Wen-chi Lai;Wen-chun Wang



    Full Text Available

    本文研究議題為著作權法制面對數位環境衝擊之制度調整思考。本文首先說明數位與網路科技不僅為當代社會著作利用帶來相當多的變化,也使著作權制度面 臨諸多困難議題。藉由對著作權法制發展史與著作權法第1條規定的檢視,本文提出「促進著作流通利用」乃達致著作權法各項立法目的之共同且最主要之途徑(方 法),並嘗試在此脈絡下,檢視合理使用、公開傳輸權、權利管理電子資訊、防盜拷措施的保護及著作權仲介團體條例等制度設計。最終重申並闡釋「促進著作流通 利用」乃是用以檢視著作權制度是否合於當代社會需求之關鍵。

    At first, this paper raises the question on the impacts of Copyright System in digital environment. From reviewing history of Copyright System and Article 1 of Copyright Act, this paper holds that encouraging circulation and use of copyrighted work is main purpose of Copyright Act. This paper describes that facing digital and network technologies, the use of copyrighted work in our society has several changes. These changes, from the point of view that the main purpose of Copyright System is encouraging circulation and use of copyrighted work, make Copyright System facing several difficult issues. Finally, this paper examines several issues of Copyright System, such as, fair use, right of public transmission, electronic rights management information, protection of technological protection measures and Copyright Intermediary Organization Act. Encouraging circulation and use of copyrighted work is always the key of examining whether the Copyright System fit the need of current society.


  20. How to analytically characterize the epidemic threshold within the coupled disease-behavior systems?. Comment on "Coupled disease-behavior dynamics on complex networks: A review" by Z. Wang et al.

    Xia, Cheng-Yi; Ding, Shuai; Sun, Shi-Wen; Wang, Li; Gao, Zhong-Ke; Wang, Juan


    As is well known, outbreak of epidemics may drive the human population to take some necessary measures to protect themselves from not being infected by infective ones, these precautions in turn will also keep from the further spreading of infectious diseases among the population. Thus, to fully comprehend the epidemic spreading behavior within real-world systems, the interplay between disease dynamics and human behavioral and social dynamics needs to be considered simultaneously, such that some effective containment-measures can be successfully developed [1-3].

  1. Integrating evolutionary game theory into epigenetic study of embryonic development. Comment on ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Wang, Zuoheng


    DNA methylation is an essential component in the epigenetic regulation of embryonic development, and plays a crucial role in various biological processes, including repression of gene transcription, parent-of-origin genomic imprinting, and X-chromosome inactivation [1-5]. Understanding the epigenetic processes in different stages of embryo development has become an important research topic in the field. It has potential to offer new insight into reproductive medicine and contribute to the improvement of long-term health outcomes.

  2. Permian Circulipuncturites discinisporis Labaindera, Wang, Zhang, Bek et Pfefferkorn gen. et spec. nov. (formerly Discinispora) from Cina, an ichnotaxon of a punch-and-sucking insect on Noeggerathialean spores

    Wang, J.; Labandeira, C. C.; Zhang, G.; Bek, Jiří; Pfefferkorn, H. W.


    Roč. 156, 3/4 (2009), s. 277-282 ISSN 0034-6667 R&D Projects: GA AV ČR IAA301110701 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z30130516 Keywords : noeggerathiales * in situ spores * insect damage * ichnotaxon * Permian Subject RIV: EF - Botanics Impact factor: 2.145, year: 2009

  3. Virus-mediated chemical changes in rice plants impact the relationship between non-vector planthopper Nilaparvata lugens Stål and its egg parasitoid Anagrus nilaparvatae Pang et Wang.

    He, Xiaochan; Xu, Hongxing; Gao, Guanchun; Zhou, Xiaojun; Zheng, Xusong; Sun, Yujian; Yang, Yajun; Tian, Junce; Lu, Zhongxian


    In order to clarify the impacts of southern rice black-streaked dwarf virus (SRBSDV) infection on rice plants, rice planthoppers and natural enemies, differences in nutrients and volatile secondary metabolites between infected and healthy rice plants were examined. Furthermore, the impacts of virus-mediated changes in plants on the population growth of non-vector brown planthopper (BPH), Nilaparvata lugens, and the selectivity and parasitic capability of planthopper egg parasitoid Anagrus nilaparvatae were studied. The results showed that rice plants had no significant changes in amino acid and soluble sugar contents after SRBSDV infection, and SRBSDV-infected plants had no significant effect on population growth of non-vector BPH. A. nilaparvatae preferred BPH eggs both in infected and healthy rice plants, and tended to parasitize eggs on infected plants, but it had no significant preference for infected plants or healthy plants. GC-MS analysis showed that tridecylic aldehyde occurred only in rice plants infected with SRBSDV, whereas octanal, undecane, methyl salicylate and hexadecane occurred only in healthy rice plants. However, in tests of behavioral responses to these five volatile substances using a Y-tube olfactometer, A. nilaparvatae did not show obvious selectivity between single volatile substances at different concentrations and liquid paraffin in the control group. The parasitic capability of A. nilaparvatae did not differ between SRBSDV-infected plants and healthy plant seedlings. The results suggested that SRBSDV-infected plants have no significant impacts on the non-vector planthopper and its egg parasitoid, A. nilaparvatae.

  4. Applications and extensions of epigenetic game theory. Comment on: ;Epigenetic game theory: How to compute the epigenetic control of maternal-to-zygotic transition; by Qian Wang et al.

    Wang, Yaqun


    The authors are to be congratulated for a thought-provoking article [1], which reviews the epigenetic game theory (epiGame) that utilizes differential equations to study the epigenetic control of embryo development. It is a novel application of evolutionary game theory and provides biology researchers with useful methodologies to address scientific questions related to biological coordination of competition and cooperation.

  5. 研究/臺灣資訊組織與Metadata教育之研究/王梅玲 | Cataloging and Metadata Education in Taiwan Library and Information Science Programs/ Mei-Ling Wang



    Full Text Available

    網路時代,圖書館員需要具備專業能力以有效執行資訊組織工作及整理網路與數位資源,圖書資訊學校需因應時代變遷與圖書館期許調整資訊組織與數位資源 組織課程以培養資訊組織專家。本研究旨在探討我國資訊組織與Metadata教育現況及是否符合圖書館需求,研究目的包括:(1調查我國圖書資訊學系所 提供資訊組織課程現況。(2調查我國圖書資訊學系所提供網路與數位資源組織課程現況。(3探討Metadata課程與編目課程的關係。(4探討我國 資訊組織課程是否符合圖書館員的專業能力需求。本研究利用問卷調查輔以網站內容分析,調查我國圖書資訊學系所資訊組織課程與Metadata課程現況,並 探討Metadata與編目課程關係,以及資訊組織供應與圖書館需求之平衡。研究結果顯示臺灣9所圖書資訊學校開設22門基礎資訊組織課程、46門進階課 程、6門網路與數位資源組織課程,共74 門,平均每校開設8.2門課,其中有2門Metadata課程。

    The article mainly discusses organization of information as well as Metadata education in Taiwan. The paper presents finding of a survey on the state of cataloging and Metadata education in nine library and information science programs in Taiwan. The author sent questionnaires to nine library and information science programs, used web sites content analysis, and undertook in-depth interviews with faculties teaching organization of information courses. The survey showed there were seventy four courses on cataloging and Metadata provided, including twenty-two basic courses, forty six advanced courses, and six internet and digital information organizing courses. Among those courses, there were two Metadata courses provided by Fu-Jen Catholic University and Hsuang Chuang University. Metadata topics were well integrated into organization of information curriculum. Although educators agreed on the inclusion of specific knowledge and skills in Metadata instruction, they did not agree that it was necessary to provide Metadata courses. They also agreed that there were gaps between cataloging / Metadata education and library need for shortage of course credit hours. Some suggestions were proposed to assist education in providing students with competencies in cataloging and Metadata.


  6. Robert Bagley, Max Loehr and the Study of Chinese Bronzes, Ithaca, NY: Cornell East Asia Series, 2008, translated by Wang Haicheng, originally published in Chinese in Dushu, November 2010, 126-33.

    Miao Zhe


    Full Text Available This essay reviews Robert Bagley’s intellectual portrait of Max Loehr, one of the founding fathers of the western study of Chinese art. Bagley’s book centers on the prolonged controversy between Loehr and Bernhard Karlgren over the history of ancient Chinese bronzes. Karlgren, an eminent philologist, tried to extract chronological information from a classification of décor motifs, an approach that he and many of his readers considered to be scientific and objective. Failing to detect any pattern of change in his material, he declared that all extant bronzes were made during two or three centuries of artistic stagnation, centuries that merely repeated designs invented in some earlier and more creative period that is unknown to us. Loehr by contrast succeeded in tracing a clear sequence of evolving styles in the same corpus of material. These positions were first staked out in the 1930s; most observers sided with Karlgren until the 1960s, when archaeology confirmed Loehr’s sequence. What makes the controversy interesting and instructive is that the right answer did not come from the approach that to this day strikes most readers as the scientific one, it came from a seemingly subjective and intuitive art-historical analysis. In part Bagley explains this unexpected outcome by showing that science as Karlgren conceived it—a rule-bound and mechanical procedure that excludes intuition and judgment—is a layman’s misconception; in essential ways, he shows, it was Loehr’s approach rather than Karlgren’s that was scientific. At a time when the prestige of the hard sciences continues to inspire attempts to import scientific methods into the humanities, Bagley has illuminating things to say about the real substance of those methods. He also has much to say about artistic invention and intentionality, and he clarifies one of art history’s most constantly used yet most ill-defined concepts, the concept of style, by arguing that it is not an intrinsic property of an object considered in isolation but only a shorthand way of talking about comparisons.

  7. Comment on “High-temperature soft magnetic properties of antiperovskite nitrides ZnNFe3 and AlNFe3” by Yankun Fu, Shuai Lin, and Bosen Wang, J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 378 (2015) 54–58

    Scholz, T.; Leineweber, A.; Dronskowski, R.


    The authors of the aforementioned manuscript have recently claimed the synthesis of the ternary nitrides ZnNFe 3 (=ZnFe 3 N) and AlNFe 3 (=AlFe 3 N), ordered substituted variants of the binary phase γ‘-Fe 4 N [1]. While soft ferromagnets of such kind are presently attracting lots of attention, their history dates back for more than half a century. In particular, Al-substituted γ‘-Fe 4 N has already been mentioned in 1961 [2], and the existence of AlFe 3 N has also been claimed in 2009 [3] from a two-step ammonolysis reaction combining a high-temperature sintering step and a low-temperature nitriding reaction [4]. Nonetheless, one of us had to withdraw the latter claim after finding out, by means of scanning-electron microscopy and elemental mapping, that all samples of “AlFe 3 N” consisted of an intimate solid mixture of γ‘-Fe 4 N and amorphous Al 2 O 3 [5]. From what follows, we have strong reasons to believe that the authors of Ref. [1] overlooked our findings [5] and also did not synthesize ZnFe 3 N and AlFe 3 N. - Highlights: • The synthesis of ZnFe 3 N and AlFe 3 N is questioned. • The diffraction data of ZnFe 3 N and AlFe 3 N resemble those of Fe 4 N. • The magnetic data of ZnFe 3 N and AlFe 3 N are compatible with those of Fe 4 N. • There is no physical evidence for the existence of ZnFe 3 N and AlFe 3 N.

  8. Virus-mediated chemical changes in rice plants impact the relationship between non-vector planthopper Nilaparvata lugens Stål and its egg parasitoid Anagrus nilaparvatae Pang et Wang.

    Xiaochan He

    Full Text Available In order to clarify the impacts of southern rice black-streaked dwarf virus (SRBSDV infection on rice plants, rice planthoppers and natural enemies, differences in nutrients and volatile secondary metabolites between infected and healthy rice plants were examined. Furthermore, the impacts of virus-mediated changes in plants on the population growth of non-vector brown planthopper (BPH, Nilaparvata lugens, and the selectivity and parasitic capability of planthopper egg parasitoid Anagrus nilaparvatae were studied. The results showed that rice plants had no significant changes in amino acid and soluble sugar contents after SRBSDV infection, and SRBSDV-infected plants had no significant effect on population growth of non-vector BPH. A. nilaparvatae preferred BPH eggs both in infected and healthy rice plants, and tended to parasitize eggs on infected plants, but it had no significant preference for infected plants or healthy plants. GC-MS analysis showed that tridecylic aldehyde occurred only in rice plants infected with SRBSDV, whereas octanal, undecane, methyl salicylate and hexadecane occurred only in healthy rice plants. However, in tests of behavioral responses to these five volatile substances using a Y-tube olfactometer, A. nilaparvatae did not show obvious selectivity between single volatile substances at different concentrations and liquid paraffin in the control group. The parasitic capability of A. nilaparvatae did not differ between SRBSDV-infected plants and healthy plant seedlings. The results suggested that SRBSDV-infected plants have no significant impacts on the non-vector planthopper and its egg parasitoid, A. nilaparvatae.

  9. Taxonomic review on the subgenus Tripodura Townes (Diptera: Chironomidae: Polypedilum) from China with eleven new species and a supplementary world checklist.

    Zhang, Ruilei; Song, Chao; Qi, Xin; Wang, Xinhua


    The subgenus Tripodura Townes of Polypedilum Kieffer from China including 26 species is reviewed. Eleven new species, named P. (T.) absensilobum Zhang & Wang sp. n., P. (T.) apiculusetosum Zhang & Wang sp. n., P. (T.) arcuatum Zhang & Wang sp. n., P. (T.) bilamella Zhang & Wang sp. n., P. (T.) conghuaense Zhang & Wang sp. n., P. (T.) dengae Zhang & Wang sp. n., P. (T.) mengmanense Zhang & Wang sp. n., P. (T.) napahaiense Zhang & Wang sp. n., P. (T.) parallelum Zhang & Wang sp. n., P. (T.) pollicium Zhang & Wang sp. n. and P. (T.) trapezium Zhang & Wang sp. n. are described and illustrated based on male imagines. Three species, P. (T.) quadriguttatum Kieffer, P. (T.) unifascia (Tokunaga) and P. (T.) udominutum Niitsuma are firstly recorded in China. A key to known male imagines of Chinese species and an updated world checklist of subgenus Tripodura are presented.

  10. recA+-dependent inactivation of the lambda repressor in Escherichia coli lysogens by γ-radiation and by tif expression

    West, S.C.; Powell, K.A.; Emmerson, P.T.


    When lambda lysogens of E. coli are induced by γ-radiation the lambda repressor, as measured by its specific binding to lambda DNA, is rapidly inactivated by a recA + -dependent process which does not require new protein synthesis. This rapid inactivation is similar to inactivation of repressor by expression of the temperature sensitive E. coli mutation tif. In contrast, induction by UV irradiation or mitomycin C treatment requires new protein synthesis and there is a lag before the repressor is inactivated (Tomizawa and Ogawa, 1967; Shinagawa and Itoh, 1973). (orig.) [de

  11. A reviewof the pharmacologicalmechanism of traditional Chinese ...

    A reviewof the pharmacologicalmechanism of traditional Chinese medicine in the intervention of coronary heart disease and stroke. W Zhang, K Gao, K Gao, J Liu, J Liu, H Zhao, H Zhao, J Wang, J Wang, Y Li, Y Li, G Murtaza, G Murtaza, J Chen, J Chen, W Wang, W Wang ...

  12. Fake "Returnee" Earns 4 Million through Fraudulent Marriages: More than Ten Women Fall for His Claims of Being a Boss and Possessing a House and Car

    Chinese Education and Society, 2005


    This article discusses the case of Wang Ruiliang. Ms. Huang filed a case against Wang Jun, alleging that he had defrauded her. Ms. Huang met a man named Wang Jun in April 2002 through a certain matrimonial agency. Before they had been together for very long, Wang Jun asked to borrow money from Ms. Huang, claiming that he was having difficulties in…

  13. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science; Volume 35; Issue 4. CuO/TiO2 nanocrystals grown on graphene as visible-light responsive photocatalytic hybrid materials. Yuan Fang Rijing Wang Guohua Jiang He Jin Yin Wang Xinke Sun Sheng Wang Tao Wang. Volume 35 Issue 4 August 2012 pp 495-499 ...

  14. Ocean acidification increases the accumulation of toxic phenolic compounds across trophic levels, supplement to: Jin, Peng; Wang, Tifeng; Liu, Nana; Dupont, Sam; Beardall, John; Boyd, Philip W; Riebesell, Ulf; Gao, Kunshan (2015): Ocean acidification increases the accumulation of toxic phenolic compounds across trophic levels. Nature Communications, 6, 8714

    Jin, Peng; Wang, Tifeng; Liu, Nana; Dupont, Sam; Beardall, John; Boyd, Philip W; Riebesell, Ulf; Gao, Kunshan


    Increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations are causing ocean acidification (OA), altering carbonate chemistry with consequences for marine organisms. Here we show that OA increases by 46-212% the production of phenolic compounds in phytoplankton grown under the elevated CO2 concentrations projected for the end of this century, compared with the ambient CO2 level. At the same time, mitochondrial respiration rate is enhanced under elevated CO2 concentrations by 130-160% in a single species or mixed phytoplankton assemblage. When fed with phytoplankton cells grown under OA, zooplankton assemblages have significantly higher phenolic compound content, by about 28-48%. The functional consequences of the increased accumulation of toxic phenolic compounds in primary and secondary producers have the potential to have profound consequences for marine ecosystem and seafood quality, with the possibility that fishery industries could be influenced as a result of progressive ocean changes.

  15. 專論/分類不一致之自動偵測:以農資中心資料為例/曾元顯;王峻禧 | Automatic Inconsistency Detection for the ASIC Categorization Collection / Yuen-Hsien Tseng; Chun-Shi Wang



    Full Text Available

    文件分類是根據文件內容的主題給定類別的知識加值工作,傳統上由人工進行。然而受分類架構設計、類別定義以及分類者學識 背景等影響,主題內容類似的文件,不見得都會被分類到相同的類別,因而造成分類不一致的情況,降低分類文件的應用價值。本文以案例的形式,根據農資中心的 人工分類資料, 進行分類一致性的自動驗證,呈現及探討其結果,並說明其可能潛在的應用,以展示此項工作的可行性及實際效益。綜合而言,分類不一致之自動偵測,可作為資料 清理、知識盤點等知識管理實務上的應用,或是後續分類槃構修正、分類策略擬定、人工分類訓練,以及引進自動分類機制之參考與前置作業。

    Text categorization is a process of assigning labels to documents according to the contents or topics of the documents. Traditionally text categorization is carried out by human experts. However, due to factors such as blurred category boundaries, background bias, and personal judgment, label inconsistency is often found in human classified collections, thus reducing their values in various applications. This article described an automatic process to detect such inconsistency based on the Agricultural Science Information Center (ASIC collection. In the article, important examples and results are presented. Potential benefits and applications are discussed.


  16. Reply to the comment by Q.Q. Qiao et al. on ;Cenozoic tectonic deformation and uplift of the South Tian Shan: Implications from magnetostratigraphy and balanced cross-section restoration of the Kuqa depression; by Tao Zhang, Xiaomin Fang, Chunhui Song, Erwin Appel, and Yadong Wang [Tectonophysics, 2014, doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2014.04.044

    Zhang, Tao; Fang, Xiaomin; Song, Chunhui; Appel, Erwin; Wang, Yadong


    Qiao et al. (2016) commented on our work (Zhang et al., 2014) and rejected our reinterpretation of the magnetostratigraphic results of Huang et al. (2006) and Li et al. (2006), with the results gained using the Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm technique (DTWAT) as their main basis. However, Qiao et al. (2016) did not provide details of their modeling inputs, and, in particular, the parameters they chose for their calculations, where such parameters can have a serious impact upon any results. We therefore performed calculations using the same software (i.e., Qupydon) as Qiao et al. (2016), using reliable parameter settings. The results showed that the ;interesting correlation; of a 6000 minimum cost output completely correlate with the magnetostratigraphic Chrons C18r to C3An.1n ( 40-6 Ma), which is consistent with our reinterpreted magnetostratigraphic results. Furthermore, we summarized previous biostratigraphic studies of nearby areas; the data resulting from this process also supported our reinterpreted magnetostratigraphic correlation. We were therefore able to confirm the revised magnetostratigraphic correlation of Zhang et al. (2014).

  17. Use Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science for Comprehensive Citation Tracking. A review of: Bakkalbasi, Nisa, Kathleen Bauer, Janis Glover and Lei Wang. “Three Options for Citation Tracking: Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science.” Biomedical Digital Libraries 3.7 (2006.

    Lorie A. Kloda


    Full Text Available Objective – To determine whether three competing citation tracking services result in differing citation counts for a known set of articles, and to assess the extent of any differences.Design – Citation analysis, observational study.Setting – Three citation tracking databases: Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science. Subjects – Citations from eleven journals each from the disciplines of oncology and condensed matter physics for the years 1993 and 2003.Methods – The researchers selected eleven journals each from the list of journals from Journal Citation Reports 2004 for the categories “Oncology” and “Condensed Matter Physics” using a systematic sampling technique to ensure journals with vary ingimpact factors were included. All references from these 22 journals were retrieved for the years 1993 and 2003 by searching three databases: Web of Science, INSPEC, and PubMed. Only research articles were included for the purpose of the study. From these, a stratified random sample was created to proportionally represent the content of each journal (oncology 1993: 234 references, 2003: 259 references; condensed matter physics 1993: 358 references, 2003: 364 references. In November of 2005, citations counts were obtained for all articles from Web of Science, Scopus and GoogleScholar. Due to the small sample size and skewed distribution of data, non‐parametric tests were conducted to determine whether significant differences existed between sets.Main Results – For 1993, mean citation counts were highest in Web of Science for both oncology (mean = 45.3, SD = 77.4 and condensed matter physics (mean = 22.5, SD= 32.5. For 2003, mean citation counts were higher in Scopus for oncology (mean = 8.9,SD = 12.0, and in Web of Science for condensed matter physics (mean = 3.0, SD =4.0. There was not enough data for the set of citations from Scopus for condensed matter physics for 1993 and it was therefore excluded from analysis. A Friedman test to measure for differences between all remaining groups suggested a significant difference existed, and so pairwise post‐hoc comparisons were performed. The Wilcoxon Signed Ranked tests demonstrated significant differences “in citation counts between all pairs (p Conclusion – The study does not confirm the authors’ hypothesis that differing scholarly coverage would result in different citation counts from the three databases. While there were significant differences in mean citation rates between all pairs of databases except for Google Scholar and Scopus in condensed matter physics for 2003, no one database performed better overall. Different databases performed better for different subjects, as well as for different years, especially Scopus, which only includes references starting in 1996. The results of this study suggest that the best citation database will depend on the years being searched as well as the subject area. For a complete picture of citation behaviour, the authors suggest all three be used.

  18. Comments on X. Yin, A. Wen, Y. Chen, and T. Wang, `Studies in an optical millimeter-wave generation scheme via two parallel dual-parallel Mach-Zehnder modulators', Journal of Modern Optics, 58(8), 2011, pp. 665-673

    Hasan, Mehedi; Maldonado-Basilio, Ramón; Hall, Trevor J.


    Yin et al. have described an innovative filter-less optical millimeter-wave generation scheme for octotupling of a 10 GHz RF oscillator, or sedecimtupling of a 5 GHz RF oscillator using two parallel dual-parallel Mach-Zehnder modulators (DP-MZMs). The great merit of their design is the suppression of all harmonics except those of order ? (octotupling) or all harmonics except those of order ? (sedecimtupling), where ? is an integer. A demerit of their scheme is the requirement to set a precise RF signal modulation index in order to suppress the zeroth order optical carrier. The purpose of this comment is to show that, in the case of the octotupling function, all harmonics may be suppressed except those of order ?, where ? is an odd integer, by the simple addition of an optical ? phase shift between the two DP-MZMs and an adjustment of the RF drive phases. Since the carrier is suppressed in the modified architecture, the octotupling circuit is thereby released of the strict requirement to set the drive level to a precise value without any significant increase in circuit complexity.

  19. Comment on “High-temperature soft magnetic properties of antiperovskite nitrides ZnNFe{sub 3} and AlNFe{sub 3}” by Yankun Fu, Shuai Lin, and Bosen Wang, J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 378 (2015) 54–58

    Scholz, T. [Chair of Solid-State and Quantum Chemistry, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Landoltweg 1, RWTH Aachen University, D-52056 Aachen (Germany); Leineweber, A. [Institute of Materials Science, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Gustav-Zeuner-Str. 5, D-09599 Freiberg (Germany); Dronskowski, R., E-mail: [Chair of Solid-State and Quantum Chemistry, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Landoltweg 1, RWTH Aachen University, D-52056 Aachen (Germany)


    The authors of the aforementioned manuscript have recently claimed the synthesis of the ternary nitrides ZnNFe{sub 3} (=ZnFe{sub 3}N) and AlNFe{sub 3} (=AlFe{sub 3}N), ordered substituted variants of the binary phase γ‘-Fe{sub 4}N [1]. While soft ferromagnets of such kind are presently attracting lots of attention, their history dates back for more than half a century. In particular, Al-substituted γ‘-Fe{sub 4}N has already been mentioned in 1961 [2], and the existence of AlFe{sub 3}N has also been claimed in 2009 [3] from a two-step ammonolysis reaction combining a high-temperature sintering step and a low-temperature nitriding reaction [4]. Nonetheless, one of us had to withdraw the latter claim after finding out, by means of scanning-electron microscopy and elemental mapping, that all samples of “AlFe{sub 3}N” consisted of an intimate solid mixture of γ‘-Fe{sub 4}N and amorphous Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}[5]. From what follows, we have strong reasons to believe that the authors of Ref. [1] overlooked our findings [5] and also did not synthesize ZnFe{sub 3}N and AlFe{sub 3}N. - Highlights: • The synthesis of ZnFe{sub 3}N and AlFe{sub 3}N is questioned. • The diffraction data of ZnFe{sub 3}N and AlFe{sub 3}N resemble those of Fe{sub 4}N. • The magnetic data of ZnFe{sub 3}N and AlFe{sub 3}N are compatible with those of Fe{sub 4}N. • There is no physical evidence for the existence of ZnFe{sub 3}N and AlFe{sub 3}N.

