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  1. Schmidt, Prof. Brian P

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Fellowship. Fellow Profile. Elected: 2014 Honorary. Schmidt, Prof. Brian P Nobel Laureate (Physics), FRS. Date of birth: 24 February 1967. Address: Vice Chancellor, The Australian National University, via Cotter Road, Weston Creek, ACT 2611, Australia Contact: Office: (+61-2) 6125 2510. Fax: (+61-2) 6125 0260

  2. "Meester" GFWM Schmidt (1818-1885): skepper van muurtekste en ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    "Meester" G.F.W.M. Schmidt (1818-1885): vernacular artist of mural texts and family trees G.F.W.M. Schmidt was born in The Hague, Netherlands in 1818. After serving in the army for 21 years, he was honourably discharged in 1857. In the 1870's he transferred under unknown circumstances to the district of Fraserburg ...

  3. Mathematical approach to recover EEG brain signals with artifacts by means of Gram-Schmidt transform (United States)

    Runnova, A. E.; Zhuravlev, M. O.; Koronovskiy, A. A.; Hramov, A. E.


    A novel method for removing oculomotor artifacts on electroencephalographical signals is proposed and based on the orthogonal Gram-Schmidt transform using electrooculography data. The method has shown high efficiency removal of artifacts caused by spontaneous movements of the eyeballs (about 95-97% correct remote oculomotor artifacts). This method may be recommended for multi-channel electroencephalography data processing in an automatic on-line in a variety of psycho-physiological experiments.

  4. Bernhard Schmidt - realiteet müütide vastu / Ülo Tonts

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tonts, Ülo, 1931-2016


    Raamatust Optical illusions. The life story of Bernhard Schmidt the great stellar optician of the twentieth century by Erik Schmidt. Estonian Academy Publishers 1995. B. Schmidt - eestlasest optik, kellest kirjutas J. Kross romaanis "Vastutuulelaev"

  5. The Stokes-Einstein relation at moderate Schmidt number. (United States)

    Balboa Usabiaga, Florencio; Xie, Xiaoyi; Delgado-Buscalioni, Rafael; Donev, Aleksandar


    The Stokes-Einstein relation for the self-diffusion coefficient of a spherical particle suspended in an incompressible fluid is an asymptotic result in the limit of large Schmidt number, that is, when momentum diffuses much faster than the particle. When the Schmidt number is moderate, which happens in most particle methods for hydrodynamics, deviations from the Stokes-Einstein prediction are expected. We study these corrections computationally using a recently developed minimally resolved method for coupling particles to an incompressible fluctuating fluid in both two and three dimensions. We find that for moderate Schmidt numbers the diffusion coefficient is reduced relative to the Stokes-Einstein prediction by an amount inversely proportional to the Schmidt number in both two and three dimensions. We find, however, that the Einstein formula is obeyed at all Schmidt numbers, consistent with linear response theory. The mismatch arises because thermal fluctuations affect the drag coefficient for a particle due to the nonlinear nature of the fluid-particle coupling. The numerical data are in good agreement with an approximate self-consistent theory, which can be used to estimate finite-Schmidt number corrections in a variety of methods. Our results indicate that the corrections to the Stokes-Einstein formula come primarily from the fact that the particle itself diffuses together with the momentum. Our study separates effects coming from corrections to no-slip hydrodynamics from those of finite separation of time scales, allowing for a better understanding of widely observed deviations from the Stokes-Einstein prediction in particle methods such as molecular dynamics.

  6. Picea glehnii (F. Schmidt) Mast. (Pinaceae) in Saint Petersburg


    Firsov Gennadiy Afanasyevich; Volchanskaya Аleksandra Vladimirovna; Tkachenko Kirill Gavriilovich


    Picea glehnii (F. Schmidt) Mast. (the Glehns Spruce) is a rare endangered species of the Russian Far East, a plant included into the Red Book of the Russian Federation. This species is in need of protection In situ and Ex situ. The Glehns Spruce is introduced in general cultivation in 1877. In Saint Petersburg it became known after the expedition of F. Schmidt and P.P Glehn to Sakhalin Island (in 1860-1861). In hand-written general catalogues of living collections of Peter the Great Botanical...

  7. Alfred Schmidt y el potencial subversivo de la sensualidad


    Lissette Silva Lazcano


    El filósofo alemán Alfred Schmidt analiza la relación entre naturaleza y hombre a partir del concepto de naturaleza de Marx. Schmidt explicita el “intercambio orgánico entre el hombre y la naturaleza”, resaltando que aunque la naturaleza se nos presenta siempre en el horizonte de formas históricamente cambiantes de su apropiación social, nosotros formamos parte de ella, sin embargo esta relación es siempre dialéctica. Pero este pensador va más allá y confronta la perspectiva marxiana de la re...

  8. Contributions to a conjecture of Mueller and Schmidt on Thue ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    ... Lecture Workshops · Refresher Courses · Symposia · Live Streaming. Home; Journals; Proceedings – Mathematical Sciences; Volume 127; Issue 4. Contributions to a conjecture of Mueller and Schmidt on Thue inequalities. N SARADHA DIVYUM SHARMA. Research Article Volume 127 Issue 4 September 2017 pp 565- ...

  9. Venemaa õllekeiser Christian Ramm-Schmidt / Markku Saksa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Saksa, Markku


    Rahvusvahelise õlletootmisettevõtte Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH) tegevusest Baltikumis, Venemaal, Ukrainas ja Kasahstanis. Venemaa tütarettevõtte juht Christian Ramm-Schmidt kirjeldab Venemaa eraettevõtluse arengut, ärikeskkonda ja -kultuuri ning ettevõtete juhtimise põhimõtteid

  10. Collaborative Oceanographic Research Opportunities with Schmidt Ocean Institute (United States)

    Zykov, V.


    Schmidt Ocean Institute ( was founded by Dr. Eric Schmidt and Wendy Schmidt in 2009 to support frontier oceanographic research and exploration to expand the understanding of the world's oceans through technological advancement, intelligent, data-rich observation and analysis, and open sharing of information. Schmidt Ocean Institute operates a state-of-the-art globally capable research vessel Falkor ( After two years of scientific operations in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Eastern and Central Pacific, R/V Falkor is now preparing to support research in the Western Pacific and Eastern Indian Oceans in 2015 and 2016. As part of the long term research program development for Schmidt Ocean Institute, we aim to identify initiatives and projects that demonstrate strong alignment with our strategic interests. We focus on scientific opportunities that highlight effective use of innovative technologies to better understand the oceans, such as, for example, research enabled with remotely operated and autonomous vehicles, acoustics, in-situ sensing, telepresence, etc. Our technology-first approach to ocean science gave rise to infrastructure development initiatives, such as the development of a new full ocean depth Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle, new 6000m scientific Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, live HD video streaming from the ship to YouTube, shipboard high performance supercomputing, etc. We also support projects focusing on oceanographic technology research and development onboard R/V Falkor. We provide our collaborators with access to all of R/V Falkor's facilities and instrumentation in exchange for a commitment to make the resulting scientific data openly available to the international oceanographic community. This presentation aims to expand awareness about the interests and capabilities of Schmidt Ocean Institute and R/V Falkor among our scientific audiences and further

  11. Berhard Schmidt - realiteet müütide vastu / Ülo Tonts

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tonts, Ülo, 1931-2016


    Arvustus: Optical illusions. The life story of Bernhard Schmidt the great stellar optician of the twentieth century by Erik Schmidt. Estonian Academy Publishers, 1995. Ka samast teemast Jaan Krossi 'Vastutuulelaevas'

  12. Picea glehnii (F. Schmidt Mast. (Pinaceae in Saint Petersburg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Firsov Gennadiy Afanasyevich


    Full Text Available Picea glehnii (F. Schmidt Mast. (the Glehns Spruce is a rare endangered species of the Russian Far East, a plant included into the Red Book of the Russian Federation. This species is in need of protection In situ and Ex situ. The Glehns Spruce is introduced in general cultivation in 1877. In Saint Petersburg it became known after the expedition of F. Schmidt and P.P Glehn to Sakhalin Island (in 1860-1861. In hand-written general catalogues of living collections of Peter the Great Botanical garden of the L.V. Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences it has been known since 1892. In the North-West of Russia Picea glehnii is cultivated in two introduction centers botanical gardens of L.V. Komarov Botanical Institute and Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University. In modern collections of Botanical gardens it has been cultivated since 1955. The plant began producing cones in 1996 in the age of 41. The fully ripen germinable seeds were obtained in September of 2014, and the seedlings were germinated in 2015, for the first time in more than 120 years of arboriculture. The assessment of seeds quality revealed the presence of filled high-quality seeds but their number was rather small (10-15% from the total amount. Picea glehnii is one of the most decorative and winter-hardy spruce species, promising for city planting in Saint Petersburg and for urban floristics in the North-West of Russia.

  13. Hilbert-Schmidt quantum coherence in multi-qudit systems (United States)

    Maziero, Jonas


    Using Bloch's parametrization for qudits ( d-level quantum systems), we write the Hilbert-Schmidt distance (HSD) between two generic n-qudit states as an Euclidean distance between two vectors of observables mean values in R^{Π_{s=1}nds2-1}, where ds is the dimension for qudit s. Then, applying the generalized Gell-Mann's matrices to generate SU(ds), we use that result to obtain the Hilbert-Schmidt quantum coherence (HSC) of n-qudit systems. As examples, we consider in detail one-qubit, one-qutrit, two-qubit, and two copies of one-qubit states. In this last case, the possibility for controlling local and non-local coherences by tuning local populations is studied, and the contrasting behaviors of HSC, l1-norm coherence, and relative entropy of coherence in this regard are noticed. We also investigate the decoherent dynamics of these coherence functions under the action of qutrit dephasing and dissipation channels. At last, we analyze the non-monotonicity of HSD under tensor products and report the first instance of a consequence (for coherence quantification) of this kind of property of a quantum distance measure.

  14. Extended Schmidt law holds for faint dwarf irregular galaxies (United States)

    Roychowdhury, Sambit; Chengalur, Jayaram N.; Shi, Yong


    Context. The extended Schmidt law (ESL) is a variant of the Schmidt which relates the surface densities of gas and star formation, with the surface density of stellar mass added as an extra parameter. Although ESL has been shown to be valid for a wide range of galaxy properties, its validity in low-metallicity galaxies has not been comprehensively tested. This is important because metallicity affects the crucial atomic-to-molecular transition step in the process of conversion of gas to stars. Aims: We empirically investigate for the first time whether low metallicity faint dwarf irregular galaxies (dIrrs) from the local universe follow the ESL. Here we consider the "global" law where surface densities are averaged over the galactic discs. dIrrs are unique not only because they are at the lowest end of mass and star formation scales for galaxies, but also because they are metal-poor compared to the general population of galaxies. Methods: Our sample is drawn from the Faint Irregular Galaxy GMRT Survey (FIGGS) which is the largest survey of atomic hydrogen in such galaxies. The gas surface densities are determined using their atomic hydrogen content. The star formation rates are calculated using GALEX far ultraviolet fluxes after correcting for dust extinction, whereas the stellar surface densities are calculated using Spitzer 3.6 μm fluxes. The surface densities are calculated over the stellar discs defined by the 3.6 μm images. Results: We find dIrrs indeed follow the ESL. The mean deviation of the FIGGS galaxies from the relation is 0.01 dex, with a scatter around the relation of less than half that seen in the original relation. In comparison, we also show that the FIGGS galaxies are much more deviant when compared to the "canonical" Kennicutt-Schmidt relation. Conclusions: Our results help strengthen the universality of the ESL, especially for galaxies with low metallicities. We suggest that models of star formation in which feedback from previous generations

  15. Mixing of two miscible fluids at high Schmidt number (United States)

    Simmons, Mark; Alberini, Federico; Pain, Christopher; Matar, Omar


    The blending of two miscible liquids at high Schmidt number is an increasingly common industrial problem: as processes push towards shorter timescales yet the rheology of the fluids becomes increasingly complex. This leads to phenomena which resemble a quasi two-phase system with zero interfacial tension. In this study, we compare experimental results with computational fluid dynamics simulations using unstructured-mesh adaptivity for the flow of two Newtonian, or two power-law fluids through a complex geometry representative of a Kenics type static mixer used in industry. The geometry induces a stretching and folding of the fluid elements which causes exponential growth of the interface length down the geometry. The interfacial topology obtained from the simulations is compared with experiments carried out using Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence (PLIF), which enables the spatial distribution of each phase, and the interfaces between them, to be determined at the outlet of the geometry. EPSRC Programme Grant EP/K003976/1.

  16. Spectra of turbulently advected scalars that have small Schmidt number (United States)

    Hill, Reginald J.


    Exact statistical equations are derived for turbulent advection of a passive scalar having diffusivity much larger than the kinematic viscosity, i.e., small Schmidt number. The equations contain all terms needed for precise direct numerical simulation (DNS) quantification. In the appropriate limit, the equations reduce to the classical theory for which the scalar spectrum is proportional to the energy spectrum multiplied by k-4, which, in turn, results in the inertial-diffusive range power law, k-17 /3. The classical theory was derived for the case of isotropic velocity and scalar fields. The exact equations are simplified for less restrictive cases: (1) locally isotropic scalar fluctuations at dissipation scales with no restriction on symmetry of the velocity field, (2) isotropic velocity field with averaging over all wave-vector directions with no restriction on the symmetry of the scalar, motivated by that average being used for DNS, and (3) isotropic velocity field with axisymmetric scalar fluctuations, motivated by the mean-scalar-gradient-source case. The equations are applied to recently published DNSs of passive scalars for the cases of a freely decaying scalar and a mean-scalar-gradient source. New terms in the exact equations are estimated for those cases and are found to be significant; those terms cause the deviations from the classical theory found by the DNS studies. A new formula for the mean-scalar-gradient case explains the variation of the scalar spectra for the DNS of the smallest Schmidt-number cases. Expansion in Legendre polynomials reveals the effect of axisymmetry. Inertial-diffusive-range formulas for both the zero- and second-order Legendre contributions are given. Exact statistical equations reveal what must be quantified using DNS to determine what causes deviations from asymptotic relationships.

  17. Schmidt Crater: Using Data from the Mars Global Surveyor (United States)

    Thomas, Fred


    In the Physics Department at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, the most popular general-education course is a three-quarter astronomy sequence. The course is designed to incorporate significant elements of conceptual physics, scientific methods, and quantitative reasoning, along with the content of astronomy. In cooperation with faculty from mathematics and sociology, the author developed new lab activities that engage students in making "practical" plans for the colonization of Mars. The activities are intended to be low-cost, to be suitable for either on-campus or distance-learning environments, and to be fun for both students and instructors. The Schmidt Crater region, an Ohio-sized area near the South Pole of Mars, was selected as a potential site for obtaining large quantities of water. Topographic data for the region was extracted from the 36 CD's of laser altimeter data obtained by the Mars Global Surveyor, and ArcView was used to produce detailed maps. Wide and narrow angle photos of the region from the Mars Orbiter Camera were integrated with the topographic maps. Both the maps and the photographs were therefore made accessible to students who can use free software packages, such as ArcExplorer and Scion Image With access to up-to-date data for this region, students complete a series of "authentic learning tasks" that include calculating water needs for a Martian city, identifying likely water sources, planning transportation methods, and selecting a "homestead" for their own personal use.

  18. Ultrasound accelerated Claisen Schmidt condensation: A green route to chalcones (United States)

    Calvino, V.; Picallo, M.; López-Peinado, A. J.; Martín-Aranda, R. M.; Durán-Valle, C. J.


    Chalcones have been synthesized under sonochemical irradiation by Claisen-Schmidt condensation between benzaldehyde and acetophenone. Two basic activated carbons (Na and Cs-Norit) have been used as catalysts. The effect of the ultrasound activation has been studied. A substantial enhancing effect in the yield was observed when the carbon catalyst was activated under ultrasonic waves. This "green" method (combination of alkaline-doped carbon catalyst and ultrasound waves) has been applied to the synthesis of several chalcones with antibacterial properties achieving, in all cases, excellent activities and selectivities. A comparative study under non-sonic activation has showed that the yields are lower in silent conditions, indicating that the sonication exerts a positive effect on the activity of the catalyst. Cs-doped carbon is presented as the optimum catalyst, giving excellent activity for this type of condensation. Cs-Norit carbon catalyst can compete with the traditional NaOH/EtOH when the reaction is carried out under ultrasounds. The role of solvent in this reaction was studied with ethanol. High conversion was obtained in absence of solvent. The carbons were characterized by thermal analysis, nitrogen adsorption and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.

  19. Spontaneous emission and quantum discord: Comparison of Hilbert–Schmidt and trace distance discord

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jakóbczyk, Lech, E-mail:


    Hilbert–Schmidt and trace norm geometric quantum discord are compared with regard to their behavior during local time evolution. We consider the system of independent two-level atoms with time evolution given by the dissipative process of spontaneous emission. It is explicitly shown that the Hilbert–Schmidt norm discord has nonphysical properties with respect to such local evolution and cannot serve as a reasonable measure of quantum correlations and the better choice is to use trace norm discord as such a measure. - Highlights: • We compare Hilbert–Schmidt and trace norm geometric quantum discord. • We consider the system of independent two-level atoms with time evolution given by spontaneous emission. • We show explicitly that Hilbert–Schmidt norm discord has nonphysical properties.

  20. Georg Schmidt und die Frage der künstlerischen Werte

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roger Fayet


    Full Text Available As a theorist and curator, the Swiss art historian Georg Schmidt (1896-1965, director of the Kunstmuseum Basel from 1939 to 1961, developed a decidedly normative approach to art history, based on a philosophy which measures history in terms of social and artistic progress. This normative axiom also governs Schmidt's theory of realism, a concept he associates with "concern for reality" and progressive, democratic views, but not with formal considerations. His notion of kitsch, directly derived from this theory, broadly corresponds to what Schmidt calls "idealistic naturalism", a varnished depiction of reality which applies the formal devices of naturalism. Unlike contemporaries such as Konrad Farner and Georg Lukács, Schmidt combines a sociological with a psychological perspective, a method reflected in the monograph of 1942 on Ferdinand Hodler.

  1. Revisiting the Extended Schmidt Law: The Important Role of Existing Stars in Regulating Star Formation (United States)

    Shi, Yong; Yan, Lin; Armus, Lee; Gu, Qiusheng; Helou, George; Qiu, Keping; Gwyn, Stephen; Stierwalt, Sabrina; Fang, Min; Chen, Yanmei; Zhou, Luwenjia; Wu, Jingwen; Zheng, Xianzhong; Zhang, Zhi-Yu; Gao, Yu; Wang, Junzhi


    We revisit the proposed extended Schmidt law, which posits that the star formation efficiency in galaxies depends on the stellar mass surface density, by investigating spatially resolved star formation rates (SFRs), gas masses, and stellar masses of star formation regions in a vast range of galactic environments, from the outer disks of dwarf galaxies, to spiral disks and to merging galaxies, as well as individual molecular clouds in M33. We find that these regions are distributed in a tight power law as {{{Σ }}}{SFR} ∝ {({{{Σ }}}{star}0.5{{{Σ }}}{gas})}1.09, which is also valid for the integrated measurements of disk and merging galaxies at high-z. Interestingly, we show that star formation regions in the outer disks of dwarf galaxies with {{{Σ }}}{SFR} down to 10‑5 {M}ȯ yr‑1 kpc‑2, which are outliers of both the Kennicutt–Schmidt and Silk–Elmegreen laws, also follow the extended Schmidt law. Other outliers in the Kennicutt–Schmidt law, such as extremely metal-poor star formation regions, also show significantly reduced deviation from the extended Schmidt law. These results suggest an important role for existing stars in helping to regulate star formation through the effect of their gravity on the midplane pressure in a wide range of galactic environments.

  2. LINES

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Minas Bakalchev


    Full Text Available The perception of elements in a system often creates their interdependence, interconditionality, and suppression. The lines from a basic geometrical element have become the model of a reductive world based on isolation according to certain criteria such as function, structure, and social organization. Their traces are experienced in the contemporary world as fragments or ruins of a system of domination of an assumed hierarchical unity. How can one release oneself from such dependence or determinism? How can the lines become less “systematic” and forms more autonomous, and less reductive? How is a form released from modernistic determinism on the new controversial ground? How can these elements or forms of representation become forms of action in the present complex world? In this paper, the meaning of lines through the ideas of Le Corbusier, Leonidov, Picasso, and Hitchcock is presented. Spatial research was made through a series of examples arising from the projects of the architectural studio “Residential Transformations”, which was a backbone for mapping the possibilities ranging from playfulness to exactness, as tactics of transformation in the different contexts of the contemporary world.

  3. Schmidt decompositions of parametric processes II: vector four-wave mixing. (United States)

    McKinstrie, C J; Ott, J R; Karlsson, M


    In vector four-wave mixing, one or two strong pump waves drive two weak signal and idler waves, each of which has two polarization components. In this paper, vector four-wave mixing processes in a randomly-birefringent fiber (modulation interaction, phase conjugation and Bragg scattering) are studied in detail. For each process, the Schmidt decompositions of the coupling matrices facilitate the solution of the signal-idler equations and the Schmidt decomposition of the associated transfer matrix. The results of this paper are valid for arbitrary pump polarizations.

  4. A Kennicutt-Schmidt relation at molecular cloud scales and beyond (United States)

    Khoperskov, Sergey A.; Vasiliev, Evgenii O.


    Using N-body/gasdynamic simulations of a Milky Way-like galaxy, we analyse a Kennicutt-Schmidt (KS) relation, Σ _SFR ∝ Σ _gas^N, at different spatial scales. We simulate synthetic observations in CO lines and ultraviolet (UV) band. We adopt the star formation rate (SFR) defined in two ways: based on free fall collapse of a molecular cloud - ΣSFR, cl, and calculated by using a UV flux calibration - ΣSFR,UV. We study a KS relation for spatially smoothed maps with effective spatial resolution from molecular cloud scales to several hundred parsecs. We find that for spatially and kinematically resolved molecular clouds the Σ _{SFR, cl} ∝ σ _{gas}^N relation follows the power law with index N ≈ 1.4. Using UV flux as SFR calibrator, we confirm a systematic offset between the ΣSFR,UV and Σgas distributions on scales compared to molecular cloud sizes. Degrading resolution of our simulated maps for surface densities of gas and SFRs, we establish that there is no relation ΣSFR,UV -Σgas below the resolution ˜50 pc. We find a transition range around scales ˜50-120 pc, where the power-law index N increases from 0 to 1-1.8 and saturates for scales larger ˜120 pc. A value of the index saturated depends on a surface gas density threshold and it becomes steeper for higher Σgas threshold. Averaging over scales with size of ≳ 150 pc the power-law index N equals 1.3-1.4 for surface gas density threshold ˜5 M⊙ pc-2. At scales ≳ 120 pc surface SFR densities determined by using CO data and UV flux, ΣSFR,UV/SFR, cl, demonstrate a discrepancy about a factor of 3. We argue that this may be originated from overestimating (constant) values of conversion factor, star formation efficiency or UV calibration used in our analysis.

  5. Lyapunov-Schmidt method dedicated to the observer analysis and design

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Benmerzouk


    Full Text Available An analysis of observation error dynamics and an observer design are presented using the so-called Lyapunov-Schmidt method, firstly in order to analyze the solution's bifurcation of the observation error dynamics, and secondly in order to propose a robust observer with respect to such solution's bifurcation. Two numerical examples based on the Galerkin method show the pertinence of the proposed approach.

  6. Measurements of Molecular Mixing in a High Schmidt Number Rayleigh-Taylor Mixing Layer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mueschke, N J; Schilling, O; Youngs, D L; Andrews, M


    Molecular mixing measurements are performed for a high Schmidt number (Sc {approx} 10{sup 3}), small Atwood number (A {approx} 7.5 x 10{sup -4}) buoyancy-driven turbulent Rayleigh-Taylor mixing layer in a water channel facility. Salt was added to the top stream to create the desired density difference. The degree of molecular mixing was measured as a function of time by monitoring a diffusion-limited chemical reaction between the two fluid streams. The pH of each stream was modified by the addition of acid or alkali such that a local neutralization reaction occurred as the two fluids molecularly mixed. The progress of this neutralization reaction was tracked by the addition of phenolphthalein - a pH-sensitive chemical indicator - to the acidic stream. Accurately calibrated backlit optical techniques were used to measure the average concentration of the colored chemical indicator. Comparisons of chemical product formation for pre-transitional buoyancy- and shear-driven mixing layers are given. It is also shown that experiments performed at different equivalence ratios (acid/alkali concentration) can be combined to obtain a mathematical relationship between the colored product formed and the density variance. This relationship was used to obtain high-fidelity, quantitative measures of the degree of molecular mixing which are independent of probe resolution constraints. The dependence of such mixing parameters on the Schmidt and Reynolds numbers is examined by comparing the current Sc {approx} 10{sup 3} measurements with Sc = 0.7 gas-phase and Pr = 7 liquid-phase measurements. This comparison indicates that the Schmidt number has a large effect on the bulk quantity of mixed fluid at small Reynolds numbers Re{sub h} < 10{sup 3}. At late times, all mixing parameters indicated a greater degree of molecular mixing and a decreased Schmidt number dependence. Implications for the development and quantitative assessment of turbulent transport and mixing models appropriate for

  7. Finding a maximally correlated state - Simultaneous Schmidt decomposition of bipartite pure states


    Hiroshima, Tohya; Hayashi, Masahito


    We consider a bipartite mixed state of the form, $\\rho =\\sum_{\\alpha, \\beta =1}^{l}a_{\\alpha \\beta} | \\psi_{\\alpha}> $ are normalized bipartite state vectors, and matrix $(a_{\\alpha \\beta})$ is positive semidefinite. We provide a necessary and sufficient condition for the state $\\rho $ taking the form of maximally correlated states by a local unitary transformation. More precisely, we give a criterion for simultaneous Schmidt decomposability of $| \\ps...

  8. The Kety-Schmidt Technique for Quantitative Perfusion and Oxygen Metabolism Measurements in the MR Environment (United States)

    Lee, John J.; Powers, William J.; Faulkner, Chad B.; Boyle, Patrick J.; Derdeyn, Colin P.


    The Kety-Schmidt technique provides quantitative measurement of whole brain cerebral blood flow (CBF). CBF is measured as the area between the arterial and venous washout curves of a diffusible tracer. Oxygen extraction and metabolism may be calculated from arterial and venous samples. In this report we present a method for performing these measurements in an MR environment. This technique could be useful for validation of MR methods of hemodynamic and metabolic measurements in humans. PMID:22997166


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karim Theresih


      This research aims to synthesize the compound dibenzalaceton, 4-methoksikalkon and dianisalaceton through Claysen Schmidt condensation reaction with grinding method and to determine the effect of p-methoxy groups on the reaction. Dibenzalaceton compound was synthesized from benzaldehyde, acetone, and NaOH. Synthesis of compound 4-metoksikhalkon was done using 4-methoxybenzaldehyde, acetophenone, and NaOH. Dianisalceton compound was synthesized through Claysen-schmidt reaction between acetone, anisaldehide, and the catalysts NaOH. This synthesis were performed through solvent-free grinding method. Catalyst base material and simultaneously crushed in mortar for 15 minutes to form a paste. The pasta is dried and recrystallized. The resulted compounds were characterized by TLC, FTIR and GC-MS. Based on the results of the analysis of FTIR and GC-MS showed that dibenzalaceton, 4-methoksikhalkon and dianisalaceton can be synthesized and have succession yield 59.93%, 86.21% and 70.39% . There is the influence of p-methoxy groups in a condensation reaction Claysen-Schmidt on the synthesis of compounds dibenzalaceton, 4-methoksikhalkon and dianizalaceton use grinding method.   Keywords: dibenzalaceton, 4-methoksikhalkon, dianizalaceton, grinding method

  10. On the Values for the Turbulent Schmidt Number in Environmental Flows

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlo Gualtieri


    Full Text Available Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD has consolidated as a tool to provide understanding and quantitative information regarding many complex environmental flows. The accuracy and reliability of CFD modelling results oftentimes come under scrutiny because of issues in the implementation of and input data for those simulations. Regarding the input data, if an approach based on the Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS equations is applied, the turbulent scalar fluxes are generally estimated by assuming the standard gradient diffusion hypothesis (SGDH, which requires the definition of the turbulent Schmidt number, Sct (the ratio of momentum diffusivity to mass diffusivity in the turbulent flow. However, no universally-accepted values of this parameter have been established or, more importantly, methodologies for its computation have been provided. This paper firstly presents a review of previous studies about Sct in environmental flows, involving both water and air systems. Secondly, three case studies are presented where the key role of a correct parameterization of the turbulent Schmidt number is pointed out. These include: (1 transverse mixing in a shallow water flow; (2 tracer transport in a contact tank; and (3 sediment transport in suspension. An overall picture on the use of the Schmidt number in CFD emerges from the paper.

  11. Physical characterization of a watershed through GIS: a study in the Schmidt stream, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. R. Reis

    Full Text Available Remote sensing and geoprocessing are essential tools for obtaining and maintaining records of human actions on space over the course of time; these tools offer the basis for diagnoses of land use, environmental interference and local development. The Schmidt stream watershed, located in the Sinos River basin, in southern Brazil, has an environmental situation similar to that of the majority of small streams draining rural and urban areas in southern Brazil: agricultural and urbanization practices do not recognize the riparian area and there is removal of original vegetation, disregarding the suitability of land use; removal of wetlands; intensive water use for various activities; and lack of control and monitoring in the discharge of wastewater, among other factors, deteriorate the quality of this important environment.This article aims to achieve a physical characterization of the Schmidt stream watershed (Sinos river basin identifying elements such as land use and occupation, soil science, geology, climatology, extent and location of watershed, among others, so as to serve as the basis for a tool that helps in the integrated environmental management of watersheds. By applying geographic information system - GIS to the process of obtaining maps of land use and occupation, pedologicaland geological, and using climatological data from the Campo Bom meteorological station, field visit, review of literature and journals, and publicly available data, the physical characterization of the Schmidt stream watershed was performed, with a view to the integrated environmental management of this watershed. Out of the total area of the Schmidt stream watershed (23.92 km2, in terms of geology, it was observed that 23.7% consist of colluvial deposits, 22.6% consist of grass facies, and 53.7% consist of Botucatu formation. Major soil types of the watershed: 97.4% Argisols and only 2.6% Planosols. Land use and occupation is characterized by wetland (0.5%, Native

  12. Physical characterization of a watershed through GIS: a study in the Schmidt stream, Brazil. (United States)

    Reis, D R; Plangg, R; Tundisi, J G; Quevedo, D M


    Remote sensing and geoprocessing are essential tools for obtaining and maintaining records of human actions on space over the course of time; these tools offer the basis for diagnoses of land use, environmental interference and local development. The Schmidt stream watershed, located in the Sinos River basin, in southern Brazil, has an environmental situation similar to that of the majority of small streams draining rural and urban areas in southern Brazil: agricultural and urbanization practices do not recognize the riparian area and there is removal of original vegetation, disregarding the suitability of land use; removal of wetlands; intensive water use for various activities; and lack of control and monitoring in the discharge of wastewater, among other factors, deteriorate the quality of this important environment.This article aims to achieve a physical characterization of the Schmidt stream watershed (Sinos river basin) identifying elements such as land use and occupation, soil science, geology, climatology, extent and location of watershed, among others, so as to serve as the basis for a tool that helps in the integrated environmental management of watersheds. By applying geographic information system - GIS to the process of obtaining maps of land use and occupation, pedologicaland geological, and using climatological data from the Campo Bom meteorological station, field visit, review of literature and journals, and publicly available data, the physical characterization of the Schmidt stream watershed was performed, with a view to the integrated environmental management of this watershed. Out of the total area of the Schmidt stream watershed (23.92 km(2)), in terms of geology, it was observed that 23.7% consist of colluvial deposits, 22.6% consist of grass facies, and 53.7% consist of Botucatu formation. Major soil types of the watershed: 97.4% Argisols and only 2.6% Planosols. Land use and occupation is characterized by wetland (0.5%), Native Forest (12

  13. New developments with Schmidt-hammer exposure-age dating (SHD): Comparison of mechanical and electronic Schmidt-hammers - towards a conversion factor for Q- and R-values (United States)

    Winkler, Stefan; Matthews, John; Corbett, David


    Developed as an instrument for in situ destruction-free testing of concrete hardness in construction works, the Schmidt-hammer has subsequently been introduced and applied in various fields of geomorphology and geology. In the context of investigating Late Glacial and Holocene glacier chronologies, the Schmidt-hammer has been widely used as a relative-age dating technique. Such applications have for example successfully separated moraines formed during different glacier advance periods ('Little Ice Age'-type events). Pilot studies combined Schmidt-hammer measurements with available radiocarbon ages in order to achieve age constraints. Schmidt-hammer exposure-age dating (SHD) combining Schmidt-hammer and terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide dating (TCND) has recently been successfully applied in Norway and New Zealand. Schmidt-hammer tests have also been used to ensure the representativeness of boulders selected for TCND sampling. Especially in mountain regions with a high "geomorphological uncertainty" with the dating of Holocene moraines the inherited multi-proxy approach of SHD owns a considerable potential for reliable investigations of Late Glacial/Holocene glacier chronologies and their palaeoclimatic interpretation. An electronic Schmidt-hammer (named SilverSchmidt) was introduced by the manufacturer of the original mechanical Schmidt-hammer (Proceq SA) a few years ago. It offers especially facilities for much easier data processing and constitutes, therefore, a major improvement and potential replacement for the mechanical Schmidt-hammer. However, its different approach to the measurement of surface hardness - based on Q-(velocity) values instead of R-(rebound) values - means that measurements from the two instruments are not easily interconvertible. Prior to any considerations of using the instruments interchangeably or replacing the mechanical Schmidt-hammer in future studies with the SilverSchmidt, comparative tests under field conditions need to be undertaken

  14. Universality of spectrum of passive scalar variance at very high Schmidt number in isotropic steady turbulence (United States)

    Gotoh, Toshiyuki


    Spectrum of passive scalar variance at very high Schmidt number up to 1000 in isotropic steady turbulence has been studied by using very high resolution DNS. Gaussian random force and scalar source which are isotropic and white in time are applied at low wavenumber band. Since the Schmidt number is very large, the system was integrated for 72 large eddy turn over time for the system to forgot the initial state. It is found that the scalar spectrum attains the asymptotic k-1 spectrum in the viscous-convective range and the constant CB is found to be 5.7 which is larger than 4.9 obtained by DNS under the uniform mean scalar gradient. Reasons for the difference are inferred as the Reynolds number effect, anisotropy, difference in the scalar injection, duration of time average, and the universality of the constant is discussed. The constant CB is also compared with the prediction by the Lagrangian statistical theory for the passive scalar. The scalar spectrum in the far diffusive range is found to be exponential, which is consistent with the Kraichnan's spectrum. However, the Kraichnan spectrum was derived under the assumption that the velocity field is white in time, therefore theoretical explanation of the agreement needs to be explored. Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research No. 21360082, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.

  15. Roger Hayward and the Invention of the Two-Mirror Schmidt (United States)

    Bell, T. E.


    Roger Hayward (1899-1979), now virtually unknown, was a multitalented architect, scientific illustrator, and optical inventor. Remembered primarily for illustrating Scientific American magazine's Amateur Scientist column between 1949 and 1974, he also illustrated more than a dozen textbooks in optics, physics, geology, oceanography, and chemistry, several of which became classics in their fields. He designed façades with astronomical themes for major buildings in Los Angeles, California, and sculpted mammoth, realistic models of the moon for Griffith Observatory, Adler Planetarium, and Disneyland. Throughout his life, he recreationally painted watercolors and oils that at least one critic likened to the work of John Singer Sargent. Hayward is least known as an optical designer, yet he made significant contributions to the DU spectrophotometer that established the multimillion-dollar company Beckman Instruments. During the pre-radar days of World War II at Mount Wilson Observatory, Hayward invented a classified Cassegrain version of the Schmidt telescope especially adapted for nighttime infrared aerial photography, plus extraordinarily simple machines that allowed inexperienced soldiers to grind, polish, and test accurate aspheric Schmidt correcting plates at speeds compatible with mass production - and later received U.S. patents for them all. This paper, drawn in part from unpublished letters between Hayward and Albert G. Ingalls, will feature little-known images of Hayward's work.

  16. A novel lobster-eye imaging system based on Schmidt-type objective for X-ray-backscattering inspection (United States)

    Xu, Jie; Wang, Xin; Zhan, Qi; Huang, Shengling; Chen, Yifan; Mu, Baozhong


    This paper presents a novel lobster-eye imaging system for X-ray-backscattering inspection. The system was designed by modifying the Schmidt geometry into a treble-lens structure in order to reduce the resolution difference between the vertical and horizontal directions, as indicated by ray-tracing simulations. The lobster-eye X-ray imaging system is capable of operating over a wide range of photon energies up to 100 keV. In addition, the optics of the lobster-eye X-ray imaging system was tested to verify that they meet the requirements. X-ray-backscattering imaging experiments were performed in which T-shaped polymethyl-methacrylate objects were imaged by the lobster-eye X-ray imaging system based on both the double-lens and treble-lens Schmidt objectives. The results show similar resolution of the treble-lens Schmidt objective in both the vertical and horizontal directions. Moreover, imaging experiments were performed using a second treble-lens Schmidt objective with higher resolution. The results show that for a field of view of over 200 mm and with a 500 mm object distance, this lobster-eye X-ray imaging system based on a treble-lens Schmidt objective offers a spatial resolution of approximately 3 mm.

  17. Visual analysis and Schmidt rebound hammer test of Taj-ul-Masajid

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Hussain


    Full Text Available Taj-ul-Masajid, literally, the crown among mosques is an embodiment of genius structural engineering located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. A unique combination of the Mughal Architecture in complete stone masonry and modern day RCC work, it is a liaison between the past and the present of structural engineering. A wonder in its own right, the structure is often neglected by technicians and conservationalists alike, a satire on their ingenuity. Now, in a severely dilapidated condition, the structure is in pressing need of structural rehabilitation. The authors intend to perform in-situ Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluation (NDT&E of this structure and thereby suggest steps to better its present condition. As a first step, they’ve performed the visual analysis and Schmidt Rebound Hammer Test on the concrete portion of the structure which has been presented herein. The authors have also suggested a new approach for the verification of results obtained.

  18. Hasse-Schmidt derivations on Grassmann algebras with applications to vertex operators

    CERN Document Server

    Gatto, Letterio


    This book provides a comprehensive advanced multi-linear algebra course based on the concept of Hasse-Schmidt derivations on a Grassmann algebra (an analogue of the Taylor expansion for real-valued functions), and shows how this notion provides a natural framework for many ostensibly unrelated subjects: traces of an endomorphism and the Cayley-Hamilton theorem, generic linear ODEs and their Wronskians, the exponential of a matrix with indeterminate entries (Putzer's method revisited), universal decomposition of a polynomial in the product of two monic polynomials of fixed smaller degree, Schubert calculus for Grassmannian varieties, and vertex operators obtained with the help of Schubert calculus tools (Giambelli's formula). Significant emphasis is placed on the characterization of decomposable tensors of an exterior power of a free abelian group of possibly infinite rank, which then leads to the celebrated Hirota bilinear form of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (KP) hierarchy describing the Plücker embedding of ...

  19. Diagnosticar síndrome de Schmidt na adolescência


    Costa, M; Martins, S; Mota, F; Marques, O; Antunes, A


    A poli-endocrinopatia auto-imune tipo II divide-se em 2 síndromes: o síndrome de Schmidt, que se caracteriza pela associação entre a doença de Addison (DA) e tiroidite auto-imune, e o síndrome de Carpenter, em que há associação entre estas e diabetes tipo 1. É uma patologia rara, particularmente em idade pediátrica. Apresenta-se o caso de uma adolescente de 14 anos, do sexo feminino, orientada para a consulta do Grupo Endocrinológico Pediátrico por hipotiroidismo primário, no contexto de tiro...

  20. Association between human alpha 2-Heremans Schmidt glycoprotein (AHSG) polymorphism and endometriosis in Korean women. (United States)

    Kim, Jung Gu; Kim, Hoon; Ku, Seung-Yup; Kim, Seok Hyun; Choi, Young Min; Moon, Shin Yong


    To evaluate the relationship between the alpha 2-Heremans Schmidt glycoprotein (AHSG) gene polymorphism and endometriosis. Case-control study. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Seoul National University Hospital, Korea. Seventy-nine women with endometriosis and 105 women without endometriosis. Determination of AHSG gene polymorphism. Prevalence of AHSG genotypes or alleles. The allele frequencies of AHSG 1 and AHSG 2 were found to be 0.69 and 0.31, respectively. The proportion of noncarriers of the AHSG 2 allele was significantly higher in women with endometriosis than in women without (55.7% vs. 39.0%). Women not carrying the AHSG 2 allele were found to have twice the risk of endometriosis than those carrying at least one copy of this allele. No significant difference was noted in the distribution of the AHSG alleles or AHSG genotypes between early stage endometriosis and late stage endometriosis. Endometriosis is associated with the AHSG gene polymorphism in Korean women.

  1. Pairs of dual Gabor frames generated by functions of Hilbert-Schmidt type

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christiansen, Lasse Hjuler


    where each member may be written as a linear combination of integer translates of any B-spline. We introduce functions of Hilbert-Schmidt type along with a new method which allows us to associate to certain such functions finite families of recursively defined dual windows of arbitrary smoothness......We show that any two functions which are real-valued, bounded, compactly supported and whose integer translates each form a partition of unity lead to a pair of windows generating dual Gabor frames for (Formula presented.). In particular we show that any such functions have families of dual windows....... As a special case we show that any exponential B-spline has finite families of dual windows, where each member may be conveniently written as a linear combination of another exponential B-spline. Unlike results known from the literature we avoid the usual need for the partition of unity constraint in this case....

  2. Comentarios a las ponencias de Richard Langhorne y Christopher Schmidt- Nowara

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Pese a que los trabajos de Schmidt-Nowara y de Langhorne hacen referencia a muchos aspectos de carácter específico y concreto, también dan pie a una serie de comentarios de índole mucho más general, al igual que ocurre con el tema global de este simposio. Este breve comentario se centrará en alguno de esos temas más amplios que suscita la lectura de las dos ponencias en cuestión, si bien se ocupará igualmente de algunos de los aspectos más concretos que en ellas se plantean. Aunque con matices divergentes, ambas ponencias podrían calificarse de postcoloniales. El trabajo de Schmidt-Nowara asume tal perspectiva de manera abierta y la formula teóricamente, mientras que el de Langhorne lo hace de forma menos explícita. Contemplados desde la perspectiva del actual cambio de siglo, resulta evidente que las grandes potencias de hace cien años, con su extensión territorial relativamente pequeña y sus grandes imperios coloniales, fracasaron en su intento de perpetuar su pujanza geopolítica. No cabe duda de que, durante buena parte de la segunda mitad de nuestro siglo, las grandes potencias mundiales han sido dos estados dotados de una gran extensión territorial continua. Aparentemente, las posesiones ultramarinas, por más que hayan podido resultar de utilidad a corto plazo, han reportado pocos beneficios a la larga.

  3. Erwachsenenbildung im Spannungsfeld von Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis: Heide von Felden, Christiane Hof und Sabine Schmidt-Lauff (Hrsg.). [Rezension


    Filla, Wilhelm


    Rezension von: Felden, Heide von/Hof, Christiane/Schmidt-Lauff, Sabine (Hrsg.) (2013): Erwachsenenbildung im Spannungsfeld von Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis. Dokumentation der Jahrestagung der Sektion Erwachsenenbildung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaften vom 27. bis 29. September 2012. Baltmannsweiler: Schneider Verlag Hohengehren.

  4. Global Marine Science and Carlsberg - The Golden Connections of Johannes Schmidt (1877-1933) (Med dansksproget resume)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Poulsen, Bo

    By accident, the world-famous brewery Carlsberg became a central force in global marine science during the first three decades of the 20th century. Within a core group of scientists and managers, Johannes Schmidt (1877-1933) was the key figure combining the efforts of the International Council...

  5. Dynamics of entanglement and the Schmidt gap in a driven light–matter system (United States)

    Gómez-Ruiz, F. J.; Mendoza-Arenas, J. J.; Acevedo, O. L.; Rodríguez, F. J.; Quiroga, L.; Johnson, N. F.


