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  1. The Shenandoah concentrator (United States)

    Poche, A. J.


    A 7 meter diameter, parabolic dish solar collector was designed and developed for first application at Shenandoah, Georgia. Key features and requirements for the collector are outlined. Performance test results for collector testing at Sandia Laboratories in Albuquerque are summarized. The key features, requirements and performance of the solar collector subassemblies/subsystems are discussed: mount and drives, reflector, receiver, and collector control unit. Problems experienced during collector testing in Albuquerque are identified and solutions described.

  2. Conservation genetics of the endangered Shenandoah salamander (Plethodon shenandoah, Plethodontidae) (United States)

    Carpenter, D.W.; Jung, R.E.; Sites, J.W.


    The Shenandoah salamander (Plethodon shenandoah) is restricted to three isolated talus outcrops in Shenandoah National Park, VA, USA and has one of the smallest ranges of any tetrapod vertebrate. This species was listed as endangered under the US Endangered Species Act in 1989 over concern that direct competition with the red-backed salamander (Plethodon cinereus), successional habitat changes, and human impacts may cause its decline and possible extinction. We address two issues herein: (1) whether extensive introgression (through long-term hybridization) is present between the two species and threatens the survival of P. shenandoah, and (2) the level of population structure within P. shenandoah. We provide evidence from mtDNA haplotypes that shows no genetic differentiation among the three isolates of P. shenandoah, suggesting that their fragmentation is a geologically recent event, and/or that the isolates are still connected by occasional gene flow. There is also no evidence for extensive introgression of alleles in either direction between P. cinereus and P. shenandoah, which suggests that P. shenandoah may not be in danger of being genetically swamped out through hybridization with P. cinereus.

  3. Theodor Lindken, Rudolf R


    Souladié, Yannick


    L’abondance de la littérature secondaire sur Nietzsche – la monumentale Weimarer Nietzsche-Bibliographie recense déjà plus de quinze mille volumes – incite les chercheurs à publier des compilations bibliographiques plus spécialisées. Theodor Lindken et Rudolf Rehn nous proposent ici une bibliographie thématique sur « l’Antiquité dans la pensée de Nietzsche ». Environ mille cinq cents études critiques sur Nietzsche, ouvrages complets et articles, écrites dans une dizaine de langues, principale...

  4. Theodore Presser and His Foundation. (United States)

    Nazzaro, William J.


    Describes the life of Theodore Presser and the establishment of the Presser Foundation in 1916. Presser was a music publisher and the founder of "Etude" magazine. The Presser Foundation provides scholarships to music students, aid to elderly music teachers, and help to colleges for building music facilities. (CS)

  5. Aspen Characteristics - Sequoia National Forest [ds377 (United States)

    California Natural Resource Agency — The database represents point locations and associated stand assessment data collected within aspen stands in the Cannell Meadows Ranger District, Sequoia National...

  6. Theodore William Richards and the Periodic Table (United States)

    Conant, James B.


    Discusses the contribution of Theodore Richards to the accurate determination of atomic weights of copper and other elements; his major contribution was to the building of the definitive periodic table of the elements. (BR)

  7. Theodor Waitz on psychic unity. (United States)

    Jahoda, Gustav


    The tolerant stance on 'race' by prominent Enlightenment figures was followed in the 19th century by a powerful wave of biological racism. Many of its proponents took the view that human 'races' constitute separate species, and that most non-white ones are of inferior mentality. An early opponent of this claim was James Cowles Prichard, who used mainly missionary reports in seeking to refute it. Far more extensive work was undertaken by the Herbartian psychologist Theodor Waitz, who collected ethnographic material from all over the world. It was published in six volumes - the last two after his death by his former student Georg Gerland. Waitz aim was to demonstrate the 'psychic unity' of mankind. Initially extracts from the volume on African peoples are presented in order to show how he dealt with his material. The main focus is on his first volume entitled Introduction to Anthropology, in which he elaborates his general thesis. In it Waitz maintains, against the biological racists, that mankind is a single species. Furthermore he discusses the changes from savagery to civilization, attributing them to a combination of geography and history. He was followed by Adolf Bastian who, unlike Waitz, was a great traveller with personal experience of peoples all over the globe. Both firmly believed in the psychic unity of mankind, but Bastian's approach to psychology was very different.

  8. 27 CFR 9.37 - California Shenandoah Valley. (United States)


    ... “Shenandoah Valley” qualified by the word “California” in direct conjunction with the name “Shenandoah Valley... meets Big Indian Creek. (2) Then south, following Big Indian Creek, until Big Indian Creek meets the... until this boundary meets Big Indian Creek. (6) Then following Big Indian Creek in a northeasterly...

  9. Aspen Delineation - Sequoia National Forest [ds378 (United States)

    California Natural Resource Agency — The database represents delineations of aspen stands associated with stand assessment data (SEQUOIA_NF_PTS) collected in aspen stands in the Cannell Meadows Ranger...

  10. Theodor von Grotthuss’ Contribution to Electrochemistry

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pauliukaite, Rasa; Juodkazytė, Jurga; Ramanauskas, Rimantas


    Freiherr Christian Johann Dietrich Theodor von Grotthuss (1785-1822) lived and worked in Lithuania. Inspired by Volta's pile he proposed the first theory of water electrolysis, which was published in 1805 in Rome. Michael Faraday acknowledged T. Grotthuss for this theory in his further investigations of electrolysis processes. Having studied in Germany and France Grotthuss brought science to province by establishing his laboratory in Gedučiai village in his mother's real estate. Lithuanian scientists are proud that life of Theodor von Grotthuss was related to this country. Many events to remember this prominent scientist are organised in Vilnius and other places. His works and example provided a good basis for further development of electrochemical science in Lithuania. Grotthuss insights into the mechanism of proton transport still are of great relevance to such areas of modern science as membrane biochemistry, energy conversion and storage.

  11. Air pollution effects on giant sequoia ecosystems. (United States)

    P.R. Miller; Nancy Grulke; K.W. Stolte


    Giant sequoia [Sequoiadendron giganteum (Lindl.) Buchholz] groves are found entirely within the Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer type. Several of its companion tree species, mainly ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa Dougl. ex Laws.) and Jeffrey pine (P. jeffreyi Grev. & Balf.), show foliar injury after...

  12. The trout fishery in Shenandoah National Park (United States)

    Lennon, Robert E.


    Populations of brook trout in streams of Shenandoah National Park were reduced drastically early in the past decade by a succession of unusually severe droughts and floods. The drying of stream beds, predation, and scouring were principal factors in the loss of fish. The park was closed to fishing in 1954 and 1955 to protect survivors. The small numbers of survivors quickly repopulated the streams after drought conditions abated. The stocking of hatchery-reared fingerling trout in selected waters failed to augment the recovery of populations. Survival and growth of young, wild trout were especially good. Their redistribution through miles of previously dry streams was rapid. The park was opened again to fishing in 1956 under regulations which restrict the take but afford an increase in sporting opportunity. Two streams were placed under fishing-for-fun-only regulations in 1961.The welfare of the trout populations is dependent mostly on the weather cycle . Fish may be abundant in wet years but very scarc e in dry ones. Thus, the stream must be managed a s marginal for trout.

  13. A natural resource condition assessment for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks: Appendix 11a: giant sequoias (United States)

    York, Robert A.; Stephenson, Nathan L.; Meyer, Marc; Hanna, Steve; Tadashi, Moody; Caprio, Anthony C.; Battles, John J.


    For natural resource managers in the southern Sierra Nevada, giant sequoia requires very little introduction. It receives great attention as an icon of western forests and as a common namesake with the areas where it occurs. While it is a single component of a very complex system, its attention in this assessment and in general is well deserved. Giant sequoia is one of the few "destination species" that attracts a wide swath of the public by nature of it simply being present. It draws people, who otherwise may not travel, to a natural environment. The result is an expansion of the public’s sense of natural resource stewardship. Because park managers could not achieve their mission without public support, this fostering role of giant sequoia is critical for park natural resources and is important for natural resources in general. Despite its social relevance and physical size, we re-emphasize here that the giant sequoia resource is a relatively small component of the ecosystems of the southern Sierra Nevada. As is the case with all of the resources assessed in the NRCA, we focus on giant sequoia with the understanding that other resources will be considered simultaneously when evaluating management decisions that impact giant sequoia. While we attempt to explicitly address the interaction of giant sequoia with other resources and stressors, we also realize that ultimately managers will integrate much more information than is presented here when making decisions that influence giant sequoia. The autecology and management issues surrounding giant sequoia have been thoroughly reviewed elsewhere (Harvey et al. 1980, Aune 1994, Stephenson 1996). Stephenson (1996), in particular, should be reviewed when considering any management decisions that potentially impact giant sequoia. For those who may not be familiar with giant sequoia ecology, a summary of basic information is provided in a table below. In some parts of this assessment, we reproduce text from Stephenson

  14. Geologic Map of the Shenandoah National Park Region, Virginia (United States)

    Southworth, Scott; Aleinikoff, John N.; Bailey, Christopher M.; Burton, William C.; Crider, E.A.; Hackley, Paul C.; Smoot, Joseph P.; Tollo, Richard P.


    The geology of the Shenandoah National Park region of Virginia was studied from 1995 to 2008. The focus of the study was the park and surrounding areas to provide the National Park Service with modern geologic data for resource management. Additional geologic data of the adjacent areas are included to provide regional context. The geologic map can be used to support activities such as ecosystem delineation, land-use planning, soil mapping, groundwater availability and quality studies, aggregate resources assessment, and engineering and environmental studies. The study area is centered on the Shenandoah National Park, which is mostly situated in the western part of the Blue Ridge province. The map covers the central section and western limb of the Blue Ridge-South Mountain anticlinorium. The Skyline Drive and Appalachian National Scenic Trail straddle the drainage divide of the Blue Ridge highlands. Water drains northwestward to the South Fork of the Shenandoah River and southeastward to the James and Rappahannock Rivers. East of the park, the Blue Ridge is an area of low relief similar to the physiography of the Piedmont province. The Great Valley section of the Valley and Ridge province is west of Blue Ridge and consists of Page Valley and Massanutten Mountain. The distribution and types of surficial deposits and landforms closely correspond to the different physiographic provinces and their respective bedrock. The Shenandoah National Park is underlain by three general groups of rock units: (1) Mesoproterozoic granitic gneisses and granitoids, (2) Neoproterozoic metasedimentary rocks of the Swift Run Formation and metabasalt of the Catoctin Formation, and (3) siliciclastic rocks of the Lower Cambrian Chilhowee Group. The gneisses and granitoids mostly underlie the lowlands east of Blue Ridge but also rugged peaks like Old Rag Mountain (996 meter). Metabasalt underlies much of the highlands, like Stony Man (1,200 meters). The siliciclastic rocks underlie linear


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claribel Morales de Barbenza


    Full Text Available En el presente artículo se describe la evolución de las propuestas teóricas de Theodore Millon desde 1967 a la fecha. Su obra es considerada como uno de los primeros intentos relevantes de integración en el área de las teorías de la personalidad. Se pone énfasis en los aspectos de mayor potencialidad integradora de sus desarrollos teóricos, tales como la evolución biosocial de la persona (expuesta en su primera teoría, en la que ya incluía dos polaridades: actividad versus pasividad; sí mismo versus otros, las posteriores consideraciones destinadas a enriquecer el modelo de persona, mediante la incorporación de una nueva polaridad, placer-dolor, la resignificación de las etapas vitales que figuraban en su teoría originaria y la interrelación entre áreas estructurales y áreas funcionales de la personalidad. Se puntualizan los aportes incorporados por Millon a la práctica de la evaluación psicológica y psicopatológica, desde una perspectiva sistémica, en la que el concepto de sinergia cobra una especial relevancia. Juntamente con el desarrollo de su teoría personológica, Millon produjo una serie de instrumentos destinados a evaluar la personalidad. Se destaca la importancia que el autor atribuye al proceso de evaluación psicológica, tan complejo como la persona misma, y la vinculación que establece entre los trastornos de personalidad (faceta disfuncional de los estilos de personalidad y los sindromes severos y clínicos con los ejes del DSM-III-R y el DSM-IV.

  16. Data Collection and Simulation of Ecological Habitat and Recreational Habitat in the Shenandoah River, Virginia (United States)

    Krstolic, Jennifer L.


    This report presents updates to methods, describes additional data collected, documents modeling results, and discusses implications from an updated habitat-flow model that can be used to predict ecological habitat for fish and recreational habitat for canoeing on the main stem Shenandoah River in Virginia. Given a 76-percent increase in population predictions for 2040 over 1995 records, increased water-withdrawal scenarios were evaluated to determine the effects on habitat and recreation in the Shenandoah River. Projected water demands for 2040 vary by watershed: the North Fork Shenandoah River shows a 55.9-percent increase, the South Fork Shenandoah River shows a 46.5-percent increase, and the main stem Shenandoah River shows a 52-percent increase; most localities are projected to approach the total permitted surface-water and groundwater withdrawals values by 2040, and a few localities are projected to exceed these values.

  17. 78 FR 66380 - Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Restoration of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias... (United States)


    ... sequoia habitat, wetlands, and soundscapes within the Mariposa Grove, this alternative would relocate... for restoration of wetlands, soundscapes, and giant sequoia habitat within the Mariposa Grove by...

  18. Obituary: Theodore Siegumfeldt Jacobsen, 1901-2003 (United States)

    Kraft, Robert Paul; Wallerstein, George


    Theodor Jacobsen, oldest member of the American Astronomical Society, died in Seattle on 17 July 2003 at the age of 102. His astronomical career, which began in the 1920's, coincided with the rise of astronomy in the University of Washington from a one-man activity within mathematics to today's major astronomical department of more than 30 faculty and other research personnel. Born on 6 February 1901 in Copenhagen, Denmark, he immigrated with his parents, brother and three sisters to the USA in 1917. Even while he was still in Denmark, his interest in astronomy was sparked at age 7 by a gift from his parents of a two-inch telescope. As early as 1921, in the midst of his undergraduate studies in chemistry at Stanford, he wrote to Director W. W. Campbell of Lick Observatory, inquiring how he should prepare for a career in astronomy and whether one could make a living at it. Campbell encouraged him to learn as much physics and mathematics as possible with the outcome that, on completion of his BA degree at Stanford, Jacobsen became a University of California Berkeley graduate student and was appointed a Lick Observatory fellow in the period 1923 to 1926. Following completion of his PhD thesis, entitled ``A Redetermination of the Radial Velocity Curves of Certain Cepheid Variable Stars" (LOB, 379, 1926), he was appointed as ``assistant" at Lick, a position roughly equivalent to that of ``instructor" in a modern University environment. Inquiries concerning whether Lick could recommend ``a promising young man to take over teaching some astronomy and math" from then President Spencer of the University of Washington were received by Lick's acting director Robert Aitken in 1928. They were looking for a Berkeley PhD, said Spencer, and Aitken responded with an enthusiastic recommendation of Theodor Jacobsen, who then took up his duties in Seattle with the beginning of the fall term 1928. Jacobsen succeeded H. Zanstra (of Zanstra mechanism fame) in the Dept. of Mathematics

  19. Theodor Körner in Böhmen

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Petrbok, Václav


    Roč. 22, 1-2 (2014), s. 103-128 ISSN 1803-456X Institutional support: RVO:68378068 Keywords : Körner, Theodor * reception * Czech literature * German literature * 1815-1945 Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision

  20. El naturalismo americano: Theodore Dreiser y Sister Carrie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dolores G. ALONSO MULAS


    Full Text Available Para situar a un escritor, como Theodore Dreiser, y especialmente su novela Sister Carrie dentro de un movimiento literario y de una etapa determinada de la historia americana, es necesario dar un breve repaso al naturalismo, llegado a América a través de Stephen Crane

  1. Greek Monk Theodore as the first Primate of Canterbury

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ks. Warsonofiusz (Doroszkiewicz


    Full Text Available The theological climate of the young Church of Anglo-Saxon Christians was determined by Irish and Welsh monks maintaining the tradition of the Egyptian desert. The Angles and Saxons had a particular vision of the natural world, of the eternal world, a particular comprehension of sin and repentance. Rome in its missionary work used them to attach the British Christians the see of St Peter. Britain had no original link with the culture and tradition of the classical Church. It has been particularly established and enforced in VII and VIII, when England received a great dose of classical learning and theology due to the activity of archbishop of Canterbury Theodore and monk Hadrian. The formerly Greek monk Theodore – well learned in the Holy Scripture as well as Greek and Latin classics – was named the archbishop of Canterbury by pope Vitalian under the condition that he should notintroduce any typically Greek customs. Theodore named Hadrian the abbot of the Canterbury monastery of St Peter. There and in York young English could pursue classical studies of the Holy Scriptures, poetry, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, etc. It resulted in significant literary development in Britain, of which venerable Bede is an example.Theodore introduced in Canterbury proto-byzantine canonical law, during two famous synods established doctrinal and ecclesiastical foundations of English Christianity based on ancient orthodox tradition of Eastern part of the Mediterranean region. At the Synod of Hatfield,with the other bishops, Theodore confirmed the Nicean Creed, fiveformer ecumenical councils and the generally accepted Church Fathers. They worked also on practical church unity, that is established: common date of Easter with other parts of Christian world, non-intervention ofbishops in other dioceses, canonical laws regulating the attitude of bishops towards monastic communities and the decrees against monophysismonks coming from Persia.

  2. Communicating the role of science in managing giant sequoia groves (United States)

    Douglas D. Pilrto; Robert R. Rogers; Mary Chislock Bethke


    Management of giant sequoia groves has been and continues to be a hotly debated issue. The debate has reached Congress, with all parties seeking resolution as to what constitutes an ecologically and publicly acceptable management approach. Determining the correct management approach and communicating that approach to the general public is the crux of the problem....

  3. Management of Giant Sequoia on Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest (United States)

    Norman J. Benson


    Established in 1946, the Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest, Tulare County, California, is managed by the California Department of Forestry. It is a multiple-use forest with recreation as its primary focus, although timber management has always played an important role. Giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum [Lindl. ] Buchholz) occurs in...

  4. Landscape-scale variation in canopy water content of giant sequoias during drought (United States)

    Paz-Kagan, Tarin; Vaughn, Nicolas R.; Martin, Roberta E.; Brodrick, Philip G.; Stephenson, Nathan L.; Das, Adrian; Nydick, Koren R.; Asner, Gregory P.


    Recent drought (2012–2016) caused unprecedented foliage dieback in giant sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum), a species endemic to the western slope of the southern Sierra Nevada in central California. As part of an effort to understand and map sequoia response to droughts, we studied the patterns of remotely sensed canopy water content (CWC), both within and among sequoia groves in two successive years during the drought period (2015 and 2016). Our aims were: (1) to quantify giant sequoia responses to severe drought stress at a landscape scale using CWC as an indicator of crown foliage status, and (2) to estimate the effect of environmental correlates that mediate CWC change within and among giant sequoia groves. We utilized airborne high fidelity imaging spectroscopy (HiFIS) and light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data from the Carnegie Airborne Observatory to assess giant sequoia foliage status during 2015 and 2016 of the 2012–2016 droughts. A series of statistical models were generated to classify giant sequoias and to map their location in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (SEKI) and vicinity. We explored the environmental correlates and the spatial patterns of CWC change at the landscape scale. The mapped CWC was highly variable throughout the landscape during the two observation years, and proved to be most closely related to geological substrates, topography, and site-specific water balance. While there was an overall net gain in sequoia CWC between 2015 and 2016, certain locations (lower elevations, steeper slopes, areas more distant from surface water sources, and areas with greater climate water deficit) showed CWC losses. In addition, we found greater CWC loss in shorter sequoias and those growing in areas with lower sequoia stem densities. Our results suggest that CWC change indicates sequoia response to droughts across landscapes. Long-term monitoring of giant sequoia CWC will likely be useful for modeling and predicting their population

  5. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, Shaded Relief with Height as Color (United States)


    Shenandoah National Park lies astride part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which form the southeastern range of the greater Appalachian Mountains in Virginia. The park is well framed by this one-degree of latitude (38-39 north) by one-degree of longitude (78-79 west) cell of Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, and it appears here as the most prominent ridge trending diagonally across the scene. Skyline Drive, a 169-kilometer (105-mile) road that winds along the crest of the mountains through the length the park, provides vistas of the surrounding landscape. The Shenandoah River flows through the valley to the west, with Massanutten Mountain standing between the river's north and south forks. Unusually pronounced meanders of both river forks are very evident near the top center of this scene. Massanutten Mountain itself is an unusually distinctive landform also, consisting of highly elongated looping folds of sedimentary rock. The rolling Piedmont country lies to the southeast of the park, with Charlottesville located at the bottom center of the scene.Two visualization methods were combined to produce this image: shading and color coding of topographic height. The shade image was derived by computing topographic slope in the north-south direction. Northern slopes appear bright and southern slopes appear dark. Color coding is directly related to topographic height, with green at the lower elevations, rising through yellow, red, and magenta, to bluish-white at the highest elevations.Elevation data used in this image were acquired by the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, launched on February 11, 2000. The mission used the same radar instrument that comprised the Spaceborne Imaging Radar-C/X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar that flew twice on the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 1994. The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission was designed to collect three-dimensional measurements of the Earth's surface. To collect the 3-D data, engineers added a 60

  6. Theodor Schiemann - Tallinna esimene linnaarhivaar (1883-1887) / Jüri Kivimäe

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kivimäe, Jüri, 1947-


    Tallinna Linnaarhiivi asutamise vaimuloolisest taustast. Haruldaste ürikute "ülesleidmisest" Tallinna raekojas 1875. ja 1882. aastal. Põhjalik ülevaade Theodor Schiemanni elust enne Tallinna asumist ja Tallinna linnaarhivaari ametis. Lisad : Instruktisoonid linnaarhivaarile. Tallinna linna arhiivi kasutamise eeskirjad. (Theodor Schiemanni koostatud tekstid ja nende tõlge)

  7. 78 FR 70414 - Pricing for the 2013 Coin and Chronicles Set-Theodore Roosevelt (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY United States Mint Pricing for the 2013 Coin and Chronicles Set--Theodore Roosevelt AGENCY: United States Mint, Department of the Treasury. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The United States Mint is announcing a price of $57.95 for the 2013 Coin and Chronicles Set--Theodore...

  8. Coping with gravity: the foliar water relations of giant sequoia. (United States)

    Williams, Cameron B; Reese Næsborg, Rikke; Dawson, Todd E


    In tall trees, the mechanisms by which foliage maintains sufficient turgor pressure and water content against height-related constraints remain poorly understood. Pressure-volume curves generated from leafy shoots collected crown-wide from 12 large Sequoiadendron giganteum (Lindley) J. Buchholz (giant sequoia) trees provided mechanistic insights into how the components of water potential vary with height in tree and over time. The turgor loss point (TLP) decreased with height at a rate indistinguishable from the gravitational potential gradient and was controlled by changes in tissue osmotica. For all measured shoots, total relative water content at the TLP remained above 75%. This high value has been suggested to help leaves avoid precipitous declines in leaf-level physiological function, and in giant sequoia was controlled by both tissue elasticity and the balance of water between apoplasm and symplasm. Hydraulic capacitance decreased only slightly with height, but importantly this parameter was nearly double in value to that reported for other tree species. Total water storage capacity also decreased with height, but this trend essentially disappeared when considering only water available within the typical range of water potentials experienced by giant sequoia. From summer to fall measurement periods we did not observe osmotic adjustment that would depress the TLP. Instead we observed a proportional shift of water into less mobile apoplastic compartments leading to a reduction in hydraulic capacitance. This collection of foliar traits allows giant sequoia to routinely, but safely, operate close to its TLP, and suggests that gravity plays a major role in the water relations of Earth's largest tree species. © The Author 2017. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  9. Energy conserving site design case study: Shenandoah, Georgia. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The case study examines the means by which energy conservation can be achieved at an aggregate community level by using proper planning and analytical techniques for a new town, Shenandoah, Georgia, located twenty-five miles southwest of Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport. A potentially implementable energy conservation community plan is achieved by a study team examining the land use options, siting characteristics of each building type, alternate infrastructure plans, possible decentralized energy options, and central utility schemes to determine how community energy conservation can be achieved by use of pre-construction planning. The concept for the development of mixed land uses as a passively sited, energy conserving community is based on a plan (Level 1 Plan) that uses the natural site characteristics, maximizes on passive energy siting requirement, and allows flexibility for the changing needs of the developers. The Level 2 Plan is identical with Level 1 plan plus a series of decentraized systems that have been added to the residential units: the single-family detached, the apartments, and the townhouses. Level 3 Plan is similar to the Level 1 Plan except that higher density dwellings have been moved to areas adjacent to central site. The total energy savings for each plan relative to the conventional plan are indicated. (MCW)

  10. Hypogene caves of the central Appalachian Shenandoah Valley in Virginia (United States)

    Doctor, Daniel H.; Orndorff, Wil


    Several caves in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia show evidence for early hypogenic conduit development with later-enhanced solution under partly confined phreatic conditions guided by geologic structures. Many (but not all) of these caves have been subsequently invaded by surface waters as a result of erosion and exhumation. Those not so affected are relict phreatic caves, bearing no relation to modern drainage patterns. Field and petrographic evidence shows that carbonate rocks hosting certain relict phreatic caves were dolomitized and/or silicified by early hydrothermal fluid migration in zones that served to locally enhance rock porosity, thus providing preferential pathways for later solution by groundwater flow, and making the surrounding bedrock more resistant to surficial weathering to result in caves that reside within isolated hills on the land surface. Features suggesting that deep phreatic processes dominated the development of these relict caves include (1) cave passage morphologies indicative of ascending fluids, (2) cave plans of irregular pattern, reflecting early maze or anastomosing development, (3) a general lack of cave breakdown and cave streams or cave stream deposits, and (4) calcite wall and pool coatings within isolated caves intersecting the local water table, and within unroofed caves at topographic locations elevated well above the local base level. Episodes of deep karstification were likely separated by long periods of geologic time, encompassing multiple phases of sedimentary fill and excavation within caves, and reflect a complex history of deep fluid migration that set the stage for later shallow speleogenesis that continues today.

  11. Biological and Management Implications of Fire-Pathogen Interactions in the Giant Sequoia Ecosystem (United States)

    Douglas D. Piirto; John R. Parmeter; Fields W. Cobb; Kevin L. Piper; Amy C. Workinger; William J. Otrosina


    An overriding management goal for national parks is the maintenance or, where necessary, the restoration of natural ecological processes. In Sequoia-Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Parks, there is concern about the effects of fire suppression on the giant sequoia-mixed conifer forest ecosystem. The National Park Service is currently using prescribed fire management...

  12. 78 FR 16294 - Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Restoration of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias... (United States)


    ... Environmental Impact Statement for Restoration of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, Yosemite National Park, Madera, and Mariposa Counties, CA AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice of availability... the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias in Yosemite National Park. This Draft EIS presents three...

  13. Visual Impacts of Prescribed Burning on Mixed Conifer and Giant Sequoia Forests (United States)

    Lin Cotton; Joe R. McBride


    Prescribed burning programs have evolved with little concern for the visual impact of burning and the potential prescribed burning can have in managing the forest scene. Recent criticisms by the public of the prescribed burning program at Sequoia National Park resulted in an outside review of the National Park fire management programs in Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and...

  14. The laser inventor memoirs of Theodore H. Maiman

    CERN Document Server

    Maiman, Theodore H


    In these engaging memoirs of a maverick, Theodore H. Maiman describes the life events leading to his invention of the laser in 1960. Maiman succeeded using his expertise in physics and engineering along with an ingenious and elegant design not anticipated by others. His pink ruby laser produced mankind’s first-ever coherent light and has provided transformational technology for commerce, industry, telecom, the Internet, medicine, and all the sciences. Maiman also chronicles the resistance from his employer and the ongoing intrigue by competing researchers in industry and academia seeking to diminish his contribution in inventing the first laser. This work will appeal to a wide readership, from physicists and engineers through science enthusiasts to general readers. The volume includes extensive photos and documentary materials related to Maiman’s life and accomplishments never before published. "No one beat Maiman to the laser. How important is the laser? How important are all lasers? That is how import...

  15. A Powerful Friendship: Theodore von Karman and Hugh L. Dryden (United States)

    Gorn, Michael


    During their long personal friendship and professional association, Theodore von Karman (1882-1963) and Hugh L. Dryden (1898-1965) exercised a pivotal if somewhat elusive influence over American aeronautics and spaceflight. Both decisive figures in organizing scientists and engineers at home and abroad, both men of undisputed eminence in their technical fields, their range of contacts in government, academia, the armed forces, industry, and professional societies spanned the globe to an extent unparalleled then as now. Moreover, because they coordinated their activities closely, their combined influence far exceeded the sum of each one s individual contributions. This paper illustrates their personal origins as well as the foundations of their friendship, how their relationship became a professional alliance, and their joint impact on the world of aeronautics and astronautics during the twentieth century.

  16. 78 FR 13376 - Chronic Wasting Disease Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement, Shenandoah National Park (United States)


    ... and experience from management actions; and minimize the potential for health and safety issues for...] Chronic Wasting Disease Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement, Shenandoah National Park AGENCY... National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and the Council on Environmental Quality regulations, the...

  17. [Wilhelm Lenz. Theodor Schiemanns Revaler Jahre (1883-1887)] / Paul Kaegbein

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kaegbein, Paul


    Arvustus: Wilhelm Lenz. Theodor Schiemanns Revaler Jahre (1883-1887). - Ostseeprovinzen, baltische Staaten und das Nationale. Münster : LIT, 2005. Lk. 227-250. Tallinna linnaarhiivi esimesest linnaarhivaarist

  18. WATER TEMPERATURE and Other Data from THEODORE N. GILL from 19541116 to 19541210 (NODC Accession 9700149) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Zooplankton, nutrients, and other data were collected from bottle and net casts in South Atlantic from the Theodore N. Gill from 16 November 1954 to 10 December...

  19. Remote measurement of canopy water content in giant sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum) during drought (United States)

    Martin, Roberta E.; Asner, Gregory P.; Francis, Emily; Ambrose, Anthony; Baxter, Wendy; Das, Adrian J.; Vaughn, Nicolas R.; Paz-Kagan, Tarin; Dawson, Todd E.; Nydick, Koren R.; Stephenson, Nathan L.


    California experienced severe drought from 2012 to 2016, and there were visible changes in the forest canopy throughout the State. In 2014, unprecedented foliage dieback was recorded in giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) trees in Sequoia National Park, in the southern California Sierra Nevada mountains. Although visible changes in sequoia canopies can be recorded, biochemical and physiological responses to drought stress in giant sequoia canopies are not well understood. Ground-based measurements provide insight into the mechanisms of drought responses in trees, but are often limited to few individuals, especially in trees of tall stature such as giant sequoia. Recent studies demonstrate that remotely measured forest canopy water content (CWC) is a general indicator of canopy response to drought, but the underpinning leaf- to canopy-level causes of observed variation in CWC remain poorly understood. We combined field and airborne remote sensing measurements taken in 2015 and 2016 to assess the biophysical responses of giant sequoias to drought. In 49 study trees, CWC was related to leaf water potential, but not to the other foliar traits, suggesting that changes in CWC were made at whole-canopy rather than leaf scales. We found a non-random, spatially varying pattern in mapped CWC, with lower CWC values at lower elevation and along the outer edges of the groves. This pattern was also observed in empirical measurements of foliage dieback from the ground, and in mapped CWC across multiple sequoia groves in this region, supporting the hypothesis that drought stress is expressed in canopy-level changes in giant sequoias. The fact that we can clearly detect a relationship between CWC and foliage dieback, even without taking into account prior variability or new leaf growth, strongly suggests that remotely sensed CWC, and changes in CWC, are a useful measure of water stress in giant sequoia, and valuable for assessing and managing these iconic forests in drought.

  20. What business are you in? Classic advice from Theodore Levitt. (United States)

    Levitt, Theodore


    For all the talk about management as a science, experienced executives know that strategic decisions and tactics depend heavily on context. No one understood this better than Theodore Levitt (1925-2006). A Harvard Business School professor renowned as a founder of modern marketing, he sought above all to use his knowledge to serve the needs of businesspeople. In a series of powerfully insightful--and delightfully written--essays in Harvard Business Review, he provoked readers to reexamine their settled thinking about vital issues so that they could better meet the needs of customers. Levitt had the gifts of provocation and generalization, offering ideas that startled readers but compelled them to think creatively and intelligently about their companies. Writing in a period when business was held in far less esteem than it is today, he rejected the easy contempt that many intellectuals had for managers and consumers. Levitt carried that practical approach to his tenure at Harvard Business Review from 1985 to 1989. As one of HBR's most intellectual and most populist chief editors, he understood that the magazine's main purpose was to serve as a kind of sophisticated translation, clarifying authors' raw-and sometimes rough-ideas for impatient, time-pressed readers. This tribute, a look into one of business's great minds, offers excerpts from six of Levitt's most influential HBR articles: "Marketing Myopia" (July-August 1960) "After the Sale Is Over..."(SeptemberOctober1983) "Marketing Success Through Differentiation-of Anything" (January-February 1980) "Production-Line Approach to Service" (September-October 1972) "The Globalization of Markets" (May-June 1983) "Creativity Is Not Enough" (May-June 1963).

  1. Serbs in the poetry of Theodore Prodromos and anonymous Manganeios

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stanković Vlada


    Full Text Available Numerous rhetorical writings of the Comnenian period constitute a fruitful field of research, both with respect to historical data, i.e. hard historical facts hidden, though still recognizable, behind the peculiar and somewhat abstract mode of expression of the authors of the twelfth century, and with regard to the poetics of the literary works themselves, i.e. the internal elements characteristic not only for the genre chosen, but also for each particular author. A comparative, historical and literary approach to these works renders their sense clearer and their complex allusions more readily understood. This is a matter of some importance, since allusions constitute one of the basic elements of historical rhetoric, which reached its peak at the time of Emperor Manuel Komnenos (1143-1180, especially during the first half of his reign, i.e. till the end of the fifties of the twelfth century. The poetry of Theodore Prodromes and of the somewhat younger Anonymous ('Prodromos' Manganeios is an excellent example of this intertwining of historical and literary elements, i.e. of the presentation of historical data through rhetorical patterns. One has to concentrate on individual works attempting to determine, as far as possible, the date of composition, the circumstances of writing and the purpose of a particular poem, the occasion for which it was written and the character of the expected audience, in order to better understand both the poetry written by these two rhetoricians and the individual features of the authors, as well as their respective positions in the circle around Emperor Manuel Komnenos. The poems dealt with in the present paper stand out for calling the Serbs by their real name. This naming practice was invariably employed by both rhetoricians in cases when new achievements of the basileus were to be announced and proclaimed immediately after the event, on the occasions of first reports, first celebrations of the new victories and

  2. Theodor and Marcella Boveri: chromosomes and cytoplasm in heredity and development. (United States)

    Satzinger, Helga


    The chromosome theory of heredity, developed in 1902-1904, became one of the foundation stones of twentieth-century genetics. It is usually referred to as the Sutton-Boveri theory after Walter Sutton and Theodor Boveri. However, the contributions of Theodor Boveri and his co-worker, Marcella O'Grady Boveri (also his wife), to the understanding of heredity and development go beyond the localization of the Mendelian hereditary factors onto the chromosomes. They investigated the interaction of cytoplasm and chromosomes, and demonstrated its relevance in heredity and development.

  3. Topogrid Derived 10 Meter Resolution Digital Elevation Model of the Shenandoah National Park and Surrounding Region, Virginia (United States)

    Chirico, Peter G.; Tanner, Seth D.


    Explanation The purpose of developing a new 10m resolution DEM of the Shenandoah National Park Region was to more accurately depict geologic structure, surfical geology, and landforms of the Shenandoah National Park Region in preparation for automated landform classification. Previously, only a 30m resolution DEM was available through the National Elevation Dataset (NED). During production of the Shenandoah10m DEM of the Park the Geography Discipline of the USGS completed a revised 10m DEM to be included into the NED. However, different methodologies were used to produce the two similar DEMs. The ANUDEM algorithm was used to develop the Shenadoah DEM data. This algorithm allows for the inclusion of contours, streams, rivers, lake and water body polygons as well as spot height data to control the elevation model. A statistical analysis using over 800 National Geodetic Survey (NGS) first and second order vertical control points reveals that the Shenandoah10m DEM, produced as a part of the Appalachian Blue Ridge Landscape project, has a vertical accuracy of ?4.87 meters. The metadata for the 10m NED data reports a vertical accuracy of ?7m. A table listing the NGS control points, the elevation comparison, and the RMSE for the Shenandoah10m DEM is provided. The process of automated terrain classification involves developing statistical signatures from the DEM for each type of surficial deposit and landform type. The signature will be a measure of several characteristics derived from the elevation data including slope, aspect, planform curvature, and profile curvature. The quality of the DEM is of critical importance when extracting terrain signatures. The highest possible horizontal and vertical accuracy is required. The more accurate Shenandoah 10m DEM can now be analyzed and integrated with the geologic observations to yield statistical correlations between the two in the development of landform and surface geology mapping projects.

  4. Modeling mountain pine beetle habitat suitability within Sequoia National Park (United States)

    Nguyen, Andrew

    Understanding significant changes in climate and their effects on timber resources can help forest managers make better decisions regarding the preservation of natural resources and land management. These changes may to alter natural ecosystems dependent on historical and current climate conditions. Increasing mountain pine beetle (MBP) outbreaks within the southern Sierra Nevada are the result of these alterations. This study better understands MPB behavior within Sequoia National Park (SNP) and model its current and future habitat distribution. Variables contributing to MPB spread are vegetation stress, soil moisture, temperature, precipitation, disturbance, and presence of Ponderosa (Pinus ponderosa) and Lodgepole (Pinus contorta) pine trees. These variables were obtained using various modeled, insitu, and remotely sensed sources. The generalized additive model (GAM) was used to calculate the statistical significance of each variable contributing to MPB spread and also created maps identifying habitat suitability. Results indicate vegetation stress and forest disturbance to be variables most indicative of MPB spread. Additionally, the model was able to detect habitat suitability of MPB with a 45% accuracy concluding that a geospatial driven modeling approach can be used to delineate potential MPB spread within SNP.

  5. Theodore Roszak (1933-2011 - Um contra-obituário

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Horacio Luján Martínez


    Full Text Available Nosso texto não pretende mais do que lembrar algumas categorias do recentemente falecido historiador e sociólogo americano Theodore Roszak. Categorias como “contracultura” e “tecnocracia” que, embora pensadas ao “calor” dos acontecimentos do final da década dos anos sessenta, nos parecem ainda pertinentes.

  6. Theodor Schweisfurth. Sozialistisches Völkerrecht? / Henn-Jüri Uibopuu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Uibopuu, Henn-Jüri, 1929-2012


    Tutvustus: Schweisfurth, Theodor. Sozialistisches Völkerrecht? : Darstellung - Analyse - Wertung der sowjetmarxistischen Theorie vom Völkerrecht "neuen Typs". Berlin [etc.] : Springer-Verlag, 1979. (Beiträge zum ausländischen öffentlichen Recht und Völkerrecht, Bd. 73)

  7. Innovation and Change in State Colleges and Universities. The G. Theodore Mitau Award, 1985. (United States)

    American Association of State Colleges and Universities, Washington, DC.

    An award winning program, the Teacher-Research Institute of the Maryland Writing Project at Towson State University, is described, along with six other state college programs that received special commendations by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). Towson State University won AASCU's G. Theodore Mitau Award for…

  8. Critique of art : Walter Benjamin and Theodor W. Adorno on art criticism

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lijster, Thijs Erik


    Kunstkritiek vervult een cruciale rol als medium tussen het kunstwerk en de maatschappelijke werkelijkheid. Dat concludeert promovendus Thijs Lijster. Daarbij moet kunstkritiek, in navolging van Walter Benjamin en Theodor Adorno, niet in de eerste plaats opgevat worden als het beoordelen van

  9. Comparison of Birds Detected from Roadside and Off-Road Point Counts in the Shenandoah National Park (United States)

    Cherry M.E. Keller; Mark R. Fuller


    Roadside point counts are generally used for large surveys to increase the number of samples. We examined differences in species detected from roadside versus off-road (200-m and 400-m) point counts in the Shenandoah National Park. We also compared the list of species detected in the first 3 minutes to those detected in 10 minutes for potential species biases. Results...

  10. Clonal Spread in Second Growth Stands of Coast Redwood, Sequoia sempervirens (United States)

    Vladimir Douhovnikoff; Richard S. Dodd


    Coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) is one of the rare conifers to reproduce successfully through clonal spread. The importance of this mode of reproduction in stand development is largely unknown. Understanding the importance of clonal spread and the spatial structure of clones is crucial for stand management strategies that would aim to maximize...

  11. 76 FR 75558 - Environmental Impact Statement for Restoration of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, Yosemite... (United States)


    ... tree. Fire plays an important role in giant sequoia ecology, creating canopy openings and releasing soil nutrients needed for seedling establishment. Fire scars on the trees indicate that fires occurred... and sites within the Grove include the parking areas, gift shop, ticket booth, tram staging area...

  12. Proteomic profiling of proteins associated with the rejuvenation of Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don Endl

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chen Yu-Ting


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Restoration of rooting competence is important for rejuvenation in Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don Endl and is achieved by repeatedly grafting Sequoia shoots after 16 and 30 years of cultivation in vitro. Results Mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis revealed three proteins that differentially accumulated in different rejuvenation stages, including oxygen-evolving enhancer protein 2 (OEE2, glycine-rich RNA-binding protein (RNP, and a thaumatin-like protein. OEE2 was found to be phosphorylated and a phosphopeptide (YEDNFDGNSNVSVMVpTPpTDK was identified. Specifically, the protein levels of OEE2 increased as a result of grafting and displayed a higher abundance in plants during the juvenile and rejuvenated stages. Additionally, SsOEE2 displayed the highest expression levels in Sequoia shoots during the juvenile stage and less expression during the adult stage. The expression levels also steadily increased during grafting. Conclusion Our results indicate a positive correlation between the gene and protein expression patterns of SsOEE2 and the rejuvenation process, suggesting that this gene is involved in the rejuvenation of Sequoia sempervirens.

  13. The Byzantine wall-paintings in the church of Saint Theodore at Platanos, Kynouria (Arcadia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Agrevi Maria


    Full Text Available The church of St Theodore (also known as "Sts Theodoroi" at Platanos, Kynouria, is a single-nave building of small dimensions. The interior surfaces of its walls preserve their Byzantine paintings, which are partially visible under the coat of plaster that covers most of them. The paintings exhibit affinity with wall-paintings of churches in the Peloponnese (neighbouring Laconia included, and can be dated to the last quarter of the thirteenth century.

  14. Theodore P. Beauchaine: award for distinguished scientific early career contributions to psychology. (United States)


    Presents the citation for Theodore P. Beauchaine, who received the Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology (psychopathology) "for core contributions in developmental psychopathology, especially related to the biological underpinnings of various mental disorders among children, sophisticated and elegant quantitative approaches to these issues, and exemplary work on the prevention of such conditions." A brief profile and a selected bibliography accompany the citation. ((c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved).

  15. Teoria, avaliação e psicoterapia segundo a proposta de Theodore Millon Theory, assessment and psychotherapy according to Theodore Millon’s proposal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucas de Francisco Carvalho


    Full Text Available Os transtornos da personalidade podem ser compreendidos como construtos teóricos empregados para representar diversos estilos ou padrões em que a personalidade funciona de maneira mal-adaptada em relação ao seu ambiente. A teoria dos estilos da personalidade de Theodore Millon é um dos modelos que se propõem a compreender esses transtornos. A partir de seu modelo teórico, são sugeridos distintos estilos da personalidade, bem como um instrumento para avaliação dos transtornos da personalidade, o Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI, que é amplamente utilizado no contexto de pesquisa e clínica no âmbito internacional, e uma modalidade psicoterapêutica, chamada de psicoterapia sinergética.The personality disorders can be understood as theoretical constructs employed to represent different styles or patterns in which personality works maladapted to its environment. The personality styles theory of Theodore Millon is one of the models that aims to understand these disorders. From this theoretical model, different personality styles are proposed, as well as a tool for assessment of personality disorders, the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI, which is widely used worldwide in the research and clinical context, and a psychotherapeutic proposal, called synergistic psychotherapy.

  16. Solar total energy: large scale experiment, Shenandoah, Georgia Site. Annual report, June 1978-June 1979

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ney, E.J.


    A background summary and a complete description of the progress and current status of activities relative to the Cooperative Agreement for the Solar Total Energy - Large Scale Experiment at the Bleyle Knitwear Plant at Shenandoah, Georgia are presented. A statement of objectives and an abstract of progress to date are included. This is followed by a short introduction containing a project overview, a summary of the participants and their respective roles, a brief description of the Solar Total Energy System (STES) design concept, and a chronological summary of progress to date. A general description of the site is given, a detailed report of progress is reported, and drawings and equipment lists are included. The closed-loop solar energy system planned for Shenandoah begins with circulation of Syltherm 800, a heat transfer fluid of the Dow-Corning Corporation, through the receiver tubes of a parabolic dish solar collector field. As solar energy is focused on the receivers, the heat transfer fluid is heated to approximately 399/sup 0/C (750/sup 0/F) and is pumped to a heat exchanger for immediate use, or to a thermal storage system for later use. Once in the heat exchanger, the fluid heats a working fluid that produces the steam required for operating the turbine. After performing this task, the heat transfer fluid returns to the collectors to repeat the cycle, while the steam turbine-generator system supplies the electrical demands for the knitwear plant and the STES. During STES operation, maximum thermal and electrical requirements of the application are expected to be at 1.08 MWth and 161 kWe, respectively. During the power generation phase, some of the steam is extracted for use as process steam in the knitwear manufacturing process, while exhaust steam from the turbine is passed through a condenser to produce hot water for heating, domestic use, and absorption air conditioning. (WHK)

  17. Estimating Leaf Water Potential of Giant Sequoia Trees from Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery (United States)

    Francis, E. J.; Asner, G. P.


    Recent drought-induced forest dieback events have motivated research on the mechanisms of tree survival and mortality during drought. Leaf water potential, a measure of the force exerted by the evaporation of water from the leaf surface, is an indicator of plant water stress and can help predict tree mortality in response to drought. Scientists have traditionally measured water potentials on a tree-by-tree basis, but have not been able to produce maps of tree water potential at the scale of a whole forest, leaving forest managers unaware of forest drought stress patterns and their ecosystem-level consequences. Imaging spectroscopy, a technique for remote measurement of chemical properties, has been used to successfully estimate leaf water potentials in wheat and maize crops and pinyon-pine and juniper trees, but these estimates have never been scaled to the canopy level. We used hyperspectral reflectance data collected by the Carnegie Airborne Observatory (CAO) to map leaf water potentials of giant sequoia trees (Sequoiadendron giganteum) in an 800-hectare grove in Sequoia National Park. During the current severe drought in California, we measured predawn and midday leaf water potentials of 48 giant sequoia trees, using the pressure bomb method on treetop foliage samples collected with tree-climbing techniques. The CAO collected hyperspectral reflectance data at 1-meter resolution from the same grove within 1-2 weeks of the tree-level measurements. A partial least squares regression was used to correlate reflectance data extracted from the 48 focal trees with their water potentials, producing a model that predicts water potential of giant sequoia trees. Results show that giant sequoia trees can be mapped in the imagery with a classification accuracy of 0.94, and we predicted the water potential of the mapped trees to assess 1) similarities and differences between a leaf water potential map and a canopy water content map produced from airborne hyperspectral data, 2

  18. High-resolution 3D simulations of NIF ignition targets performed on Sequoia with HYDRA (United States)

    Marinak, M. M.; Clark, D. S.; Jones, O. S.; Kerbel, G. D.; Sepke, S.; Patel, M. V.; Koning, J. M.; Schroeder, C. R.


    Developments in the multiphysics ICF code HYDRA enable it to perform large-scale simulations on the Sequoia machine at LLNL. With an aggregate computing power of 20 Petaflops, Sequoia offers an unprecedented capability to resolve the physical processes in NIF ignition targets for a more complete, consistent treatment of the sources of asymmetry. We describe modifications to HYDRA that enable it to scale to over one million processes on Sequoia. These include new options for replicating parts of the mesh over a subset of the processes, to avoid strong scaling limits. We consider results from a 3D full ignition capsule-only simulation performed using over one billion zones run on 262,000 processors which resolves surface perturbations through modes l = 200. We also report progress towards a high-resolution 3D integrated hohlraum simulation performed using 262,000 processors which resolves surface perturbations on the ignition capsule through modes l = 70. These aim for the most complete calculations yet of the interactions and overall impact of the various sources of asymmetry for NIF ignition targets. This work was performed under the auspices of the Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC, (LLNS) under Contract No. DE-AC52-07NA27344.