  20. Chinese Marine Materia Medica. By Huashi Guan and Shuguang Wang. Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers, China Ocean Press, and Chemical Industry Press: Shanghai, Beijing, China, 2009; Hardback, 7064 pp; ¥ 2920; ISBN 978-7-5323-9958-1/R•2707; ISBN 978-7-5323-9973-4/R•2708; ISBN 978-7-1220-6012-9

    Peter Proksch


    Full Text Available China is one of the first countries to use marine materia medica for treating diseases. Ancient books on Chinese herbology, such as Shennong Bencaojing (Shennong’s Classic of Materia Medica, Xinxiu Bencao (Newly Revised Materia Medica and Bencao Gangmu (Compendium of Materia Medica, have detailed more than 110 marine herbs and thousands of marine herbal formulas (including those for Chinese food therapy. A great deal of information on marine herbs and their applications in medicine, collected over thousands of years, has provided an important foundation for modern research in the area of marine drugs. Thanks to these records and references, the research and development of modern Chinese marine drugs continue to evolve and mature. Since the middle of the 20th century, special attention has been paid to traditional Chinese medicine, resulting in a significant increase in the number of newly discovered marine herbs. Comprehensive surveys in the past have also created a wealth of data on the pharmacology, chemistry, biology and ecology of marine medicinal bioresources. After thousands of years of research, historical references to traditional marine herbs are scattered throughout ancient books, local chronicles, medical books, or monographs on medicinal herbs. Unfortunately, there is no systematic way to collate or scientifically verify these references. Furthermore, during the last century, scientists around the world have accumulated large quantities of information on marine natural products, but these are also scattered throughout academic books and journals.

  1. Potential Fit to the Department Outweighs Professional Criteria in the Hiring Process in Academic Libraries. A Review of: Wang, Z. & Guarria, C. (2010. Unlocking the mystery: What academic library search committees look for in filling faculty positions. Technical Services Quarterly, 27, 66–86.

    Yvonne Hultman Özek


    Full Text Available Objective – To identify key factors affecting the probability of obtaining an interview and being hired for an academic library position.Design – An online survey was distributed via the following electronic mail lists: ACRL, LITA, COLLIB, METRO, ACQNET, COLLDV, ULS, EQUILIBR, and ALF. The questionnaire was posted via StudentVoice, an assessment survey provider.Setting – Academic libraries in the United States.Subjects – The 242 academic library search committees that responded to the online survey.Methods – The authors reviewed the literature on the hiring process in academic libraries. A questionnaire for an online survey was developed. The instrument contained closed questions with the option to add comments. The survey was available for completion June 3 to June 15, 2008.Main Results – Skills and performance of job requirements were rated as the most important criteria by 90% of the 242 academic library search committees that responded to the survey. Previous academic library experience was rated as essential by 38%. The findings also showed that committees are positive towards hiring recent graduates, and over 90% check references. In addition, 75% of the respondents emphasized the importance of skills in bibliographic instruction (BI, particularly when choosing staff for public services.Furthermore, of the 242 respondents, 47.52%, answering the corresponding question indicated that a relevant cover letter, correct spelling, and declaration of the candidate’s activities over all time periods are crucial aspects.Those in favour of using a weighted scoring system, 37% of 218 respondents, felt that it served as a tool to level the playing field for gathering accurate information, and it also helped to improve the efficiency as well as speed of the hiring process. However, 62.84% of the respondents commented that a weighted scoring system is too prescribed, and some universities did not allow the use of this method. Of 218 respondents, 65% employed evaluation forms after an interview, 38% reported that they would go beyond the applicant’s given references, and 61% felt that the applicant’s potential to fit into the department was important. The “potential fit” criteria scored the highest of these criteria: demonstrated performance of job requirements; cover letter; and knowledge of trends in latest developments in library science (p. 74. Of 211 respondents, 47.39% reported that the average length of the search process was 4 to 6 months. Most respondents perceived the search process as slow.Conclusion – In general, the survey offered an overview of current practices of academic library search committees, which can aid those on the hiring side as well as those who are seeking a job. Based on the results, the authors state that, in addition to all of the job requirements, it is vital to consider the potential fit of the applicant within the department. The hiring of candidates with less experience emphasizes the significance of fitting into the department and can be weighed against selection of individuals with more experience. This conclusion is encouraging for those who have recently graduated from library school.

  2. Effects of ice storm on forest ecosystem of southern China in 2008 Shaoqiang Wang1, Lei Zhou1, Weimin Ju2, Kun Huang1 1Key Lab of Ecosystem Network Observation and Modeling, Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Beijing, 10010

    Wang, Shaoqiang


    Evidence is mounting that an increase in extreme climate events has begun to occur worldwide during the recent decades, which affect biosphere function and biodiversity. Ecosystems returned to its original structures and functions to maintain its sustainability, which was closely dependent on ecosystem resilience. Understanding the resilience and recovery capacity of ecosystem to extreme climate events is essential to predicting future ecosystem responses to climate change. Given the overwhelming importance of this region in the overall carbon cycle of forest ecosystems in China, south China suffered a destructive ice storm in 2008. In this study, we used the number of freezing day and a process-based model (Boreal Ecosystem Productivity Simulator, BEPS) to characterize the spatial distribution of ice storm region in southeastern China and explore the impacts on carbon cycle of forest ecosystem over the past decade. The ecosystem variables, i.e. Net primary productivity (NPP), Evapotranspiration (ET), and Water use efficiency (WUE, the ratio of NPP to ET) from the outputs of BEPS models were used to detect the resistance and resilience of forest ecosystem in southern China. The pattern of ice storm-induced forest productivity widespread decline was closely related to the number of freezing day during the ice storm period. The NPP of forest area suffered heavy ice storm returned to normal status after five months with high temperature and ample moisture, indicated a high resilience of subtropical forest in China. The long-term changes of forest WUE remain stable, behaving an inherent sensitivity of ecosystem to extreme climate events. In addition, ground visits suggested that the recovery of forest productivity was attributed to rapid growth of understory. Understanding the variability and recovery threshold of ecosystem following extreme climate events help us to better simulate and predict the variability of ecosystem structure and function under current and future climate change.

  3. China and the New International Order

    Jiang, Yang


    This article reviews the book "China and the New International Order," edited by Wang Gungwu and Zheng Yongnian.......This article reviews the book "China and the New International Order," edited by Wang Gungwu and Zheng Yongnian....

  4. Protective effect of rhamnopyranosyl vanilloyl isolated from ...

    Cai Tian Di Wang in 2013 and authenticated by. Chang-Wu Wang, a ... purchased from Abcam (Cambridge, UK) and ..... Hosaka T, Suzuki F, Kobayashi M, Seko Y, Kawamura Y, ... Han JJ, Ning N. Research progress on pharmacological.

  5. mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco)


    between 'Shatangju' and 'Wuzishatangju' based on establishing an optimization of ..... plant species (Han et al., 2008; Zhang et al., 2010). In this study, 153 pairs of SRAP .... Wang XP, Wang YJ, Zhang JX, Xu Y, Yang KQ (2003). Randomly.

  6. The Role of SIRT1 In Breast Cancer Stem Cells


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    Xing, Wan-Li; Cheng, Jing


    ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Haiching Ma, Yuan Wang, Amy S. Pomaybo, and Connie Tsai 2. Improvement of Microarray Technologies for Detecting Single Nucleotide Mismatch...

  8. Browse Title Index

    Items 7351 - 7400 of 11090 ... Vol 10, No 65 (2011), Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of VP6 gene of giant panda rotavirus strain CH-1, Abstract PDF. Y Lie, S Chen, CD Wang, Z Zhang, CD Wang, W Guo, X Wang, L Guo, Q Yan. Vol 11, No 23 (2012), Molecular cloning, characterization and expression analysis of heat ...

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  10. Browse Title Index

    Items 501 - 550 of 1309 ... HH Tamboura, B Bayala, M Lompo, IP Guissou, L Sawadogo ... X Wang, Y-G Chen, L Ma, Z-H Li, J-Y Li, X-G Liu, J-L Zou, J-H Wu. Vol 11, No 2 ... Zhi-Jiang Wang, Wei Xu, Jian-Wen Liang, Cai-Sheng Wang, Yani Kang.

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  12. Proliferative Activity and Neuroprotective Effect of Ligustrazene ...

    Proliferative Activity and Neuroprotective Effect of. Ligustrazene Derivative by Irritation of Vascular. Endothelial Growth Factor Expression in Middle Cerebral. Artery Occlusion Rats. Zhang Huazheng1, Wang Penglong2, Ren Liwei1, Wang Xiaobo2, Li Guoliang2,. Wang Mina1, Chu Fuhao2, Gong Yan2, Xu Bing2, Bi Siling1, ...

  13. Browse Title Index

    Items 201 - 250 of 449 ... Vol 65 (2012), Nano-Fe3O4/O2: Green, Magnetic and Reusable Catalytic System for the ... Vol 70 (2017), Novel silver-doped NiTiO3: auto-combustion synthesis, ... K Wang, H Wang, R Wang, J Key, V Linkov, S Ji.

  14. Resource-Bounded Information Acquisition and Learning


    Different combinations of voting and confidence evaluation schemes...H. Wang, ... Facial Expression Decomposition..., ICCV, 2003. (E)..., H. Wang, ... Tensor Approximation..., SIGGRAPH. 2005. (F)..., H. Wang, ... High...two of the possible schemes for combining the evidence in the output space. In the first scheme, we take a majority 67 vote , i.e., the class with the

  15. Photodetachment cross-section of in a three-dimensional cubical ...



    Oct 19, 2017 ... DE-HUA WANG. ∗. , PANG-ZHI .... on the surfaces along x, y, z directions, respectively. Then the ..... [20] Y Han, L F Wang, S Y Ran and G C Yang, Physica B. 405, 3082 ... [36] D H Wang, Y J Yu and S L Lin, Chin. Opt. Lett.

  16. Antioxidant and Anti-proliferative Activities of Flavonoids from ...

    significant growth inhibitory effect on RKO cells with IC50 of 39.08 μmol/L and 17.68 μmol/L, respectively ..... YJ.. Essential oil from rhizomes of Ligusticum chuanxiong induces apoptosis in hypertrophic scar ... Liu H, Mou Y, Zhao J, Wang J, Zhou L, Wang M, Wang. D, Han J, Yu Z, Yang F. Flavonoids from Halostachys.

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  18. Earth fissures in Qinglong Graben in Yuncheng Basin, China

    Jianwei Qiao


    Feb 14, 2018 ... Key Laboratory of Western China Mineral Resources and Geological Engineering, Xi'an 710 054, Shaanxi, China. *Corresponding .... first to appear in edge and then extended to the center. ..... Miao D Y, Li Y L, Lv S H, Tian J M, Wang Y R and Si ... Wang J M, Wang C M and Liu K 2001 Progress in ground.

  19. Using datamining approaches to selectacupoints in acupuncture ...

    Using datamining approaches to selectacupoints in acupuncture and Moxibustion for knee osteoarthritis. Changyan Liu, Youxin Su, Jian He, Yanan Li, Shaoqing Chen, Yingjie Zhang, Ziyi Zhang, Meili Lu, Zhen He, Wenting Wang, Yiru Wang, Lu Sheng, Zhengxuan Zhan, Xu Wang, Naixi Zheng ...

  20. Verification of the utility of molecular markers linked to the multiple ...



    Aug 30, 2010 ... Feng Hui*, Wang Lili, Wei Peng, Liu Zhiyong, Li Chengyu, Wang Yugang, Ji Ruiqin and Zhang. Huaqing ..... Chin. Agric. Sci. Bull. 22: 377-379. Li CY, Feng H, Wei P, Wang LL, Zhang J, Yang HN, Jiang N (2009). Directional transfer of the genic multiple allele inherited male sterile line in Chinese cabbage.



    Tiantan Hotel Wang Ping has been named as assistant general manager of Tiantan Hotel. With a Master's degree, Wang has more than 20 years of experience in hotel management, having served as department manager, assistant general manager and vice general manager in various hospitality establishments. Wang published an article on hotel management and mar-

  2. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Conditional QTL mapping of protein content in wheat with respect to grain yield and its components · Lin Wang Fa Cui Jinping Wang Li Jun ... The association study of nonsyndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate identified risk variants of the GLI3 gene in a Chinese population · YIRUI WANG YIMIN SUN YONGQING ...

  3. Growth, yield and quality responses to gibberellic acid (GA3)of Wax ...



    Sep 26, 2011 ... acids (GAs) have been shown to increase fruit set and growth (Zabadal and ..... 350. El-Sese AMA (2005). Effect of gibberellic acid 3 (GAs) on yield and fruit ... Wang CF, You YF, Chen XS, Wang-Lu J, Wang J (2004). Adjusting.

  4. F F Sun

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. F F Sun. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 37 Issue 1 February 2014 pp 71-76. Study of electroless copper plating on ABS resin surface modified by heterocyclic organosilane self-assembled film · H N Zhang J Wang F F Sun D Liu H Y Wang F Wang.

  5. Small-aperture corneal inlay in patients with prior radial keratotomy surgeries

    Huseynova T


    Full Text Available Tukezban Huseynova,1,* Tomomi Kanamori,1 George O Waring IV,2 Minoru Tomita1,3,* 1Shinagawa LASIK Center, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; 2Medical University of South Carolina, Storm Eye Institute, Charleston, SC, USA; 3Department of Ophthalmology, Wenzhou Medical College, Wenzhou, People's Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this study Abstract: This paper describes the 3-month results of two patients who underwent KAMRA™ (AcuFocus, Inc, Irvine, CA, USA inlay implantation surgery with a history of prior radial keratotomy. The refractive error just before KAMRA inlay implantation was corrected in one patient with a laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK procedure. The post-inlay implantation surgery results showed effective uncorrected near visual acuity outcomes with no impact on uncorrected distance visual acuity in both patients. Keywords: KAMRA™, RK, LASIK, uncorrected distance visual acuity, refractive error, uncorrected near visual acuity

  6. Two new genera and three new species of Epipaschiinae Meyrick from China (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae

    Mingqiang Wang


    Full Text Available Two new genera of Epipaschiinae are described. The genus Arcanusa Wang, Chen & Wu, gen. n. is established for Ar. apexiarcanusa Wang, Chen & Wu, sp. n. and Ar. sinuosa (Moore, 1888, comb. n., described in Scopocera Moore, 1888 (junior synonym of Stericta Lederer, 1863. The female genitalia of Ar. sinuosa (Moore, 1888, comb. n. are described for the first time. Androconia Wang, Chen & Wu, gen. n. is erected, including two new species, An. rallusa Wang, Chen & Wu, sp. n. and An. morulusa Wang, Chen & Wu, sp. n. Illustrations of all adults and their genitalia, and a key to the two new genera are provided.

  7. Consumer evaluation of imported organic food products in emerging economies in Asia

    Pedersen, Susanne; Aschemann-Witzel, Jessica; Thøgersen, John


    Consumer evaluation of imported organic food products in emerging economies in Asia Introduction Consumers in emerging economies such as Thailand and China have started to demand organic food products – mainly due to food safety reasons (Ortega, Wang, Wu, & Hong, 2015; Roitner-Schobesberger, Darnhofer, Somsook, & Vogl, 2008; C. L. Wang, Li, Barnes, & Ahn, 2012; O. Wang, De Steur, Gellynck, & Verbeke, 2015). However, since the domestic organic markets are still not well-establi...

  8. Integrated bioinformatic analysis unveils significant genes and pathways in the pathogenesis of supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor

    Wang,Guang-Yu; Li,Ling; Liu,Bo; Han,Xiao; Wang,Chunhua; Wang,Jiwen


    Guang-Yu Wang,1,* Ling Li,2,* Bo Liu,1 Xiao Han,1 Chun-Hua Wang,1 Ji-Wen Wang3 1Department of Neurosurgery, 2Department of Pediatrics, Qilu Children’s Hospital of Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong, 3Department of Neurology, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Pudong New District, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: This study aimed to explore ...

  9. A Study on Expression and Tyrosine 705 phosphorylation of STAT3 ...

    Fas- and Bcl-2-positive cells counts on the one hand, and apoptosis-positive nerve cells count in IP and. IC, on the ..... Chen Z, Li L, Mo X, Zhang L, Xie Y, Guo Q, Wang Y. Non-invasive ... Du W, Hong J, Wang YC, Zhang YJ, Wang P, Su YW,. Lin YW, Lu R, ... Jo M, Park MH, Kollipara PS, An BJ, Song HS, Han SB,. Kim JH ...

  10. Cone-beam computed tomography study of the root and canal morphology of mandibular permanent anterior teeth in a Chongqing population [Corrigendum

    Yang ZY


    Full Text Available Zhengyan Yang, Keke Lu, Fei Wang, Yueheng Li, Zhi ZhouDepartment of Preventive Dentistry, The College of Stomatology, The Affiliated Hospital of Stomatology, Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, People’s Republic of ChinaOn page 19, the author’s names were listed incorrectly as Yang Zhengyan, Lu Keke, Wang Fei, Li Yueheng, Zhou Zhi.The correct names are Zhengyan Yang, Keke Lu, Fei Wang, Yueheng Li, Zhi Zhou.View the original paper here.

  11. 75 FR 15711 - Government-Owned Inventions; Availability for Licensing


    .... Development of assisted reproduction technologies. Studies of early embryonic development. Development Status..., W Gong, P Proost, J Van Damme, WJ Murphy, and JM Wang. Bacterial lipopolysaccharide selectively up...

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  13. Functional Hybrid Nano-Oxides


    crucial in the education of several PhD students (Ilya Valmiansky, Mikhail Erekhinsky, Ali Basaran, Siming Wang, Sebastian Dietze, Elsa Abreu...Schuller, Phys. Rev. B 92, 085150(2015) 12. Dynamic Conductivity Scaling in Photoexcited V2O3 Thin Films, Elsa Abreu, Siming Wang, Juan Gabriel

  14. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Three duplication events and variable molecular evolution characteristics involved in multiple GGPS genes of six Solanaceae species. FENG LI CHUNYANG WEI CHAN QIAO ZHENXI CHEN PENG WANG PAN WEI RAN WANG LIFENG JIN JUN YANG FUCHENG LIN ZHAOPENG LUO. RESEARCH NOTE Volume 95 Issue ...

  15. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 10, No 7 (2011)

    Effects of deoxycycline induced lentivirus encoding FasL gene on apoptosis of Th1 cells · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. H Luo, T Wang, A Luo, J Wang, Y Zhao, H Jiang, Q Shi, 1081-1087 ...

  16. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. HUA WANG. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 36 Issue 3 June 2013 pp 389-393. Effects of Bi doping on dielectric and ferroelectric properties of PLBZT ferroelectric thin films synthesized by sol–gel processing · Hua Wang Li Liu Ji-Wen Xu Chang-Lai Yuan ...

  17. Two new and one newly recorded species of Polypedilum Kieffer 1912 with DNA barcodes from Oriental China (Chironomidae: Diptera).

    Yan, Chuncai; Song, Chao; Liu, Ting; Zhao, Guangjun; Hou, Ziyuan; Cao, Wei; Wang, Xinhua


    Polypedilum (Tripodura) enshiense Song & Wang sp. n. and P. (Tripodura) jianfengense Song & Wang sp. n. are described and illustrated as male imagines from China. P. (Uresipedilum) paraconvictum Yamamoto, Yamamoto & Hirowatari, 2016 is recorded from China for the first time. Cytochrome coxidase subunit I (COI) sequence of above species are uploaded to Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD).

  18. A new record and two new species of Cryptochironomus Kieffer, 1918 from China (Diptera, Chironomidae).

    Yan, Chuncai; Zhao, Guangjun; Liu, Ting; Guo, Qin; Hou, Ziyuan; Wang, Xinhua; Pan, Baoping


    Two new species of the genus Cryptochironomus Kieffer, C. maculus Yan & Wang sp. n. and C. protuberans Yan & Wang sp. n. are described and illustrated as adult males. C. albofasciatus (Staeger) is recorded from China for the first time. A key to the males of Cryptochironomus in China is presented and generic diagnosis is emended.

  19. Effect of domains configuration on crystal structure in ferroelectric ...


    Sep 9, 2017 ... It is well known that domains and crystal structure control the physical properties of ferroelectrics. ... The as-prepared ceramics were crushed to fine pow- ders. ..... [1] Gao J, Xue D, Wang Y, Wang D, Zhang L, Wu H et al 2011.

  20. Growth, ion content and photosynthetic responses of two Elytrigia ...



    Jul 25, 2011 ... Wang Zan, Zhang Geng, Wang Xue-min and Gao Hong-wen*. Institute of .... Dried leaf samples were ground to a fine powder and approximately. 0.1 g was .... structure and negative feedback by reduced sink activity. (Iyengar ...

  1. Association of HS6ST3 gene polymorphisms with obesity and ...

    Supplementary data: Association of HS6ST3 gene polymorphisms with obesity and triglycerides: gene × gender interaction. Ke-Sheng Wang, Liang Wang, Xuefeng Liu and Min Zeng. J. Genet. 92, 395–402. Table 1. Associations of 117 SNPs with obesity in the Health ABC and Marshfield samples. Minor. OR Health.

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  3. Genetic dissection of chlorophyll content at different growth stages in ...

    57 were registered by Henan in 2006 (Hai and Kang 2007) and by state (China) ... autumn of 2006, the lines were grown in a plot with four 2-m rows spaced 25 ..... 1255–1264. Wang F. H., Wang G. X., Li X. Y., Huang J. L. and Zheng J. K. 2008.

  4. Browse Title Index

    Items 651 - 700 of 1323 ... L Wang, X Wang, J Zhang, Z Yang, Y Liu, D Cui, Z Qin, J Meng, X Kong, ... and wound healing activity of the fruits of Amorpha fruticosa l. ... antioxidant activities and phenolic constituents of field-grown and in ... Vol 14, No 3 (2017), Evaluation of crude flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) oil in burn ...

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  6. Synthesis and characterization of CuO nanoparticles using strong ...

    classified into three types on the basis of their dimension, i.e., one-, two- and ... dependent on the shape, size, composition and structures of the nanocrystals. ..... [43] Liu J, Jin J, Deng Z, Huang S-Z, Hu Z-Y, Wang L, Wang C,. Chen L-H, Li Y, ...

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  8. Sensing of polymeric sensor-based rhodamine B derivative for metal ...

    TONG-MOU GENG1 XIE WANG1 FENG ZHU1 HUI JIANG1 YU WANG2. Collaborative Innovation Center for Petrochemical New Materials, Anhui Key Laboratory of Functional Coordination Compounds, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Anqing Normal University, Anqing 246011, People's Republic of China ...

  9. Untitled

    antibodies to egg drop syndrome. 1976 (EDS-76) and infectious bursal disease viruses. Avian Pathology, 12: 35 - 39. YUAN, X., WANG, Y., LI, J., YU, K.,. YANG, J., XU, H., ZHANG, Y., AI,. H. and WANG, J. (2013). Surveillance and molecular characterization of Newcastle disease virus in seafowl from coastal areas of China ...

  10. The Religion of Learning English in "English": A Language Educator's Reading

    Gao, Xuesong


    This essay is my reading of "English," a novel based on author Wang Gang's experiences in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Northwest China during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). As a language educator, I was particularly interested in the way that Wang describes learning English in the novel. The essay focuses on three…

  11. Theoretical Criteria for Scattering Dark States in Nanostructured Particles


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  12. Functional Analysis of Frequent Lung Cancer Amplicons Under Current Genome Annotation


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    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. F Wang. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 34 Issue 5 August 2011 pp 1033-1037. Synthesis of Mn-doped CeO2 nanorods and their application as humidity sensors · C H Hu C H Xia F Wang M Zhou P F Yin X Y Han · More Details Abstract Fulltext PDF.

  14. Bees and Honey



    The first bee landed on Dalin Wang at around one in the afternoon.Surrounded by3,000 onlookers,he wore a pair of trousers,black boots and two small cloth bags,each containing a queen bee.Wang watched the bees cover his chest,legs and arms,until every

  15. Estimation of genetic and genotypic parameters for growth and ...



    Dec 18, 2013 ... These included 50 Dongan chickens (DA) from Dongan county, 50 ..... Chang, G.B., Chang, H., Liu, X.P., Wang, H.Y., Xu, W., Zhao, W.M. & Wang, Q.H., 2005. ... Su, Y., Chen, G.H., Long, R.J., Bao, W.B. & Wan, J.H., 2006.