    The ability to modify light‑matter coupling in time (e.g. using external pulses) opens up the exciting possibility of generating and probing new aspects of quantum correlations in many-body light–matter systems. Here we study the impact of such a pulsed coupling on the light–matter entanglement in the Dicke model as well as the respective subsystem quantum dynamics. Our dynamical many-body analysis exploits the natural partition between the radiation and matter degrees of freedom, allowing us to explore time-dependent intra-subsystem quantum correlations by means of squeezing parameters, and the inter-subsystem Schmidt gap for different pulse duration (i.e. ramping velocity) regimes—from the near adiabatic to the sudden quench limits. Our results reveal that both types of quantities indicate the emergence of the superradiant phase when crossing the quantum critical point. In addition, at the end of the pulse light and matter remain entangled even though they become uncoupled, which could be exploited to generate entangled states in non-interacting systems.

  6. Distribution of Schmidt-like eigenvalues for Gaussian ensembles of the random matrix theory (United States)

    Pato, Mauricio P.; Oshanin, Gleb


    We study the probability distribution function P(β)n(w) of the Schmidt-like random variable w = x21/(∑j = 1nx2j/n), where xj, (j = 1, 2, …, n), are unordered eigenvalues of a given n × n β-Gaussian random matrix, β being the Dyson symmetry index. This variable, by definition, can be considered as a measure of how any individual (randomly chosen) eigenvalue deviates from the arithmetic mean value of all eigenvalues of a given random matrix, and its distribution is calculated with respect to the ensemble of such β-Gaussian random matrices. We show that in the asymptotic limit n → ∞ and for arbitrary β the distribution P(β)n(w) converges to the Marčenko-Pastur form, i.e. is defined as P_{n}^{( \\beta )}(w) \\sim \\sqrt{(4 - w)/w} for w ∈ [0, 4] and equals zero outside of the support, despite the fact that formally w is defined on the interval [0, n]. Furthermore, for Gaussian unitary ensembles (β = 2) we present exact explicit expressions for P(β = 2)n(w) which are valid for arbitrary n and analyse their behaviour.

  7. Reaction pathway and rate-determining step of the Schmidt rearrangement/fragmentation: a kinetic study. (United States)

    Akimoto, Ryo; Tokugawa, Takehiro; Yamamoto, Yutaro; Yamataka, Hiroshi


    The Schmidt rearrangement of substituted 3-phenyl-2-butanone with trimethylsilyl azide in 90% (v/v) aqueous TFA gave two types of product, fragmentation and rearrangement, the ratio of which depends on the substituent: more fragmentation for a more electron-donating substituent. Rate measurements by azotometry indicated the presence of an induction period, and the pseudo-first-order rate constants showed saturation kinetics with respect to the azide concentration. It was indicated that the reaction proceeds through pre-equilibrium in the formation of iminodiazonium (ID) ion and that the N(2) liberation from the ID ion is rate-determining. Under high azide concentration conditions, where the effective reactant is the ID ion, the reaction gave a linear Hammett plot with a ρ value of -0.50. The observed substituent effects on the rate and the product selectivity imply that path bifurcation on the way from the rate-determining TS to the product states occurs, as suggested by previous molecular dynamics simulations, in a similar manner to the analogous Beckmann rearrangement/fragmentation reactions. © 2012 American Chemical Society

  8. Processing of Digital Plates1.2m of Baldone Observatory Schmidt Telescope (United States)

    Eglitis, Ilgmars; Andruk, Vitaly


    The aim of this research is to evaluate accuracy of Plate Processing Method and to perform a detailed study of the Epson Expression 10000XL scanner, which was used to digitize plates from the database collection of the 1.2 m Schmidt Telescope installed in the Baldone Observatory. Special software developed in LINUX/MIDAS/ROMAFOT environment was used for processing the scans. Results of the digitized files with grey gradations of 8- and 16-bits were compared; an estimation of the accuracy of the developed method for rectangular coordinates determination and photometry was made. Errors in the instrumental system are ±0.026 pixels and ±0.024m for coordinates and stellar magnitudes respectively. To evaluate the repeatability of the scanner's astrometric and photometric errors, six consecutive scans of one plate were processed with a spatial separation of 1200 dpi. The following error estimations are obtained for stars brighter than U< 13.5m: σxy = ±0.021 to 0.027 pixels and σm = ±0.014m to 0.016m for rectangular coordinates and instrumental stellar magnitudes respectively.

  9. SMV⊥: Simplex of maximal volume based upon the Gram-Schmidt process (United States)

    Salazar-Vazquez, Jairo; Mendez-Vazquez, Andres


    In recent years, different algorithms for Hyperspectral Image (HI) analysis have been introduced. The high spectral resolution of these images allows to develop different algorithms for target detection, material mapping, and material identification for applications in Agriculture, Security and Defense, Industry, etc. Therefore, from the computer science's point of view, there is fertile field of research for improving and developing algorithms in HI analysis. In some applications, the spectral pixels of a HI can be classified using laboratory spectral signatures. Nevertheless, for many others, there is no enough available prior information or spectral signatures, making any analysis a difficult task. One of the most popular algorithms for the HI analysis is the N-FINDR because it is easy to understand and provides a way to unmix the original HI in the respective material compositions. The N-FINDR is computationally expensive and its performance depends on a random initialization process. This paper proposes a novel idea to reduce the complexity of the N-FINDR by implementing a bottom-up approach based in an observation from linear algebra and the use of the Gram-Schmidt process. Therefore, the Simplex of Maximal Volume Perpendicular (SMV⊥) algorithm is proposed for fast endmember extraction in hyperspectral imagery. This novel algorithm has complexity O(n) with respect to the number of pixels. In addition, the evidence shows that SMV⊥ calculates a bigger volume, and has lower computational time complexity than other poular algorithms on synthetic and real scenarios.

  10. Ultrasound accelerated Claisen-Schmidt condensation: A green route to chalcones

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Calvino, V. [Dpto. de Quimica Inorganica y Quimica Tecnica, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED), C/Senda del Rey, 9. E-28040 Madrid (Spain); Picallo, M. [Dpto. de Quimica Inorganica y Quimica Tecnica, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED), C/Senda del Rey, 9. E-28040 Madrid (Spain); Lopez-Peinado, A.J. [Dpto. de Quimica Inorganica y Quimica Tecnica, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED), C/Senda del Rey, 9. E-28040 Madrid (Spain); Martin-Aranda, R.M. [Dpto. de Quimica Inorganica y Quimica Tecnica, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED), C/Senda del Rey, 9. E-28040 Madrid (Spain)]. E-mail:; Duran-Valle, C.J. [Dpto. de Quimica Inorganica, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Extremadura, Avenida de Elvas s/n., 06071 Badajoz (Spain)


    Chalcones have been synthesized under sonochemical irradiation by Claisen-Schmidt condensation between benzaldehyde and acetophenone. Two basic activated carbons (Na and Cs-Norit) have been used as catalysts. The effect of the ultrasound activation has been studied. A substantial enhancing effect in the yield was observed when the carbon catalyst was activated under ultrasonic waves. This 'green' method (combination of alkaline-doped carbon catalyst and ultrasound waves) has been applied to the synthesis of several chalcones with antibacterial properties achieving, in all cases, excellent activities and selectivities. A comparative study under non-sonic activation has showed that the yields are lower in silent conditions, indicating that the sonication exerts a positive effect on the activity of the catalyst. Cs-doped carbon is presented as the optimum catalyst, giving excellent activity for this type of condensation. Cs-Norit carbon catalyst can compete with the traditional NaOH/EtOH when the reaction is carried out under ultrasounds. The role of solvent in this reaction was studied with ethanol. High conversion was obtained in absence of solvent. The carbons were characterized by thermal analysis, nitrogen adsorption and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.

  11. Turbulent channel flow concentration profile and wall deposition of a large Schmidt number passive scalar (United States)

    Garcia-Ybarra, Pedro L.; Pinelli, Alfredo


    The transport of a passive scalar within a turbulent plane channel flow has been theoretically analyzed by assuming that the Schmidt number Sc, associated to the molecular diffusivity of the passive scalar, is a large parameter. Throughout most of the channel cross-section the mean passive scalar density is constant, but adjacent to the walls a thin boundary layer develops embedded in the viscous sublayer, with a relative thickness of order Sc. In this narrow region a passive scalar profile arises due to the non-vanishing flux normal to the wall. This profile is parameter independent (universal) and leads to a constant flux of passive scalar that results from the addition of both the molecular diffusion flux and the turbulent transport one. The Sc-asymptotic matching of this profile with the constant core value provides an analytical expression for the wall-normal flux that depends on the fluid dynamics of the carrier flow. By using a DNS code to solve the external turbulent flow, the analytical expression has been quantified and compared with empirical expressions based on experimental data, showing excellent agreement. To cite this article: P.L. Garcia-Ybarra, A. Pinelli, C. R. Mecanique 334 (2006).

  12. Fast and Scalable Feature Selection for Gene Expression Data Using Hilbert-Schmidt Independence Criterion. (United States)

    Gangeh, Mehrdad J; Zarkoob, Hadi; Ghodsi, Ali


    In computational biology, selecting a small subset of informative genes from microarray data continues to be a challenge due to the presence of thousands of genes. This paper aims at quantifying the dependence between gene expression data and the response variables and to identifying a subset of the most informative genes using a fast and scalable multivariate algorithm. A novel algorithm for feature selection from gene expression data was developed. The algorithm was based on the Hilbert-Schmidt independence criterion (HSIC), and was partly motivated by singular value decomposition (SVD). The algorithm is computationally fast and scalable to large datasets. Moreover, it can be applied to problems with any type of response variables including, biclass, multiclass, and continuous response variables. The performance of the proposed algorithm in terms of accuracy, stability of the selected genes, speed, and scalability was evaluated using both synthetic and real-world datasets. The simulation results demonstrated that the proposed algorithm effectively and efficiently extracted stable genes with high predictive capability, in particular for datasets with multiclass response variables. The proposed method does not require the whole microarray dataset to be stored in memory, and thus can easily be scaled to large datasets. This capability is an important attribute in big data analytics, where data can be large and massively distributed.

  13. Analysis of turbulent heat transfer, mass transfer, and friction in smooth tubes at high Prandtl and Schmidt numbers (United States)

    Deissler, Robert G


    The expression for eddy diffusivity from a previous analysis was modified in order to account for the effect of kinematic viscosity on the turbulence in the region close to a wall. By using the modified expression, good agreement was obtained between predicted and experimental results for heat and mass transfer at Prandtl and Schmidt numbers between 0.5 and 3000. The effects of length-to-diameter ratio and of variable viscosity were also investigated for a wide range of Prandtl numbers.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Filho, M. E.; Almeida, J. Sánchez; Muñoz-Tuñón, C. [Instituto Astrofísica de Canarias, E-38200 La Laguna, Tenerife (Spain); Amorín, R. [National Institute for Astrophysics, Astronomical Observatory of Rome, Via Frascati 33, I-00040 Monteporzio Catone (Rome) (Italy); Elmegreen, B. G. [IBM, T. J. Watson Research Center, 1101 Kitchawan Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 (United States); Elmegreen, D. M., E-mail: [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY 12604 (United States)


    The Kennicutt–Schmidt (KS) relation between the gas mass and star formation rate (SFR) describes the star formation regulation in disk galaxies. It is a function of gas metallicity, but the low-metallicity regime of the KS diagram is poorly sampled. We have analyzed data for a representative set of extremely metal-poor galaxies (XMPs), as well as auxiliary data, and compared these to empirical and theoretical predictions. The majority of the XMPs possess high specific SFRs, similar to high-redshift star-forming galaxies. On the KS plot, the XMP H i data occupy the same region as dwarfs and extend the relation for low surface brightness galaxies. Considering the H i gas alone, a considerable fraction of the XMPs already fall off the KS law. Significant quantities of “dark” H{sub 2} mass (i.e., not traced by CO) would imply that XMPs possess low star formation efficiencies (SFE{sub gas}). Low SFE{sub gas} in XMPs may be the result of the metal-poor nature of the H i gas. Alternatively, the H i reservoir may be largely inert, the star formation being dominated by cosmological accretion. Time lags between gas accretion and star formation may also reduce the apparent SFE{sub gas}, as may galaxy winds, which can expel most of the gas into the intergalactic medium. Hence, on global scales, XMPs could be H i-dominated, high-specific-SFR (≳10{sup −10} yr{sup −1}), low-SFE{sub gas} (≲10{sup −9} yr{sup −1}) systems, in which the total H i mass is likely not a good predictor of the total H{sub 2} mass, nor of the SFR.

  15. Schmidt. Sinfonie Nr. 1 E-Dur; Strauss. Vier sinfonische Zwischenspiele aus Intermezzo. Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Järvi / Helge Grünewald

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Grünewald, Helge


    Uuest heliplaadist "Schmidt. Sinfonie Nr. 1 E-Dur; Strauss. Vier sinfonische Zwischenspiele aus Intermezzo. Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Järvi. Chandos/Koch CD 9357 (WD: 68'20") DDD (WD:114'36")

  16. One-meter Schmidt telescope of the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory: New capabilities (United States)

    Dodonov, S. N.; Kotov, S. S.; Movsesyan, T. A.; Gevorkyan, M.


    In 2013-2015 the Laboratory of spectroscopy and photometry of extragalactic objects (LS-PEO) of the Special Astrophysical Observatory together with Armenian specialists upgraded the 1-m Schmidt telescope of the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. We completely redesigned the control system of the telescope: we replaced the actuating mechanisms, developed telescope control software, and made the guiding system. We reworked and prepared a 4k × 4k Apogee (USA) liquid-cooled CCD with RON 11.1 e -, a pixel size of 0.″868, and field of view of about 1□°, and in October 2015 mounted it in the focus of the telescope. The detector is equipped with a turret bearing 20 intermediate-band filters ( FWHM = 250 Å) uniformly covering the 4000-9000 Å wavelength range, five broadband filters ( u, g, r, i, z SDSS), and three narrow-band filters (5000 Å, 6560 Å and 6760 Å, FWHM = 100 Å). During the first year of test operation of the 1-m telescope we performed pilot observations within the framework of three programs: search for young stellar objects, AGNevolution, and stellar composition of galaxy disks.We confirmed the possibility of efficiently selecting of young objects using observations performed in narrow-band H α and [SII] filters and the intermediate-band 7500 Å filter. Three-hours long exposures with SDSS g-, r-, and i-band filters allow us to reach the surface brightness level of 28m/□″ when investigating the stellar content of galaxy disks for a sample of nine galaxies. We used observations performed with the 1-m telescope in five broadband (SDSS u, g, r, i, and z) and 15 intermediate-band filters (4000-7500 Å) to construct a sample of quasar candidates with 0.5 < z < 5 (330 objects) in about one-sq. degree SA68 field complete down to R AB = 23m. Spectroscopic observations of 29 objects (19.m5 < R < 22m) carried out at the 6-m telescope of the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of

  17. Variational calculations of subbands in a quantum well with uniform electric field - Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization approach (United States)

    Ahn, Doyeol; Chuang, S. L.


    Variational calculations of subband eigenstates in an infinite quantum well with an applied electric field using Gram-Schmidt orthogonalized trial wave functions are presented. The results agree very well with the exact numerical solutions even up to 1200 kV/cm. It is also shown that, for increasing electric fields, the energy of the ground state decreases, while that of higher subband states increases slightly up to 1000 kV/cm and then decreases for a well size of 100 A.

  18. Uninformative variable elimination assisted by Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization/successive projection algorithm for descriptor selection in QSAR

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Omidikia, Nematollah; Kompany-Zareh, Mohsen


    as collinearity reliability of the regression coefficient's magnitude is suspicious. Successive Projection Algorithm (SPA) and Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization (GSO) were implemented as pre-selection technique for removing collinearity and redundancy among variables in the model. Uninformative variable elimination......-partial least squares (UVE-PLS) was performed on the pre-selected data set and C-value's were calculated for each descriptor. In this case the C-value's of LIVE assisted by SPA or GSO could be used in order to rank the variables according to their importance. Leave-many-out cross-validation (LMO-CV) was applied...

  19. Lingua per se notata. Una annotazione sul metodo Ørberg alla luce dell’Ipotesi del Noticing di Schmidt

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Ricucci


    Full Text Available L’istruzione classica sta attraversando una crisi mondiale per molteplici motivi:, mentre il greco antico e il latino sono stati eliminati dalle scuole superiori, persino in Italia. Questo articolo è un breve esame in cui la modalità di apprendimento della grammatica nel metodo induttivo-contestuale, approntato da Hans Ørberg, viene analizzata alla luce dell’ Ipotesi del Noticing di Richard Schmidt, linguista applicato statunitense: essa è una teoria cognitiva che spiega l’acquisizione di una lingua seconda.

  20. A multithreaded and GPU-optimized compact finite difference algorithm for turbulent mixing at high Schmidt number using petascale computing (United States)

    Clay, M. P.; Yeung, P. K.; Buaria, D.; Gotoh, T.


    Turbulent mixing at high Schmidt number is a multiscale problem which places demanding requirements on direct numerical simulations to resolve fluctuations down the to Batchelor scale. We use a dual-grid, dual-scheme and dual-communicator approach where velocity and scalar fields are computed by separate groups of parallel processes, the latter using a combined compact finite difference (CCD) scheme on finer grid with a static 3-D domain decomposition free of the communication overhead of memory transposes. A high degree of scalability is achieved for a 81923 scalar field at Schmidt number 512 in turbulence with a modest inertial range, by overlapping communication with computation whenever possible. On the Cray XE6 partition of Blue Waters, use of a dedicated thread for communication combined with OpenMP locks and nested parallelism reduces CCD timings by 34% compared to an MPI baseline. The code has been further optimized for the 27-petaflops Cray XK7 machine Titan using GPUs as accelerators with the latest OpenMP 4.5 directives, giving 2.7X speedup compared to CPU-only execution at the largest problem size. Supported by NSF Grant ACI-1036170, the NCSA Blue Waters Project with subaward via UIUC, and a DOE INCITE allocation at ORNL.

  1. First attempt to study rock glaciers in New Zealand using the Schmidt-hammer - framework and preliminary results (United States)

    Winkler, Stefan; Lambiel, Christophe; Sattler, Katrin; Büche, Thomas; Springer, Johanna


    Although not uncommon within the dryer eastern parts of the Southern Alps, New Zealand, comparatively few previous studies have previously focused on rock glacier dynamics and spatial distribution. Neither investigations of their chronological constraints nor any studies on actual rock glacier velocities have yet been carried out. Rock glaciers and periglacial processes still largely constitute a largely unexplored albeit potentially valuable field of research in the Southern Alps. The high-altitude valley head of Irishman Stream in the Ben Ohau Range between Lakes Ohau and Pukaki, roughly 30 km southeast of the Main Divide, contains a few morphologically intact rock glaciers and some appear to be active features (Sattler et al. 2016). Previous work focusing on the Late-glacial and early Holocene moraines in the valley head below the rock glaciers (Kaplan et al. 2010) provided 10Be-ages that could be utilised as fixed points for SHD (Schmidt-hammer exposure-age dating). Apart from detailed Schmidt-hammer sampling on the Late-glacial and early Holocene moraines, two altitudinal transects from the toe to their apex have been measured in detail on selected rock glaciers. On each of the multiple ridges of the rock glacier surface three sites of 50 boulders have been sampled with one impact each by the hammer (an N-type electronic SilverSchmidt by Proceq). Apart from getting some age constraints of these periglacial features in comparison to the well-dated moraines, the Schmidt-hammer measurements also had the aim to provide some insight into their genetic development resulting in a quite complex morphology of the rock glaciers and partial interaction with some of the moraines. Both altitudinal transects reveal a clear and continuous trend of increasing means (i.e. less weathered/younger exposure ages) towards their apex. The values for the individual ridges show, however, a transitional character with adjacent ridges albeit the abovementioned trend not statistically

  2. A vertex centred Finite Volume Jameson-Schmidt-Turkel (JST) algorithm for a mixed conservation formulation in solid dynamics (United States)

    Aguirre, Miquel; Gil, Antonio J.; Bonet, Javier; Arranz Carreño, Aurelio


    A vertex centred Finite Volume algorithm is presented for the numerical simulation of fast transient dynamics problems involving large deformations. A mixed formulation based upon the use of the linear momentum, the deformation gradient tensor and the total energy as conservation variables is discretised in space using linear triangles and tetrahedra in two-dimensional and three-dimensional computations, respectively. The scheme is implemented using central differences for the evaluation of the interface fluxes in conjunction with the Jameson-Schmidt-Turkel (JST) artificial dissipation term. The discretisation in time is performed by using a Total Variational Diminishing (TVD) two-stage Runge-Kutta time integrator. The JST algorithm is adapted in order to ensure the preservation of linear and angular momenta. The framework results in a low order computationally efficient solver for solid dynamics, which proves to be very competitive in nearly incompressible scenarios and bending dominated applications.

  3. Riflessioni sull’Islam moderno nel Corno d’Africa: un ricordo di Ottavia Schmidt di Friedberg

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irma Taddia


    Full Text Available The reflections on modern Islam give a chance to remember Ottavia Schmidt di Friedberg and can offer new insight about her work in this field of research. Islam has received recently a new attention in Italy and the debate has been engaging a wider number of scholars. I take this opportunity to compare this new historical perspective with the classical Italian historiography of the colonial period. Following the Second World War, a phase of silence and no debate on Islam has characterized this area of studies. My note concerns the debate on modern Islam in an effort to rereading Italian politics towards Islam in Eritrea, Somalia and Libya. Islam has been an underestimated topic of discussion, if we consider the narrow space it has been given in the international conferences on the Horn of Africa. Only in the last decades a new generation of scholars has emerged, even in Italy, proposing new research topics.

  4. Flanged Bombardier beetles from Shanghai, China, with description of a new species in the genus Eustra Schmidt-Goebel (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Paussinae

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiao-Bin Song


    Full Text Available Four paussine species belonging to three different genera are discovered in Shanghai. A new species, Eustra shanghaiensis Song, sp. n., is described, illustrated, and distinguished from the treated congeners. New distributional data or biological notes on Eustra chinensis Bänninger, 1949, Itamus castaneus Schmidt-Goebel, 1846, and Platyrhopalus davidis Fairmaire, 1886 are provided.

  5. Comparison of Acoustic Energy Meter (AEM) and Schmidt hammer 'R' for rapid assessment of rock surface hardness: a preliminary assessment from southeast Queensland, Australia (United States)

    Brook, Martin; Winkler, Stefan


    This research focuses on one of the key challenges in geomorphology - quantifying rock surface hardness via in situ measurements, to provide information on rock physical properties. This has been a focus in recent years with the rapid emergence of studies that center on surface and near surface weathering impacts, and rates of material loss. Indeed, a key element to understanding how weathering and erosion processes combine to influence rock surface (and landscape) evolution is the measurement and monitoring of rock surface hardness. We provide results from a preliminary assessment of the applicability of the Acoustic Energy Meter (AEM) to subaerial rock surface hardness, in comparison with an N-Type Schmidt hammer. The AEM apparatus consists of a geophone which is in contact with the rock surface and some electronics. The AEM is held normal to the surface to be tested and the surface is struck with a small hammer (typically 0.75 kg), with the AEM quantifying the decay time of seismically-induced oscillations within the top c. 1-2 m of the rock mass. Previous work using an AEM has focused on measuring roof stability and delamination in South African underground coal, gold and platinum mines, where long AEM reverberation times correlated well with weak rock mass and dense microfracturing. However, the technique has rarely been applied to the assessment of rock surfaces in a subaerial setting. We applied the technique to a range of lithologies at five sites in southeast Queensland in the Brisbane area, each an exposure of phyllite, granite, mudstone, argillite or volcanic tuff. The aims were: (1) quantifying the response of different rock masses to the AEM technique; and (2) assessing the applicability of the AEM as a rapid in situ measure of rock hardness by comparing results with Schmidt hammer 'R' values from the same exposures. Results showed that the AEM is useful in discriminating rock hardness across rocks with different lithological properties. Second, an


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. Maurer


    Full Text Available Since its publication in 1998 (Laben and Brower, 2000, the Gram-Schmidt pan-sharpen method has become one of the most popular algorithms to pan-sharpen multispectral (MS imagery. It outperforms most other pan-sharpen methods in both maximizing image sharpness and minimizing color distortion. It is, on the other hand, also more complex and computationally expensive than most other methods, as it requires forward and backward transforming the entire image. Another complication is the lack of a clear recipe of how to compute the sensor dependent MS to Pan weights that are needed to compute the simulated low resolution pan band. Estimating them from the sensor’s spectral sensitivity curves (in different ways, or using linear regression or least square methods are typical candidates which can include other degrees of freedom such as adding a constant offset or not. As a result, most companies and data providers do it somewhat differently. Here we present a solution to both problems. The transform coefficients can be computed directly and in advance from the MS covariance matrix and the MS to Pan weights. Once the MS covariance matrix is computed and stored with the image statistics, any small section of the image can be pan-sharpened on the fly, without having to compute anything else over the entire image. Similarly, optimal MS to Pan weights can be computed directly from the full MS-Pan covariance matrix, guaranteeing optimal image quality and consistency.

  7. Structure of syncytia induced by Heterodera schachtii Schmidt in roots of susceptible and resistant radish (Raphanus sativus L., var. oleiformis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Grażyna Grymaszewska


    Full Text Available The structure of syncytia induced by Heterodera schachtii Schmidt in roots of susceptible Raphanus sativus L. cv. "Siletina" and resistant radish cv. "Pegletta" was investigated. In the radish cultivar "Siletina" the syncytia most often appeared in the elongation zone of lateral roots. They were initiated in the procambium and pericycle but also included the parenchyma cells of vascular cylinder. In the susceptible cultivar "Siletina" the cells forming the female's syncytia were subject to hypertrophy. Their cytoplasmic density increased. The cytoplasm contained numerous organella. The proliferation of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum took place. Branched cell wall ingrowths were formed next to the vessels. In the male's syncytia the cells were only slightly increased. Their protoplasts contained few organelles. The cell wall ingrowths were poorly developed. In the syncytia of the resistant cultivar "Pegletta" there was only a slight increase of the cell volume. A well developed system of rough endoplasmic reticulum was observed in the protoplast. Distended ER cisterns contained fine fibrillar material. Material of similar structure also appeared in numerous small vacuoles. In resistant plants only some, not numerous, syncytia spreading in procambium fully developed and functioned long enough for the parasite females to mature. At an advanced stage of infection a well developed system of a rough ER was observed also in those syncytia and numerous vacuoles appeared.

  8. Psicoanalisi ed educazione: il lavoro di Vera Schmidt e di Sabina Spielrein nell’asilo sperimentale di Mosca (1921-1925

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Merete Amann Gainotti


    Full Text Available Negli anni 1921-1923 a Mosca, sulla scia delle profonde trasformazioni politiche e sociali innescate dalla Rivoluzione di ottobre si colloca un esperimento educativo originale, promosso da Vera Schmidt, una pedagogista formata alle idee psicoanalitiche, che si proponeva di cercare nuove vie educative per la prima infanzia sulla base delle recenti conquiste e conoscenze fornite dalla teoria psicoanalitica di S. Freud. Obiettivo di questo contributo è di fornire un breve excursus storico relativo alla diffusione della psicoanalisi in Unione sovietica e alla fondazione dell'asilo sperimentale di Mosca, di ricordare le figure delle due studiose Vera Schmidt e Sabina Spielrein che hanno animato l'iniziativa, il cui lavoro scientifico è rimasto in ombra rispetto a quello dei loro più famosi colleghi S. Freud e di C.G. Jung; infine si intende rendere conto dei principi educativi che esse cercarono di mettere in pratica nell'asilo sperimentale di Mosca.

  9. Discussion of ``Is there a close spatial relationship between faults and plutons?'' by S.R. Paterson and K.L. Schmidt (United States)

    Richards, Jeremy P.


    Paterson and Schmidt (1999) and Schmidt and Paterson (2000) presented statistical analyses of spatial relationships between faults and plutons from which they ;see no evidence that magma is channeled along faults; (Paterson and Schmidt, 1999, p. 1140). If anything, they conclude, there is an antithetic relationship. As an economic geologist familiar with intrusion-related hydrothermal ore deposits, I was at first surprised by these statements and the bold title of the EOS article: ;Analyses fail to find coupling between deformation and magmatism.; However, after reading the articles I came to understand that these conclusions applied only to plutons emplaced within compressional orogenic belts. Fortunately, most hypabyssal plutons related to magmatic hydrothermal ore deposits are emplaced in tensional or transtensional arc environments, albeit perhaps within a broadly compressional regime. In such settings, structural controls on the localization of ore-forming magmatism are evident, as illustrated by the restriction of several of the world's largest porphyry copper deposits to a single ∼30 km×∼1000 km fault belt (the West Fissure Zone) in northern Chile and southern Peru (Fig. 1; Baker and Guilbert, 1987; Richards et al., 1999, 2001), and more specifically to lineament intersections along its length (Salfity, 1985; Richards, 2000; Richards et al., 2001). Other examples have been provided by Rehrig and Heidrick (1972), Seraphim and Hollister (1976), Titley (1981), Heidrick and Titley (1982), Sylvester and Linke (1993), Sapiie and Cloos (1995), and Cornejo et al. (1997).

  10. Electronic-nuclear entanglement in H2 +: Schmidt decomposition of non-Born-Oppenheimer wave functions expanded in nonorthogonal basis sets (United States)

    Sanz-Vicario, José Luis; Pérez-Torres, Jhon Fredy; Moreno-Polo, Germán


    We compute the entanglement between the electronic and vibrational motions in the simplest molecular system, the hydrogen molecular ion, considering the molecule as a bipartite system, electron and vibrational motion. For that purpose we compute an accurate total non-Born-Oppenheimer wave function in terms of a huge expansion using nonorthogonal B-spline basis sets that expand separately the electronic and nuclear wave functions. According to the Schmidt decomposition theorem for bipartite systems, widely used in quantum-information theory, it is possible to find a much shorter but equivalent expansion in terms of the natural orbitals or Schmidt bases for the electronic and nuclear half spaces. Here we extend the Schmidt decomposition theorem to the case in which nonorthogonal bases are used to span the partitioned Hilbert spaces. This extension is first illustrated with two simple coupled systems, the former without an exact solution and the latter exactly solvable. In these model systems of distinguishable coupled particles it is shown that the entanglement content does not increase monotonically with the excitation energy, but only within the manifold of states that belong to an existing excitation mode, if any. In the hydrogen molecular ion the entanglement content for each non-Born-Oppenheimer vibronic state is quantified through the von Neumann and linear entropies and we show that entanglement serves as a witness to distinguish vibronic states related to different Born-Oppenheimer molecular energy curves or electronic excitation modes.

  11. Hilbert-Schmidt and Sobol sensitivity indices for static and time series Wnt signaling measurements in colorectal cancer - part A. (United States)

    Sinha, Shriprakash


    Ever since the accidental discovery of Wingless [Sharma R.P., Drosophila information service, 1973, 50, p 134], research in the field of Wnt signaling pathway has taken significant strides in wet lab experiments and various cancer clinical trials, augmented by recent developments in advanced computational modeling of the pathway. Information rich gene expression profiles reveal various aspects of the signaling pathway and help in studying different issues simultaneously. Hitherto, not many computational studies exist which incorporate the simultaneous study of these issues. This manuscript ∙ explores the strength of contributing factors in the signaling pathway, ∙ analyzes the existing causal relations among the inter/extracellular factors effecting the pathway based on prior biological knowledge and ∙ investigates the deviations in fold changes in the recently found prevalence of psychophysical laws working in the pathway. To achieve this goal, local and global sensitivity analysis is conducted on the (non)linear responses between the factors obtained from static and time series expression profiles using the density (Hilbert-Schmidt Information Criterion) and variance (Sobol) based sensitivity indices. The results show the advantage of using density based indices over variance based indices mainly due to the former's employment of distance measures & the kernel trick via Reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS) that capture nonlinear relations among various intra/extracellular factors of the pathway in a higher dimensional space. In time series data, using these indices it is now possible to observe where in time, which factors get influenced & contribute to the pathway, as changes in concentration of the other factors are made. This synergy of prior biological knowledge, sensitivity analysis & representations in higher dimensional spaces can facilitate in time based administration of target therapeutic drugs & reveal hidden biological information within

  12. A filter feature selection method based on the Maximal Information Coefficient and Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization for biomedical data mining. (United States)

    Lyu, Hongqiang; Wan, Mingxi; Han, Jiuqiang; Liu, Ruiling; Wang, Cheng


    A filter feature selection technique has been widely used to mine biomedical data. Recently, in the classical filter method minimal-Redundancy-Maximal-Relevance (mRMR), a risk has been revealed that a specific part of the redundancy, called irrelevant redundancy, may be involved in the minimal-redundancy component of this method. Thus, a few attempts to eliminate the irrelevant redundancy by attaching additional procedures to mRMR, such as Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis based mRMR (KCCAmRMR), have been made. In the present study, a novel filter feature selection method based on the Maximal Information Coefficient (MIC) and Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization (GSO), named Orthogonal MIC Feature Selection (OMICFS), was proposed to solve this problem. Different from other improved approaches under the max-relevance and min-redundancy criterion, in the proposed method, the MIC is used to quantify the degree of relevance between feature variables and target variable, the GSO is devoted to calculating the orthogonalized variable of a candidate feature with respect to previously selected features, and the max-relevance and min-redundancy can be indirectly optimized by maximizing the MIC relevance between the GSO orthogonalized variable and target. This orthogonalization strategy allows OMICFS to exclude the irrelevant redundancy without any additional procedures. To verify the performance, OMICFS was compared with other filter feature selection methods in terms of both classification accuracy and computational efficiency by conducting classification experiments on two types of biomedical datasets. The results showed that OMICFS outperforms the other methods in most cases. In addition, differences between these methods were analyzed, and the application of OMICFS in the mining of high-dimensional biomedical data was discussed. The Matlab code for the proposed method is available at Copyright © 2017

  13. 12th September 2011 - Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs F. Schmidt Ariztía in the ATLAS visitor centre with ATLAS Collaboration Former Spokesperson P. Jenni, Adviser for Chile J. Salicio Diez and Senior Physicist J. Mikenberg.

    CERN Document Server

    Maximilien Brice


    12th September 2011 - Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs F. Schmidt Ariztía in the ATLAS visitor centre with ATLAS Collaboration Former Spokesperson P. Jenni, Adviser for Chile J. Salicio Diez and Senior Physicist J. Mikenberg.

  14. What killed Karl Patterson Schmidt? Combined venom gland transcriptomic, venomic and antivenomic analysis of the South African green tree snake (the boomslang), Dispholidus typus. (United States)

    Pla, Davinia; Sanz, Libia; Whiteley, Gareth; Wagstaff, Simon C; Harrison, Robert A; Casewell, Nicholas R; Calvete, Juan J


    Non-front-fanged colubroid snakes comprise about two-thirds of extant ophidian species. The medical significance of the majority of these snakes is unknown, but at least five species have caused life-threatening or fatal human envenomings. However, the venoms of only a small number of species have been explored. A combined venomic and venom gland transcriptomic approach was employed to characterise of venom of Dispholidus typus (boomslang), the snake that caused the tragic death of Professor Karl Patterson Schmidt. The ability of CroFab™ antivenom to immunocapture boomslang venom proteins was investigated using antivenomics. Transcriptomic-assisted proteomic analysis identified venom proteins belonging to seven protein families: three-finger toxin (3FTx); phospholipase A2 (PLA2); cysteine-rich secretory proteins (CRISP); snake venom (SV) serine proteinase (SP); C-type lectin-like (CTL); SV metalloproteinases (SVMPs); and disintegrin-like/cysteine-rich (DC) proteolytic fragments. CroFab™ antivenom efficiently immunodepleted some boomslang SVMPs. The present work is the first to address the overall proteomic profile of D. typus venom. This study allowed us to correlate the toxin composition with the toxic activities of the venom. The antivenomic analysis suggested that the antivenom available at the time of the unfortunate accident could have exhibited at least some immunoreactivity against the boomslang SVMPs responsible for the disseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome that caused K.P. Schmidt's fatal outcome. This study may stimulate further research on other non-front-fanged colubroid snake venoms capable of causing life-threatening envenomings to humans, which in turn should contribute to prevent fatal human accidents, such as that unfortunately suffered by K.P. Schmidt. Copyright © 2017 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  15. Syntheses of the Stemona Alkaloids (±)-Stenine, (±)-Neostenine, and (±)-13-Epineostenine Using a Stereodivergent Diels-Alder/Azido-Schmidt Reaction (United States)

    Frankowski, Kevin J.; Golden, Jennifer E.; Zeng, Yibin; Lei, Yao; Aubé, Jeffrey


    A tandem Diels-Alder/azido Schmidt reaction sequence provides rapid access to the core skeleton shared by several Stemona alkaloids including stenine, neostenine, tuberstemonine, and neotubererostemonine. The discovery and evolution of inter- and intramolecular variations of this process and their applications to total syntheses of (±)–stenine and (±)–neostenine is described. The stereochemical outcome of the reaction depends on both substrate type and reaction condition, enabling the preparation of both (±)–stenine and (±)–neostenine from the same diene/dienophile combination. PMID:18396881

  16. Analytical Solutions and Optimization of the Exo-Irreversible Schmidt Cycle with Imperfect Regeneration for the 3 Classical Types of Stirling Engine Solutions analytiques et optimisation du cycle de Schmidt irréversible à régénération imparfaite appliquées aux 3 types classiques de moteur Stirling


    Rochelle P.; Grosu L.


    The “old” Stirling engine is one of the most promising multi-heat source engines for the future. Simple and realistic basic models are useful to aid in optimizing a preliminary engine configuration. In addition to new proper analytical solutions for regeneration that dramatically reduce computing time, this study of the Schmidt-Stirling engine cycle is carried out from an engineer-friendly viewpoint introducing exo-irreversible heat transfers. The reference parameters are the technologic...

  17. A dual communicator and dual grid-resolution algorithm for petascale simulations of turbulent mixing at high Schmidt number (United States)

    Clay, M. P.; Buaria, D.; Gotoh, T.; Yeung, P. K.


    A new dual-communicator algorithm with very favorable performance characteristics has been developed for direct numerical simulation (DNS) of turbulent mixing of a passive scalar governed by an advection-diffusion equation. We focus on the regime of high Schmidt number (S c), where because of low molecular diffusivity the grid-resolution requirements for the scalar field are stricter than those for the velocity field by a factor √{ S c }. Computational throughput is improved by simulating the velocity field on a coarse grid of Nv3 points with a Fourier pseudo-spectral (FPS) method, while the passive scalar is simulated on a fine grid of Nθ3 points with a combined compact finite difference (CCD) scheme which computes first and second derivatives at eighth-order accuracy. A static three-dimensional domain decomposition and a parallel solution algorithm for the CCD scheme are used to avoid the heavy communication cost of memory transposes. A kernel is used to evaluate several approaches to optimize the performance of the CCD routines, which account for 60% of the overall simulation cost. On the petascale supercomputer Blue Waters at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, scalability is improved substantially with a hybrid MPI-OpenMP approach in which a dedicated thread per NUMA domain overlaps communication calls with computational tasks performed by a separate team of threads spawned using OpenMP nested parallelism. At a target production problem size of 81923 (0.5 trillion) grid points on 262,144 cores, CCD timings are reduced by 34% compared to a pure-MPI implementation. Timings for 163843 (4 trillion) grid points on 524,288 cores encouragingly maintain scalability greater than 90%, although the wall clock time is too high for production runs at this size. Performance monitoring with CrayPat for problem sizes up to 40963 shows that the CCD routines can achieve nearly 6% of the peak flop rate. The new DNS code is built upon two existing FPS and CCD codes

  18. Correspondents and the Cold War. How foreign correspondents acted during the chancellery of Helmut Schmidt (1974-1982 in Germany and abroad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas Birkner


    Full Text Available This paper addresses the role of foreign correspondents during the Cold War. More specifically, it focuses on the case study of the relationship between former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and foreign correspondents in Germanyand abroad. A synthesis of historical research and qualitative analysis of documentsand interviews provides a behind-the-scenes look at media diplomacy during the 70s andearly 80s. From the perspective of system theory and the concept of mediatization, mediaand politics are understood as separate but equal social systems that interact with eachother. This case study is based on documents from the private archives of Helmut Schmidtand from the annals of his party, the German Social Democrats, as well as interviews conducted with Schmidt and former journalist and correspondent Gerd Ruge. Analysis of theinterviews and the private and secret correspondence of Schmidt with journalists affordsan inside view into the role foreign correspondents played during the Cold War when communicationacross the Iron Curtain was especially challenging. Our conclusions show howimportant foreign correspondents are in international relations, while also demonstrating that aspects of international diplomacy, though involving journalists, were not necessarily included in media coverage. This study helps to clarify the complex interactions between media and politics. On the basis of our explorative research, a model is proffered of possible relations and interactions between politicians and foreign correspondents. As sources of information and means of communication, foreign correspondents exert a strong influence on the fates of nations and governments, before and behind the scenes. Esta proposta aborda o papel dos correspondentes estrangeiros durante a Guerra Fria. Mais especificamente, centra-se no estudo de caso da relação entre o ex-chanceler alemão Helmut Schmidt e os correspondentes estrangeiros na Alemanha e no exterior. A s

  19. Review: Jan Schmidt (2005. Der virtuelle lokale Raum. Zur Institutionalisierung lokal bezogener Online-Nutzungsepisoden [The Virtual Local Space. To Institutionalize Regionally Oriented Online User Episodes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Albert K. Petersheim


    Full Text Available Computers and the Internet are nowadays part of our everyday lives. The advantages provided by the technical and financial resources are obvious. At the same time, daily routines change through Internet utilization and therefore relocate the importance of space and time up to the point of their apparent disappearance. In his dissertation, Jan SCHMIDT questioned ideas of space-loss (end of geography, cyberspace, Internet spacelessness and shows, with an example of regional network utilization, that the constitution of existing space does not get lost but is instead enhanced. The anchorage of regional networks in a geographic region gets clearer in scientific research, where the provider and user step into an interest-led exchange. Jan SCHMIDT describes dimensions of virtual regional space that structure the user’s behaviour and expectations in a special way in their daily life. In this respect this is research of interest to anybody who deals with the impact of the Internet and its configuration for potential service. It is not necessarily a disadvantage that the social- and media-scientific perspective is highlighted but narrows the audience due to a very high scientific standard. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0601130

  20. Consideration of geomorphological uncertainties with terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide dating (TCND): combining Schmidt-hammer and 10Be dating, Southern Alps, New Zealand (United States)

    Winkler, Stefan


    "by vision". Especially in regions like the Southern Alps affected of considerable neo-tectonic activity and paraglacial erosion, post-depositional movement of any boulders on moraine ridges cannot be excluded a priori. On base on these considerations, an attempt to combine TCND with Schmidt-hammer measurements for the dating of Holocene moraines and the reconstruction of a regional glacier chronology has been developed (Winkler 2009). Cosmogenic 10Be dating delivers ‘absolute' ages for the exposure of boulder surfaces, i.e. the same surface tested with the Schmidt-hammer relative-age dating technique. Therefore, Schmidt-hammer measurements can successfully endorse the selection of representative boulders for TCND and effectively avoid sampling boulders that have been exposed to post-depositional movement (e.g. rotation). Additionally, the number of boulders sampled for TCND can be reduced, positive in the light of economic and conservational considerations. Results from the application of this combined ‘multi-proxy-approach' at a number of individual glaciers in Westland/Tai Poutini and Mt Cook/Aoraki National Parks of the Southern Alps proof its potential. At least three ‘Little Ice Age'-type events culminating around 2,300, 1,600, and 1,000 years ago and predating the "Little Ice Age" have been confirmed. The construction of a dating curve based on both Schmidt-hammer and cosmogenic (10Be) dating results shows high significance and demonstrates the high potential of this attempt. References: Schaefer, J.M., Denton, G.H., Kaplan, M., Putnam, A., Finkel, R.C., Barrell, D.J.A., Andersen, B.G., Schwartz, R., McIntosh, A., Chinn, T. & Schlüchter, C. (2009): High-frequency Holocene glacier fluctuations in New Zealand differ from the northern signature. Science 324, 622 - 625. Winkler, S. (2009): First attempt to combine terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide (10Be) and Schmidt hammer relative-age dating: Strauchon Glacier, Southern Alps, New Zealand. Central European

  1. Complementary version of fermion coupled coherent states method and gram-schmidt algorithm: Theory and applications for electronic states of H2 and H2. (United States)

    Eidi, Mohammadreza; Vafaee, Mohsen; Rooein, Mitra


    In our previous report, we introduced a new version of Fermion coupled coherent states method (FCCS) which was especially suited for simulating the first symmetric spatial electronic state of two-electron systems. In this manuscript, we report a complementary version for FCCS method to simulate both of the first symmetric and antisymmetric spatial electronic states of two-electron systems. Moreover, the Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization process is employed to reach the excited states of the system. We apply this FCCS method and the original coupled coherent state method to simulate the energy of different electronic states of H2 and H2+, respectively. The results for the energy of computed electronic states of H2 and H2+ show a pretty good consistency with the exact values. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  2. Comparison of a Schmidt and Haensch refractometer and an Atago PAL-USG Cat refractometer for determination of urine specific gravity in dogs and cats. (United States)

    Tvedten, Harold W; Norén, Aså


    The performance of a digital Atago PAL-USG Cat refractometer (Atago) was compared with a Schmidt and Haensch, Goldberg type refractometer (S+H). Specific gravity of 47 canine and feline urine samples was determined with both refractometers and the results were compared with Passing-Bablok and Bland-Altman plots. In addition, the specific gravity of dilutions of 10% glucose, 10% NaCl, and 3% albumin solutions was determined and compared with expected values. Both refractometers consistently reported 1.000 with distilled water. The correlation between both refractometers based on Passing-Bablok plots of 47 urine samples was excellent (r = .99), but, in the Bland-Altman plots, there was a significant, proportional, negative error for the Atago readouts. This was also illustrated by the fact that 10 urine samples with an S+H result of > 1.030 were read out between 1.023 and 1.028 by Atago. Schmidt and Haensch results of various glucose solutions matched exactly expected values, but Atago results were lower. Likewise, S+H results with diluted NaCl solutions were closer to expected results than Atago results. In contrast, Atago results with dilutions of 3% albumin were closer to expected results than S+H results. The Atago refractometer reported lower specific gravity results in urine and standard solutions of glucose and NaCl, which could adversely affect clinical decisions concerning normal renal function based on solute concentrations determined in canine and feline urine samples. © 2014 American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology and European Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology.