  19. Objects, pictures and sounds: the ethnography of Theodor Koch-Grünberg (1872-1924

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erwin Frank


    Full Text Available The article characterizes the ethnological theory and method of Theodor Koch-Grünberg (1872-1924, a German anthropologist who made four visits to Brazil between 1896 and 1924, and who was especially noted for his writings about the Indians of the Rio Negro and Rio Branco, and the ethnographic collections, sound recordings, photography and films made during these journeys. The author relates this documentary material with Koch-Grünberg’s ethnographic project within the tradition of German Völkerkunde.

  20. L’esperienza estetica come esperienza di immagini. Walter Benjamin e Theodor W. Adorno

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena Tavani


    Full Text Available Both Walter Benjamin and Theodor W. Adorno consider ‘aesthetical experience’ as an “image experience” assuming a power of images “to set free forces” directed to produce or support aesthetical-political (Benjamin or aesthetical-critical (Adorno requirements. Profane illumination, ‘thinkimages’, phantasmagory, dialectical images, decayed ‘aura’ and technicalized images in Benjamin’s theory of aesthetical modernity. Expressive feature or “mimetic” eloquence in nature and art countering reality, dismantled ‘aura’ in contemporary desacralized work of art, but also persisting ‘aura’ in its meaningful dimension in Adorno’s aesthetical theory.

  1. Gastrointestinal helminths of Coyotes (Canis latrans from Southeast Nebraska and Shenandoah area of Iowa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Whitni K. Redman


    Full Text Available Aim: This survey was carried out on the carcasses of 29 coyotes from Southeastern Nebraska and Shenandoah area of Iowa to document the helminths present in the intestinal track of these carnivorous animals. Materials and Methods: A total of 29 adult coyote carcasses were generously donated in the autumn and winter (November-February of 2014-2015 by trappers, fur buyers and hunters of Southeast Nebraska and Shenandoah area of Iowa. The intestine of individual animals were examined for the recovery of helminth parasites as per the established procedures. Results: We found that as many as 93.10% of the investigated coyotes were infected with one or more helminth infections. A total of 10 different species of helminth parasites were recovered from the intestines of coyotes under investigation. Among the 10 species of helminths, 5 were identified as cestodes while the remaining 5 were nematodes. A total of 82.75% of the animals were infected with one or more species of nematodes, while 75.86% of them were colonized with one or more species of cestode parasites. The most abundant species in coyotes were Toxascaris leonina (68.95% closely followed by Taenia hydatigena (58.62%. The prevalence of Ancylostoma caninum and Taenia pisiformis were recorded at 31.03%, followed by those of Toxocara canis and Echinococcus spp. at 24.13%, respectively. Three animals were infected with Trichuris vulpis while three other coyotes each were found to be harboring Uncinaria stenocephala, Dipylidium caninum, or Hymenolepis diminuta. The presence of H. diminuta might have been the result of the ingestion of a rodent by the respective coyotes. Conclusion: From the overall analysis of the present data and comparing it with the previous reports of various scientists over several decades, we can conclude that intestinal helminths are still very much prevalent among the coyote population in the Southeast Nebraska and Iowa area. The relatively high prevalence of the zoonotic

  2. Gastrointestinal helminths of Coyotes (Canis latrans) from Southeast Nebraska and Shenandoah area of Iowa (United States)

    Redman, Whitni K.; Bryant, Jay E.; Ahmad, Gul


    Aim: This survey was carried out on the carcasses of 29 coyotes from Southeastern Nebraska and Shenandoah area of Iowa to document the helminths present in the intestinal track of these carnivorous animals. Materials and Methods: A total of 29 adult coyote carcasses were generously donated in the autumn and winter (November-February) of 2014-2015 by trappers, fur buyers and hunters of Southeast Nebraska and Shenandoah area of Iowa. The intestine of individual animals were examined for the recovery of helminth parasites as per the established procedures. Results: We found that as many as 93.10% of the investigated coyotes were infected with one or more helminth infections. A total of 10 different species of helminth parasites were recovered from the intestines of coyotes under investigation. Among the 10 species of helminths, 5 were identified as cestodes while the remaining 5 were nematodes. A total of 82.75% of the animals were infected with one or more species of nematodes, while 75.86% of them were colonized with one or more species of cestode parasites. The most abundant species in coyotes were Toxascaris leonina (68.95%) closely followed by Taenia hydatigena (58.62%). The prevalence of Ancylostoma caninum and Taenia pisiformis were recorded at 31.03%, followed by those of Toxocara canis and Echinococcus spp. at 24.13%, respectively. Three animals were infected with Trichuris vulpis while three other coyotes each were found to be harboring Uncinaria stenocephala, Dipylidium caninum, or Hymenolepis diminuta. The presence of H. diminuta might have been the result of the ingestion of a rodent by the respective coyotes. Conclusion: From the overall analysis of the present data and comparing it with the previous reports of various scientists over several decades, we can conclude that intestinal helminths are still very much prevalent among the coyote population in the Southeast Nebraska and Iowa area. The relatively high prevalence of the zoonotic parasite species

  3. Patterns and correlates of giant sequoia foliage dieback during California’s 2012–2016 hotter drought (United States)

    Stephenson, Nathan L.; Das, Adrian J.; Ampersee, Nicholas J.; Cahill, Kathleen G.; Caprio, Anthony C.; Sanders, John E.; Williams, A. Park


    Hotter droughts – droughts in which unusually high temperatures exacerbate the effects of low precipitation – are expected to increase in frequency and severity in coming decades, challenging scientists and managers to identify which parts of forested landscapes may be most vulnerable. In 2014, in the middle of California’s historically unprecedented 2012–2016 hotter drought, we noticed apparently drought-induced foliage dieback in giant sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum Lindl. [Buchholz]) in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, California. Characteristics of the dieback were consistent with a controlled process of drought-induced senescence: younger (distal) shoots remained green while older (proximal) shoots were preferentially shed. As part of an ongoing interdisciplinary effort to understand and map sequoia vulnerability to hotter droughts, we reviewed historical records for evidence of previous foliage dieback events, surveyed dieback along trail corridors in eight sequoia groves, and analyzed tree-ring data from a high- and a low-foliage-dieback area. In sharp contrast to the greatly elevated mortality of other coniferous species found at low and middle elevations, we estimate that <1% of sequoias died during the drought. Foliage dieback was notably elevated in 2014 – the most severe single drought year in our 122-year record – but much lower in subsequent years. We found no historical records of similar foliage dieback during previous droughts. Dieback in 2014 was highly variable both within and among groves, ranging from virtually no dieback in some areas to nearly 50% in others. Dieback was highest (1) at low elevations, probably due to higher temperatures, reduced snowpack, and earlier snowmelt; (2) in areas of low adult sequoia densities, which likely reflect intrinsically more stressful sites; and (3) on steep slopes, probably reflecting reduced water availability. Average sequoia ring widths were narrower at the high-dieback than the

  4. Leaf to landscape responses of giant sequoia to hotter drought: An introduction and synthesis for the special section (United States)

    Nydick, Koren R.; Stephenson, Nathan L.; Ambrose, Anthony R.; Asner, Gregory P.; Baxter, Wendy L.; Das, Adrian J.; Dawson, Todd E.; Martin, Roberta E.; Paz-Kagan, Tarin


    Hotter droughts are becoming more common as climate change progresses, and they may already have caused instances of forest dieback on all forested continents. Learning from hotter droughts, including where on the landscape forests are more or less vulnerable to these events, is critical to help resource managers proactively prepare for the future. As part of our Leaf to Landscape Project, we measured the response of giant sequoia, the world’s largest tree species, to the extreme 2012–2016 hotter drought in California. The project integrated leaf-level physiology measurements, crown-level foliage dieback surveys, and remotely sensed canopy water content (CWC) to shed light on mechanisms and spatial patterns in drought response. Here we summarize initial findings, present a conceptual model of drought response, and discuss management implications; details are presented in the other four articles of the special section on Giant Sequoias and Drought. Giant sequoias exhibited both leaf- and canopy-level responses that were effective in protecting whole-tree hydraulic integrity for the vast majority of individual sequoias. Very few giant sequoias died during the drought compared to other mixed conifer tree species; however, the magnitude of sequoia drought response varied across the landscape. This variability was partially explained by local site characteristics, including variables related to site water balance. We found that low CWC is an indicator of recent foliage dieback, which occurs when stress levels are high enough that leaf-level adjustments alone are insufficient for giant sequoias to maintain hydraulic integrity. CWC or change in CWC may be useful indicators of drought stress that reveal patterns of vulnerability to future hotter droughts. Future work will measure recovery from the drought and strengthen our ability to interpret CWC maps. Our ultimate goal is to produce giant sequoia vulnerability maps to help target management actions, such as

  5. Karst geomorphology and hydrology of the Shenandoah Valley near Harrisonburg, Virginia (United States)

    Doctor, Daniel H.; Orndorff, Wil; Maynard, Joel; Heller, Matthew J.; Casile, Gerolamo C.


    The karst of the central Shenandoah Valley has characteristics of both shallow and deep phreatic formation. This field guide focuses on the region around Harrisonburg, Virginia, where a number of these karst features and their associated geologic context can be examined. Ancient, widespread alluvial deposits cover much of the carbonate bedrock on the western side of the valley, where shallow karstification has resulted in classical fluviokarst development. However, in upland exposures of carbonate rock, isolated caves exist atop hills not affected by surface processes other than exposure during denudation. The upland caves contain phreatic deposits of calcite and fine-grained sediments. They lack any evidence of having been invaded by surface streams. Recent geologic mapping and LIDAR (light detection and ranging) elevation data have enabled interpretive association between bedrock structure, igneous intrusions, silicification and brecciation of host carbonate bedrock, and the location of several caves and karst springs. Geochemistry, water quality, and water temperature data support the broad categorization of springs into those affected primarily by shallow near-surface recharge, and those sourced deeper in the karst aquifer. The deep-seated karst formation occurred in the distant past where subvertical fracture and fault zones intersect thrust faults and/or cross-strike faults, enabling upwelling of deep-circulating meteoric groundwater. Most caves formed in such settings have been overprinted by later circulation of shallow groundwater, thus removing evidence of the history of earliest inception; however, several caves do preserve evidence of an earlier formation.

  6. Solar energy system performance evaluation: Honeywell OTS 41, Shenandoah (Newman), Georgia (United States)

    Mathur, A. K.; Pederson, S.


    The operation and technical performance of the Solar Operational Test Site (OTS 41) located at Shenandoah, Georgia, are described, based on the analysis of the data collected between January and August 1981. The following topics are discussed: system description, performance assessment, operating energy, energy savings, system maintenance, and conclusions. The solar energy system at OTS 41 is a hydronic heating and cooling system consisting of 702 square feet of liquid-cooled flat-plate collectors; a 1000-gallon thermal storage tank; a 3-ton capacity organic Rankine-cycle-engine-assisted air conditioner; a water-to-are heat exchanger for solar space heating; a finned-tube coil immersed in the storage tank to preheat water for a gas-fired hot water heater; and associated piping, pumps, valves, and controls. The solar system has six basic modes of operation and several combination modes. The system operation is controlled automatically by a Honeywell-designed microprocessor-based control system, which also provides diagnostics.

  7. The Panegyric Composed by Ennodius in Honour of King Theodoric: How Rhetoric Writes History

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monika Deželak Trojar


    Full Text Available The life and work of Ennodius (473/474–521 falls in a crucial but highly troubled period of late antiquity. With the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the arrival of the Ostrogoths, and Theodoric’s takeover of authority, Ennodius witnessed a number of processes which set the course of events for the centuries to come. He left an important testimony to his time in his panegyric to King Theodoric, which demonstrates the author's high level of classical education as well as his familiarity with classical, imperial, and early Christian literature. A skilfully written rhetorical work spanning the years 461–506/507, elaborate in style and content, it bears ample testimony to the historical reality of Theodoric’s time and constitutes an important historical source for the early period after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The panegyric dates from the first half of 507. The diversity of its content leaves the reasons for its composition open to speculation, the most likely hypothesis being that Ennodius wished to thank Theodoric for his victories and achievements in general (no particular event is highlighted. It is no coincidence that the panegyric was composed after the final regulation of Theodoric’s authority and after a relatively long period of peace. It is clear from the panegyric that Ennodius had a highly positive attitude to Theodoric, whom he saw as a continuator and stimulator of the idea of eternal Rome. In his view, Theodoric’s assumption of authority over the Western part of the Roman Empire was a historical watershed which would bring a rejuvenation of Rome; the beginning of a new golden age. Besides its great historical value, the work of Ennodius is distinguished by its rhetorical and stylistic perfection. Confronted with the mass of historical material on Theodoric, Ennodius would have run into difficulties selecting an appropriate topic (inventio, but he emerges as a skilled collector and a masterly organiser in

  8. Theodore Millon, una teoría de la personalidad y su patología Theodore Millon, a theory of the personality and its pathology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto Oscar Sánchez


    Full Text Available Desde su obra seminal de 1976, Psicopatología moderna: un enfoque biosocial de los aprendizajes erróneos y de los disfuncionalismos, y por más de 30 años Theodore Millon ha desarrollado una ciencia compleja de la personalidad y su patología. En su modelo, el autor postula la existencia de tres polaridades básicas, placer-dolor, activo-pasivo y yo-otros, para explicar las diferencias entre los diferentes tipos de personalidad. El modelo original de aprendizaje biosocial fue reformulado en 1990 a la luz de los conceptos evolutivos. A lo largo de todo este tiempo, Millon junto a sus seguidores han establecido un paradigma para comprender la personalidad. Al mismo tiempo, há argumentado reiteradamente que una ciencia clínica comprensiva de la personalidad necesita integrar cuatro componentes básicos: teoría o esquemas conceptuales explicativos, una nosología formal, herramientas de evaluación, e intervenciones terapéuticas adecuadas. En este trabajo, se resumen los aspectos primordiales del Modelo de Millon en lo que hace a esos diferentes componentes.From its seminal work of 1976, Psicopatología moderna: un enfoque biosocial de los aprendizajes erróneos y de los disfuncionalismos, and by more than 30 years Theodore Millon has developed a complex science of the personality and its pathology. In his model, the author postulates the existence of three basic polarities, pleasure-pain, active-passive and I-other, to explain the differences between the different types from personality. The original model of biosocial learning was reformulated in 1990 to the light of the evolutionary concepts. Throughout all this time, Millon next to their followers has established a paradigm to understand the personality. At the same time, it has argued repeatedly that a comprehensive clinical science of the personality needs to integrate four basic components: explanatory theory or conceptual schemes, a formal nosology, suitable tools of evaluation, and

  9. In memoriam of Professor Theodore L. Munsat (1930-2013): his outstanding legacy with the WFN. (United States)

    Medina, Marco T


    The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) lost an outstanding leader on November 22, 2013 with the death of Professor Theodore Leon Munsat ("Ted"), in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. Professor Munsat was Emeritus professor of Neurology at Tufts University School of Medicine and served the WFN in several capacities as trustee, chairman of the WFN Education and research committees, chairman of the WFN ALS Research group and founding director of the WFN Seminars in Clinical Neurology. He was president of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), 1989-1991, chairman of the Continuing Educational Committee of the AAN and founding director of AAN's premier continuing medical education journal Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology. He left an outstanding legacy with the WFN. Copyright © 2014. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  10. Reconnaissance of persistent and emerging contaminants in the Shenandoah and James River Basins, Virginia, during Spring of 2007 (United States)

    Alvarez, David A.; Cranor, Walter; Perkins, Stephanie D.; Schroeder, Vickie; Werner, Stephen; Furlong, Edward; Kain, Donald; Brent, Robert


    Fish exhibiting external lesions, incidences of intersex, and death have recently been observed in the Shenandoah and James River Basins. These basins are characterized by widespread agriculture (intensive in some areas), several major industrial discharges, numerous sewage treatment plant discharges, and urban, transportation, and residential growth that has increased rapidly in recent years. Nine locations in the Shenandoah River Basin, Virginia, and two in the James River Basin, Virginia, were selected for study in an attempt to identify chemicals that may have contributed to the declining fish health. Two passive sampling devices, semipermeable membrane devices (SPMDs) and polar organic chemical integrative samplers (POCIS), were deployed during the spring and early summer of 2007 to measure select organic contaminants to which fish may have been exposed. This study determined that concentrations of persistent hydrophobic contaminants, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (wastewater treatment plant effluent or septic tank discharges were detected. The fragrance components, galaxolide, indole, and tonalide, were the predominant waste indicator chemicals detected. Caffeine, the caffeine metabolite 1,7-dimethylxanthine, the nicotine metabolite cotinine, and the prescription pharmaceuticals carbamazepine, venlafaxine, and trimethoprim were detected at several sites. Natural and synthetic hormones were detected at a few sites with 17α-ethynylestradiol concentrations esimated up to 8.1 nanograms per liter. Screening of the POCIS extracts for estrogenic chemicals by using the yeast estrogen screen revealed estrogenicity similar to levels reported for rural areas with minor effect from wastewater effluents.

  11. Habitat models to assist plant protection efforts in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, USA (United States)

    Van Manen, F.T.; Young, J.A.; Thatcher, C.A.; Cass, W.B.; Ulrey, C.


    During 2002, the National Park Service initiated a demonstration project to develop science-based law enforcement strategies for the protection of at-risk natural resources, including American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.), bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis L.), and black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa (L.) Nutt. [syn. Actaea racemosa L.]). Harvest pressure on these species is increasing because of the growing herbal remedy market. We developed habitat models for Shenandoah National Park and the northern portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway to determine the distribution of favorable habitats of these three plant species and to demonstrate the use of that information to support plant protection activities. We compiled locations for the three plant species to delineate favorable habitats with a geographic information system (GIS). We mapped potential habitat quality for each species by calculating a multivariate statistic, Mahalanobis distance, based on GIS layers that characterized the topography, land cover, and geology of the plant locations (10-m resolution). We tested model performance with an independent dataset of plant locations, which indicated a significant relationship between Mahalanobis distance values and species occurrence. We also generated null models by examining the distribution of the Mahalanobis distance values had plants been distributed randomly. For all species, the habitat models performed markedly better than their respective null models. We used our models to direct field searches to the most favorable habitats, resulting in a sizeable number of new plant locations (82 ginseng, 73 bloodroot, and 139 black cohosh locations). The odds of finding new plant locations based on the habitat models were 4.5 (black cohosh) to 12.3 (American ginseng) times greater than random searches; thus, the habitat models can be used to improve the efficiency of plant protection efforts, (e.g., marking of plants, law enforcement activities). The field searches also

  12. "The Repressed", the Archaic and the Ugly: Returning Mythos in Audre Lord's Poetry and Theodor Adorno's Aesthetics


    Yomna Saber


    The ugly has long been foundered on the rocks of exclusion for the locus classicus of aesthetics rotates in the main around the beautiful, setting the ugly as an anathema. Hence, the lens through which the ugly was refracted had been negative and the ugly was destined to fall into the cracks of aesthetics. However, Theodor Adorno shifts the focus from the beautiful and inducts the ugly into the aesthetic canon from a different perspective that challenges many ideological calluses; in his phil...

  13. Assessing recreation impacts to cliffs in Shenandoah National Park: Integrating visitor observation with trail and recreation site measurements (United States)

    Wood, K.T.; Lawson, S.R.; Marion, J.L.


    The rock outcrops and cliffs of Shenandoah National Park provide habitat for several rare and endangered plant and animal species, including the federally endangered Shenandoah Salamander (Plethodon shenandoah; Ludwig et al., 1993). The location of the well-known park tour road, Skyline Drive, along the ridgeline provides exceptional access to many outcrops and cliffs throughout the park for a large number of the park?s 1.2 million annual visitors. Consequently, visitor use of cliff areas has led to natural resource impacts, including marked decreases in size and vigor of known rare plant populations. Despite the clear ecological value and potential threats to the natural resources at cliff areas, managers possess little information on visitor use of cliff sites and presently have no formal planning document to guide management. Thus, a park wide study of cliff sites was initiated during the 2005 visitor use season. As part of this research effort, our study used an integrative approach to study recreational use and visitor-caused resource impacts at one of the more heavily visited cliff sites in the park: Little Stony Man Cliffs (LSMC). In particular, this study integrated data from resource impact measurements and visitor use observation to help assess the effects of recreational use on the natural resources of LSMC. Procedures derived from campsite and trail impact studies were used to measure and characterize the amount of visitor-caused resource impacts on LSMC (Marion & Leung, 2001; Marion, 1995). Visitor use observations were conducted on top of LSMC to document and characterize the type and amount of recreational use the cliffs receive and the behaviors of recreationists that may contribute to cliff-top resource impacts. Resource impact measurement data show trampling disturbance present at LSMC, characterized by vegetation loss, exposed soil, and root exposure. Documentation of informal trails, soil erosion, tree damage, and tree stumps provide further

  14. Physical habitat classification and instream flow modeling to determine habitat availability during low-flow periods, North Fork Shenandoah River, Virginia (United States)

    Krstolic, Jennifer L.; Hayes, Donald C.; Ruhl, Peter M.


    Increasing development and increasing water withdrawals for public, industrial, and agricultural water supply threaten to reduce streamflows in the Shenandoah River basin in Virginia. Water managers need more information to balance human water-supply needs with the daily streamflows necessary for maintaining the aquatic ecosystems. To meet the need for comprehensive information on hydrology, water supply, and instream-flow requirements of the Shenandoah River basin, the U.S. Geological Survey and the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission conducted a cooperative investigation of habitat availability during low-flow periods on the North Fork Shenandoah River. Historic streamflow data and empirical data on physical habitat, river hydraulics, fish community structure, and recreation were used to develop a physical habitat simulation model. Hydraulic measurements were made during low, medium, and high flows in six reaches at a total of 36 transects that included riffles, runs, and pools, and that had a variety of substrates and cover types. Habitat suitability criteria for fish were developed from detailed fish-community sampling and microhabitat observations. Fish were grouped into four guilds of species and life stages with similar habitat requirements. Simulated habitat was considered in the context of seasonal flow regimes to show the availability of flows that sustain suitable habitat during months when precipitation and streamflow are scarce. The North Fork Shenandoah River basin was divided into three management sections for analysis purposes: the upper section, middle section, and lower section. The months of July, August, and September were chosen to represent a low-flow period in the basin with low mean monthly flows, low precipitation, high temperatures, and high water withdrawals. Exceedance flows calculated from the combined data from these three months describe low-flow periods on the North Fork Shenandoah River. Long-term records from three

  15. Monte Carlo simulation of the resolution volume for the SEQUOIA spectrometer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Granroth G.E.


    Full Text Available Monte Carlo ray tracing simulations, of direct geometry spectrometers, have been particularly useful in instrument design and characterization. However, these tools can also be useful for experiment planning and analysis. To this end, the McStas Monte Carlo ray tracing model of SEQUOIA, the fine resolution fermi chopper spectrometer at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL, has been modified to include the time of flight resolution sample and detector components. With these components, the resolution ellipsoid can be calculated for any detector pixel and energy bin of the instrument. The simulation is split in two pieces. First, the incident beamline up to the sample is simulated for 1 × 1011 neutron packets (4 days on 30 cores. This provides a virtual source for the backend that includes the resolution sample and monitor components. Next, a series of detector and energy pixels are computed in parallel. It takes on the order of 30 s to calculate a single resolution ellipsoid on a single core. Python scripts have been written to transform the ellipsoid into the space of an oriented single crystal, and to characterize the ellipsoid in various ways. Though this tool is under development as a planning tool, we have successfully used it to provide the resolution function for convolution with theoretical models. Specifically, theoretical calculations of the spin waves in YFeO3 were compared to measurements taken on SEQUOIA. Though the overall features of the spectra can be explained while neglecting resolution effects, the variation in intensity of the modes is well described once the resolution is included. As this was a single sharp mode, the simulated half intensity value of the resolution ellipsoid was used to provide the resolution width. A description of the simulation, its use, and paths forward for this technique will be discussed.

  16. Kuidas maikrahv uued rõivad sai. Leopold von Pezoldi "Maikrahvi sissesõit Tallinna" ja Theodor Albert Sprengeli "Reformatsiooni algus Tallinnas" avalik konserveerimine = How the May King got his new clother. Public conservation of Leopold von Pezol

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Aas, Kristina, 1988-


    Ülevaade baltisaksa kunstnike Leopold von Pezoldi ja Theodor Albert Sprengeli maalidest Suurgildi hoones, nende varasematest restaureerimistest, avalikust konserveerimisest ja tehnilistest uuringutest.

  17. Solar total energy-large scale experiment, Shenandoah, Georgia site. Annual report, June 1977--June 1978. [For Bleyle Knitwear Plant

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The site was described in terms of location, suitably, accessibility, and other factors. Detailed descriptions of the Solar Total Energy-Large Scale Experiment Application (STE-LSE) (Bleyle of America, Inc., Knitwear Plant), the DOE owned Meteorology Station operating at the site, and the instrumentation provided by the Georgia Power Company to measure energy usage within the knitwear plant are included. A detailed report of progress is given at the Shenandoah Site, introduced by the STE-LSE schedule and the Cooperative Agreement work tasks. Progress is described in terms of the following major task areas: site/application; instrumentation/data acquisition; meteorology station; site to STES interface; information dissemination. A brief overview of milestones to be accomplished is given, followed by these appendices: solar easement agreement, interface drawing set, and additional site background data. (MHR)

  18. Karl Popper versus Theodor Adorno: lições de um confronto histórico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angela Ganem


    Full Text Available Karl Popper versus Theodor Adorno: Lessons from a historical confrontation. In 1961, during the Congress of the German Society of Sociology, two great theoretical references of the XX century faced in a historical debate about the logic of the social sciences. In addition to methodological issues strict sense, the confrontation became known as a debate between positivism and dialectic. The article first deals with the theoretical trajectories of Popper and Adorno and the relation of their theories with their political and ideological certainties. On one hand, the trajectory of the Popperian epistemology is examined, its contributions and vigorous attacks on Marx in what he called 'poverty of historicism" and false predictive Marxist world, and, on the other hand, the role of Adorno in the Frankfurt School, his criticism of totalitarianism and the defense of a critical emancipatory reason. The article also deals with the confrontation itself, the exposure of Popper's twenty-seven theses that culminate with the situation logic and the method of the economy as exemplary for the social sciences and Adorno's critical perspective of sociology and society as non-separable objects. In conclusion we show how the articulation of theory with the weltanschauung of each author helps to clarify the terms of the debate and how the confrontation contributed unequivocally to the dynamics of scientific progress and for the critical history of the ideas.

  19. Management and monitoring of the endangered Shenandoah salamander under climate change: Workshop report 10-12 April 2012 (United States)

    Grant, Evan H. Campbell; Wofford, John E.B.; Smith, D.R.; Dennis, J.; Hawkins-Hoffman, C.; Schaberl, J.; Foley, M.; Bogle, M.


    Here we report on a structured decision making (SDM) process to identify management strategies to ensure persistence of the federally endangered Shenandoah salamander (Plethodon shenandoah), given that it may be at increased extinction risk under projected climate change. The focus of this report is the second of two SDM workshops; in the first workshop, participants developed a prototype of the decision, including problem frame, management objectives and a suite of potential management strategies, predictive models to inform the decision and link alternatives with the objectives to identify potential solutions, and identified data needs to reduce key uncertainties in the decision. Participants in this second workshop included experts in National Park Service policy at multiple administrative levels, who refined objectives, further evaluated the initial management alternatives, and discussed policy constraints on implementing active management for the species and its high-elevation habitat. The conclusion of the second workshop was similar to that of the first: the current state of information and objectives suggest that there is some value in considering active management to reduce the long-term extinction risk for the species, though there are institutional conservative policies to implementing active management at range-wide scales. The workshop participants also emphasized a conservative NPS management philosophy, including caution in implementing management actions that may ultimately harm the system, a stated assumption that ecosystem changes were “natural” unless demonstrated otherwise (therefore not warranting active management to mitigate), and a need to demonstrate that extinction risk is tied to anthropogenic influence prior to taking active management to mitigate specific anthropogenic influences. Even within a protected area having minimal human disturbance, intertwined environmental variables and interspecific relationships that drive population

  20. Demography of the California spotted owl in the Sierra National Forest and Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks (United States)

    George N. Steger; Thomas E. Munton; Kenneth D. Johnson; Gary P. Eberlein


    Nine years (1990–1998) of demographic data on California spotted owls (Strix occidentalis occidentalis) in two study areas on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada—one in the Sierra National Forest (SNF), the other in Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks (SNP)—are summarized. Numbers of territorial owls fluctuated from 85 to 50 in SNF and 80 to 58...

  1. De Walter Benjamin a Theodor Adorno: traços que permanecem na contemporaneidade

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carolina Diamantino Esser Santana


    Full Text Available O ensaio traz como base a crítica ao capitalismo, no que se refere aos efeitos negativos que ele impõe aos indivíduos, a partir dos estudos da primeira geração da Escola de Frankfurt. Analisar-se-á a história das ideias a partir de Walter Benjamin, Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno e Max Horkheimer. Benjamin afirma que vive-se a perda da aura das obras de arte, já que a sua comercialização faz com que se perca a essência daquelas obras. Ademais, a imposição da novidade às obras e aos produtos consumidos representa uma ferramenta de manipulação do capitalismo, culminando na pobreza da experiência humana. Marcuse afirma que a sociedade vive o princípio do desempenho, que provoca modos de vida uniformizados, baseados numa concepção de trabalho e diversão homogêneos. Adorno propôs que o tempo livre provocava uma sensação de liberdade nos indivíduos, mas, na realidade, tratava-se do exercício de uma não liberdade, já que as formas de diversão seguiam à risca os padrões exigidos pelo capital. A partir do método adotado pela própria Teoria Crítica, afirma-se que a presente discussão teórica só se torna efetiva quando aplicada à prática, à sociedade atual.

  2. "The Catechetical Homilies" of Theodore of Mopsuestia: the Publishing History and Their Contents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Puchkova Sof'ia


    Full Text Available The present article shows the history of the discovery and publishing the manuscript contained the only fully survived dogmatic writing of Theodore of Mopsuestia. Also, the article provides the short description of the homilies’ contents and denotes the significance of the discovered text for patrology and liturgical studies. Although the Greek text of the Catechetical Homilies is missed, the work is preserved in the Syriac translation and is available thanks to publication of Alphonse Mingana in 1932 and 1933. The full text of the Catechetical Homilies allows us to put the quotations which were the basis for Theodore’s condemnation on the Fifth Ecumenical Council in their original context and to clarify their meaning, making them sound more acceptable. The homilies help us rightly understand the vague and ambiguous places in other Theodore’s writings and have more complete idea of his christology. The author of the Catechetical Homilies rejects the doctrine of the “Two Sons” and affirms the unity of Christ’s Person. He teaches of imperishability of “the perfect union” of two natures, so the existence of Christ as “mere man” is seemed to be impossible. Moreover, the text of the Catechetical Homilies gives us the rich evidence of Theodore’s sacramental theology that was not much treated before Mingana’s discovery. The Catechetical Homilies is, in addition, a source for the history of Liturgy, because they contain a detailed description of the Sacraments of baptism and the Eucharist.

  3. Exploring the world with the laser dedicated to Theodor Hänsch on his 75th birthday

    CERN Document Server

    Udem, Thomas; Esslinger, Tilman


    This edition contains carefully selected contributions by leading scientists in high-resolution laser spectroscopy, quantum optics and laser physics. Emphasis is given to ultrafast laser phenomena, implementations of frequency combs, precision spectroscopy and high resolution metrology. Furthermore, applications of the fundamentals of quantum mechanics are widely covered. This book is dedicated to Nobel prize winner Theodor W. Hänsch on the occasion of his 75th birthday. The contributions are reprinted from a topical collection published in Applied Physics B, 2016.

  4. Laboratory evaluation of the Sequoia Scientific LISST-ABS acoustic backscatter sediment sensor (United States)

    Snazelle, Teri T.


    Sequoia Scientific’s LISST-ABS is an acoustic backscatter sensor designed to measure suspended-sediment concentration at a point source. Three LISST-ABS were evaluated at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility (HIF). Serial numbers 6010, 6039, and 6058 were assessed for accuracy in solutions with varying particle-size distributions and for the effect of temperature on sensor accuracy. Certified sediment samples composed of different ranges of particle size were purchased from Powder Technology Inc. These sediment samples were 30–80-micron (µm) Arizona Test Dust; less than 22-µm ISO 12103-1, A1 Ultrafine Test Dust; and 149-µm MIL-STD 810E Silica Dust. The sensor was able to accurately measure suspended-sediment concentration when calibrated with sediment of the same particle-size distribution as the measured. Overall testing demonstrated that sensors calibrated with finer sized sediments overdetect sediment concentrations with coarser sized sediments, and sensors calibrated with coarser sized sediments do not detect increases in sediment concentrations from small and fine sediments. These test results are not unexpected for an acoustic-backscatter device and stress the need for using accurate site-specific particle-size distributions during sensor calibration. When calibrated for ultrafine dust with a less than 22-µm particle size (silt) and with the Arizona Test Dust with a 30–80-µm range, the data from sensor 6039 were biased high when fractions of the coarser (149-µm) Silica Dust were added. Data from sensor 6058 showed similar results with an elevated response to coarser material when calibrated with a finer particle-size distribution and a lack of detection when subjected to finer particle-size sediment. Sensor 6010 was also tested for the effect of dissimilar particle size during the calibration and showed little effect. Subsequent testing revealed problems with this sensor, including an inadequate temperature

  5. Massenmedien und Bildung: Eine padagogische Interpretation der Adorno-Benjamin-Kontroverse (Mass Media and Education: A Pedagogical Interpretation of the Controversy between Theodore Adorno and Walter Benjamin). (United States)

    Imai, Yasuo


    Gives a pedagogical interpretation of the controversy between Adorno (Theodore) and Benjamin (Walter). Sketches their different conceptions of what constitutes a pedagogical problem and discusses differences between their positions against the background of their shared concern, best described as "experiential poverty." (DSK)

  6. Degradation of Emerald green in oil paint and its contribution to the rapid change in colour of the Descente des vaches (1834-1835) painted by Theodore Rousseau

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Keune, K.; Boon, J.J.; Boitelle, R.; Shimadzu, Y.


    Descente des vaches (1836) by Theodore Rousseau in the Mesdag Collection in The Hague is barely readable and its paint layers are in poor condition. The surface of the painting is strongly deformed and cracked, the whole painting has darkened and especially the greens have lost all or most of their

  7. A lightning multiple casualty incident in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. (United States)

    Spano, Susanne J; Campagne, Danielle; Stroh, Geoff; Shalit, Marc


    Multiple casualty incidents (MCIs) are uncommon in remote wilderness settings. This is a case report of a lightning strike on a Boy Scout troop hiking through Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (SEKI), in which the lightning storm hindered rescue efforts. The purpose of this study was to review the response to a lightning-caused MCI in a wilderness setting, address lightning injury as it relates to field management, and discuss evacuation options in inclement weather incidents occurring in remote locations. An analysis of SEKI search and rescue data and a review of current literature were performed. A lightning strike at 10,600 feet elevation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains affected a party of 5 adults and 7 Boy Scouts (age range 12 to 17 years old). Resources mobilized for the rescue included 5 helicopters, 2 ambulances, 2 hospitals, and 15 field and 14 logistical support personnel. The incident was managed from strike to scene clearance in 4 hours and 20 minutes. There were 2 fatalities, 1 on scene and 1 in the hospital. Storm conditions complicated on-scene communication and evacuation efforts. Exposure to ongoing lightning and a remote wilderness location affected both victims and rescuers in a lightning MCI. Helicopters, the main vehicles of wilderness rescue in SEKI, can be limited by weather, daylight, and terrain. Redundancies in communication systems are vital for episodes of radio failure. Reverse triage should be implemented in lightning injury MCIs. Education of both wilderness travelers and rescuers regarding these issues should be pursued. Copyright © 2015 Wilderness Medical Society. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  8. Estimating the spatial and temporal distribution of species richness within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Steve Wathen

    Full Text Available Evidence for significant losses of species richness or biodiversity, even within protected natural areas, is mounting. Managers are increasingly being asked to monitor biodiversity, yet estimating biodiversity is often prohibitively expensive. As a cost-effective option, we estimated the spatial and temporal distribution of species richness for four taxonomic groups (birds, mammals, herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians, and plants within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks using only existing biological studies undertaken within the Parks and the Parks' long-term wildlife observation database. We used a rarefaction approach to model species richness for the four taxonomic groups and analyzed those groups by habitat type, elevation zone, and time period. We then mapped the spatial distributions of species richness values for the four taxonomic groups, as well as total species richness, for the Parks. We also estimated changes in species richness for birds, mammals, and herpetofauna since 1980. The modeled patterns of species richness either peaked at mid elevations (mammals, plants, and total species richness or declined consistently with increasing elevation (herpetofauna and birds. Plants reached maximum species richness values at much higher elevations than did vertebrate taxa, and non-flying mammals reached maximum species richness values at higher elevations than did birds. Alpine plant communities, including sagebrush, had higher species richness values than did subalpine plant communities located below them in elevation. These results are supported by other papers published in the scientific literature. Perhaps reflecting climate change: birds and herpetofauna displayed declines in species richness since 1980 at low and middle elevations and mammals displayed declines in species richness since 1980 at all elevations.

  9. Utilization of protein expression profiles as indicators of environmental impairment of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) from the Shenandoah River, Virginia, USA. (United States)

    Ripley, Jennifer; Iwanowicz, Luke; Blazer, Vicki; Foran, Christy


    The Shenandoah River (VA, USA), the largest tributary of the Potomac River (MD, USA) and an important source of drinking water, has been the site of extensive fish kills since 2004. Previous investigations indicate environmental stressors may be adversely modulating the immune system of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) and other species. Anterior kidney (AK) tissue, the major site of blood cell production in fish, was collected from smallmouth bass at three sites along the Shenandoah River. The tissue was divided for immune function and proteomics analyses. Bactericidal activity and respiratory burst were significantly different between North Fork and mainstem Shenandoah River smallmouth bass, whereas South Fork AK tissue did not significantly differ in either of these measures compared with the other sites. Cytotoxic cell activity was highest among South Fork and lowest among North Fork AK leukocytes. The composite two-dimension gels of the North Fork and mainstem smallmouth bass AK tissues contained 584 and 591 spots, respectively. South Fork smallmouth bass AK expressed only 335 proteins. Nineteen of 50 proteins analyzed by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight were successfully identified. Three of the four identified proteins with increased expression in South Fork AK tissue were involved in metabolism. Seven proteins exclusive to mainstem and North Fork smallmouth bass AK and expressed at comparable abundances serve immune and stress response functions. The proteomics data indicate these fish differ in metabolic capacity of AK tissue and in the ability to produce functional leukocytes. The variable responses of the immune function assays further indicate disruption to the immune system. Our results allow us to hypothesize underlying physiological changes that may relate to fish kills and suggest relevant contaminants known to produce similar physiological disruption.

  10. Changes in gas exchange characteristics during the life span of giant sequoia: Implications for response to current and future concentrations of atmospheric ozone

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grulke, N.E.; Miller, P.R. (USDA Forest Service, Riverside, CA (United States))

    Native stands of giant sequoia are being exposed to relatively high concentrations of atmospheric ozone produced in urban and agricultural areas upwind. The expected change in environmental conditions over the next 100 y is likely to be unprecendented in the life span (ca 2,500 y) of giant sequoia. Changes in the physiological responses of three age classes of giant sequoia (current year, 12 y and 25 y) to different concentrations of ozone were determined, and age-related differences in sensitivity to pollutants were assessed by examining physiological changes (gas exchange, water use efficiency) across the life span of giant sequoia. The CO[sub 2] exchange rate (CER) was greater in current year (12.1 [mu]mol CO[sub 2]/m[sup 2]s) and 2 year old seedlings (4.8 [mu]mol CO[sub 2]/m[sup 2]s) than in all older trees (average of 3.0 [mu]mol CO[sub 2]/m[sup 2]s). Dark respiration was highest for current year seedlings and was increased twofold in symptotic individuals exposed to elevated ozone concentrations. Stomatal conductance was greater in current-year and 2 year old seedlings (335 and 200 mmol H[sub 2]O/m[sup 2]s), respectively, than in all older trees (50 mmol H[sub 2]O/m[sup 2]s), indicating that the ozone concentration in substomatol cavities is higher in young seedlings than in older trees. Significant changes in water use efficiency occurred in trees between ages 5 and 20 years. It is concluded that giant sequoia seedlings are sensitive to atmospheric ozone until they are ca 5 y old. Low conductance, high water use efficiency, and compact mesophyll all contribute to a natural ozone tolerance, or defense, or both, in foliage of older trees. 11 refs., 1 fig., 1 tab.

  11. Attività sperimentale di agricoltura di precisione su vigneto Confronto tra i sensori Mapir Survey2 e Parrot Sequoia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simone Kartsiotis


    Full Text Available This report presents a comparison via field-testing between Parrot Sequoia and Mapir Survey2 multispectral cameras. Both sensors are commonly used in precision farming activities conducted by micro-RPAS (drones, thanks to their small size and light weight. The experimental activity was performed in summer on the vineyards of the Savignola Paolina agricultural holding in Tuscany. The sensors were taken on board the EXOS drone, a hexacopter developed by Zephyr S.r.l. company and specifically designed for precision farming operations. Good and bad qualities for each cameras are examined by a comprehensive approach, starting from technical specifications and continuing with a comparison of the results obtained on field. All the activity was performed by a partnership between the companies DroneBee and Zephyr S.r.l. .

  12. Impacts of fire management on aboveground tree carbon stocks in Yosemite and Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks (United States)

    Matchett, John R.; Lutz, James A.; Tarnay, Leland W.; Smith, Douglas G.; Becker, Kendall M.L.; Brooks, Matthew L.


    Forest biomass on Sierra Nevada landscapes constitutes one of the largest carbon stocks in California, and its stability is tightly linked to the factors driving fire regimes. Research suggests that fire suppression, logging, climate change, and present management practices in Sierra Nevada forests have altered historic patterns of landscape carbon storage, and over a century of fire suppression and the resulting accumulation in surface fuels have been implicated in contributing to recent increases in high severity, stand-replacing fires. For over 30 years, fire management at Yosemite (YOSE) and Sequoia & Kings Canyon (SEKI) national parks has led the nation in restoring fire to park landscapes; however, the impacts on the stability and magnitude of carbon stocks have not been thoroughly examined.

  13. Byzantine People’s Anthropology. The Force of the Foot And Its Reflection in the Life of St. Theodore Sikeot

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikolay Dmitrievich Barabanov


    Full Text Available The article deals with one aspect of Byzantine folk anthropology in its religious incarnation. We are speaking about human limbs, feet of the Saint, who showed specific ability of miracles using them. Among the many wonders which were committed by Holy Theodore Sikeot, who was Abbot of Sikeon monastery and former Bishop of Anastasiopol (date of death – April 22, 613, three of them deserve special attention. In the narration of life of the Saint it is told about healing the patients who suffered from paralysis of limbs and, consequently, were deprived of their ability to move. Saint Theodore saved them from illness not only by the power of prayer. In all cases he put his foot on the body of the patient, in particular, on chest and knees. This kind of touch makes us think about the meaning of committed ritual and about that complex of ideas which was connected with it. Presumably, the described action reflected not only the individual attitude of the hagiographer but also an attitude of the audience, to which it was addressed. For this reason, this phenomenon should be considered not as a hagiographic topos, but as an element of the mythological-ritual continuum, which is connected with religious contemplation of the specificity of the different parts of the human body, in particular, of the lower limbs. The tradition of honoring the legs and their prints are well known and are rooted in “deep antiquity”. In the pre-Christian world of the Graeco- Roman time there was the cult of the legs, the image of which was regarded as an amulet, which had an apotropaic power. The feet can be associated with different deities, however, most of all, the following cult was associated with Serapis, the God of fertility, underworld and healing. It was believed that the right foot of Serapis had healing force. However, the process of transferring of the properties of Serapis foot to the foot of Christian Saint raises some questions. First of all, about

  14. El Internacionalismo de Theodore Roosevelt : el excepcionalismo enérgico de su política exterior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro Fco. Ramos Josa


    Full Text Available el objetivo de este artículo es estudiar el legado político de Theodore Roosevelt bajo la perspectiva de su política exterior y demostrar así su vigencia en pleno siglo XXI, tanto por su influencia en la evolución del pensamiento político estadounidense como por sus propias características. T. Roosevelt fue el primer Presidente en abandonar el unilateralismo aislacionista en materia de política exterior, para colocar a Estados Unidos en la senda internacionalista que hoy le caracteriza, de ahí que sea imprescindible analizar su pensamiento político en lo relativo a la política exterior. El excepcionalismo enérgico fue la respuesta elaborada por T. Roosevelt para resolver la ecuación formulada por el ascenso de Estados Unidos a potencia mundial y su tradicional retraimiento a la hora de participar en los asuntos mundiales. A partir de entonces y bajo su impulso, comenzó un debate que está lejos de resolverse sobre qué papel debe desempeñar Estados Unidos en la comunidad internacional y cómo debe desempeñarlo.the aim of this article is to study the polical legacy of Theodore Roosevelt under the perspective of his foreign policy and to show its relevance in the XXI century, both for his influence in the evolution of the american political thought and for its own characteristics. T. Roosevelt was the first President who dropped out the isolationist unilateralism in the realm of foreign policy, in order to put America in the internationalist path, hence it is essential to analyze his political thought relating to foreign policy. The strenuous internationalism was the answer that T. Roosevelt devised to settle the equation formulated by the rise of the United States to a world power status and its traditional shyness to be an active player in foreign affaires. Since then, and under his impetus, a debate was started that is far from being resolved about which is the rol that America should play in the internacional community and how

  15. Sollevarsi dallo stagno afferrandosi per il codino. L’attualità della metacritica di Theodor W. Adorno (Pulling oneself out of the bog by one’s own pigtail. The legacy of Theodor W. Adorno’s metacritique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available n this article the author highlights some issues about Adorno’s thought that are fundamental to be acquired in the present age. It focuses on the questions most criticized in the postwar period: cultural industry, managed world, presumed snobbery about mass society, decline of aura, end of individuality, post-individual or pseudo-individuality, ticket mentality. Therefore, the author suggests to explain contemporary age starting from the Adornian model, an important interpretive antecedent to understand new media and the world that they produce. So this article underscores the similarity about many causes for reflection in Theodor W. Adorno and also H. Marcuse: in spite of oustanding differences, both theorists persist on the “power of negative thinking” and on the “feeling of the contrary”. This persistence lays the foundations of critical thought in Adorno, who shows parodying art such as the critical model par excellence. Finally, last pages are directed to remark the importance of Adorno’s thought such as metacritical philosophy, surely more fruitful than the paradigm of the “second generation” in the following decades.

  16. A natural resource condition assessment for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks: Appendix 22: climatic change (United States)

    Das, Adrian J.; Stephenson, Nathan L.


    Climate is a master controller of the structure, composition, and function of biotic communities, affecting them both directly, through physiological effects, and indirectly, by mediating biotic interactions and by influencing disturbance regimes. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park’s (SEKI’s) dramatic elevational changes in biotic communities -- from warm mediterranean to cold alpine -- are but one manifestation of climate’s overarching importance in shaping SEKI’s landscape. Yet humans are now altering the global climate, with measurable effects on ecosystems (IPCC 2007). Over the last few decades across the western United States, human-induced climatic changes have likely contributed to observed declines in fraction of precipitation falling as snow and snowpack water content (Mote et al. 2005, Knowles et al. 2006), advance in spring snowmelt (Stewart et al. 2005, Barnett et al. 2008), and consequent increase in area burned in wildfires (Westerling et al. 2006). In the Sierra Nevada, warming temperatures have likely contributed to observed glacial recession (Basagic 2008), uphill migration of small mammals (Moritz et al. 2008), and increasing tree mortality rates (van Mantgem and Stephenson 2007, van Mantgem et al. 2009). More substantial changes can be expected for the future (e.g., IPCC 2007). Given the central importance of climate and climatic changes, we sought to describe long-term trends in temperature and precipitation at SEKI. Time and budget constraints limited us to analyses of mean annual temperature and mean annual precipitation, using readily-available data. If funds become available in the future, further analyses will be needed to analyze trends by season, trends in daily minimum and maximum temperatures, and so on. We chose to analyze data from individual weather stations rather than use interpolated climatic data from sources such as PRISM ( In topographically complex mountainous regions with few

  17. ‘Nicht jüdeln’: Jews and Habsburg Loyalty in Franz Theodor Csokor’s Dritter November 1918

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lisa Silverman


    Full Text Available This article argues that Franz Theodor Csokor’s three-act drama, Dritter November 1918: Ende der Armee Österreich-Ungarns (Third of November 1918: End of the Army in Austria-Hungary reveals how Jewish difference played an important—if often unrecognized—role in the shaping the terms of Austrian patriotism in the years leading up to 1938. Portrayals of Habsburg loyalty as “Jewish” or “not Jewish” helped articulate how nostalgia for Austria-Hungary would figure in a new sense of Austrianness, a project that took on even more urgency under the authoritarian censors of the Ständestaat. While the play’s portrayal of a Jewish doctor as level-headed, peace-loving, and caring countered some egregious antisemitic stereotypes about disloyal and sexually perverted Jews, it also suggested that Jews were overly rational, lacking in emotional depth, and, ultimately, unable to embody a new Catholic, spiritual, Austrian patriotic ideal. Considered in its broader political context, and along with Csokor’s earlier unpublished drama Gesetz, the play reveals how labelling Habsburg loyalty as Jewish helped to clarify and critique the nature of what it meant to be Austrian under an authoritarian regime that promoted a pro-Catholic, anti-Nazi vision of Austrian patriotism. It also offers a prime example of how even anti-antisemitic authors like Csokor perpetuated negative stereotypes about Jews, even as they aimed to present them in a more positive light.