  16. Impossibility results for the equational theory of timed CCS

    Aceto, L.; Ingólfsdóttir, A.; Mousavi, M.; Mossakowski, T.; Montanari, U.; Haveraaen, M.


    We study the equational theory of Timed CCS as proposed by Wang Yi in CONCUR’90. Common to Wang Yi’s paper, we particularly focus on a class of linearly-ordered time domains exemplified by the positive real or rational numbers. We show that, even when the set of basic actions is a singleton, there

  17. Mechanisms of all-trans retinoic acid-induced differentiation of acute ...

    Author Affiliations. Ji-Wang Zhang1 Jian Gu1 Zhen-Yi Wang1 Sai-Juan Chen1 Zhu Chen1. Shanghai Institute of Hematology, Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Second Medical University, 197 Ruijin Road II, Shanghai 200025, People's Republic of China ...

  18. Fibrinolysis and anticoagulant potential of a metallo protease ...

    In this study, a potent fibrinolytic enzyme-producing bacterium was isolated .... Time courses of growth and enzyme production in a culture of B. subtilis K42: ..... on a large scale in industry,would make thisoperation rapid .... Process. Biochem. 41 1545–1552. Wang SL, Kao TY, Wang CL, Yen YH, Chern MK and Chen YH.

  19. Department of Zoology and Environmental B



    Apr 7, 2017 ... impacts on the water quality have directly or indirectly affected the ecological, domestic and other ... to have reliable information on the quality of water for effective management (Wang et al., 2007). For ..... Cambridge, UK. 466pp ... Wang, X., Lu, Y., Han, J., He, G. and ... Zhai, X., Xia, J. and Zhang, Y. (2014).

  20. Further improvement of N6 medium for callus induction and plant ...



    Mar 2, 2011 ... bryos before or after transformation (Wang et al., 2009). Comparing to rice and ... regeneration, which heavily depends on several model inbred lines, such as ..... Tang FD, Liang YJ, Han SJ, Gong WG, Ding BY (2004). Effect of ... Wang K, Frame B, Ishida Y, Komari T (2009) Maize Genetic. Transformation.

  1. Luteoloside Inhibits Proliferation of Human Chronic Myeloid ...

    Purpose: To investigate the effects of luteoloside on the proliferation of human chronic ..... Zhang N, Wang D, Zhu Y, Wang J, Lin H. Inhibition ... Han X. Protection of Luteolin-7-O-Glucoside Against ... Hwang YJ, Lee EJ, Kim HR, Hwang KA.

  2. X-ray structure, hydrogen bonding and lattice energy analysis of (2E ...

    tion data for both the compounds were collected on an X'Calibur CCD area detector diffractometer (Oxford Diffrac- tion) using MoKa .... (Oxford Diffraction make, U.K.) ..... [4] Wang L, Chen G, Lu X, Wang S, Han S, Li Y, Ping G, Jiang. X, Li H ...

  3. P chromosomes involved in intergenomic rearrangements of ...


    Apr 8, 2014 ... [Wang Q., Han H., Gao A., Yang X. and Li L. 2014 P chromosomes ... Y, were affected predominantly by ecological factors and altitude in nine populations of Kengyilia thoroldiana (Wang et al. 2012). To investigate the effects of different altitudes on .... AB51 0LX, UK) for improving the article linguistically.

  4. Frequency upconversion in catechin assisted : - square nanoplates



    Nov 25, 2017 ... out to be a prominent ligand for its coordination on the surface of the ..... C 113. 14702. 12. Jin J, Gu Y J, Man C W Y, Cheng J, Xu Z, Zhang Y, Wang .... Ding B, Han C, Zheng L, Zhang J, Wang R and Tang. Z 2015 Tuning ...

  5. Extraction-condition Optimization of Baicalein and Schisandrin from ...

    effects of individual factors on extraction rates of baicalein and schisandrin determined by high performance liquid ..... Huang HL, Wang YJ, Zhang QY, Liu B, Wang FY, Li JJ,. Zhu RZ. ... Liu C, Zhao X, Fan Y, Han G, Nguyen T. Astragalus.

  6. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 10, No 37 (2011)

    7130 ... G Lu, Y Shen, W Qian, L Shen, Q Qiao, M Li, Z Wang, 7136-7142 ... LN Zhen, K Wang, YJ Zhang, H Zhou, 7161-7165 ... Effect of cadmium hyperaccumulation on antioxidative defense and proline accumulation of Solanum nigrumL.

  7. The Ser311Cys variation in the paraoxonase 2 gene increases the ...

    Supplementary data: The Ser311Cys variation in the paraoxonase 2 gene increases the risk of type 2 diabetes in northern Chinese. Yanchun Qu, Ze Yang, Feng Jin, Liang Sun, Chuanfang Zhang, Linong Ji, Hong Sun, Binyou Wang and Li Wang. J. Genet. 87, 165–169. Table 1. Clinical characteristics of case and control.

  8. Nomenclatural corrections to the taxonomic revision of The Old World species of Boehmeria (Urticaceae, tribus Boehmeriae) by Wilmot-Dear and Friis (2013)

    Wilmot-Dear, Christine Melanie; Friis, Ib; Govaerts, R. H. A.


    (H. Lév.) C.J. Chen in Chen et al. as the correct name for the variety named in the revision as B. zollingeriana Wedd. var. podocarpa (W.T. Wang) W.T. Wang & C.J. Chen in Chen et al., (3) that the combination B. spicata (Thunb.) Thunb., based on Urtica spicata Thunb., is not illegitimate, as stated...

  9. Effects of traditional Chinese medicine on rats with Type II diabetes ...

    Effects of traditional Chinese medicine on rats with Type II diabetes induced by high-fat diet and streptozotocin: A urine metabonomic study. H Zhao, Z Li, G Tian, K Gao, Li Zhiyong, B Zhao, J Wang, L Luo, Q Pan, W Zhang, Z Wu, J Chen, W Wang ...

  10. General Lp-harmonic Blaschke bodies

    Home; Journals; Proceedings – Mathematical Sciences; Volume 124; Issue 1. General -Harmonic Blaschke Bodies. Yibin Feng Weidong Wang. Volume 124 Issue 1 February 2014 pp ... Author Affiliations. Yibin Feng1 Weidong Wang1. Department of Mathematics, China Three Gorges University, Yichang 443002, China ...

  11. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 9, No 51 (2010)

    Osmotic potential of Zinnia elegans plant material affects the yield and morphology of tracheary elements produced in vitro · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD ... TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. C Song, X Cao, KK Nicholas, C Wang, X Li, X Wang, J Fang, 8726-8730 ...

  12. Phase-Resolved Spectra of PSR B0525+21 and PSR B2020+28 JL ...

    J. L. Chen1,2, H. G. Wang3,∗. & N. Wang1. 1Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, 150, Science-1 Street, Urumqi, Xinjiang 830011, China. 2Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Scienes, 19A Yuquan Road, Beijing. 100049, China. 3Center for Astrophysics, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou 510006, China. ∗.

  13. Browse Title Index

    Items 201 - 250 of 2037 ... Vol 14, No 11 (2015), Antibacterial Activity and Mode of Action of Mentha arvensis Ethanol Extract against Multidrug-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii, Abstract PDF. Ling Zhang, Shu-gen Xu, Wei Liang, Jun Mei, Yue-ying Di, Hui-hua Lan, Yan Yang, Wei-wei Wang, Yuan-yuan Luo, Hou-zhao Wang.

  14. Cold stratification, but not stratification in salinity, enhances seedling ...

    Cold stratification, but not stratification in salinity, enhances seedling growth of wheat under salt treatment. L Wang, HL Wang, CH Yin, CY Tian. Abstract. Cold stratification was reported to release seed dormancy and enhance plant tolerance to salt stress. Experiments were conducted to test the hypothesis that cold ...

  15. Isolation and characterization of sixty sequences of cot-1 DNA from ...



    Nov 6, 2012 ... this study were from U. t. ussuricus animals raised in the Beijing. Zoo. ..... Collins F, Guyer MS, Peterson J, Felsenfeld A, Wetterstrand KA,. Patrinos A ... B, Ni P, Lin R, Qian W, Wang G, Yu C, Nie W, Wang J, Wu Z, Liang.

  16. Phonology Is Necessary, but Not Sufficient: A Rejoinder

    Paul, Peter V.; Wang, Ye; Trezek, Beverly J.; Luckner, John L.


    Paul, Wang, Trezek, and Luckner offer a rebuttal to an article by Allen, Clark, del Giudice, Koo, Lieberman, Mayberry, and Miller published in the same issue of the "American Annals of the Deaf" (Fall 2009) that is critical of an article by Wang, Trezek, Luckner, and Paul that was published in the Fall 2008 "Annals". Major themes from the article…

  17. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 8, No 19 (2009)

    T Xie, A Wang, L Huang, H Li, Z Chen, Q Wang, X Yin ... M Babar, Y Saranga, Z Iqbal, M Arif, Y Zafar, E Lubbers, P Chee ... Evaluation of new generation maize steak virus (MSV) resistant maize varieties for adaptation to a southern guinea savanna ecology of Nigeria · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT

  18. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. CHU-ZHAO LEI. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 89 Issue 2 August 2010 pp 233-236 Research Note. Two novel single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and 4-bp deletion mutation of RBP4 gene in Chinese cattle · Mou Wang Xinsheng Lai Hui Yu Juqiang Wang ...

  19. Stability of organic matter in soils of the Belgium Loess Belt upon erosion and deposition

    Wang, X.; Cammeraat, E.; Wang, Z.; Govers, G.; Kalbitz, K.


    Stability of organic matter in soils of the Belgium Loess Belt upon erosion and deposition X. Wang, L.H. Cammeraat, Z. Wang, G. Govers, K. Kalbitz. Abstract: Soil erosion has significant impacts on terrestrial C dynamics, which removes C from topsoil and continually exposes subsoil that has lower C

  20. Investigations of Tissue-Level Mechanisms of Primary Blast Injury Through Modeling, Simulation, Neuroimaging and Neuropathological Studies


    2007;25(1):97-98. [19] Stewart C. Blast Injuries. Colorado Springs: USAF Academy Hospital; 2006. 88 p. [20] Cernak I, Wang Z, Jiang J, Bian X, Savic J...Wang Z, Jiang J, Bian X, Savic J. Ultrastructural and Functional Characteristics of Blast Injury- Induced Neurotrauma. Journal of Trauma: Injury

  1. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Chemical Sciences. Hongling Wang. Articles written in Journal of Chemical Sciences. Volume 120 Issue 4 July 2008 pp 419-424. Microdetermination of human serum albumin by differential pulse voltammetry at a L-cysteine modified silver electrode · Liyuan Lu Yanqin Zi Hongling Wang.

  2. Glassy carbon electrodes modified with gelatin functionalized ...

    at room temperature, and unique thermal and mechanical ... amounts of 18 amino acids which is generally prepared by the .... also shows linear relativity to the pH with the slope of .... Wang X X, Wang J W and Yang N J 2007 Food Chem.

  3. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Baoan Liu1 Shaotao Sun2 Bo Wang1 Xun Sun1 Zhengping Wang1 Xinguang Xu1. State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials, Shandong University, Jinan 250100, PR China; Administration Center, Shandong Academy of Information and Communication Technology, Jinan 250101, PR China ...

  4. Modeling Synergies in Large Human-Machine Networked Systems


    Agents and Multi- Agent Systems (AAMAS), Valencia, Spain, June 4-8, 2012. Steven Okamoto_, Praveen Paruchuri, Yonghong Wang, Katia Sycara, Janusz...Society, Santa Monica, CA: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. 86. Steven Okamoto_, Praveen Paruchuri, Yonghong Wang, Katia Sycara, Janusz

  5. An efficient somatic embryogenesis based plant regeneration from ...

    ajl yemi


    Mar 5, 2010 ... Fang Yuan, Quan Wang, Qifang Pan, Guofeng Wang, Jingya Zhao, Yuesheng Tian and. Kexuan Tang*. Plant Biotechnology Research Center, School of Agriculture and Biology, Fudan-SJTU-Nottingham Plant Biotechnology. R&D Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, P. R. China.

  6. Utilization of BIA-Derived Bone Mineral Estimates Exerts Minimal Impact on Body Fat Estimates via Multicompartment Models in Physically Active Adults.

    Nickerson, Brett S; Tinsley, Grant M


    The purpose of this study was to compare body fat estimates and fat-free mass (FFM) characteristics produced by multicompartment models when utilizing either dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) or single-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (SF-BIA) for bone mineral content (BMC) in a sample of physically active adults. Body fat percentage (BF%) was estimated with 5-compartment (5C), 4-compartment (4C), 3-compartment (3C), and 2-compartment (2C) models, and DXA. The 5C-Wang with DXA for BMC (i.e., 5C-Wang DXA ) was the criterion. 5C-Wang using SF-BIA for BMC (i.e., 5C-Wang BIA ), 4C-Wang DXA (DXA for BMC), 4C-Wang BIA (BIA for BMC), and 3C-Siri all produced values similar to 5C-Wang DXA (r > 0.99; total error [TE] FFM characteristics (i.e., FFM density, water/FFM, mineral/FFM, and protein/FFM) for 5C-Wang DXA and 5C-Wang BIA were each compared with the "reference body" cadavers of Brozek et al. 5C-Wang BIA FFM density differed significantly from the "reference body" in women (1.103 ± 0.007 g/cm 3 ; p FFM and mineral/FFM were significantly lower in men and women when comparing 5C-Wang DXA and 5C-Wang BIA with the "reference body," whereas protein/FFM was significantly higher (all p ≤ 0.001). 3C-Lohman BIA and 3C-Lohman DXA produced error similar to 2C models and DXA and are therefore not recommended multicompartment models. Although more advanced multicompartment models (e.g., 4C-Wang and 5C-Wang) can utilize BIA-derived BMC with minimal impact on body fat estimates, the increased accuracy of these models over 3C-Siri is minimal. Copyright © 2018 The International Society for Clinical Densitometry. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  7. 專論/台灣圖書館史數位圖書館建構之研究/王梅玲;蔡明月;陳志銘;柯雲娥;蔡佳縈;陳勇汀;林怡甄 | A Digital Library Pilot Study on Taiwan Libraries' History / Mei-Ling Wang; Ming-Yueh Tsay; Chih-Ming Chen; Yun-Er Ke; Chia-Ying Tsai; Yong-Ting Chen; Yi-Jen Lin



    Full Text Available

    圖書館是保存與詮釋人類文化重要的機構,1990 年代開始,網際網路的進步,促成數位圖書館蓬勃發展,有人預測它就是未來的圖書館,因此,圖書館界與教育界積極參與相關研究。台灣地區歷經日據時期、重建 時期、成長時期及茁壯時期四階段,建設許多圖書館,有其豐富的主題與素材值得發展成為數位圖書館。政治大學圖書資訊與檔案學研究所有鑑於此,提出「『台灣 百無圖書館史』數位圖書館」的構想,並獲得政大「發展國際一流大學及頂尖研究中心計畫」經費支持。本研究計畫目的包括:(1探索以台彎圖書館事業史為主 題的數位圖書館建構模式;(2建構數位圖書館以支援圖書資訊學教育與研究;(3研訂圖書館事業史料文獻的Metadata與數位資料格式;(4將圖 書文獻與文物數位化以建構數位館藏;(5發展數位圖書館系統與技術;(6研發數位圖書館網站的瀏覽與檢索功能;(7探討數位圖書館支援數位學習的模 式。計畫成果共研訂六種 Metadata標準:建置746筆數位化資料;以Dspace系統平台,依據需求設計台灣百年圖書館史系統架構與網站,最後提出結論與建議。

    Libraries are important social institutions that preserve and communicate human culture and knowledge. From the beginning of 1990s, the digital library has grown up rapidly based on the progress of the Internet. Libraries and educational institutions should be actively involved in digital library research and development. The Taiwan libraries’ history can be divided into four stages: Japanese occupation period, reconstruction period, growth period and strong period. In these processes, many events and libraries with rich materials that can be developed into a digital library. Graduate Institute of Library, Information and Archival Studies, National Chengchi University, planned the Digital Library Pilot Study on Taiwan Libraries’ History and got the university support. The pilot study objectives include: (1 exploring the digital library model on Taiwan libraries' history; (2 constructing digital library to support education and research in information and library science; (3 developing Metadata standards of library documents and heritage; (4 digitalizing documents and heritage to build digital collections (5 developing digital library systems and technology; (6 researching browsing and search functions of the digital library; (7 exploring the model of the digital library supports e-learning. In this pilot study, we developed six Metadata standards, built 746 digital resources, constructed a digital library system and web site, and proposed the conclusions and suggestions finally.


  8. Investigation on Reservoir Operation of Agricultural Water Resources Management for Drought Mitigation

    Cheng, C. L.


    Investigation on Reservoir Operation of Agricultural Water Resources Management for Drought Mitigation Chung-Lien Cheng, Wen-Ping Tsai, Fi-John Chang* Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, National Taiwan University, Da-An District, Taipei 10617, Taiwan, ROC.Corresponding author: Fi-John Chang ( AbstractIn Taiwan, the population growth and economic development has led to considerable and increasing demands for natural water resources in the last decades. Under such condition, water shortage problems have frequently occurred in northern Taiwan in recent years such that water is usually transferred from irrigation sectors to public sectors during drought periods. Facing the uneven spatial and temporal distribution of water resources and the problems of increasing water shortages, it is a primary and critical issue to simultaneously satisfy multiple water uses through adequate reservoir operations for sustainable water resources management. Therefore, we intend to build an intelligent reservoir operation system for the assessment of agricultural water resources management strategy in response to food security during drought periods. This study first uses the grey system to forecast the agricultural water demand during February and April for assessing future agricultural water demands. In the second part, we build an intelligent water resources system by using the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm-II (NSGA-II), an optimization tool, for searching the water allocation series based on different water demand scenarios created from the first part to optimize the water supply operation for different water sectors. The results can be a reference guide for adequate agricultural water resources management during drought periods. Keywords: Non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm-II (NSGA-II); Grey System; Optimization; Agricultural Water Resources Management.

  9. Spectroscopic studies of the reaction between bovine serum amine oxidase (copper-containing) and some hydrazides and hydrazines.

    Morpurgo, L; Befani, O; Sabatini, S; Mondovì, B; Artico, M; Corelli, F; Massa, S; Stefancich, G; Avigliano, L


    The carbonyl cofactor of bovine serum amine oxidase, recently identified as pyrroloquinoline quinone [Ameyama, Hayashi, Matsushita, Shinagawa & Adachi (1984) Agric. Biol. Chem. 48, 561-565; Lobenstein-Verbeek, Jongejan, Frank & Duine (1984) FEBS Lett. 170, 305-309], reacts stoichiometrically and irreversibly with hydrazides of phenylacetic acid and of benzoic acid. With the phenylacetic hydrazides a reversible intermediate step was detected by competition with substrate, carbonylic reagents or phenylhydrazine, a typical inhibitor of the enzyme. All hydrazides form an intense broad band with maximum absorbance in a narrow wavelength range (350-360 nm), irrespective of the acyl group, suggesting that the transition is located on the organic cofactor. A different situation is found with some phenylhydrazines, where extended conjugation can occur between the cofactor and the phenyl pi-electron system via the azo group, as shown by the lower energy and higher intensity of the transition. In this case the transition is sensitive to substituents in the phenyl ring. The c.d. spectrum of the adducts is influenced by the type of hydrazide (derived from phenylacetic acid or benzoic acid), by pH and by NN-diethyldithiocarbamate binding to copper, probably as a result of shifts of equilibria between hydrazone-azo tautomers. PMID:3146976

  10. Analysis of corneal endothelial cell density and morphology after laser in situ keratomileusis using two types of femtosecond lasers

    Tomita M


    Full Text Available Minoru Tomita,1,2,* George O Waring IV,3,4 Miyuki Watabe,1,* 1Shinagawa LASIK Center, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; 2Department of Ophthalmology, Wenzhou Medical College, Wenzhou, China; 3Medical University of South Carolina, Storm Eye Institute, Charleston, SC, USA; 4Magill Laser Center, Charleston, SC, USA*These authors contributed equally to this studyPurpose: To compare two different femtosecond lasers used for flap creation during laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK surgery in terms of their effects on the corneal endothelium.Methods: We performed LASIK surgery on 254 eyes of 131 patients using IntraLase FS60 (Abbott Medical Optics, Inc, Irvine, CA; IntraLase group and 254 eyes of 136 patients using Femto LDV (Ziemer Group AG, Port, Switzerland; LDV group for corneal flap creation. The mean cell density, coefficient of variation, and hexagonality of the corneal endothelial cells were determined and the results were statistically compared.Results: There were no statistically significant differences in the corneal morphology between pre and post LASIK results in each group, nor were there significant differences between the results of both groups at 3 months post LASIK.Conclusions: Both IntraLase FS60 and Ziemer Femto LDV are able to create flaps without significant adverse effects on the corneal endothelial morphology through 3 months after LASIK surgery.Keywords: LASIK, corneal endothelium, femtosecond laser, IntraLase FS60, Ziemer LDV

  11. 'Modernization property' of our country is visualized / TAISEI; Wagakuni no 'kindaika isan' wo eizoka / taiseisensetsu



    TAISEI was about rapidly promoted from Days of the Tokugawa shogunate over Meiji and Taisho this, and the documentary film which focused on building and 'the modernization property' which are related to industry and traffic and civil engineering which made the base of the our country development was planned and was produced. The title of the movie is 'travel to the Japan modernization property'. The movie which really introduced such modern age property is rare, and it s as an image material precious. It tries to pick up main thing, The oldest lighthouse 'Mikomotojima Island lighthouse (Shizuoka Prefect.1870)' and covers Shiga Prefecture and Kyoto prefecture,'The Lake Biwa hydrophobic', in our country, the first gravitational concrete dam 'Nunobiki Gohnmatsu dam, Kobe City, 1900'Length furnace for the cement baking which remains in Yamaguchi Prefect. 'The ONODA CEMENT (Pacific Ocean cement) sake bottle furnace'. In becoming modernization property which widely remains in our country and so on the guide person, Mr. Shinbo Minami of the illustrator has introduced it. The narration is the Mr. platform step of the actress. Still, screening party of this movie is done in the following schedule (admission free). The detailed query is Japanese movie new Co. (141-0021 2-10-17 Kami-Osaki, Shinagawa ku, Tokyo), TEL 03-3442-7251 FAX 03-3442-7360. (translated by NEDO)


    Tristan G Brown


    Full Text Available Michael Gibbs Hill's excellent translation of the introduction to Wang Hui's four-volume opus, The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought 现代中 国思想的兴起 provides a substantial contribution to scholars of China and intellectual historians by bringing another of Wang Hui's critical works into English (for other such examples, see Wang and Huters 2003 and 2011. The task of translating could not have been easy, as Wang Hui frequently cites works from Chinese antiquity and translated texts from abroad, making Hill's results truly exceptional. The translation is accessible and painstakingly executed, with many important phrases explained for non-specialists alongside transliterated key terms. The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought demonstrates the need for translation work in the fields of area studies by making the important works of non-English speakers available to Anglophone audiences. As Zhang Yongle pointed out in his review on the work in toto, "It can safely be said that nothing comparable to Wang Hui's work has appeared in China since the late Qing-early Republican period" (Zhang 2010:71. Wang Hui, while exploring the links between China and its past through the country's rich intellectual traditions, manages to deftly discuss China in global terms and historical contexts. Hill's helpful introduction contextualizes Wang's writing style in the zeitgeist of the post Tiananmen period from 1990 to 2010. ...

  13. Cryptanalysis of the public key encryption based on multiple chaotic systems

    Zhang Linhua


    Recently, Ranjan proposed a novel public key encryption technique based on multiple chaotic systems [Phys Lett 2005;95]. Unfortunately, Wang soon gave a successful attack on its special case based on Parseval's theorem [Wang K, Pei W, Zhou L, et al. Security of public key encryption technique based on multiple chaotic system. Phys Lett A, in press]. In this letter, we give an improved example which can avoid the attack and point out that Wang cannot find the essential drawback of the technique. However, further experimental result shows Ruanjan's encryption technique is inefficient, and detailed theoretic analysis shows that the complexity to break the cryptosystem is overestimated

  14. Wide Band Gap Semiconductors Symposium Held in Boston, Massachusetts on 2-6 December 1991. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings. Volume 242


    AND PROPERTIES OF WIDE BAND-GAP Il-VI STRAINED- LAYER SUPERLATTICE 227 Hailong Wang. Jie Cui. Aidong Shen. Liang Xu, Yunliang Chen. and Yuhua Shen IN...WANG JIE CUI AIDONG SHEN LIANG XU YUNLIANG CHEN AND YUHUA SHEN Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Academia Sinica P.O.Box 800-216 Shanghai...He Zujou, Cao Huazhe, Su Wuda, Chen Zhongcai, Zhon Feng and Wang Erguang, Thin Solid Films, 139,261(1986). 22) Xin Li and T.L.Tansley, J.AppI.Phys

  15. Integrated bioinformatic analysis unveils significant genes and pathways in the pathogenesis of supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor

    Wang G; Li L; Liu B; Han X; Wang CH; Wang JW


    Guang-Yu Wang,1,* Ling Li,2,* Bo Liu,1 Xiao Han,1 Chun-Hua Wang,1 Ji-Wen Wang3 1Department of Neurosurgery, 2Department of Pediatrics, Qilu Children’s Hospital of Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong, 3Department of Neurology, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Pudong New District, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China *These authors contributed equally to this work Purpose: This study aimed to explore significant gene...