  3. Fulfilling Schmidt Ocean Institute's commitment to open sharing of information, data, and research outcomes: Successes and Lessons Learned from Proposal Evaluation to Public Repositories to Lasting Achievements (United States)

    Miller, A.; Zykov, V.


    Schmidt Ocean Institute's vision is that the world's ocean be understood through technological advancement, intelligent observation, and open sharing of information. As such, making data collected aboard R/V Falkor available to the general public is a key pillar of the organization and a major strategic focus. Schmidt Ocean Institute supports open sharing of information about the ocean to stimulate the growth of its applications and user community, and amplify further exploration, discovery, and deeper understanding of our environment. These efforts are supported through partnerships with data management experts in the oceanographic community to enable standards-compliant sharing of scientific information and data collected during research cruises. To properly fulfill the commitment, proponents' data management plans are evaluated as part of the proposal process when applying for ship time. We request a thorough data management plan be submitted and expert reviewers evaluate the proposal's plan as part of the review process. Once a project is successfully selected, the chief scientist signs an agreement stating delivery dates for post-cruise data deliverables in a timely manner, R/V Falkor underway and meterological data is shared via public repositories, and links and reports are posted on the cruise webpage. This allows many more creative minds and thinkers to analyze, process, and study the data collected in the world ocean rather than privileging one scientist with the proprietary information, driving international and national scientific progress. This presentation will include the Institute's mission, vision, and strategy for sharing data, based on our Founders' passions, the process for evaluating proposed data management plans, and our partnering efforts to make data publically available in fulfillment of our commitment. Recent achievements and successes in data sharing, as well as future plans to improve our efforts will also be discussed.

  4. Use of {sup 10}Be exposure ages and Schmidt hammer data for correlation of moraines in the Krkonose Mountains, Poland/Czech Republic

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Engel, Zbynek; Krizek, Marek [Charles Univ., Prague (Czech Republic). Dept. of Physical Geography and Geoecology; Traczyk, Andrzej [Wroclaw Univ. (Poland). Dept. of Geomorphology; Braucher, Regis [CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence (France); Woronko, Barbara [Warsaw Univ. (Poland). Dept. of Geography and Regional Development


    Exposure ages and relative-age data are presented from eight sites in the Lomnica and Lomniczka valleys to provide essential information for reconstructing local glaciation chronology. A combination of {sup 10}Be exposure ages and Schmidt hammer data obtained for moraines indicate relatively short period of glacier accumulation lasting from 17.0{+-}0.4 ka to 13.6{+-}0.9 ka. Exposure age of 8.4{+-}0.3 ka measured on the lowermost section of the Lomnica cirque headwall further confirms the view of glacier preservation in favourable sites until the beginning of the Holocene. A comparison of the obtained chronological data with timing of mountain glaciation in the nearby Upa Valley is used to propose the first correlative model of Late Quaternary glaciation in the eastern part of the Krkonose Mountains. The correlation implies that the lowermost preserved moraines originated during the local maximum of the last glaciation whereas recessional moraines were deposited until the Lateglacial period. A subsequent melting of glaciers terminated at the beginning of the Holocene. The implications of the model are discussed and further investigations are suggested to extend its validity to the whole mountain area. (orig.)

  5. A new species of Andracantha Schmidt (Acanthocephala, Polymorphidae parasite of Neotropical cormorants, Phalacrocorax brasilianus (Gmelin (Aves, Phalacrocoracidae from southern Brazil Nova espécie de Andracantha Schmidt (Acanthocephala, Polymorphidae parasita de biguás, Phalacrocorax brasilianus (Gmelin (Aves, Phalacrocoracidae da região Sul do Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cassandra M. Monteiro


    Full Text Available A new species of the genus Andracantha Schmidt, 1975, parasite of Neotropical cormorants, Phalacrocorax brasilianus (Gmelin, 1789, is described and compared to the other six species currently placed in the genus. The new species differs from the previously known species of Andracantha by having two inflations in the anterior region of the trunk and by having the testes in tandem in the central region of the body. These differences were also responsible for the diagnosis emendation of the genus now proposed. The orange pigmentation of the acanthocephalans recently collected from the intestine is documented for the first time in a species of this genus. This is the first record of adult specimens of any species of Andracantha in South America.Uma nova espécie do gênero Andracantha Schmidt, 1975, parasita de biguás (cormorões neotropicais, Phalacrocorax brasilianus (Gmelin, 1789, é descrita e comparada com as outras seis espécies atualmente incluídas no gênero. A nova espécie difere das demais espécies previamente conhecidas de Andracantha por ter duas inflações na região anterior do corpo e por ter testículos em tandem na região central do corpo. Estas diferenças também são responsáveis pela emenda na diagnose do gênero agora proposta. Pela primeira vez é documentada a pigmentação alaranjada de acantocéfalos recém coletados do intestino, em qualquer espécie do gênero. Este é o primeiro registro de espécimes adultos do gênero Andracantha na América do Sul.

  6. Concentrations of PM₂.₅₋₁₀ and PM₂.₅ and metallic elements around the Schmidt Stream area, in the Sinos River Basin, southern Brazil. (United States)

    Alves, D D; Osório, D M M; Rodrigues, M A S; Illi, J C; Bianchin, L; Benvenuti, T


    This research aimed to evaluate the air quality, by determining the concentrations of PM2.5-10, PM2.5 and the metallic elements Al, Ba, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, Zn and Hg in the leaf part of ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) in an area close to Schmidt Stream, at the lower section of Sinos River Basin (SRB), in a research campaign of six months, from October 2013 to March 2014. The particles collected in the PM sampling were analyzed by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) combined with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (EDS), in order to study their morphology and chemical composition. The mean concentration of PM2.5-10 was 9.1 µg m(-3), with a range of 2.2 µg m(-3) to 15.4 µg m(-3) and the mean concentration of PM2.5 was 4.7 µg m(-3), with a range of 1.9 µg m(-3) to 8.2 µg m(-3). Concentrations of metallic elements, especially Pb, Cr and Zn, were classified as Class 4 (very high pollution levels), according to the classification proposed by Klumpp et al. (2004). Chemical and morphological analysis of PM revealed the presence of particles of biological origin, soot (Cr, Fe, Ni, Zn, Cd, Hg and Pb), salts (KCl) and soil resuspension (Al and Si). The integrated study methodology, employing environmental variables, such as PM and ryegrass, can be of help in the preparation of wide-ranging environmental diagnoses, in addition providing information needed to develop precautionary measures designed to minimize the effects of atmospheric pollution that takes into consideration the environment's supportive capacity and environmental quality.

  7. Experimental Design Considerations in Measuring pH for the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE Competition to Improve pH-sensing Technologies (United States)

    Okazaki, R. R.; Sutton, A.; Feely, R. A.; Dickson, A. G.; Alin, S. R.; Sabine, C. L.; Bunje, P. M. E.; Virmani, J. I.


    Ocean acidification is having widespread and varying effects on marine ecosystems. However, understanding these effects requires scientists to distinguish anthropogenic pH changes from natural variability, which in turn requires high-quality measurements over increased spatiotemporal scales. Glass pH electrodes are currently the most widespread pH-sensing technology used for seawater pH measurements; however, they tend to measure inconsistently as a consequence of a variety of random and systematic effects that are inherent in such measurements. Such effects introduce errors of unknown magnitude. Despite the recognized need for improved pH sensors for seawater pH measurement, spectrophotometric and ion-selective field-effect transistor approaches have become more prevalent only in the last 25 years but are cost-prohibitive for many potential users. The Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE competition addressed this technology gap by incentivizing research into improving the performance and affordability of pH sensors. The accuracy, precision, and stability of competitors' sensors were evaluated in a series of laboratory and field experiments. We describe the experimental design of these evaluations as well as measures taken to understand spatiotemporal variability in the test tank pH values and to reduce uncertainties in the measurement of pH. The chief concerns were controlling temperature, ensuring homogenous pH across the testing area, and establishing appropriate quality control procedures. This competition provides a template for future sensor evaluations by demonstrating how multiple sensors can be evaluated simultaneously in laboratory, coastal, and deep sea applications.

  8. [Aus dem Schrifttum] / Carmen Schmidt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Schmidt, Carmen, 1956-


    Arvustus: Die selbstverwaltete Gemeinde : Beiträge zu ihrer Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft in Estland, Deutschland und Europa / Hrsg. W. Drechsler. - Berlin, 1999. - 128 S. (Schriften zum öffentlichen Recht ; 784). Arvustus artiklite kogumikule, mis on pühendatud Lübecki linnaõiguse 750.-le aastapäevale

  9. High Line

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kiib, Hans


    factories and warehouses on Gansevoort Street. Today the High Line is a beautiful park covered with new tiles, viewing platforms and smaller recreational areas. The park bridge has simple, uniform, urban fittings and features a variety of flowering plants, grasses, shrubs and trees from around the world......, and galleries. With the High Line, a new urban architectural typology has been created that is aesthetically enriching and sets new standards for urban transformation and urban life. “The park accommodates the wild, the cultivated, the intimate and the social. Access points are durational experiences designed...

  10. Analytical Solutions and Optimization of the Exo-Irreversible Schmidt Cycle with Imperfect Regeneration for the 3 Classical Types of Stirling Engine Solutions analytiques et optimisation du cycle de Schmidt irréversible à régénération imparfaite appliquées aux 3 types classiques de moteur Stirling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rochelle P.


    Full Text Available The “old” Stirling engine is one of the most promising multi-heat source engines for the future. Simple and realistic basic models are useful to aid in optimizing a preliminary engine configuration. In addition to new proper analytical solutions for regeneration that dramatically reduce computing time, this study of the Schmidt-Stirling engine cycle is carried out from an engineer-friendly viewpoint introducing exo-irreversible heat transfers. The reference parameters are the technological or physical constraints: the maximum pressure, the maximum volume, the extreme wall temperatures and the overall thermal conductance, while the adjustable optimization variables are the volumetric compression ratio, the dead volume ratios, the volume phase-lag, the gas characteristics, the hot-to-cold conductance ratio and the regenerator efficiency. The new normalized analytical expressions for the operating characteristics of the engine: power, work, efficiency, mean pressure, maximum speed of revolution are derived, and some dimensionless and dimensional reference numbers are presented as well as power optimization examples with respect to non-dimensional speed, volume ratio and volume phase-lag angle.analytical solutions. Le “vieux” moteur Stirling est l’un des moteurs a sources multiples d’energie les plus prometteurs pour le futur. Des modeles elementaires simples et realistes sont utiles pour faciliter l’optimisation de configurations preliminaires du moteur. En plus de nouvelles solutions analytiques qui reduisent fortement le temps de calcul, cette etude du cycle moteur de Schmidt-Stirling modifie est entreprise avec le point de vue de l’ingenieur en introduisant les exo-irreversibilites dues aux transferts thermiques. Les parametres de reference sont des contraintes technologiques ou physiques : la pression maximum, le volume maximum, les temperatures de paroi extremes et la conductance totale, alors que les parametres d

  11. Didymosphenia geminata (Lyngbye) M. Schmidt en el área andina de la provincia de Chubut: taxonomía, diversidad morfológica y genética y origen del alga invasora


    Uyua, Noelia Mariel


    La temática abordada en el presente trabajo está vinculada a los problemas que, a nivel mundial, causa Didymosphenia geminata (Lyngbye) Schmidt. Esta es una diatomea de agua dulce que puede formar proliferaciones masivas o floraciones. A diferencia de las floraciones algales planctónicas que están relacionadas con el aumento de las concentraciones de nitrógeno y fósforo, los crecimientos masivos de D. geminata, en general están asociados a ambientes pobres en nutrientes y en muchos casos prís...

  12. Combination of in situ cosmogenic nuclide (10Be) and Schmidt-hammer dating for the investigation of Late-Holocene lateral moraines in the Southern Alps of New Zealand (United States)

    Winkler, S.


    The investigation of Holocene glacier chronologies in high mountain regions is important for use of glaciers as indicators for climate change. Only detailed Holocene glacier chronologies offer the opportunity to improve our knowledge on the relationship between glaciers and climate factors, and to verify models of the future glacier development. The Southern Alps of New Zealand represent the southern hemispheric study area within the complex comparative current research project "MaMoGla" (Holocene and recent dynamics of maritime mountain glaciers). Among other goals, new methodological attempts to date the dominating lateral moraines in the Southern Alps in order to revise existing glaciers chronologies have been integrated in this project. The need for improvement of the existing Holocene glacier chronology of the Southern Alps/New Zealand is mainly caused by methodological uncertainties and the focus on Tasman Glaciers as unreliable key locality. Previously, radiocarbon (14C) dating of organic material (plant remains, organic-rich soil layers etc.) buried beneath or within the complex lateral moraines was the predominating ‘absolute' dating technique applied. In addition to older studies using the measurement of weathering rind thickness on boulders, the potential of the Schmidt-hammer as relative-age dating technique has clearly been demonstrated by the successful application on several lateral and latero-frontal moraine sequences in the Mt Cook/Aoraki National Park. The relatively homogenous and weathering/erosion-resistant bedrock yielded comparatively small standard errors and, thus, a relatively high time resolution of up to 200 - 300 years. Supported by statistical treatment of the raw field data, the Schmidt-hammer provided sufficient information to group the individual moraine ridges into moraine sequences and relate them to separate Little Ice Age-type events. However, the final ‘absolute' age dating of the moraine sequences remained open. As an

  13. production lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jingshan Li


    Full Text Available In this work, serial production lines with finished goods buffers operating in the pull regime are considered. The machines are assumed to obey Bernoulli reliability model. The problem of satisfying customers demand is addressed. The level of demand satisfaction is quantified by the due-time performance (DTP, which is defined as the probability to ship to the customer a required number of parts during a fixed time interval. Within this scenario, the definitions of DTP bottlenecks are introduced and a method for their identification is developed.

  14. Parallel Lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James G. Worner


    Full Text Available James Worner is an Australian-based writer and scholar currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Technology Sydney. His research seeks to expose masculinities lost in the shadow of Australia’s Anzac hegemony while exploring new opportunities for contemporary historiography. He is the recipient of the Doctoral Scholarship in Historical Consciousness at the university’s Australian Centre of Public History and will be hosted by the University of Bologna during 2017 on a doctoral research writing scholarship.   ‘Parallel Lines’ is one of a collection of stories, The Shapes of Us, exploring liminal spaces of modern life: class, gender, sexuality, race, religion and education. It looks at lives, like lines, that do not meet but which travel in proximity, simultaneously attracted and repelled. James’ short stories have been published in various journals and anthologies.

  15. VT Digital Line Graph Miscellaneous Transmission Lines (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — (Link to Metadata) This datalayer is comprised of Miscellaineous Transmission Lines. Digital line graph (DLG) data are digital representations of cartographic...

  16. On the Origin of the Galactic Ridge Recombination Lines

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    Lockman 1980) presumed to be in weak or evolved HII regions or the outer envelopes of normal HII regions. As most of the .... Let this ring be inside the solar circle. In any spectrum taken at a longitude ..... J., 156, 269. Schmidt, M. 1965, in Stars and Stellar Systems, Eds A. Blaauw & M. Schmidt, Univ. Chicago. Press, 5, 513.

  17. 32nd Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft für Klassifikation e.V., Joint Conference with the British Classification Society (BCS) and the Dutch/Flemish Classification Society (VOC), Helmut-Schmidt-University

    CERN Document Server

    Lausen, Berthold; Seidel, Wilfried; Ultsch, Alfred


    Data Analysis, Data Handling and Business Intelligence are research areas at the intersection of computer science, artificial intelligence, mathematics, and statistics. They cover general methods and techniques that can be applied to a vast set of applications such as in marketing, finance, economics, engineering, linguistics, archaeology, musicology, medical science, and biology. This volume contains the revised versions of selected papers presented during the 32nd Annual Conference of the German Classification Society (Gesellschaft für Klassifikation, GfKl). The conference, which was organized in cooperation with the British Classification Society (BCS) and the Dutch/Flemish Classification Society (VOC), was hosted by Helmut-Schmidt-University, Hamburg, Germany, in July 2008.

  18. 2 March 2012 - US Google Management Team Executive Chairman E. Schmidt visiting the LHC superconducting magnet test hall with Director for Accelerators and Technology S. Myers and Head of Technology Department F. Bordry; signing the guest book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer.

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    2 March 2012 - US Google Management Team Executive Chairman E. Schmidt visiting the LHC superconducting magnet test hall with Director for Accelerators and Technology S. Myers and Head of Technology Department F. Bordry; signing the guest book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer.

  19. [Proceedings of the VII international symposium 'Cultural heritage in geosciences, mining and metallurgy : libraries, archives, museums' : "Museums and their collections" held at the Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum Leiden (The Netherlands), 19-23 May, 2003 / Cor F. Winkler Prins and Stephen K. Donovan (editors)]: The 2003 Peter Schmidt award presented to Joanne Lerud

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Winkler Prins, C.F.


    It was decided 'en petit comite' to present the Peter Schmidt award for 2003 to Joanne Lerud, a dear friend who attended many of the 'Erbe Symposia' and made valuable contributions to them. The award is especially for organising in such an excellent way the Fifth International Symposium 'Cultural

  20. Peripheral intravenous line - infants (United States)

    PIV - infants; Peripheral IV - infants; Peripheral line - infants; Peripheral line - neonatal ... A peripheral intravenous line (PIV) is a small, short, plastic tube, called a catheter. A health care provider puts the PIV through the ...

  1. Sewer Main Pipe Lines (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This is a line feature dataset with lines across the island of Guam. These lines represent the sewer mains that carry refuse to the sewer plants for processing and...

  2. Abstract Line Designs (United States)

    Nevinskas, Nancy


    In this article, the author describes a unit on the exploration of line. The unit was composed of two individual line lessons. In the first lesson, students were introduced to line as an element of design. They were asked to describe different types of lines, and look for them in art reproductions. The second lesson in the unit involved painting…

  3. Community LINE Source Model (C-LINE) (United States)

    This presentation provides an introduction for the live demo and explains the purpose of C-LINE and its key features. C-LINE is a web-based model designed to inform the community user of local air quality impacts due to mobile-sources in their region of interest using a simplifie...

  4. Nuclear reactor overflow line (United States)

    Severson, Wayne J.


    The overflow line for the reactor vessel of a liquid-metal-cooled nuclear reactor includes means for establishing and maintaining a continuous bleed flow of coolant amounting to 5 to 10% of the total coolant flow through the overflow line to prevent thermal shock to the overflow line when the reactor is restarted following a trip. Preferably a tube is disposed concentrically just inside the overflow line extending from a point just inside the reactor vessel to an overflow tank and a suction line is provided opening into the body of liquid metal in the reactor vessel and into the annulus between the overflow line and the inner tube.

  5. VT Electric Transmission Line Corridors - corridor lines (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — (Link to Metadata) The ELTRN layer depicts electric transmission line corridors in Vermont. Various methods have been used to digitize features. The data layer...

  6. Lined canvas paintings

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Krarup Andersen, Cecil


    This work evaluates the lining history of the Danish Golden Age collection of canvas paintings from the nineteenths century at SMK, The National Gallery of Denmark, and seeks to understand the moisture sensitivity of the paintings before and after lining. This is done by chemical analysis...... and tensile testing samples from the tacking edges as well as lined mock-up samples. The ability of the different lining techniques to support canvas paintings is evaluated in terms of their initial stretching and during fluctuations of relative humidity. Six different combinations of lining adhesives...... and textiles were examined. These included the adhesives Beva 371, Plextol D360, wax-resin, and glue-paste. The lining textiles were linen and polyester sailcloth. A naturally aged canvas painting and a modern painting were lined using these materials and methods. Testing of the lined paintings included uni...

  7. Peripheral arterial line (image) (United States)

    A peripheral arterial line is a small, short plastic catheter placed through the skin into an artery of the arm or leg. The purpose of a peripheral arterial line is to allow continuous monitoring of blood pressure ...

  8. Homotopic Polygonal Line Simplification

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Deleuran, Lasse Kosetski

    This thesis presents three contributions to the area of polygonal line simplification, or simply line simplification. A polygonal path, or simply a path is a list of points with line segments between the points. A path can be simplified by morphing it in order to minimize some objective function...

  9. The Schmidt-Czerny-Turner spectrograph (United States)

    McClure, Jason P.


    Since the invention of the CCD detector in 1969 by George Smith and Willard Boyle, incremental innovations to the dispersive imaging spectrograph have slowly materialized in response the abounding advances in CCD detector technology. The modern Czerny-Turner type spectrograph, arguably the most commonly used instrument in optical spectroscopy, fails to uphold the ever increasing needs today's researchers demand, let alone tomorrow's. This paper discusses an innovative solution to the Czerny-Turner imaging spectrograph bridging a more than 20 year gap in development and understanding. A manifold of techniques in optical spectroscopy both advantaged and enabled by this innovation are expounded upon.

  10. Prantslased otsisid eestlaste juurest virmalisi / Henry Schmidt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Schmidt, Henry


    XI Põhjamaade kultuurifestival "Les Boréales" Prantsusmaal Caenis kutsus peakülaliseks Eesti. Eesti kunsti esindanud Raivo Kelomees Tartu Kõrgema Kunstikooli ja Jaan Toomik EKA üliõpilastega näitasid oma videokunsti, Liina Siibi näitus oli Alam-Normandia kunstikeskuses

  11. Prantslased otsisid eestlaste juurest virmalisi / Henri Schmidt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Schmidt, Henri


    22.-30. nov. toimus Prantsusmaal Caenis XI Põhjamaade kultuurifestival "Les Boréales", mille peakülaliseks oli kutsutud Eesti. Ka eesti kirjanike esinemistest festivalil (Jaan Kaplinski, Eva Koff jt.). Vt. ka Looming nr. 12, lk. 1913

  12. Series Transmission Line Transformer (United States)

    Buckles, Robert A.; Booth, Rex; Yen, Boris T.


    A series transmission line transformer is set forth which includes two or more of impedance matched sets of at least two transmissions lines such as shielded cables, connected in parallel at one end ans series at the other in a cascading fashion. The cables are wound about a magnetic core. The series transmission line transformer (STLT) which can provide for higher impedance ratios and bandwidths, which is scalable, and which is of simpler design and construction.

  13. Minnesota County Boundaries - lines (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — Minnesota county boundaries derived from a combination of 1:24,000 scale PLS lines, 1:100,000 scale TIGER, 1:100,000 scale DLG, and 1:24,000 scale hydrography lines....

  14. Database of emission lines (United States)

    Binette, L.; Ortiz, P.; Joguet, B.; Rola, C.


    A widely accessible data bank (available through Netscape) and consiting of all (or most) of the emission lines reported in the litterature is being built. It will comprise objects as diverse as HII regions, PN, AGN, HHO. One of its use will be to define/refine existing diagnostic emission line diagrams.

  15. Glue-paste linings

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fuster-López, Laura; Andersen, Cecil Krarup; Bouillon, Nicolas


    Glue-paste linings of (Western) canvas paintings have been performed with a variety of materials throughout history and are present in a very significant amount of artworks in collections in Europe and elsewhere. Cereal flours and animal glues were usually the main ingredients because they were...... processes of lined canvas paintings. The impact of cyclic relative humidity on the biological and physical stability of the laminate structure is reported. Carefully constructed mock-ups, simulating lined canvas paintings, were used to examine the effect of pest infestation, mould growth, mechanical damage...

  16. Transnationaliseringen af Maersk Line

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sornn-Friese, Henrik


    Maersk Line er verdens førende containerrederi og blandt de mest betydningsfulde virksomheder i Danmark. Den globale førerposition blev opnået på relativt kort tid og var et resultat af rederiets beslutning i 1973 om at gå helhjertet ind i containerskibsfarten. Beslutningen blev startskuddet til...... Maersk Lines dybe internationalisering, hvor rederiet ændrede sig fra at være en overvejende danske virksomhed, der betjente internationale markeder, til at være en genuin transnational virksomhed. Med fokus på opbygningen af Maersk Lines globale organisation og særligt etableringen af egne kontorer i...

  17. Wood pole overhead lines

    CERN Document Server

    Wareing, Brian


    This new book concentrates on the mechanical aspects of distribution wood pole lines, including live line working, environmental influences, climate change and international standards. Other topics include statutory requirements, safety, profiling, traditional and probabilistic design, weather loads, bare and covered conductors, different types of overhead systems, conductor choice, construction and maintenance. A section has also been devoted to the topic of lightning, which is one of the major sources of faults on overhead lines. The book focuses on the effects of this problem and the strate

  18. Veterans Crisis Line (United States)

    Department of Veterans Affairs — The caring responders at the Veterans Crisis Line are specially trained and experienced in helping Veterans of all ages and circumstances. Some of the responders are...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stankevich Anatoliy Nikolaevich


    Full Text Available The main idea of the method of solving multidimensional boundary problems is reduction of initial differential equations in partial derivatives to the system of ordinary differential equations. One-dimensional resolving equations allow extending the potential of the method of lines. Although efficient and highly-precise numerical methods have been developed for solution of one-dimensional and initial-boundary value problems their use is impossible in the method of lines. The author considers a new method of lines which is used in order to reduce the dimensionality of multidimensional problems of structural mechanics. The method is used for calculation of thick plates, plates of variable thickness, heterogeneous and multilayered plates. It is proposed to replace finite-difference relations by projection relations which will extend the potential of the method of lines and will allow using the method in the dynamic problems.

  20. Kansas Electric Transmission Lines (United States)

    Kansas Data Access and Support Center — This data set is a digital representation of the EletcircTransmission lines for the State of Kansas as maintained by the Kansas Corporation Commission. Data is...

  1. Electric Power Transmission Lines (United States)

    Department of Homeland Security — Transmission Lines are the system of structures, wires, insulators and associated hardware that carry electric energy from one point to another in an electric power...

  2. Superconducting metamaterial transmission line (United States)

    Rouxinol, Francisco; Wang, Haozhi; Plourde, B. L. T.


    Left-handed metamaterials are artificial composite structures with unusual properties. Such systems have a wide range of potential applications in photonics. We are developing transmission lines composed of superconducting metamaterials using thin-film lumped circuit elements. Such structures allow for the possibility of generating novel transmission spectra with a high density of modes in some frequency ranges and stop-bands in others. We discuss possible couplings of these lines to superconducting qubits in circuit QED architectures.

  3. Creating product line architectures


    Bayer, J.; Flege, O.; Gacek, C.


    The creation and validation of product line software architectures are inherently more complex than those of software architectures for single systems. This paper compares a process for creating and evaluating a traditional, one-of-a- kind software architecture with one for a reference software architecture. The comparison is done in the context of PuLSE-DSSA, a customizable process that integrates both product line architecture creation and evaluation.

  4. NLC Extraction Line Studies


    Nosochkov, Y. M.; Raubenheimer, T. O.


    In this note, we briefly review the current lattice of the NLC extraction line which was designed for the nominal NLC beam parameters. Then we describe the beam parameters for the high luminosity option with larger beam disruption parameter and discuss its effect on beam loss in the extraction line. Finally, we present a summary of the optics study aimed at minimizing the beam loss with high disruption beams.

  5. On-Line and Off-Line Assessment of Metacognition (United States)

    Saraç, Seda; Karakelle, Sema


    The study investigates the interrelationships between different on-line and off-line measures for assessing metacognition. The participants were 47 fifth grade elementary students. Metacognition was assessed through two off-line and two on-line measures. The off-line measures consisted of a teacher rating scale and a self-report questionnaire. The…

  6. Survey of emission-line galaxies: Universidad Complutense de Madrid list (United States)

    Zamorano, J.; Rego, Gallego, J.; Gallego, J. G.; Vitores, A. G.RA, R.; Gonzalez-Riestra, R..; Rodriguez-Caderot, G.


    A low-dispersion objective-prism survey for low-redshift emission-line galaxies (ELGs) is being carried out by the University Complutense de Madrid with the Schmidt telescope at the German-Spanish Observatory of Calar Alto (Almeria, Spain). A 4 deg full aperture prism, which provides a dispersion of 1950 A/mm, and IIIaF emulsion combination has been used to search for ELGs selected by the presence of H-alpha emission in their spectra. Our survey has proved to be able to recover objects already found by similar surveys with different techniques and, what is more important, to discover new objects not previously cataloged. A compilation of descriptions and positions, along with finding charts when necessary, is presented for 160 extragalactic emission-line objects. This is the first list, which contains objects located in a region of the sky covering 270 sq deg in 10 fields near alpha = 0(sup h) and delta = 20 deg.

  7. Along the line

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dinesen, Cort Ross


    Embarking on a work of art constitutes a reduction of information – because we grasp the diversity and plurality of the manifestations we encounter by abstracting them and transforming them into manageable concepts; as we do when we draw contour lines on the landscape – they are imaginary...... and invisible but an abstraction essential for noting a difference or marking a place on a map. In the same way, a stroke in a sketch or a line in the sand is a manifestation of our ability to draw a boundary that both includes and excludes information. Where the line makes the birth of an idea visible......, it expresses through movement our tendency to mark a difference by drawing attention to and enclosing a whole series of relations that confront our preconceived notions. It is in the process of transformation in which we reduce the complexity of how we work, and rethink our ideas anew by refining the very same...

  8. Draw the Line!

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Draw the Line! International Conference, Copenhagen 2008 Papers, proceedings and recommendations is the second publication of the international three year long project "Understanding Puzzles in the Gendered European Map" (UPGEM), which is financed by the European Commission. In this publication we...... present proceedings from the UPGEM conference "Draw the Line!" in Copenhagen May 2008. The proceedings include contributions by UPGEM researchers, conference speeches by other researchers, politicians and gender equality officers in which they relate their work and research with the research done in UPGEM...... in the national contexts (see Draw the Line! Universities as workplaces for male and female researchers in Europe and ). We have also identified and discussed three scientific cultures in physics across the national borders. We call these scientific cultures: Hercules, Caretakers and Worker...

  9. VT Digital Line Graph Railroads (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — (Link to Metadata) This datalayer is comprised of major railroad lines for the state of Vermont. These railroad lines line up well along quadrangle boundaries, but...

  10. Software product lines


    Cortés Verdín, María Karen


    A Software Product Line is a “set of software-intensive systems sharing a common, managed set of features that satisfy the specific needs of a particular market segment or mission and that are developed from a common set of core assets in a prescribed way”1. A software product line (or software product family) approach promotes planned and proactive reuse of core assets and architecture-centric development, achieving a substantial increment in product quality and a reduced time to market. Bec...

  11. BPL (Broadband Power Line)


    Peralta, Arturo


    El mundo actual requiere cada vez más el estar conectados con la sociedad de la Información y el Conocimiento, esto demanda que en los hogares, lugares de turismo, trabajos, universidades, etcétera, se cuente con una conexión a Internet de Alta Velocidad, que además sea segura y confiable. En este documento se presenta las características más importantes de la tecnología BPL (Broadband Power Line) o PLC (Power Line Comunication), la cual permite brindar el servicio de Internet ...

  12. Absolute Poverty Lines

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Arndt, Channing; Mahrt, Kristi; Tarp, Finn


    ’ approach, employing multiple methods, is the best available mode for addressing these limitations. A first fundamental choice is whether to estimate an absolute poverty line at all. Consumption-based poverty metrics provide only a partial view into the welfare of individuals or households, which may or may...

  13. Bike Map Lines (United States)

    Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina — Chapel Hill Bike Map Lines from KMZ file.This data came from the wiki comment board for the public, not an “official map” showing the Town of Chapel Hill's plans or...

  14. Clamp Restrains Pressure Line (United States)

    Aliberti, J. A.


    Safety restraint protects people and property if a high-pressure fitting fails. As long as pressure line remains attached at the fitting, clamp exerts essentially no force on hose. If fitting fails, force of fluid leaving free end of hose causes the cam on the clamp to compress hose with a positive locking action.

  15. Analysis of () Line Shape

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    The line shape is also simulated by the Monte–Carlo method, the molecular dissociation contributes to 57% neutral atoms and 53% emission intensity in front of the limiter, and 85% neutral atoms and 82% emission intensity in front of the wall. The processes of atoms and molecules influence on the energy balance is ...

  16. Subjective poverty line definitions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    J. Flik; B.M.S. van Praag (Bernard)


    textabstractIn this paper we will deal with definitions of subjective poverty lines. To measure a poverty threshold value in terms of household income, which separates the poor from the non-poor, we take into account the opinions of all people in society. Three subjective methods will be discussed

  17. LEAR: antiproton extraction lines

    CERN Document Server

    Photographic Service


    Antiprotons, decelerated in LEAR to a momentum of 100 MeV/c (kinetic energy of 5.3 MeV), were delivered to the experiments in an "Ultra-Slow Extraction", dispensing some 1E9 antiprotons over times counted in hours. Beam-splitters and a multitude of beam-lines allowed several users to be supplied simultaneously.

  18. Automatic transmission line monitor (United States)

    Parsons, W. E.; Richards, L. O.


    Monitor improves complex network reliability in computer data links and command transmission lines. System evaluates circuit performance against preselected criteria, identifies and stores data indicating out-of-tolerance conditions, conducts closed loop testing, and provides for operation under command of digital computer that determines restoration priorities.

  19. Drawing the Line

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holm, Isak Winkel


    of judgement that distinguishes between the inside and outside of a political community, between citizens and zombies. Second, the chapter focuses on the rhetorics applied to draw the line between rights-bearers and the rightless. ‘Prophetic’ speech, echoing the language of the Old Testament prophets, is vital...

  20. Developing Green Line Products

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Muñoz-Marin, Ana Maria; Lassen, Astrid Heidemann; Poulsen, Søren Bolvig


    This publication is based on the Master thesis “User-driven ecoinnovation process: Towards the implementation of the Green product line at JELD-WEN” written by Ana Maria Muñoz-Marin as her Graduation Project for the MSc. Global Innovation Management degree. The company-based experiment was carried...

  1. America's Assembly Line

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nye, David Edwin

    A social history of the assembly line, invented in 1913. Both praised as a boon to consumers and as a curse for workers, it has been satirized, imitated, and celebrated for 100 years. It has inspired fiction, comedy, cafeteria layouts, and suburban housing. It transformed industrial labor...

  2. Directed Line Liquids (United States)

    Kamien, Randall David

    This thesis is devoted to the study of ensembles of dense directed lines. These lines are principally to be thought of as polymers, though they also have the morphology of flux lines in high temperature superconductors, strings of colloidal spheres in electrorheological fluids and the world lines of quantum mechanical bosons. We first study nematic polymers dissolved in a nematic solvent. We show that in the dense phase nematic polymers interacting directly through excluded volume and indirectly through nematic solvent fluctuations are, at long wavelengths, identical to nematic polymers in an isotropic solvent, interacting through, again, excluded volume as well as their nematic degrees of freedom. By including the effects of free ends we study ferro- and electrorheological fluids and finite chain length polymers. In the dilute phase, near the transition to the semi-dilute phase, a renormalization group treatment is performed, in the physical and critical dimension 3. For sufficiently dilute systems we find logarithmic corrections to polymer wandering, predicted by de Gennes. However, at higher densities, the logarithmic enhancement is suppressed, and the polymers execute conventional random walks along the preferred axis. We then study the isotropic to nematic transition in this same system of liquid-crystalline polymers. Using the replica technique introduced by de Gennes to study isotropic polymers, we formulate a fully isotropic theory of liquid-crystalline polymers dissolved in a liquid crystal matrix. The first order transition from isotropic to nematic ordering occurs, and leads to the original directed polymer theory previously studied. In agreement with physical expectations, the nematic ordering temperature is depressed by polymerization. Finally, we go back to directed systems, in this case directed by an explicit symmetry violation instead of spontaneously. We discuss how directed polymer melts, string-like formations in electrorheological and ferro

  3. Multiple Lines of Evidence

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Amidan, Brett G. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Venzin, Alexander M. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Bramer, Lisa M. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    This paper discusses the process of identifying factors that influence the contamination level of a given decision area and then determining the likelihood that the area remains unacceptable. This process is referred to as lines of evidence. These lines of evidence then serve as inputs for the stratified compliance sampling (SCS) method, which requires a decision area to be divided into strata based upon contamination expectations. This is done in order to focus sampling efforts more within stratum where contamination is more likely and to use the domain knowledge about these likelihoods of the stratum remaining unacceptable to buy down the number of samples necessary, if possible. Two different building scenarios were considered as an example (see Table 3.1). SME expertise was elicited concerning four lines of evidence factors (see Table 3.2): 1) amount of contamination that was seen before decontamination, 2) post-decontamination air sampling information, 3) the applied decontaminant information, and 4) the surface material. Statistical experimental design and logistic regression modelling were used to help determine the likelihood that example stratum remained unacceptable for a given example scenario. The number of samples necessary for clearance was calculated by applying the SCS method to the example scenario, using the estimated likelihood of each stratum remaining unacceptable as was determined using the lines of evidence approach. The commonly used simple random sampling (SRS) method was also used to calculate the number of samples necessary for clearance for comparison purposes. The lines of evidence with SCS approach resulted in a 19% to 43% reduction in total number of samples necessary for clearance (see Table 3.6). The reduction depended upon the building scenario, as well as the level of percent clean criteria. A sensitivity analysis was also performed showing how changing the estimated likelihoods of stratum remaining unacceptable affect the number

  4. A Quantitative Transmission Line Experiment (United States)

    Johnston, D. C.; Silbernagel, B. G.


    Describes modifications of a commercially available strip-type transmission line, which makes possible reproducible measurements of standing waves on the line. Experimental data yield values for the characteristic impedance, phase velocity and line wavelength of radiation in the transmission line, and the dielectric constant of material in the…

  5. The Bicycle Assembly Line Game (United States)

    Klotz, Dorothy


    "The Bicycle Assembly Line Game" is a team-based, in-class activity that helps students develop a basic understanding of continuously operating processes. Each team of 7-10 students selects one of seven prefigured bicycle assembly lines to operate. The lines are run in real-time, and the team that operates the line that yields the…

  6. Printed circuit dispersive transmission line (United States)

    Ikezi, Hiroyuki; Lin-Liu, Yuh-Ren; DeGrassie, John S.


    A printed circuit dispersive transmission line structure is disclosed comprising an insulator, a ground plane formed on one surface of the insulator, a first transmission line formed on a second surface of the insulator, and a second transmission line also formed on the second surface of the insulator and of longer length than the first transmission line and periodically intersecting the first transmission line. In a preferred embodiment, the transmission line structure exhibits highly dispersive characteristics by designing the length of one of the transmission line between two adjacent periodic intersections to be longer than the other.

  7. Fuel line purging device

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hensel, R.J.


    In a fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine having a fuel pump communicating with a fuel tank and delivering pressurized fuel through a pressure line to a fuel injector, the improvement is described comprising purging means for purging gas, including air and vapor, from the system, comprising: a housing having an inlet communicating with the pressure line, and having an outlet; pressure responsive valve means in the housing movable between an open position permitting flow from the inlet to the outlet, and a closed position blocking flow from the inlet to the outlet; a first branch passage in the housing communicating between the inlet and one side of the valve means; a second branch passage in the housing communicating between the inlet and the other side of the valve means; restriction means in the second branch passage selected to provide a fuel pressure drop thereacross but not substantially dropping gas pressure thereacross.

  8. Adaptive method of lines

    CERN Document Server

    Saucez, Ph


    The general Method of Lines (MOL) procedure provides a flexible format for the solution of all the major classes of partial differential equations (PDEs) and is particularly well suited to evolutionary, nonlinear wave PDEs. Despite its utility, however, there are relatively few texts that explore it at a more advanced level and reflect the method''s current state of development.Written by distinguished researchers in the field, Adaptive Method of Lines reflects the diversity of techniques and applications related to the MOL. Most of its chapters focus on a particular application but also provide a discussion of underlying philosophy and technique. Particular attention is paid to the concept of both temporal and spatial adaptivity in solving time-dependent PDEs. Many important ideas and methods are introduced, including moving grids and grid refinement, static and dynamic gridding, the equidistribution principle and the concept of a monitor function, the minimization of a functional, and the moving finite elem...

  9. Draw the Line!

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    present proceedings from the UPGEM conference "Draw the Line!" in Copenhagen May 2008. The proceedings include contributions by UPGEM researchers, conference speeches by other researchers, politicians and gender equality officers in which they relate their work and research with the research done in UPGEM......Draw the Line! International Conference, Copenhagen 2008 Papers, proceedings and recommendations is the second publication of the international three year long project "Understanding Puzzles in the Gendered European Map" (UPGEM), which is financed by the European Commission. In this publication we....... The UPGEM research has previously been published in national reports from each of the partner countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Italy and Poland). In these individual national reports of universities as workplaces for male and female researchers we discuss scientific cultures in physics embedded...

  10. Drill string transmission line (United States)

    Hall, David R.; Hall, Jr., H. Tracy; Pixton, David S.; Bradford, Kline; Fox, Joe


    A transmission line assembly for transmitting information along a downhole tool comprising a pin end, a box end, and a central bore traveling between the pin end and the box end, is disclosed in one embodiment of the invention as including a protective conduit. A transmission line is routed through the protective conduit. The protective conduit is routed through the central bore and the ends of the protective conduit are routed through channels formed in the pin end and box end of the downhole tool. The protective conduit is elastically forced into a spiral or other non-linear path along the interior surface of the central bore by compressing the protective conduit to a length within the downhole tool shorter than the protective conduit.

  11. Hydrogen Stark Broadened Brackett lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. Stehlé


    Full Text Available Stark-broadened lines of the hydrogen Brackett series are computed for the conditions of stellar atmospheres and circumstellar envelopes. The computation is performed within the Model Microfield Method, which includes the ion dynamic effects and makes the bridge between the impact limit at low density and the static limit at high density and in the line wings. The computation gives the area normalized line shape, from the line core up to the static line wings.