  18. Sobrevivir a la efeméride. La compleja herencia estética de Theodor W. Adorno

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: El presente texto reivindica el pensamiento estético de Theodor W. Adorno, argumentando la actualidad de su legado más allá de su valor historiográfico como testigo crítico del arte moderno, con una especial atención a elementos que han sido malinterpretados en su recepción, como las aporías que constituyen la división entre alta cultura y cultura de masas, el diálogo de la estética adorniana con la evolución de las fuerzas productivas artísticas o su metodología teórica, que plantea exigencias cruciales a la estética y la teoría del arte como disciplinas académicas.ABSTRACT: The article vindicates Adorno’s aesthetic thought by presenting the value of Adorno’s legacy beyond its historiographic value as a critical witness of contemporary art. The article pays special attention to the aspects that have traditionally been misinterpreted in the reception of Adorno’s writings, such as the aporias that make up the division between high and low culture, the dialogue between Adorno’s aesthetics and the evolution of artistic forces, or his theoretical methodology, which raises crucial issues for the field of aesthetics and art theory as academic disciplines.

  19. THEODORE, a two-step heating system for the EC/OC determination of radiocarbon (14C) in the environment

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Szidat, S.; Jenk, T.M.; Gaeggeler, H.W.; Synal, H.-A.; Hajdas, I.; Bonani, G.; Saurer, M.


    Measurements of 14 C in the organic carbon (OC) and elemental carbon (EC) fractions, respectively, of fine aerosol particles bear the potential to apportion anthropogenic and biogenic emission sources. For this purpose, the system THEODORE (two-step heating system for the EC/OC determination of radiocarbon in the environment) was developed. In this device, OC and EC are transformed into carbon dioxide in a stream of oxygen at 340 and 650 deg. C, respectively, and reduced to filamentous carbon. This is the target material for subsequent accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) 14 C measurements, which were performed on sub-milligram carbon samples at the PSI/ETH compact 500 kV AMS system. Quality assurance measurements of SRM 1649a, Urban Dust, yielded a fraction of modern f M in total carbon (TC) of 0.522 ± 0.018 (n=5, 95% confidence level) in agreement with reported values. The results for OC and EC are 0.70 ± 0.05 (n=3) and 0.066 ± 0.020 (n=4), respectively

  20. MUSLIM-CHRISTIAN DEBATES IN THEEARLY ‘ABBASID PERIOD: The Cases of Timothy I and Theodore Abu Qurra

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hans Abdiel Harmakaputra


    Full Text Available The era of the early ‘Abbasid caliphate made an important mark on the history of the world by the event of the Greek translation movement, i.e. the translation of Greek thoughts into the Arabic language. In addition to this development, the era also saw the flourishing of interreligious discourse, in both polemical literatures and religious debates, especially between Christians and Muslims. This article tries to describe how those two historical remarks are correlated under the light of other factors such as politics and religious identity. The earliest debate was happened between caliph al-Mahdi (r. 755-785 CE and a Nestorian Catholicos, Timothy I (728- 823 CE, as the first sample of religious discourses. The second one is the debate between the caliph al-Ma’mun (r. 813-833CE, who arranged many religious debates in his court, with Theodore Abu Qurra (755 – 830 CE, Bishop of Harran. By knowing the motives of the two caliphs who sponsored those events, readers would catch a better picture of the historical contexts of that time.

  1. Theodor Goecke. The small dwelling in the German urban debate of the end of the nineteenth century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorge Bosch Abarca


    Full Text Available The last decade of the 19th century is especially relevant in Germany with relation to the matter of the working-class housing and its influence in the city shape. During previous years, this dwelling was developed inserted into the large and deep urban block with the few exceptions of occasional works of reform character produced by non-profit building societies. In Berlin, the small dwelling becomes, for the first time, in 1891, an object of attention of the professional collective of architects. With Theodor Goecke as one of its main figures, the debate on the urban form and the working-class housing model will lead towards new proposals for a green and extended city, where in addition to the tenement rental building, the single-family house will become increasingly present. The differentiation of traffics, with the consideration of a new type of street for a more domestic living, not foreseen in the significant nineteenth-century designs of the Berliner city, favour this protagonism and establishes a starting point for the new modern approaches that will consolidate in the German urban planning of the first European post-war.

  2. Experiência e Utopia em Theodor W. Adorno, André Gorz e François Dubet

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sílvio César Camargo


    sociedade contemporânea. Conceito bastante complexo quanto a sua possibilidade de apreensão pela sociologia, experiência se refere tanto a problemas relativos ao conhecimento e suas possibilidades, mas também para as possibilidades de transformação da sociedade. Entende-se que há três teóricos da sociedade contemporânea, que partindo de bases epistemológicas diferentes, problematizam a emancipação humana a partir de uma singular atenção ao conceito de experiência. Theodor W. Adorno, André Gorz e François Dubet representam três formas de pensamento sobre a sociedade bastante diferentes, mas que possuem em comum o interesse normativo, e seu confronto nos mostra a importância do conceito de experiência para a compreensão da sociedade contemporânea e para pensar-se a utopia.

  3. According to German Finance Minister Dr. Theodor Karl Helfferich “The Causes of of The First World War”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mustafa ÇOLAK


    Full Text Available In history mankind has experienced the most devastating experience during the years of the First World War. This pre-war and war in the later stages of a decision taken individually, even thousands, even millions of lives have been directly or indirectly affected. Experiencing the process and outcome of the war rather than the causes of human history has so much more busy. Therefore, the cause of the war which works popularity continues even today. Concerning the reasons for the war period, written by the German Finance Minister Dr. Helfferich especially in England, including working with its allies in the war of public opinion in the state has led to many discussions concerning the reasons. Dr. Helfferich’s “The Beginning of Great War”; “German’s Case in The Supreme Court of Civilization”; was published under the title of The New York Times by the Fatherland company in 1915. Dr. Karl Helfferich’s study has been translated in different languages in following period. Keywords: Dr. Theodor Karl Helfferich, The First World War, Reşid Safvet Atabinen, Ottoman Empire, Germany.

  4. Geophysical log analysis of selected test and residential wells at the Shenandoah Road National Superfund Site, East Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York (United States)

    Reynolds, Richard J.; Anderson, J. Alton; Williams, John H.


    The U.S. Geological Survey collected and analyzed geophysical logs from 20 test wells and 23 residential wells at the Shenandoah Road National Superfund Site in East Fishkill, New York, from 2006 through 2010 as part of an Interagency Agreement to provide hydrogeologic technical support to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2. The geophysical logs collected include caliper, gamma, acoustic and optical televiewer, deviation, electromagnetic-induction, magnetic-susceptibility, fluid-property, and flow under ambient and pumped conditions. The geophysical logs were analyzed along with single-well aquifer test data and drilling logs to characterize the lithology, fabric, fractures, and flow zones penetrated by the wells. The results of the geophysical log analysis were used as part of the hydrogeologic characterization of the site and in the design of discrete-zone monitoring installations in the test wells and selected residential wells.

  5. Groundwater residence times in Shenandoah National Park, Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia, USA: A multi-tracer approach (United States)

    Plummer, Niel; Busenberg, E.; Böhlke, J.K.; Nelms, D.L.; Michel, R.L.; Schlosser, P.


    Chemical and isotopic properties of water discharging from springs and wells in Shenandoah National Park (SNP), near the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains, VA, USA were monitored to obtain information on groundwater residence times. Investigated time scales included seasonal (wet season, April, 1996; dry season, August–September, 1997), monthly (March through September, 1999) and hourly (30-min interval recording of specific conductance and temperature, March, 1999 through February, 2000). Multiple environmental tracers, including tritium/helium-3 (3H/3He), chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), sulfur-35 (35S), and stable isotopes (δ18O and δ2H) of water, were used to estimate the residence times of shallow groundwater discharging from 34 springs and 15 wells. The most reliable ages of water from springs appear to be based on SF6 and 3H/3He, with most ages in the range of 0–3 years. This range is consistent with apparent ages estimated from concentrations of CFCs; however, CFC-based ages have large uncertainties owing to the post-1995 leveling-off of the CFC atmospheric growth curves. Somewhat higher apparent ages are indicated by 35S (>1.5 years) and seasonal variation of δ18O (mean residence time of 5 years) for spring discharge. The higher ages indicated by the 35S and δ18O data reflect travel times through the unsaturated zone and, in the case of 35S, possible sorption and exchange of S with soils or biomass. In springs sampled in April, 1996, apparent ages derived from the 3H/3He data (median age of 0.2 years) are lower than those obtained from SF6 (median age of 4.3 years), and in contrast to median ages from 3H/3He (0.3 years) and SF6 (0.7 years) obtained during the late summer dry season of 1997. Monthly samples from 1999 at four springs in SNP had SF6apparent ages of only 1.2 to 2.5±0.8 years, and were consistent with the 1997 SF6 data. Water from springs has low excess air (0–1 cm3 kg−1) and N2–Ar temperatures that vary

  6. [Natural science vs. natural philosophy: Friedrich Theodor von Frerichs and the emergence of modern western medicine in the 19th century]. (United States)

    Hansen, Werner


    The beginnings of modern western medicine reach to about 1800 when under the liberating influence of French Revolution observation of diseases was started to follow more scientifically justified criteria. At that time speculative doctrines prevailed, e. g. those set up natural philosopher Schelling. In this context Internist Friedrich Theodor von Frerichs at Berlin Charité University Hospital gained great merits because of his struggle for a scientifically-based experimental clinical medicine. This is demonstrated nicely in a recently found autograph document. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

  7. A natural resource condition assessment for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks: Appendix 14: plants of conservation concern (United States)

    Huber, Ann; Das, Adrian; Wenk, Rebecca; Haultain, Sylvia


    Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are located in the California Floristic Province, which has been named one of world‘s hotspots of endemic biodiversity (Myers et al. 2000). The California Floristic Province is the largest and most important geographic floristic unit in California and extends from the Klamath Mountains of southwestern Oregon to the northwestern portion of Baja California (Hickman 1993). The Sierra Nevada, one of six regions that make up the California Floristic Province, covers nearly 20% of the land in California yet contains over 50% of its flora. Within the Sierra Nevada, the southern Sierra supports more Sierran endemic and rare plant taxa than the central and northern portions of the region (Shevock 1996). Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (SEKI) encompass roughly 20% of the southern Sierra Nevada region. The parks overlap three floristic subregions (central Sierra Nevada High, southern Sierra Nevada High, and southern Sierra Nevada Foothills), and border the Great Basin Floristic Province. The parks support a rich and diverse vascular flora composed of over 1,560 taxa. Of these, 150 taxa are identified as having special status. The term special status is applied here to include taxa that are state or federally listed, rare in California, or at risk because they have a limited distribution. Only one species from these parks is listed under the state or federal Endangered Species Acts (Carex tompkinsii, Tompkins‘ sedge, is listed as a rare species under the California Endangered Species Act), and one species is under review for federal endangered listing (Pinus albicaulis, whitebark pine). However, an absence of threatened and endangered species recognized by Endangered Species Acts is not equivalent to an absence of species at risk. There are 83 plant taxa documented as occurring in SEKI that are considered imperiled or vulnerable in the state by the California Department of Fish and Game‘s California Natural Diversity

  8. Instituto SEQUOIA : Um serviço privado,  multidisciplinar e de cuidado aos idosos SEQUOIA Institute: A multidisciplinary private service for the care of senior citizens L’Institut SEQUOIA : Un service privé multidisciplinaire pour les soins des personnes du troisième âge Instituto SEQUOIA : Un servicio privado y multidisciplinario de atención a las personas de la tercera edad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anelise Fonseca


    Full Text Available Population aging is a reality all over the world, requiring a change in the way care is perceived and resources are divided for different age groups. In Brazil, current indicators and projections place the country among those with the highest number of elderly people. By contrast, there is a shortage of action plans and inter- and multi-disciplinary teams, as well as public policies and professionals, focusing on the elderly, in part as a consequence of an accelerated aging process in developing countries. Within this context, the SEQUOIA Institute (IS was created to attend to this process by monitoring the overall health of patients. The institute's routine work includes clinical actions, team meetings, socialization projects and lectures. The IS features a 10% yearly growth in medical assistance, a 20% rise in psychological treatments, and a 50% increase in lecture attendance.Le vieillissement de la population est un phénomène mondial qui exige de revoir la façon dont sont perçus les soins et dont sont divisées les ressources en fonction des différentes tranches d’âge. Les indicateurs et les projections actuels montrent que le Brésil est le pays qui compte la plus grande proportion de personnes âgées. Et pourtant, les plans d’action, les équipes inter- et pluridisciplinaires, mais aussi les politiques publiques et les professionnels spécialistes des questions liées aux personnes âgées sont en nombre insuffisant, notamment en raison d’un processus de vieillissement accéléré dans les pays en développement. C’est dans ce contexte qu’a été créé l’Institut SEQUOIA (IS, dont la mission consiste à gérer ce processus en effectuant un suivi de la santé générale des patients. Les principales tâches de l’institut incluent études cliniques, réunions d’équipes, projets impliquant des débats et conférences. L’IS affiche une croissance annuelle de 10 % dans le secteur de l’assistance médicale, de 20

  9. Critical Loads of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition for Aquatic Ecosystems in Yosemite and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (United States)

    Nanus, L.; Clow, D. W.; Sickman, J. O.


    High-elevation aquatic ecosystems in Yosemite (YOSE) and Sequoia and Kings Canyon (SEKI) National Parks are impacted by atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition associated with local and regional air pollution. Documented effects include elevated surface water nitrate concentrations, increased algal productivity, and changes in diatom species assemblages. Annual wet inorganic N deposition maps, developed at 1-km resolution for YOSE and SEKI to quantify N deposition to sensitive high-elevation ecosystems, range from 1.0 to over 5.0 kg N ha-1 yr-1. Critical loads of N deposition for nutrient enrichment of aquatic ecosystems were quantified and mapped using a geostatistical approach, with N deposition, topography, vegetation, geology, and climate as potential explanatory variables. Multiple predictive models were created using various combinations of explanatory variables; this approach allowed us to better quantify uncertainty and more accurately identify the areas most sensitive to atmospherically deposited N. The lowest critical loads estimates and highest exceedances identified within YOSE and SEKI occurred in high-elevation basins with steep slopes, sparse vegetation, and areas of neoglacial till and talus. These results are consistent with previous analyses in the Rocky Mountains, and highlight the sensitivity of alpine ecosystems to atmospheric N deposition.

  10. Ein Nachkömmling Tristans : Warum hat Theodor Storm in seiner Novelle „Späte Rosen" Gottfried von Straßburgs „Tristan und Isolde" erwähnt?


    田淵, 昌太


    Man hat bisher Theodor Storms Novelle „Späte Rosen" für ein Werk gehalten, das ein friedliches Familienleben beziehungweise das tägliche Zusammenleben eines Ehepaars schildert. Zum Beispiel hat Beate Charlotte Göhler in ihrer umfangreichen Storm-Biografie geschrieben, dass Theodor Storm mit diesem Werk seiner Frau Constanze eine Liebeserklärung machte („Ein Leben für die Graue Stadt" S.198). Wenn man diese Novelle nur oberflächlich liest, ist es eine mögliche Folge, dass man „Späte Rosen"...

  11. SEQUOIA Institute: A multidisciplinary private service for the care of senior citizens L’Institut SEQUOIA : Un service privé multidisciplinaire pour les soins des personnes du troisième âge Instituto SEQUOIA : Un servicio privado y multidisciplinario de atención a las personas de la tercera edad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anelise Fonseca


    Full Text Available Population aging is a reality all over the world, requiring a change in the way care is perceived and resources are divided for different age groups. In Brazil, current indicators and projections place the country among those with the highest number of elderly people. By contrast, there is a shortage of action plans and inter- and multi-disciplinary teams, as well as public policies and professionals, focusing on the elderly, in part as a consequence of an accelerated aging process in developing countries. Within this context, the SEQUOIA Institute (IS was created to attend to this process by monitoring the overall health of patients. The institute's routine work includes clinical actions, team meetings, socialization projects and lectures. The IS features a 10% yearly growth in medical assistance, a 20% rise in psychological treatments, and a 50% increase in lecture attendance.Le vieillissement de la population est un phénomène mondial qui exige de revoir la façon dont sont perçus les soins et dont sont divisées les ressources en fonction des différentes tranches d’âge. Les indicateurs et les projections actuels montrent que le Brésil est le pays qui compte la plus grande proportion de personnes âgées. Et pourtant, les plans d’action, les équipes inter- et pluridisciplinaires, mais aussi les politiques publiques et les professionnels spécialistes des questions liées aux personnes âgées sont en nombre insuffisant, notamment en raison d’un processus de vieillissement accéléré dans les pays en développement. C’est dans ce contexte qu’a été créé l’Institut SEQUOIA (IS, dont la mission consiste à gérer ce processus en effectuant un suivi de la santé générale des patients. Les principales tâches de l’institut incluent études cliniques, réunions d’équipes, projets impliquant des débats et conférences. L’IS affiche une croissance annuelle de 10 % dans le secteur de l’assistance médicale, de 20

  12. The effect of low- and high-power microwave irradiation on in vitro grown Sequoia plants and their recovery after cryostorage. (United States)

    Halmagyi, A; Surducan, E; Surducan, V


    Two distinct microwave power levels and techniques have been studied in two cases: low-power microwave (LPM) irradiation on in vitro Sequoia plants and high-power microwave (HPM) exposure on recovery rates of cryostored (-196°C) Sequoia shoot apices. Experimental variants for LPM exposure included: (a) in vitro plants grown in regular conditions (at 24 ± 1°C during a 16-h light photoperiod with a light intensity of 39.06 μEm -2 s -1 photosynthetically active radiation), (b) in vitro plants grown in the anechoic chamber with controlled environment without microwave irradiation, and (c) in vitro plants grown in the anechoic chamber with LPM irradiation for various times (5, 15, 30, 40 days). In comparison to control plants, significant differences in shoot multiplication and growth parameters (length of shoots and roots) were observed after 40 days of LPM exposure. An opposite effect was achieved regarding the content of total soluble proteins, which decreased with increasing exposure time to LPM. HPM irradiation was tested as a novel rewarming method following storage in liquid nitrogen. To our knowledge, this is the first report using this type of rewarming method. Although, shoot tips subjected to HPM exposure showed 28% recovery following cryostorage compared to 44% for shoot tips rewarmed in liquid medium at 22 ± 1 °C, we consider that the method represent a basis and can be further improved. The results lead to the overall conclusion that LPM had a stimulating effect on growth and multiplication of in vitro Sequoia plants, while the HPM used for rewarming of cryopreserved apices was not effective to achieve high rates of regrowth after liquid nitrogen exposure.

  13. Interpretation of concentration‐discharge patterns in acid‐neutralizing capacity during storm flow in three small, forested catchments in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia (United States)

    Rice, Karen C.; Chanat, Jeffrey G.; Hornberger, George M.; Webb, James R.


    Episodic concentration‐discharge (c‐Q) plots are a popular tool for interpreting the hydrochemical response of small, forested catchments. Application of the method involves assuming an underlying conceptual model of runoff processes and comparing observed c‐Q looping patterns with those predicted by the model. We analyzed and interpreted c‐Q plots of acid‐neutralizing capacity (ANC) for 133 storms collected over a 7‐year period from three catchments in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. Because of their underlying lithologies the catchments represent a gradient in both hydrologic and geochemical behavior, ranging from a flashy, acidic, poorly buffered catchment to a moderate, neutral, well‐buffered catchment. The relative frequency of observed anticlockwise c‐Q loops in each catchment decreased along this gradient. Discriminant function analysis indicated that prestorm base flow ANC was an important predictor of loop rotation direction; however, the strength of the predictive relationship decreased along the same gradient. The trends were consistent with several equally plausible three‐component mixing models. Uncertainty regarding end‐member timing and relative volume and possible time variation in end‐member concentrations were key factors precluding identification of a unique model. The inconclusive results obtained on this large data set suggest that identification of underlying runoff mechanisms on the basis of a small number of c‐Q plots without additional supporting evidence is likely to be misleading.

  14. Investigation of Organic Chemicals Potentially Responsible for Mortality and Intersex in Fish of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River, Virginia, during Spring of 2007 (United States)

    Alvarez, David A.; Cranor, Walter L.; Perkins, Stephanie D.; Schroeder, Vickie L.; Werner, Stephen; Furlong, Edward T.; Holmes, John


    Declining fish health, fish exhibiting external lesions, incidences of intersex, and death, have been observed recently within the Potomac River basin. The basin receives surface runoff and direct inputs from agricultural, industrial, and other human activities. Two locations on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River were selected for study in an attempt to identify chemicals that may have contributed to the declining fish health. Two passive sampling devices, semipermeable membrane devices (SPMDs) and polar organic chemical integrative samplers (POCIS), were deployed during consecutive two-month periods during the spring and early summer of 2007 to measure select organic contaminants to which fish may have been exposed. This study determined that concentrations of persistent hydrophobic contaminants, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (wastewater treatment plant effluent or septic tank discharges were identified. In contrast, para-cresol, N,N-diethyltoluamide, and caffeine commonly were detected. Prescription pharmaceuticals including carbamazepine, venlafaxine, and 17a-ethynylestradiol were at low concentrations. Extracts from the passive samplers also were screened for the presence of estrogenic chemicals using the yeast estrogen screen. An estrogenic response was observed in POCIS samples from both sites, whereas SPMD samples exhibited little to no estrogenicity. This indicates that the chemicals producing the estrogenic response have a greater water solubility and are, therefore, less likely to bioaccumulate in fatty tissues of organisms.

  15. Synthesis of thirty years of surface water quality and aquatic biota data in Shenandoah National Park: Collaboration between the US Geological Survey and the National Park Service (United States)

    Rice, Karen C.; Jastram, John D.; Wofford, John E.B.; Schaberl, James P.


    The eastern United States has been the recipient of acidic atmospheric deposition (hereinafter, “acid rain”) for many decades. Deleterious effects of acid rain on natural resources have been well documented for surface water (e.g., Likens et al. 1996; Stoddard et al. 2001), soils (Bailey et al. 2005), forest health (Long et al. 2009), and habitat suitability for stream biota (Baker et al. 1993). Shenandoah National Park (SNP) is located in northern and central Virginia and consists of a long, narrow strip of land straddling the Blue Ridge Mountains (Figure 1). The park’s elevated topography and location downwind of the Ohio River valley, where many acidic emissions to the atmosphere are generated (NSTC 2005), have made it a target for acid rain. Characterizing the link between air quality and water quality as related to acid rain, contaminants, soil conditions, and forest health is a high priority for research and monitoring in SNP. The US Geological Survey (USGS) and SNP have had a long history of collaboration on documenting acid rain effects on the park’s natural resources, starting in 1985 and continuing to the present (Lynch and Dise 1985; Rice et al. 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007; Deviney et al. 2006, 2012; Jastram et al. 2013).

  16. Effects of stock use and backpackers on water quality in wilderness in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, USA (United States)

    Clow, David W.; Forrester, Harrison; Miller, Benjamin; Roop, Heidi; Sickman, James O.; Ryu, Hodon; Santo Domingo, Jorge


    During 2010-2011, a study was conducted in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (SEKI) to evaluate the influence of pack animals (stock) and backpackers on water quality in wilderness lakes and streams. The study had three main components: (1) a synoptic survey of water quality in wilderness areas of the parks, (2) paired water-quality sampling above and below several areas with differing types and amounts of visitor use, and (3) intensive monitoring at six sites to document temporal variations in water quality. Data from the synoptic water-quality survey indicated that wilderness lakes and streams are dilute and have low nutrient and Escherichia coli (E. coli) concentrations. The synoptic survey sites were categorized as minimal use, backpacker use, or mixed use (stock and backpackers), depending on the most prevalent type of use upstream from the sampling locations. Sites with mixed use tended to have higher concentrations of most constituents (including E.coli) than those categorized as minimal-use (p≤0.05); concentrations at backpacker-use sites were intermediate. Data from paired-site sampling indicated that E.coli, total coliform, and particulate phosphorus concentrations were greater in streams downstream from mixed-use areas than upstream from those areas (p≤0.05). Paired-site data also indicated few statistically significant differences in nutrient, E. coli, or total coliform concentrations in streams upstream and downstream from backpacker-use areas. The intensive-monitoring data indicated that nutrient and E. coli concentrations normally were low, except during storms, when notable increases in concentrations of E.coli, nutrients, dissolved organic carbon, and turbidity occurred. In summary, results from this study indicate that water quality in SEKI wilderness generally is good, except during storms; and visitor use appears to have a small, but statistically significant influence on stream water quality.

  17. A comparison of effects from prescribed fires and wildfires managed for resource objectives in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (United States)

    Nesmith, C.B.; Caprio, Anthony C.; Pfaff, Anne H.; McGinnis, Thomas W.; Keeley, Jon E.


    Current goals for prescription burning are focused on measures of fuel consumption and changes in forest density. These benchmarks, however, do not address the extent to which prescription burning meets perceived ecosystem needs of heterogeneity in burning, both for overstory trees and understory herbs and shrubs. There are still questions about how closely prescribed fires mimic these patterns compared to natural wildfires. This study compared burn patterns of prescribed fires and managed unplanned wildfires to understand how the differing burning regimes affect ecosystem properties. Measures of forest structure and fire severity were sampled in three recent prescribed fires and three wildfires managed for resource objectives in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Fine scale patterns of fire severity and heterogeneity were compared between fire types using ground-based measures of fire effects on fuels and overstory and understory vegetation. Prescribed fires and wildfires managed for resource objectives displayed similar patterns of overstory and understory fire severity, heterogeneity, and seedling and sapling survival. Variation among plots within the same fire was always greater than between fire types. Prescribed fires can provide burned landscapes that approximate natural fires in many ways. It is recognized that constraints placed on when wildfires managed for resource objectives are allowed to burn freely may bias the range of conditions that might have been experienced under more natural conditions. Therefore they may not exactly mimic natural wildfires. Overall, the similarity in fire effects that we observed between prescribed fires and managed wildfires indicate that despite the restrictions that are often placed on prescribed fires, they appear to be creating post-fire conditions that approximate natural fires when assessed on a fine spatial scale.

  18. Hermeneutics of Leadership: The Meaning and Transmission of Leadership and Catholic Jesuit Cultural Ethos and Values through the Lenses of Seven Jesuit University Leaders' Emeriti and Father Theodore Hesburgh (United States)

    Muoneme, Maduabuchi Leo


    In this hermeneutics of leadership study, my purpose was to discover and understand the phenomena of Catholic and Jesuit university presidential leadership through the lenses of seven Jesuit university leaders' emeriti and Father Theodore Hesburgh. Beyond the general backdrop of higher education in America, a systematic overview of organizational…

  19. Special lecture in memory of Glenn Theodore Seaborg (19 April 1912 - 25 February 1999) Glenn T. Seaborg's multi-faceted career

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hoffman, Darleane C.


    Glenn Theodore Seaborg (1912-1999) was a world-renowned nuclear chemist, a Nobel Laureate in chemistry in 1951, co-discoverer of plutonium and nine other transuranium elements, Chairman of the US Atomic Energy Commission from 1961-71, scientific advisor to ten US presidents, active in national and international professional societies, an advocate for nuclear power as well as for a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty, a prolific writer, an avid hiker, environmentalist, and sports enthusiast. He was known and esteemed not only by chemists and other scientists throughout the world, but also by lay people, politicians, statesmen, and students of all ages. This memorial includes a brief glimpse of Glenn Seaborg's early life and education, describes some of his major contributions to nuclear science over his long and fruitful career, and highlights his profound influence on nuclear science, both in the US and in the international community.

  20. The effects of raking on sugar pine mortality following prescribed fire in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, California, USA (United States)

    Nesmith, Jonathan C. B.; O'Hara, Kevin L.; van Mantgem, Phillip J.; de Valpine, Perry


    Prescribed fire is an important tool for fuel reduction, the control of competing vegetation, and forest restoration. The accumulated fuels associated with historical fire exclusion can cause undesirably high tree mortality rates following prescribed fires and wildfires. This is especially true for sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana Douglas), which is already negatively affected by the introduced pathogen white pine blister rust (Cronartium ribicola J.C. Fisch. ex Rabenh). We tested the efficacy of raking away fuels around the base of sugar pine to reduce mortality following prescribed fire in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, California, USA. This study was conducted in three prescribed fires and included 457 trees, half of which had the fuels around their bases raked away to mineral soil to 0.5 m away from the stem. Fire effects were assessed and tree mortality was recorded for three years after prescribed fires. Overall, raking had no detectable effect on mortality: raked trees averaged 30% mortality compared to 36% for unraked trees. There was a significant effect, however, between the interaction of raking and average pre-treatment forest floor fuel depth: the predicted probability of survival of a 50 cm dbh tree was 0.94 vs. 0.96 when average pre-treatment fuel depth was 0 cm for a raked and unraked tree, respectively. When average pre-treatment forest floor fuel depth was 30 cm, the predicted probability of survival for a raked 50 cm dbh tree was 0.60 compared to only 0.07 for an unraked tree. Raking did not affect mortality when fire intensity, measured as percent crown volume scorched, was very low (0% scorch) or very high (>80% scorch), but the raking treatment significantly increased the proportion of trees that survived by 9.6% for trees that burned under moderate fire intensity (1% to 80% scorch). Raking significantly reduced the likelihood of bole charring and bark beetle activity three years post fire. Fuel depth and anticipated fire intensity need

  1. Downstream passage and impact of turbine shutdowns on survival of silver American Eels at five hydroelectric dams on the Shenandoah River (United States)

    Eyler, Sheila; Welsh, Stuart A.; Smith, David R.; Rockey, Mary


    Hydroelectric dams impact the downstream migrations of silver American Eels Anguilla rostrata via migratory delays and turbine mortality. A radiotelemetry study of American Eels was conducted to determine the impacts of five run-of-the-river hydroelectric dams located over a 195-km stretch of the Shenandoah River, Virginia–West Virginia, during fall 2007–summer 2010. Overall, 96 radio-tagged individuals (mean TL = 85.4 cm) migrated downstream past at least one dam during the study. Most American Eels passed dams relatively quickly; over half (57.9%) of the dam passage events occurred within 1 h of reaching a dam, and most (81.3%) occurred within 24 h of reaching the dam. Two-thirds of the dam passage events occurred via spill, and the remaining passage events were through turbines. Migratory delays at dams were shorter and American Eels were more likely to pass via spill over the dam during periods of high river discharge than during low river discharge. The extent of delay in migration did not differ between the passage routes (spill versus turbine). Twenty-eight American Eels suffered turbine-related mortality, which occurred at all five dams. Mortality rates for eels passing through turbines ranged from 15.8% to 40.7% at individual dams. Overall project-specific mortality rates (with all passage routes combined) ranged from 3.0% to 14.3%. To protect downstream-migrating American Eels, nighttime turbine shutdowns (1800–0600 hours) were implemented during September 15–December 15. Fifty percent of all downstream passage events in the study occurred during the turbine shutdown period. Implementation of the seasonal turbine shutdown period reduced cumulative mortality from 63.3% to 37.3% for American Eels passing all five dams. Modifying the turbine shutdown period to encompass more dates in the spring and linking the shutdowns to environmental conditions could provide greater protection to downstream-migrating American Eels.

  2. Produção de painéis compensados fenólicos com lâminas de madeira de Sequoia sempervirens

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Setsuo Iwakiri

    Full Text Available Esta pesquisa teve como objetivo avaliar a qualidade dos painéis compensados multilaminados produzidos com lâminas de madeira de Sequoia sempervirens. Foram produzidos em laboratório compensados com cinco lâminas de 2,0 mm de espessura, coladas com resina fenol-formaldeído, com duas diferentes formulações: (A FF = 100; E = 5; CC = 5; A = 5, e (B FF = 100; E = 15; CC = 15; A = 15, e duas gramaturas: 280g/m² e 320 g/m². Os painéis foram prensados com pressão específica de 10 kgf/cm², temperatura de 130 ºC e tempo de prensagem de dez minutos. Foram avaliadas as propriedades de resistência da linha de cola aos esforços de cisalhamento e de flexão estática (módulo de elasticidade e módulo de ruptura, paralelo e perpendicular às fibras. De uma forma geral, as diferentes formulações de cola e gramaturas não afetaram significativamente as propriedades dos painéis, o que representa um aspecto importante sob o ponto de vista econômico. A resistência ao cisalhamento e a percentagem de falhas na madeira dos painéis produzidos com a formulação (B atenderam aos requisitos mínimos da norma EN 314-2 (1993 para painéis de uso externo. Os resultados indicam que as lâminas de Sequoia sempervirens podem ser utilizadas para compor o miolo de painéis compensados para uso externo.

  3. Mimesis e rememoração da natureza no sujeito em Theodor W. Adorno: para pensar a educação do corpo na escola Mimesis and remembrance of nature in the subject by Theodor W. Adorno: thinking body education at school

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jaison José Bassani


    Full Text Available A partir das contribuições da Teoria Crítica da Sociedade, de Theodor W. Adorno, o presente trabalho dedica-se a uma reflexão epistemológica e pedagógica sobre o tema do corpo e suas expressões, em especial no que se refere a dois de seus motivos originais: a questão da mimesis e a da rememoração da natureza no sujeito. Como resultado, destaca-se a posição dialética que o corpo ocupa no processo de esquecimento e denegação da natureza no sujeito, na medida em que, se a ideia de natureza e da memória do sujeito em relação a ela é expressão de uma subjetividade incerta e petrificada, por outro lado, no entanto, a partir da valorização do comportamento mimético no âmbito das práticas corporais, constitui-se a possibilidade de resistência aos imperativos da racionalidade instrumental.Based on the contributions from the Critical Theory of Society of Theodor W. Adorno, this paper makes an epistemological and pedagogical reflection on body and its expressions, specially on two original forces: mimesis and remembrance of nature in the subject. The body finds a dialectical place in the process of forgetting and refusing nature in the subject. If nature and the subject's memory are an expression of an uncertain and stoned subjectivity, mimetic behavior in corporal practices is however a possibility or resistance against instrumental rationality.

  4. A model for Southern Mediterranean research institute self-assessment: a SWOT analysis-based approach to promote capacity building at Theodor Bilharz Research Institute in Cairo (Egypt). (United States)

    Ghinolfi, Davide; El Baz, Hanan G; Borgonovi, Elio; Radwan, Amr; Laurence, Ola; Sayed, Hanan A; De Simone, Paolo; Abdelwadoud, Moaz; Stefani, Alessandro; Botros, Sanaa S; Filipponi, Franco


    THEBERA is a project funded by the European Union (EU), as an ERA-WIDE FP7 project, aiming to strengthen the Theodor Bilharz Research Institute (TBRI) capacities. A SWOT (strength/weakness/opportunities/threats) analysis of human, structural and organisational existing resources was performed in light of an extensive analysis of liver disease research and clinical management in Egypt, for a full understanding of TBRI needs. Strength and weakness features were identified and analysed, so were actions to be implemented and targets to be accomplished, to develop a business plan gathering the required critical mass (political, scientific, industrial, social) to select investment priorities, to sacrifice non-strategic areas of research, to promote national and international connections and industrial innovations, to update diagnostics and research device technologies and clinical management processes at European levels, to implement fundraising activities, to organise and properly assess training activities for young researchers, physicians, nurses, and technicians. Research institute self assessment is a priority need for sustainable capacity building and for future build-up of a competent health care research institute. Sustainable capacity building strategies must be designed on needs assessment, involving salient requirements: clear strategy, leverage of administrative capacities, industrial support and connections, systematised training programmes and enhancement of mobility of health care staff implemented within ill-defined boundaries and continuously re-evaluated with multiple feedback loops in order to build a complex, adaptable and reliable system based on value. Copyright © 2014 Arab Journal of Gastroenterology. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  5. Water-quality data from ground- and surface-water sites near concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and non-CAFOs in the Shenandoah Valley and eastern shore of Virginia, January-February, 2004 (United States)

    Rice, Karen C.; Monti, Michele M.; Ettinger, Matthew R.


    Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) result from the consolidation of small farms with animals into larger operations, leading to a higher density of animals per unit of land on CAFOs than on small farms. The density of animals and subsequent concentration of animal wastes potentially can cause contamination of nearby ground and surface waters. This report summarizes water-quality data collected from agricultural sites in the Shenandoah Valley and Eastern Shore of Virginia. Five sites, three non-CAFO and two dairy-operation CAFO sites, were sampled in the Shenandoah Valley. Four sites, one non-CAFO and three poultry-operation CAFO sites were sampled on the Eastern Shore. All samples were collected during January and February 2004. Water samples were analyzed for the following parameters and constituents: temperature, specific conductance, pH, and dissolved oxygen; concentrations of the indicator organisms Escherichia coli (E. coli) and enterococci; bacterial isolates of E. coli, enterococci, Salmonella spp., and Campylobacter spp.; sensitivity to antibiotics of E. coli, enterococci, and Salmonella spp.; arsenic, cadmium, chromium3+, copper, nickel, and mercury; hardness, biological oxygen demand, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, ortho-phosphate, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand, total organic carbon, and dissolved organic carbon; and 45 dissolved organic compounds, which included a suite of antibiotic compounds.Data are presented in tables 5-21 and results of analyses of replicate samples are presented in tables 22-28. A summary of the data in tables 5-8 and 18-21 is included in the report.

  6. Mercury, trace elements and organic constituents in atmospheric fine particulate matter, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, USA: A combined approach to sampling and analysis (United States)

    Kolker, A.; Engle, M.A.; Orem, W.H.; Bunnell, J.E.; Lerch, H.E.; Krabbenhoft, D.P.; Olson, M.L.; McCord, J.D.


    Compliance with U.S. air quality regulatory standards for atmospheric fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is based on meeting average 24 hour (35 ?? m-3) and yearly (15 ??g m-3) mass-per-unit-volume limits, regardless of PM2.5 composition. Whereas this presents a workable regulatory framework, information on particle composition is needed to assess the fate and transport of PM2.5 and determine potential environmental/human health impacts. To address these important non-regulatory issues an integrated approach is generally used that includes (1) field sampling of atmospheric particulate matter on filter media, using a size-limiting cyclone, or with no particle-size limitation; and (2) chemical extraction of exposed filters and analysis of separate particulate-bound fractions for total mercury, trace elements and organic constituents, utilising different USGS laboratories optimised for quantitative analysis of these substances. This combination of sampling and analysis allowed for a more detailed interpretation of PM2.5 sources and potential effects, compared to measurements of PM2.5 abundance alone. Results obtained using this combined approach are presented for a 2006 air sampling campaign in Shenandoah National Park (Virginia, USA) to assess sources of atmospheric contaminants and their potential impact on air quality in the Park. PM2.5 was collected at two sampling sites (Big Meadows and Pinnacles) separated by 13.6 km. At both sites, element concentrations in PM2.5 were low, consistent with remote or rural locations. However, element/Zr crustal abundance enrichment factors greater than 10, indicating anthropogenic input, were found for Hg, Se, S, Sb, Cd, Pb, Mo, Zn and Cu, listed in decreasing order of enrichment. Principal component analysis showed that four element associations accounted for 84% of the PM 2.5 trace element variation; these associations are interpreted to represent: (1) crustal sources (Al, REE); (2) coal combustion (Se, Sb), (3) metal production

  7. Turismo como Vetor de Desenvolvimento Local: um olhar através das idéias de Theodor Adorno e Max Horkeimer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alba Oliveira Barbosa Lopes


    Full Text Available Resumo

    Este ensaio procura compreender a relação entre turismo e desenvolvimento. Para tanto, se apóia em uma pesquisa bibliográfica e dá ênfase especial as ideias de Theodor Adorno e Max Horkheimer. Embora esses autores não tenham discutido a temática do turismo, mas, as suas ideias relativas à valorização da ciência positivista e sua influência para a legitimação dos dados e fatos econômicos que apóiam investimentos governamentais, podem contribuir com uma reflexão crítica. Destacam-se, também, as suas discussões sobre Indústria Cultural, onde a mercantilização de atividades culturais e a valorização do prazer contribuem para a acriticidade dos homens. Os países em desenvolvimento são impulsionados a direcionar suas estratégias para um crescimento sócio-econômico no sentido de dinamizar setores capazes de gerar emprego e estimular a melhoria da qualidade de vida da população. Este artigo pressupõe que o questionamento do potencial turístico enquanto vetor de desenvolvimento não deve ser negado, supõe, contudo, que as bases do modelo de desenvolvimento devem ser melhor analisadas para além da racionalidade instrumental, de forma a evitar uma percepção acrítica da atividade turística, como também, a adoção inapropriada de modelos de desenvolvimento que não atendem às necessidades da comunidade local.

    Palavras-chave: turismo; desenvolvimento; indústria cultural.AbstractThis essay seeks to understand the relationship between tourism and development. For that, it

  8. Isozyme markers associated with O3 tolerance indicate shift in genetic structure of ponderosa and Jeffrey pine in Sequoia National Park, California

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Staszak, J.; Grulke, N.E.; Marrett, M.J.; Prus-Glowacki, W.


    Effects of canopy ozone (O 3 ) exposure and signatures of genetic structure using isozyme markers associated with O 3 tolerance were analyzed in ∼20-, ∼80-, and >200-yr-old ponderosa (Pinus ponderosa Dougl. ex Laws.) and Jeffrey pine (Pinus jeffreyi Grev. and Balf.) in Sequoia National Park, California. For both species, the number of alleles and genotypes per loci was higher in parental trees relative to saplings. In ponderosa pine, the heterozygosity value increased, and the fixation index indicated reduction of homozygosity with increasing tree age class. The opposite tendencies were observed for Jeffrey pine. Utilizing canopy attributes known to be responsive to O 3 exposure, ponderosa pine was more symptomatic than Jeffrey pine, and saplings were more symptomatic than old growth trees. We suggest that these trends are related to differing sensitivity of the two species to O 3 exposure, and to higher O 3 exposures and drought stress that younger trees may have experienced during germination and establishment. - Genetic variation in isozyme markers associated with ozone tolerance differed between parental trees and their progeny in two closely related species of yellow pine

  9. Isozyme markers associated with O{sub 3} tolerance indicate shift in genetic structure of ponderosa and Jeffrey pine in Sequoia National Park, California

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Staszak, J. [A Mickiewicz University, Genetics Department, ul. Umultowska 89, 61-614 Poznan (Poland); Grulke, N.E. [USDA Forest Service, 4955 Canyon Crest Drive, Riverside, CA 92507 (United States)], E-mail:; Marrett, M.J. [5184 Tower Road, Riverside, CA 92506 (United States); Prus-Glowacki, W. [A Mickiewicz University, Genetics Department, ul. Umultowska 89, 61-614 Poznan (Poland)


    Effects of canopy ozone (O{sub 3}) exposure and signatures of genetic structure using isozyme markers associated with O{sub 3} tolerance were analyzed in {approx}20-, {approx}80-, and >200-yr-old ponderosa (Pinus ponderosa Dougl. ex Laws.) and Jeffrey pine (Pinus jeffreyi Grev. and Balf.) in Sequoia National Park, California. For both species, the number of alleles and genotypes per loci was higher in parental trees relative to saplings. In ponderosa pine, the heterozygosity value increased, and the fixation index indicated reduction of homozygosity with increasing tree age class. The opposite tendencies were observed for Jeffrey pine. Utilizing canopy attributes known to be responsive to O{sub 3} exposure, ponderosa pine was more symptomatic than Jeffrey pine, and saplings were more symptomatic than old growth trees. We suggest that these trends are related to differing sensitivity of the two species to O{sub 3} exposure, and to higher O{sub 3} exposures and drought stress that younger trees may have experienced during germination and establishment. - Genetic variation in isozyme markers associated with ozone tolerance differed between parental trees and their progeny in two closely related species of yellow pine.

  10. Amistades Internacionales como contribución a la paz. La correspondencia entre Paul Rivet y Theodor Koch - Grünberg en el contexto de la Primera Guerra Mundial.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Kraus.


    Full Text Available This article analyzes the correspondence between the French anthropologist paul rivet (1876-1958, and the german anthropologist theodor Koch-grünberg (1872-1924 after the First World War. the letters illustrate how both anthropologists struggled to reactivate the scientifc exchange between the two nations which had been interrupted by the war. their interest in common research themes, which had always transcended their national borders, established a collaborative attempt to overcome hostility and further appreciate international discourses over national ideologies.

  11. Theodor Lutsu mälestusi (III) / Theodor Luts

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Luts, Theodor, 1896-1980


    Õppe-propagandafilm "Gaas! Gaas! Gaas!" ("Th. Lutsu Filmiproduktsioon", 1931), dokumentaalfilm "Ruhno" ("Th. Lutsu Filmiproduktsioon", 1931) ja mängufilm "Päikese lapsed" ("Th. Lutsu Filmiproduktsioon" ja "Suomi Film", 1932)

  12. Assessing the response of Emerald Lake, an alpine watershed in Sequoia National Park, California, to acidification during snowmelt by using a simple hydrochemical model

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hooper, R.P.; West, C.T.; Peters, N.E.


    A sparsely parameterized hydrochemical model has been developed by using data from Emerald Lake watershed, which is a 120-ha alpine catchment in Sequoia National Park, California. Greater than 90% of the precipitation to this watershed is snow; hence, snowmelt is the dominant hydrologic event. A model which uses a single alkalinity-generating mechanism, primary mineral weathering, was able to capture the pattern of solute concentrations in surface waters during snowmelt. An empirical representation of the weathering reaction, which is based on rock weathering stoichiometry and which uses discharge as a measure of residence time, was included in the model. Results of the model indicate that current deposition levels would have to be increased between three-fold and eight-fold to exhaust the alkalinity of the lake during snowmelt if their is a mild acidic pulse in the stream at the beginning of snowmelt as was observed during the study period. The acidic pulse in the inflow stream at the onset of snowmelt was less pronounced than acidic pulses observed in the meltwater draining the snowpack at a point using snow lysimeters or in the laboratory. Sulfate concentrations in the stream water were the most constant; chloride and nitrate concentrations increased slightly at the beginning of snowmelt. Additional field work is required to resolve whether an acidic meltwater pulse occurs over a large area as well as at a point or whether, due to physical and chemical processes within the snowpack, the acidic meltwater pulse is attenuated at the catchment scale. The modest data requirements of the model permit its applications to other alpine watersheds that are much less intensively studied than Emerald Lake watershed

  13. The influence of prefire tree growth and crown condition on postfire mortality of sugar pine following prescribed fire in Sequoia National Park (United States)

    Nesmith, Jonathan C. B.; Das, Adrian J.; O'Hara, Kevin L.; van Mantgem, Phillip J.


    Tree mortality is a vital component of forest management in the context of prescribed fires; however, few studies have examined the effect of prefire tree health on postfire mortality. This is especially relevant for sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana Douglas), a species experiencing population declines due to a suite of anthropogenic factors. Using data from an old-growth mixed-conifer forest in Sequoia National Park, we evaluated the effects of fire, tree size, prefire radial growth, and crown condition on postfire mortality. Models based only on tree size and measures of fire damage were compared with models that included tree size, fire damage, and prefire tree health (e.g., measures of prefire tree radial growth or crown condition). Immediately following the fire, the inclusion of different metrics of prefire tree health produced variable improvements over the models that included only tree size and measures of fire damage, as models that included measures of crown condition performed better than fire-only models, but models that included measures of prefire radial growth did not perform better. However, 5 years following the fire, sugar pine mortality was best predicted by models that included measures of both fire damage and prefire tree health, specifically, diameter at breast height (DBH, 1.37 m), crown scorch, 30-year mean growth, and the number of sharp declines in growth over a 30-year period. This suggests that factors that influence prefire tree health (e.g., drought, competition, pathogens, etc.) may partially determine postfire mortality, especially when accounting for delayed mortality following fire.

  14. Utilizing Remote Sensing Information to Improve Post-fire Rainfall-runoff Predictions after the 2010 Bull Fire in the Sequoia National Forest, CA (United States)

    Kinoshita, A. M.; Hale, B.; Hogue, T. S.