  16. X-ray attenuation coefficients and photoelectric cross sections of Cu, Fe and Sn for the energy range 3-29 KeV

    Wang Dachun; Yang Hua; Luo Pingan; Ding Xunliang; Wang Xinfu; Zhou Hongyu; Shen Xinyin; Zhu Guanghua


    The document contains the following two papers: X-ray attenuation coefficient and photoelectric cross sections of Sn for the Energy Range 3.3 KeV to 29.1 KeV - by Wang Dachun, Yang Hua and Luo Pingan. X-ray attenuation coefficients and photoelectric cross sections of Cu and Fe for the range 3 KeV to 29 KeV - by Wang Dachun, Ding Xunliang, Wang Xinfu, Yang Hua, Zhou Hongyu, Shen Xinyin and Zhu Guanghua. A separate abstract was prepared for each of these papers. Refs, figs and tabs

  17. The Role of Retinal Determination Gene Network (RDGN) in Hormone Signaling Transduction and Prostate Tumorigenesis


    Wu K, Wang L, Jiao X, Ju X, Li Z, Ertel A, Addya S, McCue P, Lisanti MP, Wang C, Davis RJ, Mardon G, Pestell RG. Androgen therapy resistant...Li Z, Hu J, Chen K, Wu J, Pestell RG. DACH1 inhibited prostate cancer cellular proliferation and Interleukon-6 signaling. AACR 103rd Annual Meeting...March 31 – April 4, 2012, Chicago, IL.  Wang J, Cai S, Chen K, Sun Y, Li S, Pestell RG, Wu K. Regulation of AR transcriptional activity and

  18. The Role of Retinal Determination Gene Network (RDGN) in Hormone Signaling Transduction and Prostate Tumorigenes


    S, Zhang W, Zhou J, Wang J, Ertel A, Li Z, Rui H, Quong A, Lisanti MP, Tozeren A, Tanes C, Addya S, Gormley M, Wang C, McMahon SB, Pestell RG...MP, Wang C, Pestell RG. Acetylation of the cell-fate factor dachshund determines p53 binding and signaling modules in breast cancer. Oncotarget...MP, Quong A, Ertel A, Pestell RG. Cell fate factor DACH1 represses YB-1-mediated oncogenic transcription and translation. Cancer Res. 2014;74(3):829

  19. Reforming China’s Criminal Procedure Law

    Winckler, Hugo


    Sources:- Wang Jianxun, “The provisions of the reform of criminal procedural law legalising secret investigations are a step backwards,” Caijing wang, 5 September 2011.- Chen Youxi, “The legalisation of secret investigations is an important violation of political integrity,” Zhongguo wangluo dianshitai – CNTV web site, Opinion section, 27 November 2011.- Wu Zhehua, “Chen Weidong discusses reform of the criminal procedure law: Behind each article there is a story,” Zhongguoguangbo wang, 8 Marc...

  20. Identical and Nonidentical Synchronization of Hyperchaotic Systems by Active Backstepping Method

    A. Abooee


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on the tracking and synchronization problems of hyperchaotic systems based on active backstepping method. The method consists of a recursive approach that interlaces the choice of a Lyapunov function with the design of feedback control. First, a nonlinear recursive active backstepping control vector is designed to track any desired trajectory in hyperchaotic Wang system. Furthermore, this method is applied to achieve hyperchaos synchronization of two identical hyperchaotic Wang systems. Also, it is used to implement global asymptotic synchronization between hyperchaotic Wang system and hyperchaotic Rössler system. Numerical simulations have been employed to verify the effectiveness of the three designed active backstepping control vectors.

  1. ADP Regulates the Structure and Function of the Protein KaiC


    LiWang lab exploited this in vitro clock system to gain an atomic -resolution understanding of a circadian clock. The rationale is that fundamental...researchers are Hispanic. On a peer-reviewed research article from the LiWang lab, a Hispanic undergraduate student was an author, as were two non...Using both NMR and fluorescence spectroscopy , the LiWang lab showed that KaiA enhances KaiB-KaiC binding, and KaiC enhances KaiA-KaiB binding (Tseng et

  2. In silico approach towards H5N1 virus protein and transcriptomics ...

    Arli Parikesit


    May 22, 2013 ... possible by three lead compound derivatives of Wang et al. (2010). Henceforth ... as drug or vaccines. FUTURE PROSPECTS: INTEGRATION OF PROTEIN- ... option as well (Parikesit et al., 2011). It would be interes-.

  3. Journal of Earth System Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Li Wei1 2 Cheng Pengfei2 Bei Jinzhong2 Wen Hanjiang2 Wang Hua1 2. School of Geodesy and Geomatics, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430 079, China. Chinese Academic of Surveying and Mapping, Beijing 100 830, China.

  4. Disease: H00203 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available 2680 ... AUTHORS ... Ogata M, Wang DH, Ogino K ... TITLE ... Mammalian acatalasemia: the perspectives of bioinformatics and genetic toxicol...ogy. ... JOURNAL ... Acta Med Okayama 62:345-61 (2008) ... PMID

  5. Retraction: Graphene-SnO2 nanocomposites decorated with quantum tunneling junctions: preparation strategies, microstructures and formation mechanism.

    Simpson, Anna


    Retraction of 'Graphene-SnO 2 nanocomposites decorated with quantum tunneling junctions: preparation strategies, microstructures and formation mechanism' by Qingxiu Wang et al., Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2014, 16, 19351-19357.

  6. Journal Afrika Statistika ISSN 0852-0305 Distortion risk measures ...

    la somme et sur la structure de dépendance des risques, représentée par une copule. ... Key words: Coherence; Dependence structure; Distortion function; Risk measure; Risk theory; insurance; Wang ..... Weighted risk capital allocations.

  7. Genetics Home Reference: 3-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficiency

    ... for This Page Lutfallah C, Wang W, Mason JI, Chang YT, Haider A, Rich B, Castro-Magana ... A, Copeland KC, Chang YT, Lutfallah C, Mason JI. Carriers for type II 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (HSD3B2) ...

  8. Ultraviolet and environmental stresses involved in the induction and ...



    Dec 29, 2008 ... and isoflavones which are well known in vegetable crops. (Corbett ... maize, snapdragon, and petunia through proteins ..... transduction of PAL depends on the adhesion of plasma membrane-cell wall (Wang et al., 2006).

  9. Arsenic bioleaching in medical realgar ore and arsenic- bearing ...

    Oxidation of these two ores by sulfuric acid was insignificant, as maximum arsenic leaching ratios ... Poor water solubility and weak gastrointestinal absorption of coarse ..... Wu XH, Sun DH, Zhuang ZX, Wang XR, Gong HF, Hong. JX, Lee FSC.

  10. Efficient waste reduction algorithms based on alternative ...

    Alternative heuristic functions are investigated and applied to the modified Wang ... ∗Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, North-West ... rectangles have types ri (i = 1,...,n), where each type has a demand constraint of.

  11. Hybrid Chaos Synchronization of Four-Scroll Systems via Active Control

    Karthikeyan, Rajagopal; Sundarapandian, Vaidyanathan


    This paper investigates the hybrid chaos synchronization of identical Wang four-scroll systems (Wang, 2009), identical Liu-Chen four-scroll systems (Liu and Chen, 2004) and non-identical Wang and Liu-Chen four-scroll systems. Active control method is the method adopted to achieve the hybrid chaos synchronization of the four-scroll chaotic systems addressed in this paper and our synchronization results are established using Lyapunov stability theory. Since the Lyapunov exponents are not required for these calculations, the active control method is effective and convenient to hybrid synchronize identical and different Wang and Liu-Chen four-scroll chaotic systems. Numerical simulations are also shown to illustrate and validate the hybrid synchronization results derived in this paper.




    Jun 3, 2013 ... 2Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management, Federal University of. Agriculture ... and fruit juice (p<0.10), but a significant reduction in budget shares of cocoa-based ...... Cash SB, Wang C and EW Goddard.

  13. Analysis on the correlation between serum esterase polymorphism ...



    Feb 1, 2013 ... Junyan Bai*, Xiaoping Jia, Xiaohui Zhang, Yuqin Wang, Shujuan Zhao, Youbing Yang and Li. Hongwei ... genetic structure of livestocks, but also explore the .... bioche-mistry genetics in Xinjiang fine-wool sheep imported into.

  14. Porcine circovirus type 2 ORF4 protein binds heavy chain ferritin

    Porcine circovirus type 2 ORF4 protein binds heavy chain ferritin. Qizhuang Lv Kangkang Guo Tao Wang ... Keywords. Cellular protein; FHC; ORF4 protein; porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2); yeast two-hybrid ... Journal of Biosciences | News ...

  15. Diversity and distribution of eukaryotic microbes in and around a brine pool adjacent to the Thuwal cold seeps in the Red Sea

    Wang, Yong; Zhang, Wei Peng; Cao, Hui Luo; Shek, Chun Shum; Tian, Ren Mao; Wong, Yue Him; Batang, Zenon B.; Al-Suwailem, Abdulaziz M.; Qian, Pei-Yuan


    abundant species highly similar to invertebrate gregarine parasites identified in different oxygen-depleted sediments. Therefore, the present findings support the uniqueness of some microbial eukaryotic groups in this cold seep brine system. 2014 Wang

  16. CMS in historic accord with China

    Patrice Loiez


    Following signature of the CMS Memorandum of Understanding, Research Director of Collider Programmes Roger Cashmore (left) shakes hands with Professor WANG Naiyan, Vice-President of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

  17. A comparative study between all-electron scalar relativistic ...

    using the density functional theory Perdew–Wang 1991 .... Every cluster has two figures, fisrt one for AER calculation and .... orbital electron cloud.59 All these factors might have ..... Huber K P and Herzberg G 1979 Constants of diatomic.

  18. Muflikhah et al., Afr., J. Infect. Dis.



    Oct 13, 2017 ... Human infection occurs mainly by ingesting food or water ... Humans can be infected by consumption of uncooked meat, contaminated food or water, ..... Malaysia, Alvarado-Esquivel et al., (2011) in Mexico, Wang et al., (2014) ...

  19. Wŏ shuō hànyŭ, nĭne? ehk Mina räägin hiina keelt, aga sina? / Piret Lakson

    Lakson, Piret, 1989-


    Hiina keele õpetamisest Eestis ja Mustamäe gümnaasiumi noorest hiina keele õpetajast Wang Weist. Eesti koolidesse hiina keele õpetajate hankimine käib Tallinna ülikooli juurde loodud Konfutsiuse instituudi kaudu

  20. Complete moment convergence of weighted sums for processes ...

    Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. (Math. Sci.) Vol. 124, No. 2, May 2014, pp. 267–279. c Indian Academy of ... College of Mathematics and Statistics, Chongqing Technology and Business. University ...... (1995) (Oxford: Clarendon Press). [14] Wang X J ...

  1. Free vibration analysis of beams by using a third-order shear ...

    Free vibrations of beams; the third-order shear deformation theory; ... Thus, a shear correction factor is required to compensate for the error because of ...... Wang C M, Kitipornchai S 2003 Vibration of Timoshenko beams with internal hinge.

  2. Publisher Correction: A craniofacial-specific monosynaptic circuit enables heightened affective pain.

    Rodriguez, Erica; Sakurai, Katsuyasu; Xu, Jennie; Chen, Yong; Toda, Koji; Zhao, Shengli; Han, Bao-Xia; Ryu, David; Yin, Henry; Liedtke, Wolfgang; Wang, Fan


    In the version of this article initially published, ORCID links were missing for authors Erica Rodriguez, Koji Toda and Fan Wang. The error has been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions of the article.

  3. Genomewide survey and characterization of metacaspase gene ...

    Oryza sativa). Likai Wang and Hua .... IND. Bangladesh. Ta Hung Ku. 1107_TEJ. TEJ. China. Darmali. 27630_TEJ. TEJ. Nepal. Phudugey. 32399_TEJ. TEJ. Bhutan. Haginomae Mochi. 2540_TEJ. TEJ. Japan. Norin 20. 418_TEJ. TEJ. Japan.

  4. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Jing-Ping Wang1 Hong-Yu Niu1 Jing-Yang Niu1. Institute of Molecular and Crystal Engineering, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Henan University, Kaifeng, Henan 475001, PR China ...

  5. Mutational analysis of the GLA gene in Mexican families with Fabry ...


    life, secondary to renal and cardiovascular complications or stroke. Heterozygous ... venous blood, collected in EDTA, according to the Miller method (Miller et al. 1998). .... hypertension, dysrhythmias and renal insufficiency (Wang et al. 2007).

  6. Fixed Points of Expansive Type Mappings in 2-Banach Spaces

    Prabha Chouhan


    Full Text Available In present paper, we define expansive mappings in 2-Banach space and prove some common unique fixed point theorems which are the extension of results of Wang et al. [12] and Rhoades [9] in 2-Banach space.

  7. Effects of the Consortium of Pseudomonas, Bacillus and ...


    Microbiology Department, Anambra State University, Uli. Abstract. The effect ... physical parameters of crude oil (Atlas, 1981). It is known that ..... Ecology, ASTM, Philcidelphia, PA.pp. 196-204. ... Wang, X., X. Yu, and Bartha, R. (1990). Effect of.

  8. Download this PDF file

    erbeyli incir araştırma


    Nov 19, 2014 ... outdoor access (Fanatico et al., 2005; Owens et al., 2006; Wang et al., 2009; ... intestinal health in organically reared chickens. ..... There were no meat yield benefits, except for thigh meat, in the spring season with a diet.

  9. ORiON - Vol 30, No 2 (2014)

    Efficient waste reduction algorithms based on alternative underestimates for the modied Wang method · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. JA Oberholzer, JM Hattingh, T Steyn, 73-83 ...

  10. A summary overview of the new, direct, target-specific oral ...

    treatment with a vitamin K antagonist (VKA) e.g. warfarin. The parenteral ... include intravenous unfractionated heparin, subcutaneous .... a major procedure (cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, major cancer), .... Frost C, Nepal S, Wang J, et al.

  11. Purification and characterization of β-glucosidase from newly ...



    May 18, 2009 ... The enzyme was sensitive to heat, decreasing slowly between 60 and ... conjugated with glucose or malonylglucose in soybean seeds (Wang and Murphy, .... To test the hydrolysis efficiency of Aspergillus sp. MT-0204 β-.

  12. Comparison of broiler performance, carcass yields and intestinal ...

    Comparison of broiler performance, carcass yields and intestinal microflora when fed diets containing transgenic (Mon-40-3-2) and conventional soybean meal. Jianzhuang Tan, Shasha Liu, Zhe Sun, Hongfu Zhang, Yongwei wang, Dan Liu ...

  13. Effect of fruiting on micronutrients, antinutrients and toxic substances ...


    fluted pumpkin (Telfaria occidentalis Hook F.) Seed oil and tropical ... ecological, nutritional and social approach to small scale house food production. Publ. Centre for ... Lanyasunya TP, Wang HR, Kariuki ST, Kuria, DM, Check AL, Mukisira.

  14. Research Article Special Issue



    Oct 17, 2017 ... There are some advantages of relationship marketing strategy that ..... [20] Wang C L. Guanxi vs. relationship marketing: Exploring underlying differences, ... [24] Ricardo R, Wade D. Corporate performance management: How ...

  15. the environmental management system of the south african national

    Magagula, Bheki

    installation linked to the EMS or advancing the corporate environmental statement .... management challenges in South Africa range from strategic waste ..... 17 Wang, X. “Exploring trends, sources, and causes of environmental funding: A.

  16. Image guided, minimally invasive adenomectomy for solitary gland disease in primary hyperparathyroidism

    Smit, Pieter Casper


    Introduction: Since the introduction in the 1970s of the unilateral approach in surgery for primary hyperparathyroidism by Wang, authors have increasingly been recommending limited forms of parathyroid surgery. Although unilateral explorations reduce operation time and admission days, decrease

  17. An assessment of quality of home-based HIV counseling and testing ...

    Vuyolwethu Magasana


    Nov 1, 2016 ... This paper describes results from direct observations .... All data were hosted and managed by this computerized web- .... sample reported that of the 3986 dried blood specimens taken ..... Levey, I. R., & Wang, W. (2014).

  18. Relationship between summer monsoon rainfall and cyclogenesis ...

    relationship between Indian Ocean Dipole Mode. Index (IODMI) and the ... 2013) in the cyclogenesis over north Indian Ocean ..... Indian summer monsoon; J. Climate 17 3141–3155. ... Murakami H, Wang B and Kitoh A 2011 Future change.

  19. MicroRNA functional network in pancreatic cancer: From biology to ...

    [Wang J and Sen S 2011 MicroRNA functional network in pancreatic cancer: From biology to biomarkers of disease. ... growth factor type I receptor; INSR, insulin receptor; IPA, Ingenuity Pathway Analysis; IPMN, ..... Prostate cancer signalling.

  20. Kinetic investigation on enantioselective hydrolytic resolution of ...

    Kinetic investigation on enantioselective hydrolytic resolution of epichlorohydrin by crude epoxide hydrolase from domestic duck liver. X Ling, D Lu, J Wang, J Chen, L Ding, J Chen, H Chai, P Ouyang ...

  1. Hong et al., Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. (2013) 10(4):66-69 ...


    inflammation, annex inflammation, uterine prolapse, and neurasthenia. .... Research progress on pharmacological effects of Bidens bipinnata L. China Pharmacy. ... Clinic. 24 (3): 147-149. 8. Wang, Q., Zhang Y.N., Chen F.H. (2009). Research ...

  2. Hiina naiskunstnike näitus / Maria-Kristiina Soomre

    Soomre, Maria-Kristiina, 1978-


    Hongkongis avatud näitus "Hiina kunstilaval" keskendub hiina naiskunstnike Yu Cheni, Wang Jingi, Yuen Nimchi ja Hao Li loomingule ning on esimene samm võitluses hiina naiskunstnike soolise diskrimineerimise vastu.

  3. Prizõ "Tjomnõhh notshei" ushli aziatam


    Auhinnad IX PÖFFi Euraasia võistlusprogrammi filmidele. Grand prix läks hiina filmile "Shanghai unistus" (režii Wang Xiaoshuai), eesti ajakirjanikud pidasid parimaks vene filmi "Garpastum" (režii Aleksei German jun)

  4. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 10, No 42 (2011)

    induced vascular endothelial growth factor expression in luteal cells · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. X Pang, Z Wang, D Yin, Z Zhang, 8227-8235 ...

  5. Administration of Taxation to Promulgate Tax Reduction Policies to Encourage Trans-national Merger and Acquisition of SOE


    <正>Wang Shengwen,Commercial Counsellor of Department of Foreign Economic Cooperation of Ministry of Commerce,expressed the expec- tation of encouraging enterprises to innovate cooperation methods and vigorously cultivating

  6. A lanthanum pyromellitate coordination polymer with three ...

    Framework Solids Laboratory, Chemistry and Physics of Materials Unit, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for. Advanced Scientific ... bases, though the quality of the single crystals ob- tained using ..... Chen J S and Wang S N 2003 Inorg. Chem. 42 944.

  7. Kui nuustakulased Berliinis käisid / Jaak Lõhmus

    Lõhmus, Jaak


    57. Berliini filmifestivali peaauhinna Kuldkaru sai Hiina režissööri Wang Quanani film "Tuya abielu" ("Tuya de hun shi"). Ka teistest auhinnasaajatest. Kokkuvõte festivalist ja eestlastest festivalil

  8. Numerical investigation into entropy generation in a transient ...

    1School of Computational and Communication Science and Engineering, ... exchangers, turbo machinery, electronic cooling, porous media and combustion. Knowledge of entropy ...... Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer 50: 2002–201. Wang X Q and ...

  9. Adaptive Order Cross–Square–Hexagonal search and fuzzy ...



    Mar 10, 2018 ... motion is known, the square search pattern resumes the job of motion estimation. ..... ference on Information Processing and Management of. Uncertainty in ... [32] Wang Z, Bovik A C, Sheikh H R and Simoncelli E P 2004.

  10. Long SAGE analysis of genes differentially expressed in the midgut ...

    Long SAGE analysis of genes differentially expressed in the midgut and silk gland between the sexes of the silkwormBombyx mori. Liping Gan, Ying Wang, Jian Xi, Yanshan Niu, Hongyou Qin, Yanghu Sima, Shiqing Xu ...

  11. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. S Li1 H J Xie1 X Wang1. School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200030, P. R. China ...

  12. Power spectrum density of stochastic oscillating accretion disk



    Nov 11, 2015 ... National Natural Science Foundation of. China. (11463007) .... may be an alternative interpretation of the persistent low-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations (Wang ..... In this vision, we should revise our manuscript according.

  13. 76 FR 554 - Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Applicants


    ... Western Way, Torrance, CA 90501. Officer: Hseanru aka Stephen H. Lin, President/VP/Secretary/CFO... Street, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071. Officers: Jerry Wang, Vice President (Qualifying Individual), Loong H. Chang...

  14. A new species of Neoperla (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Zhejiang Province of China.

    Chen, Zhi-Teng


    The stonefly genus Neoperla Needham (1905) is primarily distributed in eastern North America, Tropical and Temperate Asia and central Africa, with at least 297 species known (Illies 1966, Zwick 1973, Stark & Gaufin 1976, DeWalt et al. 2016). Contributions to Chinese species of Neoperla were made by Chu (1929), Wu & Claassen (1934), Wu (1935, 1938, 1948, 1962, 1973), Yang & Yang (1992, 1995, 1998), Du (1999, 2000a, 2000b), Du et al. (1999, 2001), Du & Sivec (2004, 2005), Du & Wang (2005, 2007), Sivec & Zwick (1987), Li & Wang (2011), Li et al. (2011a, 2011b, 2012a, 2012b, 2013a, 2013b, 2014a, 2014b), Qin et al. (2013), Wang et al. (2013a, 2013b), Li & Zhang (2014), Kong et al. (2014), Wang et al. (2014), Chen & Du (2015). Herein, a new species of this genus is described from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, of eastern coastal China.

  15. Molecular identification of Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto Giles ...



    Sep 28, 2016 ... responsible for the transmission. The knowledge of which form, Anopheles coluzzii, A. .... National Council for Science and Technology and Health Research ..... Styer ML, Carey RJ, Wang JL, Scott TW (2007). Mosquitoes Do.

  16. Structural, dielectric and a.c. conductivity study of Sb2O3 thin film ...

    X-ray diffraction; a.c. conductivity; dielectric properties; complex electric modulus. ... the study disordered systems because of the unusual temper- ..... energy. tunnelling model suggested by Wang et al [31], (s) should decrease with increase in ...

  17. A study on the machining parameters optimization of micro-end ...


    industry one of the trends is to manufacture low cost product in short time. MRR which indicates ... electronics, environmental, communications and automotive. ... characterization of surface quality for the micro end milling process. Wang et al.

  18. Journal of Earth System Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Wang Shijin1 Jiao Shitai2. State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences, Cold and Arid Region Environment and Engineering Research Institute, CAS, Lanzhou 730000, China. Department of Economics and Tourism Management, Baise University, Baise, Guangxi 533000, China.

  19. Bayesian mapping QTL for fruit and growth phenological traits in ...



    livestock in tropical and ... Moreover, both the grain and the immature pods of lablab are a lesser human food source in Africa (Smartt, ... Using four different populations of soybean,. Wang et al. (2004) identified four QTLs for ...

  20. Jambiline või anakruusiga trohheiline / Ilse Lehiste ; inglise k. tlk. Eva Liina Asu

    Lehiste, Ilse, 1922-2010


    Suuliselt loetud luule foneetilisest struktuurist Orig.: Iambic - or trochaeic with anacrusis. Varem ilmunud: In honor of William S.-Y. Wang: Interdisciplinary studies on language and language change. Taiwan : Pyramid Press, 1994

  1. Drug the Bug!

    Jonsson, Annika Lindskog; Bäckhed, Gert Fredrik


    Microbial metabolism of dietary components has been causally linked to cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. Now, Wang et al. demonstrate that inhibition of microbial TMA lyases, essential for production of pro-atherogenic trimethylamines, prevents atherosclerosis in vivo....

  2. Optimization of submerged vane parameters

    H Sharma

    the height or length of the submerged vane, no effective change in bed profile .... easily and again vanes will be ineffective, which is what. Odgaard and .... [3] Odgaard A J and Wang Y 1991a Sediment management with submerged vanes.

  3. total electron content derived from global positioning system during ...


    POSITIONING SYSTEM DURING SOLAR MAXIMUM OF 2012-2013. OVER THE ..... diffusion of the transported electrons from the equator (Panda et al. 2015). As the sun rises, the ..... Wang M and Christensen AB 2008 Features of annual and ...

  4. Structure and immunological activity of a novel polysaccharide from ...



    Sep 14, 2011 ... Gas chromatography (GC) was used for identification and quantification of the ... standards of known molecular mass (T-700, 580, 470, 350, 280,. 50, 25, 12, 10, sigma). .... Bao XF, Wang XS (2002). Structural features of ...

  5. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 5, No 6 (2006)

    -related protein kinase2 · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Huawen Zou, Xiuhai Zhang, JiuRan Zhao, Qing Yang, Zhongyi Wu, Fengge Wang, Conglin Huang, 490-496 ...