  12. Line managers as marketers. (United States)

    Rynne, T J


    Many hospital administrators and boards of directors, having overcome their initial opposition to advertising and hired a marketing professional, are wondering why their marketing programs have not accomplished all that they had hoped. The answer lies in their perception of who is responsible for marketing. Marketing is not a specialty separate from the disciplines of management--it is a basic management skill. Its goal is to satisfy the customer by providing products and services that meet the customer's needs, wants, and preferences. Line managers must understand the hospital's customers and make the critical day-to-day differences in satisfying them. They are the hospital's front-line marketers, and the marketing department's role is to support them in this function. The marketing department should develop the line managers' marketing skills by furnishing them with the appropriate tools: formats, models, examples, and instructions. In addition, the marketing staff should provide such specialized services as marketing research, ad agency management, and development of communications.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hadi GÖKÇEN


    Full Text Available This paper investigates how the Assembly Line Balancing (ALB methods known for the production systems can be applied in service systems. For this purpose, an application study is done in a Physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic. Each standart service provided to patients is taken into consideration as a product, and problem is solved as a mixed model ALB problem. In conclusion, it is seen that the ALB methods developed for the production systems are also applicable in service systems. So, it is possible to do similar studies at hospitals, tax offices, driving licence and passport offices, fast food restaurants, etc.

  14. America's Assembly Line

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nye, David Edwin

    A social history of the assembly line, invented in 1913. Both praised as a boon to consumers and as a curse for workers, it has been satirized, imitated, and celebrated for 100 years. It has inspired fiction, comedy, cafeteria layouts, and suburban housing. It transformed industrial labor...... and provoked strikes and union drives in the 1930s, but became a symbol of victory in the Second World War and Cold War. Reinvented by Japan as "lean production" and then increasingly automated after 1990, it remains a cornerstone of production but no longer employs many workers, even as it evolves toward...

  15. From Off-line to On-line Handwriting Recognition

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lallican, P.; Viard-Gaudin, C.; Knerr, S.


    On-line handwriting includes more information on time order of the writing signal and on the dynamics of the writing process than off-line handwriting. Therefore, on-line recognition systems achieve higher recognition rates. This can be concluded from results reported in the literature, and has been

  16. Strategic production line synchronisation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hattingh, Teresa


    Full Text Available A study was conducted at the sole global producer of suspension struts for a particular vehicle manufacturer. This supplier is currently able to meet customer demand. However, it does so because of a large finished goods and work-in-progress (WIP inventory. The plant operates two production processes that are separated by a large buffer of WIP, which essentially decouples the production processes. This study aimed to reduce this WIP buffer; this would require the processes to become synchronised, bearing in mind that the reliability of delivery should not decrease. A tool that considers time, quality, and machine capacity was developed to assess the impact of line synchronisation on company performance figures. It was found that line synchronisation produced several benefits for the supplier, including batch size reduction, lower inventory levels, and associated shorter lead times. This further allowed the supplier to improve flow in the plant by introducing a pull system. Improved visual oversight could lead to further improved problem-solving and innovation.

  17. Central Venous Catheter (Central Line) (United States)

    ... venous catheter (KATHeter), also known as a central line or CVC, is long, soft, thin, hollow tube ... into a large vein (blood vessel). A central line is much like an intravenous (IV) catheter that ...

  18. Credit Lines and Credit Utilization


    Agarwal, Sumit; Ambrose, Brent W.; Liu, Chunlin


    While much is known about the characteristics of consumers or businesses that obtain credit lines, relatively little is known empirically about credit line utilization after origination. This study fills that gap by testing two interrelated hypotheses concerning borrower credit quality and credit line utilization. The empirical analysis confirms that borrowers with higher expectations of future credit quality deterioration originate credit lines to preserve financial flexibility. Furthermore,...

  19. China's Bilateral Currency Swap Lines


    Zhitao, Lin; Wenjie, Zhan; Cheung, Yin-Wong


    We study the determinants of China’s bilateral local currency swap lines that were established since the recent global finance crisis. It is found that economic factors, political considerations, and institutional characteristics including trade intensity, economic size, strategic partnership, free trade agreement, corruption, and stability affect the decision of signing a swap line agreement. Once a swap line agreement decision is made, the size of the swap line is then mainly affected by tr...

  20. Software Product Lines : Three Examples



    This report presents the results of a course on software product lines. The assignment in the course was to develop a software product line. . During the course, the students had to develop the following artifacts in groups: product line architecture, component designs, product derivations, modifiability assessment and a prototype. The results of the course are described in this report

  1. The Median-Median Line (United States)

    Wilson, David C.


    Graphing bivariate data in a scatter plot and drawing an approximate line of best fit for the data have become commonly recommended activities for middle school and high school students. The graphing calculator has provided a mechanism for students both to approximate a best-fit line and to calculate the best-fit line using a built-in option. Two…

  2. Accessing anti-human lung tumor cell line (A549 potential of newer 3,5-disubstituted pyrazoline analogs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhi-Hui Lu


    Full Text Available A new series of pyrazoline analogs was furnished and evaluated for their in vitro anticancer efficacies against human non-small-cell lung cancer cell line A549. Claisen–Schmidt condensation between intended acetophenone compound and different substituted aldehydes resulted in the formation of corresponding chalcones which were cyclized using hydrazine hydrate to yield the final pyrazoline intermediates. α-Naphthyl isothiocyanate was prepared from benzoyl chloride and α-naphthyl amine through α-naphthyl thiourea to react with pyrazoline intermediates to furnish title compounds 10a–h, disubstituted pyrazolines in good yields and purity. All final analogs were screened for their anticancer potential using MTT and SRB assay in addition to the determination of their cytotoxic nature. Final compounds revealed a good deal of potential against A549 cell lines with reasonable level of cytotoxic nature, particularly analogs with fluorine and thiomethyl and methoxy functional group demonstrated good potencies. SAR showed that the activity level varied with the variation in the nature of substituent present on the phenyl ring attached to the C-4 position of the pyrazoline ring. This study revealed the efficacies of presented molecules for further development as anticancer congeners. The structures of final compounds were confirmed with the aid of FT-IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR spectroscopy and CHN analysis.

  3. Lines of landscape organisation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Løvschal, Mette


    This paper offers a landscape analysis of the earliest linear landscape boundaries on Skovbjerg Moraine, Denmark, during the first millennium BC. Using Delaunay triangulation as well as classic distribution analyses, it demonstrates that landscape boundaries articulated already established use......-patterns close to roads, but also intercepted the central lines of movement and conflicted with previous ways of organizing the landscape. This development is interpreted as a different form of large-scale landholding, in which livestock possibly played a dominant role and boundaries were used to confiscate land...... in the zones bordering suitable pastures. This situation shows obvious parallels with southern Britain centuries earlier. It is discussed how the study of these physical boundaries provides new insights into the organization of pre-Roman landscapes, not only demonstrating a continuing engagement with landscape...

  4. Similarity law for Widom lines and coexistence lines (United States)

    Banuti, D. T.; Raju, M.; Ihme, M.


    The coexistence line of a fluid separates liquid and gaseous states at subcritical pressures, ending at the critical point. Only recently, it became clear that the supercritical state space can likewise be divided into regions with liquidlike and gaslike properties, separated by an extension to the coexistence line. This crossover line is commonly referred to as the Widom line, and is characterized by large changes in density or enthalpy, manifesting as maxima in the thermodynamic response functions. Thus, a reliable representation of the coexistence line and the Widom line is important for sub- and supercritical applications that depend on an accurate prediction of fluid properties. While it is known for subcritical pressures that nondimensionalization with the respective species critical pressures pcr and temperatures Tcr only collapses coexistence line data for simple fluids, this approach is used for Widom lines of all fluids. However, we show here that the Widom line does not adhere to the corresponding states principle, but instead to the extended corresponding states principle. We resolve this problem in two steps. First, we propose a Widom line functional based on the Clapeyron equation and derive an analytical, species specific expression for the only parameter from the Soave-Redlich-Kwong equation of state. This parameter is a function of the acentric factor ω and compares well with experimental data. Second, we introduce the scaled reduced pressure pr* to replace the previously used reduced pressure pr=p /pcr . We show that pr* is a function of the acentric factor only and can thus be readily determined from fluid property tables. It collapses both subcritical coexistence line and supercritical Widom line data over a wide range of species with acentric factors ranging from -0.38 (helium) to 0.34 (water), including alkanes up to n-hexane. By using pr*, the extended corresponding states principle can be applied within corresponding states principle

  5. 76 FR 51367 - China Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd.; COSCO Container Lines Company Limited; Evergreen Line A... (United States)


    ... China Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd.; COSCO Container Lines Company Limited; Evergreen Line A Joint Service Agreement; Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd.; Horizon Lines, LLC; Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.; Nippon... Container Lines Co., Ltd.; COSCO Container Lines Company Limited; Evergreen Line A Joint Service Agreement...

  6. Bipolar pulse forming line (United States)

    Rhodes, Mark A.


    A bipolar pulse forming transmission line module for linear induction accelerators having first, second, third, fourth, and fifth planar conductors which form an interleaved stack with dielectric layers between the conductors. Each conductor has a first end, and a second end adjacent an acceleration axis. The first and second planar conductors are connected to each other at the second ends, the fourth and fifth planar conductors are connected to each other at the second ends, and the first and fifth planar conductors are connected to each other at the first ends via a shorting plate adjacent the first ends. The third planar conductor is electrically connectable to a high voltage source, and an internal switch functions to short a high voltage from the first end of the third planar conductor to the first end of the fourth planar conductor to produce a bipolar pulse at the acceleration axis with a zero net time integral. Improved access to the switch is enabled by an aperture through the shorting plate and the proximity of the aperture to the switch.

  7. Alternate Double Single Track Lines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moraga Contreras, P.; Grande Andrade, Z.; Castillo Ron, E.


    The paper discusses the advantages and shortcomings of alternate double single track (ADST) lines with respect to double track lines for high speed lines. ADST lines consists of sequences of double and single track segments optimally selected in order to reduce the construction and maintenance costs of railway lines and to optimize the timetables used to satisfy a given demand. The single tracks are selected to coincide with expensive segments (tunnels and viaducts) and the double tracks are chosen to coincide with flat areas and only where they are necessary. At the same time, departure times are adjusted for trains to cross at the cheap double track segments. This alternative can be used for new lines and also for existing conventional lines where some new tracks are to be constructed to reduce travel time (increase speed). The ADST proposal is illustrated with some examples of both types (new lines and where conventional lines exist), including the Palencia-Santander, the Santiago-Valparaíso-Viña del Mar and the Dublin-Belfast lines, where very important reductions (90 %) are obtained, especially where a railway infrastructure already exist. (Author)

  8. Signal Transmission on Power Lines

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dalby, Arne Brejning


    coupled transmission line circuits like power line circuits, is based on finding the eigenvalues and eigenvectors for the matrix ZY, where Z and Y are the impedance- and admittance matrices for the coupled lines in W/m and S/m. In this paper a flow-graph representation of the relations beween voltage......- and current-vectors is presented for a general coupled line circuit. This flow-graph can be used to find any transfer function on a multiple coupled lossy transmission line circuit. In some cases, however, it is difficult to find the eigenvalues correctly. A correct analysis can thus not be made......In the analysis of power-line networks over a large frequency span, the time-domain method used in programs like EMTP (Electromagnetic Time domain Program) can not be used. A more rigorous analysis method must be employed. The correct analysis method (assuming TEM-mode propagation) for multiple...

  9. Testing in Software Product Lines


    Odia, Osaretin Edwin


    This thesis presents research aimed at investigating different activities involved in software product lines testing process and possible improvements towards achieving developing high quality software product lines at reduced cost and time. The research was performed using systematic review procedures of Kitchenham. The reviews carried out in this research covers several areas relating to software product lines testing. The reasons for performing a systematic review in this research are to; ...

  10. Fractions, Number Lines, Third Graders (United States)

    Cramer, Kathleen; Ahrendt, Sue; Monson, Debra; Wyberg, Terry; Colum, Karen


    The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) (CCSSI 2010) outlines ambitious goals for fraction learning, starting in third grade, that include the use of the number line model. Understanding and constructing fractions on a number line are particularly complex tasks. The current work of the authors centers on ways to successfully…

  11. Marine line fish research programme

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)



    Full Text Available This report outlines the framework for a marine line fish programme under the aegis of the South African National Committee for Oceanographic Research (SANCOR). An attempt is made to assess the state of knowledge about South African marine line...

  12. relline: Relativistic line profiles calculation (United States)

    Dauser, Thomas


    relline calculates relativistic line profiles; it is compatible with the common X-ray data analysis software XSPEC (ascl:9910.005) and ISIS (ascl:1302.002). The two basic forms are an additive line model (RELLINE) and a convolution model to calculate relativistic smearing (RELCONV).

  13. Drops, contact lines, and electrowetting

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    't Mannetje, Dieter


    In this work, we study the behaviour of drops and contact lines under the influence of electric fields, and how these can answer fundamental and industrial questions. Our focus is on studying the varying balance of the electric field, hysteresis forces and inertia as the speed of a contact line

  14. A transmission line phase stabilizer (United States)

    Lutes, G. F.


    To meet the phase stability requirements of certain experiments performed with the Deep Space Network, transmission lines carrying reference signals must be stabilized to reduce changes in their electrical length due to mechanical movement or changes in ambient temperature. A transmission line phase stabilizer being developed at JPL to perform this function is described.

  15. What was the Assembly Line?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nye, David


    The assembly line is still evolving a century after its invention, and it was not a distinct historical stage, nor was it part of an inevitable sequence that followed "Taylorism."......The assembly line is still evolving a century after its invention, and it was not a distinct historical stage, nor was it part of an inevitable sequence that followed "Taylorism."...

  16. US line-ups outperform UK line-ups. (United States)

    Seale-Carlisle, Travis M; Mickes, Laura


    In the USA and the UK, many thousands of police suspects are identified by eyewitnesses every year. Unfortunately, many of those suspects are innocent, which becomes evident when they are exonerated by DNA testing, often after having been imprisoned for years. It is, therefore, imperative to use identification procedures that best enable eyewitnesses to discriminate innocent from guilty suspects. Although police investigators in both countries often administer line-up procedures, the details of how line-ups are presented are quite different and an important direct comparison has yet to be conducted. We investigated whether these two line-up procedures differ in terms of (i) discriminability (using receiver operating characteristic analysis) and (ii) reliability (using confidence-accuracy characteristic analysis). A total of 2249 participants watched a video of a crime and were later tested using either a six-person simultaneous photo line-up procedure (USA) or a nine-person sequential video line-up procedure (UK). US line-up procedure yielded significantly higher discriminability and significantly higher reliability. The results do not pinpoint the reason for the observed difference between the two procedures, but they do suggest that there is much room for improvement with the UK line-up.

  17. Fibrillary lines in overnight orthokeratology. (United States)

    Lum, Edward; Swarbrick, Helen


    This case report describes the appearance of fibrillary lines in the anterior stroma of a 39-year-old Asian woman wearing overnight orthokeratology (OK) lenses. The fibrillary lines were fine, slightly curved and sub-epithelial, arranged in a band-like annulus in the corneal mid-periphery. The lines were not associated with epithelial staining, although a marked Fischer-Schweitzer corneal mosaic was noted after blinking. Fibrillary lines are a relatively common finding in normal and keratoconic corneas and have been reported previously accompanying OK lens wear. Their origin is unknown and epithelial neural remodelling, corneal biomechanical stress and abrupt corneal curvature changes have been suggested as contributing factors. The appearance of fibrillary lines in our OK patient had no adverse consequences on vision or ocular health, at least in the medium term.

  18. Formación on line On line learning

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. Grau-Perejoan


    Full Text Available La formación on line es una modalidad de enseñanza a distancia basada en las nuevas tecnologías. En este artículo se pretende hacer una introducción a base de describir a grandes rasgos sus características principales: asincronía, no presencialidad, comunicación escrita, función del profesor on line, así como los retos, los riesgos, las ventajas y los inconvenientes que plantea. Se exponen las diferencias entre la formación on line y la formación presencial, de manera que los docentes puedan adaptar de la mejor manera posible sus propuestas formativas a la modalidad on line. Se introduce el importantísimo papel de la planificación y de la fase de diseño y, finalmente, se repasan conceptos útiles para comprender mejor el mundo de la formación on line como son los conceptos entorno virtual de aprendizaje (EVA o Blended Learning (B-Learning.On line learning is a type of distance education based on new technologies. This article's aim is to introduce its main characteristics -asynchrony, non-presentiality, written communication, e-teacher role- as well as its challenges, risks, advantages and limitations. Differences between on line learning and face-to-face learning are presented in order to enable educational professionals to adapt their courses to the on line methodology. Planning and designing are introduced as key phases and, finally, useful concepts such as Virtual Learning Environment (VLE or Blended Learning (B-Learning are reviewed in order to achieve a better understanding of the on line learning field.

  19. Cyclotron Line Measurements with INTEGRAL (United States)

    Pottschmidt, K.; Kreykenbohm, I.; Caballero, I.; Fritz, S.; Schoenherr, G.; Kretschmar, P.; Wilms, J.; McBride, V. A.; Suchy, S.; Rothschild, R. E.


    Due to its broadband energy coverage, INTEGRAL has made important contributions to observing and interpreting cyclotron lines, which are present in the 10-100 keV range of a sample of accreting pulsars. In these systems photons with energies fulfilling the resonance condition inelastically Compton scatter off electrons quantized in the accretion column above the neutron star's magnetic pole(s). This process gives rise to the broad, absorption-like lines or 'cyclotron resonant scattering features' (CRSF). The observed lines allow to directly measure the B-fields of these sources, resulting in values of a few times 1E12G. In this overview I will present recent highlights regarding CRSF observations as well as discuss current ideas and models for the physical conditions in the accretion column. Among the former are the stability of the spectrum of Vela X-1 during giant flares in 2003, the observation of three cyclotron lines during the 2004 outburst of V0332+53, the confirmation of the fundamental line at approximately 45 keV during a 2005 normal outburst of A0535-26, and the simultaneous detection of the two lines in the dipping source 4U 1907+09 (for which also a torque reversal was detected for the first time). Through these and other observations it has become increasingly apparent that two types of observations can potentially be used to constrain the accretion column geometry: the determination of energy ratios for multiple harmonic lines (only two sources with greater than 2 lines are known), was well as the evolution of the fundamental line centroid, which, for different sources, may or may not be correlated with flux. Furthermore, first steps have been taken away from the usual phenomenological description of the lines, towards a physical approach based on self-consistent CRSF modeling. Initial applications are presented.

  20. Teaching Braille Line Tracking Using Stimulus Fading (United States)

    Scheithauer, Mindy C.; Tiger, Jeffrey H.


    Line tracking is a prerequisite skill for braille literacy that involves moving one's finger horizontally across a line of braille text and identifying when a line ends so the reader may reset his or her finger on the subsequent line. Current procedures for teaching line tracking are incomplete, because they focus on tracking lines with only…

  1. Atlas transmission line breakdown analysis

    CERN Document Server

    Nielsen, K E; Ballard, E O; Elizondo, J M; Gribble, R F; McCuistian, B T; Parsons, W M


    The Atlas facility will use 24 radially converging, vertically oriented and tapered, oil insulated, triplate transmission lines between the Marx generators and the central load region. Among the requirements of the transmission lines are low inductance and high reliability. The inter-conductor gap is nominally 2 cm and the lines taper from a height of 1.75 m at the Marx end to 0.32 m at the output end. The aluminum conductors, held together by 20 insulating spacers, are assembled and inserted as a unit into radial oil-filled steel tanks. The negative, high-voltage, center conductor is 2.54-cm thick and the outer ground conductors are 1.59-cm thick. All 24 triplate transmission lines connect to a transition section at near 1 m radius that couples the transmission lines to a disk/conical solid- dielectric-insulated power flow channel transmission line terminating at the load. Peak operating voltage on the lines can be as high as 240 kV with an effective stress time of 0.8 mu s. Testing of small sections of the ...

  2. Emission-Line Region Variability (United States)

    Peterson, Bradley M.

    We propose to obtain simultaneous optical and ultraviolet observations of the rapidly varying active galaxies Akn 120 and 3C 120. Both these sources are distinguished by short-time scale variations in their continuum and broadline fluxes, and we intend to exploit this property to determine fundamental characteristics of the emission-line gas. Akn 120 has been studied extensively by the Ohio State group, and is one of the few active galaxies for which a reliable upper limit for the separation between the continuum source and the emission-line clouds has been established from reverberation measurements. The important goals of the proposed project are (1) to provide a suitable database of optical and ultraviolet broad-line flux measurements obtained during different continuum states and (2) to compare the temporal behavior of optical and ultraviolet emission lines. In particular, we wish to determine whether or not C III] A1909 varies on the same time scale as the Balmer lines and how much of the flux in this feature can actually be ascribed to broad-line emission from C^+2. These data will enable us to make a differential comparison with predictions of photoionization models, since the emission-line spectrum will change in response to the variable ionizing continuum flux. Such a differential comparison between observation and theory should be more reliable than attempts to match absolute intensities because errors in the atomic data base should tend to cancel out.

  3. Transmission-Line Metamaterials, Bianisotropy, and Transmission-Line Bianisotropy


    Vehmas, Joni


    Electromagnetic metamaterials are artificial composite materials which possess exotic and advantageous properties not attainable with natural materials. This thesis covers two notable classes of metamaterials: transmission-line metamaterials and bianisotropic media. While metamaterials are most commonly realized as bulk media consisting of small resonant inclusions, transmission-line structures offer an alternative, low-dispersion and low-loss way for realizing them. Bianisotropic media, on t...

  4. Pulse shaping with transmission lines (United States)

    Wilcox, Russell B.


    A method and apparatus for forming shaped voltage pulses uses passive reflection from a transmission line with nonuniform impedance. The impedance of the reflecting line varies with length in accordance with the desired pulse shape. A high voltage input pulse is transmitted to the reflecting line. A reflected pulse is produced having the desired shape and is transmitted by pulse removal means to a load. Light activated photoconductive switches made of silicon can be utilized. The pulse shaper can be used to drive a Pockels cell to produce shaped optical pulses.

  5. The infinite line pressure probe (United States)

    Englund, D. R.; Richards, W. B.


    The infinite line pressure probe provides a means for measuring high frequency fluctuating pressures in difficult environments. A properly designed infinite line probe does not resonate; thus its frequency response is not limited by acoustic resonance in the probe tubing, as in conventional probes. The characteristics of infinite line pressure probes are reviewed and some applications in turbine engine research are described. A probe with a flat-oval cross section, permitting a constant-impedance pressure transducer installation, is described. Techniques for predicting the frequency response of probes with both circular and flat-oval cross sections are also cited.

  6. Electrical transmission line diametrical retainer (United States)

    Hall, David R.; Hall, Jr., H. Tracy; Pixton, David; Dahlgren, Scott; Sneddon, Cameron; Briscoe, Michael; Fox, Joe


    The invention is a mechanism for retaining an electrical transmission line. In one embodiment of the invention it is a system for retaining an electrical transmission line within down hole components. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, the system includes a plurality of downhole components, such as sections of pipe in a drill string. The system also includes a coaxial cable running between the first and second end of a drill pipe, the coaxial cable having a conductive tube and a conductive core within it. The invention allows the electrical transmission line to with stand the tension and compression of drill pipe during routine drilling cycles.

  7. VT Senate Districts 1992 - lines (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — (Link to Metadata) The senatorial district designations for this layer were taken from a trace map of unknown origin. A visual compilation of the traced lines and...

  8. Louisiana ESI: ROADS (Road Lines) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains the state maintained primary and secondary road network of Louisiana. Vector lines in the data set represent Interstates, U.S. Highways, and...

  9. Horizontal and Vertical Line Designs. (United States)

    Johns, Pat


    Presents an art lesson in which students learn about the artist Piet Mondrian and create their own abstract artworks. Focuses on geometric shapes using horizontal and vertical lines. Includes background information about the artist. (CMK)

  10. Digital Line Graph - Large Scale (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Digital line graph (DLG) data are digital representations of cartographic information. DLGs of map features are converted to digital form from maps and related...

  11. Composite Materials in Overhead Lines

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Thomas Kjærsgaard; Holbøll, Joachim


    The use of composite materials, e.g. fibreglass materials, in overhead transmission line systems is nothing new. Composite based insulators have been applied to transmission lines for over 30 years, mainly as suspension and post insulators and often as an option for special applications. Also...... towers and recently conductors based on composite materials are available at transmission levels. In this paper it is investigated which composite based solutions are available in connection with complete overhead line systems including insulators, towers and conductors. The components are reviewed...... with respect to solved and persisting known failures/problems of both mechanical and electrical nature. Major challenges related to extensive use of composite materials in an overhead line system are identified, as are possible benefits - both when using standard as well as customised composite components, e...

  12. Umbilic Lines in Orientational Order

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thomas Machon


    Full Text Available Three-dimensional orientational order in systems whose ground states possess nonzero gradients typically exhibits linelike structures or defects: λ lines in cholesterics or Skyrmion tubes in ferromagnets, for example. Here, we show that such lines can be identified as a set of natural geometric singularities in a unit vector field, the generalization of the umbilic points of a surface. We characterize these lines in terms of the natural vector bundles that the order defines and show that they give a way to localize and identify Skyrmion distortions in chiral materials—in particular, that they supply a natural representative of the Poincaré dual of the cocycle describing the topology. Their global structure leads to the definition of a self-linking number and helicity integral which relates the linking of umbilic lines to the Hopf invariant of the texture.

  13. Control Point Generated PLS - lines (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — The Control Point Generated PLS layer contains line and polygon features to the 1/4 of 1/4 PLS section (approximately 40 acres) and government lot level. The layer...

  14. Fractional Transmission Line with Losses (United States)

    Gómez-Aguilar, José Francisco; Dumitru, Baleanu


    In this manuscript, the fractional transmission line with losses is presented. The order of the Caputo derivative is considered as 0 Mittag-Leffler functions. The classic cases are recovered when β and γ are equal to 1.

  15. Program of telluric lines monitoring

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vince I.


    Full Text Available A new observational program of telluric lines monitoring was introduced at Belgrade Astronomical Observatory. The ultimate goal of this program is to investigate the properties of Earth’s atmosphere through modeling the observed profiles of telluric lines. The program is intend to observe infrared molecular oxygen lines that were selected according to spectral sensitivity of the available CCD camera. In this paper we give the initial and the final selection criteria for spectral lines included in the program the description of equipment and procedures used for observations and reduction, a review of preliminary observational results with the estimated precision, and a short discussion on the comparison of the theoretical predictions and the measurements.

  16. Transmission line model for nanoelectronics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nelin E. A.


    Full Text Available Analytical expressions for resonant parametres and characteristics of typical barrier nanoelectronic structures have been received on the basis of the transmission line model. Characteristics illustrating the efficiency of such approach are presented in the article.

  17. Railroad Lines, US, 2015, NAVTEQ (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — NAVTEQ Railroads for the United States. The Railroads layer contains Railroad features published as lines and polylines. Attributes for this layer include the name...

  18. Base Flood Elevation (BFE) Lines (United States)

    Department of Homeland Security — The Base Flood Elevation (BFE) table is required for any digital data where BFE lines will be shown on the corresponding Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). Normally if...

  19. Radio and line transmission 2

    CERN Document Server

    Roddy, Dermot


    Radio and Line Transmission, Volume 2 gives a detailed treatment of the subject as well as an introduction to additional advanced subject matter. Organized into 14 chapters, this book begins by explaining the radio wave propagation, signal frequencies, and bandwidth. Subsequent chapters describe the transmission lines and cables; the aerials; tuned and coupled circuits; bipolar transistor amplifiers; field-effect transistors and circuits; thermionic valve amplifiers; LC oscillators; the diode detectors and modulators; and the superheterodyne receiver. Other chapters explore noise and interfere

  20. ESR powder line shape calculations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vitko, J. Jr.; Huddleston, R.E.


    A program has been developed for computing the ESR spectrum of a collection of randomly oriented spins subject only to an electronic Zeeman interaction and having a Lorentzian single crystal line shape. Other single crystal line shapes, including numerical solutions of the Bloch equations, can be accommodated with minor modifications. The program differs in several features from those existing elsewhere, thus enabling one to study saturation effects, over-modulation effects, both absorptive and dispersive signals, and second and higher order derivative signals.

  1. Maria Reiche's Line to Archaeoastronomy


    Sparavigna, Amelia Carolina


    Maria Reiche was a German mathematician and archaeologist that, from 1940, devoted her life to the study of the Nazca Lines, the most famous Peruvian geoglyphs, gaining recognition and preservation of them. Created by removing the upper most layer of the arid soil of the Nazca desert, these geoglyphs, declared in 1995 a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are composed by very long straight and trapezoidal lines, spirals and large figures representing animals. Maria Reiche, in fact an archaeoastronome...

  2. Double helix nodal line superconductor


    Sun, Xiao-Qi; Lian, Biao; Zhang, Shou-Cheng


    Time-reversal invariant superconductors in three dimensions may contain nodal lines in the Brillouin zone, which behave exactly as Wilson loops of 3d momentum-space Chern-Simons theory of the Berry connection. Here we study the conditions of realizing linked nodal lines (Wilson loops), which yield a topological contribution to the thermal magnetoelectric coefficient that is given by the Chern-Simons action. We find the essential conditions are the existence of torus or higher genus fermi surf...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nuraini Harmastuti


    Full Text Available Chalcone, an α,β-unsaturated ketone, has been shown have many biological activities such as anticancer and antifungi. This research was conducted to synthesize the chalcone derivatives and to obtain their cytotoxic activity on human cervix cancer cell lines. Synthesis of chalcone and its derivatives, 4II-methylchalcone, 4II-methoxychalcone, and 3II,4II-dichlorochalcone was carried out using starting materials of benzaldehide and acetofenon, p-methylacetophenone, p-methoxyacetophenone, as well as m,p-dichloroacetophenone through Claisen Schmidt condensation catalized by NaOH in ethanol at 15 °C. The purity of synthesized compounds were analyzed by thin layer chromatography, melting range, and gas chromatography. Structure elucidations were conducted by UV spectrophotometer, IR spectrometer, 1H-NMR spectrometer, as well as mass spectrometer. Cytotoxic activities were determined by 3-[4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl]-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT microculture tetrazolium viability assay. The results showed that chalcone and derivatives compounds have been able to be synthesized and purified and had the same structure as a predicted structure. Chalcone had highest cytotoxic activity compared to that of its derivatives, with the IC50 values of chalcone, 4II-methylchalcone, 4II-methoxychalcone, and 3II,4II-dichlorochalcone were 9.49, 14.79, 11.48, and 24.26 µg/mL respectively. It was concluded that methyl, methoxy as well as chlorine substitution at 3 II and 4II position decrease the cytotoxic activity of chalcone.

  4. Line-by-line spectroscopic simulations on graphics processing units (United States)

    Collange, Sylvain; Daumas, Marc; Defour, David


    We report here on software that performs line-by-line spectroscopic simulations on gases. Elaborate models (such as narrow band and correlated-K) are accurate and efficient for bands where various components are not simultaneously and significantly active. Line-by-line is probably the most accurate model in the infrared for blends of gases that contain high proportions of H 2O and CO 2 as this was the case for our prototype simulation. Our implementation on graphics processing units sustains a speedup close to 330 on computation-intensive tasks and 12 on memory intensive tasks compared to implementations on one core of high-end processors. This speedup is due to data parallelism, efficient memory access for specific patterns and some dedicated hardware operators only available in graphics processing units. It is obtained leaving most of processor resources available and it would scale linearly with the number of graphics processing units in parallel machines. Line-by-line simulation coupled with simulation of fluid dynamics was long believed to be economically intractable but our work shows that it could be done with some affordable additional resources compared to what is necessary to perform simulations on fluid dynamics alone. Program summaryProgram title: GPU4RE Catalogue identifier: ADZY_v1_0 Program summary URL: Program obtainable from: CPC Program Library, Queen's University, Belfast, N. Ireland Licensing provisions: Standard CPC licence, No. of lines in distributed program, including test data, etc.: 62 776 No. of bytes in distributed program, including test data, etc.: 1 513 247 Distribution format: tar.gz Programming language: C++ Computer: x86 PC Operating system: Linux, Microsoft Windows. Compilation requires either gcc/g++ under Linux or Visual C++ 2003/2005 and Cygwin under Windows. It has been tested using gcc 4.1.2 under Ubuntu Linux 7.04 and using Visual C

  5. Towards Perfect Water Line Intensities (United States)

    Lodi, L.; Tennyson, J.


    Over the last ten years the increased availability of computational resources and the steady refinement of theoretical methods have permitted more and more accurate first principle calculations of water-vapor spectra as exemplified, e.g., by the very successful BT2 line list both line positions and intensities, a reliable dipole moment surface (DMS), affecting line intensities. It is also very useful to several application to give reasonable uncertainty bars for computed quantities, an aspect which traditionally has received little attention. We report here recent progress leading to very accurate room-temperature linelists covering the range 0.05-20 000 cm-1, complete with uncertainty bars, for the H_218O and H_217O water isotopologues Line intensities were produced using a recent DMS produced by our group which is capable of giving line intensites accurate to 1% for most medium and strong transitions. Line positions are based if possible on the experimentally derived energy levels recently produced by a IUPAC task group and have a typical accuracy of 0.0002 cm-1; when experimentally derived energy levels are unavailable calculated line position are provided, with an accuracy of the order of 0.2 cm-1. An extension to the main isotopologue H_216O is currently underway. R. J. Barber, J. Tennyson, G. J. Harris and R. N. Tolchenov, Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. {368}, 1087-1094 (2006). L. Lodi and J. Tennyson, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Trans. (2012), doi:10.1016/j.jqsrt.2012.02.023 L. Lodi, J. Tennyson and O. L. Polyansky, J. Chem. Phys. {135}, 034113 (2011). J. Tennyson at al., J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Trans. {110}, 573-96 (2009).

  6. Enhanced incoherent scatter plasma lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. Nilsson

    Full Text Available Detailed model calculations of auroral secondary and photoelectron distributions for varying conditions have been used to calculate the theoretical enhancement of incoherent scatter plasma lines. These calculations are compared with EISCAT UHF radar measurements of enhanced plasma lines from both the E and F regions, and published EISCAT VHF radar measurements. The agreement between the calculated and observed plasma line enhancements is good. The enhancement from the superthermal distribution can explain even the very strong enhancements observed in the auroral E region during aurora, as previously shown by Kirkwood et al. The model calculations are used to predict the range of conditions when enhanced plasma lines will be seen with the existing high-latitude incoherent scatter radars, including the new EISCAT Svalbard radar. It is found that the detailed structure, i.e. the gradients in the suprathermal distribution, are most important for the plasma line enhancement. The level of superthermal flux affects the enhancement only in the region of low phase energy where the number of thermal electrons is comparable to the number of suprathermal electrons and in the region of high phase energy where the suprathermal fluxes fall to such low levels that their effect becomes small compared to the collision term. To facilitate the use of the predictions for the different radars, the expected signal- to-noise ratios (SNRs for typical plasma line enhancements have been calculated. It is found that the high-frequency radars (Søndre Strømfjord, EISCAT UHF should observe the highest SNR, but only for rather high plasma frequencies. The VHF radars (EISCAT VHF and Svalbard will detect enhanced plasma lines over a wider range of frequencies, but with lower SNR.

  7. Line Transport in Turbulent Atmospheres (United States)

    Nikoghossian, A. G.


    The spectral line transfer in turbulent atmospheres with a spatially correlated velocity field is examined. Both the finite and semi-infinite media are treated. In finding the observed intensities we first deal with the problem for determining the mean intensity of radiation emerging from the medium for a fixed value of turbulent velocity at its boundary. A new approach proposed for solving this problem is based on the invariant imbedding technique which yields the solution of the proper problems for a family of media of different optical thicknesses and allows tackling different kinds of inhomogeneous problems. The dependence of the line profile, integral intensity, and the line width on the mean correlation length and the average value of the hydrodynamic velocity is studied. It is shown that the transition from a micro-turbulent regime to a macro-turbulence occurs within a comparatively narrow range of variation in the correlation length . Ambartsumian's principle of invariance is used to solve the problem of diffuse reflection of the line radiation from a one-dimensional semi-infinite turbulent atmosphere. In addition to the observed spectral line profile, statistical averages describing the diffusion process in the atmosphere (mean number of scattering events, average time spent by a diffusing photon in the medium) are determined. The dependence of these quantities on the average hydrodynamic velocity and correlation coefficient is studied.

  8. World-line perturbation theory

    CERN Document Server

    van Holten, Jan-Willem


    The motion of a compact body in space and time is commonly described by the world line of a point representing the instantaneous position of the body. In General Relativity such a world-line formalism is not quite straightforward because of the strict impossibility to accommodate point masses and rigid bodies. In many situations of practical interest it can still be made to work using an effective hamiltonian or energy-momentum tensor for a finite number of collective degrees of freedom of the compact object. Even so exact solutions of the equations of motion are often not available. In such cases families of world lines of compact bodies in curved space-times can be constructed by a perturbative procedure based on generalized geodesic deviation equations. Examples for simple test masses and for spinning test bodies are presented.

  9. Double Helix Nodal Line Superconductor (United States)

    Sun, Xiao-Qi; Lian, Biao; Zhang, Shou-Cheng


    Time-reversal invariant superconductors in three dimensions may contain nodal lines in the Brillouin zone, which behave as Wilson loops of 3D momentum-space Chern-Simons theory of the Berry connection. Here we study the conditions of realizing linked nodal lines (Wilson loops), which yield a topological contribution to the thermal magnetoelectric coefficient that is given by the Chern-Simons action. We find the essential conditions are the existence of torus or higher genus Fermi surfaces and spiral spin textures. We construct such a model with two torus Fermi surfaces, where a generic spin-dependent interaction leads to double-helix-like linked nodal lines as the superconductivity is developed.

  10. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Slavko Šarić


    Full Text Available ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is a technologythat allows transmission at 8.488 Mbps over the existingtelephone copper line (speed range depending on the distance.ADSL circuit connects the ADSL modems by twisted-pairtelephone lines creating three infonnation channels: high speedsimplex (maximum 9 Mbps, medium speed duplex channel(maximum 2 Mbps and plain old telephone service channel.ADSL technology supports up to seven synchronous channelsthat can be configured to meet the needs of the end user.One could simultaneously view four movies stored in MPEG 1fonnat on separate television sets (MPEG 1 transmitted at 1.5Mbps, hold a video-conference (transmitted at 348 kbps,download data files from a server at 128 kbps via ISDN andeven receive a telephone call.

  11. Animated construction of line drawings

    KAUST Repository

    Fu, Hongbo


    Revealing the sketching sequence of a line drawing can be visually intriguing and used for video-based storytelling. Typically this is enabled based on tedious recording of artists\\' drawing process. We demonstrate that it is often possible to estimate a reasonable drawing order from a static line drawing with clearly defined shape geometry, which looks plausible to a human viewer. We map the key principles of drawing order from drawing cognition to computational procedures in our framework. Our system produces plausible animated constructions of input line drawings, with no or little user intervention. We test our algorithm on a range of input sketches, with varying degree of complexity and structure, and evaluate the results via a user study. We also present applications to gesture drawing synthesis and drawing animation creation especially in the context of video scribing.

  12. Animated construction of line drawings

    KAUST Repository

    Fu, Hongbo


    Revealing the sketching sequence of a line drawing can be visually intriguing and used for video-based storytelling. Typically this is enabled based on tedious recording of artists\\' drawing process. We demonstrate that it is often possible to estimate a reasonable drawing order from a static line drawing with clearly defined shape geometry, which looks plausible to a human viewer. We map the key principles of drawing order from drawing cognition to computational procedures in our framework. Our system produces plausible animated constructions of input line drawings, with no or little user intervention. We test our algorithm on a range of input sketches, with varying degree of complexity and structure, and evaluate the results via a user study. We also present applications to gesture drawing synthesis and drawing animation creation especially in the context of video scribing. © 2011 ACM.

  13. Double Helix Nodal Line Superconductor. (United States)

    Sun, Xiao-Qi; Lian, Biao; Zhang, Shou-Cheng


    Time-reversal invariant superconductors in three dimensions may contain nodal lines in the Brillouin zone, which behave as Wilson loops of 3D momentum-space Chern-Simons theory of the Berry connection. Here we study the conditions of realizing linked nodal lines (Wilson loops), which yield a topological contribution to the thermal magnetoelectric coefficient that is given by the Chern-Simons action. We find the essential conditions are the existence of torus or higher genus Fermi surfaces and spiral spin textures. We construct such a model with two torus Fermi surfaces, where a generic spin-dependent interaction leads to double-helix-like linked nodal lines as the superconductivity is developed.

  14. Rigidly connected magnetic lines: twisting and winding of magnetic lines (United States)

    Prasad, G.


    The dynamical process of magnetic flux variation in a fluid's stream tube is described by constructing 1+1+ (2) decomposition of the gradient of fluid's 4-velocity. The necessary and sufficient conditions are obtained for a spacelike congruence to be a congruence of rigidly connected spacelike curves. The evolution of magnetic flux in a magnetic tube is explored under the assumptions that magnetic lines are rigidly connected and the chemical potential of the fluid is constant along a magnetic tube. The interplay between magnetic and stream tubes is demonstrated. It is shown that the growth of magnetic energy in a magnetic tube cannot exceed to that of a stream tube. It is found that the proper time variation of twist of magnetic lines is caused by gravitation inside a neutron star if magnetic lines are rigidly connected and charge neutrality condition holds. Helmholtz-like magnetic vorticity flux conservation in a magnetic tube constituted by rigidly connected geodetic magnetic lines is derived under the assumption that the charge neutrality condition holds. It is shown that the winding of frozen-in poloidal magnetic field due to differential rotation requires meridional circulation in an axisymmetric stationary hydromagnetic configuration.

  15. Assembly line performance and modeling (United States)

    Rane, Arun B.; Sunnapwar, Vivek K.


    Automobile sector forms the backbone of manufacturing sector. Vehicle assembly line is important section in automobile plant where repetitive tasks are performed one after another at different workstations. In this thesis, a methodology is proposed to reduce cycle time and time loss due to important factors like equipment failure, shortage of inventory, absenteeism, set-up, material handling, rejection and fatigue to improve output within given cost constraints. Various relationships between these factors, corresponding cost and output are established by scientific approach. This methodology is validated in three different vehicle assembly plants. Proposed methodology may help practitioners to optimize the assembly line using lean techniques.

  16. Line locking and SS 433 (United States)

    Pekarevich, M.; Piran, T.; Shaham, J.


    The general problem of acceleration by line locking in an optically thin medium is considered. Analytic solutions to the coupled equations of radiation transfer and matter motion are presented. Using these solutions, restrictions on the physical conditions of the accelerated matter are derived. By applying these conditions to SS 433, it is found that if the absorbing ion is light (hydrogen or helium), the matter must be highly clumped, and the acceleration has to begin at approximately 10 to the 12th cm. Line-locking acceleration with a hydrogen-like heavy ion such as iron demands higher than solar ion abundance.

  17. Helium transfer line installation details.

    CERN Multimedia

    G. Perinic


    A particularity of the 32 m long four in one helium transfer line in between the cold box in USC55 and the cavern UX5 is the fact that the transfer line passes through a hole in the crane rail support beam. In order to ensure the alignment of the suspension rail in the interconnecting tunnel with the hole in the rail support as well as the connection points at both ends required precise measurements of the given geometries as well as the installation of a temporary target for the verification of the theoretical predictions.

  18. Nazca-Lines and Maria Reiche - I. (United States)

    Kaifu, N.

    Huge and numerous geometrical lines and figures drawn on the stony desert near Nazca, Peru, are known as "Nazca Lines". Those lines might be the "largest calendar" which were drawn by ancient Peruvian towards the directions of setting and rising celestial bodies, proposes Maria Reiche, a great researcher and introducer of the Nazca Lines. The author reports the status of the Nazca Lines, and reviews the various studies to explain the purpose why the Nazca Lines were drawn.

  19. 46 CFR 45.31 - Deck line. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Deck line. 45.31 Section 45.31 Shipping COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (CONTINUED) LOAD LINES GREAT LAKES LOAD LINES Load Line Marks § 45.31 Deck line. (a) Each vessel must be marked with a deck line on the outer surface of the shell on each side of...