    Post-fire management decisions are guided by rainfall-runoff predictions, which ultimately influence downstream treatment and mitigation costs. The current study investigates evolving rainfall-runoff partitioning at the watershed scale over a two-year period after the 2010 Bull Fire which occurred in the southern Sequoia National Forest in California. Stage height was measured at five-minute intervals using pressure transducers, tipping buckets were installed for rainfall duration and intensity, and channel cross-sections were measured approximately every two months to detail sediment deposition or scour. We also utilize remotely sensed vegetation data to evaluate vegetation recovery in the studied watersheds and the corresponding relationship to storm runoff. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), a measure of vegetation greenness, is evaluated for its potential use as a key recovery indicator. Preliminary results focus on alterations in annual and seasonal precipitation and discharge relationships using in-situ data and Landsat NDVI values for the period of study. NDVI values are consistent with a comprehensive burn, with an acute decrease observed in the initial post-fire period. However, vegetation recovery is highly variable in the studied systems and influenced by shorter-term biomass pulses (grasses) while longer-term recovery of other species (chaparral and pine) is ongoing. Runoff ratios are elevated during early storms and show some recovery in the later part of the study period. The ability to accurately and confidently predict post-fire runoff and longer-term recovery is critical for monitoring values-at-risk, reducing mitigation costs, and improving warnings to downstream public communities.

  15. Evaluating potential overlap between pack stock and Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis sierrae) in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, California (United States)

    Klinger, Robert C.; Few, Alexandra P.; Knox, Kathleen A.; Hatfield, Brian E.; Clark, Jonathan; German, David W.; Stephenson, Thomas R.


    Pack stock (horses, mules, burros, llamas, and goats) are frequently assumed to have negative effects on public lands, but there is a general lack of data to be able to quantify the degree to which this is actually the case. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks have received complaints that pack stock may affect Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis sierrae; SNBS), a federally endangered subspecies that occurs in largely disjunct herds in the Sierra Nevada Range of California. The potential effects are thought to be displacement of SNBS from meadows on their summer range (altered habitat use) or, more indirectly, through changes in SNBS habitat or forage quality. Our goals were to conduct an association analysis to quantify the degree of potential spatial overlap in meadow use between SNBS and pack stock and to compare differences in vegetation community composition, structure, and diversity among meadows with different levels of use by bighorn sheep and pack stock. For the association analysis, we used two approaches: (1) we quantified the proportion of meadows that were within the herd home ranges of bighorn sheep and were potentially open to pack stock, and, (2) we used Monte Carlo simulations and use-availability analyses to compare the proportion of meadows used by bighorn sheep relative to the proportional occurrence or area of meadows available to bighorn sheep that were used by pack stock. To evaluate potential effects of pack stock on meadow plant communities and SNBS forage, we sampled vegetation in 2011 and 2012 at 100 plots to generate data that allowed us to compare:

  16. Executive summary - Assessing the response of Emerald Lake, an alpine watershed in Sequoia National Park, California, to acidification during snowmelt using a simple hydrochemical model

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hooper, R.P.; West, C.T.; Peters, N.E.


    A simple process-oriented model, called the Alpine Lake Forecaster (ALF), was constructed using data collected from the Integrated Watershed Study of Emerald Lake, Sequoia National Park, California. ALF is able to capture the basic solute patterns during snowmelt in this alpine catchment where groundwater is a minor contributor to streamflow. It includes an empirical representation of primary mineral weathering as the only alkalinity generating mechanism. During a heavy snow year, such as the one used for calibrating the model, the model accurately simulated the surface water chemical change in response to the initial ionic pulse from the snowpack and to the dilution that occurs at peak snowmelt. Because the model does not consider cation exchange, it over-predicts the acidification during the initial period of snowmelt, and therefore is a conservative predictor. However, the minimum alkalinity observed in the main inflows to Emerald Lake and in the lake outflow is accurately simulated by the model. The representation of the lake as simply a missing volume with no additional chemical reactions is supported by the observation. The model predicts a change of 2 to 5 microequiv/L in the minimum alkalinity of the lake outflow during snowmelt if the deposition would have to increase between two and 18 times the current load-alkalinity of the lake; the precise increase depends on hydrologic conditions and on the pattern of solute release from the snowpack. An acidic rainstorm that exhausted the alkalinity of the lake was observed during summer 1984 after the lake had stratified, and is the likely cause of the acidification of Emerald Lake

  17. Seasonal and diel environmental conditions predict western pond turtle (Emys marmorata) behavior at a perennial and an ephemeral stream in Sequoia National Park, California (United States)

    Ruso, Gabrielle; Meyer, Erik; Das, Adrian J.


    Managers making decisions may benefit from a well-informed understanding of a species' population size and trends. Given the cryptic nature and habitat characteristics of the western pond turtle (Emys marmorata), however, imperfect detection may be high and population estimates are frequently varied and unreliable. As a case study to investigate this issue, we used temperature dataloggers to examine turtle behavior at 2 long-term monitoring sites with different hydrological characteristics in Sequoia National Park, California, to determine if common stream-survey techniques are consistent with site-specific turtle behavior. Sycamore Creek is an intermittent stream that dries up every summer while the North Fork Kaweah River flows year-round. We found that while turtles spent most of the recorded time in the water (55% in Sycamore Creek and 82% in the North Fork Kaweah River), the timing of traditional surveys only coincided with the turtles' aquatic activity in the North Fork Kaweah River. At Sycamore Creek, turtles were most likely to be in the water at night. In contrast, failure to detect turtles in North Fork Kaweah River is likely owing to the larger size and complexity of the underwater habitat. In both streams, turtles were also more likely to be in the water in the weeks leading up to important changes in hydroperiods. Our findings illustrate the effects that differences in water permanence can have on turtle behavior within the same watershed and how phenotypic plasticity may then affect detection during surveys. Our study highlights the importance of tailoring survey practices to the site-specific behavioral traits of the target species.

  18. «Вольное переложение» Жития Феодора Студита"Free transposition" of The Life of Theodore Studite

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tamara P. Lönngren


    Full Text Available This article deals with the manuscript tradition named "free transposition" applied to The Life of Theodore Studite in Old Russian literature. Evidence is presented that the author of this "free transposition" was indeed Nil Sorskij. The investigation of eight recently discovered copies has made it possible to establish their mutual interdependence and to construct the corresponding stemma.

  19. Theodore von Karman - Rocket Scientist

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    seminal contributions to several areas of fluid and solid mechanics, as the first head of ... nent position in Aeronautics research, as a pioneer of rocket science in America ... toral work, however, was on the theory of buckling of large structures.

  20. Theodore von Karman - Rocket Scientist

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    child, Karman could mentally multiply large numbers. His father didn't like such mental feats and ... multiple-choice tests and Britannia-child-genius type quiz contests. Karman studied at the Mint Gymnasium, ... approximation in supersonic flow. Another significant development was the initiation of the study of rocketry that.

  1. Sobre o domínio da natureza na filosofia da história de Theodor W. Adorno: uma questão para a educação

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jaison José Bassani


    Full Text Available Tomando en cuenta de manera fundamental el ensayo "La idea de historia natural" y el desarrollo de algunas se sus cuestiones en Dialéctica de la Ilustración, pero también en otros trabajos que componen el mismo proyecto crítico, el presente texto se dedica al tema de la relación entre Historia y Naturaleza en Theodor W. Adorno. Para tanto, procura mostrar como el autor, en su tenso diálogo con la tradición dialéctica, critica los dos conceptos en su carácter aparentemente antitético, para así presentar un nuevo concepto para segunda naturaleza. Al final, muestra el encuentro entre segunda naturaleza - como catástrofe -, técnica y educación, movimiento que propone en nueva clave la asertiva adorniana de que Auschwitz no se repita.

  2. The ASC Sequoia Programming Model

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Seager, M


    In the late 1980's and early 1990's, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was deeply engrossed in determining the next generation programming model for the Integrated Design Codes (IDC) beyond vectorization for the Cray 1s series of computers. The vector model, developed in mid 1970's first for the CDC 7600 and later extended from stack based vector operation to memory to memory operations for the Cray 1s, lasted approximately 20 years (See Slide 5). The Cray vector era was deemed an extremely long lived era as it allowed vector codes to be developed over time (the Cray 1s were faster in scalar mode than the CDC 7600) with vector unit utilization increasing incrementally over time. The other attributes of the Cray vector era at LLNL were that we developed, supported and maintained the Operating System (LTSS and later NLTSS), communications protocols (LINCS), Compilers (Civic Fortran77 and Model), operating system tools (e.g., batch system, job control scripting, loaders, debuggers, editors, graphics utilities, you name it) and math and highly machine optimized libraries (e.g., SLATEC, and STACKLIB). Although LTSS was adopted by Cray for early system generations, they later developed COS and UNICOS operating systems and environment on their own. In the late 1970s and early 1980s two trends appeared that made the Cray vector programming model (described above including both the hardware and system software aspects) seem potentially dated and slated for major revision. These trends were the appearance of low cost CMOS microprocessors and their attendant, departmental and mini-computers and later workstations and personal computers. With the wide spread adoption of Unix in the early 1980s, it appeared that LLNL (and the other DOE Labs) would be left out of the mainstream of computing without a rapid transition to these 'Killer Micros' and modern OS and tools environments. The other interesting advance in the period is that systems were being developed with multiple 'cores' in them and called Symmetric Multi-Processor or Shared Memory Processor (SMP) systems. The parallel revolution had begun. The Laboratory started a small 'parallel processing project' in 1983 to study the new technology and its application to scientific computing with four people: Tim Axelrod, Pete Eltgroth, Paul Dubois and Mark Seager. Two years later, Eugene Brooks joined the team. This team focused on Unix and 'killer micro' SMPs. Indeed, Eugene Brooks was credited with coming up with the 'Killer Micro' term. After several generations of SMP platforms (e.g., Sequent Balance 8000 with 8 33MHz MC32032s, Allian FX8 with 8 MC68020 and FPGA based Vector Units and finally the BB&N Butterfly with 128 cores), it became apparent to us that the killer micro revolution would indeed take over Crays and that we definitely needed a new programming and systems model. The model developed by Mark Seager and Dale Nielsen focused on both the system aspects (Slide 3) and the code development aspects (Slide 4). Although now succinctly captured in two attached slides, at the time there was tremendous ferment in the research community as to what parallel programming model would emerge, dominate and survive. In addition, we wanted a model that would provide portability between platforms of a single generation but also longevity over multiple--and hopefully--many generations. Only after we developed the 'Livermore Model' and worked it out in considerable detail did it become obvious that what we came up with was the right approach. In a nutshell, the applications programming model of the Livermore Model posited that SMP parallelism would ultimately not scale indefinitely and one would have to bite the bullet and implement MPI parallelism within the Integrated Design Code (IDC). We also had a major emphasis on doing everything in a completely standards based, portable methodology with POSIX/Unix as the target environment. We decided against specialized libraries like STACKLIB for performance, but kept as many general purpose, portable math libraries as were needed by the codes. Third, we assumed that the SMPs in clusters would evolve in time to become more powerful, feature rich and, in particular, offer more cores. Thus, we focused on OpenMP, and POSIX PThreads for programming SMP parallelism. These code porting efforts were lead by Dale Nielsen, A-Division code group leader, and Randy Christensen, B-Division code group leader. Most of the porting effort revolved removing 'Crayisms' in the codes: artifacts of LTSS/NLTSS, Civic compiler extensions beyond Fortran77, IO libraries and dealing with new code control languages (we switched to Perl and later to Python). Adding MPI to the codes was initially problematic and error prone because the programmers used MPI directly and sprinkled the calls throughout the code.

  3. Early Scholars' Visits to Central America: Reports by Karl Sapper, Walter Lehmann, and Franz Termer, edited by Marilyn Beaudry-Corbett and Ellen T Hardy, Theodore E Gutman, 2000

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Charles C. Kolb


    Full Text Available The Cotsen Institute's Director of Publications is archaeologist Marilyn Beaudry-Corbett, herself a specialist on the production and distribution of archaeological ceramics in Mesoamerica and Central America and a scholar of complex society economic organization. Her colleague and the co-editor of this volume, Ellen Hardy, is a Research Associate at The Cotsen Institute and an expert on mortuary customs of the Nicoya region. Theodore (Ted Gutman (1909-1997 was a longtime supporter of the Institute at UCLA worked on a number of translation projects, several of which are presented here. He was the translator of Karl Sapper's Verapaz im 16. und 17. jahrhundert, which appeared as The Verapaz in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: A Contribution to the Historical Geography and Ethnography of Northeastern Guatemala (Los Angeles, University of California, Institute of Archae­ology, Occasional Paper 13, 1985. The contributors to the volume's narrative include, in addtion to Beaudry-Corbett and Hardy, nine other anthropologists who are recognized experts on the region and subject matter.

  4. Dialética do progresso e do domínio da natureza: técnica em Theodor W. Adorno e José Ortega y Gasset

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jaison José Bassani


    Full Text Available O artigo apresenta resultados de um estudo comparativo sobre aspectos da questão da técnica em obras de Theodor W. Adorno e José Ortega y Gasset, desdobrado em suas relações com o progresso, o domínio da natureza e a cultura de massas. Pretende com isso encontrar o tema da formação e seus impasses, problematizando-o mais uma vez. O cotejamento parte de comentário de Adorno sobre Ortega, segundo o qual este seria um crítico conservador da cultura, para então confrontar teoricamente os temas escolhidos. A análise da técnica em Adorno e em Ortega dá-se a partir da posição que cada um apresenta nos termos da condição humana, extraindo-se daí as consequências analíticas, mas também formativas, de cada autor: uma vinculada à perspectiva de que seria a técnica motor da existência e produção do supérfluo; outra, que a compreende no interior de uma dialética do esclarecimento.

  5. Modifications of imaging spectroscopy methods for increases spatial and temporal consistency: A case study of change in leafy spurge distribution between 1999 and 2001 in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota (United States)

    Dudek, Kathleen Burke

    The noxious weed leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula L.) has spread throughout the northern Great Plains of North America since it was introduced in the early 1800s, and it is currently a significant management concern. Accurate, rapid location and repeatable measurements are critical for successful temporal monitoring of infestations. Imaging spectroscopy is well suited for identification of spurge; however, the development and dissemination of standardized hyperspectral mapping procedures that produce consistent multi-temporal maps has been absent. Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) data, collected in 1999 and 2001 over Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, were used to locate leafy spurge. Published image-processing methods were tested to determine the most successful for consistent maps. Best results were obtained using: (1) NDVI masking; (2) cross-track illumination correction; (3) image-derived spectral libraries; and (4) mixture-tuned matched filtering algorithm. Application of the algorithm was modified to standardize processing and eliminate threshold decisions; the image-derived library was refined to eliminate additional variability. Primary (spurge dominant), secondary (spurge non-dominant), abundance, and area-wide vegetation maps were produced. Map accuracies were analyzed with point, polygon, and grid reference sets, using confusion matrices and regression between field-measured and image-derived abundances. Accuracies were recalculated after applying a majority filter, and buffers ranging from 1-5 pixels wide around classified pixels, to accommodate poor reference-image alignment. Overall accuracy varied from 39% to 82%, however, regression analyses yielded r2 = 0.725, indicating a strong relationship between field and image-derived densities. Accuracy was sensitive to: (1) registration offsets between field and image locations; (2) modification of analytical methods; and (3) reference data quality. Sensor viewing angle

  6. Keila-Joa loss / Theodor Gehlhaar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Gehlhaar, Theodor, 1805-1871


    Lossiansambel, fragment 19. saj. keskpaiga kaardilt; lk. 328-329 (loss, Th. Gehlhaari akvatinta, 1832-1833. a.) värv.; lk. 330 (lossiansambel, Th. Gehlhaari akvatinta, 19. saj. II veerand), värv.; lk. 331 (lossiansambel, postkaart 1910. aastatest), värv.

  7. 2430-IJBCS-Article-Kouakou Theodore Kouadio+

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Euphorbiaceae. 1. 2. Deeringiana pruerens. Fabaceae. 1. 1. Dioscorea alata. Dioscoreaceae. 6. 56. Dioscorea cayenensis-rotundata. Dioscoreaceae. 5. 11. Glycine max. Fabaceae. 2. 16. Ipomea batatas. Convolvulaceae. 1. 10. Justicia tenela. Acanthaceae. 1. 1. Lactuca sativa. Asteraceae. 2. 11. Lycopersicon esculentum.

  8. 1420-IJBCS-Article-Theodore K. Yao

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Évaluation de la potabilité chimique des eaux souterraines dans un bassin versant tropical : cas du .... motricité humaine ou électrique dont les profondeurs varient entre 10 ...... relationships in groundwater from central. Sao Paulo State Brazil.

  9. Solar Total Energy System, Large Scale Experiment, Shenandoah, Georgia. Final technical progress report. Volume II, Section 3. Facility concept design. [1. 72 MW thermal and 383. 6 kW electric power for 42,000 ft/sup 2/ knitwear plant

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The Stearns-Roger Engineering Company conceptual design of ERDA's Large Scale Experiment No. 2 (LSE No. 2) is presented. The various LSEs are part of ERDA's Solar Total Energy Program (STES) and a separate activity of the National Solar Thermal Power Systems Program. The object of this LSE is to design, construct, test, evaluate and operate a STES for the purpose of obtaining experience with large scale hardware systems and to establish engineering capability for subsequent demonstration projects. This particular LSE is to be located at Shenandoah, Georgia, and will provide power to the Bleyle knitwear factory. The Solar Total Energy system is sized to supply 1.720 MW thermal power and 383.6 KW electrical power. The STES is sized for the extended knitwear plant of 3902 M/sup 2/ (42,000 sq-ft) which will eventually employ 300 people. The details of studies conducted for Phase II of the Solar Total Energy System (STES) for the conceptual design requirements of the facility are presented. Included in this section are the detailed descriptions and analyses of the following subtasks: facility concept design, system concept design, performance analysis, operation plan, component and subsystem development, procurement plan, cost estimating and scheduling, and technical and management plans. (WHK)

  10. 36 CFR 7.15 - Shenandoah National Park. (United States)


    ..., restaurant, visitor center, picnic area, ranger station, administrative or maintenance area, or other park...) yard radius of that campsite. (b) Powerless flight. The use of devices designed to carry persons...

  11. Jubal Anderson Early: Glory to Ignominy, His Shenandoah Valley Campaign (United States)


    American Civil War produced several campaigns and characters replete with all the drama, comedy , sacrifice, and tragedy of a Shake- spearean play. From...Grant’s army, though slowed and bloodied, inexorably moved through the meatgrinder that culminated in the horrors of trench warfare 5 at Petersburg...poured a murderous fire into McCausland’s hapless men. The cavalrymen who survived that initial volley fled in horror . Complaining that they had been

  12. Solar total energy-large scale experiment, Shenandoah, Georgia (United States)

    Hensley, W. R.


    The design and development of a 7 meter diameter parabolic dish solar collector are discussed. Each of the four main subsystems of the collector: (1) reflector, (2) mount and drives, (3) receiver and (4) the controls, is discussed briefly with the major emphasis on the receiver design. To minimize development risks and production costs, a dish design based on use of stamped aluminum petals (sectors) was chosen. This design is similar to the design of a communication antenna already commercially produced. The reflective surface of the petals has a total reflectance of .86 and a specularity (dispersion) of 8 mrd. This performance is obtained by mechanical polishing and chemical brightening of the petal surface, followed by application of a clear RTV silicone protective coating. Selection of the material and weather proofing coated are discussed. Results from performance tests on an engineering development dish collector are presented and compared with pretest predictions.

  13. Theodore Balsamon’s Canonical Images of Women

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patrick Viscuso


    Full Text Available The jurist Balsamon, in the course of his legal strictures on women who are mentruating, exhibits some detailed knowledge of anatomical and erotic literature and of unorthodox sexual practices.

  14. Theodor von Heldreich (1822-1902) and his Turkish collections

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Baytop, Asuman; Tan, Kit


    collected c. 3000 sets of specimens. They included the types of nearly 200 new taxa and, if including syntypes and lectotypes, the figure is 207. The majority stem from the first expedition of 1845. The non-type specimens cited in the Flora are 280. It is difficult to trace Heldreich´s itinerary from...... the Flora alone as precise dates and numbers are rarely provided in the citations. However, by studying actual specimens deposited in herbaria we can obtain more information and this work is in progress. Heldreich´s Turkish collections are represented in 27 herbaria located in 12 European countries...

  15. Musikale aanleg: 'n empiriese ondersoek. / Theodore Cuyler de Villiers


    De Villiers, Theodore Cuyler


    MOTIVATION FOR THE INVESTIGATION: A real need exists within Departments of Education, schools and other training centres for suitable objective measuring devices for selection, placement and diagnosis regarding the musical aptitude of pupils and students. The sooner special aptitude in a child is discovered and opportunities for further development are given, the better the chances for future success, achievement and self-realisation. PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: This study was undertaken wi...

  16. Dictionnaire biographique des musiciens / Baker, Theodore, Slonimsky, Nicolas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Baker, Theodore


    Eesti muusikutest: Aarne, Els (lk. 1). Aav, Evald (1). Aavik, Juhan (2). Eller, Heino (1149). Ernesaks, Gustav (1180). Järvi, Neeme (1951). Kapp. Artur (2036). Kapp, Eugen (2036). Kapp, Villem (2037). Kasemets, Udo (2050-2051). Mägi [Myagi], Ester (2923). Pärt, Arvo (3114-3115). Rääts, Jaan (3321). Saar, Mart (3558). Sumera, Lepo (4099). Tamberg, Eino (4151). Tobias, Rudolf (4240). Tubin, Eduard (4288)

  17. Kui too suvi poleks olnud nii vihmane / Theodore K. Rabb

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Rabb, Theodore K.


    1520. aastatest, mil olid rängad ilmastiku tingimused, mis takistasid Osmanite sultani Süleyman Toreda sissetungi Euroopasse. Samal teemal : Pierson, Peter. Kui püha liiga poleks kõikuma löönud, lk. 128

  18. Scalable Engineering of Quantum Optical Information Processing Architectures (SEQUOIA) (United States)


    fast: recently, it was demonstrated experimentally that photonic cluster states can be produced deterministically by photon scattering off a lambda ...U. The CNOT gate operation corresponds to the sub- matrix of the logic states, shown in solid-color bars and marked with red axis labels. Plots (c

  19. A ressemantização do Fundamento em Theodor W. Adorno [The ressemantization of the foundation in Theodor W. Adorno

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco Luciano Teixeira Filho


    Full Text Available Apresenta-se a tese da ressemantização do conceito de fundamento em Adorno (1903–1969. Através de análise bibliográfica e teórica, pretende-se demonstrar como é possível pensar a fundamentação numa filosofia marcada, essencialmente, pelo fracasso do projeto iluminista recente. [This paper presents the thesis of the resemantization of the concept of foundation in Adorno (1903-1969. Through bibliographical and theoretical analysis, it is intended to demonstrate how it is possible to think the foundation in a philosophy marked, essentially, by the failure of recent Enlightenment project.

  20. 77 FR 1723 - Proposed Concession Contract for Shenandoah National Park-Alternative Formula for Calculating... (United States)


    ... we include in concession contracts a franchise fee payable to the Government that is based upon... establish the required minimum franchise fee for the new contract, that fee will reflect speculative... concessioner offers to meet or exceed the minimum franchise fee that we would establish under the standard LSI...

  1. Leadership in the Shenandoah Valley and North Africa: Historical Studies in Mission Command (United States)


    had even less to go back to, in Jackson’s Mill.66 Although his classmates found him socially reserved and eccentric , he earned their respect...transferred to Jackson’s command. Although it would take time for them to arrive, the wheels were in motion to build a force capable of operating against...under General Ludwig Cruewell, Commander of the Afrika Korps, would act as a fixing force and conduct a feint while the southern wing wheeled and

  2. DOE ZERH Case Study: Mantell-Hecathorn Builders, Shenandoah Circle, Durango, CO

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Case study of a DOE 2015 Housing Innovation Award winning custom home in the cold climate that got a HERS 50 without PV, or HERS 21 with PV, with 2x6 24” on center walls with R-13 ccsf plus 3.5” blown fiberglass, plus R-10 rigid exterior; R-22 ICF basement walls; vented attic with spray foam over top plates, R-65 blown fiberglass; 96 AFUE furnace, triple-pane windows, 80% LED.

  3. Major General T.J. Jackson's Shenandoah Campaign: An Operational Art Analysis

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hooks, James


    .... Jackson's subsequent operations are replete with practical examples of applied operational art that served his country's higher strategic purpose, and were to have profound implications on the war in the east...

  4. Wing morphology variations in a natural population of Phlebotomus tobbi Adler and Theodor 1930. (United States)

    Oguz, Gizem; Kasap, Ozge Erisoz; Alten, Bulent


    Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) is highly endemic in the Cukurova region, located on the crossroads of main refugee routes from the Middle East to Europe on the eastern Mediterranean part of Turkey. Our purpose was to investigate the phenotypic variation of Phlebotomus tobbi, the known vector of CL in the region, during one active season. Sand flies and microclimatic data were collected monthly from May to October, 2011, from five locations in six villages in the study area. A geometric morphometric approach was used to investigate wing morphology. Shape analyses revealed that males collected in May and June comprised one group, while specimens collected in August, September, and October formed a second group. Specimens from July were found to be distributed within these two groups. A similar distribution pattern was observed for females, but specimens from October were represented as the third district group. Significant size variation was detected for both sexes between months. Wing size and temperature were negatively correlated for females, but there was no temperature effect for males. Wing size of both sexes was increased in correlation to increasing relative humidity. Males were found to have smaller wings with increasing population density. © 2017 The Society for Vector Ecology.

  5. Determining baseline element composition of lichens. I. Parmelia sulcata at Theodore Roosevelt national park, North Dakota (United States)

    Gough, L.P.; Severson, R.C.; Jackson, L.L.


    Element-concentration baselines are given for Parmelia sulcata and associated soils. Parmelia chlorochroa was found sporadically and therefore only representative concentration ranges are reported for this species. Element data include (1) for lichens; Al, As, Ba, B, Ca, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, Mn, Ni, P, Sr, S, Ti, V, Y, and Zn; and (2) for soils: Al, Ba, Be, Ca, Cs, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, Mg, Mn, Ni, Nb, P, Pb, Sr, S, Ti, V, Y, and Zn. Very little (usually 7.2 km); thus, P sulcata is, in general, chemically similar throughout the park. This same uniformity was found for soil geochemistry. Numerous samples collected at close intervals would be required, therefore, to produce detailed element-concentration maps for P. sulcata and soils. No instances of elemental phytotoxic conditions were found; however, P. sulcata apparently possesses large concentrations of Ba, Cu, Fe, Pb, S, V, and possibly Zn.

  6. La natura del soggetto. Riflessioni sul pensiero di Theodor W. Adorno

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lothar Knatz


    Full Text Available The Nature of Subjectivity. Some Remarks on Adorno's Thinking - This paper offers a careful reading of Adorno’s work in order to clarify the sense and meaning of the mutual dependence of body and soul in his thinking. The mind/body relationship always occurs when Adorno describes the totality of man, not just the subject as a cognitive matter, but also as a bodily, sensitive and sensual subject. This image of the human as a living being has been a focus of Adorno’s philosophy, and represents a permanent warning for philosophical research, recalling its fragility and its proximity to life.

  7. Mídia e criminalidade: uma leitura interdisciplinar a partir de Theodor Adorno


    Santin, Giovane


    Na presente pesquisa, vinculada à linha de pesquisa Cultura e Violência, que está inserida na área de concentração Violência do Mestrado em Ciências Criminais da Faculdade de Direito da Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul realiza-se uma análise crítica na forma pelo qual os meios de comunicação de massa abordam as questões referentes a criminalidade. Banalizada por este prisma, a dissertação vai buscar as teorias da Comunicação Social, Filosofia, Direito e naquelas que procu...

  8. The Underappreciated Doctors of The American Civil Rights Movement. Part I: Theodore Roosevelt Mason Howard, MD. (United States)

    deShazo, Richard D; Parker, Sara B


    During the fight to end segregation in the United States, most of the 25 or so black physicians who had not already left Mississippi took risks to become active in civil rights locally and nationally. One of the first was T.R.M. Howard, MD, whose life story is both an encouragement and warning for today's physicians. Howard, the protégé of a white Adventist physician, became active in civil rights during medical school. While serving as chief surgeon of the all-black hospital in Mississippi, he formed his own civil rights organization in 1951 and worked to solve the shootings of 2 of its members, George Lee and Gus Courts, and the murder of Emmett Till in 1955. His reports of these events and collaborations with other civil rights icons helped trigger the modern civil rights movement. At the same time, he became a nationally known proponent of abortion rights and then fled to Chicago in 1956, after arming his Delta mansion with long guns and a Thompson machine gun. Howard will be remembered for many things, including his activism for the social determinants of health as president of the National Medical Association. Copyright © 2017 Southern Society for Clinical Investigation. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. DEPTH - OBSERVATION and Other Data from THEODORE N. GILL (NODC Accession 9300122) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data were digitized from the manuscript "Special Scientific Report--Fisheries No. 210, pp. 1-9 (1957) Physical Oceanographic, Biological, and Chemical Data...

  10. Autonomia e Engajamento: Arte como esclarecimento na visão de Theodor Adorno

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria de Fátima Bessa Soares


    Full Text Available

    O presente trabalho tem como foco o conceito de esclarecimento e sua relação com a autonomia ou engajamento da arte contemporânea. Trataremos da relação entre mito e esclarecimento e localizaremos a indústria cultural frente a esses dois conceitos. Em seguida discutiremos a posição da arte contemporânea diante da indústria cultural, e finalmente traremos dois exemplos do teatro brasileiro.

    Palavras-chave: Arte autônoma, arte engajada, Indústria Cultural, Teatro brasileiro,

  11. Introduction to astronomy by Theodore Metochites (Stoicheiosis Astronomike 1.5-30)

    CERN Document Server

    Paschos, Emmanuel A


    Stoicheiosis Astronomike ("Elements of Astronomy") is a late Byzantine comprehensive introduction to Astronomy. It was written by an outstanding figure in Byzantine culture and politics, who served also as prime minister. This volume makes available for the first time a large part of its astronomical contents, offering the original text with an English translation, accompanied by an introduction and analysis. This book describes the celestial spheres, the rotation of the planets, and especially the apparent trajectory of the sun with its uniform and anomalous rotations, which are used to determine the length of the year. Metochites proposed a new starting date for the calendar (6th of October 1283) specifying the position of the sun on that date. The work revived the interest in studies of Ptolemaic astronomy as attested by numerous annotations in the margins of the manuscripts. Besides its astronomical content there are statements on the epistemological method and other issues elucidating the spirit of tha...

  12. Paul Pinna ja Theodor Altermann täna Assauwe teatris

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    20. dets. kell 17 toimub Eesti Teatri- ja Muusikamuuseumis noorteõhtu, näha saab Th. Altermanni ja P. Pinnat. Etenduse toob vaatajateni Assauwe teater. Noorteõhtu on koostanud Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia lavastaja eriala tudeng H. Rekkor

  13. Pioneers of invasive cardiovascular medicine - Charles Theodore dotter and colleagues: Short historical review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kostić Jelena


    Full Text Available Within modern medicine at the beginning of 21st century, we are witnessing a revolutionary development of the invasive diagnostics and therapy of cardiovascular system diseases. With the discovery of X-rays at the end of 19th century by Wilhelm Roentgen, it is appropriate to reflect on the gifted individuals whose efforts drastically altered radiology and cardiology. The early techniques used in peripheral percutaneous transluminal angioplasty form the basis for subsequent percutaneous intervention both in the peripheral and coronary arteries and are largely the contribution of Charles Dotter. The main goal of his work was the use of catheters for diagnosis and treatment in an attempt to replace the scalpel. He was 20 years ahead of his time, especially with percutaneous transluminal angioplasty. The first percutaneous transluminal angioplasty marked a new era in the treatment of peripheral atherosclerotic lesions. This practical genius dedicated his considerable energy to the belief that there is always a better way to treat disease. His personal contributions to clinical medicine, research, and teaching have saved millions of limbs and lives all over the world. European physicians, who were more open to unproven techniques, almost immediately embraced percutaneous transluminal angioplasty. Without the contribution and help of his colleagues, Forssmann, Sones and Gruntzig, all of them pioneers, nothing would be done. They were all ahead of there time and opened completely new chapter in medicine.

  14. 36 CFR 7.8 - Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. (United States)


    ... National Parks. (a) Dogs and cats. Dogs and cats are prohibited on any park land or trail except within one-fourth mile of developed areas which are accessible by a designated public automobile road. (b) Fishing. (1) Fishing restrictions, based on management objectives described in the parks' Resources Management...

  15. 76 FR 9537 - Sequoia National Forest; California; Piute Mountains Travel Management Plan (United States)


    ... camping, hunting, sightseeing, horseback riding, hiking, rock climbing, rock hounding, and vegetation and... providing benefits equal to or better than the current condition. Alternatives being considered at this time...

  16. 76 FR 23335 - Wilderness Stewardship Plan/Environmental Impact Statement, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National... (United States)


    ... compliance with Sec. 4(d)(5) of the Wilderness Act. The WSP will reevaluate existing wilderness-related plans... the Web site (to assist in reducing costs, the public is strongly encouraged to accept compact disks... available at any time. While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your personal identifying...

  17. Chasing the Gray Ghost: Blazer’s Independent Union Scouts and the Shenandoah Valley Guerilla War of 1864 (United States)


    well trained and educated for employment in all forms ofwarfare."z After years ofpreparing for 1 L I conventional war on the presumption superior...far. He sent two ofhis best Rangers, John Puryear and Charley McDough, back to Kabletown with orders to keep an eye out for any signs of Blazer and...military education , Captain Blazer was unbound from the restraints and constraints of conventional military science and allowed to apply the true art

  18. Theodor Hellbrügge: 85 years of age – Ad multos transannos, sanos, fortunatos et beatos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schwartzkopff Othild


    Full Text Available Abstract We honor Theo Hellbrügge's acclaimed endeavors in the rehabilitation, or rather the prehabilitation of handicapped children. So far, he has focused on obvious handicaps, and we trust that he will include concern for everybody's silent handicaps in the future by screening for abnormal variability inside the physiological range. Therein, we introduce cis- and trans-years, components of transdisciplinary spectra that are novel for biology and also in part for physics. These components have periods, respectively, shorter and longer than the calendar year, with a counterpart in magnetoperiodism. Transyears characterize indices of geomagnetic activity and the solar wind's speed and proton density. They are detected, alone or together with circannuals, in physiology as well as in pathology, as illustrated for sudden cardiac death and myocardial infarction, a finding calling for similar studies in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS. As transyears can beat with circannuals, and depend on local factors, their systematic mapping in space and time by transdisciplinary chronomics may serve a better understanding of their putative influence upon the circadian system. Longitudinal monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate detects chronome alterations underlying cardiovascular disease risk, such as that of myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death. The challenge is to intervene in a timely fashion, preferably at birth, an opportunity for pediatricians in Theo Hellbrügge's footsteps.

  19. The Art and Science of Thyroid Surgery in the Age of Genomics: 100 years after Theodor Kocher

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seza Gulec


    Full Text Available Cancer is a disorder of the genome. The thyroid cancer genome is being decoded. Recent studies have identified a mutation or a genetic alteration in 95% of thyroid cancers. The National Cancer Institute initiated the Cancer Genome Atlas project in 2006 to catalogue genetic mutations associated with cancer, using genome sequencing and bioinformatics. The project has expanded to carry out genomic characterization and sequence analysis of thyroid cancer. The concept of risk stratification based on traditional parameters will soon vacate their role for clear molecular markers of non-invasive/focal, invasive/metastatic and systemic stages/phases of neoplastic disorder. A refined classification scheme based on genomics and its phenotypic expressions will accurately reflect the biologic differences between the different morphologic definitions we use today. Tumor differentiation/de-differentiation, and clinical behavior of an individual cancer will be defined by molecular markers, in addition to standard morpho-pathology. Empiricism in science of medicine and surgery has acquired a new method for testing the appropriate treatment for individual patients; that is molecular pathology, governed by genomics. The technology is present and rapidly evolving. The surgeons will determine the extent of interventions with molecular evidence and guidance.

  20. El ensayo como filosofía: Arte y filosofìa en Theodor W. Adorno


    Gutiérrez Pozo, Antonio


    Frente al positivismo dominante en su tiempo para el que el ensayo era una filosofía sin rigor, Adorno recupera el ensayo como una nueva forma de hacer filosofía, como un nuevo logos. Esta racionalidad ensayística, sin abandonar el concepto, incluye en la filosofía el elemento estético, que es precisamente el que permite a la razón filosófica superar la identidad impuesta por el idealismo, constituirse en dialéctica y pensar justo lo que no se puede pensar, lo concreto. In contrast to the ...

  1. According to German Finance Minister Dr. Theodor Karl Helfferich “The Causes of of The First World War”


    Mustafa ÇOLAK; İsmet TÜRKMEN


    In history mankind has experienced the most devastating experience during the years of the First World War. This pre-war and war in the later stages of a decision taken individually, even thousands, even millions of lives have been directly or indirectly affected. Experiencing the process and outcome of the war rather than the causes of human history has so much more busy. Therefore, the cause of the war which works popularity continues even today. Concerning the reasons for th...

  2. Alexander Theodor von Middendorffi tegevus Liivimaa põllumajanduse edendajana ning tema seosed eesti rahvusliku liikumisega / Erki Tammiksaar

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tammiksaar, Erki, 1969-


    Middendorffi tegevusest Peterburis Peterburi Vabamajanduse Seltsi presidendina ja II ülevenemaalise põllumajandusnäituse organiseerijana. Middendorffi agraarpoliitilistest veendumustest, tegevusest Liivimaa Üldkasulikus ja ja Ökonoomilises Sotsieteedis, Middendorffi osast Aleksandrikooli probleemi segapuntras. Kuukirjast Eesti Põllomees ja Middendorffi suhetest J. V. Jannseniga

  3. 76 FR 14068 - Notice of Inventory Completion: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Sequoia National... (United States)


    ..., University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, for research and storage. While conducting NAGPRA... ethnographic study. Ethnographic data places the CA-KER-14 site close to the village hamlets of the Tubatulabal... in Yokut territory) compose the Tubatulabal (Smith 1978). Burial customs based on ethnographic data...

  4. 78 FR 78326 - Revision of the Land Management Plans for the Inyo, Sierra and Sequoia National Forests (United States)


    ... posted to the Region 5 Web site at . The Forest..., U.S. Forest Service, Ecosystem Planning Staff, 1323 Club Drive, Vallejo, CA 94592. Comments or...-8823. Individuals who use telecommunication devices for the deaf (TDD) may call the Federal Information...

  5. A landscape-based reconnaissance survey of estrogenicactivity in streams of the upper Potomac, upper James,and Shenandoah Rivers, USA (United States)

    Young, John A.; Iwanowicz, Luke R.; Sperry, Adam J.; Blazer, Vicki


    Endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs) are becoming of increasing concern in waterways of the USA and worldwide. What remains poorly understood, however, is how prevalent these emerging contaminants are in the environment and what methods are best able to determine landscape sources of EDCs. We describe the development of a spatially structured sampling design and a reconnaissance survey of estrogenic activity along gradients of land use within sub-watersheds.We present this example as a useful approach for state and federal agencies with an interest in identifying locations potentially impacted by EDCs that warrant more intensive, focused research. Our study confirms the importance of agricultural activities on levels of a measured estrogenic equivalent (E2Eq) and also highlights the importance of other potential sources of E2Eq in areas where intensive agriculture is not the dominant land use. Through application of readily available geographic information system (GIS) data, coupled with spatial statistical analysis, we demonstrate the correlation of specific land use types to levels of estrogenic activity across a large area in a consistent and unbiased manner.

  6. A landscape-based reconnaissance survey of estrogenic activity in streams of the upper Potomac, upper James, and Shenandoah Rivers, USA. (United States)

    Young, John; Iwanowicz, Luke; Sperry, Adam; Blazer, Vicki


    Endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs) are becoming of increasing concern in waterways of the USA and worldwide. What remains poorly understood, however, is how prevalent these emerging contaminants are in the environment and what methods are best able to determine landscape sources of EDCs. We describe the development of a spatially structured sampling design and a reconnaissance survey of estrogenic activity along gradients of land use within sub-watersheds. We present this example as a useful approach for state and federal agencies with an interest in identifying locations potentially impacted by EDCs that warrant more intensive, focused research. Our study confirms the importance of agricultural activities on levels of a measured estrogenic equivalent (E2Eq) and also highlights the importance of other potential sources of E2Eq in areas where intensive agriculture is not the dominant land use. Through application of readily available geographic information system (GIS) data, coupled with spatial statistical analysis, we demonstrate the correlation of specific land use types to levels of estrogenic activity across a large area in a consistent and unbiased manner.

  7. [Homage to Doctor Theodore Vetter (1916-2004). President of the French Society of the History of Medicine from 1976 to 1978]. (United States)

    Le Minor, Jean-Marie


    Théodore Vetter (Strasbourg, 1916, June 19th - 2004, July 8th) was qualified as a medical doctor in medicine in 1948 in Strasbourg, and then followed complementary courses in medical biology in Paris. He realized most of his career as an adviser for medical research in pharmaceutical industry. He presented an early talent for drawing and graphic arts, encouraged by Georges Ritleng (1875-1972), headmaster of the School of decorative arts in Strasbourg. One expression of the artistic gift of Th. Vetter consisted in design and making of ex-libris, field in which he acquired an international reputation. In total, he realized about two hundred ex-libris, mostly for physicians. Also attracted by the history of medicine, he became a member of the Société Française d'Histoire de la Médecine; he was general secretary from 1965 to 1970, then he became vice-president and president from 1976 to 1978. He was the author of about a hundred works concerning the history of medicine; all were characterized by a great rigour and by the direct use of original sources. Among his main works, his studies on the oculist Jacques Daviel (1693-1762), popularizer of the surgery of cataract, on the surgeon Claude Nicolas Le Cat (1700-1768), on the birth of pathology, a commented edition of the complete works of Hippocrates, translated by M.P.E. Littré (1801-1881), and numerous papers on the history of medicine in Strasbourg and Alsace.

  8. From Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader: understanding «Star Wars» based on Theodore Millon´s theory of personality pathology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucas de Francisco CARVALHO


    Full Text Available The aim of this work was to psychologically investigate Anakin Skywalker (also known as Darth Vader, using a non sistematic idiographic clinic analysis, based on Thedore Millon theory, with solid theoretical and empirical bases for personality pathological traits and personality disorders. The character Anakin Skywalker allows this analysis, since in the films it is possible to observe fragments of his childhood, adolescence and adult life, making viable an analysis of his psychological development. According to Millon´s theory and the information from the movies, we present as a conclusion a possible pathological personality funtioning for the character.

  9. Sistemática molecular de algunas especies de Lutzomyia spp del grupo verrucarum (Theodor 1965. Búsqueda de marcadores moleculares para la caracterización de especies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. D. Vélez


    Full Text Available

    En el nuevo mundo la Leishmaniosis es transmitida por dípteros del género Lutzomyia frança. Este género presenta una amplia diversidad morfológica por lo que ha sido dividida en subgéneros, grupos y series de especies. Se ha propuesto que la reciente especiación de algunos grupos fue debida a cambios climáticos en el pasado, especialmente en el pleistoceno (hace 1.8 millones de años, los cuales sirvieron para aislar poblaciones coespecíficas en diferentes refugios durante períodos secos. El grupo verrucarum es uno de los agrupamientos subgenéricos en el que se incluyen 28 especies. Con base en la morfología de la genitalia de machos se ha subdividido este grupo en las series serrana, verrucarum y towsendi. De estas especies L. evansi se ha incriminado como vector alternativo de Leishmania (Leishmania infantum chagasi en un foco de Leishmaniosis visceral al norte de Colombia. Otras especies se han incriminado en la transmisión de Leishmania (Viannia, agente causante de Leishmaniosis cutánea.

    Debido a la gran controversia sobre la ubicación sistemática de muchos insectos de importancia médica, surgió un macroproyecto del cual hace parte este estudio y que tiene como propósito aportar al conocimiento sobre las relaciones filogenéticas entre especies del género Lutzomyia. Las especies del grupo verrucarum tienen un interés particular debido a las frecuentes dificultades en su determinación taxonómica basada en caracteres morfológicos. Este estudio tiene como objetivo particular realizar un análisis cladístico entre algunas especies alopátricas (distanciadas geográficamente presentes en Colombia, usando secuencias del gen que codifica para la unidad cuatro de la NADH deshidrogenasa mitocondrial, proteína que participa en la fosforilación oxidativa. Estas especies son: L. evansi (Nuñez-Tovar, L. ovallesi (Ortiz, L. spinicrassa (Osorno & Hoyos, L. nuneztovari (Ortiz y L. columbiana (Ristorcelli & Van Ty. El estudio incluye en el análisis secuencias previamente reportadas de L. longipalpis (del subgénero Lutzomyia franca, serie longipalpis y de insectos de otro género, Phlebotomus papatasi. Adicionalmente pretende buscar a través de análisis de polimorfismos en longitud de fragmentos de restricción (RFLP marcadores moleculares propios de especie, los cuales pueden ayudar en su determinación.

    En una primera etapa se estandarizaron las técnicas de preservación de especímenes, extracción de ADN, amplificación, purificación y digestión de la región 5’del gen ND4. A través de ellas se ha obtenido un fragmento de aproximadamente 680 pb para individuos de las especies de estudio y adicionalmente para L. longipalpis y Phlebotomus papatasi. Algunos de los productos amplificados se han secuenciado y dichas secuencias se han editado, alineado y sometido a un análisis filogenético usando el Software phillip 3.5 en el que se logró obtener un cladograma preliminar. Los ensayos de RFLP con las enzimas de restricción Dra I y Vsp I han revelado fragmentos que pueden ser marcadores moleculares diagnósticos de especies al tiempo que revelan polimorfismo intraespecífico para L. evansi y L. ovallesi. Sin embargo las conclusiones sobre su utilidad para estudiar estructura de poblaciones debe ser confirmada aumentando el número de muestras. El estudio se encuentra en la etapa de análisis de los datos y procesamiento de más especímenes para obtener un mayor número de secuencias y RFLP.

  10. ¿Construyendo una “comunidad”? Theodor Alemann y Hermann Tjarks como voceros de la prensa germanoparlante en Buenos Aires, 1914-1918

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katrin Hoffmann


    Full Text Available Durante la Primera Guerra Mundial, la prensa europea fue un instrumento eficaz de propaganda. Más allá de manipular o desmentir noticias, de alentar a la población civil o de atemorizar al enemigo, por primera vez se trató de una prensa que fortaleció sistemáticamente la identificación nacional demonizando al enemigo. De este modo, formó parte de la maquinaria de propaganda moderna en la cual Jeismann constató una doble dinámica. En primer lugar, en el centro bélico, la prensa se caracterizó por su extremada hostilidad contra los valores universales de la historia europea. Al mismo tiempo, exportaba la guerra hacia otros continentes de tal manera que vinculaba y manipulaba los conflictos y aspiraciones de otras regiones y pueblos de modo tal que favorecieran al propio país. Así, los propagandistas de la guerra trataban de controlar y determinar la duración y la intensidad de la misma a través de la globalización del conflicto bélico (Jeismann 2004: 198-200. En este trabajo nos centraremos en la prensa germanoparlante en Buenos Aires durante la Primera Guerra Mundial.

  11. Theodore and the fantasy of the self, or afective relationships with machines that look like humans, and humans that also look like humans

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Baltasar Fernández-Ramírez


    Full Text Available Our models for affective relationships can be found in cultural products as novels, poetry and films. How does a relation begin, continue, and end? Which are the usual characters, or the plot points which structure its development? These are questions that make part of narratives produced and reproduced in our cultural background. From a narrative psychology perspective, affective relationships fit a dynamic in which different characters propose lines of development (intrigues, which in turn prescribe how our participation should be, in which we result embodied, creating the illusion of a “real” relation that it’s no more than a virtual fantasy, being these last terms interchangeable. The fantasy of the self is a strategic narration that we impose to the other and to ourselves for the relation to be and take sense. I use the film Her (Spike Jonze, 2013 to reflect on these topics, using the doubts about the possibility/virtuality of the human-machine relationship for extending the metaphoric of the fantasy of the self in the affective relationship. In the tradition of the romantic and science-fiction narrative, the machine is that we try to impose on our demiurgic fantasy, imperfect perfection of human beings, and that finally transcends us, raising doubts about the reality/virtuality of our own presence in the narrations in which we lived

  12. 76 FR 60452 - In the Matter of: Bahram Maghazehe, a.k.a. Benjamin Maghazehe, a.k.a. Ben Maghazehe, 154 Sequoia... (United States)


    ...-installation and removal of the equipment from the U.S. hospital and the export of the equipment from the...). Maghazehe had knowledge that a U.S. hospital was discarding the oncology system and that a company in Iran... States. For purposes of this paragraph, servicing means installation, maintenance, repair, modification...