  6. Saksa noor draama ründab / Andres Laasik

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Viis saksa keeles kirjutavat noorema põlve kirjanikku - Sabine Wen Ching Wang, Andreas Sauter, Bernhard Studlar, Roland Schimmelpfennig ja Kristi Sagor - tuleb vaatama oma näidendite ettelugemise maratoni, mis toimub Von Krahli Teatris

  7. A new approximate algorithm for image reconstruction in cone-beam spiral CT at small cone-angles

    Schaller, S.; Flohr, T.; Steffen, P.


    This paper presents a new approximate algorithm for image reconstruction with cone-beam spiral CT data at relatively small cone-angles. Based on the algorithm of Wang et al., our method combines a special complementary interpolation with filtered backprojection. The presented algorithm has three main advantages over Wang's algorithm: (1) It overcomes the pitch limitation of Wang's algorithm. (2) It significantly improves z-resolution when suitable sampling schemes are applied. (3) It avoids the waste of applied radiation dose inherent to Wang's algorithm. Usage of the total applied dose is an important requirement in medical imaging. Our method has been implemented on a standard workstation. Reconstructions of computer-simulated data of different phantoms, assuming sampling conditions and image quality requirements typical to medical CT, show encouraging results

  8. Genes involved in sex determination process and the influence of ...



    Feb 4, 2015 ... Key words: Next-generation sequencing, simple sequence repeats, Rhamdia sp. .... individual genotypes were defined according to the standards of the bands. ..... Wang J, Yu X, Zhao K, Zhang Y, Tong J, Peng Z (2012).

  9. Genetics Home Reference: GM3 synthase deficiency

    ... Society Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy The Arc: For People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities ClinicalTrials. ... MA, Cross H, Proukakis C, Priestman DA, Neville DC, Reinkensmeier G, Wang H, Wiznitzer M, Gurtz K, ...

  10. Active Learning for Automatic Audio Processing of Unwritten Languages (ALAPUL)


    AFRL-RH-WP-TR-2016-0074 ACTIVE LEARNING FOR AUTOMATIC AUDIO PROCESSING OF UNWRITTEN LANGUAGES (ALAPUL) Dimitra Vergyri Andreas Kathol Wen Wang...FA8650-15-C-9101 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) *Dimitra Vergyri; Andreas Kathol; Wen Wang; Chris Bartels; Julian VanHout...feature transform through deep auto-encoders for better phone recognition performance. We target iterative learning to improve the system through

  11. Magnetic resonance-guided regional gene delivery strategy using a tumor stroma-permeable nanocarrier for pancreatic cancer

    Wang, Xiaolin; Wang,Qingbing; Li,Jianfeng; An,Sai; Chen,Yi; Jiang,Chen


    Qingbing Wang,1,2 Jianfeng Li,3 Sai An,3 Yi Chen,1 Chen Jiang,3 Xiaolin Wang1,2 1Department of Interventional Radiology, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, 2Shanghai Institute of Medical Imaging, 3Key Laboratory of Smart Drug Delivery, Ministry of Education, Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, Fudan University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China Background: Gene therapy is a very promising technology for treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarci...

  12. Browse Title Index

    Items 51 - 100 of 1309 ... Li-Long Liu, Kai Xu, Lu-Mei Kang, Shu-Ping Jiang, Qing-Hua Wang, ... CR Sewani-Rusike, JE Iputo, EJ Ndebia, M Gondwe, DR Kamadyaapa ... K-M Man, W-C Chen, H-M Wang, H-Y Chen, J-L Shen, L-D Chen, F-J Tsai, ...

  13. Taxonomic notes on Neoperla (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Sichuan Province of China with the description of two new species.

    Li, Weihai; Wang, Ying; Wang, Rongfeng


    Species of the perlid genus Neoperla from Sichuan Province, China are reviewed. Two new species are described, Neoperla caii Li & Wang, sp. nov. and N. emeishana Li & Wang, sp. nov. The new species are compared with related congeners. Available types of several known Neoperla species from Sichuan Province were studied and complementary descriptions or brief taxonomic comments are presented for N. bilineata Wu & Claassen, N. chui Wu & Claassen, N. microtumida Wu & Claassen, N. quadrata Wu & Claassen and N. truncata Wu.

  14. High Efficiency Flexible Battery Based on Graphene-carbon Nanotube Hybrid Structure


    Choi, Carbon 77 1065(2014) 2. Hierarchical NiCo2O4@nickel-sulfide nanoplate arrays for high-performance supercapacitors , Chu Q, Wang W, Wang X...Graphene:Synthesis and Applications, CRC Press ISBN-10: 1439861870 | ISBN-13: 978-1439861875 | Publication Date: October 11, 2011 Handbook of Nanomaterials ...Properties, Carbon Nanomaterials : a review, Nitin Choudhary, Sookhyun Hwang, Wonbong Choi, Springer (2013) 15. Santanu Das and Wonbong Choi, Graphene

  15. Synthesis, Photophysical, Electrochemical and Thermal Studies of ...

    of Triarylamines based on benzo[g]quinoxalines. AZAM M ...... Son H-J, Han W-S, Wee K-R, Yoo D-H, Lee J-H, Kwon. S-N, Ko J ... Kim S K, Yang B, Park Y I, Ma Y J -Y and Lee H -J K ... M, Wang R-Y, Tao Y and Wang S 2004 J. Mater. Chem.

  16. Hydrothermal growth of ZnO nanoflowers and their photocatalyst ...

    JINCHENG FAN1,∗, TENGFEI LI1 and HANG HENG2,3. 1School of Materials ... In this paper, the fabrication of ZnO nanoflowers on Si substrate by the ..... [21] Bae J, Han J B, Zhang X-M, Wei M, Duan X, Zhang Y and. Wang Z L 2009 J. ... 142 570. [31] Sun Y J, Wang L, Yu X G and Chen K Z 2012 CrystEngComm. 14 3199.

  17. DNA characterization and polymorphism of KISS1 gene in Egyptian ...



    Jul 29, 2015 ... effect on litter size performance and many studies were carried out to identify ... gene (Wang et al., 2011), kit ligand (KITLG) gene (An et al., 2012) and bone ..... An XP, Han P, HouJX, Zhao HB, Yan Y, Ma T, Fang F, MengFX, Song. YX, Wang JG ... Chu MX, Zhao XH, Zhang YJ, Jin M (2010). Polymorphisms ...

  18. A High Performance Frequency Standard and Distribution System for Cassini Ka-Band Experiment


    Orthogonal Polarization In Anisotropic Dielectric Resonators”, Proceedings of the 2002 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium , pp. 553-558...2002. [9] G. J. Dick, Rabi T. Wang, Robert Tjoelker, “Design and Progress Report for Compact Cryocooled Sapphire Oscillator "VCSO"”, Proc. 2005 Joint...IEEE FCS/ PTTI. [10] R. Basu, G. J. Dick, Rabi T. Wang,” Novel Design of an All- Cryogenic RF Pound Circuit “,Proc. 2005 Joint IEEE FCS/ PTTI

  19. Control of Boundary Layers for Aero-optical Applications


    with some difficulty) from hot-wire velocity measurements, or computed directly from CFD results (e.g. Wang & Wang, 2012). Several different density...of experimental and computational research, especially applied to supersonic and hypersonic boundary layers; see Smits & Dussauge (1996), Spina et...Duan, L., Beekman, I. and Martin, M.P. (2010) Direct Numerical Simulation of Hypersonic Turbulent Boundary Layers. Part 2. Effect of Wall

  20. Multivalent Peptidomimetic Conjugates as Inhibitors of Androgen Receptor Function in Therapy Resistant Prostate Cancer


    Haugbro M, Imberg-Kazdan K, Logan SK, Kirshenbaum K, Garabedian MJ. Multivalent Peptoid Conjugates Which Overcome Enzalutamide Resistance in Prostate...attached documents Wang Y, Dehigaspitiya DC, Levine PM, Profit AA, Haugbro M, Imberg-Kazdan K, Logan SK, Kirshenbaum K, Garabedian MJ. Multivalent...Enzalutamide Resistance in Prostate Cancer Cells Yu Wang1, Dilani C. Dehigaspitiya2, Paul M. Levine2, Adam A. Profit3, Michael Haugbro2, Keren Imberg

  1. Multivalent Peptidomimetic Conjugates as Inhibitors of Androgen Receptor Function in Therapy-Resistant Prostate Cancer


    K, Logan SK, Kirshenbaum K, Garabedian MJ. Multivalent Peptoid Conjugates Which Overcome Enzalutamide Resistance in Prostate Cancer Cells. Cancer...Wang Y, Dehigaspitiya DC, Levine PM, Profit AA, Haugbro M, Imberg-Kazdan K, Logan SK, Kirshenbaum K, Garabedian MJ. Multivalent Peptoid Conjugates...Prostate Cancer Cells Yu Wang1, Dilani C. Dehigaspitiya2, Paul M. Levine2, Adam A. Profit3, Michael Haugbro2, Keren Imberg-Kazdan4, Susan K. Logan1,5

  2. Quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping for 100-kernel weight of ...



    Dec 6, 2010 ... regimes. Xiao-Hong Liu1, Zu-Ping Zheng2*, Zhen-Bo Tan3, Zhong Li2 and Chuan He2 ... al., 2005; Liu et al., 2007; Wang et al., 2007a; Guo et al.,. 2008; Tang .... They could individually account for 12.63, 7.22, 4.47 and 14.47% of .... Liu ZH, Tang JH, Wei XY, Wang EL, Tian GW, Hu YM, Chen WC. (2007).

  3. KDM2B overexpression correlates with poor prognosis and regulates glioma cell growth

    Wang, Yiwei; Zang, Jin; Zhang, Dongyong; Sun, Zhenxiang; Qiu, Bo; Wang, Xiaojie


    Yiwei Wang,1 Jin Zang,1 Dongyong Zhang,2 Zhenxiang Sun,1 Bo Qiu,2 Xiaojie Wang1 1Department of Human Anatomy, Shenyang Medical College, Huanggu District, Shenyang City, 2Department of Neurosurgery, First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, ChinaBackground: Gliomas are one of the most lethal cancers in the human central nervous system. Despite clinical treatment advancements, the prognosis of patients with glioma remains ...

  4. Migration of the Three-dimensional Wind Field (3DWF) Model from Linux to Windows and Mobile Platforms


    Results in netCDF 11 4.3 Morphological Data Generation 16 5. 3DWF on Mobile Platforms 17 5.1 3DWF on Windows Mobile Devices 18 5.2 3DWF Migration to...Windows and Mobile Platforms by Giap Huynh and Yansen Wang Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. NOTICES...Migration of the Three-dimensional Wind Field (3DWF) Model from Linux to Windows and Mobile Platforms by Giap Huynh and Yansen Wang

  5. Enhanced Androgen Signaling with Androgen Receptor Overexpression in the Osteoblast Lineage Controls Skeletal Turnover, Matrix Quality and Bone Architecture


    Fu , M. , and Pestell , R. ( 2006 ). Epigenetic regulation of nuclear steroid receptors . Biochem. Pharmacol. 72 , 1589 – 1596...2006;38:1289–1297. 21. Leader J, Wang C, Fu M, Pestell R. Epigenetic regulation of nuclear steroid receptors. Biochem Pharmacol 2006;72:1589–1596. 22...Nat Genet 2006;38:1289-97. 21. Leader J, Wang C, Fu M, Pestell R. Epigenetic regulation of nuclear steroid receptors. Biochem Pharmacol 2006;72

  6. Overcoming Endocrine Resistance by Targeting ER/FoxA1/IL 8 Axis


    Nardone, Carmine De Angelis, Laura M. Heiser , Pavana Anur, Nicholas Wang, Catherine S. Grasso, Paul Spellman, Obi L. Griffith, Anna Tsimelzon...presentations Publications Fu X, Jeselsohn R, Pereira R, Hollingsworth EF, Creighton CJ, Li F, Shea M, Nardone A, Angelis CD, Heiser LM, Anur P, Wang N...performed the bioinformatics analysis of RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq data. Name: Laura Heiser Project Role: Collaborator Nearest person month worked: 1

  7. Overcoming Endocrine Resistance by Targeting ER/FoxA1/IL-8 Axis


    Creighton, Fugen Li, Martin Shea, Agostina Nardone, Tao Wang, Laura M. Heiser , Pavana Anur, Nicholas Wang, Catie Grasso, Paul Spellman, Carolina...Xiaoyong Fu, Rinath Jeselsohn, Resel Pereira, Emporia F. Hollingsworth, Chad J. Creighton, Fugen Li, Martin Shea, Agostina Nardone, Laura M. Heiser , Pavana...Rinath Jeselsohn, Emporia F. Hollingsworth, Dolores Lopez-Terrada, Chad J. Creighton, Agostina Nardone, Martin Shea, Laura M. Heiser , Pavana Anur

  8. Intranasal delivery of Huperzine A to the brain using lactoferrin-conjugated N-trimethylated chitosan surface-modified PLGA nanoparticles for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

    Meng,Qingqing; Wang,Aiping; Hua,Hongchen; Jiang,Ying; Wang,Yiyun; Mu,Hongjie; Wu,Zimei; Sun,Kaoxiang


    Qingqing Meng,1,* Aiping Wang,1,2,* Hongchen Hua,1 Ying Jiang,1 Yiyun Wang,1 Hongjie Mu,1 Zimei Wu,1 Kaoxiang Sun1 1School of Pharmacy, Collaborative Innovation Center of Advanced Drug Delivery System and Biotech Drugs in Universities of Shandong, Yantai University, Yantai, People’s Republic of China; 2State Key Laboratory of Long-Acting and Targeting Drug Delivery System, Shandong Luye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Yantai, People’s Republic of China *These authors contribute...

  9. CXCL14 Blockade of CXCL12/CXCR4 Signaling in Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis


    10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-04-3785. 55. Jung Y, Kim JK, Shiozawa Y, Wang J, Mishra A, Joseph J, Berry JE, McGee S, Lee E, Sun H, Wang J, Jin T, Zhang H...and unfortunate complication of advanced prostate cancer resulting in significant pain and fractures . The most devastating consequence, however, is...treatments. These data suggest a mechanism of increased migration and invasion may be associated with expression of EMT genes. Regulation of Kinase

  10. Targeting histone abnormality in triple negative breast cancer


    mass spectrometry analysis. Briefly, we used the biotinylated primers to prepare longer double stranded biotinylated HDAC5 promoter probes...streptavidin-agarose bead suspension was added to a mixture of 400 µg of nuclear extract proteins and 4 µg of double- strand biotinylated oligonucleotides in...20 Wu Y, Wang Y, Yang XH, Kang T, Zhao Y, Wang C et al. The deubiquitinase USP28 stabilizes LSD1 and confers stem -cell-like traits to breast cancer

  11. Extended-Range Prediction with Low-Dimensional, Stochastic-Dynamic Models: A Data-driven Approach


    statistically extratropical storms and extremes, and link these to LFV modes. Mingfang Ting, Yochanan Kushnir, Andrew W. Robertson, Lei Wang...forecast models, as well as in the understanding they have generated. Adam Sobel, Daehyun Kim and Shuguang Wang. Extratropical variability and...predictability. Determine the extent to which extratropical monthly and seasonal low-frequency variability (LFV, i.e. PNA, NAO, as well as other regional

  12. Identification and Characterization of Distinct Apoptotic Pathways in Cancer Cells Activated in Response to Treatment with Different Anti-Cancer Agents


    caspases precursors in different cell type induce apoptosis (Miura et al. 1993; Fernandes- 3 Alnemri et al. 1994; Kumar et al. 1994; Wang et al. 1994; Boldin ...association of ribosomes with mRNA. The lysates were sedimented through a linear sucrose gradient and fractions were collected. RNA was extracted from...precursors in different cell type induces apoptosis (Miura et al. 1993; Fernandes- Alnemri et al. 1994; Kumar et al. 1994; Wang et al. 1994; Boldin et al

  13. Metallic Material Image Segmentation by using 3D Grain Structure Consistency and Intra/Inter-Grain Model Information


    Based on these research results, we built an interactive interface as a web application using the Django [9] web framework for the backend , and a...started from 2014) ∗ Partially supported by this AFOSR grant. Publications: 1. R. Meng, S. Nelakuditi, S. Wang, R. Choudhury. OmniView: A Mobile ...11. S. Singh, R. Meng, S. Nelakuditi, Y. Tong, S. Wang. SideEye: Mobile Assistant for Blind Spot Monitoring, International Conference on Computing

  14. Research Laboratory of Electronics Annual Report Number 125.


    approximation for modeling underwater acoustics. The summers of 1983 and 1984 mark the beginning of a series of geophysical and acoustic experiments in the...conditions, modifications in an adaptive noise cancelling algorithm such as the Widrow- Hoff least mean square algorithm, allows one to still reduce the...Stephanie Brown, Fielding Kanbe, Hiroshi Vaidyanathan, A. Ganesh Buchinger, Fritz Kayoun, Pierre H. Wang, Hong.Ming Cerrillo, Manuel V. Konrad, Cristina Wang

  15. Myometrial invasion and overall staging of endometrial carcinoma: assessment using fusion of T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging

    Guo, Yu; Wang, Ping; Wang, Penghui; Gao, Wei; Li, Fenge; Yang, Xueling; Ni, Hongyan; Shen, Wen; Guo, Zhi


    Yu Guo,1,2 Ping Wang,2 Penghui Wang,2 Wei Gao,1 Fenge Li,3 Xueling Yang,1 Hongyan Ni,2 Wen Shen,2 Zhi Guo1 1Department of Interventional Therapy, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital, National Clinical Research Center for Cancer, Key Laboratory of Cancer Prevention and Therapy, Tianjin, Tianjin’s Clinical Research Center for Cancer, Tianjin, 2Department of Radiology, Tianjin First Center Hospital, The First Central Clinical College of Tianjin Medical University,...

  16. Design, synthesis, and evaluation of VEGFR-targeted macromolecular MRI contrast agent based on biotin?avidin-specific binding

    Liu, Yongjun; Wu, Xiaoyun; Sun, Xiaohe; Wang, Dan; Zhong, Ying; Jiang, Dandan; Wang, Tianqi; Yu, Dexin; Zhang, Na


    Yongjun Liu,1 Xiaoyun Wu,1 Xiaohe Sun,1 Dan Wang,1 Ying Zhong,1 Dandan Jiang,1 Tianqi Wang,1 Dexin Yu,2 Na Zhang1 1School of Pharmaceutical Science, Shandong University, 2Department of Radiology Medicine, Qilu Hospital, Jinan, People’s Republic of China Abstract: Developing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents with high relaxivity and specificity was essential to increase MRI diagnostic sensitivity and accuracy. In this study, the MRI contrast agent, vascular endotheli...

  17. A Partnership Training Program: Studying Targeted Drug Delivery Using Nanoparticles in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy


    Cancer Res, 6, 3056 (2000). 33. Dijkgraaf I, Beer AJ, Wester HJ, Front Biosci, 14, 887 (2009). 34. Lim EH, Danthi N, Bednarski M, Li KC , Nanomedicine, 1...Biol 2007;34:229-32. 34. Wang HH, Wang YX, Leung KC , Au DW, Xuan S, Chak CP, Lee SK, Sheng H, Zhang G, Qin L, Griffith JF, Ahuja AT. Durable...arylamide) (MBA), 3-(trimethoxysilyl) propylmethacrylate (MPS), tetraethoxysilane ( TEOS ), 3-(4,5)- dimethylthiahiazo(-z-yl)-3,5

  18. Study of the Neurophysiology of Central Fatigue


    AGENCY NAME(S) AND ADDRESS (ES) U.S. Army Research Office P.O. Box 12211 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2211 cognitive, fatigue, fatigability...Fatigability in Parkinson Disease. Movement Disorders 2012;27:e6. 4. Wang C, Ding M, Kluger BM. High-density EEG study of cue-evoked preparatory...258. 3. Kluger B, Wang C, Proemsey J, Ding M. Neuronal Correlates of Executive Dysfunction and Fatigability in Parkinson Disease. Movement Disorders

  19. New Jurassic tettigarctid cicadas from China with a novel example of disruptive coloration

    Jun Chen


    Full Text Available Tettigarctidae is the most primitive family of Cicadoidea, with only two relict species. Although they are relatively well known from Eurasia, Australia, Africa, and South America, their Mesozoic examples are typically preserved only as isolated forewings. Herein, a new genus Sanmai Chen, Zhang, and B. Wang with three new species (Sanmai kongi Chen, Zhang, and B. Wang, S. mengi Chen, Zhang, and B. Wang, and S. xuni Chen, Zhang, and B. Wang are described based on fossil specimens from the Middle–Upper Jurassic of northeastern China, with well-preserved body structures, forewing and hindwing venations, making it the hitherto best known extinct tettigarctid taxon. The new genus, provisionally assigned to the tribe Turutanoviini, provides some new information about the evolution and palaeobiogeography of Mesozoic Tettigarctidae. The genus Paraprosbole is synonymized with Shuraboprosbole. In addition, the coloration pattern of forewing, prominent on some specimens of Sanmai kongi Chen, Zhang, and B. Wang sp. nov. and Sanmai xuni Chen, Zhang, and B. Wang sp. nov., represents a novel example of disruptive coloration in Tettigarctidae, which can effectively break up the body outline as well as surface, and so likely enabled these cicadas to reduce the detectability of potential predators.

  20. Randomized trial of betahistine mesilate tablets as augmentation for oxcarbazepine and carbamazepine in treating vestibular paroxysmia

    Xue H


    Full Text Available Hui Xue,1,2 Wenping Xiang,2 Yichuan Yu,3 Guorong Liu,2 Yi Chong,2 Jiying Zhou1 1Department of Neurology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, China; 2Department of Neurology, Baotou Central Hospital, Inner Mongolia, Baotou, China; 3Department of Emergency, Yongchuan Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, China Background: Vestibular paroxysmia (VP is a rare episodic peripheral vestibular disorder. This study was conducted to compare the efficacy and acceptability of carbamazepine (CBZ plus betahistine mesilate tablets (BMT (CBZ+BMT and oxcarbazepine (OXC plus BMT (OXC+BMT in treating VP, and investigated whether the synergistic effect could be increased along with the increased dose of BMT.Methods: VP patients were recruited and randomly assigned to receive CBZ+BMT or OXC+BMT. The doses of CBZ and OXC were set to 200 and 300 mg/time, twice daily, respectively. The doses of BMT were set to 12 and 18 mg/time, twice daily. Half of the patients in each group received BMT 12 mg/time and the other half received BMT 18 mg/time. The treatment was continued for 12 weeks. The vertigo frequency, vertigo score, vertigo duration, response rate, and drug-related side effects were analyzed.Results: In total, 92 patients in the CBZ+BMT group and 93 patients in the OXC+BMT group completed this trial. After 12 weeks of treatment, the two groups had similar average vertigo frequency, average vertigo score, average vertigo duration, and response rate. But the incidence of side effects was significantly higher in the CBZ+BMT group than in the OXC+BMT group (p=0.04. Subgroup analysis found that patients receiving BMT (18 mg had greater reductions in average vertigo frequency, average vertigo duration, and average vertigo score, and higher response rates than patients receiving BMT (12 mg.Conclusion: These results demonstrated that OXC+BMT may be suitable as an alternative method in VP patients with CBZ

  1. Ultrasound-targeted transfection of tissue-type plasminogen activator gene carried by albumin nanoparticles to dog myocardium to prevent thrombosis after heart mechanical valve replacement

    Ji J


    Full Text Available Ji Jun, Ji Shang-Yi, Yang Jian-An, He Xia, Yang Xiao-Han, Ling Wen-Ping, Chen Xiao-LingDepartment of Pathology and Cardiovascular Surgery, Shenzhen Sun Yat-Sen Cardiovascular Hospital, Shenzhen, Guangdong, People's Republic of ChinaBackground: There are more than 300,000 prosthetic heart valve replacements each year worldwide. These patients are faced with a higher risk of thromboembolic events after heart valve surgery and long-term or even life-long anticoagulative and antiplatelet therapies are necessary. Some severe complications such as hemorrhaging or rebound thrombosis can occur when the therapy ceases. Tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA is a thrombolytic agent. One of the best strategies is gene therapy, which offers a local high expression of t-PA over a prolonged time period to avoid both systemic hemorrhaging and local rebound thrombosis. There are some issues with t-PA that need to be addressed: currently, there is no up-to-date report on how the t-PA gene targets the heart in vivo and the gene vector for t-PA needs to be determined.Aims: To fabricate an albumin nano-t-PA gene ultrasound-targeted agent and investigate its targeting effect on prevention of thrombosis after heart mechanic valve replacement under therapeutic ultrasound.Methods: A dog model of mechanical tricuspid valve replacement was constructed. A highly expressive t-PA gene plasmid was constructed and packaged by nanoparticles prepared with bovine serum albumin. This nanopackaged t-PA gene plasmid was further cross-linked to ultrasonic microbubbles prepared with sucrose and bovine serum albumin to form the ultrasonic-targeted agent for t-PA gene transfection. The agent was given intravenously followed by a therapeutic ultrasound treatment (1 MHz, 1.5 w/cm2, 10 minutes of the heart soon after valve replacement had been performed. The expression of t-PA in myocardium was detected with multiclonal antibodies to t-PA by the indirect immunohistochemical method

  2. Comparison of DLK incidence after laser in situ keratomileusis associated with two femtosecond lasers: Femto LDV and IntraLase FS60

    Tomita M


    Full Text Available Minoru Tomita,1–3 Yuko Sotoyama,1 Satoshi Yukawa,1 Tadayuki Nakamura1 1Shinagawa LASIK Center, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; 2Department of Ophthalmology, Wenzhou Medical College, Wenzhou, People’s Republic of China; 3Eye Can Cataract Surgery Center, Manila, Philippines Purpose: To compare the incidence of diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK after laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK with flap creation using the Femto LDV and IntraLase™ FS60 femtosecond lasers. Methods: A total of 818 consecutive myopic eyes had LASIK performed using either Femto LDV or IntraLase FS60 for flap creation. The same excimer laser, the Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Laser, was used for correcting refractive errors for all patients. In the preoperative examination, uncorrected distance visual acuity, corrected distance visual acuity, and manifest refraction spherical equivalent were measured. At the postop examination, the same examinations were performed along with a slit-lamp biomicroscopic examination, and patients with DLK were classified into stages. For the statistical analysis of the DLK occurrence rate and the visual and refractive outcomes, the Mann-Whitney’s U-test was used. Results: In the Femto LDV group with 514 eyes, 42 (8.17% had DLK. In the IntraLase FS60 group with 304 eyes, 114 (37.5% had DLK. There was a statistically significant difference in the DLK incidence rate between these groups (P < 0.0001. Both groups had excellent visual and refractive outcomes. Although low levels of DLK were observed for both groups, they did not affect visual acuity. Conclusion: While there were significantly fewer incidences of low level DLK when using Femto LDV, neither femtosecond laser induced high levels of DLK, and any postoperative DLK cleared up within 1 week. Therefore, both lasers provide excellent results, with no clinical differences, and both excel at flap creation for LASIK. Keywords: LASIK, Ziemer, Femto LDV, DLK, IntraLase FS60, femtosecond laser

  3. The fauna of the family Bombycidae sensu lato (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Bombycoidea) from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hainan Islands.