  20. Streaming Algorithms for Line Simplification

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Abam, Mohammad; de Berg, Mark; Hachenberger, Peter


    We study the following variant of the well-known line-simplification problem: we are getting a (possibly infinite) sequence of points p 0,p 1,p 2,… in the plane defining a polygonal path, and as we receive the points, we wish to maintain a simplification of the path seen so far. We study this pro...

  1. CERN Video News on line

    CERN Multimedia


    The latest CERN video news is on line. In this issue : an interview with the Director General and reports on the new home for the DELPHI barrel and the CERN firemen's spectacular training programme. There's also a vintage video news clip from 1954. See: or Bulletin web page

  2. Persistent diffusion on a line (United States)

    Balakrishnan, V.; Chaturvedi, S.


    We consider solutions to the telegraph equation describing persistent diffusion on a line under various initial conditions. The first passage time distribution is evaluated in closed form. Biased persistent diffusion is also considered. A direct derivation of the telegraph equation from the stochastic equation for the displacement is presented in an appendix.

  3. Software product lines : Organizational alternatives

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bosch, J


    Software product lines enjoy increasingly wide adoption in the software industry. Most authors focus on the technical and process aspects and assume an organizational model consisting of a domain engineering unit and several application engineering units. In our cooperation with several software

  4. Reconnections of Wave Vortex Lines (United States)

    Berry, M. V.; Dennis, M. R.


    When wave vortices, that is nodal lines of a complex scalar wavefunction in space, approach transversely, their typical crossing and reconnection is a two-stage process incorporating two well-understood elementary events in which locally coplanar hyperbolas switch branches. The explicit description of this reconnection is a pedagogically useful…

  5. Pulsations detected in the line profile variations of red giants : modelling of line moments, line bisector and line shape

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hekker, S.; Aerts, C.; Ridder, J. de; Carrier, F.


    Context: So far, red giant oscillations have been studied from radial velocity and/or light curve variations, which reveal frequencies of the oscillation modes. To characterise radial and non-radial oscillations, line profile variations are a valuable diagnostic. Here we present for the first time a

  6. Managing first-line failure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David A Cooper


    Full Text Available WHO standard of care for failure of a first regimen, usually 2N(tRTI's and an NNRTI, consists of a ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitor with a change in N(tRTI's. Until recently, there was no evidence to support these recommendations which were based on expert opinion. Two large randomized clinical trials, SECOND LINE and EARNEST both showed excellent response rates (>80% for the WHO standard of care and indicated that a novel regimen of a boosted protease inhibitor with an integrase inhibitor had equal efficacy with no difference in toxicity. In EARNEST, a third arm consisting of induction with the combined protease and integrase inhibitor followed by protease inhibitor monotherapy maintenance was inferior and led to substantial (20% protease inhibitor resistance. These studies confirm the validity of the current recommendations of WHO and point to a novel public health approach of using two new classes for second line when standard first-line therapy has failed, which avoids resistance genotyping. Notwithstanding, adherence must be stressed in those failing first-line treatments. Protease inhibitor monotherapy is not suitable for a public health approach in low- and middle-income countries.

  7. Coiled transmission line pulse generators (United States)

    McDonald, Kenneth Fox


    Methods and apparatus are provided for fabricating and constructing solid dielectric "Coiled Transmission Line" pulse generators in radial or axial coiled geometries. The pour and cure fabrication process enables a wide variety of geometries and form factors. The volume between the conductors is filled with liquid blends of monomers, polymers, oligomers, and/or cross-linkers and dielectric powders; and then cured to form high field strength and high dielectric constant solid dielectric transmission lines that intrinsically produce ideal rectangular high voltage pulses when charged and switched into matched impedance loads. Voltage levels may be increased by Marx and/or Blumlein principles incorporating spark gap or, preferentially, solid state switches (such as optically triggered thyristors) which produce reliable, high repetition rate operation. Moreover, these Marxed pulse generators can be DC charged and do not require additional pulse forming circuitry, pulse forming lines, transformers, or an a high voltage spark gap output switch. The apparatus accommodates a wide range of voltages, impedances, pulse durations, pulse repetition rates, and duty cycles. The resulting mobile or flight platform friendly cylindrical geometric configuration is much more compact, light-weight, and robust than conventional linear geometries, or pulse generators constructed from conventional components. Installing additional circuitry may accommodate optional pulse shape improvements. The Coiled Transmission Lines can also be connected in parallel to decrease the impedance, or in series to increase the pulse length.

  8. Line bundles and flat connections

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    /fulltext/pmsc/127/03/0547-0549. Keywords. Calabi–Yau threefold; torsion; cocompact lattice; unitary representation. Abstract. We prove that there are cocompact lattices Γ in S L ( 2 , C ) with the property that there are holomorphic line bundles ...

  9. Managing first-line failure. (United States)

    Cooper, David A


    WHO standard of care for failure of a first regimen, usually 2N(t)RTI's and an NNRTI, consists of a ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitor with a change in N(t)RTI's. Until recently, there was no evidence to support these recommendations which were based on expert opinion. Two large randomized clinical trials, SECOND LINE and EARNEST both showed excellent response rates (>80%) for the WHO standard of care and indicated that a novel regimen of a boosted protease inhibitor with an integrase inhibitor had equal efficacy with no difference in toxicity. In EARNEST, a third arm consisting of induction with the combined protease and integrase inhibitor followed by protease inhibitor monotherapy maintenance was inferior and led to substantial (20%) protease inhibitor resistance. These studies confirm the validity of the current recommendations of WHO and point to a novel public health approach of using two new classes for second line when standard first-line therapy has failed, which avoids resistance genotyping. Notwithstanding, adherence must be stressed in those failing first-line treatments. Protease inhibitor monotherapy is not suitable for a public health approach in low- and middle-income countries.

  10. Ettevõttel lasub ühiskondlik vastutus / Karen Schmidt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Schmidt, Karen


    Terve Eesti SA algatusel Eesti ettevõtete poolt moodustatud koalitsioonist "Ettevõtted HIV vastu", kuhu kuuluvad Hill & Knowlton, Nordecon, Swedbank, TNS Emor, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Rimi Eesti Food, DHL Estonia, Boehringer Ingelheim, Radisson BLU Hotell Tallinn ja TBWA/Guvatrak. Koalitsiooni töös osales kolm aastat ka Statoil

  11. (Gans, 1960; Schmidt and Inger, 1957). Ovoviviparity i

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Embryos found in material from three localities are recorded in Table I. The dispropor- tionate amount of yolk relative to the size of the embryo, first described for T. wiegmanni. (Hediger 1935) and subsequently for the South American Amphisbaena manni by Gans and. Alexander (1962), is a feature also of the development ...

  12. The role of Schmidt 'Antonovka' in apple scab resistance breeding

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bus, V.G.M.; Weg, van de W.E.; Peil, A.; Dunemann, F.; Zini, E.; Laurens, F.N.D.; Blazek, J.; Hanke, V.; Forsline, P.L.


    'Antonovka' has long been recognised as a major source of scab (Venturia inaequalis) resistance useful for apple breeding worldwide. Both major gene resistances in the form of the Rvi10 and Rvi17 and quantitative resistance, collectively identified as VA, have been identified in different accessions

  13. Natural or Organic Foods? [Project ECOLogy ELE Pak, Schmidt Pak]. (United States)

    Schmidt, Linda

    This is one of a series of units for environmental education developed by the Highline Public Schools. The unit is designed for secondary students in home economics classes. The content of the units focuses on natural and organic foods, characteristics of the foods, and uses of the foods. The seven lessons in this unit are designed to last over a…

  14. Uued ideed töökorralduses / koostanud Karen Schmidt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Austraalia tarkvarafirmas Atlassian korraldatakse FedEx-i päevi, mis tähendab, et töötajad võivad tegeleda neile meelepäraste projektidega. ROWE põhimõte seisneb selles, et töötajad kontrollivad oma tööaega ise ja tasu saavad oma töötulemuste alusel

  15. Contributions to a conjecture of Mueller and Schmidt on Thue ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    N Saradha


    Aug 3, 2017 ... Let , H and M denote the discriminant, height and. Mahler height of F(X, 1) respectively. For h ≥ 1, consider the Thue inequality. |F(X, Y)| ≤ h. (2) ... His result depended on the analysis of location of roots of F(X, 1). Bombieri modified a conjecture of Siegel on the inequality (2) as. NF(h) ≤ C(s, h), where C(s ...

  16. Socrates with a cane | Schmidt | South African Journal of Philosophy

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    , and openness. What is often not known is just how much Gadamer himself embodied those notions in his own practice as a teacher and a friend. In what follows, I speak of how the man I knew Hans-Georg Gadamer to be, illustrated some of ...

  17. Aus Justiz und Rechtsprechung in Osteuropa : Estland / Carmen Schmidt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Schmidt, Carmen, 1956-


    Riigikohtu lahendist 3-4-1-20-12 (Tunnistada kriminaalmenetluse seadustiku § 407 põhiseadusvastaseks ja kehtetuks osas, milles see välistab alaealise õiguse esitada kaebus määruse peale, millega kohus annab loa paigutada alaealine kasvatuse eritingimusi vajavate õpilaste kooli)

  18. Aus Justiz und Rechtsprechung in Osteuropa : Estland / Carmen Schmidt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Schmidt, Carmen, 1956-


    Riigikohtu lahenditest 3-4-1-6-12 (Õiguskantsleri taotlus nr. 8: „Euroopa stabiilsusmehhanismi asutamislepingu artikkel 4 lõike 4 põhiseadusele vastavuse kohta”) ja 3-4-1-1-12 (Viru Maakohtu taotlus tunnistada korruptsioonivastase seaduse § 19 lg 2 p 2 põhiseadusevastaseks osas, milles keelatakse kohaliku omavalitsuse ametnikul olla juhtorgani liige äriühingus, mille majandustegevus ei ole puutumuses isiku ametitegevusega)

  19. US line-ups outperform UK line-ups


    Seale-Carlisle, Travis M.; Mickes, Laura


    In the USA and the UK, many thousands of police suspects are identified by eyewitnesses every year. Unfortunately, many of those suspects are innocent, which becomes evident when they are exonerated by DNA testing, often after having been imprisoned for years. It is, therefore, imperative to use identification procedures that best enable eyewitnesses to discriminate innocent from guilty suspects. Although police investigators in both countries often administer line-up procedures, the details ...

  20. Spectral Line Shapes of He I Line 3889 Å

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Banaz Omar


    Full Text Available Spectral line shapes of neutral helium 3889 Å(23S–33P transition line are calculated by using several theoretical methods. The electronic contribution to the line broadening is calculated from quantum statistical many-particle theory by using thermodynamic Green's function, including dynamic screening of the electron-atom interaction. The ionic contribution is taken into account in a quasistatic approximation, where a static microfield distribution function is presented. Strong electron collisions are consistently considered with an effective two-particle T-matrix approach, where Convergent Close Coupling method gives scattering amplitudes including Debye screening for neutral helium. Then the static profiles converted to dynamic profiles by using the Frequency Fluctuation Model. Furthermore, Molecular Dynamics simulations for interacting and independent particles are used where the dynamic sequence of microfield is taken into account. Plasma parameters are diagnosed and good agreements are shown by comparing our theoretical results with the recent experimental result of Jovićević et al. (J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 2005, 38, 1249. Additionally, comparison with various experimental data in a wide range of electron density ne ≈ (1022− 1024m−3 and temperature T ≈ (2−6 × 104 K are presented.

  1. Transmission line studies for ITER compatible reflectometers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wagner, D.; Kasparek, W.; Gantenbein, G.; Manso, M. E.; Sanchez, J.; Donne, A. J. H.


    Corrugated circular transmission lines are considered as high performance, low loss, broadband lines for reflectometry on ITER. These lines are proposed as a possible solution for the equatorial low-field-side system and as a part (receiver-vacuum vessel) of the transmission lines for the high-field

  2. 18 CFR 2.2 - Transmission lines. (United States)


    ... 18 Conservation of Power and Water Resources 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Transmission lines. 2.2... Under the Federal Power Act § 2.2 Transmission lines. In a public statement dated March 7, 1941, the Commission announced its determination that transmission lines which are not primary lines transmitting power...

  3. Nazca-lines and Maria Reiche - II. (United States)

    Kaifu, N.

    Huge and numerous geometrical lines and figures drawn on the stony desert near Nazca, Peru, are known as "Nazca Lines". Those lines might be the "largest calendar" which were drawn towards the directions of setting and rising celestial bodies by ancient Peruvian, proposes Maria Reiche, a great researcher and introducer of the Nazca Lines. The future of the Nazca Lines is seriously concerned due to the recent rapid developments in Peru. The author reports the status of the Nazca Lines, and reviews the various studies to explain the purpose why the Nazca Lines were drawn.

  4. LINE-1 Cultured Cell Retrotransposition Assay (United States)

    Kopera, Huira C.; Larson, Peter A.; Moldovan, John B.; Richardson, Sandra R.; Liu, Ying; Moran, John V.


    Summary The Long INterspersed Element-1 (LINE-1 or L1) retrotransposition assay has facilitated the discovery and characterization of active (i.e., retrotransposition-competent) LINE-1 sequences from mammalian genomes. In this assay, an engineered LINE-1 containing a retrotransposition reporter cassette is transiently transfected into a cultured cell line. Expression of the reporter cassette, which occurs only after a successful round of retrotransposition, allows the detection and quantification of the LINE-1 retrotransposition efficiency. This assay has yielded insight into the mechanism of LINE-1 retrotransposition. It also has provided a greater understanding of how the cell regulates LINE-1 retrotransposition and how LINE-1 retrotransposition impacts the structure of mammalian genomes. Below, we provide a brief introduction to LINE-1 biology and then detail how the LINE-1 retrotransposition assay is performed in cultured mammalian cells. PMID:26895052

  5. Forecasting for dynamic line rating

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Michiorri, Andrea; Nguyen, Huu-Minh; Alessandrini, Stefano


    This paper presents an overview of the state of the art on the research on Dynamic Line Rating forecasting. It is directed at researchers and decision-makers in the renewable energy and smart grids domain, and in particular at members of both the power system and meteorological community. Its aim...... sensors on the line that measure conductor temperature, tension, sag or environmental parameters such as wind speed and air temperature. Because of the conservative assumptions used to calculate static seasonal ampacity limits and the variability of weather parameters, DLRs are considerably higher than....... In order to facilitate the integration of DLR into power system operations, research has been launched into DLR forecasting, following a similar avenue to IRS production forecasting, i.e. based on a mix of statistical methods and meteorological forecasts. The development of reliable DLR forecasts...

  6. Line Creep in Paper Peeling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosti J.


    Full Text Available We have studied experimentally the dynamics of the separation of a sheet of paper into two halves in a peeling configuration. The experimental setup consists of a peeling device, where a fracture front is driven along the plane of the paper, with a constant force. The theoretical picture is how an elastic line interacts with a random landscape of fracture toughness. We compare the results with theoretical simulations in several aspects. One recent finding concerns the autocorrelation function of the average front position. The data from the experiments produces so-called cusps or singularities in the correlation function, as predicted by the functional renormalization group theory for elastic lines. Comparisons with simulations with either a short range or a long range elastic kernel demonstrate that the latter agrees with the experimental observations, as expected.

  7. On-line moisture analysis

    CERN Document Server

    Cutmore, N G


    Measurement of the moisture content of iron ore has become a key issue for controlling moisture additions for dust suppression. In most cases moisture content is still determined by manual or automatic sampling of the ore stream, followed by conventional laboratory analysis by oven drying. Although this procedure enables the moisture content to be routinely monitored, it is too slow for control purposes. This has generated renewed interest in on-line techniques for the accurate and rapid measurement of moisture in iron ore on conveyors. Microwave transmission techniques have emerged over the past 40 years as the dominant technology for on-line measurement of moisture in bulk materials, including iron ores. Alternative technologies have their limitations. Infra-red analysers are used in a variety of process industries, but rely on the measurement of absorption by moisture in a very thin surface layer. Consequently such probes may be compromised by particle size effects and biased presentation of the bulk mater...

  8. Transversal Lines of the Debates

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yolanda Onghena


    Full Text Available The Transversal Lines of the Debates gathers for publication the presentations of the scholars invited to the seminar. In the papers, Yolanda Onghena observes that the evolution from the cultural to the inter-cultural travels along four axes: the relations between cultureand society; the processes of change within identity-based dynamics; the representations of the Other; and, interculturality. Throughout the presentations and subsequent debates, whenever the different participants referred to aspects of the cultural identity problematic--”angst”, “obsession”, “deficit”, manipulation”, and others, these same participants in the Transversal Lines of the Debates also showed that, in certain areas, an optimistic viewpoint is not out of the question.

  9. Line graphs as social networks (United States)

    Krawczyk, M. J.; Muchnik, L.; Mańka-Krasoń, A.; Kułakowski, K.


    It was demonstrated recently that the line graphs are clustered and assortative. These topological features are known to characterize some social networks [M.E.J. Newman, Y. Park, Why social networks are different from other types of networks, Phys. Rev. E 68 (2003) 036122]; it was argued that this similarity reveals their cliquey character. In the model proposed here, a social network is the line graph of an initial network of families, communities, interest groups, school classes and small companies. These groups play the role of nodes, and individuals are represented by links between these nodes. The picture is supported by the data on the LiveJournal network of about 8×10 6 people.

  10. About cosmic gamma ray lines (United States)

    Diehl, Roland


    Gamma ray lines from cosmic sources convey the action of nuclear reactions in cosmic sites and their impacts on astrophysical objects. Gamma rays at characteristic energies result from nuclear transitions following radioactive decays or high-energy collisions with excitation of nuclei. The gamma-ray line from the annihilation of positrons at 511 keV falls into the same energy window, although of different origin. We present here the concepts of cosmic gamma ray spectrometry and the corresponding instruments and missions, followed by a discussion of recent results and the challenges and open issues for the future. Among the lessons learned are the diffuse radioactive afterglow of massive-star nucleosynthesis in 26Al and 60Fe gamma rays, which is now being exploited towards the cycle of matter driven by massive stars and their supernovae; large interstellar cavities and superbubbles have been recognised to be of key importance here. Also, constraints on the complex processes making stars explode as either thermonuclear or core-collapse supernovae are being illuminated by gamma-ray lines, in this case from shortlived radioactivities from 56Ni and 44Ti decays. In particular, the three-dimensionality and asphericities that have recently been recognised as important are enlightened in different ways through such gamma-ray line spectroscopy. Finally, the distribution of positron annihilation gamma ray emission with its puzzling bulge-dominated intensity disctribution is measured through spatially-resolved spectra, which indicate that annihilation conditions may differ in different parts of our Galaxy. But it is now understood that a variety of sources may feed positrons into the interstellar medium, and their characteristics largely get lost during slowing down and propagation of positrons before annihilation; a recent microquasar flare was caught as an opportunity to see positrons annihilate at a source.

  11. Assembly delay line pulse generators

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN PhotoLab


    Assembly of six of the ten delay line pulse generators that will power the ten kicker magnet modules. One modulator part contains two pulse generators. Capacitors, inductances, and voltage dividers are in the oil tank on the left. Triggered high-pressure spark gap switches are on the platforms on the right. High voltage pulse cables to the kicker magnet emerge under the spark gaps. In the centre background are the assembled master gaps.

  12. Chalk Line Mill, Anniston, AL (United States)

    The Chalk Line Mill property was the site of a textile mill which operated from 1887 until 1994. Demolition activities in 2004 removed most of the structures on-site, but also left large, unsightly piles of debris scattered across this 14-acre property. The City applied for and received a $200,000 Brownfields cleanup grant in 2007 to address contamination on the property and the Appalachian Regional Commission provided an additional $150,000 in funding.

  13. ac transmission line field measurements

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kotter, F.R.; Misakian, M.


    The concern in recent years over the environmental effects of electric and magnetic fields from high voltage transmission lines has also focused attention on the accuracy of measurements of these fields. Electric field meters are discussed in terms of theory of operation, parameters affecting performance, meter performance under field and laboratory conditions, and calibration procedures. The performance and calibration of magnetic field meters is described. (LCL)

  14. Firing up the front line. (United States)

    Katzenbach, J R; Santamaria, J A


    For many organizations, achieving competitive advantage means eliciting superior performance from employees on the front line--the burger flippers, hotel room cleaners, and baggage handlers whose work has an enormous effect on customers. That's no easy task. Front line workers are paid low wages, have scant hope of advancement, and--not surprisingly--often care little about the company's performance. But then how do some companies succeed in engaging the emotional energy of rank-and-file workers? A team of researchers at McKinsey & Company and the Conference Board recently explored that question and discovered that one highly effective route is demonstrated by the U.S. Marine Corps. The Marines' approach to motivation follows the "mission, values, and pride" path, which researchers say is practical and relevant for the business world. More specifically, the authors say the Marines follow five practices: they over-invest in cultivating core value; prepare every person to lead, including front line supervisors; learn when to create teams and when to create single-leader work groups; attend to all employees, not just the top half; and encourage self-discipline as a way of building pride. The authors admit there are critical differences between the Marines and most businesses. But using vivid examples from companies such as KFC and Marriott International, the authors illustrate how the Marines' approach can be translated for corporate use. Sometimes, the authors maintain, minor changes in a company's standard operating procedure can have a powerful effect on front line pride and can result in substantial payoffs in company performance.

  15. On-line survey method


    Dvornáková, Táňa


    Thesis deals with modern ways of surveys using advancing information technology and internet which makes surveys using web applications more effective. After a short review of public opinion history the summary of principal czech and forign survey organizations engaged in determination of survey rules are presented. Thesis follows with description of classic and modern data collecting methods. Main attention is devoted to on-line survey method. The description of method, possibilities of real...

  16. Diccionario de neologismos on line


    Institut Universitari de Lingstica Aplicada; Institut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada


    El Diccionario de neologismos on line es una obra lexicográfica que recoge más de 4.000 neologismos en castellano documentados entre 1989 y 2007, mayoritariamente en prensa escrita. Los neologismos van acompañados de definición lexicográfica y varios contextos de uso, además de informaciones sobre la categoría grammatical, la fuente y fecha de procedencia, etc.

  17. Replication timing kept in LINE. (United States)

    O'Neill, Rachel J; O'Neill, Michael J


    Accurate and synchronous replication timing between chromosome homologues is essential for maintaining chromosome stability, yet how this is achieved has remained a mystery. In this issue, Platt et al. (2018. J. Cell Biol. identify antisense LINE (L1) transcripts within long noncoding RNAs as the critical factor in maintaining synchronous chromosome-wide replication timing. © 2018 O'Neill and O'Neill.

  18. Line-Editor Computer Program (United States)

    Scott, Peter J.


    ZED editing program for DEC VAX computer simple, powerful line editor for text, program source code, and nonbinary data. Excels in processing of text by use of procedure files. Also features versatile search qualifiers, global changes, conditionals, online help, hexadecimal mode, space compression, looping, logical combinations of search strings, journaling, visible control characters, and automatic detabbing. Users of Cambridge implementation devised such ZED procedures as chess games, calculators, and programs for evaluating pi. Written entirely in C.

  19. Gamma-Ray Line Astronomy


    Diehl, Roland


    Gamma-ray lines from radioactive isotopes, ejected into interstellar space by cosmic nucleosynthesis events, are observed with new space telescopes. The Compton Observatory had provided a sky survey for the isotopes 56Co, 22Na, 44Ti, and 26Al, detecting supernova radioactivity and the diffuse glow of long-lived radioactivity from massive stars in the Galaxy. High-resolution spectroscopy is now being exploited with Ge detectors: Since 2002, with ESA's INTEGRAL satellite and the RHESSI solar im...

  20. Workshop on Radio Recombination Lines

    CERN Document Server


    Since their first detection 15 years ago, radio recombination lines from several elements have been observed in a wide variety of objects including HII regions, planetary nebulae, molecular clouds, the diffuse interstellar medium, and recently, other galaxies. The observations span almost the entire range from 0.1 to 100 GHz, and employ both single­ djsh and aperture synthesis techniques. The theory of radio recombination lines has also advanced strongly, to the point where it is perhaps one of the best-understood in astro­ physics. In a parallel development, it has become possible over the last decade to study these same highly-excited atoms in the laboratory; this work provides further confirmation of the theoretical framework. However there has been continuing controversy over the astrophysical interpre­ tation of radio recombination line observations, especially regarding the role of stimulated emission. A workshop was held in Ottawa on 24-25 August, 1979, bringing together many of the active scientist...

  1. Managing SEMP on-line

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Watson, L.E.; Luppens, J.C. [Phillips Petroleum, Lafayette, LA (United States); Johnson, S.T. [M and H Enterprises, Inc., Lafayette, LA (United States)


    The North America Production Division of Phillips Petroleum Company has teamed with M and H Enterprises to provide its operators, technicians, engineers and management on-line access and control of the change process and the extensive documentation involved in compliance with API RP 75 Safety and Environmental Management Program (SEMP). M and H Enterprises developed the WinPSM/SEMP{trademark} software and customized it to meet Phillips` SEMP policies and software standards. WinPSM/SEMP is a Windows based client server application, which features the use of a state of the art document management software technology. This system addresses all the elements of SEMP with the all important Management of Change module as a cornerstone component to the program. This paper presents the benefits of an on-line system over the traditional paper based system to control documentation resulting from SEMP compliance. It will demonstrate how this solution has resulted in a streamlined management of change process, safety training has become more current, and safety related procedures have become more accessible to the employees and better documented for compliance reporting purposes. The paper will point out the effectiveness of integrating all elements of SEMP into a single software product, taking advantage of familiar workplace environments to speed up the learning curve for field personnel. It will also address the flexibility of using such a system to include other on-line applications that have similar database accessibility requirements between the field and the supporting office.

  2. Potential Energy Curves and Associated Line Shape of Alkali-Metal and Noble-Gas Interactions (United States)


    computed using the full Pauli-Breit operator [ Fedorov et al., 2003]. 3.1.2 Comparison of MCSCF vs. SOCI curve for Li + He. The MCSCF M + Ng curves provide...Yabuzaki. Emission spectra of Cs-He excimers in cold helium gas. Phys. Rev. A, 66:042505, 2002. G. D. Fedorov , S. Koseki, M. W. Schmidt, and M. S. Gordon

  3. Community LINE Source Model (C-LINE) | Science Inventory ... (United States)

    This presentation provides an introduction for the live demo and explains the purpose of C-LINE and its key features. C-LINE is a web-based model designed to inform the community user of local air quality impacts due to mobile-sources in their region of interest using a simplified modeling approach. It is designed for examining what-if scenarios of changes in emissions, such as those due to changes in traffic volume, fleet mix, or vehicle speed. The model is not intended to be used for any regulatory, enforcement or permitting decisions. The National Exposure Research Laboratory (NERL) Computational Exposure Division (CED) develops and evaluates data, decision-support tools, and models to be applied to media-specific or receptor-specific problem areas. CED uses modeling-based approaches to characterize exposures, evaluate fate and transport, and support environmental diagnostics/forensics with input from multiple data sources. It also develops media- and receptor-specific models, process models, and decision support tools for use both within and outside of EPA.

  4. 49 CFR 192.707 - Line markers for mains and transmission lines. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Line markers for mains and transmission lines. 192... § 192.707 Line markers for mains and transmission lines. (a) Buried pipelines. Except as provided in... buried main and transmission line: (1) At each crossing of a public road and railroad; and (2) Wherever...

  5. Integrated Glass Coating Manufacturing Line

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brophy, Brenor [Enki Technology Inc., San Jose, CA (United States)


    This project aims to enable US module manufacturers to coat glass with Enki’s state of the art tunable functionalized AR coatings at the lowest possible cost and highest possible performance by encapsulating Enki’s coating process in an integrated tool that facilitates effective process improvement through metrology and data analysis for greater quality and performance while reducing footprint, operating and capital costs. The Phase 1 objective was a fully designed manufacturing line, including fully specified equipment ready for issue of purchase requisitions; a detailed economic justification based on market prices at the end of Phase 1 and projected manufacturing costs and a detailed deployment plan for the equipment.

  6. The Haptic Lines of Homeland (United States)

    Dawson, P.; Takatsuka, M.


    This paper discusses the conceptual underpinnings, working processes and the tools used for preparing the scene files of a holographic art work which offers a subjective view point on the idea of homeland. The art work, Homeland, an optically formed fringe digital hologram, which is contextualized by the holographic maps used in situational awareness, indicates its subjectivity by strongly referencing the human body, particularly the lines of the palm of the hand. ... because the body belongs to the order of things as the world is universal flesh. Maurice Merleau-Ponty

  7. A contrario line segment detection

    CERN Document Server

    von Gioi, Rafael Grompone


    The reliable detection of low-level image structures is an old and still challenging problem in computer vision. This?book leads a detailed tour through the LSD algorithm, a line segment detector designed to be fully automatic. Based on the a contrario framework, the algorithm works efficiently without the need of any parameter tuning. The design criteria are thoroughly explained and the algorithm's good and bad results are illustrated on real and synthetic images. The issues involved, as well as the strategies used, are common to many geometrical structure detection problems and some possible

  8. The appearance of beam lines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carey, D.C.


    The combination of an existing graphics package with a large program like TRANSPORT has often resulted in considerable modification to the large program. Use of other graphics package has resulted in essentially having to repeat the work. This difficulty has been avoided in a modification of TRANSPORT which produce layouts of beam lines. Drawings of the reference trajectory and three-dimensional images of all magnets are made by the graphics package TOP DRAWER. Nothing specific to TOP DRAWER or any other graphics has been incorporated into TRANSPORT. If a user is with a different graphics package he or she can then begin usage of this alternate package essentially immediately.

  9. Understanding broadband over power line

    CERN Document Server

    Held, Gilbert


    Understanding Broadband over Power Line explores all aspects of the emerging technology that enables electric utilities to provide support for high-speed data communications via their power infrastructure. This book examines the two methods used to connect consumers and businesses to the Internet through the utility infrastructure: the existing electrical wiring of a home or office; and a wireless local area network (WLAN) access point.Written in a practical style that can be understood by network engineers and non-technologists alike, this volume offers tutorials on electric utility infrastru

  10. The Astrophysics of Emission-Line Stars

    CERN Document Server

    Kogure, Tomokazu


    Many types of stars show conspicuous emission lines in their optical spectra. These stars are broadly referred to as emission line stars. Emission line stars are attractive to many people because of their spectacular phenomena and their variability. The Astrophysics of Emission Line Stars offers general information on emission line stars, starting from a brief introduction to stellar astrophysics, and then moving toward a broad overview of emission line stars including early and late type stars as well as pre-main sequence stars. Detailed references have been prepared along with an index for further reading.

  11. Composite Based EHV AC Overhead Transmission Lines

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Thomas Kjærsgaard

    Overhead lines at transmission level are the backbone of any national power grid today. New overhead line projects however are at the same time subject to ever greater public resistance due to the lines environmental impact. As full undergrounding of transmission lines at extra high voltage (EHV...... and analysed with regard to the possibilities, limitations and risks widespread application of composite materials on EHV AC overhead transmission lines may present. To form the basis for evaluation of the useability of composite materials, dierent overhead line projects aimed at reducing the environmental...

  12. Grism-based pulse shaper for line-by-line control of more than 600 optical frequency comb lines. (United States)

    Kirchner, M S; Diddams, S A


    We construct a line-by-line pulse shaper using a grism (grating plus prism) dispersive element, which provides constant angular dispersion over 13.4 THz centered at ~311 THz (965 nm). When combined with a dual-mask liquid crystal modulator, this grism-based shaper is capable of line-by-line amplitude and phase control of over 600 modes of a 21 GHz stabilized optical frequency comb.

  13. Cross delay line sensor characterization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Owens, Israel J [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Remelius, Dennis K [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Tiee, Joe J [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Buck, Steven E [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Whittemore, Stephen R [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Thompson, David C [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Shirey, Robert [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    There exists a wealth of information in the scientific literature on the physical properties and device characterization procedures for complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS), charge coupled device (CCD) and avalanche photodiode (APD) format detectors. Numerous papers and books have also treated photocathode operation in the context of photomultiplier tube (PMT) operation for either non imaging applications or limited night vision capability. However, much less information has been reported in the literature about the characterization procedures and properties of photocathode detectors with novel cross delay line (XDL) anode structures. These allow one to detect single photons and create images by recording space and time coordinate (X, Y & T) information. In this paper, we report on the physical characteristics and performance of a cross delay line anode sensor with an enhanced near infrared wavelength response photocathode and high dynamic range micro channel plate (MCP) gain (> 10{sup 6}) multiplier stage. Measurement procedures and results including the device dark event rate (DER), pulse height distribution, quantum and electronic device efficiency (QE & DQE) and spatial resolution per effective pixel region in a 25 mm sensor array are presented. The overall knowledge and information obtained from XDL sensor characterization allow us to optimize device performance and assess capability. These device performance properties and capabilities make XDL detectors ideal for remote sensing field applications that require single photon detection, imaging, sub nano-second timing response, high spatial resolution (10's of microns) and large effective image format.

  14. Beam line design using G4BeamLine

    CERN Document Server

    Dogan, Arda


    In Turkey in Ankara TAEK SANAEM Proton Accelerator Facility (PAF), there is a cyclotron which produces a focused intense 30 MeV proton beam and sends this beam to four different arms, three of which uses this beam to produce pharmaceutical medicine. The remaining one is spared for R&D purposes and the idea was to use these protons coming out from the fourth arm to use space radiation tests, which cannot be done in Turkey at the moment. However, according to SCC 25100 standards which is for 30 MeV protons, the beam coming out of cyclotron is too intense and focused to use for space radiation tests. Therefore, the main aim of my project is to design a beam line which will defocus the beam and reduce the flux so that the space radiation tests can be done according to the standards of SCC 25100.

  15. 2008 TIGER/Line Nationwide Dataset (United States)

    California Department of Resources — This dataset contains a nationwide build of the 2008 TIGER/Line datasets from the US Census Bureau downloaded in April 2009. The TIGER/Line Shapefiles are an extract...

  16. Variability issues in software product lines

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bosch, J; Florijn, G; Greefhorst, D; Kuusela, J; Obbink, JH; Pohl, K; VanderLinden, F


    Software product lines (or system families) have achieved considerable adoption by the software industry. A software product line captures the commonalities between a set of products while providing for the differences. Differences are managed by delaying design decisions, thereby introducing

  17. Basic Stand Alone Carrier Line Items PUF (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — This release contains the Basic Stand Alone (BSA) Carrier Line Items Public Use Files (PUF) with information from Medicare Carrier claims. The CMS BSA Carrier Line...

  18. Student Peer Evaluated Line Balancing Competition

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    The Student Peer Evaluated Line Balancing Competition is a 30-minute in-class problem-based learning experiential exercise that challenges student groups to design a feasible and efficient laptop computer assembly line. Each student...

  19. Electrically Isolating Transmission-Line Driver (United States)

    Marchman, Robert H.


    Proposed optoelectronic coupling circuit used to insert signal in transmission line and to isolate transmission line from ground of circuit in which signal originates. Made from commercially available components, reduces susceptibility to interference along transmission path.

  20. State Wildlife Management Area Public Facilities - lines (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — This line theme contains facilities and features for WMAs that are best represented as lines. WMAs are part of the Minnesota state recreation system created to...

  1. FB Line Basis for Interim Operation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shedrow, B.


    The safety analysis of the FB-Line Facility indicates that the operation of FB-Line to support the current mission does not present undue risk to the facility and co-located workers, general public, or the environment.

  2. Smart street lights using power line communication

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Du Toit, P


    Full Text Available street light faults with the use of communication over the power line. The developed system communicates over power lines using modified frequency shift keying (FSK) modulation. The system used an LDR (light dependent resistor) based light sensor...

  3. Realization of intermediate links of line arrangements


    Bodin, Arnaud


    We investigate several topological and combinatorial properties of line arrangements. We associate to a line arrangement a link obtained by intersecting the arrangement with some sphere. Several topics are discussed: (a) some link configurations can be realized by complex line arrangements but not by real line arrangements; (b) if we intersect the arrangements with a vertical band instead of a sphere, what link configurations can be obtained? (c) relations between link configurations obtained...

  4. The Emission Line Objects At 0PEARS (United States)

    Pirzkal, Norbert; Malhotra, S.; Rhoads, J. J. E.; Ly, C.; Rothberg, B.; Dahlen, T.


    Emission line galaxies are a powerful tracer of star formation in the Universe. By computing and examining the shape of the line luminosity function (the number density per logarithmic interval in line luminosity) we can study how star formation occurred in star forming galaxies. We can also look for variation in the line luminosity function of these objects as a function of redshift to look for evidence of evolution in the way star formation took place over the last few billion years. We present emission line luminosity functions obtained using the slitless grism survey data of the PEARS projects. We applied the PEARS-2D technique to pinpoint the location of line emission in field galaxies and hence were able to extract spectra of individual line emission regions in the PEARS fields, which covers a large fraction of the GOODS-N and GOODS-S fields. We detected lines with fluxes as low as 5. 10^-18 erg/s/cm^2 and identified Ha, OIII, OII, Hg and Lya lines, over a redshift range of 0lines we identified are Ha (213 lines, 0lines, 0.2lines, 0.6line emission regions, multiple line emissions regions as well as several cases of multiple star forming regions in single galaxies. We present the luminosity functions for Ha, OII, and OIII computed across these relatively broad redshift ranges using both the Vmax and STY methods and investigate the redshift dependence of these luminosity functions, and the physical distribution of the emission line regions we detect.

  5. 14 CFR 121.440 - Line checks. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Line checks. 121.440 Section 121.440..., FLAG, AND SUPPLEMENTAL OPERATIONS Crewmember Qualifications § 121.440 Line checks. (a) No certificate... preceding 12 calendar months, that person has passed a line check in which he satisfactorily performs the...

  6. 30 CFR 56.4501 - Fuel lines. (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Fuel lines. 56.4501 Section 56.4501 Mineral... Installation/construction/maintenance § 56.4501 Fuel lines. Fuel lines shall be equipped with valves capable of stopping the flow of fuel at the source and shall be located and maintained to minimize fire hazards. This...

  7. 30 CFR 57.4501 - Fuel lines. (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Fuel lines. 57.4501 Section 57.4501 Mineral... Installation/construction/maintenance § 57.4501 Fuel lines. Fuel lines shall be equipped with valves capable of stopping the flow of fuel at the source and shall be located and maintained to minimize fire hazards. This...

  8. ILIGRA : An Efficient Inverse Line Graph Algorithm

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Liu, D.; Trajanovski, S.; Van Mieghem, P.


    This paper presents a new and efficient algorithm, ILIGRA, for inverse line graph construction. Given a line graph H, ILIGRA constructs its root graph G with the time complexity being linear in the number of nodes in H. If ILIGRA does not know whether the given graph H is a line graph, it firstly

  9. Parallel line scanning ophthalmoscope for retinal imaging

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vienola, K.V.; Damodaran, M.; Braaf, B.; Vermeer, K.A.; de Boer, J.F.


    A parallel line scanning ophthalmoscope (PLSO) is presented using a digital micromirror device (DMD) for parallel confocal line imaging of the retina. The posterior part of the eye is illuminated using up to seven parallel lines, which were projected at 100 Hz. The DMD offers a high degree of

  10. 32 CFR 644.7 - Acquisition lines. (United States)


    ... HANDBOOK Project Planning Civil Works § 644.7 Acquisition lines. (a) Tentative acquisition lines. As..., in accordance with sound real estate practices. Accordingly, fringe tracts will not be acquired until the final acquisition lines are approved by the Division Engineer. (b) Submission. As soon as possible...

  11. optimal assembly line balancing using simulation techniques

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    In assembly line balancing, a garment manufacturer is interested in whether assembly work will be finished on time for delivery, how machines and employees are being utilized, whether any station in the assembly line is lagging behind the schedule and how the assembly line is doing overall. The role of a supervisor is to ...

  12. Beam line to S155

    CERN Multimedia


    The experiment S155 was designed by the Orsay (CSNM-CNRS) Collaboration to observe the properties of exotic light nuclei. It was installed in the PS neutrino tunnel. The photo shows a mass spectrometer (in the background) on line with the PS proton beam which arrives (bottom, right) from the fast extraction FE74. Roger Fergeau stands on the left. The alkaline isotopes produced in the carbon-uranium target heated at 2000°C were swiftly extracted, mass separated, and brought to a detector behind the shielding. Sodium 34 (11 protons and 23 neutrons) was observed and its half-life of only 5 ms was measured. The excited levels 2+ of Magnesium 30 and Magnesium 32 (Sodium descendants) were localised, and the magic number 20 was found to vanish. Thus, the discovery made earlier for Sodium 30 and Sodium 32, with the same apparatus, was confirmed. (See also photo 7706511.)

  13. The Order Specification Decoupling Line

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Benjamin Loer; Hvam, Lars


    This paper discusses the important issue in build-to-order production of separating innovative long term engineering processes from day-to-day variant specification processes, i.e. the processes creating specifications such as bill-of-materials, drawings, text descriptions, routings etc. The paper...... proposes and discusses the term Order Specification Decoupling Line (OSDL), which is to be used to explain the separation of industrial specifications into some information created prior to order acquisition and some information created during order acquisition and order fulfillment. For instance one may...... find some welding specifications or product descriptions which are standard for every order, while there may be other specifications, such as bill-of-materials and drawings, which are customized. Through a use of this concept it becomes possible to discuss different levels of OSDL and different variant...

  14. Superconducting transmission line particle detector (United States)

    Gray, Kenneth E.


    A microvertex particle detector for use in a high energy physic collider including a plurality of parallel superconducting thin film strips separated from a superconducting ground plane by an insulating layer to form a plurality of superconducting waveguides. The microvertex particle detector indicates passage of a charged subatomic particle by measuring a voltage pulse measured across a superconducting waveguide caused by the transition of the superconducting thin film strip from a superconducting to a non-superconducting state in response to the passage of a charged particle. A plurality of superconducting thin film strips in two orthogonal planes plus the slow electromagnetic wave propogating in a superconducting transmission line are used to resolve N.sup.2 ambiguity of charged particle events.

  15. Growing bubbles rising in line

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John F. Harper


    Full Text Available Over many years the author and others have given theories for bubbles rising in line in a liquid. Theory has usually suggested that the bubbles will tend towards a stable distance apart, but experiments have often showed them pairing off and sometimes coalescing. However, existing theory seems not to deal adequately with the case of bubbles growing as they rise, which they do if the liquid is boiling, or is a supersaturated solution of a gas, or simply because the pressure decreases with height. That omission is now addressed, for spherical bubbles rising at high Reynolds numbers. As the flow is then nearly irrotational, Lagrange's equations can be used with Rayleigh's dissipation function. The theory also works for bubbles shrinking as they rise because they dissolve.

  16. Unsplit bipolar pulse forming line (United States)

    Rhodes, Mark A [Pleasanton, CA


    A bipolar pulse forming transmission line module and system for linear induction accelerators having first, second, third, and fourth planar conductors which form a sequentially arranged interleaved stack having opposing first and second ends, with dielectric layers between the conductors. The first and second planar conductors are connected to each other at the first end, and the first and fourth planar conductors are connected to each other at the second end via a shorting plate. The third planar conductor is electrically connectable to a high voltage source, and an internal switch functions to short at the first end a high voltage from the third planar conductor to the fourth planar conductor to produce a bipolar pulse at the acceleration axis with a zero net time integral. Improved access to the switch is enabled by an aperture through the shorting plate and the proximity of the aperture to the switch.

  17. Spinless hourglass nodal-line semimetals (United States)

    Takahashi, Ryo; Hirayama, Motoaki; Murakami, Shuichi


    Nodal-line semimetals, one of the topological semimetals, have degeneracy along nodal lines where the band gap is closed. In many cases, the nodal lines appear accidentally, and in such cases it is impossible to determine whether the nodal lines appear or not, only from the crystal symmetry and the electron filling. In this paper, for spinless systems, we show that in specific space groups at 4 N +2 fillings (8 N +4 fillings including the spin degree of freedom), presence of the nodal lines is required regardless of the details of the systems. Here, the spinless systems refer to crystals where the spin-orbit coupling is negligible and the spin degree of freedom can be omitted because of the SU(2) spin degeneracy. In this case the shape of the band structure around these nodal lines is like an hourglass, and we call this a spinless hourglass nodal-line semimetal. We construct a model Hamiltonian as an example and we show that it is always in the spinless hourglass nodal-line semimetal phase even when the model parameters are changed without changing the symmetries of the system. We also establish a list of all the centrosymmetric space groups, under which spinless systems always have hourglass nodal lines, and illustrate where the nodal lines are located. We propose that Al3FeSi2 , whose space-group symmetry is Pbcn (No. 60), is one of the nodal-line semimetals arising from this mechanism.