  13. From Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader: understanding Star Wars based on Theodore Millon´s theory of personality pathology/ De Anakin Skywalker a Darth Vader: comprendiendo Star Wars en base a la teoría de la personalidad y su patología de Theodore Millon

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucas de Francisco Carvalho


    Full Text Available The aim of this work was to psychologically investigate Anakin Skywalker (also known as Darth Vader, using a nonsistematic idiographic clinic analysis, based on Thedore Millon theory, with solid theoretical and empirical bases forpersonality pathological traits and personality disorders. The character Anakin Skywalker allows this analysis, sincein the films it is possible to observe fragments of his childhood, adolescence and adult life, making viable an analysis of his psychological development. According to Millon´s theory and the information from the movies, we presentas a conclusion a possible pathological personality funtioning for the character

  14. Filmiloo annus mirabilis 1927 ja eesti mängufilm. Taastatud "Noored kotkad" pidulikel kontsertesitlustel ja DVD-levis / Jaak Lõhmus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lõhmus, Jaak


    Theodor Lutsu tummfilm "Noored kotkad" (1927). Filmile eelnenud ajast, filmi valmimisest, kaastegijatest ning toetajatest. Filmi publikuhuvist, kinoorkestritest, kes filmi erinevates kinodes saatsid. Filmi kajastamisest ajakirjanduses 1927. aastal. Artikli lõpus Theodor Lutsust

  15. Computer implemented land cover classification using LANDSAT MSS digital data: A cooperative research project between the National Park Service and NASA. 3: Vegetation and other land cover analysis of Shenandoah National Park (United States)

    Cibula, W. G.


    Four LANDSAT frames, each corresponding to one of the four seasons were spectrally classified and processed using NASA-developed computer programs. One data set was selected or two or more data sets were marged to improve surface cover classifications. Selected areas representing each spectral class were chosen and transferred to USGS 1:62,500 topographic maps for field use. Ground truth data were gathered to verify the accuracy of the classifications. Acreages were computed for each of the land cover types. The application of elevational data to seasonal LANDSAT frames resulted in the separation of high elevation meadows (both with and without recently emergent perennial vegetation) as well as areas in oak forests which have an evergreen understory as opposed to other areas which do not.

  16. Les phlébotomes (Diptera-Psychodidae de l'île de Chypre.II - Presence de Leishmania (Leishmania infantum Nicolle, 1908 (zymodeme MON 1 chez Phlebotomus (Larroussius tobbi Adler et Theodor, 1930

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Léger N.


    Full Text Available Dans le foyer leishmanien cypriote, les auteurs ont disséqué 2910 femelles de phlébotomes appartenant à 11 espèces : Phlebotomus papatasi, P. sergenti, P. jacusieli, P. alexandri, P. tobbi, P. galilaeus, P. mascittii, P. economidesi, Sergentomyia fallax, S. minuta et S. azizi . Les deux larroussius (P. galilaeus et P. tobbi sont les espèces les plus abondantes. Elles représentent plus de 60 % des captures réalisées avec des pièges CDC. Des promastigotes ont été observées chez un seul spécimen appartenant à l'espèce P. tobbi. Elles ont été mises en culture puis identifiées selon la méthode isoenzymatique. La souche de Leishmania isolée appartient à l'espèce Leishmania infantum, zymodème MON 1. Le même zymodème a été aussi isolé et identifié chez quatre chiens de l'île. En l'absence des vecteurs habituels de L. infantum dans l'est méditerranéen (P. neglectus ef P. syriacus et en raison de sa répartition à Chypre, P. tobbi constitue vraisemblablement un bon vecteur local. Sa faible anthropophilie expliquerait peut-être le très faible nombre de cas humains. Le rôle de P. galilaeus dans la transmission de la leishmaniose à Chypre reste à préciser.

  17. The relationship between perceptions of wilderness character and attitudes toward management intervention to adapt biophysical resources to a changing climate and nature restoration at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (United States)

    Alan Watson; Steve Martin; Neal Christensen; Gregg Fauth; Dan Williams


    In a recent national survey of federal wilderness managers, respondents identified the high priority need for scientific information about public attitudes toward biophysical intervention to adapt to climate change and attitudes of the public toward restoration of natural conditions. In a survey of visitors to one National Park wilderness in California, visitors...

  18. 75 FR 69332 - Standard Instrument Approach Procedures, and Takeoff Minimums and Obstacle Departure Procedures... (United States)


    .... 16-Dec-10 TX Houston Pearland Rgnl....... 0/6063 10/15/10 VOR B, Amdt 1. 16-Dec-10 OK Norman... Theodore Francis 0/9592 10/15/10 RNAV (GPS) Rwy 34, Orig-B. Green State. 16-Dec-10 RI Providence Theodore Francis 0/9594 10/15/10 RNAV (GPS) Rwy 16, Orig-A. Green State. 16-Dec-10 RI Providence Theodore Francis 0...

  19. Raamat, milleta ma oma eriala ette ei kujuta / Tõnu Kollo

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kollo, Tõnu, 1948-


    Raamatututvustus: Perelman, Jakov. Elav matemaatika : lugusid matemaatikast ja nuputamisülesandeid. Tallinn, 1989. Anderson, Theodore W. An Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis. Wiley, 2003

  20. 75 FR 427 - Notice of Continuation of Visitor Services (United States)


    ..., Shenandoah National Park. Inc. CHIS003-98 Truth Aquatics Channel Islands National Park. DEVA002-81 Xanterra...-83 Northwest Trading Post, Inc Blue Ridge Parkway. BLRI007-82 Forever NPC Resorts, LLC Blue Ridge...

  1. Climate-mediated competition in a high-elevation salamander community (United States)

    Dallalio, Eric A.; Brand, Adrianne B,; Grant, Evan H. Campbell


    The distribution of the federally endangered Shenandoah Salamander (Plethodon shenandoah) is presumed to be limited by competition with the Red-backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus). In particular, the current distribution of P. shenandoah is understood to be restricted to warmer and drier habitats because of interspecific interactions. These habitats may be particularly sensitive to climate change, though the influence of competition may also be affected by temperature and relative humidity. We investigated the response of P. shenandoah to competition with P. cinereus under four climate scenarios in 3-dimensional mesocosms. The results suggest that, although climate change may alleviate competitive pressure from P. cinereus, warmer temperatures may also significantly influence the persistence of the species across its known range.

  2. MAPS: The Organization of a Spatial Database System Using Imagery, Terrain, and Map Data (United States)


    segments which share the same pixel position. Finally, in any largo system, a logical partitioning of the database must be performed in order to avoid...34theodore roosevelt memoria entry 0; entry 1: Virginia ’northwest Washington* 2 en 11" ies for "crossover" for ’theodore roosevelt memor i entry 0

  3. Plagiaatorist Saksa minister andis alla

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Saksamaa kaitseminister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg astus plagiaadiskandaali tõttu tagasi. Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg on veebilehe GutenPlag Wikia andmetel pea sõna-sõnalt ilma viitamata teistelt autoritelt maha kirjutanud viiendiku oma doktoritööst

  4. Australian National University Science Extension Day (United States)

    Fletcher, Sarah


    The first Australian National University (ANU) Science Extension Day was held on September 8, 2015. The ANU Science Extension Day is a project that was initiated by Theodore Primary School (ACT) and developed by Theodore Primary, Calwell High School, Science Educators Association of the ACT (SEA*ACT), and the ANU. The project was developed with a…

  5. Diverse opslag i Sociologisk leksikon

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Steen Nepper


    A posteriori, a priori, Adorno, Theodor Wiesengrund, afsubstantialisering, agora, aksiom, alternation, animal symbolicum, antropomorf, apperception, autotelisk selv, Berufsverbot, cirkelslutning, Dasein, Debord, Guy, dikotomi, dualisme, entropi, essentialisme, fait social, folkelighed, forforståe......A posteriori, a priori, Adorno, Theodor Wiesengrund, afsubstantialisering, agora, aksiom, alternation, animal symbolicum, antropomorf, apperception, autotelisk selv, Berufsverbot, cirkelslutning, Dasein, Debord, Guy, dikotomi, dualisme, entropi, essentialisme, fait social, folkelighed...

  6. Sources of nitrogen deposition in Federal Class I areas in the US

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H.-M. Lee


    Full Text Available It is desired to control excessive reactive nitrogen (Nr deposition due to its detrimental impact on ecosystems. Using a three-dimensional atmospheric chemical transport model, GEOS-Chem, Nr deposition in the contiguous US and eight selected Class I areas (Voyageurs (VY, Smoky Mountain (SM, Shenandoah (SD, Big Bend (BB, Rocky Mountain (RM, Grand Teton (GT, Joshua Tree (JT, and Sequoia (SQ is investigated. First, modeled Nr deposition is compared with National Trends Network (NTN and Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET deposition values. The seasonality of measured species is generally well represented by the model (R2 > 0.6, except in JT. While modeled Nr is generally within the range of seasonal observations, large overestimates are present in sites such as SM and SD in the spring and summer (up to 0.6 kg N ha month−1, likely owing to model high-biases in surface HNO3. The contribution of non-measured species (mostly dry deposition of NH3 to total modeled Nr deposition ranges from 1 to 55 %. The spatial distribution of the origin of Nr deposited in each Class I area and the contributions of individual emission sectors are estimated using the GEOS-Chem adjoint model. We find the largest role of long-range transport for VY, where 50 % (90 % of annual Nr deposition originates within 670 (1670 km of the park. In contrast, the Nr emission footprint is most localized for SQ, where 50 % (90 % of the deposition originates from within 130 (370 km. Emissions from California contribute to the Nr deposition in remote areas in the western US (RM, GT. Mobile NOx and livestock NH3 are found to be the major sources of Nr deposition in all sites except BB, where contributions of NOx from lightning and soils to natural levels of Nr deposition are significant (∼ 40 %. The efficiency in terms of Nr deposition per kg emissions of NH3-N, NOx-N, and SO2-S are also estimated. Unique seasonal features are found in JT (opposing

  7. 76 FR 13944 - Approval and Promulgation of Air Quality Implementation Plans; State of California; Regional Haze... (United States)


    ... Wilderness; 14. Emigrant Wilderness; 15. Hoover Wilderness; 16. Yosemite National Park; 17. Ansel Adams... monitor) Ansel Adams WA, Kaiser WA, John 15.5 14.9 13.6 7.1 2200 Muir WA (KAIS monitor)......... Sequoia...

  8. Taliraps on koristatud ja müüdudki / Lii Sammler

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Sammler, Lii, 1963-


    Esimest korda talirapsiga viljelusvõistlusel osalenud Väätsa Agro ja Karinu PM OÜ panustasid sordile DK 'Sequoia' ja esialgsetel andmetel korjati kuiva seemet 4-5 tonni ümber hektarilt. Vestlusest agronoomidega

  9. AcEST: BP917160 [AcEST

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available sequoia glyptostroboides PE=2 SV=1 Length = 319 Score = ...jct: 64 GRGILAMDESNATCGKRLASIGLENTEANRQAYRTLLVTAPGLGQYISGSILFEETLY 121 >tr|Q8LK59|Q8LK59_METGY Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase OS=Meta

  10. Decomposition and N cycling changes in redwood forests caused by sudden oak death (United States)

    Richard C. Cobb; David M. Rizzo


    Phytophthora ramorum is an emergent pathogen in redwood forests which causes the disease sudden oak death. Although the disease does not kill coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), extensive and rapid mortality of tanoak (Notholithocarpus densiflorus) has removed this...

  11. Information needs for natural fire management planning (United States)

    Parsons, David; Bancroft, Larry; Nichols, Thomas; Stohlgren, Thomas


    The development and implementation of an effective natural fire management program require a clear definition of goals and objectives, an ever-expanding information base, and effective program evaluation. Examples are given from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

  12. Book Review: Review Manual for Massachusetts General Hospital ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Abstract. Book Title: Review Manual for Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of. General Hospital Psychiatry. 5th ed. Book Author: Theodore A. Stern. Pp 121. Philadelphia: Elsevier Mosby. 2004. ISBN 0-323-02768-7.

  13. SHPL: The Scaleable High-Performance LAN on the CVN 71

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Blackwell, L


    ...) Core Technology Program aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71). The program demonstrates advanced concepts in strike planning, visualization, and execution using the latest technology in high speed computing, 3-D graphics, and networking...

  14. Middendorffi õhtud : Peterburi haritlaskonna seltskonnaelust XIX sajandi teisel poolel / Ada Ambus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Ambus, Ada


    Hermann Daltoni ja Ferdinand Johann Wiedemanni mälestused valitud teadlasteringi kooskäimistest Petreburis, baltisaksa geograafi Alexander Theodor von Middendorffi juures. Sisaldab ka kooskäinud isikute nimekirja

  15. 76 FR 57712 - Performance Review Board Membership (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Performance Review Board Membership AGENCY: Economics and Statistics... the Performance Review Board (PRB) in accordance with the Economics and Statistics Administration's.... Bostic, Jr., Arnold A. Jackson, Theodore A. Johnson, Steven J. Jost, J. Steven Landefeld, Jennifer Madans...

  16. Kui päevapiltnikud Pärnusse jõudsid / Vello Paatsi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Paatsi, Vello, 1948-2015


    Dagerrotüpist Carl Borchardt töötas Pärnus 1844. a. Fotograafide Friedrich Wilhelm Louis Seidlitzi, Theodor Johni, Wilhelm Carl Paul Lanzi jt tegevusest Pärnus. Pärnu linnavaadete albumist (1866)

  17. Põlva poisid teevad filmiga ilma / Tiia Allas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Allas, Tiia


    Põlvas elavad kooliõpilased Christian Kask ja Daniel Müntinen said Theodor Lutsu filmipäevadel parima animafilmi auhinna oma filmiga "UFO" ja kandideerisid lühimängufilmidega "Voitkajaht" ja "Snaiper" peaauhinnale

  18. Hector Zazou helisulamid ekraani ja ajalooga / Immo Mihkelson

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mihkelson, Immo, 1959-


    IX Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivali avalöögiks on kontsert-filmiseansid Tartus ja Tallinnas, kus Theodor Dreyeri tummfilmi "Jeanne d'Arci kannatused" (Prantsusmaa 1928) saadab prantsuse muusik Hector Zazou

  19. "Külvaja" kui maaelu "Oscar" / Silja Lättemäe

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Lättemäe, Silja, 1952-


    Ferdi Sannamehe 1927. a. valminud pronksskulptuuri "Külvaja" vähendatud koopiast, mis antakse Aasta Põllumehe konkursi võitjale esmakordselt 2006. a. Koopia modelleerija Tiiu Kirsipuu. Theodor Poolile 1928. a. kingitud originaalkujul tekst " Riigivanemalt parimale talumajapidamisele Eestis"

  20. National Wildlife Refuge System (United States)

    Department of the Interior — When President Theodore Roosevelt made Florida's tiny Pelican Island a refuge for birds in 1903, he wrote the ¬first chapter of a great American conservation success...

  1. Meie "oma" Unabomber - kes ta on? / Valdek Kiiver

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kiiver, Valdek


    1995. a. tabasid USA võimud riiki 17 aastat kirjapommidega terroriseerinud kurjategija, keda kutsuti Unabomberiks. Theodore Kaczynsky (Unabomberi) tegevusest ja tabamisest. Vt. samas: Oklahoma, 1995. Timothy McVeigh kui Oklahoma föderaalkohtuhoones plahvatuse organiseerija

  2. Filminduse ökosüsteemi tuleb näha tervikuna / A. K.

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    A. K.


    Pöff koostöös Euroopa Parlamendiga korraldas Kumu kunstimuuseumi auditooriumis rahvusvahelise konverentsi "Kultuurivärav - film Euroopa kultuuri mitmekesisuse kaitsel". Theodore Schwinke ettekandest, mis käsitles filmiajakirjanduse mõju rahvuslikule filmitoodangule

  3. pavel aleksadrovič florenskij's method of discerning spiritual truth

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    him “met and were united in a particular way culture and the church, Athens and Jerusalem”. ... Rome, the Academy and the church, Natalino Valentini (2004:10) states .... and Bishop Theodor Pozdeevskij, fearing the restrictive censorship of.

  4. Filosofia Negativa e Arte: Instrumentos e Roupagens para se Pensar a Educacao (Negative Philosophy and Art: Instruments and Clothing for Thinking about Education). (United States)

    Pucci, Bruno


    Synthesizes philosophical and aesthetic insights taken from "Negative Dialectics" (Theodor Adorno) and freely developed from the illuminating sparks generated by the shock of words and things named. Aims to create instruments and clothing for the negative analysis of education. (BT)

  5. Imperial Senate: American Legislative Debates on Empire, 1898-1917 (United States)


    University Press of Kansas, 1980), 19; Edmund Morris , Theodore Rex (New York: Random House, 2001), 479–80. 118 31 Cong. Rec. 3976 (16 April 1898...mid-paragraph Senator Mason abruptly requested unanimous consent for a vote on McEnery’s resolution and amendments the following Tuesday Morris , Edmund. Theodore Rex. New York: Random House, 2001. Musicant, Ivan. Empire by

  6. Review Essay : Virtually Alive or Questionably Dead? The Ambivalence of Modern Korean Identity in Literature and Cinema


    Kim, Kyu Hyun


    Theodore Hughes, Literature and Film in Cold War South Korea: Freedom's Frontier. New York: Columbia University Press, 2012. 304 pp. $55 (cloth).Kyung Hyun Kim, Virtual Hallyu: Korean Cinema of the Global Era. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2011, pp. 208. $90 (cloth), $25 (paper).The studies by Kyung Hyun Kim and Theodore Hughes discussed in this essay are rich with information and insights but are also challenging, almost subversive, to some prevalent views on Korean cinema and literatur...

  7. Firiedrich Hübbe mõistatus / Mart Siilivask

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Siilivask, Mart, 1966-


    Tartus tegutsenud Friedrich Hübbest ja Tallinnas tegutsenud Friedrich Ludwig Theodor Hübbest. Tartus tegutsenud Friedrich Hübbe sai 1873. aastal raelt heakskiidu iseseisva ehitusettevõtte rajamiseks. 1877. aastal sai ta loa rajada Emajõe ja Kroonuaia tänava nurgakrundile aurusaeveski. See mees pole seotud Tallinna ehitusäriga. Tallinnas tegutses teine Mecklenburgist pärit ehitusmeister - Friedrich Ludwig Theodor Hübbe, kes asutas 1907. aastal Toompuiestee 10 oma ehitusettevõtte

  8. Image Understanding: Proceedings of a Workshop (14th) Held at Arlington, Virginia on 23 June 1983 (United States)


    Washington d.c ’ br idge ’ ’connects’ fur ’theodore roosevelt memoria ’Virginia’ ’ nor times t Washington’ crossover" for "theodore...natural surfaces and their images. Fractal Hrownian functions 1 ’ ■ 186 . . do not, of course, arcounl for such largo -scale sjKitial... largo in itselt, has properties which allow considerable annlyjis to bo peilnrmed. Formulae are developed for points on the suiface of an SHGC and

  9. Ὁ μάγιστρος Θεόκτιστος καί ὁ Θεόδωρος Στουδίτης. Μοναστηριακός Βίος καί Πολιτική

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Eleonora Kountoura-GalakiThe magister Theoktistos and Theodore the Studite: Monastic Life and Policy. The quaestor Theoktistos was among the leading officials who took part in the conspiracy of the logothete Nicephorus against the empress Irene (802. He was identical with the magister Theoktistos who, as a supreme member of the Senate, received in 808 the letter No. 24 by Theodore the Studite. With this letter Theodore hoped that he could persuade magister Theoktistos to intervene to the emperor Nicephorus I, in order to avoid banishment. The magister, however, did not play a prominent role under the reign of Nicephorus and Theodore was forced to abandon the City. During the brief reign of Michael I, where we can observe the weakening of the imperial institution and the simultaneous uprise of the senatorial power as well as the rise of the fanatic monks (the monastery of Studion experienced a significant prosperity at that time magister Theoktistos and Theodore the Studite had then powerfully participated in political life and had played a crucial role in it. Probably the same Theoktistos received one more letter (No 123 by Theodore the Studite after the accession of Leo V.

  10. US Army and the strategy of punitive measures (United States)


    Carolinians. North Carolina at the time was not considered to be part of the “Deep South” and was believed to contain large pockets of Unionists. His...Shenandoah Valley. Charlottesville, VA: Rockbridge Publishing, 1998. 44 Joint Publication (JP) 1-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and

  11. Brook trout movement during and after recolonization of a naturally defaunated stream reach (United States)

    Craig N. Roghair; C. Andrew Dolloff


    In june 1995 a debris flow associated with a massive streamwide flood completely eliminated brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis from the lower 1.9 km of the Staunton River in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. Biannual diver counts revealed that brook trout moved several hundred meters into the debris-flow-affected area each year, resulting in...

  12. Harvard's Historic Choice (United States)

    Wilson, Robin


    In this article, the author profiles Drew Gilpin Faust, a career academic who has risen to the top job at Harvard University and has been named president of Harvard after six years as leader of its small Radcliffe Institute. Ms. Faust, who is 59, grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, raised by a father who bred Thoroughbred horses and a…

  13. Kui päevapiltnikud Pärnusse jõudsid / Vello Paatsi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Paatsi, Vello, 1948-2015


    Praegu teadaolevalt jõudis Pärnusse esimese fotograafina dagerrotüpist Carl Borchardt. Carl Borchardti'le järgnenud fotograafidest Pärnus. Friedrich Wilhelm Louis Seidlitzist ja tema 1866. aastal avaldatud Pärnu linnavaadete albumist. 1868. aastal ilmus Seidlitzile konkurent Theodor John. Seidlitz nimetas end fotograafiks kuni 1870. aastani. Edaspidi tunti Pärnus üksnes samanimelist pudukaupmeest. Theodor John lahkus Pärnust 1870. aastal. Samal aastal asus Pärnusse fotograaf Wilhelm Carl Paul Lanz

  14. Master of the House Blu-Ray

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Tybjerg, Casper


    In this interview, produced by the Criterion Collection in 2014, Danish film historian Casper Tybjerg discusses how Master of the House went from being a popular stage play to a film, one that was a major stepping-stone in director Carl Theodor Dreyer's career.......In this interview, produced by the Criterion Collection in 2014, Danish film historian Casper Tybjerg discusses how Master of the House went from being a popular stage play to a film, one that was a major stepping-stone in director Carl Theodor Dreyer's career....

  15. Phlebotominae de Venezuela: Lutzomyia amilcari sp.n. del estado Lara

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Conrado Arredondo Cardona


    Full Text Available Se describe el macho de Lutzomyia amilcari sp.n. capturado en el Parque Nacional de Yacambú, Distrito Andrés Eloy Blanco, Estado Lara, Venezuela. La especie puede ser identificada por la forma característica del parámetro. Pertenece al grupo Verrucarum, serie Verrucarum de Theodor (1965.A description is given of the male of Lutzomyia amilcari sp.n. who was collected in the National Park of Yacambú, State of Lara, Venezuela. This species is identified by the characteristic form of the paramere. It belongs to the Verrucarum Group, Verrucarum Series of Theodor (1965.

  16. Black bear damage to northwestern conifers in California: a review (United States)

    Kenneth O. Fulgham; Dennis Hosack


    A total of 789 black bear damaged trees were investigate over a multi-year period on 14 different study sites chosen on lands of four participating timber companies. The sites ranged from 30 to 50 years of age. Four different conifer species were found to have black bear damage: coastal redwood (Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl.), Douglas-fir (...

  17. Magnetic record associated with tree ring density: Possible climate proxy

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kletetschka, Günther; Pruner, Petr; Venhodová, Daniela; Kadlec, Jaroslav


    Roč. 8, - (2007), s. 1-11 ISSN 1467-4866 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z3013912 Keywords : palaeo-climatic indicator * sequoia tree * magnetic properties Subject RIV: DB - Geology ; Mineralogy Impact factor: 1.842, year: 2007

  18. Annosus Root disease of Western Conifers (FIDL) (United States)

    Craig L. Schmitt; John R. Parmeter; John T. Kliejunas


    Annosus root disease is found on all western conifer species but is of most concern on true firs, hemlocks, and pines. Incense cedar, coast redwood and sequoia are sometimes infected in California. Western juniper is infected throughout its range. Annosus is common and causes extensive decay in old-growth western and mountain hemlock stands. Many mixed conifer stands...

  19. Changing conditions on wilderness campsites: Seven case studies of trends over 13 to 32 years (United States)

    David N. Cole


    This report brings together seven case studies of trends in the number and condition of wilderness campsites over periods ranging from 13 to 32 years. Case examples come from five mountainous wilderness areas in the western United States: Sequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness in California, the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Oregon, the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness in...

  20. Post-fire response of coast redwood one year after the Mendocino lightning complex fires (United States)

    Robert B. Douglas; Tom. Bendurel


    Coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) forests have undergone significant changes over the past century and are now in state more conducive for wildfires. Because fires have been uncommon in redwood forests over the past 80 years, managers have limited data to make decisions about the post-fire environment. In June 2008, a series of lightning storms...

  1. Management practices eelated to the Restoration of old dorest characteristics in coast redwood forests (United States)

    Gregory A. Guisti


    A standardized, interactive, interview process was used with practicing Registered Professional Foresters asking a suite of questions to ascertain their management approaches to coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens [D. Don] Endl.) stands that could best be transferred to other projects and lands interested in recruiting older forest...

  2. Bark water uptake promotes localized hydraulic recovery in coastal redwood crown (United States)

    J. Mason Earles; Or Sperling; Lucas C. R. Silva; Andrew J. McElrone; Craig R. Brodersen; Malcolm P. North; Maciej A. Zwieniecki


    Coastal redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), the world’s tallest tree species, rehydrates leaves via foliar water uptake during fog/rain events. Here we examine if bark also permits water uptake in redwood branches, exploring potential flow mechanisms and biological significance. Using isotopic labelling and microCT imaging, we observed that water...

  3. A Multiple Logistic Regression Model for Predicting the Development of Phytophthora ramorum symptoms in Tanoak (Lithocarpus densiflorus) (United States)

    Mark Spencer; Kevin O' Hara


    Phytophthora ramorum attacks tanoak (Lithocarpus densiflorus) in California and Oregon. We present a stand-level study examining the presence of disease symptoms in individual stems. Working with data from four plots in redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)/tanoak forests in Marin County, and three plots in Mendocino...

  4. AcEST: DK962439 [AcEST

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available sequoia glyptostroboides PE=2 SV=1 Length = 319 Score = 261 bits (667), Expect = 3e...GLASRSAAYYQQGARFAK 183 Query: 637 WRTVV 651 WRTVV Sbjct: 184 WRTVV 188 >tr|Q8LK59|Q8LK59_METGY Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase OS=Meta

  5. Sudden Oak Death in redwood forests: vegetation dynamics in the wake of tanoak decline (United States)

    Benjamin Ramage; Kevin O’Hara


    Numerous lines of inquiry have concluded that tanoak (Lithocarpus densiflorus) will continue to experience drastic population declines and may even disappear entirely from redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) forests as a result of the exotic disease sudden oak death (SOD) (Maloney and others 2005, McPherson and others 2005,...

  6. Biodegrading effects of some rot fungi on Pinus caribaea wood

    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    May 16, 2008 ... species of white-rot fungi; Corioliopsis polyzona and Pleurotus squarrosulus, and two species of brown- rot fungi; Lentinus ... The results indicated that biodegradation by rot fungi differs in intensity according to the fungus ..... wood of coast red wood Sequoia Sempervirens (D. Don). For. Prod. J. 33(5): 15-20 ...

  7. Rangewide Genetic Variation in Coast Redwood Populations at a Chloroplast Microsatellite Locus (United States)

    Chris Brinegar


    Old growth and second growth populations of coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) were sampled at 10 locations throughout its range and analyzed at a highly variable chloroplast microsatellite locus. Very low FST values indicated that there was no significant genetic differentiation between adjacent old growth and second growth populations at each location. Genetic...

  8. Physiology and growth of redwood and Douglas-fir planted after variable density retention outside redwood’s range (United States)

    Lucy Kerhoulas; Nicholas Kerhoulas; Wade Polda; John-Pascal Berrill


    Reforestation following timber harvests is an important topic throughout the coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl.) range. Furthermore, as drought-induced mortality spreads across many of California’s forests, it is important to understand how physiology and stand structure influence reforestation success. Finally, as climate...

  9. Using wood quality measures to evaluate second-growth redwood (United States)

    Stephen L. Quarles; Yana. Vlachovic


    Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) a valued species for use in appearance grade applications, such as decking, exterior siding and interior paneling, because of its dimensional stability. It is also valued for certain exterior-use applications because of its natural decay resistance. Studies have found that young-growth redwood is less resistant to...

  10. Inbreeding depression in selfs of redwood (United States)

    W. J. Libby; B. G. McCutchan; C. I. Millar


    Given the polyploid chromosome constitution of Sequoia sempervirens, there was reason to question whether it would exhibit inbreeding depression. Preliminary results from studies of self and related outcross families are reported as a guide to the selection of trees for redwood seed orchards and breeding-orchards. The data indicate that, compared to...

  11. Bat use of remnant old-growth redwood stands (United States)

    William J. Zielinski; Steven T. Gellman


    Most of the old-growth redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) in Calfornia has been cut; regenerating forests will probably never resemble those that were harvested, and what old growth remains on private land occurs in small, isolated remnant patches. The landscapes in which these stands occur differ so markedly from their original condition that their...

  12. Policy Evaluation: Use of the PSB-Aptitude Test as an Admission Requirement for the LVN Program. (United States)

    Firstman, Aranga

    A study was conducted to assess the use of the Psychological Services Bureau's Aptitude Test for Practical Nursing (PSB Aptitude Test) as an entrance requirement for the licensed vocational nurse (LVN) program at College of the Sequoias. The study sought to determine whether the PSB Aptitude Test was a valid indicator of success in the LVN…

  13. Cradle-to-gate life cycle impacts of redwood forest resource harvesting in northern California (United States)

    Han-Sup Han; Elaine Oneil; Richard D. Bergman; Ivan L. Eastin; Leonard R. Johnson


    The first life cycle impact assessment for redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) forest management activities (i.e. a cradle-to-sawmill gate input) including the growing, harvesting, and hauling of redwood sawlogs to a sawmill was completed. In the stump-to-truck timber harvesting analysis, primary transport activities such as skidding and yarding consumed...

  14. Life-cycle assessment of redwood decking in the United States with a comparison to three other decking materials (United States)

    R. Bergman; H. Sup-Han; E. Oneil; I. Eastin


    The goal of the study was to conduct a life-cycle inventory (LCI) of California redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) decking that would quantify the critical environmental impacts of decking from cradle to grave. Using that LCI data, a life-cycle assessment (LCA) was produced for redwood decking. The results were used to compare the environmental footprint...

  15. Fostering personal relationships with the wild: Oral history's role in recreation management (United States)

    Alison Steiner; Daniel R. Williams


    Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (SEKI) encompass much of central California's most stunning scenery. Dramatic peaks and passes, perennial snowfields, remote lake basins, alpine meadows, steep canyons, and shockingly big trees characterize the more than 800,000 acres of wild land that lie within the parks. Drought-resistant chaparral and blue oak woodlands...

  16. The impact of normative message types on off-trail hiking (United States)

    P.L. Winter


    Depreciative activities and high annual visitation levels threaten the health and sustainability of the giant Sequoia. Signage is one route to managing visitor behavior. Research suggests a two-by-two conceptualization of normative messages in signs. Messages may present the "ought" (injunctive) or the "is" (descriptive) of behavior and may be...

  17. Natural seedlings and sprouts after regeneration cuttings in old-growth redwood (United States)

    Kenneth N. Boe


    Natural regeneration of harvested old-growth stands of redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) is one way to start a new forest that is needed quickly for continuous timber production. Natural seedlings and sprouts developing after stands were cut were studied on the Redwood Experimental Forest, northern California. Three types of regeneration cuttings were...

  18. Coast redwood live crown and sapwood (United States)

    John-Pascal Berrill; Jesse L. Deffress; Jessica M. Engle


    Understanding crown rise and sapwood taper will help meet management objectives such as producing long branch-free boles for clear wood and old-growth restoration, or producing sawlogs with a high proportion of heartwood. Coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) tree crown ratio data were collected 20 years after partial harvesting in a 65-year-old second growth stand....

  19. Impacts on soils and residual trees from cut-to-length thinning operations in California's redwood forests (United States)

    Kyungrok Hwang; Han-sup Han; Susan E. Marshall; Deborah S. Page-Dumroese


    Cut-to-length (CTL) harvest systems have recently been introduced for thinning third-growth, young (<25 years old) redwood forests (Sequoia sempervirens (Lamb. ex D. Don) Endl.) in northern California. This type of harvesting can effective for thinning overstocked stands consisting of small-diameter trees. However, forestland managers and government agencies...

  20. High Sierra Ecosystems: The Role of Fish Stocking in Amphibian Declines (United States)

    Kathleen Matthews


    With a rich diversity of aquatic habitats, including deep lakes, shallow ponds, and rushing streams, Dusy Basinin Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks typifies the high Sierra ecosystem where mountain yellow-legged frogs usually thrive. Yet throughout the Sierra, aquatic ecologist Kathleen Matthews found entire water basins empty of these amphibians. Comprehensive...

  1. Predicting redwood productivity using biophysical data, spatial statistics and site quality indices (United States)

    John-Pascal Berrill; Kevin L. O’Hara; Shawn Headley


    Coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl.) height growth and basal area growth are sensitive to variations in site quality. Site factors known to be correlated with redwood stand growth and yield include topographic variables such as position on slope, exposure, and the composite variable: topographic relative moisture index. Species...

  2. Drainage areas of the Potomac River basin, West Virginia (United States)

    Wiley, Jeffrey B.; Hunt, Michelle L.; Stewart, Donald K.


    This report contains data for 776 drainage-area divisions of the Potomac River Basin, from the headwaters to the confluence of the Potomac River and the Shenandoah River. Data, compiled in downstream order, are listed for streams with a drainage area of approximately 2 square miles or larger within West Virginia and for U.S. Geological Survey streamflow-gaging stations. The data presented are the stream name, the geographical limits in river miles, the latitude and longitude of the point, the name of the county, and the 7 1/2-minute quadrangle in which the point lies, and the drainage area of that site. The total drainage area of the Potomac River Basin downstream of the confluence of the Shenandoah River at the State boundary is 9,367.29 square miles.

  3. National Identity and Migration in an Emerging Gateway Community

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jennifer Byrne


    Full Text Available This paper examines how conceptions of national and local identity influence reactions to migration in the Shenandoah Valley, a rural location in Southwest Virginia with unique demographic characteristics. While Shenandoah Valley residents have been predominantly non-Hispanic whites of European descent, a recent visible influx of Hispanic laborers, a higher than national average Muslim population, a history of refugee resettlement and the migration of urbanites from Northern Virginia have made the Valley one of the most diverse locations in the state of Virginia today. Using a qualitative methods approach with both apriori and emergent coding, I offer some insights as to how a traditional ethnic and civic framework of national identity and emergent themes of local identity, including family values and traditionalism, influence reactions to the changing demographics in this rural community.

  4. Japanese beetle Popillia japonica Newman : foliar feeding on wine grapes in Virginia


    Boucher, T. Jude


    The natural infestation level for 1985 of the Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica Newman, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia failed to reduce berry quality, yield or shoot growth in a commercial vineyard. Intensive postveraison foliage feeding by Japanese beetle resulted 1n fruit with lower soluble solids and higher total titratable acidity at harvest, but did not affect pH, sugar per berry, berry weight, yield, leaves per vine or shoot length. Intensive previraison feeding a...

  5. Response of a Brook Trout Population and Instream Habitat to a Catastrophic Flood and Debris Flow (United States)

    Criag N. Roghair; C. Andrew Dolloff; Martin K. Underwood


    In June 1995, a massive flood and debris flow impacted fish and habitat along the lower 1.9 km of the Staunton River, a headwater stream located in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. In the area affected by debris flow, the stream bed was scoured and new substrate materials were deposited, trees were removed from a 30-m-wide band in the riparian area, and all fish...

  6. An Aversion to Risk; A Warning from the Past (United States)


    Given the unlikely sudden appearance of a 20 Richard E. Neustadt and Ernest R . May, Thinking in Time: The Uses of History for Decision-Makers (New...for 2001, as McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign plan had 3 Stewart, American Military History Volume II, 468-470. 4 Ibid., 481. s Michael R . Gordon and... bedridden again due to illness.41 June 8, 1862: Having failed to subdue Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley, Halleck ordered McDowell to attack

  7. Ethical Issues in Accounting: A Teaching Guide (United States)

    Doolan, Amy L.


    Theodore Roosevelt said, "To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society." With this quote in mind, this paper describes three ethical issues in the discipline area of accounting. The format of the paper is to first provide background information on the ethical question or scenario then to provide a…

  8. On the "Critique of Everyday Life" to "Metaphilosophy": Henri Lefebvre's Philosophical-Political Legacy of the Cultural Revolution (United States)

    Sünker, Heinz


    Henri Lefebvre (1901-91), philosopher and sociologist, is, together with Theodor W. Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Walter Benjamin and Ernst Bloch, one of the most relevant representatives of the first generation in Western Marxism. His engagement with Marxism led him to analyse everyday life in post-war France in order to decipher the possibilities of,…

  9. 77 FR 71828 - National Register of Historic Places; Notification of Pending Nominations and Related Actions (United States)


    ... School, (Indiana's Public Common and High Schools MPS) 550 E. Jefferson St., Franklin, 12001058 La Porte County Ames Family Homestead, 5332 & 5336 W. 150 N., La Porte, 12001062 Lake County Roosevelt, Theodore...), Portions of Boyle, Chouteau, Kentucky, Norfolk, Swan, Talmadge, Tower Grove, Vandeventer & Vista, St. Louis...

  10. Virtuous Mess and Wicked Clarity: Struggle in Higher Education Research (United States)

    McArthur, Jan


    This article considers the value of clarity--of theory, method and purposes--in educational research. It draws upon the work of early critical theorist, Theodor Adorno, and particularly his notion of negative dialectics and his challenge to the traditional dichotomy of theory and practice. Using the notions of virtuous mess and wicked clarity, I…

  11. Fulltext PDF

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ''for their contributions to the development of laser-based precision spectroscopy, including the optical frequency comb technique" to. John L Hall - University of Colorado, JILA; National Institute of Standards and. Technology Boulder, CO, USA. Theodor W Hinsch - Max-Planck-Insti tnt fur Quantenoptik Garching, Germany; ...

  12. Globalization and Philosophy of Education (United States)

    Watras, Joseph


    The term "globalization" is relatively new. Alfred E. Eckes, Jr. and Thomas W. Zeiler credit Theodore Levitt for coining the word in 1983 in an article in the Harvard Business Review. In a short time, other authors adopted the term. Thomas Freidman, for example, used the phrase to define the 1990s. Freidman claimed that the world had entered a new…

  13. What's New? Temporality in Practice Theory and Pragmatism

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Buch, Anders; Stjerne, Iben Sandal


    This chapter discuss two temporal approaches to social order that accentuate the role of novelty, change, and temporality in accounts of social organization, activity, and human action, namely, the pragmatist approach of George Herbert Mead and the practice theoretical approach of Theodore R...

  14. The Fighting Style: Reading the Unabomber's Strunk and White (United States)

    Prendergast, Catherine


    The fiftieth anniversary of the Strunk and White edition of "The Elements of Style" is an appropriate occasion for considering its enormous popularity. Especially interesting is the esteem for the book held by Theodore Kaczynszki, convicted as the Unabomber. His embrace of Strunk and White's values points to a kind of violence and primitivist…

  15. Brazilian Cannibals in Sixteenth-Century Europe and Seventeenth-Century Japan

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Leca, R.


    This article follows the transmission of a visual trope depicting Brazilian cannibals from accounts of travelers to Brazil in the 16th century to world maps and popular tales in 17th century Japan. The image of tribesmen roasting human limbs over a fire in woodcut illustrations (such as Theodore de

  16. Planning U.S. Security, (United States)


    Crisis. Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1971. Ansoff , H. Igor . Strategic Management. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1979. Antonelli, Theodore, Major General...Shirley, Michael H. Peters, and Adel I. EI-Ansary, Strategy and Policy Formation (New York: Wiley, 1976); H. Igor Ansoff , Strategic Manage- ment (New

  17. Effectiveness of a Play Therapy Intervention on Children's Externalizing and Off-Task Behaviors (United States)

    Meany-Walen, Kristin K.; Teeling, Sunny; Davis, Aubrey; Artley, George; Vignovich, Andrea


    Children's externalizing and off-task behaviors are deemed a major concern for elementary teachers and interfere with the classroom learning environment (Abidin & Robinson, 2002; Shillingford-Butler & Theodore, 2013). Children with these behaviors are at risk of falling behind academically and experiencing ongoing behavioral problems…

  18. Penguin breeding in Edinburgh

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gillespie, T.H.; F.R.S.E.,; F.Z.S.,


    The Scottish National Zoological Park at Edinburgh has been notably successful in keeping and breeding penguins. It is happy in possessing as a friend and benefactor, Mr Theodore E. Salvesen, head of the firm of Christian Salvesen & Co., Leith, to whose interest and generosity it owes the great

  19. ~o-+oo 67

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    The Indispensable Component of Respiratory Mechanics. Shweta Saxena. Front Cover. R ,. -- --. -.~-. ~.... - ... ---- . --..~--. Back Cover. Karman vortex street visualized by injecting f1uorocein dye and a sheet of green laser light. (Courtesy: Aerospace Engineering Department,. liSe). Theodore von Karman.

  20. Resonance – Journal of Science Education | News

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 10; Issue 8. Issue front cover thumbnail Issue back cover thumbnail. Volume 10, Issue 8. August 2005, pages 1-105. pp 1-1 Editorial. Editorial · Priti Shankar · More Details Fulltext PDF. pp 2-3 Article-in-a-Box. Theodore von Kármán – Rocket Scientist.

  1. Reconstituting the Social: Transforming Institutions and Emerging Forms of Knowledge-Making in Korea, Late Nineteenth Century to 1945

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John DiMoia


    Full Text Available Kyung Moon Hwang, Rationalizing Korea: The Rise of the Modern State, 1894-1945. University of California Press, 2015. 416 pp. $75 (cloth; $35 (paper/e-book. Theodore Jun Yoo, It's Madness: The Politics of Mental Health in Colonial Korea. University of California Press, 2016. 248 pp. $65 (cloth/e-book.

  2. Sügisteater / Mihkel Mutt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mutt, Mihkel, 1953-


    'Libahunt' Von Krahli teatris (August Kitzbergi järgi dramatiseerinud Margus Kasterpalu ja Peeter Jalakas, lav. Peeter Jalakas); Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmanni - Madis Kõivu 'Kuradieliksiir' Draamateatris (lav. Priit Pedajas); Per Olov Enquisti 'Tribaadide öö' Draamateatris (lav. Katri Kaasik-Aaslav)

  3. Derivations into duals of ideals of Banach algebras

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    R. Narasimhan (Krishtel eMaging) 1461 1996 Oct 15 13:05:22

    We say that Y is a dual A-bimodule if there is a Banach A-bimodule X such that Y is ... D is inner; this definition was introduced by Johnson [Jo1]. ..... [Pa] Palmer Theodore W, Banach algebra and the general theory of ∗-algebras (Cam-.

  4. Alfred. První opera Antonína Dvořáka se vrací

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kratochvílová, Markéta


    Roč. 19, č. 3 (2014), s. 6-7 Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : Gerd Albrecht * Adolf Heller * Karl Theodor Körner * opera * Antonín Dvořák * Alfred Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  5. Alfred: Dvořák’s first opera and its fate

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Kratochvílová, Markéta

    -, č. 3 (2014), s. 7-11 ISSN 1211-0264 Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : Gerd Albrecht * Adolf Heller * Karl Theodor Körner * opera * Antonín Dvořák * Alfred Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  6. Mass Media Forces in Our society. Second Edition. (United States)

    Voelker, Francis H.; Voelker, Ludmila A.

    The primary purpose of this book is to help the public become more aware and critical in their selection and appraisal of the media. Part 1 consists of a single essay by Theodore Peterson that gives a historical perspective on the development of the mass media in the United States. Part 2 deals with the print and electronic media: magazines, photo…

  7. 76 FR 22001 - National Park Week, 2011 (United States)


    .... America is fortunate to have a long history of conservation pioneers, like President Theodore Roosevelt... National Park Week, 2011 By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation Every day, America... and vitality of all Americans. In no place is America's natural and historic legacy more evident than...

  8. The Flood of History: Connection Interviews Historian Douglas Brinkley (United States)

    Connection: The Journal of the New England Board of Higher Education, 2006


    This paper presents an interview with Douglas Brinkley, an award-winning author and historian and director of Tulane University's Theodore Roosevelt Center for American Civilization. His wide-ranging portfolio includes books on John Kerry and the Vietnam War, Ronald Reagan and D-Day, Rosa Parks, Henry Ford, Dean Acheson and Jimmy Carter. He is…

  9. 78 FR 30861 - Membership of the Office of the Secretary Performance Review Board (United States)


    ... of Budget Lisa Casias, Director for Financial Management and Deputy Chief Financial Officer Office of... and Information Administration Leonard M. Bechtel, Chief Financial Officer and Director for... Theodore Constantine Johnston, Director, Office of White House Liaison Office of the Chief Financial...

  10. Unconsciously Induced Recall of Prose and Poetry: Analysis of Manifest and Latent Contents. (United States)

    Diaz de Chumaceiro, Cora L.


    Argues that it is important for therapists to pay attention to the literature that surfaces in their own consciousness during treatment of a patient. Examines a published example of this process in Theodore Reik's (1953) "The Secret Self: Psychoanalytic Experiences in Life and Literature," in which thoughts of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" are evoked.…

  11. Structuring nature´s and science´s complexity


    Leiber, Theodor


    Structuring nature´s and science´s complexity : system laws and explanations. - In: Dynamisches Denken und Handeln : Philosophie und Wissenschaft in einer komplexen Welt ; Festschrift für Klaus Mainzer zum 60. Geburtstag / Theodor Leiber (Hg.). - Stuttgart : Hirzel, 2007. - S. 193-212

  12. Readings in risk

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Glickman, Theodore S; Gough, Michael


    ... from Resources for the Future are distributed worldwide by The Johns Hopkins University Press. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Readings in risk I Theodore S. Glickman and Michael Gough, editors. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 0-915707-55-1 (alk. paper) 1. Technology-Risk assessment. 2. Health risk assessment....

  13. The Politics of Unreason : The Frankfurt School and the Origins of Modern Antisemitism

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rensmann, Lars


    Although the Frankfurt School—most prominently associated with Theodor W. Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Leo Löwenthal and Herbert Marcuse—represents one of the most influential intellectual traditions of the 20th century, its multi-faceted work on modern antisemitism has so far largely been neglected. The

  14. 75 FR 53980 - Notice of Availability of the Record of Decision; Elk Management Plan/Environmental Impact... (United States)


    ... March 8, 2010. The Preferred Alternative will make use of skilled public volunteers to assist the Park... DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR National Park Service Notice of Availability of the Record of Decision; Elk Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement for Theodore Roosevelt National Park ACTION: Notice...

  15. JPRS Report, Science & Technology, Europe & Latin America (United States)


    Aumasson Thermophysics Daniel Balageas Electronic Systems Gerard Gamier Optronic Systems Rene Jalin Systems Experimentation Jean-Claude Theodore...April 1988 54 WEST EUROPE physics laboratory at Cit Descartes , in cooperation with the College of France and the Paris-6, Paris-7 and Paris-12

  16. View Presentation

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Navakant Bhat

    Mere Glucose testing is insufficient for diabetes management ... analytical information.” “A biosensor should be clearly distinguished from a bio-analytical system ... Ref : All about Albumin:Biochemistry,Genetics and Medical Applications by Theodore Peters Jr., ACADEMIC PRESS .... Screen Printer in CeNSE Packaging Lab.

  17. Glial Cells: The Other Cells of the Nervous System

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Theodor Schwann, the German physiologist who first pro- pounded the cell theory with M Schleiden, had diverse interests. He was not only the first to isolate the enzyme pepsin, but also investigated muscle contraction and nerve structure. In the mid nineteenth century Schwann discovered that a sheath made up of myelin ...

  18. Arnold Schoenberg's A Survivor From Warsaw (1947)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Nils Holger


    A discussion of Scoenberg's cantata about Holocaust in the context of Theodor W. Adorno's and Thomas Mann's receptions of Schoenberg's musical twelve-tone system instigated also by Ruth HaCohen's recent book The Music Libel Against the Jews (2011) and its construction of Schoenberg's creative...

  19. The birds in the collection of the Zoological Museum of the University of Liège: diversity and interest, a first approach

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Loneux, M.S.


    Most birds in the Liège Museum of Zoology have been collected during the 19th century. Between 1835 and 1871, Theodore Lacordaire acquired skins from South-East Asia through Francis Laporte Comte de Castelnau. Later, between 1872 and 1910, Edouard Van Beneden bought Belgian birds. At present, some

  20. 77 FR 61379 - Performance Review Board Membership (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Performance Review Board Membership AGENCY: Economics and Statistics... eligible to serve on the Performance Review Board (PRB) in accordance with the Economics and Statistics.... Arnold William G. Bostic, Jr. Joanne Buenzli Crane Justin R. Ehrenwerth Ron S. Jarmin Theodore A. Johnson...