    Wang, Xing; Wang, Min; Zolotuhin, Vadim V; Hirowatari, Toshiya; Wu, Shipher; Huang, Guo-Hua


    Seventy-seven species of family Bombycidae s. lat., belonging to 25 genera in three subfamilies, that have been recorded from China are listed and described, with illustrations of the adults, preimaginal stages (if available), and their genitalia. Keys to subfamilies and genera are provided. Two new genera and four new species are described, two subgenera are raised to generic status, seven new combinations are made, and one genus and six species are newly recorded from China. The new taxa are as follows: Rotunda Wang, X. & Zolotuhin, gen. nov., Comparmustilia Wang, X. & Zolotuhin, gen. nov., Triuncina daii Wang, X. & Zolotuhin, sp. nov., Triuncina xiongi Wang, X. & Zolotuhin, sp. nov., Gnathocinara boi Wang, X. & Zolotuhin, sp. nov. and Promustilia yajiangensis Wang, X. & Zolotuhin, sp. nov. The taxa newly recorded for China are: Sesquiluna Forbes, 1955; Trilocha friedeli Dierl, 1978; Bivincula kalikotei Dierl, 1978; Sesquiluna forbesi Zolotuhin & Witt, 2009; Mustilizans lepusa Zolotuhin, 2007; Smerkata brechlini (Zolotuhin, 2007) and Mustilia castanea Moore, 1879. The seven new combinations are: Rotunda rotundapex (Miyata & Kishida, 1990), comb. nov., Triuncina nitida (Chu & Wang, L.Y., 1993), comb. nov., Gunda sesostris (Vuillot, 1893), comb. nov., Smerkata fusca (Kishida, 1993), comb. nov., Comparmustilia sphingiformis (Moore, 1879), comb. nov., Comparmustilia semiravida (Yang, 1995), comb. nov., Comparmustilia gerontica (West, 1932), comb. nov.. The two subgenera raised to generic level are: Promustilia Zolotuhin, 2007, stat. nov. and Smerkata Zolotuhin, 2007, stat. nov.. The distributions of the species in China were determined and distributional maps provided. All type specimens of the new species described here are deposited in the College of Plant Protection, Hunan Agricultural University, China (HUNAU); Department of Entomology, South China Agricultural University, China (SCAU); Kyushu University Museum, Kyushu University, Japan (KUM), and Entomological

  4. Information systems and computing technology

    Zhang, Lei


    Invited papersIncorporating the multi-cross-sectional temporal effect in Geographically Weighted Logit Regression K. Wu, B. Liu, B. Huang & Z. LeiOne shot learning human actions recognition using key posesW.H. Zou, S.G. Li, Z. Lei & N. DaiBand grouping pansharpening for WorldView-2 satellite images X. LiResearch on GIS based haze trajectory data analysis system Y. Wang, J. Chen, J. Shu & X. WangRegular papersA warning model of systemic financial risks W. Xu & Q. WangResearch on smart mobile phone user experience with grounded theory J.P. Wan & Y.H. ZhuThe software reliability analysis based on

  5. Equivalent construction of the infinitesimal time translation operator in algebraic dynamics algorithm for partial differential evolution equation


    We give an equivalent construction of the infinitesimal time translation operator for partial differential evolution equation in the algebraic dynamics algorithm proposed by Shun-Jin Wang and his students. Our construction involves only simple partial differentials and avoids the derivative terms of δ function which appear in the course of computation by means of Wang-Zhang operator. We prove Wang’s equivalent theorem which says that our construction and Wang-Zhang’s are equivalent. We use our construction to deal with several typical equations such as nonlinear advection equation, Burgers equation, nonlinear Schrodinger equation, KdV equation and sine-Gordon equation, and obtain at least second order approximate solutions to them. These equations include the cases of real and complex field variables and the cases of the first and the second order time derivatives.

  6. Spatially correlated heterogeneous aspirations to enhance network reciprocity

    Tanimoto, Jun; Nakata, Makoto; Hagishima, Aya; Ikegaya, Naoki


    Perc & Wang demonstrated that aspiring to be the fittest under conditions of pairwise strategy updating enhances network reciprocity in structured populations playing 2×2 Prisoner's Dilemma games (Z. Wang, M. Perc, Aspiring to the fittest and promoted of cooperation in the Prisoner's Dilemma game, Physical Review E 82 (2010) 021115; M. Perc, Z. Wang, Heterogeneous aspiration promotes cooperation in the Prisoner's Dilemma game, PLOS one 5 (12) (2010) e15117). Through numerical simulations, this paper shows that network reciprocity is even greater if heterogeneous aspirations are imposed. We also suggest why heterogeneous aspiration fosters network reciprocity. It distributes strategy updating speed among agents in a manner that fortifies the initially allocated cooperators' clusters against invasion. This finding prompted us to further enhance the usual heterogeneous aspiration cases for heterogeneous network topologies. We find that a negative correlation between degree and aspiration level does extend cooperation among heterogeneously structured agents.

  7. Toxicity evaluation of boron nitride nanospheres and water-soluble boron nitride in Caenorhabditis elegans

    Wang N


    Full Text Available Ning Wang,1 Hui Wang,2 Chengchun Tang,3 Shijun Lei,1 Wanqing Shen,1 Cong Wang,1 Guobin Wang,4 Zheng Wang,1,4 Lin Wang1,5 1Research Center for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Union Hospital, 2Department of Medical Genetics, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, 3Boron Nitride Research Center, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin, 4Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery, 5Department of Clinical Laboratory, Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China Abstract: Boron nitride (BN nanomaterials have been increasingly explored for potential biological applications. However, their toxicity remains poorly understood. Using Caenorhabditis elegans as a whole-animal model for toxicity analysis of two representative types of BN nanomaterials – BN nanospheres (BNNSs and highly water-soluble BN nanomaterial (named BN-800-2 – we found that BNNSs overall toxicity was less than soluble BN-800-2 with irregular shapes. The concentration thresholds for BNNSs and BN-800-2 were 100 µg·mL-1 and 10 µg·mL-1, respectively. Above this concentration, both delayed growth, decreased life span, reduced progeny, retarded locomotion behavior, and changed the expression of phenotype-related genes to various extents. BNNSs and BN-800-2 increased oxidative stress levels in C. elegans by promoting reactive oxygen species production. Our results further showed that oxidative stress response and MAPK signaling-related genes, such as GAS1, SOD2, SOD3, MEK1, and PMK1, might be key factors for reactive oxygen species production and toxic responses to BNNSs and BN-800-2 exposure. Together, our results suggest that when concentrations are lower than 10 µg·mL-1, BNNSs are more biocompatible than BN-800-2 and are potentially biocompatible material. Keywords: boron nitride nanomaterials, Caenorhabditis elegans, nanotoxicology

  8. The green computing book tackling energy efficiency at large scale

    Feng, Wu-chun


    Low-Power, Massively Parallel, Energy-Efficient Supercomputers The Blue Gene TeamCompiler-Driven Energy Efficiency Mahmut Kandemir and Shekhar Srikantaiah An Adaptive Run-Time System for Improving Energy Efficiency Chung-Hsing Hsu, Wu-chun Feng, and Stephen W. PooleEnergy-Efficient Multithreading through Run-Time Adaptation Exploring Trade-Offs between Energy Savings and Reliability in Storage Systems Ali R. Butt, Puranjoy Bhattacharjee, Guanying Wang, and Chris GniadyCross-Layer Power Management Zhikui Wang and Parthasarathy Ranganathan Energy-Efficient Virtualized Systems Ripal Nathuji and K

  9. Investigating Metabolic Control of Persister Formation in Biofilms


    Beer , K., McKay, G., Siehnel, R., Schafhauser, J., Wang, Y., et al. (2011). Active starva- tion responses mediate antibiotic tolerance in biofilms and...ATP concentration in Escherichia coli fermentations . Biotechnology and bioengineering 52, 364-372. Lemke, J.J., Sanchez-Vazquez, P., Burgos, H.L...1082– 1093. 33. Nguyen D, Joshi-Datar A, Lepine F, Bauerle E, Olakanmi O, Beer K, McKay G, Siehnel R, Schafhauser J, Wang Y, Britigan BE, Singh PK. 2011

  10. Adaptive feedback synchronization of Lue system

    Han, X.; Lu, J.-A.; Wu, X.


    This letter further improves and extends the works of Chen and Lue [Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 14 (2002) 643] and Wang et al. [Phys. Lett. A 312 (2003) 34]. In detail, the linear feedback synchronization and adaptive feedback synchronization for Lue system are discussed. And the lower bound of the feedback gain in linear feedback synchronization is presented. The adaptive feedback synchronization with only one controller is designed, which improves the proof in the work by Wang et al. The adaptive synchronization with two controllers for completely uncertain Lue system is also discussed, which extends the work of Chen and Lue. Also, numerical simulations show the effectiveness of these methods

  11. Autocrine and Paracrine Hh Signaling Regulate Prostate Development


    Rev. Mol. Cell. Biol. 6, 306–317 7. Wang, B. E., Shou, J., Ross, S., Koeppen, H., De Sauvage, F. J., and Gao, W. Q. (2003) J. Biol. Chem. 278, 18506...and Placzek, M. (2006) Nat. Rev. Genet. 7, 841–850 13. Callahan, C. A., Ofstad, T., Horng, L.,Wang, J. K., Zhen, H. H., Coulombe , P. A., and Oro, A. E...Albig, A. R., and Schiemann, W. P. (2005)Mol. Biol. Cell 16, 609–625 45. Olsen, M. W., Ley , C. D., Junker, N., Hansen, A. J., Lund, E. L., and Krist

  12. In-situ IR monitoring of the formation of Zr-fumarate MOF

    Ren, Jianwei


    Full Text Available monitoring of the formation of Zr-fumarate MOF Authors: Jianwei Ren, Nicholas M. Musyoka, Henrietta W. Langmi, Brian C. North, Mkhulu Mathe, Wan Pang, Mingjie Wang, Joseph Walker PII: S0169-4332(17)30296-9 DOI: Reference: APSUSC 35066 To appear in: APSUSC Received date: 21-9-2016 Revised date: 20-1-2017 Accepted date: 25-1-2017 Please cite this article as: Jianwei Ren, Nicholas M.Musyoka, Henrietta W.Langmi, Brian C.North, Mkhulu Mathe, Wan Pang, Mingjie Wang...

  13. Argonne Nuclear Data Program

    Kondev, F. [US Nuclear Data Program, U.S. DOE/SC (United States)


    Nuclear Data Compilations and Evaluations: - Nuclear structure and decay data compilations and evaluations for the International NSDD network (ENSDF and XUNDL); - AME12 and NuBase12 - in collaboration with G. Audi and M. MacCormick, CSNSM (Orsay), M. Wang, IMP (Lanzhou) and B. Pfeiffer, GSI (Darmstadt) - presentation by M. Wang; - DDEP coordinator - completed; - Horizontal nuclear data evaluation activities -IAEA CRP's, Isomers, Medical Isotopes; Complementary ND research Activities: - CARIBU, FRIB and other RIB facilities, Gretina, IAEA-CRP - emphasis on nuclear structure physics and astrophysics, and their intersection with applied nuclear physics programs.

  14. Unexpected dehydrogenation behaviors of the 2LiBH4-MgH2 composite confined in a mesoporous carbon scaffold

    Wang, K


    Full Text Available Chemistry C Vol. 118(46) Unexpected Dehydrogenation Behaviors of the 2LiBH4−MgH2 Composite Confined in a Mesoporous Carbon Scaffold Kuikui Wang,†,‡ Xiangdong Kang,*,‡ Yujie Zhong,‡ Chaohao Hu,§ Jianwei Ren,⊥ and Ping Wang*,‡ †University... of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026, P. R. China ‡Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang 110016, P. R. China §Guangxi Key Laboratory of Information Materials...

  15. The Role of ERG and CXCR4 in Prostate Cancer Progression


    NI, Koh -Paige AJ, Shim H, et al. (2005). Skeletal localization and neutralization of the SDF-1(CXCL12)/CXCR4 axis blocks prostate cancer metastasis...cancer metastasis and growth in osseous sites in vivo. J Bone Miner Res. 2005;20(2):318-29. 34. Ao M, Franco OE, Park D, Raman D, Williams K...Schneider A, Jung Y, Wang J, Dai J, Wang J, Cook K, Osman NI, Koh -Paige AJ, Shim H, et al: Skeletal localization and neutralization of the SDF- 1(CXCL12

  16. Two new species of the stonefly genus Amphinemura (Insecta, Plecoptera, Nemouridae) from China.

    Ji, Xiao-Yu; Du, Yu-Zhou; Wang, Zhi-Jie


    Two new species of the genus Amphinemura Ris from China are described and illustrated, i.e. A. annulata Du & Ji, sp. n. from Zhejiang, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Guizhou Province, and A. lingulata Du & Wang, sp. n. from Shaanxi and Sichuan Province. A. annulata is similar to A. tricintusidens Wang & Zhu in having an apical cavity of the epiproct, but the epiproct ventral sclerite and the median paraproct lobe of the two species are different. A. lingulata is related to A. didyma Zhu & Yang in having the similar epiproct, but they differ mostly in paraproct median and outer lobes.

  17. The direct effect on geoid computations

    Juan G. Serpas


    La técnica más popular para la reducción de observaciones gravimétricas al geoide es el método de condensación de Helmert. Dos maneras deferentes de aplicar dicha reducción son estudiadas: el enfoque clásico (Wang y Rapp, 1990, Heiskanen y Morits, 1967) y el enfoque por Vanicek and Kleusberg (1987), extendido por Martinec et al. (1993). El enfoque clásico (Wang y Rapp, 1990, Heiskanen y Moritz, 1967) argumenta que el efecto de la capa condensada tiene que ser evaluado en el geoide y no en el ...

  18. Iterative methods used in overlap astrometric reduction techniques do not always converge

    Rapaport, M.; Ducourant, C.; Colin, J.; Le Campion, J. F.


    In this paper we prove that the classical Gauss-Seidel type iterative methods used for the solution of the reduced normal equations occurring in overlapping reduction methods of astrometry do not always converge. We exhibit examples of divergence. We then analyze an alternative algorithm proposed by Wang (1985). We prove the consistency of this algorithm and verify that it can be convergent while the Gauss-Seidel method is divergent. We conjecture the convergence of Wang method for the solution of astrometric problems using overlap techniques.

  19. Pollen Flora of Yuenyang Lake Nature Preserve, Taiwan (IV

    Yu-Fa Wang


    Full Text Available Yuenyang Lake is an acidic lake situated within a nature preserve in northern Taiwan. The pollen of nineteen taxa, belonging to five families, was collected from this nature preserve and investigated with light and scanning electron microscopy. The results of this investigation are supplementary work to the previous publications in this journal (Chen and Wang, 1999, 2001; Wang and Chen, 2001. A total of 4 pollen classes were identified on the basis of the aperture on the pollen wall: 3-colpate, 6-colpate, 3-colporate, and 4-7-colporate pollen. These results could be useful in the reconstruction of vegetation history around the Yuenyang Lake.

  20. On the equivalence of LIST and DIIS methods for convergence acceleration

    Garza, Alejandro J. [Department of Chemistry, Rice University, Houston, Texas 77251-1892 (United States); Scuseria, Gustavo E. [Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University, Houston, Texas 77251-1892, USA and Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah 21589 (Saudi Arabia)


    Self-consistent field extrapolation methods play a pivotal role in quantum chemistry and electronic structure theory. We, here, demonstrate the mathematical equivalence between the recently proposed family of LIST methods [Wang et al., J. Chem. Phys. 134, 241103 (2011); Y. K. Chen and Y. A. Wang, J. Chem. Theory Comput. 7, 3045 (2011)] and the general form of Pulay’s DIIS [Chem. Phys. Lett. 73, 393 (1980); J. Comput. Chem. 3, 556 (1982)] with specific error vectors. Our results also explain the differences in performance among the various LIST methods.

  1. Evaluation of clear-sky incoming radiation estimating equations typically used in remote sensing evapotranspiration algorithms

    Sun, Z


    Full Text Available , Mekonnen Gebremichael 2,*, Qinxue Wang 1, Junming Wang 3, Ted W. Sammis 4 and Alecia Nickless 5 1 National Institute for Environmental Studies, 16-2 Onogawa, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8506, Japan; E-Mails: (Z.S.); (Q... Development Fund (E-1203) of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. Authors thank anonymous reviewers and editors for their constructive comments. Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflict of interest. References 1. Ruhoff, A.L.; Paz, A...

  2. Size-controlled fabrication of zein nano/microparticles by modified anti-solvent precipitation with/without sodium caseinate

    Li, Feng; Chen, Yan; Liu, Shubo; Qi, Jian; Wang, Weiying; Wang, Chenhua; Zhong, Ruiyue; Chen, Zhijun; Li, Xiaoming; Guan, Yuanzhou; Kong, Wei; Zhang, Yong


    Feng Li,1 Yan Chen,1,2 Shubo Liu,1 Jian Qi,1 Weiying Wang,1 Chenhua Wang,1 Ruiyue Zhong,1 Zhijun Chen,1 Xiaoming Li,1 Yuanzhou Guan,1 Wei Kong,1,2 Yong Zhang1,2 1National Engineering Laboratory for AIDS Vaccine, School of Life Sciences, Jilin University, Changchun, 2Key Laboratory for Molecular Enzymology and Engineering, the Ministry of Education, School of Life Sciences, Jilin University, Changchun, China Abstract: Zein-based nano/microparticles have been demonstrated to be promising carr...

  3. Antiproton production

    Lazarus, D.M.


    The results for the antiproton momentum spectrum produced in proton reactions on lead at the CERN Antiproton Accumulator is scaled to AGS operating conditions using the Sanford-Wang formula with no correction for target material. Yield predictions as a function of momentum are shown for 28.3 GeV protons on beryllium and results are converted to antiproton beam flux. The AGS Medium Energy Separated Beam has a flux which is a factor of 2 lower than Sanford-Wang predictions. This may be due to factors affecting beam acceptance

  4. Piezoelectric Nanogenerators for Self-Powered Nanosystems and Nanosensors


    researchers 1. Sangmin Lee, Sung-Hwan Bae, Long Lin, Seunghyun Ahn, Chan Park, Seung Nam Cha, Young Jun Park, Hyuk Chang, Sang-Woo Kim and...Sohn, Seung Nam Cha, Dukhyun Choi * Zhong Lin Wang * Sang-Woo Kim * “ P-Type Polymer–Hybridized High-Performance Piezoelectric Nanogenerators”, Nano...Yoon Lee, † Sang-Woo Kim , *,$ Jae-Young Choi, *,† Jong Min Kim , † and Zhong Lin Wang *, “Flexible Hybrid Multi-Type Energy Scavenger”, Energy

  5. Comment on 'Effects of hydrogen dilution on deposition process of nano-crystalline silicon film by SiCl4/H2 plasma'

    Tanarro, Isabel


    In a recent paper, Wang et al (2006 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 39 3030) have reported the effects of hydrogen dilution ratio on the relative densities of SiCl n (n = 0-2) radicals in a SiCl 4 /H 2 plasma generated in a RF low pressure discharge. This comment argues that the radical detection method proposed and used by Wang et al is not appropriate to estimate radical concentrations and that the experimental results obtained with it consequently seem to be unreliable. (comment)

  6. MicroRNA-200c: A Novel Way to Attack Breast Cancer Metastases by Restoring the Epithelial Phenotype


    other provision of law , no person shall be subject to any penalty for failing to comply with a collection of information if it does not display a...biallelic loss of Dicer1 promotes tumorigenesis in vivo. Cell Death Differ 17 (4):633–641 38. Law JH, Habibi G, Hu K, Masoudi H, Wang MY, Stratford AL...Reinhardt F, Benaich N, Calogrias D, Szasz AM, Wang ZC, et al. A pleiotropically acting microRNA, miR-31, inhibits breast cancer metastasis. Cell

  7. Efficient preparation and labeling of human induced pluripotent stem cells by nanotechnology

    Ruan, Jing; Shen,; Wang ,Z; Ji,; Song,; Wang,; Liu,Bao-Liang; Li,; Cui,Daxiang


    Jing Ruan1,*, Jie Shen2,*, Zheng Wang2, Jiajia Ji1, Hua Song1, Kan Wang1, Bin Liu1, Jinhui Li2, Daxiang Cui11Department of Bio-Nano Science and Engineering, Key Laboratory for Thin Film and Microfabrication Technology of the Ministry of Education, National Key Laboratory of Micro/Nano Fabrication Technology, Research Institute of Micro/Nano Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China; 2Shanghai Institute of Digestive Diseases, Shanghai...

  8. Westward movement of eddies into the Gulf of Aden from the Arabian Sea

    Al Saafani, M.A.; Shenoi, S.S.C.; Shankar, D.; Aparna, M.; Kurian, J.; Durand, F.; Vinayachandran, P.N.

    forced SLA response and the Rossby waves from the east, constructive/destructive interference will create a discontinuity [Wang et al., 2001] similar to that noted in Figures 5a and 5b. Wang et al. [2001] noticed a similar discontinuity in the annual... Rossby waves in the interior of the southern Indian Ocean; that discontinuity was caused by constructive/destructive interference between the locally forced response and the Rossby waves propagating from the east. [26] The high-frequency wavelets of Ekman...

  9. Maintenance of Glucose Homeostasis Through Acetylation of the Metabolic Transcriptional Coactivator PGC1-alpha


    Salmenniemi, U., Ruotsalainen, E., Pihlajamaki, J., Vauhkonen, I., Kai - nulainen, S., Punnonen, K., Vanninen, E., and Laakso, M. (2004). Mul- tiple...cancer: a dawn for evolutionary medicine. Annu. Rev. Genet. 39, 359–407. Wang, Y.X., Zhang, C.L., Yu , R.T., Cho, H.K., Nelson, M.C., Bayuga- Ocampo...calorie diet, Nature 444 (2006) 337–342. [19] J.M. Wu, Z.R. Wang, T.C. Hsieh , J.L. Bruder, J.G. Zou, Y.Z. Huang, Mechanism of cardioprotection by

  10. Graphene energy storage and conversion applications

    Liu, Zhaoping


    Series PrefacePrefaceAuthorsGraphene Overview; Xufeng Zhou, Wei Wang, and Zhaoping LiuSynthesis of Graphene; Wei Wang, Hailiang Cao, Xufeng Zhou, and Zhaoping LiuApplications of Graphene in Lithium Ion Batteries; Xufeng Zhou and Zhaoping LiuApplications of Graphene in New-Concept Batteries; Xufeng Zhou and Zhaoping LiuApplications of Graphene in Supercapacitors; Chao Zheng, Xufeng Zhou, Hailiang Cao, and Zhaoping LiuApplications of Graphene in Solar Cells; Fuqiang Huang, Dongyun Wan, Hui Bi, and Tianquan LinApplications of Graphene in Fuel Cells; Xuejun Zhou, Jinli Qiao, and Yuyu LiuIndex.