  18. Mode propagation and attenuation in lined ducts

    CERN Document Server

    BI, Wenping


    Optimal impedance for each mode is an important concept in an infinitely long duct lined with uniform absorption material. However it is not valid for finite length linings. This is because that the modes in lined ducts are not power-orthogonal; the total sound power is not equal to the sum of the sound power of each mode; cross-power terms may play important roles. In this paper, we study sound propagation and attenuation in an infinite rigid duct lined with a finite length of lining impedance. The lining impedance may be axial segments and circumferentially non-uniform. We propose two new physical quantities Kp and S to describe the self-overlap of the left eigenfunction and right eigenfunction of one mode and the normalized overlap between modes, respectively. The two new physical quantities describe totally the mode behaviors in lined ducts.

  19. On-line data display (United States)

    Lang, Sherman Y. T.; Brooks, Martin; Gauthier, Marc; Wein, Marceli


    A data display system for embedded realtime systems has been developed for use as an operator's user interface and debugging tool. The motivation for development of the On-Line Data Display (ODD) have come from several sources. In particular the design reflects the needs of researchers developing an experimental mobile robot within our laboratory. A proliferation of specialized user interfaces revealed a need for a flexible communications and graphical data display system. At the same time the system had to be readily extensible for arbitrary graphical display formats which would be required for data visualization needs of the researchers. The system defines a communication protocol transmitting 'datagrams' between tasks executing on the realtime system and virtual devices displaying the data in a meaningful way on a graphical workstation. The communication protocol multiplexes logical channels on a single data stream. The current implementation consists of a server for the Harmony realtime operating system and an application written for the Macintosh computer. Flexibility requirements resulted in a highly modular server design, and a layered modular object- oriented design for the Macintosh part of the system. Users assign data types to specific channels at run time. Then devices are instantiated by the user and connected to channels to receive datagrams. The current suite of device types do not provide enough functionality for most users' specialized needs. Instead the system design allows the creation of new device types with modest programming effort. The protocol, design and use of the system are discussed.

  20. Automatic Power Line Inspection Using UAV Images

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yong Zhang


    Full Text Available Power line inspection ensures the safe operation of a power transmission grid. Using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV images of power line corridors is an effective way to carry out these vital inspections. In this paper, we propose an automatic inspection method for power lines using UAV images. This method, known as the power line automatic measurement method based on epipolar constraints (PLAMEC, acquires the spatial position of the power lines. Then, the semi patch matching based on epipolar constraints (SPMEC dense matching method is applied to automatically extract dense point clouds within the power line corridor. Obstacles can then be automatically detected by calculating the spatial distance between a power line and the point cloud representing the ground. Experimental results show that the PLAMEC automatically measures power lines effectively with a measurement accuracy consistent with that of manual stereo measurements. The height root mean square (RMS error of the point cloud was 0.233 m, and the RMS error of the power line was 0.205 m. In addition, we verified the detected obstacles in the field and measured the distance between the canopy and power line using a laser range finder. The results show that the difference of these two distances was within ±0.5 m.

  1. Transmission of Electric Energy Along Long Lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Berzan V.P.


    Full Text Available Transmission of electric energy along long lines is examined and characteristics of the change of capacities at the beginning and at the end of a line are submitted: factor of capacity, efficiency of a transmission line, currents depending on length, parameters of a line and parameters of loading. Influence of losses upon the dynamics of instant values of voltages and currents in the opened and short-circuited long lines is investigated and effects of nonlinearity in such chains are revealed at a power supply from a sinusoidal source of voltage. It is shown, that the method of complex amplitudes is not always applicable for the calculation of modes in long lines.

  2. Landfilling: Bottom Lining and Leachate Collection

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christensen, Thomas Højlund; Manfredi, Simone; Kjeldsen, Peter


    from entering the groundwater or surface water. The bottom lining system should cover the full footprint area of the landfill, including both the relatively flat bottom and the sideslopes in the case of an excavated configuration. This prevents the lateral migration of leachate from within the landfill......The critical element of a landfill, which is essential for the protection of the environment in general, and prevention of contamination of the underlying soils and groundwater in particular, is the bottom lining system. The major focus of the bottom lining system development is to prevent leachate......, as well as the migration of landfill gas, preventing contact between gas and groundwater. The bottom lining system is composed of a relatively impermeable liner or lining system. This very low hydraulic conductivity system controls the movement of the leachate out of the landfill. The bottom lining system...

  3. Single transmission line data acquisition system (United States)

    Fasching, George E.


    A single transmission line interrogated multiple channel data acquisition system is provided in which a plurality of remote station/sensors monitor specific process variables and transmit measurement values over the single transmission line to a master station when addressed by the master station. Power for all remote stations (up to 980) is provided by driving the line with constant voltage supplied from the master station and automatically maintained independent of the number of remote stations directly connected to the line. The transmission line can be an RG-62 coaxial cable with lengths up to about 10,000 feet with branches up to 500 feet. The remote stations can be attached randomly along the line. The remote stations can be scanned at rates up to 980 channels/second.

  4. Laser line scan performance prediction (United States)

    Mahoney, Kevin L.; Schofield, Oscar; Kerfoot, John; Giddings, Tom; Shirron, Joe; Twardowski, Mike


    The effectiveness of sensors that use optical measurements for the laser detection and identification of subsurface mines is directly related to water clarity. The primary objective of the work presented here was to use the optical data collected by UUV (Slocum Glider) surveys of an operational areas to estimate the performance of an electro-optical identification (EOID) Laser Line Scan (LLS) system during RIMPAC 06, an international naval exercise off the coast of Hawaii. Measurements of optical backscattering and beam attenuation were made with a Wet Labs, Inc. Scattering Absorption Meter (SAM), mounted on a Rutgers University/Webb Research Slocum glider. The optical data universally indicated extremely clear water in the operational area, except very close to shore. The beam-c values from the SAM sensor were integrated to three attenuation lengths to provide an estimate of how well the LLS would perform in detecting and identifying mines in the operational areas. Additionally, the processed in situ optical data served as near-real-time input to the Electro-Optic Detection Simulator, ver. 3 (EODES-3; Metron, Inc.) model for EOID performance prediction. Both methods of predicting LLS performance suggested a high probability of detection and probability of identification. These predictions were validated by the actual performance of the LLS as the EOID system yielded imagery from which reliable mine identification could be made. Future plans include repeating this work in more optically challenging water types to demonstrate the utility of pre-mission UUV surveys of operational areas as a tactical decision aid for planning EOID missions.

  5. Universal statistics of vortex lines. (United States)

    Nahum, Adam; Chalker, J T


    We study the vortex lines that are a feature of many random or disordered three-dimensional systems. These show universal statistical properties on long length scales, and geometrical phase transitions analogous to percolation transitions but in distinct universality classes. The field theories for these problems have not previously been identified, so that while many numerical studies have been performed, a framework for interpreting the results has been lacking. We provide such a framework with mappings to simple supersymmetric models. Our main focus is on vortices in short-range-correlated complex fields, which show a geometrical phase transition that we argue is described by the CP(k|k) model (essentially the CP(n-1) model in the replica limit n→1). This can be seen by mapping a lattice version of the problem to a lattice gauge theory. A related field theory with a noncompact gauge field, the 'NCCP(k|k) model', is a supersymmetric extension of the standard dual theory for the XY transition, and we show that XY duality gives another way to understand the appearance of field theories of this type. The supersymmetric descriptions yield results relevant, for example, to vortices in the XY model and in superfluids, to optical vortices, and to certain models of cosmic strings. A distinct but related field theory, the RP(2l|2l) model (or the RP(n-1) model in the limit n→1) describes the unoriented vortices that occur, for instance, in nematic liquid crystals. Finally, we show that in two dimensions, a lattice gauge theory analogous to that discussed in three dimensions gives a simple way to see the known relation between two-dimensional percolation and the CP(k|k) σ model with a θ term.

  6. Controlled Compact High Voltage Power Lines


    Postolati V.; Bycova Е.; Suslov V.; Timashova L.; Shakarian Yu.; Kareva S.


    Nowadays modern overhead transmission lines (OHL) constructions having several significant differences from conventional ones are being used in power grids more and more widely. Implementation of compact overhead lines equipped with FACTS devices, including phase angle regulator settings (compact controlled OHL), appears to be one of the most effective ways of power grid development. Compact controlled AC HV OHL represent a new generation of power transmission lines embodying recent advanced ...

  7. Development of a Handheld Line Information Reader and Generator for Efficient Management of Optical Communication Lines. (United States)

    Lee, Jaeyul; Kwon, Hyungwoo; Song, Jaewon; Jeon, Mansik; Kim, Jeehyun


    A handheld line information reader and a line information generator were developed for the efficient management of optical communication lines. The line information reader consists of a photo diode, trans-impedance amplifier, voltage amplifier, microcontroller unit, display panel, and communication modules. The line information generator consists of a laser diode, laser driving circuits, microcontroller unit, and communication modules. The line information reader can detect the optical radiation field of the test line by bending the optical fiber. To enhance the sensitivity of the line information reader, an additional lens was used with a focal length of 4.51 mm. Moreover, the simulation results obtained through BeamPROP® software from Synopsys, Inc. demonstrated a stronger optical radiation field of the fiber due to a longer transmission wavelength and larger bending angle of the fiber. Therefore, the developed devices can be considered as useful tools for the efficient management of optical communication lines.

  8. Application of transmission-line super theory to classical transmission lines with risers (United States)

    Rambousky, R.; Nitsch, J.; Tkachenko, S.


    By applying the Transmission-Line Super Theory (TLST) to a practical transmission-line configuration (two risers and a horizontal part of the line parallel to the ground plane) it is elaborated under which physical and geometrical conditions the horizontal part of the transmission-line can be represented by a classical telegrapher equation with a sufficiently accurate description of the physical properties of the line. The risers together with the part of the horizontal line close to them are treated as separate lines using the TLST. Novel frequency and local dependent reflection coefficients are introduced to take into account the action of the bends and their radiation. They can be derived from the matrizant elements of the TLST solution. It is shown that the solution of the resulting network and the TLST solution of the entire line agree for certain line configurations. The physical and geometrical parameters for these corresponding configurations are determined in this paper.

  9. Text line Segmentation of Curved Document Images

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Document image analysis has been widely used in historical and heritage studies, education and digital library. Document image analytical techniques are mainly used for improving the human readability and the OCR quality of the document. During the digitization, camera captured images contain warped document due perspective and geometric distortions. The main difficulty is text line detection in the document. Many algorithms had been proposed to address the problem of printed document text line detection, but they failed to extract text lines in curved document. This paper describes a segmentation technique that detects the curled text line in camera captured document images.

  10. Stability of the LHC transfer lines

    CERN Document Server

    Kain, V; Bartmann, W; Bracco, C; Goddard, B; Meddahi, M; Uythoven, J; Wenninger, J


    The LHC is filled from the SPS through two 3 km transfer lines. The injected beam parameters need to be well under control for luminosity performance, machine protection and operational efficiency. Small fractions of beam loss on the transfer line collimation system create showers which can trigger the sensitive LHC beam loss monitor system nearby and cause a beam abort during filling. The stability of the transfer line trajectory through the collimators is particularly critical in this respect. This paper will report on the transfer line trajectory stability during the proton run in 2011, correlations with injection losses, correction frequency and the most likely sources for the observed oscillations.

  11. Central venous line complications and tip detection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ameneh Rezaee Gheshlaghi


    Full Text Available Central venous line is one of a creative instrument that saves human’s life in critical medical situation. Central venous line access is frequently involved in the disease management. It is used for rapid fluid therapy, transvenous pacemakers, infusion of some medications, hemodialysis or plasmapheresis and etc. Most of the emergency departments have some staffs that are trained for central venous line insertion but related complications occur during central venous line placement.Central venous line might have some complications and complication follow-up should be considered. Thromboembolism and infection are two important medical complications. Arterial puncture, hematoma, pneumothorax and hemothorax are mechanical Central venous line complications. Chest X-ray and some other techniques should be used for detecting these complications.Central venous line tip misplace is a considerable problem for emergency department staffs, previously chest X-ray has been used for central venous line misplace detection. In some recent studies, contrast-enhanced ultrasonography and intravascular electrocardiography have been used for central venous line misplace.

  12. Windows Command Line Administration Instant Reference

    CERN Document Server

    Mueller, John Paul


    The perfect companion to any book on Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7, and the quickest way to access critical information. Focusing just on the essentials of command-line interface (CLI), Windows Command-Line Administration Instant Reference easily shows how to quickly perform day-to-day tasks of Windows administration without ever touching the graphical user interface (GUI). Specifically designed for busy administrators, Windows Command-Line Administration Instant Reference replaces many tedious GUI steps with just one command at the command-line, while concise, easy to access answers provid

  13. A Product Line Enhanced Unified Process

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zhang, Weishan; Kunz, Thomas


    activities are added and could be conducted side by side with other classical UP activities. In this way both the advantages of Unified Process and software product lines could co-exist in UPEPL. We show how to use UPEPL with an industrial mobile device product line in our case study.......The Unified Process facilitates reuse for a single system, but falls short handling multiple similar products. In this paper we present an enhanced Unified Process, called UPEPL, integrating the product line technology in order to alleviate this problem. In UPEPL, the product line related...

  14. Detonator comprising a nonlinear transmission line (United States)

    Elizondo-Decanini, Juan M


    Detonators are described herein. In a general embodiment, the detonator includes a nonlinear transmission line that has a variable capacitance. Capacitance of the nonlinear transmission line is a function of voltage on the nonlinear transmission line. The nonlinear transmission line receives a voltage pulse from a voltage source and compresses the voltage pulse to generate a trigger signal. Compressing the voltage pulse includes increasing amplitude of the voltage pulse and decreasing length of the voltage pulse in time. An igniter receives the trigger signal and detonates an explosive responsive to receipt of the trigger signal.

  15. RF Transmission Lines on Silicon Substrates (United States)

    Ponchak, George E.


    A review of RF transmission lines on silicon substrates is presented. Through measurements and calculated results, it is shown that attenuation is dominated by conductor loss if silicon substrates with a resistivity greater than 2500 Ohm-cm are used. Si passivation layers affect the transmission line attenuation; however, measured results demonstrate that passivation layers do not necessarily increase attenuation. If standard, low resistivity Si wafers must be used, alternative transmission lines such as thin film microstrip and Co-Planar Waveguide (CPW) on thick polyimide layers must be used. Measured results presented here show that low loss per unit length is achievable with these transmission lines.

  16. Tubular lining material for pipelines having bends

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moringa, A.; Sakaguchi, Y.; Hyodo, M.; Yagi, I.


    A tubular lining material for pipelines having bends or curved portions comprises a tubular textile jacket made of warps and wefts woven in a tubular form overlaid with a coating of a flexible synthetic resin. It is applicable onto the inner surface of a pipeline having bends or curved portions in such manner that the tubular lining material with a binder onto the inner surface thereof is inserted into the pipeline and allowed to advance within the pipeline, with or without the aid of a leading rope-like elongated element, while turning the tubular lining material inside out under fluid pressure. In this manner the tubular lining material is applied onto the inner surface of the pipeline with the binder being interposed between the pipeline and the tubular lining material. The lining material is characterized in that a part of all of the warps are comprised of an elastic yarn around which, over the full length thereof, a synthetic fiber yarn or yarns have been left-and/or right-handedly coiled. This tubular lining material is particularly suitable for lining a pipeline having an inner diameter of 25-200 mm and a plurality of bends, such as gas service pipelines or house pipelines, without occurrence of wrinkles in the lining material in a bend.

  17. Red Sesbania Distribution - lines [ds81 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — This layer conatains line data for the red sesbania (Sesbania punicea) database. The database represents historic and current observations by various individuals of...

  18. Absorption-Line Studies of Seyfert Galaxies (United States)

    Shull, J. Michael

    We propose to undertake a "reverberation analysis" of the variable absorption lines ill two Seyfert Galaxies (NGC 4051 and Mrk 279) to help understand the origin of intrinsic absorption lines in AGNs. Stich an analysis is a powerful tool for elucidating the radial distribution of absorbing gas in the broad-line region (BLR) and narrow-line region (NLR). Only two Seyferts have previously been studied with this technique: NGC 4151 (Bromage el al. 1985; Clavel et al. 1987) and NGC 3516 (Voit, Shull, and Begelman 1987). The absorption features have been interpreted as an outflow of ionized clouds from the nuclear region or from an accretion disk affected by UV/X-ray heating. Neither the source of the absorbing gas in these Seyferts nor the "gene" which distingishes them from other Seyferts is known. Until the 1984 onset of absorption in Mrk 279, broad self-absorbed. lines had been observed only in Seyferts of low intrinsic luminosity, such as NGC 4051. Mrk 279 is intrinsically much brighter, and therefore more quasar-like, than the other three absorptionline Seyfert I's in the CfA sample. Thus, it may show how the absorption phenomenon changes at higher luminosity and could bridge the gap between the low luminosity absorption-line Seyferts and the well-studied broad absorption-line (BAL) QSO's. In addition, Mrk 279's significant redshift will allow us to study, for the first time, the Ly-alpha line in an absorption-line Seyfert. With 3 US-1 shifts for each of these two underobserved Seyferts, we can double the number of objects in which absorption-line variability has been studied and investigate why the absorption-line strengths correlate or anti-correlate with the UV continuum.

  19. The LHCb VELO analogue transmission line (United States)

    Bay, A.; Borel, J.; Buytaert, J.; De Laere, S.; Frei, R.; Haefeli, G.; Koppenburg, P.; Locatelli, L.; Schneider, O.; Zehr, F.


    The Vertex Locator is one of the most important sub-detectors of the LHCb experiment, which is devoted to B physics. The signals from the silicon strip sensors are multiplexed at 40 MHz and transported by 60 m copper lines to the counting stations placed in a radiation safe area. This paper describes the development of this long transmission line and its performance.

  20. <50> MeV transfer line

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN PhotoLab


    Measurement equipment around the 50 MeV transfer line from linac to booster. The vacuum pipe in the centre, with a temporary beam stopper in the foreground, leads to booster injection equipment. On the left is a spectrometer to determine energy spread, and in the right-hand line apparatus for emittance measurement.

  1. Growth and Maintenance of Vero Cell Lines


    Ammerman, Nicole C.; Beier-Sexton, Magda; Azad, Abdu F.


    Vero cells are derived from the kidney of an African green monkey, and are one of the more commonly used mammalian continuous cell lines in microbiology, and molecular and cell biology research. This unit includes protocols for the growth and maintenance of Vero cell lines in a research laboratory setting.

  2. Liquid carbon: structure near the freezing line

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ghiringhelli, L.M.; Los, J.H.; Meijer, E.J.; Fasolino, A.; Frenkel, D.


    We present a detailed analysis of the structure of liquid carbon near the freezing line. The results are obtained by molecular simulation using a recently developed state-of-the-art bond order potential. We find that along the melting line the liquid is predominantly threefold coordinated up to

  3. Structural Modules Would Contain Transmission Lines (United States)

    Leavy, W. A.


    New proposal, originally suggested for Spacecraft, is a set of uniformly sized mass-producible modular structural elements that contain electric, fluid, and other transmission lines. Since lines are encapsulated, they are less likely to be damaged. Module shell could be solid metal, sheet metal, honeycomb, fiberglass, plastic, composites, or wood.

  4. Coping on the Front-line

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sanden, Guro Refsum; Lønsmann, Dorte

    This article investigates how front-line employees respond to English language policies implemented by the management of three multinational corporations (MNCs) headquartered in Scandinavia. Based on interview and document data the article examines the ways in which front-line employees cross lan...

  5. Identifying Fractions on a Number Line (United States)

    Wong, Monica


    Fractions are generally introduced to students using the part--whole model. Yet the number line is another important representation which can be used to build fraction concepts (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority [ACARA], 2012). Number lines are recognised as key in students' number development not only of fractions, but…

  6. Parallel line scanning ophthalmoscope for retinal imaging

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vienola, Kari V.; Damodaran, Mathi; Braaf, Boy; Vermeer, Koenraad A.; de Boer, Johannes F.


    Purpose: To visualize retinal structures using a newly developed parallel line scanning ophthalmoscope (PLSO). Methods: A PLSO was built using a digital micromirror device (DMD) instead of traditional scanning mirrors to scan lines over the field of view (FOV). The DMD consists of 912 × 1140

  7. "And first he drew a line"

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Graham, Brian Russell

    At the end of “Night the Seventh” of Blake’s The Four Zoas, Blake’s Los, against a background of “furious war”, takes a stance and then performs an act which might seem powerless and quaint against such a backdrop: he draws a line, beginning work consisting of lines which Enitharmon, his companion...

  8. Assembly-Line Manufacturing Industry Simulation (United States)

    Chamberlain, R. G.; Firnett, P. J.


    Assists in economic analysis of production line manufacturing. Originally developed to estimate product price received by hypothetical U.S. industry that manufactures silicon solar modules for use in electricity generation, SAMIS extended and generalized to extent that it simulates operation of many different production line manufacturing industries and/or companies.

  9. Determination of Transmission Line Impedance Matching Parameters

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In this work, transmission line impedance matching parameters were determined in Ugbowo ED0024GI Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) base station in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. The transmission line impedance matching parameter viz voltage standing wave ratio was measured with the aid of the ...

  10. Low-energy beam line at KVI

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Toprek, D.; Formanoy, I.; Brandenburg, S.


    This paper describes the redesign of the low-energy beam line at KVI. Redesigned and properties of the optical elements of the transport beam line is done by using the code COSY INFINITY in the third-order of approximation. The effects of fringe fields of the optical elements are also taken into

  11. Transmission Lines in CMOS: An Explorative Study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Klumperink, Eric A.M.; Kreienkamp, R.; Ellermeyer, T.; Langmann, U.

    On-chip transmission line modelling and design become increasingly important as frequencies are continuously going up. This paper explores possibilities to implement transmission lines on CMOS ICs via coupled coplanar strips. EM-field simulations with SONNET are used to estimate important

  12. Line-mode browser development days

    CERN Multimedia

    Anna Pantelia


    Twelve talented web developers have travelled to CERN from all over the world to recreate a piece of web history: the line-mode browser. See the line-mode browser simulator that they created here. Read more about the birth of the web here.

  13. Immunological characterisation of two chicken lines

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kreukniet, M.B.


    Two chicken lines were divergently selected for antibody response to sheep red blood cells (SRBC). Several experiments were conducted to investigate what mechanisms the immune system of the chickens uses to realize either the high (H) or the low (L) antibody production. The lines did not

  14. Properties of 3-dimensional line location models

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brimberg, Jack; Juel, Henrik; Schöbel, Anita


    We consider the problem of locating a line with respect to some existing facilities in 3-dimensional space, such that the sum of weighted distances between the line and the facilities is minimized. Measuring distance using the l\\_p norm is discussed, along with the special cases of Euclidean...

  15. Synthesis of 2',4-dihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone and 2',4',4-trihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone as a candidate anticancer against cervical (WiDr), colon (HeLa), and breast (T47d) cancer cell lines in vitro (United States)

    Matsjeh, Sabirin; Swasono, Respati Tri; Anwar, Chairil; Solikhah, Eti Nurwening; Lestari, Endang


    The compound 2',4-dihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone and 2',4',4-trihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone have been synthesized through Claisen-Schmidt reaction from 2-hydroxyacetophenone and 2,4-dihydroxyacetophenone with 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy benzaldehida (vanillin) in aqueous KOH 40% and KSF montmorillonite as catalyst in methanol. All these products were characterized by FT-IR, TLC Scanner, GC-MS, MS-Direct, and 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR spectrometer. Both of these compounds were tested citotoxycity activity as an anticancer against cervical, colon, and breast cancer cells (Hela, WiDr, and T47D cell lines) using MTT assay in vitro. Dose series given test solution concentration on Hela, WiDr, and T47D cells started from 6,25; 25; 50 and 100 µg/mL with incubation treatment for 24 hours. The result of study showed that the 2',4-dihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone as bright yellow crystal with the melting point of 114-115 °C and the yield of 13.77% and the 2',4',4-trihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone as bright yellow crystals with the melting point of 195-197 °C and the yield of 6%. Other 2',4-dihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone and 2',4',4-trihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone also exhibited cytotoxic activity against the cancer cell lines, with the 2',4',4-trihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone showed greater activities than the 2',4-dihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone in WiDr cell lines. The 2',4-dihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone and 2',4',4-trihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone exhibited strong anticancer activities with IC50 value below 20 µg/mL. The activity of 2',4',4-trihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone showed the most active against Hela and WiDr cell lines with IC50 value 8.53 and 2.66 µg/mL respectively, than T47D cell lines with IC50 value 24.61 µg/mL. The test results cytotoxic of 2',4-dihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone showed the most active against Hela and WiDr cell lines with IC50 value 12.80, 19.57 µg/mL than T47D cell lines with IC50 value of 20.73 µg/mL. IC50 value indicated that 2',4-dihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone and 2',4',4-trihydroxy-3

  16. Cavity lining after excavating caries lesions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schwendicke, Falk; Göstemeyer, Gerd; Gluud, Christian


    OBJECTIVES: After removal of dentin caries lesions, cavity lining has been advocated. Non-clinical data support this approach, but clinical data are sparse and ambiguous. We aimed at evaluating the benefits and harms of cavity lining using meta-analysis and Trial Sequential Analysis. DATA: We...... included randomized clinical trials comparing restorations without versus with cavity lining for treating primary caries lesions. Only trials reporting failure (defined as need to re-retreat) after ≥1 year follow-up were included. Trial selection, data extraction, and risk of bias assessment were conducted....... STUDY SELECTION: From 128 studies, three randomized trials (89/130 patients or teeth), all treating primary teeth, were included. The trials had high risk of bias. All trials compared no lining versus calcium hydroxide lining after selective caries removal followed by adhesive restoration. Follow...

  17. Low-noise cryogenic transmission line (United States)

    Norris, D.


    New low-noise cryogenic input transmission lines have been developed for the Deep Space Network (DSN) at 1.668 GHz for cryogenically cooled Field Effect Transistors (FET) and High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) amplifiers. These amplifiers exhibit very low noise temperatures of 5 K to 15 K, making the requirements for a low-noise input transmission line critical. Noise contribution to the total amplifier system from the low-noise line is less than 0.5 K for both the 1.668-GHz and 2.25-GHz FET systems. The 1.668-GHz input line was installed in six FET systems which were implemented in the DSN for the Venus Balloon Experiment. The 2.25-GHz input line has been implemented in three FET systems for the DSN 34-m HEF antennas, and the design is currently being considered for use at higher frequencies.

  18. Antarctic Flight Line Maps = Map-Line Indexes of Antarctica Aerial Photos: Pre 1950 (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The Antarctic Fight Line Maps collection is comprised of 1:250,000 scale topographic maps over Antarctica with original hand-drawn flight lines for aerial...

  19. Transmission Lines or Poles, Electric - VOLUSIA COUNTY MAJOR POWER LINES (Arcs) (United States)

    NSGIC Local Govt | GIS Inventory — Volusia County Power Line data was aggregated by using parcel data and visual inspection of 2005 aerial photography to determine centerline of Power Lines Right of...

  20. Cusps enable line attractors for neural computation (United States)

    Xiao, Zhuocheng; Zhang, Jiwei; Sornborger, Andrew T.; Tao, Louis


    Line attractors in neuronal networks have been suggested to be the basis of many brain functions, such as working memory, oculomotor control, head movement, locomotion, and sensory processing. In this paper, we make the connection between line attractors and pulse gating in feed-forward neuronal networks. In this context, because of their neutral stability along a one-dimensional manifold, line attractors are associated with a time-translational invariance that allows graded information to be propagated from one neuronal population to the next. To understand how pulse-gating manifests itself in a high-dimensional, nonlinear, feedforward integrate-and-fire network, we use a Fokker-Planck approach to analyze system dynamics. We make a connection between pulse-gated propagation in the Fokker-Planck and population-averaged mean-field (firing rate) models, and then identify an approximate line attractor in state space as the essential structure underlying graded information propagation. An analysis of the line attractor shows that it consists of three fixed points: a central saddle with an unstable manifold along the line and stable manifolds orthogonal to the line, which is surrounded on either side by stable fixed points. Along the manifold defined by the fixed points, slow dynamics give rise to a ghost. We show that this line attractor arises at a cusp catastrophe, where a fold bifurcation develops as a function of synaptic noise; and that the ghost dynamics near the fold of the cusp underly the robustness of the line attractor. Understanding the dynamical aspects of this cusp catastrophe allows us to show how line attractors can persist in biologically realistic neuronal networks and how the interplay of pulse gating, synaptic coupling, and neuronal stochasticity can be used to enable attracting one-dimensional manifolds and, thus, dynamically control the processing of graded information.

  1. Power line communications theory and applications for narrowband and broadband communications over power lines

    CERN Document Server

    Ferreira, Hendrik C; Newbury, John; Swart, Theo G


    Power Line Communications (PLC) is a promising emerging technology, which has attracted much attention due to the wide availability of power distribution lines. This book provides a thorough introduction to the use of power lines for communication purposes, ranging from channel characterization, communications on the physical layer and electromagnetic interference, through to protocols, networks, standards and up to systems and implementations. With contributions from many of the most prominent international PLC experts from academia and industry, Power Line Communications brings togeth

  2. 46 CFR 196.40-15 - Load line marks. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Load line marks. 196.40-15 Section 196.40-15 Shipping... Markings on Vessels § 196.40-15 Load line marks. (a) Vessels assigned a load line shall have the deck line and the load line marks permanently marked or embossed as required by Subchapter E (Load Lines) of...

  3. 46 CFR 42.13-20 - Deck line. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Deck line. 42.13-20 Section 42.13-20 Shipping COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (CONTINUED) LOAD LINES DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN VOYAGES BY SEA General Rules for Determining Load Lines § 42.13-20 Deck line. (a) The deck line is a horizontal line 12...

  4. LINE FUSION GENES: a database of LINE expression in human genes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Park Hong-Seog


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Long Interspersed Nuclear Elements (LINEs are the most abundant retrotransposons in humans. About 79% of human genes are estimated to contain at least one segment of LINE per transcription unit. Recent studies have shown that LINE elements can affect protein sequences, splicing patterns and expression of human genes. Description We have developed a database, LINE FUSION GENES, for elucidating LINE expression throughout the human gene database. We searched the 28,171 genes listed in the NCBI database for LINE elements and analyzed their structures and expression patterns. The results show that the mRNA sequences of 1,329 genes were affected by LINE expression. The LINE expression types were classified on the basis of LINEs in the 5' UTR, exon or 3' UTR sequences of the mRNAs. Our database provides further information, such as the tissue distribution and chromosomal location of the genes, and the domain structure that is changed by LINE integration. We have linked all the accession numbers to the NCBI data bank to provide mRNA sequences for subsequent users. Conclusion We believe that our work will interest genome scientists and might help them to gain insight into the implications of LINE expression for human evolution and disease. Availability

  5. Butterfly valve of all rubber lining type

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shimada, Shosaku; Nakatsuma, Sumiya (Kubota Ltd., Osaka (Japan)); Sasaki, Iwao; Aoki, Naoshi


    The valves used for the circulating water pipes for condensers in nuclear and thermal power stations have become large with the increase of power output, and their specifications have become strict. The materials for the valves change from cast iron to steel plate construction. To cope with sea water corrosion, rubber lining has been applied to the internal surfaces of valve boxes, and the build-up welding of stainless steel has been made on the edges of valves. However, recently it is desired to develop butterfly valves, of which the whole valve disks are lined with hard rubber. For the purpose of confirming the performance of large bore valves, a 2600 mm bore butterfly valve of all rubber lining type was used, and the opening and closing test of 1100 times was carried out by applying thermal cycle and pressure difference and using artifical sea water. Also the bending test of hard rubber lining was performed with test pieces. Thus, it was confirmed that the butterfly valves of all rubber lining type have the performance exceeding that of the valves with build-up welding. The course of development of the valves of all rubber lining type, the construction and the items of confirmation by tests of these valves, and the tests of the valve and the hard rubber lining described above are reported.

  6. Lip line preference for variant face types. (United States)

    Anwar, Nabila; Fida, Mubassar


    To determine the effect of altered lip line on attractiveness and to find preferred lip line for vertical face types in both genders. Cross-sectional analytical study. The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, from May to July 2009. Photographs of two selected subjects were altered to produce three face types for the same individual with the aim of keeping the frame of the smile constant. Lip line was then altered for both the subjects as: both dentitions visible, upper incisors visible, upper incisors and 2 mm gum and 4 mm gum visible. The pictures were rated by different professionals for attractiveness. Descriptive statistics for the raters and multiple factor ANOVA was used to find the most attractive lip line. The total number of raters was 100 with the mean age of 30.3 ± 8 years. The alterations in the smile parameters produced statistically significant difference in the attractiveness of faces, whereas the perception difference was found to be insignificant amongst raters of different professions. Preferred lip line was the one showing only the upper incisors in dolico and mesofacial male and female genders whereas 2 mm gum show was preferred in brachyfacial subjects. The variability in lip line showed significant difference in the perceived attractiveness. Preferred lip lines as the one showing only the upper incisors in dolico and mesofacial male and female genders whereas 2 mm gum show was preferred in brachyfacial subjects.

  7. Function of lateral line canal morphology. (United States)

    Klein, Adrian; Bleckmann, Horst


    Fish perceive water motions and pressure gradients with their lateral line. Lateral line information is used for prey detection, spatial orientation, predator avoidance, schooling behavior, intraspecific communication and station holding. The lateral line of most fishes consists of superficial neuromasts (SNs) and canal neuromasts (CNs). The distribution of SNs and CNs shows a high degree of variation among fishes. Researchers have speculated for decades about the functional significance of this diversity, often without any conclusive answers. Klein et al. (2013) examined how tubules, pore number and pore patterns affect the filter properties of lateral line canals in a marine teleost, the black prickleback (Xiphister atropurpureus). A preliminary mathematical model was formulated and biomimetic sensors were built. For the present study the mathematical model was extended to understand the major underlying principle of how canal dimensions influence the filter properties of the lateral line. Both the extended mathematical model and the sensor experiments show that the number and distribution of pores determine the spatial filter properties of the lateral line. In an environment with little hydrodynamic noise, simple and complex lateral line canals have comparable response properties. However, if exposed to highly turbulent conditions, canals with numerous widely spaced pores increase the signal to noise ratio significantly. © 2014 International Society of Zoological Sciences, Institute of Zoology/Chinese Academy of Sciences and Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd.

  8. Dynamic line-by-line pulse shaping with GHz update rate. (United States)

    Akbulut, M; Bhooplapur, S; Ozdur, I; Davila-Rodriguez, J; Delfyett, P J


    We introduce a novel scheme for dynamic line-by-line pulse shaping with GHz update rates. Four lines of an optical frequency comb source are used to injection-lock four individual VCSEL, which are subsequently electrically modulated at 0.4 to 1 GHz through current modulation. This concept could be considered a completely new way of pulse shaping as the light is not simply modified, but rather regenerated with the desired properties. We also discuss an important drawback of line-by-line pulse shapers that ultimately limits the modulation speed capability.

  9. Microwave line of sight link engineering

    CERN Document Server

    Angueira, Pablo


    A comprehensive guide to the design, implementation, and operation of line of sight microwave link systems The microwave Line of Sight (LOS) transport network of any cellular operator requires at least as much planning effort as the cellular infrastructure itself. The knowledge behind this design has been kept private by most companies and has not been easy to find. Microwave Line of Sight Link Engineering solves this dilemma. It provides the latest revisions to ITU reports and recommendations, which are not only key to successful design but have changed dramatically in

  10. Line-focus concentrating collector program (United States)

    Dugan, V. L.


    The Line-Focus Concentrating Collector Program has emphasized the development and dissemination of concentrating solar technology in which the reflected sunlight is focused onto a linear or line receiver. Although a number of different types of line-focus concentrators were developed, the parabolic trough has gained the widest acceptance and utilization within the industrial and applications sectors. The trough is best applied for application scenarios which require temperatures between 140 and 600 F. Another concept, the bowl, is investigated for applications which may require temperatures in the range between 600 and 1200 F. Current technology emphases are upon the reduction of system installation cost and the implementation of production oriented engineering.

  11. Spinal Test Suites for Software Product Lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Harsh Beohar


    Full Text Available A major challenge in testing software product lines is efficiency. In particular, testing a product line should take less effort than testing each and every product individually. We address this issue in the context of input-output conformance testing, which is a formal theory of model-based testing. We extend the notion of conformance testing on input-output featured transition systems with the novel concept of spinal test suites. We show how this concept dispenses with retesting the common behavior among different, but similar, products of a software product line.

  12. Brand Equity and Vertical Product Line Extent


    Taylor Randall; Karl Ulrich; David Reibstein


    This paper addresses the question of how the vertical structure of a product line relates to brand equity. Does the presence of “premium” or high-quality products in a product line enhance brand equity? Conversely, does the presence of “economy” or low-quality products in a product line diminish brand equity? Economists and marketing researchers refer to variation in quality levels of products within a category as “vertical” differentiation, whereas variation in the function or “category” of ...

  13. Coupled Transmission Lines as Impedance Transformer

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Thomas; Zhurbenko, Vitaliy; Krozer, Viktor


    A theoretical investigation of the use of a coupled line section as an impedance transformer is presented. We show how to properly select the terminations of the coupled line structures for effective matching of real and complex loads in both narrow and wide frequency ranges. The corresponding....... Wideband matching performance with relative bandwidth beyond 100% and return loss > 20 dB is demonstrated both theoretically and experimentally. Good agreement is achieved between the measured and predicted performance of the coupled line transformer section....

  14. On-line job marketplaces: sucess strategy


    Sarapulov, Andrey


    This master thesis is focused on freelance type work available though on-line marketplaces such as oDesk and ways to get hired. First chapter introduces on-line working and lead though the world statistics powered by oDesk. Numbers present working hours, geographical coverage and skills distribution. It makes reader familiar with advantages and disadvantages of freelancing. Second chapter is related to on-line job marketplaces, in particularly to oDesk ( It focuses on pros and ...

  15. RF and microwave coupled-line circuits

    CERN Document Server

    Mongia, R K; Bhartia, P; Hong, J; Gupta, K C


    This extensively revised edition of the 1999 Artech House classic, RF and Microwave Coupled-Line Circuits, offers you a thoroughly up-to-date understanding of coupled line fundamentals, explaining their applications in designing microwave and millimeter-wave components used in today's communications, microwave, and radar systems. The Second Edition includes a wealth of new material, particularly relating to applications. You find brand new discussions on a novel simple design technique for multilayer coupled circuits, high pass filters using coupled lines, software packages used for filter des

  16. Spectral line absorption measurement using optical cavities. (United States)

    Blanaru, D. L.


    A simple technique using a conventional gas laser with spherical mirrors having identical radii of curvature in the nonoscillating regime for spectral line absorption measurements is described and applications for laser work are suggested. The theory of the measurement carried out in the geometrical optical approach for Doppler-broadened lines was checked experimentally and conditions are specified for which measurement inaccuracies of the order of 1% for the peak value of the line absorption coefficient can be obtained. Since the device provides a fine adjustment of the cavity losses, formation of the diffraction modes could be observed in the preoscillating regime of the optical cavity.

  17. Emission Lines of Northern Planetary Nebulae (United States)

    Aksaker, Nazim; Yerli, Sinan K.; Kızıloǧlu, Ümit; Atalay, Betül


    In this work, we present results of long slit spectrophotometric emission line flux observations of selected planetary nebulae (PNe). We have measured absolute fluxes and equivalent widths (EW) of all observable emission lines. In addition to these observations, electron temperatures (Te), densities (Ne), and chemical abundances were also calculated. The main purpose of this work is to fill the gaps in emission line flux standards for the northern hemisphere. It is expected that the measured fluxes would be used as standard data set for further photometric and spectrometric measurements of HII regions, supernova remnants etc.

  18. Elk and plants thrive near power lines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lustre, L.


    Butterflies and elk gather in clearings near power line right-of-ways and on the edges of such clearings, where the wild flowers and plants that have widely disappeared as a result of intensive farming and subsurface drainage of fields have found a good habitat. Ornamental coniferous trees, various herbs and assorted berries do well and can be harvested near power lines from woodland clearings once thought unfit for cultivation. IVS, the nationwide network company, takes part in many projects aiming both to increase productive utilization of land areas under power lines and to promote biodiversity

  19. Model to Design Drip Hose Lateral Line (United States)

    Ludwig, Rafael; Cury Saad, João Carlos


    Introduction The design criterion for non-pressure compensating drip hose is normally to have 10% of flow variation (Δq) in the lateral line, corresponding to 20% of head pressure variation (ΔH). Longer lateral lines in drip irrigation systems using conventional drippers provide cost reduction, but it is necessary to obtain to the uniformity of irrigation [1]. The use of Δq higher levels can provide longer lateral lines. [4] proposes the use of a 30% Δq and he found that this value resulted in distribution uniformity over 80%. [1] considered it is possible to extend the lateral line length using two emitters spacing in different section. He assumed that the spacing changing point would be at 40% of the total length, because this is approximately the location of the average flow according with [2]. [3] found that, for practical purposes, the average pressure is located at 40% of the length of the lateral line and that until this point it has already consumed 75% of total pressure head loss (hf ). In this case, the challenge for designers is getting longer lateral lines with high values of uniformity. Objective The objective of this study was to develop a model to design longer lateral lines using non-pressure compensating drip hose. Using the developed model, the hypotheses to be evaluated were: a) the use of two different spacing between emitters in the same lateral line allows longer length; b) it is possible to get longer lateral lines using high values of pressure variation in the lateral lines since the distribution uniformity stays below allowable limits. Methodology A computer program was developed in Delphi® based on the model developed and it is able to design lateral lines in level using non-pressure compensating drip hose. The input data are: desired distribution uniformity (DU); initial and final pressure in the lateral line; coefficients of relationship between emitter discharge and pressure head; hose internal diameter; pipe cross-sectional area

  20. Tunable line width all solid state double spectral line sodium beacon laser (United States)

    Lu, Yanhua; Zhang, Lei; Xu, Xiafei; Ren, Huaijin; Wei, Bin; Yuan, Liao; Gong, Shenggang; Li, Tao; Gu, Jingliang; Wan, Min; Fan, Guobin


    We developed a tunable-line-width 101 W average-power all-solid-state 589nm double spectral line sodium beacon laser. The laser was based on the technical route of 1064nm and 1319nm Nd:YAG laser extra cavity sum frequency generation. The laser contained two spectral lines: 589.1591 nm and 589.1571 nm. The former line was matched to the sodium D2a absorption line with the average power of 81W, while the other line was matched to the sodium D2b absorption line with the average power of 20W. The beam quality of the two spectral line lasers was both less than 1.3. The two lasers were polarized-combined to transmit coaxially. The initial line width of the laser was about 0.3GHz, which was in the comb-like discrete structure of about three longitudinal modes. We used a white noise generator to modulate the 1064nm single frequency seed laser in frequency domain. The line width's tunability was accomplished by tuning the driving power of the white noise generator. The final line width tuning range of the 589nm laser was 0.3GHz to 1.1GHz.

  1. Integration of On-Line and Off-Line Diagnostic Algorithms for Aircraft Engine Health Management (United States)

    Kobayashi, Takahisa; Simon, Donald L.


    This paper investigates the integration of on-line and off-line diagnostic algorithms for aircraft gas turbine engines. The on-line diagnostic algorithm is designed for in-flight fault detection. It continuously monitors engine outputs for anomalous signatures induced by faults. The off-line diagnostic algorithm is designed to track engine health degradation over the lifetime of an engine. It estimates engine health degradation periodically over the course of the engine s life. The estimate generated by the off-line algorithm is used to update the on-line algorithm. Through this integration, the on-line algorithm becomes aware of engine health degradation, and its effectiveness to detect faults can be maintained while the engine continues to degrade. The benefit of this integration is investigated in a simulation environment using a nonlinear engine model.