  1. 75 FR 57440 - Performance Review Board Membership (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Performance Review Board Membership AGENCY: Economics and Statistics... the Performance Review Board in accordance with the Economics and Statistics Administration's Senior... Callahan, Nancy M. Gordon, Howard R. Hogan, Arnold A. Jackson, Theodore A. Johnson, Steven J. Jost, J...

  2. Using Illustrations from American Novels to Teach about Labor Markets (United States)

    Vachris, Michelle Albert; Bohanon, Cecil E.


    This article illustrates how literature can bring models to life in undergraduate courses on labor market economics. The authors argue that economics instructors and students can benefit from even small doses of literature. The authors examine excerpts from five American novels: "Sister Carrie" by Theodore Drieser (1900/2005); "The Grapes of…

  3. Preparing for Disruption by Creating Future Possible Selves (United States)

    Bridglall, Beatrice L.


    It is perhaps more evident now than at any other time in human history that current technologies are racing ahead while skills and organizations are lagging behind. In the context of such uncertainty, Maxine Greene's and Theodore Sizer's ideas about empowering students to develop resiliency, perspective, judgment, and flexibility, as well…

  4. Millon's Contributions to the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ISSPD)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Simonsen, Erik; Kongerslev, Mickey


    In this article we highlight the pivotal role of Dr. Theodore Millon in the founding of the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ISSPD). This historical outline of Millon's contribution to the ISSPD also contains previously unpublished transcripts of his talks at ISSPD...... congresses based on transcripts from the first author's audio recordings throughout the years....

  5. New Fellows and Honorary Fellow

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1961 Honorary. Karman, Prof. Theodore von. Date of birth: 11 May 1881. Date of death: 6 May 1963. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. 29th Mid-year meeting. Posted on 19 January 2018. The 29th Mid-year meeting of the Academy will be held from ...

  6. Diccionario de lingüística

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Miranda Nelson

    Full Text Available THEODOR LEWANDOWSKI, DICCIONARIO DE LINGUISTICA, Madrid, Ediciones Cátedra, S.A., 1982, XIV, 447 págs. Traducción del alemán por María Luz García-Denche y Enrique Bernárdez.

  7. Antimicrobial coatings — obtaining and characterization

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Author Affiliations. Cornelia Guran1 Alexandra Pica2 Denisa Ficai1 Anton Ficai1 Cezar Comanescu1. Politehnica University of Bucharest, 1-7 Polizu St, Bucharest 011061, Romania; Research Institute for Advanced Coating, 49 A Theodor Pallady Bd, Bucharest 032258, Romania ...

  8. Reading for All; Proceedings of the IRA (International Reading Association) World Congress on Reading (4th, Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 3-5, 1972). (United States)

    Karlin, Robert, Ed.

    This book contains papers presented at the Fourth International Reading Association World Congress on Reading in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in August 1972. The contents of the book are divided into three parts: "Literacy and Literature" includes papers on libraries, books, and reading by Jorge Borges, the future of reading by Theodore Harris, the…

  9. New Fellows and Honorary Fellow

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 1954 Honorary. Laue, Prof. Max Theodor Felix von. Nobel Laureate (Physics) - 1914. Date of birth: 9 October 1897. Date of death: 24 April 1960. YouTube; Twitter; Facebook; Blog. Academy News. IAS Logo. 29th Mid-year meeting. Posted on 19 January 2018. The 29th Mid-year ...

  10. Multicultural Mosaic: A Family Book Club. (United States)

    Dias-Mitchell, Laurie; Harris, Elizabeth


    Authors, a library media specialist and a literature/language arts teacher, both recipients of Theodore R. Sizer Fellowships, describe their joint project, "Multicultural Mosaic: A Family Book Club." Their proposal was to strengthen the home-school connection by establishing a book club accessible to all middle and high school students…

  11. Reconstructionist Analysis on the Relevance of Secondary School Learning Opportunities in Promoting National Cohesion among Students in Machakos Town Sub-County, Kenya (United States)

    Mwanzia, Ruth Mutunge; Mwangi, Simon Nyagah


    The study investigated the relevance of secondary school learning opportunities in promoting national cohesion. The study was based on the ideals and principles of a school curriculum as advocated by Brameld Theodore on reconstructionism philosophy. Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. A sample size of four hundred and…

  12. The Octopus, the Squid and the Tortoise (United States)

    Caruth, Gail D.; Caruth, Donald L.


    What is the role of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) today? This is not a new question. In 1903, William James questioned the value of the degree as an indicator of teaching ability. Unfortunately, the issue James raised has never been resolved. Move forward in time to 1990. Theodore Ziolkowski essentially agreed with James, but raised additional…

  13. Jewish philosophy and political theory to the shoah, some aspects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Greloff Jakub


    Full Text Available For many researchers, the new categorical imperative by philosopher Theodor Adorno about thinking and acting in the way so that Auschwitz is never repeated, has become the new starting point for rethinking the rules of practicing the humanities. In the article, I present the postwar history of Jewish thought that has been manifested in the discourse about the Shoah.

  14. Oh, the Economics You'll Find in Dr. Seuss! (United States)

    Miller, Ben; Watts, Michael


    The authors list economic concepts and issues covered in the children's books published by Theodor Geisel and discuss his treatment of concepts that appear most often and that are treated in greater depth. Some concepts are sophisticated and taught as formal concepts only in college-level economics courses. Others are basic and used in economics…

  15. Revisiting Regression in Autism: Heller's "Dementia Infantilis" (United States)

    Westphal, Alexander; Schelinski, Stefanie; Volkmar, Fred; Pelphrey, Kevin


    Theodor Heller first described a severe regression of adaptive function in normally developing children, something he termed dementia infantilis, over one 100 years ago. Dementia infantilis is most closely related to the modern diagnosis, childhood disintegrative disorder. We translate Heller's paper, Uber Dementia Infantilis, and discuss…

  16. Commitment to Change: The Council on Interracial Books for Children and the World of Children's Books. (United States)

    Banfield, Beryle


    The Council on Interracial Books for Children (CIBC), founded in 1965, was formed to promote and develop children's literature that adequately reflects a multiracial society and to effect change in media portrayal of minorities. Past critiques by CIBC of "The Cay" (Theodore Taylor) and "To Kill a Mockingbird" (Harper Lee) are…

  17. The Public Image of the Military as Reflected in Leading Magazines, (1982-1983). (United States)


    a-I. n America Middle East Vietnam War POW s Vietnam Memoria ; -’-. -. -:-’u...Naw Es±laamaal.: Aamad Eozaa aa Amaa Soie.±, by Char]les C. Moskos, Jr. Peterson, Theodore. Mgzims.s .Lm ±.a I ±~*.~£~.~ Urbana : University of

  18. 75 FR 38608 - Departmental Offices: Privacy Act of 1974, as Amended (United States)


    ... Justice (``DOJ'') and the Federal financial regulators who supervise and regulate financial institutions...: Theodore R. Kowalsky, Manager, Data & Information Technology, Office of Financial Agents, Department of the.... Additionally, the Bank of New York Mellon (``BNYM'') has been designated as another Financial Agent for the...

  19. Protection or proscription? Cultural practices against the background of religious pluralism

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gaay Fortman, B. de


    Behind the substance of human rights are strong convictions that do not always convert into positive forces towards implementation. Calvin’s successor Theodore Beza, for example, saw freedom of religion as a very bad idea “because it means that everyone should be left to go to hell in his own way.”

  20. Using Text Documents from American Memory. (United States)

    Singleton, Laurel R., Ed.


    This publication contains classroom-tested teaching ideas. For grades K-4, "'Blessed Ted-fred': Famous Fathers Write to Their Children" uses American Memory for primary source letters written by Theodore Roosevelt and Alexander Graham Bell to their children. For grades 5-8, "Found Poetry and the American Life Histories…

  1. The National Nanotechnology Initiative. Research and Development Leading to a Revolution in Technology and Industry. Supplement to the President’s FY 2007 Budget (United States)


    Risbrudt Theodore Wegner Intelligence Technology Innovation Center (ITIC) Susan Durham International Trade Commission (ITC) Elizabeth Nesbitt National...Hays, Deputy Associate Director for Technology, OSTP Congressional Perspective Elizabeth Grossman and James Wilson, House Committee on Science...Scientific Impact of NNI Speakers: Sam Stupp, Northwestern University Moungi Bawendi, MIT Ellen Williams, University of Maryland Lou Brus , Columbia

  2. "I'm Just a Numbers Person": The Complexity, Nature and Effects of the Quantification of Education (United States)

    Hardy, Ian


    This paper draws upon the sociology of numbers, particularly work by Theodore Porter, to reveal the multifarious ways in which numbers actively constitute practices in schools. Drawing upon a case study of one low-performing school in a low-performing region in the state of Queensland, Australia, and theorising into the sociology of numbers, the…

  3. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (80th, Chicago, Illinois, July 30-August 2, 1997): Qualitative Studies. (United States)

    Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

    The Qualitative Studies section of the Proceedings contains the following 16 papers: "Public Journalism and the Search for Democratic Ideals" (Theodore L. Glasser and Stephanie Craft); "Scratching the Surface: 'The New York Times' Coverage of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, 1977-1997" (Carolina Acosta-Alzuru); "Context and…

  4. Finding Educational Insights in Psychoanalytic Theory with Marcuse and Adorno (United States)

    Huhtala, Hanna-Maija


    This article seeks to clarify the potential that Herbert Marcuse's and Theodor W. Adorno's psychoanalytic accounts may have with respect to the philosophy of education today. Marcuse and Adorno both share the view that psychoanalytic theory enables a deeper understanding of the social and biological dynamics of consciousness. For both thinkers,…

  5. Critical Thinking as Cultural-Historical Practice. (United States)

    Panofsky, Carolyn P.


    Explores critical thinking as it has been constructed in schooling and in dominant traditions of psychological theory, presenting a dialectical view of critical thinking suggested in the social and philosophical writings of critical theorists (e.g., Theodor Adorno and Herbert Marcuse) and supported by the sociohistorical or cultural-historical…

  6. Nobeli rahupreemia: vastuolulised valikud ilma Obamatagi / Kaivo Kopli

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kopli, Kaivo


    Autor käsitleb Nobeli rahupreemia andmist USA presidentidele Barack Obamale, Theodore Rooseveltile, Woodrow Wilsonile, asepresident Al Gore'ile ja ekspresident Jimmy Carterile ning politoloog Ronald Krebsi artiklit "Ohtlik auhind? Nobeli rahupreemia valelubadus", mille kohaselt on Nobeli komitee II maailmasõjast saadik kaugenenud algsest rahupreemia mandaadist

  7. Roosevelti monument vene kunstnikult / Maria-Kristiina Soomre

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Soomre, Maria-Kristiina, 1978-


    Zurab Tsereteli uus projekt on Queensi ja Manhattani vahelisele Roosevelt Islandile rajatava kaasaegse vene kunsti muuseumi ette plaanitav Theodore Roosevelti mälestusmärk. New Yorgis ÜRO peakorteri ees asub Z. Tsereteli Püha Jüri skulptuur

  8. The Turn of the Century. Tenth Grade Lesson. Schools of California Online Resources for Education (SCORE): Connecting California's Classrooms to the World. (United States)

    Bartels, Dede

    In this 10th grade social studies and language arts interdisciplinary unit, students research and report on historical figures from the turn of the 20th century. Students are required to work in pairs to learn about famous and common individuals, including Andrew Carnegie, Samuel Gompers, Susan B. Anthony, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, Booker…

  9. Uued professorid ja audoktorid

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    TÜ nõukogu valis rahvusvahelise õiguse professoriks Lauri Mälksoo, peremeditsiini professorik Ruth Kalda, spordipsühholoogia professoriks Lennart Raudsepa; audoktoriteks nimetati EELK peapiiskop Andres Taul, Groningeni ülikooli prof. Cornelius Theodor Hasselblatt, Tampere ülikooli emeriitprof. Kai Krohn, Hollandi Erasmuse Ülikooli prof. Frank G. Grosveld, Suurbritannia Sussexi ülikooli prof. George Nicholas von Tunzelmann

  10. Humanist Scholars on Authority of their Latin Bible Translations

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Beneš, Jiří

    -, č. 28/52 (2014), s. 7-21 ISSN 0231-5955 R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GBP401/12/G168 Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : Humanism * Reformation * Latin Bible Translations * Hebrew * Greek * Erasmus of Rotterdam * Immanuel Tremellius * Santes Pagninus * Theodor Beza * Sebastian Castellio * Robert Stephanus * Philo of Alexandria Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  11. Ultrasound-triggered drug release from vibrating microbubbles

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Y. Luan (Ying)


    markdownabstract__Abstract__ Diagnostic medical ultrasound may have a slightly longer history than what you expected. Its root dates back to 1930s and 1940s, when Theodore Dussik, a psychiatrist and neurologist, and his brother Friederich used a 1.5 MHz source to record signal variations after

  12. Tsüklist "Spoon Riveri koolnud" : [luuletused] / Edgar Lee Masters ; tõlk. Boris Kabur

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Masters, Edgar Lee


    Sisu: Poeet Theodore ; Lucinda Matlock ; Willard Fluke ; Diakon Taylor ; Viiuldaja Jones ; Dora Williams ; John M. Church ; Vene Sonja ; Petit, poeet ; Pastor Abner Peet ; Yee Bow ; Roger Heston ; Carl Hamblin ; Hortense Robbins ; Tom Merritt ; Proua Merritt ; Elmer Karr ; Anne Rutledge ; Marie Bateson ; Scholfield Huxley ; Willie Metcalf. Elu- ja loomeloolisi andmeid autori kohta lk. 519-520

  13. Practice Theory: Viewing Leadership as Leading (United States)

    Wilkinson, Jane; Kemmis, Stephen


    Inspired by Theodore Schatzki's "societist" approach--in which he advocates a notion of "site ontologies"--in this article, we outline our theory of practice architectures (a theory about what practices are composed of) and ecologies of practices (how practices relate to one another). Drawing on case studies of four Australian…

  14. Otto Lanz, surgeon and art collector

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Gulik, T. M.; Brummelkamp, W. H.


    Otto Lanz (1865-1935) was educated in Switzerland, where he was trained in the surgical clinic of Theodore Kocher. In 1902, he was appointed as a professor of surgery in Amsterdam, remaining there until his death. He was wellknown for his surgery of the thyroid gland and for his studies on the

  15. "The Metamorphosis"; or a Phenomenology of Teaching (United States)

    Goldsmith, Jason N.


    Can we creatively bring our intellectual interests to bear on how we talk about teaching? Can our teaching shape how we understand and go about our scholarship? This article addresses and attempts to bridge the scholarly and the pedagogical imperatives of our profession through the methodically unmethodical process that Theodor Adorno identified…

  16. Teacher Candidates' Attitudes, Knowledge Levels and Sensitivities towards Environmental Problems (United States)

    Akman, Ozkan


    "A people without children would face a hopeless future; a country without trees is almost as helpless" (Theodore Roosevelt). Humans both have been affected by environmental events and have affected their environments by a variety of activities since man has been on earth. However, because of the lack of population for a long time and…

  17. Carl Dreyer ja Jeanne d'Arc / Lauri Kärk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kärk, Lauri, 1954-


    IV Pimedate Ööde Filmifestivalil näidatakse kuulsaima taani režissööri Carl Theodor Dreyeri (1889-1968) 7-filmilist retrospektiivi. Pikemalt 1928. aastal Prantsusmaal valminud filmist "Jeanne d'Arci kannatused" ("La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc")

  18. Analysis of forest structure using thematic mapper simulator data (United States)

    Peterson, D. L.; Westman, W. E.; Brass, J. A.; Stephenson, N. J.; Ambrosia, V. G.; Spanner, M. A.


    The potential of Thematic Mapper Simulator (TMS) data for sensing forest structure information has been explored by principal components and feature selection techniques. In a survey of forest structural properties conducted for 123 field sites of the Sequoia National Park, the canopy closure could be well estimated (r = 0.62 to 0.69) by a variety of channel bands and band ratios, without reference to the forest type. Estimation of the basal area was less successful (r = 0.51 or less) on the average, but could be improved for certain forest types when data were stratified by floristic composition. To achieve such a stratification, individual sites were ordinated by a detrended correspondence analysis based on the canopy of dominant species. The analysis of forest structure in the Sequoia data suggests that total basal area can be best predicted in stands of lower density, and in younger even-aged managed stands.

  19. Development of High Resolution Eddy Current Imaging Using an Electro-Mechanical Sensor (Preprint) (United States)


    The Fluxgate Magnetometer ,” J. Phys. E: Sci. Instrum., Vol. 12: 241-253. 13. A. Abedi, J. J. Fellenstein, A. J. Lucas, and J. P. Wikswo, Jr., “A...206 (2006). 11. Ripka, P., 1992, Review of Fluxgate Sensors, Sensors and Actuators, A. 33, Elsevier Sequoia: 129-141. 12. Primdahl, F., 1979...superconducting quantum interference device magnetometer system for quantitative analysis and imaging of hidden corrosion activity in aircraft aluminum

  20. Development of High Resolution Eddy Current Imaging Using an Electro-Mechanical Sensor (Postprint) (United States)


    Primdahl, F., 1979, “The Fluxgate Magnetometer ,” J. Phys. E: Sci. Instrum., Vol. 12: 241-253. 13. A. Abedi, J. J. Fellenstein, A. J. Lucas, and J. P...Issues 1-2, Pages 203-206 (2006). 11. Ripka, P., 1992, Review of Fluxgate Sensors, Sensors and Actuators, A. 33, Elsevier Sequoia: 129-141. 12...Wikswo, Jr., “A superconducting quantum interference device magnetometer system for quantitative analysis and imaging of hidden corrosion activity in

  1. Detection of Oil in Water Column, Final Report: Detection Prototype Tests (United States)


    nautical miles per hour) LED Light-emitting diode LISST Laser In Situ Scattering and Transmissometry LUT Look-up table μm Micron or micrometer...nozzles are attached to an electrically actuated solenoid valve. When a remotely operated switch energizes the valve, oil flows through the nozzles...smaller droplet sizes below 70 μm. Ohmsett personnel used a Sequoia Laser In Situ Scattering and Transmissometry (LISST) 100X off-the-shelf particle

  2. Acid mist and ozone effects on the leaf chemistry of two western conifer species (United States)

    Westman, Walter E.; Temple, Patrick J.


    The effects of ozone and acid-mist exposures on the leaf chemistry of Jeffrey pine and giant sequoia seedlings grown in filtered-air greenhouses were investigated. Acid-mist treatments (pH 4.1, 3.4, 2.7, or 2.0) were administered for 3 h, and ozone exposures (0, 0.10, and 0.20 microliter/liter), which followed acid-mist treatments, for 4 h, each for three days a week for six to nine weeks. It was found that seedlings were more susceptible to acid-mist and acid mist/ozone combinations, than to ozone alone. Acid mist treatment resulted in higher levels of nitrogen and sulfur (both present in acid mist) as well as Na. Leaves of giant sequoia exhibited increased K and decreased Mn, while Jeffrey pine showed increases in Fe and Mn. In sequoia leaves, concentrations of Ca, Mg, and Ba decreased. Acid treatment also reduced chlorophyll b concentrations in both conifer species. Extensive changes induced by acid mist are consistent with earlier observations of changes in spectral reflectance of conifer seedlings observed after three weeks of fumigation.

  3. How Love for the Image Cast out Fear of It in Early Christianity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natalie Carnes


    Full Text Available Iconoclastic and iconophilic impulses have long vied for pre-eminence in Christianity, coming to one particularly fraught crisis point in the Byzantine Iconomachy of the eighth and ninth centuries. Funding both impulses, this paper argues, is a profound Platonic ambivalence about the image. For Plato, the image not only deceives and enslaves; it also reveals and inspires. Plotinus, Gregory of Nyssa, Augustine, John of Damascus, and Theodore of Stoudios articulate their own iterations of Plato’s hopes and fears about the image as they attempt different strategies for resolving these dueling inclinations. This paper traces the evolution of image theory across these thinkers to illumine how Theodore of Stoudios’ approach magnifies Platonic image hopes and quells fears in a way that prepares for the ongoing resolution of image anxiety in the iconographic tradition. More than a purely historical interest, this arc of image thought have continuing relevance for image theory today.

  4. [Epilepsy treatment in Serbian medieval monastery hospitals]. (United States)

    Ilić-Tasić, Slobodanka; Pantović, Mihailo; Jović, Nebojsa; Ravanić, Dragan; Obradović, Dejan; Sretenović, Srdjan; Pantović, Maja; Pantović, Vesna


    Emperor John III Ducas Vatatzes (ruled from 1222-1254) and his son Theodore II Lascaris (ruled from 1254-1258) both suffered from epilepsy. On his journeys to Nicaea, St Sava visited emperors Theodore I Lascaris (ruled from 1204-1222) and John II Vatatzes, who richly rewarded him, which was probably of crucial importance for the foundation of hospitals in the Monastery of Hilandar and the Monastery of Studenica These hospitals had special departments for the treatment of patints with epilepsy. According to researches conducted up-to-date, these departments are considered to be the oldest institutions for epilepsy treatment. Monastery hospitals in the West served primarily as a shelter for the poor and patients with chronic incurable diseases. The development of Serbian monastery hospitals was a long process and it included institutions that lasted for a long time (for over two centuries) in which, among others, those affected by epilepsy were cured.

  5. Mr. Wolfgang Petritsch, Austrian Ambassador

    CERN Multimedia

    Patrice Loïez


    Dr.Peter Schmid/CERN/EP, Dr.Wolfgang Petritsch, Austrian Ambassador, Permanent representative at UN, Mrs.Nora Petritsch, Dr.Kurt Hubner/CERN/AC, Mrs. Frederike Klaus-Salesin, Adviser, Mrs.Andrea Strohmeier, Secretary of the Ambassador, Mr.Heinz Klaus, Attaché, Dr.Theodor Tortschanoff/CERN/LHC, Mr.Peter Storer, Advisor. Dr.Peter Schmid/CERN/EP, Dr.Wolfgang Petritsch, Austrian Ambassador, Permanent representative at UN, Mrs.Nora Petritsch, Dr.Kurt Hubner/CERN/AC, Mrs. Frederike Klaus-Salesin, Adviser, Mrs.Andrea Strohmeier, Secretary of the Ambassador, Mr.Heinz Klaus, Attaché, Dr.Theodor Tortschanoff/CERN/LHC, Mr.Peter Storer, Advisor.

  6. Social Reconstructionism: Reciprocal Influences of Culture and Education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hanna Kostyło


    Full Text Available The fact that culture has an impact, both in conceptual and practical sense, on education is undoubtable. But when we state that interaction between the two areas is mutual, namely, that also education has an influence on culture, then we express an original and controversial idea. Therefore, we acknowledge that education is a power which can change society. That idea was pushed forward for many years by Theodore Brameld, the founder of reconstructionst philosophy of education. In his view each educational theory and practice effectively affects culture, changes and reconstructs it. In this text I present the assumptions of Theodore Brameld’s social reconstructionism. The starting point for my considerations are three other philosophies of education indicated by by Brameld: perenialism, essentialism, and progressivism. In the conclusion I point out how each of the philosophies of education relates to social change. The terms “society” and “culture” are used interchangeably in this text.

  7. Nonmethane hydrocarbons in the rural southeast United States national parks (United States)

    Kang, Daiwen; Aneja, Viney P.; Zika, Rod G.; Farmer, Charles; Ray, John D.


    Measurements of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were made at three rural sites in the southeast U.S. national parks: Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky; Cove Mountain, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee; and Big Meadows, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. In 1995 the three locations were sampling sites for the Southern Oxidants Study (SOS) Nashville Intensive, and the measurements of VOCs for Shenandoah were also made under contract with the National Park Service. Starting in 1996, the National Park Service added the other two parks to the monitoring contract. Hydrocarbon measurements made during June through September for the years 1995, 1996, and 1997 were analyzed in this study. Source classification techniques based on correlation coefficient, chemical reactivity, and ratioing were developed and applied to these data. The results show that anthropogenic VOCs from automobile exhaust appeared to be dominant at Mammoth Cave National Park, and at Cove Mountain, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but other sources were also important at Big Meadows, Shenandoah National Park. Correlation and ratio analysis based on chemical reactivity provides a basis for source-receptor relationship. The most abundant ambient VOCs varied both in concentration and order depending on park and year, but the following VOCs appeared on the top 10 list for all three sites: isoprene (6.3 to 18.4 ppbv), propane (2.1 to 12.9 ppbv), isopentane (1.3 to 5.7 ppbv), and toluene (1.0 to 7.2 ppbv). Isoprene is naturally emitted by vegetation, and the others are produced mainly by fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes. Propylene-equivalent concentrations were calculated to account for differences in reaction rates between the hydroxyl radical and individual hydrocarbons, and to thereby estimate their relative contributions to ozone formation.

  8. Photonics Research and Technology Insertion (United States)


    state devices are intended to replace the present low-pressure mercury lamp emitting at 254nm. Approach: The BU team is a leader in UV LED ...7 Development of UV LEDs Emitting at 250-260 nm for Water-Air Purification and Surface Sterilization Task Manager: Professors Enrico Bellotti...Theodore Moustakas and Roberto Paiella/Leah Ziph-Schatzberg Objective: The team set out to develop electrically pumped UV LEDs emitting at 250

  9. Security conference convenes in Munich / Ella Karapetyan

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Karapetyan, Ella


    Eesti president osales Münchenis toimunud rahvusvahelisel julgeolekupoliitika konverentsil, kus räägiti ka strateegilist tuumarelvastust piiravast START lepingust, olukorrast araabia maades ja finantskriisi mõjust julgeolekule. Toomas Hendrik Ilves juhtis diskussiooni relvastuskontrollist. Konverentsil osalesid ka Robert Zoellick, Wolfgang Schaueble, George Soros, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, William Hague, Hillary Clinton, Sergei Lavrov, David Cameron, Catherine Ashton, Ban ki-moon, Anders Fogh Rasmussen ja Angela Merkel. Müncheni julgeolekukonverents 04.02.2011 - 06.02.2011

  10. Rise, fall and resurrection of chromosome territories: a historical perspective. Part I. The rise of chromosome territories


    T Cremer; C Cremer


    It is now generally accepted that chromosomes in the cell nucleus are organized in distinct domains, first called chromosome territories in 1909 by the great cytologist Theodor Boveri. Yet, even today chromosomes have remained enigmatic individuals, whose structures, arrangements and functions in cycling and post-mitotic cells still need to be explored in full detail. Whereas numerous recent reviews describe present evidence for a dynamic architecture of chromosome territories and discuss the...

  11. Rise, fall and resurrection of chromosome territories: a historical perspective Part II. Fall and resurrection of chromosome territories during the 1950s to 1980s. Part III. Chromosome territories and the functional nuclear architecture: experiments and m


    T Cremer; C Cremer


    Part II of this historical review on the progress of nuclear architecture studies points out why the original hypothesis of chromosome territories from Carl Rabl and Theodor Boveri (described in part I) was abandoned during the 1950s and finally proven by compelling evidence forwarded by laser-uvmicrobeam studies and in situ hybridization experiments. Part II also includes a section on the development of advanced light microscopic techniques breaking the classical Abbe limit written for reade...

  12. Defending the unabomber: anosognosia in schizophrenia. (United States)

    Amador, X F; Paul-Odouard, R


    The use of recent psychiatric research in the defense of the 'Unabomber' (United States vs. Theodore Kaczynski) is a compelling example of how the gap between research and practice can have profound consequences on the practice of forensic psychiatry, psychology and the judicial process. In this case, educating the lawyers and the court about the research on poor insight in schizophrenia changed the defense strategy and ultimately the course of the trial.

  13. A Framework for Violence: Clarifying the Role of Motivation in Lone-Actor Terrorism (United States)


    percent), personal crises that might make a person receptive to violent thought or action (98 percent for school attackers and around 50 percent for...likely to verbalize intent to commit violence to friends/family/wider audience , have others aware of their grievance, express a desire to hurt others...Unabomber (Theodore Kaczynski) or Jared Loughner, is likely not receptive to moderate narratives that do not address the unique combination of personal

  14. The Future of the Ballistic Missile Submarine Force in the Russian Nuclear Triad (United States)


    based forces are the more economical leg of the triad.61 An estimate made in 1995 by B.I. Pustovit , then the expert for the Committee for Military...Theodore Gerber, a professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and Sarah Mendelson, a senior fellow in the Russia and Eurasia... Sarah Mendelson, “Strong Public Support for Military Reform in Russia” Program on New Approaches to Russian Security, Policy memo 288 (2003), 3. 45 In

  15. Understanding the Anti-Access and Area Denial Threat: An Army Perspective (United States)


    65Van Tol, et al, 32-40. 66Eric V. Larson, Derek Eaton, Paul Elrick, Theodore Karasik, Robert Klein , Sherrill Lingel, Brian Nichiporuk, Robert Uy...Davis, Lynn E., Stacie L. Pettyjohn, Melanie W. Sisson, Stephen M. Worman, and Michael J. McNerney. US Overseas Military Presence: What are the...Robert Klein , Sherrill Lingel, Brian Nichiporuk, Robert Uy, and John Zavadil. Assuring Access in Key Strategic Regions: Toward a Long-Term Strategy

  16. [Genealogy of the Meckel anatomy family (from Hem[b]sbach)]. (United States)

    Viebig, Michael; Schultka, Rüdiger


    The main goal of our investigations is to complete the genealogy of the famous Meckel dynasty. It is important to answer a lot of questions which have remained unanswered until now. During the investigations we were able to find the names of three children who died early and were dissected by their father Philipp Friedrich Theodor Meckel (1755-1803). Besides, it was possible to extend distinctly our knowledge of the various genealogical lines of the Meckel family.

  17. Revolutionary Art – Nationalism – Anti-Semitism: The Case of Wagner

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Goran Gretić


    Full Text Available The article deals with the political aspects of revolutionary art of Richard Wagner. Through reading of Wagner’s artistic-philosophical project by his most influential interpreters – Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Mann and Theodor Adorno – author offers intellectual history of the reception of this project. Discourse on Wagner’s revolutionary art leads to the assessment of the influence Wagner’s cultural anti-Semitism and nationalism had on European politics in 20th century.

  18. Representing electrons a biographical approach to theoretical entities

    CERN Document Server

    Arabatzis, Theodore


    Both a history and a metahistory, Representing Electrons focuses on the development of various theoretical representations of electrons from the late 1890s to 1925 and the methodological problems associated with writing about unobservable scientific entities. Using the electron-or rather its representation-as a historical actor, Theodore Arabatzis illustrates the emergence and gradual consolidation of its representation in physics, its career throughout old quantum theory, and its appropriation and reinterpretation by chemists. As Arabatzis develops this novel biographical

  19. Military Review: The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army. Volume 89, Number 1, January-February 2009 (United States)


    long and important war.84 MR 1. Theodore Roosevelt IV, The Strenuous Life: Essays and Addresses (Whitefish, MT: Kessinger Publishing, 2005), 129. 2...was given some not-so-elegant jobs that many might consider career- enders, but would later pay huge dividends. This biographical essay examines his...aviation paralleled his later interest in tank warfare, when both means of warfare were in their infancies. The lyrics from the old cadet song


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The main founders of the juridical sociology are considered to be Eugen Ehrlich, Max Weber, Theodor Geiger and Georges Gurvitch, The researches of juridical sociology from Romania are demonstrating the existence of a real tradition in this domain at a national standard. Some roumanian explores of formation jurists have practicated in the cognitive demarche a sociologycal abordation about the law, what have been fatal conduced to the fixing of the base of the juridical sociology in Romania.

  1. The News Media PRISM: Shaping America’s Opinion of Congress (United States)


    public gleans much of its knowledge of the political process. Accordingly, the tone of media coverage has a remarkable impact as people form their opinions...conditions in sweatshops and the corruption of public officials. This activist journalism, dubbed "muckraking" by President Theodore Roosevelt, led to...then rush to buy a paper and read all the shocking details." 1 9 Both Hearst and Pulitzer, along with E.W. Scripps, covered social and political issues

  2. Implementation of Plasma Fractionation in Biological Medicines Production


    Mousavi Hosseini, Kamran; Ghasemzadeh, Mehran


    Context The major motivation for the preparation of the plasma derived biological medicine was the treatment of casualties from the Second World War. Due to the high expenses for preparation of plasma derived products, achievement of self-sufficiency in human plasma biotechnological industry is an important goal for developing countries. Evidence Acquisition The complexity of the blood plasma was first revealed by the Nobel Prize laureate, Arne Tiselius and Theodor Svedberg, which resulted in...

  3. Kaks Jeanne d'Arci ja Nosferatu / Sirje Normet

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Normet, Sirje


    IX Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival. Lähemalt kontsert-filmiseansist Tallinnas, kus Theodor Dreyeri tummfilmi "Jeanne d'Arci kannatused" (Prantsusmaa 1928) saatis prantsuse muusik Hector Zazou; Dzhanik Faizijevi mängufilmist "Türgi gambiit" (Venemaa 2005); Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau õudusfilmist "Nosferatu - õuduste sümfoonia" (Saksamaa 1922), mida näidati 1. dets. Viru Keskuses ja mille taustaks mängis ansambel Kriminaalne Elevant

  4. Multiresolution Algorithms for Processing Giga-Models: Real-time Visualization, Reasoning, and Interaction (United States)


    Interactive Virtual Hair Salon , Presence, (05 2007): 237. doi: 2012/04/17 12:55:26 31 Theodore Kim, Jason Sewall, Avneesh Sud, Ming Lin. Games , Utrecht, Netherlands, Nov. 2009. Keynote Speaker, IADIS International Conference on Computer Graphics and Visualization, Portugal, June 2009...Keynote Speaker, ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology, Bordeaux, France, October 2008. Invited Speaker, Motion in Games , Utrecht

  5. Obchodní centrum, utopie naší doby. Rozbor designu a uspořádání prostoru obchodního centra


    Růžičková, Klára


    This diploma thesis focuses on the changes in relationship between man and world around him, his relation to objects, reasons of constant consumption, advertising and motivation to shopping in Shopping Mall. I use the ideas of Jean Baudrillard, which I'm trying to summarize and extend by similar or contradictory thoughts of other authors such as Zygmunt Bauman, Gilles Lipovetsky and Theodor Adorno. My study moves from man's relation to objects, consumption and advertising to the Shopping Mall...

  6. The red atom - the help to Russia of German scientists between 1945 - 1961

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Andurand, R.


    The fifth chapter of the cooperation between German scientists and USSR from 1945 to 1961 is tackled in this issue. It treats how the german scientists were ostracized and then, their return to Germany. The returns began in 1954. The lives of Gustav Hertz, Heinz Barwich, Bruno Pontecorvo, klaus Fuchs, Manfred von Ardenne, Peter Adolf von Thiessen, Max Christian Theodor Steenbeck, Gernot Zippe, Max Vollmer, are in relation with the development of nuclear research where they brought their contribution. (N.C.)

  7. Interpreting hegemonic themes in the electronic forró

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean Henrique Costa


    Full Text Available Current investigation analyzes hegemonic themes in the music of electronic forró (Brazilian dance. The critical theory of Theodor W. Adorno and Cultural Studies revealed: a the main thematic patterns and clichés of the genre; b the meanings of these thematic patterns; c and some hypothetical implications for the consumer. The above implies certain relations of domination reinforced in and by the consumption of the electronic forró.

  8. (Contemporary Art: Aesthetic Practices of Modernism and Their Theoretical Account

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D G Podvoysky


    Full Text Available The article gives an overview of the special features of modernist art as a complex sociocultural phenomenon. Aesthetic practices, characteristic for this period in art history, would be examined within the broad context of impacts and tendencies that constitute originality of Modernity and its social structures. The midpoints of conceptions of Modern Art by Clement Greenberg, Theodor W. Adorno and Umberto Eco are highlighted and analyzed.

  9. The Air University Pantheon of Air, Space, and Cyberspace Power Thinkers (United States)


    Air Force would not have come as soon as it did. Learn more . . . • James J. Cooke, Billy Mitchell (Boulder, CO: L. Rienner, 2002). • Alfred F...Winter 1974): 18–25. • James Parton, “Air Force Spoken Here”: General Ira Eaker and the Command of the Air (Bethesda, MD: Adler and... Adler , 1986). 99 100 101 Dr. Theodore von Kármán (1881–1963) ♦ Father of supersonic flight ♦ Guggenheim Aeronautics Laboratory professor at the

  10. Field Artillery And Fire Support At The Operational Level: An Analysis Of Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom (United States)


    assistance with editing and for supporting this endeavor, and to our two wonderful children , Olivia and Theodore. Our time here at Fort Leavenworth has been...Baathist regime. 7 Mary Kaldor, New and Old Wars: Organized Violence in a Global Era, 3d ed...II, 165. 33 television several hours later, denouncing the strike as a “criminal act” and calling on the Iraqi people to draw their swords

  11. Donald Trump: A Critical Theory-Perspective on Authoritarian Capitalism


    Christian Fuchs


    This paper analyses economic power, state power and ideological power in the age of Donald Trump with the help of critical theory. It applies the critical theory approaches of thinkers such as Franz Neumann, Theodor W. Adorno and Erich Fromm. It analyses changes of US capitalism that have together with political anxiety and demagoguery brought about the rise of Donald Trump. This article draws attention to the importance of state theory for understanding Trump and the changes of politics that...

  12. A Multicenter, Randomnized Controlled Trial of Cerebrospinal Fluid Drainage in Acute Spinal Cord Injury (United States)


    combination of CSFD and elevation of mean arterial pressure (MAP) in patients with acute spinal cord injury. This study is currently screening and...14 19b. TELEPHONE NUMBER (include area code) Standard Form 298 (Rev. 8-98) Prescribed by ANSI Std. Z39.18 Nicholas Theodore, MD 1. INTRODUCTION 4...SPECIAL REPORTING REQUIREMENTS 13 9. APPENDICES 14 4 1. INTRODUCTION In the United States, even though the incidence rate of acute spinal

  13. Adorno (mímesis Derrida

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guillem Martí Soler


    Full Text Available La mímesis es un concepto gravado por toda la historia de la racionalidad: magia, mito, metafísica, Ilustración. En Theodor W. Adorno y Jacques Derrida se convierte, además, en la oportunidad para un pensamiento crítico y emancipador. Estos dos autores se encuentran, o cuanto menos se persiguen, en una reflexión sobre la mímesis, y en un ensayo de lectura entrecruzada.

  14. The treatment of a dictator. (United States)

    Wade, Owen


    In 1973 Mr Richard Hughes, who was working on the third novel of his trilogy on the rise of the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler, came to see me regarding a document, some 300 pages long, on the medical treatment given by Dr Theodore Morell to Hitler. The document had been obtained at the Nuremberg war trials. My original report to Hughes on the content of this document is reproduced here.

  15. Social Media and the Dialectic of Enlightenment


    Henrik Juel


    My reflections in this paper concern revitalizing the critical potential of certain core concepts of Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno's Dialectic of Enlightenment (first published 1944) and bringing it to bear on the digital era in general and in particular on the phenomenon of modern social media. I find that the central philosophical critique of Dialectic of Enlightenment runs deeper than just a critique of contemporary (and perhaps now out-dated) media technique and cultural habits. It...

  16. Civilian Reuse of Former Military Bases. Summary of Completed Military Base Economic Adjustment Projects (United States)


    Theodore Army Terminal 1965 (-) Unde, deal Basic Industries, Chamber of Commerce . P.O. Box 2187 Mobile Paint Mfg Co, Hula, Taylor- Mobile. AL 36652 Wharton...585 650 Sidney Warehousing Activities, 300(C) Anita Pennel, Chamber of Commerce . Sioux Army Depot 1967 (2) Western Nebraska Community College, Sidney...Inc. Laurel Oaks Vo-Tech, 600(S) Wilmington Area Chamber of Commerce Industrial Park, Hydro-Lift Trucks, 69 North South Street Southern State Community

  17. Schrijven na Auschwitz, na apartheid, na de digital turn | T'Sjoen ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In this paper I discuss the concept of “engaged poetry” and the position of poetry with a so-called ethic dimension in the digital era. Taking the famous aphorism by Theodor W. Adorno as a starting point—“Nach Auschwitz ein Gedicht zu schreiben, ist barbarisch” (“After Auschwitz writing poetry is barbaric”)—and the two ...

  18. Geologic map of the Stephens City quadrangle, Clark, Frederick, and Warren Counties, Virginia (United States)

    Weary, D.J.; Orndorff, R.C.; Aleman-Gonzalez, W.


    The Stephens City 1:24,000-scale quadrangle is one of several quadrangles in Frederick County, Virginia being mapped by geologists from the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston, VA with funding from the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program. This work is part of a project being lead by the U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Discipline, Virginia District, to investigate the geologic framework and groundwater resources of Frederick County as well as other areas in the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and West Virginia.

  19. Overview of energy-conserving development planning and design techniques based on five case studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Findings and recommendations are presented of a review of five case studies of ways to conserve energy through development planning and site design in communities. Two approaches were used. In the first approach, a conventional, pre-existing plan was analyzed to determine potential energy use. Once energy-conservation options were identified and evaluated, the conventional plan was modified by employing those options. This approach was used in The Woodlands, Burke Center, and Radisson studies. In the second approach, energy-conservation options are independently identified and evaluated. Those options that passed specific criteria screening were then utilized in developing one or more totally new plans based on energy objectives. This approach was used in Greenbrier and Shenandoah. Radisson is a new town on the outskirts of Syracuse, New York. Greenbrier is a 3000 acre planned community adjacent to Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Shenandoah is a proposed new town in the Atlanta urbanized area. The Woodlands is a new community under development north of Houston. Burke Center is a residential planned unit development in Fairfax County, Virgnia. (MCW)

  20. Selected trace-element and organic contaminants in the streambed sediments of the Potomac River Basin, August 1992 (United States)

    Gerhart, James M.; Blomquist, Joel D.


    This report describes the occurrence and distribution of five selected contaminants in streambed sediments at 22 stream sites in the Potomac River Basin. Lead, mercury, and total DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) were detected at all sites, and chlordane and total PCB's (polychlorinated biphenyls) were detected at most sites. At six sites, streambed-sediment concentrations of contaminants were detected at levels with the potential to cause frequent adverse effects on aquatic organisms that live in the sediments. Chlordane was detected at these high levels at sampling sites on the Anacostia River, the North Branch Potomac River, Bull Run, and Accotink Creek; mercury was detected at these levels at sites on the South River and the South Fork Shenandoah River; and total PCB's were detected at these levels at the site on the South Fork Shenandoah River. The highest concentrations of all five contaminants generally occurred at sampling sites downstream from areas with industrial plants, urban centers, or orchard and agricultural activity. The occurrence of these contaminants in streambed sediments of the Potomac River Basin is of concern because the contaminants (1) are environmentally persistent, (2) are available for downstream transport during high streamflow periods, and (3) have the potential to cause adverse effects on the health of aquatic organisms and humans through bioaccumulation.

  1. Return to the little kingdom Steve Jobs, the creation of Apple, and how it changed the world

    CERN Document Server

    Moritz, Michael


    Almost thirty years ago, Michael Moritz, then a young journalist at Time magazine, was allowed exclusive access to the inner workings of a cutting-edge technology company to tell the story of its first decade in business. The Little Kingdom: The Private Story of Apple Computer brought readers into the childhood homes of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, showed how they dropped out of college and founded Apple in 1976, and charted the company's rise from basement brainstorming to colossal empire. Now, after spending almost twenty-five years at Sequoia Capital, the much admired private investm

  2. Utilization of silicifed Tertiary wood as raw material for the natural stone industry. [German Democratic Republic

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bellmann, H J; Schuettler, J; Jakisch, E


    This paper discusses the occurrence of silicified tree trunks and stumps in the Boehlen brown coal field. The trees, mainly Taxodium and Sequoia 25 million years old, are located within the top brown coal seam of the deposit and present a major obstacle to excavator operation, together with other forms of so-called 'brown coal quartzite'. The quartz of the silicified trees occurs as opal, cryptocrystalline quartz and low temperature quartz. The separate removal and disposal of this wood as well as efforts made to use selected wood as raw material are briefly summarized. Various products for interior house decoration have been manufactured from the wood. (4 refs.)

  3. Smart grids are advancing, light and supple

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Petitot, Pauline


    While indicating some innovations produced by the Greenlys laboratory (SmartScan to localize losses by means of smart counters, a system for grid self-healing, Sequoia to manage a low voltage network, a tool for the prediction of photovoltaic production in real time), and also the main smart grid projects in France (Nice Grid, Solenn, SoGrid, Smart Electric Lyon, Poste intelligent, Greenlys, Smart Grids Vendee, BienVEnu), this article comments the emergence of several experiments on smart grids in France, the first drawn conclusions and recommendations. Some issues for this new architecture are discussed: the active demand management, cut-offs and flexibility, and the search for profitability

  4. Skin tests of pollen grains of taxodiaceae and cupressaceae in children with bronchial asthma. (United States)

    Midoro-Horiuti, T; Nouno, S; Seino, Y


    Atmospheric cedar pollen in the southern region of Okayama Prefecture (situated in south-western Japan) has been counted since 1988. Pollen of different species of the Taxodiaceae family (Cryptomeria japonica, Sequoia sempervirens and Metasequoia glyptostroboides) and Japanese juniper (Juniperus rigida) in the Cupressaceae family, which are propagated mainly in the southern region of Okayama Prefecture, were found among the atmospheric pollen. Scratch tests using the pollen extract from Taxodiaceae and Cupressaceae were performed on children with bronchial asthma. Forty (25%) and 30 (18.8%) of the 160 patients reacted positively to an allergen extract from the pollen grains of Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) and Japanese juniper, respectively.

  5. Sapwood area - leaf area relationships for coast redwood


    Stancioiu, P T; O'Hara, K L


    Coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl.) trees in different canopy strata and crown positions were sampled to develop relationships between sapwood cross-sectional area and projected leaf area. Sampling occurred during the summers of 2000 and 2001 and covered tree heights ranging from 7.7 to 45.2 m and diameters at breast height ranging from 9.4 to 92.7 cm. Foliage morphology varied greatly and was stratified into five types based on needle type (sun or shade) and twig color. A str...

  6. Reflexões de passagem sobre o lazer: notas sobre a pedagogia da indústria cultural Reflections on leisure: notes on the pedagogy of the culture industry Reflexiones de pasaje sobre el ocio: notas sobre la pedagogía

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available O presente texto trata de alguns elementos da relação entre indústria cultural e lazer, compreendendo o segundo como parte indissociável da primeira. Para isso, o artigo retoma, em sua primeira parte, um pouco da origem do conceito, tal como foi desenvolvido por Theodor Adorno e Max Horkheimer. Logo depois, são citados alguns exemplos nos quais se materializam os esquemas da indústria cultural – a transmissão da Copa de 2002, a arena política contemporânea, um filme documentário, a indústria do culto ao corpo – para tentar verificar como esses esquemas formam uma constelação macabra que naturaliza os processos de domi-nação pelo entretenimento contemporâneo. Ao final, o texto realiza uma pequena incursão no tema do riso, expressão de uma dialética da civilização, do descontrole pulsional mediado racionalmente, mas também marca da esperança de uma natureza não conformada. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: lazer – indústria cultural – Escola de Frankfurt – tempo livre – corpo – Theodor W. Adorno The present text deals with a few elements of the relation between the culture industry and leisure, the latter being understood as an undetachable part of the former. In order to do so, this article brings, in its first part, some of the origin of the concept of culture industry as it was developed by Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer. It then gives a few examples in which culture industry structures materialize – the broadcasting of the World Cup 2002, the contemporary political arena, a documentary film, the “perfect body” industry – in an attempt to verify how these structures form a gruesome constellation which make us perceive the domination processes behind contemporary entertainment as “natural”. In its final part, this text briefly analyzes the theme of laughter as an expression of a civilization’s dialectic, a pulsional control loss which is rationally mediated, but also a sign of hope of a nonconforming

  7. Childhood disintegrative disorder

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mouridsen, Svend Erik


    In 1908 a Viennese remedial educator Theodor Heller described six children under the name of dementia infantilis who had insidiously developed a severe mental regression between the 3rd and 4th years of life after normal mental development. Neuropathological and other medical conditions...... are sometimes associated with this disorder, but contrary to earlier belief this is not typical. Interest in childhood disintegrative disorder has increased markedly in recent years and in this review attention is given to more recently published cases based on ICD-9, ICD-10 and DSM-IV diagnostic systems...

  8. Cultura, preconceito e indivíduo: análise crítica do bullying escolar


    Wascheck, Murilo de Camargo


    Esta dissertação vincula-se à linha de pesquisa Cultura e Processos Educacionais e discute o bullying escolar na perspectiva da teoria crítica frankfurtiana (mais detidamente, na produção de Theodor W. Adorno e Max Horkheimer). Para tanto, analisamos algumas definições centrais relativas ao bullying escolar e à sociedade, como: preconceito, escola, cultura, mundo do trabalho, indivíduo, violência, narcisismo, estereotipia, ideologia da racionalidade tecnológica, alienação, emancipação, esclar...