  11. Entropic sampling in the path integral Monte Carlo method

    Vorontsov-Velyaminov, P N; Lyubartsev, A P


    We have extended the entropic sampling Monte Carlo method to the case of path integral representation of a quantum system. A two-dimensional density of states is introduced into path integral form of the quantum canonical partition function. Entropic sampling technique within the algorithm suggested recently by Wang and Landau (Wang F and Landau D P 2001 Phys. Rev. Lett. 86 2050) is then applied to calculate the corresponding entropy distribution. A three-dimensional quantum oscillator is considered as an example. Canonical distributions for a wide range of temperatures are obtained in a single simulation run, and exact data for the energy are reproduced

  12. Chlorine isotopic geochemistry of salt lakes in the Qaidam Basin, China

    Liu, W.G.; Xiao, Y.K.; Wang, Q.Z.; Qi, H.P.; Wang, Y.H.; Zhou, Y.M.; Shirodkar, P.V.

    *Cl+ ion. Int. J. Mass Spectrom. Ion Process., 116: crysatallization of saline minerals in salt lake. J. Salt Lake 183-192. Sci., 2: 35-40 (in Chinese). Xiao, Y.K., Sun, D.P., Wang, Y.H., Qi, H.P. and Jin, L., 1992. Boron isotopic compositions of brine..., sediments, and source water in Da Qaidam Lake, Qinghai, China. Geochim. Cos- mochim. Acta, 56: 1.561-1568. Xiao, Y.K., Jin, L., Liu. W.G., Qi, H.P., Wang, W.H. and Sun, D.P., 1994a. The isotopic compositions of chlorine in Da Qaidam Lake. Chin. Sci...

  13. Characteristics and Functionalities of Natural and Bioinspired Nanomaterials


    Phytomedicine 2002, 9, 560-565. 24. Shen, C. C.; Tsai, S. Y.; Wei, S. L.; Wang, S. T.; Shieh, B. J., et al., Flavonoids isolated from Draconis...from Panax notoginseng using human platelet extraction and HPLC -DAD-ESI-MS/MS. J. Sep. Sci. 2008, 31, 1173-1180. 35. Wang, J.; Xu, J.; Zhong, J. B...339, 131-153. 59. Xin, H. L.; Wu, Y. C.; Su, Y. H.; Sheng, J. Y.; Ling, C. Q., Novel flavonoids from the leaves of Actinidia valvata Dunn

  14. Sustained release of bactericidal concentrations of penicillin in the pleural space via an antibiotic-eluting pigtail catheter coated with electrospun nanofibers: results from in vivo and in vitro studies

    Chao, Yin-Kai; Lee, Cheng-Hung; Liu, Kuo-Sheng; Wang, Yi-Chuan; Wang, Chih-Wei; Liu, Shih-Jung


    Yin-Kai Chao,1 Cheng-Hung Lee,2 Kuo-Sheng Liu,1 Yi-Chuan Wang,3 Chih-Wei Wang,4 Shih-Jung Liu3 1Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital-Linkou, College of Medicine, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan; 2Division of Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital-Linkou, College of Medicine, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan; 3Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan; 4Department of P...

  15. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Technical Documentation Division (22nd) Held on 21-23 May, 1980 at the U.S. Naval Station, Charleston, South Carolina.


    PETER C.C. Wang Code 53 WG MR. JOHN R. HART Dept of Mathmatics and National Boeing Aerospace Company Security Affairs P.O. Box 3999, M/S 42-01 Naval...but there was major concern voiced over the current existence of two national standards on the same subject. f) Dr. Peter Wang, our Chairman of the...o- 183f - , an: oreoser new or revised regulations a. LxPansuori of too appiicbts sam: units F-,- 220 wrliz~ lesa:; zec Inc use c7 m $sliancsrs

  16. Head stabilization in whooping cranes

    Kinloch, M.R.; Cronin, T.W.; Olsen, Glenn H.; Chavez-Ramirez, Felipe


    The whooping crane (Grus americana) is the tallest bird in North America, yet not much is known about its visual ecology. How these birds overcome their unusual height to identify, locate, track, and capture prey items is not well understood. There have been many studies on head and eye stabilization in large wading birds (herons and egrets), but the pattern of head movement and stabilization during foraging is unclear. Patterns of head movement and stabilization during walking were examined in whooping cranes at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, Maryland USA. Four whooping cranes (1 male and 3 females) were videotaped for this study. All birds were already acclimated to the presence of people and to food rewards. Whooping cranes were videotaped using both digital and Hi-8 Sony video cameras (Sony Corporation, 7-35 Kitashinagawa, 6-Chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan), placed on a tripod and set at bird height in the cranes' home pens. The cranes were videotaped repeatedly, at different locations in the pens and while walking (or running) at different speeds. Rewards (meal worms, smelt, crickets and corn) were used to entice the cranes to walk across the camera's view plane. The resulting videotape was analyzed at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County. Briefly, we used a computerized reduced graphic model of a crane superimposed over each frame of analyzed tape segments by means of a custom written program (T. W. Cronin, using C++) with the ability to combine video and computer graphic input. The speed of the birds in analyzed segments ranged from 0.30 m/s to 2.64 m/s, and the proportion of time the head was stabilized ranged from 79% to 0%, respectively. The speed at which the proportion reached 0% was 1.83 m/s. The analyses suggest that the proportion of time the head is stable decreases as speed of the bird increases. In all cases, birds were able to reach their target prey with little difficulty. Thus when cranes are walking searching for food

  17. Inhibitory effect of the Kampo medicinal formula Yokukansan on acute stress-induced defecation in rats

    Kanada Y


    Full Text Available Yasuaki Kanada, Ayami Katayama, Hideshi Ikemoto, Kana Takahashi, Mana Tsukada, Akio Nakamura, Shogo Ishino, Tadashi Hisamitsu, Masataka Sunagawa Department of Physiology, School of Medicine, Showa University, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan Objectives: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS is a functional gastrointestinal disorder with symptoms of abnormal defecation and abdominal discomfort. Psychological factors are well known to be involved in onset and exacerbation of IBS. A few studies have reported effectiveness of traditional herbal (Kampo medicines in IBS treatment. Yokukansan (YKS has been shown to have anti-stress and anxiolytic effects. We investigated the effect of YKS on defecation induced by stress and involvement of oxytocin (OT, a peptide hormone produced by the hypothalamus, in order to elucidate the mechanism of YKS action. Methods and results: Male Wistar rats were divided into four groups; control, YKS (300 mg/kg PO-treated non-stress (YKS, acute stress (Stress, and YKS (300 mg/kg PO-treated acute stress (Stress+YKS groups. Rats in the Stress and Stress+YKS groups were exposed to a 15-min psychological stress procedure involving novel environmental stress. Levels of plasma OT in the YKS group were significantly higher compared with those in the Control group (P < 0.05, and OT levels in the Stress+YKS group were remarkably higher than those in the other groups (P < 0.01. Next, rats were divided into four groups; Stress, Stress+YKS, Atosiban (OT receptor antagonist; 1 mg/kg IP-treated Stress+YKS (Stress+YKS+B, and OT (0.04 mg/kg IP-treated acute stress (Stress+OT groups. Rats were exposed to acute stress as in the previous experiment, and defecation during the stress load was measured. Administration of YKS or OT significantly inhibited defecation; however, administration of Atosiban partially abolished the inhibitory effect of YKS. Finally, direct action of YKS on motility of isolated colon was assessed. YKS (1 mg/mL, 5 mg/mL did not

  18. Randomized trial of amino acid mixture combined with physical activity promotion for abdominal fat reduction in overweight adults

    Ueda K


    Full Text Available Keisuke Ueda,1,2 Hiroyuki Sasai,3 Takehiko Tsujimoto,4 Chiaki Sanbongi,1 Shuji Ikegami,1 Hiroyuki Kobayashi,5 Nobuhiko Shioya,6 Satoru Suzuki,7 Yoshio Nakata5 1Food Science and Technology Research Laboratories, Meiji Co., Ltd, Hachiouji, 2Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, 3Department of Life Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, 4Faculty of Human Sciences, Shimane University, Matsue, 5Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, 6KSO Corporation, Tokyo, 7Shinagawa Season Terrace Health Care Clinic, Tokyo, Japan Purpose: The purpose of this study was to test the efficacy of arginine, alanine, and phenylalanine mixture (A-mix ingestion at 1,500 mg/day in combination with the promotion of physical activity for abdominal fat reduction in overweight adults.Methods: A placebo-controlled, double-blind, parallel-group, randomized trial for 12 weeks combined with a 4-week follow-up period was conducted at a single center in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, between December 2016 and May 2017. Data were analyzed between June and August 2017. The study participants were 200 overweight adults within the age range of 20–64 years. The participants were randomly assigned to the A-mix group (n=100 or a placebo group (n=100 and were administered 500 mL of test beverage containing 1,500 or 0 mg of A-mix, respectively, for 12 weeks. All participants maintained a physically active lifestyle between week 0 and week 12 through monthly sessions of physical activity. The primary outcomes were the 12-week changes in the abdominal total, subcutaneous, and visceral fat areas, as assessed by computed tomography.Results: Of the 200 enrolled participants, 199 (99% accomplished the 12-week intervention and 4-week follow-up period. The per-protocol-based analysis for 194 participants demonstrated that the abdominal total fat area decreased significantly in the A-mix group compared with

  19. Effective prevention of sorafenib-induced hand–foot syndrome by dried-bonito broth

    Kamimura K


    Full Text Available Kenya Kamimura,1 Yoko Shinagawa-Kobayashi,1 Ryo Goto,1 Kohei Ogawa,1 Takeshi Yokoo,1 Akira Sakamaki,1 Satoshi Abe,1 Hiroteru Kamimura,1 Takeshi Suda,2 Hiroshi Baba,3 Takayuki Tanaka,4 Yoshizu Nozawa,5 Naoto Koyama,6 Masaaki Takamura,1 Hirokazu Kawai,1 Satoshi Yamagiwa,1 Yutaka Aoyagi,1 Shuji Terai1 1Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Niigata University, Niigata, Niigata, Japan; 2Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Uonuma Institute of Community Medicine, Niigata Medical and Dental Hospital, Minami-Uonuma, Niigata, Japan; 3Division of Anesthesiology, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Niigata University, Niigata, Niigata, Japan; 4Uonuma Eye Clinic, Uonuma, Niigata, Japan; 5Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies, Ajinomoto Co., Inc., Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan; 6Institute for Innovation, Ajinomoto Co., Inc., Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan Background: Sorafenib (SOR is a molecular medicine that prolongs the survival of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC. Therefore, the management of side effects is essential for the longer period of continuous medication. Among the various side effects, hand–foot syndrome (HFS is the most common, occurring in 30%–50% of patients, and often results in discontinuation of the SOR medication. However, its mechanism has not been clarified, and no effective prevention method has been reported for the symptoms. Therefore, this study aimed to analyze its mechanism and to develop an effective prevention regimen for the symptoms. Materials and methods: To assess the mechanism of SOR-induced HFS, the peripheral blood flow in the hand and foot was carefully monitored by Doppler ultrasound, thermography, and laser speckle flowgraphy in the cases treated with SOR and its contribution was assessed. Then, the effect of dried-bonito broth (DBB, which was reported to improve peripheral blood flow, on the prevention of the symptom was

  20. Complete Genome Sequence of Biocontroller Bacillus velezensis Strain JTYP2, Isolated from Leaves of Echeveria laui.

    Wang, Beibei; Liu, Hu; Ma, Hailin; Wang, Chengqiang; Liu, Kai; Li, Yuhuan; Hou, Qihui; Ge, Ruofei; Zhang, Tongrui; Liu, Fangchun; Ma, Jinjin; Wang, Yun; Wang, Haide; Xu, Baochao; Yao, Gan; Xu, Wenfeng; Fan, Lingchao; Ding, Yanqin; Du, Binghai


    Bacillus velezensis JTYP2 was isolated from the leaves of Echeveria laui in Qingzhou, China, and may control some of the fungal pathogens of the plant. Here, we present the complete genome sequence of B. velezensis JTYP2. Several gene clusters related to its biosynthesis of antimicrobial compounds were predicted. Copyright © 2017 Wang et al.

  1. Permanence for a Delayed Nonautonomous SIR Epidemic Model with Density-Dependent Birth Rate

    Li Yingke


    Full Text Available Based on some well-known SIR models, a revised nonautonomous SIR epidemic model with distributed delay and density-dependent birth rate was considered. Applying some classical analysis techniques for ordinary differential equations and the method proposed by Wang (2002, the threshold value for the permanence and extinction of the model was obtained.

  2. Thirty-seven transcription factor genes differentially respond to a ...

    Plant transcription factors and insect defence si. Thirty-seven transcription factor genes differentially respond to a harpin protein and affect resistance to the green peach aphid in Arabidopsis. HUNLIN. PIN. RUOXUE LIŲ, BEIBEI LÜ, XIAOMENG WANG, CHUNLING ZHANG, SHUPING ZHANG, JUN QIAN, LEI CHEN,.

  3. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 12, No 49 (2013)

    Cloning of a vacuolar H-pryophosphatase gene from emphemeral plant Olimarabidopsis pumila whose overexpression improve salt tolerance in tobacco · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Fang Xu, Yunxia Zhao, Fang Wang, Danli Guo, Yanling Wei, ...

  4. Journal of Biosciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Biosciences. XIAOQIAN DING. Articles written in Journal of Biosciences. Volume 42 Issue 4 December 2017 pp 637-645 Article. MicroRNA-146 protects A549 and H1975 cells from LPS-induced apoptosis and inflammation injury · QIANG WANG DAGANG LI YUQUAN HAN XIAOQIAN DING TAO ...

  5. Stabilized High-order Galerkin Methods Based on a Parameter-free Dynamic SGS Model for LES


    is classically referred to as the "Burgers" equation, the first time that it was introduced dates back to the 1915 work by Bateman [4]. 7 To proceed...34 [4] H. Bateman . Some recent researches on the motion of fluids. Mon. Wea. Rev., 43:163–170, 1915. [5] P. Benoit and S. Chi-Wang. On positivity

  6. Fulltext PDF



    Apr 24, 2003 ... maintained to 65°C. Into this, dropwise injection of Na2S solution led to ..... Chestnoy N, Harris T D, Hull R and Brus L E 1986 J. Phys. Chem. 90 3393 ... Wang Y, Suna A, Meltugh J, Hilniski E F, Lucas P A and John- son R D ...

  7. Browse Title Index

    Items 451 - 500 of 644 ... C Chimphambano, I O Komolafe, A S Muula .... Desirée Witte, Mari Kirsten, Cheryl Louw, Bagrey Ngwira, John C. Victor, Paul H. Gillard, ... Jennifer J. Hull, Nigel Cunliffe, Khuzwayo C. Jere, Sung-Sil Moon, Yuhuan Wang, ...

  8. Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine - Vol 17, No 1 (2016)

    Andrew Revell, Paul Khabo, Lotty Ledwaba, Sean Emery, Dechao Wang, Robin Wood, Carl Morrow, Hugo Tempelman, Raph L Hamers, Peter Reiss, Ard van Sighem, Anton Pozniak, Julio Montaner, H Clifford Lane, Brendan Larder ... Nnamdi O. Ndubuka, Hyun J. Lim, Dirk M. van der Wal, Valerie J. Ehlers.

  9. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Chemical Sciences; Volume 128; Issue 6. Triflic Anhydride-Mediated Beckmann Rearrangement Reaction of Β-Oximyl Amides: Access to 5-Iminooxazolines. MANGFEI YU QIAN ZHANG JIA WANG PENG HUANG PENGFEI YAN RUI ZHANG DEWEN DONG. Regular Article Volume 128 Issue 6 ...

  10. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    ... Refresher Courses · Symposia · Live Streaming. Home; Journals; Journal of Chemical Sciences; Volume 128; Issue 11. Bovine Serum Albumin Metal Complexes for Mimic of SOD. GUIFANG YAN YUFENG HE GANG LI YUBING XIONG PENGFEI SONG RONG-MIN WANG. Regular Article Volume 128 Issue 11 November ...

  11. Non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor based on Co 3 O 4 ...

    Author Affiliations. Guang Sheng Cao1 Lei Wang1 Pengfei Yuan1 Chao Gao1 Xiaojuan Liu1 Tong Li1 Tianmin Li1. Key Laboratory of Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery of Ministry of Education, Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing 163318, China ...

  12. Journal of Earth System Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Earth System Science; Volume 125; Issue 8. Formation and evolution of yardangs activated by Late Pleistocene tectonic movement in Dunhuang, Gansu Province of China. Yanjie Wang Fadong Wu Xujiao Zhang Peng Zeng Pengfei Ma Yuping Song Hao Chu. Volume 125 Issue 8 December ...

  13. A complete classification of minimal non-PS-groups

    Author Affiliations. Pengfei Guo1 2 Junxin Wang3 Hailiang Zhang4. School of Mathematics and Information Engineering, Lianyungang Normal College, Lianyungang 222006, People's Republic of China; Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 999077, People's Republic ...

  14. Fast response time alcohol gas sensor using nanocrystalline F

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science; Volume 36; Issue 4. Fast response time alcohol gas sensor using nanocrystalline F-doped SnO2 films derived via sol–gel method. Sarbani Basu Yeong-Her Wang C Ghanshyam Pawan Kapur. Volume 36 Issue 4 August 2013 pp 521-533 ...

  15. Influence of Ce 0.68 Zr 0.32 O 2 solid solution on depositing ...

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science; Volume 29; Issue 1. Influence of Ce0.68Zr0.32O2 solid solution on depositing -alumina washcoat on FeCrAl foils. Mei-Qing Shen Li-Wei Jia Wen-Long Zhou Jun Wang Ying Huang. Composites Volume 29 Issue 1 February 2006 pp 73-76 ...

  16. Cytotoxicity of Gemcitabine-Loaded-Microemulsions in Breast and ...

    death using light microscope and ApopNexin FITC apoptosis detection kit. Results: Hemolysis .... were observed by phase-contrast inverted .... Figure 3: Light microscopy images showing morphological changes in HCT116 cells treated with (A) 0.03 %v/v and (B) 0.3 .... Patra CR, Bhattacharya R, Wang E, Katarya A, Lau JS,.

  17. Conflicto étnico, geopolítica e identidad: El caso de las comunidades Miskitas del Río Coco en Nicaragua

    Frances Kinloch Tijerino


    Full Text Available The Coco or Wangli River is located on tbe border between Nicaragua and Honduras. Along its banks, in cornmunities dispersed along the river, live the Miskitos, and indigenous gruop unknown until 1980. At that time their territories were invaded and involved in an ethnic conflict, in which a geopolítical struggle between various world powers had direct influence.

  18. Maillard reaction induces changes in saccharides and amino acids ...

    Fructose-lysine Model System and Pulsed Electric Field. Sterilization on Banana Juice Quality. Mod Food Sci Tec. 2015; 31: 220-226. 18. Deng Y. Comparison of Volatile Generation in. Serine/Threonine/Glutamine-Ribose/Glucose/Fructose. Model Systems. Food Industry 2010; (3): 58-61. 19. Zhou ZL, Xu ZQ, Zhou S, Wang ...

  19. Biisofraxidin on Apoptosis of Human Gastric Cancer BGC-823 Cells

    Wu et al. Trop J Pharm Res, October 2015; 14(10): 1803. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research ... Jian-Tao Wu1,2*, She-Min Lv1, Chun-Hui Lu1, Jun Gong1 and Jian-Bo An3 ..... Zhu AK, Zhou H, Xia JZ, Jin HC, Wang K, Yan J, Zuo JB,.

  20. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Yu-Song Guo Zhong-Duo Wang Cheng-Zhong Yan Yu-Lan Zhang Jin-Nan Zheng Yuan-Min Xu Tao Du Chu-Wu Liu · More Details Fulltext PDF ... Aifu Yang Dapeng Sun Shikai Liu Ying Dong Zhong Chen Zunchun Zhou · More Details Fulltext ...

  1. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research - Vol 15, No 3 (2016)

    Wan Wu, Wei Chen, Qiong Jin, 447-451 ... Chung-Shih Chen, Mei-Lin Wang, Rosa Huang Liu, Shih-Pin Chen, Tsong-Ming Lu, Wei-Yu Tsai, Chien-Fu Huang, ... Yan-Qiong Li, Rui Hu, Li-Hui Zhong, Qian Sun, You-Ping Yan, 527-533.

  2. Casein kinase 1-Like 3 is required for abscisic acid regulation of ...

    Casein kinase 1-Like 3 is required for abscisic acid regulation of seed germination, root growth, and gene expression in Arabidopsis. M Wang, D Yu, X Guo, X Li, J Zhang, L Zhao, H Chang, S Hu, C Zhang, J Shi, X Liu ...

  3. Countdown


    Beijing Review photographer Wang Xiang attended the launch of the Tiangong-1 unmanned space lab module.Left:The module prepared for launch Bottom (left to right):A medical unit in attendance,and fuelling preparations Below:The Long March CZ-2F rocket that will carry the

  4. Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy; Volume 37; Issue 2. Issue front cover thumbnail. Volume 37, Issue 2. June 2016. Article ID 8. Stochastic Oscillations of General Relativistic Disks Described by a Fractional Langevin Equation with Fractional Gaussian Noise · Wang Zhi-Yun Chen Pei-Jie · More Details ...

  5. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 12, No 41 (2013)

    Expression of an engineered tandem-repeat starch-binding domain in sweet potato plants · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. Yunfeng Zhang, Qin Ji, Yujun Xing, Qiang Li, Xin Wang, Chun Xu, Cuixiang Huang. ...

  6. Heat transfer and pressure drop during flow boiling of R407C; Waermeuebergang und Druckverlust beim Stroemungssieden von R407C

    Rollmann, Philipp; Spindler, Klaus [Stuttgart Univ. (DE). Inst. fuer Thermodynamik und Waermetechnik (ITW)


    The heat transfer and pressure drop during flow boiling of R407C in a horizontal microfin tube have been investigated. The measured heat transfer coefficient is compared with the correlations of Liu and Winterton as well as Cavallini et al. The measured pressure drop is compared with the correlations of Kuo and Wang as well as Mueller-Steinhagen and Heck. (orig.)

  7. L2 Chinese: Grammatical Development and Processing

    Mai, Ziyin


    Two recent books (Jiang, 2014, "Advances in Chinese as a second language"; Wang, 2013, "Grammatical development of Chinese among non-native speakers") provide new resources for exploring the role of processing in acquiring Chinese as a second language (L2). This review article summarizes, assesses and compares some of the…


    Fitrilia Silvianti


    • Zou, X.; Pan, J.; Ou, H.; Wang, X.;Guan, W.; Li, C.; Yan, Y.; Duan, Y. Adsorptive removal of Cr(III and Fe(III from aqueous solution by chitosan/attapulgite composites: Equilibrium, thermodynamics and kinetics. Chem. Eng. J. 2011, 167: 112-121, DOI: 10.1016/j.cej.2010.12.009

  9. Antipyretic and Analgesic Effects of the Aqueous Extract of the Fruit ...


    6 cm long, yellow, smooth, 8 – 25 seeded embedded in a ... dysmenorrhoea, fever, infertility8, helminthic infection9, and as an ... group C which served as positive control. The rabbits in .... Health Plan Mgt, 1997; 12: S81-S108. 3. Wang Y.

  10. Sadhana | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Sadhana. V Prasad. Articles written in Sadhana. Volume 26 Issue 1-2 February-April 2001 pp 35-57. Rapid solidification in thermal spary deposition: Microstructure and modelling · Guo-Xiang Wang V Prasad S Sampath · More Details Abstract Fulltext PDF. Mechanical, thermal, and adhesive properties of ...

  11. Optical and microstructural investigations of porous silicon


    (Canham 1990, 1992; Cullis and Canham 1991). .... R Prabakaran, R Kesavamoorthy and Alok Singh. 222. [. ] [ ] ,d. 5.0. )( ),0(. 4. )( .... 291 cm–1 peak position and 43 cm–1 FWHM. .... Richter H, Wang Z P and Ley L 1981 Solid State Commun.

  12. A string matching based algorithm for performance evaluation of ...

    Zanibbi et al (2011) have proposed performance metrics based on bipartite graphs at stroke level. ... bipartite graphs on which metrics based on hamming distances are defined. ...... Document Image Analysis for Libraries 320–331 ... Lee H J and Wang J S 1997 Design of a mathematical expression understanding system.

  13. Metal oxide blended ZSM-5 nanocomposites as ethanol sensors

    Framework of ZSM-5 structure consists of intersecting ... ges quality monitoring, environmental monitoring, indoor air quality and .... metric stretching vibrations of Si–O group [22]. ..... [17] Cheng Y, Liao R H, Li J S, Sun X Y and Wang L J 2008.

  14. Nutrition Research Agenda in the Context of Nutrition Problems in ...


    Apr 2, 2010 ... health metrics are used to assess overall food. Nutrition Research ... or dietary planning although use of a diet quality ...... Jiang, Y., Jolly, P.E., Preko, P., Wang, J.S.,. Ellis, W.O. ... Hindawi Publishing Corporation, Article.

  15. Phonon Confinement Effect in TiO2 Nanoparticles as Thermosensor Materials


    Reprinted in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology (March 28, 2011). 2) Junwei Wang, Ashish Kumar Mishra, Qing Zhao and Liping Huang...application", Applied Physics Letters, 105, 113104 (2014). 7) Ashish Kumar Mishra, K.V. Lakshmi and Liping Huang, " Eco -friendly Scalable Production of

  16. 77 FR 59168 - Initiation of Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Administrative Reviews and Request for...


    .... Dynamic Network Container Line Limited ECO System Co., Ltd. ECO System Corporation Elite International... Corporation Guangdong Xionglue Technology Guangzhou Qiwei Imports and Exports Co., Ltd. Guoxin Group Wang Shun.... Hubei Boshilong Technology Co., Ltd. Huiyuan Int'l Commerce Exhibition Co., Ltd. Jiashan Superpower...