  2. Western Alaska ESI: FISHL (Fish Lines) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains sensitive biological resource data for anadromous fish species in Western Alaska. Vector lines in this data set represent species occurrences...

  3. Handbook of spectral lines in diamond

    CERN Document Server

    Dischler, Bernhard


    This handbook is a breakthrough in the understanding of the large number of spectral lines in diamond. Data on more than 2000 lines and bands are presented in 200 tables, including many unpublished results. With a novel organization scheme, the search for a specific line is greatly simplified as a benefit for researchers and students. In order to meet the interest in the understanding of the spectra, structure assignments for 80 % of the lines are given, of which 15 % only were published before. The majority of the structures for the 300 centers is explained in most cases for the first time. A key instrument in the interpretation is the analysis by donor-acceptor pair transitions. In a special chapter 95 such centers are listed and discussed, of which only two have been published before, the first one by the present author in 1994.

  4. Metro orange line BRT project evaluation. (United States)


    In partnership with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the National Bus Rapid Transit Institute (NBRTI) conducted an evaluation of the Metro Orange Line BRT service, whic...

  5. First line management in the public sector

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Voxted, Søren

    first-line managers’ work and to illuminate differences between first-line managers from different occupational groups. The second question relates to current debate about the degree of professionalized management among the municipal first-line managers. In both the international and Danish management......, in some examples, explicit standards are set for what share of the manager’s working time should be used on management and what share should be used on participation in operational tasks. The main question is how the division between exercising leadership and participating in operational task is evident......The paper will examines and discusses the results from a structured observational study, wherein 50 first-line managers from the public sector in Denmark in five areas of employment where observed. These observational studies are a key contribution in the ‘greenhouse for management’ project...

  6. VT Electric Transmission Line Corridors - substation points (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — (Link to Metadata) The ELTRN layer depicts electric transmission line corridors in Vermont. Various methods have been used to digitize features. The data layer...

  7. Influence of Microfield Directionality on Line Shapes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Annette Calisti


    Full Text Available In the framework of the Spectral Line Shapes in Plasmas Code Comparison Workshop (SLSP, large discrepancies appeared between the different approaches to account for ion motion effects in spectral line shape calculations. For a better understanding of these effects, in the second edition of the SLSP in August, 2013, two cases were dedicated to the study of the ionic field directionality on line shapes. In this paper, the effects of the direction and magnitude fluctuations are separately analyzed. The effects of two variants of electric field models, (i a pure rotating field with constant magnitude and (ii a time-dependent magnitude field in a given direction, together with the effects of the time-dependent ionic field on shapes of the He II Lyman-α and -β lines for different densities and temperatures, are discussed.

  8. On-line chemical composition analyzer development

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Garrison, A.A.


    This report relates to the development of an on-line Raman analyzer for control of a distillation column. It is divided into: program issues, experimental control system evaluation, energy savings analysis, and reliability analysis. (DLC)

  9. Louisiana ESI: HYDRO (Hydrography Lines and Polygons) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector lines and polygons representing coastal hydrography used in the creation of the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) for coastal...

  10. Section Level Public Land Survey - lines (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — Public Land Survey line delineations to the section level. Developed from manually digitized section corners captured from paper USGS seven and one-half map sources.

  11. Digital Line Graphs (DLG) 24K (United States)

    Kansas Data Access and Support Center — Digital line graph (DLG) data are digital representations of cartographic information. DLG's of map features are converted to digital form from maps and related...

  12. Digital Line Graphs (DLG) 100K (United States)

    Kansas Data Access and Support Center — Digital line graph (DLG) data are digital representations of cartographic information. DLG's of map features are converted to digital form from maps and related...

  13. Controlled Compact High Voltage Power Lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Postolati V.


    Full Text Available Nowadays modern overhead transmission lines (OHL constructions having several significant differences from conventional ones are being used in power grids more and more widely. Implementation of compact overhead lines equipped with FACTS devices, including phase angle regulator settings (compact controlled OHL, appears to be one of the most effective ways of power grid development. Compact controlled AC HV OHL represent a new generation of power transmission lines embodying recent advanced achievements in design solutions, including towers and insulation, together with interconnection schemes and control systems. Results of comprehensive research and development in relation to 110–500kV compact controlled power transmission lines together with theoretical basis, substantiation, and methodological approaches to their practical application are presented in the present paper.

  14. Stitch and hem and line and flight (United States)

    Thorp, John Daniel

    Stitch and hem and line and flight appears in four formats. There is this present one, which adheres to the manuscript design requirements as outlined by The Graduate School at The University of Utah; there is another which is a book six inches high by nine inches wide, printed in three colors, with text aligned to its gutter; and there is a broadside printed from the same forms of standing metal type on a single twelve-inch-high by nineteen-inch-wide page, where all spreads are registered to the same points so that all lines of all sections overlap exactly, excluding the last lines of the longest section, which are left immediately readable. The second and the third formats were produced in editions of fifty each, and copies are available to the reader through the Special Collections Library at the J. Willard Marriott Library. The text in the book you're holding is built from scans taken from the original letterpress pages, and so honors typos not caught before production during proofreading, but does not honor the final runs of production which overprint eight typos and overprint one duplicated "no." The text here stands as an uncorrected and reformatted transcript of the letterpress-printed pages, since all "characters must be clear and sharp. Smudged, indistinct, or blurred letters are not acceptable." The present format cannot ask (at least not in the same way) if the techniques and repetitive labor of hand printing can be read just as one might read any of the other more familiar small crises in a work: the line break, the influence of a culture or history on that work, anagnorisis, exegesis, etc. The present format doesn't seem to ask questions like: what happens to a love song when you can't read it or hear it? How does a line or letter make itself mean when cast in metal, stood up and pressed onto paper? Still, the present format is concerned with how a line sits on a page and how a line is like love is like highs is like sand. The text all these formats

  15. Maryland ESI: HYDRO (Hydrography Lines and Polygons) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector lines and polygons representing coastal hydrography used in the creation of the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) for Maryland. The...

  16. Alabama ESI: HYDRO (Hydrography Lines and Polygons) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector lines and polygons representing coastal hydrography used in the creation of the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) for Alabama. The...

  17. Virginia ESI: HYDRO (Hydrography Lines and Polygons) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains vector lines and polygons representing coastal hydrography used in the creation of the Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) for Virginia. The...

  18. Linear scleroderma following Blaschko′s lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mukhopadhyay Amiya


    Full Text Available Blaschko′s lines form a pattern, which many diseases are found to follow, but linear scleroderma following Blaschko′s lines is a controversial entity rarely reported in the literature. A 24-year-old man presented with multiple linear, atrophic, hyperpigmented lesions punctuated by areas of depigmentations on the left half of the trunk distributed on the anterior, lateral and posterior aspects. The lesions were distributed in a typical S-shaped line. Antinuclear antibody and antihistone antibody tests were negative. Histopathological examination of the skin from the affected area showed features suggestive of scleroderma. Here, we present a case of linear scleroderma following Blaschko′s lines in a male patient - an entity reported only three times so far.

  19. Electrical Transmission Line Diametrical Retention Mechanism (United States)

    Hall, David R.; Hall, Jr., H. Tracy; Pixton, David; Dahlgren, Scott; Sneddon, Cameron; Briscoe, Michael; Fox, Joe


    The invention is a mechanism for retaining an electrical transmission line. In one embodiment of the invention it is a system for retaining an electrical transmission line within downhole components. The invention allows a transmission line to be attached to the internal diameter of drilling components that have a substantially uniform drilling diameter. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, the system includes a plurality of downhole components, such as sections of pipe in a drill string, drill collars, heavy weight drill pipe, and jars. The system also includes a coaxial cable running between the first and second end of a drill pipe, the coaxial cable having a conductive tube and a conductive core within it. The invention allows the electrical transmission line to withstand the tension and compression of drill pipe during routine drilling cycles.

  20. Twisted shield-pair transmission line (United States)

    Lind, W. N.; Waddy, G. H.


    Lightweight cable forms balanced transmission line and replaces costlier coaxial cables for multiplex-signal transmission. Cable is fabricated with carefully-controlled electrical characteristics and functions without tuning networks at frequencies up to 10 MHz.

  1. Coding for Single-Line Transmission (United States)

    Madison, L. G.


    Digital transmission code combines data and clock signals into single waveform. MADCODE needs four standard integrated circuits in generator and converter plus five small discrete components. MADCODE allows simple coding and decoding for transmission of digital signals over single line.

  2. North Slope, Alaska ESI: FISHL (Fish Lines) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains sensitive biological resource data for anadromous and freshwater fish species for the North Slope of Alaska. Vector lines in this data set...

  3. Southeast Alaska ESI: FISHL (Fish Lines) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains biological resource data for anadromous fish streams in Southeast Alaska. Vector lines in this data set represent locations of fish streams....

  4. Mooring Line for an Oceanographic Buoy System (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — A mooring line for an oceanographic buoy system includes four sections. The first section is a protected cable that is connectable to the buoy. The second section is...

  5. Seismic Lines in Louisiana and Texas [gcseismicg (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The lines shown are those used by the USGS in developing the framework geology and models used in assessing the oil and gas resources of the Gulf Coast Region. The...

  6. substitution line for resistance to stripe rust

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)


    2D) substitution line for resistance to stripe rust. MENGPING LEI, GUANGRONG LI, SUFEN ZHANG, CHENG LIU and ZUJUN YANG. ∗. School of Life Science and Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology ...

  7. HealthLines: Facts About Fat (United States)

    ... Current Issue Past Issues Health Lines Facts About Fat Past Issues / Fall 2008 Table of Contents For ... Writer, NLM Scientists are learning more about our fat cells, and their findings could explain why some ...

  8. Mathematical model of subscriber extension line


    Petříková, Iva; Diviš, Zdeněk; Tesař, Zdeněk


    The paper focuses on measurement properties of metallic subscriber extension lines to build regression mathematical model for a symmetric pair cable. The regression model is compared with an analytical model based on a theoretical description of transfer parameters for this type of line. The output of the paper should demonstrate the impact of electromagnetic interference on the symmetric pair. The paper also describes the method to identify the interference sources and ...

  9. The inverse scattering problem for transmission lines (United States)

    Kay, I.


    A number of exact and approximate methods for solving the inverse scattering problem for transmission lines are reviewed. In particular, the application to transmission lines of Marcenko's version of the Gelfand-Levitan exact method for the quantum mechanical problem is compared with a more direct approach based on a different version of the Gelfand-Levitan method. In addition, some aspects of the lack of uniqueness of solutions are discussed, and some open questions related to the inverse scattering problem are suggested.

  10. Pool boiling enhancement through contact line augmentation (United States)

    Raghupathi, P. A.; Kandlikar, S. G.


    In addition to transient conduction, microconvection, and microlayer evaporation, contact line region heat transfer has been identified as an important mode of heat transfer during boiling. In this work, we demonstrate that generating additional contact line regions within the base of a nucleating bubble leads to critical heat flux (CHF) enhancement. The creation of a liquid meniscus adjacent to 10-20 μm deep microgrooves in the bubble base area was responsible for the generation of the additional contact line regions. The depth of the microgrooves was determined such that a sufficient reservoir of liquid is present in the meniscus to sustain evaporation in the contact line region throughout the bubble cycle. The effective contact line length at the base of the bubble was seen to be a good indicator of the CHF (wetted area) over the surface. The microgroove geometry played a significant role in influencing the bubble dynamics and bubble departure diameter during boiling. It was seen that the bubbles were able to bridge and grow over the shallow microgrooves of 10-20 μm depth and generate additional contact line regions but were pinned and constrained within the grooves in the case of the microgrooves deeper than 100 μm. For shallow grooves, narrow grooves resulted in smaller bubbles, which in turn reduced the contact line length. The findings of this work could be used to design heat transfer surfaces that significantly enhance the contact line region contribution and CHF by placing shallow enhancement features on the surface of the heater.

  11. Daresbury on-line isotope separator (DOLIS)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grant, I.S.; Eastham, D.A.; Groves, J.; Tolfree, D.W.L.; Walker, P.M.; Green, V.R.; Rikovska, J.; Stone, N.J.; Hamilton, W.D.


    The isotope separator DOLIS, which is on-line to the Daresbury Laboratory's 20-MV tandem accelerator, is used to measure nuclear moments and decay schemes. Separated beams may be collected on a tape and transported to a counting station, implanted directly into a host lattice at on-line temperatures down to less than 10 mK, or allowed to interact with a collinear laser beam. The present status of DOLIS and its ancillary equipment is described.

  12. Lines, dots and spirals on Peruvian land


    Sparavigna, Amelia Carolina


    The most famous geoglyphs of Peru are the "Nazca Lines". Considered as one of the mysteries of the ancient world, they have been included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Located in a large region between the towns of Nazca and Palpa, these lines create shapes of animals ranging in size up to 300 m. The archaeological site is under investigation with remote science technologies.

  13. Drag reduction in riblet-lined pipes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Enyutin, G.V.; Lashkov, Yu.A.; Samoilova, N.V.


    The possibilities of reducing the drag in pipes with a circular cross section by lining them with riblets have been investigated experimentally for developed turbulent air flow. The maximum drag reduction of 6-7% in the riblet-lined as compared with the smooth pipe was obtained for a dimensionless riblet pitch, expressed in law-of-the-wall parameters, s{sup +} = 14-18.

  14. The National Shipbuilding Research Program. Line Heating (United States)


    their manufacture. This approach led to the development of remarkable line-heating aids and work instructions by Ishikawajima - Harima Heavy Industries ...Ltd. REFERENCES 1 ) 2 ) 3 ) 4 ) 5 ) 6 ) Shipbuilding Department of Ishikawajima - Harima Heavy Industries : “Bending Process of Line-Heated Plates...Division. The material on which this book is based was compiled by a project team led by S. Nakanishi, International Division, Ishikawajima - Harima Heavy

  15. On-Line Acquisitions by LOLITA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frances G. Spigai


    Full Text Available The on-line acquisition program (LOLITA in use at the Oregon State University Library is described in terms of development costs, equipment requirements, and overall design philosophy. In particular, the record format and content of records in the on-order file, and the on-line processing of these records (input, search, correction, output using a cathode ray tube display terminal are detailed.

  16. Transmission Line Resonator Segmented with Series Capacitors

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zhurbenko, Vitaliy; Boer, Vincent; Petersen, Esben Thade


    Transmission line resonators are often used as coils in high field MRI. Due to distributed nature of such resonators, coils based on them produce inhomogeneous field. This work investigates application of series capacitors to improve field homogeneity along the resonator. The equations for optimal...... values of evenly distributed capacitors are presented. The performances of the segmented resonator and a regular transmission line resonator are compared....

  17. Covered by lines and Conic connected varieties

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alex Massarenti


    Full Text Available We study some properties of an embedded variety covered by lines and give a numerical criterion ensuring the existence of a singular conic through two of its general points. We show that our criterion is sharp. Conic-connected, covered by lines, QEL, LQEL, prime Fano, defective, and dual defective varieties are closely related. We study some relations between the above mentioned classes of objects using basic results by Ein and Zak.

  18. Lineær Algebra via Eksempler

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Salomonsen, Hans Anton; Nielsen, Holger Andreas

    Notesæt til anvendelse i kurserne Calculus 1 og 2. Den elementære lineære algebra præsenteres gennem en række gennemregnede eksempler.......Notesæt til anvendelse i kurserne Calculus 1 og 2. Den elementære lineære algebra præsenteres gennem en række gennemregnede eksempler....

  19. RF transmission lines on silicon substrates


    Ponchak, George E.


    A review of RF transmission lines on silicon substrates is presented. Through measurements and calculated results, it is shown that attenuation is dominated by conductor loss if silicon substrates with a resistivity greater than 2500 Q-cm are used. Si passivation layers affect the transmission line attenuation; however, measured results demonstrate that passivation layers do not necessarily increase attenuation. If standard, low resistivity Si wafers must be used, alternative transmission lin...

  20. Flow lines and export lines of Sabalo Gas Field - the engineering of a complex job; Flow lines e export lines de Sabalo - a engenharia da complexidade

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Serodio, Conrado Jose Morbach [GDK Engenharia, Salvador, BA (Brazil)


    The construction of the natural gas flow lines and export lines system of the Sabalo field, in the far South of Bolivia is an unique job in the pipeline construction area. Its execution is a turning point in terms of engineering and construction technology in this industry. Among the Aguarague Cordillera (mountains), it runs across rocky canyons for more than 5 km, a 2.100 mt long narrow tunnel to overcome the mountains and steep hills along all the ROW length, with a total extension of 70 km, in line pipes ranging from 10'' and 12'' for the flow lines, 28'' for the gas export line and 8' for the condensate line. An integrated construction work plan was settled in order to face and overcome the complex construction situations found in every feet of the pipeline. Four simultaneous work sites were mobilized, 8 independent work fronts, 700 professionals and more than 150 pieces of heavy construction equipment, brought from 3 different countries. Special techniques were adopted also to handle the challenging detail engineering . All in all, the correct conjunction of a sound engineering work, planning, human resources and equipment and the managing flexibility to create alternatives and solutions at the fast pace required by a dynamic work schedule were essential to succeed, in a job with no room for mistakes. The successfully job completion open new possibilities to other challenging projects alike.(author)

  1. Morphological variation in maize inbred lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jiban Shrestha


    Full Text Available In order to identify morphological variation in maize inbred lines, one hundred five inbred lines were planted under randomized complete block design with two replications at research field of National Maize Research Program, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal during summer season (March to June, 2010. Descriptive statistics and cluster analysis were done. The results revealed a wide range of morphological variation among the tested inbred lines. The inbred lines grouped in cluster 4 namely PUTU-13, L-9, RL-105, RL-197, RL-103, RML-9, RML-41, RL-165, RL-36, RL-76, RL-125, RL-30-3, L-6, RL-107, RL-174, RL-41, L-13, RML-76 and L-5 had 0.833 days anthesis-silking interval and earlier in flowering (tasseling in 54.50 days and silking in 55.33 days. Moreover they consisted of 1.16 plant aspect, 1.25 ear aspect, 33.08 cm tassel length and 13.5 tassel branch number. Among tested lines, the above inbred lines had better morphological traits, so it was concluded that they were good candidates for development of hybrids and synthetic varieties. DOI: International Journal of the Environment Vol.3(2 2014: 98-107

  2. Cold-induced retrotransposition of fish LINEs. (United States)

    Chen, Shue; Yu, Mengchao; Chu, Xu; Li, Wenhao; Yin, Xiujuan; Chen, Liangbiao


    Classes of retrotransposons constitute a large portion of metazoan genome. There have been cases reported that genomic abundance of retrotransposons is correlated with the severity of low environmental temperatures. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying such correlation are unknown. We show here by cell transfection assays that retrotransposition (RTP) of a long interspersed nuclear element (LINE) from an Antarctic notothenioid fish Dissostichus mawsoni (dmL1) could be activated by low temperature exposure, causing increased dmL1 copies in the host cell genome. The cold-induced dmL1 propagation was demonstrated to be mediated by the mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPK)/p38 signaling pathway, which is activated by accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cold-stressed conditions. Surprisingly, dmL1 transfected cells showed an increase in the number of viable cells after prolonged cold exposures than non-transfected cells. Features of cold inducibility of dmL1 were recapitulated in LINEs of zebrafish origin both in cultured cell lines and tissues, suggesting existence of a common cold-induced LINE amplification in fishes. The findings reveal an important function of LINEs in temperature adaptation and provid insights into the MAPK/p38 stress responsive pathway that shapes LINE composition in fishes facing cold stresses. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  3. Staple line oversewing during laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. (United States)

    Wang, H; Lu, J; Feng, J; Wang, Z


    Introduction This meta-analysis was performed to assess the possible benefits of staple line oversewing during laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Methods A comprehensive search up to February 2017 was conducted on PubMed, the Web of Science™ and Embase™. All eligible studies were included, and the outcomes of staple line bleeding and leak, overall complications and operative time were pooled. Results A total of 7 randomised controlled trials involving 845 patients (428 cases and 417 controls) were analysed. There was no significant difference in staple line bleeding (relative risk [RR]: 0.858, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.343-2.143, p=0.742), leak (RR: 0.650, 95% CI: 0.257-1.644, p=0.363) or overall complications (RR: 0.913, 95% CI: 0.621-1.342, p=0.644) between the oversewing group and the patients who did not have oversewing. Oversewing of the staple line was associated with a longer operative time (weighted mean difference: 14.400, 95% CI: 7.198-21.602, p=0.000). Conclusions Oversewing the staple line during laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy does not decrease the risk of staple line bleeding, leakage or overall complications but it does prolong the operative time.

  4. Real quartic surfaces containing 16 skew lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Isidro Nieto


    Full Text Available It is well known that there is an open three-dimensional subvariety Ms of the Grassmannian of lines in ℙ3 which parametrizes smooth irreducible complex surfaces of degree 4 which are Heisenberg invariant, and each quartic contains 32 lines but only 16 skew lines, being determined by its configuration of lines, are called a double 16. We consider here the problem of visualizing in a computer the real Heisenberg invariant quartic surface and the real double 16. We construct a family of points l∈Ms parametrized by a two-dimensional semialgebraic variety such that under a change of coordinates of l into its Plüecker, coordinates transform into the real coordinates for a line L in ℙ3, which is then used to construct a program in Maple 7. The program allows us to draw the quartic surface and the set of transversal lines to L. Additionally, we include a table of a group of examples. For each test example we specify a parameter, the viewing angle of the image, compilation time, and other visual properties of the real surface and its real double 16. We include at the end of the paper an example showing the surface containing the double 16.

  5. Transmission line design for the lunar environment (United States)

    Gaustad, Krista L.; Gordon, Lloyd B.


    How the mass, operating temperature, and efficiency of a transmission line operating on the moon are affected by its operating parameters, the lunar environment, and the choice of materials is examined. The key transmission line parameters which have an effect on mass, operating temperature, and efficiency are voltage, power loss, and waveform. The choice of waveform for transmission will be influenced by the waveform of the source and load, and therefore an analysis of both DC and AC transmission is necessary for a complete understanding of lunar power transmission. The data presented are for the DC case only; however, the discussion of the environmental effects and of material selection is pertinent to both AC and DC transmission. The operating voltage is shown to be a key parameter in transmission line design. The role efficiency plays in transmission line design is also examined. The analyses include above- and below-the-surface operation for both a vacuum-insulated, two-wire, transmission line, and a solid-dielectric-insulated, coaxial, transmission line.

  6. Incoherent Scatter Plasma Lines: Observations and Applications (United States)

    Akbari, Hassanali; Bhatt, Asti; La Hoz, Cesar; Semeter, Joshua L.


    Space plasmas are host to the electrostatic Langmuir waves and a rich range of processes associated with them. Many of such processes that are of interest in micro-scale plasma physics and magnetosphere-ionosphere physics are open to investigation via incoherent scatter plasma lines—i.e., a pair of resonant peaks in the incoherent scatter radar (ISR) spectrum, symmetrically displaced from the radar transmitting frequency by about the plasma frequency, as the signature of Langmuir waves in the ISR spectrum. There now exists a large body of literature devoted to the investigation of a number of topics in ionospheric physics via plasma line theory and observation. It is the goal of this work to provide a comprehensive review of this literature, from the early theoretical works on oscillations in magnetized plasma to the recent advances in plasma line measurements and applications. This review includes detailed theoretical discussions on the intensity and frequency displacement of plasma lines. It reviews the experimental observations of plasma lines enhanced by various sources of energy and discusses the implications of the observations in the context of ionospheric physics. The review also covers the practical aspects of plasma line measurements, from measurement techniques to the applications of plasma lines in estimating the bulk parameters of the ionosphere.

  7. Moving contact lines on vibrating surfaces (United States)

    Solomenko, Zlatko; Spelt, Peter; Scott, Julian


    Large-scale simulations of flows with moving contact lines for realistic conditions generally requires a subgrid scale model (analyses based on matched asymptotics) to account for the unresolved part of the flow, given the large range of length scales involved near contact lines. Existing models for the interface shape in the contact-line region are primarily for steady flows on homogeneous substrates, with encouraging results in 3D simulations. Introduction of complexities would require further investigation of the contact-line region, however. Here we study flows with moving contact lines on planar substrates subject to vibrations, with applications in controlling wetting/dewetting. The challenge here is to determine the change in interface shape near contact lines due to vibrations. To develop further insight, 2D direct numerical simulations (wherein the flow is resolved down to an imposed slip length) have been performed to enable comparison with asymptotic theory, which is also developed further. Perspectives will also be presented on the final objective of the work, which is to develop a subgrid scale model that can be utilized in large-scale simulations. The authors gratefully acknowledge the ANR for financial support (ANR-15-CE08-0031) and the meso-centre FLMSN for use of computational resources. This work was Granted access to the HPC resources of CINES under the allocation A0012B06893 made by GENCI.

  8. Reducing off-line to on-line: An example and its applications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Demange Marc


    Full Text Available We study on-line versions of maximum weighted hereditary subgraph problems for which the instance is revealed in two clusters. We focus on the comparison of these on-line problems with their respective off-line versions. In [3], we have reduced on-line versions to the off-line ones in order to devise competitive analysis for such problems. In this paper, we first devise hardness results pointing out that this previous analysis was tight. Then, we propose a process that allows, for a large class of hereditary problems, to transform an on-line algorithm into an off-line one with improvement of the guarantees. This result can be seen as an inverse version of our previous work. It brings to the fore a hardness gap between on-line and off-line versions of those problems. This result does not apply in the case of maximizing a k -colorable induced subgraph of a given graph. For this problem we point out that, contrary to the first case, the on-line version is almost as well approximated as the offline one. .

  9. On-line adaptive line frequency noise cancellation from a nuclear power measuring channel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qadir Javed


    Full Text Available On-line software for adaptively canceling 50 Hz line frequency noise has been designed and tested at Pakistan Research Reactor 1. Line frequency noise causes much problem in weak signals acquisition. Sometimes this noise is so dominant that original signal is totally corrupted. Although notch filter can be used for eliminating this noise, but if signal of interest is in close vicinity of 50 Hz, then original signal is also attenuated and hence overall performance is degraded. Adaptive noise removal is a technique which could be employed for removing line frequency without degrading the desired signal. In this paper line frequency noise has been eliminated on-line from a nuclear power measuring channel. The adaptive LMS algorithm has been used to cancel 50 Hz noise. The algorithm has been implemented in labVIEW with NI 6024 data acquisition card. The quality of the acquired signal has been improved much as can be seen in experimental results.

  10. Dissolution of FB-Line Cabinet Sweepings

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Crowder, Mark L.


    Three FB-Line samples were received by the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) for characterization and evaluation for suitability for HB-Line dissolution. These samples are part of a larger sampling/evaluation program in support of FB-Line deinventory efforts. The samples studied were identified as MC04-147- HBL, MC04-148-HBL, and FBL-SWP-04-016-HBL (N). The first sample, MC04-147-HBL, is a portion of FB-Line Packaging and Stabilization (P&S) materials. The second sample, MC04-148-HBL, is a sweeping from Cabinet 6-8, which is not representative of the mechanical line. The third sample, FBL-SWP-04-016-HBL (N), is an FB-Line North cabinet sweeping. The samples were described by FB-Line personnel as containing plutonium oxide (PuO{sub 2}) which had not been high-fired. This description was generally confirmed by solids analysis and off gas measurements. All three samples were dissolved in 8 M HNO{sub 3}/0.1 M KF at 90-100 C leaving minor amounts of solid residue. During dissolution, sample MC04-147 did not generate hydrogen gas. Sample MC04-148 generated modest amounts of gas, which contained 4.0 to 4.7 volume percent (vol %) hydrogen (H{sub 2}) at a ratio of up to 8.4 x 10{sup -5} mol H{sub 2}/g sample. Sample FBL-SWP-04-016-HBL (N) was nearly completely soluble in 8 M HNO{sub 3}and produced a very small amount of gas. Apparently, the CaF{sub 2} in that sample dissolves and provides sufficient fluoride to support the dissolution of other components.

  11. Underground power line fault locating system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fox, L.D.; Flath, R.K.


    A method is described of locating a fault in a polyphase power distribution system power distributing power from a bulk power source to power consumers, the power distribution system having a substation feeding a fused switch gear unit, a first vault, and at least one subsequent vault receiving power from the first vault, the first vault distributing power from the fused switch gear unit among plural outgoing underground power lines, each underground outgoing power line supplying power to at least one power consumer, the method comprising the steps of: checking fusing within the fused switch gear unit to determine in which phase the fault has occurred; checking the continuity of a power line interconnecting the fused switch gear unit and the first vault; identifying the fused switch gear unit and the first vault which normally supply power to a line having the fault; installing a fault indicator on each underground outgoing power line of the faulted phase in the first vault and in each subsequent vault; inserting a current limiting fuse in series with and between the fused switch gear unit and the first vault; reenergizing the first vault plural outgoing underground power lines through the current limiting fuse and causing the current limiting fuse to blow; and reading each fault indicator after the reenergizing step to determine the location of the fault. A method according to claim 7 for an underground power distribution system wherein at least one underground outgoing power line delivers power to at least one distribution transformer, wherein the step of installing the fault indicators further comprises installing a fault indicator on each distribution transformer.

  12. Primary Students' Success on the Structured Number Line (United States)

    Diezmann, Carmel M.; Lowrie, Tom; Sugars, Lindy A.


    Number lines are part of people's everyday life and are frequently used in primary mathematics as instructional aids, in texts, and for assessment purposes on mathematics tests. There are two types of number lines; (1) structured number lines, which are the focus of this paper; and (2) empty number lines. Structured number lines represent…

  13. First on-line results from the CRIS (Collinear Resonant Ionisation Spectroscopy) beam line at ISOLDE

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Procter, T. J., E-mail:; Flanagan, K. T. [University of Manchester (United Kingdom); Collaboration: CRIS Collaboration


    The CRIS (Collinear Resonant Ionisation Spectroscopy) experiment at the on-line isotope separator facility, ISOLDE, CERN, has been constructed for high-sensitivity laser spectroscopy measurements on radioactive isotopes. The technique determines the magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments, nuclear spin and changes in mean-square charge radii of exotic nuclei via measurement of their hyperfine structures and isotope shifts. In November 2011 the first on-line run was performed using the CRIS beam line, when the hyperfine structure of {sup 207}Fr was successfully measured. This paper will describe the technique and experimental setup of CRIS and present the results from the first on-line experiment.

  14. Broad-line active galactic nuclei rotate faster than narrow-line ones. (United States)

    Kollatschny, Wolfram; Zetzl, Matthias


    The super-massive black holes of 10(6)M(⊙) to 10(9)M(⊙) that reside in the nuclei of active galaxies (AGN) are surrounded by a region emitting broad lines, probably associated with an accretion disk. The diameters of the broad-line regions range from a few light-days to more than a hundred light-days, and cannot be resolved spatially. The relative significance of inflow, outflow, rotational or turbulent motions in the broad-line regions as well as their structure (spherical, thin or thick accretion disk) are unknown despite intensive studies over more than thirty years. Here we report a fundamental relation between the observed emission linewidth full-width at half-maximum (FWHM) and the emission line shape FWHM/σ(line) in AGN spectra. From this relation we infer that the predominant motion in the broad-line regions is Keplerian rotation in combination with turbulence. The geometry of the inner region varies systematically with the rotation velocity: it is flattest for the fast-rotating broad-line objects, whereas slow-rotating narrow-line AGN have a more spherical structure. Superimposed is the trend that the line-emitting region becomes geometrically thicker towards the centre within individual galaxies. Knowing the rotational velocities, we can derive the central black-hole masses more accurately; they are two to ten times smaller than has been estimated previously.

  15. Research for the Influence of Distribution Network Line Reclosing Current on Line Protection

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yu Kansheng


    Full Text Available According to the distribution network line structure and reclosing control strategy, the system simulation model of distribution network lines has established based on the real-time digital simulation RTDS. Based on this, distribution network switching impulse current characteristic has researched with different capacity, different distribution and different load power factor under the different voltage switching angles. The results of the study provide a scientific basis for distribution network line protection setting, in order to further lay the foundation for improvement the validity and reliability of distribution network line protection action.

  16. Biophysical Profiling of Tumor Cell Lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Frederick Coffman


    Full Text Available Despite significant differences in genetic profiles, cancer cells share common phenotypic properties, including membrane-associated changes that facilitate invasion and metastasis. The Corning Epic® optical biosensor was used to monitor dynamic mass rearrangements within and proximal to the cell membrane in tumor cell lines derived from cancers of the colon, bone, cervix, lung and breast. Data was collected in real time and required no exogenously added signaling moiety (signal-free technology. Cell lines displayed unique profiles over the time-courses: the time-courses all displayed initial signal increases to maximal values, but the rate of increase to those maxima and the value of those maxima were distinct for each cell line. The rate of decline following the maxima also differed among cell lines. There were correlations between the signal maxima and the observed metastatic behavior of the cells in xenograft experiments; for most cell types the cells that were more highly metastatic in mice had lower time-course maxima values, however the reverse was seen in breast cancer cells. The unique profiles of these cell lines and the correlation of at least one profile characteristic with metastatic behavior demonstrate the potential utility of biophysical tumor cell profiling in the study of cancer biology.

  17. A biophysical analysis of latitudinal tree line (United States)

    Goetz, S. J.; Loranty, M. M.; Berner, L.; Jin, Y.; Randerson, J. T.


    Northern latitudinal tree line represents the interface between boreal forests and tundra ecosystems, and is the ecophysiological limit of tree recruitment and persistence. The transition between tundra and forest is typically gradual, occurring over tens to hundreds of kilometers. This gradient represents a substantial change in the biophysical properties of the earth surface, one that is particularly important in ecosystems that are snow covered for much of the year. Tree line is, however, commonly delineated by the point of the northern most tree, with no gradient between forested and non-forested ecosystems. As a consequence crisp delineations of tree line incorporated into models introduce error in surface radiation budgets due to inaccurate albedo representations. Errors in modeled carbon and water fluxes are likely as well. Here we use satellite observations to quantify several key biophysical properties across latitudinal tree line for a series of sites throughout the pan-boreal region We find decreases in NDVI and increases in albedo across the transition from boreal forest to tundra, as expected. However, in the absence of topographical barriers we find that these transitions can occur over upwards of 100 km, and that biophysical properties characteristic of tundra ecosystems can occur as far as 100 km south of tree line. This suggests that land surface models likely overestimate surface radiation budgets and carbon fluxes in the boreal biome. We discuss our results in the context of land surface models, noting specific examples from archived model runs.

  18. Analysis of folded pulse forming line operation (United States)

    Domonkos, M. T.; Watrous, J.; Parker, J. V.; Cavazos, T.; Slenes, K.; Heidger, S.; Brown, D.; Wilson, D.


    A compact pulse forming line (CPFL) concept based on a folded transmission line and high-breakdown strength dielectric was explored through an effort combining proof-of-principle experiments with electromagnetic modeling. A small-scale folded CPFL was fabricated using surface-mount ceramic multilayer capacitors. The line consisted of 150 capacitors close-packed in parallel and delivered a 300 ns flat-top pulse. The concept was carried to a 10 kV class device using a polymer-ceramic nanocomposite dielectric with a permittivity of 37.6. The line was designed for a 161 ns FWHM length pulse into a matched load. The line delivered a 110 ns FWHM pulse, and the pulse peak amplitude exceeded the matched load ideal. Transient electromagnetic analysis using the particle-in-cell code ICEPIC was conducted to examine the nature of the unexpected pulse shortening and distortion. Two-dimensional analysis failed to capture the anomalous behavior. Three-dimensional analysis replicated the pulse shape and revealed that the bends were largely responsible for the pulse shortening. The bends not only create the expected reflection of the incident TEM wave but also produce a non-zero component of the Poynting vector perpendicular to the propagation direction of the dominant electromagnetic wave, resulting in power flow largely external to the PFL. This analysis explains both the pulse shortening and the amplitude of the pulse.

  19. Transmission Line Adapted Analytical Power Charts Solution (United States)

    Sakala, Japhet D.; Daka, James S. J.; Setlhaolo, Ditiro; Malichi, Alec Pulu


    The performance of a transmission line has been assessed over the years using power charts. These are graphical representations, drawn to scale, of the equations that describe the performance of transmission lines. Various quantities that describe the performance, such as sending end voltage, sending end power and compensation to give zero voltage regulation, may be deduced from the power charts. Usually required values are read off and then converted using the appropriate scales and known relationships. In this paper, the authors revisit this area of circle diagrams for transmission line performance. The work presented here formulates the mathematical model that analyses the transmission line performance from the power charts relationships and then uses them to calculate the transmission line performance. In this proposed approach, it is not necessary to draw the power charts for the solution. However the power charts may be drawn for the visual presentation. The method is based on applying derived equations and is simple to use since it does not require rigorous derivations.

  20. Optimal Reinsertion of Cancelled Train Lines

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Groth, Julie Jespersen; Clausen, Jens


    One recovery strategy in case of a major disruption in rail network is to cancel all trains on a specific line of the network. When the disturbance has ended, the cancelled line must be reinserted as soon as possible. In this article we present a mixed integer programming (MIP) model for calculat....... The model finds the optimal solution in an average of 0.5 CPU seconds in each test case.......One recovery strategy in case of a major disruption in rail network is to cancel all trains on a specific line of the network. When the disturbance has ended, the cancelled line must be reinserted as soon as possible. In this article we present a mixed integer programming (MIP) model...... for calculating the best way to reinsert cancelled train lines in a rail network covered by a periodic timetable. Using a high abstraction level it has been possible to incorporate the temporal aspect in the model only relying on the information embedded in the train identification numbers of each departure...

  1. Formación on line

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. Grau-Perejoan

    Full Text Available La formación on line es una modalidad de enseñanza a distancia basada en las nuevas tecnologías. En este artículo se pretende hacer una introducción a base de describir a grandes rasgos sus características principales: asincronía, no presencialidad, comunicación escrita, función del profesor on line, así como los retos, los riesgos, las ventajas y los inconvenientes que plantea. Se exponen las diferencias entre la formación on line y la formación presencial, de manera que los docentes puedan adaptar de la mejor manera posible sus propuestas formativas a la modalidad on line. Se introduce el importantísimo papel de la planificación y de la fase de diseño y, finalmente, se repasan conceptos útiles para comprender mejor el mundo de la formación on line como son los conceptos entorno virtual de aprendizaje (EVA o Blended Learning (B-Learning.

  2. Transfer line tests take centre stage

    CERN Multimedia

    Katarina Anthony


    Last weekend, proton beams came knocking on the LHC's door. Shooting from the SPS and into the two LHC transfer lines, the proton beams were dumped just short of entering the accelerator.   The upper plot shows the trajectory of the first TI2 beam, which reached the end of the transfer line in a single attempt after 18 months of technical stop. Below, a smoother beam trajectory in TI2 after some corrections. For the first time since Run 1, the SPS to LHC transfer lines (TI8 and TI2) transported proton beams just short of the LHC. "We tested the beam instrumentation, the devices that measure the beam intensity, transverse beam profile, position and losses, as well as the beam collimators along the transfer lines," says Reyes Alemany Fernandez, the engineer in charge of the LHC. "We were also able to spot possible bottle necks in the beam trajectory and to perform the first optics measurements." Once the beams arrived at the transfer line beam dumps...

  3. Iron and zinc availability in maize lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valéria Aparecida Vieira Queiroz


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to characterize the Zn and Fe availability by phytic acid/Zn and phytic acid/Fe molar ratios, in 22 tropical maize inbred lines with different genetic backgrounds. The Zn and Fe levels were determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry and the P through colorimetry method. Three screening methods for phytic acid (Phy analysis were tested and one, based on the 2,2'-bipyridine reaction, was select. There was significant variability in the contents of zinc (17.5 to 42, iron (12.2 to 36.7, phosphorus (230 to 400 mg.100 g-1, phytic acid (484 to 1056 mg.100 g-1, phytic acid P (140 to 293 mg.100 g-1 and available-P (43.5 to 199.5 mg.100 g-1, and in the available-P/total-P ratio (0.14 to 0.50, Phy/Zn (18.0 to 43.5 and Phy/Fe (16.3 to 45.5 molar ratios. Lines 560977, 560978 and 560982 had greater availability of Zn and lines 560975, 560977, 561010 and 5610111 showed better Fe availability. Lines 560975, 560977 and 560978 also showed better available-P/total-P ratio. Thus, the lines 560975, 560977 and 560978 were considered to have the potential for the development of cultivars of maize with high availability of Fe and/or Zn.

  4. Dynamic Line Rating: Research and Policy Evaluation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jake P. Gentle; Kurt S. Myers; Michael R. West


    Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) is a smart grid technology that allows the rating of electrical conductors to be increased based on local weather conditions. Overhead lines are conventionally given a conservative rating based on worst case scenarios. We demonstrate that observing the conditions in real time leads to additional capacity and safer operation. This paper provides a report of a pioneering scheme in the United States of America in which DLR has been applied. Thereby, we demonstrate that observing the local weather conditions in real time leads to additional capacity and safer operation. Secondly, we discuss limitations involved. In doing so, we arrive at novel insights which will inform and improve future DLR projects. Third, we provide a policy background and discussion to clarify the technology’s potential and identifies barriers to the imminent adoption of dynamic line rating systems. We provide suggestions for regulatory bodies about possible improvements in policy to encourage adoption of this beneficial technology.

  5. Susceptibility of cell lines to avian viruses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simoni Isabela Cristina


    Full Text Available The susceptibility of the five cell lines - IB-RS-2, RK-13, Vero, BHK-21, CER - to reovirus S1133 and infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV vaccine GBV-8 strain was studied to better define satisfactory and sensitive cell culture systems. Cultures were compared for presence of CPE, virus titers and detection of viral RNA. CPE and viral RNA were detected in CER and BHK-21 cells after reovirus inoculation and in RK-13 cell line after IBDV inoculation and with high virus titers. Virus replication by production of low virus titers occurred in IB-RS-2 and Vero cells with reovirus and in BHK-21 cell line with IBDV.

  6. Specification of Products and Product Lines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ariel Gonzalez


    Full Text Available The study of variability in software development has become increasingly important in recent years. A common mechanism to represent the variability in a product line is by means of feature models. However, the relationship between these models and UML design models is not straightforward. UML statecharts are extended introducing variability in their main components, so that the behavior of product lines can be specified. The contribution of this work is the proposal of a rule-based approach that defines a transformation strategy from extended statecharts to concrete UML statecharts. This is accomplished via the use of feature models, in order to describe the common and variant components, in such a way that, starting from different feature configurations and applying the rule-based method, concrete state machines corresponding to different products of a line can be obtained.

  7. Kinetic Line Voronoi Operations and Their Reversibility

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mioc, Darka; Anton, François; Gold, Christopher


    mechanisms and dynamic map visualisations. In order to use the reversibility within the kinetic Voronoi diagram of points and open oriented line segments, we need to assure that reversing the map commands will produce exactly the changes in the map equivalent to the previous map states. To prove...... that reversing the map update operations produces the exact reverse changes, we show an isomorphism between the set of complex operations on the kinetic Voronoi diagram of points and open oriented line segments and the sets of numbers of new / deleted Voronoi regions induced by these operations, and its...... explanation using the finite field of residual classes of integers modulo 5: F 5 = ℤ/5ℤ. We show also an isomorphism between the set of complex operations on the kinetic Voronoi diagram of points and open oriented line segments and the set of differences of new and deleted Quad-Edge edges induced...

  8. Line and boundary detection in speckle images. (United States)

    Czerwinski, R N; Jones, D L; O'Brien, W R


    This paper considers the problem of detecting lines in speckle imagery, such as that produced by synthetic aperture radar (SAR) or ultrasound techniques. Using the physical principles that account for the speckle phenomenon, we derive the optimal detector for lines in fully developed speckle, and we compare the optimal detector to several suboptimal detection rules that are more computationally efficient. We show that when the noise is uncorrelated, a very simple suboptimal detection rule is nearly optimal, and that even in colored speckle, a related class of detectors can approach optimal performance. Finally, we also discuss the application of this technique to medical ultrasonic images, where the detection of tissue boundaries is considered as a problem of line detection.