  9. Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Central America (United States)


    broadly based. In Guatemala, the revolution is at a different stage, and in Honduras, it is an embryo , although the condition? "üJ" ’"MwMfc Jh...who declared "The people of this continent alone have, the right to decide their own destiny ," and by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1904 when he...becoming an embryo government-in-exile. Although in many respects an international propaganda organization, the FDR does have one Important body--the

  10. Reemergence of the Natural History of Otolaryngologic Infections: Lessons Learned from 2 American Presidents. (United States)

    Naples, James; Schwartz, Marissa; Eisen, Marc


    Presidents George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt suffered complications of epiglottitis and otomastoiditis, respectively. The introduction of antibiotics and vaccinations against Haemophilus influenzae and Streptococcus pneumoniae has significantly reduced the incidence of these otolaryngologic infections, such that the natural history of the disease is rarely encountered. However, antibiotic resistance and pathogenic evolution has raised concern about increased virulence of these common organisms. A retrospective evaluation of the complications suffered by Washington and Roosevelt provides valuable insight to the natural history of common otolaryngologic infections that may reemerge as a result of organism evolution in response to antibiotics and vaccines.

  11. Federal president Walter Scheel on nuclear energy

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Scheel, W.


    On the occasion of the award of the Theodor-Heuss-Prize in Munich on February 11th, 1977, the President of the Federal Republic Walter Scheel commented on the citizens' contribution to basic values. In doing this the President also spoke about the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy and stated finally: 'It is wrong to see only the risk of nuclear energy, to discuss only this. We must realize that in many parts of our society we have ushered in developments which involve similar, partly even bigger danger and risk than nuclear energy. And we must be prepared to face those risks everywhere.' (orig./HP) [de

  12. Two-Dimensional Flow Modeling: Proceedings of the National U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Sponsored Seminar on the Two-Dimensional Flow Modeling (1st), 7-9 July 1981, (United States)


    Niederauer (Enerly, Inc.), Lee Butler (WES), Danny Fread (NOAA). Theodor Strelkoff (Hydraulic Enuineering), Robert MacArthur (HEC), Warren Mellema (4RD), Jaime ...Mississippi, Sabine , and Neches Rivers as shown in Figures 1 and 2. Work is on-going to gradually extend this service to other Gulf Coast rivers in Texas...MEXICO FIG. 2-HURRICANE STORM SURGE FORECASTING OF SABINE AND NECHES RIVERS 16 DAM -Z - PLAN VIEW- SEC. VIEW f-f FIG. 3- DAM-BREAK FLOOD ONTO A VERY WIDE

  13. Lasers in periodontics. (United States)

    Elavarasu, Sugumari; Naveen, Devisree; Thangavelu, Arthiie


    Laser is one of the most captivating technologies in dental practice since Theodore Maiman in 1960 invented the ruby laser. Lasers in dentistry have revolutionized several areas of treatment in the last three and a half decades of the 20(th) century. Introduced as an alternative to mechanical cutting device, laser has now become an instrument of choice in many dental applications. Evidence suggests its use in initial periodontal therapy, surgery, and more recently, its utility in salvaging implant opens up a wide range of applications. More research with better designs are a necessity before lasers can become a part of dental armamentarium. This paper gives an insight to laser in periodontics.

  14. Hitler's penicillin. (United States)

    Wainwright, Milton


    During the Second World War, the Germans and their Axis partners could only produce relatively small amounts of penicillin, certainly never enough to meet their military needs; as a result, they had to rely upon the far less effective sulfonamides. One physician who put penicillin to effective use was Hitler's doctor, Theodore Morell. Morell treated the Führer with penicillin on a number of occasions, most notably following the failed assassination attempt in July 1944. Some of this penicillin appears to have been captured from, or inadvertently supplied by, the Allies, raising the intriguing possibility that Allied penicillin saved Hitler's life.

  15. Spains Dramatic Conquest of the Dutch Republic. Rodenburgh as a Literary Mediator of Spanish Culture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tim Vergeer


    Full Text Available Theodore Rodenburgh was in an exceptional position to become a literary mediator of Spanish poetics. He introduced the comedia nueva in the Dutch Republic at the beginning of the seventeenth century. This article investigates specifically how Rodenburgh dealt with Lope de Vega’s poetics, transforming them to make them fit the Dutch literary tradition. Through translation, adaptation and acculturation, the Iberian comedias became Dutch tragicomedies, plays that would become most popular in the Dutch Republic. Rodenburgh’s endeavours mark the initial phase of the transfer of the comedia nueva to the Dutch Republic.

  16. Hipertexto revisited


    Furtado, José Afonso


    As tecnologias digitais questionam o modo de pensar o livro tradicional e dão origem a novos espaços de escrita e de leitura e a novos tipos de texto. A teoria do hipertexto tem vindo a conceptualizar essas mudanças. Procuramos demonstrar que esta tem diferentes matrizes, a partir da análise dos trabalhos de Theodor H. Nelson e de Douglas Engelbart, e, a partir deles, da oposição entre associação e conexão, entre hipertexto como ferramenta autoral e literária ou como sistema de recuperação de...

  17. Disillusionment of the American Dream——On An American Tragedy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Theodore Dreiser is now regarded as one of the pre-eminent American realistic novelists of the first half of the twentieth anatomist of the American Dream.In his great work An American Tragedy,Dreis- er exposes and criticizes mercilessly the corruption and black side of American society.The disillusionment of the American Dream is an important theme of the fiction.This paper illustrates "An American Tragedy" is the re- flection of disillusionment of the American Dream in the perspectives of the tragedy of a mortal,the tragedy of American society,and the tragedy of the American Dream.

  18. Los trastornos de personalidad según el modelo de Millon: una propuesta integradora


    Violeta Cardenal; M.ª Pilar Sánchez; Margarita Ortiz-Tallo


    Se presentan en este artículo las líneas fundamentales que guían el modelo de estilos de personalidad y de trastornos de personalidad de Theodore Millon: la utilización de una perspectiva teórica integradora, su insistencia en el continuo "normalidad/patología" y la incorporación de los principios de la Teoría de la Evolución. Se analiza también su propuesta multiaxial en la que cobra relieve la dinámica interactiva que se establece entre los distintos ejes, con especial atención al papel pre...

  19. Karl pearson the scientific life in a statistical age

    CERN Document Server

    Porter, Theodore M


    Karl Pearson, founder of modern statistics, came to this field by way of passionate early studies of philosophy and cultural history as well as ether physics and graphical geometry. His faith in science grew out of a deeply moral quest, reflected also in his socialism and his efforts to find a new basis for relations between men and women. This biography recounts Pearson's extraordinary intellectual adventure and sheds new light on the inner life of science. Theodore Porter's intensely personal portrait of Pearson extends from religious crisis and sexual tensions to metaphysical and even m

  20. European Film Gateway projekt EFG1914 / Ivi Tomingas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tomingas, Ivi


    Saja aasta möödumise puhul Esimesest maailmasõjast kutsus Euroopa Komisjon ellu European Film Gateway projekti EFG 1914. Avalikkusele on nüüd kättesaadav 660 tundi digiteeritud filme ja 5500 plakatit, fotot ja dokumenti. Nendega saab tutvuda aadressidel ja Rahvusarhiivist on portaali lisatud kaks tundi Johannes Pääsukese ülesvõetud etnograafilist materjali, Pathé ringvaade nr. 17 (sõjategevus 1917) ja Theodor Lutsu film "Noored kotkad" (1927) ning Karl Akeli ja Johann Ostrati fotosid

  1. The laser revolution. Story of a brilliant discovery. Multipurpose lasers. Other promises for tomorrow

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mueller, Xavier; Bourdet, Julien; Feve, Sylvain; Julien, Lucile; Delaporte, Philippe; Aspect, Alain; Belliard, Laurent; Decremps, Frederic; Espinasse, Loic; Exertier, Pierre; Godin Beekmann, Sophie; Lenne, Pierre-Francois; Salamero, Jean; Amiranoff, Francois; Colombelli, Raffaele; Picque, Nathalie; Couderc, Vincent; Ducloy, Martial; Lozes, Francoise; Mora, Patrick


    In May 1960, American physicist Theodore Maiman described the first ruby laser in a scientific journal. Fifty years later, the laser has conquered the planet... and the world is now paying tribute to this champion of modern technology. The laser has undoubtedly become indispensable in everyday life, in the industrial and medical sectors and, last but not least, in the research field. Yet this fabulous success story is still in its infancy, as research laboratories across the world continue to improve laser technology, giving rise to often unexpected applications. Our feature explores an invention that is just as revolutionary today as it was 50 years ago

  2. The laser revolution. A brilliant discovery. The multipurpose laser. Towards a bright future

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Mueller, Xavier; Bourdet, Julien; Feve, Sylvain; Julien, Lucile; Delaporte, Philippe; Aspect, Alain; Belliard, Laurent; Decremps, Frederic; Espinasse, Loic; Exertier, Pierre; Godin Beekmann, Sophie; Lenne, Pierre-Francois; Salamero, Jean; Amiranoff, Francois; Colombelli, Raffaele; Picque, Nathalie; Couderc, Vincent; Ducloy, Martial; Lozes, Francoise; Mora, Patrick


    In May 1960, American physicist Theodore Maiman described the first ruby laser in a scientific journal. Fifty years later, the laser has conquered the planet... and the world is now paying tribute to this champion of modern technology. The laser has undoubtedly become indispensable in everyday life, in the industrial and medical sectors and, last but not least, in the research field. Yet this fabulous success story is still in its infancy, as research laboratories across the world continue to improve laser technology, giving rise to often unexpected applications. Our feature explores an invention that is just as revolutionary today as it was 50 years ago

  3. "Boiling the vacuum": in silico plasmas under extreme conditions in the laboratory and in astrophysics (United States)

    Silva, Luís O.


    Laser technology has progressed tremendously since Theodore Maiman first demonstrated the laser in 1960. One of the most striking examples of this progress is the focused intensity of lasers. Present day lasers in the near infrared frequency range can deliver intensities in excess of 1023 W/cm2. Imagine that you have a very large and powerful lens that captures the light of the sun hitting the upper atmosphere of the Earth and focus it down to a region with the cross section of a human hair. The corresponding intensity is in the range of the most intense lasers now available.

  4. Die filosofiese vraagstelling na Anderswees in die kerk1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. J. Beukes


    Full Text Available The philosophical problem of Otherness in the church. Employing the critical perspectives of philosophers Theodor Adorno and Michel Foucault, this article explores some consequences of the philosophical problem of Otherness within the social realm of the church. The author focuses on the marginalizing effect that instrumental rationality (described as the preferential discourse of modernity has on the church as an institution of power, with reference to ecumenicity, interfaith discourse and the socio-subjective disposition of women, children and homosexuals in the life and work of the church.

  5. SACRIFÍCIO E LIQUIDAÇÃO DO SUJEITO: Notas sobre a sociologia da música de Adorno




    Este artigo busca retrabalhar alguns aspectos da crítica músico-sociológica de Theodor W. Adorno. Tem por base alguns parágrafos da Filosofia da nova música, em que Adorno analisa A Sagração da Primavera, de Igor Stravinsky. Aceita a premissa de que a Filosofia da nova música é um excurso da Dialética do Esclarecimento, e vai aos textos na procura de suas relações internas; daí o papel central da análise e da crítica d...

  6. Elamine gaasimahutites : nelja ajaloolise gasomeetri ümberehitus Viinis / Reinhard Seiss

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Seiss, Reinhard


    Theodor Hermanni plaanide järgi 1896-1899 ehitatud nelja muinsuskaitse all oleva gasomeetri ümberehitusest aastail 1998-2001. Autorid Jean Nouvel, Coop Himmelb(l)au (arhitektid Wolf Prix, Helmut Swiczinsky), Manfred Wehdorn ja Wilhelm Holzbauer. Gasomeertrid on maapealsel korrusel ühendatud jalakäijate ala ja poekompleksiga Shopping Mall, hoonete ülemistes osades on bürood ja korterid, maa-alusel korrusel garaahid. Pleasuredome'i arhitekt Rüdiger Lainer. Linnaosa arendamise kavast. Ill.: 1 joonis, 7 värv. fotot

  7. Dollar Summary of Prime Contract Awards by State, Place, and Contractor, FY84, Part 2 (Air Force Academy, Colorado-Zion, Illinois). (United States)



  8. Resenha

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauro Figueiredo Brito Júnior


    Full Text Available Autora de As desordens da biblioteca (2015, Muriel Pic (1974 é doutora pela l'École des Hautes Etudes em Sciences Sociales e ensina literatura francesa na universidade de Berna, Suíça. É pesquisadora associada ao FNS (Fonds National Suisse de la Recherche Scientifique. Investiga autores como Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno, Pierre Jean Jouve e Georges Bataille entre outros da literatura francesa e alemã do século XX. Além da obra analisada nesta resenha, publicou outros livros e artigos sobre literatura ainda não traduzidos no Brasil.

  9. Praksisteori og arbejdslivsforskning

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Buch, Anders


    Praksisteori er en lang og bred human- og socialvidenskabelig tradition, der forsøger at forstå mennesker, arbejde og samfund med udgangspunkt i aktivitet og handling. I denne artikel gøres der rede for praksisteoriens grundlæggende antagelser og begreber. Artiklen fokuserer på, hvordan nyere...... praksisteori – her Theodore Schatzkis teori om socialt liv – udvikler begreber til at forstå, hvordan det sociale liv er organiseret igennem praksisser, og hvordan normativitet i praksisser bidrager til at bestemme handlinger. Der argumenteres for, at den praksisteoretiske tilgang kan tilbyde...

  10. Critical Theory of Communication: New Readings of Lukács, Adorno, Marcuse, Honneth and Habermas in the Age of the Internet


    Fuchs, Christian


    "This book contributes to the foundations of a critical theory of communication as shaped by the forces of digital capitalism. One of the world's leading theorists of digital media Professor Christian Fuchs explores how the thought of some of the Frankfurt School’s key thinkers can be deployed for critically understanding media in the age of the Internet. Five essays that form the heart of this book review aspects of the works of Georg Lukács, Theodor W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Axel Honneth ...

  11. Harmful algal blooms and climate change: Learning from the past and present to forecast the future

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Wells, ML


    Full Text Available Harmful algal blooms and climate change: Learning from the past and present to forecast the future Mark L. Wellsa,*, Vera L. Trainerb, Theodore J. Smaydac, Bengt S.O. Karlsond, Charles G. Tricke, Raphael M. Kudelaf, Akira Ishikawag, Stewart Bernardh... and Atmospheric Administration, 2725 Montlake Blvd. E., Seattle, WA 98112, USA c Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881, USA d SMHI Research & Development, Oceanography, Sven Ka¨llfelts gata 15, 426 71 Va¨stra Fro...

  12. Milline kasutegur on Berliini residentsil? Kes võivad sinna kandideerida? / Taje Tross

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tross, Taje


    Kuni 31. IX avatud Academia Grata Berliini residentsist, võimalusest korraldada presentatsioone, näitusi ja performance'eid Open Space'i galeriis Mitte-Kreuzbergis ja Theodor di Ricco SoToDo tegevuskunstiruumis, kus seni on toimunud Peeter Alliku maalinäitus "Privaatdokumentide põletamine", Non Grata "Art of the Invisibles", Mari Sobolevi näitus ja presentatsioon "Ad free Zone", eesti performance'i-näituse "Alle gegen alles" Live Performance Nacht (osalejad loetletud), Silja Saarepuu ja Villu Plingi performance

  13. M. Paryz on Gavin Jones’s American Hungers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Gavin Jones. American Hungers. The Problem of Poverty in U.S. Literature, 1840-1945. Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2008. 20/21 Series. ISBN: 978-0-691-12753-8.American Hungers. The Problem of Poverty in U.S. Literature, 1840-1945 by Gavin Jones is an insightful study of the ways of representing poverty in selected works by Herman Melville, Edith Wharton, Theodore Dreiser, James Agee, and Richard Wright.  The choice of authors for discussion perhaps suggests a limited scope...

  14. Présentation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stéphane Haber


    Full Text Available Les articles réunis dans ce dossier de la revue Astérion portent sur la première génération de la Théorie critique (dont Max Horkheimer, Walter Benjamin, Theodor W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse et Erich Fromm constituent sans doute les figures principales. Ils se concentrent plus précisément sur les contributions philosophiques qui marquèrent la période ouverte par l’accession de Horkheimer à la direction de l’Institut de recherches sociales (1931 et close par la publication en 1944 de Dialektik...

  15. Franz Kugler

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eric Garberson


    Full Text Available Review of: Michel Espagne, Bénédicte Savoy, Céline Trautmann-Waller, Franz Theodor Kugler. Deutscher Kunsthistoriker und Berliner Dichter, Akademie Verlag, Berlin, 2010. Reviews a collection of essays based on papers delivered at the Berlin conference (2008 celebrating Franz Kugler (1808-1858, a key figure in the disciplinary history of art history and an active player the cultural and intellectual life of Berlin in the mid-nineteenth century. Written by historians, art historians, and historians of literature, these essays examine Kugler’s work as an art historian, critic, journal editor, Prussian bureaucrat, poet, and member of several art and literary societies.



    Musse, Ricardo


    Resumo A conferência de Theodor W. Adorno sobre o conceito e a prática do "tempo livre", publicada em Stichworte, em 1969, foi proferida numa época de pleno emprego. A gradativa redução da jornada normal de trabalho, sinalizando e consolidando uma tendência de longo prazo, inspirou uma série de conjecturas acerca de uma possível mudança nas estruturas até então assentadas como próprias do mundo moderno. Nesse contexto, a conferência-ensaio de Adorno organiza-se, ao mesmo tempo, como uma atual...

  17. Tragedy, Immanence, and the Persistence of Semblance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karoline Gritzner


    Full Text Available The form of tragedy has been central to philosophical projects since classical antiquity, and it gained special critical import as a result of the so-called 'tragic turning within philosophy' during the Romantic period of German Idealism (see Beistegui 2000. The aim of this short paper is to address the notion of aesthetic appearance (semblance, Schein within aesthetic theory (Theodor W. Adorno and in contemporary tragic theatre (Howard Barker and to show that the problem of semblance re-appears as a productive critical category in the current discourse of performance philosophy.

  18. On the Concept of Causality in the Criminal Law

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adolf Reinach


    Full Text Available Adolf Reinach (1883–1917 was a German phenomenologist and legal theorist. This is a previously-unpublished translation (by Dr. Berit Brogaard of Reinach’s 1905 dissertation for his PhD earned under Theodor Lipps at the University of Munich, which was published as “Über den Ursachenbegriff im geltenden Strafrecht” (Leipzig: J. A. Barth 1905, and reprinted in Adolf Reinach, Sämtliche Werke. Textkritische Ausgabe [Collected Works: Critical Edition], Karl Schuhmann & Barry Smith, eds., 2 vols. (Munich: Philosophia Verlag, 1989, pp. 1–43.

  19. Personologic alignment and the treatment of posttraumatic distress. (United States)

    Everly, G


    The therapeutic alliance is generally considered the sine qua non of successful psychotherapy. Yet, establishing the therapeutic alliance with patients suffering from syndromes of posttraumatic distress (including posttraumatic stress disorder) represents an unusual challenge. This paper describes the use of a personality-based approach to the establishment of the therapeutic alliance. This approach is referred to as personologic alignment and consists of alignment with preferential processes, as well as thematic belief systems. It represents an integration of the personology of Theodore Millon and the rhetoric of Aristotle.

  20. Avtograf na Teodor Hagiopetrit ot C''rkovnija istoriko-arheologičeski Institut v Sofija, CIAI 949

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Džurova Aksinija


    Full Text Available Subject of this article is the copy of Four Gospels preserved at the Church Institute in Sofia (gr. 949, which was displayed in the Brilliance of Byzantium Exhibition organized during the 22nd International Congress of Byzantine Studies (August 22 - 27, 2011 and which we assumed to have been produced by the hand of one of the most famous scribes at the end of the 13th and the beginning of the 14th century, i.e. Theodore Hagiopetrites. The type of the script employed in the Four Gospels at the Church Institute (CHAI gr. 949 is in the so-called by L. Politis unique ‘Hagiopetrites Style’. Although the manuscript does not contain a colophon, comparison to the manuscripts of Theodore Hagiopetrites known to us and especially to Cod. D. gr. 29 (Olim. Kos. 35 at the Ivan Dujčev Centre - an autograph of the scribe of 1307, as well as to another manuscript from Saint Petersburg, Cod. gr. of ASUSSR, No 10/667 of the 14th century, provides good reasons to assume that the Four Gospels manuscript (CHAI gr. 949 was also produced by Theodore Hagiopetrites. Our certainty was further substantiated after we had studied in situ the Four Gospels from Academician N. P. Likhachev’s archive published by Igor Medvedev in the collection ‘ In Memoriam Ivan Dujčev’ of 1988 which is currently kept under No 10/667 in the Archive of the Leningrad Section of the Institute of History at the Russian Academy of Science. Having compared the illumination and the specifics of motif stylization, as well as the specific colouring, we could assert that the two manuscripts manifest pronounced similarities. Thereby, the 27 manuscripts by T. Hagiopetrites published by R. Nelson should also be supplemented by the Four Gospels at the Church Institute (CHAI gr. 949 in addition to the Apostle Lectionary of 1307, autograph of Theodore Hagiopetrites at the Dujčev Centre, Cod. D. gr. 29 (Olim. Kos. 35, which R. Nelson briefly mentioned in his preface, and the Saint Petersburg Four

  1. Evaluating the Efficacy of ERG Targeted Therapy in vivo for Prostate Tumors (United States)


    Arvin M. Gouw, Meital Gabay, Stacey J. Adam, David I. Bellovin, Phuoc T. Tran, William M. Philbricke, Adolfo Garcia-Ocanaf, Stephanie C. Casey, Yulin Li ...2016). In press. PMID: 27080744. 4. Abstracts (Year 5 only from a total of 47 since the beginning of the DoD PRTA): 1. Omar Y. Mian , Scott Robertson...Meeting. 2. Omar Y. Mian , Scott Robertson, Amol Narang, Sameer Agarwal, Hee Joon Bae, Todd McNutt, Phuoc Tran, Theodore L. DeWeese, Danny Y. Song

  2. Atomic Pioneers Book 2 From the Mid-19th to the Early 20th Century

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hiebert, Ray [University of Maryland; Hiebert, Roselyn


    This book gives a brief account of the lives and work of 26 men and women who contributed to the great surge of knowledge vital to atomic science from the 1800s to the mid-1900s. The 26 are: William Prout, Michael Faraday, Eilhardt Mitscherlich, Joseph Henry, Thomas Graham, Stanislao Cannizzaro, James Clerk Maxwell, Dmitri I. Mendeleev, Joseph Norman Lockyer, John William Strutt, Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen, Antione Henri Becquerel, Hendrik A. Lorentz, J.J. Thomson, Max Planck, Svante A. Arrhenius, Pierre Curie, Marie Curie, Pieter Zeeman, Theodore W. Richards, C.T.R. Wilson, Ernest Rutherford, Francis W. Aston, Frederick Soddy, Lise Meitner, and Otto Hahn.

  3. Román Thomasa Manna „Doktor Faustus“ a hudobná estetika Theodora W. Adorna

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vladimír Fulka


    Full Text Available Thomas Mann's novel Doktor Faustus. Das Leben des deutschen Tonsetzers Adrian Leverkühn erzählt von seinem Freunde (1947 is one of the most known literary works of the 20th century. The creation of this novel was closely tied with an encounter of Thomas Mann with a philosopher and musicologist Theodor W. Adorno in their american exile during the World War II. Thomas Mann's novel represents literary fiction of Adorno's theory of music and musical aesthetics, as found in the study Philosophie der neuen Musik (1949.

  4. Novedades en la distribución geográfica del grupo verrucarum (Diptera: Psychodidae) en Colombia.


    Eduar Elías Bejarano; Diana Sierra; Iván Darío Vélez


    La incriminación de especies de Lutzomyia del grupo verrucarum Theodor, 1965, en la transmisión de leishmaniosis en Colombia ha puesto de manifiesto la necesidad de conocer en detalle su distribución geográfica. Este trabajo pretende contribuir a su conocimiento mediante la incorporación de 34 registros nuevos, entre los que sobresalen el hallazgo de Lutzomyia spinicrassa en un bosque seco tropical de la Costa Atlántica, la presencia de Lutzomyia ovallesi en la Orinoquia y Amazonia y la simpa...

  5. A comparative study of modern and fossil cone scales and seeds of conifers: A geochemical approach (United States)

    Artur, Stankiewicz B.; Mastalerz, Maria; Kruge, M.A.; Van Bergen, P. F.; Sadowska, A.


    Modern cone scales and seeds of Pinus strobus and Sequoia sempervirens, and their fossil (Upper Miocene, c. 6 Mar) counterparts Pinus leitzii and Sequoia langsdorfi have been studied using pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (Py-GC/MS), electron-microprobe and scanning electron microscopy. Microscopic observations revealed only minor microbial activity and high-quality structural preservation of the fossil material. The pyrolysates of both modern genera showed the presence of ligno-cellulose characteristic of conifers. However, the abundance of (alkylated)phenols and 1,2-benzenediols in modern S. sempervirens suggests the presence of non-hydrolysable tannins or abundant polyphenolic moieties not previously reported in modern conifers. The marked differences between the pyrolysis products of both modern genera are suggested to be of chemosystematic significance. The fossil samples also contained ligno-cellulose which exhibited only partial degradation, primarily of the carbohydrate constituents. Comparison between the fossil cone scale and seed pyrolysates indicated that the ligno-cellulose complex present in the seeds is chemically more resistant than that in the cone scales. Principal component analysis (PCA) of the pyrolysis data allowed for the determination of the discriminant functions used to assess the extent of degradation and the chemosystematic differences between both genera and between cone scales and seeds. Elemental composition (C, O, S), obtained using electron-microprobe, corroborated the pyrolysis results. Overall, the combination of chemical, microscopic and statistical methods allowed for a detailed characterization and chemosystematic interpretations of modern and fossil conifer cone scales and seeds.

  6. [Phylogenetic relationships among the genera of Taxodiaceae and Cupressaceae from 28S rDNA sequences]. (United States)

    Li, Chun-Xiang; Yang, Qun


    DNA sequences from 28S rDNA were used to assess relationships between and within traditional Taxodiaceae and Cupressaceae s.s. The MP tree and NJ tree generally are similar to one another. The results show that Taxodiaceae and Cupressaceae s.s. form a monophyletic conifer lineage excluding Sciadopitys. In the Taxodiaceae-Cupressaceae s.s. monophyletic group, the Taxodiaceae is paraphyletic. Taxodium, Glyptostrobus and Cryptomeria forming a clade(Taxodioideae), in which Glyptostrobus and Taxodium are closely related and sister to Cryptomeria; Sequoia, Sequoiadendron and Metasequoia are closely related to each other, forming another clade (Sequoioideae), in which Sequoia and Sequoiadendron are closely related and sister to Metasequoia; the seven genera of Cupressaceae s.s. are found to be closely related to form a monophyletic lineage (Cupressoideae). These results are basically similar to analyses from chloroplast gene data. But the relationships among Taiwania, Sequoioideae, Taxodioideae, and Cupressoideae remain unclear because of the slow evolution rate of 28S rDNA, which might best be answered by sequencing more rapidly evolving nuclear genes.

  7. A problem-based learning curriculum for occupational therapy education. (United States)

    Royeen, C B


    To prepare practitioners and researchers who are well equipped to deal with the inevitable myriad changes in health care and in society coming in the 21st century, a new focus is needed in occupational therapy education. In addition to proficiency in clinical skills and technical knowledge, occupational therapy graduates will need outcome competencies underlying the skills of critical reflection. In this article, the author presents (a) the rationale for the need for change in occupational therapy education, (b) key concepts of clinical reasoning and critical reflection pertaining to the outcome such change in occupational therapy education should address, (c) problem-based learning as a process and educational method to prepare occupational therapists in these competencies, and (d) the experience of the Program in Occupational Therapy at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia, in implementing a problem-based learning curriculum.

  8. Operational Experience from Solar Thermal Energy Projects (United States)

    Cameron, C. P.


    Over the past few years, Sandia National Laboratories were involved in the design, construction, and operation of a number of DOE-sponsored solar thermal energy systems. Among the systems currently in operation are several industrial process heat projects and the Modular Industrial Solar Retrofit qualification test systems, all of which use parabolic troughs, and the Shenandoah Total Energy Project, which uses parabolic dishes. Operational experience has provided insight to both desirable and undesirable features of the designs of these systems. Features of these systems which are also relevant to the design of parabolic concentrator thermal electric systems are discussed. Other design features discussed are system control functions which were found to be especially convenient or effective, such as local concentrator controls, rainwash controls, and system response to changing isolation. Drive systems are also discussed with particular emphasis of the need for reliability and the usefulness of a manual drive capability.

  9. Heat loss from an open cavity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McDonald, C.G. [California State Polytechnic Univ., Pomona, CA (United States). Coll. of Engineering


    Cavity type receivers are used extensively in concentrating solar thermal energy collecting systems. The Solar Total Energy Project (STEP) in Shenandoah, Georgia is a large scale field test for the collection of solar thermal energy. The STEP experiment consists of a large field array of solar collectors used to supplement the process steam, cooling and other electrical power requirements of an adjacent knitwear manufacturing facility. The purpose of the tests, conducted for this study, was to isolate and quantify the radiative, conductive, and convective components of total heat loss, and to determine the effects of operating temperature, receiver angle, and aperture size on cavity heat loss. An analytical model for radiative heat loss was developed and compared with two other methods used to determine radiative heat loss. A proposed convective heat loss correlation, including effects of aperture size, receiver operating temperature, and receiver angle is presented. The resulting data is a source to evaluate the STEP measurements.

  10. Contaminant studies in the Sierra Nevadas (United States)

    Sparling, D.W.; Fellers, G.


    full text: Several species of anuran amphibians (frogs and toads) are experiencing severe population declines in even seemingly pristine areas of the Sierra Mountains of California. Among the most severely depressed species are the redlegged frog, the foothill and mountain yellow-legged frogs, the Yosemite toad, and the Cascades frog. Several factors, such as habitat fragmentation, introduced predators (especially fish), and disease, have been linked to these declines. But recent evidence from a USGS-led study shows that contaminants are a primary factor. During the past three years, researchers from the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, the Western Ecology Research Center, the USDA Beltsville Agriculture Research Center, and the Texas A&M University have teamed up to conduct an extensive study on airborne pesticides and their effects on amphibian populations in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Previous work on environmental chemistry demonstrated that pesticides from the intensely agricultural Central Valley of California are being blown into the more pristine Sierra Nevada Mountains, especially around Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks. Several pesticides, including diazinon, chlorpyrifos, malathion and endosulfan, can be measured in snow, rainfall, and pond waters in these national parks. With the exception of endosulfan, these pesticides affect and even kill both invertebrates and vertebrate species by inhibiting cholinesterase, an enzyme essential to proper nervous system functioning. In the summer of 2001, we published a paper showing that these same pesticides are now found in adults and the tadpoles of Pacific treefrogs. The results of this landmark study showed that more than 50 percent of the tadpoles and adults sampled in Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks had detectable levels of diazinon or chlorpyrifos and that 86 percent of the Pacific treefrogs sampled in the Lake Tahoe region had detectable levels of endosulfan. In contrast, frogs that were

  11. Synergistic and singular effects of river discharge and lunar illumination on dam passage of upstream migrant yellow-phase American eels (United States)

    Welsh, Stuart A.; Aldinger, Joni L.; Braham, Melissa A.; Zimmerman, Jennifer L.


    Monitoring of dam passage can be useful for management and conservation assessments of American eel, particularly if passage counts can be examined over multiple years. During a 7-year study (2007–2013) of upstream migration of American eels within the lower Shenandoah River (Potomac River drainage), we counted and measured American eels at the Millville Dam eel pass, where annual study periods were determined by the timing of the eel pass installation during spring or summer and removal during fall. Daily American eel counts were analysed with negative binomial regression models, with and without a year (YR) effect, and with the following time-varying environmental covariates: river discharge of the Shenandoah River at Millville (RDM) and of the Potomac River at Point of Rocks, lunar illumination (LI), water temperature, and cloud cover. A total of 17 161 yellow-phase American eels used the pass during the seven annual periods, and length measurements were obtained from 9213 individuals (mean = 294 mm TL, s.e. = 0.49, range 183–594 mm). Data on passage counts of American eels supported an additive-effects model (YR + LI + RDM) where parameter estimates were positive for river discharge (β = 7.3, s.e. = 0.01) and negative for LI (β = −1.9, s.e. = 0.34). Interestingly, RDM and LI acted synergistically and singularly as correlates of upstream migration of American eels, but the highest daily counts and multiple-day passage events were associated with increased RDM. Annual installation of the eel pass during late spring or summer prevented an early spring assessment, a period with higher RDM relative to those values obtained during sampling periods. Because increases in river discharge are climatically controlled events, upstream migration events of American eels within the Potomac River drainage are likely linked to the influence of climate variability on flow regime.

  12. Stars come down to Earth As estrelas descem à Terra

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luiz Marcelo Brandão Carneiro


    Full Text Available Stars come down to Earth — A little known essay by Theodor W. Adorno, Stars Come Down to Earth is a study about horoscopes and superstition, written in the form of an analysis for the astrology column of the Los Angeles Times in the early 1950s. The German philosopher points out that the texts offered to the reader are an amalgam of the rational and the irrational, revealing the frankly ideological meanderings of their object. Obra não muito conhecida de Theodor W. Adorno, As estrelas descem à Terra é um estudo sobre horóscopo e superstição, originalmente dirigido à coluna de astrologia do Los Angeles Times do início dos anos 1950. O filósofo alemão, pontuando os textos oferecidos aos leitores como um mistura entre o racional e o irracional, revela os meandros do caráter francamente ideológico de seu objeto.

  13. New Sphragistic Finds from the Environs of Byzantine Cherson (to the iIssue of the Correspondence Addressees

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikolay A. Alekseenko


    Full Text Available Increased interest to the sigillographic artifacts found over the large areas adjacent to the chief administrative and economic centers of medieval Crimea currently allows to expand greatly the geographical map of the molybdoboulloi finds in this region. The topography of the finds in the areas surrounding Cherson had recently expanded significantly as well. Seals originating apparently from the settlements adjacent immediately to the ancient city, as well as from the places very remote from it became known. New finds of Byzantine seals (for instance, the seals of kommerkiarios Theodore, the end of the 6th century, of patrikios and genikos logothetes Petronas, the first half of the 9th century, of anthypatos, patrikios, imperial protospatharios and genikos logothetes Elissios, the second half of the 10th century, of (protospatharios and strategos of Cefalonia, of imperial protospatharios ™pr toà Crusotriklßnou and strategos of Cherson Theodore, the 10th – 11th centuries, as well as of protospatharios and strategos Joseph, with a sufficiently accurate localization of their origin provide new information about this sigillographic artifacts themselves, as well as clarify the geography of the Byzantine presence in the southwestern Taurica, particularly showing places yet poorly highlighted by other types of sources.

  14. Adorno e a educação musical pelo rádio Adorno and the musical education through radio broadcasts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iray Carone


    Full Text Available Este artigo é uma exposição do estudo analítico de um programa semanal da National Broadcasting Company (NBC, The Music Appreciation Hour, destinado a crianças e jovens escolares, realizado por Theodor W. Adorno durante sua participação no Princeton Radio Research Project (1938-1941. Tem duas partes: na primeira, Adorno analisou a pedagogia musical do programa; na segunda, apontou para as implicações culturais desse programa, que, embora não comercial e sustentado pela própria nbc, tinha todas as marcas da indústria do entretenimento comercial.This paper is an exposition of the analytical study of The Music Appreciation Hour, a weekly classical music program of the National Broadcasting Company directed to children and young students, that Theodor W. Adorno carried out during his participation in the Princeton Radio Research Project (1938-1941. This study comprises two parts: in the first one, Adorno analyzed the musical pedagogy of the program, while in the second one, he pointed out the cultural implications of the program that, despite its non commercial character and nbc support, carried all the marks of the entertainment industry.

  15. [Billroth and Brahms: personal encounter of medicine and music]. (United States)

    Hadaschik, B A; Hadaschik, E N; Hohenfellner, M


    Theodor Billroth and Johannes Brahms shared a decades long personal friendship. The music-loving Billroth influenced the work of the famous composer and in turn Brahms also left traces within Billroth's lifetime achievements. To shed light on the close relationship of medicine and music, this manuscript describes both Billroth's life and surgical career as they were influenced and stimulated by his close friendship to Brahms.Theodor Billroth and Johannes Brahms first met in 1865 in Zurich, Switzerland. After Billroth accepted the chair of surgery at the University of Vienna in 1867, Brahms moved to Vienna in 1869. During the following years, Billroth analyzed most of Brahms' compositions prior to publication. Similar to his effective way of teaching medical students and assistants, Billroth stimulated Brahms to publish many of his later compositions. Brahms on the other hand supported Billroth in writing his essay"Who is musical?". Furthermore, music helped Billroth to cope with the demanding working life of a surgeon.Music and surgery share both structural and emotional analogies. While both professions require meticulous techniques, personal interaction is a prerequisite for success. "Science and art scoop from the same well."

  16. Releyendo Frankfurt: la Experiencia Estética en Adorno

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stra, Sebastián Matías


    Full Text Available [es]Intentaremos en este trabajo explorar la noción de Experiencia Estética en la obra de Theodor Adorno, entendiéndola como una compleja mediación conceptual que nos puede permitir dar cuenta de las oscuras configuraciones de la relación entre arte, cultura y conocimiento en la producción del pensador de Frankfurt. En este marco, cruzaremos las reflexiones estéticas adornianas con lecturas más cercanas a nuestro campo disciplinar, como la noción de Industria Cultural y la interpretación del mito y su derivación en la conformación de la racionalidad moderna. [en] In this work, we will try to explore the notion of Aesthetic Experience in Theodor Adorno`s work, understanding it as a complex conceptual mediation that can allow us getting in the dark settings of the relationship between art, culture and knowledge in the production of Frankfurt`s thinker. Like this, we are going to cross adornians aesthetic reflections with readings that are going to be closer to our disciplinary field, as the notion of cultural industry and the interpretation of myth and its derivation in the configuration of modern rationality.

  17. “Ser devorado no duele”. Th. W. Adorno y la experiencia americana

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maiso, Jordi


    Full Text Available The present text aims to fathom Theodor W. Adorno’s american experience as a deciding learning process in the development of his Critical Theory. As a consequence of his New York exile years and his participance on the Princeton Radio Research Project, Adorno not only gets in touch with the proceeding of the culture industry and sets down a resolute theoretical approach to radio music, but also realizes a shift has taken place on the social function of theory which enables him a poignant self-reflection on the situation of the emigrated intellectual.El presente texto pretende desentrañar la experiencia americana de Theodor W. Adorno como un proceso de aprendizaje decisivo en la formulación de su Teoría Crítica. A partir de su exilio en Nueva York y de su participación en el Princeton Radio Research Project, Adorno no sólo adquiere un conocimiento directo del funcionamiento de la industria de la cultura y formula una decisiva aproximación teórica a la música radiofónica, sino que también toma conciencia de un cambio en la función social de la teoría que le permite llevar a cabo una aguda autorreflexión sobre la situación del intelectual emigrado.

  18. Air and the origin of the experimental plant physiology. (United States)

    Pennazio, Sergio


    It is well known that oxygen and carbon dioxide are two chemicals which enter the plant metabolism as nutrients. The bases of this nowadays obvious statement were placed in the 18th century by means of the works of ingenious naturalists such as Robert Boyle, Stephen Hales, Joseph Priestley, Jam Ingenhousz, Lazzaro Spallanzani and Theodore De Saussure. Till the end of the 17th century, the atmospheric air was considered as an ineffable spirit, the function of which was of physical nature. Boyle was the first naturalist to admit the possibility that respiration were an exchange of vapours occurring in the blood. Stephen Hales realised that air could be fixed by plants under the influence of solar light. Priestley showed that plants could regenerate the bad air making it breathable. Ingenhousz demonstrated that the green parts of plants performed the complete purification of air only under the influence of the light. Spallanzani discovered that plants respire and guessed that the good air (oxygen) originated from the fixed air (carbon dioxide). Finally, Theodore De Saussure showed that plants were able to adsorb carbon dioxide and to release oxygen in a proportional air. All these discoveries benefited of the results coming from investigations of scholars of the so-called "pneumatic chemistry" (Boyle himself, George Ernst Stahl, Joseph Black, Priestley himself, and many more others. But among all the eminent scientists above mentioned stands out the genius of Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, who revolutionised the chemistry of the 18th century ferrying it towards the modern chemistry.

  19. Psicopatologia, exotismo e diversidade: ensaio de antropologia da psicopatologia Psychopathology, exoticism and diversity: some remarks on the anthropology of psychopathology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriano Holanda


    Full Text Available O texto se propõe a uma reflexão em torno de uma perspectiva antropológica da questão da psicopatologia. Partindo da análise antropológica de Tzvetan Todorov, perpassa o ensaio histórico de Theodore Zeldin, alcançando a crítica de Thomas Szasz e a abordagem histórico-antropológica de Michel Foucault, na tentativa de clarear a compreensão do fenômeno psicopatológico. Nesta perspectiva crítico-histórica, a psicopatologia é vista como um fenômeno contextualizado, inserido na construção das mentalidades específicas da cultura ocidental.The purpose of this paper is to reflect upon an anthropological approach of psychopathology. It intends to throw some light upon the phenomenon of the "psychopathologic". It begins with some remarks on the anthropological concept of Tzevan Todorov. It also analyses Theodore Zeldin’s historical essay, Thomas Szasz’s critical reflections and Michel Foucault’s historic-anthropological approach. In this historical perspective, "Psychopathology" is conceived as a rather contextualized phenomenon, part of the specific mentalities constructed by the Western culture.

  20. Mimetismo y migración

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raúl Antelo


    Full Text Available Los integrantes del Colegio de Sociología tendieron a la sacralización de la vida social y trataron de restaurar diferencias jerárquicas. En especial, Roger Caillois creía que el poder es preferible al goce. Ambos se excluían mutuamente pero no como mundos opuestos. Dominación y placer eran contiguos. Ese debate implicaba una crítica de la mímesis y una deriva hacia el mimetismo subversivo. Muchas de estas ideas fueron desarrolladas por Caillois en su exilio en la Argentina y seguidas de cerca por dos lectores alemanes, Theodor Adorno y Walter Benjamin. Members of College of Sociology tended to sacralize social life and tried to restore hierarchical differences. Roger Caillois particularly believed that domination was preferable to pleasure. Both were mutually exclusive, but not as separate worlds. Domination and pleasure are contiguous. The debate supposed a critique of mimesis and a drift into mimetic subversion. Most of these ideas were developed by Caillois during his exile in Argentina and they were closely followed by two German readers, Theodor Adorno and Walter Benjamin.

  1. Review Essay : Virtually Alive or Questionably Dead? The Ambivalence of Modern Korean Identity in Literature and Cinema

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kim, Kyu Hyun


    Full Text Available Theodore Hughes, Literature and Film in Cold War South Korea: Freedom's Frontier. New York: Columbia University Press, 2012. 304 pp. $55 (cloth.Kyung Hyun Kim, Virtual Hallyu: Korean Cinema of the Global Era. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2011, pp. 208. $90 (cloth, $25 (paper.The studies by Kyung Hyun Kim and Theodore Hughes discussed in this essay are rich with information and insights but are also challenging, almost subversive, to some prevalent views on Korean cinema and literature. While Kim looks into contemporary, post-1990s Korean films operating in the global market as an important (but perhaps since 2000 not the most influential wing of the hallyu (“Korean Wave” trend, Hughes deals primarily with early postwar literature and visual arts (including cinema from 1945 to roughly the early 1970s. Both authors are concerned with the history and contemporaneity of Korean identity and with the manners in which this localized identity is constituted, specifically in relation to colonial modernity, global late capitalism, and ethnocentric nationalism. They also address the problematic status of cinema in the context of Korean culture and history, sometimes developing arguments in unexpected directions.

  2. Climatic and physiological effects on leaf and tree-ring stable isotopes in California redwoods (United States)

    Ambrose, A. R.; Baxter, W.; Wong, C.; Dawson, T. E.; Carroll, A.; Voelker, S.


    Variation in the stable isotope composition of organic matter can provide important information about environmental change and biological responses to it. We analyzed the stable carbon (d13C) and oxygen (d18O) isotope ratios of leaves and of the cellulose from individual tree-rings of California's two redwood species to examine how these trees have responded to environmental variation and change in both time and space. Analyses of leaf d13C for both coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) and giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) from throughout their geographical ranges show a marked gradient with tree height for trees of all sizes and ages but no clear difference among species or populations. The gradient is best explained by tree response to changes in both microenvironment and physiology that are known to change with height. In contrast, leaf d18O for both species showed no clear relationship with height but very clear differences between species and populations with giant sequoia displaying a much stronger inferred leaf-level response to the higher evaporative conditions present in the Sierra Nevada mountains as compared to the coast. Both species showed population-level differences with the driest and warmest sites most distinct from all of the others. Intra-annual analyses of d13C and d18O in tree-rings over a 21-year period (1974-1994) were also used to explore how climate and tree response to climate was recorded for both species. These analyses revealed unique (local) climatic effects and response to the climate for each species and population of both redwood species. Most pronounced was a significant increase in intrinsic Water Use Efficiency (iWUE) derived from d13C data over the study period in both species, and a distinct d18O response in relation to drought (e.g. 1976/1977) and to warmer days and nights and above-average precipitation (e.g., 1982-1985). Patterns of co-variation in d13C and d18O in both species suggest that during dry and also warm

  3. Incrimination of Phlebotomus kandelakii and Phlebotomus balcanicus as vectors of Leishmania infantum in Tbilisi, Georgia.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ekaterina Giorgobiani

    Full Text Available A survey of potential vector sand flies was conducted in the neighboring suburban communities of Vake and Mtatsminda districts in an active focus of visceral Leishmaniasis (VL in Tbilisi, Georgia. Using light and sticky-paper traps, 1,266 male and 1,179 female sand flies were collected during 2006-2008. Five Phlebotomus species of three subgenera were collected: Phlebotomus balcanicus Theodor and Phlebotomus halepensis Theodor of the subgenus Adlerius; Phlebotomus kandelakii Shchurenkova and Phlebotomus wenyoni Adler and Theodor of the subgenus Larroussius; Phlebotomus sergenti Perfil'ev of the subgenus Paraphlebotomus. Phlebotomus sergenti (35.1% predominated in Vake, followed by P. kandelakii (33.5%, P. balcanicus (18.9%, P. halepensis (12.2%, and P. wenyoni (0.3%. In Mtatsminda, P. kandelakii (76.8% comprised over three fourths of collected sand flies, followed by P. sergenti (12.6%, P. balcanicus (5.8%, P. halepensis (3.7%, and P. wenyoni (1.1%. The sand fly season in Georgia is exceptionally short beginning in early June, peaking in July and August, then declining to zero in early September. Of 659 female sand flies examined for Leishmania, 12 (1.8% specimens without traces of blood were infected including 10 of 535 P. kandelakii (1.9% and two of 40 P. balcanicus (5.0%. Six isolates were successfully cultured and characterized as Leishmania by PCR. Three isolates from P. kandelakii (2 and P. balcanicus (1 were further identified as L. infantum using sequence alignment of the 70 kDa heat-shock protein gene. Importantly, the sand fly isolates showed a high percent identity (99.8%-99.9% to human and dog isolates from the same focus, incriminating the two sand fly species as vectors. Blood meal analysis showed that P. kandelakii preferentially feeds on dogs (76% but also feeds on humans. The abundance, infection rate and feeding behavior of P. kandelakii and the infection rate in P. balcanicus establish these species as vectors in the Tbilisi

  4. Contribuições de Axel Honneth aos debates da teoria crítica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brena Costa Lerbach


    Full Text Available Este artigo pretende apresentar alguns dos debates e propostas teóricas que caracterizam a tradição sociológica conhecida como Teoria Crítica. Para tanto, aborda o pensamento de Max Horkheimer e de Theodor Adorno, ambos ligados à sua origem; as críticas e proposições realizadas por Jürgen Habermas; e, em seguida, as elaboradas por seu sucessor, Axel Honneth. Por fim, traremos as formulações deste último autor no livro “Luta por reconhecimento: a gramática moral dos conflitos sociais”, o qual aborda elementos importantes para a compreensão dos movimentos sociais no século XXI. E, como buscaremos argumentar, mantém vivos, de maneira atualizada, os propósitos presentes na origem da Teoria Crítica.   Abstract: This article aims to present some of the debates and theoretical proposals that characterize the sociological tradition known as Critical Theory. Therefore, it approaches Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno’s thought, both related to its origin; the critics and propositions made by Jürgen Habermas; and, subsequently, those elaborated by his successor, Axel Honneth. Finally, we are going to handle on this last author’s formulations in the book “The struggle for recognition: the moral grammar of social conflicts”, which approaches important elements for social movements’ comprehension in the XXI century. And, as we’ll try to argue, they keep alive, in an upgraded way, the purposes from Critical Theory’s origin. Resumen: Este artículo presenta algunos de los debates y posiciones teóricas que caracterizan la tradición sociológica conocida como Teoría Crítica. Por lo tanto, explora el pensamiento de Max Horkheimer y Theodor Adorno, ambos vinculados a su origen; las críticas y las propuestas realizadas por Jürgen Habermas; y, después,  las elaboradas por su sucesor, Axel Honneth. Por último, traeremos las formulaciones de este último autor en el libro “La lucha por el reconocimiento: la gram

  5. Incrimination of Phlebotomus kandelakii and Phlebotomus balcanicus as vectors of Leishmania infantum in Tbilisi, Georgia. (United States)

    Giorgobiani, Ekaterina; Lawyer, Phillip G; Babuadze, Giorgi; Dolidze, Nato; Jochim, Ryan C; Tskhvaradze, Lamzira; Kikaleishvili, Konstantin; Kamhawi, Shaden


    A survey of potential vector sand flies was conducted in the neighboring suburban communities of Vake and Mtatsminda districts in an active focus of visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Using light and sticky-paper traps, 1,266 male and 1,179 female sand flies were collected during 2006-2008. Five Phlebotomus species of three subgenera were collected: Phlebotomus balcanicus Theodor and Phlebotomus halepensis Theodor of the subgenus Adlerius; Phlebotomus kandelakii Shchurenkova and Phlebotomus wenyoni Adler and Theodor of the subgenus Larroussius; Phlebotomus sergenti Perfil'ev of the subgenus Paraphlebotomus. Phlebotomus sergenti (35.1%) predominated in Vake, followed by P. kandelakii (33.5%), P. balcanicus (18.9%), P. halepensis (12.2%), and P. wenyoni (0.3%). In Mtatsminda, P. kandelakii (76.8%) comprised over three fourths of collected sand flies, followed by P. sergenti (12.6%), P. balcanicus (5.8%), P. halepensis (3.7%), and P. wenyoni (1.1%). The sand fly season in Georgia is exceptionally short beginning in early June, peaking in July and August, then declining to zero in early September. Of 659 female sand flies examined for Leishmania, 12 (1.8%) specimens without traces of blood were infected including 10 of 535 P. kandelakii (1.9%) and two of 40 P. balcanicus (5.0%). Six isolates were successfully cultured and characterized as Leishmania by PCR. Three isolates from P. kandelakii (2) and P. balcanicus (1) were further identified as L. infantum using sequence alignment of the 70 kDa heat-shock protein gene. Importantly, the sand fly isolates showed a high percent identity (99.8%-99.9%) to human and dog isolates from the same focus, incriminating the two sand fly species as vectors. Blood meal analysis showed that P. kandelakii preferentially feeds on dogs (76%) but also feeds on humans. The abundance, infection rate and feeding behavior of P. kandelakii and the infection rate in P. balcanicus establish these species as vectors in the Tbilisi VL

  6. On the occurrence of nuclei in mature sieve elements. (United States)

    Event, R F; Davis, J D; Tucker, C M; Alfieri, F J


    The secondary phloem of 3 species of the Taxodiaceae and 13 species of woody dicotyledons was examined for the occurrence of nuclei in mature sieve elements. Nuclei were found in all mature sieve cells of Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Sequoia sempervirens and Taxodium distichum, and in some mature sieve-tube members in 12 of the 13 species of woody dicotyledons. Except for nuclei of sieve cells undergoing cessation of function, the nuclei in mature sieve cells of M. glyptostroboides, S. sempervirens and T. distichum were normal in appearance. The occurrence and morphology of nuclei in mature sieve-tube members of the woody dicotyledons were quite variable. Only 3 species, Robinia pseudoacacia, Ulmus americana and Vitis riparia, contained some mature sieve elements with apparently normal nuclei.