  17. Sparse Generalized Fourier Series via Collocation-based Optimization


    Theory 51, 12 (2005) 4203– 4215. [6] P. CONSTANTINE , M. ELDRED AND E. PHIPPS, Sparse pseu- dospectral approximation method. Comput. Methods Appl. Mech...Visition XVI: Algorithms, Techniques, Active Vision , and Materials Handling, 224 (1997). [15] J. SHEN AND L. WANG, Some recent advances on spectral methods

  18. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. Zhanshuang Li. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 31 Issue 2 April 2008 pp 193-195 Nanomaterials. Mesoscale organization of CuO nanoslices: Formation of sphere · Jun Wang Shunxiao Zhang Zhanshuang Li Jia You Piaoping Yang Xiaoyan Jing Milin ...

  19. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. Shunxiao Zhang. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 31 Issue 2 April 2008 pp 193-195 Nanomaterials. Mesoscale organization of CuO nanoslices: Formation of sphere · Jun Wang Shunxiao Zhang Zhanshuang Li Jia You Piaoping Yang Xiaoyan Jing Milin ...

  20. Ignition and Reaction Analysis of High Loading Nano-Al/Fluoropolymer Energetic Composite Films


    A novel hybrid binder system for extrudable composite propellant,” International Journal of Energetic Materials and Chemical Propulsion, Vol. 11...Vol. 27, No. 5, 2002, pp. 262-266. 6 Wang, Y., Travas-Sejdic, J., Steiner, R., “Polymer gel electrolyte supported with microporous polyolefin

  1. Opt A imizat A and B ion of B from orth extrac rice fa hogona ction p ...


    ion of. B from orth n Wang1, X. Plant Patholog. China A. Processing S. Recei actors, name xtraction tim g an L18 orth m conditions tion at 10%, respectively. t balls was a mut balls, Vill .... In order to speed up investigation and application of ustiloxins, one of the ... Prominence LC-20A high-performance liquid chromatography.

  2. Modeling indoor air pollution

    Pepper, D. W; Carrington, David B


    ... and ventilation from the more popular textbooks and monographs. We wish to especially acknowledge Dr. Xiuling Wang, who diligently converted many of our old FORTRAN codes into MATLAB files, and also developed the COMSOL example files. Also we thank Ms. Kathryn Nelson who developed the website for the book and indoor air quality computer codes. We are grateful to ...

  3. Treating Simple Tibia Fractures with Poly-DL-Lactic Acid Screw as a ...

    ) absorbable screw as a ... fractures. Keywords: Simple tibia fracture, Fracture healing time Poly-DL-lactic acid, Poly-DL-Lactic Acid, ..... bilateral cortex of the bone due to the weak anti- ... Hu YL, Yuan WQ, Wang LF, Liu HF, Jin D. A prospective.

  4. Browse Title Index

    Items 201 - 250 of 990 ... I: Synthesis, characterization and thermal properties of a novel polyhedral cubic silsesquioxane, Abstract PDF. Enock O. Dare, Gabriel A. Olatunji, David S. .... Vol 25, No 2 (2011), Saturated properties prediction in critical region by a quartic equation of state, Abstract PDF. Yong Wang, Guo-bo Huang, ...

  5. Pramana – Journal of Physics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Pramana – Journal of Physics; Volume 85; Issue 6. Issue front cover thumbnail. Volume 85, Issue 6. December 2015, pages 1063-1259u. pp 1063-1072. Rogue wave solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger eqution with variable coefficients · Changfu Liu Yan Yan Li Meiping Gao Zeping Wang Zhengde Dai ...

  6. Pramana – Journal of Physics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Pramana – Journal of Physics; Volume 89; Issue 3. Model-free adaptive sliding mode controller design for generalized projective synchronization of the fractional-order chaotic system via radial basis function neural networks. L M WANG. Research Article Volume 89 Issue 3 September 2017 Article ID 38 ...

  7. Detection and identification of Staphylococcus aureus in raw milk by ...



    Apr 12, 2010 ... detection and identification of S. aureus in raw milk demonstrated high sensitivity and specificity. Key words: Microarray .... sterile after screening for S. aureus contamination according to the procedure described by Wang ... methods, the microarray method is high throughput, specific, and sensitive and also ...

  8. Download this PDF file


    1,3, Wen-Chi Chen*4. 1Department of Urology, Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, 2Department of Life ..... with WLS was first recorded in the book written by Ken-Tang Wang entitled “Zheng Zhi Zhun Sheng” (standards of patterns and treatment) during the Ming Dynasty (late sixteenth century). Since that time, the ...

  9. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Wang Juan1 Li Yajiang1 Wu Huiqiang1 Ren Jiangwei1. Key Lab of Liquid Structure and Heredity of Materials, Ministry of Education, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shandong University, Jinan 250061, P.R. China ...

  10. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Author Affiliations. Li Yajiang1 2 Wang Juan2 Liu Peng2. National Key Laboratory of Advanced Welding Production Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001, P.R. China; Key Laboratory of Liquid Structure and Heredity of Materials, Ministry of Education, Shandong University, Jinan 250061, P.R. China ...

  11. Characterization and photocatalytic activity of boron-doped TiO2 thin ...


    Chen Daimai, Wang Dong Yang and Jiang Zhongyi 2006 Ind. Eng. Chem. 45 4110. Cheng Jen-hao 2003 A study on photocatalytic oxidation of aque- ous chlorobenzene solution by nanostructured film of TiO2,. Master Thesis, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan. Deki S, Henin Yu Yu Ko, Fujita T, Akamatsu K, Mizuhata ...

  12. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research - Vol 13, No 5 (2014)

    Optimization and Composition of Volatile Oil from Polygonatum odoratum (Mill Druce) using Supercritical Fluid Extraction · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. X Zhao, J Zeng, H Gao, Y Wang, 779-786. ...

  13. Fulltext PDF


    2004; Fecht and Johnson 2004). Several experimental techniques for extending the range of observable under- cooling are available (Turnbull 1950a; Turnbull and Cech. 1950; Wang and Smith 1950; Duwez et al 1960; Fehling and Scheil 1962; Shiraishi and Wood 1964; Rasmussen and Loper Jr. 1975; Southin and ...

  14. Hai-Feng Cheng

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. Hai-Feng Cheng. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 37 Issue 1 February 2014 pp 127-132. Investigation of thermoelectric SiC ceramics for energy harvesting applications on supersonic vehicles leading–edges · Xiao-Yi Han Jun Wang Hai-Feng Cheng.

  15. Mitochondrial Damage: A Diagnostic and Metabolic Approach in Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Disorder


    Global mapping of the yeast genetic interaction network. Science 2004;303:808-13. 28. Chen S, Wang C, Eberly LE, Caffo BS, Schwartz BS. Adaptive control...of the false discovery rate in voxel-based morphometry. Hum Brain Mapp 2009;30:2304-11. 29. Parihar MS, Brewer GJ. Mitoenergetic failure in

  16. Synthesis of chrysalis-like CuO nanocrystals and their catalytic ...


    activity in the thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate. JUN WANG a,b,. *, SHANSHAN HE ... analyzer at a heating rate of 10°C min. –1 from 35 to 500°C. ... ent reaction temperature, CuO nanocrystals were pre- pared to show different ...

  17. Approximation for the Finite-Time Ruin Probability of a General Risk Model with Constant Interest Rate and Extended Negatively Dependent Heavy-Tailed Claims

    Yang Yang


    Full Text Available We propose a general continuous-time risk model with a constant interest rate. In this model, claims arrive according to an arbitrary counting process, while their sizes have dominantly varying tails and fulfill an extended negative dependence structure. We obtain an asymptotic formula for the finite-time ruin probability, which extends a corresponding result of Wang (2008.

  18. Breast Cancer in Three Dimensions: Revealing Telomere Dysfunction in Breast Cancer


    Wang Q, Puisieux, A, Foulkes WD and Trifiro M. Polymorphisms and HNPCC: PMS2 -MLH1 protein interactions diminished by ‘single nucleotide polymorphisms...characterization of the spectrum of genomic deletions in the mismatch repair genes MSH2, MLH1, MSH6, and PMS2 responsible for hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal

  19. Locating a Prostate Cancer Susceptibility Gene on the X Chromosome by Linkage Disequilibrium Mapping Using Three Founder Populations in Quebec and Switzerland


    Gordon PH, Wang Q, Puisieux, A, Foulkes WD and Trifiro M. Polymorphisms and HNPCC: PMS2 -MLH1 protein interactions diminished by ‘single nucleotide...and PMS2 responsible for hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC). Genes Chromosomes Cancer, 44 (2): 123-38, 2005. 120. Soravia C

  20. GoldiRunx and Remembering Cytotoxic Memory.

    Mikami, Yohei; Kanno, Yuka


    The molecular basis for T cell memory differentiation remains elusive. Wang et al. (2018) identify Runx3 as an initiating transcription factor that specifies regulatory regions required for cytotoxic T cell (CTL) memory differentiation early after TCR signaling and constrains the ability of T-bet to drive terminal effector generation. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  1. Phenotype-gene: 345 [Arabidopsis Phenome Database[Archive

    Full Text Available an named peduncle during process named trichome morphogenesis for AT2G30432 Wang Shucai et al. 2007 Nov. named peduncle during process named trichome morphogenesis AT2G30432

  2. Phenotype-gene: 344 [Arabidopsis Phenome Database[Archive

    Full Text Available an named pedicel during process named trichome morphogenesis for AT2G30432 Wang Shucai et al. 2007 Nov. Deve...n named pedicel during process named trichome morphogenesis AT2G30432

  3. Levels of ABA, its precursors and dehydrin-like proteins during ...

    2Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Dar es Salaam,. P.O Box 35179, Dar ... to combat stress. Levels of ABA and proteins that cross reacted with an anti – dehydrin ...... Cambridge, Melbourne). Wang, X.-Q., Ullah ...

  4. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 10, No 35 (2011)

    Interspecific hybridization between Mauremys reevesii and Mauremys sinensis: Evidence from morphology and DNA sequence data · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT · DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. X Xia, L Wang, L Nie, Z Huang, Y Jiang, W Jing, L Liu, 6716-6724 ...

  5. A View from Within: A Case Study of Chinese Heritage Community Language Schools in the United States.

    Wang, Xueying, Ed.

    A collection of essays on Chinese heritage community language schools in the United States addresses these topics: the schools, their curricula, and organization (Theresa Hsu Chao); school administration and management (Chao, Lydia Chen, Edward Chang); academic curriculum (Pay-Fen Serena Wang); non-heritage Chinese learners: practices and…

  6. Horseshoes in a Chaotic System with Only One Stable Equilibrium

    Huan, Songmei; Li, Qingdu; Yang, Xiao-Song

    To confirm the numerically demonstrated chaotic behavior in a chaotic system with only one stable equilibrium reported by Wang and Chen, we resort to Poincaré map technique and present a rigorous computer-assisted verification of horseshoe chaos by virtue of topological horseshoes theory.

  7. Isolation and characterization of arsenite oxidizing Pseudomonas ...



    Mar 8, 2010 ... and lung cancers (Wang et al., 2001). So, the World ... ment, reverse osmosis, membrane technologies and evaporation recovery (Ahluwalia ... NaCl, 1 g tryptone and 0.5 g yeast extract in 100 ml distilled water,. pH adjusted to 7 ..... could play an important role in both arsenic oxidation and mobilization and ...

  8. UN Peacekeeping

    of civilians, Denmark’s contribution to the UN mission in Liberia, anti-piracy operations, and the prospective role of special forces in UN operations. The two forewords of the book have been written by Major General Hu Guangzheng from AMS and Rear Admiral Nils Christian Wang from the Royal Danish Defence...

  9. Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy | Indian Academy of Sciences


    Jan 27, 2016 ... Blazar Observations in Infrared and Optical. Methods for the Quasi-Periodic Variability Analysis in Blazars ... Astronomy Education for Physics Students · J. H. Fan J. S. Zhang J. Y. Zhang Y. Liu H. G. Wang .... Training in Astronomy for Physics Students · J. H. Fan · More Details Abstract Fulltext PDF.

  10. Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management - Vol ...

    Seasonal Variation of Atmospheric Composition of Water-Soluble Inorganic Species at Rural Background Site in Tanzania, East Africa · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT. S.L Mkoma, W Wang, W Maenhaut, C.T Tungaraza.

  11. Untitled

    Chaos in mechanical systems - A review 573. Huseyin K, Lin R 1991. An intrinsic multiple scale harmonic balance method for nonlinear vibration and bifurcation problems. Int. J. Non-Linear Mech. 26: 727-740. Huseyin K, Wang S 1991 An extension of the intrinsic harmonic balancing method to the analysis of forced ...

  12. Expression of human soluble tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-related ...



    Jun 6, 2011 ... bio-technique in bacterial (Lin et al., 2007), yeast (Xu et al., 2003) ... biological activity, such as human somatotropin (hST) .... sion way with chloroplast transit peptide (Wang et al., .... chloroplast protein synthesis capacity by massive expression of a ... necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand in vivo.

  13. On the Treatment of Fixed and Sunk Costs in the Principles Textbooks

    Colander, David


    The author argues that, although the standard principles level treatment of fixed and sunk costs has problems, it is logically consistent as long as all fixed costs are assumed to be sunk costs. As long as the instructor makes that assumption clear to students, the costs of making the changes recently suggested by X. Henry Wang and Bill Z. Yang in…

  14. A Framework for Interaction and Cognitive Engagement in Connectivist Learning Contexts

    Wang, Zhijun; Chen, Li; Anderson, Terry


    Interaction has always been highly valued in education, especially in distance education (Moore, 1989; Anderson, 2003; Chen, 2004a; Woo & Reeves, 2007; Wang, 2013; Conrad, in press). It has been associated with motivation (Mahle, 2011; Wen-chi, et al., 2011), persistence (Tello, 2007; Joo, Lim, & Kim, 2011), deep learning (Offir, et al.,…

  15. Journal of Chemical Sciences | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Chemical Sciences. XIANG WANG. Articles written in Journal of Chemical Sciences. Volume 129 Issue 1 January 2017 pp 9-20 Regular Article. Self-assembly, structures and properties of three new Ni(II) coordination polymers derived from two different bis-pyridyl-bis-amide ligands and two ...

  16. Weixue Li

    Home; Journals; Bulletin of Materials Science. Weixue Li. Articles written in Bulletin of Materials Science. Volume 29 Issue 3 June 2006 pp 313-316 Composites. Anisotropic properties of aligned SWNT modified poly (methyl methacrylate) nanocomposites · Weixue Li Qing Wang Jianfeng Dai · More Details Abstract Fulltext ...

  17. Effects of various forms of lipopolysaccharide on the expression of ...



    Oct 5, 2011 ... Lan-jun Bai1, Wings TY Loo2,3,4*, Yiding Dou4, Min Wang5, Hao Liang5, Mary NB Cheung3,4,6 ... The levels of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), N-terminal pro ...... Li G-R, Sun H-Y, Chen J-B, Zhou Y, Tse H-F, Lau C-P (2009).

  18. Journal of Genetics | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. XUYE DU. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 94 Issue 2 June 2015 pp 323-327 Research Note. Cloning and characterization of novel fast ω -gliadin genes in Triticum monococcum · Xuye Du Jinglan Zhao Xin Ma Huayan Yin Hongwei Wang Anfei Li Lingrang Kong.

  19. Exploring First-Term Online College Dropout Relative to High School Certification, Gap Years, and Computer Literacy

    Suydan, Ava Birgitte


    Despite university efforts to decrease the number of students dropping out of college, attrition of online students occurs at an annual rate of 50% or more (Wang & Wu, 2004). Educational leaders understand the increased demand for online programs and courses because of students' requirements of convenience and flexibility (Kuo, Walker,…

  20. Review of somatic cell nuclear transfer in pig



    Nov 30, 2011 ... considered to better understanding of pig embryonic development. .... Booth PJ, Tan SJ, Holm P, Callesen H (2001). Application of the .... Li GP, Tan JH, Sun QY, Meng QG, Yue KZ, Sun XS, Li ZY, Wang HB,. Xu LB (2000).

  1. Computer aided cooling curve analysis for Al-5Si and Al-11Si alloys


    fine fibrous form (Hess and Blackmun, 1975; Dahle et al., 2005). ..... grain structure in the casting (Apelian et al., 1984), which in turn are supported in the present work by a decreased ..... Liao H., Zhang M., Wu Q., Wang H. and Sun G., 2007.

  2. Improved affinity of a chicken single-chain antibody to avian ...



    Dec 12, 2011 ... Jianhua Wang. 1. , Ying Zhang ... et al., 1991; Dougan et al., 1998; Chang et al., 2009). The site-directed ... Analysis of the three-dimensional structure of the antigen-antibody ..... Altering the fine specificity of an anti-Legionella ...

  3. Genetic structure and diversity within and among six populations of ...



    Apr 24, 2010 ... Genetic structure and diversity within and among six populations of .... Lyopholized samples were ground to a fine powder. DNA extraction ..... 22(3): 287-292. Pei YL, Zou, YP, Yin Z, Wang XQ, Zhang ZX, Hong DY (1995).

  4. Morphology and anatomical structure of the larval salt gland of ...

    Ezedom Theresa


    Oct 9, 2013 ... the morphology and fine structure of the ion transporting epithelium ... The general structure of the salt gland of nauplii cultured at 180 g/L disappeared. ...... Wu G, Zhang H, Sun J, Liu F, Ge X, Chen WH, Yu, J, Wang W (2011).

  5. The Role of Polycomb Group Gene BMI-1 in the Development of Prostate Cancer


    J Clin Invest. 2005; 115:1503-21. 13. Siddique HR, Liao DJ, Mishra SK, Schuster T, Wang L, Matter B et al. Epicatechin-rich cocoa polyphenol...growth factors may result in an upregulation of diverse gene products in CSCs and their differentiated progenies dur- ing the EMT process [32, 33

  6. Adsorption and intercalation of anionic surfactants onto layered ...


    Department of Polymer Technology, Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology, Virudhunagar 626 ... Layered double hydroxides (LDH) with brucite like structure was modified with various anionic ... Recently the application of layered double hydroxides ..... Yuan Q, Wei M, Wang Z and Duan X 2004 Clays Clay Miner.

  7. Emissive lead(II) benzenedicarboxylate metal-organic frameworks

    Abdul Malik P Peedikakkal


    Apr 16, 2018 ... Jang E, Jun S, Jang H, Lim J, Kim B and Kim Y 2010. White-light-emitting ... 2837; (b) Li Y-F, Wang D, Liao Z, Kang Y, Ding. W-H, Zheng X-J, Jin L-P 2016 .... Zuo J-L and Zhou H-C 2007 Synthesis and Characteri- zations of a ...

  8. Anti-hepatitis B viral activity of Phyllanthus niruri L (Phyllanthaceae ...

    Yong Li, Xin Li, Jia-Kun Wang, Yan Kuang and Ming-Xiu Qi*. Centers for Disease .... sarkosyl, 7 % 2-mercaptoethanol, 4 M guanidine ..... AK, Gane E, Hou JL, Jafri W, Jia J, Kim JH, Lai CL, Lee. HC, Lim SG, Liu CJ ... Shin MS, Kang EH, Lee YI.

  9. Pinoresinol diglucoside exhibits protective effect on dexamethasone ...

    Pharmacotherapy Group, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin, Benin City, 300001 ... Zhan-Feng Zhang, Ji-Kang Min, Dan Wang, Jian-Ming Zhong* .... mineral density meter (Beijing Zhongxi Yuanda ..... Svedbom A, Ivergård M, Hernlund E, Rizzoli R, Kanis JA. ... Pan Y, Niu Y, Li C, Zhai Y, Zhang R, Guo X, Mei Q. Du-.

  10. Molecular cloning, characterization and expression of WAG-2 ...

    China West Normal University, Nanchong, Sichuan 637009, People's Republic of China. Abstract. WAG-2 is a ... tially be extended to rice (Kang et al. 1998 .... Biotechnology (Beijing, China). WAG-2 ... and WAG-2g in M, I and C domains was typically striking, .... Cheng Y., Kato N., Wang W., Li J. and Chen X. 2003 Two RNA.

  11. Kaks uut näitust 24 tunni galeriis


    Aadressil väljapanekud "Suur Hiina naeratus" hiina kunstnike - Song Haizeng, Du Xinjian, Xue Jiye, Wang Jing, Wu Meng Chun, Zhong Biao - töödest ja "Raffa oma galerii" kunstilehekülge külastanud inimeste online-joonistusmasina abiga joonistatud piltidest

  12. Untitled

    Lakshminarayanan V 1969 2D schematic understanding system, B.Tech project report,. University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. Lin WC, Pun J H 1978 Machine recognition and plotting of hand-sketched line figures. IEEE. Trans. Syst. Man Cybern. 8: 52-57. Lu H E, Wang PSP 1985 An improved fast parallel thinning algorithm ...

  13. Bulletin of Materials Science | Indian Academy of Sciences

    Influences of protective atmosphere on the characterization and properties of ... A 1 V supercapacitor device with nanostructured graphene oxide/polyaniline composite materials ... Shape tunable synthesis of Eu- and Sm-doped ZnO microstructures: a morphological evaluation .... Zhecun Wang Chengdong Xiong Qing Li.


    substances (such as ascorbic acid, uric acid and so on) that exist together .... stirring the electrolytes in the cell, a small magnetic bar was used in BASi C3 ..... Stephen, A.; Narayanan, V. New electrochemical sensor based on Ni-doped .... Wang, Y.; Li, Y.; Tang, L.; Lu, J.; Li, J. Application of graphene-modified electrode for.

  15. On the electrocatalytic activity of nitrogen-doped reduced graphene ...

    ... battery applications. The heteroatom-doped graphene/reduced graphene oxide (rGO) ... over, in the membrane electrode assembly of fuel cell, the carbon supported ..... Wang Y, Shao Y, Matson D W, Li J and Lin Y 2010. ACS Nano 4 1790.

  16. Process optimization of dye-sensitized solar cells using TiO2 ...


    Nov 23, 2017 ... TiO2 attached closely on the graphene flake is possible to ... spacer between the two electrodes of the cell. Iodide-based .... Doping of high concentration of .... [34] Huang Q, Tian S, Zeng D, Wang X, Song W, Li Y et al 2013.

  17. Efficient and Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Wireless Body Area Networks.

    Wu, Libing; Zhang, Yubo; Li, Li; Shen, Jian


    As a significant part of the Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) has attract much attention in this years. In WBANs, sensors placed in or around the human body collect the sensitive data of the body and transmit it through an open wireless channel in which the messages may be intercepted, modified, etc. Recently, Wang et al. presented a new anonymous authentication scheme for WBANs and claimed that their scheme can solve the security problems in the previous schemes. Unfortunately, we demonstrate that their scheme cannot withstand impersonation attack. Either an adversary or a malicious legal client could impersonate another legal client to the application provider. In this paper, we give the detailed weakness analysis of Wang et al.'s scheme at first. Then we present a novel anonymous authentication scheme for WBANs and prove that it's secure under a random oracle model. At last, we demonstrate that our presented anonymous authentication scheme for WBANs is more suitable for practical application than Wang et al.'s scheme due to better security and performance. Compared with Wang et al.'s scheme, the computation cost of our scheme in WBANs has reduced by about 31.58%.

  18. Breaking a chaos-based secure communication scheme designed by an improved modulation method

    Li Shujun; Alvarez, Gonzalo; Chen Guanrong


    Recently Bu and Wang [Bu S, Wang B-H. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 2004;19(4):919-24] proposed a simple modulation method aiming to improve the security of chaos-based secure communications against return-map-based attacks. Soon this modulation method was independently cryptanalyzed by Chee et al. [Chee CY, Xu D, Bishop SR. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 2004;21(5):1129-34], Wu et al. [Wu X, Hu H, Zhang B. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 2004;22(2):367-73], and Alvarez et al. [Alvarez G, Montoya F, Romera M, Pastor G. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, in press, arXiv:nlin/0406065] via different attacks. As an enhancement to the Bu-Wang method, an improving scheme was suggested by Wu et al. by removing the relationship between the modulating function and the zero-points. The present paper points out that the improved scheme proposed by Wu et al. is still insecure against a new attack. Compared with the existing attacks, the proposed attack is more powerful and can also break the original Bu-Wang scheme. Furthermore, it is pointed out that the security of the modulation-based schemes proposed by Wu et al. is not so satisfactory from a pure cryptographical point of view. The synchronization performance of this class of modulation-based schemes is also discussed

  19. Application of Conductive Carbon Nanotube Fibers and Composites: Gas Sensor


    changes in Raman spectroscopy data when single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNT) are immersed in various liquids, including common organics (12). In...Resistance -- (82) 2007 Su H2O MWNT PMMA, KOH Gas Impedance -- (83) 2011 Tang H2O MWNT PI Gas Resistance -- (84) 2003 Wang H2O2, NADH SWNT

  20. Essays on development economics and public economics

    Wang, Ruixin


    The first chapter is on a “dark” side of fiscal decentralization. I demonstrate, with Wendun Wang in a yardstick competition model, that as fiscal expenditure is decentralized, more public resources might be misallocated between visible public goods and invisible ones. To empirically verify our