  9. Beam line for Schools: beyond expectations

    CERN Multimedia

    Cian O'Luanaigh


    Out of 292 proposals for CERN's first ever "Beam line for Schools" contest, two teams of high-school students – Odysseus' Comrades from Varvakios Pilot School in Athens, Greece and Dominicuscollege from Dominicus College in Nijmegen in the Netherlands – were selected to spend 10 days conducting their proposed experiments at the fully equipped T9 beam line on CERN's Meyrin site. Dedicated CERN staff and users from across the departments have put in a huge effort to ensure the success of the project.   Detector physicist Cenk Yidriz (centre, white helmet) explains the setup of the "Beamline for schools" experiment at the T9 beamline. It's finally beam time. After months of organisation, coding, engineering and even painting the experimental area, the T9 beam line is ready to deliver protons to experiments devised and built by high-school students. “They are here to collect data and experience the l...

  10. Coaxial tube array space transmission line characterization (United States)

    Switzer, Colleen A.; Bents, David J.


    The coaxial tube array tether/transmission line used to connect an SP-100 nuclear power system to the space station was characterized over the range of reactor-to-platform separation distances of 1 to 10 km. Characterization was done with respect to array performance, physical dimensions and masses. Using a fixed design procedure, a family of designs was generated for the same power level (300 kWe), power loss (1.5 percent), and meteoroid survival probability (99.5 percent over 10 yr). To differentiate between vacuum insulated and gas insulated lines, two different maximum values of the E field were considered: 20 kV/cm (appropriate to vacuum insulation) and 50 kV/cm (compressed SF6). Core conductor, tube, bumper, standoff, spacer and bumper support dimensions, and masses were also calculated. The results of the characterization show mainly how transmission line size and mass scale with reactor-to-platform separation distance.

  11. Discrete Line Congruences for Shading and Lighting

    KAUST Repository

    Wang, Jun


    Two-parameter families of straight lines (line congruences) are implicitly present in graphics and geometry processing in several important ways including lighting and shape analysis. In this paper we make them accessible to optimization and geometric computing, by introducing a general discrete version of congruences based on piecewise-linear correspondences between triangle meshes. Our applications of congruences are based on the extraction of a so-called torsion-free support structure, which is a procedure analogous to remeshing a surface along its principal curvature lines. A particular application of such structures are freeform shading and lighting systems for architecture. We combine interactive design of such systems with global optimization in order to satisfy geometric constraints. In this way we explore a new area where architecture can greatly benefit from graphics.

  12. Load-resistant coaxial transmission line (United States)

    Hall, David R.; Fox, Joe


    A transmission line for downhole tools that make up all or part of a tool string for drilling and production of oil, gas, and geothermal wells that can withstand the dynamic gravitational forces and other accelerations associated with downhole excavations. The transmission line has a metal tube, or outer conductor, that houses a coaxial wire inner conductor. A non-metallic dielectric material is interposed between the inner and outer conductors. The outer and inner conductors and the dielectric are sufficiently compressed together so that independent motion between them is abated. Compression of the components of the transmission line may be achieved by drawing the transmission through one or more dies in order to draw down the outer conductor onto the dielectric, or by expanding the inner conductor against the dielectric using a mandrel or hydraulic pressure. Non-metallic bead segments may be used in aid of the compression necessary to resist the dynamic forces and accelerations of drilling.

  13. Transients induced by pulses on transmission lines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Canavero, F.G.; Daniele, V.; Graglia, R.D. (Politecnico di Torino, Turin (Italy). Dipt. di Elettronica)


    This paper deals with the derivation of analytical expressions for transients in lossless lines loaded by linear non-reactive elements and excited by interfering disturbances. The telegrapher's equation model is adopted and the equivalent circuit of the n-conductor line is shown to the valid for both internal and external sources. Crosstalk is accounted for via the coupled equations of the line while the external interference is represented by a source of electromagnetic waves. Closed-form solutions in the time domain are derived, and therefore no numerical inversion of Laplace transform is required in the solution process. Our results, besides being directly applicable in many practical cases, provide an insight into the electromagnetic mechanisms of the interferences and constitute a valid check for more complex all-numerical simulations.

  14. On the Intermediate Line Region in AGNs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tek P. Adhikari


    Full Text Available In this paper we explore the intermediate line region (ILR by using the photoionisation simulations of the gas clouds present at different radial distances from the center, corresponding to the locations from BLR out to NLR in four types of AGNs. We let for the presence of dust whenever conditions allow for dust existence. All spectral shapes are taken from the recent multi-wavelength campaigns. The cloud density decreases with distance as a power law. We found that the slope of the power law density profile does not affect the line emissivity radial profiles of major emission lines: Hβ, He II, Mg II, C III, and O III. When the density of the cloud at the sublimation radius is as high as 1011.5 cm−3, the ILR should clearly be seen in the observations independently of the shape of the illuminating radiation. Moreover, our result is valid for low ionization nuclear emission regions of active galaxies.

  15. Factored Facade Acquisition using Symmetric Line Arrangements

    KAUST Repository

    Ceylan, Duygu


    We introduce a novel framework for image-based 3D reconstruction of urban buildings based on symmetry priors. Starting from image-level edges, we generate a sparse and approximate set of consistent 3D lines. These lines are then used to simultaneously detect symmetric line arrangements while refining the estimated 3D model. Operating both on 2D image data and intermediate 3D feature representations, we perform iterative feature consolidation and effective outlier pruning, thus eliminating reconstruction artifacts arising from ambiguous or wrong stereo matches. We exploit non-local coherence of symmetric elements to generate precise model reconstructions, even in the presence of a significant amount of outlier image-edges arising from reflections, shadows, outlier objects, etc. We evaluate our algorithm on several challenging test scenarios, both synthetic and real. Beyond reconstruction, the extracted symmetry patterns are useful towards interactive and intuitive model manipulations.

  16. A cystic fibrosis pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell line. (United States)

    Schoumacher, R A; Ram, J; Iannuzzi, M C; Bradbury, N A; Wallace, R W; Hon, C T; Kelly, D R; Schmid, S M; Gelder, F B; Rado, T A


    We established a pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell line (CFPAC-1) from a patient with cystic fibrosis (CF) and assessed some of its properties. The cells show epithelial morphology and express cytokeratin and oncofetal antigens characteristic of pancreatic duct cells. Basal and stimulated levels of cAMP and cAMP-dependent protein kinase and the biophysical properties of single Cl- channels in CFPAC-1 are similar to those of airway and sweat gland primary cultures and Cl(-)-secreting epithelial cell lines. Anion transport and single Cl- channel activity was stimulated by Ca2+ ionophores but not by forskolin, cAMP analogs, or phosphodiesterase inhibitors. The cells express the CF gene and manifest the most common CF mutation, deletion of three nucleotides resulting in a phenylalanine-508 deletion. These properties have been stable through greater than 80 passages (24 months), suggesting that CFPAC-1 can serve as a continuous cell line that displays the CF defect.

  17. LineCast: line-based distributed coding and transmission for broadcasting satellite images. (United States)

    Wu, Feng; Peng, Xiulian; Xu, Jizheng


    In this paper, we propose a novel coding and transmission scheme, called LineCast, for broadcasting satellite images to a large number of receivers. The proposed LineCast matches perfectly with the line scanning cameras that are widely adopted in orbit satellites to capture high-resolution images. On the sender side, each captured line is immediately compressed by a transform-domain scalar modulo quantization. Without syndrome coding, the transmission power is directly allocated to quantized coefficients by scaling the coefficients according to their distributions. Finally, the scaled coefficients are transmitted over a dense constellation. This line-based distributed scheme features low delay, low memory cost, and low complexity. On the receiver side, our proposed line-based prediction is used to generate side information from previously decoded lines, which fully utilizes the correlation among lines. The quantized coefficients are decoded by the linear least square estimator from the received data. The image line is then reconstructed by the scalar modulo dequantization using the generated side information. Since there is neither syndrome coding nor channel coding, the proposed LineCast can make a large number of receivers reach the qualities matching their channel conditions. Our theoretical analysis shows that the proposed LineCast can achieve Shannon's optimum performance by using a high-dimensional modulo-lattice quantization. Experiments on satellite images demonstrate that it achieves up to 1.9-dB gain over the state-of-the-art 2D broadcasting scheme and a gain of more than 5 dB over JPEG 2000 with forward error correction.

  18. Effects of Chunking and Line Length on Reading Efficiency. (United States)

    Keenan, Stacey A.


    Concludes that both chunking and shorter line lengths have positive effects on reading efficiency but that high line length variability has a stronger negative effect. Suggests that, because chunking increases line length variability, it can interfere with reading. (FL)

  19. 49 CFR 192.179 - Transmission line valves. (United States)


    ... atmosphere without hazard and, if the transmission line is adjacent to an overhead electric line, so that the gas is directed away from the electrical conductors. (d) Offshore segments of transmission lines must...

  20. Veterans Crisis Line: Videos About Reaching out for Help

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... About About the Veterans Crisis Line FAQs Veteran Suicide Spread the Word Videos Homeless Resources Additional Information ... About About the Veterans Crisis Line FAQs Veteran Suicide The Veterans Crisis Line text-messaging service does ...

  1. Straight line closure of congenital macrostomia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Schwarz Richard


    Full Text Available The results of patients operated on by Nepal Cleft Lip and Palate Association (NECLAPA surgeons for congenital macrostomia were prospectively studied between January 2000 and December 2002. There were four males and three females with a median age of 10 years. Three had an associated branchial arch syndrome. In all patients an overlapping repair of orbicularis oris was done. Six patients had a straight line closure with excellent cosmetic results and one a Z-plasty with a more obvious scar. All had a normal appearing commissure. Overlapping orbicularis repair with straight line skin closure for this rare congenital anomaly is recommended.

  2. AA, sandwich line with magnetic horn

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN PhotoLab


    The magnetic horn, focusing the antiprotons emanating from the target, was affixed to a sandwich line through which the 150 kA pulses were supplied. Expecting to have to change from time to time the fragile horn (inner conductor only 0.7 mm thick), the assembly was designed for quick exchange. At the lower end of the sandwich line we see the connectors for the high-current cables, at the upper end the magnet horn. It has just been lifted from the V-supports which held it aligned downstream of the target. Continue with 8010293.

  3. Linux command line and shell scripting bible

    CERN Document Server

    Blum, Richard


    Talk directly to your system for a faster workflow with automation capability Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible is your essential Linux guide. With detailed instruction and abundant examples, this book teaches you how to bypass the graphical interface and communicate directly with your computer, saving time and expanding capability. This third edition incorporates thirty pages of new functional examples that are fully updated to align with the latest Linux features. Beginning with command line fundamentals, the book moves into shell scripting and shows you the practical application

  4. Lineær programmering med Excel

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lynggaard, Peter

    Publikationen giver en introduktion til faget "Lineær programmering". Formulering og løsning bygger på, at modellerne opstilles og løses i et Excel-regneark. Fremgangsmåden er forklaret trin for trin, således at hæftet kan bruges som selvstudiemateriale. Indholdsfortegnelse Generelt om styring og...... planlægning Lineær programmering Excel solveren Fortolkning af udskrifter Degeneration Excel tips Opgaver med løsninger...

  5. Laser wire emittance measurement line AT CLIC

    CERN Document Server

    Garcia, H; Blair, G A; Aumeyr, T; Schulte, D; Stulle, F


    A precise measurement of the transverse beam size and beam emittances upstream of the final focus is essential for ensuring the full luminosity at future linear colliders. A scheme for the emittance measurements at the RTML line of the CLIC using laser-wire beam profile monitors is described. A lattice of the measurement line is discussed and results of simulations of statistical errors and of their impact on the accuracy of the emittance reconstruction are given. Laser wire systems suitable for CLIC and their main characteristics are discussed.

  6. On line routing per mobile phone

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bieding, Thomas; Görtz, Simon; Klose, Andreas


    . Additionally it is of utmost importance that the employed communication system is suitable integrated with the firm’s enterprise application system and business processes. On basis of a case study, we describe in this paper a system that is cheap and easy to implement due to the use of simple mobile phones......On-line routing is concerned with building vehicle routes in an ongoing fashion in such a way that customer requests arriving dynamically in time are efficiently and effectively served. An indispensable prerequisite for applying on-line routing methods is mobile communication technology...

  7. Fire Resistant Panels for the Tunnel Linings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gravit Marina


    Full Text Available Presents the results of studies of innovative materials in the field of experimental and theoretical research fire resistance fireproof panels Pyro-Safe Aestuver T. Owing to the assembly simplicity, materials cheapness, high ecological standard, recycling, reuse potential, are benefit. Research work is running to improve the knowledge about fireproof panels Pyro-Safe Aestuver T for tunnel lining, its basic performance, its long term behavior and in particular also its fire proof for example when used for the lining of road tunnels.

  8. An intersection graph of straight lines

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thomassen, Carsten


    G. Ehrlich, S. Even, and R.E. Tarjan conjectured that the graph obtained from a complete 3 partite graph K4,4,4 by deleting the edges of four disjoint triangles is not the intersection graph of straight line segments in the plane. We show that it is.......G. Ehrlich, S. Even, and R.E. Tarjan conjectured that the graph obtained from a complete 3 partite graph K4,4,4 by deleting the edges of four disjoint triangles is not the intersection graph of straight line segments in the plane. We show that it is....

  9. How to motivate assembly line workers


    Saitovic, Maja; Jusufi, Valdete


    The purpose of our master thesis was to investigate what motivates assembly line workers performing low-skill jobs in a small industrial laundry business. We wanted to see what fac-tors determine and influence their motivation to work and if and how this motivation can be improved with respect to assembly line systems in general. The method of our investiga-tion was qualitative in nature, where we studied one firm that leases clean bed clothes and textiles to hotels and restaurants around Swe...

  10. Performance of the first ANTARES detector line

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bruijn, R.; Kooijman, P.; Lim, G.; De Wolf, E. [Univ Amsterdam, Inst Hoge Energiefys, NL-1098 XG Amsterdam, (Netherlands); Ageron, M.; Aubert, J.J.; Bertin, V.; Brunner, J.; Busto, J.; Carr, J.; Coyle, P.; Dornic, D.; Escoffier, S.; Hallewell, G.; Lambard, G.; Lavalle, J.; Lelaizant, G.; Louis, F.; Melissas, M.; Payre, P.; Reed, C. [CPPM, CNRS, IN2P3, F-13288 Marseille 9, (France); Ageron, M.; Aubert, J.J.; Bertin, V.; Brunner, J.; Busto, J.; Carr, J.; Coyle, P.; Dornic, D.; Escoffier, S.; Hallewell, G.; Lambard, G.; Lavalle, J.; Lelaizant, G.; Louis, F.; Melissas, M.; Payre, P.; Reed, C. [Univ Aix Marseille 2, F-13288 Marseille 9, (France); Aguilar, J.A.; Bigongiari, C.; Hernandez-Rey, J.J.; Salesa, F.; Toscano, S.; Zornoza, J.D.; Zuniga, J. [Univ Valencia, CSIC, IFIC Inst Fis Corpuscular, Edificios Invest Paterna, Valencia 46071, (Spain); Albert, A.; Castel, D.; Drouhin, D.; Ernenwein, J.P.; Guillard, G. [Univ Houte Alsace, GRPHE, F-68093 Mulhouse, (France); Anton, G.; Auer, R.; Eberl, T.; Fehr, F.; Graf, K.; Hossl, J.; Kalekin, O.; Kappes, A.; Katz, U.; Kopper, C.; Kretschmer, W.; Kuch, S.; Lahmann, R.; Laschinsky, H.; Loucatos, S.; Motz, H.; Naumann, C.; Ostasch, R.; Richardt, C.; Schoeck, F.; Shanidze, R. [Univ Erlangen Nurnberg, Inst Phys, D-91058 Erlangen, (Germany); Anvar, S.; Druillole, F.; Lamare, P.; Le Provost, H. [CEA Saclay, Direct Sci Mat, Inst Rech Fondamentales Univers, Serv Elect Detecteurs et Informat, F-91191 Gif Sur Yvette, (France)


    In this paper we report on the data recorded with the first Antares detector line. The line was deployed on 14 February 2006 and was connected to the readout 2 weeks later. Environmental data for one and a half years of running are shown. Measurements of atmospheric muons from data taken from selected runs during the first 6 months of operation are presented. Performance figures in terms of time residuals and angular resolution are given. Finally the angular distribution of atmospheric muons is presented and from this the depth profile of the muon intensity is derived. (authors)

  11. 46 CFR 78.50-15 - Load line marks. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Load line marks. 78.50-15 Section 78.50-15 Shipping... Vessels § 78.50-15 Load line marks. (a) Vessels assigned a load line shall have the deck line and the load line marks permanently scribed or embossed as required by subchapter E (Load Lines) of this chapter. (b) ...

  12. Cell Line Data Base: structure and recent improvements towards molecular authentication of human cell lines (United States)

    Romano, Paolo; Manniello, Assunta; Aresu, Ottavia; Armento, Massimiliano; Cesaro, Michela; Parodi, Barbara


    The Cell Line Data Base (CLDB) is a well-known reference information source on human and animal cell lines including information on more than 6000 cell lines. Main biological features are coded according to controlled vocabularies derived from international lists and taxonomies. HyperCLDB ( is a hypertext version of CLDB that improves data accessibility by also allowing information retrieval through web spiders. Access to HyperCLDB is provided through indexes of biological characteristics and navigation in the hypertext is granted by many internal links. HyperCLDB also includes links to external resources. Recently, an interest was raised for a reference nomenclature for cell lines and CLDB was seen as an authoritative system. Furthermore, to overcome the cell line misidentification problem, molecular authentication methods, such as fingerprinting, single-locus short tandem repeat (STR) profile and single nucleotide polymorphisms validation, were proposed. Since this data is distributed, a reference portal on authentication of human cell lines is needed. We present here the architecture and contents of CLDB, its recent enhancements and perspectives. We also present a new related database, the Cell Line Integrated Molecular Authentication (CLIMA) database (, that allows to link authentication data to actual cell lines. PMID:18927105

  13. The extended narrow line region of NGC 4151. : I. Emission line ratios and their implications

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Penston, M. V.; Robinson, A.; Alloin, D.; Appenzeller, I.; Aretxaga, I.; Axon, D. J.; Baribaud, T.; Barthel, P.; Baum, S. A.; Boisson, C.; de Bruyn, A. G.; Clavel, J.; Colina, L.; Dennefeld, M.; Diaz, A.; Dietrich, M.; Durret, F.; Dyson, J. E.; Gondhalekar, P.; van Groningen, E.; Jablonka, P.; Jackson, N.; Kollatschny, W.; Laurikainen, E.; Lawrence, A.; Masegosa, J.; McHardy, I.; Meurs, E. J. A.; Miley, G.; Moles, M.; O'Brien, P.; O'Dea, C.; del Olmo, A.; Pedlar, A.; Perea, J.; Perez, E.; Perez-Fournon, I.; Perry, J.; Pilbratt, G.; Rees, M.; Robson, I.; Rodriguez-Pascual, P.; Rodriguez Espinosa, J. M.; Santos-Lleo, M.; Schilizzi, R.; Stasińska, G.; Stirpe, G. M.; Tadhunter, C.; Terlevich, E.; Terlevich, R.; Unger, S.; Vila-Vilaro, V.; Vilchez, J.; Wagner, S. J.; Ward, M. J.; Yates, G. J.


    The paper presents the first results from long-slit spectra of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151 which give average diagnostic ratios of weak lines in the Extended Narrow Line Region (ENLR) of the galaxy and the first direct density measurement in an ENLR. These data confirm that the ENLR is kinematically

  14. Enhancement of effects of irradiation by gemcitabine in a glioblastoma cell line and cell line spheroids

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Genç, Mine; Castro Kreder, Natasja; Barten-van Rijbroek, Angelique; Stalpers, Lukas J. A.; Haveman, Jaap


    Background and purpose. To determine the cytotoxicity of, and radioenhancement by, gemcitabine on a glioma cell line grown as a monolayer and as spheroid cultures. Material and methods. We used a human glioma cell line, Gli-6, which originated from a biopsy specimen of a patient with a glioblastoma


    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ratzlaff, E.


    Methods for detecting and extracting whole text lines from unconstrained online handwritten text are described. The general approach is a ``bottom-up'' clustering of discrete strokes into small groups that are then merged into isolated lines of text. Initial clustering of strokes into groups is

  16. Assessment of Labor Behavior Factors and Selecting Line Managers' Lines of Development at Russian Industrial Enterprises (United States)

    Zavyalova, Elena K.; Kosheleva, Sofia V.


    Purpose: The paper investigates personal and environmental factors providing for the efficiency of line managers' activity and contributing to their professional and career advancement. The paper studies the prognostic value of the assessment of personal and environmental factors providing for the efficiency of line managers' activity according to…

  17. application of yield line the ion of yield line theory in pre ion of yield

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Analysis of precast waffle slabs have ysis of precast waffle slabs have unanalyzed. T unanalyzed. This has led to cracks or his has led to cracks or. This paper proposed the use of. This paper proposed the use of yield line theory yield line theory develop a computer program called YLRGT a computer program called YLRGT.

  18. Dynamic Line Rating - Technologies and Challenges of PMU on Overhead Lines: A Survey

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Alvarez, David; Rosero, Javier; Silva, Filipe Miguel Faria da


    for line rating computation and monitoring are identified, these are: sensors, communications, management information system and information analysis tools, which are part of integral dynamic line rating systems. Finally, the benefits and challenges of using phasor measurement units for real time capacity...

  19. Cell Line Data Base: structure and recent improvements towards molecular authentication of human cell lines. (United States)

    Romano, Paolo; Manniello, Assunta; Aresu, Ottavia; Armento, Massimiliano; Cesaro, Michela; Parodi, Barbara


    The Cell Line Data Base (CLDB) is a well-known reference information source on human and animal cell lines including information on more than 6000 cell lines. Main biological features are coded according to controlled vocabularies derived from international lists and taxonomies. HyperCLDB ( is a hypertext version of CLDB that improves data accessibility by also allowing information retrieval through web spiders. Access to HyperCLDB is provided through indexes of biological characteristics and navigation in the hypertext is granted by many internal links. HyperCLDB also includes links to external resources. Recently, an interest was raised for a reference nomenclature for cell lines and CLDB was seen as an authoritative system. Furthermore, to overcome the cell line misidentification problem, molecular authentication methods, such as fingerprinting, single-locus short tandem repeat (STR) profile and single nucleotide polymorphisms validation, were proposed. Since this data is distributed, a reference portal on authentication of human cell lines is needed. We present here the architecture and contents of CLDB, its recent enhancements and perspectives. We also present a new related database, the Cell Line Integrated Molecular Authentication (CLIMA) database (, that allows to link authentication data to actual cell lines.

  20. The line makes the difference: line managers as effective HRM partners

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bos-Nehles, Anna Christina


    The HR role of line managers is highly discussed and criticized but little empirically researched. It is argued that line managers are not able to effectively implement HR practices because they do not have the desire, capacity and competences needed to perform well and lack support and policies &

  1. Material selection of a ferrimagnetic loaded coaxial delay line for phasing gyromagnetic nonlinear transmission lines. (United States)

    Johnson, J M; Reale, D V; Cravey, W H; Garcia, R S; Barnett, D H; Neuber, A A; Dickens, J C; Mankowski, J J


    Implementing nonlinear transmission line (NLTL) technology in the design of a high power microwave source has the benefits of producing a comparatively small and lightweight solid-state system where the emission frequency is easily tuned. Usually, smaller in physical size, single NLTLs may produce significantly less power than its vacuum based counterparts. However, combining individual NLTL outputs electrically or in free-space is an attractive solution to achieve greater output power. This paper discusses a method for aligning a four element NLTL antenna array with coaxial geometry using easily adjustable temporal delay lines. These delay lines, sometimes referred to as pulse shock lines or pulse sharpening lines, are placed serially in front of the main NLTL line. The propagation velocity in each delay line is set by the voltage amplitude of an incident pulse as well as the magnetic field bias. Each is adjustable although for the system described in this paper, the voltage is held constant while the bias is changed through applying an external DC magnetic field of varying magnitude. Three different ferrimagnetic materials are placed in the temporal delay line to evaluate which yields the greatest range of electrical delay with the least amount of variability from consecutive shots.

  2. Conducting Qualitative Data Analysis: Reading Line-by-Line, but Analyzing by Meaningful Qualitative Units (United States)

    Chenail, Ronald J.


    In the first of a series of "how-to" essays on conducting qualitative data analysis, Ron Chenail points out the challenges of determining units to analyze qualitatively when dealing with text. He acknowledges that although we may read a document word-by-word or line-by-line, we need to adjust our focus when processing the text for purposes of…


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guerras, E.; Mediavilla, E. [Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Via Lactea S/N, La Laguna E-38200, Tenerife (Spain); Jimenez-Vicente, J. [Departamento de Fisica Teorica y del Cosmos, Universidad de Granada, Campus de Fuentenueva, E-18071 Granada (Spain); Kochanek, C. S. [Department of Astronomy and the Center for Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, The Ohio State University, 4055 McPherson Lab, 140 West 18th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43221 (United States); Munoz, J. A. [Departamento de Astronomia y Astrofisica, Universidad de Valencia, E-46100 Burjassot, Valencia (Spain); Falco, E. [Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 (United States); Motta, V. [Departamento de Fisica y Astronomia, Universidad de Valparaiso, Avda. Gran Bretana 1111, Valparaiso (Chile)


    We measure the differential microlensing of the broad emission lines between 18 quasar image pairs in 16 gravitational lenses. We find that the broad emission lines are in general weakly microlensed. The results show, at a modest level of confidence (1.8{sigma}), that high ionization lines such as C IV are more strongly microlensed than low ionization lines such as H{beta}, indicating that the high ionization line emission regions are more compact. If we statistically model the distribution of microlensing magnifications, we obtain estimates for the broad line region size of r{sub s} = 24{sup +22} {sub -15} and r{sub s} = 55{sup +150} {sub -35} lt-day (90% confidence) for the high and low ionization lines, respectively. When the samples are divided into higher and lower luminosity quasars, we find that the line emission regions of more luminous quasars are larger, with a slope consistent with the expected scaling from photoionization models. Our estimates also agree well with the results from local reveberation mapping studies.

  4. Second-line failure and first experience with third-line antiretroviral therapy in Mumbai, India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samsuddin Khan


    Full Text Available Background: There are limited data on the failure of second-line antiretroviral therapy (ART and the use of third-line ART in people living with HIV in resource-limited settings. Since 2011, the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF HIV/tuberculosis programme in Mumbai, India, has been providing third-line ART to patients in care. Objective: To describe the experiences and programmatic challenges during management of suspected second-line ART failure and third-line ART therapy for patients living with HIV, including the use of HIV viral load (VL testing. Design: This was a retrospective, observational cohort study of patients with suspected second-line ART treatment failure, who were followed for at least 12 months between January 2011 and March 2014. Results: A total of 47 patients with suspected second-line failure met the inclusion criteria during the study period. Twenty-nine of them (62% responded to enhanced adherence support, had a subsequent undetectable VL after a median duration of 3 months and remained on second-line ART. The other 18 patients had to be initiated on a third-line ART regimen, which consisted of darunavir–ritonavir, raltegravir, and one or more appropriate nucleoside or nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors, based on the results of HIV genotype testing. Of the 13 patients for whom follow-up VL results were available, 11 achieved virological suppression after a median duration of 3 months on third-line ART (interquartile range: 2.5–3.0. No serious treatment-related adverse events were recorded. Conclusions: With intensive counselling and adherence support in those suspected of failing second-line ART, unnecessary switching to more expensive third-line ART can be averted in the majority of cases. However, there is an increasing need for access to third-line ART medications such as darunavir and raltegravir, for which national ART programmes should be prepared. The cost of such medications and inadequate access to VL

  5. Difference in membrane repair capacity between cancer cell lines and a normal cell line

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Frandsen, Stine Krog; McNeil, Anna K.; Novak, Ivana


    Electroporation-based treatments and other therapies that permeabilize the plasma membrane have been shown to be more devastating to malignant cells than to normal cells. In this study, we asked if a difference in repair capacity could explain this observed difference in sensitivity. Membrane...... repair was investigated by disrupting the plasma membrane using laser followed by monitoring fluorescent dye entry over time in seven cancer cell lines, an immortalized cell line, and a normal primary cell line. The kinetics of repair in living cells can be directly recorded using this technique......, providing a sensitive index of repair capacity. The normal primary cell line of all tested cell lines exhibited the slowest rate of dye entry after laser disruption and lowest level of dye uptake. Significantly, more rapid dye uptake and a higher total level of dye uptake occurred in six of the seven tested...

  6. JSCS – OnLine First

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The section “JSCS – OnLine First” at, starting March 1, 2010, and issue No. 3 of Vol. 75 (2010, displays peer reviewed and accepted articles to be published in the Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society. The articles are prepared for final technical work.When the final article is assigned to an issue of the Journal, the “JSCS – OnLine First” version will be removed from this section and will appear in the associated printed Journal issue and in the electronic form at the Journal’s Web Site.Please be aware that, although “JSCS – OnLine First” versions do not have all bibliographic details available yet, they can already be cited using the year of OnLine publication and the DOI as follows: Author(s, Article Title, Journal (Year, DOI. Printed (or electronic versions are to be cited in the usual way.Please consult the Journal’s reference style for the exact appearance of these elements, abbreviation of journal names and the use of punctuation..

  7. Intraprocedural Dataflow Analysis for Software Product Lines

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brabrand, Claus; Ribeiro, Márcio; Tolêdo, Társis


    Software product lines (SPLs) developed using annotative approaches such as conditional compilation come with an inherent risk of constructing erroneous products. For this reason, it is essential to be able to analyze such SPLs. However, as dataflow analysis techniques are not able to deal with SPLs...

  8. Tornado risk model for transmission line design

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Milford, RV


    Full Text Available per year striking the section of transmission line of length L k (or the probability of a strike, Psk (F = FJ within an area A can then be expressed as: P~k(F = Fi) = AliLk _ N nilL ~S i k = LkpP(F = Fi)li...

  9. Quantitative texture analysis of electrodeposited line patterns

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pantleon, Karen; Somers, Marcel A.J.


    Free-standing line patterns of Cu and Ni were manufactured by electrochemical deposition into lithographically prepared patterns. Electrodeposition was carried out on top of a highly oriented Au-layer physically vapor deposited on glass. Quantitative texture analysis carried out by means of x...

  10. Installation of the LHC transfer lines begins

    CERN Multimedia


    On 19 February, the very first magnet was installed in one of the two tunnels that will house the transfer lines leading to the LHC. This magnet, recycled from a previous facility, was transported and positioned using a novel system designed for conveying large objects through narrow tunnels.

  11. Mumford coverings of the projective line

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Put, Marius van der; Voskuil, Harm H.

    A Mumford covering of the projective line over a complete non-archimedean valued field K is a Galois covering X → P1K such that X is a Mumford curve over K. The question which finite groups do occur as Galois group is answered in this paper. This result is extended to the case where P1K is replaced

  12. Fraction against Human Cancer Cell Lines

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Purpose: To investigate the anti-proliferative and apoptotic activity of crude and dichloromethane fraction of A. sieberi against seven cancer cell lines (Colo20, HCT116, DLD, MCF7, Jurkat, HepG2 and. L929). Methods: A. sieberi was extracted with methanol and further purification was carried out using liquid-.

  13. EVo: Net Shape RTM Production Line


    Sven Torstrick; Felix Kruse; Martin Wiedemann


    EVo research platform is operated by the Center for Lightweight-Production-Technology of the German Aerospace Center in Stade. Its objective is technology demonstration of a fully automated RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) production line for composite parts in large quantities. Process steps include cutting and ply handling, draping, stacking, hot-forming, preform-trimming to net shape, resin injection, curing and demolding.

  14. AA, sandwich line with magnetic horn

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN PhotoLab


    Continuation from 8010293: Finally, the sandwich line with the horn is placed on the ground, for the horn to be inspected and, if needed, exchanged for a new one. The whole procedure was trained with several members of the AA team, for quick and safe handling, and to share the radiation dose amongst them.

  15. Asbestos free friction composition for brake linings

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    An asbestos free friction material composite for brake linings is synthesized containing fibrous reinforcing constituents, friction imparting and controlling additives, elastomeric additives, fire retarding components and a thermosetting resin. The composite shows exemplary friction characteristics and has great resistance to ...

  16. Haptic perception of shapes and line drawings

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wijntjes, M.W.A.


    In this thesis various aspect of haptic perception were studied. The first part of the thesis is mainly concerned with haptic perception of two-dimensional shapes and line drawings. We first studied the angular acuity of two-dimensional shapes an found that the manner of exploration as well as the

  17. Educational On-Line Gaming Propensity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sudzina, Frantisek; Razmerita, Liana; Kirchner, Kathrin


    students’ willingness to participate in serious games for teaching/learning. Th is study investigates the relationship between students’ behavior on Facebook, Facebook games, and their attitude toward educational on-line games. Th e results of the study reveal that the early adopters of educational games...

  18. Educational On-line Gaming Propensity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sudzina, Frantisek; Razmerita, Liana; Kirchner, Kathrin


    students’ willingness to participate in serious games for teaching/learning. Th is study investigates the relationship between students’ behavior on Facebook, Facebook games, and their attitude toward educational on-line games. The results of the study reveal that the early adopters of educational games...

  19. Integral equations formulation of plasmonic transmission lines. (United States)

    Sallam, Mai O; Vandenbosch, Guy A E; Gielen, Georges; Soliman, Ezzeldin A


    In this paper, a comprehensive integral equation formulation of plasmonic transmission lines is presented for the first time. Such lines are made up of a number of metallic strips with arbitrary shapes and dimensions immersed within a stack of planar dielectric or metallic layers. These lines support a number of propagating modes. Each mode has its own phase constant, attenuation constant, and field distribution. The presented integral equation formulation is solved using the Method of Moments (MoM). It provides all the propagation characteristics of the modes. The new formulation is applied to a number of plasmonic transmission lines, such as: single rectangular strip, horizontally coupled strips, vertically coupled strips, triangular strip, and circular strip. The numerical study is performed in the frequency (wavelength) range of 150-450 THz (0.66-2.0 μm). The results of the proposed technique are compared with those obtained using Lumerical mode solution, and CST. Very good agreement has been observed. The main advantage of the MoM is its intrinsic speed for this type of problem compared to general purpose solvers.

  20. Stabilizing Fiber-Optic Transmission Lines (United States)

    Lutes, G. F.; Lau, K. Y.


    Voltage-controlled optical phase shifter is key. Optical phase shifter stabilizes propagation delay of fiber-optic transmission line by compensating for temperature and pressure effects. Applicable to phased array antenna systems and very-long-baseline interferometer distribution systems.

  1. ISOLDE Off-line Gas Leak Upgrade

    CERN Document Server

    Nielsen, Kristoffer Bested


    This study investigates gas injection system of the ISOLDE Off-line separator. A quadrupole mass spectrometer is used to analysis the composition of the gas. Based on these measurements a contamination of the injected gas is found and a system upgrade is purposed. Furthermore a calibration of the leak rate of the leak valve is made.

  2. Safe Evolution Patterns for Software Product Lines

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dintzner, N.


    Despite a global recognition of the problem, and massive investment from researchers and practitioners, the evolution of complex software systems is still a major challenge for today’s architects and developers. In the context of product lines, or highly configurable systems, variability in the

  3. Interactions between Brief Flashed Lines at Threshold. (United States)


    ORAIAIN 6 OFC ’PO 4 4M FMNTRIGOGNZTO lol in AFI, C 203 2- 44 . NAME OF PFN IG PORAIION lbOFFICE SYMBOL 7il PRO4MEN MINTRUNT INCNIATON NM ,.. .oAFOSR...Cass, P. C. (1986) Facilitatory interactionE between flashed lines. Perceptinn. jj,443-460. omith, P.A. and Cass, P C. (1967) Aliasing in the

  4. Line driver with adaptive output impedance

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nauta, Bram


    A line driver comprising: an input terminal for receiving an input signal, an output terminal for connecting a load, a first and a second transconductance-controlled transconductor having substantially equal transconductances, each transconductor having a non-inverting input, an inverting input, an

  5. Ferrite Solutions for Electromagnetic Shock Lines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Coleman, Phillip D. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Dudley, Mark [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Primm, Paul [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    The goal of this work is to develop tools and test procedures for identifying ferrites suitable for use in shock line applications. Electromagnetic shocklines have been used to provide fast rising voltage pulses for many applications. In these applications a slow rising pulse is injected into the line where currents drive the ferrites into saturation leading to a fast rising output pulse. A shockline’s unique capabilities could be applied to new detonator configurations. A properly conditioned voltage pulse is critical for fire set applications. A carefully designed shockline could provide a passive solution to generating a fast rising voltage pulse for the fire set. Traditional circuits use ferrites operating in a linear regime. Shock lines push the ferrites well into the nonlinear regime where very few tools and data currently exist. Ferrite material is key to the operation of these shock lines, and tools for identifying suitable ferrites are critical. This report describes an experimental setup to that allows testing of ferrite samples and comparison to models with the goal of identifying optimal ferrites for shockline use.

  6. ITER PF6 double pancakes winding line

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Du, Shuangsong [Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Hefei (China); University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei (China); Wen, Wei, E-mail: [Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Hefei (China); Chen, Jin; Wu, Weiyue; Song, Yuntao; Shen, Guang [Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Hefei (China)


    Highlights: • ITER PF6 double pancakes “two-in-hand” winding line layout and main parameters were introduced, main winding sequences were also included. • Main features of each winding unit include de-spooling unit, straightening unit, sandblasting and cleaning unit, bending unit, turn insulation wrapping head, rotary table and automatic control system were depicted. • PF6 double pancake winding line was commissioned with PF5 empty jacket conductor after the installation and testing of each unit, ±0.5 mm turn positioning and ±2 turn to turn deviations were achieved. - Abstract: The Poloidal Field (PF) coils are one of the main sub-systems of the ITER magnets. The PF6 coil is being manufactured by the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) as per the Poloidal Field coils cooperation agreement signed between ASIPP and Fusion for Energy (F4E).The ITER PF6 winding pack is composed by stacking of 9 double pancakes. Each double pancake is wound with a “two-in-hand” configuration. This paper describes the ITER PF6 double pancakes winding line, including layout and main parameters of the winding line, features of main units and the commissioning trial with PF5 empty jacket conductor.

  7. LHC administrators with transfer line magnets

    CERN Document Server

    Laurent Guiraud


    Left to right: Lyn Evans (LHC project leader), Luciano Maiani (CERN’s Director-General at the time), Alexander Skrinsky, Kurt Hubner, on the last of 360 dipole magnets and 180 quadrupoles from Novosibirsk in Russia. They will form the transfer lines carrying protons into the LHC from the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS).

  8. Circuit QED with hybrid metamaterial transmission lines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ruloff, Stefan; Taketani, Bruno; Wilhelm, Frank [Theoretical Physics, Universitaet des Saarlandes, Saarbruecken (Germany)


    We're working on the theory of metamaterials providing some interesting results. The negative refraction index causes an opposite orientation of the wave vector k and the Poynting vector S of the travelling waves. Hence the metamaterial has a falling dispersion relation ∂ω(k)/∂k < 0 implying that low frequencies correspond to short wavelengths. Metamaterials are simulated by left-handed transmission lines consisting of discrete arrays of series capacitors and parallel inductors to ground. Unusual physics arises when right-and left-handed transmission lines are coupled forming a hybrid metamaterial transmission line. E.g. if a qubit is placed in front of a hybrid metamaterial transmission line terminated in an open circuit, the spontaneous emission rate is weakened or unaffected depending on the transition frequency of the qubit. Some other research interests are the general analysis of metamaterial cavities and the mode structure of hybrid metamaterial cavities for QND readout of multi-qubit operators. Especially the precise answer to the question about the definition of the mode volume of a metamaterial cavity is one of our primary goals.

  9. Ethylene responses in three Hydrangea lines

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lauridsen, Uffe Bjerre; Müller, Renate; Lütken, Henrik Vlk


    Abstract The ornamental scrub Hydrangea is generally not considered to be particularly sensitive to the phytohormone ethylene. The present study aimed at testing ethylene sensitivity in three different Hydrangea lines: 1, 2 and 3 taking into account the effect of temperature. Ethylene response...... was measured as leaf epinasty and leaf drop. Data indicated that higher temperature accelerates the effect of 2 μl L-1 ethylene over a 12-day period, and if the inhibitor 1-methylcyclopopene 1-MCP is able to attenuate this effect. Breeding line 1 and 3 dropped 3.8±0.6 and 5.0±0.4 leaves on average......, respectively, during the 12-day experimental period. Non-treated controls of line 1 and 3 dropped 1.8±0.6 and 1.8±0.4 leaves, respectively. In contrast, line 2 did not show a significant response to ethylene treatment with a leaf drop of 2.1±0.3 leaves, compared to a leaf drop of 0.8±0.3 in non...


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Denney, Kelly Dianne; Pogge, R.W.; Assef, R.J.


    Comparison of six high-redshift quasar spectra obtained with the Large Binocular Telescope with previous observations from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey shows that failure to correctly identify absorption and other problems with accurate characterization of the CIV emission line profile in low S/N...

  11. The Teaching of Life-Line Ethics (United States)

    Bridger, James A.


    Outlines techniques used in teaching a course in "life-line" ethics, in which the events of conception, birth and death are related to ethical issues of abortion, suicide, euthanasia, etc. Several modes of actively involving students are described. Lists seven reference for information on bioethical issues. (CS)

  12. Artificial Dielectric Shields for Integrated Transmission Lines

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ma, Y.; Rejaei, B.; Zhuang, Y.


    We present a novel shielding method for on-chip transmission lines built on conductive silicon substrates. The shield consists of an artificial dielectric with a very high in-plane dielectric constant, built from two patterned metal layers isolated by a very thin dielectric film. Inserted below an

  13. Beamline for schools beam line training day

    CERN Multimedia

    Photo Service, CERN


    The first two teams to participate in CERN's Beamline for Schools project spent their second day at CERN learning the basics of beam physics, and visiting their experimental setup at the T9 beam line in CERN's East Hall on the Meyrin site.

  14. Wilson lines in quantum field theory

    CERN Document Server

    Cherednikov, Igor O; Veken, Frederik F van der


    The objective of this book is to get the reader acquainted with theoretical and mathematical foundations of the concept of Wilson loops in the context of modern quantum field theory. It teaches how to perform independently with some elementary calculations on Wilson lines, and shows the recent development of the subject in different important areas of research.

  15. 29 CFR 1926.955 - Overhead lines. (United States)


    ..., moving, or removing poles using cranes, derricks, gin poles, A-frames, or other mechanized equipment near... when used near energized lines. (b) Metal tower construction. (1) When working in unstable material the... mobile equipment the location of use for such equipment shall be graded and leveled. (4)(i) Tower...

  16. Beam line from straight-section 16

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN PhotoLab


    The start of a long trail. The beam line from straight-section 16, where protons are fast ejected, is seen at the point where it crosses the Linac shielding wall as it leaves the PS en route to the ISR.

  17. A Hypercontinuous Hypersmooth, Scharzschild Line Element Transformation


    Robert A. Herrmann


    In this paper, the Eddington-Finkelstein transformation is used as an illustration of how the problem of singularities or infinities can be removed by application of nonstandard analysis to the Schwarzschild line element (metric). The evolution of a gravitationally collapsing spherical body with radius greater than but near to the Schwarzschild radius is also investigated.


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Recce: Small team missions behind enemy lines is an autobiography by. Colonel (retired) Koos Stadler. The book mainly covers his career as a Special. Forces officer and reconnaissance soldier during South Africa's so-called Border. War in Namibia (formerly South West Africa) and Angola, and his involvement in.

  19. Identification of Rotylenchulus reniformis resistant Glycine lines (United States)

    Identification of resistance to reniform nematode (Rotylenchulus reniformis) is the first step in developing resistant soybean (Glycine max) cultivars that will benefit growers in the Mid South. This study was conducted to identify soybean (G. max and G. soja) lines with resistance to this pathogen....

  20. Stub resonators Transmission - line - based water sensors

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hoog-Antonyuk, N.A.


    The research presented in this thesis describes practical investigations in using stub resonator (as a transmission line) technology for different (on-) inline sensor applications in the field of water technology. In addition, a substantial part of the research has been devoted to provide an