  7. Paleoenvironmental implications from biomarker and stable isotope investigations on the Pliocene Velenje lignite seam (Slovenia)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bechtel, A.; Sachsenhofer, R.F.; Markic, M.; Gratzer, R.; Lucke, A.; Puttmann, W. [Montan University of Leoben, Leoben (Austria)


    A Pliocene lignite seam up to 160 m thick occurs in the Velenje basin (Slovenia). The seam originated in a topogenous mire and evolved within a non-marine, transgressive setting. Differences in soluble organic matter yield and hydrocarbon content of borehole samples from the lignite are related to differences in the composition of free lipids of microbial origin and/or hydrocarbons derived from the biogeochemical degradation of plant tissue. Variations of the redox conditions within the mire are reflected by pristane/phytane ratios. The abundance of terpenoid biomarkers indicates the predominance of gymnosperms over angiosperms, which is consistent with palynomorphic spectra dominated by pollen of the Sequoia-Taxodium-Metasequoia plant community rather than by angiosperms. Evidence is also provided that the content of land plant derived biomarkers and the preservation of plant tissue is controlled by the input of resin-rich, decay-resistant conifers.

  8. Measurement of proton momentum distributions using a direct geometry instrument

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Senesi, R; Andreani, C; Kolesnikov, A I


    We report the results of inelastic neutron scattering measurements on bulk water and ice using the direct geometry SEQUOIA chopper spectrometer at the Spallation Neutron Source (USA), with incident energy E i = 6 eV. In this set up the measurements allow to access the Deep Inelastic Neutron Scattering regime. The scattering is centred at the proton recoil energy given by the impulse approximation, and the shape of the recoil peak conveys information on the proton momentum distribution in the system. The comparison with the performance of inverse geometry instruments, such as VESUVIO at the ISIS source (UK), shows that complementary information can be accessed by the use of direct and inverse geometry instruments. Analysis of the neutron Compton profiles shows that the proton kinetic energy in ice at 271 K is larger than in room temperature liquid water, in agreement with previous measurements on VESUVIO

  9. Determination of total Betta-activity and heavy metals in biomonitor species (phytomonitors) from the area of ITR-Sofia

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Dimitrov, S.; Yovchev, M.; Geleva, E.


    For the purposes of environmental assessment of the area around the Research reactor in Sofia, species from monitored control points, selected in a certain way (habitat, population, air and hydrogeological parameters) are examined. Samples from following phytomonitored species: Betula pendula (silver birch) popullus canadensis (Canadian populus), Quercus sp. (Oak), Dactilus glomerata (Cock's-foot), Abies alba (Silver Fir) and Sequoia sempervirens (Coast Redwood) were analyzed. The total beta activity was determined by radiometric analysis and heavy metals content was measured using X-ray fluorescence analysis. The results are discussed in terms of radiation monitoring program of INRNE (gamma-background, aerosols, surface and groundwater, soil, plants) and obtained values are compared with reference points in the country

  10. Passive Sampler for Measurements of Atmospheric Nitric Acid Vapor (HNO3 Concentrations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrzej Bytnerowicz


    Full Text Available Nitric acid (HNO3 vapor is an important nitrogenous air pollutant responsible for increasing saturation of forests with nitrogen and direct injury to plants. The USDA Forest Service and University of California researchers have developed a simple and inexpensive passive sampler for monitoring air concentrations of HNO3. Nitric acid is selectively absorbed on 47-mm Nylasorb nylon filters with no interference from particulate NO3-. Concentrations determined with the passive samplers closely corresponded with those measured with the co-located honeycomb annular denuder systems. The PVC protective caps of standardized dimensions protect nylon filters from rain and wind and allow for reliable measurements of ambient HNO3 concentrations. The described samplers have been successfully used in Sequoia National Park, the San Bernardino Mountains, and on Mammoth Mountain in California.

  11. Pliocene taxodiaceous fossil wood from southwestern Ukraine and its palaeoenvironmental implications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yi Tiemei


    Full Text Available Mineralized wood collected from Late Pliocene strata near Gorbki village in the Transcarpathian region of Beregovo Kholmogor'e in southwestern Ukraine was anatomically studied and identified. The wood possesses distinctive anatomical features and has distinct growth rings with an abrupt transition from early- to late-wood. Wood consists of tracheids with 1–3 seriate, dominating bi-seriate, opposite pits on the radial walls and taxodioid cross-field pitting, indentures present. Rays are uni-seriate and 1 to 73 cells high. Ray parenchyma horizontal walls thin and smooth. Axial parenchyma distributed in early- and late-wood and is solitary and diffuse, with end walls nearly smooth or slightly nodular. The combination of features observed in the wood indicates it belongs to the conifer family Taxodiaceae and is most similar to modern Sequoia and assigned to the fossil genus Sequoioxylon. Comparison with species of Sequoioxylon show it is most similar to Sequoioxylon burejense, but ray tracheids were not found in our specimens. We describe the specimens here as Sequoioxylon cf. s. burejense noting this similarity. Extant Sequoia is distributed in the northern California coastal forest eco-region of northern California and southern Oregon in the United States where they usually grow in a unique environment with heavy seasonal precipitation (2500 mm annually, cool coastal air and fog drip. This study supplies magafossil evidence of Sequoioxylon as an element of the Late Pliocene forest community in Ukraine and indicates a climate with heavy seasonal precipitation and fog drip.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. P. Jhan


    Full Text Available The multi-lens multispectral cameras (MSCs, such as Micasense Rededge and Parrot Sequoia, can record multispectral information by each separated lenses. With their lightweight and small size, which making they are more suitable for mounting on an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS to collect high spatial images for vegetation investigation. However, due to the multi-sensor geometry of multi-lens structure induces significant band misregistration effects in original image, performing band co-registration is necessary in order to obtain accurate spectral information. A robust and adaptive band-to-band image transform (RABBIT is proposed to perform band co-registration of multi-lens MSCs. First is to obtain the camera rig information from camera system calibration, and utilizes the calibrated results for performing image transformation and lens distortion correction. Since the calibration uncertainty leads to different amount of systematic errors, the last step is to optimize the results in order to acquire a better co-registration accuracy. Due to the potential issues of parallax that will cause significant band misregistration effects when images are closer to the targets, four datasets thus acquired from Rededge and Sequoia were applied to evaluate the performance of RABBIT, including aerial and close-range imagery. From the results of aerial images, it shows that RABBIT can achieve sub-pixel accuracy level that is suitable for the band co-registration purpose of any multi-lens MSC. In addition, the results of close-range images also has same performance, if we focus on the band co-registration on specific target for 3D modelling, or when the target has equal distance to the camera.

  13. Educação Musical em Adorno: um grito fetichizado do inconsciente

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alan Barcelos Ribeiro


    Full Text Available O presente artigo tem por objetivo demonstrar o caráter fetichizante da música a partir de sua apropriação pelo sistema capitalista, conforme evidenciado pelo filósofo alemão Theodor W. Adorno. Considerações relevantes para compor o âmbito de argumentações em torno da educação musical em que a música é considerada uma fonte de conhecimento capaz de contribuir para a formação do tão almejado homem emancipado. Nesta perspectiva, a educação musical não pode ser pensada e nem desenvolvida a partir do conhecimento vulgar, ao contrário, deve ser pensada a partir de sua relevância social, política e subsidiar o processo de formação do homem crítico e reflexivo. Esta é a proposta impulsionada por Adorno no texto O fetichismo na música e a regressão da audição, que por hora subsidia o palco de reflexões deste artigo. Palavras-chave: Educação Musical. Fetichismo. Adorno. Music Education in Theodor Adorno: a fetish cry of the unconscious ABSTRACT The present article aims to demonstrate the fetishizing character of music from its appropriation by the capitalist system, as evidenced by the German philosopher Theodor W. Adorno. Relevant considerations to compose the scope of arguments about music education in which music is considered a source of knowledge capable of contributing to the formation of the longed for emancipated man. In this perspective, musical education cannot be thought and not even developed from vulgar knowledge, rather, it must be thought from its social, political relevance and subsidize the process of formation of the critical and reflective man. This is the proposal propelled by Adorno in the text Fetishism in music and the regression of hearing, which per hour subsidizes the stage of reflections of this article. Keywords: Music Education. Fetishism.Adorno. Educación Musical en Adorno: un grito fetichizado del inconsciente RESUMEN El presente artículo tiene por objetivo demostrar el car

  14. The listener of the chthonic god sand the barroom player: Adorno’s experience of Schubert

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeremić-Molnar Dragana


    Full Text Available In this article the author is reconstructing the complex picture of Franz Schubert created by Theodor Adorno in his numerous references to the Viennese composer, but mostly in his 1928 article “Schubert”. In the late 1920s Adorno experienced Schubert as the tragic composer whose music dwells in the realm of chthonic gods, but nevertheless reveals the joy of “traveling folk, jugglers and tricksters”. It remained, however, unclear how this joy could survive in the hellish landscapes of Schubert’s chthonic music. Later, Adorno recognized Schubert, due to his “habitus”, as the barroom player as well, never mentioning “traveling folk, jugglers and tricksters” any more. This two images of Schubert - Schubert as the Listener of the Chthonic Gods and Schubert as the Barroom Player - proved to be an interesting pair, worth of further theoretical elaboration, which Adorno unfortunately never bothered to undertake.

  15. 'Material' in Adorno's sociology of music

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeremić-Molnar Dragana


    Full Text Available In the article the authors are dealing with the musical 'material' as the key concept of Theodor Adorno's sociology of music. Being a synthesis of two, ideologically opposite - Schonberg's and Marx's - legacies, Adorno's 'material' combines also quite opposite meanings. On the one side, it echoes Schonberg's theory of relationship between tone (as natural phenomena and unconscious 'instinct' (that transforms composer into some kind of the tool of nature, and whole mankind as well. On the other side, Adorno was following Karl Marx general theory of capitalism (all cultural phenomena are determined by the material production, with one crucial innovation. Adorno's 'material' was reflecting the lack of virtual communist revolution, instead of its preparation (in the bosom of totalitarian capitalism. As the result of Adorno's 'negative dialectics' in the field of music, it was carrying the message of the suppressed apocalypse. .

  16. Adolf Hitler's medical care. (United States)

    Doyle, D


    For the last nine years of his life Adolf Hitler, a lifelong hypochondriac had as his physician Dr Theodor Morell. Hitler's mood swings, Parkinson's disease, gastro-intestinal symptoms, skin problems and steady decline until his suicide in 1945 are documented by reliable observers and historians, and in Morell's diaries. The bizarre and unorthodox medications given to Hitler, often for undisclosed reasons, include topical cocaine, injected amphetamines, glucose, testosterone, estradiol, and corticosteroids. In addition, he was given a preparation made from a gun cleaner, a compound of strychnine and atropine, an extract of seminal vesicles, and numerous vitamins and 'tonics'. It seems possible that some of Hitler's behaviour, illnesses and suffering can be attributed to his medical care. Whether he blindly accepted such unorthodox medications or demanded them is unclear.

  17. Unabomber: “Sanayi Toplumu ve Geleceği”


    URAL, Mustafa Nuri; TÜRKAL, İhsan


    Ancak çok az şey toplumu Sanayi Devriminin değiştirdiği kadar köklü ve derinden değiştirmiştir. Hiç kimse isteyerek modern hayatın nimetlerinden vazgeçmeye gönüllü gözükmüyor. Ama giderek artan problemler birçok düşünce insanı tarafından yüksek sesle dile getiriliyor. Theodore John Kaczynski kitabında modern toplumun sorunlarını, teknolojinin bu bağlamdaki etkisini, çözümleri ve devrimin önündeki tehlikeleri analitik bir biçimde inceliyor. Gerek yöntemiyle gerek oluşum süreciyle ve içeriğiyle...

  18. Paintings beyond the Boundaries of the Canon: Bulgarian Churches and Monasteries XVII - XIX Century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Sabev


    Full Text Available Traditions in the decoration of Christian temples on the Balkans are largely related to strictly established rules, deriving from Byzantium and developed in the theological ranges in the empire. The holy fathers like John of Damascus and Theodore the Studite announced themselves in defense of veneration of the icons (overcoming the crisis of persecution, something more – their theological insights and logically consistent studies give the possibility to artists to express their feelings and conceptions but taking into consideration the ecclesiastical rules – canons. The article explores process of breaking the boundaries of canon set by Church Fathers as a result of unpreparedness, ignorance and total aesthetic decline after Ottoman invasion. It is appeared various levels of naive art and breaking of the canon established by the Orthodox Church. Many examples passing beyond the boundaries of ecclesiastical rules are presented.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gardini, Michele


    Full Text Available The system of classical psychoanalysis, as built by Freud, grants almost no space to the phenomenon of sound and music. Indeed, many aspects of music, though not all, appear incompatible with his conception of the unconscious. Only slowly and painfully, through the reflection and the analytical and aesthetic categories worked out by figures such as Melanie Klein, Donald Winnicott, Daniel Stern, Didier Anzieu and Michel Imberty, music has finally found its rightful place in the vast map of psychoanalytic science. Many metapsychological categories first elaborated by Freud appear now, retrospectively, as limited on the one hand to the iconic and linguistic dimension, on the other to specifically pathological situations and finally, from the musical point of view, to the "new music", testimony of the world in “era of the technique” and subject of the masterly analysis by Theodor Adorno.

  20. Fin de partida de Samuel Beckett: La soberanía del lenguaje y el juego metateatral

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carolina Brncic


    Full Text Available El artículo analiza Fin de partida de Samuel Beckett como obra metateatral. Para abordar el problema del género se examinan cuatro enfoques críticos relevantes: la teoría de Martin Esslin sobre el Teatro del Absurdo, la interpretación de Theodor Adorno como drama de la descomposición, la lectura de Christoph Menke como una tragedia de la representación y la propuesta de Lionel Abel sobre el metateatro. A partir de la definición señalada por Abel, se analiza la obra atendiendo a dos dimensiones paradigmáticas: la noción de juego representacional como drama autorreflexivo y la soberanía del lenguaje como soporte dramático.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lisbeth P. Wærp


    Full Text Available This article examines Gunnar Sommerfeldt’s 1921 silent movie adaptation of Knut Hamsun’s Nobel Prize novel Markens Grøde [Growth of the Soil] (1917. The article argues that what characterizes this very first Hamsun film adaptation is its emphasis on the dramatic and the spectacular and its foregrounding of northern Norwegian nature. Inspired by Martin Lefebvre’s distinction in Landscape and Film (2006 between nature-as-setting and nature-as-landscape, this article argues that the film not only uses nature as its main setting, but that it also makes use of a series of autonomous landscapes with a fairy tale dimension. Several of its visual compositions of persons and landscapes seem to be inspired by Norwegian nature and fairy tale painter Theodor Kittelsen’s work, e.g. Soria Moria Slott, Nøkken, Pesta and Norge, Norge.

  2. Gordon Rohlehr and the Culture Industry in Trinidad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raymond Ramcharitar


    Full Text Available The terms "culture" and "cultural studies" in Trinidad and Tobago have been narrowly defined to mean Carnival and various other phenomena connected to the nationalist project. There has been little acknowledgement of cyber culture, alternative sexualities, consumerism, media, and in general the "Culture Industry", as theorised by Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer. One critic, Gordon Rohlehr, has over decades presented a body of work ostensibly focused on Carnival, but which also contains a cogent critique and outline of the Trinidad and Tobago Culture Industry (as contemplated by Adorno. A close reading of Rohlehr's work, and his intellectual antecedents, reveal a compelling critique of the Trinidadian/West Indian notion and practice of culture and cultural studies, and suggests areas for the discipline's expansion to better serve the needs of the region.

  3. Marx and Freud in Erich Fromm reading: some notes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Henrique Bisetto


    Full Text Available The theoretical apparatus used by Erich Fromm on his analysis of contemporary society is based on two main sources: Marx and Freud. The approach of these different chains of thought also happened with the critical theorists of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Frankfurt, as Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno and Herbert Marcuse. Erich Fromm was member of the Institute, where he contributed decisively to the convergence of psychoanalysis and Marxism in the early years of this institution. Afterwards, he breaks his ties with the Institute and develops an original analysis of contemporary society, with the main theoretical framework being a singular way of reading the works of Marx and Freud.

  4. Soñar con el futuro. Proyectos inmigratorios para la Patagonia argentina en Teodoro Alemann y Roberto J. Payró

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jennifer M. Valko


    Taking into account recent studies on journalistic travel and Argentine nation building, this article examines the profile of a type of reporter that has been studied to a lesser degree, the immigrant journalist. It analyzes two travel chronicles about Patagonia published in Buenos Aires in 1898: Ein Ausflug nach dem Chubut-Territorium [An Excursion to the Chubut Territory] by Swiss journalist Theodor Alemann, published in the German-language newspaper Argentinisches Tageblatt [Argentine Daily], and La australia argentina, by Roberto J. Payró which appeared in La Nación. In both chronicles the narration of the trip to Patagonia is interrupted at a key moment by the telling of a dream regarding the future of the region. This essay demonstrates that these oneiric digressions reveal political and economic interests contrary to the official Argentine plans for the development of the region, the role of immigrants and their relationship with European powers.

  5. Some Remarks on my Composition Technique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Knittel Krzysztof


    Full Text Available Krzysztof Knittel’s text about his own composition techniques, also looking at such topics as: the influence of painting on his music (e.g. the works of Piet Mondrian and Paul Klee; truth in the musical work; the application of recycling ad re-use techniques to the form of the musical work; methods of constructing the sound of the composition; links between music and historical events; rollage - a technique borrowed from the painter Jiří Kolář for the needs of St. Matthew Passion; sound installations created by Knittel with sounds of nature and civilisation; Theodor Lipps’ theory of empathy (Einfuhlung, as well as intuitive and improvised music.

  6. Acerca de la contratransferencia: ¿obstáculo o instrumento?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jozef Corveleyn


    Full Text Available El artículo discute las distintas perspectivas que dentro del mismo psicoanálisis existen sobre el estatuto de la contratransferencia en el proceso terapéutico. Mientras que para unos (la tendencia clásica ésta debe ser radicalmente reprimida para salvaguardar el ideal de una neutralidad aséptica, para otros (la tendencia humanista ésta puede ser incorporada para consolidar los aspectos externos y reales de la alianza terapéutica. Junto con la postura clásica de Theodor Reik y la más moderna de Harold Searles, el autor plantea que los sentimientos y reacciones contratransferenciales pueden ser usados como un instrumento legítimo que oriente tanto la relación con el paciente como la labor interpretativa.

  7. Classics in psychiatry and the law: Francis Wharton on involuntary confessions. (United States)

    Weiss, Kenneth J


    Philadelphia attorney Francis Wharton was a key intellectual figure in linking the sciences of medicine and law. In 1860, he published a monograph on involuntary confessions, which represented the closing chapter of Wharton and Stillé's Treatise on Medical Jurisprudence. He had already published A Monograph on Mental Unsoundness in 1855, the first book of the Treatise in its first edition. Wharton was convinced that many criminals had an inner compulsion to confess or to be caught, explained as divine jurisprudence. His remarks on confessions include a typology spanning psychodynamics to police tactics, using contemporaneous, historical, and literary examples. This remarkable document provides insight into the dynamics of unintended and involuntary confessions and is compatible, in part, with current scholarship. The author contrasts Wharton's schema with those of his English predecessor Jeremy Bentham, the psychoanalyst Theodore Reik, and others, and concludes that it represents an important transition toward a psychological approach to the criminology of confessions.

  8. Impact of contributions of Glenn T. Seaborg on nuclear science

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hoffman, Darleane C.


    Glenn Theodore Seaborg (1912-199) was a world-renowned nuclear chemist, a Nobel Laureate in chemistry in 1951, co-discoverer of plutonium and nine other transuranium elements, Chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission from 1961-71, scientific advisor to ten U.S. presidents, active in national and international professional societies, an advocate for nuclear power as well as for a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty, a prolific writer, an avid hiker, environmentalist, and sports enthusiast. He was known and esteemed not only by chemists and other scientists throughout the world, but also by lay people, politicians, statesmen, and students of all ages. This memorial includes a brief glimpse of Glenn Seaborg's early life and education, describes some of his major contributions to nuclear science over his long and fruitful career, and highlights the profound impact of his contributions on nuclear science, both in the U.S. and in the international community

  9. Wilson Prize article: From vacuum tubes to lasers and back again1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John M. J. Madey


    Full Text Available The first demonstration of an optical-wavelength laser by Theodore Maiman in 1960 had a transformational impact on the paths that would be blazed to advance the state of the art of short wavelength coherent electron beam-based radiation sources. Free electron lasers (FELs emerged from these efforts as the electron beam-based realization of the pioneering model of atom-based “optical masers” by Schawlow and Townes, but with far greater potential for tunable operation at high power and very short wavelengths. Further opportunities for yet greater capabilities may be inherent in our still growing understanding of the underlying physics. This article focuses on the FEL efforts in which the author was directly and personally involved.

  10. Annihilation cross section of Kaluza Klien dark matter

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sharma, Rakesh, E-mail: [Northern India Textile Research Association Technical Campus Ghaziabad U.P. 201002 (India); Upadhyaya, G. K., E-mail:; Sharma, S. [School of Studies in Physics, Vikram University Ujjain, M.P. 456010 India (India)


    The question as to how this universe came into being and as to how it has evolved to its present stage, is an old question. The answer to this question unfolds many secrets regarding fundamental particles and forces between them. Theodor Kaluza proposed the concept that the universe is composed of more than four space-time dimensions. In his work, electromagnetism is united with gravity. Various extra dimension formulations have been proposed to solve a variety of problems. Recently, the idea of more than four space time dimensions is applied to the search for particle identity of dark matter (DM). Signature of dark matter can be revealed by analysis of very high energy electrons which are coming from outer space. We investigate recent advancement in the field of dark matter search with reference to very high energy electrons from outer space [1-8].

  11. Inventing Problems for Technical Solutions – The Co-production of Universities, Skills and Engineering Challenges

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Juhl, Joakim; Buch, Anders

    institution building where business and management competencies are incorporated to engineering curricula. By comparing experiences from early career alumni from educations that are results of moving engineering institutions into business, we analyze the consequences imposed by changing disciplinary...... of innovation. In the recent two decades, universities and other engineering institutions that are typically identified with technology development have expanded their research and teaching activities towards the business end of innovation. Purpose This paper investigates the new emergent trend in academic...... demarcations within academic and professional engineering knowledges. Theoretical and methodological framework The paper draws upon theoretical frameworks from Practice Theory (e.g. as developed by Theodore Schatzki, Stephen Kemmis et al.), and co-production and sociotechnical imaginaries from Science...

  12. Criticism of cinema from the concept of Cultural Industry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angélica Antonechen Colombo


    Full Text Available This article aims to discuss the film as a work of art, but also as a cultural and appropriate merchandise for Cultural Industry, and its role as an essential factor of aesthetic, perceptual and cognitive changes, based on the theories of Theodor Adorno. The methodology considers the position of this philosopher in relation to cinema, from its advent, analyzing its characteristics, its elements, the effects of the spectators, the role of industry in the evolution of cinema and its relation to the ideology of the culture industry, the changes that the cinema brought to the theories of art and society. It also states that the article is the product of an ongoing research, so your introductory content.

  13. A review of Heinrich Obersteiner's 1888 textbook on the central nervous system by the neurologist Sigmund Freud. (United States)

    Hatzigiannakoglou, Paul D; Triarhou, Lazaros C


    In 1888, the Austrian neuroanatomist Heinrich Obersteiner, founder of Vienna's Neurological Institute, published his "Introduction to the Study of the Structure of the Central Nervous Organs in Health and Disease", a fundamental textbook in which he summarised the state-of-the-art knowledge available then on the normal and pathological anatomy of the human nervous system, incorporating many of his original research findings. The book became "the Bible for generations of budding neurologists" worldwide and was crucial for the eventual development of neurology as an independent medical discipline. In his early career as a neuroanatomist, Sigmund Freud wrote a review of Obersteiner's book for the Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift. That review was not included in the "Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works". The present article provides an English translation of Freud's review and further discusses its historical context, especially regarding the influence of Theodor Meynert on his two illustrious students, Freud and Obersteiner.

  14. [1400 hours of analysis with Freud: Viktor von Dirsztay. A biographical sketch]. (United States)

    May, Ulrike


    On the basis of mostly unpublished sources, the author reconstructs the life of the Hungarian writer Viktor von Dirsztay (1884?-1935) who was personally acquainted with many expressionist artists and writers, e. g. with Karl Kraus, Oskar Kokoschka, Herwarth Walden, Walter Hasenclever, Hermann Broch and Arthur Schnitzler. This association puts Freud into closer proximity with the cultural avantgarde of his times than previously realized. Between 1910 and 1920 Dirsztay underwent several phases of analysis with Freud; then he was treated by Theodor Reik. The overall length of his analysis with Freud is almost unparalleled. The article discusses whether and in which way Dirsztay's writings might have been influenced by his analyses and how Freud and Reik might have drawn upon their experiences with this patient. It is argued that likely references can be discovered in both authors' theories of masochism. There is an intriguing late remark of Dirsztay's that he was "ruined by analysis".

  15. Capital Humano e Desenvolvimento Econômico no Rio Grande do Sul: Uma Abordagem Multivariada

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nilson Luiz Costa


    Full Text Available This article proposes an analysis from the theories linking human capital to economic development process. The method used consists of multivariate statistical techniques, particularly the Exploratory Factor Analysis and Conglomerates Analysis. Statistics were selected from 496 municipalities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil according to their capacity to represents the dynamics of income concentration, quality of education and health, poverty, education and formal work. Among the results, there is a positive and direct association between levels of formal education and economic development, which validates the theoretical contributions of Theodore William Schultz and other authors that stem from their lineage. The results point to the importance of breaking the current paradigms and think education policy beyond the rhetoric of official speeches and overcome the current challenges.

  16. Necrotizing pancreatitis: challenges and solutions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bendersky VA


    Full Text Available Victoria A Bendersky,1 Mohan K Mallipeddi,2 Alexander Perez,2 Theodore N Pappas,2 1School of Medicine, 2Department of Surgery, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA Abstract: Acute pancreatitis is a common disease that can progress to gland necrosis, which imposes significant risk of morbidity and mortality. In general, the treatment for pancreatitis is a supportive therapy. However, there are several reasons to escalate to surgery or another intervention. This review discusses the pathophysiology as well as medical and interventional management of necrotizing pancreatitis. Current evidence suggests that patients are best served by delaying interventions for at least 4 weeks, draining as a first resort, and debriding recalcitrant tissue using minimally invasive techniques to promote or enhance postoperative recovery while reducing wound-related complications. Keywords: necrotizing pancreatitis, pancreatic necrosectomy, VARD, pancreatic debridement, pancreatic collections

  17. Aesthetic logic of Communicative Rationality in Habermas’s Thoughts and Its Relation with Kant's Critique of the Power of Judgment and Adorno's Modern Art

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdolmajeed Moballeghi


    Full Text Available This paper aims to provide an aesthetic foundation for Jürgen Habermas’s theory of “Communicative Rationality.” It argues that Immanuel Kant's Critique of the Power of Judgment and his unique understanding of aesthetics is efficiently useful to illustrating the logic by which Habermas’s innovative theory of communicative rationality. In addition, it investigates the claimed relation between Theodor Adorno’s explanation of independent modern art and the Habermas’s solutions for getting over the unwelcomed self-alienation process within the contemporary society. Finally, it suggests that Adorno’s attention to the independent art, unlike the Kant’s explanation of aesthetics, is not helpful in shedding light on hidden aesthetic aspects of “communicative rationality.”

  18. A Critique of Health System Performance Measurement. (United States)

    Lynch, Thomas


    Health system performance measurement is a ubiquitous phenomenon. Many authors have identified multiple methodological and substantive problems with performance measurement practices. Despite the validity of these criticisms and their cross-national character, the practice of health system performance measurement persists. Theodore Marmor suggests that performance measurement invokes an "incantatory response" wrapped within "linguistic muddle." In this article, I expand upon Marmor's insights using Pierre Bourdieu's theoretical framework to suggest that, far from an aberration, the "linguistic muddle" identified by Marmor is an indicator of a broad struggle about the representation and classification of public health services as a public good. I present a case study of performance measurement from Alberta, Canada, examining how this representational struggle occurs and what the stakes are. © The Author(s) 2015.

  19. Capital Humano e Desenvolvimento Econômico no Rio Grande do Sul. Uma Abordagem Multivariada

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nilson Luiz Costa


    Full Text Available This article proposes an analysis from the theories linking human capital to economic development process. The method used consists of multivariate statistical techniques, particularly the Exploratory Factor Analysis and Conglomerates Analysis. Statistics were selected from 496 municipalities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil according to their capacity to represents the dynamics of income concentration, quality of education and health, poverty, education and formal work. Among the results, there is a positive and direct association between levels of formal education and economic develop- ment, which validates the theoretical contributions of Theodore William Schultz and other authors that stem from their lineage. The results point to the importance of breaking the current paradigms and think education policy beyond the rhetoric of official speeches and overcome the current challenges.

  20. The film adaptation of an american tragedy and Othello in match point

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Paula Bianconcini Anjos


    Full Text Available The aim of the present article is to recover the history of the cinematic adaptations of the novel An American Tragedy (1925, by Theodore Dreiser, reinstating the discussions of the drowning scene. Sergei Eisenstein’s writings on the possibilities of the use of the interior monologue in films and Bertolt Brecht’s remarks on the role of the soundtrack in Dreiser’s novel adaptation offer an important entry into the analysis of the film Match Point (2005, by Woody Allen. In Match Point, the use of the soundtrack, in particular the collage with the opera Othello (1887, by Giuseppe Verdi, instigates the spectator to reflect on the narrative possibilities of film adaptation.

  1. The Beer/Bethe/Uexküll paper (1899) and misinterpretations surrounding 'vitalistic behaviorism'. (United States)

    Mildenberger, Florian


    In the history of behaviorism the paper of the three physiologists Theodor Beer, Albrecht Bethe and Jakob von Uexküll from 1899 plays an important role. Many researchers were influenced by this paper and identified it as fundamental for objective psychological research. But during the period of its adoption (1900-1925) psychologists did not notice that Beer, Bethe and Uexküll had distanced themselves from their own paper, because it had been ignored in physiological and biological discussions. Moreover, one of the three (Beer) had to resign from the scientific community because of private scandal and another one (Uexküll) changed all of his views and left the base of objective science for subjective vitalism. However, this did not change his adoption of behaviorism.

  2. The Business of Testing. (United States)

    Jolosky, Theo; Watson, Carol


    Theodore Millon was a brilliant man: erudite, thoughtful, confident, deliberate, and curious. He was an integrative thinker. It is widely known how these characteristics manifested themselves in his landmark work in the areas of personality theory, personality development, and personality assessment. What is likely less well known is that he displayed these same characteristics in and to the world of business; in particular, his relationships with those who published and distributed his assessment measures. This article traces those relationships. Various components are explored, ranging from product development to product marketing, from the protection of intellectual property to the development and execution of contracts, from deciding how and when to revise a test to ensuring that his legacy continues long into the future. Although the primary dynamic of these relationships was commercial, the reasons for their success were personal. Common goals, clarity of communication, persistence, respect, and trust allowed these relationships to develop, prosper, evolve, and endure.

  3. Les États-Unis, la propagande et la guerre : de Cuba (1898 à l’Irak (2003 The United States and War Propaganda: from the Spanish-American War in Cuba (1898 to the Invasion of Iraq (2003

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fredj Maatoug


    Full Text Available In 1897 Theodore Roosevelt wrote to a friend “I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one”. He was thinking in his deep consciousness that “the Empire” needed war. In 1898 “the splendid little war” against Spain in Cuba was the answer to this expectation. Many decades later, following the dislocation of the USSR and the end of the Cold War, the USA emerged as the only superpower. It was in this context that the September 11 attacks took place. In 2003, Washington declared war on Iraq despite the international opposition. The USA waged a tremendous PR campaign to convince public opinion of the potential threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and of the involvement of the Saddam Hussein regime in the attacks against the World Trade Center. None of these reasons proved to be true, but the war showed the strength of different political and industrial lobbies.

  4. Jung, Winnicott and the divided psyche. (United States)

    Saban, Mark


    In his review of Memories Dreams Reflections, Winnicott diagnosed Jung as suffering from a psychic split, and characterized the content and the structure of analytical psychology as primarily moulded and conditioned by Jung's own defensive quest for a 'self that he could call his own'. This pathologizing analysis continues to be endorsed by contemporary Jungian writers. In this paper I attempt to show that Winnicott's critique is fundamentally misguided because it derives from a psychoanalytic model of the psyche, a model that regards all dissociation as necessarily pathological. I argue that Jung's understanding of the psyche differs radically from this model, and further, that it conforms by and large to the kind of dissociative model that we find in the writings of Frederic Myers, William James and Theodor Flournoy. I conclude that a fruitful relationship between psychoanalysis and analytical psychology must depend upon an awareness of these important differences between the two psychic models. © 2016, The Society of Analytical Psychology.

  5. Analytical implications of using practice theory in workplace information literacy research

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Moring, Camilla Elisabeth; Lloyd, Annemaree


    Introduction: This paper considers practice theory and the analytical implications of using this theoretical approach in information literacy research. More precisely the aim of the paper is to discuss the translation of practice theoretical assumptions into strategies that frame the analytical...... focus and interest when researching workplace information literacy. Two practice theoretical perspectives are selected, one by Theodore Schatzki and one by Etienne Wenger, and their general commonalities and differences are analysed and discussed. Analysis: The two practice theories and their main ideas...... of what constitute practices, how practices frame social life and the central concepts used to explain this, are presented. Then the application of the theories within workplace information literacy research is briefly explored. Results and Conclusion: The two theoretical perspectives share some...

  6. Mathematical analysis of complex cellular activity

    CERN Document Server

    Bertram, Richard; Teka, Wondimu; Vo, Theodore; Wechselberger, Martin; Kirk, Vivien; Sneyd, James


    This book contains two review articles on mathematical physiology that deal with closely related topics but were written and can be read independently. The first article reviews the basic theory of calcium oscillations (common to almost all cell types), including spatio-temporal behaviors such as waves. The second article uses, and expands on, much of this basic theory to show how the interaction of cytosolic calcium oscillators with membrane ion channels can result in highly complex patterns of electrical spiking. Through these examples one can see clearly how multiple oscillatory processes interact within a cell, and how mathematical methods can be used to understand such interactions better. The two reviews provide excellent examples of how mathematics and physiology can learn from each other, and work jointly towards a better understanding of complex cellular processes. Review 1: Richard Bertram, Joel Tabak, Wondimu Teka, Theodore Vo, Martin Wechselberger: Geometric Singular Perturbation Analysis of Burst...

  7. Adorno and Social Physiognomics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Claus D.


    because of his esoteric writing style. However, the influence of the Habermasian reading of Adorno in the social sciences has also played a role in the stereotyped views that exist of him. One of the main tasks of the thesis has therefore been to provide an alternative reading of Adorno. It is well......In the following thesis I have sought to provide a defence of the Critical Theory of Theodor W. Adorno by providing the outlines to a reconstruction of his implicit sociological methodology, his Social Physiognomics. Adorno‟s thought has been haunted by misunderstandings since his death not least...... although this is no easy task. For this reason I end the thesis by a reconsideration of his ideas for empirical sociology and the implicit methodology that can be found in scattered remarks throughout his sociological works. This leads me to conclude that Social Physiognomics must be built...

  8. Health care politics and policy: the business of medicine: a course for physician leaders. (United States)

    Marmor, Theodore Richard


    This article is a condensed and edited version of a speech delivered to the business of medicine: A Course for Physician Leaders symposium presented by Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Medical Directors Leadership Council at Yale University in November 2012 and drawn from Politics, Health, and Health Care: Selected Essays by Theodore R. Marmor and Rudolf Klein [1]. It faithfully reflects the major argument delivered, but it does not include the typical range of citations in a journal article. The material presented here reflects more than 40 years of teaching a course variously described as Political Analysis and Management, Policy and Political Analysis, and The Politics of Policy. The aim of all of these efforts is to inform audiences about the necessity of understanding political conflict in any arena, not least of which is the complex and costly world of medical care.

  9. O debate da Teoria Crítica sobre a tecnologia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ednei de Genaro


    Full Text Available The article is divided into three parts. In the first part we commented on the central problematizations about the question of technology in authors of the first generation of Critical Theory – namely in Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer, and Herbert Marcuse. In the second, we analyze how Jürgen Habermas, in Technology and Science as ‘Ideology’, written in 1968, makes up a decisive debate about such problematizations, developing new propositions about it, which would result in a re-neutralization of technology. Lastly, in the third part, we present the contemporary position of Andrew Feenberg on the legacy of the aforementioned authors, clearing up their propositions of Critical Theory of Technology.

  10. Critical Theory in Adorno and Marcuse

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ruggero D’ALESSANDRO


    Full Text Available Critical Theory is the key-word representing all the universe of thought commonly known as „Frankfurt School”. Within it, Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno and Herbert Marcuse are not so far each other, as instead are Max Horkheimer and Marcuse – considering what I in this paper define as the conservative turn of the director of the Institut für Sozialforschung. Whereas Adorno refuses any engagement in the political and lives as an obsession the theory-praxis relation, Marcuse is closer to a certain critical Marxism and to the student movements of Sixities and Seventhies. The crucial issue of the theory-praxis relation comes back clearly in the distance between Marcuse and the other two maîtres à penser, about their judgment on the ’68 movement.

  11. O mal-estar no jornalismo: uma reflexão sobre as doenças mentais no discurso da Folha de S. Paulo a partir dos teóricos frankfurtianos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Denise Cristina Ayres Gomes


    Full Text Available O artigo analisa a representação dos transtornos psiquiátricos no jornal Folha de S. Paulo. O corpus é constituído por 29 matérias do ano de 2011. O estudo toma por base a teoria crítica e a psicanálise que fundamentam a concepção frankfurtiana do modelo psíquico do homem liberal. O artigo aborda os autores Erick Fromm (1984, Max Horkheimer (1976; 1985, Theodor Adorno (1992, enfoca os conceitos de sociedade unidimensional de Herbert Marcuse (1973, e patologia da modernidade de Jürgen Habermas (FREITAG, 1995. A análise revela a predominância das depressões, pânico e toxicomanias.

  12. Globalization VS Internationalization for Entrepreneurs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bambang Pratama


    Full Text Available In an article in the Harvard Business Review Theodore Levitt published The Globalization of Markets. Business activities across the country after it became a very interesting topic of study for both academics and practitioners. This topic has become so phenomenal because his arguments about globalization is the economic convergence with business activities without any national barriers. In contrast to the internationalization that tends to narrow and tends to do business across national borders. Central idea must answered by manager and entrepreneurs is whether your market global or international. Before answering them it requires understanding and a new paradigm on this matter. Furthermore, Thomas Friedman in his book "The world is flat" also reinforces Levitt idea and prescript a world with evolution of information and technology. This new economic eras opened new opportunity on entrepreneur point of view. There is wide open door to enter global market and more easy to accelerate company growth or new business start-up. 

  13. The Portrayal of Indonesian Image in 2007 Kompas Selected Short Stories: Social Problems, Criticisms and Hopes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Akun Akun


    Full Text Available Article aimed at exploring social problems reflected in 15 selected short stories printed in Kompas during 2007 both explicitly and implicitly. Specifically, this research is focused on the mapping of dominant social problems raised by the short stories, the social criticisms strongly voiced by the authors and the hopes of a better situation implicitly reflected in these interesting short stories. This study applies the Defamiliarization Effect promoted by Bertolt Brecht and Negative Dialectics or Negative Knowledge by Theodor Adorno, specifically in analyzing the literary works as a criticism tool. The result of the research shows that phenomena of social problems current lately in Indonesian context like identity, poverty, corruption, religious tensions, moral degradation, politics dirtiness, minority group problems, social security, natural disasters and the like are clearly seen and teased in these writings.

  14. Sobre a relação entre estética e ética em Rorty e Adorno

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Douglas Garcia Alves Júnior


    Full Text Available Este artigo propõe uma análise das relações entre ética e estética nas obras de Richard Rorty e Theodor W. Adorno. Trata-se de mostrar como os dois autores abordam as origens estéticas e afetivas da moral. A hipótese proposta é a de uma primazia do prático no projeto filosófico de ambos os autores. Um breve comentário de Inteligência artificial> (EUA, 2001, de Steven Spielberg, é esboçado, para ajudar a discernir as diferenças entre as posições filosóficas discutidas, que remetem aos conceitos de “representação do sofrimento” e de “belo” (Rorty e de “expressão do sofrimento” e de “sublime” (Adorno.

  15. O ensino de literatura contra a reclusão da palavra

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Fernanda Britto Rezende


    Full Text Available Este trabalho é uma tentativa de estabelecer conexões entre a falta de liberdade vivida por professores e alunos e a violência escolar. Mais precisamente, partindo de textos teóricos como os de Theodor Adorno (1995 e Florestan Fernandes (1966, pretende abordar algumas das dificuldades de se ensinar literatura em meio a uma civilização técnica, assim como a falta de liberdade que perpassa os vários âmbitos da instituição escolar; em especial, no que toca os textos canônicos e o próprio trabalho dos professores em sala de aula (e o compromisso ético que eles devem ter frente a isso.

  16. Oltre il frammento

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luca Di Viesto


    Full Text Available This article intends to briefly analyze the characteristics that the form of the essay assumes in György Lukács, Walter Benjamin and Theodor W. Adorno’s thought. I focused on one single point: the central function that the essay acquires within the relations between particulars and system. The results are particularly interesting since, in the face of a substantial agreement on initial diagnosis, the three autors propose very different solutions: Lukács intends the form of the essay as the only possible way to overcome the fracture between world and totality; on the contrary, Adorno intends that same form as the only form adequate to express the insurmountability of the fracture; finally, Benjamin tries to keep both sides togheter: the autonomy of the trascendent and the salvation of the immanent.

  17. Can architecture be barbaric? (United States)

    Hürol, Yonca


    The title of this article is adapted from Theodor W. Adorno's famous dictum: 'To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric.' After the catastrophic earthquake in Kocaeli, Turkey on the 17th of August 1999, in which more than 40,000 people died or were lost, Necdet Teymur, who was then the dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the Middle East Technical University, referred to Adorno in one of his 'earthquake poems' and asked: 'Is architecture possible after 17th of August?' The main objective of this article is to interpret Teymur's question in respect of its connection to Adorno's philosophy with a view to make a contribution to the politics and ethics of architecture in Turkey. Teymur's question helps in providing a new interpretation of a critical approach to architecture and architectural technology through Adorno's philosophy. The paper also presents a discussion of Adorno's dictum, which serves for a better understanding of its universality/particularity.

  18. Critique and cure: a dream of uniting psychoanalysis and philosophy. (United States)

    Webster, Jamieson


    Critical theory, whose aim was to historicize philosophy through integrating it with the social sciences, turned to psychoanalysis to find its way through an accounting of philosophy after the Second World War. Over 50 years after this initial project, the rift between philosophy and psychoanalysis has never been greater. If Jacques Lacan could be considered one of the few psychoanalysts to maintain and foster links to philosophical thought in the latter half of the 20th century, his work has sadly remained marginal in the clinical field throughout America and Europe. Both critical theory and Lacan remain skeptical of the direction taken by psychoanalysis after Freud. Reflecting on the history of these two disciplines, as well as through an examination of Theodor Adorno's posthumously published dream journal, critique and cure emerge as two dialectically intertwined themes that gain momentum in the dream of the unification of the philosophical and psychoanalytic projects.

  19. Impact of contributions of Glenn T. Seaborg on nuclear science

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hoffman, Darleane C.


    Glenn Theodore Seaborg (1912-199) was a world-renowned nuclear chemist, a Nobel Laureate in chemistry in 1951, co-discoverer of plutonium and nine other transuranium elements, Chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission from 1961-71, scientific advisor to ten U.S. presidents, active in national and international professional societies, an advocate for nuclear power as well as for a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty, a prolific writer, an avid hiker, environmentalist, and sports enthusiast. He was known and esteemed not only by chemists and other scientists throughout the world, but also by lay people, politicians, statesmen, and students of all ages. This memorial includes a brief glimpse of Glenn Seaborg's early life and education, describes some of his major contributions to nuclear science over his long and fruitful career, and highlights the profound impact of his contributions on nuclear science, both in the U.S. and in the international community.

  20. El proceso de valoración documental a la luz de los actuales debates archivísticos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorge del Castillo


    Full Text Available Currently, documentary assessment is one of the most controversial processes in archival science because of its implications from an informational, political and social point of view. Although the background of this process dates back to medieval times, it would be inaccurate to speak about some theoretical systematization before Americans Philip Brooks and Theodore Schellenberg's contributions in the 40s and 50s in the 20th century. In the light of the post custodial paradigm, the assessment of archival documents has been the object of increasing theoretical reflections, which has led to different positions. This article intends to perform an approach to archival document assessment based on custodial and post custodial paradigms. To that effect, it addresses some of the aspects which have been the subject of questioning in both cases. Afterwards, this article presents a macro assessment analysis and its fundamental characteristics.